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In the Fourth Line, we study in greater detail each Plane of Existence of the Humind’s perceived Universe between the invisible force of ∆-4 gravitation and the partially perceived ∆+4 galactic cosmos, by describing the world cycle of those super organisms through the Ðisomorphic method; which means to study:

  • ∆§: Its new spatial qualities as a super organism co-existing in 3 scales, the ∆-1 atomic/cellular/individual scale (physic, biologic, social system), the ∆º organic thermodynamic scale and the ∆+1cosmologic, gravitational world in which the system exists; made of 3 topologic parts, $-potential/limbs<ST-bodywaves>-ð particle-heads.
  • S=T: Its new temporal properties as a world cycle of existence that orders its 5 Dimotion in time in 3 scales of temporal duration; in steps that form its actions; in worldcycles and as a member of a larger set of species that go through 3 horizons of evolutions.
  • 5й¹: Put together in detail, in the dynamic display of the system as it is seeded by a mind or informative still seed, which will reproduce, evolve and emerge in its ‘generative’ cycle as a larger whole, part of that world where it will perform its 5 Dimotions=actions of the program of existence to survive through reproduction, in a social world of scales, till entropy sets in and the organism dies.

Thus we subdivide the 4th line in a central post that summarizes the ’11 Disomorphic set of properties’ of the being which in a dynamic manner express its temporal world cycle of existence as a scalar, fractal spatial superorganism; and then we summarize its world cycle in time and super organism in space in two other posts; with secondary subposts that might study specific species, ages of its worldcycles or organic parts of the super organism, in time, space and scale.

We shall thus in this post summarize the 5й¹isomorphisms of ¡+2 beings – stars  (its ternary scales, topologic forms and temporal ages), in a dynamic causal way as all ‘entities’ are Generated by a seed-mind that first perceives and develops the being as a mirror of the information it codes within its self…



Let us make a brief review of the 11 isomorphisms, before we make general review of its application to each scale studied in a post of this 4th line.

S@ Disomorphisms 

0th Disomorphism: MONAD: In the graph above, the mind-body structure of stars and planets.

1st isomorphism: Fractal Generator: Its 3 organic/networks: Spe≤≥ ST≤≥Tƒ

The 1st isomorphism is the fractal Generator feedback equation that  defines the 3 parts in space, 3 ages in time and 3 scales of all 5D space-time beings. It is thus the external more synoptic, formal description of any species of the Universe.

Black holes have an ∞ hyperbolic Œ-point, a c event horizon membrane and in between toroid cycles that transform ¥-light into tachyon dark energy, expelled through its axis, which move them through blue/red inverse jets that contract and expand space.

Stars have an ultra hot external atmosphere, a likely super-fluid, cold ordered center and magnetic cycles that transfer energy and mass between both.

The 0th Disomorphism: Œ-Point x ∞ World = Constant mind Mapping

It studies the relative center of Maximal Information of the system, which encompasses the will of action and survival of the super organism. It is therefore the why of the system, the center of gravity, mind, focus, charge, government, language… which strutctures and makes possible the existence of a whole.

Tiƒ-heads/particles with its logic mental mapping guide the system towards a future through the realization of ‘åctions of space-time’ that absorb energy and information for the system, and emit it reproducing the system and moving it, as they evolve socially into wholes.

While physicists have as a dogma not to consider real anything that cannot be measured externally (even if they break often this law, as in the study of invisible gravitation, in GST, WE ACCEPT the existence of such minds or points of view, which create the order of the Universe through infinite points of view that organise its vital wave-body-territory.

It follows that black holes are the DNA of galaxies, the final informative age of stars, and the perceptive system of celestial bodies.

Stars on the other hand might have an ultra cold proto-form of chemical consciousness, in the shape of superfluid liquid structures, in its center.

1-0 Disomorphism. Fractal generator

ITS Existential Constants: ∑S, ∏T, SxT, S/T, T/S, ∆±1, 5Å.

 fundamental Constants ARE ratios that define the vital space, cyclical time, scales and interactions between the parts of the being. constantS AE therefore is perhaps the most important connection between the Fractal generator and the precise mathematical equations of each science. And its extension is enormous. Since as all space is quantized into inner cellular quanta, and all entity is performing repetitive discontinuous time cycles and actions in its external world, quantification is at the core of the fractal structure of the Universe, and almost all the information about the ∑S, ST, ∏Tƒ, its exchanges, <, >, ≈ and scales, ∆, and social evolutionary ladder, can be modeled with a quantity. However in T.Œ it is more important to the define the qualitative whys of actions, in an inverse fashion as how current science works (often merely a process of quantification, without caring for reason, but only for the praxis of control and ab=use by man of the other entity through quantitative knowledge.)

