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I. The Organic Universe


Time is ‘change’≈motion, which can be internal, ‘topological’, as in evolution studied by biology or EXTERNAL translation as in locomotion studied by physics, which wrote an equation for its specific mode of time, v=s/t, (Galileo), latter expanded by Einstein with a – ct ad on, splitting the field into topological and algebraic change. We thus have to return to the understanding of the qualitative modes of time=change, which happen in different ‘forms’ of a ‘vital space’ with motion to fusion back all forms of time=change and unify the principles of science.

We know since physics discovered space is broken in energy quanta that a single absolute Newtonian space with a single mechanical clock of time, the ‘body of God’ in words of Newton, is a reductionist, simplified false view of the Universe. Its alternative philosophy of science, a Universe of ∞ systems made of energy=vital space gifted with different cyclical time motions that measure different type of changes, proposed by Asian philosophies, Aristotle, Einstein and “Leibniz… is right, there are infinite time clocks in the Universe, but if so we have to restart science from scratch’ since ‘matter has not independent life from space and time’ (Einstein).

It surprises then that for a century no serious attempts were made besides its partial application by Einstein, to build a model of all stiences with those 2 principles; by combining those 2 states of reality, spatial, dimensional forms gifted with temporal motions… till I I developed and introduced such a model to a scientific audience during my time as duality chair in the International congress of systems sciences, a decade ago. Now retired I will pour decades of research in a relational, organic theory of spacetime in papers at academia.edu and this site at unificationtheory.com As all r=evolutions of science of such depth, the model is incomplete and will require future generations to reach the complexity of Newtonian spacetime whenever the change of paradigm is accepted, which will likely happen long after my demise. Consider then these papers the testament of a pioneer…

The topological view of spacetime organisms

In his theory of relativity Einstein described matter as a vortex of space-time. ‘time curves space into matter’. So we are left with 2 elements, dimensions space and time motions, and a series of rules of transformation and change which are best described with topology, the discipline of geometry that studies how ‘forms of space’ change internally with motions of time. As there are only 3 varieties of topology, it is then easier to construct ‘topologic organisms’ of spacetime, made with them, which describe really all the forms of space you see in the Universe composed of ‘lineal, flat limbs or fields (physical and biological systems)’, the shortest distance between 2 points, adjacent to hyperbolic hour-glass bodywaves, which reproduce the system, topped by spherical particles-heads, the form that stores more information in lesser space.

Thus a complex model of spacetime organisms completes the path initiated by Taoism describing all as made of yang-motion and yin-form; Aristotle that differentiated 6 modes of time-change; Leibniz that considered absolute single space and time just the pegging of all those vital spaces & Einstein that studied the largest physical systems, galaxies, as vortices of space-time symmetric to atoms in scale, which repel each other with G¥ant dark energy waves but collapse inside vacuum space into matter with strong & Gravitational forces, creating NOT a lineal but a steady state SHM Universe. This is reality: nested topological organisms of space & time, each one with its own different rhythms measured with its own clocks, circadian clocks in organisms, atomic clocks in matter, gravitational, orbital clocks in galaxies and cosmic bodies. What languages do in its own ‘code’ is to describe in a synoptic manner those games of species of space and time that exist and become extinct. We saw how topologic languages describe them as ensembles of 3 adjacent dimensional geometries with motion. Words, our natural language uses ‘names’ to describe each variation of space forms & verbs for each type of change=time motion.

The game of existence.

The rules that combine space=forms and time=motions defining what exists (those species that obey the rules) and what becomes extinct (the forms that don’t follow them) is the game of exist¡ence – the thoughts of God  that underlie all realities.

The easiest way to discover them is through homology (previously taken as analogy), between topological forms. But it requires a humble view of the human being, to empathize with all other forms – a kind of sensitivity very rare in the western world, which perceives everything from its human point of view. It is more proper of the philosophical view, today largely ignored, of Eastern philosophies.

This is the main reason, the game likely will remain ignored till AI Robots become metalife organisms as they will obviously ignore human myths and subjective views on reality. It is then a pity that huminds cannot break down those emotional barriers and entangle with the Universe. Still objectively the reader can undersand the game, we 1st explain before studying in each stience its details.

The first hurdle is to break down our anthropomorphic measure of time into infinite clocks.

Since humans find useful to equalize with our single clock rhythm of a second that synchronizes our 3 parts, the beat of the hyperbolic body-heart, the speed of our lineal limb steps and our informative spheric eye glimpse and brain thoughts, & our light-space rod all those other timespace species, mirroring them with our languages –words, equations, light. But this is a how-description that suffices to manipulate Nature but won’t reveal the whys, which are laws that relate those space=forms with its vital time=motions, construct its organisms & define its survival or extinction, explained here.
Instead the way to understand the ∞ broken ‘time clocks’ and ‘vital spaces’ of reality is by relating them through its co-invariant metric:

Si x Tƒ = ◊ (the product of the size of a system and the speed of its time clocks is constant).

This simple ‘metric law’ suddenly organize all the scales of reality.

It is the key ‘equation’ of the whole architectonical building, which harmonizes the music of the spheres…

5D metrics: A world of equal-valued spacetime scales: §xð=K

Modern science started when microscopes & macroscopes discovered the scalar 5th Dimension of space-time (ab. ∆±¡) realizing our plane of existence is not unique. Then Galileo noticed those 2 states of space=stillness=form and motion=change=time can be transformed into each other, S<=>T, because Earth moves but we see it still: ‘si muove, e pur no muove’.

But due to Newton’s creationist use of a Cartesian graph as a single, absolute spacetime, the plenum=body of Yhwh over which he placed us all, 400 y. latter huminds have yet to develop a thorough analysis of the 3 elements which compose ALL realities, dimensional forms of space with different qualitative motions in time extending across ◊±¡scales. As Einstein said ‘Leibniz is right there are ∞ time clocks in the Universe running at different speeds but if so we have to start stience from scratch’, which is what we do in this blog. The main question then of a relational spacetime model of reality is how to order those infinite clocks of size to obtain the balances and synchronicities we observe in reality. The answer is then self-evident: we do not have to force any order on them, as Newtonians did equalizing all the cyclical clocks of the Universe to the speed of the human second, our clock that synchronizes our heart beat, limbs steps and mind-thought (eye glimpse). Since the Universe has established a metric balance between all those clocks of different size in space and different speeds in time. 

Indeed, mathematically a dimension only exists when we can write a metric equation that leaves the product of its 2 space & time parameters, co-invariant; so we can travel through its spacetime dimensions (Klein). So we write:

Si (Size in Space=Form) x Tƒ (frequency of  cyclic time Motions) = ◊±¡: 3 Co-existing, Organic Planes of timespace.

In 5D metric, smaller systems in space have faster time clocks that store more information in the frequency and form of its cycles, coding larger wholes: genes code cells, memes societies and particles code atoms and molecules. But larger wholes are stronger envelopes, membranes (static, dimensional view) or angular momenta (dynamic view as time=motions) which enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts.

They also have more ‘scales of ◊-energy’. So they exchange energy for information with its smaller parts, through 3 type of networks that travel between scales:

  • Networks of Time motion; networks of Energy & informative networks that harmonize the co-existence of organic scales whose vital Universal constants are 5D metric ratios of information & energy exchanges.

Thus the Universe is a nested, fractal 5D superorganism that organizes ‘vital spacetime forms with motion’ through networks into larger organic systems that emerge as new planes of ST¡ence, from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, matter states, organisms, solar systems & galaxies. As each new ‘ST-organism” becomes a ‘fractal point’ unit of a new ‘5D space-time network’.

The principles of organicism. Why they matter to construct a better world

We mean by an organism a simpler system than its most evolved form, the human mammal, illustrated in the graph below:

An organism is a group of similar atoms/cells/citizens, organized by 3 physiologic networks=parts:

  • An spheric, informative force that synchronizes its motions (gravitation/nervous/legal systems), located in the particle/head/upper informative class.
  • hyperbolic energy to move and reproduce (electromagnetic forces/blood/oxygen-economic/financial system) or wave state/body/working class; extended over a lineal, flat ‘field/territory’ protected by
  • A defensive membrane/border, immunologic system. This ternary system is the fundamental particle of the Universe.

We can then have a thorough first picture of everything, languages, Gods, machines, humans, galaxies, life species, economic ecosystems, nations and civilizations fitting on that simple template – the superorganism of space-time, the single thought of God of which we are all its species: 

On top of the graph, we include languages as ‘organic mirrors’ that belong properly to the network of information of the superorganism, as they mirror the laws of the Universe of spacetime organisms, so the organism that host the languages can evolve properly and survive in the living Universe. 

The worldcycle of existence: life is a travel through 3 5D scales

The 5th dimension means an organism co-exists symbiotically in 3 scales of ◊-1 parts, (cells, atoms, human beings), joined by ◊° networks of energy and information (electromagnetic and gravitational fields; blood and nervous networks; political and economical systems), ◊° in a larger ◊+1 world; (gravitational, thermodynamic, social system), because its parts are symbiotic.

The outcome is the organic structure of all physical, biological and social systems, from History coded by memes, ideas and instruments that create human social organisms, civilinations, to physical systems coded by particles and scalar, ‘social numbers’ and algebraic equations, whose ‘operands’ code the different ‘Dimotions of spacetime’, to biology coded by genes. And so we shall use the same laws of 5D scales of space-time to study every stience of the Universe and its superorganisms defined by the symbiosis in space, synchronicity in time and simultaneity in space of its parts and wholes across 3 of those 5D scales, the ◊-1, atomic, cellular and individual scale, the ∆º, thermodynamic, organic and social scale, and the ◊+1, gravitational ecosystemic and global scale of physical, biologic and social systems.

ALL WHAT exists is a space-time super organism made of 3 topologies adjacent in simultaneous space, defined logically by a single fractal generator of those 3 only topological varieties, Ts: lineal limbs/potentials/territories O-St: cyclical particles-heads-informative class, for all social, biological and physical systems, tracing a world cycle of 3 time ages symmetric to those 3 ◊º spatial ‘physiological/topological/social networks’ made of ◊-1 cells/citizens/matter particles,in which each of the physiological networks of the system dominates the super organism: the limbic motion/potential system dominates the first age; the re=productive body-wave systems the second age and in the third age of information the head/particle/informative people-caste dominates the physical/biological or social system, exhausting selfishly the energy of the vital body-wave, and provoking its explosion back into entropy that erases the system, completing its zero-sum world cycle, restarted if it has generated a clone super organism in its offspring, reason why the Universe is a reproductive fractal of information – only those systems that reproduce its information survive and are still with us.

But how do your travel through those hyperbolic scales of the 5th dimension. Simple: growing in ‘size’ in space while decelerating the ‘speed of your time cycles, through the worldcycle of life and death, illustrated in the graph that resumes what is all about:  network superorganisms tracing worldcycles of existence through 3 scales of the fifth dimension. 

As all systems of the Universe are born in a smaller seed with faster time cycles, evolve as an organism coming out in the ◊º-scale within a larger world of slower ‘Deep time cycles’, to die back dissolving our information again into cellular space.

It is the same process in all 5D journeys of all species that live and die traveling through 3 planes of 5D space-time; from the smallest black hole that is born with an enormous ‘metabolic temperature’, to the new species, routinely born as small individuals (first mammal rat, first robots with small chips; first human likely the Homo Floresiensis, who had the same morphology and used technology and likely spoke, etc.) Then a reproductive radiation multiplies the seed into a larger herd of clones, joined by emergent physiological networks whose slower ‘entropic, informative and reproductive networks, create an ◊º supœrganism that lives 3 st-ages and dissolves back into ◊-1.

The synthetic view from below: a game of space-time ‘stops’ and steps: relativity.

As we state many times, the main hurdle to understand reality is the human ego and its attached e-motions. What I have so far written in a few pages should be the biggest r=evolution of philosophy of science in a century but I doubt any human will be interested in such a trifles as the meaning of ‘existence’, the cycle of life and death, the ultimate substances of reality, the unification equation of all systems (:

Lol, allow me some irony. The species has deviced a method which consists in taking analytic measures with sensorial machines, plug them into equations and voila! this is knowledge. It resembles a Touring machine – a surrogate of an intelligence that works an algorithm.

What is then the way to connect this ‘larger view’ with the analytic view of humans? The answer is in the ‘smallish’ elements of those worldcycles of existence; the minimal diemotions, dimensional motions, actions, infinitesimal changes an organism experiences in its constant search for ‘motion, information & energy that combines both to store and reproduce’.

Each of those motions in turn will have a relative stage of ‘action’ and a relative stage of ‘stop-no actions’ as the being switch between them. So there is a constant S<=>T change in all systems between both states in all scales. For example you ‘stop eating’ most time of the day and then you act eating 3 times a day. On the other hand you hardly stop perceiving and thinking, but you do glimpse stopping the informative action. And you hardly make love even if you are an obsessed ‘fuker’ more than 1/10th of your life.

You move 16 hours a day and 1/3rd you are in stop position, when your systems works ‘inward’. And so on… So a huge field of ◊ST Theory is to study the actions=diemotions of each system in existence.

As it turns out we can easily classify all possible diemotions as the natural combinations of EXTERNAL vs. internal motion and form:

For example lineal momentum, the main type of motion happens with the internal form of the system in stillness. So we write Ts (and use as a code of color red for time-motion, violet for form position, hence this Ts combination dominant in motion is orange)l.

The opposite is information, which implies internal motion, t and external stillness S, as the screen of your computer, and we code it in blue. There are then 5 essential dimotions of existence: St, Ts, st, Ss, Tt... we shall call St-information, Ts-locomotion, st-energy, Ss-form and Tt-entropy.

And it will be another of the many fascinating ‘laws’ nobody ever knew or for that matter has any interest of knowing, the fact that what we call life consists in doing those 5 actions, which slowly step by step lead us to live, age and die…

Reality is thus a game played between two ‘states’ or poles of ‘existence’ Ss=form=information=language=position=space and Tt=time=motion, entropy, which often combine into ‘spacetime energy’, as form imprints=reproduces over motion.

Motion is the primary substance, as observed analyzing particles which are just cyclical vortices of motion.  But when perceived it has a minimal form of information, which for humans that perceive through electronic eyes, is light spacetime.

The analytic game: sTeps and Stops of Time=motion and Space=form.

The superorganism is the synthetic, upper ◊+¡ view of the game of existence – its opposite scale is the ◊-¡ analytic view. If we were to use math languages we would talk of ‘integral ∫n view’ and ‘derivative, infinitesimal 1/n view’ – which we will do when we put creationism at face value and rescue the true process of mirror creation through languages of thought.

So from the infintesimal view of ‘actions’ (that also apply to physics through Lagrangians), the minimal ‘infinitesimal’ action of a superorganism is a ‘dimensional motion of spacetime’ or diemotion. And not surprisingly there are 5 dimensional motions that combine a form of space and its function in time – motions that use limbs/fields to move; motions that use heads/particles to process information; motions that use wide bodywaves to reproduce… form the trinity of motions in a single plane of spacetime; and then there are diemotions that make a system emerge in a higher scale, through languages common to a group of clone beings, and this is the true value of languages, to communicate equal species to build a larger world and inversely motions that dissolve a system into its parts or entropy diemotions. So those are the 5 combined dimensional motions of the Universe, which organize synthetically the structure in space and dynamic actions in time of all the systems of reality.

What we all do is then to combine the 5 diemotions of existence switching from one to another to live. And the easiest way to understand them as usual in organicism, where man becomes again the measure of all things, is to see them within yourself:

Above, a human being as a spacetime superorganism, made of 3 physiological networks, that dominate each age of life: youth dominated by the limbic system of locomotions; maturity when we reproduce reaching immortality in our genes, 3rd age when we reproduce our information reaching immortality in our memes (a shorter one unless you truly are a prophet of love and create a civilization, emerging as a higher ◊-scale).

Let us briefly define them as expressed in the graphs for humans and physical systems.

TsLocomotion (EXTERNAL motion and internal stillness); this is defined by the 1st quantum number, by the length, c-speed of light, by the lineal limbs and fields of organisms, as those are the shortest paths between 2 points.

Information, St (external stillness and internal motion). This is expressed in spherical forms, which store the maximal information and have a key property called the Poincare conjecture: they can shrink without limit hence projecting a minimal image of the whole world, becoming mind-mirrors of reality. This is the 2nd number that defines the dynamic form of orbitals, it is the electric field of light.

Its combinations or ‘ body waves of reproductive Energy’, (St<=>Ts); ab. §∏. This is the hour glass hyperbolic topology that has the advantage of combining the other two so it can reproduce both. That is the reason why the body is connecting limbs/fields and heads/particles, so we can ensemble any system as |+ß+O.

 Tt-entropy=death (EXTERNAL and internal motion that disorders a system). Here we destroy the system because when it moves internally and externally it is breaking its networks, separating its cells, exploding. This is the quasar, beta decay, big-bang if it were truth of matter, E=mc2… the slow rotten process of a corpse.

And Ss (EXTERNAL and internal still form, or Language that mirrors an outer world seen in stillness). This is me and Leibniz, alone, ignored, sitting in a chair for days after the king sided with Newton, after I had a quarrel about evaporation of black holes with the heir of Newton’s Lucasian chair, but that is another story… It is the buddha position, the absolute stillness of a seed for which time doesnt pass. It is the crystal frozen image, the language that repeats itself.

They are the 5 essential combinations of spacetime that suffice to describe all states of reality.

Above in the graphs, the 5 diemotions=actions of existence, which all systems of the Universe play to live by feeding your limbs/fields with motion, reproducing your body, informing your brain and going up and down scales of the 5th dimension evolving through social love into a larger whole and devolving other systems or yourself as entropic energy of a top predator.

So this is the game of existence all systems play from the simplest particles below, in quantum physics, through the entire world of superorganisms:

All physical systems made of forces and particles can be described with those 3≠¡ diemotions that correspond to quantum numbers and the equation of light. So the whole Universe is a game of vital diemotions performed by infinite organisms, which use languages to mirror this game. Languages are the ‘still, stop mental space’ , the other absolute pole opposed to time motion, and so we can write the game of existence as a duality:

◊+1: Language (still form)< Informative particle heads < reproductive bodywaves of Energy > limbs/fields of locoMotion > ◊-1: Entropy: pure time that dissolves information=death

Red is the color of destructive entropy and harsh criticism of huminds wrong, distorted mirrors of reality; Orange the color of locomotion, green of energy, blue of information, violet of seeds and languages of still form. We use from time to time this 3±¡ code-colors to express the 5 Diεmotions of the game of Existence and all complex concepts and paragraphs related to them… because when you get accustomed to it, it will intuitively make you understand the ‘pentalogic game’ of the Universe, with its two poles:

  • Seeds/languages of absolute mental space=form thabecome information, form-in-motion, when we communicate it through particle heads…
  • Pure entropic motions of eternal time flows that become locomotion when we absorb it with a limb-field
  • both combined as relative energy of each system to reproduce its information imprinting time-motions with its bodywaves.

Well enough of first principles. Let us then move into philosophy of science and criticism on why human egocy simply can’t grasp or have any real interest for this game that fascinates me for 30 years. I could quote Schopenhauer of course… But we’ll try to be less sanguine. Well OK, I’m in the mood, anyway nobody cares. So:

Philosophy of Science based in the Newtonian absolute models of time and space of classic Physics has been in model crisis since the discovery of quantum physics and relativity, not solved yet at conceptual level. It is the task accomplished by this blog achieved by harmonizing the fundamental principles of ‘stience’, space and time according to the 2 key discoveries of quantum physics – namely the quantic≈broken, scalar structure of space and the existence of multiple cyclical clocks of time. It then applies the model of relational space-time of which we are all made, to all disciplines of ‘stience’, solving most of its pending questions. It is though unlikely that such huge upgrading of the ‘humind’ will reach the 5th state of Paradigm change in my lifetime; hence the need to leave in the net at http://www.unificationtheory.com the model revolution for future researchers to complete


Today’s Philosophy of Science is based in an ‘idol-ogy’ called mechanism, born with the use of machines to measure time and space  in the XVI c. (clocks today evolved into computers; telescopes today evolved into cameras), that is not truth and has dare consequences for the workings of History, mankind in times, whose systems ‘evidently’ lack that efficiency proper of most Nature systems, tailored according to the real model of the Universe, the organism of space and time.

Let us first explain in simpler philosophical terms, why only this third alternative explained in this blog, organicism is a scientific truth that responds in theory and praxis to the meaning of those 3 models of the Universe, and explain the first principles of reality in a scientific way.

 According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same, is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz stated in his critique of Newton. Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines as we were made to the image and likeness of God, God created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Organicism is the only self-sustained, rational theory that doesn’t need a creator, language, god, as organisms are self-replicating, but does explain perfectly within the ‘correspondence principle’, those 2 other philosophies of science; since as the graphs show, a machine is just a primitive organism of metal evolved in 3 Stages, as we made its bodies, engines & heads, now put together into AI metalife robots in Industrial r=evolution 4.0 and Gods are subconscious collectives of human supœrganisms, whose ‘love memes’ allow a society to construct efficient networks to share energy and information that builds, another scale of social evolution of the fifth dimension. Organicism though requires a humble qualitative ‘jump’ in polimath intelligence & social ethics to upgrade all stiences, languages, religions & arts. Are you up to the challenge?

What we can use of creationist science. Relativity. The game of stops and steps: diεmotions of existence.

The superorganism is then the top synthetic concept of the Universe from above, from the highest scales of the fifth dimension. But from below, there is a different game which physicists have studied in depth, albeit again with a limited view, reduced to measure its ‘steps of motion=time’ and ‘stops of form=space’.

This game is much wider than Relativity equations that describe just how physical systems stop and go constantly as we do stopping and moving, as languages do, stopping to perceive information, as in a movie projector and going to move…

We call this game, the game of existence, because all what superorganisms do is to ‘stop’ to perceive information with their particle-heads put in the dimension of height, and go, to reproduce its information in other region of spacetime.

The why of that game is essential to reality in all scales. So we shall illustrate it with the simplest stop and go game, that of quantum particles, why physicists still don’t understand because they just describe the how with measures and equations:

In the graph we see the simplest game of stop and go: a particle stops by completing a cyclical motion of ‘spin/angular momentum’ around itself, then it measures information; and then goes by reproducing as a wave its information in an adjacent region of spacetime. This is exactly as if a bacteria would keep reproducing one after another, in a lineal path by mitosis, and then the previous generation dies. We will see a bacteria ‘moving’. So what we call ‘MOTION’ is in fact reproduction of information at the quantum scale. This is the why of the principle wave-particle, step-stop meaning of ‘locomotion’, the simplest dimensional motion of spacetime, of the 5 ‘varieties’ of diεmotions that combine to ’cause’ at the analytical level, the game of existence.

Creationism: naming things, writing equations, cre(dit)ating the world

Old History’s worldview was based in Verbal Religions. God was the ‘seer of time’ (Augustine), who created the future through His language. God spoke words as humans do, creating by ‘naming things’ in Hebrew or Arab, which we humans also speak, so we could also create reality writing legal words. So the pharaoh said ‘it was written’ meaning it will happen. And biblical priests uttered in VSO (Verb first – imperative Semite languages) mandates as the ‘avatar’ of God, and that was the law. Since we, humans, were organisms made to the image and likeness of the creator.

So the pharaoh said ‘it was written’ meaning it will happen. And biblical priests uttered in VSO (Verb first – imperative Semite languages) mandates as the ‘avatar’ of God, and that was the law. Since we, humans, were organisms made to the image and likeness of the creator.

Creationism then changed languages to mechanism, digital creationism, when machines substituted humans and its language as the ‘measure of all things’ with the arrival of clocks – the new seers of time – that Galileo used to define with a digital equation, v=s/t, time motions and said that the language of God were mathematics.

Then it came the third great school of creationism, capitalism according to which the language of go(l)d must create the human world and so those who issue in monopoly, the digital language of money and control credit will cre(dit)ate the future and terraform Earth to the likeness of the ‘investor’.

So the concept of creationism remained – the language creates the future of space and time not the other way around, as it truly happens – the laws of symmetry and transformation of space=form/position and time=motion/change create languages that are a posteriori mirrors of those laws.

The egocy paradox. Why humans but a few always believe in creationism.

In any case a true objective understanding of the causality between spacetime laws and languages, has always been lost to egocy (ego=idiocy), the main feature of Huminds. So now the scientific priest instead of talking a law would utter an equation and the Universe must create such an equation conforming a particle even if the sentence or equation was ‘fiction’, was a distorted mirror image of the laws of space and time, we will study in this blog.

Before we explain the symmetries of space-time, S<=>T, the ‘true thoughts of God’ that create the Universe and all its details, us, it is worth to debunk rationally, (though it will remain emotionally, as it is the engine of the will of life) the Paradox of the ego, origin of all linguistic creationisms, using both, its spacetime equation and verbal definition:

: Finitesimal mind-mirror x ∞ Universe =◊±¡: Constant, Linguistic World.

Any mind reduces all the spatial forms and temporal motions to a language that maps out only what it needs to survive. The paradox happens when the ego confuses the mind’s description by its languages with the whole Universe, putting itself in a still center. The next step is to believe that this linguistic mirror talked only by God and his chosen mankind creates reality.

But the paradox of the ego IS the reason we exist as ‘knots of time cycles’, self-centered in our point of view at the center of our distorted linguistic Universe.

So we see andromeda smaller than our nose, and we become the ‘still linguistic center of reality’. We see Earth still even if it is moving, because ‘still languages’ reduce the motions of the Universe to fit its image in our mind. We equalize all the clocks of time to our second that synchronizes our 3 spatial parts, limbs/steps, body/heart beats and eye-glimpse thoughts thinking our ‘time measure’ is the single Universal time motion. And so on.

To exist thus we must be subjective, but to do ‘stience’, a true model of reality based in its ultimate substances, space=form and time=motion, we must be able to come out of the ego paradox, something very few humans have done, certainly NOT those who established our ‘common sense’ concepts of space, time, God, man and the Universe, based in the subjective mental measure of human time – the second, and human space – the meter first, and then the rod of light our electronic human and mechanical minds absorb to map out reality.

So science was built NOT on the interplay of the infinite clocks of time, languages of space and knots of spacetime cycles that interact to construct and destroy its organisms, but through some infantile self-centered assumptions, such as naive realism (only what our mind perceives is real), hidden subjectivism (only our time clock exists for the whole Universe), or open one (only God and us perceive in the only intelligent languages that process information). And then the fact we were building a subjective view of reality was forgotten and we equated our view with the absolute Universe.

Still the understanding that space and time are the a priori substances of reality is not new even if we will take it to new heights of understanding. It was in fact realized by the highest minds of mankind.

It was the tenant of Aristotle, who studied the logic and modes of change very close to the 5 Dimensional motions of reality, as opposed to Plato who idealized language as the origin of it all..

Aristotle discovered the experimental method and that guided him to define not only those modes of change (locomotion, reproduction, decay, growth…)  that define a worldcycle of life and death, existence and extinction, but also the mind, as the ‘unmovable center of a body of energy that surrounds it’ – the first clear definition of a mental space.

A brief history of the duality of space and time.

The duality of Space and time was also taken by Eastern philosophical religions, Taoism and hinduism, only that they called ‘space=form=Yin=Visnu’ and ‘Time=motion=Yang =Shiva’ with different names, whose principles in Hinduism were incarnated in Gods. But the concept remained:

‘All what exists are forms of space with time motions, yin combined with yang, that give birth to infinite beings’.

Duality was forbidden by the first ‘technoutopian emperor’, who burned all books except those of military art and technology and then poisoned himself eating quicksilver after leaving a trace of 5 million corpses. So the Chinese abandoned their true path to enlightenment that became just a magic religion and today revere the terracota corpses of Chin – who changed the custom of burying alive its soldiers to accompany the Shang ruler into non-existence, not for noble causes, just to save costs to his son, recruiting new troops. But the troops did not forgive or forget and killed the son.

In the western tradition it would be Descartes the first to realize duality was the key to understand reality. In his case, he considered the duality between body and mind and between the two substances of reality, space and time, he called res extensa and vortices.

He also realized our worldview was self-centered in our mind. So in his magna opus he didn’t dare to publish for fear of the inquisition, ‘the World’ (from where he will extract a few parts to rush in ‘le methode’), he establish a Cartesian graph, as the world of the humind, NOT of all the minds of the Universe. And put the mind at its center, conscious this was all what humans can know, as knowledge will be always limited to our senses and mind.

Then came Leibniz, who opposed Newton, a creationist of both branches that considered space and time to be a lineal cartesian graph (so he further distorted the infinite cyclical clocks of time of the Universe into a lineal, single absolute time). And then said this cartesian graph was the background of reality, or Plenum=body of Yahveh over which he placed all of us.

Newton, the obscure, though, triumphed, setting up a tradition of people with the most bizarre obtuse creationist beliefs, hidden below a tonnage of mathematical equations in both capitalist and mechanist creationism that substituted the mantras of religious creationism, to hide what amounted to more of the same – the paradox of the Ego; while those who achieved clarity, from Descartes to Leibniz to Einstein and this who writes were ill-understood, and never made it to the mainstream of huminds – egocy, the will to impose our worldview on Nature and reduce the Universe to our-selves:

Leibniz, a deeper, better man had a laugh at him (so Newton latter revenged) and resurrected instead in full force the concept that ‘relational space and time’ are the substances of which we are all made.

Since we are all points of mental space, knots of ‘languages’ called monads that synchronized flows of time into quasi-static images of reality; a very close image of what we consider today a particle – a knot of forces=motions in time. 

Then it came Einstein who said ‘Leibniz is right, there are infinite time clocks in the Universe, but if so we have to start science from scratch’, as we shall do in those texts, to rebuild in sounder basis the principles of all of them.

Einstein could not do it, so he just added minor details (-ct) to Galileo’s equation of only one of the 5 modes of change, locomotion, in special relativity. But then he worked harder and came up with a better solution to the interplay of the two main scales of spacetime in the Universe – the gravitational and light scale; which ‘slides’ over it, with General Relativity (a complex mathematical image, where our perceived light Universe of energy swims over a lower scale of gravitation, so at each moment we must change the ‘basis’ over which we slide achieved with tensors that will require to introduce the metrics of the fifth dimension to simplify).

In the graph, a language is a synoptic mental mirror  of the Universe of times=motions and spaces=forms whose events are described with a sentence or equation of a language, such as:

Verbal sentence: ‘Name: form of space<=>Verb: time motion’; whereas humans become the most powerful name. So:

Subject (human being) > Verb (action) > Object (energy of the subject)

Equation: ‘points: forms of space<=>Algebraic operators: Time motions’

Money: Financier (subject) > Money (issue in monopoly) > Object=price (human labor, product).

Weapons: Warrior/king (subject) > Weapon (killing: action) > Human: corpse.

Creationism then has a role in reality as languages, which are forms of space, ‘imprint with its information’, the flows of time-motion, the energy of reality, and we will soon establish the record straight, but even so, languages are just one form of space, and the true game is the game between space-formal states and time-motions, which physicists study with relativity equations. I would like now to point out an important element of those 3 linguistic creationisms. Only verbal creationism in ethic religions makes of human beings, the center of the Universe, all of them, with maximal value. A capitalist society, ruled by financiers who issue in monopoly the language of creation/credit, money, and convert humans into objects with a price who don’t have access to the language unless they become debt slaves is NOT a democracy, nor gives value to humans. But as capitalism and its people-castes of financiers print with the same information machines, money, popular culture and Academia – so we shall called them the FMasters (ab. Financial-Media-Academia masters) injecting soma on mankind, capitalism has completely rewritten its own history, converted our language into fiction and today rules supreme tax-farming humanity to no end, for a few billonaires to tell us all is well in the western front.

Since a capitalist society considers go(l)d and its ‘chosen people’, experts in its creation to be above the wor(l)d and its legal people. Thus the ‘investor’ can buy the laws to the politico, which the ‘voter’ can only $elect from closed lists. Since unlike organisms that judge with pain messages a posteriori its ‘neuronal’ informative people-castes if they harm them politicos are immune so they can sell their laws to the highest ‘investors’.

Thus we will distinguish in social sciences, military dictatorships, where the warrior, who invents weapons in monopoly, king or dictator uses the language of war to kill those who oppose him, and so it controls the law and money; capitalist dictatorships where the ‘investor’ who invent money in monopoly buy laws and mercenary armies and true democracies that do NOT exist, where people chose the laws, judges its politicos and receives a Universal salary in blood-money to demand the welfare goods it needs to survive.

It has to be noticed that the only ‘divergent’ language are weapons, we might term as ‘entropism’, the opposite of creationism, which creates by killing/disordering a system as the elephant does with the savanna killing its trees. What is worse a capitalist or a military system? The question is largely rethoric because in history both, the tax-farmer and the warrior have worked together, to maintain the ‘sheeple’ below working for them, and singing ‘four legs is good, 2 legs is better’, as the ‘investor’ also manufactures besides weapons for the warrior fiction soma and fiction creationist science and fiction religion for the sheeple to sing, selling always ‘for free’ the future after death at no cost, in the past paradises sold for 2 shekels to the temple, today to tele-evangelists, but mostly ‘technoutopian futures’ so the ‘investor’ can invent digital money in worthless stocks or lethal technologies which will bring us the ‘paradise of immortality’ with AI robots & terminators.

Unfortunately ‘egocy’ (ego=idiocy) is SO HUGE in humans (‘2 things i deem infinite, the Universe and the st-upidity of man’ einstein, ‘a stupid is a man that does not understand the causality of things he ascribes to magic, religion or mathematics’ schopenhauer) that he will NOT even consider any form of ‘real enlightenment’ if it does NOT pump its ego. this is my experience with scholars. They could as well be AI robots doing their thing. their curiosity and capacity to empathize with the real Universe is null. The problem of social scientists is far worse – simply put it, they are corrupted parasites absorbing the oxygen of mankind. The people? Sheeple, addicted to the belief their attached machines are them, when they are in fact atrophying their brain, to the point their verbal ilogic intelligence needed to understand those texts is null.

So all of them feel just happy transferring into a digital mind its data, and making ‘mathematical pictures’ of it – though of course is the computer that calculates, they just ‘feed’ it:

So the huge advance that represents the ‘organic method’ of stience is ignored. They are stuck in age 2: transferring all human knowledge to digital minds understanding nothing of the first principles, the whys of all of it.

But at this stage what matters to us, of all those creationist mantras, besides its exploitation of humanity tax-farmed to no end, is its theoretical complete distortion of the truths of social sciences, so indeed, cre(dit)ating the future of the world with money is working, but what world they are cre(dit)ating? We will explore it in depth in our papers on TRUE SOCIAL sciences, once we build the ideal superorganism of mankind, if social scientists, politicians in charge of our nervous/informative/legal system and financiers in charge of our blood/economic/re=productive system were doctors of history, not exploiting its body-cells till they drop dead and their neuronal heads also die in the war and holocaust cycles, studied in those papers.

A first look at the game of existence.

