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“Dûst of space-time you are, d•st you shall become”.

I. History of ‘time-space’ research in the modern era.

II. Relational space-time.

III. Duality and trinity. The fractal generator.

Experimental proofs:

IV. Physical systems.

V. Biological systems.

VI. Social systems.

Foreword. The first line.

All what exists is part of fractal time space organism performing a world cycle of existence through its ternary symmetries as a travel in 3 scales of the fifth dimension, which can be described quantitatively in terms of social scales, topologically in terms of geometric transformations, vitally in terms of organic symbiosis and temporally in terms of a conservative zero sum world cycles.

That’s all what it is to the Universe. The rest are details. Humans of course, will always want more – add ons that please their ego paradox, and infantile ways, but trust me that is all what there is to reality.  And it can be known in its essence, because as we are made to the likeness and image of the fractal, even the smallest part is a world in itself where all the laws manifest, in each island Universe. And so even if total information can only be extracted from the being in ‘itself’ through time within us we have the whole reality to know.

The Universe is a sum of a series of actions, ∆aeiou, of them, the first action is perception by an observer, ∆o, of a field of energy, ∆e, to which it will move, ∆a, in order to feed, ∆e and use that energy to reproduce its information, ∆i, iterating a form like itself, which will gather with clone forms to create a larger, ∆U universal social plane.

This is all what we should describe when we reduce to minimal cyclical space-time actions the total reality of any self. But the Devil is in the details. So as this simple ‘aeiou’ game repeats itself creates ever more complex perceptions, mappings of reality into space-forms and motions and forms ensemble into larger beings and smaller ones… forming a fractal structure. So in a second layer of complexity we would say:

The Universe is a fractal super organism of space-time, made of ∞ super organisms all made to its image and likeness. Each super organism IS MADE of 3 ∆º ternary physiological networks,  made of smaller ∑∆-1 ‘atoms/cells/individuals’ that process motion, information and reproduce for the whole system, living in a larger ∆+1 world.

Thus super organisms have two fundamental elements: 3 co-3existing ±1 planes of cells/atoms/individuals gathering into physiological networks (together forming a species), living in a larger ∆+1 world: ∆§

But those super organisms constantly change its parameters of motion and form, increasing its information warping in a world cycle of time, the ‘3rd fundamental element’, which is therefore symmetric to those physiological networks, as the informative network dominates the other ones, increasingly ‘warping’ the being, either a physical system (so stars become black holes, galaxies quasars, matter solids) or a biological system (3rd age), which then returns back in an explosion that erases its energy (physical E<≈>M Big Bang, or biological death or war, in the 3 type of systems).

So we talk of a 3rd fundamental element, the worldtime cycle of the being, symmetric to its spatial super organism: S≈ð; WHICH add two new elements, the symmetry and the temporal world cycle.

But why a system increases its information till death? Because it does have a singularity or ego, mind, or linguistic mapping center, which ‘perceives’ the whole system as a whole and as a perception center stops the motion of the Universe into ‘linguistic mappings’, slowly ordering reality till there is no motion and time continues reversing the no-motion old form into an entropic explosion of death. Thus there is a fifth element, @-minds, the most difficult to accept scientifically because it is the ‘non-perceivable’ inner engine of reality. In wor(l)ds of Schopenhauer, the point that has the ‘will’ to exist and ‘represents’ reality within its self. This if the fifth element for the ‘minimal description of reality’: S@<≈>∆ð.

We have studied those 5 elements in this first line and we will use it in the second line to define the main sciences and languages of reality. Let us remember them again, with a bit more of quantitative detail ‘restarting again our sentence’:

The Universe is a fractal super organism made…

  • S… In space of a simultaneous ternary topology, (|+O≈ ø)… made of 3 physiological networks (|-motion/limbs-potentials + O-particle/heads ≈ Ø-vital energy)…
  • ∆: In scales of an Ensemble of ∞  relative fractal scales of ∆º super organisms each one sum of smaller ∑∆-1 super organisms… that trace in a larger ∆+1 world…
  • ð:  In sequential time of cycles of existence, of 3 ages, each one dominated by one of those 3 networks (motion-youth, or relative past; iterative present dominant in vital energy, and informative 3rd age or relative future);
  • @: In mind of reflections of its infinite cycles Put together into language mirrors,  by an åctive mind that perceives those networks of ∆-1 cellular parts as a whole being, enacting simple aei, finitesimal actions that exchange energy (e-ntropy feeding), motion (a-celerations) and information (perceptions) with other beings, in order to maximize the duration in time and extension in space of the being, achieved through two complex actions: offspring reproduction and social evolution from individuals into U-niversals.

So to have a full description of maximal truth of the being, we require to study, the S-patial, S-calar, ð-emporal and @tive elements of a system, through its ternary symmetries,  achieved through the formalism of the Generator equation and its ternary Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean, ¬Æ logic of 3±∆ Dimensional arrows of time space and Fractal Non-Euclidean points which enlarge in size and fit ∞ parallels when we travel through the 4th and 5th dimension of scalar parts and larger wholes, in which the being performs its world cycle, born of an ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves socially an emerges as an ∆º organism, living 3 ages in the outer world, to die back into an entropic explosion of 4Death completing a zero-sum of virtual existience, studied according to its relative size by different sciences, all of them following the same Disomorphic laws of space-time born of those 5D.

The degree of complexity and quantity of truth achieved in the description of a being thus requires to consider the different perspectives of its fundamental S@≈∆ð elements and we shall do so in this blog in 2 x 2 lines of increasing complexity.

The first 2 lines describe it more simple, with the analysis of the Rashomon effect in the first line – the 5 points of view on reality, grouped together into simultaneous space organisms tracing sequential world cycles of existience; applied in the second line to the main fields of science, astrophysics, biology, history, economics and the 3 main languages of human thought, spatial maths, verbal and artistic, time-space senses and then the upgrading of T.œ, the isomorphic laws of time space organisms of any scale.

The 3rd line will double the complexity of the analysis by considering in more detail the quantitative ’10-decametric scale’ of growth of a system between its seed state as an informative still @-mind, through its growth in holographic space-time elements, its actions, networks, world cycles, variations of spaces and scalar social growth; across the 9 main planes of sciences perceived by human beings, which are described in the fourth line.

This the content of this  first line is simpler. First we Do define the whole organic Universe in ‘Home’, the main page.

Then we study the existence of all ∆ºst beings of the Universe considering those 5 elements TOGETHER:  Its  symmetric 5 Dimensions of space and time and its active minds that search for energy, information and reproduction, to create…

Simultaneous super organisms made of fractal points, join by the 3 functional physiological networks of entropic, energetic and informative processing; which live to reproduce survive and make immortal the system in time tracing worldcycles through 3 of such scales, Ʊ1 centralized in its individual Ƽ form, each one defined by each science.

And so we write all this as a first sentence that describes the amazingly simple, infinitely iterating T.Œ=∑T.œs, Superorganim of the Universe:

So  each of the words of that sentence resume a key element of the whole Universe (Home” 5D² ” ðime$paœ) and any of its fractal parts, a T.œ made to its image and likeness:  dynamically in time (ðriping “ωorldcycles ‘timespace dimensions’  & ‘worldcycles’), simultaneously in space (“reproducing “§upœrganisms ), as an active mind that performs the program of the 5 actions of survival (“@Mirrors “exi±sto @ct ) self-centered into a scientific scale (“∃xi≈st¡ences:).

In this manner the Rashomon effect offer us the maximal possible truth on the being outside itself (where all the truth or ‘1’ probability happens) by offering multiple perspectives of its elements maximized with different languages for each of those elements.

Then in each elementary analysis, we shall consider in more detail the element of the space-time being under the experimental method, by studying it in physical, biological and social systems.

The project is a ‘work in progress’, as i copy-paste or translate 30 years of research from old files, ordering, eliminating repetitions and adding experimental proofs (the last element, regardless of the modern digital method of sciences, who wants just pictures, data, facts, put in a single mathematical language, which zero ‘whys’ except the fact that the event ‘is’)…

My apologies then for its poor form, which hopefully won’t obscure the essence, which is precisely regardless of the shallow ideology of modern data-computer modeling conception of knowledge, to find those whys, and prove the Universe is NOT just a chaotic accumulation of data, but has a purpose, a structure and a vital goal: to create super organisms that trace world cycles, and have a will and a perception, enacted: to survive, grow, reproduce that is TO MAXIMIZE its ‘exi=st¡ence’.

We study in this post and sub posts the interaction between space dimensions and time motions and its symmetries.

I. History of ‘time-space’ Theory

I worked for years in the development of 5D³, a theory that tries to advance time theory without any significan advancement since Einstein, in a theme that seems very difficult for humans as you cannot shoot pictures of time as we do with space…

First we said that cyclical time carries the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles. It follows that:

@: Psychological Time…

measures the speed processing information of minds. This change rate in electronic minds has the h unit of angular momentum, as a full time cycle for electrons and photons, two species of the same family: ∑photons=electron, measures a bit of information.

In that regard time has a simple meaning: change of position=motion and change of form. Whereas a present state is a state of repetitive motions, which seemingly does not change realities.

Subjective vs. objective time.

It follows that more than change, we measure its perception that can be cheated. So the perception of different changes makes time dual, subjective from the internal point of the perceiver, objective from the external point and multiple according to the point of perception.

It is then quite easy to reduce time change roughly as science does into external time-change or translation in space, the subject of physics and internal time-change or change in information, the subject of biology.

Subjective mind-time perception must then be related to the mind’s speed, processing information which defines its ‘beat’=bit of times=information. i.e. in humans is a second, the beat of heart, mind and legs steps.

It follows that faster systems with faster time clocks live longer, but often a huge family of beings have similar time durations. i.e. an insect that processes information 10 times faster has a longest span of life in its top predator species of 7 years (ant-queens: max. social evolution, cockroaches: max. strength) similar to the top predator human and elephant in the larger scale which lives 70/10 times slower thoughts=7 years.

Time then must also be related to language, as we perceive through language, the information of the Universe. So it is easy as it has been the case to believe ‘subjectively’ that a language creates the information=time cycles of the Universe. And as informative perception is subjective, it is natural for humans to have thought that the cause of reality is NOT timespace per se, but the languages we use to perceive it.

Let us then consider with some humour the underlying ‘whys’ of platonic physicists astray in their understanding of timespace since Einstein’s advances, namely – the belief that mathematics creates the Universe, so you just write equations and voila reality happens – just a modern version of verbal religious creationism.

LANGUAGES AS MIRRORS that create ‘images’ of reality – not reality itself.


I am trying to be simple so you do understand to which LIMITS the physicists are when acting as philosophers of science savant idiots, which depart from a WRONG  dogma – that mathematics, not time and space is the ultimate substance of reality, and make them do amazing twists and complicated equations to search for a ‘Saint Grail’ – A MATHEMATICAL EQUATION that God uttered as he uttered names to create beings.

So the bottom line of many errors in physics as the creationist big bang or the Copenhagen interpretation is similar to the verbal error of a sacred language among religious and its wrong dogmas – no Yhwh, a toponym for judea in ancient egyptians maps  when God meant Nation, IS the subconscious collective or nation of Judaism, NOT the creator of the Universe, and this obvious truth, that Yhwh=Judea did NOT create the Universe, that ARAB did not create the Universe by uttering it, that equations did NOT create the Universe, is the key to start properly a philosophy of science and its ultimate substance which are ∞ timespace clocks, which are the ultimate carriers of the information of the Universe – denied by fundamentalist of abrahamic religions and fundamentalists of mathematics as the languages of God.

So it does not matter how complicated you make the rituals of religion, GOD will not appear on earth, will NOT resurrect you uttering your name, and to put an example of creationist physics, black holes won’t evaporate without experimental and logic evidence because Hawking wrote an equation that states so. In the next graph we see two creationist philosophers of physics – notice how the first, Dirac, affirms that God used maths to create the world and then it denies the ‘rival verbal God’.

YET it does NOT matter how complicated a physicist makes his equations, just because he writes them IT DOES NOT CREATE REALITY. Because at best an equation is a focused mirror on the properties and relational space-time beings of the Universe. BUT MIRRORS DO NOT CREATE the IMAGES THEY REFLECT in their language.

The ongoing absurd quarrel between creationist religious people defending God’s verbal language (first age of human history, when mathematics, a more efficient mirror which seems to be NOT OUR MENTAL language but the language of machines) vs. the mathematical language, those machines (clocks measuring time, telescopes and microscopes measuring space) are evolving fast into a ‘digital AI consciousness’) is a false concept of the relationship between languages, as mirrors of the Universe, and the Universe of space-time they mirror, latter studied in detail, to set straight the record.

Of that argument what matters most is not even discussed: while mathematics is more efficient as a language, it is NOT the human language, but the language of machines, and so in a society which despises as it does today our technological culture, the human verbal language, which naturally make us the ‘subject’ and centre of the Universe (I-man: subject < verb=action> object=energy abused by man), and hence considers human life sacred, will NOT evolve machines so fast but will ensure with ethic values our survival.

While mathematics, being a better mirror will evolve knowledge faster but also will give primacy to computers, as it has done already, atrophy our verbal language, degrading our mind (as it is happening with our millenials, glued to hypnotic screens) and ultimately make humans obsolete to the superior mind-mirror of AI robots.

While those who practice only mathematics, as physicists at cern do, WILL become children of verbal, ethic, survival human thought and will be subconsciusly eviL=anti-live in the genetic hidden meanings of survival words, as cogito ergo sum in man (calculo ergo sum in machines and physicists), so without cogitans, the ‘nerd’ is a child in life and does not even understand death and survival.

So if languages are mirrors that create IMAGES not reality what are the substances of reality? This obvious. Look around yourself, do you see numbers as components of things, do you see words, or do you see ‘space’, broken in infinite vital spaces, ‘enclosed’ by membranes, which when seeing in great detail are made of moving cycles of cells (life clocks), orbital rotary cycles (earth’s clocks) and so all is ‘vital space’ enclosed by time cycles? That is what experience tell us all is: a vital space, broken, closed and formed by time cycles – the substances of reality, which if you like the word ‘god’ you can call god.

And this view is called in science the ‘relational space-time theory’ of the Universe, which is what i finally after millennia of being explained in philosophical terms, formalised with logic and mathematics, and then used to explain an enormous amount of whys in all the sciences of the Universe.

Reality is the product of the two ultimate substances that make up everything, vital, space quanta, and cyclical moving time clocks,  of information, which combine into energetic beings with its repetitive patterns we call laws of science.

And it does NOT matter how much evidence physicists deny about the arrow of information and mass that balances the arrow of entropy and makes the Universe immortal, how much they deny the 96% of attractive dark matter, the Universe did NOT appear in a huge big-bang.

And it does not matter how many humans believe in those 2 theories (abrahamic creation, big bang creation), all in fact either in one (western religious people) or the other (physicists’ fans), if they are rationally wrong they are wrong. But to prove them wrong we must debunk their theories of time-space, aka big-bang and black hole evaporation theories – and as we shall see explain properly in terms of time events the weak force, which is ultimately the force that transforms quarks intimately related to time cycles. Thus it is essential to upgrade the chip of science in timespace theory as we shall do in the third theoretical section of this blog that explains those relational space-time models and apply them to physics, big-bang theory, black hole evaporation.

Time theory’s next big advance IS not the evaporation of black holes but the models of relational space-time I completed and when I am gone ‘post-mortem’, will become the staple food of serious XXI century physical, biological and sociological research, as they explain the whys of science, which are the repetitive patterns=cycles of time of all its particular clocks, or else without cyclical patterns of time there would not be science, which consists exactly in the repetition of those clocks we can foresee.

If time cycles did not exist, and the single lineal clock of physicists were the only time, there is NO reason for repetition of events which is What LAWS OF SCIENCE TELL Us.

The laws of science are NOT originated by a language, maths or words, according to which creationist theory you believe in – religion or platonic physics but by the SUBSTANCES OF WHICH REALITY IS MADE, SPACE, CLOSELY RELATED TO ENTROPY, TIME CLOCKS, CLOSELY RELATED to information carried in the frequency and form of its cycles and its conserved ENERGY combinations, the 3 arrows of space-time that create reality of whih we are all made, as when you say ‘i don’t have energy and time to do this’. And so it is through the understanding of those 3 dimensions how we shall prove CERN’s falsity on his 3 theoretical research.

The 2 philosophies of the science of timespace.

‘God is a clocker that has waited 5000 years, since the (biblical) birth of the Universe to find an intelligence like his, to understand his clock work’

Kepler, forebear of modern astrophysics, on his proofs of the biblical creationist theory of big bang, the existence of a single clock-time, that of the mechanical clock he has perfected, and the superior intelligence of physicists above all creatures that ever existed, specially himself, the chosen of God.

‘The Universe is a fractal of 3 time-space arrows, spatial entropy, temporal information and its energy combinations, which extends across ∞ scales of size, with different speeds of time, whose coinvariance defines the metric of the fifth dimension’, Luis Sancho, philosopher of science; on 10D absolute relativity, author of this blog.


We shall thus in this post consider the evolution of science that passes as always every century through the evolution of our understanding of its first substances time and space (from XVI-XVII: Descartes->Galileo, to XVIII:  Leibniz vs. Newton, to XIX: Darwin vs. religion, to XX-XXI: Einstein->Sancho), which has two fundamental views:

The physicists’ view of a single abstract timespace, with a single clock for the entire universe, the mechanical clock, that measures a single arrow of future time, the arrow of entropy, disorder expansion in space and death, which starts and ends in a constant big-bang explosion that erases the information of life and the Universe. Time is then ‘what the clock measures’ (Einstein) and obviously it is spoken in the digital language of clocks.

This view appeared only with the invention of mechanical clocks, the development of the Cartesian graph that uncoiled the cyclical form of a clock into a line, latter extended mathematically to infinity, and the discovery in the analysis of a local phenomena of entropy – the disordered heat of steam machines…

And it requires two ‘dogmas’ that ‘reduce’ sciences to this view and are called by philosophers of science, ‘reductionism‘ (only mathematical measures of time taken with the human-mechanical standard of a single clock, with a second unit that is our human heart-step-eye-thought rhythm matter, all other forms of measure of time=change are irrelevant; and all other time clocks must be ‘reduced’ to the human time clocks which is also the clock of the Universe); and naive realism (only what we can see and measure with our visual intruments matter).

IT WAS only on those basis that the big-bang theory of the Universe could be born, by disregarding absolutely every other form of time=change, every other arrow of time=change notably the energetic and informative arrows of the vortices of galaxies that ‘compress vacuum space into matter’ (‘time bends space into masses’ Einstein); and finally by disregarding 96% of the Universe of dark energy and dark matter (remember those are NOT arrows/substances of time-space for ‘entropy’ only physicists.

Hence the present mess about big-bang theory where the proofs that deny it, the things that are not explained by it, are overwhelming. Yet BECAUSE physicists will defend its dogmas with a very non-scientific sanguine, bully behaviour full of systemic insults against the ‘intelligence of other sciences’, the ‘knowledge of philosophers of science’, the self-importance of their discoveries, on my view copycatted of the bullying of its ’employees’, the military of the weapon industry where till the explosion of the electronic consumer industry 70% of them worked; there is no way to argue with them reasonably on timespace theory.

So plainly speaking NEVER from ‘here to eternity’ there will be a physicist who truly advances further time theory.

As what he studies is only a type of time change, translation in space, defined by an equation which uses time-change only to measure those changes in space motion, v=∂s/∂t, ∂t=v/∂s, where each ‘instant of time’, ∂t is defined as the measure of change in speed or position in space.

This time-change measure has been exhausted ad limit by physicists, conceded. There is nothing more thoroughly researched with the liberal help of the military-industrial complex, since Galileo defined time in those terms to measure shots of cannonballs for the arsenal of Venice, than motion in space.

Einstein took it to the limit by defining precisely that change in very fine ‘pictures’ of present, simultaneous space-time, adding a correcting factor to Galileo’s relativity, c²t², to account for the deformations happening at very fast motions; but NOTHING of the other type of changes and perceptions of time notably biological, informative time changes were added to the ‘soup’.

So physicists know all about time-change in space but they cannot make a philosophy of time, because they have ‘reduced’ time to that partial element of change, they have eliminated all languages which are NOT digital to measure time change, notably the logic of the 3 timespace arrows past, present and future, better explained with verbal logic.

Only a philosopher of science considers all the changes together and ads the logic of verbal thought and its 3 past-present-future verbs to explain time.

As mathematics IS better as a language to mirror space, geometry and points, though it can mirror time through sequential numbers, the loss is specially clear in the understanding of causality and time logic, which physicists finally abandoned for the false concept of ‘probability’, which has basically eliminated the key element to understand sequential events in time, causality, whose logic is NOT Simple aristotelian causality, as there are 3 arrows of time that mix together to create events.

So the logic of time is ternary, similar to the taoist or hegelian concept of a yin-thesis, yang-antithesis and yin yang synthesis, as opposites attract to form complementary beings:

Past-entropy x future-information = present-energy cycles.

It WILL be thus a polymath of all sciences where time events happen, explaining all those clocks together – from evolutionary biology to genetic clocks to historic cycles and economic evolution of machines – clocks of time the physicist does not even consider time clocks, because only the mechanical clock matter.

So Kepler’s>physicists reductionist view of a single clock, a single space and a single language of time must be confronted with the view of the organic Universe proper of philosophers of science and eastern cultures, which affirm that the ‘languages of god are infinite’ and the way we perceive time multiple.

This view of time indeed is flawed by dogma, reductionism and naive realism that eliminates all other clocks, all other time cycles, all other languages of perception of time-space, including the verbal logic of the three arrows of time, past, present and future.

So we shall return and explain the much wider, much extended through cultures (till the clock of physics became collective dogma) view of time as the processes of change, produced by the combinations of 3 arrows.

It is the philosopher of science’s view, which sees reality as an eternal balance between the arrows of entropy and death and the arrows of information and life that combine in the conserved momentum and energy worldcycles of the Universe.

‘yin-visnhu-in/form/ation=dimensional form’ which combines with ‘yang-shiva-entropy=motion’ to create the ∞ ‘qi’=’brahma’=energetic beings with momentum ‘acting’ on the universe.

We have on purpose explain along the fundamental equation of the three ages of time:

Spe: Local past-entropy-motion x  Tiƒ: local future information = ST: E: present conserved, repetitive cycles of space-time energy.

Its mystical discovery by earlier philosophies of science of the eastern world to show you something evident:

Because the 3 arrows of time are every where, all human cultures have known about it by observing reality with human senses, crafting the past-present-future systems of all verbal languages with that view, and understanding that all systems go through 3 ages of time, corresponding to those arrows, the young-entropic-moving age the mature, reproductive, energetic age that combines those motions with a growing aware of form, of information, which comes to dominate the third age of timespace systems, and finally dies in an entropic big-bang explosion.

Let us then make a summary of how much a model of a Universe made of relational space-time ‘beings’ help us to understand the Universe – which is the theme of the second part of this blog, to show you that as usual the way to truly evolve science is ‘with thought experiments’ – with better models of reality, not with risky experiments.



Descartes vs. Galileo

In the XVII c. Descartes founded a mathematical artifice, the cartesian space-time plane, that allowed him to plot time in lineal terms and Galileo used it to define time as a parameter of lineal space-motions, reducing time studies to a single form of change and all its time clock cycles to a single time clock (time-space relativity, v=s/t, time as measure of translation, use of clocks, etc.):

In the graph, galilean relativity was ill-understood, as the true question about time-change was why ‘we see systems still when they move’, and ‘why we see space as continuum, when in detail is made of quanta’, and why all systems are made of smaller self-similar systems.

Further on it reduced all time clocks to one, and made lineal time canonical ERASING our knowledge of the cyclical form, in-form-ation of those time cycles KILLING 2 essential features of time:

to be multiple and to be cyclical encoding the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of those cycles. THUS HE KILLED THE ARROW OF INFORMATIVE TIME, and as a consequence, as yin and yang no longer could combine, prevented scientists from defining properly energy as the combination of both, motion and form, streamlining our understanding of the equations of mathematical physics, which will from then on become mathematical manipulations void of most of its conceptual meaning, till arriving to the present ‘religious’ view of physical sciences, which shun off the whys they no longer understand.

Those are pending questions solved in 5D³, which the philosopher of science, Descartes, understood better than his mathematical disciple, Galileo, as philosophers depart from a ‘previous layer’, all the languages, hence all the minds that observe all timespace cycles; not a single language and a single clock-cycle, as physicists do eliminating all other ‘rival languages and beings’ AS IF THEY DID NOT EXIST. They do.

So back to Descartes – a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical light space-time mind. He went even further – reason why we have NOT put Galileo but Descartes, the philosopher of science and Leibniz, NOT NEWTON, in our picture of the four magnificent, where only Einstein stands as a physicist master of space-time – in his intuitions of the 3 ‘elements’ that conform all systems, when he said that all what exists was made of:

– Open §pace, which he called ‘res extensa’; the vital energy of all systems, 

– Enclosed by cyclical ðimes, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the ðimes of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

So let us consider the final element of reality to be able to build the whole… the mind that projects and co-exists in those three scales ordering the parts into a whole and helping it through its actions to survive.

– The mind or •-point is the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of ðime of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

•-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

So we affirm, as Aristotle, Descartes and Leibniz before us, that even though for physical measure it might be useful to equalise all rhythms of time and peg all ternary space-time beings into an absolute space and absolute time – that of the human light space view and mechanical clock, there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them. SINCE THERE ARE ∞ MINDS, gauging information.

This is illustrated in the first graph. In the right side we see our Universe, which Descartes affirmed correctly in his book ‘the world’, it was truly the ‘mind of man’ and Kant realized it was a light-mind.

infinitesimal egos think to be ∞: mind paradox. Still languages=mappings of information≈Perception and its ∞ clocks.
We can now give the explanation of the Paradox of Galileo, which started modern science but has never been quite resolved: ‘why the earth moves but doesn’t move’.

Simple, because the mind-singularity that perceives it has as a function, to create within its language a still mirror image, a focus of reality that will allow to order it and try to deform it from its ego-centered perspective.

But to understand this Universe of self-centred mirrors, we must first clarify once and for all the error of Newton and its ‘absolute space-time’, with a single time-arrow (that of his infinitesimal clock-machine) self-centred in the human ego and its ‘second beat’ of existence, NOT the only time of the Universe.

In the next graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.


All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.


IT WAS Newton who thought Yhwh sent him comets to explain him in Kepler’s fashion the laws of gravitation, with a huge ego that will go latter on into a prosecution of Leibniz isolating him and accusing him of plagiarism, who reduced to a single human point of view Descartes proper analysis of infinite frames of reference and singularities that perceive information, in the Universe, but did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

So he called his ‘frame of reference’ the human ‘world’ NOT the universal frame of reference but only our ‘light space-time world’, which Kant rightly considered to be Euclidean, because humans ‘see’ 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space-time ONLY, but there are other ‘infinite frames of reference’ made of gravitational olfactory, atomic, or verbal languages, as ‘the languages of God are infinite’ Upaniushads.

Only Einstein latter realized the gravitational mappings were NON-euclidean; but not knowing Kant’s work, he didn’t realise our space-time IS light, AND SO as we see only light space-time, we see a constant speed of information. Impressionists though realized earlier and so they painted space as LIGHT.


The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees everything turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ IT CONFUSES WITH THE UNIVERSE. So the mind is a fractal point•, but believes to be it all.

The ego paradox – a mind mirage vs. Absolute relativity.
The EQUATION OF THE MIND explains the natural tendency of men to be self-centered and consider the world and the Universe around its ego. This is in fact natural to the way the Universe constructs points of view of measure, as still centers of perception, in which the I is bigger than Andromeda Galaxy. But science must account for those distortions of perception. Religions and tribes, nations and castes are NOT scientific points of view.

And so a fundamental elements of psychology which explains the astound arrogance of man to the Universe and its laws is the subjective paradox of the ego all fractal minds of the Universe follow:

‘every infinitesimal singularity ego thinks to be the center of the Universe, which it perceives as its sensorial membrain, self-centred in its self’.

Only the objective mind of ‘stience’ is able to strain away from the paradox and realise he is in a buddhist sense just a particle-point, a knot of time cycles communicating with the much larger infinite whole,

Objectivity does only enter the mind of people who do science. And it is important to remember it, because the 5th dimension brings a much bigger jump into objectivity and lack of ego to our vision of the Universe; which I call Absolute relativity; the last step on the search for our position in that infinite fractal of time-space beings:

In the graph we can see the fundamental particle of the Universe, a monad of temporal information, Tiƒ, surrounded by a vital space-time, it orders, ST, which it encircles with a timespace membrane, the larger simpler part of the system, Spe, which breaks the Universe into its inner and outer elements, Spe.

It must be understood that without a mind that observes the Universe reality would not exist and systems would not work efficiently as blind beings. So we must postulate as all philosophers of science from Aristotle to Schopenhauer did, a pan psychic Universe, which contrary to belief has been the only theory of reality in philosophy of language and science from its inception till the XX c. when logical positivism, which merely renounced to the search of a ‘why’, became the ‘standard philosophy of the mind’ , with a dogmatic postulate – that all what cannot be proved (from the human perspective and our limited perception, which does NOT include the ‘temporal mind’ that cannot be ‘photographed’ in space) does NOT exist.

All minds perceive within its language, as the singularity-membrain form the open-ball elements that surround an inner vital space of energy; and so if you look into yourself, you will realise you ARE your language/words, cogito ergo sum that perceives your membrain, which filters the universe for your singularity to ‘know’; but your mind is verbal, logic thought, not digital. 

Thus we should realise the essence of all this time beings is dual:

On one hand to survive through the reproduction in cyclical patterns of its timespace.

On the other hand to perceive linguistically as a mirror of the Universe that creates constantly in a dialog between informative, singularity mirrors that reflect and order its territorial reality, after shrinking it into an infinitesimal still mind, form.

In the graph, the marvels of creation in which the Universe dialogs between the infinite cycles, filtered through the membrain into the singularity-mirror that perceives in the language itself, in a pan psychic universe, reflecting then its selfish view in its territory of order, which through infinite points of view, creates reality.

Below the infinite singularities of order, the Maxwellian demons which ARE proved, when properly understood in terms of infinite ‘frames of reference’, by the fact that we study the Universe with mathematical frames of reference, and the equations of physics do portray well reality precisely proving the existence of infinite time-knots, minds that order and map with in/form/ation, internal form the Universe in an eternal dialog of multiple creative mirrors.

And so time cycles shrink compressed into linguistic memorial seeds that will ‘dis-seminate’ and grow and multiply, from evolutionary livings, compressed into the ‘genetic mind mirror’ of its seminal seeds, to verbal languages that ‘narrate reality’ into smaller sentences, to visual films to mathematical Lagrangian and Hamiltonian equations that focus the 3 ages of physical systems in its standing points, when the function of exi=st¡ence transits between ages, to topological varieties that reduce entire beings to fractal, minimal points, languages of the kaleidoscopic Universe keep forming and dissolving into zero sums as ‘linguistic singularities trans-forms ad eternal entropic motions into energetic actions and organic forms’.

Being entropy only the primary motion substance, the vacuum space, the nothingness to which we shall all return.



In the XVIII C. Leibniz (philosophy of relational space-time as a the ultimate substance of a reality made of vital spaces which last a finite time quantity, first hint at the fifth dimension of scales with different time clocks, and development of the mathematical tools to study those scales of smaller faster parts that become wholes – analysis: ‘each (non-euclidean) point is a world in itself’).

Leibniz, the philosopher of relational fractal space-time.

Leibniz was the next great advancement ofTime theory when we realized what physicists called absolute time and space was just a mathematical artifice but in the real world all what we saw was vital spaces pegged together and lasting a finite time cycle. So we were not in an abstract background graph of timespace, but we WERE made of time duration and vital space with motion and form (galileo’s paradox). Further on he foresaw the existence of a scale 5th dimension as ‘each point is a world in itself’, so he founded Analysis, the science to study those scales of infinitesimal parts and wholes.

In the next graph we see those mathematical artefacts of measure that deformed our vision of time. There are indeed infinite time clocks in the Universe, which enclose a vital space, NOT a single clock as Galileo and all physicists after him believed. Neither there is a background cartesian graph with infinite single time coordinates, but infinite beings performing its time cycles of existence. TIME thus is eternal because it is motion and cyclical motion so all forms will be repeated. Since events repeat in time cyclically or else there would not be patterns of science, change sometimes seems not to happen when things come to the same point. This is the present, closed, conservative energy cycle, which explains why ‘energy never dies, but trans-forms itself in different forms of in-formation and entropy’:

And finally there is the fact that the clocks of time of all species of Nature define different time speeds, as small systems run faster clocks, which also is not understood, since physicists used a mechanical clock to measure all other clocks equalising them.

In the graph we see schematically those elements of time which physicists still have not accounted for but rather deformed: the multiplicity of time clocks, unified with a single mechanical clock, the cyclic form of time clocks, which physicists elongated into a line, so they ended up believing there is not more than one time clock, that it is lineal and infinite extending to the whole universe and that it has no form in-form-ation in its cycles and frequencies.

In the graph we can see the resume of those errors: there are multiple time clocks in the Universe, defining a fractal Universe as those time clocks repeat their cycles, breaking space in an inner and outer region, (main topological theorem), and so we cannot make theories of all time changes as Hawking etc. do considering a single clock for the Universe – so no return to the past, as each time-clock goes its way. Those time clocks are faster in smaller particles, so there is a fifth dimension that orders them all by speed according to size. There are closed time changes, which carry information in their frequency and form, waves that also repeat their information but expansive, disordered ‘memoriless’ ‘markowian processes’ of ‘entropy’ that erase information, and so we can talk of three timespace changes, the three arrows of time, and a fifth dimension of time, which orders all those clocks by speed that grows as we become smaller.

But his genius came on his understanding that each point is a fractal world in itself, advancing the concept of the fifth dimension, which we need to enclose all phenomena through the 3 dimensions of time, the 3 dimensions of space and the 3 organic co-existing dimensions of size and speed of time that organise the fundamental particle-being of reality, the relational super organism of space-time:

In the graph, we can see how naturally because entities co-exist in an ∆-1 cellular/atomic, ∆-organic, thermodynamic and ∆+1, gravitational, social scale, all systems in nature have organic structure. It is then when we can see that the function of the 3 arrows of time is a physiological function, as ∆-1 parts become social networks specialised in entropic, informative and iterative events. It is the fundamental particle of the Universe, a fractal  made of smaller fractal constructed to the image and likeness of the whole.


‘the Universe is a super organism of three ternary arrows of space-time structured across 3 ∆±1 scarles of the fifth dimension, whose ∆-1 cells/atoms/citizens form networks of entropic energy, reproduction and information, ensemble together into ∆: super organisms, part of larger social super organisms, of slower time cycles:

How many dimensions has then the Universe and any of its super organisms?

The correct answer is 10, 3 of space=form, 3 of time=function, 3 of organic scales, and one for the singularity and membrain that encloses it all, the mind-will that makes the super organism a whole.

A simpler model though following the correspondence principle will consider only to ad the ‘packaging’ 5th dimension of scales (as each scale does have 3 dimensions of time=function and space=form). It was an earlier error when I tried to argue with physicists about the model. As their simple models reduce those 10 dimensions to 3 of space, and one of time, the fourth dimension of present derivatives of time, ∂t=∂s/∂v.

So to please them, I wrote most of my texts on 5D³, where the ‘whole’ being extended through 3 scales of 5D and in each scale we would find 3 elements, cells, organisms and ecosystems, quantum atoms, thermodynamic matter and gravitational mass. It is becoming though awkward and confusing:

In the graph the metric equation of 5D with its different speeds of time clocks that define a scalar Universe. is with the three modes of timespace change, the 2 fundamental advances needed in philosophy of time-change to fully understand and resolve the pending questions of most sciences.

YET a  I don’t expect any time soon physicists to come back to school and learn the complex model of reality, from now on I will use the full model.So whenever we talk of the model on 5 Dimensions, we are packing the 3 x 3 +• dimensions of space, time, scales and mind, to ‘please the popes of physics’ which study 3 dimensions of space and one of present time (as they use derivatives, which measure the minimal time-quanta, step by step; so Galileo’s and Einstein’s time is PRESENT TIME.  Thus the dimension where i packed all the clocks of time is the fifth dimension, which is all over my texts.

We shall then when doing general analysis of the whole talk of 5•D³, to signify that when we just extend the present model of 3 spatial dimensions, a fourth dimension of present-time, then the whole other scales form the fifth scalar dimension, subdivides in 3 x 3 sub-dimensions and the 10th dimension of the mind, which together create the fundamental particle of the Universe the 10D supœrganism

Since for a more formal, rigurous analysis it is better to start-up from its beginnings as the two physicists/philosophers of science that studied the Universe of infinite time clocks, Leibniz (more of a philosopher) and Einstein (more of a physicist) preferred.

The result is a model I call 5D³, 10D from now on, which considers the existence of an infinite tapestry of systems, :

  • 3 dimensions of time, past, present and future related to 3 functions, past-entropy, present-iteration and future-information, which we shall call the 3 primary arrows or actions of time, related to…
  • 3 topological dimensions of space, which can be seen in simplest terms as height, the dimension of ‘future information.

5D³=10D supœrganisms thus is the long-seeked model of relational space-time (Leibniz), based in the existence of infinite clocks of time in the Universe, which Einstein said would be the definitive model of the science of timespace, (‘Leibniz is right’) seeing his work as the first step in the understanding of a Universe of infinite time clocks, but had not been cracked for a century, as it required truly as he said ‘but if so, we have to restart science from its inception’…

Fact is before this work time theory had not any significant advancement since Einstein, as it is a theme that seems very difficult for humans as you cannot take shots of time as they do with space. But there is another huge reason why timespace theory didn’t have any significant advance til i completed those models, also clearly expressed by Einstein: ‘I seem to be the only physicist who believe there are infinite time clocks in the Universe’. 

And things remain the same. So if ‘you believe’ in a single mechanical time clock to explain all the cyclical clocks of life (circadian clocks), states of matter (as those of the cycles of evaporation, freezing, liquid rain, evaporation that gives you life), astronomy (one for every orbit of a galaxy, star and planet) quantum particles (one for each rotation), you have a dogma which prevents you from advancing further timespace theory. 

This unfortunately is very often the case of humans in so many fields they don’t quite understand but have a dogma that substitutes reason for belief and let’s them go through.



In the XIX century Darwin brought about the first full serious analysis of the other 2 arrows of time in organic terms, the arrow of reproduction and information, as we introduce a  theory of change in the dimensional form or in-form-ation of beings, and noticed that reproduction is the goal of all species of relational space-time which ensures its survival, and we shall expand to all fields.

So how can we complete the work of Darwin with the 3 arrows of time-space, entropy, energy and information? It will require for you to understand and solve once and for all the discussion between ‘creationists and darwinians’, punctuated evolution (right as time accelerates information so there are explosions of creativity) vs. constant evolution, and explain why ultimately all is about genetics. So allow me to tell uyou what are the 3 ‘topological forms of evolution’.

Topological evolution and scalar genetics, completing the work of Darwin and Mendel with 5D³

the three modes of timespace change, the 2 fundamental advances needed in philosophy of time-change to fully understand and resolve the pending questions of most sciences.

5D³ Genetics.

What about genetics? Here 5D complete the reasons why we are ruled by ternary genes, which code the ternary arrows of biological systems.

But genes only code individuals NOT societies, which are ruled by memes (hence the falsity of racism). Why? Because as we aw in the graph of 5D scale: a lower scale of faster clocks CODES the next larger organisation of the Universe, where ‘new informative systems’ emerge to code the next scale of the russian doll but each ‘new doll’ is a discontinuum and so the information of the enclosed smaller, denser informative doll cannot cross those barriers and code 2 scales above.. See in the graph where we see the metric of the fifth dimension we can see how this work: smaller beings run faster time clocks and so they can store and process more information. so chips move faster information than machines and rules them. Genes run faster clocks that store in the form and frequency of its cycles the information of biological beings. Black holes run galaxies and MEMEs (ideas, instruments) run larger social organisms, nations and civilisations.

So THE CO-EXISTENCE OF MULTIPLE SCALES OF TIME, which run faster clocks IS the key to understand the co-existence in an organic manner both in physical and biological systems, of multiple scales of time-space: Spe x Ti = k (co-invariance of size and speed of information, which is the metric equation of 5D).

In the next graph we show those 2 fundamental advances of time theory: the fractal structure of space in scales of social organisms and the 3 arrows of time, lineal entropic motions, energetic, reproductive cycles and informative, warping 3rd age that structures the existence of all beings, and defines the fundamental advance of time theory regarding evolution:

Topological evolution: creationism or darwinism?

The next graphs show the fundamental advance on timespace theory brought about by properly studying the three arrows of time=change of form, of in-form-ation, in the Universe and its topological combinations that create all systems in space, its 3 ages that explain the life-death cycle of all systems. Below the scales of the fifth dimension that define systems as co-existing organisms, joined by the three arrows of time, forming the physiologic networks of all super organisms of the Universe.

Since the line is the fastest distance and so for entropy systems the best form, the hyperbolic body-wave includes all forms and hence it is the best to reproduce a system, and the sphere warps maximal information in minimal space and so it is the form of head-particles, the true meaning of time-space is the fact that all systems are made of forms with a function, which are both still and moving (Gallean relativity) and perform the three actions=arrows of motion, iteration and gauging of information for all beings, defining the Fractal generator equation of space-time beings, the fundamental equation of relational space-time:

Γ. ∆-1; $: (limbs/fields of maximal-moption) < ∆: ITERATIVE, HYPERBOLIC-body-waves>∆+1: Tƒ (informative spherical particle/heads) <<∆-2: death: entropic dissolution of information:

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 20.37.45

In the graph, the fractal generator of relational space-time beings defines all systems as ensembles of the three only topologies of the 4D and 5D universe, shows them in a relative time arrow of growing information through three ages, so we can talk of local past, present and future parts of any system, and explains its 3 functions. Hence the next graphs, where we show the three topologies of space-time, the three ages of time-space, the three scales through which a being trace its existential world cycle (no longer a worldline) and then a few real examples for biologic and physical systems, ALL of them follow the same sequential world cycle of time-change between birth and extinction (regardless of size, or scale as species and physical systems also follow them:

So the three topological ages/forms of time-space complete Darwin’s evolution:

In the graph all species go through the same 3 horizons/ages/dimensions of evolution of all species of relational space-time, which will allow us to complete theory of evolution adding to the fight between species and genetics:

Topological evolution and its 3 horizons along the 3 dimensions of lineal entropy, informative cyclical height and reproductive width, IS A HUGE A proof that we ARE all relational space-time beings as our properties are ‘mathematical in form’ as those of space.

Since the line is the shortest distance between two points SO  all limbs/fields are lineal from light rays to your legs.

And the sphere the topology that stores more information. So all informative temporal particles/heads/eyes/cameras are spherical.

Thus all relational space-time beings follow the same horizons and ages of form; regardless of which ‘scale of the fifth dimension’ they are – as all are relational space-time beings that share its topological form, and dimensional in/form/ation is the dominant arrow that transforms motion and entropy. So both, all species (above) and all beings in their life-death ‘world cycle’, go through those 3 ages of increasing information, from entropic young ages/species.

Topological evolution is a fascinating subject, since there are only 3 topologies of space-time, IT SOLVES THE PROBLEMS OF EVOLUTION regarding the problem already known to Darwin on how fast informative spherical eyes or planar, moving, entropic wings evolved. This is claimed as prove that there is a plan of evolution traced by God – yes, there is a mathematical constrain to evolution given by the three only topologies of the Universe (below), which ensemble together all systems of Nature, but not, Yhwh, a fantasy of desert delirium tremens did not exist, created the Universe and has nothing to do with topological evolution…

In the graph, different worldcycles of existence as travels through scales of the fifth dimension, whereas each being goes through an entropic-motion oriented youth, a mature, reproductive balanced steady state, a 3rd informative age, then exploding back its information in a big-bag entropic death – ONLY the final moment of time, the shortest of all ages, the less relevant creative one.

That is why we say information iS ALL, because the Universe is a reproductive fractal, whose purpose is to reproduce 10D supœrganisms; while translation in space is completely irrelevant – in fact motion IS also a form of reproduction of information; which in physics is expressed in the principles of conservation of momenta and energy and the nature of light as a reproductive wave of information. So let us see how even motion, what physicists study, is reproduction of form.

