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I. The vital meaning of the @tions of beings. The will of existence.

II. Epistemology: Rashomon effect: The five perspectives on and its action equations: S@≤≥∆ð

III.The formalism:Existential Algebra:  the function of existence:  Max. ∫ e x i = ∂ st

 IV. Proofs of Life=existential actions in all ∆ Planes

∆¡>|2|. Physical systems.

∆¡<|3|. Biological systems.

∆i≈1,2. Historic systems.

Abstract: asymmetries of topology age and scale, its actions and program of existence.

The game of the Universe is one of ® points tracing metric steps through the five dimotions of space-time.

PENTALOGICcorrectedThe Universe always starts with an asymmetric being, which can go both ways: towards a social evolutionary symmetry that lasts in time and implies a mirror parallelism, or an antisymmetric destructive, perpendicular event in which one part punctures and absorbs the energy of the other. It is the topo-biological ternary principle of non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian I-logic geometry that puts together both the biological and mathematical properties of reality.  The concepts of symmetry=parallelism, antisymmetry=perpendicularity and asymmetry are mirrored by the 4th Non-E Postulate of similarity. But we can extend the concept of asymmetries also to asymmetries of time, between the young age of locomotion and the old age of information, of actions=Dimotions between the step and stop similar actions, and the entropy and social evolution actions, which bring us the final asymmetry of scales between the upper arrow of whole with more spatial size and the lower arrow of parts with more information. When those dualities: step-motion/stop-perception and scale up (5D: social evolution), scale down (4D: entropic dissolution) are put together we obtain the most complex balancing dimotion, reproduction, and when they are all added up in the existence of a being, we get its world cycle.

In the graph, some of those asymmetries more clearly represented for a being: there will be an asymmetry of form/function between the stop-particle/head perceptive state and its limb/potential locomotion system, bridged in the body-wave that reproduces both. There will be an asymmetry between the elliptic less informative upper scale of wholeness and the lower more informative extended scale of parts, bridged again in the hyperbolic body-wave intermediate state. And in terms of motion equivalent to the asymmetry between entropic arrows and informative social arrows. So asymmetry NOT symmetry is where the game of reality is played.

Yet this ‘small open view’ from the perspective of the ∆º mind must be checked with the larger picture of the enclosed world that limits the domain and range of the actions of the being; which ultimately will be balanced in scales, topologies and ages of life, one way or another to maintain the perfect balance which defines the immortality of the Universe and its ‘conservation’ of the fundamental ±sides of reality.
We might say that the Universe is immortal precisely because the ‘symmetries’ of scale, topology and ages, ∆st, are always cancelling each other, after each sum of steps and stops of a being.

Yet the cancelling elements are NOT merely ±similar, but asymmetric. Motion is balanced by form, which seem to be quite different in nature, even if ultimately they are lineal and cyclical motion (confused with forms as it cycles around a point). So the cancellation of linearity and curvature is ASYMMETRIC meaning different. Symmetry so cherished by physicists (as a motion that doesn’t change the being) is far less important for existence that the asymmetry and tug of war between the parts and the whole in scales, the limbs/fields of motion and the particle-heads that stop and perceive. And all converge into the queen of all actions – reproduction.

So steps and stops move the being through the oppositions of its action=dimotions of existence, and yet at the end all balance each other:

The steps of locomotion (2D) are balanced and switched on and off with the positions of perception (1D) that measure the paths.

The generation of wholes from parts (5D) is balanced by the entropic death of those parts (4D).

And all together converse as energy x Information, into the reproductive actions of present that seem not change generation after generation (3D).

So the point first perceives (1D) to move (2D)… and so a balance of the two opposite motion happens, to then go to a field of energy in which entropically feeds (4D), to generate internally new growth of its internal parts (5D)… and finally it culminates all those 1-2-4-5 Dimotions in the act of reproduction (3D), which summons it all…

And this process repeated ad nauseam ad eternal in. infinite non-euclidean points is what we call existence… so simple so beautiful so much full of variations and little details.

Once the non-euclidean being, which can be mathematically described as a point, ’emerges’ in a given ∆±¡ plane of ‘exist¡ence’, it will perform its program of survival the best it can with the choices of the 5 Dimotions available to them. The manner to quantify those elements is what allows a stientific approach to reality. Thus we shall study in this post the ‘available’ choices of steps that any given nonÆ point-being will have through its existence, and how those steps will invariably bring the being in contact with other beings as part of a social herd within a larger world.

How the being plays then all those asymmetries, and combines its actions and motions? Through the program of existence.


image016IN THE GRAPH, we all live through the asymmetries and balances of our Hamiltonian (step and stop, potential and kinetic energy), preserving ad maximal our Lagrangian (minimizing the time we spend in each step to maximize the number of actions we perform), if we were to use the ‘jargon’ physicists don’t understand (: regardless of the precision of its formal mathematical expression, which always comes to this:

MAXIMIZE YOUR EXISTENCE, THE NUMBER OF ACTIONS YOU PERFORM, even if in the whole of our existence the sum of all those åctions will become a closed path who cancel each other’s actions=dimotions=forces as work becomes entropy, life becomes death, steps are stopped in every asymmetry that will end up in the zero sum of all worldcycles.

Of course the humind always far less profound than the Tao-mind of the Universe reduces, biases and simplifies all this obsessed by monist, simplifying erasing ‘symmetries’ that give us little information on the knots and bolts of those 1D vs. 2D (stop perception vs. step motion), 4D vs. 5 D (entropic death of maximal motion vs. generating language of maximal stilness), and its ‘converging 3D reproductive balanced present mode.

You see, we put a lot of thought long ago in choosing those ‘numbers’ – 3 is then the number of balance of symmetry of reproduction, of present, where ‘coincidentia oppositorum’ happens.

But the Universe is not that boring,  as to love the symmetry that physicists so much revere, where change does not seem to change (the symmetry of a circle, the symmetry of a lineal inertia on a lineal motion); it prefers the creative tug of war between those seemingly unrelated stop and motion, form and entropy games, which give us, as they dialog with each other to fuse together, in-form-ation, form with a little motion, and energy, motion with a little form. So we can define those concepts in terms of the DUALITY OF MOTION AND FORM AS:

-ENTROPY: absolute motion with no form vs. Mind-language: social form with no motion (4 vs. 5D)

-Locomotion: motion with a bit of form (lineal inertia) vs. Perception (slow down and shrinking of motion into image form): 1D vs. 2D

-Energy and information, merging into a reproductive act E(t)<=>I(s), 3D, the ‘vital, survival, beautiful, merging’ of the other four dImotions, which is the ultimate meaning of a FRACTAL VITAL, REPRODUCTIVE EXISTENCE AS IT involves the other 4 Dimotions:

This is a travel of life and death, a worldcycle, a Hamiltonian. And we distinguish 3 fundamental space-time points that divide sections of a life, the maxima, minima and stationary points.

Such as we can divide a wave of existence in 3 phases with 3 points:

Adulthood, Max. ExI (s≈t), Min. Birth and death points. Steady state points around Maximal, Tangents=√2 at solstices.

A simple function of existence with a maximal in the center at the highest point of amplitude of the wave, SxT=Max. S=T.

Reproduction is then locomotion for those lower states of being and as reproduction is the meaning of existence, a particle can simply move and thus achieve its function of existence as it becomes a wave-seeding a lower plane-field, reproducing then again the particle.

Departing from 2 elements spatial energy, Sp, and temporal Information, Tƒ, we can only have events in which energy and information increase or diminish, ±∆e,i, which give us the 4 type of space-time action entities can perform, ∆a: acceleration, deceleration and steady motion in which energy is expelled and spent, ∆e, energy absorption or feeding, ∆œ, information emission or reproduction, and ∆ï, information absorption, or observer’s perception. This, æ,e,ï,œ form the 4 fundamental åctions the Universe codes for each of its species. Why those species want to ±∆e,i, is obvious:

They have limbs/fields and heads/particles that process spatial energy and temporal information, and so they need to exchange it. The game of Existence is therefore literally a series of ExI åctions played in space times, ExIst, thus we call the game the existential game, which all systems of space-time play.

Tƒ Exist becomes then to be a ‘Point of view’, Tƒ, a still frame of reference, a mind mapping, ∂till space and take åctions, in which the inner mind rotates freely into new paths that direct its inner vital space its body-limbs, wave-particle in a direction which will allow the entity Tƒ ExiST, to exchange energy and information through the different planes of space-time of the Universe.

The order of those åctions is also clear. First the observer, ∆ï, or 0-point of view, infinitesimal mind that in its spatula stillness stops time into form, O-Point x ∞ Universe = Constant mapping of reality, observes with an angular momentum, often just a mere 4%, π-3/π, apertures, the infinite, scans, sees, detains, transforms, pixels and notices a source of energy, e, towards which it will move with a mixture of angular and line momentums, its active magnitude, ∆ï->∆a-≥∆e; and as it accelerates through the gradient of its ∆-2 field space, its waves of existence create ripples of information, memories that translate its event for other observers to see.

Once, the observer, arrives to the feeding point it will feed, ∆ï->∆a->∆e, and only in extreme favorable conditions, when filled with excess of energy and information, it will iterate its form, ∆œ, in an adjacent location of space-time. In this manner points of view, fractal entities of the Universe, exist, from the simplest particles of the quantum Universe, whose 4 numbers code its 4 åctions, to bio-chemical systems coded by 4 letters, to living beings who follow those 4 drives of existence – the codes of the Universe code åctions of ∆e,i, which ensure a system to survive. How can we resume them all?

Simple: Since the maximization of the energy and information is what a system seeks for: Max. Sp x I (which happens mathematically when Sp= I), becomes the natural function that resumes the existence of all systems.

Max. Sp x I, thus becomes the ‘mandate of existence’, the ‘Hamiltonian’ closed path of all beings, in which the inverse functions of ‘lineal motion’s (kinetic)energy and ‘temporal cyclical motion’ or information (potential energy in physical jargons), try to reach its maximal, equal point.

This is a confusing paradox. I know. But it is the ultimate inversion and paradoxical truth of the Universe. we are made of two inverse motions, cyclical time(which we call in systems information, stored in the frequency of time cycles) and lineal time (which we call often energy, as lineal motions tend to be associated to momentum and work).

This two inverse functions, shape us, and they can transform into each other. Moreover, their product Max. ExI, is maximized when they are equal, in harmony, in beauty. This concepts thus when applied to the whole of the åctions of a being, start to show the ‘trick’ for the Universe to be immortal, its cancelling balances. We absorb energy by feeding but use it up by motion. We absorb information by perception but use it up in communication and reproduction. All becomes sooner or latter a zero sum.

And yet when we are into it, into existence, it always seems a positive sum for us. All points of view feel free and enjoy their existence. That is the magic of it all. To be a virtual zero sum and yet to be so intense, in its åctions which seem motions with purpose.

Why Ernest said that to the actress? Because the writer has purpose in his character’s motions. He has a plot, he has a direction, he describes an action. Motions are entropic, disordered if they do not have a purpose. The motions managed by the monads that order the Universe, its Fractal points of view have a purpose on their åctions. They are therefore intelligent, sentient.

The Universe has a will broken into infinite points of view, static minds, still presents, that reduce the dimensions of motions to mappings of reality that allow the point to know, gauge, observe and from its frame of reference establish åctions with a clear goal, a clear purpose.

Tƒ Survive.

A function of existence Œ, has vital energetic and informative head/particle wave/body parts, which need to be nourished with new energy and information, and so the game is simple. 2 parts of energy and information that can only emit and absorb them: ±∆e,i, and then they absorb and emit, communicate energy and information, iterate, reproduce, create waves of points that grow into larger Space-Time beings, ∆ST.

Simple, ∆ ExI ST, this is the meaning, the mandate, the purpose, the program of existence: to perform åctions in space and time that are ∆a, motions, accelerations, decelerations that consume energy, ∆e, so the system will feed inwards the energy lost outwards, and then ∆œ, iterate, replicate itself to survive before death. And yet for all that to happen, the system must observe, perceive, absorb information, ∆ï, and so there are always points of view, observers, o-points of information. And in this manner systems go on absorbing and emitting, reproducing, gauging, feeding moving, ∆e,i, and webbing networks of cloned points that grow into Universals, ∆u, ∆+1 new Space-Time ST-planes of Existence.

∆a, ∆e, ∆ï, ∆o, ∆u, move, feed, iterate, perceive, evolve socially, the æ,e,ï,œ,û of existence. In fact the order is a different one:

∆ï->perceive->∆a->move towards the perceived->∆e field of energy in which to feed and use -≥∆œ, the spared energy to reproduce yourself, and then it is the social game of clones that form networks and evolve into ∆u-niversal.


ALL THIS SAID, there is a huge other field of analysis of time-space, called Evolution, founded by Darwin which deals with the changes in the information of beings. And can be modelled also with the 3 ages – horizons of beings, because species also follow the growing information of all systems, which is dominant over mere locomotion.

Why? Because besides the 2 dimotions analyzed by physicists in extreme detail, locomotion, origin of relativity, and entropy, a social extreme sum of locomotions, synonymous of death and dissolution, which physicists confuse with the locomotion of gases and wrongly expand to the entire Universe as its single ‘arrow of future’), there are 3 more ARROWS of timespace, ‘modes of change’, which are THE POSITIVE, CREATIVE, INFORMATIVE, SOCIAL, LOVING ARROWS not the 2 simple, destructive negative, arrows of motion and entropy which they DO study: 3) information 4) reproduction 5)social love, the highest of them. Yet the dimotion of information dominate with its 3 forms those of locomotion and entropy setting the direction of the world cycles towards ages of maximal form (3rd ages).

When considering the minimal unit of each entity of reality we talk of Dimotions or actions across scales of the fifth dimension, as the system absorbs information and energy from lower scales trying to interact with the larger planes to reproduce and evolve socially. Ðimotions thus become synonymous of actions.

In all those cases however we shall observe certain properties of the being as it performs its motions, actions, dimensions of existence, the most important of them, defined by the 4th postulate of similarity (congruence axiom) in non-euclidean geometry – that is according to the parallelism and similarity of beings the contact between them will bring a different åction.

When considering the minimal unit of each entity of reality we talk of Dimotions or actions across scales of the fifth dimension, as the system absorbs information and energy from lower scales trying to interact with the larger planes to reproduce and evolve socially. Ðimotions thus become synonymous of actions.

The most important of those visions is the internal åctions; and further on, the only non-testable element beyond the mind: the sensations which seem to form the ultimate will of existence, as even humans have been tested to act subconsciously the ‘program of survival’ through sensations of pain, pleasure, etc.
THE UNIVERSE REINFORCES THE PROGRAM OF THE 5 ARROWS OF TIME with SENSATIONS the ultimate program and as it prefers information to motion, we prefer to love (ARROW of eusocial evolution) to orgasm (arrow of reproduction) to perceive (arrow of information) than to run (arrow of motion) and to kill (arrow of energy feeding).

 So we are going to call also each of those 5 abstract Dimotions, when merely observed as ‘scientists like’, in pure objective quantitative terms; VITAL actions of space-time to fully understand the vital nature of reality, and state that all what you see is a dimotion=action of vital space-time which tries to achieve with those actions its survival as the 5 actions=dimotions have an obvious use: to absorb energy for the body, information for the particle-head, motion for the limbs-fields of the system, minimize the inner entropy=disorder of its vital energy and maximize its reproduction of information and ensuing social evolution of parts into wholes to synchronize (and slow down) as a whole simultaneous beings the dimotions of those parts into a new whole that emerges as a new scale of the fifth dimension.




When observing a particle, its motion is a jerk stop and step motion, space and time state, to which we must add its ‘evolution vs. entropy’ world cycle as the particle, forward past to future 5Dimotion (blue) is connected to the antiparticle (red) future to past 4D-eath motion. But if we connect them in a single locomotion (1D) and little detail, as humans perceive lineal time for smallish beings, it all seems a ‘lineal motion forwards’. Fact is even locomotion is quite a complex interplay of the 5 Dimotions of existence, where the memorial stop moment might change the path ALWAYS to achieve the least time possible (as time is what the Universe conserves, space being a Maya of the informative mind); another are brusque ‘cliffs’ and perpendicular Darwinian geometries in the’death’ moment of the particle-antiparticle world cycle that recedes into the past ,relative to the reproduced (3D) particle keeping the eternal moving universe after each stop of the mental mapping mind.

noun: step; plural noun: steps
1. an act or movement of putting one leg in front of the other in walking or running (t).
the distance a short or easily walked distancecovered by a step ($).
2. a rung of a ladder. British: a stepladder. (∆)
3. a measure or action, especially one of a series taken in order to deal with or achieve a particular thing, a stage in a gradual process.  (1Ð: perception -> 2Ð:locomotion->4D:feeding ->3D:reproduction->5D: social evolution)
a particular position or grade on an ascending or hierarchical scale.
4. Music. An interval in a scale; a tone (whole step): ∆st.
5. Physics. An abrupt change in the value of a quantity or state: 4D.
verb: step; 1.3:     take a particular course of action. (@->∑D)
The enhanced scientific method: ¬A(bcd)E rules 
In the graph, on the side we see the ‘fractal principle’ of reality. For every simple event in space-time, when looked in detail, we shall see an interconnection of the 5Dimotions of the Universe. Something so simple as the motion of an electron, does require in fact in close look a series of steps and stops that interplay the five Ðimotions of existence.
It is that interplay that enhances and reconnect every entity of reality to the entangled Universe; expanding our knowledge of any event and form, reducing its chaos, with a better understanding of the blocks of time that we shall call ‘worldcycles’, with its specific sequential patterns that shape the future of each super organism through its path of existence that will end up deterministically into a series of zero-sums, as those in the graph between particle (life arrow) and antiparticle (Death arrow), motion forwards in parallel and in perpendicular, laterally, and so on and so on…
Thus the asymmetries that cancel each other might create a sense of ‘freedom and directionality’, but at the end all ends in a world cycle (albeit, during the smaller steps and stops, reproductions, perceptions and entropic destructions of each non-AE point, the point can manipulate certain parameters, such as the speed and directionality of its dimotions and even for truly experts in the art of exist¡ences, halt by repetition and balance of opposites the process of aging in an eternal present, the maximal intelligence always being SURVIVAL – themes those of certain finesse studied in other posts).
The classification of all the possible sequences of steps, its meaning when perceived as a whole, its purpose in the game of existence, for each species of the Universe would then in the future or in other fractal planet where huminds upgrade to ¡logic an essential quantitative and qualitative, analytic detailed subdiscipline of ‘stience’.
It is then obvious that while our present capacity to understand the Universe seems to satisfy @-one dimensional minds. So a physicist wouldn’t in the previous example care at all to analyze in such depth the steps of the electron but just measure its ‘bulk v=s/t’ speed, the more we want to penetrate in the whys and ¡logic steps and stops and sequences of ‘being’, the more detail we obtain.
One simple thought should arise from that:
A HUMBLE REALIZATION THAT THE HUMIND IS AN INFINITESIMAL PART OF A MUCH MORE COMPLEX WHOLE IT WILL NEVER FULLY UNDERSTAND, AND THAT ALL HUMIND’S THEORIES OF REALITY ARE BY FORCE INCOMPLETE, SELECTING INFORMATION – according to human usefulness, as in the case of the electron, which is for us just the ‘energy we brutally manipulate in huge herds’ to obtain our locomotions and that of our machines. Only the ego of people make them thing on top that the electron us just the speed of a particle point with no parts and no life, no perception and no sense of direction.
In any case we must at least objectively acknowledge a pentalogic, fractal new scientific method of analysis in which for each event or form studied, we consider those pentalogic sequences, or composites that in ‘simultaneity’ are seen as a single Dimotion or form; and then connect the ‘widened’ view of reality with the simpler view of huminds in classic science. As we have done in the graph, explaining the interplay of the 5 Dimotions to achieve the locomotion of an electron, reduced by huminds to a simple lineal flow. But as we say the depth of understanding can be always be increased further. I.e. in the next graph, ‘now we are talking’: the electron NOT only stays as particle but actually when it stops is as a particle, when it moves is as a wave, and the wave reproduces the form of the particle, traveling up and down through 3 scales of the fifth dimension, that of the quantum potential from where entropically it absorbs the motion for the wave, which then stops and collapses reproducing a particle back and forth:

The two limits of sensation, the exhilarating wave that erases form in pure motion, the particle still state that perceives and gauges information entangled to other particle, fermion and boson, still to each other – hence in our scale with a c-constant speed, are the ultimate components of the complementary reality.

In the graphs we can see the stop-particle, step-wave; the reproduction and collapse of the wave into the particle to perform its 1D-3D-2D game, reproducing over a quantum potential field; and one way to express this path through a wave function in mathematical language, which then must be re-interpreted as an exponential complex mirror image of the whole 3 Dimotions (4D function, the exponential function, 3D function, the reproductive sine-cosine embedded in the imaginary homology between both, according to Euler’s formula; to which we must add the Amplitude parameter of the range of the quantum potential transformed in the wave process).
Again 5D theory here has added a few new layers of complexity unknown to the classic scientist, most notably the ‘reproduction’ state of the wave, the ‘collapse’ explanation as it transfers into particle, the stop-particle vs. wave-motion patterns and erasing the magic pretension that mathematics is the cause of it all, NOT its mirror according to the ‘meaning’ of each mathematical constant and function connected to those demotions, where negative exponentials always refer to an entropic process, sinusoidal functions to a reproductive one, and energy amplitudes to the ‘range’ of the lower ¡-1 plane in which the whole process takes place.
But then we can even go further, if we consider the left side graph with the group, phase velocities and its clock/frequencies and speeds synchronized in time with the internal clock of the particle-head that guides it all, to establish the patterns of the 1Dimotion of the quantum wave according to its spin clocks (Broglie’s finding), and even further considering the quantum potential non-local scale below all this, invisible to us, but feeding the motion of the electron (light space-time and gravitational space-time).
And then we can go even further considering the lateral steps of the herd (5D social dimotion), as they do travel indeed like a herd of ducks, checking constantly in synchronicity their motions as a group. And explain further terms of the mathematical mirror-formalism of that ‘detailed’ analysis.
We shall of COURSE stop here in our ‘steps’ of complexity on such a simple seemingly phenomena as the motion of the electron, as our purpose was to show you that against human ego-reductionism, all in the Universe is fractal, complex interplay of 5D and HUMILITY to the only REAL immortal, infinite, intelligent being – THE UNIVERSE AS A WHOLE AND ITS FRACTAL GAMES.

The organic and sentient properties of the universe. 

This said the equation is a logic equation, whose fundamental properties to facilitate creation are ‘relativity’, ‘anti-symmetries’ and ‘organicism’, words hardly understood in the context of present philosophy of science.

Let us deal first with relativity, then organicism and finally with symmetry.

3 errors to correct to understand the immortal Universe: entropy, big-bang and quantum uncertainty.

Let us then give a prime on the PHILOSOPHY OF REALITY  ONCE WE UPGRADED IT TO THE ∆•st elements of reality.

¬Æ-method: S@≈∆ð view of atoms and galaxies and its Q, G forces.

The formalism of 5D-fractal Universes ads toexperimental facts, (E) and the Correspondence principle with classic science (C), the Disomorphic, organic method of extracting the whys of reality from the scalar properties of the 5th dimension (∆) and the symmetries between formal space, space-time energy and time motion (S≈T), cupped by the critical analysis of the @-mental distortions of inflationary languages as mirrors of the Universe. So we have a much deeper insight on the ‘whys’ of both, experimental facts and classic science modelling.  It is then obvious that most corrections on classic science to match ‘experimental fact’ today often ignored to uphold the classic theories come from the understanding of the fractal structure of space and cyclical nature of time.

Let us consider the case of astrophysics: cyclical time defines the vortices of space-time of the 3 scales, or singularity-masses (gravitational scales), thermodynamic vortices (eddies) and charges (quantum vortices), which can be unified as attractive vortices (time view) or space curvatures of the 3 scales:

So why astrophysicists ONLY consider the expansive entropy of space between galaxies and do NOT put it together with the inverse arrow of informative creation of mass? IT IS NOT because of true science and the experimental method (put below for good measure in its principles: evidence, known cause, economy and no-falsification, which happens only when we take into account both vortices of relative future mass and expansive sheets of entropic space), but because of historic cultural reasons, often hidden as secret agendas of dogmatic religion or dogmatic science. 

Anti-Symmetry. And social parallelism.

Anti-Symmetry though is the fundamental property in terms of logic thought of the Universe. To fully grasp it we consider the ternary symmetries of scales, ages and adjacent topologies, which structure the being internally through ∆±1 scales, in time through 3 ages and in space externally through its 3 topological forms, all of them expressed in the generator equation:

∆-1: Generation > ∆º: $t |-lineal limbs/potentials (dominant in a past young age) <: ∑∏ iterative, hyperbolic ø-body-waves (dominant in an iterative present) > ∆+1: O-Particle-head, which commands the being as a whole in an external world, dominant in its future 3rd age, before the system explodes entropically ∆+1<<∆-1.

To notice then how reality can be observed through those anti-symmetries, which mean the properties of each of the two extremes of the 3 ternary elements of reality are anti-symmetric to each other and so they cancel each other. That is cells/atoms/individuals are to the wholes antisymmetric as they maximise information vs. energy-size; limbs/potentials are to the heads/particles also antisymmetric in lineal and cyclical form; and the first age of life or relative past dominated by lineal motion is antisymmetric to the 3rd age dominated by cyclical form. 

But because the system is ternary, the anti symmetries of time-ages, space-topologies and scales become merged into the present-hyperbolic body-wave interacting and mixing together to form a single one. 

So the best expression of the game is a present body-wave breaking constantly its symmetry into two opposite functions that can either annihilate each other, as waves do or complementary reinforce each other, concepts those hardly used in science beyond physics and even there ill-understood that now we expand to all sciences.

Indeed, in physics much has been done about the term symmetry which is NOT really that relevant, because even when physicists define symmetry they are in fact talking of a mirror symmetry, which is an inversion or a bilateral symmetry which is also an inversion so they are forms of topological antisymmetry, of two identical social parts.

Yet the game as a game of identical social parts is an element of fractal organicism. This parallelism of beings which are clones by reproduction of each other and the asymmetry between systems that are complementary to each other and meet in the middle term, are essential elements to make sense of how reality, comes together and pegs into a single being.

So that is the future of stience, in any planet in which similar huminds have kept expanding our connection with the entangled Universe.


Time is curved hence with at least two dimensions, besides length: curvature and frequency. Time cycles thus break reality into an inner and outer ‘vital space’, and add a singularity point or focus of its motion. Because pi is not exact, steady state clocks are less common than vortex spiral or fluctuating ±π mouths, but all time cycles tend inwards in a 3rd age of warping and in-form-ation till the flow of motion ‘stops’ in the still singularity, ejected perpendicularly in an explosion of death-entropy. It is the last time quanta of the clock when motion becomes a 5th dimensional still image before dying into a lineal 4D entropic flow.
Life is a trip through the fifth dimension in small STeps, rigged by the fact that they can only be tied towards an increase of information, given the proper way to define its possible step-motions.
Space and time can have a lineal or a cyclical form. The process of bending is a slow down, the process of snapping a bent cycle rip opened in the process of death is much faster.
Dimotions can be measured as STeps of which the variety increases, from the initial 2 states, form and motion, space and time, to no-change, space-space, time-time or inverse change, S<t, t>s.
But as steps must finally close into a cycle, steps NEED TO BE at least ternary:
SS, and so on. Now those steps as ternary steps start to trace forms in the spacetime background or larger scale in which they can play at least 2 scales around in acts of entropy (Death and absorbtion of energy). When we see a superorganism thus it will have a vital energy encircled which is able to destroy at two levels below into entropy the regions around it, to extract the bits necessary for the steps of inner self-replication, ST=ST.
We shall call the following steps the 5 DImotions of space-time, or actions, now defined in its easiest quantitative form – steps:
SS (AB. §): Mental, Solid Form
$$§: energy becoming information
t>§: Information; perception.
TT: Entropic motion.
As soon as we observe the previous equation an astounding discovery comes in, by virtue of the state of space-time in which each action is defined, there is only a possible form to connect them repetitive cycles, $§.
This chirality of the Universe which comes from the very essence of its possible steps through the fractal generator, define then a possible only worldcycle: $§«$, where the last step is death which through a fast NON-t mediated process in a non-quanta of time the system dies back again, and the worldcycle is completed:

Galileo’s paradox: meaning of dimensions and motions.

The first truth to understand about the Universe is that a motion of time is equivalent to a dimension of space. This was what Galileo found since we see still the Earth and flat but it is round and moving. Motions are perceived by minds that stop motion into form, into information, as distances. So if we see slow motion in the night a light it seems a long distance. Distance and motion CANNOT BE distinguished so they must be taken as two side of the same being, a Space=time ÐIMOTION (ab. Dimensional Motion):

S= T; Dimension-Distance = Time-motion = ST Ðimotion:

A dimension of spatial form can also be seen as a motion in time. Both together become a ‘Ðimotion’, the fundamental element of reality. It is the paradox of relativity of motion that started modern science but was not understood: Time Motions & space dimensions merge.

We said that all dimensions of space have a hidden motion to them. This again was slowly realized in mathematics, as they finally came to the conclusion that the still Geometry of the Greeks was part of a much vaster, generalized concept, a topological variety, where a topology as opposed to a geometry had internal motion-change. So while you could describe the dimensions of a being in an external locomotion without inner change, the internal change in the in-form-ation of beings, we have started with MUST BE A TOPOLOGICAL VARIETY. In-form-ation, form-in-action thus was in fact a topological dimotion of space-time. It had a content of space, we shall call in ceteris paribus (isolated) analysis, dimensions, and it had a content of time-motion, we shall call in ceteris paribus analysis ‘states, functions or ages of time’.
All this said about the real Universe, we can go back and trace the beginning of physics and comment on its I-logic paradoxical principles, in which so much literature have been ‘wasted’ by lack of clear thought; namely the principles in which Physics are based, Relativity conservation and symmetry, principles derived of THE NATURE OF SPACE AND TIME, not MAGICALLY produced by the mathematical language as creationist physics, latter studied in more detail will show.

Let us  consider very briefly the correspondence principle between the classic concepts of time space from Galileo to Einstein and the expanded one, which includes properly all the dimotions of time.
Specifically we shall state now that what Physicists study as time, IS only present time, instants in which they measure simultaneously the locomotions of beings, with ‘derivatives’ – so reducing change to its minimal expression within a single slice of the whole flow of time. The question then to define is the absolute arrows of time, of past and future, missed in that description of time, as a mere instant of ‘space-motion’ v=∂s/∂t. In other words, when we ad the arrow of entropy and dissolution and the arrow of wholeness, of evolution of form, THE SCALAR ARROWS OF DEEP TIME-SPACE, which one is the past and the future? 
The answer is obvious. As a whole needs its parts first, to become, the arrow of the disjoined parts or ‘entropy’ is the arrow of past, and the arrow of ‘wholeness’ and organic evolution of ‘DEEP time’, as it includes both parts and wholes co-existing together is the arrow of the future.
And this is an absolute arrow, as it is pure logic. The Universe thus becomes constantly more and more entangled, building up new organic co-existing structures made of multiple layers. And because that is the preferential arrow of the Universe, call it eusocial love in social systems, and biological herds, or mathematical numbers in physics, as numbers are just social herds, every part of it strives to increase its social evolution and languages of information that synchronize them. In a short term view of course all systems end up ‘going back to the past of entropy and dissolving’. But in as much as systems want to acquire information, death IS a single quanta of time, which explodes the being, so he can keep returning again to the slow process of time-building of social structure.
So when we wrote the metric equation of the fifth dimension as:
$p x ðƒ = K we can interpret it in terms of past present and future as $p, lineal past, entropic, spacetime  and  ðƒ: curved, informative temporal future, where ƒ is the frequency of the system and the symbol for future flows.

We will latter give different versions of the formula, according to the different dimotions we consider – the universe, mind the reader, has a very different ‘logic’ to that of man, as it is an entangled reality in which all the parts constantly influence each other, all the dimotions interact, and so despite starting with only 5 motions-forms (3±¡, if we account for the difference between the present space-time super organisms, and the ∆§cales) by iteration and combination things can get as complex as they seem.
Thus unlike the simplified concept of time=change=locomotion of physicists as ONLY change=translation in space (v=s/t), when we add the ‘biological’, evolutionary time=change in in/form/ation, we can also explain the biological changes of life and death of human organisms, our topological VARIATIONS of forms in (evolution theory), and the mirrors of those changes produced by our languages of perception… which become the memetic ‘languages’ that organize change in the social organisms of history, mankind in time.
So we shall expand the analysis of time change and its laws to both biological and social sciences, something physicists have tried repeatedly with very awkward results (quantum fantaphysics, worldlines, entropy philosophers of ‘death’).
SINCE HUMAN AND BIOLOGICAL CHANGE is primarily ‘informative, social, technological and biological time=change’ NOT translative change=time, the ONLY one physicists study (v=s/t, or Galilean relativity and its fine-tuned Einstein’s version: S²=X²+Y²+z²-c²t²).
So we have put the theory of time of physicists at face value, the path that physicists should have taken when they discovered their fundamental theory of LOCOMOTION, also called Galilean Relativity, latter improved by Einstein, which defined time as the fourth dimension of space, since physicists merely was used it to measure spatial changes in location.


We perceive Ðimotions externally. They are internally actions for the being in exist¡ence.

We use 5 terms for the same event according to the ‘entangled principles of the Universe’ which make a ternary ‘minimum’ ¡logic view necessary to absorb in present space-time a minimal amount of truth on the being.

Dimensions, Motions, Ðimotions, Åctions & ±∆¡motions, which express the concept of Dimotion from different perspectives, being obviously ∆imotion, the scalar perspective, Åctions, the O-mind perspective and Dimotions the external, entropic, all gathering perspective; Dimensions the spatial perspective and Motions the time perspective.

The simplest description of a being thus happens when we consider its 5=3±∆ dimensions in space, motions in time and actions in space-time, which define the existence of the being. Hence our title, 5г; observed in the next graph for the human being:

5 Dimotions and worldcycles.

The minimal description of an species of space-time implies to define its 5 Dimensions of space that make up its organic structure in simultaneous, time, its sequential motions through its world cycle between generation and extinction as it travels through the 3 planes of co-existence, in its cellular/atomic, organic/thermodynamic and ecosystemic/cosmological scales; and the 5 actions of exchange of energy and information it performs in those relative scales. This description is what we call the 5гisomorphic method, as all systems of reality perform those 5  dimotions and actions. In a dynamic way the best ‘tale’ of the being is a sequential story of its existence from birth as a relative fractal point in a lower plane, through its palingenesis, clone reproduction, social evolution, emergence and a ternary physiological network of cells, who will then life a cycle through the 3 ages of life and death, in a larger ∆+1 world till its entropic extinction and desegregation into its cellular/atomic components. In the graph, the Human world cycle and the 5 actions in scalar space-time of different species of the Universe.




Theme. The center piece of the whole formal structure  of the Universe is the world cycle OF super organisms or fractal generator, a function of cyclical space-time, which describes a whole timespace cycle in all its perspectives:

Γ.                    U∞=    ∑ [Se≤≥St≤≥Tƒ]±∆

What is existence is the mother of all questions. And yet the answer is simple: to exist is to act in space and time with the spatial energy and temporal information a being possesses, performing a series of space-time åctions, which allow the system to ‘feel energy-time motions’ and ‘perceive forms-still spaces, and ‘combine them in reproductive clones that will survive the end of existence’.  We call the repetitive patterns of åctions entities follow through its life-death cycles, the function of existence.

When we express the organic existence in space and sequential events in time of any entity of reality through human logic and mathematical, verbal and digital languages, we acquired knowledge on existence.

This knowledge is NOT necessarily human ‘scholar, scientific, academic, religious, social or artistic knowledge’. Humans have an enormous capacity to ‘invent’ using the ‘inflationary properties’ of information (which being an accelerated vortex of form explodes into ‘information’ that might not be related to reality). In that regard humans show an enormous capacity to invent existential theories, which are subjective and anthropomorphic but respond not to the reality of the Universe; where all systems perform the same ‘Program of Existence’.

Tƒ formalize this equalization of all systems of nature, we do define 3 scales of ‘existential space time’:

The simplest level in which systems made of vital spaces and temporal particles/heads, absorb and emit spatial energy and temporal information, combining it into åctions of existence. This is the æ,e,ï,œ,û ‘åctions’, the minimal units of reality, which become cyclical trajectories through space-time in which an ‘Active Magnitude’ or ‘point of existence’ exchanges energy and information with the outer ‘Absolute space-time World’ in which he is confined.

Each of those åctions of existence performed by Œ, the given function of existence, performed towards the survival of the entity and its form beyond its finite duration can be studied as a separated event. And this is how mostly physics acts: describing trajectories in space-time (without studying its survival biological finalities), of points of existence.

The second level is the study of those points of existence by integrating all its åctions. We then can define any entity as a knot of cyclical åctions of space-time, whose content in energy and information, becomes organized into ‘cellular/atomic parts’, which establish a complex organic pattern with 3 parts, the |-limbs/fields of lineal momentum, the O-heads/particles of informative perception and the Ø-bodies/waves of hyperbolic iteration.

This second level of awareness of reality and its structures thus studies how the existence of individual åctions of space-time become organized into the patterns of survival and social evolution, which define the more formal, complex structure of the Universe, till the system emerges as:

The super organism, the fundamental function of existence of the being. This is the whole study of the being, both in time, as a world cycle between birth and death and in space as a super organism extending across several layers of planes of the 5th dimension.

Thus in this first Isomorphism, resume of all others we merely expose the entity, introduce its space-time functions and translate its knowledge by classic science into the isomorphisms of relational space-time. And all this is embedded in the particular variety of its function of existence:

Œ: Se<ST>Tƒ

The function of existence, as such, œ, is the first element to define regarding the isomorphisms that apply to all systems of the Universe.

Once we have defined this function, œ(s,t), all other elements of the system will be found.

The complexity of the definition depends on the generator equation of the space-time fractal we decide to use.

A simple one is the ExI=C,  (Space x Time parameters = Constant), fundamental equation of relational, isomorphic space-time (∆ST or TS, the most widely symbols used in those texts, which represent both the isomorphic Space-Time theory and the Timespace, present iterative, reproductive, hyperbolic dual function that represents al systems of the Universe).

The function of existence, ∆ST, œ, ST, Se<ST>Tƒ, or whatever other way we want to represent it, is the central element of all descriptions.

The Universe is a fractal superoganism of 5 Dimensional motions of time§pace (ab. Ðimotions). When we order those ‘dimotions’ in space we get a super organism, when we order them in time we obtain a worldcycle of existence, when we order them in scales, we obtain the 5 actions of all systems that absorb energy from its lower ∆-2 scale (humans absorb amino acids), information from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb light), motion from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb gravitation) or simplex actions, while developing two complex actions, reproduction and social evolution from its higher, ∆-1 seminal scale, ∆o scale and ∆+1 social scale. As such it has topological, spatial, mathematical properties; logical, temporal ones, and organic, scalar properties derived of its spacetime structure, which must be added to the usual analysis of time space systems. We consider then for each species of space-time a basic ternary description of its ‘adjacent topologies’ that define all systems as simultaneous super organisms in space; that will perform 5 ‘aeiou’ vital actions: accelerated motions, energy feeding, information gauging, offspring reproduction and universals’ evolution’.

The disomorphic Method considers two levels of analysis of all Time-Space Organisms (ab.T.œ): a simple analysis of the ‘Fractal generator’ and its 5 Demotions as dimensions of space that form a simultaneous super organism, motions in time that shape a world cycle and in the lower scale of shorter actions, the scalar exchanges of energy and information that allow the system to survive providing motion to its limbs/potentials, energy to its body-wave, information to its particle-head (simplex motions that define the male gender); while reproducing and evolving socially the system with similar forms (complex dimotions that ensure the survival beyond its individual life and define the ‘female’ S=T gender.)
Such 3 x 5 description of the motions, dimensions and actions of the system is then complemented by a more diachronic analysis on how a single species goes through its world cycle of life and death, starting from a seed of information, taken ‘still pictures’ of that world cycle through the main stages of its existence as a travel through emerging scales of the fifth dimension.


Above we have shown it integrated across the time duration of a human world cycle, below we develop it for a man, in terms of its, 3 ‘varieties’ of bidimensional space, the Se, digestive, energetic system, the Tƒ, cyclical, informative head and the TS iterative, time space blood/reproductive organs, and its evolution through the 3 ages of time, the Te, young, entropic age, the Tƒ adult iterative, reproductive age, and the Tƒ, old, informative age:


In terms of space it develops as Se, the lineal, enteric, expansive form, Si, the hyperbolic for and Tƒ, the spherical form.

Thus we have a simple code to explain it all, the æ,e,ï,œ,û system of space-time dimensions and events. The playful understanding of those simplest elements of reality through the manipulation of those symbol with the function of existence, its integrands in space and derives in time, is the ultimate game of reality that we can then apply to each species.

Existential algebra, thus is a first must for all systems that must learn to exist.

Existence vs. extinction, through a world cycle made of åctions of existence, æ,e,ï,œ,û that exchange internal energy and information with external space and time, constantly going forwards and backwards in those flows is the whole game.

So it is also the first fact we must confront when ‘doing Spence’, that is, when studying the different, complementary systems of spatial motion and time cycles, across any of the U=ST planes of existence of the Universe, each one studied by a ‘stience’, is to ‘set up a domain’ or ‘ST±∆’ world or ecosystem in which to define and study a Superorganism and Worldcycle –  an Œ Point of existence.

We thus need to define the parameters of the U∆≈ ST system in its outer parameters of Space-Speed and Time-density, which can be deduced from different fundamental constants:

  • Constant, reproductive Speed, (Se x Tƒ of the absolute space-time)
  • Curvature Constant (gradient/acceleration/field strength: α/s) or the similar concept of:
  • Density (ρ: Tƒ/S)
  • Action (Se x Tƒ: Energy x Time constant)

Those are examples of possible Observables that can be used to deduce the fundamental parameters of the medium.

The internal parameters of the system will then be in proportionality with those of its absolute space-time, from where it obtains its energy and information. And so we shall find:

  • Time-speed of the vital system, which will be in synchronicity with the rhythms and åctions of the world system
  • Energy metabolism of the vital system, also in relationship with the energy cycles of its environment.

Once we have the fundamental parameters of speed-space and time-information of the system, externally and internally, we can further consider the main symmetries and ‘states’, and dimensions of those parameters, for the specific variety of species we observe.

And to that aim, we will start to tabulate its external åctions and frequencies.

Tƒ exist, to observe, move, feed on energy, reproduce information and evolve socially from part into wholes, by performing cyclical åctions of space-time in that external Universe… the study of this pattern, ‘function’ of ‘5 åctions’, ‘reality’ as a dynamic whole, infinity of ∑æ,e,ï,œ,û vowel languages…

There are so many ways to express it as varieties of real isomorphs in the Universe.

Tƒ be made of Vital Space, Se and time Cycles, Tƒ, as to create a feed back polar equation between 2 systems, Se<=>Tƒ, which exchange energy and information with the external Universe, Sp x Tƒ ≡ ST±4…

Existence becomes in this manner a function, a world cycle across a Universe of an entity that performs åctions in space-time of cyclical nature, and it is itself made of a myriad of inner motions of space-time, as a ‘particle≈knot of time cycles’.

Such knots of time cycles, Œ, are rotary maximal volumes in minimal space of logic crossings, between those time arrows that appear as a modular ‘I’, which fluctuates in its apparently moving, but rather fixed from an Tƒ∆+1 points of existence, knotting the will of its æ,e,ï,œ,û cycles

We all feel free as points of existence, but are just knots tied to the cycles of space-time we acct in the external world.

The Mandate of existence: Maximize your Space-Time Actions.

The spatial-temporal ternary symmetry between:

Se: The Spatial entropic, long, relative past motions.

Tƒ: The high, informative, relative, future cyclical motions and…

St: The combined wave-body repetitive, present motions, structure the 3 bidimensional ‘organs’ of all diffeomorphic relative beings:

ST (-∆), St (∆), Tƒ (+∆); made of entropic fields that expand and disorder space by ‘burning’ and simplifying quanta of energy in larger scales of lesser order (-∆), hyperbolic-wave bodies that try to repeat cycles and reproduce the components of the system, and Tƒ, spherical zero-points with an external sensorial membrane that transfers to a central zero point by shrinking without deformation (Poincare Conjecture) the bidimensional perceived world into a mind that controls the whole system

Thus there is in all full systems of reality a center of order, a Maxwell’s devil, the zero-point, or ‘single dimensional soul-mind, which maps reality, 0-point x ∞ World = Constant mapping of reality, into a smaller fast cpu, brain, electronic eye, consciousness, program of existence, and then ‘enacts’ the åctions of the system that ensures its immortality in time-space, its continuity, its repetitive existence through its åctions.

We do not argue in this post the degree of consciousness of the point of view, which is rather an automatic ‘program’ that maximizes existence, imposed by the survival of beings. We just reason why the program must be in all systems that act in Nature in an independent way in reality, where it is located that point of will and in which consists that will.

In brief, systems are generated as varieties of the fractal space-time generator, which can be written as

U = ∑∑ W: ∑[Sp x Tƒ]= ST±4

This less synoptic expression of the generator means that the Universe is made of infinite fractal parts, we call worlds, composed of the 3 components of a system, Spatial entropy, Temporal information and reprod-active limbs/fields, body/waves, heads/particles that ‘act’ within 0±4 planes of relative existence, with its organic parts, to maximize its existence, which means obviously:

  • Tƒ increase its entropic motions, ∆a, to increase its vital, cellular/atomic structural space, ∆e, to increase its gauging of information, ∆ï, to increase its Reproduction, ∆œ and to increase its social evolution, into larger groups, ∆U.

Those 5 åctions that we write with 5 vowels: a for accelerated, entropic motions, e for energy feeding, i for iterative reproduction, o for informative perception and U for Universal creation departing from individuals form the program of existence. And we can spot that program in all systems, through the analysis of 4+1, ‘quantum numbers’, ‘laws of electromagnetic fields’, ‘coding genetic letters’, ‘drives of existence’ and so on.  (Humans tend not to recognize one of those 5 åctions often the social, evolutionary or the simpler motions and its ‘coding’ equations, so most likely you will find 4 ‘equations’ to define a system).

The program of existence does ‘exist’ in all beings, and explain its systemic interaction and why it perceives other planes of existence. It explains its organic structure. It defines a sentient, pantheist Universe in which ‘monads’, unlike the simplified model of Leibniz do communicate (who discussed if his monads did communicate with the Universe beyond its 0-mind mapping perception, but as it was going to be too complex to describe them in their communication simplified the model considering them isolated entities of pure perception).

There are in that sense two fundamental formalisms to study the Program of existence, which we explore in two different sections of this web:

  • The non-Euclidean geometry of ‘points with parts’, ‘fractal points’, ‘points of view’, ‘zero-points’, ‘non-Euclidean points’ , which communicate flows of energy and information to form, social groups, herds and networks that finally evolve together and emerge into wholes with 3 topological parts, which live through a dynamic 3 horizons of existence.

This description would be more objective, external, perhaps more liked by the scientist of the ‘4th paradigm of measure’, with its hidden anthropomorphic belief of Abrahamic religious origin, that only humans are sentient, perceptive, special, organic, living, because the z=6 atom, carbon, is so special (-;

What of those 3 elements, dimensions, motions or actions matter most? Obviously actions, as they combine ALL the elements of reality, dimension, motion and scale. So we can say as Planck realized a century ago that the unit of reality is an action, but unlike Physicists who basically study only an action (the first, locomotion) we shall consider a more complex pentagonal Universe of 5 different active dimotions.

When we order those ‘dimotions’ in space we get a superorganism,when we order them in time we obtain a worldcycle of existence, when we order them in scales, we obtain the 5 actions of all systems that absorb energy from its lower ∆-2 scale (humans absorb amino acids), information from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb light), motion from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb gravitation) or simplex actions, while developing two complex actions, reproduction and social evolution from its higher, ∆-1 seminal scale, ∆o scale and ∆+1 social scale.

Actions are thus the FUNDAMENTAL CAUSE of the limits of perception of any ∆ø and relate directly ‘perception’ and ‘stientific’ knowledge to the relative position of the mind that perceives. They are also the essential element to fully grasp WHY we perceive only a limit number of scales of reality with us at the center: namely because we ‘HAVE THOSE ∆±¡ practical limits in our actions’ – NOT because there are NO more scales above or below.

It is also important to realize that actions are either predatory (those involving smaller beings), equalitarian (reproduction with an ∆ø equal form) or submissive to the ∆+1 social world. We are, as Shakespeare put it, buffoons citizens or kings depending of our perspective.

So in this post we shall introduce briefly the model from the home page and then talk a bit of each of the 5 D³imotions (dimension, motions and action) of reality, which in the future will be the main method of study of beings, to understand its structure in space (dimensions of the superorganism) its worldcycle in time (ordered as sequential motions by the symmetry S=T) and combined use for the program of survival – the program of its 5 actions.

IN THE GRAPH, we see the five dimensions of reality, 3 of present organic ensembles of beings, two in scales of lower smaller parts and larger wholes. They are symmetric to the 3±1 ages of a world cycle between its 5D generation as a seed that evolves socially into a whole and its entropic death:

The basic symbology of i-logic dimotions.

We shall study this ‘organic, vital reformulation’ of the Universe based in a simple ‘first principle’: we are all super organisms in space tracing worldcycles in time, which we shall elaborate in the first line.

So the 5 Dimotions (ab. of dimension in space and motion in time) that create the form and function of all systems and its parts, between its generation by a mind-seed and extinction in entropic explosions are:

  1. First Ðimotion: Non-Euclidean points-singularities: particles/heads: Informative perception: §ð
  2. Second Ðimotion: limbs/potentials:  Lineal momentum: $t.
  3. Third Ðimotion: ∑e x ∏i: Bod waves iterate energy & information: ∑∏.
  4. Fourth Ðimotion: Entropic Universe: Death: S∂.
  5.  Fifth Ðimotion: @-Mind Worlds: Social, organic evolution: ∫T

 Some basic rules:

Since dimotions evolve in time they acquire form. So we move from ‘lineal $pace’ (line crossing not money), and the symbol of lineal time in physics, t into…

the ‘curved symbol of time’ ð, and the ‘complex view’ of space, as ‘extending through 3 planes’ self-centered into the o-point, §…

 With the intermediate phase of reproductive in body-waves organized around the duality body-head, wave-particle, whose main difference is this: body waves are blind herds of minimal connection, hence sums, ∑energy (which also resembles a wave put upwards) while  neuronal, informative particle-heads are networks that exist across 2 scales the whole and its axons (hence the ∏ multiplicative symbol for a ‘crossed’ network, since if we have 5 and 5 elements, the number of axons to join them will be 5 x 5).

FINALLY for the two scalar dimension of entropy and generational organic evolution, the symbols which look like S and T are running out (:

S and T in capitals though have not been used and stress the capital importance of those dimensions which include all others as present sheets in a single plane of the fifth dimension. So those are actually the FULL meanings. Since Entropy is symbolized in physics by S, the choice is not rocket science. As the main operation to extract a part from a whole is a derivative, a ‘moment in time’ tangential to the function we study, ∂S is therefore a clear representation of Entropy (it does in fact happen mathematically very often as we shall study in mathematical physics and non-AElgebra).

So we are left with T, the capital Time of all times, for the most important dimension of them all the fifth dimension of social evolution, love, mind wholeness, organic generation, you name it. And aptly enough we still have an s left!, ∫, the symbol of integration, which is what truly social evolution is: the integration of similar clones into networks that become single wholes with an inner time synchronized externally by the mind (ok, im here letting my stream of consciousness flow, so we shall stop).

It follows some simplex symbols that define a logic equation of life and death with 3 phases:

$t: young age when motion dominates.

∑=∏: an age of balance and reproduction of the being, into waves of clone ‘cells’ that become reorganized by physiological networks emerging as a larger whole.

§ð: 3rd age of excess of information…

§ð<<∑∆-1: $t when death reverses the whole process as explode back a whole into its parts…

And as we observe death is fast and short and it exists only because it is necessary, as the positive arrows of information, reproduction and social evolution through a language of information increases so much the form of beings that finally there is no motion left, no energy to re-form… So to replenish the simplest motions for reality to keep moving, death must come but fast…

Further on, when we apply those organic structures also to social and physical systems, whose organic properties have been denied in the case of physics or reduced to the individual human scale in the case of social super organisms of history,  WE CAN describe THEM all in terms of an homologic ‘worldcycle of existence’ in the graphs, explained in great detail.

The previous ‘equation’ thus uses the symbols of ‘I-logic’ topology and causal time chains of information (>) and entropy (<), intuitive in its expansive and implosive forms, is thus an expression of the generator in ‘time terms’, as the ‘flow of spacetime cycles of the fractal Universe’ (∆ð±¡) becomes ‘formed’ after feeding head and body into meaningful forms and motions of the 3 supeorganic parts of the plane of existence of the system (∆ø=| xO). Yet as information constantly increases in the ‘minute’ actions of the being, accumulating errors of reproduction, the system warps and gets older and the mind-language-head-system (§@) STILLS reality.

For example, humans keep ‘growing in the fifth dimension of space’ in territorial property as they get old till finally all its motionless – the old man, his money in the account, his territories of orders, homes and properties but there is NO vitality on it. The maximal ‘reach in space’ is achieved the minimal motion in time and at that point the system dies ‘fast’ << in entropic explosion that returns the timespace being, to the lower ‘plane of the fifth dimension, ∆ð¡-1.

The world cycle is an impressive element to study, as we travel through the fifth dimension precisely as we grow in size, by clone reproduction and self-organization of similar ∆-1 faster units (atoms, cells, citizens), which slow down the whole as first they have to evolve inner networks of simultaneous organization and synchronous motions which consume time. Then the being once it is perfectly synchronized internally but with a SLOWER time-clock for all those synchronous systems OUTWARDLY, emerges as a whole, and keeps ‘increasing its territorial size’ that will ‘slow down its vital rhythms’ till ending and old stultified property ‘thingy’.

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.

∆ð±¡≈≥>S@< informative third age age exploded black to its ∆-1 beings and as memories in its larger world place.

All the organic systems of the Universe, physical, biological and historic, follow the same 5 Dimensional states of a worldcycle,  from its fast evolving relative 5th dimension or generation age of social evolution from an ∆-1 seed to an emerging ∆º individual through the 3 dimensional ages of life, to the 4th dimension of entropic death..

What physicists do with its simplified models of 4 Dimensions, is to reject the arrow of social evolution, love and organic information, which is the 5th dimension of creating wholes by parts, because of its ‘concept of time’ merely as change of motion, locomotion, lineal motion, which then for the whole Universe becomes the arrow of ‘entropy and death’, and we shall adscribe by the correspondence principle to the fourth dimension.

The ultimate whys of 5D metric… are thus in fact, as we anticipated, organic. Indeed, the reduction of speed of motion and cyclical events in larger beings happen because they must first establish a simultaneous, present, co-existence of its clone reproduced parts, necessary to act externally as a whole. So the ‘whole’ clock of the system must slow down as it enlarges into multiple organic clone-like beings which will then adopt the ‘slower collective clock’ as its new ‘unit’ of simultaneous action as a whole.

The simplest generator equation.

Let us consider then with the simplest possible symbols of Non-Æ Logic (the advanced formalism needed to describe the more complex space and time), a logic equation of the ternary space-time topological forms=functions of all ‘organisms’ of the Universe:

≥: iterative, reproductive, hyperbolic networks that become body waves, as the hyperbola has all the shapes within it to reproduce the whole being.

| ≈: Flat planes of lineal parallel networks of ‘fractal points’ that become  limbs/fields of maximal entropic motions as the line/plane is the fastest distance between two points.

O: Informative, implosive ‘neuronal networks that become cyclical spherical particles-heads that process information as the sphere stores maximal information in minimal space.

So the simultaneous ensemble of ‘networks of cellular/atomic/organic herds’ into those 3 differentiated functions=forms which therefore extends across to ∆ø and ∆-1 scales, within the ∆+1 world in which the ternary network/system exists is what we call a super organism.

So we write with those symbols fa Generator Equation of T.œs.

$t: (limbs/fields of motion and Universe) ≤iterative body-wave≥ §ð  (still mind form or world)

The ginormous quantity of consequences, detailed and laws derived from that simple formula being made of those 3 topologies would fill up when study in its details – all the beings and super organisms of reality and its ternary parts – an entire galactic encyclopedia.

So in this very brief introduction we shall consider  onlythe most remarkable consequence in the simplest level of understanding of it – the ternary principles of conservation of physics that correspond to the 3 parts of all systems.

Each of those vital topologies would require an entire post and encyclopedia to fully analyze the marriage of mathematics and organic existence.

Let us now consider the most important of them, the cyclic/spheric form. Its vital function is to process in-form-ation, memorial form. And so it is cyclic, spherical for two reasons: A sphere has maximal volume in minimal space, ensuring the ‘still, informative’ system to process maximal information and disguise with minimal exposure. But most important memorial in-form-ation is cyclical because TO RETURN TO A POINT, THE SHORTEST PATH IS A CYCLE.

So cycles impose their form in all kind of Universal structures which ‘conserve’, ‘memorize’ and reproduce the information of its external world and the information of its internal existence (as in the conserved cycles of energy).

The full formalism of a Theory of the Organic Everything or whole and its Time§pace Œrganisms (T.œ), its fractal parts, should be made departing from a description of its 5 Ðimotions in simultaneous space that describes the system as a super organism, in 3 fractal ∆±¡ planes, in a static, ‘structural space-like form’ through ¬Æ: Existential algebra and in a ‘time-like dynamic flow as it is generated by a singularity  mind-seed of information which will grow, evolve into 3 networks, emerge as a whole, trace its worldcycles between birth and extinction in the external world through actions of exchange of energy and information, aging till a point in which all its energy will be exhausted and it will collapse, in an entropic explosion of death.

We call the analysis of its 5 Dimotions in abstract as adjacent topologies of a super organism or in vital terms as ‘actions’; the Rashomon effect, since we study as in the famous film 5 different points of view or elements through which the being expresses itself. And we call the study of its world cycle through the entire life-death existence of the being the Disomorphic method as we study the defining elements of the whole process of life, from its palingenetic generation of a seed that will become a ‘mind’ of a territory of external world and internal ternary physiological control of its ‘brother cells/atoms/citizens’, to fully create a super organism that will live and die again through those 5 Dimotions.

Those 2 approaches together, the space-like and the time-like define the super organism and its worldcycle in a far more complex and rich manner than the previous 4D formalism of Mr. Einstein did with its single analysis of only one time arrow, the worldline or locomotion; which from this far richer and meaningful analysis of Times seems rather a childish exercise compared to our full blown complex extraction of all the information about a being and its worldcycle of existence.


Ðimotions as actions.

When considering the minimal unit of each entity of reality we talk of Dimotions or actions across scales of the fifth dimension, as the system absorbs information and energy from lower scales trying to interact with the larger planes to reproduce and evolve socially. Ðimotions thus become synonymous of actions.

We perceive Dimotions externally. They are internally actions for the being in exist¡ence.

So we can study the Dimotions of the Universe in a general objective way, and then the actions of each physical, biological or social system as the expression of those Ðimotions from the point of view of a given species.

It is then when we can reach the final marriage between the subjective whys of the mind that starts and encodes the program of the system, and its objective external perception. And understand fully the world cycle, caused by an excess of informative dimotions over lineal locomotions that slowly by the sum of all those individual quantic actions will determine the informative death of the system.  In that regard, the ‘quantic’ way to perceive a worldcycle is a series of ordered Dimotions that increase the information of the system:

1st Ðimotion: informative particles/heads: §ð 2 Ð: limb/potential momenta: st. 3rd Ð: ∑e x ∏i: body waves: ∑∏, ST. 4th Ðimotion: entropy: ∂S. 5th Ðimotion: Organic evolution: ∫T. The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations that render constant the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of any system of Non-Æ points trough the 3 scales in which is possible to travel as an ‘existential being’, in the fifth dimension performing a world cycle. Since for a dimension to exist, there must be a co-invariant quantity, which allows its travel, S x T = K becomes the metric equation of ‘exist¡ence’. Its constancy is also the origin of the organic nature of reality as it allows the symbiosis of a system through its 3 scales. The travel of existence can also be viewed topologically in a single plane, in which an organism ensembles and exchanges lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum. So we can define all systems as an ensemble of lineal limbs/potentials that perform its lineal momentum, organised as herds of ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) in superposed additive groups that move the system and dominate its young relative past age. Its second conserved quantity being its vital energy, distributed through 3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, which define the organism proper able to iterate its form into a dynamic present system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems)… finally guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions of ‘existence’ gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5 motions in time that shape the world cycle of existence of all super organisms, departing of its generation by an ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves socially and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy and reproduce, ensuring its immortality, till errors in its accumulative, repetitive dimotions of information will exhaust its energy, degrade its structures and cause the final Ðimotion of death=entropy and disorder: And we can then establish a ‘world cycle’ of existence of all systems and organisms as they emerge in the fifth dimension as a larger whole, live 3 ages of dominance of its 3 sequential Ðimotions and finally die back in the Ðimotion of entropic death.


The Disomorphic method studies how the steps of a point generate dimotions that grow into topological networks, superorganisms externally tracing worldcycles of exist¡ence

But how truly the long time motion of a worldcycles of exist¡ence, reduces to lower ‘scale’ of mere actions of the being, which makes steps of motion from a young to a mature to an old state, from its spatial limbs to its body to its particle of information (as we can always mirror a flow in time to an adjacent population of space)? It is easy to see it if we consider the worldcycle the sum of its minimal motions or ‘actions’.

The first Isomorphism, alpha and omega of all systems is a still mind-mapping of information, a hardware through which a language will bring as software through a bosonic form ‘able to co-exist’ in two places at the same time, unlike the fermion that co-exists in two times at the same place’… wave and particle, messing together.

$t≥ST≥§ð«$tep by §ðep moving ahead from potential through wave into particle,  moving onto a constant ternary fluctuation we might call a  Simple Harmonic Motion: $t>ST>§ð…

The final step thought, is a dissolving step, « which balances the two motions of information, from youth and limb to body, and then old age/particle: $t≥ST≥§ð…

Let us consider the simplest of them:



In 5D metric LocoMotion is as the next graph shows a reproduction of form in adjacent regions as a wave displaces switching then into particle-gauging state; hence the Universe reproduces information:

The two limits of sensation, the exhilarating wave that erases form in pure motion, the particle still state that perceives and gauges information entangled to other particle, fermion and boson, still to each other – hence in our scale with a c-constant speed, are the ultimate components of the complementary reality.

Two immediate consequences of this duality of stopping and moving, particle and wave states are evident. First we find an ¡logic cause to the constancy of light speed: particles in still state entangled when they emit bosons of information, regardless of the motion around them, in its fractal local space, so c-speed is always measured as c.

Reproduction more over acts on a clear path of virtual particles which ARE shadowy forms for the upper element whose minimal information they reproduce.So for elementary particles moving on the ‘sea’ of virtual ¡-1 identical entities (for the moving Ilogic flow of information, the ghost or image transiting them)…

It follows the fundamental law of relative speed according to density which gives us the general speed of a wave: C2 = tension between the two limiting points/mass

It is then obvious that even locomotion the less relevant dimotion is more than a simple measure of ‘speed’. ONLY obsessed physicists  as high priests of time with his shallow ‘brief history’ of those  ‘5 Dimotions reduced to the LOWER actions=dimotions of life, entropy and locomotion can really think tracing speeds and worldlines is the meaning of its existence. Because physicists make weapons of mass destruction unable to love even their own species and so do humans embedded in a civilization of machines of entropy and dog-eat-dog people, who cannot emerge as a social global organism as even the smallest particles do becoming social atoms… we have converted the less important arrows in the meaning of the Universe.
But in that constant S-T, stop and MOVE, game of information and motion, it il NOT with locomotions, overrated and exhaustively studied by humans but with its inverse Dimotion, that of the mind that perceives in stillness. So there is a duality between motion and stillness, which allow us to define the state of ‘mind perception’.
Which finally leads us to the last element we cannot avoid any longer to fully define the Universe in both objective and subjective terms, the 2 dimensions of the Mind, as a membrain, self-centered into a singularity whose linguistic mappings and ternary syntax reflects the world of ternary beings of space-time in which the being exists, performing its survival actions.

The conclusion is obvious:

Everything is alive, having the 4 properties of vital beings, which are in the smallest particles, which ‘sense’=gauge information, and so will systems composed of them, from animals to plants, from humans to robots that are now showing without being programmed clear sentient capacities – so for example, eyes move faster in robotic races towards the red color that ‘codes’ motion. All feed on energy, so particles jump to trap their energy-light. All evolve socially, so particles organize with magnetic fields.
And soon we shall see that ALL particles-heads DISPLAY at least 2 openings, one axial opening the ear-magnetic poles to absorb and emit a language of information and organize socially; and a flat mouth opening on the path of its motion to absorb the gravitational-quantum potential-food of the system.
This bare minimum then might decouple in ternary apertures as humans do with 3 senses (eyes, ears, nose), and so on, but the basic configuration of systems with a head that perceives energy and information, a body-wave that moves in a larger world that provides the pixels for its actions happens in all systems of Nature, physical, biological and we shall see ‘sociological’ (though we see the superorganisms of history from within as citizens-cells).
The reader must be humble and accept the obvious: we are as all what exists a time space organism and as such we share the properties of all other systems of the Universe. Our anthropomorphic ego-trip though is so in-rooted in the essence of the mind latter studied in detail that we deny Dimotions of information to all other species. And yet we as life beings are just a grouping on a higher social scale of those Ðimotions. For example, the magnetic Ðimotion of social evolution that guides atoms is the same guidance used by salmons to return home in mass-groups, observing it from the cosmological Earth’s scale. The perception of the mind of man, with electronic eyes is the same that the one of a camera and tv-retina reason why we indeed communicate with those machines. Once you drop your sense of uniqueness naturally the common nature of all Dimotions and beings comes.

Universal Grammar: ðime§pace generator

i know thoughts of God

Reproduction is what the Universe is all about: re=production of in-form-ation, forms-in-action, motions with form, whose repetitive patterns are the origin of the laws of science. All systems of nature reproduce and those who don’t either internally or externally through catalyzers no longer exist. And that is indeed the purpose of a fractal, mental, linguistic mathematical or natural, organic.

All of them have in fact a feed-back equation, called the generator equation, very simple, which through constant iterations keep reproducing a far more complex form.

So happens to the fractal Universe, whose ‘Fractal Generator’ of Space-time Organisms, is also a simple logic equation with the 11 components of all those super organisms (ab. GST, also the terms we use for General Systems Theory, hence formal and conceptual meanings become fusion), which reflect all the systems of nature, but could be further simplified into 3 simple terms:


Whose symbols are the fundamental logic symbols of the non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian, bio-topo-logic, fractal Universe:

$ (moving, lineal limb/potential/territory). <(its expansive locomotion or << its social entropy-death)

(hyperbolic, iterative Ø-body/wave/worker)

> (implosive, informative motion) ð (cyclic particle-head-upper class).

Existential algebra, ab. ¬Æ, studies the STeps of each Ðimotion of space-time, which originate the feed back equation: S≤≥T of steps of space time, that move reality from the ST-Entropy of the Past into the ƒð<<e and through death back into the original steps.

How we move in space-time means how we exist as both things are equated. Steps of motion are always transformations from spatial elements to temporal events back and forth, and so steps that are possible in principle are simply 3:

S> T, T< S , S.=S and T = T. THOSE ARE THE first dimotions and with those four elements we can start to describe across the feed back equation,


all theSteps of all the dimotions of exist¡ence.

Existence happens as steps of the Fractal Generator in its simplest form: $t≤≥§ð… And for that reason can be sequenced only with 2 poles and 2  inverse operandi and its logic sequencing, =, <>…

Whereas each inverse operandi ±, x/, ∫∂, √x³ represents the inverse§ nature of the states of lineal spacetime, $t and cyclical §ð.

In that regard, the language of all languages is the ilogic language in which the fractal generator of space-time beings is written, a ternary, pentalogic language of a ‘higher logic than that of man’ (Augustine), the most focused mirror able to reflect the syntax of all languages, which will be also mirrors of the ternary Universe of space-time beings.

So all verbal languages have 3 elements, which we can write in terms of ‘spatial information’, ‘temporal energy’ and its infinite space-time reproductive combinations

Spatial Name (Informative mind) < Verb: space-time action> Object (energy of the subject)

Blue (informative color) < green (reproductive color) > Red (energetic color)

F(space function) < Operandi (action of space-time) > G(time function).

And so on…

By defining Dimotions as actions of spacetime STeping between scales, time and space states ternary topologies and so on, we can then reduce reality to a series of steps between the 5 Dimotions and communications between those 5 states: ss, st, tt, ts and its negation.

The multiple forms in which the 3 ‘parts in space’, or ‘ages’ in time of any system are organized between its generation and extinction in lower and upper scales of the fifth dimension becomes then the ‘knots and bolts’ of all details and the laws explored in GST; since it turns out that all systems of space-time are bound by those scalar laws.

Why we call sciences exi≈st¡enœs

‘Science should be concerned only with things and events that exist’. ‘I don’t believe in mathematics, God integrate empirically. I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’. Einstein, on the proper laws of the scientific, experimental method…

A)accurate data, which is excellent for most biological and astrophysical systems within the limits of human perception (∆±3 planes within the galaxy) but not due to the ‘uncertainty’ paradox and human egocy, born of the self-centered limits of the humind, in cosmology (outside the light space-time of galaxies our electronic minds and instruments perceive) and social sciences (due to the tribal egocy on those in power, as even the Britannica acknowledge on his article of philosophy of science, which denies the evolutionary nature of meta life, aka machines and the organic nature of cultures as super organisms of human beings).

B)io-logic causes, that is rational biological reasons to all events, expressed in a proper mirror-language whose ternary syntax reflects the ternary a(nti)symmetries and 3±¡ pentalogic structure of  ⌜𝝙@st (the five ðimotions of ⌜entropy or negation of information, 𝝙 scales, @mind, space and time). Again the egocy of man denies biological, organic properties to all other systems of nature, which are natural to the ∆§calar nature of the Universe.

C)orrespondence principle and Cyclical repetitive patterns, the very essence of science, so often denied by the aberration of lineal time, to which we add…

D) Ðisomorphic method of laws derived of the experimental evidence of our two primary substances, time motions and space dimensional forms, the 5 Ðimotions of all exi=st¡ence… and a needed Democratic=humanist practice, to use science to cater the welfare, or WHealth (healthy wealth) of humanity, our God=superorganism, in verbal mystical terms, so often forgotten by nuclear physicists, weapons makers, financial economists that use the language of reproduction of the human super organism to cater the needs of company-mothers of machines and its stock-ratic owners, NOT human mothers and the 1%.

E)xperimental Evidence and E-conomicity, which go hand in hand and DENY inflationary informative mathematical biased mirrors that invent particles, black holes evaporating, non edible SUSYs, God’s particles that do NOT give mass to the Universe and other niceties of the entropic lineal worldly profession of physics 😈.

Moreover we write exi=st¡ences, to reflect as we so often do, the pentalogic, multiple meanings of all forms that are never ceteris paribus – all yin has a drop of yang – analysis. So as we can define the 3 elements of the being as its present body wave of energy and information, ∑e x ∏I =exi, and that element is sandwiched between the still singularity or mind of pure linguistic formal space (s) and the external world of infinite cycles of time, perceived as entropy-disordered motion for the T.œ that feeds on it (closed state of information vs. open universe of entropy), we can also define a system in its 3 components on a single plane of existence as exi=st, which is the ‘simplest verbal mode’ of expressing in ‘parallel’ duality, the being in verbal and mathematical symbolic thought.

So To exi=st in the ∆o scale, as an entity of st¡enœ, an organic T.œ, generated by a 𝚪st formal equation that represents in ¡logic terms the 𝝙@st elements of reality and its ¬neganformation, summarizes all the ‘parallel’ meanings of exist¡enœ.

All this for the @ristotelian mind that reduces knowledge to locomotion seems fireworks.  He just believes what he sees as e-vident, even if one eye is closed in its lineal locomotion, measured with machines of higher precision than the eyes of man but so far as computers are made by hominids in its primitive 1-dimensional logic, way beyond what the paradoxical Universe does, to entangle all the elements of reality in a ‘synchronous, simultaneous’ present superorganism that seems to hold ‘magically’ for the ‘stupid who doesn’t see the causality of it’ (Schopenhauer).

