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I. Correspondence between 5D and modern physics.

II. The realist interpretation of quantum physics.

II. ¥e: The Ðisomorphisms of light and electronic particles.

Abstract. Any ∆ø point in the general model of ‘actions’ of time-space will absorb its pixels of information from its relative ∆-3 plane. This hypothesis based in the Disomorphism between the human time-space and other systems of Nature means on the human sphere that:

We perceive the light space-time plane, and as gauging information requires to ‘still=stop’ the pixels we perceive, we observe light as a c-constant speed.

This postulate proved by Relativity has then a new proof/explanation: as all systems move reproducing their form and perceive, in stop position, the constancy of light speed can be accounted for objectively by the fact we measure with electronic eyes and machines that entangle in stillness with the electron that emits information regardless of the motion in ‘gravitational space’ of the whole reality that surrounds the entangled electrons, in stillness to each other.

The ultimate plane of human existence, from where our energy and information comes is the light space-time, substrata of the galaxy and as such our ultimate ‘fixed’ space, whose rod of measure, c-speed appears to us as a simultaneous fixed speed (Einstein’s relativity) even if beyond, there should be a non-perceivable faster than light plane between galaxies, the ‘final open ball membrane’ of the Humind world.

Indeed the scalar nature of actions, it also means that the entangled electrons should be able to gauge energy from its lower plane, ∆-4, or gravitational plane, human do NOT perceive; which is the quantum potential of Bohm’s realist theory of quantum physics that according to 5D metric $p x ðƒ = C, must be faster than the c-scale, hence ‘non-local’.

In that regard the analysis of the 2 scales that ‘perform’ the task of creating the mind of man as a mirror mapping of the Universe – the light spacetime scale and the electronic scale require a thorough understanding on how perception takes place and the paradoxes it causes in the relative motion of beings, a task only partially carried in the realm of measure by Special Relativity, which however must be completed to fully account for the question of c-speed.

Further on, as we are dealing with the smallest scales of reality, it applies the metric equations of 5D according to which we are in a ‘temporal realm’ as world cycles occurs extremely fast (Min. Spatial size = Max. Temporal speed of time cycles) and so the formalism of quantum physics uses the equivalence between the o-1 probabilistic sphere of time events instead of the 1-∞ plane of statistical populations to formalize the events of ultra-fast repetitive particles.

This equivalence – not equality is one of the two main equivalences seek for mathematical physics; the other being the unification equation of charges and masses; that is, the ∆±3 and ∆±4 planes, which is also immediate as charges are the quantum vortices of accelerated time for the ∆-3 plane and masses for the ∆+4 plane unified by 5 D metric.

Constructionism, the theory of the Universe as one with a hierarchical preferential smaller scale as cause of the upper ones works then only within the ‘real’ of mathematical physics between the ∆-1: particle/forces scale and the ∆+1 molecular scale with the atoms in between, forming together the 3 scales of quantum physics.; of which the light space-time scale is the simplest one.

So 5D provides immediate answers to the long-seek whys of c-speed constancy, quantum potential realism and the equivalence of quantum and thermodynamics and the equivalence between charges and masses. Let us consider those elements in more detail; and a few more insights, which hopefully we shall be able to complete – or others will do in the future research on 5D physics.


I. Light space-time

Our constant mind-space.

light spacetime minds

We perceive light space-time, hence it is our ‘relative space-time background’ with its 3 perpendicular axis of perception, equivalent to our 3 perpendicular dimensions of spacetime. It is not though the only spacetime available for mind mappings.

In the next graph self-centered in the human ∆ø mind we observe below the last scales of human interaction, the ∆-4 invisible scale of gravitational forces and the ∆-3 next plane above it, of light space-time forces. The difference of those scales is obvious: we do NOT use the ∆-4 scale as a source of information so we do not perceive their pixels of information. We use it only as a source of entropic motion. It is the next scale that ‘in-forms’ the gravitational scale, the light plane the minimal plane we perceive visually:

5d best

Stiences are limited by the fact the ‘humind’, ∆ø, is the self-centered origin of all information available to us, as the singularity of a scalar ‘open ball’ of perception, where the outer limits of reality are not met. So huminds perceive ∆±4 planes of a likely ∞ reality, above and below, in a different way as the 5th dimension is NOT symmetric: i.e. we do not perceive as much information from larger systems of slower clocks and invisible networks than we perceive of lower planes which our mind uses to obtain bits and bites of energy and information. So ultimately perception and knowledge are also functions of the needs of the human Time space organism that orders a microcosms which he understands better than the above macrocosms that order us.

We define a whole range of ∆§cales for all entities in exi:st¡ence, self-centered in a given St¡ plane, ∆¡≈ø, where the specific mind of a T.œ exists and perceives a range of ∆±4 planes in which to perform its ‘actions of survival’. The relative ∆±3 plane will then be the plane in which the system perceives its minimal pixels of information, relative to its self-centered mind. The humind is a light mind and as such the ∆-3 plane of perception is light space-time. And since the mind perceives a still space, with maximal form and minimal motion, we perceive light as space-time fixed distance; with our electronic minds. This is the ultimate reason of the constancy of c-speed in all our measures (Special Relativity).



The procedure of ALL posts and studies of different stiences in this blog thus s simple. We add the  Disomorphisms of the ECD method (experimental facts and correspondence with classic theories, enlightened further with new insights provided by the Disomorphic space-time properties of all systems of reality).
So let us apply in a very fast review, those isomorphic properties to quantum physics and relativity the last upgradings of the science of fractal=quantum space and cyclical, multiple time-clcoks (relativity).
The first and fundamental insight of the Disomorphic method is this: Particles are one-dimensional vortices of accelerated information; waves are bidimensional flows of energy and information, potentials are 3-Dimensional volumes. And most properties of each of those 3 essential elements of physics can be derived of their dimensional nature; and its two fundamental states: the bidimensional symmetric s=t wave, which can ‘superpose’, accumulate into ‘bosonic groups’ (2D) and particles that collapse potentials and can convert into waves, as 3D potential – 1 D particle (which absorbs and so appears as a negative factor over the potential well) = 2D waves. So both have the same dimensionality:
– Potentials of 3 D space – particles of cyclical time vortices: ð = ∑∏ waves of ‘energy’ (∑) and information (∏).
So for example in relativity we have 3 ‘volume potentials’, (space metric) with a negative signature for the particle-time dimension. In waves we have the energy flat ∑-magnetic field, and the network-particle, ∏.
We are not in this introduction go too deep of the mathematics of Non-Æ geometry that will renew this XXI century the formalism of all stiences including physics, likely NOT among humans (limited in IQ and wasted by hypnotic screens) but among AI future brains, which will have enough memorial capacity to ‘store’ the whole of this web, as it is a ginormous field to straighten all the elements of modern physics and establish the proper algebra to understand it all. We just shall then consider a few aspects of the whole field, so soon in the blog because the correspondence principle is due – as humans have an astounding respect for physicists 1D simplex ideas on time and space, they revere – mostly because physicists do machines. So let us first consider what is the true meaning of LOCOMOTION, the 2D waves that reproduce information and are the core matter of the studies of modern physics both in quantum (schrodinger’s equation, particle-wave complementarity) and in relativity (c-constant light space-time).
In modern physics, the more interesting pending questions are the conundrums of quantum physics, as they are not just experimental problems as in Relativity, but deep theoretical questions, which plug in directly into the meaning of motion=time and still informative space, perception and measure; and the ego paradoxes of man, who sees a still world with its mind at the center and so naturally is inclined to feel more important, unique and the Universe a dead-still reality. So we shall resolve them here in a few lines. Look at the next pictures.

What we observe is that when a quantum ‘state’ is measured by stopping it and absorbing it with our instruments it COLLAPSES into a particle, but when it moves IT DOES SO reproducing information as a wave. So it is quite obvious: the state of motion is a wave state, the state of informative perception is a particle, which in fact has only an intrinsic property, its ‘h/2 spin or angular momentum’, which is ‘STILL’, discrete and non-differentiable, as informative spatial minds are:

galileo paradox
The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion-wave state and a still-particle state, together.

In graph group velocity is particle (ab.•) speed as it surrounds the wave (≈), whose phase velocity is V≈≥V•

The wave is surrounded by the particle which is encircling it. The creational process of reproductive dimensions thus starts at its minimal scale departing from a dot that becomes a 1D line, which a wave spreads=smears but a particle orders by closing in, surrounding and fixing the waves, which start a forth and back process that decelerates it and finally stops it into standing particle points, able to gauge information as still minds. And then again the bouncing within the particle enclosure of the wave, increases its information through ∑superpositions of fourier transforms, stopping, now rotating, now stopping to create a 3D ball; and so growth is reproduction as motion is. Waves that move and become the group vital energy for the particle to stop and perceive. And so the whole moves as a group particle, and each of the inner standing waves back and fourth as a phase particle, which is in its limit taking 3 steps back and forth for each 2 steps of the particle, 2/3 being the classic harmony between the speed of the wave back and fourth and the reproductive motion of the particle forwards stopping forwards. Then mathematically this shows in the imaginary back negative moment of the wave and the positive, reproductive doubling of the particle.

The fact is the best explanation of motion is one of reproduction of information, which requires a constant stop, reproduce your information in the next region of space-time, go… sliding and converting motion in yet another form of reproduction, which becomes then the fundamental ‘nature’ of reality – a fractal that reproduces information. And we shall return to that key insight.

In the graph, we show also 3 practical/theoretical proofs/explanations deduced of it – just a token of the ginormous number of ‘solid’ whys provided by ∆st: .

    • The complementarity wave-particle and our perception of quantum motions as a constant reproduction of the wave-form states.
    • A fact that solves  Achiles paradox, as motion has a finitesimal limit in the minimal quanta of size, of reproduction, the h-quanta of angular momentum, of both particles and waves. And so we can only measure 1/2 of the process smeared by the constant stop and go-reproduce, binary state of the particle as minimal ‘bit of informative reproduction’ and size.
    • But perhaps the most interesting consequence is the realist understanding of the uncertainty principle: we cannot measure position and momentum, because momentum is ‘motion’ and it is wave momentum, and position is still particle. So as the system is EITHER particle or wave in motion, the exact measure of the form as particle, ‘blurs’ the momentum-eve measuring, which means in other terms that the minimal unit of reproduction of the wave (kh) is the angular momentum, h/2π, which is always an unlocalised unit of reproductive motion. We could also say that the process of reproduction is always between two adjacent h-steps (h/2π)…
In the graph, we see the quantum duality, which surprisingly enough Physicists still don’t understand as it has been the center of all its disquisitions for a century. As Born put it in its Nobel discourse: “This idea of complementarity is now regarded by most physicists as the key to the clear understanding of quantum processes. Can we call something with which the concepts of position (space) and motion (time) cannot be associated in the usual way, a thing, or a particle? And if not, what is the reality which our theory has been invented to describe?”
We shall deal specifically with the ‘false weirdness’ of quantum physics, more of a problem of the ego-trips of man, which cannot accept vital, organic, sentient beings in any other species, and prefer the ‘abstract’ view that only man has living properties in the articles on the 4th line; as all resolves when we accept the metric of 5D, which makes smaller systems, faster in time, more informative, and hence, ultimately the particles that do reproduce when absorbing energy replicating more quarks and electrons, do gauge information and react to it, the ‘site’ of perception, whose ‘quantum’ of existence is indeed, an still, discrete ‘angle of perception’, an angular momentum called ‘h’.
And so all the weirdness comes to this: the particles ‘react’ to the slow bombing of experiments (which as Bell put it, IS the name we should give to ‘abstract measure’, as we ‘experiment’ with them, and they react ‘collapsing’ into tight formations to the brutal bombs we send to measure them, as schools of fish react to the shark. And so ALL the weirdness of quantum worlds, which physicists acknowledge COMES TO those 2 things is easily resolved in the organic Universe:
1. we measure unlike in inert matter on our scale NOT the state of the particle ‘before the measure’ but its STATE after we try to measure and they react. 
2. Spins are ‘still’ angles of still informative perception, the minimal units, our electronic minds use to construct reality, as its particles – the ultimate pixels of our mind – align with the ‘experiment’ they perceive as much as we perceive them.
The after reaction of particles, the stop-particle-perception vs. go-wave-motion and the static spins is all the weirdness that there is to quantum physics; and they are just in ∆st, 3 kaleidoscopic perspectives from the point of view of the @-mind of the particle, its spin; and its S≈Teps of motion, through its states in still space as informative particles and time as moving waves.
And with those insights we can also resolve the conundrums of relativity (constancy of c-speed, and its limit; why they define time as the 4th dimension of space, being the best known).
The reductionism of lineal time only motions and its limited formulae. Time as 4D.
YOU MUST REALLY even if you are a physicist or a groupie of its equations, understand clearly that v=s/t, their equation of TIME from where all other time concepts of physics spread IS ONLY lineal time motion, ONLY a type of change and TO REDUCE the 5 Dimensions of time=change=motion of reality to that single line of a cartesian graph IS plainly speaking the main reason we have NOT understood the first principles of reality; and so unless YOU accept to break that ‘Jail of the Mind’ REGARDLESS of the absolute detail physics has achieved studying locomotions in space you will never expand your understanding of reality as IT IS.
Indeed, take the case of relativity. Mr. Einstein, our absolute idol and genius, the ‘seer of time’, actually just completed the work on Galileo’s formula of lineal time v=s/t, by adding on the verge of maximal speed within the galaxy (c-speed), a ‘factor’ to correct the ‘warping’ that ‘drags’=slow downs particles trying to go as fast as waves.
So his formula for measure of lineal time motions and distances in space, instead of v=s/t is S²=Δr²-c² t² and then of course the entire business of measuring distances in space with lineal time-motions with extreme detail get extremely complex for the sake of accuracy. But for a philosopher of all sciences, searching for the ultimate meanings of time and space, which can be applied to all of them, as we humans do live in time, have time worldcycles, occupy a vital space and DESERVE to be explained, THIS was more of the same ‘reductionism’ of time as A MEASURE OF motions in Space (hence the quip that time is the fourth dimension of space – Not SO, only if you reduce all the time motions, changes of in-form-ation and dimensions of reality to the lineal graph of Maese Galileo, measuring with Kepler’s clock the reach of cannonballs as a the master of ballistics of the venetian army.
Of course we WILL explain further all of physics, in growing detail as time goes by. But this must be clear again: you can either have dogmas, idols and believe, and then you have nothing to do in this blog, or you can ‘think’, be humble, understand as Aristotle, the highest mind of mankind put it ‘that the only thing we know is that we know nothing’ and then keep reading.
Further on we try to RESPECT as much as possible the correspondence principle. SO since physicists use only lineal time motion as a dimension of time, which they call the 4th dimension and then of course, when dealing with the future of time, use worldlines NOT worldcycles to describe life and death and ENTROPY=death (the next step of simplification of lineal time, now also expanding and breaking the being) as the supposed future of all realities, which they call the ‘arrow of time’, (but are at pains to understand what it means and how to related it to the 2Dimension of lineal motion), we shall call ENTROPY, scattering disordered death the 4TH DIMENSION of time.
That’s really the best I can do trying to respect our ‘seers of time’, which would do better going back to school.
Let us then for good ‘measure’ expand a bit or rather explain the ‘limits’ of an analysis of reality with only an abstract cartesian pen and paper continuous graph of light space-time as relativity does; and then give more interesting answers to quantum weirdness, from an organic pov.

Relativity of c-speed.

The first thing we have to understand is what it is really the ‘abstract graph of pen and paper’ Newton considered the background God draw Not Descartes, behind the equations of reality,  he added on it. In the galaxy we live in, where we make ALL our measures, the vacuum space IS light space-time, a background radiation of LIGHT. So LIGHT is the ‘abstract’ graph but IT IS A LOCAL light space-time, because inside black holes there is darkness – light is not; and outside galaxies there is darkness, hardly any light crosses the halo of galaxies. So it is OBVIOUS that as you cannot in a very fast river stream run faster, the more so if you are a heavy particle; you cannot go faster than c-light in the galactic river. Moreover, as your mind IS ELECTRONIC, and we have clarify that WE STOP AS PARTICLES TO PERCEIVE information, when two electronic atoms MEASURE light, they have FIRST entangled in ‘stillness’, then sent each other a light beam but AS THEY ARE in a fractal Universe STOPPED in relationship to each other – THEY MEASURE ALWAYS C-LIGHT SPEED, they do NOT add THEIR slow macroscopic speed, as PERCEPTION HAPPENS in the quantum scale, in STILLNESS. Alas, THE CONUNDRUM OF c-speed constancy, and the limit of c-speed within galaxies IS solved. The rest of relativity consists IN calculating from the perspective of the macro-system that SEEMS to be moving, the still c-speed of the microsystem of particles, communicating with each other in stillness.

All this said, as I know the reader, if any will be a man who ‘idolises’ the high popes of physics, our ‘present seers’ of time, and will like to know what all this has to do with his ‘dogma-theory’ (4D relativity and quantum physics); all what we say just widens and explains better the weirdness and limits of 4D relativity (which is just the study of 2 specific planes of the 5D scalar Universe, the light space-time plane in special relativity and the gravitational larger russian doll in general relativity).

And so we do ‘revis(it)e’ Relativity in the more specialised 4th line articles to show how it fits as a ‘smaller theory’ of a part of the whole scalar Universe, which goes beyond its limits of space-time (c-speed as the rod of measure of ‘constant space’, T=0 temperature of time-motion) beyond the galaxy (hyperluminal speeds=actions at distance in regions where there is NOT a background light space-time) and the black hole (an accelerated time vortex that should go beyond c-speed and 0 temperature past the event horizon). Those obvious, increasingly proved experimental facts that widen the limits of relativity beyond the galaxy, are poised to be accepted as faster than z=c speed jets of matter coming out of black holes in galaxies become overwhelming (they already are, as the third picture above at 10c shows, but lacking the 5D formalism astrophysicists prefer to deny facts for lack of models and elaborate bizarre arguments to deny those faster than c-speeds).

All this said we must also stress that 5D² IS a theory that applies to all ‘stiences’ and scales, as each science merely studies a scale of size, and ALL of them are equally important. The time cycles of life or history are NOT less important than those of quantum particles.  So the reader MUST understand that the primacy of physicists IS cultural, as the makers of weapons, the tools of power, and machines, the idols of our technological civilisation.
But on pure theoretical, modelling basis, we shall NOT keep their idolised position as the ‘seers of time’, more important in its time=motion analysis that let us say, Darwin who study motion=change in the information of life, or Kondratieff, which study the cycles of evolution of machines in economics, or Spengler who studied the life and death of organic civilisations. If anything less important as we do NOT move=chance at light speed, and the 2Dimension of motion is for us far less important than the 0-1Dimension of ‘genesis’ and perceptive information.





3 errors to correct to understand the immortal Universe: entropy, big-bang and quantum uncertainty.

Let us then give a prime on the TRUE PHILOSOPHY OF REALITY  ONCE WE HAVE UPGRADED IT PROPERLY TO THE ∆•st elements of reality.

 So then we apply this insight on the reasons of dimensional analysis to ‘a bidimensional wave’ that transforms into a ‘bidimensional particle’. Because as we say both now have the same dimension; IT IS JUST A QUESTION OF READRESSING THEM IN A FUNDAMENTAL FACT TO ADAPT 4D formalisms to 5D³ physics (AS OBSERVED in the above graph of time-information and flat space).


ECD-method: S@≈∆ð view of atoms and galaxies and its Q, G forces.

The formalism of 5D-fractal Universes ads to experimental facts, (E) and the Correspondence principle with classic science (C), the Disomorphic, organic method of extracting the whys of reality from the scalar properties of the 5th dimension (∆) and the symmetries between formal space, space-time energy and time motion (S≈T), cupped by the critical analysis of the @-mental distortions of inflationary languages as mirrors of the Universe. So we have a much deeper insight on the ‘whys’ of both, experimental facts and classic science modelling.  It is then obvious that most corrections on classic science to match ‘experimental fact’ today often ignored to uphold the classic theories come from the understanding of the fractal structure of space and cyclical nature of time.

Let us consider the case of astrophysics: cyclical time defines the vortices of space-time of the 3 scales, or singularity-masses (gravitational scales), thermodynamic vortices (eddies) and charges (quantum vortices), which can be unified as attractive vortices (time view) or space curvatures of the 3 scales:

In the graph, the Universe is eternal and big-bangs are likely only galactic big-bangs as Fred Hoyle wanted, which release dark entropy through the axis of black holes and expands space, balanced by the constant contraction by gravitational forces of space into mass.

So why astrophysicists ONLY consider the expansive entropy of space between galaxies and do NOT put it together with the inverse arrow of informative creation of mass? IT IS NOT because of true science and the experimental method (put below for good measure in its principles: evidence, known cause, economy and no-falsification, which happens only when we take into account both vortices of relative future mass and expansive sheets of entropic space), but because of historic cultural reasons, often hidden as secret agendas of dogmatic religion or dogmatic science.

As we show in the post on force unification, then q and g becomes: curvature (Space view) vortices ime view) of two scales (∆±i view) on the two upper and lower limits of @-mind perception; solving the hierarchy problem and ultimately completely opening our experimental understanding of quantum worlds, as we can see it in reverse from within as macro-galaxies. Protons then appear as top quark positive frozen stars, aka black holes; electrons as strangelet negative halos, and in between the far less dense photons become stars.

And so we can establish 2 fundamental Disomorphisms to study the whole as a series of kaleidoscopic mirrors:

-The atom-galaxy, for quantitative, mathematical physics modelling.

The concept of course has been around for long. EFE (Einstein’s field equations) applied to galaxies (Einstein-Walker formalism) is actually modelled to simplify calculus with galaxies as hydrogen atoms; Schrodinger’s equation was used by Wheeler to find a quantum formalism for the Universe; string duality considers universes and quantum strings the same; astronomers model stars around central black holes as photons, etc. But without a deep philosophical model of the fractal Universe provided in this blog, all those mathematical isomorphisms have been merely considered ‘techniques’ of calculus. The reader thus should be aware the mathematical physics – albeit complex to the level of specialists, do exist and what we shall beyond the Unification equation in Newtonian terms, introduce here is the depth of philosophical analysis and the Disomorphic properties of atomic galaxies.

-The second isomorphism is that of the galaxy-cell (treated in cosmology) which shows the organic properties of astrophysical galaxies. This is to my knowledge completely new stuff, but rather obvious: DNA-black holes with gravitational forces, and protein, lineal strangelets, encase the vital space-time of electromagnetic and gravitational flows of energy between both, which structure the waves of the galaxy. And both control the mitochondria stars that become on the long term the energy food to reproduce more black holes and strange stars (pulsars). 20 years ago this seemed madness, but today everything comes together to the surprise of astronomers to validate the organic model of galactic growth:

The galaxy atom is the ‘solid’ last scale above and below perceived from the ∆º humind, at i=±3, the scale of perception of forces as pure motion or pure form in the limits of our ‘being’.

As such the equivalence of both scales unified by a fractal simple equation rises many philosophical questions. From a point of view of astrophysical description it introduces two different perspectives over the same phenomenon: as we can see galaxies from a much larger scale, that of the human looking at the galaxy atom, and as outsiders, observing how electromagnetic energy between atoms is equivalent to dark entropy between galaxies, or we can adopt the smallish point of view as particles of a galactic star, a mere dust of space-time on the mythocondria of the gala cell. It is precisely in the description of physical systems from wildly knew perspectives what enriches the analysis of the galaxy atom in gst physics.

In the graph, an example of the power of the new formalism:

We will be able to find using the metric of 5D the saint grail of physics, the unification equation of charges and masses, which are just future informative accelerated vortices of time in the quantum and gravitational scale (principle of equivalence between gravitational forces and acceleration by Einstein).

So mass attracts as a hurricane does in our thermodynamic scale, the faster the frequency of its cycles: e=mcc + e=hƒ-> mc²=hƒ-> m=ƒ (h/c²). So the mass of a vortex is proportional to the frequency of its accelerated cycles.

In the next graph, we see how the dark entropy that expands space between galaxies, is balanced by the informative vortices of mass of galaxies that convert entropy into virtual particles and masses according to the two sides of Einstein’s equation: E<CC>M, which he in fact published not to express the creation of entropy from mass, but the transformation of entropy>energy>mass and only when our military civilisation used it in reverse to explode atomic bombs, became canonised as an entropic equation.

Let us now give a more quantitative solution to that metric

How the ‘general S x T = K’ EQUATION of 5D metric works out for different systems though must take into account the different power laws that apply too them.

A more precise metric equation for physics systems will be considering the different dimensions of Space=volume (3D), time (clock: 2D) and K (scalar = 1D), our Unification equation of charges and masses, where we write  in terms of Newtonian mechanics is simple:

UCG,C = ω2r3/MUCG,C x M= ω2r3   M= ω2r3/UCG,C

Where we obtain for 2 UC(i/e) values, G and Q, 2 different space/time scales and vortices acceleration (mass and  charges).

Indeed Mass becomes then the ‘relative constant’ M= ð(ω²) x $(r³), we are in a power law which is essentially similar to Kepler’s 3rd law. Couldn’t be otherwise: T² ≈ R³. So T=1/w and we substitute, normalizing as a constant each relative mass of each quark, M = 1; proportional to the square of its angular speed.

We can look at it in terms of dimensionalities, M, is the one dimensional scalar-singularity, w is the 2 Dimensional angular enclosure and r is the 3-dimensional quantum potential vital energy of the system – the lineal enclosed ‘wave’ state of this potential invisible field

.So the equation becomes dimensional: K (1D) = ð² x $³, which merely defines the growth of mass as a power law of  the speed of rotation and potential invisible field (distance-radius). This is Kepler’s law and in general it will be the law for all physical systems; but requiring for each scale a proper analysis of the dimensions in which we work, which are maximal obviously for the macro-gravitational scale, but might differ – and we shall see how, for lower scales.

So here we do have an M vs. r³ clear one thousand relationship, between the scalar (charge, Mass, h, M) and the potential (quantum likely gravitational potential  10.000 C field, faster than light for spooky action at distance, maybe mediated by ‘string neutrinos’  electromagnetic field for our Universe at maximal c-speed, a thermodynamic potential for molecules and a liquid flow potential and so on). which would make logic to consider the rotational speed of the electron and the proton equal.

NOW, THIS is the simplex ‘Newtonian’ version of the Unification. As we have said unending times the mathematical efficient mirror is however inflationary so as we have multiple views of an event according to the monad’s distorted perspective, all with a quantity of truth, the dynamic ‘undetailed’ timespace newtonian vortex of gravitational forces suffices to prove the point. Trust me, I have also done the EFE unification with Maxwell equations, which in any case the gravitomagnetic Heaviside equations express for low intensity gravitational regimes.

Planes of existence however are not absolutely equal, so the quantum world of atoms must differ from the quantum world of galaxies as atoms… So far it seems in fact that plane is more similar to an antiparticle Universe, as the ‘proton-black hole’ has minimal mass compared to the electron surrounding it as in antiparticles.

The importance of having a ‘hierarchy of logic laws’ based in the organic fractal properties of the Universe is to establish order and hierarchy among all those inflationary theories.

For example, in the ∆-4 plane of maximal inflationary Mathematical physics, as there is minimal experimental evidence to ‘screen down’ the infinity of particles, with an Ockham’s razor, we sold be able to put together all this: neutrinos ≈ strings ≈gravitons ≈ spooky entanglement ≈ action at distance≈ neutrino theory of light…

And explain its origin on the ∆+4 plane of black holes as top quark stars with a cover of bcb atoms… Considering only rotary Kerr black holes as real, to define black hole jets of dark entropy, faster than light in its center, cause of the death of tired redshift light, seen in stillness as expansion of space…  

I have done quite a lot of complex maths on all those themes, but as they are not more important analysis that let us say, the study of Wagner’s dissonance in Das flegender Hollander, on the creative forms of the language of music… have no idea when I will fancy to search for those notebooks and put them in the fourth line here.

So good luck to the XXI century physicist that find all the equations. All I know is that the theoretical analysis from a 5D perspective of those ∆±4 planes organically and mathematically must shown those results, because of the economicity imposed by the epistemological structure of the 5D Universe.

Another interesting field but far less essential than physicists think is to straighten up the huge gaps on theoretical knowledge on the meaning of the Universal constants turning around those particles, which are basically proportionality constants, between the 3 conserved elements of physical systems…

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 8.14.19 AMThey are NOT essential in the sense of being as the previous unification coming from first principles (5D metric theory) but rather as in the metabolic graphs of ‘metabolic species’ of the biological realm, species of growing frequency=mass, which can be plotted in a small range of ‘metabolic attractive power’, as we did with planets and mammals – a feat achieved long ago by Wilczek before ‘the Higgs became by decree’ the origin of mass (which is not), in great detail, and roughly by this author with 5D metric.

My interest again is not in the details but in the great families, which seem to be simply stated a stair of 3 decametric speeds on the rotational event horizon of those particles as time vortices such as: tbc>c, s≈c, Ud<c…

And the true interesting philosophical conundrum is the study of the number of Dimotions and specific flows of energy we collapse when we measure ‘mass’ as a ‘scalar’  of the form K (1D) = ð² x $³ – that is the information lost of the particle-point of mass, when perceived extrinsically without its internal form, by human observers.

Since obviously dimensionality varies in an external analysis as point-particles on a larger world (equations of energy of the graph).

In true form though masses, eddies and charges are 5D pentadimensional forms with 2 dimensions of ‘accelerated’ time, and 3 dimensions of ‘shrinking volume’.

It is then clear that K in each of those 3 planes of physical existence is the constant of action, with maximal space-form (S³), which has a scalar number of measure, for h-planck, for k-boltman actions of entropy and for m, the mass of particle’s vortices.





‘Quantum mechanics will ultimately be cast as statistical thermodynamics’ Einstein

HOW THIS can be done, has to do with the fact that all equations of the o-1 probabilistic time sphere are by Theory of Measure equivalent to statistic populations in the 1-∞ plane. As we have said ad nauseam on our articles on 5D generation in an ∆-1 plane what this means is that both formalisms are equal, but we better use the time-fast probabilistic formalism according to 5D metric; Space size x Time Speed=Constant, for very small particles, (quantum), because we SEE them as ‘blocks of time’, that is so fast in its worldcycles, that the worldcycles ruled by probabilistic time equations freeze as space populations.  While in the larger thermodynamic scale, which we can assess and measure as populations, developing thermodynamic slower worldcycles, the 1-∞ plane works ok. Both are equivalent.

So we accept both formalisms, but what we are interested in this blog of philosophy of science is to extract meanings, straighten interpretations and introduce ad ons learned from 5D. So in brief:

5D particle generation  (unit time sphere probabilistic): quantum formalism ≈ 1-∞: atomic statistical populations: Thermodyamics

The argument on probability and determinism.Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 3.11.51 PM

Humans in the ‘visual age’, believe truth is e-vidence, forgetting the laws of causality and information that ‘set up’ the paths of future of all systems. Hence they will dismiss the higher learning of this blog, as you cannot take still pictures of time causality and its I-logic postulates. They prefer to reduce knowledge to present pics and digital equations (: So the deterministic causality of past to future repetitive cyclical patterns or laws of stience seem impossible to them, unless obtained through statistical methods ‘after it has happened’ (quantum method). The realist pilot-wave right theory  instead shows  future patterns can be found before  they happen.

The quantum world as huminds perceive it is the o-1 probability sphere of time world cycles≈ paths of a whole game of existence between the o-seed and the 1-generation as a larger being of a higher ∆+1 scale, expressed specifically as the ∑ ∆–1 waves of Bosonic forces > ∆º  particles.

Since the Universe is completely understandable, predictable, organic, deterministic as any life-death cycle is.

The trick here though comes when we fully grasp one of the most beautiful dualities of reality – that between the short steps of open strings/lineal momentums/free particles, which statistically as the number of events in the o-1 sphere GROW (or the populations in the identical, ∆+1 scale of the 1-∞ plane), the mass program ‘gravitates’ towards an organic building of a deterministic ‘enclosed whole’, which becomes curved into closed, fixed geodesics – fully deterministic larger wholes with an integral single worldcycle.

It is then possible to integrate also the kaleidoscopic mirrors of quantum probabilistic physics and Bohmian paths; and also consider local big-bangs of quasar galaxies, which are free to die but NOT the whole Universe that will perform at best in the upper scale a zero sum worldcycle…

That is, in quantum physics, all the open paths of a wave collapse in a deterministic Bohmian path of the particle, all the entropic molecules of heat, collapse into the deterministic larger thermodynamic whole laws, all the individual free lives of human beings, collapse into the deterministic life and death cycles of its organisms, nations and civilizations, and those larger whole, closed cycles is what becomes determined.

The parts seem free, the whole, the mass is bent, closed, deterministic. So in geometry, Lobachevski found that we see in small distances as you see the earth flat, open space, but when the picture gets longer and bigger in time and space, the mass of steps and events or populations gravitate and curve. In the complex plane as Gauss already proved, there are multiple integral paths but we come always back to the same point. In physics light crosss through the least time path.

The parts will feel always in their plane of existence, free, because they cannot perceive the whole; as you don’t see yourself part of an organism of history, your DNA cells won’t feel to be part of a brain-controlled organism, whose informative nervous messages made them move in synchronicity and their hormonal blood flows order their re=production actions. Or the stars of the galaxy feeding in gravitational paths will not see the black hole swarm in the center that will swallow them all at the end of times.

Cyclical time is predictable as cycles of information reproduce & r=evolve with the same topological patterns. 

And this bring us to an error of quantum physicists in its misinterpretations of his mathematical equations; and rejection for a century and counting of the true proper interpretation of their discipline, Broglie’s>Bohm>Bell’s deterministic quantum-pilot wave theory, Pilot-waves are a perfect, rational, deterministic, 5D theory of quantum physics, born of the founding fathers of the discipline, Broglie and Einstein, denied by the Huge Ego paradox of the Hilbert School of Germanic idealism (which considers that humans ‘imagine’ points, planes and maths, the language of God, they only share, and hence they also ‘imagine’ physical particles, as per Bohr, Born and Heisenberg),

One thing though must be clarified – Einstein’s postulate of c-speed limit, obviously apply only to the plane of continuous space-time light, as it is the background spacetime of our perceived universe, of electronic eyes feeding on light; but there must be according to 5D metric, S x T = K, a lower faster than c ‘gravitational’ scale of intergalactic space, the quantum potential of entanglement and Bohm’s model, of gravitational action at distance, of intergalactic jets at 10C, of the gravitational accelerated vortex of black holes, beyond the c-horizon (Kerr metric), which expels perpendicularly those jets, and cause the effect of expansive dark entropy space faster than light space, exactly where light does NOT exist.

So the key to fully grasp both quantum physics and the balanced immortal big-bang/warping Universe was indeed to consider c-speed and 4D metric, the ‘limit’ for a single plane of space-time of 5D metric.   Einstein’s postulate of c-speed, works only for the lowest perceived scale of reality that builds up the electronic mind – light space-time itself, which is only the cartesian world of light space-time huminds are, but there are undoubtedly many other mind-worlds with different pixels at different speeds – the slower atomic, smelling worlds of elephants, with its higher memorial, slow past pixels, the faster top quark, gravitational minds of black holes, informative ‘dna-like’ brains of ‘galacells.

Once this ‘hidden scale’ is added to the models of the balanced Universe the obvious truths of the Broglie>Bohm ‘realist model’ of quantum physics impose its logic.

And yet by the ‘Rashomon effect’ of multiple perspectives, each of the ‘different perspectives on quantum physics’ has a quantity of truth.

What is then the zone of conflict between both perspectives?

  • An important question which is by no means settled is to consider which of both perspectives does properly calculate the existence of the particle before it touches the observer’s apparatus.

It is not clear if the particle exists before, in the scattered wave or collapses becoming such in response to the ‘attack’ or ‘well’ of energy of the observer.

And this is an uncertainty that cannot be solved because we are looking to the ‘limit’ of our perception as electronic atomic instruments.

The meaning of complex numbers.

To start with, it is impossible to fully grasp quantum physics without upgrading our view of complex numbers, so extracted from the post on number theory we bring its proper meaning.

Complex numbers are best to represent the social evolution of forms into new scales that emerge as envelopes of wholes with a fleeting transcendental form that seems to us evanescent and not even there when we are looking at it from below in our more dense, lower existence.

More generally we can consider the Rashomon effect o complex number and consider it from 4 different perspectives:

  • ð: As inverse, TEMPORAL numbers.
  • $: As bidimensional REAL numbers (Bolay) with its own rules of multiplication (a,b) x (c,d) = (ac-bd; ad+bc)
  • ≈ As a relationship between quantities represented in the real line belonging to ‘Space’ and in the imaginary line belonging to ‘Time’
  • @: As a self-centred polar frame of reference (r, α)
  • ∆: And finally when squaring the coordinates, as an ∆§-frame of reference. As this is the new solution found by ∆st theory and yet the most fruitful in the analysis of its true representation of 5D geometries, we shall consider it in more detail.

Of all the views of Complex numbers 2 though are specifically important and clearly related, both in ∆st and number theory, as they correspond to the ∆ð, composite element of reality more complex in itself as we should know by now (: than the s@, simplex spatial lineal @ristotelian mind view in which we can fit the 3 simplex systems of natural, rational and real numbers.

Complex numbers then are something ‘special’, far more connected to the real Universe outside the humind light space-time that we can conceive – hence the difficulty to understand them from the ego paradox of the humind, who confuses its lineal visual world with the Universe, in which it misses the scales that the complex numbers so well describe. 

In that regard, the key to understand complex numbers is always in the ‘research’ of reality, its simplex, first historic discoveries, those who explain the Euler identities between its temporal expression (as sine and cosine) and how this cyclical, temporal expression, rises the number, often a physical potential or ∆-1 plane into the exponential, upper or lower, eˆ±iz plane.

The transformation of a world cycle, even in its smaller zero sum actions, which is represented by the sinusoidal functions, which bring about ultimately by the sum of temporal cycles converted into spatial tails of populations into the emergence of the entity into its ∆+1 form, from the simplest representations of potentials in the ∆-1 scale that collapse together into the ∆+1 imaginary part, to the most complex boson experiences of the creation of a social God – no need here to use mathematical languages, verbal wor(l)ds should suffice, open up finally the proper whys of a formalism, which is still considered magic in the world of mathematical physics, where its use has been more fruitful.

Let us then introduce the complex numbers under the Rashomon effect first, to concentrate then in its true form as the numbers of the ∆ð universe, as opposed to the S@ line of the simplex humind.

Complex numbers as expressions of the 3 states: potential past <present wave> future particle

AS WE JUST said Complex space-time ideal for studying ∏imespace world cycles as the previous ones. Since in a complex space, the ‘negative’ arrow inverse to the positive one (Spe<=>tiƒ) are kept separated as lateral i-numbers, by the convention  – initially a fortuitous error of interpretations – than the minus of √-1 cannot be taken out of the √.

