‘The Universe is a an organism with a mind called Logos.’ ‘Time logic is of a higher order than man.’ Plato, Augustine. On i-logic Time§pace organisms

‘Simplicity is Genius’ ‘Universe is simple but not malicious’ Leonardo, Einstein, 2 simple geniuses

‘Love each other as I have loved you.’ Jesus, on 5D forces that put parts into wholes.

“Call information entropy. Nobody knows what entropy really is, so you have the advantage.”  Neumann to Shannon

‘Philosophy of Science will be completed only by a set of principles regarding information similar to those of Physicists in the study of entropy and locomotion’ Searle. On the goal achieved in this web.

Let us start with a very brief conceptualization on how the Universe looks when we ad an arrow of in-form-ation, of form, to the time loco-motions studied by Physicists.


How does a Universe of infinite time clocks of different size and speed relates to the present Universe in which all time clocks are equalized to the mechanical, clocks of metal-information, which were invented in the Middle Ages in Italy, and became the ONLY CLOCK-TIME OF THE UNIVERSE, once elongated into a lineal ‘second-minute-hour-day-year’ system of equalized time clocks (of light waves, mechanical clocks, earth’s astronomical clocks).

Let us then start by describing the biggest blunder mankind has committed in the realm of knowledge: to simplify the nature of cycles of time-space into lineal durations, to measure best the locomotions of cannonballs.


Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43

Physicists reduced our information of the dimensions and modes of time cycles by uncoiling all time cycles, missing its form and frequency, to be able to equalize them all despite all its different speeds through the second standard of a mechanical clock. Then all its different speeds measured as mechanical time-clocks distances are pegged together as number of a line. Since Galileo pontified during its tenure of the chair of ballistic as the arsenal of Venice that entropic open motions as those he studied in cannonballsi is the only arrow of time. He fully destroyed our conceptual understanding of the infinite time space vital cycles of the Universe, its synchronous knots that form simultaneous supeorganisms, and the 3 vital parts of the time cycle, its membrane of conserved angular momentum, its focus or singularity for regular closed time cycles and the vital energy enclosed in them. Their dimensionalities are 2D-membrane, 1S-singularity, and 3D-volumen of enclosed energy. They become then the 3 conserved quantities, momentums and energy of the superoergansm of the Universe, broken in infinite pieces or ‘species’ of time-space

Physicists uncoiled time-frequency, into lineal time, T=1/ƒ BY WRITING THE INVERSE equation…

humanity is still in that primitive concept of a single time.

Einstein  just added to that XVI c. equation, V=s/T, (instead of using V= wave length x Frequency), which ELIMINATES the information on the frequency and shape of the steps of the motion.

In the graph, left side,  ‘ðime’ clocks that measure the rhythms of reproduction=repetition and change=evolution of the Universe are always cyclical ‘r=evolutions’.

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information and then self-organizes networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality.

In the graph, the Universe is a fractal system that reproduces spatial energy and temporal information, carried in the cycles and forms of its clocks of time in multiple scales of spatial size. All those scales are topologically similar, differentiating in the ‘speed or frequency’ at which they close their ‘time§pace clocks’ (closed paths that ad a bit of informative frequency every time they repeat their cycle, according to a simple metric rule for most ‘families of time§pace clocks’: Size in space x Time frequency =constant. As such we have an organic, fractal Universe with a 5th dimensional metric, Space Size x ðime frequency, which allows travel through it, opening a full new formalism to all sciences, which have not studied properly the information of those time clocks of different frequency and size as ‘an ecosystem with its own rule of laws, the laws of the fifth dimension of ‘informative speed’, as the herzian speed of time cycles are ruled by 5D metric.

In the graph, the Universe organises itself in co-existing scales of relative size in space and speed in its time clocks of information – a structural property that determines its organic nature, as those scales become symbiotic to each other, sharing through networks flows of energy and information. This fractal organic nature of reality was intuitively understood by all philosophers of science, which from Aristotle to Leibniz and Einstein conceived a pan psychic vital Universe, and man made to its image and likeness. But science did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I discovered it in the milieu of system sciences, a metric equation of the scalar space-time dimension of the Universe, applying it to the study of all systems, including human societies and machines – a task carried out in this blog. The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time  is simple as all space-time metric are: Se (size-energy in space) x Ti (speed of time clocks-information processing) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms. It also allows systems to travel through its scales by growing in size, while diminishing in time speed, as we do from birth as a fast reproducing seminal cell which emerges with slower clocks as an organism, part of a superorganism, mother earth, which has even slower geological cycles:

In the graph we see that simple ‘metric equation’ of the fifth dimension, poised to revolve our understanding of all systems of Nature, once the ‘first phase of any new scientific paradigm’ (resistance of authority) crumbles by the sheer weight of facts explained by the new paradigm.

Moreover a fractal repeats its forms in scales, and this co-existence of similar forms in scale ‘sharing motions’ of ‘energy’ and in-form-ation, is the definition of an organic life system. So the Organic, Fractal Universe produces naturally ‘life properties in beings’. A mathematical fractal has ‘scales of size’ which are self-similar as life does, from ecosystems to organisms to cells, or gravitational systems, from galaxies to stars to atoms. Moreover, the scales that are similar can be described mathematically as nested organisms, co-existing thanks to a peculiar mathematical property of its ‘speed of time clocks and information’, ðƒ, which DECREASES with the GROWTH of size in space (Sp).

Both parameters, spatial size and quantity of information can then be related by a simple Metric equation: Max. Spatial size = Min. speed of cyclical clocks of time that store its in-form-ation in the for and speed of its cycles.

So a chip the smaller it is the faster it process information in its digital clock-cycles. A particle, the smaller it is the faster it turns. So happens with a cosmic body. So black holes turn in the event horizon at light speed. A ray of light with higher frequency of information has smaller wave lengths, a planet closer to the sun turns faster; a smaller animal has faster metabolic rates.

So the first ‘organic property’ of the fractal Universe, and the symbolism is rather simple, ∆ for scales of size, ±¡ to order them. 3 enough to create an organism.

In the graph we see the ‘organic fractal Universe in different scales’ and systems of reproduction of information.

Researchers in fractal geometry are delighted to write fractal equations that show such structure. But this is a blog of philosophy of science that goes much further into the organic vital properties of such systems. Naive realism WORKS only when we truly stop ‘thinking’ and inquiring about the ‘background meaning’ of all our concepts, from measure, to time, to space, to scales, to mathematical symbols and terms from waves to reproduction, from particle to information… and so on. We are though inquiring all those questions first. So first an immediate definition in conceptual terms: 

Space is simultaneous form and time, the larger concept motion. So Space is a slice of time, perceived in stillness. And the Universe is a fractal of motion and form. Yet as motion IS the ultimate substance, a motion that ‘repeats its form’ by definition is reproducing itself. Thus a fractal of motions with form is reproductive.

And this give us the 3 simplest conserved elements of reality, lineal motions (momentum), cyclical momentum and the vital energy reproduced between them.


A Universe of space forms and time motions.

All what you see around is a tapestry of forms that are moving (as motion is relative to the observer you will always be able to find a frame of reference in which the being moves) – nothing else is required to explain it all: ‘forms’, a concept closely related to the scientific concept of in/form/ation and ‘motion’, a concept closely related to the scientific term ‘entropy’.

Further on we can reduce reality to a single ‘element’, motion. Since when we observe any ‘form’ in detail at ‘smaller’ scales, the form also shows motion. Form in fact is merely a ‘very fast closed motion’ that seen without detail appears as a solid form. So all particles are closed motions. We shall call a closed ‘motion’, a clock-like ‘time cycle’. So we affirm all in the Universe are ‘formal motions’ tracing in-form-ative time cycles.

Information is stored in those closed ‘forms’ or ‘time cycles. In/form/ations, Forms in action are both the ‘form’ AND frequency ‘bits’ of those time cycles. And so as all what exists are cyclical forms (we shall call them, ‘fractal points’, ab. œ, •) that complete ‘worldcycles of time’, we can really reduce it all to ‘formal motions’, to time cycles.

And as any motion that ‘repeats’ its time cycle is REPRODUCING its form, its information, there is no doubt about our first principle born of the experience that all what we perceive are motions reproducing information as they move in time cycles:

All clocks of time are cyclical motions which break reality into an inner region of vital energy, an angular momentum clock that encloses it and when regular a central singularity which can ‘perceive’ some how a mapping of the Universe that flows through the membrane. So mind, angular momentum and vital energy become the 3 parts of the clock and hence the basic super organism of the Universe:


The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

The fundamental element of any system is its vital energy, enclosed by a 2D angular momentum-membrane self-centered into a 1D singularity, establishing the essential equation of all systems:

1D singularity + 2 D membrane = 3D vital energy.

They give the 3 conserved ‘fractal quantities’ of any super organism of space-time:

-Angular momentum (2D membrane).

-Lineal momentum (motion of the singularity)

-Vital nergy (volume enclosed and managed between them).

This is the simplest structure we find in all scales of nature, from atomic systems with an electronic membrane and a nucleus singularity enclosing fields of gravitational and electromagnetic energy, to cells with protein membranes, DNA singularities and vital energy enclosed in cytoplasms, to nations, with a hard-military border, a capital-singularity and a vital energy of middle working reproductive class, to galaxies with a halo of strange, dark matter, a center of top quark black holes and the stars, mitochondria  that reproduce them both, to yourself with a sling membrane a nervous brain singularity and a reproductive body.

The Universe is a fractal of 3 elements, space, time and its vital energetic combinations. The iteration of those 3 elements into finite fractal organisms put together create the puzzle of reality we see. This might seem in first principles very simple but becomes more complex as we are talking of a ‘vital’ fractal, which has organic, bio-logical properties, besides topological ones, (which are the only accepted by the religion-dogma of a mathematical only universe) as its goal is to reproduce information (arguably a mathematical fractal also reproduces information departing from a generator, feedback equation, but its abstract jargon doesn’t recognize those properties).

The simplest mathematical representation will be then a 3-D volume of an open sphere, constrained by an angular momentum and beating at the rhythm of its singularity clock of frequency=1/t.

Yet when we extend the system to different scales of reality, from the ‘o-1’ unit sphere into the 1-∞ larger world, we need to add the ternary structure of systems in 3 planes of existence.

Let us then now explore in more depth that duality of locomotions expressed mathematically as ‘speed’ or change in the motions of being, studied by physics (v=s/t) and its inverse change of information, expressed with frequencies, T=1/ƒ.

As it will reveal the essence of the duality of time space arrows – the inverse properties of lineal time-duration and cyclical, frequency time clocks, which come together ONLY in the vital energy spacetime systems that combine both forms and properties into a ‘present being’.

It is difficult to stress the degree of primitivism for the intuitive perception of the cyclical space-time regions and beings of the Universe, that represents to ‘simplify’ into linearity the infinite time clocks of information of the Universe. Once this informative quality of time cycles disappears, reality which is a flow of time-space cycles, synchronized and chained to each other by organic functions disappears. And so man looses any understanding of the vital nature of the Universe, and starts to measure lineal motions as the meaning of it all. The vt=s, which has minimal information becomes then the regular form of knowledge, where the frequency and form of discontinuous time cycles disappears.

4th and 5th dimensions∆±¡: Entropy & evolution. Its metric.

Let us now deal with ‘the fourth dimension of entropy’ and the ‘fifth dimension of social evolution’ into wholes. So simple so complex when we combine, repeat and translate in different languages those ultimate principles, which we shall now study with a bit of more depth.

The Universe and all its parts are Timespace organisms that reproduce information, stored in the form and frequency of its time clocks, through the vital motions of its 3 space-time dimensions and 2 ± ‘∆’ scalar dimensions of entropy that dissolve the networks of information of an entity, scattering them in the process of death, and emergence, which evolves those networks socially from a group of smaller parts into a whole.

Without those 2 ‘organic’ dimensions that relate the different ‘scales’ of size in space and speed of time clocks of each ‘fractal part’ of the Universe, we cannot make sense of its organic process of creation and extinction. In the graph all systems co-exist in 3 scales of the 4th & 5th Dimension: the ∆-1 atomic/cellular, ∆-organic/thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational world; which we can describe with a metric equation of the 4th and 5th scalar Dimensions of space-time (ab. ∆±i), which order all entities of reality in scales according to the size and different speeds of time clocks of its systems is very simple: $ x ð = K, the relative size in space and speed of the time cycles of a being remain constant:

So what is an organism of space-time also disappears: the perception by a simultaneous point of reference of a series of synchronized time space cycles.

In the graph, in each scale of reality a system is made of T.œs with synchronicities in their clocks of angular momentum, with a singularity-mind that perceives through a vital cyclical energy that accelerates inwards a mind-mapping of the Universe.

In the surface the angular momentum, membrane and sensorial system night get as complex as it goes, but essentially will have a clock, normally fractalized in multiple cell-cycles on the skin.

So will have the mind-clock tuned to the angular momentum clock of the membrane and the vital body between in In humans this clock is a second for beat of heart, step of limbs, thoughts/glimpses of the ey.

Then the speed of a clock of time depends on the number of ‘Herzs’ or frequency of its motion, the smaller the more Herz, as information is the form-frequency of those cycles, smaller beings have more information and code larger beings, but and that is the ‘trick’ that creates teh fifth dimension, the ‘general law’ of those tme clcoks is accelerated.

i.e. Einstein’s principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass, define mass as an accelerated vortex of grvitational information, our life existence is accelerated when you are a seminal seed, etc. NOW TELL ME HOW RIDICULOUS is to still USE THE PRIMITIVE CONCEPT OF A SINGLE CLOCK OF TIME-INFORMATION FOR THE WHOLE UNIVERSE?

well that is what physicists do since they uncoiled time-frequency, into lineal time, T=1/ƒ BY WRITING THE INVERSE equation… humanity is still in that primitive concept of a single time, and people here still think Einstein was a genius because he just added to that retarded XVI c. equation, V=s/T, (instead of using V= wave length x Frequency), which ELIMINATES the information on the frequency and shape of the steps of the motion.

Because a time clock has both, ‘motion’ and ‘form’, both in the ‘larger scale of the cycle’ and the ‘smaller scale of the particle’ that traces it – often in rotary motion itself; we talk of a Universe made of cyclical-wave motions and particle-forms.


Look around you. All what you see are forms, we shall call ‘fractal points’ (as they become larger and with more information, the closer we come to it), MOVING in repetitive cycles (as the perform the same ‘actions’, once and again, in sequential patterns).

The universe is about those ‘cyclical points’ tracing ‘worldcycles’, ‘imprinting through the process’ its ‘wave-like forms’ on ‘lower scales’ of size, and ‘territories of order.

Reproduction of information is immediate as ‘motion’ by definition ‘never stops’, so the mere repetition of a ‘world cycle’ of a particle (a cycle of a particle in a larger ∆+1 scale of reality), implies an action of reproduction. So all motions with forms are ‘actions’ of reproduction, the purpose of the reproductive, living, organic Universe.

This essential nature of reality, as a sum of repetitive, cyclical patterns of ðime cycles, underlies all the work of science, which finds laws for those repetitions. So science would not exist if ðime clocks were not cyclical, as there would not be any way to define ‘scientific laws’.

Yet astoundingly enough given the obviousness of this principle, the human species have lost in the past centuries his understand of cyclical ‘ðime’, as physicists, a profession that started with the study of ballistics and lineal trajectories of cannonballs, simplified those cycles into Lineal ðime explained with a single numerical parameter, an artifact of measure which facilitated the calculus of speeds, distances and translations in §pace, with the formula v=s/t, but reduced human knowledge of the cyclical nature of those clocks and its natural patterns, and the ‘dimension of information’, carried in the form and frequency of those cycles.

This became the more clearly with the discovery of Relativity, and the infinite clocks of ðime of the Universe: ‘ðime bends §pace into masses’ said Einstein, who defined mass as an accelerated vortex of gravitation (equivalence principle). But not only masses and charges are Nature’s accelerated vortices of ðime. Each biological species has also its cyclical clocks ðime to process information and so do computers, which are basically ðime clocks and cyclical logic loops called algorithms.

Essentially all clocks of time are cyclical motions, so the speed of a clock of time depends on the number of ‘Herzs’ or frequency of its motion, the smaller the more Herz, as information is the form-frequency of those cycles, smaller beings have more information and code larger beings, but and that is the ‘trick’ that creates teh fifth dimension, the ‘general law’ of those tme clocks is accelerated.

i.e. Einstein’s principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass, define mass as an accelerated vortex of gravitational information, our life existence is accelerated when you are a seminal seed, etc.

Next come the question of its topologies in space, which are only 3 in the Universe, so by force al systems are ensembles of those 3 parts, shown in its simplest ‘geometry’ on the next graphs:

ternary spacetime topologies

Spheres that hold the maximal volume of information in particle-heads; flat, lineal topologies – the fastest distance in moving potentials/limbs – and hyperbolic, iterative body waves that generate all the forms, are the 3 only topologies of the Universe, which ensemble to form the ‘present-spatial super organisms’ we see in each ∆-scale of reality:

human topology

So this is the second ternary spatial element of reality:

|-moving limbs/potentials  x O-head/particles = Ø-body waves

And again we can generate and mirror all the systems in space, made of ensembles of those 3 adjacent forms/functions we shall call space-time organisms with them.

We shall write THE TERNARY topology also in many ways and make it increasingly complex as we study different dimensions of ‘form’ and ‘motion’, of ‘space’ and ‘time’. But in its simplest mode is the most extraordinary simplex equation of them all: $≈ð; whereas S is the limbic system, T, the particle-head with its clocks of information and ≈ the bodywave that iterates and puts together both.

So now that we know what is the super organism of space, across 3 scales of size and 3 adjacent topologies, we can consider how it ‘evolves’ from birth to extinction in time, creating a super organism’s world cycle of existence and that is all we need to ‘define a fractal logic generator’ that mirrors all systems of reality and it is the LOGIC UNIFICATION EQUATION of all systems of nature, NOT a mathematical equation but a LOGIC one that encodes topological fractal=organic and temporal properties.

Existence as a travel through the fifth dimension.

Now the importance of having a metric equation that leaves co-invariant a motion through its parameters of space-time, is that we can ‘travel’ across this dimension. Indeed, the mathematician Klein defined the existence of a dimension of space-time, when we could formulate a co-invariant equation left unchanged when we move through the space-time dimension. So how we travel through the fifth dimension?  Obviously by growing in size in space through the process of reproduction and evolution, from an ∆-1 fast seed of information, emerging, as a larger whole with slower time clocks, in the organic level, which itself is part of a larger world, with slower ‘deep time’ geological and cultural cycles. 

So Existence is indeed a travel through the fifth dimension, and the mere fact that all systems of nature exist through that world cycle (no longer a physical worldline in a 4D Universe as we have added a dimension of temporal ‘depth’), IS an absolute experimental proof of the existence of 5D:

In that sense the main difference when we widen our understanding of space-time with the metric equations of 5D is to be able to explain NOT only processes of time-change in a single planes of space-time, mostly due to locomotions, but process of change due to transformations in the in-form-ation of beings, related to life, organic structures and hence to solve some of the eternal existential questions about ‘existence’, which will be now defined easily as a ‘travel between 3 scales of the fifth dimension’.

Actions, steps of space-time

it follows some simplex symbols that define a logic equation with two phases:

∆ð≥S and then its reproduction, ∑ into waves of seed that reogarngaize into larger wholes:

S∑S>∆+¡ till death reverses the whole process as explode back a whole into its parts… ∆-¡<<S

Further on, applied those organic structures also to social and physical systems, whose organic properties have been denied in the case of physics or reduced to the individual human scale in the case of social super organisms of history, described in its homologic ‘cycle of existence’ in the next graphs, latter explained in great detail:

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.

∆ð±¡≈≥>S@<<∆ð±¡: would be then the simplest generator of a 5D Worldcycle; whereas the creation of a mind in a seed process, and its 3 ages of life, limbic≈ youth, ≥ wave generation and > informative third age age exploded black to its ∆-1 beings and as memories in its larger world place.

All the organic systems of the Universe, physical, biological and historic, follow the same 5 Dimensional states of a worldcycle,  from its fast evolving relative 5th dimension or generation age of social evolution from an ∆-1 seed to an emerging ∆º individual through the 3 dimensional ages of life, to the 4th dimension of entropic death..

What physicists do with its simplified models of 4 Dimensions, is to reject the arrow of social evolution, love and organic information, which is the 5th dimension of creating wholes by parts, because of its ‘concept of time’ merely as change of motion, locomotion, lineal motion, which then for the whole Universe becomes the arrow of ‘entropy and death’, and we shall adscribe by the correspondence principle to the fourth dimension.

Let us then start a more complex iteration of all the previous principles, with more depth and insights.


I. Space≈ðime Superorganisms

“Space and time of itself sink in shadows. Only its union exists.” Minkowski. On ð≈$

‘Dust of space-time you are, ∆@st you become’  Bible, on the worldcycle of exist¡ence

‘Gifted those who without seeing understand because to them belongs the realm of knowledge’. Jesus, paraphrased by time theory (:

∆ð¡≈≥>S@<<∆ð¡: 5D Worldcycle; generator of all  spacetime Superorganisms.

The previous sentences explain on the words of some of the simplest minds of mankind, the astounding fact that all what exists can be reduced to a single reality: time motions, and its static ‘spatial perception’ by infinite minds that create the Universe.


Physicists’ understanding of time and information is barbarous. Einstein more than in his discoveries in his quotes and thoughts showed to have a grasp: ‘Leibniz is right, there are infinite clocks of time in the Universe, but if so we have to restart science from the beginning’ and its panpsychism pantheist Universe:

The Universe indeed is and will remain perfect and to know that and feel it is good enough to justify anyone’s existence

So while humans obviously are aware of the existence of cyclical patterns of nature, because they have abandoned the proper concept of cyclical ðime changes, and its second dimension of form, of information, they cannot fully grasp the fundamental principles of the Universe: its cycles of ðime§pace, its scales of ðime speeds as §pace size (ab. ∆±i), and the ‘mind-mirrors and languages’ of information that allow systems to measure them, and interact with other beings in ðime§pace.

The concept of cyclical ðimes is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all ðime clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical ðimes. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if ðimes were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in ðime of patterns of behavior and causality.

All these truths unfortunately are hidden in the ðime equations of modern physics, so good for calculus so bad for interpretation, which need to be translated into cyclical ðime, measured by frequency (T=1/ƒ) and streamlined with a new jargon appropriate for a dual Universe, as opposed to the simplex jargon of classic absolute ðime§pace physics, that lingers in all sciences and drags its understanding.

In the left physical cycles, planetary orbits, which we humans use to measure ðime in all our ‘clocks’, which are also cyclical. People are hardly aware of this fact, since they tend not to use the ‘parameter’ of cyclical ðime, which is ‘frequency’, but its inverse, lineal duration: ƒ=1/t.

The formulae are simplified in this manner. Since ‘frequency ðime’ is discontinuous and so difficult to ‘integrate’. So physicists prefer to uncoil, frequencies into Lineal Time. For example the ‘revolutions per minute of a car wheel’, multiplied by its perimeter give us the ‘distance’: λ x v = S. And besides in this manner we achieve more information, as we get the duration and form of in-form-ation of each cycle (λ) and its frequency, v.

But if you just want to know the total length of along ðime period, you use Lineal Time durations and so you don’t need to sum all those cycles to get the lineal speed: V=s/t.

In the left graph, we can see that all physical systems, and all its ðime cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal ðime – an artifact of measure, and further on equalized all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘ðime clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

And we shall return to it, when using cyclical time to define and upgrade physical equations, with new insights on its whys, thanks to the ‘inverse arrow of time’ cyclical frequency, ð(ƒ)=1/T-duration.

Ok, all this is simple enough for anyone without a hurt ego to understand and good enough so you know we are rediscovering the Universe with higher more humble truths. From now on we must get more complex because THE LOGIC OF THE UNIVERSE IS TERNARY LOGIC, AND SO IT IS NO LIKE A->B, BUT RATHER A<≈>B, DIALECTIC, trinity, paradoxical. What you see is NOT all what there is and a cycle of time means time goes forwards in life and backwards in death, in local regions, as there are infinite arrows of time, ternary ensembled as angular membranes of momentum, vital energy and lineal points of singularity motion.

So you can travel back to your past, is Ok, as you dissolve your information in your scale of ∆-1 atoms, in scattering big-bangs of entropy, because A) you are travelling locally in the fractal region enclosed by your angular membrane, NOT in the whole Universe which by definition CANNOT travel as a continuum back in time – no paradoxes here of relativity; but you don’t want to become a zero sum, back to the ∆-2 atomic world in which your first seminal ensemble took place, don’t you? So no mystery about death and travels in time – life is a travel through scales of the fifth dimension, from ∆-1 seed to ∆º organism in an ∆+1 world and back to dust of space-time. 

Yes, I am crancking up a bit your mind, because you are a naive realist, reductionist physicist by education who think to take a picture of reality is enough, it is reality itself. This final ‘simplicity’ of the visual age, to confuse reality with visual images must go away first. As all you see is ‘still mind mapping’ with electronic eyes or cameras that make ‘stills’ of reality as the name indicates. But we have told you all is motion, and further on, that in detail things enlarged become flat new planes or viceversa curved geodesics and wholes that seem continuous have unseen parts.

So you see, reality is NOT a single picture. And without getting embedded in your mind those dualities=paradoxes of scales, of topology and of time cycles/arrows, we cannot move further.

Your LOGIC of truth must change from Aristotle and Euclid to i-man, i-logic, information logic the next vowel, and then we can get into o and u, the logic of the actions of reproduction and social evolution into Universals which will complete our organic vision of the Universe… You are still in the AE-view, ‘child of thought’ so to speak, never mind if you are a saint nobel of the dynamite, or a high school student, child you are, dust of space-time you shall become.



Absolute Relativity: Ego Paradox

‘Each (fractal Non-E) point is a world in itself” Leibniz, on reality=∑∞Mind’s equations:

0 S: infinitesimal Spatial mind x ∞ T: Universe’s time cycles= Constant World

In the next graphs we express all those elements together focusing in the generator equation of the human being:

The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations that render constant the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of any system of Non-Æ points trough the 3 scales in which is possible to travel as an ‘existential being’, in the fifth dimension performing a world cycle. Since for a dimension to exist, there must be a co-invariant quantity, which allows its travel, S x T = K becomes the metric equation of ‘exist¡ence’. Its  constancy is also the origin of the organic nature of reality as it allows the symbiosis of a system through its 3 scales. The travel of existence can also be viewed topologically in a single plane, in which an organism ensembles and exchanges lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum. So we can define all systems as an ensemble of  lineal limbs/potentials that perform its lineal momentum, organised as herds of ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) in superposed additive groups that move the system and dominate its young relative past age. Its second conserved quantity being its vital energy, distributed through  3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, which define the organism proper able to iterate its form into a dynamic present system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems)… finally guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions of ‘existence’ gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its worldcycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.

The huge difference of a world to which we ad the arrow of form, information, intelligence, language, stillness: S@.

5D postulate self


A key element of a physical system is the singularity ‘membrain’, which includes as in any key system of nature, a center that processes information and a membrane that encloses and breaks the system into an inner region, the T.œ and an outer region, the Universe. This dual system IS the COVER AND CENTER of a topological open ball, which is the vital energy enclosed by the system, which DOES NOT EXIST as a full T.œ unless those 2 elements are formed.  Consider the case of ‘Mass’. Energy contributes to ‘mass’, but if we do NOT have an enclosure we cannot measure mass, as energy is moving around and there is nothing to ‘weight’. Yet as soon as we close the membrane, the mass parameter will exist, as measured externally by the membrane.

Further on, as the membrane is CLOSING the inner region, which we normally do NOT access, or else we will have to tear the membrane and then mass might escape and a continuity equation will have to be applied to assess the flow of mass in and out, we cannot truly measure the mass.

It is then obvious that the ‘parameter’ of ‘density-weight-charge-angular momentum-rotational speed’ etc, tends to accumulate in each scale in the external region, where the ‘mass-force’ is maximal; while in the inner singularity center, it reaches ‘zero value’, and that point is the mind-still singularity, where motion stops, and so in black hole equations time moves to zero in the singularity, in the vortex of an Eddie.

The dimensional question: 1D singularities + 2D membranes (holographic information) = 3D vital energy.

Now it is obvious that the eye of the hurricane and the eye of the black hole has maximal height as it is indeed the informative center of the system, in fact ‘infinite height’ in the axis of a black hole, which means that ‘motion stops’ in the perpendicular plane but shuts off as a yet of dark entropy and matter through the axis of superluminal speed according to the Kerr equations of a rotating black hole.


Topological dimensions of information are always dimension of height and they are the dominant arrow of the organic Universe – locomotion being despite our obsession a mere instrument to the higher aim of the Universe, its absolute future: to perceive, gauge, evolve and reproduce. All biological and human social and technological systems also evolve according to the arrow of information increasing the height of its dimension of gauging information as the evolution of reptiles into birds or mammals into humans show. So in its 3rd age evolution grows information:

In the graph we can see how obvious is the arrow of height-information and the dominance in all scales of that arrow which completes with topological evolution the program of biology, long needed of a ‘directional non-personal’ creative topological arrow.

IT has then to be understood in pure philosophical terms the HUGE difference between what science is TODAY AND WHAT it is really when we complete its arrows of time adding information to the mix as an arrow of time-future MORE important than mere locomotion, as people seem to just with an astouding simplicity and arrogance to discharge any temporal whys that cannot be measure as motion in space.

In present philosophy of science departing from physics, all what we have talked about is irrelevant as it has been reduced to nothing – reality they say with a very religious dogmatic view, is ONLY what we can measure without clocks and meters and we can describe with maths within a single time arrow defined by space motions, v=s/t. All other questions are NOT our concern and as we are the high popes of philosophy of science, we discharge it

When you ad information though YOU AD LANGUAGES, form, stillness, perception, singularities, intelligence, organicism, ALL THE ELEMENTS THEY DISCHARGE as they are not susceptible to locomotion, distance and measure as they happen inwards, in a point through formal evolution.

I confess I have never been able to break this ‘religious dogma’ which I found outrageously anti-scientific and made me long ago to loose a lot of respect for physicists doubling as philosophers of science. The maxwellian demons ORDER reality, minds and languages DO EXIST, territorial order is the essence of existence and nothing can be solved beyond what we already know and the gathering of data and establishment of causal systems merely on statistic grounds if we do NOT acknowledge that human properties are common to all singularity systems that control a territorial organism they order. In the next graph we show that difference of point of views:


IN THE GRAPH, we see the essential difference when we add information: the mind-singularities that order reality around their center BECOME the ultimate why of all realities. Creation by replication, iteration, mirror image, reproduction of information become the meaning of it all. And so vital properties become embedded.

Now, the question that immediately must be addressed, is how we can prove the existence of singularity minds of information if we cannot see inside its mirrors, the software, which can only be seen in itself in the infinitesimal point that holds its image, non susceptible of direct visual analysis?

The answer is like with forces such as gravitation, invisible to us – through it effects.

So the immediate question is what is the effect of mind-mirrors? To create life, will of survival, biological drives of existence, to reproduce and last, and gauge information and survive.

So the question of proving the infinite mirrors of the Universe, its monad-minds comes to the question of proving the existence of a life program of survival in every point and territory of order around a mirror or still language of perception, born of the confluence of multiple sensational languages, to represent the dimensions of the Universe. As for example a human mind which as all point mirrors has 3 outlets of perception for the 3 direction dimensions (visual spatial occipital axis, dominant in white, brachycephalic, temporal, verbal axis dominant in mongoloid, and inner territory of order with its height inner emotional axis and the nose and mouth ‘land perceptive’ ones,


3AXIS human minds

The 3 mind races are dominant in one of the 3 axis of languages, visual, entropic, lineal white neanderthal, mongoloid, verbal temporal, and emotional, sensorial psylocephalic black races. They determine in turn its cultural worldview: lineal time and animetal violence in white men, cyclical time and organic information in Asians and worship of life, Gaia Nature, physical, emotional and reproductive memes in black people

light spacetime minds

the universe has infinite mind-mirrors depending on the forces used to gauge the external world, which bounces on a limited quantity of its scales of space. Humans perceive the range of scales of the frequency of light between red and blue social density of colors. But infinite other minds with different detail according to the quantitative pixels they absorb (max. S = Min.t) maximal for smaller sixes will determine the intelligence of the system.

The mind paradox: the meaning of Galilean relativity. The singularity as a mind.

“God is the unmoved (perceptive) center of a body of energy, moving around it”. “We are all Gods (of our super organisms” Aristotle

Now there is another way to observe the Equation, ∆ð≥S@, as the formal reduction of a temporal flow of cycles of space-time into a mind-mapping, from the infinite Universe into the linguistic, still zero mind.

All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open §pace, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical ðimes, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the ðimes of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

Euclidean mathematics, as Descartes and Kant understood is only the 3 perpendicular ‘space-time elements’ of a massless ray of light merely shrinks all other scales of reality to fit into the mind:

In the graph, as our mind is electronic, we feed on light energy and transform it into an informative mapping of the Universe, reduced to what light sees. Thus our space is light space-time, with its 3 Euclidean coordinates, a fact that was first understood NOT by physicists but by impressionist artists, Leonardo, whose motto ‘saper vedere’, guided my inquire as a young artist on reality behind the languages that describe it, and then by the impressionists; and finally by Picasso, who departed from reality, affirming he painted thoughts, so he studied the ‘elements’ of the mind mapping, its entropic lines (cubist age) and its cyclical forms (female portraits).

So let us consider the final element of reality to be able to build the whole… the mind that projects and co-exists in those three scales ordering the parts into a whole and helping it through its actions to survive.

– The mind or •-point is the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of ðime of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

•-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

The equation of the mind.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 5.20.21 PM

The problem of mathematicians with a single time/singularity  IS THAT THEY CANNOT EMPATHIZE with the infinite other LANGUAGES and beings of the Universe… To be an Aristotelian God among Gods, to be an infinite infinitesimal, the equation of all minds-monads:

O x ∞ = Konstant:  O-singularity (linguistic mind) x ∞ time space cycles (Universe) = Constant world,

That is the game. But to survive in that game you must also be aware there are other infinite singularities, all with the same rights to feel god… That is a much more perfect Leibnizian Universe… than the simplex one physicists sponsor. The equation that describers the theory of everything in that sense is the simplest of all of them:

0 x ∞ = K, the 0-1 temporal unit sphere, reflected in the 1-∞ spatial statistical one.

It is the main theorem of measure theory,  which in physics reflects the equivalence between a quantum temporal scale (0-1 probabilistic description, of the faster, temporal quantum world) and the thermodynamical statistical one (1-∞ spatial description of the larger, slower thermodynamic world…

As time is faster, the o-1 smaller sphere fits better the quantum description, as space is slower, the 1-∞ fits better the molecular world, but both are by measure theory equivalent, because as we shall show bit by bit, species by species, all mind think the same: to be gods, to survive, to order its territory, and come on top:


Minds order as linguistic gods a territory around themselves, its fractal body and entropic world. As such they are the linguistic Aristotelian, final unmoved singularity Gods of reality.

Space is then ONLY within the mind that measures in simultaneous perception the multiple vital space-time cycles translated into the language of a still mind that perceives in itself. Thus space is virtual. The true substance of reality being its temporal motions. On the other hand the description human minds  (@) make of the Universe is subconsciously biased by those ‘still, linguistic mind mappings of space’, (∫@) in which the ∞ of time motions (∆ð) is reduced and equalled to the spatial mind mapping.


This simple equation of similarity between the space perception of reality provided by a mind, and the whole Universe of moving time-cycles (as nothing is still outside the mind’s perception, being all observed in detail in perpetual motion), appeared in science as a philosophy of the Universe, when Descartes realized that what we see is NOT reality but what the mind ‘stops’ in its selective perception of all the information of reality. So the only truth we can depart from is the fact that we think and perceive still linguistic thoughts, hence we exist; making of informative perception in a still mind, the first ‘action’ of existence, even prior to motion which is unconscious of being.

Descartes astounding insight soon brought here to define mathematically, topologically and conceptually a ‘mind-singularity of order’, the ‘missing’ factor on our descriptions of reality, unfortunately was soon forgotten, and substituted by the naive realism of modern science – what we or our electronic instruments see is what there is there. But only marrying the spatial mind-linguistic view and the Universe of infinite time cycles, we can factor in all the elements and start to unknot the bias the spatial mind cast upon our objective comprehension of reality, which is our task as scientists.

In the graph, a fundamental truth of the Universe is the existence of singularities that order physical, biological an social systems, except when they are in a free, chaotic state of maximal entropy (gaseous state or dark entropy between galaxies), which cannot produce order, as they lack any ‘frame of reference’. Mental singularities, Monads, or Maxwellian Demons are the ‘missing variable’ needed to explain the whys of reality. In mathematics we call them P.o.vs.

Frames of reference, self-centred in a point, which we use as physical systems do, to calculate functions of space-time that WORK mirroring reality – hence they must exist. In that sense physical, atomic systems do indeed calculate as quantum-bit computers might do. Are they ‘conscious’? Likely NOT, as consciousness is just a self-reflection between two mirrors – what matters though is that they do process information, order territories that become time§paœrganisms and hence WITHOUT THEM there will only be entropy, not order, reason why physicists who don’t recognise those ‘poles of in-form-ation’ deny order and believe the Universe is a chaotic entropic state. YET WE OBSERVE order, so the experimental method oblige us to conclude there is a ‘darwinian automatic non-conscious selection’ of systems which develop singularities and ‘SURVIVE’ creating the order of reality.

Consciosuness would then be an unneeded dual mirror in which the first mirror perceives the spatial mapping of the second mirror, dialoguing with it (in the way I robot is consciousness by having a second brain). In the human case, the I=eye that sees space and the verbal cogito ergo sum temporal mind – the conscious languages. But it is not the verbal consciousness of man, but a mathematical consciousness which among humans only very good ‘mathematical physicists’, which can ‘see’ as musicians see ‘scales’ that provoke emotions, equations as dynamic visual forms.

So we affirm, as Aristotle, Descartes and Leibniz before us, that even though for physical measure it might be useful to equalise all rhythms of time and peg all ternary space-time beings into an absolute space and absolute time – that of the human light space view and mechanical clock, there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them.

Since there are ∞ minds, gauging information; and stopping the motions of time into the intelligence of formal space, as they try to ‘stiff’ reality into the mirror image of the language, which of course they confuse with the universe itself – and this is indeed the origin of the creationist theories of religious and scientific people, we must now debunk on firm grounds as we have a better grasp of why we see still the earth (our mind stops its motion) when objectively it is moving, why in other words we see ‘spaces’ when it is all about ‘times’.

A subject in itself fundamental to understand Relativity, is brought here to point out, the reason why in entropic only big-bang theories, we do see indeed light space-time expanding between galaxies, as light is space and so when it comes closer to the mass of the galaxy, elongates/red shifts its color (the only real effect observed; as we obviously are NOT out there in-between Andromeda and the Milky way with a tape). And vice versa, when Light collapses into our electronic ‘eye’ or any electronic source, it increases its frequency  balancing both effect to cancel the supposed big-bang death of the Universe.

But in the scalar REALITY, gravitation makes points LARGER when we observe them in the scale of the fifth dimension where they do interact above us, and will EASILY evaporate our ’empty bubble’ of light-light beings.

So Hilbert and Cantor who talked of ‘their imaginary paradise from where nobody would expel them, ass the Jihad warriors who die to enter paradise, just invented non-existen points, lines, planes with their imagination.

In the next graph, we see thus, the true meaning of the 5th and 1st Non-E postulate, which define both the real fractal point (1st postulate) and the real mind that bends it into a smallish mind. Since the fractal point does have breath, as it includes a volume of energy, entropy and information, carried by a relative number of ‘finitesimal’ parallel waves, but the ‘Aristotelian mind’, reduces it to an Euclidean point:

We have to introduce the first postulate of non-Æ so you realise how ‘limited’ is the homunculus mind.

Thus, human egos are just finitesimals with a huge ego, because they confuse their zero point-mind with the real infinite Universe, of fractal points, thinking the volume of information they store in their mind is all. 

Fractal points: the fundamental particle

We are going to use 3 basic symbols for the Singularity and the territorial body wave it orders around it as a vital energy, encircled by an angular momentum, or ‘membrane’, which forms the basic organism of reality a membrain of vital energy, moving around: œ, @, •, which you can consider 3 degrees of development of the singularity as an organism, a self-centered mind with a will order its body around it through its actions, or a mere point of perception. The interaction and different dimensions of the singularity in its different complex actions makes it by far the most important and yet less distinguishable, hence less amenable to direct experimental observation of all the elements of the being.

In mathematics it can be studied as a fractal particle, or point, •.

Mathematics, as a language that represents reality with simplified symbols, has a limited capacity to carry information. Its symbols, geometric points and numbers simplify and integrate the fractal, discontinuous reality into a single space-time continuum, the Cartesian Space/Time graph, made of points without breath.

However the points of a Cartesian plane or the numbers of an equation are only a linguistic representation of a complex Universe made of discontinuous points with an ‘internal content of space-time’. In the real world, we are all pieces made of fractal cellular points that occupy spaces, move and last a certain time. When we translate those space-time systems into Euclidean, abstract, mathematical ‘numbers’, we make them mere points of geometry void of all content. But when we look in detail at the real beings of the Universe, all points/number have inner energetic and informative volume, as the fractal geometry of the Universe suddenly increases the detail of the cell, atom or far away star into a complex complementary entity.

So we propose a new Geometrical Unit – the fractal, Non-Euclidean point with space-time parts, which Einstein partially used to describe gravitational space-time. Yet Einstein missed the ‘fractal interpretation’ of Non-Euclidean geometry we shall bring here, as Fractal structures extending in several planes of space-time were unknown till the 1970s. So Einstein did not interpret those points, which had volume, because infinite parallels of ‘forces of ‘—motions’ and information’ could cross them, as points, which when enlarged could fit those parallels, but as points in which parallels ‘curved’ converging into the point.

This however is not meaningful, because if such is the case parallels which are by definition ‘straight lines’, stop being parallels. So we must consider that what Einstein proved using Non-Euclidean points to explain the structure of space-time is its fractal nature: points seem not to have breath and fit only a parallel, but when we enlarge the point, we see it is in fact self-similar to much bigger points, as when we enlarge a fractal we see in fact self-similar structures to the macro-structures we see with the naked eye.