This to start with, since Science means in Latin ‘knowledge’, without exclusion of any field of reality, including those of which we have more experimental evidence than the entropic particles never to be found, such as religion – the subconscious collective of the super organism of history, art – the realization of that subconscious collective by those humans who use their senses to see better and think better with words on the ethic social love messages 😇, of the fifth dimension that creates those super organisms by making humans sharing energy and information through its economic-blood and legal-just nervous systems.

Which lead us to vindicate social sciences in a correct, rational, biological format as the highest of all sciences of mankind.

We call ‘sciences’ exist¡enœs following with the ‘¡-logic’ language that slightly renames every term of human knowledge to adequate it to the more complex reality of the fractal Universe.

What it means is this: every st¡enœ studies a spacetime scale of reality, ¡=n, and within it its super organisms of space-time, œ. So every science is in fact a st¡enœ: ST¡ en œ.

Further on, every stience studies of those organisms normally its existence in a single present plane, which is defined as the ‘3rd dimension of present iteration, ∑e x ∏I, a body-wave of energy (motion with little form) and information (form with little motion) entangled and made symbiotic for the system to be, so ExI, represents each present body-wave and Plane of exist¡enœ…



The cyclical åctions between planes of existence create superorganisms

Now we can return to our analysis of cyclical space-time åctions, as they are performed by any system through the different planes of space-time in which it co-exists.

Indeed, the relational space-time Universe of multiple time cycles breaks space into inner and outer fractal regions, creating cloned formal motions, existential beings, which evolve socially along the 5th dimension increasing in size and internal depth (complexity of invariant co-planes that organize its structure), till becoming a complex super-organism.

This is truly the unit of existence of reality, a system of vital cycles of space-time, extended across several planes of organization, the cellular, individual, organic and social U±1 planes in biological systems and the parallel quantum-atomic, Thermodynamic-molecular and cosmic-gravitational U±1 scales of physical systems.

In those multiple co-existing, co-invariant organic scales, beings perform the 5 fundamental åctions of the Universe echoing energy and information with other planes, which are nested Universes that as in Nature, the bigger they are the smallish their minimal points of energy become. So as big whales eat smallish planckton, the largest cosmic scale is sustained by the smallest, invisible gravitational strings.

So we extract motion, ∆a±4 of the furthest biggest and smallish in its quanta, Cosmic plane of gravitational strings.

Then we extract information from the next scale, visible to us, ∆ï±3, the electromagnetic, galactic Universe

And we take energy from the next molecular scale, ∆e±2 of our immediate planetary world.

And finally we co-exist intimately related to our cellular and social ±1 scales, reproducing ∆œ>Tƒ, departing from a seminal cells which emerges in our ∆-scale and then evolves socially ∆+1, into a universal, superorganism of human beings ∫u. And those 5 åctions of existence, which are limited by:

– The existence of only 2 formal motions O Time and – Space, which therefore restrict the needs and åctions of beings to absorb external energy and motion (∂a,e), collapse information into mental mapping and emit it to reproduce externally and finally evolve socially in bigger groups or disaggregate in the processes of death, ∫±u.

Those 5 åctions further one, are inverse, as the properties of energy and information, space and time are. So we could consider that along the entire worldcycle of existence of an active superorganism of vital space and cyclical time, the moving and informing åctions, the energetic feeding and reproductive, emitting åctions and the aggregations and disaggregation of death will cancel each other into a zero sum, which returns the entity after its longest vital worldcycle of life and death to its origin, back to the cellular place.

Minimal åctions: Its physical description: Angular Momentums, Temperatures, Forces.

Actions are topo-bio-logic as everything in the Universe. Physical sciences though do not tend to consider the bio-logic properties in great precision. Thus topologically a minimal action is a meaningful section of a time-cycle, which can be no other than an areolar arc of a radian. The radian is thus the minimal meaningful unit of the Universe, and its minimal action is an m x v x r action, where between 2 points, O1,2 we perceive an angle, given by the arc, mv=P1 and the radius, R2, with the second point.

The unit of the Universe is the cycle of space-time, and yet this cycle as it moves upward, becomes more ‘discrete’, broken in frequencies with gaps in between, since information is lost. So we can see a perfect cycle in the lowest scales, which is an H-Planck action, made of 6 h ‘angular momentums.

This minimal unit of the Universe, an angular momentum that occupies roughly 1/6th of a space-time cycle, which we shall call a Planckton, is the ‘value’ of the ½ spin of the smallest entities, particles. And so we can build a quantitative, realist description on how the Universe is constructed departing from those angular momentums. But as we come forwards to more sensorial, conscious scales close to man, the concept of angular momentum and time cycle, becomes increasingly less reliant on geometries and more on functions. Form is substituted by function, and so we talk of drives of existence. We do not care when we feed if we move along certain paths to the restaurant tor others. The important part is the function. So it is for a particle, as we shall see defined by several åctions, each ones explained by a quantum number.

But and this is the essence of endophysics – of the interference of the observer – we humans observe the quantum world with great slowness respect to its cycles, and with great size. So we see the entire cycle drawn in the space-time, because it is so fast and so small that we see the entire worldview.

The emergence of certain properties according to those arrows and the damping of others and the interplay of the flows of existence upward and downwards through the limitative nature of those 2 inverse directions.

Another sub-discipline of the 5th dimension is to study the way in which populations of spatial quanta become continuous beings, through organic networks and languages, becoming wholes, mostly in decametric scales of 3×3+1 relative tetraktys = S+1. So soldiers become units of ten with a caporal that become units of 10 for a captain=100 soldiers and so on, till filling the classic army (centurion, Mongol units, etc.). This ideal structure has as always in the Universe variations, which account for lesser probabilities of existence.

As the Universe allows freedom of creation but penalizes with less existence, more extinction the paths that do not follow a perfect geometrical structure.

Thus we order all those sub-scales with a new dimension, the U 5th dimension of relative S-ize, and information. The U logarithmic 101o scale that goes from the simplest U=1 force scale through social groups of ±1010 elements that become units of a bigger whole (so 104×10 gravitational strings across 4 dimensions of space-time create an electromagnetic wave of force, 1010 ties of atoms create a DNA cells, 10±10 cells or stars an organism or a galaxy, and around those logarithmic numbers all kind of varieties of species with lesser or larger ‘fractal points-particles’ create new worlds.

U+1: U+1 ≈ 10±10 U

The formalism of scalar space-times describes the Universe as a Fractal System of Spatial Energy and Temporal Information, extended through a 5th dimension of scales in which all those systems obey the same=isomorphic sets of mathematical and logic laws – the formalism of the 5th dimension. In each of those scales species change in 2 parameters, its ‘spatial size’ and its ‘speed of informative clocks’. And both parameters are inverted.

Thus we can refine the ‘equation of relational space-time’ ∑Se x Tƒ=ST, where ST is any relative constant relationship or ratio between both parameters that make up the Universe.

And write it as an inverse function of the properties of its 2 formal motions:

Max. Se (maximal Spatial energy content) = Min. Tƒ = Minimal Temporal Speed of Information.

From where we deduce the Metric of the Fifth dimension:

Se x Tƒ = ST±4

This equation, whose first member is, similar to the equation of relational space-time, now establishes a constant quantity, ST, the co-invariant value of the product of the inner speed of time clocks and size in space of a certain family of species, across multiple relative ‘scales’ of absolute space-time, ST±4, whose combined value is the same, but have different sizes in space and speed of times.

A fact, of enormous importance to understand the scalar, organic structure of the Universe, and the relationships between the microcosms and macrocosms, which can relate to each other, through their co-invariance of size and informative speed of time-cycles, but are essentially different, to the point we can talk of ‘different discontinuous planes of space-time’, and 2 opposite gradients of increasing size and diminishing information, as we change the ±∆ logarithmic parameter of those scales.

The fifth dimension of time thus gives us an enormous range of new knowledge about each point of space-time, now enlarged. This would be from the topological/mathematical perspective the way to ‘widen those points of the plane, numbers, 6 humans, 10 up to 23 atoms, and so on to the full information they possess.

This must also be understood from the beginning. There is nothing ‘new wave’, ‘philosophical only’, ‘speculative’ thought on the model of relational space-time, but as in the case of Leibniz’s insights, a perfect merging of the 3 qualities of the Universe, which is topological, hence mathematical, social; cyclical, causal in its worldcycles of life and death, hence also vital, and biological, in the processes of synchronicity and organization of the time cycles of smaller parts that become wholes.

Leibniz, was not only the father of relational space-time, but the true father of modern science, with his discovery of calculus and analysis (published earlier than newton, with a simpler notation still in use), binary computer mathematics (with his discovery of the 0-1 binary language and construction of first computer machines), the fundamental principles of modern science (with the first formulation of the principle of conservation of energy, and what it is more amazing, his consideration of mass as a form of energy, anticipating 3 centuries in advance, Einstein’s work), and so many other insights in the future of science that we would need an entire treatise to enumerate them, due to his departure from a much sounder philosophy of space and time. And the T.œ. the reader will find in this web, following on his steps, is in that sense also a harmony of philosophy of science and the qualities and quantities of reality, with many insights and discoveries for the future of science, because it departs from this wider, deeper, more objective analysis of times and spaces.

And its mathematical, logic version, requires as it happened in the case of Leibniz’s work, also key advances in mathematical and logic sciences (completion of the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry, development of a causal logic with 3 arrows of time, corresponding to the 3 phases/ages/horizons/dimensions of any time cycle, its relative, past, present and future dimensions), and in the comprehension of the discontinuous, fractal structure of space-times, with the metric of the 5th dimension.

This slight detour on the philosophy of science needed to understand internal vital space-times is needed to introduce the 3rd fundamental element of the Fractal Universe, besides the duality of formal motions (–Space-speed vs. cyclical time motions), and the existence of 5 space-time, repetitive vital åctions in all beings, the metric of the 5th dimension, which order all those beings is social planes of organization.

Cyclical åctions of space-time

When we accumulate enough worldcycles in 3 U±1 Universal planes of the logarithmic 101o scales of social evolution, a function of existence, Œ, will reach such a size that it will become a superorganism, a U∆±1, partial universe extended in 3 So Planes of Absolute |-Space and O-Time, either the quantum, thermodynamic or gravitational scales of physical systems or the cellular, organic and ecosystemic scales of biological systems. In each of those scales a relative infinite of smaller ±1010 beings will trace a worldcycle of existence as they evolve from seminal to organic to social being of an eco-system of cloned similar beings:

Thus we arrive to the fundamental ‘particle’ of the Universe, which is NOT the whole super-organism, but its minimal parts, cyclical åctions of space-time, which the superorganisms traces in the external world of absolute space-time, in which it exists.

In that absolute space-time the Organism will perform exchanges of energy and information of 5 types to ensure its survival and renewal:

Рƕ: informative gauging that maps in the relative stillness of its logic, cyclical smaller faster brain patterns a memorial conduct, which guides its motions:

-∆a: acceleration and decelerations, that is motions in the external space-time, guided by:

– ∆e: fields of energy in which to feed and store further energy to imprint its information in other region of that absolute space-time

– ∆œ: decoupling, iterating, reproducing its space-time form to survive beyond death, and then

-∆u: evolve with similar reproduced, clone individuals into bigger wholes, social spaces that as they keep growing, create an arrow from past to future of increasing social organization, and co-existences of different ‘planes of space-time’ from smaller to larger sizes, from particles into atoms, into molecules, states of matter, organisms, societies, planetary systems and galaxies…

Thus before we fully understand the ‘stages’ of growth of reality, from ‘Spatial motions’ which curve into ‘temporal cycles’ that become organic systems, which perform with their bodies/waves and particles/heads space-time åctions in an absolute external world, we have to return to that world, and consider how it structures all its planes of relative space-time size.

The inverted properties of time and space.

Now it must be understood that spatial motion and temporal cycles are completely different, of inverse products in most cases. We are NOT talking of ‘same formal motions’, and ‘same logic arrows’ and same ‘Thermodynamic properties’, etc.

But to full understand this divergence we must explore in detail absolute space and absolute time, in its quanta of speed-energy and cyclical clocks of information.

Thus we talk of 2 different kind of substances of the Universe, made of infinite time cycles and vital spaces:

U∆= ∑ S x ∑T =K; where the product expresses exactly the fundamental property of both, Spatial quanta and cyclical time, its inverse value: | S / O t= Œ

Which is one of the fundamental equations of the 5th dimension, what we call the ‘function of existence’, a constant function proportionally different for each species, and scale of reality or ecosystem we study, but always there as a fundamental function that expresses an existential event of space-time.

The commonest being speed: V=S/T Duration = S x Tƒ (Frequency) = l x v = œ.

As those cycles carry the in-form-ation of systems in its frequency and form, we shall use the term Tƒ, and measure it to standardize many physical equations by its frequency, ƒ=1/T, hence:

Tƒ ≈1/T.

While its specific form as a ‘space-time cycle’, a cycle that ‘closes’ a vital space (1st knot theorem), will be studied by ‘bidimensional topology’, called ‘2-manifold’ topology, which is the classification of all bidimensional forms, of which there are only 3, the 3 fundamental type of space-time cycles.

It is then evident, that we can establish a fundamental equation for the Universe, the equation of the ‘speed’ of the Universe and all its fractal parts that expresses the inverse nature of information, and its clock like attractive vortices of time, and reproduction and its waves of cloned forms in space:


The multiple consequences of that equation will be evident as we go onto studying the ‘detailed’ species of vital cycles of spacetime, performing its 5 type of cyclical ST-åctions, constantly micro-reproducing their forms in radiating waves of existential clones, evolving socially back into the emerging U-scale.

We can in that sense start to consider laws of general behavior, of which physical sciences, with the exception of the Hamiltonian/Lagrangian formulation of forces, lack many.

Se/Tƒ=K (Inverted properties of space and time) plus,

Max. Se x Tƒ = ∆(æ,e,ï,œ,û)

the definition of the åctions of space-time and the will of survival of the system, which tries to maximize the energy of its body, Se and the information of its mind, Tƒ; and the rule that maximizes products, Se=Tƒ, and defines the steady state, standing point which all functions seek for, we have 3 general laws,


S ≈ Tƒ

Max. Se x Tƒ =∑Å(æ,e,ï,œ,û,)

as 3 initial elections to ‘play’ and ‘fit’ all other laws of science.

For example, Sp=Mc2, reads, Se = Tƒ, whereas M(Tƒ) are accelerated vortex of time, in the gravitational scale: M=∑Tƒ±4, and ∑=c, the constant involved.

Masses, time cycles transform themselves back and forth into energetic flows: E≤ = ≥M(t±4)

Space is thus always a ‘minimal’ part of a time cycle.

This, Kepler understood when it said that a line is merely a small part (a derived tangent we could say today in calculus) of a curve. This concept, of an infinitesimal part of a longer cycle, which becomes a straight interval, is ultimately the meaning of a present point, which we derive, in the same manner we obtain a Lagrangian worldcycle that sums zero with we integrate.

The parameters of worldcycles: the wider concepts energy and information

Of similar interest for the understanding of those worldcycles is the concept of energy, in physics, which roughly includes both concepts of relational space-time, the energy and information of a system (since in physics ‘all is energy’, that is the energy of rotary motions is also included, and the energy of formal location is included as potential energy).

Thus since energy in physics is the integration along a path of space-time (or speed) of the momentum of a being: Sp ∫p=mv=1/mv2 we can represent the worldcycle by changes on the energy and information of a system, considering a general rule of the inverse properties of space(energy) and time (information), eq.1.2:

Worldcycle and its ages:

∫œ dt = Max. Energy (young-past age) > Energy = Information (adult age) > Max.Information (Old age) << Energetic big bang (death): Max. Sp.

This description of the worldcycle of a system, in 3 ages is the fundamental law of all time cycles of existence, and will be paramount to describe any physical, biological or organic system of the Universe.

As life is a travel through two scales of the 5th dimension, between birth and extinction, through those 3 ages of maximal space-motion, Max. Se, (youth), reproductive balance Se=Tƒ and old, informative age, Max Tƒ, join then back to the ST=∆-+1 cellular plane.

Information≈ time cycles vs. Energy≈ Space

It is now easier to understand why we relate energy to space-speed and information to time cycles.

Since a conservative field does not consider that work is done when a rotary point returns to the beginning of the cycle, it follows that time cycles do not vary the energy of the system, a property which will latter allow us to deduce the immortality of the Universe (as no loss of energy, hence of entropy exists in a Universe made of worldcycles).

On the other hand, information, form in action is measured by the frequency and form of those cycles. And so in a perfect lineal motion there is no information. A property, which will allow us to understand the non-local infinite speed of invisible gravitation.

In the graph below we observe that process and write the equation of existential algebra that describes it in the simplified notation.  The reader could notice even if it does not fully grasp what we just explained, the enormous enlightenment that the understanding of the paradoxes and inverse arrows of scalar space and cyclical time, and the flows of energy and information between planes of existence, should bring to many themes of science.

So dynamically all can be resumed in a concept: the world cycle of life and death which all systems follow as they use their topologies in an orderly fashion:

Now once this is clear, the metric and partial equations and dynamic analysis of motions through those world-planes, will be able to describe an enormous number of phenomena of which perhaps the most important s the world cycle of life and death:

∆-1 (seed) <∑∆-1 (fetus)>i (birth)< Max. Ei (Youth) ≈ Se=Tƒ (adult iteration)> Max Tƒ (3 informative age) <∑Sp∆-2  (death).

If he is able to go through the initial difficulties of understanding the primary concept and paradoxes that structure the Universe, he will learn about a revolution of thought, unlike any other in modern science since a century ago the understanding of the 4th dimension and the paradoxes of quantum physics, many of which find an explanation in the metric of the 5th dimension.

It is now clear what we mean by an immortal Universe, and the null energy spent in time cycles, which become a zero sum that appears also as such in geometrical, simpler physical systems, where there is no work≈energy change when a cycle closes itself.

In the larger view of relational space-time this is also truth: when the cycle closes, the total energy-information of a system returns to a zero sum.

In that regard if we consider each worldcycle of existence, Ω, extended in length across a 5th dimension such as, we establish an interval in which t is no longer ‘duration’ but ‘frequency’, we can plot in this phase space of the 5th dimension, in one coordinates, the size of the system and in the other the time frequency of its time cycles and then we obtain the simplest coordinates of the 5th dimension.

This kind of plots however must be done for families of species across the different sciences of the 5th dimension:

5th     Dimension coordinates: Size ordinates: Space-motion

For example in physics, we can consider graphs in appearance so different as the H-R graph  of the life-death cycle of stars and the table elements to be 5D graphs of the organic evolution of quanta of the SI-2 and SI=2 scales:

In the previous graph, some fundamental worldcycles, which expand the concept of a worldline of 4D metric, to a worldcycle by adding new dimensions, from past to future (which we shall call ages, as we are more interested in its qualitative nature, and treat them all within the metric of the 5th dimension that encompasses the entire evolution of the Universe, across its scales of size and its speeds of time).

We see in the graph 2 human, sociological cycles, the human life death cycle and its parallel social life-death cycle of civilizations shown in the ages of art before war-death; the states of matter which are the thermodynamic ages and its gaseous, liquid and solid state; the ages of stars and galaxies which end in an ultra solid black hole state, and the similar 3 ages of the Local Universe described by the 3 solutions of Einstein’s 4D metric, which must be considered sequential time solutions, not as physicists do 3 ‘parallel Universe’, but rather as Dirac thought and the cosmological constant varying in 3 phases proves, the 3 ages of warping of space into information, which complete the Universe’s time cycle.

So what are the relationships between those 3 dimension of time and the 3 classic dimensions of space, length, width and height?

The human case illustrates them: Young age is dominant in spatial, body, energetic networks, the reproductive adult age of balance in endocrine, glandular and the 3rd age in informative, inner motion.

Simple, the dimensions of time and the parts of the body are symmetric.

Systems are ‘organic’. They are NOT only made of a single plane of existence, a ‘solid’ head/particle and a ‘solid’ body/wave.



But are humans the only species that move, perceive, kill to feed on energy, reproduce and evolve socially? Since if at least they were unique as they pretend in those sensations, they could claim to be ‘special’. Fact though is they are NOT. Those 5 ‘dimotions’ of timespace (a better word composed of dimensional motion, to define each of the 5 arrows of time), exist in all systems of Nature, as we can observe them in life. They in fact define the 5 arrows of life in biological terms, as life is defined as a system of 5 Dimotions able to process information, feed on energy, move, reproduce and evolve socially. 

Yet they ARE also the 5 Dimotions of quantum particles, both quarks and electrons, ‘expressed’ by the 4 quantum numbers that code each one, a dimotion of space-time as the attached graph shows:


The minimal particle-points,  electrons and quarks, which construct all other systems of our Universe show the 5 organic dimotions (motions with dimensional form) that define ‘classic life’: they gauge information – reason why quantum physics is a ‘gauge theory’, feed on energy (quantum jumps) absorbing smaller ∆-1 particles, reproducing new clone particles, move and evolve socially through magnetic fields into larger wholes (atoms). Hence the units of life are particles, the minimal units of our vital, organic, fractal, scalar Universe of multiple timespace organisms & time clocks ruled by 5D metric: $ xð = constant.

In the graph the minimal units of our Universe Non-E particle points gauge information, feed on energy absorbing other particles, to reproduce with that energy by decoupling new particles, which evolve socially by ‘gender complementarity’ or ‘social evolution’ guided by magnetic forces into larger, ‘atomic wholes’, which then evolve further into new scales called molecules, states of matter, organic cells, ecosystems, geological formations, planets, global societies, solar systems and galaxies, whose metric equation is similar to that of an atom starting an entire new game of ∆§cales.

Of course, quantum numbers are much more than the Dimotions of particles; though we shall explain the entangled ¡logic of reality that allows so many roles for each ‘constant ratio of nature), latter on. To notice here that another kaleidoscopic view of them will relate the Principal number to the ‘vital energy’, enclosed by a formal, angular momentum membrane (described obviously by its l number); while the third element, its singularity, is given by the ‘contracted’ spin in the quantum scale (itself related to the mass that plays the same role in the cosmological scale). Finally as in light where colors form the fourth social element, magnetic numbers plays the social element in quantum physics. So as in light each quantum number described both, THE SPATIAL, formal view of the 3±¡ elements of the being and the motion view, its functions.

(Note on the correspondence principle between 5Ð entropy and information and classic therms. For the so called scholar and systemic scientist information is related to communication, through the work of Shannon. This has nothing to do with our analysis of Form, the inverse function of entropy=disorder achieved in the stillness of a linguistic mind mapping. Form is what we call one of the two limits of reality, the other being pure motion and disorder, which we shall call entropy. So the relationship we establish here is simple, as expressed mathematically by the third law of thermodynamics: when entropy is zero, form is absolute – the image of the mind is shaped in a crystal, a physical mind with zero entropy.

On the other hand when form has motion becomes in-form-action and can be transmitted and reproduced, and then we apply the concepts of Shannon which rightly talked always of communication NOT of the form, that is the information of the message, but of REPRODUCTION WITHOUT ERRORS OF A MESSAGE Transmitted and replicated in two different points of space-time.

So Shannon’s classic paper “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” opening with the assertion that “The fundamental problem of communication is that of reproducing at one point, either exactly or approximately, a message selected at another point…”corresponds to the 3rd Dimotion of reproduction.

It is for that reason closely related to ‘energy’ (rather than entropy also two very confused terminologies as they arose from pure mathematical disquisitions (Carnot cycles, work theory) and we shall clarify in detail in other posts, as energy is motion with a little form and information form with a little motion, and both come together E=I when a system merges and reproduces. So both information and energy are the two sides of the 3rd Dimotion, while pure form is a mental linguistic image with zero entropy and pure entropy is an scattering disorder, measured in mathematical terms at the ∆-1 scale of ‘all potential future orders’ a microcosms with no form can give birth to… Hence the definition of entropy in statistical mechanics will be more precise and accurate than the concept of thermodynamics in the ¡o scale, which is closer to the proper definition of vital energy – not surprisingly Entropy was a word chosen on purpose for its similarity to energy; and it can be equated to the ‘vital feeding formless energy the system will imprint with information to shape its 3 ‘present Ðimotions’.

We will obviously clarify conceptually all the main equations of thermodynamics in the more detailed posts of the 4th line; as the beauty of mathematical physics, when the concepts are properly understood grows enormously – (beauty being in any case S=T, the sense of proportion reached when form and motion merge in equal parts).

It is between those limits of absolute motion, or proper concept of entropy as the potential vacuum that might give birth to all particles and inversely the being dying, expanding in space and destroying the formal, physiological networks that order it and absolute mental, linguistic, social form, ‘perceived in the stillness of an infinitesimal mind with no space’, (5th dimotion), where through combination of ‘motion and form’, a system builds its 3 adjacent organic topologies that ensure its survival, structuring all the beings of reality. So we shall be able to explain all entities and events as a combination of those 5 Ðimotions of space-time:

In the graph, spheres are the topology that holds the maximal volume of information; hence all ‘time space’ systems that process information are spherical particle-heads. Flat, lineal topologies are the topology that connects in the shortest path two points; so to reach/move faster, systems have lineal/flat moving potentials/limbs. Finally the third type of geometry, hyperbolic topology, is complex enough to store all other possible forms, so best to reproduce and all iterative body waves that generate the other 2 forms are hyperbolic. This mathematical-spatial truism holds for 2, 3 and 4 dimensions; hence establishing basic restriction to the construction and evolution of forms. And should become in XXI c. science the ‘missing’ leg of topological, biological and physical evolution to explain the extraordinary efficiency and homology between forms (no longer analogy, since all those forms derive from the same ‘substance’, space with time=motion or ‘topology’). In the next graph, we can see how the 3 only topologies of the Universe ensemble to form physical, biological and social organisms, all of them with a spherical ‘tall’ dimension to gauge information; a wide, iterative dimension of hyperbolic bodywave reproduction and a flat, direction for its entropic motions. The beauty of the topological Universe is that each of those 3 forms can be ‘deformed’ and ‘moves’, as long as it doesn’t tear (break). So departing from such simple 3 basic forms there are infinite possible variations of species, but we can order them all with that ternary principle.

The Universe is organic; man needs to feel above and will have none of it.

The conclusion is obvious: The problem is NOT the organic Universe but the ego of man, as we repeat everywhere in this blog.

Against that ego i cannot do much. It is of course a tragedy (because AI machines will also be organic and compete and kill us). But as an objective scientist, i cannot ‘reason’ such emotional fog. Fact is the human ego prevents US from ‘reasoning’ about OUR isomorphic nature with any other TOE.
And it makes us completely disregard those properties, which we will explain here – even if i don’t think i can change the human ‘infinite stupidity’, confronting the ‘infinite Universe’ (Einstein).
Let us be clear enough. I can only hold admiration from the great geniuses of quantum physics and relativity of the earlier XX c. and its mathematical counterparts (Hilbert, Riemann, Neumann). AND THE astounding precision of its deterministic analysis of the behaviour of particles. Fair Enough. But the beauty of the mathematical mirror they have constructed is NOT the end of it – it is the end of its praxis, but a philosopher of science must interpret further those findings or else as it is today the case, all becomes an automaton process of calculus.
Where the whys are not explained unless we accept the ‘creationist religion of mathematics and reduce the Universe to a mechanical magic behaviour, which suits the ‘ego’ of humans but halts as it has been the case our comprehension of the Universe.



The definitions of points as fractal particles, lines as waves of ExI and planes as topological networks

Now when this was found out to be the case, mathematicians and physicists shied away from definitions. So in a landmark book, Hillbert, father of modern abstract mathematics affirmed ‘I imagine points, lines and planes’, not defining them, because obviously the definitions of Euclid no longer worked, points did have breath, and so lines were waves of points with breath, and so they were discontinuous and planes had to be defined as networks of points communicated by lines. This are the 3 canonical definitions of i-logic mathematics that restore the realism and organicism to mathematics, beyond the axiomatic method of the idealist Hilbert’s Hegelian school of science.

Indeed, we do have to define points, lines planes, relative equality and parallels. And so now we shall consider that the structure of geometry is fractal, made of points with volumes sharing energy and information through waves that become then topological networks. And consider as it was already proved by Godel and Lobacjevski, that mathematics is a realist science, since its truth cannot be as Hilbert wanted obtained by merely considering its internal logic, but needed external, realist, experimental tests.

Einstein’s curved space-time.

And we do correct the interpretation of Einstein’s Non-euclidean geometry of gravitational forces, which also is not logic.

Since when he discovered that multiple parallels cross a point of the ‘lower scale’ of gravitational space, over which light transits, he should have just widened those points to fit all its parallels.

Yet He instead of widening a point-particle enlarging it to become a star or atom or any other scale of the fractal paradigm, maintained the point-size of the particle-star-galaxy etc.

An then to fit the parallels he ‘bend the straight lines into curves’ to crowd the point with no breath, as the focus of the parallels. This is not proper. A point with no breath even if you curve parallels with no width, can only fit one. And a parallel is a straight line, so if you curve it is not a parallel anymore.

So the rational solution to the conundrum of the non-euclidean structure of space-time, crossed by multiple parallels is obvious:

We exist in it a fractal space-time that can be enlarged as we perceive it in more detail. Then those gravitational points become a star in a galaxy or a complex atom in a molecular network, and multiple lines which become waves of energy and information can traverse it.

2nd postulate. A vital Universe of fractal points, waves of energy and information and topological networks. 

The fractal paradigm requires a new more evolved complete ¬Æ mathematical concept of ‘points’ as fractal points that grow in size when we get more information of them (1st Postulate of ¬Æ mathematics) of lines as waves of energy and information transmitted by such points with volume that create the networks between points.  So for example in quantum physics  we talk of a fundamental equation:

Fermion (particle-point) < Boson (wave of energy and information > Fermion (particle point)

This equation, which is the fundamental equation of Forces and particles turns out to be just the description of the first and second postulate of illogic mathematics, applied to the fractal scales of ∆-3 space-time, or physical scale.

Yet if we change the elements:

Cell (particle-point) Cell (particle point)

We are describing again the 1st and 2nd postulate of i-logic mathematics, applied to the ∆-1 scale of cells (whereas ∆0 is the relative human scale). And so if we consider

Head (particle-point) < Verbal wave of information > Head (particle point), we are applying those postulates to the ∆-human relative scale, and describe the fundamental event of social communication that starts the evolution of memetic super organisms of history, societies.

Topological networks. Discontinuous planes of points communicating energy and information.

What is the fundamental law of time cycles? The persistence of presents, constant points of repetition, perceived in simultaneity in time as a present organism of space, or in simultaneity of information, as a network of relative infinite speed, in which parts become a present wholes by communicating through a relative new scale of the fifth dimension, which is instantaneous.

Equal beings thus become telepathic, instantaneous in its network creation of information. In algebraic, physical terms, we can model this as a flow of information travelling very fast in time past quanta directions, in which it therefore maintains a present, as each quantum past jump is balanced by the time to move. In such a modelling, which is preferred in physics of time, the simultaneity of the cells of a plane of existence happens because past x future =present. Hence the use of informative and entropic, time and space motions with inverse parameter.

In that sense we must understand how points which are equal through simultaneity, create a network, across a new ‘instantaneous dimension of space-time’.

It is for physicists very important to localise this ‘force of instantaneous non local action at distance’ but for gst is more important to understand its logic meaning and structural meaning in the contraction of simultaneous planes of existence, in which all points feel a whole by communicating instantaneous through the virtual, fractal form.

Such form does not have ‘any drag’ in its motion as its mirror space are perfectly fluid to information coming from beings like itself. It is then perfect in the reflexibility of the points and we say information becomes superfluid acts at distance and instantaneously.

Of course when we enter into details and study nervous or gravitational or financial networks, which act as instantaneous, present communicative networks of information in biological, physical and social scales we can put constants, reality, concrete form and matter to those networks and laws of present simultaneity.

In physics the concept is akin to bosons, and so we observe how the network creates the impression that space does not exist as communication is instantaneous. It is the key to understand the existence of a super organism, which will always have:

  • A  slow wave of energy communication
  • An instantaneous present wave of information communication
  • Both will form the networks Max. tif, Max. E that shape the organism.

Multiple point-particles communicated by waves can form a network, a social plane, a ‘number with form’, of which we shall see certain numbers, pairs, decametric scales are more efficient and more abundant in nature, because they can better distribute energy and information flows and combine them into new reproduced fractals – the 3 functions of all fractal systems: to gauge information, to absorb/feed on energy and reproduce both.

So a triangular tetraktys, where the 3 corners of the fractal form specialise into absorbing energy, information and combing it and reproduce it, with a 10th central unit, communicating them as a whole, becomes the most perfect pythagorean form of the Universe. And that central point then becomes the ‘unit-whole’ of the 10 scale that forms another 100 scale of the tetraktys. The Mongol army was tailored in 10s, so was the legion and captain of 10 sergeants. 10¹º-¹¹ is the most common mathematical structure of nature, regarding perfect social beings – the number of stars in a galaxy, of ties in a DNA human molecule, of people on Earth, now that is almost saturated (7 billion), of cells in the first small mammals, and the common number to transcend scales of physics – for example the difference between the quanta of atoms, H-planck measured as energy and the quanta of the next molecular, thermodynamic scale, Boltzmann constant.

While the fractal Universe constantly creates different fractal structures, certain organisations are more efficient and survive better, because the fractal is a vital fractal, of vital geometry, of vital points absorbing energy and information, creating logic paths, repeating actions, reproducing into networks.

Even the simplest particles, quarks and electrons, gauge energy and information, share it, in networks, form larger systems. Reproduce when absorbing more energy into new quarks and electrons and all this can be described with i-logic mathematics and coded with quantum numbers. Since now that we realise mathematics is organic and fractal, there is NO PHILOSOPHICAL CONUNDRUM, talking of physical systems as vital, organic systems. And we shall indeed show a fractal generator equation to describe them all.

Thus we define any system as an ∆-superorganism made of smaller, similar ∆-1 super-organisms. And each ∆-scale of superorganisms & its ecosystems are studied by a human science but all of them follow the same Invariances & emergence Laws & Galilean Paradoxes of 5D Metric formalized with the tools of Existential Algebra & Non-AE=i-logic Geometry.


Super-organisms: knots of cyclical Time Arrows.

We are all made of spatial energy, flows that seem to occupy space but are ‘vital space’ and have a ‘causal why’. For that reason, all species participate of the geometric and causal properties of the arrows of energy and information and follow the same patterns of self-organization to create a higher ‘space-time plane’ of reality. So, for example, all informative systems will be on top, in the dimension of height; they will be smaller than the complementary energy system and they will have cyclical form, regardless of the species we describe.

So DNA nuclei are round and smaller than the cell’s body, heads and antennas are on top and are cyclical and smaller than the body or tower that holds them, cameras are small and spherical, etc. Since, once we understand the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe, the old distinction between organic and inorganic form loses its meaning, beyond its anthropomorphic role of making man the only intelligent, vital species of the Universe.

The complex logic and Non-Euclidean geometry of those knots of Time Arrows set the formal basis to understand the structure of the Universe and all its self-similar parts. Since:

‘The Universe and all its parts are fractal entities of energy and information.’

Though the specific combinations of energy or information of each species – defined by its ‘vital’ or physical, Universal Constants (energy/information ratios) – might vary, the space-time structures and cycles of all those social organisms will be self-similar:

All entities are ‘cellular societies’ organized through energy and information networks that bring about processes of social evolution. In all species studied by science a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single social form. Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of human workers and consumers that reproduce and test machines, guided by financial networks of information (salaries, prices, costs); galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells controlled by the nervous, informative system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches and roots connected by a network of energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles). Cultures are made of humans related by verbal, informative isomorphisms and economic networks that provide their energy.

The 2 primary arrows of time, energy and information are geometrical, and its properties can be studied with the isomorphisms of mathematical physics; while the 2 complex arrows of time, reproduction and social evolution are biological, explained as ‘strategies of survival’ that ensure the immortality of the logic systems of the Universe. The shapes of energy and information are ‘invariant at scale’, meaning that cycles of information on one side and forces of lineal energy on the other side, reproduce their shapes and gather together into bigger, cellular, social networks, creating dual entities, made of ‘fields/bodies of energy’ (physical/biological jargon) and ‘particles/heads of information’, (Principle of Complementarity).

All systems of the Universe are complementary, formed with a region dominant in energy arrows (body or force) and a region dominant in information cycles (particle, head). Those dual, social, whole entities have more energy and last longer in time than individual parts. Thus, species with a limited vital space and time duration ensure their immortality by expanding its size in space and its duration in time, as parts of bigger energy/information systems.

Cyclical time and fractal space, thus come together into organic social wholes, made of cellular/atomic parts which minds perceive as ‘fractal beings’, with  its linguistic, still mappings of reality that differentiate between the ‘self-being’ and the external world.

Those are therefore the 4 underlying elements of the organic, fractal Universe. The 3 main scales (ab.∆) of the 5th dimension,  the gravitational, thermodynamic  and quantum scales. In each of those scales, systems use different clocks of time, with different speeds (To), according to its size (Se), such as smaller systems run faster time clocks and store more information while larger systems slow down its time clocks and are ‘dumber’, with less information. Yet, the product of those  changes in the speeds of time clocks (to) and space-size of the system (Se), remain co-invariant: S x T = C.   Thus size and clock speed define a new dimension of scalar space-time. 


We shall not unlike in topology and analysis go through the development of classic algebra in this blog, though in the part dedicated to mathematics and its 3 ages we shall bring some of those themes. Our interest, in a Universe in which there are constantly 3 choices of path to act or no act with equal probabilities is to map out the new existential algebra (ab. Æ) of all nature systems, with those 3 possibilities.

Temporal, Æxistential Algebra, studies the organisation of systems, through time=change; that is by means of transformations that provoke motions of a system, and create variations of systems, according to Group theory.

What we are interested here, beyond explaining the laws of algebra, translated to TSymmetries and ∆-scales, is the nature of existential algebra and the differen equations of motions which always render a certain:

Past Operandi Future= present. We shall consider in this inrodution the main operandi of the 7 motions of the Universe of which the 3 more important are Past ± Future = Present (superposition classic of the motion of a wave), Past x Future = Present

(Product, normally of space and time different states) and Pastˆfauture = ∆+1: social evolutionary arrow of future across the ∆-dimension.

So the study of the generator equation, the existential function, and the different motions that move across ∆St• a system, and its different ‘classic operandi’, translating the main operations of classic algebra to meaningful cyclical space-time actions, are the concerns of existential algebra, which does not start with ‘set theory’ and ‘undefined Hilbert’s methods’ of truth, but rather taking it from experience through GST ternary causality.

Monads. The mind-point.

The key to all this is thus a non-Æ multiple ternary space-time structure of causality, which simply speaking the mind will always reject with its @ristotelian simplification. So we are not even aware of the last of those ternary diversifications, in this case the mind view.

Since we have 3 relative ‘scales’ and p.o.v. of being:

-1 as • dust, mere fractal points of finitesimal existence.

-2  as @-mind which maps out the universe from its organic perspective

-3 as œ island-ûniverse, a supœrganism closed into itself.

So we use for minds 3 symbols of ‘scale’, •,@ & œ, since they are indeed nothing for a higher plane o existence, self-centred, p@articles, from its mind-point of view, and ‘complementary organic E-nergy body-waves attached to cyclical, informative O-particles: Œ’ from the perspective of the higher level of awareness, of the whole in the ∆+1 plane of existence.

As i said minds that are fully ‘fixed’ into an abstract, locomotion view of reality will fully disregard this content. To me this attitude only shows the enormous shortcomings of a fixed ‘scientific mind’ automaton of the rules of the method, see, measure, put in an equation and affirm all that matters is in that equation, because God speak mathematics (albeit of a human lower logic) and to ask why ‘god’ is mathematical and nothing else is a blasphemous question.

So we conclude that all what exists is a fractal point, which seen in maximal detail appears as a super organism performing a world cycle, whose inner parts are structured as cells of the 3 Se<Ts>Tƒ networks of the higher entity. Existence in a Universe of infinite Points of View, Œ, means that we co-exist with at least 2 main infinitesimal and infinite planes of existence, that of our cellular parts and the social world in which we live. Thus we are always at the same time:

  • A cell of a larger social body
  • An organism that tries to survive playing the game of space-time åctions, ∫∂(±∆e,i)dt ds=WU∆±1. that is as an organism we shall make a series of infinitesimal exchanges of energy and information, ∂e,i, which will be sequentially integrated into a world cycle of our U±∆ organism.
  • And finally a super organism or ‘relative God’ as a point of view that controls its territory.

Those 3 points of view from above and below and within ∆±1 become then converted into partial definitions of a system from different points of view. But only when we consider ALL the outsider and inside perspectives of the being we can reach full knowledge of it.

As we are all dust of space-time, but also individual organic mind-selfs and Gods of our internal island-Universe.

.Ælgebra: Existential Algebra, multiple causality, the equation of time states.

Now, existential algebra does not fit easily in classic algebra. Sorry, of course, there are elements of algebra, notably group theory and polynomials which will be also at the core of our understanding of space-time, but the 3 fundamental equations of Existential Algebra, are NOWHERE TO BE SEEN in previous science, and so the main content on Existential algebra will be quite new. Let us recap those 3 equations, which ultimately are the same one – equations of the symmetries of space-time:

  • Γenerator equation: ∆-1 |-Spe (Past-Limbs/fields/territory)<Ø-St (Present-body-waves-working class)>O-Tiƒ (Future-head-particle) ∆+1

The generator equation writes the 3 elements of topological beings in space, which are symmetric to the 3 ages of time, and belong to each of the 3 co-existing scales of the super organism, since the field-territory provides energy, which is dissolved backwards to produce the entropy of motion for the body-head system, the super organism proper: Tƒ<EXI=ST

This dual complementary system thus exists in ∆, where the body-wave reproduces the system; while the head-particle is somewhat as the residence of the mind who sees the system as a whole, the minimal ∆+1 unit of an external world.

  • Existential function: To<Exi≤S≈T

The reader will observe the existential equation is the generator written as an acronym, which ‘magic – i didn’t do it’ writes in english as the verb To Exist, which is indeed the proper function of existence that all beings play, through its 3 parts, the To-head particle, the Exi- body-wave and the S=T field. This is truly a magic function, which resumes as a sum of actions of exchange of energy and information what beings do to survive. To exist, is to feed with energy and information your body-wave (ex i) extracted from the entropy of the field, S=T And IMPRINTED by the logic forms of  your To-head. The function though is MORE than a mere acronym of the generator equation, since we can indeed consider that all systems follow a simple mandate of survival: to maximise its function of existence, which written in a more proper way expresses the actions of space-time of all beings:

Will of survival                                              Max. ∑ e x i (s=t)

This apparently simple equation is at the heart of reality. As all systems made of 3 parts, will constantly emit and absorb energy and information, ±∆e, i, through its body-heads, wave-particles in order to survive, and will try to reproduce both (Exi) through those body-waves, which is a function, maximised when e=i (9×1<8×2-7×3).

So systems will have a balance between its energy and information networks, (mens sana in corpore sanum), and will constantly strive to replenish its energy and information, extracted from a lower field, made of smaller parts, which will also be in balance (S=t), between its components of entropy and curvature-form. Further on, they will try to evolve socially, ∑, to maximise the survival and size in space and synchornicity in time of the system.

So for every system we shall find a similar equation which will explain the actions of the being, explained quantitatively for physical systems (and a fascinating adventure of the mind is to express physical quantum equations in terms of the function of existence and the actions of space-time of all beings, so for example the 4 quantum numbers as the 4 letters of genetics, express mainly one of those 4 fundamental actions (energy feeding and locomotion, 1st number, gauging of information, 2nd number, reproduction, spin number, and social evolution, magnetic number)

While in life beings, the equation resumes the 4 drives of existence (feeding, informing, reproducing evolving socially), which therefore are common to all survival beings. And also the top predator function of a system (max. ∑e xi, will be a top predator in all contacts, in physical systems akin to the maximal momentum, which wins the collisions between physical systems).

  • Equation of time arrows; Past-entropy (fields limbs) x Future Information (particles-heads) = Present space-time body wave.

The 3rd equation of Existential Algebra  is the one which requires a more thorough new perspective, as the existence of 3 causal arrows of future, completely changes the ‘rules of logic’ underlying algebra.

First and obvious this equation means that when information is transferred it might happen in a motion to the past: Information<Entropy; in the fractal inner region in which it is happening.So death is just a process of massive erasing of information and travel to the past.

Second, and also obvious, what it matters, present is made of combination of 2 simultaneous arrows, which are complementary and converge in a single point. So the usual single causality does not work.

So they call the bidimensional nature of time cycles (which they apply to information unaware of its connection with time) and its equivalent bidimensional planes of space, the…

Trinity: entropy-motion x dimensional form=Energy

We shall consider first a simple description of a fractal being, departing from an even simpler  concept, that of the relativity of all scales and the perception of all beings either as points or as whole super organisms: from far away all systems are points with no volume (so-called in mathematics euclidean), but as we come closer points become whole organic systems, with energy and information parts. We call those points, fractal points, or using terminology of mathematics, Non-euclidean points through which multiple parallels can cross as they do have now a volume.

this is both, the mathematical unit of the real universe and its organic element, whereas mathematics is merely the simplified, spatial description of it, and the fractal, organic paradigm its necessary, added bio-logical functions. We thus compete with the fractal (math)/organic (biology) duality of all systems all the information about functions that a mere formal description lacks. We add the organic why to the mathematical how, and so we can then see the unity of all systems, which will show the same functions and similar forms and parts of any ‘organic fractal, non-euclidean point’:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.46.26Above, from a distance (above) all beings seem to be just ‘Euclidean points’ (with no breath) connected by lines. This is the simplest description of a fractal, topological network. But when see closer, each point is an enclosed sphere, and each line, a flow of energy and information that connects the point creating with other points and waves of energy and information a topological ‘plane’, which in turn becomes a fractal point of a larger scale.

In the graph we see a sea urchin a fetus, a charge-point surrounded by a magnetic membrane, a black hole point surrounded by an event horizon, an atom, a tomato, a planet a cell and a boson state of matter. All of them can be studied analysing its 3 parts, forms and functions, and considering how they form part of larger social networks. 

So we redefine the fundamental particle-point of the Universe in the lower ‘minimalist’ description of reality, and consider it a fractal super organism, in the upper, more detailed description of its internal information, parts and functions. Once we do so, we shall observe in awe, that all what exists is truly a ‘fractal point’, or ‘super organism’, reproducing, evolving socially into larger networks, dissolving them in the moment of death, when it ‘closes its time world cycle’.

A Non-Euclidean point-particle has the particularity that it can be crossed by ∞ parallel waves of energy and information. But seen from far away distances it seems a point with no breath.

Only when we come closer to the fractal point it becomes a full system with 3 components: a vital inner space with energetic motions, an external enclosure, made of cyclical time paths that acts as a membrane that separates the system from the outer world, and a central ‘frame of reference’, mind or point of view (the point proper) that gauges energy and information, moves and tries to reproduce the point. Since the essence of the fractal paradigm is the vital, re=productive structure of all its systems. As fractals are basically reproductive, iterative equations that repeat its forms and motion in lower and higher scales of reality.

 Above the ternary structure of all systems of nature, made of time clocks that store the in/form/ation of the Universe in the frequency and form of those cycles, and guide a ‘body-wave’ that absorbs spatial entropy and moves the system.

A subject to be study in more detail in that sense, is the symbiosis and parallelism between the dimensions of time and space: information and the dimension of height, energy and the dimension of width that stores it and brings in parallel motion similar beings, and length the dimension of pure motion or entropy.

It is the fundamental dimensional relationship. so humans are tall, and your screen is tall information; fat men enlarge laterally its energy storage; and fast light is lineal in its speed…

A way to explain this in a formal manner is this:

Unlike lineal time which reduces time to an instantaneous, ∂s/∂t measure of present, simultaneous slices of time cycles, cyclical time gives 3 dimensions to time, the classic past of ‘entropy’ and motion, present and the future of more information. This is self-evident as any cycle requires a second dimension of ‘height’, information. And further on, as time-cycles are finite, closed forms, we require a 3rd dimension of repetitive frequency, to make possible the 3 dimensions of time, precisely that repetitive present, which seems not to change as it is a repetition copycat of the origin. So for example, in the cycles of ‘life ages and evolution’, the first age is ALWAYS the one of maximal entropy-motion (youth, weapon machines), the 3rd age one of maximal form, information (old age, informative present age of history) and in the middle we have an iterative, reproductive age of maximal reproduction (of a product in an industry, of life in biological beings, of a radiation=massive reproduction of species).

Topological Actions.

In fact the most useful part of mathematics for GST will be the direct first approach to it, topology, as we have shown. Since it shows directly the quality properties of the system; being algebra mostly a human synoptic language of the direct ‘form’.
Look around yourself with the naive eyes of a child to understand the simplicity of the Universe. All what you see is a myriad of discontinuous beings and all of them are made of two elements ‘form’ or in/form/ation and motion (which people call often ‘energy’, but scientists, call ‘entropy’).  We shall call them ‘temporal form’ and ‘spatial entropy’, and affirm that all what exists is made of ‘temporal form and spatial entropy’, of ‘time and space’, as when you say, i ‘don’t have enough time and energy’ to do this. All systems occupy and hence are made of a ‘fractal piece’ of vital space, which will last a ‘quantity of time’ between its cycle of birth, life and extinction.

On the other hand, Planck did also found that space was not a single continuum measured with the abstract rod of absolute newtonian space and a cartesian line. Instead he found that space was a vital space, with ‘motion’ (energy or entropy, technical terms slightly different, so we shall use for the ‘time being’ the more intuitive concept of motion). And this ‘formal motions’, pieces of vital space, ‘ticking’ with different time clocks ‘evolved’ and formed ‘spontaneously’ particles, increasing its form, its information, departing from ¥-rays.

So he said that the unit of reality was not absolute space-time but a combination of spatial energy, and temporal information, he called an ACTION: h= e x t.

It MUST be noticed that this ACTION is the CORE duality of  PHYSICAL Systems, which OFTEN HAVE THE ENTROPIC PART THEY WILL DESTROY NOT DIRECTLY CONNECTED (FIELDS OF FORCES in physical systems); as it happens in the simpler organisms (so lizards can loose their tail in case of entropic danger). Hence the equation of Energy x Time, which does not include entropy.

It must also be noticed from here on that as the body mixes entropy and form

Indeed, we are made of space and time. We are NOT placed in an ‘abstract’ mathematical artefact called the ‘Cartesian graph of absolute space-time’, as Newton wanted, but we are beings made of ‘relational space-time’ (in words of Leibniz, the first proponent of this realist model of the Universe), and only when we put together simultaneously all those pieces of space, the mind can peg the puzzle of vital spaces into absolute, ∞ space; and only when we put consecutively and causally all the events of time, the mind can ‘imagine’ an immortal Universe whose extension and duration is longer than that of all its space-time beings: ∑s=S, ∑t=T.

This, we know for a century since the revolution of modern physics dethroned the abstract artefacts of Newton, Galileo and Descartes – a single absolute space, a single mechanical clock to measure time and a single continuum piece of abstract paper with two abstract lines tracing on it – the Cartesian plane, where all space-time ‘finite beings’ are suppose to rest.

Look again around. Do you see the lines of your cartesian time? All what you see are different clock-rhyhms, different ‘beats of existential time’, within yourself in your circadian clocks, in the solar system with the cyclical rotation of the earth – a day, or around the sun – a year; or the beat of you thoughts, heart and eye-lashes, a second, YOUR minimal unit of time, the beat of your body synchronised to the informative visual and mental thought.

This Einstein realized when he assaulted the Newtonian paradigm of a single Universal mechanical clock, set by ‘God’ to monitor the beats of all beings. So he said ‘I seem to be the only physicist in this world who thinks time clocks beat at different rhythms in different places’. Scientists did not like it, as their routine of measuring time cycles, by equalising all those infinite rhythms (some of which we see in the lower graph) with a single machine-clock. So even when he got his nobel prize 20 years latter, relativity theory was not mentioned, and it still ill-understood, reason why we have not gone beyond in its concept of ∞ time clocks, merely play with his equations.

To that aim we must first define time&information on one side, and space& entropy on the other, the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which structure the ‘social growth of scales’ of the 5th dimension, creating all the systems of the Universe, which always will be made of, relative cells/points, joined by networks of entropy and information, put together in energy body-wave systems.

The main constants of the world cycle.

This is the Equation of the Organic, Fractal Universe of space-time beings in a nutshell.

How we translate those motions quantitatively? As Einstein wanted the ultimate principles of reality are Universal ratios/constants, which transform space into time or rise through the scales of the 5th dimension, a reproductive sum of parts into a whole. So we shall find 3 absolute constant ratios in all systems.

  • π: 3|s>Ot: Pi, transforms back and forth lineal entropy into temporal information, through cycles or sinusoidal hyperbolic waves.
  • ∆±i: e is the constant of growth and diminution that rises a group through the scales of the 5th dimension: e= (1+1/n)ˆn.
  • Spe<ST>Tiƒ: φ, the golden ratio that defines the internal relationships of size in space within any organism, between larger, more entropic parts and smaller more informative parts of almost all beings of the Universe.

In the graph, the golden ratio, which is for reasons explored in detail in our mathematical posts, the most efficient form of inner growth and proportion, keeping the balance and distribution of information in a system; the exponential function, which is the most efficient form of social growth between scales of the fifth dimension and pi, which allows to transform and transmit cyclical information in lineal fashion, and viceversa, without limit of scales (Poincare Conjeture), are the 3 fundamental ratios of the ‘ideal platonic game’ of perfect forms of lineal entropy and information, which the limits of reality, convert into the imperfect forms, we are made of.

They are the essential 3 constants of reality, and again we will find many new whys to its equations and properties. But the fifth dimension as the universe at large has not only mathematical properties. And here is where one-dimensional ‘math-only’ scientists, miss the point.

Since it does have topological properties due to its organic forms, mathematical ones, because NUMBERS ARE SOCIETIES OF IDENTICAL POINT-BEINGS. AND HENCE it has social, organic properties, which are shown in the co-existence of those scales and organs with inverse complementary functions. ‘All is organic, and so it is the fifth dimension, and the ‘absolute arrow of time-future’, which unlike the world cycle of pi, constantly grows through ternary e-scales, emerging into new ‘wholes’

Since the future belongs to eusocial evolution, as super organisms are MORE efficient than individuals, which lack this co-operative dual arrow of information (upwards) and simultaneous motion and energy delivered by the whole.

So, and this will mean a huge connection between physical and socio-biological sciences, we could talk in mystical terms of the 5th dimension as the dimension of love among ‘equal beings’, which come together into wholes.


‘Don’t confuse motion (entropy) with action (motion with a goal)’ Hemingway to Dietritch

life; noun 1. The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for energy feeding, informative gauging, social and individual growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death.
All systems of nature are alive, as all act simplex or complex, to survive in the game of exist¡ence.

Life is Action, a program of drives of existence that should rule the memes of mankind and society. We consider then 5 actions that define life: 3 simplex actions: energy feeding for the body, motion for the limbs, information gauging for the head, and together they ‘feed, and maintain’ the 3 ‘elements’ and physiological networks of our organisms. And two complex actions, reproduction and social evolution that ensure our existence beyond death.

In the graph we can understand life, observing a human being, as the feeding with 3 simplex actions of the 3 parts of the organism, its moving limbs, energetic body and informative mind.

But as parts of social organisms humans also reproduce with other human organisms, and evolve socially defining two complex actions. Nothing else is needed to define life, including life of mechanical beings, whose actions of ‘existence’ are performed by its company-mother-mothers, which show the ‘living properties of machines”:

In graphs, 5 actions ensure the survival program of all scales of stientific species: above the actions of company-mothers of machines which adapt planet earth to its image and likeness. Below the individual actions of humans and below in scales of diminishing size the actions of molecules, atoms and forces. All of them respond to the same aeiou program of survival (accelerations, e-ntropy feeding, I-nformative gauging, o-ffspring reproduction and u-niversals-wholes creation which ensures all the parts of the being will keep its inner space-structure and outer time function.

Actions of space-time are the minimal vital Unit of reality, and as such all the codes of the Universe can be written in Actions. Life is merely the sum of those ‘dimotions=actions’ of existence along the path of a world cycle.

In that sense, the definition of biological live, which sets the goals of being human, in turn sets the products and goods a proper economic systems should reproduce for humans to thrive at individual level through ‘our simplex’ 3 actions of feeding, moving and perceiving and at social level through our reproductive and eusocial, loving actions.

To live is to act. And there are only 5 type of actions, which a proper economic and political system should promote and enhance for all cells to thrive. In the next graph we consider those 5 actions from the highest level of complexity in systems sciences, observing how all systems of reality reproduce those actions, including atoms, and company-mothers.

Humans however are NOT meeting those actions in most beings who cannot thrive and enjoy life ad maximal, because we live in a planet dedicated to promoting the life of machines.

Abstract. To exist is the game we all play. To do so we try to survive, and so we can establish a simple function of existence, which consists on 5 actions to survive that all systems of the Universe play. We like to use for the function not a mathematical but a logic acronym. To exist, is to act gauging information, moving towards energy absorbing it to reproduce and evolve socially into larger wholes, aeiou… to exist is to @ct, from a singularity-mind, whose external actions will always be those 5 actions and as such since even the smallest particles quarks and electrons perform those actios, all exists, all has will, all has a mind.

Yet the purpose of those 5 actions is also to find a balance as a complementary being, in the symmetric centre of your relative ∆±¡ scales, | x O lineal entropic feeding fields and O-informative minds, in between your motion, young age and your age of information, maintaining your present state, the longest possible time; and so existence is maximised in the point of balance.

The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

How can we define this point of balance of symmetry with the asymmetric forces of your world? Here is where our acronym for existence makes sense: exi≈st, when our 3 elements are in balance our spatial mind and temporal membrane is in balance with the energy and information stored in its internal vital body-wave; the being reaches its maximal plenitude, as its ‘existential force’, which we define as the product of both elements, either measured internally (Exi) or through its membrane and singularity (sxt) is maximised precisely by the equality of both. 

THAT IS for a total number 10, 5×5 > 6×4>7×3 and so on. So balance maximises the existential force of any system.

Space-time actions.

The will of the Universe has its site in the @-monads which internally map with a language the Universe. While the human ego, which we along Einstein consider infinite only paralleled by the Universe itself will REFUSE to accept with the poor excuse of not being ‘measurable’ with our senses, digital or biological, the informative gauging capacity of all systems, we can study externally the actions that after informative gauging, the singularity or linguistic mind of the system performs.

So in one side the beings as Schopenhauer put it is ‘representation through perception’ and then it is ‘action, the will of survival’.

And the constant representation and will of survival T-S-T IS the essence of the game. The mind of the super organism REPRESENTS IN formal spatial languages the Universe, and then MOVES performing time cycles with their will of survival. Can we classify those actions? Yes, we can because they respond to the need of the being made of 5 Dimension of space-time of ‘being’, that is maintaining the 5 dimensions ‘replenished’, active, so we talk of five actions, in a sequential pattern similar to that of the being, using a mnemonic vowel system for them:

1D: information gauging; 1-2 D acelerations/motions, 2-3D:Offspring reproduction,  4D entropic feeding, 0-5D: Universals creation (social evolution).

@tions (åctions) mediated by the @-monad, are thus the will of the Universe, and also its infinitesimal quanta, in as much as they consist most often in the absorption of entropy, energy and information in its minimal bits and bites from an ∆-1 plane of reality.

In that sense when we apply the Rashomon effect of multiple points of view on actions, it will be easy to classify them in simplex, a, E, i and complex, o,u actions according to the quanta involved, smaller in the motions (∆-4,3 force quanta), information (∆-3,2 pixel quanta) and energy quanta (∆-2,1) absorbed by the being, and the larger quanta (∆-1,o) of reproduction and social evolution (∆o+1) involved in the success of an action.

Actions are in that sense perhaps the most important of all the elements of 5D², as it truly brings together all the elements of space and time, mind, scales, into a single space-time event type which applies to everything and on top solves the question of the will, function of the mind and program of survival of the Universe.


II. Epistemology: Rashomon truths.

The multiple p.o.v.s on spacetime reality

The best method to fusion several languages in the description of the actions of a singularity, guided by its inner ternary structure described by the Generator equation, is to study its dimotions as actions that are partial sub-equations of the Maximal function of exi≈st¡ence – the equation of its space and time parameters, both in separate partial ceteris paribus analysis or as a whole.

Let us consider those different ‘Rashomon’s perspectives’


ACTIONS – the finitesimal quanta.

Actions of space-time are the minimal vital Unit of reality, and as such all the codes of the Universe can be written in åctions

. We DO not reduce the concept to S, the action of physics, or h, its quanta, but expand enormously it meaning to include the 5 ‘vowels’ or dimensional space-time actions, which are the main ISOMORPHISMS to start constructing from ∆-1 upwards the structure of ∆o organisms and ∆+1 worlds:

The universe is made of fractal organisms, which co-exist in 3 scales of reality.

All systems deploy three scales of co-existing structure, the cellular, individual and social scales with different speeds of time. So smaller systems have faster time clocks that carry more information and code larger systems.

The tenant of GST (ab. systems theory) applied to history is that ‘memes’ not genes, ideas and instruments are the genetic codes that create social systems and civilisations. Hence languages and cultures matter more than individuals coded by biological genes. Let us then explore the two elements of the organic fractal Universe, its scalar structure and three arrows of time and world cycles to define history as a super organisms and memetics as its theory of information:

The three scales of physical super organisms above: atomic, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, below the three scales of human super organisms and its memetic linguistic systems of coding individuals into societies, either belonging to the ‘coding of ethic verbal wor(l)ds’ or the coding of digital machines (the metal-earth), below the two opposite memetic type of cultures that structure the wave of history.

Smaller scales have faster clock times that process information faster, yet both co-exist in organisms since the product of its spatial entropy and temporal speed of information remains co-invariant: Spe x Tiƒ = C.

Thus smaller systems run faster time cycles that store more information and hence for that reason smaller beings code larger beings, and genes code living organisms and humans economic ecosystems of bigger machines and human social organisms.

So we exist in a game of reproduction of information with biological, organic patterns. And to organise all those time cycles of information, we need to introduce ‘the scalar fifth dimension’ of the Universe – the formal cornerstone of systems sciences, complexity and theory of information, as it establishes the different roles of the 3 scales of beings:

∆+1: the world in which the being exists, from where its…

Ƽ: organic/thermodynamic/individual scale obtain its quanta of motion, energy and information to survive as an individual and reproduce and evolve socially as a whole. So:

∆-1: the minimal quanta of action in space-time IS what we call ‘a drive of existence (biological jargon), action (physical jargon) or ‘meme’ (social jargon), which codes the system and helps it to survive.

And we divide those actions into ‘simplex’ and ‘complex’ actions, according to the level of reality they code:

∆o-1: simplex actions code the ternary elements of the organism as an individual in a present space-time scale, absorbing entropy to move the limbs, absorbing energy to feed the body and reproduce its ‘cellular goods’ and information for the head to perceive:

hum-1024x502In graph, all systems are made of networks of energy and information which join similar clone cells/ citizens as parts of whole superorganisms thanks to a common language of information (genes in the scales of cells, memes in the human scale).

So before we introduce a human historic super organism, we shall consider laws for all kind of species.


In the fractal paradigm, which i helped to formalise at the turn of the century, the fundamental concept is the transmission of information between super organisms, of any scale of the Universe.

In all cases the law of the ‘5th dimension of scalar space-time’, which rules such transmissions is quite simple:

‘Information is stored in the lower scale of size of the super-organism, on the faster frequency and form of its time-cycles’.

So quantum numbers of the particle scale code atoms, electronic orbitals of the atomic scale code molecules, genes of the molecular scale code biological organisms, and memes of the neuronal and social scale code historic super organisms.

This means that social super organisms are NOT coded informatively by genes – the wrong, racist idol-ogical theory of our metal-masters – but by memes, neuronal networks of thoughts and external works of ‘art’ and ‘literature’ – mostly religious or political ethic codes.


The meaning of it all in a nutshell.

But why such a T.Πshould exist?

Because, as Einstein put it, ‘the Universe is simple and not malicious’. Its complexity thus arises from the iteration and combination of 3 simple elements, resumed in a sentence ‘fractal space times beings’. We affirm that all beings are made of a vital space (we do not occupy space, we ‘are’ the space we occupy), regulated by cyclical clocks of time (we do not last a life-death cycle, we are made of clocks of time, with a finite duration), which spread across a series of ‘scalar’ planes of space-time, organized from smaller parts (atoms, molecules, cells and so on), which form wholes (organisms, states of matter) parts of bigger social entities (societies, world, planets, stars, galaxies)…

And so because the ‘organization’ of systems from smaller to larger parts is ‘organic’, we talk of a 5th dimension of ‘scales’ of space-time, which ‘co-exist’ in each physical, social or biological system of Nature.

And by extracting the properties of ‘space’, ‘time’ and the ‘organic scales’ of all systems, through the ‘metric of the 5th dimension’, we shall be able to establish a series of ‘isomorphic’ laws proper of all entities which are the essence of this TŒ and describe a pantheist Universe of space-time beings, composed of spherical centers that store its logic, memorial clock cycles (particle/head), which commands a lineal system of motion (limbs, fields), and reproduce, iterate the system, with its intermediate hyperbolic body/wave, through exchanges energy and information with the outer world, to maximize the survival and existence of those particles/fields and heads/limbs.

Time moment after time moment our vital space changes internally, biologically accumulating form, information towards a 3rd age, and externally as we move performing ‘åctions of space-time’. But why things move?

The fact that space is a formal slice of time is truth both in mathematical physics (where derivatives of time are used to calculate space, either in Galilean’s relativity or in the 4 vectors of Einstein) and logically. In that regard, if we talk of 3 ‘arrows’-‘motions’ of time, entropy-disorder from future to past, <, present, still form or repetitive form that seems not to change, ≈, and future, informative flow, then we can write, with those 3 symbols of ‘Existential Algebra’:

T: <≈>: Time=Change=Motion from past to future

S: ≈: Space=Still = Present.

It is though in the asymptotic transition between a time state of pure motion, accelerated inward in the time vortex and the space state of expansive lineal decelerating motion, where the ‘true life of the universe’ its mixed functions of existence, Œ, which beat between its space and time states: Φ: S>T<S>T. takes place

That is, space is only a minimal derivative of time, and for that reason we see it ‘still’ but reality is a flow of infinite different ‘small arrows’ of time, as all beings develop its space-time cycles and åctions of existence. So as Leibniz explained, absolute space is just the simultaneous perception of all those flows of time, stopped and pegged to each other, and absolute time, the sequential pegging of all time cycles and life-death existences – but we must consider each entity with its own cycles of finite duration and its own vital spaces, encircled by those cycles as the true structure that iterates itself and causes the events and forms of reality.

So we need 3 elements for a T.œ, based in time ‘existences’ to describe reality, (where Œ will be called the function of existences, composed of time cycles, O, and 3 dimensions of space, ‘joined’ by the time cycle): an analysis of vital spaces and time cycles, which put together create the physical and biological and social systems of the Universe, and a metric ‘dimension’ to order them – the 5th dimension of space-time:

Further on, the previous graph shows that for parts to become wholes, they must exist first.

So we must add to the ‘3 arrows of time-motion’, entropic energy, or past, present repetition or space, future information, a 4th relative time arrow, of SOCIAL EVOLUTION, from parts into wholes, which includes all other arrows, and expands our concept of the world cycle of life and death, as all systems are born in a seminal ∆-1 scale of that relative future arrow of Cosmic, social evolution from particles into galaxies, from genes into organisms; and then evolve socially through 3 ages that maximize the 3 relative arrows of time, the young, energy age, the repetitive, present spatial age of maximal iteration and the 3rd age of information and social power, back to the lower scale of ∆-1 seminal cells or big-bang radiation (once the system has gone through its 3 states of gaseous energy, liquid balance and informative crystal solid age), into death described by Sp=Mc².

There are infinite external and internal space-time cycles, one for ‘each ‘clock of time, from the smallest charge to the biggest galaxy, and all of them ‘have different motions, speeds’ and duration between birth and extinction.

In such a nested Universe the concept of time must be always considered local, applying only to the internal clocks of the system referred.

For example, Einstein’s time dilation of light space-time, when coming to a black hole, till ‘time’ halts, does not mean the entire Universal time ‘stops’, but merely the ‘clocks of time of that light space, called ‘frequency’.

And indeed, we see the light elongating its frequency, slowing down its tics till erasing and dying. But when we get old, also our time clocks slow down, so a child feels much thoughts and events than an old man, till the old man stops its time, becomes a quiet, still form of space and dies.

Hence we can establish a new ‘Physics of Time’, where besides spatial motions in relative instantaneous presents, we study the creation, evolution, life and death of systems whose heads/particles store time clocks and its spatial bodies/waves move them. The hypothetical big bang of space-time of the whole Universe thus must be considered just the larger space-time cycle we perceive, according to the ‘fundamental duality’ of the Universe – the metric of the 5th dimension:

Λ. Space x Time = Constant.

That is larger beings have slower, seemingly lasting longer from an outsider’s perspective space-time ‘existences’, durations… But small clocks turn much faster, so an insect ticks 10 times faster than a mammal, and he feels in 7 years 70 years of events, as we humans do, and an atom also feels 10up to 40 times faster than the Universe – the relationship between both clock vortices/forces…

Time physics and the study of ‘waves’ of time that move through the ‘5th dimension’ of evolutionary time from past to future thus widens enormously the understanding of time beyond Physical studies of it as a parameter of its ‘space physics’.

Hence we shall describe a mathematical, topological game, of assemblies of space-time parts, which deploy a biological, survival game of exchanges of energy and information, or ‘åctions of absorption and emission of spatial energy and temporal information’ (∆a: moving/expelling energy: ∆e: feeding, absorbing energy; ∆ï: gauging, absorbing information; ∆œ: iterating, emitting information, and ∆u: communicating, gathering in social groups and dissolving your inner social structures, dying).

Now, this simple scheme, describes a game of existence which is organic, vital in its ultimate purpose: entities made of vital spatial energy, Sp, and temporal, cyclical, logic information, Tƒ, stored in the 2 geometric forms of maximal motion (the line of fields and limbs) and maximal volume (spheres of information), which exchange internally energy and information through hyperbolic waves/bodies to reproduce the system, and externally to move, feed, perceive, survive and evolve socially. And the way all systems do so, is by coding into their memorial, geometric, internal, cyclical paths those 4+i åctions of ∆±e,i exchange of spatial energy and temporal information.

So particles code those åctions of space-time in quantum numbers that describe them mathematically, living cells in genetic numbers, living organisms in the instincts of its 4 drives of existence, human beings in social memes and so on. But the bottom line is that we shall be able to describe all events, forms and structure sod the Universe with those simple principles and that simple game of survival, with topological forms.

Since of all the first principles of reality none is more fundamental than Space and Time, the two primary ‘formal motions’ of reality, and nothing matters more than the game of creation, survival and extinction, which all systems perform. Mathematics and biology does marry together. But also, and this is the huge novelty of this T.Œ, all those systems will show to have a point of maximal information, or zero-point, center of the system, which enacts those åctions and guides the whole system – and this perceptive, gauging point and its properties will allow us to introduce concepts such as minds, languages, mathematical and biological laws, within the structure of the T.Œ, not as something outside reality but as the necessary mapping of all beings, which need to perceive first, and create a still frame of reference in which to orientate its space-time åctions.

Those will be the thoughts of God, we shall translate in 2 types of structural equations that describe any system of space-time:

Its space-time symmetries: Sp<ST>Tƒ that define the 3 parts of all systems and its relative entropic/reproductive and informative motions:

Sp: limbs/fields of energy<ST: reproductive waves/bodies>Tƒ: heads/particles of information.

And the 5 ‘åctions of space-time’ they perform across different U±∆ relative planes of different size/speed of the 5th dimension:

±∆a (accelerated motions), ±∆e (energy feeding), ±∆œ (iteration), ±∆ï (observer’s perception), ±∆u (Universals creation).

Such is the simplicity of the vital Pantheist Universe: all systems are made of the same 2 formal motions, space≈energy and time≈information, all perform 5 simple åctions in space-time to refill its energy and information and reproduce before extinction in order to survive. And all form parts of stronger wholes to ensure their survival and are made of internal parts, hence have an organic structure of co-existence of parts and wholes, which we formalize with the metric of the 5th dimension.

Only anthropomorphism that takes away vital properties to far removed entities (specially physical systems, very different from our life systems in appearance, but not in structure), and the use of multiple jargons in each discipline of science to define the same parts, the same motions and the same biological åctions makes the Universe seem so different in each parts.