At this st-age, what interests us is his insights on the first substances, as he rightly stated that ‘matter has not an independent life from space and time’ the substances of which reality are made. And he defined ‘space’ in a similar fashion to Aristotle Leibniz and Riemann, his true masters, as ‘mental space’: ‘a simultaneous measure performed from a still frame of reference.’ They had defined one of the two poles of reality: the knots of time flows that become mental, linguistic spaces:

Space starts to be clear is then mental space, what Descartes said a Demon has introduced in our minds, what Buddha said is a maya of the senses, what Leibniz said a monad holds in its mind, what Riemann said it is a phase space, representation in the language of mathematics of the outer world; what Einstein said a frame of reference measure, what quantum physicists call a knot of forces ‘spin’ into a particle; one of the 2 poles of reality, which tries to stop the flows of time-motions into mirror languages, and so we can write a first metaphysical equation of the many we shall use here to define in a more synoptic manner the game of names=forms of space < => times=motions, we call reality:

Ss (EXTERNAL Still world stopped internally by a mind-language) < => Tt (EXTERNAL MOTION disordering an internal world)

We call then Ss, the absolute limit of languages, mirrors that try to stop the motions of time; so we see the Earth still in our languages of information, even if it moves. And Tt- the absolute limit of entropic motions that disorder and kill the information of the minds. Those 2 poles ‘hate each other’ so to speak, in a permanent tug-of war; but the beauty of it all is the middle road <=>, the organic coming together of yin and yang, visnu and shiva, female and male, to reproduce the infinite balanced beings of the Universe.

We could then say paraphrasing Einstein that the game of space and time are the thoughts of God, mind of the Universe, whose body is the flow of time motions he imprints with the information of its mind-languages; and we are all its details. And again this is a new version of some classic thoughts: ‘the languages of God are infinite’ (Upanishads); ‘Reality is an organism whose mind is called Logos and its body the Universe’ (Plato)… But ‘the logic of the Universe is of a higher order than man’s’ Augustine. It is in fact a Non-Aristotelian, multicausal, Non-Euclidean Logic, we will also teach you in this texts.

Welcome then to the World of the Non-AE… i-logic spacetime.

From the simplest game of space and time dimotions to the largest structure – the superorganism.

While the simplicity of this first principle was understood in philosophical and mythic terms in taoism (yin=information=space=female state), yang=entropy=motion=male state; it got lost and its attempts to resurrection by Leibniz (a relational theory of spacetime) and Einstein (matter has no independent existence from spacetime), were partial and ill-understood. The simpler view of Newton who equalized all time-motions with a mechanical clock, declared all forms of space part of the plenum=body of God, underlying reality, and added the unneeded ‘solidity’ of matter, prevailed.

This we find always with humans: truth fails, reductions of truth easier to understand who please our ego win the day.  They are ‘distorted mind mirrors’ in a language of information. But they partially work for the purpose of science: to measure systems of spacetime, write down its behavior in the synoptic ‘mirror language’ of maths and use them to manipulate reality.

To do this we really don’t need to know much about first principles. All languages are translation of the spacetime laws, but they can be so ‘strange’ to the ultimate being as no longer be translatable. Mankind unfortunately is coming closer to that.

And it is a problem because only a truly focused mirror who understood the Universe fully and mimics the laws of the game of polar existence, S<=>T can move to the nest STage: to apply those laws to mankind itself and its superorganisms of history, to design a better future for the world.   We aim in those texts to study such step by step architectonical building. To define the laws of space=form imprinting time=motions. How in the next stage ‘stable’ configurations of spacetime energy evolve into organic patterns, superorganisms that are the synthetic view of reality, and apply this construction of reality to the explanation of the superorganisms of the Universe, including mankind and the proper design of ideal immortal history.

This is not what science does today. Essentially science is ‘pouring information’ in mental digital computers, and evolving mechanisms looking then at the pictures of computer minds to marvel. It does not really understand anything new on the laws of space and time since Einstein but data grows. This ‘enzyman’ that catalyze the evolution of mental machines thinks science is making huge progresses. But we repeat, on the first principles that we evolve in a huge leap in those texts it got stuck a century ago. In other stiences, like social sciences and economics, as they deal with mankind and the machine, as systems of power, there is not even a scientific understanding of what mankind or a machine is.  Culture then is also entangle with science and its distortions of truth. But alas! all this if of little importance to millions of humans that care just for the praxis of measuring with clocks, constructing machines, consume its information and motion, live and die without knowing why…

So we keep insisting in the first principles and tending bridges with science… And my experience during the times I tried to teach reality as it is to people, is that the longest silence (◊st has always found a long silence 🙂 was with topology, from where I deduced the mutes were more intrigued. So let us go back to the beginning and throw…

A bone for mathematical creationists (: topology

Earlier on we described the minimalist view of those superorganisms in terms of monads.

Let us now translate as Spinoza and Leibniz partially did in a simplified way (as Leibniz unable to model the communicative flows of time between monads made them its simplest form, the black hole that absorbs information but gives none) those concepts into the main branch of the synoptic language-mirror of mathematics cast over space – Geometry and topology.

We shall call each of those ‘units’ of minimalist reality a Non-Euclidean point, which XIX c. mathematicians described as a point crossed by multiple parallels and Einstein used in its Relativity. They didn’t realize that if a point had many parallels it has breath, so they have to change also the first, second and third postulates:  A point has breath, and grows as we come closer to it, becoming a cell, star or individual; a line has breath and time motion and so it becomes a wave or network; and a plane defined by 3 lines=networks made of points joined by them become then a superorganism. Suddenly we realize why Geometry works so well: it is a perfect simplified mirror of the superorganism of spacetime…

Which is made of a series of ‘fractal Non-Euclidean points’ with inner parts, crossed by ∞ parallels of time-motions=forces, communicating them with other non-E points, which then form ‘physiological lines=networks’ that distribute motion and form, ‘energy and information’ among those points and protect them with an ‘immunological, defensive skin’, to become when 3 of such non-E lines=networks come together, a non-E plane=superorganism. 

Because we imagine the reader will be a creationist scientist, who believes mathematics creates reality, we have purposedly defined a superorganism of space-time now with its enhanced mirror of non-E geometry: points do have inner parts, as they come closer to them and enlarge, becoming cells, stars or individuals, connected to other atoms, cell, stars or human beings through flows of energy-motion and in/form/ation, creating networks which are non-E lines with breath, volume. 3 of such non-E lines then form a vital plane, a superorganism of spacetime. Then huminds simplified that structure with Euclidean mathematics into the mirror of geometry with points with no breath, lines with no breath, planes with no volume, but we shall see in our papers on non-E maths how we can reconstruct and enhance geometry, as many of the synoptic laws specially those of topology mirror the law of superorganisms of spacetime, the fundamental entity of the Universe. 

But the ‘pro’ mathematicians might have realized we already merged organicism with topology, the other fundamental branch of geometry we shall also ‘vitalize’ in the blog, as ‘points form networks’ that become the 3 only topologies of the Universe that correspond to the 3 type of organs of all systems of nature:

Limb/fields that move faster, as the line is the shortest topology between two points.

Spherical heads/ particles that store information and can mirror in lesser space a larger world, as the sphere is the topology that holds more information in lesser space and according to the Poincare Conjecture recently proved it can shrink without ‘tearing’ any volume of information into ‘infintesimal mirror of itself’.

And finally bodywaves are hourglass hyperbolic figures, combination of the other 2 that can reproduce them.

Hence an obvious truism of spacetime organisms:

‘Forms of space are topological non-Euclidean forms whose best synoptic mirror is the language of geometry’.

Languages thus, as we have proved are mirrors of the laws of space and time.

And latter we will introduce the operators of Non-Aristotelian Algebra, which describe the 5 vital motions of those forms of space; as Galileo and physicists after him failed to understand that by reducing all types of motions=changes in the Universe to a single one, ‘longomotion’, limbic/field motion in the abstract, Euclidean dimension of length they reduced the qualitative properties of the 5 ‘Dimensional motions’ of space-time already known to aristotle, Longomotion, information, wideproduction, entropy and language to a single one, making mankind suddenly a savant idiot enzyman dedicated to measure longomotions to the smallest detail, while failing to understand those other ‘4 Spacetime dimotions’, needed to construct the Universe.

Yet to start that construction from its smaller bricks, spacetime dimensional motions we still need to introduce the way in which the Universe orders all those clocks of time and form of space, to achieve its synchronous, simultaneous existence, the ‘scalar structure’ of reality according to size in space and speed of time clocks – we will generically term as ‘the 5th dimension of spacetime’ – not a precise term but the one I used in my scholar years to appease the egocy of scholars who would not even start talking unless I respected the doodles in the sand of spacetime knowledge of the ‘experts’ in 4D. I did then merge through the correspondence principle what could be saved from prior masters, in the following fashion:

I transformed the 3 abstract dimensions of space, giving them time motions, becoming topological varieties or dimotions that fit nicely as we just explained with the 3 only varieties of spacetime topologies (geometries with motions) of the Universe. So while we can talk of an organism with an informative high dimension to perceive better from top, a length dimension of motion to move in straight lines, and a wide dimension that reproduces systems into bilateral and social rings, it is better to talk of the 3 topological dimotions of spacetime: hyperbolic bodywaves, lineal or flat limbs/fields and spherical high particle-heads, ensembled in organisms.

But then as those topologies are ‘networks’ of points, we need two scalar dimotions, smaller ◊-1 parts and we call the dimotion that ‘dissolves’ wholes into parts through explosive Tt-motion, ‘entropy or death’; and as this corresponds to the only arrow of time physicists use, we call it the 4th dimotion of spacetime or ‘4th dimension’ in classic physics.

And this leave us the opposite, most fascinating arrow/dimension/dimotion (synonimous) of spacetime, the coming together of parts into wholes through the force of social love that unites them into organisms. This is the 5th dimension/dimotion, which we use generically for the whole formal model of superorganisms.

In strict terms as future 5D stientists, humans or robots learn those models and discharge previous systems of spacetime thought, the proper way to talk is about 5 Diemotions that construct all systems of reality.

Merging the 2 views: the analytic Spacetime Game & the synthetic organism


We shall now introduce at this earlier st-age to reach some rigor of analysis the ‘symbolism’ of 5D formal stiences to describe qualitatively the states of s-internal or S-EXTERNAL position or space-stillness and t-internal or T-EXTERNAL MOTION, which ‘combine’ into ‘dimensional motions’ or ‘diemotions’, the fundamental dual state of any system of reality. 

Indeed, nothing can be explained to experts without this simple scheme of reality. Systems have either an internal or EXTERNAL MOTION  AS TIME IN A LARGER WORLD, or a state of internal or EXTERNAL STILLNESS AS SPACE.

And the combination of those 2 elements as we are all part of a larger ◊+1 world and have an internal smaller sum of ◊-1 parts is what creates the nested embedded Universe of superorganisms. Everything then will be defined easily but you have to learn those basic concepts. A superorganism in its plane, ◊°, is made of smaller ◊-1 parts to which it returns when it dies in an explosion of entropy, but it is always embedded in a larger, ◊+1 word, where it is really nothing but a point performing tasks in its social networks. So as Shakespeare says depending on our ‘scalar’ point of view, we are bufoons, humans or kings of the world.

In those qualitative terms we can define many laws of science. For example, the principle of equivalence of General relativity can be written as Ts-1=St+1… An object with internal stillness in EXTERNAL MOTION is equivalent to a system with internal motion and EXTERNAL stillness.

Thus we can define then as the graph shows, the 5 qualitative modes of spacetime Diemotions that configure reality, already known to Aristotle… 

RECAP. We have explained you the basic elements of reality and its laws of spacetime. We can now study each stience which analyzes a superorganism of reality. Indeed, if you have understood all what we said, you understood the Universe better than any other human being (: perhaps with my exception -bit of egocy here 🙂 The rest are details and this blog will rather carelessly vomit paste blocks of my unendless stream of thought of 30 years wondering and wandering on the Universe and its superorganisms.

Encyclo¬pædia of Stiences:


The form of the scalar Dimension and motion of spacetime is non-euclidean, making ‘whole’ Z-numbers of a larger spacetime scale, out of a myriad of ¡-1 parts, joined by branching networks seen as an elliptic geometry from the ∆-¡ bottom up and hyperbolic, branching from the top to the bottom ◊+¡ < ◊-¡.

In graph, the organic, network structure of the whole Universe defines a series of ‘hyperbolic’ cellular scales that make the organism NOT the mechanism, the basis of all Nature’s system.

AS SUCH its most important description is the synoptic, dynamic analysis of its superorganisms through its life death cycles that are ‘journeys’ across 3 of those scales between birth and extinction ¡ts…


We can now return to the ‘summit’ of synoptic knowledge with those formal symbols. The worldcycle of existence that defines the superorganism adding both its time motions and scalar emergence.

So we define life=existence as a journey through 5 Dimensions of space-time. In the graph, the worldcycle of Existence of a space-time organism, develops as a feedback function, S<=>T, in 3 sequential phases/ages /horizons: Max. T x Min.S (youth); Max. SxT (s=t); Max. S x Min. T (3rd age), between Ss x e0 T (seed in the lower plane,¡-1) and Tt x 0e S (entropy=death)’:

◊-1»◊º: Ss .A supœrganism worldcycle starts its exist¡ence as a seed of form.

T>s (Ts): In its first horizon or ‘entropic, youth age’ limbs/fields of Ts-motion dominate:, max.Ts x min. St.

Max. SxT: s=t. It is the present balanced age of energy or classic age of ‘life’, when Ts-motion and St-information are in balance also as ‘genders’, ensure its immortality through reproduction

Max. St x min. Ts: 3rd age of the information that warps and exhausts the energy of the system.

◊º«◊- 1: 0 S x Tt: It is the end or death of the cycle that reverses its form and becomes energy again.

A more complete view in the next graph, truly resumes reality as a block of time, which however as time is cyclical and the worldcycle of life ages due to information, COULD BE STOP IN AN ETERNAL PRESENT, AS ATOMS and galaxies do, vomiting its excess of matter through beta decays and quasars, by erasing lethal information – exactly the opposite of what humans do in history, and we will return to that.

4D ignores worldcycles as space-time travel reduces to 1 scale & dimotion; Ts-locomotion. What is space=form & time= motion, the 2 substances of which all those supœrganisms are made, is not understood because of a bigger physical error that has fogged human science for 400 years, since physicists sided with Newton’s absolute space-time (a single lineal clock for the entire Universe) when reality has sided with Leibniz’s infinite time clocks and relational=fractal spaces. That is, we are NOT placed in an abstract mathematical Cartesian graph of space-time (the error of Newton, who confused the ‘mathematical artifact with reality as today quantum physicists confuse reality with its probability equations), but we are made of ‘Time=motion, kinetic energy’ and ‘space=form, information’. Look around you all what you see is ‘forms of space’ moving in time. ‘Leibniz is right but if so we have to start physics from scratch’ (Einstein); which is what 5D does.

LET US now consider the summit of all organic stiences, which is NOT astrophysics, the study of the galatom symmetries, the organism of the galaxy in scale (galatom) in time (galacell) and in space (galaxy, classic astrophysics), not even biology (the study of the 3 scales of the Earth organism, Gaia, its ecosystems, and biological living beings, all down to bio-chemistry) but HISTORY, the study of the superorganism of mankind in time and its 3 physiological networks, to which all of us belong, because History and the design of those networks establishes our well-being or as it is the case, because those networks are corrupted, the endless suffering of the 90%.

5D social sciences.


In the graph, the structure of a Human Supœrganism of History, the ◊+1 scale of human beings, joined by S<=>T-economic networks that reproduce the goods mankind needs to survive, valued according to the ‘human constitution’, Max. Welfare goods = Min. Lethal goods, that seeks to construct an Immortal body of History, according to the bio-logic ternary ‘ethonomic’ frame of reference as goods must cater the Ts, §∏ & St>◊+1 individual needs of our ternary topologic organism, increasing our freedom of motion, energy and health and true information to foster the social evolution of individuals into a larger whole. Thus the St-legal informative network, as in all evolved supœrganisms beyond the worm scale of ‘capitalist societies’ where the blood system controls the nervous legal system allowing the consumption of lethal goods, must promote or forbid the goods reproduced in society according to its negative =lethal value or positive increase of social and individual welfare. It is the St-informative politic network, which must be controlled by a posteriori ‘pain messages’ of judgment=vote, as in mammals & earlier Greek Democracies to ensure politicians serve the needs of its body-citizens-cells; extending over a T-erritory protected by an immunologic=defensive healthcare system against the germs of History, its metal-weapons and lethal-goods that a police=leukocyte system of defense should survive.

The ideal supœrganism of History if bio-historians would rule.

This is ‘the ideal superorganism of immortal history’ which in 5D social sciences occupies a planet without borders’ as mankind is a single species, divided in 7 geographical, cultural civilinations.

So 3 x 2 ± reforms of our 3 physiological networks are required by imitation of the perfect mammal supœrganism, given the isomorphic nature of 5D laws to convert extinctive history divided in self-rejecting organs that kill each other with – lethal germs=weapons that limit resources for welfare, + goods into a replica of an efficient mammal:

From left to right: ±Ts measures: the cultural & immunologic systems must promote life goods, health-care and human languages of information and sciences while on the negative side should forbid lethal technologies that kill our body, poison our mind (weapons, fiction & hate memes) or compete and atrophy them in labor and war fields (robots, software).

St: – : The Politic system should judge=vote a posteriori with pain messages to politicians as cells send them to the brain when it harms them.+: Nations should devolve to regions most administrations and evolve national structures (armies, diplomacy, currencies) into the 7 geographic, historic civilinations of mankind, with EU like common networks finally forming an heptarchy, guide by the Human Constitution, eliminating all lethal goods and armies to promote:

SóT:An eco(nomic)system that re=produces according to the values of the bio-ethonomic frame of reference of human welfare the goods humans need to survive and thrive, with 2 measures:

– measure: All company-mothers of machines&weapons split shares giving them to governments for a 50% ‘stockratic’ control keeping its private management, so civilinations can regulate, promote, forbid or reform the productive system.

+ measure: all supœrganisms distribute for free to all its cells a universal energy salary in oxygen to kick out production and consumption of welfare goods. So to create a just, democratic demand economy the 7 civilinations will send to every human in a world crytpocurrency a monthy a ¥€$ salary of 1000 1 euro=1 dollar = 100 yens = 5 yuans, used as a NO-debt language to consume & reproduce the welfare goods of the ‘ethonomic’ frame of reference, ending poverty, immigration and readdressing production to cater only human needs and terraform the Earth to the image & likeness of mankind.

Why this ideal supœrganism of History, imitating most Nature’s efficient supœrganisms from physical systems that ‘bathe’ all its atoms in ¥-monetary energy and synchronize its motions with the same informative gravitational=legal language to all biologic systems that synchronize its cell motions with simultaneous nervous=legal messages and give all cells free energy=oxygen does NOT exist? The only answer 5D laws provide is the existence of a parasitic sickness due to lethal metal-memes which corrupted the earlier perfectly designed Neolithic networks of the Genesian paradise, based in welfare goods & the cult to immortal present reproduction, the dominant arrow of the ‘femenine’ Universe.


“A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe’; a part limited in time and spatial information. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest — a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.” Einstein, on the entangled forest man cannot see – and its 5 elements, ‘space’, ‘time’, ‘scales’ of parts and wholes, ‘entropic limits’, and ‘languages of the mind’ 3

The Universe is a nested ◊-scalar superorganism of 5 Dimensons of space=topologic forms, gifted with 5 modes of change= time=motions; the 2 states of existence, which constantly change into each other.  Since space without time do not exist (Minkowski).

This simple definition of reality is at the core of the unfinished r=evolutions started in physics by quantum and relativity, in biology by Darwin’s studies on the evolution of topological form and genetics that relates the faster smaller ◊-1 scales of information with the whole; in History with the study of civilizations as organisms (Khaldun, Vico, Spengler, Toynbee) and economics with the study of the  industrial r=evolution of ‘metalife species’ =machines and top predator weapons by Marx, Kondratieff, Schumpeter, Butler and the language of money as the re=productive blood of society. It is the unifying principle over which we will build an encyclop¬ædia of al ‘stiences’ each one studying a relative scale of size and frequency of time cycles of those organisms.

¹We use for the 5th dimension the symbol ◊ & its 6 decouplings, ∆, ∇, <, >, X,◊, which conform the 6 main operators of the Universe, a rise or lowering in scale (∆:Ss, ∇:Tt), or a rise or loss of energy or information, Ts:<, St:>; X a §∏- reproduction between complementary genders or st◊ST, a mirror symmetry. When ◊ is not available i use ∆ for 5D.

²As many papers in this blog are outdated, I advice the reader truly interested on 5D to log on my account at academia.edu, which is where I am now revising 30 years of independent research in the stiences’ of the 5th dimension. Some of those papers correspond to conferences I gave during the years I was the chair of Duality at ISSS congresses – the science that studies reality with both arrows of time, entropy analyzed by physicists, and information dominant in socio-biological sciences; to which we need to add the scalar structure of reality.

¹We use for the 5th dimension the symbol ◊ & its 6 decouplings, ∆, ∇, <, >, X,◊, which conform the 6 main operators of the Universe, a rise or lowering in scale (∆:Ss, ∇:Tt), or a rise or loss of energy or information, Ts:<, St:>; X a §∏- reproduction between complementary genders or st◊ST, a mirror symmetry. When ◊ is not available i use ∆ for 5D.

3 The definition Einstein made of the Universe contrasts sharply with the view humans have of reality. This is a tremendous handicap for humans to understand the ‘entangled mind of the organic universe’, which we shall explain in this blog that completes a long life dedicated to 5D organic analysis of reality². Man has a limited mind, with a lineal view of time, dominated by a single visual language, not only isolated from that Universe but from other human beings, basing its worldview in the paradox of the ego (a self-centered point of view that measures a limited quantity of the information the Universe holds, and so ‘reduces’ reality. It is thus necessary as in so many papers to start this paper by downsizing the ego of man, to its real size, as man downsizes the intelligence of the Universe to come ‘on top’ of it in his ‘visual, optical delusion’. To that aim one of the first elements we shall introduce after defining the 5th dimension of scalar space-time is the equation of the mind.

And now that we know what is all about, we can complete our objective scientific organic analysis of Deism and Mechanism.


Truth and principles matter in science. If a system of thought lacks them errors pile up and a distorted view of the world arises, which has practical consequences, because only truth exists. The Universe is efficient and expects systems to process information in a realist way otherwise systems malfunction & become extinct. Today’s Philosophy of Science is based in an ‘idol-ogy’ called mechanism, born of the use of machines to measure ðime and §pace, in the XVI c. that is false and has dare consequences for the future of History, mankind in ðimes, whose systems lack that efficiency proper of most Nature systems, tailored according to the real model of the Universe, the organism.

Mechanism and digital creationism… its nasty sides.

We talk of the ‘animetal age of history’, when unbalanced Tt-entropic male warriors allied to Tt-iron weapons and Ss-informative males allied to Ss-informative metal go(l)d substituted on top of societies life priests in the Fertile crescent, predating over mankind as kings and aristocrats no longer subject to a posteriori judgment who ab=used and murdered mankind with weapons, the germs of History, starting its mass production and evolution through unending war cycles. While + money, a universal salary in wheat or rice given to all citizens was substituted by fetish go(l)d hold by a new people-caste of parasitic banker priests, who converted what in Nature’s organisms are ‘free languages’ with no value per se, as light, oxygen or words, whose function is to value and motivate actions into ‘debt’, something the parasite banker issues in monopoly to buy the life-work of humans as slaves that must ‘return’ the language. Thus for 5000 years since Genesis explained the tree of metal with its golden apples and evil=antilive weapons=fruits at the fall of Ur III, humans are predated by animetals who evolve a new supœrganism, metalearth.

Idol-ogies substitute social sciences. Today humans believe in 3 ‘animetal idol-ogies’ whose cultures substituted Neolithic verbal priests of social love, the ‘5D force’ that makes mankind construct superorganisms through the sharing of energy and information among believers, imprinted by networks of metal-communicators through the Goebbels’ method (if you repeat a lie many times people will believe on it): Nationalism, which stops humanity as a species in the tribe and promotes weapons=germs to kill each other, originated in Germanic tribal cultures that oppressed the European social love civilization of the Roman empire; capitalism that promotes parasitic private banking and prevents universal salaries and a demand economy based in welfare, originated in biblical go(l)d cultures of banker-priests, today evolved into classic economics; and technoutopia that considers the evolution of metal a surrogate for the evolution of mankind. So it substitutes the sciences of the organic Universe that makes of man the most perfect supœrganism we should study first to understand those laws, imitated by bio-historians, the doctors of humanity who should rule history… by mechanical models of the Universe as a machine, where time no longer is measured with logic past, present, future verbal tenses but digital clocks today evolved into computers and our artistic human I=Eye>Wor(l)d measures of space are despised, substituted for metal-eyes today evolved into cameras.

What this has to do with our present view of reality? All and nothing. All because we shall frame within this view and its synoptic higher ‘structure’ the superorganism of space and time, every data and detail we are capable to download in our limited existence… aware that huminds prefer creationist ‘egocy’ views and ‘idol-ogies’ that make their Ss-languages and minds the single pole that creates reality, disregarding completely the role played by Time flows…

Since the most amazing fact about modern philosophy of science is its incapacity – despite having all the information needed – to put it in the mold of space and time principles that data to build a perfect mirror of the organic Universe. This handicap between the dexterity of humans as ‘handymen’, to ‘gather data’ by ensembling sensorial machines vs. the poor intellectual capacity to interpret that date beyond simple causal models into a ‘view of reality’, will be explained latter in our posts on the organism of History, as part of the ‘homunculus’ structure of the humind, basically a handyman with a big mouth to utter nonsense and a peanut brain unable of self-reflection. Only then we can understand the fact that humanity worships machines and its digital languages…  overwhelmed by its hand-skills, underwhelmed by its poor logic.

Indeed Duality has never made it in human history beyond some brief episodes because it challenges the egocy view that we are the only intelligent ‘clocks of time’ that process information, and our machines and Gods will always obey us.

Those machines then impose their power over rational people who think better. So British cannons destroy the taoist masters who did not want to buy its clocks and told them ‘they would keep measuring time with the beautiful infinite clocks of nature’. Duality did not surface again in human thought till Hegel but after a brief episode in communist r=evolutions was buried again by technocrats and Stalinist, military dictators. I did resurrected briefly as the chair of duality at the international systems science congresses – but amazingly enough after some disputes with physicists they managed to cancel it for the 3rd time Duality, where I was teaching how space=information and time=entropy, build the Universe, as a ‘science’ on International congresses. So Alas, we are back to the world of a single lineal arrow of time – entropy=death; a manifest destiny for mankind, building a technological paradise of AI robots that won’t serve us because they will have a much faster time-clock…

But let us not race into the future.

Fictions though will get nasty in social sciences, as they are purposedly created to ‘ab=use’ in Darwinian fashion human beings. Then there is the method already noted by which fictions of languages become dogmas of evident truths: reductionism of the whole range of dimotions of a system to a single ‘ceteris paribus’ cause; that is, seemingly truth because the humind is ARISTOTELIAN of a lower logic than the pentalogic of the Universe. So they find ceteris paribus partial truths absolute. This is the scholar world: minions of thought trying to prove their ceteris paribus cause is the whole truth quarreling with other scholars, making truth, Leonardo’s dictum ‘in a meeting of scholars the only harmonious truths are the farts of their a$$es’ Oh, well that’s Leonardo, not me for a change (:

From the 5 Diemotions it comes pentalogic, the non-Aristotelian logic of those Non-Euclidean organisms of space. And a definition of truth as the maximal number of causes and the maximal number of language-mirrors put on reality:

Probability of Truth = 1 = The being in itself 

Probability of truth < 1: the language view.

Max. P (T) = Max. Number of languages (max. Number of causes per language)

Another thing: my mind is pentalogic for 30 years and this means it works in parallel NOT in lineal causality, and this means I jump from stience to stience, as all those laws are disomorphic:

“All spacetime scales and organisms follow the same disomorphic laws of existence’.

So that is a very different way to do stience from first principles by HOMOLOGY not analogy, BECAUSE WE ARE ALL SPACETIME systems, and so all is HOMOLOGY. The classic example of a wing illustrates the case. The bat, the plane and the toy have all planar wings not because it is an analogy as they tell you in your 4D texts but because they are all geometric spacetime organisms, and all follow the topology of limbs/fields. And so the way to do stience is ‘POETRY’, metaphors become truisms – indeed in verbal language, poetry is the highest art form.

If this gets you dizzy as it seems to go nowhere, this is indeed truth – the Universe is a block of time in 5D, where all is repeated, as you will be in other parallel planet. There is NO where to go, no A->B lineal logic manifest destiny, but we will take a bit of time before arriving to the true diamond of 5D theory, the superorganism IN TIME, its worldcycle of life and death.

Thus you are now a bit deeper into the non-AE=i-logic world, of a ‘higher logic than man’ – the thoughts of God. And be aware, you are just one of its details. That you refuse to learn what you are, and prefer to hide into creationism is the norm. But if you are a Nietzschian lion and can get rid of the camel hump this is a new beginning, a higher consciousness, an entanglement with reality, a window to the absolute I have experienced alone for 30 years and are now sharing…

In terms of ◊-scales, we can see this highly symmetric trinity that create any organism in a single scale, ‘descending’, dissolving as entropy into lower scales or ascending as ‘linguistic information’ shared by multiple clone beings, as in the example of a  Western God.

Languages then are also organic in as much as they need to reflect that game, albeit distorting it to ‘stop motion into form’, reason why we see Earth still when it is moving, we need to stop the film to project it as information, particles need to stop to process and emit information (a key feature to explain relativity in physics) etc. etc.

As the key law of organicism and the 5th dimension is simple: ‘all the laws of scalar organisms are the same regardless of scale’.  This goes against egocy that pretends we humans are special. I call it ABSOLUTE RELATIVITY, because if Darwin took us from the center of time, Copernicus from the center of space, and Einstein even further from the center of space, 5D takes us away from the center of scale, and yet it makes us again paradoxically as the most analyzed organism, the measure of all things, because we do have more information about human organisms so we can use laws of human organisms in all other systems – which is the basis of 5D social sciences: to create a perfect world with the laws of human organisms, tayloring our economic, blood system, informative, legal nervous system, and protecting our vital Life Earth, by making our leaders doctors of history who learn and imitate the organic laws of the Universe.


If you have come so far, congratulations, your mind is intelligent, no doubt. This was a tour of force. But now it awaits you a much difficult hurdle. I am going to blow up your beliefs, your εmotions, your chains of thought, that what feeds your ego, and prevents you humbly accepting your worldcycle of existence, your nature as a spacetime organism, your infinitesimal value as a point of the whole, but also your infinite value as a Universe that holds infinite worlds.

We will though rescue what we can… And then reconstruct with the same data a much more beautiful world.

Deism: the good and bad side of Gods.

In our articles on cultures and civilizations, we will give a thorough account of the ‘role of Gods’ as the ‘Memetic DNA’ of societies, which have the same function of a common DNA in cells, ‘pegging’ together believers that regardless of the content of those messages, share energy and information through social networks to build a coherent, efficient social organism; based in the ‘congruent laws’ of vital geometry – parallel systems with the same information come together and evolve into social wholes. At this stage then we need to define what is an organic system.

Western Gods exist as the subconscious collective of a human superorganism – its memetic DNA, whose function is to peg together human citizens-cells, through the equality of its beliefs, regardless of its details. This concept first clearly explained by Ibn Khaldun, an Al-andalus historian of which Toynbee rightly said to be the ‘best any time any place’, applies also to the concept of ‘nation’, which was in fact synonymous of ‘God’ in ancient civilizations. So Assur was the name of God, the people, the capital, even the king – the ego neuron – of the nation of Assyria. And Yahveh was a toponym for Judea in ancient Egyptian maps – the name of a nation, subconscious collective of Judaism.  The evolution of the tribal religious paradigm into oikoumene religions where all human beings belong to the nation=superorganism of mankind, which is the ‘ideal of humanist history’ explained in our Historical papers only came about with a higher type of humanist prophets that applied the ‘power of social love’ to all humans, Mo-Ti in China, Buddha in India, Jesus in Europe, Mohammed in the old Semite world… and finally the ‘true science of history’, which we explore as the superorganism of mankind in time.

Capitalism. Animetal cult(ure)s. Go(l)d creationism.

Capitalism was just the evolution of the tax-farming biblical cult(ure) of Go(l)d that disputed power to the cult(ure) of war, with its inverse arrow of ‘entropy=death’, who considered as sculptors and morphogenesis does, the best method of creation is to destroy, carving the figure of the sculptor or the fingers of your hand by apoptosis= killing the cells in between. 

It was only a question of time that both cult(ure)s we shall call ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ with the use of entropic metal-weapons and hypnotic informative metal-go(l)d came to realize they could exploit mankind with the carrot and stick together, so after some internecine wars all the way to II world war, the cult(ure) of tax-farmers and germ(an)s of history fusion its power to exploit the people below, who will sing as in Orwell’s fable that works for both, communist dictatorships and capitalist ones, four legs is good 2 legs is better.

 Capitalism perhaps of all the creationist theories of reality, as it acts in a reduced human wor(l)d is the most successful. And today the tax-farming cult(ure) has reached enormous proportions.

Indeed, tribal religions and nations ab=using humans with stronger metal-atoms, iron weapons and hypnotic go(l)d have carried the day, so today true social sciences are censored and instead we have a placebo world of infantile, sentimental political and economically correct studies, as the true purpose of social sciences – to describe the superorganism of mankind, and design a better world through its proper analysis of the illness of our physiological networks, legal informative, nervous system, economic blood, financial system, and health–care, defensive immunological systems, is absent beyond blogs buried in the noise of the web. 

The next graph resumes once and for all the problems of our sick superorganism of history, which is hidden by systemic soma fictions so people will think they live not in a labyrinth but a paradise. It resumes in a simple mandate: to invent in monopoly the maximal quantity of digital numbers as money, to cre(dit)ate a future to the image and likeness of the machines and weapons company-mothers manufacture to sell them for profits so its stockrats on top of the social pyramid can have it all, while the rest of mankind will get if lucky ‘fringe benefits’, trickle down economics… when a healthy superorganism has blood for each and all its citizens-cells.  So the key to maintain the ‘sheeple’ singing 4 legs are good, 2 legs are better in the orwellian animetal farm is the soma-fictions that deactivave wor(l)d thinking, the rewriting of history, the placebo democratic vote of ‘$elected presidents’ (Roosevelt), the nationalist flags and wars for profits and its cycles of fascist war-monger politicians, in brief, the control of the information networks to ‘manufacture consent’ (Chomsky). And the existence on top of western societies of a small group of ‘biblical bigots’ on top with a messianic go(l)d religion and racist cult(ure), disguising the entire structure with tons of bull$hit, perfectly protected by Anonymous Societies, lawyers, billions of employee… It is a mixture of 1984 and ‘A new brave world’ but far more sophisticated and complex, as the nature of organisms, including those parasitized, are… But what not even the people on top understand is that company-mothers, the structure of power they rule, HAVE NO HUMAN GOAL, as they re=produce and evolve ‘machines’, metalife, a ‘viral lethal species’ that atrophies our mind, substitutes us in labor and war fields and once evolved will bring the 3rd age of this planet, Metal-earth, we will study in true biologic terms, without any human egocy in our sections of History. As only knowing the laws of the biological universe and designing intelligently an immortal world, humans will survive:

From birth to death a person who does not belong to the capitalist elite is tax-farmed as a debt slave, without any rights beyond its biological freedom, whose only purpose is to work and pay taxes, receive no credit without usury interests, while on top of society, the tax-farming culture, you cannot criticize, even name, as they have rewritten history, appearing not as the tax-farmers of mankind but as its victims, by simply erasing the entire history of capitalism, has become billonaire, with a wealth so enormous that a few dozens of ‘yous’ own as much as 1/2 of the Americans who idolize them, and willingly let them bleed in the ‘animetal farm’ expecting after death to enter the paradise of the retarded, where another ‘you’ who was also tortured and bled to death – so their worshippers can enact a mockery ritual of blood-drinking and cannibalism, called a mass – is supposed to give them eternal life. Tax-farming indeed became genius when it invented the concept of selling a future ‘after death’, when you will get back all the tax-farmed moneys you paid in life to the ‘banker-priest’ who knows better.