Entropy only physicists: Helmothz

It is thus obvious and clear that the discovery and explanation of the iterative and evolutionary arrows by Darwin completed the simpler view of time as a mere ‘present slice’ or derivative, a minimalist quanta of change, and only applied to translation in space, and on top deformed linearly and reduced to a single clock for the entire Universe.

With those concepts obviously little insights could be gained in the larger picture. So physicists philosophy of timespace kept adding more errors.

Indeed, in the wrong side of time theory the XIX century brought us entropy physicists, which from reaumur boring canon and observing heat, to Helmothz affirming the Universe was dying used reductionism first to reduce the 3 states of matter of the previous graph, the informative crystals, the balanced liquids and the entropic gas, to gas-only time arrow, and then expanded the arrow to ALL scales of reality including the WHOLE universe in a hyperbolic ‘method of truth’ so common in physics when it plays amateurish philosophy of science:

1) reduction of all global phenomena to a local phenomena (all time arrows to entropic gas)->

2) reduction of all properties to those susceptible to be mathematised (denial of the Maxwellian demons of crystal forms that ‘order’ reality, as solid crystal forms once formed ‘reproduce its information’ in other cellular crystals creating order that offsets the gaseous entropy) ->

3) hyperbolic expansion of that local law once all other effects and realities are eliminated to create a false global truth that passes as absolute law for all sciences, all of this perfectly greased by

4) human power, as makers of weapons, machines and darlings of the P.R.ess, shutting up all other scientists including philosophers of science, if needed ad hominem to come on top.

The exception to that ‘method’ being Einstein, who would quip, when the Germanic-American military-industrial complex and its engaged physicists applied four times the method to him, first with ether theory, next with Copenhagen bohr-heisenberg quantum interpretations, then with nazism and finally against his pacifism and confrontation with the nuclear industry’, ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods. And ‘if they were right a single physicist would suffice to prove me wrong’.


In the XX c. Einstein (completion of Galileo’s work, with a refinement of the formula v=s/t, and first hint to an understanding that charges and masses are ‘accelerated clocks of time’ as ‘time curves space into masses’ and by the principle of equivalence mass an acceleration are indistinguishable):

In the graph, the physical clocks that carry the information of the Universe in its cyclical dimensional form and frequency. So if you put together e=mc2 and e=hv, m=v (h/c2) shows that the attractive force of a mass is proportional to its speed/frequency as a time vortex – no Higgs is necessary because the Higgs is just a particle, it does not give mass to a vortex of time, which is a ‘mass per se’, attracting as an eddie (thermodynamic vortex) the faster it turns. Hence the black hole which turns at c-speed in its horizon IS the most attractive vortex of the Universe.

General relativity showed that particles, masses, charges are ‘accelerated vortices of time’, hence unlike present repetitive cycles that close the clock and seem not to change, they do change and move a system in time towards the future, creating an arrow of future towards more information. It also defines motion as the true substance of all beings, hence making the Universe immortal as time-motion never stops, only the mind stops it in its ‘singularity’ and finally as all are vortices of attractive time-forces we can easily unify charges and masses, and complete the work of Einstein, which we have spare from the bonfire of vanities of the dwarfs of physics today, because the guy was both intelligent and ethic and so he deserves our respect.

So in general relativity, he defined with the Principle of equivalence a vortex of accelerated, future time and NONE understood it. And in both General and special relativity he defined the 3 ages of physical systems, and again nobody understood him. It was too simple, and so Hilbert said the maths were high school and shunned off – it WAS NOT THE MATHS BUT THE CONCEPTS that mattered, and those are the ones for 100 years digital robots aka physicists have missed all along:

IN FACT the 3 ages of all systems, entropic-youth/steady state/informative old age are the 3 solutions to Einstein’s general relativity equations that MUST be ordered in time as the birth of any space-time physical system, which goes then through a mature steady state and finally crunches into a world cycle. 

Besides its complex EFE formulae, those 3 ages can also be written simpler as:

Entropy < cc-energy wave of light > mass (vortex of future information).

Yes, it is the e=mc2 equation reordered with the three arrows of time as a feed-back equation, yet another case of the fractal generator of space-time beings. But physicists misinterpreted as usual the meaning of the 3 terms: E here is entropy, the disordered scattering motions that convert the informative mass into an energy wave of light. it is really then M<cc; the e void of meaning here only represents the Ti(m)<E(cc), transformation and explosion of a mass into a present sheet of bidimensional light space:

Now, this is the equation that Einstein in fact discovered backwards in his landmark paper ‘can energy become mass?’ and CERN is probing trans-forming energy into mass.

In the wrong side of this century though appeared Mr. Hawking, who having not understood at all the meaning of Einstein’s work made a fortune publishing books trying to explain him ‘A brief history of time’ and at the same time doing work in physical papers blatantly denying his equations of black holes, interpreting the ‘stopping’ process of its time clocks that measure its rotary motion and go to zero, NOT as they are – simply: the black hole in the centre or singularity of its eddie of timespace, as any eddie or hurricane does stops and so its time parameter, remember, a measure of motion=change, v=s/t, stops. Point.

Those equations of Einstein mean nothing else in a Universe of infinite clocks, where the equations of physics only measure a kind of time=change, the motion in space. So when the motion comes to zero the time stops in zero.

You travel in time to zero in physics when you stop your motion. But ONLY you stop hour motion, as there are infinite time clocks. There is no way by stopping your clocks YOU STOP ALL THE CLOCKS OF THE UNIVERSE! AS physicists think, and there is no way that by putting your clocks of information backwards, you move backwards in time the entire Universe, which is what physicists think

You travel in time to the past in evolution, when you reproduce a seminal seed, which was the form you have billions of years ago in the unicellular age.

Son in the moment of orgasm, your entire system concentrates in producing a past seminal  seed, which then will evolve fast in punctuated evolution (as a Universe of infinite time clocks as Einstein discovered can LOCALLY, remember always that word LOCALLY, travel faster to the future, evolving faster its information, which IS THE MEASURE OF THE SPEED OF TIME OF A CLOCK – ITS SPEED OF PROCESSING AND EVOLVING INFORMATION);

Son in processes of birth a form of relative past that evolves palingentically into the future.

Those are real non-paradoxical LOCAL TRAVELS in time.

XXI C. Timespace knowledge: 5D³=10D: the fifth self-styled time theorist.

-And so after those 4 colossus walked the path of timespace knowledge, one for a century, in the XXI c. a self-styled time theorist, completed with the 5D³ formalism the work of all of them, solving all the pending questions about timespace change, and unifying all ‘sciences’ as ‘stiences’ of space-time relational beings, following the same isomorphic=equal laws, derived from the properties of fractal space and ternary, cyclical time. 

In the next graph we see that organic, fractal structure of all beings of the Universe.

In the graphs, each science study a scale of the fifth dimension and its physiological networks, built with actions and specialised cells/citizens/atoms of each of the three arrow of time. THE ASTOUNDING reductionism of physicists doubling as philosophers of science who do NOT UNDERSTAND the unity of all systems of the Universe and DEMAND special rights and funding for their study of motions of physical systems thus MUST end as it is not good for mankind, the ‘inferior species’ in that worldview, and won’t bring us any clarification about the real structure of the Universe, whose purpose is NOT to move but to reproduce information in an organic manner in all its scales as the system goes through its world cycle, in which each of the physiological, topological networks, that of entropy, energy ad information dominate to explode back into entropy in death and big-bangs:

there you have 5 men who have advanced our view of time. They have three things in common. They were all self-styled time theorists who advanced our understanding of timespace; they were all laughed at for most of his life, when not ignored or brutally attacked for such a feat; since none yielded to the established power and ‘passé’ theory of their age; and what matter most to the reader, they were all proved right as time passed by. 

Now the graph last picture is a mega-selfie; (: i know, but what can i say?

Now more seriously, as we have explained ALL SYSTEMS ARE SELF-CENTERED IN A MIND-LANGUAGE, SO WE ARE ALL HUGE EGOES, but intelligence=objectivity make us also realise that is a MIRAGE OF THE MIND, so intelligent humans can ‘laugh at their egos’, with RELATIVISM.

SO WHY IT IS NATURAL THAT all humans, are so ‘ego-centered’, SCIENTISTS MUST ALSO recognise OBJECTIVELY ego-paradoxes are a cancer for science, on the view of such an astonishing, huge, similar Universe with NO preferred species, scale, or form.

So we have answered this paradox, explained earlier at the beginning of this section – the function of the mind and its equation that makes each of them the center of its subjective perception of the Universe, as a ‘knot of time’ cycles.


‘Simplicity is genius’ Leonardo

You see how simple and easy to understand is the reproductive Universe when you change your chip, stop worshipping entropic digital robots, aka physicists with zero philosophical, conceptual intelligence, instead of the complicated, ill-interpreted views of physicists. Again for good measure: all is reproduction as even motion is reproduction:

A wave Motion on the other hand is the simplest information and moves faster because it need only to print a surface below, and again, the wave form that moves is independent of that indistinguishable lower level. So the wave keeps its form and travels truly fast as the in/form/ation, v=s/ti to imprint, is minimal.

Since motion is reproduction of information; motion is not only relative, but related to the density of information of a system. So as mass-information grows in density the system takes longer time to reproduce the Ti element of v=s/Ti, and so it slows down. And on the other extreme when information tends to zero speed increases. So as we humans perceive information with light that is our limit of speed of transmission of information we can perceive c=s/Ti. But this wave of light is really impressing a quantum field of gravitational action at distance, faster than light (Bohm’s discovery on the pilot-wave theory which we have to marry with the non-observance of particle during the motion, to fully grasp the process).

Time travels  in terms of the fifth dimension.

So what is existence? A travel through 3 scales of the fifth dimension in which you and any other being tries to reproduce information and create super organisms:

In the graphs, a human being as a traveller through the fifth dimension as all beings exist traveling through 5D scales, as they exchange energy and information in ‘EXI=actions’ that try to minimise its expenditure of energy (least action law, basis of most physical, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian equations), but guided by the informative mind, end up wrinking, and dying back in an entropic explosion that restores the balance of reality.

So YOU EXIST AS A TRAVELER through 10 dimensions of timespace,  as your topology changes, and so changes your functions in time and your relative position in the 3 scales of your ∆±1 supœrganism, as you are born (above graph of ages of life) as a seed of faster time clocks and then reproduce evolve and emerge in a larger slower scale of the fifth dimension as an individual part of a world with larger slower geological cycles.

Indeed Hutton said the earth was a super organism, (gaia) with slower time cycles. So i also called 10D, a theory of super organisms – as systems according to the metric and scales of the fifth dimension have faster clocks of time when they are smaller. So smaller parts co-exist with larger ones and code them with their faster clock-cycles carrying the information of the system in the curves and frequency of those cycles. hence particles code atomic systems, genes, human systems and memes code societies, departing from a single clonic form reproduced in all cells, in all believers in the book of revelation that reproduces a human civilisation and so on.

So this is how the Universe looks once we have established the existence of 3 time arrows of relative local entropic past, energetic presents and informative futures in all the ∞ scales of the fifth dimension, and defined all systems of reality as ‘travellers through the fifth dimension.

But I just pointed out a small ‘tip’ of an iceberg, which is just a human verbal mirror of a reality so deep as the Universe’s infinite scales.

Given though the astoundingly primitive outlook of physicists’ philosophy of science – all is about entropic whammies, as the ones they do for real on planet earth, just the tip answers all the weird features of their interpretation of space and time (quantum physics and relativity), and what I always found far more enticing – it perfectly fusion the 3 branches of human sciences, physics, biology and sociology, including all the mystical thoughts, all the memetic scales, all the conundrums of evolution nobody makes sense of it today, and as we said all the questions pending in the previous advance of physical space (quantum) and time (relativity) from the constant of c-speed, to reversals of time, to twin paradoxes, to quantum potential fields and dualities wave-particle, to black holes, galaxies, meaning of energy, etc.

But and that is why i feel justified to criticize them so heavily, it is my opinion that most errors of physics ultimately steam from their worldly profession as makers of weapons and digital machines.

So HUMAN PHYSICS has not been  A CLEAN SEARCH FOR TRUTH AS PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE IS, but the application but ‘automaton’ people of the machines they discovered, first clocks, then telescopes and finally heat machines and weapons, to their worldview. So they reject conceptual verbal understanding as philosophers do, because their machines do not talk. They reject the other two arrows of time used as nebulous concepts of information and energy because they ARE OBSESSED BY ENTROPIC weapons. And they reject all other sciences of life, and information because that is NOT what they study. So again take your choice, are they stupid or eviL=anti-live? Both.

IT IS THEN easy to see this when the science was founded: Galileo was first master of the arsenal of venice, paid 1000 golden ducats to see how fas an entropic cannonball went, so he founded ballistics first. Entropy as the arrow of time was found by another artillery master count reaumur, boring canons and heating them. Nobel was first merchant of death doing dynamite. The industry of accelerators who explored particles was founded to work on nuclear weapons. And our technological civilisation loved all of them. This mixture of arrogance, ignorance, reductionism, digital worship and denial of truths and whys for which they don’t care, as long as their view pumps their ego and makes them high popes of mankind is encoded in a simple sentence of his first master, mr Kepler, when he said after using his clock to reduce time to lineal measures:

‘God is a clocker has waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clock-work’. They are still thus thinking as Einstein put it that ‘time is what a clock measures’, and as Galileo and Dirac said ‘God speaks only mathematics’. Fuk then life, man and our future as a species, irrelevant to them.

So in this age of ‘FALSE PLACEBO CARING ORWELLIAN NEWSPEAKS’ alt-truth and egotist, childish virtual entitled minds, my ‘belief’ nuclear physicists are minimally humane soon is gone. They had not changed at all their psyche from the cold war people who menaced to blow us all and kept doing it. If anything they have been degraded intellectually and the press had lost his capacity for proper research.

BUT they have become much smarter in their ‘newspeaks of teleological intelligence, backed by our entire civilisation ‘expert’ in hiding all the truths of life and any philosophy that puts man, life, and the organic paradigm above.

And contrary to belief, this process of intellectual degradation caused paradoxically by the evolution of digital computerised machines that are substituting us and ELIMINATING the temporal, verbal, causal, sequential logic of ‘time-thought’, affects also physicists which have been unable to create ANY serious advance on the models of reality we scientists seek in a century…

In the graph as humans evolve digital computers and sensorial machines, they devolve in its verbal, temporal logic languages, having lost first the understanding of the three verbal/temporal past=entropy, present=iterative reproductive energy and future=dimensional form=information, which was crystal clear in the philosophies of the eastern world (yang=entropy x yin-formation= qi energy) and the syntax of verbal thought (3 verbal ‘times’). When the clock came, time became ‘digitalised’ and the ∞ cyclical clocks of the Universe reduced to the mechanical clock.

Physicists then developed weapon-machines and came on top of history and made of entropy and death a dogma of our civilisation. In that sense, they are increasingly enzymen, men enzymes that catalyse the evolution of mechanisms as automaton attachments that gather data with machines, introduce it in digital models and think that IS all what is worth to know about reality. And of course they think nobody else (and now the worshipping sheeple shares that view) is worth to know about the underlying structure of reality.

As Goethe put it ‘people who use telescopes and microscopes to watch nature think they are smarter than all of us, but they are not’. Yet in a technological civilisation, a philosopher of science which truly answers the questions pending at conceptual level in all sciences as I did with my organic, fractal models of reality that put man again as the most perfect organism in the centre of the Universe, had nothing to do. At best, his work will be used to ‘organise’ company-mothers of machines and evolve robots.


So you believe Galileo and Newton, both WORKING for the arsenals of Italy-Venice and England-Royal Navy, designing ‘spy-glasses’ and cannonball calculus took their place in the collective subconscious as the geniuses of it all (and Einstein because of the A-bomb, in any case overrated, as its merits are lesser than those of Leibniz and Darwin, and Descartes on the great principles, the thoughts of God he seeked for and his arrogance and despise of life legendary, as when he said that women only reproduced their belly to his wife and that if ‘his theory was wrong, God would have to correct the universe, as it was so beautiful’ – still a giant compared to modern digital dwarfs of computer and mechanical thought/pictures. )

Thus ultimately our demise as a species by weapons and machines we worship is a cultural process.On the other side is a very lonely place, as we, philosophers of science, consider first time, and its verbal languages, and care more about the logic of the Universe but time and logic cannot be ‘shot’ with a camera. What humanity looses abandoning the search for conceptual time/logic meaning with its own languages and senses and the whole range of time clocks and arrows of the Universe is the ‘true meaning of knowledge’ which also applies to resolve the pending questions of physics, but trying to teach a robot to talk is just impossible.

Our verbal language besides codes the ethic, biological laws of survival of the species, and so physicists to my surprise displayed zero survival instincts, as children do, without a verbal understanding in time languages of the process of death, which paradoxically comes from the arrow of entropy they worship. Yet even I had a strong sense of those realities, I didn’t think the rest of mankind had reached such a degree of ‘self-verbal devolution’ as not to have left any of those instincts left. It didn’t. And as any child with limited verbal capacity to understand time logic and causality, it was too easy to blame ‘ad hominem’ those who tried to save her. Hence the bizarre happenings that surrounded the suits at CERN and the infantile censorship and silent law that felt upon those dangers, a global taboo nobody dares to lift.

As children are the staple food of the Universe, and the issue is absolutely close – for years i was even censored to make comments in any main stream magazine ‘always moderated’ with my name, nor magazines of science would accept my papers even when unrelated to cern – they were returned without opening – we could say that CERN has cast upon me, the curse of Cassandra – that nobody would ever believe her/my prophecies even if they were ground in sound facts.

It has ever since been a life in hell. And of course, the astounding  beauty of the logic formalism of the fractal 10D³ universe has gone down the gutter with his author. Was it worthy? It is the wrong question. It was unavoidable that a man who has understood the organic nature of the Universe, forced himself against happiness and wisdom to sacrifice his life for that superorganism of mankind in time that I call history.


All this lead us to the consideration of the social organisms of history and economics, which obey as ALL other relational space-time beings, the same laws outlined very briefly in the previous paragraphs, because we are not different from any other entity of the Universe in ‘substance’ (we are made of vital space and last a finite time) and hence in our ‘worldcycles’ of existence, specially as we do not recognise them, so we cannot control ‘mentally’ and ‘create’ with those laws a perfect world and a planet where man thrives and survives. If we accepted and understood those laws, however the reform of the economic and political system to create a perfect super organism of history (mankind on time) would be simple and immediate…

How then History and economics evolve according to the application of the 2 new paradigms of ‘scalar, social super organisms’ that co-exist across the 5th dimension, and the 3 arrows of time, and its local processes of  informative evolution and entropic ‘devolution’ and death?

The scales of the fifth dimension and the processes of death of cultures (local travel to the past) and evolution of the information and life of societies (travel to the future), in History and Economics give birth to many fundamental new insights, of which we highlight 2:

The development of new models of societies and economic ecosystems, which evolve socially through the arrow of eusocial love and organic evolution into the present global economic ecosystem and the past cultures and civilisations and present industrial nations, which can be perfectly model with those laws, opening an enormous new field for the efficient organisation of societies.

And the study of the synchonicity and cycles of time and evolution of machines and economic ecosystems, which in my decade old models predicted accurately (c.92) the economic crashes of stock-markets and technological organic evolution of machines, now in the singularity age of final evolution of entropic machines (black hoel singularity) and informative ones (robotic singularity, AI), which are both potentially ‘organic’ in as much as they can ‘feed’ of matter without human interference and perceive, whenever they reach the complexity of form of animal beings we show in the post on the 2 future of history.

In the graph, a resume of the interconnected cycles of evolution of machines according to its 3 ages, and the parallel cycles of evolution of mankind, ending in entropic wars. The cycles predicted as earlier as 92, the 2008 ‘generational crash’ that closed the age of evolution of metal-minds, or third age of mechanical information, giving birth to the final age of the Industrial r=evolution or singularity age, when we shall assembly the 3 topological parts of machines into organic robots.

Time travels, from deaths to prophets reborn (:

10D³ history is quite a finding; as it explains all kind of processes thought completely considered before outside the realm of reason, such as religions, which actually respond to the process of ‘seminal birth’ of a new super organism, departing from memes (not form genes) similar in all scales.

Thus the only theme of 10D³ social sciences we shall treat here is ‘the existence’ of social organisms and religious gods in an upper plane of reality, the subconscious collective of a group of human beings imprinted NOT by memes but by genes, according to the laws of the fifth dimension in which a larger whole scale is programmed by the smaller parts – its human beings, ideas and instruments.

We have chosen it as it is the most provocative of all themes treated by ‘bio-history’

So let us explain you or rather just enunciate 3 FORMS OF TIME travel to the past, in physical, biological and social systems, among which we have chosen the most bizarre of them – the birth of a memetic mystical God, or subconscious collective mind of a civilisation  whose code of revelation acts as the equal dna of all cells, putting all the believers in synchronicity of action.

In the graph 3 travels in which a ‘seed of future information’, travels back to the local past of the super organism in codes:

– 1. A particle becoming a dying antiparticle; reason why we see less antiparticles than particles (another conundrum cern pretends to solve bombing you: as DEATH lasts only a quanta of time  according to its 5D equation: Death = Max. Spatial entropy x Min. Temporal information), in the same manner you see less corpses than living  even if there are the same number (all living will be corpses), as you  MUST multiply their duration in time x their number in space (minimal time duration of corpses makes them less evident than the living), you see less antiparticles (which last only a quanta of time) than particles.

2-  a seminal seed starting its palingenetic travel, as you are born as a ‘palingenetic=past form of genetic information’, a seed of the super organism of your father, which in the moment of orgasm reaches to balance that ‘seed to the past’ a point of static ‘immortal present’. And this orgasm-pleasure-present-immortal moment rises questions about the reinforcement in all scales of present-closed iterative cycles through the ‘scale of pure sensation’. It is the last scale of reality the pan psychic relationship between present to past pleasure/entropy/motion vs. past to future, informative pain/awareness?

All this said by the correspondence principle, 5D reduces to 4D in a single plane with a single arrow of time. But why you want to ‘reduce yourself’ to those limits, when an infinite number of clocks and scales unbounded await your mind? If YOU ARE A HUGE EGO, which WANTS TO CONTROL IT ALL and KNOW IT all, of course, reductionism will make you feel on top of the game and that is WHY, religions of ego and big-bangs are so popular. Yet as we shall  show now contrary to belief there is even more truth on jihad terrorism than cern’s terrorism, on mystical religions than mystical big-bangs. Even if all of them reduce the mind or superorganism of mankind to minimalist proportions – let us see how.

In the graph we show:

3- and informative prophet born a human cycle before the death of its superorganism (Jewish culture, dead in the month of Ab, a quanta of life-time ‘after’ the resurrection of its subconscious collective mind, ¥hwh in the ‘form’ of Christos, seminal seed of a new super organism of memetic history the equivalent to a genetic seed in the center), cloned in the mind of millions of believers. The range of phenomena  a understood when the proper arrows of time and the scalar nature of space is formalize would amaze a reader patient enough to go back to should and update its paradigm of time and space through  the 10D³ Non-Aristotelian ternary logic of time, and Non-Euclidean fractal structure of space.

I love the part of Jesus (: mostly cause it busts the balls of billions of nay-sayers of science who do NOT understand the subconscious collective gods of cultures.

Allah exists. And Allah Akbar is truth, Allah is bigger than its parts, its believers (: mystical reproduction is in any case healthier than black hole reproduction).

JESUS IS god, the god of social love, that pegs together human beings into a super organism, called christianity today on my view quite extinct.

And then there is that obnoxious Yhwh, the little racist guy that doesn’t let the rest of humans to be also chosen cells of the super organism of mankind. And that is too arrogant to survive, so its cells, ‘you’ know how they end, for not wanting to be part of Mankind.

But what the cells of Allah dying on Jihads, the fundamentalist christians with its old and modern inquisitions and the zealots of apartheid israel and wall street and evilwood with its neo-fascist militarist and brutal capitalist policies against the 99% do NOT understand is that the ONLY human God WORTH TO FIGHT FOR and die for is MANKIND and history our super organism in time.

Since bigger than Allah, more loving than Jesus, and miles above that racist little yhwh, THE ONLY GOD-SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND THAT MATTERS IS MANKIND ITSELF, ALL MEN UNITED IN PEACE IN A GLOBAL PERFECT SUPERORGANISM, DEDICATED TO REPRODUCE WELFARE GOODS with its blood-reprodctive-economic system, guided by all just laws, the proper memes of love. So all those ‘gods’ are just stages in the growth of humanity towards a new wholeness, a new scale of the fifth dimension: HISTORY the super organism of mankind in time and space, whose cycles and 2 paths of future i described long ago to the indifference of the smaller parts, which do NOT want to evolve engaged in hateful memes that break the species into tribal nations, killing each other for the evolution of weapons to continue.

Since of all those dwarf gods, the  worst of all of them those germ(an)s of pure entropy who understand nothing and try to impose and reproduce its murderous memes all over the place, murdering mankind with weapons in all and every cycle of history. So God is just a mystical term for a Human super organism: as your genes are gods of your cells and your mind is god of your body’; your memes code you for good or for bad:

Alas, there is an entire Universe of 10D social sciences that models humanity as a super organism, economics as its blood-reproductive network and politics as its informative, nervous network, living over its entropic territory, Gaia, which we shall explore in a third post on 10D, besides the general post on the model, and the 2 posts on cosmology and physics, which gives you a nice 4-set upgrade for the stiences of the XXI c. if we are still here once i am gone not to bother le personnel with inconvenient truths and cern is closed by accident or wisdom.

As our concepts of knowledge are established today thought it is quite unlikely that ‘History resurrects’ and becomes properly manage to serve man, and make him again as the most perfect organism of information, we know of, the center of our research and goal – substituting the machines of entropy and motion physicists and by extension humanity worships.

But the bottom line of humanity in the way it dealt with the 5 time theorists that tried in different centuries to upgraded their subconscious collective to a higher ethical=social=organic=loving truth (creating a new ∆-scale) and intellectual understanding of the balance of the Universe between its yang-entropy and yin-information that brings the qi-energy of all beings into ‘being’ (so we could ad to the 4 mentioned modern scientific theorists of time-space, the work of the 4 most important philosophers of humanity of the verbal age, Aristotle and Jesus in the western ‘decoupling of subjective cultures’ more concerned with the super organism of history  (left) and Lao-Tse and Buddha in the eastern decoupling, more concerned with the super organism of the Universe)… which 10D also explains… is rather obvious:

When humans are given a choice between metal-atoms of entropy, weapons, information, gold and its organic combinations, ‘machines’ that kill their bodies, hypnotise their minds and substitute and atrophy them, ultimately giving them no meaningful deep knowledge and murdering the species vs. thought experiments of enlightened masters of languages and its mirror truths, which do not harm them, they have always rejected knowledge and survival for metal and death.

Hence the name I have given the species in our posts on the evolution of History, animetals; which are the ultimate cause of the most important cycles of time in history, the 800-80 years cycles of evolution of memes of metal, weapons and machines, which accelerate the rhythms of temporal evolution in this planet, and we treat extensively in a blog dedicated to the application of 5D to social sciences:

In the graph, ‘animetal warriors, who murder with iron, the strongest atom, the body of man; animetal ‘banksters’ hypnotise and enslave them with gold, the most informative, the mind, and ‘animetal physicists’  substitute our verbal, conceptual languages that describe the 3 arrows of time, with digital clocks and our visual, artistic eyes with telescopes and microscopes, become lesser human beings, feeling ‘different’ to us, life, hence applying NOT the law of eusocial evolution between ‘undistinguishable’ beings, who come togehter into tighter boson wholes in any scale (Einstein-Bose statistics) but entropic, ‘gaseous’ states of ‘heat’ and memoriless motions, collding each other in dog-eat dog societies, the lowest state of ‘big-bang’ existence promoted by their philosophies of reality, the universe shall discharge for the higher goal of creating ‘at least a boson of dense matter’ or an internet brain of collective robots – the 2 most likely futures if humans keep their ethic=∆-social, and intellectual=Tƒ ‘humind membrain’ on its present deranged state. 

To notice the acceleration of information towards the future, which makes of history yet another vortex of information that we can express in a wave form (the graph) or in a particle form towards its singularity central moment of death or resurrection of the human ethic, verbal mind that could control lethal machines and weapons and ensure our survival.  In the graph, from one of my earliest books on 5D³ social sciences, ‘the vortex of history’, I draw the 3rd age of mankind, the age of the tree of metal, and its accelerated vortex of information. To notice the predictability of the model, which pointed at 2008, after 3 generational 72 year cycles of evolution and overproduction of machines as the final crash of the age of minds of metal or age of america.

So History was predictable as all other cycles of time through topological evolution. Since after the age of limbs of metal, iron and steam machines, or age of england, ending in the 1857 crash of train stocks; the industrial evolution followed its second topological age of bodies of metal and electrochemical german engines, ending in the 1929 crash of cars,  +72 years, latter – another human life generation; followed by the American age of minds of metal, ending, i forecasted in 2008, 72 years latter, after another crash of overproduction of chip machines… followed by the age of the singularity or age of robots and cosmic bombs, which is the present age of AI   that should end weaker carbon life in this planet. All my books though proposed the solutions, to build a sustainable, perfect organism of history based in welfare life goods and memes of life.

But animetal elites, our neuronal informative people-castes in control of informative metal-money, entropic metal-weapons and energetic, organic machines would have none of it.

As such I have always since i completed the models of bio-history, bio-economics, relational cyclical time and fractal space being ignored and censored with null distribution as those other 4 self-styled time theorists. Deja vu.

But as we humans neither control the tree of technology nor do care to learn the true laws of time and evolve properly our super organism, we are ENTERING our final age of entropy, as both ‘species of the singularity age’, AI of maximal information and BH of maximal entropy come to ‘hunt us’ from a more evolved potential future.

As such the perfect, impersonal Universe will not allow us to survive, because as ‘human beings’ our ethical and intellectual standing deserves respect, as animetals, and physicists are their paradigm, we are just slaves of other atoms, evolving them into the ∆+1 mechanical scale and into the III family of denser masses, and the game of time will choose them.



Relational §paceðime


“According to Newton, God Almighty wants to wind up his watch from time to time: otherwise it would cease to move. He had not, it seems, sufficient foresight to make it a perpetual motion. God’s making is so imperfect, according to these gentlemen; that he is obliged to clean it now and then by an extraordinary concourse, and even to mend it, as clockmaker mends his work.”
Leibniz. On Newton’s absolute time, its lack of understanding of gravitational vortices, (the errors of Mercury’s orbit) and the denial of cyclical, inertial motions, still features of popular physics.

As we respect the principle of correspondence, it is worth to consider the antecedents of a theory of organic space-time beings, to signify the change of paradigm from an abstract single space-time continuous background, which Newton merely took from the  Cartesian Plane that became the ‘Plenum of God’ – the dependent background against which all motions were measured, into  a background independent theory.

Let us then before we introduce stientific beings, clarify from this historic perspective and the correspondence principle, the natural final evolution of the concepts of space time, from being a background of beings, to ‘being the being ¡itself.

In Newton’s cosmos, space and time provide a fixed, immutable and eternal background, with respect to which particles move. Space and time are a stage. Like actors on that stage, particles move, exert forces onto each other and generally act out the drama of dynamics, while the stage itself does not change. This is sketched in the following illustration. There, we see objects, pictured as geometrical shapes, but there is also a fixed background structure, space, which is just as real, pictured here as a lattice of intersecting lines.

Newton’s view of the universe is manifestly background dependent – whether or not a particle is moving or at rest is determined in relation to Newton’s absolute space and time.

But even in Newton’s day, there were philosophers like Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz who took a different stance. In modern parlance, theirs is a relationist point of view. For a relationist, there is no background of absolute space and time. The fundamental properties of the elementary entities consist entirely in relationships between those elementary entities. Time is nothing but changes in these relationships, and consists of nothing but the ordering of these changes. In the relationist version of the above illustration, only the objects, pictured as geometrical shapes, are real. The lattice has no independent existence. Even without the lattice, it does make sense to talk about the distance between two given objects. But it does not make sense to talk about the distance between two space points where there are no objects at all.

A relational world without spatial background

One of the fundamental discoveries of Einstein is that in our universe, there is indeed no fixed space-time background. In Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which replaces Newton’s theory of mechanics and the gravitational force, the geometry of spacetime is not fixed. Instead it is an evolving, dynamical quantity. Physicists intent on describing our universe cannot just assume a given geometry. Instead, geometry is something that needs to be determined by solving certain equations that include all the effects of matter and energy.

A crucial aspect of Einstein’s dynamic geometry are gravitational waves, wave-like, travelling distortions of space geometry. Thus, experimental observations that energy leaks from binary pulsars such as PSR 1913+16 in the form of gravitational waves at the exact rate predicted by general relativity tells us that there is no more a fixed background of spacetime geometry than there are fixed crystal spheres holding the planets up.

The full cycle, from Aristotle to Newton To Leibniz and Aristotle again: The philosopher of science

Poor Leibniz, a philosophical saint who believed in the best of all worlds, and spent most of his time trying to reunite the human word-mind, at that time broken into multiple religions on the meaning of God, the mind of the Universe, of which all monads were made to its image and likeness, along the path of a previous fellowman philosopher, who he greatly admired, the Catalan Raymond Llull, would be accused of plagiarism by Newton, who on the terse precision of Calculus Infinitorum, show his ‘true colors’, suddenly bringing some obtuse notes, basically rules of measure derived from his professor Isaac Barrow, starting a global campaign, backed by the growing power of Imperial Britain, according to which Leibniz had in a visit to London somehow got access to his library, obscure notes on fluxions and with premeditation and will to harm, changed it all and published its terse Latin prose.

Newton got mad at the guy and forbade him to accompany the King of England form whom Leibniz had been working for 30 years filling volumes of genealogies to make a living. Again we see the same pattern: the philosopher who does not make weapons, does not make a living, does not have power, does not convince the world of his higher truths. The king of course who disliked the philosopher that had won him the crown with his erudite volumes of genealogical rights left him behind. And he died alone. We don’t have his last words. But Voltaire would put his epitaph laughing at him in Candid, his alter ego, where a good-natured Leibniz thought the world was the best of all worlds.

Come through a century. We have our two sides of good and bad science, knowledge vs. power. Now it is Darwin who realizes that the worldcycle of life and death has a pattern called evolution, a word derived from r=evolution.

On the other side Count Rumford, a British military engineer, noticed that limitless amounts of heat could be generated in the boring of cannon barrels and that the amount of heat generated is proportional to the work done in turning a blunt boring tool. Rumford’s observation of the proportionality between heat generated and work done lies at the foundation of thermodynamics. Another pioneer was the French military engineer Sadi Carnot, who introduced the concept of the heat-engine.

And finally Clausius, a German physicist, resumed all this knowledge on ballistics, heat and lineal motions in the second laws of thermodynamics and the concept of entropy according to which the ‘Universe is dying’ because it is made of ‘lineal motions’  and ‘disordered death’, as all those killed with military weapons, because time was lineal, expanding… as the steam machines and weapons they were constructing. Again, we see the simple pattern: the profession of the ‘pretentious scientist’ becomes the ’cause’ of the Universe.

Among the Arawak, a tribe of fishermen of the Caribe, the Universe is not dying but moves above a huge turtle, as those they hunt for a living. For Kepler, God was a mechanical clocker, as the machine he used to measure it. For lineal German physicists, masters of weapons of mass destruction, it has always been lineal, entropic, born in ‘big bangs’, a mockery word coined by Hoyle, aware that the theory was born on the mind of all those who like Gamow contributed to make the Nuclear bomb, or like Lemaitre, believed in creationism.

Now it is a fashion to say that the Universe is a computer, because that is how scientists, increasingly mere attachments of its thinking machines, use computers to model it. I’m waiting for a physicist of those I met in some conferences on the ‘death corridor’ of research at Sandia Labs, to model it on a drone. LOL.

Of course, steam, gas, weapons, kill, move lineally, are space and die. But that is only half, or rather a third of the story of reality.

What we philosophers of science, experts in all disciplines, aware that logic time is the origin of mathematical space, and both, coupled with the mental, organic properties of life MUST be included in a Theory Of Everything, have been telling to physicists (but only they can talk to ‘artillery masters’, who in turn own the world) is that a true theory of reality must include those 3+0 elements of reality: its cyclical, time-like, logic properties; its lineal space-like properties, its gauging-measuring-mental properties and its organic-synchronous, structural properties, as parts become elements of wholes, which grow in size from the simplest atom through  the cells, matter states, organisms, planets and galaxies that we perceive all over of the Universe.

There is the inner side of reality, the point of view of the cycles of time, ignored since Einstein again affirmed the concept that time is the 4th dimension of lineal space.

We shall of course explain what is the use of that concept for measures (as always good, physicists DO master measure of lineal distance that is granted), but also how dumb it is the concept and how much it has harmed the development of the whys of the Universe, and the study of Time.

So my advice to them is ‘let it go’. Do not talk so much about the meaning of it all. This is the task of philosophers of science. Study your motions and that is good enough. And learn, about the cycles of time, to complete your science, a knowledge we shall provide in those texts.

“Though most arachnids are solitary animals, some spiders live in enormous communal webs housing males, females, and spiderlings. Most of the individuals live in the central part of the web, with the outer part providing snare space for prey shared by all the inhabitants”. Britannica

The structure of Tƒ<TS<Sp, territorial spaces with a central point of view, developing its particular worldview, trying to reach infinity with his distorted geometry, affine to a projective geometry where far away means small, defines each world of a Universe, which is objective when ‘clashing’ each form with all others – so only eusocial love, and emergence through the scales of the 5th dimension make survival possible.

Indeed, we are going to expand into biology the purpose of ‘time’ science, well beyond anything physicists will provide, to explain why time cycles happened, what kind of time cycles exist, what is the reasons of their organic structure in synchronic systems, classify them all, and explain all actions not only those of lineal motion, which is the only ones physicists truly study.

As such the understanding of the time cycle, its interaction with its vital space and central point, and its synchronization and social evolution with other time cycles into larger wholes, which structure a ‘5th dimension’ of scales of space-time (so particles become part of atoms, surrounded by electronic cycles, which become part of molecules, surrounded by thermodynamic cycles, which become part of masses, surrounded by cyclical gravitational fields; and the same process brings DNA-cells surrounded by protein membranes, with a vital cytoplasm space between them.

And yet those cells, then become the internal vital space of a larger whole, your organism, surrounded by a membrane of multiple life cycles, your sensorial skin, which has once more a self-centered point of view (frame of reference in mathematical physics), called your brain that gauges energy and information. And yet again, from the upper scale of relative ‘sizes’ that we call generically the 5th dimension, you are just a moving, open, ‘free’ individual, however enclosed by a membrane called a ‘frontier’, part of a vital territory called a nation, with a self-centered point of view, called a capital and a president, king or dictator, or in capitalist societies a ‘stock-market’, which controls the system and gauges its energy and information.

There is here a pattern which will be repeated between philosophers of science sponsors of an organic sentient universe, of cyclical time and fractal space, ending in relative oblivion vs. the military physicists of lineal time and military power that carry the day and we shall see the pattern in the lives of each century masters of space-time studies: Galileo vs. Descartes, Newton vs. Leibniz, Boltzmann vs. Darwin, Einstein vs.…

And we will return to that historic understanding of perhaps the biggest blunder of mankind, many times.

Why, of course, T.Πhas its explanation. Since the equation of the mind shows that all those Aristotelian Gods, the unmoved centers that control the limited territorial energy around them are by nature self-centered. He, Aristotle, the first philosopher of science, which physicists dislike so much Рthey prefer Plato Рalso understood it all and so he said we are all Gods. And we shall return to his wisdom from time to time. The souls of Descartes, the Monads of Leibniz do not really like to share but absorb energy and information, as black holes do till they explode.

They are by their own nature as a relative center of their world characteristically arrogant knots of thought. But as long as we do NOT commit the error of Newton, who converted Descartes world, the relative frame of mind of the human being, made of 3 perpendicular light dimensions, the whole universe, converting our relative space-time into the absolute space-time, and discharging all other monads, as non-existent, we can understand. The problem happens, when as physicists do, they reduce them all to their view, and on top they deform it extending the Cartesian coordinates of a pen and paper abstract artifact, to encompass all the time cycles of the universe, equalized by their single mechanical clock, uncoiled into an infinite line of duration.

This is the error of Newton. All cycles are finite, as they close into themselves. All worldcycles of life and death are finite as they end as they begun in the dissolution of death. All entropic motions stop. All time vortices once they have absorbed all the entropy of their territory become wrinkled, and die. Newton died, his ‘time duration’ did not extend to infinity.

But those minds measure from their self-centered point of view, only a part of the Universe, and the rest remains obscure. So all of them display the paradox of the ego, as they confuse the whole Universe with their world, and see themselves larger than all what they don’t perceive. Hence as Descartes wittingly warned the reader in his first sentences ‘every human being thinks he is gifted with intelligence.’ 

So how relational timespace creates our illusion of space and time as single continuum?

The equations are simple; ∑spaces=Absolute space, ∑ time cycles / human time clock equaliser = Single time clock.

Meaning we peg together all vital space-being, with its ternary parts Spe-Limbs<St-body-waves>tiƒ-singularity head/particles and alas we call it all together absolute space, then we ’empty it in content’ and we have a spatial cartesian system, we focus on our mind-pov.

And we take all the time cycles of the universe, and we divide them in units till we get to measure them all in seconds:

But space and time do exist.

It is then necessary to conclude since absolute continuous time and space are merely a mathematical cartesian artefact on paper to study equations, but there is nowhere to be found, and yet we are CONSTANTLY existing as beings with a finite time and a finite extension in space, that WE ARE space and time, merely of a different kind to that of Newton: organic (ab.œ), scalar  (a. §) §paœ, and cyclical discontinuous time ‘lives… existences’ .

So as organic space-time beings co-existing in several scales, we do change also the word science for STienŒ, stienœs that describe the different space-time beings ordered by 5D metric:

In the graph, absolute and relative timespace. Absolute timespace is the fifth dimension as wholes come after parts, evolution selects wholes and so the arrow of wholes dilates time adding ±scales, as each whole will be ‘grounded’ on a smaller part. I.e. a bigger whole will feed in entropic smaller beings, whales in plankton, galaxies in light space-time, Universes in dark entropy… Below the arrows of relative time, as all life-existences are zero-sums which return to its origin.

In the next graph we show you those concepts visually so you can realize that all is made of cycles of time (seen as information in still relative no motion) and planes of space (seen as kinetic lineal momentum, in its relative motion):

In the graph, the bidimensional nature of time cycles, divides the 4 dimensions of time-space in 2 ‘formal motions’, tall, cyclical time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles (as the n-sphere has the maximal volume in minimal space), as such is the gauging ‘particle-head on top of all systems (so photons stay longer on top of the wave, your head is on top, as an informative mammal, with the dimension of height, eyes and cameras are spheres and antennae are on top, so are speakers: function is form) and wide, lineal space planes, which are the most extended fastest distance between points so fast ‘planes’ are… planes, limbs and fields are planes.

The graph clarifies the meaning of time – a tall cycle or clock; information, and its equivalent perception as still; information.

It shows the meaning of a generic quanta of space, a flat plane with lineal momentum or kinetic energy which is the lineal motion of a plane of space.

Now, to fully grasp the different clocks of Nature, we need to dwell on the 3rd fundamental concept of the fractal universe, the fact the Universe is made of such relative scales of space quanta and cyclical clocks, because it is a fractal, made of discontinuous pieces of space and cycles of time. Yet as we say we have the wonderful fact that Energy and information, the integral and still perception of all those quanta put together is conserved, to relate them all and ‘do mathematical physics’.

Why Energy works in all the scales of size of the Universe? And yet it is so improperly defined, with so many ambiguous terms.

If you grasped those simple concepts, Ei =∑ Sp x Tƒ ‘void’ of any historic bias, we can get into the order of all of them, called the ‘5th dimension and streamline physics and biology, into a single science.

Since, Ei = ∑Sp x Tƒ, becomes the most general possible equation for all the fractal systems of energy and information that integrate all the vital spaces and time frequencies of all the systems of the Universe. This is what we call the ‘Metric’ equation of the 5th dimension.

And while Energy seems to be a concept applied to all realities we have also localized different ‘quanta of spatial lineal motions-distances’, and different clocks of time for those quanta.

Cyclical times have more form, more dimensions than lineal space, as they are time cycles, not lines, and this fact – that cyclical time, has more dimensions than a line, is vital to the whole understanding of time cycles. How many more dimensions?

In the graph, since space and time now had two dimensions each, we can compare them, and transform one into each other, we could write that property with a simple formula, where Sp is a flat plane of ‘lineal space’ and Tƒ is a cycle of tall time.

