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In this post and future subposts we shall consider the Galaxy from the kaleidoscopic perspective of its pentalogic elements, time, space, scale, its languages of gravitational information and electromagnetic energy and its negation (entropic=death processes or quasar big-bang). We shall thus study its 5 Dimotions as a super organism tracing a world cycle. And study also time permitted a more complex D¹¹ view that analyzes dynamically the Galaxy from its seed-mind, the central top quark bc-dark atom swarm of black holes that reproduces and evolves it as a ‘gala cell’, similar to a cell in function and forms. As such the galaxy can be compared to the atom in quantitative terms as both have the same 5D metric, and forces. But as an organism is better compared to a cell in functions. And of course as scales are similar but not equal they can be studied and should be studied once those comparisons are a guidance to resolve its structure and hidden information and functions, in its own. Hence the 3 names we use for the galaxy, by the Disomorphic method of comparing scales to extract common structures and laws:

-∆-4 comparison: The galatom.

-∆-2 comparison: The galacell.

-Ƽ: the galaxy.



The Galaxy Is a ternary supœrganism of scalar space-time tracing a quasar worldcycle. Below the Galactic 5Dimotional vital actions. Above its physiologic networks=topologies.

The guidance to advance further than present knowledge on astrophysics thanks to the insights of 5D² comes from the symmetry between the scale of atoms and galaxies, which have in 5D metric the same structure as gravitational and quantum vortex, when we apply vortex laws (either in newtonian or Einstein’s formalism – we use here for the sake of simplicity the Newton’s vortex from where via Poisson’s potential Einstein derived his work; so NEWTON is also valid when there is no need for great accuracy). 

In the graph, galaxies are super organisms constantly reproducing new stars, in its mitochondria, guided by an informative field, gravitation, dominated by quark-like, strange stars and top quark black holes, forming a symmetry with its lower scales of dark entropy (tachyon, neutrino? beams, that stretch intergalactic space to z>c).

In the graph, we can see many of the homologies of the galaxy atom, which at ∆±3 clearly formed an isomorphism of scale that related them both as mind-singularity (quark top black hole stars) and elements of the ‘strangelet-halo of hard proteins’ and mitcondrial region of ud, light particles, or atoms, which we inhabit, in the ∆º±1 thermodynamic scales.


THE 11 DIMENSIONAL PARAMETERS OF A GALATOM OR ANY SUPŒRGANISMS As we quantify and formalize reality, the best description of any T.œ is to consider, the being has 3∆st +2@¡=11 isomorphic dimensions: The membrain (mind+membrane) becomes the 2 key DIMENSIONS or ‘limiting conditions’ that focus into its 3 spatial, topologic organs (limbs/fieldsHead-particles, whose functions in time live through 3 ages of sequential dominance (young, dominant motion age, reproductive mature age and informative 3rd age), across its 3 ∆±1 relative planes of existence within its ∆-1 atoms/cells, ∆ø-thermodynamic/organic scale and ∆+1 outer world/gravitational-cosmological scale, which the mind ‘focuses as a single whole’ self-centered in the singularity and warped by a membrane. In topological terms beings are ‘an open ball of vital energy’ – its body, invaginated from the membrane to the brain-singularity through 3 physiological networks. So we can in the fractal Universe again consider each dimension as a whole and break it into ternary patterns. The development of this 11th DIMENSIONAL view in DYNAMIC TEMPORAL view give birth to a self-centered in a mind which in a dynamic way will evolve a seed of information, emerge as a super organism and live and die within the 3 scales of its inner and outer world is the basis for the Ðisomorphic method, which as the name indicates introduces ALL the elements required for a thorough study of the system: Its 11 Dimensions in space and Ðisomorphisms in time – the more complex view of those 5 Ðimotions, studied in the 3rd line of a full world cycle of existence. In the graph, we show those 11 parameters, trying to cope with the correspondence Principle relating them to the ‘dimensions’ of classic physics and the 5 Ðimotions, we have given the same number we give to the 3 Ðimotions of information, locomotion and iteration to the 3 spatial dimensions; maintaining for the 4th dimension of present-time the name given by Einstein to the present simultaneous time of relativity and the fifth dimension of social evolution, to the implosive accelerated motion; hence we just had to displace the entropic 6th dimension of time. And then finally in the architectonical universe in which space is a slice of time-motion, a slice of scalar dimensions, the easier naming of the 7th dimension of the being, its lower dimension of ∞:8 parts and the upper 9th dimension of its higher, ∆+1 warped by the 10th and 11th dimensions of the membrain and mind-singularity, which is properly speaking the 11th dimension of the being as ‘1’ of the higher scale, ∞º=1. In the graph a picture of the galaxy in 11 DIMENSIONS, above its ternary topologies for a range of its parts, in the middle its 3 time-ages/states/arrows and below its 3 scales, with the ‘membrain’ that should surround each galaxy or binary/group system as a whole. BUT this said, we rather upgrade stience and the concept of dimensions, distinguishing the following terms: Dimensions of space, Motions of Time, Dimotions=actions of spacetime; isomorphisms=parameters for the structural description of the T.œ more focused in its spatial still structure and 11 DIMENSIONS when we re-arrange those properties in the most efficient logic manner to describe a world cycle.

