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In the Fourth Line, we study in greater detail each Plane of Existence of the Humind’s perceived Universe between the invisible force of ∆-4 gravitation and the partially perceived ∆+4 galactic cosmos.

We do so unlike in the second line, where we focused in the spatial super organisms as a whole closer to the mainstream analysis of reality by humind sciences, strictu senso, without concessions to the gallery by describing the world cycle of those super organisms through the Ðisomorphic method; which means to study:

  • ∆§: Its new spatial qualities as a super organism co-existing in 3 scales, the ∆-1 atomic/cellular/individual scale (physic, biologic, social system), the ∆º organic thermodynamic scale and the ∆+1cosmologic, gravitational world in which the system exists; made of 3 topologic parts, $-potential/limbs<ST-bodywaves>-ð particle-heads.
  • S=T: Its new temporal properties as a world cycle of existence that orders its 5 Dimotion in time in 3 scales of temporal duration; in steps that form its actions; in worldcycles and as a member of a larger set of species that go through 3 horizons of evolutions.
  • 5й¹: Put together in detail, in the dynamic display of the system as it is seeded by a mind or informative still seed, which will reproduce, evolve and emerge in its ‘generative’ cycle as a larger whole, part of that world where it will perform its 5 Dimotions=actions of the program of existence to survive through reproduction, in a social world of scales, till entropy sets in and the organism dies.

Thus we subdivide the 3rd line in a central post that summarizes the ’11 Disomorphic set of properties’ of the being which in a dynamic manner express its temporal world cycle of existence as a scalar, fractal spatial superorganism; and then we summarize its world cycle in time and super organism in space in two other posts; with secondary subposts that might study specific species, ages of its worldcycles or organic parts of the super organism, in time, space and scale.

We shall thus in this post summarize the 5й¹isomorphisms of the ¡+1 human super organism at individual level, ruled/seeded by the language of the world in its ternary scales, topologic forms and temporal ages, in a dynamic causal way as all ‘entities’ are Generated by a seed-mind that first perceives and develops the being as a mirror of the information it codes within its self…

We study in this post and its secondary subposts the…

       10 ∆ST Human Disomorphisms.

When we consider humans at face value it is sad to realise that we are not different from anything else in the Universe. And yet once this ego deflation happen; when we consider the Universe at face value, it is impressive to realise that if we could reach our full potential, as the Universe has, we would be enormously beautiful, immortal, intelligent, an extraordinary species indeed made to the image and likeness of the whole.

But we don’t want to be like the whole, we want to be more, and that is our downfall. 

But this post is about man, the individual, not the wor(l)d, the lanwave of man and its worlds of wisdom. So let us stick to the point.

That we can describe the human being like any other T.œ with the same Disomorphic laws derived of the 5D² space-time dimensions of any entity of the fractal Universe, made to its image and likeness, will seem bizarre to any reader, schooled in the ‘ego paradox’ of any organic mind, which measures reality from its self-centred point of view, selecting its useful information and discharging all other points of view as accessory. Human sciences of course excel at the dismissal of all organic and sentient properties of all other monads with quite infantile, preposterous ‘myths of absolute knowledge’, from the axiomatic method (proof in human languages using the language only not experience, as in E-mathematics), to the mechanical method (only what a sentient machine measures is science). We have dealt with the meaning of truth, only contained in the 5 elements, S@≈∆ð of the being itself.

Let us then go ahead with the description of our T.œ, LIKE EVERYTHING else.

@ Ðisomorphisms 

0th Disomorphism: MONAD:  Œ-Point x ∞ World = Constant mind Mapping

Yes, we do have a rational mind, as we are called homo sapiens, aren’t we?

But the distinctive future of our mind is the ego paradox, worth to remember in more detail, as paraphrasing Einstein I would say:  ‘two things i dim infinite the Universe and the arrogance of man’.