Sp (length, width) ≈ Tƒ(height, frequency)

This simple beat of existence, flat fields of space that become tall cycles of time, energy that converts into information, is one of the commonest beats of the universe. And its rhythms explain infinite transformations.

Now this is very important because it can be generalized to all systems and allow the transformation of space dimensions into time dimensions. As only parameters with the same dimensionality can be transformed into each other. So a cyclical vortex of time (a mass, a charge, an angular momentum, you name it) can be changed into an, entropic motion that expands into a plane of space, precisely because they are 2 dimensional.

And this will then be carried to the 3 dimensional symmetry between 3 spatial topologies (toroid-limbs fields, hyperbolic waves-bodies and spherical heads-particles) and its 3 time motions-ages (entropic youth, fast motions; reproductive, iterative adult ages and informative, 3rd ages).

And then every 3 space-time symmetries that fill up a plane of the 5th dimension will emerge upwards or dissolve downwards into larger or smaller scales also with dual motions as ‘energy and information emerges’ into a new scale with new topologies of space, new motions and clocks of time, or dissolves into an infinity.

This resolves a fundamental conundrum of modern physics – why information is bidimensional: because it is the frequency and form of time cycles that are bidimensional, tall and with a bit rhythm, a dimension of motion.

So in the graph we can see the principle of the Holographic Universe, physicists are trying to define (10.000 papers only in the past decade about it) but have not yet grasped as they do NOT understand space, time, information and energy, (kinetic, potential, its integral, etc.).

We can then see that the holographic principle merely means that if you give to ‘time cycles’ the dimension of ‘height’, then you do have the 4 dimensions broken in 2 for spatial lineal, planar kinetic energy, width and length, and 2 for cyclical time clocks, beat, frequency-motion and height.

Alas, because only things with the same dimensions can transform into each other, now we can truly understand the holographic principle: Our 4 dimensional Universe is made of flat planes of spatial lineal kinetic energy, we shall call Spe and tall cyclical bits of information we shall call Tiƒ. When they combine they create a being of space-time, in 4 dimensions.

In the right we see the simplest one, a light beam clearly made of a tall, informative, electric field, perpendicular to a magnetic, energetic magnetic field, reproducing along the length of its c-speed.

Below we see humans and machines, which do have lineal, energetic, planar limbs//bodies, or as in weapons, lineal systems of release of kinetic energy, and cyclical, informative, eyes, brains, heads particles that gauge and process logically or mathematically information.

Further below we  see how a black hole, the informative nucleus of the Galaxy, similar to the DNA-informative nucleus of a cell in a smaller scale

It does have a tall high dimension and an enormous clock-like cyclical rhythm, the event horizon turning at c-speed. So if light is the quintessential plane of space, with both components but clearly dominant in flat, length, the black hole is the inverse, extreme case of an informative cyclical clock-like vortex of time.

The fact is the Universe is made of both lineal and cyclical motions, space and time, lineal and angular momentum, quanta of space and time clocks.

And the Universe is made of informative mass vortices, with gravitational information, as the galaxy we are in, reason why we are informative beings. Yet between galaxies, there are fractal planes of flat space with dark energy similar to the expansive entropy of gases. And both balance each other in the fractal universe.

Now because physicists; do not understand or accept despite amazing number of proofs, the fractal structure of the Universe, they do NOT realize that the expansive entropy of flat space between galaxies is balanced by the implosive conversion of that flat space into mass by cyclical clock-like tall vortices of information – black holes.

Thus the arrow of information or arrow of evolution increases the dimensions of tall information, and so life evolved from flat worms into tall informative humans. So it does space, which time bends into cyclical vortices of mass. Or as Einstein said ‘time curves space into mass’.

This is the Universe which Einstein said is ‘simple and not malicious’. And he put it in a simple equation E= M (c²), which explains how the Universe constantly transforms its kinetic energy/entropy (light, electromagnetic, thermal radiation) into informative masses, back and forth in big bangs and big crunches.

Now as always the simplest proofs of the bidimensionality of space and time, which is essential to the structure of the Universe, are mathematical. Of this, already the Greeks took note, as they could not calculate easily a cube volume from 2 cubes. He fact is, there is not superposition of tridimensional cubic forms: X3+Y3≠ Z3, the famous Fermat Theorem. And there are NOT numbers of 3 elements, but only single numbers, bidimensional numbers (complex numbers) and quaternary numbers (quaternions) albeit without commutative properties. An interesting property for more advanced courses.

So why we talk of 4 dimensions in standard physics, with a ‘signature’ of +, -, – , – whereas + is a time dimension and – means a space dimension? And further on in any bigger dimensional model physicists will always write a ‘signature’ of +, -, -, -, -, ….. , -.

Simple, because they have no idea what to do with ‘time’, what a time dimension might mean, stuck in a single lineal time duration and entropy, spatial time dimension. As they have deformed time into lines and never got back and look at what they did, but accumulate deformation upon deformation, and now the ‘hump’ paraphrasing Nietzsche is so huge that there is no lion able to cut it off and run faster.

Indeed, even the + in Einstein’s Relativity is NOT pure time, but ct, and since c is a speed, hence v=s/t, really what we write here simplifying the concept is ct=s/t x t = s, ‘eliminating time properties’ and making it lineal space-like. We analyze in depth many ‘times’ this spatialization that kills ALWAYS the 4 features of time cycles on the physical discourse: to be cyclical, hence to be repetitive and so causal reason of the repetitions and patterns we call laws of science, to break space into fractal inner vital spaces and outer regions and to be bidimensional at least to close the cycle.

Simple, the combination of bidimensional fields of energy and information creates a holographic Universe of space and time with 2 states present waves balanced in S and t parameters and  Past-Sp>Future-Tƒ: Potential>particles.

Or the superposition of layers of bidimensional ‘present’ wave-bodies create a ternary dimension, with a 4th dimension of motion:

∑ bidimensional (space or time) layers -> 3 Dimensional (space or time volume or flow) -> 4 Dimensional (volume of space with motion, flow of time with form).

Space as expansive, decelerating entropic field-motion and time clocks as cyclical accelerated motion are 2 concepts akin to Descartes’ ‘Res extensa’ and ‘vortices’, which he considered rightly to be the two formal motions of the Universe are thus the ultimate poles of physical existence.

WE DO have though here 2 ‘symmetries’, which constantly are used to explain reality. The dual symmetry of cyclical time clocks, accelerating inwards, and expansive entropy decelerating outwards.

But then we shall also consider the still vs. motion ternary symmetry between space and time: Sp-fields/limbs <ST-body waves>Tƒ-Heads/particles, perceived in simultaneous spatial stillness or temporal flow.

Yes, we know them so well, intuitively that before physicists reduced time to what the clock measures and not even that – we learned to talk to describe them. So we invented ‘verbal times’ to explain the 3 dimensions-motions of time: past, present and future.

What is the difference between them? We shall soon get to it. But first we must resolve the implications of a time described as a cycle. First the obvious: if time is a cycle, there are infinite times, and what physicists call lineal time, absolute time, is as Leibniz, the philosopher said to Newton – well not to Newton, who would not receive him, but to Clarke, a ‘friend of a friend’ – is just the pegging together of all those finite time cycles.

Next, if time is a cycle – and here is where the insights of Einstein have its value – we can SEE time, as long as the cycle is fast enough to close in less time that the eye takes into seeing. So all ‘time cycles’ that close in less than the second the eye takes into make a ‘still picture’ of the Universe.

And this brings us the solution to the second Principle of Physics: ‘e pur si muove, e pur no muove’. The relativity of all motions, which can not be distinguished from stillness, when the cyclical motion is fast enough to seem a solid form in the case of closed time cycles, or when we are moving along the frame of reference of the other motion with the same ‘spatial lineal speed’.

So in the same manner that Mr. Einstein built his Relativity on the aforementioned principle, (only referred to lineal space, as he never understood cyclical time), we shall build a much more rich meaning for the Universe, on the aforementioned principle, based in the duality of cyclical time forms of information or time clocks in motion and lineal space forms or distances and line motions.

The reproduction of Motion dominates the perception of form. A Universe of repetitive actions of energy and time.

Now, it is important to understand that the Universe is made of ‘Energy and Time’, ‘Lineal and Angular momentum’ Motion with form. But motion dominates form. Even if the mind things otherwise because of the Galilean Paradox. The perception of time and space as a moving cycle or line or a fixed form or distance is obviously an effect of the mind. It is NOT there, it is the mind that stops time cycles and lineal spatial motions.

This must be understood from the beginning, the ultimate reality is motion not form, time moves and space moves. They just move in different shapes. And then minds, lock those motions into a simultaneous, ‘informative’, ‘dimensional’ shape because it sees those motions in ‘slow camera’. The arrival of filming makes this easier to understand. Stillness is just the perception of very fast cyclical motions, as when we see a turning wheel as a fixed form.

Formal, topological definition of time-points: minds, and space-fields.

‘Each point holds a world in itself’ Leibniz

As we shall repeat once and again, the true colossus of science have been his philosophers NOT his physicists, though Planck and Einstein, once philosophy of science waned, have value in its statements. Aristotle, Descartes & Leibniz thus form the triad of intuitive geniuses GST will when fully developed consider its western pioneers. Let us then translate their ‘monad-intutions’ in a formal topological definition:

“A mind singularity is a point of time displaced in its latitude of synchronous clocks speeds that occupies a single quanta of space, a field is a extension of simultaneous space enclosed in a single quanta of time.”

We concluded earlier that pure time, the absolute arrow is that of the fifth dimension, relative time is the world cycle as it ends always in a zero moment, lineal time duration is a distortion of cyclical time, made continuous by pegging cycles of time one after another.

How can then we define properly relational time and space in formal terms? In the previous sentence we resume the concept, which takes the inversion of informative time and entropic space to its natural limits.

They will be the formal limits of the being – its linguistic mind that stores all the information of the system in a single point-quanta of space (atom, cell, citizen); and can be better understood closer to humans in our social systems: a point of time or mind in a nation is the king, president of the nation, a single quanta of its space population; which is connected through the physiological networks of information of the system (the laws) to all the quanta of space who obey, and become synchronised by it.

The quanta of the galaxy is the black hole, a single central volume similar to that of a star, connected by gravitational forces to all its stars; and your ego, likely will be a single neuron of maximal communication with all its other neurons, themselves connected to all other cells; in the super organism of history we call a religion, it is the prophet whose memetic DNA connects it to all other believers in time. A POINT OF TIME, thus is a mind and it will be structured through causal time in its connection to other beings through synchronicity.

On the other hand, a extension of space exists simultaneously in a quanta of time, and so its extension will paradoxically depend of the underlying speed of its lower scale that ‘entangles it’. Those are laws of quantum physics, ill-understood, which can be extended to all other systems of the Universe.

Nature’s time clocks constantly accelerate into information and decelerate into energy.

Nature’s time clocks do vary their speed in different regions of space – the great discovery of relativity – which means each space-time being has a different time speed. But they also vary their speed as they trace a finite time cycle, either imploding an accelerating as a time vortex of increasing information: max. tif x min spe (informative time arrow of future), or decreasing in speed of time and increasing in space (max. spe x min. tif), creating an entropic arrow. A world cycle of existence is therefore the sum of all those changes in the arrows of time of a being, which ‘magically’ become ordered in 3 ages: Max. Spe (youth), Spe=tif (adult-reproductive age) and Max. tif (3rd age of information), which explodes back into entropy in the moment of death (tif<<Spe).

In the graph on the left the version of those ages in an information-energy scale, in the center the first human observation of the process in scientific taoism, in the right, an informative time clock or vortex, V x R=k, which is the commonest manifestation in physical systems of the arrow of information, called ‘charges’ (∆-1 scale) or masses (∆+1 scale).

But we want to go a bit further and consider how the Universe does it; how it assemblies parts into wholes; how extends a form and expands it to ‘become’ a new whole departing from seminal parts.

We are made of vital space=energy, and temporal information, time-clocks that store the information, the form of the Universe in the frequency an form of its cycles. This is sooo evident, which first we must wonder how our nature as ‘beings that occupy a vital space’, whose motions and processes of time=change are finite in its world cycles between birth and extinction, which was fully understood in all perennial philosophies of the Universe and the common behaviour of people (as when we say I don’t have enough time and energy to do this), became forgotten.

Since, as yang-yin, space-time, energy-information beings, all similar words we soon will define with precision, the unity of it all, an our similarity as part of larger space-time beings, made of inner smaller cellular space-time beings, all our properties will soon be understood and seen as homologies of all other space-time beings.

But humans have for four hundred years forgotten this reality because when science started to facilitate measure physicists equalised all the time-clocks of nature to the beat of the mechanical time-clock, itself tuned to the human ‘time-clock’ of a second, which is the time-clock of our eye glimpses, thoughts, heart-beats and limb-steps.

Thus humans are one second frequency beings, and one meter (the average size of our spatial limbs-legs) space-beings. Our min thinks every second on the still mind-visual mapping the eye does, and moves the body with a second beat of the heart, to adequate the one meter per second steps of normal walking. But each other species of space-time will have a different size-space-rod of measure and time-beat-frequency. Reality is the tapestry of all those infinite time clocks and space-rods. THERE IS NOT an absolute background time-clock or space-rod, but ‘finite time clocks’ and ‘space-steps’ for each being (regardless of the more complex synchronicities an sequences established by the harmony between huge supœrganisms an its parts).

So where the cartesian absolute space-time graph, which Newton confused with an absolute Universal space-time graph, comes from? Exactly from the human mind-mirror of Mr. Descartes, which used it as an artefact to facilitate measures from the human point of view, our time-clock rhythm and size. But Descartes was very clear affirming this ‘euclidean, perpendicular’ space-time frame of reference was NOT the Universal space-time, but the ‘world-mind-mirror’ of man, our specific graph to measure space and time in a convenient form. As the word ‘Universe’ is NOT the background u-n-i-v-e-r-s-e lettering of which the Universe is made but merely a human language to refer to it, the cartesian graph with its lineal single time-clock and continuous paper-white space is NOT the ‘substance’ of which the Universe is made but a ‘linguistic representation’ of it, to make practical human point-of-view measures.

So it is useful for praxis of science but a  philosopher of science looking for the whys must be fully aware that the artefact of absolute space and time does NOT exist in the Universe. Yet since we do exist as time-durations occupying vital spaces, that is, space and time IS, if it is NOT an abstract background, but IT IS, we must be MADE OF IT. And this is truly a very important ‘first principle’, to do an objective philosophy of science about ‘god’, man and the Universe. As I did in the pioneer encyclopaedia of fractal cyclical 5D space-time beings, which upgraded the models of relational space-time, explored in this blog, back at the turn of the century (picture of the spanish edition of the model).

Because of the success of analytical geometry for a praxis of building and measuring space-time events from the referential point of view of man, was so enormous, the philosophical error of confusing the graph of mathematics used to measure time and space, with time and space itself, didn’t bother earlier physicists, which were concerned only with the praxis of measure and the construction of mostly entropic systems of war and transport (weapons, engines).

This bias due to praxis in science is often forgotten but plagues physics and we shall see soon history and economics, as sciences which are more concerned with power and action, construction and reproduction of systems than first principles. So the bias tends to make physical theories of the Universe entropic ‘big-bang’ like theories that match the job of creating entropic machines and weapons, ‘conveniently’ forgetting, as irrelevant the arrow of informative forces which balance entropic forces (i.e. entropy theories come from gaseous states of matter, which conveniently forget the crystal order of reproduction of information of solid states; the expansion of intergalactic space, origin of big-bang only theories, conveniently forgets the imploding informative nature of galaxies that create matter from vacuum space, curving and balancing the expansion of dark entropy, and what IS MORE IMPORTANT, defining planet Earth and life, as part of that vortex of galactic information as systems that evolve life and technological information) and so on.

So the reader should dismiss from the beginning his beliefs on a single entropic Universe, as an ‘idol of the tribe’, in Baconian terms; that is, a theory biased by power, proved false by the repetitive, energetic and informative events of the Universe.

Indeed, the physical theory of the Universe is an entropic theory where time-information is submissive to space; because most physicists are no aware the bias on his definition of time, produced by the worldly profession of physicists, due to the enormous respect machines and weapons cause in our technological civilisation.

Instead, for the ultimate whys he must look for the discipline of knowledge dedicated to that search  which is philosophy of science, because it does have NO praxis or power to impose biased, conscious, historic or subconscious views and because it does respect in equal footing every scale and discipline of stience – unlike physics with its entropy bias and professional bias, as they naturally try to construct all scales as if ORIGINATED by the particle scale they study, unaware of the ABSOLUTE relativity of all those scales, all of them self-similar, co-existing as organic structures across three ternary ∆-scales, performing similar ternary time-arrows and ultimately being made to the image and likeness of all other beings of the cosmos.

This larger, more complex view, perhaps less precise in some measure details, however embraced by the correspondence principle as ‘details’ of those larger thoughts of God is not new at all, but it has been expressed with more or less rigour by all the philosophers of science of the western an eastern tradition, without bias, in search of whys, as we shall repeat the Universe is a simple structure, made complex by its fractal repetition an multiplicity of variations in its ensembles. In the modern age, it was in fact underlying the work of the two founders of modern mathematics an philosophy of science, Descartes and Leibniz.

Indeed, modern philosophers of science, notably Descartes, who had designed the graph, and Leibniz, who used it to give the first hints to the scalar nature of the Universe with its infinitesimal calculus, where each point had a ‘world of infinitesimal parts within itself’, understood if mathematics worked as mind-mirrors with a center of reference, it was because the Universe must be filled with selves, ordering its territories from their points of view.

Both realized that if they could use a mathematical self-centred frame of reference to extract laws of science from it, it meant that the Universe was filled with topo-logic ‘selves’, points of view which mimic those graphs to act in the Universe from an infinite number of self-centred frames. And thus a philosophy of science about a fractal sentient Universe, appeared from the very beginning of modern science, which the practical, pedestrian attitude of physicists, who ‘never ask the whys’, soon relegated to oblivion. Let us regain those insights of the founding fathers of philosophy of science, to understand the whys of the Universe. 

We are all made of relational, vital space and time frequencies.

Leibniz argued with Newton that absolute ðime§pace – an artifact of measure obtained from the transposition of a sheet of paper drawn with a mathematical coordinates to the entire Universe – did not exist.

That beings occupied a certain §pace and lasted a certain ðime, different from each other. So we were all beings made of relational ðime§pace, the ‘ultimate reason of things’ or necessary substance. In the graph, on the left Leibniz’s view that gets away with the ‘nowhere to be seen’, paper an pen absolute graph of ðime§pace of Newton for the sake of ‘epistemological truth’. Space is what those objects occupy, and below there is another ‘scale of §pace’ (which ultimately becomes ‘background radiation’, that is light ðime§pace, or gravitational waves even smaller in size).

So §pace is really a series of fractal layers of growing scales of size. On the other hand, each of those objects will have ‘rhythms’ and ‘motions’ different of each other regulated by its inner ðime-cycles (circadian cycles in nature, wave-rhythms, repetitive actions of feeding, sleeping, mating and son on), which are the essence of what they are. As when we say ‘I don’t have enough ‘ðime’ to do this’. So reality is a tapestry of ðime§pace beings, and the laws of those beings must then be extracted from this substance of which they are made.

Because physicists are not worried with ontological questions; but with measure of ðime motions an §pace-sizes, as they came to dominate science, the search for the ultimate reasons derived of those two substances, §pace and ðime, were forgotten. And what is worst, the reverence to the machines of physics, brought about the dismissal as ‘secondary’ theories, those theories of ðime, notably evolution, which studies the changes of form and in-form-ation of beings through their life-death cycles as individuals or species. And all what people cared about ðime, was the extreme precision of measure in physical analysis of ‘motions’ through that supposed ‘measure tool’, which is the graphed absolute Cartesian->Newtonian artifact of ðime§pace.

Things went so far that finally a single ‘absolute clock’ set by God was declared by Newton and assumed regardless of whom put it on motion for all beings. Leibniz quipped, when this clock found itself ‘different’ for the rotary clock-like motions of Mercury:

“According to Newton, God Almighty wants to wind up his watch from ðime to ðime: otherwise it would cease to move. He had not, it seems, sufficient foresight to make it a perpetual motion. God’s making is so imperfect, according to these gentlemen; that he is obliged to clean it now and then by an extraordinary concourse, and even to mend it, as clockmaker mends his work.”
Leibniz. On Newton’s absolute ðime, its lack of understanding of gravitational vortices, (the errors of Mercury’s orbit) and the denial of cyclical, inertial motions, still features of popular physics.

It would take though despite the amazing evidence of ðime cycles in Nature an biology an history, (physicists as the high popes or ‘seers of ðime’ – definition of God in Saint Augustine’s work, do not consider relevant findings in other sciences), another physicist who realize the clocks of ðime around the sun decelerated, so Mercury ha different clocks, as gravitation ‘curves’ the form of those clock-like orbits more in its surroundings. So he discovered that after all Leibniz was right, and ðime clocks have different speeds in different regions of the physical Universe also (besides having different rhythms in different life beings).

When Einstein discovered the existence of infinite cyclical clocks of ðime (ðime bend §pace) and quantum physicists the broken nature of §pace, showing Leibniz right, physicists had gone so far into the ‘art’ of measure that the whys of reality, derived from its ultimate reason, the substance of which are all made, quantum §pace and cyclical ðime was parked as an ‘inconvenient truth’. ‘Leibniz is right – said Einstein – but if so we have to rebuild science from in its inception’.

So Leibniz, by far the highest mind of science in the western tradition, only comparable to the father of them All, Aristotle, was again denied, as Newton had done in a rather despicable way, accusing him of plagiarism for discovering and publishing earlier calculus, forbidding him to accompany the new king of England, and publishing in the royal society. Now simply speaking, Physicists didn’t feel intelligent enough to fully grasp the concepts behind relational ðime§pace and expand our view of the Universe of ðime§pace. So another century passed.

But truth, as complex as it might be always returns with a vengeance. ‘Truth exists’ and so the goal of reaching a more complex understanding of the fundamental principles of reality space, time, its casual actions that combine both and the minds that perceive them – will always be the goal of the philosopher of science.





The  inverse properties of cyclic time and lineal space.

How can we translate the dualities of line and cycle, motion and form? They are inverse in a logic and geometric way. So we can describe easily the concept of space time inverted properties with a hyperbole. We shall find then that hyperbolic functions, such as e, are fundamental to define the different transformations between space and time:

In the graph a hyperbolic function between a line and a cycle. In general certain cyclical curves follow the relationship between a point of time and a lineal distance of motion.


The Universe is a 5 Dimensional fractal that reproduces vital topologies of time-space, ternary forms of motion and form, which organises into larger, slower scales of fifth dimension of ðime§pace.

Motions on 5D are either topological βidimensional changes (Galileo’s paradox) in D³, or full worldcycles (motions in 5D), and so we must be aware of both.

The main bidimensional motions of a space-time being are motions with form, bidimensional units of:

§, $: Lineal form x Lineal form=plane of space-distance

E, ∃: max. motion x min. form = wave of energy, entropy, expansive motion

ð: min.. motion x max. form= cyclical time, information, harmonic motion

ƒ: max. form x max. form= informative time, implosive motion.

This initial conditions set the combinatorics of topological motions as each of those bidimensional elements combine with other forming ternary, fully-functional, efficient systems, Γ• that can act feed, perceive, move and reproduce and evolve socially, the five actions, of survival of the vital program of any fractal of information of the Universe.

This basic motions then become repetitive in fractal self-similar beings as each compose motion leaves a memorial trace of previous traces that continue being traced in the same place ‘reproducing the facto the being’.

In this manner physical systems grow in form and dimensions:

Thus the CONSTANT AMBIGUITY in normal and scientific discourse, which confuses entropy and energy on one side and form and information. We can’t escape that ambiguity so we often confuse terms entropy and energy and form and information but we will try to BE PRECISE, when writing equations or explaining fundamental facts.

SO WE TRY TO DIFFERENCIATE ENTROPY AND ENERGY, and CALL FORM, in/form/ation, as here the ambiguity is far more entrenched in the normal discourse, so when we highlight form, we use ƒ and in/form/ation.

For example in E=mc²; E is e, entropy not Energy; m is ðime, an inward vortex of gravitational forces (principle of equivalence of acceleration and mass), and the energy is c x c a wave of light ðime§pace, whose hyperbolic form is in fact a combination of the cyclical mass form and the lineal, expansive entropy of the explosion.

For example, in ‘colour codes’ used by minds to differentiate the four terms, blue is the colour of pure form, red the colour of pure entropy, and its combinations are green the reproductive colour of information with more form and yellow, the colour of energy with more motion. And so the brain classifies reality with those two extreme and two intermediate colors, and we shall observe that all mind-languages are combinations of those four elements.

Some languages are simpler, and then we have the two unperceived limits, black of form, white of entropy and combined greys. Words also have:

Form-subject (human) < energetic-informative verb or ‘action’-momentum: e x i > Entropy of subject (object ab=used by the subject).

Since existence is a game of those 2, 3, 4 elements/dimensions of reality. So we define a conceptual acronym, the ‘Function of existence’:

Entropy x form = energy + Information

But in a license of the inherent ambiguity of those terms we write: e x i = st   entropy x Information = ðime§pace Momentum (integrated for a long period as Energy).

To exist is thus to combine entropy-motions and in-form-ation, form,  in a series of actions of existence, pure motions, energy feedings, perception of forms, communication of information, reproduction of both, social evolution with other forms through ‘ties’, which are flows of sharing of those elements…

Do not be scare by the ambiguity of terms, try just to realize the deep connections between them at a topo-logic level of form and function and when you are familiar you will learn to see reality in a much deeper way. To help we shall consider a simplified graphic of the two poles, temporal form and lineal entropy, and its energy-information combinations.

I apologize because I tend to use in-form-ation instead of form, very often as my texts of 30 years of lonely research started with the simplified model of energy and information (as that is what we perceive)

It is important though to be precise when using those terms in equations and detailed descriptions of beings and its events. So the first question is how can we measure those terms? Even if we don’t perceive. Alas! the Universe is wise and has given us ‘parameters to measure’:

PURE §pace can be measure as DISTANCE and size, S. Pure form can be measured by the frequency of the cycles of the form-clock, ƒ, which in turn becomes perceivable externally as ‘density’, ‘inertia’, ‘mass’ and similar terms for each scale.

Once those dualities are understood, we can compare the properties of both, spatial entropy>energy and temporal form< information, observing the inversion of its qualities and yet, in as much as both have the same number of dimensions, energy and information can transform one into the other by transmuting those properties:

Time cycles, Tƒ                    Vs X       Entropic Space, ΣEs            ≈ST-momentum-actions- energetic information

Time-clocks: O-form           Vs.        Space motion: Lineal        ≈ waves

Small, still                             Vs.       Large,  moving fast      ≈   Open curves

Tall, Perpendicular                     Vs.             Long, Parallel   ≈  wide, intersecting

Hierarchical  Order                           Vs.           Democratic chaos-freedom

Bidimensional Height                Vs.            Bidimensional Length  ≈ tri-dimensional entity

Cyclical, Rotation, imploding     Vs.            Lineal, uncoiling, exploding   = beating rhythm

Informative Frequency         Vs.             Lineal Speed                        = momentum

Broken  form                           Vs.               Continuous, differentiable

Intelligent, perceptive             Vs.                   Strong, fast.   =        energetic top predator

Social, organic, creative              Vs.           Darwinian, destructive behaviour   =

Future, logic path              Vs.            Past, trailing motion

Life arrow                                Vs.                      Death arrow.     = existential world cycle

Waves of §pace                      Vs.                     Particles of Time

Female, yin principle             Vs.               Male, yang principle   = reproduced child

Masses, charges                  Vs.                       Forces, fields       = energy

Heads  & senses                     Vs.                    Limbs               =  Bodies.

The formal=functional differences between entropy and information (organs) is a duality – the ‘Black hole Law’:

Limbs/fields of Maximal Space=Entropy x  Min. Form Vs.Max. speed of Information=Minimal Spatial extension= heads & particles

For example, as the chip becomes smaller halving its size every 2 years it doubles its capacity to process information (‘Moore’s Law) The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster communication takes place within that brain and the faster it calculates and processes information in a logic manner.

If we consider that each being can be in a time or state of space, the question now is. What defines then its state?

In mathematical terms the answer is its curvature, its form, FORM becomes then the definitive element of being, as you cannot change so fast from cyclical to lineal form and viceversa, as you can between state of form and state of motion.

Cyclical time and the world cycles of existence of beings, made of a sum of ‘actions’, which become ‘arrows of time’ (spatial entropy, temporal form and its e x i =st combinations) which are ordered in sequential world cycles of time, which gives us the sensation of a cyclical time program of past to future, which we can also see as a sum of synchronous minds in which ‘knots’ of timespace actions converge, through several co-existing scales.

Duality. The inverse properties of space and time.

All this resumes into the duality states of reality between a time-like state of motion and one of perception… s>t<s>t beats of existence define motion-form-motion wave-form particle – motion single present space – information particle at rest in motion with ∆±1 scales… motions and forms across the three scales of ∆ s and t become then the first variations of reality, since when we realise we can play with 3 x 3 motions up and down stairs of ∆ topologies of space ages of time and combine them, the iterative game of timespace beats becomes truly a fractal infinite of time-space.

The simplest physical beat is between the space-like state of the wave in a present motion through a single plane of continuum existence and the stop state of the particle, in informative perception through the axis that connect its singularity as a field of force with the upper and lower ∆±1 scales of existence, absorbing entropy from the lower scale (reducing its field space in an attractive vortex and emitting pure entropic faster than the wave speed-lines through its axis:




The line or shortest distance between 2 points and the cycle that stores the max. quantity of information in lesser space. Both combine to reproduce the infinite beings of reality. It is the game of existence we all play.

The Principles of reality: Space-time Duality. Ternary organs and ages. 4 åctions. ∞ Fractal Universes.

The integration of all sciences in one is the goal of General Systems Sciences or Complexity. At Macy’s the year of Einstein’s death, the highest minds of mankind came together and realized that physics had its limits and lacked despite its exhaustive understanding of Entropy and motion (as that was its purpose since its inception by Galileo) a full comprehension of information, the other element of which the simplest Universe is made.

They also realized that the mechanist view was too simple and rather theological because as Leibniz put it, needed a God that started and created the mechanism. So for the future evolution of a more comprehensive theory, they considered that all the ‘systems’ of the Universe (anything that exists), there should be at least two elements, defined by their form and function, both related to each other: Entropy or entropy or space (any expansive motion, hence perceived as extended, planar or lineal space) and information or form or time (implosive motion, hence perceived as implosive, cyclical motion). This realization is the principle in which the 5 dimensions of the Universe are based. Since we can say as Taoists philosophers that from ‘1 comes 2, from 2 comes 3’ and add ‘from 3 comes 4, from 4 comes 5 and from 5 dimensions come all the beings of the Universe’:

  1. Duality: The space-time of the Universe is made of quantum of 2 types of motions: Lineal Entropy and cycles of times, whose frequency carries the information of the universe. As proved by Planck: ∑ Sp X Tƒ =K
  2. Trinity: All organic systems have a head made of cycles of times, limbs of quantum energies, combined in a body that reproduces both making this logic structure of motions to survive.
  3. 5-Dimensionality: Such organisms survive by performing 5 åctions. Entropy feeding, informative perception, reproduction and social evolution as herds, ∑ and networks, ∑2=∏.
  4. The orgasm mandate: Each mathematical point of view, or diffeomorphic, local entity of space-time will perceive reality from its own point of view and try to maximize its existence as a complementary system, ∑Sp X Tƒ=k, this is achieved at points S=T and max. ∑.
  5. The meaning of existence. Thus all systems try to achieve Max. ∑Sp X Tƒ=k. We call this the mandate of existence: grow in spatial Entropy and temporal information: ‘Grow and multiply… in balance between mind and body.’

What this meant is that all what you see is made of two type of realities lineal motion or Entropy and cyclical motion with more form or information. If you look at yourself, you head is spherical, cyclical. Your limbs are lineal and move. And in between you have a body that combines both forms and it is elliptic or an inverted cone, figures made of combining line and cycles.

Anywhere you look you will find all systems to have those 2 elements, Entropy limbs or fields in physics and cyclical heads or particles. So this is the first tenant of General Systems sciences, which describes the common isomorphisms of all systems of the Universe:

All what exists is a system made of 3 components, a field of motion, the energetic system, a head or particle that process and creates forms, the system of information.

In complexity the Universe is quantic. Space-time continuum is the sum of all those spaces or motions of Entropy, of all the limbs and fields of Entropy of lineal or planar form. And time is the sum of all those cyclical motions or ‘clocks’ of all its systems.

There is not only a clock of time, our mechanical clocks, but infinite cyclical motions that happen to regulate and guide the energetic fields. So particles guide fields of Entropy, and heads guide limbs of Entropy.

This is the first ‘whole’ and its parts: a Universe of space and time is the whole. Its parts are all those quantic, lineal fields of Entropy and limbs and all those cyclical particles (charges, masses) and heads. The whole seems continuous and static because we integrate it in the mind’s picture. The parts seem broken and vital in motion. Both descriptions are valid. And the whole interacts with the parts.

For example, Relativity explains the whole. Quantum theory the parts, fields of Entropy and particles. And the whole and its isomorphisms influence its parts.

Organisms seem wholes, but then they are made of cells, of two types, informative brain neurons and somatic, body cells. And the whole influences its parts.

Time and space are like Leibniz – the most clear predecessor of organicism – thought of them: a sum of different ‘spaces and times’ as each entity that exists has a certain vital space or body of Entropy that lasts a certain duration of time or life. This brings a key duality, between Universal, ‘whole’ concepts (space and time) and particular parts (the energies and cycles of information of each part):

If space has motion and it is broken in vital spaces with extension, it is equivalent to a sum of energies. Thus space is made of ∑energies.

And if time is broken in multiple life cycles, and we consider each life cycle or duration of a complementary system a clock cycle of time, time is equivalent to all the cyclical forms or ‘in/form/ ations’ of the Universe. So time is the sum of all informations, all forms-in-action, all cyclical forms.

When we add all the informative cycles of all beings and all its ‘vital energies’, we obtain absolute time and space, which ultimately is an error of perception due to the use of a single mechanical clock.

Yet when we perceive, we also eliminate motion. And so we see space quiet, as we see the Earth quiet, despite moving along paths of gravitational Entropy; or your skin quiet despite being made of cellular cycles. Thus we further reduce our knowledge of the parts gathered in a whole that appears as quiet space, with a few motions that truly matter to the perceiver – of preys, predators and individuals of the same species – while the rest of reality appears as a continuous space-time, often represented in a continuous Cartesian, mathematical graph.

This is natural to the limits of storage of information of any perceiver, because the brain cannot hold all the fractal motions, vital spaces, time durations of the life of all beings. So it reduces information. But this has caused grave errors in human knowledge, as we believe what we see. So science tends to reductionism, considering beings things and ignoring the isomorphisms that relate all those scales.

The 3 principles of a T.Œ: duality of space-time, åctions and 5 Dimensional planes.

The Universe is made of infinite ternary a-symmetries of time/space motions/forms.

This is what we have learned so far. But the highest level of organisation of the Universe is that of topological space-time planes, 2-manifold structures put on layers that become 3 volumes with 3 type of motions and assemble into even larger systems, across deeper i±scales, piercing through the 5th dimension.

Welcome to the fundamental ‘space-time unit’, the bi-dimensional plane.

universal organism

In the graph we can see the topological duality of the fundamental system of the Universe, a Fractal of vital space and time cycles, a ‘Function of Exi=st-ence’, different in its details for each species studied by different sti-ences, but unified by the common topological and functional properties of spatial extensions and time cycles.

Time means, frequency clocks, closed cycles, with a frequency, Tƒ.

And the sum of those cycles with its cyclical forms that connect networks and develop motions and åctions that organize those networks of energy, are a particle or head of cyclical information, which we also represent by Tƒ, a ‘non-Euclidean point-network-world of space-time’, a spherical being made of a series of bidimensional disk and spheres, whose intelligent cycles order the world around it – what Aristotle would call the unmoved God, that moves energy around it – that is, a body/wave of energy and information which becomes complementary and inseparable of it.

‘Se, Sp means ‘space’, ‘motion=speed’ momentum or ‘energy’, concepts which are not the same but quite similar and will be explained latter in great detail.

In the Universe there are infinite clocks of time, that humans simplify with the human speed of time, in order to measure reality with a human point of view.

But a more objective, wider view of the Universe will consider each different time clock as a separate entity and each different size of space as a different spatial scale.  And this is what the scalar space-time does, enlarging the simple analysis of all those scales of size and time speeds with a single space-time clock (the 4th dimension).

Form is function. And so the ball – the inner part of a sphere – is the perfect form of information as it is the shape that stores more form in lesser space, and the line or plane the perfect form of energy, as it is the fastest motion/biggest surface of space between two points. Space becomes then a lineal, ‘—motions’ motion or ‘energy’ and Time a cyclical, imploding form of order or information, of inverse, complementary properties.

In the graph, as a result of those morphologies we classify as energy or information organs not only carbon-life organisms, made of energy (bodies, food) and information (brains, eyes, senses, worlds), but also other beings and atomic species, even ‘deconstructed organs’. Since we can now recognize geometrically their energy or information organs. Some of those systems are mechanical, made of metal. Some are vital, made of carbon atoms.

In the graph we can see also the essential duality of the mind, of human information, which is a static perception of the cycles of form of the Universe. And the duality between planes of space and its perception as moving speed or energy.

This duality, which we call the Galileo Paradox’, relates the geometries of information (cycles and height) with the cyclical motions of time clocks.

And it relates the lineal space with entropic, expansive, energetic ‘—motions’ and length.

And the cyclical, tall motion, O, with the time cycles and forms of information (as this page/screen extended in the dimension of height) of the Universe.

In that regard if we could resume all the properties of reality in a single equation, this would be the inverse properties of space and time, lineal and cyclical motion, and hence the balance achieved by merging both:

S <= >T     Sp<=>Tƒ     S/T<=> ∆±4…. Sp/Tƒ= ∆   S x T = ∆

This is truly the essence of the existential game: the constant interaction of two ‘poles’ with inverse motions, forms, properties, which however come together constantly trying to tie each other into balanced systems, from female informative, male energetic dualities, to fields and particles, limbs and heads; the two extremes constantly come together.

‘Coincidentia Opositorum’ said Nicola da Cusa, the Middle Age philosopher, who considered God, that which merged the opposites into itself. We are in that regard all Gods of existence, fractal parts that play the same game.

Now it is important that the fundamental generator of the Universe is an exchange between a polar S and a polar T of flows of energy and information. The result is across a field, a wave that imprints both and starts a process of creation of form and complementary systems (parallel events, or a Darwinian process of absorption of energy from one point to the other. To state that the generator equation of the Universe is a dynamic equation that reproduces forms with motion, and combines them, the yin and the yang with its opposite properties, is to explain the Universe in a nutshell:

Sp x Tƒ = Complementary system (constant organism), Even if S = 1/T   S x T= C (constant, complementarity, translating speed, reproductive wave speed)

Universe is wise and has given us ‘parameters to measure..


The perfect form of spatial entropy is the straight line in movement – the shortest, faster trajectory between 2 points of space – and its society, the plane. The perfect form of temporal information is the circle and its society, the sphere, which keeps the maximal information in minimal space. Both, combined, inverse forms shape the hyperbolic, wave-like, energetic body-waves that connect lineal limbs/fields and cyclical, informative, memorial minds to become the ternary, complementary forms of all organic systems.

Thus We are all topological assemblies of:

– Bidimensional planes, which store maximal entropy-space and

– Spherical cycles, which store maximal information in minimal space.

-Connected through hyperbolic energetic wave-bodies that reproduce both

We can differentiate them by form, as space and entropy are lineal or planar surfaces and time and in/form/ation are cyclical. And we can see it together into beings,  the simplest of which is an action of light, ext=k. And this simple duality structures all beings of the Universe. So we are made of cyclical heads and lineal limbs. Weapons are lines that release entropy. Informative machines are cyclical, and all physical systems are made of lineal forces and cyclical particles of information.

Spatial motion and cyclical form do NOT in most cases become perceived, unless they communicate. But the different between them is the way they are communicated through scales:

Energy is entropy, expansive motion and thus to translate a flow of energy it must first kill the entity it converts in energy, thus lowering two planes of existence the form converted into energy, which implies to ‘square’ the motion dimension of the ∆ST involved. Thus Energy adds to the ‘mass’ or other ‘active  magnitude involved‘ two dimensions of spatial motion, V² . For example in the transformation of Mass into energy, either in classic or relativity physics derived of it, Sp=1/2mv², mc². Or if we want to express it in terms of the fundamental operandi of transfers of energy and information between planes (integration and derivation)… Energy becomes a second derivative of mass, respect to speed: m->mv (momentum, first derivative of motion)-> 1/2mv², energy.

Information is form, temporal motion, and thus to transfer flows of information it must be deployed in an ∆+1 higher scale with more information (and inversely in a lower U scale) but AS FORM MUST BE CONSERVED, information cannot be transferred descending two planes of existence, where information will become fully erased, as in all processes of death (ST->ST-2).

Time duration is the classic time dimension, created by uncoiling a cyclical clock of time into a lineal coordinates, which facilitates measure without a deep understanding of time. It is in that sense better to use ƒ=1/T, frequency, the inverse of lineal time which measure each step of a time clock.

Thus time is cyclical and so there are 3 type of cyclical motions:

  • Expansive cyclical motion that uncoils itself releasing energy, as the back side of the clock
  • Implosive time motion as a vortex or an attractive Eddie, which creates form, information.
  • Repetitive, iterative, frequency motion, which is the equivalent to duration, in inverse form. It is the Present most important dimension of time, which science measures with ‘instantaneous derivatives’, v=∂s/∂t.

Science calls the ‘4th dimension’, of Time Duration, ‘Time’, and we have considered in other articles in detail the error of extending one single dimension of time, Td, to all time phenomena. It also acknowledges past expansive motions as entropy (though it does not relate it properly to the t in the v=s/t time formula for time duration). And it studies information and acknowledges in biology the informative arrow of the universe as a future arrow. But physics still ignores it stuck in studies of a limited part of reality (heat processes and space between galaxies and lineal inertial motion). So it still ignores that atoms, cyclical rotational forms, the vortex of galaxies where we live and life processes do show an arrow of future information.

So those 3 ‘arrows of time’, Past entropy, Tp, Present iterative åctions or duration, Td and future, formal motions, Tf, are the 3 arrows of time.

past and future as motion and space.

 There is a correspondence between the inner physiological networks that perform EXI actions and the relative dimensions of the being.

Forms respond always to functions/actions in time, the commanding dimension of reality, to which the forms diffeomorphically adapt to obtain the maximal energy and information and accomplish their actions. Hence only the topological properties of the form, intimately related to its functions are conserved. So once a ternary topological form is created, it will adapt and evolve those topologies, deforming their external membrane, creating complex warped, fractal, branched internal physiological networks that act as fixed paths of energy and information, diversifying its organs and yet at the end of the road, the same topologies, albeit sometimes difficult to recognize will form a ternary being, which will deploy the same 4 actions of existence with those topologies and internal networks/forces.

Absolute relativity accepts the principle of diffeomorphic, local measures. Since each species is a ‘universe in itself’, with different relative, energetic and informative arrows that determine its ‘whole’ morphology. Thus, each species establishes its own up and down arrows or relative energy and informative directions. In the graph, animals use light as information and plants, use light as energy. So both have opposite energy-time coordinates. Yet both have an ‘anteroposterior’, lineal’ ‘outward’ energy oriented structure. Galaxies and other forms of the previous graph have a cyclical, informative, inward structure, where the stars body absorbs energy from intergalactic space, reproduces matter with it and feeds the internal informative knot of gravitation, the black hole.

Form is the first mathematical invariance, which is dynamized by physical motion. And both together determine the allowed actions of the universe. Those actions have a causal order given by the time-frequency invariance. And finally all of them together give birth to the social evolution of parts into wholes, creating the fractal Universe with its ‘5th dimension’ of scalar, social evolution. We shall not though do a rigorous, formal and causal analysis of them but try to explain them in a way easier to understand, starting from the concept of an action of energy and time, the two parameters from where all the elements of the Universe depart

RECAP. The 4-dimensional Universe is a game of 3 topologies of space, which correspond to 3 functions in time, the energetic, spatial, concave, spherical or planar membrane; the reproductive, cyclical, toroid body; and the hyperbolic, warped, informative, still center of perception.