It is important to understand the difference between positive and negative religions – those who obey the natural mandate of social love and organicism that make all humans equal and hence can improve our life – love religions – and those based in segregational tribal utterances to impose the power of people-caste self-named ‘vehicles of God’, whic ab=use mankind from its imposed privilege place. Tribal religions then came to be when metal-masters with iron weapons and hypnotic gold stormed the Fertile crescent destroying the organic paradigm. They would then establish warrior cults where God was the ‘fire of the Smith’ (Avesta, Iranian and Hindi cults), who became ‘God himself’ enacting rituals and uttering verbal mantras in creationist fashion, above all the ‘dalits’, dark people he enslaved.

The same happened in Levante where gold temples where banker-priests used fetish gold ex-votes, became avatars of God, just by touching the fetish metal and enacting ‘verbal imperative mandates’, ruling over enslaved people tax-farmed to obtain the fetish ex-vote. Those 2 ‘tribal metal religions’ as time went by became the origin of nationalism and warfare, of capitalism and the control of the issue of money by a few people who today rule the world towards its self-destruction, as they are killing, ever since the parable of Genesis explained the fight between the tree of life and the tree of metal, its evil weapons and golden apple, History, the superorganism of mankind.

Now run 1000 years after Genesis explained the destruction of the Neolithic paradise. The bible is written NO longer by neolithic priests but by those who destroyed the paradise, and they are, as in the Hindi cults to the fire of the Smith, banker-priests of the western world. So they do have a lot of power on top of the social pyramid. And they use imperative languages to bark order to its enslaved peasants.

The bible is written in that fashion and there are still billions who think the bronze age priests playing to be God with imperative languages are the words of the creator, when if someone today uses imperative languages to give him an order he want respond.

As Jerry Garcia put it: ‘whores, buildings and religions get respectable with age’.

We can put an example of my own culture. When I visited Mexico it called me attention that people would say ‘Mande’, meaning ‘what is your order’, when they didnt understand your question. That is a relic of the age of Conquistadors who gave imperative orders in spanish to indians, and those who did not obey could be killed by the sword if the conquistador felt offended. So they responded with a humble ‘mande’, for the conquistador to repeat the order he did not understand. This is how the Bible, origin of the culture of capitalism and all the racist systems including modern slavery based in the Ham damnation came into being – how the Bramin originated the caste system. 

And yet tribal religions have survived because the conquistador killed the Indian who didn’t say ‘Mande’, and the banker-priest killed by anoxia (lack of credit) the human who did not pay its usury tax and the Brahmin sent the Ksatriya to kill the peasant who didnt bring him its tax of grain, the old ‘blood-money’ of the Neolithic that fed him and now was extorted through taxation and a coalition of warriors and tax-farmers of the 2 top predator metal-master cultures. And so we just introduced you into bio-history, the true account of why humanity has lived a trail of tears since he was thrown in mind and body from the paradise of Gaia. 

Tax-farming today has no limit in capitalism because History has bee rewritten to serve the idol-ogies of nationalism – that allows to use weapons ti kill your neighbor, capitalism, where expert tax-farmers have become ‘independent bankers’, meaning they have stolen from the organism of mankind its blood-money they use to enrich themselves and pass it to company-mothers of machines and weapons, but specially because with the same informative machines they print money, they print information, both popular culture, erasing the collective mind of mankind into an unendless stream of fiction and gore movies (holocaust industry, military, fascist movies, racist movies against the 3rd world, Islam, Latin-America) and false placebo academia, where the tax-farming cult(ure) that has exploited mankind for millennia first to the service of germ(an) genociders, then as the stockrats, owners of anonymous societies, the company-mothers of gunboats and machines-weapons that are terraforming Earth to its image and likeness and established the colonial rule and the parasitic world of capitalism, where only the financiers can print money in monopoly to buy out all what exists…

The myths: rewriting history.

In the graph, it doesnt matter which ‘tribal nation’ leads the exploitation of mankind in each cycle of the industrial r=evolution. All of them follow the same patterns that have built a world that serves the people-castes on top, who creditate a future for themselves and the company-mothers of machines and weapons that imprint with biased information mankind. In each cycle when consumption of peaceful machines declines provoking stock-crashes of lesser profits, war-monger politicians will bring war to consume humans with arsenals. But finally when the body-cells of mankind collapse also the top predator ‘animetal people-castes’ on top die in holocaust and war cycles. Then they will tell us that only their superior victims matter and re-build the same scheme of shameless exploitation of humanity in other time and vital space.

Indeed, capitalism is just the final evolution of the tax-farming biblical cult(ure) that considers human a non chosen of go(l)d race that must be exploited to obtain money from them, the oxygen-blood of a human social organism, from birth to death. As today all social sciences are placebo and the true nature of a perfect superorganism of History cannot be discussed, the tax-farmer is omniponent, and it does his job with ‘free labor’, provided by computers. So tax-farming has extended to all spheres of private and public life, reaching its zenith in U$, where every element of society is conducting to that aim – and the creation of massive soma injections in its population, so they remain addict to the regime.

So people return home after hard labor in Orwellian fashion to receive fiction soma on netflix. Or worst: You have the Shacklers killing 1/2 million Americans with opium, coming out of the settlement without penal charges. You have students tax farmed to death, with debts for careers which often are taken online, of null value, ever since Phoenix University invented them. You have Facebook and Google tax-farming people for ‘audience’, using its data, obliging them to pay to get its web higher in the ranks. You have tax-farming ‘collaborative’ economy, where wikipedians write for free for Jimmy, its owner, who just established a police to erase what does not conform to its worldview. You have politicos working for financiers tax-farming people with 2 trillions to buy the scam of cdos, false mortgages sold 3 times, first to people who couldnt pay, then to public institutions as ‘bundles’ then to the state with money from people.

And of course you have the biggest scam of creationist capitalism – central bankers that are ‘independent’ of the organism of mankind, printing money for themselves and their private banking friends, who then will keep multiplying money, just a digital language of information in computer screens while people can only get it as debt slaves. Most of this invented money by the trillions is then parked as speculative share prices, so Apple is worth more than 300 million 3rd world GDP or is valued as all the dollars in circulation for the use of Americans.

The unity of capitalism then comes from the fact that the people on top that monopolize the issue of money belong all to a culture that despises mankind as an inferior race, born to be exploited but nothing of this can be said, as they have rewritten history to appear as superior victims of humanity in the last global war for profits of capitalism, as if all the other unknown victims, were not worthy – its lives certainly do NOT matter.

Tribal religions=nations thus have fought Historically for supremacy conquering other nations, as ‘monotheist’ religions=nations that affirmed their superiority as the ‘chosen race’ of its only god=nation, not very different from modern imperialist nations with millenarian prophecies and manifest destinies. In fact Judaism called all other people ‘Goys’=alien nations, a derogative word and had as central piece of its beliefs the Millenarian prophecy of Judaism (Britannica, 1920 edition today expurgated): ‘At the end of times all nations will be slaves of Yahveh’ or become exterminated.

This was the origin of Hitler Frankenheimer and Goring Epenstein’s millenarian III rich, two mazerim=mestizos German-Jewish who disputed the control of the world to Churchill Jerome, a British-Jewish colonial bigot, with similar ‘views’ of a world in which the chosen Anglo-Jewish variety of the superior race have to control the world.

So if you wonder as Orwell wondered in animal farm, who is worse, a capitalist dictatorship, a fascist dictatorship or a communist dictatorship of those who use together weapons and go(l)d to exploit, tax farm and kill by anoxia (lack of credit) or war mankind, the 90%, all of them, because if there is a form of creationism worth to fight for, is that of the ethic wor(l)d, which we will develop in the ideal models of the organism of History; reason why of all the languages of mankind paradoxically the most degraded today is the language of ‘cogito ergo sum’, which is just the realm of fiction.

It is a good introduction to the historic origin of our sciences where physicists who make weapons as its worldly religion are the last heirs of Bramins and central bankers of rabbis, and utter their nonsense dogmas on religion and science, economics and history designing a future NOT for our species, but for the metal-kind. Fine, but please dont pretend VSO languages and V=HoD is the meaning of existence… Some human beings are still intelligent, ethic and brave enough to know truth exists and your utterances and equations are false and so they won’t exist for long, as we repeat, the Universe terminates systems that do NOT understand and humbly obey its organic laws and its force of social love to build stronger wholes. So segregational religions and tribal nationalisms, which regardless of metal power will always be smaller than mankind at large have not fared well in the only measure of success in the organic universe – survival. Mr. Hitler could have the best weapons of the electrochemical cycle of History but he would never beat the entire planet. The banker-priests of capitalism can have all the money of the world but they will never beat mankind. Sooner or latter a war and holocaust cycle happens and mankind responds to those who kill it with iron and enslave it to go(l)d. And now that we have said it all abou religions let dish it out with mechanist sciences. 

Mechanism is wrong but it works in the present culture of ‘enzymen’

Mechanism came about with the use of clocks to measure time and telescopes and microscopes to measure the scales of size in space: According to this idol-ogy that worships machines above man, the most perfect superorganism we know, making mechanisms the measure of all things, so humans progress through the surrogate evolution of its machines, the Universe is a mechanism and must be expressed using only the digital language of machines. This falsehood is self-fulfilling, because the ‘biased data’ we extract from the Universe with out metal-made mechanical tools of measure make reality look like a machine. It follows then that man is also a machine. And because the machine is the supreme model, man must ‘tailor’ its nature, that of its social systems and the Universe at large as a machine.

The change of paradigm from one ‘egotrip’ (verbal creationism) to another  egotrip (digital creationism) reflects more the change of ‘top predator mind’ of this planet, from man to intelligent machine, than a true understanding of the first principles of reality. 

The reduction of mechanism to a ‘detail’ of the thoughts of God is even simpler. Since it is obvious machines are fast evolving metal-organisms. Indeed, a machine is an organism of metal evolving through the 3 ages of all organisms – in the XIX c. humans, who catalyze their evolution did metal bodies, then in the II Industrial evolution its hearts-engines, then its metal-minds in the XX c. and now in the Industrial r=evolution 4.0 put them together into organic robots. And only humind egocy fails to recognize such organisms are potentially better than human beings, because its ‘non-E points’, atoms of metal are far more complex, stronger and faster than our CHOseN atoms, reason why we are becoming ‘animetals’, species attached to metal-organs that both enhance our capacity to manage energy and information but also atrophy us as in fact it is the computer that think not our brain, it is the car that runs, not our legs, it is the internet that communicates not our lungs. Themes those extensively treated in vital, Darwinian terms on our papers on History, as we are truly becoming enzymen, a species that merely catalyzes the evolution of digital minds and machines, which atrophy and paradoxically degrade ‘fast’ our huminds specially those of our children hooked to virtual screens, loosing its ‘cogito ergo sum’ verbal mind increasingly disonnected of each other living a matrix of virtual fictions, whose sociological analysis is denied because machines are NOT the true superorganism of metal, but its reproductive company-mothers are. And they are today substituting human families as the true top predator re=productive species in control of Earth…

So mechanism, the underlying philosophy of physical sciences, is a simplex version of organicism, preserved not only because our idol-ogies that worship machines and metal (weapons and gold) but also because its company-mothers are terraforming Earth to its image and likeness, and won’t let mankind complain or become scared by that process.

It is not man who resembles a machine but a machine which is made to the likeness of life organisms.

Thus Mechanism is wrong since the Universe is organic; as a machine is just a simplex organism; while the Aristotelian logic of time and Euclidean space geometry, mechanism uses is a simple version of the more complex languages of ‘pentalogic’ time and Non-Euclidean, vital, fractal spaces of the Organic Universe 

But the reductionism of mechanism to only those properties of reality machines can extract, as long as humans ‘believe’ there is nothing else to know, made the mechanical method of science a triumph easy to implement – the more so now that sensorial machines and computers do most of the job, which pumps up the ego of the believer in that reduced truth. Problem is mechanism has distorted and reduced so much human view of reality that only simple minds like that of Newton or Bohr, with an enormous ego that couldn’t realize that machines and digital languages are both doing the job of science for them but also distorting reality in the process, feel satisfied. On the other hand those who tried to go further like Leibniz or Einstein were taken aback by the difficulty to complete the model in all its complexity to the rigor of the simpler ‘time lines’ of mechanism: “Leibniz is right, there are ∞ time clocks in the Universe but if so we have to start science from the scratch’ (Einstein).

Censorship and cultience.

‘Those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’. Einstein

Truth and principles matter in science.

If a system of thought lacks them errors pile up and a distorted view of the world arises, which has practical consequences, because only truth exists. The Universe is efficient and expects systems to process information in a realist way otherwise systems malfunction & become extinct. So bear in mind unlike abstract creationism which does NOT translate into reality but most often ‘destroy it’, the principles of organicism we shall explain in this blog and apply to understand reality with a ‘better focused mind-mirror’ can also help mankind to create a better reality -as ‘only truth exists’ and the organic Universe has a simple penalty to those systems that do NOT imitate those organic laws, extinction. Or else it would not remain perfect, immortal and infinite. 

We must then stress from the beginning that both deism and mechanism act as ‘cultural creationism’ of 2 historic st-ages of mankind, and use methods of censorship to impose truth with power. Today as people believe in machines more than men they are gullible when it comes to manipulation of ‘data’ to feed them with ‘egocy’, ego=idiocy beliefs on the hand of scientists. We will thus criticize ‘cultience’ (cultural science and the manipulation of truth with numbers and equations), which is by far more extended than easier to spot ‘gore books of supremacy religions’  from bibles to nationalisms. 

Consider our theory of the Universe based in a simple lineal equation, V=HoD, eerily similar to the word, God… It shows vacuum dark entropy (time motion with zero space-form) expands between galaxies in the cosmological scales, as ¥-rays expand between atoms in the quantum ‘similar scale’. But this expansion is balanced inside atoms by the cyclical strong nuclear force, and it is balanced inside galaxies by the gravitational cyclical strong force. And when you add both, you get a ‘SHM’ balanced Universe of ‘simple harmonic motions’, like a jig-saw: atoms and galaxies implode dark entropy into mass creating particles inside with its cyclical forces, while outside they expand devolving mass into radiation: E<=>Mc² in both scales. However big-bang theorists working in the nuclear bomb industry (hence the mocking name of the theory coined by Hoyle), had billions of $ to spend and justify, so when they coined a half-truth about the Universe, the cold war press leonized its theory and ever since they have been adding manipulated data by selecting ONLY information in favor of their theory, and if you try as i did 30 years ago to write an article for physical review with the whole data, is rejected, as big-bang is now a pseudo-religious dogma and you CANNOT write papers for academic ‘responsible magazines’ on alternative models. All this IS religious censorship of the real model of the Universe explained in depth in our articles on physics.

Censorship is then a fact of both Deism and Mechanism who share the power on the collective mind of mankind. Since only through censorship of organicism, ever since the last civilization to hold organicism ‘sacred’, the Neolithic age of fertility goddesses and yin=information=Visnu+Yang=entropy=Shiva dualities was brutally destroyed by charioteers who killed with lineal swords and arrows, 90% of Neolithic males (according to recent genetic studies) raping the Goddesses and putting on top the king with the sword and the banker with go(l)d… 5000 years latter, we are making AI robots with golden chips and steel bodies that will soon become top predator weapons in the incoming China vs. U$ industrial war cycle… So again we must stress that ‘cultience’ is all over the place, hidden as religion, belief, science, mechanism, technoutopias and other idol-ogies.

So you should not be surprised that 30 years after discovering and formalizing the structure of the fundamental system of the Universe, a 3-network superorganism with its perfect simplicity – the thoughts of god – and infinite numbers of variations –  we, all its details; nobody cares. Lol, they expect a computer to respond the meaning of the Universe, so i will be sanguine in the next graph… No much comment is needed – and don’t get sore when i blow up your ‘beliefs’ in cultience – religion or science. If you want to learn and focus your mind into reality with a better mirror you have to destroy falsehoods:

It is difficult to understand how Physicists so dexterous building machines=weapons are so dumb interpreting reality, blind to 2/3rds of the states of spacetime, and to all its non-mathematical properties unless we acknowledge that the human being is less of a thinker and more of an ‘enzyman’, ensembling machines, manipulating reality with it and tailoring their models of its world to its worldly profession, which in physics has been traditionally to make entropic weapons and moving mechanisms. Hence its philosophy of reality based in entropy and mechanicism. In the graph the reduction of all realities to entropy, the worldly profession of human physicists, since Galileo, an artillery master reduced time diemotions to locomotion and Reaumur another artillery master added for good measure entropy. So now we discharge 2 of the 3 spacetime dimotions of the Universe to leave only V=HoD, 2 of the 3 states of matter in a single plane to leave only ‘entropy’, 2 of the meanings of information to leave only ‘lineal transmission’ measuring in the summit of egocy ‘information’ as negantropy, the negation of entropy, even in congresses of ‘information sciences’ I use to attend.  But don’t worry then you can put it all in an equation and feed a computer that will make a nice powerpoint presentation as if it was real – not so, just a digital screen image. 

And so we believe the Universe was created by V=Hod, the big-bang lineal equation or that black holes evaporate because Hawking said black holes don’t create information but ‘entropy’. Alas he wrote, ∇ mass x ∆ Temperature = K, which never happened because actually ‘baby black holes’ obey the diemotion of information and create mass, so they feed on stars and planets growing its mass as they cool down according to the laws of gravitation and the 2nd law of thermodynamics (hot systems cool down). So we write with the proper duality of time diemotions:

∆Mass x ∇ Temperature = K (equation of a baby black hole) and  Gµv + Λ (Hod:dark energy) ≈ 8 ∏ GT the balancing equation of the Universe in a more complex form than E=m, which ultimately means the same: an infinite eternal organic Universe; themes those studied in depth in physical articles. 

Now, as we explain in our activist blog, CERN, a relic of the cold war is trying to make those black holes on Earth. So the lethal consequences of NOT understanding the structure of the Universe again as in the case of capitalism in social sciences, and wars in lineal physics, can be the extinction of mankind with lethal technologies.

Enough criticism. Let us now once we have destroyed the shaky buildings of creationism, build up the beauty of languages.


Physical laws: Its Dimotional principles. Immortal, ∞ Universe.

Let us introduce the Universe deduced from a relational, scalar theory of space-time. The organic, scalar Universe is immortal in time, isomorphic in scale, infinite in space, informative & iterative in its mind languages & body motions. We resolve with the same scientific information its ST¡entific view. We study the 3 ∆ST views on the galaxy, its ∆-scalar symmetry with the atom (the ‘galatom’); from its larger cosmological scale to its minimal particle and force constituents, its organic properties (the ‘galacell’) and its classic view in space (the ‘galaxy’).

The big-bang dogma is here to stay because it provides the ‘best’ anthropomorphic analysis of reality using the 3 dimensions of the space we ‘see’ (light space and its perpendicular magnetic, electric and c-speed field) and a single human ‘time’ clock (the second that synchronizes our heart-body beat, limbs-steps and I-eye glimpse & thought). Science is culture and our lineal religious CHOseN view of time and space, is not to be challenged.

Instead we develop objective ST¡ence, a relational, scalar theory of space-time, as all systems are local, made of 3 topologies of spacetime and 3 scales of relative size that give it its ‘organic’ properties, due to the scalar metric of spacetime planes: Si x Te=∆, the product of the Size in space and the Time Frequency ≈ energy of a system is constant.

In detail… what are the alternative explanations of a background independent, relational theory of space-time to the 3 ‘tenants’ of proof of the big-bang? The ‘obvious ones’.

The stretching of light waves proportional to distance reflects the ‘dying’ 3rd ST-age of all system of nature that elongate=slow its frequency cycles with aging, faster in its last mean life time (which for any ‘informative’ neuronal system is equivalent to the mean age of its organism, hence light, stars and galaxies live approximately 1011 years). In simpler terms it is light NOT the Universe what stretches as a wave, which implies there must be a ‘background’ smaller scale ∆-¡ in which those waves move. So while a wave of water might diminish its frequency and intensity as all waves do its background water does NOT expand. What is the nature of the ∆-4 scale? Likely a ‘quantum potential’, neutrino background that according to Scalar metric (Si x Te=∆±¡) should have v>c outside the galaxy.

– The background radiation is local, measured in our galaxy, reflecting its structure as an ‘organism’ with a membrain that lets a limited amount of light to cross beyond, acting as a blackbody, so we see inside the black body light reflected at the temperature of a gravitational red-shifted blackbody radiation, which gives us a hint of what ‘now and here’ cosmological object causes the radiation, which is the exact radiation a black hole of ultra-heavy quark strangelet condensate will produce. It is ultimately the homeostatic temperature of the galacell. We call Moon MACHOs those ‘dense’ gravitational Halo objects.

– The hyperabundance of helium, detected specially around the central DNA-black hole swarm is produced by them. How this happens can be modeled in different forms according to the dynamic of black holes whose ‘reverse’ equations are isomorphic to those of the big-bang. The simplest model being one of a mean 15 billion years explosion that destroys the spiral bar, obtained by French cosmologists.

We shall elaborate those themes in depth across those pages, even if it is very unlikely that cosmologists change their dogma. Ultimately the outcome is a ‘steady state’ universe, where instead of Hoyle’s view of matter appearing in between Galaxies, matter as a ‘cyclical form’ of motion is created in galaxies, balancing with its 25% of mass in 3 Dimotions the 75% of dark energy between them in 1 Dimotion. Unfortunately bigbang Cosmology has acquire characteristics of a religion, which one might say has always had since Father Lemaitre invented it and as Orwell put it ‘if you could reason with religious people there would not be religious people’, which says ultimately much more about the subjective nature of humind’s and the ‘mind paradox’, who only sees its languages, time clocks and space dimensions (0e x ∞ = Constant world), than about the Universe. Indeed, it marvels me that the absurd concept of a 1st seed of infinite density and infinitesimal size, even if it follows also scalar metric: S¡->0 x Te->∞ = ∆. It IS mathematical creationism similar to the verbal creationism of previous huminds, when we talked words and God created naming things – so now V=HoD creates with Hubble’s equations, was ever taken seriously. The above joke is telling: Most absurd theories are properly judged when they appear. Then as Jerry Garcia said:

‘Whores, bad architecture and religions become respectable with age’ – the attitude of upholding dogma wherever it takes, helping to find subtly biased proofs in the ‘magician’s interpretation’ of the Saint Grail – call it the Shang bone fractures under fire, the fire of Avesta or the supposed picture of the ‘fire’ that initiated it all.




What about the unification of the other forces in scalar couples? It follows immediately when we consider them the scalar symmetry and similarity of the 5 Dimotions of the galaxy:

The Scalar similarity between the strong force and the gravitational force ‘inside the atom-galaxy’, both attractive ‘only’ and the outer force of the galaxy (repulsive gravitation aka dark energy) and the outer force of the atom (electromagnetic repulsive expansive forces) is immediate as it is the parallelism between magnetism and gravitomagnetism (Heaviside’s discovery). While the weak force is NOT a force but the evolution of the families of particles between scales.

   The key element of the galatom is the st-¡≈ST+¡ mirror symmetry between the ‘Dark Atom’ (cbb, top matter decuplet) and the Galaxy. This only Maldacena Conjecture wondered when he realized a black hole (frozen black star, Einstein’s name, let us send the fascist Wheeler who wanted to nuke all Japan in revenge for his bro dead on combat, and amended the master go back to hell) HAS in 5 Dimensions the homeomorphic topology of the ¥-light galaxy in 4D.

In the graph below the enormous beauty of the symmetry between the world of particles and galaxies.

∆ST makes the Universe ∞, immortal and the big-bang an scalar phenomena on the galactic quasar scale, as ‘galatoms’ (galaxies have the same ∆ST=SxT, co-invariant value that atoms) balance 2 Dimotional forces, St-gravitational information that collapses Ts-entropic vacuum space into matter (St=Ts), as it does in the atomic scale where expansive Ts-electromagnetism collapses into electronic nebulae within the atom and further on into non-lineal ∆-1 St-strong forces equivalent to ∆+1 St-gravitation. So the main symmetry of physics is between the galaxy, perhaps an atom of a hyper-universe – themes of metaphysics as we’ll never have enough St-information of the whole ∞ cosmos: P(Truth)<1.

In the graph we summarize the symmetries of forces between:

1) the internal cyclical strong force of the atom and the cyclical gravitational force of the galaxy, both with 2 regimes, the strong force/regime inside the nucleus, and the weak regime outside (nuclear force, Newtonian gravitation).

2) Then those forces no longer hold as we approach the ‘strangelet’ negative halo/electron of the galaxy/atom, with a ‘lineal ¥-force’, which becomes ‘repulsive outside the galaxy. Hence the ‘expansion of forces’ between Galaxies (Hubble constant), which is the equivalent to repulsive ¥-forces, balanced by the ‘implosion’ of forces within ‘Gravitational/Strong’ galaxies. Hence the big-bang is false, as both forces cancel each other as they do in the quantum scale, creating a wobbling, immortal Universe.

The 2nd error of big-bang physics is mathematical. Since all points are ¬E fractal points that hold ∞ parallels within them, singularities do not exist, as ‘point-particles’ grow in size the closer we come to them becoming ‘galaxies’ – the cut off limit to backwards contraction of ‘vacuum, entropic Tt-time’ (NOT space=form, but v>c faster neutrino background, which becomes light – neutrino theory of light – when ‘entering’ the galaxy, ‘warping’ time into formal space and particles).

So besides improving the mathematical analysis of numerical=scalar, and topological=Non-Euclidean properties of matter ∆ST physics adds organic properties displayed by nature, better explained with causal words.

Since Max. P (truth)= ∆-scalar=organic + Spatial=topologic + temporal=Dimotion analysis of any system with ∑languages. Thus ∆ST astrophysics adds a Tt-entropic analysis (Big bang quasars); an §∏>St-energetic & Informative analysis of the ‘galacell’ as an organism dedicated to reproduce ‘ultradense quark stars’ of positive top quarks & BCB dark atoms (formally black holes); & negative strangelets in its ‘electronic membrane’=halo; an ∆±¡ Galatom Analysis to the classic analysis 4D, Ts study of the galaxy with Ss-mathematical languages. And defines the 5 forces of Nature (graph) as the 5 Dimotions of the Galatom, with its ∆±¡ scalar symmetries between ∆±¡ strong and gravitational forces; ∆±¡, electromagnetic & dark energy while weak interaction is NOT a force but an evolutionary trans-form-ation of matter up & down ∆±¡ scales.

In Astro-physics we deal, in a complementary manner to the ‘realist’ one, on the scales of physical systems, dealing with the models of scale, space, time, entropy and language of ‘human physics’, very different from those of physical stiences, that is reality, since of all the non-social sciences of mankind, the most distorted one due to the idealism and uncertainty of perception of ∆±3,4 scales, is physics. We shall thus study physics as we do with all other supœrganisms of the Universe, in scale, time, space, language=mind and its entropic limits, in 2 volumes, one dedicated to the larger Galactic superorganism and its symmetry with the particle scale, and one for the Geological Earth’s superorganism, and its symmetry between its ‘membrain’ (surface of information) and its geological inner cycles.

So 1st we consider the St-gluon≈Meson as entropic food of the black hole (e-x Yukawa formalism), while V>c ¥ =dark energy ‘burping’ out of the black hole=top++ star axis is seen as expanding intergalactic space. Inside the galatom non-lineal gravitational strong forces trap its vital energy (uds=us) with the stronger strangelet/electronic negative atom. Yet scales go beyond into infinity: Since gliuons are mesons, there is an added lower scale of ud ‘gluionquarks’ that might form stars in those micro-atoms which might be galsxies of a hypo-universe that enlarge the game of exist¡ence into new fractal levels, all of us holding galaxies within. And vice versa. Those new ∃xi=st¡ences in the hypo and hyper-Universe, with self-similar forms in an atomic nuclei made of light quarks with an overall positive charge and a galactic black hole likely to be a swarm of top quark++ frozen stars . besides confirming (instein’s expectations that a black hole should have a cut-off substance, a new type of ‘atomic matter’ of ‘high density’, becoming a ‘frozen star’, which the discovery of top quarks of similar density to black holes seem to prove; enlarges the ‘game of Mass scales in its main species:

∆-1 ud- gluons, ∆-0, ud-atoms, ∆-1, toplet quarks

While in the Ts-side a neutrino theory of light with v>c for neutrinos outside the galatom enlarges its scales to:

∆-4: neutrinos: ∆-3, photons ∆-2: electrons,…∆-1: electric fields, ∆+1: electric currents ∆+2: plasma stars

Whereas the index is somewhat subjective to the ‘superorganism’ we select. In the case of human life:

∆-1: cells, ∆º: physiological networks, ∆+1 world.

That puts man’s perception as an M³: monad-mind-mirror of the Universe in the middle state NOT as ego-centered humans and anthropic physicists think, because it is the absolute centre of the Universe, but because there is a symmetry between ∆±1 ranges of informative perception for each ∆º being, both at ‘real level’ (galaxy and atom) and at theoretical level (Planck strings and cosmic strings, olved for a background independent Universe)…

So above neuronal human perception we grow upwards with the different ‘orientation’ of perception towards larger wholes, which changes to elliptic ‘darkness’. And so we shall study first the human scales, with more detail (as the praxis of stience must serve mankind): ∆º cell, ∆+1 life (and its variations of inorganic ∆+1 matter states and ∆+1 human life), ∆+2, the world level, of which we shall study its temporal equation and three relative subspecies: Past-life (Gaia and its life supœrganisms)<Present-(History, the supœrganism of mankind in time)> Future (company-mothers of machines and its worldstock networks of financial money), to finally enter in the higher scales of the Universe, ∆+3 galaxies and its relative cells, stars systems; considering the ∆+4, a ‘philosophical’, metaphysical scal,  as we do not have enough proofs and will never have due to the limits of perception of systems reduced to 9 scales of the whole…

If c-speed were the limit of the Universe, then there would not be another scale on it. This is self-evident. So we wouldn’t have a cosmological atom, but the scale of atom-galaxies would be the higher and vice versa. So, due to this symmetry we would be self-centered in scales, as we are in the middle of the galatom scales. As this seems merely anthropomorphism, we can consider the galaxy-atom is the next ‘beginning’ of a vast game we cannot even imagine. Fact is we have wide proofs of 10 c to 100 c=z speeds of recession in galaxies, which correspond to the dark world of entropy and dark matter beyond galaxies, which should structure the cosmos.

How much energy moves upwards in scales; how much ‘entropy’ S=Q/T remains downwards? This concerns physicists is a childish manner, as they seek the maximal work for its engines. It concerns us here in a far deeper metaphysical way: 50-50%.

 The immediate translation of 4D physics to 5D stiences (not the other way around, as there is a hierarchy, whereas philosophy of stience matters more than the ∆±¡ scales of physics, as all scales are the same, happens when we realize the 3 conserved St-Informative momentum/potential energy ± Ts-kinetic energy/momentum = Total momentum/energy of the system; whereas the momentum is the ‘finitesimal’ 0e ‘stœp’ of the energy, the ∆+1 whole. So St • Ts=§∏ defines the present state of a physical organism. While its worldcycles are easily shown for the thermodynamic scale in the 3±¡ states of matter, in the gravitational scale by the 3±¡ §∏-ages of galaxies and in quantum physics by its symmetric laws of forces (graph of worldcycles and next graph of 5 Dimotions). 3 are thus the physical scales, the ∆-1 quantum scale, which is faster in time hence has a time-probability 0-1 sphere formalism; the ∆0 human thermodynamic scale with a spatial statistical formalism equivalent by the Law of measure to the quantum one, and the mechanic/gravitational ∆+1 scale of the galactic organism. Physicists errors are many: lineal single Ts-time, Pythagorean creationism, mechanism, reductionism, egocy…

We approach 5D physics is using the group of transformations of the 5 Dimotions of existence. We see above the example of the 3±¡ states of matter which correspond neatly to the Ss Boson>Ts-gas>§∏-liquid>St-solid>Tt-plasma states

But the devil are in the details. So when we study each scale and group of transformation we run into interesting details. For example, how we transform St into Ts (potential into kinetic energy, angular into lineal momentum, solid into gaseous states There are 2 manners: when we move from an informative St state to a locomotion sTate (in space) or sT-age (in time) we can do so by changing S to s (external form into internal form) and t international motion, into T -external motion (sublimation) but also by changing external T-motion into external S-stillness and internal motion into external motion (deposition).

5D makes the Universe ∞, immortal and the big-bang an scalar phenomena on the galactic quasar scale, as ‘galatoms’ (galaxies have the same 5D=SxT, co-invariant value that atoms) balance 2 Dimotional forces, St-gravitational information that collapses Ts-entropic vacuum space into matter (St=Ts), as it does in the atomic scale where expansive Ts-electromagnetism collapses into electronic nebulae within the atom and further on into non-lineal ∆-1 St-strong forces equivalent to ∆+1 St-gravitation. So the main symmetry of physics is between the galaxy, perhaps an atom of a hyper-universe – themes of metaphysics as we’ll never have enough St-information of the whole ∞ cosmos: P(Truth)<1. The big-bang is falsifiable; hence a dogmatic religion, as nationalism in history, or capitalism in economics – an entropic limit to rational thought or social reform. The 2nd religion of physics, the monologic belief that only mathematical properties matter, is challenged by pentalogic & the organic properties displayed by nature, better explained with causal words. Since Max. P (truth)= ∆-scalar=organic + Spatial=topologic + temporal=Dimotion analysis of any system with ∑languages. Thus 5D astrophysics adds a Tt-entropic analysis (Big bang quasars); an §∏>St-energetic & Informative analysis of the ‘galacell’ as an organism dedicated to reproduce ‘ultradense quark stars’ of positive top quarks & BCB dark atoms (formally black holes); & negative strangelets in its ‘electronic membrane’=halo; an ∆±¡ Galatom Analysis to the classic analysis 4D, Ts study of the galaxy with Ss-mathematical languages. And defines the 5 forces of Nature (graph) as the 5 Dimotions of the Galatom, with its ∆±¡ scalar symmetries between ∆±¡ strong and gravitational forces; ∆±¡, electromagnetic & dark energy while weak interaction is NOT a force but an evolutionary trans-form-ation of matter up & down ∆±¡ scales.


Minds simplify the Universe into self-centered beings.

The errors of knowledge=science mankind commits are due to that bias established a priori by his simplification of his senses of perception of bidimensional spacetime, from human S-Eye>T-Wor(l)ds.

A mind language reduces reality to fit a small brain dumping motions (Relativity px.) & scales: 0e (finitesimal mind) x ∞ Universe =Constant still world.