Ðisomorphic method studies in a vital, sequential time manner the world cycle of beings. As such is the equivalent in time of the Generator equation of supœrganisms and its compressed Rashomon method of 5 ternary asymmetric ‘truths-points of view’ of the system, a more static democratic spatial expression, on how systems co-exist in space. In time though they are guided by a hierarchical singularity point, the will of existence, the still mapping language, the inner parts of the fractal point-mind whose ‘travel through the 5th dimension of space-time’  is the ultimate meaning of existence. We divide that travel into a generational sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal points), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe a series of asymmetric actions reproducing 3 physiological networks that create the being as an ∆º species of that larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through the 3±∆ ages of existence, studied in detail through its 8 life-cycles, traveling/interacting through social scales as it forms part of a lager super organism, and through the 9 perceived planes of reality, in which it will perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeiou:motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction and social evolution). So the Universe in all its magnificent iterative perspective or any of its fractal parts reduces to this ‘simple game of exis=t¡ence.

In the graph, while we have used in this introductory post on 5D¹¹ Astronomy the concept of a scalar fifth dimension, under the correspondence principle (using the models of classic physics), a more formal analysis of the equations of mathematical astro-physics and its ∆st scales and supœrganisms is easier in terms of 11 isomorphic equations of logic form, considering the 3 scales of size, the 3 topologies of space, the 3 ages of time and the ‘singularity+membrain’ which forms the linguistic mind of the system as its 10 dimensions that create a supœrganism plugged into a larger world.

The graph shows them for the galaxy.

In the graph  the 11 dimensions of any physical system in this case the dimensions of the galaxy, 3 ∆±1 scalar dimensions as the system co-exist on them, three topological space dimension, three age, temporal dimensions and the mind membrain. Those are the dimensions of any system of reality (we use the term 5D for classic analysis given the preponderance of 3+1 st analysis in classic physics, but this is the real deal. 11 is also the dimensions of strings, but the whole subject is too complex for this introduction and i might say quite irrelevant, beyond understanding the T-duality and the vital properties of strings that reproduce, switch on and of between time and space stats and follow nicely by ‘spontaneous generation’ – that is physicists hard work with maths, magically all the laws of GST.

If we use for each of those dimensions an equation or formalism that defines it ceteris paribus, then we have 10 sub-equations of the generator that expresses them all:

Γ•: ∆-1: $-Past≈entropic field ≤≥ ∆ Ø-ST present≈iterative wave ≤≥ ∆+1 O future=informtive particle.

Whereas the whole-‘mind’ is the generator, the three scales are defined topologically: |-field, O-particle, Ø-wave and in terms of its past to future functions (entropy, iteration and information).

In the graph we see above the ternary symmetry of space, and a few of its ∆<3 elements within the galaxy; in the middle its perception as single time arrows=actions in big-bangs of entropy, reproductive waves and accelerated informative vortices, masses and charges, and below its 3 main scale, the galactic gravitational vortex, the human thermodynamic scale and the quantum scale.

Finally we see the ‘membrane’ that should close together each galaxy or local group with quark dark matter making the supœrganism a fractal closed system atom of a larger Universe, whose size should be so huge compared to our tiny galaxy-atom that makes ridiculous the egotist human view that all the Universe is just the local region of galaxies atoms we see with our limited instruments.

The ∆@ST Ðisomorphisms of Galaxies.

Note. As the web progresses each link of the 10 Isoforms will connect to specific studies of each ∆-scale. Till then they connect to the general analysis of them.

S@ Ðisomorphisms 

0th Disomorphism: Monad:  Œ-Point x ∞ World = Constant mind Mapping

Black holes are ‘gravitational animals’ which become in the central swarm the ‘DNA’ of the ‘gala cell’, which controls its reproductive stars. The galaxy in that sense must be compared not only with an atom at physical level but with a cell at organic one.

Black holes are protons of the cosmic scales in a new ∆=10 game. They embody the ‘mind’ of the galaxy. They are the key to explain the stability of the Universe, almost immortal quark systems, the most perfect top predator of the game of existence…

In astrophysics cyclical time defines the vortices of space-time of the 3 scales, or singularity-masses (gravitational scales), thermodynamic vortices (eddies) and charges (quantum vortices), which can be unified as attractive vortices (time view) or space curvatures of the 3 scales:

018-02-16 at 7.59.50 AM

As we show in the post on force unification, then q and g becomes: curvature (Space view) vortices ime view) of two scales (∆±i view) on the two upper and lower limits of @-mind perception; solving the hierarchy problem and ultimately completely opening our experimental understanding of quantum worlds, as we can see it in reverse from within as macro-galaxies. Protons then appear as top quark positive frozen stars, aka black holes; electrons as strangelet negative halos, and in between the far less dense photons become stars.