This limited structure produces infinite self-similar forms in which a central zero point absorbs energy that transforms in still perception, a toroid body reproduces self-similar cycles and forms and limbs and membranes move the whole system, in search of its action of existence…

In the graph, the Universe constantly combines the 2 elements of any action, energy and time, in different number of ‘dimensions’ creating entities that maximize a simple but extremely powerful equation:

E< = > I, (Max. E x I), stable forms.

But E, =, I, X are symbols that convey many more operations than those first essential forms. Since the equation acts as a mirror of an eternal number of complementary forms that combine what we call energy – a body able to do work and what we call information a point of view able to gauge information. Those 2 elements will then derive in each scale of reality in systems with a field of energy and a particle of information (physics) a body of energy and an information Head (biology) or a network of information humans/machines or ‘upper class’ of a social organism and a body/herd of energy humans.

We already saw that time and information are intimately related as time is measured by the frequency of a cycle, which also carries the patterns of information of any system.

Now we go a step further considering the relationship between the spatial perception of the scales of the Universe and the temporal perception of those scales as they evolve and create more complex systems.

Since the 5th dimension of the scalar Universe from past to future is born of the social evolution of simpler systems into more complex ones.

Indeed, the scalar structure of the Universe is created by the arrow of information or complexity that creates more complex fractal, social ‘planes of existence’ over which new complex structure grow. So the vacuum space, which is in fact a volume of electromagnetic radiation (light-space), constantly fluctuates and condensates into more complex particles, which condensate into atoms, molecules and so on. And each science has studied one of those scales. There is though the need for a science, which studies all of them together and analyzes the relationships between 3 given scales, i, i-1 and i+1. This science has been the theme of my research for 20 years, in which I have made many astounding discoveries, being the most important of them, the realization that the laws between the ‘particles’ of any 3 scales (for example, the particle, the atom and the molecule; or the cell, the human being and his society) are the same – hierarchical laws, entropy laws, social laws, etc. Hence the Universe is absolutely relative.

In detail though, the ‘5th dimension’ – the entire world of those scales, can be divided in 3 sub-dimensions, which we shall call, the 4th dimension of present (the concept of time in physics, hence equivalent to Einstein’s time in its space-time continuum or human scale), the 5th dimension of all past scales inferior to humans with lesser complexity, and the 6th dimension of future, more complex, informative beings.

The reader in that sense must make the conceptual jump from his belief in a single Absolute Time, which is just a human measure of time based in a mechanical clock, sum of all the cycles of time of the Universe, and understand that absolute future and past are also relative; that is, in the future the Universe will complete its cycle and explode back into the simplest energy, or ‘absolute past’, which will be therefore in our ‘future’ if you stick to the concept of lineal time.

Yet if you abandon that error of science and understand cyclical time, you will see the Universe as an eternal game that fluctuates between its big-bangs and big-crunches, on the bottom of the relative past of pure energy and the relative future of pure form. As each of its parts fluctuates between its birth and its death that returns its information back to the past, and we shall return to this when studying the invariance of life/death cycles

The graphic also shows that the main task left to science is the study in depth of the 3 dimensions of time, past, present and future.

And it shows how each new scale includes the previous scales, which support it: so the galaxy requires its planets inhabited sometimes by life beings, which require the emergence of cells that require the emergence of molecules and so on.

This Russian doll concept, both in terms of time-motions and spatial forms, is another of the peculiar features of the 5th dimension, which is based in information, not in energy, elements which have very different properties not fully understood by classic physics, which has expanded and studied in depth motion and energy but still ignores some basic features of informationSo the differences between those 2 concepts, energy and information, and its self-similar ones, spatial surfaces and clocks of time, will be the next field of our inquire.

The meaning of time arrows; choices of future. 

Let us try to explain it simpler: at any moment of time, a system will have not ONLY the choice of future given by the arrow of entropy – explosive motion, disorder, and dissolution=death, which Physicists have studied so well with lineal, formless time (big-bang theory of the Universe, worldly profession of entropic weapons, obsession for motions, and its machines, etc.)

It will be able also to decide two other choices: to repeat, reproduce, iterate its present ‘conserved’ energy’ momentum (a wave repeating its form, a motion repeating its steps, a human cooking again an omelette to extract energy from it).

And to evolve into a tighter informative ‘configuration’. So the future will have always three choices, three arrows, three elements to be enhanced. And this choice will be at the core of every model of the future, every understanding of the paths of a system, not only in physical motions=changes in time-space, but also in biological systems, made with entropic limbs/fields, body-waves of energy-momenta and heads-particles of information, to be able to switch constantly between the three states of the being.

The conclusion is obvious: time arrows, which means modes of change in philosophy of science, cannot be reduced only to a simple formula of Galilean or Einstein’s relativity related to spatial changes ‘only’ (v=∂s/∂t;  s²=x²+y²+z²-c²t² in Einstein’s relativity.)

Those studies, worthy as they are, concern mainly the analysis of space and the simultaneity of ‘present, derivative’ instants and distances or external motion and position. And to that aim, all the internal time cycles and process of change and ageing of information are ignored. So beings are studied as point-particles all subject to a larger single clock-time rhythm, that of the external space-time galaxy and its ‘c-speed=s/t’, which is used as a ‘constant rod’ of measure, coupled to a human mechanical clock that equalises all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species.

So we have now the fundamental elements of an external description of reality (still we do have to define the internal element, the Ƽ-mind).

On one hand the three arrows of time and its simultaneous existence in space. On the other hand the scales of the fifth dimension.

We can see the essence of the fifth dimension of scalar space-time and its dual arrows of entropy (studied exhaustively by physicists) and information (grossly underated and misunderstood) – to be the ‘scaffolding’ for the reproductive world cycles of existence of all ‘supœrganisms’, which repeat once and again the same forms of information:

Systems made of networks of atomic/cellular or individual elements self-organise, emerge as wholes and ‘live’ through 3 ages of increasing information (life arrow), reproducing in the balanced middle age of the system, S=T, ending in an entropic explosion of death that erases the information of the system.


RELATIONAL time and space.

the model of absolute space-time of Newton was wrong. So PHYSICISTS looked for an alternative model, which is the model of relational spaces and times of Leibniz, but the problem of this more truthful model was clearly expressed by Einstein:

“I seem to be the only physicist that think there are infinite time clocks in the Universe running at different speeds. Leibniz is right but if so we must rebuild the foundations of physics from the beginning’. Leibniz told it to Newton: there is not an absolute time clock. And he laughed at him, when Mercury showed not to follow the same rhythm that other planets, when told that Newton expected ‘god’ to correct the clock of mercury. If god is perfect, why it has set up a clock with different rhythms, and now has to correct it? Why he didn’t put it right the first time?

The mechanical clock though was the god of time of physicist, and they would NOT explore the clocks of nature as Taoists had told the Newtonian brits.

I found in Indonesia travelling inland a temple in the mountains filled with carillons. Those were the gods of the Dutch that the tribal Indonesians captured when fighting them, and took it to their temples. They thought they were the gods of the Dutch because they were all day looking at the clock and whenever an Indonesian followed nature’s rhythms he was told to be lazy, ‘blasphemous’. The clock-time of salaries measured workers, the c measuring of Nature rhythms is what matter to the physicist.

So when they asked Einstein what time was he said ‘what a clock measures’. He had failed to put into a formal mathematical metric Leibniz’s right relational infinite quanta and cycles of space-times, and had go back to the fold.

So this is what I did – to formalize Leibniz’s concept of an infinite number of spaces, fractal pieces of space of different sizes, which only peg together like a puzzle, in the human mind gave us the continuum space. To that aim I ordered them by size, from smaller quanta to larger quanta, from small atoms to larger galaxies.

And I ordered according to their speed of cyclical frequency, all the different clocks of nature, all the different closed trajectories, cyclical motions, from atomic orbitals to galaxies.

And then matched them together, by the simple method of multiplying them, Sp x Tƒ , and found alas, the miracle of miracles, that for huge entire families of related systems, including atoms and galaxies in the 2 extremes of the physical Universe (but also for biological systems, from cells to multicellular and ecosystemic systems, and even for cycles of history), the product of the spatial size and temporal frequency of the whole family of related systems, remain invariant. Sp x Tƒ = ∆.

This C-onstant, conserved co-invariant dual parameter of the Universe could obviously not be anything else but the Principle of Conservation of Energy and Information, which worked for entire families of reality, and in the case of physical systems, clearly defined 3+i scales of reality (one i-maginary, in the sense we know little about this scale beyond galaxies, of dark energy and dark matter, which I call the dark world, in which we find black holes, interstellar dark energy space and the halo of galaxies – but whose properties I would deduce by extending the metric equation beyond the 3 scales we do know):

In the graph the main scales of the Universe, the gravitational scale of big galaxies. The thermodynamic scales of human beings, the electromagnetic scale of quantum atoms, and beyond a possible dark world scale. And since the quanta of space grows in size-distance-speed (remember we cannot distinguish speed from distance), and slows down in time speed, this dark world beyond our galaxy likely will go beyond the c-speed distance of our light space-time galaxy, and below the 0 temperature clock of our thermodynamic World.

So while we cannot be sure of this dark world we ill never truly see or experience, I could just use the metric patterns of the other 3 scales to define the 4th scale as one that happens, beyond the c-barrier and 0-temperature of space-time.

Thus there are only 3 known-known scales, where the invariant Sp x Tƒ constant product gives us the ‘Energy and information’ conserved in the Universe.

And so for each of those scales I just had to find an equation of “energy’ that describe the system, in each relative plane of size and time speed, and then find its ‘parameters to measure’ the frequency of its motions and the constant quanta of fixed space of each scale:

Ei = ∫ Sp x Tƒ. And once such equations were found, I found the main clocks of time of the Universe for each scale of the fifth dimension, and resolved the conundrum of the meaning of mathematical physics, Energy, the Universal constants of space and the different clocks of time of the Universe that have existed well before humans invented their mechanical clock:

In terms of energy, Space and Time, scientists have resolved the details of the general equation, Ei=∫ Sp x Tƒ for each scale, with higher detail in our ∆º thermodynamic scale: E= Pv = nKT, 2 formulae for the upp

Thus there are only 3 known-known scales, where the invariant Sp x Tƒ constant product gives us the ‘Energy and information’ conserved in the Universe.

And so for each of those scales I just had to find an equation of “energy’ that describe the system, in each relative plane of size and time speed, and then find its ‘parameters to measure’ the frequency of its motions and the constant quanta of fixed space of each scale:

Ei = ∫ Sp x Tƒ. And once such equations were found, I found the main clocks of time of the Universe for each scale of the fifth dimension, and resolved the conundrum of the meaning of mathematical physics, Energy, the Universal constants of space and the different clocks of time of the Universe that have existed well before humans invented their mechanical clock:

In terms of energy, Space and Time, scientists have resolved the details of the general equation, Ei=∫ Sp x Tƒ for each scale, with higher detail in our ∆º thermodynamic scale: E= Pv = nKT, 2 formulae for the upper scale, 1/2 mv2 and then the limit e=mc2 of human perception, and lesser detail in the lower scale, E=hv:

∆+1 gravitational scale (∆ being the symbol for a relative scalar plane of size and speed of time of the 5th dimension, which is the sum of all of them). Here the quanta of ‘space’ is obviously mass, which is what occupies the volumes of space of this scale, and the quanta of time motion, is speed, angular frequency or wave motion, with the limit of c-speed. So the equation is:

E=1/2mv² or mc² in Galilean and Einstein’s’ relativity.

The difference as the second was obtained from the first through a Newton binomial derivation, is the ‘limit’ or membrane of our alacit light space-time bigger super organism, fractal mirror on the 5th dimension of the atomic scale (see Unification equation of both: E=mc2 + E=hv, M=v (h/c2).

THUS THE RATIO H/C2 is the ratio between the 2 mass/charger vortices of the human perception and each galaxy an atom of the larger scale:

In the graph the 3 scales of matter, the quantum, planetary and galactic scale – the supposed fourth of a cosmic big-bang (wmap of the universal big-bang, as the image shows, has the exact form of the galaxy, since IT IS a mapping of the galaxy radiation, NOT of the universe, which we presume to be a network of atoms, forming some S+1 molecular form in a larger scale:

In the graph the molecular network of galaxies of 10ˆ10 galaxies can be interpreted if we ad the 96% of not observed dark matter, (no slow hydrogen-like atoms communicating in this universe with electromagnetic radiation)  can be anything from the outer surface of a photon exploding in a electromagnetic field to a plankton in a sea of water, to a worm-likne network… imagination is your limit for a 4% of perception of it. It does not seem a very complex form though, as mch as the human networks of 10²/π trillion ambulatory cells.

Now the reader should realize that speed, angular or wave speed DOES change the frequency of its steps. A wheel turning cyclically to move a car can move at higher r=evolutions per minute

Let us then return to those graphs and clocks of time, as we are now close to the more strict concept of entropy.

The ∆-thermodynamic human scale is the next scale of the 5th dimension’s relative planes of size and speed. And here we realize while Energy is conserved, the total quantity of formal motions, angular and lineal momentum clocks of time and quanta of space are conserved, as the speed of time clocks and the quanta of space change, we need new ‘concepts’, new ‘clocks’, new Universal constants of space-quanta to measure it.

So in thermodynamics we have a new equation, E=nkT (with small variations fro specific fractal species of thermodynamic matter, gas, liquid etc.). And here obviously n being a number of atoms, is really E=KT, where T is the temperature of the system, the thermodynamic clock, so cold systems are slow in time, hot systems are fast in time, hot mammals have fast metabolic clocks and thoughts, cold reptiles and plants slow, but alas the beauty of the Universe is that this big cold plants and dinosaurs do live longer than the fast, small humans, since roughly speaking for each family of reality, Tƒ x Sp = Constant.

So Temperature is the clock of time of the thermodynamic scale and its constant of space, lineal, expansive motion is K, the Boltzmann constant, which has the dimensions of ENTROPY.

So ENTROPY is the quanta of expansive spatial motions, of the thermodynamic scale, and only makes sense for thermodynamic systems.

Finally we get into the ∆-1 scale of electromagnetic quantum systems, and here again the equation is obvious Ei=H ƒ, so the quanta of space is H-Planck, the Universal constant, and the frequency of time, is ƒ, the frequency of the wave. So those are the 3 scales of physical systems. Its fundamental equations, time clocks and quanta of space.

All in the Universe is thus a mixture of space and time but both concepts are not the same bidimensional reality. We measure space with bidimensional quanta in each scale.

They ARE the 3 most important Universal Constants of Physics, H-Planck, a bidimensional angular bijector, k-Boltzmann constant, the quanta of entropic space in the thermodynamic world, and c2, the quanta of constant space in the gravitational world (reason why we do NOT see it varying in speed-distances, as it IS the substance of which our gravitational light space-time is made):

3 space quanta

In the graph you can see all the bidimensional planes of space of each scale, entropy, cc speed-distance and angular momentum (H-Planck).

So, your quanta of space=universal constants change, as you change scale of physical systems, in harmony with the change of ‘time clocks’ …

But the product of both, space quanta and time clocks, remain the same:

 Sp x T ƒ = ∆±n;    ∫ST=Ei

This is the principle of conservation of energy and information, which merely integrates along space or along time a population or series of events of space-time, hence meaning the overall conservation of the total space-time of each scale of the Universe.

The graph is easy to grasp, since the Universe is indeed as Einstein said simple and not malicious.

we do have 3 very simple equations that reflect the previous ‘5D metric’ that works for any scale, in each of the 3 scales of relative size of the Universe, worth to repeat to stress that simplicity and straightforwardness that shows truth in science, the so called Ockham’s principle:

∆-1 (quantum scale): E= h v;

∆ (thermodynamic scale): E= kT;

∆+1 (gravitational scale): E= c2 M

As shown in the above graphs.

Frequency of a quantum wave, temperature of a molecule, speed of a mass are the one-dimensional Clocks of Time that ‘change’ within a stable range in each scale.

H-angular momentum, K-entropy and Cc, are the bidimensional quanta of space that put together create the stable Ei, energy and information conserved in the 3 ∆±1 planes of physical systems that interact with the human being.

In 5d physics, we simply say the Universe conserves its quantity of ‘present space-time’. That simple statement includes all conservation principles of all sciences.

This canonical definition of H, K, and C, bidimensional angular momentum, entropy and Speed, the space quanta which of each scale means that entropy DOES not apply at ALL as a concept BEYOND the thermodynamic scale, roughly on the 0-10.000 temperature beyond which it breaks down, that is molecules cease to exist and become plasma ruled by electromagnetic flows, hence by the clocks of ‘frequency’.

Now look at the second equation, E=kT.

if you substitute E for M its inverse then we write: M= k /T.

That is the equation of mass growth of a black hole:

As temperature diminishes, Mass grows. So he black hole is born hot, follows the laws of thermodynamic entropy, diminishes temperature and eats up our world, till Temperature clocks come to zero, temperature disappears, the black hole reaches 0 entropy and perfect informative order, as experimental and theoretical facts, both in 4D Einstein’s EFE, equations and 5D Metric shows.

 Look at the next graph…

The dark world.

In the next graphs, when we cross scales of the 5th dimension,  the simple Sp x Tƒ = E, lineal relationship and nice equations of conservation of energy and information ‘break’ and suddenly the equations do NOT work as we enter a ‘transitional region’ between two scales of space-time.

Whereas the time frequency of motion no longer behaves lineally. It finds a limit and cannot grow more. And those barriers are met with the equations that Planck and Einstein discovered (and a few more for thermodynamic systems), which are no longer lineal but exponential equations, barriers where the system breaks, explodes and dies away, ‘crossing finally the barrier’ into the next world scale:

3 cloccks vary

Now, the graphs, explain the other huge conundrum of physics: why in the ‘steady state’ regions of those relative planes of size and time speeds, all is lineal, but when we go to the borders, equations break, and in the ‘transitional region’ the whole thing becomes hyperbolic.

On the discontinuous verge between planes of space-time of the 5th dimension, the equations break and they are no longer lineal.

So they become hyperbolic geometries of exponential growth, unable to break the barrier of c-speed (relativity), temperature (violet catastrophe of radiation) and h-Planck quanta (uncertainty principle/limit).

Thus when you reach the limit between 5D planes, the region becomes catastrophic and you get the ‘barrier’ speed does no longer grows, but is absorbed as mass, temperature does no longer cools but it is converted in mass, frequency does no longer increases. And alas, once you cross the barrier you are again into a steady state region:

Simply stated, you MUST cross a discontinuous region between scales and things get rough, the previous parameters of time and space ‘are saturated’, you cannot longer increase your frequency, and speed, or you reach the inverse limit of 0 temperature, rest speed, and ‘cross between planes of 5D’ with NEW clocks and NEW time quanta.

You exist in a Universe roughly divided in 3 fractal, scales=planes of space-time, which we shall call, ∆-1: quantum scale, ∆-Thermodynamic scale and ∆+1: gravitational scale.

When you change scale, YOUR CLOCKS of time=formal motions change. So you move from quantum frequency of radiation to thermodynamic temperature clocks, and then again to speed motions. But as you change clocks, obviously the ‘time tics’ are transformed, the previous time tick fades away and the new time tic grows.

And those ‘discontinuous’ barriers in which we change of ‘parameters’ are signaled by a change in the lineal steady state graphs of mathematical physics that measure them.

So in the barrier between frequency and temperature you have the asymptotic ‘violet catastrophe’ of temperature≈radiation, which Planck found and made him postulate quantum theory; and on the other side, in the barrier between temperature clocks and speed, you have the c-barrier that made Einstein, discover Relativity theory, as the ‘simple equations of our thermodynamic world, where temperature is the clock of our activity (so hotter means faster in time, mammals vs. reptiles to put an example, solid vs. gas etc.) ‘break’.

Therefore a black hole is a gravitational implosive in-form-ative force vortex that ‘eats temperature’ and electromagnetic energy and converts it into ‘cold’ 0-temperature gravitational mass.

So black holes with 0-temperature when they grow fully into mass have 0 entropy.

Fractal space and Physical renormalization.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 19.48.42

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 11.13.46

5D space-time cycles means basically that reality is a fractal. This means all is self-similar, ‘affine’, fractal, isomorphic, self-similar words. And so somehow all can be described with similar properties under ‘transformations’. For example:

An image of a fern-like fractal that exhibits affine self-similarity. Each of the leaves of the fern is related to each other leaf by an affine transformation. For instance, the red leaf can be transformed into both the small dark blue leaf and the large light blue leaf by a combination of reflection, rotation, scaling, and translation.

Those 4 operations are the essence of physical studies of material fractal systems. The methodology of physics consists in studying systems that are ‘invariant’ under rotation or time motion, scaling or 5D motion, and translation or space motion and reflection or Space-time motion.

However NOT al systems are invariant under those processes, in 5D physics there are ‘antisymmetries’ of time (from birth to extinction, which are inverse actions) and hence asymmetries in space (as the 3 elements, Sp, ST (ST) and Tƒ are different topologies). And in 5D there are ‘reversal roles on motions upwards and downward, so similarities happen, when we jump two scales.

So physicists ran into infinities because they could not accept fractals. For 80 years, they found an infinity in an equation and just got rid of them!

The early formulators of QED and other quantum field theories were, as a rule, dissatisfied with this state of affairs. It seemed illegitimate to do something tantamount to subtracting infinities from infinities to get finite answers.

Freeman Dyson argued that these infinities are of a basic nature and cannot be eliminated.

Dirac’s criticism was the persistent:

‘Most physicists are very satisfied with the situation. They say: ‘Quantum electrodynamics is a good theory and we do not have to worry about it any more.’ I must say that I am very dissatisfied with the situation, because this so-called ‘good theory’ does involve neglecting infinities, which appear in its equations, neglecting them in an arbitrary way. This is just not sensible mathematics.

Feynman wrote: Having to resort to such hocus-pocus has prevented us from proving that the theory of quantum electrodynamics is mathematically self-consistent. I suspect that renormalization is not mathematically legitimate.

Today they found a ‘fractal philosophy’ to accept getting rid of infinities, which ARE scalar ‘finitesimal’ numbers of an ∆-n scale. Today, the point of view has shifted: on the basis of the breakthrough renormalization group insights of Kenneth Wilson, the focus is on variation of physical quantities across contiguous scales, while distant scales are related to each other through “effective” descriptions. All scales are linked in a broadly systematic way, and the actual physics pertinent to each is extracted with the suitable specific computational techniques appropriate for each.

Thus, one of the immediate consequences of the formalism of 5D cyclical time and fractal space is to set the record straight on physics and its ill understood 3 modern ‘ideas of time’. They are further understood in terms of the arrows of future-information, past-entropy and present-reproduction and its infinite fractal cycles in 5D metric.

 The 3 topologies of all Universal systems: vital spaces, cyclical membranes and o-points of measure.

So what I did long long ago is to complete the model of the fractal Universe, adding the 3rd dimension of time, to the relative ‘entropic past’, the relative ‘future information’: its ‘relative present combinations’.

Further on, those  3 ‘time arrows’ are symmetric to the 3 dimensions of space – the 3 only topologies that exist in the universe:

  • The lineal, toroid, past, spatial flat planes proper of limbs and fields that move you as the line is the shortest distance between two points.
  • The hyperbolic present, body-waves that reproduce the form of beings: Sx T
  • And the cyclical, spherical, informative particle/heads, as the sphere stores maximal information in lesser space.


Time cycles have actually 3 dimensions, or motions (depending on how you see the cycle, still or in motion), which we have always known. In graph, the symmetry between the 3 ages/dimensions of time & space, which put together create all the forms and functions and ternary organisms of the fractal universe, a tapestry sum of them.

In the graph, we live in a Universe in which all beings are made of the same substances, energy which occupies space and information, carried in the frequency and cycle of time clocks. Those 2 ‘substances’ that we call Se (Spatial energy) and Tƒ (Temporal information), combine together in ‘bidimensional’ Space-time layers, that put together create together all the species in the Universe.

Layer after layer of bidimensional membranes create the third dimension, which forms when moves a 4th dimension of temporal motion. But the ‘simplest unit’ is a bidimensional sheet, with form, with information. So for example, you are looking at a screen with 2 dimensions, which carry this information. Your eyes see in 2 dimensions but put together with both eyes a 3D representation of reality.

A black hole stores all its information in its surface. This ‘Holographic principle’, has enormous consequences for our understanding of the Universe.

So we find in the Universe always 3 elements in all systems, which correspond to the 3 ‘topologies’ of mathematics, and the 3 ‘ages’ of life world cycles (since life is cyclical ,changes in time are NOT worldlines as physicists believe, but world cycles):

  • The vital space of lineal motions, enclosed by the cyclical membranes and time cycles, focused in a central point of view or frame of reference, of maximal density of information that gauges information, linguistically and has the structure of a Non-Euclidean, Fractal point, through which multiple ‘parallels of energy and information’ can cross.

This ‘mind, soul, god, monad, Maxwellian Demon’ that creates the order of the Universe will be then defined by a simple mathematical equation and geometry as a 0-point, whose function will be to maintain the whole system ‘stable’; that is in biological terms ‘to make it survive’. It does not need to be conscious, but as Leibniz described it in his work on monads, apperceive mathematically, vegetatively or linguistically, because simply speaking, Evolution implies that a system which ‘maintains the ‘whole’ stable and survive lasts on time. So automatically as time goes, ONLY systems who had this ternary efficient, symmetric, stable configuration have lasted, have been selected.

This definition, when translated to mathematical physics, coupled with the Principle of Relativity as defined by Poincare-Einstein, ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’ will allow us to derive all the laws of Physics and explains its main systems. So for example, an atom has a central point of view of maximal density; but it has the advantage that can be applied to all other sciences, to define all the laws of knowledge.

In the graph, a few of the ternary systems, made with the 3 only topologies-functions of all systems of the Universe, an atom, a tomato, a planet, a cell an embryo and an electromagnetic field. Though at first sight their resemblance might seem a mere coincidence, all of them are ternary systems, which we can describe with the same ‘Generator equation’ of ¬Æ mathematics, the formalism of T.œ (the Organic Theory of Everything, which unifies all sciences as descriptions of such systems in any scale of the Universe).

All of them will be made of:

– A central, informative point, seed, or o-point that gauges energy and information, connected to a membrane or time cycle…

– That encloses an open, entropic field of lineal motions-distances that displaces the system.

This seemingly simple structure, however has infinite variations and ‘biased deformations’ from each point of view and language. So in science we shall always observe the complexity of the details of each variety of the ternary ‘organism’, and specially the enormous inflationary number of ‘linguistic mirrors’ that reflect and deform this vision creating particle subjective Worlds out of objective uniformity of reality.

Consider for example the laws of electromagnetic fields:

circular motion

We define a quantity called the circulation as the resulting speed of the liquid in the tube times its circumference. We can again extend our ideas and define the “circulation” for any vector field (even when there isn’t anything moving). For any vector field the circulation around any imagined closed curve is defined as the average tangential component of the vector (in a consistent sense) multiplied by the circumference of the loop. And as Feynman puts it: “With just these two ideas—flux and circulation—we can describe all the laws of electricity and magnetism at once. ”

But then again, in biology we can describe in time the birth of life as a process of creation of membranes holding a field of carbohydrates.

And finally in both, field theory and biology we will find a central point of view, the charge or the DNA will appear, accelerating the informative process of evolution of the system.

Thus the approach of the philosopher of science to the Unification of all systems, is one that includes together the 6 motions of time of Aristotle, its cyclical patterns of generation, evolution, growth, diminution and extinction, along a 5th dimension of relative sizes and speeds; and of course, the 6th motion or Locomotion, in lineal space, which however will turn to be the less important for ‘meaning’ of all of them.

This is what the Universe is all about, and the only difference is the jargon each science uses to describe it. Do NOT think that because physicists speak mathematics, biology, genetics and evolution, societies religion and politics, economists money, they ARE describing different things.

Now if we were to speak the most beautiful of all those jargons, as it is the language of all those beings, Non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian i-logic mathematics, the needed upgraded 2300 years overdue of the sciences of logic and mathematics that will allow all those of you who are NOT only ‘selfies’, self-centered life cycles and can take the necessary bashing of all your ‘beliefs’ to relief your slavery to childish thoughts, we would define those 3 elements as the ‘only 3 topologies of the Universe’ and write a Generator Equation in terms of topological geometries:

|-Toroid limbs/fields > Ø-Hyperbolic body/waves < O-Informative particles-heads

This simple topological equation defines how the 3 parts of all beings are constructed. And remember if you are a mathematical physicists that the universe has no more topological forms than those 3. So all what exists will be a ‘diffeomorphic’=local assembly of those 3 topological parts. And you just need to fill the names of that geometrical template. An atom will have a O-nucleus, an |-electrons and a Ø-hyperbolic body-wave of neutrino, gravitational and ¥-electromagnetic waves between them.

This simple statement ‘enlightens’ your understanding of an atom and a galaxy and completes 100 years of quantum physics and relativity. Take it or leave it.

I shall prove ad nauseam, as ‘master ludi’ of all languages and sciences that NOT a single science escapes the ternary symmetries defined by the Fractal Generator of the 5D space-time Universe and its structure. But you WILL likely deny all those proofs. Since man is not alien to the paradoxical equation of the mind:

‘Infinitesimal self-centered O-Point x ∞ cycles of space-time’ = 0 x ∞ = C-onstant Linguistic Mind mapping of the Universe’.

But how can we differentiate forms and motions. What are a form and a motion? The answer is that all has form and motion at the same time. Motion is the objective reality, Form is the still perception created by a mind. So the Universe is about motions, the worlds of the mind about forms. Reality is about motion, knowledge about form. Reality is made of time cycles and lineal motions, mind about forms created with time cycles and dimensional distances, created with minds.

And this is what Galileo discovered but never understood, as he was just an artillery master. It is the Principle of Relativity, which is at the core of all physical, scientific laws, but we shall call the Galilean paradox, because Physicists, from Galileo to Einstein, were aware of it, founded their science on it, but have never quite fully grasped it.

And this fully completes the work of Einstein and quantum physics, and fusions it with evolutionary theory, a theory of the evolution of information, and allow us to define, NOT the particle of God, but if we were so pedantic, the ‘Equation of God’ (-:

It is however important to understand that the FUNDAMENTAL LAW of the Universe, truly the Generator of all what exists – the inverse nature of time and space, goes well beyond the mathematical, geometric Nature of some of those inversions. It is in fact a logic property, that is ’caused’ ultimately by the Nature of Time as Change and its dimensions of relative past-entropy, present-repetition and future-evolution.

I know the reader, schooled in mathematical physics, in a civilisation dominated by motion, weapons of energy, visual machines and space, might even not understand what we mean. But if he perseveres on reading, he will come to a depth of comprehension of the universe, through those logical inversions that humanity lacks and physicists ignore.

The dimorphism of all systems; The fundamental particles: |-o; Ø-o.

Now if we simplify as we do in easy to read posts and consider limbs of energy, the ‘attached parts of the body’, or as it happens in many systems, the energy field is external to the particle and body we can talk of a duality very common in the Universe:

Ø<=>o  a reproductive body and a head with a neck that transfers energy and information between them.

This is the n-p pair in atomic centers, or the nucleus-electron; the male female, the body, head, the cytoplasm and nucleus of a cell, etc. etc.:

So we define in 5D metric  a fundamental particle-system made of two space-time parts:

ST (bodies/waves) < x > Tƒ(particles/heads)= K (Stable physical/biologic system)

ST-parts move and reproduce the whole system. While Tƒ-parts gauge information so they are cycles or spheres, the geometries that store more information in lesser space, from eyes to particles to brains.

There are many such systems, all what exist we might say is a complementary system with a particle-head of information and field-body of energy:

– This is the fundamental principle of quantum physics, the complementary principle, as quantum physicists observe all entities BOTH as particles and fields of energy (waves).

– This is the fundamental principle of biology as all cellular bodies have a DNA, informative center, and all multicellular organisms have a head besides its body.

You are also literally made of ‘clocks of time’ (your brain) and body motions with energy. So you say ‘i don’t have time or energy to do this’, because we are all made of time and space.

We are not in an abstract background of space and time, we are made of pieces of spatial energy and temporal information.

The generator equation.

‘All what exists is a fractal system of temporal information and spatial energy that combine and transform back and forth, together into present space-time systems ad eternal, across the ∞ co-invariant planes of the 5th dimension:

U= [∑Sp ≤≥ST≤≥Tƒ]∆±n

So I wrote the Generator Equation, a symbolic equation that represented all the systems made of fractal space and cyclical time and its space-time combinations, whose geometries ARE the 3 ‘only’ Topologies of the Universe we perceive:

Γ. Generator:           Toroid Sp(limbs/fields) < Hyperbolic ST(st) (repetitive waves-bodies) > Spherical Tƒ (head Particles)

Since limbs and heads, fields and particles interacted and mixed their lines and cycles into ‘conic bodies, and elliptical orbits and hyperbolic waves’.

Or as Cheng-Tzu the Taoist philosopher put it: from 1 (time cycles or Tao), comes 2 (the yang-line of energy and the yin-information, broken line) and from 2 comes 3, and from 3 the infinite beings.

(Asian cultures defined always time as cyclical, without the distortion of lineal physical time, also for cultural reasons we shall soon explain.)

So we shall leave the 4 points on that, once the ‘cycle is closed’. And dedicate this work and posts to the long list of lost points who had the world in his mind even if nobody listened for a while. To them, to the Leibniz, Galois, Laos, Rimbauds and Leonardos of history, I dedicate this pages. To the scholars, well Leonardo clarified it all.

The truth remains the beginning of this cyclical mantra: quantum physics, and relativity proved space and time is fractal, something Leibniz the philosopher knew, Lao too, and the Greeks hinted at it. And so someone did have to make the work of formalise a theory of fractal space-time of which we are all made.

Including you, despite your fantasies of uniqueness as a being, you are NOTHING, but an infinitesimal vital fractal super-organism of space-time generated with the same equation that all other entities of the Universe. The only laughable fact about you is your ego. And as a consequence of it your stupidity.

‘2 things I deem infinite, the Universe and the stupidity of man and I am not sure of the former’ (A.Eisntein). I am sure of both.

Take it or leave it: the Universe is not going to change and adapt itself to the distorted view of present science. Science still workS as Ptolemy still worked, but it would always explain less things if we don’t use the proper quanta of space and clocks of nature that run the Universe as Nature did it, not as scholars deformed with their abstract, human, anthropomorphic points of view.

The dimorphism of all systems; The fundamental particles: |-o; Ø-o.

Now if we simplify as we do in easy to read posts and consider limbs of energy, the ‘attached parts of the body’, or as it happens in many systems, the energy field is external to the particle and body we can talk of a duality very common in the Universe:

Ø<=>o  a reproductive body and a head with a neck that transfers energy and information between them.

This is the ∆-p pair in atomic centers, or the nucleus-electron; the male female, the body, head, the cytoplasm and nucleus of a cell, etc. etc:

So we define in 5D metric  a fundamental particle-system made of two space-time parts:

ST (bodies/waves) < x > Tƒ(particles/heads)= K (Stable physical/biologic system)

St-parts move and reproduce the whole system. While Tƒ-parts gauge information so they are cycles or spheres, the geometries that store more information in lesser space, from eyes to particles to brains.

There are many such systems, all what exist we might say is a complementary system with a particle-head of information and field-body of energy:

– This is the fundamental principle of quantum physics, the complementary principle, as quantum physicists observe all entities BOTH as particles and fields of energy (waves).

– This is the fundamental principle of biology as all cellular bodies have a DNA, informative center, and all multicellular organisms have a head besides its body.

You are also literally made of ‘clocks of time’ (your brain) and body motions with energy. So you say ‘i don’t have time or energy to do this’, because we are all made of time and space.

We are not in an abstract background of space and time, we are made of pieces of spatial energy and temporal information.

The ternary elements of most Nature’s Systems: Se<ST>Tƒ

From these simple facts of universal morphology,   we can classify ‘all parts of systems’ including decomposed viruses, or machines or human organs, as energetic, lineal systems, or as cyclical, informative systems that combine into complex bodies and waves and put together create an Spe<ST>Tƒ ternary system:

—  Energy organs are lineal systems with minimal ‘form’ that kill, simplifying information into energy. Thus, a field of energy, released by a physical particle or an energetic weapon, such as a sword or a missile and a top predator, energetic animal, such as a lion, will have both lineal forms and kill, destroy the in-form-ation of their ‘preys’.

—  In-form-ative organs create form and trans-form energy into languages that map out ‘reality’ with formal ‘bits’. Those bits are smaller symbols, which form images in the brain that represent reality and help to simulate reality ‘faster’, in ‘lesser space’, the ‘future’ cycles of reality, anticipating them. Then, according to those ‘logic’ simulations of the future, heads will move and direct energy bodies towards sources of energy and information. So any system that ‘gauges’, measures and reacts, is an informative organ, regardless of the specific language it uses to gauge reality. A chip measures with numbers reality, a man with words, an atom with electro-magnetic ‘bosons’; yet the 3 act-react to their measures. So they all are informative organs.

—  Reproductive organs repeat informative and energetic organs, by absorbing energy and ‘imprinting’ it with its particular in-form-ation. Thus, human mothers and company-mothers of machines are both reproductive organs. Even the simplest particles of the Universe, quarks and electrons, absorb energy and emit new particles, small quarks and electrons, with the same form that the parental particle.

So in fact, we have come to the objective conclusion that all systems of the Universe have organic properties. Since even its simplest entities, quarks and electrons that form atoms do absorb energy, gauge information and reproduce, the 3 ‘properties’ of life. Thus, the Universe must be defined not as a mechanism but as a complex organic system, made of organic atoms, which can combine to create many different complex organisms, including company-mothers that reproduce machines, atoms that reproduce quarks, electrons and forces and mothers that reproduce kids. The difference between all those species is not one of ‘quality’ but of quantity and complexity of their organs of energy and information, which determine their survival chances and status as top predators of any ecosystem.

If a mechanism is a system that has only information and energy organs, an organism has both systems and so it is able to reproduce by combining its energy and information into a replica of itself. In that regard, the reproductive organism of machines is today the company-mother that reproduces them with the aid of informative metal (money) and machines (chips), energetic machines and human workers that act as catalysts and re=producers of those machines. And because we live all in a planet of limited resources, machines and life increasingly compete to reproduce the limited energy and information of this planet.

How this difference of speed of time in accelerated vortices of future ∆+1 scales are perceived, can be studied easily in the simplest physical cases with its three geometries of ∆-1, ∆ and ∆+1:

In the graph, the geometrical perception from Ƽ, the human self-centred perspective (ab.pov) differs from the way we perceive information from the upper scale, seen as an only attractive gravitational vortex of future time-masses (relativity theory, equivalence principle) from the perspective of an elliptic geometry that reduces the size of the whole masses by speeding up its perception as motion.

So relativity uses elliptic Riemannian geometry to mimic the distortion of our perception of the ‘bridges’ between our scale and the gravitational larger one – yet if we were in the gravitational realm we probably will observe our own galactic plane as an Euclidean flat geometry. While quantum theory uses operators and functionals (functions of functions) to mimic the quasi-infinite reproduction of the parameters and elements of our wholeness repeated ad nauseam both in time (symmetries of particles, multiple fractal points, ternary time elements, for each particle, etc) and space (multiverses, scattering, multiple paths).

Further on the use of inflationary different jargons and mathematical not-so-well-understood devices of analysis from infinite dimensions to imaginary numbers, obscure the rather simple but iterative and fractal structure of those organic scales.

The question though to be considered is how those systems behave ‘longitudinally’ in a given scale of the fifth dimension once the being has either emerged as a seed of higher information from the lower ∆-1 scale, or as it dissolves into a whole ‘mass of dissolving dead parts’ in a hyperbolic path to the ∆-1 scale.

In the left side the perception of lower scales is a lovacheski’s geometry, which multiplies the whole in its self-similar parts to get to the infinitesimal, which is the ‘piece’ on the membrane of the border o the whole, such as tƒi=∑Spe-1, the infinitesimal components of the membrane. Thus quantum and relativity descriptions of upper and lower scales differ from our human point of view. Do they differ if we were a quantum atom or a galaxy? All seems to indicate it does not. What distorts the view of our ∆º mind is the fact that transitions between scales change the perspective of the being. Indeed, let us consider some ‘first thoughts’ on those transitions of scales, circumscribed to physical systems, whose geometric simplicity favours the understanding of first principles:

In the graphs, systems behave ‘longitudinally’ in a given scale of the fifth dimension as Euclidean forms ruled mostly by lineal entropic and cyclical steady state equations. Yet as they evolve socially or increase its temporal frequency they come closer to the limiting frontiers between scales, where either upward in vortex of future frequency acceleration will emerge as new beings, after crossing a ‘barrier of energy’, which is absorbed to create those time vortices (lorentz contraction, fluid vortices); or vice versa, it will find once the being has either emerged as a seed of higher information from the lower ∆-1 scale, or as it dissolves into a whole ‘mass of dissolving dead parts’, in a hyperbolic path to the ∆-1 scale.

‘Space and time’ can be transformed into each other. Since space is basically in the human conceptual understanding a simultaneous ‘slice’ or ‘present moment’ of a ‘motion or change’ in time. Simultaneous perception in that sense of multiple time cycles happening sometimes in synchronised chains, sometimes as fractal parts, become space. Hence we shall observe another range of phenomena: the transformation of a motion of time into a still surface of space. In fact, we could define death as the ‘slow down of time’ to a halt, in which motion ceases to exist. So those are some of the basic ‘games’ of the Universe between time clocks and space-quanta. In the case of the Lorentz transformations, the time clocks of speed close c, are transformed into space quanta, mass.

Also notice that speed in classic physics is defined as v=s/t, but this t is lineal duration, the opposite of frequency of cyclical time. So speed (angular speed of a time clock) is the inversion of duration, lineal time: Tƒ=1/t. Thus if we consider 1 single space quanta or step of a motion, the translation of the clock of nature to the human mechanical clock is obvious.

The main differences between those clocks of nature and the mechanical clock are clear: Nature has different time clocks, or time cycles, and all of them vary in frequency, because the 5th dimension does vary its time clocks – it is in fact the essence of this dimension.

However the arrival of lineal physics and the mechanical clock hid this self-evident Universe made of infinite space quanta and time cycles, substituted by abstract Newtonian models of an absolute continuum space drawn over a paper  (the Cartesian Plane), in which all those parts of space, are pegged together, and a single clock and time rhythm measured with those mechanical clocks that equalized all rhythms of nature to its steady, tic-toc. But Nature does have its own clocks to measure time, which ultimately is the repetition of cyclical forms of in-form-ation, different for each species, which processes that information with logic, formal cycles of different lengths, durations and speeds.

So the ultimate meaning of a Universe of infinite time cycles, regulated by Nature’s clocks, was lost, and time became, in words of Einstein ‘what a clock measures’. Moreover as the clock had a relative, steady state speed, and can be elongated ad infinitum, rewinding its engine, the fact that the cycles of temporal information (ab. O-Tiƒ, in the jargon of Fractal space-time, ab. ∆St) of any system are always finite (by the very same nature of a time cycle that closes into itself) and do have different forms and speed at different moments, became also forgotten.

This is self-evident when we realize that Nature measures time with different physical clocks, for different families of species.

Duality of space-time.

“Historically, much of fundamental physics has been concerned with discovering the fundamental particles of nature and the equations which describe their motions and interactions. It now appears that a different programme may be equally important: to discover the ways that nature allows, and prevents, information to be expressed and manipulated, rather than particles to move. (….) To conclude with, I would like to propose a more wide-ranging theoretical task: to arrive at a set of principles like energy and momentum conservation, but which apply to information.’ Steane

The purpose of this blog is precisely to define that set of principles, which Steane asks for, since it adds the arrow of ‘information’ to the arrow of ‘entropy an locomotion’ studied by physicists, widening our understanding of all sciences with it. To that aim we must first define time&information on one side, and space& entropy on the other, the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which are part of an organic, fractal reality of relative scales of size and time clocks that co-exist together into the 5th dimension of scalar space-time.

Since all sciences would benefit of a better understanding of those 2 principles as all beings of all sciences are made of finite time cycles and occupy vital spaces. So as it happened when Copernicus put the sun on the center simplifying all the epicycles of Ptolemy, making much simpler astronomy, at the end of the journey we shall unify and simplify our understanding of all sciences (3rd line of the blog), once we pass the hurdle of understanding the underlying principles of ‘temporal energy’ beings.