•-Minds: Still mappings and its languages of information≈Perception. Eyes of time.screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-14-00-12

All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical times, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

º-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees every thing turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ IT CONFUSES WITH THE UNIVERSE. So the mind is a fractal point•, but believers to be it all.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

In the graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

So we affirm, as Aristotle, Descartes and Leibniz before us, that even though for physical measure it might be useful to equalise all rhythms of time and peg all ternary space-time beings into an absolute space and absolute time – that of the human light space view and mechanical clock, there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them. SINCE THERE ARE ∞ MINDS, gauging information.

This is illustrated in the first graph. In the right side we see our Universe, which Descartes affirmed correctly in his book ‘the world’, it was truly the ‘mind of man’ and Kant realized it was a light-mind.

infinitesimal egos think to be ∞: mind paradox. Still languages=mappings of information≈Perception and its ∞ clocks.
We can now give the explanation of the Paradox of Galileo, which started modern science but has never been quite resolved: ‘why the earth moves but doesn’t move’.

Simple, because the mind-singularity that perceives it has as a function, to create within its language a still mirror image, a focus of reality that will allow to order it and try to deform it from its ego-centered perspective.

This is illustrated in the graph. In the right side we see our Universe, which Descartes affirmed correctly in his book ‘the world’, it was truly the ‘mind of man’ and Kant realized it was a light-mind.
Impressionists realized latter of the same thing and so they painted space as LIGHT. And now we construct digital minds which also perceive electronic light, reason why we can feel a tv or VR system as ‘reality’, because it is based in the same kind of electronic mind, which will be the pan psychic mind of robots that already move as our eye does instinctively to the red colors as natural born predators that like red, the color of energy and ‘blood’ (which hypnotizes us in gore films).

The ego paradox – a mind mirage vs. Absolute relativity.
The EQUATION OF THE MIND explains the natural tendency of men to be self-centered and consider the world and the Universe around its ego. This is in fact natural to the way the Universe constructs points of view of measure, as still centers of perception, in which the I is bigger than Andromeda Galaxy. But science must account for those distortions of perception. Religions and tribes, nations and castes are NOT scientific points of view.

And so a fundamental elements of psychology which explains the astound arrogance of man to the Universe and its laws is the subjective paradox of the ego all fractal minds of the Universe follow:

‘Every infinitesimal Mind thinks to be the center of the Universe, which it confuses with its mind, self-centered in his ego’.

Only the objective mind of ‘scientists’ are able to overcome the ego paradox and realise our mind is in a buddhist sense just a Maya of the senses particle-point, a knot of time cycles communicating with the much larger infinite whole, and all is alive.

But THIS objectivity fails when applied to social sciences as it needs the common people and the people with power to accept it. And they deny it and censor human objective social scientists that ARE INSIDE the organisms of history and so can be easily denied. This is the anti quantum paradox, inverse to the quantum paradox where the observer is so huge that modifies the particle. In social sciences, the scientist is so small inside the organism of history that the ego centered powerful people do not accept criticism and prevent social sciences. And the common ego-centered people agrees.

For that reason bjectivity does only enter the mind of people who do social science. Instead they follow Tertulianus: ‘you will defend me with the sword and I will defend you with the word’.

Modern science however has gone the other way, increasing the objective view of man as a non-preferred species, NOT even in scale, as organisms of history and its memes program them. So the fractal organic Universe and its scalar 5th dimension of parts and wholes brings a much bigger jump into objectivity and lack of ego to our vision of the Universe; which I call Absolute relativity; the last step on the search for our position in that infinite fractal of time-space beings:

It must be understood that without infinite minds-particles gauging the Universe science would NOT exist. Even quantum physics is called a gauging theory as particles reproduce, move in groups, and they do so as schools of animals as if they were checking their distances with each other all the time. So we must postulate as all philosophers of science from Aristotle to Schopenhauer did, a pan psychic Universe, which contrary to belief has been the only theory of reality in philosophy of language and science from its inception till the XX c. when logical positivism, which merely renounced to the search of a ‘why’, became the ‘standard philosophy of the mind’ , with a dogmatic postulate – that all what cannot be proved (from the human perspective and our limited perception, which does NOT include the ‘temporal mind’ that cannot be ‘photographed’ in space) does NOT exist.