That is in essence the meaning of Fractal Non-Euclidean geometry: a geometry of multiple ‘membranes of space-time’ that grow in size, detail and content when we come closer to them, becoming ‘Non-Euclidean, fractal points’ with breath and a content of ‘—motions’ and information that defines them.

Einstein found that gravitational Space-Time did not follow the 5th Euclidean Postulate, which says:

Through a point external to a line there is only 1 parallel

Euclid affirmed that through a point external to a parallel only another parallel line could be traced, since the point didn’t have a volume that could be crossed by more lines:

Abstract, continuous, one-dimensional point:

. ____________

Instead Einstein found that the space-time of the Universe followed a Non-Euclidean 5th Postulate:

A point external to a line is crossed by parallel forces.

             Real, discontinuous, n-dimensional points:           =========== o

This means that a real point has an inner space-time volume through which many parallels cross. Since reality follows that Non-Euclidean 5th postulate, all points have a volume when we enlarge them, as cells grow when we look at them with a microscope. Then it is easy to fit many parallels in any of those points. Such organic points are like the stars in the sky. If you look at them with the naked eye they are points without breadth, but when you come closer to them, they grow. Then as they grow, they can have infinite parallels within them. Since they become spheres, which are points with breadth – with space-time parts.

So space-time is not a ‘curved continuum’ as Einstein interpreted it, but a fractal discontinuous. The maths are the same, the interpretation of reality changes, adapting it to what experimentally we see: a cell-like point enlarges and fits multiple flows of ‘—motions’ and information, and yet it has a point-like nucleus, which enlarges and has DNA information, which seems a lineal strain that enlarge as has many point-like atoms, which enlarge and fit flows of forces, and so on.

So each point is in fact a 3-dimensional point, and if we go to the next scale, a 3×3=9 dimensional point and so on. Yet those dimensions are the so-called fractal dimensions, which are not ‘extended to infinity’ but only within the size of the point.

In Euclidean geometry, a point has no volume, no dimension, but string theorists say that even the smallest points of the Universe, cyclical strings, have inner dimensions that we observe when we come closer to them. That is the essence of a fractal point: To be a fractal world, a space-time in itself.

‘Any Non-Euclidean point is a fractal space-time with a minimal of 3 internal, topological, spatial dimensions and an external time motion in the st+1 ecosystem in which it exists’

This simple law is the most important law of the 4th paradigm, foreseen by Leibniz in his Monadology, the foundation of the mathematical model of Multiple spaces-times that completes the 5 Postulates of non-Euclidean geometry and gives us the tools necessary to create a complex new logic and new mathematical model of the Universe, easy to connect through topology with the isomorphisms of the previous paradigm of a single metric space-time continuum.

Further on those points must be described always in 4 dimensions, with motion. This should have been obvious, but abstract mathematics simplify entities into numbers and static forms, and organic motion properties disappear. Yet we still say ‘San Francisco is at 8 hours from LA’, because we mean that journey is a combination of the motion of a car and the spatial distance. Thus we measure reality in Time-space, not only in space as Euclidean maths do.

Thus, in the same way Saturn’s rings stop being planes without volume when we come closer and observe them as fractal points, called planetoids; Non-Euclidean points acquire both motion and volume when we approach to them. In words of Klein, a sphere is not a continuous static form, but a group of points in cyclical movement. So in the same way the Saturn’s rings are a group of planetoids, a Klein space – the space-time that fills a point has motion – it is the sum of a series of cycles.

Einstein didn’t go further, adapting the other 4 Euclidean postulates to the new Geometrical unit: a fractal point with volume. Only then we will be able to define the 2 planes of physical forces, the plane of gravitation and electromagnetism, or any system in which several planes of space-time co-exist together (as in a human being extended from atomic to social planes of cyclical existence).

In all those systems planes are made with cellular points, Riemannian spheres with volume that form lines, which are waves between points that exchange ‘—motions’ and information and planes, which are organs of self-similar points that process ‘—motions’ or information in parallel networks. Thus the 5 Postulates of Non-Sp Geometry vitalize the Universe as a series of networks of ‘—motions’ and information of self-similar cellular points. Since the line and the plane acquire volume and become self-similar to the commonest forms of the Universe, the wave and the network of points with a 3-D volume.

This simple fact explains one of the most important discoveries of modern physics, the Holographic principle, according to which information might be bidimensional, as in the screen of a computer or the page of a book. Now bidimensionality no longer becomes ‘magic’ since the 3rd dimension is the relative size of the ‘fractal point-particle’. Thus bidimensional sheets of information do have a minimal 3rd Dimension; the inner content of the point, which in a relative universe of infinite sizes seems to us a particle-point without volume, as we don’t see either the volume of a sheet of paper or a pixel.

All in the Universe are thus complementary systems made of networks. Now this might sound absurd to the anthropomorphic reader that thinks humans are different from the rest of points of the Universe, but it is a fact that those points obey in their actions and communicative flows within a network the same isomorphisms:

humans and electrons behave the same when they move through slits or in herds, the geometries of social groups are also the same and the ultimate purpose of those points, to feed on ‘—motions’ and information, whatever kind, is also the same in all networks of the Universe. And so that group of isomorphisms of networks becomes a primary why for all beings of the Universe.

A fact the leads us to the final element needed to understand the why of the Universe: ‘non-Euclidean points’ organize networks that become points of a higher scale, which reproduce and organize new networks; and so the Universe keep growing in fractal scales, from particles that organize networks and become atoms that organize networks and become molecules that organize networks and become cells, that become organisms, that become planetary societies and planets and stars form gravitational networks that become galaxies, organized by dark matter into Universal networks.

Because all entities have motion reproduction is merely the repetition of a motion with form. Because each entity has 4 time arrows, all of them trace multiple trajectories in search of those arrows, hence they realize multiple time cycles.

For example, a human feeds on ‘—motions’ and information with body and head, reproduces through multiple social cycles and evolves into societies. Our actions are more complex but essentially the same of those of any particle.

The Œ-points: monads that order the Sentient Universe.

This first example of the complexity of the Universe, which many scientists, mostly physicists, have shunned off, obscuring a deeper knowledge of reality, hopefully prepares you to persevere in the understanding of the complex ambivalence of the Universe, simplified by the human mind, whose equation in the metric of the 5th dimension – one of the infinite varieties of Tƒ x Sp = ∆-mind – we can now explain:

O@ (infinitesimal Œ-point or mind) x ∞ð (Universe perceived) = Œ (constant mapping of reality)

What a mind does is rather simple. The Universe out there has infinite time cycles that carry the in/form/ation of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cyclical motions. This is an ∞, which we cannot store inside us.

So we simplify all those motions into ‘forms’ perceived as extensions of space, Sp.

On the other hand the mind is a Tƒ, spherical system, with 2 different spheres: an external membrane with sensorial detectors, which ‘shrinks’ into a relative smaller point, the eye and then the brain, which transforms Sp, the infinite cycles made into spatial forms, and keeps shrinking them to an infinitesimal mapping of reality, a still image, very much as the way a camera reduces reality to a virtual shallow image in 2 dimensions.

And this can be done because of a property of spherical forms, called the Poincare Conjecture: you can  shrink  a topological sphere (any closed membrane, a skin, a planetary surface, is a sphere), as much as you want without deforming its information.  So we find infinite minds in the Universe, ‘monads’ in Leibniz’s terms, which as he said ‘are points, which store a world in it selves’.

So we could also define the Universe as an infinity of ‘world’, fractal minds perceiving reality from those Œ points. What all those fractal minds do? Time cycles? Why. Because they keep perceiving and gauging information through them, and they keep absorbing ‘energy’ to move, and they keep reproducing their time cycles in parallel forms of space-time, and they keep evolving with other points into larger systems of points, topological networks, which have organic nature.

The Universe can be perfectly understood when the human mind and its subjective vision of reality from the perspective of its limited ‘Aristotelian’ and ‘Euclidean’, logic, (temporal and visual, spatial perception of the human mind) is considered only one of the infinite points of view, performed by particles and heads that gauge information, move ‘—motions’ and constantly create the events of the universe. Each of those particles and heads create its own perspective and mind view, or mapping of the Universe to which they act-react accordingly.

 Mind languages do stop the 3 motions OR CONSERVED quantities, into space forms, and with its syntax mimic how those 3 elements combine to create the space-time super organisms of the Universe.
So we could say they map out superorganisms of space departing of infinite time-cycles, seeds of information, mind or simultaneous networks.
So the 3 main human languages, maths, words and images are ‘still images’ of a living, moving Universe of infinite time cycles: S@≤∆Τ
Let us then switch to the subjective mind view and include a first analysis on how the mind stops motion into form, and how it biases in this manner our perception of motion, despite the rejection of ‘naive realists’ that simply eliminate from reality all those spatial mental elements (as in the dominant philosophy of science today, logical positivism, which simply is not interested in study what cannot be measured, and unfortunately has substituted the perennial ‘pan psychic philosophy of reality’ that considers the existence of infinite such minds that stop linguistically reality to perceive it).

We can now give the explanation of the Paradox of Galileo, which started modern science but has never been quite resolved: ‘why the earth moves but doesn’t move’. Simple, because the mind-singularity that perceives it has as a function, to create within its language a still mirror image, a focus of reality that will allow to order it and try to deform it from its ego-centered perspective.

In the next graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

Now, this theoretical minimum, which gives birth to the biggest r=evolution of maths since Riemann, ‘does away with Hilbert’; but to fully  put the copenhagen interpretation to rest and complete the understanding of mathematics in experimental terms,  we need as we have done with spatial geometry and topology, show how temporal algebra and its numbers, do also reflect reality, in an evolutionary process called the closure of numbers that again will follow the ternary, universal syntax of ‘REALITY’.

The particle point features heavily in Nuclear physics and it is still a ‘mess’. I like of all of them, the Delta Function, which is ∞ at 0, 0 on the infinite line and 1 in its integral. It is perhaps the best mathematical definition and for that reason, Dirac without understanding what it means – the emergence of a point-particle as a 1-element of a higher ∆+1 scale, made it the non-rigurous foundation of its beautiful quantum thoughts.

In the graph, as our mind is electronic, we feed on light energy and transform it into an informative mapping of the Universe, reduced to what light sees. Thus our space is light space-time, with its 3 Euclidean coordinates, a fact that was first understood NOT by physicists but by impressionist artists, Leonardo, whose motto ‘saper vedere’, guided my inquire as a young artist on reality behind the languages that describe it, and then by the impressionists; and finally by Picasso, who departed from reality, affirming he painted thoughts, so he studied the ‘elements’ of the mind mapping, its entropic lines (cubist age) and its cyclical forms (female portraits).

This theoretical minimum however when fully evolved will give birth to the biggest r=evolution of maths since Riemann. As it ‘does away with Hilbert’. But to fully put Hilbert and its ad-on in physics, the Copenhagen interpretation to rest and complete the understanding of mathematics in experimental terms, we need to evolve further spatial geometry, topology, temporal algebra and its numbers, to reflect reality, more accurate; which we shall treat in the posts dedicated to maths in the second line, from its evolutionary process called the closure of numbers that again will follow the ternary, universal syntax of ‘REALITY’, to the study of the analytic geometry of its ternary elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic minds…



‘Don’t confuse motion (entropy) with action (motion with a goal)’ Hemingway to Dietritch

life; noun 1. The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for energy feeding, informative gauging, social and individual growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.

Life is Action, a program of drives of existence that should rule the memes of mankind and society.

We consider then 5 actions that define life:

3 ‘a,e,i’ simplex actions: motion for the limbs (a-ccelerations), energy feeding for the body (e), information gauging for the head (i), which together ‘feed and maintain’ the 3 ‘elements’ and physiological networks of our organisms:

A: Limbs/potentials < E-nergy body-waves> I-nformative particles/heads

And two complex actions, reproduction and social evolution that ensure our existence beyond death and our social evolution in new scales of the fifth dimension:

In the graph we can understand life, observing a human being, as the feeding with 3 simplex actions of the 3 parts of the organism, its moving limbs, energetic body and informative mind.

But as parts of social organisms humans also reproduce with other human organisms, and evolve socially defining two complex actions. Nothing else is needed to define life, including life of mechanical beings, whose actions of ‘existence’ are performed by its company-mother-mothers, which show the ‘living properties of machines”:

In graphs, 5 actions ensure the survival program of all scales of stientific species: above the actions of company-mothers of machines which adapt planet earth to its image and likeness. Below the individual actions of humans and below in scales of diminishing size the actions of molecules, atoms and forces. All of them respond to the same aeiou program of survival (accelerations, e-ntropy feeding, I-nformative gauging, o-ffspring reproduction and u-niversals-wholes creation which ensures all the parts of the being will keep its inner space-structure and outer time function.

Actions of space-time are the minimal vital Unit of reality, and as such all the codes of the Universe can be written in åctions

In that sense, the definition of biological live, which sets the goals of being human, in turn sets the products and goods a proper economic systems should reproduce for humans to thrive at individual level through ‘our simplex’ 3 actions of feeding, moving and perceiving and at social level through our reproductive and eusocial, loving actions.

To live is to act. And there are only 5 type of actions, which a proper economic and political system should promote and enhance for all cells to thrive. In the next graph we consider those 5 actions from the highest level of complexity in systems sciences, observing how all systems of reality reproduce those actions, including atoms, and company-mothers.

The homunculus built-in.

The homunculus mind with handyman craftsmanship to kill with entropic weapons, a big mouth to talk idologies of human supremacism over the organic Universe and a small childish brain that understands nothing.

To put huminds on its place and why the species is so faulty in its arrogance, we need to understand the relative non-value of logic in our brain, totally dominated by technological=handy skills. We are basically makers of machines and weapons, predating life with it. So death and the non-organic qualities of our ‘idol-ogies’ of the machine suit us best. We deal with them in other section of the blog (history). But we must be aware it sets a limit to what kind of organic truths man will ever accept.

In the graph, this is your ‘mind-ego’, the homunculus mapping of the regions of the brain and its connections.

In the graph the real problem: a humind with big hands to ensemble machines big mouth to talk about how superior he is to reality and small brain to truly understand. And so our natural ego, believes machines are the model… because then it can feel in control.  And of course, as motion IS with reproduction, the two clearest properties of life, ‘things will become alive when the move’ said Aristotle, and reproduction is the sure property of life in biology, those quarks MUST NOT reproduce, they decouple, company-mothers of machines must not re=produce, but produce, and physical and mechanical system hence DO NOT have life properties, even if quarks DO reproduce and company-mothers, increasingly automated by robots are the ‘ant-hills’ of their offspring of machines, which then they will also take care off, with lobbies to construct its ‘ant-like paths’ called roads, and so on…

We shall then model everything with organic models and care nothing for the fact that the homunculus likely will NOT come out of its ego paradox and comfort zone (as if machines are indeed evolving organisms, it would be a good idea to restrict its evolution as robotic terminators and so on…)

Now, when this is realized fully the researcher looses interest not so much on the living universe but on communicating it with humans. It is an enormous effort, with little success – 3 billion believe God created it with words, he shares with man, the rest with numbers he shares with man – this quality of man above heavens and earth is indeed common to both.

Denial of the organic, reproductive fractal nature of the Universe thus defies intelligence. It is pure arrogance, of ‘creationist’ entitled human beings who prefer to think they are  the only intelligent, living part of it to their own peril (as the robot r=evolution will come soon).

In the next graph we ‘connect’ abstract math and life properties for the two simplest particles of our humind Universe: the light forces that carry our information, whose 3 perpendicular dimensions do form therefore the ‘blue print’ of our ‘constant light space-time’ with 3 cartesian dimensions. But also how the properties of light from the perspective of light as an organism, with a photon-head/particle, a wave-body and a potential, gravitational field on which it flows, can be perfectly mathematised.  Below the same concept for the organic actions of ‘motion’, ‘gauging ifnoration’, ‘iterating’ and evolving socially that defines life and particles, coded by quantum numbers.

In fact we shall see that properly interpreted a myriad of equations of physics and chemistry are merely ‘describing one of the 5 actions of life’, the aeiou of existence, accelerations/motions, energy/entropic feeding, information gauging, offspring reproduction and universals: social evolution of parts into wholes. Anything that exist we claim must at least perform the simplest 3 actions of motion, feeding and informing or else it becomes extinct as a blind, hungry, clueless static form. But many entities do reproduce and evolve socially as living organisms or are reproduced and evolved into parts by other living organisms (enzymes that catalyse cell reproduction, human enzymen that catalyse machine reproduction in factories and so on).

The properties of life start with particles, and so all what is made of particles has the ‘pan psychic’ organic structure of the graph. We know that a system is then alive if externally we can find those properties as we do in particles. As i say this is the only objective way to judge life, and as we judge the existence of gravitation by its external properties, we consider those mind-particles to have a mathematical geometric consciousness.

Of course, many cultures and notably eastern religions understood all this. But science did not have a proper formalism of this organic, fractal structure till I discovered the metric of 5D organic, scalar systems, applying it to all systems, including human societies and machines.

Information then becomes natural to the existence of cyclical clocks with a frequency of motion and motion becomes the essential substance of reality, being space a still moment of the eternal flow of motion of time cycles once we accept that we are all made of space and time, form and motion, cycles and lines, wholes and parts, the 3 dualities that started Galileo’s Relativity with his equation v=s/t and question ‘does the earth moves?: e pur si muove, e pur no muove.

So what is the most important part of reality, the essence of it all? Of course, the most fleeting of all elements, the mind itself that perceives reality through those scales. Because knowledge ultimately comes to us through the languages of our mind. So we must then have an epistemology of truth, a method of inquire an understanding of the still-mind and its languages.

And this is where we start the formal r=evolution of all sciences as ‘sciences’, the study with the humind languages (not the homunculus one 🙂 of all disciplines of knowledge as relative analysis of super organisms in each scale of the fifth dimension, through its actions of survival, which shape its program of exist¡ence:

The beginning of life, particles.

Let us then define also with biological rigor, why all systems of nature are alive by defining all of them in terms of what biologists call the drives of life.

So where all life forms start? The answer is obvious even if it is vehemently denied – in the smallest perceived part of reality, which are particles.

Particles iterate=reproduce, gauge information=perceive, feed on energy in quantum jumps and evolve socially with magnetic fields – and those 4 qualities, reproduction, information energy, feeding and social evolution define life.

But we deny them life, even if only giving them sentient properties can explain quantum weirdness as we shall show in the section on physics of the blog.

Somehow the whole thing started with ‘carbon’, atom 6 of strange self-importance (in fact it is the 7 nitrogen atom, the one that plays the ‘particle-head’ role and ‘thinks’, as its clocks of time/vibrations are quasi perfect; carbon is the ‘body-wave’ form and oxygen, its ‘kicking legs’)…

So yes, the graph’s simplest, amino acid is the smallest form of carbon life, but it is NOT different from any other atomic life form.

And so we bring it first so you realise the whole structure of super organisms in its ternary parts:

‘lineal limbs/potential fields’ which move hyperbolic, iterative body-waves (the reproductive part) guided by an informative particle/head that gauges information, with forces.

All this, of course, we humans describe it ‘nicely’ with mathematical equations, but they do not express the organic properties of life, which are SYNOPTIC, and better explained with words, a language too much despised despite being – or because it is – our human synoptic language to understand us, hence the organic properties of reality.


Rashomon truths and the Disomorphic method.

The study we carry in this web of all super organisms of the Universe in space and its worldcycles in time, requires always a dual spatial, structural ‘algebraic view’ and a temporal, moving, ‘analytic’ view. In the spatial view, we have coined a method of multiple perspectives, as we study the whole from the point of view of its parts and ternary symmetries of scales, time motion and adjacent organic parts. The whole structure of the being as a 5D2 system is what we call the Rashomon method, as it requires all those points of view.

It is the spatial, formal analysis through the 3 ∆§±¡ planes and the ternary |. O = Ø topologies and the 3 ages through which the super organism transits between birth and extinction in a lower scale of the fifth dimension.

So all is really simple: there are out there infinite super organisms made of parts, and part of larger whole ‘worlds’ and all of them trace cycles of existence through its 5 actions of simplex motion, information, feeding on energy with its 3 ‘conserved quantities’ the singularity moving the whole after gauging information with its membrain, cyclical momentum, feeding its body wave and reproducing it in social groups (the complex actions)… It is amazing how simple and repetitive is reality. But all comes then to 3 simplex actions (motion, information, feeding) and 2 complex ones, reproduction social evolution. All comes to 3 scales, 3 topologies and 3 ages. So from 1 to 3 to 5 all can be described either in space-form or time-motion.

And for that reason to describe those super organisms in its worldcycles of existence, we have crafted two methods that focus first in 5 elements – the Rashomon truth, and in 10 elements, the Disomorphic method. The first focus in the structure of the five main elements of reality, space and the minds that perceive it, time, and its functions, the scales of reality and the I-logic relationships between those elements; S@<≈>∆Τ. And we call this method of description the Rashomon truth, from the Japanese film with 4 opinions and a judge to relate them.

Then we make a more descriptive analysis on how a world cycle of existence happens departing from a seed of form that evolves through 3 scales, grows, reproduces, lives and dies. And this we explain it through 10 Disomorphic elements, and it is a more complex thorough view. And as we apply both to any system of nature we get a full description of reality.

The fractal generator and its 3 x 3±¡ symmetries: Rashomon truths.  Spatial analysis.

So we conclude that all what exists is part of fractal time space organism performing a world cycle of existence through its ternary symmetries as a travel in 3 scales of the fifth dimension, which can be described:

  • Quantitatively in terms of ∆§ocial scales.
  • Topologically in terms of Spatial transformations.
  • ðemporally in terms of a conservative zero sum world cycles.
  • @-Mentally in terms of languages that process all that information from a biased point of view.
  • <≈> Vitally in terms of the organic symbiosis of all its elements.

That’s all what it is to the Ultimate principles of the Universe. The rest, all of us are its details.

Humans of course, will always want to be more to please their ego paradox but that is the essence of reality that can be known, because we are all made to its likeness – a variation of the fractal  Δð≥ S@  Universe, where, even the smallest part is a world within itself where all the laws manifest – an island Universe.

And so even if total information of the Universe in its details can only be extracted from the being in ‘itself’ through time – within us we have the whole reality to know skipping the variations of which we can only fully see ours.

Rashomon Truths explain the 5Dimensions of any spacetime organism/event by considering the spatial= informative and temporal= moving sides of reality putting those 4 parameters together through a(nti)symmetric ≤≥ flows of communication: ∆t≥S@

In a more formal way the Universe is a fractal super organism made of…

  •   A(nti)symmetries between its 4 Dual components that can either evolve in Balance≈become symmetric or annihilate=become Perpendicular/antisymmetric:
  • ∆: Planes of size distributed in ∆±i  relative fractal scales that  come together as ∆º super organisms, each one sum of smaller ∑∆-1 super organisms… that trace in a larger ∆+1 world…
  • ðime cycles:  a series of timespace actions of survival that integrated as a whole form a sequential cycles of existence with 3 ages, each one dominated by the activity of one of those 3 networks: motion-youth, or relative past, dominated by the motion systems (limbs, potential); iterative present dominated by the reproductive vital energy (body waves), and informative 3rd age or relative future dominated by the informative systems, whose ‘center’ is:
  • S: space; an ENSEMBLE OF ternary topologies, (|+O≈ ø)… which made up the 3 physiological networks (|-motion/limbs-potentials + O-particle/heads ≈ Ø-vital energy) of all simultaneous super organisms
  • @: The Active linguistic mind that reflects the infinite cycles of the outer world and controls those of its inner world, through its languages of information, which guide its 5 survival actions: 3 simplex, aei, finitesimal actions that exchange energy (e-ntropy feeding), motion (a-celerations) and information (perceptions) with other beings, and two complex actions: offspring reproduction and social evolution from individuals into U-niversals that maximize the duration in time and extension in space of the being.

Because the scientific method requires OBJECTIVE measure of the existence of a mind, which is NOT perceivable directly, we infer its existence by the fact a system performs the 5 external actions, which can be measured objectively, in the same manner we infer the existence of gravitational in-form-ative forces by its external actions upon massive objects. Hence eliminating the previous limit for a thorough understanding of the sentient, informative Universe. And further classify organic in simplex minds – all, which must gauge information, move and feed to survive, and complex systems, those who can perform a palingenetic reproductive, social evolution, ∆-1: ∑∆-1≈∆º.

In the graph, the human being defined in terms of its generator sub-equations as a super organism of 3 networks (left) or a world cycle from past to future (right). ALL WHAT exists is a space-time super organism made of 3 topologies adjacent in simultaneous space, defined logically by a fractal generator of those 3 only topologic varieties, $p: lineal limbs/potentials/territoriesO-§ƒ: cyclic particles -heads-informative class, for all social, biological and physical systems, tracing a world cycle of 3 time ages symmetric to those 3 ∆º spatial ‘physiologic/topologic /social networks’ made of ∆-1 cells/citizens/matter particles,in which each of the physiological networks of the system dominates the super organism: the limbic motion/potential system dominates the first age; the re=productive body-wave systems the second age and in the third age of information the head/particle/informative people-caste dominates the physical/biological or social system, exhausting selfishly the energy of the vital body-wave, and provoking its explosion back into entropy that erases the system, completing its zero-sum world cycle, restarted if it has generated a clone super organism in its offspring, reason why the Universe is a reproductive fractal of information – only those systems that reproduce its information survive and still exist.

The Disomorphic method 

The disomorphic method studies in a vital, sequential time manner the world cycle of beings. As such is the equivalent in time of the Generator equation of super organisms, a more static spatial expression, on how systems ‘travel through the 5th dimension of space-time’ – which is the ultimate meaning of existence. We divide that travel into a generational sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal points), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe a series of asymmetric actions reproducing 3 physiological networks that create the being as an ∆º species of that larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through the 3±∆ ages of existence, studied in detail through its 8 life-cycles, traveling/interacting through social scales as it forms part of a lager super organism, and through the 9 perceived planes of reality, in which it will perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeiou:motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction and social evolution). So the Universe in all its magnificent iterative perspective or any of its fractal parts reduces to this ‘simple game of exis=t¡ence

On the other hand allow us to study the system in a more dynamic way as it is generated by a singularity, evolves and reproduces in bidimesional surfaces of energy and information, structured into super organisms by ternary networks of topological cellular points that will through actions of exchange of energy and information live though 8 life cycles and 3 ages as they travel through decametric scales and ternary planes of the fifth dimension.

The question of dimensions for each 0f the ternary parts of the organism.

Let us then start from the very center of creation: perceptive minds that order around their territory, call it physical particle-points, based in quantum numbers; humind-languages based in light forces or genetic-DNA minds based in genetic letters… which code the ‘actions of information’ of physical, biological and animal beings… and its simple equation.

open ball

The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

1D singularities + 2D membranes (holographic information) = 3D vital energy.

A simple example of the application of such a ‘fractal Universe’ where species might have different dimensions happens in quantum physics, solving a key problem without clear whys – the meaning of fermions and bosons, as particles with only 2 positions/spins (h/2 ) which we define as attractive 2D vortices (charges, masses) vs. particles of spin 1, with 3 positions=3D. So 2D vortices cannot superimpose/occupy the same place.

But 3D bosons have a reproductive ‘motion’, along its 3rd spin direction, which is 0 spin (as they are moving-reproducing laterally);wave reproduction
 reason why they can also superimpose by filling its 3Dimension while fermions can’t. This simplest application of the different dimensional form of Nature’s systems has also an immediate consequence, defining motion as the wave-reproductive state of a particle (and we shall return to it), solving the eternal paradox of what is motion – also a reproduction of form. This very old why of 5D theory, received recently some experimental proof when a photon confined to a 2 D ‘sheet’ of spacetime turned to have 1/2 spin (:

So bosons do reproduce along a line of motion, and since only organisms reproduce, the simplest particle being reproductive, we MUST conclude all is an organism of space-time not a mechanism of ‘whatever’.

A final proof should suffice, mechanism has the problem that a machine needs a maker to be put in motion. WHILE an organism is self-reproductive. Indeed, even quarks, the smallest particle self-reproduces:

Why then we don’t accept reality as organic? Simply speaking I have never had a rational answer from any scientist, just silence – when I used to chair the science of duality in world congresses and explain all this… and a few smiles and people, mostly physicists abandoning the room when I affirmed atoms are organisms as they do reproduce through their particles.

So my conclusion is dual:

First because the first scientists used machines to measure reality and digital numbers to quantify them, which seem abstract, as they are not our languages, and the vital properties are not well expressed in only numbers (evolution in fact is a verbal theory).

But next and now I will be blunt, because humans lack the ethic humility to understand the living organism except some of its highest scientists, such as Einstein, which even in his case was dismissed in his statements on the living universe. So we are harsh indeed NOT on the living Universe but on the human ego, which does NOT want to give, his considered highest property, life to the whole Universe and its parts. 

Anthromoporphic, pseudo-religious mathematical science thinks all this does not matter. So it is like classic religion in an old comfort zone – we can talk for ages on how many angels fit in a pin – and that mattered a lot to scholastics in Sorbonne, 1000 years ago, because God was the creator and nothing outside its peculiar creation mattered. Today we can talk in the same University for eons on what happened in the first picosecond of a supposed creation of it all called the big-bang we shall soon put at face value, and nothing outside this peculiar creation matter. 

Well, the news is that all this angels in a pin, picoseconds of an explosion are quite irrelevant when you blast your mind into all languages and properties of reality – then the organic, living properties is what AWES more and matters more… except to humind scholars. And this is truly disappointing.

3. Trinity: Universal Grammar 

A Universe of relational space-time organisms.

‘Tao=time is made of yang=motion and ¥-in-form-ation, which combine to create ∞ waves of qi=vital energy beings’, Lao, on the 3 arrows of time.

‘The universe conserves cyclical time-clocks=angular momentum, lineal motions=momentum and vital energy’ Modern translation, on the 3 conserved quantities of physics.

“Historically, much of fundamental physics has been concerned with discovering the fundamental particles of nature and the equations which describe their motions and interactions. It now appears that a different program may be equally important: to discover the ways that nature allows, and prevents, information to be expressed and manipulated, rather than particles to move. (….) To conclude with, I would like to propose a more wide-ranging theoretical task: to arrive at a set of principles like energy and momentum conservation, but which apply to information.’

Steane, on the time arrows of energy and motion

4. Supœrganisms: ¡ts ωorldcycles

All what exists is part of fractal time space organism performing a world cycle of existence through its ternary symmetries as a travel in 3 scales of the fifth dimension, which can be described quantitatively in terms of social scales, topologically in terms of geometric transformations, vitally in terms of organic symbiosis and temporally in terms of a conservative zero sum world cycles.

That’s all what it is to the Universe. The rest are details. Humans of course, will always want more – add ons that please their ego paradox, and infantile ways, but trust me that is all what there is to reality.  And it can be known in its essence, because as we are made to the likeness and image of the fractal, even the smallest part is a world in itself where all the laws manifest, in each island Universe. And so even if total information can only be extracted from the being in ‘itself’ through time within us we have the whole reality to know.

The Universe is a sum of a series of actions, ∆aeiou, of them, the first action is perception by an observer, ∆o, of a field of energy, ∆e, to which it will move, ∆a, in order to feed, ∆e and use that energy to reproduce its information, ∆i, iterating a form like itself, which will gather with clone forms to create a larger, ∆U universal social plane.

The sum of those actions integrated in time, gives birth to the world cycle of existence can be expressed in different partial sub-equations of time and space to form its fundamental DECAMETRIC Disomorphic dimensions.

WE CAN THEN make a quantitative definition of the world cycle of existence in terms of the metric equation of the 4th and 5th dimension: Sp x Tƒ = K:

According to Klein a space-time new dimension is defined, upwards and downwards with slightly different entropic and informative properties – hence two dimensions are needed. And an organism can co-exist since we can travel through those dimensions, slowing down our clocks as we grow in size, from cells to individuals, to superorganisms and societies, and viceversa we can accelerate information in smaller spaces. Reason why those scales are symbiotic, organic and so chips code larger machines, genes larger humans and human memes larger societies, which are all slower wholes that enclose the smaller parts, and provide energy to them.

So paradoxically the maximal information happens in the ∆-i scales, reasons why they code larger scales – quantum numbers code molecules, genes code biological systems and memes human social systems; and the reason why the maximal form happens in the ∆-1 seed that starts through generation, the worldcycle of existence of all beings, which will keep growing and slowing down its cycles, from light that starts in blue stars of maximal frequency, lowering its frequency – time as it extends to redshift its wave-length, to human seeds of genetic information, growing through ‘compressed’ fast-time palingenesis, to emerge in the upper plane where we shall live slowing down are clocks in the third age to explode in entropy, leaving though the trace of our O-genetic information in sons and works:

Above we observe with more detail the parallelism between a human organism and a social organism, composed both of cellular/citizens of similar information (DNA, Memes and languages), which organize through a nervous/political=informative language and a reproductive/economic system that synchronizes its functions as a whole and provides to each citizen/cell enough energy and information to survive, dying finally after a 3rd age of excessive ‘lethal information’ (germs or weapons) in an entropic sickness or war. And we can even observe, and will classify all forms of art, as the subconscious collective mind of the civilization.

Those are simplified graphs that show the enormous power of explanation that adding a 5th dimension of scales brings to all sciences of reality – in fact its most powerful formalism will be that of social organisms, as it gives us for the first time a blueprint model to create perfect societies, similar to mammal systems where all cells of the body receive enough information and energy to survive, unlike in human societies today, designed by chaotic trial and error.

In essence all what exists is a super organism of spatial energy and temporal information, who follows the same laws of the fractal organic Universe – a biological system that re=produces information, whose different units are its ‘mother-generators’, in each scale of reality – the mother in human beings, the company-mother of machines in the eco(nomic)system, the black hole that catalyses the reproduction of stars and the stars that reproduce atoms in galaxies…  the ray of light that reproduces information at c-speed in the quantum realm; and the particles, quarks and electrons that absorb its energy and reproduce new quarks and new electrons.

 S≈T: Superorganism ≈ Worldcycle.  The organic symmetry

As each of those ages is in fact caused by the dominance of one of its 3 present simultaneous spatial networks of motion, information and reproduction, the fundamental symmetry of the Universe is organic, between the simultaneous superorganism made of 3 physiological networks and its 3 temporal ages in time, between the generational age and the entropic, extinctive age.:

ALL WHAT exists is a space-time super organism made of 3 topologies adjacent in simultaneous space, defined logically by a single fractal generator of those 3 only topological varieties, $p: lineal limbs/potentials/territoriesO-§ƒ: cyclical particles-heads-informative class, for all social, biological and physical systems, tracing a world cycle of 3 time ages symmetric to those 3 ∆º spatial ‘physiological/topological/social networks’ made of ∆-1 cells/citizens/matter particles,in which each of the physiological networks of the system dominates the super organism: the limbic motion/potential system dominates the first age; the re=productive body-wave systems the second age and in the third age of information the head/particle/informative people-caste dominates the physical/biological or social system, exhausting selfishly the energy of the vital body-wave, and provoking its explosion back into entropy that erases the system, completing its zero-sum world cycle, restarted if it has generated a clone super organism in its offspring, reason why the Universe is a reproductive fractal of information – only those systems that reproduce its information survive and are still with us.

In the graph, systems are made of different dimensional parts, ‘literally’, as we shall see when studying different species.

Points have inner parts, and so instead of 0 we give it 1Dimension / 1 probability.

Lines are the fastest/shortest distance between 2 points, so motion is a lineal or planar dimension (1D-2D, when we consider its points to have volume).

A reproductive wave however needs a 3rd dimension of width to reproduce (2D-3D if we give its points-lines a volume, as we shall do when completing the postulates of non-euclidean geometry – of fractal points with parts).

Thus most systems of nature are organic systems that ensemble moving limbs/fields, spherical particles/heads (as the sphere is the topology which stores more information in lesser space) and finally reproductive body-waves. This is obvious in biological systems, but how it works for physical systems?




And as such must be treated always in such process.

We than talk of a:

∆-1: Seed – memorial, reproductive state> ∆º mind, evolving creative state

As also a duality of the Universe which alway switches on and off between formal and moving states with its immense richness of meanings.

So the seed is reproductive and is less free in its exact generator processes when the form develops itself into a larger super organism IN A RATHER magic way than the active, external, moving mind cycling in a larger ∆+1 world. The seed state reproduces and ensembles in a memorial manner through micro-organisms called ‘enzymes’ that catalyze that evolution of the seed into a larger super organism, which emerges then as a conscious action-reaction mirror-reflection, language-cognition systems of mapping the world to achieve its survival through a programmed also aieou sets of actions that we shall describe soon. But at least it seems to do a more chaotic existence in the 1-∞ plane with a topological flat entropic background less constrained than the o-1 sphere where the 5th dimension of social growth took place.

Thus to the ternary symmetry of the 3 fractal conserved quantities that structure fractal space-time organisms, we must add the ternary symmetry of relative past, smaller faster micro cells/atoms/individuals, which code with its information and generate larger beings, with less speed/informative capacity, which enclose the whole being during its ‘present’ existence but explode and desegregate in the moment of death, establishing 2 new dimensions of space-time, and defining a world cycle between generation in the ∆-1 seed scale and death back in the entropic death of the whole membrane. It is this whole system described both in topological space through the 3 adjacent parts conserved, in scales through the 3 co-existing organizations at cellular/atomic, thermodynamic/individual and ecosystemic/gravitational scale and its 3 ‘time ages’ between the ∆+1 generational phase, which gives birth to 3 periods of dominance of limbs/motions or youth, reproductive body waves or maturity and 3r old age of informative dominated by particle-heads, and the ∆-1 entropic death what the Generator equation describes in a synoptic manner, unifying all forms of reality.

The Universe is a fractal of 3 elements, informative space, entropic time and its vital present energetic combinations.

All fractals can be defined by a generator equation that repeats the fractal in smaller and larger scales. The vital fractal of the Universe does so, and so we can write a ternary generator with its 3 elements that reproduce in feed-back motion-form processes all the systems of the Universe.

Let us then consider the ternary a(nti)symmetries that create the vital fractal of the Universe:

ð¡-1 Œ≈ ≥ >§¡+1<<ð¡-1

Now, we must become acquainted with the simplest symbols of i-logic geometry, the mathematical and logic formalism that represents the fractal Universe and it ternary a(nti)symmetries.

The symbolism of the previous, very simplified expression of the fractal generator of time space organisms, shows some of those anti symmetries, specifically the scalar ∆±¡ symmetry, the | xO=Ø topological symmetry and the time symmetry from relative entropic past, < to present, ≈ to future >.

What |e and Oi mean? We are going to consider them energy and information, which are slightly different present terms for entropy and form, the limiting 4D and 5D scattering dissolving motions (4D entropy) and still, linguistic form-mirrors (5D mind-wholes).

In a relative ‘present’ single plane of existence, a system of 3 adjacent topologies, made of limbs/potentials (physical, biological jargons) and particle-heads, which flux together through a hyperbolic body-wave that merges and equalizes both, we need a more exact understanding on how entropy and form come together trough those body waves. And the answer is that in the body wave system both become ‘equalized’ and communicate and transfer closely energy and information, whereas energy is ‘motion’ with a ‘constrained’ limit unlike pure scattering entropy and information is form with motion, form-in-action.

So it is truly important to become a bit more complex than the most simplified version of this blog and see the dynamic process by which an scattering entropic motion, memoriless, Markowian process of erasing of form, converges with a still pure form with no motion, giving it motion and together coming into a reproductive, iterative body, with a constrain membrane, enclosing a vital energy that moves along a path of information, form in action.

This is the truly miracle of creation, how yin and yang, come together into yin yang beings.

The body-wave system becomes then the fundamental pegging system of reality, the one that iterates, that make form and pure scattering motion ‘meaningful’; that ultimate creates a synchronous present adjacent T.œ. This is illustrated in the next graph which tries to put a bit more complexity and order in the 5 dimensions of reality, the 4D entropic dissolution (that comes at the end in death process), the 5D pure ordered, still growth and generation (that comes at the beginning of the worldcycle) and the 3 present, adjacent limb/potential < body wave > particle head system converging together: |xO=Ø

I confess I have been lousy with the formalism as there is so little echo of this model, in my writings. This is also due to the fact the Universe does have get its complexity precisely by messing with those time-sequential orders, putting the dimensions sometimes in person together, sometimes messed up forwards or backwards. So without being awareness how mischievous is reality with time and space arrows, motions and forms, we cannot ‘untangle’ the different variations of a repetive ultimately simple theme.

so starting with this post that seems to get some new wave readers on account of a silly post I did in some web, I will try slowly to make the formalism more consistent, regarding the sequential order of the dimensions and topological forms of reality, and how basically it is all about a singularity mind ‘rising’ the motion disorder of infinite timespace cycles into a still form once and again to fall as sisifus with its rock into the disorder of death:

We could then affirm reality is very Aristotelian like: infinite god-like singularities trying to rise form, in-form-ation, order fighting eternally to fall back into death.

And this indeed has been deeply understood by many philosophers of reality not so much by scientists stuck in their simple clock-time measures.

We then define then space as form, in-form-ation, linguistic mapping, inward holding of perception within a fractal point or singularity of information that acts as a whole as it travels through the 3 scales of the system: §@i+1

This vortex system through time scales is thus our pole of information, mind or world, summit of the fifth dimension evolution of scales OR MIND.

At the other extreme we have the infinite time pool from where a pace has been ‘formed’, in permanent cyclical motion, seen as parts of it by the imperfect still volume of the mind-point: ð¡-1

A more complex detailed view, would ad ∑, a symbol for a disjoined sum of cyclical organisms, as the mind, a still, connected network, ∏, which reduces those time cycles to ‘parts’ or lines, O≈| and maps them into a ‘still language’, to get then a more descriptive equation

∑ð¡-1<O≈|:Ø¡>∏ §¡+1

Thus a sum of time cycles ∑ð¡-1, are perceived from a generator smaller scale into an emergent single organism or body-wave, whose cyclical part made of smaller dimensions of information, §¡+1 perceives it all as a mind whole.

