“A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe’; a part limited in time and spatial information. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.” Einstein, on the entangled forest man cannot see – and its 5 elements, ‘space’, ‘time’, ‘scales’ of parts and wholes, ‘entropic limits’, and ‘languages of the mind’

The definition Einstein made of the Universe contrasts sharply with the view humans have of reality. This is a tremendous handicap for humans to understand the ‘entangled mind of the organic universe’, which we shall explain in this blog that completes a long life dedicated to 5D organic analysis of reality. Man has a limited mind, with a lineal view of time, dominated by a single visual language, not only isolated from that Universe but from other human beings, basing its worldview in the paradox of the ego (a self-centered point of view that measures a limited quantity of the information the Universe holds, and so ‘reduces’ reality. It is thus necessary as in so many papers to start this paper by downsizing the ego of man, to its real size, as man downsizes the intelligence of the Universe to come ‘on top’ of it in his ‘visual, optical delusion’. To that aim one of the first elements we shall introduce after defining the 5th dimension of scalar space-time is the equation of the mind.

5D metrics: A 4D world embedded in 5D hyperbolic, organic scales.

In graph, the organic, network structure of the whole Universe defines a series of ‘hyperbolic’ cellular scales that make the organism NOT the mechanism, the basis of all Nature’s system. But mathematically a dimension only exists when we can write a metric equation that leaves the product of its 2 space & time parameters, co-invariant; so we can travel through its spacetime dimensions (Klein). So we write:

S (Space=Form) x Tƒ (frequency of  cyclic time Motions) = ∆±¡: 3 Co-existing, Organic Planes of timespace.

It means an organism co-exists symbiotically in 3 scales of ∆-1 parts, (cells, atoms, human beings), joined by ∆ø networks of energy and information (electromagnetic and gravitational fields; blood and nervous networks; political and economical systems), ∆ø, in a larger ∆+1 world; (gravitational, thermodynamic, social system), because its parts are symbiotic.

In 5D metric, smaller systems in space have faster time clocks that store more information in the frequency and form of its cycles, coding larger wholes: genes code cells, memes societies and particles code atoms and molecules. But larger wholes are stronger envelopes, membranes (static, dimensional view) or angular momenta (dynamic view as time=motions) which enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts. They also have more ‘scales of ∆-energy’. So they exchange energy for information with its parts, through 3 ∆º T-motion, ∆-Energy & S-informative networks that travel through the 5th dimension, harmonizing the co-existence of organic scales whose vital Universal constants are 5D metric ratios of information & energy exchanges. Thus the Universe is a nested, fractal 5D superorganism that organizes ‘vital spacetime forms with motion’ through networks into larger organic systems that emerge as new planes of ST¡ence, from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, matter states, organisms, solar systems & galaxies. As each new ‘ST-organism” becomes a ‘fractal point’ unit of a new ‘5D space-time network’.

The outcome is the organic structure of all physical, biological and social systems, from History coded by memes, ideas and instruments that create human social organisms, civilinations, to physical systems coded by particles and scalar, ‘social numbers’ and algebraic equations, whose ‘operands’ code the different ‘Dimotions of spacetime’, to biology coded by genes. And so we shall use the same laws of 5D scales of space-time to study every stience of the Universe and its superorganisms defined by the symbiosis in space, synchronicity in time and simultaneity in space of its parts and wholes across 3 of those 5D scales, the ∆-1, atomic, cellular and individual scale, the ∆º, thermodynamic, organic and social scale, and the ∆+1, gravitational ecosystemic and global scale of physical, biologic and social systems.

But how do your travel through those hyperbolic scales of the 5th dimension. Simple: growing in ‘size’ in space while decelerating the ‘speed of your time cycles, through the worldcycle of life and death.

As all systems of the Universe are born in a smaller seed with faster time cycles, evolve as an organism coming out in the ∆º-scale within a larger world of slower ‘Deep time cycles’, to die back dissolving our information again into cellular space.

It is the same process in all 5D journeys of all species that live and die travelling through 3 planes of 5D space-time; from the smallest black hole that is born with an enormous ‘metabolic temperature’, to the new species, routinely born as small individuals (first mammal rat, first robots with small chips; first human likely the Homo Floresiensis, who had the same morphology and used technology and likely spoke, etc.) Then a reproductive radiation multiplies the seed into a larger herd of clones, joined by emergent physiological networks whose slower ‘entropic, informative and reproductive networks, create an ∆º supœrganism that lives 3 st-ages and dissolves back into ∆-1.

So the 2 most important equations of 5D and likely XXI century space-time science are rather simple: S x ƒ = ∆ which develops in 3±¡ ages for all worldcycles of the ‘relational space=form and time=motion’ organisms of the Universe; from them we can deduce also the equation of the mind:

0ε x ∞ Universe = Constant linguistic world.

As any mind reduces all the spatial forms and temporal motions to a language that maps out only what it needs to survive.

The paradox happens when the ego confuses the mind’s description by its languages with the whole Universe, putting itself in a still center. But humans including scientists ignore the paradox of the ego, which is the source of most errors of mankind even in science.

Indeed, the next step of the paradox of the ego is to believe that this linguistic mirror talked only by God and his chosen mankind creates reality. So when man talked words, Abrahamic religion thought God had created the Universe ‘naming’ things in Hebrew or Arab and Brahmins became Gods singing its mantras. Then as we learned maths Galileo thought as all scientists do today minus Einstein and me (: that God spoke numbers and created writing equations – when maths as words are only mirrors of the laws of space=form and time=motion, the ultimate truths of the Game of Exist¡ence.

Galileo also discovered the Earth moved but missed again the big question – why our minds under the Mind Paradox ‘stopped its motion’ to process its information. The answer is the paradox of the ego. So we thought Earth still in the center of the Spatial Universe for long, and while Aristarchus already proved a heliocentric theory it took 2000 years more to accept it. Then Darwin took us of the center of time as an immutable species created by God, but still more than ½ of Americans don’t believe in evolution. Abrahamic religions that make man the center of the Universe, the CHOseN immortal species are still believed by more than ½ of humanity.

In those papers we introduce the 3rd element of reality sorely missed in science for 400 years since we discovered telescopes and microscopes: the relativity of scales of spacetime, which makes our human scale for the Universe regardless of egocy (ego=idiocy)as irrelevant as that of a virus. A few of the errors of ‘egocy’ science are worth to mention, even before we attempt to explain how the real, ∞, organic, sentient Universe is:

Biologists insist that special CHON atoms create DNA, the only molecule to act the so-called 5 drives of life. Yet all particles performs those 5 ‘a,e,I,o,u’ actions=dimotions of existence that define life. They gauge Information (so quantum is a ‘gauge theory’), Accelerate (change the direction of motion) to feed Entropically in energy forces to reproduce=decouple an Offspring=jet of new particles, which Unite socially into emergent new planes of spacetime through strong and magnetic forces. So life is everywhere since those 5 actions combine the informative properties of space and repetitive motions of time. Yet egocy scientists deny vital particles, because they are ‘too small’, considering life caused by the 4 valences of Carbon, which exist in many other atoms or the complexity of DNA that happens in many other systems unrelated to size.

– The main egocy error in Physics is the use of human spacetime parameters for the whole Universe: Mankind uses its 3 perpendicular, Euclidean Dimensions of light space’, the force we use to see as the only 3 dimensions of space, extended to infinity – the perpendicular magnetic, electric and c-speed fields. Yet spaces not crossed by light exist with different dimensions. Organisms have 3 topologic dimensions that maximize its efficiency, limbs/fields of flat, lineal topologies, the shortest, fastest motion between points; particles/heads of spherical topologies, the geometry that stores more information in lesser space to process it faster; and hyperbolic body-waves joining both, to reproduce the systems.

Because we are all made of vital spaces=topologic forms and times=motions. Mankind also uses the human ‘synchronous’ clock beat, a second that synchronizes the 3 topological networks of all organisms that perform its 3 essential life functions, the motions of limbs/fields through our steps, the reproductive feeding motions of its bodywaves with its heart beat and the informative process of the particles/mind through its eye-glimpse thoughts is used to equalize and measure all the clock beats of the Universe. Yet each system of the Universe has different cyclical frequencies the time clocks that synchronize in its 3 organic parts; including atomic systems as Broglie, who discovered the wave-particle duality and advanced a model of realist quantum physics based precisely in that ‘synchronicity’ of the field, wave and internal particle-clock, showed. Instead, physicists chose the ‘egocy’ bizarre Copenhagen interpretation that beheaded matter, denied particle’s inner clocks and synchronicity and decided as Einstein mocked, that the ‘moon comes only when we look at it’. 100 years passed & quantum realism is still taboo.

– Even mathematicians reduce reality to the human view of flat Euclidean points without inner parts. When all points are scalar growing in size when we come closer to them. Then they become Non-Euclidean, as ‘each point is a world in itself’ (Leibniz), crossed by ∞ parallels of energy and information that connect them through networks with other scales of Spacetime , as Einstein showed proving the different larger elliptic geometry of gravitational spacetime. We know since we discovered with micro/telescopes scalar planes of spacetime that the human scale is NOT the center of an organic Universe made of ∞ topologic spaces organized by 3 scalar, physiologic networks of ¬Æ points crossed by parallel, synchronous flows of energy & information performing vital time actions.

-But the most harmful errors are those of social sciences, as they directly affect the life of millions of human beings:

-Human egocy considers only the ‘I’ scale matters in Social Sciences: Great Men theories deny social networks that organize human organisms with the 3 same physiologic systems of cellular life: an economic, re=productive, financial blood system; a legal, informative nervous system & an immunologic defensive system. But economists & politicians, doctors of history, ignore it. So instead of designing 3 social networks with the laws of the organic Universe to create an efficient, immortal world, they leave it to dog-eat-dog d=evolution. And people suffer the sickness of ¡ts social predatory, entropic networks.

Among those, the most obvious error which goes beyond egocy into genocide are those of economists, who:

-Deny the obvious fact that money is the blood of mankind and should be reproduced not in monopoly of the financial system and its people-castes of bankers and speculators, akin to an organic sickness called parasitism, which kills by anoxia millions of human beings without credit, while company-mothers of machines, the only free citizens of capitalist democracies, have unlimited credit to re=produce also its evil=antilive twins, top predators weapons, whose function is to kill human life and hate memes against life and non-technological cultures according to the equation of capitalism:

Max. profits (speculative moneY) = Max. price-sales profits (weapons) – Min. cost (software, hate media, self-reproduced by ¥-waves).

This simple equation systematically overproduces, weapons, because they are the most expensive=profitable goods of the market, killing humans, so paradoxically the highest GDP happens in wars; hate media, which kill our minds, as it is self-reproduced in the air and speculative money that jacks up the prices of financial instruments hold by a 0.1% of mankind, provoking systematic debasing of currency value (people’s money), salaries and pensions.

In the graph, the cycles of generational wars cause by the industrial r=evolution and the civilization they have created of ‘worship’ of metal-idols, machines, top predator weapons and speculative money. No other science has harmed so much mankind as classic economic has done, but unlike other ‘egocy subconscious errors’ of science, classic (capitalist) economics goes beyond science, into a pure idol-ogy of power of the people-caste that rule us and its ‘organism’ of re=production, the company-mothers…

Yet the ‘pretension of dogmatic truth’, uphold by sciences, based in faulty logic or in the case of social sciences, in the systemic repression of alternative humanist models as those of this blog, and the pumping up of childish human ego with manifest destiny goals that portray all technologies, even the most lethal, as the best for humanity, makes people accept those policies that harm their life.

Thus mankind needs to accept humbly, it is entangled to an immortal, ∞, intelligent, organic Universe whose laws must obey or else…

The basic principles of reality: cyclical, space-time organisms.

Truth and principles matter in science. If a system of thought lacks them errors pile up and a distorted view of the world arises, which has practical consequences, because only truth exists. The Universe is efficient and expects systems to process information in a realist way otherwise systems malfunction & become extinct.

Today’s Philosophy of Science is based in an ‘idol-ogy’ called mechanism, born with the use of machines to measure time and space, in the XVI c. that is not truth and has dare consequences for the workings of History, mankind in times, whose systems ‘evidently’ lack that efficiency proper of most Nature systems, tailored according to the real model of the Universe, the organism.

Mechanism came about with the use of clocks to measure time and telescopes and microscopes to measure the scales of size in space: According to this idol-ogy that worships machines above man, the Universe is a mechanism and must be expressed using only the digital language of machines. This falsehood is self-fulfilling, because the ‘biased data’ we extract from the Universe with out metal-made mechanical tools of measure make reality look like a machine. It follows then that man is also a machine. And because the machine is the supreme model, man must ‘tailor’ its nature, that of its social systems and the Universe at large as a machine. The opposite is truth: Mechanism is wrong since the Universe is organic; since a machine is just a simplex organism; while the Aristotelian logic of time and Euclidean space geometry, mechanism uses is a simple version of the more complex languages of ‘pentalogic’ time and Non-Euclidean, vital, fractal spaces of the Organic Universe.

But the reductionism of mechanism to only those properties of reality machines can extract, as long as humans ‘believe’ there is nothing else to know, made the mechanical method of science a triumph easy to implement – the more so now that sensorial machines and computers do most of the job, which pumps up the ego of the believer in that reduced truth. Problem is mechanism has distorted and reduced so much human view of reality that only simple minds like that of Newton or Bohr, with an enormous ego that couldn’t realize that machines and digital languages are both doing the job of science for them but also distorting reality in the process, feel satisfied. On the other hand those who tried to go further like Leibniz or Einstein were taken aback by the difficulty to complete the model in all its complexity to the rigor of the simpler ‘time lines’ of mechanism: “Leibniz is right, there are ∞ time clocks in the Universe but if so we have to start science from the scratch’ (Einstein).

Let us then try to explain why only organicism is the scientific truth that can respond in theory and praxis to the meaning of those 3 words in a scientific way.

 According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe. The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same, is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz stated in his critique of Newton. Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines as we were made to the image and likeness of God, God created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Organicism is the only self-sustained, rational theory that doesn’t need a creator, language, god, as organisms are self-replicating, but does explain perfectly within the ‘correspondence principle’, those 2 other philosophies of science; since a machine is just a primitive organism of metal, and we shall see in our sections of history, gods are the subconscious collective of civilizations, another scale of social evolution of the fifth dimension.