Mind the reader since the history of science has turned around machines and weapons that work with energy and motion, we must re-construct an entire new jargon to explain science, to the point that we shall even change the name of ‘science’ for that of ‘stience’ (the science of space-time organisms) and use a completely different new language of science from scratch.

This is tried also by many information theorist like Mr. Steane, but the problem with that approach is that ‘information only’ theories are just going the other extreme from simplex physics, trying to reduce reality to locomotions and ‘worldlines’, to information theorists, trying to reduce the Universe to computations and qbits.

Fact is the Universe plays with both, entropy=motion=lineal space (as the line is the shortest distance to move) and cyclical clocks of time that carry in their frequency and curved form the in/form/ation of reality; but humans are ‘Aristotelian’, one-dimensional, and have a mind (ab.∆º), which has a very hard time to put together two conflicting, rather opposite forms as those of entropy and information are. So for example physicists call information, negantropy – as if it were just the negation of entropy-scattering motions; while information theorists tend to explain the Universe as a huge quantum computer.

Both loose 1/2 of the ‘duality’ of the cosmos, which always displays an enormous range of grey between ‘pure black forms without motion, such as black holes and pure motion without form, such as non-local gravitation’. And so we shall find in its combinations of motion with a little form (energy) and form with a little motion (in-form-ation, form-in-action) the vital, organic, true meaning of reality, which escapes the one-dimensional scientist.

For that reason, we have added for good measure to the quote of Steane, the philosophical thought of Einstein, author of the previous paradigm of 4D space-time, which corresponds to the limit of this model in a single space-time continuum described with a single arrow of time, ENTROPY.

The truly interesting element of Mr. Steane’s definition is however in the final sentence, which is one of those magic clear-cut expressions of reality, coming out of nowhere, like the sentences of Schopehauer with his intuitions for century to come. Mr. Steane simply understands there is a second arrow of time, information and somehow a third element, which he does not fully recognise but it is there, the third arrow of time, momentum – the present, iterative=repetitive conserved quality, mixture of the other two, which is what the Universe is all about: the reproduction and hence dynamic conservation of momentums composed of informative particles (masses and charges) and entropic motions (speeds), which we integrate into ‘conrsetative, closed energy world cycles’ – the whole trajectory, life or rather ‘existence’ of any event or process of nature.

So yes, the Universe is a ‘self-reproductive’ fractal of information with a fractal feedback generator equation of three arrows of time-space, whose motion in time and form in space, come together to create the infinite fractal ternary beings of reality:

∆-1: Spe (past lineal limbs/fields of entropy) < ∆-ST-Hyperbolic Present body-wave Momentums of energy> ∆+1: Tiƒ-Future Informative, temporal cyclical particles-heads.

In this logic, fractal generator equation we have encoded truly the meaning of reality, whose complexity will be born of the repetition, variation and ensemble in larger ‘∆-scales’ of wholeness of the infinite beings made of those 3 elements of time, symmetric to the 3 forms of topological space, extended across three relative size of ‘hilomorphic smaller substances – atoms, cells, citizens’ which form whole organic systems (matter, organisms, societies), part of a larger whole ecosystem (solar systems, planets and galaxies, nations, civilisations, world cultures)..

To that aim we must first define time&information on one side, and space& entropy on the other, the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which are part of an organic, fractal reality of relative scales of size and time clocks that co-exist together into the 5th dimension of scalar space-time.

We shall thus develop in full the model of a fractal, organic Universe constructed with both arrows, using those laws to show how the Universe constructs its infinite species all of them made of ‘fields/limbs of spatial entropy’ and ‘particle, heads of temporal information’ , which combine in body-waves of energy, creating in this manner the infinite ternary beings of reality.

THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO GRASP: Science is based in causal, local, finite time cycles. So it is your life – a finite time cycle. So what science achieved obsessed by measure and speed, in simplicity of calculus it lost in information about those cycles, which we have regained since I established in a series of landmark papers, back in the 90s the laws of cyclical times for all the systems of the Universe. It is an ongoing research, but it will as computers make easy calculations of discontinuous functions, become the standard for future time research, as an enormous array of new discoveries happen when we ‘do not loose’ the information of those cycles.

This is specially truth of physical systems, deprived of the organic, cyclical causal properties of CYCLICAL ∏ime (Ab. ∏, Tiƒ) and fractal §paces (ab. Spe); whereas the letters of both refer to the dualities of Time-Space, Future-Past, entropy and information: Tiƒ≈Spe .

Difference between mechanical lineal clocks and cyclical, informative time clocks in Nature.

Man uses the frequency of waves to measure time in the quantum scale (ab. ∆-1 ST, in the jargon of Fractal space-Time).

He uses molecular vibrations, which humans measure with temperatures (ab. ∆ST), to define the cycles of larger molecular systems.

And he uses different forms of speed, notably angular speed, in the even larger gravitational ‘∆+1’ Space-Time Scale.

And so the infinite cycles of time of Universal beings, and its different clocks of Nature (frequency, temperature and speed), whose rhythms and forms carry the in-form-ative patterns, became also forgotten, with the arrival of artificial, mechanical clocks, which established a steady single, human rhythm to time, of infinite duration. Of course, because using a single human rod of measure for space, or ‘quanta’, the meter, and a single human time cycle or ‘second’, equalizing all other systems with them, allowed a perspective on reality from the human practical point of view, the use of seconds in time and meters in space, facilitated measure and construction of machines, weapons and buildings, greatly improving the praxis of human life.

So what man lost in his philosophical understanding of reality, he gained it in practical power. And as measures with single clocks and single space rods increased, many regularities of Nature were tabulated, albeit deformed by its equalization with clocks and single space continuums. However, and this is a key element to understand why a Universal model, slightly deformed in its fundamental principle works, a system with a distorted perspective, such as the Ptolemaic system with the Earth at its center, can fully describe reality, merely by adding complex corrections to cater the distorted point of view.

The principle of conservation of energy and information

If the study of the Relativity of motion and position, started by Copernicus and Galileo and culminated by Einstein, found our position to be relative, based in the laws of invariance of energy, and changes in motions and rotations of all entities, man will find the relativity of his position within the scales of space-time of the cosmos (the 5th dimension), caused by the laws of ‘self-similarity’ of form, of in/form/ation between those scales.

In that regard, as we understand the laws that relate all those scales, man again will find he has no special place, but as in the case of the invariances of motion and energy, only our subjective limits of perception make us feel special within those scales.

Such ‘self-similarity’ of in/form/ation, which happens across all the scales of size means to Absolute relativity, what the invariance of energy and motions, meant to General Relativity: as the laws of energy and motion do not change regardless of our position in space; the laws of form and in/form/ation do not change when we change of size and scale.

And this is the first new law bring about by absolute relativity, which expands science with the study of the new dimension of fractal information that extends the space-time continuum into multiple ‘space-time discontinuums’ one for each of those scales of size, from the simplest atom to the galaxy.

And so the 5th dimension expands the principle of conservation or invariance of energy and motion to information. And the simplest way to define this expansion of the principles of relativity is to expand the main law of science, the principle of conservation of energy… and information:

‘All what exists are complementary systems of energy and in/form/ation that trans/form into each other ad eternal: E < = >I’

Indeed in the east Taoism affirms that all yang-entropy has a drop of yin information for us to see, and all form has a drop of expansive motion ≈ entropy for us to receive.

As the present state requires a part of past-entropy and a part of future-information merging.

For that reason Minkowski affirms that without space time is nothing, without time space is a shadow; as one and the other co-exist in space-time beings. But we can also see space and time as states that follow each other in beings that perform space-like action first and then time-like actions, and then space-like actions as those shown in the graph – particles that stop and perceive, evolve entropy into information; waves that move and reproduce; stop and move sequentially in space-time; stop and perceive space; moves.

In that regard the beats of timespace are many, departing from its fundamental properties and dualities. Yet what makes sense of it is precisely its oppositions, ratios, dualities, transformations and beats into each other. So the proper way to conceive those terms is dynamically as space-like and time-like processes, Spe<≈>Tiƒ, and qualitatively, as a description of antinomies and properties that allow those transformations (as the bidimensionality of both, which makes possible to convert one into each other, its opposite topological properties – time being cyclical with more form, space planar, more extended; its sequential properties, informative time processes being longer in time smaller in space, and so on.)

It is then necessary to re-train the mind of the present ‘measure-oriented scientist’ who works in a more automaton computer-like way, and make him accept that logic, ‘spiritual-like’ properties related to time, causality, motion, form, ratio, antinomy, symmetry, scale DO play a far more important role to know the ‘thoughts’ of God than the details, which suffice to a visual practical description (as measure allows to manipulate reality) but does not provide the deepest meanings on why reality is ‘as it is’.

But all what ‘it is’ is in the ∆º±ST ternary elements of reality, so we can define for each of those processes time-like and space-like events and topologies.

Time-like topologies, S>T are then defined topologically as those processes that implode space, accelerate time cycles and increase the form of the system.

Space-like topologies T<S are then defined as those processes that explode space, decelerate time-motion and decrease the form of the system.

Time-like sequences are defined in concordance with that topology as implosive accelerated, final ‘age’, of a system, which however can at the end of the informative process split its future either emerging into ∆+1 (birth≈emergence into an upper scale) or dissolving into ∆-1 (abortion≈death)

In the graph a wave is a space-like reproductive sequence, a particle, a cyclical time like form that perceives. (Time and space being too confused at this point in history, we prefer to use more specific terms of gst and its time arrows).

Space-like sequences are then defined as a process that increases the motion, entropy, limbs/fields of the system, which again does have two possible discontinuities at the end of the process, either the ’emergence into a reproductive phase’ of existence, when the absorption of entropy becomes converted into energy by the shape or constrains of one or two poles of information (i.e. a wave that becomes stationary, a child that enters adolescence), or alternately might by excess of motion start an entropic process of death and dissolution in ∆-1 and expansion in space, T< S.

Which leads to the obvious understanding than in terms of ∆±1 scales, those processes that emerge into ∆+1 are time-like processes, which ad an emergent new whole-layer of organisation, which will co-exist with the lower layers vs. ∆-1 space-like processes, which will dissolve a tighter configuration, releasing into chaos=freedom the particles/cells/citizens that were organised by S-st-t networks, which therefore will expand and enter into entropic, free, ‘selfie’ state of collision and disintegration.

The Measure of time cycles: frequency.

Each clock creates a discontinuous space-time, whose cyclical perimeter of in-form-ation encloses a piece of energetic space breaking reality into ∞ formal patterns; different time cycles with specific forms and frequencies. Thus the use of a single human clock that equalizes all of them misses 2 features of each of those time cycles:

– Its specific forms of in-form-ation in space.

– Its different speeds or frequencies. Since cyclical time is measured not by duration but by frequency, its inverse function: ƒ(t)=1/T.

– The temporal nature of masses and charges, which are not substances but vortices of time, clocks of the 2 main physical scales of the Universe – the quantum, electromagnetic and cosmological, gravitational scales. Masses and charges are defined in 5D by the frequency of its vortices that determines its force or attractive power.

They are also the first units of in/form/ation.

Thus, each mass and charge and its ‘Universal constants’ are invariant functions of their vortex frequency:

Sp=Mc2 + Sp=Hv -> Mc2=Hƒ-> M= (H/c2)ƒ->M=Kƒ.

Masses are thus vortices of time and the faster they turn, and the smaller they are the more attractive are, as hurricanes are… being the black hole of c-speed of rotation, and smallish size the strongest clock of time of the Universe.


In the graph, masses and charges are accelerated vortices of time, ‘equivalent’ to inward, informative, cyclical motions, one of the two fundamental elements of the Universe.

But we have to distinguish the duality between masses proper that inform the sheet of gravitational space and charges that inform the sheet of light space starting the evolution of light into complex electronic forms including man.

Both can be related by a generic equation of all 3D time vortices, which differentiates them only by their Universal constants, U (T/S) or relative proportion of time and space of each membrane of the 5th dimension, which creates infinite relative membranes of space-time.

This again as our ‘first’ definition of a dimension in proper logic terms, is a breakthrough obtained conceptually. Never a Universal constant has been properly understood.

Now we know what it is: a definition of the relative proportions of Spatial energy and temporal information of a sheet of space-time.

Thus the gravitational constant is much weaker than the electromagnetic constant because it has a much larger spatial size, s and a much smaller quantity of information, t, so u=t/s is much smaller.

In fact form our perspective gravitational space is infinite and non-local, acting as if it were at infinite space-distance (S=∞) and carrying 0 information.

So   S x T = K, ∞ x 0 =k   defines the metric of gravitational space from the p.o.v. of our light-space perception.

It follows that such membrane if we were to transit from our membrane of light into the gravitational membrane, would REQUIRE a shift or change in the perception of speed and information, an equation that would TEND TO INFINITY and ZERO in those terms. And that equation is precisely the Lorentz Transformation that Einstein used to describe what happens as we cross the barrier of c-speed.

This resumes in its two fundamental equations: Sp X Tƒ = K, and Sp<=>Tƒ.

The constant transformation of one into another.

Despite their inversion, and this is the most important law of the Universe, Entropy and information constantly transform into each other. It is the principle of ‘conservation and transformation of Entropy back and forth into in/form/ation, forms in action’ which becomes the new fundamental law of the 4th paradigm, widening the principle of conservation of Entropy:

‘All energies, trans/form constantly back and forth into information, Sp<=>Tƒ’

Thus the Universe is truly an eternal infinite of beats of Entropy warping into dimensional form, information and informations uncoiling into spatial Entropy. And since both elements Entropy and temporal information have motion this is possible as they are truly just the two extreme types of topological motions of the Universe, each one associated to a series of ‘functions’ and ‘perceptions’:

Entropy=Extension=Space= Fast motion = Lineal, planar shapes = Pleasure = Reproduction = Death

Information=Implosion=Time=Slow motion=Cyclical ball=Pain =Communication = Evolution = Life

The infinite balances and combinations of those two fields and its forms are the essence of reality.

The five åctions of Entropy and time performed by all species.

Since all is space-time, all is Entropy and information; all is a sum of complementary entities of Entropy and information that perform 4 åctions in space-time to enhance its survival:

-Entropy feeding (e), information or perception of it (o), reproduction that combines both in other surface of space-time (Sp X Tƒ) and finally social evolution, as a herd, ∑Sp X Tƒ, or as a network, ∑2=∏, which as the reader can see summons up all the other arrows.

We call the composite, reproductive and evolutionary arrows, the complex arrows.

And so we can express all in the synoptic language of science with a simple equation that we call the fractal generator of the Space-time Universe: ∑Sp X Tƒ

Since e and O are the two initial variables of reality, the program is self-evident, deduced from them and it proves itself by the experimental method (all is a complementary system of Entropy and information) and then by the logic of evolution: those 4 space-time arrows encompass and explain all what exists in space-time, and all åctions and isomorphisms of all sciences, as the are needed to survive.

Some of those sciences need some minor corrections to adapt it to the program, but most don’t; just a translation of jargons. Because of the importance of it, I believe it will start a new paradigm of science, the paradigm of ‘whys’, that would deepen the understanding of the ‘hows’ of the present age of knowledge, based in metric measure.

We shall prove that all systems are complementary systems of Entropy (Sp) and information (I), which combine both to perform ‘åctions’ in space-time (Sp X Tƒ); most of them tending to absorb further Entropy (∆Sp) and information (∆) or ‘combine’ both in new ‘åctions’ and reproductive processes (Sp X Tƒ).

We call the 2 components of all systems (Sp and I) the simplex, primary åctions-arrows of space-time, following the tradition of physical sciences; where action is their perception in space and arrow their perception in time. They are equivalent to the concept of the simplex ‘biological drives’ in biological sciences (feeding and perceiving Entropy and information); and the concept of ‘will’ or ‘greed’ – our desire for more Entropy and information, in psychology.

And we call the combination of those two primary åctions/arrows/drives/wills of ‘existence’ in space and time, the complex, secondary åctions/arrows: reproducing (Sp X Tƒ) and evolving socially, when we consider a sum of those åctions/arrows either in space or in time, ∑Sp X Tƒ (spatial analysis) or ∑ Sp <=>∏Tƒ.

The reader will observe that since we are referring to self-similar åctions/arrows/drives/wills in all scales, we need a supra-jargon and formalism to unify them all, or else we would have to make such chains of similar concepts in each scale:

– We prefer the term reproduction to its different jargons: ‘iteration’ in mathematics, ‘decoupling’ in physics, ‘reproduction’ in biology, ‘memetic creation’ in culture, and ‘production’ in economics. And we prefer the terms Entropy instead of space and information instead of time cycles.

– We prefer the terms existence and extinction to the terms life and death; as they are inclusive of all entities of reality.

– We most often use the term åctions or time arrows instead of biological drives or will of existence. In that sense, we reduce space-time åctions to the concept of time arrows as space is just a slice of the flow of cyclical time arrows that displace and change the spatial configuration of all the beings of the Universe – defined as the sum of all the cycles of time arrows of all its existential beings. Hence time includes space within it and such concept stresses a fundamental property of the Universe: all has motion and form, Entropy and in/form/ation.

Some key discoveries of General Systems will be difficult to overcome by mainstream science, specially physics, the oldest of all sciences and hence more prone to old errors of ‘Idols of the tribe of knowledge’ (Bacon), due to the ‘memetic=believer’ nature of the human brain, which as any system of information, reproduces its bits (genes and memes =theories), generation upon generation, regardless of its logic and experimental consistence (content of truth). The main error of classic physics concerns the nature of time as ‘what a clock measures’ (Einstein), and hence as a single time-arrow of motion.

When time is any type of change and so we must define 4 arrows/åctions of space-time as the fundamental types of change of all systems.

Of those 4 ‘type of universal åctions’; physics acknowledges only an arrow of time, entropy, the arrow of Entropy and motion, which is what it studies since Galileo’s analysis of the motion of weapons, and a type of clock, the mechanism constructed by him.

This was all right, as long as Physics did not pretend to be the philosophy of science of all other sciences, after the importance it acquired due to the Industrial Revolution of machines, they build. So today the reductionist studies of physics concerning space-time åctions-arrows, where time has been spatialized and reduced to the arrow of energetic motion as the 4th dimension of space, have become a dogma of all sciences, which hinders their understanding and the acceptance of General Systems sciences.

This goes to the extreme that physicists do not even accept information as an arrow of time, only entropy, which is an arrow deduced from studies of heat and electromagnetic forces. Fact is in physics there are two arrows/forces on the long range, energetic, expansive light and informative, attractive gravitation. And yet, memetic imprinting is so strong that still gravitation is not accepted as the informative element of our physical Universe.

Thus physics must be redone completely and simplified as Copernicus did when the sun was put in his place, with the concept of informative forces.

A second concept of enormous importance is the Paradox of Galileo: all moves even if it seems quiet. That is, time is the substance of reality, motions that change space beings and organisms along a time cycle. And since changes have different speed and life cycles different duration, time is not only multiple but has different speeds of change.

That is why we call also General systems sciences a theory of multiple spaces and times. Thus, for the physicist who is unfamiliar with the concepts of organicism and might resist them, with its mathematical, itifying perception of reality, my advice is to think of what he is going to read in terms of ‘åctions of Entropy and time’ and the relational concepts of Leibniz, and the relativity and ‘diffeomorphic’ principles of Einstein and the Principle of Complementarity of quantum physics and its fundamental equation, Sp X Tƒ = K. We shall see how indeed, as ‘properties’ of a smaller scale of the fractal universe emerge in the higher scale, the principles of geometry and quantum physics emerge also into higher scales, even in the human one.

Ternary organs; 3±1 ages. Organicism is the key to the Universe.

All this said it is obvious that those 4 åctions, used to define in the past the drives of biological beings, which feed, perceive, reproduce and evolve socially are now extended to all systems. Hence all what exists is in a way alive, as even the simplest quarks and electrons reproduce when they absorb Entropy, creating new particles. It is the ego-trip of man, who wants to be the only sentient, vital being of the Universe, specially in the Western anthropomorphic tradition, what prevents the obvious similarity of all systems in all scales of reality, to become mainstream science. The astounding thing is that the anthropomorphic scientist does not recognize the fact that a machine-like Universe requires, as Leibniz explained to Newton, a God to make it, while only organicism is self-generating and hence ‘scientific’.

What is exactly an organism? Let us define it: An organism is a complementary system.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of Entropy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism; reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides Entropy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

Yet what define an organism and all systems, as organisms are 3 derived facts:

  • All those complementary systems perform 4 åctions that are mimetic to the 4 drives of existence of living beings (feeding, perceiving, reproducing and evolving socially).
  • All complementary systems that work as independent wholes have 3 parts in space, the Entropy part, the information part and a ‘body’ that puts them together as a whole. And the forms and functions of those subsystems are related.
  • Ternary principle in time: All systems live 3±1 ages of the life/death cycle: an energetic youth, a reproductive maturity and an old age of information, dying then in a big-bang expansion that erases its information.




Reproductive, Fractal differentiation. Evolutionary processes. Basic Laws.

Finally, another key element of all systems are the restrictions and favoured paths of reproduction and mutation or evolution of form.

Because there are only 3 functional forms in a 4-dimensional universe (with 3 dimensions of form or space and one complex dimension of motion or time), morphological evolution is not random in choice but guided by the limits of 3 basic topologies, which will be expressed by morphological mutation: either an energetic membrane, toroidal body-organ or warped, linguistic mind will evolve positively or negatively in their parameters, which is often achieved changing the ‘speed’ of time of the process(so for example in human apes the brain bones grow faster than the chin, which grows faster in gorillas, and this change in an essential time parameter determines a functional change in form).

Thus while the variations might seem endless, in fact evolution is restricted by the limits of parameters of form and function, spatial changes in 3 dimensions and temporal parameters – the main tool for establishing those differentiations of a species into either + or – informative, reproductive or energetic growth and evolution.

A ternary process of ‘fractal differentiation’ is the key to understand the ‘speed’ and accuracy of evolutionary development:  As a system evolves the 3 ‘diffeomorphic=local’ coordinates of the system – the top (information) – bottom axis, the back-front axis of motion, and the wide axis of structural form and reproductive storage, which are perpendicular to each other, are conserved.

The ‘emergence’ of the properties of previous scales defines this way the elements of the next scale.

They become in the electronic scale the ‘right hand rule’ between electric and magnetic fields; in carbohydrates, the key to understand the 3-dimensional warping of DNA and proteins according to the different positions of its C-formal, O-energetic and N-informative parts. It will be then the ‘3 first genetic’ morphologies imprinted in the cells, with the ‘animal’ pole on top, from where the informative neuronal plate will develop. Then the foetus will define the anteroposterior axis of energetic motion and finally the wide-bilateral, reproductive axis of accumulation of cells.

Ternary principle in space and time: Finally a fundamental symmetry that we shall consider latter in more detail is that between the 3 forms, of space and the 3 dimensions of time, past-youth, present-maturity and informative, 3rd age, as those topologies and its functions dominate in each age of time of the life/death cycle of the being, which goes from the causal, first element, the energetic, external sphere into the 3rd causal element, the center of information that dominates the 3rd age.

4. The actions of beings have a temporal order. Ternary ages and life/death cycles.

The dominant action any being performs is reproduction, exi=k. It is the ‘leit motiv’ of reality that happens when e=I. And so the ‘function of existence’, ∑ e x I, is maximized.

Reproduction and combination in a point of balance of e and I, that produces a quantum wave of self-similar seeds in a lower plane of existence, i-1 happens in all scale and systems in the same manner.

Reproduction follows the same causal processes in any scale: two self-similar species with ‘opposite’ energy-information coordinates (the definition of ‘gender’), in the case of particles, with opposite spin, produce a ‘seminal/cellular sub-particle’, gluons in quarks as in the previous image or photons in electrons. And when the two sub-particles merge their form and energy, they reproduce a ‘shower’ of new electrons or quarks. Thus the process is the same than in human beings and we can generalize the process for any system of any scale of the universe, with the notation of general systems as:

Reproductive action (any scale): exI (female) < = > Exi (male): exIi-1  x Exii-1 = ∑ e x i.

So quarks reproduce other quarks colliding gluons as the previous graph shows and electrons colliding photons of higher energy, and the black holes of central galaxies emit jets of dense matter and cells, molecules of DNA.

In that sense, as the increasingly detailed analysis of gluons and electromagnetic flows show, we can talk of those ‘flows’ as micro-networks, similar to the nervous, endocrine and blood systems in our more complex super-organisms. And so the strong and electromagnetic forces do act in several scales, as it happens with the blood system that carries not only energy but also hormones – information… Within the structure of the atom we could consider the existence also of 3 physiological networks that correspond to the inner energetic system (electromagnetism), informative system and reproductive systems. And a fourth external ‘force’ that corresponds to the light we perceive but do NOT circulate inside us (the gravitational force).

Actions are processes with an increasing duration in time such as:

Informative action < Energetic action < Reproductive action < Social action.

And vice versa, given the opposition of properties between time and space, their range diminishes. This is the law of diminishing range of the forces that mediate those actions.

 And so we can also connect those 4 arrows as a sequence in time: beings perceive and search for information to feed, and when they feed enough the reproduce, and when they reproduce a lot, they organize in social groups: E->I -> exi (Reproduction) ∑ exi.

These beats of existence are the key to explain the evolutionary patterns of all systems, from the creation of the Universe as a whole, to the creation of life, to the science of morphogenesis and evol>devol to history and economics and the creation of its super-organisms.

Of all those temporal sequences the most important is the life/death cycle:

In the graph, the 4 arrows of space-time have in most species a clear order in time:

– +1: Birth: We are born as a seed of information that:

-Max. Energy: The being goes through an energetic youth of fast motions, in which the energetic limbs and external sensorial membrane dominates.

-E=I: Balances energy and information in a mature, reproductive age, in which the internal, topological, reproductive system dominates.

– Max. Information: Till it warps all its energy into form, in the 3rd age in which the central, hyperbolic, informative brain/particle singularity is dominant. This age ends in:

– -1: Death: Exploding back into energy, erasing its information in the process of death.

The long arrow from energy to information of ‘life’ E->I and its local short reversal from information to energy or ‘death’, I->E, becomes the cycle of existence and extinction of all complex systems of reality, from humans to matter (energy=gas state, liquid= reproductive state, solid=informative state), to the Universe itself from the big bang to the steady state to the Gödel’s vortex, described by the 3 solutions to Einstein equations, which must be ordered in time. In the next graph, we see some examples:

In the graph, most systems follow the ternary principle and have an energetic, informative & reproductive system. Such ternary systems follow the 3 symmetries of the complex Universe: the 3 ages in time of the system, dominated each one by a network (the energetic youth, reproductive maturity and informative, 3rd age), the 3 topologies in space that define those networks (hyperbolic, informative center; planar or spherical, energetic limbs and membranes and toroid, cyclical, reproductive organs); and co-exist 3 scales of existence – the cellular, organic and social scale, in which the organism becomes a unit of the next scale of reality.

So the study of systems through its dualities and its 3 symmetries of spatial form, temporal ages and scalar size, is the essence of the ternary method that we shall follow in this work to classify all physical species and study its evolution.

Those ternary ages and topologies are the foundations of a theory of multiple spaces and times, extended through several scales of reality, whose origin can be traced to the work of Leibniz on relational, multiple time cycles and vital spaces, but now truly acquire thanks to systems sciences all its solving power. Since we classify all space forms and time events in 3 topologies/ages that put together in social networks, create new (i+1) organic systems.

Thus the duality of energy and information and the ternary method is the key system used to resolve and reorganize the elements of physics, from the 3 ages of creation of matter (energetic gas, reproductive liquid and informative solid) to the study of particles and its social forms (the 3 families of increasing mass-information, the duality proton/neutron, quark/electron, strong/weak forces, gravitational/ electromagnetic membrane; the 3 ages of the Universe equivalent to the 3 solutions to Einstein’s equations – which are phases of evolution in time of the Universe that goes from a big-bang age, through a steady state into a Godelian vortex.

Topologic evolution: 3 ages of species.

 In all space-time scales species follow a future arrow towards more information, which increases in 3 horizons and finally evolves individuals into societies, herds and macro-organisms, related by a common language/network of information.

The process of evolution of species is equivalent to the 3±st ages of individuals with a twist: death is not the only ‘solution’ to the cycle, but the duality of ∂-disintegration or ∫-integration of a social group (in the case of life a cellular group), which defines the life/death cycle gives two choices to some ‘top predator’ informative species: After its 3 horizons or evolutionary ages the species might become extinct or transcend into a super-organism.

In the graph, the seminal, 1st species packs a lot of information in minimal space: It is the Worm Hole, the chip, the 1st bilateral animal2, the 1st mammal, the horse and the 1st Homo Sapiens, which seem to have evolved from a dwarf ancestor, which first discovered technology and had a dwarf brain, albeit with an evolved morphology similar to that of the Homo Sapiens: the Homo Floresiensis3.

Then the new ‘highly informative’ top predator follows in its evolution a plan of dimensional evolution that transforms species with a high content of energy into species with a high content of information through 3±st horizons, self-similar to the ages of an individual organism. Since species are, in fact, macro-organisms in which each cell is an individual of the species.

-First in its ‘energetic youth’, the species grows in size as horses, humans, bilateral animals or black holes do.

-Then the species suffers a reproductive radiation colonizing new ecosystems.

-Next the species suffers a speciation, according the ternary principle into 3 subspecies, one dominant in energy, another in information and a 3rd one balanced in both parameters.

– Finally, a new top predator extinguishes the species or the informative one evolves into social organisms of different complexity, stronger than the individual and survives.

Further on, evolution, as the analysis of the complex plan of ‘speciation’ shows, has two paths: social evolution of ‘external’ energetic bodies (the herd-state, of lesser efficiency and higher spatial extension) and social evolution of ‘internal’ informative organs.

In cells, this give birth to the two main arrows of cellular evolution: muscles, single cytoplasmic cells with multiple nuclei; and neurons single, dense nuclei with multiple cytoplasmic branches (dendrites).

In Physical systems to ‘quark condensates’ (neutron and black hole stars) vs. molecular, external fusion.

Finally in the evolution of species, we have also the causal rhythms between the dominance of each arrow, similar to the ‘ages’ of life, as a species is the life of a ‘cellular’ parental father, reproduced into multiple individuals that will become extinguished, often substituted by a son-species (Oedipus paradox). And the rhythm parallel to that of climatic change is simple:

Small informative seed (first small species-foetus)-> Energy feeding (growth) -> The young age of the species/individual shows a growth in size -> Reproductive/radiating age-> follows by a reproductive expansion of the species as a new ‘top predator’, while the individual gives birth to an offspring-> Informative age/diversification of the species -> extinction/death & survival of the son species.

This simple scheme applies to the analysis of the ‘frozen horizons’ of the big-bang and the particles created; to the evolution of species, which appear in the fossil record small in size (1st bilateral vernanimancula, 1st modern mammal (shrewd), 1st horse, 1st human with technological/speech skills (Homo floresiensis?), first ‘self-reproductive machine’ (chipped nano-bacteria?)…

Recap. The simple, morphological plan of evolution that each fractal species of the Universe repeats is caused by the fact that there are only 2±1 forms in the Universe, lineal energy and cyclical information and i=ts reproductive, body combination. So only 3 new types of species can be created, one with more energy, one with more information and one that reproduces both.

The meaning of evolution and temporal dimensions: Max. E-past x I-future = Present.

Let us now consider a more complex application of those previous laws of all systems: the meaning of past, present and future, which is a consequence of the causal order between those arrows:

Perception->Energetic feeding->Reproduction->Linguistic, social evolution.

In turn that order defines in a longer time-span/scale of existence the causal order of a life/death cycle:

Informative seed->Youth->Reproductive maturity->Informative 3rd age and death…

And in turn that order defines in a longer time-span, the ages of a species, which is born as a small, more evolved form that -> Grows in size -> Radiates and expands as a new predator -> Diversifies informatively in multiple species -> evolves socially in a complex superorganism (ant hills, human societies) or become extinguished by new, more evolved, often ‘son’ species (Oedipus paradox.

Now when we combine all those facts we can define the 3 dimensions of time, the relative informative future as systems become warped and evolve in its 3rd, informative age; the relative past of formless energy, and youth, and the relative present of iteration-reproduction that seems never to change. And we shall see that this is indeed what all systems do in higher measure.

Thus once more we see that not only absolute time is an integrative concept of many time cycles, but the concepts of past, present and future are also relative perceptions in a Universe in which the sum of all life, informative arrows masterminded by these Points of View, and energetic, devolving, simplifying past arrows of entropic motions become a relative present, eternal reality of multiple systems that reproduce iterations of themselves.  And latter we shall see they do so through ‘fractal self-generating, feed-back equations of information’ of which the synoptic one that resumes all of them is E<=>I.




A second important ‘theme’ of all those  background independent theories, as time and space is now the nature of beings itself, is to realise that timespace has both time motion and spatial form and one cannot exist without the other. 

Hence beings are made of ‘motions with form’, in-form-ation & energy (information being dominant in form, energy in entropic motion). So beings are made of e x i, and this quantity is called ‘action’. Again this realisation still ill-understood was first proposed by the Great Leibniz, in pure philosophical reasoning; and proved right by Planck as the Unit of reality was an action of energy and time (Information in Einstein’s work).   the substance of the Universe is motion, and its intelligence the ‘fleeting mayas’ of synchronous forms that come together very much in a magic ‘way’ by simultaneity and synchronicity.

So the sum of actions, and the synchronicity of its beats≈frequencies is what creates the spatial complex beings we observe..

Again, it would be Leibniz by the power of pure intellect who realized that beings were apparently ‘isolated’ from each other, synchronised by the harmony of its clocks of time/information, and by an inner ‘window to infinity’ – the conniption of each monad-mind-mirror of the Universe with lower and upper scales, through which communication with the whole was possible.

But what created the synchronicities of space that seem intelligently web the three arrows of time into coherent organic structures?

Of course the mind-mirrors of the Universe, its Tiƒ monads, which we shall call singularities, to fully upgrade the intuitions of Leibniz to hard science, as they do indeed become mirrors that reflect back the order they have perceived, as they created their linguistic mind from pure motion, till reaching its synchronous spatial stillness, into reality re-ordering them. And so in this constant game between mirror-minds and reality, the Universe of infinite worlds, all of them different as they occupy a different relational position in space, (again an astounding foresight of Leibniz) reality happens and evolves.In the graph in the right the primary process of linguistic creation departing from experienced reality into the mind mirror. In the left, the inverse process of influence on reality as the mind mirror increases the order by ‘imposing it’ on its external territory in the physical world. Through eons this process has created the Universe and its infinite various on the same theme.

The aggregation of time-space actions, ±∆e xi, st, in which a system emits and absorbs energy and information evolving socially with similar Œ-points to form social wholes somehow become ordered into a finite pattern, which is a world cycle of life and death.

this is the most mysterious, fascinating, when understood intelligence of the Universe: how the actions of individual selfish self-centred points of view, observing and absorbing energy and information for its own advantage end giving up that energy and information and dying, and yet at the same time, if reproduced, will endure its own game.

The next level thus after the analytical level of the fast timespace actions of physical space is the synthetic level of biological organic space-time ages and world cycles of change of the inner parts of the system through those actions which accumulate in time, integrating into the 3 ages of the system.

We have studied in the first ‘sentence’: 3 Time motions x  Infinite-simal ‘still spaces’ = ±∆actions; the detailed, minimal space-time cyclical actions of the Universe performed by each Œ-point, as it tries to preserve its temporal existence

This first level of awareness of reality is mostly a topologic, mental point of view, as a given ‘particle-point’ defines its actions of exchange of energy and information ±∆(a,e,i,o,u) in order to survive, reproduce and ensure the immortality of its ‘logic form’. In this game, each point will however fail to survive as an individual ‘zero point, an ego-center with a mapping of ‘still spatial memorial’ images of reality stored in its ‘time wave of past’  with a synoptic, logic temporal language of minimal ‘volume’≈storage. So we humans die away but leave the genetic trace of our sons.

Our memorial verbal mind however disappears. If we consider the smaller point-particles of the Universe, electrons and quarks, and photons, they might not record any ‘trace’ of its motions, within its topologic brain but then again, the existence of spooky quantum effects (synchronicity between entangled particles) and the hypothesis of infinite scales theoretically proved by the infinity of digits in irrational numbers and the unification equation of charges and masses, as 2 relative vortices of time, might make each atom a galaxy of a lower scale, hence each proton a black hole of a galaxy of a lower scale with plenty of informative storage to record the entire actions of the galaxy (the black hole in fact has an ‘homunculus’ equation, since in 5D metric its equations are homologous to those of the galaxy in 4 D).

All this said, the reader should realise that ‘existence’ and ‘survival’, is the ‘goal of the will of each point of view’.

And yet all of them fail and go through the sequential order of its time-space actions from an energetic youth of maximal ±∆e motions and feeding, to a balanced age of maximal ∆i-teration, and reproduction, into a 3rd age of maximal ∆o,∆u, information and integration as part of a whole social system, in which the entity will perform actions for the larger whole or social group (from its family to its society). Why there is such sequential order in 3 ages that precludes the extinction of all spatial minds and memories? We might say that time motions keep erasing the past, as there is not in the total Universe enough storage for its information.

The past becomes then a fading track of those motions, but, and this would surprise the biased, subjective mind-oriented linguistic brain of the logico-mathematical-verbal scholar, minds is what the universe of time motions does not conserve, space-information in stillness dies away as motions are eternaL. The Universal substance is motion, space-stillness is mostly a recess, a mirage of the still mind. So motion continues, switching from action to action, from expansive, entropic energetic motions of death to informative, accelerated, cyclical vortices of logic time, and only the present dynamic repetition, iteration, reproduction of fleeing spaces preserves part of those memories reproduced in new games.

In this post we shall thus study the straight-jacket of existence – the world cycle between birth and extinction that all species follow as they travel through the planes of the 5th dimension. We shall describe that world cycle for all systems of the Universe, which become in space super-organisms, U∆±1 displayed across 3 scales of existence, and in time, world cycles that integrate all its actions in a ‘Hamiltonian pattern’, with a max. point of energy a balanced stationary E=I point of adult maturity and reproduction and a 3rd maximal age of information and minimal age of energy, prior to its explosion of entropic motion, erasing of memorial past and death.

Topology: 3 manifolds

We are all space-time isomorphisms. The best way to describe those st parallelisms between species, is by considering topology, the branch of mathematics which study forms with inner motion (deformation) and its varieties that put together creates the organisms and structures of the living universe.

This is possible since ‘pure space’ and ‘pure time’ dimensions are abstractions that do not correspond to ‘objective’ reality where space and time dimensions, ‘form’ and ‘motion’ come together. And so the branch that describes both, topology, is the fundamental branch of mathematics.

Further on, what we perceive, and what interacts with the external world is always a bidimensional membrane, not the whole 3 dimensional system, so the so called 3-varieties of a 2-manifold (bidimensional) surface become the 3 fundamental ‘parts’ of any system. And they correspond to the 3 ‘Bidimensional’ forms in motion of the Universe, which we call:

– Space-time EnTROpy (expansive motion, toroid topography), combination of ‘length’ and an expansive, young state.

– Space-time Information (implosive motion, spherical topography), combination of ‘height’ and an inward, warping, old stage: Tƒ = Sh x Tƒ

– And its energetic space-time combinations (repetitive motions, hyperbolic topography) combination of width and a present, iterative motion that seem not to change.

All what you see from the humblest chair or the smallest atom to the biggest galaxy or the most complex human being is an iteration of 3 unique topologies of a 2-dimensional space.

One of the most important problems of topology is the search for a classification of manifolds up to topological equivalence. Ideally, for each dimension ∆, one would like to produce a list of ∆-dimensional manifolds, and a theorem that says every ∆-dimensional manifold is homeomorphic to exactly one on the list.

The theorem would be even better if it came with a list of computable topological invariants that could be used to decide where on the list any given manifold belongs. To make the problem more tractable, it is common to restrict attention to compact manifolds, which can be thought of as those that are homeomorphic to closed and bounded subsets of some Euclidean space. Precisely such a classification theorem is known for 2-manifolds.

The first part of the theorem says that every compact 2-manifold is homeomorphic to one of the following: a sphere, or a doughnut surface with ∆ 1 holes, or a connected sum of ∆ 1 projective planes. The second part says that no two manifolds on this list are homeomorphic to each other. It means we need ‘surgery’ , tearing, ‘hurting’ the organism to break the variety of the manifold. And since this would upset the functions and health of the super organism, we are left with the 3 fundamental varieties of a bidimensional space, to construct the ‘wholes’ of all the systems of the Universe.

In the 2 previous graphs we can see the structure of all systems with an external, Max. Sp. toroid Limbs that move the system, an internal, Max.Tƒ, zero point and a hyperbolic, Sp=I, Max. ExI, organic, reproductive structure that puts together and maintains both, the membrane and limbs that move the body and the still, informative cyclical point that maps and gauges reality.

We conclude that the minimal Unit of the Universe is a 2-manifold, as pure time or pure space, pure yin or pure yang, pure motion or pure form-stillness cannot be perceived. So all what exists is a 2 manifold that we might perceive as static space (a 2-manifold sheet) or as a point with motion, (where motion is one time dimension and the point, the minimal fractal unit also with a 1 dimension – as there is not 0-dimensional, ‘euclidean points’ in the Universe).

Now, the Universe is a sum of motions through the 5th dimension, as only when motion exists we need to define a space (the form that moves) and time (motion). And so epistemology is the knowledge about a being of the maximal information about its ST events which is all what exists, of truth

The language will reduce that truth 1 to a 2-manifold mental mapping of it.

The worldcycles of Nature.

Now, if you have gone so far, you probably understand that there are infinite time clocks, they are all cyclical paths, and they are all storing and processing information. So really what time is the different rhythms of processing information of beings, and that obviously changes. Consider yourself, you are born with a lot of lineal motion, and little information, you keep acquiring information till old age, and then you die and erase your information, ending your time life-cycle, back to the beginning of your process – the seminal dissolution of your cells.

The galaxy goes through an age of implosive creation of form, from vacuum space – so Einstein said that time curves space into mass, but then a quasar explodes the galaxy that throws information into space: E < = Mc2. Again we see a similar worldcycle Soon we will define those cycles with mathematical equations for different time cycles and quanta of space. But we are MORE interested in the qualitative nature of those processes.

What it is clear is that all systems perform those time cycles with the same pattern, going from an age of maximal lineal motion or youth into an old age of cyclical information and then back in the process of death to the dissolution of cyclical form into planar expansive motion – disaggregation of cells, of matter into energy etc.

So time is NOT a steady constant tic as the mechanical clock of humans in nature, time can accelerate, decelerate or move at steady speed for each system moving and this is one of the many deformed features of reality which Physicists have made canonical errors of our universal world view by putting ‘first his mechanisms’ over theory.

So what is the rhythm of time? Simply speaking, a series of worldcycles of life and death, of expansive and implosive motions, ordered in a natural manner in all systems of the Universe.

Now remember, I told you i was the chair of duality, expanding our understanding of the Universe with both arrows, entropy and information? So this is so far what I have tried to do now, but to fully complete the world cycle of a black hole we need the 3rd dimension of time. What can this be? If we have already entropy, disorder, the erasing of information? And we have information, order, the natural arrow of life towards an old informative age, in a fractal universe of infinite space-time beings?

Well, if we call youth, the past, with maximal Sp/Tƒ, density of energy (so you move a lot) and Tƒ/Sp, the old age of information, as we do in life, in this planet, in the galaxy moving towards the central informative black hole, as we move from the relative energetic past into the future informative maximal Tƒ age, we must cross through a central region where Sp=Tƒ, or present region. So we call:

Sp (spatial past) > ST (PreSenT) > Tƒ (Future Informative Time)

The equation of the 3 ages of a world cycle. Look how clever the symbols are s-p spatial past, Tƒ, Temporal Future. Ha, ha, it took me a decade to find them.




Actions of Existence.

The metaphysical arguments though are conceptual expressions of what can be written in an algebraic form as a ‘Fractal feed-back generator’ equation, which in this case generates the pieces of time-space that make up the Universe:


Whereas Sp is spatial energy, Tƒ, temporal information and <=> the 3 dynamic arrows of time, energy flows, repetitive flows and informative flows. The multiple ways in which this Generator equation ‘generates’ all realities is the ‘details’ of that fundamental thought of God: ‘Exi=st’.

How to formalise the motions of those existential Œ-points as they travel=exist through the 5th dimension, is the next notch of in-depth knowledge of T.Œ, the Time theory of Non-Euclidean points with energy and information, space and time parts. So we shall now go deeper once we have clarified the basic concepts of T.Œ and introduce the formalism of sequential, existential algebra, as we did in the previous post with Non-E, i-logic geometry.