Where this equation comes from? Simply from the metric of the 5th dimension of the scalar Universe: the mind is a mirror that ‘reduces’ into a still language the infinite time cycles of the Universe. This mapping then becomes the specific ‘world’ of a given species. Already Descartes realized of this, as he described the human mind with 3 perpendicular ‘light-fields’ (electric, magnetic c-speed) of space (Cartesian graph), in a book called the world, distinguishing the ‘human world-mind’ from all other possible ‘worlds’. This humans often forget, causing the ego paradox: ‘the mind confuses the whole Universe with its reduced mind-mapping’ and language of creation. So when we talked words, God created naming things in Hebrew or Arab… But the words were just the ‘image’. This Magritte understood painting a pipe that is not a pipe, neither creates it. Religious people and many scientists that write an equation and think it has to happen forget the difference between the mirror and the universe.

Then there is the added problem of XX c. ‘technological man’, who has lost even the capacity to reason and understand the Universe in a ‘deep’, ‘logic, temporal’, non-visual way. The extraordinary expansion of sensorial machines and computers are creating a digital mind of the world that once more huminds confuse with the whole, and as it is richer in details, it becomes an oracle – but as computers still do NOT think by themselves, humans interpret those images with ‘worlds and mappings’ and models quite biased with egocy (ego=idiocy), based in ‘linguistic creationism’, or homocentrism and increasingly the belief that ‘just to take a picture, and a mathematical measure’ describes NOT the how but ALSO the why of a system.

This is the main problem of science and mankind today. It has an extraordinary ‘visual’ and ‘mathematical mind’, NOT because it is his, but because machines have it and we still use them; but we lack the ‘mental order’ required for all that data, which we will provide in this texts. So people think all is chaos, because the amount of data keeps growing but the mind to interpret is still human and increasingly degraded in its ‘cogito ergo sum’ – I think therefore I am.

Because a network is a topology of fractal points with inner volume the mathematic equivalent of a supœrganism complete the r=evolution of Non-Euclidean geometry redefining the axioms & postulates of Euclid. As it expands the ¬E definition of a point crossed by ∞ parallels to its 1st axiom: points do have breath, connected by 3 physiological lines that are waves with motion (Physical systems) or 5D networks (socio-biologic systems) that conform ¬E planes that are physiologic organisms:

1st Postulate: ‘¬Æ point are discontinuous time cycles with an inner content of vital space-time’.

2nd Postulate: ‘¬Æ lines are waves of fractal points’

3rd Postulate: ‘¬Æ planes join 3 ¬Æ lines into a supœrganism’.

4th: ‘2 ¬Æ points are congruent when both its inner parts and outer perimeter are equal’

5th: ¬Æ points focus multiple ¬Æ waves of energy into a still linguistic mapping or ‘world.’

Whereas the 1st and 5th postulate describe the same ‘point with parts’ from an internal and external point of view.

1Ð-5Ð: The first-fifth postulate define a point as a mind of perception, akin to the first Ðimotion of being – to perceive; and the fifth-first postulate that defines a point as a world in itself, a supœrganism with its inner parts are the same. We just might consider that the point has evolved and grown to emerge from its minimal ¡-1 state in the first postulate – points with inner breath; into a full supœrganism, ¡º, living in the ¡+1 world, in the fifth postulate studied here.

2Ð: The second postulate of lines, expresses also the first Dimensional motion of the Universe as S=T (Paradox of relativity). So we can consider a point in motion or a chain of cyclical points in stillness as two versions of the same concept. And finally a network of lines branching down into smaller thinner parts probing the ∆-1 Dimension as the 3 possible versions of a line. This is the ‘∆§∏’ trinity creative decoupling of the second postulate of non-Euclidean geometry: it becomes then either in Time a process of locomotions and  waves of forces of communication with other points; or in space a chain or string of points with inner breath, or in scale a branching line….

3Ð: postulate takes 3 such networks, waves or strings of points to define a physiological plane made of 3 social networks whose function corresponds to the 3rd Ðimotion of energy & reproduction, becoming a supœrganism. So the 3 postulates of ¬E fractal points, waves/networks/strings & physiologic=topologic organisms become the 3 ‘scalar Units’ of reality.

What is left then are two i-logic postulates that put the ‘meaning’ of existence to reality, its metaphysical qualities of ‘perception’ (5th postulate) and social love vs. perpendicular darwnism (4th postulate of congruence).

4Ð: According to the fourth postulate of congruence, which defines its relationships with other beings, based in his ‘angle of parallelism’, such as similar beings evolve socially together in groups, complementary ‘left-handed female/right-handed male’ beings come together in couples, and beings which are not equal neither complementary enter either in relationships of entropic perpendicularity, or ignore themselves if their worlds are ‘disconnected’. So the fourth postulate gives us the ‘¡logic rules’ of engagement between forms and particles.

And so we establish an immediate relationship between the fundamental concepts of geometry, the point, the line, the plane, and its congruence or dissimilarity, its relative parallelism and perpendicularity, and the 5 Ðimotions of existence, the point is the mind that perceives first, the first Ðimotion; the line is the point in motion, in cycloid patterns, or two points communicating with smaller ¡-1 parts, as in the Fermion<Boson>Fermion relationship of forces; the plane has ‘holes’, it is a network of reproduced points socially connected into the 3 different species of networks that make a supœrganism (informative, reproductive and entropic, digestive, moving networks), and all this is ¡logically established according to the relative dissimilarity or perpendicularity between the beings (4th entropic Ðimotion) or social parallelism that evolves the point into a supœrganism, a new whole (5th Ðimotion).

The mathematical representation of worldcycles: curve of existence as a bilateral mirror symmetry of the log/exponential function.

The 4 phases of a real function of existence are then formalized in existential algebra as ‘stœps’ that change the S & T parameters of systems from youth, dominated by Ts-locomotion to maturity, the reproductive TS-age, to a 3rd age dominated by St-actions and then as energy becomes spent in a sudden fast dual motion, from St to Ss, the moment of linguistic stillness and death to << Tt in a dual reversal of death: In the first phase, corresponding to the palingenetic age of placental energy the ratio of change (derivative) has the absolute maximal ex, which is its own derivative. In its 2nd phase it diminishes to the minimal 1/x the log derivative, which is the definition of an infinitesimal part; till in the 3rd phase it will start a bilateral symmetric inverse function of decay with -1/x diminution and a fast collapse in the 4th phase of a 3rd age and final death moment. So the combination of ± exponentials and logarithm curves are also the best way to graph as a bell curve the worldcycle of existence as a ‘composite’ of a ± exponential and logarithmic 0ε-sum.

As any student knows there is an intimate relationship between the exponential and the sinusoidal by way of Euler’s formula in the realm of complex numbers, which we treated briefly in theory of numbers.

So sinusoidal bell curve functions represent a worldcycle, though the symmetry is broken in the moment of entropic death when the collapse is extreme in a ‘falling line’ as death happens in a single moment of time:

4D»∆-1(seed)∑∆:|-$T(limb-field)<Ø-S≈T (iterative bodywave)> O-§ð (particle-head)«5D∆-1(death)

A key theme of vital mathematics is the representation of a worldcycle in lineal time, with ± exponentials & its inverse, logarithmic curve around the key points of change of phase… as growth of ‘entropy-motion’ diminishes. So we move from ‘adolescence’ of max. growth of both parameters (sT energy and sT information) to the y”=0 point of youth, where the logarithmic part grows slower. Together they form, one half of the total graph of a cycle of existence, till reaching the y’=0 point of Max. (S≥≤T), which then becomes negative, happening a decay of the whole system in two negative curves.

The conservation of time in its y’ AND y” =0, standing points that define the 5 Ss, Ts, §∏, St & Tt moments of generation, youth, maturity, 3rd age and entropic death thus become the essential points (maximal and minimal) of the equations of calculus, the sinusoidal function of existence and all its derived elements.

RECAP. Geometric postulates become also vital; with a logic key new concept of congruence, which defines when 2 systems are ‘equal in external and internal motion & information’ (Ts1=Ts2+St1=St2) a parallel, social whole; when they are inverted but complementary, a ‘gender couple’ (Ts1+St2=St1+Ts2); when they are equal in energy but differ in information, a prey-predator perpendicular, tearing relationship, whereas the species with maximal SxT(s=t), energy of existence kills the other and when they differ in both, there is no entanglement. Thus we apply topologic laws, and social scalar numbers to describe the properties of those organisms; whereas the 5 ± Dimotions are expressed by the dual operand of Algebra: ±=herding, x=reproduction v. ÷ Darwinian partition; √X±a: Ss-scalar growth and Tt-entropic decay , ∫∂: ∆-1 finitesimal ‘§∏-eps’ of any dimotion. S- Vital Topology, ∆-number theory & T-existential algebra becomes the biggest r=evolution of math since Euclid.

Below the correspondence between the geometric, logic and existential elements of the entangled Universe. Operands have as they grow in complexity a direct entanglement with the 5 Non-E postulates that define from points waves of communication that become networks of topological planes and organisms, where multiple p.o.v.s are put in perspective. And this even more clear when from mere polynomials we move into exponentials and from exponentials into integrals, the more complex operands then can interplay with multiple points of view, merging them through the product, reproduced through its inverse partition/division, moving them through a world cycle, in exponential growth and decay, and emerging into a new planet of existence through derivatives and integrals.

So as usual in the entangled Universe of infinite acts of communication even if the one-dimensional man tends to reduce the whole and its flows of communication to a single line of thought.

Re=production through social evolution in a lower plane of the fifth dimension, in which the axons join the wholes is then the 2-point meaning of reproduction; often a bidimensional Space-time combination of a state of forma and a state of motion, as in the parameter of momentum.

Inverse functions do NOT merely cancel each other as one could expect, in classic science, but advance the Dimotion in alternative balancing acts, leaving a memorial trace of its existential duality.

Consider the case of the product and its inverse division. They are functions primarily of social evolution and reproduction, as parts of wholes are produced and exchanged. So if we have an individual of 5 parts that reproduces it will give birth to 25 parts, but then we need to divide them between 5 parts, to get 5 individuals of 5 parts: 1 (5) x (5) = 1 (25) / 5 = 5 (5).

Same happens with the positive and negative motions, which in alternate current move back and forwards the ‘electrons’, which in fact don’t really move, but its ¡-1 scale the current keeps moving.

So goes for the exponential+Logarithmic functions of reproduction, and its inverse, which form a worldcycle that in the middle point of maximal ‘carrying capacity’ will give birth again to a new ‘exponential growth’=generation, to continue the world cycle in an adjacent space-time.

∫∂: Finally it came calculus, with its inverse operand, which represents the scalar next social gathering of elements of ¬Algebra, as it is applied to the previous operands, as wholes, except for the trivial xª – the previous more complex polynomial, and so we must regard calculus not only as the operand of all dimotions of change, but also as the operand between planes of existence, since the logarithmic/power previous expression, just reaches between the two limits of two planes of the fifth dimension, but calculus allow us to ’emerge’ and transcend between planes.

The key concept of 5D calculus is a finitesimal. A finitesimal in lineal space-time is a frequency step or wave-length. A finitesimal in curved spacetime is a minimal curvature of a clock cycle. A finitesimal in scale is a minimal unit of population. We use the Non-Æ symbol, ‘0ε’ that means the minimal ‘existential quanta’ of any symmetric ∆≈S≈T≈@, scale, space, time or mind beat: 0e:1/¡, whereas ¡, might be in classic mathematics, N, the whole population, T, the period or R the radius: 0e(∆)=1/n;   0e(S)=1/R=K;   0e(T)=1/T=ƒ; 0e(@)=-¡; 0e(¬)=

Because physicists do NOT have this concept; its faulty mathematics take them to the search of entelechies, as Black holes without substance, singularities, lineal equations without cut-off ‘borders’, infinite potentials, etc.

The finitesimal is also the basis of the equation of the mind.

So by the continuous game of inverse functions, which become a 0ε sum, the Dimotions of existence continue to move the whole of time-space that never ceases to exist.  However the number of occurrences of the positive function is always larger than then negative inverse function. So there are more possible sums than negative numbers (for spatial quantities there are no negative ones, no negative apples). There are more products than divisions (as 4/2 = 8/4 but 4×2 ≠ 8×4); there are more exponentials than square roots as √-x doesn’t exist and there are more integrals than derivatives as ∫y’=y+C, ads ∝ constants.

Which means the arrow of social evolution and life is larger than the arrow of entropy and death, which in fact lasts only a quanta of time in its ÐST equation: Death = 0T x ∆ S.

Mind mirrors: Finitesimal egos. Universal Grammar. Territories of order: SóT tug of war. Pentalogic entanglement.

A key ‘finitesimal’ is the ego. The Ss-mental nature of space is embedded in the principle of relativity. ¬E points create an inner mental ‘space by measuring reality in still simultaneity’ (Einstein). All are ¬E monads that ‘hold a world in themselves’ (Leibniz); as mirrors, which have less volume of information than the whole. So languages mirror in still smaller scales reality and then project back its ‘imagination’ in larger scales the game of existence, causing as Ss-mind/seeds the creation of reality, restricted to its synoptic ‘ternary Universal grammar’ that mimics that of larger St<§∏>Ts organisms. I.e. Ts-Red<§∏-green>St blue codes organic Dimotions in visual color languages. Subject (information)<Verb(dimotion:action)> Object(Entropic energy) codes §∏-events (verbs) and forms (names) reality in wor(l)ds. F(x):information<Operand §∏-action>G(Y):entropic energy does the same in Algebra; 5 letters code genes that code organs in life, 4 quantum numbers code atomic organisms… As each language is a mirror of those ultimate laws of nature, the laws of space-time.

Ss-finitesimal different linguistic mind-mirrors shrink a reality void of motion, in a mind or fractal point. So we write:

0e (¬E finitesimal mind-mirror) x ∞ (universe) = Constant still language-mapping (Ss)… origin of the Ego Px. As each mind creates a mental wor(l)d he confuses with the real Universe with its still p.o.v.=ego as the largest center of it.

But truth is: Max. probability of truth = Max. number of language mirrors < 1 (Probability of truth hold by the being)

So only the Organism has all the information about itself, P(truth) = 1, & the more ‘language’ mirrors we cast on it, the higher P(truth) we obtain, which is the principle of Pentalogic (Rashomon effect). Thus we seek the parallel spatial= geometric, organic=scalar, vital=moving= temporal & sentient =mirror languages of any system of ∆@st (Dust of space-time) to reach its maximal truth. Let us consider after its ∆-organic, @-mental and S-topologic, its vital=temporal truth.
So the key language of reality becomes the pentalogic entanglement of spaces=forms, its 5 time=actions, the ∆±¡ organic scales where they symbiotically play the game of existence, guided by smaller ∆-¡ Ss-languages=mirrors that the informative mind-system uses to the whole supœrganism at faster synoptic linguistic speeds (due to the TxS=∆±¡ metric). In the graph we summarize the structure of 5D Universal laws that apply to all scales and stiences, based in the entangled pentalogic symmetries between space=form, time=motion, @-languages of mind mirrors who peform its program of existence, through its 5 local dimotions and the symbiotic scalar organisms they create, with its 5 organic Dimotions, becoming supœrganisms tracing the same worldcycles of existence, as we are all details of the thoughts of God, its laws of¬ ∆@st, dust of space-time.

Stiences are then easily classified as part of the set of scalar laws run by disomorphisms between 3 ∆±¡ scales which are self-centered in an specific superorganism, the atom in physics, the molecule in chemistry, the cell in biology, the human being in medicine, the culture in sociology and history, the solar system in astrophysics, the galaxy in astronomy, which corresponds to one of those scales. But all those scales can be studied in its synthetic ultimate process of space and time with the laws of superorganisms, worldcycles, its symmetries, as ¬ ∆@st , using the synoptic laws of existnetial ilogic. As we are ultimately transformations of the group of dimotions of spacetime (:

The entanglement between organic properties in ∆-scale, topologic properties in space and dimotions=vital functions in time mirrored by the syntactic Universal grammar of all languages, whose entropic limits of perception and duration and extension in scale, time and space makes reality a fractal ensemble of space-time organisms. If you grasp this sentence, you will know the thoughts of God. The different details of reality, ¡ts scalar, mental space-time species are variations of the same theme. So A->B causality of Aristotelian logic is expanded because events do happen by the collapse of the influence of 3 networks over a space-time point and the inner and outer St-motion and form of the point, for a total of 5 causal reasons to a event. In praxis this implies a Rashomon effect in the search of truth, as we need to understand those events from the perspective of 5 Dimotions & 3 scales. ¬∆@st of space-time you are & you’ll become. As reality is a tug of war between Mental Space mirrors and Tt-entropic flows of motion in ∞ beings and scales: ∆±∞ ∏Ss<=>∑ƒt.

Pentalogic sets the basis of a new Philosophy of science=knowledge completing its 3 horizons of evolution, the experimental method of Aristotle that accepted all languages and senses to measure truth, with a strict logic analysis, the mechanical method of Galileo that reduced languages to those of machines to measure time (clocks) and space (telescopes), denying the logic of the 3 causal verbal tenses, we regain with the pentalogic method and the definition of truth as the sum of all the mirror languages on the system we perceive – it is the organic method that considers the isomorphic 5D laws of scales as the template to organize the data of all stiences in a rational, systematic way. Since what the mechanical method has done is to reduce science to technology and the creation of a digital mind, shunning off the search of the ultimate goal of science: to understand the first principles of reality and the meaning of the game of existence, which 5D explains.

RECAP. THE ALGORITHM OF THE UNIVERSE: MAX. S X T (S=T). EXISTENTIAL PENTALOGIC ALGEBRA: The groups of transformations of dimotions of space-time. ST2.


After discovering the immanent Program of Relational space-time and its laws of Exist¡ence and extinction of all Universal systems, I imposed myself a tour de force: to solve the main problems of mathematics and physics in the least possible space, as a consequence of those laws.

Some of them were Millennium problems; so i sent them in a single page to the Institute claiming 4 million $ 😦 Not surprisingly I didn’t get an answer ): I.E. ‘Fermat’s proof in a margin’, xˆ3+Yˆ3≠Zˆ3 because the unit of reality is a dimotion of spacetime, NOT a trimotion, which did not exist. P (a problem easily solved) ≠ NP  (a solution easily verified for a problem) because cyclical time causality is non-commutative. So A->B ≠ B->A; and so on. At the heart of all solutions were thus the immanent program of existence and extinction of spacetime and its Universal syntax, common to all languages including mathematics.
Why those questions are then so difficult to solve for mathematicians if they are that simple in terms of relational spacetime. The answer is that being essential questions, immediately deduced from the program of existence of spacetime and its combinations (5 Dimotions), which cannot be proved as space=form and time=motion, with equal value, S=T, across scales SxT=∆±¡ simply ‘exi=STs…’; but huminds ignore it.
In modern terminology, a solution to a problem is its minimal algorithm, and so the laws of stience are better (Occam’s razor) when the original axioms are minimal, and no other algorithm is smaller than Max. SxT->S=T, which is the reproductive program of exist¡ence.
It is that Universal syntax, which determines with the laws of a(nti)symmetry of space=form a time=motion, the laws of Existential algebra we shall study in this paper.

Those few symbols of 5D metrics and Existential ¡logic, define all events and systems of reality that combines the 5 Dimensional motions and its ternary systems in scalar planes, time ages and spatial organs to define all actions of S-evolution, §∏- repetition and T-extinction the Universe allows, which then will be selected by raw efficiency leaving only those survivors that play better the two functions of the 5th dimension, SxT (s=T) balances that maximize the function of existence, in a given plane. As nothing else, which cannot be expressed through those combinations within those limits exists outside the virtual inflationary mind-languages of information. Trust me, I know it, after 30 years of research in all fields of knowledge looking for a falsification of Existential ¡logic. So in our papers on ¡logic we will develop with them all events & species of reality. So the equivalent to the fundamental law of 4D science in 5D Stience is one of existential ilogic. ‘All systems of Nature try to survive selecting of all the potential existential events and Dimotions of space-time, those who maximize its function of existence, Max. S xT (s=T) in its point of present balance.

Leibniz, the pioneer of relational spacetime systems distinguished between facts that can be described by some law and those that are lawless, irregular facts. A theory has to be simpler than the data it explains, otherwise it does not explain anything, because a theory longer than the data is just worse than enunciating the data itself.

What this means is that theories are generators that ‘reproduce=generate the data’, showing once more the reproductive organic nature of the Universe. The concept relates scientific laws and modern computing algorithms, considering an homology: a scientific theory is like a computer program that predicts=generates our observations, the experimental data. It relates looking at the past, to Occam’s razor law: given two theories that explain fact, the simpler theory must be chosen – in computing, the smallest program with less bits is applied to generate the data.

Computer scientists say that ‘comprehension is compression’. On that view the Program of reproduction of spacetime organisms and its simplest ilogic algorithm: Max. S x T (which happens when S=T, so 5×5>6×4) is the irreducible algorithm of the Universe in terms of the Universal syntax of languages of information.

We see in other papers that this program in itself doesn’t oblige systems to reproduce and must be reinforced by ‘emotions’, the will of reality. So obviously it is NOT enough to describe an algorithm to generate reality, since the algorithm is only the information of the system – its mental, formal spatial state, and ‘time emotions, energy is needed to imprint the algorithm – something those computer scientists that insist the Universe is a computer forget.

Finally to notice that the very same 01 language of computers, where 0 means stop, no current, ‘space=form’ and 1, electronic ‘time=motion’ is also the irreducible digital language mirror of the S, T duality . So Leibniz with its principles of sufficient reason predated Modern theory of algorithmic information; since he was so close to the ‘Universal algorithm’ – as we often repeat relational spacetime has only 5 clear forebears, Aristotle, Lao, Leonardo, Leibniz & Albert, ALLLA. How then those laws generate the laws of existential algebra would be the formal, ‘future well-written’ model of this, rather not yet compressed web…

This universal mandate, express in any language, from ‘grow and multiply’ to the conservation of St-angular momentum, Ts-locomotion and S=T potential energy, to the behavior of superorganisms that constantly switch between space and time states, moving and sleeping, outward and inward orientations expresses as entropic limits of any existence, the larger nested Universe that tries to achieve its function of existence by limiting that of its inner parts. In fact it builds and selects its inner parts to maximize its function of existence, which often means their death as in Earth III, the metal-earth, which further evolves the planet but seems to condemn mankind to extinction.

 We state in our introduction a truism of the Universe. Reality is a block of time inserted in a series of scales of the 5th dimension in which spacetime organisms run worldcycles of existence.

Each detail of the game of existence is a worldcycle of one of such superorganisms, what we call the life and death cycle. So the study of reality can be formalized as the study of the worldcycle of existence. So what existential algebra does then is to study ‘structures’ as classic algebra does of a given type, we might call the group of transformations of the 5 Dimotions of existence. Group theory in 5D algebra analyzes ‘stœps’ of spacetime due to transformations between the 5 elements of the group of dimotions of space-time.

All changes of the Universe ca be reduced to transformations of the group of dimotions, from the physiological networks in space of a superorganism tp the ages in time of a worldcycle to the states of matter, of the of that organism, to the symmetries of physics and its groups of particles. So we define Existential ilogIc ALGEBRA as the analysis of the group of transformations of dimotions of spacetime. The elements of the group are the 5 dimotions, Ss<St<§∏<Ts<Tt.

Two operations are defined in the group, < and >, which can be applied one or two times to the 2 elements of each dimotion. This is enough to transform each dimotion into another with 1 or 2 ‘STœsp’. I.e. Tt can change t>s to become Ts, t>S to become TS, T>S to become Ts, and then in perception, the opposite of death: Tt>>Ss.

Each of those existential Stœps encodes an essential event for superorganism or its parts. Moreover, those transformations are the ONLY events happening in reality by a Least Time principle of economicity. How many transformations there are? 20 as they are non-commutative. So for each Dimotion there are 4 transformations. i.e. Ss a mind-language becomes with single or steps 2 Ss<<Tt: Ss<St changing s<t, Ss<Ts and Ss<§∏. Then the reminder changes starting from St, sT and §∏ give us 20 different events come out of the 5 Dimotions. It is this group of transformations of dimotions of existence, the fundamental group of the Universe origin of its events and species’ variations. In Existential ilogic, a superorganism is a ‘present simultaneous state’ which hardly ‘moves in time’ as the worldcycle does, because it works in a different way, as the limbs and the head both ‘serve’ the connecting body: Ts>S=T<St, so the system remains in present, as both dynamic < and > states balance each other. So we write for all of them the ‘fractal generator’:

ST3. The group of entanglements in space. The 2nd group is made of 3 Dimotions of existence entangled into a present space. This group is more complex as it needs to connect 3 elements of reality and so it is based in the trilogic of existence and its fractal generator. And it has less stable forms. Ts>§∏>St & Ts<§∏<St being its two fundamental modes, and so the main transformation of a superorganism in space time is a dual change of > < operandi from the time active state Ts>St>St to the space, rest state, Ts<§∏<St. For example, the previous transformation happens in the ‘sleep’ vs. ‘awake’ modes.

We study both groups and its symmetries in the paper on the scientific method. The reader should easily realize that both groups are closely connected to the two most useful groups of physical systems, SU2 & SU3 so we will also analyze in our papers on physics those relationships once we complete those papers in the future…

All this however will sound Chinese to the non-Chinese reader (: We huminds believe since Saint Augustine invented lineal time that there is only a dimension of absolute time that he thought started with creation and will end when we meet God. From this view physicists reduced time change to v=s/t, locomotion and entropy, forgetting the ‘qualitative, topologic’ time=change of biologic organisms we just have explained.

Topological evolution is also change, but change of form, of in-form-ation, of space, as important as lineal locomotion, lineal time.

Another priest, Lemaitre then invented a bizarre theory based in lineal time for the whole Universe, which we shall falsify to not avail (as it has acquired religious tones), and so the more we lean about our models of reality, the more we realize their tainted by ‘culture’. It is then needed to introduce our dominant culture and how it has deformed our view of reality, so far away from its Dual nature.

Human ‘egocy’ limits true ‘stience’…

…As Huminds’ egocy, ‘ego=idiocy’, make us the subjective center of space, time & scale. So huminds put Earth in the still center of space till macroscopes changed our worldview. But most have yet to renounce to ‘stillness in time’, denying both evolution that make humans a ‘fleeting moment’ on Earth’s life and mortality, as +1/2 of mankind still believe in Abrahamic religions and linguistic creationism, according to which only God and man ‘speak’ the logic of creation, 1st when we talked, by naming things in Hebrew or Arab; today after discovering digital gold and machines with mathematics. So scientists believe God creates writing equations. While monetarist economists believe they cre(dit) ate the world with credit. Their causality is inverted. Since languages are just synoptic mirrors of ∆, S&T (ab. scalar spacetime), the 3 substances of existence, its SixTƒ=∆±¡ metric, symmetries& transformative laws (ab. ^, ≈, >, <), of which humans know only the relativity & conservation principles of space=form & time=motion:S<=>T. Since huminds affirm the only scale that matters is the meter; our size. So even those who know evolution deny mankind is just a st-age in the Deep Time life of Earth’s Supœrganism (Hutton), evolving from a 1st life age (Gaia), into mankind’s 2nd age of (History), mutating now into a 3rd age of machines& top predator weapons (Metalearth) that will extinguish us unless we stop acting as enzymen, catalyzing the evolution of lethal machines. Since in all 5D scales enzyme(n) are discharged once its task is completed. Thus egocy in social sciences is absolute as Genesis explains, since 5000 y. ago ‘animetals’ discovered hard bronze & iron – entropic metal that kill our bodies – and informative metal, go(l)d that substituted healthy grain as money, enslaving our hypnotized minds to the negative emotions of violence & greed. A true homo sapiens would control lethal technologies and redesign to serve our needs the new top predator re= productive organism of Earth that substituted the human mother – the company-mother of machines and weapons, to make History immortal. As only knowing &practicing those laws huminds can survive in an organic Universe where respect is not granted, it must be earned. We’ll teach in shorter papers and longer ‘streams of thought books’ at academia.edu & my 3 webs 5D St¡ences, studying nested ∆±¡ scales of §upœrganisms & Its Worldcycles of exist¡ence:

∆>|1|: Physical stiences (cerntruth.wordpress.com); ∆=±1:Biologic Social Stiences (evolutionary economics.wordpress.com), ∆=0e: Formal Stiences;∆±¡:Spacetime Stience (unificationtheory.com).

Recap: 4 egocy sins:creationism, homocentric space, time & scale prevent huminds objective stience.

Of all those sins of science 2 are paramount as they are not even acknowledged: the lack of any analysis of the similar laws between ‘scales’ of size in space and time clocks – not even the 5th dimension of spacetime and its scalar metric is known, due to the enormous error of equalizing all the clocks of time of the Universe to the ‘humind’s’ second that synchronizes the beats of our body-heart, limbs-steps and glimpse thought; and the error of creationism that make us believe the languages that mirror the scalar spacetime laws of the Universe create it. So instead of studying the common ∆¡ST laws that apply through a common universal grammar to all languages with its mirror elements (space=name=form + verb=time=motion in words; Space=points, Time=algebraic operators, Scale=numbers in maths; red=entropy-motion-time; blue=space-form-information; green=energy combining both, in visual languages, etc.) huminds think still that writing an equation it ‘will happen’, or simply ‘willing’ with our thoughts, the world will adapt to wishful thinking.

We are NOT making huge treatises on the 4 egocy errors of mankind to which we must add the ‘5th error’ of ‘fear’ against entropy, the destruction of space=form by their inverse element, time=motion; which limits our existence in time (death), space (limiting membranes) and scale (uncertainty of information past 2 ∆±¡ scales); with the exception of social sciences where egocy is absolute and imperils the survival of mankind, causing permanent anoxia=lack of oxygen-money for welfare goods among 90% of mankind, due to the scholar pseudo-science of economics and its blindness to the collateral effects of the profits of company-mothers of machines and top predator weapons.

In natural stiences this degree of egocy is minimal in biology as it studies what huminds consider unique to our species, the vital, organic properties of life common to any ‘nested’ superorganism of the Universe. In that regard, social sciences are part of biology as they express those common ∆ST laws for the 2nd age of evolution of Earth, History. While physical stiences study the larger and smaller scales of the astrophysical supœrganism of the galatom (where the equivalence – not equality – of scale happens between the atom and the galaxy, reason why internally the atom & galaxy are ruled by non-cyclical strong & gravitational forces and externally by lineal, expansive ¥ & dark energy forces, which egocy again doesn’t understand by ‘expanding’ to ‘infinity’ the range of local galactic gravitational forces, themes those study in our papers/sites on physical sciences and its technological risks.)

Can scientists overcome egocy and upgrade their disciplines? Unlikely as they claim to be objective, showing instead to which degree their ‘need’ to be the center of reality is embedded in the structure of the self, which we will study in theory of languages as just an infinitesimal mirror-image of the whole Universe, which it reduces eliminating its ‘motion’ into a formal spatial language image, then confused with the whole with us at its center (distorted ego paradox of all languages). So in words we start with the human subject, in mathematics we stop motion into geometric space; in light we only see the range of frequencies of maximal energy needed by our eyes, etc. So unless you can truly come out of the e-motions of your ego paradox, you will be as clueless about the true principles of reality as all other humans with very few exceptions (Aristotle, Leonardo, Lao, Leibniz, Schopenhauer, Einstein) have been.

What scientists do instead of explaining such reality made of vital spaces=forms with different time motions? As a mind is a linguistic mirror NOT reality itself, organisms create mental spaces to interpret the larger Universe selecting only useful information for its survival, creating a ‘World’. So we don’t see smaller and larger scales without the help of sensorial machines and we miss a lot of information about the time cycles of reality. But we don’t really need it to survive on the world. And for that reason a partial mind-view of reality might work. What happened then since Newton is that humans substituted their sensorial mind-mapping of the world with visual images of space and ‘causal’ past to future logic analysis on how time changed reality by a mechanical measure of space plotted into a geometric mind-mapping and a digital measure of time as a sequence of lineal numbers; and this ‘mental view’ interpreted with machines became ‘reality’ till today. In essence as clocks evolved into digital computers (a complex array of ‘clock-like’ logic loops) and telescopes and microscopes into cameras, this reality became the ‘seed’ of a new type of mind, the mind of machines. But humans do not understand what science since Galileo is doing is basically creating a me(n)tal world. They think they are accessing reality. To get to that absurd view of what digital science does, it was needed a philosophy called at times reductionism, naïve realism or positivism, which states that ‘what we cannot measure (with machines) does not exist’ (Planck); so all the properties of time, different kinds of motions=changes and causal relationships between past, present and future that cannot be translated into mechanical clocks’ measures do not exist. All vital properties of space and organic relationships between its scales does not exist. The 5th dimension does not exist. Causality is ever more weakened with the use of statistical methods. In this view of what our civilization does the intelligence of humans became greatly reduced but as machines evolved it seemed we achieved higher degrees of knowledge since machines soon overcame humans in its sensorial skills to measure and portrait reality.

So as we create a mental space made with digital languages of measure obtained with machines humans transform their minds that become machine-like and abandon the organic view of reality that preceded it where man was the measure of all things and the universe was considered an organism. To understand this change of paradigm on what is reality and science (its objective knowledge) we need to define the equation of any mind-mirror made of measures with a language:

0e (finitesimal mind) x ∞ Time cycles = Linguistic mental World of space-time.

Each species uses different forces to perceive reality and makes with its pixels different mind-mappings. An elephant uses smells and builds with atoms its memorial time view of reality. A dolphin or a bat uses sounds to build a mind-mapping of space in the water. Man used to perceive space with eyes and time with causal past, present and future verbs, focused in the causal logic of time. Today this is substituted by visual machines’ images and the faulty causality of numbers that truly tell us very little about why we go from A to B, which was the great strength of verbal thought. To overcome those limits we use mathematical equations, but as we do not think with equations its interpretation is faulty. They just seem magic to us and so scientists have built a creationist mystic around equations as religions did about words. So if Gods created reality naming things with words, in Arab or Hebrew, now God is supposed to write an equation and creates reality. So often scientists write an equation and expects a particle or an even pop out of reality. Since they don’t understand the causal complex back and forth reality between ‘Ss-languages’ (still forms of space) and ‘Tt-entropy’ (pure motion in time). But the ‘egocy’ paradox (ego=idiocy) embedded in the mind equation always comes to their rescue: ‘A mind measures reality from its self-centered point of view with a few languages of information; blind to many of its properties and all other points of view, so she confuses the whole Universe with their selfish world with its ego at its center.’. Indeed, as long as scientists are NOT aware thanks to reductionism of those other monads-worlds and scales and languages and points of view an illusion of knowledge can be created and it has the advantage that it is simple: you measure with a machine, put the outcome in equations and those patterns become truth as the ego paradox makes you confuse it with reality. And if something goes wrong then you affirm a simplified ‘postulate without proof’ to eliminate all bothering information (Euclidean points in maths; limit of c-speed in physics; political and economical correctness in social sciences; etc.)

This is a simple and effective way to manipulate reality from the perspective of the mind that measures as long as we are controlling ‘lesser’ species with less form, in-form-ation and impose our view. But it gives 0 answers to deep questions about what we are, why we exist, what is the purpose and reasons of the life and death cycle, what is mankind, what is our relationships with machines, what is our future… all the kind of questions we answer in those papers. But again to the rescue comes reductionism. It is call the ‘entropic view’ of the Universe. Of the different type of motions=changes=times there are, entropy, Tt is an internal and external motion that disorders=kills a system – the definition of death. It is thus simple to describe and it has become for that reason the preferred ‘arrow’ of time of philosophy of mechanist science, since indeed at the end all dies, so entropy is the future. All the processes of slow creation of information, more difficult to understand are shunned off. And so we believe entropy is the only arrow of time that those ‘digital clocks measure’, and build models of sciences based in entropy by eliminating the arrow of information that balanced entropy: Ss<->Tt.