It can, but as this was not understood mathematicians maintained the Tiƒ arrow represented by a negative root as a different coordinates. And the result of its combinations with real numbers, gave origin of complex numbers ℂ, which are the best complex numbers to represent the 2 inverse arrows of world cycles of existence.

Thus the complex plane IS when used with the sinusoidal functions a good representation of a world cycle (tumbled, as X+ is 2D:$pe, x- is 1D ðiƒ and in its 3D ∑∏-mature age is i-lateral numbers):

Thanks to the ‘serendipitous’ error of earlier mathematicians, which could not conceive negative≈inverse motions, the real line was broken into perpendicular co-ordinates, which are perfect to represent world cycles, where the real line represents Spe (max. size, X-oordiantes) and the imaginary root axis represents information which has min. size,  and it is negative, in as much as its development rests ‘entropy’ to the real numbers. This scientists still don’t know and it is a wonder of the ‘deterministic’ Universe that they DO use Cx-numbers to study worldcycles, without knowing what they are and what they study (:

i=√-1, is the root of an inverse number, and represents the information of a bidimensional system as Gauss understood when he called them lateral units.

It is then fascinating to observe how slowly was the realisation of imaginary numbers as rotary numbers related to time cycles.

In fact the general concept of a time worldcycle does not exist in science, so imaginary number is related to specific time worldcycles in physical waves of ∆-3 scales, which in 5D metric: Min. S (max. -i) = Max. ð, have a maximal speed of time cycles. Hence they can complete a time cycle in a very brief span, making possible to study them as recurrent cyclical function of i; which can be further integrated into an eˆ±iz function that will emerge into the ∆+¡ plane.

Consider then the most famous example of  the use of complex numbers in mathematical physics, not as a calculus device but as an integral part of its form:

It is Schrodinger no-time dependent wave of quantum physics. As it is no time dependent, it means it is deterministic: it represents a complete worldcycle of past, present and future fully ‘integrated in the equation’ and related to the h constant of angular momentum (the closed world cycle ‘spin’ of the wave or particle), which cannot and should not be broken apart.

And as such it becomes the operator of angular momentum, of ‘time worldcycles’ of waves and particles in quantum physics; even in quantum physicists don’t know it (:

So we can study the 3 arrows of time of the quantum wave, conceding the imaginary number in this case to the angular momentum ih operator, or membrain of the wave, which will then surface often in connection with the particle envelope (itself origin of all other extensions of quantum physics, hence the importance of the example).

So we write in 5D, the 3 conserved quantities/elements of the schrodinger wave:

∆ø: Vital, potential Energy (3D): Vψ ≈ Singularity: 1D:  h²/2m ∇²ψ + 2D: angular momentum: ih ∂ψ/∂t

The ‘wave-state’ is a present state; the PARTICLE, or angular momentum that envelops the wave is function which has the i-number (right side). And the way to properly write the equation is therefore, moving the 2 h factors to the right, to form a nice complex number equivalent to the potential that generates both the particle and its kinetic energy.

So in the right side we have now the kinetic≈entropic energy of the particle or singularity parameter and its membrane.

While in the other side we have the quantum wave itself, its vital energy, which is the potential  energy of the wave, Vψ.

And both are balanced. In this manner, we obtain a third interpretation besides the expression of Schrodinger and the Bohm’s interpretation, closely related to this one. 

So the equation understood in terms of the generator reads:

Singularity (kinetic≈entropic, moving energy) + angular momentum (represented by i-numbers+ = vital energy (Potential energy)

And as any other T.œ, where the singularity and angular momentum encloses its vital energy in balance with it, so does the wave.

So in quantum physics as physicists realise with certain surprise, imaginary numbers are not mere ‘artefacts of calculus’ but ‘REAL’ in its meaning, expressed in the graph above.

We shall of course extend its ‘reality’ to explain why actually they are also real in electromagnetism, even if the humind prefers to obtain as final result a real, which is less real (: result, but appears as ‘real’ to the unreal human mind (quip intended).


What is the most important of those planes to mankind? Obviously the one that defines the Humind perspective, which is the one that has the dimension of our ‘space-time’, which is LIGHT! that for that reason is both the limit of transmission of information perceivable by man, and a constant speed force, as we perceive it in the stillness of the mind.

Spaces as the a priori reality.  The cartesian 3D graph

Descartes’ theory is based on two concepts: the concept of coordinates and the concept of representing by the coordinate method any algebraic equation with two unknowns in the form of a curve in the plane.

Generator Equation. The 3 Points of view and its geometries & topological planes. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 20.33.51

There is always a first observer which starts an action of perception in space-time from a perspective that usually is biased by the function of the observer (STi, Se or To coordinates), which correspond to the Cartesian, Cylindrical and spherical, polar coordinates of science

The Universe is a sum of a series of action, ∆aeiou, of them, the first action is perception by an observer, ∆o, of a field of energy, ∆e, to which it will move, ∆a, in order to feed, ∆e and use that energy to reproduce its information, ∆i, iterating a form like itself, which will gather with clone forms to create a larger, ∆U universal social plane.

This is all what we should describe when we reduce to minimal cyclical space-time actions the total reality of any self.

But to do so from a merely formal point of view, we do need to consider first the point of view that kicks out the world cycle of actions of any function of existence, ∆o, which is thus the minimal and first Unit-action of the Universe.

And this point of view and its relative frame of reference, will start the comprehension of an external reality.

Thus the departure point of any mathematical course, should be the definition of the 3 fundamental coordinates which any entity uses to ‘adapt’ the perception of reality to its mind-view and the equation of the mind, which in terms of mathematical co-ordinates writes:

0.                                                    O-point x ∞ Universe = constant, static frame of reference.

Thus the Observer is not only the dominant element of those 5 actions  in the real Universe, but also the initial ‘point of view’ of any mathematical analysis, and analytic geometry rightly the first branch of mathematics to be studied.

And as it turns out in the first of many fascinating symmetries between ‘iTS’ and each science (isomorphic, |-space & O-Time, the abb. most commonly used for the 3 components of the Universe), 3 are the fundamental points of view and frames of reference of analytical geometry, each one belonging to a ‘fundamental state’ of being, in the Universe.

The temporal polar point of view, centred in the O-point and its external membrane determined by the radius and angle of perception; the cylindrical, lineal, energetic point of view, determined by the lineal axis of the frame of reference or ‘altitude’, the Z co-ordinates, and finally the Cartesian ‘hyperbolic plane’, corresponding to the STi bodies & waves of physical and biological systems.

From those 3 ‘mathematical perspectives’ the Universe constructs its vital geometries that we call ‘existential beings’.

And so the observer’s causal, logic, cyclical, informative sentient properties that allow it to perceive time cycles are the first questions to inquire.

To, is the first element to describe in reality.

And it is a frame of reference, an observer, an inertial point in relative fixed form with no motion that can perceive and map the Universe, an O x ∞ constant mapping mind. The observer.

Coordinates, the 3 main frames of reference.

Now, when move to 3 dimensions, the 3 frames of reference become the 3 bidimensional planes of any of the infinite fractal systems of the Universe:

Se(Toroid field/limb)<STi (Hyperbolic wave/body)>Ot (spherical head/particle)

Now, the fact that each of the 3 fundamental domains of a space-time organism correspond to one of the 3 fundamental  topologies of a 2-3-4D manifold, the planar/toroid, cylindrical≈hyperbolic waves/bodies and spherical particles/heads, and to one of the 3 fundamental 0-points of perception,  shows how close mathematics is to reality.Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 16.01.49

In the graph, the 3 subspecies of 2-manifolds have their expression in 3 coordinates, where the Cartesian, is taken as an ‘infinity growing Toroid’ space.

The Organisms of the Universe are assemblies of geodesic curves perceived by each of the 3 elements in its corresponding coordinates.

This gives also a simple rule to know what kind of element we are studying in different sciences and events (the Se, STi or Ot element):

‘The simplest frame of reference in which a problem formulates indicates which is the ternary topological element we study’. For example, if we can formulate the problem in polar coordinates with an equation simpler than in cartesian coordinates, we will be studying a TO element (as when we formulate a gravitational or charge problem in polar coordinates). If it is easier to formulate in the toroid or the simplified Cartesian graph (a toroid opened along a z-cut), it will be an ‘Se, limb/field problem’; which is the case of most physical problems of ‘lineal motions’; and so on.

The conclusion of this duality, is that we are mathematical organisms, with topo-logic properties, which give birth to biological, organic assembles of ternary functions/forms and those systems do have an O-point of view, its frame of reference.
In the graph, since the Humind is Cartesian the first and most widely used plane of reference will be a  3D-∑∏ cartesian flat/hyperbolic plane, which mimic – it is homeomorphic – to the ‘vital’ 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space-time.

As such our mental spatial reality is a distortion of the Universe suitable for perception in 3D±∆ social colours. And so immediately we observe a correspondence between the FUNCTIONS-FORMS-ACTIONS of light as an organism and its Dimensions used in the humind to build our worldview of the Universe and its T.œs:

The actions/dimensions of vital light space-time become the dimensions absorbed by electronic minds (human or digital), which in turn will emerge as vital dimensions of the particle-electron. Huminds thus are constructs of the limited perception we have of light – since (Heisenberg’s principle) we further reduce and smear light information to fit it on the electron.

That we reduce further light information is self-evident but treated in the Physical analysis of quantum uncertainty principles. SUFFICE to say that we reduce from each bidimensional holographic plane, or topological variety of form, one dimension to obtain the 3 canonical perpendicular lineal dimensions, which correspond in the humind to the functions of its light-systems:

-1D: Height is the function of information where animal systems will place its particle-heads.

-3D: Width is the dimension of present reproduction across which animal systems will multiply its cells and reach bilateral symmetry.

-2D: Length is the dimension of motion ALONG which systems will move

But the mind also observes the social and entropic, evolving and devolving arrows of time to complete a 5D dimension of reality. And this is done with the social/devolving arrows of light, called frequency colours. So humans add the duality of:

-Red/magneta: dissolving/dying colours of Entropy and ‘tired’ light as it dissolves into vacuum.

-Blue/violet: colours of maximal frequency/form, as blue stars generate its photons.

-Green/Yellow: colours of vital energy/information in the intermediate spectra, which are colours of processed plant energy and direct light.

So the codes of light and its dimensions create the ‘interpreted’ world of the humind.

This was clear to Descartes who called his geometry not Universal, BUT HUMAN; depicting the world as a limited mirror of the total Universe. Since it is the human light space-time mind with its 3 perpendicular magnetic, electric and speed fields what determined the eye-geometry – an electronic machine absorbing light – something Kant also explained when affirming our Mind IS Euclidean because light is Euclidean.

So it is fundamental to understand the homeomorphism between the 3 lineal dimensions and the bidimensional REAL topologies, which they simplify. 


TIME VIEW THROUGH 5D scales requires a complex number perspective.

In terms of past, present and future (left side), which is a more general view of the ternary elements on imaginary equations, an i-number rotate sfrom a relative past/future to a relative future/past a function of existence, through a 90° middle angle, that is, the middle ST balanced point, in which the present becomes a bidimensional function, with a REAL, + (relative past-entropic coordinates) and an imaginary, negative (future coordinates) elements.

This needs a couple of clarifications: first we move ‘backwards’ in a complex i-graph from future to past as we rotate through i-scales, in as much as most graphs are measuring the ‘motion’ of lineal entropic time which is the relative Spe Function.

So the negative side becomes the time function, something which mathematical physics makes obvious, when considering an attractive, informative force-field-potential negative.


In the graph, the expression of a world cycle of existence, with broad applications for physical sciences (quantum, electromagnetism) as it describes the ‘unitarian’ cycle of light and electrons (dense fractals of light photons), in its cyclical turns around an atom that constrains its motion, or in its displacement ‘in freedom’ across space, as a function of present iterative motions:

Tiƒ (k) / Spe (µ) = ST (C²) (1/√eµ=c IN maxwell expression).

The graph shows one of the essential trans-formations of dimensions in the Universe, which form a world cycle of its own, between a ‘real’ potential-limb ∆-1 plane from where it emerges by ‘subtraction’ of an exponential e∧it quantity an ∆+1 particle-head defined by the sinusoidal functions, which seen in a ‘real’ plane, would be flattened into an elliptical orbit, such as:

What this essentially means is that the wave state resides mostly in the flat plane and the particle in the imaginary height, and both effect a constant tug of war, and transformation into each other in multiple distinctive dual events, from the particle-stop-gauging information state, to the wave-moving, through the particle enveloping the wave to absorb its energy in a ‘decay exponential rate’, while the wave pushes through the major axis ahead elongating the form, through the particle guiding the wave after gauging information with a change of direction and the wave guiding the particle through its flat path that follows the potential, ∆-1 field and so on and so on… It is only when we have an organic comprehensive view of all the properties of the wave-particle duality not only in its formal classic expression, but through its organic T.œ meanings and actions,when we can really understand quantum physics.

To that aim is useful also to square the whole plane and change its perspective to see how the ‘wave’ collapses into the particle vibrational states:

Now, when we transfer the imaginary circle to the squared circle it is an interesting process because we obtain an expansion of one dimension which we can then trace laterally to get the R² SQUARE, AND WE SEE HOW ‘REPRODUCTION’ of a sine and cosine circle mimic both reality and the imaginary squared graph, something we express in the realisation that they aths in the imaginary axis might vary but repeat cyclical the form in the z-axis squared.

So the complex planes mimic better the generation actions of s=st=t symmetries, with ST in its square plane and S and T in inverted planes, as we have done in the graph with Einstein’s metric.

Thus it is a good introduction to the complex plane and its imaginary numbers to fully interpret quantum physics in terms of 5D.

Next, we need to accept once and for all that the real interpretation is that of Broglie (adscribed to Bohm), not of Copenhagen. Point. Even if we were not to introduce T.œ 5D new insights on the system, it would be enough to learn that Broglie is the one that fits 5D and just apply it with the ad ons we shall now introduce to explain its whys – faster than c speeds for quantum potential, meaning of entanglement, stop-particle go-wave, envelop-particle, vital body-energy wave and such and such.

So next we just shall do this, taken from different waves, explain realist quantum physics and ad comments to further understand its whys.


FIRST to set the record straight the REAL genius of quantum physics, NOT Bohr, Born and Heisenberg, Not Bohm but the French lonely aristocrat -wrong culture, wrong attitude, forgotten and stolen.

1927: De Broglie publishes ‘Wave mechanics and the atomic structure of matter and of radiation’,  (1927). Paper contains full modern pilot-wave dynamics, though only for single particles. “One will assume the existence, as distinct realities, of the material point and of the

continuous wave represented by the function Ψ, and one will take it as a postulate

that the motion of the point is determined as a function of the phase of the wave

by the equation v = − 1/M0 (∇S + e/cA ). One then conceives the continuous wave mo c as guiding the motion of the particle. It is a pilot wave.”

De Broglie presents the main results of his Journal de Physique et le Radium paper, but now for a nonrelativistic system of N particles guided by a wave function Ψ in configuration space that determines the particle velocities according to de Broglie’s law of motion. The theory published in the Proceedings is absolutely pilot-wave dynamics as we know it today. De Broglie’s presentation at the Solvay conference:

Begins by reviewing his early Ph.D. thesis work: showed E and p determined by phase of an associated wave: E = ∂S/∂t, p = −∇S. Implies principles of least action and Fermat identical. Quantization conditions appear in natural way. Far reaching implications for statistical mechanics.

Then outlines Schrodinger’s work, who had set out to derive a wave equation for de Broglie’s phase waves. Louis notes wave equation constructed so phase S of Ψ-function is solution of Hamilton-Jacobi equation in geometrical-optics limit (Lecture 2); Schrodinger identifies particles with localized wave packets.

Problem with Schrodinger: it ‘seems a little paradoxical to construct a configuration space with the coordinates of points that do not exist’. Proposes they do exist, and motivates guidance equations since phase of Ψ obeys Hamilton-Jacobi equation in classical limit:

“We propose to assume by induction that this [velocity] formula is still valid when the old Mechanics is no longer sufficient, that is to say when S is no longer a solution of the Jacobi equation. If one accepts this hypothesis, which appears justified by its consequences, the [relativistic guidance equation] completely determines the motion of the corpuscle as soon as one is given its position at an initial instant. In other words the function S, just like the Jacobi function of which it is the generalization, determines a whole class of motions, and to know which of these motions is actually described it suffices to know the initial position.”

Shows distribution |Ψ|² of particles preserved in time (‘equivariance’). Derives the Born rule for probabilities. His expression ‘probabilite de presence’ makes it clear he means probability for electron being somewhere, not just probability of finding it there in a suitable measurement.

Generalizes dynamics for many-body case. Says difficult to construct wave Ψ that can generate motion of relativistic many-body system (easy for one-body case). Thus difficulty of formulating fundamentally Lorentz-invariant many-body pilot-wave theory recognized from the beginning.

Stresses wave Ψ appears as both a pilot wave and a probability wave. There are thus no grounds for abandoning determinism, and in this his theory differs from that of Mr. Born.

Notes in passing can write dynamics in classical F = ma form with quantum potential term (as Bohm did in 1952), but considers equation for velocity to be fundamental equation of motion.

Applications: scattering of single particle by fixed-potential. Interference and diffraction of photons. Pressure exerted by light on a mirror. Stationary states of hydrogen atom. Calculate of electron velocity during atomic transition; such transitions visualizable without ‘quantum jumps’.

Presentation concludes with lengthy discussion of recent experiments involving diffraction, interference, and scattering of electrons. For diffraction of electrons by crystal lattice, points out scattered wave function has maxima in certain directions, and notes pilot-wave theory says electrons preferentially scattered in these directions. Referring to scattering maxima observed recently by Davisson and Germer, for electrons incident on a crystal, he says “There is direct numerical confirmation of the formulas of the new Dynamics. . . ”Discussion following de Broglie’s (Tuesday) presentation extensive, detailed and varied. Our man replies satisfactorily to most queries. Conference concludes on Saturday with General Discussion, during which theory continues to be extensively debated. However, Pauli has an objection… Soon the Wolfpack around Bohr destroyed his work. It is though still the proper interpretation.

“And so we conclude that the dualist representation by corpuscles and associated waves allows us now to see the non-relativistic quantum theory as just statistical mechanics with a different (quantum) dynamics.” BROGLIE, Solvay

Second SOME initial clarifications on what position-particle vs. motion-wave means from 5D.

Position is very much a particle property – particles can be located precisely. Waves, on the other hand, have no precise location, but they do have momentum. The immediate thought is obvious: particles are the stop-informative state of the being, its ‘head’ that does not move relatively to the Universe it perceives in stillness. Waves are its body part that moves the still particle. A quantum system thus is equivalent to any other system of the Universe. And this exactly what we see, but refuse to understand under the ego px. of the ‘Hilbert’s’ idealist school of German physics and its disciples (Bohr, Heisenberg, Born). So the main differences of quantum and all other scales is indeed the limits of perception of the human being. Among them uncertainty is merely the natural loss of information when we try to perceive two opposite, inverse elements, form-position-space-particle-information vs. motion-translation-time-wave-energy.

In the next graphs the stop and go motion. The particle encircles the wave, and so it is the group velocity, twice as great in quantum physics, hence the dominant form, which controls the wave, as it moves faster an encircles it as a dog-shepherd does around cattle. We observe this experimentally: a ternary wave (3 time phases/ages), encircled by the particle that stops it, perceives and changes its route. In the next graph the motion of a wave-particle of an electron:

It is indeed an stop, absorb information and energy, reproduce that information in an adjacent wave state, stop… with the head particle ‘ahead’ of the wave, as body and head are. In the next graph the duality and its ‘homologous pilot wave view’:

Let us be clear from the beginning. Quantum physics is exactly as thermodynamics and fluid dynamics is.

The difference is on the dual human treatment which FORCED a formalism called TIME Probability to study the FASTER time species, which according to 5D metric accelerate its world cycles  the smaller they are ($ x ð = K). So smaller systems are better treated with its time ceteris paribus analysis as elements of the 0-1 unit sphere of normalized probabilities than as populations in space, in the 1-∞ plane. Mathematically both are equivalent. The formalism differs because of its different time speed in 5D metric.

What this means is that the o-1 probability time sphere of quantum physics is equivalent to the 1-∞ spatial population of thermodynamic molecules (Measure theory).

So quantum physics in the o-1 sphere is really equivalent to statistical mechanics on the 1-∞ plane, which should have been a better formalism, as it avoids renormalizations and all the attached complicated calculi.

 Only in the S=T reflection mirror of non-Æ logic both formalisms are different by choosing a single side of the mirror: thermodynamics uses its spatial mirror and the quantum formalism its temporal mirror.

All languages including mathematical formalisms, as pure mirrors of information are inflationary. So in the same manner words have metaphors for the same object, mathematical informative languages have 2 dual equivalent formalisms:

S@ (spatial populations: thermodynamic ensembles) ≈ ∆ð (temporal probabilities: quantum physics).

Then once we chose the temporal, more complicated formalism and interpretation of things got more complex, as when Ptolemy chose a different perspective, that of the humind (@), with Earth at the center, instead of the Sun, and things got complicated, the complexity of it paradoxically enthrones its experts as gurus of the sacred knowledge. Both formalisms in a Universe absolutely relative in which each perspective can give us a partial view of the event are equivalent, but as the more ‘objective’, larger view is that of the sun in the center – since the sun inputs more its point of view in the final gravitational outcome of the solar system, the solar view is more self-centered and simple. If we have to adapt reality to the distorted, subjective human point of view, our maths become more complex.

Copernicus thus simplified the maths by reseting the ‘formalism’ to the one with higher truth. And likely with the proper ad ons of 5D a statistical formalism for quantum systems could be achieved to simplify and unify both disciplines. As we can unify the jargons of electromagnetism and gravitation, with the simplified vortex concepts of the principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass (or charge) and its unification equations.

Yet given the routines and huge load of technological uses for quantum and electromagnetism obviously we are stuck with the jargons – if we have not even been able to change the ± symbols of charges to the more proper ‘electron-positive dominant electric force’, proton-negative… image 7.5 billion practitioners rewriting its university books.

Yet at least quantum and electromagnetic theorists and models should acknowledge a sounder first principle system than the one they sponsor today (none in fact).

And yet the simplest image is that taken from the perspective of the fractal element that inputs more ‘existential force, e x i=st, to the system we are studying.  In quantum physics the temporal view thus becomes more natural as the fastest world cycles of its particles and exchanges are fulfilled often several times within a measure, acting the whole sum of processes in time in parallel to our perception of them as full ‘closed circles’ imprinting space, since we observe multiple ‘reproductions of form’ obtained in the world cycles, in a single experiment.

Plus we have not committed in quantum physics the erroneous need of using a single point of view as ptolemy did.

WHAT IS THEN a way to measure a higher truth in any system of multiple p.o.v.s? Simply: A biological darwinian parameter – the stronger system with more existential ‘momentum’ (Max. S xT) dominates and makes reality turn in the simplest fashion around its point of view. As the Sun has more gravitational force it really becomes the ‘simpler center’. To pretend the earth is the center makes a more distorted, complex view. Power simplifies its territory to reach within it a clear order. 

Ideally then millions of humans should re-write in terms of Broglie>Bohmian Mechanics and statistical populations in the 1-∞ plane quantum physics avoiding the cumbersome, huge processes of renormalization, reduction to the 0-1 sphere of all data of particles that makes quantum so ‘hard’ to practice. We won’t do this here. I did start the process a few decades ago but as T.œ is so extensive and I have so many chaotic events in my life I aborted the job. Others will finish. Though it is unlikely that routine changes and simplifies the model and rewrites one hundred years of texts. So we just shall explain a few details and comment on some equations. What matters really is the ‘philosophy of it’: quantum mechanics is just another scale, the less perceived, the most deformed in the formalism, the most exhausted by historic reasons of our technological civilization based in electronic machines.

A second fundamental element is then the fractal parallelism between the atom and the galaxy, the electron and the halo, the electromagnetic force and the star, the black holes as a top quark star, and the proton; which again is also a question of formalism. By making in this case 3 inflationary mathematical models we have divided and obscured those isomorphisms. The simplest is Newton’s time vortices, the dynamic view; the more detailed is Einstein’s EFE, the spatial formal view of still simultaneous pictures of the whole field, but derived through Poisson’s gradients of Newton. So they are the same. And the second jargon is that of quantum vortices, charges, with a more complex formalism. So the way to unify them is TO SIMPLIFY Electromagnetic vortices with Newtonian vortices, and we get a rough equivalence and a rough unification equation for all mass vortices that proves indeed the atom is self-similar to the galaxy. And this cast a ‘view’ on the atom within, as we can see it from our infinitesimal view outside in the galaxy, where each star is a photon…

This also implies that outside the galaxy the gravitational force, which is equivalent to the strong force does not work. It is weaker, more expansive, entropic, hence it is dark entropy, and expands space and it is weaker in the attraction between Galaxies, which explains all the conundrums of cosmology.

So those are the great insights of  SCALES, ∆st in ∆-3: quantum physics->∆-2:Electromagnetic charges-∆o: thermodynamics-∆+1:Gravitation-Dark entropy

As we said, we are not going to do the whole formalism that would take me a year or so to put it professionally from my notebooks based on Lindau’s 11 book encyclopedia of physics annotated in my youth but what matters to us is the philosophy of science behind the proper understanding of quantum physics.

A fast classic review on the realist theory of quantum physics. 

In the graph, the slit experiment does not clarify fully if actually the particle exists through the period of motion of the system transported by the wave, but if so it will have a determined path, logically on the region of maximal density of its body, which is given by the amplitude square of the wave. No need then for fancy further paradoxes. In case of the particle not existing, the stop and go, particle-wave duality will be sequential. On my view the particle does exist but it is the submissive smaller state in boson waves which are dominant 3D systems on contact with the quantum potential, the ∆-1 desegregated entropic state of its minimal components. While the particle ‘shrinks’ part of the wave-potential into a 2D sphere which becomes therefore the definition  of a particle as a substance of a 1 dimension less than the wave of energy it encloses. As such the particle being a less dimensional element can also be defined by its momentum.

However the momentum differs in the sense that mass, the enclosure particle of the larger reality of gravitational quantum potential waves at 10.000 (open still to argument) IS NOT real for particle points, where the momentum is given by ih, the similar mass-factor on the operator of momentum for quantum waves. This is in fact related to the charge (the equivalent to the mass vortex or star density within the galaxy), distribution around the atom, which forms the density cloud of charge we call an electron. So mass must not be considered and at all moments to be changed by the ih factor of schrodinger’s momentum operator which is the equivalent to mass in the quantum real (its active magnitude). Itself a spherical rotary density of change which has however null effect on the form of the quantum field it does not distort, and so is intrinsically neutral, extrinsically charged.

So we can reinterpret the schrodinger equation as the definition of the momentum of the wave, where ih is the angular momentum, which acts as the envelop of the wave or mass factor, and the wave speed depends on the two elements of position and speed, obviously related to the two elements of the right side, the potential/position energy and the kinetic lineal time speed.

This is then just a different plane and much of the confusion happens by making relevant by routine the mass element of our higher Universe which comes into view likely latter around the weight of the dark matter quarks (heavy atoms in our Universe). H then BEING THE EQUIVALENT OF MASS and  K boltzman in the energy equations, is accompanied by the frequency equation to write a simple 5D scalar metric:

 ∆-1: $³d (Potential volume) – 1D ƒ ∆º: ð =∆+1: K ²d(1D scalar: Active magnitude value)

What matters us though more is the conceptual error of dealing with mass in the field of ih-angular momentum as the meaning of mass.

So then particles anti gravitate in the sense that mass here is ih and so they are density charges that change symbol from repulsive to attractive, as we must ‘NOT use the concept of mass’ but angular momentum h, as the operator of both lineal and angular momentum, relate it to charge which is the active magnitude here, mass being expelled from the real of intrinsic properties of quantum systems.

What about the spin: The charge conjugation operator commutes with the spin operators, so the antiparticle always has the same spin as the particle.

The Rashomon effect though gives us another real reason why the spins are the same. The spin, or any other quantum numbers of the antiparticle has to be the same with that of the particle, in order for them to be able to establish Lorentz invariance in the presence of conserved charges.

I have not though clear that the spin values IN WHICH a particle can change do not equate to a non-conservation rule for spins but for all the Universe entangled only.

In any case the potential and particle state must be put then from Bohm’s model to complete the description of the quantum wave:

Bohmian mechanics differentiates:

Upper right:  A 2D polar, particle, enclosing a 3D quantum potential field, whose quanta density, amplitude squared, ψ x ψ*, determine the positions of those particles that move enclosing them, as envelopes of the quantum potential.

Lower right: A time dependent moving wave state expressed with energy Hamiltonians

What, exactly, does Bohmian mechanics say? It describes the motion of N point particles in the usual three-space. Every particle i has at every time t some definite position Q (t) R3. The motion obeys the first-order differential equation above right.

where Im means the imaginary part, mi is the mass of particle i, and is a time-dependent complex-valued function on the configuration space R³ that satisfies Schrodinger’s equation (below). The particle-potential state above is the key new feature.

So the Bohmian answer to ‘‘wave or particle?’’ is ‘‘wave and particle!

Bohmian mechanics has in common with classical theories that it tells us a clear story about what’s happening. On the other hand, as we will soon see, Bohmian mechanics is in perfect agreement with all probabilistic predic

We do assume that the wave function is differentiable except perhaps at a few exceptional configurations For all times. For a reasonably large class of potentials including Coulomb, there is a dense Hilbert subspace differentiable for all times.

But the equation of motion is ill-defined for all nodes, that is, zeros, of the wave function.So our trajectory when (Q1(t),…,QN(t)) runs into a node, the equation of motion has a unique global solution that is, for all t there is a  ‘‘probability one’’ and Bohmian trajecto-ries never run into the singularities of the velocity field, that is, the nodes and the points where the wave function is not differentiable.

A corollary of this agreement is that Bohmian mechanics is confirmed by experience. In particular, the mere existence of Bohmian mechanics proves that the usually assumed nonexistence of tra- jectories cannot be concluded from experiment.

The wave function is not merely square integrable, WHICH GIVES it a lower scale, but is differentiable which means it has an upper plane.

The natural measure for counting initial configura- tions that is, for talking about the size of a set of initial configurations for the equation of motion with wave function ψ=(t 0) is q1 ,…,|ψ (qN,0)²d³N q, 3 where d³ q is the volume measure on configuration space. The measure 3 defines a measure on the set of solution curves (Q1(t),…,QN(t)) of the equation of motion.

For every measure on configuration space, the dynamics will transport its density function (q1 ,…,qN ,t) according to the continuity equation:

If we start with the volume measure, that is, ρ=1, at some time, the measure will cease to be the volume measure at other times. So, when starting with the volume measure, you arbitrarily prefer some point in time. Not so with the measure in Eq. 3 . The measure |ψ(0)²d³N q is transported by the dynamics to the measure |ψ(t)|² d³Nq. This can be easily checked by deriving the continuity equation:

 from the Schrodinger equation. It  means that the Bohmian velocity (h /mi) Im(∇ iψ / ψ) equals  ji/|ψ|² , where j is the probability current density for particle i) of the wave function,

We can derive the collapse if we consider a ‘‘measurement’’ with only two possible outcomes  shrinking the wave function of the universe, ψ=ψ, reducing the mass-function to the wave function

The founders of quantum mechanics were much attracted by the thought that the words ‘‘momentum,’’ ‘‘energy,’’ and ‘‘angular momentum’’ still have a meaning in quantum mechanics. These words, however, don’t have an immediate meaning as ‘mass’ but as HG constant, in contrast to ‘‘position,’’ which does because it is a pure space-ultimate meaning; their meaning in Newtonian mechanics comes from the fact that they are conserved quantities in the macrocosmic scale. Without this fact, nobody would be interested in multiplying mass by velocity. So in the lower scale they relate to the conserved H-planck quantity.

In a Newtonian world, they would have measured the Newtonian value of momentum, energy, or angular momentum, respectively. You might define mQ ̇ as the actual momentum IN Quantum but it is meaningless because it is not a conserved quantity as m doesn’t work at that level, so we define <ψ|(-ih)=∇|ψ> as the actual momentum which is a conserved quantity as long as translation invariance is satisfied.

What about spin in Bohmian mechanics? We can replace the Schrodinger equation by the Pauli

equation and our particle equation by:

where s is the spin index. It is understood that all functions (ψ s and its derivatives) are evaluated at the actual configuration. So, there is no ‘‘actual spin vector. The spin is rather a property of the wave function.

Identical particles has still a wave function antisymmetric for fermions and symmetric for bosons with the same equation of motion.

Something else: The ground state of the hydrogen atom is a real-valued wave function. So, the Bohmian electron does not move. It stands still.

To fully grasp this we must therefore first understand what particles and waves are in the context of 5D²

In the graph, the particle is basically the angular-momentum/cyclical enclosure of a wave of vital energy with a lineal overall motion, whose ‘intensity’ is measured as a height-width in the dimension of forward motion of the system. The wave/particle relationship was first understood rightly by Broglie’s in term of inner clocks, which are synchronized between the ‘particle enclosure’ and its group speed which is twice that of the wave phase speed, in reverse fashion to waves where the particle does not truly form at its ∆º scale (sea waves where the particle has 1/2 speed).

(Coulomb force) +(centrifugal force)= 0? The centrifugal force is, in general, -mx ̈.  So m x ̈ =(Coulomb force).

This relation is precisely Newtonian mechanics, and we can experimentally test Newtonian against Bohmian mechanics.

Suppose a particle is confined between two impermeable walls. Its wave function is a multiple of eˆikx+ eˆ- ikx, where k is chosen so that the wave function vanishes at the walls. Again, the Bohmian particle stands still.

Quantum mechanics says the momentum is, up to small corrections, either k or k, so the particle can’t be at rest. But the word ‘‘momentum’’ doesn’t have here the same meaning, as it is not mass but h and hence charge distribution.

The trajectory of the Bohmian particle in your experiment looks like this: it is a smooth curve t->X(t) which is constant, X(t)=x0 , before the walls are removed and which is asymptotic to the line X(t)≈k/m)t +constant if x0 lies right of the center, and asymptotic to the line X ( t )≈-k/m)t +constant if x0 lies left of the center. Each of these two cases occurs with probability 1/2. So the particle slowly accelerates until it reaches the velocity ±k/k/m

Bohmian mechanics says the wave function is something like a physical field. But, physical fields are always functions on three-space, not on configuration space. Probability densities are functions on configuration space.
The Maxwell and the gravity fields are functions on three-space, as they are in our scale but this doesn’t mean every physical field is a function on three-space in lower planes with many more information dimensions. So existence of actual particle positions  is no longer a metaphysical question but a physical reality.

While in Newtonian mechanics the dynamics of the point particles is determined by a second order differential equation in which F(Q) is a force field, e.g, derived from a potential field V as F(Q) = −∇V, in Bohmian mechanics the point particles dynamics is given by a first order differential equation

dQt =vΨ(Qt),  where vΨ = (v1Ψ, …, vNΨ ) is a velocity field on the configuration space. This fields is generated by the wave function Ψ which itself evolves according to Schrodinger’s equation

i h ̄ ∂ Ψ/∂t = H Ψ , where H is the Hamiltonian, e.g., given, for non relativistic spinless particles. The velocity field is determined by reasons of simplicity and symmetry

V (Ψk)= h ̄ /mk Im [∇kΨ/  Ψ]

(with the wave function playing somehow the role of “potential field” for the velocity field). The factor ̄h/m comes from the requirement of Galilei invariance, the imaginary part is a consequence of invariance for time reversal, the gradient is from rotational invariance and the fact that one has to divide for Ψ derives from the homogeneity of degree zero of the velocity field—the fact that a quantum state is a ray in Hilbert space. If there is a magnetic field B = rotA, ∇k should represent the covariant derivative associated with the vector potential A.

But, as there is no way of testing Bohmian mechanics against orthodox quantum mechanics experimentally, how do we know the trajectories exist?
In fact, I don’t. But, that’s not a tragedy.

The global existence of Bohmian dynamics has been proven with full mathematical rigor where it has been shown that for a large class of Schrodinger Hamiltonians, including Coulomb potential V with arbitrary charges and masses, and sufficiently regular initial datum ψ0 the solution exists uniquely and globally in time for |ψ0|²-almost all initial configurations Q0.

Thus left Equations form a complete specification of the theory. Without any other axiom, all the phenomena governed by nonrelativistic quantum mechanics, from spectral lines and quantum interference experiments to scattering theory, superconductivity and quantum computation follow from the analysis of the dynamical system defined by them.

The above assumption, which guarantees agreement between Bohmian mechanics and quantum mechanics regarding the results of any experiment, is what has been called  the quantum equilibrium hypothesis: when a system has a wave function ψ, its configuration Q is random with probability distribution given by

ρ(q) = |ψ(q)|².

While the meaning and justification of this hypothesis—which should be regarded as a local manifestation of a global quantum equilibrium state of our universe—is a delicate matter.

Bohmian mechanics is a counterexample to all of the claims to the effect that a deterministic theory cannot account for quantum randomness in the familiar statistical mechanical way, as arising from averaging over ignorance: Bohmian mechanics is clearly a deterministic theory, and, as we have just explained, it does account for quantum randomness as arising from averaging over ignorance given by |ψ(q)|2.

It is important to realize that non simply Bohmian mechanics makes the same predictions as does orthodox quantum theory for the results of any experiment, but that the quantum formalism of operators as observables emerges naturally and simply from it as the very ex- pression of the empirical import of Bohmian mechanics. More precisely, it turns out that in Bohmian mechanics self-adjoint operators arise in association with specific experiments as a tool to compactly express and represent the relevant data—the results and their statistical distributions—of these experiments.

We are then interested in the interpretation that fully agrees with the isomorphic laws of 5D.

Particles and waves interact in that sense closely depending on their relative speeds of its inner clocks, and in quantum physics the particle is the dominant, faster element. Its double speed means it can return back to the point of origin to ‘enclose’ the wave which ‘bumps’ on it, moving the particle fully formed, but also allowing standing waves shot back and forth by the faster particle enclosure. The wave thus is the motion of the system, the particle the informative enclosure that regulates that motion and absorbs energy from the wave. And the potential below the wave a faster than c, invisible, likely gravitational, likely neutrino-background (if the neutrino is a graviton, which needs to work out the problem of spin numbers and accept Broglie’s neutrino theory of light).

Now the question here is rather simple: De broglie>Jordan theory of neutrino as the origin of light requires that the entangled particles communicate through a graviton neutrino that acts as the string that joins them initially, which vibrates to create the light element:

In this reality then all comes to the simple realization that neutrinos are gravitons, faster than light that act as the communication particles between stop and go photons and electrons and as such they create quantum entanglement, and carry information only of distance with therefore a wave speed likely infinite if we measure it by the angle of the wave-of information (even a water wave has infinite speed if we measure only the distance ‘element’ between its ‘touching with minimal angle’. Now roughly we can consider the string to have superluminal speed, the weak angle of the neutrino to be similar to that of the string and speed of the particle proportional to the weak angle in inverse fashion, giving us for this weak angle of ‘amplitude’ of the neutrino minimal wave a superluminal speed.