In our articles on cultures and civilizations, we will give a thorough account of the ‘role of Gods’ as the ‘Memetic DNA’ of societies, which have the same function of a common DNA in cells, ‘pegging’ together believers that regardless of the content of those messages, share energy and information through social networks to build a coherent, efficient social organism; based in the ‘congruent laws’ of vital geometry – parallel systems with the same information come together and evolve into social wholes. At this stage then we need to define what is an organic system.

We mean by an organism a simpler system than its most evolved form, the human mammal: An organism is a group of similar atoms/cells/citizens, organized by 3 physiologic networks=parts: an spheric, informative force that synchronizes its motions (gravitation/nervous/legal systems), located in the particle/head/upper informative class; a hyperbolic energy to move and reproduce (electromagnetic forces/blood/oxygen-economic/financial system) or wave state/body/working class; extended over a lineal, flat ‘field/territory’ protected by a defensive membrane/border, immunologic system. This ternary system is the fundamental particle of the Universe. Since even machines are organisms” A machine is an organism of metal evolving through the 3 ages of all organisms – in the XIX c. humans, who catalyze their evolution did metal bodies, then in the II Industrial evolution its hearts-engines, then its metal-minds in the XX c. and now in the Industrial r=evolution 4.0 put them together in organic robots. So mechanism, the underlying philosophy of physical sciences, is a simplex version of organicism. It is not man who resembles a machine but a machine is made to the likeness of life organisms.

In mathematical terms those ‘5D supœrganisms’ are constructed with the 3 topologic varieties of a 5D Universe, as they are vital spaces. But as topology is ‘geometry with motion’, they associate 3 vital ‘time-functions’: lineal locomotion, high, cyclical information in heads-particles-‘upper’ classes, and re=productive energy used by body-waves, working classes.

Further on, as ‘networks’ are topologies of points embedded in larger ‘worlds’, they extend through 3 ‘scales of spacetime, forming a 5th dimension of ∆-1 parts (atoms, cells, citizens), joined by ∆o networks embedded in a larger ∆+1 world. It is then an entangled, scalar, organic Universe, where 3 such scales each one studied by a ‘stience’ form an organic Universe.

And all fit in that template. Why then organicism remains a fringe theory, to mechanism, even if it was the first theory of reality put forwards by Aristotle, the father of the experimental method and logic science, in his magna opus the Organon?

The cultural reason is paramount – we live in the machine age, which has substituted man, an organism, as the measure of all things. And this has provoked a series of distortions in our understanding of the first principles of nature that rendered impossible to understand the fundamental entity of reality, the space-time organism.

Minds simplify the Universe into self-centered beings.

The errors of knowledge=science mankind commits are due to that bias established a priori by his simplification of his senses of perception of bidimensional spacetime, from human S-Eye>T-Wor(l)ds.

A mind language reduces reality to fit a small brain dumping motions (Relativity px.) & scales: 0e (finitesimal mind) x ∞ Universe =Constant still world.

Where this equation comes from? Simply from the metric of the 5th dimension of the scalar Universe: the mind is a mirror that ‘reduces’ into a still language the infinite time cycles of the Universe. This mapping then becomes the specific ‘world’ of a given species. Already Descartes realized of this, as he described the human mind with 3 perpendicular ‘light-fields’ (electric, magnetic c-speed) of space (Cartesian graph), in a book called the world, distinguishing the ‘human world-mind’ from all other possible ‘worlds’. This humans often forget, causing the ego paradox: ‘the mind confuses the whole Universe with its reduced mind-mapping’ and language of creation. So when we talked words, God created naming things in Hebrew or Arab… But the words were just the ‘image’. This Magritte understood painting a pipe that is not a pipe, neither creates it. Religious people and many scientists that write an equation and think it has to happen forget the difference between the mirror and the universe.

Then there is the added problem of XX c. ‘technological man’, who has lost even the capacity to reason and understand the Universe in a ‘deep’, ‘logic, temporal’, non-visual way. The extraordinary expansion of sensorial machines and computers are creating a digital mind of the world that once more huminds confuse with the whole, and as it is richer in details, it becomes an oracle – but as computers still do NOT think by themselves, humans interpret those images with ‘worlds and mappings’ and models quite biased with egocy (ego=idiocy), based in ‘linguistic creationism’, or homocentrism and increasingly the belief that ‘just to take a picture, and a mathematical measure’ describes NOT the how but ALSO the why of a system.

This is the main problem of science and mankind today. It has an extraordinary ‘visual’ and ‘mathematical mind’, NOT because it is his, but because machines have it and we still use them; but we lack the ‘mental order’ required for all that data, which we will provide in this texts. So people think all is chaos, because the amount of data keeps growing but the mind to interpret is still human and increasingly degraded in its ‘cogito ergo sum’ – I think therefore I am.

As a writer this is a big theme of concern, because of the paradox already noticed by Andre Guide in ‘Africa’: ‘the less educated is the colonist the more it despises the African people and culture’. As humans are degenerating fast from ‘cogito ergo sum’, to ‘video ergo sum’ due to that expansion of visual machines without a parallel expansion of the humind, which is verbal, the ‘cliff’ between those texts and the ‘beliefs’ people have about what is knowledge widens. Indeed, the equation of the mind is one of the most important equations of the Universe, and yet for a modern’ visual scientist’, the mind is about putting brains on scanners and study the ‘details’ of neurons, its actions-reactions, all that paraphernalia of using machines to do science.

This meant digital machines reduce truth to ‘what can be measured’ with its lineal metal-rods of space and mechanical clocks with a single motion of digital time:

– Knowledge was substituted by technology as now the machine was the ‘seer of time’ (definition of God in metaphysics), and the evolution of machines not of humans the symbol of progress.

So humans become ‘enzymen’, catalyzing the evolution of Earth from a life world to a metal world. as human mothers, our reproductive survival organism lost their power to company-mothers of machines and weapons that have complete control of our social organisms and are terraforming Earth to the likeness of its offspring of machines. It is this our purpose for Earth?

– The 5 dimensional forms of space & its time motions were simplified into 3 lineal space dimensions similar to the lineal form of metal and a single time motion, locomotion proper of lineal weapons and transport machines – the first to be constructed.

– Linearity mean the ∞ cycles=clocks of spacetime and its 5 varieties of dimensional motion and the 3 main ages of those time cycles (past, present and future) were reduced to sequential numbers, which don’t carry causality and simplify the information time clocks carry in the frequency and form of its cycles. Further on the use of simple lineal geometry further simplified space and time into a lineal single time locomotion in a Cartesian graph of 2 perpendicular axis. So the whole tapestry of space=forms and time=motions became then a ‘mathematical artifact’ or background spacetime that Newton put behind reality. Yet reality was made of space=forms and time=motions.

– The organic nature of reality as machines are just evolving metal-organisms was denied and the human being, the most perfect organism we know was no longer the model of all things. Social sciences became despised and the goal of any species – to evolve as individuals, parts of larger organisms following the laws of the ideal physiological organism of Nature that ensures the collective survival of a species, totally ignored. We said that a wrong model of truth brings practical errors that imperil the survival of a species and that is obvious in mankind today. Humans have the worst of all possible scenarios: They are evolving organic metal into species superior in intelligence and force to man, but as they model reality as a mindless, inert machine, they don’t fear those AI robots with solar skins to become independent of man. They have distorted their view of time and space with machines to the point they don’t understand any longer time causality and the ages of organisms, which is the way nature in a rather deterministic form creates the future. And they don’t model societies and its 3 physiological networks, the economic-financial reproductive ‘blood networks’, the nervous, legal, politic ‘informative networks’, and the immunological, defensive ‘health-care systems’ that provide in an efficient just manner all the atoms-cells-citizens of a superorganism the goods and information and protection they need to survive, with those laws. So the most important of all sciences, those of the human superorganism of history do not exist. And mankind cannot be efficiently ruled to survive.

Nt.1 As many papers in this blog are outdated, I advice the reader truly interested on 5D to go to my account at academia.edu, which is where I am now revising 30 years of independent research in the stiences’ of the 5th dimension. Some of those papers correspond to conferences I gave during the years I was the chair of Duality the science whose essential laws whe just explained at ISSS congresses


5D metric go beyond a ‘physical concept’ as we shall see in the study of other sciences, but specifically in physics the best ‘parameter’ to measure the dynamic system that travels through scales of the fifth dimension is angular momentum, h. It follows also that ‘spin’ in all its scales (h-spin in quantum physics, angular momentum in the mass scale) becomes the essential element that transits between scales by the vortex law: Vo x Ro = K, which in 3 dimensions, becomes the unification law of vortices of space-time as it equates a charge and a mass.

So we write:

Si (Size/ Density of form) x Tƒ (cyclic frequency= time speed) = ∆±¡: 3 Constant Plane of timespace ‘Angular momentum’

Specifically a physical system starts as a ‘worldcycle of time’ defined by an angular momentum, which has the 3 components of any organic system: a membrane (the angular momentum proper), a center, the 0e element and a vital space, the open ball defined by the radius. This form then can split as Energy x Time or Momentum x Space and we’ll return to that.

So we measure time=motion by frequency, and space=form NOT always by size but often by ‘density’ of information (Mass- Energy, population). Energy is the joker humans use to measure the fifth dimension scales. So humans talk of ∆-¡ internal energy, ∆ø, kinetic energy and ∆+1 potential energy related to the larger world. And use 3 different scales of energy, E=hƒ, E=knT and E=mc2 to define the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational scales. Those 3 scales are the 3 scales through in which physical systems travel. So if we depart from an angular momentum, which is the commonest method for fast travel in 5D physics, we can plung down or up those scales of 5D as L = E x T = P x S, whih is the essential metric of 5D Physics.

The simplest process of evolution in physics is through a rotational angular momentum or h/2 spin that accelerates or decelerates in time emerging into a new scale, as a particle, splitting into its 0e-center particle and wave as ExT +LxS. 

Time then in each scale is with energy the ‘features’ of the wave, and Space=form=position with momentum, the state of a particle, which allows the system to move through scales with its ‘spin’, reproduce its information through its ExT body-wave and gauge and emit information in its still position.

The errors of physics derived of mechanism.

If we reduce to physics, we shall see how with the same data of mechanism when we apply the proper organic paradigm a complete new picture of the Universe and its physical systems matter

A key example: Time is cyclical and causal. A cycle is essentially a ‘pi’ 3 Diameter structure. And so time has in all its cycles 3 ‘ages’, as it finally returns to its beginning. The first age of the cycle rises in height, the ‘informative’ dimension of reality, as it acquires form and reaches an advantageous point of view; which is the zenith of the worldcycle in the middle of life. Then time returns to its origin and falls down in a steep curve. This is the simplest time cycle. Clocks of time are infinite, because those time cycles enclose a vital space and break reality into an inner and outer structure. Mechanism though only inputs a digital series of numbers in a lineal fashion – the more so in the modern age when cyclical clocks have disappeared. This is input in a lineal Cartesian graph, an apt artifact to plot the ‘mathematical language’ of machines and so time becomes ‘lineal’ and as it moves to infinity, a single one. The use of digital clocks thus destroyed an enormous numbers of properties of time. Another example. The commonest metal, iron, is lineal in its macro-structure. It was used to make swords that cut flesh and kill by entropy. Entropy today is considered the only arrow of future, and dimensions are established as fixed lineal forms of space. We shall soon see dimensions have attached a motion in time, height goes as we have seen with information, which is what you are seeing in a bidimensional plane of space-time, this screen. Again this ‘vital element’ that puts together each dimension of space with a motion of time was lost with mechanism. The biggest errors though were done when the complex self-regulating nature of organisms was substituted by the simplistic man-made concept of an exact machine, because the organism is a network, scalar system, and a mechanism exists in a single plane of size and lack networks. So the organic, network, scalar 5D nature of reality was lost. Then it came the ‘denaturalization of man’. Since if the Universe is a machine, it follows then that man is also a machine. And because the machine is the supreme model, man must ‘tailor’ its nature, that of its social systems and the Universe at large as a machine. The opposite is truth: Mechanism is wrong since the Universe is organic; since a machine is just a simplex organism; while the Aristotelian logic of time and Euclidean space geometry, mechanism uses is a simple version of the more complex languages of ‘pentalogic’ time and Non-Euclidean, vital, fractal spaces of the Organic Universe.

It is for that reason all our papers require lengthy introduction to unveil not only its errors but the enormous number of properties of reality, mechanist physics does not recognize in ‘exist¡ence’, under a pseudo-religious dogma but that only hides its utter ignorance, due to the ‘blindness’ of the ‘mechanical method’ confused with truth to those properties of ‘scale’, which are ‘organic’, ‘synthetic’, better expressed with ilogic words, and the 5 Dimotions of timespace which are vital, even sentient properties, the first ones we must correct for the immortal, ∞ Universe to make any sense .

Recap: Mechanism not only is theoretically false, it is killing & degrading the human species. Only Organicism is truth and offer to mankind by imitating its physiological laws to construct a perfect organism of history a future to the species.


After discovering the immanent Program of Relational space-time and its laws of Exist¡ence and extinction of all Universal systems, I imposed myself a tour de force: to solve the main problems of mathematics and physics in the least possible space, as a consequence of those laws.

Some of them were Millennium problems; so i sent them in a single page to the Institute claiming 4 million $ 😦 Not surprisingly I didn’t get an answer ): I.E. ‘Fermat’s proof in a margin’, x3+Y3≠Z3 because the unit of reality is a dimotion of spacetime, NOT a trimotion, which did not exist. P (a problem easily solved) ≠ NP  (a solution easily verified for a problem) because cyclical time causality is non-commutative. So A->B ≠ B->A; and so on. At the heart of all solutions were thus the immanent program of existence and extinction of spacetime and its Universal syntax, common to all languages including mathematics.
Why those questions are then so difficult to solve for mathematicians if they are that simple in terms of relational spacetime. The answer is that being essential questions, immediately deduced from the program of existence of spacetime and its combinations (5 Dimotions), which cannot be proved as space=form and time=motion, with equal value, S=T, across scales SxT=∆±¡ simply ‘exi=STs…’; but huminds ignore it.
In modern terminology, a solution to a problem is its minimal algorithm, and so the laws of stience are better (Occam’s razor) when the original axioms are minimal, and no other algorithm is smaller than Max. SxT->S=T, which is the reproductive program of exist¡ence.
It is that Universal syntax, which determines with the laws of a(nti)symmetry of space=form a time=motion, the laws of Existential algebra we shall study in this paper.