Thus we shall unify with a philosophical jargon all those ‘existential space-time beings’ and evolve further the mathematical study of those 3 elements, whose properties correspond to the 3 canonical sections of mathematics, spatial geometry, temporal, sequential algebra, and organic 5D scalar analysis of infinitesimal parts and integrated wholes – a fact that justifies the nature of mathematical logic as an experimental science, since its 3 parts do correspond to the 3 parts of T.Œ, and so it should not come as a surprise to the reader that the laws of mathematical logic are ultimately the laws obeyed by all fractal space-time beings.

In the graph, the Universe is made of its 3 time motions, which can be perceived statically as space, as  an assembly of ‘existential beings’, in an infinitesimal ‘tic of time’ , ∂t, which differ in duration for each species (tic is the unit we shall use here of fractal time, different for each species’ clock of existence), are seen as ‘fixed’ topologies of space.

Once we understand this ‘paradox of Galileo’ (the impossibility to distinguish between spatial states as stop forms and moving time, hence the equivalence between a time motion and a space state), we can talk not only of the 3 motions of time, but we do have 3 dimensions of space to match them. And so we talk of bidimensional formal motions, as the unit of the Universe – a mixed space-time surface with some internal motion.

This surfaces are therefore topological surfaces. As topology study motions within a form, which do not ‘tear’, that is break and transform of geometry. How many of such ‘bidimensional geometries’ there are in the Universe?

Here is where the first wonderful surprise jumps out of the ‘abstract world of mathematics’, to show mathematics is NOT that abstract actually but quite real, just the most general expression of the laws of 5d fractal (studied by analysis) space (studied by geometry) & time (studied by algebra) systems…

Since there are only 3 varieties of 2-manifolds. And so we shall consider them the ‘units’ of the real Universe.

Since as Minkowski put it: “Space of itself, and time of itself will sink into mere shadows, and only a kind of union between them shall survive.”

We thus shall talk more than of pure spatial forms and temporal motions of 2-manifolds of form and motion together, which we can see as 2 dimensions of motion, 2 of form, or a combined form-motion dimension, of the following 3 motions of time and 3 forms of space:

  • Lineal entropic motion ≈ toroid form
  • Cyclical time motion = circular, spherical form
  • Wave-like motion = Body-wave form

And affirm that all what exists is an assembly of those 2-manifold membranes, which are put together in layers to form a 3rd dimension or seen along its symmetric motions, to create more complex ternary of six fold structures.

All what we observe are thus knots and ties of such motions with form, ‘times’ become ties, when the motions become relatively fixed to each other in knots that create spatial forms, those symmetries between time motions and spatial forms define the construction of an assembly of beings with heads/particles that gauge information and direct and stop and go stop and go alternately beat of space-time, form motion rhythm that creates and defines all beings in existence:

Still-space-mind-perception of form/information > Time Motion > Still space

This beat and those symmetries between the 3 diffeomorphic=finite=local relational dimensions of space and time conform the reality we see:

We illustrate the fact along all the scales of the Universe, in the next graphs of the scalar social super organisms of the Universe:

          The 5 dimensions on a Universe made of multiple isomorphic organic Planes of Space-Time.

When we consider any space-time symmetry we must add a 3rd ‘aspect’ to the space-time ‘iceberg’ membrane in 2 dimensions of relative motion and form or momentum of the being.
What the being is doing? An action of space-time consisting on emitting or absorbing spatial energy and temporal information. Why?  Because that is the ‘program of existence’ – the conservation of the timespace of any entity, which is a world in itself. Thus when we ‘explode’ the principle of conservation of time, and its lineal and angular momentums, its head and particles, waves and bodies, limbs and fields, the interaction of the generator equation, into infinite individual points of view, all of them try to survive by ∆A, E, I, O, U.

Thus the topological cycles of timespace must be also understood as energy information exchanges between the entities and its relative planes of existence in the fifth dimension. All system absorb energy and information from lower micro states, iterate their form through seminal seeds, evolve socially with others, and perceive, gauge information from a mathematical geometric point of view.

We thus shall study time cycles first in its simplest geometric forms, and causal inverse logic between its first and third age, and then its meaning as åctions performed by relative fractal points of view, which trace ‘momentums’ with its active magnitude with the biological reason of performing its åctions of existence, tending to increase the survival and conservation of its energy information and overall time duration.

We must say that all beings do time cycles to survive, and to survive they must replenish the energy and information of its 3 ternary symmetries of space-time(bodies/waves, limbs/fields, particles/heads) and so they trace cycles in the outside Universe. Let us then study in a great landscape all those elements together latter analyzed one by one and in the milieu of each detailed description of each species of the Universe.

The 5 cyclical ‘Actions’.

Now time cycles and åctions are the same. This might surprise the reader. In Physics they are measure as angular momentums (h-Planck) or as circular paths that balance the potential and kinetic energy (principle of least action), which is the S=T point of the hyperbola, or ‘steady state in which S=T, Max. S x T is achieved, the point of immortality of the cycle.

The cycle thus is NOT a geometric cycle except for very simple forms of angular momentum – which are visible as a cycle, but we can transcend some properties of the cycle of simpler closed knots to other more complex ‘knots’ of multiple cycles.

The mathematical treatment here though has been too poisoned by the spatial theory of reality so we rather use an entire new approach, based in the ‘functions’ of those repetitive cycles, or ‘space-time åctions’ that all beings trace.

As we can then easily order causally all of them in 4 basic åctions (energy and information absorption and emission, ±∆œ).

Thus an action is a derivative of the function of existence of the being that is its composed quantity of particle/head: knots of time cycles, and lineal inertial motions (limbs) and its body/field combinations.

Actions in more complex beings that particles though are to be seen as drives of existence, the biological concept for a being who perceives information, ∆ï, iterates=reproduces information, ∆œ, feeds on energy (∆e) moves expelling energy, ∆a, and finally as an integral of those other åctions, during its worldcycle ’emerges’ in a larger Universal ST-plane of existence (∆ST=∆+1)

Probably the most important isomorphism of the Universe is the existence of 5 æ,e,ï,œ,û åctions which conform the program of the Universe:

Change of motion or acceleration, ∆a, absorption of energy, ∆e, of information, ∆ï, reproduction, or iteration ∆œ and social evolution, social union from individuals into Universals, ∆u.

Actions are always exchanges of energy and information between two ∆-∆ planes of existence. And so there are 5 åctions:

Social relationships between i<-i(∆=0): Au.

Seminal seeds: ∆->∆-1 ∆=1): AI

Energy feeding: ∆->∆-2: Ae.   Informative perception:  ∆->∆-3: Ao; and changes in motion: ∆-∆-4: Aa.

Actions thus require to understand the other form of travel through the 5th dimension – not a temporal travel through the ages of evolution, in which the whole system is carried through the metric of the 5th dimension; but a travel that involves only the ‘transfer’ of energy or information, between two poles.

And so we dedicate a whole post, to understand this fundamental element of the 5th dimension: transfer of ‘Spatial Momentum’ Sp, or Spatial Energy, Sp between two planes and its inverse: transfer of form. In this post we will briefly analyze and classify åctions in physical, biological and social systems, and study the 5 åctions briefly.

Actions in a single plane of existence.

Physical Actions

In physics an action is the fundamental present, ST element of the Universe that combines energy and time:

Spe x Tƒ =∫ ST

So for example, a Planck constant is an action of Energy and Time: Ex T = H

We are not using though the same concept in relational space-time, changing in this rare occasion the formula, as we prefer the qualitative concept for action, closer to the sentence that opens this paragraph: ‘don’t confuse motion, Sp, for action: Sp x Tƒ= ST’.

We thus call an action, the quanta of existence, a derivative or ‘unit of force’, which all systems display to exchange energy and information with the environment, to achieve in this manner the 2 higher goals of existence: reproduction and social evolution of parts into wholes, new units of a higher plane of the 5th dimension.

We could consider then all possible ‘åctions’ of past-energy and future-information that combine together. Action is the ‘short’ present dimension, the most complex, rich and important element within a single plane of existence. And the study of this basic concept of physics and its ∆ST equivalent: combinations of form and motion into purposeful åctions is essential to many fields and science.

Social Actions.

But probably the man who better understood its concept in the upper scales of life was Hemingway in the above sentence; for an action to be meaningful it must have both motion (P) and form (F), yin and yang, in purposeful combination. Most motions today are confused with åctions – demonstrations without purpose. Social Actions must have a point-like directionality, a form, a goal. 

Thus the classic concept of physics and normal language, as when we say, ‘I don’t have energy and time to do this (action)’ do open a wide field of physical, biological and psychological, social analysis.

Actions in multiple planes of existence.

We can also consider åctions from the perspective of the ∆-metric, in its ‘existential mandate’.

Indeed, the function of existence of any vital space system surrounded by time cycles, is the multiplication of those time cycles of exchange of energy and information from the surrounding world. This means a series of exchanges with the U±4 planes of the Universe with whom the organism of space-time interact, which try to maximize the content of energy and information of vital space and cyclical time of the system.

Thus if we establish a Mandate of Existence, or ultimate meaning of a vital-space-time world:

Max.   $t x ðƒ = ST±4

We can deduce from the exchanges of energy and information with the ±4 Universal Planes with whom the U∆ system communicates, the 4±∆ type of åctions any system in the Universe performs.

Thus relational space-time define a much wider concept of an action, as the fundamental tool of classification of the space-time cycles in which a form changes its relationships with the absolute space-time in which it exists by exchanges of energy and information (space-time cycles).

Actions in ∆ST allow us to classify all time cycles, study its sequence in world cycles and consider all the patterns of ‘inter-action’ between the fractal non-Sp=i points of the Universe

In the next graph we see the main 5 åctions of all systems in the main Universal Planes of Reality:

In ∆ST, however we define a much wider concept of an action.

An action is better understood in normal languages: an action is what all entities of the Universe constantly do. Our program of existence. And it can be mathematically defined with the tools of Existential Algebra. Thus we define an Existential action:

‘ An action is a flow of energy and information between 2 consecutive planes of existence: ∆-∆≤A≥∆-(∆+1) ‘ 

Since 0±4 are the planes of existence, it follows that there are only 4 possible Actions.

Thus we divide åctions into 5 fundamental types in which the ∆-being relates through exchanges of energy and information to each of the lower and single scale it perceives.

–  We absorb and process energy for our system, ∆Sp, we absorb and process information, ∆ï, we iterate our systems, ∆œ, we socialize in groups, ∆U, and we move around, accelerating and decelerating to do so, ∆Å.

And as it happens, we do all that by interacting between our ∆-∆ scale and a higher scale of reality:

We move through ∆-4 gravitational forces, which change our steady state (inertial speed) into acceleration and decelerations:  Aa: ∆a(∆-4>∆-3)

We perceive light and electronic quanta to inform ourselves: Ao: ∆ï(∆-3>-2)

We absorb ∆-2 energy quanta (amino acids) to recompose our bodies: Ae: ∆e(∆-2>-1)

We reproduce through ∆-1 seminal seeds which emerge in our scale: Ai: ∆r(∆-1>i)

(and for other species, NOT to provoke the anthropomorphism of humans we talk of iteration in other species, hence we call this action Ai.)

And we socialize with individuals like us creating societies that in its larger form become universal. Au: ∆u(i>∆+1). And that is why all fits nicely.

This is what to be is all about:

In the graph, the arrows=actions=motions with form of existence, have all the same purpose: to help, the active element to survive, and play the game of existence of the Universe.

The action in itself is meaningful, but it is its collective ‘intelligence’ as a modular action, of a game of simple elements, which ensure the survival of the being, what matters to us.

Those actions in that sense respond to the ternary elements of reality, and are performed by each of the three parts of the Generator of the being:

So they range from the simplest pure entropic motions, ∆a (red, right side) performed by the spe-limbs/fields (Mr. Bolt), to the more complex formal, social evolution (long time absolute arrow of the fifth dimension) – signified by the UNO picture; and its in between elements:

Actions that absorb energy for the body and information for the mind which can be considered 2 present combinations, feeding on energy (max. e x i), feeding on information (Max. i x e), as all yin has a drop of yang… and finally its combined reproduction.

This simple scheme of actions is common to all beings of reality as there is no more parts to be had:

S (motion) + ∆ (Evolution) + Max. t x s (INFORMATION) + Max s x t (energy) +  s=t: reproduction.

And al what all the elements of all the potential fractal worlds of all the Universes will play this simple game, of 4+∆ åctions which form the will of the ∆º mind. 

The integral sum of those actions, then become sequentially a world cycle of existence, through three scales of super organism living.

Actions of ‘spatial entropy, temporal information and its energetic combinations and social coming togethers’ are then the fractal units from which the study of any entity of reality shall depart.

They are in temporal terms, the ∆ð-1 scale, as cells are the ∆§-1 element; and so we shall also find in complex gst clear symmetries between the beats of existence, its actions and cellular parts.

The æ,e,ï,œ,û of åctions is all what we do.

All what humans and everything else do are varieties of those 5 åctions. So write this 5th isomorphism with another simple equation:

∆a(∆-4>∆-3), ∆ï(∆-3>-2), ∆e(∆-2>-1), ∆œ(∆-1>œ),and ∆u(œ>∆+1)

This is the simplest mathematical and conceptual definition of the åctions of reality.

The 5 åctions in humans and other species.

In the next graphs we see the concept of åctions. In the first – a decades old graph, I omitted motions, the lowest action and included generations, an action above the ∆+1. Yet since now I consider ∆+1 generations, as part of Time Theory (evolution in ∆+1 planes), and have changed my consideration of ∆-4 accelerations as part of Space theory, we could exchange those åctions. i am not doing so much corrections for laziness and also to show the ‘continuity’ of the whole Universe. The choice though comes from the philosophical considerations:

‘An action requires a conscious will by the individual 0-point of the system which performs it’.

In that regard, the choice is ambivalent, but motion seems to be more conscious than the passing of multiple generations, which beyond reproduction is not an individual action. Of course, ∆ST is a perfect structured Universal order created not by humans, but by Reality and my perception of it has improved with time. Still the graph is a nice portrait of what åctions are in multiple planes of existence, performed by many ∆-species.

Deduction of åctions from the metric of the 5th dimension and the existential force .

We can also consider åctions from the perspective of the ∆-metric, in its ‘existential force’ mandate: Max. [∑ Sp ≤ ≈ ≥ Tƒ]±4

It is obvious then that the åctions describe are those related to Energy and Information exchanges between those elements: Spatial Motion and Energy feeding are the Sp related åctions, Perception of form, Tƒ, and iteration through a language of genetic information, i, are the two åctions related to Tƒ and i. And finally Social evolution, Max. ∑, is the 5th action. Actions thus are born of the survival program of the existential force of a system and its organic structure.

We can in that sense consider primary, external; secondary, internal and complementary åctions.

All complementary entities displace a particle/head that gauge information over an energy body/field directing its åctions, which are MOTIONS WITH FORM, Sp x Tƒ events that combine the 2 elements of reality.

What are the types and purpose of those åctions?

If we depart from 2 motions, energy and information, expansive and implosive motions, we can combine try to obtain more of them in ONLY 5 Invariant åctions:

Sp åctions:

∆a: The simplest one motion, which accelerates, reaches a steady state and decelerates in its 3 ‘ages’  (external motion). But we could also can be considered to be internal motion, of generational ages (the one represented on the graph). What defines in that sense ‘motions’ is the limited capacity of the ‘∆-being’ to modify it.

– ∆e (feeding) on energy to create the structural pieces of the body/wave.

Tƒ Actions:

-∆ Tƒ

– ∆Ei: SxT: Reproductive Communication; SxT: creation of complementary systems, which sometimes we group together as ‘present’ reproductive åctions.

Energy feeding and reproduction are mixed åctions since they process both energy and form, so they are secondary åctions. Perception and motion are pure Sp an Tƒ åctions.

– Social Actions; Au.

There are different åctions in society according to which scale we relate and the languages we use.

there are 3 types of languages, ∏-temporal genetic, ∑-spatial and ⊕, organic social growth in the final stage of the S9=∆+1 creation of a Universal through Social scales.

∏Tƒ creation of genetic informative networks, in which all systems are connected, for simpler societies.

∑Sp: energy herding in the same scale over a extended spatial word…

⊕ Sp Tƒ; the more complex societies, which signifies the creation of networks and social classes, the informative upper, reproductive body and energetic classes, distinguished by its degree of connectedness.

Since in the upper class, each ‘neuron/particle’ communicates with all others, through its axons/bosons, forming a ‘whole’ new ∆+1 unit (hence the multiplicative symbol as axons are the square of its neurons).

On the other hand, the ∑-scale of reproductive individuals are only connected to their spatial neighbors (and their genetic families). Thus it is easier for the far more connected neuronal caste to control its body herds of loose cells/atoms with those ‘axons/cyclical waves’. And it does so with nervous messages, invaginating the lower ∆-1 chemical language of cells with nervous receptors, or the gravitational with electromagnetic waves.

Finally the quanta of the energy level is disconnected and easy prey for the body herds.

Unlike disconnected quanta or herding of parallel quanta in the same ∆-plane by simple communication with neighbors to maintain distances, or reproduction of a wave that imprints its form in a lower scale, ∆-1, network creation is multiplicative, ∏, as the number of axons is a potency law of its neurons and this makes it more powerful. Since it has a faster language to connect at the ∆+1 scale, but a potency of its numbers communicating in the lower chemical scale in neurons or gravitatomagnetic language in physical systems.

Thus as we see the field of åctions analysis gets more complex in terms of information when we study the higher åctions. And it gets more mathematical when we study lower åctions.

In each of those ‘∆-Planes’ of Space-Time species change 2 parameters: its ‘spatial size’ and the ‘speed of its informative clocks’ in an inverse fashion:

In the graph, the 3 ‘minimal actions’ of motion, energy and information, code the 3 parts of the system in present space. Then the system will realise two more complex actions, NOT from the being downwards but from the being upwards, through:

Ƽ+1: Reproduction and social evolution from parts into wholes.

In the next graph we make a resume of the main ‘quanta of information’ that code with memes, genes and quantum numbers the 3 types of social organisms. Obviously huminds with their self-centred view of reality will deny the bottom of that graph – the fact that particles and waves of physical system have also ‘organic properties’. Indeed, for 100 years the only rational explanation to the behaviour of particles and waves, the head and bodies of physical systems, in quantum physics, where they ‘react’ to the observer IS to accept they do gauge information and they ARE the scale in which consciousness happens.

So we are electronic minds and electrons are the minimal quanta of perception. Neither we can accept the obvious fact that quarks and electrons DO reproduce, as any other system, after absorbing energy producing new quarks and electrons.

But that is NOT my problem as an objective scientist – it is the problem and peril of humans so ego-centered that they do make machines also, towards sentient perception as if it does not matter, and research black holes and quark bombs, that will feed and reproduce (CERN, nuclear industry) as if it won’t matter:

In the graphs, the coding of all scales and sciences happen through smaller systems that reproduce, feed on energy, move, evolve socially and inform the organic system. The obvious cases accepted by humans are the scales of biology, but also physical systems, coded by quantum numbers, where particles and waves do evolve socially, reproduce into new particles and move, gauge information ARE also organic. And that is also the case of the super organisms, of machines, company-mothers, which evolve socially in stocks, reproduce machines in factories, organise networks of energy and information and as robots are soon to become AI-sentient beings.

The five åctions as expressions of discontinuous ‘steps=quanta’ of the 5 Dimensions of space-time.

Actions are the minimal unit in the 5 construction of the 5 Dimensions of the being, and its physiological networks.

So they are closely related to those five dimensions, which we translate into 5 symbolic vowels for each of these Sx. and Cx. actions:

  • The lineal motion, simplest ‘accelerated/decelerated/steady state’ motions: ‘æ‘, first dimensional action.
  • The reproductive event in space-time, the ‘œ’ second dimension action.
  • The informative perception, collapsing the potential into wave into form, the ‘i’ , third dimensional action.
  • The energy feeding = scattering entropic death of the prey, the ‘e’ action, fourth dimensional action.
  • The social evolution into wholes, or fifth dimensional action, always realized in the generation of the being as emergent, and tried but seldom achieved in the existence on the larger ∆+1 world. We use the letter ‘u’ for Universals.

Hence the terminology differs from numbers into letters, as I use the mnemonic rule, motions as a-cceleration, e-nergy feeding, information, offspring and Universal evolution of individuals to make an easy a,e,i,o,u.

Why we do so is obvious: we stress the ‘quality of actions’, WHICH IS FUNCTION not form. And as form and geometry are languages of space better suited to math, function and logic words are better to represent actions in time (being words our language of time-motions).

Further on actions are complex and often involve multiple dimensions of space-time. 

Yet still there is a certain dominance of dimensions in each action, so the loose correspondence of those actions with the 5 digits of Dimensions is:

  1. Informative Vortex; §ð: IMPLOSIVE fracta point: informative actions, (ï)
  2. $: lineal space,’DISTANCE’,  t: Lineal time ‘DURATION, $t: action of motion (æ).
  3. ∑: Width, body-wave. ∏: Frequency of repetition. ST: REPRODUCTIVE ACTION (œ)
  4.  S: scattering potential T: entropy; ST: Death; energy feeding (ø)
  5. & 0 to 1: Whole, social evolution from Mind seed into super organism (û)

RECAP. Space-time actions.

The five dimensions of space-time properly quantised become the five actions of reality:

Signatures of actions

Now is not that difficult when you have only 3±i elements, but as there are so many variations on the theme I have worked for 30 years alone, and increasingly indifferent to the homunculus understanding i have used many different jargons myself, so you will find different namings here, but if you get to the concepts they will be easy to navigate.

Likely the best ‘complex’ lettering for the 5 actions, as they are always sandwiched between scales and past and future arrows and tend to be mixed, would be:

±æ for the motion, which is often acceleration, and includes often expenditure of energy, hence it is +a and -e.

±œ for reproduction, as it produces an offspring (+o) but also spends energy: – e.

±ï, for information as there are two types, +i: absorption in gauging perception and -i: emission, related to reproduction and social evolution.

ø, for death, as it erases information and empties of meaning the ∆-being

û, for social evolution, its inverse, as it creates a whole Universal system, of an upper scale.

As we say when you get into formal ¬algebra, which is the future ‘pro’ way to do this but i have NO LONGER intention to treat, given the fact that homunculus are not interested even in basic introductory work as this web is, all those strict senso formalisms and signs matter, as IT IS THE ULTIMATE reason of the world cycle of life and death, as if you look at those ‘signatures’ information dominates over energy and so by the mere fact of acting you will warp yourself as more actions are warping (reproduction of information, social evolution of information) than moving; when we ELIMINATE the action of death, which is the one that balances into a zero-sum, the whole. 

-4D: ∆, from the peak down, the entropic arrow (or both arrows in more complex diagrams),

-5D: •, the singularity that commands social evolution, the fifth arrow

-1D: $s, lineal motion, the youth arrow, 1st dimension

2D: ≈, present iteration the wave arrow, 2nd dimension

3D: ð, cyclical time vortex, the informative 3rd dimension of time (me, lazy cow use too often t or ƒ easier to type, though t should be used by ‘future pros’ as lineal time, t=1/ƒ=1/ð)

They will in turn be treated either as space dimensions only, as time dimensions only as holographic combination of a space and time dimension, and as such the most important combination will be an Se≈Ti relationship or ‘action (Sxt-> maximal when Se=t)

So physicists also go about to study actions – they are in fact as they should be obsessed by time-space actions, but THIS IS NOT NEW.

Schopenhauer in his seminal paper on the fourth root of sufficient reason, expanded in his ‘world as will and representation’, absolute masterpieces unparalleled in modern philosophy never quite understood (more famous for his aphorisms among homunculus peanut brains), already deal with space, time and matter, rightly realizing that only space-time actions truly exist together.

Physical, Biological and social åctions.

All systems perform the 5 åctions of space-time existence.

In fact most of the parameters we use to study them refer precisely to those actions, from quantum numbers to genetic coding to biological drives to social behaviour.

We shall then bring again the ultimate vital meaning of those dimensions in light space-time and electronic minds, as ONLY IN THOSE LOWER SCALES OF OUR MIND-VIEW BOTH THE PHYSICAL, GEOMETRICAL DIMENSIONS AND ITS VITAL MEANING COME TOGETHER, WITHOUT ABSTRACTION – meaning the height, width and length, and colour that define the four dimensions of a ray of light DO have all a vital meaning for the photon-wave, as they code their reproductive speed, social color/frequency, magnetic information/entropy and electric entropic/informative forces (in the complex Universe all elements have ternary roles, so the way magnetism and electricity act in both arrows/roles, depend of the specific function light has for the larger organism that uses it to transmit energy and information):

Below we see also that our electronic mind is ordered by the ‘vital’ uses of the geometry in space of an electronic orbital. The electron will have a particle state, hence a particle spin, a body wave state, hence an angular momentum for the standing bidimensional wave, a social action given by the magnetic field that organises all the social electrons in harmonious orbital game; and a reproductive event, which required spins of opposite direction os they can ‘couple’ decouple merge and reproduce new particles, and the simplest numbers that regulate its motions (principal number) and energy/informative simpler actions, absorbing=feeding on light (provoking quantum jumps on size-volume-energy) and using it to orientate its spin, angular momentum, and form of in-form-ation (second number).

Quanta of space-time’s: 5 actions.

We have now schematised the field-particle states of the 3 physical organisms. If we concentrate in its present state, as waves both the photon and the electron will then easily display its ‘internal structure’ and external actions of ‘survival’ that will show clearly its organic, bio-logical properties tightly connected by symmetries in ∆, s and t, with the parameters and Universal constants aforementioned. Let us then connect the dimensions of the most important scale, our mind-world of light and electrons, with the vital actions of ‘entropic feeding’, e, lineal motion, a, informative perception, i, reproduction, o, and universal, social evolution, u; since almost all detailed events we study in physics as in any other scale responds to those vital actions.

In the graph we see the structure of a quantum supœrganism of light in its wave and particle state and its fundamental laws of action, which draw an organic program of survival for both ∆-1 photonic and ∆electronic scales.

The equations of a c-light wave or photonic particle and its social group, the electron which is a bidimensional dense herd of photons (wave constrained scale).

THUS IN THE SMALLEST SCALES OF REALITY FUNCTION, FORM, DIMENSION, VITAL ACTION COME ALL TOGETHER NICELY AS SYMMETRIES BETWEEN THE ORGANIC SCALAR ACTIONS AND SPACE AND TIME DIMENSIONS OF THE BEING.But as we move beyond the main stream of perfect symmetries between topology, time ages/actions, and enter into the more messy, less perfect world of molecules and thermodynamic life, the exact mathematical geometry of those entities BECOMES COMPLETELY secondary to the organic functions in a far more complex and convoluted geometry. So as we move into life scales FUNCTIONS AND ACTIONS AND DRIVES OF EXISTENCE – THE PROGRAM OF FEEDING ON ENERGY, GAUGING INFORMATION, REPRODUCING, EVOLVING SOCIALLY far outweighs the importance of simple motions and the perfect topology of those dimensions, which are less accurately followed, despite the ‘still similar’ dimensional form and equal number of actions and dimensions of a human being.

Yet when we study civilisations we shall see they are also performing social actions, reproducing by conquest, feeding on gaia’s energy as they destroy the planet into entropy, gathering information internal and external from its singularity-capital, and evolving socially into larger world structures, and of course, while a nation doesn’t move, its planet does around the sun to absorb its entropy energy, from its gravitational potential… åctions are thus the ultimate ‘WHY’ of reality, and as we said, because its signature favours information over entropy, the cause that the informative mind who prefers informative actions, finally warps and dies.

Now it must be understood that departing from only a substance, time space, which we have broken into 5Dimensions, everything else is generated; everything happens, with slight changes in the order and quantity of those parameters.

For example,in the world cycle, death is the end, in the action, death is of the ‘other prey’, so it is the second action as the motion takes the being to the prey (information being the constant discotnous minimal action).


How we travel through scales of the 5th dimension? Through the operations of integration and derivation, which is what makes emerge in an upper scale the physical action.

Now the simplest actions of motion are derivatives of the previous scales which emerge in the higher scale. And we can talk basically of two type of operations:

∂S-4=V-3;  ∂V-3=a-2  This simple chain describes the meaning of physical actions. The gravitational scale of the ∆-4 perceived as distant space, gives part of its distance by deviating it in time, emerging as speed in the light-space, atomic scale, which gives part of its speed, by emerging in the upper molecular scale as acceleration and temperature. So physical parameters are the elements perceived in the actions that emerge between scales.

But those are ‘pure’ actions of motion, in the spatial dimensions of those lower scales.

We though by the Galilean paradox consider the Sp duality (space perception as pure distance, motion and acceleration, or complex perception as energy).

And so we have also the e-perception of those basic actions, which accordingly is symmetric.

∂E-4=momentum(∆-3); ∂p (momentum)∆-3 = mass (∆-2).

Thus again we observe that the ultimate energy of reality (stored in the distance of strings of gravitational forces, where S≈E, that is strings energy is equivalent to its length), emerges as momentum in the atomic scale and emerges as mass in the upper scales of matter. And so we define also the main parameters of physics related to the complex energy-mass duality (perception in detail of the components of those scales) in terms of actions.

The derivatives are also immediate: Energy =1/2Mv², and if we derivate considering V=X, the variable, we obtain the momentum of an atomic particle: ∂x²=2x.

Thus ∂E=mv=p. And again now if we derivate mv, considering v the variable, V=X, ∂p=m.

And we associate S≈E, V≈p and a=m. As we shall see in the specific analysis f the meaning of mass, mass is considered a vortex of accelerated gravitational form. And this is one of the many parallel ways to deduce this fact. Since ∆ST is a perfectly symmetric complex structure of a beauty, order and balance…

The Fractal Universe: qualitative definition.

What is the Universe? In simple, philosophical terms, a game of ‘motion’ and ‘form’. When you look around you observe ‘forms in motion’ performing ‘åctions’, which combine both. And nothing else.

Now call, motion | and form O, and its combination, Ø. And so you could in the simplest possible expression of reality to say that the Universe is ∑ – x O = Ø

This would be the simplest way to define it all. Scientists tend to quantify reality and so they have shunned for too long the explanation of the ‘whys’ of reality, of ‘its qualities’. We do both in ‘philosophy of science’.  Now let us try to be more precise with the previous equation.

It could be called ‘speed’, V, a motion in ‘space’, and O could be called a cycle of form, a ‘clock’ of time.

So we could now say the Universe is made of infinite motions in space and cycles of time, combined into infinite åctions. And that is indeed what we perceive. Look around you. Or inside you. Beings perform ‘åctions’ which consist in going ‘cyclically’ to a place, to feed, to inform themselves to meet with other social beings, to reproduce… Actions are cyclical and they are performed through motions, which have certain form. Desargues a mathematician proved that all curves where in fact a combination of the line and cycle that created the cone. Computers use | and O, 1s and 0s, to model the entire Universe.

And if you realize all what is needed to trans-form, a lineal motion into a cyclical clock of time, is to close the ‘string of lineal motion’ into a ‘closed string’ of temporal form. In fact  with those 2 elements, open and closed strings physicists construct all the particles of the Universe.

So this is another way to explain the meaning of any System of reality:

‘All what exists in the Universe are systems made of lineal motions of space and cyclical forms of time that trans-form into each other ad eternal throughout åctions that combine both:


Quantitative definition

This would be the simplest possible Universe. But then we realize that the motion is not just ‘pure motion’ at least in this plane of existence in which humans develop its åctions. But there is always a ‘being’ that is moving, which from an external point of view tends to be defined by ‘a mass’, an ‘inertia’, a ‘form’ that is fixed and the motion drags through. So we rather say that:

‘All what exits are forms that perform motions with form.’

What is mass so far escapes us at this stage, but all things around us have mass and move dragging their mass, so we should get a bit more complex and consider now that all what we see are masses moving in cyclical patterns around reality. And so we can write this with 3 ‘terms’, one for ‘mass’, M, one for cyclical motion, which is quantized with a term called frequency=1/T (that is the number of times per second a cyclical motion completes its cycle), and a 3rd term called ‘space’, the space traversed in lineal terms from the initial point to the final point. So a being is a mass moving from point A to B in space and performing in time cyclical trajectories: M x L x T ‾ ¹

As it happens, physicists describe all what exists in this plane of reality with only those 3 parameters, M, L and T, and have a fundamental postulate, that the quantity of M x L x T ‾ ¹ of the Universe which they call ‘momentum’, remains invariant when we add all the momentums of all the beings of the Universe.

And so the quantitative way to express the qualitative nature of the Universe is rather simple too: The Universe is a game of ‘momentums’ in perpetual exchange of motion and form.

The reader would observe at this point that humans use a lot of ‘different’ concepts, which at the end tend to be reduced to motion and form. And this a problem of humans which love to make specific definitions, attach differentiating terms, break reality according to quantitative methods, classify, divide and confuse.

The Universe though works in a different manner, it breaks, quantizes and multiplies into:

  • An infinite myriad of varieties or Ø-åctions, the 2 essential realities it is made of:
  • Lineal motions that expand and create open lines and planes of space.
  • And O-cyclical motions or ‘forms’, which shrink, warp and close into time clocks.

So if we want truly to understand what reality is made of. We must depart from those essential things. And called the Universe a ‘fractal’ which iterates and combines lineal motions of Space, and cyclical clocks of time into infinite åctions. We can now change from the intuitive geometric symbols to the conventions of man and so write Se (for Space) and Tƒ (for cyclical clocks of time) our equation:

Se x Tƒ = A.

And this is the simplest way to explain it.

The combinations of motions and forms.

What makes though the Universe so confusing is the fact that it constantly messes motion and form. And so at least in this plane of existence there is nothing ‘pure’. This the old Taoists, the philosophers of antiquity that understood in simpler closer terms this reality, calling motion yang which they represented with a ___ and form yin, which they represented with a O or a broken line — (with more form than __), make it clear, when affirming that no yin exists without a bit of yang, and no yang exists without a bit of yin, and that reality, existence was a game of combinations of yin and yang that created the infinite beings of reality.

The o±4 plane.

So we are obliged to use the purest terms of motion and form, only when dealing with the purest concept of pure Space without form in nature vacuum space and pure cyclical clocks of time without any translatinv motion, pure rotatory clocks, in nature, black holes in the cosmic scales and superfluid 0 K vortices of mass and charges without any vibration. And as it happens we cannot perceive those limits of pure motion without form and pure form without motion, pure Space and Time.

Now I shall call our ‘plane of existence’, where I exist. the individual, human plane, the ∆-plane. And so this remote plane which I don’t even perceive, will be called the 0±4 planes, the ∆-4 plane that of far away forces with zero form, the gravitational plane, and the plane of remote black holes with maximal form at 0 K, which I don’t perceive either the ∆+4. It is only logic to call them with the same ± number, because as it happens, the gravitational plane of absolute motion with no form (called for that reason non-local or ‘action at distance’) is created by the plane of absolute form with no motion (called for that reason a black hole).

How this is done is obvious. Remember that we said all what exists are O x | = Ø. So what happens here is this

O (black holes) emit, |, gravitational space, which other O black hole will absorb, creating between both a gravitational attractive force. So we write:

[O (Tƒ) < = > O]±4.

Where we have added  the plane in which this happens to know what varieties of ‘form’ and ‘motion’ we are talking about.

The duality of distance and motion, cycle and form.

Now, because we do not see this gravitational lines and we do not see this perfect cycles, but they are there, they must appear somehow to us. And they do so, lines of pure motion are seen as ‘distances’, and cycles of pure rotational cyclical motion are seen as ‘masses’ and ‘spherical forms’.  We can picture how this happens, since we have two elementary realities, the Tƒ cyclical clock (which we perceive as fixed form, like when we see a very fast turning wheel that we see as a fixed form) and the – of space, which we can see as distance or motion, as we see fast cars in a picture at night as fixed lines or motion.

This is thus an important law of reality we call the Galilean paradox: when we do not see in detail a lineal motion a speed it appears as distance, and when we do not see in detail a cyclical clock of time, a rotary motion, we see it as a mass of form. So Galileo didn’t see the motion of the Earth but only the distance it travelled around the sun, neither its rotation but only its mass-form, and yet it was there: e pur si muove e pur no muove.

So we must make two equivalences:

Lineal motion = Space distance;  Rotary motion = Time Clock.

And so we see either motions, lineal speeds and rotary clocks of time, or fixed distances and forms.

And the result is the stable combination or ‘space-time’ reality we see around us.

Further on an interesting deduction of the fact we do NOT see gravitational motion, is that it must appear to us as infinite ‘non local or action at distance, as physicists call it.

Indeed, if we consider the equation of :

– x O = Øst, whereas Øst is the constant space-time we see around us. For Øst to be constant, since O the form we see is zero, none, the – element must be infinite.

As the only quantity multiplied by 0 that gives as a constant value is ∞:

∞ x 0 = C. And this is indeed what we experience: gravitational forces have zero form, and are infinite in its motion from the human perspective. We do not mean they are necessarily infinite in objective terms, but for humans they are infinite in motion, non local, ‘acting at distance’, the neat expression physicists used for centuries without reasoning why.

Now we bring this solution because I believe the reader trained in ‘quantitative’ methods will surely miss the essential element of ∆ST – to mix logic reasoning and mathematical equations to achieve a much more complex, rich and meaningful understanding of the Universe with all its languages, not only as an abstract concoction of mathematical formulae. The previous ‘sample case’ is a simple, clear proof of that power of ∆ST to enlighten our comprehension of all realities.


The ∆-3 scale.

So in the next stage of reality, beyond this ∆-plane of existence that we do not perceive, which we shall call, the 0±4 Plane, of pure forces of motion, ‘gravitational forces’, ∆-4, and pure form without motion, ‘cosmic black holes’ or 0±4, the rest of realities are ‘messed up’. Their motions have some form and their forms have some motion. And so they are all Ø-species. And we call them ‘waves’.

Indeed, when we come to the minimal reality we perceive, we realize it is made of pure motions which have a bit of form, that is their ‘lines of space in motion’, their gravitational lines curve up and down as they move linearly’, and they become ‘transversal waves’ of light. And then alas! they are now ‘light-space’, forms in motion, forms in action, in-form-åctions, in-form-ations. And so ‘light-space’ carries information, and it is the ‘limit of our perception’. And we call this plane of existence, which is the first we perceive the ∆-3 plane of electronic light. The beginning of the human universe. And so the myths of the bible said ‘and God said, there is light’ and creation started. Indeed, when gravitational forces of the ∆-4 scale warp into transversal waves, which carry information, or ‘light-space’, we enter reality.

This ‘light space’ in turn will be made by ∆-3 galaxies, which produce this light space.

And we call them the ∆+3 plane according to our terminology of planes of existence.

And so if we look at it from the ‘smallish’ point of view, the ∆-3 plane is made of the components of most of the matter of the galaxy: plasma particles, electrons and protons in ionized state, mixed up with electromagnetic fields of light. And from the larger point of view we will be talking of galaxies.

They are the next clear thing beyond the Universe and its dark matter, dark energy and dark black holes we do not see

Now here, we shall by ‘isomorphism’ (similarity) with the ∆-4 scale consider some facts, which have escaped for very long the work of physicists in their understanding of reality.

If we have said that the space of the ∆-4 scale is actually pure motion, seen as distance by lack of detail, the space of galaxies, must be made of light, which we do see, but not with enough detail to perceive its motion, and so we also perceive ‘light-space’ as distance. This is our ‘space’ and accordingly the space we see has exactly the same 3 perpendicular, Euclidean components that light have because both are the same:

In the graph, we can see this straightforward. It is not a coincidence that the 3 elements of light, its magnetic, electric fields and its speed are perpendicular to each other as our ‘Euclidean space is’. This physicists do not really understand, because they just do quantification with maths, and as Feynman famously put it, ‘the why’ is the only thing physicists do not ask. Curiously enough philosophers did understand, so Kant said that our space-light is Euclidean, and Descartes said we see the ‘world’ of light with Euclidean coordinates in his book ‘the world’, and draw the Cartesian space-time graph of light space. And artists understood it, so the impressionists said they paint light when they paint space.  Again an important insight by using more than numbers to explain reality.

Next the equation with our geometric symbolism of this scale, will be also rather simple;

[O < ≈ > O]0±3

In simple terms, a ‘particle’ or ‘star’ or ‘galaxy’ with cyclical form O, produces a wave ≈ of light space, which another O-being will perceive and absorb. (Remember at this time we do see and all systems that emit light do perceive; your mind is nothing but a bunch of electrons perceiving light).

Remembers also that we have said the Universe has only 2 ultimate simple elements, O and – and its infinite Ø combinations, but it likes to iterate them, repeat them, mix them together, group them in huge numbers. So that equation can mean an extraordinary number of beings of different sizes. The most common interpretation when we enter in detail will be that of Physicists, which they call the fundamental equation of quantum physics:

O-Fermion particle < Boson Force > O-Fermion particle.

Where a fermion, electron or quark will emit a boson a gamma ray and another fermion will absorb it.

There are a few other varieties of ‘forces’ and ‘fermions’ but roughly speaking without entering in detail this ‘is it’. (Remember this blog has 3 ‘planes of explanation’ the upper line very general and encyclopedic, resumes the entire thing; so if  you read it you will have a generic vision of the whole reality but still a bit fogged, this second line of isomorphisms, gives you more detail and the 3rd line dedicated to each plane with very detailed references to scientific laws of each species, do connect fully with simplex sciences).

  • Now the second thing physicists do know but again interpret in too abstract ways, is the fact that the equation works both sides: the electron produces a boson – a photon of light that moves through a transversal wave that carries motion and form, and gets to another electron, where it collapses being absorbed by the electron into a dense photonic form, which becomes part of the nebulae of the electron.


Thus what happens here which they describe with mathematical artifacts called probabilities in quantum equations they do not know what they mean, is clear, if you are not ‘cuckoo’ about having weird interpretations of reality that make you sound very smart and reinforce your beliefs in an only-mathematical Universe. This i know will irritate physicists, people which as the adults of ‘le petit prince’ believe they know everything and don’t see the elephant in the hut. Well, Schrodinger who discovered all this, first told us that the electron is smeared all over the place. And it is. it is made of very dense boson light photons that collapse from ≈ state into O-state, and come together into the nebulae we see.

Now, when we observe them, with even bigger particles, the smeared electron, collapses further into a tighter ball, as it happens when any system of nature made of fractal points (anything is a fractal point, a number, a group of any set of beings), receives a massive interfering attack from outside. Flocks of birds, schools of fishes, armies spread on a battle field, collapse into tighter configurations when a predator eagle, a shark, an enemy come to attack them.

So the densely packed photons of the electron nebulae collapse, around the point where there is a maximal density at this moment of dense photons and become a particle point, when the killer electron of the microscope bombs it. Simple enough to explain in a perfectly intelligent manner, the weird things – not so weird if you believe in the isomorphism=equality of all systems of the universe – and have been a soldier, or have seen a school of fishes, a bird flock, a herd in the savanna, an at hill – that happen in quantum physics.

This is what it happens: nebulae of densely packed groups of photons, spread to form together ∑∆-1 photons = ∆-electrons gather around the denser point of the flock in the moment the observer’s electron bomb it, and so quantum physicists say that point is the most probable point to find the electron as a particle-point. And they are puzzled because they never detect the nebulae but a particle point, so they unable to grasp the vitality of the entire universe affirm that the nebulae is a mathematical reality made of probabilities of finding the electron. Yes, each point will have a probability according to its density, as the probability that a school, a flock, an army or an ant group gathers in a point is proportional to the density of that point prior to the attack, as it is the fastest way to become a ball, coming together where there are already a lot of points. Point.

So this is enough to know now about this plane and its equations.

Tƒ mention though that because light has information, form, it is no longer infinite in speed. It must have a limited speed, because now we see it so, O x – = Constant Øst does not need to be infinite. Further on, because what is happening here is that light ‘draws’ space-motion, as it has to draw a curve is slower. Indeed, the fastest distance between two points is a line, a wave is slower than a line, as it has a longer trajectory. So light has a limit of speed. It is called c-speed, and is huge but limited.

However, this distance-speeds of light once they abandon the galaxy, no longer are in the light-space realm so they start to elongate, becoming red waves, the ones with longer distance per wavelength, and hence they start to accelerate, which we see as an increase of space-distance, and so between galaxies space-distance grows at an accelerated rate as the light expands space, and this again physicists measure but don’t understand, it is the expansion of light space. We could say that light space dies into the gravitational strings it was made of. And so the immortal, infinite black holes and gravitational infinite distances of the Universe now warp into light which have a finite light-space speed and a finite time duration as it is born from a pure motion that warps into form and then spreads out again when abandoning the galaxy into pure motion again:

– > ≈ < –  and this is a life cycle. Notice now the 2 symbols we add here which are visual also: > which means something with more distance, collapses into a point, and this is the symbol of creation of form, of formation, of in-form-ation,  and on the other side < is the symbol of expansion of form into motion, or entropy.

And here again those to dynamic process of change in time, are ‘called appropriately the two arrow of time -> and <-, information and entropy. Physicists unfortunately only recognize one, the bad one, <- entropy expansive motions, which is the reason they say the Universe is dying. Because they only study the space between galaxies. It seems silly, very dumb, but physicists beyond manipulating equations and making machines to perceive reality are very dumb. Sorry that is ‘a fact’. Or rather very arrogant in their conclusions (which makes them be very dumb)

Fact is the whole Space-time, remember O x – =Øst is in perpetual balance.

So the expansion of accelerated light space between galaxies is compensated by the warping of light space into photons, then electrons and matter within galaxies, which is so evident looking at those galaxies corrugating light space into warping black holes, that one wonders how blind physicists can be?

They seem to see the only thing nobody sees, dark expanding space and they do not seem to see what all of us see, warping galaxies. And so:

∑ (O-galaxies < ≈–≈> O) is the equation for  the sum of all the galaxies emitting expansive light, ≈ which becomes gravitational faster distances, – between galaxies and then reenter another galaxy and collapses.

Easy. Now you can throw in to that model all the correct equations of quantum physics, relativity and cosmology and you will get the details. The whys are only in this blog.

Some clarifications on physical errors.

All this brings us to the almost impossible need to correct ‘physical concepts’ which truly deform in favor of action, motion and other fundamental traits of the worldly religion of physicists (to make weapons and of late machines that use energy to move) that have transpired to all sciences.

Consider for example, my lost battle to redefine and reduce the concept of energy to entropic, lineal motion transfers.

In physics, the fundamental concept is ‘energy’, which never changes. This is its fundamental law.

For long I have tried to ‘change’ that ‘enclose-∆- all saint grail concept’ of energy, and reduce it to a mere ‘transfer’ of lineal, spatial motion, and redefine the principle as ‘lineal energy motions constantly transform into cyclical informative motions back and forth’. But I realize this has only produced rejection from physicists that have the big issue of arrogance – that is, trying to explain everything else with the specific limits of material systems. So i am into the painful, long process of rewriting every time i put ‘energy’, and substitute it for ‘entropy’, the spatial, expansive arrow of motion. To physicists in that sense all is entropy and informative life processes are called ‘negantropy’, not information, the arrow they ignore.

So they do with the ‘Reprod-Active’ 3rd present arrow of repetitive åctions that combine energy, sorry entropy and information, and when repeated many times, reproduce a system. Entropy only physics, its biggest conceptual error though makes sense in external physical systems, where most changes are changes in motion in space. In this view, ‘energy’ which they basically define as a transfer of lineal motion through the formula of Work (that only takes the lineal direction in which the force is applied as the component of motion).

And there, they include also potential energy, stored in the form, or information of systems, from mass Sp=mc2, to position (in a gravitational field). Thus in physics ‘energy’ is really all, it is the existential force of the system, as it includes both its ‘kinetic energy’ (which is the concept i had failed to reduce energy to), but also ‘form’, vortices-clocks of accelerated time, charge and masses, which transform their form into ‘kinetic energy’.)

The reader of these texts therefore should forgive the author who calls ‘entropy’ energy, expansive lineal motion.

As physicists are the popes of science, we yield to them, and I will correct in the future all those terms of ‘energy’ and substitute them for entropy. And we will use the physical concept of ‘energy’ as existential force,  Max. Sp X Tƒ, of a system. Which is really what they mean when they say mass is a form of energy. In true ‘form’ is not, Mass is a vortex of information, the particle state of the cosmic Universe, and energy is its opposite variety.  So the reader should realize this minor error, and read ‘entropy’ when I say energy, a word I will try to eliminate.


We are an integration of space-time cyclical åctions performed across those o±4 planes of existence.

A Space-Time cycle of finite Duration, or life-death cycle is thus defined as:

O-1, ∑O-1>Si<ST>Tƒ<<So-2 if we are to use algebraic notation of the different partial equations of a world cycle.

If we define the function, W=∫∫∂ (æ,e,ï,œ,û) dtds=0, as the worldcycle or function of existence of a system between birth and extinction, this is the fundamental equation we seek to resolve for any being.

We need now to see how space-time fields, ‘lines with motion’, momentums, the commonest st manifold, either an Le (Long-energy-entropy), Tƒ, Tall Information and Wa, Wide-Reprod-active Wave bidimensional system with an spatial and temporal dimension.

Now the bidimensional ST systems follow the natural laws of topology, and are a bidimensional motion, perceived as a line of space with a speed that will define in an external field its ‘reproduction of information’ as it traces its motions in the external absolute space-time.

The simplicity of integrating a worldcycle path on those 3 bidimensional systems

Worldcycle, similar to a Hamiltonian

3 W = ∫ Le x Tƒ d(st) = ∑ a = 0

Any world cycle: W, thus will transit through the existential ±,∫ æ,e,ï,œ,û, åctions of the being with different increasing length of time and space.

The motions in ∂a, accelerated, decelerated and steady state caused by the perceptive åctions, ∂I, which have perceive external cycles and accumulated it in logic thoughts to enact them in the future, are directed towards a field of energy, from where to extract bits of existential momentum to deliver forceful impulse into the future.

All this mechanical åctions though have a clear goal> Energy is always transformed into potential forms of information. Which is the new principle of internal and external energy:

Sp = External Energy (kinetic energy), internal-external energy (internal energy of the external Universe: Potential Energy) + Internal energy (vital energy and cyclical information of the being)

Is a quantity which is conserved. Since it includes angular momentum, lineal momentum, we can perceive in this manner different conservation laws of physics.

Where the worldcycle function of relative present, ∑ or W, for width-summation, will be constantly used to represent the constant steady state balanced space-time function, made of åctions

in a wide analytic equation, would give us obviously a lot of information on the system. Enough to say now that the 3 variation space-time fields are simplified by the fact that almost always Length-entropy, height-information and width-reproduction follow this harmony simplification of bidimensional space-time fields.

There are though also other inverted functions, for example, an Lo dimension, which is a cycloid, a cyclical wheel which moves along a lineal path tracing an 8 Radius longer wave cycle, combination of both.

The body wave, reproductive Past x future, energy x information, system is thus the more complex, variable and interesting of all of them.

And we could consider its worldcycle between birth and extinction, form its first beat of existence to its last, the ‘present existence’ of a being. We are bodies, our heads in the future with information are invisible particles, our limbs absorb its energy and information from the external Universe with its hyperbolic openings, but the being is its body-wave, its reproductive organ for whom the being mostly exists.

Of the 5 åctions of existence, reproduction, the preservation of the relative present is the highest of all mandates.

In existential algebra we write:

Present (angular momentum: Mvr, in physical equations, or ‘action’) = Past (energy) x Future (information), whose operational functions, of which the Hamiltonian, Lagrangian are the most relevant of physics, try to combine this anti-symmetric equation (as both are inverse functions, hence Past / Future = Constant.

Now if we are calculating past x future, whereas Past = Constant Future, P = C x F.

And we would obtain:

  1. Present = Constant x Future x Future = C F2

A fundamental equation of all time Physics.

While for Past we can calculate:

Past = C F

And obviously Future = F

It is then interesting to observe that knowing the future, measuring the future space-time point (external or internal of a being) allow us to deduce the past, and relatively consider the Present, which will be more variable (as now the future has 2 possible solutions from the present point, as there are in fact 2 possible decisions to be made in the present. That is, the present can choose to increase any of its 2 components future information or past energy.

This always-dual solution to a point of space-time or first degree of freedom increases the external uncertainty on when the point of time, will make discontinuous its cycles of space-time action, switching to another different active integral path, that might even cancel the first.

Entities thus travel through a multiple Universe with different regions with different dimensions. How travel through such 5th dimensional fractal Universe filled with nested sub-universes of different symmetric past and present and future, Sp, A, O, dimensions of spacetime

The relationship between a bidimensional space field and a bidimensional time cycle, is also a 2-manifold.

However cutting each other with a single dimension of connection as they intersect in a creative wave-particle encounter, is fundamentally an A x Sp, Active magnitude x accelerating field of kinetic energy (perceived as its derivative speed by the active magnitude) : M x V – a momentum.

A second fundamental new element of cyclical time is the cyclical nature of the relative fractal past-present-future dimensions of space time, in world cycles which means that the future return to the past by means of the action of death.

Past x Future = Present-> Energy x Information -> wave-reproduction/momentum, is the kind of new quantized time equations that will be able to reveal an enormous numbers of facts and whys of science.

Now the study of that previous equation, which is the perception of the Universe, from a different time frame of reference, as if the past and the future co-exist together in the manufacturing of present, as it actually happiness in reality, creating an immortal Universe in a perpetual present is a high discipline of physics of time.

Since to exist through åctions that ensure the immortality of the system, by absorption and reproductive emission of energy and information is the fundamental purpose of time cycles.

Thus we shall elaborate its concept, as it is truly in the ‘åctions of space-time’ that all beings perform, where we shall find the whys of the Universe.

Thus the whys of reality are the active, biological purposes of most time cycles, performed by existential beings, whose geometric forms drawn in space are secondary to the ‘biological functional nature’ of those ‘space-time åctions’.

Since those cycles will be the 5 ‘drives of existence’ that ensure the entity:

– ∫o, perceptive, gauging, to move towards…

– ∂a: accelerated fields where

– ∂e, to feed in energy, and store it to.

≈i, reproduce and achieve immortality within

±∫u: a social stronger group.

And those topo-biological whys, performed by all kind of systems, including physical systems to ensure mechanically or vegetative its survival.The sum of all the planes of increasing information of parts that become wholes, of knots of space-time cycles that are joined by networks into systems and super organisms IS the arrow of SCALAR SPACE-TIME, or relative 5th dimension (if we consider the 4 classic ones of physics though as we shall see this is a simplistic confusing nomenklatura, better substituted by the ternary symmetries between space topology, S, time age, T, and space-time scale, ∆ which is a future time arrow ∑∆>∆+1, of eusocial evolution, of potential forms, which might or might not happen but if happening will have certain non-Æ forms that are set as the most efficient survival forms of a given ternary topology of existence.

So a being will be the sum of all the planes and super organisms, floating and occupying a limited domain of that dimension, as its internal knots trace its world cycles, sum of fractal quantum motions, or ‘∆-1 actions’ of the being in its internal space, as they transfer energy and information from the outer, ∆+1 world:


Whereas a being, ∆, is the sum of exchanges of energy and information between its outer world, ∆+1, and its inner world, ∑∆-1, which is what beings do through its existence: absorb and emit energy and information between its inner world and outer world.

In this experience the being will show 2 selfish arrows of accumulation of energy and information in its internal territories and at the same time trying to minimise its output of both:

Max. Spe x Tiƒ

Yet the mind, Œ≈Ø, function (in timeT: Œ and space: Ø), of the being while trying to maximise its body energy and mind information it might exchange in unfavourable conditions with larger stronger wholes, and by the simple reason that wholes are more than Is in space-time size and volume, finally loose the game of existence and loose its capacity to regenerate its energy, collapsing into death.

Min. Spe x Tiƒ: Max. Spe x O Tiƒ=Death equation.

Thus an existential cycle ends with the fall back into dissolution of the being that existed and that ultimate reality: that all existences in time are closed zero point travels between 3 planes of the 5th dimension, resumes all reality:


Life death cycle: its 3 ages is a trip across 3 co-invariant scales of the 5th dimension

So we talk of a 5th dimension, which orders reality according to its growing sizes, and paradoxically, slower time motions. As we grow in space we diminish in speed, and yet both properties put together are invariant:

Λ. 5D metric:   Sp x Tƒ =Constant;   Sp= K/Tƒ ;   Sp (Past-energy) < Present-iteration: Sp x Tƒ>Tƒ future information;

|-Sp (energy age, field, gas, youth) > Sp x Ti (liquid, adult, wave, reproductive age)>Tƒ (3rd age, particle solid) <<Sp (death).

All systems do travel through the 5th dimension performing 3 basic motions:

  • Present translations performing time actions in space, along the same Universal plane.
  •  Past, transfer of energy and information upwards towards higher social scales.
  • And transfers of energy and information downwards.

Those 3 motions, performed in infinitesimal, indivisible cycles made of tics of time and quanta of energetic space form together a sequential world cycle of life and death – as the point is a super organism in existential mode.

And so the integration of all those motions through the world cycle, Ω, of the whole system, in a life-death duration. Yet the same structures considered in space, gave us a ternary form, or super organism, made of energetic, reproductive and informative parts. And so departing from a single Œ point, through its existential travels and synchronicities, we can tell the tale of the Universe: the creation and extinction of wholes from parts, which perform space-time actions, which are motions that exchange energy and information through the 5th dimension.

And so the motions of each point of each scale can all be traced and included in a larger frame of reference of multiple space-time symmetries.

It is though needed to understand how the arrows o information and energy emerge and download between the fractal planes of the 5th dimension. Hence we need a 3rd symmetry to fully grasp the behaviour of the species of the Universe.



Infinite beings: Whole and parts principle.

In that regard, we must understand what we mean by an organic system – we are not yet talking of a living system, but a system in which there are at least 3 co-existing scales of different space-time size, the ∆-1: atomic/cellular, the ∆-organic/thermodynamic, and ∆+1: gravitational-ecosystem scales of the system, which will then gather around at least 2 energy and information networks, which messed together create a symbiotic organic system, with different degrees of organisation, from the simplest herd to the more complex super organism. And it is this natural tendency of all systems to self-organise, regardless of its physical, biological or social nature, what are at the basis of most phenomena of nature, which cannot be described without 5D metric:


In the graph the space-time planes of the Universe, ∆±i (n in this old graph), which according to scale structure the 5th dimension in parts that become wholes, and since wholes come after parts, which must exist to sustain them, we talk of a temporal absolute arrow of future, regarding its ∆ scales, such as ∆-1 will always be the relative past of ∆.

To notice that all what it is needed to have a co-existing organic structure is to have a series of ‘fractal Non-euclidean points’, the formal meaning of any ‘entity’ of the Universe, which gathers in groups around 2 networks of larger size, (∆-systems), that will provide energy and information from a larger ∆+1 world to all its ∆-1 cells/atoms/citizens/machines; creating thus the simplest possible organic system: a herd. On that view what we call a human being is just the most evolved of such super organisms (in as much as each scale is made of smaller quanta), known to us, whose study therefore becomes far more important in systems sciences, as all scales are relative but we have much more information on our biological scales to fully research the laws between them; which will apply to all other sciences and species.

The super organism – the ultimate meaning of the game of existence.

There are 2 forms to describe reality – the physicists’ way, which merely ‘sees’ the Universe, quantifies it and cares little for qualitative and relational meanings. In this view, what matters is to find some ‘fundamental particle, which should have substance and be the ‘brick’ of which all other beings are made. Even if that particle were found though, there would be little to say about the why questions of reality, the temporal causal questions, the past to future meanings of it all? Why we exist? why we are what we are? Are we alone and different? What is the purpose of it all?

Relational space-time and the game of existence all space-time beings of finite duration and finite space follow, is much deeper in its analysis, as it is a time theory not a space one. So it simply states this:

‘ The Universe is a game that creates super-organisms of ∆±1 space and time scales’.

Simple, and both mathematical and conceptual. The meaning of reality is to create super organisms across 3 relative scales of space-time, the best combinations of which, known to man are biological systems (extending through a ∆-1 cellular, ∆-organic and ∆+1, social ecosystemic scales) and physical systems (extending through the quantum, electromagnetic, ∆-1, thermodynamic, i and cosmic, gravitational ∆+1 scales); the one we form part of, the super organism of History is the less understood of them all. But all have a set of common isomorphic laws, which define their existence, structure in space, time ages and place it within the scales of the 5th dimension.

So we can say that the fundamental particle of the Universe is a ±∆ super organism, which extends within the U±∞ scales of reality in 3 of such scales, which co-exist tightly related to each other to form a super organism of space-time ‘Œ±1 points’.

U± infinite, this is the potential of the game and Œ,Æ, i-logic mathematics the language that shows all those potentials as a mere logic shape of information, a still mapping of the Universal game.

But in most cases the system is just U±∆, a super organism. This is the logic game the Universe plays, the construction of Universals from infinitesimals. Then all the other games are details of this one. Thus we should consider the queen of all sciences biology, and the fundamental particle of the Universe once we have all the information about a region’s domain of vital space and cyclical times, the super organism.

Though the specific combinations of energy or information of each species – defined by its ‘vital’ or physical, Universal Constants (energy/information ratios) – might vary, the space-time structures and cycles of all those social organisms will be self-similar: All entities are ‘cellular societies’ organized through energy and information networks that bring about processes of social evolution. In all species studied by science a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single social form.

Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of human workers and consumers that reproduce and test machines, guided by financial networks of information (salaries, prices, costs); galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells, controlled by the nervous, informative system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches and roots connected by a network of energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles). Cultures are made of humans related by verbal, informative laws and economic networks that provide their energy.

Sciences study those organic systems, tied up by networks of energy and information. In the graph, we see the main st-planes studied by human sciences and their 4 main time arrows, S E<=>I, which in static space give birth to the ‘organic elements’ of all species: social cell of energy and information and the reproductive networks that relate them. Thus, there are 4 basic elements in all organic systems:

1.  Cellular units.

2.  Networks of energy or vital space.

3.  Networks of fractal information.

4. Networks that reproduce energy and information.

All entities are generated by reproductions and transformations of energy and informative cycles (ΣS<=>Ti), organized in cellular units, through networks, and ±st Planes of self-similar forms. Yet, since those cellular units st-1 are made of smaller st-2 cells, which show the same structure, we can define any organic system as a super-organism (made of smaller, self-similar super-organisms):

‘A super-organism is a group of cellular super-organisms joined by energetic, informative and reproductive networks.’

Thus we unify the properties of Universal Systems and the sciences that study them under a single template definition, according to which simple systems and complex organisms will differ only in the degree of ‘completeness’ of its networks and the specific energy or information they are made of:

‘A super-organism is a network composed of a population of (name a particular cell or cycle), related by an energetic, reproductive or informative arrows.

A fractal organism (name an organism) is a population of iterative (name a cellular species), related by informative (name a language or informative force) and energy networks (name a kind of energy), which combine into a reproductive network that iterates the organism.

A universal ecosystem (name a specific ecosystem) is a population of several (name the species), related by informative languages (name their languages or informative forces) and energy networks (name the energies).

Fill the gaps with a specific species, language/force and energy and you can define any network-organism in the Universe. While if the system is composed of several species that occupy the same space but have different networks of energy and languages of information, we talk of an ecosystem: – An atomic organism is a population of (electronic) energy and (nucleonic) information, related by networks of (gravitational) information and (light) energy.

– A molecular organism is a population of atoms, related by networks of gravitational energy and networks of electromagnetic information (orbitals, London, Waals forces).

– A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

– A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

– An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey).

– A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by networks of verbal information and networks of carbon-life energy.

– An economic ecosystem is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) and energetic networks (roads, electric networks, etc.).

An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and include 2 different species: human beings and machines.

– A galaxy is a population of light stars and gravitational black holes, related by networks of gravitational information and electromagnetic energy.

-A Universe is a population of galaxies joined by networks of dark matter and energy.

We establish thereafter a parameter of multiple space-time scales of growing volume of information, st=i, to classify all those relative scales of spatial energy and temporal information of the Universe, starting by the simplest scales, st=0 (mathematical cycles and lines), st=1 (Gravitational space), st=2 (electromagnetic space), st=3 (atomic particles) and so on, till reaching the most complex, macro-structures of the Universe (st=9, galaxies).

Creation of social scales:  each whole is a unit-part of the next scale.

Complex, social evolution helps most species to survive, especially when they reproduce in great numbers, creating a ‘new scale of reality’, self-organizing themselves with a language of information all those cellular particles share. And we measure this fact with a scalar, fractal index of new scales of existential functions, i. Normally all systems must be defined at least in 3-4 scales:

– The lower, i-2 (bits of information) and i-1 (bites of energy) scales defined with mathematical/genetic/memetic languages, depending of which systems we analyze in its details – a biological, sociological or physical system. We perceive this scale as bits of an informative language – which gives us a synoptic minimal information of the properties of the entity. As the i-1, i-2 levels, as it is far removed from us in size and so we introduce uncertainties and loose information.

Then it comes an i scale, of our size, where information is maximal. So we observe more information explained in a complex manner. Thus in the i-scale we deal with chemical molecules in physical systems, living cells in biological systems, humans in history and corporations in economics, using topological, organic, psychological or econometric methods to define their actions.

–     Finally in the i+1 scale we perceive ‘states of matter’ that define masses of molecules of energetic (gas), creative/reproductive (liquid) or solid/informative nature; we perceive organs and organisms made of cells and we perceive civilization and markets.Cells and emergent scales.

Most beings are made of self-similar i-1 cells, particles or social individuals, which put together by networks become an i-organism, unit of a higher social i+1-scale.

One of the fundamental properties of such structures is emergence. The properties of the simplest system emerge in the more complex. This means the geometrical properties of space-time are shared by all the new scales. The electromagnetic properties of quantum numbers are shared by all atomic species. The biochemistry of cellular life by higher organisms, and the individual behavior of human beings transcend into the socio-cultural behavior of social super-organisms; and our forms and vital functions are also expressed in the world of memes of metal we construct.

Wholes are made of smaller parts. Both interact and influence each other. Yet chirality and entropy between scales means wholes control parts: the key law of those interactions between the cellular and network scale is simple: energy flows from lower i-scales into bigger i+1 scales and information flows from bigger to lower scales. And this paradoxically tends to cause a topic error in all sciences. Since all energy has information and vice versa, but energy bites are more ‘evident’, than smaller, coiled, often invisible or incomprehensible flows of information, scientists tend to overlook this duality or look at those interactions only in the path from the lower scale to the larger one. For example biologists tend to think that the whole structural information of life beings is stored in its smallish scalar parts, genes. They think the whole, external ambient and organic scales do not influence the genetic parts. This is most likely false, as there should be ‘bigger scales that code information’ in ‘longer genetic codes’ and introns.

There are morphological shapes, caused by the emergent properties of simple space-time (so all organisms follow the diffeomorphic dimensions of space-time with information on top, etc.) There is speciation based in the duality of energy and information systems. There should be imprinting of neuronal networks by the mother’s emotional networks in the 3rd ‘informative’ phase of development of the fetus. There might even exist a Lamarckian response to external, ecosystemic adaptation to increase the random chances of mutation towards one of those ‘natural directions’ of morphology, as processes of punctuary evolution seem to indicate.

The same error happens among physicists, which are obsessed by entropy only theories (black hole evaporation, negation of the arrow of reproductive, fractal information, which Mehaute proved to happen always, when entropy no longer acts), etc. This is obvious in their obsession for heat solutions and the stubborn denial of the duality of all processes that can be done in ‘Max. E’, energetic, hot ambient and Max. I, informative cold ones – such as the fusion process.

Finally in social sciences, we build social models that stress the individual and not systems and superstructures. Yet it is a fact that networks, the whole, always influence its parts. So many sciences must be completed with the study of that influence from ‘upper scales’ into cellular ones.

Organic Networks.

All those morphological differentiations and social elements can be resumed in a word: organic networks. Social individual systems acquire network forms, shaping forms related to energy or information, or combine them both. And so we find also in all systems a ternary differentiation between cells that become energetic, reproductive or informative networks.

We classify all space forms and time events in 3 topologies that put together in social networks, create organic systems guided by 4 time arrows: energy feeding, information gauging, reproduction and social evolution. Those 4 categories are the so-called drives of living beings. Thus, there is a ‘Universal Plan’ with an existential finality: to create organic systems, departing from energy bites and information bytes evolved 1st into social networks, then into complementary systems and finally into organisms: particles become atoms that become molecules that become cells, organisms, planets, galaxies and Universes. It is the 4th organic why that completes the adventure of science and this work explores in all its consequences.

Complementary systems are not ‘point-particles’ but cellular or atomic systems, made of networks of bits or bites of information and energy. Those networks are able to modify its distances and forms changing its topology and for that reason the Universe is dynamic in its transformations.

Because networks are flexible webs of points that can adopt different topologies by modifying the distribution of those points, networks evolve and switch between the 3 topologies of existence, hence creating a complex universe of constant transformations between the 3 functions-forms of the Universe. Thus all networks = organisms often have two ‘sub-forms’ or states, the coiled, informative, radial or spherical state and the uncoiled, bilateral, anteroposterior, lineal form.

The first state is the informative state and the second the energetic state of motion; as systems are always dynamic flows and transformations between two poles of Energy and form joined by a body of cyclical exchanges between the concave and convex |-O E-I poles.

Thus the answer to the whys of the Universe can be resumed in a word ‘networks’ that defines the multiple realities we see around us:

‘All what exists are organic, fractal systems, made of self-reproductive, complementary, social, topological networks of energy (bodies and fields) and information (heads and particles)’:∑Se<X>∏Ti

Thus the why of reality is the creation of social networks that become complementary super organisms.

Complex and Simplex arrows: internal networks and external forces.

In essence organisms have internal parts, attached to ‘external apertures’ called senses that perceive two basic external forces of information and energy, elaborated and distributed to all cells by internal networks. When those external sources of energy and information saturate those internal networks the complex arrows enter in ‘action’. So the excess of energy is imprinted by the excess of information, exi,  reproducing a self-similar organism or it is shared with similar individuals, creating ‘bondage’ in herds or complex organisms.

Thus external forces and actions of perception and feeding are fast in time and extend in a wide spatial range, to the point of creating a ‘continuous’ perceptive experience. While the complex arrows are of long duration in time, requiring little space and long time to re=produce its actions.

This is expressed in a law of inverse spatial range and time duration:

i-3 Informative pixels (Max. E x Min.i) = i-2 energy bites (ExI) = i-1 reproductive seed (min. e x Max. i)

This is the case of the forces that ‘express’ those arrows in atoms. Where the external forces of information and energy (gravitational and electromagnetic forces) have a wide range and the internal forces of reproduction and social evolution (strong and weak forces) have little spatial range, specially the weak force which is a ‘Temporal transformation’, not a spatial ‘force’, as it transforms particles in time, evolving them without motion in space.

Thus the Strong and Weak force are the complex ‘inner’ forces of the atom, which play the same role than the complex, inner networks of energy and information (blood and nervous system) of a biological organism.

They describe reproductive and evolving processes. For example weak forces are the equivalent to other evolving processes like the chrysalis of an insect or the resting moment of pregnancy.

Both type of forces/actions are easy to spot. Since time and space are opposite in properties and so time processes tend to be ternary (with 3 dimensions states, a first more energetic, the reproductive middle event and the final informative one), and last longer in time (the weak force has a time related constant) and hardly have any range in space, but need quiet, small, secluded places (in species this cause allopatric evolution).


– From 1 comes 2: The Universe of space-time is the ultimate simplification of a world made of multiple actions of spatial energy and temporal information, performed by an infinite tapestry of complementary systems composed of both ‘formal motions’.

– From 2 comes 4: There are 4 actions of energy and time, each one with an internal and external, negative or positive direction:  The simplex actions of energy (external motion and internal feeding). The simplex actions of time (external cyclical motion, and internal perception).  And their 2 complex combinations: exi, or external ‘actions’ and internal reproductions’ and ∑exi, the fractal, social repetition of those actions, which creates external herds that feed on energy along an external network or super-organisms structured with inner networks that deliver energy and information to all its cells.

– All systems of the Universe are defined as ‘knots’ of those 4 type of actions, which are cyclical and discontinuous, as each being switches between them, trying to survive by feeding (E), perceiving (I), reproducing (ExI0 and evolving socially ∑exi. We define the central point of those knots as a P.O.V. or fractal Non-Euclidean point, the ‘aperceptive’ engine that orders the Universe. And there are infinite of them.