All what is then needed is to try to work out how a neutrino can have 2 graviton spin. This is difficult.

A way to do it is to consider Neutrinos come in four groups, and so the waving of the electromagnetic field happens when 2 neutrinos come and go (antineutrinos and neutrinos being the same particle at faster than c speeds) in two back and forth paths creating the electric and magnetic disturbance as they inform both particles.

It is also possible to alternatively consider that is one particle of 2 spins so initially that spin is not conserved in entropic weak reaction of growth or diminution in scales (but overall conserved in the total sum of all those scales). The neutrino does becomes converted only with spin 2 when added to the 0 scalar larger scale of the boson Higgs which is then the symmetry broken from the Universe of light space-time of spin 1 = Upper scale of larger wholes – o spin of Higgs + 2 lower scale of neutrinos, /2 (split symmetry) = 1 mean spin of light space-time.

Other solution being not giving spin at all to the neutrino which has then some further advantages as it will be establishing a 0 spin universe.

And finally there is the problem of massive neutrinos when gravitons are postulated not to have mass, but then again they should and contribute to the mass enclosure – but the mass enclosure is NOT the neutrino particle. There is then a lot of open possibilities and as nobody truly explores 5D physics the field is yet open.

In any choice of alternative Universes where the spin is not conserved this is not in 5D an aberration as quantities are generally not conserved in the same format between planes – they evolve into something else. So it should not as it is the angular momentum of perception of the singularity, which essentially disappears with the singularity. So those are things we hint at but don’t know for sure.

It is though to me more of a quantitative question as the qualitative laws of 5D preclude that all those things come together, so we talk of hyperluminal gravitational string neutrinos mediating the quantum potential, regardless of what they do with its spin. As it might have none, and so this explains better why after all we do not perceive it. And then neutrino fields should collapse into Higgs fields – the upper view of the duality that encloses us: Higgs fields, minimal dimensionality mass enclosure (∆+1): o spin < Particles 1/2: Electromagnetic energy: 1 Spin : Particles (1/2) > Neutrino potentials (∆-1): 2 spin Maximal dimensionality.

Now when one has a ‘view’ of reality that differs so greatly as that of the pioneers, Planck, Broglie, Einstein and Schrodinger of modern physics, which are all realist in its interpretation vs. a latter view by other group, which is neither pioneer nor realist (Hilbert’s school of Bohr, Born and Heisenberg), it would have been wise to go for the realist pioneers. And indeed they were right. As a pioneer I know though Humans have an astounding incapacity to take the right path. So we stick here to the realist view, which is as the name indicates ‘real’. We need just to extend 5D metric beyond the light space-time scale, and postulate a quantum potential which is the lower scale, we know to exist between galaxies, of dark entropy (not energy, as we see it as scattering paths for redshift death of tired light extended in space-speed). How far this scale goes is not fully measured. But some advances show clearly a 10.000 quantum potential speed, which is in accordance with our Unification equation relationship between Mass-curvature, angular momentum which grows in squares and radius – distance – invisible potential which grows in cubes


“The whole question is to know if one has the right to assume the wave Ψ to be limited laterally in configuration space. If one has this right, the velocity of the representative point of the system will have a constant value, and will correspond to a stationary state of the rotator, as soon as the waves diffracted by the φ-axis will have separated from the incident beam. One can say that it is not possible to assume the incident beam to be limited laterally, because Fermi’s configuration space is formed by the superposition of identical layers of height 2π in the direction of the φ-axis; in other words, two points of configuration space lying on the same parallel to the φ-axis and separated by a whole multiple of 2π represent the same state of the system. In my opinion, this proves above all the artificial character of configuration spaces, and in particular of that which one obtains here by rolling out along a line the cyclic variable φ.”


So we define the whole range of scales for all entities in existence, as the ‘5th dimension proper’ of ALL THE PLANES of existence of reality each one studied by a stience, according to size, which Superorganisms of space-time only explore directly as ternary ∆±1 beings co-existing in 3 relative planes, the cellular, ∆-1 (atomic, individual), organic (∆º: magnetic/thermodynamic or cultural in physical and social systems) and ∆+1 ecosystemic (gravitational world in physical social systems).

For all planes together however we need to define a more objective view, through the analysis of its 5D metric, which is the mathematical expression for the equation of motion in a given dimension of time.

And as they are inverse, we actually need a metric that pegs them together. We can assess the existence of a scalar dimension in all systems, because indeed, in any system, including the galaxy and the biological organism, the product of both parameters, time clocks and spatial size is co-invariant:    $t x ð§=K

Whereas K is a vital or Universal constant of ‘action’ that defines the co-invariance of the product of spatial entropy=extension and temporal information stored in the frequency of its time cycles in any system (metabolic constant in life beings; H, K and C quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational constants of action, entropy and motion in physics).

It is important to realize that non simply Bohmian mechanics makes the same predictions as does orthodox quantum theory for the results of any experiment, but that the quantum formalism of operators as observables emerges naturally and simply from it as the very ex- pression of the empirical import of Bohmian mechanics. More precisely, it turns out that in Bohmian mechanics self-adjoint operators arise in association with specific experiments as a tool to compactly express and represent the relevant data—the results and their statistical distributions—of these experiments.

We are then interested in the interpretation that fully agrees with the isomorphic laws of 5D.

So far, we shall consider here as a better introduction to the theme, what the Correspondence Principle has already done in realist quantum interpretation, which should be the standard way to teach it on universities, BB- Broglie’s-Bohm’s pilot-wave theory.


In the graph a basic explanation of pilot-wave theory by PBS.

Pilot wave theory

After 70 years on the blue, the System Scientist Mr. Bohm, who among many other interdisciplinary efforts completed the rational ternary structure of quantum physics, has been vindicated since only his work can explain the EM engine. It has also been for 20 years the ‘canonical quantum physics’ of the 5th dimensional paradigm. 

“This idea (pilot-wave theory) seems to me so natural and simple, to resolve the wave-particle dilemma in such a clear and ordinary way, that it is a great mystery to me that it was so generally ignored”  J.S.Bell.


But of course BSB (Broglie->Schrodinger->Bohm) equations (mind the reader Bohr just ‘interpreted’ AGAINST the authors, its own equation and got ‘away with it’!!! as the genius, uauh, the son of a wealthy banker at the height of power, he did manage to make truth, wishful thinking as few of his generation), only IS THE EQUATION OF LOCO-MOTION, there should be therefore 6 MORE EQUATIONS TO COMPLETE THE ‘HIDDEN VARIABLES’ OF THE DESCRIPTION OF ALL THE MOTIONS OF THE WORLDCYCLE OF THE ELECTROMAGNETIC PLANE.

So for the most important motion, reproduction of a quantum ∆-3 light, photonic wave we have:


Physics traditionally starts with the description of the lowest scales of the Universe, of which there are some theoretical ones, notably strings, dealing with the O-|, closed-open time-space duality in the form of a mathematical function that describes those closed and open, time and space strings as the first components of the Universe.

Yet to fully go beyond the metaphysical plane of ‘space-time constructs’ with theoretical right laws but not experimental eidence we have to come to the first perceived scale, that of O-particles of time and |-entropic forces and ≈Wave states, the quanta of any generator equation of any system of the Universe.

So quantum physics is the first STience of the first scale of reality. And of course, by the principle of correspondence GST must correspond with the laws of quantum physics. This is immediate but when we go into deeper details a first question arises, which of the 3 main interpretations of quantum physics corresponds with GST, Bohr’s interpretation, Bohm or Everett, that is, the probabilistic, deterministic or multiple worlds interpretation? The answer is that the 3 properly understood have some merits, and introduce some general laws of the Universe, but when we get serious in the details, there is no doubt that Bohm’s interpretation is the correct one, because it introduces the ‘3rd equation’ of the ternary fractal generator of quantum systems, which the other descriptions like. So we should rather reformulate our assertion:

‘Bohm’s formalism is the complete quantum theory as it provides the ternary equations of the ‘entropic field’ (pilot wave), the informative particles (position equation) and the present space-time body wave of the system (Schrodinger’s equation), to fully describe the Generator equation of quantum physical systems and make a complete description of it:

Γ: Spe (Pilot wave: Bohm’s equation) < ST: Schrondinger’s equation: Body-wave > Tiƒ: Particle’s position.

So the study of that Generator equation is the essence of quantum physics.

It is then NOT surprising on that view that the quantum pilot wave theory was enormously opposed by the idealist Heisenberg-Bohr, ego-centered ‘paradox’ with its quintessential anthropomorphism, who said:

‘we humans ‘act and influence and define the particle’ which does not exist but only appear when we see it.

‘The moon does not exist only when i look at it’ quipped back Einstein

And De broglie, the theoretical aristocrat, a loner, with little interest for weapons, machines and pen pals, explained indeed why the moon does exist (all particles float and travel above the field configuration).

But what is really the ‘pilot-wave’ with its non-local, faster than c speed?

According to 5D metric, it is an ∆-1 scale below, since,   Sp x V(t)=∆:   Max. V(t) x Min. Sp= ∆-1.

So the fast wave is the gravitational scale below that of quantum electromagnetism, which we do ‘NOT’ SEE, because we do not see gravitation, but particles MUST perceive and feed on, being obviously ‘guided’ or ‘rather chasing’ the pilot wave of gravitational quanta that feeds it≈creates the particle: screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-09-17-48

‘Magic’: motion is absolute, eternal and the nature of reality. And it goes faster in lower ∆-1 scales. So the gravitational, non local scale below the c-speed scale does move light, or rather feeds it, as we have been explaining for decades. We now have a proof. Will this impose de B2 model of quantum physics and the 5D unification of sciences? I doubt it.

In any case we shall explore all those aspects of quantum theory and relativity, along the development of the proper formalism of both sciences. It is though quite evident that our ‘scale’ is just a russian doll within the larger dark world scale of the 5th dimension which runs faster than c-speed and we are connected below and above in maximal and minimal size scales through the ‘simultaneous, non-local symmetries’ between particles-waves-fields, the 3 ternary components of physical systems:

5d 4scales

In the graph, the 4 fundamental scales of the physical Universe. The 4th of ‘dark energy/matter’, goes faster than light V>c between galaxies, it is the gravitational scale, which feeds quantum particles and moves cosmic bodies, which constantly synchronise its clocks with the wave, and drags it, slowing it down as it transfers motion to them.

Let us then summarise our study of THE generator scale in the ‘limiting’ scales shown in the right side of the graph, the quantum atomic world shown in the previous equation, which we will fill up throughout the 2017-18 period dedicated to this complex line of the model.

Widening the properties of physical systems to organicism.

OUR METHOD OF TRUTH, AS WE HAVE EXPLAINED MANY TIMES IS SIMPLE. The Universe and all its parts are a fractal of ‘dust of space-time’, which reproduces information and self-organises fractal points (dust of space-time) through three networks, whose function are the three ‘arrows of time’ (entropic motion, reproductive energy and temporal information) into ‘super organisms’, structured across three scales of space-time, which exist as they ‘travel through those three scales’ tracing world cycles of existence between generation and death.

And so as all has four components, ∆-scales of space and time, described by a ‘language of perception’, ∆, S≈T and º-languages are the ‘minimum’ elements to describe any system. So we shall consider for the main scales of physical systems, its ternary space-time super organisms and world cycles, with special emphasis on the human languages and physical Tiƒ-minds/systems of processing information that command them.

Those are the ultimate principles which all realities show, ∆±i, s≈t and ∆º.

And the more important is the Tiƒ singularity/mirrors that order the system with information. And as classic physics misses mostly its understanding of information at multiple levels (as an arrow of time, as the substance of languages), the purpose of this post is mainly to define that set of informative principles, languages and minds, which Steane asks for physical systems, as we have done for all other sciences, since when we add the arrow of ‘information’ to the arrow of ‘entropy an locomotion’ studied by physicists, we wide our understanding of all physical systems and scales with it.

To that aim we have first defined in the first line ðime&information on one side, and §pace& entropy on the other, as the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which merge into present ‘momentum’, and integrate along a ‘world cycle’ of a physical system or super organism, into ga  conservative closed zero-sum or energy path. As those are the three arrows of time that structure physical systems, as they do with all forms of ∆ûst of space-time.

In that regard we will, as we did in other posts, study astrophysics, with:

  • The experimental, scientific method, providing proofs of the cyclical, fractal ðime-§pace structure of all Universal beings.
  • The correspondence principle, translating basic theories of classic PHYSICS to ‘stience’.

So we shall describe the topological (S), organic (∆), vital (T) and sentient (º) properties of physical beings, derived of its ∆ºST common nature.

And provide at experimental level:

  • Its ‘mathematical≈ physical’ properties derived of its ternary topological=spatial elements and its time-symmetries≈worldcycles.
  • Its biological properties, derived of the 5D coexisting ∆±1 scalar social structure of all systems.
  • Its ‘perceptive properties’ derived of the existence of Tiƒ singularities, Monad-mind-mirrors which either mechanically, vegetatively or consciously DO enact the program of exi=st¡ences, that is the actions, max. ∑exi which ensure the survival of the being, and we are called by biologists the ‘drives of life: ∆ï:perception & communication> ∆a:accelerated motion towards fields of >∆e:feeding energy> ∆œ: reproducing>∆û:evolving socially into ∆+1 Universals.

Indeed, the only difference between physical systems and other systems are the ‘relative distance’ to the human anthropomorphic mind, which only accepts ‘full properties’ of beings in scales closer to them:

physical systems are those belonging to the ∆±i≥1 scales, far removed from anthropocentric man that denies to them the ‘life’ properties of:

Biological systems, those belonging to non-anthropomoprhic ∆±i≤1 which WE DEFINE through its five ‘drives=actions of existence’, we shall show all physical systems also obey – for example, they are defined by quantum numbers for the electron…

And of course, the sentient and Mental, linguistic properties, we only give to:

Humans systems, which are in our scale, at individual ∆º or social ∆+1 level.

Needless to say the ‘hidden symmetries and correspondences’ of the parts of the Universe, as seen by human beings are many. For example, humans ‘like’ to apply only spatial=mathematical properties to physical systems, vital, temporal ages only to biological systems, social and mental qualities only to human beings, yet we shall show the ∆ºst quality of all beings to be the same, regardless on how huminds, which want to come on top as the self-centred only intelligent, social loving species describe them.

The study of quantum with the proper Bohm’s model.

Consider the case of the Bohm interpretation of quantum mechanics, which ads a split of the present wave-function (Schrodinger’s) in 2 equations, a Hamiltonian of the kinetic energy of the particles and its quantum potential field:

Particle x quantum potential: Spe (field) < ST-schrodinger’s wave.

The mind of the particle change states from stop, perceive information of the pilot wave (particle-quantum potential), to accelerated/decelerated motions (particle absorbs wave), to present iterative motions (schrodinger’s wave).

We have made explicit our choice of the Bohm model as the only one that corresponds with 5D, and now it is proved by the EM engine. So we shall escape completely except in a critical sense other false interpretations (everett many-worlds and Bohr’s anthropomorphic one). How we connect the field of quantum physics with that of the ternary equation?

quite simple. As we have shown, the 3 elements needed for a ternary equation happen in the bohm model as he adds the ‘missing’ element in bohr’s model, the quantum equation of the potential field or ‘quantum field’, which departing from the ∆-1 scale of gravitation becomes the source of guiding information, moving faster than light, which takes the particle ahead.

The explanation of all the spooky effects involved is however immediate in ® physics. The pilot wave is NOT really a wave Рit is a scattering, entropic potential field of attraction that moves/feeds the particle, at faster than light speeds.

Non-local gravitation≈tachyon≈≈dark energy components should then be considered the ‘strings’ that pull the particle along a certain path.  Specifically as we are in the 3rd line and have no qualms to use full-power standard science, we depart from…

The Schrödinger equation:screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-15-30-26is re-written using the polar form for the wave function, which means in terms of any GST equation that we are changing from ‘wave state’ to ‘particle+field state’, from ST-Present to a Past-Future Configuration; and accordingly magically as we change from the Ø-hyperbolic topology of the schrodinger’s present wave into a split past-future, |-0 configuration, we obtain 2 inverse ± solutions, one to define the scattering, entropic field, with a configuration equation, and the other that shows the particle, ‘polar’ element:

So first we obtain a polar version:    ψ= R exp iS/ ℏ    with real-valued functions  R is the amplitude (absolute value) of the wave function ψ and  S/ℏ its phase.

It must be notice that the factor mass will NO LONGER be on the particle but on the guiding equation, as it is the attractive power of the system, and certainly the gravitational scale from where ‘mass-feeding’ happens for the particle.

This yields our two canonical GST  equations: from the imaginary and real part of the Schrödinger equation follow the continuity equation and the quantum Hamilton-Jacobi equation, respectively.

Continuity equation
The imaginary part of the Schrödinger equation in polar form yields:screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-15-30-34which, provided  ρ=R^{2}, can be interpreted as the continuity equation  ∂ρ/∂t+∇. (ρv)= 0  for the probability density  ρ.

Quantum Hamilton-Jacobi equation
The real part of the Schrödinger equation in polar form yields a modified Hamilton–Jacobi equation

also referred to as quantum Hamilton–Jacobi equation.[5] It differs from the classical Hamilton–Jacobi equation only by the term:


This term Q, called quantum potential, thus depends on the curvature of the amplitude of the wave function.

Here the key element is /2m, which is in fact the expression of kinetic energy T=p²/2m, for a quantum system, in which the parameter of momentum changes into action.

(nt. A fundamental sub-field of GST is to fully account for the CHANGES in parameters of energy and information, as perceived by human systems of measure; so momentum is NOT the same function for a quantum system than a thermodynamic system, and a gravitational system or ∆>+2, the scale where momentum fully applies without need to translate).

We can then consider the 2 terms of the quantum potential: the gradient of the amplitude which IS THE ∆+1 perspective and rato of integrative time change and the constant, h2/2m, which is the key element that puts in interaction the ‘mass field’ of the ∆-1 scale of gravitation and the ‘substance’ of which the particle is made, actions of light≈electromagnetic energy and time (themselves in physics two symmetric forms of seeing motion as ‘linea-extended’ or ‘imploded in internal time cycles’:


This truism little understood by physicists is however key to understand the universe. Again you must see reality as what truly is: a topological game of ternary species in motion assembled and dismembered, wholes that become parts, lines that become cycles that stop in minds as distances and forms… the ultimate logical, visual, vital principles.

NEXT IT is easy to understand then he cyclical motion as a memorial motion, a mass, an attractive potential which uncoils in a blast outwards of entropic scattering, from particle to field t particle.

In the limit   →0, the function  S is a solution of the (classical) Hamilton-Jacobi equation; therefore, the function S is also called the Hamilton-Jacobi function or action extended to quantum physics.

And so alas! so nicely put together the Bohm model give us the 3+Å equations of the generator, the Spe-guiding wave, the ST-present wave the Tiƒ particle configuration and the Hamiltonian of its actions in space-time.

And by doing so also eliminates all spooky effects and nonsense idealism of XX c. physicists playing to do philosophy of science. THERE IS NOTHING different in the quantum scale.

A few ‘not-so-obvious’ correspondences between the previous equations and GST:

  • The imaginary part of any function, being basically a phase/angle term, is the term of the Tiƒ particle-information network of the physical system we study. This which goes a long way explaining the meaning of imaginary numbers, always related to the time-information related factor of the system, is confirmed by the nature of the continuity equation, related to the position of the particle and its density≈probability of ’emergence’ (as particles are ultimately social evolutions of ∆-1 quanta into the light ∆-quanta.
  • Inversely the real part, which gives us the amplitude of the wave, corresponds to the spatial part, or space-component of the physical system, and so it is connected to the ∆-1 field configuration of faster than light ‘gravitons’.

 The correct models of quantum physics.

The equations of quantum physics work, and must be interpreted. the interpretation accepted, copenhagen is anthropomorphic, subjective, and so we prefer the objective B2 MODEL (Broglie->Bohm), whose rejection at solvay was a matter of power in physics – a dilettante french aristocrat and then a communist ex-patriot searched by the FBI, versus the full power of the German-Jewish industrial elite of the Heisenberg-Bohr idealist school (in the graph). It was nasty, carried by second lackeys of Bohr notably Pauli, a cut-throat infamous bestard who would say ‘it is not even wrong’ to despise a rival theory. The french aristocrat of course was from a more polite environment. With Bohm it was worst, one of those elite members of science who DO HAVE ALSO ETHICS, like Einstein, of whom he was the favourite student and collaborator, both communists, lost his American passport, and gave us also the full completion of the Broglie theory of particle-wave duality, to which he added the potential quantum field of ∆-4 ‘neutrino background space-time to complete the meaning of the Schrodinger equation essentially an Ælgebraic equation of ‘Existential Algebra’ that reads causally as ‘time dependent’:

Present wave = Past-quantum potential + Future -Particle state


In the graph, the schrodinger equation, which in polar-particle state shows even a simpler description of the 3 parts of the quantum world IS THE GENERATOR equation of the ∆-3 plane. So here we have the translation of the Generator, and we can start to do physics on A KNOWN KNOWN SCALE, unlike the Neutrino ∆-4 scale.

We do know of course that as ∆-i always ‘codes’ ∆-i+1 scales (where i is the scalar index, which amazingly enough 🙂 -not so we chose it for a reason, is closely related to information, its negantropic effect on ‘positive energy’ and the imaginary root of -1:) the light field must be born of a neutrino field-wave.

And so it is also DE BROGLIE’S THEORY OF NEUTRINO-LIGHT, the other ‘missing’ fundamental piece of the structure of quantum physics whose TRUE PIONEERS ARE:

Planck->Einstein->De Broglie->Schrodinger->Bohm

THIS IS THE CANON, THE REST IS BULL$HIT around it, a cloud of details and lesser themes.

So this is what we shall explain in the first line, details and lesser themes to the backsides, bullshit of copenhagen and old and modern, everett, deutsch ‘many worlds’ theories, reduced to what really is – an ill understood analysis of the ‘fractal structure discotnuous space-time, where each parallel universe is really a parallel world, a fractal island-universe of this plane of existence. So once the everett formulae is solved as an expression of the fractal paradigm, and the copenhagen reduced to power struggle and german-jewish idealistic schools of myths of god chosen who ‘create’ reality. We can get serious and study the real themes, which is:

Planck’s equations-> Einstein’s -> de broglie’s-> schrodinger->Feynman quantum paths->Bohm’s wholeness and quantum potential field… of neutrinos, which give birth to light (de broglies’) as a good introduction to further expansions by GST.

Given the enormous development of electronic machines, the quantum scale – despite being the remotest from the creative human o-mind, scale, ∆o – is the most studied. This has always implied difficulties as the uncertainty of experimental evidence set by the simple formula:

Max. Uncertainty ≈ Max. ∆ index = (max. Distance from ∆o human observer)

Implies quantum physics to be the most uncertain in measures. And yet the one our industrial civilisations wants to know more about. Beyond the error of focusing human evolution not on the human ∆@mind scale, making medicine and ∆+1 history the main stiences of the species, the obvious error is one between truth and measure, reality and linguistic interpretation. Further on, in a complex 10 dimensional Universe, where each ∆ST• being is connected through 3 organic topologies, 3 ages and 3 ∆±1 scales with reality, all of them self-centred in the @mind, we come to the obvious fact that there is at least 10 different perspectives on the nature of an ∆ST• being depending on which point of view we take to ‘bias’ reality. Hence the enormous number of interpretations and misinterpretations of quantum physics. 

Which ones are to be considered right? All of them, will give us a certain information as fractal epistemology declares absolute truth=information to belong to the being itself, the probability of truth increases with more perspectives:

max. TRUTH =1 = BEING = ALL perspectives on the being.

Indeed, in the connected Universe the being alone is NOT the whole being, but all its entanglements and perspectives, internal and external make the being, which is ultimately a knot of time-space cyclical actions, ‘real’.

All this said it is also obvious that the interpretations of quantum mechanics that we must accept are those which are ‘realist’, correspond with the ‘laws of 5D physics’ and with the experimental method both in its causal laws and experimental facts. So there are some misinterpretations easy to straighten up – the many worlds interpretation, which must indeed understand the difference between fractal worlds happening in the same Universe, and the difference between potential, temporal existence as variations of the program and real happenings, when the event ‘is’. Some anthropomorphic biased points of view (the Copenhagen interpretation), and then some ‘forgotten’, realist clearly superior interpretations, as the ‘basis’ of it all, to which we can add on then, perspectives on the other interpretations.

So we do have a fav, Broglie’s -> Bohm work, which completes with the pilot quantum potential and particle’s position the 3 fundamental equations of quantum physics , with ad ons from other interpretations, such as the potential fractal world’s that happen in other places (Everett’s), the collapse of a herd of fractal ‘electrons’ when the observer ‘bombs’ it – a vital behaviour proper of schools and herds, or the Penrose interpretation, which considers the wave physical and its limit, the ‘planck mass’ or minimal ‘graviton’ (in the sense of minimal mass to connect with the ∆+1 gravitational comus coward), the ‘limit’ in which quantum effects are observable… It remains of course so much work to be done, which a single researcher cannot and others will as the millennia advances and the new paradigm becomes overwhelmingly obvious.

The ‘weirdness’ of the fractal Universe, applied to the ‘weirdness’ of quantum physics.

On the positive side the weirdness of quantum physics has parallels clear in the weirdness of 5D ∆ST• beings, which make quantum physics and relativity so fascinating for the understanding of the fractal Universe, and the errors of quantum and relativity interpretations so obviously caused by the simplex 4D Space-time continuum of present philosophy of science. A few elements which are shown in modern physics of the small and the huge ∆±3,4 scales (quanta, relativity), that coincide and are explained by 5D ST• Beings.

  • Quantum physics requires either non-locality or travel of information to the past, two fundamental features of ¬Æ: past(entropy) x future (information) = Present (energy), implies non-locality for entropy and travel to the past for information. Both collapse into the present to create the ‘actual’ reality from the potentials stored in the past and the logic decisions obtained in the future.
  • Quantum physics occurs in a configuration space, or Hillbert space and have multiple generalised coordinates, showing that each particle is the central point of view of an æ-cartesian mind, enacting its @tions of exi=stence.
  • Quantum physics shows the superposition of the ternary elements of the being – its quantum potential field, its schrodinger wave, and its particle positions, at the same time, as the system is a ternary system.
  • Quantum probability in its Bohr’s interpretation is a time interpretation (on probabilities not populations), because the speed of time of quantum systems according to 5D metric, Max. V(Tiƒ) ≈ Max. -i (∆-index). That is, smaller systems have longer time cycles and when a slow system as a human being is, observes a quantum faster system, it can only observe it IN TIME-long spans, SO IT APPLIES, time-related concepts, such as probability, AND THIS IS THE ORIGIN OF QUANTUM WEIRDNESS in the copenhagen interpretations.
  • Schrödinger picture vs. Heisenberg picture
    The ambiguity of perception, space-time is further re-stated by the symmetry between both pictures:
  •  One can take the observables to be dependent on time, while the state σ was fixed once at the beginning of the experiment. This approach is called the Heisenberg picture. One can, equivalently, treat the observables as fixed, while the state of the system depends on time; that is known as the Schrödinger picture. Conceptually (and mathematically), the two approaches are equivalent; choosing one of them is a matter of convention.Both viewpoints are used in quantum theory. While non-relativistic quantum mechanics is usually formulated in terms of the Schrödinger picture, the Heisenberg picture is often preferred in a relativistic context, that is, for quantum field theory.
  • It is then a fundamental task of correction and harmonisation of quantum physics and any ∆±>|2| STience for that matter, to make explicit which phenomena are better described in space (Max. Spe x Min. Tiƒ, or entropic < motions) and which one in time (>, Max. T).

There is of course, remaining there the observations to which we must NOW AD INTERPRETATIONS OF GST, ORGANIC, TOPOLOGICAL AND OF COMPLEX TIME CAUSALITY.

So the collapse of the wave comes directly of two facts:

  • Particles guide ‘ahead’ any system of waves of present as the relative future position of the whole. So THEY COLLIDE FIRST.
  • systems have defensive particle-tight configuration when its pilot guide wave sends him ‘contraction’ information of a larger momentum coming into its territorial region. So observers DO influence and bring about the collapse of the wave.


The philosophy of ‘stience’ of Haley and Bohm.

FINALLY, before we enter into the upgrading of Bohmian theory not so much in maths but in interpretation and its PLUG-IN on STience (the Unification theory of all of them and its GST)., we shall consider some rightful conclusions of Haley and Bohm regarding his formalism:

Hiley emphasised several aspects that regard the quantum potential of a quantum particle:

  • It is derived mathematically from the real part of the Schrödinger equation under polar decomposition of the wave function, is not derived from a Hamiltonian or other external source, and could be said to be involved in a self-organising process involving a basic underlying field.
  • it does not change if R is multiplied by a constant, as this term is also present in the denominator, so that Q is independent of the magnitude of ψ and thus of field intensity; therefore, the quantum potential fulfils a precondition for nonlocality: it need not fall off as distance increases.
  • it carries information about the whole experimental arrangement in which the particle finds itself.

And so we are going to study them extensively and enlighten them further with the help of 5D metric.

Polar vs. Cartesian≈hyperbolic Compositions.


And so mathematics are REAL, when understood properly with the added postulates of i-logic.

This understood, when Bohm had the idea of using instead of the cartesian=present=wave=hyperbolic=Ø-configuration the polar coordinates, he was performing in his thought experiment a vital jump in the i-logic world of topological beings.

And it means therefore that the ‘being’ splits and mutates from its Ø-present state as a a Schrodinger wave into a past x future,|x O, ∆-1 potential field x ∆+1 Particle ‘above’ being.

So what B2 found was the complete BEAT of the 2 S≈T <≈> S x T, WAVE, particle-field, female-male eternal ‘fundamental symmetry’ of a space-time being.

Back to the understanding of motion as reproduction of information.

What this means is that motion is not only relative, but related to the density of information of a system, so as mass-information grows in density the system takes longer time to reproduce the Ti element of v=s/Ti, and so it slows down. And on the other extreme when information tends to zero speed increases. So as we humans perceive information with light that is our limit of speed of transmission of information we can perceive c=s/Ti. But this wave of light is really impressing a quantum field of action at distance, faster than light (Bohm’s discovery on the pilot-wave theory which we have to marry with the non-observance of particle during the motion, to fully grasp the process).

Thus light merely warps the entropy of the lower scale-field, ∆-1, which is invisible gravitation to us and hence must have less information and more speed, as experiment prove (gravitational non-local, invisible action at distance, due to the lack of human detectable information, which gives a speed for the quantum potential field/gravitational field of: v -> s/ti≈0 -> s/0=∞):

In the graph, the new ‘foundational equation of speed’ for the fractal paradigm: V=Space-distance/Temporal Information, is embedded in relativity and recognised in the concept that the speed of light is really a limit of speed of transmission of ‘human perceivable’ information.

Wave motion is also reproduction of form in the lower ∆-1 scale of action at distance (gravitation, quantum potential). Thus even motion is reproduction of form as a wave of information over a simpler scale of space-time. It solves the paradox of a Achiles – the wave reproduces its form in a series of discontinuous steps. It also explains why indeed the Universe is a fractal that reproduces as all fractals do, its form in a lower scale of reality which then reproduces into a wave-train that collapses into a particle (physical systems), or a seed that emerges after palingenesis into an ambulatory trillion cells systems  (biological systems), or into an idea or patent of an instrument that a company-mother of machines will re=produce in socio-economical systems.

Indeed, when we consider as Steane wanted a Universe from the perspective of ‘information’ and its ‘conserved present momentums and energies’, it all becomes simple and philosophically obvious. And so we just must explains the laws of reproduction of information along scales of reality to describe the ‘world cycles’ of existence, no longer worldlines – that is the motions across scales of the fifth dimension, which define all systems of nature.

Yet to fully understand how reproduction of form takes place, we need to understand reproduction across ‘scales’ of size. That is, the meaning of world cycles, just explained, as they require motion from  a seminal seed ∆-1, into a larger scale; as opposed to what physicists study with their reductionist model of a single space-time continuum: worldlines.

The question of light motion as a wave and the particle state as an informative collapsed point in stillness brings though as always in stience when solving a paradox – in this case the paradox of motion -new questions.

If motion is reproduction of information along a path of entropy, which is ‘warped into form’ emerging in a series of scales of ∆-wholeness, so when you move your hand, you are actually recreating all your scales above invisible gravitation – creating a wave of electronic light that travels very slow as it reproduces your system, the first question is: how many scales are in the Universe for motion to happen at all? The scales cannot be infinite or reproduction of information will be eternal. But the question is misleading, since a wave does not really move but transmits a series of vibrations to particles that are already there, in a dense ‘medium’.

This brings the question of ‘ether’, of ‘substance or form in space’ over ‘motion in time’. As many other open questions which we shall treat in other posts on depth, we just enunciate  them in this introduction. Enough to say that science is not written into stone but an evolving concern, so relativity is not a dogma, but an interpretation, which was good enough in its moment and we shall expand further.

In practical terms the key way to understand GST (ab. for the generator of space-time, or general systems theory) is to equip your mind with multidimensional thought. The solution adopted by Einstein and Bohr was pure idealism of the Hilbert school – there is no substance, no reference, all is virtual language, mathematical thought.

But physical systems as all systems are dominant in present states, signified in physics by waves. Waves carry both entropic motion and cyclical form and as such are the natural present, reproductive, e > iƒ element of reality, whereas we use e and i for entropy  & energy (max. e x min. i) information (max. f x min. e).

Systems that take and give entropy and form, become then energy systems able to communicate and start the building of larger scales of the fifth dimension.

The dominance of present thus stays within the game and provokes the constant reproduction of motion along scales.

A simple example will suffice. In GST the duality wave-particle, equivalent to the duality body-head of biological systems is self-explanatory. As all systems have a reproductive body, guided by an informative head, which moves thanks to lineal energetic limbs, all physical systems have a particle-form, often found, as in light waves on top of the wave-body, or higher point to focus information over the lineal field that provides its energy of motion.

Yet, this explanation is organic, regardless of its quantitative measure regarding the value of the energy, the speed of reproduction of information of the wave and the position of the particle. Physicists however to my surprise during my period of conferences were not interested, on this why to the 100 years conundrum of the Principle of Complementarity of physics. For them, it was simply outside the realm of their research as organic, biological properties of Nature, are not mathematical, as they use to explain such bio-logical, logical, in-form-ative characteristics the logic-verbal language of man. 

Still, to make more amenable to physicists those posts on physical systems we will use extensively topological varieties to define such organic ternary structures. Since in a Universe of a single space-time sheet of 4 dimensions there are only 3 possible topologies, the lineal field/hyperbolic wave/spherical particle system we just explained can be considered a full topological system that combines the 3 topological varieties of the Universe into an organic form:

Spe (Lineal -field/limbs) < St-hyperbolic wave-body > tiƒ (informative, cyclical particle/head).

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.36.12

In the graph, the 3 components of a physical, quantum system, the particle, the wave and the lineal field over which it moves. Lacking a real understanding of the 5D structure of the Universe, physicists can only describe the mathematical how of the process with the quantum wave equation of the graph and its visual depiction as we observe simultaneously the particle-head guiding, ‘piloting’, (right picture) the reproductive wave-body that moves, extracting energy-motion from the lineal field, which is expelled on the back of the wave.

All this is described mathematically but we do interpret it also organically. As physical systems do have as all other systems both, topological and organic properties, following in its form the 3 canonical topologies of the mathematical language, and co-existing in 3 relative scales of reality as ∆-1 fields, ∆-waves and ∆+1 particles.

To start with the proper interpretation of any system requires the ternary principle which only the pilot-wave theory includes with its three fundamental elements on the mathematical formulae, the particle state (left side schrodinger equation) better express in the polar formulation of bohm, the wave energy state, right side, and the field, entropy state the guiding equation:

Once we have the three elements of its generator equation, we can study as Bohm does all the elements of the ‘electron’ and its ‘best’ generator equation available to quantum physics, and in doing so learn also the elements of GST applied to quantum theory.




An important form of explaining any stience is by making a ‘history’ of the real science, and whenever a branch has made a mistake and created a wrong distorted view, follow the rightful branch and go ‘into pure theoretical true space-time of linguistic nature, evolving the history of the science thereafter.

We shall try to do the same here and so we can consider those sub-posts.

Let us then do so for the science of quanta to trans-form it into the stience of quanta (Gst).

Synchronicity of the three ‘time-clocks’ of the three parts of a supœrganism.

And the first characteristic we observe is the synchornicity of the clocks of the field, wave and particle, which indicates they do form an œ.

The problem here is that the stience of quanta is mathematically correct but interpreted wrongly as we have explained in previous posts. So the correct interpretation is Planck->Einstein->Broglie->Scrodinger->Bohm->Sancho, NOT, Planck->Bohr.. etc. Solvay, 27 Let us then pick up at that point, and follow the ‘less travelled road’ of Broglie. On the next screenshot from an excellent book on the matter:


Broglie, a French aristocrat intuitively like Einstein follows the right path in correspondence with 5D metric and ST symmetries and laws. Indeed, Broglie realises mass is the frequency of a closed cycle=clock of time. So any mass or wave that closes a cyclical period becomes a particle (definition of particle as a time clock of physical scales).

This astounding hindsight gives us a first simple beautiful equation, the clock of a particle is proportional to its mass, ƒo=mo, multiplied by a constant ratio between the ‘space constants of the ∆+1 gravitational scale (bidimensional light: c2) and the ∆-1 light scale (bidimensional h-action).

We first get a huge insight on the fact that the true constant is c2, a bidimensional, opening, field of light space, entropic expansion of pure light space, that is…

And so we have a clock of time, which defines a particle, proportional to its mass, multiplied by the ratio between the spatial constants of its ∆±1 scales.

He had defined the minimal bit of informative light space-time minds, its logic clock, and now he was going to define the wave-field over which it ‘glides’, the phase wave or quantum potential of the lower ‘graviton’ world (which he then will explain in another ‘silly-nilly rejected’ fascinating insight on the nature of light, in his ‘neutrino theory of light’…

Genius till the end. But let us not advance further. What he found at this stage was a quantum potential, which should be in fact a neutrino potential or sea of faster than light tachyon, smaller neutrinos? whose physical consistence is independent of our incapacity to observe it. How this ‘lower russian doll’ is connected to the larger astronomical scale of newtonian gravitation is also a debatable question. Do all systems who are closed feel a ‘gravitational potential regardless of scale’ on virtue of a general, universal resonance among all closed time cycles, regardless of scale?