Leibniz, the pioneer of relational spacetime systems distinguished between facts that can be described by some law and those that are lawless, irregular facts. A theory has to be simpler than the data it explains, otherwise it does not explain anything, because a theory longer than the data is just worse than enunciating the data itself.

What this means is that theories are generators that ‘reproduce=generate the data’, showing once more the reproductive organic nature of the Universe. The concept relates scientific laws and modern computing algorithms, considering an homology: a scientific theory is like a computer program that predicts=generates our observations, the experimental data. It relates looking at the past, to Occam’s razor law: given two theories that explain fact, the simpler theory must be chosen – in computing, the smallest program with less bits is applied to generate the data.

Computer scientists say that ‘comprehension is compression’. On that view the Program of reproduction of spacetime organisms and its simplest ilogic algorithm: Max. S x T (which happens when S=T, so 5×5>6×4) is the irreducible algorithm of the Universe in terms of the Universal syntax of languages of information.

We see in other papers that this program in itself doesn’t oblige systems to reproduce and must be reinforced by ‘emotions’, the will of reality. So obviously it is NOT enough to describe an algorithm to generate reality, since the algorithm is only the information of the system – its mental, formal spatial state, and ‘time emotions, energy is needed to imprint the algorithm – something those computer scientists that insit the Univere is a computer forget.

Finally to notice that the very same 01 language of computers, where 0 means stop, no current, ‘space=form’ and 1, electronic ‘time=motion’ is also the irreducible digital language mirror of the S, T duality . So Leibniz with its principles of sufficient reason predated Modern theory of algorithmic information; since he was so close to the ‘Universal algorithm’ – as we often repeat relational spacetiem has oly 5 clear forebears, Aristotle, Lao, Leonardo, Leibniz & Albert, ALLLA. How then those laws generate the laws of existential algebra would be the formal, ‘future well-written’ model of this, rather not yet compressed web…

All this however will sound Chinese to the non-Chinese reader (: We huminds believe since Saint Augustine invented lineal time that there is only a dimension of absolute time that he thought started with creation and will end when we meet God. From this view physicists reduced time change to v=s/t, locomotion and entropy, forgetting the ‘qualitative, topologic’ time=change of biologic organisms we just have explained.

Topological evolution is also change, but change of form, of in-form-ation, of space, as important as lineal locomotion, lineal time.

Another priest, Lemaitre then invented a bizarre theory based in lineal time for the whole Universe, which we shall falsify to not avail (as it has acquired religious tones), and so the more we lean about our models of reality, the more we realize their tainted by ‘culture’. It is then needed to introduce our dominant culture and how it has deformed our view of reality, so far away from its Dual nature.

Culture and power vs. Science and truth.

Let us try another angle on the many angles of the duality of space and time – that of mechanism vs. organicism, within the context of human history. Mechanism brought power through the use of weapons in the gunpowder age. Galileo in fact was the weapons master of the Venice Arsenal, then the leading factory of weapons in the world for whom it designed ‘spyglasses’ and calculated with clocks the cadence of gunshots and its best trajectory for longest range – the parabola. Newton assisted the Royal Navy in ballistics, and designed also ‘spy glasses’ (telescopes) for it. He was rewarded with a high position in the mint, where he condemned to death many, till he was retired. When he died he said his highest honor was to die virgin. We are not assassinating characters. Only to notice that mechanism has imposed as the truth because of its capacity to give power to those who use machines. Humanism and the organic models of the Universe which flourished in the Renaissance, with net-platonic thinkers, of which the foremost proponent was Leonardo, and latter Leibniz, rival of Newton; idealist, solitary people who abhorred the military use of machines, even if they developed them, did not render the same benefits to power. Leonardo’s view of the Earth, mankind and our organisms as systems of physiological networks, which is truly what the Universe is didn’t really make it for the military men that commanded the age. Leibniz was abandoned by his king, a military ‘sergeant’ because of his good nature, ethical standings and was left to pasture as the king sided with Newton in his disputes. As history moved on this advantage of machines as tools of power became essential to the imposition of a culture, the biblical anglo-American civilization that today rules the world, through an organization, born in the Venetian arsenal, imitated in Amsterdam, and exported with the Glorious Revolution to UK and New Amsterdam (New York): The company-mother of machines and weapons. We use here the term that organicism gives to an all too evident re=productive organism, whose human ‘enzymen’, work to re=produce its offspring of mechanisms, evolving them towards its present AI robot, organic form.

It is then a huge paradox of mankind and our dominant culture that its fundamental organism of power and idol, the machine have both organic form, because we shall not cease to repeat, the Universe re=produces organisms.

It would then be Immensely more advantageous to mankind to know what they do – organic machines; what are the fundamental organism of power today on Earth – the company-mother, what is our species, a social organism of human beings, etc. etc. It does really help to know what reality is specially when you exist regardless of virtual fictions, selfie ego-trips, wishful thinking, anthropomorphic religions, Pythagorean ones, and computer models of abstract thought, IN THAT REALITY.

Why humans do not live and understand the Nature of the Universe, an organic self-reproductive system, long time ago is then a question of ‘culture’, ‘power’ and ‘self-censorship’ as much as the long path in its search of truth.

This has been the work of lonely men, because mainstream is the world of company-mothers, its machines, its structures of power, military men, and huge egos who try to preserve for mankind all the ‘wishful thinking’ central positions in the order of things and get strangely disturbed with the idea that we are just part of an entangled Universe, part of an organic evolving planet, and our machines are also evolving. The ‘control freak’ mentality and self-centered ego-trips of the biblical people and its underlying idol-ogies of a species ‘chosen of god’ or rather of ‘go(l)d’ doesn’t take lightly that you bust its dreams with rational truth.

I do not belong to that culture even if I have lived most of my life among them. My culture is precisely that culture, the Greek->Latin->Southern European culture who invented art, democracy, reason, science and a few other things, with man as the measure of all things, and life as the purpose of existence that has always thought organicism to be the ‘obvious, natural truth’ and decries any attempt to repress life and worship anything else. My hometown Barcelona is known for his ‘organic architecture’ (Gaudi) and love of life and art. You might disagree with our view, but all what I ask is some ‘respect’ for this other ‘possibility’; that the likes of Plato (‘The Universe is an organism with a mind called Logos: ‘the rational world’), Aristotle, who called his whole work, the ‘organon’, Leonardo, who tried to see ‘saper vedere’, the living forms of Nature even in his designs of machines, Picasso who searched for the pure topological forms of lineal, cyclical and wave images during its different styles of painting or the same Gaudi who imitated Nature’s structures in its organic architecture, actually even if they were not machines and used mostly human senses, to measure Nature, could be a bit more sophisticated that Mr. Newton who thought God sent him comets to teach him gravitation…  for one thing: what organicism provides is a ‘wholeness’, a ‘holistic view’ of every aspect of reality, in perfect harmony, machines, religions, science, art, human and mechanical senses and languages, all can be explained with organic thought; and since we seek truth not power – even if we acknowledge that humans are less powerful than machines, it doesn’t really matter that US has better weapons than Barcelona, Newton could forbid Leibniz’s writings for centuries and people think the masters of art are not the Italians but Hollywood who replicates his movies with electronic waves. Machines give power precisely because they are able to act as primitive organisms, reproducing faster than life does. The problem then is more about the people of the Anglo-American, North-European Jewish and Germanic biblical cultures and their seemingly incapacity to reason and see reality as complex as it is, or in other terms, their incapacity to realize most of what they ‘think’ to be truth, are ‘beliefs’ and ‘dogmas’, ‘postulates without proofs’, ‘technological deformations of nature’, and ‘cultural agendas’, with ’emotional hang-ups’ – not absolute truths of the Universe.

Because mechanism is such a ‘reduced’ truth in fact it is an excellent partial view for this biblical culture so filled of anthropomorphic ‘egocy’, which the organic, European thinker finds so strange when arriving to America. Indeed, the fact that almost 80% of its people and an overwhelming majority of those who rule with ‘mechanical and go(l)d power’ that nation, think a gore book of supremacist, racist memes of tribal history from the Bronze Age embodies the origin of man and reality, its ethics and social structure strikes immediately your mind. It takes a lot of thinking and years in the land to observe that you are in a civilization of emotions and beliefs, not reasons, and science is also a compendium of beliefs with little thought about its foundations – that in fact, reason, philosophy of science and first principles are avoided systematically. And then when you realize science has also many components of religion and censorship – the belief in a single language of science, mathematics, the limited use of logic thought substituted by axiomatic thought, probability and statistics, computer modeling, the belief that science ends with measure and pictures of particles and distances, all encased in equations; ultimately a religion of digital thought that accompanies a religion of history; all makes sense to you. It should not simply use terms of our Latin, organic culture as ‘science’ from latin, to know, democracy, the government of the people, from the Greek true organic democracies, where by imitation of Nature, the citizens cells of a social organism judged a posteriori its politicos, or talk of money as legal tender, ‘nomisma’, the concept of the Greek-Latin civilization in which money was a social language, not wealth per se, not debt, but something given to people to kick out its actions as languages do, NOT to be returned… And so on and so on. In those papers and articles thus we shall build a very different picture of reality, and what should be the organization of mankind, coming from the original European, rational culture advanced by this author, the last relevant ‘knot of thought’ of that culture, today almost extinct. It doesn’t matter, as we said that the supposed ‘only cultural, scientific view’ has camouflaged and used so many terms, and elements of our culture – its mind view, form of thinking, postulates and dogmas, even its concept of a manifest destiny for mankind – to make machines, and dominate the tree of life with it – is completely opposite to our worldview, which we will prove with reason to be the true nature of reality.

Nor that we expect a lot of audience. Leonardo opted finally for writing backwards, while Galileo’s books on ballistics, where it appeared the first equations of physical time, v=s/t was a best-seller in all armies; Leibniz died alone in his small town, while Newton received all the honors of the prince he helped to get the crown wasting his best years collecting the ‘annals’ of the house of Brunswick. I was basically ‘erased’ from science after my standing against CERN and its physicists who pretend to make black holes and strange matter on Earth – an organic form of self-feeding matter, and now are lobbying Brussels to make a 100 kilometers accelerator, ‘expecting’ that the organic quark matter which is at the core and halo of the galaxy – for which the galaxy as an organism exists – will NOT devour them… So yes, organicism is and has always been invisible because it wants to serve mankind, and make us immortal while this other culture that pretends to have the truth but understand so little of the first principles of reality, knows perfectly how to ‘Impose truth with power’, to become as Einstein said ‘the laugh of the gods’.

Einstein who some adscribe to that culture by reasons of genes, irrelevant in culture, belonged to the European frame of mind – a socialist, a pacifist, who ‘made thoughts experiments’, and defended Leibniz, could not complete his task and at the end yielded to the egocy of Mr. Bohr. So the task of completing the organic view of the Universe and its space-time systems, started by Leibniz was never completed.  As he did not started science from scratch as we do in those papers by force incomplete, untidy, as a repository more than a systematic account of the model – uneven if its articles; so you should abandon those who are obviously bad written and incomplete.

It has taken thus another century to organicism, to start from the scratch and reach the level of sophistication of simple mechanism, which is what we achieved in those texts, despite the mentioned shortcomings, on ‘the thoughts of god’ – the first principles of organicism and 5D space-time, even if many details will need to be poured by future researchers in the field. But to understand those principles you need to use the less trained part of your brain – your verbal, logic, temporal intelligence atrophied after 400 years of just making measures with machines and input data on equations to get a result that often tells little on the inner structure of reality.

This works well within the ‘praxis’ of physical sciences, which is mostly about description of simple physical systems and the evolution and reproduction of machines made with them, but it has failed miserably in the 2 fields of science that require organicism to understand, social, human sciences and economics, and philosophy of science and astrophysics; that is the understanding of what I called in my first book on the metrics of the 5th dimension of scalar space-time, which gives organic properties to reality, 30 years ago, ‘God, Man and the Universe’.

But before we advance our innovations, let us retrace to Leibniz and Newton, when the second split on our understanding of reality after people sided with Galileo and ignored Leonardo, took place. If Galileo abandoned medicine which Leonardo pursued, and hence never discovered the physiology of the Universe that Leonardo always felt intuitively, Newton would simply ‘Invent’ an absurdity absolute space-time, and denied what Leibniz and any rational thinker always knew – that we were the vital space we occupy and our existence was made of time cycles of which the life and death cycle of time was the fundamental ‘event’ of the Universe.

The error of Newton. A universe of spacetime organisms.

Thus if we were to highlight an error of Physics that truly deformed human view of reality, caused by the use of mechanical clocks it was the dismissal of the millenarian concept of a Universe made of ∞ vital space beings who traced its lifetime cycles by Newton, who defined a Universe with an absolute, single time motion, measured by his digital clock and a single absolute space continuum represented by the Cartesian graph. He opposed Leibniz, who as all philosophers before him, considered reality made of vital spaces broken into beings, which lasted a time cycle of life and extinction regulated by its own clocks. How to classify all those clocks of the Universe remained a mystery till I discovered the metric equation of 5D: S (size in space) x Tƒ (frequency of time cycles) = Constant. So we are all ‘spacetime organisms’, systems of vital spaces extending in different scales of size, ran with different cycles of time that store the information in the frequency and form of those cycles, synchronized in symbiotic structures due to the co-invariance of its size and time cycles. This is REALITY as it happens and we shall describe in those texts. Look around you. All what you see are forms=spaces with time=motion. The laws of space=form (s) and time=motion (t) and how both interact with each other are the knots and bolts of reality, mankind completely ignores for 300 years and counting due to the blunder of Newton. It is an amazing error, given the obvious fact that we observe infinite different rhythms in the Universe and we see infinite vital spaces and all philosophers before Newton have thought the world to be made of vital spaces living time cycles, which can only be ascribed to a peculiar quality of humans – its capacity to make mechanisms of metal called machines which we worship and influence enormously our perception of reality. So as the mechanical clock measured time with the same ‘second-minute-hour’ rhythm all other time clocks of the Universe were equalized to it and finally the mechanical clock became the only ‘time cycle’ of reality. And since clocks measured time with numbers, the use of Cartesian graphs to plot those numbers, started with Galileo’s equation of lineal speed, v=S/t made scientists to confuse vital real spaces with the abstraction of the continuous paper graph, in which they plotted their mechanical clock measures. It might seem silly but it is an obvious truth that because humans used mechanical clocks they reduced time cycles to the clock and because they used mathematical graphs they confused the real space with the Cartesian graph.