 The anthropomorphic paradox in history: the ego at individual and tribal level.

When confronting social sciences we find this huge gap between objective truths and anthropomorphic selfish agendas and while we shall explain it very easily with the larger organic models of this web – as subjectivism is completely natural to any organic system that perceives reality from its selfish self-centred point of view, reason does NOT seem to work among humans, which are far less ‘free of thought’ we believe, ‘programmed’ by biological, survival needs, and ‘memetic ideas that imprint in the mind’ as ‘beliefs’.

In brief, two organic paradoxes will limit seemingly our freedom and rational understanding of history and economics, and decide if they cannot be ‘broken by objective science’ our impossibility to solve and improve the standing of mankind in history our super organism in time:

  • The ego paradox. As all minds measure reality from its perspective, things closer to us are bigger more important and better understood. So Andromeda seems smaller than our nose. We summarise the mind-ego paradox in a simple CONCEPTUAL equation:

0 (infinitesimal mind-mapping) x ∞ (universe) = C: Constant Mind-world

‘Every infinitesimal mind believes to be the centre of the Universe it perceives from its selfish point of view’.

So we don’t believe metalife exists, robots are organic and will be soon sentient, machines compete and win over humans in labor and war fields, the earth evolves from life into metal through the industrial evolution, we are not chosen of god, we are not a different species but a ladder in evolution, memes do not enslave our minds but beliefs are our selves, the planet belong to us we do not belong to the planet.

How deep is the deformation of ‘science’ by cultural dogma can only be assessed with a thorough revision of its ultimate principles. The case is rather absolute in our dominant civilisation, America, where the culture imposes ‘beliefs over reason’ as the proper mode of human thought, and equalisation of all thoughts as proof of ‘freedom’ and social bonding; and of course considers Scientific dogmas on time, space and the role of man in the Universe as SACRED truths, dividing society in those who believe the mathematical language as carrier of the truths of God vs. those who think the biblical language as carrier of Gods’ truths.

The issue is complex, as the human ‘ego’ above heavens and Earth will not yield easily to reason – humans cannot even organise themselves as a single species, but constantly break themselves into ‘tribal groups’ as if they were different species that might fight each other – even ‘individual competing units’, denying the most efficient form of survival from nations to ant-hills has always been a solid social organisation.

1st isomorphism: Fractal Generator:   Spe≤≥ ST≤≥Tƒ

Humans are as everything else ensembles of 3 adjacent simultaneous topological parts: Limbs are lineal, bodies are toroid heads are informative spheres.

The evolution of man as a topological species in time and space shows the same ternary patterns of differentiation in species dominant in one of its 3 physiological networks, where the most informative system is selected, till arriving to the 3 human races of the mind, and its 3 gender species, male, female and child/gay mixed forms.

The 3 mind races are dominant in one of the 3 axis of languages, visual, entropic, lineal white neanderthal, mongoloid, verbal temporal, and emotional, sensorial psylocephalic black races. They determine in turn its cultural worldview: lineal time and animetal violence in white men, cyclical time and organic information in Asians and worship of life, Gaia Nature, physical, emotional and reproductive memes in black people

5th Isomorphism: Its 5 actions : ∆(æ-4; ï-3; e-2; œ-1; û+1)

Those networks=actions subdivide (fractal law) in 3×4=12 sub-systems:

– ∆ï-3: Informative systems: Senses (Max. Tƒ), Nerves (ST), lymphatic, hormonal system (Max. Sp).

– ∆æ-4: actions-systems: Digestive system (Max.Tƒ), Breathing System (Max. Sp), Excretory system (ST)

–  ∆Œ… Reproductive systems: Blood (Max. Sp), sexual (ST) and endocrine system (Max. Tƒ)

–  §-Actions: Structural systems: Skeleton (Sp), Tegumentary system (ST); muscle system (Tƒ).

– û+1: While the ∆+1 consciousness of the whole is carried by the integrative Brain.

The Fractal Law differentiates further those subsystems in 3 functional topologies. For example:

S≈T Disomorphisms. 