The most important are the natural combinations of the Sp and Tƒ elements or entropy fields/limbs and Tƒ, time clocks of its particle/heads, which combine into the present waves-bodies of the system. Thus in general we can define quantitatively a system with its 3+1 main internal parameters:

The Sp/Tƒ energy density of the system; its inverse, Tƒ/Sp information density & its Sp x Tƒ speed or force of existence, maximized when both elements are in balance, Sp≈Tƒ; and finally the scalar parameter of the Active Magnitude that defines the value of the Œ-point. The scalar magnitude becomes then the more important parameter, which humans use to classify each entity as a variation of a general species (mass for particles, charge for fields, IQ for human brains, etc.) It must be noticed that all systems will have a range for each constant, specially for the Sp x Tƒ, speed, as they can switch between space and time states, varying the product of its existential speed/force, within its limits of Max. S x Min. T and Max. T x Min. S, which define the ‘threshold of death of the system’ and also its ‘young, entropic gas/field’ and old informative solid states.

In the same manner we can consider 3 ratios or external constants that relate the whole being, Œ with its outer world, in which it performs its social cycles, also defined by 3 Spe- fields of entropy, Tƒ-information and ST-reproduction. And so in all those ratios we must also consider quantitative ∑ and ∏ numbers that define the size of the social groups and the speed of the frequency clocks of the system. Those quantifiers will also define the size of the being, the duration of its life cycle and those of the world in which he is inscribed, and inversely those of the smaller cells/atoms it is made. In this manner the ternary principles and fractal subdivision of beings in different scales and organs, multiply those 7 fundamental constants as we make more exhaustive analysis of the parts and scales of the superorganism.

Astrophysics deploy an enormous range of detailed studies in all the actions, social groups and space-time fields of stars, and its universal constants.



5th  Disomorphism: Its fractal actions: ∆(æ-4; ï-3; e-2; œ-1; û+1)

The four and five  isomorphisms deal with the 5 ±∆ e, ï, û fractal space-time åctions of all beings that move, feed on energy, gauge information, reproduce and evolve socially from the simplest particles to the highest systems; whose integral creates in space a super organism in time a world cycle.

Those actions that restore the internal balance of the 3 parts of the organism have as Finality the survival, reproduction and social evolution of the system. Thus they are the Program of existence of all beings, reinforced by the fact that those species, which do not absorb energy and information for their Tƒ-informative particles/heads and ST-reproductive body/wave, do not survive. And those who do not reproduce disappear after death. And finally those, which do not evolve socially into stronger, larger wholes, become extinguished or preyed and enslaved by stronger species. Thus the program embedded in the actions of all beings imposes itself by survival and becomes the whys of the actions all systems perform.

It is an isomorphism closely related to the œ-point, particle, head or Aristotelian unmoved mind, God of its relative world, which acts as the center that synchronizes the system, develops its will by switching between those 5 actions, as it gauges information and commands a body on a field of entropic motions, towards field of energy and communication with other points.

Thus, as we enter into the details of existence of the being we must study each minimal action and cycle of space-time of the being across its ∆±4 planes of existence, connected by the 4th 5th isomorphisms. Since the reason the œ-points perceives other scales of reality is the praxis of survival, of its program of actions, which extracts kinetic energy-motion and information-bits from those far away ∆±>2 scales.

Both isomorphisms connect the system with the external world and the different fractal points of its larger and smaller scales, which each Œ-fractal beings uses differently according to its relative ∆-size. So the smallest quanta in the limit of sensorial experience, ∆-4 become the entropic quanta of accelerated motions, the ∆-3 bits, the pixels of its mental informative mapping, the ∆-2 points, its bites of energy, the ∆-1 quanta, its internal cells which construct the system, and are therefore ‘cared for’ as opposed to the smaller quanta, which are destroyed, or enslaved. Finally the ∆-scale is that of the individual ego and equal reproductive couples or members of its ∆+1 social networks, where the point becomes itself, a submissive quanta of the larger social whole to which it belongs as part of the world in which it performs a specialized role as S, St or T-cell.

∆ï-3: Stars are cosmic plants with reversed energy/information parameters to those of black holes. Thus they should ‘perceive’ or guide its motions by electromagnetic fields, and show to that aim strong magnetic fields, which acts as the quantum magnetic number acts in atoms, ordering them (isomorphism between the electronic nebulae and galactic nebulae, according to the Fractal Generator).

∆e-2: Stars feed in Hydrogen clouds that become its nurseries.  Black holes feed on them.

∆œ-1:  Stars reproduce atoms. Black holes catalyze the reproduction of stars and galaxies. They are born from stars, in explosive ‘births, called Novae and Supernovas that destroy the ‘host star’.

S10: Stars form couples, triads and growing herds, called galaxies.  Black holes swarm together in the center of galaxies.