In any case his photons with minimal mass, hence connection to that larger gravitational, ‘galactic vortex’ where mass do have its full range of newtonian power, do have an internal ‘mass clock’ (might have other clocks of other scales of its complex inner system), which can ‘fine-tune’ with a ‘field wave’ or ‘quantum potential’, faster than light, non-local, which provides it ‘energy’ to move as an EM engine would do ahead, guided by the faster wave, with which it has synchronised its Tiƒ PROVOKING A RESONANCE phenomena, which is the a priori (3rd equality postulate) condition for an action of space-time to take place.

ONCE thus both, the particle and the field are in resonance (synchronous time periods), the particle eextracts motion stored as energy from the gravitational field, moving ahead in the direction of the pilot field (the word wave is contradictory, here, it is in fact an entropy, scattering ∆-1 field of max. motion). 

So this is the correct interpretation. When a 2 slit experiment is performed, creating a ‘huge’ colliding barrier for the electrons, some of them ‘splash’ dying entropically 2 scales down into the gravitational guiding pilot wave, which guides the remaining particles through its entropic scattering ‘bohemian paths’

The results being the same, the B2 (broglie-bohm) realistic theory, is thus the forgotten true departure for sound interpretations of quantum physics.

Time related problems in quantum physics interpretations.

In the image we can see how the Bohmian paths converge in the middle region where the density of probabilities are maximised.

It is just discussing about the angels on a pin to consider different interpretations by ‘errors’ of measure due to the uncertainty caused by the ‘far away region of time speeds and space sizes’ to which the subject belong.

So far we know that h is the quanta of space measured in ‘actions’ , ƒ, the quanta of time, and Energy, its product.

So the first question we must ask is how an ∆o human observer trying to ‘guess’ the forms of an ∆-3 world observes that world.

The most evident changes are those in the parameters of space that mutate between:

h(action; ∆-1 space)->k (entropy; ∆ space) ->m ∆+1 space (mass) or c (speed) (∆+2 space?)

while at the same time the clocks of time change from:

ƒ∆-1 quanta clock -> Temperature ∆-thermodynamic time-> v-speed time (∆+1)-> mass (∆+2 gravitational clock)

Now, because the speed at which ∆-3 quantum phenomena is much larger than ours, one of the key errors of quantum physics is not to realise they are studying dynamic long stretches of time, including full world cycles of extinction and existence of particles, from where they get ”spatial images’, which they try to interpret with human clock speeds, unaware of the temporal, long period nature of the observance.

This is the origin of some serious errors of interpretation.

Indeed all the argument between Schrodinger-like descriptions of a density, or Heisenberg on probability is merely which ‘position’ we adopt that which have measure time and that which we have measure space.

It is however more of an interpretation. Resonance however in a ternary system is only at a time in one of the 3 domains of existence. Do they act on the same moment, in time across scales and regions of the organism, i don’t believe so.

The action of planck; the entropy of a gas; the attractive mass,

AS THIS CANNOT be deduced from classic quantum physics we simply apply the rules of 5D ternary systems. In general space-like are wave-like, present-like, dynamic but seemingly eternal, not changing, sometimes this not changing confused with spatial organic, ‘population’ nature; but when the mutation is larger, the change more obvious or faster, they appear as time-like objects from the ‘slow camera view of the ∆o human observer’.

The interaction, $Field, ≈Wave, ðParticle

A collection of particles has an associated matter wave, which evolves according to the Schrödinger equation. Each particle follows a deterministic trajectory, which is guided by the wave function; collectively, the density of the particles conforms to the magnitude of the wave function.

The wave function is not influenced by the particle and can exist also as an empty wave function.

The third element, the quantum fiel brings to light nonlocality compatible with faster-than-light communication of information. As the field of entropy does NOT transport information, only motion, in an scattering, ‘disorganising’ way, and so a Q(v)>C is empirically compatible with relativity.

The pilot is the particle’s clock above; the energy is the wave, which traces the path with form, the entropy, the quantum non-local field, of phase velocity, Vph = c²/v, in phase with the pilot clock, νo (frequency of the mass, vo=mo (c²/h). So Broglie plugs in the definition of mass of GST by considering that the mass-particle has a frequency vo, proportional to its mass, and inverse to the T, proper time clock that diminishes, as we must adscribe it to the clock of the thermodynamic scale closer to the concept of temperature that the clock of the gravitational scale, which is given by Vo, the mass clock.

So we can see in the equation how the frequency of the mass increases as the thermodynamic temperature clocks tend to zero (V1=vo√1-v²/c²)

This in turn brings in a stroke of genius, taken from the same schrodinger equation but formulated in polar coordinates, the quantum field and the particle in different sides:

So they co-exist as the two topological, particle-wave elements over the velocity non-local field of the ∆-1 scale.

Here again we see how the pilot-wave theory follows with the ‘real’ parameters and ‘ratios’ of GST. We are using  the continuity equation for the probability density, ρ, which is the ratio of density of information that matters to define the quantum potential speed and capacity to transmit motion to the particle-wave system. The beauty and simplicity of the action, – ∂s/∂t, which appears as a sum of the field, wave and particle contributions, under the common synchronicity off its clocks, ν,νo,ν1… mirrors perfectly the symmetries of the GST formalism.

The homologies of the Γ ∆-2 generator of electronic systems IN different mathematical deductions, notably the hydrodynamic homology by Madelung, use also the ‘complete’ Hamilton-Jacobi and continuity equations to obtain the three elements in hyperbolic and polar perspectives.


All this confirms the duality of dimensions of time for those equations, as the schrodinger time-independent present function transforms in 2 functions, which can be seen also as the generator processes from fields into particles, through the probability function, which is symmetric in space to the population≈density function, as ALL PROBABILITIES reproduced in time, become then population densities in space.

The kinetic energy thus is absorbed from the potential, which ALSO HAS capacity to carry information albeit of a simplified form compared to that of the next scales, or at least from our ∆o perspective that has more uncertainty of the quantum potential.

Ultimately the fusion of this quantum potential with the concepts of the ∆-4 gravitational≈dark matter scale will put together relativity and quantum PROPERLy. and reduce the nonsense of multiple jargons for what is truly always the same dark matter, denser, and faster russian doll larger scale that engulfs us all.

The value of the other 2 models

It is indeed a self-organising process of change between the 2 fundamental sub-species of reality. How many then of those states do really exist? The answer of i-logic vital geometry is that all are in fact possible.

This means a few things about the partial validity of copenhagen and multiple-world interpretations: they do have some truth when properly interpreted. For example the many universes is  A MANY WORLDS CORRECT interpretation, not parallel Universes but fractal self-similar patterns (in the wave state, hence no longer particles but fractal parts, histories in fractal planets, fractal cells, fractal stars self-similar to all others of the galaxy, playing similar ‘stories’).

On the other hand in copenhagen, the collapse of a wave into a particle DO happen when an observer as a school in front of a huge shark or an army in front of a battle come together into a whole to avoid the entropic energy of the human observer.


Another fundamental property of 5D structures essential to B2 models is the non-locality needed for any super organism to interact. Thus indeed, in the name of ‘Russian worlds’ of reality in which beings with higher volume of information≈energy≈time≈motion, but less ‘extension-space’, than the system that encases them, which IS WHAT ALL IS ABOUT, non-locality means simultaneity between all the points of the body that move together in synchrony as your whole body moves in simultaneity. The external membrane of a system and all its layers downwards do have therefore in larger wholes of lesser information a larger speed or relative non-locality.

So happens to the gravitational scale of tachyon guiding quantum field ‘scattering’. You can indeed see in certain way those slits as killing fields, when the particle indeed does not continue but dissolves (Bohr’s case) but also in the inverse way as feeding fields for the particle that moves thanks to its entropy. This is therefore another important element, which explains the duality of the PARTICLE-FIELD RELATIONSHIP.

The information carried by fields and particles

HOW THIS communication of information between particles takes place? This is boom’s assistant 3rd conclusion: waves represent a flow of information transmitted – not of energy (a concept itself quite complex for physics has conceptually need understood it – close to time-motion in a subtle way).

Information indeed can move instantly because it can move to the past. And so IT HAS INFINITE SPEED, NON-LOCALITY, INFORMATION IS THE MAGIC PART OF IT.

Potentials and densities.

A potential function is a field equation that provides an entropic ∆-1 arrow for an ∆-system’, with the simplest topology≈minimal information max. extension of a system.  As such we can consider that potential fields generate waves and particles, but also consider them synchronically in their interactions once created them. In this case we are studying – unlike in Feynman generative equations the synchronic interaction between the 3 ‘topological states’.

Quantum potential, thus depends on the curvature of the amplitude of the wave function, as it is ultimately the curvature≈speed of time of each of its wave/particle clocks and its synchronies what makes the complex ‘organic system’ of quantum physics so ‘normal’… within… 

The organic perception of the previous equations.

We have explained what should have been clear 100 years ago to physicists if they didn’t want to ‘go where they had never go’, into meta-physical musings. What comes next is not obvious at all, as it is the contribution of 5D to the organic explanation of bohm. The particle IS feeding:

Light is  the main force of human ‘Light-Space-time. Thus we confuse its T ages and the actions light performs in time, as they become our Space fixed-dimensions… (Sp, Tƒ Galilean paradox of light) 

1st isomorphism: Generator Equation.

Light is an organic system with a simultaneous reproductive body and a cyclical informative photon (wave-particle duality) that feed on lineal energy (tachyon strings≈gravitons≈expansive dark energy all similar concepts.)

Let us then consider now the ∆-1 field equation of that generator, namely the flow of gravitational ≥c scattering entropic expansive on the ‘loose’, flying wave of micro-gravitons which the electron particle ‘chases’ (-;

 The generator of Gravitational forces:

Quantum potential and relativity
Bohm and Hiley demonstrated that the non-locality of quantum theory can be understood as limit case of a purely local theory, provided the transmission of active information is allowed to be greater than the speed of light, and that this limit case yields approximations to both quantum theory and relativity.

The quantum potential approach was extended by Hiley and co-workers to quantum field theory in Minkowski space-time and to curved spacetime.

The fractal generator of gravitational systems in classic physics, are Einstein’s EFE equations, which however must be understood in terms of ‘ages of the cosmos’. So it does not apply to this 1..quanta scale. Here we are ‘stuck’ with the non-local field (configuration equation) of Bohm’s model. IT IS IN FACT, THE CONNECTING equation with the quantum graviton world, which complemented with the neutrino light, also proposed by Louis De Broglie, the great forgotten pioneer genius, with the highest intuitions on the field, albeit like this other Luis (me), completely uninterested in mechanisms, power, engineering, a latin aristocratic fella, with little connection to power-science reason why AGAIN, his work on the neutrino theory of light, the one we also choose as the most logic theory of gravitons, IS forgotten.

As an invisible form, gravitation is NOT clearly understood, despite inroads of Einstein, and the OBVIOUS FACT that neutrinos ARE gravitons and DO feed to ‘create’ the light beam. We deal with this part of quantum theory elsewhere.

So we can consider in the gravitational scale that its Tƒ element, are mass vortices, its Sp state, which ultimately compose that mass factor in all particles are gravitons≈neutrinos, which likely ‘break’ in galactic light space to c-speed.

And finally there is the non-local wave state, which is easily deducible in several forms. The simplest one.

Since time is related to information, and we do not see gravitation information, then Tiƒ=0.

So, since Sp x Tƒ=K (5D metric), or in Galileo’s terminology, WITH THE INVERSE OF CYCLICAL TIME, lineal time T=1/Tƒ->  V(K)=S/T. So as T=0 (its information), V(k)=X/0=∞

Non-Locality in 5D. Bohmian active information as a series of quanta to the past, that create a line of present.

It is the way you can have non-locality rationally beyond the ‘tricks’ of quantum/relativist die-hard defenders of the c-totem limit of speed of the infinite.

What happens for a system to be a relative simultaneous, instantaneous, non local, the transfer though is NOT of energy , forwards, but a lateral, ‘front-wave’ like, topological version of a faster speed. We could state that each relative cycle travels to the ‘past’ in its entropic direction, and as such it is a relative present quanta of micro-time, which moved to the past one after another means that this past speed equals the present speed of the cycle.. So for the simplest possible trajectory, a lineal trajectory:

Speed of simultaneous system-> Jump to the past ≈ time required to travel back in time for a full present. And so if a system can move at -c speed motion back in time as a sum of a series of cyclical returns

Sp=distance must THEN be infinite in speed infinite. This is called non-locality. And it is A FUNDAMENTAL FEATURE BOTH OF BOHM’S MODEL AND 5D AS IT IMPLIES THE EXISTENCE OF A SUPERORGANISM, WHICH BY DEFINITION IS A REGION OF SPACE-TIME SYNCHRONOUS IN ITS TIME FREQUENCIES (so indeed in de Broglie’s first formulation the particle has an inner clock synchronous with that of the configuration field and wave) and adjacent in its space location, hence non-local as all the parts of the system must be communicated in a quanta of time.

We deal with those themes in more depth in the post on synchronicity. Just to state that the main Space-Energy duality of gravitation is its invisibility as it exists beyond the ∆-3 scale of human light/electronic perception, so we see it as ‘space’ not as energy, even if it is the ∆-4 force that moves us.

LET US then go back to the classic ‘standard mathematical jargon’ to explore further the correspondence of 5D and B2 quantum physics.

Bell’s Theorem – non local hidden variables.

All those ‘novelties’ of the 5D universe come together to a series of facts: ∆-1 gravitational fields are non-local≈ faster than light. Information can travel backwards in the arrow of ‘future to past’, through the scalar ∆-dimension.

And both facts together allow the simultaneity of a given membrane, which breaks the domain of a system in an GST form and an outer Universe.

Finally the Universe is far more deterministic, in fact absolutely deterministic when we consider certain parameters and long range events: the larger the scale of our analysis the more deterministic the whole shall become – till finally the absolute whole, the game of existence is absolute deterministic – as the web of connections enlarge in its details and fix each one in certain events, patterns and actions, or else extinction ends its freedom=chaos=death.

This tendency of the Universe towards absolute determinism, is the most brutally opposed consequence of non-local entanglement and Bell’s theorem, but human anthropomorphic entitled ego-trips of uniqueness makes it impossible to accept by humans, with huge consequences to our survival, as we love to practice freedom=chaos=death. So what is becoming deterministic in man is that his chaotic freedom will soon bring its planetary extinction. And that is the bio-logical counterpart of the mathematical determinism found by Bell.

Putting together those elements, it means that the Universe is non-local for each super organism, which can act simultaneously in its motions, and it has hidden variables, regarding its ∆-1 field where non-locality takes place.

And that is in brief, the philosophy behind Bell’s theorem, which fully validates B2->5D quantum physics:

Where we also give up locality, explaining the violation of Bell’s inequality by means of a non-local hidden variable theory, (∆-1 faster than light gravitational fields of accelerated ‘dark energy’ a) through which the particles exchange information about their states at faster than light speeds, through a linguistic process of translation that allows that faster speed, as people can accelerate its voice speech with a ‘tele’phone translating device, and brains inversely slow down information through a chemical, slow down translating language. Thus one of the key space-time events of scalar 5D, the communication of basic information through a faster ∆-1 medium through linguistic translations is the explanation of non-locality, spooky effects, entanglement etc.

It is also the basis of the Bohm interpretation of quantum mechanics, which requires that all particles in the universe be able to instantaneously exchange information with all others, through the pilot v>c guiding wave, which is the quantum potential of the ∆-1 gravitational=dark energy=neutrino field (Broglie’s theory of neutrino light, which in bio-logical terms make a neutrino≈graviton≈dark energy particle the food and cellular constituent of a light photon).

Quantum potential of an n-particle system
The Schrödinger wave function of a many-particle quantum system cannot be represented in ordinary three-dimensional space. Rather, it is represented in configuration space, with three dimensions per particle. A single point in configuration space thus represents the configuration of the entire n-particle system as a whole.

Here thus we have another full plug-in of quantum physics in the Bohm model with 5D: each particle is a subjective diffeomorphic ‘mind-point of view’, with 3 different dimensions.

What kind of relationship in ‘vital topology’ have both ‘scales’. A classic one of ‘Herd’, as each individual part of the particle feeds in a seemingly unlimiting ‘potential field’. So function potentials are separated, added in herd form.

That the wave function is separable means that ψ factorizes in the form ψ(r1, r2, t)=ψA (r1, t) ψB (r2, t)
Then it follows that also R factorizes, and the system’s total quantum potential becomes the sum of the quantum potentials of the two particles.

For the evolution of the wave function, Bohmian mechanics is formulated in terms of Schrödinger’s equation alone. Nonetheless the textbook collapse rule is a consequence of the Bohmian dynamics. To appreciate this one should first note that, since observation implies interaction, a system under observation cannot be a closed system but rather must be a subsystem of a larger closed system, which we may take to be the entire universe, or any smaller more or less closed system that contains the system to be observed, the subsystem. The configuration

Qof this larger system naturally splits into

X, the configuration of the subsystem, and

Y, the configuration of the environment of the subsystem.

Suppose the larger system has wave function


According to Bohmian mechanics, the larger system is then completely described by

Ψ, evolving according to Schrödinger’s equation, together with

X and Y. The question then arises—and it is a critical question—as to what should be meant by the wave function of the subsystem.

There is a rather obvious answer for this, a natural function of

X that suitably incorporates the objective structure at hand, namely the conditional wave function


obtained by plugging the actual configuration of the environment into the wave function of the larger system. (This definition is appropriate only for scalar wave functions; for particles with spin the situation would be a little more complicated.) It then follows immediately that the configuration of the subsystem obeys the guiding equation with the conditional wave function on its right-hand side.

Moreover, taking into account the way that the conditional wave function depends upon time t

ψt (x)= Ψt(x,Yt)

In trying to understand the status in Bohmian mechanics of the quantum equilibrium distribution, it is perhaps helpful to think of

quantum equilibrium, ϱ=|ψ|2

as HOMO-logous to (classical) thermodynamic equilibrium, ϱ=exp(−H/kT)/Z

the probability distribution of the phase-space point of a system in equilibrium at temperature T
T. Z is a normalization constant called the partition function and k is Boltzmann’s constant.)

This ISOMORPHISM OF SCALE has several facets:

In both cases the probability distributions are naturally associated with their respective dynamical systems. In particular, these distributions are stationary or, what amounts to the same thing within the framework of Bohmian mechanics, equivariant.

In both cases it seems natural to try to justify these equilibrium distributions by means of mixing-type, convergence-to-equilibrium arguments.

It has been argued, however, that in both cases the ultimate justification for these probability distributions must be in terms of statistical patterns that ensembles of actual subsystems within a typical individual universe exhibit.

In both cases the status of, and justification for, equilibrium distributions is still controversial. It is also perhaps worth noting that the typicality-grounded account of quantum randomness in Bohmian mechanics is extremely similar to Everett’s account of quantum randomness for “many worlds”, despite the huge metaphysical differences that exist between these two versions of quantum theory.

It can be shown that probabilities for positions given by the quantum equilibrium distribution emerge naturally from an analysis of “equilibrium” for the deterministic dynamical system that Bohmian mechanics defines, much as the Maxwellian velocity distribution emerges from an analysis of classical thermodynamic equilibrium.

Thus with Bohmian mechanics the statistical description in quantum theory indeed takes, as Einstein anticipated, “an approximately HOMO-logous position to the statistical mechanics within the framework of classical mechanics.

The ∆-2 scale is for the human monad, ∆º the relative pixel or bit of information, which it finds limited by the c-speed of reproduction of information, accessible to the electronic mind system, we humans use (C-H-O-N orbitals) to create our mind structures of minimal perception of light space-time, the euclidean cartesian ternary perpendicular geometry in which most of our mind perception of reality is based – light space.

WE do NOT perceive gluon-gravitational-strong forces but only electro-weak forces, electromagnetic explosive, life-oriented spatially expansive forces and implosive weak, decay forces at best.

As such the mind of light space-time starts when our electrons digital or flesh, of measure instruments, eyes, stop into information and distance c speed light space-time.


Particles and waves interact in that sense closely depending on their relative speeds of its inner clocks, and in quantum physics the particle is the dominant, faster element. Its double speed means it can return back to the point of origin to ‘enclose’ the wave which ‘bumps’ on it, moving the particle fully formed, but also allowing standing waves shot back and forth by the faster particle enclosure. The wave thus is the motion of the system, the particle the informative enclosure that regulates that motion and absorbs energy from the wave. And the potential below the wave a faster than c, invisible, likely gravitational, likely neutrino-background (if the neutrino is a graviton, which needs to work out the problem of spin numbers and accept Broglie’s neutrino theory of light).

Now the question here is rather simple: De broglie>Jordan theory of neutrino as the origin of light requires that the entangled particles communicate through a graviton neutrino that acts as the string that joins them initially, which vibrates to create the light element:

In this reality then all comes to the simple realization that neutrinos are gravitons, faster than light that act as the communication particles between stop and go photons and electrons and as such they create quantum entanglement, and carry information only of distance with therefore a wave speed likely infinite if we measure it by the angle of the wave-of information (even a water wave has infinite speed if we measure only the distance ‘element’ between its ‘touching with minimal angle’. Now roughly we can consider the string to have superluminal speed, the weak angle of the neutrino to be similar to that of the string and speed of the particle proportional to the weak angle in inverse fashion, giving us for this weak angle of ‘amplitude’ of the neutrino minimal wave a superluminal speed.

All what is then needed is to try to work out how a neutrino can have 2 graviton spin. This is difficult.

A way to do it is to consider Neutrinos come in four groups, and so the waving of the electromagnetic field happens when 2 neutrinos come and go (antineutrinos and neutrinos being the same particle at faster than c speeds) in two back and forth paths creating the electric and magnetic disturbance as they inform both particles.

It is also possible to alternatively consider that is one particle of 2 spins so initially that spin is not conserved in entropic weak reaction of growth or diminution in scales (but overall conserved in the total sum of all those scales). The neutrino does becomes converted only with spin 2 when added to the 0 scalar larger scale of the boson Higgs which is then the symmetry broken from the Universe of light space-time of spin 1 = Upper scale of larger wholes – o spin of Higgs + 2 lower scale of neutrinos, /2 (split symmetry) = 1 mean spin of light space-time.

Other solution being not giving spin at all to the neutrino which has then some further advantages as it will be establishing a 0 spin universe.

And finally there is the problem of massive neutrinos when gravitons are postulated not to have mass, but then again they should and contribute to the mass enclosure – but the mass enclosure is NOT the neutrino particle. There is then a lot of open possibilities and as nobody truly explores 5D physics the field is yet open.

In any choice of alternative Universes where the spin is not conserved this is not in 5D an aberration as quantities are generally not conserved in the same format between planes – they evolve into something else. So it should not as it is the angular momentum of perception of the singularity, which essentially disappears with the singularity. So those are things we hint at but don’t know for sure.

It is though to me more of a quantitative question as the qualitative laws of 5D preclude that all those things come together, so we talk of hyperluminal gravitational string neutrinos mediating the quantum potential, regardless of what they do with its spin. As it might have none, and so this explains better why after all we do not perceive it. And then neutrino fields should collapse into Higgs fields – the upper view of the duality that encloses us: Higgs fields, minimal dimensionality mass enclosure (∆+1): o spin < Particles 1/2: Electromagnetic energy: 1 Spin : Particles (1/2) > Neutrino potentials (∆-1): 2 spin Maximal dimensionality.

Now when one has a ‘view’ of reality that differs so greatly as that of the pioneers, Planck, Broglie, Einstein and Schrodinger of modern physics, which are all realist in its interpretation vs. a latter view by other group, which is neither pioneer nor realist (Hilbert’s school of Bohr, Born and Heisenberg), it would have been wise to go for the realist pioneers. And indeed they were right. As a pioneer I know though Humans have an astounding incapacity to take the right path. So we stick here to the realist view, which is as the name indicates ‘real’. We need just to extend 5D metric beyond the light space-time scale, and postulate a quantum potential which is the lower scale, we know to exist between galaxies, of dark entropy (not energy, as we see it as scattering paths for redshift death of tired light extended in space-speed). How far this scale goes is not fully measured. But some advances show clearly a 10.000 quantum potential speed, which is in accordance with our Unification equation relationship between Mass-curvature, angular momentum which grows in squares and radius – distance – invisible potential which grows in cubes.


Basic Quantum weirdness explained with ∆st.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

One of the triumphs of quantum physics is the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: Heisenberg theorized that you can’t simultaneously measure a particle’s position and momentum exactly. This is one of the central theories that has destroyed classical physics. But nothing has come in its place nor an illogic explanation has been provided – how could be otherwise if there is not even a proper definition of particles and waves, position and momentum, energy and mass; as we provide in this blog?

Let us briefly then comment on it: The formal inequality relates the standard deviation of position σx and the standard deviation of momentum
σp. In T.Œ though those 2 parameters are related to the singularity which is the ‘fixed point’ of any system, its @-still mind, or reference in space.

So POSITION is a measure of the ‘STRENGTH’ of a singularity point in any ∆st system of reality. This means that in the galaxy POSITION measures the strength of the central black hole that anchors with its gravitational well the body of stars; in an atom, it is given by the mass of the nuclei, in a charge by the well of its electromagnetic singularity; in a human being by the relative stillness of the mind-space mapping, and so on. What is then for a particle-point, which can be defined by its spin, h/2 and momentum, this position element? Obviously the h-angular momentum of the spin.

On the other hand, the 2 other terms of the Heisenberg uncertainty ARE lineal p and ANGULAR, h/2 momentum, which are related by the linear momentum operator, which in quantum mechanics is: P|Ψ>=-ih∇|Ψ>. Chinese for the non-initiated (: but don’t worry. We will ‘talk chinese’ only in the sub posts. What matters here is that angular and lineal momentum are easily transformed into each other, as in classic physics.  

Let us then consider to start with… in very simple terms… classic physics and that transformation.

The 3 elements of T.œ in quantum physics.

In quantum physics we are using the position basis, the momentum basis, or the energy basis, because they represent the singularity=position, the membrane (momentum) or its conversion through an SHF, simple harmonic function into a lineal wave of motion and the energy or vital space, between them, which are the 3 elements of any system of reality (T.œ).

In that sense the Linear momentum (P) operator looks like this in quantum mechanics: – i ∇|ψ> which essentially means it is the first derivative, or a ‘peeled’ quanta of the angular momentum, h, of the system, passed into lineal form, as it is rotated through the complex plane.

What this simple means is that there is a natural correspondence between:

  • 1D: Position and singularity or active magnitude ‘scalar’, valuation; which is the ultimate meaning of a point-0-particle which becomes the o-1 dimension as a ‘dirac function of value 1.
  • 2D: The membrane or constrain, which becomes the angular momentum of the system, transformed into lineal momentum-motion as the angular momentum develops a wave of communication through a sinusoidal/fourier function of  (boson) transmission of energy and information. In the graph we can see how a basic ‘step symmetry’ that transforms an §ð dimension and an st-dimension (envelop of the wave), makes essentially easy to transform the angular into lineal momentum, both becoming the key parameter of the membrane.
  • 3D: Which ad in several ways, mostly through superposition, 1+2 = 3D, into a wave function (Scrondinger’s energy equation) that fills up the vital space (Hillbert space that includes all the possible configurations of the wave and its enclosed particles). Here again we might use a Hamiltonian (T+V)… as the best operator to define such energy waves.

It is then when the specific eigenvalues and forms that the ternary system can form are expressed as position=singularity momentum= and energy values to characterise the system (constant).

Yet the minimum measure we must obtain will be a ‘planckton’, an h-planck of vital energy, appropriately defined as the uncertain piece we ABSORB TO OBSERVE, so the 3 dimensions can only be related by an equation of uncertainty, h= momentum x position, one of the many expressions of ∑∏= s x t 5D metric, in this case: minimal quanta of energy of a quantum system, h/2 equal to position-singularity x momentum.

Those simple elements appear always in mathematical equations, which are for that reason so often ternary games of the s ‘operator’ ð = ∑∏.

For example, in its most general expression angular momentum expresses the value and relationship of the membrane with its singularity through a common space with a self-centred radius= m (membrane singularity) x r (radius of the vital space) o (singularity center).

Quantum physics is then expressed in a complex Hilbert space just because such space is complex enough to accommodate all the various possible states of an ∆-3 minimal scale of reality, where by sxt=k 5D metric will have maximal number of forms-populations and time-speeds.

To which we might also ad ‘perturbations’ of other systems and scales, which makes it all more complex – and even more so because of the pedantic probability choice of formalism that further complicates the business, as all operators systems and ensembles have to be normalised to get the value 1 (of  those processes the Delta function is the only worth to mention at this stage, as we have shown to rightly give us the value of dimension 1 for the zero particle). It also means that the particle state is the @-informative still 0-state… beyond which the wave-motion takes over.

So we could consider the principle as a normal transformative equation: x(position) x p (lineal momentum) = h (angular momentum).

And as classic angular momentum IS a measure that includes the 3 elements of the being, its active magnitude, cyclical motion and radius between the membrane and the singularity through the vital energy (mrv); we consider the Heisenberg uncertainty NOT as physicists do, a probabilistic relationship, obtained through the messy processes of ‘transformation of quantum mechanics into a probabilistic language’ (which includes many artificial manipulations, such as the normalisation of real measures to fit it into the 0-1 probabilistic sphere, etc.) but RATHER an expression of the absolute MINIMAL ‘substance-element’, ST.œ of the quantum reality, the h/2 planck ‘angular momentum’ or spin.

This is then reinforced by the unique feature of h/2: it is the only parameter/operator that cannot be differentiated, hence it cannot have smaller values/quanta of space-time, which makes up the spin; it is ultimately the only intrinsic quality perceived in the minimal scale of reality, perceived by the informative electronic human mind. So it is ultimately the minimal unit or ‘pixel’ used by the humind or any other electronic mind to ‘measure reality’ and extract energy and information from it.

It follows then a few deductions of a world, of ¥e-ntities whose ultimate space-time quanta or T.œ is a 1/2 h spin of ‘angular momentum’ intrinsic to the being:

  • From this principle, now definition of the minimal piece of reality, virtual particles pop up in the vacuum space.
  • Further on, as it is the minimal quanta the ‘electron’ eats up when measuring a system, it is the uncertain piece, ‘missed’ in our attempts to measure – similar to the ±1 ‘missed’ number, when we compare a continuous differentiable curve such as π or √2 and its discontinuous spatial geometric curve. 

So the PROPER way to study quantum physics should be to start defining the T.Œ 3 ELEMENTS of a quantum system, and departing from its minimal quanta, h/2 as its key constant build up as we (will) do in our posts on astrophysics, a realist view of the ∆-3 scale.

So in this blog, in the sub posts on quantum systems we will not to start with ‘abstract’ interpretations of quantum physics mostly due to the german idealist school of Heisenberg (the author of that uncertainty) and Bohr, but with the organic laws of the Universe, and describe what we find in the ∆-3,4 scales from the perspective of ∆ST• beings.

There is though as my mind evolved from an earlier dismissal of all idealist interpretations, through a closely analysis of its meaning NOT a thorough dismissal of the findings of Bohr’s school but rather the understanding of them, with 3 ‘ad ons’, DEDUCED FROM THE 3 LEGS OF THE new’ Stientific enlarged method=EDC: Experimental Method+Disomorphic Method+Classic knowledge theories in Correspondence with those Disomorphic laws:

-The one: Experimental facts: WE DEPART from experimental facts of reality; space-time events and super organisms, which we shall analyse with Classic theories and new Disomorphic insights that enhance the depth of our understanding:

-The many: Correspondence Principle of Classic science: We then analyse under the ‘Rashomon effect’ proper of all mind spaces, and its kaleidoscopic inflationary languages,  the many theories and models huminds cast upon the experimental facts. In the mathematical case its spatial=geometric, social=numeric, Scalar=analytic and Symmetric=algebraci mirrors, which make multiple interpretations or partial truths of the event that reveal some ‘angle’ of truth on the single fact.

-The whole: Disomorphic method. And then we enlighten both, explaining the genesis of the event and its kaleidoscopic mind mirrors of truth, as a by-product of the isomorphic qualities of space-time  and its co-existing organic planes, species of super organisms and worldcycles. How much detail we establish in that final analysis depends on our focus and detail. So we start with the study of its DUALITIES in space-time (Steps of time=motion; symmetries on space, analysis and algebra in the mathematical mirror); continue with the study of its ternary symmetries using the Generator equation (S<St>T; ∆±1 planes; | xO = Ø topologies). And we might consider finally deeper analysis of the Rashomon effect (the 4+@ mind views on the event – ∆-planes, s, t, s=t and @-linguistic view).

A more thorough, realist investigation of any super organism and its world cycle, though will simply not deal with C and express in pure 5D terms the nature of the event, by studying the super organism and its 5² Dimensions of space-time ordered in space, as 3 x 3 +0 physiological networks and in time as a world cycle, sum of a series of ‘infinitesimal, vital 5 actions of space-time (Motion, information, energy feeding, reproduction and social evolution) that ensure its survival. And in scales as a series of co-existing, ∆±1 Planes which shynchronize its actions and clocks in symbiotic manner. And then if we want to focus in a certain element we apply the ternary fractal method, as each super organism is made of smaller super organisms, which can also be broken into ternary networks and parts, each one able to be studied in increasing focus with its 5D dimensions and ternary symmetries.

Obviously the blog focuses in this 3rd element trying to enlighten the enormous wealth of experimental data of science, languages and culture seen with the new eyes of E+ C+D.

Let us then see what the Heisenberg principle experimentally suggests to us with a few more Ðisomorphic views:

@-mind. As quantum physics has been casted dogmatically in terms of probabilities, the Heisenberg principle can be obtained merely without much ado, from the uncertainty of measure according to a classic theorem of probability, called the Schwarz inequality which writes: ∆A∆B≥ 1/2 |<[A,B] and applied to the measure of quantum systems ‘reads’ like this: the product of two uncertainties is greater than or equal to 1/2 the absolute value of the commutator of their respective operators.

In quantum mechanics, the momentum operator is: P = ih

And the operator for the momentum in the x direction is: Px=-ih ∂/∂x

So the commutator of the X operator (which just returns the x position of a particle) and Px [X, Px] = iℏ, is – applying the Schwarz inequality which writes: ∆A∆B≥ 1/2 |<[A,B] ; since Δx and Δpx are the uncertainties in x and Δpx:


That is the Heisenberg uncertainty relation, derived from abstract mathematical probability, which merely proves, using a few basic assumptions, on the nature of  a particle momentum, that we can’t measure the physical world with perfect accuracy.

And so again we have now the focus on the momentum operator, as here both elements are basically derived from it.

If we add that to define a particle we just need its spin, h/2 and momentum, p; (and for more complex analysis its energy hamiltonian) it is obvious that quantum particles ARE t.œs with the 3 elements of all t.œs): energy-Hamiltonians/wave states; particles with its lineal and angular momentum/position. Indeed, angular momentum can now be considered in relationship with the position of the particle, as a cyclical motion intrinsic to the system. 

S=Teps: particle-wave complementarity.

A more realist view that all this ‘operator talk’ of the mathematical mind is to consider the steps of motion of particles-waves.

It is truth that on the ‘limit’ of a perfect singularity=position measure, the wave is totally uncertain, and vice versa.

A perfect wave is NOT localised. Those limits thus suggest that unlike more evolved systems like a human being, where the body-wave and the particle-head ARE always ensemble and in a connected synchronous simultaneous stable distance/clock time between them (the second of thought, heart beat and limb-steps), in quantum physics we do HAVE as in blood red cells with no nuclei and maximal wave-motion through the network vs. pure nuclei with no motion, in the neuronal cell-network, WAVES with no particle-head and HEADS-singularities-positions with no waves.

The uncertainty would then mean that a perfect quantum wave has NO position-particle-singularity and a perfect particle-position has NO wave-motion. This is then directly connected with the duality of wave-motion vs. particle-information of the quantum system, WHICH CONSTANTLY COLLAPSES INTO PARTICLE to inform itself and then moves as a ternary wave with no particle-location… We are so to speak witnessing the ‘birth’ of the two first Dimensions of space-the 2D  wave and cyclical time-the 1D particle… and they are NOT in photons and moving electrons yet ensembled.

Then we realise that in the atom, the next stage of evolution, they ARE ensembled already as the uncertainty is never infinite, because the wave is ‘constrained’ by the atomic central singularity. So uncertainty diminish as the particle-form starts to take over, and the wave keeps diminishing till in our level, there is hardly wave state (speed is reduced then, as information/perception takes over).

Now as h is everywhere in the world of quantum physics, it is obvious that the ‘probabilistic’, ‘uncertain’, ‘measure’ view of that inequality is NOT the most proper to make a serious, realist analysis of the ginormous numbers of equations where h/2 appears. And so we shall call h/2 a PLANCKTON, not an uncertainty, whereas from the pov of a still-mind point particle (hence without relative v-speed and no lineal momentum) IS all what a point particle is.

 Quantum Tunneling

How can particles go where, classically, they don’t have enough energy to go? For example, how can an electron with energy E go into an electrostatic field where you need to have more than energy E to penetrate?

The answer is obvious with ∆st quantum tunnelling: the particle doesn’t cross -it crosses as a moving wave, and as it has then no head it can cross.

In quantum physics, you can superimpose states on each other, and have particles tunnel into areas that would be classically impossible, because unlike big particles, this initial scale of creation still can go back and forth an annihilate the particle state.

So the Rashomon accepts multiple view of quantum physics, but tries to convert them to realism, starting with the most well known duality between…

Religious beliefs vs. realist stience: BOHR VS. BOHM

‘In 1952 I saw the impossible done. It was in papers by David Bohm. Bohm showed explicitly how parameters could indeed be introduced, into nonrelativistic wave mechanics, with the help of which the indeterministic description could be transformed into a deterministic one. More importantly, in my opinion, the subjectivity of the orthodox version, the necessary reference to the “observer”, could be eliminated. …

But why then had Born not told me of this “pilot wave”? If only to point out what was wrong with it? Why did von Neumann not consider it? More extraordinarily, why did people go on producing “impossibility” proofs, after 1952, and as recently as 1978? … Why is the pilot wave picture ignored in text books? Should it not be taught, not as the only way, but as an antidote to the prevailing complacency? To show us that vagueness, subjectivity, and indeterminism, are not forced on us by experimental facts, but by deliberate theoretical choice? (Bell 1982)

We start the analysis of the equations of quantum physics, with a quote which is relevant at many levels specially in the understanding of quantum physics as just another scale of nature, not different from all others, on the ‘realist’ level, and the understanding of ALL what is wrong with the human psyche in his attempts to ‘understand the Universe’ as it is – merely ego. The ego of mankind is huge and that of physicists enormous. So the answer to Bell’s question is self-evident. The Bohrs, Paulis, Von Neumanns of this world, care nothing about truth per se, but about ‘ego’, self-importance of one’s own theories and WILL use the ‘objective supposed methods of science’ to advance his ‘interpretation’ of reality and the more so, when that interpretation works well with his ‘idol-ogies’ of man as the only sentient intelligent being, which can even ‘determine’ as the ‘observer’, reality – create it, akin to God.