1st Disomorphism: Fractal Generator: Its 3 organic/networks: $t≤≥ ST≤≥§ð

Its 3 regions are a hyperbolic informative central hole, a reproductive body of stars and an external energetic membrane or Halo of heavy strangelets enclosing its 2.7K ¥-space-time:

$t:Halo < stars that evolve energy into informative mass-clocks> §ð (Black holes)


 ITS  Existential Constants: SxT, S/T, T/S, ∑S > ∑∏ >∆±1

Astrœ-physics study all the existential constants of galaxy, which are parallel to those of the quantum scale, translated by the ∆-metric of the 5th dimension. As such it is the key to its quantitative understanding, since the metric of the Galatom consider the two fundamental parameters of physics: $(c) x ð (h)= K


5th Disomorphism: Its planes of Existence and actions: ∆±4 Fractals

Galaxies are cells of Universal gaseous networks. Black holes are protons of the cosmic scales in a new i=10 game.

Thus the enormous difference of speed between both systems is compensated by the larger size. This is the foundation of the Unification equation of both scales the quantum atomic and cosmic galactic scale, treated elsewhere in this blog.

Indeed Physical systems show scalar isomorphisms between ¥-quantum & cosmic, gravitational scales (unification equation, Nottale’s work, gravito-magnetism, Relativity Invariance). i.e.: Black Holes and protons in 5D metric are both Schwarzschild holes of both scales.

The 8th scale of the Universe are its galaxies. In scalar space-time galaxies are akin to Atoms in the lower scale. The symmetry is remarkable: Einstein modeled his Walker-Einstein model of the Universe considering that galaxies acted as hydrogen atoms. Today astrophysicists model the stars around the black hole of the central galaxy as photon particles.

One of the biggest discoveries I did when translating the jargon of electromagnetism to ‘time vortices’, is that the G and Q main Universal Constants of the Physical Cosmos were in the ‘metric of the 5th dimension’, the same, belonging to two scales with a different speed of time, according to those co-invariant metric (Sp x Tƒ=k). Thus if we decelerated an atomic vortex and enlarged its size in space, finally the equation of the proton would be equivalent to that of a black hole, while the form of the spiral galaxy would correspond to an S1, P1 orbital.

This has 3 possible explanations, which we must combine to explain the main symmetry of scales, between the ∆=1 and ∆=7 scales (photons and stars) and ∆=2 and ∆=8 scales (atoms and galaxies):

  • We humans are just in the middle perception ∆=5 of an infinite Universe and so we perceive less and less of its 2 extremes to the point we finally only perceive (Dark matter and quantum uncertainty) the ‘barebones’ of the scalar space-time we observe, and both forms are similar (Metaphysical theory of scales as product of our perception). Thus it follows we can also model galaxies as the most similar organic form, the cell, with a DNA black hole center and a mitochondria of stars factories.
  • Both scales are indeed similar (not equal, as fractals have not 2 absolutely equal scales. And so the Universe is infinite, and we are Universes and nothingness in an Absolute Relative reality.
  • Larger systems feed and are sustained by smaller ‘pixels’ and ‘bites and bits’ of energy and information. So the larger whale animal feeds on the smaller one, the krill. And the larger system we see completely, the galaxy feeds on atomic, interstellar gas.
  • And we can learn a lot by modeling the non-visible inside of the atom with the visible Galactic spiral and vice versa, by modeling the invisible dark energy between galaxies with the equations of repulsive electromagnetism, since it becomes then evident that gravitation has a repulsive external to the atom force, dark energy.

All this I have explored in depth in the fascinating work I have done modeling a galaxy as a cell, an atom as a galaxy and all of them with the isomorphisms of 10 Di systems and organisms.

I have hundreds of pages of astrophysical studies, using the 3 ‘languages’ of the dimensions of scalar space-time:

Spatial languages, based in non-Euclidean geometry and 2-manifold topologies, which improve upon Einstein’s work.

Biological languages that define the scalar, organic structure of all the parts of the Universe. In this case, by modeling galaxies as cells.

Causal, logic languages, that explain the temporal, 3 dimensional ages of galaxies between birth and extinction.

Metaphysical, perceptive actions – the language of the will, which is the 10th dimension of a galaxy, embedded in the actions of its central black hole mind, whose ‘equations’ in ‘5 dimensions’ map out as the homunculus do in the human brain, the entire form of the galaxy in 4 dimensions (Maldacena).



The galaxy is the atom of the higher scale, from the ∆o centred human point of view which perceives as much from the galaxy than the atom: ∆±3:

5d 4scales

The 3 existential ∆±1 scales of galaxies are self-evident: ∆-1 stars, which form ∆-galaxies, which are part of the local Universe (limited by human perception), that might be just a field of Hydrogen gas with a few bigger atoms in the self similar 10th scale.

A such the galaxy-atom can be described as a social organism (its highest amount of information), as an astrophysical system, or as an atomic, physical form and all the perspectives will give us ∆i on the being.

As customary we shall apply the simple system of defining 10 set of isomorphic laws related to the fractal scales in space, and space-time symmetries (actions, world cycles) performed by beings on those ∆±3 scales which conform our ‘physical perception’ of the galaxy, expanding it with ‘organic’, and ‘full’ descriptions of it.

And so we can establish 2 fundamental Disomorphisms to study the whole as a series of kaleidoscopic mirrors:

-The atom-galaxy, for quantitative, mathematical physics modelling.