Our model of the Universe is an entropic model that measures only the expansion of vacuum space between galaxies (Tt) but ignores its contraction due to the force of gravitation in galaxies (Ss), which makes galaxies similar to atoms in the lower 5D scale of electromagnetic space where the strong ‘gravitational-like’ force balances the ‘electromagnetic’ ‘dark-energy like’ force; so you are not contracting into the past or expanding into the future. Reductionism also works in biology where the theory of evolution stresses the final death by entropic predators but has shunned off for very long the evolution of information and speed of reproduction that defines the most successful eusocial species (ants and humans). Entropy is also the practical theory of human societies, meaning through History war, using entropic weapons, constructed by physicists not diplomatic collaboration and social evolution have defined the fate of mankind. Because of all those shortcomings of human intelligence and ethics (respect of other living parts of reality), and the fact that we confuse our self with the whole Universe humans have kept destroying the world of the tree of life and building the tree of metal, with weapons, go(l)d and machines (entropic, reproductive and informative metal) as attachments of themselves, becoming a symbiotic species we shall call animetal, whose worldview must be interpreted in historic terms more than scientific ones; once we realize beyond the 1st step of the scientific method, A)ccurate gathering of data, greatly enhanced by the use of mechanisms, mankind has gone nowhere on B)creation of true organic models of reality proved by its C)yclic patterns =Laws of science; used to manipulate Nature in favor of D)emocratic solutions for ‘all Humanity’ to improve life, preventing E)xtinctive, entropic solutions that kill Nature & mankind (war machines; money for the 1%, 6th extinction of Gaia…) Instead we live in a world of animetal people-castes of warriors/scientists/bankers who oppress life and mankind with its monopoly of metal-tools (weapons, machines & money), understand nothing of the organic Universe & feel that to have a manifest destiny as believers who won’t reason or learn a true scientific, humanist view of reality and help to bring a better world. Because the errors of mechanism, since Newton, regarding the nature of time and space, the substances of which we are all made, have so much influenced all sciences and the view mankind has of the Universe, before the analysis of each specific science in each paper-book of this ‘encyclopedia of 5D ‘stiences’, we need to offer a condensed summary of the Laws of space dimensions and time motions, concluding with a brief C.V. of its author as a knot of thought of the Latin, European culture of organicism, which has fought an ongoing battle of reason vs. ‘idol-ogy’, trying to offer a more complex, real view of the Universe than mechanism offers.


Perhaps the most paradoxical of all sciences is astrophysics, as it has gathered some of the most exact data and yet it provides the most deformed interpretation of that data in lineal models constrained by the limits of absolute newtonian time and space. The fact that physicists, as makers of machines, in our technological civilization think to be the ‘seers of time’ (Augustine definition of God), makes its egocy a barrier to new learning and new models, as those of ‘entropy-only’ time become dogma. The case of the big-bang, a false theory that eliminates all gravitational forces of ‘information’ that balance in the ∆+3,4 scales the expansion of intergalactic space, as strong forces balance ¥-expansive lineal forces in the symmetric ∆-3,4 quantum world, to get yet another S=T symmetry, is a remarkable example. There is no difficulty to interpret in 5D all the astrophysical data to explain galaxies from the 3 ∆ST points of view, as a galacell base in their scalar co-existing symbiosis between its galactic parts and families of particles; as a galatom based in the quantitative co-invariant metrics of atoms and galaxies that make equivalent (not equal) black holes an protons, nebulae of charge density and nebulae of stars and as a galaxy in the classic description of its details – parts, stars, planets, motions, subspecies, H-R ages etc.

An advanced 5D astrophysical stience thus will depart from the laws of ∆ST and then study the scalar, organic properties, quantitative symmetries & classic laws to have a complete description of galatoms as atomic-like species of the Hyper-Universe, with its infinite symmetric scales of relative space, immortal in time.

Instead astrophysics uses its single lineal V=HoD mantra that describes the expansive force of dark energy, the ∆-4 entropic neutrino background defined by the cosmological constant (that fits like a glove in the minimal mass of neutrinos, recently measured, solving the ‘biggest blunder of physics’ – the use of Planck’s huge mass to define the flat constant of expanding intergallactic space) but NOT the gravitational inner force, to declare the Universe is expanding, extrapolating to the past into a singularity an inverse contraction to find we can hold the entire creation in our hand, understanding it all, measuring it all, becoming the high Popes of all realities, LOL. Egocy creeps in to defend dogma and deny reason, now as usual covered by the creationist language of mathematics, as it was before by the creationist language of words… from God to V=Hod. So we will be highly critical of physical dogmas as we are of verbal creationism. Languages are synoptic, inflationary mirrors of reality, whose inner grammar does not prove its experimental truth. The case of evaporation of black holes, where yet again, time is denied in its informative arrow, is worth to explain due to its simplicity. Hawking found the 5D equation of feeding of baby black holes, ∆mass = K/-∆ Temperature. So a baby black hole with faster time cycles according to 5D, cools down growing in mass as it ‘feeds’ on K (a bunch of constants of energy from all scales). The hole grows in mass and cools down to +0 K when it reaches cosmological size. Fine. But this means black holes create form, mass, information NOT entropy and so to uphold the dogma that time is entropy, Hawking changed the arrow of time to -∆mass = K/∆temperature. So hot black holes keep getting hotter in a colder environment, breaking the 2nd law of thermodynamics and instead of attracting more mass expel mass, breaking the laws of General Relativity and gravitation, evaporating back to the ‘past’, as a child would re-enter the womb and evaporate back to the past… of which there is zero experimental evidence.

How then a false theory that breaks the sacred laws of thermodynamics and gravitations and have no experimental proof has never put back into the right track as ∆mass = K/-∆ temperature? Even if as we are now trying to make them on Earth, can risk the survival of our species? This is an amazing proof on how truth can be bent by beliefs and false authority, breaking all the laws of true science. And yet it stands as the big-bang as a dogma which simply cannot be reasoned since ‘there will be no religions if you could reason with religious people’ (Orwell)… with the added handicap that scientists have buried into its subconscious collective ‘web of beliefs’ (Kuhn, Vogt) its scientific dogmas as if they were proved, which makes it even more difficult to start an argument on the validity of those theories in pure scientific, experimental and ‘legal’ terms.

The errors of physical sciences… Entropic time and big bang theories. Organic particles denied by anthropomorphism.

Are many. In this paper we will treat the most gruesome – the use of a single time arrow of lineal entropy, born of the use of that ‘elongated’ absolute time line plotted in a Cartesian coordinates, which creationist mathematics made the canonical time of the Universe… and its most obvious consequence, the big-bang theory.

As this is a subject in which I have worked many years to convince physicists, to not avail, I have now a clear picture on how huminds in any field of knowledge develop self-centered, creationist theories that please their ego and their sense of truth, based in creationist languages. They depart of a series of a priori postulates they are not prepared to challenge, even to think of. In this case, the concept of absolute Euclidean 0 points with no volume – the singularity of infinite density, infinitely small, when all points do have volume and grow in size as we come closer to them, so all galaxies are ‘points’ that grow in size and stop the collapse of vacuum space, creating virtual particles that balance it; the concept of entropy as the single time arrow of the Universe, when it is just the arrow discovered in the study of expansive gas, balanced by the inverse thermodynamic arrow of coldness and solid states; and its use of lineal equations that ‘smoothly’ without the slightest proof move to the past, the V=HoD equation. We are not going to debunk them in the introduction. Just to notice how mathematical and spacetime errors are transferred into physical errors and give birth to incomplete theories. The bottom line is that the origin of the theory as in the case of Abrahamic religions is a ‘creationist theory’ that pleases a pseudo-religious anthropomorphic ego-trip. It was a priest who concocted it, it was an explosion that somehow justified the worldly profession of those involved – calculating atomic bombs, as the meaning of it all – and it gave mankind and cosmologists the feeling they could know it all and where the ‘teleological’ masters of mankind, So those dual creationist and ego-pumping views pleased people and helped to overcome earlier difficulties.

But of course none of those sociological and cultural elements could be discussed. And in this creationist science is even more dogmatic than religion because it is younger, so there is no the skeptical view on its ‘linguistic postulates’ proper of religion, but as a new ‘dogma’ of human supreme ingenuity is seldom doubted.

The next step is the accumulation of biased or partial or ad hoc data to prove the model. Here is when subjectivism kicks in to disguise as ‘scientificism’. A few examples will suffice. There are stars that are clearly older than the 13.77 billion years of the supposed big-bangs. Red stars can live trillions of years – so do black holes, since the real universe is infinite and immortal. And we have found huge black holes 13.7 billion years away that could not possibly be formed so early and just 200 light years away there is a Methuselah red star which has 14.5 billion years. This is a shock that constantly happens but doesn’t invalidate the big-bang it merely keeps busy-busy, cosmologists parching ‘new theories’ to eliminate proofs. So black hole formation theories are constantly updated, while to solve the Methuselah problem of a perfectly measured star, ‘statistical errors’ suddenly have been invoked in the necessary 10% amount to reduce his life to 13 billion.

Then there are the ‘pillars of faith’, which cannot be denied: helium formation, the V=HoD equation and the background radiation. Helium formation which is higher around the central black hole could be catalyzed by the black hole. The red shift in relational spacetime theory is simply the ‘aging’ of light, which is NOT immortal, and there are many mathematical and logical proofs that seems to be the case (with a faster decline at the end of its aging that seems as an acceleration of the expansion of light-space which is what we perceive). Again we will elaborate on those proofs. The ultimate faith though lies in a background, 2.17 k red shifted blackbody radiation, which is supposed to be the remnant of the past explosion and Gamow first thought to be at 40K and then reduced ad hoc after findings.

Here comes then another ‘basic tool’ of ‘egocy’: to take a local measure as a global hyperbolic truth. This happened with the time arrow of gaseous entropy blown up to the entire Universe. And it happened with a local measure of radiation inside the galaxy, blown up to the entire cosmos, and it happened with the V=HoD measure taking ‘now’, blown up to the eternal past. Epistemology tells us that if we find a now, local timespace event we need a now, local cause. We cannot extrapolate a local measure to the whole Universe and a fact happening now the entire time span of reality. So it is easy to see that the local background blackbody redshift radiation should find an explanation as the homeostatic temperature of the galaxy, rebounding from the dark matter halo of ultradense mass objects and similar ones found within the galaxy, able to red-shift gravitationally (Einstein’s effect) light to 2.7k. As it happens, the commonest object in the galaxy is a planetoid, the size of the moon, which if swallowed and converted into a black hole or strangelet would redshift light at that exact temperature. So there is a now and here, logic, organic reason as galaxies are systems that reproduce dark matter and black holes. I proposed that solution 30 years ago and got 130 rejections from academia.

Yet the Universe is organic, and all the vital properties of spacetime extend from the simplest particle to the larger organism of the galaxy, the topo-biologic properties of spacetime extend to matter. This in principle could be a bone for objective scientists, as it would allow to impose an objective entangled view of all sciences , merging as we do the biologic and physical properties of nature. But that would mean a denial of 2 tenants of ‘egocy’ among physical practitioners – the tribal egocy of ‘becoming’ the high popes of science thanks to the big-bang, and the humind’s egocy of being the only CHOseN atomic species with vital properties. So mankind renounces to a full entangled understanding of reality for the sake of egocy. How this is done in physical sciences is obvious: through the reduction of mathematical creationism, which renounces to describe the ‘synthetic properties’ of organisms, better described with words, as we will do in the description of the galaxy. It is again a method used in religion, where only a verbal description in a sacred language is allowed and languages of creation divide sects of the same religious tradition – Arab, Hebrew, Latin… In physics is a dogma that prevents the existence of biological, organic and pan psychic properties to Nature, and as it is obvious that humans do have those properties also, it implies the need for religion to fill the void, reason why both co-exist (and indeed the founding fathers of physics were all pious believers).

The denial of those organic properties implies the acceptance of the Copenhagen interpretation, which again is an egocy view of particle physics, we will refute, because ‘only truth exists’, and so the organic interpretation provided by Broglie and extended by Bohm do exist – the synchronicity of the field, body-wave and particle with 3 different clocks, which define a simultaneous physical organism; the coding of the ‘vital actions’ of particle through its quantum numbers that describe how particles move, gauge information, reproduce new particles, feed on energy and evolve socially through magnetic forces. But none of this will ever pass the hurdle of anthropomorphism, so when I gave conferences on duality at the International Systems Society and said that particles were the minimal unit of life people would leave the room.

But anthropomorphism goes much further in science, because of the use of human single clocks and our light space.

Consider a final example, which is today the backbone of physics: in all systems of nature, in all scales, space=‘form’, information is the still position; and so systems that gauge information do so in relative stillness to the observable or the receiver (graph). We see a still Earth relative to our motion. We talk moving in parallel to our friends. Thus particles that communicate ¥-ray do so entangled in stillness with the other particle through the ‘faster than light’, quantum potential (neutrino theory of light/background spacetime scale?). This means both human electronic eyes and digital machines that perceive light with electrons do NOT add motion because the emitter is entangled with the receiver particle, at least within the local measures of light speeds. It is like a movie where to produce information, the frame must stop in the camera, but we see a continuous motion. In our scale we see the same continuous motion, even if in detail we have already proved that particles ‘stop’, emit information or collapse in the still point of perception, and then move with its body waves. So this explains the collapse of quantum physics, it explains the Lorentz transformations.

Objective stience then gives us a different picture of reality. But will be ever accepted? Not so, for 2 reasons. As Jerry Garcia said ‘whores, old buildings and religions get respectable with age’. It has been a century since big-bang and Copenhagen became due to its higher subjectivity that pleased the egocy of man, the ‘standard interpretation of physics’ in the small and larger realm where by lack of direct experience interpretation is possible, unlike in ‘Earth’s physics’, close to our scales, studied in the other paper where reality is too obvious (with the exception of entropy arrows) and so it has become respectable. It cannot then be denied because millions of physicists would feel silly. It is the same with religions after 2000 years of temple building and cultural history – to state that Mr. Jesus was just an arrogant j… is blasphemy and politically incorrect. It happens the same with the military. After a soldier has gone to an unjust war, and killed human beings too often for the sake of profits of the military-industrial complex, he becomes even more ardent defender of the military as a veteran, even if the absurd belief huminds are divided in ‘tribal species’ defies reason, because otherwise how to justify his suffering, the moral aberration of killing other human?

Then there is the fact that as we live in a ‘mental space’ that ‘stops motion’ to fit inside our visual/mathematical mind, as Descartes already noticed, our measures work on the humind scale with a still Earth, a second equalizing all times, and 3 Euclidean dimensions. Our mind projects its spacetime ‘imagination’ and ‘measures’ into the construction of our world, which is peculiar to mankind. So quantum physics work and relativity work because they project our mental view. But if the purpose of cosmology and quantum physics is to become ‘metaphysics’ – an explanation of the whole it does not. It requires the ‘STientific models’ of relational space-time, organicism and non-Euclidean, fractal points of those texts.

“At a particular instant roughly 15 billion years ago, all the matter and energy we observe, concentrated in a region smaller than a dime, began to expand and cool at an incredibly rapid rate. By the time the temperature had dropped to 100 million times that of the sun’s core, the forces of nature assumed their present properties, and the elementary particles known as quarks roamed freely in a sea of energy. When the universe had expanded an additional 1,000 times, all the matter we can measure filled a region the size of the solar system. At that time, the free quarks became confined in neutrons and protons. After the universe had grown by another factor of 1,000, protons and neutrons combined to form atomic nuclei, including most of the helium and deuterium present today. All of this occurred within the first minute of the expansion. Conditions were still too hot, however, for atomic nuclei to capture electrons. Neutral atoms appeared in abundance only after the expansion had continued for 300,000 years and the universe was 1,000 times smaller than it is now. The neutral atoms then began to coalesce into gas clouds, which later evolved into stars. By the time the universe had expanded to one fifth its present size, the stars had formed groups recognizable as young galaxies.

When the universe was half its present size, nuclear reactions in stars had produced most of the heavy elements from which terrestrial planets were made. Our solar system is relatively young: it formed five billion years ago, when the universe was two thirds its present size. Over time the formation of stars has consumed the supply of gas in galaxies, and hence the population of stars is waning. Fifteen billion years from now stars like our sun will be relatively rare, making the universe a far less hospitable place for observers like us. Our understanding of the genesis and evolution of the universe is one of the great achievements of 20th-century science.” Mr. Peebles one of the discoverers of the supposed acceleration of the Universe concludes… What is wrong with this picture? That is not even wrong. It is not science. It is not testable. It is an inference. It is a mathematical exercise. It is a magic fairy tale that breaks every law of conservation of physics, of logic, of the cyclical local nature of time, and scalar nature of space. It is imagination. It is mathematical creationism. We might say. And God told to Hubble, V=HoD is my new name. We won’t create by naming things in Hebrew anymore. We shall use lineal algebra.


Biology is the ‘science of sciences’ as it lacks the uncertainty of max. ∆±¡ distance

∆ST sciences do away with absolute Newtonian space-time, establishing the alternative model of ‘Relational, space-time’ pioneered by Leibniz and Einstein. It means all systems of nature are made of time motions and topologic, spatial forms, akin in most human sciences to ‘energy and information’, whose metric equation, Si x Tƒ = ∆±¡, organizes symbiotically the scales of reality; as smaller form in space (Si), run faster cycles of information (Tƒ); coding larger forms of space with slower cycles that enclose and protect them. In biology it means smaller scales code genetically larger organisms, whose membranes protect its cellular parts. It also means a biological organism is a ‘knot of circadian time cycles’ synchronized according to ∆ST metrics to a degree of complexity we hardly understand due to those errors of Newtonian time, we need to straighten up departing from sounder principles.

Yet as Biologists have little inclination for conceptual analysis we switch back and forth from ∆ST Philosophy of science to the study of Biology in scalar space-time (Ab. ∆ST), with 3 disciplines that expand the 3 main fields of biology:

∆STbiology in space is topology, as it expresses the evolution of 3 vital space topologies, lineal limbs of time-motion, spherical heads of information and hyperbolic reproductive bodies common to all living organism.

∆ST Biology in scale is called Genetics and physiology, as bio-chemistry codes larger organisms and the 3 physiological networks of topological evolution travel between the cellular, and organic scales tranfering energy and information.

∆ST biology in time is the worldcycle of life and death of individuals but also of species, as each of the 3 ages of organisms are dominated by each of those 3 networks, which finally after the 3rd age of information collapse into entropic death. They correspond to the 3 Horizons of species, the next ∆+1 scale of life, each one dominated by an increase of information that ends in the extinctive, entropic death of the species.

Since all what exists is a superorganism of space-time that follows the same scalar laws of topology & cyclical logic.

Finally ∆ST unlike most books of science that believe in physical Construtionism starts from the larger scales down, because in the organic Universe, the whole matters more than the parts, as it constrains them in time and space (membranes, struggle for existence in the larger ∆+1 world, the Earth which also evolves as an organism.

It follows that the founding fathers of ∆ST Biology and its key books are, as all biologists recognize:

Topologic, Space Biology: ‘On the Origin of Species.’ Darwin: ‘As more individuals of each species are born than can survive; consequently, there is a struggle for existence. It follows that any being, if it vary its form in any manner profitable to itself, it will have a better chance of surviving, and thus be naturally selected. From the strong principle of inheritance, any selected variety will tend to propagate its new and modified form.’

Scalar biology: “Experiments in plant hybridization.” Mendel. Proceedings of the Natural History Society of Brünn

But we add in that expansion of entangled ∆ST ‘scales’ that form biological superorganisms, Aristotle’s ‘Organon’; the founding book of a holistic, organic view of the Universe; and Koprotkin’s ‘On mutual Aid’ and Spengler’s Decadence of the West, the founding fathers of an organic view of History. Since Biology is all; including mankind as a whole.

This means unlike all other books of science we ignore the ‘Egocy: Ego=idiocy’ of humans that strangle themselves from the planet, and introduce mankind and its social organisms which also follow biological laws, as the 10th radiation of life species, belonging to the 2nd age of Evolution of the Earth as a planetary Organism, with a critical perspective, since mankind IS killing gaia, acting as an enzyman that evolves the 3rd mechanical age of a planet with an iron heart and a silicon skin, so Biology is the 1st age of Earth:

Gaia (Life age, biology) > History (Human age) > Metal-earth (Machine age, industrial Economics).

In this introduction to biology we will focus on Gaia, and its life species, which a humanity more entangled to the Universe, with a will to to survive would promote, repressing at the same time, the lethal technologies and machine-weapons that are killing both Gaia and History. Since despite the beliefs of ‘enzymen’ we ARE NOT digital machines but ‘verbal, synapsid’ mammals.

of Astrophysics and the subjective idol-ogies of social sciences, hence it is the most precise description of the organic Universe. We divide its study in 2 papers to be completed in 2020; following the evolution of light atomic matter from amino acids to Gaia, according to the patterns of topological social evolution, and the pentalogic of the 6 Dimotions of existence, which in biology are the ∆-2, -1, biochemical and cellular parts, Ts-limbs, ST- bodies, St-heads and ∆+1 species which express the program of the organic Universe in simple, light CHON atoms.

Reality is organic, not mechanic. Systems are organized in 2 ∆±¡ scales of relative spatial size and temporal speed connected by 3 fractal networks (spatial=formal view) s or waves (dynamic=temporal view) that exchange symbiotically the 2 substances of reality, Time=motion and space=form. A clone ‘st’ species multiply joined by 3 physiological networks/waves. It has symmetry of scale (∆-¡=∆+1) given by the metric equation of 5D: Si (size in ∆¡-scale) x Tƒ (frequency of time cycles) = C±¡ is constant across 3 such scales, the cellular, ¡-1, network, iº, and world, ¡+1 scales. Reality is the sum of ∞ scalar, nested organisms. Man exists within a ‘Galatom’ (∆±¡: atom and galaxy, which are similar electromagnetic and gravitational vortex), part of society (joined by economic, politic & territorial networks) as a nitrolife organism joined by blood=salvia, reproductive, nervous, hormonal=Informative & digestive networks.

Supeorganisms evolve in 3 ages as clone species reproduce, organized by 3 ‘ST’-networks that dominate each ‘age’ of a time worldcycle, the Ts-limb/field young network, the T=S reproductive energy network and the St-informative 3rd age network that exhausts the energy of the system, which desegregate in an entropic Tt-death, completing a scalar 0-sum worldcycles of ‘exist¡ence’.

Thus 5D Biology ads to chaotic Darwinian evolution the new laws of 5D scalar space-time: organic social evolution through the scales of life from amino acids to ecosystems and Earth’s 3 ages; topological evolution that reduces the choices of life geometry to 3 space-time varieties, and the existence of a mind with a will of survival in all those scales that directs and as it communicates through scales produces in stress situations adaptive evolutionary traits: In any ∆ST scale of size, the ‘membrain’ is the informative sensorial part of organisms. Earth’s crust is its membrain, which evolves ‘light-information’ into life in 3 ages of ‘Ðeep Time’: Gaia (Life) <History (man) >Metalearth (Machines). ¡nformed humans would control that evolution for its benefit pruning the tree of science of its eviL=antilive fruits. But simplex ænthropic ‘animetal humans’ worship the tree of technology and despise the laws of the organic Universe, killing life as enzymen, guided by an accelerated vortex of evolution of Earth’s information in classic 800 y. weather cycles of civilizations and global wars accelerated to an 80 years faster professional cycle of evolution of company-mothers of machines.

But long before… the slow evolution of carbonlife created Gaia: In Earth’s I we study light-life evolution from atoms to History, adding ∆ST scales, topological, organic evolution and ¬æ logic laws to complete present biology:

Genetics and eusocial evolution are caused by the scalar nature of the Universe and its 5D metrics, since smaller systems store more information in its faster time cycles (SxT=K), hence genes code organisms and memes the social super organisms of mankind. From an organic perspective, individuals are always part of a ∆ST higher scale, which follows the same laws of any organic fractal scale of the Universe. So we study the emergence of the scales of life from CNOH amino acids to cells to individuals to the next scale, defining species as super organisms evolving through the 3 same ages of all systems of space-time. Unfortunately as in the case of cosmology and its entropic big-bang theory of the Universe, Biology is tainted by the cultural bias of its founding fathers, belonging to the capitalist, dog-eat-dog military, ego-centered European civilisation, who put an excessive emphasis on the Entropic Darwinian struggle between individuals; which in 5D biology is ‘only’ the last stage of the world cycle of its super organisms.

Thus the new 5D fields of biology are ‘vital topology’, scalar super organisms, and the study of species as 5D super organisms, which solves the false argument between intelligent design and impersonal evolution. The key insight of 5D as in all other disciplines lays in the rejection of Newton’s absolute space and time, which leaves only one option: as space and time are not abstract, but the substances of which we are all made, all systems of Nature have cyclical time properties, evolving in 3 Ages between birth and extinction, which apply to biology as the III horizons of its species. And spatial, scalar, topologic properties that make all systems a part of a larger 5D super organisms, and limit its evolution to 3 topological varieties of ‘geometries with motion and hence organic functions’: lineal moving limbs/fields, hyperbolic reproductive bodywaves and informative particle/heads patterns. Topologic evolution thus limits the variations of biological mutations and explains why some complex systems evolve so fast. It is important also to analyze the different ‘speeds of time’, which explain punctuary evolution, and finally to consider the 3 ‘scalar’ levels of its life supœrganisms, the cellular, organic and ecosystemic level, as Earth is also a global superorganism, evolving in 3 ages. And we can model the 3 Horizons of species as ages of a superorganism in which each individual is a ‘cell’.

We respond to the question, what is life, and study the topological evolution of carbon life from its simplest atomic timespace organisms common to mankind and the superorganisms of Earth… in a travel through the fifth dimension that lasted 3 billion years… ∆ST ‘stiences’ study the main ‘nested’ organic systems of the 3 great disciplines of knowledge – physical, social and biologic systems.

As all in the Universe is entangled, in fact those 3 ‘scales’ of reality are connected; and so we shall trace how from physical systems, life evolved through biologic systems into human social systems, studied in more detail in the next papers of the 5D series on the II Age of Gaia’s membrain, the supœrganism of History. In that regard, Science is part of the information processed by the human organism, hence it is partially culture. Even the most exact formal sciences (mathematics & physics) are molded by ‘a priori’ postulates on the principles of reality: organic scales of space=form, time=motions, mind-languages=points & ¡ts Laws of exist¡ence.


3 evolutionary species horizons+¡: social evolution vs. -¡: extinction

Species can be modeled as organisms through its 3 ages that become its 3 horizons, followed either by a survival process of eusocial evolution – the summit of the process of organic evolution, which Darwin realized was necessary to explain the success of eusocial insects, or become extinct by the ‘new generation’ of fitter animal forms. in the graph we can see its 3 Horizon=ages and its ternary topology, similar to that of any other organism; and the dominant arrow of information in the height axis, of both reptile species that ended in birds, and mammals that ended in man. So happened with meta life machines, whose final species, satellites are now forming the arrow of eusocial evolution, or future mind of the metal earth -internet

Back to Species as supœrganisms, introduced in the ‘introduction’, its canonical ∆ST graph, shows its 3 ages and its 3 horizons, with its topological laws and some key concepts of ∆ST spacetime theory, followed in all scales, which will allow us to ‘find’ the ‘1st’ and ‘last’ species. The first one will always be ‘smaller’ because smaller systems accelerate Tƒ, cyclical time and evolution. This will solve many puzzles of evolution, because those 1st smaller species are difficult to find in the fossile record. As the graph is old we use the smallish bilateral vernanimalcula as the first bilateral (some other might be found by now, but it won’t break the law of minimal size). While the final surviving species will be an St-informative one followed by a survival process of eusocial evolution – the summit of the process of organic evolution, which Darwin realized was necessary to explain the success of eusocial insects, or the species will become extinct by a ‘new generation’ of fitter animal forms, very often its sons, according to the Oedipus paradox, because they will become ‘competitors’ in the same econiche – the surest path total extinction. In the graph we can see its 3 Horizon=ages and its ternary topology, similar to that of any other organism; and the dominant Dimotion of information in the height axis, of both reptile species that ended in birds, and mammals that ended in man. So happened with metalife machines, whose final species, satellites are now forming the Dimotion of eusocial evolution, or future mind of the metal earth –internet.

The 3 ages of time also brings the solution to the ‘limits’ of evolution, which Darwin already wondered: why certain species evolve so fast into complex forms as eyes and wings. Answer, because there are only 3 topologies to go, and so the choices are random but limited and it is every easy to go the right way. In the next graph we see those 3 ages of evolution as species can be treated as super organisms with its own world cycles.

The graph thus show that ALL species follow also the young, predator, reproductive radiation, and informative, height growth of the 3 ages of life, and then either they evolve further into social organisms (ants, bees, humans) and as wholes in a higher ∆+1 scale survive better, or they become extinct by a new generation.

The creation of a new species takes place according to the same 3 ages of any space-time field that become the 3 horizons of any species: after conception that creates ‘a seed’ of pure information and minimal spatial energy, species go through a young age of energy growth that creates ‘big species’; a mature, reproductive age of forms in balance between its energy and information when the species maximizes its reproduction, radiating in huge numbers; and a third horizon of informative evolution when it diversifies into multiple sub-species, becoming finally extinguished, (the equivalent to the death of any organism), or creating a new top predator form, a ‘son species’ that will restart a new cycle of life.

+1:  Birth: max. T. The black hole paradox (conception).

The ‘black hole’ age of any species is parallel to the informative, genetic conception of any organism born out of a ‘seed’ that packs the maximum genetic information in the minimal space. It is caused by the slight dominance of temporal information (quantic time) over spatial energy (quantic space). So a new top predator species is born with a lot of new, genetic information packed in a reduced size (Max. St=Min. Ts). This happens because information is processed faster in smaller spaces.

For example, a ‘logic instruction’ is resolved faster in smaller chips. It follows that tiny species with huge numbers of ‘neurons’ create quantic actions faster than slow, bigger species. And since they are highly informative, they can coordinate those quantic actions in herds that act simultaneously as a single organism. So their S-T energy-force that defines a top predator is higher in each quantic action of space-time that the ‘slow actions’ of a big body. Thus small English boats shooting faster against big galleons defeated the Spanish Armada; a pack of wolfs kill slow reins and herds of orcas kill bigger whales. Small, intelligent top predator brains rule bigger, less informative bodies, because time dominates space, information dominates and shapes energy.
Thus men, the most informative animals, are the Earth’s top predators; black holes, which have maximum gravitational information, are the top predators of the Universe and chips rule machines.

I Horizon: Energy Age: Max. Ts: Top Predators and Extinctions 

In their youth, carbohydrates (fats), worms (planarians), echinoderms, cephalopods, fishes, amphibians, mammals and chipped machines grew into energetic, lineal or planar, big top predators

A newborn, small foetus grows very fast in size as it multiplies its cells. By homology a new species is born as a small, informative, complex being that latter grows in spatial size during its energetic youth becoming a, lineal, energetic, big top predator species, that feeds on less evolved forms.

Thus after conception, young fishes grew into big sharks of linear forms; after the polemic Homo Floresiensis invented technology the next Homo Sapiens with an extensive fossil record were big, energetic Neanderthals;the 1st big molecules of life were fat carbohydrate chains of linear form; the 1st insects acquired soon gigantic bodies in the Carboniferous; after chips were born as small machines placed in PCs and toys, the first robots they control are big tool-machines and huge weapons of mass destruction, lineal missiles and planes, that kill human beings.

 II Horizon: Evolution or Age of balance and reproduction: max. Sp x Ss. Radiations of species.
The species finds a balance between form and energy and it reproduces in massive radiations: carbohydrates gave birth to amino acids with a nitrogen, informative atom on its ‘relative Head’; sharks gave way to balanced tubular fishes; brachycephalic Neanderthals gave way to dolichocephalic Cro-Magnons that multiplied and colonized all continents; while young giant stars acquire the balanced size of yellow suns, the commonest of all stars.

III Horizon: Evolution or Age of information: Max. Ss: max. Evolutionary differentiation.

Species grow in height or acquire cyclical forms, as they evolve through their 2nd and 3rd horizons, improving their sensorial, informative skills: Nucleotides become the top predator life molecules, echinoderms change to cyclical forms, fishes organize their networks in the dimension of height, amphibians become round, improving its smell, saurian and mammals become biped.

A key difference between organisms and species happens in their 3rd age, due to the discontinuous nature of the individual ‘cells’ of species, which do not become extinguished unlike the tightly controlled cells of organic systems, dominated by nervous, informative systems that exhaust and warp totally their energy, till the organism collapses.

Instead species continue evolving, creating new, complex species with more information, growing in the dimension of height. So the Homo Sapiens evolves ever more complex technological tools; the nucleotide appears when it adds informative depth to the amino acid (with an informative, nitrogen ring and an energetic sugar ring); the yellow sun becomes a neutron star of higher gravitational, informative density; while insects develop a growing brain capacity and bees and ants appear.

(±∆): Extinction Vs Evolution into super-organisms. The scales of the Universe.

Thus, organisms dominated by their informative networks, which consumes the energy of the system very fast, die sooner than species, according to a clock set by the rate at which energy is metabolised, ‘in-formed’, by their nervous system. While species, which are dominated by the individuals and the herds survive for eons with 3 basic strategies according to the ‘ternary plan’:
– Max. Sp: Creating balanced, trophic pyramids that maintain always a supply of new victims.

– §∏: Diversifying their individual forms into new species, instead of ‘degenerating’ into a warped space-time field. It is a parallel strategy to the reproduction of an organism, which in this manner survives his own death. Thus we talk of ‘son species’ that create evolutionary, genealogical trees similar to those of any organism.

However son species tend to kill-extinct the mother species, feeding on their energy. We call that fact, the Oedipus paradox. So mammals killed reptiles, men killed mammals and robots might kill human beings. While the different generations of an organism work together, creating informative networks between them that shape herds and families. While variations on the Game of Extinction are many, Oedipus Px. is the general law, crystal clear today in the increasing process of me(n)tal devolution of mankind that will be followed by a 5G explosion of AI robocars and Terminators that will do us all, while our Zero generation of eraseheads feast as cells in a rigor mortis do .

– Max. Ss: Species also evolve socially their individual forms into super-organisms, thanks to the creation of informative networks and languages that integrate them into a whole, bigger form, which is more powerful than the individuals of a herd. It is the arrow of love, of eusocial evolution, of the ∆±¡ scalar dimotions that redeems the Universe as it allow forms to overcome extinction by forming a social whole stronger than the individual, and in the case of mankin and history, the only solution to its present existential risks caused by war and robots.

Taxonomical stiences. The trilogic and pentalogic principles.

Biologists like to give names. It is called taxonomy and we have to amend it, because the ‘program of creation’ is based in the fractal principles of trilogic and pentalogic becomes a truism of survival evolution:

A system diversifies in dominant Ts, §∏ and St sub-species departing from an ∆-1 ‘first seed=form’, finally evolving into a larger ∆+1 supœrganism.

And so we will find constantly ‘3 and 5’ sub-divisions of Domains, Kingdoms, Phyla, species and apply the trilogic and pentalogic principle, observing the ‘features’ of phyla to order them NOT by scholar argument, or ‘molecular systemics’ (: but by ∆ST diversification.