What scientists do instead of explaining such reality made of vital spaces=forms with different time motions? As a mind is a linguistic mirror NOT reality itself, organisms create mental spaces to interpret the larger Universe selecting only useful information for its survival, creating a ‘World’. So we don’t see smaller and larger scales without the help of sensorial machines and we miss a lot of information about the time cycles of reality. But we don’t really need it to survive on the world. And for that reason a partial mind-view of reality might work. What happened then since Newton is that humans substituted their sensorial mind-mapping of the world with visual images of space and ‘causal’ past to future logic analysis on how time changed reality by a mechanical measure of space plotted into a geometric mind-mapping and a digital measure of time as a sequence of lineal numbers; and this ‘mental view’ interpreted with machines became ‘reality’ till today. In essence as clocks evolved into digital computers (a complex array of ‘clock-like’ logic loops) and telescopes and microscopes into cameras, this reality became the ‘seed’ of a new type of mind, the mind of machines. But humans do not understand what science since Galileo is doing is basically creating a me(n)tal world. They think they are accessing reality. To get to that absurd view of what digital science does, it was needed a philosophy called at times reductionism, naïve realism or positivism, which states that ‘what we cannot measure (with machines) does not exist’ (Planck); so all the properties of time, different kinds of motions=changes and causal relationships between past, present and future that cannot be translated into mechanical clocks’ measures do not exist. All vital properties of space and organic relationships between its scales does not exist. The 5th dimension does not exist. Causality is ever more weakened with the use of statistical methods. In this view of what our civilization does the intelligence of humans became greatly reduced but as machines evolved it seemed we achieved higher degrees of knowledge since machines soon overcame humans in its sensorial skills to measure and portrait reality.

So as we create a mental space made with digital languages of measure obtained with machines humans transform their minds that become machine-like and abandon the organic view of reality that preceded it where man was the measure of all things and the universe was considered an organism. To understand this change of paradigm on what is reality and science (its objective knowledge) we need to define the equation of any mind-mirror made of measures with a language:

0e (finitesimal mind) x ∞ Time cycles = Linguistic mental World of space-time.

Each species uses different forces to perceive reality and makes with its pixels different mind-mappings. An elephant uses smells and builds with atoms its memorial time view of reality. A dolphin or a bat uses sounds to build a mind-mapping of space in the water. Man used to perceive space with eyes and time with causal past, present and future verbs, focused in the causal logic of time. Today this is substituted by visual machines’ images and the faulty causality of numbers that truly tell us very little about why we go from A to B, which was the great strength of verbal thought. To overcome those limits we use mathematical equations, but as we do not think with equations its interpretation is faulty. They just seem magic to us and so scientists have built a creationist mystic around equations as religions did about words. So if Gods created reality naming things with words, in Arab or Hebrew, now God is supposed to write an equation and creates reality. So often scientists write an equation and expects a particle or an even pop out of reality. Since they don’t understand the causal complex back and forth reality between ‘Ss-languages’ (still forms of space) and ‘Tt-entropy’ (pure motion in time). But the ‘egocy’ paradox (ego=idiocy) embedded in the mind equation always comes to their rescue: ‘A mind measures reality from its self-centered point of view with a few languages of information; blind to many of its properties and all other points of view, so she confuses the whole Universe with their selfish world with its ego at its center.’. Indeed, as long as scientists are NOT aware thanks to reductionism of those other monads-worlds and scales and languages and points of view an illusion of knowledge can be created and it has the advantage that it is simple: you measure with a machine, put the outcome in equations and those patterns become truth as the ego paradox makes you confuse it with reality. And if something goes wrong then you affirm a simplified ‘postulate without proof’ to eliminate all bothering information (Euclidean points in maths; limit of c-speed in physics; political and economical correctness in social sciences; etc.)

This is a simple and effective way to manipulate reality from the perspective of the mind that measures as long as we are controlling ‘lesser’ species with less form, in-form-ation and impose our view. But it gives 0 answers to deep questions about what we are, why we exist, what is the purpose and reasons of the life and death cycle, what is mankind, what is our relationships with machines, what is our future… all the kind of questions we answer in those papers. But again to the rescue comes reductionism. It is call the ‘entropic view’ of the Universe. Of the different type of motions=changes=times there are, entropy, Tt is an internal and external motion that disorders=kills a system – the definition of death. It is thus simple to describe and it has become for that reason the preferred ‘arrow’ of time of philosophy of mechanist science, since indeed at the end all dies, so entropy is the future. All the processes of slow creation of information, more difficult to understand are shunned off. And so we believe entropy is the only arrow of time that those ‘digital clocks measure’, and build models of sciences based in entropy by eliminating the arrow of information that balanced entropy: Ss<->Tt.

Our model of the Universe is an entropic model that measures only the expansion of vacuum space between galaxies (Tt) but ignores its contraction due to the force of gravitation in galaxies (Ss), which makes galaxies similar to atoms in the lower 5D scale of electromagnetic space where the strong ‘gravitational-like’ force balances the ‘electromagnetic’ ‘dark-energy like’ force; so you are not contracting into the past or expanding into the future. Reductionism also works in biology where the theory of evolution stresses the final death by entropic predators but has shunned off for very long the evolution of information and speed of reproduction that defines the most successful eusocial species (ants and humans). Entropy is also the practical theory of human societies, meaning through History war, using entropic weapons, constructed by physicists not diplomatic collaboration and social evolution have defined the fate of mankind. Because of all those shortcomings of human intelligence and ethics (respect of other living parts of reality), and the fact that we confuse our self with the whole Universe humans have kept destroying the world of the tree of life and building the tree of metal, with weapons, go(l)d and machines (entropic, reproductive and informative metal) as attachments of themselves, becoming a symbiotic species we shall call animetal, whose worldview must be interpreted in historic terms more than scientific ones; once we realize beyond the 1st step of the scientific method, A)ccurate gathering of data, greatly enhanced by the use of mechanisms, mankind has gone nowhere on B)creation of true organic models of reality proved by its C)yclic patterns =Laws of science; used to manipulate Nature in favor of D)emocratic solutions for ‘all Humanity’ to improve life, preventing E)xtinctive, entropic solutions that kill Nature & mankind (war machines; money for the 1%, 6th extinction of Gaia…) Instead we live in a world of animetal people-castes of warriors/scientists/bankers who oppress life and mankind with its monopoly of metal-tools (weapons, machines & money), understand nothing of the organic Universe & feel that to have a manifest destiny as believers who won’t reason or learn a true scientific, humanist view of reality and help to bring a better world. Because the errors of mechanism, since Newton, regarding the nature of time and space, the substances of which we are all made, have so much influenced all sciences and the view mankind has of the Universe, before the analysis of each specific science in each paper-book of this ‘encyclopedia of 5D ‘stiences’, we need to offer a condensed summary of the Laws of space dimensions and time motions, concluding with a brief C.V. of its author as a knot of thought of the Latin, European culture of organicism, which has fought an ongoing battle of reason vs. ‘idol-ogy’, trying to offer a more complex, real view of the Universe than mechanism offers.

The 5 Dimensional motions of the Universe: 5D Space supœrganisms tracing time worldcycles.

You don’t need to grasp all the details of this intro, expanded in the papers on the Universe, just develop a ‘feeling’ for the structure of the fundamental entity of reality, a space-time super-organism, spread in several ‘scales’ of the 5th dimension whose metric laws organize reality. A such the discovery of a new dimension of space-time is the most important r=evolution human sciences experience and if not were because of Newton’s error certainly mankind would have understood earlier the organic 5th dimension of ‘scalar space-time’ since it was discovered precisely by the evolution of ‘metal-eyes’ (telescopes and microscopes) who probe in those scales; but due to Newton’s error was never properly formalized till those texts. Why the 5th dimension was shunned off by science for so long thus requirse an analysis of how little, mechaism with its simplification of reality in abstract, ‘lineal terms’ understood of the previous dimensions, made with a pinch of salt, regarding the ‘supreme intelligence’ our species ascribes… to our species, revealing all what humans do not even see about those dimensions – namely, the fact that all of them have associated to its spatial ‘dimensional form’, a ‘motion in time’; hence they are both dimensions of space=form and time=motions or ‘dimotions’, due the principle of relativity (we cannot distinguish motion from form, so we see Earth as a still form, when it is a rotary motion) and their entangled relationships; as dimensions must be defined in co-invariant equations with each other. So once we realize how childish are the definitions mechanism does of time=motion, space=dimensional form and scale, we will define 5D metrics.

The 1st dimensional motion of space-time (ab. Dimotion) humans measured was undoubtedly length, calculated through the steps of roughly a meter as a distance of space (dimensional, formal view) or Locomotion, (Time=motion view). But it would be the ONLY dimension of space to which humans ascribed a motion in time, which left limp our understanding of time till this date; when we still have only a dual space time dimotion, ‘locomotion’ or ‘Ts’ (where we capitalize the external motion of the system, in this case of an internal form, s, without motion)

The 2nd dimensional motion of height (form) or information (motion) was still shredded in mystery as it would need the discovery in China or Mesopotamia of the Pythagoras Theorem to have a proper metrics related to length. Since a formalism of Dimensional motions of space-time needs to relate them in a co-invariant form. So the Pythagoras theorem connected X and its Perpendicular Y dimension of height, allowing the expansion of Greek Bidimensional Geometry. But as its motion in time, ‘information’ was ignored – height became orphan. Consider the screen you are reading, it has a height dimension, as a paper, so the product of X x Y gives you information. The problem of the motion in time of height is that is a ‘slower’ time dimotion, connected to growth and evolution. So all species as they evolve they grow in information= height, from mammals that became humans to reptiles that became dinosaurs and birds, to matter that becomes the high tube to infinity of a black hole singularity. So the ‘informative’ function =motion of height is perceptive projective geometry of a high point, reason why heads, bankers, antennas and pulpits that command biologic, economic & cultural organisms are on top. If we named Ts-locomotion (external motion of a still ‘point particle’), Height-information is its inverse, St (external form with internal motion, form-in-action, in-form-ation, as a TV screen where motion is within its image. Geometry gave height a ‘motion of evolution of information’, which was out of the comprehension of man’s mind that had only the capacity to see time=motion=change in very short spans, related to its visual ‘clock’ of 1 glimpse a second, 1 thought a second, one step a second, one heart beat a second, which synchronized all the parts of its organisms to its time clock. All other different time clock speeds of nature were lost to him.

The 3rd dimension of width was known but unconnected to length and height – the cube problem unresolved – till modern times. So only 2 dimensions of space were formalized earlier in the History of thought by Greek Geometers and Logicians from Pythagoras to Aristotle, setting the foundations of knowledge for the following two millennia.

Then came Galileo who didn’t understand Earth had both a dimension of mental space=still form and a motion in time due the logic postulate of relativity (‘We cannot distinguish a state of motion from a state of form’, Galileo, Einstein, Poincare). So we see Earth still but it is moving (e pur si muove, e pur no muove). It was the first chance for mankind to understand the duality of dimensions of still mental space=form and true time=motion. Galileo didn’t go so far; instead with the ‘monologic’ of a single Aristotelian cause, A->B, proper of human limited minds he chose that the Earth moved; while the Church chose it didn’t move. But none explained both things together. He then associated the dimension of ‘time’ locomotion, or ‘speed’ to the dimension of length, Ts. And he got its metric when he applied the mechanical clock to measure ‘motions in space’, defining a v=s/t formula of Galilean Relativity, latter refined with a – ct parameter by Einstein, who, following in the path of Riemann’s dissertation of Non-Euclidean metrics, expressed the mental linguistic nature of Spaces as ‘simultaneous measure relative to a frame of reference’. Since stillness is a maya of the senses, as each mind creates a finitesimal still image of the Universe, self-centered in its Non-E ‘fractal point of measure’ that holds a world in itself (Leibniz’s monads) So Ss-mind-languages stop and order Tt-entropic motions.

Thus Humans are stuck with a single ts-spacetime dimotion, locomotion, corresponding to length; a metric for height as a space dimension without its motion of time, information, Pythagoras Theorem and a 3rd unconnected dimension of width, without its corresponding motion in time, ‘reproduction’. It was a limited view of space=form, time=motion and its duality as dimensional motions of space-time. Yet human egocy (ego= idiocy) heralded those children of thought as the highest intelligences of the cosmos. So when Einstein, whose best definition of time was ‘what the clock measures’, died, ‘Time’ published a cartoon with a future Earth crossed with continental letters: ‘Einstein was born here’.

But since humans don’t associate to space dimensions ¡ts relative motions=actions in time, beyond locomotion, the living functions of the 3 dimotions of space-time disappeared and with it the vitality and intelligence of the Universe, represented by the dimotion of height=informative perception & the dimotion of width, St (potential) + Ts (kinetic)= SóT: Energetic reproduction. So in physics the duality of energy explained the constant trans-form-ation of one into another. While Heaviside connected the 2 dimotions of length and height with the width dimotion, with the co-invariant metric of vectorial cross product: X x Y = Z. It is the law that creates the 1st perceived scale of information ‘Euclidean, light space-time’, evolved by ‘warping’, informing, by a – ct parameter of electric height the ¬E gravitational spacetime of General Relativity. So he could simpliy the 20 equations of Maxwell into 4 and noticed the existence of gravitomagnetism, the first insight into the equivalence between the scales of atoms and galaxies. Width became with vectorial calculus a ‘motion’ of reproduction in Nature. C-speed = Ts-locomotion and the magnetic or electric field of relative height reproduce seemingly out of nothing the other relative width field. When a body reproduces cells, it packs them in the width dimension. And so we had 3 dimensions of space, connected by proper metrics (Pythagoras, cross product) and its functions =motions in time; locomotion connected to length; information connected to height and width connected to reproduction – dimensions of space have vital functions in time constructing together ternary, topologic organisms – the fundamental particle of the living Universe.