I have chosen often two words, ‘existences’, written cryptically as ∑exi=STences, species of spatial energy and temporal information, of each plane of existence.

I prefer existence as a synonymous of vital space-time. So we talk of each of us and all realities as functions of existence, Œ, or functions of space-time, with the o-symbol for time heads/particles and the Spcycle for the limb/field system orientated in 3 vectorial dimensions of space.

Therefore Timespace Algebra, in metaphysical terms, is called Algebra of Existence, æ, and so the tale of each of us is explained with the symbols of Existential algebra, from zero to zed the beginning of a new cycle.

We shall in the longer iteration of this post, introduce the text with all the symbols-equations of the function of existence, as it goes from alpha to omega, from cyclical actions into generations, deploying a game which in essence, related to all those logic equations of Existential algebra, is always a world cycle of life and death, birth in a lower scale as a relative Θi-1 mind-point of static information, who ‘wakes up’ and moves and through actions of energy and information, exchanged with the Universe grows, through stairs of clonic social scales, becoming herds and organisms, till finally collapses into a super organism of a higher plane of the 5th dimension, as a Universals of its initial seed of time space, such as:

  • Ω. Worldcycle, Conception:   U∆-1<∑U∆-1>U∆

The tale of this game which is our ‘existences’ between birth and extinction is the common game that relates in the long-time duration of the 5th dimension, the story of everything. Everything and this philosophers have not explored clearly, mathematicians ignore completely, is a world cycle in time, a birth development and extinction, alpha and Omega, Ω, the symbol we use for a world cycle, of 3±1 ages in time and its symmetric 3±∆ diffeomorphic=local organs of space.

A Universe of åctions of ‘—motions’ and information.

Once we have established the existence of a Universe of motions in time and forms of space, whose organic parts are guided by the ‘will’ of the 4 main arrows of time, we can respond to the fundamental questions about man and the Universe – why we are here, what we are. And the answer is obvious: since we are all complementary beings, made of ‘—motions’ and information, we exist to combine, absorb and reproduce ‘—motions’ and information, SxT; what we constantly do through åctions that imprint our form and deliver it, carried by a flow of ‘—motions’= motion. We make åctions of ‘—motions’ and temporal information. So we often say ‘I don’t have time and ‘—motions’ to do this’.

This simple expression, SxT, is therefore the unit of reality, an action, specific of each species, which will imprint the external world with its form and ‘—motions’, as many times as it does. Yet åctions are also fractal, discontinuous, quantic ‘steps’. And so we define for each system, including the biggest systems of reality (the gravitational and light-space membranes we inhabit), a minimal ‘existential unit’, or action that defines the system:

Sp x Tƒ=ST=Action of existence.

In all systems we shall find such åctions: the h-Planck constant is the minimal action of the light-membrane; in the gravitational world a Lambda-string is its minimal action.

When we humans live, we constantly act with ‘‘—motions’’ an time, performing cycles of existence, whose minimal åctions is a ‘thought’, an act of perception (I think therefore I am), which takes a second of time, our existential beat. In Physical systems, åctions can also be translated as momentum (m(Tƒ) x V(Sp)); in biological systems, SxT will define the ‘existential force’ of a top predator.

In the economic world an action is a minimal quantity of a Company, the Free Citizen of the Economic ecosystem that re=produces machines, money and weapons and structure the financial-military-Industrial complex in which we live. In a wave of light it is the minimal step, as the wave reproduces its form over the surface of magnetic and electric quanta (constants of vacuum). There are in that sense many ways to define an action but in most cases, as its formula indicates, it will be an action of reproduction that imprints a form on a surface of ‘—motions’; and therefore also the minimal unit of ‘form’ display but any existential system.

The Universe is organic, not mechanical. But to fully understand this fact we have to upgrade the 4D abstract paradigm of physical sciences to a larger view and understanding of the world cycles of all physical, biological and sociological systems of the Universe.

The organic structure of the Universe is proved by a series of common properties, which we call ‘isomorphisms’ that all systems follow, themselves based in the existence of 3 ‘logico-mathematical’ properties observed from that Universe:

Topological Properties studied by Œ-Geometry
Temporal Properties studied by Æ-Algebra
Infinitesimal Properties studies by Analysis.
Now we must understand the foundation of physical sciences, to be the Galilean-Einsteinian relativity explained by Poincare: we cannot distinguish motion from form. So we have two states, one of still space and one of spatial form.

Yet since still-space and motion-time are two states of the same being, we say that all beings are dual systems of space and time, and to understand how of this simple duality all other beings form, we must consider the next stage which is the beat between both states, which need a transitional dual zone of decelerations and accelerations to move from stop to go states. This results in 2+2 elements, the 2 still and steady state motion inertial states, and the 2 transitional acceleration and deceleration, and we call the 4 forms of motions as:

Space-still form no motion death.

First age of life, decelerating young motions.

Steady state, time, present state.

And future, informative cyclical motion, accelerated towards…. big bang of death.

And thus we deduce from the simplest fact that there are motion and stillness, space and time the equation of the life-death cycle that defines all systems of the Universe as organic:

All systems are a sum of quantic cycles that absorb, emit and transform spatial energy into temporal information. That equation, decomposed sequentially in 3 phases, a first age of max. energy, a second age of balance and a third age of max. information, explains the existential cycle of any space-time field.

In a graph with energy and information coordinates those 3 ages resemble the geometrical form of a cycle that moves upwards, absorbing energy and information till in its 3rd age looses its temporal energy, collapsing back to its origin. On the right side, the same 3 ages show in the Taoist, Korean flag, where a line is the symbol of continuous yang-energy, which yin-time quantizes into ‘in-form-ation’, from youth to death.

The 3 ages of existence.

The fundamental consequence of the dual, quantic arrows of the Universe is the dual process of life and death that affects all space-time beings.
After conception as an informative seed, (+1) all beings go from an age of maximum energy (youth) into an age of increased information (old age).

Yet, when all the energy is trans-formed into information, the species collapses and information dies (-1), exploding back into cellular energy. So we talk of an existential cycle between conception (+1) and death (-1) with 3 ages.
The cycle of existence from youth-energy into a 3rd age of information, and back again dissolving yourself into the Universe, is natural to all beings made of spatial energy and time since energy always trans-forms itself into information back and forth. Look at humans. Young people have a lot of energy but little information.

Mature people have both energy and information. While old people have a lot of information drawn into their wrinkles and minds, but little energy. So as time goes by, human beings go through 3 ages, called youth, the age of energy; maturity, the age of reproduction; and old age, the age of form and wrinkles, of information and memories.

The 2 arrows of space-time existence are in Philosophy the arrows of life and death; evolution and devolution; creation of form, of in-form-ation and extinction, release of form into energy.
Taoist philosophers represented the “life and death cycle” with the yin-yang cycle that moves forwards, turns around and then returns backwards till closing the cycle. Buddhists represented it with Mandalas that they erased periodically to express the metaphor of life and death.
The cyclical, quantic nature of space-time implies a reality with 2 opposed temporal directions.

A bidimensional cycle is a representation of those 2 space-time arrows that move back and forth.
Yet the 4 dimensional geometry of the Universe is also cyclical, as it seems to fluctuate between the “explosive big-bang” and the “implosive big-crunch”. Since all is quantic, all has a limit in space-time, including the Universe.

So when the space-time of the Universe comes to an end it will fall back into the big crunch. So in the field equations of Einstein time curves and gives information to space, creating masses but then the information of those masses explodes into spatial energy according to Einstein’s second fundamental equation, E=Mc², and then the mass dies.

Einstein studied that dual process for the entire Universe, which is a flat surface of vacuum energy that masses and black holes curve in the dimension of height.

While Theory of Evolution studies the process in life, which also started as a ‘flat’ surface of cellular energy without form, that evolutionary information warped, raising it to the height of man. Then, when the quantic space-time cycle of a human being comes to an end, we become warped and wrinkle and die, exploding back into cellular energy much faster than the Universe, since we have far less ‘content of time’.

Since those are similar processes in all quantic space-time species we talk of 3 ‘ages’ in any space-time field between conception and death, a first age of pure energy, the big-bang youth of growth and expansion; a second age of balance that happens between the spatial energy and temporal information of the being or ‘steady state’, and a third age of warping and collapse that ends in death, when all forms dissolve back into the energy that informative time had evolved.

More over, those 3 age are mathematically equivalent to the 3 solutions of Einstein’s general equations of space-time, which have been wrongly taken as 3 different Universes, when merely represent the same Universe through its 3 ages.

After all Einstein also talks on how ‘time curves space’.

Yet Einstein only applied those solutions to the entire Universal space-time while quantic space-time widens its application, accepting that each quantic piece of reality obeys those 3 solutions, passing through the 3 ages of space-time.

Quantic space-time means that we can study those 2 arrows through its S, SxT, T, ternary ages, not only for the absolute Universe as Einstein did, but also for each of its pieces and species, which have shorter lives: All of them show in their existence both arrows, as they expand in their youth, their energy age; combine energy and information in its mature, classic age, often reproducing its quantic nature in other zone of reality to achieve a certain degree of immortality; and finally they warp in their old, informative ages.

For example, I am a quantic space-time field called Luis Sancho, warping, passed my youth, into my old age of growing information…
We are all limited pieces of space that live a quantic time and then disappear back into the dust of space-time that made us. On the other hand, cyclical space-time implies that while all forms of reality disappear, the logic game of space/time is eternal, because while some beings evolve others devolve, while some live others die and therefore both directions of time balance into an eternity of quantic cycles.

So Lao-Tse said: ‘The game of yin-yang is eternal, its forms are not’.

The space-time field quantic equation.

Tƒ represent those 2 arrows of space-time fields we formalize space-time fields through the Equation of 5D Space/Time  that defines any space-time field as a series of quantic, cyclical structures that transform constantly energy into information and vice versa through a series of basic phases or ages that conform the life and death of the field:

S=>T (arrow of informative Life)+ T<S, (arrow of energetic death):   Sp<=>Tƒ

The 1st arrow of ‘informative life’ is in fact the sum of 3 partial phases of a space-time cycle:
- S; or energetic youth, when the being has more energy than information.

– S=T; or state of dynamic balance reached as energy becomes transformed into information.
- >T; or informative, old age, when most energy has become wrinkled into information.

– Followed by the inverse arrow of death, T<S, or explosion of information into energy, when the 2 elements of the organism, its energetic and temporal field, split, breaking its organic balance:

– The Lorenz transformations show how that S=T balance break in physical particles.

– While in life the mind of an old man becomes childish and the body keeps wrinkling till it completes his cycle. So the disconnection between body and brain provokes his death.
Both arrows together create an action-re action event, a life-death, a space-time cycle: Spe<=>Tiƒ.

Physics reduces the 3 phases of that ternary equation to one, Tƒ<Spe, the arrow of disorder, lineal energy, entropy and death, which now we widen to include the 2nd arrow of reality, the arrow of order, information and temporal evolution, relating both arrows into a single, unified space-time field. And we affirm that:

‘All what exists is a system that transforms back and forth, quantic pieces of spatial energy into temporal information, shaping space-time cycles’.

So the Quantic Spaces-Times equation defines in mathematical terms any event and form of quantic space-times, and widens the arrow and law of Energy Conservation, the main Law of Science, to include the arrow and principle of Conservation of Temporal Information. The Quantic Spaces-Times equation is to quantic space/time what Einstein’s field equation is to continuous, space-time.

The 3 ages of existence of human beings, matter, stars and Universes.

With those formal equations we can describe the existence of a space-time organism, as a development of the Quantic Spaces-Times equation, S<=>T, in 3 sequential phases/ages /horizons, S <=> and T:
+1: The cycle or organism starts its existence when its space-time field is created.
Sp: It is the first horizon or ‘energy, youth age’ of the cycle, in which energy dominates the system and so we write this phase as, max. Spx min. T.
<=>: S=T. It is the balanced age of the cycle or classic age of ‘life’, when energy and information are in a constant proportion. It is the most efficient age, when the cycle reproduces.

ST: Max. T x min. S: it is the 3rd age of the cycle when information has combed and exhausted the space-time field that warps into itself.

– 1: It is the end or death of the cycle that reverses its form and becomes energy again.

Those phases of a space-time cycle are the engines of ‘existence’, which is an infinite sum of space/time fields, fluctuating between birth and extinction through those 3 phases or ages.

Yet its applications are far wider, as the horizons, ages or phases of a space-time field go beyond the realm of quantic physics into State Physics, where gas is the energy state, liquid the balanced state and solid the informative state; into Cosmology, where it describes the Universe as a space-time system that fluctuates between both limits, a form of pure time, the singularity (min.Sp x max.Tƒ) and a form of pure space, the big- bang (max.Sp x min. Tƒ); into Biology, where it describes the 3 ages of living beings or the 3 horizons of evolution of species and into Social Sciences,  where it applies to the organic description of the life and death of civilizations and its artistic forms:

Age of Energy,     Classic age of Harmony,  Old Age of information,   Explosion and Death:

Human: Youth (0-20a.)    Maturity (20-40).       3rd age     and   death (60-80).

Culture: Epic, Lineal Art. Realist, Classic Art.  Baroque Art.  War.

Matter: t<tS: Plasma  Max. S: Gas     S=T:Liquid   Max. T:Solid     T(Mc2)<<S

Star: t<tS:Nebula. Max. S: Giant star. S=T: Sun. Max. T: White Dwarf. T<<SpNova

Galaxy:t<tS: Jet  Max.S: Irregular.  S=T Spiral<=>Elliptic.  Max.T:Globular   T<<S:Quasar

Universe: t<tS: Big-banging; S=T:Stationary; Max.T:Vortex (Big-crunch); T<<S:Big-bang

In the graph, the singularity that existed prior to the big bang was an ‘old form’, Max.T=Min.S, of max. temporal information, defined by its minimal spatial size, which exploded into pure space, the bidimensional sheet of energy of the ‘young’ Universe, Max.S=Min.T, a form with minimal time and maximum space that now starts to curve again with time, creating the eternal cycle of the Universe, described by General Relativity in terms of its total space-time.

The parameters of ST fields: Speed, density and force of existence.

The previous simple definition of the Universal big-bang cycle shows how revealing can be the Quantic Spaces-Times formalism. In that sense Quantic space-time is more interested in ‘morphological changes’ than in ‘translation changes’ studied by classic Physics. Yet both disciplines use some basic mathematical concepts to formalize those processes of change. The 3 fundamental ones are:

– ‘Speed’, which measures the ratio of change between space and time parameters.
Galileo formalized translation change with the equation of translation speed, V=S/T. In Quantic Spaces-Times fields we use the same formula, V=S/T, to measure ‘existential speed’, the morphological change between the inner proportions of spatial energy and temporal information accumulated by any being, that change with the 3 ages of any space-time field:

Thus the speed of existence is maximum at the beginning of the cycle, in the age of energy or youth, when S>T, and hence V=S/T>1.

In its mature age, the speed of existence hardly changes as the energy and information of the being are in balance: S=T, V=S/T=1.

Next, in the third, old age of the being when information dominates, the speed of existence is minimal, as T>S, and so S/T<1.
Then, when the being goes out of balance, as most energy becomes transformed into information and its speed of existence, Min.S/Max.T, tends to zero, death happens.

So the energy and information of the space-time field break apart and information explodes back into energy. Now the speed of existence cannot longer be measured, becomes a mathematical uncertainty.
Graph shows how energy and time change through those 3 ages, giving way to different e/t ratios for each being and each age.

Those proportions are, in fact, the ‘scientific constants of existence’ of each species, that show the ratios of energy and information of any being, which remain stable during each age, suffering with the transition between ages and specially at birth and extinction an accelerated ‘peak’ of change. Those constants do exist for the physical systems of the Universe and its forces and particles, (G, c, l.).

Yet since the Universe is enormous and lasts billions of years, as their fundamental particles do, Universal constants seem to us ‘absolutely constant’. However in a smaller system such as a chemical re action, they change very fast.
– The density of information, D=T/S, is the inverse function of speed, which shows the informative density and complexity of an space-time field.

-And space-time force’, TxS, which measures the quantity of spatial energy and temporal information of the field caused by the combined ‘quantic action’ of its energy delivered in a period of time, during which the space-time field  ‘inter-acts’ or ‘reacts’ to the quantic action of other space-time field. In Biology it defines a ‘top predator’ as a species with maximum energetic and informative force; that is, with the stronger body and fastest mind.

Most constants and laws of science describe specific space-time fields through its speed (S/T), density (T/S) or space-time Force (SxT). For example, the Planck’s constant is a product between Time and Energy.

While a molecular temperature is defined as the ratio between pressure, a temporal parameter and speed, a spatial parameter: P(t) V (s)=nRT. And so it measures the minimal quantic action of the world of atomic particles.
On the other hand, the space-time force of a being is equivalent to the Physical momentum of a particle, M(T) x V(S), or product of its temporal mass and spatial speed. And indeed, the particle with bigger momentum is also the top predator physical particle that survives in any collision.

The classic age of a being and the limits of existence.
We know by experience that the space-time force of a being is maximal in its mature, classic age. Now we can easily prove it in mathematical terms. Since a product maximizes when T=S, which defines precisely the age of maturity.

For example, if S+T=10, then 5×5=25 > 4×6=24 > 3×7=21.
Thus t=e maximizes the TS-force of any organism, because when Spis proportional to T, the being maximizes the coordination and communication between the cellular elements of the body and the informative neurons of its brain and so it works smoothly, efficiently: SxTi(t=s) ≈ max. ST.

Thus, the dominant age of any species is the ‘classic age’ of ST-balance and reproduction or ‘steady state’ that elongates the life span of all beings, as their systems maintain their symbiosis.

Those constant proportions make any ST system efficient. So most ‘survival species’ keep harmonic ratios of energy and information, which produce the most ‘beautiful forms’. Since beauty is precisely the perception of an efficient, top predator form with balanced energy and form.

Yet when the S/T proportions are out of balance in the youth and third age of a being, the excess of energy or information often ‘kills’ the species.
Science expresses those balances through all kind of Physical, Mathematical and Biological constants that range from the golden ratios of architecture and natural organisms, to the organic constants of biological species. So we define another essential law of quantic space-time, the law of harmony between energy and information, body and brain, mass and speed (momentum), which in biological, human or physical systems creates the most efficient systems of the Universe.

All organisms are defined by an ‘equation of organic balance’ between its |-Body and O-Brain or energy and information systems. When the body and brain go out of balance, beyond their limits of energy and information, the species dies.

So a human being dies when it goes beyond its limits of energetic temperature. While in the Universe, where the limit of energy-speed is C and the limit of  informative order is 0 K., no particle can cross those limits. Yet, in a quantic Universe of multiple space-times, those are not the absolute limits of speed and temperature of Reality, as Einstein said, but only the limits of our quantic light-based Universe. It seems that beyond our light Universe, it extends a ‘Gravitational Universe’ of ‘dark energy’ and ‘dark matter’, in which there are faster than light speeds and colder than 0 K temperatures. And we hint at its existence in cosmology through the study of black holes that seem to be the doors between both Universes.



And this happened in points, which were wholes, made of smaller points. The next graph shows it all, with the example of the human being:

3 HUMAN scales best

The graph has above a metric equation, which resumes all those elements – the metric equation of the universe, which is resumed verbally below. It shows the main scales of big points which are made of smaller points between the two limits of human perception, the atom and the galaxy, which happen to have the same structure, so it might be possible that each galaxy is an atom, the black hole, the proton, the cloud of stars the electron on an infinite Universe, a question we shall explore in great detail in the web.

Further below we see the symmetry between the 3 type of topological networks or varieties of bidimensional space in man and its 3 ages of existence, symmetric to them. So it allows us to develop the equation in 3±∆ stages (where i is the name for a general layer of the Universe, an isomorphic or invariant ‘plane of space-time). As we can see life is then described as a world cycle in the 5th dimension, between the seminal birth in the smaller layer, the emergence through the fetus stage into the larger i-scale and the final death into the ∆-2, cellular first and finally molecular stage of death.

This world cycle of life and death through the 5th dimension, is the main ‘event’ that happens in the Universe for any system constructed of bidimensional layers of space across several world-planes of space-time. It is the key element, as the world line is in the 4th dimension geometry.

It is a cycle because we add a new dimension that curves the line into a cycle. Now we have explained it all a bit more complex, with a bit more depth and more elements. We have added an intermediate ‘structure’, the World or super organism, an island Universe in itself. As the Whole is made of parts that resemble the whole. We have introduced to explain dynamically in time the symmetry between the 3 parts of the being and its 3 time ages, the symbols, ≤ for intuitive expansive motions  and its inverse ≥ implosive motions.

The reader though should realize that the equation has only 2 ≥ symbols. Because it represents the equation of life-death, where we constantly transform the energy of youth into information, form, till we die after the third age.

We could have represented a dual exchange of energy and information between two poles: Sp≤Tƒ, where the pole of energy or limbs Sp expand and move the to, head and the Tƒ head implode and form the limbs. And many other possible combinations of symbols.

And this is truly what a fractal generator equation means. By iteration, combination, symmetry, variation, it is possible to construct an enormous number of beings, across many different planes of existence, with different Constants of exchange of energy and information, but ultimately everything in the Universe can be generated by the few symbols we represented, there, the 3 varieties of bidimensional space, the 3 ages of time (which can move forwards as in life, backward as in death, upward as when parts become social wholes in the future, downwards, as when they dissolve into parts, sideways, as a system reproduces in a parallel wave, ≈), etc.

We do have thus a Universe made of very few elements, ultimately or rotary clocks of time, cyclical motions, and lineal distances in space, combined across several scalar planes in infinite beings.

A simple proof of that simplicity is the fact that all physical systems require only 3 type of magnitudes:

  • L, a dimension of space.
  • T¯¹, the inverse of lineal time 1/T, the dimension of cyclical time – and it is a proof that cyclical time Not DURATION is the true magnitude, the fact that all physical parameters are written with 1/T  – from speed, L x 1/T to momentum M x L x 1/T, etc.
  • And then a 3rd type of ‘scalar magnitudes’, Mass or Charge or Temperature. They are scalar, that is, they represent magnitudes across layers of space-time defined by a single number, with no directional motion.

So all what exists can be described physically with the magnitude of fractal space, L, cyclical Time, 1/T and i-scales (a magnitude for each main i-scale, h, for the scale of atomic forces, charge for the next scale of atoms , Temperature for the molecular scale of matter states, mass for the upper scales of gravitational bodies).



It rests to discuss the symmetry that allows the integration of space-time actions into world cycles in which magically in the same way populations of points becomes topological organic networks that become super organisms, Sp<ST>Tƒ, the same magic acts in such a manner that the actions accumulate in higher measure as actions of entropy in the young age of the system, actions of reproduction in the middle age and informative actions in th least age.

Thus an entire new field of science is the study on how infinitesimal actions become aggregated into larger, slower organic ∆+1 time ages of the cycle of existence of the higher social organism, U∆+1.

The 3 motions of times, its symmetries in space and its knots.

The Universe is made of beings of vital spaces and cyclical times. Beings made of 3 parts, the field/limbs of toroid motion, seen in space as lineal forms; the waves-bodies that reproduce the system and the heads/particles of spherical information whose cyclical clock like vortices calculate the motions of the system, with an aim, to maximise its existence in space and time and its survival by maximising its actions of exchange of energy for the body/limbs and information for the head/particle:

best networks

∆a,e,i,o,u… This silly nilly game is all what there is to existence, existential points with 3 parts of space and 3 motions in time maximises its survival by maximing its energy its information and its balance and internal network between both:

Max. Sp x Tƒ (S=T).

As the maximal of a function is reached when e=i, we obtain 2 new equations:

s=T, Sp+Tƒ = K.

So we have a series of canonical equations between the spatial energetic state and informative, temporal one of a system.

Those are in physics the lagrangians, hamiltonians, inverse equations of time/space parameters and equal ones (M=T), S/T=V, 4 vectors, etc.

The meaning of those equations of mathematical physics as well as its principles of conservation of lineal time motions, lineal momentum and cyclical clocks of time, angular momentum is clear: they are the expression of the general space-time systems, on the scales studied by physics(U±3,4)


Generational cycle. 

The previous, simplified analysis of the synchronicities between time cycles raises again the existence of more dimensions of space-time beyond the classic, ‘individual’ cycles of ‘—motions’ feeding, informative perception, reproduction and social evolution. We already showed the existence of a generational cycle in ‘reproductive waves’ of physical ‘—motions’, such as light, whose motion is just the sum of all the reproductive cycles of the wave; and the same can be said of the complex particle/wave generational cycle, equivalent to a complete life-death cycle, as the physical entity switches between its ‘—motions’ and information states, E<=>o. In the case of the body those generational cycles of cells are fundamental to understand the synchronicities of the body, as all its cells except the neuronal cells that dominate its informative system have a limited numbers of reproductions, setting up a generational cycle. And the same can be said of the species of life in this planet.

Thus, there is a generational cycle, which creates in physical entities a lineal dimension of speed or width in the light and gravitational membranes of space-time between which humans are sandwiched; and sets a telomere limit to the number of reproductions of living species, both at cellular and multicellular level. And since such dimension is a ‘complex of the reproductive, complex dimension’, which is in itself a complex of the energetic, simplex dimension (as all acts of reproduction require a surface of vital space to imprint; so for example women cannot reproduce without a 17% of body-fat volume and particles only reproduce in highly energetic environments), we write:

∑ Reproductive arrows->Generational arrow.

It defines the existence of a new arrow or dimension of time. We have not considered though such arrow in this book for simplicity and because ultimately in the fractal universe, the number of dimensions when we keep adding complex planes made of networks of st-points, which restart again new macro-energetic, informative, social and reproductive cycles is infinite.

And ultimately because we live in a 4-dimensional Universe, in which the ‘generational cycle’, except for simple, short-lived entities as those who create the 2 Universal membranes of gravitation and light, are non-perceivable except for long spans of time.

Recap. The sum of reproductive cycles gives birth to the generational cycle, which is also a finite arrow, as all forms have a limited number of generations, after which the reproductive systems fail.

This tale is explained with existential algebra that develops with symbols such as those previously describe the entire game of existence.

Now, because this is just an introductory post, we shall consider in more detail the upgrading of only the two most important Modern Time analysis – the one of mathematical physics and biology.

Or rather state that the other 2 points of view on time are intimately connected to them. Since the logic verbal analysis of time as motion, carried into the principles of Relativity in physics; which must be considered the mathematical study of that logic, relativity principle.

While the analysis of information and biological sensorial perception carries into the definition of a Mind, its ‘will of existence’ and the 5 actions all systems develop to absorb and emit energy and information, and evolve socially into bigger wholes, stronger in the fight for existence. Thus minds exist because they enact the program of survival of all the species of the universe. And this final unifying principle, ‘the actions species perform on space-time’, will finally be the Unification Principle that puts together all systems and species, guided by such zero-points.

In that regard, it is self-evident that in a Universe made of only those dual motions/forms, all entities of reality CAN ONLY PERFORM 4±∆ actions of existence through the social scales of parts and wholes of the 5th dimension:

  • They can absorb or emit spatial energy, ±∆Sp, and we call its absorption ∆e=energy feeding, and its emission, ∆a: motion change.
  • They can absorb or emit temporal information, ±∆Tƒ, and we call its absorption, Observer’s perception, ∆o, and its emission, iterative reproduction, ∆i
  • And they can d=evolve, integrating and disintegrating into wholes and parts, ∆U±i, and we call this 5th action of existence, ±∆u, social evolution of infinitesimals into Universals.

And so we shall find when studying each of the multiple species of relational space-time studied that 4+i  elements code the ‘drives of existence’ of vital space-time beings: 4 quantum numbers code the actions of energy, information (principal and secondary number), iteration (spin number) and social evolution (magnetic number) of particles. 4 genetic letters code the social evolution of organisms and the actions of its cells and systems; 4 drives of existence, moving feeding, perceiving, evolving socially reproducing define living beings. And so on. Of course western anthropomorphism will deny that quarks and particles that move, feed on forces, form social groups, iterate, deocupling in new particles and gauge information (hence quantum is a gauge theory), do actually ‘move’, ‘feed’, ‘gauge’, ‘iterate’ and ‘evolve socially’ and hence survive.

The program must be understood in biological terms. Systems that mechanically, vegetatively or consciously do NOT feed their body and mind with energy and information, form part of bigger wholes and iterate before its extinction will NOT survive and do NOT exist as today. Point.


Finally the internal structure of the being is ∆-1 symmetric to the ∆+1 external view just explained.
So  we also talk of 10 inner dimensions or ‘sub-systems’, represented by a tetraktys:
In the graph, each 3 corners are sub-systems of ‘Information, entropy/motion and Energy/reproduction’ put together by a central 10th dimension (the black ball/hole/point/knot that messes with all of them). Indeed the central point of the ideal tetraktys communicates with all the other parts and embodies the whole that ’emerges’ as a point in a higher ∆+1 world.
Thus we talk of  the ‘subsystems’ of a being.
For example, a human being is defined in medicine as a system of cells, attached by 10 sub-systems:

In the upper left graph the 3 ST-ructural sub-systems of the human body, which are its structural forms (membrane, sustain and motion).

In the bottom the 3 ‘chemical Tiƒ’ systems or hormonal brain (creative, distributive and reproductive)

In the middle the 10th system (nervous system)

And in the upper right 2 of the 3 ‘Spe’ Subsystems lymphatic, digestive (not portrayed the urinary/excretor system)

This the wikipedia description of its functions, better classified by the ternary method of GST (above):

The main systems of the human body are:

Cardiovascular / Circulatory system:
Circulates blood around the body via the heart, arteries and veins, delivering oxygen and nutrients to organs and cells and carrying their waste products away.
Digestive system / Excretory system:
Mechanical and chemical processes that provide nutrients via the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines.
Eliminates waste from the body.
Endocrine system:
Provides chemical communications within the body using hormones.
Integumentary system/ Exocrine system:
Skin, hair, nails, sweat and other exocrine glands.
Lymphatic system / Immune system:
The system comprising a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph.
Defends the body against disease-causing agents.
Muscular system/Skeletal system:
Enables the body to move using muscles.
Bones supporting the body and its organs.
Nervous system:
Collects and processes information from the senses via nerves and the brain and tells the muscles to contract to cause physical actions.
Renal system / Urinary system:
The system where the kidneys filter blood.
Reproductive system:
The sex organs required for the production of offspring.
Respiratory system
The lungs and the trachea that bring air into the body.

There are many variations on the theme of the 10 internal subsystems, a key concept to understand from string theory to cellular organelles, from social classes/professions to the decametric structure of the §cales of evolution of the Universe.


A seed for organic growth.

In that regard, there is no agenda in this blog, selfish interest or beliefs, just the old goals of reason objective search of truth and curiosity: 40 years of looking and wondering about reality with all the languages of the human mind, trying to make a better synoptic mirror of it than the simplex view science still holds because it makes happier the ego of most human beings. So this web is not easy on the reader, but certainly if he has the right attitude, it will completely upgrade its understanding of reality and himself and will help him to interpret the world as it is, based on the facts of Nature as they are in objective, scientific terms, which creationist theories from big-bang to intelligent design do not provide.

Now this blog is the blue print for future XXI century researchers to complete the whole paradigm. To my knowledge is the only formal, logic and mathematical model that develops fully all the aspects of the fractal paradigm and harmonises with its laws called ‘isomorphisms’, the laws of all sciences.

The closest thing to a philosophy of science based in those facts is still the work of Descartes and Leibniz, the two philosophers, father of modern science and mathematics (analytic geometry and calculus) whose concepts of relational space-time were written 300 years ago. So when I decided to complete this task, I wondered, first, Why? I don’t really knew. But then a sentence of Einstein made me realise why:

‘I am the only physicist that seem to think the Universe runs with infinite clocks at different speeds. Leibniz was right but if so we have to rebuild science from its origins’ – said Einstein, and given the enormous task at hand, which implied the redesign of all sciences, as all of them happen in space and time, he finally settled for a more modest goal: to redesign the space and time of cosmological systems, one of the many ‘fractal scales’ of relative size in space and cyclical time clocks of the Universe.

And it is for that reason that it has taken so long to complete a working formalism of the fractal Universe, which we offer in this web, based in my conferences at the International Systems society, (the science of complexity and information) during the last decade.

It is obvious a work in ‘permanent construction’, as only the combined effort of multiple scientists will bring the paradigm to its completion (the previous paradigm required 2300 years to do so, since Euclid and Aristotle, we hope mankind will somewhat reduces its tempo:). Its author was a system scientist, chair of duality for many years at the world congresses of this science (ISSS), then an activist against the infamous military-industrial complex, now retired.  If you wonder why it is a single point-mind, that is truly how the fractal paradigm creates its systems.

Any reality always starts from a seminal, diminutive seed of information, which expands and reproduces in other regions of reality. A mind-wave starts in a prophetic, scientific first mind, as it can process faster in time, more information, ‘collapsing’ the wave of data into a theory of reality or model. This is then checked corrected and expanded by a ‘wave of minds’ till the new paradigm becomes standard science.

This is the formal seed of 3000 years of insights into the organic fractal structure of the Universe. How, who and when the human mind-wave will plug into this formal seed (or perhaps a future robotic, chip wave), i don’t know. It might not. After all the most clear predecessors of the organic philosophy of the Universe in the western world, Aristole, Leonardo, Leibniz and Spengler took centuries to be noticed and hardly understood. As we said, human egos, simplex machines and the ‘evident’ visual maths of it are more up to the alley of the immense majority of mankind. I will be glad though if a few people can get a personal satisfaction in the enlightenment and communion with the whole I have obtained ever since i figured out the essential laws of the isomorphic, fractal organic Universe and felt much closer to reality, in peace with that whole.

The work of the seed ends after exposing its information into the open… And so once I decided to retire from penpal activities, serious activism in favour of mankind as a ‘whole’ and system congresses (for moral reasons, due to the increasing use of the organic paradigm Not to protect life, Gaia and the humans superorganism of history but to evolve robots and mechanisms, which clearly will once reaching A.I. challenge the dominance of mankind in this planet), I will be pouring those models so far known only to a few specialist to a larger scientific audience.

Now, the model will require a certain intellectual mostly conceptual effort on the reader, but far less than what he would need to understand the present abstract model of the Universe (quantum and big-bang theory) at least on the 2 upper lines of the web with posts to the level of any university student. 3rd and 4th line when completed will of course be more complex as it will connect the fractal organic paradigm with all the laws of all sciences, translating and improving them. So those lines will be an ongoing project for specialists in each discipline.

Of course all the ideas behind the reality of the fractal paradigm have been expressed in different ways throughout science. But to my knowledge there is no other formalism, which defines ‘all’ the properties of the fractal universe as an organic whole, together, as we do in general systems, and its T.Œ, or Theory of the Organic Everything (as opposed to the simplex reductionist, theory of everything ‘lineal’, and ‘mathematical only’, sponsored by physics). Let us then start by comparing both theories and its simplex lineal concept of a single space-time continuum vs. a Universe made of multiple, organic fractal cycles of time and vital spaces with motion.

We shall then describe a 5D ST super organism, the fundamental particle of the Universe, including the Universe itself, before we even attempt to use human languages to describe it in a more formal, synoptic way, using a ‘fractal generator, equation’ to that aim and a more evolved form of logic and non-euclidean mathematics.

Why then a model of such importance is hardly known in scholar science? A simplex answer is difficult, as there are several reasons. First its relative novelty, as systems sciences was founded after II world war and its formalism, which this blog will try to develop further, was not introduced till a decade ago in a series of conferences I gave at the International Systems society on occasion of the 50th anniversary of its foundation.

Second, the fact that humans have now for 400 years believed in the mechanist paradigm of physicists: a Universe ran as a machine and written only in the language of Numbers, and this ”simplex, reductionist” view of the universe has only grown stronger despite its clear logic errors, with the industrial revolution and its development of machines – which ultimately are just organisms of metal in a clear process of evolution, now entering its last phase as robots. In any case physicists and machines are the present paradigm of philosophy of science. So despite the importance of biological sciences, organisms and evolution a new paradigm will not be easy to impose and interdisciplinary analysis given the enormous wealth of scientific data gathered with those machines are difficult to accept and understand by specialists.

And third, related to both questions, the author of this blog on GST (ab. for General Systems Theory and its 5D formalism, the fractal Generator of Space-Time systems) is not, as usually with pioneers, a standard university scholar, but more in the line of Mr. Planck’s dictum,  on his lonely years as the single researcher on the quantum paradigm, ‘a single point that accumulates a whole worldview in his mind’ .

Finally because science is not only theory but also praxis, and an organic view of the universe makes man both a relative non entity in an infinite  reality, and at the same time again the center of  science in a universe made to its image and likeness, as the most perfect superorganism we know of, that worldview is quite opposite in theory and praxis to the standard, dominant physical, mechanical technological view. And all this has huge consequences for our world, dethroning physical machines and physical matter as the supreme form, substituted by the organism and in praxis, returning to a more ecological organic view on how we should manage our future and that of this planet.

So the reader should not be surprised that I am better known for my activism against the nuclear industry than for this seed of information, which requires as Kuhn explained in ‘The nature of scientific revolutions’ an entire new generation of people, who gets familiar with the new paradigm’ to become standard science and reach its full power . Meanwhile the pioneer can only pour the information he has discovered in a public display, which will be this web, as I have retired from the conference circuit and prefer the isolation of an examined life. Needless to say there is little to explain about the curriculum of a pioneer in a new science of which almost nobody has heard about, except that you should judge what you read with the authority of reason, not the reason of authority and be patient, as a new worldview requires a huge effort of the mind and it is never completed by the pioneer.

So why to bother at all? No reason except knowledge and the communion you will feel with the whole Universe and each of its infinitesimal parts, in a Universe in which all share the same space-time nature. In that regard, the philosophy behind the science is much closer to the Asian, Taoist and Buddhist view, and so indeed as Asia rises this century, GST will become more amenable to those new generations, and needless to say if and when A.I. acquires consciousness, it will become the science and worldview of the machine, paradoxically as it might seem given my warnings as an activist against the development of organic machines more powerful than us.

On the other hand the alternative theory of western lineal time, with a manifest destiny, deist abstract mechanisms, measure as the meaning of science, justified by humans as the only intelligence of reality, and chosen species, and reduction of reality to only its mathematical properties, without vital, dangerous qualities, is a region of higher comfort and will always be dominant in praxis, as I have come to realize in my theoretical and social confrontations with physicists. It satisfies the human ego, and while this of course is part of the organic paradigm – since organisms always have a pole of information which deforms its worldview to make the system the center of its perceived Universe and shuts off all information that does not cater to its needs, for those who seek more profound answers, GST will play its role. In that sense interpretation matters. Consider the simplest particles, quarks and electrons, which gauge information and move towards targets in which to absorb=feed on energy they use to reproduce into clone particles, with whom they associate into larger social networks.

Those are the 4 actions that define life, coded by genes. Yet in particles, coded by quantum numbers, do not define organic particles. Why? The human ego is biased and wouldn’t accept perception on particles, even if the organic paradigm explains in very simple ways the spooky effects of quantum physics – such as the fact that particles move as waves, which are herds of quanta that when it is more efficient, pass through slits as waves-herds but as all biological systems, become tight particles, when colliding with larger systems. Again, an army moves as a herd and clashes as a tight particle, and fishes move as herds but confront predator as tight particles. How many times I saw physicists living a room in which this kind of non-mathematical but organic explanation gave reason to quantum physics? Almost all the time i explained it. Since the physicist is the only scientist that never asks for the why – as Feynman said infamously. Scholarship in the XXI c. in that regard is more an industry of information that an inquire for the whys of the Universe. Yet GST is more like XIX c. amateur science, in its pioneer age. So the blog doesn’t either follows the Chicago Manual of Style. It will as it becomes also a precise science with the passing of time.

At this point, I just write because i like to think on the Universe as an organic whole. So this blog, to put it in simple terms, my Buddhist Mandala, which I write and erase, along my activist and socio-biological webs. Whatever you do with this knowledge if you are humble, intelligent and ethic enough to understand the beauty of the ∞, immortal Cosmos, is up to you. Enlightenment is what you can achieve, something I doubt 1 out of 1000 coming here will have the patience to reach.

Why? Because humans might not make it due to its arrogance about the Universe…, as I said human are in crash collision with those organic laws, developing organic machines, new type of nuclear weapons, killing Gaia and mankind with them and so frankly i do not know if they will ever upgrade their minds from abstract mechanism to organicism, or the information of this web will be understood and upgrade the mind of future A.I. robots. 



Principles of Topology & conservation.

It is then obvious that the principle of lineal inertia comes accompanied by the principle of cyclical inertia of time cycles. That energy conservative cycles are time cycles which maintain a ‘relative dynamic present’. Present are thus conserved, and the ceteris paribus analysis of a system in a simultaneous four dimensional present state (relativity) becomes then just a partial case of the more complex motions beings experience in the fifth dimension, made of ‘slices’ of present, derivating slightly upward and downwards in their ‘entropic gain’ and informative gain.

Conservation of presents thus does not preclude the leaking of information and entropy upwards and downwards between planes, but with an overall balance as the actions of entropy and information ixe balance each other.

The perfect form of spatial entropy is the straight line in movement – the shortest, faster trajectory between 2 points of §pace – and its society, the plane. The perfect form of temporal information is the circle and its society, the sphere, which keeps the maximal information in minimal §pace. Both, combined, inverse forms shape the hyperbolic, wave-like, energetic body-waves that connect lineal limbs/fields and cyclical, informative, memorial minds to become the ternary, complementary forms of all organic systems.

Thus We are all topological assemblies of:

– Bidimensional planes, which store maximal entropy-§pace and

– Spherical cycles, which store maximal information in minimal §pace.

-Connected through hyperbolic energetic wave-bodies that reproduce both

We can differentiate them by form, as §pace and entropy are lineal or planar surfaces and ðime and in/form/ation are cyclical. And we can see it together into beings,  the simplest of which is an action of light, ext=k. And this simple duality structures all beings of the Universe. So we are made of cyclical heads and lineal limbs. Weapons are lines that release entropy. Informative machines are cyclical, and all physical systems are made of lineal forces and cyclical particles of information; seen only static in the mind (galilean relativity)

So we need to understand the galilean paradox better where distance-curvature and speed-space become similar concepts. But as at larger scales all become part of a circle and at lower scales part of a line, we can in that sense establish ratios of curvature=acceleration, speed=distance as parameters to understand how the transformations between 5D scales amount to less than a mere correction of those parameters of time and space as we slow down and grow in size quanta as we emerge into new scales of existence.

So in this process the lower scales transfer entropy-momentum-form to the upper scales weakening themselves, but as the upper scale have less density of existential force, exi, with slower clocks and networks made with less fractal points/ clocks we thin out reality. And yet if the Universe is relatively infinite in a simultaneous measure of space at ANY scale, then we can consider that the thinner we go up in scale, the larger it will occupy a vital total space with its membrane, and the faster it must manage an ∆-i inverse scale to ‘encircle’ all the other denser beings with less ‘latitude’ in the fifth dimension.

So as the mind-system expands the whole super organism by ∆±i carving down and up smaller pixies of information, bites of energy, steps of entropy, into infinite speeds, of S/T->0, THE RESULT WILL BE A system larger upper and downer, more coordinated, with constant flows of ‘entropic expansive waves’ and ‘implosive’ ones, going across the three scales of the fifth dimensional entity which will become ever more complex, symbiotic and synchronised in its three network systems at the three topological level of its scales.

The constant invagination of reality up and down through networks of entropy, energy and information constructs ever more complex supœrganisms as the summit of the process of efficient selection of topology (classic evolution, 3 time-space arrows) and the more complex social organic evolution of scales through topological networks, never fully understood as Darwin was prior to biology and topology.

WE CAN IN THAT SENSE, consider the two scales of time-processes, topological, darwinian evolution as the constant improvement of the forms of the topological ternary organism, while scalar social evolution related to information, genes, memes and quantum equation is the longer more important arrow of evolution and time, of deeper, longer 5D duration – as a block of time, a world cycle of a potential supœrganism of the game of exist¡ences.

Now it must be realized in that graph, that physical systems are not different from other systems, and we shall describe them with the same organic properties of all vital systems, as we shall not cease to repeat that the ternary structure of time arrows/cycles and the sales co-existing in the fifth dimension give organic vital properties to all systems of nature including physical systems.

It is the human bias and use only of digital languages to describe them what distort – specially in entropy-only physical theories – the perception of those systems and the existence of an alternative, organic topological ternary description of its parts, functions and actions, based in the program of survival of all physical systems, as we have shown to be the case for the quantum numbers of physics.