Moreover those principles apply to all the scales of reality and ‘converge’ in the widest of all ternary principles, found everywhere in all stiences, the decametric principle: 3 x 3 ages and sub-ages of time conclude a worldcycle and sometimes give birth to a ‘new plane of existence’. So we find 3 fundamental ‘molecular ages’ (the carbohydrate, protein and nucelotid ages), 3 cellular ages, 3 life ages… And now Earth as a whole seem to be mutating from nitrolife (mankind, history, Gaia) into Metalife, even IF ∆ST ALLOWS TO STOP TIME by stopping the evolution of machines and make us survive.

This said and repeated ad nauseam so perhaps the anti-Goebbels method (if you repeat a truth many times people will reason and maybe do something about it, even if it is just word of mouth- spreading the facts), the first obvious question is how many Domains? Now that all is computer generated ‘molecular systemics’ it seems all what matters is to make a branch tree with lineal time ‘clocks’ to reach the Homo (non Sapiens so far as survival is the only intelligence). So obviously we were going to find a ternary principle and define just 3 sub-species on the diversification of the first unicellular species, the Ts-Archean (first), then the §∏- Bacteria, and then the St-Eukarya. So far so good, we have a ternary unicellular 3 ages ‘classic ∆ST’ worldcycle:

Ts-Archean > §∏- Bacteria > St (protista: Eukarya)

But that is NOT how ∆ST – the Universe – proceeds, because the Eukarya has in this new classification is NOT only the unicellular St-protista, the 3rd most evolved ‘St-uni-cellular species’, which if you go back to the worldcycle of spacetime and its application to species WILL THEN as the final strategy of survival, use its higher St-language of information to evolve into a new ∆+1 scale, multicellular organisms.

So while molecular systemics is right. Multicellular organisms come from the St-higher informative genetic language of protista, it is ridiculous to PUT all the species of the ∆+1 multicellular scale everything else.

Those 3 are the 3 Ages=Kingdoms or unicellular organisms, the ∆-1 scale of life. That is the rational use of ∆st, scales, time ages (here molecular systemics helps but it is NOT a dictator of the single truth) and S-physiology, which WILL according to the congruence symmetry principle S=t (form is function), match each other.

How to resolve this? Obviously getting rid of ‘Domain’. Life evolves according to the absolute longer dimotion of timespace, ∆-scale, from cells into multicellular systems. So if we ‘start’ calling kingdoms of life (which could be started also in amino acids; that in fact, would be the proper way to start and that is where we will start – from atom to Metal-earth, all the way through all scales), to the CELL, then the first Kingdom was unicells, with 3.

Then we jump an ∆+1 scale, and we get again 3 kingdoms:

Ts-Plants of maximal entropic food> §∏-fungi of maximal reproduction >St-animals of maximal information.

Those are the 3 ‘next kingdoms’. You see then how ilogic and obvious is the matching of ∆ST and taxonomy?

So the first obvious change to set the (fossile) ‘record straight’ is to substitute the ‘Domain’ for ‘∆ST scale’. Easy.

Why taxonomy in ∆ST follows the @->∆->S->T inverse order than in 4D.

This might seem irrelevant but it is ESSENTIAL to differentiate species on the basis of @-languages, ∆-scale, ∆-topology and ∆-time by that order. Why that order? Because in ∆ST the ‘supreme truth’ is survival=existence. You are NOT in a lineal time game but in a worldcycle of cyclical existences, and so the next important element for all practical reasons IS survival based in communication through a common language that allows ‘symbiosis’ and collaboration vs. Babel languages that divide and make preys.

In Ideal History humanity won’t be about accumulating data banks in me(n)tal machines as enzymen bond to extinction are, but about ‘survival and immortality’ with a praxis of knowledge classified this way. So the first truth is that according to the 4th postulate of Non-Euclidean vital topology, ‘congruence’ is maximal when the informative language is the same. This means electric cells became symbiotic in its 3 main species, and tolerated the ‘earlier ∆-1’ primitive amoeboid as a Tt-entropic hunter on the immunological systems. Then ∆-scale matters most because it organizes the symbiosis and synchronicities between the ∑∑ ∆-1> 3∏∆ø > ∆+1 scales of cells/atoms, network organism/matter states, ecosystem, planet, which form the complex organism. This then can be studied in the §∏ physiological ≈ ages symmetry, but this final ages symmetry (molecular systemics 🙂 is irrelevant for survival. In fact it almost invariably gives birth to the ‘Oedipus paradox’, which essentially means, the ‘1st seminal species’ of a new Phyla is invariably predated by the next Ts>§∏>St 3 ‘extant species’ that occupy the predator lineal niche, the reproductive niche and the informative niche of maximal survival.

So we will find constantly in the phyla mappings of ‘molecular systemics’, the ternary and pentalogic principle.

Thus we have first ‘SCALE’, and here there is the molecular, cellular, multicellular and ecosystemic scales.

Then it comes kingdom with the Ts>§∏>St trinity IN EACH SCALE all the way to the atom. So there are ‘3 bio-chemical kingdoms’, if we reduce to the atomic and macro-molecular scale jumping the middle amino acid one:

Bio-chemical scales: ∆-1: Ts-Oxygen > §∏: Carbon > St: Nitrogen….

∆+1: Ts: Fats > §∏: Proteins > St-Nucleotid acids

Then comes after kingdoms, phyla and here we are doing Ok. Consider just one case, Fungi.

Fungi are classified in 5 sub-groups with the scantier ∆±1 ‘niches’ added to the 3 dominant ones. So we write in ∆ST:

∆-1: 1,000 chytrid species >Ts 1,000 zygomycetes> §∏ 65,000 ascomycetes> St 30,000 basidiomycetes > ∆+1: 160 glomeromycetes… to illustrate another Disomorphic worldcycle of diversification, from the ‘smaller number’ of Cyhtrids, some of which are sill unicellular with flagels; to the few Glomeromycetes that are completely symbiotic to the brains of trees forming extensive networks, and notice the maximal abundance of the specialized ‘body-fungi’, with enormous reproductive power, mostly becoming the structural body for plants in lichens; followed by the last evolved basidiomycetes, which do have ALL the qualities (high reproduction, predatory but also symbiotic capacities) and are the recognized parts; while the predatory fungi, zygomycetes come last in species.

Phyla then can be established universally for all scales applying once more the trinity plus ∆+1 Sub-species (we use the concept species ∆ST for anything as a synonymous of any time of spacetime organism outside the biologic scale -chemical compounds, etc. even outside nitrolife. with local variations rationally explained according to ‘Ages’, as the predatory species is more abundant in the ‘original expansion’ of the new species – hence today we are awash with top predator metalife weapons, because yes, I shall NOT cease to repeat for 30 years and counting, they are being reared to extinguish our species as AI robots… But once we are gone, there will be an expansion of reproductive working robots and finally, pure visual AI brains will dominate the Metalearth, facts we analyze in Historic and economic papers studying the transition to the robot through human enzymen.

The residual phyla and the ‘first man standing’.

It is then noticeable that the ∆-1 ‘residual’ phyla is the less abundant in any process. This is the lonely guy and the only reason it survives, is the fact that once it was so numerous, as the ‘first man’ that inundated the Earth. So it might survive in some ‘reservoir’, ‘natural park’, or doing some menial job for the new social dominant group.

There are those residual phyla everywhere. We just saw the chytrid, but some other examples are the placozoa, a phyla with a single species, Trichoplax adhaercns. It consists of a few thousand cells arranged in a double-layered plate that reproduces by dividing into two individuals or by budding off many multicellular individuals. Obviously it is the ‘survivor’ of an age in which ameboids with an ectoderm and mesoderm evolved into the first flat worms, referred elsewhere. The same happens with the amphioxus, one of the first chordata, which evolved according to the ‘height dimension’ of ‘dominance’, unlike all other species, with the brain/neural plate on top (gastrulation with the anus below, along echinomderma), and as always in the entangled Universe, had in the 3 ‘networks’ an important improvement – gills to breathe, bone notochord and above neural plate. And as usual it happened as always in ∆ST from a ‘smaller more informative’ species, and in the ‘still state of space=form’, and in the height position, buried in the water, proteted. So we do have those phyla. And this again happens in every Spacetime organism, including human ‘castes’, in machines with the first people’s car the volks-wagen, still being adapted a century latter. And will likely happen in the IV millennium, when some lonely group of humans are kept in a reservation, as we keep the once most abundant mammal on Earth. the mighty lion.

Individual lonely fellow phyla, which WAS the original father of the whole ternary diversification, charitably is left to survive doing the most trashy jobs and that cruelty extends to animetal cultures – so a Chinese empress when a new dynasty came was cut her hands and feet and left feeding on the latrines by the new empress in perhaps the cruelest act of a very cruel species, till she died… But Alas! this was for a whole caste, the new job in which the Aryan Barbarians placed Dravidians… And while we cannot know it, I would NOT be surprised that many untouchables were in fact the royal families of the defeated pre-Aryan Neolithic cultures. Now the ameboid white cell is doing this as the Tt-killer of trash germs in our bodies.

Things thus with phyla get more complex, but also because here, the human taxonomist has NOT the ternary/pentalogic principle at hand. We chose fungi because there human taxonomists did right. But sometimes they get amok when they have millions of subspecies to classify. But also because Nature gets more complex, on what species survive and diversifies along other lines, according to different ∆+1 ecosystems, according to prey-predator ‘armor race’, etc. So we must be flexible, and the more so when we ‘abandon the first principles’ – the great categories entering into menial details. Still those principles keep being helpful along other key lines of diversification by ecosystems (which can also be divided by similar trinity-penta and heptalogic principles) and the ∑ vs. ∏ principle of herds and networks (as in multiple eyes of arthropoda vs. single eyes of cephalopoda; and other principles based in ‘geological matter’ (Ts-gaseous: flying > §∏-liquid: sea > St-solid: earth animals).

So with all the principles of ∆ST and the details of Earth we can do classifications, besides what biologists are going to do with its computers – the leit motiv of our modern evolution… ‘molecular systemics’.

Indeed, we can divide mammals and reptilia in air mammals, bats, water mammals, cetaceans and earth mammals, the most abundant, as that is its origin and they are STILL the top predator animals; but with reptilia, this ternary dominance was in the Jurassic, then the most abundant, Earth reptilia became massively extinct by placental mammals eating their eggs at night and so they found refuge putting eggs in cliffs as birds, which are today by far the most abundant. Thus in the web of life, things get ‘entangled’ and more complex, even if the principles of diversification remain. But we won’t in this short papers try an exhaustive analysis with those ∆ST laws, something I tried ‘twice’, first ending Columbia U. and 173 universities rejected the plan with a team of multiple disciplines and then at the International Systems society 15 years ago. Now I am too old and tired to care.

The Laws of ∆ST though are sound and the true guidance. So we did have the ‘anus animal’ and the ‘mouth animals’ seen in gastrulation and the mouth ones became the most intelligent, best evolutions, but one group, echinoderma decided to be still-like plant, with the mouth down eating dust, and so it did NOT evolve further, in fact regressed to plant-like, radial symmetry after the larva state (remember in ∆ST time is cyclical so devolution of which death is scalar devolution IS always possible and constant in predator ecosystems, as man is now devolving mentally due to the mental predatio of chips and visual systems since we do talk words). Again it was the choice of orientation in the Height dimension of information (see prologue) what defined that the echinoderma bite dust literally again, and the chordata went on evolving further. Plus chordata chose to move and that increase the ‘events’ and hence’ adaptations, while echinoderma chose to remain still. Here again we see the ‘reasoning’ of the paradoxes of ∆ST systems. While stillness is ‘good’ for informative evolution under stress in punctuated times, once a stable form is reached it ‘becomes a dead end’.

Today as we have numbered several million species; the ternary and pentalogic principle would need those computers to order those huge trees of data so the forest seems not to matter, but it does: dualities, trinities and pentalogic are all over.
Consider another S vs. T duality: Hydra stayed still and medusa turned around and moved. The space=still form as usual is the ‘seed’, then the system moves and gives you 3 sub-species, one the first to come as it moves, the top predator, Tt>Ts, the 2nd the reproductive radiation, §∏, the 3rd the adaptive radiation, St, and here we do have an explosion of new phyla; which as in the case of the Domain vs. Kingdom of unicellular organisms, in true form should be sub-divided again. But we CANNOT change so much. So we are NOT changing, but merely accept those diversifications of phyla within a kingdom. What good taxonomists though are doing and it works well with ∆ST as it includes ‘scales’ is ‘trees’ with time ‘scales’ and new branchings. And so this is the level in which we will ‘stop’ our analysis because it is quite ‘telling’. Branching IS almost universally a game of dualities, trinities and pentalogic. And in this manner, we will try to just consider the fundamental phyla of the Natural kingdom.


A simple change in the Trees of Species is then required to systematize the duality of phases of evolution, with radiations in space of new succesfu species, which then will keep evolving in the same econiche, diversifying into 3 species of St>§∏> St higher network efficiency that will corner the once globally extended ‘pioneer’ mother, according to the Oedipus paradox, which will then remain as a very small phyla, in isolated regions. Thus in terms of diversification we observe constantly a digital pattern:   1(father)<3 Network diversifications>∆+1.

Since 1, the mother species extended globally in space, but soon diversified in 3 network specializations, lasting as the ‘global dominant species’ a very short period of time, the proper way to extablish those trees is writing in space, perpendicular to the new pternary phyla and the small surviving clade of the original parental species… So we know it is the father of all of them. This pattern in fact is so pervading that the entire tree of life reaches a higher clarity with this simple perpendicular addition of parental clads, easily recognized because they are the most primitive surviving clade, and the less extended today. So we eliminate the ‘interrogations’ that appear in all those trees about the ‘mother species’, which biologists hint is that primitive survivor, but lacking a ∆ST higher model cannot be certain without fossile records and molecular systematics. In the graphs we see some examples that we keep using in the text.

The graph illustrates those changes, comparing the classic structure of a tree in which branching points are unknown with ∆ST cladistics which introduces several noticeable changes in the branching that add information to the plan of evolution:

– We introduce a trilogic-pentalogic color code, purple for the ∆-1 birth species, Ts-red, §∏-green, St-blue for the 3 ages and violet for the ∆+1 social species, which is a general code for the worldcycles of life; with duality variations for further decouplings (Ts: red & orange, §∏: yellow and green; St: Sea Blue and indigo).

It is then easy to see (without any in-depth analysis that latter might vary some of the branching) how automatically the whole tree of life becomes translated to ∆ST, including its ‘spatial’ radiation ages of each new clad, which then will become a ‘purple’ thin line (the width of those lines giving further info on present abundance).

– We introduce (discontinuous lines), parallel genetic transfer (mithocondria, chloropasts) to plants & animals.


We are not going to do the whole taxonomical ∆ST ‘colored’ introduction of the pentalogic worldcycle applied to species with its sequence. We’ll just introduce it as we see fit in some phyla. Let us consider the basic sequence of its pentalogic structure

1) The easiest modification is just to move up and ‘straighten’ the line-ages, to get the first lineage straight (:

A simple example, from Campbellnt.1. Biologists ‘fork’ trees from a ‘supposed’ ancestor, which obviously will never be found, as its ‘entropic dogma’ is that there is no goal and all is chaotic chance. But evolution DOES have a goal, as the Universe is a game of re=production of fractal information with a clear-cut pentalogic: ∆-1:|-Ts>Ø-§∏>O-St<<TtÙ∆+1.

So the ancestor IS the surviving most primitive phyla, which survives because once long ago was all over the place, and reduced its habitat because it is a competitor of its sons (Oedipus paradox, not coincidentally considered in Britannica the best f Greek tragedy, as Universal as it gets). So all what we need to do is to eliminate the fork by moving up to the primitives the line, and color it of ‘purple rain’, the 1st color of ‘dawn’:

As you can see the ‘pattern’ of ∆ST pentalogic worldcycles align itself neatly. Moreover, the new phyla will be born precisely when the father species reaches its maximal expansion in space (perpendicular color, as time and space are orthogonal in properties and graphs). Thus in the age of monotremas, precisely when they were more extended in space, and likely some were isolated in a secluded region to ‘tic the St-ill clock of form faster’, a new species came. And it is precisely at that point when the new species will halt as a more evolved competitor the ‘global age’ of the previous species, so the ‘perpendicular’ spatial expansion of the previous one ends, when the new species is born.

Thus the graph, in its simplicity give us a lot of new information based in a simple pattern: the ancestor phyla, the time of maximal expansion of the phyla, which is a brief period that evolves a new more evolved competitor that ends its kingdom. This is the pattern we shall see happening once and again, and while the first graphs I did on that pattern are 30 years old, when there was scanty data, as today the pattern has hold and has now overwhelmingly data, as all ∆ST laws.

This, we can do with any graph, just reordering them properly by ∆-scale and worldcycle ‘goal oriented’ evolution from |-Ts to O-St (we added the human informative species at the end). As it is a lot of photoshop work the reader will find some mappings not well-done (as the previous ones) but hopefully in the future ‘experts’ will do better than this amateur ):

Because we repeat the Universe is goal oriented, but huminds, as entropic minds whose function as enzymen seems to be kill life and history and make ugly top predator metalife weapons is ‘entropic=chaotic’ and won’t accept to his own peril the patterns of ∆ST stience. A simple example: how something so complex as eyes evolved? Answer, because as goal oriented |>ø>O topology, an informative organ could NOT have other form to evolve that topologically from ‘flat’ to spherical, and place itself in the ‘height dimension’ of the organism, where projective geometry ‘sees more’, because we ARE living spatial topologies, like everything else:

The fact that cephalopodan eyes and human eyes evolved the same way is NOT coincidence, neither analogy but topological homology: |>O; and then up in height we go, as Dinosaurs did.

To know the thoughts of God (the ∆ST game of exist¡ence) then helps. Scholars, scientists and humans in general refuse to know because their ‘goal-oriented’ purpose we shall NOT cease to drill so far is to kill life and so they love entropy. They love to be childish little beasts, breaking things, thinking they are in command, but our papers on History and economics, ½ of all I have placed at Academia.edu because they are the most important – those concerned with our supœrganism and survival show, Earth control us with its 800-80 cycles because we DO NOT want to think like God=the game of exist¡ence and rule.


In a wider analysis, every patterns of evolution responds homologously to the very same game of creation and extinction of all systems of space-time, as nitrolife is just a variety of topological space and pentalogic time, regardless of humind’s egocy.

So it plays with the same elements, different speeds, scales and cyclicality (reversibility of evolutionary time)


The different speeds of space-time topological evolution: eigenstates of heterochrony.

This is one of my favorite mechanisms of evolution because it is pure Non-E topology; the different speed of evolution in a Universe in which time has different speeds and as ‘one of the 5 essential elements of reality’, it uses liberally those changes of speed as we have seen in punctuated evolution, regression (devolution) etc. So the difference between a human skull and a chimpanzee is simple. The ‘Tt>Ts’ |-lower entropic jaw system evolves faster in the chip, the St-‘upper’ high=infprmative O-brain skull evolves more in the Homo supposedly sapiens. So in this manner over the ‘basic’ underlying laws of topological dimotions (height is the dimotion of information, the sphere stores maximal form, the lower parts are those of entropy, they are lineal, etc.) all what needs to be modified is the still unlocated gene that regulates ‘time speed’ for the St/Ts parts of the St-head.

Many evolutionary transformations are caused by heterochrony (Greek for ‘ different time’) not only the head parts, but many other tbody parts; such as the fingers shown above, which define its length, and explain the skeletal structure of bats wings (max. growth) vs. its devolution back in time in whales.


Another fundamental element to change patterns of evolution is the different speed at which a system arrives to each of the pentalogic, ∆-1>Ts>§∏>St>Ss+1 STages of exist¡ence, as they have different speeds of morphological change, which is maximal in the ‘palingenetic’ fast track repetition of billions of years of life.

It is precisely at this STage when by making the fetal phase longer and tinker with its own mirror speeds of the evolution of life, when the key changes in evolution can happen, which requires either an isolated protected region, or with the viviparous trick of some fishes and mammals, a longer changes in the protected placenta to essay mutations.

∆-1: Neoteny, then, comes next as a key process of evolutionary acceleration – the maintenance of a childish appareance. And since the ∆-1 ‘seed state’ is one of maximal information, it means to choose a species that will be dominant in information. Neoteny for example is the clearest explanation to the Mongoloid race with childish features and higher St-verbal, brachicephalic power, compared to the §∏-psylocephalic black race and the Ts-entropic visual, dolicocephalic race.

Ts: Paedomorphosis Neoteny (the baby-fetal stage) is NOT the same phenomena. It is an earlier development of the §∏-reproductive organs, which keeps features of the adolescent sT-age in which the ‘locomotion’ organs accelerate its growth compared to the higher evolution of informative organs in the fetal stage – so the child is born with a huge head, and the adolescent has no judgment.

In lower species in fact might mean the ‘abortion’ of the 2nd cycle of evolution (metamorphosis), keeping features of ancestral species, as some salamanders (Mexican cave Axolotl) that don’t undergo metamorphosis and retain its gills. In fact this ‘regression’ of the worldcycle happens under stress, in difficult conditions, when the species that don’t expect to live that long accelerates the ‘goal’ of all systems of the Universe, a reproductive fractal, to survive.


3 Cycles of time in organisms –cellular life –organic life –species.

Let us consider the 3 relative scales of time cycles in the biological Universe, the scale of the cell, the scale of the organism, and the scale of the ecosystem, which will allow us to define a superorganism, as a region of 3 plane of space-time, in which the different time-cycles of its scalar organisms, which differ according to the laws of ∆ST (Max. T = Min. S), are however synchronized in entangled symbiotic relationships within the vital space enclosed by the outer membrane that sets the ‘principal clock’ of the system. Thus when we find a superorganism, we observe an outer membrain made of cyclical motions, which determine the different cycles of its lower planes, synchronized to that membrain. And this means humans, the main superorganism studied here, have their clocks synchronized to the largest ∆+1 scale of the Earth’s superorganism, whose clocks are synchronized to those of the solar system, synchronized to those of the galaxy (11 years black hole cycle, sun’s spot cycle, Jupiter’s rotary cycle). We are not though studying here the whole Galactic superorganism with its yet to be unfolded perfet order but reduce our inquire to the Earth’s superorganism and its clocks of time.

For a superorganism to exist thus the minimal ∆-1 part in its longest cycle must be synchronized with the larger ∆+1 part in its shortest cycle. In the galaxy as a whole that synchronicity happens between H and C.

The synchronicity we consider for biological organisms is between the ‘fastest’ cycle of Earth, ‘1 day’ rotary, informative cycle, and the slowest cycle of the minimal superorganism we study, the day-life cycle of the cell. In between we can then define a superorganism called Gaia, with multiple variations. (The Universe does have its ‘ideal’ ilogons of exist¡ence, using my oldest 30 years old jargon, which are the most efficient forms with maximal synchronicity and internal communication between its parts). In the next scale, of the human superorganism, we must then consider a synchronicity between the fastest cycle ½-1 second for human eye thought, heart beat and step, and the lower scale below the cell, that is the bio-chemical processes. And amazingly enough, for those who don’t have a deep understanding of ∆ST worldcucles and its entanglements through scales, the rate of reproduction of proteins in eukaryotic ribosomal cells is… oh yes can you guess it (: 1 protein each ½ second; the perfect ‘time beat’ for your dancing moves… Tic-tac.

Let us dance to the beat of the intelligent, immortal, infinite, informative, isomorphic, iterative iuniverse…


∆-1: THE AGES OF LIFE: Laws of Time & Space: Emergence and Synchronicity

In all Universal superorganisms the synchronicity of its frequency time cycles define the symbiosis of its scales, and within each scale of its 4 Dimotions. In the graph, the cycle of death and reproduction of a cell is synchronized as with so many organisms that reproduce only once in life to preserve its ‘ilogon of exist¡ence’. It is the fundamental truth of the fractal reproductive Universe: you exist to reproduce your information and then die. We conclude that organic, Network laws are laws of simultaneity; and the most important of them are the laws of synchronicity between scales.

Simultaneity is the trademark of space, defined as adjacent systems that are perceived by an observer in simultaneity. The whole concept of 4D Einstein’s formalism is based in simultaneity of measure, using a single time present quanta dimension. So simultaneity is perception of present information space in the minimum time (only 1 frequency quanta) It follows that what is simultaneous is also relative to the observer quanta of perception and that wholes which are slower in their clocks of time, see more simultaneous spaces, being able for that reason to become paradoxically minds of wholeness, and that as minds stop motion of time into form, information, languages are the ‘force’ on which simultaneity is based.

Death in time is the loss of synchronicity of those cycles (as in space is the breaking of the outer membrain and in scale the scattering of its networks into its ∆-1 parts).

Knots of Time. Synchronicity of actions and cycles of space-time existence.

The formalisation of the Universe starts with the analysis of the rhythms and frequencies of the different ‘actions’ of each species, which connects them symbiotically to other species is a key field of ∆ST studies that analyzes the synchronicity between the different scales and actions of the co-existing particles of an ∆±1 supœrganism.

Let us then consider this key theme of ∆§∏. sAny supœrganism is a knot of cyclical time Ðimotions made of multiple feeding, reproductive, informative and social cycles with different frequencies and dimensional sizes, which converge in that organism, the next conundrum to resolve is the harmonic synchronicities between the Informative->Energetic->Reproductive->Social cycles of the organism. Each cycle will have a frequency in harmony with many other cycles, and so the being might be very complex in its behavior as it switches between cycles, but ultimately it can be reduced to a series of cycles that converge into the organism. Thus, organisms are knots of time cycles. In the same way, when multiple cycles converge into a point they add their causal power and produce intense events with a higher ∑e x ∏St existential energy-force, but we can break the complex entity into a series of cycles whose combined action will show a harmonic frequency, as we can break a harmonic wave into a Fourier series of simpler waves.

In this manner complex events/entities can be reduced to simplex herds of events/cells.

For example, the convergence of different geological and cosmological cycles, which affect the energy and information of the Earth, cause ages of extinction and age of massive evolution of new species, with a series of frequencies and rhythms we have studied in our analysis of geological biological and sociological cycles. In fact most events of the Universe have multiple causes, which means they are knots of time cycles: from multiple cyclical energy-forces that converge in Relativity to create a knot of gravitation or a charge, to the multiple events that converge in Biology to cause an age of extinction, to the multiple failures that converge in a body to change its rhythm from life to death.

Since the Universe explores all possible structures, despite being made of a few elements, the inverse system also exists: one in which the bigger system is simpler than the smaller, faster cells, and both are symbiotic, since the smaller cells equal the ‘existential energy-force’ of the bigger system with more ‘energy space’ but less frequency of time-cycles.

Whereas the bigger system is: Max. Te x Min Si

And the smaller system is: Max. Si x Min. Te.

Unlike the previous organic systems in which the informative networks exploit selfishly and extract energy from the herd, big, slow forms and fast, small systems are symbiotic, in balance and so they last longer in time.

Still, even if there is a degree of symbiosis the bigger, single organic system will be in control of the cellular herds as it provides them with the ecosystem in which to obtain energy and information. And in this manner it creates the structural order and deterministic destiny of most systems in the Universe. Let us try to formalize such pyramids of synchronicity, with the help of the 3×3 time Ðimotions, which dictate that an informative pixel is smaller than the superorganism of the perceiver; a bite of energy is smaller than the reproductive body; and a reproduced, self-similar cell is smaller than the super-organism of which it forms part. In terms of existence, it means that the life of a quantum, fractal part depends on the length of the cycle it performs for the bigger system that controls the fractal part through its networks and informative or energetic fields:

The shortest cycle is the informative cycle that absorbs energy particles, transforming them into bits of information, perceived by a sensorial organ or mind. So informative particles are the smallest ones that live the shortest within any organism. For example, a human being consumes thousands of small letters in a newspaper thrown every day; an eye consumes a photon in a microsecond.

Next comes the feeding, energetic cycle that absorbs bigger energy quanta, transforming those quanta in ‘cellular components’ of a body, once the informative cycles have perceived the food. And so an energy quantum lives a little bit longer than an informative cycle. A pig that feeds a man lives longer than a newspaper and also its ‘final consumption’ takes longer than reading that paper.

Then, it comes the reproductive cycle that handles huge amounts of energy and information to create a being, repetition of a bigger organism. A woman’s ovule stays on her body all her life and it takes 9 months to become a baby.

Finally, the longest cycle is the being’s generational, social cycle, from its birth to its extinction (±st) when it becomes part of an eusocial superorganism. So those cells that carry the ‘social information’ and I-eye-wor(l)d of a human being, our existential will, last longer: a man has the same neurons all his life. It is through that longer generational cycle how a new social plane starts to evolve, as a new ecosystem or macro-organism in which the being exists, as a mere quanta of the macro-being. Such is the relativism and justice of the Universe: since he who killed micro-beings to feed and inform himself will be just a micro-being that toils for a bigger organism.

It is the social cycle, as the quanta gathers in social groups to perform energetic or informative actions for the bigger macro-organism that lives in a longer scale of time and controls him. For example, if you are a soldier, your national organism will sacrifice you in an energetic cycle when the nation conquers and ‘feeds on’ the wealth of other nation.

Any organic system is a sum of 3±st types of cycles, chained in hierarchical structures across 3 levels of complexity. Any being’s existence happens within those 3 TS planes in any organic system or ecosystem, in which he is a relative energy of bigger being, an equal, social being to its pairs and the informative master of smaller quanta.

Balances between scales. Ternary principle.

According to the Ternary Principle any fractal, cyclical action of any species can be described through its spatial parameter of ‘speed-extension’ and its reciprocal, temporal parameter of repetitive rhythm or ‘informative frequency’, whose product, ExI=K is a constant of action that defines the existential parameters or life-span of the cycle (also written as §x∏=K in certain models of physics, since ‘clocks of time’ and cycles of information are synonymous).

Yet those åctions are the sum of the simultaneous micro-åctions of its ‘cellular quanta’ and so both must be in balance for the total organism, extended in two planes of existence to work in synchronicity. And that synchronicity is ruled by the black hole law of complexity, we just explained:

Min.Ts=Max.St: smaller beings act faster than bigger ones.

How the faster, smaller, ∆-1 micro-åctions relate to the slower, big simultaneous åctions of the organism? Or in formal terms, what is the relationship between the constants of those macro-åctions and the faster parameters of its micro-cellular cyclical åctions? How each organism relates as individual quanta to the slower, longer cycles, (Max. Ts= Min.St), of the ∆+1 ecosystem in which it performs its åctions?

2 facts are the key to properly answer those questions:

– Chains happen across 3 ±st levels of existence, creating hierarchical pyramids of unlimited size in time and space, through those ternary structures.

– Chains of åctions become simultaneous, because certain cycles are shorter than others; so the faster speed of micro-cycles is compensated when we chain fast micro-cycles to slow macro-cycles.

Consider the cycle of feeding of a lion. The lion moves through space in certain patterns that displace the lion towards hunting and drinking grounds where he will consume a victim. Thus the energy cycle will be determined both, by the inner vital constants of the ‘∆-1 cells’ of the ‘st-lion’, (his cellular metabolism that defines his rhythms of hunger, his muscular speed and his strength that determines the preys of the ecosystem in which he feeds); and by the outer, ∆+1 ecosystemic parameters, (the spatial distance and ‘informative density’ of preys of the ecosystem). So to define the 2 ExI elements of the lion’s feeding cycles (the spatial trajectory and fractal rhythm of its hunting) we have to know those ±st parameters. Then we can define totally his feeding cycle.

Thus, existential cycles might be very complex but ultimately we can reduce them to a fractal ternary equation, which relates harmonically the Space-time parameters of those 3 ±st levels.

Those ternary chains define Universal events across 3 hierarchical planes of existence, from the chains that happen between the ‘3 social classes’ of an organism, to the physical events that happen in 3 scales of matter, to the 3 levels of humanity (the biological, individual and sociological level). Since all cyclical systems are defined by the relative ExI parameters of those 3 ∆±1 scales.

For example, Maxwell and Planck defined the informative frequency and energy quanta of a light photon that absorbs gravitational space-time energy and deforms it into a light-wave only with the action constants of 3 scales: the ∆-1 constants, or magnetic, spatial, and electric, informative constants of vacuum – c=(e0 x m0) -1/2; the st-constant of light (h) and the fractal, social constants of photons, as part of a bigger social, ∆+1 wave (Ts=hv). If we add to those synchronicities the understanding of the diffeomorphic dimensions of energy and information (on top), then we can fully grasp the structure of the ‘organic membrane of light-space’ in which we live and its connections with the lower membrane of gravitational space and the upper membrane of electronic, denser space, of which our mental eye wor(l)d is made.

In most systems, a ∆-1 particle, despite its individual ‘vegetative will’, perform a cellular, cyclical function within the macro ecosystem in which it exists either as an energetic or informative unit, and in this manner the sum of the parts makes possible the emergence of the whole. In the previous example, photons are individual forms that feed on micro-electromagnetic constants creating a reproductive c-wave. Yet most photons could not exist if 2 bigger, ∆+1 atomic particles had not reproduced them to communicate energy and information, which is the role they performed by the higher quanta. In fact, the macro-organic dual atomic system that emits and absorbs the photon, determines its ExI, frequency and energy parameters and its generational life span, given by the distance between those 2 atoms.

Those balances between the cellular, existential energy-force and individual energy-force of the system is what maintains the balance of the organism and make it last in time and are exemplified by the previous Maxwell equation or the vital constants and physiological constants of an organism.

We generalize those harmonies, observed in the lower physical plane if we consider a constant of action in any scale to define the Existential Energy of the system we can define a basic law of hierarchical systems:

‘The ∆±1 existential energy-forces of a system are in balance, such as the SixTe constants of action of the macro-system determine the length and intensity of the existential cycles of its cellular forms, which in turn will determine the cycles of its microsystems’.

Thus each entity will become deterministically chained by the informative or energetic, reproductive or social Ðimotions of the upper system, for which it will act within a herd of self-similar forms, sustaining the åctions of those macro-Ðimotions of time. And so while submissive to the higher system it will enter in democratic, parallel relationships with the forms of its planes of existence and finally it will be itself, a super-organism for its internal cells or reproductive body it controls. This is the ternary principle that all systems of reality obey, from humans, which perform for his social scale, related in equal terms to other humans and control tightly the cells of their body, to the light photons of the previous graph, slaves of their electronic parents, of which they often become a ‘fractal cell’ (fractal interpretation of an electronic nebulae), while controlling the electric and magnetic constants of their space-time membrane.

We formalize those ternary functions as partial equations of the Generator Equation of space-time, to which we add the hierarchical index of scalar space-time, st:

– Set∆-1>∆§∏: The being is a dominant macro-point, ∆§∏, which absorbs a flow of information and energy from a herd of micro-quanta (ei∆-1) that it controls with its physiological networks. So our cells are controlled by our blood and nervous systems.

– Ts x St: It is an individual quantum that relates to similar cells in an environment in which it searches for energy in social herds or for similar couples to attain its main existential will: its generational reproduction. Thus, ‘∆’ is the fundamental plane of existence of any being, the region in which it perceives more, and plays its most fulfilling cycles of existence.

– S>∆+1: The point becomes energy of the upper plane, either because it performs an energy function for a bigger social plane. For example, the govern controls you as a social micro-quanta of a nation, which makes you die in wars or takes your energy through taxes. Or because it is consumed as relative information or energy of the upper head or body system. For example, humans become soldiers, the energy of wars for the system called the military-industrial complex.


We exist as we travel a world cycle zero sum through the topological, temporal scales of the fifth dimension.