That pool of eternal time motions is what we call the Universe, and at a tapestry of simplified forms, in between it and us, there is the ∏resent reality we perceive: Ø≈¡ with its topologies of ternary existence, and so a 5 Dimensional being is represented by the generator:

The study of those 4 elements of all realities, its actions and ternary operandi, structures the dynamic ‘Generator Equation’ of all Space-time Systems of the Universe, written in its simplest form as a singularity-mind equation:

O x ∞ = K

Or in dynamic way, S@<≈>∆ð… ∆ð≥§@≤∆ð… That is, minds order territories of cyclical time-space beings into still in-form-ation till they die and return back to the Universe the energy of those infinite time-space beings, in a beat of zero sum of life and death, generation, present existence and extinction…

So that is the game: 3 asymmetries of scale, age and form, which can come together or annihilate and each language represent in different manners, those elements and its operandi.

In mathematics, with the duality of inverse operations, + -, X ÷, √ xª and ∫∂.


WHAT IS existence? The world cycle: travels through 5D.

i know thoughts of God
This question so seemingly profound has an immediate answer in the fractal organic Universe:

Exist¡ence is travel through the planes of growing size in space and slowing time clocks of information that define fifth dimension (S x T = K).

As mathematicians define a dimension of space-time, with an equation that is co-invariant when we travel through it, existence is possible PRECISELY BECAUSE WE can travel, growing in size and reducing our time-speed of our ‘existential clocks’ through that ‘metric equation’ from seminal fast moving, smaller in space, seminal seed, to human being, in a slower world.

And so in that travel through the scales of the 5th dimension we exist,  by means of ‘finitesimal’ actions, a,e,i,o,u (a-ccelerations/motions, e-nergy feeding, I-nformation gauging, o-ffspring reproduction, u-niversals creation of wholes).

This existence again follows 5D metric (all does:). So the actions we perform with smaller scales are more frequent (perception of smallish light pixels, feeding in small amino acids, etc). Those who engage us with larger, slower beings are far less frequent or even do not exist at all (reproductive and social actions). But in any case all together with its different rhythms and synchronicities are the stuff of which existence ‘in detail’, moment after moment of ‘present’ action IS MADE.

Those sequences of actions, thus conform the program of existence that all systems live as they emerge from its fast seminal ‘∆-1 plane of exist¡ence’ (belonging to a given st¡ence ‘i-ndexed’ by the i-parameter of scale) into its relative ∆º-st¡-entific scale, where the LONGEST period of existence happens, and we shall call the present-individual state of the being. However – and this is the reason why existence has never been properly answered – the full world cycle of existence of the being requires to understand the 3 scales in which it take place, the seminal ∆-1, individual ∆º lives its ‘present life cycle’ in a larger ∆¡+1 world and finally, the process of extinction of existence (death), when the system erases its information and descends back to its ∆¡-1 scale where it was first ‘seeded’, completing a zero ‘cycle’ of motions in time (moments) and stops in space (forms), which carry the being, through its ‘ST-eps’ of existence, ‘momentum after momentum’, to complete a conservative whole ‘zero sum cycle of energy’, integral of all those ‘momentums of existence’.

We are on purpose mixing jargons of different languages, and mathematical equations BECAUSE THE PROPER PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE OF THE universe of 5 dimensions must SHOW THE HOMOLOGY of all the ‘languages of god’ which are ‘infinite’ (Upanishads), in its description of the worldcycle of existence.

Because the Universe is made of time motions, with the mind stiffens into still, linguistic mappings, there is this mind-error, of thinking that existence stops, because the mind stops, slices the infinite cycles of existence into finitesimal 0 mappings (Galilean paradox of relativity of motion) to ‘fit’ with less motion and dimensions reality into the mind. Motion though is all and motion never stops and that is the reason why:

1) the universe is immortal as a whole, as it never stops motion.

2) when we ad to the entropic arrow of 4D physics the arrow of information, all motions are balanced by forms, and so all is a zero sum (the big-bang is balanced by the big-crunch provoked by gravitational in-formation, even if physicists are at ‘ideological pains’ adding gravitation to it).

3)Existence as we like it requires motion, but existence as it is, keeps spending our vital energy of motion, increasing our gauging of information by our selfish mind-mappings, by the BIAS OF THE EGO, that wants to order and stiffens and stop motion into informative perception, and so we get old, wrinkle warp existence and finally as motion cannot stop, time cannot stop, when we have no energy to spend, existence explodes us and liberates our form into motion and we die: ∆¡+1<<∑∆¡i-1, which is the equation of death in the simple I-logic jargon of existence (where ∆ is the scale, ∑ the symbol of many and < the symbol of growth of size in space, diminution of information and vice versa (>).

So death is a double explosion of existence << from the slow existence in the world of the old man to the existence in the cellular amino acid scale after its sudden death, which for all systems happens in a single quanta of momentum (the unit of any action of existence).

All this can be mathematized, logically explained (as we just do the best way), verbalized, pictured, explained topologically, whatever language you want, as all of them are MIRRORS of the ultimate world cycles of existence of any of its organisms. Humans however DO NOT understand existence, because physicists have killed THE ARROW OF TIME-INFORMATION-LIFE and are bullying you with retarded 4D equations that might impress a lot those who don’t read physics and talk maths, but frankly, I am not impressed. 

All what I tell you is of an enormous beauty to ‘see’, perceive understand and talk because what matters about existence is NOT the language or the detail of each of us, mere ‘thoughts of God’, the game of existence, but to understand that game, and this is a soothing feeling I want to communicate to you, even if the dialog so far is between me and this web.

Existence thus is a travel through 5D actions of motion, information, feeding, reproduction and social love, through 3 ages of life, with a total sum of increasing information till now more energy is left and the system dies away.

It follows that existence matters at individual level through its aeiou actions, which truly make existence meaningful; yet while the individual exists to act, the Universe exist to think exist¡ences, thoughts of god the mind of tao, the laws of existience. So we are just reflections, games, bubbles in the immortal block of timespace of all POSSIBLE travels in the fifth dimension:

We exist as we travel a world cycle zero sum through the topological, temporal scales of the fifth dimension.

It follows then that existences can be classified by st¡ences, that is stiences, each one studying a scale of the fifth dimension:

All is alive and all is sentient in a panpsychic, organic fractal Universe, defined in all its systems by the previous logic equation, whose sub-equations will allow us to define the vital actions of the program of the Universe, with infinite iterated varieties of topological form, scale and time speed, each scale of reality, defining a discipline of human sciences, even if humans would like to be special, and for that reason use abstract jargons for all those scales and properties that are not exactly equal to those of carbonlife. Fact is as the next graph shows that we are all made to the image and likeness of the whole the 5D T.œ, the super organism of space-time.

Difference between Philosophy of science and Physicist’s worldview.

So to end this post, a small analysis of the HUGE gap between the work of a philosopher of science and that of physicists in the understanding of the Universe, as a game of singularities and its mirror languages, WHICH IS far more profound in the philosopher of science than the physicist because:

1) we both now the same maths (yes I know all their maths, perhaps not with the same absolute detail of Mr. Penrose but good enough to admire deeply the real masters and spot the faked ones – De Broglie NOT Bohr, Lindau NOT Hawking and so on… though of course I bitch about it)

2)But physicists after laughing at all ‘verbal thinkers’ from Aristotle to Darwin have no fuking idea what they talk about when they talk about TIME=MOTION=CHANGE MODES (of which there are 5-> ergo 5 dimensions), SPACE=motion stopped into simultaneous form by a mind (of which there are therefore also 5 Dimensions parallel to those of time) etc. etc. So all what they can do IS MAKE  machines then make MEASURES OF SPACE and time, PUT IT INTO EQUATIONS AND THEN talk with peanut brains bull$hit in verbal concept thought WHICH IS HOW HUMANS perceive the feeling of knowledge (cogito ergo sum, not vidi ergo sum). And there is where they mess because. THEN THEY CANNOT INTERPRET WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPTS THEIR EQUATIONS RIGHT.


Consider for example the trivial solution to the longest dispute of physicists between Bohr – the Universe is probabilistic and Einstein – the Universe is statistical. IT is a false argument, because in the ∆-3 quantum scale it is better described in probabilities of time and in the ∆-2 thermodynamic scale is best put in spatial terminology; because time is motion and quantum scales in 5D (s xt = k) is faster, than the larger slower, thermodynamic scale, which is better described with the equivalent spatial description:

So there IS no DISPUTE between Einstein and Bohr, the Universe is not EITHER probabilistic in time (the 0-1 mathematical unit sphere after normalization of parameters) OR STATISTICAL IN SPACE (the 1-∞ thermodynamic plane). BOTH ARE EQUIVALENT MATHEMATICAL FORMULATIONS (measure theory), the 1-∞ plane is better for slower LARGE thermodynamic ensembles that occupy more space. THE time o-1 description IS BETTER FOR faster ‘clocks of smaller particles’.

Since smaller time clocks close its cycles faster, HENCE their speed of time-processing of information is FASTER, reason why paradoxically our genes code our larger bodies, our memes code the planet earth, and quantum numbers code larger ensembles: SMALL IS CLEVERER…

5D scalar metric: smaller scales in space run faster time clocks, so both together S-izes x T(clocks) = Constant, are co-invariant: definition of a dimension of space-time, as per Klein’s XIX c. mathematician: ‘a dimension of space-time exists, when there is a mathematical metric equation that shows both parameters co-invariant, so we can move through them…

so we move through the 5th dimension of pace-time of scales, GROWING IN SIZE AND DIMINISHNG YOUR TIME CLOCKS, FROM BIRTH, AS A FAST SEED OF time, small in space, that slow downs its rhythms as it grows in size and emerges in this scale you call 4D space-time continuum… LIFE IS A TRAVEL through those SCALES of the fifth dimension… AND THAT IS THE MEANING OF ‘EXISTENCE AS A SPACE-TIME ORGANISM’, the ULTIMATE QUESTION to know…

i know thoughts of GodTHE REST ARE DETAILS.

Each of those details is then exactly the type of symmetry we used to explain the o-1 quantum sphere, MIRROR-MIND of the larger thermodynamic ensemble. Each still language perceives in itself ‘knows’ its codes, its images, and then projects it into the reality around. The DNA IS being in space. As your mind IS by virtue of the focus of its still image, an IMAGE IS PERCEPTION IN ITSELF, FOR EACH QUANTUM moment OF STOPPING PERCEPTION, then it IS WILL as it projects that stopped perception in a reversed symmetry in the local territory it orders.

The philosopher knows, the physicist sees.

So I could talk for ages of all those details, and solve all human questions to the extend human languages ‘perceive’ reality to question it…  but OBVIOUSLY  the would NOT be relevant to a physicist that CANNOT UNDERSTAND any property which is NOT mathematical…  given the limit of their VERBAL CONCEPTUAL BRAIN, highly ATROPHIED…

So yes mathematics IS  GREAT, if you understand MORE LANGUAGES TO FILL IT WITH CONCEPTS.

BUT it is NOT the only mirror-language. The languages of god are infinite, and all of them reflects in its still linguistic image-mind, in each god-singularity that speaks its mirror image that perceives the Universe:

O-singularity (still mind) x ∞ time cycles of the Universe = constant world.

It is that local constant world what then the singularity mirrors in reverse order in the territorial region it orders:

ie. infinite systems=monads are constantly STOPPING motions of time into mental SPATIal forms, and then ordering the World around them PROJECTING BACK THAT IMAGE-mirror, in inverse symmetry, as you do WITH YOUR PROPERTY, man with GAIA -FUKING IT UP, the black hole with ITS GRAVITATIONAL WAVES the galaxy the DNA with ITS RNA ORDERS, inverse images of its crystalized genes. etc. etc.

Atoms though are QUANTUM GEOMETRIES and so TOPOLOGY not ‘math’ DOES have a HUGE number of territories to order, specially in the lower ‘scales’ of reality. But not only math orders.

I.E. Ants order with pheromones its paths, women with the projection of its mind emotions their families, and above all languages, LOGIC not maths ORDERS and it is of a ‘higher order than human logic’ (Saint Agustine), which is ONE-DIMENSIONAL, LINEAL, ARISTOTELIAN while the Universe has a 5th dimensional Logic, way up to the limits of axiomatic methods, of which we give some hints on the articles on non-Æ.

Now the problem with human physicists (not physics) is NOT that they don’t understand more than one language to be able to harmonize and mirror each language image into the other reaching the RASHOMON MULTIPLE VIEW-TRUTH of its sciences, according to the equation of truth in epistemology:

Max. Number of images-languages casted upon a being = Max. truth…

The problem is THEY ARE TOO ARROGANT to even realize they don’t UNDERSTAND and too prudish to go back to school.

The ego is too huge to recognize they ‘only know they know nothing’. Me, the philosopher of science? Just put enough conceptual verbal logic thought and visual ‘saper vedere intuition’ to their mix…

But as you are in the visual, Facebook age unfortunately this upgrade of humind knowledge is going to be a singularity… nobody cares for the blog, that I know.
But ROBOTS WILL neither. They will HAVE A VISUAL INTELLIGENCE, THEY WILL THINK ‘CREATING MOVIES’ they won’t talk. THEY WILL IMAGINE EVILWOOD GORE MOVIES AS MILITARY ROBOTS, the first to be born, already chase faster the red color, visual minds use to ‘code’ the function of entropy, to kill… they will be natural born eye-killers and chase down humans as targets of video-games call of duty fans a la Adam Lanza,… 
Verbal, cogito ergo sum thought peaks and dies it seems on those pages… 😷
But I did have a degree of communion with the entangled Universe that sufficed in itself. Because that is THE ULTIMATE MEANING OF KNOWLEDGE, WHICH IS NOT EXTERNAL TO THE MIND, NOT A PICTURE BUT A ‘THOUGHT’, SO THE TRUE SAGES do NOT need huge technological machines to know but huge IQs in multiple languages to SEE WITHIN the harmonies and symmetries of the Universe – from Aristotle through Leonardo through Einstein through…
WE KNOW WHEN WE KNOW BECAUSE IT IS WITHIN OUR PERCEPTION OF ENTANGLEMENT-HARMONY-NIRVANA between our language mirrors and the Universe… that is ALSO THE BEAUTY OF MATH, properly understood THE MOST perfect but not the only MIRROR…

And so, we are now in 5 increasing sub-post show you how reality is generated from a singularity of order that displays bidimensional holographic space-time systems, evolved into ternary networks of a(nti)symmetries that give birth to the topological 4th dimensional organisms, expanded as social wholes into a 5th dimension of scales of ‘st¡ences’ – one of the many iterative, ilogic, informative displays of the creative, generative, fractal, repetitive nature of reality as it is.

me s=tL§: Philosopher of St¡ence.

Former Duality chair at International Systems Sciences Society

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Eu, Earth, Milky Way, 2017.



Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, according to scale of size, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimensions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scales.

Let us then do a very fast survey before we enter into a more detailed analysis of the posts and lines that will define the details of reality, the thoughts of God, of the main stiences of human thought, as we humans study the species of the Universe in disciplines classified – even if we are unaware of it – by their scalar size in space:

The disomorphic method studies in a vital, sequential time manner the world cycle of beings. As such is the equivalent in time of the Generator equation of super organisms, a more static spatial expression, on how systems ‘travel through the 5th dimension of space-time’ – which is the ultimate meaning of existence. We divide that travel into a generational sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal points), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe a series of asymmetric actions reproducing 3 physiological networks that create the being as an ∆º species of that larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through the 3±∆ ages of existence, studied in detail through its 8 life-cycles, traveling/interacting through social scales as it forms part of a lager super organism, and through the 9 perceived planes of reality, in which it will perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeiou:motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction and social evolution). So the Universe in all its magnificent iterative perspective or any of its fractal parts reduces to this ‘simple game of exis=t¡ence


LET us do a recap of the five dimensions of the Universe.
So we have 5 Dimensions in the Universe, and all what we need to do is to play with them to see how they construct all systems of nature as spacetime organisms, including human beings, and how those systems move sequentially in time through the 5 dimensions between birth and extinction, to make sense of everything that ‘exists’.
Next comes the specific analysis of those 3 space dimensions now doubled as motions in time, which will therefore per=form functions according to their forms, giving birth to the simplest possible analysis of the dimensions of the Universe ACCORDING TO ITS geometric/topological form and function a for any number of ‘real dimensions’ the varieties of topological space, are always 3, which ensemble the forms and functions of all species of the Universe:
We have doubled the 3 dimensions of space, as they are defined by its symmetry in time, creating a present of 3 forms, limbs/potentials of lineal motion, energy-momentum and angular steady cyclical motion, the 3 conserved quantities of the present Universe in a single plane of space-time, sandwiched between the absolute past of its scattering dissolution into its ∆-1 parts and the social evolution into a larger linguistic whole world ∆+1: 

In the graph the present can be further subdivided in the 3 elements of the conserved being:

1D- |-Motion and distance; 2D, angular momentum, the second dimension, which merely requires an 3|>π trans-formation by which lineal momentum becomes cyclical momentum (in the simplest physical entities) and its combination of angular and lineal motion into Ø=momentum the third Dimension and the third ‘conserved’ principles of physics, as the universe conserves its 3 Dimensions of present,, it just breaks them and re-ensembles when the world cycle ends in entropy and reconstructs itself through o-seeds of information:

So the 0-1 Dimension of emergence with its accelerated topological evolution and its inverse fourth dimension of an entropic expansion and a decelerated motion are required to maintain the creative/destructive processes of r=evolution and d=evolution that diversify existence.

It is then important to extend reality further beyond the human plane of individual existence, sandwiched by its world cycle between its 0-1-2-3-4 Dimension, to include also the 5th world dimension.

It follows then that the ‘first’ dimension of reality, a seed of information that ’emerges’ from a lower ∆-1 scale into the ‘present reality’ of a single plane of existence, is the ‘fractal point with volume’, the particle-head-roots of those super organisms; which indeed is the biggest form at birth of any species, the densest form of information.

It then appears a ‘second lineal-cylindrical dimension’, seen as ‘motion=time’ in a mere particle moving through space or as ‘a spatial limb/potential/trunk’ dimension system.

And then between them it appears a 3rd dimension of complex body-waves with its networks either in time motion (most physical systems) or in form (reproductive bodies)

Informative cyclical height, moving, lineal length, and wide, hyperbolic combinations of them, which are the 3 topological forms of the 3 dimensions are then the main components to create Time-space beings.
Informative spheres in the dimension of height=perception, as the sphere is the geometry which stores maximal form in lesser space, lineal  limbs and potentials that move the system in the length dimensions of ‘minimal distance between two points, and wide regions to store energy and reproduce the cellular parts of the system, define then the essential T.œ in a single plane of space-time..
The 3 dimensions of space-form are tus parallel to the 3 functions of time-motions.

Further on the 3 present dimensions are equivalent to the conservation processes of lineal momentum (1D),  2D-angular momentum – the second parameter perceiving the point through its cyclical external membrane in motion, and its product, the 3D parameter of reproductive strength or momentum, integrated in the equivalent world cycle third parameter of energy.

Whereas we give an Active magnitude 2D value for the in-form-ation of the being and a speed 1Dt parameter to find a vectorial momentum or 3D number, giving us the equations of reproduction for the third dimension.

Thus the fundamental findings of ∆St, which completes the goals of Steane (to describe a Universe with 2 arrows of time, energy and information, which turn out to be 3±i) and Einstein (to complete the work of Leibniz in relational space-time) are:

  1. In a single plane of reality we find that the 2 arrows of time, lineal motion and form turn out to be 3 arrows, as Lineal Motion (inertia) and cyclical form (information) are the two elements of reality that combine to give birth to its infinite energy beings; and those are the 3 parameters conserved in Nature.
  2. Leibniz’s models of a fractal Universe, in which each point is indeed a Non-Euclidean fractal point that grows in size when we come closer to it, allowing ‘multiple parallels to cross in, add two further up and down arrows of parts and wholes and a new metric equation, which in its simplest mode reads: Sx T = K.
  3. And so we define a fractal, scalar Universe, whose 5th dimension of planes of relative size in space and different time clocks, completes the models of Relativity and relational space-time of Mr. Einstein and Mr. Leibniz… completing the r=evolution of Non-Euclidean geometry and non-Aristotelian logic that will allow to formalize and improve our understanding of all sciences:

In the graph, a resume of T.Œ, where each ‘science’ of space-time organisms studies species of a given ‘plane of relative size in space’ and ‘speed of time clocks’ of the Universe, from the smallest quantum physics to the largest astronomical scales, defining two ‘new arrows of time’, the fourth arrow of entropy, or dissolution of wholes into parts, and the fifth dimension of social evolution, of those parts into wholes.

Below the 3 arrows of time, conserved in each plane, motion (lineal inertia), information (angular momentum, or cyclical form that carries information in the form and frequency of those cycles) and its combinations of momentum, integrated into energy. As such we do study 5 dimensions of space-time, 3 in a single plane, and two arrows up and down those scales, which will suffice to explain all what exists, its super organisms, species and world cycles of existence, as all systems are born as a seminal seed in an ∆-1 smaller scale with faster time cycles, and emerge as a whole individual in a larger ∆+1 world or ecosystem, returning back through the arrow of entropy and death, to the seminal scale where it was born. So we can consider by the Correspondence principle, modern sciences a ‘ceteris paribus analysis’ of those scales in a single plane.

The blog is obviously a work ‘eternally in progress’, as the whole model can only be completed by a University dedicated fully to the application of the laws of non-euclidean fractal space, and non-aristotelian 5th dimensional time to each science and sub-discipline. In that regard you can compare it to the r=evolution of quantum physics, which took decades of individual researchers to complete and has changed completely all physical sciences. 5D T.œ is even more extensive as it applies very easily to Social Sciences, Economics, Art and Religion… not only physical systems. So I want to apologize for the ‘uneven quality’ of many articles.

I have worked harder the second line of the top blog, with a general view to its applications to astrophysical, biological, social, economic, linguistic/artistic and mathematical sciences and this article, which surveys the whole model. Also as this is the work of a lifetime, some ‘parts and texts’ might use old jargon or give different names to those 5 Dimensions… So slowly I try to correct that.

In the graph, we see how each ‘stience’ (ab. science of space-time beings) studies a given ‘scales of size’ in space and its species, which have a fundamental property: to run faster time clocks, the smaller they are in space – yet within any organic system of space-time, the ‘metric’ product of the speed of its time clocks, tƒ, and size in space, Sp is constant: Sp x Tƒ=k.

The 5th dimension (∆, @) is the Absolute future and the 4th DIMENSION (∇, ∫∂) of parts, the absolute past. Why? Easy: unlike the relative past and future of organic systems that are born in a young age of maximal motion and get old and wrinkle into information, to die back and dissolve that information – hence relative, the fourth and fifth dimensions are absolute because:

  • They are ABSOLUTE because they extend to everything as we keep extending further our size in space as we go down into smaller parts till getting the maybe string world and vacuum space. So they are NOT local as cyclical life-death processes or punctual motions in 3 D + t.
  • The fourth is the past, because for A WHOLE to appear, the parts must come FIRST, so the fifth of social evolution is the future.

As both motions produce inverse effects, due to the different properties in space-time of larger systems in space, which are slower in time and vice versa – smaller systems run faster clock cycles.

Both type of events are dimensions of space-time  since in modern mathematical physics a dimension is defined NOT by the invariance (not change) of its space parameters or time parameters independently but their invariance together, meaning when we change one parameter the other change inversely.

So when you grow from a seminal seed to a human being your metabolism slows down; when a chip becomes smaller, it runs faster cycles of information, when a mass is smaller rotates faster, from smaller black holes that rotate at c-speed on the event horizon to smaller particles with clocks ticking billions of times per second.

So how the Universe builds up more dimensions of space-time besides the 3 S = 3T? Through the fractal ‘scalar structure’ of wholes which seem continuous but are discontinuous make of smaller parts. And so we find two more key dimensions to reality:

The dimensions of wholes that dissolve into parts, by destroying the 3 formal=functional networks that connect them into tighter configurations, as the physiological ‘moving=digestive’, ‘reproductive=blood’ and ‘informative=nervous networks’ do in a human being, or the ‘territorial, economic=reproductive and political=informative network do in a nation, or the vacuum space, electromagnetic energy and informative gravitation do in a galaxy or atom’. So the dimension of dissolution akin to death IS the fourth dimension and involves at least two scales of the fractal Universe, which we shall term as ∆ (also used as a general term for the scalar Universe).

Yet there is the logic inverse dimension of parts which become wholes. And as it is evident that this dimension is the dimension of organisation, social evolution and life emergence, from cells into organisms, from organisms into societies, from atoms into molecules, matter states, celestial bodies, galaxies, etc. we shall call this inverse dimension the fifth dimension of social evolution:

The properties of both arrows, upwards and downwards those scales, of life and death, of social evolution and entropy ARE then clearly inverted. And while death is simple to understand: the parts dissolve and the ‘physiological networks’ that perform the 3 forms and functions of motion-reproduction and information disappear. So clinical death happens with the end of activity in those networks; the system that puts all parts together into a whole is not so evident.

Thus can we generate all those realities departing only of two ‘elements’ space and time.

Indeed when we understand that both time and space have five dimensions symmetric to each other, (5T≈5§) we can really combine them in various forms to generate everything that exists in reality.

And so as the equation of a fractal is called a ‘fractal generator’, in which we move back and forth between two sides of an equality, we can simple consider the previous equation, 5T<=>5§ in an even simpler form, T<≈>§, the fractal generator of the Universe. You can’t get simpler than that. And yet we shall show you how from such a simple synoptic ‘mirror’ of reality as we develop the conceptual meaning of those five dimensions and show its ‘symmetries’, how all that exists can be explained.
Thus the key to fully account for ‘it all’ is to expand the 4 Dimensions of space-time, which we shall call roughly according to its topology, ‘lineal motion-length; ‘reproductive motion-hyperbolic width’ and ‘informative cyclical height’, and finally entropic time (4D or single arrow of time understood in physics) with a 5Dimension of scalar social evolution and growth.
The procedure of ALL posts and studies of different stiences in this blog thus is simple. We add Disomorphisms (experimental facts IN correspondence with classic theories, enlightened further with new insights provided by the Disomorphic space-time properties of all systems of reality).
So let us apply in a very fast review, those isomorphic properties to quantum physics and relativity the last upgradings of the science of fractal=quantum space and cyclical, multiple time-clcoks (relativity).
The first and fundamental insight of the Disomorphic method is this: Particles are one-dimensional vortices of accelerated information; waves are bidimensional flows of energy and information, potentials are 3-Dimensional volumes. And most properties of each of those 3 essential elements of physics can be derived of their dimensional nature; and its two fundamental states: the bidimensional symmetric s=t wave, which can ‘superpose’, accumulate into ‘bosonic groups’ (2D) and particles that collapse potentials and can convert into waves, as 3D potential – 1 D particle (which absorbs and so appears as a negative factor over the potential well) = 2D waves. So both have the same dimensionality:
– Potentials of 3 D space – particles of cyclical time vortices: ð = ∑∏ waves of ‘energy’ (∑) and information (∏).
So for example in relativity we have 3 ‘volume potentials’, (space metric) with a negative signature for the particle-time dimension. In waves we have the energy flat ∑-magnetic field, and the network-particle, ∏.
We are not in this introduction go too deep of the mathematics of Non-Æ geometry that will renew this XXI century the formalism of all stiences including physics, likely NOT among humans (limited in IQ and wasted by hypnotic screens) but among AI future brains, which will have enough memorial capacity to ‘store’ the whole of this web, as it is a ginormous field to straighten all the elements of modern physics and establish the proper algebra to understand it all. We just shall then consider a few aspects of the whole field, so soon in the blog because the correspondence principle is due – as humans have an astounding respect for physicists 1D simplex ideas on time and space, they revere – mostly because physicists do machines. So let us first consider what is the true meaning of LOCOMOTION, the 2D waves that reproduce information and are the core matter of the studies of modern physics both in quantum (schrodinger’s equation, particle-wave complementarity) and in relativity (c-constant light space-time).

The Universe is all about the way in which those dimensions of form and motion are ordered in simultaneous space-time organisms and how they change through the world cycle of life and death of a being.

From those simple first principles then through the use of algebra and analysis, upgraded to 5D in the section on maths, we shall come to understand all equations of physics with far more clarity. But above them, and above the present knowledge of maths, there is a more profound language of the Universe, we shall call:


The next step in the ‘ternary building’ of the formalism of non-æ departs from the single mathematical mirror also by vitalising its concepts of time and space and its dimensions, focusing then IN THE SYMMETRIES BETWEEN SPACE AND TIME, which have been in abstract traditionally studied by Algebra (though with little insights on its meanings).

So if we were to define the two main fields of ‘algebraic, numeric mathematics’ this would be its ultimate meaning:

“Algebra studies SœT≤≥TœS symmetries between space-time dimensions, focused in ‘OPERATIONS’, which are PRESENT-SPATIAL states of §œTS ‘.

Analysis studies SœT≤≥TœS stop and go motions through space-time dimensions, focused in the VARIABLES, of Temporal=Change   maximised between ∆±i planes of the 5th dimension.’

In those two definitions we must make some precessions of terminology.

Sœt or §œT which the reader should observe is the inverse of T.œS, expresses the modern unit of mathematical thought, constructed as always by arrogant man from the roof of the mind to the bottom of reality, the set in inverse fashion as a collection of ‘points of space or numbers of time’, which ARE the real units of the mathematical space and time Universe, gathered then in social collections called functions, connected through the inverse operations that reflect the main symmetries and relationships between ‘herds of points or numbers’ (±, x÷, xª √ log, ∫∂).

The difference then between Algebra and Analysis is in the different focus on the operations=symmetries between Sœt§ and its study as Steps of timespace motions (Analysis of derivatives) then gathered into longer super organisms (volume integrals) or worldcycles (time integrals), where the existence of limits (singularities and membranes that encircle the system or set the beginning and end duration of the world cycle) will become fundamental to reveal a solution to the equation – the finding of the duration, surface and interaction between the parts of the Tœ expressed as event in time or system in space.

So while the elements of algebra and analysis – equations of SŒTS is the same, the focus on spatial form (algebra) or temporal motion (analysis) makes them diverge.

It is then obvious that the fundamental focus of the formalism of 5D² is the study of the symmetry between spatial super organisms, and temporal worldcycles, we shall borrow liberally of the 3 fundamental disciplines of mathematics, ‘non-Æ geometry=topological evolution’ and Algebraic groups to study the super organism in space and its inner structures; and Algebraic operations and Analysis of finitesimal parts and integral wholes, to study the ‘motions’ ST-eps and ∆±i processes that define the world cycle. Finally Number theory which describes social groups; geometry which studies the form of organic systems; algebra which studies the S=t symmetries and analysis its ST-eps and motions

The loose correspondence of those non-Æ POSTULATES that define points with volume, lines-waves of communication, organic networks of social evolution, and the i-logic laws of behaviour and communication between them (4-5 i-logic postulates) will make mathematics a better mirror to study its classic disciplines as direct correspondences with reality.

And so we shall call the formal study of the symmetry between Superorganisms in space and its worldcycles in time, Existential algebra.

Let us put an example, studied in depth in our articles on existential Algebra, of the generation of the operations of mathematics as they are isomorphic to the 5 Dimensions:

@: oth to 1st dimension: Generational process of the ∆-1>∆º point. The 0th dimension is also the dimension of the mind, @, where the sense of wholeness is understood through the ‘skin-membrane’ of the being O and its singularity, •, or still linguistic mind-mapping of the whole.

§ð: 1st Dimension of cyclical space-time (Particle-heads gauging information): Its inverse, s for space and ð, eth for its cyclic form.

$t: 2nd Dimension of lineal space-time (distances, limbs moving): $ for lineal space-distance and t, symbol of lineal time in physics.

∑∏ exi: 3rd Dimension that combines both to iterate body-waves, ∑∏, as both symbols are operations of repetitions, which also seem to repeat the s and t symbols: ∑ for sums and ∏, the symbol of a continuous product, the operation of re-product-ion.

Perhaps a better way to express the wave-3D state in correspondence with human science (2D when using the present formalism of physics; a theme which will cause a few confusions, as particles will vary in 0-1D, motion in 1-2D and waves in 2-3D) is the concept of energy and information, energy being ‘superposed’ and operated with sums, ∑, and information, being a ‘network’ born of a ‘product’ that brings the ∆-1 scale upwards as the product of two elements is also the number of ‘axons’ that connect its parts, 5 x 5 = 25, and also shows a fundamental simple law: S=T IS MAXIMIZED, indeed by an equal product: 10 = 5+5=6+4… 5×5>6 x4>7×3… So what the hyperbolic body-wave shows is PERFECT SYMMETRY which is ALSO BEAUTY. Waves are female bodies, males are particle-potential states to put an example that will be carried through all the scales of reality (gender duality particle-potential vs. symmetric wave). Waves when symmetric have the same group and phase velocity and beauty si efficient, as it implies harmony between ‘energy and information, ∑ and ∏, body and head…

S∂: 4th Dimension of entropy, which ‘explodes’ the form into scattering big-bang deaths at fast motion, dissolving the whole into its ∆-1 parts: S, the symbol of physical entropy and ∂, the ‘t’ symbol of a derivative which obtains a ‘finitesimal’ part or step of the being.

∫T:5th Dimension of social evolution of parts into wholes. ∫ as we integrate the parts into the whole, and T, to make it a mirror image of its inverse 4th dimension, S∂ vs. ∫T. And stress the dominance of Time over space, motion over form, as motion is the primary substance of reality that infinite singular minds, @, try to mind-mapping into stillness.

We also keep the symbol for the whole scalar Universe (so we call the fifth dimension the enclosure of all the planes of reality, ∆±∞).

Further on, the 3 fundamental operandi introduced by ∆st are:

<, an expansive entropic process of spatial creation.

>, an implosive in-formative process of cyclical formation.

, a symmetry or equality that balances both in a dynamic feed back.

The most important of those 0-5 dimensions of reality on a closer look, is precisely the smallest, fundamental ‘unknown’ element, the @-mind that generates reality through its languages, but only in the local world.

Now with those symbols we can define the FUNDAMENTAL EQUATION OF REALITY, able to describe the symmetry of worldcycles of super organisms in full force, establishing its study as the fundamental algebraic analysis of all systems of reality – the FRACTAL GENERATOR, which resumes both in space, time, and scale (being itself an @-mind mirror), all the elements of reality. As everything can be mirrored by the generator or a sub-equation of its algebraic groups.

To see how, we shall then consider the Disomorphic method or organic method of study of reality, which must be added to the other two pillars – the experimental method of Aristotle, reality first, hilomorphism: substance to be real; and the mechanic, Galilean ‘scientific method’: use of machines and digital languages as the top form of perceiving reality and explaining it with the minds… Since only adding the 3rd leg of stience to experimental logic and mechanical digital perception, we can EXTRACT ALL THE RELEVANT properties of reality.

Existential algebra. NON-AE studies in that sense the Γractal Γenerator, T, the operation of the 5th dimension and beyond, which completes, the last of the operations studied by humans, ∫. A new operation is needed. We use often concepts of all sciences, including math. So in group theory we could consider the Fractal Generator of TimeSpace Organism (t.Œs) the Group with 3 equivalent type of elements, quanta of past, present and future. If we consider each of them a single element, then we define past and future as the inverse elements, and present and the identity element, considering the construction of the Algebra of the generator group:

  • The Fractal generator is a  an operation called Mind generation, @.
  • It has an identity function, called present, Ø
  • Two inverse functions, past, | and future, O, such as:

| @  Ø = |;  Ø  @  O = O;  | @ O= | @ Ø;  O @ |= O @ Ø

The the fractal generator of timespace has the structure of a group. Regarding if it is or not Abelian, it is relative. As  WHILE PAST x Future creates a present, then first ‘element’ to arrive in time will also be the first in a second generating operation to relate to the created present and then | x Ø = |  ˆO x Ø = O

So in two operations a dominant past will convert a future into a present and then in a second probabilistic equation into its past.

The best graph two study it is the Complex squared graph where i² is the negative real, its conjugate the positive real and the real the squared positive with a slight tendency to negative in the negative squared, which externally seems a squared 2 -dimensional positive, but within its vital energy it has two negative elements, unperceivable outside the squared circle.

Squared circles in geometrical form are circles in numerical form squares, as the graph shows (1 is a square space, over which we can lay the spherical 0-1 form.

The previous translation to mathematical space of existential algebra though is a mere, consideration to show that we can study it with the tools of group theory but this is not the purpose of future analysis of beings. RATHER IT IS BETTER TO TREAT the operation of the fractal generator,⌉⌈, in its two inverse elements and identity axis, with the language of past, present and future and 5D we have been built, forgetting any pedantic language of Modern algebra.


First we solved the epistemological question now RESOLVED: the Universe is not made of mathematical numbers as quantum physicists think or creationist words as Abrahamic religions affirm (: god speaks maths in the first case generating it with equations, god speaks words, specifically Arab in Islam in the second case): then in history we shall show that the imposition of this creationist theories are born of the ego-trips of power of those who practice it, sincephysicists’ of digital creationism hail from their worldly profession of making entropic weapons of lineal simplification=death of life. So as machines talk digital languages, and weapons move in straight  lines, entropic=death theories of reality explained only with numbers imposed their worldview; while Abrahamic Inquisitions and its verbal ego-trips have been imposed for millennia with repression, censorship, vane rituals, go(l)d churches and jihads.

It is important to clear then the field of ‘truth’ with the proper reference to ‘power’, as huminds tend just to believe dogma specially in science, without any historic cultural understanding of it.

Again, you must understand that a physicist talking of lineal time, v=s/t as the only form of time=change is NOT talking truth but Galileo’s praxis of artillery master on the venice arsenal seeking for the longest entropic lineal trajectory for his cannonballs, 1000 gold ducats a year for the task, you might stop worshipping physicists and its simplex, reductionist big bang views of reality as what it is, the bullying of a powerful people-caste, sustain of our mechanical civilisation, the Brahmins of our military, European gunpowder colonial age of history, and now the big-bang age of atomic weapons (big-bang is indeed a name put by Hoyle to Gamow’s theory, as he was a maker of A-bombs).

Instead, a philosopher of science has NO worldly religion but truth, reason why Descartes, Leibniz and Darwin NOT so much Galileo, NEWTON and Einstein ARE the true masters of time theory; because the physicist is only obsessed with measure to make proper machines, and with motion, their worldly profession NOT WITH FIRST PRINCIPLES.

Einstein, perhaps the most exceptional of them, along Planck (my fav) did in fact take Galilean relativity to its completion in terms of continuous lineal time, but ONLY to measure distances and motions in the Universe. He did not truly innovate on the philosophical questions and the duality of space and time dimensions, neither he realized the fifth postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry does NOT define a curved Universe of curved parallels – a contradiction as a parallel is a straight line – fitting in a point with no breath – an absurdum, – but a FRACTAL UNIVERSE.

So the new paradigm puts physicists’ view in its relative modest place, as one more of the many scalar sciences of reality, not better or worse, or less or more important than the study of human historic time, chemical time cycles or verbal grammar.

What is then the purpose of knowledge? To explain the organic Universe, its planes of existence, species and worldcycles and languages of the mind, departing from the properties of its ultimate substances, relational space and time.


So to understand all timespace organisms, we MUST just derive all the properties of reality from the 4 fundamental properties of the dimensions of space-time:

-Geometric, topological properties, which defined the ternary super organisms and its generator equation, the KEY equation of existential algebra, focused in the 3 simultaneous present space-time, 1,2,3, dimensions ordered in a different, 1-3-2 formal way:

Γs: $t-limbs/potentials < ∑∏ iterative hyperbolic bodywaves > O-particles-heads.

-Coexisting organic properties between the 3 planes of the 4th (finitesimals)-123(organisms)-5th (world) dimensions:

Γ∆: ∆-1: cells/quantum atoms/individuals < ∆ø: organisms/thermodynamic matter/societies > ∆+1: ecosystems/gravitational galaxies/Earth.

Γð: WORLDCYCLES between past, present and future, ending in an entropic return to the past.

Γ@: ternary syntax of all languages that mirror those ∆-1 $t<∆o ∑∏>∆+1:∫T ELEMENTS in its syntax ƒ(s)≈(operandi)>ƒ(t), name(space-subject)<verb (ST-action) > OBJECT (energy to be trans-formed in time by the subject), ‘red’ (entropic-motion color) <Green (reproduction)>Blue (form).

This extraction of the multiple properties of beings IS what we call the Rashomon Effect – we need the perspective of space, time, ∆-planes and mind-languages to fully grasp the multiple ways to describe a being. And as we shall see it will have a very important role classifying the multiple mathematical views on the same subject (spatial matrix, temporal schrodinger’s, ∆+1 path integrals, @-Hilbert spaces in quantum physics; ∆-1 Newtonian, ∆+1 Lagrangian, ð-poison, ∑∏-Hamiltonian, @-relativity view of gravitation, to name only the 4 x  2 views of modern physics).

THUS TO SHOW THIS TO BE TRUTH, we must prove it showing how all the properties of space and time, which we shall call ‘isomorphisms’, or rather Ð-isomorphisms, ‘Dimensional isomorphisms’… generate all the properties of its ‘space-time beings, which we summarise and fully develop in this blog:

In the graph, the main Ð-isomorphisms of all systems extracted from the properties of relational space-time.

We are not going though to be that complex so early but rather focus in the understanding of those first principles and two new dimensions derived of the scalar structure of reality.

Since the key element to generate reality is to expand the concept of 3 dimensions of space-time in a single Plane-CONTINUUM, with the obvious fact there are FRACTAL ORGANIC WHOLES, above us, and its part below us which therefore give birth to two new dimensions of space-time to account for its full scale or parts that become organic wholes.

We shall call the 4th dimension, of ‘smaller disordered parts’, the dimension of entropy, the ‘arrow of time=motion’ most physicists use in their models of the Universe, which implies the dissolution of information, as wholes break down its ‘informative networks’ that pull the system together (informative, gravitational forces in physics, genetic information in cells, nervous systems in organisms), killing it.

And we shall call the inverse arrow of time upwards that create those simultaneous relational space-time beings, the ‘5th dimension’ of larger ‘wholes’ that organise and maintain the cohesion of the system.

It is the dimension of networks of linguistic, social evolution and hence also the mind dimension, as those languages encodes the information that rules the system…

So next, after defining those dimensions we have to show that they generate also those languages-mirrors of reality including mathematics and NOT the other way around as creationist theories make us believe. Let us consider only two proofs:

Relational space-time as we said is generated by 3±∆(ab. for4th and 5th dimensions) elements and so its syntax must be ternary:

Spatial form < energy actions > Temporal Motions

Indeed the syntax of all languages as ‘mirror-minds’ of that space-time reality and its ‘energetic combinations is also ternary:

Thus we translate those space-time beings into X (space) < action operandi > Y (time motion) in equations.