û+1: Black holes are the ‘gravitational’ DNA-animals that control galaxies and create its dark matter networks. They form swarms in its center and move randomly around the ‘galacells’ probably organizing it and catalyzing its own reproduction, as the galaxy seems to be its natural domain – not a good sign to make them on Earth, as the LHC pretends.

Stars are ∆-1 ‘cells’ of galaxies. They associate with other stars in groups. Its generator equation shows its symmetries of topological regions and in detail explains its function in the ∆+1 scale: to be the mitochondria that reproduces the atomic substances of the galaxy. Its bidimensional layers increases its form, its information as we go towards its denser center.

∆±4 Fractals with the 5D Plane structure of the galaxy extend across ∆œ±4 planes above and below its black hole œ-point of view, of which:

-3 ∆±1 closer scales form its cellular/individual/social (atomic/thermodynamic/gravitational) superorganism and outer world. Thus the closest 3 fractal organic social scales of parts and wholes conform any super organism and its world cycle of existence, with its inverse arrows of motion-entropy, ∆+1, the world, and its lower ∆-1 genetic, coding scale of cellular/quantum information.

As information is more abundant in smaller scales and so it flows upwards, coding larger scales. While motion-size is higher in larger scales and so motion flows downwards with no entropy.

The cellular/atomic ∆-1 scale, the organic, thermodynamic ∆-scale and the ∆+1 gravitational, social scales (biological and physical systems) are thus the essential scales for which the being cares.

But Beyond there are other scales the entity perceives in as much as it obtains energy from the ∆-2 scale, in beings extended in its ∆+2 territorial world, perceives pixels of information from the ∆-3 scales, with smaller pixels coming in the nested, ‘russian doll’ Universe from the larger, solar galactic scale, and finally moves expanding ∆-4 gravitational fields, from the largest possible, cosmic ∆+4 scale. This nested game in which larger organisms use smaller cells to feed and perceive makes the Universal fractal symmetric according to the Tƒ x Sp = ∆±4 metric equation.

Thus in this manner the first 5 isomorphisms, œ-point, or mind which fixes the spatial form, S≈T dualities, S<ST>T ternary symmetries and ∆±4 planes defines structurally in space, the being.

Yet the being lives dynamically,  and so the time isomorphisms, study in more detail the dynamic space-time cycles, evolutions and social growth of the species – which integrate in time its program of vital existence, its 5 actions.

2nd Disomorphism: space-time dualities: Sp≈Tƒ

The 2nd isomorphism, studies space and time 2-manifolds explaining its  creation processes departing from its minimal quanta, its social growth, 3 fundamental sub-species, Space-time, combined, Holographic bidimensional membranes, or ∑S, superposed bidimensional planes. And ∏T, accelerated, time clocks of increasing frequency≈speed and S< => T beats, as systems changes from spatial to time states, S>T<S…

It is the symmetry of space-time, as all systems that exist must have at least those 2 elements.

The 2nd isomorphism defines the ‘beats’ of existence of the being as it changes between its space and time states.

Sp-Stars use gravitation as Motion. Tƒ-Quark stars (pulsars, holes) use it as information.

3rd Disomorphism we have according to the åctions entities perform -3 internal + 3 external networks social classes.

Ξ±3 Black holes are the DNA brains of galaxies, which order its mitochondria stars which feed on atomic gas and smaller lumps of matter (planets, comets…)

6th Disomorphism: Creative diversification: 1,2,3

The 8th isomorphism studies in more depth, the diversification of species in time and 3×3 social classes in ∆ – or hierarchical structure of the superorganism in relationship to its internal organic parts and scales, and its external world, through the concept of Social classes.

Since all systems will be ruled by its Tƒ informative neuronal-castes in control of the networks of the system, in symbiosis with its ST, re=productive body wave, and will ab=use its entropic, motion oriented limbs/fields, which in many cases will be external to the system. While in the outer world the system will play a role in its larger ∆+1 scale either as an entropic, reproductive or informative point of a larger network.

Variations of species arebased in the dualities of space and time, the ternary elements of the Generator equation, the previously defined Universal constants of balance, which vary for each species and the organic social scales in which the system is integrated, with different degrees of organization, from herds to superorganisms. We call it the eight isomorphism as 2³ =8 resume the dual and ternary fractal principles of creation and its combinatory terms. For example we find often 6 sub-varieties according to the primacy of the 3 elements, S, ST, T of the system as in the 6 varieties of topological linguistics, SVO, SOV, VOS, VSO, OVS, OSV and we find in most systems, the gender duality of females specialized in the reproductive functions, dominated by the body-wave states (relative present systems) and males, dominant either in its unbalanced maximal energetic lineal limbs or informative brains (past or future systems)

And we find the same dualities in physical systems, expressed in the principle of complementarity ST-wave, Tƒ-Particle and the ternary structure of S-fields, ST-wave and T-particles.