The 2nd human isomorphism: Gender s/t duality,

2nd isomorphism: space-time dualities: Sp≈Tƒ

Women have an informative, ST-reproductive body of cyclical forms, and men who have a lineal, energetic body.

Their minds have – to reach a complementary balance – inverse mental functions. Women have 10 times more lineal, white, axionic matter, the site of memory and men have 6 times more cyclical, grey, nuclei matter, the spherical neurons, the site of creative integration of informative processes. Thus Women have stronger, and more balanced mentally (|-minds) and Men had to be Informatively more complex (Œ-mind). So the product of mind and body was in balance:

Thus we define:

  • Female gender: O-Body x |-Mind.
  • Male Gender: O-Mind x |-Body.

This complex Sp<>Tƒ duality explains perfectly all the aspects of both type of minds and their different psychologies.

Further on, the slight specialization of the ‘bilateral’ sides of the brain into informative(right)/energetic(left) sides, implies that women with more connections in the bridge between both, are the more balanced Sp≈Tƒ, ‘reproductive’, ‘beautiful’ species, while ‘unconnected’ men are split in 2 unbalanced sub-species: max. energy body oriented machos and Max.Tƒ, mind oriented creative artists and geniuses, proved in IQ tests distribution.

Thus female and male do have different brains, bodies and personalities, which together enhance the survival range of the species, widening our perception of the 3 topologies of reality, which is the ultimate reason of gender existence, despite its lesser ‘frequency’ of reproduction than unisexual species.

The same duality is far more stronger in the ∆-1 plane of seminal seeds: sperm and ovule as it is obvious in the pictures.

Gender and Evolution. Triggers and similarity between genes and organs.

The importance of Gender in Evolutionary variation now becomes even clearer. As the specialization of both gender in O-brain and |-body (male) and |-brain and O-Body (female) implies the existence of clear genetic variations stored in the 2 different sexes. It remains to clarify how environment ‘triggers’ the selection of more O>| female or |>O male traits according to the bias a certain environment develops for ‘stronger’ or ‘more intelligent’ species. It is clear that stress affects mutations (for example rotaries which only reproduce by female parthenogenesis become bisexual under stress), poor health and poor feeding also increases mutations.

Stronger male or female partners might become dominant in the prevailing environment, hence in the selection of genes. I am like Lamarck, Darwin (which did not know Mendel’s work) and many earlier ‘logic’ thinkers of the opinion that the ∆-scale of the individual must somehow trigger if not the exact mutation, which is unlikely, certainly a punctuated increase in mutations, observed under stress and hardship and perhaps a general direction of topological change, which mechanism we do not know – meaning that it must exist, as it happens in a drugged person, which opens its door of perception to previously shuttered information, mechanisms that trigger more mutations in the needed path.

I.e. a system that needs eye, would increase mutations on the eye genes on the topology of spherical information, a system that needs wings should trigger a higher ration of mutation in the region of ‘limbs’ – which by topological design certainly must ‘stress’ lineal motion. Thus in as much as the original genetic coding must be self-similar to the function of the ∆-scale (so for example, there is more DNA in brain cells), once the trigger increases mutation in a certain region (that of the eye or the limb), evolution along the path of the organ will increase enormously in a few generations.

3rd Isomorphism: Its 3 organic/networks and Social classes: N±3


In terms of network description they belong to the 3 fractal main systems, the digestive system the endocrine, reproductive system and the highly quantized in form, nervous system.

The nervous and blood systems have both Œ-points (Brain, Heart), toroid circuits (arteria+vein, spinal chord) & fractal, open networks that deliver energy food (alveoli) and motion orders (axons).

The head controls all the information through the senses. The body is blind.

Body&limbs are slaves of Heads whose Mind-Will is expressed by ‘6’ in/out; ± senses. They are outlets of the 3 main physiological networks: Chemical senses: Taste (±Sp=Food) & Smell (±Sp: Prey-predator). Blood, reproductive senses: The 6th sense Heart, emotions (∑-social love); Tact (+ST sex-dilatation, entropy pleasure; – ST: Pain, in-form-ation, pressure). Informative, nervous senses: Spatial Sight, Temporal Sound, Inward ears, outward voice.