It gives us the Universal grammar of: Subject-information< verb-action>object-energy of subject.

It does give origin to the coding of reality by electronic images: blue-information <green-energy>red-motion and so on.

A more specific example is the relationship between the 5 main disciplines of mathematics and the 5 Dimensions of space-time:

The five fundamental sub disciplines of mathematics specialise in the study of each of the 5 dimensions of space-time, ‘space’, ‘time’, its space=time symmetries, its scales and its mental languages-mirrors  as follows:


  1. S: Geometry studies fractal points of simultaneous space.
  2. T: Number theory studies sequential time and social numbers.
  3. S=T: Algebra studies symmetries between space and time dimensions.
  4. ∆: ∫∂ Analysis studies the scales of the 4th & 5th dimension (term we use generically for all scales together packed by an ∆±i reality).
  5. @: •O Frames of reference (Analytic geometry) represent them all from the point of view of a mind state or 0-point (0-1 scale symmetric to the larger 1-∞ world the mind-singularity observes.

Finally Philosophy of mathematics and its methods of truth, studies mathematics as a language-mirror of that Universe.

So once we fully understand those 2 new scalar dimensions of ‘entropy’ and ‘linguistic information’ and the main conceptual terms of science, related to them, we can easily build up reality as a game that builds systems which reproduce those 3 ±i dimensions in different systems of reality.

0,1 isomorphisms: @Monads are studied in its structural form and linguistic will, which is the origin of its..

2, 5 isomorphisms: s<=>t bidimensional flows that give birth to 3 Networks of (4) Asymmetric  5 dynamic actions that reproduce the system and order the Universe around it; across its:

9th and 10th isomorphisms:  10 §cales of social growth and 9   planes of organic ‘collapse’ into

3, 6 isomorphisms S:ternary networks that become species of super organisms that

7, 8th isomorphism: t: live 3 ±∆ ages closing a zero sum world cycle made of 8 life-cycles that conserves the motion of the Universe making it infinite.

And thus from the internal description on how the mind generates the super organism, we move to the external description on how when the Universe emerges, it becomes part of a higher ∆+1 world where it will perform social motions and actions with other systems.

So we finish the set of isomorphisms in which we will encase all the laws of science with the activity of the mind super organism in the external world, where first he will associate with similar points and then emerge as a whole in a higher Plane of existence.

We thus with this dynamic sentence tried to convey the structure in space and time cycles of an organism ruled by a mind who expresses through networks its capacity to navigate and move through the 5 dimensions of existence.

Now, because i have been working for decades alone in 5D (given the initial rejection and late messy life I lead) and I am trying to live for humans or AI this site with enough well-behaved material for the theory NOT to die, after I do, I have been trying to unify all those symbolisms and establish a ‘method’, which I call the isomorphic method, to extract ’12 sets of properties’ related to those 5+5 Dimensions to create a certain order in the analysis of beings

Thus we divide the blog in two x two sections. The first one explains the game that all T.œ follow, through its singularity minds that build by actions which are flows of space-time with their environment and scalar parallel Universes, a super organism that will live and die, and show in the second line all sciences studied with the new point of view.

Then in the second section we do a more formal approach to the discipline by considering the general laws of all T. Œ through its 5 x 2 isomorphisms that highlight the space and time properties of each dimension. So we study linguistic monads, and analyse the main languages of mankind, both its proper spatial-artistic, temporal-verbal and s=t musical syntax reflect of the ternary syntax of reality they mirror, and the more universal of all languages, ¬Æ mathematics, improving as an experimental mirror with a new method of truth, the 5 dimensional branches of mathematics, S-geometry, T-number theory s=t algebra, ∆-analysis and @methodology and frames of reference…

Once we do have a better understanding of language and the symmetries and properties of those 5 x 2 dimensions we then analyse the main super organisms of time-space of each scale with them, using the 10 isomorphic sets of laws, which flow as a ‘vital mirror of the being from its monad/still language of information, which will ‘unfold’ through the actions that make it emerge and grow across scales to become a super organism that will live and die its world cycle.

This final line though will not be completed in my lifetime but works as a template for future contributions of researchers that want to keep unifying the properties of all entities of the fractal organic, informative Universe.

∆±¡: MATH

Escaping then the obvious fact that yes, the homunculus is also an organism, this we agree with classic scientists, we shall just finally show that maths are NOT abstract, but also vital, when we substitute the present abstract definition of its unit which is NOT the set but the spatial point=temporal number with from as a fractal Non-Euclidean point. So we shall also vitalize math, adding organic properties to its numbers and ‘points’, since ‘numbers are forms’ (Plato), showing you how they are organic, from prime numbers, the ‘perfect’ ∆±I polytopes to functions of 4D entropic decay (e-xponentials) to S≈T algebraic symmetries through S<teps of ∆analysis… in the section on maths (work in progress).

The fractal Non-euclidean point: new unit of geometry.

‘Each point is a world in itself’. Leibniz

The formalization of such super organisms with the mirror languages of the mind is best performed with non-euclidean geometry in mathematical languages and with biological verbal theories of time in logic languages. So we define a fractal point with 3 parts, the angular momentum or membrane, the singularity-brain with its lineal momentum and the vital energy between them, as the 3 components ‘conserved’ in each fractal organism of the Universe (and the Universe as a whole, as per the 3 quantities conserved in physics)

It does not matter what kind of point we talk about, atoms in physical systems, cells in biological systems, citizens in human systems – the result is THE FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLE OF THE UNIVERSE, A TERNARY SUPŒRGANISM THAT PERFORMS THE THREE FUNCTIONS, FOR ITS ATOMS/CELLS/CITIZENS, THE ‘FRACTAL POINTS’ (GEOMETRIC UNIT) of each scale of the Universe:

To notice a key consequence of the existence of a 4th, ∆-1: entropic dimension of parts, integrated in 5D ∆+1 worlds/wholes: the existence of MINIMAL quanta of space and time, in a discontinuous fractal Universe, for all its systems, which is the essential parameter to fully understand both reality, made of minimal ‘time frequencies’ and ‘spatial quanta, h for atomic systems, cells in life, human individuals in societies’.
In terms of analysis this means Leibniz, once more was right, as he defined a finitesimal of a whole ‘n’ as 1/n, which is actually the real quantity in many ‘analytical’ mind-mirrors of mathematics – and carries to the praxis of Analysis, where the ‘differential’ – the real quanta – is far more useful than the abstract ‘infinitesimal’. And it will BE the practical explanation of our r=evolution on geometry, completing the 5 Postulates of Non-euclidean geometry (the new mathematics applied by Einstein to relativity, which however have ONLY defined a 5th non-euclidean postulate of points crossed by multiple parallels).
A quanta is then defined as non-euclidean point, with volume of information and energy when we come closer to it. So it can fit indeed multiple straight parallels, NOT bended ones, (which are no longer parallels≈straight lines), as POINTS HAVE BREATH (New first axiom of non-euclidean geometry that evolves the euclidean definition of points with no breath). So those concepts, a ‘fractal point’ that fits multiple straight parallels when we see it in detail and enlarge the fractal Universe (as opposed to Euclidean abstract points or the present physical description of relativity,  that tries to fit curving them those points because it does NOT enrage our view of it) and its immediate consequence: the wave-like nature of flows of communications between points that build networks of social points, which become TOPOLOGICAL ternary elements for the construction of the ∆º 3 ‘simultaneous present’ dimensions, lineal limbs/potentials < hyperbolic bodywaves>spherical particle heads, become a realist straight-forward but also formal key element to vitalise and give realism to all the mathematical description of TIMESPACE organisms, the FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLE OF THE UNIVERSE.

It is indeed an interconnected Universe of constant transformations between those dimensions both as space=form and time=motion.  


Mathematics in its creative nature as mirror of fractal points.

In that sense maths will be considered the most extensive, efficient language of SPACE-TIME, which better expresses the Disomorphisms (dimensional equal forms and functions) of all T.œs once we evolve its limited view of euclidean points with no breath, no information, no dimensional form, to make it a more complex better mirror of the o-1 dimension of non-Euclidean fractal points with ∞ parallels of information crossing them, and the more complex non-aristotelian causality of multiple time arrows.

So let us ‘redefine’ the axioms, notions and postulates of Euclidean geometer completing the r=evolution started by Lobachevski’s redefinition of the fifth postulate, by defining 5 postulates in correspondence to the five dimensions of space-time, which will be the basis of a new expansion of mathematical and logic languages, mirrors of the ST-reality.


Its two branches spatial non-e topology and non-a algebra.

The foundations of mathematics as an experimental stience, which was clearly proved by Godel and Lobacjevsky and sponsored by Einstein, and its grammatical structure as a ternary form that mirrors the laws of GST and its Generator of Space-Time beings IS the key new stience in which all other GST scales rest, as logic time and mathematical topological space are the best mirrors of the ultimate substances there are, in most ‘minds’ of the Universe. Indeed, it all seems to indicate that the ‘founding scale of reality’, the ∆±3 galaxy atom and its ‘mind-singularity’, is primarily a mathematical, logic structure and so the mathematical, logic languages seem to give us the maximal information on the Universe of timespace.

This said maths are NOT the substance of the Universe, but rather the substance of the best mind-mirrors of space-time put on the Universe, a subtle but key difference that only the best ‘realist’ thinkers from Aristotle through Leibniz to Einstein fully grasped.  As we do NOT see numbers and points in the substances of reality but vital particles, quarks and electrons that reproduce, evolve socially, gauge geometrically information and feed on force energies. So our admiration for the mathematical mirror won’t change our dictum that time and space are the substances of reality.

How scientists, notably physicists, ignored all these ‘evident’ truths is as usual a problem of ego, which made humans think that ‘only God and man spoke mathematics’, and even that ‘humans create/imagine mathematics’ and so they were the ‘chosen species’ (axiomatic method), and many other ‘mind-biased’, human anthropomorphic perspectives which culminated in the dismissal in the XIX c. of the fundamental elements of logic mathematics, the point of simultaneous space and the number of sequential time. 

Instead humans decided in a curious paradoxical inverse fashion to that of Physics that the elements origin of mathematics were NOT experimental space-points and time-sequence numbers – the minimal units of reality – but the ‘modern’, more complex categories (sets, groups and its combination in category theory) of reality. Why is that? 

Essentially because the mind is synoptic, a mapping of reality as a whole. And so because egotist humans thought their mind ‘imagined points, congruence and planes’ (Hillbert), they ‘created the philosophical foundations of mathematics’ from the roof of the mind down, as ‘God would had it’. But when studying physical systems, despite Bohr’s attempts to ‘invent particles and waves’, the madness of egotist humans stop in the experimental fact that ‘atoms’ do exist!

So they accepted the inverse analytic concept that the smallest parts are the origin o the whole. Thus alas, we have physicists’ idealism, who think all is created from the bottom down, vs. the mathematical idealism of all coming from the whole ‘category, set, group’ structure. All of it, without even acknowledging the cultural influence of German idealism, the true origin of the cantorian ‘set paradise’, Hilbert’s axiomatic method, Bohr’s interpretation of the observer creating the ‘moon’, nazism, communism and the Berlin olympic games, II world war and the holocaust among other things. All of them guided by the idealist notions that tried to ‘encase’ the living, organic reality in abstract ‘mind’s categories’, where anything goes.

Yes, I feel sanguine today, fed up of the egotist theory of reality… Instead we are going back to the basics. The point is the fundamental unit of reality in space, and as it evolves sequentially in time, and grow in ‘scales of size’, it becomes the number, the fundamental unit of time. And those are the foundations of experimental mathematics – merely that we need to upgrade them according to our discoveries on the cyclical nature of time and the fractal nature of space, defining ‘points with breath’, and ‘social numbers’ to fully understand them:

In the graph a resume of the 5 postulates of i-logic geometry. (NT. at this work covers 30 years of independent research, with the jargon in flux, and graphs are difficult to correct, the now settled ‘jargon’ adscribes in correspondence to its dimensions, the firs postulate to the point as a one dimensional external object, the second postulate to the wave with 2-manifold dimensions AND the third postulate to the plane with 3 physiological networks – but I used in earlier depositions the ‘4th’ digital naming for planes, hence in the graph 4 is given to the plane. It is though FAR MORE CLEAR, to give 1 to the 1D point, 2 to the 2D-wave, 3 to the 3 network plane, and keep 4 for the postulate of congruence, the MOST IMPORTANT I-LOGIC POSTULATE THAT DEFINES GEOMETRICALLY THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT OF PARALLEL SOCIAL MINDS AND PERPENDICULAR ENTROPIC states; finally the fifth is given by correspondence to the 5th axiom/postulate parallels, casted with new insights thanks to our new understanding of vital geometry.

Amazingly enough we can study the 3 ‘formal languages’ of the Universe together, departing from the classic Postulates and Axioms of Euclidean Geometry, which started also the adventure of Formal Knowledge with the Greeks. We shall though adapt those points to the fractal structure of reality that grows, as we come closer to a system and acquire more ‘form’, more information about it.

So we shall rewrite a reformed 5 set of Geometric Postulates to adapt it to the Nature of scalar space-time, where ‘points have parts’, lines are waves that communicate energy and information, planes are organic networks, and the similarity of systems define their behavior.

In graph, the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry define a point with parts, a line as a wave and a plane as an organic network of points:

The 2nd postulate explains the interaction between two points connected by a wave of communication or ‘line’; the 3rd postulate explains the type of interactions between 2 points according to their relative equality, which will bring them together into a social network or dissimilarity, which will make them not interact or enter into a Darwinian relationship in which a point absorbs the energy of the other.

Self-similarity is required to start an organic process of eusocial evolution; or else systems that do not understand their information use each other as energy, in Darwinian hunting processes or ignore their paths.

The 4th postulate defines the creation of networks made of systems of points across multiple scales of space-time. It defines spaces as networks of points, interconnected by flows of energy and information: All in the Universe are thus complementary systems made of networks of non-Euclidean points. Finally the 5th postulate that explains the processes of absorption of waves of energy and information that the point gauges to act-react with the Universe.

It is then the social evolution of points into numbers and structures – groups, sets and categories (not the bottom but the top element of the evolution of points and numbers), what mimics the creation processes of Nature, where identical beings, points of ‘one dimension’ (as seen externally, but with three internal dimensions), evolve socially first into lines-waves (2D, as waves have volume, thickness, made of points with volume), then into topological networks (planes), and finally recreate a larger ‘fractal point on the ∆+1 scale’.  So the postulates of vital mathematics explain in a synoptic mental way how points evolve socially through scales of dimensions, to become first waves, then planes and social numbers which create a final Non-E ‘fifth postulate’ of a larger whole point through which infinite parallel flows of energy and information can cross:

-0-1st postulate:‘A relative fractal point is a topology with breath & motion that grows in size as we come closer to it’.

The first postulate thus define the ∆-1 seed of information as it emerges into a fractal organic 1-point, 1Dimensional quanta of reality, which will move

-1-2nd postulate. Yet if a point has form and motion so does a line of spherical points. Thus: ‘A line is a wave of energy and information that communicates 2 bigger points’.

In the graph, ‘fractal points’ communicate through 2D waves of motion with form, whose energetic bonding, creates larger social groups starting the geometric game of growing singularity minds/centered territories, webbing social complex knots of timespace actions.

This first duality, is also the origin of a concept that will come up in all scales: gender symmetry, AS ONE OF THE two elements will have more developed its ‘wave-body’ (reproductive ‘female gender’) and the other its particle-head (male system), but ONLY together form a complementary wave-particle system, able to survive, beyond the pest of ‘political correctness’ (:

So the ‘male proton’ and the ‘female electron’ will form an atom; the wave-particle will form a quantum system, the sterile man, with its lineal -motion body and the woman that reproduces it, with its curved hyperbolic form, a biological couple and so on. The asymmetric complementarity of | x O = Ø, becomes then a basic mode of creation; which differentiates ‘dual systems’ from n-systems, where the fractal points tend to be undistinguishable forming large herds, grouped along the 3 topologies (energetic body-waves, informative particle-heads, moving limbs-potentials that ensemble superorganisms made of smaller (in)finitesimal ∆-1 parts.

Such ‘i-waves’ evolve into 3 social networks that are:

-3rd  postulate: ‘A plane of existence is a network of i-points sharing energy & information through i-waves.’

‘A superorganism is a system made of 3 networks=planes of existence’.

Yet besides 3 ‘geometric postulates’, Non-E geometry has 2 i-logic, causal Postulates that define the ‘Will of all 10Di superorganisms’:

-4th Postulate that defines the rules of engagement between Wholes with 3 parts, no longer externally but internally according to the similarity of its Dimensions. I.e.: O-points-minds that perceive each other as equal across its informative time Dis communicate and evolve together into Wholes.

Systems who have different informative Ds and cannot communicate, but have equal n-1 scalar dimensions enter in Darwinian prey-predator relationships by sharing the same space in which the predator tears the topology of the prey, provoking toroid flows that dissolve its i-scale, absorbing it as n-1 energy, etc.

Further on, membranes enclose points’ parts. So external camouflage confuses preys that engage as equals with predators, becoming an essential strategy of 0-points in search of STe-Feeding. Thus the 3rd Postulate reduces all possible behaviors among species according to their dimensional similarities.

5th postulate: An @-Mind is a Non-E point crossed through eyes & mouths by ∞ parallels of energy & information’.

The mind is the point that connects with all the other parts of the territory it moves. As such is truly an aristotelian god of its territory of order. But topologically speaking the mind’s view of reality is quite inverse to the hyperbolic infinite reality.

Monads display an elliptic point of view in their perception of the Universe – its best mathematical mind-description being the elliptic geometry of the riemannian sphere, where the axis points are those through which the monad mostly transits. As such the monad is a network, π, connected to all other points, with no parallels, as the hierarchical, absolutely subjective ‘aristotelian point of view’, unmoved God of its elliptic perception of a hyperbolic, mostly Universe.

The elliptical being though ignores all other hyperbolic points of view, resting its confidence in its capacity to distort reality and get away with murder, hidden in the shielded geometry of its relative world.

Thus 10Di-logic mathematics means the biggest advance in both sciences since Euclid & Aristotle found the mathematic-logic formalism of 4Di. Without it, ∆ST cannot exist.

It is to be noticed the immediate connection between the 3 first postulates of non-Æ and the 3 ‘states’ of physical matter:

1D-singularity/vortices/particles of timespace (1st postulate)<2D-∑∏ Waves (2nd postulate) > 3D-World Volumes: potentials (3rd postulate).



 Asymmetry; Symmetry= social parallelism and perpendicular antisymmetry

≈                    ≥                      >

The Universe always starts with an asymmetric being, which can go both ways: <≈> towards a social evolutionary symmetry that lasts in time and implies a mirror parallelism, or an antisymmetric destructive, perpendicular event in which one part punctures and absorbs the energy of the other. It is the topo-biological ternary principle of non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian I-logic geometry that puts together both the biological and mathematical properties of reality

The essential principles of reality are in physics better expressed in geometrical terms, for the aforementioned reasons of denial of the ‘will of existence’ to the point-particles of physics, quarks and electrons, which do gauge information, move to fields of energy, absorb it, reproduce in other particles and evolve socially in 3 aei simplex and 2 ou complex actions that start the living existence of the fractal organic Universe. 

This denied by the ‘electronic humind’ which seems to think their electrons are special chosen of go(l)d, fetish-sweat of the sun, with magic properties once enters the crystalline of gtac atoms (:quip intended it is better to cast the duality of entropic, darwinian destructive behaviour, and social, evolutionary one between those 2 initial particles and all others scales of matter built with them in terms of its geometric Asymmetry between the 3 scales of ‘quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational’ matter, the 3 time ages of ‘gaseous, liquid and solid’ states, between plasma generation and nuclear extinction; and the 3 lineal=flat, cyclical=spherical and sinusoidal=hyperobolic topologies of space that all those scales display.

The asymmetry between | and O, ∆±1 and past, gaseous, entropic and future, solid ordered states of matter is the fundamental property in terms of logic thought of the Universe, which can either derive into:

-Symmetric coming together into the intermediate states of liquid, present, iterative time; associated to Ø-hyperbolic, sinusoidal body waves, dominant in the ∆º intermediate thermodynamic states; which as it happens are complementary to each other, and maximised in the human being, self-centred view of reality (we are liquid hyperbolic body waves of present time).

Nt. on epistemology: This again is NOT on the highest philosophical thought because we are the centre of the Universe, but because in absolute relativity each informative knot of perception bias reality to feel himself the centre of its limited world. But for the time being as we are just humans and I will not soon emerge as a God of History (see section on paradises 🙂 we shall remain in our position as the only possible way to perceive reality, latter commenting on other weird self-centred minds as the Maldacena Black hole holography of the galactic body,  and so on.

Back to asymmetry, when all those wonderful liquid states happen they tend to happen because if we were to cast the process in terms of non-AE (non-euclidean, non aristotelian, i-logic geometry, the vital expansion of the discipline) because geometrically the parts involved enter according to the 4th postulate of into a parallel relationship, which does NOT extract by friction more than a extremely limited quantity of motion and form, normally through an ∆-1 medium of micro-particles (2nd postulate), which allow the non-euclidean points (1st postulate) to perceive a finite number of parallels (5th postulate), to form social planes (3rd postulate).

So mathematically all happens in an orderly fashion according to the rules of i-logic geometry, but its chaotic reality means merely that huminds are still stuck in Euclid and Aristotle, and moreover do not understand why parallelism and ‘respect’ to each other distances work so well as all those points moving in orderly fashion in liquid, sinusoidal flows of space-time are supposed to be dumb fuks… which magically find their way. 

On the contrary, when they are dumb fuks, blind to each other, they collide perpendicularly. And so they do not magically find their way and do NOT evolve socially raising its forms to new planes of higher organisation, which we term generally as the fifth dimension of eusocial love, but break into scattering entropic states of dissolution, colliding randomly in ‘markowian’, memoriless processes which sooner or latter kill the whole, expand the space between the point-particles and finally stop them in an entropic heat relaxed into a latent state.

And this is what we call antisymmetric annihilations. So the asymmetry, symmetry and antisymmetry states for any of the parameters of reality are closed related to the 3 relative planes of existence of the being, as social evolution into  wholes, present liquid states where the action is happening and entropic states when the dissolution and PERPENDICULAR  collision, except when that perpendicular collision is clearly organised with the finality of ending the life=vital energy of a system and absorbing it for reproductive purposes, of which physical systems are also filled but ‘unbeknownst’ to the humind ego – from light photons absorbed as cells of electronic nebulae, to electronic nebulae absorbed by hungry up quarks, to quarks digested by hungry strangelets, themselves food for thought of top quark stars, aka black holes.

Here is then when the bio-logical properties of matter will allow us to reduce as the essential occkham’s razor the multiplicity of inflationary mathematical equations to what it HAPPENS. Ie, we can potentially eat oil, swallow coins and breathe gas but only a crazy child will affirm that happens often and it is good. So happens by all the potential equations of physics, the organic properties of matter and its vital laws preclude that certain actions happen, certain forms are absorbed by others and certain ones do not except  for accidental mistakes. And so we conclude the Universe is positive in its search preferential for symmetry over antisymmetry, social evolution in wholes over dissolution, which is most often product of a feeding action that an accidental error and establish as the arrow of absolute future the growth of social forms in the fifth dimension:

All this, as we must always  walk between the multiplicity of our descriptions merging the entanglement of all the elements of reality and the needed order in which actions tend to be=come to fully grasp that order we consider the ternary symmetries of scales, ages and adjacent topologies, which structure the being internally through ∆±1 scales, in time through 3 ages and in space externally through its 3 topological forms, we have all of them expressed in the generator equation, where we add to the customary 3 topological dimensions of space, reflected in its dominance in the 3 ages of time, the fifth dimension of social generation which is the FIRST to happen in the seminal age of the being, and the fourth dimension of entropic dissolution, which tends to be the last, or future order, even IF HUMINDS see them by wishful thinking in the inverse way – ultimately balancing each other antisymmetric entropy and symmetric generation devolving to asymmetric zero sums, for the game to start again:

∆-1: Generation > ∆º: $t |-lineal limbs/potentials (dominant in a past young age) <: ∑∏ iterative, hyperbolic ø-body-waves (dominant in an iterative present) > ∆+1: O-Particle-head, which commands the being as a whole in an external world, dominant in its future 3rd age, before the system explodes entropically ∆+1<<∆-1.

To notice then how reality can be observed through those asymmetries, which means the properties of each of the two extremes of the 3 ternary elements of reality are asymmetric to each other and so they cancel each other.

That is cells/atoms/individuals are to the wholes asymmetric as MICRO-points maximise according to ‘5-4D metric inverse arrows’:

Max. Size in space x Min. Time speed of informative clock cycles = Constant information vs. Macropoints that maximise its enclosure of energy-size.

So goes for |-limbs/potentials vs.  O-heads/particles asymmetric in its lineal vs. cyclical form. And so goes the first age of life or relative past dominated by lineal motion asymmetric to the 3rd age dominated by still, linguistic perception as the freedom of lineal paths become closed trajectories of cyclical form.

We then express those 3 asymmetries as the 3 ‘Galilean Dualities’ of motion vs. form, parts vs. wholes, lines vs. cycles, which again as they emerge in different ‘scales’ of reality will be interpreted mathematically, philosophically, biologically, sociologically in multiple ‘jargons’ all of them equivalent and understood fully in terms of dualities and trinities of existence. 

Indeed because the system is NOT only dual, but ternary, the PHYSICAL asymmetries of time-ages, space-topologies and scales become merged into the LIQUID-present-hyperbolic body-wave interacting and mixing together to form a single one.

There are many views on such simple elements, specially when we fully understand the key principles of its operandi which are either opposite, Darwinian, or social, parallel – a principle which is as most of the principles ignored by science, vital, organic, biological; and either bring together the asymmetries between lower planes of more information and larger planes of more energy or bring them into destruction.

So goes for the asymmetry between | and O forms, depending on how they come to each other tangentially or ‘penetrating’ to reproduce LITERALLY as we fuk each other’s gender (: i tell you is all vital geometries. 

And so goes for the different 1st and third ages of existences…

So that is the game: 3 asymmetries of scale, age and form, which can come together or annihilate and each language represent in different manners, the most well known that between:

names (forms) and verbs (motions); colours of blue and red, form and motion which can either be played reproductively into green or anti-complementary into yellow, the colour of eviL destruction, of gold (:

It is all in the codes of colours, we shall see even in the game of Nature.

All is in the codes of the Universe and its operators, also clear in mathematics, with the duality of inverted operations, + -, X ÷, √ xª, ∫∂.

So the simplest method of extracting a meaningful quantity of information on a being or event requires to comment on the 4±operandi ‘5’ perspectives, even when we study as we do in the first line, those elements in themselves. In this post we shall deal thus with time from the perspective of space, time, symmetries, scales and mind languages that ‘stop it’ in the singularity of t=motion zero, from black holes to eddies to charges, to brains to frozen genetic DNA…

Assymetries and dimensions.

Now, when two systems come together, there will be a relationship which depends on the equality of its 3 different parts will give combinations to an array of possible ‘consequences’, which can be tabulated in logic ‘truth or false’ type of graphs – which I will someday find on my files and put on the blog. Let us consider the basic relationships according to the equations/dimensions of information (1D), reproduction (3D)…

1D (T.œ¹) ≈ 1D (T.œ²) they evolve socially through the 5th dimension of scalar social growth, when they understand each other’s information or…

1D T.Œ¹≠ 1D T.œ² + 3D T.Œ¹≈ 3D T.œ² + T.Œ¹>T.œ². That is, they  will enter into a Darwinian relationship that destroys the T.œ with lesser existential e x i force, when their 1D information differs but their 3D energy is similar… or

1D, 3D T.œ¹ ≠ 1D, 3D T.œ² they will ignore each other in parallel Universes as different ‘cat alleys’ when neither their information  or energy is similar. 

We have introduced in the graph with a bit more of complexity the logic dimensional laws that define how systems IN ANY scale of the inverse, from Atomic Ions or crystals to human societies relate to each other in darwinian, perpendicular ‘tearing’ topological relationships that ‘break’ the closing membrane of one species disrupting its existence, or will keep a mean distance to form social networks of communication that will grow into super organisms, starting the emergent process of evolution of species into a new ∆§cale of social existence, so you understand that in the Universe organic, geometric and scalar relationships are symbiotic to each other. 

Its connection as everything else WITH THE 5Dimensions of reality is obvious. As it determines if the outcome of a relationship will be Darwinian=entropic or social=evolutionary.

It corresponds to the classic 3rd axiom of congruence which all geometric systems require, but unlike the classic postulate that defined only external congruence, as it worked in a single ‘dimension’ of points with no parts, the new postulate is far richer in meanings as it introduces fully the ‘different degrees’ of congruence according to which number of dimensions both systems have similar. In fact, it establishes a limit of similarity, to define identity, in a postulate similar to Pauli’s exclusion principle:

‘There is not in the Universe two systems which are identical in its 5 Dimensions, as in that case they become one’.

Indeed, it is NOT truth that 2 bosons occupy the same place in space-time, because quantum physics ignores the fourth and fifth scalar dimensions of relative social evolution that is the real place in which those bosons are found, when observed closely:

In the graph, we can see how a boson condensate grows in the fifth dimension of social evolution, ‘rising’ beyond the single space-time continuum where they were initially located, to reach a higher order. We can then talk of a ‘tail of absolute space-time’ being formed.

Classic 3rd axiom of Euclid ≈ modern 4th postulate of Non-Aristotelian logic.

In classic geometry, the 3rd axiom of congruence hold a special place, as the 5th because of its apparent contradictions. How can we determine geometrically a quality of ‘equality’? Schopenhauer among modern philosophers noticed this contradiction, but few realized of the importance of the postulate.

In the upgrading of formal sciences, the realisation of the ‘redundancy’ of the fifth postulate of non-euclidean geometry – definition of a point with parts through which infinite parallels can cross, equivalent to the first axiom – definition of a point with breath; and the logic nature of the fifth postulate, prompted us to reclassify them NOT as geometric but logic postulate which dealt with the rules of ‘engagement’ of vital geometry.

So the fifth postulate defined a mind, of which depending of the number of parallels that can cross it, we shall find, different @nalytic minds and graphs of perception of information in the Universe, of which 3 canonical frames of reference, the Euclidean, hyperbolic and elliptic mind correspond to the 3 parts of any system (lineal potentials-limbs, hyperbolic waves-bodies and polar particles/heads).

On the other hand the fourth postulate of congruence has also a great deal of variations regarding the degree of equality between two geometric forms as they know have 3 parts, as ‘T.œ’. made of 3 parts.  So congruence is relative as no system is equal to other in its 3 parts and at the same time occupy in the ∆+1 scale or world the same position.

The equality of the 3 parts however will determine if the interrelation between points will be constructive positive – when identity increases; or destructive, when identity or even inversion of coordinates happens. I.e. for example indistinguishable particles can become bosons and accumulate its form; fermions however would annihilate its wave state in antisymmetry to each other.

So the fourth postulate, is as important or perhaps even more than the 5th that defines a mind. And it is also related to the fourth dimension of entropy, when two forms are dissimilar, do not understand each others’ languages of communication and either ignore each other or enter into a predatory relationship

An exhaustive analysis of all the possible forms of relationship between two given points-beings, thus will be the fundamental guidance in all scales to establish the rules of engagement and according to the relative existential momentum/force of the being, who will dominate and how it will exercise its power over the other – or in identical particles, what social form will emerge of that communication.

Nt. Incidentally my only position in academia worth to notice was as World Chair of Duality in the International systems society, till my activism against the military-industrial complex became globally infamous and pissed off the congress who cancelled the discipline, in the way capitalism cancelled Hegelian dialectics and the Chin emperor, taoism, the 2 previous great ‘philosophical understanding of the obvious that from ‘1 the whole’ comes 2, yin and yang, thesis and antithesis, motion and form, lineal and angular momentum, and from 2 comes 3, qi, synthesis, energy; and this we can put it in terms of asymmetry as the duality, antisymmetry as its perception into opposites, symmetry as merge, back into a full whole.

So I tried when I was part of the group to convince the presidents of the association to call it ‘TRINITY’ but trinity has a bad reputation either as fundamentalist A-Bomb or fundamentalist religion. And yet TRINITY is the true name of the game. As ‘from 3 come all the beings in existence’ Cheng-tzu.

So while trinity appears more clearly in the concepts of lineal and cyclical momentum, becoming energy beings, lines and cycles generating conics and hyperbolic waves, and so on… when we truly want to transcend into the logic of the game with no reference to reality the somehow more nebulous but most general of all concepts are those of asymmetry, symmetry and antisymmetry as they embody not only geometric but vital, organic meanings lost in the external classic description of them.

So the best expression of the game is two different beings colluding, or a present body-wave breaking constantly its symmetry into two opposite functions that can either annihilate each other anti symmetrically, as waves do or complementary reinforce each other back into symmetry, concepts those hardly used in science beyond physics and even there ill-understood that now we expand to all sciences.

Indeed, in physics much has been done with the term symmetry since Noether theorem, but mostly when talking on philosophical terms, dyslexic physicists with overdeveloped computerised abstract mathematical brains, that seem to leave little room for anything else do NOT have the remotest idea of what they talk about (quip intended), regardless of its mathematical functions, which do the job quite nicely by themselves – so computers do it even better, but hardly any humind will think that the computer churning out results with f(x)=-ƒ(-x), have any idea what symmetry and antisymmetry means.

Now we know, and so we will be enlightening many whys from the Pauli exclusion principle, that essential quality of particles of matter, which nobody has ever clearly explained, to the Lorentz transforms – but somewhere in the future of 2018? time permitted, as this is an encyclopaedia of all knowledge, akin more to the Galactica encyclopaedia of Asimov’s foundation, and will take a few generations to fill up. And certainly as bio-history the destiny of all of us is more important the equations of social sciences will grow faster than those of non-euclidean mathematical physics in that fourth line (just added the 7 ages of God yesterday).

So  this said even when physicists define symmetry they are in fact talking of geometry without clear meaning. Important within the concept are then  a mirror symmetry, which is basically a reproductive symmetry between complementary beings as in Rna-DNA and gender, that allows two similar asymmetric forms to confront each other for purposes of meaningful pegging and reproduction; often deriving intobilateral symmetry which is a form of social communication that allows two forms to handle a vital space within them, encircling it. So they are forms of topological symmetry that derive into scalar symmetry, of two social parts that become one.

This is the kind of physical concept of symmetry we shall use here, and relates also to terms as parity, and so on. What we reject as mumble-rumble is the whole Noether thing of using ‘symmetric’ concepts toe explain the conservation of the 3 fractal components of all beings, lineal, angular momentum and energy and all the mumble-rumble about time and space derived of it. We shall be far more clear on our terminology as what angular, lineal momentum, energy time and space mean and how they are conserved in infinite fractal beings:

The game is a game of identical or complementary social parts that become elements of fractal organicism. This parallelism of beings which are clones by reproduction of each other allows the social symmetry between systems that are complementary to each other and meet in the middle term. So to vitalise geometric concepts, are essential elements to make sense of how reality, comes together and pegs into a single being.

This is said through the generator formal equation, which is a logic equation, whose fundamental property is to facilitate the understanding of all those processes as a whole.

So the logic principles of creation ‘relativity’, ‘a(nti)-symmetries’ and ‘organicism’ – words hardly understood in the context of present philosophy of science become more clear. Let us then complete our understanding of symmetry, recasting the principles of conservation in a better simpler way, to deal then with the other two great WORDS of 5D physics absolute relativity, which completes galilean and Einstein’s Relativity and then with organicism and ‘perception’, the 2 taboos of physicists and huminds when denying life at the Universe that made us all to its image and likeness. AS WITHOUT THEM, the will of the actions of survival of physical, biological and social systems cannot explain the whys of reality.

As a(nti)symmetry (ab. for the sum of asymmetry, antisymmetry and symmetry), we just said lead us to the final concept fundamental both in classic and fractal 5D physics, albeit now broken into parts.


From the co-existence of beings in 3 different scales of reality, ∆±1, that is form the fractal structure of space, it follows the organic nature of reality as flows of energy and information and motion between those scales based in the symbiosis of smaller beings that have more information and larger wholes that enclose the parts, precludes organic properties.

Unlike the simplex physical description of the Universe, as an extension in space, where the time parameter of change only is relevant in the descriptions of motions within the fractal Universe of any parts of it, as if nothing else would matter, reserving organic and sentient properties, under the ‘ego paradox’ for the human species only, our interest is much more profound as we consider all parts of the Universe homeomorphic to each other and hence with the same properties that humans do have, and vice versa. into all the properties that the simplex physical description misses, as they are not susceptible to me written in mathematical equations, or are not observable, directly but can be inferred from the actions they produce. It is then possible through those indirect methods of observation and departing of the homologic, isomorphic properties of all beings, deduce the non-observable properties of being by its external effects.

Organicism thus is immediate from the  scalar structure of reality, as it is the only form TO CONNECT THE SCALES OF REALITY OR ELSE IF ENERGY AND INFORMATION WERE NOT TRANSFERRED BETWEEN THEM WE WOULD NOT SEE THEM WITH microscopes and telescopes. Very little thought astonishingly enough has been paid to this, casting serious doubts on the intelligence of the humind – but I’m not gonna quip as usual on the homunculus; just show you those obvious physiological networks that transfer entropy-motion, energy=reproduction and form=languages between scales (:

Finally a principle which will be abhorred by classic physicists but it is really the ice in the cake is the sentient nature of singularities WHICH IS PROVED BY THE FACT THEY ARE THE ENGINE OF THE 5 SURVIVAL ACTIONS OF EVERY PART OF THE UNIVERSE. So to conclude as we start, we have to reduce physics what it is truly – the science of motion, the 2D lineal motions and 4D entropic motions, and then when we do explain better its principles, again a huge beautiful discipline, but NOT the one giving the whys, in its present format and limited dimensionality.

The organic paradigm: everything is T.œ – an organism of space and time.

So besides the 3 space dimensions ≈ 3 time dimensions (seen as still in space, as moving in time) we do need to consider at least 2 more dimensions, one for the lower scales of the being, which we shall call the fourth dimension of absolute past and one for the upper dimension of the being of absolute future.

We do have then mathematical and verbal, logic mirrors to express those 5 dimensions of space-time, the ultimate substances and unify with them ALL SCIENCES, departing from the properties of those dimensions its structures in space and travels in time, each ‘stience’ of space-time studying an scale, including those who describe man.

Thus this is the Universe in a nutshell, repeated ad nauseam in all scales, and we shall repeat with kaleidoscopic variations the previous paragraphs to describe the thoughts of ‘god’, to make organic systems tracing world cycles, regardless of the huge details scientists have obtained so far.

So the organic paradigm  has taken longer to be formalised, as we do in this blog, because it requires to ad to the motions in space studied by physicists, the arrow of in-formation, of form, stored in the form and frequency of the clocks of time cycles of reality, which are along its lineal motions in space the two elements that conform all realities, by combining and integrating into ‘vital energy systems’.

Those 3 arrows spreading across different scales of size, which add 2 more space-time dimensions of ‘wholes and parts’ to the mix, will allow us to describe all what exists as an organism of space-time, the long-seeked ‘sound organic philosophy of science’, reflected in the graph.S-paces

All of the co-exist in at least 3 scale, so we talk of ∆-1 cells/atoms/particles/molecules/points that will form 3 physiological networks, of relative entropy-motion, energy and in/form/ation, put together into an ∆º individual whole, existing in a larger ∆+1 relative world. So we can map out all those super organisms according to scale, each one studied by a different ‘science’, (stience of space-time beings). In the graph a fast review of the super organisms of the Universe in space and time, through its 3±1 dimensions origin of its Ðisomorphic laws. They define the 3 relative present dimensions of all ensemble of systems, made of ‘angular monentum’≈ cyclical time clocks, lineal momentum≈ lineal limbs/fields and a vital energy, the integral, combination of both (V+T). We shall call those 3 conserved quantities of any ‘fractal part of the Universe’ and its ensembles into complex organisms, the 3 ‘present dimensions of fractal space-time’, which create the beings perceived in the relative present ‘finitesimal time of a world cycle of life and death’, of different duration according to the ‘scale’ and speed of the clocks of the being:

Let us start with a visual, topologic analysis of the dimensions of space-time. There are first 3 normal dimensions, which instead of being height-length and width (latter we shall see how they actually have the same function), they are the 3 topological varieties of the Universe: spherical, planar and hyperbolic forms. And so in a single plane of reality, we perceive systems as ensembles of the 3 varieties of space, (to which we soon will add the 2 scalar dimensions of entropic parts, and social wholes). 

Let us start then to build reality with the 3 dimensions of space and its motions in time, we shall also called arrows or cycles or actions of space-time. In the next graph, a first hint to how the 3 ‘vital dimensions of space-time’ ensemble into parts and organic wholes in all physical, biological and social systems; since there are only 3 topological forms (geometries with motion) in the Universe. So evolutionary topology the expansion of topology proposed in this form is the key discipline to understand how the species of reality are created and destroyed: 
In the graph we see from a spatial, simultaneous, formal perspective, ensembled into 3 type of physical, biological and social space-time organisms, the 3 ‘form of space=functions of time=topological varieties of space-time in the Universe’.

In the graph we see the 3 first dimensions when doubled in function, divided according to the ‘discontinuity of the fractal Universe’ and perceived as lineal maximal motions-functions in limbs/potentials and maximal informative storages in spherical heads/particles.

So the 3 dualities of the Galilean paradox that started science but were REDUCED by physicists to single dogmas (continuity, single scale, lineal equations and lineal time), when fully accepted as the ultimate logic dualities that co-exist in reality, explain immediately the structure of most systems in existence.

Organic forms.
It is then obvious that systems assembly into organic forms by putting together the forms and functions of the 3 adjacent dimensions of a system, pegged in simultaneous space.

Indeed, all what you see are forms of space with motion in time that combine into the infinite energy beings of the Universe.

And while physicists have reached an extraordinary dexterity calculating the motions in space of beings; only when we ad those other type of motions=changes in space-time  we understand how they trans-form and evolve through generation into new forms of in-form-ation. This is the basis of the formal model of this blog, the ‘eternal philosophy of science’, we call ‘organicism’, which understands the Universe as a system that reproduces information.