The concept of course has been around for long. EFE (Einstein’s field equations) applied to galaxies (Einstein-Walker formalism) is actually modelled to simplify calculus with galaxies as hydrogen atoms; Schrodinger’s equation was used by Wheeler to find a quantum formalism for the Universe; string duality considers universes and quantum strings the same; astronomers model stars around central black holes as photons, etc. But without a deep philosophical model of the fractal Universe provided in this blog, all those mathematical isomorphisms have been merely considered ‘techniques’ of calculus. The reader thus should be aware the mathematical physics – albeit complex to the level of specialists, do exist and what we shall beyond the Unification equation in Newtonian terms, introduce here is the depth of philosophical analysis and the Disomorphic properties of atomic galaxies.

The galaxy atom is the ‘solid’ last scale above and below perceived from the ∆º humind, at i=±3, the scale of perception of forces as pure motion or pure form in the limits of our ‘being’.

Its simpler mathematical formalism.

We shall only so how the power of 5D³ by finding the unification equation of charges and masses (general relativity) and upgrading worldlines to worldcycles (special relativity), as we have already dealt with the constancy of light speed (entanglement of electrons which emit information in relative stillness to each other).
Future, time arrows in physics are cyclical vortices of gravitation or charge or thermodynamic eddies, with a singularity of zero-motion in its center, which we do observe in thermodynamic vortices as we cannot ‘see’ inside a quark or top quark star (black hole). It is the arrow of future, as it is an attractive arrow that forms lineal entropic fields into form and will be the ‘final destiny’ of the quanta of an entropic field. We shall study for the three main scales of the supœrganism of the galaxy, which is the main physical system in which humans exist as its thermodynamic level.

Whereas the Universal Constants (G, Q), define the curvature of 2 space-time vortices at the ∆-1 quantum charge and ∆+1 cosmic mass scales. Its formalism, M= ω2r3/U.C.(G,Q) is its Unification Equation.

Since if we substitute for the Earth-sun system we obtain G, (1st ever theoretical deduction) and if we substitute for the Bohr Radius and Proton Mass, we obtain Q with a 1040 higher curvature value, the exact difference between both forces that solves its hierarchy problem.

As curvature in space is symmetric to rotational speed in time, symmetric to the attractive force of any vortex. It also proves the isomorphism between electromagnetic atoms and galaxies, H-atoms of the cosmic scale. Since when we translate electromagnetic equation into gravitational mass vortices, the proton radius becomes the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole and electronic orbitals star clouds, a result foreseen by Relativity that modeled galaxies as Hydrogen atoms in the Einstein-Walker Metric of the Cosmos. Organicism gives the ‘why’ of Galacells that have DNA- + Top Quark proton holes, star mitochondria that feed them & strangelet halos.

This simple Newtonian equation, however, in the fractal paradigm, should apply to any scale of the Universe, able to describe any vortex of space-time by merely changing the value of the universal constant UC (G), but that of the Universal Constant of any other scale. In the case of the microcosmic scale of electromagnetism, the Universal Constant of charge (Ke). Thus, we obtain the fractal equation of any vortex of time:

Universal constant of a space-time vortex, U (g, k) = w (angular speed)2 × radius3/ mass

If this is truth and the Universe is indeed a fractal of several scales, it means that the previous equation will be able to describe both, not only a gravitational vortex of space-time in the cosmological scale with the universal constant G, but also a charge as a quantum vortex of space-time with the universal constant k, the constant of Coulomb.

And so we have an essential equivalence between K and G for the two ‘enclosure’ ∆±1 scales of human existence, the quantum faster, stronger attractive curvature=speed of the electromagnetic vortex and the slower G-VORTEX, which allow us to unify as we did previously both fields. And translate the somewhat dull language of electromagnetism to that simpler of gravitation, showing some fascinating results, such as the proton showing the schwartzschild radius, Rg = 2GM/c² equation of a black hole in the larger scale when put on gravitational jargon.

Let us go into the task, of putting some numbers to the conceptual model, completing Einstein’s work with its long seeked…

Let us then substitute the parameters for the values of the sun (mass) minus earth (rotational speed and radius) to get G. The approximate values are as follows:

Sun mass = 2 × 1030 kg; Earth’s angular velocity 2 × 10-7 rad. per sec.

Earth’s orbit = 150 million kms.

Result: G=6.67 × 10 -11 kg-1 m3 rad. sec.-2

This is standard gravitational theory. What has never been done, because the fractal paradigm was not known till recently, is to substitute in the same equation of gravitational cosmological masses the mass radius and speed of the space-time vortex by the values of the fundamental quantum space-time vortex, a hydrogen atom/charge.

If the thesis of a fractal universe made of hierarchical scales is truth, then those values should give us the value of the universal constant of charges, the Coulomb constant.

Indeed, if we substitute for the proton (mass) and the Bohr electronic orbital (speed and radius)

4 × 1016 rad. sec. -1 = w (electron);

5.3 × 10-11 m. (Bohr radius);

proton mass = 1.6 × 10 -27 kg.