– The outcome of this structure is a fractal Universe, in which knots of cyclical actions become herds and super organisms, in which the ‘informative network’ emerges again as a knot that controls the actions of the herd, packing it tightly as a new ‘cell-point’ of a new ‘fractal’ scale of the Universe.


In the graph, the development of the cycles of temporal existence, can be followed through the 3 ages or states of maximal points of its function: ∑Max.Exi. In logic terms, all species try to maximize their function of existence, ordering their life cycles in a ‘rational’ manner, through those ages and states. Actions become then strategies of survival and renewal.

There is always a Particle (Physical Jargon), Point of View (Logical Jargon), Brain (biological jargon), Non-Euclidean, Fractal point (Mathematical jargon) or ‘soul’ (mystique, existential jargon) that ‘integrates’ the incoming flows of energy and information of the system thanks to its control of a common language, used for the system to code information (geometry in physics, electronic images in biological systems, verbal thought in sociological systems, digital languages in economic systems). What is the will or goal of those points of view?: To maximize its four survival actions.

And we can formalize these combined actions with the generator equation, as each of its 4 terms means one of those actions: E=energy feeding, I=information processing, ó or X, Reproduction and ∑, social evolution.

Thus to maximize the function of existence of its system becomes the Universal mandate of any entity: Max. e x Max. I, which is achieved when E=I (mathematical rule: 5×5>9×1) and ∑->infinite.

Thus, when a system grows in balance between its energy and information and multiplies its quanta, it increases its ‘existential force’ (GST Jargon), top predator force (biological jargon) or Momentum (Physical jargon).

The mandate of existence means that all p.o.v.s will try to perceive and absorb energy till they have enough to reproduce themselves, and then, they will be ‘forced’ to evolve socially in a dense environment of self-similar cells to survive.

∑: The Bosonic point and the zero mind. Max. information and beauty, E=I

We can consider also ‘partial maxima of the function of existence.

For example, if we are to consider informative systems alone, the creation of a bosonic, zero point in which an infinite number of self-similar, ∑-forms converge is another path to maximize the function of existence.

As the bosonic point maximizes its information and informative ∑-quanta.

In the scale of informative particles all physical particles can be bosons in the proper conditions, becoming undistinguishable. The result is the formation of a single, new whole, a condensed plane of existence to which each bosonic particle gives part of its existential momentum, which emerges creating a new fractal form, combination of the topological points fusioned into the new form: The median of each S=T values for each individual field of energy and information create together a new topology that looks like a single one, as it has become either a toroid, sphere or hyperbolic new whole. So orbitals become a molecular pi-orbital that envelops the now indistinguishable ones, and our cells become part of a new whole, which emerges into a new scale, as an individual organism and so on.

The system’s integration happens in all kind of forms, from neuronal integration to cpus and gravitational fields of multiple bodies.

Perception is in fact a bosonic process: An internal zero point once formed trans/forms from its p.o.v. the forces of energy that pass through it, creating a pixelled image to perceive.

If we were to consider from a philosophical point of view that fractal mind, made of i-2 pixels that converge in stillness in the zero point, perception of ‘classic beauty’, defined by an obvious equation of harmony and balance E=I, maximizes our existence.

Herds of undistinguishable bosons are also essential in the creation of membranes. They are also essential in parallel flows of bits and bites of information and energy transiting within or between planes of existence in the toroid forms. Thus the creation of bosonic wholes from individual herds is key in the 3 type of networks that assembly together in functions of existence, E<=>I.

The will of the Universe. Sensation of beauty, pleasure, greed & love.

Each of the maximal points of the function of existence is reinforced by a positive sensation. Beauty of information; ‘greed’ for energy, and ‘sex’, which reproduces in an e=I state our forms of existence. Hence all systems reach the maximal will/pleasure/ desire at the moment of orgasm.

In other words, the Universe is an infinite game of orgasms (-: Reproduction is the game, achieved by growing in energy and information, and reproducing the system in new quanta that will evolve socially into new macro-organisms, units of the higher plane of existence.

And this brings the 4th ‘desired’ sensation – love, the desire to evolve socially with complementary beings (e=I, gender definition, where women are cyclical, max. informative beings, and male, lineal, max. Energy beings).

The conclusion is obvious: in human beings and probably in all ‘complementary fields of existence’, the program reinforces itself through 4 desired sensations: to perceive beauty, to feed on energy, to reproduce and to love socially. So the ultimate will of the Universe is spiritual, as all is motion and motion is due to the achievement of a cycle of existence, driven by a sensation.

And those sensations can be easily written as partial equations of the Generator: beauty (Max. I, i=e), happiness (Max. E, i=e), sexual pleasure (Max. ExI) and love (Max. ∑), which might be the ultimate will and sensations that resume the universal mandate.

The duality of eusocial parallel love vs. Darwinian, destructive hunting.

Of the many sub-laws derived from the mandate of existence, the duality of predator vs. loving behavior is paramount to explain multiple events of reality: All systems of the universe display a dual behavior: they prey on different systems to absorb energy and information for their bodies and minds and they evolve eusocially with members of the same species to reproduce and become bigger, more complex eusocial super organisms, sharing energy and information through common networks that create a new whole made of cellular parts.

It is the duality of the arrows of love and hate. Yet the arrow of love is a better strategy as it is the arrow of creation that the arrow of death and hate. Since the 4 actions and sensations that create the will of the Universe and evolve its 5th dimension form a Maslow pyramid of preferences: I->E->Exi->∑Exi: perception-greed-pleasure-love.

So we can describe the social evolution of the universe under the arrow of love, as a whole whose parts are all made to its image and likeness guided by the laws of all cellular systems who strive to survive by evolving eusocially to become a cellular part of that whole.

According to emergence, the mandate of existence and its fundamental sub-laws, must express itself as a fundamental law of all systems, in all the scales of the Universe.

For example, the duality expresses itself geometrically in the first scale as perpendicularity (Darwinian behavior, in which one form penetrates the other, destroying it) or communicative parallelism (which enhances the arrow of social love, as flows of information invisible to third observer, are shared at equal distances).

Two self-similar beings, which share energy and information along a small gap between them leads in fact to ‘fusion love’ – reproduction – in which parallelism occurs in two scales, the macrocosmic and cellular lower scale of existence. Reproduction across two planes of existence happens in fact in all systems:

From electrons that merge in spin/anti-spin genders till the last human being, sexuality is essential to reproduce a certain ‘function of existence’.

The why of existence, thus is the constant creation of cycles of life and wills and knots of time that want to order, committing actions that maximize its function of existence. And its highest will is love, which requires to fly further with your own will and empathize with the will of all knots of time cycles of the Universe.

While in the field of perception you want perceive, what you understand as beauty – a balance of energy and information. So goes for your actions, which are balanced, as you switch between them, perceiving forms and feeding on energies, and having sex, and loving…




‘To be or not to be that is the question‘  WS


ðº ∃xi∂st or not ðº -∃xi∂st,­ that is the ∃quætion   LS (:

‘Do not confuse motion (S) with Action (SxT).’ 

Hemingway, MEANING, action is not only ‘disordered entropic heat’ but motion with ‘form’ and MEANING≈purpose; something our demonstrator activists & entropic athletes often forget.

‘The function of ∃xist¡ence combines yin-formation and yang-entropy  to create the ³10 waves of qi: energy beings’

Lao Tse, translation of taoism to modern GST

The algorithm of creation is a very simple program by which all monad singularity that are sink of entropic/energetic/informative flows that sink into the monad will be able to perform in order to reproduce itself and radiate in an infecting manner over its world ∆+1 environment, kicking in the program of existential, survival, biological, darwinian but also social, evolving actions in which the universe performs itself as a sum of infinite individual selfish monads organised around its territories of orders its actions ‘generate’: ∑Γœ.

The dimensions of the being perceived in time are then the actions of the being as a monad performing its algorithm of survival and creation of new SuperorganiSms.

IT will consist in a serie of discontinuous actions≈exchanges of energy and information (accelerations, e-nergy feedings, information, reproduction and social evolution into Universals) of time-space caused by the monad following its program of existence, ∆i-≥ ∆a-≥∆≥∆œ, to reproduce and continue as a being in new generations.

The being exists causally primary because it is a fractal point, •, a vortex of time that perceives by accelerating the influx of in-form-ation, forms in action its central singularity:

This vortex of time thus constantly pulls inwards towards its zero-mind singularity energy, entropy and form of microscopic ∆-i pixels, which as smaller as they can reach, will imply paradoxically a larger territory of order created by the actions of the monad:

It is then when a purely subjective fractal view of the existence of the monad through its actions of ordering perceiving feeding and reproducing, vital actions of an organism, can be assessed.

The fractal sum of dimensional actions of  3/5 D, brings the three dimensional universe.

It is the most telling explanation in detail as the dimensions of the monad will then be the sum of all its fractal actions, each one with less than a 1 dimensionality, all of them, five actions, together however forming a whole.

Dimensions of time are discontinuous events=actions ≈arrows of time that are played by monads in discontinuous actions enabling the complex 5Dimensional ‘time-action-oriented’ program of existence. The five discontinuous time-space cycles or actions that all systems perform, become then the kaleidoscopic new vision of the five dimensions of time from another mind-monad perspective to grasp the whole synchronicity and simultaneity of it all.

As the sum of all the discontinuous five actions of all the monads of the Universe is also a program in itself that encodes all the relevant information of reality from the ‘active’, ab. å, @, point of view.

Actions as discontinuous fractal D(å)<1 dimensions of ðime§pace is an essential formal fact of reality. As we go on accelerating, energising, informing, and reproducing into new supœrganisms or socially evolving into Universals, the sum of the time-space spent in each of those actions will discontinuously amount during the finite duration of the being for a total 1-dimensional fractal sum, such as we can the portrait reality as an infinite tapestry of sum of fluid actions which happen from an ∆º±4 domain due to the ∆º actions of the being exchanging motion (å±4), energy (å±2), information (å±3), reproducing (å±1) and evolving socially, (å+)…

we must then continuously distinguish the simplex actions of accelerated motions, energetic feeding and informative perception, a, e, i from the complex actions that involve true travels of the being in the fifth dimension (not of the beings around itself which the feeding, informing, moving system performs), which are the offspring reproduction and Universals social evolution (œ, û, in mnemonic terms, or simply, R§, reproduction and Social Scalar evolution).

∆<i: SIMPLEX ACTIONS: æ-cceleration, ø:entropy feeding, informative communication.

Whereas the being DOES not travel/change through the fifth dimension but ab=uses smaller, ∆-1 bites of energy ∆-2 bits of information and ∆-3 quanta of motion to perform its actions.

∆±1… Complex actions, R§: Reproduction and social evolution of clone beings into wholes.

Where the being relates to equal or larger systems in its process of reproduction in identical clones and social evolution with clones into larger wholes and as such it is the being the one that enslaves and it is ab=used by the larger system or the younger, longer-lasting new generation.

The being in its constant balanced existence between larger and smaller, faster and slower, younger and older, forward and backward arrows, actions and tendencies of ∆st thus exist as the sum of those ‘fractal dimensional actions in time’, which in its sum will give ‘a tail’ f continuous past-spatial, formed, ‘whole’.

IT is then a hypothesis of work that the sums of all the fractal dimensions of time-actions equals the sum of the continuous dimensions of past-space: ∑Då=∑DS.

As the discontinuous cyclical dimensions=actions=arrows=events of time of the modular • being continue, the web of its discontinuous dimensions will become a mess, which has a point of origin, alpha and omega the • monad itself…

 Now the value of the dimensions of the actions of entropy, energy and information, reproduction and social evolution of the being vary and its calculus in mere quantitative terms is a science in itself. We are though more interested in the quality and nature of those dimensions in terms of its provoked flows of s-entropy, st-iteration and t-information
As the perceiver first attracts all those arrows of microscopic beings, converging into its focus.
But then it will select, transform and ab=use those arrows absorbed, unchaining a series of sequential events, which mostly will consist on the monad diverting some of the information coming as entropy of a flow of motion, which will direct the ‘evil monad’ (: towards a field of infantile little points of similar form, to be used as feeding energy, for the monad to reform in a burst of evil selfishness its territory to the image and likeness of its master, the monad exists as a selfish being. And as it goes through the worldcycle the monad of pretentious order will be and exi±∆st maximising its exchanges of energy and information with the outer world.

As the being acts in a modular way,it builds a social network of synchronicities, and emerges into larger wholes, which maintain the symbiosis of its order through the dynamical feed-backbondage it establishes with all other beings, in the building of non-Euclidean networks through the five postulates which reflect formally the nature of those communicative and social networks, that create first waves and then topological planes:

In the graph, the mind of the fifth non-e postulate feeds on entropic and informative flows that transverse it as the elliptic focus of a non-euclidean geometry in which it is the polar sink But the mind is not a leibnizian monad, but communicates through its axis of expression, which tend to be bidimensional holes in its π-3 membrane, to be able to form networks, and so the events of the Universe become more complex as the communication between membranes (second postulate) becomes regulated by a logic postulate, the third postulate of relative similarity and complementarity, such as systems whose topology is complementary form bondages, so do identical systems in social bondages, but systems who have different codes of information tend to use each other as entropy and energy feeding and submitting each other to darwinian behaviour.

The ethic postulate is thus essential to the organic, sentient, perceptive causal sequential structure of the Universe, and forms with the fifth postulate – definition of the mind – the basis for a causal, why-geometry of existence, able to explain all its events and actions as born of the ethic postulate of relative perception of equality – a perception defined by the topological structure of the monad accruing to its ternary forms, hyperbolic, elliptic or planar shape.

The postulates of non-e are thus also logic and i-logic in the sense that they show in the third (similarity) and fifth (monad), a logic sentient nature that implies communication of languages perceive in themselves  languages/forms-in-action have sensations attached to them as to be able to process information in a meaningful sensorial way. But the linguistic sentient nature of the Universe is a philosophical question.

The praxis that matters is the fact that all systems can be CONSIDERED IN ALL ITS EVENTS CAUSED BY A MONAD. All events will then be originated ultimately in the action of a more often wholeness/larger monad, in which the being will be performed within a network a submissive action. We can then always start our analysis seeking the cause of the action, event or being we observe, which would have been born in a seed that started with a reproductive action – the beginning of its worldcycle, soon to be≈come a series of actions in itself.

As the actions of the being build those super organisms then the subconscious intelligence of time magically will shape a ‘derive’ towards more information, which is the consequence of the discontinuous sum of those actions, which are mostly tending, as focused by the monad in the increase of information.

If systems WERE ABLE in that sense to let the monad kill/die/clean its form and rejuvenate by performing perhaps in all its scales more entropic actions of self-destruction it could be possible to make the monad immortal.

Immortality though is the inverse unnatural arrow of the monad’s existence in its constant ‘stiff-ness’ of existence as it converts lineal motions of space into time-information of growing frequency: S>ti>ƒƒ…

This arrow of informative stillness that is the ultimate reason why systems become stiff forms, and finally die in a third age in which time stops totally in the zero-point of the monad, and the whole system freezes (as the monad has somehow obturate its capacity to entropically die and rejuvenate in small doses, in a fully reversible process).

So entropy sets in after the long time of informative stillness, when time dilates as stillness sets in. Now suddenly time disentangle in an explosive impressive impetu-acceleration on the point of death, and explodes literally in an erasing frenzy, which is the death point, in which a tremendous discontinuous jump from zero motion to infinite speed happens in the most discontinuous of all jumps of reality when O (monad) x ∞ (universe)  reverses for an instant into ∞ (monad dying exploding dissolving into the Universe) x O (monad’s information completely erased).

Indeed, from the zero to the vertical motion into infinity the monad can only in this trick of topology – the axis of infinity – be both zero in the motion of lateral thought, infinite in the motions rising up and down in the scales of time of the fifth dimension.

As such the monad can keep its zero state while moving at infinite co-existing instantaneous speed between the magic co-existing scales as they are for the monad time-webbed in different past and futures which the monad co-perceives in present time.

The monad as instantaneous traveller in time due to the boring of the fifth dimension through its invagination of network systems, that communicate its parts with the different regions of time-space, introduces questions, which are difficult to grasp for the human mind, as instantaneous speed, co-existence of past to future tails of time (the different scales the monads transit) and travels to the local past. So we shall leave it here at this introductory level.

In the graph the black hole monad with its axis of infinity where time goes to zero to accelerate suddenly in a jet of blue z>c dark entropy that connects the galaxy with other ‘gala cells’ of the Universe. The different perception in time and inverse perpendicular space of the regions of a super organism explains in differing time ages its functions and forms.

The function and arrows of existence: Æ,œ,ï,ø,û.

To be in the larger picture is to be part of a super organism in which the ∆-1 being (i-1)  performs smaller tasks; to be an individual which performs the 6 motions of a world cycle of existence as it goes through its world cycle, and to be the ‘God’, ∆+1 whole of a smaller myridad of beings that make up the system. This 3rd function however is modulated by the ‘subconscious ego’ of the system, its inner networks, and so does not affect to what we call generically existence, ‘self-centred’ in the being and its ∆+1 whole.

If we define the being by its highest informative language-head or particle ab. i, all i-beings of a given i-scale of the 5th dimension will become a fractal point around which a territory and a series of social flows of communication will establish a wave of existence, Max. ExI (s-t), the function of existence thus will be displayed by the fractal point, which will enact symmetries across the scales of the 5th dimension, seeking more energy for its body moves and reproductions, more information for its mind games of perception and love.

What is the purpose of the fractal game? To preserve by repetition of present balanced space-time actions, the super organism in an immortal state. To exist the being absorbs and emits energy and information, ±∆E x I.

In the graph actions of energy’s and information’s absorption and emission (-∆æ: acceleration, +∆e: feeding, -∆i: communication +∆i: perception) move the being through its ages as it absorbs more energy than information.

In the graph, the program of the Universe is simple, made of survival åctions performed by each Œ-point, with the help of its ‘ternary, organic parts’, as all systems, make 2 type of Simplex Actions of absorption and emission of energy and information with their limbs/fields and heads/particles and Complex Åctions of reproduction and social evolution with their bodies/waves, TO ENSURE THEIR SURVIVAL in a fractal, bio-logical Universe:

Simplex, æ, ï Actions:


±∆Æ: Feed on spatial energy to perform future spatial motions and grow their territorial Vital Space (±∆æ: – a: locomotion, which emits energy, +e: absorbtion of energy or feeding). We introduce with those actions the Logic Concept of ‘Energy’, as Potential Energy (Stored, fed Energy: +∆E) and Kinetic Energy (Accelerated motions that change the trajectory of the being,   -∆E). Those will be the only verbal concepts of Energy in T.Œ, while we shall respect the Physical concept for other equations)

– Tƒ-actions: ±∆ï: Emit≈ Communicate or absorb Information=perceive with their particles-heads (±∆ ï: +∆i: perception, -∆i: communication by emission of information )

We call this actions, ‘simplex actions’, as they involve merely the absorbtion or emission of the simplest substances of reality, spatial, lineal motions and cyclical information.

And use to define them the ‘verbal concepts’ of energy and information, less precise than its mathematical formulae (as energy is a precise mathematical concept which includes both, potential energy, related to form, position, information and kinetic energy related to lineal motion, but in the common language energy is used more as synonymous of capacity to push and asmove, of kinetic energy).

Simplex actions are connected to the world cycle of beings and its symmetry in space, Sp (energy action)Tƒ (informative action), by the fact they are performed through the 3 connected parts of any system, and chained causally, as a system needs to ‘absorb information’ (∆i) in order to perceive the energy they want to feed on (+∆ø), and will move towards that energy (-∆a), and communicate often with other beings of its herd to hunt that energy (∆ï).

On the other hand, when the system has achieved this primary actions (±Ei), in the short term, which are needed to refill the energy and information of its minds, bodies and limbs (particles, waves and fields in physical systems); it tries on the long term to realize two complex actions of survival, reproduction, which ensures survival after death and social evolution, which makes the parts stronger:

– So we talk of two complex åctions, when there is stored enough energy and information available to perform them: the Œ-point will reproduce its System in a small offspring of similar beings, (Œ ∑œ-1) in other region of space-time, and then those clones and similar beings will evolve together to become a larger whole of the 5th dimension: ∑œ-1>Œ.

Reproduction and social evolution are thus two complex actions intimately connected. And the result of those 5 actions, we shall call the ‘a, e, ï, œ, û’ of existence is a simple program of survival which all systems follow.

The symbols we shall use for those actions are vowels, and they are self-evident (we prefer them to the strict Spe, Tƒ, ST ternary elements and ages of space-time, to make them easily comprehensible). So a is ‘acceleration’, e is energy feeding, i is perception of information, ï is communication between two points, œ is an offspring of similar œ-points and û is the creation of a a Universal whole in an upper ˆplane of the 5th dimension.

We shall also use the å symbol for an existential action, as it is performed always by a o-point, and as in the case of the ‘added’ terms on our vowels, distinguish the concept easily from other uses of normal languages.

The wider game.

Our game of existence is limited to perform a few actions for our bodies and minds – as we feed, we perceive, we reproduce and we socialize with other humans or construct mechanisms that manipulate energy and information. And this type of actions we do, limited by the fact that we are systems as everything else in the Universe made of energy and information, is what we call the game of existence, the will for which we live and breathe and feel and want to ‘be’.

We exist by performing certain actions between birth and extinction in a society, actions remarkably identical to each other, to the point they can all be qualified in a few groups that we might call ‘dimensions of existence’. Departing from this fact we can trace for each particle of the Universe a simple physiological, structural program determined by its dimensions of existence, or type of actions it performs. This are the basis of a General Unification Theory of all sciences, called Systems sciences, in which we define a first ‘Generator’ equation of those ‘dimensions’ or actions of existence we all perform.

What are those dimensions? Simple. We are all systems of energy and information, either particles of information/fields of energy (physical species) or heads that process information and are moved by a body of energy (biological beings). Thus all systems absorb, emit and transfer and merge energy and information of an specific type they can decode and use to reconstruct their form, their own information. And so we establish 4 basic dimensions that all systems follow:

– Gauging information

– Feeding on energy to move and

– Reproduce its own information

– Forming networks with other self-similar beings with whom exchange of energy and information takes place.

Informing, feeding, reproducing and forming networks that become then units of a higher scale of the fractal game of the Universe, departing from a General Generator Equation and a series of rules, laws and simple causal processes creates a game of rather deterministic nature that can be even run as an algorithm of ‘life’ and ‘existence’ and will reproduce most of the events and forms of any physical or biological Universe.

This web uses mostly common or biological jargons, more anthropomorphic and less inclusive proper of XX century science, in the description of social sciences, of humans transferring information to machines, creating social networks called gods and civilizations, exchanging.

But there is a higher jargon, one which is more inclusive and hence deals with the terms of space and time instead of energy )space) and information *time cycles with a frequency.

This is the jargon of general systems sciences of which i consider myself the leading scientist on the blue planet but not perhaps further than alpha centauri (-;

How do we apply those dimensions to our analysis of sociological life? Easy.

Consider what you are in more detail: your desire for energy is expressed in your body and blood/digestive/motion-muscle systems, those 3 sub-physiological systems are ‘living systems’ that desire and show a will to hunt for that energy.

You are also made of 3 endocrine systems that reproduce different hormones and nervous thought impulses that process information and so on. We can in fact decompose you as a system which is made like a knot of flows of energy and information – those physiological systems – constantly processing.

So the sum of all those ‘dimensional wills’ of all the similar individuals of the homo species, results in an economy and the goods of the welfare state we want.

And this is the application of a biological analysis of economics: a perfect society is one that satisfies with maximal production those needs, for right energy and information, family/reproductive values and social peace and communication (free social time).

Its measure is already applied by the UNO which also calls ‘dimensions’ those types of goods, since obviously each species knows what he needs to take care of its dimensional actions to survive – feeding and informing and reproducing and evolving socially in peace, the UNO has ‘figured it out’ without the need of having a ‘theory’ behind.

So the IHD, the index of Human Development of societies shows the ‘WHealth’, the healthy wealth of a society that fulfills those dimensions and gives to its citizens food, shelter, health, information and social peace, is a good example of 3 dimensions of social and life existence that are maximized by an economical index of welfare, and represent the type of actions that we need to do to satisfy our welfare.

We use it extensively here.

In a wider view, all what we do can be resumed as e xi actions, which coincidentally can be written as a mirror of its verbal meaning: e x i = st, we mix energy and information performing a time-space cycle in which we obtain or not energy, information reproduction social actions with others.

All what you do is tending to feed your body your mind, reproduce/love and come together with others.

So we are in that wider jargon ‘knots of space-time cycles’. A space-time cycle is any trajectory of any entity of the Universe in search of one of its 4 dimensions of existence, energy, information, reproduction and social evolution.

Those 4 ‘quantum numbers’ (in the case of particles of physics) or ‘drives of life’ (in the case of biological beings), or ‘social actions’ (in the case of human beings), or ‘types of machines’ (in the case of the economic ecosystem) and so on, are the underlying, logic, biologic, survival, systemic, social program that runs the universe with a precision of mathematical origin and a vitality of biological, and perceptive nature.

And this is what we describe in this section of the web, the program of the Universe…

II. Formalism.

Γunction of existence: Max. ∑EXI=ST

We can in the simplest terms express this function in verbal form:

“Any singularity of the Universe will try to maximize its function of existence, by maximizing its absorption of information for its particle/head mind, energy for its body-wave, motion for its limbs/potential; minimizing its entropy and increasing its territorial order and reproduction of form’.

In brief, the program of any singularity is a program of survival and reproduction – the trade mark of any T.Œ, ANY time§paces super organism. 

And this is what the function Max. ∫ e x i ∂st expresses, for multiple species – but NOT for all, as operandi are a huge field of research in 5D metric and depending on species and topology is a different function.

When we approach reality there is always a multidimensionality to it, because there will always be at least 5 elements about the reality we observe: space, S, time T, scale, ∆, the perceiver’s mind, @, and the connecting relationships between them, which in turn will give us duality systems, spacetime Ðimotions: scalar space, ∆§ and so on…

We can then group the elements in triads and finally we can put the 5 together, ∆ð≤≥S@. So there are many possible entangled realities to study them as whole connected elements. 

What are then the ‘relevant combinations’? Obviously the Ðimotions of spacetime, which considered from the perspective of the singularity are ‘actions’ of existence, attempts of the @ mind to survive, to exist, to interact with the external world, to @ct and exist are thus similar realities, @cts give us the internal perspective, existence, is our external point of view. And what the being that acts tries is to maximize its existence; its force and momentum, its perception, feeding, growth, evolution, its worldcycle…

So in this and the next post, we study those time-space actions, from the inner point of view of the singularity as actions of space-time and from the outer point of view of the receiver, as the existence of a being, whose existential force, in what it is better perceived, the body-wave, exi, is maximized when e=I, or s=t (its singularity and clock membrane).


All what we have said can be simplified ad maximal with an equation of survival, Max. e x i ±s=tº, that is a logic equation that establishes a mandate of actions of energy and information, entropic space and temporal clocks:

to maximize the spatial entropy, energy and information and temporal clocks of the being and its balanced combinations in body, limbs and heads/particles.

So if we define the energy of the being and its information, forms in action (momentum steps) as the present value obtained by superposition of the spatial entropy and temporal information of the being:

exi = (S±t), we obtain normally an integral or derivative function between two scales of the fifth dimension from where some basic mathematical laws of ¬Æ can be established.

We write this conceptual equation in many forms, as it is ultimately another mirror image of the generator, and its three parts. I like the acronym (if you haven’t noticed GST accepts all languages as symmetric mirrors of reality, and specially enhances the concepts of verbal thought – the way humans ‘understand’).

So e x i, entropy x information, or energy x information (energy being entropy with some form), represents the body-wave, dominant present systems of any super organism, which is maximised when e=i (s=t, if we use the alternative concepts of space and time).

To maximize exi at the balance point (s=t), of maximal communication between body and brain is the fundamental strategy of survival of a system (as the product a x b is maximal, for any a+b = C in the point where a=b).

Systems thus try to maintain itself in the point of balance, and serve its body-wave to iterate the system and reproduce and make the present immortal the momentum-energy of the system conserved…

But how a system achieves that goal? Obviously absorbing an emitting, the three elements of the system through actions that exchange entropy, energy and information with the outer world.

So we also talk of an action of ‘entropy and information’, of ‘space and time’ of ‘energy’, as the fundamental event of existence of all beings; something which in physics is quite established since Planck found quantum beings are made of h-actions, a ratio of spatial entropy-motion and time-information: e=hv…

(The reader should excuse the ambivalence of the language of scientists, which is carried often in this blog to avoid constant explanations; as entropy and energy are constantly confused so are form and information… entropy is pure motion with no form, form is pure information with no motion, energy is entropy with little form: Max. e x min. ƒ, and information is form-in-action, form in motion, Max. ƒ x Min. e; so in equations such as e=mc², actually e is entropy not energy as it destroys the mass-form – a vortex of information into an explosion that erases it.)

To exist imply to make combinations of arrows of time, which I call ‘tensors’ of existence as they come from the function, and its ternary symmetries.

And the question of how many events are allowed To exi=st is the first question of algebra of existence, which we formalise with a mix of conceptual logic verbal thought and classic equations as we go along translating the meaning of the common function of mathematics, the language that better reflects the structure and events of space-time beings.

Actions are thus evident once we realise we just start algebra with simple combinatorics, of  3±∆ elements, often associated to a few mathematical numbers notably 4 constants, π, the constant of cycles, phi & e the constant of inner and outer growth & 10, the social constant; along the number for the whole 1 and for the infinitesimal, 0 and the bidimensional number of a motion in time from entropy to information, i.

∫ e x i SURVIVAL ACTIONS ≈ ∑Æ,œ,ï,ø,û

Stience studies only what ∃xists, ‘functions of existence’.

But what makes something to exist as opposed to not? What are the rules of creation of beans and conservation of them? What is the program of survival of species once created, to endure in the Universe?

THIS THE HUGE VITAL PART OF THE UNIVERSE – THE FACT THAT THE ABSTRACT LAWS OF BEHAVIOR AND GROWTH IN TIME AND SPACE can be reduced to a series of survival actions, performed from a point of maximal information or dimensional mind of the system. We can talk of a Universe of vital organic systems, made of dust of space-time, seen inwards also as complex systems, fluctuating, traveling through scales of existence but seemingly all performing the same game, the function of survival, ∃, which determines all what is stience, that is all functions in which there is at least one form in existence, normally described by the generator and its ternary symmetries:

∃ sπecies ≈ Γst¡

becomes then the existential function of any form or being, which will follow the generator ternary topologies of the formalism of GST. All is within the formal description of an ‘inflationary language’, which in fact we shall reduce further by  experience into what it is real.

So a huge part of any system is to have a mind which understands the game of existence and allows the system to play it and survive.

Thus what physicists likely would deny we consider a tenant of truth: The UNIVERSE IS FILLED WITH MAXWELLIAN DEMONS ORDERING REALITY.

HOW THEY DO IT? With different ‘intelligences, which however share an evolutionary ‘survival function’ embed in all of them, Œ, the organic function of existence, the strategy of survival we call the LEGO game of the Universe, the Generator game of super organisms.

This is what the Universe does: Superorganisms departing from ∆-1 finitesimal dust of space and time, integrated in time and space through networks which all finally create superoganisms.

The mind is NOT that game though, it is a different less vital thing – a still mapping of reality and algorithms of survival, action-oriented attached to the mapping.

The answer is that present reality is made of actions of entropy and time, which therefore need both to exist, but mind stiences are pure information, and its existence. if real, would form the substrata of all other scales. But in the existence we give it to this sheet of information is provided forcefully by the author’s mind with a minimal bias…So we do NOT talk of mental existences as we talk of astrophysical, biological or sociological systems whose functions of existence are obviously real.


So departing from this law, the function of existence

Γ. ∃xi≈sT

AND ALL its symmetries and generators is the origin seed of information that gives birth when ‘restricted’ by the limits of energy – boundaries of the problem, to a limited number of integral space and time solutions.

The finding of integrals thus means the finding of solutions in the emergence of a larger scale of a function of existence.

The universal ‘algorithm’ of existence is a rather simple function: Max. ∑ e x i ds dt, which encodes the point of balance and immortality of any system of the Universe. Its study is the essential element of Ælgebra (existential algebra), the i-logic, mathematical model that develops the rules for that function to be defined in the domain of any space-time being. Certain domains will not host the function and do not exist. There are many jargons to express this truth.

I found the simplest and more telling to be the one of the title: e x i | s≈t, whereas the 3 parts of the system, its ∆-1 spatial background, its e xi body-wave ∆- system of energy and information and its temporal, ∆+1 mind system in balance with the field from where it extracts its energy and information; become a ‘whole function of exi=stience in time and space, ‘extracting from space’ the entropy motion and from time, the i-logic form required to imprint the body-wave of present

To exist in present, the body-wave thus needs to be in a relative balance with its world ecosystem and have a ‘mind imprinting’, a will to survive and perform its actions over that field… As it does so, through small steps trying to maximise its energy and information, Max. ∑ e x i, with the restriction imposed by any product function (e≈s, i≈t, Max. e x i| s=t), the function of existence will develop into an integral world cycle, where the maximal function will be ‘cheated’ in 3 points, as it turns the wheel of existence, the wheel of the world cycle: Max. e (youth) e=i (adult hood) and max. i (3rd age), before it dies into a zero sum.

The frequencies and scales of time speed of the Universe

A definition in brief of the 5th dimension illustrated in the next graph will be:

‘The 5th dimension is the dimension of spatial size (abb. Se) and speed of temporal clocks (Abb.Tƒ). Both parameters are inverted: when systems grow in size the speed of its time cycles slows down and vice versa. Smaller clocks tick faster and bigger ones tick slower, as it happens in galaxies, human beings or DNA.’

In most systems, the product of the information and size of the system does not vary. And this dual invariance or co-invariance, Se x Tƒ =K is what defines the geometry and laws of the 5th dimension. In this simple form is equivalent to Einstein’s metric of the 4th dimension, the famous S – (ct)2 equation:

In the graph we illustrate that co-invariance which is the origin of the ISOMORPHISMS of all the scales of reality. And so now we must define the 2 elements of the 5th dimension – the multiple clocks of time and scales of space that co-exist in every part of reality.

The  image, taken from a film called ‘powers of ten’ by Eames, show this astounding fact: the speed of time-clocks, Tƒ, which are anything that ticks and turns, multiplied by the size of the space they occupy, Se, is constant, Se x Tƒ =K. And this fact allows the camera to travel through the 5th dimension by shrinking or enlarging your size, with the result that if you see the film you will NOT distinguish your travel outwards, growing in size in the 5th dimension from a normal travel in the 4th dimension, WITHOUT changing scale of size or speed of clocks (we have added in our pictures the change in time speed, Tƒ, which Eames did not know).

Now let us start with a classic definition of all what we have said about ‘DIMENSIONS’ based in their study from a still point of view of the structure of space-time.

It is the definition of a ‘geometry’ by one of the foremost mathematicians of the turn of the XX century, Mr. Klein, who in his famous ‘Erlangen Program’ defined many of the future advances of mathematics.

He said that…

‘A Geometry is the study of the invariant properties of a space(time), under motions within itself’.

Klein said the same we said, using the term ‘invariant’ instead of still point of view, and space, instead of the modern concept of space-time as the ultimate ‘dual’ substances of a dimension.

So the next paradigm studies the invariant properties of the 5th dimension. And now we can define the 5th dimension geometry using that definition, by asking ourselves, what truly does not change when we move from scales of size in the Universe, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large?

Obviously we change our size in space, from galaxies to atoms. So nothing seems to remain invariant, and that would eliminate our pretension of studying a 5th dimension of spacetime…

But wait a minute we have said ‘spacetime’, not only space. So even though size changes in space, perhaps there is also a change in clocks of time that ‘balances’ the change in size on space, so the product of both, the change of size in space and the change in the speed of time-clocks balance each other? 

As it happens this is the case and this known property of time clocks that turn much faster when they shrink in spatial size, so atoms move billions of time faster than galaxies is the fundamental ‘still point of view’ observed when we travel through the 5th dimension.

Now in science when something doesn’t change, and that something is composed of two terms, we call it a co-invariance. So we are talking of the geometry of the 5th dimension as the study of the co-invariance of time clocks & space scales.

Then we shall define the ‘first, principal co-invariance of the 5th dimension’ Se x Tƒ = K

Latter we will find out then that there are many other co-invariant combinations of energy-motion and in/form/ation-time that do not change in the Universe as we travel through scales of size, things so fundamental to our existence and nature, as our life-death cycles, or our åctions, or our organic forms.

Each ‘family of species’ and each relative ‘scale of the Universe’ has a different Se x Tƒ = K equation, giving birth to the astounding variety of Universal species. Such equation however becomes in a Universe in which we are made of spatial energy and temporal information, the most important equation of each species. And within that species remains mostly invariant. The same happens between all the derived species of that relative membrane of space-time.

The use of infinite clocks to measure time rhythms in the Universe is a theory of multiple spaces-times, whose parameters of Temporal Information and Spatial energy, surprisingly enough follow a simple mathematical law, Se x Tƒ = K, from where the order and structure of all the parts of the Universe can be deduced.

In the graph, different scales of the 5th dimension; the ‘real’ infinite quanta of spatial energy and bits of temporal information of the Universe, and 3 complementary systems, Se x Tƒ, made of ‘energetic bodies/fields’ and informative ‘particles/heads’ from physical sciences (a light field-photon particle), from biological sciences (a human body-eye system) and from economic sciences (a weapon-camera system).

Since the Universe is a fractal of infinite complementary systems, made of energy and information, whose ‘common’ properties are the field of study of the 5th dimension.

Tƒ facilitate the transition from absolute 4D single space-time continuum to relational, fractal multiple 5D space-time, we shall consider in some post the relationship between 4D Einstein’s metric and 5D Metric.

Since the classic model of physics and its 4th dimension is merely one of those ‘planes of space-time’, the one humans perceive as information and energy, made of light space-time. This plane was described by Einstein’s special relativity and Maxwell’s electromagnetic equations. And their equations can be reduced easily to the general equation of the metric of space-time, where the space-time constant is obviously the speed of light, as light waves is the ‘substance’ that makes up our galactic space-time, filled with light, even when we eliminate all objects (light background radiation).

So either in Einstein’s metric or Maxwell equations, when we interpret properly the meaning of its parameters of ‘external space and time’ and translate them into parameters of ‘internal space-time’, we obtain a similar equation:

√µ xe = c, whereas the electric and magnetic constants represent the relative ‘temporal clock-like vortex’ (electric charges) and relative, spatial, lineal motions (bipolar magnetic currents, which do NOT have monopoles, that is vortex, but always flow between two points, the north and south pole) whose products remains co-invariant, constant.

So we can consider Maxwell’s equation for the description of the 4Dimension ‘membrane’ of light space-time, a variety of the 5D metric: S(µ) x T(e) = ST±3: C

Whereas ST±3 is the constant space-time of light in which we are immersed.

The profound implications of that translation of 4D into 5D for XXI c. physics, and the enlightenment of many unresolved questions about the structure of the Universe will occupy many pages of our posts dedicated to astrophysics, universal constants, and the ST0±3 galactic/light space-time.

And we shall explain in the analysis of the bidimensional 2-manifolds made with a space and a time dimension that build, layer upon layer, in holographic fashion the 4D Universe, also how the new metric explain better relativity, its Riemannian Geometry and the spooky effects of time dilation, mass increase, length contraction and c-speed.

The flows of energy and information between scales are asymmetric.

So we write, Spe (we use here the term for spatial-speed-size only as ‘energy’ Sp is a combined parameter that does not apply here), x Tƒ (we prefer to use temporal information, to Tƒ, temporal cycles, as the key parameter of the 5th dimension is the quantity of information a smaller being, a genetic system, a quantum atom carries), equals a constant, co-invariant quantity, ST±4, where the ∆±4 index is a parameter that allow us to classify systems from the smallish atomic particles (which paradoxically have more information) to the larger ones, which have paradoxically less information hence a smaller index:

5th dimension bestcylesofexistence_image002

In the graph, two different flows of energy and information, define:

  • The thermodynamic arrow: energy-motion flows emerge perfectly in smaller world-planes downwards, but they do not emerge perfectly upwards, without loss. So when energy flows upwards, there is heat loss, waste of food and a diminishing quantity of upper systems, which feed from lower ones (trophic pyramids). Yet energy does flow perfectly downwards, so when a larger being moves, all its smaller systems do move in perfect synchrony without apparent effort with it. And this duality determines strongly the way systems ‘act’ to absorb energy in the Universe. And how they position themselves in ‘equipotential’  bidimensional fields of larger system to move without apparent effort on them (from planets in gravitational orbitals to cells along layers on morphological structures).
  • On the other hand, information does flow perfectly upwards but it does not downwards. And this duality explains the evolutionary laws and arrow of information: Indeed, there is no perfect Lamarckian evolution; that is, traits acquired in the larger scale do not imprint easily cells and genes, but there is perfect genetic evolution: information stored in DNA do determine the characters of larger planes.
  • Finally information and energy can flow perfectly in the same plane, which determines the principles of cyclical inertia (Tƒ conservation of angular momentum) and lineal inertia (conservation of lineal momentum) and the laws of reproduction of energy and information in ‘mixed’ waves and bodies that radiate both across extended space-times (light radiation and biological radiations).

Thus the laws of thermodynamics (energy arrows) and evolution (information arrows) and reproduction (repetition of both across a single space-time) are also derived of the metric of the 5th dimension. They are perhaps the most important laws to understand the dynamics in time and space of the Universe.

We shall call those 2 different logarithmic scale, which added for any species gives us the same 10 value, the Tƒ (time-information scale, graphed above) or evolutionary arrow; and the U (size) scale or thermodynamic scale graphed below.

Those two scales, which are logarithmic scales in base 10¹º, the commonest number to emerge from the individual to the Universal (∆+1 plane); that is the number of stars in a galaxy, of atomic DNA ties in a molecule, of humans soon in the global planet, of cells in organisms… mean that to transcend from U to U+1 (a larger whole), we need that number, but we will become a ‘whole’ unit, hence loose the quantized information as perceived in the new scale, as a single being.

And vice versa: if we become quantized down, and perceived as a sum of quanta, we will gain that logarithmic quantity of information. And this introduces an essential element of ∆ST – the understanding of the quantic or continuous perception of systems, such as ∑e∆-1=U (the sum of quanta seen with maximal information in motion, becomes a whole continuous perception, so the sum of quantum energies becomes the relativity continuous description of still space) and ∑Tƒ=Tƒ, the sum of cycles of time becomes a still form of information.

And we will return to that paradoxical duality, which is the key to understand space and time and its motions and stillness, as well as perception, minds and languages.

Thus an essential consequence of the difference of quantity of energy and information between the larger, continuous energetic planes and smaller, quantized, informative planes of the Universe, is the non-commutative nature of the arrows of energy (transfer of motion between planes and entities) and information (transfer of form between planes and entities):

Planes of space that structure cellular/atomic, individual/organic and social/cosmic scales which synchronize its cycles in inverse fashion to its size.

So the informative, genetic, smaller faster plane codes the larger planes, which transfer back energy to the lower planes (thermodynamic laws: energy can be transferred fully downwards to the molecular space in the form of heat, but heat cannot be transferred fully upwards as energy, and the inverse law of information: smaller systems can code fully with their information upper layers as in genetics, but upper layers cannot transfer its form downwards fully – there is no Lamarckian evolution).

This structure thus gives birth to the specific åctions of a being, which are transfers of energy and information among scales limited by the laws of evolution and thermodynamics.

It essentially means that energy will flow downwards, and so bigger systems will control lower systems by controlling their energy – cells will depend on the digestive systems to feed. While smaller systems will control upper systems by forming them: cells will code genetically upper systems.

The same happens in physical systems where atoms and molecules code the forms of upper systems, from crystals to geological cycles, but they are trapped by the larger gravitational and electromagnetic fields created by the cosmic bodies.

Thus evolutionary and thermodynamic laws/arrows (we shall call the U scale of size the thermodynamic scale and the Tƒ inverse scale of informative growth, the evolutionary scale), and its exchanges of information and energy are a consequence of the metric of the 5th dimension, which makes smaller systems to process more information than larger ones, even though the product of both remain co-invariant: Se x Tƒ =ST.

This could be stated in the following manner, when considering exchanges of energy and information across multiple scales:

‘The total energy obtained from upper planes by an individual system is roughly equivalent to the information it obtains from lower planes, and both are mixed in the world-plane by its bodies and waves to reproduce the system: ∑Tƒ(i-∆)<≈>Se(∆+∆)’.

5th Isomorphism: 5 fractal Åctions: ∆(æ-4; ï-3; e-2; œ-1; û+1)

‘Do not confuse motion with Action.’ Ernest Hemingway

As we define the main åctions in a general analysis on the 1st line, in this post we shall study in more detail the different åctions of space-time that explain the program of the universe, in a sequential pattern, after a brief introduction defining them, from the åctions of light, throughout the physical scales, into the biological and Universal scales.

Now, the study of the ‘Program of Existence’ is an enormously extended field, and so we must consider for the reader not to loose its ‘mind’ (-; on such vast field, which encompasses all the åctions and events of the Universe, only a few generic elements in ∆ST, which are latter studied in detail for each species, as in the aforementioned cases of the 4 quantum numbers. 4 genetic letters, 4 biological drives and 4 Maxwell equations.

Thus, immediately the reader would realize that according to the duality between ‘the thoughts of God’ (∆ST) and its details (all the different sciences) 2 are the main sub-disciplines of this field of knowledge are:

– The study of the 4 drives of existence for each species of the Universe. This should be realized in each science, as an introductory course that embeds the science in ∆ST

– The study of the interåctions, synchronicities, order and relationship between the 4 drives and its generic laws for all systems. This second field is the purpose of this post.

Thus for all said, it is quite evident that along the study of the topologies in space and ages in time, the study of the åctions is the 3rd most important isomorphism of the universe.

The difference between motions and åctions.

Now it is important to understand the difference between motions and åctions.

Motions as studied by physicists are not composed of questions about the reason of the motion. The why of the motion is not important but the form of the motion. This is thus motion in its most abstract nature, but motions are not automatic. beings move for reasons which re embedded in the laws of physics. That is the law of minimal time implies that the Universe is efficient and tries to perform motions in minimal time that have a purpose. The motions’ purpose defines the type of action we study and we can reduce all the reasons of why causalities of motions to 5 type of motions, themselves natural to the 3 arrows of time, and the 2 substances or forms of motion, and the 1 quality of motion to be finite. From this we obtain the following chain.

Motions are of two types, |, lineal planar motions which decelerate as they expand in a single sheet of space, and O-vortices of time, with accelerated gradients towards the particle of the field, charge, mass, or any accelerating time clock.

Because vortices follow a generic Vo x Ro = K vortex Law in ∆-dimensions, (the previous is equation for 2-manifold vortices-clocks), we can define two clear tendencies towards ‘static planes’, or spatial entropic decelerating motion which t certain moment will reach a relative infinite space at relative zero motion as pure space, and the inverse accelerated gradient vortices, masses, charges and any other vortex, which accelerates towards an infinite relative event horizon, which is the ‘beginning ‘f a bridge or pure motion in the 5th dimension towards an emergence or dissolution in a ∆±1,2 planes of existence.

Motions are finite stop and go beats of existence. There are 2 type of geometric motions accelerated clocks of time and expansive, decelerating, entropic planes of space, the constant beat between the two extremes of acceleration in clocks of time and decelerating expansive spaces are the relative finite crossing Rosen bridges between scales of motions

Thus two ascend an scale of existence you must turn fast, spin very fast, very fast and as you spin faster, and grow in mass you transform yourself since 5th dimensions ravels implies internal vital space-time transformations, into something else of the higher dimension – normally after dying exploding leaving your energy to the sucker limbic, system of the monster of the higher dimension that preys on your energy, but that is not a motivation of importance to physicists. It just happen that for emergence in a higher dimension you must die in the inferior dimension from where you  were coming.

Let us then start with 3 definitions of time of increasing complexity that resume this T.Œ’s fundamental elements:

‘God is the seer of Times, with a logic higher than man.’ Augustine, on Time, whose 3 i-logic motions, create reality.

‘The arrow of Times that can be seen is present Space, a Maya of the senses. It is not the eternal game of existences, the arrows of past, yang-energy and future, yin-formation, which combine to reproduce the ∞ beings.’

Lao, on the Function of Existence, an its fractal generator: Sp<=>Tƒ. Free translation.

‘Time is motion and motion never ends. Since time is what the Universe conserves. From this simple principle all other laws of Nature and all details derive. 3 type of motions or arrows of time are defined:

  • Entropic, expansive motions that erase information or relative past motions.
  • Repetitive, present, spatial motions that conserve the information of beings.
  • And informative, evolutionary motions that increase its information or life arrows.

Those 3 motions are seen in the stillness of space as 3 forms: lineal forms, the shortest distance in space; cyclical forms, the geometry that stores more information in time, and vibratory, wave-like forms, that reproduce present states.

It is the interaction of those 3 motions and functions of time, and its symmetry with its 3 forms and organs in space, which construct through symmetries and integrations, all the systems of the Universe, and explain its events in time’



All energy-information cycles can be described as action-reaction systems that have 2 directional arrows, which close the cycle OF SPACE-TIME, and reach a maximal at √Se2 + Ti2 =  1.

This essential cycle of existence thus takes from the hyperbolic function, which is both the shape of a cycle seen from outside and inside, two states of all systems, and develops it either as a wave (sequential perception on lineal time of it), or as a rotational angular momentum (internal perception).

Thus at Sp=Tƒ, √SxS+TxT=1, the system maximizes its existence and finds a balance, which is the steady state, reproductive, iterative, present point that tries to conserve itself.

And to that aim there it comes to the rescue of the system the invariance of angular and lineal momentum, which rest on the isotropy an isomorphy of the Universe.

Why isotropy and isomorphy are needed deals with issues of continuity known to experts, what matters here is that between two relative U∆ planes of existence, the perception by the upper ∆observer which initiates communication of the ∑∆-1 -∆e-nergy quanta is null. It is precisely in the border in which energy quanta appear as mathematical Euclidean points with no breath, where the limit between infinitesimals and quanta continuity happens. This is the h -kingdom, where h is both the h-Planck, or minimal constant of action of any Universal plane, and the h of the derivate, the minimal action, the infinitesimal quanta that sums in the derivate that constructs and destroys with its anti-derivative, integrative function, different planes of existence.

where energy and time mix into åctions, till finally the cyclical action ends, returning the form or event to its origin.

Cyclical åctions are thus made of energy and time and are the fundamental unit of the Universe:

 Action =  ∆ Energy x Time-information

For each species, each vital space and each clock of time in connection there is a discontinuous, quantic åctions, mixture of lineal momentum and angular cycle. The Earth, of a cesium wave, of a living being (a circadian cycle) have all a different morphology and content of space and time, because they reflect the cyclical, action -reaction dual arrow that changes each different being.

The 5th Dimension: Space- Time Actions.

Scientists often forget the 5th dimension of time, the cycles of existence and extinction from past to future that bio-logically trace reality.

Of what is that flow made? The answer is obvious for a philosopher: of functions of existence, time cycles from birth to death of infinite beings, which have in common to be born, develop, exist and die.

This, we call in General Systems sciences, the 5th and 6th dimensions of the Universe, the past and the future.

And if we consider each being of the Universe a knot of space-time actions, searching and exchanging energy and information with other knots, we can consider that they by performing those actions are all together webbing the future, creating it, forming, in/form/ing the networks and paths and patterns and cycles, exi, e<=>i, flows of exchanges of energy and information, infinite of them: ∑e<=>I, and that is what we call the Generator of Existence, the sum of all those infinite flows and cycles that web reality. If you consider that space has 3 dimensions; that Einstein studied the 4th dimension of ‘present time’); then we talk of the past and the future and its logical, ‘bio-logical’, action-based cyclical flows as the 5th and 6th dimensions of time.

In General Relativity Einstein achieved an exact measure of ‘simultaneous’ moments of time. This present, ‘spatialization of time, comes from Galileo, who described it, ∂t=∂S/v, as a derivative function, a tangential point of a much larger flow of time.

Thus relativity and physicists in general, study NOT change of form, of in/form/ation, of morphology in time – the realm of biology with whom systems sciences connects, but they study the minimal possible change in time, that of motion, translation in simultaneous moments, using derivatives and hence ‘instantaneous moments’ that allow measure. Einstein’s concern as that of physicists was therefore ‘present’ time, not the flows from past to future and its logic causality as general systems science are.

In terms of history of thought, General Systems and the study of the 5th and 6th dimensions of time is to XXI century time theory what General Relativity was to XX century time theory or evolution to XIX century, Leibniz  in the XVIII and Galileo in the XVII, the ‘cyclical’ step of the human-kind, which seems to have a centennial frequency in deep advances on the understanding of the ultimate parameters of reality, space and time.  (1)

And science consists mostly in predicting the future of certain species existential cycles observing the patterns and frequencies of repetition of previous cycles.

The scales of ‘Ðimotions’ and information, in decametric, or dual scales.

Wholes have the capacity to kill smaller wholes, but at certain degree of smallness the whole becomes in fact a potential prey. Parts, bacteria that kill wholes, thus can also disaggregate wholes. The predator prey relationship is thus ore complex than it appears. But in any case ever herd ∑Sp, regardless of its inner ∏Tƒ form is perceived as ‘Ðimotions’ for a higher whole, ∏∆+1, which will try to explode the ∑ herds and feed on ∆-1 forms, laving behind the ∑ head. He state in which one finds at each moment of the existential game, prey in a herd, knot of higher thought reproducer, creator, all those functions as complex as we might feel them are finally mere åctions of the equation of existence, and that sets the existential algebra as the mathematics of the function of existence.

Which itself is the generator equation of complementary systems of ‘Ðimotions’ and information eh fundamental particle of reality made of an Se x Tƒ sections body-head, particle-fields that preys in a herds of micro points ∑Sp∆-1 and so we establish a hierarchical class structure of future, present and past also as the future takes advantage of the present and the past is the neuronal caste of information while the present is the middle class which busy busy reproduces and produces the ‘Ðimotions’ of ∑Sp∆-1.

This is the key to understand in terms of social classes past, the lower caste, present the reproducer, repeater caste and future the informative caste. For example in human scales, male which are mind dominant, with lineal bodies and woman which are productive body dominant, with an ‘Ðimotions’ head, you can establish future, upper caste of males a reproductive caste of women, and then the ∑ of ∆-1 natural animals seen as a lower caster of information and hence treated as pure ‘Ðimotions’ by the human ‘family’ complementary couple, man-woman.

The expression in which the simultaneous equation of past=‘Ðimotions’, present=reproduction future=Information manifests itself. Are multiple.

‘Ðimotions’ (past, ecosystem) > Present (reproductive body) >Future, (Informative mind)…

It is the simplest and most common point of view, a fractal future zero point of maximal information guides a middle class of reproductive capacities, and higher matter brains, that keep the join relationship between ‘Ðimotions’ and information alive: Sp X Tƒ =K, S=T+K, K, Sp, O, Sp, K, I


The Universe is made of 2 substances: spatial Entropy and informative time. We can see it with motion as Entropy and time or as fixed forms, as space and information.

We can see it as a single reality, as space and time, or as a multiple quanta, as Entropy and information. We can differentiate them by form, as space and Entropy are lineal or planar surfaces and time and information are cyclical. And we can see it together into beings, the simplest of which is an action of light, s x t=k.

This duality structures all beings of reality. So we are made of cyclical heads and lineal bodies. Weapons are lines that release Entropy. Informative machines are cyclical, and all physical systems are made of lineal forces and cyclical particles of information.                

The formal duality:  Se, Lineal, energetic space vs. Cyclical Informative, time: Tƒ. 

Tƒ start this review of different space and time concepts and developments, we must therefore consider first the 3 fundamental inversions/symmetries of space and time:

The form vs. motion inversion of physics and the mind.

The O-time clocks of information vs. _ lineal distances and motions of space, (information vs. energy inversion), proper of biology, mathematics and eastern philosophies and civilizations.

And the hierarchical, height, time past to future arrow of creation of wholes, its networks and its parts, vs. the democratic, social, herd-like planes of existence, or | vs. _ inversion of the 5th dimension, which being the more complex will deserve an entire section to deal with.

Let us then consider the geometric inversion in more detail.

We have kept for the end the analysis of the ‘alternative’, philosophical vision of time and space in Eastern philosophies, which were the first ‘philosophies of science’ that observed the wider Universe.

So there is a different ‘naming’ for the 2 dualities which structure the Universe, and I have used in most of my studies, so the reader will observe it often in the blog:

The comparison between 2 different formal motions, lineal motions and dimensions (Euclidean space) and cyclical motions and forms (time clocks). 

We shall prefer this duality, which combines both space and time parameters of form and motion, since in the Universe as Minkowski rightly affirmed ‘space and time are in the darkness, only their space-time combinations shine.’ Or in terms of eastern taoist- buddhist philosophies that came closer to its understanding, ‘every yin has a drop of yang, every yang has a drop of yin’.

So while it is important to clarify the different concepts of present-spatial forms and time motions, to fully grasp the errors and virtues of mathematical physics and the logic conceptualization of space and time, for practical reasons, it is more interesting to study 2 ‘combined concepts’, which we shall term conceptually as ‘energy’ and ‘information’ (in mathematical physics those 2 concepts have strict mathematical definitions, but as we have seen concepts of logic nature do matter; so we shall use the verbal concepts, unless we are specifically dealing with phenomena studied by mathematical physics).

They are based in the duality of lineal vs. cyclical motion/form, where we aggregate here from a geometrical perspective our 2 x 2 dualities geometrically, since this is a more telling perspective on the structure of the Universe. Thus through the history of thought there is this duality NOT expressed in terms of time and space but with similar concepts. For example, Descartes said all what existed was made of res extensa (the equivalent to Euclidean space) and vortices (the equivalent of time clocks).

So we shall in this version consider 4 elements:

  • |-Se, or lineal space distances/motions, which occupy maximal space. We shall call this spatial lineal form with a bit of motion, ‘Spatial energy’, or |-Se. It will be the fundamental concept applied to all systems to define the ‘lineal dimensions and motions of space’, the lineal momentum, the limbs and fields, which occupy maximal space with minimal volume, displace further in space, move faster and expand space.
  • Tƒ, cyclical time clocks/forms, which occupy minimal space, last maximal time, and have repetitive, logic properties. We shall call this Tƒ factor, Temporal information as it carries the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles. Thus again we related through the dominant geometrical duality of lines vs. cycles, temporal cycles or clocks with its still state, of information.

In the next graph slightly different from the equivalent one, we see this ‘different naming’ that stresses the duality between lines and forms. Now, at both extremes we have the pure ‘|-space’ distances, and the pure, O-time clocks.

But in the middle we have ‘energy’, which is the concept of lineal motion (kinetic energy, lineal momentum) and ‘information’ (which is the concept of cyclical form, with more dimensions than the line).

We must stress those are ‘concepts of verbal logic thought’, not the mathematical definition of energy and information, which is restricted to mathematical physics, but the usual way humans understand those 2 terms.

As people understands ‘energy’ as motion, and when talking of motion they talk of lineal motion, not of rotary motion, which is not common among humans. So people say ‘I don’t have enough energy to do this’, meaning he doesn’t have enough capacity to ‘move’ himself and move other things. And when people talk of information, they refer to form, to knowledge, to bits of formal shapes made of ‘circular dots’ put together into complex forms, which he perceives and ultimately are a sum of ‘infinitesimal time cycles’ that stay in the point. So we rewrite in those terms the function of existence:

Œ.         Se<=>Tƒ

And affirm that the Universe is a system made of ‘temporal energy’, of spatial energy and ‘temporal information’ of ‘yang’ and ‘yin’, whose combinations give birth to the infinite beings of reality. And consider those 4 elements.

|-S, pure space, or lineal dimensions.

Se-spatial entropy, forms with lineal momentum, kinetic energy or spatial energy

O, form, information. static circles which are often the memorial tails of:

, Clock-like time cycles with repetitive patterns, or ‘pure time’.

Now, to further clarify which concept we talk of we shall capitalize and put first for each combination, the dominant element, and often place the | and O symbols or its Ø-wave body combination to stress what element dominates. I.e. O-Time is a clock with motion, |-Space is a lineal dimension, O-Space is a form of information, which stresses the passive form; Tƒ, is also a form of information, which stresses the active role of that information. I know all this sounds confusing, but a true mirror of the Universe should be accustomed to manage those paradoxical essential events of reality.

I imagine the reader schooled on mathematical physics would like definitive definitions, according to the Aristotelian, lineal logic that implies A->B, and by reductio ad absurdum, A≠B. But the Universe is dialectic, A<=>B, A and B constantly mix into combined forms, <=> which is what exist in present: space-time bidimensional formal motions. So we shall use also this ‘other variety’ that defines two pure limits of dimensional, lineal space, and moving time cycles, and two intermediate concepts of entropy or energy (lineal space with motion) and information (time cycles frozen into a past form).

Of course in physics energy is an overall concept that includes it all. But for that reason is of little use beyond the obvious fact that all is all and all is conserved. So they add kinetic energy (which is the concept equivalent to our spatial energy) and Potential energy (which is more akin to a form with a fixed position, hence closer to information). Mathematical physics and its concept of energy is a unfortunate concept like that of God, which encloses it all. It has though given enormous fruits because of this distinction, which properly ‘called’ should be Kinetic Energy or ‘energy’ and ‘Stored Information’ or Potential energy. Then we could fully grasp the duality and principle of conservation of energy and information to define the function of existence of relational space-time beings:

Œ.  ‘All what exists is a complementary system of Spatial Energy and Temporal Information that trans-forms each other ad eternal: Se<=>Tƒ ≈  Sp X I=ST±4’

Now we can consider the first formulation, the dynamic ‘temporal one’, Se<=>Tƒ, whereas Se would be the arrow of entropic, lineal time, Tƒ, the arrow of future, informative cyclical time, and the middle <=> the wave body of present space-time.

And the second formulation the spatial, static formal one, where Sp will be the limbs/fields of lineal space, i, the informative head, and its combination, X, an organism tied up by bodies-waves, which create a ‘diffeomorphic’, relational space-time being, ST extended across several planes of the 5th dimension.

Again, it is not possible to encase the dynamic ever changing reality of space form that becomes time motions, of lines that become cycles, through intermediate waves-bodies in strict ‘fixed’ conceptual terms. This is an error of the mind that ‘fixes’ motions and dynamic processes into simplified static mappings, which seem ‘focused’ and more truth. So first we had fixed geometry and now we have moving topologies, and so on. The reader should make thus a bending of his mind to fully grasp the paradoxical, more complex, fractal structure of the dynamic universe, where form is just the mind’s perception of a given motion. So today mathematics can find for every dynamic equation a topological, formal demonstration based in that duality.

In that regard, the concepts of ‘lineal, spatial energy’ and ‘temporal clocks of information’ is more useful when studying the complementary ‘yin-yang’ species of the Universe; and the reader should understand both conceptualizations, to reveal the hidden structures of nature:

So I often choose to study as the centerpiece of the analysis of the Universe, the geometric duality between cycles≈circles vs. lines≈speeds, in the ‘philosophical fashion’ of Eastern cultures, which understand the Universe an opposition between:

  • Cyclical motions/forms (yin-Vishnu duality), which I called ‘O-Time’, and
  • Lineal motions/forms (yang-Shiva), which I called |-space.

Since a line and its lineal motion and a cycle and its circular forms are two states of the same thing, the opposition between lineal dimensions/motions of space vs. cyclical clocks/motions of time is more telling of the paradoxical properties of the Universe.

Thus i call in those different ways the dualities of stop vs. go, form vs. motion, O vs. |, TIME VS. SPACE. Tƒ vs. Se.

And treat O-forms and Time cycles as clocks of time, Tƒ, in present dynamic form and past memorial information.

And lineal, space dimensions and its |-speeds, as |-Space, Se, as relative past, entropic, energetic motions and forms.

So when you read, O-Time we mean both cycles and circles (clocks and informations) and when I write |-space we mean both speeds and lines (energies and lengths).

Since O-Time vs. |-space is a better ‘mind construction’ to describe the underlying form vs.motion, | vs. O beats of existence than the human classic, western concept of space as form and time as motion.

Yet the western mind defined unlike the eastern mind in Aristotelian terms time and space NOT as geometric dualities but as the duality between motion=time and form=space.

And since this culture is today global and the purpose of this web is to standardize 20 years of independent research on relational space-time for ‘human readers’, I will try in the future to stick to the ‘canonical’ concept and write | and O motions as time and | and O forms as present space.

The reader should though understand both approaches the western time=motion, space=form and the eastern, time=yin=cycles of information and space=yang=lineal forms/motions.

In the graph we describe all species of reality as made of this ‘geometrical duality, where ‘Energetic space describes lineal space with motion, and Tƒ, Time cycles means both the cycle, and its informative combinations.

Whereas time cycles dominates and encircles the vital space – a fact which in mathematical physics defines the operations of Integration of a volume of space, restricted to the ‘boundary conditions’ of the time cycle/sphere. showing again the intimate relationship between ‘logic mathematics’ and iTS (invariant, isomorphic timespace theory).

This geometric duality defines then two perfect forms of |-space and O-Time, which fluctuate between the state-present still and past to future to past relative flows of energy (from bigger scales into lower scales) and information (from lower ‘genetic’ scales to larger ones).


  • |-Se (lineal space/speed) vs. O-Tƒ (cyclical clocks of information) and.
  • Past (entropic motions) < Space (still repetitive present) > Future (logic time clocks that create the future)

Again the reader should understand that the Universe is ‘interpreted’ in different ways according to species and languages, but ultimately what matters is not the ‘human conceptualization of it’, but the dualities, O-|, past and future, and its present combinations that surface in ‘present’.

In that regard all systems of Nature including human beings, are made of formal spaces and time cycles that enclose them, and only pegging them all together, we can talk of an absolute abstract space, S, as the sum of all those ‘fractal spaces’, ø-Se, which are (perceived in motion), quanta of energy, the time function of space.

Sp                   |-Se (speed-motion: kinetic energy)  x Tƒ (mass/charge).

On the other hand each vital time motion, which encircles the Space system. has its own clock cycles that measure its motions and rotations, and only equalizing all time clocks and cycles, with the human ‘thought-heart-eye’ beat of a second, we could talk of a single Human Time scale for the whole Universe…

Yet, if we put all those spaces together and refer all those time clocks to a single time scale, we can measure better reality from the human perspective, which is what practical science needs to build and operate its machines and set up its systems of collective time measure. And for that reason, from the XIX c. onwards – when clocks were synchronized to match the timetables of railroads – we use a single time clock.

What relational space-time does, is to return to the original ‘fact-event’, the time cycle, consider it the unit of the Universe and study a reality of infinite such cycles, resolving with this new realism most of the conundrums and questions of different sciences.

So now we can study some of those elements and symbols, which define the fundamental concepts of relational space-time, starting from the analysis of time as motion and its 3 types of motions, the entropic, expansive past, the present, iterative formal space and the future, informative cyclical form, and the sequential equations of the life-death cycle defined by them.

Actions and the 5th dimension.

The previous graph, written with the formal symbols of ® shows a few systems of different scales of reality performing from left to right those 5 actions, as they move and feed on Spatial Energy, reproduce, perceive information, an evolve socially.

And the result of all those combined åctions is the arrow of absolute future of the 5th dimension, the arrow of social evolution, (û), which grows in social scales, from parts into wholes, as parts are needed first for wholes to become in the future:

In terms of the different planes of the fifth dimension, most actions take place between planes of existence, even if their outcome is perceived in a single plane, as systems, self-centered in an ∆o plane, probe downwards and upwards in the scales of the 5th dimension in search of:

– Its pixels of in-form-ation (i≈∆-3 bits), boosts of motion (a≈∆-4 fields), and bites of energy (e≈∆-2); stored to provide those boosts of motion or iterate the system in the lower cellular scale (∆-1).

On the other direction upwards, the system will interact with its larger social organism and world performing its ‘slavish’ cycles of existence, as a relative arrow of the larger whole. The purpose of all those åctions is self-evident: to improve the survival chances of the system, introducing a biological will in all points of view.

The human program of actions.

Humans also obey the survival action program. They basically have just a larger ‘range’ of options to choose between information, energy and social behavior, but ultimately do the same that the smallest electron.

Indeed, when you eat you can choose more than a bite of light as electrons do, but you are still feeding on energy to boost your motions; when you love you are still on reproduction mood and when you gather with other humans on social evolutionary mood, creating new ‘Universals’, collective planes of existence, ‘mass-numbers’.

Yet human, anthropomorphic, subjective Uo points of view submitted to the ‘Mind’s paradox’, which rejects motion/living properties in all entities that are:

  1. A) removed from Uo (Max.∆) and…
  2. B) Static, as the mind stops most motions into form to fill in its reduced static space, implies that humans never had and probably never will recognize the Pantheist Universe of self-similar beings, which the existence of those åctions and codes prove.

Anthropomorphic understanding of the will of survival: Actions and languages that describe them.

Thus, as always when dealing with humans and any p.o.v. we distort the actions of other beings from our self-ish point of view denying them to other beings, or qualifying other systems as objects over which we perform our actions. This is shown in the 2 languages we use to describe actions.

Now when we analyze those actions in more detail, there are two elements which enter in relationship: the œ-point that performs the action and the system over which the action happens.

In terms of the ‘ternary Universal Grammar’ that describes all actions from a linguistic point of view, human verbal thought has ‘nailed’ the structure of those actions, far better than mathematics with a simple logic structure proper of all its sentences (Chomsky):

I (subject) < verb (actions) > Object (over which the Ei action is performed).

Physics on the other hand, as it is only concerned with the study of ‘locomotions’, reduces the concept extremely, reason why we shall not use it here. In that sense, in theoretical physics, an action is an abstract quantity that describes the overall motion of a physical system, and therefore it corresponds to the simplex of those 5 actions, a. We shall thus comment on physical actions and its most interesting perspectives (the Lagrangian of actions, the law of least time and the unit of quantum actions), when dealing with ‘locomotions’.

Ultimately what physicists do with their topic reductionism is to deny ‘physical systems’, the vital will proper of those actions. Mind the reader, for a physicist always the physicist is the only intelligent being, mathematics the only language of knowledge and everything an object. So the fact that electrons and quarks do reproduce when they absorb energy is NOT an action but a deocupling, the fact that magnetic fields organize huge social groups of atoms is NOT a social action, but a lattice, and so on.


Now actions are the core of the vital program of ‘existence’ vs. extinction of the Universe. They exist for beings to exist. Species who perform those actions survive, and continue the game. Those who don’t disappear. And so it is only a question of ‘time’ that only species that perform the 5 actions, æ, ï, œ, û, survive (we group the dual absorption and emission of spatial energy and temporal information, ±e and ±i, with dual letters, æ and ï, to couple them with the 2 complex actions of reproduction œ and û)

External and Internal symmetry between actions and parts: trinity.

Thus the 2 most important isomorphisms of the Universe are:

From an external p.o.v. the dual and ternary symmetries between spatial synchronous organic form and temporal motions.

From an internal œ-mind, with its will of existence, the 5 ‘ a, e, ï, œ, û’ survival åctions, which conform the program of the Universe.

Both isomorphisms are related as actions are the will of the being to ‘maintain’ in balanced and ‘fill up’, the 3 parts of all beings:

æ actions therefore belong to limbs-fields of spatial ‘energy’; a is the kinetic motion, e the storing of potential energy.

ï actions belong to the To-head/particle that process temporal information.

œ actions are reproductive actions of the ST-body wave, the present being that creates an offspring of equal beings.

And so the û-niversal actions beyond the being, are those of the 5th dimension when the being is part of the whole.

This other angle on the analysis of actions (a difficulty of T.Œ is to realize that unlike the one-dimensional human mind, the Universe does have many perspective on any reality; so we are here giving a few on the concept of survival actions), shows how actions and scales of the 5th dimension are connected, such as æ, ï actions relate the being to ∆-n lower scales where it feeds and perceives, œ to ∆-beings of its same scale and û to the ∆+n social scales.

The minimal actions: Duality

Now, we call simplex actions, the æ, ï actions because those are performed by all beings. Indeed, some beings do NOT reproduce, but all must at least as long as they exist emit and absorb spatial energy and temporal information, Sp<≈ > Tƒ.

All systems have spatial kinetic lineal motions and cyclical clocks of temporal information. All systems are made of motion and form. So all systems at least do emit or absorb motion and form, which we shall call despite the imprecision of the terms, generically spatial energy and temporal information, ± ∆ e, i.