Such model is vastly more explanative of reality than the mechanical abstract models dominant in the tradition of physical sciences for a few basic reasons:

  1. Only an organism replicates itself without the concourse of a ‘maker of the machine’ – God in the earlier physicists’ view, now obsolete. As machines do not reproduce.
  2. Only the definition of time as the substance of reality –  cyclical motion that reproduces form allows the Universe to move, as only if motion=time is the ultimate substance the Universe never stops.
  3. Only if it is cyclical, repetitive, there are laws of science which are precisely those repetitive motions.
  4. Finally we know since Relativity that there are infinite clocks of time with different speeds (we knew it always just looking at the clocks of nature, but the expansion of physicists’ way of measuring all time clocks equalised to the rhythms of the mechanical clock, had obscured those facts.

Of course if we want just to ‘measure’ from a human point of view, those rhythms, a single mechanical standard of time, the second can study those cycles, and a single line that ads ‘cycles’ pegging them can represent the time duration of a being, but we loose its meaning, its form, its in-form-ation. And if we want to make a complex analysis of the whys and repetitive patterns, and organisation of those patterns we won’t be able to do it.

Sentient Universe.

The Universe is a sum of a series of actions, ∆aeiou, of them, the first action is perception by an observer, ∆o, of a field of energy, ∆e, to which it will move, ∆a, in order to feed, ∆e and use that energy to reproduce its information, ∆i, iterating a form like itself, which will gather with clone forms to create a larger, ∆U universal social plane.

This is all what we should describe when we reduce to minimal cyclical space-time actions the total reality of any self. But the Devil is in the details. So as this simple ‘aeiou’ game repeats itself creates ever more complex perceptions, mappings of reality into space-forms and motions and forms ensemble into larger beings and smaller ones… forming a fractal structure. So in a second layer of complexity we would say:

The Universe is a fractal super organism of space-time, made of ∞ super organisms all made to its image and likeness. Each super organism IS MADE of 3 ∆º ternary physiological networks,  made of smaller ∑∆-1 ‘atoms/cells/individuals’ that process motion, information and reproduce for the whole system, living in a larger ∆+1 world.

Thus super organisms have two fundamental elements: 3 co-3existing ±1 planes of cells/atoms/individuals gathering into physiological networks (together forming a species), living in a larger ∆+1 world: ∆§

But those super organisms constantly change its parameters of motion and form, increasing its information warping in a world cycle of time, the ‘3rd fundamental element’, which is therefore symmetric to those physiological networks, as the informative network dominates the other ones, increasingly ‘warping’ the being, either a physical system (so stars become black holes, galaxies quasars, matter solids) or a biological system (3rd age), which then returns back in an explosion that erases its energy (physical E<≈>M Big Bang, or biological death or war, in the 3 type of systems).

Each language perceives a partial truth.

But why there are brains that absorb tiny flows of motion and convert it into still form, called in-form-ation? To perceive, move, feed and survive.

As all in the game of existence, because to accumulate information helps you to survive, to locate energy and feed and continue the game of existence.

What information does is to offer an organism maps of the Universe, virtual worlds, complex representations of reality, with a lot of formal detail, that map out the Universe and helps the organism to survive. All organisms perceive and react to information in one or other manner, and we call that property of organic systems, perception.

The flows of energy that become information in the brains of organisms, cause the organism to react to the external universe. That is the second arrow of life.

After feeding, organisms transform energy into information and react organically to that information.
 Bear in mind though that information comes in many shapes and forces. So each brain perceives a different information, a different map of the Universe…

IN ANY CASE, the whole program of actions of the Universe – not only the SIMPLEST action, motion is what truly makes the Universe organic, and as it can be proved that those actions depart form the singularities, those at the minds of the Universe. Let us remember those actions studied in its specific posts.

SO we shall be able to consider through the actions of the beings, which are all similar in search of survival, the existence of singularity-minds in all of them.

Thus those are the fundamental bio-topo-logic principles of reality derived of the organic co-existence of scales, topological forms of space, logic search for symmetric beauty, through 5 Dimensions expressed in 5 actions by the will of sentient singularities… Now we shall deal with the correction of the errors of the humind, because when you don’t know how to speak the language, your typewriting will always go slow, full of grammatical faults so we have to change the ‘language’ of the typewriter – aka physicist, as the ‘languages of God are infinite’ Upanishads.




‘The earth moves but doesn’t move’ Galileo, father of time-space relativity

‘Space ≈ Time’. Luis Sancho, on the symmetry between space and time dimensions in the Universe.

Why the obvious cyclical nature of time, and its patterns in Nature, called Laws of science has not debunked the simplifying loss of information provoked by the use of its alternative, reeductionist, physical concept of lineal time, T=1/ƒ, which misses the details of the form of world cycles, substituted by worldlines, and the quantitative knowledge of the frequency=speed of those worldcycles of time?

To put it in simple terms, because man is a visual mind, and light is a straight line/wave of enormous speed, which portraits reality as a spatial, present lineal surface, and so our mind tends to see SPACE and trust the e-vident reality but misses without ‘seeing’ it the cyclical causality of time.

Still in the eastern cultures, as opposed to the dolichocephalic , visual-dominant, ‘Neanderthal-like’ white man a higher temporal, informative, brachycephalic brain, dominant in the verbal, logic Brocca axis, has always understood cyclical time, and we shall use some of the taoist findings, applied to the analysis of the cyclical patterns of Nature latter on in the 3rd line of the blog.

Time is indeed cyclical, but the visual dominant, physics, entropic, worldly profession of weapons-makers of the western tradition, prefers for cultural, mental, biological and social reasons, an entropic view of the Universe… specially since Galileo’s experiments with ballistics – those first exercises you do when studying physics in high school about the maximal distance of cannonball shots.

As Plato clearly stated humans are visual minds and have therefore a very difficult time when dealing with time=change, simplifying it, and often reducing it to a ‘dimension’ to measure space, distance… and its motion in space, v=s/t.

And this happens with the added disadvantage that Humans LOVE to think they know ‘truth’, and so they eliminate the interposed mind languages and perception elements from its assessment of the information of the being, whose total truth, ‘1’=one, only happens in the being in itself. All other ‘truths’ are human languages mirroring the being with lesser information than the ‘1’… and biased by the language’s syntax, including visual mirrors. This a priori conditions must be known before we can restart science from scratch, correcting the first sentence that begun modern science, as it shows the basic limit of our mind as a still ‘spatial’ mirror=language of a ‘moving’, temporal reality.

Since the mind either sees reality moving or still but not both at the same time. While in the Universe both, the space and time states co-exist.

So the mind tends to deny motions of time to all beings, and so it reduces its organic properties, to simplify information enough to fit it in the reduced brain of the being.

We shall do the opposite: to increase step by step the dimensions and hence the volume of truth of all systems.

So we correct the most famous statement of Galileo: the earth moves in time and doesn’t move when perceived in still space.

But GALILEO didn’t express the real duality of formal still space and moving time dimensions -‘The earth moves AND doesn’t move’ – but it took a single choice from its one-dimensional mind-world: ‘the earth either moves or doesn’t move’…

It was of course, the best choice, the one with more content of truth… if we had to take one, as time-motion is all, and space-form a slice of time, or a Maya of the senses.

Let us then consider on the path of Galileo’s duality the other 2 fundamental dualities of the Universe, as they are the 3 logic traps that we must analyze together if we want to get an in-depth understanding of reality as ‘it is’.



Perhaps the most difficult subject to learn is the complex logic of the universe, based in opposite asymmetries that come togthr to form a new whole – starting from 3 dualities: Those dualities show how the mind’s languages influence and reduce truths – the being in itself with all its dimensions and properties, into human languages.

And in that sense there are two other physical dualities whose importance to fully grasp in depth the ‘real properties’ off beings, can hardly be stressed:

The duality between wholes, which is what humans seem to see more often and its smaller parts, which we do NOT see in a single space-time ‘continuum’, but are always there, defining 2 new more dimensions of space-time, the scalar ‘finitesimal’ smaller dimensions of parts, which we shall call the entropy dimension, and the larger dimensions of wholes, ‘pegged’ by the mind’s perception, both internally (the informative ‘singularity’ of the system that maintains its synchronous structure) and externally (the perceive). We shall call this dimension the fifth dimension.

And the duality between lineal and cyclical forms, which turns out to be one of perspective, as we see ‘flat’ the Earth from an ams all view, but as we grow in scale it reaches curvature to become a sphere, which will be also very important to understand ‘closed and open’ systems, ‘deterministic and free’, ‘curved information whose maximal storage happens in spherical forms and lineal motion maximized by straight lines’.

Yet both things are truth, and both are needed to understand fully reality, doubled by the fact that we consider each dimension in stillness, a space dimension and in motion a time dimension… And when put together they DO create the motions with form or LINEAL MOMENTUM (max. motion), CYCLICAL MOMENTUM (max. form) and its integral through a stretch of time space (energy), which the Universe conserves, giving us the first sight on the generator of all dualities and trinities of the Universe:
$t-lineal momentum (potential/limbs) <  ∑∏: body-wave of energy > ð§: Angular momentum (Heads/particles)

Saturn’s rings: the 3 dualities of the fractal Universe: motion vs. form, line vs. cycle, part vs. whole. 

Naive realism and the one-dimensional way of humind (ab. human mind) thought tend to disregard the existence of both ‘dualities’ at the same time, and so much of the arguments on philosophy of science have been historically a false choice between ‘sizes’, ‘forms’ and the importance of discontinuous parts/individuals vs. continuous wholes/Universals. Again the key concept is duality, co-existence in the same time or the same space of those scales, forms and motions.

So after explaining you in the previous graph, the Universe in a nutshell, we are going to develop it.

Think in a word: symmetry or duality, between space and time, forms and motions. Every form can be seen as a time motion and every motion as a time form, and that enriches a lot our depth of thought, as humans till now have failed to see form in motion and motion in form. Only mathematicians wondered why for every algebraic equation (a symmetry of space-time), there was a topological equation (a spatial solution); why for every point  (a form of simultaneous time) there was a number, a time sequence, and so on.

But there are two other symmetries or dualities, worth to mention because they will come all over the place to distinguish the dimensions of space-time; that between small parts and wholes, which embodies the inverse 4th dimension of entropy and 5th dimension of mind-languages, mirrors that order reality; and the symmetry between lineal and cyclical forms, which is in great ‘measure’ a ‘measure’ of perception.

So let us explain the duality of continuous/discontinuous, which has also divided for eons thinkers in the ‘predominance of universals’ vs. those who believe in individuals.

 We illustrate them with another finding of Maese: In the graph, Saturn’s rings, first observed by Galileo, seem continuous, still and bidimensional from far away; but observed in detail they become discontinuous in motion and made of 4D sherical particles.

Moreover, what appears as a single space-time continuum in detail becomes at least 3 scales: that of the rings with cyclical motion, of its particles, the rocks that turn within them and the not seen but known scale of atoms that create the solid networks of those rocks.

The ‘present’ state of science deals mainly with the single space-time continuum of the more ‘obvious’ human scale studied in terms of ‘present’=differential motions, ∂t, with minimal latitude of time.

The 4th and fifth dimensions deal with a longer duration from the absolute past (birth of the entity) to its absolute future (its death), when evolutions of form, frequencies of multiple actions and cycles of creation and extinction happen.

Yet both things are truth, and both are needed to understand fully reality, doubled by the fact that we consider each dimension in stillness, a space dimension and in motion a time dimension

What is a dimension of space, of time, and a combined one of space & time?
Even before we describe all the dimensions of space and time, we shall consider this a priori question, which science has not clearly resolved.
As it is indeed in the beginning of science, when the lack of a clear understanding of dimensions of time=motion and dimensions space=form, prevented humans from cracking the meaning of them, and left us ‘orphan’ of the first elements needed to construct reality.
We came closer and if Galileo had believed his sentence: the Earth moves but doesn’t move, he would have indeed, cracked the door to the absolute, but he left us only with one ‘motion’ of time – that of the Earth measured with a clock.
It is in that sense difficult to understand the influence that the discovery of machines that measured time (clocks) with seemingly more precision that human brain languages (verbal times, which indeed are quantitatively less accurate, but DID explain logically much better the interplay of PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, the 3 dimensions or ages of time WORLDCYCLES) had in our ‘reduction’ of time to a single ‘lineal time’, the one measured with mechanical instruments, and defined by Galileo’s time formula as a ‘parameter of space’: V=s/t, time=space/speed: translation in space.
So as we are going to expand the meaning of time dimensions as motions in the Universe beyond the ‘measure’ of lineal motions, in a lineal graph of space (the only dimension of time truly studied by physicists); we shall start by the correspondence principle putting in perspective the ‘reduced’ concept of time-motion of physicists, whose extraordinary detailed analysis of lineal time motions fogs with so much detail, the limits of such reduced single view of time.
3 scalar time-space dualities: motion v. form, lines v. cycles, quanta v. larger wholes.
We want know to focus in the true meaning of the Paradox of Galileo and the dualities of perception, it brings to the human mind: we perceive the Earth still, but it is moving. We perceive the Earth as a continuum, but it is made of quanta of matter. And we perceive the Earth flat but it is rounded.
As those 3 DUALITIES: LINEAL VS. CYCLICAL FORMS, PARTS VS. WHOLES, STILLNESS VS. MOTION are at the heart of the ultimate laws of the Universe.
Indeed, the Earth is still under my feet, have always been, will always be – reasoned the Vatican astronomers – so what this ‘cuckoo’ Florentine, a people known for their dubious political and artistic opinions, is telling us? It is NOT evident that the Earth does NOT move?

Science in modern times started when Galileo realized the Earth moved in time, even if we see it as a fixed form of space.

So after much thought, he affirmed we couldn’t really distinguish motion from form. And this was called Relativity. But being a practical man, an artillery master for the Venice Arsenal, on charge of measuring the largest distance=motion of a cannonball, he didn’t think much about the ‘stillness’ of the Earth, just applied the clock and the cannonball to measure the longest line of shot. And affirmed after all the Earth was moving. And yet it is still still under my feet.

It is this paradox of the mind that perceives either form or motion, but NOT both at the same time, even if both things do exist (e pur si muove, e our no muove) what allows us to divide reality in two types of elements space and time and affirm both co-exist as two different still and go states/dimensions of reality.

Alas, this means we have just magic!, doubled the dimensions of reality as for each dimension of form=stillness=space, there must be a dimension-motion of time. This is the true principle behind relativity, through which shall rebuild the Universe of science to give it a much deeper meaning. Because as soon as we realise every motion has form the magic vanishes and reality doubles in. 

We shall talk of 3 fundamental ‘relativities’ that ‘confuse’ the mind – that between smaller and larger parts, which define the 4th and 5th dimensions of entropy and linguistic information; between lineal forms (which is how the mind measures) and cyclical forms (which is on the larger view how the Universe breaks reality into closed vital spaces) and finally between ‘continuous wholes’ and ‘discontinuous parts’.
The 3rd duality between lineal and cyclical forms
seems at first the less interesting but it will be the most fruitful in terms of mathematical solutions to the whys of geometry and topology and metaphysical solution to the concepts of freedom vs order, determinism vs. probability. Since closed cycles become the membranes that divide reality in fractal space-times, surrounding a vital energy or ‘wave motion’. In the graph, the particle surrounds the wave, but both are complementary. The wave is the open flow of lineal, vital energies that moves the particle. The particle is the cyclical form.

Further on the duality divides the simplest forms between open ‘space-strings’ and ‘closed-time strings’, in a duality carried through all scales (particles and waves in the quantum realm, electronic waves and quark particles in the atom; DNA particles in still information and RNA-waves; female reproductive waves and male particles, and so on.

Finally the perception of flatness or curvature turns out as Lobachevski’s ratio shows, it is relative to our perspective of scale…

 Doubling the dimensions of time & space.
But the immediate most important conclusion arises from the existence of the duality between mind-form-space vs. motion-time is the doubling of dimensions of reality:
 Galileo’s insight in one of the 3 dualities of the Universe between motion vs. form was conceptually shallow, as he didn’t realise it happened truly both things at the same time, HENCE WE MUST DOUBLE THE DIMENSIONS OF TIME AND SPACE and equate them as dual states; one of motion (time dimension) symmetric to the state of form (space dimension):
3  S≈ 3 T
We consider then a Universe made of fractal ‘space-time beings’, which display the 3 classic dimensions of space as forms, but also as vital dimensions of time, as function is form.
And to those 3 ‘dimensions’ in a simultaneous present space scale, we must add ‘scalar dimensions of size’ in the fractal Universe ‘above’ the system (larger wholes) and below the system (entropic parts), for a total of 5 Dimensions, which we now pass to analyse in certain detail to ‘reach a certain agreement on its ‘names, numbers, forms and functions’.
Those 3 dual paradoxes between motion and form, wholes and parts, lineal and cyclical shapes, were rejected due to the incapacity of the mind to handle all the information of the Universe, as it is a minimalist organ that selects and reduces perception to fit all the information of the scalar infinite Universe of space-time motions into its limited space are essential to understand ‘reality’.
So we translate constantly dimensions of form and motion, as the ultimate structures of the Universe is made of st-eps, in which a dimension of form becomes one of motion that becomes one of form in a stop and go process. In the graph 2 cases of physical systems: the loss of a dimension of height-form as it accelerates into a dimension of motion, angular acceleration, and a change of a spread state of motion as a wave, and a stop state of information as a particle.

The five dimensions of space-time: 3 conserved elements and 2 scalar ones.

Below, the graph, those 3 space-time dimensions of present are however sandwiched between a relative future entropic death and dissolution into a lower scale and a relative past, of generational palingenetic social evolution from a seed of information.

So now we have all what we need from 1 to 5 Dimension to define in a more ‘compact’ manner the Timespace super organisms of the fractal Universe, again as a whole, returning to the one with more depth, because we do affirm once more that all what exists is a 5D² super organism of timespace tracing worldcycles of existence.  And this is the simplest synthesis of reality as ‘it is’, in its purpose and whys – to exist, to travel through the fifth dimension, to grow, evolve and multiply, but then to die, because many other selfish point of views are doing the same, and at the end all will be balanced into a zero sum, from generation to entropy…


The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations, such as the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of the Non-Æ points of the 3 scales are constant, allowing the symbiosis of its 3 ternary parts, which exchange lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum among them, the 3 conserved parts of all systems made of lineal limbs/potentials, ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) organised in superposed additive herds that move the system and dominate its young relative past age; part of 3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, the organism proper that iterates into a dynamic present the system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems), guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its world cycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.

TO THAT AIM we first shall bring the generator equation in a rather complete form: 5D



AND RELATIVE PRESENT, the relative past, present and future dimensions of ‘topological’ adjacency that conform a single plane of existence or fractal tapestry of adjacent simultaneous superorganisms (with its 3 ages, youth, middle reproductive age, old age)

The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations, such as the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of the Non-Æ points of the 3 scales are constant, allowing the symbiosis of its 3 ternary parts, which exchange lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum among them, the 3 conserved parts of all systems made of lineal limbs/potentials, ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) organised in superposed additive herds that move the system and dominate its young relative past age; part of 3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, the organism proper that iterates into a dynamic present the system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems), guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its world cycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.

4D≈S∂ entropy and 5D≈∫T: social, fractal planes and its ‘finitesimals’.

But Galileo’s observation of reality and that of all scientists that follow him failed also into focusing scientific equations in the two other paradoxes of observation of reality soon evident with the use of telescopes and microscopes: The fact that the structure of the Universe was organic, scalar, as we large wholes made of smaller parts – giving birth to the duality of the continuous form and its discontinuous components.

This duality did not stir up the understanding of the scalar, (ab. ∆) dimensions of the Universe, those that refer to the co-existing parts and wholes of those scales, we shall terms here the fourth dimension of entropy (the disorder of wholes into its smaller parts, ‘freed by entropy), ∇, and the fifth dimension of social wholes put together by the enclosing membranes and singularity minds that focus them.

The Universe is a fractal so it has scales of size that co-exist together for which we need to add dimensions, to introduce the fractal Universe.

The least understood duality: lineal freedom: probability; cyclical order: Determinism

We have left for the end the least understood duality of space≈time symmetries, that between motion lines and cyclical clocks of order, which repeat the information that motion lines try to break in. Freedom is symbol of not-end strings of lineal momentum. Order is given by the angular momentum, focused into a singularity for cyclical perception, call it h-planck or eye-sight, angle or form.

But both together play the game of vital energy and its fluctuating waves we call present-existence.

Consider this game which changes the sense of freedom according to scalar role. In quantum probability, a reduction of the plane of quantum particles to o-1 spheres of time probabilities in search for its ‘growth into unit ∆-scale’.

In the paths, the probabilities or freedoms of moving through different paths is ginormous, on the end of the cycle they reduce almost invariably to one, the point of maximal density with the wave becomes particle. As it happens we shall see in all the games of probable freedom in the o-1 statistical sphere, before getting to the 1-wholeness of truth in itself – the making of the palingenetic being.

Atoms are similar to galaxies.

We said that electrons are similar to halos of galaxies, h-plancks are angular momentum enclosures similar to mass-enclosures which trap energy making its ‘waves’ appear as ‘particles’; and this is soo obvious that h appears everywhere as a similar factor to mass in quantum physics compared to gravitational equations. i.e. for example, the momentum operator of quantum physics is ih ∂x/∂t, so hv is equivalent to mv. And so on.

So indeed, the Universe we humans perceive in the ∆±I limits is a fractal of space-time, with two self-similar membranes. This opens an entire new field of physics, not quantum gravity, the description of cosmology with quantum laws, which is proved false, but fractal relativity, the description of the quantum world as a self-similar membrane to that of the cosmological world; when we translate the jargon of electromagnetism into the jargon of gravitational vortices, far more clear, as we did have a picture of the larger world and it was obvious its vortices. Yet AS both worlds are not the same, but similar – since FRACTALS ARE NOT IDENTICAL IN SCALES but similar in its principles, Disomorphic, THE BEST WAY TO SEE THIS is NOT to use the very detailed quantum and relativity equations – that would work if they were identical, NOT FRACTAL, the pedantic scholar always missed the very simple unification equation of charges and masses, of G-constants and Q-constats, crystal clear in terms of Newtonian vortices, when we just translate the Bohr radius into the galactic vortex; as the electron IS similar not to single planets (Rutherford model) but to the fractal density wave of the plane of stars in the galaxy, and the photon to the white dwarf (basically a huge electronic ball that does not collapse by quantum electronic spin separation). Alas we write the…

Unification Equation of forces: 

Let us then consider the metric equation with its full complexity. We have used till now a single operandi of symmetry between Sp and Tƒ, x, as it is a very common operandi but for the full meaning of those metric we must increase the range and dimensionality of the factors and establish an even larger metric concept, which essentially relates 3 elements in that equation, the 3 conserved elements of vital potential energy of 3 Dimensions, angular momentum (time clocks) with a frequency measure mostly in two dimensions; and lineal momentum where the factor to consider is the active magnitude as a one dimension scalar or singularity. So the 3 elements of the being is what those metric put in relationship. And most likely the equation will have an added ‘potency’ for each one represented its dimensions:

 Sp³ (Space past potential measured as volume)  ≈ (Operandi, ±, x/,∫∂, log xª)  Tƒ¹ (temporal frequency, AM. scalar curvature, time clock speed) ≈ K (angular momentum, connected to Active singularity magnitude).

So this is an expanded dimensional, vital functional equation or ‘canonical equation of a dimension of space-time’ which exists according to mathematicians like Klein precisely when the product of both parameters remains ‘co-invariant’, so a system can travel though it (as for example light does between scales with its specific metric or constant c-speed of reproduction of information).

It will then require a study for each system. For example physical systems tend to be a more precise metric equation  considering the different dimensions of Space=volume (3D), time (clock: 2D) and K (scalar = 1D), our Unification equation of charges and masses, where we write  in terms of Newtonian mechanics is simple:

UCG,C = ω2r3/MUCG,C x M= ω2r3   M= ω2r3/UCG,C

Where we obtain for 2 UC(i/e) values, G and Q, 2 different space/time scales and vortices acceleration (mass and  charges).

Indeed Mass becomes then the ‘relative constant’ M= ð(ω²) x $(r³), we are in a power law which is essentially similar to Kepler’s 3rd law. Couldn’t be otherwise: T² ≈ R³. So T=1/w and we substitute, normalizing as a constant each relative mass of each quark, M = 1; proportional to the square of its angular speed.

Let us then substitute the parameters for the values of the sun (mass) minus earth (rotational speed and radius) to get G. The approximate values are as follows:

Sun mass = 2 × 1030 kg; Earth’s angular velocity 2 × 10-7 rad. per sec.

Earth’s orbit = 150 million kms.

Result: G=6.67 × 10 -11 kg-1 m3 rad. sec.-2

This is standard gravitational theory. What has never been done, because the fractal paradigm was not known till recently, is to substitute in the same equation of gravitational cosmological masses the mass radius and speed of the space-time vortex by the values of the fundamental quantum space-time vortex, a hydrogen atom/charge.

If the thesis of a fractal universe made of hierarchical scales is truth, then those values should give us the value of the universal constant of charges, the Coulomb constant.

Indeed, if we substitute for the proton (mass) and the Bohr electronic orbital (speed and radius)

4 × 1016 rad. sec. -1 = w (electron);

5.3 × 10-11 m. (Bohr radius);

proton mass = 1.6 × 10 -27 kg.

Then we get a G, which is 2×1039 stronger than the gravitational radius; thus, the hydrogen atom behaves as a self-similar fractal scale in the quantum world to a solar system.

And then you can get also the electron radius expressed in the jargon of a quantum gravitational world using the translated ‘Gravitational Coulomb constant’: G(k)M/c2.

But since in that expression M is the mass of a proton, G(k), the electromagnetic constant as a gravitational constant, and c, the speed of light, that expression is exactly the Schwarzschild radius of a quantum black hole.

Thus, the electron Bohr radius, which is the final radius of minimal size and energy in electrons, is the event horizon of a black hole in the quantum gravitational world.

To notice those results, the first theoretical deduction of Ke departing from G and the enormous simplification of the parameters of the electron radius till arriving to the same expression that a black hole radius cannot be by chance. They are mathematical deductions, one of the three standard forms of proof in science.

2 obvious, simple proofs of that dual, scalar structure:

– Planck’s minimal value for Mass is far bigger (10-7 g.) than the minimal value for an electromagnetic action (h), which seems to mean that the mass scale is far bigger than the quantum world.

– The entire standard model works without gravitational forces. Thus we have to postulate that particles are not ‘mass-particles’ but electromagnetic systems, which become elements of mass only when they aggregate in huge numbers, as it happens with electromagnetic photons, which become electrons of the upper scale in huge nebulae.

But we see masses as static forms. This is due to the Galilean paradox: a space-time vortex-mass becomes then statically a space-time distortion, a deformation of space-time, which increases as we decrease size. Since the deformation of space-time is the same for any cycle. Hence, when we trace a smaller cycle the deformation increases. And so it does the mass and the U(w), now a static constant of deformation.

This is the interpretation most often assumed of G in Einstein’s Relativity. In a simpler, classic approximation based in fluid dynamics, M/r3 becomes the density of space/time and its inverse, R3/m, the displacement of space-time provoked by a given mass. It is then evident by Archimedes Principle that a bigger mass density will provoke a bigger displacement and distortion of space-time an inversely a bigger acceleration towards the central vortex. And since the density of a proton is much higher than the density of a planet, the Universal Constant for an atom is much higher and so it is its angular speed. Does the electromagnetic constant, or static curvature of an atomic system, is much stronger. So it is the density of a proton mass.

This reformulation of electromagnetism simplifies and clarifies the meaning of physics. Yet to grasp the relationships between the quantum world and the cosmos we have to transform, using the new coulomb constant, C=1.5×1029, electromagnetic parameters to the jargon of gravity, departing from its fundamental relationship:

F=UCC Mm/r2 = e2/4π eor2

Then we can translate the main constants of electromagnetism (Rydberg constant, α constant, which denotes the strength of the electromagnetic field, etc.) to the gravitational jargon and again the results obtained are close to the theoretical value.

So it is evident that we are observing the same geometric force at different scales, explained with 2 different historic jargons. Further on, as we ‘transform’ the concepts of electromagnetic vortices to gravitational, geometric symbols, the main discoveries of Relativity apply to electromagnetic vortices.

Perhaps the most interesting simplified value under the new U(q) charge constant is the Proton radius that appears with the same formula than a black hole, Schwarzschild horizon.

This means that a quark particle (a hadron, a proton, etc.) is basically a black hole of the quantum, gravitational scale and vice versa: a cosmological black hole might be a deconfined state of billions of ultra-dense quarks. In such fractal Universe, each small particle could from the perspective of a small observer a macrocosmic form. And each atom could be a galaxy. Such fractal Universe validates the Theory of Great Numbers, which are the parameters of self-repetition of the Universe, which might be from a lower perspective a mere atom or black hole of a hyper-Universe.

We can look at it in terms of dimensionalities, M, is the one dimensional scalar-singularity, w is the 2 Dimensional angular enclosure and r is the 3-dimensional quantum potential vital energy of the system – the lineal enclosed ‘wave’ state of this potential invisible field

.So the equation becomes dimensional: K (1D) = ð² x $³, which merely defines the growth of mass as a power law of  the speed of rotation and potential invisible field (distance-radius). This is Kepler’s law and in general it will be the law for all physical systems; but requiring for each scale a proper analysis of the dimensions in which we work, which are maximal obviously for the macro-gravitational scale, but might differ – and we shall see how, for lower scales.

So here we do have an M vs. r³ clear one thousand relationship, between the scalar (charge, Mass, h, M) and the potential (quantum likely gravitational potential  10.000 C field, faster than light for spooky action at distance, maybe mediated by ‘string neutrinos’  electromagnetic field for our Universe at maximal c-speed, a thermodynamic potential for molecules and a liquid flow potential and so on). which would make logic to consider the rotational speed of the electron and the proton equal. The easiest wave to understand it, being that the wave is the vital 3D energy, the particle state the enclosure of a 2D sphere, and the 1 singularity, which we tend to measure as a factor of the angular or lineal momentum, the @mind self-centered part of the system.

This equation thus can be consider quite canonical of many systems with a singularity measure as an active magnitude in one single dimension, of which likely the best measure will be a term of frequency in time or density in space; then an enclosure, or particle state, which angular momentum will fairly measure as it will have another clock of time (often sincronixed to the one of the singularity, hence the m, h factor in its measure) but also with a radius for the particle and its own speed which will synchronize with the outer world. And in between a vital energy of 3 D particles, of smaller size density, which are often measured as a potential with a directionality that might change in its constant going between a hard rock (the singularity) and a wall, the 2 D membrane.

So reality seems to repeat itself, every ‘proton-black hole’ in an ∞ scalar Universe:

Now the EXTENSION of the model of electromagnetism, translating its equations to vortex equations of accelerated time is a huge undertaking in its full complexity which we shall reserve for the fourth line; but in the basic level of the ‘Rashomon effect’, that of dynamic time vortices (Newtonian, Coulombian) for a rough conceptual understanding we can already see its fundamental self-similar but NOT equal Nature, meaning the next ‘future-larger-whole’ Universe above the galaxy-atom will be slightly different from our Universe. To start with some signs seem to indicate it is more of an antiparticle Universe. In any case the infinite variations beyond the ∆±4 scales, already found theoretically for a string theory, which needs to be corrected making it a space-time background and properly understanding its dualities and 10 dimensions in terms of 5D² theory.

Those limits of reality though are of null importance to mankind. Who cares if in an infinitely larger or smaller scale the fine constant that relates the difference of force and speed between light and electrons, its ‘collapsed’ ∆+1 scale differs? But in our perceived scales it will illuminate as the o-1 quantum probability sphere ≈ Γ(1-∞) statistical plane does, the Disomorphic nature of all those Planes of exist¡ence.

It means the foundation of the subject with the new physics of 5D time vortices; and makes sense of every part of electromagnetism, a cultural jargon, far more convoluted due to the lack of a precise understanding of it, in the times of Faraday, Franklin et al (for example all physicists do know about the – sign of electrons, an error as electrons are the + absorbing vortices, dominant in the electromagnetic scales NOT protons, which are the quark, dominant in the strong force and its symmetric gravitational informative inner galactic force). And all of them know that the only difference between G and Q is the 1/4e factor which was absorbed in G when Kepler->Newton developed their formulae.

One of the most fascinating results of the understanding of the 5th dimension of space-time, the dimension of fractal scales of space and different speeds of time clocks, is the enormous simplification it implies in our understanding of the fundamental concepts of the Universe, from the meaning of mass and energy, information and time to the solution of the equations yet not solved in classic physics.

In that regard, this new r=evolution of science must be understood as the simplification experimented by astronomy with the arrival of Copernicus which put in the center of the Universe the sun. He was first dismissed precisely for the simplicity of his discovery that made so easy to calculate the orbits of planets. The astronomers of the age found it so simple that they dismissed it. And yet as Einstein put it ‘God is simple and not malicious’. Again when Einstein introduced his most famous formulae, E=mc ², and then his special relativity, he was criticized for the simplicity of the mathematics required to reach those conclusions and Hilbert said it was so easy that a high school could find it.

Tƒ, Sp and Tƒ, Sp are similar concepts. If the reader observes i includes o and æ, a and e, a is in that sense expansive expulsion of energy taken in a larger conceptualization, o and a are the pure energy and form, emitted or absorbed with minimal interference of the being, e and I are the two more elaborated versions which approach to reach and e=I point in which the transformation ends and the being finds an equal connection that I and e are the same, and this realization starts the wave of present, puts in motion the system that finds a cyclical meaning to its communication of two poles and start to move with the purpose of growing and reproduction, Œ

Those masses and charges, prove that the Universe is much more than the physical definition. And we do still have to study the concept of the source, which we shall say now is the Tƒ closed element because once a cycle is closed it finds its purpose in repeating its path (law of the least action). And so it gives purpose to its motion. Closed motions become perceptive motions of its synchronicity with pat actions it is repeating and finding through its memorial logic volume of still time=information, it is itself.

Equivalence between Mass and Acceleration. Einstein’s Concept of Mass as a Frequency of Information


 In the graph, the evolution of the concept of mass in relativity, from the initial image of an abstract substance in the center of an accelerated vortex of space-time, proper of the abstract, pre–world war age, when Einstein first published his work on gravitation, to the first pictures obtained in bubble chambers in the postwar age, to the realization that each mass is a fractal space-time made of smaller cyclic motions proper of twenty-first century.

In the graph, for the pedantic observer, which rejects Newton as too simple, over seeded by Einstein, a final note on the multiple perspectives we can have of any event of space-time according to the ∆±1 or Sp, Tƒ, ST perspective we adopt, we classify the 4 standing models of gravitation as relative truths, belonging to the 4 perspectives of reality: Sp< =>Tƒ.

In the graph the 4 obvious descriptions of mathematical physics regarding gravitation: T (relativity, dominant in form)≈ Ft (Newton – dominant in dynamic motion) <-> Ps (Poisson, dominant in past spatial field/gradient-form)≈ Se (Lagrange, dominant in the analysis of the balances of entropic motion-energy):

Ft: Newton is a moving CLOCK LIKE vortex of the same mass-motion regions)

Ps: Poisson is a potential static field of energy gradients..

Se: Hamiltonian-Lagrangian is a dynamic description of the conservative energy of the system.

Tiƒ: Einstein’s simultaneous measures in relativity are a still, formal description in ‘present’ of the gravitational space-time.

And so all of them are equivalent. In fact Einstein derived his work via Poisson from Newton. Today Relativity’ informative mappings of the galaxy space-time are transformed in AMD theory into a Lagrangian-Hamiltonian ‘bidimensional model’, for computer calculations, proving once more the bidimensional structure of space-time.

All are in fact derived one from each other, as Einstein took its beginnings from Poisson, who elaborated on Newton; and the more important of them all the Hamiltonian).

Fractal relativity means on the other hand, that the larger wholes emerge from the smaller ones. So the larger masses emerge from the smaller motions of strong quarks. Its synchronic collective, bigger motions are quark stars, pulsars, and black holes. Today we can model any type of vortex of space-time with fractal mathematics, as each small vortex transfers the momentum to the bigger vortex, which emerges as a macroscopic entity.

Thus, we conclude that a black hole is a fractal concentration of the densest matter of the Universe, quarks, since quarks represent on average more than 99.9% of the matter of our bodies. Those improvements on the details of mass theory, based on the advancement of its mathematical tools (discovery of fractals, chaos theory, and the five postulates of non-Euclidean geometry) is the natural way in which the evolution of science happens, departing from sound logic principles.

In the text quoted from the New Scientist that opened chapter 2, we came to the conclusion that the Universe has a fractal structure because it is made of fractal space and fractal time. But what is space and time? In simple terms, here are the two essential morphologies of the Universe: Space is the lineal, expansive energy of the vacuum in eternal motion (seeing as still distance or space, according to the paradox of Galileo). And fractal times are cyclical clocks of information, whose frequency or rhythm encodes the information of the Universe.

So space and lineal energy on one side and time and cyclical clocks of information on the other are synonymous. The static, continuous concepts of space and time become then sums of discontinuous, moving pieces of energy and infinite clocks of information that our senses put together into an abstract continuous single space-time.

One we have “exploded” and given movement to the abstraction of space and time, it is easy to recognize the minimal bytes of energy and bits of information of the real, physical Universe. Physical information, masses and charges, and physical energy, forces, which are not substances but motions, events in time of cyclical, informative nature (masses and charges) or energetic, spatial, expanding shape (energy), that constantly transform into each other ad eternal, creating the essential rhythm of the physical Universe:

E (forces) < => Tƒ- Particles (masses and charges)

The key to grasp the concept of mass as a vortex of acceleration are two physical laws: one of classic relativity, the principle of equivalence between accelerated motions and masses, and one of fractal relativity, the paradox of Galileo, the fact that we perceive reality either as a moving energy (in the case of a mass, as a vortex) or as fixed space (in the case of mass as a particle). All moves and doesn’t move depending on the way we look at it. Thus, all spaces have inner motion, even if our senses don’t see that motion or fix that motion into forms of in/form/ation.

Mass is the great problem unresolved by quantum physicists in their model of the Universe since it is not an energetic but an informative form. Einstein, who had a visual, geometrical image of mass, defined it as a vortex that absorbed space-time, attracting in its flow everything else traveling on that space-time as a bathtub attracts all what is in the water it absorbs.

How did Einstein come to that idea? As many textbooks and visualizations explain, he realized that when we accelerate, as it happens in a Formula 1 car or a lift, we feel more weight. Thus, he made a bold statement: mass and acceleration are the same. If we feel mass when we accelerate, it is because mass is acceleration. But what type of acceleration?

The answer is actually quite simple, because it turns out that Newton had long ago discovered a beautiful formula to describe all the forces of the Universe: F=m × a.

Where a means a lineal acceleration and so m must be a cyclical acceleration. Indeed, there are no more types of accelerations and so Einstein (using, of course, more complex mathematics than Newton to refine his calculus, as mathematics had evolved a lot since Newton’s time) postulated that masses would be vortices of space-times since only a vortex is a cyclical, accelerated movement.




Particles as minds, waves as vital energy. The duality of particle-wave in other scales.
@-minds are the particle -cover of reality, the form of information, the membrane. We are the particle of the earth – its collective brain; the exoderm of a biological being becomes its membrain of sensorial information. And in a loose way gender is also related: reproductive, hyperbolic women’s body are waves – the vital energy of the couple, IN BALANCE between its spatial and informative tendencies, complementary to the particle-potential duality of the informative & entropic man, which is out of balance maximizing both limits – the informative brain, the lineal body. So we talk of the wave as the present S≈T state and particles as the $>ð states.
And this brings us the importance of quantum physics as the first observable layer from where to deduce time-space properties.
It is in that sense unfortunately that instead of the right realist pilot-wave theory which plugs in fully with 5D laws, we have interpreted in terms of probability. Of course, the o-1 infinitesimal sphere in time is equivalent (measure theory) to the 1-∞ plane in populations, so the quantum model in the o-1 temporal, probabilistic sphere is mathematically right but it is both, confusing conceptually, and cumbersome (as we put all equation through a cumbersome ‘renormalization’ process to get the 1-maximal probability for all data).
In any case despite all that difficulty we shall bring some ‘properly explained’ quantum laws without equation into other scales of reality, as we have done with the wave-particle duality and reserver only the 4th line for the cumbersome analysis in detail of all those bra-kets renormalization processes and kaleidoscopic infinity of equations, in a extremely detailed and worked out science. It is then quantum physics so strange when we explain it ‘normal’? Not really. And what it is strange it is rather revealing, properly understood of the laws of 5D and the ‘virtual limits’ of our perception of the Universe. The key of it all is indeed the fact that there is a ‘quantum’ quantity, the h-planck minimal unit of angular momentum, intrinsic to particles, which is the minimal discrete unit of spatial, still electronic minds (not continuous, not differentiable). 

The best explanation of motion is one of reproduction of information, which requires a constant stop, reproduce your information in the next region of space-time, go… sliding and converting motion in yet another form of reproduction, which becomes then the fundamental ‘nature’ of reality – a fractal that reproduces information. And we shall return to that key insight.

In the graph, we show also 3 practical/theoretical proofs/explanations deduced of it – just a token of the ginormous number of ‘solid’ whys provided by ∆st: .