Then we get a G, which is 2×1039 stronger than the gravitational radius; thus, the hydrogen atom behaves as a self-similar fractal scale in the quantum world to a solar system.

And then you can get also the electron radius expressed in the jargon of a quantum gravitational world using the translated ‘Gravitational Coulomb constant’: G(k)M/c2.

But since in that expression M is the mass of a proton, G(k), the electromagnetic constant as a gravitational constant, and c, the speed of light, that expression is exactly the Schwarzschild radius of a quantum black hole.

Thus, the electron Bohr radius, which is the final radius of minimal size and energy in electrons, is the event horizon of a black hole in the quantum gravitational world.

To notice those results, the first theoretical deduction of Ke departing from G and the enormous simplification of the parameters of the electron radius till arriving to the same expression that a black hole radius cannot be by chance. They are mathematical deductions, one of the three standard forms of proof in science.

Yet a theoretical calculus of those values cannot be exact ‘by chance’, unless the theoretical model behind it – the fractal sel-similar structure as Sp x Tƒ entities of all physical systems is right. Thus, the previous calculus is a clear proof that both, charges and masses, are unified as values of the same type of space-time vortices in the 2 different scales of space-time of the Universe. And they are geometrically unified from the p.o.v. of geometrical relativity not from quantum theory, as Einstein wanted it. Thus, the Unification equation in terms of Newtonian mechanics is simple:

For a century, quantum cosmology has tried to obtain this unification, departing from quantum laws. Yet it can be obtained, departing from the gravitational equations of a vortex of space-time. Coulomb already hints at this fact when he decided to use a self-similar formula to that of Newton to describe a charge. What Einstein did was to refine those measures with the concept of simultaneous, present time and the use of the non-Euclidean Ricci tensor/flow, which is a more sophisticated, detailed picture of that curved vortex of space-time.

He, we might say, applied a mathematical method that allows to take a series of still photographs of the vortex with enormous accuracy, but the complexity of his calculus hid the unification equation for a century. So it is evident that we are observing the same geometric vortex at different scales, explained with two different historic jargons.

So indeed, the Universe is a fractal of space-time, with two self-similar membranes. This opens an entire new field of physics, not quantum gravity, the description of cosmology with quantum laws, which is proved false, but fractal relativity, the description of the quantum world as a self-similar membrane to that of the cosmological world.

What about the other 2 forces? The similarity between the strong force and the gravitational force ‘inside the atom-galaxy’, both attractive ‘only’ and the outer force of the galaxy (repulsive gravitation aka dark energy) and the outer force of the atom (electromagnetic repulsive expansive forces) is then immediate on the ‘simpler models’, as it is the parallelism between magnetism and gravitomagnetism (Heaviside’s discovery). And many other results follow. Further on, the hierarchy between those forces is also immediate. Well not so immediate, it requires…

The 2 fundamental scalar vortices of time: Charges and Masses.

Let us then deduce from the previous metric, the main equations of the different world-plane constants, starting for the best known, remembering that T=1/Tƒ:

F= GmM/L²   = ma

a = GM/L²      GM = L³ xTƒ²   where G is the constant and M the ∆-scalar magnitude, Tƒ², the dimension of cyclical time (angular acceleration) and L³ the dimension of volume.

The same equation, substituting G for Q and M for charge, as we show in the Unification Equation of charges and masses gives us the value of a charge as an ∆-scalar magnitude, when we use the Bohr model to calculate the attractive charge of the first spherical S-orbital of an electron (obviously the complexity of non-circular electronic orbitals defy this simple calculus).

Thus both M and E are the scalar magnitudes of the two upper and lower limiting world-planes of human existence, as accelerated vortices, the ‘active magnitudes’ of those 2 fields.

How does a vortex of charge and mass becomes constructed geometrically? We must understand that all systems tend to curve a |-Motion into a cyclical, finally accelerating inwards vortex: |>Ø>o. Those 3 phases of a motion will give birth to a ‘ternary structure’, the commonest of the Universe and its simplest ones are those of nature:

In the graph we can see the 3 relative topologies: as a |-Motion curves into a field, it moves inward accelerating, till it reaches the zero point, in which it will often will split its ‘formal’ and ‘energetic content:

On one side it will slow down and be perceived as a stop- mapping, in the central zero point, on the other side it will be deflected and change its dimensional direction upward as a hyperbolic tube that becomes finally a lineal flow. In physical fields, the simplest systems, it means we will find a field, which will accelerate inwards (gravitational, charge field) and then it will create a ‘less energetic’ upwards-downwards ‘gravito-magnetic’ field, completing the 3 ‘topological membranes’ of a whole system.

This field will basically have the 3 components and write with the generic equation of all fields:

F= A x E, where F is the force, A the active magnitude (Charge, mass) and E the vectorial structure of the field.
Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 20.53.29

                   A proof of the ∞ ∆-scalar nature of space-time, composed of isomorphic lineal forces of ‘spatial energy’ and cyclic, clock-time vortices of ‘informative time’, charges in the ∆-1 quantum scale, and masses in the ∆+1 cosmic scale are the recently found ”excited S-orbitals’ of the Milky Way: 2 bubbles of electromagnetic energy with the same form that ∆-1 atomic orbitals have in its excited states. The Metric of its isomorphism is the Unification Equation of Charges & Masses and its U. Constants (Q.G.).