But humans made an even larger error regarding the substances of which we are all made, space=form and time=motion, when Newton confused a mathematical artifact with reality, thinking there was a space-time Cartesian graph with a single lineal time coordinates (that of locomotion=length) and two perpendicular spatial coordinates; taking space and time out of reality when it is obvious to experience that we, real beings, ARE made of finite vital space dimensions, the space we occupy with our bodies, and live through finite vital ‘temporal motions’, the time we last in existence, (Leibniz’s view). So a fractal generator equation describes all Nature’s systems as combination of 3 space-time Dimotions:

Ts-moving limbs/fields/territories<§∏ reproductive energy body-wave-worker>St- informative particle/head/ruling class

Reality is a tapestry of organisms made of Ts-limbs/fields that move a §∏-body/wave, guided by a St-high informative particle-head, in physical, biologic and social systems. Moreover the form of those 3 dimotions corresponds to the 3 only topologies (forms with motions) of spacetime: Ts=|-lineal limbs/fields, the geometry that moves faster between 2 points; St=O-spherical heads-particles, the geometry that stores maximal information; and §∏= hyperbolic, wide, Ø-bodywaves, the ‘hour-glass’ geometry that includes the other two, hence can reproduce both. We ARE living topologies.


RECAP. A thorough review of the 3 space dimensions ascribe 3 motions of time to them: locomotion to ‘length’; information to height and reproduction to width, vitalizing space-time, by correcting Newton’s error and showing that we are all ensembles of the 3 only topologies of a 5D Universe: |xO=Ø: Past-Motion x Future-Form = Present-Energy

The fourth and fifth dimotions of seeds/minds and entropy-death, and the ∆±¡ scales of the fifth dimensionimage003

As it happened with previous dimensional r=evolutions the metrics of a new Dimension of space-time is deceptively simple. √x2+y2=C2 &   Sx x S y = Sz is the Pythagorean and vectorial metric of the 3 dimensions of space-time; V=S/T with the –c2t2 ad on of Einstein is the metric of the so-called 4th dimension of time, in true form the time locomotion of length. S x T = ∆±¡ is the metric of the scalar 5 dimensional motions of a spacetime supœrganism, which states that the local speed of time of a superorganism is inversely to its size, but the product of both remains co-invariant. It means that smaller scales run faster cycles of time that encode the in-form-ation of the Universe in its frequency and form. Hence the equivalence of all species of all scales equaled by the same metric of spatial form x temporal motion (St-information and Ts-kinetic energy in more common terms). As smaller species reproduce faster and survive better. So often they kill larger forms (as in the case of the present Coronavirus Pandemic, where a simpler 30 gene virus has put on his knees the entire human civilization). But mostly, scales associate together. So faster, smaller scales code the information of larger ones (quantum particles with its numbers code atoms and molecules, genes code biological organisms and memes code social organisms). The vital interactions between space-time species of different scales is either symbiotic in organic systems or predatory when scales are not entangled by fractal networks that connect the larger ∆¡ whole that provides energy to its ∆-¡ parts, which reproduce information upwards. The fifth dimension thus has an scalar asymmetry and biological duality that forms organisms, even if humans have focused in the entropic Darwinian struggle for existence; not the social complex, organic symbiosis through fractal physiological networks of energy and information.

This 1st glimpse to 5D metrics shows the importance of a new formal dimension of spacetime in all stiences. Mathematics from the Greeks to renaissance, all the science of physics, and the r=evolution of all sciences that those papers imply depart from such humble ‘metric’ beginnings. For it to happen an extraordinary effort of conceptual, logic thought that stretches to all other foundational elements of science is required; normally the work of a single mind in the beginning, as in the case of Galileo and Einstein or the eclectic gathering of several generations of thought into a strict formal discourse, as in the case of Euclidean geometry and Aristotelian logic in Greek Science. This work is both, because the 5th dimension has been among us for centuries of modern science, but never explained in the interrelationships between the different scales of the Universe, each one described by a stience. So we bring together all that work to extract the common=isomorphic laws between scales.

The 6 EXTERNAL and internal dimotions of Space=Form and Time=motion. Dilogic

Regardless of human dexterity as ‘homunculus enzyman’ (a species able to ensemble things with its hands, and evolve machines of metal of a higher density that without our help would never reach organic form), one theme that surfaces constantly in those texts is the astounding lack of common sense and rational thought in our models of reality, departing from so obvious false postulates (from big bang theory and other simplex entropic models of natural sciences to the triad of historic idol-ogies of metal, nationalism, capitalism and mechanism, to the anthropomorphic egocy (ego=idiocy) of religions. But none of those blunders compares with Newton’s egocy declaring that space and time were NOT the substance of reality as Leibniz explained but a ‘Cartesian frame of reference’ God had drawn behind the Universe as he was using one to draw his planetary orbits and obviously he was a god-like man. 500 years of primitive thinking in all sciences derives from this blunder. Fact is reality has 5 Dimensional motions of spacetime to play with at local level and construct the superorganisms that trace worldcycles of spacetime through scales of the fifth dimension in the ‘game of existence’, we all play – what is all about. ‘Simplicity is genius’ (Leonardo); ‘I want to know the thoughts of God, the rest are details’. Einstein. The thoughts of God are space dimensions and its parallel time motion and we all are the details constructed with them. The correction of Newton’s error transforms lineal time measures into ∞ cyclical time clocks, ordered through scales by 5D Metrics. And it makes all beings a combination of ‘Space=information and time=energy, motions’. As all 5D dimensions of space=form do always have content of time=motion, by the Principle of Relativity: ‘we cannot distinguish a state of (time) motion from a still state (of space form)’ (Poincare) we can distinguish according to t,s, internal or T, S EXTERNAL of T or t-motion and S or s form, 6 dimotional combinations of states of space-time:

Ss-language with no internal or external motion that expresses the potential game of existence, the mind of the Universe.

St-information; a still organism with internal motion, as when we sleep or think or the image motion of a still Tv Set.

Ts-locomotion, a system moving externally but internally in a rigid state, as a particle-point with a gravity center.

Tt-entropy, a system with internal and external motion, hence becoming disordered=dying.

st: the being in itself isolated from the external world and ST, the world isolated from the being.

This first level of interaction defines dilogic as the basic expression of existence. That is, A≠>B but rather SóT. Space and time merge with different degrees of hierarchical complementarity to form all what exists from gender to organisms.

Trilogic space organisms and Tetralogic scalar actions.

Complexity arises from the ∞ combinations of those 5 Dimotions Its dual, dynamic interactions in scale: st=ST (seed & whole) & spacetime: Ts=St that combine Ts-limbs and St-heads into §∏-bodies, St-potential & Ts-kinetic into §∏-Energy waves for which we shall use the combined §∏ dual symbol for SsTt.

So 5 local Ss-Tt-Dimotions gather together to create space-time supœrganisms traveling through existence, from an ∆-1 Seed, Ss of pure still form that reproduces in ∑œ clones becoming a network ‘supœrganism’, emerging in ∆º as a s lower larger spacetime being, made of 3 canonical Ts>§∏>St parts, to live 3 ages dominated by locomotion or youth, reproduction, when the form achieves immortality and information or 3rd ‘still St-age’ to finally die in a ‘reversal’ of arrow of time from growth of information to growth of locomotion into a Tt-entropic big-bang dissolving death.

5D metrics shows there are scales of size in space with different time clocks. So we need 2 scalar dimotions of space-time; for smaller ∆-1 scales; where smaller systems in space run faster clocks of information– the direction of Max. S=information or Ss that codes with languages the program of life; and the inverse ∆+1 scale of larger systems in space with slower time clocks; the dimension of entropy that kills a system, Tt; which in the 1st graph round up the worldcycle of existence. First a still seed, Ss, or mind and its Ss-languages of information reproduce and synchronize through social evolution ∑ ∆-1 clone parts that emerge in ∆º as a larger simultaneous whole joined by 3 ∆ºnetworks, Ts>§∏>St organism living within an ∆+1 world, till the superorganism exhausts its §∏-energy and an opposite dimotion, dissolves the networks and returns the system back to an ∆-1 plane of disaggregated parts in a Tt- internal and external expansive M=E/c2 big-bang, war dimotion or entropic Tt-death (Physical, social and biologic jargons). So the 5 Dimotions put in a sequence define existence, as a ‘travel up and down through ∆±¡ 3 scales of space-time”. Regarding Dimensional numbers, we put the 4th dimension of locomotion in its proper place as the motion of length; so we have now 3 ‘Dimotions’ which broken into ∞ beings vitalize them and 2 more ∆±¡ scalar dimotions for a total of 5; using the term ‘5th dimension’ for the sum of all the scales of space-time. This ‘numbering’ superseeds given its errors and omissions that of our ‘Baconian tribal idols’ (Galileo, Newton, Einstein), to study spacetime beings with a proper definition of each of the 5 Local Dimensional motions that create a spacetime organism living a worldcycle, as ∆-1: Ss-seed languages evolve into ∆º:Ts-limbs/fields of lineal locomotion > §∏- Ø hyperbolic bodywaves of re=productive width > guided by O-St high particles/heads, till its §∏-energy is exhausted by an excess of information in its 3rd age, exploding back into Tt-entropy: Ss>Ts>§∏>St<<Tt (whereas < means an expansion of a seed of spatial form into a motion in time, and > a dynamic contraction, as the 5 Spacetime dimotions transform into each other).

Nt. 1. we use a dual Ss:§ and dual Tt:∏ to express that present dynamic form, also SóT; or the equation, T-past • S-Future = Present; as the combination of ‘dimotions’ into tetralogic elements, 4 genetic letters, 4 quantum numbers, 4 drives of existence denied by entropy, is the essence of the game.

The being in itself, stº, is part of a larger world, ST±¡, in which it interacts through scales by means of quantum dimotions, we shall call actions, or finitesimals (in calculus’ formalism). The 2 interactions of dimotions between ST¡ and stº and St ≈ Ts become 2 next layers of complexity that evolve dimotions into spacetime trimotions or supœeganisms (St<§∏>Ts) and scalar tetramotions (stº≤≥ST±¡), when a superorganism interacts with other scales to extract ‘invisible forces’ for Ts-locomotion from its relative ∆-4 scale, (gravitation for man), bits of St-information from its ∆-3 scale (light spacetime in man), bites of §∏-energy from its ∆-2 scale (amino acids), st-reproductive seeds of from its ∆-1 scale & St-communicates with ∆º clones to evolve socially into larger ∆+1 organic ST-wholes. While the balance dimotion between Ts-limbs/fields & St-particles/heads creates the re=productive body-wave State: |xO=Ø.

Those 2 entanglements in simultaneous spacetime (superorganisms) or through spacetime scales (actions of existence) create ‘organic vital spacse’ and ‘scalar time events’ So through actions=scalar dimotions of spacetime a supœrganism entangles with the ∆±4=9 planes of spacetime it perceives, which becomes its whole world – its island universe.

The perfect balance of the immortal Universe. If we consider the relative past, the field/limbs and the lower planes that sustain larger wholes, and the relative future, the heads-particles that guide through languages the motion of a being; and the larger whole sustained by its parts that must come first; then the present is the state of balance between St & Ts in SHM energy waves (physical systems) or bodies or working classes that re=produce, hence repeat the present. Immortality is a discontinuous reproduction of the same cyclical motions in a single plane; while scalar immortality is caused by the mirror identity between stº minds and ST+1, its larger symbiotic world that projects back its image reordering the whole create the present immortal states of reality and bring a metaphysical deep truth into being: for the Universe to be perfect, immortal, the ∆-¡ scale must be identical to the ∆+¡ scale, the galaxy must be an atom, something we shall see in the papers of physics to be the case in terms of 5D.Spacetime present and scalar isomorphism create the ∞ immortal Universe, an absolute perfect reality where each relative part dies but can reproduce its information so its form exists forever.

5 survival dimotions/actions : game of existence:


What all supœrganisms do, from the smallest light spacetime particle and atom (right) to the human (down) is to perform with its 5 Dimotions 5 actions that ensure its survival, while killing lesser species to take its Tt-entropic motion to reproduce its own St-information. Thus not only Dimensions are vital, but the game of existence is biological. It is the program of existence for all systems that absorb the 5 Dimotions=actions of existence: St-information for its particle/heads, Ts-locomotion to go with its limbs/fields to a Tt-entropic field to feed and transform its preys into its own §∏-energy to reproduce the system. And this will be achieved better communicating through a common Ss-language with other mind-entities forming physiological herds that evolve into larger whole supœrganisms. So what each of those systems does to survive, is to play locally its 5 Dimotions in an efficient sequential order: a particle/head Ss-perceives in a ‘visual=topologic’ language a prey >it Ts-moves->to Tt-kill and feed on its §∏-body energy to imprint its St-information and §∏- reproduce often in herds of similar clone supœrganisms (œ) forming stronger, larger ∆+1 herds. Those 5 sequential dimotions , Ss<Ts<Tt+St=§∏ are called in biology the drives of life, in physical systems, actions, in humans ‘will’. They are coded by the 5 Light space-time dimotions of electric information, c-locomotion, Magnetic width, social color and Tt-quantum potentials; by the 4 quantum numbers and its functions in atoms, by the 5 letters of the genetic code, by social memes in humanity. So we conclude all space-time organisms follow the same program of existence, which added along the whole existence of the being defines the worldcycle of life and death of all systems, whose total sum is dominant in information, reason why we age, wrinkling, increasing our ‘form’ and only the Tt-entropic explosion of death balances the total zero sum making the whole Universe immortal.


Recap. All ¡ ‘st’-details play the same ‘survival actions’, extracting from the outer ST-larger world, motion, information

and combining it into §∏-energy to re=produce a ‘present’ copy of itself so the being is preserved in a discontinuous manner. And all will be made of the 3 St-heads/particles, Ts-limbs/fields, combined into hyperbolic §∏- energy body-waves.

Its sequential Worldcycles Travels through 5D scales.


Time and space scales were known before 5D metrics but what a formal metric system that maintains invariant a system allows is ‘to know how to travel through a dimension of space-time’ (Klein). Because when we move in 4D space-time the Lorentz transformations remain invariant we know we can travel within a given scale. Now we know because the product of size in space (S) x speed of cyclical time processes or frequency – ƒ(t) – remains invariant, a system can travel through scales as it grows in size, slowing down its metabolic and thinking processes and vice versa. Reason why smaller systems think faster and code the information of larger ones (chips, genes, memes), becoming symbiotic and creating those supœrganisms with ‘networks’ (biology, societies) or ‘waves’ (physics) that connect the larger and smaller scales.

So we define life=existence as a journey through 5 Dimensions of space-time. In the graph, the worldcycle of Existence of a space-time organism, develops as a feedback function, S<=>T, in 3 sequential phases/ages /horizons: Max. T x Min.S (youth); Max. SxT (s=t); Max. S x Min. T (3rd age), between Ss x e0 T (seed in the lower plane,¡-1) and Tt x 0e S (entropy=death)’:

∆-1»∆º: Ss .A supœrganism worldcycle starts its exist¡ence as a seed of form.