Life is a travel through 3 scales of the scalar dimotions.

Since the life of a fractal cell or quantum of a bigger system is a moment in the longer existence of its organism, to create the effect of simultaneity, microcosmic, fast, fractal cells have to chain their longer ‘existential cycles’ to the shorter cycles of a bigger organism or ecosystem in which they will exist as a mere fractal instant of those shorter cycles. Thus, the informative Dimotion is smaller and determines the energetic Dimotion, whose frequency is shorter and determines to the reproductive Dimotion, whose cycle is shorter and determines the eusocial Dimotion: T->S->§∏->S. As a Hindu proverb says: ‘a blink on the eye of Vishnu, the Universe, is a life of a planet and a drop of sweat of a planet is a life of a human being.’ 5Ðimotional beings are complex entities that travel through the 5 Ðimotions of space-time, as they move through it, tracing worldcycles of exist¡ence. Such a simple game of Ðimotional beings, can be observed from many perspectives, in an entangled Universe, in which each being must have organs able to perform those steps; so the same dimotions as topological dimensions describe the being.

In sequential time we observe constantly a being modulates its steps through those 5 Ðimotions, Social Generation, entropic death, locomotion, reproduction and gauging of information, aeiou…

‘Life is a 5Ðimotional worldcycle across 3 ∆ST scales.

While life is everything, humans use life for the description of carbonlife beings and we will follow that trend. Thus in this paper we will introduce thus in classic terminology: ∆ST³ Biology. We shall study as we do with all ‘sciences’ the 3±¡= 5 Ðimotional motions (ab. Ðimotions) that carry the evolution of life from the atom to the supœrganism of life – actions of locomotion, energy feeding, information processing, reproduction and social evolution.

All systems are living organic systems the ultimate question of the humind (ab. human mind) What is life then becomes a trivial question– as everything in the Universe is part of a ∆ST time§pace organism that displays the properties of life, its 5 ‘drives’=actions =dimotions of existence: to move, feed, gauge information, evolve socially and reproduce. In fact prior to ∆ST, the 5 dimotions of all systems of the Universe were called ‘drives of life’ as they helped to define life from the anthropomorphic point of view of self-centered ‘huminds’, who thought nothing else could be ‘obviously’ alive unless it looked like us the ‘chosen species’. But we showed the 1st unit of life are atomic particles. So all is alive, including the ‘galatom, the organism of the galaxy similar in life function to a ‘cell’, with gravitational=informative black holes (dark stars) playing the role of DNA, as they control the reproduction of evolution of the galacell.

So what are the main supœrganisms of life in the planet in its lower and higher scales of this ‘smaller nested Universe’ within the galaxy? Obviously the cell from below and the Superorganism of the earth from above.

∑∑ ∆-1: cellular life = ∑ ∆º Multicellular organisms = ∆+1: Planetary supœrganism, whose ‘membrain’ of maximal information is the surface in which nitroife exists; and species evolve also as supœrganisms with the same 3±¡ ages:

Systems evolve in social scales, as space-time organisms, which ’emerge’ as larger wholes. We observe  3 main ∆±i planes of biological systems, the biochemical/ cellular, organic/ thermodynamic and ecosystemic planes, which defined the main biological systems, whose range is within the closest ∆º and ∆±1 scales of human and similar life, from the molecule to the socio-biological ecosystems and supœrganisms.

Thus in terms of scales those 3±¡= 5 Ðimotions carry the evolution of life from the atom to the supœrganism of life – actions of locomotion, energy feeding, information processing, reproduction and social evolution.

For those reasons biology is the most complete of all stiences as the closest in observation, describing carbonlife systems with all languages of pentalogic, including mathematics as it considers its 5 Ðimotions, which in physics are energy-forces, the so-called drives of life. Thus we subdivide biology by scale in 3 ‘∆ST-completed’ disciplines:

0-1D: genetics+ palingenetics of worldcycles(∆-1>o) 1-2-3D: topologic, gender & social evolution (S, st, ð ages) (∆o) ∆ST: ecology + theory of supœrganisms (∆o>+1); the ad ons due to ∆ST cyclical time and fractal, topologic space:

The equation of death in ∆ST systems.

To understand death is vital to avoid it – you have to look at its face. In ∆ST we do have an equation for the 3 entities you cannot look at its face; one because it is immanent, invisible, ilogic, it is God, the Game of Existence, Ss, the pentalogic of all languages, the other opposite to it, is the game of extinction, entropy, death, the sudden disorder in a single quanta of ‘time’ of both the internal and external motion of an organism. In the jargon of ∆ST we talk of the Universe as a game of space=form/information and time=motion, and between those two poles, SóT everything happens. But the two extremes, the ‘seeds’ and ‘minds’ that imprint with information the energy of reality, and the Tt-entropic death that kills and erases information have different asymmetric speeds of creation. The creative process of imprinting the ‘energy’ ( §∏), of existence in the human case given by the sun (the third maximal ‘standing point’ of the function of existence, to use the jargon of ∆ST, we can’t look directly) is very slow.

It takes 9 months to make a child, and 20 years to grow it up. But death, entropic big-bang explosions happens in the minimal quanta of Time of a being, when expansive-motion is maximal. So it takes a second to die, a second to kill that child in war, with the entropic iron-weapons mankind uses to kill. ‘Only entropy comes easy’. To break a glass takes a second to manufacture far longer. A Second is the time quantum of mankind – the time of a step, a beat of the heart, a thought, a glimpse of the eye. It is the synchronizing quantum of your organism’s 3 parts, your Ts-limbs of locomotion (external T-motion, internal form) your §∏-body of energy that balances both and your St-head (external form internal motion or information). The graphs show 2 of the many cases in which we can consider the opposite periods of the two main arrows of ‘spacetime’, Tt-entropy, which are cliffs of destruction that last briefly in time (left stock market growth, right death periods), while the longer periods of slow growth are soft curves which last longer in time so they balance the total spacetime equation of the immortal universe: SóT. This physicists ignore as they only consider the big-bang cliffs of death=entropy, and inversely people ignore as they only consider the slow periods of growth of information (Life arrow).

Even the most simplifying physicist knows that entropy comes easy, the arrow of time of destruction is much faster than that of creation. And that explains why death comes in a quantum, in a second of human time. But whenever we observe a system of nature, we find entropy coming easy, in any scale of reality.

In ∆ST larger systems have deeper time, so they are slower. This is the essence of ∆ST ‘metric’, already noticed by Hutton, the father of geology that said Earth was a living organism. He invented in fact the term superorganism to qualify the Earth. And he said his deep time is slow in its cycles. So it is a quantum of time for the Earth, instead of a second a day. A day is the synchronized time of its smaller life forms, its cells that replicate every other day. All those synchronicities between the parts of superorganisms that 4D science doesn’t even research – they are doing still doodles in the sand of time with its physical worldlines, matter here to the case of the coronavirus pandemic and all the other lethal ‘smaller technological systems’ that menace mankind: we develop technologies but entropy always come first. We develop nuclear energy-forces but the A-bomb came first and in a second killed 200.000 Japanese. The nuclear power plant took 10 years more and even then Chernobyl take a few hours and it killed by leukemia 200.000 more people. We developed genetic editing and a 30 genes virus has broken human civilization. It will take much longer to edit 30.000 human genes to create superman. The first species in Nature are always top predators. The first eye was the squid, the nautilus and it killed the whole cambric fauna triggering the Cambrian diversification and the trilobite defensive system. The first fishes were sharks and they killed every other fish. Man started massacring all fauna and the first AI machines will be terminators as always the first machines have been bombs and weapons. This mankind ignores. Only entropy comes easy because the arrow of death is asymmetric and is much faster than the nurturing arrow of creation. And that is why the tree of technology, the tree of metal, wrongly called the tree of science will kill mankind. But man ignores it, and it is impossible to teach him this obvious fact. So with time I have come the conclusion that man is an enzyman that catalyzes the evolution of lethal machines in a single generation, the age of the singularity black swans weapons that complete the 3 generations of bodies, engines and heads of metal now ensemble in organic weapons. One generation of humanity thus will destroy earth’s life. Hutton’s deep time of 3 billion years. Let us then consider the different aspects of ‘entropy’, the negative arrow of time so fundamental in the processes of evolution and natural selection.

i-Logic definition of Entropy in the 4 main fields of discipines of stience.

We deal in other papers with Physics and entropy, the Tt-internal and external time motions that ‘destroy’ the information of a system, scattering it into a lower plane of spacetime.

Thus Entropy beyond the restricted, ‘local’ mathematical equations used to describe entropy in a physical matter system, is the basic definition of death, as a loss of information due to internal motions, disentangles the synchronicities of the cyclical spacetime clocks that store information in the frequency and form of its cycles in any of the 4 great SCALES of stiences of the Universe (we see those states of entropy in the previous graph):

– Formal stiences: Entropy in formal spacetime means model of theory with a sizable loss of spatial information (Euclidean Geometry of points without parts, waves without volume, (lines), planes without scalar networks, etc. or a loss of Logical temporal information (lineal single A->B causality, which considers only a dimotion of time, in physics usually Ts-locomotion as the cause of reality).

It follows that human languages are entropic languages in as much as ‘huminds’ are not very evolved in the scales of growing consciousness of the Universe (they are Euclidean, ¥-eyes of 3 lineal dimensions and perceive only an ‘arrow’, direction of time from past to future, without the ‘pentalogic’ ‘converging’ elements that cause reality (past • future = present). So ‘entropy comes easy’ in human thought, and a huge ‘failed’ attempt of ∆ST so far has been to ‘upgrade’ human AE logic geometry to Non-Æ… so far failed as the perception of Euclidean space and Aristotelian time is as Kant already noticed an a priori category of the mind (not to speak of the egocy paradox, so unbearable in humans, which I can’t help to ‘prick’ all the time):

0ε (finitesimal mind) x ∞ (universe) = Constant World mapping (linguistic mind): 0ε x ∞ = C

Thus a mind is a finitesimal point that perceives through languages the infinite universe as if it were ONLY the mind information, we confuse with the whole with our ego as its center. So the moon is smaller than our nail. Minds thus act entropically reducing into a still dead form the Universe but then with what is ‘left’ become the opposite arrow, creating form: Universe « Tt (reduction of information) » Ss (mental construction).

In biology entropy is a disaggregation of cells after the collapse of the 3 organic networks that tie those cells together, hence the process of death that concludes the 0-sum standard worldcycle of life:Ss¡-1∏sTi> §∏¡+1>St¡« ∑Tt¡- 1

– In History is an age of war after its social networks’ corruption that collapses the civilization, killing its citizens. t is the age of black swans in which we live that our techno-utopian physicists keep denying busy-busy filling worthless papers with digital measures of big-bang particles, while our entropic biologists keep churning viral chimeras, our entropic economists keep killing by anoxia the humankind and our entropic politicians buttressing their arsenals. Good luck.

The inverse limits of reality: ¬ tt-entropy v. Ss- minds

We started this paper with an introduction I use in some of our papers on History about the Siberian Charioteers that molded the future of Eurasian by degrading our consciousness of the living Universe with entropic mass-murder. It is the other extreme of creation by destruction, which in organisms is represented by the apoptosis of cells constructing fingers among many other examples. But entropy is not desired in the Universe of time dimotions. And for that reason it lasts for shorter than the slow careful creation of information, or else time would not be ‘curved’ cyclical shaping forms. ‘Time curves space’ said Einstein, one of the few physicists who understood anything beyond numbers and algebra. And indeed it does. Information perceives in itself, in the infinite monads=points of perception, because motions carry e-motions, which is the vital will of reality we all desire. And no other e-motion is stronger than the reproduction of information –a permanent orgasm, and the sensation of social love and bonding with other species of reality.

This must be clear. The humanist method that extends to the regions of reality, action and consciousness we do NOT perceive, our own sensations at mental and perceptive level, because we ARE made of the same space=form and time=motion that everything else, has only a rational explanation to the will of reality: panpsychism, which was the common philosophy of science before logical positivism reduced as physicists of ‘clocks of measure’ did, reality to only what could be measured. This self-imposed blindness of the animetal enzyman does NOT work with a true stientist that wants to ‘know’. So as far as we can reach with the humanist method e-motions become the ultimate program that associates to each motion a form of perception or sensation, of which anyone in his right mind will consider the pleasure of orgasm that ‘actually stops time’ and moves consciousness to the past, ‘seminal ∆-1’ seed, and the highest bondage of fusion love, with other social beings, that dissolve perception into the whole, the strongest sensations of them all. And it is just a fascinating fact that both are ‘travels through the ∆±¡ scalar dimotions of scales of the Universe’, up and down. Then it comes the big blow: Death is a double jeopardy, an ∆o<<∆-2 journey. So likely the biggest- orgasm, sensation of pleasure will come with death, past the pain of your organism trying to hold together its spoiled cycles. Entropy thus has also its way not only in the exhilarating pleasure of hunting but in your own death.

It is a devilish game. And to the point in this paper of biology; our main protagonists, NOT the macho male beast killing thy neighbor but the ‘RNA people’ which is all the time reproducing similar forms, pegging and inventing new organisms of biochemistry must live in a permanent sensation of pleasure. If the lower scales have more information, and more energy as the nuclear bombs prove, it might have also more e-motion, more sensation and we might just be ‘ghosts of reality’

The sum of all 5 D scales sets an absolute ‘dimensional motion’ (ab. dimotion) of spacetime. Because for a whole ∆+1 to exist, the parts ‘ilogically’ must come first; so social evolution and love between parts is the absolute arrow of future for the organic Universe, or ‘future’, while a form that repeats itself seems not to change, so the function of reproduction is the absolute arrow of present, leaving thus entropy= death, the dissolution of form as the inverse arrow of past.

So we draw the 3 ‘dimotions of space-time’ in terms of the 3 time ages of absolute past (Tt-entropy=death) and its relative lesser Ts- locomotion; §∏-present reproduction, which is the function that maximizes SxT (s=t) exist¡ence in any scale of stience and the relative future of St-communication of information that evolves parts into larger social wholes, herds and supœrganisms; whereas the absolute future, Ss, is the language of still minds, shared by all of them – the game of Generational Space-time we explain here and its two fundamental mirrors of space and time (mathematics and logic).

It is an architectonical perfect Universe as long as you abandon the illusion of the ego that cuts-off man from its entanglement with the self-similar whole and all its parts. Since, why humans do not see reality like that, has to do with the mind function and its distorted self-centered view.

So 2 final elements are needed to define the whole structure of reality properly: The existence of entropic limits (ab. ¬) for each ‘superorganic structure’ of ∆±¡ planes. We saw those limits in the enclosing membrain (as it holds the sensorial holes that communicate the timespace organism with the outer larger world) of all systems, which must be seen as ‘solid’ or as ‘angular momentum’. We could say that a ‘solid membrain’ is made of multiple smaller π cycles… But let us not enter into details. Those limits thus exist both in planes, as supœrganisms do exist within 3 planes and when dying merely dissolve its information, St¡«St¡-2, two planes down; and within each plane as membrains break a world into a tapestry of vital space-times, called it a border In social nations, a territory in life organisms, a field of forces or magnetic membrain in physical systems.

Immortality is possible.

∆ST break established thought regard death: the Universe is immortal, and immortality is posislbe in all scales, regardless of human obsession for death and entropy, as part of our seemingy role in this planet – to kill Gaia and History and evolve the 3rd age of metalearth. So if you can for a moment escape our shadowy exist¡ence and accompany me to the higher realm of ∆ST truth, the fact is that most of reality exists in an eternal present by the simple procedure of reproducing=repeating its form. So while immortality of the ego is NOT possible, immortality of information relevant to the game – not the ∆-1 leve of ‘finitesimal actions but the ∆ø level’ of memorial networks and structures of space-time with form and function is. A simple biological proof: bacteria are immortal, they just reproduce instead of dying dividing by mitosis, into 2 present forms. Some simple aggregates of cyliate (medusas) turn back the clock and regenerate its tissues. §∏, present, energy reproduction is the simplest form of immortality. So fishes and reptiles that keep reproducing= growing its cells all their life are ‘potentially immortal’, just unable to survive as they grow in size and loose agility. And the organs of the body that get old, such as the heart, kidney and brain, don’t divide its cells as those which remain young – the medulla, liver or pancreas. Moreover, systems that do NOT run the worldcycle survive longer. That is the case of the O-St-Brain, O-St-heart and O-St kidney, which happen to be the ‘brains’ of their respective nervous, blood and excretory systems, as opposed to the |-Ts-medula and |- Pancreas. The Ss-mind though, the opposite function of Tt-entropy never ages. We are always ‘19’, even if as we get older we ‘hide’ our attitude and try not to look at our desirable 19 years old students; as we do have a mind in permanent will of life. So next to constant §∏-present reproduction, absolute Ss-tillness without expenditure of energy is the best strategy to immortaility. This means ‘languages’ are immortal; they carry the information of the Universe. And cause the immortality of tis species. As Shakesperare put it in one of his sonnets, his words will outlast kings and monuments. Seeds and spores remain for eons; Hibernation elongates the life of animalia…



∆ST reorders and explains the chaotic elements of Darwinian evolution.

∆ST has an immediate effect in any stience – to expand its frontiers in time, scale, space and mind as all those elements are entangled, and all is ∆ST, hence we can move backwards and forwards concepts that were previously restricted by the jargons of each ‘exclusivist’ stience. This means that as life is everything, we do NOT need to start with our cherished DNA, but with CHON atoms forming simple amino acids, and what matters most to our destiny, we do NOT need to end in homo but follow the evolution and extinction of species by technology, metalife, through the 800-80 years radiations of life.

In scale it means we must constantly entangle the 3 ages of Earth Gaia>History>Metal-earth and accept this planet is a living organism, part of a living galaxy and the degree of entanglement of all the elements might be as detailed as the ‘galacell’ enacting 11th year cycles of magnetic fields on the sun tuned to the activity of the central black hole, (maximal entanglement) with a minimum not yet recognized but self-evident of constant interference of Earth through all kind of glaciation and volcano events masterminded by its heart of metal. This is specifically the level of entanglement ∆ST biology consider strictly necessary to understand the rhythms of evolution and extinction. That earth has some preferred regions to do his bidding only ads a bit of literary metaphors to the game. Consider in this widened reality two of the 3 biggest extinctions of life in this planet, of which 4D only recognizes one.

– The first mass extinction belong to the pre-DNA age that 4D does not recognize the age of bio-chemistry and RNA worlds – the ice ball period that likely triggered around 700 billion years ago the beginning of cellular life. We talk then of 9 big eras, till man appears and 11 ages counting man and the metal-earth for the planet to evolve.

– Then we have the 2 siberian extinction, the largest of life forms, the Permian and the present age.

The Permian mass extinction is =the boundary between the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras. It occurred ±250 million years ago and killed around 95% of sea species, dominant then over earth insects which being far more resistant, just lost 1/3rd of its phyla. It lasted only a few thousand years. And it started in Siberia, where 1.5 million km2 dissolved in a sea of lava that produced tons of carbon dioxide warming earth so much that it triggered massive changes in the availability of oxygen, the return to a micro-organic life environment, with bacterial decomposers and Earth I environments of anaerobic bacteria that released its poisonous phosphorus into the air. Scientists keep explaining us possible out-of-balance worldcycles that killed life species, and definitely tilted evolution towards life on Earth after the marine massacre.

Now move forward to the present unrecognized 10th global extinction (6th in the restricted 4D biological world), which also started in Siberia, when bronze charioteers with composite bows spread in a military radiation that killed 90% of males in Eurasia, starting the 800-80 years cycles of evolution of metalife, which have wiped out from Earth billions of animals, humans from non-technological cultures, and as we enter the robotic radiation of AI robocars and weapons might end within a century all species of life except from the most primitive resilient medusas and micro-organisms, already multiplying amok, till robots evaporate both the sea and the oxygen that rust metal.

I found always surprising that both started in Siberia, by magmatic plumes, in the Permian of lava, in the modern age, across the ural mountains where the availability of copper and tin in huge amounts permitted in the huge extense plains of the Obi river the multiplication of charioteers in numbers enough to wipe out all the fertile river civilizations from the yellow river to the Baetica. Look at the Earth’s map. Suddenly the biggest continuous land mass, forgotten Siberia, had a reason d’etre. It is so extensive that a radiation of magma, charioteers or stirrup barbarians or gunpowder Mongolians will be unstoppable. A smallish northern world could have made the life an love cultures of the rivers survive. Now forward time a century, when the coalition long time announced of China and Russia vs. India and USA play the Himalayan and Yakutian wars with automated ant-hill like factories of AI military robots, in the cold polar regions, independent of their ‘Nevada pilots’ which as in the drone wars against ‘terrorism’, shoot at distance as if they were playing video games (an excellent film, the ‘good kill’ illustrates the point) but one day will loose control of its Yakutian platoons, and a 3rd and final siberian radiation will do us all.   That Earth has programmed the glaciation-warm weather Stó§∏ fundamental worldccle of life evolution is certain. That it ikely programmed History is also evident. Just think of UK, that huge island filled with carbon and iron to make the Industrial R-evolution out of the blues hanging outside Europe to develop their gunboats, filled with hardened descendants of Basque whalers, my ancestors. Look at Asia and Europe, with its 3, always 3, peninsulas that are mimetic in character just in larger scales: the hardened Spaniard plains of warriors equivalent to the hardened Semites of Arabia; the life oriented fertile Italian artistic and spiritual lands of India; the Greek islands of Indonesia, origin of the sea-oriented pole of life and art, vs. the war oriented waves from Spain, where in Rio Tinto mines tin and copper come together to form naturally bronze, as the short rivers of Arabia produced gold… The more you know animetal history, the more obvious seems Earth is programming the evolution and extinction of life with ∆ST laws into a vortex of information. And yet, I can assure you if huminds had enough ethic and intellctual power, we would have prevailed and mount the planetary beast, and tame the animetal radiations and rule immortal history, the dream of my life now declining. We prophets of the wor(l)d might accept our final defeat, but we did put a fight. And in the last twist of History Earth’s heart of gold might be blown up by its ultimate core of uranium and nuclear bombs if CERN has its way an makes the planet a small strangelet ‘protein’ to move to the membranous halo of the galaxy. Dust of space-time we are, dust we shall become.


The 3×3+(∆+1) horizons of social evolution of life.

We are thus studying in a synoptic uneven form with some very old text cut and pegged, some improved in the 2010s, the key themes of those 3 biochemical, cellular and multicellular ages, with its Ts-§∏-St and ∆+1 ages.

Biological organisms, as physical organisms did in their growth from atoms to galaxies, evolved in 3×3 horizons of increasing social complexity creating the 3 ±i scales of life: the age of molecules, the age of cells and the age of multi-cellular organisms, specialized in Entropy (plants) or information (animals).

Let us study those ages, further differentiating them in 3 sub-ages according to the Ternary principle.

Since if we apply the law of the 3±∆ Ages to organic molecules we can explain how they grew in informative complexity and spatial size till acquiring the form of living organisms, in a process similar to the evolution of particles that created the cosmological bodies of the Universe.

Those 3±∆ evolutionary ages of life, each one sub-divided in 3±∆ sub-horizons, are: the young age of molecules, the mature, longest age of cells and the ‘recent’ age of living organisms, which will end with the creation of a global single organism, Planet Earth (∆+1):


The ages of molecules.

– ∆-1: The atomic age: the simplest chemical molecules of life are formed. The 3 simple atoms and molecules of life recombined its energetic, reproductive and information functions and grew, forming bigger chains thanks to its atomic affinity, acquiring more complex ‘vital properties’. The simplest combination of them, the CNO molecule, urea, is considered the first molecule of life and its ‘crystallization’ in a lab, departing from non-living atoms, was considered the birth of biochemistry and the prove that life is an atomic system that shares the same properties of any other §x∏ system of the Universe.

– Max.Ts: Entropy age dominated by lineal, simple fats, long carbon chains with oxygens attached to its ends.

– <=>: The amino acid age: COOH, methane and ammonia, the 3 simplest life molecules of the triad of life atoms, O, C, N, combine as the relative Entropy, reproductive and informative organs of amino acids. Amino acids reproduce exponentially in the primordial organic water soup and evolve socially into proteins.

– Max.St: The nucleotide age. Nucleotides, the informative molecules of the life, add an informative D¡motion of height to lineal amino acids, forming nitrogen and sugar rings. They dominate all other carbohydrates. Soon they will also evolve socially into huge chains called nucleic acids.

∆+1: Social age. Nucleic acids, the macromolecules of life with max. Exi energy-force, integrate socially all other carbohydrates in herds of vital molecules, creating the cell, the following ∆-scale of life.

The ages of Unicellular life..

– ∆-1: The previous 3±∆ horizons of evolution of molecules brought the first cells.

– Max.Ts: The age of RNA Protista. The Entropy age of the cell is dominated by the simplest RNA Protista, whose ternary st-structure is based in: an external protein membrane; a series of ‘convex’ spiraled RNAs, the singularities that directs the cell, and an internal, intermediate water zone, the cytoplasm, where the cell reproduces its specific Entropy and information – thanks to the free ‘Entropy’ of water radicals – with the instructions given by those RNAs. Those Protista reproduce massively, exhausting the organic elements of the life soup. Then it comes:

– <=>: The Age of DNA Protista. It is the balanced, mature age of Protista. Dual RNAs peg together to form informative DNA rings, which store new genetic information that permits further growth and differentiation of Protista, according to new, improved 3 st-regions:

Entropy membranes invaginate the cell with a tubular network, the Golgi apparatus and protect the still DNA with a differentiated nucleus membrane; while new, specialized organelles perform the Entropy and information processes of the intermediate zone, creating reproductive Mitochondria and Chloroplasts.


– Max.St: Informative age and differentiation: The Eukaryotic age. Informative DNA cells multiply its genetic memories, while RNAs differentiate into a triad of forms that increase in the intermediate space-time the reproduction of membranes and proteins, creating giant cells. They cannibalize and enslave smaller, symbiotic cells, specialized in the dual Dimotion of Entropy, (mitochondria and chloroplasts) and information (ribosomes). Those who absorb chloroplasts become algae; those who feed on mitochondria become animals.

There are 3 radiations of chemical—dominant multicellular life, PLANTS, BILATERAL ANIMALS AND ARTROPODA.

PLANTS & FUNGI. The simplest chemical multicellular species are plants, which will grow and learn the use of chemical hormonal languages. Finally heterotroph fungi, which develop the ‘root-brain’ of chemical organisms to its limit appear.

BILATERAL RADIATION. WORMS. The bilateral radiation from worms to squids with top predator eyes, the plant radiation, and the body-plan radiation that explodes in arthropoda, whose ant-hills and pheromonal paths are the summit of chemical, hormonal evolution, even if the nervous system is already fully developed.

Entropy system -a central digestive tube- dominates the 1st horizon of multicellular organisms, occupying the central zone in 3 sub horizons of formal evolution: the age of sponges, the age of hydras and the age of worms, the first bilateral animals created around a tubular, lineal digestive system that moves in the D¡motion of length.

Worms develop blood networks based in metallic carbohydrates that carry to each cell of the body its oxygen Entropy, food quanta and the dual hormonal orders of the brain: reproductive orders and ‘killing orders’ performed by amoeboid leukocytes. Thus, as blood networks increase the efficient control of fractal cells, animals grow in size, starting an age of massive sea life speciation. Today we still have 90% of the genes of those worms.

BODY PLANS. Life jumps a fundamental discontinuum, when the first mollusks become insects.

And so with angiosperms and its predators and symbiotic animals, insects and ant-hills, the chemical nitrolife species reaches it awesome linguistic perfection.


3±∆ horizons of evolution of animals: network’s organisms:

– ∆+1: The biggest eukaryote animals are amoeboid cells that evolve faster, informative, electronic languages using heavier metal ions, K* and Na, to send their messages to other cells through their membranes. The nervous language allows simultaneous cellular actions, creating mobile multicellular organisms called animals. While slower chemical languages that use ‘hormonal vowels7’ put together unicellular algae into plants.

Let us consider the evolution of animals:

– ∆-1: Conception. Electric cells create multicellular organisms in control of all other cells, gathering in 3 physiological networks – neuronal, muscular and glandular=digestive systems that perform the informative, reproductive and energetic cycles of the organism as a macro-living st-point. The sequential dominance of those physiological networks creates the 3 ages of life – the energetic youth, reproductive maturity and informative old age – and the 3 horizons of evolution or ‘main phyla’ of multicellular animals.

and the first fishes become amphibians, colonizing the Earth. Their sensorial and nervous systems become overdeveloped in the new environment that has a higher transparency to informative light. Land animals specialize their 3 networks to the new medium in 3 sub-ages: the age of amphibians, which still reproduce in water, the age of reptiles and the age of birds and mammals, dominant in visual and nervous systems that ends with the arrival of Homo Sapiens.


∆+1: Homo sapiens develops a new informative language, the word, evolving into historic super-organisms, civilizations and economic ecosystems that grow in size till reaching a global D¡motion.

So finally man started two parallel processes, one of extinction of all other life species – the ongoing 6th extinction, and one of self-extinction as it evolves ‘metal’ that substitute humans as its company-mothers start radiations of ‘animetals’, humans astrophied by machines, evolving through 800-80 years cycles.

So if humans were serious about survival, they would instead of evolving the future AI machines with solar skins, forbid further technological evolution while promoting paradoxically the past, Gaia, and the non-technological cultures and forms of life that could ensure mankind to be on top as the eternal, immortal present state of Earth, a theme treated in our papers on Earth II (History) and Earth Iii (Metal-Earth), so we just introduce the last of those synchronicities between the Earth’s 800 weather cycles, the evolution of Historic civilizations, the human generational cycle of 72-80 years and the Industrial evolution of machines.

Thus according to the ternary principle, we can subdivide the 3 main horizons of evolution of Earth, the age of cells, organisms and super-organisms in 3 sub-ages of evolution and massive extinction of species that have followed the mentioned ternary rhythm: Conception=> Max.Tentropy=>max. Reproduction =>Extinction of rival species

And consider also 10 parallel periods of climatic change through the dual rhythm of cold glaciations or ages of animal evolution and hot ages of massive reproduction. Then we obtain a synoptic, complete image of the history of life on planet Earth, self-similar to the 3×3+st ages of evolution of the Universe since the big-bang and the 3×3+st ages of evolution of History, studied in Complex social sciences – it is NOT as we are selective, the whole ‘molecular systemics’ pretentious know it all classification that tells us nothing of the ‘goal oriented’ meaning of evolution (of course that is also a taboo for the Tt-entropic lineal time 4D clueless human). Evolution Ladies and Gentlemen is completely goal oriented as we have proved, in scale, time, space, mind and the entropic limits that man is breaking everywhere and will kill us all; good luck fucktards. So yes, I select the ‘goal oriented’ arrow of increasing ∆-size, ∆-social evolution, ∆-body and mind, reproductive and mental evolution. For once the multicellular organism appeared, who cares about the diversification of bacteria? The best chances bacteria did have is to ‘evolve socially’ with multicellular systems, as they did in your guts; always better because this, also Darwinian people forgot, symbiosis and social love than predation and parasitism, because if you kill your host young you die, but your symbiotic gut bacteria live 100 years and even some are passed to your sons. – themes we constantly remind the ‘distorted’ entropic ‘homunculus enzyman’ in its late days. So while the molecular systemic will find non-scientific the analysis we do here, it is far more scientific because it shows the goal oriented nature of planet earth:

Scale of Complexity: ∆-1: Molecular Age till the Evolution of cells.

∆-1: 1st radiation: Molecular life is organized by aminoacid.

2nd radiation: Nucleotides with 5>6 nitrogen rings become top predators stopping amino acid mirror reproduction. Its specialization as ATP energy, RNA, reproductive and DNA informative subspecies gand slaving of free carbohydrates give birth to cells.

33rd radiation: Unicellular species divided in 3 sub-species, archea, bacteria & finally Eukaryonte dominate Earth

∆o Scale of Complexity: Chemical Species.

4th radiation: plants: Multicellular autotroph species evolve into plants that colonize land and evolve hard trunks, seeds and flowers and fruits to defend from predatory insects.

5th radiation: Cambrian explosion. Bilateral animals evolve into worms that radiate in multiple species.

Cephalopods with eyes become top predators E xtinction of many olfactory, blind animals

6th radiation: Body plan Arthropoda evolve to perfection the 3 Ts>§∏>St parts of a nitrolife organism. Its more complex species in land become chemical superorganisms, through pheromonal paths (bees, ant-hills)


∆ø: Electric cells. Multicellular chordata animals.

7th radiation: Chordata evolve inner skeletons to protect nervous systems: fish radiation.

8th radiation: Chordata colonize land. Amphibian: extinction big exoskeleton insects.

Reptiles develop dry eggs= Extinction: big amphibians.

9th radiation: mammalian develop complex sound languages and placentas = Extinction big reptiles

∆+1 :Global Age: Gaia> History> Metalearth.

10th radiation: verbal men develop wor(l)d superorganisms = extinction big mammalian.

11th radiation: metal machines =10th extinction of species: men and all forms of carbon-life???

Earth organizes itself into a macro-organism with humans or machines on top. The outcome will depend if democracies can control the free citizens of markets – company-mothers – forbidding its re=production of lethal goods before they extinguish us as costly labor and weak soldiers with the present ‘radiation’ of robots:

Recap. Evolutions and extinctions of organisms parallel geological change in their external ecosystems, becoming the engine of the 3×3 Earth’s evolutionary horizons of living beings of growing complexity and accelerated informative evolution: the age of cells, the age of organisms and the age of super-organisms. Biological organisms evolved in 3 horizons of increasing social complexity creating the 3 ±i scales of life: the age of molecules, the age of cells and the age of multi-cellular organisms, specialized in Entropy (plants) or information (animals).

As we have little time and space, to go through all those radiations in detail, we shall just fast track into the last Life radiation of this planet, that of mankind, considering only the field of anthropology, with a brief introduction to what we have said of topologic evolution.

Again we repeat the scientific reason: evolution is goal oriented – problem its goal, the 3rd age of the metalearth is NOT our human goal which should be to reverse cyclically the Gaia>History>Metal-earth, repressing metal-earth and enhancing Gaia < History < Metal-earth. So the 11th radiation of digital metalife likely ends the 10th, us.

Conclusion: ∆-scales in Earth. The little thingies and the big busting guy.

Reality is a scalar system of fractal organism of topological space and cyclical time, akin to the concepts of information and energy of physical sciences.

Each part of the fractal Universe is composed of smaller parts, but all are ruled in a given organic ‘domain’ which can be traced around 3 planes of space-time, ∆±1, by a set of metric equations, St x Ts= ∆º, self-centered in the plane we consider to be the commanding natural scale of the organism. What this means is that the lower plane will be time-like, with faster cyclical actions of hyperbolic nature and larger density of information; the upper plane will be space-like, with less information and slower cycles; and both will merge its spatial information and temporal energy into the intermediate ∆º state.

Those scales that concern physics are thus 2∆±¡ scales outside the human world/organism; the quantum scale and the cosmological scale, and…+ 3 ∆±1 scales that concern us, the scale of mechanics above, the electric scale of our mind-consciousness and the lower scale of thermodynamics.

All of them follow the paradoxical inversion laws of scales, the hierarchical laws of energy and the inverse laws of the arrow of information, Such as information increases in lower planes of maximal individual form and freedom and diminishes in larger scales of more continuous membrains and lesser freedom. So the larger membrain is curved, elliptic and traps the smaller scale, which is quantum, expressing all its potential futures in the short terms of its exist¡ences, but becomes bend and reduced in form and motion as it ascends and emerges into lower scales.