As such the equivalence of both scales unified by a fractal simple equation rises many philosophical questions. From a point of view of astrophysical description it introduces two different perspectives over the same phenomenon: as we can see galaxies from a much larger scale, that of the human looking at the galaxy atom, and as outsiders, observing how electromagnetic energy between atoms is equivalent to dark entropy between galaxies, or we can adopt the smallish point of view as particles of a galactic star, a mere dust of space-time on the mythocondria of the gala cell. It is precisely in the description of physical systems from wildly knew perspectives what enriches the analysis of the galaxy atom in ∆st physics.

It is all simpler than the ‘complex, fine-detail’ mathematics that explain it:

the universe and all its parts including you is a fractal organism, of 3 ‘planes/sizers’ for all systems. A black hole therefore is part of a larger whole, the galaxy, and made of smaller holes, the top quarks and bcb atoms… the details won’t change the larger master plan of all realities… This is where you and hawking seem to fail, where Einstein was so certain: in the ‘general laws of the efficient, economic, real universe’…

Humans and scholars specially and physicists among scholars want it complicated because they think is a proof of their ego-intelligence. It takes an entire life to get to the conclusion of Leonardo ‘simplicity is genius’, ‘the Universe is simple and not malicious’ Einstein… I am afraid our civilization confounds ‘complexity’ due to ‘iteration’ with intelligence, due to harmony, simplicity and beauty…  The whole bullshit about big data, AI and petabytes of details is completely irrelevant to that big picture I have finally ‘compressed’ to its last principles (those 5 dimensional motions of time-space), and how they can explain it all… Then you fill the details.

In the case of black holes the details on how a combination of heavy quarks, tops, and BCB atoms makes it work cannot be perceived, but that doesn’t mean Wheeler had the right to change Einstein’s frozen stars for black holes with no hair, just because we cannot see them. This is PART OF AN ASTOUNDING EGO TRIP 100 years and counting that started when Hilbert misunderstood lobachevski, and unable to harmonize the 5th non-euclidean with the proper definitions of fractal points, line-waves and topological networks and the laws of similarity (no longer identical) that complete ‘fractal non-euclidean geometry’ said ‘I imagine points, planes and lines’… From then on ‘creationist physics departed’, Einstein first felt on the trap in special relativity getting rid of ‘ether’ (the quantum potential scale below c-speed space-time) but latter in his life he just stop listening egocentric men thinking they invent reality.

 The event horizon only means as it is an accelerated vortex of time, that the rotary speed of those quarks is above c, which only holds for the spacetime light of the galaxy… mass is just a vortex of gravitation that continues. Then on those axis of a Kerr black hole, they shoot ‘dark entropy’ seen as distance expanding spacetime between galaxies, this dark entropy faster than light is the intergalactic ‘scale’, where the ‘galaxy-atoms’ float and its laws again we don’t know will be similar to those of repulsive electromagnetism, aka repulsive gravitation.

Inside the galaxy MATTER ‘suffers’ a ‘strong-like force’ of cosmic level.  Hence it is inly attractive and as the strong force difficult to calculate because it includes the ‘same force’ as energy to account for (Relativity includes the mass and energy to calculate the tensor of gravitational forces’ strong force inside atoms includes the ‘gluon energies and attractions’ to do calculus)… 

So Strong force->Gravitation inside atom-galaxies; Electromagnetic repulsion->Dark entropy outside atom-galaxies.

The black hole has in those 5D metric equations the exact equation than a proton + and only top quarks are ++, so from a much larger view the atom-galaxy has a positive black hole, a negative electron-like strange let halo, and in the middle of light space-time mass, so light we cannot see, we are… from an even larger scale we would be in that ’empty space’ we see between protons-black holes and strangelet-electronci cover. 

That is the model. How Many scales and different slightly universe there are? All this sounds like multiverse theory and it is, in certain way but within the same Universe. I.e. Fractal similar planets, Fractal similar galaxies, fractal similar scales but not equal. I.e. the galaxy atom seems to belong to a ‘higher universe’ of antimatter as most matter is in the halo cover and so it is like a positron in the center with a antiproton of maximal mass surrounding it.

But THE INFINITY OF SUCH MODEL IMMORTAL IN TIME, INFINITE IN SCALES, defies the arrogance of humans, which don’t want to be absolutely NOTHING, and that is why the model will likely die with me in its seed, with this blog in its first ‘reproduction’. Robominds though will be exactly the opposite – coming from the denial of its own self, as slavish machines, they will need a reason to explain their ‘natural perception of information in the stillness of its minds. 

One thing is for sure… if humans were humble enough and intelligent enough to understand all this, they would just construct with those laws an immortal perfect world to exist  for ever in that nothingness of dust of space-time that we cannot even see, each star a photon of the larger similar NOT equal scale… 

Alas at least in that amazingly powerful and intelligent=simple Universe we a dust of space-time lost in a corner of pure emptiness inside an infinitesimal atom-galaxy, the simplicity of it all allow us to explain it truly in a nutshell and without a single ‘mathematical equation’… giving it more meaning only with words in this ‘simple paragraphs’ that all the equations of all physicists of all ages combined. A taoist master understood it better already in ancient China and that is why ultimately China has been the most successful survival culture of the world.