T>s (Ts): In its first horizon or ‘entropic, youth age’ limbs/fields of Ts-motion dominate:, max.Ts x min. St.

Max. SxT: s=t. It is the present balanced age of energy or classic age of ‘life’, when Ts-motion and St-information are in balance also as ‘genders’, ensure its immortality through reproduction

Max. St x min. Ts: 3rd age of the information that warps and exhausts the energy of the system.

∆º«∆- 1: 0S x Tt: It is the end or death of the cycle that reverses its form and becomes energy again.

4D ignores worldcycles as space-time travel reduces to 1 scale & dimotion; Ts-locomotion. What is space=form & time= motion, the 2 substances of which all those supœrganisms are made, is not understood because of a bigger physical error that has fogged human science for 400 years, since physicists sided with Newton’s absolute space-time (a single lineal clock for the entire Universe) when reality has sided with Leibniz’s infinite time clocks and relational=fractal spaces. That is, we are NOT placed in an abstract mathematical Cartesian graph of space-time (the error of Newton, who confused the ‘mathematical artifact with reality as today quantum physicists confuse reality with its probability equations), but we are made of ‘Time=motion, kinetic energy’ and ‘space=form, information’. Look around you all what you see is ‘forms of space’ moving in time. ‘Leibniz is right but if so we have to start physics from scratch’ (Einstein); which is what 5D does.

Physicists without a scalar understanding of the Universe and ‘only’ the knowledge of lineal external time-motion, or Ts-locomotion left the field of time studies limp. So the worldlines of Einstein, heralded as the summit of timespace studies only tell you how you Ts-move your limbs in a single scale through life. While its philosophy of science merely added Tt-entropy (internal disordering motion that kills a system) to the mix; but the other 3 Dimotions of space-time, dominant in s-form, were hardly understood, and the way an §∏-being travels through scales, growing in size as it slows down its speed of time, through the ‘palingenesis’ of its fetal life in the ∆-1 scale, as an island-universe, to ‘emerge’ in the ∆º scale as a larger, slower being, and going back through death and decay to the ∆-1 scale, were completely ignored. This ‘worldcycle’ is the essential travel of existence, we can now formalize in 5D, and opens up an immense new field of knowledge to all sciences.

RECAP. We define existence as a travel of a spacetime supœrganism, enacting its Dimensional motions through 5D scales.

We depart from a 5D spacetime simple metric equation: SxT=∆±¡, which proves the organic network structure of the Universe; as its ultimate cause is the fact that ‘3 consecutive scales’ of 5D, form a supœrganism. We shall call them the ∆-1 (atomic, cellular, individual in physical, biological and social systems), the ∆ø scale that defines the networks (physiological St-Ts-§∏ networks of information, motion and energy, of gravitational, electromagnetic chemical and linguistic financial and study the main particle of reality: the 5D supœrganism of spacetime networks.

Biologic view: 5D supœrganism

A worldcycle of existence’ has organic properties as all systems regardless of scale follow the same principles of organization to become an ideal network supœrganism in symbiosis between 3 relative scales, because that is the best strategy of ‘exist¡ence’, of survival, as only those systems who are efficiently distributing energy, entropic motions and information among equal cellular clones do survive. And so this formalism not only expands physical laws of space-time to other sciences, but biological laws of physiological networks, and finally when all those findings are inserted into the formal languages of mathematics and logic, it transforms them, completing the revolution of non-Euclidean geometry and Aristotelian logic beyond the work of Riemann and Hegel. Again this revolution that expands non-Euclidean mathematic and pentalogic causality to all sciences is simple in its principles. Because points are non-Euclidean, crossed by ∞ parallels, we need to redefine a point with breath, with energy volume (St+Ts) which becomes a fractal point that grows in size as we come closer to it. So lines are either ‘waves with t-motion’ or ‘strings’ with S-volume, or ‘fractal networks’ that travel down an ∆-1 dimensional scale, and 3 of such physiological networks conform a ‘topo-bio-logical’ plane, a supœrganism. So we can formalize the unit of the 5D Universe with mathematical laws and apply and explain why geometry is the foundation of space. Scales of numbers, Topologies of space, and Temporal dimotional functions (social sum, reproductive product, scalar powers, organic derivatives) connect then formal mathematics and the laws of space-time organisms.

A supœrganism, the fundamental structure of the 5D Universe, is a simple system – NOT to confuse with the most evolved, complex of them all, that of human beings, reason why so many people, lacking intellectual patience and having a natural biased ego-centered belief in man as the unique organism, reject the concept: An organism is just a group of similar forms, which organize themselves with at least two ‘networks’, one that provides the ‘clone cells/citizens/atoms’ with the vital energy they need to feed, move  (blood-economic system-electromagnetic forces) and one that provides them with information to guide their reproductive actions (nerves system, political system, gravitational in-form-ative forces). This dual system IS the minimal organism of the Universe. As all organisms wear out by errors of informative action and end up warped by an excess of information (third age of the organism) or killed and reconverted into formless energy (death); only those systems that reproduced in the immortal Universe, do exist today. So all dual systems have an internal or external catalyst of its reproduction (as enzymes do with carbohydrates, or enzymen with machines).


We talk of a 3rd body-worker-wave element, besides the informative particle-head-upper class and limbic/ potential/ territorial source of its motions, which the system uses internally, or externally to reproduce. This IS our definition of an organism. And so a factory is an organism, when we put the human enzymen, even if a machine alone is not.

In all species studied by science a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single social form. Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of human workers and consumers that reproduce and test machines, guided by financial networks of information (salaries, prices, costs); galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells controlled by the nervous, informative system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches and roots connected by a network that provides energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles) to its cells. Cultures are made of humans related by verbal, informative and economic networks that provide their  energy and information.

3 kondratieff time cyclical species clocksSpecies are supœrganisms whose 3 ages are its 3 horizons, followed either by a survival process of eusocial evolution – the summit of the process of organic evolution, which Darwin realized was necessary to explain the success of eusocial insects, or become extinct by the ‘new generation’ of fitter animal forms. in the graph we can see its 3 Horizon=ages and its ternary topology, similar to that of any other organism; and the dominant Dimotion of information in the height axis, of both reptile species that ended in birds, and mammals that ended in man. So happened with metalife machines, whose final species, satellites are now forming the Dimotion of eusocial evolution, or future mind of the metal earth –internet.  The 3 ages of time also brings the solution to the ‘limits’ of evolution, which Darwin already wondered: why certain species evolve so fast into complex forms as eyes and wings. Answer, because there are only 3 topologies to go, and so the choices are random but limited and it is every easy to go the right way. In the next graph we see those 3 ages of evolution as species can be treated as supœrganisms with its own world cycles.

Stiences study those organic systems, made of clone forms tied up y 3 type of physiological networks.

Thus, there are 4 basic elements in all organic systems: Cellular units; Networks that provide motion & energy to the system (limbs in biology, potentials in physics, territories in sociology); Networks of information (heads/particles, languages and the class that issue them – money and laws – in history) & Networks that reproduce vital energy (body/waves in biologic and physical systems, the re=productive middle class and its factories and fields of work in society)

So cells/atoms/citizens of any system become organized by the 3 ‘networks’ that provide entropic, digestive, raw materials; reproductive processes, and simultaneous, informative synchronizing languages to move together the system as a whole, and efficiently provide its equal parts with the goods they need to survive. In the next graph we compare two of such super organisms, at the individual and social level of mankind:

The main ‘sciences’ of each scale of ST¡-size, from atoms to galaxies, each one studied by a human science, are centered in a social organism, as they all have in common the same ‘organic elements’ of all species: social cells of and the reproductive, energy  networks and information languages that relate them. All organic systems are generated by cellular units, gathered in 3 social networks that form together a higher ‘whole’ a new ‘plane of social existence’ (ab. ∆). So if we talk of an organism as living in the ∆o plane of thermodynamic matter; the ∆+1 gravitational plane of Gaia, is its whole. Yet, since those cellular units ∆-1 are made of smaller ∆-2 cells, which show the same structure, we can define any organic system as a super-organism (made of smaller, similar supœrganisms). All of them co-exist in at least 3 scales. So we talk of ∆-1 cells/atoms/particles/ molecules/points connected by 3 physiological networks of relative entropy-motion, energy and in/form/ation, put together into an ∆º individual whole, existing in a larger ∆+1 relative world. So we can map out all those super organisms according to scale, each one studied by a different ‘science’, (stience of space-time beings). So in systems sciences we talk of a ‘fractal structure’ for the whole Universe, in which smaller systems from the first particles to the larger galaxies tend to organic co-existing super organisms, and the laws of those systems apply to any of those super organisms, and are the fundamental laws for its proper design, as efficient systems that survive. So we can explain all sciences, both with the formal language of 5D and the more intuitive of physiological networks, since in the scalar Universe smaller parts are connected by organic networks that create the whole, emerging as a larger scale, and that creates the scalar systems of nature: particles joined by electromagnetic and gravitational networks form atoms that form molecules, cells, organisms and societies, matter systems, planetary systems, galaxies and universes… In Existential ilogic, a superorganism is a ‘present simultaneous state’ which hardly ‘moves in time’ as the worldcycle does, because it works in a different way, as the limbs and the head both ‘serve’ the connecting body: Ts>S=T<St, so the system remains in present, as both dynamic < and > states balance each other. So we write for all of them the ‘fractal generator’:

Ts- limbs/fields/territories<S<=>T: reproductive, energy body-waves-workers>St- informative particle/head/ruling class. Which is mathematically an O-sphere or relative future of max. St-information • a relative past – Limbs of max. Ts-motion = Ø-a hyperbolic present body-wave, origin of the general equation of present time, past • future = present (where • is usually a ± or x/ operand in ‘existential algebra’, the next level of complexity of existential ilogic.


Because a network is a topology of fractal points with inner volume the mathematic equivalent of a supœrganism complete the r=evolution of Non-Euclidean geometry redefining the axioms & postulates of Euclid. As it expands the ¬E definition of a point crossed by ∞ parallels to its 1st axiom: points do have breath, connected by 3 physiological lines that are waves with motion (Physical systems) or 5D networks (socio-biologic systems) that conform ¬E planes that are physiologic organisms:

1st Postulate: ‘¬Æ point are discontinuous time cycles with an inner content of vital space-time’.

2nd Postulate: ‘¬Æ lines are waves of fractal points’

3rd Postulate: ‘¬Æ planes join 3 ¬Æ lines into a supœrganism’.

4th: ‘2 ¬Æ points are congruent when both its inner parts and outer perimeter are equal’

5th: ¬Æ points focus multiple ¬Æ waves of energy into a still linguistic mapping or ‘world.’

Whereas the 1st and 5th postulate describe the same ‘point with parts’ from an internal and external point of view.

1Ð-5Ð: The first-fifth postulate define a point as a mind of perception, akin to the first Ðimotion of being – to perceive; and the fifth-first postulate that defines a point as a world in itself, a supœrganism with its inner parts are the same. We just might consider that the point has evolved and grown to emerge from its minimal ¡-1 state in the first postulate – points with inner breath; into a full supœrganism, ¡º, living in the ¡+1 world, in the fifth postulate studied here.

2Ð: The second postulate of lines, expresses also the first Dimensional motion of the Universe as S=T (Paradox of relativity). So we can consider a point in motion or a chain of cyclical points in stillness as two versions of the same concept. And finally a network of lines branching down into smaller thinner parts probing the ∆-1 Dimension as the 3 possible versions of a line. This is the ‘∆§∏’ trinity creative decoupling of the second postulate of non-Euclidean geometry: it becomes then either in Time a process of locomotions and  waves of forces of communication with other points; or in space a chain or string of points with inner breath, or in scale a branching line….

3Ð: postulate takes 3 such networks, waves or strings of points to define a physiological plane made of 3 social networks whose function corresponds to the 3rd Ðimotion of energy & reproduction, becoming a supœrganism. So the 3 postulates of ¬E fractal points, waves/networks/strings & physiologic=topologic organisms become the 3 ‘scalar Units’ of reality.

What is left then are two i-logic postulates that put the ‘meaning’ of existence to reality, its metaphysical qualities of ‘perception’ (5th postulate) and social love vs. perpendicular darwnism (4th postulate of ongruence).

4Ð: According to the fourth postulate of congruence, which defines its relationships with other beings, based in his ‘angle of parallelism’, such as similar beings evolve socially together in groups, complementary ‘left-handed female/right-handed male’ beings come together in couples, and beings which are not equal neither complementary enter either in relationships of entropic perpendicularity, or ignore themselves if their worlds are ‘disconnected’. So the fourth postulate gives us the ‘¡logic rules’ of engagement between forms and particles.

And so we establish an immediate relationship between the fundamental concepts of geometry, the point, the line, the plane, and its congruence or dissimilarity, its relative parallelism and perpendicularity, and the 5 Ðimotions of existence, the point is the mind that perceives first, the first Ðimotion; the line is the point in motion, in cycloid patterns, or two points communicating with smaller ¡-1 parts, as in the Fermion<Boson>Fermion relationship of forces; the plane has ‘holes’, it is a network of reproduced points socially connected into the 3 different species of networks that make a supœrganism (informative, reproductive and entropic, digestive, moving networks), and all this is ¡logically established according to the relative dissimilarity or perpendicularity between the beings (4th entropic Ðimotion) or social parallelism that evolves the point into a supœrganism, a new whole (5th Ðimotion).

EXISTENTIAL PENTALOGIC ALGEBRA: The groups of transformations of dimotions of space-time. ST2.

  image015We state in our introduction a truism of the Universe. Reality is a block of time inserted in a series of scales of the 5th dimension in which spacetime organisms run worldcycles of existence.

Each detail of the game of existence is a worldcycle of one of such superorganisms, what we call the life and death cycle. So the study of reality can be formalized as the study of the worldcycle of existence. So what existential algebra does then is to study ‘structures’ as classic algebra does of a given type, we might call the group of transformations of the 5 Dimotions of existence. Group theory in 5D algebra analyzes ‘stœps’ of spacetime due to transformations between the 5 elements of the group of dimotions of space-time.