Thus we shall study all kind of differentiations of species according to the relative importance of its heads, bodies and limbs, which become potentiated as a strategy of survival. So predator species are dominant in lineal energy, limbs; other species survive by being extremely good at reproduction, such as fungi, and others by being more informative, such as apes. And we will be able, combining dualities and ternary symmetries and social scales, to classify and account for all species both in a single ‘plane of the 5th dimension’ and through its social evolution and growth across the ternary planes of the 5th dimension that conform a given world or family of species, through the growth of its scalar, most important Magnitude. So there are 3 families of masses and particles, and among those 3 families there are either mesons made with two anti-symmetric particles or 3-varieties, and all of them can be easily classified into the octets of quantum physics.

The H-R graph shows the ‘symmetry’ between ages, evolution and creative diversification of stars.


8th Disomorphism. The motions and world cycles of stars are those of other forms of matter, and are in its full life-existence studied by the H-r diagram (see 3rd isomorphism)

7TH DIsomorphism: Its ages and evolution: Spe>ST≥Tƒ

The 7TH isomorphism deals with the 3 ages of Time and its symmetry with the 3 organs in simultaneous space of the beings, which are the cause of those 3 ages in time, as those 3 organic parts of space dominate each sequential age of Time, in motion as Sp>TS>Tƒ.

The 7TH isomorphism is the most complete reflection of the Fractal generator in its synchronic analysis: Sp (limbs/Fields)<Ts(wave-body)>Tf (head/particle) and diachronic analysis, Ps>ST>Tƒ. And so it closes a ‘first simplex’ analysis of the being, as a ‘whole’.

The 7TH isomorphism defines its 3 organic/network topologies in space… and according to the fractal principle its 3 x 3+o subsystems.

And its diachronic symmetry with its 3±∆ ages in time… or its evolutionary ages in the ∆+1 plane of species.


The 3±∆ time dimensions or ages of stars between its plasma birth and ∆+1 evolution into black holes or ∆-1 death into novae and white dwarfs is shown in the H-R diagram of evolution, which uses 2 S & T parameters, S-ize and Frequency/form to reflect its ∆5D metric: Spe x Tiƒ= Constant. This region of relative constancy on the space-time product value of stars’ parameters is called in astrophysics, the ‘main sequence’, yet as the star goes through its 3 ages of evolution, the lineal value of its 5D metric equation differs, as it happens to any other system along the 3 ages that develop it: Max. Spe (young star entering the sequence) S=T (steady state of the sequence, with a balanced star) and final 3rd age, in which information, mass-density dominates energy, ‘radiation’, and the star collapses into a black hole or white dwarf.

HR diagram shows changes in Brightness≈Sp & Tƒ≈ Color through 3±∆ ages:

– ∆-1: Most stars are born as spatial nebulae of max. extension.

– Max. Sp: Then they implode into blue giants of max. energy.

– Sp≈Tƒ: They reduce its size and grow in atomic complexity through a mature, yellow age of balance between their Sp and Tƒ parameters. The sun is now in that balanced age…

-Max. Tƒ: They collapse in a 3rd age of slow decline as its SxT parameters diminish toward its death, becoming white dwarfs.

∆+1: Or they evolve in a loop of growing SxT force mutating into Black Holes (boson quark stars).


∆±i Disomorphisms

9th Disomorphism. Social scales. §10

Then we study how all those systems and species evolve socially through nine decametric scales into organic 1societies that grow from 10º=1 individuals into 10¹=genetic families, and so on till 1±0¹º elements form a new ∆-plane of existence (quanta of forces for each dimension of space-time, atoms in a DNA molecule, cells in an organism, humans on the planet in which they act as neurons of Gaia, stars in a regular galaxy).

û+1: Black holes are the ‘gravitational’ DNA-animals that control galaxies and create its dark matter networks. They form swarms in its center and move randomly around the ‘galacells’ probably organizing it and catalyzing its own reproduction, as the galaxy seems to be its natural domain.

∑S: Stars evolve in 3 linguistic phases, first ruled by:

  • Spatial languages: Responsible for the first scales of social stars, from Binary Sp x Tƒ duality couples, up to:

S3: 10 ³:  spatial herds feeding on gas, (thousands of stars).

S3-S6: (up to a million stars) Then by temporal languages: magnetic fields that order open and closed star clusters  and globular clusters (up to a billion stars) which become then…

S6-§10: small galaxies with black holes in its centers, which develop the gravitational and dark energy/matter equivalent to the nervous language of living organisms that take the star group to the organic, galactic configuration.

10th Disomorphism: 

And so we shall consider the final structure of the 10 planes of the 5th dimension, the last isomorphism of the Universe, as all relative Uo species relate the parts of its lower U-∆ scales which they use as pixels of informative minds, bites of energy, (bits and quanta in classic scientific terms), cells of its wholes, and are parts of larger wholes.




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