Mr. Bohm, though, a communist, ex-patriot, with little concern about his ego and an objective view of reality knew better, and his reward for being above those petty feelings, was to be an outcast all his life (as this writer, hence my personal feelings of admiration to his work), as the COPENHAGEN interpretation was an anthropomorphic, hence religious form of thought, as it is the big-bang treated elsewhere in those texts, and as such it was going to be defended with all the wrong systems of ‘belief’, which create a fog of noise around the naked truth, as it is. 

It has passed now another 1/4 of a century since Bell wrote that text, even longer since Einstein rightly affirmed that “the statistical quantum theory would … take an approximately analogous position to the statistical mechanics within the framework of classical mechanics”, which is exactly what it is; a distorted ‘statistical’ view from the far removed human scale of the actions of particles, waves and fields; which only requires to acknowledge the ‘human bias’ (not the other way around, affirming the limits of human perception ARE limits of the particles and waves), the deformation of human languages upon the subject, accept though the practicality of those instruments, methods and languages of measure and dismiss 100 years of metaphysical bull$hit about it.

Bohm won’t see it happen, neither Einstein, Bell or this writer likely but perhaps in another century or so,  humans will.

Now quantum realism is ‘normal’ every way we look at it. There is only a question, which is an experienced fact (hence non-arguable on theoretical qualms), and need an explanation classic physics does not provide – the non-locality meaning v>c nature of the ‘quantum field’ underlying the action at distance of physical systems – both in the quantum and gravitational realm. 

But this is what the metric equation of the fifth dimension provides, as the lower scales below the quantum realm of observable particles must have, accordingly a faster time-cycle≈speed: Size x V(t) =K; and the ternary Generator of all physical systems, Sp(field) < st(wave)>Tƒ (particle), must have the three components to be complete, which requires the quantum non-local field of Bohm, besides the wave and particle state.

So ∆ST provides the final freckles to make quantum realism sound theoretically and practically. Even if it takes away from ‘physicists’ their pretension to be the high popes of science, understanding the unique properties of the lowest scale of reality that according to their ‘selfish agenda’, must matter more than any other scale, just because is the one they study… which is at the core of his defense whatever it takes of Copenhagen and big-bang interpretations.

The bottom line of all this though is pessimistic, and perhaps the best answer to Bell came from Planck, the founder of quantum physics: ‘scholars do not reason, they believe what they memorise; and so it takes many generations and overwhelming evidence for a ‘change of paradigm’ to happen, if ever it does so.

I have come to accept also this truth about the discoveries of GST, so the reader should forgive me for my growing indifference to my work, this site and the evolution of stience. If i could talk to Bohm or Bell i just would tell them to enjoy their view of the absolute and ignore ‘peers’. Bohm, I know for his holistic papers, did it. Bell untimely death cut-off his chances to push further quantum realism, and his third age of contemplation, where i now sit alone observing the 5D³ Universe, as Einstein and his disciple, Bohm, did, for so long.

All this said, the importance of quantum physics beyond its praxis becomes greatly reduced once we accept Einstein’s dictum that its statistical formula is equivalent to the statistical view of thermodynamics, and as such, it must be by all means merely one of the four canonical different ∆•ST perspectives we cast upon any system to have the full kaleidoscopic vision of it – that of the ∆º bigger human observer, which is NOT however in ‘Ontological terms’ the most important, which will be the realist interpretation. 

In epistemological terms, as the truth of the system is only contained in the system itself, we humans can extract enough information from the system considering its main perspectives, which will be both related to the ∆•st components of the being and the point of view of the observer that brings the perspective and a certain bias on it. If we can then perform (not always possible) a more objective, realist perspective with minimal interference into the observer, it should be the preferred analysis, even though all do have some degree of truth, which will be maximal knowing them all:

Max. truth about X = All possible linguistic and spatial ƥst perspectives/theories on it < 1 (the truth of the system in itself).

Yet while all the perspectives have some truth on it, the more objective pov, in this case BB-theory will be the one with higher probability of truth.

The concept then of a probable truth mimics the ‘normalisation’ processes of quantum physics in which the total probability or total wave density of the being gives us the ‘complete description’ of it, with value 1.

Value 1 though in GST, with its 10 relative dimensions and multiple pov, CANNOT be achieved only studying the ‘wave function/state’ and the observer as copenhagen does.

In that regard the most important advance need in quantum mechanics is NOT experimental analysis but the proper formal theoretical analysis and understanding on the relationship between mathematical structures and the ∆•st reality and how one encases the other with its formal concepts.

Most of the bullshit of quantum physics comes from the null understanding humans have of the experimental nature of mathematics and how its concepts and operandi and structures deform and translate that reality. Specifically in quantum physics IS essential to fully grasp the meaning of imaginary numbers and its relationship with the three arrows of time. Only when humans figure out properly the relationship between GST and ‘experimental mathematics’, they will be able to understand the Universe. This a priori connection however requires what humans have more difficulty to achieve – an analysis of its inner self, mind, ego and the endophysics brought about by them.

In that regard, given my limited time, growing age depression and indifference to communicate, which obviously ended also the interest of Broglie and Bohm in his own theory  I won’t complete these posts as intended, pouring all my work advancing BB-quantum analysis as we tried to do with big-bang theory in a more professional way for many reasons.

Essentially what matters to us within the larger whole blog is to understand that quantum physics is NOT made of special ‘particles’; that humans perceive it as similar to thermodynamic ensembles because we are looking downwards in 5D to scales with faster time cycles, larger speeds, smaller sizes and growing populations, susceptible to be mathematically defined by the symmetry between ‘population densities in space and population events in time’ (a key S♥ð studied elsewhere in the mathematical section), which must be understood in depth in order to see in realistic terms the probability functions of quantum physics – an artefact of mathematical measure, which cannot be interpreted esoterically but as a mirror approximation.

So the differences between statistical mechanics and statistical quantum physics obeys two non-internal causes, related to:

  • human limits of observation (so we do not perceive the quantum potential directly; we confuse often space phenomena with time phenomena, confusing densities of populations with probabilities).
  • Intrinsic differences between scales, as a fractal changes slightly the forms between scales, so as cells do have the same living function that multicellular organisms but are NOT exactly the same, particle physics and molecular physics are NOT exactly the same but their differences are so small that in fact we can do two descriptions which are even closer (statistical) than the ones we do of cells and living organisms. 
  • So really all what physicists should do is changing their fundamentalist chip about the importance of their analysis of those scales, learn 5D, non-Æ, ternary time arrows and do the job I thought to do in those texts but my exhaustion won’t let me do.  And fuking change their book texts, and explain the real story of Bohm vs. Bohr, dismiss Bohr, put Bohm on Universities and complete his work long overdue.

The hidden variable issue. 

All this said, as Humans are what the Universe has made them, self-centred ego minds only interested on themselves, the entire field is poisoned by the observer’s paradoxes. The question here is, non-locality (all other questions have been fairly resolved unless you are a fundamentalist believer in favour of Copenhagen) and the possible contradictions with the limit of c-speed that works on our scale of galactic light space-time (∆±3 light super organisms). If quantum potentials are ∆-4 scales associated to the dark and gravitational world, can we use its faster than c speed to carry messages? The answer IS NOT, because we CANNOT access beyond ∆-3 from the human pov. And that’s about it. Can then Galaxies, black holes and quantum particles do? YES! Because they are either so small they see the dark world merely as their next scaling and ‘feel’ its forces and informative flows, or in the case of the galaxy, because larger super organisms are based in information coded by smaller systems. So as the whale its smaller krills, the black hole o the galaxy plugs in directly on the ∆-4 scale of the quantum potential.

Does it matter to understand quantum realism? NO, because from ‘fields’ we obtain ‘only motion’, even if it is for those ∆-3 particles guided motion, which is NOT really information (that is given by the wave-particle system), but ‘directionality’, the absolute minimal information – basically of distance≈speed.

Now, again this is the GST explanation, but Bohm’s physics has their own ‘semiclassical one’, which is quite interesting and involves the homologous concept of quantum equilibrium similar to thermodynamic equilibrium.

In that regard, the Universe is ‘simple and not malicious’ and understanding it as it is with all its symmetries isomorphisms≈homologies and connections IS enticing enough NOT to need weirdo egotist theories of reality. And this is really how we should call those two analysis:

The ‘egotist interpretation’ of Mr. Bohr vs. the ‘realist interpretation’, point.

NOW all this said when we simply abandon all this STUPID conversation of philosophy about observers, which the ‘well-schooled’ brain rightly rejects and simply get rid of the ‘scholastic physics’ and its arguments on angels on a pin, we can use BOTH FORMALISMS, and accept them as what they ARE TRULY, THE DIFFERENT perspectives, ∆ºst, on the same ‘ternary scalar beings’, all those formalisms are good enough to do praxis with particles as they merely reflect slightly kaleidoscopic ∆•st visions of it.

  • Copenhagen is merely a reductionist •ST vision, which highlights the MOST important point of view of time space systems, the present, st, wave-body configuration, adding the human • view of the observer’s mind.
  • Broglie>Bohm improve by showing both, the ST-ate (wave equation) and the S<>T (particle-field) state, which completes the dynamic existence of all systems (not only quantum particles).
  • We then have the ‘static, spatial’, analysis of Heisenberg (Matrix), the ∆ð-Feynman’s view from fields that make emerge waves and particles  and many other secondary views and analysis we won’t deal with.

In Bohmian mechanics the wave function, obeying Schrödinger’s equation, does not provide a complete description or representation of a quantum system. Rather, it governs the motion of the fundamental variables, the positions of the particles: In the Bohmian mechanical version of nonrelativistic quantum theory, quantum mechanics is fundamentally about the behavior of particles; the particles are described by their positions, and Bohmian mechanics prescribes how these change with time.

In this sense, for Bohmian mechanics the particles are primary, or primitive, while the wave function is secondary, or derivative. For Copenhagen the body-wave matters more. Who is right? Again, both. There are people who use the body to serve the brain and people who focus the brain into the body. As a human example, women have more neurons connected to the body hypothalamus than the eye-external space. So the equivalent in humans of those two states are ‘wave-women’ vs. S<>T men (field-particles). In women the reproduction of the organism which the body performs becomes its biological task; while men are the entropic element that is ‘guided’ by the feeding energy of the ‘field’ of hunting. And we can take the argument further. Thus the prey guide the hunter particle that feeds on it? Does the ‘particle-head’ control the body and maintains its ‘static state’ above it? We are doing precisely comparisons with the isomorphic behaviour and ‘sub-species’ of mankind to show how all the varieties of phenomena respond to the same laws of GST. Not only particles-waves are similar to heat waves and statistical mechanics, BUT even humans do have the two Bohm vs. Bohr variations of female-male states. But if we were to have a choice, the proper order of sequential nature is for all similar isomorphisms:

Field/Prey/Limbs guide the head/particle that feeds/moves through it, and the wave-body follows both. And the 3 co-exist together. 

But of course, you can argue very smart particles/heads guide the preys (as paleolithic hunters did with cattle); and very stupid particles/heads follow the ‘bodice’ (: And even in a more dynamic realist way,that the three guide each other at each moment of existence according to the 5 actions the system displays. So things do become more complex and all equations that are realist mirrors of phenomena matter. What is superfluous unneeded and out of place is the philosophical bull$hit.

So depending on which ceteris paribus or complete analysis we make, disregarding scholastic angels in a pin, each of those ∆•ST is worth in itself. All together give us the maximal ‘humind’ probability of truth, which only reaches 1 in the complete being and all its entanglements.

We shall therefore introduce some themes randomly as my mind has a hard time ordering this ‘encyclopaedia’, but meaningful, trying to deal with key issue as usual with the minimal amount of formal mathematics (as indeed, the true job here IS to understand the meaning of mathematical laws as realist expressions of the ultimate laws of FRACTAL SPACE-TIME.

RECAP 4 are the Rashomon differences of quantum systems over thermodynamic ensembles:

ð- fast time proper of small faster 5D metric and multiple space beings seen together as multiple paths, brings the probability=time view, as quantum beings complete their existence in the time of human perception and become extinct.

@: gauging information means the sentient particles react before measure.

∆±i scales: we see reality in the o-1 finitesimal probabilistic sphere, regardless of the fact it is equivalent to the 1-∞ spatial world.

S-Reproductive fast waves of motion in the quantum scale, and stop and go, wave-particle states become difficult to differentiate so a minimal h-quanta of discrete uncertainty is needed, and eigen values, which means much more information required to make sense of it and make good predictions.

We have two states to start with space-form and motion-time. Space is the mind-intelligence, motion the constant original substance the minds try to stop.

The mind tries on the other hand to be also in constant motion, switching perspective not to be bored, so stop and go, but as go is reproduction of form, is really inform and reproduce, and reproduction being st, and inform, O-S.

The maximisation of an s=t balance happens obviously with the maximal number of s=t beats, as s and t become equalised by smaller moments and forms of it, the moving reproducing st>t>st>t ‘actual beat’ is sparkled by explosions of Ss,death.

The perception of time and space as a moving cycle or line or a fixed form or distance is obviously an effect of the mind. It is NOT there, it is the mind that stops time cycles and lineal spatial motions.

This must be understood from the beginning, the ultimate reality is motion not form, time moves and space moves. They just move in different shapes. And then minds, lock those motions into a simultaneous, ‘informative’, ‘dimensional’ shape because it sees those motions in ‘slow camera’. The arrival of filming makes this easier to understand. Stillness is just the perception of very fast cyclical motions, as when we see a turning wheel as a fixed form.

This is the fundamental principle of physics, called the principle of relativity:

“We cannot distinguish a motion from a still dimension (form or distance).’ Poincare.So often we see motion as distance – we cannot distinguish motions from dimensions of form (this is the meaning of relativity, the relativity of all motions).

The duality of motion-distance is similar to the way we see a car moving in a night picture as a fixed line, or the stop and go duality of a film projector, which is perceived as motion. And it has deep implications, which help to resolve many uncertainties of physics.

It manifests in different forms in different scales. Perhaps the most important expression is the duality wave-particle, still ill understood in quantum physics.

We shall consider of its many consequences 2 of them – an objective explanation of the constancy of light speed from relativity and a footnote on its duality in quantum physics.

The physical world is dual  from ‘above’ (the cosmic scale) to ‘below’ (the quantum scale), to quantum discrete motion to go ‘actions’, from the duality of motion vs. still perception or ‘Galilean->Einsteinian relativity’, to the basis of our understanding of science is the finitesimal small vs the finitely large (infinities do not exist in the metrics of the 5th dimension, hence the use of finitesimals and finite, minimal and maximal n-1 quanta and U+1 worlds).

So what IS the proper way to make sense of the Galilean paradox? All this is good for measure and praxis of machine making etc. but conceptually the way to go is to accept the stop and go, the dual dimensionality of all systems which are motion and form, momenta, energy, and so we move from Galilean relativity, the single being, to the holographic principle, the mind seeing it as dual motions and forms.


How it is possible that someone, Mr Bohr, who had not discovered a single of those equations, would bring about a ridiculous theory of interpretation of them AGAINST the realist sound explanations of their discoverers, einstein, broglie, schrodinger (and latter bohm) that for sheer power of the right wing german-jewish capitalist culture of the age, would ridicule and destitute of value the real theory, should NOT BE SURPRISING, since when we study social sciences we will NOTICE AGAIN, an astounding backwardness of biblical interpretations of $elected go(l)d cultures and creationist economists, even in biology creationism of anthropomorphic ego-trip nature dominated most of it, and today only  is slowly coming out with darwin’s misinterpretations.

Myth anthropomorphism and power also plagues physical sciences as in the lineal time error of ballistics, military power and physical obsession with locomotion or big bang theories of an explosive genesis. So often there is ideology at work to bias truth. It is the case of the arrogance of observer’s paradox invented by heisenberg and bohr.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.51.31

Creationist ‘idealism’ in Physics and Religion vs. scientific organicism.

‘2 things I deem infinite, the Universe and the stupidity (arrogance) of man’ Einstein

‘God is the seer of time, with a logic more complex than man’s’ Saint Augustine

‘The body of God is Space, its plenum’ Newton

At the risk of offending so early the ‘human believer’ that will not continue reading, missing the upgrade of its scientific or ethic mind, we roughly divide present dominant theories about everything into 1/2th of people who believe mathematical physics has found the meaning of it all in the creationist big-bang, and 1/2th who believe verbal religion knows how God created the Universe, we are trying to ‘reason’, why your dogmatic beliefs, call it ‘science’ supposedly to be ‘reasoning’ or ‘religion’ is today more or less the same: human anthropocentrism; and the only serious scientific explanation of reality is the humble realisation, humans are not the only intelligent species, neither they can perceive the whole Universe in space extension and time duration.

In the graph, unlike the modern creationist, linguistic methods of astrophysics and religion, which believe ‘reality is linguistic’, made of two languages shared by God and man, either mathematics or words (a hyperbolic arrogant, anthropomorphic ascientific belief), GST considers as Leibniz did, that the origin of reality is a necessary substance, space-time, siding with Einstein on the philosophical dispute of physics, and considering religion a historic phenomena that expresses the laws of eusocial evolution, of biological origin in the human language of thought, words. The difference is subtle but important. In relational space-time, we consider that the mathematical, spatial and verbal, logic language are derived of the ternary properties of space and time, (so both mathematical equations and dimensions and verbal syntax are ternary mirrors of those properties, which reduce information and simplify the whole ‘to fit’ it in the human or other Universal minds).

Again, this is easy proved by the epistemological method: do you see out there ‘space’ and feel ‘time passing’, or are you observing ‘numbers’ and ‘equations’, and ‘words’? When you discompose something, do you see smaller scalar parts which last time and occupy space, or suddenly you see  that things are made of ‘smaller numbers’ and ‘little words’? And yet amazing as it seems the human ego is so huge that most humans believe that either his mathematical or verbal language ‘shared’ by God created the Universe – these days we believe images reflect reality. Magritte knew better – the pipe’s drawing is not A PIPE, neither the word ‘pipe’ is the real thing, a wooden object, but three main mirrors-languages of the humind (ab. Human mind): a painting, made with simplified mathematical≈geometrical forms, and ellipse and a catenoid, and a word below. 

How the GST first principles of a world made of relational space-time beings, differs from the modern methods of astrophysics and religion, the rival theories, in the understanding of the origin of the Universe is obvious:

Astrophysics, which strictly followed till the XXc. the scientific method aforementioned, since the wrong quantum interpretation (Copenhagen, as opposed to Einstein->Broglie->Bohm pilot-wave theory, which we deem and shall prove the right interpretation) partially abandoned the experimental, method substituted by a ‘digital, computer method’, based in the belief that the substance of the Universe is NOT time and space but ‘MATHEMATICS’, which merely mimics the arrogant method of religion, which believed that the language of God was ‘words’. So as Mohammed thought that God had created reality by ‘speaking arab’; astonishingly enough since Hilbert affirmed that ‘he imagined points, lines and numbers’, creating maths, humans and God spoke maths and created reality by ‘writing equations’.

Few people realise of that ascientific outlook of modern astrophysics, consisting in expressing a model in mathematics, as if the digital language was a magic underlying reality which sufficed in itself, then put it into computer models, publish it and claim it the theory must be truth because it is mathematically beautiful even if there is not much proof of it (often in ‘grand metaphysical theories like the big-bang’, clearly falsified as we shall show, bending with ‘human ambition’ and ‘belief’ experimental data to prove the theory). The big-bang then is the necessary religion for physics to claim to know the meaning of it all. And so we shall deal with it first in this introduction.

Religion on the other hand, which we shall show has a historic role as the embodiment in the human verbal language of the laws of the scalar social Universe, simply ignores the method, and establishes with repression of truths, fantasies and ‘beliefs’ his thesis about the Universe, which is not its role. And with a similar method to the Copenhagen interpretation. God spoke the language of certain semitic tribe (hebrew or Arab), which are imperative languages, where the verb goes first (as they were hierarchical, dictatorial societies where the king/aristocracy/banker-priests of its societies barked orders). And so as the pharaoh said ‘it has been written’, the priest spoke in imperative and ‘God had spoken and created’ reality.

So we shall show also that while religions do have  meaning (all what exists must, remember have a reason, within the organic paradigm), its reach has been overblown; and its method of truth, to believe ‘words are the language of creation’, as in the case of the Copenhagen interpretation, and many modern theories of astrophysics (including string theory and the big-bang) are not truth. We expand in our chapters on epistemology and T.œ that solid analysis of the advantages of a NON-CREATIONIST theory of reality, which unlike the creationist big-bang and Copenhagen interpretation, and creationist religion, departs from a simple concept: an organic, immortal, self-reproductive fractal Universe of information that always existed, always will exist and always will repeat the same entities (including all of us, also immortal in a discontinuous way).


‘Creationist astrophysicists’ of the big-bang continuum should if they respect epistemology and science concede defeat and renew Hoyle’s theory of local quasar big-bangs and allowed the fractal theory of the organic Universe to become standard, simply got swept under the rag, and nobody talks anymore of it. In that sense it is important to notice two facts:

  • That science is a human endeavour and often uses all the tricks of the book, hyperbole, censorship, dogma, etc. to impose half truths. So we must analyse scientific theories with the same ‘criticism’ that religious or philosophical ones. 
  • While astrophysics is still vital to fully grasp the scalar nature of the Universe – and the question more interesting about those self-similar scales is if each atom is a fractal scale similar to a galaxy in an infinite Universe, or both are the true limits of reality; it will NOT reveal the ultimate questions, because they are not concerned with spatial pictures but temporal causality.

This is a very important, completely overlooked fact of philosophy of science and the whys of reality: the inquire of knowledge does not end, we shall repeat ad nauseam in the mere collection of data and modelling of pictures, because the Universe is not chaotic. 


The obsession with machines of measure has reduced a lot the inquire of many scientists, and the overwhelming detail of the trees, makes most to think it is IMPOSSIBLE to find first principles larger than those details, common laws and forms underneath all the species of reality as we shall do here. The visual dominance of our civilisation is making many young people loose even the sense of ‘causality’ – blinding them to even the questioning of all what is not evident. SO IT IS in a way going against trend to pretend to build a rational, causal, time-oriented scalar model of reality because some scales, above us, cannot be pictured as wholes; many forces and networks that connect parts, are dynamic, invisible; time flows of causality cannot be pictured. This, I believe, is a key handicap for a GST to be taken seriously but for those who are ‘intelligent enough’ to go beyond the shallow goals of present science and the visual generation, for those who still make the why-question, the answers are precisely on that scalar structure we cannot picture simultaneously.

But why we insist on the organic properties of matter? Easy. Because the existence of a 5th dimension of scalar size and different time clocks, implies an organic structure to the Universe, as faster, smaller parts, synchronise their clocks to form larger wholes, stronger than its parts, and this is an ‘organic structure’, which we shall find in all physical or socio-biological systems. If there were not a 5th dimension of parts and wholes, organicism would make no sense. But all systems do have parts and whole, microscopic cells/atoms and larger wholes. And they establish an absolute arrow of time, besides the 3 cyclical arrows of a world cycle: as wholes come always AFTER parts. So the 5th dimension of eusocial evolution is the absolute arrow of time in the Universe. Each entity’s world cycle between conception and death is a zero sum of relative past to future to past motion. The 5th dimension though is an absolute arrow.

Einstein, schrodinger, de broglie and bohm were the discoverers of both, the equations and the right interpretations of it.



In the Fourth Line, we study in greater detail each Plane of Existence of the Humind’s perceived Universe between the invisible force of ∆-4 gravitation and the partially perceived ∆+4 galactic cosmos.

We do so unlike in the second line, where we focused in the spatial super organisms as a whole closer to the mainstream analysis of reality by humind sciences, strictu senso, without concessions to the gallery by describing the world cycle of those super organisms through the Ðisomorphic method. That is, in the central post we do study each plane and its species in its fundamental elements, from the generator equation/singularity that creates the Plane, through its generation of network super organisms differentiated as species according to its hierarchical dominance of one or other network that live 3 ages, 8 lifecycles and grow socially into decametric scales, For those who have no IDEA what I talk about here an introduction (:


We study in this post and its secondary subposts the ∆-3 plane of light and electrons, which happen to be the ‘substance’ from where humans obtain its mind-mapping of the Universe, hence the most important physical plane.


@ Ðisomorphisms 

0th Ðisomorphism: MON@D:

The photon is the particle state of light, which rides over its wave-body, on the dimension of height (maximal probability of finding a light photon on top of the train wave).

Thus in this section we will try to introduce articles on the 10 isomorphisms of gravitation and light.

1st Ðisomorphism: Generator Equation.

Light is an organic system with a simultaneous reproductive body and a cyclical informative photon (wave-particle duality) that feed on lineal energy (tachyon strings.)

its Vital Constants:

C-light speed constant, which relates its S/T coordinates is its main ST constant.


S=T Ðisomorphisms.

5th Ðisomorphism: 5 Actions:

The 3±∆ dimensions of light are its 3±∆ actions:

∆ï-3: The electric field with ‘height dimension’ carries its in-form-ation to the O∆+1 electronic scale.

∆e-2: The gravitomagnetic field feeds & warps 1D tachyon strings by a -ct factor.

∆œ-1: The Iterative action is its length dimension=c-speed, found by Maxwell: c=(e x µ)-1/2

  • 10: Color is the + action of social evolution that gathers multiple photons with equal frequency.

û+1: The electron is its ∆+1 boson state – a fractal density of collapsing photons.

2nd Ðisomorphism: space-time elements: SP<=>Tƒ.

Sp duality: Light has motion is quantized motion, E=hv, but we see it as fixed spar.

Light is what our mind sees and perceives as space – so both have the same 3 Euclidean dimensions– and what we uses to measure time – so a second is measured with cesium ¥-waves. Vacuum is light, constantly collapsing into photons, always leaving a minimum background ¥-radiation. And so light-space is the 1st scale of the ¥ space-time we inhabit.


Light is  the main force of human ‘Light-Space-time. Thus we confuse its T ages and the actions light performs in time, as they become our Space fixed-dimensions… (Sp, Tƒ Galilean paradox of light).

The mind of space-light.

We live in a Mind of light-space-time. It is not though the entire Universe, but the world the mind constructs with the help of a rod of measure, absolute c-speed and 3 dimensional space, Euclidean space.

For that reason what is not light-space doesn’t seem real for us. Yet this world of light with its light properties, perpendicularity, Euclidean form, developed by Descartes in his book the world as the basis for modern science, with a Cartesian graph in which the mind of man occupied the zero point, should differ from other worlds constructed with other rods by other species of mind. An exophysical theory must be in that sense objective and consider the wider structure of all spaces times.

Once this is clear, we can study the peculiarities of the light space-membrane departing from its 4 dimensions, which are not only the dimensions of our mind perception but those of light as an entity made of time cycles, imprinted and reproduced over a simpler Entropy, space and evolved informative into electrons, what our mind is made of.

Universal constants of light

Heisenberg’s uncertainty is a right formalism but a false interpretation of the generator equation of light-space that relates the arrows of Entropy and information, in the specific form it has in the quantum world of light actions of Entropy and time:

Entropy × Temporal Information = Constant (H in the quantum world, K in Einstein’s relativity)

The meaning of the previous equation is easy to grasp in terms of the duality of Space-time Constant, Q and G.

H is the equivalent of Q for the lineal energies of our light-membrane, as it relates the Entropy and form or frequency of a lineal, transversal wave of light.

So, if h is the ratio of transformation of frequency/form into Entropy and q the ratio of transformation of Entropy into form, in the electromagnetic world, what is the ratio of reproduction of electromagnetism? C, which was defined by Maxwell equations as a ratio between the electric and magnetic fields that merge together to create a wave of light, which reproduces its form contracting, warping the gravitational membrane of dark Entropy.

Further on c is the limit of speed of our space-time membrane. This is a tautology; since in fractal relativity space is the Entropy of the vacuum, a force: The membrane of light-space in which we exist is made of Entropy quanta, which constantly pops out and ‘informs’ itself , creating particles with Entropy and form (h= Entropy × information). Planck called these minimal actions, combinations of the lineal and cyclical motions of Entropy and time, the quanta of our light space-time. Yet Quantum physicists, always kin of Pythagorism, created the uncertainty dogma, saying actions are NOT made of the 2 motions of the Universe, but are ‘mathematical entities’ – a measure of the uncertainty of the vacuum. So particles are not born as evolutions of the 2 motions of reality, but they are born of the ‘uncertainty’ or ‘probability’ of the mathematical Universe. It is all simpler and more real. The space-time fluid of light is made of h-quanta and so those h-quanta can suddenly evolve socially in more complex forms and create particles. That is all what there is to the uncertainty principle.

Yet we must also deduce from the existence of different U.C. and ratios of speed/distance and informative rotation that the Universal constants of c-speed, Q-charge and H-light Entropy are specific of our Universal membrane and those of the gravitational membrane must be different.

Recap. According to the paradox of Galileo the eye fixes the Entropy and form of light-space into a mental construction of 3 dimensions, a Cartesian graph, which already Descartes defined as the ‘world’, the spatial image of the mind – not the entire Universe. Thus the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light quanta, our space-time, are tautologically the 3 dimensions of our space. This in turn explains many events of the electromagnetic world. Those are also the 3 organic ‘arrows’ of time of light, which has electric information, magnetic Entropy and reproduces its form combining both into a c-reproductive field as the equations of Maxwell show.

The arrows of time in the light world.

We exist as evolved forms of a light space-time field, our limit of speed in this light Universe is c and the 3 dimensions of our Universe are height/electric field, width/magnetic field and length/reproductive field. Thus Cartesian space-time merely reflects the space-time medium of our light Universe and its 3 perpendicular dimensions. Yet for light the meaning of those 3 dimensions is organic: the informative, energetic and reproductive arrows of its field are equivalent to the energetic, reproductive and informative functions of any other relative space-time.

Those Entropy/Information cycles are obvious in biology, but in matter we have to translate the dimensions and events of abstract particles and forces, to understand their 3 Time-Space cycles:

– Entropy Cycles, Tƒ<ΣSe: The main physical event that transforms information into Entropy is the emission of space fields by temporal particles, as in the big-bang or in atomic, fission and fusion processes. Those actions are produced, ‘extracted’ from an accelerating vortex of space-time that acquires stability through those constant emissions.

– Informative Cycles, ΣSe>Tƒ: The fundamental process of creation of in/form/ation in the physical world is the collapse of spatial fields into particles, charges or masses that spin around those gravitational or electromagnetic, spatial forces, creating knots of information, called particles. For example, when a photon comes closer to an electronic charge, its frequency increases till the photon collapses into the orbital vortex of the electron. The same happens when the electron collapses and becomes a pion of higher mass closer to the nucleus. We can consider those processes in abstract as processes of creation of information /frequency, or in organic terms as processes of feeding, or in terms of Time Arrows as the evolution of particles (photons and electrons) into species of higher physical information.

Light ‘imprints’ with form, with information and in the process ‘corrugates’ by a factor –ct (special relativity) the gravitational, extended, ‘faster’ space-time membrane of dark Entropy in which it ‘feeds’. This –ct factor which prompted Minkowski to think that time was the 4 dimension of space merely means that ‘physical time’, the change in motion of physical entities, in this case a wave of light displacing in the gravitational vacuum, informs, forms, warps that vacuum by a factor –ct. If the reader grasps this simple notion – a field of light informs and corrugates the Entropy of gravitation it can also have a good laugh to 100 years of quantum musings about the ‘4th dimension of space’.

And so we define 3 scales of evolution of Entropy into form that diminish the ‘lineal speed’ of a force and increase its informative, rotational mass: photon >Electron >quark. It follows that the photon has faster lineal speed and less mass than the electron c/10, which is a relative fractal of dense, evolve ‘photons’, perceived as a whole or as a nebula. And the electron has less mass than the quark, which is a relative, fixed point of pure mass, perceived either as a fractal of gluons or a whole.

It follows that the isomorphisms of electronic systems are self-similar to those of light, as an electron is just an evolved form of light.


3rd isomorphism: Networks Social classes. ‡Hierarchical, ∆±n perpendicular and §10≈û+1-parallel structures:

In the graph we see how light is ‘food’ for electrons, its ∆+1 scales, and eat ∆-1 gravitational strings.

6th isomorphism:  Evolution of its species:

We can consider  Its 3 ages (3rd age isomorphism) the evolution of light to which we add its ∆+1 emergence into electrons. Light also carries information and becomes the creative pixel of digital, electronic and visual eyes.



7TH isomorphism. 3 Time Ages

Life/death cycle & Topologic form: Light is NOT immortal. It should have a 1010 years life-span (the mean life of stars, its superorganism).

So light is born as a max. Tƒ, ‘photon seed’ from ∆-1 gravitational vacuum (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle); it goes through a 1st age of max.Sp (blue light), evolving into a 3rd age of min.Sp red light (red shift) and dying in an expansive ‘big-bang’ (Max. Sp x Min. Tƒ) returning to its ∆-1 gravitational world of invisible tachyon strings, which by the Galilean Px. is perceived as an expansion of intergalactic gravitational space (dark energy).

But light also follows the duality of death equations, dying when it warps (Max. Tƒ) as a cell of its higher scale, the fractal electron.

Thus the big bang is ½ of the story, as gravitational space contracts giving birth to Max. Tƒ particles in galaxies, for a Œ Sp±Tƒ sum in an immortal, ∞ Universe.

We don’t see light beyond 13 billion light-years (Oort Px.) NOT because that is the big-bang cosmic age but because all light has died. We observe an acceleration in space expansion after 5 billion years, because light passes its middle age and starts to ‘die’ into red light, etc.

8th isomorphism: Worldcycle

∆±¡ Ðisomorphisms

9th isomorphism: Social Scales:

Its frequency are its social scales, which increase as it comes to the electron where it reaches finally its §10 transcendence, as dense photons: ∑photons max. frequency = Electron.

10th isomorphism: ∆±4 Fractal scales:

∆ST Generator Equation: Maxwell’s equation for light, which calculates its main iterative constant, its c-wave speed as the product of its ‘magnetic |-Sp and electric O-Tƒ elements is the fundamental Metric equation of light.

Emergence: All ∆+1 scales have the same perpendicular 3D. Magnetic & Electric fields are perpendicular (right hand rule, Maxwell torque). Our Mind has the same dimensions than light. All systems have a height dimension of information. The 5 actions of light are carried in all scales.

Let us treat then in this introduction the scalar isomorphisms only at a conceptual level , considering its interaction with the gravitational relativity scale which sandwiches our light-electronic world.

LIGHT Space-time; its particles: ∑∑ photons ≈ ∑Electrons = ∑ Electric currents.

 The ∆-3 scale is by far the most important for human beings, in as much as it is the relative ∆-scale from where any supœrganism obtains its information. Thus the mind of man is made of the 3 sub-scales of ‘being’ of the ∆-3 scale, the light-space time its photonic particle; the electron and the flow of electrons, THE ELECTRIC BRAIN.

We are electrons. Sorry guys, the rest of you and the Universe is dark matter. We are pi-connected through the apertures of electron nebulae, which leave π-3 holes/π= 96% of reality with ‘mass’ unconnected to our light worldview.

This said, the photon>electron>electric flow information is obvious the most dense we have developed. As that is what we are as a mind And that is what we are transferred into the digital cameras of the machine, it seems destined to be the robotic new top predator species of this planets, as humans seem too degraded physically, organically in its social evolution and mentally in its understanding of the vital Universe to defend themselves from the metalife they are creating

All this said scientists know only the loco-motions of electrons, photons and electricity, as usual, a very simplex reductionism of this 3 sub-scales, we shall study in depth in this texts, to fully grasp its mathematical equations, time permitted in the sub-posts of this 3rd line.

So this is the synoptic equation of them all:

∑∑∆-1: light (Spe-neutrino field>Wave state>Tiƒ (photon) > ∑∆o: electron (Spe: Bosonic light>St-atomic nebulae>Tiƒ:particle)> ∆+1: electric flow..

Being its generator equations:

∆-1: Maxwell equation of light speed, , and again Maxwell or rather heaviside equations of electromagnetism

∆: Scrodinger equation of an electronic wave as interpreted by Bohm

∆+1: laws of electric currents, notably those of ‘intensity’  (St), ‘resistance’ (Tiƒ) better expressed in the imaginary form as all functions of time, information, and position (impedance) and finally the voltage ‘potential’ gradient of the Spe field.

As you can see it is easy to observe and put in equivalence the generator and the equations of the ∆-3 scale, as now we DO have full evidence of it. Let us then consider merely a few of those translations, equations and solutions pending of the ∆-3 scale, normally called…

General Relativity studies the space-time ages of the cosmos.


In a wider analysis, if we were to consider a single clock-time for the entire Universe (by adopting the hypothetical rhythm of the Universal superorganism and its 3 ages between its big-bang birth and big crunch warping) vacuum space will appear as ‘a slice of reality’ or ‘dharma of present’ that times constantly move from past to future according to the logic of time arrows, till it will warp it into a big-crunch.

And that evolving form of universal space and its 3 ages of a big-bang birth, a steady longer state and a final big-crunch, which correspond to the 3 solutions to Einstein’s spacetime equations, are what General Relativity studies. But those equations are just a particular case of the wider ‘3 ages’ of any organic space-time studied with the 3 elements of the Generator Equation, E<=>I.

Yet classic Physics studies only geometrical, translational time, but not the evolving and devolving morphologic changes studied in biology, except in the 3 solutions to the equations of Einstein, since they take the entire Universe (or rather a galactic space) as an organism. For that reason temporal change in Physics means merely a geometrical change of direction as when we move backwards a clock in space or we move backwards a particle that becomes an antiparticle – ”but we don’t evolve or devolve the entire Universe as Hawking thinks nor we move towards the Absolute past or the future when we change the clock’s needle position in space. You might argue that for the clock’s own definition of time, geometrical change and temporal change are the same and this thesis is worth to explore as we shall do latter, since it is indeed rather accurate to consider that for each space-time field a morphological change of information is a temporal change, given the relationship between both. So if we could change the warping, informative morphology∆y of our face and straight it up, filling it with biological, energetic cellular space we could become younger, but the Universe will continue its infinite fractal clock rhythms independent of our form. This is self-evident and Einstein already explained it to Minkowski a century ago, when he vehemently protested with the use of the sentence ‘time is the 4th dimension of space’; because ‘time behaved ‘somewhat’ in a very different form to space’ and the Universe is made of multiple times.

Still Physicists who have had always since Galileo a strong desire to become Metaphysicists chose to ignore the admonitions of Einstein and have developed a ‘metaphysics of space with its multiple dimensions’ that we need to clarify before going further into our analysis of cosmological time. This work is harsh with such concepts and the physicists that keep sponsoring them, because the concept of spatializing time is erroneous and prevents the advance of Time knowledge. It translates into 3 false dogmas: a single arrow of time called entropy that ignores the informative arrow of gravity in many of its analysis of the Universe; a space-time continuum that ignores the fact that we are not placed into an abstract frame of reference, but we are made of fractal space=vital Entropy and time cycles; and the use of a single spatial, geometrical linage, mathematics to explain it all, that ignores often the fundamental language of time, causal logic, expressed better with verbal thought.