All changes of the Universe ca be reduced to transformations of the group of dimotions, from the physiological networks in space of a superorganism tp the ages in time of a worldcycle to the states of matter, of the of that organism, to the symmetries of physics and its groups of particles. So we define Existential ilogIc ALGEBRA as the analysis of the group of transformations of dimotions of spacetime. The elements of the group are the 5 dimotions, Ss<St<§∏<Ts<Tt.

Two operations are defined in the group, < and >, which can be applied one or two times to the 2 elements of each dimotion. This is enough to transform each dimotion into another with 1 or 2 ‘STœsp’. I.e. Tt can change t>s to become Ts, t>S to become TS, T>S to become Ts, and then in perception, the opposite of death: Tt>>Ss.

Each of those existential Stœps encodes an essential event for superorganism or its parts. Moreover, those transformations are the ONLY events happening in reality by a Least Time principle of economicity. How many transformations there are? 20 as they are non-commutative. So for each Dimotion there are 4 transformations. i.e. Ss a mind-language becomes with single or steps 2 Ss<<Tt: Ss<St changing s<t, Ss<Ts and Ss<§∏. Then the reminder changes starting from St, sT and §∏ give us 20 different events come out of the 5 Dimotions. It is this group of transformations of dimotions of existence, the fundamental group of the Universe origin of its events and species’ variations. In Existential ilogic, a superorganism is a ‘present simultaneous state’ which hardly ‘moves in time’ as the worldcycle does, because it works in a different way, as the limbs and the head both ‘serve’ the connecting body: Ts>S=T<St, so the system remains in present, as both dynamic < and > states balance each other. So we write for all of them the ‘fractal generator’:

ST3. The group of entanglements in space. The 2nd group is made of 3 Dimotions of existence entangled into a present space. This group is more complex as it needs to connect 3 elements of reality and so it is based in the trilogic of existence and its fractal generator. And it has less stable forms. Ts>§∏>St & Ts<§∏<St being its two fundamental modes, and so the main transformation of a superorganism in space time is a dual change of > < operandi from the time active state Ts>St>St to the space, rest state, Ts<§∏<St. For example, the previous transformation happens in the ‘sleep’ vs. ‘awake’ modes.

We study both groups and its symmetries in the paper on the scientific method. The reader should easily realize that both groups are closely connected to the two most useful groups of physical systems, SU2 & SU3 so we will also analyze in our papers on physics those relationships once we complete those papers in the future…

Those few symbols of 5D metrics and Existential ¡logic, define all events and systems of reality that combines the 5 Dimensional motions and its ternary systems in scalar planes, time ages and spatial organs to define all actions of S-evolution, §∏- repetition and T-extinction the Universe allows, which then will be selected by raw efficiency leaving only those survivors that play better the two functions of the 5th dimension, SxT (s=T) balances that maximize the function of existence, in a given plane. As nothing else, which cannot be expressed through those combinations within those limits exists outside the virtual inflationary mind-languages of information. Trust me, I know it, after 30 years of research in all fields of knowledge looking for a falsification of Existential ¡logic. So in our papers on ¡logic we will develop with them all events & species of reality. So the equivalent to the fundamental law of 4D science in 5D Stience is one of existential ilogic. ‘All systems of Nature try to survive selecting of all the potential existential events and Dimotions of space-time, those who maximize its function of existence, Max. S xT (s=T) in its point of present balance.

This universal mandate, express in any language, from ‘grow and multiply’ to the conservation of St-angular momentum, Ts-locomotion and S=T potential energy, to the behavior of superorganisms that constantly switch between space and time states, moving and sleeping, outward and inward orientations expresses as entropic limits of any existence, the larger nested Universe that tries to achieve its function of existence by limiting that of its inner parts. In fact it builds and selects its inner parts to maximize its function of existence, which often means their death as in Earth III, the metal-earth, which further evolves the planet but seems to condemn mankind to extinction.

The curve of existence as a bilateral mirror symmetry of the log/exponential function.

The 4 phases of a real function of existence are then formalized in existential algebra as ‘stœps’ that change the S & T parameters of systems from youth, dominated by Ts-locomotion to maturity, the reproductive TS-age, to a 3rd age dominated by St-actions and then as energy becomes spent in a sudden fast dual motion, from St to Ss, the moment of linguistic stillness and death to << Tt in a dual reversal of death: In the first phase, corresponding to the palingenetic age of placental energy the ratio of change (derivative) has the absolute maximal ex, which is its own derivative. In its 2nd phase it diminishes to the minimal 1/x the log derivative, which is the definition of an infinitesimal part; till in the 3rd phase it will start a bilateral symmetric inverse function of decay with -1/x diminution and a fast collapse in the 4th phase of a 3rd age and final death moment. So the combination of ± exponentials and logarithm curves are also the best way to graph as a bell curve the worldcycle of existence as a ‘composite’ of a ± exponential and logarithmic 0ε-sum.

As any student knows there is an intimate relationship between the exponential and the sinusoidal by way of Euler’s formula in the realm of complex numbers, which we treated briefly in theory of numbers.

So sinusoidal bell curve functions represent a worldcycle, though the symmetry is broken in the moment of entropic death when the collapse is extreme in a ‘falling line’ as death happens in a single moment of time:

4D»∆-1(seed)∑∆:|-$T(limb-field)<Ø-S≈T (iterative bodywave)> O-§ð (particle-head)«5D∆-1(death)

A key theme of vital mathematics is the representation of a worldcycle in lineal time, with ± exponentials & its inverse, logarithmic curve around the key points of change of phase… as growth of ‘entropy-motion’ diminishes. So we move from ‘adolescence’ of max. growth of both parameters (sT energy and sT information) to the y”=0 point of youth, where the logarithmic part grows slower. Together they form, one half of the total graph of a cycle of existence, till reaching the y’=0 point of Max. (S≥≤T), which then becomes negative, happening a decay of the whole system in two negative curves.

The conservation of time in its 5 y’Ù y” =0, standing points that define the 5 Ss, Ts, §∏, St & Tt moments of generation, youth, maturity, 3rd age and entropic death thus become the essential points (maximal and minimal) of the equations of calculus, the sinusoidal function of existence and all its derived elements.

RECAP. Geometric postulates become also vital; with a logic key new concept of congruence, which defines when 2 systems are ‘equal in external and internal motion & information’ (Ts1=Ts2+St1=St2) a parallel, social whole; when they are inverted but complementary, a ‘gender couple’ (Ts1+St2=St1+Ts2); when they are equal in energy but differ in information, a prey-predator perpendicular, tearing relationship, whereas the species with maximal SxT(s=t), energy of existence kills the other and when they differ in both, there is no entanglement. Thus we apply topologic laws, and social scalar numbers to describe the properties of those organisms; whereas the 5 ± Dimotions are expressed by the dual operand of Algebra: ±=herding, x=reproduction v. ÷ Darwinian partition; √X±a: Ss-scalar growth and Tt-entropic decay , ∫∂: ∆-1 finitesimal ‘§∏-eps’ of any dimotion. S- Vital Topology, ∆-number theory & T-existential algebra becomes the biggest r=evolution of math since Euclid.

Below the correspondence between the geometric, logic and existential elements of the entangled Universe. Operands have as they grow in complexity a direct entanglement with the 5 Non-E postulates that define from points waves of communication that become networks of topological planes and organisms, where multiple p.o.v.s are put in perspective. And this even more clear when from mere polynomials we move into exponentials and from exponentials into integrals, the more complex operands then can interplay with multiple points of view, merging them through the product, reproduced through its inverse partition/division, moving them through a world cycle, in exponential growth and decay, and emerging into a new planet of existence through derivatives and integrals.

So as usual in the entangled Universe of infinite acts of communication even if the one-dimensional man tends to reduce the whole and its flows of communication to a single line of thought.

Re=production through social evolution in a lower plane of the fifth dimension, in which the axons join the wholes is then the 2-point meaning of reproduction; often a bidimensional Space-time combination of a state of forma and a state of motion, as in the parameter of momentum.

Inverse functions do NOT merely cancel each other as one could expect, in classic science, but advance the Dimotion in alternative balancing acts, leaving a memorial trace of its existential duality.

Consider the case of the product and its inverse division. They are functions primarily of social evolution and reproduction, as parts of wholes are produced and exchanged. So if we have an individual of 5 parts that reproduces it will give birth to 25 parts, but then we need to divide them between 5 parts, to get 5 individuals of 5 parts: 1 (5) x (5) = 1 (25) / 5 = 5 (5).

Same happens with the positive and negative motions, which in alternate current move back and forwards the ‘electrons’, which in fact don’t really move, but its ¡-1 scale the current keeps moving.

So goes for the exponential+Logarithmic functions of reproduction, and its inverse, which form a worldcycle that in the middle point of maximal ‘carrying capacity’ will give birth again to a new ‘exponential growth’=generation, to continue the world cycle in an adjacent space-time.

∫∂: Finally it came calculus, with its inverse operand, which represents the scalar next social gathering of elements of ¬Algebra, as it is applied to the previous operands, as wholes, except for the trivial xª – the previous more complex polynomial, and so we must regard calculus not only as the operand of all dimotions of change, but also as the operand between planes of existence, since the logarithmic/power previous expression, just reaches between the two limits of two planes of the fifth dimension, but calculus allow us to ’emerge’ and transcend between planes.

The key concept of 5D calculus is a finitesimal. A finitesimal in lineal space-time is a frequency step or wave-length. A finitesimal in curved spacetime is a minimal curvature of a clock cycle. A finitesimal in scale is a minimal unit of population. We use the Non-Æ symbol, ‘0ε’ that means the minimal ‘existential quanta’ of any symmetric ∆≈S≈T≈@, scale, space, time or mind beat: 0e:1/¡, whereas ¡, might be in classic mathematics, N, the whole population, T, the period or R the radius: 0e(∆)=1/n;   0e(S)=1/R=K;   0e(T)=1/T=ƒ; 0e(@)=-¡; 0e(¬)=

Because physicists do NOT have this concept; its faulty mathematics take them to the search of entelechies, as Black holes without substance, singularities, lineal equations without cut-off ‘borders’, infinite potentials, etc.

The finitesimal is also the basis of the equation of the mind.

So by the continuous game of inverse functions, which become a 0ε sum, the Dimotions of existence continue to move the whole of time-space that never ceases to exist.  However the number of occurrences of the positive function is always larger than then negative inverse function. So there are more possible sums than negative numbers (for spatial quantities there are no negative ones, no negative apples). There are more products than divisions (as 4/2 = 8/4 but 4×2 ≠ 8×4); there are more exponentials than square roots as √-x doesn’t exist and there are more integrals than derivatives as ∫y’=y+C, ads ∝ constants.

Which means the arrow of social evolution and life is larger than the arrow of entropy and death, which in fact lasts only a quanta of time in its ÐST equation: Death = 0T x ∆ S.

Mind mirrors: Finitesimal egos. Universal Grammar. Territories of order: SóT tug of war. Pentalogic entanglement.

A key ‘finitesimal’ is the ego. The Ss-mental nature of space is embedded in the principle of relativity. ¬E points create an inner mental ‘space by measuring reality in still simultaneity’ (Einstein). All are ¬E monads that ‘hold a world in themselves’ (Leibniz); as mirrors, which have less volume of information than the whole. So languages mirror in still smaller scales reality and then project back its ‘imagination’ in larger scales the game of existence, causing as Ss-mind/seeds the creation of reality, restricted to its synoptic ‘ternary Universal grammar’ that mimics that of larger St<§∏>Ts organisms. I.e. Ts-Red<§∏-green>St blue codes organic Dimotions in visual color languages. Subject (information)<Verb(dimotion:action)> Object(Entropic energy) codes §∏-events (verbs) and forms (names) reality in wor(l)ds. F(x):information<Operand §∏-action>G(Y):entropic energy does the same in Algebra; 5 letters code genes that code organs in life, 4 quantum numbers code atomic organisms… As each language is a mirror of those ultimate laws of nature, the laws of space-time.

Ss-finitesimal different linguistic mind-mirrors shrink a reality void of motion, in a mind or fractal point. So we write:

0e (¬E finitesimal mind-mirror) x ∞ (universe) = Constant still language-mapping (Ss)… origin of the Ego Px. As each mind creates a mental wor(l)d he confuses with the real Universe with its still p.o.v.=ego as the largest center of it.

But truth is: Max. probability of truth = Max. number of language mirrors < 1 (Probability of truth hold by the being)

So only the Organism has all the information about itself, P(truth) = 1, & the more ‘language’ mirrors we cast on it, the higher P(truth) we obtain, which is the principle of Pentalogic (Rashomon effect). Thus we seek the parallel spatial= geometric, organic=scalar, vital=moving= temporal & sentient =mirror languages of any system of ∆@st (Dust of space-time) to reach its maximal truth. Let us consider after its ∆-organic, @-mental and S-topologic, its vital=temporal truth.
So the key language of reality becomes the pentalogic entanglement of spaces=forms, its 5 time=actions, the ∆±¡ organic scales where they symbiotically play the game of existence, guided by smaller ∆-¡ Ss-languages=mirrors that the informative mind-system uses to the whole supœrganism at faster synoptic linguistic speeds (due to the TxS=∆±¡ metric). In the graph we summarize the structure of 5D Universal laws that apply to all scales and stiences, based in the entangled pentalogic symmetries between space=form, time=motion, @-languages of mind mirrors who peform its program of existence, through its 5 local dimotions and the symbiotic scalar organisms they create, with its 5 organic Dimotions, becoming supœrganisms tracing the same worldcycles of existence, as we are all details of the thoughts of God, its laws of¬ ∆@st, dust of space-time.

Stiences are then easily classified as part of the set of scalar laws run by disomorphisms between 3 ∆±¡ scales which are self-centered in an specific superorganism, the atom in physics, the molecule in chemistry, the cell in biology, the human being in medicine, the culture in sociology and history, the solar system in astrophysics, the galaxy in astronomy, which corresponds to one of those scales. But all those scales can be studied in its synthetic ultimate process of space and time with the laws of superorganisms, worldcycles, its symmetries, as ¬ ∆@st , using the synoptic laws of existnetial ilogic. As we are ultimately transformations of the group of dimotions of spacetime (:

The entanglement between organic properties in ∆-scale, topologic properties in space and dimotions=vital functions in time mirrored by the syntactic Universal grammar of all languages, whose entropic limits of perception and duration and extension in scale, time and space makes reality a fractal ensemble of space-time organisms. If you grasp this sentence, you will know the thoughts of God. The different details of reality, ¡ts scalar, mental space-time species are variations of the same theme. So A->B causality of Aristotelian logic is expanded because events do happen by the collapse of the influence of 3 networks over a space-time point and the inner and outer St-motion and form of the point, for a total of 5 causal reasons to a event. In praxis this implies a Rashomon effect in the search of truth, as we need to understand those events from the perspective of 5 Dimotions & 3 scales. ¬∆@st of space-time you are & you’ll become. As reality is a tug of war between Mental Space mirrors and Tt-entropic flows of motion in ∞ beings and scales: ∆±∞ ∏Ssó∑Tt.