Its Existential Constants: SxT, S/T, T/S, ∆∑S >∏>∆,±1

The vital constants of the human organism, are similar to all life beings, based in the maintenance of homeostasis, and at a higher psychological level they also follow the maximal function of existence, Max. Sp xO ->Sp≈Tƒ, ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’

6th isomorphism: Creative diversification: 1,2,3

In graph, the ternary method (Sp-ST-Tƒ topologic, spatial speciation & 3 ‘time’ horizons of ∆ information, from Australopithecus with 500 c.c., into Homo Erectus with 1000 c.c. into Homo Sapiens with 1500 c.c) maps out all human species from ape to race. 5D metric shows in the Min.Sp x Max.Tƒ-form of Floresiensis, allopatric evolution of Erectus – 1st technologic, verbal man.

On top finally, humans diversified in 3 races, according to latitude, specialized in space languages (Northern, dominant, dolichocephalic visual axis, dominant in Neanderthals of bigger size & eyes, today in Australoid->white races); smaller, informative, brachycephalic, verbal, temporal axis, dominant in Sapiens Sapiens, today in Capoid->Mongoloid races and SxT, black race, mixture of both, dominant in reproductive body languages along the height brain axis.  ∆+1: 3 Social cultures emerge from mind races: Verbal, Cyclic Time Asia; |-Time, warrior Europe & Ox| sensorial Africa.  


7th Isomorphism: Its ages and evolution: Spe≤ST≥Tƒ

Humans live the same young, energetic, reproductive mature and informative old age of all living organisms, when one of the aforementioned 3 topological networks dominate.

In the  upper graph: Humans are superorganisms that show the same topologic varieties and ages of all systems. So there were 3 ape ‘topologies’; energetic gorilla; reproductive chimpanzee & informative Australopithecus that increased information in 3 time ages, each one with 3 homo e, ST, 0 varieties: 500cc Australopithecus, 1000cc erectus, 1500cc sapiens, which differentiates into a visual, spatial, lineal, larger Neanderthal; a small, informative pygmy, whose combination gave birth to the 3 races of mankind, once more isomorphic to 3 varieties, according to the dominant ST-Dimensional ‘axis’ of the brain; origin to 3 types of minds and worldview cultures:

–Spe: Neanderthal-crossed, dolichocephalic=long visual axis, energetic, white. He develops subjective, selfish, lineal time cultures (physics, Abrahamic religions) of male ‘ani-metals’ that hypnotizes his eye=I-will.

– Tƒ: Mongoloid, brachycephalic, dominant on the ears axis (Broca region): informative, verbal, cyclical time Tƒ-Female dominant cultures, able to ‘emerge’ as ∆+1 wholes through common wor(l)d bondage.

– ST: Black, machrocephalic, dominant in the sensorial/motor height axis of emotional, artistic, body cultures

8th isomorphism.  800±80±8 worldcycles of human and historic super organisms

In the graph, the ±800-80-8 cycles of History and its sub-cycles, which are reflected in the left for a human individual existence. They are the clock of life and death of civilizations and eco(nomic)systems.

 ∆±i Isomorphisms

10th isomorphism. Social scales. §10

Human Organisms evolve in social scales through 3 languages:

  1. Family, temporal, genetic languages
  2. spatial, geographic groups.
  3. Ideological, verbal languages.

9th Isomorphism: Its planes of Existence: ST±4

Humans co-exist mostly in the 3 cellular, ∆-1, individual and social plane of existence, which follows the same ages and forms that the individual, albeit with longer life cycles, according to the ∆ST metric:


Life is everything, as all is a spacetime organism with its 5D actions of survival (motion, feeding on energy, information gauging, social evolution and reproduction). But huminds, self-centered seek for carbon-life as the only living form. In true form, we thus talk of ‘light-life’, as the life forms which use energy and information provided by light-forces, which requires to accept as the third Earth evolves into light-mechanisms, robots with solar skins and optic minds, of 3 horizons, and 3 ages of the Earth. This is the basis of both biological and social sciences in 5D.





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