Hence the use of the general synonymous concepts: Sp≈æ, Ti≈ï. ST≈Ei

This gives us the 4 simple åctions for the minimalist Sp≈Tƒ being:

  • -∆æ: motion and changes in accelerations by emission of kinetic energy
  • +∆e:ø kinetic energy absorption or feeding and entropic extinction
  • +∆ï: observer’s perception by absorption of information
  • -∆ï: emission of information to communicate.

Those are thus the 4 ±∆ e, i natural simplex åctions in space-time of any being. We could in this ‘qualitative’ less precise language, talk of entities that absorb and emit information with their particles/heads and energy for their bodies (that store it) and limbs (that spend it with kinetic motions).

And so in the perfect state of ‘present’, any system conserves ST, Ei, Present existence.

This present existence is one in which the balance of information and energy of the system remains in a dynamic constant process of absorption and emission of both, in balance with the environment, which allows the system to repeat its existential åctions and survive.

The limits of actions. Max./Min. Tƒ, Sp: The equations of death

Now the limits of actions by overdrive or lack of Spæ and T ïƒ are ‘death’: As we said actions are the will of existence, so lack of action is dead, or ‘frozen states of not-being’ (hibernation, coldness≈ slow down of time clocks, etc.)

So we write two equations of death by excess or lack of Spatial Energy and Temporal Information:

Min. Tf x Max. Spæ: Death by overdrive of energy – accident, young death, cubs feeding predators, big-bangs, wars etc.

Min. Spæ x Max. Tƒ: Death by overdrive of information – 3rd age, warping, mass attraction, coldness, freeze, etc.

Now of course, for each species, in physical systems, we must remember that the 3 different time clocks, frequency, temperature and speed define different forms of death. Systems can die in the ∆+1 gravitational scale by sheer pressure of mass. Systems can die in the temperature scale but frozen no motion. Systems can die in the ∆-1 scale by loss of frequency (gravitational red shift, and tiredness of light, Doppler death). The entire subject of death, when your clocks run too slow or too fast and your constant quanta of space, of vital energy are spent, or you get too fat eating them, is thus specific for each species, and one of the isomorphisms to study when applying the general equations of ST symmetries and ages to each species.

But in general åctions have limits imposed externally by the limits of the larger world in which the system exists, as they become ‘resonances’, synchronise and act on that world. So since the word is larger in Sp≈Tƒ parameters if the system does not watch out its internal balances it can die.

For example thermodynamic worlds, centred in the ∆-temperature scale and its species like humans are, cannot reach on their gravitational interactions in the outer world, speeds that go beyond c and temperatures below 0. So they will die.

In fact much before getting there. Since to fix the limits of Tƒ/Sp death we need to observe the limits of Time-space of the being which are always smaller than those of its word. So our temperature cannot go beyond ±310 K and our relative speed beyond 30 m/s, without risking a harmful accident.

This means that while åctions are ‘general’, isomorphic and can be described for all systems, detailed analysis of åctions will be specific of each species and its relative vital ‘constants, and the inverse parameters of density of energy and information of the system and the world it inhabits (Spe/Tƒ for the ∆-being and the ∆+1 world).

This post is obviously most focused on the general laws of those 5 åctions of existence, and the general bits of information and boosts of motion and bites of energy for entire families of species, belonging to ∆n planes of existence.

Such as the h-Planck bit of information for all electronic beings and its quantum rules, etc. So we shall only introduce this general elements here, reserving for 3-4 line posts detailed analysis.


The 3 elements of the Universe: 2-manifolds, 3 time motions and ages, and 5D scales.

3 time arrows

In the graph, the 3 type of motions of the Universe, expansive, decelerating, Se-entropic, past motions; present, vibrating, wave-like repetitive, present motions and future, informative, implosive, accelerated, vortex like motions.

Its sequential combinations in life-death cycles (world cycles of the ‘existential function’), its simultaneous adjacent construction of ternary organisms, with moving, entropic toroid limbs/fields, repetitive, hyperbolic body/waves and cyclical spherical heads/particles of information, and its complex, architectonical design of the co-existing planes of the 5th dimension that build together the systems of the Universe, require the formalism of existential algebra, Æ, departing from the symbols that represent those motions, forms and scales. It will then be easy to represent all space-time events and define the simple symmetries, transformations and inversions of space-time that define the Universe and all its parts.

In the graph, the Universe has 3 different arrows of time, which being time broken into infinite events can travel simultaneously in different regions of space-time towards a local future or past, as when we die ( a past dissolving event) or we live (a future, informative arrow). The combination of both arrows creates a repetitive present, which reproduces a certain form in space-time. Thus we write:

Ω.  Tƒ (future, informative arrow) x Se (past-energetic arrow) = ST: Present iterative arrow.

The 3 arrows of time must be always understood in relationship to the 3 ‘scales’ of growing complexity and organization of the Universe. That means, they can be the phases of a single, ±∆e,i space-time action, or they can be part of a larger, sequential order, as the one represented in the world cycle of life and death, which is a journey through 3 scales of the 5th dimension (seminal-cellular/atomic->Idividual-organic->social/gravitomagnetic), between birth and extinction.

In the case of the perception of those 3 arrows in space, we shall observe beings with fields/limbs of entropic energetic motions hyperbolic bodies/waves that iterate those motions and particles/heads that project into the future and guide the system.

This combination is the one we most often observe, and so we can say that it generates most systems of reality:




How language interferes with reality. The Universal Grammar of all languages.

In Newton’s model there are ‘beings’, whose substance is not considered but reduced to Euclidean ‘points with no volume’  that exist in a background abstract frame of reference, mimetic of the Cartesian graphs Newton used to do its calculus (as if God had drawn a mathematical graph in the ‘background of reality’) independent of those beings. Thus this model which merely ‘translates’ the linguistic tool of the mind – the Cartesian mathematical graph, and affirms IS reality, is called ‘background independent’ space-time. Yet as there is NO experience of that background (there is no absolute vacuum, vacuum is always ‘something’ that ‘fills’ – ultimately light radiation, or ‘background radiation’, so ultimately space still IS light space), this concept seems to be a basic ERROR of logic thought, expressed by Kant – to confuse REALITY with LANGUAGE.

So in the same manner religions say that the language of time humans use to describe reality with ‘verbs’ is GOD, the reality itself, scientists, specially physicists say that the language we humans use to express reality, mathematics is REALITY itself. This ‘simple’, tautological way to define everything goes in science from Newton’s absolute space-time to quantum interpretations of particles as probabilities.

But it IS wrong – a human linguistic ego-trip, similar to that of Abrahamic religions, where ‘The word thy God became man and inhabited among us’ (Saint John’s 1.1.).  And it is also a simple way to give up in the explanation of reality. Reading Newton one notice immediately that because he couldn’t explain what caused gravitation, he came to the conclusion that ‘gravitation’ was a mathematical background space-time. Point. So goes for the quantum masters who could not explain why particles were waves and particles at the same time, and why they could not control them (uncertainty of measure, different behavior in experiments, etc.). So they decided particles and waves were the mathematical tool they used to express them (probabilities).

Knowledge is linguistic knowledge, when after:

  1. A) finding experimental data.
  2. B) introducing such data into regular mathematical and logic laws, the languages of space and time.
  3. C) we create synoptic linguistic models of reality that ‘focus’ the infinite data of the Universe into the ‘finite’ volume of the brain, through the synoptic ‘syntax’ of those languages. Thus we need to go to the basic elements of all linguistic knowledge, and its syntax, to the Universal Grammar of all languages that reflect all events of space-time, such as:

 Λ.  Tƒ (Time function, informative subject) < operandi≈action≈ verb ≈space & time: ST > Se (space element, object)

This Universal Grammar will be very important to our analysis of minds and languages that perceive the 3 elements of the Universe, space, time and its combinations, and how minds use 3 elements to map out reality (for example 3 colors of spatial energy, red, temporal information, blue, and its active combinations, greens and yellows). But we cannot get now distracted with it. Suffice to notice that all mathematical formulae are F(x) operandi F(y), which tend to be relationships and transformations of vital spaces and time cycles, and all languages have a Universal grammar of subject, object and the verb that mixes them. So in general all is really Space Magnitude < Spacetime transformation > Time cycle, and we will return to that.

So far we write both equations, with the letter Lambda, which in the notation of relational space-time is the letter (not number) for all equations related to Languages. So the Universal grammar of all languages is ternary as it reflects the Universal space-time cycle/event, minimal unit of reality:

Λ.   Space < Action of space-time > Time.

So the next task is to fully grasp those 2 dualities together: the duality between mind perception in stillness or ‘information’ and a moving reality of vital spaces and time cycles.

And the duality of the 2 geometries of the Universe, cyclical time clocks that close curves into themselves and lineal open motions. Those 2 dualities will give us 4 elements of reality, which will merge into infinite systems: curves with motion or curves with form, and lines with motion and lines with form.

We formalize the ∆ST Universe, thanks to i-logic geometry and existential Algebra – the two sides of its formalism, which complement each other as classic geometry, emphasizing space and classic algebra, emphasizing sequential time logic do.

i-logic geometry thus ads the 4 remaining Non-Euclidean definitions to the 5th, the only one known till date, basis of Relativity.

On the other hand Existential algebra, studies mainly the 3 dimensions of Time; that is the ternary, causal logic of 3 time dimensions and its relationship with its hierarchical, isomorphic organic, evolutionary ‘∆-scales’.

This POST deals with the geometric perspective.

The study of the Generator Equation or Existential Function and its existential algebra deals with its causal, temporal perspective.

And the 3rd formalism of ∆-scales which is organic, vital, is dealt in the analysis of complex super-organisms.

Symbols of Existential Algebra used to describe the 9+i Ðisomorphisms, social scales and ∆-planes of reality:

Paraphrasing Einstein, i-logic geometry (space p.o.v.) = existential algebra (time p.o.v.) – give us both, the Thoughts of The Creator – the Generator Equation and ‘Its’ details – every part and event of the Universe, whose laws derive from such ‘Thoughts’:

The 3Arrows/Dimensions of Time: <, >, =.

<: Itis the explosive big-bang, death-entropy arrow that defines the creation of spatial energy: O<Sp or past arrow.

>:  It is the implosive temporal life-order arrow that defines the creation of information: Sp>O.

=, <=>: Is the arrow of present, simultaneous exchange of energy and information between 2 poles: Sp<=>O.

In Universal Grammar is the arrow of self-similarity.

The 3 Topologies of Space are represented by letters or ‘geometric symbols’ (O=Es; O=Tƒ: <=>, Ø =Sp X Tƒ):

– Sp or |: It is the membrane, energetic part, male pole, 3D spherical topology  (in 2, 1D, the plane or line)

-Tƒ, O: It’s the zero point, informative part, brain, female pole, 3D hyperbolic topology (in 2, 1D, the vortex, cycle)

-<=>,Ø, Sp X Tƒ: It is the body, reproductive part, ‘son’, 3D toroid topology, (in 2D, the cone).

The 4 Existential åctions: ∆ï, ∆E, ï,œ û; ∑ , ∏: They, and their combinations, define the program of existence.

 ∆ï is the action of information gauging. It is the 1st Postulate of i-logic, the 1D of information – rotation, cycle.

– ∆Sp is the action of Energy feeding. It is the 2nd Postulate & the 1st Dimension of Energy – length, motion.

 ST=Sp X Tƒ is the action of Bonding that creates complementary systems related to the 3rd Postulate.

– <=> is the action of communication; mostly between 2 points, Sp<=>Tƒ & defines the 2nd Dimension: the wave.

– ∑, ∑û is the action of social evolution, either reproduction ∑Sp X Tƒ, or Herding: ∑ Ei, creating a 3D, width-plane. And its variety:

∏, ±∆ is the action of network creation of superorganisms across 3 existential planes: ∆-1 cellular, ∆-organic & ∆+1 social plane through an informative language. It obeys a power law, as T cycles will create Tƒaxons. Thus: ∏T>Tƒ

Those symbols define by similarity and combination in sequential sentences/equations all the invariances in space (topological invariances) and Time (causal chains, sequential ages), origin of all the events and forms of reality applicable to all entities of Existence: ∑Sp∆-1<=>∏Tƒ.

Such as the Universe allows any combination forwards (>) and backwards (<) or without motion=change (=) in time; any topological combination or transformation between Sp, Tƒ,<=>; any sequential sum of åctions (∆ï, ∆Sp, Sp<ST>Tƒ; ∑, ∏ ±∆ ) and any ∆±2 jump and/or transfer of energy and/or information between planes of existence (as systems co-exist in 3 scales) but nothing else.

The main scales of the generator and its ‘actions’ of space-time.

As scientific equations are varieties of the Fractal Generator and its 4 functions that represent the 4 vital actions common to all species of space-time. Thus in each of those scientific scales 4 functional equations express the energetic, informative, reproductive and social actions that suffice to describe the existence of each species:


4 Vital Dimensions explain the existence of light-space: the wide, energetic, magnetic field; the tall, informative, electric field; the reproductive, long wave speed, calculated as the product of its electric and magnetic field and its frequency colors, which are societies of photons.

In the graph, we have written the 3 dimensions of time, past, slow energy and future, fast information with the human time-clock speed as our relative present, point of view. Since simpler scales are causally in the past; as an entity is created literally by informing, molding with higher i+1 networks, simpler scales ‘cell by cell’. When a light wave moves, it does not ‘displace’ but reproduces its wave motions, ‘warping’ simpler gravitational 1D string lines, by a height factor of –ct (Relativity). Motion is really reproduction of information on a simpler i-1 scale. Thus we describe the 3 Time Dimensions of ‘social evolution’ of light across 3 i-scales as:

– ∑: Color is the 4th ‘social dimension’ of light, made by herding together multiple frequencies of light into a photon, its present, simultaneous space dimension. As space from the perspective of time dimensions is a present ‘slice’ of the total time flow – the 4th dimension of time. While inversely the Present, simultaneous measures of Time, are in Relativity the 4th dimension of space. Yet we reach a sounder description separating those 3+3 spacetime dimensions, by using multiple time speeds instead of a single 4D clock.

+i: Fractal electrons are Light’s i+1 dimension of future network evolution.

-i: The gravitational i-1 scale in which it feeds is its relative, to which it returns after ‘dying’, red-shifting and expanding its length-speed between galaxies (z>c).

Then as light warps into more informative, smaller beings (Max.O x Min. E), first electrons, then molecular orbitals and so on, each new ‘scale’ of light space-time requires the previous scales to be born. Thus causally simpler scales are in the past. When your i-neurons, create your ∏-whole, they are in the past, requiring an action-bit of time to synchronize and emerge as an i+1 whole into the future. That’s why the subconscious rules, and the ‘ego’ merely observes with its electric whole brain waves; or the molecular orbital appears ‘after’ the atomic ones dissolve into the whole.


Further on, complex i+n systems move slower, as they draw more information in a single space-point. A light beam of pure ¥-space informs only a gravitational line so it reaches the maximal c-speed of our spacetime membrane. But there is another parallel Universe of gravitational scales, of E-speed and information-order, made of dark, gravitational energy, quark matter and quark, boson stars (black holes), which are accelerating vortices of w>C and T<0k  beyond the c-event horizon. And since we ‘don’t see’ gravitational information, its relative motion-speed is ∞, non-local.

4 Maxwell equations describe all the actions of an electric field.maxwells-equations






4 quantum numbers describe all the 4 ‘drives’ of existence of electrons:

its level of energy (principal number), its gauging of information (2nd number), its reproductive decoupling when they have opposite ‘sexual’ spin number and evolve socially organized by the magnetic number.


4 type of vibrations organize a social molecule.


4 nucleotide acids code the vital actions of the cell:



4 drives of existence – feeding, informing, reproducing and evolving socially – explain the game of life.


In the graph, two coordinates of vital space and cyclical time for biological systems. We in general consider as two parameters in organisms:

– Se: Rate of reproduction in space

– Tƒ: Rate of perception or rotary motion (angular momentum) in time.

A being is made of two functions, perception and reproduction, and a 3rd often borrowed exchange with the environment,

As it happens systems do have a structure of ‘smaller systems’ and they form part of bigger systems.

In that regard there is an important reductionism, beyond the deformation of the form of time cycles, caused by the preponderance of absolute lineal space-time and physical analysis of time durations as a mere parameter of space, which has increased enormously in the XX century, since the publication of Relativity and the Minkowski 4D metric, the elimination as a fundamental characteristic of the Universe of causal, logic processes, biological, evolutionary, survival reasons and sensorial, informative whys, to the nature and purpose of time cycles.

In true form, reality is NOT made of space, but the primary substance is ‘time’, time cycles that break space into an inner and outer region (fundamental theorem of knots and topology), and that precise game of cyclical forms-motions that break and organize space into vital regions, harnessing its ‘energy-motions’ into forms is all what the Universe is about.

Thus relational space-time turns upside down our understanding of the Universe from a mere, simple spatial description where absolute time is a parameter of space, to a cyclical description where space is a slice in the flow of cyclical times, a region surrounded by a time cycle, a ‘path’ in a ‘Lagrangian’ of åctions whose final sum is always zero, if we were to use some of the advanced concepts of physics we shall translate to the new paradigm; a ‘moment of present’, in the whole cycle from past to future that closes those paths.

For the same reason, the minimal unit of reality is NOT a string of space, but an interval of cyclical time, specifically a cyclical ‘action’ with form, a bit of information. In physics from where we have borrowed heavily conceptual and mathematical terms to describe all space-time cycles, the unit is indeed an action of energy and time, which manifests itself in the 3 main U±1 scales of the 5th dimension, the quantum, thermodynamic and mechanic scales, as a Planck’s action, h, a temperature vibration or a force.

In cellular biology as a circadian cycle of transformation of energy and information, from an ATP to a genetic cycle.

In organic life as an action of feeding, informing, reproducing, evolving socially, moving, ∂æ,e,ï,œ,û.

In society as a similar economic, cultural, social or military action of a nation or civilization.




The 4 actions of energy and information or 4 local dimensions of space-time beings, or 4 arrows of temporal existence, self-similar jargons for the ‘4 letters of God’, if you were to use mystique terms, are: In/Form/ation, Energy, Reproduction and Social Evolution through a linguistic network.

Those 3+1 actions of space-time define all events of all entities of the Universe. Their study under the ternary method gives us the why of those entities, its actions, ages in time, scales and topologies in space – all the ‘details’ of each particular ‘function of existence’, EóI, which is one of the ‘infinite’ expressions of the ‘Program of the Universe’, each one a being of reality.

So those actions are expressed by the 3+1 dimensions of space-time in the scale of forces, by the 4 quantum numbers in the scale of particles, by the 4 nucleotides in the scale of DNA and RNA molecules; by the different organelles of cells; by the senses and physiological systems of organisms, the 3+1 drives of social organisms, the 4 actions that we all humans perform, the 4 ‘memes’ of metal that together shape the economic ecosystem (simplex energetic weapons and informative money and complex reproductive factories and informative networks of machines.)

Let us then resume those 4 time arrows, actions and topologies, considered in more details in different books of this series, for the ‘main ternary scales’ of Universal super-organism, both in matter and life:


1st scale: The 4 dimensions of space-time


Space-time is not abstract. The Galilean paradox of perception shows that it is made of light as light is what we see and what we consider space. It has the same 3 Euclidean dimensions plus color. It always remains some light (background radiation) in space-time. And so we shall talk of a ‘substance’, light-space. Then Einstein discovered that there is space-time we do not see, larger than the Euclidean light-space, or gravitational space, which was also more curved. But we are not concerned here with the substance and form of that more complex, bigger ‘scale of reality’.

Light is our space-time. Thus the 4 dimensions of light and human space-time are the same.

They express the 4 ‘vital arrows’ of light as a complementary species of energy and information:

1. The arrow of energy and motion is expressed in the magnetic field.

2. The arrow of information and form is expressed in the electric field.

3. The arrow of reproduction in the dimension of length, the speed of light, c, which Maxwell deduced by multiplying the other two arrows, exi (Maxwell equations)

4. And the arrow of social evolution in its colors, which are groups of frequencies, gathering of multiple photons.

Yet since the Universe is relative in all its directions, those 3+1 arrows must be considered relative to the point of view of the Observer (relativity theory). That means that when the arrows ‘emerge’, the so-called ‘diffeomorphic principle applies’. The arrows and dimensions of a being might change orientation. For example in humans, relative height is the arrow of information, as all systems need perspective to perceive. So in sociological systems the priest, the politician or the antenna is also on top.

Yet in plants, which absorb form, information, atoms from the floor, the roots are their relative ‘high’, and the energetic ‘leaves’ the relative ‘low’, opposite to that of animals, which prey on plants and have the head on top, as they get information from the sun. But this example proves certain basic relationships between the 4 arrows of time, which dimensions express: The arrow of energy and information are opposite (two dimensional beings) or perpendicular (some 3 dimensional ones), as they are all their geometrical properties (lines vs. cycles, planar or spherical vs. hyperbolic topologies in 4 D, etc.). Both are then perpendicular to the arrow of reproduction. So in lineal systems, the head is on top, on bottom the limbs and in the middle the arrow of reproduction. That is the case of human beings. In electromagnetic fields, energy and information, electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular and they are perpendicular to the 3rd arrow of reproduction.

Those 3 arrows thus are found in all systems, as it is a fundamental law of emergence that the properties of a simpler system, emerge in the more complex systems created by the social evolution of individual cells of the smaller scale into the higher scale. So all systems, which are made of complex light condensates do have functional/formal dimensions related to its own arrows of time.

And this is the ultimate reason why the World is mathematical.

For example, humans have the high dimension of informative heads, the low dimension of lineal limbs, the perpendicular central dimension of erectile penis, which are inverted in the ‘energetic, male species’ and the ‘informative, female one’ (inward uterus). While the body reproduces its cells in the dimension of width, and fat people are ‘wide’ so are strong, muscle-driven one.

So finally the 4th dimension, which is NOT necessarily a space dimension, but might be, as it is related to the organization of reproduced cells. So we could consider that the same width and length are the dimensions that give volume to the body. But the 4th dimension is always more complex, it is really a dimension of temporal information, a linguistic dimension, a dimension of perception. So it is color, a language that animals use to survive and orientate their existence in the life ecosystem. In our organism the language is chemical for the internal cells and nervous for the whole organism. Yet as emergence exists in all processes, the nervous system often translates its language into chemical messages (hormones, calcium expression of synaptic messages), to ‘talk’ to the lower level of cellular existence.

In a more complex analysis, what we call light space-time is really an Euclidean space with motion and so the existence of a mathematical substrata of geometric nature and 4-dimensionality in all systems of electromagnetism, which is the essential force of our universe, should not surprise us. The nature though of the multiple worlds and points of view, minds and representations of the information of the Universe, entities of light space-time store are many; and the mathematics of them are fractal and non-Euclidean.

2nd scale: the quantum numbers express the 4 dimensions of electronic and quark superorganisms.

Head-on collision of a quark (red ball) with a gluon (green ball), from protons with opposite spin, represented by blue cycles. The particles ejected from the collision are a shower of quarks and one photon. The simplest particles, quarks and electrons reproduce, even if anthropomorphism denies that ‘meaning’ but require a different spin orientation – the ‘sexual factor’ of simple particles. We shall see once and again that mechanism and denial of organicism is not a ‘reasonable doubt’ but a question of egocentric beliefs –humans always prefer a theory, as bizarre as they might be, that make him the center of the Universe.

The next scale is made of social, fractal gatherings of light photons and the language of expression of those fractal organisms of photons, called electrons are the 4 quantum numbers:

An electron traces energetic cycles described by the principal quantum number; feeds on energy, changing the spatial form of its trajectory, a fact explained by the secondary quantum number, orientates its spin to leave space to an identical but inverted ‘genre’, an action described by its spin number, and gauges magnetic information to organize itself socially, an action described by the magnetic number.

So the first quantum number indicates its body-energy, the second number its structural form, the spin number its reproductive duality in each shell and the 4th number uses the language of magnetic information to evolve socially in networks of particles.

And those 4 numbers define the electron as a Non-Euclidean quantum knot of complementary energy and information. The similarity of quantum electrodynamics and quark chromodynamics shows that the same concept roughly applies to define the other fundamental particle of the Universe – the quark.

The electronic world thus move along 3 fundamental scales: it is the upper scale of the world of light and the lower scale of the world of atoms enslaved by the central quarks and vice versa: the electrons encase the quarks and its forces within the interior of the atom, forming a superorganism regulated in its actions of existence and complementary structure by the 4 forces, which are the ‘expression’ of the actions of those initial bricks of life.

The Magnetic field.

It has to be understood the magnetic field as created by a spiral electric field. Thus it is created by the electron as its ‘informative language’. Its effects are similar to those caused by two particles that enter in communication: the alignment of its ‘existential momentum’ exi to ‘start’ a parallel trajectory/ conversation. In tis case the magnetic field emited by a electric charge, conforms the electron to a parallel trajectory and so any magnetic field ‘talks’ and makes socialize any other group of electrons. X-Perpendicularity with contact, are relationships proper of feeding, energetic relationship[s; =-parallelism, is proper of informative flows. We conclude that magnetic fields are the informative language of particles as electric fields are its energetic, motion component. The B-field by exercising a force both perpendicular to the v of the electron and the magnetic field emited by other electric flow causes the electron to deviate in parallel to the emitter, creating a grow of order and synchronicity, which is the essential first step of creation of ehrds and social organisms – a force of parallelism that approximates in parallel flows herds of self-simialr beings and we observe in all systems. In the atomic system is caused by the magnetic field that aligns the spin of particles and cause motions that do not affect the energy/celerity of the particle but its orientation in space. As such is akin to the centripetal force in the similar gravitational world of macrocosmic masses. As the responsible for the location and change of position, and group behavior of different particles, the magnetic field becomes the informative field of electrons. But where it comes from ultimately the magnetic field, if not from the ‘impression’ of the previous scale of gravitational space-time? A question that goes beyond this example into the meaning of the different scales of a structure of social evolution, in this case:

Plancks of light (i-2: light wave) -> Photons (social light)-> Electrons (fractal waves of photons)-> Nucleons  -> Atoms -> Molecules…

In essence in all those scales we shall find an informative force of i-2 microscopic pixels used by the macrocosmic particle to communicate information, which will therefore show less energy; this is the magnetic field among particles. Then there is an i-1 force of bigger pixels that become ‘bites’ absorbed and fed into the organism in a perpendicular attractive/repulsive game. This creates point particles. In this case electrons absorb photons, which are the ultimate ‘bosonic condensates perceived as points of an electronic nebulae’ cells of the electron. So the electron uses magnetic fields, which are one of the two components of a Planck of light (h), to create waves that communicate information about its position and strength of the group to other electrons, which suffer then a change in its trajectory to position itself in parallel to the original current and ‘absorb’ the talk. Though there is much expeirmentla evidence to gather with this ‘new approach’ to the whys of physical particles, the laws of scales are clear. And so the same game means that condensed electrons somehow become a nucleon. And vice versa: a nucleon that changes from neutron to proton is in fact ‘emiting’ an electron, cell of its inner structure, and by the same rule nucleons communicate with ‘photons’ the language of colors or rather pions, super-condensed photons.

And so following the same scales atoms and Molecules communicate with electrons and nucleons (H+ being the ‘universal language’ of molecular ‘voices’ that communicate ions even in biological systems, as simple as in the language of sexual hormones that differ only in that ‘vowel’.)

3rd scale: The 4 universal forces express the 4 actions of atomic superorganisms.

The Universe creates dimensional form by reducing the motion/speed of a physical system and vice versa: it creates motion/ speed by eliminating dimensions of form. So a 3 dimensional nebulae of matter collapses into an accelerated mass vortex, in which, according to the Equivalence between gravitational forces, masses and cyclical acceleration (Einstein’s relativity), is an attractive whirl of spacetime. The Equivalence Principle establishes a Universe with 2 limits of eternal movement: a lineal speed with a c limit or electromagnetic force; and a cyclical speed or mass, which is a vortex of space-time also with a ‘c’ limit of speed, reached in the heaviest objects – black holes. Thus radiation and mass eternally transform into each other the lineal and cyclical arrow of inertial movement: E (lineal motion)<cxc>M(Ti) (cyclical motion).A light wave reproduces at c-speed an electromagnetic surface of lineal space. On the other hand, a mass whose limit is a black hole that turns at c-speed is a cyclical entity that balances the lineal movement of light forces with its inverse cyclical movement, to maintain an eternal dynamic balance of cycles and lines.

How atoms express their 4 actions? As all other systems, using ‘bits’ and bites’ of their inferior i-2 scales, by emitting seeds of its own i-1 scale and by sharing energy and information with species of the same scale. Yet to understand all this, first we have to correct the main error of quantum physics – its misunderstanding of the paradox of Galileo. Since charges and masses are not substances, neither fixed forms, by cyclical, rotational vortices of electromagnetic and gravitational, lineal forces, curved into temporal information: E->I, where E is the force and I the charge or mass, the vortex/clock of information of the i-1 gravitational and i-electromagnetic scales, as the previous graph illustrates. Indeed, according to the Strong Principle of Equivalence of Einstein (between gravitational forces and masses), a mass is defined as the frequency of a vortex of gravitational forces, which attracts more the faster it turns, and the smaller it is (Vortex law: Vo x Ro= K; thus E=Mc2 + E=hv -> M = k v, where mass is proportional to the frequency of the vortex.) Thus masses carry most of the information of the i-1 scale of the Universe and as vortices of information they might aperceive in their structure a virtual map of reality made with ‘graviton pixels’; in the same manner i-electrons are ‘charges’, vortices of electromagnetic information that create ‘electronic images’ in mechanical and human eyes. Thus:

Informative ‘perception’: Quarks process and probably ‘aperceive’ gravitation, which is absorbed by its mass, a cyclical vortex of gravitational information.  Electrons perceive light-space and form our minds.

Energy ‘feeding’:  Atoms ‘feed’ on the next scale of forces, lines of electromagnetism that warp around the atom and become ‘fractal’, dense photonic points of an electronic cloud of information.

Thus beyond gravitational forces (energy with ‘infinite’ speed-distance – non local, >c – and beyond our perceptive scale, hence with nil information, observed as ‘nothingness’), light becomes the energy that feeds the atom and warps into dense photons, the points observed within the fractal structure of the electron. In the same manner, it might be worth to explore if a condensation of gravitons could create gluons, whose condensation could create quarks, by symmetry with the better world of electronic matter.

Reproduction: Both quarks and electrons seem to reproduce as all other species, by creating first, ‘i-1 seeds’ photons and gluon, micro-particles that evolve back into bigger quarks and electrons.

The 2 inner atomic forces express the complex actions of reproduction of its two type of particles, the weak electronic and strong quark force…

Eusocial evolution: Further on, the weak and strong forces produce interactions that evolve and reproduce lighter particles into heavier ones.

The Eusocial evolution of electrons in groups is mediated by magnetic fields. The strong force evolves quarks into Nucleons that are hold together by its ‘residual’ nuclear force.

Fission and fusion processes are mediated by weak forces and are the main evolving and reproductive processes of atomic systems. Thus, the weak force, which has a temporal parameter, must be defined as a temporal force that ‘transforms’, evolves and mutates particles into each other, reproducing them.

An interesting law of all systems is the symmetries between the internal and external networks and actions of the organism that accomplish the complex and simplex arrows of the system.

In atoms, it is expressed by the duality of inner and outer forces to the nucleus of the atom, which express the inner and outer complex and simplex energy and information arrows:

–     The strong force is the arrow of inner social evolution that organizes the quarks into a whole. And its outer expression is the arrow of gravitation, the arrow of information of the outer superorganism of atoms, the Universe…

–     The weak force is the arrow of internal reproduction, which intervenes in the processes of decoupling=iteration and creation of new particles and it is related to the external arrow of electromagnetic forces that provides the energy to the Universe at large.

Further on, as we grow in scales of atomic organization, the derivatives of those 2 elemental forces assembly nucleons and electrons: nuclear forces assembly nucleons and van der walls forces molecules.

The laws that relate the 4 actions of any systems (its relative causality in time and size in space) are met also by the 4 forces/actions of atoms, expressed in the law of range, such us:

Gravitation (informative force) < Electromagnetism (E Force) < Re (Strong Forces) < Evolution (Weak)

Max. Spatial distance/Speed < Medium Spatial Energy < Small Se < Minimal Se x Max. T (weak force).

Ternary structure and ages:

An atom is a space-time field divided in 3 species, quarks of informative mass, gravitational and electromagnetic networks of information and energy in the intermediate space-time, and the external, body – an electron, which bends light into ‘fractal’, ultra dense photons, the cells of the electronic nebulae.

The 3 parts of the atom correspond to the 3 canonical topologies: Strong forces and quarks are described with hyperbolic topologies; the electronic body forms a concave, external sphere; and in between wave-like forces transfer energy and information between both poles. The same structures and forces will surface again in the structure of molecules.

Further on, there are 3 ‘families’ of mass and particles of increasing ‘mass-gravitational information’, which represent the 3 ages of evolution of atoms.

The ternary principle applied to masses shows the temporal, evolutionary nature of those 3 families.

Some surprising findings of GST applied to quantum theory.

We could also wonder in that line of thought the nature of ‘color’, the added quantum number of quarks:

it is a quantum number, a ‘spatial property’ or a temporal property that defines the 3 ages of time of a quark? Probably both. The 3 colors are ‘inseparable’ because they might be ‘3 dimensional networks’ orientated in 3 angles to complete the dimensional form of the quark. For that reason we cannot separate them: a quark is then NOT a full partile, but only 3 are a complete system, equivalent to a single electron (3×1/3= 1 charge).

Yet we could speculate also with a general rule: ternary, odd properties tend to be temporal properties and spatial pairs tend to describe spatial properties.  So an interesting question with not so easy response as it seems is: are we seeing the same quark in 3 temporal phases, or 3 quarks with different dimensional orientations?

In any case according to the inversion of properties, Es x Ti = K, the smaller faster vortices of quark-mass mean that their ‘time clocks’ are ‘faster’ than those of electronic species, reason why 3 ‘temporal cycles’ of quark charge might add to form one of electronic space.


4th scale. Molecular systems. Matter States.

A molecular system emerges as the next scale of atomic organisms, and hence it is the external expression of the four action of atoms – its social evolution.

As all other scales its properties and actions emerge from the fusion of those of their lower scale and so the electronic orbitals of molecules fusion the body of atoms (see graph of atomic structure). But molecular evolution fusions the external body of atoms, not their nuclei. When the quarks fusion in condensates they create ‘dark matter particles’ made of quark condensates, which according to the dominance of information over energy, create stronger top predators, neutron stars and black holes (probably top quark stars), that feed on ordinary matter.

In molecules, however the ‘nuclei’ remain separated. We could compare this to the duality between neuronal cells, which are cells with a very dense nucleus of DNA molecules, and muscle molecules with have a huge cytoplasm and multiple nuclei. This would be a closer representation of molecules.

As such the key element of those molecules are the same bodies and heads of atoms but the cytoplasm, the electronic cloud becomes the more relevant part.  The result is a simplex 102 speciation along the body and informative parameters of atoms (valences and mass) – the atomic table:

In the graph, we can translate the Atomic table to the jargon of multiple, fractal space-times. Since:

-The vertical columns show the orbital number or volume of electronic space those atoms have.

– The horizontal lines show the atomic number or volume of temporal mass of each atom.

Thus the Atomic table is a distribution of ±100, E=10i=2 complementary exi atoms, dominated by their gravitational quarks. Yet we live in a light world perceived by our electronic orbitals, the bodies of those atoms. We are electronic beings that cannot perceive gravitation; so we cannot see the inner nuclei of those atoms. And so chemistry is the science of electronic bondage.

Head/body/limbs of molecules: atomic super-organisms.

I: The Nucleus of the atom is its head and the gravitational force, its informative force that quarks perceive. In Molecules, those nucleis remain mostly inactive, as they do not fusion and evolve together.

I=E: Body: The electronic orbitals are its body and the electromagnetic force-feeds it.

E: Limbs: Gravitational strings over which the atom moves becomes the ‘limbs’ and energy elements. The electromagnetic fields, which the electronic cover uses to displace but also to evolve socially with other atoms (valences, van der walls force), become its limbs.

One has to think of such structure as the dual structure of our body/head, which has also 2 pairs of limbs, the arms which are really the limbs of the head that manipulate and rotate more than displace the system in energetic balance; and the legs which are the limbs of the body and move us in lineal trajectories in space. It is worth to consider a possible homology in an atom in which the quarks use the higher gravitational force to position around a center by rotational motions the spatial structure of the rest of its electrons and molecular forms provoking the different secondary, ternary and quaternary structures of complex molecules. Since topology is the key to the interaction between complementary systems, which are like puzzles that assembly and dismember chemical organisms with atoms that specialize in head, body, limb systems (for example the life ecosystem, in which N are head-atoms, C-formal, body atoms and O- the energetic limbs that move amino acids), we could consider quarks to ‘calculate’ the position and orientation of the atom and the electronic body, the ‘legs’ that connect it and bound it to others.

Again we observe that in all more complex systems we shall find this duality of internal/external arrows, which widen our understanding of them. For example, in your organism, you have an inner informative, nervous system, that organizes socially your cells, connected to external senses that communicate you informatively with the external world. And you have a digestive, energetic system that absorbs energy from your ‘territory’ which in animals is clearly limited by its ‘motions’ during a day, and in humans by an economic system (the energetic system of the upper social scales). All those dualities, symmetries and complex relationships between time arrows is the ultimate essence of general systems science, whose logic and topology and laws of eusocial evolution from a complex, fascinating web of relationships that structure the Universe.

States of matter are the distinct forms that different ages of matter take on. The gaseous, energetic young state, the liquid, reproductive one, and the solid, informative network. The gas is a herd of minimal social evolution, extended in space, which creates then semi-permanent bonds as liquid, with a viscosity that allows complex mixing and social evolutionary or reproductive processes with catalyzers or fusion and fission processes.

Those 3 states however are born from a previous ‘particle state’ of atomic matter, plasma…

The cycles of states of matter narrate its genetic origin on the past birth from a big-banging age.

Historically, the distinction is made based on qualitative differences in bulk properties. Solid is the state in which matter maintains a fixed volume and shape; liquid is the state in which matter maintains a fixed volume but adapts to the shape of its container; and gas is the state in which matter expands to occupy whatever volume is available.

As we move to the next molecular scale, the inner network forces of the atom become ‘covered’ by the more external ones, which grow in importance:

The strong force is the informative, denser force still structures the ‘head/nucleus’ of the atom and now might act as an informative language to position the atom in complex molecular structures.

The electromagnetic force is the energetic, body force that structures the shape of the electronic orbit. It gives now origin to valences and complex Van der Waals forces, which become the main molecular expression of their 4th arrow of eusocial molecular evolution.

The gravitational force might still be the pixel of perception of nucleons but increasingly covered by perception of electromagnetic forces and orbitals. And as molecular systems increase in size, till entering the cosmic level, of eusocial evolution, gravitation is the arrow of perception and electrons the arrow of feeding.

Molecular orbitals emerge from the properties of its individual atomic orbitals. Thus they follow the laws of emergence, and its mathematical combinations and ratios, but once we have emerged, the ‘details’ of the 4 arrows of space-time will differ. For example, to establish the formal structure (shape, topology) of molecular orbitals the L number no longer apply. The different molecular orbitals of a given fixed energy level, are then classified with a new quantum number, λ, defined as:  λ = |ml|

Following the spectroscopic notation pattern, those molecular orbitals are designated by a small case Greek letter: for λ = 0, 1, 2, 3, orbitals are called σ, π, δ, φ… respectively. And they have the ‘usual topologies’ of energy (sigma orbital), information (pi orbital) and its combinations. And its further evolution gives birth to the states of matter, which are energetic (gas), reproductive (liquid) and solid (informative) ‘ages’ of molecular fields. Yet as in the case of atoms and particles, time is completely reversible in molecular organisms and so those states can mutate between each other.

Another question is the molecular language. It seems obvious by the simplicity of hormonal codes and even complex messages in proteins and huge macro-molecules reduced mostly to a small active site that the language is simple, electronic according to the scales which use i-2 ‘pixels’ as language and i-1 particles as food; and so it must be reduced to positive and negative ions of ‘different’ force and ‘intensity’ (as the case of Ca+2 used in neuronal languages or the duality Oh-, H+ that differenciate sexual hormones). This simple language gives us 4 ‘letters’, +, ++, -, –, to codify any 4-dimensional language as it is all what is needed in a Universe of 4-dimensional actions in any scale and world: You can build all realities if you can ‘order’ any species to do ‘one of its 4 actions’. The species will then put in march its own actions that will in turn result in building with other species that have received your simultaneous field order as superior i+1 being the effect desire by your ‘plan’ for that part of your organic, ‘territorial order’. In this manner infinite states and actions of billions of agents come together into that marvel which is the program of creation of more complex synchronic structures.

Macrosystems program microsystems by inducing on them one of their 4 inherent actions. The Universe collaborates more than imposes, but the collaboration is tricked by the bigger plane which ab=uses its smaller fields of energy and working cells that will toil for him, induced by its ‘discharges of energy and form’ to billions of microcoscopic ‘agents’.

5th scale: Planets and stars.

Atoms and molecules forming huge fields of the 3 states of matter, are the ‘cellular units’ of complex physical molecular organisms, mainly stars and planets (if we consider in this introduction, only celestial bodies formed by the condensation of molecules not of quark states of heavier families of matter).

A planet is a huge i-logic molecular field that mixes liquid and solid states with a very thin gaseous membrane. Thus, based in our template of a network organism, we define the Earth as a st-point:

The Earth is an organic, molecular system with a central crystal, which acts as a knot of informative flows of gravitation and a hard membrane that evolves life ecosystems, based on light’.

In the left side of the graph The Earth as a st-point, has 3 fundamental non-AE regions:

– Max. E: Our planet has an energetic, gaseous external membrane; the atmosphere and magnetic belts, which isolates it and selects the type of radiation that crosses into its surface.

– ExI: The zone of maximal reproductive and organic evolution is the crust and mantle: On the surface of the planet there are animal herds that communicate and act-react to light impulses, evolving and reproducing its form. Next, a crust and mantle layer of magma defines the reproductive cycles of rocks.

– Max. I: The inner, informative nucleus is a dense crystal core of iron and within it probably there is a smaller Uranium core, the most complex atom of the Universe with a minimal stable life.

Each of those 3 Non-E regions can be subdivided again, according to the Fractal Principle, in ternary structures and sub-scales of ‘fractal quanta’ that interact between them with different EóI, cyclical rhythms corresponding to their arrows of time. We observe one of those ternary structures and cycles – the continental cycle that breaks the ‘whole’ into 3 sub-continents, affecting the evolution of life, ‘the hyperbolic’ informative quanta of the Earth’s ‘flat, energetic, external membrane’.

Yet if the Earth has a ternary structure in space, it means its 3 st-regions also perform the 3±st existential cycles of any organic system. This is certain to the extent we have empirical evidence for the membrane and the intermediate region with its cycles of reproduction of rocks and so we extend that ‘probability’ to the central core, a crystal of ‘magnetic iron’, which should behave as any magnetic, crystalline structure of atoms does, enacting parallel cycles to those of crystals…


5th scale: Stars.

The H-R diagram shows the 3 ages of stars, through its energy & information parameters.

The life, evolution and death of stars are depicted in the H-R Diagram, which classifies stars according to its E & I parameters, as the atomic table does with atoms:

Max. Se: Brightness or Magnitude, which is a spatial parameter that grows with the size of the star.

Max. Ti: Spectral type, (colour or frequency), which classifies stars according to its temporal form.

Yet the H-R diagram is only a representation of the 2nd and 3rd ages of stars – since the young age of the star as nebulae of max. spatial extension and min. formal complexity (as all young ages are) is not represented. So we add on the left side the 1st age of a star as a nebulae of max.extension. Then the H-R graph shows the 3 ages of stars and the main laws of ExI cycles applied to them:

– (st+1): Most stars are born as spatial nebulae of max. extension.

– Max. E: Then they implode into blue giants of max. energy.

– E=I: They reduce its size and grow in atomic complexity through a mature, yellow age of balance between their Se and Ti parameters. The sun is now in that balanced age…

– Max. Ti: They collapse in a 3rd age of slow decline as its IxE parameters diminish toward its death, becoming white dwarfs.

st+1: Or they evolve in a loop of growing IxE force (top right graph), mutating into a Worm Hole.

The H-R graph shows the process of evolution of stars into black holes, which we
 explain with an homology based on the duality of energy and information natural to all space-time species ecosystems, by comparing light ecosystems like Earth and gravitational ecosystems like a galaxy. On Earth animals use light as information and dominate plants, which use it as energy. The hypothesis of G.S. theory is that stars are ‘gravitational plants’ that merely feed and curve quantic, gravitational space-time, while black holes are ‘gravitational animals’, which are able to process gravitation as information and control and shape with gravitational waves the form of galaxies, their territorial space-time. Again this hypothesis is gathering increasing evidence: today we know black holes emit jets of dark matter; they catalyze the creation of stars; they feed on stars and transform them into black holes, etc. Thus a few stars do not die but molt into black holes as soft larvae evolve into hard insects.

6th, 7th scale: networks of stars and black holes form galaxies.

This comment leads to a better understanding of a galaxy as a ‘gala-cell’ organism, in which black holes are the ‘informative’ DNA that catalyzes the reproduction of stars and organizes the system:

In the graph, he 2 membranes of space-time, the quantum and gravitational membrane interact in eói events of transference of energy and information in the limits of the existential function of the light membrane: the limit of energy-speed, c; the limits of temperature-form, 0 k, in quarks, black holes and regions of transition between light and gravitational space.

On the other hand, Galaxies deploy the 3+1 topologial networks, ages and actions of all systems.

A galaxy isa curved, fractal space-time of huge spatial proportions, hence minimal form (inversion of properties between spatial energy and temporal information). Thus galaxies can also be studied in space as a fractal point with 3 regions that correspond to the 3 ‘canonical’ topologies of a 4-dimensional world – an informative center, an energetic membrane, and the reproductive intermediate zone:

– Max. Ti: The center of the galaxy is a swarm of black holes, its densest informative masses, which produces the gravitational, informative waves that control the position of its body of stars. Beyond its event horizon, the accelerated vortex of mass of the black hole (Equivalence Principle) should accelerate light, deflecting it into a perpendicular, hyperbolic, informative dimension of height (Kerr superluminal, central singularity) ejecting it as gravitational jets of dark energy at 10 C.

For that reason Kerr black holes10 should be called wormholes, because they absorb light but let it scape through its axis as dark, gravitational energy, at faster than light speeds.

-Max. E: The external membrane that limits the inner space-time of the galaxy is a spherical halo of dark matter, probably made of strangelets or micro black holes, which can deviate unwanted radiation by gravitational redshift and/or absorb the energy of radiant matter, cooling it down to the 2.7 K background radiation.

Thus those non-evaporating micro black-holes and strangelets of great density act as ‘proteins’ do in cells, controlling the inner movement of galaxies and the outer absorption of light-energy.

– E=i: Stars, tracing toroidal cycles form the inner space-time body of the galaxy, a bidimensional plane or Klein’s disk that feeds the wormhole and reproduces atomic substances and stars. They ultimately evolve into black holes, which migrate toward the central swarm of holes, residing in the nucleus. In any Klein disk distance is measured as motion and becomes infinite when we cannot reach a limit or barrier (for example the barrier of light speed becomes an infinite Lorentz Transformation). So it happens with the border of the galaxy. We are part of that intermediate space-time in a Milky Way, limited by its central hole and an invisible border of dark matter, neither of which we can cross without dying; since the speed of rotation of matter around the wormhole and the flows of intergalactic dark energy that expands space at light speeds beyond the halo would destroy us.Thus we are trapped in this star and planet, in a toroidal cycle that will end evolving the Sun into dark matter.

Thus the generator equation of the galaxy as a Fractal st-point is:

E:Halo <stars that evolve energy into matter> Ti (Black holes)

In the image, the structure of the galaxy: stars are created in the intermediate region and the center is occupied by a black hole.

The energetic medium that transfers energy to the fractal quanta of the galaxy is the external interstellar gas. Finally the system is joined by 2 networks of forces: the gravitational, faster, non-local informative, transversal gravitational waves at the cosmological scale; and the energetic, smaller, slower electromagnetic waves at the quantum scale.

The 3±1 ages of galaxies.

Further on, the life cycle of a galaxy goes through 3 ages, evolving from a young, extended nebula into an old small wormhole of informative mass that dies in a quasar big bang of dark energy and quark matter. In between, galaxies live a longer, mature toroidal, cyclical steady state, fluctuating every 14 billion yearsbetween its spiral and elliptic form, while absorbing interstellar dust, which creates new stars and feeds the central Worm Hole.

The 4 actions of galaxies.

They also perform 4 actions:

–       Max. E: they feed on the interstellar gas trapped by the ‘two spiral limbs’ of the galaxy.

–       E=I: Stars, their body, reproduce matter.

–       Max. I: The black hole, with its hyperbolic, tall form, might use dark jets of gravitational information to communicate with other galaxies, evolving socially with them in complex wall, filaments and ‘tissues’.

–       Re: black holes produce ‘seminal jets’ of matter that create irregular galaxies, which start a new cycle. In the graph we see M-83 ejecting such jet and forming a small son-galaxy at its end.


In the graph, the Universe is a super-organism of cellular galaxies, joined in clusters, walls and filaments, maintained in balance by flows of invisible gravitational forces of information and repulsive flows of dark energy. Since we do not perceive 96% of this scale, the last one in extension, we can hardly observe its two networks of ‘galactic energy’ and dark matter (central webs), which resemble the blood/nervous duality of other superorganic networks. Yet we know the Universe lives through 3 ages, defined for its total space-time by the 3 solutions to Einstein’s equations, departing from an initial ultra-dense, informative ‘particle-cells’, the ‘seed’ of the organic Universe: the young, energetic big-bang age, the steady-state, intermediate phase and the implosive big-crunch of the future.

8TH and 9th Scales: clusters, walls and the Universe.

The Universe can be seen in space at the ‘speed of interaction’ of its flows of non-local gravitation and then it appears as a super-organism with an external membrane of energy (the ball of fire of the background radiation); a body of galactic cells, and a hyperdense center – the great attractor, probably a huge black hole.

And  it can be studied in time, considering the slower clock-speed of electromagnetism, through its 3 evolutionary ages, between birth and death, as its energetic space becomes curved by time and increases its form, creating more complex structures, stars, galaxies and clusters.

Let us briefly consider its less understood structure in ‘simultaneous space’, related by non-local gravitation. The 3 parts of the  Universe seen through gravitation are:

– Max. E: The background radiation of the big-bang explosion became the external membrane of that fractal point. Indeed, when we observe the Universe in space in their outskirts there is ‘a wall of fire’ that emits a background radiation of photonic energy towards the internal regions of the Universe with a red shift near 50 times the speed of light. 
The speed limit of our light-space is obviously C, the speed of light. Yet it is not the limit of speed of the Universe, since the world of gravitational dark energy moves faster. The discontinuous border between both worlds is described by Lorentz Transformations (left). But black holes breach those discontinuities, emitting dark energy (center) that drags matter in quasars like 3C279 (right) up to 10 times the speed of light.

Max. T: The Universe should have a nucleus of enormous gravitational density, a hyper-black hole, connected to a network of dark matter, which acts as its informative brain since it ‘forms’ through non-local, gravitational forces, the shape of its galactic networks, as the DNA nucleus of a cell controls the form of the organelles that reproduces its quanta. Thought the nucleus is a gravitational knot invisible to us, we have found a very dense region of dark matter called the Great Attractor, which might be that center. That informative singularity will keep growing and attracting other galaxies in a generational cycle, till it explodes again its form into energy in a physical big bang, similar to the one that created our Universe.

– E<=>T: Both create the intermediate S-T of the Universe, where galaxies reproduce matter and light. It is, as in any Fractal Organism, the ‘visible space-time’, created through the ‘invagination’ of the outer membrane of light energy and the inner nucleus of dark matter. That dual light/dark network, which structures the Intermediate Space-Time of the Universe, was proved in the past years.

Finally to notice that the function of existence and space-time parameters of a galaxy shows a surprising parallelism between the equations used to define the mass of quarks and black holes, as well as those used to define waves of stars and nebulae of electrons. Already Einstein used that parallelism to model the universe as if each galaxy was a hydrogen atom (Einstein-Walker equations).

If that is the case, and scales repeat from atoms to galaxies, the infinite repetition of those scales between those two ‘immortal states’ that of galaxies and atoms, could imply an infinite self-replicating Universe.


–       3rd to 5th Scale: Life systems: light atoms, carbohydrates and cells.

The 3 main C,H, O. N atoms and basic molecules define the 3+1 arrows of life in organisms.

– H+ is the main energetic bite of cellular organisms, which constantly use H+ proton bombs and add or eliminate, oxidising or reducing molecules to activate its ‘motion processes’.

– C is the main in/form/ative, structural atom of carbohydrate molecules.

– O is the acting, exi, or reproductive atom of those molecular chains…

– And N is the informative atom or ‘head’ of the systems. Accordingly they define the main molecules of life, structural, C-chains, informative nucleotides, rich in nitrogen, and complex proteins that peg themselves reproducing more complex systems, playing with the O, OH structures of oxygen systems.

Nucleotides express the 4 arrows of genetic organisms.

In genetics, the 4 bases play the role for the code of life. It is easy then to observe that the 4 bases represent a new whole game of existence, as the 4 dimensions of space-time do or the 4 quantum numbers, or the 4 drives of life, and since function is form, just looking at those bases we can deduce that: The simplex arrows are expressed by simplex Pyrimidines (single cycle).

– Uracil and thymine with more oxygen are the energetic drive expression and complex genetics show this to be the case, as they are more abundant in functions and genes related to energetic systems.

T- heir informative head is adenine and as such is the dominant base of the system. It has a Nitrogen higher mass and a nitrogen head with 2 antennae. It is the head of the ATP systems that command as small molecules the game of proteins and most orders of actions in the cell. Both the simplex body T and head A assembly together by affinity and complementarity

The complex arrows are expressed by dual Nitrogen cycles:

–        Cytosine is the balanced dual molecule. Hence the reproductive arrow. And indeed, when it is uncovered in the DNA loosing its cover it allows the expression of genes.


In the graph, the simple sexual hormones are ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ because they merely deliver a message of informative, alkaline, implosive reaction of an energetic, acid one. Thus Oh codes for ‘in/form/ative’ or inhibitory reaction and O for energy, excited, expansive reaction, which will become, as they emerge in higher scales, the duality of the female/male sexes.

Hormones in plants, as well as in animal organisms are a mystery for researchers as they are simple molecules, which however provoke all type of complex effects on their organisms. This is however easily explained from the perspective of General systems sciences, as they are just ‘messages’ delivered to the ‘memorial’ organism of cells, which merely code for a basic action, already known by the cell. Thus the carrier of a message only needs to reveal a ‘code-word’, sort of a password delivered by a messenger, who doesn’t know what is delivering, but both the receptor and emitter know.

This explains the basic duality of hormones, which express a positive, energetic action or an informative one or a reproductive action. Accordingly the two simplest hormones are testosterone and oestrogen.

Cells. The drives of life: feeding, perceiving, reproducing and evolving socially.

In the left side, the cell has 3 topological functional zones:

Max. E: It has an external, thin membrane, which in free cells have cilia that move the cell and act-react to external stimuli. In organic cells energy is provided by the blood system of the macro-organism. So external cilia disappear and invaginate as lysosomes that kill carbohydrates.

– Max. I: In the center, there is a nucleus of max. informative density, filled with cyclical or spiral DNA/RNA’s networks that control the st-point.

– ExI: RNAs dominate the intermediate space-time, directing the energy organelles, mitochondria or chloroplasts that produce energy; and the informative ribosomes that reproduce products, pegged to the Golgi apparatus – a membrane’s invagination.

The vital cycles of the cell.

In the graph, the cell is a brain-body system constructed with 2 elements, nucleotide acids, based in nitrogen bases and protein bodies based in carbon chains, which are the informative and spatial systems of the cell. Around that EXI core duality we find an expansive intermediate, cyclical region with all kind of slavish organelles that perform their energy cycles (based in the energetic properties of oxygen, water and similar electronegative atoms); and their informative cycles. Both cycles are catalyzed by denser metal atoms that boost the E/I capacities of carbohydrates. Thus, through the interaction of carbohydrates, metallic ions, proteins and nucleotide acids, cells perform the 3±1 cycles of all st-points:

Max.E: In an organism, Mg, copper and iron capture oxygen and deliver it to each cell to perform energetic cycles; while in the cell cytochromes kill and split the energetic hydrogen atom into H+ and e ions in mitochondria or chloroplasts; absorbing its spatial energy; while metal atoms stabilize protein enzymes.

Max. I: Na and K ions control the expansive and implosive rhythms of the electric membrane, sending informative messages among cells -while RNA and DNA molecules process information within the cell, reproducing new carbohydrate molecules.

– Re: The combined effect of the accumulation of energy and information within the cell triggers the reproductive cycle, guided by RNA and DNA molecules. Mitosis is in fact a process of replication of a cell that happens as an alternative to its death, at the end of its life-death cycle (S1-G1-S2 periods). This life/death cycle shows an astounding regularity:

– ±st: Cells live a generational cycle with 3+1 phases: S1(1/4th of a time) or young, energetic age, in which they grow its cytoplasm; G1-mature age (1/2th of the time), in which they reproduce its DNA; S2, 3rd informative age, in which they replicate its ‘cyclical clocks’, enzymes that regulate and accelerate the warping of the cell, provoking A) its possible death; B) its replication in to two cells.

– ∑:  Finally cells evolve socially into macro-organisms. Yet only the RNA-DNA system creates complex informative, control networks.

All those cellular cycles are not ‘mechanic processes’, but they have evolved departing from the organic, dual, Darwinian and symbiotic interactions between proteins and nucleotide acids, the dominant energetic and informative macromolecules of cells. The most important cycle is the reproductive cycle, which in the cell as in other fractal space-time represents the existential will that ensures the perpetuation of the species.



IN THE beginning you were asymmetric, amorphous, potential for the construction of form over your vital energy enclosed in a regular membrane.

From that first seed as so obvious in plants, a simple, perfect diagrammatic expression of the world cycle of exist¡ence, in relative static space, as pure form, shows how indeed from the circular seed, the ø ASY♣METRIC womb the animal and vegetal poles, distinguish first a dysi♦♦metry between the ‘§ingulariðy’ and ‘limbic $teps’.

| v. O poles of the being depart and then the limbic steps multiply in a parallel sym♥etry. While the neurons of the animal pole form its ∏etworks. And so once constructed made complementary, head and limbs to the mother-womb, the body wave origin of them all, start an anti♠metric relationship with the environment that host them, with whom they try to absorb for ‘free’, information for their head, $t≥I (§ðø) and energy latter converted into Entropy for their limbs: ∆ð¡≥ E ($tø).

So what the organism does is to start a transformation of the information and energy of the outer world into ‘¡ts self’ whatever variety of | xO the self is. What for? you might ask? Not for any reason really, who cares, except that will of existence manifested into a singularity selfish point of view, §@, which IN ITS final linguistic ‘locked-in’ image stores a will of permanence… The cyclical inertia of the Universe, its ‘programmed will to survive and preserve and repeat forms into memorial motions’ comes always as an objective description of the engine of reality that makes each §@ perform frozen instants of broken time§paces.

The dominant dimotion, or action of the Universe is exi, the function of existence, which defines a body-wave in space, (a sum of actions of iteration) as a reproductive function of cellular waves of similar clone species.

To maximize the function of reproduction, e x I, e=I, is best. So the point of balance, in form, is the topology of reproduction, a hyperbolic wave as those of light or women’s bodies are, with up and down, left and right sines and cosines.

Reproduction is the function of existence, orgasm the reinforcing sensation, Max. ∑e x ∏ I= St, the construct of the species into a son replicant of higher energy and information – a new body-wave, which can then adopt the male particle/limb state at any time in the game. The wo=men holds within itself the capacity to replicate also the men species, and so wo=men are the body-wave reproductive status and the limb/particle S>t + t< S, unlike S≤≥T body waves, are not complete beings.

To understand then why the Universe is a reproductive orgasm of body-waves moving in reproductive radiations, while stopping from time to time as particles/potentials to survey the wor(l)d in which it is, we need first to understand:


In GST, space is fractal and open, lineal and time is cyclical and hence finite and closed. So things do get far more fun and real and interesting and able to explain how ‘fractal space-time beings’ including you and me, made of bits of temporal information and bites of spatial energy mess together.

WE AREA ALL fractal beings of space & time. We are NOT in an abstract mathematical cartesian graph of space-time, but we are SPATIAL ENERGY & TIME. as when we say ‘I don’t have energy and time to do this’.

Once this is understood, we can start to talk NOT of the absolute space-time graph of Descartes and the mathematical physics that ensues, but of the ensembles of bidimensional time cycles and planes of spatial energy that put together create the ‘configuration, diffeomorphic, fractal finite space with boundary’ that we call a topological organism:

The 3 elements of all systems, lineal/flat limbs/potentials; spherical, tall heads/particles and its hard membranes of dark matter, trunks and skins accomplish the 3 functions of motion, energetic reproduction and informative perception in all systems, varying to adapt the system to its larger world.


In the graph some properties of spatial planes of energy and temporal cycles of information, O and | that put together, Ø≈, create the waves of space-time that construct all beings of the Universe.

The beginning of reality is the ensemble of O and | beings into Ø=space time functions of existence.

To exist is to perceive temporal cycles of information with a temporal, informative, spherical geometry, and to sense motion carried about by lineal, limbs/fields that move, an intermediate ST-system, which will reproduce and repeat the system in the fractal space-time that surrounds the being.

This fractal, reproductive Universe in which all what exists are spatial lineal motions and cyclic, informative time-clocks, cannot make sense of itself if it does not show vital, intelligent properties in the ultimate nature of space-motions and time-informations. In brief, to make sense of it, the Universe of space must sense pleasure-motion-sensations and perception-information-intelligence. WE can of course describe as science does its external motions and develop a program, which seems an automaton program of existence: beings going around absorbing energy for its bodies, information for its minds, reproducing and hunting in social herds that organise themselves into complex ∆±1 structures to exist longer.

But then it comes the ultimate question. Why? What makes reality exist? Where is the will? Because it could also not exist. And the answer is that somehow to ‘exist’ is more pleasurable and intelligent than not to exist. That the perception of information by temporal, informative particles/heads/upper classes of physical, biological and social organisms, and the sensation of motion and pleasure, given by energy is higher and suffices in itself for the being to be.

Thus Space and Time likes to move and perceive, and so do all systems made of both motions. And moreover, there is not reason to choose between either perception or motion, and so the random chances that a system will lean towards one or the other state, is the random choice that makes reality constantly varying as when a system has enough information it tilts to motion and when it has moved enough it tilts to absorption of energy and information.

So we do introduce the mind-body duality and the ‘inner-outer’ description through ‘sentient sensations’ vs. mere how it happens analysis of shallow science from the beginning, because ultimately what we would like the reader to feel is that ‘communion’ which happens when one understands the simplicity of the game of space-time beings, and feel no longer an ego but just a domain of a self-similar infinite Universe.

When a system of information, head/particle, linguistic network of fractal point form an inward looking, spherical knot-mapping of information, a mind-form of imagination, which reproduces its fractal form of space time into a lower non-euclidean fractal space and cyclical time world, reality is born, as defined by the generator equation, in which space has 3 topological dimensions and time 3 ages – or sequential dimension of information, form-in-action, formal motion. So minds  which are the elements that better co-exist in several planes, moving up and down in the scales of the 5th dimension of ∆¡ scales, live its world cycles of existence.


Now of the 4 elements scale, time, space and mind, as constitutive of all systems the most important is the singularity, unmoved linguistic focus of the territory of order, capital of a nation in history, mass-charge accelerated time vortex in physics, DNA-BRain of cell or animal system in biology.

So we see that really all the masters of space-time were giving turns to the same concepts, which we just adapt to XXI century philosophy of sciences. Aristotle’s concept of unmoved Gods – and then he exclaimed, we are all Gods! is as pure as it come, and equivalent to Leibniz’s concept of monads as mirror minds, to Einstein’s concept of non-euclidean points of space that measure in simultaneity flows of time

It is equivalent to Descartes astounding insight that we are ‘cogito ergo sum’ beings that perceive THEIR MIND MIRROR, their world – not reality itself. It is the mass of lesser scholars and interpreters, and ego-minds what has obscured the crystal clear conception of the Universe of all those masters of time-space theory, which simplified their truths and relativism – as infinite mind mirrors hold all the information of the universe but we can only see our light spacetime world. And on top as they reduced all languages to mathematics, all minds to the human mind, all p.o.v.s to the human perspective they increased their dogmatic truths, reduced relativism and today you have all those physicists walking around as the high priests of spacetime theory that don’t want to know anything else but a mathematical equation of spacetime.

But philosophers of science are far more sophisticated. So after Descartes work, the German school (Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer & Heidegger being the most notorious masters) soon brought new key discoveries. Leibniz understood mind mirrors as moans. Kant realized that the mind of man was euclidean because light space-time was Euclidean. Hegel analyzed the dialectic relationship between 3 elements, which we can consider time, space and the operandi that relate them. Schopenhauer had the most amazing ‘verbal, logic insights’ still misunderstood and Heidegger defined existence in time, as time flows of being.

Here we are more interesting in defining mathematically, topologically and conceptually a ‘mind-singularity of order’, the ‘missing’ factor on our descriptions of reality, unfortunately was soon forgotten, and substituted by the naive realism of modern science – what we or our electronic instruments see is what there is there. But only marrying the spatial mind-linguistic view and the Universe of infinite time cycles, we can factor in all the elements and start to unknot the bias the spatial mind cast upon our objective comprehension of reality, which is our task as scientists.

In the graph, a fundamental truth of the Universe is the existence of singularities that order physical, biological an social systems, except when they are in a free, chaotic state of maximal entropy (gaseous state or dark entropy between galaxies), which cannot produce order, as they lack any ‘frame of reference’. Mental singularities, Monads, or Maxwellian Demons are the ‘missing variable’ needed to explain the whys of reality. In mathematics we call them P.o.vs.

Frames of reference, self-centred in a point, which we use as physical systems do, to calculate functions of space-time that WORK mirroring reality – hence they must exist. In that sense physical, atomic systems do indeed calculate as quantum-bit computers might do. Are they ‘conscious’? Likely NOT, as consciousness is just a self-reflection between two mirrors – what matters though is that they do process information, order territories that become time§paœrganisms and hence WITHOUT THEM there will only be entropy, not order, reason why physicists who don’t recognise those ‘poles of in-form-ation’ deny order and believe the Universe is a chaotic entropic state. YET WE OBSERVE order, so the experimental method oblige us to conclude there is a ‘darwinian automatic non-conscious selection’ of systems which develop singularities and ‘SURVIVE’ creating the order of reality.

Consciosuness would then be an unneeded dual mirror in which the first mirror perceives the spatial mapping of the second mirror, dialoguing with it (in the way I robot is consciousness by having a second brain). In the human case, the I=eye that sees space and the verbal cogito ergo sum temporal mind – the conscious languages. But it is not the verbal consciousness of man, but a mathematical consciousness which among humans only very good ‘mathematical physicists’, which can ‘see’ as musicians see ‘scales’ that provoke emotions, equations as dynamic visual forms.

So we affirm, as Aristotle, Descartes and Leibniz before us, that even though for physical measure it might be useful to equalise all rhythms of time and peg all ternary space-time beings into an absolute space and absolute time – that of the human light space view and mechanical clock, there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them.

Since there are ∞ minds, gauging information; and stopping the motions of time into the intelligence of formal space, as they try to ‘stiff’ reality into the mirror image of the language, which of course they confuse with the universe itself – and this is indeed the origin of the creationist theories of religious and scientific people, we must now debunk on firm grounds as we have a better grasp of why we see still the earth (our mind stops its motion) when objectively it is moving, why in other words we see ‘spaces’ when it is all about ‘times’.

A subject in itself fundamental to understand Relativity, is brought here to point out, the reason why in entropic only big-bang theories, we do see indeed light space-time expanding between galaxies, as light is space and so when it comes closer to the mass of the galaxy, elongates/red shifts its color (the only real effect observed; as we obviously are NOT out there in-between Andromeda and the Milky way with a tape). And vice versa, when Light collapses into our electronic ‘eye’ or any electronic source, it increases its frequency  balancing both effect to cancel the supposed big-bang death of the Universe.

The humind: reduction of knowledge.

All this said, it is obvious humans do love their ego and their lineal vision of reality as all singularities do; since they measure reality from its biased point of view.

So it is not a mystery why nobody cares about 5D space-time organisms, and its simplex capacity to explain everything that exists through the symmetry between simultaneous space organisms and its ternary topologies and temporal ages guided by its physiological networks in worldcycles. Namely it might be a wonder to observe all realities under the same laws, but for humans, which are basically ‘childish entitled egos’ this is a no no.

At the beginning of this long lonely adventure of thought I blamed myself thinking I didn’t explain it clearly. But latter on I realized it was not my problem but that of the human ego and its memorial forms of knowledge.

The mind is an isolated linguistic mirror which creates by iteration complicated forms often de-forming the simplicity, symmetry and beauty of reality when Space=time merge in balance between motion and form.

Essentially the mind is ‘inflationary’ and ‘complicated’ as it merely handles information in a small space multiplying its ‘forms’.

So information alone as a Kaleidoscopic mirror of reality can become as complex as it gets. but Nature departs from simple forms, the line and the cycle and limits its real combinations, leaving for the infinitesimal mind space, complicated theories of reality that cannot bend the motion that is the ultimate substance of it all. 

Huminds however do NOT recognise this fault of inflationary information. On the contrary they cherish it as a proof ‘of its intelligence’ above heavens and Earth. Only the highest minds of mankind come at the end of its journey as Einstein and Leonardo did to the realisation that the hidden ultimate principles of reality are simple symmetries, such as the S=T ultimate form of balance and survival tattooed in my self-portrait for 30 years.

Humans though are defined by EGOCY (ego+idiocy, one of my fav new coined wor(l)ds to spark a bit the bore of English grammar :D); that is by naive realism, the belief that what they perceive with senses is what things are, instead of realizing the mind IS THE FIRST SIMPLIFYING SCREEN that ‘reduces’ the whole (moving time, cyclical paths, discontinuous, fractal space parts) into the ‘still, flat, continuous image’ of the mind, and ITS CARTESIAN mathematical graph, made imitating the 3 ‘perpendicular light dimensions’ which is what we see. THE MIND must therefore be included in any epistemology of reality.

Physicists miss this wider reality AS THEY DO NOT ACCOUNT FOR THE SINGULARITY-MINDS which are essential TO go beyond the obvious for an epistemology of reality. Minds also by reducing reality to its still, smaller, continuous, flat (bidimensional, holographic) mappings of the larger 5D world, create infinitesimal monads, smaller universes. And SO THEY ARE the origin of 5D.

So we shall give a BREAK to physicists and state that their 4D models of reality are ok, because indeed, if you eliminate the inner fractal mind-points and its linguistic mappings, you don’t need a 5D scalar Universe. It can all be measured as a continuous flat cartesian graph.

This is important for you to grasp from the beginning: all mind mappings, even the simplest ones, as those of physicists, carry a quantity of truth, but only the whole being carries all the information about itself. What physicists do wrong is to THINK that is all, to GO AROUND boasting they know it all, to be ‘NAVE REALISTS’. A bit more of humility would go a long way if they could go back to school, but making so big machines and weapons power blinds them to their ignorance. Let us then use a few sage’s quotes.

anainScreen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.25.50 PM

physigodstie is moving(As we can see the egocy of physicists is very old ):




Entropy≈Motion <Energy and information>Form: transfer of motion and form between place of cyclical existence.


Cyclical In-form-ative time, Tƒi       +      Lineal moving Space, ΣSpe    = 0-sum vital Energy

Yin         +                Yang              = qi
clocks:angular momentum     +       Space motion         =           Lineal  momentum
Small, still             +    Large,  moving fast      = Momentum
Tall, Perpendicular         +        Long, Parallel        = Reproductive width

Hierarchical                   +           equalitarian       = Capitalist  Democracy
Bidimensional   Height                 +            Bidimensional, Length,

Repetition                       +                   Width-Growth
Cyclical, Rotation, imploding         +            Lineal, uncoiling, exploding
Informative Frequency                   +               Lineal Speed
Broken form                   +             Continuous, differentiable
Intelligent, perceptive                     +                         Strong, fast.