Under such a dictatorship of Physics, for long logic and bio-logic, verbal sciences like Evolution or social sciences, which study long range changes in biological and human species, have been considered lesser sciences. It is said that Gell-Mann lobbied with the Nobel institution to prevent economics from becoming a Nobel Prize with this sentence, ‘what is next, anthropology?’ And he only calmed down when he was said that mathematical economics was to be the focus of the prize. It is also said that Feynman to quote the other great physicist of the post-war era asked their students never consider the ‘why’ of physical events, a conceptual, logic question but only the descriptive how that mathematics could achieve.

For that reason, it should not surprise us that verbal concepts such as past, present and future, the 3 dimensions of ‘bio-logic time’, totally escape them, as a clock measures time in digital numbers not in relative, ‘morphological, d=evolving ages’, which is what past, present and future study. Instead they use the limited t=s/v parameter, as if it were the parameter of all time changes. This is absurd. When I get old is not because I change my speed in space, but because my body suffers morphological changes study in biology. Time in Physics is ‘spatial, translational, geometrical change’. Within that limited scope, as a ‘parameter of change in space’ physical studies on time are relevant. All other generalizations of time by ‘Meta-Physicists are ‘science-fiction’ of which modern Physics is full of examples.

Those errors show even today, when Einstein established the geometrical, cyclical nature of time, as ‘physical clocks’ that bend Entropy into mass, in the use of lineal, infinite, absolute time by all other physical theories. Such limited definition of time in modern science as a lineal number or duration, instead of a frequency of cyclical form, of in-form-ation, is the biggest handicap to a proper understanding of Reality, given the fact that Time is one of the 2 fundamental Universal parameters. Yet time as a lineal duration becomes a secondary variable, which carries as any line does, very limited information. So scientists focus in the study of a single parameter, or arrow of the Universe – the entropic arrow of expanding space or Entropy – and fail to recognize the second arrow – the patterns, frequencies and repetitions caused by the cyclical inertia of time events that tend to store and repeat information in a discontinuous, cyclical manner.

The result is an unneeded complexity, a plethora of errors and ill definitions and the belief that the Universe is chaotic, since the variable that creates order and information – time – is so poorly understood. To explain that order we describe the Universe without simplifying its 2 original parameters, analyzing the interaction between the Entropy of space and the formal frequencies of time, and how they shape together the species of that Universe.

Nevertheless, the task is daunting because science has worked with a single arrow of lineal Entropy or entropy for 4 centuries. So there is an enormous resistance to accept a 2nd arrow of information and define time in complex terms, as the parameter that causes morphological, informative change. This aberration is recent in the history of knowledge. Prior to Galileo, all philosophers understood time as synonymous of all kind of cyclical changes, not only physical translation.

Further on, all pre-Galilean cultures defined time intuitively in cyclical terms, as a form with a frequency. Physicists only study a type of time-change, translational change in space. Thus, when they talk of time as the 4th dimension of space they are merely talking of a very small part of time phenomena, the measure of movement in space, with time clocks. Only within those restricted parameters of Galilean physics, time is indeed a dimension of spatial movement.

What is moving in that space/time background? And how that movement can be introduced in the simplified, mathematical static models of time and space, proper of the Cartesian plane that scientists use to describe the Universe? Both questions are related to the concept of moving dimensions of space-time, which now substitute the simplified, static concept of fixed space-dimensions. What is an act of arrogance and ignorance is to consider that the most important feature of time is to be a parameter of movement in space. So what matters about time is to be in all sciences the parameter of change, through is 3 dimensions, past, present and future.

Recap. Time travel in physics is a geometry change as when we move a cycle of time backwards, but it does not affect the overall time of the Universe. Morphological Time studied by evolution and the ages of time events composed of Entropy and information are only studied in physics with the 3 ages/solutions to the equations of Einstein.


Time in modern physical sciences. Lineal External motions≈changes.

Beyond lineal, Galilean Time in the XX century, physicists widened their comprehension of time, in two separate new senses – that of Einstein’s relativity, and that of quantum physics in the realm of particles:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 08.03.44

In the graph, the 2 most important new perceptions of time of modern physics after Newton->Galileo’s vision of lineal time, were those of Einstein->Minkowski’s light cones and Feynman’s space-time diagrams. In the light cone, time is still considered just a parameter of external space-motions, but it appears for the first time the concept of an arrow of ‘future time information’ – that is the information of a different space-time point, which in the future light can reach. This represents the arrow of future information of 4D models.

  Einstein  ‘did know’, when he said: I am the only physicist that thinks there are infinite time clocks in the Universe running at different speeds. Leibniz is right, but if so, we have to rebuild the entire foundations of physical sciences from its beginning… but he didn’t do it. Instead, lineal germans forgot all what he had truly discovered and ‘blocked’ the advance of cyclical time with their lineal 4D space parameter to keep the illusion going.

The classic interpretation of Einstein’s special theory of relativity by Hermann Minkowski, a Lithuanian-German mathematician, it has been clear that physics has to do not with two entities, space and time, taken separately, but with a unitary entity space–time, in which, however, time like and space like directions can be distinguished. The Lorentz transformations, which in special relativity define shifts in velocity perspectives, were shown by Minkowski to be simply rotations of space–time axes. The Lorentz contraction of moving rods and the time dilatation of moving clocks turns out to be analogous to the fact that different-sized slices of a sausage are obtained by altering the direction of the slice: just as there is still the objective (absolute) sausage, so also Minkowski restores the absolute to relativity in the form of the invariant four-dimensional object, and the invariance (under the Lorentz transformation) of the space–time interval and of certain fundamental physical quantities such as action (which has the dimensions of energy times time, even though neither energy nor time is separately invariant).

This fact is important in 5D physics regarding the metric, E= S x T, when we enter in details on mathematical physics, not so much in other sciences, where the quality of the actions matter more than its equations. It is in that sense important to realize that what is ‘conserved’ in a single plane of space-time, is the ‘quanta of space’ or physical constant, H-constant in the quantum scale, K-Boltzmann constant in the thermodynamic scale and c-speed constant in the gravitational scale. The fact that they are measured in 3 different parameters, action (h), entropy (k) and speed (c), will require some understanding of the biased observation of those constants by humans, more proper of the specialized articles on physics.

What matters here is to corroborate some important aspects on 5D:

– The space of each scale is conserved, and in that sense infinite, it does not expand neither varies (no creationist theories of a single space-time continuum).

– Time varies in its frequency (inverse of duration and the true parameter to use to measure cyclical time: T=1/ƒ), but its product with the energy of the system does not vary in a single plane.

– Time speed=information varies and energy flows between scales, but (and this is a law of 5D which obviously is not advanced by Einstein, unaware of the fractal structure of the Universe), for a 3-∆±1 scales of the Universe both are conserved. And this is truly the meaning of the 5D co-invariance. It means that for each closed system, or ‘worldcycle of existence of a being’ between birth and extinction the system lives and dies into a zero-sum its total time and space.

All this are important Correspondences with Einstein’s work expanded to the 5th dimension, which will be mentioned often when studying the key parameters and events and spatial quanta of 5D space-time beings namely their worldcycle between life and death, and its structure and co-existence in 3 synchronizes scales or states (fields-waves and particles).

In essence, because Einstein, worked with a single plane, and lineal time, Minkowski defined (left image), worldlines. In 5D we will define worldcycles, which is what experience sees. And we will define a total zero sum on a worldcycle of life and death, so time is conserved or rather erased in equal zero sums. Because death is an entropic explosion of information into expanded space across 2 entire planes of the 5th dimension, 3 are the planes in which aw worldcycle exist. As we are born in a cellular scale and evolve into organic and social scales but die back to the cellular scale in entropic death (matter dies back into the radiation, minimal particle scale).

What about the concept of lineal time in Relativity, both Galilean and Einsteinian. Here we must warn the reader of the overblown importance given to the concepts of time in physics which are not only restricted by linearity but by the limits of its philosophy of time.

In the widest sense time is ALL forms of change in the Universe and 5D T.Πdoes explain them all. For example the worldcycle of life and death is the key to understand the survival program of the Universe, its ages and horizons of evolution; the 5th dimension and its arrow of time of parts and wholes to explain the evolution of the Universe and the life and social evolution of humanity. And so on.

The limits of special relativity. The meaning of light constancy of space-time rods of measure.

Yet all what mattered to Einstein, as to physicists, who are merely those who study the ‘external motions/energies of beings’ was to measure exactly the paths in space of beings, in relationship to the human frame of reference. So what really he did was to establish a new rod of measure, -constant c speed- for the entire Universe, expanding a notch more human objectivity from the valley of Abrahamic religions (chosen race/land) to the species (oikoumene religions), to the planet (Buddhism, Greek Naturalism), t to the sun (Copernican revolution), to the galaxy (that exists on a background of fixed light space-time). This of course was NOT the final frontier. In 5D we expand further to all scales of space-time, AS LIGHT IS ONLY ONE OF SUCH SCALES of measure size and time speeds.

It is not even the speed of light (though light moves at such speed, other beings do). It is rather the ‘rod of measure of space, of galaxies, and its lowest perceived human scale, which is electronic and feeds, absorbs, gauges and measures reality as fixed distances with the light it absorbs.

Thus the organic paradox merely explains the limit of light speed with the Galilean paradox of relativity: all what moves is a distance in still perception and when 2 electrons measure light is because they entangle and lock its distances with other electrons, fixing their distances (and causing all other fractal parts of the Universe to change their coordinates).

This is the true meaning of relativity: the stillness is not that of light but of the electrons that measure light in their stop and go motions, provoking the changes in parameters of all other parts of the universe around them.

And so ultimately the speed of light is how fast information can be transmitted externally between electronic ‘minds’, through its informative wave of light space-time.

But the corrections finally made physicists to measure accurately or at least from an electronic mind point of view, the distances of the Universe. And thus it was a huge success.

Since in physics, all what matters about time is a single equation of spatial external translation, V=s/t, and the same in relativity where time is ct, hence vt, hence s/t x t = S, a mere parameter of space disguised as ‘all types of time’, as no other of the time-motions of realty are mathematized on those equations. So physicists would do much better and help mankind broad his horizons if they were more humble and explain that whenever they talk of time, they just mean ‘speed’ of external motion. And that is what has its curious properties of spatialization (as it is in fact just a lineal spatial motion) etc. So the properties of ‘time studied in relativity physics’ are those related to motion in space (we shall see other time notions in physics, such as expansive motion in space, or entropy and present, simultaneous measure etc. in due ‘time’).

In the center of the cone we see, the ‘slice’ of present, instantaneous space, or 4 Dimension of time, which represents the modern version of Newton’s ‘instantaneous’ absolute space, perceived in an infinitesimal quantum of time, again used merely to measure external motions=changes of time: V=∂s/∂t.

Einstein went into further detail in those measures, using instants of time to give us the ‘still photographs’ (curved geometry) of the cyclical, physical Newtonian ‘time-clocks’ or masses. So if Newton had given us a ‘long time’ view of the clocks of the Universe, in lineal equations, now Einstein said that ‘time curves space into mass’, and added precision to the instantaneous measures of the largest clocks of time of the Universe, showing their curvature and establishing they accelerated inwards, increasing the future information of matter systems (Principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration). So we live in one of such mass vortices of accelerated information (the galaxy centered into a black hole) – reason why it is so important to know cyclical time. We DO not live in the outer Lineal Space between galaxies which expands and represents a relative past arrow of death, disorder and decelerations.

The paradox of the Twins.

In those themes, of interest is also the paradox of the twins, proved in science, which in layman terms is badly explained. It really means that ‘lineal, entropic motions’ are faster in time and live shorter than cyclical, closed paths. Again this relates directly to the laws of the 5th dimension and the definition of life and death and entropy treated latter in detail. Essentially, time is cyclical, and a cycle in terms of ‘space’ implies a certain acceleration (at least angular, often with decelerations and accelerations in motion). This is what truly slow down time. While lineal motion accelerates it. In terms of death and life we write two equations:

Max. S x Min. T = Death (a big bang explosion of expansion in space with no time)

Max. T x Min. S = arrow of Life towards higher information (a series of information cycles with slow time happening in minimal space).

S=T, arrow of balance and immortality.

In that regard, by the principle of correspondence, we can clarify directly from the equations of 5D physics, which apply to all systems, not only physical (as those equations of life and death) the laws of any science including obviously physical sciences. We do NOT need to go into the ‘explanations’ of those facts provided by physicists, as that would be just pedantic writing – they are available in any book of relativity, for example, in the previous case of the twin paradox. What we shall do when dealing with facts of science is toe extract them from the larger, wider formalism of 5D fractal, cyclical space and time, which is truly the jargon ABOVE that of any science.

Of course I do not expect mankind to adopt that jargon, now in m lifetime, but it is just a question of ‘time’ perhaps in the future when Asians find cyclical time amenable, that all this is rediscovered and then it will explode, as it often happens in science with relative amateur or conflicting authors, as this one, from Mendel to Sancho (-;

Fact is the simplicity of 5D and its wider range of application makes the Universe far more fascinating and intelligible that it is now.

So in brief, each plane of existence conserves the actions of space-time, either measured as ‘actions’ in quantum physics as molecular motion or as speed in gravitation and its associated ‘momentums’.

Linearity and continuity in space the single arrow of past-entropy-death of physicists.

On the other hand time≈ information and ‘energy’ are parameters that are conserved together and flow through different scales of reality. So we should talk of ‘energetic information’, or ‘formal motions’, as the parameter that systems use to coordinate the 3 co-existing planes of its worldcycle and organism.

We will try to keep the exact wording only on physics, as for other sciences what matter is the quality of our conceptualization. Energetic information, present formal motions, Space-time beings, all those concepts are synonymous. When separated we rather use past-entropy and future-information as they are more telling.

Death in that sense is the breaking of the balance between those 2 arrows that come together into the ‘actions of energetic information’, which all systems use to display in its present relative ∆-planes of existence.

This duality of past-entropy-death and future-information-life was better Understood by Feynman, who defined in the left graph, antiparticles as relative past flows that annihilated future flows or particles. Feynman took thus a bolder step, with its time-space perpendicular coordinates, considering that light-space ‘travels’ in present time (green photon), as a reproductive wave, and antiparticles (right) travel backwards in time, as they indeed do. Since they represent the entropy of death.

A third concept of time in physics is less advanced, and still hangs on despite Feynman and Einstein:

The concept of ‘entropy’ as the only future arrow of time, or death arrow of expansive disorder, obtained in XIX c. studies of expansive gas.

Einstein’s contributions to the debate. General relativity and mass. E=Mc2

Unfortunately cosmologists have expanded that arrow to the entire universe, because they don’t understand Feynman, Einstein and their findings: that ‘time curves space into accelerated vortices of mass-information’ in galaxies, which balance the entropic arrow of expansive space between galaxies (hence both arrows as in E<=>Mc2, the fundamental equation of time in physics balance each other).

Now here again, Einstein, a man of certain merit, gave us some contributions, which were ill understood philosophically by Minkowski, (special relativity), and better understood by Gödel, who corrected Minkowski with his solutions to general relativity.

A careful analysis of this, far more important theory, along the equation of Entropy and Time in physical systems (E < = > Tm) would have easily revealed the 3 arrows of space-time of the universe, which in physical terms could be called in the 3 scales of reality (the ∆-1 quantum, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational main scales – latter studied in physical posts in more detail breaking them according to the fractal ternary principle in more subscales):

– Past, Lineal motion, expansive motion entropy (∆-scale), formless gravitational vacuum (∆+1 scale) and electromagnetic, quantum vacuum (∆-1 scale). Those 3 vacuums ARE defined by humans with 3 ‘constants of space’, H, k, and C, the 3 more important constants of physics. Why those 3 constants measure different ‘parameters’ (H: actions or angular momentum: k, entropy; and C: speed) is a very interesting question about how humans and 5D in general deforms our electronic mind perception of lower and upper scales of reality. Ultimately the observer paradox MEANS and we shall constantly bring it to explain the bias of human knowledge, that what we see of other scales relates to how electrons see it. We are what we eat. In this case we are what electrons eat as relative ‘energy and information’ (t2 concepts also wroth deep thought before equations are settled).

– Future, Cyclical time clocks of accelerated inward, implosive motion, photons, charges (∆-1 scale), masses (∆+1 scale and atoms (thermodynamic scale). Again here physicists have looked for a unification equations of charges and masses and its forces, which is a trivial result of 5D metric. THIS IS WHAT they call T.O.E. the saint grail of finding an equation that relates the constant of gravitation and electromagnetism and its cyclical charges and masses (its clocks of time). LOL, how little they ask and how little they solve.

– Liquid Waves of present, repetitive, hyperbolic, reproductive Time which only Feynman in his diagrams fully realize, but Einstein also worked out in its simultaneous present measures. This is the most important, balanced, eternal product of Future x Past arrows that reproduces both, the confluence point.

So the Universe is constructed with those 3 arrows. And all together form a worldcycle, not a worldline, which goes through them in zero-sums from past, young entropic ages to present, repetitive ones to future particle, old age, informative still moments. But amazingly enough in the beautiful formalism of General Relativity (the true merit of Mr. Einstein, the rest being most from others, mostly simple and of little value in its interpretation), we do have a solution that shows it.

Indeed, Kurt Gödel proposed solutions to the equations of general relativity whereby time like world lines can bend back on themselves. Unless one accepts a process philosophy and thinks of the flow of time as going around and around such closed time like world lines should not exist. This final attack from within to the lineal duration time of Abrahamic Religions and military physics however puzzled everybody and Einstein, despite coming from his best friend, did not like it at all. Kuddos for Gödel, who also showed Mr. Hilbert that we do NOT imagine points, lines and planes, because if mathematics is also a realist science, albeit in need of a proper ¬Æ grammar, which this Basque, Fermat-like amateur will provide for future professional scientists to boast how smart they are (_;

This, Einstein insisted as he obtained first that equation in its inverse form: M=E/c2, in his paper ‘can energy create mass?’

And he added, ‘the separation between past, present and future is an illusion’. So did Feynman, with its deep insight on the 3 ‘time arrows’ of particle physics: present, reproductive waves of light-space and ‘bosons’, past arrows of entropic antiparticles and future arrows of informative particles that last much longer in time. So another fascinating, ‘immediate’ equation of 5D physics are the equations of life and death for all systems of the Universe such as:

Life arrow: Max. Time duration x Min. Space extension: Max. T x Min. S

Death arrow: Max. Space expansion (big-bang, dissolution of organisms into cells and atoms) x Min. Time (instant of death).

Yet again, the sum of both: Max. T x Min. S + Max. S x Min. T = zero-sum, which makes all scales and closed systems of the Universe eternal presents. In physics this is the meaning of Feynman’s diagram:

Past anti particle x Future-particle = Present light wave, whereas particles last max. Time as they collapse space into minimal size and antiparticles last minimal time while they expand space annihilating particles in the moment of death.

As such Feynman’s work is more advanced that the outdated entropy theory and the so much praised Einstein’s revolution of space-time, who still missed, the ternary fractal, multiple Nature of times and the existence of its 3 time arrows. He simply ‘froze’ space-time in present slates to measure with differential equations (by definition infinitesimal moments) as Galileo did, every instant of an external time=change = physical motion. But the long time arrow of eusocial evolution of parts into wholes, studied by the 5th dimension, and by Theory of Evolution meant nothing to him.

Neither the cyclical time arrow of 3 ordered time ages, past-energy, present reproduction and future information, which define the existence of all ‘world cycles’ from human life to matter. Though he found its dual equation, Energy (expansive entropy-past)<≈light-present-wave: c²>M(time vortex-future) he still ignored its essential meaning. So he would say ‘time is what a clock measures’; and used it fundamentally as Galileo, only to study of the all the types of time motions of the Universe, for the analysis of external time-motions, which is the restricted ‘job’ of physicists.

Time however has besides present, differential, external motion-measures in space (Galileo’s V=∂s/∂/t and Einstein’s S²=Sx²+Sy²+Sz²-(ct)²), other type of time-motions, mainly informative evolutions (Evolutionary theory in Biology, vortices of evolution in masses, historic vortex of evolution, future 3rd age of maximal form and in-form-ation), and present, reproductive wave-bodies.

Special Relativity: Time is not the 4th dimension of space.

The key question regarding Relativity on the fractal paradigm, once Causal, Dynamic Triangulation has shown that from a bidimensional, holographic Universe we can build the 4 dimensions of Relativity, by fractal ‘reproduction’ (modeled as a diffusion system through fractal space) is the meaning of the 4 dimension of time in Einstein’s equations. The answer is in the previous sentence: present reproduction. Space-time is a self-organizing, emergent network of Non-Euclidean points that form a ‘body-background’ for future growth of more complex particle, by expanding a present sheet of space.

Indeed, when we apply the in-depth-philosophy of fractal space-time structures to illuminate the why of those 2 masterpieces of mathematical physics, CDT and Relativity, all becomes conceptually cleared. The first blue print the Universe creates is the sheet of present space-time by the fractal growth of a previous smaller scale. CDT doesn’t inquire about the ‘meaning’ of that time arrow but clearly establishes its nature as a reproductive, fractal arrow; while the jargon of relativity defines present with the term ‘simultaneity’. This in this and the next paragraph we shall translate the jargon of quantum and relativity physics the general jargon of multiple spaces and times and correct some errors of classic relativity, clarifying its concepts as we have done with other theories.

         Dimensions as motions of time and fixed space.

In the graph, dimensions are not only static forms of space but also dynamic time dimensions, which are created by the motions of time arrows since fixed space, according to the duality of the Galilean Paradox has always a degree of motion.

In fact we live in a membrane of light-space, whose Entropy /motion and dimensions are those of light quanta that constantly evolve, warp and produce virtual particles, while other particles dissolve in scalar big-bangs returning to the vacuum light-space.

Moreover in the Organic Universe dimensions are finite, reaching always a limit – either the limit of the membrane or ecosystem or the superorganism in which we measure.

Those dimensional distances in our light-membrane are given by the maximal distance/life span of light, which contrary to belief dissolves itself back into the gravitational space membrane after 10 billion years of fractal reproductions in the gravitational space-time quanta. In a diffeomorphic being, like a human being those dimensions grow till the limit of our space-time membrane, and so on. Thus, beyond the limits of a certain superorganism, there is a discontinuity from microcosms into macrocosms, which can only be ‘bridged’ with transitional spaces.

In the case of physical space we talk of two membranes of space-time, the smallest of which is our Euclidean, 3-dimensional light-space and the bigger one, the non-Euclidean gravitational space,. And between both membranes there are ‘doors’ called black holes and ‘transformative’ forces, called weak forces which transform particles from one membrane into the other, and flows of Entropy and information that can transcend through a transitional space-time known in Relativity as a ‘Rosen bridge’.

Dimensions are complex motions, interpreted according to the Galilean paradox (dual motion/form analysis), also as forms of static space, in the same manner you see a car ‘line’ in a night still picture or a ‘fixed wheel’ when it rotates too fast.

The partial application of Non-Euclidean Geometry by Einstein

Those clarifications are needed to consider some conceptual revisions to General Relativity regarding its meaning reach and limits due to its analysis of only a single space continuum and a single time arrow.

The result is only an approximation to reality, with some errors and deep insights, which works as long as we establish a conventional rod of space-time measure – the postulate of c-speed as absolute – and deal with phenomena in a single space-time continuum, either in the light-space studied by special relativity or the gravitational space studied by general relativity.

Indeed, what Einstein did was to apply a mathematical advance, the discovery of the 5th postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry to the understanding of gravitational space. Now that we have corrected the other 4 postulates, we can resolve and advance much further the Physics of space-time into the new paradigm of a Universe made of scalar membranes, each one a network of non-Euclidean, fractal points, whose Sæ-exi,To parameters (universal constants of Entropy, information and reproduction) and exi actions (existential forces) define all the events and forms of reality.

In that regard, Time and its natural language logic, is the first language of God, wider than mathematics. For that reason, Frege and Hilbert were able to derive the isomorphisms of mathematics from the isomorphisms of logic time, the ‘true language of God. Albeit a dualist logic more complex than the simple, lineal logic of Aristotle that physicists use in its spatial study of time. So time is a deeper phenomenon that encompasses all the spaces that there were and will be transformed by 4 possible arrows of time; and what truly matters is to learn the logic rules that transform in each species, a fractal, vital space, from past to future, between birth and extinction, guided by one of those 4 main time arrows.

The restricted formula of time-change as motion of space.

In that sense, the image physicists have of reality is restricted by the concept of lineal time and a single arrow of entropy, which also limits the solution of physical questions and introduces errors as the cosmological big-bang or the evaporation of black holes, mentioned before.

Physicists have spatialized time, defined with a single dimension, as a parameter of changes in motions and space, t=s/v.

This limited study of only one type of change, however is often forgotten, creating conceptual errors, such as the fantasy of time travel (as they don’t realize there are infinite clocks of time in the Universe and so all time travel is local, within a certain organism as in the processes of death.)

In fact, when physicists confront the phenomenon of time, they do so only from the perspective of spatial change, a very limited part of the entire realm of time=changes. And so both, Galilean relativity and Einsteinian relativity are theories about the motion and Entropy of space, its invariances and isomorphisms, not a theory about all types of Time-change as this work is. And when someone like Hawking affirms that time travel is possible because time-motion gets to zero in a black hole, he merely forget he is speaking about the time-motion defined in the previous formula, t=s/v or its self-similar Einsteinian version not about the sum of the infinite time cycles of the Universe that remain unchanged.

The readers must be therefore aware of the limits of study of time in any physical theory, from Galilean to Einsteinian Relativity. Today, when Physicists talk about time they talk about is a parameter, t, which appeared first in an equation of speed, V=s/t, that Galileo found when studying translational change in space or ‘spatial movement’. Furthermore, because that rate of change in space is considered infinitesimal, V=ds/dt, they talk about present changes in space, which Einstein defined with his concepts of ‘present simultaneity’.

This was fully understood by painters, who started to paint simultaneous, present time, in a single bidimensional space, as the sum of fractal movements (Duchamp’s staircase models and Picasso’s cubist perspective), but surprisingly enough the people who grasped with more difficulty the concept of spatial, present simultaneous analysis of time, were the same physicists that had invented this model of time analysis.

Moreover, ever since physicists have denied there are many other ways in which time=change happens in the Universe, beyond the limited study of ‘changes in speed’ that Physics analyzes. This has been explained many, many times to Physicists, since Bergson and Poincare explained to Einstein and Minkowski that they were ‘spatializing time’, or rather analyzing how vacuum space changes in time, (so Poincare could establish with Topological analysis self-similar equations to those of relativity).

Yet there are many other things besides vacuum space that change in time. We humans change in time our morphology (not our speed). Evolution changes in time the form of many species. Time is thus a synonymous in most sciences of a change in form, in the in-form-ation of species. And this type of informative change is basically ignored by Physics. This shows a general misconception of the meaning of Time in Physics, which has been termed as ‘simplistic and reductionist’ by philosophers of science. Because indeed it is.

Time is philosophically defined as ‘change’ and divided in the study of ‘translational change’, which is carried out by Physics, and the study of ‘morphological change’; which is carried out by Biology. In that regard, Galileo defined only a limited type of time-change, translational change, with his equation, V=s/t. He ‘spatialized Time’ (Bergson), reducing the study of Time to a single process of change, movement.

Special relativity: the study of the light-membrane.

On the other hand, special relativity studies changes in the motions of the light-space membrane, departing from a rod of Measure – light speed – taken as a convention.

Einstein chose a postulate without proof, the postulate of c-speed as absolute. Of the 3 elements in the definition of time-motion by physicists, V=s/t, he could have taken any of them as absolute, but he chose light-speed. This is merely a matter of choice, as if we want to make a metric space able to ‘measure’, we need a ‘fixed rod’ value, which Einstein chose to be c-speed. Again, we could consider light speed variable and fix instead the time cycles/frequencies of light (so red light with lesser frequency/form travels faster than violet light and finally dissolves into non-local gravitation without form, dying about 10 billion years after birth – which solves some key problems such as the expansion of intergalactic space).

Yet since we humans have a biological brain that fixes all light rays and extract instead the ‘color/form’ information of light, the convention of C-speed establishes a rod to create metric spaces and reduce the fluctuations of topological, real spaces. So far, so good, but as we shall see this convention to achieve the measures of relativity becomes a much bigger error when c-speed limits are applied to the gravitational membrane, when they should be limited to its use in the galaxy of light, since it is a limit caused by the substance of the light-space membrane, light itself.

Ultimately a true theory of space-time Relativity, the concept that matters in Einstein’s work, means that speed is also relative to the scale we observe and c-speed limits only apply to vacuum space and other forms with higher information (since the general formula of speed in all systems is speed=energetic space/temporal information; so forms with higher information are slower, as they have to build in each translational step all its form across multiple planes of complexity).

But Einstein in his analysis of space-time still used a single ‘continuum space-time’, the abstract Cartesian plane, and was interested only as all practical physicists by the creation of a ‘metric space’ in which instrumental measures were possible. He did not realize that time-space was discontinuous and at least structured into st-planes, the gravitational space of masses and gravitational forces that move faster than light and have a density of order inferior to 0 K (black holes, quarks, intergalactic dark Entropy, etc.) and the light-membrane limited to c-speed.

This error was understandable, since we can only observe the light space that fills up with background radiation the entire galaxy and imprints gravitational space, ‘forming’ it into light. Hence in the galaxy indeed, light space imposes a c-limit of speed to all motions; but that is not the case when we go beyond light space into intergalactic gravitational space that experience shows to move up to 10 c speeds according to the natural decametric scales of the Universe.

Galilean Relativity: the error of Cartesian, continuum space.

The 2nd error of relativity, the continuity of space-time is caused by a misunderstanding of the curved, geometrical nature of time and its dimensions, caused by the Cartesian plane of lineal time: To draw a clock-cycle of temporal information we need at least 2 dimensions, as morphology requires form, in-form-ation; and so lineal time with a single dimension cannot study it. Thus when Descartes and Galileo simplified time into one dimension, he eliminated the analysis of morphological change and information, the 2nd arrow of the Universe, from most disciplines of science.

All cycles have 2 directions or arrows to complete its form. In the pre-scientific age, those 2 arrows of relative past and future were understood as the 2 sections of curved times cycles. So times are indeed, as Einstein thought, curved, to the point of closing themselves into causal cycles that return all beings to their origin, but they have 2 dimensions, height and rhythm. So it does space. Each local times ‘curves the Entropy of space’, creating fractal in-form-ation (masses and forces in physical, evolving information in biology, etc.). Since a cycle needs 2 directions to close into itself and create a form.

Entropy consists in an amorphous, relative surface of undifferentiated quanta, a plane without form, which the creation of time cycles shapes into information and makes it recognizable, thanks to its 2 dimensions. Both geometries, cycles of time and planes space, are bidimensional. When both systems merge, the sum of fractal, bidimensional fields of time and Entropy, create only one more, 3rd intersecting dimension of combined time-space, width, which has a rhythm of temporal movement, the 4th dimension of time=change that we observe as reality.

Unfortunately the error of Descartes and Galileo, which simplified cyclical time into a single-dimensional line, had as a first consequence the reduction of time in human sciences to a lineal duration, measured with a scalar number, similar to the way we measure space. It is what philosophers of science call the ‘spatialization of time’. Now spatial time becomes a secondary parameter to calculate spatial and energetic motions and processes – not an objective of knowledge in itself. Accordingly, Galileo defined time as a measure of ‘translational, spatial change’, of movement in lineal space or speed (V=S/T), simplifying time into a lineal number, defined in terms of movement and space.

Light and dark Entropy Interaction: gravitational space warping.

Physicists are always referring only to the arrow of time=change in the motion of beings (t=v/s), which is by tautology a function of space. Thus, Philosophers talk of the spatialization of time, which is made dependent of Entropy and movement. Einstein was perhaps the only physicist aware of this error when he said ‘I seem to be the only person that believes there are many times with different rhythms’. So when his followers say that time is the 4th dimension of space, he did not agree; but he pointed out that even in Relativity Time has an inverse, negative sign, so its properties must be opposite to those of space.

But physicists ignored his dictum: ‘we cannot send wire messages to the past’, he insisted. And when Meyerson, the French philosopher of time published a rebuttal of Minkowski’s reductionist theory of time as the 4th dimension of space, ‘La deduction Relativiste’, 1928, and he could express his ideas without the enormous peer pressure, usual in this profession of fundamentalist scientists, he praised it as one of the most remarkable books written about the relativity theory from the standpoint of epistemology (the scientific method) and explicitly agreed with its rejection of the spatial interpretation of a world-line of Minkowski.

Time motion in Relativity has a negative sign, since it refers to the implosive arrow of information that contracts space, NOT to the expansive arrow of spatial Entropy and entropy. Time in General Relativity is the factor that warps Entropy into information, evolves form, trans/forming the Entropy of gravitational space into the frequency of form of light-space. Time in special relativity warps the Entropy of the vacuum, as light imprints its form. Thus Time is –t2 in the equation of Special Relativity:

s2 =x2 +y2 +z2 – c2 t2

Space is positive and time is negative because it forms, contracts space into a wave-frequency that carries information.

Yet the why of that warping of the gravitational membrane by light-information Einstein could not understand since it required fractal, Non-Euclidean models of discontinuous space-time to describe how form evolves. So Physicists ignored the informative effect that warps Entropy into form.

Einsteinian relativity inherits the error of spatial time.

Let us study that conclusion in more detail. This tendency increased further when Einstein used the same concept of translational, spatial change to define time. In that respect, it is popular to talk of time as ‘the 4 dimension of space’ in Relativity.

This is a misconception of Einstein’s equations, which do not include all time=changes, as the 4th dimension of reality, but only spatial change, moving space, what Galileo defined as S=vt.

In Einstein’s formalism moving space writes as ct, since Einstein studies phenomena that happens as the speed of light; so vt becomes ct (where c is light speed).

Thus s=ct, the 4th dimension of Special Relativity, is not time but ‘moving space’, defined as the product of translational change=lineal time-duration, t, and light speed, c. And so there is no philosophical advance respect to Galilean Relativity that already defined time as a change/dimension of moving space.

Yet this capacity of time to measure change in space is only a fraction of the properties and modes of change that time measures in the Universe, and reveals nothing about the frequency and form of physical time cycles.

Though Einstein latter, in his General Relativity went deeper and discovered that Time is a curved clock geometry, which in the Universe bends space into masses, in his initial work, ‘Special Relativity’ he was still a classic physicist who declared as Galileo did that ‘time is what a clock measures’ and so he still used the Galilean, lineal concept of time-speed, v=s/t, to define it.

However, Einstein never said that time is ‘only’ a dimension of space as lesser physicists say today routinely. This reductionist, ‘spatial concept’ of time was provided by Minkowski and Einstein opposed to it, saying ‘that time behave differently since wires didn’t travel to the past’.

Time indeed is causal, logic and defined by time arrows which are not symmetric; that is left and right are equal but motion to the past (informative flow that devolves into Entropy) and motion to the future (Entropy flow that evolves into information) have different properties. This is known in the wording of classic physics as the ‘breaking of symmetry’ in processes that involve time evolution (those mediated by the weak force), or ‘chirality’ in other systems of physics and chemistry.

Yet the simplification of Minkowski became popular among physicists, as it allowed to keep Galileo’s tradition of studying time as a lineal parameter dependent of speed (V=s/t).

In that sense, though this work is conceptual to facilitate its comprehension to a wider audience and so we have reduced equations to a minimum, it is worth to consider that spatial vision of time in Special Relativity in more detail, given the simplicity of its mathematical equations.

Think first of two dimensions, the surface of a sheet of paper, for example, of length x and width y. The shortest distance s between two opposite corners is given by Pythagoras’ theorem: s2 = x2 + y2. If we now go to three dimensions, the shortest distance between two opposite corners of your room, for example, one on the floor and the other in the opposite corner on the ceiling, where the room is x long, y wide and z high, is given by: s2 = x2 + y2 + z2. So what happens if we go to four dimensions, trying to include ‘lineal time’ and ‘moving space’ and measure the space-time interval between two camera flashes, for example, one happening at one corner of your room and the other happening at the opposite corner but a few seconds, t, later?

We might think, if we follow the concept that time is just another dimension of space that the answer would be: s2 = x2 + y2 + z2 + t2, but we would be wrong:

– First, cycles of temporal information, as we have seen, are inverted to spatial Entropy, so the term t2 must be negative.

– Second, time is not space, and we are measuring space.

We are just adding now a time-related term of moving space or speed – Galileo’s formula – to our measure; we are not adding pure time but moving space, so to be able to add apples=spaces and pears=time we have to convert time into moving space and we do so with Galileo’s equation v=s/t, hence s=vt, which means we ad, s=vt. Now, the big question arises: what kind of moving space we are measuring?

Or in other terms, what is V; the speed of the space we are measuring? The answer of Einstein was ‘light’, since the velocity of light was found to be equal in all systems, regardless of the speed of the observer, light was a kind of space-time itself, uninfluenced by the movement of the relative points we were measuring.

So Einstein added a corrective factor of measure or 4th coordinate of space, related to the translational speed of the light-space between the 2 relative points we were measuring. Light-space, the space our eyes see, is made of light, a quantum of Entropy. Space is not static but, as the impressionist painters thought, we see light-space and so we have to add a parameter to correct for the movement of that light space to make accurate measures: s=vt=ct, moving light space. It is not pure time, cyclical time or frequency or lineal time or duration.

Thus, it is absurd to say that time is the 4th dimension of space. What we should say is that light-space has movement, s=ct, a parameter to ad in any measure of translation, in a Universe of moving spatial energies. And the relativity equation adds those underlying moving flows of spatial Entropy and speed: s2 = x2 + y2 + z2 – c2t2, which gives us the space-time separation, s, between two points of any space-time subject to motion. Finally, rather than measuring the distance across an extended interval of space-time, it is important to deal only with the separation of adjacent events separated by an infinitesimal change in the coordinates, dx, dy, dz, dt.

So the correct expression of the infinitesimal separation of 2 adjacent events is now: ds2 = dx2 + dy2 + dz2 – c2dt2. This is called the metric of flat space-time. If we want to include ‘curved’ space-time then we put a coefficient, not equal to one, in front of each term, dx2 etc., which bends the specific coordinates. This allows the possibility that a trajectory in space-time might be ‘curved’, which was the big discovery of Einstein, by creating many adjacent points and joining them in all types of trajectories in space-time, as those you trace in your daily life.

In order to find out the separation between two events you have to add up, or integrate all the infinitesimal ds intervals along the light path. And then it is when things can get as complex mathematically as you want, allowing you better measures of the shapes and movements of the Universe.