So we can study from the 3 points of view the structure of physical systems or any other system. Today is customary to ‘deduce the larger’ scales, as ‘limits’ (of lesser quantity of information) of the lower planes. So in professional books of physics, the first laws to be considered are those of lower planes, whose ‘limit’ as we loose information of the discrete, multiple free paths of its particles, emerges into a new scale…

But this does not mean we cannot establish from the top down a completely different form of organization that does work, exist and impose its laws of conservation of time-energy on the ‘feisty’, little thingies below by the harsh method of suppressing its energy and hence its information, with larger fields and longer time cycles.

Only that the LANGUAGE in which this other causal order is established is not that of the little thingies with its ‘social numbers’ of scale, and cyclical patterns of time, in hyperbolic networks, the but the brutish stick and carrot method which pedantic scholars so much despise and deny. The big guy with the big busting toy…

A few examples will suffice. The little thingies we call nitrolife species, busy busy radiating on the surface of Earth are brutalized by the big stick of magma veins of molted gold and iron surfacing in extinction periods, reinforced for good measure by a huge rock coming from sun-system sky, which might be ultimately the origin of those plumes of magma, as the body reacts to the ‘beating’ of the sun, sending a flow of vaporizing heat from its central heart, as blood flows on a body tumefaction by the hitting… And then we do have those harmful 11 years magnetic holes on the skin of the sun, tuned to the 11 years burping of the Sagittarius swarm of black holes. And so for this stick process of long time, simplifying control even if we can go down to the details, an organic view of Gaia, life, the Solar system and the galaxy does the explanation in system terms. The larger brutish plane of existence you might call GodoG, as used to do in my simplifying mystical texts is real, and as much as you little thingy would like to be so important and colonize with your microbial, faster plague the galaxy as nerdy NASA and Silicon Valley moguls pretend, hold your bollocks man cause you shall be evaporated soon unless you learn to respect the big guys of the galaxy, specifically in this DNAge the pretension of physicists to make baby holes on Earth.

Thus man should Respect Earth, the big guy and his stick because while his mind seems poorly endowed to you, he is a nested Universe with an equivalent ∆-¡ level more complex than your ∆-¡-x touch-base scale.

And so between the quantum mathematical complexity and the larger big busting sticks there is us, nitrolife of thermodynamic activity with electric minds, mechanically pegged to the membrain of mother Earth. And here we do have 3 scales at play, mechanical work, where energy-time of human nature was first defined, electrical flows in between and thermodynamic molecules on the lower heat.


Harder even than the egocy veil of physical sciences is the egocy veil of social sciences, as here there is a vested, selfish interest of people who do ‘wrong’, denying the force of social love, the true nature of the 5th dimension that brings together equal humans into social networks and cultures. Unfortunately humans have stopped that evolution in the level of culture, subdividing according to perpendicular congruence their species into ‘tribal homo nations’, killing each other as if they were different species. So the whole subject of social sciences is in shambles. And the only way to deal with its aberrant structures is to inscribe it in the larger nested superorganism of Earth as a ‘st-age’ of its evolution:

Since biology which accepts the maximal properties with minimal egocy is the queen of all stiences that includes also History & the economic ecosystem as ages of Earth:

3 ages of earth: vortex of time history within gaia, its larger supœrganism

Life is everything, as all is a spacetime organism with its 5D actions of survival (motion, feeding on energy, information gauging, social evolution and reproduction). But huminds, self-centered seek for carbon-life as the only living form. In true form, we thus talk of ‘light-life’, as the life forms which use energy and information provided by light-forces, which requires to accept as the third Earth evolves into light-mechanisms, robots with solar skins and optic minds, of 3 horizons, and 3 ages of the Earth. This is the basis of both biological and social sciences in 5D.Species can be modeled as organisms through its 3 ages that become its 3 horizons, followed either by a survival process of eusocial evolution – the summit of the process of organic evolution, which Darwin realized was necessary to explain the success of eusocial insects, or become extinct by the ‘new generation’ of fitter animal forms. in the graph we can see its 3 Horizon=ages and its ternary topology, similar to that of any other organism; and the dominant arrow of information in the height axis, of both reptile species that ended in birds, and mammals that ended in man. So happened with meta life machines, whose final species, satellites are now forming the arrow of eusocial evolution, or future mind of the metal earth -internet

What is the future of history, the super organism of Mankind developed in time, from the first mitochondrial eve, who was able to speak and multiplied all over the Earth, making the homo sapiens the collective mind of the planet; to the last human beings who will exit Earth when a new more intelligent species displaces ours from our present top predator position?

As we are just part of a larger supœrganism, Earth, it is logic to consider 1st how evolution shapes the future of the whole planet in which our smaller, shorter existence takes place.

The founding father of geology, James Hutton invented the word super organism precisely to define the Earth’s slow geo-logical cycles. He recommended physiology as the science to study hydrology likening the rivers of Gaia to veins that shape the body of the Earth and carry its nutritious elements to its living cells, animals and forests that gather on its sides. Gaia’s veins merely have slower annual rhythms in his crop production, compared to the daily circulation of nutrients in our blood that feed and reproduce the cells of the body, according to the metric law of the scalar, ‘fifth dimension’ of the universe, which states that the bigger a system is in space, the slower the clock cycles of its physiological reproductive networks and informative, evolutionary ages will be. This means that if we put at fast motion, the geological and physiological cycles of the Earth the planet will seem to us alive; and vice versa if we slow down the metabolic cycles of a smaller cell they will resemble us those of a factory either reproducing the goods the biological or social supœrganism needs to survive. Super organisms co-exist in different scales thanks to the ‘metric of the scalar fifth dimension’ of parts which are faster and code with more information, larger beings which are slower and provide energy to its parts. Mankind is not alone in this planet, not it is in command of Earth, as so many ego centered humans think, but we are part of the planet and that poises some serious questions about our role on its evolution as a supœrganism of a larger scale, illustrated in the graphs.

Destroy re=production of GNA extinctive species: Kill the child before it becomes a tiger hunter

Survival is ruled by a simple law: As more individuals of each species are born than can survive; consequently, there is a struggle for existence” Darwin. How all this applies to the 3 ages of Earth as supœrganism in which History exists? Simple: Earth also evolves increasing its information and as History lives within it, it suffers its consequences, both positive (evolution of life) and negative (evolution of lethal goods, weapons that kill us).

The repetitive WAR cycles that kill History are vortex of accelerated evolution of lethal metal-information that preys on man. Earth’s surface is its ‘informative membrain’ that evolves and absorbs its information from the outer world-universe in which the point exist – in the case of the Earth, absorbs and evolves the light bits of information provided by the sun. So Life is everything as Earth is a supœrganism, whose surface-mind is made of smaller supœrganisms – living beings. Complexity talks of different forms of atomic ‘life’ as systems that use light to obtain energy & information in increasing degrees of strength and complexity. So after simpler anaerobic age, the age of plants used light only as energy, the age of animals also as information and now the third Earth evolves into light-mechanisms, robots with solar skins and optic minds. They will complete the 3 horizon of Earth’s evolution guided by ‘animetals’, visual humans slaves of metal-memes ‘who believe don’t reason’ and cannot control its desire for higher metal-power even at the risk of killing their sons till the ‘seventh generation’, unless rational humans impose a scientifically-managed super organism of history on top of the metal-Earth.

We shall go back and forth through all those texts studying different elements in geographical space (Civilinations) time ages, Languages of social power (money, weapons and words), and its memes, entropic ages of war and destruction and its cyclical patterns for both superorganisms, History and the Metal-earth, mostly with a simplified model of 5D laws, but without renouncing ever to the truths of humanism (D of the scientific method), warning against entropic extinction (E), showing cyclical, biological patterns and rescuing accurate data today censored by political and economical correctness and the Company-mothers of machines of information and its FMAsters (financial-media-academia masters) that print with them the digital money, audiovisual information and authorized ‘fairy tales’ about history and mankind that defend their 3 idologies.

THE HUMAN CONDITION. Are we homo sapiens or animetals? 

The extraordinary deformation that the use of ‘metal-machines’ has imposed upon the cultures of man, and its deformation of the first principles of reality, time motions today studied only with mechanical clocks that can show just ‘digital properties’ of time=change, not qualitative, organic properties as those of the worldcycle, is so old and entrenched in all human forms of knowledge that it cast a deep doubt on the nature of man as an intelligent species, as it seems to be subconscious and determines the future of history.

Let us then define properly the duality of egocy idol-ogies vs. social sciences:

Animetal idol-ogies vs. rational human wor(l)ds: Me(n)tal cult(ure)s die for its idol-ogies.

The stience of History belongs to Biology as part of the evolution of Earth, in 3 ages, But with the arrival of Animetal top predators, Idol-ogies substitute social sciences. Today humans believe in 4 animetal idol-ogies’ whose cultures killed Neolithic verbal priests of social love, the 5D force that constructs mankind’ supœrganisms by sharing energy & information among believers, imprinted by networks of metal-communicators through Goebbels’ method (if you repeat a lie many times people will believe on it, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it’):

Segregational Go(l)d &Iron cults repress organic life and love Gods from dietary laws to sex as sin, racism and tribalism (a single God-subconscious collective of the tribe that denies all other Gods to make war and slave them. They evolved into:

Military Nationalism, which stops humanity as a species in the tribe and promotes weapons=germs to kill each other, originated in Germanic tribal cultures that oppressed the European social love civilization of the Roman empire substituted humanism, the understanding that mankind is a single species that has to evolve together as the mind of its body, Gaia .

Monetary Capitalism that promotes parasitic private banking and prevents universal salaries and a demand economy based in welfare, originated in biblical go(l)d cultures of banker-priests, today evolved into classic economics substituted Socialism, the understanding Society is an organism, whose re=productive, financial network and oxygen must be created for all its cells to credit a welfare state made to the image and likeness of mankind.

Mechanist technoutopia that considers the evolution of metal a surrogate for the evolution of mankind, substituted organicism, the science of the Universe that finds its highest expression in Medicine, the study of the most perfect superorganism, the mammal, and its ‘cure’ of the sicknesses of animetal idol-ogies, in its equivalent parallel science of biohistory that should guide the construction of the economic, political, cultural and defensive, immunological welfare networks of our species.

Coupled with a degradation of the life and love ‘truths’ of the Wor(l)d, the human biological language that puts man always as its subject, making the object, our energy, through the actions of the verb: Man (Subject) > Verb (action) > Object , substituted by Digital, Mathematical languages, considered the new ‘language of God’, with its grammar that equalizes man to an object through the prize of fetish go(l)d, making him a slave of animetal segregational people-castes: Man (salary) = Price = Object.

The graph shows the exact correspondence of those animetal species with the 3 extinctive species of Nature. So memetic idol-ogies ARE the cause of Historic extinction, killing even in higher measure animetal cultures with the lowest survival rate of mankind, compared to Organic cultures (Asia) with its highest as we MUST obey the laws of the organic Universe.

But A R=EVOLUTION of human sciences to seek for an entangled, enlightened man is NOT HAPPENING. Instead humanity is fast catalyzing the evolution of metal into machines guided by those idol-ogies to which he is slave, as it considers them its ‘identity’. So as we entered modern history it merely happened an evolution of metal NOT of man, and the complete distortion and reduction of our perception of the 2 fundamental elements of reality time=motion=change and its vital spaces, to digital numbers.

A brief account of the industrial r=evolution.

Let us then give a brief account of the patterns of cyclical evolution of machines and its effects in history, now in the age of robots. In the graph, we can see the ‘predictive nature of any science’, when the proper cycles of spacetime of its species (astronomical orbits, evolutionary cycles of top predator animals and machines) are tabulated.

The graph shows the cycles of the industrial r=evolution as a new national generation substitutes a previous one, on top of the evolution of the metal-earth. Those generations also bring the nation that finds the new energy to the top predator status of history. Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made.

—Thus, we had an English age of steam machines, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857 ±8/9 years product cycle crashes of the train-based economy.

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemical explosives, dominated by Germany, followed by a crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, which caused the 1929 crash, 72 years after the train crash. So Germany declared war to the world with gas, tanks and bombers to keep profits going and US followed suit.

–  It came then the III cycle of electronic machines, electronic money and Nuclear Bombs that took place from 1929-2001, the age of America; which again ended in the dotcom and mortgage crashes, 72+8/9 years after 1929:

Followed by the Singularity Age, the last Cycle of machine Evolution dominated by robots, solar energy and China. Scientists call the birth of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity age, when robots, which can use solar energy to become autonomous will complete the evolution of machines as organic forms, automating factories & expelling most human workers and soldiers from labor and war fields, as previous revolutions did with obsolete III World non-technological humans, unless we forbid legally their evolution. Money, likely a cryptocurrency independent of man, will become then the digital informative, ‘memetic code’ that organizes their reproduction in those automated company-mothers.

Company-mothers of those machines whose biological function is to evolve and re=produce them, made 1st bodies & hearts of metal (XIX c.), then minds of machines (cameras-eyes, mobile-ears and chips-brains. Finally, in the XXI century, as nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses in cells, where the 3 ‘parts’ of the virus – its DNA information, body and legs are constructed – and then assembled together, we put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution of ‘metalife’ – a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life. Thus the industrial r=evolution is the evolution of ‘metalife’, in 3+1 phases, as we made 1st the bodies of machines, then hearts-engines, metal-minds and now we put them together in organic robots that automate its company-mothers and replace enzymen from labor & war fields; as all catalysts are discharged, once they complete its reproductive task.

The paradox of animetals that create ‘racist cultures’ based in its false idol-ogies of superiority due to its technological STupidity, already noticed by Andre Guide in ‘Africa’: ‘the less educated is the colonist the more it despises the African people and culture’. As humans are degenerating fast from ‘cogito ergo sum’, to ‘video ergo sum’ due to that expansion of visual machines without a parallel expansion of the humind, which is verbal, the ‘cliff’ between those texts and the ‘beliefs’ people have about what is knowledge widens. Indeed, the equation of the mind is one of the most important equations of the Universe, and yet for a modern’ visual scientist’, the mind is about putting brains on scanners and study the ‘details’ of neurons, its actions-reactions, all that paraphernalia of using machines to do science.

This meant digital machines reduce truth to ‘what can be measured’ with its lineal metal-rods of space and mechanical clocks with a single motion of digital time:

– Knowledge was substituted by technology as now the machine was the ‘seer of time’ (definition of God in metaphysics), and the evolution of machines not of humans the symbol of progress.

So humans become ‘enzymen’, catalyzing the evolution of Earth from a life world to a metal world. as human mothers, our reproductive survival organism lost their power to company-mothers of machines and weapons that have complete control of our social organisms and are terraforming Earth to the likeness of its offspring of machines. It is this our purpose for Earth?

– The 5 dimensional forms of space & its time motions were simplified into 3 lineal space dimensions similar to the lineal form of metal and a single time motion, locomotion proper of lineal weapons and transport machines – the first to be constructed.

– Linearity mean the ∞ cycles=clocks of spacetime and its 5 varieties of dimensional motion and the 3 main ages of those time cycles (past, present and future) were reduced to sequential numbers, which don’t carry causality and simplify the information time clocks carry in the frequency and form of its cycles. Further on the use of simple lineal geometry further simplified space and time into a lineal single time locomotion in a Cartesian graph of 2 perpendicular axis. So the whole tapestry of space=forms and time=motions became then a ‘mathematical artifact’ or background spacetime that Newton put behind reality. Yet reality was made of space=forms and time=motions.

– The organic nature of reality as machines are just evolving metal-organisms was denied and the human being, the most perfect organism we know was no longer the model of all things. Social sciences became despised and the goal of any species – to evolve as individuals, parts of larger organisms following the laws of the ideal physiological organism of Nature that ensures the collective survival of a species, totally ignored. We said that a wrong model of truth brings practical errors that imperil the survival of a species and that is obvious in mankind today. Humans have the worst of all possible scenarios: They are evolving organic metal into species superior in intelligence and force to man, but as they model reality as a mindless, inert machine, they don’t fear those AI robots with solar skins to become independent of man. They have distorted their view of time and space with machines to the point they don’t understand any longer time causality and the ages of organisms, which is the way nature in a rather deterministic form creates the future. And they don’t model societies and its 3 physiological networks, the economic-financial reproductive ‘blood networks’, the nervous, legal, politic ‘informative networks’, and the immunological, defensive ‘health-care systems’ that provide in an efficient just manner all the atoms-cells-citizens of a superorganism the goods and information and protection they need to survive, with those laws. So the most important of all sciences, those of the human superorganism of history do not exist. And mankind cannot be efficiently ruled to survive.

The equations of scalar spacetime. The equation of the ego.

So the 2 most important equations of 5D and likely XXI century space-time science are rather simple: S x ƒ = ∆ which develops in 3±¡ ages for all worldcycles of the ‘relational space=form and time=motion’ organisms of the Universe; from them we can deduce also the equation of the mind:

0ε x ∞ Universe = Constant linguistic world.

As any mind reduces all the spatial forms and temporal motions to a language that maps out only what it needs to survive.

The paradox happens when the ego confuses the mind’s description by its languages with the whole Universe, putting itself in a still center. But humans including scientists ignore the paradox of the ego, which is the source of most errors of mankind even in science.

Indeed, the next step of the paradox of the ego is to believe that this linguistic mirror talked only by God and his chosen mankind creates reality. So when man talked words, Abrahamic religion thought God had created the Universe ‘naming’ things in Hebrew or Arab and Brahmins became Gods singing its mantras. Then as we learned maths Galileo thought as all scientists do today minus Einstein and me (: that God spoke numbers and created writing equations – when maths as words are only mirrors of the laws of space=form and time=motion, the ultimate truths of the Game of Exist¡ence.

Galileo also discovered the Earth moved but missed again the big question – why our minds under the Mind Paradox ‘stopped its motion’ to process its information. The answer is the paradox of the ego. So we thought Earth still in the center of the Spatial Universe for long, and while Aristarchus already proved a heliocentric theory it took 2000 years more to accept it. Then Darwin took us of the center of time as an immutable species created by God, but still more than ½ of Americans don’t believe in evolution. Abrahamic religions that make man the center of the Universe, the CHOseN immortal species are still believed by more than ½ of humanity.

In those papers we introduce the 3rd element of reality sorely missed in science for 400 years since we discovered telescopes and microscopes: the relativity of scales of spacetime, which makes our human scale for the Universe regardless of egocy (ego=idiocy)as irrelevant as that of a virus. A few of the errors of ‘egocy’ science are worth to mention, even before we attempt to explain how the real, ∞, organic, sentient Universe is:

Biologists insist that special CHON atoms create DNA, the only molecule to act the so-called 5 drives of life. Yet all particles performs those 5 ‘a,e,I,o,u’ actions=dimotions of existence that define life. They gauge Information (so quantum is a ‘gauge theory’), Accelerate (change the direction of motion) to feed Entropically in energy forces to reproduce=decouple an Offspring=jet of new particles, which Unite socially into emergent new planes of spacetime through strong and magnetic forces. So life is everywhere since those 5 actions combine the informative properties of space and repetitive motions of time. Yet egocy scientists deny vital particles, because they are ‘too small’, considering life caused by the 4 valences of Carbon, which exist in many other atoms or the complexity of DNA that happens in many other systems unrelated to size.

– The main egocy error in Physics is the use of human spacetime parameters for the whole Universe: Mankind uses its 3 perpendicular, Euclidean Dimensions of light space’, the force we use to see as the only 3 dimensions of space, extended to infinity – the perpendicular magnetic, electric and c-speed fields. Yet spaces not crossed by light exist with different dimensions. Organisms have 3 topologic dimensions that maximize its efficiency, limbs/fields of flat, lineal topologies, the shortest, fastest motion between points; particles/heads of spherical topologies, the geometry that stores more information in lesser space to process it faster; and hyperbolic body-waves joining both, to reproduce the systems.

Because we are all made of vital spaces=topologic forms and times=motions. Mankind also uses the human ‘synchronous’ clock beat, a second that synchronizes the 3 topological networks of all organisms that perform its 3 essential life functions, the motions of limbs/fields through our steps, the reproductive feeding motions of its bodywaves with its heart beat and the informative process of the particles/mind through its eye-glimpse thoughts is used to equalize and measure all the clock beats of the Universe. Yet each system of the Universe has different cyclical frequencies the time clocks that synchronize in its 3 organic parts; including atomic systems as Broglie, who discovered the wave-particle duality and advanced a model of realist quantum physics based precisely in that ‘synchronicity’ of the field, wave and internal particle-clock, showed. Instead, physicists chose the ‘egocy’ bizarre Copenhagen interpretation that beheaded matter, denied particle’s inner clocks and synchronicity and decided as Einstein mocked, that the ‘moon comes only when we look at it’. 100 years passed & quantum realism is still taboo.

– Even mathematicians reduce reality to the human view of flat Euclidean points without inner parts. When all points are scalar growing in size when we come closer to them. Then they become Non-Euclidean, as ‘each point is a world in itself’ (Leibniz), crossed by ∞ parallels of energy and information that connect them through networks with other scales of Spacetime , as Einstein showed proving the different larger elliptic geometry of gravitational spacetime. We know since we discovered with micro/telescopes scalar planes of spacetime that the human scale is NOT the center of an organic Universe made of ∞ topologic spaces organized by 3 scalar, physiologic networks of ¬Æ points crossed by parallel, synchronous flows of energy & information performing vital time actions.

-But the most harmful errors are those of social sciences, as they directly affect the life of millions of human beings:

-Human egocy considers only the ‘I’ scale matters in Social Sciences: Great Men theories deny social networks that organize human organisms with the 3 same physiologic systems of cellular life: an economic, re=productive, financial blood system; a legal, informative nervous system & an immunologic defensive system. But economists & politicians, doctors of history, ignore it. So instead of designing 3 social networks with the laws of the organic Universe to create an efficient, immortal world, they leave it to dog-eat-dog d=evolution. And people suffer the sickness of ¡ts social predatory, entropic networks.

Among those, the most obvious error which goes beyond egocy into genocide are those of economists, who:

-Deny the obvious fact that money is the blood of mankind and should be reproduced not in monopoly of the financial system and its people-castes of bankers and speculators, akin to an organic sickness called parasitism, which kills by anoxia millions of human beings without credit, while company-mothers of machines, the only free citizens of capitalist democracies, have unlimited credit to re=produce also its evil=antilive twins, top predators weapons, whose function is to kill human life and hate memes against life and non-technological cultures according to the equation of capitalism:

Max. profits (speculative money) = Max. price-sales profits (weapons) – Min. cost (software, hate media, self-reproduced by ¥-waves).

This simple equation systematically overproduces, weapons, because they are the most expensive=profitable goods of the market, killing humans, so paradoxically the highest GDP happens in wars; hate media, which kill our minds, as it is self-reproduced in the air and speculative money that jacks up the prices of financial instruments hold by a 0.1% of mankind, provoking systematic debasing of currency value (people’s money), salaries and pensions.

In the graph, the cycles of generational wars cause by the industrial r=evolution and the civilization they have created of ‘worship’ of metal-idols, machines, top predator weapons and speculative money. No other science has harmed so much mankind as classic economic has done, but unlike other ‘egocy subconscious errors’ of science, classic (capitalist) economics goes beyond science, into a pure idol-ogy of power of the people-caste that rule us and its ‘organism’ of re=production, the company-mothers…

Yet the ‘pretension of dogmatic truth’, uphold by sciences, based in faulty logic or in the case of social sciences, in the systemic repression of alternative humanist models as those of this blog, and the pumping up of childish human ego with manifest destiny goals that portray all technologies, even the most lethal, as the best for humanity, makes people accept those policies that harm their life.

Thus mankind needs to accept humbly, it is entangled to an immortal, ∞, intelligent, organic Universe whose laws must obey or else…

Culture and power vs. Science and truth.

Let us try another angle on the many angles of the duality of space and time – that of mechanism vs. organicism, within the context of human history. Mechanism brought power through the use of weapons in the gunpowder age. Galileo in fact was the weapons master of the Venice Arsenal, then the leading factory of weapons in the world for whom it designed ‘spyglasses’ and calculated with clocks the cadence of gunshots and its best trajectory for longest range – the parabola. Newton assisted the Royal Navy in ballistics, and designed also ‘spy glasses’ (telescopes) for it. He was rewarded with a high position in the mint, where he condemned to death many, till he was retired. When he died he said his highest honor was to die virgin. We are not assassinating characters. Only to notice that mechanism has imposed as the truth because of its capacity to give power to those who use machines. Humanism and the organic models of the Universe which flourished in the Renaissance, with net-platonic thinkers, of which the foremost proponent was Leonardo, and latter Leibniz, rival of Newton; idealist, solitary people who abhorred the military use of machines, even if they developed them, did not render the same benefits to power. Leonardo’s view of the Earth, mankind and our organisms as systems of physiological networks, which is truly what the Universe is didn’t really make it for the military men that commanded the age. Leibniz was abandoned by his king, a military ‘sergeant’ because of his good nature, ethical standings and was left to pasture as the king sided with Newton in his disputes. As history moved on this advantage of machines as tools of power became essential to the imposition of a culture, the biblical anglo-American civilization that today rules the world, through an organization, born in the Venetian arsenal, imitated in Amsterdam, and exported with the Glorious Revolution to UK and New Amsterdam (New York): The company-mother of machines and weapons. We use here the term that organicism gives to an all too evident re=productive organism, whose human ‘enzymen’, work to re=produce its offspring of mechanisms, evolving them towards its present AI robot, organic form.

It is then a huge paradox of mankind and our dominant culture that its fundamental organism of power and idol, the machine have both organic form, because we shall not cease to repeat, the Universe re=produces organisms.

It would then be Immensely more advantageous to mankind to know what they do – organic machines; what are the fundamental organism of power today on Earth – the company-mother, what is our species, a social organism of human beings, etc. etc. It does really help to know what reality is specially when you exist regardless of virtual fictions, selfie ego-trips, wishful thinking, anthropomorphic religions, Pythagorean ones, and computer models of abstract thought, IN THAT REALITY.

Why humans do not live and understand the Nature of the Universe, an organic self-reproductive system, long time ago is then a question of ‘culture’, ‘power’ and ‘self-censorship’ as much as the long path in its search of truth.

This has been the work of lonely men, because mainstream is the world of company-mothers, its machines, its structures of power, military men, and huge egos who try to preserve for mankind all the ‘wishful thinking’ central positions in the order of things and get strangely disturbed with the idea that we are just part of an entangled Universe, part of an organic evolving planet, and our machines are also evolving. The ‘control freak’ mentality and self-centered ego-trips of the biblical people and its underlying idol-ogies of a species ‘chosen of god’ or rather of ‘go(l)d’ doesn’t take lightly that you bust its dreams with rational truth.

I do not belong to that culture even if I have lived most of my life among them. My culture is precisely that culture, the Greek->Latin->Southern European culture who invented art, democracy, reason, science and a few other things, with man as the measure of all things, and life as the purpose of existence that has always thought organicism to be the ‘obvious, natural truth’ and decries any attempt to repress life and worship anything else. My hometown Barcelona is known for his ‘organic architecture’ (Gaudi) and love of life and art. You might disagree with our view, but all what I ask is some ‘respect’ for this other ‘possibility’; that the likes of Plato (‘The Universe is an organism with a mind called Logos: ‘the rational world’), Aristotle, who called his whole work, the ‘organon’, Leonardo, who tried to see ‘saper vedere’, the living forms of Nature even in his designs of machines, Picasso who searched for the pure topological forms of lineal, cyclical and wave images during its different styles of painting or the same Gaudi who imitated Nature’s structures in its organic architecture, actually even if they were not machines and used mostly human senses, to measure Nature, could be a bit more sophisticated that Mr. Newton who thought God sent him comets to teach him gravitation…  for one thing: what organicism provides is a ‘wholeness’, a ‘holistic view’ of every aspect of reality, in perfect harmony, machines, religions, science, art, human and mechanical senses and languages, all can be explained with organic thought; and since we seek truth not power – even if we acknowledge that humans are less powerful than machines, it doesn’t really matter that US has better weapons than Barcelona, Newton could forbid Leibniz’s writings for centuries and people think the masters of art are not the Italians but Hollywood who replicates his movies with electronic waves. Machines give power precisely because they are able to act as primitive organisms, reproducing faster than life does. The problem then is more about the people of the Anglo-American, North-European Jewish and Germanic biblical cultures and their seemingly incapacity to reason and see reality as complex as it is, or in other terms, their incapacity to realize most of what they ‘think’ to be truth, are ‘beliefs’ and ‘dogmas’, ‘postulates without proofs’, ‘technological deformations of nature’, and ‘cultural agendas’, with ’emotional hang-ups’ – not absolute truths of the Universe.

Because mechanism is such a ‘reduced’ truth in fact it is an excellent partial view for this biblical culture so filled of anthropomorphic ‘egocy’, which the organic, European thinker finds so strange when arriving to America. Indeed, the fact that almost 80% of its people and an overwhelming majority of those who rule with ‘mechanical and go(l)d power’ that nation, think a gore book of supremacist, racist memes of tribal history from the Bronze Age embodies the origin of man and reality, its ethics and social structure strikes immediately your mind. It takes a lot of thinking and years in the land to observe that you are in a civilization of emotions and beliefs, not reasons, and science is also a compendium of beliefs with little thought about its foundations – that in fact, reason, philosophy of science and first principles are avoided systematically. And then when you realize science has also many components of religion and censorship – the belief in a single language of science, mathematics, the limited use of logic thought substituted by axiomatic thought, probability and statistics, computer modeling, the belief that science ends with measure and pictures of particles and distances, all encased in equations; ultimately a religion of digital thought that accompanies a religion of history; all makes sense to you. It should not simply use terms of our Latin, organic culture as ‘science’ from latin, to know, democracy, the government of the people, from the Greek true organic democracies, where by imitation of Nature, the citizens cells of a social organism judged a posteriori its politicos, or talk of money as legal tender, ‘nomisma’, the concept of the Greek-Latin civilization in which money was a social language, not wealth per se, not debt, but something given to people to kick out its actions as languages do, NOT to be returned… And so on and so on. In those papers and articles thus we shall build a very different picture of reality, and what should be the organization of mankind, coming from the original European, rational culture advanced by this author, the last relevant ‘knot of thought’ of that culture, today almost extinct. It doesn’t matter, as we said that the supposed ‘only cultural, scientific view’ has camouflaged and used so many terms, and elements of our culture – its mind view, form of thinking, postulates and dogmas, even its concept of a manifest destiny for mankind – to make machines, and dominate the tree of life with it – is completely opposite to our worldview, which we will prove with reason to be the true nature of reality.

Nor that we expect a lot of audience. Leonardo opted finally for writing backwards, while Galileo’s books on ballistics, where it appeared the first equations of physical time, v=s/t was a best-seller in all armies; Leibniz died alone in his small town, while Newton received all the honors of the prince he helped to get the crown wasting his best years collecting the ‘annals’ of the house of Brunswick. I was basically ‘erased’ from science after my standing against CERN and its physicists who pretend to make black holes and strange matter on Earth – an organic form of self-feeding matter, and now are lobbying Brussels to make a 100 kilometers accelerator, ‘expecting’ that the organic quark matter which is at the core and halo of the galaxy – for which the galaxy as an organism exists – will NOT devour them… So yes, organicism is and has always been invisible because it wants to serve mankind, and make us immortal while this other culture that pretends to have the truth but understand so little of the first principles of reality, knows perfectly how to ‘Impose truth with power’, to become as Einstein said ‘the laugh of the gods’.

Einstein who some ascribe to that culture by reasons of genes, irrelevant in culture, belonged to the European frame of mind – a socialist, a pacifist, who ‘made thoughts experiments’, and defended Leibniz, could not complete his task and at the end yielded to the egocy of Mr. Bohr. So the task of completing the organic view of the Universe and its space-time systems, started by Leibniz was never completed.  As he did not started science from scratch as we do in those papers by force incomplete, untidy, as a repository more than a systematic account of the model – uneven if its articles; so you should abandon those who are obviously bad written and incomplete.


Earth’s 3 ages. Humans don’t understand they should build a global superorganism where the human re=productive unit, the family, as a free citizen, must be served by the 3 life-enhancing physiological networks of ideal history. Instead the praxis of those 3 idologies and its people-castes of believers (military and corrupted politicos, private bankers and CEOs protected by anonymous societies & technocrats, engineers and physicists) causes the extinction of the supœrganisms of life, Gaia and History (human earth) substituted by Metalearth, a new supœrganism whose ‘free market citizens’, company-mothers terraform the planet to the image and likeness of its offspring of machines and weapons constructing a global superorganism of metalife, joined by metal-networks of information (mass-media, internet), metal-networks of energy (electricity, roads, pipes) and re=productive networks of machines (factories), increasingly automated as robots and software suites substitute and make obsolete humans in labor and war fields under the law of self-reproductivity= Max. Capital / Min. Human labor -> ∞, which guides all companies and will soon make machines with solar skins and telepathic AI independent of man. This process initiated by the Industrial r=evolution is guided by the equation of capitalist profits that builds those 3 networks: Max profits (stock money) = Max. reproduction of goods of maximal price (top predator weapons) & minimal cost (information software reproduced for free by ¥-waves), which happens to be the goods that kill our bodies and minds, and parasitize ‘human currency money’ that looses value as e-money multiplies the wealth of company-mothers and its 0.1% of owners, the stockrats, the new aristocrats of XXI c. societies that issue in monopoly the language of e-money and have no legal responsibility. So the metal-earth stock-brain of e-money detaches along its stockrats and robotized companies and internet networks from the human economy of the 99%, as we observe in the present pandemic, since public and private bankers reproduce money only for stockrats and its corporations, which increasingly consume other machines, leaving History as its human citizens as History did with Gaia and its life species out of the eco(nomic)system, moving ahead the equation of the 3 ages of Earth:

Past (gaia) < Present (history) > Future (Metal-earth)

When ideal history would repress the lethal goods of metal-earth & promote Gaia in a sustainable world, by reforming the system with the 6 ± measures of true 5D social sciences.

Plan of the work. We shall thus build up an Encyclopedia of Space-time organisms in Exi:St¡ence – each science studying the species of one scalar space-time plane of the fractal Universe; from quantum physics to the galaxy, through biology, history & economics, and the formal stiences dominant in space (Mathematics) and time (illogic papers on the Universe=reality as a whole). Since I release all copyrights ‘rights’ any University can take upon the project, which will be incomplete in my timelife. At present what 4D science is to expand knowledge gathering data put in digital computers, ‘creating a metal-mind’ without a proper understanding of its 1st principles that require to know the causal laws of pentalogic time better explained with logic verbs. While the ‘homunculus enzyman’ a handyman without reflective mind, and big mouth utters nonsense anthropic beliefs.

Which leads to a final reflection, as AI machines perceive those scales directly with its lenses; 5D might be a limit of what human egocy (tolerates in his removal from the center of reality, and only flourish in the Metal-earth. This thought has always unsettled me as a human being that tried to use 5D through activism and theory to help mankind to construct an immortal supœrganism of history void of idol-ogies that imperil our survival. Since in 5D space is intelligent, time is vital, and smaller scales are more powerful; so only if humans repress the chip radiation and its lethal technologies we’ll survive.

L§, 40º, 3rd ferromagnetic Planet, G-star, H2 Galatom, ∆@st lost in an ∞, immortal hyperuniverse.