Social, organic, creative     +           Darwinian, destructive behavior
Future, evolved predator               +                 Past, energetic victim.                     = Present
Life arrow                   +                    Death arrow.               = zero sum world cycle
Particles of Time.         +                   Reproductive waves.            = quantum systems

Female, Informative reproducer       +              Male, Particle principle                = Reproductive system
Masses, charges                 +                       Force potentials             = Physical System
Heads  & senses           +x                       Limbs                                          =  Bodies

In the graph several combinations of motion and form (also motion but of angular momentum), which combined into energy beings.


In the graph, the isomorphism of ‘informative heads’  and energetic/reproductive limbs and bodies across multiple world-planes of the 5th dimension, each one studied by a science.

Below a graphic representation in two coordinates, the height coordinates of information and the X coordinate of space-energy of the main planes of the universe. Notice that paradoxically as we become smaller in space-size upwards in information we increase our fractal information and the perfection of our ‘smooth’, superfluid orderly following of those laws.

Hence we have put on top of the pyramid in a never reached, ideal infinite infinitesimal the ‘seed’ or ‘primary’ encoded ‘non-Euclidean point, Œ, mind of the Universe which encodes all the laws of the 5th dimension and by infinite iteration gave birth to all beings. This would be if it ever existed the particle of god, NOT the Higgs, but the ultimate i-logic mind of the Universe.

In the graph above we see the duality of informative smaller heads controlling lineal limbs and reproductive wave-bodies.

A precision: we often simplify bodies and limbs into a single Se system, (see the previous 2 posts for a more rigorous definition).

In strict terms, there are always 3 parts, which correspond to the 3 topologies of bidimensional membranes:

-Pure lineal, toroid space-motion – limbs/fields.

-Pure cyclical, spherical informative motions, heads/particles.

-And its ‘energetic-informative combinations of yin and yang, waves and bodies, since energy is motion with a bit of form (the mass), and information is form with a bit of motion (the wave-particle displacement).

Yet since the ‘present’ body-wave, combination of past-entropic limb/fields and informative pure Tƒ forms of future is the dominant element of reality, we do write often Se≈Tƒ for the whole system, that is systems of spatial energy and temporal information in perpetual exchange ad transformation through body-waves, ≈.

This simplified graphic expression of the 5th dimension has the advantage of allowing an easier understanding of the ‘Whole Universe’ which is the super organism of all partial beings, hence with an absolute time duration and an infinite number of scales of size and hierarchical organization, whereas the ‘informative head’ is the Logic of General Systems theory – those aforementioned thoughts of God, and the ‘Body’ all its partial systems through all the scales, each one studied by a different science:

We have called the sum of all those isomorphic planes of space-time in the 5th dimension.

Since science calls the ‘4th dimension’, of  Time Duration.

Further on, as science compacts the past and future cycles of beings, by extending present time along a lineal coordinates of infinite time duration, we have also extended the 5th dimension or ∆-scale by extending it up and down, through the metric of scalar space-time, to encompass all the ∆-scales of the Universe.

This simpler analysis gave us the opportunity to study the metric of al the world-planes of the Universe, i=Sp x Tƒ, and learn a lot of general properties of scalar space-time.  But the analysis of only a 4th and 5th dimension of time and isomorphic scales is limited and of little use when we analyze an specific ‘variety’ or ‘species’ of scalar space-time in detail.

The 5th dimension is a ‘compact’ version of the infinite planes of space time of the Universe, which uses the 3 ‘spatial dimensions’ and the compact dimension of Time Duration of Einstein (4th classic dimension) and the adds a compact of all the ∆-scales in the Universe, in a ‘fifth dimension’ of scalar depth.

In that sense the 5th dimension is the sum of all the planes of ‘social evolution’ from past to future in the Universe.

And this metric allow travel through the scale of the 5th dimension. So thanks to those metric species from different scales can relate to each other and transfer energy and information among them: Se<Ei>Tƒ.

And so the Universe can synchronize the species of its different scales.

Those simple examples of several different fields of inquire within the frame of the 5th dimension metric, shows the enormous richness and capacity to resolve the ‘whys’ of all type of universal phenomena, and explain the ‘isomorphisms’ (equal laws) of all type of entities made of fractal, vital space with motions and energy and cyclical, fractal time clocks with information, of 5th dimensional metric.

Some key partial equations of Existential Algebra.

If we call the metric of the 5th dimension in philosophical terms, the ‘Function of Existence’, and write it as Sp x I = St  (energy and information, using in this case i for information, instead of the customary o for form, equals a constant plane of space-time) we can call the study of that equation and its different variations and partial equations, ‘Existential algebra’, which becomes the mathematical foundations of an organic philosophy of the Universe, where all the previously ill-defined concepts, from the equation of the soul, to the concept of life and death, survival and extinction, can be logically and mathematically represented.

 For exampleone of the more difficult concepts is that of anthropomorphic Gods of eusocial love, which code in verbal thought, the laws of eusocial evolution which allow different cells=believers of a human religion, to act together and shape a community.

Thus immediately we realize that such gods can be represented with a simple equation:

Min. Tƒ∆+1. Where ∑individual human beings =∆+1, the plane of social existence or superorganism of a civilization. And within that plane or God, there will be a prophet or Min. Tƒ, which will receive the ‘saint spirit’, that is, the verbal coding or message of eusocial love, the DNA common to all believers that will put them together.

That is called in mystical terms the mystery of the Saint Trinity, or the act of revelation of a prophet. And so an anthropomorphic god is the subconscious collective plane of existence of mankind the super organism of human beings, expressed in the informative collective verbal language, through a common memetic code.

Those simple equations thus have much more meaning that one could ever imagine. And so the purpose of this section is to study ‘mathematically’, with algebraic equations, derived from the ‘fractal generator’ of the 5th dimension and all its world-plane of existence – the previous equation of the metric of world-planes of space-time, and deduce from it, the general laws that apply to all sciences, forms of art, perception and religion of all the species of the universe – a task further accomplished in its details – that is, in its empirical proofs, in each of the analysis of the species of the 10 planes of existence of the universe perceived by mankind.

IN THE GRAPH, the Ælgebra of the Universe is a dualist existential algebra, where a simple equation S operandi T, defines antinomies of ‘experimental observed scales’ which represent an st opposition, of yin-yang, from where a ratio with two extremes in the pure S and t beings, and a scale of logarithmic exponential nature between both can be traced, will define a parameter of the Universal reality studied in each science. 

After II World war, because most of the phenomena of relative importance (common) in Physics had been experienced and causally explained, but NOT all the mathematical formalisms of the science were known, specially after the arrival of chips with its massive expansion of mathematical languages, and because the limits of direct experience had been reached, and physicists were exploring ‘scales’ of the fractal Universe, beyond galaxies and below atoms, out of direct experience, the 2 first ‘steps’ of the scientific method were relegated to a secondary place. Experience was unavailable and causality therefore was inverted.

Experimental evidence IN SPACE therefore comes first -> Logic causality in TIME comes next -> linguistic formalism that gives us an image of reality comes LAST.

Only then as Einstein put it we do science. And this system has been enormously fruitful in our search for an understanding of REALITY.

First mathematical physicists made equations of mathematics, which often were fictions, because as we know in information theory, languages paradoxically are like mirrors, inflationary in their multiple ‘world-images’ of reality.

So each mirror can offer a different slightly biased perspective of the ‘single reality’. This is known to philosophers since Descartes, who portrayed reality as a single Universe, in which each mind-world perceived a different frame of reference. It is at the core of Leibniz’s relational space-time, in which each Monad has a different view. It is now understood in terms of different mind views, with the arrival of computer digital minds that can model very nice images of reality not necessarily truth. It was known to painters after the photographic mind view threw them out of work. And had to invent different mind views (tachism, cubism).

Einstein warned, as the last of the classics, strongly against putting mathematics above the logic of truth provided by the scientific method and its 2 first steps: experimental evidence and the ‘scientific method of truth’ with its postulates of ‘evidence’, ‘economicity’, ‘simplicity’, ‘falsification’, ‘logic coherence’, ‘correspondence principle’, ‘causality’, ‘repetition’  and ‘forecasting’. In essence as he said ‘science is only concerned with facts that have been experienced’, meaning that a scientist is not a mathematician ‘I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’ and so physics had to start always after an event has been observed, in ‘reality’, because ‘reality is the only thing that exists’. So we cannot talk of string theory as long as reality does not show strings. We cannot interpret certain equations as dimensions of space, but should instead consider them something real (generally new degrees of freedom in the motions of a system) and so he objected to call time motions ‘dimensions of space’. And so only after reality has shown a fact to happen, and we have a logical causal explanation on what caused it and why and how, we can model those 2 steps of experimental evidence and logic hypothesis into mathematical equations.

Yet, as we said, after II world war, physicists had absolute power, having won the war with their weapons and designing the machines of our technological civilisation. And since they had always put a lot of emphasis on mathematical equations over all other properties of Nature, they decided to put math first and subverted the scientific method, and reduced or denied all other properties of Nature.

Yes, there are other properties in nature which cannot be mathematised, with the linguistic digital mirror, so we use verbal languages to explain for example, Evolution, the most successful general theory of time applied to all sciences, and we use art to model forms in-form-ations with human senses, and to construct different word-minds of reality and we use ethic religions of love to construct a super organism of history or civilisation based in the share of energy and information among equal men, the way a body constructs itself with cells sharing energy and information among them; and all those properties are better reflected with the languages of words, art and love.

The result of putting the language first above reality is, as in all similar processes when the verbal language (fictions) or digital monetary language (inflation and speculation on prices) comes first over the real economy, a hyperinflation and distortion of truth by fictions, financial power and clearly off-focus mathematical mirrors which become a noise without a proper image of reality. And this is specially the case when the mirror is built without even a pretension to reflect an experienced fact. So mathematical fictions, which as Einstein put it ‘might seem truth but are not reality’, ruled ever since the disciplines.

And as fictions they might be nice to read, but science IS about describing REALITY, it is ‘documentary’ not blockbuster film.

Yet,as his friend Godel proved REALITY AND ITS MATHEMATICAL MIRRORS had to be experienced FIRST to be proved, as the internal logic of mathematics was not enough proof.

Yet, this was ignored. So today there is still only a Universal reality but multiple mathematical worlds to describe it, so many that computers need a massive storage centre called arxiv.org to describe the same Universe we have always had here – simple and not malicious as the Master put it.

It follows from that logic that those fields which were further away from experimental evidence would become paradoxically the most sought- after, as they relieved the mathematical physicist from any verification process and set them free from the scientific method. And this coupled with the huge budgets for military research in particle physics converted the fields of particle physics, black hole theory (as black holes cannot be seen beyond the event horizon) and cosmological horizons beyond galaxies, whose external membrane somehow does not allow all the external information to come through (Olbers paradox: if we were obtaining all the external information on dark matter and energy, the sky will be always in an eternal day as every points-pixel of our limited mind would find a ray from a star at its end – now we know 96% of reality beyond galaxies is not perceived).

Now this state of affairs is encouraged by the industry as it always provides good reasons to keep budgets for huge experimental probes such as CERN, and for new more powerful computers to calculate more complicated equations of ‘fiction mathematics’ (as long as experience does not validate a supposed phenomena of study).

This fact brought also a dispute and breaking up between philosophers of science, the guards of the scientific method, and mathematical physicists, whose freedom to imagine mathematical worlds had to be curbed. The philosopher of science does Not, let us be clear enough, forbids the mathematician to explore new avenues of mathematics, but it does NOT accept them as real as experience validates it.

And this is where the ‘madness’ of present physics appears. There is no censorship on writing Quixote, but if Cervantes would affirm that Quixote exists, he would not be taken seriously. And yet mathematical physicists affirm that any equation they derive must be truth and exist and so fiction science became accepted. But since fiction science is inflationary confusion set in. Because if we have 20 different mathematical fictions (as long as none is verified) of string theory, with all kind of different dimensions, none verified, how can we distinguish what is truth? If we no longer accept experimental evidence and the rules of truth of the scientific method (economicity, simplicity, correspondence, etc.) how can we deny that black holes evaporate traveling to the past, or they have entropy destroying information, or the Universe is 10 dimensional?

Fictions then reinforce new fictions as Quixote does in his second book, commenting as a real character on the first novel, and a pyramid of false assumptions, of null evidence converts into a monster mathematical structure or Theory of Everything that does not depart from reality – a process culminated with things like a Lisi Monster group of around 256 dimensions that is supposed to generate the Universe, in a platonic way.

Since all those concept are not THE EXPERIMENTAL, SCIENTIFIC METHOD defined by Aristotle (experience) and Galileo (scientific truth).

Now,  this is the accepted view. As a philosopher of science though I like to review the present state of physics and some of its theories using like in all other sciences the experimental scientific method, which STILL holds with much better results, and clear advances than the mathematical only method of inflationary fictions (witness the explosion of biological advancements with its true experimental scientific multi linguistic approach, which accepts also the verbal logic of evolution). And then when applying again the ‘crib’ of experience, veracity, simplicity, correspondence, causality, etc. only then we can advance and separate the few wheat seeds of the crop of mathematical inflation, which are ‘real’ from the straw of fictions. And again make a single Universe correspond with a single true description of its facts.

Among those fictions, some become relics never proved, with faulty logic, totems of the mathematical, inflationary fiction method, saved from falsification because they exist in the non-observable realm. Science has been advancing further, but the relics remain in the past and people visit the totems with religious zeal.

And this is the case of the models of Hawking, which date from the 70s, when not even the chip was born, so him and those physicists working in the pre-information age, with entropy-only theories of the Universe are plainly speaking outdated relics of a long gone era both in its conclusions and theories…

So goes from the research with mammoth machines, doing entropic explosions, like CERN of a Universe defined only in terms of entropy and its explosions of energies.

They are mammoths soon to be extinct if they don’t extinct us soon, since the new paradigm of science in the age of information, is the fractal paradigm and all its related concepts of information.

Indeed, in duality we learn that modern science, was reborn in the 50s when Einstein died at the Macy’s congress, where our sciences of information, cybernetic and the study of the Universe with 2 arrows entropy and information became the canonical future of philosophy of science.

Physicists missed it except Von Neumann, and while they now use computers constantly because they did not accept ‘information’ as an arrow of time, meaning the future can follow always 2 paths:

  • An increase of information, which happens to be the commonest path. So you increase through life your form, your in-form-ation (dimensional form being the most correct definition of information, something artists who create informations, forms with the mind and human senses do understand better than most physicists, who think information is just a single digital language, as they confuse it with computers only).

So the galaxy also increases its form, its information as ‘time bends space into mass’, which falls towards the black hole. And cellular systems evolve into more efficient forms, with more information, and become super organisms. Yet the form or information of the Universe is stored in cyclical time clocks that carry the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles. And this is the essence of the fractal paradigm and the meaning of relativity: the Universe is made of infinite time clocks, with different speeds of processing information, and different forms and dimensions, till the 4 we perceive. Then we do not perceive more forms, but ‘scales’ of information, which evolve socially parts into wholes. This is what we have experienced probing smaller and larger scales of reality.

So at most we can talk of the 5th dimension of relative scales of size, and infinite time clocks, which paradoxically carry more information, the smaller they are – so smaller systems code larger, ones, small chips code our civilisation, small genes our body, quantum particles, physical systems. And we can directly put into correspondence, the arrow of information, of form and the clocks of time, such as a bit of information is created when a cycle of time closes into itself. So computers which calculate bits as 0-1-0 logic closed loops calculate their information by the frequency of its cyclical clocks; and proteins store information in the form of its dimensional warps. Does we define a closed loop of time, frozen as a memorial form, as a bit of information, and the faster a clock of time closes its cycles, there is more information. And it follows that both time cycles and information is broken, made of infinite pieces, and the Universe is in terms of information a fractal, made of formal motions, which leaves a constant trace of information as its time cycles close its loops.

  • An increase of entropy, which is exactly the inverse arrow of information, as it means the erasing of information and breaking of loops that become opened, erased as they expand in space. So entropy is as an arrow of general time understood as an expansion of space, and diminution of the information stored in closed loops of time. It is also a synonymous of death in this philosophical concept, different though from the mathematical equation of entropy taken from a specific expansive motion – that of ideal gases.

Now this better understanding of the 2 arrows of future, cyclical time clocks of information, and entropic, open, kinetic energy motions, and the construction of more real models of the Universe and all its fractal parts made of cyclical clocks and kinetic motions, stored in the particle/heads and body/waves of physical and biological systems (principle of complementarity of physics and duality body-mind in biology), already expressed by the classic Eastern philosophers of yin-information and yang energy, resurrected by Descartes, with his description of a Universe made of res extensa (spatial entropy) and time clocks of information (vortices), resurrected at Macy’s congress, but never properly formalised, became the theme of Duality, one of the founding disciplines of Information theory, systems sciences and cybernetics.  Because information not entropy, dominates the Universe; and information, form-in-action, is created, re=produced by those fractal systems of cyclical clocks duality therefore became the foundations of modern philosophy of science.

But there was not formal model of the science till I arrived to the field in the late 90s, and formalised duality in those modern terms, with a book called Time cycles, which landed me the world chair of the discipline.

 The dualities of the Universe.

The conclusion of the duality of past and future forms that become a present is clear. The Universe is structured by a series of dualities that merge creating an eternal, fluctuating present that appears and disappears as cyclical action-reaction systems cancel each other, making its total sum zero:

–  Time and space have opposite morphologies and functions, which cancel each other:
- Informative, temporal singularities are convex, implosive and energetic membranes are concave, explosive. Thus a flat plane of temporal energy fluctuates into 2 virtual forms whose total value is null. For example, particles and antiparticles are born of a vacuum plane without form but they keep their inverse CPT parity .

Thus the sum of its spatial form (P), its temporal arrows (T) and its dual, organic charge cancel.

– The duality of energy and information explains also sexual differentiation: females are specialized ‘time beings’ dominant in cyclical forms, memory, information, temporal verbs and perceptive languages. While males are specialized ‘energy beings’ with bigger, lineal forms, dominant in spatial tasks. Yet both can be further differentiated into an informative cyclical head, and a lineal body.

– Duality causes the creation and reproduction of space-time fields through the process of palingenesis, by which a certain form of relative future, a father, emits a relative form of past, with lesser evolution, a seminal seed, that then evolves very fast towards the future, till becoming again a present form parallel to the father.
- Duality exists in biologic organisms evolved by the dual influence of macro-ecosystems and micro-genes .

– Duality is the cause of informative perception, as flows of spatial forces become transformed in a point of relative time or particle, in which they ‘merge’ into a ‘boson’, accumulative form of information that creates an image of reality.

– Duality also applies to behavior: there are Darwinian acts between different beings that destroy each other Vs social, evolutionary acts between equal beings that evolve together, sharing energy and information through common networks. Thus all organic life ends up cancelled by a predator. It is the most important of all dualities as it responds to the 2 arrows of space-time, the arrow of symbiotic order, of information and the arrow of energetic entropy of destruction defined by the 3rd postulate of illogic geometry

– Finally Duality implies that all forms that evolve in time through 3 horizons, then organize in space those 3 horizons as the 3 regions of a Fractal Organism.
The number of events we can describe in all sciences departing from duality is enormous. Yet in as much as temporal information is dominant in living beings, illogic time is more important in biological and sociological sciences, explaining phenomena such as reproduction, perception, life and death, organic structures, etc. While, physical and cosmological particles can be described better with the use of Non-Euclidean, spatial geometry, as particles are dominant in spatial energy.

We will consider in the next chapters the most important biological applications of illogic time: the duality of Darwinian and symbiotic behavior; the way in which perception occurs; the concept of a top predator species, as information selects species with better brains; the palingenetic reproduction of biological forms which implies a dual travel in time back and forth from the future to the past…

Let us consider first the most important duality, which will allow us to reorganize and complete our knowledge of the Universe and History, the homology between the 3 horizons of evolution of a species and its social structure in 3 organic classes or Non-E zones specialized in information, energy and reproductive functions.


In the verbal age of Science, when men used words to describe the Universe, philosophers called the 2 arrows, Yang-Spatial energy/entropy, synonymous of male forms (since men have a lot of Entropy, constantly move, control space and have lineal forms) and yin, related to cyclical time and its patterns of information, which became the female principle (since women are more perceptive, informative, memorial, ordered, made of cyclical curves).

Taoists said that yin=form, in/form/ation, which they represented with cycles or fractal lines, – -, and yang=Entropy, which they represented with a continuous line, ___, combine into yin-yang forms, and further on into ternary sets, which they represented with trigrams (I Ching), giving birth to all the possible forms and events of the Universe. In Hinduism the ‘wills of time’ were represented by Shiva, God of death and Entropy vs. Vishnu, God of life and creation.

Duality has always been present in philosophy. Parmenides proved beyond logic fault that from one only one could be created, while 2 could combine themselves into infinite new forms. Heraclites said that 2 elements are necessary to generate by iteration and combination all other forms of the Universe. On the other hand, dialectic philosophers, from Heraclites to Hegel, considered that from a thesis and an antithesis arise all synthetic forms.

– In the modern age, when mankind switched from verbal, temporal languages to mathematical, spatial numbers, in order to describe with higher accuracy the Universe in Space, scientists stressed that formal, geometrical duality of reality. Desargues, a French mathematician, found in the XVII century that all curves and functions could be extracted from the combination of 2 Generator forms, a cycle and a line (that together create a cone, from where those curves, called conics, could be extracted).

The father of Western Science, Descartes, also said that the Universe was ultimately made of ‘res extensa’ (lineal space represented by his Cartesian graph) and vortices of form (charges and masses), similar to time clocks. String Theorists reached the same conclusion in modern science, postulating that all particles are made of lineal and cyclical strings, described by the Beta function.

Einstein in his General Relativity Theory deduced that the Universe was a flat surface of energetic, spatial forces that time curved into cyclical masses, the 2 fractal units of the physical Cosmos. Thus, time and space are geometrical shapes closely related to each other, since cycles of Informative Time bend any plane of Energetic Space, creating the geometrical duality of the physical world. Moreover, those 2 geometries are irreducible to monism, as the ancient problem of squaring the cycle proves.

– In any logic language 2 symbols suffice to represent any being of the Universe. All languages have a syntax based in 2 parameters, one of information and one of relative Entropy that combine through a 3rd active principle, an operandi or verb, that merges them. We talk of a ternary Universal Grammar:

A (Informative subject) <St-Action/verb> B (ab=used object often under entropy to extract information or energy for the subject)

The ternary, Universal grammar applies to all languages able to represent the systems of reality: from the code of colors (red that represents Entropy; blue, the color of information and green, the reproductive color) to verbal languages, where an informative subject relates to an object through an exchange of Entropy and information, described by a verb, shaping the genetic structure of all human languages. It also happens in mathematics, where f(x)= g(y) is the universal equation that summarizes all the others.

– Computer Logic is also based in 2 elements: the symbols of the cycle and the line, 0 and |, related by an algorithm. Those digital symbols are not ordered in space as geometric elements, but sequentially, in time, since logic is a time language. Yet they can model any mathematical, spatial relationship, showing the primacy of time over space.

– In Physics, cyclical and lineal movement, gravitational vortices and lineal electromagnetism, cyclical particles and lineal forces, are the only 2 shapes necessary to explain the material Universe. And such duality is irreducible to monism, as the failure of all Unification Theories of forces show.

– If we grow in scale into the biological world, the morphological invariance of both substances is maintained: Time has evolved masses of undifferentiated cells into complex living organisms, which are also made of cyclical heads that store and process Informative Time and lineal limbs of Entropy. Another less pronounced Entropy/information duality is between reproductive body, which absorbs Entropy to reproduce the cycles of the organism and delivers part of it to the limbs and the informative head:

The head is a cyclical, spherical form, and so are the informative senses, all of which accumulate in the head. The head is ‘small’, ‘perceptive’, informative. It sits on top of the body, on the dimension of height. It is ‘broken, discontinuous’ (as it holds more cellular, neuronal parts that the rest of the body’). The head is hierarchical and dominates the body, imposing its directions of future as they guide their body towards Entropy and information fields. The head is still. It is in metaphysical terms, the Aristotelian, unmoved ‘relative God’ that controls the movements of the body.

Its senses also show the same duality: the main informative senses are broken in dual elements (left, right eyes and ears) – while the energetic sense, the mouth that feeds on Entropy is ‘bigger’ and continuous (a single one). The eyes, the most perfect of those senses are in fact a perfect sphere. And they process ‘bidimensional information’ (which latter both eyes mix to create the illusion of 3-dimensionality).

On the other hand the body is a plane, dominant in lineal or elliptic, ‘reproductive’ forms, bigger than the head, on the bottom of the body-head system. The body moves and processes Entropy. It has however hardly any sensorial elements, as it gets the information from the body.

Its detached elements, the limbs are even more lineal, and only become broken, discontinuous on the fingers, which are the sub-elements that process information. Within the body, the most lineal elements are those who process directly Entropy: the guts and the lungs (in the brain the cerebellum that controls movement is also a lineal network of neurons that would extend over a meter in length).

Biological dual systems are irreducible to monism, since a headless organism cannot process information and survive. Even in the social, mental scale of existence, men have always represented Entropy with lineal arrows of expansive movement, and time with cyclical clocks of rotating, imploding movement. Thus in our plane of space/time, we find 2 invariant elements, formally homologous to the energetic line/movement and the cyclical, temporal rotating forms we have found in all other scales.

– Finally, in Economics, machines and lineal weapons of metal that release Entropy are valued by cyclical bits of metal-information (money), ‘the brain of the economy’, through prices, in a dual, physical and financial economic structure so far irreducible to monism, as the failure of planned economies proved. When we consider Entropy and information – machines that men create to enhance their own Entropy and information capacities – they maintain the invariant forms of Entropy and information: spherical cameras are informative, and energetic, moving machines are lineal planes.

Thus, the only logic able to explain all forms and species of the Universe is a self-generating dualism, caused by the existence of 2 fundamental invariant, geometrical shapes of Entropy and information that repeat and emerge in every scale of space/time of the Universe – the lineal wave of Entropy or shortest movement between 2 points and the cycle, rotating spin or sphere, which stores the maximal volume of information in a minimal volume. They are the most perfect, inverse shapes of Entropy and information, which repeat in all the species of the Universe:

– All systems that create inner form, information, from DNA nuclei to eyes to brains have similar cyclical or spherical forms because a sphere stores the maximal amount of information in minimal space. And their function is creative, in/form/ative.

– On the other hand, all moving bodies that process Entropy are lineal, because a line is the fastest, shortest distance between 2 points. So fast felines, F1 cars, light beams and rockets are all lineal in form. Further on, the function of systems that absorb Entropy is often destructive: for example, felines are predators that erase the information of its preys and missiles are weapons that erase human beings.

– While in any scale of reality, complex, ‘organic systems’ combine both forms into Tƒ=k=Se balanced systems. So the 2 commonest forms of Natural fractals are the tree, with an informative head sitting on top of a line/limb of Entropy and/or reproductive cycle (from virus to sperm, from humans to plants, from robots to missiles); and the spiral, which can easily mutate between a cyclical state, coiling onto itself and a lineal, moving state, as an uncoiled snake (from particles that become waves, to worms, to galaxies that mutate from bars into spirals).

Dual organic systems are everywhere: informative particles and fields of Entropy create physical beings, while all biologic species are made with reproductive bodies and informative heads.

The Ðisomorphism of Spatial Energy and Temporal Information.

We are entities made of Energy and Time.

When we say ‘I don’t have time and energy to do this’, we really mean it. Since we do not exist in a space-time background frame of reference. We are made, as Leibniz explained, of a vital space, which our bodies occupy, and has energy as vacuum space does, and last a finite time, our world cycle of life and death.

We are time space beings as everything else in the Universe, and this is the first isomorphism that make us to be as any other system, under the same laws, despite the ‘ego-mind paradox’ that makes us believe – as every other fractal point of view the centre of the Universe:


The perfect form of spatial entropy (kinetic energy) is the straight line in movement – the shortest, faster trajectory between 2 points of space – and its society, the plane. The perfect form of temporal information is the circle and its society, the sphere, which keeps the maximal information in minimal space. Both, opposed, inverse forms shape the spatial, linear, energetic bodies and cyclical, informative, memorial minds that become the complementary forms of all organic systems made of atoms of temporal energy.

Energy and information are the 2 primary elements of the Universe. They form all its complementary systems. In this posts we study its basic properties and dimensions. In the graph, they display different forms. But information dominates and defines an arrow of complexity and increase of height (the dimension of perception), from where informative organs (heads, cameras, black holes, skyscrapers), perceive and control with invisible languages (words, images, gravitation, money), the ‘unmoved bodies’ of energy under them. They are indeed what Aristotle called the multiple unmoved Gods of the Universe.

The 2 primary elements of the Universe, energy and information, mix and evolve, till reaching the threshold of complexity that gave light atoms living properties and now it is about to give the same life properties to metal systems.

In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the ‘limbs and heads’ of humans, animals or machines, because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Energy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms, because cycles store maximal information in minimal space.

For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like a ‘missile’.

On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical, like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines, ordering ‘limbs of metal’ with digital information. The functions of those ‘systems’ are also biological. Weapons are lineal, energetic forms that kill human beings.

We could summarize the formal and functional differences between energy and information (organs) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space = Energy = Minimal Form=body Vs.

Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

As a result of those morphologies we classify as energy or information organs not only in carbon-life organisms, but in machines and in physical systems made of energy (fields, limbs, food) and information (brains, eyes, cameras, particles).

Thus also other beings and atomic species, even ‘deconstructed organs’ are Se or Tƒ systems.

Since we can recognize geometrically their energy or information organs. Some of those systems are mechanical, made of metal. Some are vital, made of carbon atoms. Some are material.

Yet all of them have a biological influence over us, provoking changes in the energy and information systems of mankind that we should control for our own benefit.

The isomorphisms of Nature are all of them derived of the ‘fractal, scalar’ nature of the Dimensions of Space and Time, and the fact that we are made of ‘space and time’, we are not placed in an abstract ‘background’ ‘Cartesian coordinates’, as in the paper the first physicists used to draw its equations. This is an artifact of measure nowhere to be seen in reality.

The duality of Space and Energy of Information and Time.

In the previous graph, above, we an also see the duality of static information vs. moving time cycles and static space vs. moving energy quanta.

– By spatial energy we mean 2 parallel concepts, perceived in different ways: Static space that defines size, perceived also as a sum of lineal motions or ‘Energy’. Since space is the ‘continuous’, static, whole perception of infinite quanta of moving vacuum energies: S=∑Sp. Thus space distances and lineal speed motions mean the same. So astronomers say Universal space is ‘expanding’ meaning that galaxies are moving away.

– Temporal information means 2 parallel concepts, also perceived differently. Since a bit of information or ‘hertz’ is completed in any system when a clock cycle is closed. Thus, the faster any biological or physical time-clock turns, the more informative hertz-cycles it processes, as it happens in computers, complex system of time clocks, whose logic cycles process in-form-ation. Thus the absolute time of the Universe is the sum of all the time clocks and informative cycles of the Universe; T=∏Tƒ.

Thus, we talk of cyclical, temporal information and lineal, spatial energy as the 2 primary motions=substances=forms=åctions of the Universe.

SO we are going first to resume a reality made of space and time beings, and include within that larger reality the ‘meaning of mental space-time’ and those creationist theories, which do have some ‘truth in themselves’, as mirrors do order a small territorial reality around them. Once this is done we shall then make a historic review on how huminds have come from Aristotle to Sancho, me (: to a growing awareness on how space and time and its minds that perceive spatial forms and its organisms that live in world cycles of time structure the Universe.


The inverse properties of space and time.

All this resumes into the duality states of reality between a time-like state of motion and one of perception… s>t<s>t beats of existence define motion-form-motion wave-form particle – motion single present space – information particle at rest in motion with ∆±1 scales… motions and forms across the three scales of ∆ s and t become then the first variations of reality, since when we realise we can play with 3 x 3 motions up and down stairs of ∆ topologies of space ages of time and combine them, the iterative game of timespace beats becomes truly a fractal infinite of time-space.

The simplest physical beat is between the space-like state of the wave in a present motion through a single plane of continuum existence and the stop state of the particle, in informative perception through the axis that connect its singularity as a field of force with the upper and lower ∆±1 scales of existence, absorbing entropy from the lower scale (reducing its field space in an attractive vortex and emitting pure entropic faster than the wave speed-lines through its axis:




The line or shortest distance between 2 points and the cycle that stores the max. quantity of information in lesser space. Both combine to reproduce the infinite beings of reality. It is the game of existence we all play.



If we were to explain this formally a simple insights in the mathematical structure of the fractal universe will suffice:

  • The unit of mathematics is the numbers, which is a social group of identical beings. Thus in as much as the Universe is mathematical is social. Those identical numbers gather in social networks, which co-exist together thanks to the symbiosis between its information and energy.

Yet, the organisation of those social groups is also ‘organic’ vital, as the In the Universe is a fractal of information, which has the organic properties of vital fractals:

  • A fractal is made of smaller parts, connected through networks that repeats similar patterns in different scales of size. This in NATURE, means that the Universe evolves as a fractal growing and replication its form in the different ‘scales of space-time’, from the smallest particles through atoms, molecules, cells, matter states, organisms, ecosystems… solar systems galaxies and dark matter networks of galaxies (some of those scales are shown in the graph), all of them similar in form.
  • A fractal is a self-reproductive system, whose fundamental purpose is to ‘iterate’, that is, to reproduce patterns of information.

In nature we see also reproduction happening constantly in a fractal manner, as any system of any scale of nature will reproduce a minimal seed of information in its lower scale (humans a seminal seed, electrons a light beam, and so on), which will then grow and multiply an emerge in the upper fractal scale as a whole being.

In the next graph we see the organisation of all those systems, through networks of energy (blood-economics in historic systems) and information (words and laws of nervous and political systems in human social organisms) to which cells-citizens attach to form a perfect social super organism.

So the goal of social systems sciences is to design with the laws of the organic universe the perfect superorganism of history that will survive and make history and its cells, all of us, human citizens of god the superorganism of mankind not of any tribe or group of believers, but all of us, a perfect system, as all others in nature are:

 Super-organisms: knots of cyclical Time Arrows

We are all made of space time dimensional motions (ab. Ðimotions), flows of motion with form that seem to occupy space but are ‘vital space’ and have a ‘causal why’. For that reason, all species participate of the geometric and causal properties of Ðimotions and follow the same patterns of self-organization to create a higher ‘space-time plane’ of reality. So, for example, all informative systems will be on top, in the dimension of height; they will be smaller than the complementary body wave system and they will have cyclical form, regardless of the species we describe. So DNA nuclei are round and smaller than the cell’s body, heads and antennas are on top and are cyclical and smaller than the body or tower that holds them, cameras are small and spherical, etc.

Since, once we understand the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe, the old distinction between organic and inorganic form loses its meaning, beyond its anthropomorphic role of making man the only intelligent, vital species of the Universe.

The complex logic and Non-Euclidean geometry of those knots of Time Arrows set the formal basis to understand the structure of the Universe and all its self-similar parts. Since:

‘The Universe and all its parts are fractal entities of 5 Dimotions.’

Though the specific combinations of energy and information of each species – define  its ‘vital’ or physical, Universal Constants, the space-time structures and cycles of all those social organisms will be self-similar: All entities are ‘cellular societies’ organized through social networks that bring about processes of social evolution.

In all species studied by science a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single social form. Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of human workers and consumers that reproduce and test machines, guided by financial networks of information (salaries, prices, costs); galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells controlled by the nervous, informative system.

A tree is a group of leaves, branches and roots connected by a network that provides energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles) to its cells. Cultures are made of humans related by verbal, informative isomorphisms and economic networks that provide their  energy and information.

Stiences study those organic systems, tied up by networks of Ðimotions. In the graph, we see the main st-planes studied by human sciences and their 4 main time arrows, Sp x Tƒ, which in static space give birth to the ‘organic elements’ of all species: social cell of  energy and information and the reproductive networks that relate them. Thus, there are 4 basic elements in all organic systems:

  • Cellular units.
  • Networks that move the system (limbs/potentials)
  • Networks of fractal information (heads/particles).
  • Networks that reproduce vital energy (body/waves)

All entities are generated by reproductions and transformations of Dimotions, informative cycles (ΣSTƒ), organized in cellular units, gathered in social networks, and ±∆ Planes of self-similar forms, connected by the symbiotic properties of the fifth dimension. Yet, since those cellular units ∆-1 are made of smaller ∆-2 cells, which show the same structure, we can define any organic system as a super-organism (made of smaller, self-similar super-organisms).

In the graphs, we classify all the scales of the 5th dimension as super organisms  according to the social networks that create below all Universal and human super organisms:

‘A super-organism is a group of cellular super-organisms joined by energetic, informative and reproductive networks.’

The principle of organicism: The 4th paradigm of knowledge.

A deeper explanation of this work considers the meaning of knowledge and what questions it must answer to exhaust the study of a certain subject. In journalism we ask what, who, how, when and why.

The evolution of science implies big shifts in the paradigms, languages and philosophical dogmas we use to understand the Universe. In the evolution of science we observed first ‘what’ (experience) and then asked ‘who’. It was the mythic age of science, the first paradigm of knowledge – when an anthropomorphic being, often a god was the cause of all events. Then the Greeks used reason to ask the what (experience) and how of things, its causes and consequences. It was the 2nd paradigm of knowledge: logic thought.

The 3rd paradigm started by Galileo with his use of machines (clocks and telescopes), responded to when, measuring space distances and time frequencies in great detail with a single space-time system. The ticks of the heart, the stomach, the moon, the atom and the clock are different, but to measure them we needed a unit of time and so we equalized all rhythms with a clock, and to compare the spatial trajectories of those cycles we needed a ‘background of space’, so we put together all the broken spaces of reality into a joined puzzle, which we called Cartesian space-time. The error of a single space-time came when we forgot those simplifications and considered that the abstract space-time continuum of Descartes used to measure all other spaces and times was the real space-time.

The culmination of this process of mechanical measure came with quantum theory, which refined the measures of the cyclical trajectories of particles in the microscopic world and General Relativity, which refined them in the cosmological realm by correcting the deformations of those rhythms of time and distances of space caused by the limits of speed of our light-based Universe.

In philosophical terms, the paradigm of measure meant the birth of mechanism, the fundamental philosophy of our world today: the machine – no longer man, an organism – became the ‘measure of all things’. This was a simplification, as today we realize that machines merely imitate our organs of energy and information with networks of metal-atoms (so a crane is an energetic arm of metal and a chip an informative brain of metal), which now we fusion into ‘organic’ robots. And so the change of paradigm from the Greek, Aristotelian and Asian tradition of organicism to mechanism is only a hiatus on a richer, more complex understanding of the whys of the Universe.

Mechanism changed also the language of understanding of the Universe, from Aristotelian Logic to mathematical Platonism, since mathematics was the language used by machines to measure the Universe of time and space with clocks and telescopes; while logic was the language embedded in the syntax of words, which measure time with causal verbs that describe the logic relationships between its 3 dimensions of past, present and future. So in terms of philosophy of science, mechanism meant a pendulum law that changed the paradigm from Aristotle (organic, temporal causality) to Plato (mechanical, spatial geometry). This was a wrong choice, because a truly inclusive theory of reality has to put together both languages and approaches as we shall do in this work: the geometric how & instrumental when matched by a temporal why, which must be by definition a causal, temporal process. The 3rdparadigm obsessed by spatial measure was not very kin of such inquire, as Feynman famously put it: ‘the why is the only thing a physicist never asks’. And yet the why has always been a fundamental question of knowledge.

That why should respond to the existence of a program of creation, evolution and extinction of the reality we see all around us, which always gives birth and extinguishes the same entities, repeating their forms once and again. What is the purpose of the Universe and all its repeated parts? Why they have those forms and follow always a life and death cycle?  Thus, scientists, not satisfied with the limits of the 3rd paradigm of measure kept asking the why, which could not be a personal God (the who of the 1st paradigm), neither the machine, the instrument of measure of the 3rdparadigm (‘God is a clocker’ said Kepler, because he used clocks to measure it and ‘God speaks mathematics’ said Galileo, because those machines translated the events of the Universe into mathematical data).

According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe. The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newtonnt.0.4. Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

The 4th paradigm in a nutshell: The Universe is an organic system of energy and information.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

We can, departing from those concepts, define also the Universe and all its parts:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.



Principles of reality: Space-time Duality. Ternary organs and ages. 4 åctions. ∞ Fractal Universes.

The integration of all sciences in one is the goal of General Systems Sciences or Complexity. At Macy’s the year of Einstein’s death, the highest minds of mankind came together and realized that physics had its limits and lacked despite its exhaustive understanding of Entropy and motion (as that was its purpose since its inception by Galileo) a full comprehension of information, the other element of which the simplest Universe is made.

They also realized that the mechanist view was too simple and rather theological because as Leibniz put it, needed a God that started and created the mechanism. So for the future evolution of a more comprehensive theory, they considered that all the ‘systems’ of the Universe (anything that exists), there should be at least two elements, defined by their form and function, both related to each other: Entropy or entropy or space (any expansive motion, hence perceived as extended, planar or lineal space) and information or form or time (implosive motion, hence perceived as implosive, cyclical motion). This realization is the principle in which the 5 dimensions of the Universe are based. Since we can say as Taoists philosophers that from ‘1 comes 2, from 2 comes 3’ and add ‘from 3 comes 4, from 4 comes 5 and from 5 dimensions come all the beings of the Universe’:

  1. Duality: The space-time of the Universe is made of quantum of 2 types of motions: Lineal Entropy and cycles of times, whose frequency carries the information of the universe. As proved by Planck: ∑ Sp X Tƒ =K
  2. Trinity: All organic systems have a head made of cycles of times, limbs of quantum energies, combined in a body that reproduces both making this logic structure of motions to survive.
  3. 5-Dimensionality: Such organisms survive by performing 5 åctions. Entropy feeding, informative perception, reproduction and social evolution as herds, ∑ and networks, ∑2=∏.
  4. The orgasm mandate: Each mathematical point of view, or diffeomorphic, local entity of space-time will perceive reality from its own point of view and try to maximize its existence as a complementary system, ∑Sp X Tƒ=k, this is achieved at points S=T and max. ∑.
  5. The meaning of existence. Thus all systems try to achieve Max. ∑Sp X Tƒ=k. We call this the mandate of existence: grow in spatial Entropy and temporal information: ‘Grow and multiply… in balance between mind and body.’

What this meant is that all what you see is made of two type of realities lineal motion or Entropy and cyclical motion with more form or information. If you look at yourself, you head is spherical, cyclical. Your limbs are lineal and move. And in between you have a body that combines both forms and it is elliptic or an inverted cone, figures made of combining line and cycles.

Anywhere you look you will find all systems to have those 2 elements, Entropy limbs or fields in physics and cyclical heads or particles. So this is the first tenant of General Systems sciences, which describes the common isomorphisms of all systems of the Universe:

All what exists is a system made of 3 components, a field of motion, the energetic system, a head or particle that process and creates forms, the system of information.

In complexity the Universe is quantic. Space-time continuum is the sum of all those spaces or motions of Entropy, of all the limbs and fields of Entropy of lineal or planar form. And time is the sum of all those cyclical motions or ‘clocks’ of all its systems.

There is not only a clock of time, our mechanical clocks, but infinite cyclical motions that happen to regulate and guide the energetic fields. So particles guide fields of Entropy, and heads guide limbs of Entropy.

This is the first ‘whole’ and its parts: a Universe of space and time is the whole. Its parts are all those quantic, lineal fields of Entropy and limbs and all those cyclical particles (charges, masses) and heads. The whole seems continuous and static because we integrate it in the mind’s picture. The parts seem broken and vital in motion. Both descriptions are valid. And the whole interacts with the parts.

For example, Relativity explains the whole. Quantum theory the parts, fields of Entropy and particles. And the whole and its isomorphisms influence its parts.

Organisms seem wholes, but then they are made of cells, of two types, informative brain neurons and somatic, body cells. And the whole influences its parts.

Time and space are like Leibniz – the most clear predecessor of organicism – thought of them: a sum of different ‘spaces and times’ as each entity that exists has a certain vital space or body of Entropy that lasts a certain duration of time or life. This brings a key duality, between Universal, ‘whole’ concepts (space and time) and particular parts (the energies and cycles of information of each part):

If space has motion and it is broken in vital spaces with extension, it is equivalent to a sum of energies. Thus space is made of ∑energies.

And if time is broken in multiple life cycles, and we consider each life cycle or duration of a complementary system a clock cycle of time, time is equivalent to all the cyclical forms or ‘in/form/ ations’ of the Universe. So time is the sum of all informations, all forms-in-action, all cyclical forms.

When we add all the informative cycles of all beings and all its ‘vital energies’, we obtain absolute time and space, which ultimately is an error of perception due to the use of a single mechanical clock.

Yet when we perceive, we also eliminate motion. And so we see space quiet, as we see the Earth quiet, despite moving along paths of gravitational Entropy; or your skin quiet despite being made of cellular cycles. Thus we further reduce our knowledge of the parts gathered in a whole that appears as quiet space, with a few motions that truly matter to the perceiver – of preys, predators and individuals of the same species – while the rest of reality appears as a continuous space-time, often represented in a continuous Cartesian, mathematical graph.

This is natural to the limits of storage of information of any perceiver, because the brain cannot hold all the fractal motions, vital spaces, time durations of the life of all beings. So it reduces information. But this has caused grave errors in human knowledge, as we believe what we see. So science tends to reductionism, considering beings things and ignoring the isomorphisms that relate all those scales.

The 3 principles of a T.Œ: duality of space-time, åctions and 5 Dimensional planes.

The Universe is made of infinite ternary a-symmetries of time/space motions/forms.

This is what we have learned so far. But the highest level of organisation of the Universe is that of topological space-time planes, 2-manifold structures put on layers that become 3 volumes with 3 type of motions and assemble into even larger systems, across deeper i±scales, piercing through the 5th dimension.

Welcome to the fundamental ‘space-time unit’, the bi-dimensional plane.

universal organism

In the graph we can see the topological duality of the fundamental system of the Universe, a Fractal of vital space and time cycles, a ‘Function of Exi=st-ence’, different in its details for each species studied by different sti-ences, but unified by the common topological and functional properties of spatial extensions and time cycles.

Time means, frequency clocks, closed cycles, with a frequency, Tƒ.

And the sum of those cycles with its cyclical forms that connect networks and develop motions and åctions that organize those networks of energy, are a particle or head of cyclical information, which we also represent by Tƒ, a ‘non-Euclidean point-network-world of space-time’, a spherical being made of a series of bidimensional disk and spheres, whose intelligent cycles order the world around it – what Aristotle would call the unmoved God, that moves energy around it – that is, a body/wave of energy and information which becomes complementary and inseparable of it.

‘Se, Sp means ‘space’, ‘motion=speed’ momentum or ‘energy’, concepts which are not the same but quite similar and will be explained latter in great detail.

In the Universe there are infinite clocks of time, that humans simplify with the human speed of time, in order to measure reality with a human point of view.

But a more objective, wider view of the Universe will consider each different time clock as a separate entity and each different size of space as a different spatial scale.  And this is what the scalar space-time does, enlarging the simple analysis of all those scales of size and time speeds with a single space-time clock (the 4th dimension).

Form is function. And so the ball – the inner part of a sphere – is the perfect form of information as it is the shape that stores more form in lesser space, and the line or plane the perfect form of energy, as it is the fastest motion/biggest surface of space between two points. Space becomes then a lineal, ‘—motions’ motion or ‘energy’ and Time a cyclical, imploding form of order or information, of inverse, complementary properties.

In the graph, as a result of those morphologies we classify as energy or information organs not only carbon-life organisms, made of energy (bodies, food) and information (brains, eyes, senses, worlds), but also other beings and atomic species, even ‘deconstructed organs’. Since we can now recognize geometrically their energy or information organs. Some of those systems are mechanical, made of metal. Some are vital, made of carbon atoms.

In the graph we can see also the essential duality of the mind, of human information, which is a static perception of the cycles of form of the Universe. And the duality between planes of space and its perception as moving speed or energy.

This duality, which we call the Galileo Paradox’, relates the geometries of information (cycles and height) with the cyclical motions of time clocks.

And it relates the lineal space with entropic, expansive, energetic ‘—motions’ and length.

And the cyclical, tall motion, O, with the time cycles and forms of information (as this page/screen extended in the dimension of height) of the Universe.

In that regard if we could resume all the properties of reality in a single equation, this would be the inverse properties of space and time, lineal and cyclical motion, and hence the balance achieved by merging both:

S <= >T     Sp<=>Tƒ     S/T<=> ∆±4…. Sp/Tƒ= ∆   S x T = ∆

This is truly the essence of the existential game: the constant interaction of two ‘poles’ with inverse motions, forms, properties, which however come together constantly trying to tie each other into balanced systems, from female informative, male energetic dualities, to fields and particles, limbs and heads; the two extremes constantly come together.

‘Coincidentia Opositorum’ said Nicola da Cusa, the Middle Age philosopher, who considered God, that which merged the opposites into itself. We are in that regard all Gods of existence, fractal parts that play the same game.

Now it is important that the fundamental generator of the Universe is an exchange between a polar S and a polar T of flows of energy and information. The result is across a field, a wave that imprints both and starts a process of creation of form and complementary systems (parallel events, or a Darwinian process of absorption of energy from one point to the other. To state that the generator equation of the Universe is a dynamic equation that reproduces forms with motion, and combines them, the yin and the yang with its opposite properties, is to explain the Universe in a nutshell:

Sp x Tƒ = Complementary system (constant organism), Even if S = 1/T   S x T= C (constant, complementarity, translating speed, reproductive wave speed)

Universe is wise and has given us ‘parameters to measure..


The extreme quantity of details obtained through the mechanic method (observing reality with digital machines of higher sensorial power than human spatial eyes but not of a higher logic that temporal words) has made scientists to deny the true reason science started as synonymous of synoptic knowledge with the Greeks – to understand its ultimate principles and why it is all so simple and repetitive in its cyclical patterns, why there are laws of science (precisely out of the cyclical nature of time that repeats causes and events), where those laws come from (of the Isomorphic properties of its time cycles, spatial topologies and fractal scales: ∆§t->isomorphic laws of science)… This now forgotten maximal goal of knowledge, shun off by specialists which have ‘advanced’ so much in the details, is precisely what we regain in this blog: the ultimate meanings.

In the organic paradigm embedded in the latin->European->Social culture, which reached it maximal truth in science, in the Wien school origin of general systems, the WHYS OF THE UNIVERSE are always organic, and the description are the linguistic mirrors of which mathematics is the best.

So only organicism is real in the whole sense of the Universe, while languages-mirrors are local orders.


SPATIAL, SUPERORGANIC VIEW:  A fractal Time§pace organism or T.œ is a vital Space energy enclosed by its cyclical clocks of ðime, self-centered into an @-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world: 0 S x ∞ ð= @ . Hence the creation of infinitesimal minds is the origin of its ∆§calar planes connected through iterative flows of entropy and information, ≤≥:  S@≤≥∆ð.                                                                    Thus the fractal generator in space describes any superorganism in exist¡ence, made of 3 topological O x | = Ø structures – an ensemble of ∆-1 energy that moves an ∆ø mind, co-existing in a larger ∆+1 world.            The Rashomon method of truth then extracts from the generator equation, different sub-equations to analyze in more detail the parts of the being. So we use the ‘generator equation’ and its 5D ‘Rashomon’ elements to convey a full sense of the being and explain the 5Dimensions of any spacetime organism/event by considering the spatial= informative and temporal= moving sides of reality putting those 4 parameters together through a(nti)symmetric ≤≥ flows of communication: ∆t≥S@.    In space thus we use the ‘generator equation’ and 5D Rashomon truths to convey a full sense of the beingSo we use the ‘generator equation’ and its 5D ‘Rashomon’ elements to convey a full sense of the being and explain the 5Dimensions of any spacetime organism/event by considering the spatial= informative and temporal= moving sides of reality putting those 4 parameters together through a(nti)symmetric ≤≥ flows of communication: ∆t≥S@.    So we use the ‘generator equation’ and its 5D ‘Rashomon’ elements to convey a full sense of the being.In space thus we use the ‘generator equation’ and 5D Rashomon truths to convey a full sense of the being.

The graph shows those elements departing from the 5Dimensional simpler view, relating the unfolded 10 Disomorphic analysis in relationship to its origin as formalisms of the mind (0-1 Isomorphism: Generator, Seed and actions), or as spatial studies (2-manifolds, 3 networks, 6 species combination of those networks), or temporal analysis (studying its 3±∆ ages and 9 decades of the world cycle) to finally inscribe the being in its ∆§ potential 10 social scales within each of the 9 ∆º±4 larger planes within the Universe perceive by the being.

So we start for the fundamental form of the One, its potential wholeness as a seed, or a formed mind-point that generates the acts of the being. the first seed of information; which soon will split through the duality between the space and time phases/parts of the cycle/organism; then the ternary division of its S, st, t physiological networks.

Next comes the four combinations of space time with repetitions, Ss, tt, st, ts; then the 5 dimensions, including now the lower and upper scales of seed state and death state…

We can then consider the 6 species, combination of the 3 physiological networks of the being by hierarchy of power, S-st-t, S-t-st, T-st-s, T-s-st, TS-s-t, TS-t-s.

We can then study with its upper and lower scales, the 3 ±2 ages of the being between generation and palingenesis in the ∆-1 scale, through its 3 ages in the ∆º scale, into its splitting dissolution of its energy back to ∆-1 and emergence in the collective memory of its social scale (from family to man of the world) in the ∆+1 scale; and so we arrive to the 8th isomorphism of the ‘8 baguas’ or decades of a life cycle (for man, different for other stages of being) through its ‘gaseous, moving youth, liquid, reproductive maturity and informative, solid state’ to return to the womb of ‘tao’…

And if we are to measure the being through its growth in social scales, in the palingenetic dimension of 0-1 generation, or its scalar, social world, we shall find a series of decametric growths from 1-10 through the §10°-¹° societies to the trillion cellular beings that create a new ∆plane of existence… the last quantitative≈qualitative, space≈time isomorphism, as we move in scales from the atom-galaxy to the galaxy-atom and beyond, perhaps from the o-| open and closed $ and ð microcosmic strings of space-time to the cosmological ones.

The 10 Dimensional isomorphisms (ab.Ði) applied to the study of each 10Di (5s, 5t) timespace organism, increases formal depth and experimental detail in our study of all the systems made of ∆@s≈t of space-time, defined by its fundamental 5 elements/Dimensions:  @minds, ∆-§cales, $pace, ðime and its s≈t symmetries.

So as a fractal organism can be subdivided in its analysis through its dualities of t-motions and s-forms, into 10 Dimensions, we study 10 similar properties of those dimensions in the dynamic existence of any being and call them the 10 Ðisomorphisms (Ð for dimensions and cyclical time, as it is the capital for eth, ð).

We could say paraphrasing taoism and Greek Philosophy (Parmenides, Heraclitus), or modern quantum probability that from the ‘o-1’ unit sphere of ‘existence’, comes 2, the duality of space-time, expressed in its kaleidoscopic jargons by human beings – the wave and the particle in physics, the conjugate product in mathematics, the genetic code and the protein in biology…. the yin and the yang, the man and the woman; the lineal and angular momentum… you name it and move it…

And from 2 comes 3, the lineal, angular momentum and vital energy sum and product of both, the wo=man and its offspring, the particle, wave and potential… the being in itself, which can be properly described in ternary S≈T, elements, in a single plane of existence. 

But the Universe is not THAT SHALLOW, so regardless of our humind geniuses with its ‘space-time continuum’ in a single sheet, we need the whole and the parts, the upper and lower scales, the points that make the topological beings, the cells and the ecosystems, the finitesimals within and the world outside, the Kantian thoughts in his brain, the starring lights on the sky…

And so we have the 3±1 dimensions that bring together 3 planes of existence, Ξ, into the being, 3 lanes, 3 non-euclidean networks that form the topological organism; and the 3 languages most used in this blog to describe them, verbal thought with its awesome metaphorical capacity to show in a language all humans can understand the Disomorphisms of Nature, the mirror of mathematics, which tunes to fine detail and extract more properties as it is likely the language of the atomic mind alpha and omega, atom and galaxy of those ∞ scales, and the visual language of graphs and intuitive forms.

Wor(l)ds, numbers and images are thus our 3 elementary mirrors to build ‘knowledge’, because the 1=one truth in itself is only carried by the being, who holds all its information, and the being within the world to which it connects; so humans need many mirrors and we have settled for the 3 we have ‘expanded’ with non-euclidean geometry, non-aristotelian i-logic, for maths and words, non-Æ for its visual forms.

So by studying the 5 Dimensions of the being with dualities of space-time and  ‘ternary isomorphisms’ of scales, ages and topologies, all of them properties derived of its 5D scalar structure in space and time we achieve a complete description of any ‘Dust of space-time’, ∆@S=T.



A(nti)symmetry of scale: Organicism.

From the co-existence of beings in 3 different scales of reality, ∆±1, that is form the fractal structure of space, it follows the organic nature of reality as flows of energy and information and motion between those scales based in the symbiosis of smaller beings that have more information and larger wholes that enclose the parts, precludes organic properties.

Unlike the simplex physical description of the Universe, as an extension in space, where the time parameter of change only is relevant in the descriptions of motions within the fractal Universe of any parts of it, as if nothing else would matter, reserving organic and sentient properties, under the ‘ego paradox’ for the human species only, our interest is much more profound as we consider all parts of the Universe homeomorphic to each other and hence with the same properties that humans do have, and vice versa. into all the properties that the simplex physical description misses, as they are not susceptible to me written in mathematical equations, or are not observable, directly but can be inferred from the actions they produce. It is then possible through those indirect methods of observation and departing of the homologic, isomorphic properties of all beings, deduce the non-observable properties of being by its external effects.

Organicism thus is immediate from the  scalar structure of reality, as it is the only form TO CONNECT THE SCALES OF REALITY OR ELSE IF ENERGY AND INFORMATION WERE NOT TRANSFERRED BETWEEN THEM WE WOULD NOT SEE THEM WITH microscopes and telescopes. Very little thought astonishingly enough has been paid to this, casting serious doubts on the intelligence of the humind – but I’m not gonna quip as usual on the homunculus; just show you those obvious physiological networks that transfer entropy-motion, energy=reproduction and form=languages between scales (:

Finally a principle which will be abhorred by classic physicists but it is really the ice in the cake is the sentient nature of singularities WHICH IS PROVED BY THE FACT THEY ARE THE ENGINE OF THE 5 SURVIVAL ACTIONS OF EVERY PART OF THE UNIVERSE. So to conclude as we start, we have to reduce physics what it is truly – the science of motion, the 2D lineal motions and 4D entropic motions, and then when we do explain better its principles, again a huge beautiful discipline, but NOT the one giving the whys, in its present format and limited dimensionality.

The organic paradigm: everything is T.œ – an organism of space and time.

So besides the 3 space dimensions ≈ 3 time dimensions (seen as still in space, as moving in time) we do need to consider at least 2 more dimensions, one for the lower scales of the being, which we shall call the fourth dimension of absolute past and one for the upper dimension of the being of absolute future.

We do have then mathematical and verbal, logic mirrors to express those 5 dimensions of space-time, the ultimate substances and unify with them ALL SCIENCES, departing from the properties of those dimensions its structures in space and travels in time, each ‘stience’ of space-time studying an scale, including those who describe man.

Thus this is the Universe in a nutshell, repeated ad nauseam in all scales, and we shall repeat with kaleidoscopic variations the previous paragraphs to describe the thoughts of ‘god’, to make organic systems tracing world cycles, regardless of the huge details scientists have obtained so far.

So the organic paradigm  has taken longer to be formalised, as we do in this blog, because it requires to ad to the motions in space studied by physicists, the arrow of in-formation, of form, stored in the form and frequency of the clocks of time cycles of reality, which are along its lineal motions in space the two elements that conform all realities, by combining and integrating into ‘vital energy systems’.

Those 3 arrows spreading across different scales of size, which add 2 more space-time dimensions of ‘wholes and parts’ to the mix, will allow us to describe all what exists as an organism of space-time, the long-seeked ‘sound organic philosophy of science’, reflected in the graph.S-paces

All of the co-exist in at least 3 scale, so we talk of ∆-1 cells/atoms/particles/molecules/points that will form 3 physiological networks, of relative entropy-motion, energy and in/form/ation, put together into an ∆º individual whole, existing in a larger ∆+1 relative world. So we can map out all those super organisms according to scale, each one studied by a different ‘science’, (stience of space-time beings). In the graph a fast review of the super organisms of the Universe in space and time, through its 3±1 dimensions origin of its Ðisomorphic laws. They define the 3 relative present dimensions of all ensemble of systems, made of ‘angular monentum’≈ cyclical time clocks, lineal momentum≈ lineal limbs/fields and a vital energy, the integral, combination of both (V+T). We shall call those 3 conserved quantities of any ‘fractal part of the Universe’ and its ensembles into complex organisms, the 3 ‘present dimensions of fractal space-time’, which create the beings perceived in the relative present ‘finitesimal time of a world cycle of life and death’, of different duration according to the ‘scale’ and speed of the clocks of the being:

Let us start with a visual, topologic analysis of the dimensions of space-time. There are first 3 normal dimensions, which instead of being height-length and width (latter we shall see how they actually have the same function), they are the 3 topological varieties of the Universe: spherical, planar and hyperbolic forms. And so in a single plane of reality, we perceive systems as ensembles of the 3 varieties of space, (to which we soon will add the 2 scalar dimensions of entropic parts, and social wholes). 

Let us start then to build reality with the 3 dimensions of space and its motions in time, we shall also called arrows or cycles or actions of space-time. In the next graph, a first hint to how the 3 ‘vital dimensions of space-time’ ensemble into parts and organic wholes in all physical, biological and social systems; since there are only 3 topological forms (geometries with motion) in the Universe. So evolutionary topology the expansion of topology proposed in this form is the key discipline to understand how the species of reality are created and destroyed: 
In the graph we see from a spatial, simultaneous, formal perspective, ensembled into 3 type of physical, biological and social space-time organisms, the 3 ‘form of space=functions of time=topological varieties of space-time in the Universe’.

In the graph we see the 3 first dimensions when doubled in function, divided according to the ‘discontinuity of the fractal Universe’ and perceived as lineal maximal motions-functions in limbs/potentials and maximal informative storages in spherical heads/particles.

So the 3 dualities of the Galilean paradox that started science but were REDUCED by physicists to single dogmas (continuity, single scale, lineal equations and lineal time), when fully accepted as the ultimate logic dualities that co-exist in reality, explain immediately the structure of most systems in existence.

Organic forms.
It is then obvious that systems assembly into organic forms by putting together the forms and functions of the 3 adjacent dimensions of a system, pegged in simultaneous space.

Indeed, all what you see are forms of space with motion in time that combine into the infinite energy beings of the Universe.

And while physicists have reached an extraordinary dexterity calculating the motions in space of beings; only when we ad those other type of motions=changes in space-time  we understand how they trans-form and evolve through generation into new forms of in-form-ation. This is the basis of the formal model of this blog, the ‘eternal philosophy of science’, we call ‘organicism’, which understands the Universe as a system that reproduces information.

Such model is vastly more explanative of reality than the mechanical abstract models dominant in the tradition of physical sciences for a few basic reasons:

  1. Only an organism replicates itself without the concourse of a ‘maker of the machine’ – God in the earlier physicists’ view, now obsolete. As machines do not reproduce.
  2. Only the definition of time as the substance of reality –  cyclical motion that reproduces form allows the Universe to move, as only if motion=time is the ultimate substance the Universe never stops.
  3. Only if it is cyclical, repetitive, there are laws of science which are precisely those repetitive motions.
  4. Finally we know since Relativity that there are infinite clocks of time with different speeds (we knew it always just looking at the clocks of nature, but the expansion of physicists’ way of measuring all time clocks equalised to the rhythms of the mechanical clock, had obscured those facts.

Of course if we want just to ‘measure’ from a human point of view, those rhythms, a single mechanical standard of time, the second can study those cycles, and a single line that ads ‘cycles’ pegging them can represent the time duration of a being, but we loose its meaning, its form, its in-form-ation. And if we want to make a complex analysis of the whys and repetitive patterns, and organisation of those patterns we won’t be able to do it.

Sentient Universe.

The Universe is a sum of a series of actions, ∆aeiou, of them, the first action is perception by an observer, ∆o, of a field of energy, ∆e, to which it will move, ∆a, in order to feed, ∆e and use that energy to reproduce its information, ∆i, iterating a form like itself, which will gather with clone forms to create a larger, ∆U universal social plane.

This is all what we should describe when we reduce to minimal cyclical space-time actions the total reality of any self. But the Devil is in the details. So as this simple ‘aeiou’ game repeats itself creates ever more complex perceptions, mappings of reality into space-forms and motions and forms ensemble into larger beings and smaller ones… forming a fractal structure. So in a second layer of complexity we would say:

The Universe is a fractal super organism of space-time, made of ∞ super organisms all made to its image and likeness. Each super organism IS MADE of 3 ∆º ternary physiological networks,  made of smaller ∑∆-1 ‘atoms/cells/individuals’ that process motion, information and reproduce for the whole system, living in a larger ∆+1 world.

Thus super organisms have two fundamental elements: 3 co-3existing ±1 planes of cells/atoms/individuals gathering into physiological networks (together forming a species), living in a larger ∆+1 world: ∆§

But those super organisms constantly change its parameters of motion and form, increasing its information warping in a world cycle of time, the ‘3rd fundamental element’, which is therefore symmetric to those physiological networks, as the informative network dominates the other ones, increasingly ‘warping’ the being, either a physical system (so stars become black holes, galaxies quasars, matter solids) or a biological system (3rd age), which then returns back in an explosion that erases its energy (physical E<≈>M Big Bang, or biological death or war, in the 3 type of systems).

Each language perceives a partial truth.

But why there are brains that absorb tiny flows of motion and convert it into still form, called in-form-ation? To perceive, move, feed and survive.

As all in the game of existence, because to accumulate information helps you to survive, to locate energy and feed and continue the game of existence.

What information does is to offer an organism maps of the Universe, virtual worlds, complex representations of reality, with a lot of formal detail, that map out the Universe and helps the organism to survive. All organisms perceive and react to information in one or other manner, and we call that property of organic systems, perception.

The flows of energy that become information in the brains of organisms, cause the organism to react to the external universe. That is the second arrow of life.

After feeding, organisms transform energy into information and react organically to that information.
 Bear in mind though that information comes in many shapes and forces. So each brain perceives a different information, a different map of the Universe…

IN ANY CASE, the whole program of actions of the Universe – not only the SIMPLEST action, motion is what truly makes the Universe organic, and as it can be proved that those actions depart form the singularities, those at the minds of the Universe. Let us remember those actions studied in its specific posts.

SO we shall be able to consider through the actions of the beings, which are all similar in search of survival, the existence of singularity-minds in all of them.

Thus those are the fundamental bio-topo-logic principles of reality derived of the organic co-existence of scales, topological forms of space, logic search for symmetric beauty, through 5 Dimensions expressed in 5 actions by the will of sentient singularities… Now we shall deal with the correction of the errors of the humind, because when you don’t know how to speak the language, your typewriting will always go slow, full of grammatical faults so we have to change the ‘language’ of the typewriter – aka physicist, as the ‘languages of God are infinite’ Upanishads.

The fourth postulate of non-Æ topology that ‘vitalises’ the laws of mathematics, establishes the three fundamental geometrical≈behavioural relationships between T.œs, according to its relative similarity≈parallelism, or perpendicularity≈difference, which will determine if:

The key element in the understanding of the smaller whys of the Universe are the actions of beings, committed according to two patters – simplex behavior (aei actions of acceleration-motion, energy-feeding and information, the bare minimum for survival) and complex actions, ou actions of social evolution and reproduction, needed for the system to endure beyond the individual finite lifetime cycles. So how those ou complex actions and aei simplex actions take place?

Easily they can be divided according to similarity in two behaviors: simplex forms that do not understand each other, kill each other. Complex forms help each other and survive. So the study of those two behaviors under the Rashomon truths – that is from the perspective of topology (perpendicular darwinism vs. parallel social evolution), Scales (actions of darwinian predation or social evolution), time (phases of a predatory or social act) and mind (need for equal comprehending languages for the system to evolve) are the key to fully grasp the interlocked will of the program of the Universe.

The study of those 4 elements of all realities, its actions and ternary operandi, which result in a social evolution together of the 2 + elements (the balanced body-wave and informative @particle-mind, and the entropic destruction or ab=use of the – simpler, lineal limb-potential-prey, which structures the dynamic ‘Generator Equation’ of all Space-time Systems of the Universe, written in its simplest form as a singularity-mind equation, O x ∞ = K or in dynamic way, S@<≈>∆ð, is thus necessary in every analysis of reality, since all systems will be connected across its scales, with a larger outer and inner smaller world; will be perceived either simultaneously as a super organism or in time as a flow of actions integrated into larger ages, which will invariably guided by an informative stiff-mind, stop motion into information, warp and finally disintegrate itself.

There are many views on such simple elements, specially when we fully understand the key principles of its operandi which are either opposite, Darwinian, or social, parallel – a principle which is as most of the principles ignored by science, vital, organic, biological; and either bring together the asymmetries between lower planes of more information and larger planes of more energy or bring them into destruction.

So goes for the asymmetry between | and O forms, depending on how they come to each other tangentially or ‘penetrating’ to reproduce LITERALLY as we fuk each other’s gender (: i tell you is all vital geometries. 

And so goes for the different 1st and third ages of existences…

So that is the game: 3 asymmetries of scale, age and form, which can come together or annihilate and each language represent in different manners, the most well known that between:

names (forms) and verbs (motions); colours of blue and red, form and motion which can either be played reproductively into green or anti-complementary into yellow, the colour of eviL destruction, of gold (:

It is all in the codes of colours, we shall see even in the game of Nature.

All is in the codes of the Universe and its operators, also clear in mathematics, with the duality of inverted operations, + -, X ÷, √ xª, ∫∂.

So the simplest method of extracting a meaningful quantity of information on a being or event requires to comment on the 4±operandi ‘5’ perspectives, even when we study as we do in the first line, those elements in themselves. In this post we shall deal thus with time from the perspective of space, time, symmetries, scales and mind languages that ‘stop it’ in the singularity of t=motion zero, from black holes to eddies to charges, to brains to frozen genetic DNA…

Assymetries and dimensions.

Now, when two systems come together, there will be a relationship which depends on the equality of its 3 different parts will give combinations to an array of possible ‘consequences’, which can be tabulated in logic ‘truth or false’ type of graphs – which I will someday find on my files and put on the blog. Let us consider the basic relationships according to the equations/dimensions of information (1D), reproduction (3D)…

1D (T.œ¹) ≈ 1D (T.œ²) they evolve socially through the 5th dimension of scalar social growth, when they understand each other’s information or…

1D T.Œ¹≠ 1D T.œ² + 3D T.Œ¹≈ 3D T.œ² + T.Œ¹>T.œ². That is, they  will enter into a Darwinian relationship that destroys the T.œ with lesser existential e x i force, when their 1D information differs but their 3D energy is similar… or

1D, 3D T.œ¹ ≠ 1D, 3D T.œ² they will ignore each other in parallel Universes as different ‘cat alleys’ when neither their information  or energy is similar. 

We have introduced in the graph with a bit more of complexity the logic dimensional laws that define how systems IN ANY scale of the inverse, from Atomic Ions or crystals to human societies relate to each other in darwinian, perpendicular ‘tearing’ topological relationships that ‘break’ the closing membrane of one species disrupting its existence, or will keep a mean distance to form social networks of communication that will grow into super organisms, starting the emergent process of evolution of species into a new ∆§cale of social existence, so you understand that in the Universe organic, geometric and scalar relationships are symbiotic to each other. 

Its connection as everything else WITH THE 5Dimensions of reality is obvious. As it determines if the outcome of a relationship will be Darwinian=entropic or social=evolutionary.

It corresponds to the classic 3rd axiom of congruence which all geometric systems require, but unlike the classic postulate that defined only external congruence, as it worked in a single ‘dimension’ of points with no parts, the new postulate is far richer in meanings as it introduces fully the ‘different degrees’ of congruence according to which number of dimensions both systems have similar. In fact, it establishes a limit of similarity, to define identity, in a postulate similar to Pauli’s exclusion principle:

‘There is not in the Universe two systems which are identical in its 5 Dimensions, as in that case they become one’.