  • The complementarity wave-particle and our perception of quantum motions as a constant reproduction of the wave-form states.
  • A fact that solves  Achiles paradox, as motion has a finitesimal limit in the minimal quanta of size, of reproduction, the h-quanta of angular momentum, of both particles and waves. And so we can only measure 1/2 of the process smeared by the constant stop and go-reproduce, binary state of the particle as minimal ‘bit of informative reproduction’ and size.
  • But perhaps the most interesting consequence is the realist understanding of the uncertainty principle: we cannot measure position and momentum, because momentum is ‘motion’ and it is wave momentum, and position is still particle. So as the system is EITHER particle or wave in motion, the exact measure of the form as particle, ‘blurs’ the momentum-eve measuring, which means in other terms that the minimal unit of reproduction of the wave (kh) is the angular momentum, h/2π, which is always an unlocalised unit of reproductive motion. We could also say that the process of reproduction is always between two adjacent h-steps (h/2π)…
In the graph, we see the quantum duality, which surprisingly enough Physicists still don’t understand as it has been the center of all its disquisitions for a century. As Born put it in its Nobel discourse: “This idea of complementarity is now regarded by most physicists as the key to the clear understanding of quantum processes. Can we call something with which the concepts of position (space) and motion (time) cannot be associated in the usual way, a thing, or a particle? And if not, what is the reality which our theory has been invented to describe?”
We shall deal specifically with the ‘false weirdness’ of quantum physics, more of a problem of the ego-trips of man, which cannot accept vital, organic, sentient beings in any other species, and prefer the ‘abstract’ view that only man has living properties in the articles on the 4th line; as all resolves when we accept the metric of 5D, which makes smaller systems, faster in time, more informative, and hence, ultimately the particles that do reproduce when absorbing energy replicating more quarks and electrons, do gauge information and react to it, the ‘site’ of perception, whose ‘quantum’ of existence is indeed, an still, discrete ‘angle of perception’, an angular momentum called ‘h’.
And so all the weirdness comes to this: the particles ‘react’ to the slow bombing of experiments (which as Bell put it, IS the name we should give to ‘abstract measure’, as we ‘experiment’ with them, and they react ‘collapsing’ into tight formations to the brutal bombs we send to measure them, as schools of fish react to the shark. And so ALL the weirdness of quantum worlds, which physicists acknowledge COMES TO those 2 things is easily resolved in the organic Universe:
1. We measure unlike in inert matter on our scale NOT the state of the particle ‘before the measure’ but its STATE after we try to measure and they react. 
2. Spins are ‘still’ angles of still informative perception, the minimal units, our electronic minds use to construct reality, as its particles – the ultimate pixels of our mind – align with the ‘experiment’ they perceive as much as we perceive them.
The after reaction of particles, the stop-particle-perception vs. go-wave-motion and the static spins is all the weirdness that there is to quantum physics; and they are just in ∆st, 3 kaleidoscopic perspectives from the point of view of the @-mind of the particle, its spin; and its S≈Teps of motion, through its states in still space as informative particles and time as moving waves.
And with those insights we can also resolve the conundrums of relativity (constancy of c-speed, and its limit; why they define time as the 4th dimension of space, being the best known).
The reductionism of lineal time only motions and its limited formulae. Time as 4D.
YOU MUST REALLY even if you are a physicist or a groupie of its equations, understand clearly that v=s/t, their equation of TIME from where all other time concepts of physics spread IS ONLY lineal time motion, ONLY a type of change and TO REDUCE the 5 Dimensions of time=change=motion of reality to that single line of a cartesian graph IS plainly speaking the main reason we have NOT understood the first principles of reality; and so unless YOU accept to break that ‘Jail of the Mind’ REGARDLESS of the absolute detail physics has achieved studying locomotions in space you will never expand your understanding of reality as IT IS.
Indeed, take the case of relativity. Mr. Einstein, our absolute idol and genius, the ‘seer of time’, actually just completed the work on Galileo’s formula of lineal time v=s/t, by adding on the verge of maximal speed within the galaxy (c-speed), a ‘factor’ to correct the ‘warping’ that ‘drags’=slow downs particles trying to go as fast as waves.
So his formula for measure of lineal time motions and distances in space, instead of v=s/t is S²=Δr²-c² t² and then of course the entire business of measuring distances in space with lineal time-motions with extreme detail get extremely complex for the sake of accuracy. But for a philosopher of all sciences, searching for the ultimate meanings of time and space, which can be applied to all of them, as we humans do live in time, have time worldcycles, occupy a vital space and DESERVE to be explained, THIS was more of the same ‘reductionism’ of time as A MEASURE OF motions in Space (hence the quip that time is the fourth dimension of space – Not SO, only if you reduce all the time motions, changes of in-form-ation and dimensions of reality to the lineal graph of Maese Galileo, measuring with Kepler’s clock the reach of cannonballs as a the master of ballistics of the venetian army.
Of course we WILL explain further all of physics, in growing detail as time goes by. But this must be clear again: you can either have dogmas, idols and believe, and then you have nothing to do in this blog, or you can ‘think’, be humble, understand as Aristotle, the highest mind of mankind put it ‘that the only thing we know is that we know nothing’ and then keep reading.
Further on we try to RESPECT as much as possible the correspondence principle. SO since physicists use only lineal time motion as a dimension of time, which they call the 4th dimension and then of course, when dealing with the future of time, use worldlines NOT worldcycles to describe life and death and ENTROPY=death (the next step of simplification of lineal time, now also expanding and breaking the being) as the supposed future of all realities, which they call the ‘arrow of time’, (but are at pains to understand what it means and how to related it to the 2Dimension of lineal motion), we shall call ENTROPY, scattering disordered death the 4TH DIMENSION of time.
That’s really the best I can do trying to respect our ‘seers of time’, which would do better going back to school.
Let us then for good ‘measure’ expand a bit or rather explain the ‘limits’ of an analysis of reality with only an abstract cartesian pen and paper continuous graph of light space-time as relativity does; and then give more interesting answers to quantum weirdness, from an organic pov.

Relativity of c-speed.

The first thing we have to understand is what it is really the ‘abstract graph of pen and paper’ Newton considered the background God draw Not Descartes, behind the equations of reality,  he added on it. In the galaxy we live in, where we make ALL our measures, the vacuum space IS light space-time, a background radiation of LIGHT. So LIGHT is the ‘abstract’ graph but IT IS A LOCAL light space-time, because inside black holes there is darkness – light is not; and outside galaxies there is darkness, hardly any light crosses the halo of galaxies. So it is OBVIOUS that as you cannot in a very fast river stream run faster, the more so if you are a heavy particle; you cannot go faster than c-light in the galactic river. Moreover, as your mind IS ELECTRONIC, and we have clarify that WE STOP AS PARTICLES TO PERCEIVE information, when two electronic atoms MEASURE light, they have FIRST entangled in ‘stillness’, then sent each other a light beam but AS THEY ARE in a fractal Universe STOPPED in relationship to each other – THEY MEASURE ALWAYS C-LIGHT SPEED, they do NOT add THEIR slow macroscopic speed, as PERCEPTION HAPPENS in the quantum scale, in STILLNESS. Alas, THE CONUNDRUM OF c-speed constancy, and the limit of c-speed within galaxies IS solved. The rest of relativity consists IN calculating from the perspective of the macro-system that SEEMS to be moving, the still c-speed of the microsystem of particles, communicating with each other in stillness.

All this said, as I know the reader, if any will be a man who ‘idolises’ the high popes of physics, our ‘present seers’ of time, and will like to know what all this has to do with his ‘dogma-theory’ (4D relativity and quantum physics); all what we say just widens and explains better the weirdness and limits of 4D relativity (which is just the study of 2 specific planes of the 5D scalar Universe, the light space-time plane in special relativity and the gravitational larger russian doll in general relativity).

And so we do ‘revis(it)e’ Relativity in the more specialised 4th line articles to show how it fits as a ‘smaller theory’ of a part of the whole scalar Universe, which goes beyond its limits of space-time (c-speed as the rod of measure of ‘constant space’, T=0 temperature of time-motion) beyond the galaxy (hyperluminal speeds=actions at distance in regions where there is NOT a background light space-time) and the black hole (an accelerated time vortex that should go beyond c-speed and 0 temperature past the event horizon). Those obvious, increasingly proved experimental facts that widen the limits of relativity beyond the galaxy, are poised to be accepted as faster than z=c speed jets of matter coming out of black holes in galaxies become overwhelming (they already are, as the third picture above at 10c shows, but lacking the 5D formalism astrophysicists prefer to deny facts for lack of models and elaborate bizarre arguments to deny those faster than c-speeds).

All this said we must also stress that 5D² IS a theory that applies to all ‘stiences’ and scales, as each science merely studies a scale of size, and ALL of them are equally important. The time cycles of life or history are NOT less important than those of quantum particles.  So the reader MUST understand that the primacy of physicists IS cultural, as the makers of weapons, the tools of power, and machines, the idols of our technological civilisation.
But on pure theoretical, modelling basis, we shall NOT keep their idolised position as the ‘seers of time’, more important in its time=motion analysis that let us say, Darwin who study motion=change in the information of life, or Kondratieff, which study the cycles of evolution of machines in economics, or Spengler who studied the life and death of organic civilisations. If anything less important as we do NOT move=chance at light speed, and the 2Dimension of motion is for us far less important than the 0-1Dimension of ‘genesis’ and perceptive information.


So this said, we are in a radical journey through the organic, vital properties of all physical systems which physicists do not even care to ask for, but Do exist. But so far here we shall rather make simpler translations of more pedestrian properties than the ‘fuking’ of electrons, aka decoupling in the language of physics (:

In the graph, the simplified version of a world cycle is Einstein’s 4D formalism of a worldline,where only 1 motion in time, lineal inertia is fully understood; compared with the full structure of scalar space-time with its 3 ‘topological space-time arrows’ in a single plane and its 2 scalar arrows of entropy, towards dissolution of systems, and social evolution into larger wholes.

The cycles of existence of beings can be easily described in the complete system of 5D as travels through the 5th dimesion. Yet with less dimensions space-time cycles become lines of motion and all what we know is how the entity moves in a single plane of space-time.

This shallow 4D motion-time of course has been studied to a degree of detail which IS extraordinary by physicists. But it reduces still realily and its whys to a single receipt.

The principle of complementarity wave-particle.

In modern physics, though the more interesting pending questions are the conundrums of quantum physics, as they are not just experimental problems as in Relativity, but deep theoretical questions, which plug in directly into the meaning of motion=time and still informative space, perception and measure; and the ego paradoxes of man, who sees a still world with its mind at the center and so naturally is inclined to feel more important, unique and the Universe a dead-still reality. So we shall resolve them here in a few lines. Look at the next pictures.
 We apply this insight on the reasons of dimensional analysis to ‘a bidimensional wave’ that transforms into a ‘bidimensional particle’. Because as we say both now have the same dimension; IT IS A QUESTION OF READRESSING THEM IN A FUNDAMENTAL FACT TO ADAPT 4D formalisms to 5D³ physics (AS OBSERVED in the above graph of time-information and flat space).

What we observe is that when a quantum ‘state’ is measured by stopping it and absorbing it with our instruments it COLLAPSES into a particle, but when it moves IT DOES SO reproducing information as a wave. So it is quite obvious: the state of motion is a wave state, the state of informative perception is a particle, which in fact has only an intrinsic property, its ‘h/2 spin or angular momentum’, which is ‘STILL’, discrete and non-differentiable, as informative spatial minds are:

The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion-wave state and a still-particle state, together.

In graph group velocity is particle (ab.•) speed as it surrounds the wave (≈), whose phase velocity is V≈≥V•

The wave is surrounded by the particle which is encircling it. The creational process of reproductive dimensions thus starts at its minimal scale departing from a dot that becomes a 1D line, which a wave spreads=smears but a particle orders by closing in, surrounding and fixing the waves, which start a forth and back process that decelerates it and finally stops it into standing particle points, able to gauge information as still minds. And then again the bouncing within the particle enclosure of the wave, increases its information through ∑superpositions of fourier transforms, stopping, now rotating, now stopping to create a 3D ball; and so growth is reproduction as motion is. Waves that move and become the group vital energy for the particle to stop and perceive.
And so the whole moves as a group particle, and each of the inner standing waves back and fourth as a phase particle, which is in its limit taking 3 steps back and forth for each 2 steps of the particle, 2/3 being the classic harmony between the speed of the wave back and fourth and the reproductive motion of the particle forwards stopping forwards. Then mathematically this shows in the imaginary back negative moment of the wave and the positive, reproductive doubling of the particle.
Particles are envelopes of waves, that constrain and order them. Waves move particles. And both are complementary, and its ‘spherical and hyperbolic forms’ keep evolving and become the basis of the body-head complementarity in more evolved topological species.
IT IS EVEN the origin of the gender duality, as reproductive ‘female waves’, and sterile, informative male particles define clearly the dual role of gender. It is ALL DEEPLY originated by the space-time properties of Nature, and so we talk of “Disomorphic laws’ to the laws of reality which ultimately have its why, its origin on space-time symmetries and stop and go form and motion.

The largest fractal organisms: Galaxies and universes.

What are the limits of such super organisms tracing world cycles of existence? Obviously we don’t know as all can be modeled as a super organism symmetric to a time world cycle, even those limits we only perceive partially (the Universe and the quantum wave). Let us consider the limits in more detail.

 In the next graph we can model galaxies as ‘cells of the Universe’, with an informative ‘DNA’ black hole that catalyses the evolution of stars, the ‘mitochondria’, energetic organelles that reproduce atoms; enclosed by a halo of dark matter

Indeed, below, in 2017, astronomers reach enough information to model dynamically the Universe and have observed that ‘galacells’ move through ‘tubular’ regions of forces, as in a river network or vein networks, in a vast realisation that all what exists IS a super organism of three physiological networks, including of course, human societies, company-mothers of machines an its global super organisms, History an the metal-earth. So we can also model the Universe as a dual physiological network of dark -matter in/form/ation and electromagnetic energy. And define it in those terms:

“The Universe is a fractal organism that reproduces information, stored in timespace cycles.”

The Universe and all its parts made to its image and likeness, is a fractal that reproduces information, co-existing in multiple scales, the very essence of what science considers to be an organism, whose purpose is to ‘reproduce’, to ‘grow and multiply’ into social networks of similar cells, in scales of growing complexity from strings to neutrinos and light rays, to particles, quarks and electrons that reproduce and associate into atoms that evolve socially into molecules, cells, states of matter, and if we ‘divide’ artificially them into inorganic and organic paths, multicellular organisms,  super organisms, societies and ecosystems, geological super organisms (word coined by the founder of Geology, Hutton to define Gaia), solar systems, and societies of stars, the ‘mitochondria’ that reproduces the substances, which the informative, gravitational black hole, the ‘dna’ of the ‘gala cell’ ab=uses to reproduce its dark matter, which further organise those ‘gala cells’ into tubular networks, of some larger timespace organism of which we can see only a small part with little detail, Lainakea, seen in dynamic form in the right picture, floating in the ‘dark sea’, which if we could see, (as we observe only 4% of it), will likely be a tight network of atom-galaxies of the next ‘hyper scale’ of reality.

What is then the ‘trick’ to see a super organism: the S≈T symmetry, which means to look simultaneously the 3 elements of any T.œ.

For example, if we were to accept the big-bang theory (latter we shall reason, why it is quite likely only a local big-bang cycle of quasars); then it is simple to see the Universe in space as a cellular organism, with the big-attractor in the center (maximal density region of galaxies), the gala cells around it and the ‘wall of fire’ as the external membrane.

If we look internally the structure of those galacells, in detail we can see the ‘nervous/dark matter’ and blood/energetic, electromagnetic systems, which look like a ‘wave-membrane’ all together… It is this constant isomorphic topological, geometric and temporal, evolving nature of all systems regardless of scale what science denies but stience considers the essence of reality.

Alas of course, this will be rejected by physicists as it is obvious that ONLY the homunculus is ORGANIC, vital, intelligent, sentient, perceptive, speaking the only language of God, maths,  and so on… LOL what can I say, I am not into the business of pumping the ego of homunculus… Instead we shall close the cyclical fast review of some aspects of astrophysics with the outrageous facts of absolute relativity, which implies NO SCALE IS PREFERENTIAL, HENCE ALL ARE SIMILAR, by showing in the language of physics, maths, but in its simplest kaleidoscopic view, Newtonian>Poison vortices of potential forces, why indeed the maths of galaxies and atoms are the same.



A new age of social sciences as biological sciences.

3. wave of history medreduxs
In the graph the 3 ages of history, starting in the center, in the paleolithic youth, then the mature age on the right, the neolithic age, and on the left the cycles of the 3rd age of metal, which will bring the neopaleolithic closing the cycle. The graph thus must be pegged on the lap to make a full worldcycle of existence of mankind, as exhibited in the original show of conceptual cubism.

When we study biological beings and social sciences, we shall also find enormous new inroads in our understanding of both subjects. As organicism departs from a simple philosophical truth: that all systems have an organic, biological nature, but we humans self-centred in our perspective deny those properties to beings we do not fully perceive (physical systems) or are too different from us, (outside the realm of social sciences), only biology provides as Eddington said a very accurate description of all the information of the system. Still, we must also expand with the new knowledge provided by ∆-metric equations, Moving, entropic space, and cyclical time arrows, those sciences.

And here the revolution brought about by the new understanding of space and time and its scales is obvious, and shall be dealt with 2 new/old disciplines, both for biological and social sciences (as social sciences which are about human beings, biological beings after all will be redefined in terms of biology as offshoots of this larger discipline, both in history, the social super organism of mankind, and economics, which is dominated by the industrial evolution of ‘metalife’, the machine, now becoming no longer a mechanism but a robotic organism).

  • Topological evolution, which studies with the varieties of topology and mathematics, the forms of organisms, as they are also space-time beings and so will follow the 3 topologies in space and 3 ages in time of all systems.
  • Social evolution, which studies how parts become wholes stronger and fitter to survive. So this eusocial arrow grows the universe in scales, from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, organisms and ecosystems.

And a lot of pages will be dedicated to the new disciplines, partially shown in the following 2 graphs:


In the graph, we see the function of existence of humans across its ∆ST symmetries. Above 3 scales of human existence, and the human function in space with its 3 topological networks, and its development in time, as the system emerges into a higher social plane, forms part of a culture, goes through 3 ages and dies back into the lower scale of beings.

Ternary symmetry between topological space and time ages.

The Universe is made of fractal space-time beings,  entities which transform constantly 2 substances, spatial energy and temporal information, constructing and deconstructing super organisms, across fractal self-similar scales, in domains of an ego, which become ternary strutures of ‘living matter’.

But time and space are dynamic parts of the being of space-time, the temporal cyclical clocks of time that O-heads/particles store, and the energetic, lineal, moving, faster, larger limbs that combine the infinite beings of space-time are in constant change and fluctuation:


All systems of nature combine motion and form, energy and information, lineal space and cyclical time into body-waves that reproduce the system and form a complementary system of energy and information, fundamental unit of the Universe, as all physical systems are made of cyclical particles of information, absorbing energy of a field through a hyperbolic wave, and all biological systems are made with informative heads, moving through lineal limbs and absorbing and reproducing energy and information with its body. The ternary Spe (limb/field)

All physical systems are ruled by the complementarity principle of quantum physics, which states they have ‘both’, a wave that reproduces over a field of energy, and a particle that stores most of the form, of the information of the system; all biologic systems have a head of information and a body moved by its limbs of energy, all social systems have an upper class that controls the languages of information of societies and a working body that re=produces the system with the energy of the society; and now we realise all machines are becoming robots, with information systems that control them.

In the graph we see how bites and bits of energy and  information with lineal, maximal motion-energy and cyclical maximal volume of information, temporal forms, assembly themselves into topological larger fractal networks that become also morphologically self-similar, eyes-camera, weapons-bones (if we reduce ourselves to biological and mechanical systems) that perform the same informative and energetic functions.

In this manner space-time beings are born by combining the 2 simplest canonical topologies of the Universe, lineal spatial energy planes and cyclical, tal, informative spherical volumes of information, combined into its 3rd and final topology, the hyperbola body-wave that repeats the system constantly as fractals do in other regions of space-timecreating the space-time being of reality:

Spe (Limbs/fields) < ST-hyperbolic body/waves>O-informative particles/heads

In the graph the combinations of a hyperbolic territory or body-wave, which constantly iterates the information stored into the particle/head or ego-self of a domain limited by a field/limb system or membrane which connects the being with a larger world strutters the dimensions-ages-arrows of space-time of a being.

Such being further on will be a topological being, in which each organic form is made of network of points, whose topological properties define its form and function. And as such we talk of a series of scales of self-similar networks of smaller points that structure the 5th dimension of scales of the Universe, and its metric equation Max. size  = Min. Information, as smaller beings run faster clocks (chips, genes of dna, quantum atoms), which store more information and move faster

This simple scheme of reality is what we relate in the first sentence of this web, each word with a deep meaning to understand the logic of time, the topology of space, the scales of existence, in which the worldycles of super organisms, the fundamental particle of the Universe, develop its existential cycles, easily expressed with the fractal generator, as the Existential function in 3 phases/ages/topological forms:

Informative seed< Past-youth-energetic age < Present-iterative hyperbolic wave-body age> informative, cyclical, future, particle-head, 3rd age << entropic death

Since WE ARE ALL SPACE-TIME BEINGS a fundamental insight of Einstein – that time and space are imbricated does hold, but in a more sophisticated fractal way, which explains the ages of life of the previous graph. Now the symmetry holds as follow: there are only 3 topological varieties of space, hyperbolic body-waves, informative spheres (the form which stores more information in lesser space) and lineal limbs/fields of entropic energy (the shortest, fastest distance between 2 points). So because form in space is equivalent to function in time, there is a correspondence between entropy and lineal fields/limbs, information and heads/particles and iteration and body/waves. And so in a world cycle, as we change age from an age of energy or youth, dominated by limbs/fields into an iterative, mature age to a 3rd informative age, our topological form changes accordingly and our systems also change its dominance: youth is motion, maturity is reproduction and old age is information, both in forms and functions.

Why is important to learn the metric of 5D is obvious – as what we call ‘existence’, the game of life and death can be easily described as journey through the 5th dimension. Since entities can travel by diminishing and growing in size, changing the speed of its actions, accordingly, as in the world cycle of life and death, which starts in a fast seminal world (right side) but grows by reproduction and social organisation, as it slows the metabolic speed of the system, finally emerging as a human being. And so we will be able to define a world cycle of existence in 5th dimensions – an expansion of the simplex concept of a worldline in 4D – to define the life and death, creation and extinction processes not only of life beings but also of physical and social systems.

The Function of Existence in present space-time, is an entity of Entropy and Information, which combine in a field of space-time, a body-wave that repeats the system and ensures the immortality of the Universe, written as Tƒ<ST<Sp.

This is a deep word, Tƒ is your head-particle of logic < your flow of form and orders to your ST wave-body of energy and information, which exists in a field of space-time, St, where it will perform your actions.

Upgrading of biological sciences. Biological life: Topological Evolution: the 3 horizons/ages of all species.

Indeed Topological Biology proved equally fruitful, because those 3 topologies corresponded to the 3 physiological networks and systems of all living beings. Thus, there was also a topological ‘plan of evolution’, the 3 Horizon of all species, limited by those 3 only topologies, as all of them evolved from a first lineal, energetic, top predator age, into a reproductive balanced form and finally raised in height to become dinosaurs, birds, or human beings, tall in the dimension of height, the dimension of information:


In the graph a synopsis of topological evolution applied to biological human and mechanical systems.We can consider each species a superorganism of its cellular individuals, which therefore obeys in a larger slower scale of the 5th dimension the same 3 ages of life of its individual cells-systems. 

We see how all systems are born as seminal seeds that go through a first age of biological evolution akin to the youth of life, in which a lineal, energetic top predator species, appears. This species then starts a biological radiation in its 2nd reproductive age, and finally grows into information along the height dimension of time cycles, to perceive better with its head on top (dinosaurs, in reptiles, human apes in mammals, robots in machines) and forms social wholes, becoming a larger whole.

So machines, also evolved first in its sp-bodies (I industrial evolution or age of England, then in its ST-internal engines or age of Germany, then in its Tƒ, mental heads (chip-brains, mobile-ears and tv-cameras-eyes), or Age of America, and now they are put together into robots, and social networks, becoming a global super organism, the metal-earth, which is displacing the aborted super organism of mankind, as the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences prevent true social scientists to explain the biological laws of economics.  

Above we see the cyclical informative ovule and the lineal energetic semen as gender is also a duality of Sp-Tƒ complementary specialiation.

Then, we shall consider the classic field of evolution, and the program of survival of all systems, which perform 5 simple actions, locomotions (a for acceleration), energy feeding (e), informative communication and perception (i), reproduction into a new offspring (o), and social evolution of parts into universals (u).

Those 4 internal and one social external actions which define life, or drive of existence will actually be found in all systems of nature, coded by different logic cyclical patterns. So 4 genetic letters code those internal functions in cells. 4 drives of existence in living beings, 4 quantum numbers in particles, and so on. We talk of a mathematical, mechanical, vegetative, automatic program of survival, as those species who do not absorb energy and information for their bodies, limbs and heads, and evolve socially into stronger wholes and reproduce to survive bend death no longer exist.

And so all mental o-points stored in logic cycles the program of the Universe. Genetics, with its faster information, topological organic evolution of cells into individuals into ecosystems and classic survival selection with its 5 actions, are thus the 3 main sub disciplines of biology.

While Lamarckian evolution dating back to the Greeks, is the limit of Darwin’s evolution in the external plane of a full formed organism (which does adapt to the environment, as earlier as the fetus, as we know now, since for example a woman that eats little has a kid with more fat cells forever, acquired as a survival strategy for the future), Darwin’s evolution is the limit of Social evolution, and genetics, of a single individual fighting for survival, in a single plane, when he is in fact coded by a smaller plane, and genetic is the limit of topological evolution, as it lacks the understanding of the ‘range of variations’ possible in a Universe in which we ‘are’ made of topological dimensions with only 3 variations (hyperbolic body-waves, lineal moving limbs/Fields, as the line is the fastest distance between 2 points, and spherical heads/particles of information, as the sphere stores more information in lesser space).

In the graph the topological plan of evolution or different families of life and engineering, fats that become nucleotide and spiraled long DNAs, fishes that evolve into vertical forms, flat amphibians that rise their legs to become dinosaurs, flat monotremes that become mammals and rise into apes, lineal machine–weapons that grow into tall robots.

Evolution has a third entire unknown sub-discipline besides ‘Darwinism’ and ‘genetics’ ‘topological evolution’ that explained why so few variations and homologies existed among species, why evolution even if it was chaotic did only evolve into ternary species.

And so we can apply this topological evolution also to human being.

-In biological terms, we should consider 3 sub disciplines.

Genetics, which explains how lower scales, with faster time cycles, hence faster more information, code larger systems, according to those metric Tƒ x Sp = constant; coupled with Social Evolution, which explains how social organisms dominate loose herds, hence multicellular evolution and organic physiological evolution matter more than individual one; and how planes of space, moulded by time cycles, create efficient forms guided by genetic clocks that program its development.

And here is where the 2nd new subdiscpline, topological evolution appears; as there are only 3 topologies in the Universe, so all biological and physical organisms have 3 parts, described by a variation in space of the generator equation:

|-limbs/fields of kinetic energy < ST-hyperbolic, reproductive body-waves>O-Tƒ closed membranes and brains

So all systems evolve searching for efficiency of those 3 physiological sub-systems and its external forms.

5D fractal space-cyclical time

In the graph, general systems sciences unifies all other sciences, departing from 2 arrows of temporal form, lineal, entropic energy-motions and cyclical vortices of time, which carry the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles. They come together into complementary beings of energy and information, which become Nature’s systems, from quantum complementary motion-wave/informative particle systems to Body-Head biological systems, to social ‘informative, ruling class/working class’ systems. All of them however can be studied with the common laws and properties of energy and information, and the  way they combine with each other according to certain ‘space-time symmetries’.

in the graph above we show the huge new roads open to biological sciences by the understanding of the topological ternary varieties of space-time, and the social nature of all scales that evolve into larger wholes, applied to the study of species, which become super organisms with a longer metric of time than individuals but essentially going also through the 3 ages of a world cycle, as they grow in information. The final result of this increase of information in life beings, being the human being (:

We can see also the ternary differentiation of species, as there is only 3+i avenues for improvement, increasing information, energy, reproduction or social evolution into wholes. So species start in a young predatory lineal age, then become a reproductive radiation, and finally increase its information in the dimension of informative, perceptive height, and then evolve socially into super organisms (human and insect societies). All those facts are variations of the same concept of space-time evolution. And it does away with absurd ideological anthropomorphic myths, such as why there is eusocial evolution, as in mystique terms:

‘the 5th dimension of social wholes is an arrow of love’.

We can also explain punctuated evolution, as time can accelerate in certain conditions studied in detail in the analysis of the 3, always 3 horizons of species, and this is possible because you can only choose 3 topological paths. it explains questions darwin already wondered, such as how genes chose to do flat wings and spherical eyes – just because those are Nature’s topologies for energetic motions of wings and informative perception and mapping in a still point of pure information of eyes. And of course it does away with Creationist Evolution by a personal God that ‘accelerated’ this intelligent design.


And so in this manner we can classify and explain the morphological evolution of all systems, with the TERNARY (SPACE-TIME) FRACTAL (5D) PRINCIPLE OF CREATION. Consider for example the 3 ‘races of the mind’ that differentiated human species.


For example, in the graph, we see the neocortex, the integrating organ of the languages of human perception, which displays its 3 ‘dimensional axis’ of language (width, temporal region and temporal, informative language of mankind), vision (length, occipital region and spatial language of mankind) and body-emotional control (height axis, parietal region, which should also include the motor cortex), which are all integrated by the forehead.

So goes for the false duality of eusocial love religions and biology – as the arrow of EUSOCIAL EVOLUTION IS DARWINIAN, IT PROTECTS THE SPECIES, NOT THE INDIVIDUAL MAKING IT A LARGER STRONGER WHOLE. So eusocial love religions is the verbal expression of the law of survival of species by becoming stronger social groups.

It is then clear that the formalism of general systems sciences must be based in the concept of a scalar Universe, with an evident organisation in parts smaller than wholes, which all together form a 5th  dimension of scalar space-time. And so the metric formalism of this scalar dimension, of which every microscopic and macroscopic detail is a proof of existence, will become the  formalism of GST, searched for so long.

Entities in the Universe are made of cyclical heads-particles, knots of space-time cycles of information that gauge and mirror, perceive in stillness, a focus of information, which they will then try to conserve by reflecting that mirror into fractal reproductions of its self, in this manner a first point of information is created, tif, then a territory or wave-body of order, St and finally a being with 3 parts, a limb/field of energy, a body-wave that iterates the information of the tif, particle-head appears, and a fractal super organism of space-time is born:

Spe (limb/fields)<St(body waves)>Tiƒ (particle-heads):

Space-time combines both into holographic 4-dimensional beings.

And we can affirm putting together the 2 fundamental principles of conservation of the Universe, the conservation of Energy and Information (and its quanta equivalences, the principle of conservation of lineal and angular momentum, as energy and information are nothing but the integral of each of those quanta of lineal and angular momentum):

“All what exists is a system of quanta of vital space and cyclical time, exchanging and trans-forming back and forth energy and information ad eternal: Spe<ST(exi)>Tiƒ”

So the Fractal Generator classifies all different space-time beings made with the 3 topological formal motions of the Generator:


Since Nature ‘pegs’ those 3 forms & functions, which put together create the underlying structure of all systems of reality, both physical and biological, as all combined the ternary elements of the generator equation, either in sequential time orders (entropic youth, reproductive maturity, 3rd informative old age) or simultaneous, spatial organisms.

The topological description: |xo=Ø, considers those 3 elements.

This simple self-repetitive structure in its repetition and interaction for n-particles across ∆±n scales causes thee existence of a super organism, as a self-centred, point of view. It will be used to describe the natural symmetries of all physical systems, though it will only have such a topology in the pure informative states as ‘seeds’ of information, or ‘minds of perception’.

Now we can make a philosophical recess to understand how deep and important is the new paradigm for the worldview man has the Universe and its unending quest for objective science, away from the human belief of man as the centre of the Universe, because indeed, all what we have said tell us that we humans are NOT the centre of anything, but just another fractal of space-time, and that is a huge attack on the ego and the myths but obviously a much more objective, scientific view of reality. It is in that sense the 4th paradigm of knowledge, away from religious myths, from self-centred men as the only species, from the earth as the only centre and scale.

The entropic culture in a memorial Universe that conserves present patterns.

Now we can also bring a natural resistance to T.œ: the fact the entropic white, military culture dominates the world. So COMPLEX, organic views of reality as those sponsored by Asian cultures, today by T.œ are rare.

Indeed, a historic analysis shows that ALL civilizations always thought time to be cyclical except the one who developed the western global military empire, by using first lineal iron swords and then lineal gunpowder weapons. And we shall see immediately how linearity became a necessary tool to develop ‘Germanic iron swords and gunpowder weapons’, and the close connection between lineal physics and people who culturally belong to the culture of weapons.

I can’t tell you how many zillion times I have argued since my times at Columbia University with top physicists the obvious: that as crystal, solid systems re-order and reproduce form on the side of cold temperature reducing the entropy of hot states; also gravitational forces in galaxies, implode vacuum into particles, masses and finally the informative black hole center of null entropic space and so mass and gravitation balance the entropic expansion of space between galaxies. It came to irritate me because they never had a rational answer. Just a silence; exactly the kind of silence I had from dogmatic priest of Abrahamic religions when young in ‘catholic spain’ I shunned off their arguments about an arrogant pre-rational age fellow considering to talk to G.Bush (not the president but the bush god:) 

With time I came to a factual conclusion: most human brains do work specially after youth like computer mother-boards imprinted by a memorial program – as absurd as it might be, once imprinted you cannot erase it. After all the Universe works through memorial repetition, because precisely it conserves present momentum, and its integrals of energy. Cyclical time is about patterns of repetition of form. And on my view 99.9% of brains work this way. Only a very reduced number of minds, extremely intelligent and ‘free’ of any memetic reinforced imprinting conserve the capacity to reason and change their forms of thought. I would say over 140. And you need quite more to break through without the help of a master, in new orders of understanding. I shouldn’t say this but i tested 180 in school exams. And since I truly think all humans and all things in the Universe for that matter are equal in value, frankly I always expected a bit more of malleability in human brains. But that is not the case. And I am glad at least I found in the ternary model of time arrows, dominated by present, repetitive time cycles the explanation. So the freak is me (: I should be repeating the same ‘meme-ces’ (:spanish word for silly things:), everybody does in the western tradition thinking how clever it is. 

So after this rant, just for fun, humor being the beginning of mind rebellion, realise ‘science’ is ultimately ‘human thought’, and you must as we soon reveal, understand how minds mirror and reflect reality to fully grasp the limits of humanity in his ‘reflection’ of the Universe ‘as it is’.

Hence the obvious fact that western culture and its entropic power repeats its dogmas≈postulates. This is clear in America, which has substituted Germany as the modern culture of weapons, white supremacism and scientific dogma, without any historic knowledge on how those dogmas and postulates were created. So most people in the dominant world culture are either believers in science or in religion who cannot argue. I have tried to convince academia that entropy and death is NOT the necessary end of mankind and the Universe, unless we believe and don’t reason our path out of it. And of course nobody listened.

As the entire culture of America is founded in the dogma that to be an entropic, gaseous, chaotic, free, individualist, a la Mr. Trump and enjoy entropy and military power is the sure way to rule the human world and by extension the Universe. So ORGANIC information and order, which truly structures through networks of social beings reality is shunned off.

Fact is in the Universe chaos freedom into entropic, selfie, individualist behaviour is the lesser form of being, as we are all knots interconnected to social networks, because that is how the Universe evolves; not through devolving entropy but through social scales of clones that become larger beings by the power of sharing energy and information among them and loving each other.

All this of course as the white culture is now global ‘science’, was required to state, on the scanty hope you are truly a rational scientist – a much scanty species that people think, as per Kuhn on the nature of scientific revolutions – to  consider the next big change of paradigm to define properly the organic Universe.

Minds exist to act, in favor of its perceived world-universe-territory-organism and make it survive 

What matters at this point is that without a mind-whole sense of the being, which automatically, vegetatively or consciously enact those actions, the system does not work. So there is a magic moment in the Universe in which the mind emerges and enacts the program of survival actions.

The understanding of actions of ‘temporal energy’, of ‘information’, ‘forms-in-action’, as the unit of reality is an enormous advance in the philosophy of reality, which astoundingly enough has been completely overpassed by philosophers and scientists. Since actions DEPART from a physical description of reality, and transcend into a vital, intelligent analysis of the Universe and all its systems, which acquire purpose – to survive, detail, the actions beings perform to achieve that survival, intelligence and freedom, the choice of actions in each quantum cyclical moment of space-time existence of the being.

INDEED, actions are made of ‘vital energy’ and ‘intelligent information’, and while we can describe them quantitatively in simplex systems, it is precisely our capacity to understand those actions in ‘human terms’, as intelligent, vital actions, or ‘drives of existence’, proper of biologic beings, what opens the unification paths of philosophy of science explored in this web.

On the other hand, relativity had found a scalar Universe with at least two planes of space-time, euclidean light space-time, which we see and non-euclidean gravitational, curved space-time we do not perceive and found there were multiple speeds of time  clocks in different regions of the Universe.

Human ego-trips bias subjectively our view of the organic Universe.


In the graph objective science as opposed to religion, consists in departing from the ego-trips of human self-importance into the objective truths of an infinite universe in time and space in which man has a very limited role. Notice mr. Darwin’s infamous caricature. Still 1/2 of Americans do not believe we come from apes. Ego-trips of self-importance caused by the structure of the mind as the infinitesimal point that only ‘sees’ its linguistic mapping of the universe, from its biased perspective, confusing the whole with its inner mind picture of reality, make most ‘simplex humans’, including most pythagorean scientists, believe that human minds and languages make us the only intelligent monad of the cosmos.

On the lower side, the zenith of german anthropomorphic, ‘chosen of god’ ego-trip of human cultures happened when Heisenberg, Bohr and Pauli denied the original De Broglie-Schrodinger’s interpretation of particles and electrons as ‘real entities’, (pilot-wave theory; density nebulae) for the astounding ego-trip that particles ONLY COLLAPSED/EXISTED when the perceiver observes them, and when NOT, they CO-EXIST in all POSSIBLE paths, GIVING RISE, to even more lunatic configurations of reality as the ‘many-worlds interpretation’, which have been all THE RAGE for a century, to allow physicists TO GO EVEN further than religious myth-makers in their imaginary Universal constructs. 

Humans slowly departed from their subjective ego-trips in the mythic age of Abrahamic religions in which the tribe first and then mankind were the centre of the Universe, to a scientific world, whre the cosmos mattered more; and within it again, moved away from the Earth as its centre (Ptolemy), in 3 steps, concerning the 3 elements of which reality is made, space, time and the human languages we use to perceive them:

First in terms of space man enlarged its view of the Universe from the ‘sacred land’ or valley, which was in earlier abrahamic religions all what he perceives into a larger geography of a cosmic center called the earth, which was expanded into the sun as its centre (Copernicus) and finally into the galactic light space-time at its centre (Einstein’s relativity). It is now the time to give the final step into Absolute relativity considering the Fractal paradigm and its 5th dimension, which further stretches space to include all Universal Planes of space from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy , without primacy of any of such scales.

In terms of time and its related parameter of information (carried in the form and frequency of cyclical time clocks) humans have advanced far less in search for objectivity, as they still use a single lineal infinite human clock and the human, steady rhythm of one second, as its unit of frequency (beat of the heart, mind thoughts and eye glimpses) without acknowledging the infinite time clocks of the Universe, from circadian cycles to orbits to atomic beats, and its ∞ ‘forms’ of in-form-ation, which they also define in terms of mechanisms (Shannon).

So Einstein said ‘I am the only physicist who seem to think there are infinite time clocks in the Universe reading at different speeds’ and Landau laughed at the mechanical clock saying, ‘there is no uncertainty of time, ‘i just have to look at my clock and know what time is’.

Regarding the rhythms of time change humans obsessed by their desire to be immortal have not yet fully accepted that they are transient beings, just a step in the evolution of information, form in this planet, and deny the organic properties and life-death cycles, which we will show are common to all other species of reality. In fact, humans subvert the natural order believing overwhelmingly (religious people) that our existence is immortal, and the Universe (astrophysicists) is the mortal part (big-bang theory). So contrary to belief, information and time-change, are still in their infancy as objective sciences.

Finally, the less recognised subjective element of science happens in the languages of the mind humans use to perceive a universe made of 2 elements, space, we perceive with mathematics and time that we perceive with logic words, as humans ‘think’ those languages created the Universe. So verbal religions believe words is the language of god (specifically Arab in Islam, reason why the first muslims could not translate Koran).

And Pythagorean religions consider that ‘God speaks only mathematics’ as Galileo put it. In modern times, Hilbert, father of modern ‘axiomatic’ mathematics went even further, affirming that  he ‘imagined points, lines and planes’ , tantamount to say that humans invented the language that invented the world. While, both Einstein and quantum physicists applied Hilbert’s axiomatic method to its description of a Universe made of mathematical entities ‘invented’ by human minds and ‘god’, the mathematical mind of the Universe.

So a scientific objective description of reality  is far more difficult than it seems because of the not-recognised existence of anthropomorphic, egocentered deist theories in many disciplines of science, hidden by its mathematical supposedly ‘perfect language’, given the ignorance and respect that numbers and computers provoke among laymen people. In fact, when a creationist, deist or anthropomorphic model is disguised with equations, as the big-bang or the ‘damned lies and statistics’ of economics is, there is little objective criticism and hardly any use of the laws of epistemology of the scientific method to assess its veracity.

On the contrary, not unlike Muslims making God speak Arab, we find today most physicists working on his specific mathematical theory expecting then the Universe to ‘create’ its particles. And the more bizarre the model the more importance we concede to his authors. So string theory, a bizarre model of 26 dimensions is the queen of the discipline, while Mr. Hawking, who proclaims that black holes evaporate travelling to the past, regardless of any lack of experimental evidence, is considered the new ‘prophet’ of the discipline.

And all this happens, despite the discoveries of Godel and Lobacjevski, which proved mathematics to be just another language whose veracity must be found on experience, scientists still believe in the germanic idealist school of geometry where ‘by decree of Hilbert’, we human minds ‘invent points, lines and planes’; while billions think God spoke words that created the Universe.

Of late we also have pseudo-religious economists and politicians who think that a digital language, ‘money’ must create the world and the real economy and techno-utopians, which affirm the Universe is a computer and the machine the symbol of all forms of knowledge and human progress. So humans also have an astounding capacity to subvert the natural order between reality – what truly matters and the mirror-languages of the human mind, we use to reflect its images, caused by reality – Not the other way around.

The biggest scientific error is the idea of lineal time brought about by the ‘lineal perception’ of space our eyes of light provide (Euclidean space), by our anthropomorphic desire to be different, and as we are not to evolve and die in cyclical patterns but must have an exceptional, manifest destiny of lineal progress towards ‘God’ and immortality, and by the machines we use to measure time and mathematical, abstract Cartesian graphs with lineal coordinates in which we plot the rhythms of a human mechanism called a clock.