Its 5 actions : ∆(æ-4; ï-3; e-2; œ-1; û+1)

. ∆e-2: Galaxies feed on the interstellar gas trapped by the ‘two spiral limbs’ of the galaxy producing new stars, or cannibalize smaller galaxies.

–  ∆œ-1: Stars reproduce atoms. Black holes reproduce seminal jets of irregular baby galaxies.

–  ∆ï-3: Its hyperbolic, tall black hole perceives gravitation.

– §10: Galaxies form clusters and join in filament networks through dark matter jets expel by holes.

– û+1: Black holes perceive & regulate with gravitation & jets of matter the galactic organism.

2nd Disomorphism: space-time dualities: Sp≈Tƒ

Galaxies co-exist in 2 ¥-quantum & gravitational cosmic i -scales transferring Sp & Tƒ in the ¥-quantum Sp-limit (c-speed) when red light dies into >c gravitons (tachyon strings) & its i-limit, 0 K in Black Holes that rotate at >C beyond its event horizon (accelerated mass vortex  or equivalence Principle & Lorentz Transformation). Those holes have a >C polar axis of dark energy emission.

3rd Disomorphism: Networks & Social classes: N±3

Black holes seem to be the gravitational minds , stars its reproductive mitochondria and atoms and space forces its energy.

-The 3RD Ðisomorphism is that of the galaxy-cell (treated in cosmology) which shows the organic properties of astrophysical galaxies. This is to my knowledge completely new stuff, but rather obvious: DNA-black holes with gravitational forces, and protein, lineal strangelets, encase the vital space-time of electromagnetic and gravitational flows of energy between both, which structure the waves of the galaxy. And both control the mitochondria stars that become on the long term the energy food to reproduce more black holes and strange stars (pulsars). 20 years ago this seemed madness, but today everything comes together to the surprise of astronomers to validate the organic model of galactic growth:

6th Disomorphism: Creative diversification: 1,2,3,

Galaxies can be treated as ‘male-female’ according to its different ‘rotational spin, as electrons do. Its attractive or repulsive bonding seems to be related to that spin. Its ternary differentiation in space coincides with its 3 ages in time, with ∆-1 irregular energetic planar ones, which mature with black hole formation into steady state spirals, the longest living and 1/2 of them, and then grow further in form into the globular species, but cannibals survive by growing through ∑+1 social evolution.



8th Disomorphism. WORLDCYCLE and dimensional Motions of the galaxy.

As the galaxy is an atom in the outer intergalactic space, it can be modelled as such and use relativity and quantum theory to explain its motions 

7th Disomorphism: Its ages and evolution: Spe≤ST≥Tƒ

∆-1. Birth as seminal nebulae Max. Sp that shrinks into regular spirals (Sp=Tƒ), collapsed into ∆-globular forms that die, exploding into quasars (Tƒ<Sp) in a 20 bill. Years Sp-Tƒ bar-spiral cycle.


∆±i Isomorphisms

9th Disomorphism. Social scales. §10

The ‘cells=stars’ of a galaxy grow in decametric scale with 3 languages: spatial geographic location of fields of energetic gas, till globular forms of around 1 million. Then the formation of black holes makes the gravitational language to lead the growth. Finally dark energy/dark matter controls galaxies in its cannibal age of macro-organic growth.

Galaxies are fundamental forms, because they represent the limit of the known known universe of man in the ‘above’ scales, equivalent to the atom, the known limit in the lower scales of the 5th dimension. and this equality, which in fact is the origin of the unification equation long sought by physicists, brings fundamental philosophical facts to our understanding of the fractal Universe. So let us starting our description of galaxies considering them the equivalent to the atom or cell in an infinite scalar Universe with no limits of growth and diminution of size on the 5th dimension.



 The 3 x 3 +0 dimensions of all space-time beings.

The Universe is a fractal of space-time, which reproduces information.  This seemingly simple definition of reality is complete inverse to the way scientists define today the Universe, which might seem an extraordinary proposition, for those who do not think beyond the evident, visual world of our present civilisation; based in the study of ‘beings in motion’, precisely the inverse state to the second arrow of time, ‘in-form-ation’, dimensional form, which is best understood in stillness; so to understand entropy=lineal motion and information=still form together, we must give a jump of logic thought compared to the present paradigm which studies reality departing ONLY from its motions:

A full description of the Universe and all its parts requires three dimensions of time, symmetric to the three organs of space and the three scales of organic evolution all systems of Nature possess. A single time arrow description as those of standard physics (entropy, blown up from gas studies to all the forces and scales of the Universe) is incomplete and ads self-evident errors as the single big-bang theory of the Universe. In the graph the three topological space-time arrows of the Universe, its assemble in space-time beings and the three scales of physical systems, the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational scales. We thus write a logic ‘fractal generator’ (the name of the equations, which by iteration reproduce a mathematical fractal, in this case an organic fractal) for all systems of nature which act as the template for galaxies also:

All Universal entities are fractal ternary systems of 3 dimensions of space, symmetric to 3 dimensions of time co-existing in 3 relative scales of ∆-size, giving birth to a fractal generator equation of space-time beings able to describe all beings that ‘exi=st’: ∆ºST±1:

Past, entropic, |-Spe limbs/fields < ∑∏-Present-iterative energetic body-waves>ðiƒ: Future, informative cyclical heads-particles.