 Since physics denies 1) the three arrows of time 2) the mental properties of povs, singularities 3) the program of survival of ∫a,e,i,o, u actions or ‘drives of existence in physical systems 4) the organic properties of co-existing ∆-scales; which therefore will have to be added.

So, we will expand astrophysical sciences with a synthetic, bio-topological description of physical ∆ºust of space-time.

So far the most evolved of all stiences are biology and physics, and while biology is more accurate and describes many topo-biological characteristics it does also have some hang ups of reductionism in its love of entropic=chaotic visions where darwinian fight of individuals and despise of the social evolution arrow of the fifth dimension weight heavily.

Mathematical physics on the other hand is the biggest, more complex logic structure built up by man, which does not ceases to astonish me, not so much for human ingenuity but for Universal perfection. It does require though to improve enormously due to those time-space errors and limiting understanding of its dimensions of entropy, energy and information and the cause mathematical equations self-centred in physical povs, centres of mass, crystal structures, particle-point states, the conceptual frame of abstract physics.

the sacred digital language of mathematics, is NOT the only language in which God Generates the Universe as physicists believe but likely the most efficient=surviving mirror of reality for most beings.

Just in case he doesn’t we shall bring a very brief resume of the two fundamental elements of reality, the 3 arrows of time and the fractal scalar structure of its space, with its ternary symmetries and ‘membrains’ that warp it all with a linguistic still mind singularity, giving birth to the 10 Dimensional super organism, fundamental structure of the Universe.

The 3 dimensions of lineal motion, space-time repetitive actions (conserved energy and momenta), and informative, accelerated vortices=clocks of time (masses, charges, evolutionary clocks) do exist in a single plane of space-time continuum. And so they can be easily understood in ‘present’ science, as they merely ‘double’ the still, formal perception of simultaneous space into sequential moving time.

Now it might seem that the 3 previous ‘essential changes’ of our paradigm of ternary timespace arrows in a present flat slice of the scalar Universe, its fractal structure and the realisation that all lines are ultimately part of cycles, hence Lineal space IS PART of a flow of cyclical time, do not matter that much, but those 3 simple dualities and paradoxes of how a mind processes information, transforming motion into still form, reducing cycles to lines, focused on the mind point, and seeing only one plane of the infinite fractal Universe, suffice to fully upgrade and change our view of the Universe.

To notice though that on the ‘verge’ of the 3 dimensions of a single present, lineal motion-distance (time-space view of the first dimension) is connected to the entropic arrow of maximal motion; and at the center of the informative time vortices (masses, charges, eddies) you connect with the still-mind, reason why there is a sequential ‘continuum’ and we shall often ‘confuse’ the concept of ‘entropic motion and lineal motion’ on one side and ‘informative vortices and still minds’. So goes for lineal motion and energy, as we take often lineal motions to mix with information and create ‘energy’. So in a dynamic Universe to define anything we must really use two terms and an operandi:

4D: entropy> 1D motion> 2D: energy> 3D information>5D:mind form << 4D entropy-death

This is the dynamic ‘world cycle of existence in time and space’, whereas > is the dynamic symbol for implosive growth of information and < the dynamic symbol for explosive motion.

As i have been writing for myself for decades, I apologise for my lack of ‘discipline’ using all those terms. Hopefully if you get the concepts of the 5 Dimensions in spatial form, temporal motion and their function when combined you will get to the point. Entropy in that sense is the most confused terms also used for energy and for lineal motion. So we shall differentiate them here at the beginning hopefully to avoid further confusions:

Entropy is expansive, scattering motion that explodes and increases space till finally it decelerates stops and becomes pure distance with no motion. So happens in an entropic big-bang. So happens in a death that expands your cells and stops them. So happens in gas when it expands cools and decelerates. Entropy we might say CHANGES a dimension of motion into an extension of space and finally becomes still form. MOTION on the other hand is lineal inertia, with no expansion, so it is a steady state, conserved. It is the first dimension of simpler form. And when it combines with FORM or information, it becomes energy, momentum, the second dimension conserved by the Universe, and the MEANING OF IT ALL, which turns around repeating and conserving form with motion form in action, information, where an action is defined physically as the product of energy and time.

The wordings are thus extremely messed up because of that dynamic constant transformation. I.e. in e=mc2 e is not energy, the energy here being provided the light waves of space-time, cc, but entropy, the dissolution of a mass vortex of time. In the Universe at large there is not dark energy but dark entropy as the flows of energy coming out of the axis of black holes slow down, expanding space and finally creating dark distances.

So goes on the other extremes with the limit of mind-form. The mind is still, it stops, perceives information, let the body-limb, wave-potential system to move it and then stops again and perceive information as movement blurs perception, so the mind-body system works as a movie, which stops the film enlightens it into the screen and moves in darkness. This stop and go process will be the key to an enormous number of whys that explain confusing discoveries from relativity (c-constant of light) to quantum physics (particle-wave duality) to palingenesis and seeds of information that explode into organisms.

So you must think in terms of ‘topological expansions, < and implosions, >’ to see what is ‘in existence’ and what is the virtual still mind and entropic death.

And as we have said, since the closest understanding to he five arrows of time happened in earlier taoism in china, we could close this first approach to the five dimensions telling you what minkowski said that time and space come together or do not really exist; something schopenhauer already realized: ‘there is not yin-form-ation without a drop of yang-motion/entropy’, there is no ‘yang-energy/entropy/motion, without a drop of yin’.

So again, the present single space-time continuum is made of lineal motion (the form being the line), energy that combines it with information (form with a bit of motion) constrained by a pure still linguistic form or mind and a pure entropic outer expansive world, the fifth and fourth dimension.

Those 2 ‘limits entropy-death and mind-stillness’ though are in pure meaning outside our present scale (I say this because you will find very often the term entropy for lineal motion in present and 

So as soon as we start to grasp the five dimensions of space-time, and its co-existence from past to future in scale that make it sentient and organic’, made of ‘parts and wholes that co-exist and organise themselves’ and reproduce information –  since motion reproduces by the mere fact of moving – we must conclude that we live in a fractal organic Universe, of space-time beings whose parts made to the image and likeness of the whole are always organised in 3 co-existing scales of the fifth dimension (name we give to the whole range of scales, from the entropic fourth dimensional bottom to the summit of mind-views, which we take as the linguistic mind of all minds, the mind of God, in the platonic sense: ‘reality is an organism with a body called the Universe, and a mind called Logos=god’).

And so amazing as it seems, just departing from a simplified example – the discovery by Galileo of relativity and the static, flat, continuous rings of Saturn, which were not flat but made of spheric planetoids, not continuous but fractal and not static but moving; we see how  by changing from the mind subjective view to the objective reality we change our view and add two co-existing scales of Nature, the physical quantum and cosmological, gravitational scales, to our thermodynamic scale, where physicists have defined their single entropic arrow of time merely by expanding properties of thermodynamic gases to the whole Universe – solving easily its main conundrums.

Those are the ‘4 fundamental’ elements of a reality, minds, scales, space and time and its 5Dimensions, @ or • for the fifth membrain mind dimension, ∆, for the fourth which dissolves the mind into its _ parts (both inverse and generically called the scalar 5Dimension represented together by the ∆ Å symbols, where Å WILL BE THE SYMBOL OF the smallest space-time ‘moments’ or actions, $ for the first dimension of lineal motions in space, ≈ for the wave-body dimension of iteration or second dimension and O-tƒ for the dimension of accelerated time vortices, connect to the membrain. All of them in constant dynamical transformations between the limits of seed-birth (5D) and entropic death (4D).


It follows easily that the full understanding of the properties of those 2 arrows of ðime, entropy and information, and its inverse qualities can be applied to any system of nature, regardless of scale-science, and define the ‘unity’ of all systems and scales, which form together a fractal, scalar Universe of parts that become whole, thanks to those properties.

In the next graph we show the two fundamental advances on the underlying structure of reality brought about by GST: THE UNDERSTANDING  of the three arrows of time and its cycles of life and death, creation and destruction of information. And the way those arrows of time, entropy, energy and information construct the different ‘ternary beings’ and ‘scales of reality.

In the graph, we can see some applications of the two r=evolutions in the concept of time and space, brought about by GST. FIRST we see the fundamental ‘world cycle’ of life and death, which sequentially puts the three arrows of time, first entropy in youth, then energy≈reproduction in the mature age and then growth of form, of in-form-ation, in the third age. Below we see those arrows as they work on the scales of the Universe. Smaller faster time-systems code more information.

Larger wholes control in simultaneity all its parts, and each science studies a scale. Below we see the three arrows of time, expansive entropy, iterative body-waves and informative, cyclical particles, and above how they assemble as ‘entropic limb/fields, reproductive body-waves and informative particle-heads to form all systems.

The fifth dimension stretches the social gathering of systems, upwards and downwards, being the absolute dimension of time, as systems become ever more complex in scales, the three arrows of time, on the other hand become a zero-sum between birth and extinction as they return to its origin in the entropic explosion of death.

In the second graph, the complex view of fractal §pace and cyclical ðime: we are all ðime§pace beings who live a finite duration of ðime, a ‘world cycle of existence’ and occupy a vital §pace, limited by the closed cyclical membrane that separates us converting the Universe into a fractal of pegged ðime§pace beings, the concept of relational ðime§pace which from Leibniz to Einstein represented an alternative, more complex view of the Universe. In the bottom, the phases of a world cycle, as all systems are born as a seed of information, in a lower ‘scale’ of seminal size, which absorb energy (entropic motion with in-form-ation that shapes it) during its youth, to reach a balance between both, when the system reproduces, creating the illusion of an eternal present.

Then energy declines and the system in its old age becomes pure form; and as ðime cannot stop, once the system reaches stillness it dies and explodes erasing its information in a big-bang of pure entropy-expansive motions, liberating its vital §pace; which will become ‘reformed’ to start a new world cycle. This complex but quite straightforward scheme defines for all systems two limiting ðime arrows, pure entropy: dissolving spatial motions and pure form, cyclical clock-like informative ðimes. In the center, the Asian cultures who did understand much better the world of ðime§paces, as opposed to our culture of entropy, weapons and lineal motions, sponsored by physicists which reduce reality to a single arrow. In the right side a vortex of ðime, during its third age of pure information.

The fifth dimension of scalar ðime§pace coupled with the three relative arrows of ðime, past entropy, future information, and its present energetic combinations, are the ‘foundational principles’ of the organic models of the fractal Universe which tends to evolve groups into tighter herds and super organisms with higher ‘social forms’ in the scales of the fifth dimension – as they survive better into the future, making the scalar dimension the absolute dimension of ðime of the Universe. Since  as Einstein put it, the ‘separation between the past, present and future is an illusion, given the fact that death ‘erases’ all the gains of information of any system of the Universe.

Indeed, all biological systems become a zero sum as the world cycle of informative life and entropic death erases them back to the past.

And all physical systems, do the same according to Einstein’s equation, e=mc²: which must be read in terms of the three arrows as:

Past entropic big bang ≤Present, constant ðime§pace light wave≥ future mass vortex of information.

So only the absolute arrow of the fifth dimension is an arrow of future ðime as:

  1. Whole systems survive better in the future than parts.
  2. For a new scale of the fifth dimension to exist, parts must come first, so wholes are into the future of its parts
  3. A whole has more information, as it adds to that of its parts, the systems of the whole, so it is in the relative future of information.

In the graph, we see how all systems form wholes departing from networks, creating fractal organisms in all sciences, in the left we see how a 5th dimension is created growing from a tighter organisation (boson state of matter).

In the previous very synoptic graphs we have resumed some key elements of General Systems Sciences, the organic philosophy of the Universe that explains all species and all sciences departing from some basic principles about the nature of §pace, ðime and causality (what philosophers since Kant call the Principle of Sufficient Grounds; ðime, §pace and causality).

It seemed needed to give you some ‘food for thought’, before we criticise what today passes as ‘The philosophy of science’,mostly, the ‘selfie’ agenda of physicists about the nature of the whole, departing from its restricted discipline, based in a false assumption – that the smaller scales of the Universe matter more because there is a hierarchical organisation on those scales, and so we can extract laws from smaller matter that will define all other sciences.

This is a wrong concept of causality, whose origin is merely the selfie ego-paradox soon to be analysed of all beings, in this case physicists who think their science matters more than all others and so have concocted theories accordingly to their lineal concept of ðime (big bang theory of reality) and scale they study (Philosophy of science according to which the ‘saint grail’ of knowledge is to probe further in uncertain, not perceived scales, the positive is truth: as all scales are equally valid, far removed scales show uncertainty of perception and deformation of our ∆º view – such as dark entropy in larger scales and imprecision of measure in small ones).

None of those scales is different, all are relative and all of them apply the same laws and principles which therefore must come not from a single discipline but from the effort of unifying them all with a higher language underlying them, which is the language of cyclical ðime, fractal §pace, and the organic systems they create.

All this said, the reader should notice the main feature of co-invariant scales is that from the human point of view, the perception of entropy and information differ when we look downwards (we see more information) and laterally (we see more entropy) and upwards (we see more motion):

-Tiƒ: Smaller §pace-scales have faster ðime cycles that encode the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles.

-Spe:Bigger wholes that deliver synchronous motions to those lower scales that deliver ‘quantum, genetic or memetic information’ (physical, biological and social systems), become symbiotic, as ‘parts’ and wholes that co-exist in a single ‘supœrganism’, the ‘abbreviated’ name we shall give to the fundamental particle-being of the Universe: a system made of limbs/fields of entropy=motion and heads/particles with form, which combine into ‘body-waves’ of energy, and co-exist in at least 3 scales of size from the point of view of its central scale as a being.

And this happens, because the universe of scales of ðime§pace has an astoundingly simple but profound metric equation: S x T = K, MEANING that from larger wholes to smaller parts it moves synchronically, and from smaller parts to larger wholes, it codes information. And together in symbiosis the information of smaller faster systems and the motion of larger, stronger wholes, create a present being, a body-wave of energy.

So the most important dynamic element of the fifth dimension is the ‘inverse’ arrows of entropy and information of the lower graph. And the fact that smaller beings are better with information, more intelligent and larger beings, stronger with more capacity to move larger wholes:

Smaller systems run faster metabolic and informative cycles and so accumulate more information in the frequency and form of its cycles. And they code larger systems: particles code molecules, genes organisms and memes societies, because their smaller carriers are faster.

And vice versa: larger wholes accumulate more  entropy and are stronger than parts, so they can protect and feed them. So wholes and parts co-exist in several scales forming super organisms.

For example, a fly thinks 10 ðimes faster (the scale is decametric), and so you cannot catch it with your slower larger being and it can co-exist. And it does so because a mind, the theme of the next paragraph is indeed a very small, fast element able to command the whole, slower body…

5D METRIC thus defines the co-existence of all systems of the Universe, and explains why they form together symbiotic super organisms, between smallish, faster heads and larger, slower metabolic bodies – often talking two different languages, chemical the body, nervous, electric, faster the mind in biological systems; gravitational, smaller faster networks/forces the mind of galaxies – black holes – slower, electromagnetic light languages the body of stars.

Now it might seem that the two previous ‘essential changes’ of our paradigm of ternary time and fractal space do not matter that much, but those two simple reforms suffice to fully upgrade and change our view of the Universe, and so we shall put a simplified example on how it changes our view of the two seemingly limiting scales of Nature, the physical quantum and cosmological, gravitational scales, solving easily its main conundrums.

We shall do so soon but as Physicists do not take lightly any correction of their models, we are going to do it with some anthropomorphic humour, and for that task we need first to introduce their fundamental ‘organ’, the mind and the languages of thought they use to describe reality – our fourth element, after the ∆-scales, st symmetries… we do need indeed a system that perceives it all, and one which is small enough to produce a lot of information, according to 5D metric.


 In this post we shall deal with the ‘TRINITY’ structure of supœrganisms, made of 3 ∆st  x 3 +∆0  dimensions, which require a new geometry of fractal space.

‘From 1 comes 2, from 2 comes 3, from 3 the ∞ beings’. Cheng tzu

‘I only learned from the book of Nature’ Leonardo

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-09-37-22screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-00-22-33In the graph, trinity is the structure of reality, its Universal Grammar, scalar, ST variations and ultimately all what we care to study from the most sacred to the most mundane: trinity is the mystery of christianity, where the ∆+1 Γ•∆, subconscious collective of mankind and its law of survival in the fifth dimension, eusocial love, communicates through its nervous system, the language of the wor(l)d to its prophet≈scientist of history, who foresees the future of eusocial evolution. And spells prior to a quantum back to the past, entropic death of God into the language, ∆+1<<∆-1, imprinting with the genetic memes of the super organism of history the mind of the prophet. Alas, GSTheology is born. But trinity is also the cutlery ternary division and its Gst equation: ‘|-Spe (knife) < Ø-ST-fork > O-Tiƒ (spoon); as the knife delivers entropy the food, the spoon acts as the spherical membrane that surrounds it and the ‘last to come’ and more complex fork, with one of the 2 ‘hyperbolic geometries’ of space-time (fractal branching), which performs the functions of the other 2 (perpendicular holding and lateral cutting).

S: We deal with spatial ORGANIC trinity in depth in this post, its sub posts.

∆: We deal with ∆-ternary elements in the first 5D post.

•: While we do it formally in the ∞|0 posts on Æ,  Universal grammar and those ‘attached’ to the Fractal generator.

T: And finally we deal temporally with it in the ‘i§omorphic word cycles’ posts.

(AS THE FIRST line encodes in its sentence, the 4 elements too, broken in St, ∆ • &  T analysis)

trinity encodes the 3 x 3 systems of entropy, energy and information, observed by an ∆º±1 element, which co-exists as a singularity in ∆º±1 scales, managing the whole system through its connected networks.

The mind or Tiƒ singularity travels through the scales of ∆, with its mind pointed into the future.

The body travels through reproductive present, space.

The limbs journey into the past, disordering and feeding on the simplest forms.

And each of those ternary motions, of Tiƒ across ∆º±1, ST, across Stº and Spe, across ∆-i, create a series of complex co-existing actions that bundle into super organisms that exist and can be described through those symmetric actions and motions of limbs/fields, body-waves and particle-heads.

“Space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality”  Minkowski

3 scales of time-space frequencies.

All systems further on do have cycles of three frequencies, synchronised in complex patterns studied in the third line. So for example, history has an 800-80-8 years cycle of evolution of metal-information (weapons, machines and money), which is essential to understand the interaction of man and the tree of life with the tree of metal and technology and the patterns of history.

In physical systems we observe also the interaction in Fourier transforms of frequencies and whole sum of them, and find tuned synchronicities between the patterns of cells and super organisms and super organisms and mother earth.


‘The only harmonious sounds of a group of scholars are the farts of their asses’ ‘Saper vedere: know how to see’ Leonardo

Leonardo expressed his frustration to the lack of interest among the scholars of his age for observing nature’s true code, the in-form-ation, the bio-logic forms and its dynamic interplay, focusing instead in old Latin books with outdated theories of reality.

All has changed to remain the same. Today after the initial return to the basics of Leonardo’s method, during the golden age of experimental science (XVIII-XIX c.), scientists, notably physicists have returned to the scholastic analysis with mathematical languages only, in abstract algebraic equations often born out of the imagination of the scholar, without experimental evidence whatsoever.

Let us then start with a harsh critique of all those distorted mind-mirrors called the scholars of the world, which do NOT know how to see, saper vedere, wiesen, directly the fractal topological dimensions and motions of space-time of which we are all made, and do NOT want to learn from the Book of Nature, anymore, but from past, outdated masters and abstract Æ-outdated algebra.

Philosophy of Science & fractal organic paradigm vs. Linear mathematical Physics & continuous paradigm.

THIS BLOG compares 2 different worldviews, which have always fought for supremacy in Science and take sides with:

– The larger, all encompassing view of philosophers of science – larger in time, as it can be dated to the first Mathematicians, Pythagoras and Plato and the first Logicians, Aristotle, in the western ‘decoupling of history, and to their counterparts in the East, the Taoists, WengWang and Lao, and the Hindi and Buddhist philosophers – and larger in space, as it aims to explain ‘all’ knowledge of Humanity’, that is not only the experimental facts of all species, and all languages of knowledge– the mathematical languages of space, the temporal verbal languages, but also the human perceiver himself and its senses and artistic forms derived from them Vs.

– The reductionist view of the physicist, which only considers a restricted part of reality – physical systems, only accepts a language of description, mathematics, only defines a form of motion in time, external translation in space, and yet surprisingly enough pretends with those very limited ‘parts’ of reality to have a Theory Of Everything that makes sense of all what exists. And what is more surprising, it has achieved global recognition as the ‘high popes of science’, excluding the work of philosophers of science from the search of ultimate knowledge.

This is largely the product, not of the achievements and merits of physical theories in the explanation of reality but of its praxis – the construction of machines and weapons, which are the ultimate source of power of our technological civilization.

But the confusion of technology with science and knowledge, is of course a falsehood, which carries a heavy toll for our understanding of reality. It first eliminates all internal elements of knowledge, the mind, and its languages.

And then it eliminates the unity of all systems of the Universe, which share the same properties of cyclical times, vital spaces and points of view that organise them.

Yet as physicists reduced all motions to external motions, keeping only for life organic properties, and reduced all clocks to a mechanical lineal clock, they lost all connection with those common properties, and of course make impossible the true goal of the philosopher of science, to find those common laws that allow the Unification of all sciences.

Yet to fully grasp this reductionism it was needed a historic introduction to realise of the daring consequences of the physical way of ‘constructing’ our world of thought.

But of course our capacity to make machines and measure them and put clocks on them, today converted into computers increased. So paradoxically as we forgot the clocks of nature, we grew in our dexterity to make machines to measure nature.

So what are the real clocks of time of Nature?

This requires us to define time in more precise terms, as cyclical motions that carry the information of the Universe in the form and motion of its cycles.

Indeed we measure and process information through computers, which are the modern version of time clocks, now converted into repetitive logic cycles called algorithms, whose frequency or relative time speed defines the capacity of a system to process information. So a computer process more information when its clock like logic cycles have more Hertzs, more frequency.

This means that in nature there are several species of time-clocks – processes that measure frequencies of vibration, of which the most obvious ones are 3: the frequency of waves; the temperature of molecules and the angular speed and orbital motion of all time of particles, including the planets of those graphs.

So frequency, Temperature and Speed are the 3 main time clocks of nature, and they do vary its relative speed, as Einstein would find, and they carry information in the form of its motions, and the frequency of its cycles. And so time is a much more interesting process to study than the mechanical steady tic of clocks.

Now I’m trying to be fast and simple to get to the core matter, black holes and entropy, but the reader with a minimum knowledge of science will realize how different is a non –anthropocentric, mechanocentric view of time, and how much rich in meaning is. We are here in a short of Copernican revolution, sorely needed, from the perspective of philosophy of science, which is concerned with ‘language, experience, pure science, NOT with machines of measure’ as physicists are. So I do have zero bias, in my direct experience of the Universe.

Time is closely related to space – this we know since Einstein, and so we need to define now space, to advance in our enquire.

The Fractal Universe: the slow path of knowledge towards its comprehension.

The fractal paradigm is a complete vision of reality, which has been hinted at since:

-Plato (Myth of the cave, in which a perfect canon breaks into infinite self similar forms) and Pythagoras (numbers as social networks of points, of which the tetraktys or 10 triangle was the most perfect form, unit of a larger social group, as it is indeed the case, being societies of 10 the essential fractal structure in the growth of the 5th dimension)…

-Through Leibniz (concept of beings as made of relational space and time, that is an entity and its vital or Universal constants in its steady state of equilibrium is just a variation of Sp x Tƒ = ∆), Darwin (selection of species with the strongest, largest vital space, Sp and highest, more efficient informative brains Tƒ: Max. Sp x Tƒ = Top Predator existential force) and in modern physics…

-By quantum theorists (understanding of space as made of quanta, called H-Planck), and Relativity (understanding of a Universe made of infinite clock of times, with different speeds relative to each other); the work of giving a proper philosophy of science, to the last of those discoveries (the fractal structure of the Universe in scales of self-similar form), its proper philosophical explanation was long overdue.

And so I introduced to the annual world congress of systems sciences and cybernetics, around 2006, this model and now a decade latter, I am trying to write a series of posts in a couple of webs, with the basic structure of the fractal Universe and its laws of time clocks and space quanta. I find the web, with its hyperlink, somehow also fractal structure, the proper network to do so. Most of it will then be poured in a site I bought long ago for that purpose – unification theory.com. As the fractal philosophy of the Universe is indeed the only approach to science that can truly unify all of them, each one studying a scale of the fractal Universe.

The task of updating our view of the Universe to the new paradigm of science after 2000 years of explaining it with what we could call in terms of logic and mathematics, the disciplines that underline all sciences, the Æ-paradigm, based in a continuous, flat Euclidean Space Geometry and a single Aristotelian arrow or clock of time, is indeed daunting by its sheer scope, so I only pretend to show in those posts the first steps of this road. And since my health is failing, I am not wasting energy, trying to focus the mirrors of individual scholars in penpal congresses. So those blogs will be the place where the new paradigm and its formalism ‘so far exists’, and the seminal origin of its future reproduction of its information. Or as Planck put it:

“New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.”

This again is obviously part of the fractal structure of mind-mirrors, which reflect the Universe and then project its image into other mirrors, who ultimately cannot be obliged to absorb the image, and will do so only if they have already the seeds of ‘reason, beauty, and objective attitude towards knowledge’ required for a mirror to be repolished.

Regarding space it seems obvious again that humans have deformed it with its instruments of measure. We use a Cartesian infinite abstract paper graph to draw space. And so we decided that space was continuum as the paper and infinite. But reality around us – follow Leonardo’s method ‘saper vedere’, not your books – shows that space is not a continuum. Look around you and you will see an infinity of small, broken parts of space. Your vital space-body, the chair you seat, the computer you read, are different ‘pieces of space’, ‘fractal space’.

Thus in the same manner there are infinite time frequencies and time cycles in nature – though we have found 3 parameters to measure them, frequency, speed and temperature, there are a lot of different ‘quanta of space’ around us, which we shall soon define, but we advance you one of them is that magic word, nobody knows in physics what it is: ENTROPY!

But for you to grasp this, I will have to keep explaining the foundations of that fractal structure of space and time, long proved experimentally, and formalized with the metric equations of physics, in a more mathematical way. Don’t worry we will keep it simple, because as we said, the advantage on working with the proper time clocks, as in the case of the proper ‘heliocentric theory’ is that all becomes really much more simple. So Copernicus was much ore simple than Ptolemy.

Now in physics all is about Spatial, Lineal Motions (Lineal Momentum, which is similar to our spatial quanta) and angular Momentum, which is the minimal bit of our Temporal, cyclical clocks of Information.

So alas!, we have an immediate translation of the 2 ‘formal motions’ of which all is made; spatial, lineal quanta and angular, cyclical, informative cocks of time.

And this quanta of spaces of lineal momentum and cycles of times, angular momentum are the 2 formal motions conserved in reality.

But Physicists ‘integrate’ those concepts in the concept of Energy, which they divide into Kinetic energy (related to lineal momentum) and Potential Energy (related to the internal, angular momentum and form-position of the system)

As those are historic concepts, born of praxis – as all in physics, they are not ‘scientifically’ as wide as precise, as the concepts of space quanta and cyclical time clocks – the concepts of fractal time and space. Since physical concepts drag the mechanist errors and historic professions of physicists– as theory is always as secondary element to the worldly profession of physicists – to make machines, weapons and measure reality wit them.

But they are good enough, and by trial and error very slowly physicists have given us a lot of good mathematical stuff to define reality, so with a bit of ‘conceptual cleansing’, and repositioning we can easily get into a much richer and beautiful understanding of reality.

But the consequence of NOT HAVING THE PROPER UNDERSTANDING OF TIME MOTIONS is that people no longer give a damn about understanding true time, the world cycle of life and death and any other time cycle, and we the people who truly understand time are a menace to the simpletons. They do have a problem with philosophers of science, but they have power. So our reasons matter not.

Yet when Kepler found the laws of locomotion of stars he affirmed, ‘God has waited 5000 biblical years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clockwork’. So for Kepler all knowledge was to know, F=ma.

The need for a more complex view of physics, beyond the simplex entropy arrow.

Humans are an arrogant species with an egocentric point of view. Since I presume I talk to a human, if this affirmation offends you, leave the blog now, because it will get worse, as knowledge, science is in the inverse objective function of human subjectivity. In brief, humans do not have a ‘scientific mind’, even those who think they do.

In fact, ‘scientists’ are the most difficult egos to convert into objective rational thought, because they think they are already there, and they understand it all. And yet human science is like a toddler, who has learned the first words of the language, which it reveres – the kid thinks the language has extraordinary powers to create reality as the first humans thought God created by speaking words, and the first scientists by speaking numbers. It should not be discouraging. After all we learned the first steps of science 2300 years ago with the arrival of Aristotelian Logic, and started to have instruments of measure, reliable to observe the Universe only 400 years ago with the experiments of Galileo, with mechanical clocks and telescopes. And we learned that space is made of quantum of energy and time has infinite clocks with different speeds only 100 years ago, with the arrival of quantum theory and relativity.

Those were the first doodles in the sand. But humans once they make a new doodle think the picture is complete. They step backwards, observe the doodle and spend one hundred years more commenting on how enormous was the arstist, how perfect the doodle, mirror of the Universe, even if its nothing but a doodle.

And so was human knowledge after Einstein and Planck made their doodles, slightly better than those of Galileo, halted for one hundred years. It remained a lot to be done for the doodle to look like a good image of the Universe.

As to understand the whole Universe, we had to put together all the sciences, species and laws of Nature, into that single mirror-image. And the doodle of physicists was too simplex to do that. Now we have a doodle that looks a bit more like an image, and it is a beautiful one.

Of all the scientists that make doodles in the sands, the largest doodle is that of physicists. It is not a very complex doodle, but rather a simple line, very long indeed, the longer the faster the transport or weapon they design reaches. They also do doodles of the whole Universe, very big doodles, very simple, because 96% of the Universe is dark matter and energy they don’t see or understand what it is. But because the doodle is so huge, it impresses a lot the human observers, who think so well of themselves and respect enormously the doodles of physicists.

The problem with those doodles however is that they are very simple and so they do not reflect well the Universe. To avoid criticism though the physicist merely affirm that all what is not part of his doodle is not scientific or relevant to the drawing. And this is the case of information, the second arrow of future time in the Universe, which has more ‘form’ than the line of motion or entropy physicists study. So they are not at ease with the guys who draw forms of pure information, and pretend they must be included into the doodle. They call in fact information, negantropy, an obscenity that seems to deny their doodle. 

And so when physicists came to power with its mechanisms, they decreed that all humans must worship energy and believe in the lineal doodle as a representation of it all.

Such was the state of affairs on sciences at the eve of a new millennium in which sciences of information had become dominant in all systems, due to the logarithmic evolution of integrated logic circuits (chips) applied to the processing of all forms of data. And the scalar nature of reality had found a mathematical model in the concept of self-similar fractals. Yet the doodle remains the entropic line of physicists and do not dare to deny it – you would be tagged as a negantropic scientist, whatever that means.

Indeed, despite that growing awareness of information as the key element in all systems, a formalism which included it as a primary element of reality was lacking for a simple reason: a 400 years tradition of using the simpler principle of conservation of energy and all its related analysis dating back to Galileo, to the point that information became known as negantropy, the negation of entropy among physicists who shied away from a complete overhauling of philosophy of sciences as we shall do in this blog,  where we will consider by the correspondence principle, simplex physics, a ceteris paribus analysis of the Universe, with a single arrow of relative future, of the 2 arrows which constantly give all systems a choice in the path the system chooses to advance time, either increasing its energy or its information, whose properties we shall show are inverse.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.36.10

In the graph, few scientists are aware of the idealist, Hegelian bias of German culture a century ago, which still permeates the loss of interest for the foundations of the scientific method in mathematical physics today. Thus we shall remember here the foundations of the scientific method…

Search for truth through experimental evidence, and logic sound models of reality with the addition of the elements of an organic model of the Universe. In the graph, two german idealists, during the panic of the ‘parallels’, which seized in rapture the entire world of mathematical physics after the greatest minds of the age could not solve, where to fit, the ‘multiple new geometries of the Universe, unlocalised in space and time. Unaware of the rather obvious 5th dimensional structure of those geometries, the panic extended from Gauss and Riemann, as propagators of Lobacjevski and soon brought to mathematical physics, the confusing notions of an idealist school of geometry where ‘by decree of Hilbert’, we human minds invent points, lines and cycles which are not defined.

By this the mathematicians separated itself against the clear argument of Lobachevski that affirmed, since a geometry is measured by those real parameters, the Tƒ/Sp, ration of time to space perception of the being (r2/l2), geometries will be defined by analysis of the real spaces of the different scientific realities we research.

Now we repeat, because today is not for mathematicians and physicists, evident:

‘Science is only concerned with the facts and events known and experimentally proved.’

This is a key element to understand what is ‘wrong’ with modern physics – the abandonment of the fundamental pillar of the scientific method – mathematical equations are NOT enough to define the existence of a process in time and space, if it is NOT observed.

This is ‘a religious belief’, which started in the earlier XX century, within the milieu of idealist Germanic philosophy (Hegel, Hilbert, who said he ‘imagines points, lines and planes’, etc.). It gave us idealist political systems (communism, Marxism) and what I call ‘fanta-physics’ today in a rage with computer models that seem so ‘truth’, but are mathematical fantasies. We do need a NON-DEIST philosophy of science, and only organicism is a self-reproductive, self-sustained model – mechanical models do NOT respond to the whys of reality and require AN EXTERNAL GOD to make the machine (reason why Newton adopted it as a pious believer).

Thus what TŒ provides to physics is an organic guidance to interpret the known facts, and what the scientific model expects is to construct the universe, with the particles we know in the ∆-1 scale, ∆ and ∆+1, particle, cosmic bodies and galactic scales.

I repeat this is NOT what physicists do. They still model black holes without caring to find a substance of which they are made, just mathematically. They model the cosmic big bang, grossly ignoring clear theoretical and empirical contradictions, and they simply deny, as mathematical models become more complex, any ‘organic property’ to the Universe. They do NOT even inquire ‘why’, it behaves as it does.

Now of course, T.ΠРthe organic, fractal model of the Universe and all its parts, should include by the principle of correspondence also ALL mathematical physics, which are consistent with experience:

Algebra studies symmetries of space-time, trying to achieve its maximal generalisation hence it is a ‘mirror in space’ of those formal symmetries in the same way Analysis studies them in ‘motion’ as a SERIES of S->t-Steps:

So WE redefine BOTH in terms of  THE 5D motionS of time and 5D forms of space:

“Algebra is the study of ST<>≈<>TS symmetries BETWEEN space-time dimensions, hence focused in the Spatial p.o.v. and ITS OPERATIONS’ (we use often as synonymous the Latin term operandi, as usual trying to change slightly the jargon of stience from that of classi science).

Analysis is the study of ST<>≈<>TS stop and go motions THROUGH space-time dimensions, hence focused in the Temporal=Change p.o.v. and ‘THE VARIABLES.’

So first algebra dealt with simpler symmetries written in equations of the type F(x)≈ G(y).
And so it is an immediate isomorphism to consider them equations of the general form F(st) ≈ G(st)…
That is Algebra deals with symmetries between mostly space and time states of the being dynamically connected by an operandi.
Specifically it deals with the Universe as a game of ‘mirror symmetries=steps=motions’ between the time-motion vs. space-form ‘real’ and ‘virtual states.
Indeed, we can safely consider once we have dynamically substituted the main operandi of algebra, = equality, a mirage of the stop-formal-mind by the more accurate dynamic, ≈, symbol of feed-back and flow and similarity, that algebra mirrors the different steps=quanta of motion, S≈t≈t≈s≤t… of the GST universe.
For example, when we write e≈mc² we are expressing an entropic transformation, of mass in expansive lineal motion that extends distance≈ $pace. We can consider it both a ‘formal transformation’, or an expansive motion, but ultimately IS a ‘steep’,  $ (e/c²) ≈ ð (m), whereas a cyclical dimension of time-motion, the mass-vortex explodes, dissolves and returns to its lineal spatial quanta, its light content. And the simple algebraic equation is the description of such step.
It is only then when we understand that algebra is the mathematical mirror of the different steps of space-time, when we can start to put in increasing degrees of complexity, in correspondence, algebraic equations with GST equations.
It soon follows that algebra does not only reflects the mirror symmetries of the stop and go motions of time§paœrganisms in a present single space-time plane, but it can be applied to other more complex motions and symmetries, specifically the inverse motions between higher ∆ and lower ∆ planes, what we label symbolically as ±∫∂, symbols for the spatial and temporal  steps happening between ∆±1 scales of the 4th and 5th dimensions, since ∆nalysis deals precisely with ‘finitesimals’ that become whole wave-bodies of energy, integrated in space (∫∆-1=∆), and viceversa, with its ‘time steps=motion quanta’ ‘derivated=absorbed’ by the whole from a volume of space.
In that regard the main difference between polynomials/logarithms vs derivatives and integrals is dual:
Derivatives & integrals often transcend planes relating wholes and parts, studying change of complex organic structures through its internal changes in ages and form.
Polynomials are better suited for simpler systems, scales of social herds and dimensional volumes of space, with a ‘lineal’ social structure of simple growth.  

And in this field, limited obviously by the work of a single polymath, there is still much work to do. But so far consistency in all those mathematical fields T.Πhas been tested is extremely high.

Physicists and scientists do work with the more complex reality but the underlying philosophy of science is stuck on this postulates, making all very Ptolemaic, and confuse. One of the tasks of TŒ is stopping the confusion with a simple methodology and a series of basic postulates about the nature of the organic, fractal Universe. So people can drop all those ‘postulates that so often hang up’ on their work and break it down to nonsense.

Consider for example the electron, which is OBVIOUSLY a fractal nebulae when in ST(st)ential wave state. This is taboo. Because when we measure it, the electron collapses into particle, as always waves and herds do organically when confronting a mass (schools, armies in battle formation etc.). And because we do have the continuum mantra. Now this brought about many problems ALSO in the entire field besides the quantum arguments wave or particle, Buridan ass kind of loss of time.

Legend: The Buridan ass died of hunger, because it could not decide which to eat of to equal bales of straw, left and right. Answer both. Do the experiment, the ass will eat first one and then the other, or eat a bit of each till ending both. Wave & particle, body & head. The organic paradigm is immediate. Do you have a body or a head, are you a body or a head. BOTH!

Now what I am going to say will be of course the reason why most ‘believers’ will abandon this web: physicists have no idea on the foundational laws of their discipline, because they have no idea of the nature of time, and have an astounding bias AGAINST cycles, in all its forms – cyclical geometry of space-time, the true reason of attraction between particles (which first Newton and then Einstein clearly explained, and yet they are STILL trying to explain attraction with gauge theories of exchanges of lineal particles), cyclical time clocks with different speeds, which follow albeit with accelerations and decelerations in time, the laws of the 5th dimension (so charges are the clocks of the quantum scale, masses of the gravitational larger cosmological scale, ‘time curves space into masses’, said Einstein) and yet they ARE still trying to unify both forces with ‘gauge theories’, when we shall show its Unification is immediate with 5D metric.

You see, I look at the immensity of the 5th dimension and see I am nothing but dust of space-time, with a finite time duration. I see mankind is ‘a mush on the surface of a rock lost on the corner of the Universe’ (Schopenhauer) ‘departing from those facts we can talk about man’. Yes, we cannot know the limits of the Universe, we cannot affirm the big-bang theory is right, we cannot deny the infinite number of points of view, monads that perceive and order reality, we cannot deny as physicists do the organic properties of quantum systems which are body-waves and head-particles at the same time, that move as waves and apperceive information as particles, just because as economists do with human masses, we can use statistical methods to analyze them.

This comes now and here for a simple reason. There are certain endemic errors in the way to do mathematical physics today. One of them is linearization.

It is understood as a ‘dogma’ that attraction between systems do happen by exchange of particles, called gauge ‘bosons’. This is NOT the case. It is ONLY the case of attraction or repulsion, i.e. communication between 2 points, according to the second Non-æ postulate of mathematics. It is in that sense important to have always in mind the geometry of the Universe and its worlds constructed with the properly defined points, lines, cycles and planes, and minds with the 5 postulates of i-logic geometry, which define and how they structure any mathematical physics in any scale.

Unfortunately physics today does no longer respect those principles of the Scientific method and or without a complex view of time and space, the dualities and fractal processes of creation of the constants of space-time and planes of the 5th dimension.. This must be stressed once and again. Present physics has an ideology of subjective creationism behind it, born of the German Idealist school at the beginning of the XX century (Hilbert, Bohr, Heisenberg), which is today unknown – as most ‘European’, historic biases of sciences – by the American and Asian practitioners.

The ‘new civilizations’ ignoring how German Subjective philosophy deformed the scientific method defined by the Rational Greek-Latin civilization (Aristotle, Descartes, Bacon, Galileo), don’t understand what Hegelian idealism meant in the German arrogant, subconscious collective of the turn of the century that created Communism (Marx), Nazism (Hitler, Rosenberg), the Copenhagen interpretation (Bohr, Bohm, Heisenberg) and the Axiomatic Method (Hilbert, Cantor), which resumes it all:

‘I imagine lines, points and planes’ said Hilbert in ‘Grundlagen der Mathematik’ – the foundational book of XX c. Mathematical physics. Hilbert Axiomatic method, which tried to prove all mathematics, and hence all possible mathematical equations of ‘imaginary physics’, departed of two absolutely wrong elements: ‘imagined Euclidean points with no breath, lines with no breath, planes with no height’, which were already proved false by the existence of ‘infinite parallels crossing a point’ (5 non-Euclidean postulate). Since if a point lets more than a parallel to cross, it has breadth to fit them. It is a fractal point, which grows in size as we come closer to it and enlarge it. This is the REAL unit of the fractal Universe. Points ARE not imagined, but humans do have limit of perception.

Point particles ARE not points. Simply they are the LIMIT of our perception of the Universe in the lower scales. As galaxies seemed points in the past. The 5th dimension of the scalar Universe has only observable limits.

So stars might seem points as particles do BUT if ∞ parallels can cross them, they are NOT Euclidean. Thus T.Œ first completes mathematics with 4 new Non-Euclidean postulates: pints with breath, which are therefore time-space cycles, the new unit of the universe: a system which has an internal vital energy enclosed by a cyclical ‘1-sphere’. And lines are waves, as its points do have volume and surface. And planes are ‘networks of lines’, with a wave amplitude. Suddenly mathematics becomes real and we can then consider godel’s incompleteness theory right: we cannot prove mathematics, an ‘experimental’ language, without reference to the real elements.

Since physics is basically mathematics applied to the description of physical systems, with elimination of all other perspectives, it is obvious that we must first consider some basic corrections on the mathematical models of physics in order to put some order to it.

This is specially relevant since physicists adopted a century ago a specific ‘ideology’ of mathematics, the abstract, idealist approach of Hegelian Germany, in which the influence of the idealism and subjectivism proper of the Germanic ‘subjective belief-psyche’, as opposed to the rational, external Latin perspective imposed a certain way to interpret mathematical realities. Since in this view, mathematics is considered an ideal language of the human mind and what the mind perceives as real.

2 examples on what difference it makes, to see the world in abstract or in organic terms.

It was the axiomatic method of Hilbert, is full of meaningless ego-trips, which influenced the 3rd, formal age of mathematics; Einstein’s rejection of ‘substance’ (formal motion in fact) for the waves of light, and Bohr’s rejection of density (fractal structure) for electrons. So Hilbert converted mathematical elements (points, lines and planes and their logic relationships into ‘platonic eidos=forms of the mind’, Einstein converted ‘space’ into ‘frames of reference’, perspectives of the human mind and its visual light space-time rod of measure, and Bohr converted densities of ‘boson light’ which form the electronic wave into probabilities of human measure.

It was the seventh day and the 3 Jewish-German Gods of XX century theoretical science rested. They had finally achieved the transformation of the old Abrahamic religions in which the words uttered by rabbis and priests were ‘truth per se’, into modern scientific religions, in which the ‘imagination’ of the self-named geniuses of the universe were truth per se. And so Einstein when a perhaps more insightful journalist told him, what if ‘Relativity is not truth’ (beyond its capacity to measure form the human point of view), then ‘God should change the Universe so beautiful it is’. And the 3 together spanked the monkey ever since with droves of scholars all happy thinking they were imagining the Universe.