This is all what there is to it: an improvement on Galileo’s study of translational space. Yet in that equation time is not a 4th dimension of space, but a measure of the speeds of the space-time background. The 2 important discoveries of that equation are the curved nature of space-time; and the use of c instead of v as the speed of that spatial background. Einstein realized that the wobbling of space could be incorporated adding ct as a parameter of translational change, which he did. But he did not added time as a 4th dimension but the moving properties of the fractal space-time or light-space on which our electromagnetic world builds itself.

Informative contraction: light imprints gravitational space.

Einstein latter adapted Galileo’s formula to a fluctuating space-time background adding the implosive, -ct, arrow of gravitation to all translational movements. Thus he realized that Time in Physics also has a component of morphological change, as time warps Entropy into in-form-ation, not only in evolutionary processes, but also warps the Entropy of vacuum into in-form-ative masses.

And this is in fact the most important finding of the previous formula, which becomes crystal clear when we consider a ‘standard’ plane of two arrows of time, Entropy and information, which is represented by negative, imaginary numbers.

Thus what the negative symbol behind the ‘square’ of time, easily reduced to an O number really means is that the imprinting or reproduction of the light wave over the gravitational space in which imprints its information provokes a contraction of form, proportional to the informative time cycle and reproductive speed of the wave of light, according to the general isomorphisms of Multiple Spaces-Times, in a phenomena comparable to the dragging of any motion over an opposite flow. Since indeed, what light does from its p.o.v. is to feed on an opposite flow of gravitational forces where it reproduces itself, and in doing so it obviously suffers a drug, like the recoil of shooting a gun or the slowing speed of a plane dragging Entropy from air through its wings

Absolute Relativity: c is not the limit of speed of the Universe.

It is yet another proof of the scalar structure of the Universe, as electrons which emit light first ‘connect’ through the gravitational non-local plane (giving birth to the entanglement process) and when they are locked they emit a flow of light. A fact which also explains the Postulate of absolute speed of light as a ‘local effect’, NOT an universal law; since electrons only emit light when they are locked, and we can only observe light when our instruments lock with the emitter and so there is no a sum of speeds as Michelson thought (though there are several ways to measure this, and so Relativity is right as a system of measure but wrong as a philosophy of time-space).

This postulate is further proved wrong by the fact that the diffeomorphic principle of relativity establishes a relativity of space and time, but speed=v=s/t is a parameter of space and time; hence the limits of speed are relative according to the scales we study; which means C is only the limit of the light-space membrane in which we inhabit but not the limit of gravitation that is the force of the other membrane of the Universe.

Yet, those conceptual clarifications born of a model of multiple space-time membranes and time cycles were not available when Relativity was deduced in mathematical terms, and so new errors in the conception of time appeared soon. Minkowski first though that time was the ‘4th dimension of space’. Then, because of the mentioned error of a single arrow of time for the entire Universe, Physicists thought that when they measure NOT the change in translational time of the formula of speed, v=s/t, but all the time of the Universe and time travel was possible.

Yet when time appears with a negative term, it doesn’t mean, as people like Minkowski or recently Hawking think, that time is traveling to the past. Such patent nonsense comes out of the generalization of the parameter t=s/v, the equation which defines time in physics (or –ct in Einstein’s improved formula), to the entire range of time=changes of reality, including morphological time-change.

Special Relativity uses time, as a t parameter of space and speed as physicists always do, in this case to measure moving spatial Entropy – the flows of gravitational and electromagnetic space-time that act as the scaffolding of the world we inhabit. The fact that a century later most physicists still think that all what matters about time is its use as a parameter of translational change, s=ct, shows how much time has been degraded and distorted in modern science due to its lineal simplification in Galilean Physics and Cartesian geometries by the concept that there is only one arrow of time for all the cycles of the Universe, which is ‘what a clock measures’ (Einstein, Galileo).

The concept of a fractal point and the relativity of space and time and its parameter of speed, only absolute within the limits of a certain space-time brane, has 2 immediate formal generalizations:

‘The maximal speed of a space-time membrane corresponds to the limit of speed of its more extended, less formal spatial substance, such as ” exi=k∆ -> max. c = c (max. e x Min Tiƒ).’

In other words, because we live in the light membrane, the limit of speed is c. If we were in the gravitational world, the limit of speed will be that of Gravitational forces > c; if we consider from the relative point of view of our size, the world of life beings, the limit of speed is that of the cheetah and so on.

The second, deeper consequence of absolute relativity and the difference between space displacements and temporal displacement is even more radical: because measure is relative to the point of view of the observer, the Universe is not a metric space but a topological space, in which distance and speed are absolutely relative and do not change the type of reality we describe. This again solves many questions of physics and we shall return to it, when analyzing in more detail black holes as a ‘sample case’ of the applications of Multiple Spaces-Times to cosmology.

The conceptual error of the 3±i forces and the conceptual reasons of Lorentz Transforms.

Let us put a couple of classic errors of absolute space-time carried to the two limits of our physical perception – the theory of forces and the Lorentz transforms, analyzed with a bit more of depth.

Some time events such as the electroweak force is treated as a lineal force of space, despite provoking no translation, happening in a point of space elongated in time and transforming particles.

So while the 4 vector of Einstein’s relativity accurately deals with the duality of 3-dimensions of lineal space and one scalar cyclical time-point magnitude (x,y,z,t in special relativity, 3 momentum vector and energy in general relativity), the equivalent ‘4-vector’ of universal forces across the 5th dimension is totally ignored (3 spatial forces, in the 3 different scales of space-time, the inner atomic strong force, the human electromagnetic scale force and the cosmic gravitational force, and 1 temporal/transformative force across scales of the 5th dimension or electro weak force).

Now for the future physicists there is a huge entirely new Universe to explore as he will streamline and develop the mathematical physics of the 5th dimension, its forces and events and complete the Copernican revolution of relational space-time.

In this blog time permitted we plan in the future, once the simpler model of the 2 first lines is completed, with an overall review in the first line of the principles of relational space-time and a description on general terms of all those systems across the different St¡ences of the 5th dimension (one for each plane from quantum physics, through chemistry, biology, geology to cosmology), we shall include in the 4th line some of the advanced mathematical physics required to streamline the 4 forces of nature, while in the previous article, ∆±1o we define the equation of unification of the 3 spatial forces.

The advanced physicist, if any will notice that basically the unification of the electroweak and electromagnetic force, consists in a symmetry between the spatial state of the force (¥-forces) and the temporal state (weak force). So the weak force is the time state of the electromagnetic force (hence its carriers are heavier=faster clock-times with more mass, while the photon which does not close its cycles has no mass, only the energetic spatial state of ‘time’).  

He will also notice that the Lorentz transformations are the limiting regions of our light space-time, when again there is an inversion of space and time states, as the systems of light space emerge into the upper and lower, nested ∆±4, 3 gravitational and dark energy/matter scales.

All those transformations can be described with a hyperbolic graph of time-space, as time freezes into space-form and hence it tics slower to a halt, increases its mass-form and finally splits its Sæ>To functions into pure radiation without information (gravitational waves) and pure form with maximal angular motion (<o K black hole state). But it is only the space-time parameters of light, which are transformed hyperbolically in its inverse time-space parameters, when emerging into the large scale. This happens for all systems that ‘invert’ its parameters when travelling between planes of the 5th dimension.

To the point that we generalize the concept of Lorentz transformations and Einstein’s Rossen’s bridge to all travels between two scales of the 5th dimension.

Beyond Einstein’s c-speed. Science expands our point of view on the universe. Paradigm’s shifts

Stience though is philosophically the understanding of the mind of the Universe – metaphorically the ‘thoughts of god’, certainly not the subconscious collective of a bronze age tribe – but the isomorphic laws that apply to all beings, and ‘all its details’, all its species, with all the information of them, from ‘an objective point of view, that of each species for each being.

Therefore sciences goes against the ‘ego paradox’ of subjective thought proper of ‘religions’ and ‘human selves’, and has grown step by step, through its widening of the point of view it has adopted to perceive the Universe, away from man.

General Systems Theory and  its formalism, isomorphic scalar space time, means thus a new step into the objective view of the Universe, since:

-On one hand goes away from the human point of view and considers all systems equally gifted with the qualities of life, and social organization.

– On the other it takes a point of view a notch further removed from the human point of view.

In this article we shall consider how this ‘further away’ from man has improved science step by step, first departing from religious myths of ‘chosen of god’ (Abrahamic religions), then departing from the Earth as center of the Universe (Copernican revolution) then departing from our species as the center (Darwinian revolution), then departing from the solar system as the center (Einsteinian revolution) and now departing from our scale of space-time as the center of reality (IST revolution).

Yet because those changes of objectivity collide directly with human subjective ‘essence’ as minds with a fixed point of view, they are extremely difficult to spread even within the scientific community.

And so that is the reason, when Slocum, the first one-man sailor around the world arrived to South Africa, the president Kruger did not want to receive it.

He had proved once more the Earth round, and not the center… in the XIX c. That is why more than 1/2 Americans still believe a personal god created man and reject evolution.

And that is why I have found extraordinarily difficult to explain 5D ST even to scientists that reject the concept of a Universe of infinite scales of size, where man’s size is not privileged respect to atoms, viruses, planets or stars.

We shall thus end commenting on the Paradigm shifts of science, according to Thomas Kuhn’s work on the nature of scientific revolutions.

From subjective myths and anthropomorphic ego trips into an objective view of the Pantheist Universe.

Science though is philosophically the understanding of the ‘thoughts of god’ – the common laws that apply to all beings, and ‘all its details’, all its species, with all the information of them, from ‘an objective point of view’, that of each species for each being.

Therefore sciences goes against the ‘ego paradox’ of subjective thought proper of ‘religions’ and ‘human selves’, and has grown step by step, through its widening of the point of view it has adopted to perceive the Universe, away from man.

General Systems Theory and  its formalism, isomorphic scalar space time, means thus a new step into the objective view of the Universe, since:

-On one hand goes away from the human point of view and considers all systems equally gifted with the qualities of life, and social organization.

– On the other it takes a point of view a notch further removed from the human point of view.

In this article we shall consider how this ‘further away’ from man has improved science step by step, first departing from religious myths of ‘chosen of god’ (Abrahamic religions), then departing from the Earth as center of the Universe (Copernican revolution) , then departing from our species as the center (Darwinian revolution), then departing from the solar system as the center (Einsteinian revolution) and now departing from our scale of space-time as the center of reality (IST revolution).

Yet because those changes of objectivity collide directly with human subjective ‘essence’ as minds with a fixed point of view, they are extremely difficult to spread even within the scientific community.

And so that is the reason, when Slocum, the first one-man sailor around the world arrived to South Africa, the president Kruger did not want to receive it.

He had proved once more the Earth round, and not the center… in the XIX c. That is why more than 1/2 Americans still believe a personal god created man and reject evolution.

And that is why I have found extraordinarily difficult to explain 5D-ST even to scientists that reject the concept of a Universe of infinite scales of size, where man’s size is

Dimensions of motion and form: the growth of scales in physical systems.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.07

Multiple space dimensions, like the 5th dimension the artist fails to render in the hypercube do not exist in reality. Those objects are mathematical, linguistic fictions caused by the fact that any language of information is inflationary, as literary fictions are.

The beauty of some mathematical theories, as the beauty of literature obscure those self-evident facts. The fifth dimension is in fact a dimension of time evolution, which co-exists within the broken spaces left by networks, as all dimensions are fractal networks, with a limited fractal dimension defined by the quantity of space occupied by the networks. This in non Euclidean algebra is explained by the fact that irrational numbers do NOT exist (the are ratios which never have a fixed value but turn around a rational number above and below, hence called ‘Dedekind cuts’), and yet their number of dark spaces or cuts in a network is so huge that the holes of irrational numbers amount to infinity compared to the number of rationals (one of the classic Cantor’s paradoxes of infinity).

In the graph the 3 spatial dimensions are good enough. We need then to consider a new set of 3 temporal motions that will convert each ‘cube’ or sphere of the 3rd dimension into a fractal, finitesimal point that will move in a larger Universe creating new dimensions again in number of 3, which then will become fixed spaces due to the duality of motion and form, time and space, and grow into new ternary social networks, which will again move on the relative vacuum of a larger world to form a new dimensional triad. In this manner the 5th dimension grows, plane after plane of ternary space-time symmetries.

The Universe is made of 2-manifolds of time-motion and space-form, which combine into holographic universes, and further more complex combinations, to a maximal of 3-manifolds of time and space such as:

Dimensions of time – Dimensions of space ≤|1|; Max. Dimensions of any ∆n=6

And then after those dimensions are filled up the system ‘emerges’ into a larger scale of the 5th ‘transversal’ dimension of eusocial evolution, as part of a bigger whole.

Let us begin by describing informally how one should think about manifolds. The underlying idea is that manifolds are like curves and surfaces, except, perhaps, that they might be of higher dimension. Every manifold comes with a specific nonnegative integer called its dimension, which is, roughly speaking, the number of independent numbers (or “parameters”) needed to specify a point. The prototype of an n-dimensional manifold is n-dimensional Euclidean space Rn, in which each point literally is an n-tuple of real numbers.

An n-dimensional manifold is an object modeled locally on Rn; this means that it takes exactly n numbers to specify a point, at least if we do not stray too far from a given starting point. A physicist would say that an n-dimensional manifold is an object with n degrees of freedom.

So far so good. So physicists do work well the theme, IF THEY KNEW THE PREVIOUS RESTRICTIONS, instead of using silly-nilly concepts of ‘pure spatial forms’, WHICH IS DUE to their ‘chronic sickness’ (space confusion of time arrows).


That is the distance-energy or past field of spatial size of the system multiplied by the speed, quantity of its information-time clocks are constant, within the range of variations, which allows systems to perform actions of energy and information, in present physical system within a certain range for EACH of the planes of existence of physical systems. Let us then consider the main elements of that Generator equation of physical systems starting as usually in an inverse fashion to the mathematical analysis of physics – that is from the synthetic, organic whole and its larger points of view.

Tœs: This gives origin in physics to certain modes of ‘future’ cyclical time vortices, spin numbers, photons, strong quarks, electrons, charges, magnetic moments, thermodynamic molecules, masses, angular momentums, cosmic bodies, solar systems, ud stars, strange stars and top black holes, galaxies and Great Attractors, which are the ‘Tƒ’ elements of all those scales and subscales, between the minimal observed form, a fermion spin and the maximal one, the Great Attractor region of the Local Universe. They are all sub-vortices of the 4 fundamental Planes of the Universe, where the 4th is only partially perceived (the cosmic scale outside galaxies of ‘neutrino strings’ ‘Higgs bosons’, dark energy and dark matter), but we do have more vortices than the 3 perceived ones, the electromagnetic, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, as we must apply the ternary principle and break each of the 3 fundamental scales in 3 sub-scales).


Now those Tœs are ‘static, point-particles’ that share information and energy among them, from their relative static points of view, as the Universe has infinite relative frames of reference (this is one of the great findings of physics that still applies to 5D systems: the principle of relativity). It means that Tœs command a territorial region, in which they have an internal structure of 3 sub-parts, but also are in an outer bigger world in which they communicate with their Tœs on the upper ∆+1, equal ∆ and lesser ∆-1 scales, giving origin to a fundamental ‘second postulate’ of ¬æ. It those œ are fractal points (first postulate), called fermions crystals, solids, stars and black holes, they will then communicate ‘bosons, liquid flows, electromagnetic, sound or liquid waves or electronic current or jets of matter between them:

Future-Tƒ<≈Present wave-field≈> Future Tƒ, giving origin to the second component of physical systems. And again in each scale we will recognize a relative present state with similar properties and symmetries in each scale.

So those flows of communication gives origin to the certain modes of ‘present’, reproductive wave-liquid states in each scale. So in essence bosons, waves, liquids, electric currents and jets and streams of cosmic matter and stars reproduced by black holes are in each scale the same wave fields.

What is then the main parameter of the relationship between the Spe, Tƒ and ExI elements of each of those scales. Simply the constants of space-time actions that relate in the simplest possible form, those 3 elements the Metric of the 5th dimension:. K = E x T. That is the constants of Action of Physics, in its 3 scales K (H)= E x T, (quantum field)   K (k) = E x T (Thermodynamic Field); K (M)= E x (µ-1/e).

Those 3 constants of action, the Planck constant, H, the Boltzmann Constant, K, and the mass Constant, M, are the fundamental elements which define the 3 planes of physical systems in the 5th dimension (quantum, thermodynamic and cosmological planes). Thus their translation into the simplex Metric of 5D physics is the first step to build the entire building of Physical sciences, with a comprehensive understandable, isomorphic formalism, which will return physics to the realm of reality and show the pantheist equality between all the systems of the Universe.

Now we have to a fundamental theme of reality, the constancy of present body waves of existence, through its reproductive actions, which will be deal with when we revise relativity. But we advance is the key to understand ‘what formal motions’, the substance of the Universe truly mean, and how the interaction between form and motion, in the case of waves, frequency and form.

Now the simplest expression of speed in terms of cyclical time, instead of lineal time (V=S/T) is to substitute, T, Duration by its inverse, 1/T, or frequency, which introduces more information about the system. Hence we transform then lineal space length, for the ‘steps’ of the system that moves, l, the wave-length or limb-step of the system.

We have in this simple manner translated external motion into internal motion, external absolute time into internal time clocks of the wave or particle, which as De Broglie proved are in tune with each other (showing that the system is synchronized and hence part of the same organism).

This translation of an external lineal motion into an internal space-time cyclical motion is essential to T.Πand specially 5D Physics. Then we can consider a new well-known equation of speed, that of wave speed:

∆(C : present constant speed)= Spe (l) x Tƒ (ƒ)

This relationship which is one of the key expressions of the co-invariance of the 5th dimension in physical systems relates to the internal frame of reference of the system for which its speed does NOT vary as he tries to translate it into the external speed in the world in which it becomes the principle of lineal inertia as the speed outside will not vary if he is NOT submitted to external ±∆æ actions of acceleration, deceleration that change its trajectory. But now we realize that the present wave is actually reproducing its form, its waveform as it moves with a given frequency of steps.

And in physical systems such as light over vacuum, waves on the water, AC, alternate currents, where information and energy is transported without the transport of mass, what truly happens is exactly that: the vibration of the original Tƒ form is transmitted along the lower ∆-1 field of micro-points transporting FORM AND MOTION in an ordered way, what we call ‘energy’ (motion with direction as opposed to æ, expansive entropy with chaotic directions) and information (form that moves along the path of energy).

It follows that all waves MUST obey this simple reproductive equation and as we study different ways to define ‘form’ and ‘motion’ in physics, with the dualities of lineal motion ≈ still distance, cyclical form≈ temporal clocks with frequency, and its different interpretations in each scale (so for example, Tƒ will always be defined in terms of lineal duration as 1/T so we will have to invert the terms, motion will be considered often ‘tension’, or ‘length’ in space of a system, and so on,

This immediately raises some questions of importance. Such as what is the relationship between the aforementioned constants of actions of the 3 main physical scales, H, k, and M, which we shall call a Planckton (minimal unit of existence of the quantum world, similar to the Plankton minimal unit of the sea – NOT the abstract, Germanic idealist interpretations of Heisenberg), a Bolt (from Boltzmann.).

Sp- Fields

All the capacity of waves and particles to exist comes from Fields, the Sp, lower scale of pure entropic, expansive, accelerated motions.

They are the lower scales of which in the parlance of physics, waves and particles are considered ‘excitations’, in the jargon of T.Œ eusocial evolutions into tighter denser waves of energy and information and even denser particle forms, knots of waves, themselves ‘excitations’ that ‘make emerge’ efficient workable energy and form from the entropic, loose herds of field quanta.

So we talk also of a series of fields from the simpler, smaller to the larger fields of the Universe, of which the fundamental ones are the ‘strong-field, of the internal region of atoms, of minimal size the electroweak field of light waves of galactic size, the thermodynamic field of heat waves of molecular size. 

So finally we arrive the other way around to the first part that all physical theories study, the simplest fields. Here we observe one fundamental different or rather complementarity of the way classic physical and 5D physics work: we develop reality from the whole and its generator equation downwards studying first the organic structure of the system in time and space, its T.Œ and actions and then going down we study the wave- EXI present systems and finally the Sp-Entropic, accelerated motions of the micro-fields of ∆-1 particles and lineal momentums which rise and give the energy and micro-clocks that the whole will use.

This of course is a matter of choice, made in T.Œ not to bust the balls of scholars but to complement what they have done. Indeed, the human scholarship today studies mainly the upward arrow of social evolution of the 5th dimension –w without even recognizing it is a social evolution. So, and this is what we criticize, describe the upper systems of reality as emerging from the lower systems, but without recognizing the interrelationship symbiosis and existence of an arrow from the upper T.Œ elements through its survival actions that order the lower systems.

So physicists consider particles to be ‘excitations’ of fields hence some kind of secondary ‘thing’ which does not matter as much as the field itself. Biologists consider organisms, ‘constructs’ of Genes without realizing that once the organism is formed, it is the self, which directs the drives of existence of the being, towards energy information, reproduction and social evolution.

By bringing T.Œ, which is composed playing with words of a series of œ-points which play the game of Tao, of Temporal existence, and survival, by bringing Temporal beings, Time space Organic Existential Beings, into the game, and understanding perception by O-minds that gauge information, we complete the description of the Universe. We of course enlighten also the meaning of the lower scales and use the same formula and evident data, but we add, double reality.

All this said, fields do matter. As without them the emerging more complex social scales that interlock with them and create ternary co-existing structures will not exist, so for each plane of existence we must find a past-relative herd of micrŒ-Points, which are treated as indistinguishable particles by the wave-particle system, from where it extracts energy and information ordering it.

How this is explained in physics, varies according to the ages of its logic and mathematical understanding. Today they like to use a very abstract jargon taken from the abstract jargons that poisoned the understanding of mathematics during the Germanic idealistic age, to which they add expressions and mathematical forms that are easily susceptible to become algorithms of computer models of the Universe. Fine, but we want people to understand what they say, so we are not going specially in this second line to be concerned with the jargon of symmetry breaking SO3 groups, Lie Algebras, transformations invariances, bispinors and Operators, but try to explain in simple understandable terms how things happen.

And so now we can state the following fields, which are always a plane under the present –wave-body/head-particle system, which is NOT an excitation but an eusocial evolution of the field, such as:

∑œ-field quanta≥Reproductive wave≥ Collapsing particle with more dimensions of Form and lesser speed-distance in space.

Thus a field is a series of undistinguishable point-particles called quanta, which can be descried by a constant of action, within the metric so the fifth dimension, ST=K, undistinguishable in each scale, which a wave will reorder and give information to in patterns, which are the wave forms, in a first step, giving it certain properties, which are not pure chaotic energy without distinguishable form. The wave thus is the first ‘stage’ of creation of order-information, which sometimes might lower the energy of the field or at least establish within the field a certain potential gradient and directionality. And finally in the point of maximal density of wave or gradient, there will appear a particle or T.Œ or point of view of the field, in which the field acquires maximal density of information.

So Gravitational fields become distinguishable as masses collapse the energy-momentum tensor, which is the ‘wave’ state of the vacuum field. And those are the 3 ‘states’ of increasing eusocial evolution described by general Relativity with its formalism, and 3 elements, each one describing a part of the ternary physical system of gravitation:

The EFE (Einstein Field equations) can then be written as:

Tƒ: Gµv + L gµv = 8 π G / c4 Tµv

Using geometrized units where G = c = 1, this can be rewritten as the two sides of the Tƒ<≈>Ex Tƒ (Future-particle≈ Present-wave equation of a physical system)

Tƒ:   Gµv + L gµv = 8 π Tµv  :   ST

Thus the expression on the left represents the curvature of space-time as determined by the metric; which is the Tƒ Element of the field; the expression on the right represents the matter/energy content of space-time; which is the wave of energy and information or ST element of the field. And the element in the middle Lgµv is the Plane of the 5th dimension or Cosmological Constant that expresses the energy of the vacuum from where the other two elements are born, which accordingly is extremely high

The EFE is then in the parlance of classic physics interpreted as a set of equations dictating how matter/energy (body-wave) determines the curvature of space-time (the Tƒ state of gravitation).

These equations, together with the geodesic equation , which dictates how freely-falling matter moves through space-time, form the core of the mathematical formulation of relativity:Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.52.50

Whereas the geodesic equation merely describes the behavior of a T.œ particle of mass in the field, without considering the ExI wave so it is a Sæ>To description of it, (Past to future), while EFE can be considered a more complete EXI-present description or wave description of it. We latter deal with that essential duality of physical description of systems, which represent or two fundamental equations of time:

Past x Future = ∂ Present (momentum description in physics)

For example, for an electromagnetic wave, the momentum density (whereas momentum is the commonest expression of a past x future, speed x particle parameter) is given by the Poynting vector:Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.52.54

, which puts the momentum in relationship with the electric and magnetic field-wave. On the other hand the full description of the wave INDEPENDENT of the time flow, is a common equation, which gives us the whole worldcycle of the system, as a conservative system, a closed system, presented either as a scalar or energy or the variation of that energy within the whole function of existence of the being:Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.53.00

Present-wave (Energy full Hamiltonian description in physics)

Whereas the limited momentum description or small steps in space or parts in time can be integrated, ∫momentum=Energy, to observe the larger whole description of the worldcycle. For example, in quantum physics we will obtain the famous Schrodinger’s wave, which in the simplest time independent representations write:

Which the reader should observe is similar to the equation of the Gravitational Plane of Einstein. N one side two values ad up, one related to the particle state of the system, as it ha the momentum of the particle and on the center the potential energy of the system, related to the enteral fields of the wave. On the other hand we observe the same equation that in Einstein’s: the product of the energy and the information of the wave (its wave function, y).

Now from the previous equations we can deduce general rules of T.Πapplied to the planes of mathematical physics:

The ‘superposition’ rules of waves of present, which are ‘democratic’, and add up its values. Since their lower scale over, which they are formed, is made of ‘indistinguishable quanta’. And this will be the key to understand waves as opposed to particle, the past x future systems, which are hierarchical, multiplicative.

The clear equivalence between the equations of T.Πand those of physics despite its quite different jargon.

The duality of existence of body-heads/ waves-particles, of which too much writing has been done for something quite simple: waves and particles go together organically.

The similarity of all the scales of the Universe, truly a fractal with few differences between those scales, which on one side makes harmonic the entire universe, from the other, will provoke as we shall see quite clear errors on the confusions of physics between different planes and space and time states – i.e. which is the scale of the big bang, if as we shall see the processes of a quasar big-bang (galactic big bang) are quite similar to those of a cosmos; the big bang of neutrons are quite similar to those of a pulsar?

And finally, the fact that physicists do NOT see that pantheist Universe and do NOT think those scales are similar because they use different jargons and the aberrations of perceptions across different scales of the 5th dimension distort their view of the Universe.

Now of course General Relativity in as much as it describes all the fields of the system above the particle level, including the thermodynamic, gravitational, and electromagnetic fields and its energy(Sæ)óMass (To) elements, in any number possible ARE the culmination – no doubt about it – of 400 years of search for the understanding of the external motions of space-time systems in the Universe, from the largest perspective we have of it, with enough information to make accurate predictions.

And as such along the formalism of quantum physics for the somewhat independent lower scale of charges and particles they represent a fundamental achievement of the human kind. And yet they are both, very limited analysis of the whole informations and energies and motions, internal and external and actions of existence of all its infinite points. And it couldn’t be otherwise because only the Universe has all the information about itself and all its beings.

This is why it is important to have a T.Œ, which does give us a synthetic view of the whole forest, given the enormous amount of information stored in the details. It is a fact that this monumental work of the spatial, external vision of time=motion is mostly useless to the individual human mind, and had not been with the help of an alien mind, the mathematical digital computer, it would remain basically a cumbersome tool of little use, easily substituted by Newton’s and Poisson’s had Hamilton’s simplified versions of it.

It is important to realize that the Einstein field equations alone are not enough to determine the evolution of a gravitational system in many cases. They depend on the stress–energy tensor, which depends on the dynamics of matter and energy (such as trajectories of moving particles), which in turn depends on the gravitational field. If one is only interested in the weak field limit of the theory, the dynamics of matter can be computed using special relativity methods and/or Newtonian laws of gravity and then the resulting stress–energy tensor can be plugged into the Einstein field equations. But if the exact solution is required or a solution describing strong fields, the evolution of the metric and the stress–energy tensor must be solved for together.

To obtain solutions, the relevant equations are the above quoted EFE (in either form) plus the continuity equation (to determine evolution of the stress–energy tensor): Tab;b =0.

This is clearly not enough, as there are only 14 equations (10 from the field equations and 4 from the continuity equation) for 20 unknowns (10 metric components and 10 stress–energy tensor components). Equations of state are missing. In the most general case, it’s easy to see that at least 6 more equations are required, possibly more if there are internal degrees of freedom (such as temperature) which may vary throughout space-time.

So we can see the limits of a T.œ of analytical physics without the organic paradigm, the understanding of the common space-time ages of all systems and the simple ternary symmetries of 5D space and time. Since a lot of perspectives are missing and on the fundamental field of study of physics, ∆±e, motions and energy actions, the Universe and its multiple points of view with multiple freedoms makes things truly difficult – even today with the help of an alien mind which is distorting and let us be frank atrophying the human mind with its digital computer ways of thought and modeling reality.

The same will happen in quantum physics, where we find now due to the growing levels of energy and information of smaller scales according to the metrics of the 5th dimension such an enormous number of particles, in possible states, creating time cycles so fast, and with so limited perception of them, that again we could state the same – just changing ‘large’ for ‘small’, the culmination – no doubt about it – of 400 years of search for the understanding of the external motions of space-time systems in the Universe, from the smallest perspective, etc.

But what physics needs specially for the rest of mankind to understand reality and the meaning of it all, is not more precise analysis of the paths of electrons and stars – this can be of use to the electronic industry and the programmer of telescopes – but the full integration into the larger view of everything that we shall provide din this text, and the correction within that architectonical structure ad simplification of jargons to give those equations meanings within the context of the proper understanding of a Universe of space-time beings. That is, the simplification of the Ptolemaic epicycles more abundant in quantum physics than relativity, to make sense of it all.

Now latter we shall consider many of these proper interpretations, and the paradoxes of classic physics regarding the cosmological constant due to their null understanding of the dualities of space-time and how to properly interpret it, but the example suffices in this 2nd line to fully grasp what is a Physical equation of a field: a ternary Spatial description of a symmetry of space-time.

This field though is the field of Gravitation, of which contrary to belief we ONLY know to be fully operative in the Galaxy in the scale in which we have reliable measures NOT in the cosmos, and that will be latter discussed in detail.

Indeed, there might be above it, between galaxies – and I believe that should be the case according to the growing planes of the 5th dimension, a Bigger field, which therefore has faster than c-light space-time and denser rotational vortices of time of < 0 temperature of informative order, made of top quark stars (aka black holes) and Higgs fields of tachyon, scalar distance-speed, cause of the inflaton phase of expansive big-bangs, and the breaking of symmetry (death and reabsorption) of our galactic Universe. And we will return to it, being so important both for theoretical and practical reasons today (as we are exploring those particles that devour our matter and make it matter of the dark energy/matter world outside galaxies, today on earth hence the dangers they might devour us, as we explain on our activist web)

The limits of the galaxy scales of the Universe. Relativistic mass. Interactions at C-speed.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.48.18

The 2 membranes of space-time, the quantum and gravitational membrane interact in e<=>o events of transference of Entropy and information in the limits of the existential function of the light membrane: the limit of Entropy-speed, c; the limits of temperature-form, 0 k, in quarks, black holes and regions of transition between light and gravitational space.

Galactic space is made of light actions, C=Spe x Tƒ, which can be perceived as Entropy/motion (c-speed) of in/form/ation (photons): the background radiation is thus the primary substance of the vacuum. If we were to extract all the radiation actions, the vacuum would disappear and the underlying scale of pure gravitational, ‘boson, tachyon strings’, infinitely thin (Nambu’s Actions, redefined as a background independent action of fractal dimensions) would appear. This would paradoxically thin out the informative height of vacuum and elongate it, as its relative speed=spatial Entropy/temporal information, v=e/o=e/0 is infinite, non-local from our p.o.v.

This is what happens in intergalactic space, as the door between both membranes, the galactic, rotational Kerr black hole, thin outs electromagnetic radiation, (gravitational redshifts) through the event horizon, accelerates it (equivalence principle, left graph) in its reproductive, ‘Klein’ intermediate space, and jettisons it as curled quark mass (left graph of superluminal 10 c motion) and dark, tachyon Entropy (central pic, blue jet), back to intergalactic space that seems to expand, accelerate from the p.o.v. Have fixed distances.

Those 2 space-times create 2 different world membranes or mediums, with different Entropy/information limits:

The gravitational world is beyond c speed and under 0 K; that is it has more order in its quark vortices and more speed in its dark Entropy; it is bigger, more powerful. In between there is our hot, entropic, < c-speed world.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.48.25

In the graph another way to express the ‘symmetry’ sides of the Thermodynamic World. We could say that the 0 K temperature is the ‘triple point’ of the Universe, the absolute thermodynamic equilibrium. A triple point is the expression in space of the time ages of ‘gaseous entropy: Max Spe’, liquid balance, ExI, and crystal solid, Max. Tƒ, of the Thermodynamic system, and the point of maximal equilibrium or ‘potential well’ of a Gibbs Ensemble. The triple point of the Universe is then consider the superfluid liquid state of zero viscosity and zero entropy proper of perfect quark gluon liquids, which can go down to further lower temperatures or super solid states of order in the dark work or larger temperatures or molecular states of entropy, which cancel each other.

The transitions between both membranes are described by the Lorentz Transformations (left graph):

When Entropy arrives to the limit c of the light space-time, its membrane ‘curls’ the Entropy into a whirl of space-time, evolving into cyclical mass, the stable form of physical in/form/ation, becoming electrons and quark particles.

Further increases of relativistic Entropy=mass evolves quarks into forms of higher mass and reproduces them into pairs.

What happens when you accelerate to c speed is a discontinuous process of ‘evolution’ (from ‘ud’ to s, in the first step, and so on); and then a process of fission/reproduction. So Entropy not only evolves the particle but it splits it into 2, as when quarks absorb Entropy and produce a jet of ‘quarkitos’: SE->Tƒ(m)->Tƒ(m+m∑).

While on the other extreme, black holes relax light into gravitational strings. So most of the ‘particles’ and dynamic events we perceive in the Universe are phase transitions between both membranes; reason why physicists say that particles are ‘frozen states’ of the parameters of temperature and speed through which a hypothetical big-bang of our galaxies or Universe evolved.

Thus the particles and forces we perceive in the Universe are born in the verge between both worlds. Light is in the Entropy verge between both worlds. Electrons are in its lower Entropy state, the Bohr radius, as we have shown, in the verge of the quark world, acting as the event horizon of a micro-black hole – a proton.

The non-local speed of gravitation.

But how can we prove that gravitation is non-local, instantaneous, and able to relate all the parts of the Universe in a synchronic way? There is the evidence of 10 C jets of matter coming out of black holes. Indeed, the non-local speed of gravitation can be proved in several ways, but perhaps the easiest way to prove it is with the concept of complex speed…

The simplest one is the definition of speed, v=s/t understood as: V=Spatial Entropy Temporal/Information.

Because gravitational force has no information (it is the simplest, lineal scaffolding in which our light-form is imprinted), then:

Gravitational speed =Entropy/ 0 Information=Infinite.

But it is a relative ∞, since Cantor Set theory proves that ∞ are relative and the absolute infinite (the set of all sets) do not exist. By this we mean that the informative network of dark, gravitational Entropy that structures the Universe is like the nervous network that send simultaneous orders to all the cells of the body and seems instantaneous to all those cells, infinite only in as much as it reaches the limits of our Universe, cell of a hyper-universe in a reality of ∞ scales.

This is proved, since a fractal wave of gravitation can reach according to General Relativity up to 1010 million years light. Thus a single gravitational wave can cross in a single fractal jump, the entire Universe. And indeed, the ‘instantaneous, present space-time Universe’ reaches till around 1010 million years light, the so-called Universal horizon. This explains also 2 ‘spooky’ phenomena: the entanglement between electrons that seem to relate and communicate information at distance instantaneously: they do so through the gravitational, non-local plane. It explains why the limit of c-speed, which only applies to our light-membrane. It also explains how the Universe has a synchronic structure without recurring to the magic, entropy only ‘big-bang’ (astrophysicists say that their structure that requires all those galaxies to interact together was acquired when the Universe was so small that they could communicate at c-speed.)

Recap: the limits of our light universe are c-speed and 0 K of information but the gravitational universe should be faster, bigger and more ordered, colder than our Universe. Lorentz Transformations and black holes are the doors and bridges between both Universes.

Now of course infinite local action at distance in the dark world is a relative human microscopic perception, but in fact it will be a relative infinity of decametric scales, 10 c for ‘matter’, 100 c for ‘waves’ and 1000 c for ‘fields of the dark world. This is the theoretical natural ternary scales of all systems of the 5D Universe (including organic and social scales: i.e, the individual is So=1, the family S1=1o in 3 generations, the clan, S=100, the Tribe, S=1000, and that closes the ‘genetic’ scales of a society, moving then to a new language-form, the geographical society (city, city-state, nations). 10 are the scales in space and time (symmetric to each other); and so again, we have to consider what ‘we perceive’ experimentally WITHOUT the obsession of classic physics for c-speed, which is only the barrier of the universe in which space-time is made of light (Galactic Universe). And this is the data astronomers ideologically deny now for almost a century, to ‘protect’ their ‘idol’, Einstein’s relativity, which we will now immediately study, revis(it)ing, with 5D, after we observe the ‘real data of cosmology’.

– Quasars expel matter at 10 c in a lot of galaxies such as the famous 3C of the image (this is considered to be an optical effect, of the angle of observation, as they are supposed to come towards us, which could only be statistically for 1% of them, not for the 10% of galaxies that vomit matter, which show that speed and on top some as the 3C above, with a clear, sideways perspective. So this is according to 5D theory a fact.

– Redshifts reaches between 10 C and 100 C in far away galaxies. This is explained with the ‘dirty trick’ of considering that is NOT SPEED BUT IS SPACE THAT EXPANDS. LOL, speed and space-distance is the same under relativity as we cannot distinguish motion from distance, so according to relativity this is just change the name from red to crimson. The waves of dark energy that create space between galaxies ARE moving between 10 and 100 z=c

– Finally the supposed ball of fire in the limits of the ‘little bang’ of the atomic-Universe is considered to reach up to z=1000 c, and that is indeed the limit of theory. Beyond that, there should be ANOTHER larger scale of ∆+6 atoms for which we are not even dust of space-time…



The error of discontinuity. Points with parts.

Thus the web takes sides in the dispute between Einstein and Planck: the last experimental and theoretical studies seem to prove that space and time are quantic, discontinuous as Planck said. From that fact we deduce that each piece of space has a quantity of quantic energy and each cycle of time carries an amount of information. Yet since all what exists is made of energy and information from the previous homology we deduce that all beings, including human beings, are made of quantic cycles of temporal information or ‘bits’ and quantic pieces of spatial energy or ‘bites’, and the Space-Time Universe is a sum of quantic beings made up with those 2 substances.