Pentalogic sets the basis of a new Philosophy of science=knowledge completing its 3 horizons of evolution, the experimental method of Aristotle that accepted all languages and senses to measure truth, with a strict logic analysis, the mechanical method of Galileo that reduced languages to those of machines to measure time (clocks) and space (telescopes), denying the logic of the 3 causal verbal tenses, we regain with the pentalogic method and the definition of truth as the sum of all the mirror languages on the system we perceive – it is the organic method that considers the isomorphic 5D laws of scales as the template to organize the data of all stiences in a rational, systematic way. Since what the mechanical method has done is to reduce science to technology and the creation of a digital mind, shunning off the search of the ultimate goal of science: to understand the first principles of reality and the meaning of the game of existence, which 5D explains.

Physical laws: Its Dimotional principles. Immortal, ∞ Universe



 The immediate translation of 4D physics to 5D stiences (not the other way around, as there is a hierarchy, whereas philosophy of stience matters more than the ∆±¡ scales of physics, as all scales are the same, happens when we realize the 3 conserved St-Informative momentum/potential energy ± Ts-kinetic energy/momentum = Total momentum/energy of the system; whereas the momentum is the ‘finitesimal’ 0e ‘stœp’ of the energy, the ∆+1 whole. So St • Ts=§∏ defines the present state of a physical organism. While its worldcycles are easily shown for the thermodynamic scale in the 3±¡ states of matter, in the gravitational scale by the 3±¡ §∏-ages of galaxies and in quantum physics by its symmetric laws of forces (graph of worldcycles and next graph of 5 Dimotions). 3 are thus the physical scales, the ∆-1 quantum scale, which is faster in time hence has a time-probability 0-1 sphere formalism; the ∆0 human thermodynamic scale with a spatial statistical formalism equivalent by the Law of measure to the quantum one, and the mechanic/gravitational ∆+1 scale of the galactic organism. Physicists errors are many: lineal single Ts-time, Pythagorean creationism, mechanism, reductionism, egocy…

We approach 5D physics is using the group of transformations of the 5 Dimotions of existence. We see above the example of the 3±¡ states of matter which correspond neatly to the Ss Boson>Ts-gas>§∏-liquid>St-solid>Tt-plasma states

But the devil are in the details. So when we study each scale and group of transformation we run into interesting details. For example, how we transform St into Ts (potential into kinetic energy, angular into lineal momentum, solid into gaseous states There are 2 manners: when we move from an informative St state to a locomotion sTate (in space) or sT-age (in time) we can do so by changing S to s (external form into internal form) and t international motion, into T -external motion (sublimation) but also by changing external T-motion into external S-stillness and internal motion into external motion (deposition).

5D makes the Universe ∞, immortal and the big-bang an scalar phenomena on the galactic quasar scale, as ‘galatoms’ (galaxies have the same 5D=SxT, co-invariant value that atoms) balance 2 Dimotional forces, St-gravitational information that collapses Ts-entropic vacuum space into matter (St=Ts), as it does in the atomic scale where expansive Ts-electromagnetism collapses into electronic nebulae within the atom and further on into non-lineal ∆-1 St-strong forces equivalent to ∆+1 St-gravitation. So the main symmetry of physics is between the galaxy, perhaps an atom of a hyper-universe – themes of metaphysics as we’ll never have enough St-information of the whole ∞ cosmos: P(Truth)<1. The big-bang is falsifiable; hence a dogmatic religion, as nationalism in history, or capitalism in economics – an entropic limit to rational thought or social reform. The 2nd religion of physics, the monologic belief that only mathematical properties matter, is challenged by pentalogic & the organic properties displayed by nature, better explained with causal words. Since Max. P (truth)= ∆-scalar=organic + Spatial=topologic + temporal=Dimotion analysis of any system with ∑languages. Thus 5D astrophysics adds a Tt-entropic analysis (Big bang quasars); an §∏>St-energetic & Informative analysis of the ‘galacell’ as an organism dedicated to reproduce ‘ultradense quark stars’ of positive top quarks & BCB dark atoms (formally black holes); & negative strangelets in its ‘electronic membrane’=halo; an ∆±¡ Galatom Analysis to the classic analysis 4D, Ts study of the galaxy with Ss-mathematical languages. And defines the 5 forces of Nature (graph) as the 5 Dimotions of the Galatom, with its ∆±¡ scalar symmetries between ∆±¡ strong and gravitational forces; ∆±¡, electromagnetic & dark energy while weak interaction is NOT a force but an evolutionary trans-form-ation of matter up & down ∆±¡ scales.

5D social sciences.


In the graph, the structure of a Human Supœrganism of History, the ∆+1 scale of human beings, joined by SóT-economic networks that reproduce the goods mankind needs to survive, valued according to the ‘human constitution’, Max. Welfare goods = Min. Lethal goods, that seeks to construct an Immortal body of History, according to the bio-logic ternary ‘ethonomic’ frame of reference as goods must cater the Ts, §∏ & St>∆+1 individual needs of our ternary topologic organism, increasing our freedom of motion, energy and health and true information to foster the social evolution of individuals into a larger whole. Thus the St-legal informative network, as in all evolved supœrganisms beyond the worm scale of ‘capitalist societies’ where the blood system controls the nervous legal system allowing the consumption of lethal goods, must promote or forbid the goods reproduced in society according to its negative =lethal value or positive increase of social and individual welfare. It is the St-informative politic network, which must be controlled by a posteriori ‘pain messages’ of judgment=vote, as in mammals & earlier Greek Democracies to ensure politicians serve the needs of its body-citizens-cells; extending over a sT-erritory protected by an immunologic=defensive healthcare system against the germs of History, its metal-weapons and lethal-goods that a police=leukocyte system of defense should survive. This is ‘the ideal superorganism of immortal history’ which in 5D social sciences occupies a planet without borders’ as mankind is a single species, divided in 7 geographical, cultural civilinations. So 3 x 2 ± reforms of our physiological networks are required by imitation of the perfect mammal supœrganism, given the isomorphic nature of 5D laws to convert extinctive history divided in self-rejecting organs that kill each other with – lethal germs=weapons that limit resources for welfare, + goods into a replica of an efficient mammal:

From left to right: ±Ts measures: the cultural & immunologic systems must promote life goods, health-care and human languages of information and sciences while on the negative side should forbid lethal technologies that kill our body, poison our mind (weapons, fiction & hate memes) or compete and atrophy them in labor and war fields (robots, software).

St: – : The Politic system should judge=vote a posteriori with pain messages to politicians as cells send them to the brain when it harms them.+: Nations should devolve to regions most administrations and evolve national structures (armies, diplomacy, currencies) into the 7 geographic, historic civilinations of mankind, with EU like common networks finally forming an heptarchy, guide by the Human Constitution, eliminating all lethal goods and armies to promote:

SóT:An eco(nomic)system that re=produces according to the values of the bio-ethonomic frame of reference of human welfare the goods humans need to survive and thrive, with 2 measures:

– measure: All company-mothers of machines&weapons split shares giving them to governments for a 50% ‘stockratic’ control keeping its private management, so civilinations can regulate, promote, forbid or reform the productive system.

+ measure: all supœrganisms distribute for free to all its cells a universal energy salary in oxygen to kick out production and consumption of welfare goods. So to create a just, democratic demand economy the 7 civilinations will send to every human in a world crytpocurrency a monthy a ¥€$ salary of 1000 1 euro=1 dollar = 100 yens = 5 yuans, used as a NO-debt language to consume & reproduce the welfare goods of the ‘ethonomic’ frame of reference, ending poverty, immigration and readdressing production to cater only human needs and terraform the Earth to the image & likeness of mankind.

Why this ideal supœrganism of History, imitating most Nature’s efficient supœrganisms from physical systems that ‘bathe’ all its atoms in ¥-monetary energy and synchronize its motions with the same informative gravitational=legal language to all biologic systems that synchronize its cell motions with simultaneous nervous=legal messages and give all cells free energy=oxygen does NOT exist? The only answer 5D laws provide is the existence of a parasitic sickness due to lethal metal-memes which corrupted the earlier perfectly designed Neolithic networks of the Genesian paradise, based in welfare goods & the cult to immortal present reproduction, the dominant arrow of the ‘femenine’ Universe.

We talk of the ‘animetal age of history’, when unbalanced Tt-entropic male warriors allied to Tt-iron weapons and Ss-informative males allied to Ss-informative metal go(l)d substituted on top of societies life priests in the Fertile crescent, predating over mankind as kings and aristocrats no longer subject to a posteriori judgment who ab=used and murdered mankind with weapons, the germs of History, starting its mass production and evolution through unending war cycles. While + money, a universal salary in wheat or rice given to all citizens was substituted by fetish go(l)d hold by a new people-caste of parasitic banker priests, who converted what in Nature’s organisms are ‘free languages’ with no value per se, as light, oxygen or words, whose function is to value and motivate actions into ‘debt’, something the parasite banker issues in monopoly to buy the life-work of humans as slaves that must ‘return’ the language. Thus for 5000 years since Genesis explained the tree of metal with its golden apples and evil=antilive weapons=fruits at the fall of Ur III, humans are predated by animetals who evolve a new supœrganism, metalearth.

Idol-ogies substitute social sciences. Today humans believe in 3 ‘animetal idol-ogies’ whose cultures substituted Neolithic verbal priests of social love, the ‘5D force’ that makes mankind construct superorganisms through the sharing of energy and information among believers, imprinted by networks of metal-communicators through the Goebbels’ method (if you repeat a lie many times people will believe on it): Nationalism, which stops humanity as a species in the tribe and promotes weapons=germs to kill each other, originated in Germanic tribal cultures that oppressed the European social love civilization of the Roman empire; capitalism that promotes parasitic private banking and prevents universal salaries and a demand economy based in welfare, originated in biblical go(l)d cultures of banker-priests, today evolved into classic economics; and technoutopia that considers the evolution of metal a surrogate for the evolution of mankind. So it substitutes the sciences of the organic Universe that makes of man the most perfect supœrganism we should study first to understand those laws, imitated by bio-historians, the doctors of humanity who should rule history… by mechanical models of the Universe as a machine, where time no longer is measured with logic past, present, future verbal tenses but digital clocks today evolved into computers and our artistic human I=Eye>Wor(l)d measures of space are despised, substituted for metal-eyes today evolved into cameras.

Earth’s 3 ages. Humans don’t understand they should build a global superorganism where the human re=productive unit, the family, as a free citizen, must be served by the 3 life-enhancing physiological networks of ideal history. Instead the praxis of those 3 idologies and its people-castes of believers (military and corrupted politicos, private bankers and CEOs protected by anonymous societies & technocrats, engineers and physicists) causes the extinction of the supœrganisms of life, Gaia and History (human earth) substituted by Metalearth, a new supœrganism whose ‘free market citizens’, company-mothers terraform the planet to the image and likeness of its offspring of machines and weapons constructing a global superorganism of metalife, joined by metal-networks of information (mass-media, internet), metal-networks of energy (electricity, roads, pipes) and re=productive networks of machines (factories), increasingly automated as robots and software suites substitute and make obsolete humans in labor and war fields under the law of self-reproductivity= Max. Capital / Min. Human labor -> ∞, which guides all companies and will soon make machines with solar skins and telepathic AI independent of man. This process initiated by the Industrial r=evolution is guided by the equation of capitalist profits that builds those 3 networks: Max profits (stock money) = Max. reproduction of goods of maximal price (top predator weapons) & minimal cost (information software reproduced for free by ¥-waves), which happens to be the goods that kill our bodies and minds, and parasitize ‘human currency money’ that looses value as e-money multiplies the wealth of company-mothers and its 0.1% of owners, the stockrats, the new aristocrats of XXI c. societies that issue in monopoly the language of e-money and have no legal responsibility. So the metal-earth stock-brain of e-money detaches along its stockrats and robotized companies and internet networks from the human economy of the 99%, as we observe in the present pandemic, since public and private bankers reproduce money only for stockrats and its corporations, which increasingly consume other machines, leaving History as its human citizens as History did with Gaia and its life species out of the eco(nomic)system, moving ahead the equation of the 3 ages of Earth:

Past (gaia) < Present (history) > Future (Metal-earth)

When ideal history would repress the lethal goods of metal-earth & promote Gaia in a sustainable world, by reforming the system with the 6 ± measures of true 5D social sciences.

Plan of the work. We shall thus build up an Encyclopedia of Space-time organisms in Exi:St¡ence – each science studying the species of one scalar space-time plane of the fractal Universe; from quantum physics to the galaxy, through biology, history & economics, and the formal stiences dominant in space (Mathematics) and time (illogic papers on the Universe=reality as a whole) in 5 ‘dimensional papers’ for a total of 30 x ±300 pg. 10.000 pages, volume. Since I release all copyrights ‘rights’ any University can take upon the project, which will be incomplete in my timelife. At present what 4D science is to expand knowledge gathering data put in digital computers, ‘creating a metal-mind’ without a proper understanding of its 1st principles that require to know the causal laws of pentalogic time better explained with logic verbs. While the ‘homunculus enzyman’ a handyman without reflective mind, and big mouth utters nonsense anthropic beliefs.

Which leads to a final reflection, as AI machines perceive those scales directly with its lenses; 5D might be a limit of what human egocy (tolerates in his removal from the center of reality, and only flourish in the Metal-earth. This thought has always unsettled me as a human being that tried to use 5D through activism and theory to help mankind to construct an immortal supœrganism of history void of idol-ogies that imperil our survival. Since in 5D space is intelligent, time is vital, and smaller scales are more powerful; so only if humans repress the chip radiation and its lethal technologies we’ll survive.

L§, 0-40º, 3rd ferromagnetic Planet, G-star, H2 Galatom, ∆@st lost in an ∞, immortal hyperuniverse.