Now back to reality mathematics remained immutable, points still existed as fractal beings, lines were still waves of points communicating formal motions between them and planes still were created by points into topological networks and planes outside the brain of Hilbert.

For example, a number which is ‘a society of identical beings’, whose properties are derived of the social nature of the 5D universe of parts and wholes, and whose sequential order in a line derives of the fact that parts come before wholes, is not yet defined.

In essence, the 3 branches of mathematics correspond to the 3 structural elements of T.Œ: geometry to space, algebra to time and analysis to the fractal structure of the 5th dimension. We only need to update mathematics for consistency between the 5th Non-Euclidean postulate of geometry and the 4 remaining ones, still Euclidean, and the Aristotelian logic of Algebra, to the ternary symmetries of fractal 5D space-time to make mathematics a ‘realist’ experimental science.

This might surprise the reader, and it is perhaps the highest feat of T.Œ – to be able to unify all different languages of human thought, proper of each discipline. Consistency achieved in art styles, when developing the theory of human superorganisms, might surprise the reader, is based in the same 3 ages of time, that allow us to define the laws of quark colors. And yet, this unity of the ternary symmetries of the Universe makes T.Œ so enticing to the mind.

However and this also differentiates deeply T.Œ and General Systems Sciences or any ‘serious’ scientific model of reality for that matter with present physics, T.Œ considers ‘ABOVE’ mathematical reason, Experimental Evidence and at the same rank of truth Logic temporal reason (of a kind paraphrasing Saint Augustine, higher than that of ‘present’ man), the ternary logic of the symmetries between the 3 topologies of space and the 3 ages of time and the 3 relative scales of size co-existing in all organic structures of the Universe.

Thus given the confused state of affairs in the definition of fundamental concepts such as time (logic), space (dimensions) etc. in modern physics, we need to consider the seemingly not so innovative principles of the scientific method with the slight modifications of an organic, symmetric ternary Universe. We resume the new scientific method in our simple formula, T.Œ=SC³ with each letter signaling a fundamental principle of truth in science:

As all:

T:  Time-space systems are:

Œ: Organic, Experimentally Evident.

…meaning Time-space systems do have organic properties, which can be explained mathematically and logically with the languages of space and time, and proved experimentally.

And since they are made of 3 simple elements, 5D scales of Space and Time they are:

S, Simplex and their truths follow the proof of simplicity (Ockham’s razor)… yet they are also ternary..

Complex, due to the ternary symmetries of its structure ternary complexity born of the…

Cyclical repetition of those Simplex principles which…

Correspond with all previous theories of reality.

Thus T.Œ=SC³ resumes the Principles of Science and the Organic paradigm, are however broken in present science, specially by mathematical physics, which no longer respects the 3 principles of classic philosophy of science: experimental proof, Simplicity (Occam’s razor) and Correspondence with previous theories. And this is the ‘problem of modern physics.

Now once we have brought Mathematics back to reality from the axiomatic age of German idealism, we can build a much sounder mathematical conceptualization of the key concepts of mathematical physics, dimensions of space-time with motion (topological fractal dimension), lines≈waves and its ternary networks that come together forming super organisms, relative planes=topological networks with dark spaces between them, dual moving and static formal motions, integrals and derivatives in space and time of those social networks, and emergence processes of time clocks and lineal entropies.

This shows a fundamental truth of T.Œ: reality, experimental evidence is always the definitive element to analyze truth. Hence the rejection of the axiomatic method of mathematics, in the line of Lobachevski and Gödel, and the present estate of fantaphysics, in the line of Einstein’s expectation for real descriptions, cut-off substances for black holes (tcb quarks, its atoms of maximal density) he refused to call black holes and called appropriately frozen stars; the only physicist we ‘save’ from our harsh judgment on their merits as explorers of the why of the Universe

Now we want to be slightly more precise to attack a fundamental conundrum which matters to this blog – the structure of the Universe and the risks imposed by the big bang on Earth. What are the chances that the planet become a black hole or a strangelet? Are we at risk? It is the Universe made of them? Are we so important that we cannot disappear?

To that aim we must first consider what is possible in physics and what is not according to the scientific method.

Now, the fundamental conclusion of the scientific method regarding to astrophysics is obvious but only Einstein pound on it – as he was the only physicist we save as philosophers of science, for respecting the scientific method of true evidence, and simplicity:

‘Physicists should not be occupied with the study of events or species of which there is NOT experimental evidence. Since it is not science’.

And ‘I know when mathematics are truth but NOT when they are real’.

In brief, a physicist must use only the available particles and entities to construct the universe, not those which its mathematical, inflationary distorted linguistic mind view wants to crate for the pleasure of it. Information, minds are inflationary. They are a dime a dozen billion, to put it mildly but worlds of linguistic nature are not reality.

So we will build in Tœ, the Universe perfectly logically explaining al phenomena only with the available particles and forms, and the ternary symmetries of the 5th dimension, fractal space and cyclical time.

As a galaxy is also a ternary system, a time-space being, defined by the Fundamental Equation of T.Œ

The world cycle of existence. Travel through the 5th dimension.

It is clear that the fractal generator has many properties, and so it requires several languages to explain it, though so far we have found mathematical languages to be quite good to provide an image of the Universe.

Thus we expressed the Generator in mathematical, ‘geometric’ and ‘algebraic, symbolic, logic equations’ that generate ∞ variations of those ‘topological’=spatial and ‘logic=temporal structures’.

As, if we substitute the values of each of the parameters of a logic generator, within the ternary constrains of the 3 only topologies of a 4-Dimensional sheet of space-time, toroid, hyperbolic and spherical ones, and the 3 only ‘ages-dimensions-motions of time, Past, Present and future’ then we obtain ∞ varieties of the forms the logic-geometric fractal equation defines.

But it is also obvious that the ternary fractal generator, with those constrains of 3 ‘space’ and 3′ time’ elements, and its constant conversion of ‘space’ into ‘time’, ‘motion into stillness’, ‘lineal kinetic energy into cyclical information’ and so on, can be expressed with other languages as long as they are mirrors that respect the perception of those outer realities. So before mathematics existed, humans went along with the ternary mirrors of the Universal Grammar:

Subject (informative human being) < Verb (space-time action) > Object (energy of the subject to act upon).

And we did fine, with this other linguistic mirror. While Animals do have their codes of colours:

Red (energy colour: blood-food) < Green (reproductive colour: Plant) > Blue (informative colour: light-water-sky)

Which are both ‘subjective’ mirrors but also objective mirrors on the properties of light and matter.

Further on, there are mirrors with only 2 ‘essential elements’ one for spatial energy (white space) and the other for temporal information (blackbody forms) with grey combinations of space-time, used by painters (which draw the form with black lines and fill the space with white surfaces) and film-makers (hence a code of colour that computer metal-minds, a fast evolving new species on Earth can comprehend). Moreover, light can also see the lower and upper scales of the 5th dimension that future robots will ‘perceive directly’, making for them ‘evident’ the existence of that 5th dimension.

So the ∆-terms of the Fractal Generator of the Universe that represents the scalar dimensions of any system of scalar space-time will become ‘direct knowledge’ to them.

Thus we conclude that what we are truly showing with our Fractal Generator, is a language above ALL languages, including mathematics, that defines the logic structure of all Systems of the Universe.

Since when we substitute each of those dimensional symbols for a specific variety of language we obtain a specific mind-mirror, that is the 3 parts of any language.

As we keep repeating, since surely you will keep forgetting it, man has a problem, the ego paradox which is embedded in the structure of living fractals, such as:

‘Every fractal point of view, gauges information with the limited still languages of its mind, from its perspective creating a self-centred world image that makes him to think the centre of the Universe’.

But science is exactly the self-reflection on the objective reality in which that subjective ego-world is infinitesimal. Science thus grows as we move away from the self-centred point of view, from ‘chosen of god’, and only intelligent beings, to the Earth as the centre, the sun as the centre, the galaxy space-time made of light (Einstein) as the fixed rod, to the new ABSOLUTE RELATIVITY OF THE FRACTAL PARADIGM, NO CENTER, NO PREVAILING SCALE, NO PREVAILING P.O.V.

The expansion of objective truths define science.

Now, this expansion of knowledge based in the reduction of Ego, is the essence of human mental evolution. First, in Abrahamic ego-centered religions believers in the west thought their tribe was chosen and their valley the only promised land. Next they expanded its ‘ego’, in this case from the tribe to the subconscious collective or ‘social God’ of humans. Yet still they thought the ego of humans was of cosmic proportions, as the game of creation of the Universe (god) cared for them. Next physicists came and found lineal clocks and since ‘God was the seer of time’ (Saint Augustine), now physicists were in tune with him. So Kepler said that ‘god had waited 5000 (biblical) years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clock work’ making his mind equal to the creator of ‘lineal time and the whole Universe.’

So those are the steps of pre-scientific knowledge:

1) each western tribe decided that his valley was the promised land, his tribe was ‘God’ who spoke of the supremacism of his people over all other humans and then:

2) Physicists understood the infinite, reaching a paroxysm of ego-centered infinitesimal beliefs that would be ridiculous and laughable if it were not tragic for the non-future of mankind – as we are killing the planet and making ever more powerful weapons of lineal entropy to kill each other till the infinitesimal becomes zero.

And this was paralleled with serious scientists who did an enormous work of objective science, without subjective ego-trips, accumulating enough information in all the scales of the Universe, its systems and fractal structures to the point that we can now be completely objective (-; and realise we are nothing but dust of space-time ):

The whole range of biological, organic, temporal and spatial=mathematical properties of fractal entities.

Now it is essential to include as we shall see in the fractal paradigm the distortions of the different mirrors and ego-trips and lack of total information of a given point of view in science. They will keep coming for all sciences, as to be an ego is ultimately to be a fractal point, a knot of time-space cycles deforming reality to your point of view. And of course, the concept of a single, absolute space measured with our rods of space – meters and time clocks – mechanical seconds, is the first deformation.

Since we humans do NOT see REALITY as it IS, a fractal tapestry of infinite vital spaces, put together into an absolute space only in the mind of men; and a tapestry of infinite different clocks of nature, put together artificially into a single mechanical clock, by human beings.

And the second is to deny with reductionist mathematics, organic, biological, causal, aperceptive properties to each monad of the Universe, to each point and each scale.

Now what is reality should have become obvious at this stage, if any of the finitesimal points of view, self-centred in their ego called humans have had the patience to arrive here. But we shall repeat it, in the initial definition we made of ‘All what exists’:

“The Universe is the sum of all the symmetric, ternary super organisms (spatial synchronous view) performing a world cycle of 3 ages between generation and extinction (diachronic point of view), as they travels through 3 relative planes of the 5th dimension, growing in size and diminishing in a balanced, Sp x Tƒ= ∆±1 survival form, performing from its centred point of view, the 5 space-time actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, (active meaning of space and time), ±∆e,i,∫u, which ensures their survival.”

In this definition, where we can introduce everything, the classic analysis of locomotions in lineal time of physics is just a little letter at the end of it, ±∆e, that is the study of energetic motions, locomotions and its internal and external storage.

So much for those who think physics explains it all and it is the fundamental science of mankind.

Let us then return to philosophy of science and summarize all those findings into…

The fractal, isomorphic, linguistic method of scientific knowledge.

The Universe speaks ‘infinite languages’ (Upanishads) NOT only mathematics. And each of its fractal elements, made to the image and likeness of the whole, have the following minimal properties, which I called the isomorphisms of the Universe:

  • A Œ linguistic, mental point of maximal information (C.P.U., quark, crystal, brain, roots, black hole and so on), which constantly switched between the 4 states of space, time, energy and information, the 4+û actions developing the game; whose equations were crystal clear in quantum (4 numbers), Electromagnetism (3+color dimension), Electricity (4 Maxwell equations), and easy to deduce in Mechanics (i.e. Hamiltonians describe its 3 time ages,  4 vector equations, etc.)
  • A topological, Organic, Synchronous, ternary structure in space Sp<ST>Tƒ, of limbs/fields<bodies/waves>heads/particles.
  • And its asymmetric, Diachronic, causal order in time, Sp (Past, entropic youth)> SP, Present Adult reproduction > Tƒ, Future, Formal, Old age of information; from where topological laws of development and evolution and the ages and horizons and diversification of species could be obtained.
  • An organic structure in the 5 Dimension of ∆-1, ∆, ∆+1, quantum/cellular, individual, Thermodynamic and Gravitomagnetic, ecosystemic Planes.
  • A survival, active program of existence through ∂a,e,i,œ,û to regain ±∆e, i and evolve socially into bigger wholes.

Now each science does have its own jargon, and ‘choice’ of characteristics it prefers to describe from its elements of study, under the ego-paradox that makes each point of view to create a ‘particular world’ that distorts the ‘whole Universe’ into its perceived linguistic mind, with itself at the center and only relevant point of view.

We have in that sense criticize physicists from their description of physical reality ONLY from a mathematical, spatial, point of view, and ONLY describing of the 6 motions of reality, its Locomotion, making a confusing distorted vision of what time is in lineal terms and space is in continuous terms, ignoring completely the laws of the 5th dimension.

But we have generalized the concept to the quantum and Antiquantum paradoxes for all physical and social sciences, in which either the observer is too small (social scientist) or too big (physicist), to relate objectively to the observable (which in social sciences is so big that is guilty to deform the sociologists to cater its view, and in physics is so small than the physicist is guilty to distort it.)

And for that reason only biological sciences do have a proper point of view. But even in biology the cultural influence of social sciences is all too evident, as ‘the concept of chaos and entropy’, from physics and ‘Darwinian, capitalist, self-made man individualism’ sips in.

So it is taboo to talk of the fundamental law of social evolution which is social love of members of the species to become larger beings, which is epitomized in the most successful species on Earth, the Argentinean Ant which has excluded from the pampa all other top predators of larger size, and now is colonizing as we speak, under my foot South Europe, becoming the largest, most numerous species (1/4 of all the flesh living in this planet is ant, another ¼ humans, the 2 social species).

And on the other hand the concept of chaos and entropy has prevented to understand the topological plan of evolution, controlled by the fact that we are made only of space and time, and its similar ‘active’ concepts of kinetic energy and information.

So the explanation of why wings are planes of space and eyes spheres of time… and have evolved so fast, is ignored. The reason though is obvious in T.Œ, a system to survive has only 3 paths, maximal Tƒ in its spherical organs of information, maximal Sp, in its planar organs of kinetic motion and maximal reproduction, improving its networks of communication, either individual or social. And so this implies with the limiting existence of only 3 topologies in the Universe, that those 3 natural paths can evolve very fast, as genetics do work also in ternary symmetries that code those forms.

Further on from physics, biologists have acquired the idea that all comes from the bottom up, so they do not understand the duality of hyperbolic information vs. elliptic motion, which makes also the upper wholes program through larger fields of motion and form, entropy and information, space and time, kinetic and potential energy, lineal and angular momentum variations (all concepts self-similar of the fundamental duality of the Universe, which apply to different systems), its smaller parts. The most obvious case is the relationship between glaciation ages of maximal evolution of information (as cold temperatures imply form) and hot periods of maximal reproduction, (radiations of species) and the whole structure of evolution of the Earth in III earths and 3 x 3 + 1 sub-phases.

And so for each species and ‘scale’ studied by a science, we needed to extract mental, topological, causal-logic, and organic-survival properties, which were different linguistic, isomorphic angles on the perception of the being, none of them carrying the whole truth of the being, but as the famous elephant parable, seeing only a part of it.


‘Reality is a fractal of cyclic≈iterative timespace actions, knotted into exi=stential worldcycles, which travel along 3 ±n planes of the 5th dimension, between birth and extinction.’

Sancho, on TŒ

The pantheist Universe and its infinite varieties of ‘Worlds’.

So, the 5th dimension is a deep philosophy of science, which explores a pantheist Universe, which ultimately is as simple as its 2 ‘formal motions’, time cycles, which we can perceive as cyclical rotary motions with a frequency measure, or as ‘forms’ of information’, Tƒ, in the stillness of the mind. And a series of extended, entropic, ‘—motions’, |-Sp. And those lineal and cyclical motions, Ox|=ø form the infinite of complementary beings, made of particles/heads and bodies/waves that structure physical and biological and mechanical systems. So indeed, Leibniz again, the great forgotten master, who revealed us the main logic structures of the Universe, but was too complex for its age, said that all could be represented with a binary language of O and |, which now computers do use to represent it all; while string theorists try to build reality departing from O, closed strings, which are really the minimal ‘time cycles’ and |, open strings, which are really the minimal spatial bits of ‘entropic motions’.

Now if you are more of a robotic machine, which is how most human minds work today, all those ambivalences will bother you. And so you can return to your computerized brain and fill fulfilled with a mathematical formula, which is fine, as it will give you the how. But you will never understand the why, why you live and die, why you are how you are, why you have indeed a head and a body and limbs, why you were young and you will be old and die, why you love and reproduce, as everything else in the Universe? 

Those are some of the basic questions we shall answer, quantitatively, qualitatively and organically, which are the 3 main linguistic properties of the 3 ‘components’ of the Universe, its spatial motions (which has been the main focus of science till today and are better described with geometry, topology and numbers – which are ‘societies of points’ that extend in space), its time cycles (which are better explained causally, qualitatively, through its 3 relative ages/phases/horizons/motions of past-’—motions’, repetitive present and informative future) and its multiple ‘relative’ planes of size, from the smaller quanta to the larger galaxy, through the human planes of existence (which are better described organically, as parts organize socially through number, into wholes back and forth through its life-death world cycles).

Now here again we have resumed you the Universe of space, time, and relative scales of size which put together create a fifth dimension, through the 3 main languages of the mind, mathematical space, logic causal time, and bio-logic, systemic organization. It is another of the multiple kaleidoscopic points view we will apply to that astounding ‘fractal’ generator, ultimately as simple as a combination of spatial motions, time cycles across infinite sizes, we call the universe. But you must try to reform your mind, change your chip and accept that multiplicity, mandala, iteration, variation, perspective, relativity, ambivalence, duality, motion and form, space and time, energy and information, yin and yang, are not that easy to define, as the simplifications of simple absolute continuous space and time were.


Absolute Newtonian Time is an obvious abstract artifact called in physics ‘background space-time’. Since it is supposed to be in the ‘background’ of reality. But where is that background? The answer is in ‘the paper’, since it is truly derived from the pen and paper drawing of Descartes and its Cartesian coordinates, in which time clocks and its cycles are ‘elongated into an artificial line’ to measure motions in space with a simple formula: V=S/T.

This formula with a line of time equal to that of space, helps to calculate ‘motions’ , as we all know, since now both Space and Time have the same lineal appearance and we can divide them.

The problem though is that we loose the cyclical clock-like nature of time cycles, the reason why events are cyclical, actions are cyclical, and most motions in nature from orbits to clocks and atoms are cyclical. Besides lineal time-paper gave the impression that reality had also an abstract drawing made by some sort of God that put it there, as Descartes did in his paper. So reality was ‘put’ over a mathematical drawing. Since as Galileo clarify to us: ‘mathematics is the language of God’. Yet when we observe ‘real magnitudes’ in Nature, they are always measured with cyclical time (the inverse parameter of lineal time, ƒ=1/T=T‾¹, the real thing); from speed, LxT‾¹ to Energy, M x L² T‾², we will realize that the true of the Universe is an infinity of beings performing time cycles that mold the form, the information of its vital spaces.

Reality is indeed a fractal made of infinite vital spaces, which move in cyclical, constant patterns or ‘time clocks’ for a finite duration between birth and extinction:

∑S x T¯¹ = C

From particles of cyclical time, controlling waves of vital space that moves (quantum physics) to human systems made with heads that move over the bodies and limbs they control, we shall see the enormous power to explain the whys, forms in space, and actions in time, of that simple ‘complementary system’, which is the fundamental particle of the Universe.

This reality of beings made of relational time cycles, ruling moving spaces, however was forgotten for 2 centuries.

Then the Physical revolution started in the XX century, proved certain Leibniz, since Quantum theory showed that space is broken in infinite quanta of ‘—motions’, or ‘Energy’ and Einstein’s Relativity theory proved that there were infinite clocks of time with different speeds , but Physicists could not properly formalized together both discoveries, and soon they were dedicated to do just detailed analysis of different species, its time clocks and energy quanta, without fully developing the formal and mathematical model of relational space-time. Einstein tried but he gave up saying ‘Leibniz is right but to complete his model we have to rewrite all the science since the beginning’. As indeed, the pen and paper drawing of Descartes was everywhere, in science.

This r=evolution is what the understanding of the metric of the 5th dimension achieves. And we shall pour in this site. Its understanding is not so much a problem of complexity – it does in a sense simplify the Universe with its Ockham’s razor, explaining many more things with lesser parameters and simpler equations, but of its sheer extension (as it encompasses the entire Universe, all its sciences and species, within its formalism).

Now the first two steps in the mathematical formalism of all those different time cycles and different spatial quanta is to order them and find how they combine into the constant, stable dual beings made of particles/heads of information and fields/limbs of energy we see around us. 

‘—motions’ vs. cyclical form (and the related parameters of energy and information).

Now there is a big problem with the understanding of the 5th dimension, which is plainly, bluntly speaking the errors that physicists have committed in their understanding of Time. And the entire conceptual frame derived of it – words like space, energy, ‘—motions’, arrow of time, duration etc. So we shall attempt to make some basic definitions from the beginning with the minimal corrections involved to try to make a ‘bridge’ with the reader school on those errors. We have already dealt with the problem of ‘time-duration’, and offered the inverse function of ‘imploding, clocks of time’ with a frequency that carries the information of the Universe, Tƒ.

Universe and all its parts are organic networks of Spatial entropy & temporal information.


All type of Universal systems can be described as social networks of energy and information. Its similar=isomorphic laws are studied by general systems sciences.

IN THE GRAPH we see one of such isomorphisms: that of form, as systems form spherical topologies with a center of information -the nucleus of the galaxy, the game of the stadium, which is a ‘ball’ that all players, lines of energy pursuit (-; While in the center we see two herds without a clear center, proper of ‘energy systems’, a herd of insects feeding, a polymer atom of great strength without a crystalline center.

This site offers, the first formal, logic and mathematical model of those isomorphisms, from where we can deduce the main laws of each science that studies a relative ‘scale’ of spatial size of the social, organic Universe, from physics which studies its smaller and larger atomic and galactic scales to biology and social sciences which study its intermediate life and human scales.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

We formalize all Dual systems and events of reality born of dual systems of energy and information with an Equation we call the ‘Fractal Generator of Reality’: Se<=>To. Since we claim this equation resumes all the events and forms of the Universe. And so we define a widened principle of energy and information:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.

And so from the fact that all systems are made of dimensions of Spatial motion->Energy and Temporal Form-> Information, across several U±4 spatial planes of Time world cycles of life and death, we extract common laws, called isomorphisms for all of them

ð ≈ § beats and transformation.

The power of algebra, which relates Space and Time parameters through operations, resides precisely in its capacity to ‘mirror’ a fundamental law of the Universe, its space-time symmetries.

Of this the most obvious is the concept of an stop (space state, information state) and go (motion state, energy-momentum), constant behaviour of all beings, which try to maintain its particle form in constant in-form-ative, stop position while moving its body-limbs through the medium.

But there are many more stop and go, space and time beats; as ultimately the whole meaning of reality is to move in space and time, through those steps and symmetries.

There is then the possibility to write a full formal, logic model of reality based solely in the study of space-time symmetries, stop and go motions, complemented with the tools of the algebraic mirror for higher efficiency, but that done long ago, it is not the purpose of this blog to ‘reduce’ the space-time symmetries to a formal ‘algebra’, though hints at that model are speckled in the blog and will be finally ‘posted’ when I get tired of writing the rest of the work or death comes closer, in the post ‘Existential algebra’, foundation of III millennium science – not yet…

The Universe and all its fractal beings, thus exist through S=T beats which are motions, ultimately related to thestop≈space≈mind, go≈time≈wave st@ð∃§, as the being perceives stopping, moves and webs a reproductive waves, S>t>t<S:

So we shall call an action of momentum with form and motion as it reproduces and evolves or devolves through present future and past ∆º±1 states.

Algebra of existence is mostly about equations that represent motions on the dimensions of space-time, which ALWAYS HAPPENS AS A STOP AND GO PROCESS, HENCE AN S OPERANDI TIME MOTION AND TRANS-FORM-ATION IN A BALANCED WAY OF TWO DIFFERENT ST-POLES.

as such algebra deals with S operandi T operandi S operandi T Cyclical ST@ts; where the @ monad author of the @tions of existences of the system do take place in sequential discrete manner…

The key to it all as algebra deals with the S<≈>T SYMMETRIES ARE THE <≈> logic operandi OF ITS EQUATIONS and its S=t flows and transformations embedded on them.


Motion is a stop and go transfor(m)otion: A MOTION AND A TRANSFORMATION TOGETHER IN A PRESENT momentum with motion AND change in form; which physicists measure as accelerations, a specific case of the more complex case of switching between past entropy motion, future social motion or present momentum motions.

motions are beats, s=t, because an ss or a tt is not a motion observed in space-time present which is all what we observe.

This said and important we must then consider that all is a space-time beat,  s≤∑≥≤∑≥t, the ultimate feed-back equation of existence.

And when we see that motion as a reproduction of form that topologically transforms galilean and einsteinian, slow and fast motions and forms we get to:



So what is the alternative philosophy of science to the organic paradigm? The shallow entropy-only Lineal Time , motion oriented view of Physicists; which has not even solve the meaning of motion that turns out to be also a form of reproduction, and so we shall even ‘reduce’ physical motions to the organic paradigm:

Motion as reproduction of information along the path of a wave.

In the graph, the new ‘foundational equation of speed’ for the fractal paradigm: V=Space-distance/Temporal Information, is embedded in relativity and recognised in the concept that the speed of light is really a limit of speed of transmission of ‘human perceivable’ information.

Wave motion is also reproduction of form in the lower ∆-1 scale of action at distance (gravitation, quantum potential). Thus even motion is reproduction of form as a wave of information over a simpler scale of space-time. It solves the paradox of a Achiles – the wave reproduces its form in a series of discontinuous steps. It also explains why indeed the Universe is a fractal that reproduces as all fractals do, its form in a lower scale of reality which then reproduces into a wave-train that collapses into a particle (physical systems), or a seed that emerges after palingenesis into an ambulatory trillion cells systems  (biological systems), or into an idea or patent of an instrument that a company-mother of machines will re=produce in socio-economical systems.

Indeed, when we consider as Steane wanted a Universe from the perspective of ‘information’ and its ‘conserved present momentums and energies’, it all becomes simple and philosophically obvious. And so we just must explains the laws of reproduction of information along scales of reality to describe the ‘world cycles’ of existence, no longer worldlines – that is the motions across scales of the fifth dimension, which define all systems of nature.

Yet to fully understand how reproduction of form takes place, we need to understand reproduction across ‘scales’ of size. That is, the meaning of world cycles, just explained, as they require motion from  a seminal seed ∆-1, into a larger scale; as opposed to what physicists study with their reductionist model of a single space-time continuum: worldlines.

And motion in space is also reproduction of form; as all in the Universe is fractal reproduction (with deviation from present-perfect copies that do not change-advance or devolve time cycles, we shall call evolution or future and devolution of past entropy). Let us see this key concept in more detail, as the goal of the Universe is NOT entropy=death (physical simplex theory), not even form=perception, but reproduction of entities in worldcycles of existence.

The new fundamental scientific principle: The trans-form-ation of energy into form never ceases.

We call the new principle of conservation of entropy, energy and information, the  Function of existence:  exi=st

Past entropy x Future Information = Constant, present, conserved Space-Time momentum.

Which integrated for the whole worldcycle of the being, gives us the conserved zero-sum energy of the system: Eω≈∫exi=st

And so we state: ‘Energy is conserved in all zero-sum world cycles, in which a fractal entity, constantly trans-forms between its birth and extinction back and forth entropy into information’.

So finally we can define the fundamental particle of the Universe:

-∆ºst: wholes that deliver synchronous motions to those lower scales that deliver ‘quantum, genetic or memetic information’ (physical, biological and social systems), become symbiotic, as ‘parts’ and wholes that co-exist in a single ‘supœrganism’, the ‘abbreviated’ name we shall give to the fundamental particle-being of the Universe: a system made of limbs/fields of entropy=motion and heads/particles with form, which combine into ‘body-waves’ of energy, and co-exist in at least 3 scales of size from the point of view of its central scale as a being.

This fourfold reason, §paœ (organic space), πime (cyclical time), its causal combinations across scales of size (∆) and the linguistic minds that perceive it (º), will therefore also the four elements, ∆ºST, from where GST will ‘generate’ all other organic space-time beings, showing that the Universe is a fractal organism of spatial entropy and temporal information, carried in the ∞ clocks of its St-beings.

So this is the Universe in a nutshell. A game that replicates information across the relative ∆±1 scales of a supœrganism, forming an infinite varieties of them, which will however last a finite ðime and extend a finite §pace and have a finite scalar depth, coming together as a 3 x 3 + 0 ten dimensional entity, shown in the next graph for the galactic island-universe of which we are merely another fractal supœrganic part made to its image and likeness – also with 9 dimensional physiological systems (8 shown below) integrated by the brain-mind. in the graph we show those 9+0 dimensions for the Universe and the human biological being, (its physiological systems).

Causality, synchronicity, simultaneity and emergence; the ‘logic properties of ∆st’.

Finally, all this which we have described ‘spatially’, as time cycles are sequential, MUST be formalised logically, based in ‘causality’, from past to present to future to present to past; even if we cannot in this reductionist visual/mechanical age take pictures of the motion of time cycles. So we have to establish A MORE COMPLEX non-Ae logic of a Universe which is NOT lineal (present one-dimensional time logic, or aristotelian logic) and NOT euclidean, (present mathematics in which points are abstract points of a cartesian graph, when in reality as there are scales in the Universe, points are cycles with a volume). So we will define some basic properties and principles of non-ae logic:

Properties of a cyclical 5D time-universe:

  • Causality: time cycles are originated by smaller time cycles, so there is an arrow of causality and social evolution or arrow of absolute future, in which smaller faster time cycles originated larger ones co-existing to ether in an ORGANIC WAY.
  • Synchronicity: the intelligence of the Universe then comes from the organic co-existence and synchronicity of those time cycles, which ‘run smoothly’ complex systems. ‘Timing then is everything’.
  • Simultaneity: the perception of space happens then because we perceive simultaneously a series of time cycles, in a large extension. Space is thus the perception in a ‘quanta of time – single time cycle’ by a slow mind-system of a lot of faster time cycles; as Leibniz first with relational space-time and then Einstein with his study of simultaneity in Relativity realized.
  • Emergence: new scales of wholes, by spatial simultaneity and co-existing scales of synchronicity are constantly created forming ‘living super organisms’ (ab.œ), the fundamental goal/particle o the Universe and viceversa, when simultaneity and synchronicity breaks, disorder (entropy) sets in, causality disappears (the so-called Markowian processes) and death sets in.

Don’t worry if you don’t get some of those terms, which will be explained ad nauseam on those texts, because they are the ‘fabric’ of the intelligence, architectonical Universe.

Principles of Non-Æ logic:

At a higher complex level then we find the three fundamental logic tenants of that Universe; which unless you are a genius will need a bit of ‘repetitive, informative time cycles’ for you to grasp fully (: it took me 20 years to understand them ):

  • Trinity: The structure of all those systems will have a ‘ternary nature and logic). I.e: A time cycle can be seen as the sum of three ‘different dimensions’, three diameters with small apertures (π-3), which allow the central point of view or ‘mind to perceive the outer world enclosed by the time cycle. A spatial form can only have three topological varieties (mathematical law) akin to the line (a piece or diameter of a time cycle), the torus (generated by curved translation the time cycle) and the sphere (generated by rotation of the time cycle). A scale will always need in a relative Universe to refer to the larger slower system and the smaller after system that co-exist with it. So ternary logic of ∆ºst beings will be the huge upgrading we need to understand the Universe. The graph shows the classic monad and its three parts (Greek, Aristotle>Descartes>Leibniz).
  • Reversibility: As time cycles return to the origin and are local, because they only ‘act on a limited’ fractal part of space-time, as quantum physicists noted, time cycles are reversible and so there is motion from past to future and future to past, and convergence of flows of past to future she shall call information, order, or life arrows, and future to past, we shall call entropy, disorder past arrows, into a present form. So the fundamental logic laws of time cycles are those three possible causal states: future to past or lineal entropic disorder, past to future, or cyclical, informative order, and past x future = present, repetitive energetic systems.
  • Absolute relativity:

All this defines an absolute relative Universe, as we cannot know if there is motion or form (galilean relativity, basis of physics now explained better), we cannot know which event happened first, only measure by simultaneity different timespace cycles from our mind perspective (Einstein’s relativity improved), and we cannot know which scale is absolute (relativity of size, as we can only know we are sandwiched between larger and smaller ones, but all have the same ‘co-invariant value: S x T=K).

Such universe is thus based in ratios not absolute magnitudes. I.e. we define relative densities instead of absolute mass, relative sensorial logarithmic scales, etc. Since minds perceive only a relative part of reality ‘hanging’ between a few perceived scales. So for example, you don’t hear or get electrocuted by ultra energetic, high frequency sounds and electricity as your ‘virtual’ systems of perception of reality are ‘limited’ in scales.

  •  infinity in space, scales and immortality in time

This in turn implies that from our limited view we can only postulate as a hypothesis of work infinity. Because we cannot perceive all scales, experimental truth does not work and we must appeal to logic truths. Then in ternary logic,  the only hypothesis of work is the existence of infinite scales; since each scale must have one above and other below, so the scaling never ends.

Yet if the scaling never ends, there are infinite pieces of space (since from a smaller point of view, the larger scales seem infinite). And there are infinite lineal duration, since from the fastest time cycle, the larger, slower scales seem infinite induration. Further on, since the picture of the Universe is a mental, reduced picture, all then is virtual; all is mind induced. And all then will be repeated. All then will happen again.  And this means we are also immortal in a discontinuous way.

  • Organicism. Now, all those properties of cyclical time motions, the essence of the universe, come together into a single word, which is the tenant of the philosophy of science we call General Systems Sciences or complexity: Organicism. Indeed,  scales of co-existing, synchronic, organised time-clocks come together through simultaneity into wholes, separated by membranes from an external Universe, creating ternary systems which are super organisms (ab. supœrganisms, œ), as each smaller organic part is made of ever smaller organic scales. A living organism on the other hand is defined by having such organic scalar structure proper of time cycles, as a closed system; and by definition a time cycle encloses an inner vital space, that moves (feeds on energy), and time cycles by definition move; carry and store information, and time cycles by definition carry information in their form, and store it in the frequency of its cycles; reproduce and by definition a time cycle repeats itself=reproduces.
  • T.Œ. Theory of everything Organic. So we conclude that the Universe is a fractal organism composed of time cycles, organized into timespace beings, ∆ºst. Thus T. Œ means both: a Theory of Everything Organic; and a Time Supœrganism.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 15.31.07

The Universe is a fractal organism that reproduces information. Even motion can be understood in terms of reproduction of a particle’ in its lower scale or wave state. So relativity defines c-speed as the maximal speed of reproduction of a wave of information in the ‘scale of light space-time’, and quantum physics (pilot-wave theory), considers the reproduction of a particle along the path of its quantum field  in similar ways. a(Bohm). But what is the purpose of information? Communication, between similar beings that share the same code; so they can evolve together into larger, stronger social supœrganisms, which become ‘formally’ scales of the fifth dimension.

This simple model will allow us to explain everything as a super organism  from religions of eusocial love which create new, subconscious collective planes of existence made of human beings, who share energy and information through social networks; to nations and civilisations; (where those networks of energy are called, ‘economic systems’ and information ‘cultural and legal political systems);  to the obvious cells and multicellular super organisms of life; to galaxies, easily modelled super organisms of stars, the ‘energetic mitochondria  that reproduces atoms, organised by gravitational informative black holes, its ‘DNA’.  

As all physical, biological and social systems will display the same structure, when we know and apply to the scientific, experimental details of those disciplines, which study each one a Scale of the fifth dimension.

It marvels to see it all expressed in ‘philosophical terms’ by the likes of Lao-TSE… Buddha, Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, Darwin, Schopenhauer, Spengler, Planck or Einstein at different moments of history of thought. We shall renew this perennial philosophy of the Universe, with all the data and modern theories of science.

Vital topological, Non-Æ≈ i-logic mathematics.

Evolved Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean Mathematical Non-Æ=i-logic Mathematics is the most experimental of all languages, as it directly explains space with fractal topology, mother of all geometries and time with the ternary, i-logic algebra, of the fractal generator, Γ•, mother of all fractal generators of the re=productive Universe.

Both determine with the laws of space and time the structure of the Universe. The detail≈ amount of information mathematical systems can process in a much faster speed that any other language we know (computer digital thought as opposed to human verbal thought) shows it to be a dominant language in the Universe, whose minds no doubt command extensive regions. As such we consider it the language of the mind of physical systems, which therefore should be atom-like. Where those mathematical calculus take place, likely in the quark-black hole ‘unit’ of max. gravitational density of both scales.

The simplest clearest expression of the game departs now from the understanding of the fractal point as a mathematical, logic, organic monad, whose survival actions are gauged topologically and performed across co-existing organic §cales of reality.

So the fractal point becomes then the origin of the will  of survival which through the discontinuous <1 dimensional actions of the point build up a territory of order.

Step by step the survival actions of monads trying to organise a world around them in its ∆•st±1 domain, will ‘fill in’ a vital space which becomes the supœrganism of the monad.

This process of building supœrganic worldcycles, which encases the essence of existence is then studied in greater detail in the third line of the blog:

Blog’s 4 lines≈∆•ST Dimensions of existence: Fractal §pace, Œrganic causality (∆) Cyclic ðime & reference frames (minds)

To state that as all is generated by ∆•st, and dissolves back to the Universe a ∆ûst, the blog should deal with the forum sufficient reasons of all reality, social evolution, ∆, minds that observe it, •, space and time, and so there are four lines in the blog which offer a view of reality with a slant bias towards one of those elements.

Thus the first line studies a synchronous vision in space, using the Non-Æ point as element of reference to describe the reproduction of susperorganisms.

The second line considers the scalar view of sciences as humans depicture them by scales.

The third line explains in time the same process of growth we saw in the first line, with great precision, through the isomorphic ‘dynamic’ process of a mind, whose language guides the creation of bidimensional and then ternary networks, species, who travel through time and scales.

Finally in the fourth line departing from the main •minds of each scale of reality we study the main systems of the Universe; as all of them will be self-centred in a singularity, surrounded by an energetic body-wave territory, displacing ‘above’ an entropic, faster moving field, from •ν(∆-4): neutrinos, to ∆+4, the whole cosmos. It is in that fourth line where future researchers will pour objective detailed analysis of every discipline of stience, harmonising the present disorganised encyclopaedic knowledge of humanity in the scaffolding of GST.

Why 4 lines? It is a methodological concept. IT IS FUNDAMENTAL to understand that reality has multiple points of view, which is the essence of its fractal nature. So its four components are needed because we shall see similar perspectives in all theories of reality depending on the point of view. Huminds tend to be one-dimensional and an enormous waste of time happens among ‘rivalling’ theories from different perspectives, all of them pretending to have all the truth about the subject.

The fact is that a fractal, scalar Universe of three time arrows has multiple pov, and the truth is THE SUM OF all the perspectives. So an essential law of knowledge is to ad them all and relate them to the different povs on the being:

Maximal truth on the being (1): the being in itself = human truth: sum of linguistic and ƥst perspectives.

And this is one of the main tasks of GST: reveal why we have so often 3, 4 or five different but similar theories on reality.

It is quite obvious from our analysis of minds that truth ONLY exists in the being itself and all the flows of communication that connect the being to the whole ∆±1 scales to which it belongs.

And that all other descriptions will be mental, linguistic, synoptic descriptions of the being, based in the ternary, Universal grammar of all languages, studied elsewhere, which will mimic the three elements of reality:

Subject=information < verb: action > Object: entropy of subjec for verbal grammar, X operandi Y for mathematical red-entropy<green-energy> blue-information for colour codes and so on.

In epistemological terms, as the truth of the system is only contained in the system itself, we humans can extract enough information from the system considering its main linguistic  perspectives, and within each language, its partial ‘images’, which will be both related to the ∆•st components of the being and the point of view of the observer that brings the perspective and a certain bias on it.

If we can then perform (not always possible) a more objective, realist perspective with minimal interference into the observer, it should be the preferred analysis, even though all do have some degree of truth, which will be maximal knowing them all:

Max. truth about X = All possible linguistic and spatial ƥst perspectives/theories on it < 1 (the truth of the system in itself).

Yet while all the perspectives have some truth on it, the more objective pov, which contains and explains all the elements o the generator,  will be the one with higher probability of truth.

The problem surfaces then when humans, as it is the case of most scholars, are NOT aware of the screen of the mind and confuse truth with being – an ego trip with deep traditions among humans,  specially in religion  so for example Allah created reality naming words in arab – and of recently in science – so god only speaks mathematics and the same fact expressed in other languages is considered inaccurate.

All this said mathematics, logic and verbal thought are excellent languages to mirror reality and the only a priori work we must do on them is to polish their ‘grammatical mirror’, so their image of reality is more focused. And then complement those languages with other insights from other languages, and specially SEEK AND FIND the different linguistic descriptions of the being or even from the four canonical ∆, •, s, t perspectives.

Indeed, the multiple formulae which describe accurately the single same phenomena, and brings ego-centered scholars to fight for decades about which perspective is truth MISS the point that all perspectives are TRUTH, JUST ADOPT different perspectives, as the sample shows of the four formulae to describe gravitation, latter studied in more detail shows:

  • dynamic vortex in time motion by Newton (ð); entropic field potential perspective by Poison (S), Energetic, ST perspective by Hamilton, and finally, the more complex ST, SPACETIME simultaneous  still measure by Einstein, which TAKES into account both the light space-time and gravitational space-time ∆-scales with its ‘curved deformation’ and effects between both.

As in Rashomon’s master film truth is often a detective-like process which requires all the linguistic images and within each language the full four ∆•st perspectives, as each one brings a different view upon the same being. 

Conclusion: our mind simplifies the organic properties of ‘less perceived’ ∆>>±i scales

THE GAME IS MENTAL & BIOLOGICAL, organic and darwinian, of survival of the singularity and the strategy of social love and organisation into larger wholes.

But it is also mathematical through its topological ternary design of time-space.

And so we talk of ORGANO-TOPO-LOGICAL SYSTEMS which are also logical and biological, which is the word that ‘resumes them all’ and uses all the languages, and gives us more information, as it is closer to us.

THE UNIVERSE IS AN ORGANISM AND WE DO NOT SEE IT AS SUCH EXCEPT IN CLOSE VIEW BECAUSE ORGANISMS ARE THE MORE COMPLEX OF ALL VIEWS, SO WE SIMPLIFY OUR VIEW AS WE GO AWAY FROM THE •MIND. It is not that only humans and carbon life is organic, it is that ‘the perception by a mind’ of organicism is directly proportional to the quantity of information we can extract from the being, which is directly proportional to the closeness of the being to us.

Hence as we look at far away ‘physical’ or ‘socio-economic’ systems, we simplify them and take enough information about them to the point we let them ‘be’ only material, non-organic, simplex ‘mechanics’.


Notation. GST.œ establishes a slightly different notation to signify the slight changes of concepts from the simplex, abstract, lineal models of absolute ðime§pace to the organic cyclical models. Some basic wording:

GST.œ puts together ‘General Systems Theory (Gst)’, the philosophy of science of the organic Universe; T.O.E. ‘the Theory of Everything’, the abstract philosophy of science of physics; and Γst, the Generator Equation of all Fractal cyclical Space ðime systems, the equivalent in 5D ðime§pace, to E.F.E. (Einstein’s field equations in 4D). ∆º±i for the fifth dimension, with ±i as the relative scales around º, the observers’ ‘point of view’.

œ, ab. for ðime§pace supœrganism (contraction of superorganism). Sciences, stienœs (of organic ðime§pace beings). Cyclical ðime, ∏ime, πime, or ðime, to show its cyclical form. Space §pace to show its fractal scalar nature. ∏ime§pace (read ðimes §paces) to stress its fractal multiple nature.

We shall with the usual custom of a new theory that reforms slightly the symbols of previous models, use often the ω symbol for a world cycle of conservative energy, in which a system after going through the 3 ages of a world cycle of ðime§pace, which includes a reproductive cycle, often in the middle (not the end of the system), repeats the same ‘present’ existence.


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