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What is the order of social evolution of decametric scales of reality?

We can as usual consider as all systems will follow Disomorphic laws the existence of such order in human societies as the example to build up the analysis of all other forms. Let us remember that human order:

In the graph we see the first ‘social growth’ happens in terms of temporal, genetic organisations of simpler scales (S1-S3).

For example, humans organise first as individuals S°, then as families, S1 with 3 generations ruled by the elderly (3rd generation,  of maximal time-information), in 10 decametric elements, which are the strongest simplest bondage of all systems, along 3 generational sets of time-reproduction.

And this tetrarkys genetic organisation will appear in every ‘species’  of the Universe. Then it will happen the loosely genetic bondage of a clan, in which the genetic temporal reproductive bondage is the essence, and we find 100-fold elements in different scales from the atomic growth of particles to the human clans and small villages of interrelated people.

It will then arrive the 3rd ‘limiting’ enclosure of temporal genetic growth, the tribe, S3, which comes to 1000. It is still organised with the ‘chiefs’ as the most elderly; counselling the reproductive fathers, warriors who obey and defend the ‘motion’ children, the  most vulnerable playful species, still to learn the rules of the game of existence….

And so we find a fundamental hierarchy of temporal power, and informative experience on top of reproductive elements, on top of motion elements, giving us an order overwhelmingly common in the Universe; 1D: Informative 3rd age singularity ordering, 3D-reproductive body-waves, forming LANWAVES of existence, ruling over a limbic/potential/moving/young territory they will form.

The power of identical, reproductive forms.

THE GENETIC scale is so powerful and requires NO more elements to exist, because of the growth of indistinguishability between its parts, which create an ‘INNER equality’ that permits in the simplest scales the entanglement of the particles, in the more complex the intuitive understanding of each other, within.

This quality of ‘identity within’ or simultaneous synchronicity of actions without apparent communication in the external world is the essence of a boson-like quality to the first scales, and the smaller ≤10³ systems in Nature.

Thus the existence of temporal communication across non spatial flows of reality between scales is fundamentally a non-evident but necessary property of the scalar Universe, we shall find often in all forms of systems of identity particles that form tighter configurations. Without identical simultaneous, resonant communication based in equality of form, across a genetic parental relationship, the superfluidity and cohesion of identical forms will not reach its perfection.

So we might say that IN ALL scales of growth, the a priori condition for further social bondage will be a genetic, parental relationship that forbids systems which are not closely related to form larger groups than the first social scales in Nature.

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