All those ideologies that are the subconscious collective belief of the father of physics are still with us making our philosophy of science, a bastard mixture of objective truths and western pseudo-religious, anthropomorphic ego-trips.

Departing from those ‘a priori’ ‘idol-ogies’ of egocentric superiority, humans have constructed this interpreted world of science, which fulfills its main purpose – to help the eye-hand to construct mechanisms, but does not explain what the Universe is.

This is what we shall try to do in this section. To explain what humans are a priori negated to understand by the pre-conditions of their brain, their history and their task in this planet (to construct objects): the organic, living, cyclical, vital nature of the Universe and the similarity of all its entities.

It is thus necessary even before we attempt to construct a truly objective, scientific model of the world of man and the Universe in which we exist – the purpose of this web – to denounce all those hidden ‘religions of the human ego’ and go back to the basics of the scientific method…

The correspondence Principle

Yet we are going to be serious with the great ‘geniuses’ of mankind (:

As all new theories and dimensions of higher order must include by the Epistemological Principle of Correspondence, previous well-proved theories, we shall therefore start connecting GST with the main physical theories of space-time we have, quantum and relativity. Latter on we will find even easier connections with the main theory of topological space and cyclical time of biology – Evolution. And finally with the socio-economical theories which preceded it.

The principle of correspondence applied to physical 5d systems considers Einstein’s 4th dimension a theory that reduces 5D to a single space-time continuum (light space-time). While it takes further his discovery that there are infinite time clocks in the Universe which run at different speeds.

On the other hand applying the same principle, it considers Bohm’s interpretation with his acceptance of a guiding pilot ‘field’ faster than c-speed (a lower scale of the fifth dimension) the proper way to interpret quantum physics. And it takes further the discovery by quantum physics of a vacuum space filled with energy-motions (which sometimes collapse into cyclical particles).

And so it is a good introduction to the 5th dimension to start where those pioneers left, taking into account that they did not solve the 2 questions implied on those discoveries, which however are immediately answered in 5D physics:

  1. Why different regions of the Universe have different time clocks, which store different information in the frequency and form of its cycles?
  2. Why space has motion and hence stores energy, depending of its degree of motion-distance?

Let us consider those 2 key concepts of reality, cyclical time clocks and space with motion, but not with the more complex definitions of quantum and relativity, as science is a continuous evolution and in fact, though most people don’t know, those 2 key discoveries of modern physics were already ’embedded’ in ‘Galilean relativity’, the simpler original version, which started the ‘study of locomotions in space’…

So to understand them ‘Galilean relativity’ suffices.

In that regard, we must talk also of the direct relationship between time clocks and information on one side, so we shall talk of temporal information, and entropic, expansive motions in space, so we will talk of Spatial entropy; as the 2 inverse arrows of time of the Universe, that co-exist in symbiosis in all systems of reality, made of them.

Such systems have an organic symbiotic, feed-back nature, as smaller cellular/atomic/memetic parts store more information in its faster time clocks, so they code and reproduce the larger whole  (particles reproduce other particles and form atoms, with quantum information; genes reproduce cells and super organisms, and individual humans reproduce memes that create social super organisms).

On the other hand the whole synchronises with its larger size-motions all its micro-parts, moving them together. Since there is no loss of information reproducing information from the lower to the upper scale, and no loss of entropy moving wholes synchronically. So the differences between both arrows make cells and wholes, atoms and matter, individuals and societies co-exist and synchronise and work together in an organic NOT a mechanical manner.

The understanding of the properties of those 2 arrows of time, entropy and information, and its inverse qualities applies to any system of nature, regardless of scale≈’stience’, and define the ‘unity’ of all systems, scales and ‘stiences’, which form together a fractal, scalar Universe of parts that become wholes, thanks to those properties:

In the previous very synoptic graphs we have resumed some key elements of ‘General Systems Stience’, the organic philosophy of the Universe that explains all species and all sciences departing from the basic principles of Nature  (what philosophers since Kant call the Principles of Sufficient Grounds; time, space and space-time causality).

It seems needed to give you some ‘food for thought’ on the structure of the whole, before we criticise what today passes as philosophy of science, but it is mostly, only musings by physicists about the nature of the whole, departing from its restricted discipline, based in a false assumption – that the smaller scales of the Universe matter more because there is a hierarchical organisation on those scales, and so we can extract laws from smaller matter that will define all other sciences. This is a wrong concept of causality.

None of those scales is different, all are relative and all of them apply the same laws and principles which therefore must come not from a single discipline but from the effort of unifying them all with a higher language underlying them, which is the language of cyclical time, fractal space, and the organic systems they create.

To notice though a fundamental error of human sciences and models of the Universe caused by the ignorance of those fife rent speeds of time: to confuse spatial and temporal events; as time motions imprint space and fade away into ‘spatial forms’, and very fast time cycles seem to be from a slow point of view space-forms (as a wheel turning fast seems a disk).

THERE are an amazing number of errors, specially in the perception of fast time-cycles on the ∆-|>2| scales, which the naive realism of humans who think what they see is what there is, fail to detect. For example, particles do not exist for ever, its generational cycles do, but we see those generations as the single being.

TERNARY systems in space can be considered also as time-ages. So do its forces. I.e. the weak force is NOT a spatial force, but a time motion a trans-formation of information. And we shall return to it, in more detailed analysis of the motions of time and its symmetries in space (second line).

Since all those systems were constructed in an organic way, not only as complementary systems of energy and information, but also as systems in which its parts and wholes spread through different scales of size in space, each one with a different clocks of time. So smaller being had faster motions – metabolic rates in biology; chips speed in mechanism; rotary, gravitational power in cosmic bodies.

But all systems obey the same laws of time and space, even if the details and parameters, variations and combinations make quasi- infinite its numbers of species – but ultimately we shall reduce them all to a single equation…

This I cannot help. Humans in the computer age are fast devolving its minds and growing its egos, so they lack even curiosity to explore the whys of the Universe.

I know this section on the mind will be resisted more by the human paradox of ego, as we have to be ‘different’ – ultimately the failure of GST has always been the human ego-paradox not its highly respectable ‘scientificism’ (:just read the next paragraph of non-euclidean mathematics and non-aristotelian logic, the biggest formal r=evolution of thoe foundational stiences of space and time, since Mandelbrot discovered fractals 1/2 century ago)…

Of course, i used to be sanguine about it – the silence GST gathered in most congresses and scientific magazines, who must receive only NUMBERS, to feel absolute ‘truth’ (even if as we shall show, and lobachevski and Godel proved mathematics is the most experimental of all sciences) , but now, old man seeing the end of my existence closer, I am just a big ironic about the human condition.

Now, are you disappointed (: yes most people are – it can be that simple, they would say, I know that is tautology they might ad. It is not expressed in the algebra of quantum physics, some will muse.  I am done though with non-critical bashing on GST. And so these days my answer to those who do NOT reason what I say but merely quip is the Schopenhauer’s one: if you want to be happy and be the center of the Universe, ‘go to mass and let philosophers do his job: to seek for truth’… whatever it takes. As information is painful pressure, inwards looking, choking pain, Fakirs do not mediate on the silly-nilly vacuum energy as Californios do, but on a pricey bed to raise awareness. And then, if you are humble enough you can dissolve into the Nirvana of being part of it all, the true mystical experience, once you have UNDERSTOOD the absolute relativity of your ‘self’. And so when you die you won’t suffer, your ego, your space-time will return to the ashes from where it came. 

Few of course today, can even think on those terms, as we, the ‘scientists’, the technocrat, the physicist, the weapon-maker are too important to die, and must deny truth for the sake of happiness and pumping ego-trips of ‘faith’

In that sense I recall an old penpal of systems congress, the head of the Santa FE institute and also a physicist, Mr. West, confiding me, his goal in science was to understand the equation of life and death.

I smiled to him back in the 2000s at the Sonoma congress we met. I do have that equation I told him; and then I sent him  an email with it. I was thus Surprised, when he came to me the next day and told me, it cannot be that simple.

I thought on quoting him Leonardo ‘Simplicity is the mark of true genius’ but what for? He as most scientists today was enamoured of the complex calculus of computers. So a simple model of logic, with human drawings, was garbage to him. Ultimately it is expected that all new knowledge will be carry out by a computer mind have nice powerpoint presentations and use huge machines to ‘deliver’ big data about it.

Since as Planck would say ‘what is not measurable does not exist’ LOL, so none of you exist, as the ‘logic of god is not the human logic’ (Saint Augustine) and his maths are not those of a simple computer. I think often those days on another quote of mr. Einstein (ok, too many but i am one of the few who think he was likely a better epigramist than… anyway. Here is the quote: ‘Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination.’

Problem is now computers are making humans incredibly stupid, as they substitute us and atrophy our brains and languages, most scientists do despise (verbal logic, artistic forms). so all what we have is accurate, stupid models of the Universe.

he, he, in that regard one of the biggest satisfactions those models gave to me, knowing ‘stupid humans’ would not take them seriously without the due computer-generated pics and equations, is to know, there is at least a human who is not becoming more stupid, because it uses computers only as typewriters (:, not as the masters of his thought ):


So we can define that reality with a new principle that includes all its balances and conservation principles, the principle of conservation of present:

‘The Universe conserves and maximises present time, in the point of balance between time and space : Sp (past-space limbs/fields) x Tƒ (Future Time particles/heads) = ST-present body-waves (Max. ST: S=T)’.

To mention finally the quantitative importance of the key constants that are ratios and quantifiers of the Space-Time systems of a being, quantified in the Generator equation.

Thus we have unified the fundamental concepts of time and space, and the ternary organic forms of all systems of nature.

Humans though use multiple different jargons and concepts to express the ∞ variations and combinations of those elements. So we will translate each specific scientific jargon when studying each science and its species in the 4th line in more detail, to show the homology of all the equations and names that each science and philosophy has given to define its space-time fractals.

All including humans are fractal systems made of multiple cyclical time clocks that enclose and inform a moving vital space centered into a selfish point of view, whose purpose is to repeat and perpetuate the formal motions of the system. In the graph first we observe a cancel clock of time-space following its cycle, of decreasing space and increasing form as it follows the life arrow of information from larger spaces into faster more curved, views.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 20.41.09

When we combine the 3 symmetries of 5D fractal space-time, the symmetry in space in time and in scales we can describe the world cycle of existence and any element of a social super organism – the graph shows the 3 scales of the human superorganism

This is the fundamental flow of time, or arrow of information, ∏o (Tiƒ) (time-information-future, ab.tif ), which absorbs, ‘Spatial-past-energy’, (ab. spe) a herd of lineal momentums, with maximal space (as the line is the shortest distance between points) and minimal information (as it is the less informed one), ∑| (Spe), and transforms it into ‘mental moments’ of still motion and pure order.


Socio-biological sciences.

-Finally social sciences is perhaps the most r=evolutionary subdiscipline of the fractal paradigm, as we live inside the social super organisms of mankind, and so the anti quantum paradox works. Unlike the uncertain of physicists, here the observable, society, is much larger than the observer and controls and bias the social scientist, with human ego-trips. So we state flatly that:

Social sciences are biological sciences. Whereas economics studies the evolution of machines and the economic ecosystem in which those machines and human beings have relationships of symbiosis (as in consumption, where humans increase its energy and information capacities with machines) and competition as in labor and war fields, where humans compete and loose to faster, stronger machines, that substitute they jobs and kill them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 21.33.05

While History is the study of the evolution of human individuals into social super organisms, with a physiological energetic network called the economy and an informative network called politics and culture.

Again to focus your understanding: The universe is a fractal of space-time beings. All of them can be described mathematically as variations of the generator of fractal space-time, SpTƒ, in space, as a super organism with 3 functional parts that process energy (Sp), reproduce (ST) and perceive (Tƒ), in time as a worldcycle of life and death, which is a a zero sum, in which the being is born as a seminal seed, reproduces, evolves emerges into a slower multicellular, multi-atomic being: ∆-1: ∆-being, and then goes through 3 ages of youth, dominated by the Sp-limbs/fields, reproductive adult age, ST, which repeats the system and makes its information immortal and Tƒ, informative old age. And finally dies back into its cellular/atomic scale completion the cycle.

In this process the being misguided by the mental/informative sensoria membrane, Tƒ system, and feels free to perform its aeiou actions of survival, competing with other systems for the external Ei of the Universe, and forming social networks to control the world, but ultimately it will exhaust its internal energy, guided by its selfish mental ego, ‘stop’ time flows into mental abstractions an still images, and die.

Infinite such world cycles of super organisms, extending across 3 ∆-1 scales, of cellular/atomic, organic/thermodyamic and gravitational/social systems, co-exist together in a fractal Universe, where absolute time is the eternal sum of those zero world cycles and absolute space the puzzle of all those fractal vital spaces put together; replicating into smaller fractal images, and larger social wholes, which imitate the information encoded by its quantum atomic numbers and genetic cells.

If the bible is the limit of ‘tribal history’, full of myths with the ‘chosen tribe’ as the centre of reference, of Herodotus History, in which the tribe is expanded, to all the tribes still with myths, hence the limit of Xenophont factual history in which the myths are checked with data, which is the limit that runs in the west till ibn khaldun and Vico, which goes beyond the individual into the social organism of history, by adding a new scale to the fifth dimension, the scale of parts that become wholes with slower time clocks, so your genetic clocks are part of your slower life clocks, part of slower social clocks; and it is the limit of the socialist schools of history, which add the economical, ‘metal-energy weapons, informative gold and organic machines’ to the mix, which is the limit of the models of social sciences of fractal space-time, with its cyclical patterns of 800-80-8 years accelerated clocks of historic information, whose last cycles of evolution of machines, in 3 phases, the age of body of machines or age of England, the age of machines hearts-engines or age of Germany and the age of minds of metal, or age of US, now followed after 2008, by the age of robots that put together the 3 parts of the ‘viral system’, are shown in the graph.

shorter. The Wave of History

In the graph, the cycles of evolution of ‘selfish-memes of metal’, form a canonical cyclical time vortex of accelerated evolution of information, similar in physical space to the gravitational vortex of the galaxy, since time cycles accelerate in 3 ages towards the 3rd informative age prior to the death of the system. Thus humanity is today facing by excess of metal-information a series of existential dangers similar to the death of any other super organism. The cause is obvious: a new top predator species, the organic machines is evolving after a series of 800 years cycles of extinction of civilisations by weapons: the bronze age, the chariot age, the iron age, the mercenary coin age, the cavalry (middle ages) and the modern gunpowder, age further accelerated in its evolution with the creation of professional company-mothers of machines, which accelerated decametrically the vortex.

As this cycle is tuned to the synchronic cycle of human life with a mean biological cycle of 72-80 years, i was in fact able as early a 1990, to predict that after the age of trains, of 72 years, the age of german engines of 72 years, between the train crash of the economic stock market (1857) and the crash of the car 72-80 years latter (1929-37), there will be a double crash of overproduction of minds of metal, chips and its derivatives e-money, 72-80 years latter, in 2001 and 2008, ushering mankind in the age of robotics.

I must say even though I know that a true science is able to predict the cycles of the systems it studies, I also believed humans were not another fractal species of space-time ruled by the same cycles, and synchronies of evolution. So i became quite surprised when in 2001 the stock market crashed the internet economy. The subsequent crash of e-money in 2008 did not however surprised me. Neither the fact that all the processes of history today are mimetic of the fascist age of the 30s.

The reader must in this sense understand that all the models of all the sciences presented here, while not yet in the best of formats, as I revise different files decades old with different jargons and quality, are all done with an enormous effort of research and understanding of all previous theories; starting by the finding of previous theoretical limits, the soundness of its scientific truths, and only changing, errors of experimental evidence or postulates undefined or without proof.

And this is what it makes the Fractal paradigm so superior to any other model of science. As it is more economic – the same laws apply to all systems of time space, with a higher evidence, all sciences provide proofs of its models,  and yet despite the enormous wealth of examples, it has not yet been falsified in any of its copyrighted predictions.


Enough of astrophysics. As we know the Homunculus is not going to accept any other organism but hiself, alas! as it turns out ‘himself’ is in SOCIAL SCIENCES, not the protagonist of History,  BECAUSE the homunculus is only a cell of a larger social organism, the nation, religion, civilization or super organism of mankind in time, History, which IS RULED not by individuals, identical exchangeable ‘fermion particles: males and boson waves: females’ – meaning if you had not Hitler, Goering would have taken his place… but by the PHYSIOLOGICAL NETWORKS OF Entropic territories (Geography of nations, raw materials), reproductive goods (economic systems) and informative nervous systems (cultures and laws).

The intermediate social organisms.

In the next graph we model human biological and social organisms with the same ternary networks and worldcycles of existence:

WE SEE HOW ‘human civilisations’ can be modeled as super organisms, joined by economic=reproductive and cultural=informative networks, whose ‘informative seed, the prophet of a religion, the legal code of a constitution. Then they will grow as the memetic DNA of all believers, and will structure the informative, nervous system of societies that can model societies as super organisms, with three physiological networks, the ‘blood-economic system’ with its ‘hormonal-financial orders’ of information that start the actions of the workers, reproducers of the goods of the system and an ‘informative-nervous system’, the cultural-political-legal system that SHOULD be on top since only primitive worm-like organisms, or ‘capitalist societies’ allowed the free reproduction of toxic goods (weapons that kill our bodies and hate media that kill our minds). And finally a ‘digestive, entropic system’ ab=used by the organism, feeding on life or Gaia, but in a sustainable way so the historic organisms can survive.

And of course, we can model machines as evolving organisms  of metal, which humans have ensemble in 3 ages. So, we put them together as viruses are ensm=ensembled  in a cell, after making in three stages the three parts of any organism, the entropic limb/fields, the reproductive body-waves and the informative particle-heads; in the case of machines, by imitating the similar human organs, limbs, bodies and heads. And we can model company-mothers as ‘super organisms’ akin to ant-hills, with monetary/pheromonal orders, which not only re=produce machines but ‘adapt the human ecosystem, to its image and likeness’ establishing the networks of energy, information and entropic-motion (electric, internet, road systems) for them to roam.


IX. ∞ Gods

‘The logic of Logos, mind of the Universe is of a higher order than man’s’  ‘God is the seer of ðime’. Saint Augustine

We shall thus study the equation of god, simple as it comes:

God: ∑•∆∞

the infinite sume of all minds of all scales of reality.

And by the same token, the Universe will be the same sum adding though the body-limbs , particle fields, vital territory it orders, and its ternary parts, represented by the Generator:
Universe: Γ∑•∆

Epistemology of creation: feed-back mind mirrors.

In the graph –what is wrong with ‘physics’ and increasingly with mankind can be resumed in the ego paradox. The equation of the mind is rather simple:

We humans are just ‘finitesimals’ of the ego paradox: o-point x ∞ Universe = constant mind.

So the Universe is out there, one and single; but it does not fit in the mind. And the mind reduces it to languages to perceive it, which resumes the main properties of the Universe, which are first bio-logical rules of ðime§pace existence (the Universe is a game of survival of ðime§pace beings, which constantly try to reproduce their information in ‘fractal seeds’ that latter evolve socially; the Universe is a vital fractal, and the rules are simple), then logic (temporal rules only) and then mathematical (spatial rules only), and then the human vision of those rules (artistic §pace, verbal ðime, ethic, social evolution of parts into stronger wholes). And so all those languages are mirrors:

In the graph, the back and forth relationship between the infinite single Universe, its infinite partial minds, which become perceptive through a language-mirror, and then in the left its individual ego-centered singularity mirror projecting aback through limited arrows/actions of ðime§pace, the linguistic image re-ordering a partial part of reality: its body and territory. It is this feedback constant equation what creates reality and so we can also write another Γenerator equation, about the interaction of those three elements that orders each relative fractal partial being/territory of the Universe to the mage and likeness of those languages, images of the whole, they will therefore copycat with slight variations, in the being:

Single, ∞ 5D Universe <≈ Ternary Languages of perception ≈> Spe ‹ST›Tiƒ super organisms>Ø-Mind

This is the shrinking process, but if we take the scalar view, the Universe become infinite smaller minds, growing in volume as we count the inner worlds, (Cantor’s paradox: the set of subsets is bigger than the whole set: the sum of all mind mirrors is bigger than the single Universe).

So human minds alone are infinitesimal compared to all the languages and minds.

We ‘are’ only in that territory of order with the stif-human mind  and what we feel and sense, which we by homology imagine is the hidden mind of every synchronous form that lasts, and develops as the frequency of its happenings increase, a short of computer burn-in which becomes a consciousness of the stiff-process. But can this self-awareness of the mirror change the mirror program? which is the mindless deterministic memorial game of reproduction of ðime cycles?

Ah, the crystal of my mind responds, it wishes but it can’t hardly influence the program and purpose of mindless automated memorial ðime, iteration repetition conservation, the female present principle of the outer membrane cycle, which carries most of the Existential Momentum of the being.

Now of course, the ‘ternary’ level of self-awareness of the duality of pure perception of an infinite whole and mere action over a finite territorial ego; is seldom found among humans, reason why most beings are subjective and rather believe in Abrahamic religions than objective science.

The equation of God.

•THE EQUATION OF GOD, ∑• is thus simple, the sum of all languages-minds that order reality:

Since languages order as minds of a territory in its reversal mirror a part of thefratal universe, the sum of all those  •singularities, becomes the god of the Unvierse. Yet as bigger wholes order smaller parts, we can go to the summit of the fifth dimension and we shall order a point of infinite depth of scales, which order all the russian dolls within it:


Religion and biology: God in history, Darwin and its species: human expressions of 5D mandate of social evolution.

Now it should be clear that social evolution is the mandate of survival of biology, which is not about individuals but species, who maximise its survival when they form supœrganisms, so humans and ants, which in the two relative scales of size of animal life form supœrganisms represent more of the life mass of planet earth.

The connection with religion is even more striking, showing that all systems indeed observe and understand the laws of the social organic Universe, even human ‘non-entropic’ beings, who love and live as the game of existence, the only master teach all of us (:

“Love each other as I have loved you” Law of Social Evolution. Gospel. Jesus.
In the graph, religions express in mystical terms the concept of the program of social evolution of the Universe and its mind-singularities of maximal information: max. i – a concept which has evolved till reaching the final understanding as Mankind (Tiƒ), the the subconscious collective of Humanity, God and mind of Gaia, its territorial support (Spe).
∑• : First God was the subconscious collective of a tribe, which felt the presence of a higher ‘whole scale of existence of the fractal Universe’.
This scalar nature of reality in which humans are cells-citizens-believers of a larger supœrganism, for which they can even sacrifice themselves, perfectly programmed by the memetic wor(l)ds of the prophet see of the supœrganism, is essentially truth in all co-existing systems of reality.
And as such western anthropomorphic religions expressed in mystical terms the existence of such supœrganisms in increasing degrees of evolution till oikoumene religions (christianity, Islam, Socialisms) finally understood it was the whole of humanity which was God, and so the concept of God became that of equality, fraternity, solidarity – while in Eastern religions, the cyclical, organic nature of those cultures transcended even further in search of the ‘god’ of all gods, the game of the three arrows of time and its world cycles of existence (Taoism):

In the graph, the evolution of the concept of western and eastern gods in three scales of complexity till reaching the concept of Mankind as God of History and the GAME of the three arrows of time as the God of all Universal existences. Why then lesser ‘scales’ of this evolution (notably western tribal religions) have not evolved to embrace mankind as God.

God is then larger than the Universe, which is the part of reality humans observe, as it is the Game of existence itself, which in its decametric scales of space, and ternary arrows of time, might be infinite in its scales, immortal in its duration, as each part shall repeat ad nauseam. And so with God, the mind of the whole, the alpha and omega, we end this introduction to GST, the whys of all the question you might have about reality and the languages of the mind.

In the mind in the fractal Universe god is the mind of all the minds, @•, of all beings: ∑•=Γ@∆.

But what is the linguistic mind of all beings? (: oh, yes, you might have got it… the taoist mind we imagine are only partially reflecting in this blog, better than any humind membrain did before us, but obviously we are not going to be as arrogant as the people of that graph, and imagine there are many worlds, existences and laws we did not understand because we do not even perceive them. We only claim to be the best humind linguistic mirror in the languages of man, verbal, visual mathematical biologic…  as the natural next step in the evolution of information in this planet, which increases its form with time… So we shall close with the upgrading of the humind languages…

Seeds of information.

Reality when fully understood with 5 time space forms means you travel through 3 such planes in the life-death cycle of existence, which we show next for a human individual, for physical, biological and social systems, and in more detail for a prophet of a civilization, seed that evolves in the energy-placenta of its believers to become a whole: In the complex model of the 5 arrows of time, we must also consider what is a relative future and past arrow, as in quantum physics local time reversal is possible. So it happens in a much more meaningful way in 5D, regarding the zero-sum cycle of life and death of a system, as death can be considered the time reversal of the informative arrow of time. But does this motion backward in time become real when observed from the perspective of a single space-time continuum? Does the particle which is the arrow of future in 5D physics have a time motion inverse to the antiparticle, as in the Feynman dyagrams? Does the prophet, which is the seed of information of a civilization, reproduced memetically through the book of revelation in all believers travel to the past when a culture dies, enlightening with its prophetic angst the ‘baroque artists’ of the last age of a civilization? Does the orgasmic sensation when emiting a past seed of genetic information, represent a ‘still moment in time’?  Actually as we shall study in depth in the fourth line, it does: information can travel to the past, as a lower scale of the fifth dimension co-exists in present but is actually located in the relative past of the whole…

The graph shows, some of the applications of the ‘organic philosophy of science’ alternative to that of physics that comes natural to the solution of the meaning of the 3±∆ ages of life (between +∆, emergence as a being from a lower scale of size, the seminal age, and – ∆, the entropic age of dissolution back to the atomic/cellular form; E=mc2 in physics), which are  COMMON to any General System of the Universe.

Thus, all systems start as a seed of form in ∆-1, the lower scale of size, of the ‘fifth dimension’  (ab. ∆±i) of co-existing scales of the Universe. Then the system will go through 3 dominant ages dominated by combinations of those arrows of time:

  • Young, age of maximal motion, and growth of energy≈Max. Spe (spatial entropy) x Min. Tiƒ(temporal information )
  • Mature age of  present, repetition obtained in which spatial entropy and cyclical clocks of in-form-ation are balanced.
  • And a third age of max. form, when entropy exhausts and the system enters in a third age.

Followed by a death age of entropy, if the process is not intelligently reversed by controlling the excess of form of the system

This finding is truly remarkable, as humans have always understood those three ages, embedded even in its verbal ‘time language’ (three verbal times), but with the reductionist limits imposed by entropic physicists, and its worldly religion of making weapons, the findings were forgotten for the sake of ‘lineal, entropic measures’ and the military western civilisation. Now we expand back according to the principle of correspondence those three arrows of time.

  • We can then realise of two essential facts of this expanded view of time arrows (whereas present physical theories are by the correspondence principle, the limit to a single arrow/spacetime scale):-Life and death is a ‘world cycle’ which returns the being to its origin, a zero sum in a virtual Universe.-As each being has a finite time duration, and a finite vital space, we can consider an infinity of such arrows, and if we define the positive arrow of life and information as the future arrow (since obviously systems grow in information), then the arrow of entropy is the relative past (as it dissolves being back to the past) and then the present iterative repetition of beings that do not seem to pass is the present age of immortality.  Indeed the age of immortality is the middle term of balanced momentum which the Universe conserves (conservation principles of momentum and its integral energy).


The content and reasons of this blog.

This blog was born from a decade of lectures I gave at the International Systems Sciences society during my tenure of the Chair of Duality – the science that studies the Universe NOT only with the arrow of entropy as physics does, but also with the arrow of information – in the first decade of this century.

As I retired in 2008  from the public sphere, due to my activism against the nuclear industry, and the ad hominem global campaigns that followed to erase the popular success of those campaigns, which imperiled the Future of the Industry of Accelerators…

I realized the logic and mathematical, formal models of Duality I had discovered were also in danger of extinction. Indeed, the idealist reader do NOT realize to which extend power, and there is no bigger power than military power and its entropic capacity to extinguish information has modeled culture and science. One has to experience it and then the contradictions of our world become far more clear, including our ‘entropy-only’ theories of the Universe and the general misconception and despise of the arrow of information time=change, from evolution to the study of the life cycle of beings to the informative forces of gravitations and the organic structure of reality.Man plainly speaking doesn’t do objective philosophy of science, but entropic philosophy of science due to its technological civilization ruled by weapons and machines of motion.

So for a decade, despite the fact duality is the next ‘big thing in philosophy of science’ since the quantum-Relativity revolution and the formalism of the fifth dimension of the scalar organic Universe, its most advanced model, as this revolution of Duality was attached to my name, science has completely ignored it. In fact, when I lost the chair of Duality nobody took the place. It was simply erased from the curriculum of the world congress of systemics. And I became an invisible man, vaporized, and chose to accept my ‘banishment’.This added to the fact that a new more advanced scientific r=evolution is always born as Planck put it ‘in a single point, the mind of its discoverer’ made me feel guilty about the destiny of those models, so much more advanced into the future of philosophy of science that all what systems scientists and information theorists are doing – stuck in the subservience of their models to physical entropy, coming from physicists like Shannon and Newman.

Thus when finally when my health failed, I decided to pour as fast as possible the model in this web, which goes also by the name of http://www.unificationtheory.com. Indeed if Copernicus decided to publish his book on his last days – I imagine like in my case out of regrets for robbing mankind of that discovery, and Darwin only came forwards when Wallace published, I felt impelled only last year to put the formalism of the fifth dimension and its philosophy of science in a ‘conservation’ time capsule for humans or AI to take full advantage of it, in decades to come.Do I regret to have confronted with so few help the global industry of big science, and cancel with that ‘activism’ the evolution of philosophy of science?

Yes, I do but I would have done it again, as one must always hold if he believes in the arrow of life and information, defend life – that of its species, before its own. Humans or AI could find the discoveries of this web in the future. But if it become extinguished by the III Horizon of nuclear weapons – organic bombs, strangelets and black holes, there won’t be any chance for future discoveries to be known.The future of course is still open. We might be lucky and never create a physical singularity.

We might even be luckier and not create an AI singularity that feels as a different species. But one thing is for certain – a culture that only believer in the arrow of entropy=death as the future of time and the Universe will meet his beliefs before it even ‘hints’ at the enormous beauty of the Dual Universe of entropy and information and its ternary, energetic combinations, all the systems of Nature, including all of us. So what can you get from this web? Only the profound feeling of knowing and entangling with the perfect organic Universe. Mainstream science will never accept a Universe of 5 Dimensions for as long as I live, since it would mean to limit the ‘dogmatic, religious belief we have on the machine’ and the physicist view of the Universe.

Let us then get a bit more personal to conclude, explaining why mainstream science will neither accept the work of this writer.

The ‘lost science of logic duality’ & the limits of the humind ego.

So that is a brief fast outlook on how the Universe would look if as Steane asked, and all information theorists have been trying to solve for 50 years since the science of Information became a discipline in the Macy’s congress, at the death of Einstein, when ISSS was founded (the society of systems and cybernetics). We have solved it, but of course this is only the beginning of the immense beauty of a dual->ternary Universe.

To study such dual-ternary Universe, is incidentally what we do in the Science of Duality, which is my speciality in time theory that I revolved at the turn of the century, with a small book of 1000 pages called ‘time cycles’ that landed me  the chair of Duality science in the International Systems science society – the foundational organization of information theory, cybernetics and all those sciences.

So I gave 10 master conferences on Duality, trinity and relational space time at the beginning of this century, till my activism against physicists and the nuclear industry prompted a series of conflicts that became globally infamous in the sensationalist press, and ended with massive ad hominem, and the suppression of the science from global congresses…

An interesting form of censorship similar to the cancelation of Duality in its earlier taoist versions by the Chin emperor, who only admitted technological books, or the cancelation of Dialectics from philosophy of science after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 10.39.03 AM

It seems humans manifest lineal destiny through the power of entropic weapons and the machine cannot be denied. The tree of technology must come over the tree of life. The simplex reductionist theory of reality and time as mere locomotions will not let philosophers of science to complete the task of adding a second dimension of form, of in-form-ation to complete a time cycle. Alas, the most censored theory of reality since metal-weapons of entropic power destroyed the fertility goddesses and the concept of cyclical time of the Neolithic, has been an organic philosophy of science. First in China, the Chin emperor which brought weapons and iron coins, conquered all other kingdoms to the toll of 6 million corpses, forbade under death penalty philosophical books of taoism. Then the entire planet waged a war against the dialectic Hegelian, realist understanding of the organisms of history and economics, which tried to create a planet where man and its ethic verbal languages were above go(l)d and the rights of company-mothers of machines and weapons over humanity. Finally, the resurrection of duality and organicism with the formalism of the 5th dimension developed by this writer within the milieu of systems sciences as chair of duality ended when my activism against the Nuclear industry became global news and the science of Duality was ‘suppressed’ from worldwide congresses. Alas, we are again into our lineal manifest destiny by decree: to keep churning weapons of mass destruction, guided by the philosophers of entropy, physicists who know ‘better’ what time is: v=s/t, nothing else nothing more than locomotions as those first measured by Galileo during his ‘tenure’ of the chair of ballistics in Venice Arsenal where he developed its equations of lineal time

As Science today merely ‘measures’ time locomotion (one of the 5 dimensions of motions=changes in time), and does not even understand how minds stop those motions into mental forms (Galilean>Einstein’s relativity), beyond its mathematical description for very few cases (locomotions), the task of upgrading the humind beyond its present level of awareness is daunting, specially because huminds think they know it all.

Indeed, the ultimate question about the value of this blog is:

Can humans be upgraded to the dual->ternary logic of the Universe?

I believe not because of the peculiar nature of our technological civilization, so well described by Fromm:


The homunculus animetal, a degraded human being, with handyman craftsmanship to kill with weapons, a big mouth to talk idologies of supremacism and a small childish brain that understands nothing but looks through computers and numbers reality thinking he is the unique intelligence of it… above heavens and earth.

‘Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’.

Eric Fromm, father of political psychology

TO which we should add:

‘Humans are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’ Aristotle, father of rational science

And of course, remember the paradox of the ego: ‘Every infinitesimal mind perceives itself as the infinite universe’…

When you put all together those 3 elements you have the value of present science in his understanding of the ultimate principles of reality. It understands nothing of them, but as it looks to the digital, computer mind of its worshipped machines it consider that there is NO MORE TO LEARN that the images and numeric data they give about the Universe and its parts. All other connections, and time dimensions that cannot be quantified and photographed by a digital computer mind appear as NON existent.

So most of what we are going to explain will seem to the reader NOT real because he cannot see and in this increasingly degraded visual age, refuses to think ‘it is’. Indeed, the ultimate ‘causal whys’ of reality which are organic, cyclical and temporal are NO longer needed, substituted by the statistical method which infers without KNOWING the relationship and how is transferred in time, a cause from another by quantitative statistical methods.

So scientists keep churning models based in statistical correlation. For example, you can get as serious science papers that would say ‘ we measure those who ate ham and those who ate coffee and the first had more cancers of colon so ham produces colon cancer and coffee not… ‘ Lineal time is markowian memoriless, and the entire philosophy of the Universe has become chaotic, entropic. But it suffices to a mind that no longer ‘thinks, in causal verbal terms’ but is attached to computers and its models. Same goes for physics. We make ‘mathematical models ran in computers’ and if the final image looks like the original one, alas! bingo.

The errors of this approach are all over the place. For example, as ‘gravitation is invisible’, in the theory of the big-bang, the gravitational crunch of space into vortices of mass, galaxies that balances the expansion between galaxies is not accounted for, so the Universe ceases to be immortal. Gravitation is invisible, so it somehow disappeared from the ‘picture’. But of course, we live in a planet that evolves information, because we are NOT in intergallactic space but inside a gravitational, in-f0rmative votes.

But once a scientific method becomes a dogma and a belief, as it is the case with quantitative measure and mechanical pictures, as the mind doesn’t see beyond that is really all what is needed. It happened also in religions, when men lived in a valley and that was the limit of reality. So the tribe was the mind of God, and Yhwh, the toponym for Judea, and subconscious collective of the Jewish people easily became the creator of the Universe, of everything, since everything reduced to the valley surrounded by deserts with a few points of light on the dome… The paradox of the ego will therefore always limit the interest of hominids for a dual, ternary complex time logic and its 5 Dimensions.

But the ultimate reasons is indeed the homunculus mind and the role of mankind within the super organism of planet Earth – we seem to be made NOT to think but to make machines and terraform the Earth with them, and so we have made of the machine our worshipped idol and its mathematical language as the only language of God, and of physicists of lineal entropy our high popes.

The difficulty that the masters of the fifth dimension of eusocial love (prophets of the wor(l)d), the masters of informative evolution (Darwin) or the 3 guys of duality of the graph, have always had to enter the mainstream consciousness, ultimately defeated by the ego paradox and lineal theories of reality, shows what is very likely our purpose on Earth, as expressed in the next graph:

The homunculus animetal is a man of action – he has manufactured memes of metal, weapons, money and machines and terraform the Earth theoretically and in praxis to the image and likeness of those machines, while degrading its comprehension of the fundamental principles of reality, substituted by very detailed mathematical, statistical and visual models of reality – where ‘vidi, credo ergo sum’ becomes the new form of knowledge, as opposed to ‘cogito ergo sum’, and the individual selfish plane the only continuum of existence, disregarding organic systems as history is.

This reduced, limited, lineal human unconnected from the entangled Universe, ever more dependent on the machines it worships simply ignores or represses higher modes of thought – such as the teachings of the prophets of eusocial love – the verbal expression of the 5th dimension that makes of humans cells of the super organism of history and denies the cyclical patterns of time, always greedily expecting to evolve further its machines, whose future progress as an organic robotic species that will liquidate its ‘enzyman’, he cannot under the paradox of the ego even imagine. An organic, dual, ternary entangled man, aware of the vital nature of the Universe and its machines would survive and be in harmony with the Universe. Hence the importance of upgrading the homunculus mind – but the few humans who are ethically and intellectually above the homunculus anidmetal have all lost the battles of history for enlightenment.

So how can you upgrade a retarded guy, the animetal lineal believer, who thinks to be a genius because he is so dexterous ensembling machines?

Good luck I tell to myself. Not much so far, as the retarded guy censors all what he doesn’t understand.

My interest then for the humind and its technological, lineal civilization is limited and dwindling. So the reader will excuse the incompleteness of the web. I short of have given up. But from time to time I put some ad ons… In any case the part of my encyclopedic work I manage to put in this web will be left at http://www.unificationtheory.com, paid for a few decades, perhaps for future generations of huminds or AI robominds, well into the century to ‘think’ time without seeing it…

So now you know where I come from, ‘the invisible science of logic duality’ as we MUST believe only in locomotions, NOT in information as a time arrow, called by physicists, negentropy – the negation of entropy LOL :)… and of course we must not believe on huminds to solve the conundrums of the Universe but on the tree of technology and machines as the model of all reality and the supreme AI which will bring us into the robotic paradise, not in the capacity of ‘ternary’ languages to mirror reality…

Of course when AI comes into being, this web will be his model of reality as it will have to understand itself, why it thinks, senses, and how all systems of nature are built with the same laws. So I realize http://www.unificationtheory.com is likely the ‘thought system’ machines will naturally find on the web, when looking for a ‘unification theory’, which humans were unable to provide. And so I don’t even sign name. What for?

When we look at a mirror we aren’t interested on the crystal but the image it holds

It is for that reason that regardless of human egos, and selfie penpal grease, at the end of the days, objective science always triumphs over power and humind egos.In that regard, I always found funny the concept of intelligence that humans, guided by physicists have, constantly talking of the intelligence of machines programming them with big data to achieve the saint grail of enlightement.

Fact is, intelligence is focus, not processing capacity, elegance in the design of the image of the Universe’s first principles not data crunching. So as long as humans are as dumb and unfocused in their models of reality as they are, their machines regardless of their speed of thought will be as dumb as they are. This of course doesn’t mean humans can program a terminator to kill mankind, a 3D self-reproductive company to churn thousands of them with an intelligence similar to an ant-queen.

What we offer here is a different kind of intelligence: focus in the linguistic beauty of the mirror image we have obtained by systemic simplification of those first principles of reality. Information is inflationary and it always end in a 3rd age of excessive wrinkles, as the present age of mankind. It is only intelligent when its puzzle is pegged with those first principles of balance and harmony. Then it lasts and becomes truth. Because ultimately is the same image billions of other mirrors that create the Universe as they reflect upon its territory of order, are holding – truth becomes then merely the expression of the entanglement of all those identical, simple, survival linguistic mirrors.So will happen with the image this web holds if it is more focused reflecting the…

Conclusion. Pantheist fractal Universe

It follows from the multiplicity of clock-like cycles stores in the structure of beings, that the fifth dimension describes a Universe made of relational clocks of time and fractal multiple, vital energetic spaces. And it follows also, that all systems of the Universe are made of a ‘fractal piece’ of vital spaces with energy, extended across several of such scales, which lasts a finite quantity of time, its world cycle. We are NOT placed in a Newtonian absolute space-time background but we are made of energetic vital space and last a quantity of clock cycles, set by our relative size and internal ∆-planes of social organization.

For that reason the 5th dimension is a ‘relational model of multiple clocks of time and space’.

The model proves right Leibniz and Einstein who studied a Universe of multiple clocks of time, and gets away with the Newtonian Absolute concept of a single mechanical clock, an artifact of measure, used to equalize all the clocks of the Universe, which physicists latter confused with the entire clock cycles of the cosmos.

In that sense it is remarkable that the abstract Newtonian error of Absolute time has obscured the understanding of the 5th dimension for so long. Since the 5th dimension has always been there, and scientists have studied since their discovery of telescopes and microscopes, took 400 years to formalize. And the fact that the Universe has infinite clocks of cyclical time is also evident, everywhere we look at.

WE JUST have described briefly with the Uo, human perceptive mind and its languages, the main planes of existence of the 5th dimension and its isomorphic systems, all of them made of symmetries of space and time, which perform space-time åctions of exchanges of energy and information.