Indeed, it is NOT truth that 2 bosons occupy the same place in space-time, because quantum physics ignores the fourth and fifth scalar dimensions of relative social evolution that is the real place in which those bosons are found, when observed closely:

In the graph, we can see how a boson condensate grows in the fifth dimension of social evolution, ‘rising’ beyond the single space-time continuum where they were initially located, to reach a higher order. We can then talk of a ‘tail of absolute space-time’ being formed.

Classic 3rd axiom of Euclid ≈ modern 4th postulate of Non-Aristotelian logic.

In classic geometry, the 3rd axiom of congruence hold a special place, as the 5th because of its apparent contradictions. How can we determine geometrically a quality of ‘equality’? Schopenhauer among modern philosophers noticed this contradiction, but few realized of the importance of the postulate.

In the upgrading of formal sciences, the realisation of the ‘redundancy’ of the fifth postulate of non-euclidean geometry – definition of a point with parts through which infinite parallels can cross, equivalent to the first axiom – definition of a point with breath; and the logic nature of the fifth postulate, prompted us to reclassify them NOT as geometric but logic postulate which dealt with the rules of ‘engagement’ of vital geometry.

So the fifth postulate defined a mind, of which depending of the number of parallels that can cross it, we shall find, different @nalytic minds and graphs of perception of information in the Universe, of which 3 canonical frames of reference, the Euclidean, hyperbolic and elliptic mind correspond to the 3 parts of any system (lineal potentials-limbs, hyperbolic waves-bodies and polar particles/heads).

On the other hand the fourth postulate of congruence has also a great deal of variations regarding the degree of equality between two geometric forms as they know have 3 parts, as ‘T.œ’. made of 3 parts.  So congruence is relative as no system is equal to other in its 3 parts and at the same time occupy in the ∆+1 scale or world the same position.

The equality of the 3 parts however will determine if the interrelation between points will be constructive positive – when identity increases; or destructive, when identity or even inversion of coordinates happens. I.e. for example indistinguishable particles can become bosons and accumulate its form; fermions however would annihilate its wave state in antisymmetry to each other.

So the fourth postulate, is as important or perhaps even more than the 5th that defines a mind. And it is also related to the fourth dimension of entropy, when two forms are dissimilar, do not understand each others’ languages of communication and either ignore each other or enter into a predatory relationship

An exhaustive analysis of all the possible forms of relationship between two given points-beings, thus will be the fundamental guidance in all scales to establish the rules of engagement and according to the relative existential momentum/force of the being, who will dominate and how it will exercise its power over the other – or in identical particles, what social form will emerge of that communication.


The 5th dimension as the basis of epistemology: unification of sciences.

In the graph, the Universe has a 5th dimension of different ‘scalar volumes’ and different speeds in its cyclical time clocks.  Such as the faster an entity completes its time cycles, the smaller it is. Thus we can classify all entities of the Universe made of relational space-time with 2 inverse arrows, one of increasing size in space and an inverse arrow of diminishing speed in its time cycles (appearing as angular momentum or vortices of forces, masses and charges in physics, as circadian, biological and metabolic cycles in living beings). Yet the product of both components of any universal entity remains constant, which allows the interaction between entities of different scales and gives origin to the metrics of the 5th dimension: Sp x Tƒ = Constant. An astounding number of responses to standing questions of sciences can be explained through them.

The importance of the 5th dimension in that regard is dual.

As it is the basis of a new Scientific epistemology, which allows the classification of all sciences according to the scale of the 5th dimension it studies; and on the other hand its metrics (rules of motion), encompasses all the previous laws of sciences and the metrics of 3 and 4 Dimensions within it, creating the scaffolding for the Unification of all sciences.

The isomorphic laws derived from the common spatial topologies, temporal world cycles (life-death ages) and existence across several spatial planes of cyclical time, through which systems exchange energy from above to below S-planes and information through world cycles, from smaller to larger beings are the core element that structures and explains all morphologies, events and flows of existence in the Universe.

They explain an enormous number of Universal phenomena common to all systems, and species extending across those U±4= 9 cyclical planes. And we call those common set of 10 type of laws the ‘isomorphisms’ of the Universe; of which 3 are essential as they derive of the essential space dimensions, time ages and U±4 planes of space-time of which all beings are made:

The described isomorphism of the 3±∆ time ages or ‘world cycle of life and death‘ (the expanded concept of a world line used in physics of 4 Dimensions, as now the 5th dimension allows a back and forth movement up and down which completes the life-death cycle, hence making time cyclical).

The isomorphism of the 3 ‘topologies’ of all systems in space, symmetric to the previous one: fields/limbs of hyperbolic energy, dominant in youth; toroid, reproductive body-waves, dominant in the adulthood and informative spherical membranes and zero-points dominant in the 3rd age.


Let us then  resume   the 3 formal motions of space and time, and its combined actions, the main components of reality and its infinite cyclical clocks, which physicists reduced to a simplistic concept of a lineal single time arrow of entropy for the entire Universe, changing truly with this ‘ideology about time’ (in as much as it was born of their worldly power, to make lineal weapons of energy), how science and mankind designed its future. We will be a bit ironic about them and the human species in general – hope you understand and don’t take it personally…

Time is bidimensional, and so a cycle of time has a dimension of height, and its static perception is a ‘still picture’, a bit of information. And energy is also bidimensional and its still picture is a plane of space. And one and the other constantly interact – lineal and angular momentum, potential and kinetic energy, heads and bodies and limbs, particles and waves and fields. We are all 4Dimensional beings mixture of energy and time, space and information. So:

SP: Spatial Extension <=>TƑ, and temporal information can transform into each other ad eternal. And this is the new fundamental law of the holographic universe. They mix together to form 4 Dimensional beings, and as time can be seen fixed as space, we do have a mental tendency to see time cycles as information, fixed forms, which we confuse with space.

So we are made of those bidimensional space-information, energy and time beings and their ‘present 4 Dimensional combinations’, waves and bodies of space-time that perform ±4 actions of energy and information, plus the absolute arrow of the 5th dimension, towards life-social evolution and death, entropy disorder:

So we can write with the same sentences we used to explain the Human being, all the beings of the Universe:

All systems of the Fractal Universe, including the Universe itself, are Non-Euclidean Points of Existence, Œ, co-existing in 3 relative ∆± planes of the 5th dimension, made of a finite amount of two formal motions, Lineal energy motions (kinetic motions, lineal momentum, limbs and fields) and cyclical time clocks (angular momentum, Internal Energy), which conforms its worldcycle between seminal conception, in a lower plane, ∆-1, of cellular existence, which emerges, L, in a higher plane, ∆, as a superorganism of a mass of billions, ∑, of atoms (physical systems), cells (biological systems) or citizens (sociological systems), knotted, ∏, by its dimensional, Past, E-ntropic Limbs/fields, Future, I-nformative Heads/particles and Present, Repetitive Body-waves and networks, which help the system to perform a series of cyclical space-time ±∆ actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, as it accelerates, ∆æ, to feed on fields of energy, ∆e, which it apperceives as information, ∆œ, to copy itself in an offspring of similar systems, , ∆œ, which evolve socially, ∆û, into Universals, part of an external Higher plane, ∆+1, till its extinction, when the arrow of growing information and life reverses its path into a ‘big-bang’, E< = >Mc2 explosion of Entropy called death, that erases the information, of the entity, devolving it back, >>, two planes down from the ∆+1 society to the cellular ∆-1 plane.

So the worldcycle ends into a zero sum.

In the graphs and texts we have iterated 3 times the essence of the worldcycle, or function of existence, which all systems of spatial energy and temporal information of the Universe follow, as they travel through 3 planes of the 5th Dimension, of relative scales of size and speeds of temporal information that structure the fractal, organic Universe.

Thus we talk in General Systems of a fundamental ternary ‘particle’ in the Universe, a super organism made of cycles/clocks of temporal information with cyclical geometries (the form that stores more information) and bodies/waves that reproduce the system, and lineal limbs/fields (as the line is the fastest motion between points) that move the system, fractal parts of space-time of a Universe made of infinite of such space-time beings, co-existing in those 3 scales, of an infinite scalar Universe, each scale studied by a science.

And resume its entire species with a simple ‘Generator Equation’ written in the ‘Non-AE formalism’ of T.Œ, which writes:

(Sp-limbs-fields<>ST-Bodies-waves<>Tƒ-Particles heads)∆±1

Whereas < is a flow of energy and expansive motion, > a flow of information and ∆ the symbol for the 5th dimension of multiple scales, L the symbol of an emergence in a higher scale and its inverse a devolution back into a lower plane, as in the moment of death.

Existence, is as simple as that, as complex as the entire Universe when we consider in detail each of those systems, its topological and organic properties and the interactions between its parts and wholes, in an iterative, organic fractal Universe.

In the graphs humans also are a system with those 3 organs/functions, which ‘stretches’ its function of existence, Œ(human), through 3 relative scales of the 5th dimension, the ∆-1 cellular, i-organic, ∆+1 social scales, and lives and dies as all systems, travelling through those scales of space-time, born as a seminal ∆-1 seed, which emerges in the i-organic scale, where it is structured in 3 fundamental systems, of ‘lineal motions/forms’, the limbs, spherical motions/forms of information, the senses accumulated in the spherical head, and the reproductive, ovoid middle territory of the body.

And accordingly each of those 3 elements is structured around a ‘digestive-energetic’ system in the lower part (stomach-limbs), a blood-reproductive-hormonal system in the middle (heart-reproductive system) and an informative system on top (the head).

So we see how the simple elements of a ternary formal/functional Universe of infinite fractal space-time beings starts to take shape and explain questions, which were never answered, not even ‘questioned’ about the nature of it all.

Now the trinity of ‘organs in space’ with functions in time that show the same topological types of ‘geometry in motion’ open that wider view and reveals the vital whys of geometry, when we consider its symmetry with time motions/logic functions:

The top part of a human is the relative future, informative, particle/head.

Its birth as a seed of cyclical information, starts its ‘travel through the 5th dimension that we call life, in the lower cellular scale, which we write in Æ (abb. existential algebra) as O-1 (a spherical seed of information of the ∆-1 scale relative to the human i-scale).

Then the fetus emerges in the word as a baby, a youngster that moves lineally all around, Max. Sp, full of energy.

A child is always feeding on energy and moving fast in space. It is the age of entropy, the young age.

But then he becomes dominated by his body-wave/reproductive system. It is the adult age or present longest age, in which it iterates into a family, it reproduces into a similar present form.

Then finally all energy is exhausted, and the man warps into an excess of form, of cyclical memories, wrinkles and dies…

Its Fractal Generator, Povs & 10 ISOMORPHISMS

In the simplest description of the Universe, we can talk of the use of existential algebra, which studies in detail the space-time actions of all points of view that first gauge information, create a still mapping of the Universe, and then try to imprint a territorial field of energy with the perceived form, enacting its imagination, as an act of survival of its self, which becomes the body of its organism, which will through a series of isomorphic actions of absorption of energy and information, trace a world cycle, step by step of present repetition of its wave-body actions and informative perception, e>i, on its field-particle state, till finally it becomes so unbalanced, as the wave is present but the particle-field male state is E>I integrative and diminish the energy of the system, hence defining an overall arrow:

Female Present-wave-body state: S=T + Past>Future, field>particle male state = ∆I: Life arrow + Death arrow: Big bang, I<E (Particle dissolves in field)=0

It is this world cycle of existence that develops in 3 phases the Max. E x Max. I function, (Max.  Youth, Max. I: 3rd age> Max. E xI (E=i) adult state), what we see developing around the Universe, in the 3 ages of life, 3 forms of space, female/male dualities, waves and particle-fields, 3 arrows of time, 3 organs of space.

THE FUNCTION OF EXISTENCE IS THE ULTIMATE KNOTS AND BOLTS OF THE UNIVERSE, ITS STUDY BY EXISTENTIAL ALGEBRA THE HIGHEST FORMALISM OF STIENCES. Alll what we do all beings is really performing parts and wholes of those functions, its cycles and derivative actions.


 The ISOMORPHIC method of study of ‘∆ST’ species. 

Now the method of study of T.Œ is simple: as all systems are variations of the ∆ST fractal space-time reality of which we are all made, reflected on the Fractal Generator:

∆-1:  ◊-Spe≤≥∆œ-ExI(s≈t)≤≥∆+1⊗-Tiƒ…

And its symmetries in space (Spe), time (Tiƒ), and 5D (∆±1), its ternary elements in each of those symmetries and combined event among elements which perform space-time actions to become parts of larger wholes. From the fractal generator, then, we can extract a series of fundamental laws, isomorphic to all species, which we group in 10 series of isomorphisms, causally related to each other, as elements of larger ‘understanding’ of the Fractal Generator:

In the graph a resume of the main isomorphic laws of the Universe derived of its ∆ST structure, which defines the fundamental isomorphisms that all species made of ∆Space-time cyclical actions share.

The Universe is a fractal of super organisms tracing world cycles of existence, as they travel through the 5th dimension.

The Goal of ∆ ST.œ is to fully describe all the properties of the different species of the Universe, each one self-centred in a scale of relative size and time speed of the 5th dimension,  with the 10 isomorphisms (equal sets of laws) deduced from the general properties of scalar space and time that define the similar forms, events and actions of all the entities that exist.

In brief we unify all systems of reality, because all of them are made of fractal space, cyclical time and its ∆±n co-existing 5D Planes of Non-Æ fractal points, whose structure responds to a clear super organic form in space, and perform the same Worldcycle of existence between birth and extinction.

Thus the methodology of ∆ST is simple. We study the Scalar Space-Time actions and worldcycles of all superorganisms, through its fractal Generator equation that ‘establishes’ those elements common to all space-time fractals, particularized for each species. Because we can deduce from the Fractal Generator, 10 fundamental spatial organic parts, time events, social scales, centered in a O-point or relative mind/frame of reference, for each of those superorganisms tracing a worldcycle of existence, it is useful to divide the study of those superorganisms in 10 isomorphic elements, deduced from the ∆ST fractal structure of all those systems.

Thus in this 4th line we study the main species of the known-known scales of the 5th dimension considering for each of them its ∆ST structure , Generator Equation and 10 isomorphisms.

Now, the ego paradox of humans will likely reject this reality, as part of the very essence of ‘being’ in a Universe of infinite relative points of view, fractal points that perceive reality from its relative still mind, with a perspective that diminishes the information of reality the further it is in time, space or the scales of the 5th dimension. So we do not see the future, the past (far away distances in time), the far away forwards backwards and sidewards regions (distances in space) and the other scales of reality. The perception of the whole is truly small, and in the human case for reasons of pan geometry ratios, minimal in time and 5D scales, maximal still reduced in space, as we see space with fast moving light.

This explains why the fractal paradigm, being so objectively evident is not accepted.

For that reason, the model stresses equality of all beings, by objectively study all systems with 10 isomorphisms of existence.

The study of all those scalar super organisms, and its world cycles of existence is therefore the study of what we all are.

Those ‘i-somorphic’ laws derive from their common nature as ‘Scalar Space-time beings’ made of:

The same ‘3 topological finite dimensions of space’ that configure its ‘3 organic parts’ As all systems have lineal fields/limbs of energy; and spherical heads/particles of information that combine in their toroid bodies/waves that iterate the system).

The same ages of time, dominated sequentially by those topologies: an energetic youth, a reproductive maturity and an informative old age that define the finite duration of its life-death worldcycle.

And the same ‘scalar planes’ of organic existence, divided into, the closer 3 ∆±1 scales:

– The ∆-1 existential cellular/atomic plane, the ∆-individual plane and the ∆+1 social, gravitational plane (physical/biological sytems).

– And the larger ‘ecosystemic’ scales, with whom the ∆ST being inter-acts to get its energy, information and force (its ∆±2 world and energy quanta, its ∆±3 micro and macrocosms and its information bits and its ∆±4 Universe and its motion forces).

And so as a result of that common structure of all beings, we can consider anything that exists a variety of fractal scalar space-time; part of an infinite isomorphic reality defined formally by a ‘Fractal Generator equation’ written with the symbols of those 3S≈3 T x 3∆ dimensional planes of space-time. Which in its simplest generic form would write:

[Spe≤ ST≥Tƒ]∆±4

Representing the 3×2 bidimensional Space-time topological organs of all species in space, Sp limbs/fields of energy, ST repetitive body/waves and Tƒ particles/heads of information, which exchange in time flows of energy, <, and information, >, or repeat them, =, through 5 type of actions, across 9≈∆o±4 planes of existence, increasing its acceleration with the help of ∆-4 forces, its ∆-3 informative bits, its ∆-2 energy quanta, its ∆-1 reproductive seeds and evolving social with ∑∆ parallel clones, to create a bigger social û+1 superorganism.

This is the Universe in a ‘nutshell’ and all its fractal parts and so we shall study in the 4th line, each main species of each scalar Stience of the Universe through its fractal generator, its dimensions of space and time, its 2-manifold topologies, ∆±4 actions and social planes, by analysing its 10 isomorphic elements, common to all those species.

The 4th line thus is a potential encyclopaedia of all the knowledge of mankind that will be widened by this writer and future researchers on ∆ST, with ever more detailed analysis, as the 10 isomorphisms are a template that can hold all the specific species, properties and laws of all the scales of the Universe. So we study in each of these 4th line post a relative scale of the 5th dimension, and then we shall be filling it with subposts, dedicated to each of the 10 sets of similar laws, which allow to fit all sub-species, events, parts, symmetries, o-points and social relationships of the ‘specific plane and science of reality’ we study. To that aim for the sake of order, we have used not the ∆o-human centered scale of the 2nd line but an order from minimal spatial size and maximal information (the scale of forces) to the Whole Cosmos, and beyond (metaphysical questions and concepts related to the God, the Mind of the Universe):

In the graph, the different science sand scales of the 5th dimension, which classify the species of all stiences with a simple metric: max. Spatial, lineal size = Min. Temporal speed of information (Spe x Tƒ = K); that is the larger beings have slower time clocks and hence less information but more energy than the smaller beings, whose clocks are faster.

Because of the immense size of human knowledge, obviously we cannot pour in our limited time all the relevant information of each science. So the choice will be objective, trying to explain the main laws and speciesof each science, but also subjective, considering those fields and species the author has researched most in the past, and are easier for him to pour in the web. And finally, we will most likely pour an enormous number of new solutions to pending questions of those sciences, thanks to the new understanding of its 3 fundamental elements, and its laws, fractal space, cyclical time and the scalar dimension, whose properties and Generator equations, will be proved ad nauseam for each science and each scale.

The 11 Isomorphisms.

Let us make a brief review of the 10 isomorphisms, before we make general review of its application to each scale studied in a post of this 4th line.

Mind isomorphisms

The 0 isomorphic post explains the Œ-points or minds, the relative Tƒ-heads/particles with its logic mental mapping that guide the system towards a future through the realization of ‘åctions of space-time’ that absorb energy and information for the system, and emit it reproducing the system and moving it, as they evolve socially into wholes.

The 1st ISOMORPHISM post explains the Generator fractal feedback equation that resumes all 5D space-time knots, which can describe in its formalism all beings.

The 5th isomorphism deals with those scales in terms of the 5 ±∆e,i, §10=û+1 åctions of all beings that move, feed on energy, gauge information, reproduce and evolve socially from the simplest particles to the highest systems is the Finality of the Universe, the Program of existence, the whys and to perform them, all systems do have a point-particle or head or center that gauges that information and commands a body on a field of entropic motion, an Aristotelian unmoved mind, God of its relative world.

Thus we exist and perceive fractal scales of reality because we survive through our exchanges of energy and information with its different fractal points of those scales.

Of all those scales it is obvious that the being strictly exists only in the ∆±1 closer 3 ∆-1 cellular, fractal, ∆ individual, organic and ∆+1 social scales of its parts and wholes.

They are where any super organism develops its cycles of existence, with its inverse ‘entropies’ as information is more abundant in smaller scales and flow upwards and motion-size in larger scales and flows backwards with no entropy: the cellular/atomic ∆-1 scale, the organic, thermodynamic ∆-scale and the ∆+1 gravitational, social scales (biological and physical systems)

So we have according to the åctions entities perform across planes of the 5th dimension, 6 types of fractal points the Œ-beings perceives, as each point deals with pixels of information of the lowest scale, the bites of energy, the cells which construct the system, the individual ego, the society to which it belongs and the world in which it exists.

Those 5 isomorphisms define the being in space, around its Œo mental frame of reference, in a series of nested distances in space, time and the fifth dimension.

So we shall study first all space-time systems with those 5  isomorphisms formalised as partial equations of the Generator equation: its Space organs, time ages, 5D scales and O-points that direct the systems as they embed the consciousness of the whole.

It also embodies the will to survive through those energy and information exchange across scales, which we then can study in its minimal actions of space & time.


Space isomorphisms

The 2nd isomorphism, 2-manifolds explains the  duality and creation of Space-time, or SS, TT bidimensional planes.

It is the symmetry of space-time, as all systems have its dual elements.

The 3rd isomorphism deals with symmetries between its internal physiological networks and the external networks of the system.

So we can define  internal and eternal Social classes of the being, which develop around its ∆-1 physiological S, ST, T networks, and energy, reproductive, working and informative, neuronal classes of its world, where the being will develop its existence. Whereas the neuronal ∆-1 and informative castes of society are on top of the reproductive, working cellular classes, on top of the energy, and lower classes it ab=uses.

There are 4 fundamental Constants or ratios between the parts of the being, the Se/Tƒ energy density of the system, its inverse, Tƒ/Se information density, the Se=Tƒ, balance that maximizes its existential ‘momentum (Se x Tƒ), which are the internal parameters; and then there are external constants that related the whole being, Œ to the external world also made of 3 Se- field of energy, Tƒ-world of informative cycles and ST- parallel elements with whom it communicates. And finally we shall find a parameter, which humans use to classify each variation as a whole with a constant (mass for particles, charge for fields, IQ for human brains, etc.)

Time isomorphisms

The 6th isomorphism deals with the the motions of the being

The 7th isomorphism thus recapitulates and defines each beings as a world cycle through the 3±1 ages of Time and its antisymmetry, as those 3 parts of space dominate each sequential age of Time, in motion as Sp>TS>Tƒ.

Next we shall find the 8th isomorphism, of variations of species, based in the dualities of space and time, and the ternary elements of the Generator equation. We call it the eight isomorphism as 2³ =8 but there are several varieties of speciation. For example the gender duality of females (with reproductive, present bodies) and males (with energetic lineal bodies).

On the other hand, there are all kind of |-Energy vs. O-Mass/charge, |-O games in physical systems.

And associated games of tƒ and |s, of relative time motion and space stillness, whereas a cycle-vortex-clock of time contrary to belief does accelerate inwards and so moves faster than a expansive big bang. Indeed, there is a simple vortex law, easily deduced from the Metric of 5D: Vt x Rs =K, hence a smaller radius, Ro has faster speed, Vo; and a clock accelerates inwards, creating a clock vortex of mass or charge (this only Einstein among physicists partially understood with his principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass).

Thus we shall study all kind of differentiations of species according to the relative importance of its heads, bodies and limbs. So predator species are dominant in lineal energy; other species survive by being extremely good at reproduction and others by being more informative. And we will be able, combining dualities and ternary symmetries to classify and account for all species of a single ‘plane of the 5th dimension’ to which we shall add the ternary structure of the 5th dimension, with growth in a single parameter. So there are 3 families of masses and particles, and among those 3 families there are either mesons made with two antisymmetric particles or 3.

Scale Isomorphisms

Then we study how all those systems and species evolve socially through nine decametric scales into organic 10-societies that grow from 10º=1 individuals into 10¹=genetic families, and so on till 10¹º elements that form a new plane of existence (quanta of forces for each dimension of space-time, atoms in a DNA molecule, cells in an organism, humans on the planet in which they act as neurons of Gaia, stars in a regular galaxy).

The 10th isomorphism deals with the ∆o±4 scales perceived by a self-centered system as functions of their relative needs of energy and information, from where it absorbs its quanta of entropy=lineal motion, (∆-4), its bits of information for its mental mapping, (∆-3), its bites of energy (∆-2) and within himself, its seminal seeds for reproduction, ∆-1, and cells that support the whole (Œo), itself a cell of a larger species in time or super organism in space, ∆+1, extended in a larger world, ∆+2, part of a perceived cosmos, ∆+3, a mere fraction of the Universe, ∆+4.

And so we shall consider the final structure of the 10 planes of the 5th dimension, the last isomorphism of the Universe, as all relative Uo species relate the parts of its lower U-∆ scales which they use as pixels of informative minds, bites of energy, (bits and quanta in classic scientific terms), cells of its wholes, and are parts of larger wholes. The 10 scales perceived by humans are now ready to study in all its formal details in the 4th encyclopedic line.

And so in the 4th line we use the isomorphisms to study in depth the 10 planes of relative size of the 5th dimension from the smallest force to the largest whole, with those 10 isomorphisms, and connect to the detail all the laws of all sciences with T.Œ.
Thus in this 3rd line we introduce each of the 10 isomorphisms of the Universe and put examples from each Plane to show the isomorphic unity of the Universe, as all its species regardless of size and time speed follow the same laws.

Now, we study them in detail in the 3rd line and will be applying them as the method to analyse all the species of the Universe in the 4th line, a future scientific encyclopaedia, where each fundamental scale of reality and its species will be shown in its magnificent architectonical structure as it is created through dualities and ternary symmetries to evolve socially into the next plane of the 5th dimension by the power of love (social organisation through S, ST, T networks), from:

O| forces, into 2. atoms into 3. molecules into 4. matter states, whose s-gas<ST-liquid>T-solid/crystal most perfect structures are 4. cells & 5. organisms and its larger ones are planets, such as 6. Gaia and its ecosystems, including 6.2 History and 6.3 the economic ecosystem; part of the larger world of 7. solar systems, gathering in 8. Galaxies, the fractal points of the 9. Cosmic networks, and beyond, all of them ruled by the i-logic languages of God mind of the Universe.

So yes, the fractal Universe, HAS A PERFECT ORDER, WHERE CHAOS=ENTROPY AND DEATH IS just the end of the world cycle of one of those super organisms, as all of them form a chain of beings, and a causal chain of logic laws.

Let us then consider those 10 isomorphisms in more detail, and see their chained causality, as the 10 isomorphisms study ”partial equations’ of the Generator, and can be related to each other in dual pairs, such as:

The Generator defines in its simple form the duality of space and time (2nd isomorphism) that can be expanded to the symmetries of ternary systems and its super organisms and 3 ages of its world cycles in time (3rd isomorphism), which happen as the integral sum of its actions of exchange of energy and information (4th isomorphism), across the different planes of its 5th dimension from where it absorbs its bits and bites of energy and information, and emit them internally and externally in its larger world (5th isomorphism), making the self-centred point of view to classify its reality according to those actions in 3 internal and 3 external social classes (6th isomorphism), which along the ratios that define those internal structures of the being and its external forces in the world (universal vital constants of the being or 7th isomorphism) define which specific species of reality we are dealing with (8th isomorphism of species), and how those species will gather together into larger societies (9th isomorphisms) which through decametric scales, finally become a whole (10th isomorphism).

A new methodology and language, more advanced than simple Aristotelian, unicausal logic and Euclidean mathematics is needed; a new philosophy of science, organicism, instead of mechanist, digital, abstract models of reality; an emphasis in the qualities more than the quantities; in geometry more than arithmetic; in time functions more than spatial structures; in harmony and balance and feed-back, in dual or multiple flows of communication more than in individual selfishness, in order more than entropy is needed.

To that aim General Systems Sciences follows the ‘ternary method’, as all systems will structure themselves in:

–       Continuous ‘space’ through the 3 topologies of a 4-Dimensional Universe, in organs of energy, information, reproduction and a ‘4th’ element, the P.O.V. that integrates the parts into the whole.

–       In discontinuous ‘fractal’ scales of size and information through 3 scales, the ‘cellular’, individual and social scales, which will interact with each other.

–       In continuous time, through 3±1 ages in which energy (youth), reproduction (maturity) and information (3rd age) will dominate between birth and extinction.

–       And  in ‘discontinuous time’, through the alternacy of its 3+1 actions of feeding, informing, reproducing and evolving socially.

Let us consider this new method of knowledge to extract all the information relevant to the complex structure of any real system.

The ternary method consists in studying those 3+1 structures that exhaust the knowledge of any Universal system. To notice though the difference between the 3 ‘actions/arrows/dimensions of space’, energy, information and its combination, reproduction, which ‘occupy’ often 3 perpendicular Euclidean dimensions (height=information, length=motion, width= reproduction) and the 4th ‘integrative’ arrow of ‘time’ and social evolution, represented by the point of view, which is also the point that ‘emerges in a bigger scale as the unit that represents the whole. This difference will become essential to understand the differences between 3-dimensional space and time, between determinism and freedom and so on.

Vital, social nature of timespaces and its ®-formalism.

We are made of vital topologies, of bio-topological ternary organs whose functions and forms in time and space follow topological properties but also biological properties as form is function and functions are vital. So as we ascend in the comprehension of the fractal Universe and its ‘simultaneity’, ‘self-similiarity’, and ‘ternary paths of time’, we need also to upgrade each stience of space-time beings, and none is more important than i-logic topology, the Non-æ mathematical upgrading required to see how we vital mathematics moves through creation.

But what is mathematics? the definition of how spatial forms changes through logic transformations, which represent in the full information of the real event a motion permitted in time. And so we can connect the ternary logic of time arrows and the limited logic transformations allowed in mathematics, and if we found by the correspondence principle that one describes the other then both will be the same and vital mathematics will be reality.

what is not existential logic.

Existential logic is the final evolution of logic, after the age of simple one-dimensional Aristotelian logic, and the age of dual, taoist, hegelian logic – which does have the ternary logic embedded on it, taking it to its final consequences, as ‘there is not two without three’

It does NOT deal directly with the fictions of the mind – where the possibilities of existence as simple temporal beings without ternary co-existence in entropy, energy and information are infinite; but will never transcend from the singularity of the mind ‘moving’ entropy into form.

IT does NOT deal with the chances of existence, in the struggle for its continuation through the exchange of entropy, energy and information, in particular cases, but in the general case of the rules of engagement (third postulate of non-Euclidean geometry).

It does NOT deal with the ego-trips and fantasies, and errors of thought of the humind in its absurd search for existence OUTSIDE of the rules of the game (a case of mind fictions).

It is NOT a mathematical language, though we are going to call its specific application to maths existential algebra, which that lucky guy al-jorizzim, coined with a little book of no importance. It is indeed funny that the only two ‘names’ that might survive from humanity in the future robotic era, Mr. Americo, an impostor who wrote a lewd letter and got the name of a continent for his ‘imaginary feats’ of indian raping and an arab who wrote a compendium of mathematical formulae by other authors and left us the names of algebra and algorithm, which will be the essential ‘names of the mind of computers’, survived the human ego-trips of importance and celebrity.

This tells us something from the start about existential algebra – humans have no idea what makes them survive.

Algebra though is the logic system of mathematics, which develops its structures, with axiomatic rigour but little discrimination, on which structures do exist in reality and which ones are outside, as Einstein quipped ‘I know when maths are truth but not when they are real’

So we need to add existential algebra to adjust the inflationary state of information of mathematical languages, to better mirror reality.

It i also not the same than syntax and its universal grammar (here penpal friend chom went a bit hyperbolic) though universal grammar does have a ternary logic. So we could say is the logic of all systems of the Universe and all its languages – the logic of its generator.

As such while it is related mostly to temporal algebra of quantitative numbers in mathematics and the ternary grammar of topological linguistics in verbal, biological thought and systems, it has so much a different out look with the use of the three arrows of time that we have decided to inaugurate yet another new discipline, which deals with the temporal algebra of three arrows of time.

We have not done so with ‘existential topology’, in as much as the knowledge of the three varieties of time-space and the non-euclidean understanding of fractal points is advance enough in classic physics to grant that the expansion of Non-e geometry with the definition of fractal points, waves, topological networks and congruence suffices.

In the case of temporal algebra, we found difficult to adapt modern algebra, despite having many points of understanding underlying group theory and equations operandi. So we shall start a fresh an entire new analysis of the Function of Existence and its isomorphisms and symmetries along its 10 dimensions of space-time and cal it existential algebra.

This rather short definition is deeply meaningful, because unlike other ‘spatial’ definitions concerning the structure of the Universe in space (a theme enclosed in the concept of fractal), the main stress is on the concept of time actions. Hence we are dealing with a Universe NOT made of substances but of actions which are motions with form, with information – the canonical definition of an action, ‘K’=e x t.

Actions are the smallest unit of reality. This is known since Planck founded quantum theory defining light as a sum of actions, made of energy and time – a fact which Einstein also proved for cosmological entities ( E x T is in Einstein’s Relativity the definition of an action.)

So the small and the big are both made of actions. But we are also made of actions in time performed by our spatial, vital organism, and those actions we perform in time, our ego, is less ‘evident’, visual but far more important and deep for our meaning.

And indeed you are made of energy and time too, as when you say ‘I have no energy and time to do this’. That so common statement is far more meaningful that you have thought. Because that is what you are – not what you see but a series of chained actions with a purpose, in which you spend part of your total time (your life-death cycle being that total) and your energy/body.

But what is an action and what have in common all those actions?

Why we create actions?  To survive… To exist, since the very definition of an action (exi) of space-time (st). The parallelism between the mathematical and logical, verbal concept is of course not causal but part of the fractal genetic linguistics of our parallel languages of thought.

In any case it is important to grasp from the beginning that a Universe of actions is not the same that a Universe of static ‘substances’. It is a Universe in perpetual motion, as actions have motion. But it is neither a mindless Universe of pure energy and motion, as actions have also a causal purpose; they have form.

Some Physicists tend to consider that there is a final substance or static form, the fundamental particle. Or they tend to believe that all is motion and energy – entropy.

But you have to combine both, form and motion to get an action. This, Hemingway knew better when he said to Dietrich – ‘don’t confuse motion with action’. Since motions are meaningless, with no form and purpose and so merely dissipate energy.

Actions need both, ‘motion’ (what we shall call here ‘energy’ in a generic manner) and form, in-form-ation, to obtain ‘results’. For example, if you want to change a social system you can do demonstrations, but those are placebo motions, unless the people take over the specific centers of power of a society, its banking, political and military systems, with precise actions, the revolution will fail and motions will just dissipate life and energies.  But we shall not consider in this  volume socio-biological actions  – merely mathematical and physical actions, based in the existence of a whole – the ‘Universe’, which has a spatial structure (it is a ‘fractal’, meaning it is made like a puzzle of smaller self-similar parts) each one performing a series of temporal events (called ‘actions’) – is however complex enough to explain the meaning of it all, including you also a ‘fractal of actions’ of energy and time… or Energy and information (quantum definition). We shall see now that Time and information are synonymous concepts. But time is more accurate since it includes motion. And we shall see that space and energy are also synonymous, but energy is more accurate since it includes motion and actions have motion.  So what we call space is just the perception of the motions of energy particles in the vacuum as a single sheet without motion (as we see the Earth quiet, even if it moves). This Galilean paradox also applies to information, which is created by clocks of time repeating the same forms and cycles, with a frequency that provides us information.

Thus we could lengthen our previous definition of the Universe: ‘The Universe is a fractal of actions of energy and time’.

But Information is a static way of observing cyclical, formal motions – clocks of time. Information is provided by ‘clocks of time’ that have cyclical forms and frequency, the parameters that carry information (measured by frequencies and repetitive patterns).

So the Universe is a game of multiple forms-in-action, i-nform-ations with energy.

And it follows that time and information are self-similar concepts as time cycles ‘create’ information.

In fact they write either ExT or ExI (Einstein/quantum formulation). So the Universe is a game of two types of ‘actions’, Energy motions and Time motions.

And so we can say that the Universe is a fractal of actions of energy and time. What type of actions of energy and time? Are all those actions the same type of action? No, they are not. Because they are combinations of energy and time, it follows there are 4 possible actions: energetic/feeding actions, informative/gauging actions, reproductive, combined actions, ExI and finally social actions (multiples of a single action either because the same being repeats the action or self-similar beings act together in the same fashion).

So now we have much more information: the Universe is the sum of all the actions of energy and temporal information, performed by all its entities.

But that gives us the key to understand the other word, a ‘fractal’ or rather an ‘organic fractal’, as an organism is defined as an entity that performs 4 actions, feeding on energy, gauging information, reproducing in other region of time and space and evolve socially with other beings.

And so we have this bigger definition:


‘The Universe is an organic fractal of actions of energy and time.’

Let us deal with the other ‘part’ of the definition, an organic fractal. The concept of an organic fractal is a complex version of a mathematical fractal, with similar properties. A fractal is a mathematical form defined by a self-generating; feedback equation that reproduces in smaller or bigger scales the same entities.

So does the Universe, which reproduces in smaller and bigger scales waves of self-similar entities that repeat the same 4 dimensional actions we have just mentioned. Indeed, try for a moment to leave aside your self-centered anthropomorphic belief you are the center of reality. You are not and if you look around you will see that all entities from the smallest particles that ‘gauge information’ (definition of quantum theory as a gauge theory), feed on energy (move displaced by a field of energy), reproduce (decouple in similar particles) and evolve socially (form atoms, which aggregate many particles), to the next ‘fractal scales’ of space-time ‘size and duration’ – atoms, molecules, cells and states of matter, organisms and planets, social systems and solar systems, galaxies and Universes…

And so the whole, the Universe – or at least the biggest clear part we can study, the galaxy – and its infinitesimal parts – atoms – and all in between, including life beings, corporations that reproduce machines, cells and black holes can be defined as ‘organic fractals’ that repeat the 4 dimensional actions of a Universe made of two eternal motions, energetic, ‘vital space’ (as energy is merely the perception of space in motion) and time:

∑ Es < x > Ti.

This equation is the key equation of General Systems science or ‘Complexity’, a theory of multiple space-times, which will be to XXI century science what Einstein’s field equations of space-time, Darwin’s theory of temporal evolution, Leibniz’s relational time or Galileo’s definition of time in terms of speed and space, V=s/t have been for the previous centuries of science – the initial, simple equation from where an entire new discipline, more evolved cosmology of it all is derived a theory of…

Multiple spaces and times

Now the reader surely will be taken aback by the methodology of this new discipline, which is in fact a ‘science of all sciences’, because:

– The Unifying principle is NOT so much a substance or mathematical equation (though we just wrote its concepts in a mathematical form) but a logic, causal motion, an action.

The Universe is not a mechanism, but an organism (those actions are the very definition of life and so they are called in biology drives of existence – though in physics are described by 4 quantum numbers, in medicine by ‘physiological networks’ and so on).

– And finally because it implies that ‘events’ in time are more important than structures of space, and both are infinite in its numbers.

Those 3 differences: multiplicity of time and spaces vs. single space-time continuum, dominance of time events and actions over spatial structures, which are just the ‘memorial trace’ of those actions and organic nature of the ‘purpose of those actions’, over mechanical behavior, are the key to upgrade the human perception of the Universe.

Let us consider its precedents and importance in this brief introduction.

Multiple Space-times.

This book and the series on General Systems Sciences formalizes for the first time in human history, a theory of multiple, relational, infinite spaces and times, as conceived in eastern philosophies, and then in the west, by Leibniz, in his famous letters to Clarke – Newton’s friend.

The Model of General Systems Sciences of these books however goes well beyond Leibniz’s insights as it puts together the 3 main theories of time discovered by human beings worth to mention:

– The single space-time continuum, which becomes a simplified, ‘limit case’ of this wider theory of multiple space-times.

– Relational space-times, as conceived by Leibniz and Eastern philosophies, in which each part of the Universe is a ‘broken’ fractal of the whole, a smaller universe in itself with its own inner cycles of time, performed by its different parts that occupy together a ‘fractal, broken piece of space’. Relational space-time means a fractal Universe made of infinite self-similar beings with a content of ‘vital space’, of energy able to move a knot of cycles of temporal information, often a spherical head/particle that gauges information and directs the whole to perform different actions.

– And Darwin’s theory of evolution of form, of in/form/ation, which establishes the arrow of informative growth, parallel to the passing of time, essential to create order among all those different ‘space-time’ species.

Thus multiple space-times put together physics and biology, the disciplines concerned in greater measure with time, in its two Aristotelian definitions – time as change and motion; either biological, morphological change (Darwin) or translational motion (Einstein, Galileo).

As such the model of multiple space-times according to the Principle of Correspondence has a higher value of truth that those 3 theories it completes and harmonizes.

The existence of multiple time-clocks, found everywhere in the Universe, resurfaces in the thoughts of Einstein, which affirms Leibniz is right and time cycles and time speeds are infinite, but to adapt the present data of science, all measured with a single clock and time-speed to the entire new perspective of a world of multiple clocks and speeds of time (as he found to be the case of the Relative Universe), would be too complex and useless for practical measure. Indeed, since a single space-time suffices to the practical purpose of science – to measure reality and build with those measures technological machines – research and awareness of such theory is not a priority of the praxis of science. Because technology, machines are today more important than science, which means only human knowledge, such theory has never been the goal of big, industrial science, but it is researched by individual scientists in pursuit of a higher goal: pure knowledge.

And yet because it is evident there are infinite clocks in the Universe, from vortices of charge to circadian, stellar cycles, to frequencies of vibration, etc. such theory is sorely needed to fully grasp in depth the meaning and whys of the Universe.

– Actions and events dominate space. Time means change and so space is just a ‘present’, static sheet of a flow of time actions that constantly change, evolve, devolve and trans-form that space sheet. So we could say, unlike physicists who spatialize time with its definition in terms of space and speed (T=S/V), that all what you see is time. Space is just a slice, perceived as a simultaneous picture, of the world lines of all the actions taking place in a ‘dharma’ of time. This is what Leibniz called relational time that we shall formalize here through the concept of actions and fractal spaces. Further on, since times are cycles and Jordan proved that a cyclical cord that closes into itself divides the Universe into an inner vital space and an external one, time cycles create the fractal space structure of the Universe.

– Finally, the most difficult truth of a more complex vision of the Universe is its organic nature, as the 4 actions that combine energy and information are the same than the drives of existence of organisms.

So we define the Universe as a super-organism in which each part is an organism that attempts to perform the 4 actions. Why? For no reason at all except that those actions allow beings to survive. Indeed, without energy there is no motion, without information, motions are erratic and blind and will end you in the mouth of a predator that will absorb your energy and re-form it into its information, and because accidents happen, without reproduction (internal or external caused by a 3rd enzymatic being) species don’t survive and exist. So even machines must be reproduced by company-mothers in which human ‘enzymes’, ‘enzymen’ make them, and carbohydrates are reproduced by DNA genes and stars by black hole processes and galaxies seem to be born of central black holes’ ejection of matter or by the social evolution of infinite smaller particles… The conclusion is evident. The Universe is a living, organic system because to survive and exist you must perform those 4 actions. And this gives us another particular structure, which is self-repetitive: a complementary being with an energy, lineal, spatial, bigger system (field or body) and a smaller cyclical, informative, temporal system (head or particle).

And so we now can make a shorter definition of it: ‘the Universe is a fractal of time’, since time includes space and time has motion, it is an action, and a fractal self-generates itself, so it is organic.

Or a longer one: ‘The Universe is an organic fractal made of complementary systems of actions of energy and time’, as all physical systems are made of particles and fields (quantum complementarity) and all biological systems have a nucleus of DNA and a body (cells) or a head and a body.

And that’s all what there is to it: an infinite tapestry of body/heads, fields/particles trying to survive by performing feeding body/field actions of energy, gauging head/particle actions of information, reproducing/decoupling in self-similar beings which will make the ‘entity’ immortal or gathering in more social systems, more complex that last longer in time and space and survive better as they have more energy and information, they are ‘top predators’: Max. E xi = ∑ e xi.

As I said General Systems sciences is a Unification theory of all sciences, each one studying a scale of space-time size and duration in which particles, atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, planets, galaxies perform self-similar actions of lineal spatial energy with their bodies and fields of energy and cyclical, informative time, with their heads and particles. This intuitive truth will be here connected and formalized with new tools of logic and mathematics, and put in perspective, deducing from its general laws the laws of most sciences. It IS a fascinating model of reality, far more transcendental for knowledge – the logic explanation of why ‘things happen’ than the present alternative of physics, which hints at those laws only for its restricted ‘scales’ of physical particles. But for you to understand it you must ‘change your chip’ and stop being ‘anthropomorphic’ and realize you share all those properties and so we can explain reality with your ‘vital properties’, since you ARE NOT DIFFERENT from the rest. You can take this as most do, with skepticism to keep your special, fantasy status in the order of things or you can be humble and marvel about that astounding organic fractal and keep reading. If you do so with patience and detail when you end this book you will have changed your chip and upgraded it to a far more complex, richer and explanative vision of it all, including yourself.

Paradoxically it will be more difficult to achieve that upgrading if you are a physicist, even if the entire jargon we use comes mainly from such discipline, because of the ‘ideological’ denial of life as a set of different properties from matter that matter, proper of physicists that want to reduce reality to the mechanical outlook of the instruments it uses to measure it. But I can do nothing about ideologies that pass as science, and so we just hope if you are a physicist that you will put aside those taboos.



The Universe is made of 2 substances: spatial energy and informative time. We can see it with motion as energy and time or as fixed forms, as space and information. We can see it as a single reality, as space and time, or as a multiple quanta, as energy and information. We can differentiate them by form, as space and energy are lineal or planar surfaces and time and information are cyclical. And we can see it together into beings, the simplest of which is an action of light, ext=k. This duality structures all beings of reality. So we are made of cyclical heads and lineal bodies. Weapons are lines that release energy. Informative machines are cyclical, and all physical systems are made of lineal forces and cyclical particles of information.                


 Nt. As we go into a deeper geometrical analysis of those forms in 4D space the exact shapes of each action will be defined according to topology. So the sphere, often a whole, will be divided into the external energetic surface, a toroid ‘body’ of cyclical ‘actions’ that transfer energy and information to the high, central axis, or informative, hyperbolic center of the sphere, and so on.

Time and space are like Leibniz thought of them: a sum of different ‘spaces and times’ as each entity that exists has a certain vital space or body of energy that lasts a certain duration of time or life.

This brings a key duality, between Universal, ‘whole’ concepts (space and time) and particular parts (the energies and cycles of information of each part):

If space has motion and it is broken in vital spaces with extension, it is equivalent to a sum of energies. Thus space is made of ∑energies.

And if time is broken in multiple clock cycles, each of them a cyclical trajectory that closes into itself, and we consider each time cycle by its ‘lifespan’ or duration absolute time is equivalent to all the cyclical forms or ‘in/form/ ations’ of the Universe. So time is the sum of all informations, all forms-in-action, all cyclical forms.

Moreover in any 4-dimensional Universe as expressed in the fundamental theorem of knots (Jordan’s theorem), a trivial cycle, traced by a string that closes into itself divides the Universe in an inner and external part. Thus if we call the internal part of the cycle the ‘vital space’ of that cycle or ‘body/field’ of energy, the mere existence of a time cycle will create a complementary entity distinguishable from the Universe – the external cycle and the inner body of the system. And it will cause a fractal Universe, as each informative clock-cycle will become the border between the miniature Universe it encloses and the larger whole.

The meaning of absolute time: ∑Ti and absolute space ∑Se

When we add all the informative cycles of all beings and all its ‘vital energies’, we obtain absolute time and space, which ultimately is an error of perception due to the use of a single mechanical clock.

First approach to the paradox of Galileo: Space is a Maya of moving energy. All is motion.

The Unit of reality is the action of energy and time, as discovered by Planck: Exi=Constant. Each of those combinations of energy and information, which we can write also in a dynamic way EóTi, is what we call here a space-time cycle. All of them have motion as Energy has motion and a time clock has motion. So the Universe can be defined as a fractal of actions of energy and time. The study of those actions, its varieties and differences is thus essential to grasp the Universe of eternal motions in which we live.

The paradox of Galileo – the fact that humans and any system that perceives eliminate motion and create still maps of reality, despite its motion nature – has never been properly understood. Galileo saw the Earth moving mathematically but its senses told him it didn’t move. This still holds in the definitions of standard science of space and information, the ‘still versions’ of the real things, energy and time that together combine to form the exi ‘actions’ units of existence of the fractal Universe.

It is a fact that all moves yet when the brain perceives, to store in its limited vital space, mirror images of all those forms in action, informations, it eliminates motion. And so we see space quiet, as we see the Earth quiet, despite moving along paths of gravitational energy; or your skin quiet despite being made of cellular cycles. Thus we further reduce our knowledge of the parts gathered in a whole that appears as quiet space, with a few motions that truly matter to the perceiver – of preys, predators and individuals of the same species – while the rest of reality appears as a continuous space-time, often represented in a continuous Cartesian, mathematical graph. This is natural to the limits of storage of information of any perceiver, because the brain cannot hold all the fractal motions, vital spaces, time durations of the life of all beings. So it reduces information. But this has caused grave errors in human knowledge, as we believe what we see. So science tends to reductionism, considering beings things and ignoring the laws that relate all those scales.

The inverse properties of spatial energy and temporal information.

To fully grasp the dynamic transformations and properties of energy and information the most important quality is the inversion of its properties and the possibility to transform the forms of one property into the other.

Informative time, Ti          Vs.       Energetic Space, ΣS
Time-clocks:Information             Vs.                     Space motion:Lineal  energy
Small, still                  Vs.                 Large,  moving fast
Tall, Perpendicular            Vs.                                Long, Parallel,

Hierarchical               Vs.                               Democratic
Bidimensional   Height             Vs.                        Bidimensional, Length,

Repetition                      Vs.                             Width-Growth
Cyclical, Rotation, imploding          Vs.                       Lineal, uncoiling, exploding
Informative Frequency               Vs.                                         Lineal Speed
Broken form                               Vs.                    Continuous, differentiable
Intelligent, perceptive            Vs.                                       Strong, fast.

Social, organic, creative                   Vs.                 Darwinian, destructive behavior
Future, evolved predator                 Vs,                             Past, energetic victim
Life arrow                             Vs.                               Death arrow.
Waves of space                      Vs.                         Particles of Time
Female, yin principle               Vs.                     Male, yang principle
Masses, charges                   Vs.                            Forces, fields
Heads  & senses                     Vs.                          Limbs & Bodies.

This resumes in its two fundamental equations: e x I = K, and E<=>I.

The constant transformation of one into another.

Despite their inversion, and this is the most important law of the Universe, energy and information constantly transformed into each other. It is the principle of ‘conservation and transformation of energy back and forth into in/form/ation, forms in action’ which becomes the new fundamental law of the 4th paradigm, widening the principle of conservation of energy:

‘All energies, trans/form constantly back and forth into information, E<=>I’

Thus the Universe is truly an eternal infinite of beats of energy warping into dimensional form, information and informations uncoiling into spatial energy. And since both elements energy and temporal information have motion this is possible as they are truly just the two extreme types of topological motions of the Universe, each one associated to a series of ‘functions’ and ‘perceptions’:

Energy=Extension=Space= Fast motion  = Lineal, planar shapes = Pleasure = Reproduction = Death

Information=Implosion=Time=Slow motion=Cyclical ball=Pain =Communication = Evolution = Life

The infinite balances and combinations of those two fields and its forms are the essence of reality.

The four actions of energy and time performed by all species.

Since all is space-time, all is energy and information; all is a sum of complementary entities of energy and information that perform 4 actions in space-time to enhance its survival:

-Energy feeding (e), information or perception of it (i), reproduction that combines both in other surface of space-time (exi) and finally social evolution, ∑exi, which as the reader can see summons up all the other arrows.

We call the composite, reproductive and evolutionary arrows, the complex arrows.

And so we can express all in the synoptic language of science with a simple equation that we call the fractal generator of the Space-time Universe:  ∑exi

Since e and i are the two initial variables of reality, the program is self-evident, deduced from them and it proves itself by the experimental method (all is a complementary system of energy and information) and then by the logic of evolution: those 4 space-time arrows encompass and explain all what exists in space-time, and all actions and laws of all sciences, as the are needed to survive.

Some of those sciences need some minor corrections to adapt it to the program, but most don’t; just a translation of jargons. Because of the importance of it, I believe it will start a new paradigm of science, the paradigm of ‘whys’, that would deepen the understanding of the ‘hows’ of the present age of knowledge, based in metric measure.

 Generator Equation of SpaceTime fields. Vital dimensions: forward bodies & top minds


In the graph, the interaction between fields of energy and particles of information, either in Darwinian events in which the most complex form normally absorbs the energy of the bigger one, or in complementary events, which create a stable system of energy and information, explains most events on time and forms of space of the Universe.

In the graph, taken from more detailed analyses of the interaction of knots of time arrows in their processes of creation of a certain topological plane of existence=organism, we can observe how arrows of time interact, creating flows of energy and information that shape fixed cycles, which seem to us (paradox of Galileo), stable structures that anchor those points of view into a stable region of existence.

The equation that defines those events between energy and information arrows is common to all sciences, known as the principle of conservation of energy and information. It explains the 2 simplex Time Arrows of the Universe, which as the graph shows are at the heart of most events of the Universe.

‘All what exists is a type of energy that trans/forms itself back and forth into a form of in/form/ation’.

This Law fusions the principle of conservation of energy and information, the 2 main laws of all sciences. We call the creation of energy the arrow of energy, one of the two primary arrows of time in the Universe, or ‘entropy’; and we call the creation of form, the arrow of information, the second primary arrow of time, which in physical space happens in masses under the ‘informing’ force of gravitation that creates ‘bidimensional’ and ‘tridimensional vortices’ of space-time, according to Einstein’s principle of Equivalence between mass and gravitation – hence systems with more formal dimensions than simple, lineal forces; or complex formal 3-dimensional warping in life systems (DNA, protein, dimensional warping which store the complex form of life).

Thus, again we see that systems apparently so different as physical mass or biological molecules do use ‘formal dimensions’ to store the information of their systems; while in other events employ lineal forces and lineal ‘fat’ molecules or lineal limbs to store or display energy. All what exists are processes that create information or entropy or its complex combinations (reproduction and social evolution). Since Reproduction, e xi is born from those simplex arrows, and social evolution follows by the self-organization of self-similar reproduced beings, it follows that the main Law of science is also the proof of the Law of Existence and its 4 arrows. Since this law is the main Principle of all ‘Stiences’:

‘All entropy becomes trans/formed into information through energy cycles: $<<=>I’.

This can be expressed with a Feed-back equation of energy and information:  E<=>I   or E x I = K (dynamic/ static)

Since all is Time=Motion=Change and space is just a static slice of time we call $<≈>the generator, feed-back equation of Time-space: Those space-timecycles generate the events and trajectories of each and every part of the Universe. Where its 4 elements describe the 4 arrows/motions of time:

S (social evolution) Energy < (Reproduction)> Information.

Further on, those 4 elements become the parts of all physical or biological systems, when we perceive them in a static ‘dharma’ or moment of ‘present’:

S (cells/waves) of Energy (bodies/fields) X (particles/heads) of Information =Complementary system.

Thus the Generator Feed=back equation of Reality also represents the species of the Universe. Its complex study, carried out by General System Stiences, requires the use of Non-Euclidean Geometries to define the topology of each part of those ‘knots of Time Arrows’ that act as ‘reproductive bodies/fields’ and ‘informative heads/particles’ of any exi, complementary system; and the development of a complex causal, ‘non-Aristotelian’ logic to define the order and interactions of those arrows. Since the ‘parts’ of each whole knot of time will have functions defined by the needs of any system to gauge information, absorb energy and reproduce.

It is also clear than in all those organisms the fundamental element, the center of power, is the brain-head and its languages of information, which control the body of energy and shape the form of the organism. They set a selfish dominant time arrow towards the growth of information, which is the ultimate cause of the cycle of life and death of all organisms that end up in a 3rd age of excessive form/information, as they warp all the energy of the system.

This fact also explains the relationship between information and future – the most difficult dimension of time to understand by mechanist science since we do not see the future, as we see spatial geometry with our machines. Yet the future already exists in the realm of complex, bio-logic thought, as we will all warp our energy into information and die; and as a species we will always evolve into more informative beings in the future that will feed on the energy of those entities that don’t evolve and die. Let us then consider those systems of time knots, adding the concept of a causal order between its arrows of time from past to future. 

The creation and extinction of bidimensional, herds of energetic space and networks of temporal information explains the dynamic events of all scales of existence: As time curves energy, spatial planes acquire informative height and vice versa, the destruction of informative dimensions creates planes of energy. Particles of information are small, spherical forms/cycles, like your eyes and brains or an atom’s proton or a black hole in a galaxy.

They are on top of the system, where perception is ‘higher’ and show convex topologies of maximal form. Bodies of energy are bigger planes or lines that store energy to move the organism, like your body or an energetic weapon, moving forwards in the relative, diffeomorphic dimension of length. And so both, high information and long energy combine to reproduce a system in the z-dimension of width. 

The Universe has 4 time motions, which perceived in stillness (Galilean Paradox) create the 4 vital dimensions: energy is length; information is height; width, its product, is reproduction and time brings the arrow of  organic evolution, as ‘points of view’ organize in bigger social organisms that ‘survive better in time’, because they have more energy and form than the individual cells.

Thus, each of the main time arrows is defined for each local space-time as a diffeomorphic dimension that only reaches till the limits of the organism, but extends its action’ further into the ecosystem or plane of existence in which the organism resides. In complex algebra, all this can be modeled with Partial equations of the total function of exi=stence, which define each of those 4 arrows, in a scale of increasing complexity and logic causality:

e, i, exi, ∑e<=>∏i.

Recap: The holographic principle (bidimensional energy and information) allows the constant transformation of energy into form and vice versa, E<=>I, creating the fundamental principle of science, the principle of conservation of Energy and Form: ‘All what exists is energy that trans/forms back and forth into information’. The formalism of those 2 arrows of time gives birth to the generator equation of time, S E<=>I, which defines all species of the Universe as self-repetitive fractals of energy and form Let US then consider the basic representations of the function of existence, from where most disciplines extract their particular graphs and differential equations.

The antisymmetry of temporal information: Death

A consequence of the 3 ages of time is its antisymmetry as opposed to the bilateral, mirror symmetry of spatial forces: Time is antisymmetric as the old age is the inverse of the young age with the parameters of energy and information inverted. Youth has maximal energy and minimal information while the old age has minimal energy and maximal information. And yet many attitudes and processes might seem self-similar, if the researcher doesn’t know how to differentiate informative and energetic parameters, since those parameters might be quantitatively the same, only that inverted in value. Space is symmetric as left and right reproductions are mirrors of each other with the same parameters of information and energy. This explains why spatial reproduction happens only in the E=I, balanced classic age of the system, when both parameters are identical and a self-similar reproduction of a bilateral, spatial being is possible.

The understanding of the antisymmetry of time vs. the symmetry of spatial processes has wide applications in the solution of questions pending in all fields of research, from the understanding of the temporal, weak, informative force that has no bilateral symmetry to the ‘chiral’ processes of evolution of life forms vs. the symmetric shapes of self-similar left-right, spatial bodies to the meaning of ‘antisymmetric’ gender and the 2 ‘antisymmetric’ sides of the informative brain.

But the most important of all antisymmetries is that of death, which could be considered in the jargon of physics, a ‘local antisymmetry’ of time. Indeed, if life is the arrow of information towards the future e->I, death is the inverted arrow, i->E, that erases form back into energy; but this time travel to the past is always local, affecting only the limited world of the species, so antiparticles are the local antisymmetry of time that kills particles, death are the local antisymmetry that kills life and the big-bang the local antisymmetry that killed a previous Universe. And both directions are different, since ‘death’ lasts min. time and causes a maximal space expansion and life lasts max. time and expands minimally in space. Both balance reality in an eternal present of past to future to past existential fluctuations:

Life-future: Max. I x Min. E x Death-past: Max. E x Min. I= Immortal present: E=I

The understanding of that local antisymmetry is the key to resolve problems of physics such as the weak force, why we see less antiparticles or dead people than particles and life people (much longer in time), or the non-evaporation of black holes (as antiparticles are the same than the particle, albeit when moving to the past they seem to co-exist), and so on.

But its implications in biology and philosophy are much larger: we are ultimately ‘back and forth’ vibrations of space-time, virtual existences, dust of space-time that always revert into a zero-sum, which makes the Universe and its game eternal.

Recap. Old age has inverted exi parameters to the young age.

Graphic representations of the 3 rhythms of existence.


SPIRALIn the graph, a classic, Taoist representation of the 3 ages of life and its inverse parameters of youth (max. energy) and old age (max Information) represented by the triads of the I Ching, and a modern graph of duality showing those parameters as a semi-cycle, which in certain simple beings like light are in fact both the ages of time of a physical wave and its form in space, as light quanta, h=exi, is indeed both our basic cycle of time and surface of energetic space of which all are made.

Humans perceive simultaneously the 3 ages of some species too small and fast to differentiate them. As particles in bubble chamber or cars in the night, we see the long time of the species – an entire spiral vortex with the 3 ages of a space-time being.  In the next graph, such long world-line, or life-graph is in fact a spiral in terms of spatial population and cyclical speed: The organism looses mass and accelerates inwards its form as it becomes slimmer in space. The first age of the spiral is its energetic mouth that brings in a galaxy the interstellar dust, which will give birth to stars, in the middle, reproductive age and will collapse in the center, the informative black hole:

But any form can be represented in a spiral graph of space-time. For example, the evolution of the FMI complex with its 800-80-8 cycles of increasing informative evolution is an spiral of 3 horizons in a decametric scale: 800 years civilizations, 80 years nations and 8 years ‘decades’, in which the product is evolving faster and now becomes integrated by networks. This 3-horizon evolving ternary network, central to social sciences can be also represented in a spiral of accelerated birth and death of human civilizations destroyed by wars. Any mass or charge is in fact a natural spiral, through which photons and gluons become denser till collapsing in the bigger particle, as interstellar gas does in a galaxy. All those spirals can be seen as equivalent to the world-lines of lineal physics, now world-cycles of a living organism both in time and space, as a whole or as a wave of evolving particles.

The equivalent graph in lineal time will give us a bell curve – the lineal version of a cyclical life-line: The speed of time/information changes during the ages of life, shaping a bell curve, such as the st-1 age is the fastest age of informative evolution, which diminishes in the young age to a halt, when the speed of cellular reproduction and energetic growth becomes maximal, both reach a steady state in the mature age, of e<= >I, rhythmic back and forth beats; and then in the 3rd age energy decelerates first and then information decelerates and collapses till death provokes a maximal explosion of information into energy. Those phases of different speeds of energy and information can be generalized to any system and event that will always go through 3 ages: an accelerated seminal and young age of increase of form and energy, a steady state of constant speed and a decelerated age till the system comes to a halt and the event dies away.


One of the key quantitative elements that connect the 4th and 3rd paradigm of metric measure is the fact that not only each species has a different rhythm of change and clock of time, but the same species changes its time rhythms and speeds through its 3 ages. This feature is fundamental to understand all processes that involve evolution, from the different masses of ‘gravitational vortices’ of information, ruled by the equation of a vortex (VtxRs=k in simplified notation; thus the closer to the center, the faster we rotate, the faster the frequency of information of the vortex and the shorter the space we need to close a frequency cycle), to the evolutionary process of information in this planet, which can be mapped out and its frequency shown to follow a logarithmic process of acceleration, which now reaches its zenith with the creation of informative machines. In that regard we can consider the following ‘speeds of time’ of any event or self-similar ternary topology of energetic youth/membrane, reproductive maturity and informative, 3rd age (toroid center of a system):

-st-1: Seminal age: Informative evolution is maximal, since the system occupies minimal space (Black hole paradox: Min. Se=Max.Ti). It is the palingenetic age.

– Energetic Youth: Evolution of information decelerates after the ‘landing’ of the species in the higher U-plane. Now acceleration of energy takes place.

-Reproductive, mature, steady state: Both energy and information maintain a constant speed in E< =>I feedback cycles, which will last depending on the access of the event to new energy and directional information.

–  3rd age: Now both energy first and then information follow a decelerated process of collapse; first energy becomes exhausted and then…

– Death: Information collapses, exploding into its st-1 scale of cellular energy in a relative zero time (the minimal unit of time of the st-scale). Death is the fastest motion of the Universe.

Recap. In physical terms the 3 ages of biological change can be considered the positive, accelerated youth, the reproductive, present age of constant speed, in which humans repeat themselves and the 3rd negative, decelerated age of temporal age, or 3rd age, which ends in death, when the balance of the Universe is restored.

Universal Constants are ratios of energy and form.

The previous analysis of the generator equation of the Universe brings an essential element of all formalisms of physics, the meaning of Universal constants and the key complex parameters of science, measures that combine energy and motions such as speed or momentum, which are conserved as complex ‘time arrows’ and show certain constants in each specific species, which are the vital and universal constants of biological and physical, complementary beings.

We thus define Universal constants as ratios between the energy and information systems of a certain ‘space-time membrane’ (the bigger organic structures of the universe, the light membrane and the gravitational membrane, origin of most physical constants), or complementary being (the constants of mass-information, momentum, the social constants that measure the number of particles and field quanta put together to create a physical entity; the vital constants that are ratios and proportions between the energetic reproductive and informative systems of living beings, etc.):

‘Existential constants are ratios between energy and information parameters of any system. Universal constants measure those ratios in the more extended systems, the membranes of the Universe, its quanta and fundamental particles. Vital constants measure those ratios for specific biological beings.’

Let us consider the main of those constants:

Simple, social numerical constants.

-Social constants of space, which define the number of cells that form an efficient spatial structure. They tend to follow pairs, as 2 is the natural symmetry of left-right of bidimensional space.

– Social constants of time, which define the number of events needed for a transformation or completion of a time cycle; the most common of which is the number 3 of past-energy horizon or youth, present, reproductive state of the event and future, informative state.

– space-time constants, which combine both spatial symmetries and temporal events; Pi belongs to this concept as it is a self-similar number to 3, with ‘small’ apertures between the 3 cyclic elements or phases of the cycle, which taken as a single picture of space-time form the spatial shape of the cycle when perceived in space.

Yet the most important of those numerical constants is the number 10 or tetraktys, the perfect social number that creates a unit of the higher scale with 3 x 3 energetic, reproductive and informative elements, and a 10th central point that ‘emerges’ to become a unit of the next scale.

Among those decametric scales, made famous by Eames in his film ‘potencies of 10’, it is natural to consider the ‘scale of all perfect scales’ S to be (9-11)9-11 systems; that is groups of 9 to 11 spatial units organized in 3×3=9 to 11 scales of growing social complexity. And indeed we find that number to be extremely common to the point that we could consider it the ultimate number of scales of the complex universe between the fractal entities humans perceive (atoms and galaxies, unified in fractal, complex physics as self-similar forms of the quantum, electronic and gravitational, cosmic membrane): We find it as the difference of force between those 2 membranes (electromagnetism is 104×10 times stronger than gravitation). Then 1011 atomic ties make a DNA molecule; 1011 neurons make a brain; 1011  humans have lived in this planet; 1011 stars form a galaxy and 1011 galaxies make up the cellular Universe.

In that regard, Einstein said that the ultimate Nature of Universal Constants could not be ‘physical values’ but special numbers, which would be ‘relationships’ between substances that constantly appear in Physical equations, ‘like pi and e’. And he was right.

Existential parameters: reproductive speed and momentum

On the other hand, the simplest algebraic operations between energy and information parameters become the essential ‘complex parameters of the Universe and all its species’:

Speed = V=s/t=spatial energy/temporal information.

Speed is in complex science no longer a mere measure of the translation of a form but in detail, all forms (paradox of Zenon) move not, but reproduce its form, step by step, as a wave of light does. The wave affects a lower scale or network of relative energy, making it to adopt its formal configuration. So form becomes reproduce, imprinted along a previous scale of reality and motion becomes reproduction. Light reproduces over the simple energy of gravitational space and the wave displaces. A wave in the water does the same imprinting one after another the form of the network of atoms and so on. So it follows that the systems which are simpler with less information move faster because they have to imprint less form. And so V=s/o information=infinite, which is the perceived speed of gravitational space whose information we do not perceive, while the more complex life structures move slow as they have to keep its huge amount of stable informative shapes unaltered. And each 3 months we change all our atoms to reshape our form.

So the new parameter should be called ’reproductive speed’ as we consider that motion is a manner of reproduction of form.

ExI= Momentum or existential force.

This is the second key ratio of reality which multiplies the energetic and informative strength of the system. In physics is equivalent to momentum, mv where M(i) is a measure of cyclical form,  and V(e) a measure of motion, the definition of energy in this work. In biology measures the top predator power of the system which will dominate its ecosystem when it has the strongest energy body and the more intelligent informative brain. And each species will have a certain existential force, reproductive speed and energetic, ∑ and informative ∏ social parameters, which will be its 4 ‘main numbers, needed to define the form (from the quantum numbers of physics to the vital constants of living beings – metabolic constant, brain/body ratio, brain volume, physical strength, etc.)

Irrational constants.

Because arrows of time are back and forth transformations of energy into information or its combination to reproduce together a self-similar form, and certain numbers define certain ‘efficient’ social geometries, there are Universal constants, which define for each species of the Universe a given ratio of transformation of energy into form or a reproductive ratio that combines two simpler energetic and informative bits and bites to reproduce a new form (h constant, c-constant, etc.)

The dynamic relationships between the 2 motions of the Universe, energy and information are invariant in form, motion and scale; therefore fluctuating around fixed equilibrium values, which is the ultimate meaning of Universal Constants.

Thus, all of them can be reduced to the generator equation of the Universe, the feed-back cycle of energy and information, from where all laws of reality can be derived:

Energy <=> Information;  ExTi= Irrational Constant

A Universal constant cannot be a perfect number, because it will create a fixed Universe; thus Universal constants are irrational numbers, which show a minimal fluctuation. Consider for example the main constant of the Universe, pi. If pi were exact then the spiral made with 3’14 lines would not be a vortex but a perfect, static cycle. Yet if pi is either +pi or –pi, the cycle will not close by defect or close in excess. What this means is that the cycle will be a bit more curved inward, and so it will be an informative cycle; or it will be cured outward by defect and so it will be an expansive, energetic spiral.

We know, for example, that the orbits of planets are decreasing by a few centimeters a year, so they will finally fall into the sun. They are, if we consider a dynamic, temporal view of them, inward, informative spirals. Yet an antiparticle, which is exploding information into energy, ‘dying’ in a big-bang that annihilates it, is bending outward.

So irrational numbers are the absolute constants of the basic exchanges and transformations of energy and information of the Universe. The main ones are:

– Pi, the formal constant of creation of in/form/ation. Since pi transforms 3 lines of energy into a ternary cycle with one more dimension of form: a string of 3 lines with 3 dark apertures for a total 0.14. Within those 3 lines there is a 2nd dimension of height, or information and a volume of space. The entity has grown

– Phi, the Golden Ratio, which is the constant of reproduction that multiplies an organic system into self-similar forms.

– e, which is the constant of extinction of form back into a lower scale of energy that devolves a formal being into its cellular subspecies. Its most common ternary form is et=3=20.

We find those constants, both in physical and biological processes related to those transformations of energy and form – showing the fundamental equality of all Universal Systems.

For example, e appears in the decay of radioactive atoms that release energy; phi appears in the organization of a sunflower spiral; pi appears in the h-constant of transformation of light flows into electronic actions.

How many Universal constants there are for any system? We advanced 3 basic U.C. at the beginning, pi, the ratio of creation of information, phi, a reproductive ratio and e, an extinctive ratio of destruction of information into energy. And indeed, all systems have at least those 3 basic constants.

Vital Constants: proportions between brains and bodies.

A final type of constants expresses quantitative proportions between the reproductive body elements and informative particles/heads of a complementary system. As a general rule the commonest proportions of energy/information are:

– The particle/head of information is dominant in information parameters, (dimensions, mass-weight or number of network connections of the informative system, cellular density, etc.), in a 3 to 1 proportion with the body/field of energy, both in time (so in genetics, the dominant, informative element has a 75% chances and the recessive element, 25% chances); and in space (so the Universe has 76% of dark mass).

– In terms of spatial, energetic parameters however the body is dominant (spatial dimensions, cellular numbers, energy volume etc.) usually in a proportion of 90-80% to 10-20%. This is due to the fact that the informative element tends to be the central 1-element of a body tetraktys, so we have a captain every 10 sergeants and a sergeant every 10 soldiers; 9 glial cells that give energy to every neuron, a 10% of taxes that go to the Middle age Priest, which directs the herd of believers, and so on. Yet another simpler, very common dual structure is a spatial square with a central knot, which gives us a 20% of informative elements (the center) and an 80% of energetic elements (the vertices of the square).

Recap. The generator equation of space-time and its 4 main arrows of time, understood as symmetric transformations of energy into information or reproductive combinations of both, coupled with the invariance of topological form, scale and motion of the universe explains for the first time the meaning of universal constants.