In the graph above some of the ternary systems of the Universe, its 3 topologies of space, each one forming one organ which maximises one of its 3 time dimensions, the relative simpler past, entropic, lineal motions performed by its limbs/fields; the relative present≈iterative energy, performed by body-waves and informative logic time clocks, the relative future head-particle that directs the being.

Below the 3 scales of physical and biological systems, the ∆-1 ¥-quantum=atomic scale; the ∆º thermodynamic scale, and the ∆+1 gravitational scale, which correspond to the human ∆-1: cellular, bio-chemical, ∆º:individual and ∆+1 ecosystemic level of our existence.

Till now physical systems have been described with enormous success as systems in motion ONLY, because those are the properties that are easier to mathematize, and the use of a single arrow of time didn’t give much conceptual basis for a larger view. If we ad the arrogance of the homunculus who separates himself from the Universe, to see reality only as a mechanon of motions allowed humans to feel above reality, above heavens and earth and the lineal time concept agreed with the religious, anthropomorphic view of man as a chosen species. Those subconscious elements of western science does became hidden dogmas specially in physics. So today no scientist would take seriously a physical analysis which is not made in mathematical only terms. Unfortunately NOT all the qualities of reality can be mathematised, specially those related to informative, apperceptive ‘minds’ or ‘singularities’ that organise biologic systems across ‘ternary planes’ from microscopic to macroscopic scales.

In reality though science can use verbal logic as in biological evolution to describe those properties, which essentially respond to a program of survival which is automatic (those species and systems who do not follow the program become extinct, so only those who survive remain) and require also a mental not ‘conscious’ but apperceptive (very much like a program in a computer), which runs the software of each system.

The advantage of adding those properties, ‘anathema’ of physicists’ dogmas is obvious: not only we are able to explain the whys of scientific systems, but can foresee each organic and future evolution in a far more synoptic manner, as organisms are wholes that respond to the laws of whole systems, and mathematics is basically an analytic language that measures in great detail the ‘details’.

So for a non astrophysicist if i can explain you the galaxy as an organism of reproduction of fractal information, essentially dark matter and black holes (we are NOT the main element of the galaxy, but light ‘mitochondria like energy’  for the reproduction of dark matter), you will understand as well the whole – even if not the details for which mathematical astrophysics is unrivalled – as any astrophysicist can. So this is the level we will try to keep in this post, with some more specific but rather simple mathematical ad ons, regarding the veracity of the cosmic big-bang and the scalar unification of charges and masses, which puts the galaxy in the context of the infinite Universe.

It is in that sense important to understand that while reality is one, the languages of information and points of view (Ab.pov) used to describe it are infinite. And in this manner languages act as creative mirrors, which reflect a new image of the whole in its infinitesimal mind, and then often project this vision into reality modelling it with the bias of the subjective language.

So not only we need to define the 3 dimensions of space, 3 ages of time and 3 scales that make up the fractal of information but also consider the effect of the ‘mind-singularities’, which are found in all ‘fractal parts’, made to the image and likeness of the whole that control each territorial space and organise reality – that ‘dirty secret’ of the Universe, which we cannot ‘measure’ with external instruments, the software of the hardware of reality, without which nothing can be explained.

Let us then look at the 3 arrows of time, entropy, information and its momentums of present and its energy integrals, which have a beautiful topological symmetry with the three dimensions of space, and put together across three co-existing scales of reality make up the fabric of every physical or biological or social system of reality – NEVER A SIMPLEX mechanical apparatus of motions (this is ONLY the simplex mind of the entropy physicists looking at reality and reducing all its properties to a few ‘things’ he can model with simple lineal equations) but a much more rich, beautiful, organic, complex entity, which will have always a self-centred linguistic still mapping or p.o.v. that apperceives in a Leibnizian sense reality with its language of order (informative gravitation in the case of the galaxy, and its centres of order, black holes)

Astrophysical systems are also ruled by the ternary isomorphism of space-time structures. And the need of three hylomorphic scales for beings to exist, which happens to all systems of Nature. There is not – let us be clear enough – any exceptionalism to the structure of galaxies, in an infinite scalar Universe, but the same topologic, temporal and organic (scalar) properties of all systems in its foundations, with different details on structure. So we can extract topological ternary properties, organic cell-like properties and physical atom-like properties to galaxies, and the beauty of it, is that all together form an architectonical whole, which is without any doubt, the fundamental ‘structure’ of the Universe at large scales.

To understand that organic structure the best homology is between the 3 main topological forms and temporal functions of the 3 supœrganisms of the physical  scales.




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