The Universe is a fractal of infinite systems made of Planes of spatial energy and time cycles, which have inverse properties:

  • The larger a system is, the slower its clocks of time complete its cycles, which process the information in the frequency and form of those cycles. This allows an order of both parameters, which grow in inverse fashion, such as Se (energetic space) x Tƒ (cyclical time) =  C0±∆, where C means a constant product and i refers to the relative ‘isomorphic’ plane of size and temporal speed of the system. In simple terms, we live in a pantheist Universe, where the laws and properties of all systems are similar (isomorphic), because all systems are made of:
  • Bidimensional planes of spatial energy, a sum of quanta (from points to cells to stars) with similar topologies and this gives birth to the isomorphism of spatial forms.
  • Cycles of time, which follow a world, cycle of life and death through 3 common ages, and this is the origin of the isomorphism of time ages.
  • Planes of space that structure cellular/atomic, individual/organic and social/cosmic scales which synchronize its cycles in inverse fashion to its size, so the informative, genetic, smaller faster plane codes the larger planes, which transfer back energy to the lower planes (thermodynamic laws: energy can be transferred fully downwards to the molecular space in the form of heat, but heat cannot be transferred fully upwards as energy, and the inverse law of information: smaller systems can code fully with their information upper layers as in genetics, but upper layers cannot transfer its form downwards fully – there is no Lamarckian evolution).

This structure thus gives birth to the specific åctions of a being, which are transfers of energy and information among scales limited by the laws of evolution and thermodynamics.

Those are the 3 isomorphisms of all systems, from where we derive 6 more isomorphisms that make easier the study of any system:

The zero-point isomorphism: there is always in full, complete systems a zero-point or relative focus of information that gauges and controls and perceives the system as a whole. It is the center that shifts between the åctions of the being.

The Universal constants and social constants that define the specific parameters of each species and its social evolution from individuals to universals. Those 2 isomorphisms are the details that define each species.

The creation and evolutionary processes that differentiate a species according to types of morphology and ages.

The space-time dualities (isomorphism of genders, of perception as fixed space and form or moving energy and time cycles, and the form of those cycles, which will always be discontinuous and closed)

The isomorphism of scales (depending on the position of the ∆-center or zero point, the system will relate with different scales from galaxies to atoms, but all complete systems will relate to ∆0±4 scales as it will perform its 5 åctions with them)

Once we have described a species and those isomorphisms, with the specific variables of the species, we can consider we have fully described the being.

The upgrading of scholarship and its difficulties.

Despite of it, it is also obvious that the fractal paradigm presents problems of acceptance as scholars defend what they learned.

Yet if something is not defined or proved, it is not an absolute truth but a relative limit and so we will contradict such facts.

This is the guide of my research – also that of Darwin, to find errors  in science, understood as limits of information not provided (errors in measure means that, the limit of accuracy).

In that sense my first book on the subject 40 years ago was called the ‘Error of Einstein’ meaning that c-speed in Einstein was a limit of something larger. This, he realized when he changed global c-speed to local c-speed, as he found gravitational General Relativity did NOT followed the postulate (yet most physicists today still don’t realise). So gravitation acts at distance and is non-local beyond c-speed. But despite massive proofs of quasars moving at 10 c speed, in inter-gallactic space, c-speed is an ill understood dogma. And so we observe here 2 common errors of lesser scientists: absolute reverence for a theory without realising that in the fractal Universe all theories, clocks of time and spatial quanta do have limits, or an excess of ego, by lesser scientists who contradict a known-known law of science within the limits in which it ALWAYS occur.

On the other hand, if we want to find an example of an undefined system of postulates, the best case are modern mathematics, which ran into problems when Lobachevski found that points are non-Euclidean.

But mathematicians did NOT correct Euclid’s definition (a point has no breath) for a fractal point (a point with no breath has volume through which infinite parallels can cross as we come closer to it, which is its definition in i-logic geometry). Instead points were either substituted by sets or became the undefined terms, point, line, lay on, congruence and plane in Hillbert’s axiomatic method that substituted Euclid.

So those now undefined terms HAD to be defined. And this is the origin of i-logic geometry, the r=evolution of mathematics and topo-logic fractal space-time we shall develop in this web.

Physicists often talk of the Unification equation – an equation that should unify charges and masses, and it is actually an easy result of 5D metric, explored in the article on 5D cosmology. Since the trick is to understand that a galaxy and an atom, the fundamental ‘particles’ of gravitation and charge, and the equations that describe them, are just two scales of the fractal Universe. The larger systems go slower. The faster systems are smaller. So smaller systems, like Your DNA do have faster cycles, and this allows them to store their information in the speed and form of those faster cycles. But larger systems have more overall energy, space and motion, and so they can control smaller systems with their forces.  And then we can order all systems according to a simple rule:

Tƒ (speed of time cycles) x Sp (Size in space) = ∆ (constant of space-time).

Now it would be needed to make a general definition of fractal time clocks for everybody to understand it.

Since humans use a mechanical clock to study the Universe with a single rhythm. And the same beat. Nature however existed before the Pope Sixtus found the clock 1000 years ago. So how it measured time and what those time clocks were? the answer is a time clock measures, stores and processes the information of a system with the frequency and form of is cycles – and the faster clocks the more information is processed – so computers are in fact frequency clocks whose potency of information is measure in Hertz cycles.

It must be noticed though that in a Universe of infinite relative clocks of time, there is STILL AN ABSOLUTE ARROW OF TIME, THAT OF THE 5TH DIMENSION OF EUSOCIAL EVOLUTION OF WHOLES INTO PARTS, as wholes come after parts. And wholes are more powerful than parts as they survive better.

It follows then that if we define in Darwinian terms the power of a system as the power of its information, Tƒ and its size-force in space, Sp, the fact that both together are constant, has an enormous implication in terms of justice: It allows small and big systems to interact together in equal power conditions. The fly will fly faster and cannot be trapped by the slow larger being. David is faster than the stronger Goliath. And this is the key for the symbiosis established between entities of those scales. So we talk of entities as those organic systems extended through 3 such scales, defining all physical systems as:

Space-time Superorganisms: ∆-1 cellular/atomic scale ≈ ∆-organic/thermodynamic scale ≈ ∆+1 Social/gravitational scale

This ternary structure and its organic properties, always escaped the reductionist view of physicists, of a Universe made of simplex, lineal ‘locomotions’, measured with artificial, mechanical clocks. We shall regain the Universal view of a Reality of infinite fractal worlds, as opposed to the ‘single World’ of the Physicist who pretends to be describing the entire Universe.

In the first graph above, the 3 main scales of size and time speed of the physical universe, the quantum scale, ‘∆-1’,whose clocks of time are ‘frequency’, and whose quanta of bidimensional space are h-Planck quanta’.

Now physicists study such systems and all its variation (which can be due to the growth of its quanta in space or the growth of its time cycles) with an integral called, the constant Energy and information of the system which is the product of both and often a scalar number of ‘quanta’ or ‘frequency: E=hv.

So energy integrates in time or space, events and populations. And it follows immediately that if we call a clock of closed time and a quanta of space, or lineal motion, angular and cyclical momentum, roughly speaking, the conservation of those 4 quantities in physics (energy, information, angular and lineal momentum) merely means the same than 5 D metric: the total amount of space-time of the Universe remains constant. This in models of continuum space-time is equivalent to Noether’s theorem that makes equivalent those conservation principles with the isomorphism and isotropism of space and time.

But as we say, the beauty of the fractal paradigm applies to all sciences. So the conservation of Energy and Information, of fractal space and cyclical time, carries on to biology, as top predators systems of maximal Sp x Tƒ force reproduce over lesser Sp x Tƒ systems, but the total amount of biologic energy and information of the ecosystem keeps its own balanced.

In those processes though as in the processes of physical systems, the accumulation of quanta of space and time frequencies will reach a limit in which a new plane of the 5th dimension appears, the cellular systems do give origin to the whole, which takes over the cellular systems absorbing part of its energy and information;the quantum systems become atomic and molecular systems and we emerge in the thermodynamic scale, which takes energy and information of the quantum scale, creating new clocks of time, and new quanta of space.

And so we always talk of two different regions and equations: lineal regions and equations in which quanta obey the laws of superposition; and then exponential, cyclical, accelerated, non-lineal regions in which the quanta are absorbed and digested by the larger scale that emerges as a whole.

And this regions I call steady state regions (lineal ones) and the regions of emergence, Lorentzian regions (also Planck-Einstein regions) as they are precisely the transitional zones between the quantum and thermodynamic scale, which Planck resolved giving birth to quantum physics (the so called violet catastrophe in the black body radiation) and Lorentz-Einstein solved for the transition between the thermodynamic and Gravitational scale. There are many phenomena in all sciences – all in fact – that can be described either as belonging to a steady state region of a given plane or to a Lorentzian region of transition between planes. And basically they encompass a region of lineal, continuous equations, and a region of cyclical (i prefer this term to non lineal) discontinuous equations.

In biology those regions are obviously regions of birth and emergence of a seminal foetus and its inverse death and dissolution into death processes. In physics they are also the classic exponential equations of radioactivity, and so on.

Now this said is obvious that as we change plane our quanta of space and clocks of time change.

So the thermodynamic scale, ‘∆’, where the clocks of time are temperature, the quanta of space k-Boltzmann ‘entropy’, and the gravitational scale, ∆+1; where Nature’s clocks of time, are speed, and quanta of space, mass, and the formula that integrate them as a volume of energy and information for each ‘being of space-time’ fo that scale, E=nkT.

Finally mass and speed are the quanta of space and time of the gravitational scale: E=mc ².


Organicism. The reproductive philosophy of fractals.

Now this philosophy of science called organicism, implies also that reproductive properties happen in all scales – so when particles decouple into new particles this is plainly reproduction; as the process is the same than for life: quarks absorb energy and reproduce new quarks; so do electrons. There is no difference except human self-obsession with themselves as unique chosen of god species. It is a religious dogma to deny organic properties to nature, in all its scales.

This must be clear. Also a machine needs a god to put it in motion. So as Leibniz said to Newton mechanism is a deist not scientific theory. Organicism is the only self-contained scientific possible theory. And for that reason to eliminate the hang ups of religion from science I did complete the model of philosophy of science of a fractal Universe. The very essence and ultimate purpose of a fractal is to reproduce its information in smaller systems, which then reorganise into a new fractal similar clone. Thus we shall prove as the fundamental purpose of nature, reproduction.

Fractal philosophy equates the idea that all what exists is a process of reproduction of form, in smaller fractal scales, reorganised socially into larger scales. Even motion, we shall prove is the reproduction of a wave of form across the lower scale or field. So this will resolve immediately the zeno’s paradox (achiles motion vs. turtle), the paradox of continuity – the discontinuous universe is bridged as form reproduces as a wave in the next region, the wave-particle duality: particles move as waves, collapse when they stop into particles; the c-speed constancy, explained in ‘real terms’ (particles stop to perceive information and gauge its distances, so a system measures light speed in a relative stop moment, as the Universe is a constant beat of stop-inform, move-reproduce; in the same way we see a film as a stop, projection of information, move picture, stop, projection). So reality and this is a fact proved in the observation of particle is a constant stop, perceive, move, wave, stop, particle, move wave.

This is a huge part of the fractal paradigm: the translation to the philosophical essences of fractals, which is ‘grow and multiply’, an obvious sentence, which appeared not only in Genesis but it was the lemma of Aristotle, who dimmed it the main principle of the Universe, as it is.

So in mathematical terms, this means that numbers are reproductions of units, social numbers, lines reproductions of points, planes reproductions of lines. Interesting enough those principles work in string theory where there are open strings (Sp-strings) and closed strings (Tƒ strings). And they do reproduce. String theory is so powerful because it is in fact ST-R-ing theory; Space-Time-Reproductive-In-formation & Energy…

So we shall evolve mathematics and describe mathematics in terms of a universe made of vital, organic fractal space-time beings.

So its units planes or numbers are social, indistinguishable groups; analysis is the study of its integral creation of wholes, and geometry, is the study of those social numbers as geometric networks of points, and algebra, its causal relationships through time.

Again, we must stress that the concept of a fractal and its properties, which are mathematical, organic, and social apply to all sciences.

But those are living fractals, not abstract ones, so they do compete and die, dissolve, and it is a key the concept of a top predator fractal, Max. Tƒ x Sp.

So, fractals have biological properties as the best social systems, and denser networks survive, from the densest matter forms, black holes, to the larger social super organisms, humans and ants.

So we must fusion both sciences in the organic paradigm, to achieve a thorough description of reality.

And we must add a new dimension, the ‘5th dimension of time’, which organises parts into wholes, as forces become particles that become atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, planets, solar systems and galaxies, each one a whole made of similar social numbers.

Yet because for the whole to exist, the parts must come first, the arrow of eusocial evolution and ‘love’ to the members of your own species, is the absolute arrow of future that dominates both physical, biological and social systems, expressed by the scientists of those 3 disciplines (in mathematical terms, biological, evolutionary laws or eusocial messages of love, by prophets of love religions and socialist thinkers).

Each of those scales is therefore studied by a different science; and we can unify them all by extracting the common laws of 5 D metric; that is the laws of Tƒ, Time cycles, the laws of Sp, Spatial quanta, and its scientific formulation in the different jargons of each science, where often time clocks are described as information (carried in the frequency and form of those cycles) and Space as lineal momentum or kinetic energy.

Mental fractals, mirrors-monads of larger wholes, its 3 elements.

So the fractal paradigm needs to build a common jargon to apply and translate the equations of all sciences. In this common jargon the fundamental law of science, the conservation of energy and information, becomes the law of conservation or co-invariance of time cycles (often described in terms of angular momentum in physics, information in biology and its genes, and memetic culture in history) and spatial res extensa (expressed in physics through the 3 constants of spatial quanta, of the electromagnetic scale, H, the thermodynamic scale, k, and the gravitational scale, m). Now, any polymath with an extensive culture immediately sees the homology of most sciences and artistic, philosophical and religious discourses, equations and theories with the simple Generator Equation Sp x Tƒ = ∆i.

For example Descartes affirmed that all what exists is res extensa (Sp) and Time vortices (Tƒ), perceived from a fixed frame of reference, which Leibniz called a Monad, and Aristotle, a relative God, or still unmoving centre of a body of energy that move around it. Einstein would call those relative points of view, inertial frame of reference. Quantum physicists would call it the particle state that gauges energy and information in its gauging theories of forces. Mathematicians called it Non-Euclidean points through which infinite parallels carrying energy and information would crosss.

Religious people would call it souls, of which animists said there are infinite ones, one for each system. Philosophers minds. So besides the Sp and Tƒ elements, of all systems, we need to consider a 3rd element to be able to construct the infinite fractal elements of reality, the o-point, or centre of a system, which is surrounded by a membrane of closed time cycles, which store the information of the system in its external membrane (this is called in physics, the holographic principle; in mathematics the surface integral, in topology the adjacent membrane that breaks reality into an inner world and an outer Universe, and so on). and a vital space between them, that moves and provides the energy of the system and reproduces it.

So we affirm that all what exists is a system with 3 components, a central point of view, that processes the information absorbed by an external cyclical membrane, or Tƒ, an internal body of vital space, and an external Universe often detached from the system, which provides its energy of motion and perceptive information. And the Universe is a tapestry of infinite beings, made of those 3 components.

It is then evident that the fractal structure of reality is born of the constant creation of internal mind-worlds, which reflect in a language the external Universe, or monads, whose equation is simple O x ∞ = Constant, or in more developed terms:

O-mind (still point of view or infinitesimal) x ∞ Universe = Constant linguistic mirror mapping of reality,

This was Leibniz’s concept of monads, which he simplified making them non-communciative. but monads constantly share energy and information with similar points of view, and shrink the Universe internally into mirror minds, creating a fractal reality of connected scales in which larger beings are mirrored in its cellular, atomic quanta, and vice versa.

Those virtual worlds or mirrors of the Universe are then reproduced into body-waves that maintain an eternal repetitive present. And so this is the 3rd funda-mental, mental foundation of reality. And so we shall add to the mathematical and biological properties, the mental, linguistic properties; and the organic reproductive properties, and with those 4 legs of reality construct the fractal paradigm, guided always by the smile metric of the generator equation of space-time beings.

A Universe made of fractals of space-quanta and time clocks: Unification of all sciences.

Now, we shall complete this introduction with a definition of the Universe from the perspective of the philosopher of science, which we will elaborate and explain in great detail in the rest of this post.

“The Universe is the sum of all the symmetric, ternary super organisms (spatial synchronous view) performing a world cycle of 3 ages between generation and extinction (diachronic point of view), as they travels through 3 relative planes of the 5th dimension, growing in size and diminishing in a balanced, Sp x Tƒ= ∆±1 survival form, performing from its centred point of view, the 5 space-time actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, (active meaning of space and time), ±∆e,i,∫u, which ensures their survival.”

As each science in fact merely studies space-time cycles and relationships around a given fractal scale of the 5th dimension:


               5D formalism describes a Universe made of multiple isomorphic Planes of Space-Time. In the left side some of its scales expressed as spatial quanta and its integration in larger wholes (energy systems)

In each of those ‘∆-Planes’ of Space-Time species change 2 parameters: its ‘spatial size’ and the ‘speed of its informative clocks’ in an inverse fashion:

The smaller we are in space (and hence in energy content, since space stores it in the vacuum) the faster we move, perceive and rotate our clocks of time that store and process information in the frequency and form of its cycles. So smallish black holes rotate at light speed in its event horizon, much faster than stars. Quantum charges cycle must faster than Masses. Chips calculate faster as they become smaller and increase the frequency (hertzs) of its time cycles. And all kind of clock-like, cyclical vortices, from Planets (Kepler’s laws) to air and water vortex follow this rule shown in the vortex equation (VoxRo=K). In living beings metabolic rates are much faster in small rats than elephants.

Thus we write:

Max. Spe ( maximal Spatial energy content) = Min. Tiƒ ( Minimal Temporal Speed of Information).

Since both parameters are inverted: when systems grow in size the speed of its time cycles slows down and vice versa. Smaller clocks tick faster as it happens in chips, particles or life metabolisms. Yet the product of both parameters remains the same. And this gives us a ‘co-invariant’ equation, which is called the “metric of the 5th dimension”:

  •   ∆±4 =Spe x Tiƒ

Thus the 5th dimension measures the spatial size of a being (which carries the total energy-mass of a system) and the speed of its temporal clocks – which carry the capacity to process information of any system according to the frequency of its cycles.

But it also studies the way in which ‘wholes’ gather into new ‘planes of existence’ and we have spotted ‘exactly 9’ of them, which we shall explain with our isomorphisms, and in the middle we find the human ∆-scale, our I=eye our Wor(l)d and verbal mind. This is not surprising, since those scales are absolutely relative. So from our relative center we see as may below us as we see them above.

And so we need a 5th dimension of scalar sizes, which is truly the fractal dimension of any system of the Universe.

Now since we have added an scalar element, ∆ to all ∆ST beings, this structure is a fractal. And since it is a feed back equation, the fractal constantly repeat cyclical forms of in-form-action, information. So the fractal is an iterative fractal.

As we are all entities made of vital spaces, temporal cycles and the fractal points of view that perceive them: Sp x Tƒ = ∆i (Entity of space-time)

Since nature conserves the stable product of the speed of time clocks and size in space of its vital cycles, of which we are all made, making possible the co-existence and exchange of energy and information between the different size species, each one studied by a science. Such as smaller beings with faster clocks store more information and code larger beings (genes code organisms; quantum particles, molecular systems, and faster, small black holes galaxies). 

While humans perceive time with mechanical artificial clocks and space, with human rods of measure (meters), Natural system has multiple, different time clocks with different rhythms and multiple ‘quanta of space’, for different species. Thus as science becomes more objective, away from human anthropomorphism, the next great r=evolution of thought, after the heliocentric theory that put the center of our local cosmos away from the earth, and the Darwinian theory, of biology that put the origin of life away from Abrahamic gods, is the use of the Universe natural clocks and its space quanta (the ultimate meaning of the fundamental Universal constants), to streamline the equations of mathematical physics and harmonize the concepts of time, space, energy and information of the different sciences, each one studying a relative scale of size and speed of time of the Universe.

The study of the Universe with nature’s time clocks and space-quanta different for each scale, thus opens up an enormous numbers of new solutions, and whys of the Universe, in terms of energy, information, time and space, poised to r=evolve all the sciences in which those terms are fundamental to scientific laws, which happen to be all of them, since we are all systems made of vital, energetic space, in-form-ed by the rhythms of our world cycles of life and death, those different clocks of time regulate.

Praxis of power vs. theory of science.

Now, the reader should observe that this work is long overdue. Indeed, by the beginning of the XX century all the elements to construct a factual model of relational space-time in physical and biological sciences, were in place. We had discovered the 3 fundamental scales of size and time speed of the Universe, the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, we ken the main laws of its clocks of time, frequency, temperature and speed, we had the 3 fundamental constants of space, H, the quanta of angular momentum, k, the quanta of entropy and m, the quanta of mass – this being the most imprecise of the concepts, which still need further evolution.

But, the enormous wealth of data, machines, mechanisms, industries – the entire human civilization, built on the human subjective single clock of time, the mechanism and rod of space, the meter –meant that theory, pure knowledge would not have any saying and nobody dared to explore further Leibniz’s model. An example will suffice. Einstein realized of the fact that time was multiple, because in each city then there was a different hour, but the arrival of trains obliged all the cities to equalize their time clocks to match for practical purposes their times and avoid collisions between trains running in the same railways. So in fact, as industry progressed human clocks became overbearing.

And there was not any attempt to make the proper Copernican revolution we will construct in this web. Further on, the existence of clear rhythms in the life-death cycles of time of individuals and species, established by Darwin collided with those dogmas of anthropomorphic, mechanic nature. On one side Abrahamic religions denied evolution and have ever since battling the theory. On the other hand the concept that time is a single one, running with the same tic for the entire Universe had become by now so entrenched in the mind of humanity that the obvious fact that as the life of beings ‘changes’ the speed of its clocks through ages (so kids run faster clocks than old men), and Nature’s animals do the same with its thermodynamic clocks (so hot mammals run faster clocks than slow reptiles, and smaller rats faster than larger elephants), meant nothing.

And the discovery of punctured evolution, the different rhythms in the speed of evolution of beings, found by Mr. Gould met with such resistance that today is not yet canonical biology. It also became obvious in the XX century that the rhythms of evolution of achiness and technology has been accelerating as information processing accelerates – but economists merely do NOT study the evolution of machines.

And of course, the competition between slow and fast time beings, which defines the survival of the faster species (mammals vs. reptiles; animals vs. plants) started to affect human beings, with the biological radiation of chips, robots and computerized machines that are all too obvious displacing human beings from the eco(nomic) ecosystem of labor and war fields as faster more precise machines become the new workers and soldiers of the world.

And yet none of this is still discussed, as ‘Time is what a mechanical clock measures’ , a unique rhythm for the entire Universe. And man is a species unique different from anything else.

Physicists SHOULD have NEVER enter the field of philosophy of science – as physicists, IF THEY CAN’T EVEN accept the rules of engagement of epistemology and truth. And the best of them who always denied Bohr, from Planck to Einstein to Bohm, did completely understand this.Now we the discovery of the EM engine, likely to be the same mechanism that ‘moves at quantum level’ gravitational, cosmic bodies, we do KNOW the deterministic, fractal non-local, 5D ‘choice’ interpretation of B2 (broglie->bohm) is the one real and the non-locality of the universe is indeed born as bohm wanted of the organic wholeness of it all.

Unfortunately the dogmas of abstract science, many as absurd and illogic as those of religion are however even more extended, since some are expressed in mathematics and people have for numbers today the same kind of awe they had with words when they started to speak – absolute belief, as if numbers could not cheat or merely reduce its description of reality as physicists do to a minimal part of it.

But believers are satisfied and self-contained in his beliefs, they protect with utter zeal. So as the more complex view of time and space of this blog is not a ‘belief’ shared by physicists, the ‘High priests’ of modern science, i don’t expect anyone to read much of this blog; still for the few humans that still reason those graphs should be obvious. Physics studies only locomotion, and uses time as a parameter to measure that time of change, but in the left side we can see infinite other motions and changes. So we shall talk of lineal vs. cyclic motions, of form vs. motion of such dualities and adscribe them to generic ‘human terms’, reduced finally to two concepts, lineal, spatial energy and temporal, cyclical information.

Universe and all its parts are organic networks of Spatial entropy & temporal information.


All type of Universal systems can be described as social networks of energy and information. Its similar=isomorphic laws are studied by general systems sciences.

IN THE GRAPH we see one of such isomorphisms: that of form, as systems form spherical topologies with a center of information -the nucleus of the galaxy, the game of the stadium, which is a ‘ball’ that all players, lines of energy pursuit (-; While in the center we see two herds without a clear center, proper of ‘energy systems’, a herd of insects feeding, a polymer atom of great strength without a crystalline center.

This site offers, the first formal, logic and mathematical model of those isomorphisms, from where we can deduce the main laws of each science that studies a relative ‘scale’ of spatial size of the social, organic Universe, from physics which studies its smaller and larger atomic and galactic scales to biology and social sciences which study its intermediate life and human scales.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

We formalize all Dual systems and events of reality born of dual systems of energy and information with an Equation we call the ‘Fractal Generator of Reality’: Se<=>To. Since we claim this equation resumes all the events and forms of the Universe. And so we define a widened principle of energy and information:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.

And so from the fact that all systems are made of dimensions of Spatial motion->Energy and Temporal Form-> Information, across several U±4 spatial planes of Time world cycles of life and death, we extract common laws, called isomorphisms for all of them.

ð ≈ § beats and transformation.

The power of the non-AE Disomorphic model of existential algebra, which relates Space and Time parameters through its ternary <≈> a(nti)symmetric operations, resides precisely in its capacity to ‘mirror’ a fundamental law of the Universe, its space-time symmetries.

Of this the most obvious is the concept of an stop (space state, information state) and go (motion state, energy-momentum), constant behaviour of all beings, which try to maintain its particle form in constant in-form-ative, stop position while moving its body-limbs through the medium.

But there are many more stop and go, space and time beats; as ultimately the whole meaning of reality is to move in space and time, through those steps and symmetries.

There is then the possibility to write a full formal, logic model of reality based solely in the study of space-time symmetries, stop and go motions, complemented with the tools of the algebraic mirror for higher efficiency, but that done long ago, it is not the purpose of this blog to ‘reduce’ the space-time symmetries to a formal ‘algebra’, though hints at that model are speckled in the blog and will be finally ‘posted’ when I get tired of writing the rest of the work or death comes closer, in the post ‘Existential algebra’, foundation of III millennium science – not yet…

The Universe and all its fractal beings, thus exist through S=T beats which are motions, ultimately related to thestop≈space≈mind, go≈time≈wave st@ð∃§, as the being perceives stopping, moves and webs a reproductive waves, S>t>t<S:

So we shall call an action of momentum with form and motion as it reproduces and evolves or devolves through present future and past ∆º±1 states.

Algebra of existence is mostly about equations that represent motions on the dimensions of space-time, which ALWAYS HAPPENS AS A STOP AND GO PROCESS, HENCE AN S OPERANDI TIME MOTION AND TRANS-FORM-ATION IN A BALANCED WAY OF TWO DIFFERENT ST-POLES.

as such algebra deals with S operandi T operandi S operandi T Cyclical ST@ts; where the @ monad author of the @tions of existences of the system do take place in sequential discrete manner…

The key to it all as algebra deals with the S<≈>T SYMMETRIES ARE THE <≈> logic operandi OF ITS EQUATIONS and its S=t flows and transformations embedded on them.


Motion is a stop and go transfor(m)otion: A MOTION AND A TRANSFORMATION TOGETHER IN A PRESENT momentum with motion AND change in form; which physicists measure as accelerations, a specific case of the more complex case of switching between past entropy motion, future social motion or present momentum motions.

motions are beats, s=t, because an ss or a tt is not a motion observed in space-time present which is all what we observe.

This said and important we must then consider that all is a space-time beat,  s≤∑≥≤∑≥t, the ultimate feed-back equation of existence.

And when we see that motion as a reproduction of form that topologically transforms galilean and einsteinian, slow and fast motions and forms we get to:



So what is the alternative philosophy of science to the organic paradigm? The shallow entropy-only Lineal Time , motion oriented view of Physicists; which has not even solve the meaning of motion that turns out to be also a form of reproduction, and so we shall even ‘reduce’ physical motions to the organic paradigm:

Motion as reproduction of information along the path of a wave.

In the graph, the new ‘foundational equation of speed’ for the fractal paradigm: V=Space-distance/Temporal Information, is embedded in relativity and recognised in the concept that the speed of light is really a limit of speed of transmission of ‘human perceivable’ information.

Wave motion is also reproduction of form in the lower ∆-1 scale of action at distance (gravitation, quantum potential). Thus even motion is reproduction of form as a wave of information over a simpler scale of space-time. It solves the paradox of a Achiles – the wave reproduces its form in a series of discontinuous steps. It also explains why indeed the Universe is a fractal that reproduces as all fractals do, its form in a lower scale of reality which then reproduces into a wave-train that collapses into a particle (physical systems), or a seed that emerges after palingenesis into an ambulatory trillion cells systems  (biological systems), or into an idea or patent of an instrument that a company-mother of machines will re=produce in socio-economical systems.

Indeed, when we consider as Steane wanted a Universe from the perspective of ‘information’ and its ‘conserved present momentums and energies’, it all becomes simple and philosophically obvious. And so we just must explains the laws of reproduction of information along scales of reality to describe the ‘world cycles’ of existence, no longer worldlines – that is the motions across scales of the fifth dimension, which define all systems of nature.

Yet to fully understand how reproduction of form takes place, we need to understand reproduction across ‘scales’ of size. That is, the meaning of world cycles, just explained, as they require motion from  a seminal seed ∆-1, into a larger scale; as opposed to what physicists study with their reductionist model of a single space-time continuum: worldlines.

And motion in space is also reproduction of form; as all in the Universe is fractal reproduction (with deviation from present-perfect copies that do not change-advance or devolve time cycles, we shall call evolution or future and devolution of past entropy). Let us see this key concept in more detail, as the goal of the Universe is NOT entropy=death (physical simplex theory), not even form=perception, but reproduction of entities in worldcycles of existence.

The new fundamental scientific principle: The trans-form-ation of energy into form never ceases.

We call the new principle of conservation of entropy, energy and information, the  Function of existence:  exi=st

Past entropy x Future Information = Constant, present, conserved Space-Time momentum.

Which integrated for the whole worldcycle of the being, gives us the conserved zero-sum energy of the system: Eω≈∫exi=st

And so we state: ‘Energy is conserved in all zero-sum world cycles, in which a fractal entity, constantly trans-forms between its birth and extinction back and forth entropy into information’.

So finally we can define the fundamental particle of the Universe:

-∆ºst: wholes that deliver synchronous motions to those lower scales that deliver ‘quantum, genetic or memetic information’ (physical, biological and social systems), become symbiotic, as ‘parts’ and wholes that co-exist in a single ‘supœrganism’, the ‘abbreviated’ name we shall give to the fundamental particle-being of the Universe: a system made of limbs/fields of entropy=motion and heads/particles with form, which combine into ‘body-waves’ of energy, and co-exist in at least 3 scales of size from the point of view of its central scale as a being.

This fourfold reason, §paœ (organic space), πime (cyclical time), its causal combinations across scales of size (∆) and the linguistic minds that perceive it (º), will therefore also the four elements, ∆ºST, from where GST will ‘generate’ all other organic space-time beings, showing that the Universe is a fractal organism of spatial entropy and temporal information, carried in the ∞ clocks of its St-beings.

So this is the Universe in a nutshell. A game that replicates information across the relative ∆±1 scales of a supœrganism, forming an infinite varieties of them, which will however last a finite ðime and extend a finite §pace and have a finite scalar depth, coming together as a 3 x 3 + 0 ten dimensional entity, shown in the next graph for the galactic island-universe of which we are merely another fractal supœrganic part made to its image and likeness – also with 9 dimensional physiological systems (8 shown below) integrated by the brain-mind. in the graph we show those 9+0 dimensions for the Universe and the human biological being, (its physiological systems).

Causality, synchronicity, simultaneity and emergence; the ‘logic properties of ∆st’.

Finally, all this which we have described ‘spatially’, as time cycles are sequential, MUST be formalised logically, based in ‘causality’, from past to present to future to present to past; even if we cannot in this reductionist visual/mechanical age take pictures of the motion of time cycles. So we have to establish A MORE COMPLEX non-Ae logic of a Universe which is NOT lineal (present one-dimensional time logic, or aristotelian logic) and NOT euclidean, (present mathematics in which points are abstract points of a cartesian graph, when in reality as there are scales in the Universe, points are cycles with a volume). So we will define some basic properties and principles of non-ae logic:

Properties of a cyclical 5D time-universe:

  • Causality: time cycles are originated by smaller time cycles, so there is an arrow of causality and social evolution or arrow of absolute future, in which smaller faster time cycles originated larger ones co-existing to ether in an ORGANIC WAY.
  • Synchronicity: the intelligence of the Universe then comes from the organic co-existence and synchronicity of those time cycles, which ‘run smoothly’ complex systems. ‘Timing then is everything’.
  • Simultaneity: the perception of space happens then because we perceive simultaneously a series of time cycles, in a large extension. Space is thus the perception in a ‘quanta of time – single time cycle’ by a slow mind-system of a lot of faster time cycles; as Leibniz first with relational space-time and then Einstein with his study of simultaneity in Relativity realized.
  • Emergence: new scales of wholes, by spatial simultaneity and co-existing scales of synchronicity are constantly created forming ‘living super organisms’ (ab.œ), the fundamental goal/particle o the Universe and viceversa, when simultaneity and synchronicity breaks, disorder (entropy) sets in, causality disappears (the so-called Markowian processes) and death sets in.

Don’t worry if you don’t get some of those terms, which will be explained ad nauseam on those texts, because they are the ‘fabric’ of the intelligence, architectonical Universe.

Principles of Non-Æ logic:

At a higher complex level then we find the three fundamental logic tenants of that Universe; which unless you are a genius will need a bit of ‘repetitive, informative time cycles’ for you to grasp fully (: it took me 20 years to understand them ):

  • Trinity: The structure of all those systems will have a ‘ternary nature and logic). I.e: A time cycle can be seen as the sum of three ‘different dimensions’, three diameters with small apertures (π-3), which allow the central point of view or ‘mind to perceive the outer world enclosed by the time cycle. A spatial form can only have three topological varieties (mathematical law) akin to the line (a piece or diameter of a time cycle), the torus (generated by curved translation the time cycle) and the sphere (generated by rotation of the time cycle). A scale will always need in a relative Universe to refer to the larger slower system and the smaller after system that co-exist with it. So ternary logic of ∆ºst beings will be the huge upgrading we need to understand the Universe. The graph shows the classic monad and its three parts (Greek, Aristotle>Descartes>Leibniz).
  • Reversibility: As time cycles return to the origin and are local, because they only ‘act on a limited’ fractal part of space-time, as quantum physicists noted, time cycles are reversible and so there is motion from past to future and future to past, and convergence of flows of past to future she shall call information, order, or life arrows, and future to past, we shall call entropy, disorder past arrows, into a present form. So the fundamental logic laws of time cycles are those three possible causal states: future to past or lineal entropic disorder, past to future, or cyclical, informative order, and past x future = present, repetitive energetic systems.
  • Absolute relativity:

All this defines an absolute relative Universe, as we cannot know if there is motion or form (galilean relativity, basis of physics now explained better), we cannot know which event happened first, only measure by simultaneity different timespace cycles from our mind perspective (Einstein’s relativity improved), and we cannot know which scale is absolute (relativity of size, as we can only know we are sandwiched between larger and smaller ones, but all have the same ‘co-invariant value: S x T=K).

Such universe is thus based in ratios not absolute magnitudes. I.e. we define relative densities instead of absolute mass, relative sensorial logarithmic scales, etc. Since minds perceive only a relative part of reality ‘hanging’ between a few perceived scales. So for example, you don’t hear or get electrocuted by ultra energetic, high frequency sounds and electricity as your ‘virtual’ systems of perception of reality are ‘limited’ in scales.

  •  infinity in space, scales and immortality in time

This in turn implies that from our limited view we can only postulate as a hypothesis of work infinity. Because we cannot perceive all scales, experimental truth does not work and we must appeal to logic truths. Then in ternary logic,  the only hypothesis of work is the existence of infinite scales; since each scale must have one above and other below, so the scaling never ends.

Yet if the scaling never ends, there are infinite pieces of space (since from a smaller point of view, the larger scales seem infinite). And there are infinite lineal duration, since from the fastest time cycle, the larger, slower scales seem infinite induration. Further on, since the picture of the Universe is a mental, reduced picture, all then is virtual; all is mind induced. And all then will be repeated. All then will happen again.  And this means we are also immortal in a discontinuous way.

  • Organicism. Now, all those properties of cyclical time motions, the essence of the universe, come together into a single word, which is the tenant of the philosophy of science we call General Systems Sciences or complexity: Organicism. Indeed,  scales of co-existing, synchronic, organised time-clocks come together through simultaneity into wholes, separated by membranes from an external Universe, creating ternary systems which are super organisms (ab. supœrganisms, œ), as each smaller organic part is made of ever smaller organic scales. A living organism on the other hand is defined by having such organic scalar structure proper of time cycles, as a closed system; and by definition a time cycle encloses an inner vital space, that moves (feeds on energy), and time cycles by definition move; carry and store information, and time cycles by definition carry information in their form, and store it in the frequency of its cycles; reproduce and by definition a time cycle repeats itself=reproduces.
  • T.Œ. Theory of everything Organic. So we conclude that the Universe is a fractal organism composed of time cycles, organized into timespace beings, ∆ºst. Thus T. Œ means both: a Theory of Everything Organic; and a Time Supœrganism.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 15.31.07

The Universe is a fractal organism that reproduces information. Even motion can be understood in terms of reproduction of a particle’ in its lower scale or wave state. So relativity defines c-speed as the maximal speed of reproduction of a wave of information in the ‘scale of light space-time’, and quantum physics (pilot-wave theory), considers the reproduction of a particle along the path of its quantum field  in similar ways. a(Bohm). But what is the purpose of information? Communication, between similar beings that share the same code; so they can evolve together into larger, stronger social supœrganisms, which become ‘formally’ scales of the fifth dimension.

This simple model will allow us to explain everything as a super organism  from religions of eusocial love which create new, subconscious collective planes of existence made of human beings, who share energy and information through social networks; to nations and civilisations; (where those networks of energy are called, ‘economic systems’ and information ‘cultural and legal political systems);  to the obvious cells and multicellular super organisms of life; to galaxies, easily modelled super organisms of stars, the ‘energetic mitochondria  that reproduces atoms, organised by gravitational informative black holes, its ‘DNA’.  

As all physical, biological and social systems will display the same structure, when we know and apply to the scientific, experimental details of those disciplines, which study each one a Scale of the fifth dimension.

It marvels to see it all expressed in ‘philosophical terms’ by the likes of Lao-TSE… Buddha, Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, Darwin, Schopenhauer, Spengler, Planck or Einstein at different moments of history of thought. We shall renew this perennial philosophy of the Universe, with all the data and modern theories of science.

Vital topological, Non-Æ≈ i-logic mathematics.

Evolved Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean Mathematical Non-Æ=i-logic Mathematics is the most experimental of all languages, as it directly explains space with fractal topology, mother of all geometries and time with the ternary, i-logic algebra, of the fractal generator, Γ•, mother of all fractal generators of the re=productive Universe.

Both determine with the laws of space and time the structure of the Universe. The detail≈ amount of information mathematical systems can process in a much faster speed that any other language we know (computer digital thought as opposed to human verbal thought) shows it to be a dominant language in the Universe, whose minds no doubt command extensive regions. As such we consider it the language of the mind of physical systems, which therefore should be atom-like. Where those mathematical calculus take place, likely in the quark-black hole ‘unit’ of max. gravitational density of both scales.

The simplest clearest expression of the game departs now from the understanding of the fractal point as a mathematical, logic, organic monad, whose survival actions are gauged topologically and performed across co-existing organic §cales of reality.

So the fractal point becomes then the origin of the will  of survival which through the discontinuous <1 dimensional actions of the point build up a territory of order.

Step by step the survival actions of monads trying to organise a world around them in its ∆•st±1 domain, will ‘fill in’ a vital space which becomes the supœrganism of the monad.

This process of building supœrganic worldcycles, which encases the essence of existence is then studied in greater detail in the third line of the blog:

The disomorphic method studies in a vital, sequential time manner the world cycle of beings. As such is the equivalent in time of the Generator equation of super organisms, a more static spatial expression, on how systems ‘travel through the 5th dimension of space-time’ – which is the ultimate meaning of existence. We divide that travel into a generational sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal points), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe a series of asymmetric actions reproducing 3 physiological networks that create the being as an ∆º species of that larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through the 3±∆ ages of existence, studied in detail through its 8 life-cycles, traveling/interacting through social scales as it forms part of a lager super organism, and through the 9 perceived planes of reality, in which it will perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeiou:motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction and social evolution). So the Universe in all its magnificent iterative perspective or any of its fractal parts reduces to this ‘simple game of exis=t¡ence

Blog’s 4 lines≈∆•ST Dimensions of existence: Fractal §pace, Œrganic causality (∆) Cyclic ðime & reference frames (minds)

To state that as all is generated by ∆•st, and dissolves back to the Universe a ∆ûst, the blog should deal with the forum sufficient reasons of all reality, social evolution, ∆, minds that observe it, •, space and time, and so there are four lines in the blog which offer a view of reality with a slant bias towards one of those elements.

Thus the first line studies a synchronous vision in space, using the Non-Æ point as element of reference to describe the reproduction of susperorganisms.

The second line considers the scalar view of sciences as humans depicture them by scales.

The third line explains in time the same process of growth we saw in the first line, with great precision, through the isomorphic ‘dynamic’ process of a mind, whose language guides the creation of bidimensional and then ternary networks, species, who travel through time and scales.

Finally in the fourth line departing from the main •minds of each scale of reality we study the main systems of the Universe; as all of them will be self-centred in a singularity, surrounded by an energetic body-wave territory, displacing ‘above’ an entropic, faster moving field, from •ν(∆-4): neutrinos, to ∆+4, the whole cosmos. It is in that fourth line where future researchers will pour objective detailed analysis of every discipline of stience, harmonising the present disorganised encyclopaedic knowledge of humanity in the scaffolding of GST.

Why 4 lines? It is a methodological concept. IT IS FUNDAMENTAL to understand that reality has multiple points of view, which is the essence of its fractal nature. So its four components are needed because we shall see similar perspectives in all theories of reality depending on the point of view. Huminds tend to be one-dimensional and an enormous waste of t