Scientists don’t analyze temporal energy in all its quantic details because they study space and time through Mathematics, which has, as all languages, a limited capacity to carry information. So it simplifies reality, making each entity of the Universe with an inner content of information and energy a number, represented as a point, defined by Euclid as ‘a form without breath’, without ‘information’.

Then, once the inner content of those points are gone, mathematics puts all those points together into an abstract graph called the Cartesian Space/Time graph, which seems to us ‘a continuous reality’, though it is only a simplified, linguistic representation of the Universe.

Since, when we look at the real beings of the Universe in detail, those points have parts, a content of ‘energy’ that lasts a quantity of time cycles. Such organic points are like the stars in the sky. If you look at them with the naked eye they are points without breadth, but when you come closer to them, they grow. Then as they grow, they become spheres, points with breath, with parts: an atom, a cell, and a star…

Something without breath, without dimensions – as Euclid defined a point – is something that does not exist. Abstract points are fantasies. They are not real. Anything you draw will have a size, a minimum of 2 dimensions in paper, and 3 dimensions in reality. Look at yourself: your Head is a point with 3 dimensions, not a number in a mathematical statistics. 
The Space-Time Continuum becomes then the space-time discontinuum, made of infinite quanta of temporal energy, which ‘act’ together to create the forms of the Universe.

We live in a Universe made of quantic actions, of moving temporal energy. Reality is done by infinite discontinuous actions exerted by all type of beings, product of their spatial energy multiplied by their temporal information.
Space/time is not a static, fixed “mathematical image” created by our mind  – but it moves constantly, acts through its quantic pieces. We are an organic system that “acts”, processing spatial energy with our quantic bodies and temporal information with our brains. Planck expressed with that name, taken from the organic philosophy of Leibniz and Hegel, the fact that the Universe is not material but organic, made of cyclical forms in perpetual change and movement.

All continuous, static forms become discontinuous and mobile when observed in detail.

Mathematics simplify reality. How they do it? Making each organism of the Universe a point, and putting them all together into an abstract graph called the Cartesian Space.

We cannot though know all the information of reality with a single language, a simplified mirror that our mind puts on the Universe.

Thus the space-time continuum is a simplification of a quantic reality caused by the fact that in mathematics a plane of space is not made of points with volume, but of abstract points without volume. In reality however all what exists when observed in detail, is made of discontinuous points with volume. If you look at a table in detail you will see discontinuous points called molecules, made of discontinuous points called atoms, made of discontinuous points called protons and electrons, made of discontinuous points called photons, made of discontinuous points called Plank Quanta. And that minimal scale of smaller, discontinuous points with volume, with dimension, is what we call the Organic point, the first Unit of In-form-ation, of form in the Universe.

The quantic nature of space and time today accumulates enough proves, despite the respect that Einstein’s work still causes, as to be the cover of prestigious scientific magazines. And it will revolution all disciplines of science, since all of them use those 2 parameters to explain their species and laws. It also implies the equality between energy and space on one hand, and between time cycles and bits of information on the other. The only real difference between those concepts was the pretended continuity of time and space vs. the proved discontinuity of information and energy. Thus now we talk of 2 concepts that suffice to explain reality:

The space and energy of any quantic being, homologous concepts, both in Biology (where we talk of organic space) and in Physics (where the vacuum is considered a form of ‘dark energy’).

– And the bits of information or temporal, genetic memories and cycles of any being. Since information is stored in memorial patterns that accumulate over time and it is processed in a cyclical manner, as time is. For example, we measure a computer’s informative capacity in Mhz, or quantity of temporal cycles of information the computer processes each second.
The 2 fundamental substances or states of reality are thus spatial energy and temporal information that we will call, when properly combined, temporal energy.

We are made of energy and time, which our mind often perceives as fixed space and fixed information, but are truly organic, moving forms:

The discontinuous, discrete Universe of space-time can also be expressed in terms of form and motion, stop and go, space and time symmetries

And the duality particle – wave. You move as a wave, but then you expel energy. You gauge information as a particle, when you stop. You do not move as a particle, because it is much slower.

Let us consider this important symmetry, from its 30 years old first graph, in which I was defining ‘speed of reproduction, TxS, the function of present (-; as a teenager )-:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.38Thus it follows that momentum is a complete description of the system, as Mass is the Tƒ element and speed the wave element, on a given field.

While the field is ‘hidden’ on the wave space-length, which is a quanta by quanta step growth of the system.

From this relationship we can find some basic concepts of cyclical time, such as density of information and the related ‘mass-charge’ value. What matters here now is to understand two things:

A particle is just the next scale of a wave, in which all those memorial motions of the wave when the ‘particle’ stops, clump together into the point in which the particle stopped collapsing the wave into a particle, whose ‘mass’ is related to the frequency of the wave (number of M-cycles which collapse in the point). Thus by definition a Mass is related to:

– The speed of the wave and the internal clock of the wave (in this the best work is still the first article of De Broglie in which ill-understood he explains how mass and group-wave are in fact two versions of the same concept with the same clock, origin of quantum complementarity principle).

It follows some very interesting deductions:

– Particles do NOT move. They are the stop point of the wave.

– An external observed which has the perception of ‘particles’, will find the motion of the wave in the ‘lower plane’ as ‘invisible’, thin, ghostly. Here is where we find the ‘pi irrationals’, as the wave NEVER CLOSES ITS PI-CYCLES, which do not exist by definition.

In the point of the particle, the particle acquires a new dimension as the coming M-quanta of the Planck frequency or Mass frequency (the quanta of mass, not being discussed in this level).

Now, this was one of my first discoveries on 5D physics, back in the early 90s, truly one of the first milestones of my work. As it turns out a few years ago it appeared a model of physics based in that concept.

(This has constantly happened for 30 years so I lost the count of models and solutions in all sciences that mimicked my work on T.Œ and are now standard or not of science, among them the most notorious memetics, dark matter calculus – that 95%, black hole growing importance in astrophysics – at the time of my first models of galacells they did not even imagine there were black holes in the center of all well formed galaxies, they still do NOT know they are top quark stars, hopefully they won’t learn it making them at home, epigenetics in biology and palingenetics / development laws and the confirmation of the 2008 crisis in economics predicted as earlier as 93).

Now the more complex explanation of this fundamental function of beings, the ‘momentum’ of a past x Future particle and the wave requires a more profound analysis. Since in fact physical systems do have both states together as we do, waves and momentums, bodies and heads. And this is the huge discovery of quantum physics not properly understood.
Each system is in fact 10 dimensional, when we take the concept of dimension in mathematical terms as a structural parameter of the being – its 3 scales in 5D, 3 spatial parts and 3 time ages, plus the Œ point focus of its æ,e, ï,œ,û actions, which will further add new dimensions as we observe then the ‘œ-point’ in its interaction with ‘external world-beings’ through several planes of existence. Yes, the beauty of the Universe resides in its complex simplicity and the web of relationships of each part with its wholes.

Yet NEVER humans do explain the WHOLE but just a part and often in physical sciences where the œ studied is far removed (Max. ï distance from the human observer), reduce the study to a single perspective, often the most degrading, from the lower ∆-1 point of view and from the æ-ction of motions). This is a tiresome human ego-trip of one-dimensional scholars who spend their life to prove that their perspective IS the only one that matters, (one of the reasons I abandoned the field earlier in my life, ‘evil=antilive memes’ and ‘stupid=one-dimensional memes’ define most humans I found in ‘existence’).

Yet the proper analysis might be shrunk according to the importance of those 4 elements eliminating by this order: the 5 actions of the Œ-point (maximal external point of view, which removes also the ‘will’ of the being); the 5D ±1 Planes above and below (social world and cellular/quanta point of view), the temporal ages from conception to extinction, focusing on the Adult maximal reproductive, present age (limiting the widest temporal zero-sum point of view to a quanta of present time), and finally the Spe-field/limbs & Tƒ-head/particle point f view, focusing on its body-wave central part).

Thus if we want to reduce the essence of a phenomenon to a single cause though we must choose that which is the ‘central’ Œ-ssence of the system: its present, body-wave, individual plane of the being SINCE IT IS THE MOST EVIDENT PERSPECTIVE. In the case of physical entities, this is a PRESENT wave in reproductive motion, (‘female’ balanced perspective). So quantum physicist in the perspectives of physical entities focused on the wave-particle duality, observing from the human removed p.o.v. the reproductive motion of the Spe-field>ExI-wave<Tƒ-Particle, its fundamental perspective, (left side). The phenomenon is fascinating because it illustrates many of the properties of 5D ST reality and deals directly with the oldest logic paradoxes – today largely forgotten on the ‘computerized age of science’ when the mere feeding of mathematical models to mental-machines by ‘human bee-workers’ summarizes science: what is the MEANING OF MOTION?

This paradox never resolved since Parmenides affirmed the point of view of the particle – motion is NOT possible, only form exists, and Zeno proved it with its paradoxes (Achilles and the turtle, the motion of the arrow; while Heraclitus considered the point of view of the Wave – motion is constant as the particle-ego-informative fixed point does NOT exist).

On the other hand the informative point of view of the particle, dominating the wave and using it to guide its motion, was foreseen by Einstein and developed by De Broglie, with its idea of a pilot wave. They were the 2 pioneers of the field (De Broglie developed the first mathematical particle-wave equations); and yet both were ignored. Instead the perspectives today considered are, NOT SURPRISINGLY!, the ego paradox and mathematical abstract model (Germanic idealist Copenhagen interpretation), and the energetic lineal degrading point of view (waves and particles as ‘excitations’ of the energy of the ∆-1 field – Feynman’s perspective.)

Now we shall do a bit more of a detailed analysis on the first concepts of quantum physics as they would illuminate its relationship with the physics of 5D, restricted to the earlier discoveries of Einstein, De Broglie and Schrodinger, as we have already mentioned them.

de Broglie found that all physical ‘quanta’ had a body-wave and a head-particle as they move over an energy field. He had found the simplest organism of nature, which we will see is isomorphic to all the similar organisms of different size of the Universe:

Spe (lineal field) < ExI – wave < Spherical Particle of information.

And so he wrote the simple equation: λ (wave) x P (particle with momentum) = H (Planckton)

Now the meaning of this equation properly written would be V (Spe-field) > l (ExI-wave) > m (Tƒ) = H

That is, the description of a space-time system, a Planckton, from the perspective of its interaction with the entropic gravitational field provided by the quark-mass in the center of the atom.

This Planckton though will have MANY roles according to its space-time program of cyclical actions (±∆æ: motion field, e-nergy food for other particles, ∆ï: bit of information, ∆œ: reproductive wave and ∫œ=û: colors).

So it is NOT a mechanical species – and this realization– that quantum particles are truly complex beings with multiple properties and behaviors not so easily described as the simpler analysis of our motions in space by mechanics is WHAT TRULY CONNECTS quantum physics and T.Œ.

Of course we humans are also complex beings besides our mechanics of ∂a (actions of motions) but we do not try to explain actions such as reproduction (particle decoupling), gauging of information (spin z-orientation) and social evolution (magnetic distribution), with ‘mathematical equations’ as those are like the 3 body-problem, actions which ‘have a restricted quantity of information available’ as in the 5D fractal space-time Universe, there are infinite Œ with external membranes that protect information from outer analysis.

That is the essence and beauty of the free, individual scale of the Universe. NOBODY knows ALL the information of any entity except the entity itself, which is the only one with 1-probabiluty of absolute information.

Humans though have megalomaniac pretensions of being God-like, trying control-freak behavior with reality INSTEAD of understanding the living whys of those particles.

All this said, we can then consider a fast survey of the mathematical elements of the H-planckton-wave duality fusion the ‘organic perspective’.

De Broglie’s Wave Theory

Quanta of light had never, of course, been treated in this manner; but de Broglie saw no reason why particles of matter, since they, too, are “isolated fragments of energy,” should not also have an associated internal periodic process. When the particle is at rest the frequency of the internal process is v0 and the energy of the particle is hv0, following the Einstein equation. Another Einstein energy equation can also be applied to the particle at rest,

(m0 is the particle’s rest mass), this one being derived from the theory of special relativity. When the two energies are equated the rest frequency of the internal periodic process is found to be

The frequency v0 follows the internal process according to the particle’s “own clock.” A fixed observer, who sees the particle moving with velocity v = ßc (ß = v/c), finds a different frequency V1, which must be less than v0 by the factor 1— ß2,

due to the relativistic “dilation” of time intervals. This, however, is not the frequency which the quantum theory associates with a moving particle. Write the quantum theory frequency as v, so that, according to the two Einstein equations above, the particle’s energy is either hv or to the fixed observer who sees the particle moving with velocity v = ßc.

The problem of reconciling the frequencies v and v1 was central to de Broglie’s investigation. It determined the “whole trend” of his work. He solved the problem in a formal way by assigning the frequency v not directly to the internal periodic behavior of the particle, but to a wave that accompanies the particle through space and time in such a way that it is always in phase with the internal process. This is, then, a traveling wave whose phase at time t and at the point x where the particle is located is (assuming linear motion) in which u is the “phase velocity” of the wave (the velocity of a particular wave crest).  The phase velocity u is now evaluated by making the two phases the same.

Two properties of de Broglie’s particle waves have been determined, the frequency v and phase velocity u. A third property, the wave-length X, can be related to these two with an equation common to all wave motion.

The real strength of de Broglie’s argument lies in the various simple and highly suggestive uses he found for his particle waves. One of these develops a remarkable “wave equation” for the particle momentum. Begin with the relativistic equation for the momentum, p = m0v/ 1 — ß2, and transform it to wave language as follows:

The symbol v, as before, represents the wave number. A momentum equation, p = hv, known to the world as the “de Broglie equation,” has been brought forth with a mathematical and physical appearance very close to the Einstein energy equation E == hv. The two equations E = hv and p = hv put in a particularly acute form the difficulties of the wave-particle duality. Each equation has a “particle quantity” on the left, a “wave quantity” on the right and the ever-present Planck’s constant standing between.

The phase velocity of the de Broglie particle waves has the seemingly impossible property that it is greater than the velocity of light (the particle velocity v is always less than c, so that u = c2/v > c). How can the motion of these mysterious waves possibly relate to the actual motion of a particle? De Broglie demonstrated that the physically significant wave velocity is not the phase velocity but the “group velocity,” the velocity of the reinforcement regions formed when many waves are superimposed.


Practical analysis: the Galilean paradox in electronic and light motions.

For that reason, we can always consider a stop and go motion in physics; which has enormous repercussions in theoretical physics and the understanding of relativity and the Lorentz transformations, treated elsewhere in those texts:Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 20.40.10

In the graph, the stop and go motion of electrons and the virtual creation and extinction of particles in the light space-time sheet, have a quite different enlightening description in relational space-time physics. Some of the phenomena involved:

Electrons and anti-electrons are time past to future (life longer) and future to past (death shorter) time arrows. As such both inverse functions past-entropy (antiparticle) x future-information (particle) = Present light space-time, annihilate giving birth to the relative ‘present-space’ of our galactic world, light space-time.

Light space-time condensates into virtual particles, Spe>Tƒ, evolving the field of motion into a particle of charge, which then dissolves back in Tƒ<Spe, an antiparticle event. Both collide giving birth to present, and any of those similar space-time equations provide an insight in the particle-antiparticle duality. Further on it explains why there are less antiparticles in total space-time, as they are as many in space, as many ‘deaths as lives’ we might say, but death is an instant, so we do NOT see as many antiparticles that last so little as we do not see many corpses in the our daily life – even if there are as many as living on the long count.

Further on, because information is perceived and emitted in stillness, the previous process of stop and go, electronic stop, emission of ¥ rays, motion, stop perception of ¥ rays, means that in relativity we can also construct a new metric in which time and length remain constant and what changes is the speed of light, since we are perceiving (Michelson’s experiment) a process of electronic stoppage every time it emits and perceives light, hence LIGHT becomes c-constant because to emit it and perceive it the electron stops, IN RELATIONSHIP to its lower ‘gravitational space-time’ in which the electron co-exists.

Then how do we measure and operate in frames of reference that are still and moving is the knots and bolts of Galilean and einsteinium relativity? Relativity though is an incomplete theory in its explanation of what studies. It studies only a membrane of space-time of the 5th dimension, that of c-speed/time in as much as it is light space-time, the medium where we ‘float’. Over what that light imprints itself (gravitational space) is of not concern here. Suffice to say that in the game of Russian dolls, the gravitational doll is larger and encases with points of faster rotational time frequency (black holes) and lines of faster lineal momentum (strings), the light space-time. The transition between both worlds thus imply as always in any up and down transition along the 5th dimension a change in the speed of time and size in space of each quanta and bit of spatial energy and temporal information.

In what concerns though our world we live in a region of speeds and densities of space and time, which we might call the thermodynamic range, which is well in the stable zone of light space-time (well above, O k and below c – speed).

This entire revis(it)ed Relativity analysis could itself fill a bulky book, and give us deep insights on the way our mind or an electronic instrumental mind bias the perception of motions and stillness. It is not though a main theme in an introduction.

Recap: Time is change. Physics is dedicated to measure particles and forces in space and time with the restricted concept of ‘time-clock’ – the study of change in the cyclical motions of beings with an instrument called ‘the clock’ and a single language, mathematics. Logic is dedicated to the wider analysis of all types of time-changes, with all types of instruments and languages. It follows that the Logic definition of Time as change is wider and more important for a General Theory of Time than the Physical definition of time clock.

The Galilean Paradox is equivalent to the isomorphism and isotropism of the Universe at small scales, in the region of the infinitesimals, ∆ˆ-1 quanta of the upper scale. Regardless of their true content of energy and information in close view, the quanta of a Universal scale appears as infinitesimal indivisible, in the quantum’s scale.

In that regard the perspectives that do matter are the ones of the 10 components of the generator:

The truth of present quantum physics.

Now once we have dealt with the basic notions of light space and its similar forces, it is time to get more classic and referential with canonical physics – the quantum model, correcting though some of its errors of ‘subjectivity’, ‘mathematical reductionism’ and ‘experimental limits with the OLE method, of non-human Objectivity, multiple linguistic points of view and Experimental Evidence, to the service of truth (and the added classic methodology of Minimalism, Correspondence and cyclical predictability): Œ=Mc2.

Seriously, if there is any scientific discipline where those errors are paramount is in quantum physics because against the rightful opinion of the 3 foremost physicists of the XX century, and pioneers of the discipline, Planck, Einstein and Schrodinger, for whom I have a deep respect, the ‘idealist’, ‘polemist’, gregarious and influential tern of Bohr, Heisenberg and Born imposed their ‘Germanic, Hegelian, imaginary, abstract entelechies of mathematical only interpretations’ very much on the Mood of Mr. Hilbert and the rest of the ‘gothic’ thinkers of that age, for whom ‘mathematics was imaginary’ as Hilbert famously started his ‘axiomatic method’, let us imagine a point, a line and a plane.

THIS WON’T DO in a T.Œ, which pretends to describe objectively, experimentally and linguistically with all the mind mirrors available to man the Universe.

So we will NOT accept quantum subjectivity. Electrons ARE NOT IDENTICAL because we just can perceive them ONLY IN THOSE TERMS and hence extract from them only statistical and probabilistic information, as WE DO WITH molecules in thermodynamics, pigs in farms and with PEOPLE in economics. Those are OUR limits, but we are to suppose that while the same probabilistic laws work for insurance companies with humans, atoms in crystals and particles in quantum theory ALL systems are made of particles which differ in position and momentum (externally measured) and have ‘internal parts’ which will differ, on close view. And so on and so on. So we consider absurd and arrogant that an economist would tell all humans are equal because he handle us with money, the constant of action of economics. This was the jump of the Copenhagen interpretation we reject. We DO use probabilities in insurance, thermodynamics and quantum but that does NOT mean humans, and molecules and particles are INDISTINGUISHABLE if we had enough information on them. To believe so is to substitute the limits of our perception with the subjective vision that what man measures is the ONLY reality that exists.

It is far more important and intriguing to realize that THROUGH 5TH DIMENSIONAL PLANES, information and energy does not transfer and so the human mind IS limited to know not all but only part of the information of a being.

Thus if we call 1 the total information of a being, there will be a probability of truth which in T.Πwe calculate according to the OLE method, as the product of Objectivity, Linguistic Complexity and Experimental evidence.

It is not important to quantify but to qualify ANY theory by its objectivity (human detachment of it), and reject subjective theories. So this is the point where we can give 1 or 0 value, to objective or subjective theories. Copenhagen interpretation is subjective of 0 value. Schrodinger’s is 1 value. And Einstein’s though not realized, is a potential 1 value (to explain as the rest of science, that is with correspondence to other theories quantum physics).

THUS THIS WILL BE THE ACCEPTED VIEW, NOT the rejection of the experimental facts (duality particle-wave, which as we have seen has an immediate explanation in the ACTUAL fact all systems do have an ST>Tƒ, wave-particle structure or body-head in biology), but THE SEARCH FOR logic, isomorphic explanations to those quantum facts. As we just have done with the duality, or in previous paragraphs with the collapse of the wave when observed, as all moving systems collapse into tight particle-configurations when ‘attacked’ by a perpendicular force that invades its vital space from armies to schools to fractal electronic waves. WE DO NOT ACCEPT LAZY, CUCKOO idealist German outdated arrogant Hilbert-like pseudo-Nazi religions of science all the rage in the XX century which in history did give birth with the same conceptual Hegelian views to Nazism, Communism and the like. Point.

Then the other 2 legs of truth to sustain a theory, Linguistic Complexity and experimental evidence, which can be quantified (and the equivalent, MC2, minimalism, correspondence and cyclic predictability, associated to the OLE elements as we refer in the foreword to this article.)

Linguistic complexity according to the isomorphisms of Nature implies that if we can describe a system with an organic, 5D structure, hence from an organic point of view, if we can describe it through its life-death cycle in time, hence from a causal, logic point of view, and we can describe it through its symmetries of space, hence from a mathematical, topological point of view (either using a continuous differential model of geometry or a discrete arithmetic model of quanta – both are equivalent as we explain in U±∞ on mathematics and on our analysis of space-time symmetries), and finally we can describe it mentally, from the perspective of a linguistic 0-point of mind and its 5 actions of survival, considering the possibility that that system can receive and emit information either through time-logic languages or mathematical spatial forces (and this can be objectively evaluated by experience), we DO have a maximal 1 truth in our model.

So we shall give 1/4 values for Organic, Mathematical, Causal and Mental/action/survival analysis.

On that view, the present quantum ‘so much praised’ mathematical description, considered even in Britannica, the ‘highest intellectual achievement’ of the XX century, is still 1/4th of the truth of quantum physics, that of an external, human observer, which limits itself (without Copenhagen interpretations) to 1/4th of the truth of quantum physics. Now let us not be stingy and consider that while not acknowledging it, quantum physics does give us a lot of information on the cyclicality, organic structure and causal symmetries of its physical systems and rise those bits and bites here and there to around ½ of truth. We will then try to fill up the rest with organic, mental and cyclical time models to grasp the whole of it.

Since finally the Experimental evidence, is indeed close to 1. We cannot extract more knowledge of quantum physics from the human perspective (1 is the truth humans can extract from a system, obviously, only the system has ALL the information about itself, so we are here on the Heisenberg concept that we do have to explain the observed facts, but NOT on his theory that THE OBESERVED FACTS IS ALLW HAT THERE IS TO IT, this is the idealist, arrogant human part on it). Now there is not further important experimental evidence requires since the kind of nuclear physics experiments taking place in quantum (accelerators, creation of big-bangs and black holes on earth) put mankind at risk of extinction and an extinct researcher knows nothing, so it is a potential risk to put to waste the obtained 1 x 1 (Schrodinger -Einstein interpretation completed in this blog) x ½ (modeling which is mathematically maximal, but lacks recognition of the organic phenomena it describes, such as the wave particle duality and collapse, or the social hierarchies between quanta and wholes, etc., which we will also complete in this blog)

All in all we give quantum theory ½ of truth, we do have hopes that with the help of T.Œ, if not this researchers old and sick and unable to complete the herculean job, but easily a few dedicated physicists on his paths, will be able to complete an put quantum to the level of the known-known physical systems, between the molecular –chemical scale and the geological surface system, of the earth which are qualified today as 1×1 x 1 (limited information starting on the interior of the sun and the planet).

And so we MUST apply the isomorphic method to quantum physics. We MUST explain all together its discoveries with all those isomorphic perspectives, and top the discipline with the organic, causal, topological explanation of its ‘constants’, of which we already offered a teaser on the previous paragraph.

But things have gotten worse since the times there was at least an argument between Schrodinger and Einstein on one side and Bohr, Born and Heisenberg on the idealist, ego-centric human point of view. The latter won and now there is NO argument, not even interest on understanding the ‘other properties’ of quantum systems, as after II world war, the evolution of chips made quantum physics just an industrial praxis, no longer a theoretical search for the ultimate truths of nature (and no, to classify the zoo of particles is not to find the ultimate answers, as to classify species of ants is NOT to resolve the theory of evolution, the answer, which will always be a synthetic T.Œ departing from experimental evidence).

And now our big statement: Physics, as most human scientific endeavors, during the age of ‘electronics’ and metal-minds, due to the excess of irrelevant information obtained with those machines (breaking Minimalist, simple symmetries), bias towards mathematical only models (the language of those mental machines) and the pumping up of the human observers’ ego, an infinitesimal ever more stupid by atrophying his brain to metal machines (loose of objectivity) is widely breaking the scientific method.

And the result of this is the perception that because the Human Observer does NOT see enough of the quantum and cosmic scales, they ARE different (here the observer limit is confused with the observable), and even more bizarre theories (anthropic principle, where the Universe is created to create man not man is created by the Universe), the big bang (the observer must know it all and since man is finite in time and space so it is the Universe to fit it with all its properties into his minimalist mind), entropy only theories (here the militaristic, lineal, visual ‘white man’ physicist, crossed with the visual Neanderthal genetically and memetically with the history of weapons, decides that the Universe is lineal and energetic, dying into the future because that is his worldly military profession as physicist), and so on and so on.

All this we shall repeat as the Universe repeats its truths, is pure scientific error, because we shall show ALL scales of reality are similar follow the 10 isomorphisms and symmetries of those equations and can be described, ascribing differences to two simple reasons:

– Human subjective errors.

– Fractal structure of the universe in which each fractal scale is SIMILAR not equal, so there are indeed variations between a cell and a human, but both are living beings with the same space-time functions and topologies.

Now we keep for latter the argument on the objectivity of relativity theory, and give you the analysis of the observable Tiƒ, masses and charges and how they indeed are proofs of the fractal nature of the Universe, as both can be unified through the metric of 5D as the two time clocks of the largest and smallest observable scales of the Universe.

Connecting knots: De Broglie, mass, frequency and time and energy dilation

But this is NOT the internal property of mass, which is a vortex of accelerated gravitational time, E=mc2+E=hƒ->M=ƒ(K).

We shall latter a more detailed analysis on the first concepts of quantum physics and its relationship with 5D, physics around those 2 Einstein equations and De Broglie’ interpretations of it, as he found that all physical ‘quanta’ had a body-wave and a head-particle as they move over an energy field:

Se (lineal field) < ST – wave < Spherical Particle of information.

And so he wrote: λ x P (mv ) = H (Planckton)

Written in 5D as Vs (Se-field) > l (ST-wave) > m (Tƒ) = H

But while this is now standard 1st course of physics, what is of interest in De Broglie original paper is its disquisitions about the difference between the wave internal clock and the particle clock, as he focused on the ‘time element’ of E=Hv, and how time changed its clock slowing down as the wave-particle increased its speed-length in the 5th dimension, by a proportion, which we should now remark is equal to Einstein’s increase of energy of the system in Special relativity, such as, if we consider that an increase in the speed of the wave is in fact a growth of the wave space-distance: ∆ L = -∆Tƒ x ∆Sp=K,

So we can now return to the 4 theories of mass, the Sp-Energy Hamiltonian, Se-Poisson gradient, Tiƒ-Einstein’s forms and Tƒ-Newton’s/Kepler time-space vortex which gave us the simplest Unification Equation for all of them… to do some conceptual thinking (as usual we stress physical numbers are ok and equations will be dealt with in 4th line, concepts do matter though and must be clarified in this 2nd line first).

The 3+∆ perspectives of gravitational forces.

Let us thus consider a more advanced application of the isomorphic=linguistic method to make sense of the evolution of a specific branch of physical systems – the study of gravitational forces and its isomorphisms, which give birth to 3+0 different type of equations to describe the same system from the perspective of those 3+0 systems.

An important fact of all sciences is the parallelism of the formulation, both in qualitative and quantitative terms of any law of science, which seem all seemingly close to the truth (the total truth of a system, by definition only exists in the system itself, which carries all its information).

This now can be explained, considering that epistemological truths require as all forms and motions, a ‘perspective’ or point of view, which in a Universe with 4 essential components, which we shall resume in 4 words, ‘fractal actions of space and time’, gives us a total of 4 basic interpretations of all systems.

Whereas the total truth available to human perception, would be the sum of them all. Let us consider an example, as we have used elements of its structure in this introduction: the 4 explanations of the laws of gravitation, which correspond to the spatial-formal-relativistic, temporal-moving-Newtonian, scalar-gradient-Poisson and action-lagrangian perspectives of the analysis of gravitational forces:

The evolution of the concept of mass, from classic physics, in which the rubber-model of relativity considered mass a solid substance in the center of the gravitational space-time whirl, to the pictures of bubble chambers in which the vortex seems not to have anything in its center, as a hurricane does, to the fractal understanding of those vortices of mass as composed of many smaller fractal vortices.

 In the graph, 3+∆ different descriptions of gravitational space-time. While most physicist would only consider the first one (description of the form/curvature of space-time with Einstein’s equation), as it is the most modern/detailed; in reality they represent 4 relative ceteris paribus analysis of the ‘scalar space-time’ of gravitation, which stress the 3 relative elements of all systems, its ‘motion’, which can be seen as ‘form’ (Galilean Paradox), and ‘exists’ not only in a single plane but in a ‘5th dimension’ with an scalar gradient of size or speed.

Hence Newton’s central equation describes a vortex in motion, Einstein describes the form of space-time and Poison, the gradient of increasing acceleration of the field. We shall often find in science a binary or ternary equivalent description of a system. Only one-dimensional humans tend to think the ‘last’ one is valid.

For example in quantum physics we have the static, formal perception of Heisenberg’s Matrix, and the wave-motion perception of Schrodinger. Of the many new disciplines of knowledge open by scalar fractal space and cyclical time, the reorganization of all theories according to its relative truth, integrates all of them as partial visions of the ‘total truth’ about a system, which will require at least those 3 points of view.

Finally the perspective of a cyclical zero sum, between birth and extinction is provided by Lagrangian/Hamiltonian Mechanics, and the principle of stationary actions, which states for physics the basic pattern of a worldcycle, in which an entity will choose on a trajectory of possible multiple histories, certain maximal and minimal ‘zero’ points that make it go through the 3 ‘phases’ of a space-time cycle and end in a zero point.

And the 4 will be valid with different uses. Scholars will prefer the more complex. In this blog as a norm we shall use them all but stress the simplest one, as it is normally the ‘first historic analysis’, which highlights the most important elements. I.e. Newton’s theory of an accelerated mass turning in a vortex like motion goes to the core of what ‘gravitation is’: a force that transform lineal space into cyclical clocks of time.

Einstein’s analysis of the entire space-time as an static form filled with curvatures provoked by energy and mass, simply is too abstract and mathematically complex to discover that simple truth (though Einstein did made clear the concept with its Principle of equivalence: gravitation ≈ acceleration, hence it follows easily that a mass is just the final phase of that accelerated, cyclical vortex of gravitation). We shall consider this kind of questions in depth when we get to complete the 4th line of this endeavor (maybe in 2016).

Now, contrary to belief, if we were to consider one of those 4 systems only, it is Newton’s the one more important, because it goes to the essence. As a rule the first ideas, the simplest models are those who give us the deepest understanding, and those are the time-motion perspective, while the last more complex, static analysis give us the highest details – and that would be the Einstein’s perspective.

It means that we must rely on the work of Einstein and Riemann on a fractal, topological analysis, not on a probabilistic description to understand mass, black holes, and big bangs of quark-gluon soups.

Because of the mathematical complexity of fractal relativity, we shall consider here a simplified approach to those themes, using Newton’s description of a fluid vortex, which is 90-percent-plus accurate, and focus on the conceptual principles. But there is available literature in the work of those and other fractal pioneers to fully grasp the meaning of mass, gravitation, black holes, quark condensates and the consequences for mankind of making those hurricanes of space-time on Earth.

The mathematical modeling of cyclones as fractals has been verified by practical observation. A large tornado harbors multiple suction vortices inside the column of dust, and subsidiary whirls continually form and dissipate around the bottom edges of a tornado.

This is the simplest image of what a black hole is: a series of quark spins that form the densest space-time fluid of the Universe.

Today, the previous picture of a vortex of space-time dragging masses into a black hole has become a commonplace in the analogical research of black holes to the point that physicists study black hole properties with “dumb holes” made with atomic superfluid vortices. It is a very pertinent comparison. The difference is that what it falls into the black hole are the tiniest forms of the gravitational membrane: fractal strings and their wholes, quarks and gluons. That is why a black hole erases our light reality: it sucks, folds, and packages in the form of a superfluid all the quarks and matter of our Universe. In fact, the proof of that theory and the falsity of black hole evaporation have come with the first experiments that tried to make a dumb black hole of atomic superfluids that absorb sound phonons instead of light phonons. They did it at Haifa just a year ago; they were atomic superfluid vortices, Bose-Einstein condensates that turned at supersonic speeds inside the vortex, absorbing sounds. They were self-similar to quark holes that absorb light, but they did not evaporate or emit the slightest trace of sounds. So they were called dumb holes. This means quark holes will not evaporate either.

Transformations of Fractal Space/Energy and Fractal Information/Clocks of Time

We now have enough understanding of the mathematical structure of fractal beings as networks of self-similar cells/points with a content of lineal energy and cyclical information to understand what we mean by a Universe made of fractal space and fractal time.

The simplest one of those beings in our Universe is the drawing we made of an electromagnetic field. This entity defined by Planck as H, an action of energy and time, has two fields, one of magnetic energy and one of electric form. Yet it is also a piece of fractal space-time that occupies a space and has a clock/frequency rhythm. We are all made of evolved pieces of light, which is absorbed and evolved into electrons, which are the electroweak substance of which reality is made. And when we put together all those pieces of reality, the medium of light-space in which we exist and all the evolved beings of light, we get the Universe. Imagine a sea of water where the medium is water and the pieces that swim on it are indeed evolved forms of water (we have 90 percent of water in our bodies). All together form the ocean.

The ocean is not an “abstract” space-time Cartesian coordinates. In essence, any fractal space-time can be defined as a medium of formless space, made of a network of simple bites of energy, inhabited by more complex informative beings. And each of those beings can also be modeled by the complementarity principle with two elements—a body of spatial, energetic cells/points and a head or particle made with a network of fractal cycles of information.

Even the simplest particles, quarks, are made of networks of smaller particles called gluons while electrons are nebulae of smaller particles, ultradense photons, shown in the most recent pictures of electrons, which seem as a bundle of curved light rays. The topology and structure of those organic networks might vary, but all comes to the same shapes: force and lines of energy create the vital spaces of reality, and cycles and clocks of information create the clocks of time of the Universe.

A fractal is a system of self-similar cells generated by a feedback equation that transforms energy into information. This complex definition of a fractal being can be made more precise when we understand the meaning of the generator equation of a fractal in the real world, beyond the language of mathematics. Any informative code can be a generator equation of a fractal being. A human fractal is generated by the code of information of the genome; a mathematical fractal is generated by a much simpler equation. The Universe and all its systems are in that sense fractals with different generating equations of different complexities. Yet what unify them all are the two “essential” geometries that combine to paint the four-dimensional fractal beings of the Universe, spatial energy and temporal information. And this is what fractal theorists9 mean by a Universe made of fractal energy and information.

In simple mathematical terms, if we call energy e and information I, we can then write the generator equation of all the fractal beings of the Universe as a feed-back cycle that transforms energy into information back and forth, generating all its space-times. And that fractal equation is nothing else than the principle of conservation of energy and information quoted before in this book:

All what exists is a fractal being that transforms back and forth energy into information: e< =>Tƒ.

We don’t need to go in this book in complex mathematical analysis, as we are interested in explaining the simplest fractal networks of quarks that form black holes and quark stars. Notice though the difference of the two mathematical symbols of the previous equation: The symbol that gathers together space particles is a sum, which means that space particles form “waves,” loosely organized that move around a field of energy in which they feed. The symbol used for informative particles is a multiplication symbol, which means informative particles form networks, “knots.” For example, in a neuronal network, each particle is fixed and connected to many other particles. The result is that a network of informative cells can form a “mirror,” which can reflect an “image” that “gauges” reality into a language and so it can create a “mind.” The result indeed is that herds of lineal, moving particles “absorb” energy and move, and knots of cyclical information, gauge and perceive.

Further on, knots can be broken in their connections so Tƒ networks can become herds of energy by losing its “connective dimension” and vice versa.

When mathematics evolved, those symbols evolved. So instead of sums and multiplications, modern physics use differential and integral equations to describe energy and information; and then in the twentieth century, we use fractal equations for information or chaotic equations for entropy.

All this is a more complex view needed to explain the behavior of electronic nebulae that sometimes act as a network (and indeed your mind is basically a mirror image made with electronic nebulae) and sometimes as a wave-flow. This is the ultimate meaning of duality. So all can exist in two states in many different scales: masses or charges or clocks or heads are all species of information, but they swim over a field or body of energy and sometimes gauge information and sometimes move. What then creates the stability of the Universe? A fundamental law of the Universe called invariance of its motions, forms, and scales.

The three invariances of the Universe are the invariance of motion proved by Einstein, the invariance of scale proved by Nottale, and the invariance of form proved in this blog. They are the three principles that hold together and explain the self-similarity of all the species of the Universe. In other words, while there are infinite different species of energy and information, their “shapes” are invariant in any scale and their motions (perception of shape as movement) are also invariant.

In the graph, informative clocks of time are cyclical and surfaces of energy are lineal to maximize their functions: informative systems resemble a spiral or sphere since those geometries store maximum information in minimum space, accumulating its cycles/cells in the informative dimension of height, from black holes to heads and nervous systems. Bites and bodies of energy resemble the line or plane since that opposite geometrical form covers the shortest distance between two points, the maximum extension with minimum volume, accumulated in the width dimension as space. In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the bodies and heads of humans, animals, or machines because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Energy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between two points and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms because cycles store maximal information in minimal space. For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common, but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like the missile. On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines. And those chips order bodies of metal with digital information.





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