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c:Geographic: Spatial

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To create a social organism, once the genetic bondage has formed tight identical elements, will require specialisation and diversification of the functions of each system, but growth in a rather mechanical way can happen by simultaneous spatial location,  which allows the number of cells/citizens/atoms to increase, without much more complex elements added to the mix. And so specially for systems which are identical ini its complexity – hence atomic systems closer to the level of absolute identity-infinite (the black hole-proton of any of the infinite decametric scales), can reach by simultaneous spatial location ginormous ranges of networks of trillions of atoms, forming cores of stars, bosonic crystals and similar landscapes of indistinguishable wholes.

Thus following the ternary principle of evolution across Spatial, Temporal and ∆-scalar combined ST degrees of Complexity, after, the temporal, genetic organisations of simpler scales (S1-S3), we observe, Spatial geographic organisations based in adjacency and symbiosis between organic regions, which in human societies encompasses the exchange  of economical goods across large regions of loose organisation, added to the tighter territorial order of temporal family-tribe units. Thus in the S3-S6 levels human societies grew geographically from cities with differentiation of jobs and geographical commerce, to the level of nations, natural units of a territory with geographic border, defensible by the entropic military sub-species with maximal limbic/entropic mobility. A SIMILAR organisation is immediately found in the expansion of genetic ant-hill populations or in the economic system of company-mothers of machines and its ‘terraformed’ regions of order across human ecosystems which they transform to the image and likeness of its machines.

While in atomic systems give birth to magnetic domains and growing lumps of similar forms in states of matter, which in this nearly undistinguishable level of form happens in terametric scales, which require a different logarithmic counting with ‘one million atoms’ as the magnetic first domain of order (10³ unit scales).

They will be studied in this post and sub-post for different scales on the fourth line, timelife permitted

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