Inverted constants: The chip/black hole/mouse paradox

The inverted properties of energy and form, shown in the law of Range, apply also to any complementary system of the Universe. So smaller animals have faster metabolic rates because its energy /form cycles are faster. Their ‘clocks of time’, we could say move faster. Further on, in complexity this implies that paradoxically the smaller beings have more information (chip/black hole paradox). So the smaller the chip is the faster it calculates. This paradox is essential to understand the dangers of black holes. Precisely because they are so small they will reproduce faster and accrete faster, in the same manner a smallish virus reproduces much faster and it is more dangerous for an organism than a bigger bacteria.

If we adopt according to Galileo’s paradox a static point of view, universal constants are NOT only algebraic values, but invariant geometries that repeat in all scales of reality. And this is the ultimate meaning of General Relativity, since Einstein made a precise, simultaneous, present measure of the ‘static form’ of those vortices of mass obtaining G as a measure of the relative curvature of the gravitational force in each point of the vortex.

The central concept of a Fractal, scalar relativistic Universe is obvious: the same invariant game, the same forms, the same motions, happen in all the scales of reality. And so the Universe is relative and invariant in its energetic motions (original Theory of Relativity), in its forms (cyclical forms of information and lineal energy) that repeat in all scales, which therefore are also invariant.

We have seen now how that invariance is played as a ‘ratio’, ExTi=K, which allows smaller beings to live shorter but live faster. As we have seen the properties of energy and information are inverted. So the smaller we become the faster we rotate, the faster we live, the faster we beat. For example, we know that a fly sees 10 times faster than a human being, reason why we cannot catch it. Yet the ant who lives longer lives 7 years × 10 times faster=70 years of inner, subjective existence.

The same concept applies to a physical vortex of information, V(t) × R(s)=K than to a living being that processes energy into form (a mouse beats its heart faster than a human; a cell divides and reproduces faster than a mouse, every 24 hours, etc.).

The entire cosmos and all its scales are related by that simple paradox: the smaller we become the more information we process. It is the Moore Law: the smaller the chip the faster it thinks. The reason is obvious: smaller, faster systems, close ‘logic cycles’ of information faster. In complex beings it means faster thoughts in smaller neurons, packed in tighter groups. In the physical world, the bigger rotational motions of cosmic masses are slower than the cyclical rotation of particles, but their product remains constant. And we can write this fundamental law of the Universe, with multiple self-similar applications in any entity made of fractal space-time, again as a general case of the generator equation:

Universal ExTi = Universal Space Extension × Time-frequency = Constant Entity = K

An expression, which appears in all scales of reality (Heisenberg Principle, Vital Constants, etc.)

Recap. The Universe is just and harmonic: small beings are more intelligent, faster than big ones. It is the paradox of David and Goliath; the paradox of the chip, the paradox of the black hole…

How to include metric spaces. Topology: informative, energetic and reproductive systems.

However, according to the Principle of Correspondence, each new wider, more comprehensive model of reality must include all the cases of the model it substitutes. So while a 4-dimensional description of multiple space-times suffices in itself to give meaning to reality, it appears unconnected with the previous paradigm of metric spaces, reason why we must achieve a more detailed analysis of those cycles and give them specific mathematical operations, as to be able to connect them with the 3rd paradigm of metric spaces, its geometries and mathematical algebras. This is done at two levels:

-By describing them with a higher form of geometry, topology.

-And by describing more precisely the 4 arrows of time, subdividing them in more specific types of events and adding precise algebraic operations to each of those cycles.

Let us consider briefly those 2 elements that will be developed in depth in other works.

Some initial precisions though are needed. Today information is not understood as ‘form’ but measured, as it corresponds to the science of metric spaces, since Shannon, by considering frequencies and patterns in one dimension. But here in/form/ation as the name indicates is given by form. So Shannon’s analysis of information is correct but explores only patterns of information in one dimension (such as the information carried by the frequency of a wave). If you have though 2 dimensions you can square the volume of information you can store and transmit. And in 3 dimensions you get a cubic quantity. And so we observe that most complex systems have at least 3 ‘levels’ of complexity in the creation of information. So lineal proteins fold into bidimensional membranes that fold into complex 3 dimensional patterns, which are in fact the active information.

The symbiosis between function and form is evident: The line is the shortest distance/motion and so it is the main form of energetic organs, from cilia, to legs to light fields. The cycle stores the maximal information and so it is the usual organ of information, from cameras, to vowels to eyes.

Yet when we consider more complex topologies of information, we talk of toroid spaces that store information and are basically a complex ‘sum’ of chained cycles, often forming a tube of height, and so your head is at the end of your height and antenna is at the top of height. And height becomes a dimension of information.

When we consider energetic systems, normally they are external membranes that protect with its strength and filter the energy of the external world. And so because they enclose the system, they are normally made of tiles, squares, hexagons that put together cover totally the space; they are a sum of planes even if the total sum might appear sometimes as a spherical form and in topology they are call spheres. Finally the cycles of reproduction are hyperbolic cycles that come and go from the informative center to the energetic membrane, combine both and reproduce the system.

The 3rd type of topology – reproductive topologies that combine the other 2 arrows – become the 3rd complex arrow of time.

Yet if those 2 simplex arrows shall explain it all, we must combine them further, realizing that ‘from 2, yin=information and yang=energy, comes 3’, since ‘the game of existence combines yin and yang into infinite beings’ (Cheng Tzu). Indeed, philosophers have always known that reproduction combines energy and information into self-similar beings. And the 4th paradigm will show how all complementary systems of the Universe, from the simplest particles, quarks and electrons to the more complex, humans and perhaps universes, reproduce their form by combining their energy and informative organs and systems, repeating them in another discontinuous location of space and time.

So there are not only 2 simplex arrows of energy and information but also a complex arrow that combines both, Energy ó Information: the Reproductive arrow. And again, while there are many different ways to achieve that arrow; we observe always that an energetic, lineal, topology (since the line is the shortest distance/motion between two points, the simplest energetic systems are lines, or planes), and an informative topology (since cycles are the perimeters that store more information in lesser space, informative organs, are cyclical) mix to reproduce. So men are lineal in form and are the energetic sex, and human are cyclical and are the more perceptive sex, and both combine to reproduce. Machines are reproduced by humans which are the cyclical, informative component that forms the raw materials or energy to make them. And so on. Because it is an obvious logic consequence of the discontinuity of vital spaces which are finite and the limited length of a time cycle which always ends, that to survive species must reproduce or else its logic form perish.

So the Universe is ultimately an organic system of reproductive systems of energy and information.

Thus, once we establish the 3 topological regions of any system, which is their why we can add more detailed measures and convert each topological space in a specific species of reality connecting the why and the when of the metric paradigm, fulfilling the Principle of Correspondence.

Recap. To fulfill the principle of correspondence multiple time-spaces must be able to connect the why of the cycles/arrows of space-time with the precise geometries and algebraic measures of the metric paradigm. The 3 dimensions=arrows=cycles of space are the perpendicular 3 topologies of the Universe: the function/form of energy, the function/form of information and the function that combines them, e xi, of reproduction. Those 3 dimensions define all topological spaces. Absolute space is its sum; it self a Non-Euclidean system

The generator equation of space-time: 9 dimensionality.

On the other hand, to be able to connect specific equations of detailed metric analysis with the general equation of the 4 arrows of time we have to descend into an exhaustive detailed analysis of those arrows, dividing them in sub-arrows specific of each discipline and defining those arrows with concrete operations used in metric spaces.

Moreover when we observe things in more detail, we must break reality in multiple subcomponents that assembly wholes in parts, reality become more complex. And this again seems counter-intuitive. Because as set theory shows the whole is simpler than its detailed parts. So if we follow the integrative path from parts into wholes thing simpler and at the end we end with 2 simple concepts, the physical Universal body and its Mind god.

This in the rest of this introduction to multiple space-times, after making a very brief, simplified account of it all in the previous pages, we are going to try a tour de force: to resume it all, which will be latter developed in more extensive lessons, departing from the simplest parts into the whole, by showing you all the arrows of time and topologies of space from the simplest events and geometries to the more complex, from the primordial parts or ‘simplex arrows’ of space-time, into the organisms of reality or ‘complex arrows, and finally into the absolute whole Universal body and mental God, or ‘universal, transcendental arrows of time’.

Those 3 scales, from the simplest actions of abstract spacetime into the complex organisms of vital spacetime till reaching the absolute whole, are the 3 stairs we need to make sense of all. In each of those stairs we shall define 3 arrows of space-time for a total of 9 dimensions and that is all you need to create the Universe: the simplex, complex and transcendental arrows/ cycles/dimensions of all realities.

This is possible to do when we realize that the complex arrows of reproduction and social evolution manifest themselves differently in physical, biological and sociological entities, ‘decoupling’ themselves in ternary events, ‘actions’ that reproduce waves in physical space, ‘palingenetic offspring’ that reproduce biological species and so on. So in the more complex division of the arrows of time, we talk of 3 x 3 cycles/dimensions of space-time, which we group in 3 types:

Physical, spatial arrows:

Physical entities are complementary entities, which:

– I: In its particle state gauge information.

-E: In its wave state feed on energy.

-exi: And together reproduce actions, either by emitting a self-similar fractal part of energy and information, called an ‘action’, used to communicate with other entities (a Universal constant, such as h) or by moving towards a position the particle has gauged. And so we define 3 physical arrows or dimensions of space: gauging information, i; feeding on energy, e, and reproducing actions by combining them, exi. We call them also dimensions of space, because the light-space in which we exist has 3 Euclidean coordinates that correspond to the informative, electric field, the energetic, magnetic field and its product, the reproductive speed of light.

And it is a well-known fact of science (Maxwell equations) that the speed of light can be found by multiplying the magnetic and electric constants of light, thus showing that indeed, the algebraic operandi x connects the why of the simple arrows of space-time in physical entities with the specific equations found in the metric paradigm.

Thus one of the most fascinating facts of the Universe is the fact that departing from 2 simple entities, lineal energies and cyclical informations, which create spatial planes and clocks of time, we can explain it all by combinations, repetitions and transformations of those elements. A further precision though is needed on the difference between classic operandi such as equality and the new, evolved, dynamic operandi of self-similarity proper of multiple space-times in constant transformation; since most people tend to call each thing by a single name and see things in a static manner. So the paradoxical transformations of a reality, which suddenly become its opposite, break their ‘Aristotelian mind’ and one-dimensional perception of space and time.

Consider the famous equation, E=Mc2, which in the so-called Planck notation, where light speed is the unit, writes E=M, and since a mass is an attractive whirl of space-time with a cyclical form, it can be defined in terms of time clocks, or in terms of information, as the fastest it turns, the more informative frequency it has, and the more it attracts, as all whirls and hurricanes do. So, we can write it E=M(Ti) or simply E=Ti.

This is meaningless because Energy is not mass or information but exactly its opposite. Lineal energy though can curl and create mass, especially when it goes at c-speed, its limit of lineal motion and so it deflects the remaining energy into a cyclical form of mass. And vice versa, a mass can uncoil and create energy. So energy can be transformed back and forth into mass and the proper way to write this equation is E<= >M(Ti). And yet our mind prefers the concept of equality. And physicists will tell you that energy and mass are equal. The proper word though is ‘self-similar’ – a word used in fractal geometry, which topologists that observe self-similar beings understand much better. Thus the 4th paradigm is a change of ‘chip’, of state of mind, of the way we think, which makes it so difficult to penetrate, because the human mind is a simpler structure of thought, more accustomed to fix forms into visual concepts that see the complex, fractal, transformative reality.

Social, organic, temporal arrows

Se<=>(∏=S2)i; ∫∂: Most systems however create stronger actions by gathering multiple energetic cells into herds and waves, which create bodies and by gathering multiple informative cells, into complex social networks.

The difference between herds and networks is the degree of communication, since each element of a herd only relates to its neighbors and a network relates to all other elements of the network through a huge number of communicative flows.

This makes necessary to distinguish between the operandi of both types of social groups in a more precise manner that our simplified 4-dimensional equation where we used the sum and multiplicative operandi to represent a wave/herd and a network. Since we want to be able to relate those operandi to specific equations found in the use of metric spaces.

Thus, while we keep the sum symbol for herds, S, we use its square or more precisely its negative square or imaginary number, -S2 for information. Further on networks of information such as your neuron normally have a second scale of ‘sub-networks’, which are the flows of communications, or axons that join them to all other elements of the network, and it is easy to prove that if any point is connected to all the other points of the network, as well as to himself, the number of axons of the network will be the negative square of its sum, -S2. The a negative symbol also stresses that the properties of energy and information are inverted; and the organic, informative network absorbs its energy from the body network, subtracting from the total force of the body the energy it requires, as the brain does, without giving back anything but informative orders. Thus informative networks are represented by imaginary numbers, in the complex plane, as it happens with fractal generators that have a real and imaginary term or in the representation of the phase wave of electrons, which have a real number that represents its energy and an informative value represented with imaginary numbers. The same concept applies to the understanding of the equations of special relativity in which the parameter of temporal information is multiplied by a negative square, as light-space contracts the gravitational space in which it draw its forms. Thus again, a more precise algebra of the cycles of energy and information allow us to connect the why of multiple space-time cycles with its detailed description and equations in metric space.

A more sophisticated operandi to study networks is the duality between integration and disintegration (derivative symbol) ∫∂. Let us consider for example, the simplest duality: ∂∑2=2∑.

If we consider a complex system with an informative head, a network of neurons, ∏=∑in charge of the limbs and body cells, which tend to be in equilibrium (Re=E), in as much as the energetic system provides the elements to the reproductive system or moves it (being the informative system much smaller in space), then the derivative of ∑2=2∑ means the network will codify with its instructions both the body and the limbs. If the system was simpler – an energetic/information systems, then ∑2(neurons)=∑. This in Theory of Information gives birth to a key law: ‘the number of informative instructions needed to integrate the parts of a system into a whole is the square number of its parts’, with wide applications that range from epigenetics to industrial design.

Thus again we can see how the more general laws of the 4th topological paradigm, when studied in detail give birth to the specific laws of the 3rd, metric paradigm.

Finally both come together into complementary organisms, and combine their body and brain structures to reproduce themselves. And so there are 3 organic arrows: the creation of energetic waves, S; the creation of informative networks, and its combination in reproductive events or organisms, <=>. Where <=> must be substituted by different algebraic operandi depending on what kind of system we describe. So in the example of a phase space of an electron will be a sum, +, but in a Darwinian process in which an informative cellular system or herd of top predators feeds on a field of energy or prey, it could be a division, as the ‘food pie’ is divided into the members of the herd and so on. We thus keep as in the case of topological spaces, a minimal degree of flexibility to be able to accommodate the multiple cases in which an informative network and an energetic herd or reproductive body enter into an act of communication.

Since the processes of organic evolution – the formation of herds and networks and its reproduction – contracts space, tying together individuals into groups, and requires a long period of time, those 3 arrows that need languages of informative communication can be considered to be dominant in time. As indeed, ‘time curves space’, and ‘time evolves the morphology, the form of beings’ (Einstein, Darwin).

The fractal arrows of multiple-space times

Finally we can talk of the fractal, transcendental arrows of multiple space-times, which were unknown in the age prior to the scientific revolution and have been looked at with wishful blindness by scientists, due to their dogma of a single clock-time and a single continuum space. They are however self-evident when you change your ‘frame of mind’ and see reality as it is, without those 2 dogmas of mechanist science:

The Universe is made of an infinity of those organisms, which generation after generation repeat themselves in time with small variations; or gather together into super-organisms, so particles evolved into atoms, which evolved into molecules that evolved into cells and planetoids that evolved into organisms and planets and galaxies and the Universe. And so we have 3 more arrows of time to complete the Universe: the generational arrows of species that go through a life-death cycle once and again between birth and extinction; the transcendental arrow that creates super-organisms with smaller super-organisms; and the ecosystemic arrow, which adds all the super-organisms and generations to create entire worlds and the Universe itself, which could be considered an ecosystem of complementary organisms of energy and information.

To represent them with algebraic symbols we shall call the previous equation, Se<=>-S2i, that defines a complementary entity of energy and information, spread in a single space-time ‘membrane’, plane or continuum as X. Then we define:

– ∫∂; e<=>I’; G; egIntegration in time of multiple organisms.

The generational arrow/cycle of existence is relatively easy to represent, since all forms that live have a given order: they pass through an energetic youth, Max. E x Min. I, an age of maturity in which the being reproduces by mixing energy and information, e=I, and an informative age, when it warps the rest of its information, Min. E x Max. I. Then in the moment of death the system explodes back, devolving its information into energy. For that reason, we can also use the symbols of integration and its inverse derivative symbol of disintegration. Since ultimately an organism is ruled by the existence of an integrative network in control of its energetic limbs and/or body in complex systems. And for that reason we die when our informative, integrative network or ‘brain’ dies.

Yet those ages are dynamic and so we can use the <=> symbolism, to represent them all, whereas E< is the age of energy, <=> the balanced age and >I the age of information. And consider that the arrow of life is e >I (warping of energy into information) and the arrow of death is I<e, its reversal. Those simple equations in the static and dynamic form will allow us to explain many systems with inverted parameters, such as particles (life arrow of physical species) and antiparticles (death arrow). Thus again we can relate the 4th , why paradigm with specific entities of the metric paradigm. E=I, will become also the equation of beauty, as we perceive naturally beautiful a balanced form of energy and information and since the product exi or action is maximal when e=i, beauty becomes merely the expression of the most efficient, top predator form in which body and brain, energy and form are in balance. Thus again, we can obtain basic equations for fundamental processes of existence never before represented in algebraic form, such as life, death, beauty, top predator or existential force.

Finally we can define the generational arrow as the sum across time of all the generations between the birth of a species or living cycle and its extinction.  And so if we call G, the number of generations, any statistician knows since Fibonacci that the function eG is the most common number of reproductive generations that will exist after a number of G generations. And from that simple equation we connect with the extensive field of Volterra equations and other works of metric spaces regarding statistics of populations that will fine-tune the whys we have found in the 4th paradigm of multiple space-times.

According to each specific species and type of analysis we shall use any of those operandi after careful consideration.

– ∑, ∏: Integration in space of multiple organismsThe existential, ecosystemic or world arrow. Finally if we represent a complex ecosystem as a series of super-organisms and fractal parts integrated into a whole we reach the final goal of explaining it all either within a world or ecosystem or the Universe taken as such. What operandi shall we use for this final arrow? A careful analysis of the interactions happening in each ecosystem will give us a combination of all the previous arrows, as each ecosystem will have herds, networks of interrelated species, top predators with closer social relationships, several planes of existence, etc. So in this final scale of reality it would be preposterous to pretend we have a ‘metric equation’ able to represent all the ecosystems of reality and the absolute. But if we consider two separate terms, one for organisms and territories related as herds and one for those related as networks, we can write, with two ‘enlarged’ symbols of sum and multiplication, which turn out to be merely the more complex operations of derivation and integration:

∑(SE<=>-S2i ) <=> ∏( Se<=>-S2I)

On the other hand, for the mathematically inclined astro-physicist, we shall show in our work on physical spaces that the Universe and its main cellular galaxies, can be studied as an organism made of two networks, one of gravitational information (dark, gravitational energy and dark, quark matter) and herds of electromagnetic spaces (stars, electrons, etc. And so its equation would be self-similar to that of an organic system. On the other hand if we were to calculate the n=st number of total scales of reality we shall see that they seem to tend to infinity and so the equation of the Universe as a fractal organic system would be:

∑(SE<=>-S2i ) <=>  ∏( Se<=>-S2I)

Thus we differentiate the body where E is dominant on i and the brain, where I is dominant on e.

– st=n; Xst=n: The fractal, transcendental arrow. Where n determines the complexity of the ecosystem across multiple fractal planes of exi=stence: If we consider that each of those super-organisms integrates a series of simpler planes of existence of lesser information, we can use a natural number st=n, to define each scale of reality. Where st=n will represent the number of planes of existence from the simplest organism, a particle or quanta, to the most complex the Universe; and Xn, the number of minimal cellular quanta of the system. Again this is easy to see if we consider the most common transcendental number, 10, where a tetraktys of 10 elements give birth to a central point (9+1), which transcends as unit of the next scale. And so a Mongol army had 10 soldiers one of which was a sergeant and 10 sergeants were ruled by a captain and 10 captains by a general, so in 3 scales a general was commanding an army of 10n=3=1000 units.

In that regard the Existential function of the Universe follows also that decametric scale, where n=10, and the total reality, if those decametric scales between atoms and galaxies repeat themselves will have n=∞

Further on, if we integrate together all vital spaces on one side into an absolute space, S and all informative scales in time as an absolute Time, we can simplify the previous equation of st=∞ as a single ST world. So we write:

[∑(SE<=>-S2i ) <=> ∏( Se<=>-S2I)]∞ =S<=>T

Where, the physical, spatial arrows are: e, the arrow of energy; i the arrow of information and x, the arrow of actions and motions.

The organic, temporal arrows are: S, the arrow of energetic waves; S2, the arrow of social networks and ó, the arrow of organisms and reproductions.

And the fractal, transcendental arrows are:

eg, the generational sum of all the cycles of life (e< or youth, = or maturity and >I or old age) of a species.

Xst=n, the product of all its planes of fractal existence.

Yet if we integrate all those life cycles across all its planes of space, we define an ecosystem of which the biggest one is the universe.

And so ∑, ∏, are the symbols of an ecosystem and the organisms of its world, which for n=∞ represents the Universe.

So the single Space continuum of classic science, S, is the sum of all the vital spaces of all its species and ecosystems.

Yet if we consider the evolution of those species across time, we observe that simpler forms evolve into more complex forms, from the initial particles to the complex structures of reality, with the passing of time. So T becomes the sum of all cycles of all systems, chained through organic synchronicities, to give us the absolute time of classic science.

Thus, we can perceive reality as a simplex space-time continuum, a whole, as classic science does, or in more detail as a dual system of energy and information, a 4-Dimensional reality that reproduces and evolves socially those bits and bites, or a series of organic parts and herds, which gather into ecosystems that evolve in bigger scales till reaching the size of a Universe.  In that sense, other simplified, valid expressions of the function of existence used in this book will be S<=>T, SxT (dual systems) or ∑Se<=>∏Ti or Exi=st (4-Dimensional ones.)

Needless to say the relativity of perception and measure makes each of us an Island-Universe, which can be described in maximal detail with the 9 arrows, as the scales of the Universe are relatively infinite and so even though normally we shall limit the study of a specific species to n±st=3 planes, we can obtain from most species multiple space-times. So a human could be studied till his atomic detail.

And so we have written departing from its minimal bits and the final generator equation of all realities. Since with those 3 x 3 arrows of spaces-times we can explain it all, the whole, ‘the thoughts of god’, the game of existence, and its ‘imprinted body’, the Universe, or each of its self-similar parts, its details.

Now the meaning of that equation must be clear: it generates all the other equations of the Universe. Consider for example how it implies several operations.

The operator <=> has in fact 2 forms: one dynamic as a flow, < = > and one static as a knot: X. The first one fusions the 3 ages of growth, balance and diminution <, =, >. It means that generation has 3 ages, < = >, and two operations, =, parallelism, when the exchange or transformation is balanced or X, perpendicularity, when the top predator element of the exchanges absorbs all the energy from the other system. Thus we can consider instead of a simple equality, a complex transformation with several phases. If we call each side of the equation E and I, then:

E=I;    E<I;      I<E = E>I

Each of those phases of the general operator, ó, can diminish, increase or divide the ‘object’. And so we can divide the operator ó into 4 operators: a mere equality, a sum, a division when the information preys on the energy and divides it or a multiplication when it reproduces it as the energy controls it and uses it with its energy to reproduce. These kinds of events that the equation describes are thus the beginning of a fascinating adventure, to generate reality with the combinations and partial equations derived from the generator equation.

Physicists do it basically when considering SxT systems, which we have explained briefly before, and yet that is not so detailed, so we can consider that we can do either 2 dimensional studies (sxt systems), 4-dimensional analyses (E-Re x I x S) where we decouple space into energy and reproduction, limbs and bodies and information between knots of times and flows of social information, languages and networks. This dual decoupling of space and time create a 4 dimensional Universe and 4 dimensional types of equations, of the type:  (Se<=>-S2i ) n=st

These 3 combinations of the cycle are 3 forms in which the parameters of them change by transfer between the element of the left (the herds) and the right (the networks).

The fight between herds and networks though is parallel in E=I and that is the definition of an organism. In the other 2 stages or events there is dominant arrow from the relative predator reproductive, energetic body or informative system.

But many laws of science are ceteris paribus analysis of that equation and/or one of its parts. We just have to consider the generator equation, a group structure with a neutral element, 1. Then we can study only a certain part of it. For example, making n=1, the transcendental arrows disappear; if I or E = 1, we are studying only the energetic or informative part of the system; and so on.

It must be in any case understood once and from all that the equation generate events primarily and those events seen as fixed forms become spatial organisms, but the equation is an equation of time rhythms, given by the st-frequencies of the systems. Let us consider what are the parameters of the equation’s main parts:

– The parameters of E are spatial parameters.

– The parameters of I are temporal parameters.

– This fundamental duality, is thus the 3rd key element to the transformation of a topological algebra as this equation is (where I is a topological space, e is a metric space of energy and <=> is the cyclical exchange space or hyperbolic) into metric spaces. We know that part of that equation is an energy parameter and the other an informative one.

Thus the generator feedback equation allows to connect the metric and relational study of the Universe of multiple spaces and times by ordering all the time cycles= arrows=dimensions, we observe in the Universe, all the repetitive clocks in which a certain ‘non-Euclidean point ‘or Universal entity comes once and again to the same topological space in search of its arrow, as its partial equations and more complex systems as a series of connected equations that represent networks, organic or complementary systems, within a given ecosystem.

In our analysis of geometrical i-logic geometries we shall return to those themes.

Recap. 9 arrows of timespace exhaust all Universal events. They are the arrows of energy, information and its complex combinations, the different arrows of social evolution, reproduction and organization in complex, fractal planes of existence, from the simplest atom to the Universe itself: The Universe and all its relative worlds structure in 3 stairs of parts that become wholes. Each one defines a set of 3 arrows of time. Thus, there are 3×3 arrows of space-time: spatial actions of energy and information, exi, organic arrows that create body herds and informative networks, which become organisms, e<=> I and fractal, transcendental arrows that define systems of multiple spacetimes.

Actions and waves. Physical systems display 4 arrows.


We consider several levels of analysis of reality, the abstract, metric analysis of simple systems of energy or information; the dualist analysis of complementary systems of reproductive energy and information, which combine in motions called actions; and the organic analysis of ternary systems, which add a new, self-reproductive arrow and allow the social evolution of systems in transcendental, new super-organisms.

Most physical, spatial systems are perfectly described with the simpler level of energy and information, complementary systems and its actions -though it is left for further analysis the question of the existence of ternary structures in all physical systems (given the fact that simple particles, electrons and quarks reproduce new particles, when given enough energy).

Since all analyses of reality are meaningful even if they do not consider the complete system and all arrows, we shall deal here with complementary systems that perform, exi, actions. They define the 3 basic arrows of existence: gauging information, feeding on energy and using that energy to move in the direction in which we have gauged information

Thus a system that combines information and energy is always able to create ‘motions’ called action, exi, which are the fundamental unit of physical systems. The simplest of those systems is light space, which happens to be the 3-dimensional membrane we live in.

Indeed what we call vacuum-space, the external reality, is in fact light-space. That is, the vacuum is filled with light, which has 3 perpendicular dimensions: a direction of motion, energy or length, in which light moves; a dimension of information or ‘height’, the electric field; and a dimension of reproductive width; the magnetic field. And so we exist in a spacetime of 3 Euclidean dimensions, filled with light, which makes the dimensions of reality the 3 arrows of spacetime of light, to which we add the social dimension of color, given by the number of photons that come together in a single wave. We are ‘swimming’ in a world of light as a fish swims in a world of water with 3 dimensions occupied by that water.

It is indeed the thesis of this work that what we call ‘lateral motion’ of a wave of energy is always a reproduction of its form, imprinted in the medium; and so we consider that the dimension of magnetism in light is in fact its reproductive dimension: Light follows the path given by an energetic field of gravitation, whose energy it absorbs, imprinting laterally a magnetic ‘body’, over which an electric field carried by the photon is built. And from that simple scheme many properties and equations of light will be deduced and many questions answered (such as the non-existence of ‘magnetic monopoles’, since magnetism does not form an informative particle – the photon – which is an electronic, ‘fractal head’ – or the relationships between the gravitational and electromagnetic field, which fees on it).

At this stage the example of light and its dimensions illustrates a tenant of multiple space-times theory: all physical systems are also ternary systems with an energetic, informative and reproductive-motion field, made of social quanta. Since waves don’t move (paradox of Zenon) but imprint the medium they travel through with its form, its information, reproducing it.

The number of dimensions and elements we describe in any system in fact depends on the depth of the analysis. Metric space works basically with 2 or 3 dimensions, as it considers time and space continuous and symmetric (an error, regarding the nature of space, which explains many errors of physics), and ad maximal it adds a 3rd dimension of exi space-time actions. Other sciences, especially biology, go further and analyze 4 dimensions. And that will be the main approach of this introductory work even when describing physical phenomena.

A key set of laws of general systems sciences, which might however make many relationships confuse, are the laws that relate the different actions in space-time of a lower plane of existence and the function they have for the upper scale. We dealt with this theme when studying the synchronicities of systems. Let us consider them now with an example: how the actions of electromagnetic photons, the cellular elements of electrons emerge as different ‘actions’ for the upper scale of the electron.

For example, physicists describe electrons with 4 quantum numbers, which we have translated as the 4 main arrows of times of electronic waves. Yet those arrows in the upper scale of electrons is different from their function for photons; such as the complex arrows of reproduction and social evolution of the lower scale become the simplex arrows of spatial energy and structural form of the upper scale :

–       Thus, the principal number defines the wave-reproduction of the photons in the lower scale electron, and the energetic body of the electron in the upper scale.

–       The secondary number defines the absorption and social evolution of a photon in the lower scale, which feeds the electron, but it defines the structural form, I, of the electron.

–       Then the 3rd and 4 numbers of the electron, which regulates its clonic shapes and spin is no longer relevant to the lower photonic scale but it becomes the key element of ‘valence’ in the molecular scale to define the shape and energy of a molecular orbital. There are however many systems that are not complete, often made with an informative, gauging element and an energetic limb, in all systems and disciplines of reality. Or more often there are systems, which become subsystems of a more complex form and perform only a function on this higher reality. For example, a planar field of energy or force might have as light does 3 arrows but it is for a complex atom the field of energy in which the electron reproduces its nebulae; a weapon is a ‘lineal system of metal-energy’, but it comes attached to a human being that ‘gauges’ information, locating the enemy to which it will release the ‘energetic action’ of the weapon; a virus lacks the reproductive systems, but it attaches its informative code to a cell that will reproduce the system. And so we find that some simpler systems need an external, informative or reproductive ‘enzymen’ or ‘enzymes’ to make possible actions with weapons or reproductions of viruses.

And these two essential laws of interrelated multiple times-spaces – the existence of 3 subsystems in all systems or ‘ternary principle’ that allow us to analyze any system in its 3 internal components and the assembly of subsystems as different as a human being and a metal-weapon to enhance the energetic or informative capacity of the whole through symbiotic actions, are key elements to explain how simple systems evolve into complex, organic ones.

Recap. If we consider motion, the reproduction of the form of a wave, even the simplest light-space displays 4 arrows, energy, information, physical actions or speed, exi that reproduces the wave and social evolution of color. Electrons also can be described with 4 magnetic numbers, the main reproductive number the secondary, energetic number, the spin number of informative orientation and the magnetic, social number.

Internal, topologic and external, Euclidean dimensions.

Another important concept to clarify errors of the metric paradigm is the meaning of ‘internal’ an ‘external dimensions’, where the internal dimensions are the 3 topological functions of a system – its informative, energetic and reproductive topologies – and the external dimensions those of the membrane, medium or ecosystem it inhabits. Thus in all systems we consider 2 types of dimensions:

-Arrows/Dimensions of external spacetime (the form described with external, objective parameters):

Length-energy-motion. +   Height-information +   Width: bilateral reproduction.

Those 3  simple Euclidean dimensions suffice for most external analyses of reality.

-Yet the internal structure of any i=-point requires 3 topologies of 4-Dimensional reality and its complex shapes called:

-‘Planar sphere’ or ‘Peano line’=membrane, limbs of energy

-‘Cyclical hyperbolic’=Reproductive Body of energy x information

-‘Toroid, warped center’=Informative, multi-cyclical head.

This duality considers the Euclidean dimensions an external description of the being, as it moves through the 3 dimensions of the light-space membrane; and the topological dimensions an internal description of the point in its parts and functions. Consider for example the case of a human being:

-Externally all what we see of a human from far away is a point whose energy moves him in the direction of length, but he also has an informative head on top, in the dimension of height, and he has reproduced=repeated his organs bilaterally in the dimension of width.

– But if we were to switch to an internal description we would find a more complex structure, with:

– A warped brain inside that high head, and an eye, which makes with an enormous number of pixels of information an image of the Universe.

– We find a body, below that head, full of cyclical, reproductive organs that combine energy and form to re=produce the substances of our body.

-And then we find our energetic members (a mixture of fractal, broken lines of energy – our limbs that move us in the length dimension – but put together shape a plane) and the external membrane of our being, which is what topologists called a Riemannian, planar sphere.

And as different as all species of the Universe might seem to us, we will be able to describe them all with those simple topological dimensions, which give us the 3 ‘arrows/cycles/ topological’ dimensions of all vital spacetimes.

The sum of all those internal, topological spaces, moving inside a Euclidean, 3 dimensional space in which they trace cycles in search of energy and information to reproduce themselves is what the 3rd paradigm of metric space puts together into a single space continuum and a single arrow of time; what physicists call absolute space and absolute time. And while the error of a single space continuum it’s a mild error, by reducing time arrows to a single lineal arrow in the direction of motion-energy, scientists, specially physicists spatialize, simplify and reduce time to ‘entropy’, or ‘energy’, what the clock measures. And that is a huge error, as we shall see when we correct and resolve the main questions of physics.

We shall call the 3 dimensions of energy limbs that create length motions; of reproductive, wide bodies caused by hyperbolic cycles and of high, informative systems with toroid brains, the 3 external/internal dimensional arrows of reality. Therefore the 3 external dimensions=trajectories =arrows of existence, length=feeding on energy, height= perceiving information and width=reproducing bilaterally, are motivated by the internal needs of the 3 inner regions of a vital being, its topological ‘dimensions/arrows of spacetime’.

Spacetime and Timespace are also dual definitions that explain those external and internal dimensions dominant in ‘energy’ and ‘form’, because none of the arrows/dimensions of reality is pure: all yin has a yang and all yang has a yin. And so even the simplest ‘species’ of the light-membrane, light itself, has an organic structure, as we have just explained.

Recap. All beings externally move in a lineal dimension of energetic length; perceive from an advantage point of height and reproduce its systems bilaterally in the dimension of width. Internally all of them occupy a vital space with the 3 topologies of toroid information, cyclical, hyperbolic reproduction and are enclosed by an energetic spherical-planar membrane.

Social, reproductive, organic Arrows.

Till now we have dealt with the simplex reality you perceive in an obvious manner: the 3 dimensions of spacetime which correspond to the functions of energy-length, width-reproduction and height-information and are common to all topological beings that float in light-space, made also of those 3 dimensions, albeit with a slightly different orientation (speed-length moves the wave of light and so we consider it its dimension of energy, the high electric field gives its form and has the informative photon on top and the wide, magnetic membrane reproduces it). And all this could be written as a simple generator equation, exi=k or e<=>I, where the 3 terms represent energy (e), information (i) and its reproductive cycles (x for simpler, reproductive actions and motions, and <=> for complex feedback, dynamic exchanges of energy & form).

A more complex description of all this is given by the 3 canonical topologies of the Universe: the toroid, informative, reproductive, hyperbolic and planar, spherical, energetic membrane of which all beings are made.

It would seem that all this suffices to explain most of reality and certainly it is a great jump respect to the mere process of measuring the when and how of metric spaces in a single space-time continuum, where the 3 dimensions of space are abstract, and time is just ‘what a clock measures’.

But there are other phenomena in reality, mainly of social nature, which those 3 arrows do not fully explain.

Indeed, because reproduced forms are self-similar forms, reproduced closer to the parental point, (as in a fractal image, where self-similar Mandelbrot sets are pegged to the parental form), when many forms become reproduced in a tight space they come together into networks and make a bigger system, a herd, or superorganism.

And that game defines the arrow of social evolution: self-similar atoms reproduced in a big-bang associated to form bigger entities, planets and stars. Self-similar cells with the same DNA organize in a palingenetic process to recreate a bigger organism. Self-similar ideas or memes created by a prophet reproduce in the minds of believers, creating a religion or civilization. So social evolution, the 4th main arrow of space-time must be always considered to describe all systems – even if it is not an Euclidean dimension, because in light, social evolution appears as color – since all what exists feeds on energy, gauges information, reproduces energy and information and evolves socially.

But how things evolve socially? It is not enough just to enunciate this social arrow. When we study social evolution in more detail, in fact we find the existence of 3 social arrows:

– ∑: many simplex units of energy that we shall call bites, come together into herds, which we represent with the symbol of a summation, ∑.

– ∑2: Many simplex bits of information come together into networks, which we define with the square of a summation, as networks are defined by having a square number of ‘axons’ that communicate its informative points.

– <=>, Re, E <=>: When those 2 systems come together they create a complementary, cellular organism, body or field, which defines cyclical trajectories between the limbs and heads, the particles and energetic membrane.

Thus the body absorbs bites of energy and reproduces cells of the organism; and we represent it with the ó feedback symbol, the arrow of Reproduction, Re, or as it often comes attached with ‘mouths’ that absorb energy or ‘limbs’ that convert energy into motions, with the E<=> symbol.

Thus all together form a complex, dual, cellular superorganism of space-time, ∑ E<=>∑2i=St or exi=st-ential organism.

And so we define 3 social, organic arrows:

-∑: the arrow of social evolution of energy bites into herds.

– ∑2: the arrow of organic evolution of bits of information into networks tied together into a bigger whole – a head/particle that absorbs bits of information, also called ‘pixels’ and stores a memorial, perceptive image/mapping of reality. This network acts a single being, sustaining in each ‘fractal’ cell, the same informative, memorial mapping of reality that allows it to act as a single one, either internally (same DNA in the cells of an organism, same book of Revelation in the mind of believers that create a God or subconscious collective, same particles in a bosonic state) or externally (cells that store multiple pixels, coordinated by the network into a single image). This is the most complex, fascinating arrow of existence, or transcendental arrow, because it is the arrow that allows reality to become organic, as it makes from simplex parts a whole that emerges as a unit of a bigger space-time plane of existence. Further on, the arrow that puts together parts into wholes dominates as a whole the herd of cells of the body.

And so we define, a superorganism made of reproductive bodies/waves, limbs or fields of energy and social networks of information, which extends through 3 different spacetimes:

– An external ecosystem of energy (st-1 plane of reality) in…

– Which the limbs move by absorbing external energy and the head or particle gauges information by absorbing that external energy as information; and the body reproduces new cells absorbing both energy and information (st-plane).

– Which transcends as a whole (st+1), thanks to the network of information that controls the entire Organism, becoming a fractal space-time world in itself: ∑ E<=>∑2i=St

Recap. The social evolution of herds into body particles gives birth to the arrow of wave evolution; the association of informative cells gives birth to the arrow of network evolution, and both together create ternary, organic systems, which use internal limbs or external fields to feed on energy. Thus a more complex analysis finds that all systems are ternary systems with lineal limbs of energy, reproductive bodies and informative heads, sandwiched between two ±st planes, the smaller st-1 micro-points of energy and information (pixels) and the bigger ecosystem, which only the network of information can observe as a whole that transcends cellular existence (st+1)

Fractal, Transcendental arrows.

We call fractal, transcendental arrows to those arrows that go beyond the organism both in time (generational arrow of existence of the being between its creation and extinction) and in space (ecosystemic arrow), finally evolving together in time and space into a super-organism.

Thus simple ‘active’ complementary systems become complex, organic systems, which finally transcend into super-organisms, till reaching in the transcendental scale the biggest super-organism of them all the Universe.

Indeed, the generation of a being in a life/death cycle will cause a spatial ‘radiation’, as the being multiplies once and again, and so it will create a series of generations in space-time till the species becomes extinct. And so the species can be considered a super-organism with each individual a cells of the system. And we shall see that indeed, the entire life-span of a species follows also the 3 ages of life and its speciation into ternary species of energy, information and reproduction, and its final evolution into a super-organism or its extinction by a stronger species with more exi=stential action/momentum.

And since there is nothing else that we can say of a being before its creation and after its extinction, the 3 transcendental arrows of generational cycles, reproductive radiations in an ecosystem, and transcendence into a higher super-organism finishes all what we can know of any reality, all what is science, all what exists, all the whys of the 4th paradigm.

-St: And so the 9 arrows together give us the complex generator equation of all events and forms of a certain world, universe, ecosystem, reality or superorganism – its total, absolute spacetime description, EXI.

It is the unification equation, described earlier in greater detail that physicists tried to extract from reality but failed because they tried to do it with metric spaces instead of topological spaces and with a single arrow of time energy or entropy instead of the 3x 3 arrows of reality. We shall often quote that equation in its simplified 4 dimensional structure: E x i=st; and call it the existential function.

You too are generated by that equation.

From that general equation we can then descend to the when of its metric details, since each species absorbs different types of energy and information that define the form and speed of its reproductive and social cycles of time. And so from that higher point of view we can then connect according to the correspondence principle each science and species with its specific space-time cycles/arrows – the details of the thoughts of god.

According to the dominance of those triads of arrows we also classify science in physical, biologic and sociological sciences:

– Most physical entities perform only two complementary cycles, most of its existence. So all particles move but few gauge information beyond a mechanical, geometrical series of action-reaction paths; and this explains why physicists have been concerned only with the arrow of energy and motion and metric spaces to measure the trajectories of all those moving particles. Yet in certain cases those particles decouple, reproduce other particles and form more complex atomic systems, and this moves us to the next science on the ladder of complexity, chemistry, which is more concerned with the repetition=reproduction of molecules and its social evolution.

– As we move further into biological sciences, through the ladder of bio-chemistry, biology and sociology we realize that the arrow of energy becomes secondary and the arrows of information= perception, reproduction and eusocial love that bonds minds into social structures dominates.

– In this we are different from physical structures, which are always dominant in energy and motion and create social networks of extreme simplicity with very few elements and variations – so galaxies which are huge aggregations of stars will turn out to be self-similar to electronic nebulae. And in fact we shall find a fractal equation of unification of quantum electromagnetic forces and macrocosmic gravitational forces based in that self-similarity of structure of the infinitely small and big(A,II).

So it seems the Universe has 3 different games of existence: – The physical game of self-repetition of spatial energetic structures that evolves into the bio-chemical game of evolution of reproductive, organic structures; which evolves in complex super-organisms and ecosystems.

We are the summit of that second game of existence that evolves the arrows/languages of information, creating social superorganisms, cultures and civilizations. And galaxies are the summit of the expansive game of spatial structures that develops to its limit the arrow of energetic, simple spatial topologies – reason why there is almost as much data about the Universe that about biological structures and even more data about sociological cultures…

Recap. The sum of all the generational life-death cycles of an organism, which will be repeated a finite number of times between birth and extinction, and its spatial radiations in an ecosystem, creates the transcendental arrow of super-organisms, which evolves from particles to galaxies reality till creating the absolute space-time field, st, of the Universe.


@(nti)symmetry of mind languages:

® Ternary Universal Grammar

 The Universal Grammar of all languages. Its syntax.

The Universe has a Universal Grammar for all its languages of perception of its fractal space-time cycles – the generator equation of the Universe. We can perceive it in space as a topological function (as we did in the previous post) or in time as a causal equation of relative past-present-future ages/horizons.

Or we can perceive them in space-time as organic living performing the ∂o,a,e,i,u actions of existence.

And we can summarize those properties with ‘Languages’ of Space-time’ Perception, different for each sensorial species. How can then unify all those languages?

Through the concept of a Universal Grammar, a variety of the generator, whose symbols represent the main dimensions, ages, scales and symmetries of all beings of existence. Accordingly all languages have 3 elements to represent those 3 dimensional space-time symmetries across several scales:

  • Universal Grammar: Subject (Information pole) < Operandi (actions) > Object (space-time point).

This equation is the Universal Grammar, the expression of the generator equation as a feed-back space-time cyclical action, the unit of all existences.

We shall thus consider in this section an introduction to the languages and minds of the Universe, expanded greatly in different posts.

 The 4th paradigm in a nutshell: The Universe is an organic system of energy and information.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

We formalize all Dual systems and events of reality born of complementary networks of energy and information with an Equation we call the ‘Fractal Generator of Reality’: ∑E<=>∏O. Since we claim this equation resumes all the events and forms of the Universe. It is the key equation of organicism, the philosophy of science called General Systems Sciences that considers the Universe and all its parts an organic system generated by feed-back, iterative exchanges, <=>, of energy (E) and information (I) between both type of  networks, (∑, ∏).

The symbol ∑(E) means that body systems are loose sums of cellular herds that only relate to their neighbors. ∏(O) means that informative systems form complex networks in which each element connects with all others, multiplying its ‘axons’. For example, 5 informative elements have 5×5=∏5 axons. Thus, information networks co-exist in two scales.

They are more complex than energy systems and dominate them. So informative particles, heads and money dominate respectively energetic fields of forces, bodies and the physical economy. The Generator Equation of Reality will allow us to derive a set of rules from where to extract the properties and laws of all disciplines of science, each one specialized in the study of the entities of energy and information of a certain scale of reality, from the smallest complementary entities studied by quantum theory to the biggest one, the Universe, a system of galaxies related by networks of dark energy and informative, gravitational forces. We can, departing from those concepts, define also the Universe and all its parts:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.

We mean by energy, motion; that is, displacement in space, which is a relational concept, first defined by Leibniz: The sum of all motions, simplified by the eye-mind as a continuous, static extension creates our perception of space. And we mean by information, dimensional, cyclical form. And the sum of all cyclical forms-in-action, in-form-ations, which our mind perceives as cycles of clock-time, creates relational, ‘fractal’ time, also defined first by Leibniz, one of the fathers of the 4th paradigm1. Energy without motion or form without energy is not perceivable. Thus, systems to exist need a minimal quantity of both or they cease to exist – they die. Or as Taoist, the closest, classic philosophy to this book put it: ‘All yin-information has a drop of yang-Energy; all Yang has a drop of yin’.

Further on, because all systems respond to the same laws, we can recognize the shapes of a network dominant in energy by its form that will be lineal, planar, extended in space, as the line is the shortest distance between two points; hence the shape with more motion. And we can recognize the shapes of information because they are smaller in space, broken and cyclical, as the cycle or sphere is the shape that stores more form in lesser space; hence the perfect form of information.

So DNA nuclei, particles, heads and coins of money, made of gold, the best informative atom of the Universe, are cyclical and small. While fields of forces, moving bodies and weapons, made of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe, are lineal and big. Finally, real physical, biological and mechanical systems are those who transform back and forth energy and information, between their two poles: E<=>O.

It follows also that cyclical information, frequency and time cycles are related. On the other side, expansive energy, motion and space, which stores energy in the vacuum are also related. So energy is fractal space and information fractal time – facts that will allow to fusion the jargon of many sciences in this volume of the series dedicated to the detailed description of physical systems and the 3rd volume dedicated to biological and sociological systems (the superorganisms of history and economics).

However before we can do that, we need to consider the formalism of this new paradigm of science – that is the laws of mathematics and logic that all systems of the Universe follow.

Universal Grammar.

‘ The languages of God are Infinite’ Upanishads.

In any logic language 2 symbols suffice to represent any being of the Universe. All languages have a syntax based in 2 parameters, one of information and one of relative energy that combine through a 3rd active principle, an operandi or verb, that merges them. We talk of a ternary Universal Grammar:

A (Informative subject) <Operandi/verb> B (energy/object)

The ternary, Universal grammar applies to all languages able to represent the systems of reality: from the code of colors (red that represents energy; blue, the color of information and green, the reproductive color) to verbal languages, where an informative subject relates to an object through an exchange of energy and information, described by a verb, shaping the genetic structure of all human languages 8. It also happens in mathematics, where f(x)= g(y) is the universal equation that summarizes all the others.

The Philosopher of Science vs. The Physicist. Newton vs. Descartes & Leibniz. The 3 elements of all Systems. They think thus they are. The equation of the Linguistic Mind. The difference between worlds and Universe.

Descartes though was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind:

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

So we shall first define those o-points mathematically, as minds, or fractal, non-Euclidean points, the fundamental unit of the organic Universe, which are crossed by a relative infinite number of parallel forces, which are the bits of information used by each of them to create a mapping, linguistic mirror of the Universe.

‘Infinitesimal self-centered O-Point x ∞ cycles of space-time’ = 0 x ∞ = C-onstant Linguistic Mind mapping of the Universe’.

So each o-point eliminates information from the ∞ beings in existence to reduce its information to an infinitesimal. In the human case, we reduce the 4 dimensions of our plane of existence to 2 dimensions for each eye, eliminating depth and motion to fit all that information in the mind.

So we convert time cycles into forms and they seem solid to us, and we convert vacuum space with entropic motions into lineal distances.

This is the most important property of those points of view – the capacity they have to reduce the Universe into a mind image, of linguistic nature, which explains the duality between ‘motion perception and form’, as all is motion, either cyclical time motion or space-kinetic energy motions but the mind reduces it to a still image, as Heraclitus or Buddha first realized, considering that the stillness of the Universe is a Maya of the senses.

THE fundamental reductionism of physical mathematics, soon spread to the understanding of the whole discipline, was the confusion of the Human world represented by the Euclidean geometry of the Cartesian plane, which merely shows the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space-time, as the only mind-world of the Universe, contradicting the original analysis of Descartes, which precisely introduced the cartesian frame in a book called the world, and affirmed a ‘devil’ had put that mind of the many possible ones on his brain, ‘cogito ergo sum’, in light space-time thus define only the human mind, not the infinite pangeometries and different minds of the Universe.

It is remarkable that of the 4 colossi who founded modern science, the 2 ‘pure physicists’, Galileo and Newton did not understand this obvious truth. While the 2 equal figures, which had however a more mathematical and philosophical background, Descartes and Leibniz, did grasped at once this ultimate fact of the Universe.

So Descartes, contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical times, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

The languages that reduce Universe to still, ternary worlds.

Thus what is real is the duality of motions, infinite cyclical and lineal motions, which are used by different minds to replicate reality into still minds that map part of those motions to create different worlds.

For example, Computers use O and | to create models of the Universe.

Humans use words also in a ternary symmetry, where the point is the 0-subject, the energy of the point the |-object, over which it enacts a verbal action. So when we say ‘I eat bread’, ‘I’ is the point, ‘bread’ the object of vital space, and ‘eat’ the feeding implosive action. This allowed linguistics to create the Universal Grammar of all languages:

Subject (0-point) < Verb (action: Ø=O x |) > |-Object (Energy of the subject).

On the other hand visual languages are also ternary in colors and forms. So the eyes use lines and cycles to create ‘conic curves’, which are all the curves that exist in Euclidean Geometry and so on.

So we can now extend our definition of reality to include its 3rd elements, which conform a word, whose infinite sum creates the Universe:

A Constant, Dynamic World is born of the interaction of both formal motions, vital spaces, enclosed by times connected by a mind that measures them: Ø”

The Universe is a puzzle sum of ∞ such Worlds:

U= ∑ Ø x ∞ = C’

This is what Descartes explained to the (Human) World, sum of all human minds.

We were all, so to speak, thoughts of God, the Mind of the Universe, understood as the underlying language with the common ‘isomorphic laws’ shared in the construction of all those ‘virtual worlds’, including the human world, since you are not watching the Universe, but the electronic image, your eyes and brain constructs with rods of space, called ‘light-speed’, and cycles of time, called ‘h-quanta’, pieces of lineal and angular momentum that build up the puzzle of your mind.

The point of view thus becomes the essential element of the mathematical mind-world, which will measure geometrically from its perspective, in any of the 3 ternary frames of reference corresponding to the 3 geometries of reality, the cyclical polar frame, the hyperbolic,, and the Toroid planes, the rest of reality.

We thus briefly will introduce the 3 elements of the Universe, its time cycles and motions, its topological ternary spaces, its 5th dimension and then get into the ‘core’ of this post,the development of i-logic geometry and non-se algebra. And the translation of 2000 years of maths into their laws.

But you WILL likely deny all those proofs. Since man is not alien to the paradoxical equation of the mind:

‘Infinitesimal self-centered O-Point x ∞ cycles of space-time’ = 0 x ∞ = C-onstant Linguistic Mind mapping of the Universe’.

Now it is important to notice the survival consequences of confusing the mind of man with the entire Universe, because it completely shuts off and increases enormously the ego-paradox:

“Every infinitesimal point of view confuses his world view with the entire Universe, considering himself the centre of the whole Universe, when it is merely an infinitesimal fractal mind, watching an infinitesimal quantity of the information of reality’.

This was therefore the immediate effect of the error of Newton and its absolute space-time graph, which has been carried on through Relativity, and its absolute belief that c-speed is the limit of all speeds, space-time a single continuum and reached its paroxysm in modern mathematical physics, where Mr. hawking invented imaginary black holes travelling to the past, string theorists invent 10 up to 500 Universes and so on.

Of all those imaginary creations of the ego-mind of man, the most dangerous needless to say is to consider that the creation of a baby black hole, the most powerful species of the universe here on Earth will poise no risk for mankind because it will ‘obey the imaginary mind’ of Stephen… King? because the outcome will be indeed a terror movie.

NOW we have a problem. All this doesn’t fit in the Euclidean world of points with no breath, which mathematical physics uses to represent the Universe. So where we do put the cycles of time, traced in each old point now with breath, motion and parts? The answer is that to fit them all, all those time cycles of different speed and frequency which close in themselves, and have different sizes, we need another dimension, but fortunately enough that dimension do exist, and we know it exists because it has a ‘metrics’, that is a regime of similarity across all its extension that allows motions in that dimension.

Thus the metrics of the 5th dimension and its motions, as systems trace cycles of time, not only in a given ‘universal plane’, such as the light space-time plane defined by 4D metrics, but ‘any number of them’, co-existing simultaneously along a local domain of the 5th dimension.

The Universe can be perfectly understood when the human mind and its subjective vision of reality from the perspective of its limited ‘Aristotelian’ and ‘Euclidean’, logic, (temporal and visual, spatial perception of the human mind) is considered only one of the infinite points of view, performed by particles and heads that gauge information, move energy and constantly create the events of the universe. Each of those particles and heads create its own perspective and mind view, or mapping of the Universe to which they act-react accordingly.

Thus once we go beyond the simple mechanisms of measure and languages of the human mind we can widen our perception of a Universe made constantly by infinite points of view, time clocks that gauge information and scales of vital space in which those mind species host their bodies that move them.

Then we can understand a Universe, simpler, repetitive and yet richer in its creative capacities, whose general isomorphisms apply to every mind and species; each one a part made to the image and likeness of the whole.

It would seem impossible to understand the Universe with the limited tools of the human mind, but it is not.

The Universe is simple in its ultimate principles and structure. The main reason humans do not understand it, is not the complexity of its principles and organization, but the fact we are NOT objective beings, made to ‘comprehend’ but biological beings made to ‘want’ and ‘survive’.

So we want to feed and perceive, and reproduce and win the battle of existence and become the center of a Universe, which does not care about humans and this hurts our ego.

Thus in subtle and not so subtle ways mankind biases his understanding of reality to place himself ‘theoretically’ in the center, either through anthropomorphic religions, or sciences in which man is the only intelligence and our machines the only rod to measure reality and our mind, the only conscious experience of it all…

We creates tools of measure where our space size is the only space ‘continuum’ or scale of reality that matters, and our clocks of time are the single standardized time of the entire Universe, which must rule all its rhythms. We define life as only those organic systems made with carbon atoms as we are and we consider that the will, freedom, consciousness and perception of existence are properties that only apply to us, human beings, and our relatives, animal life.

It is with those subconscious traits of our subjective mind, which measures from its point of view and hence considers his nose bigger than Andromeda Galaxy, how man has approached knowledge and failed to grasp the simple, scary truth about the Universe:

‘Every mind is an infinitesimal point that maps out an image of the infinite Universe, it confuses with reality itself, thinking his point of view is the center of the Universe’.

And so we talk of a universal grammar, e<=>i, which also describes the syntax of most languages which are obviously the way minds map out in a synoptic manner the universe:

In mathematics we always write F(x) OPERANDI g(Y), and we find that we can reduce the function of x and the function of y to energy and information variables, and the operandi to one of the fundamental actions or events of the universe.

In colors we find 3 primary colors, and we relate red with energy, blue with information and green with a reproductive mixture of both. So in societies the elites that control the languages of social information tend to use blue flags, and the people that provide the working energy prefer red.

So do the energy genre, man with its lineal bodies who prefers red… And indeed there are also 3 genres, if we consider the gay sex a mixture of both.

Finally if we consider the 3rd fundamental language of mankind, words, Chomsky found its generative universal grammar to write:

Subject (the human, informative element), < verb (which describes actions) > object (the energy element submissive and controlled by the subject)

And further on, we can classify those 3 languages, as the spatial language, colors, the informative language, words, and mathematics which combines both, as geometry is a spatial language and arithmetic and algebra a sequential, temporal one.

And mathematics is the dominant language of science, because as a human writer put it, life is not about information but about actions. We all know that indeed, we like to act, not to gather information or lower ourselves to the mere sensations of energetic pleasure. And we will return to that when we explain how the universe and all its species follow a simple program of basic actions:

To feed on energy, max. e, to gauge information, Max.O, to reproduce, combining both, exo, and finally, to gather socially with similar exo entities.

We can even go further and comment on religion. Saint Augustine wrote a book called Trinitas, to explain the mystery of trinity, comparing it with many other ternary systems. And indeed, the mystique metaphor merely puts 3 elements in relationship, God, the subject, the mind of man the object it creates and the saint spirit, the verbal language which in religions is considered the language of creation, as physicists consider mathematics for the same role:

‘And God, (1st person), the Word, (2nd person), became (the mind of) Man, (3rd person), and inhabited among us.’ (Saint John, 1)

Of course, all those visions of the ternary game of existence are partial visions that we shall unify in this blog of general systems sciences. Since neither religion and his sacred language, the word, or science and its sacred language, mathematics, or art and its sacred language, images, which are the 3 manifestations of human languages in its purest forms, are ALL. Each just reflects part of the total properties of the Universe. As only the whole, the universe, has all its information about itself, in words of the Nobel prize, Mr. Haldane. And he was right.

This is the game of existence, the ‘syntax’ of Universe, which is the sum of all those 15 Dimensional beings, in its eternal life-death worldcycle motions.

The structure of that process of creation and destruction of beings is fractal.

That means the same isomorphisms ‘embedded’ on the Universal grammar of the highest order (iST Dimensional beings) are used to create any species of reality; and all its languages.

Thus we can reduce any human language that describes the game with its ‘syntactic equation’. Let us put 3 examples of those languages, verbal thought, mathematics and music.

As Chomsky and others discovered all verbal sentences have the structure of the Universal Grammar:

Subject (Information being – human) < Action-verb: Exi >Object (energy of the human being).

That is:

I(subject)< Exi (action) > E (Object).

All mathematical equations are of the form: X=Y, where normally, the functions represents an energy or informative function, or a ‘relative symmetry’ of those expressed between dimensions, which are transformed into each other, or any of the more complex equations of exchange of fluxes of energy and information between beings; while = the operandi explains that exchange.

So in physics, we describe most processes as actions of ‘energy’ and time.

Where time is related to information, since a clock ‘stores’ the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of tis cycles. So either we describe ‘time frequencies’ or its inverse function, T=1/ƒ, frequencies.

And so for example: E=Mc2, written in Planck’s notation as E=M(t), shows the fundamental equation of physics, an exchange or transformation of energy into ‘vortices of information’, masses and charges, which are ‘eddies’ of gravitational and electromagnetic forces.

While in particle physics its fundamental equation, Boson < => Fermion, describes also an exchange and transformation of energy particles (bosons) into informative ones (particles). On the other hand, the ‘3 families’ of mass (3 families of quarks) represent the 3 ‘scales’ of growing mass of those vortices. And so on and so on…

So a fundamental task of the work of this scientist has been to translate all the knowledge of all the jargons of all sciences to the simpler isomorphisms of the Game of 15 Dimensional existences, which is truly the ‘Unification Theory of science’, again not very difficult to understand but certainly far more complex and deep in meaning and enlightenment that any ‘God’s particle’ or ‘mere unification of forces’ (which in any case it is not possible, in the terms physicists search with its limited understanding of the dimensions of time and the scales of the Universe).


According to the 2 arrows of entropy and order, we define 2 opposite kind of Universal events: fluxes that create a symbiotic present from a past energy and a future form of information; and fluxes that destroy the past form, as a

‘victim’ or ‘energy’ of the future. In the graph, a case of Darwinian devolution among men that perceive each other as different and a case of social evolution through parallel love.

The Non-Aristotelian logic of time: the dual, universal event.

Evolution and Modern Physics introduced important changes in our understanding of space and time that we will take to its ultimate consequences in this chapter, using the postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry and non-Aristotelian, simultaneous logic to define all Quantic Spaces-Times events.

Regarding the sequential logic that orders events in time both, Einstein and quantic physicists realized that in the Universe, past, present and future forms co-existed together, gathering in simultaneous, ‘relative presents’. So the Aristotelian, sequential logic that makes A to cause B no longer holds. That is why Einstein affirmed that ‘the separation between past, present and future is an illusion’. A fact that we can easily explain now thanks to the co-existence of the 2 dual arrows:

– An arrow of creation of quantic information, or relative arrow of future information and life.

– And the opposite arrow of quantic entropy, of destruction of form or relative, energetic past.

Since both exist together in many different quantic states between an absolute future of maximum information and an absolute past of maximum energy, the duality of space-time explain the simultaneity of relative quantic past, present and future forms:

In a quantic world broken into multiple space-time beings, a relative past being is a being with less temporal information. And a relative future being is a more evolved being, with more ‘temporal information’, since information accumulates in time towards the future. Yet because time and space, information and energy are inverse functions (Max. T=Min. E and vice versa), it turns out that a being with more information has less energy and a being with more energy has less information. The result is that simpler, past, bigger spatial entities with less energy like your body are complementary with smaller, more informative, temporal, future beings like your Head. And both together, past x future, energy x information, space x time, create a relative, quantic, symbiotic field of space-time.

Hence we explain in quantic terms the biggest mystery that Physics and Relativity discovered a century ago: the co-existence of past, present and future forms. Till now it was impossible to explain, since as long as we accept a single, continuous Time-Space for the entire Universe past times, present times and future time beings were merged together into a single time World. Yet if we break the Universe in infinite space-times, different time regions can co-exist together as different pieces of a puzzle co-exist within the same ‘present space-time frame’.

And so in quantic time the co-existence of past and future forms is no longer a paradox, but the key to fusion Physics and Evolution, developing in the process a new kind of logic, Non-Aristotelian logic, that describes how the ‘present’ is created by simultaneous fluxes of time and space.

We call the Non-Aristotelian logic of Universal events, ‘i-logic’, because it is the logic of i-nformation and energy whose rules based in simultaneity and the duality of space-time arrows, (E<=>T), are different from those of the human mind, based in a simplified version, the sequential, Aristotelian, unicausal logic that considers a single arrow of time, (E>T). We use indistinctly the terms Non AE or illogic geometry, because those past and future entities are Fractal Organisms that exchange flows of energy and information in opposite directions (since the properties of energy and information are always inverse, albeit complementary when they come together simultaneously to create a new, present reality.)

Yet the Universe is ilogic, paradoxical=dual and simultaneous, as relative past and future forms come together creating fleeting, quantic presents. Those simultaneous encounters are possible because, both Non AE points have previously located each other through faster, informative languages, prior to those exchanges of energy and information. So when a predator attacks the victim and the victim simultaneously runs away, it is because they have seen each other. And both act in paradoxical opposite ways.

When a man makes love to a woman it is because previously they have known each other and both create a dual, action ‘merging’ their lineal penis and cyclical vagina, as they exchange complementary energy and information to reproduce and ‘create’ a 3rd being (a fact that casts some insightful views on Special Relativity).

The co-existence of future and past forms changes the laws of Aristotelian causality. A causes B has always meant that A was the past that happened first in time and hence B was the future that had its origin in A. Yet the idea that A sequentially creates B is false when A and B happen simultaneously. What is then the causality of the Universe between a relative future B and a relative past A that co-exist together? Einstein gave the answer in terms of continuity and now we can solve it for any quantic space-time system. He defined any event as ‘real’ and measurable only when it happened in simultaneity. That is, when the observer C measured in an instant of present, A and B together: A<ab>B. So to create a real form of present we need 2 fluxes of causality, one coming from a relative future or quantic form of information, and another coming from a relative past or energy form. And when a flux of energy and a flux of information converge, a relative present form of temporal energy is born.

That is why Einstein said: ‘the separation between past, present and future is an illusion’. The Universe is dialectic: A (the energetic, quantic past) and B (the informative future) create together C, the present. Which in quantic terms gives origin to the fundamental postulate of ‘Non-Aristotelian illogic’:

‘A present event is created when 2 relative fluxes of past energy and future information merge.’

Future information and past energy can transform into each other in each different time-space field region of the Universe because both are quantic. So each part of reality is made of little pieces of both species, mutating, fluctuating rhythmically or combining together into symbiotic systems and organisms of all kinds. If Einstein had considered the quantic nature of time/space he would have deduced the obvious consequences of simultaneity: the creation of those ‘present beings’ that merge informative and energetic regions. As the continuity error lingered for a century, science has been unable to explain the why of fundamental events created by that postulate. Since, the paradoxes that emerge from that dual nature of any cyclical action-re action process that combines energy and information are the key to understand the Universe.

Yet, they are difficult to grasp because our mind tends to be Aristotelian and Euclidean, observing only one side or arrow of reality. For example, we do not see at the same time both sides of a coin, yet only both sides create a coin. We do not see a temporal particle and its spatial wave together, but only both create a physical space-time field. We do not see the past and the future, but only together they create the present. Yet sometimes we see both elements together. So we see informative Heads and energy bodies together. We can perform 2 energetic/informative actions, walking and thinking at the same time, etc.

The human, biological perception of past, present and future.

Those quantic past, present and future forms are related to the human perception of past, present and future flows by the game of existence and extinction: Every quantic being of the Universe has a different ‘quantity of information’ that accumulates as time passes. So in terms of the total quantity of ‘temporal information’ a being has, we consider ‘future beings’ those beings which have more information, more ‘time’, and relative past beings, those beings with less ‘temporal information’. In biological terms we could talk of informative, future beings as more evolved beings, which have a better brain that acts-reacts faster to the environment and hence it has a higher probability of survival into ‘the future’.

If they become symbiotic to past energy beings as bodies and brains they create a simultaneous creative present; but sometimes, the fast, future form, becomes the predator that consumes the relative past, slower form, and then the past ‘becomes extinguished’ and the future survives.

Hence quantic space-time also explains the ‘biological meaning’ of future and past in terms of ‘future beings that survive’ Vs. ‘past beings that become extinct’. Thus in Quantic Spaces-Times ‘quantic future’, ‘evolved organisms’ and ‘survival, top predator’ species are synonymous, since evolved beings ‘create’ the future, surviving into that future. For example, mammals were more evolved, faster beings than reptiles and so they have survived into the future. Faster chips survive and slower machines are destroyed and become things of the past.

And so on. Thus, though past, present and relative future beings do co-exist together, they are still relative past and future beings, since their probabilities of survival in their future depends on their informative, temporal content. The human arrow of time that moves from an extinguished past to a growing future is the sum of all the quantic pieces of informative species that survive into the future and our mind puts together into a single continuous Universe…

The formalism of Non AE logic

According to duality, we can spatialize time using the spatial language of geometry. Then from the perspective of the 3 classic Euclidean dimensions of space, temporal information becomes perceived as a fluctuating height dimension proper of evolved beings . Yet inversely in this chapter we ‘temporalize’ space using the verbal languages and dimensions of time.

Then spatial energy becomes, from the perspective of the 3 temporal dimensions, past, present and future, the dimension of ‘past’, while temporal information becomes the arrow of future, which merge together in the present space-time fields we observe. Thus the main feature of Non-Aristotelian logic is the existence of flows of future information and past energy that create simultaneous, real present space-times, formalized through the E<=>T, space-time field equation as:

Past=Energy < Present: actions of Temporal Energy > Future: Information

Thus, we can use the Quantic Spaces-Times equation to define space-time fields in terms of space and form as Fractal Organisms with 3 parts, an energetic, past, concave membrane, E, a future, convex region of information, T, and an intermediate, present region, <=>, that combines energy and information.

Or we can use the Quantic Spaces-Times equation to define in temporal, Non-Aristotelian logic events. Then that equation represents the 3 verbal, functional dimensions of time: past beings, with lesser information and more energy, (E); present beings that mix both forms, energy and information, (<=>) and future beings that have more information, (T). Since the arrow of life and evolution in the Universe increases the information of species, shaping 3 ages in time, youth, E, maturity, ExT and old age, T.

 Order and disorder: creative, symbiotic presents Vs. extinctive, Darwinian transformation.

The fundamental duality of the Universe between energetic entropy and informative order creates 2 kind of relative, inverse, destructive or creative presents. Since when 2 forms find each other they might increase the ‘entropic disorder of the Universe’, treating each other as relative energy, as when a predator finds a victim and disorders it; or they might increase the order of the Universe, creating together a tighter more complex, symbiotic, complementary organism, with more TxE force.

Thus, the dual arrow of entropy Vs. order, which defines an action-re action cycle between 2 poles, has a fundamental reading in terms of quantic behavior, as those 2 relative forms of past and future might create a relative, quantic present, entering in a symbiotic, evolutionary, ordered, creative relationship or might cause a higher disorder and chaos through a Darwinian, energetic, destructive relationship. Then the being with moreTxE force, either the spatial, energetic being will dominate the relationship, transforming the information of the other being into energy; or the informative one, will dominate the relationship, transforming the energy of the other being into its own information:

– Spatial forces and fields are absorbed and become temporal particles; the vacuum space is combed by temporal gravitation; lineal, spatial movement turns into cyclical, temporal vortices; yang-energy becomes informative yin; the material, spatial world is mirrored by the informative languages that explain it; physical products are valued with informative prices; energy is shaped by information; the spatial Universe of pure energy born out of the big-bang evolves its form as time goes by; death, the end of the quantic time and information of a species feeds a new life that reforms the victim’s energy feeds and becomes transformed into cells of the predator.

And vice versa: Cyclical movement uncoils into lineal forces; Vishnu becomes Shiva; yin returns to yang; the desires of the energetic body dominate the mind; monetary information re=produces physical goods; an old man full of information dies and erases its form into pure energy; particles explode into ¥-radiation; languages guide human actions that create the physical reality.

– Or as an outcome of their complementary combination a new organic system is born in a creative, symbiotic event that increases the order of the Universe, reducing its spatial energy:

Particles associate with force fields to create atoms; informative brains and energy bodies grow into organisms; energy and information networks put together systems; men and women fusion into a couple; space combed by time becomes a field of space-time and the spatial Universe structures itself thanks to the logic, informative laws of quantic space/time, the informative ‘mind’ that rule it.

Thus each science has a syntactic structure that represents the present. For example, a living organism is an:

Energy Body (Es) <joined by a neck to an > Informative Head (Ti).

So in Biology, the Quantic Spaces-Times equation, E<=>T, becomes also the fundamental formalism that expresses the fact that any Living System is composed of a number of cellular quanta of Spatial energy (ne) and neurons of temporal information, related by a series of physiological networks (<=>), that carry either energy (digestive networks), information (nervous networks) or a combination of both (blood networks). In this manner we translate the E<=>T, field equation into biology.

In philosophy the best expressions of the Universal Syntax are the Taoist and Hegelian dualities:

Thesis <Synthesis> Antithesis.

Yin <Yinyang >Yang.

In Physics the best expression of the Universal syntax is the Fermion-Boson symmetry:

Non-AE fermion point < Bosonic Force of temporal energy > Non-AE fermion point


The key to understand energy and information is precisely the understanding of how two similar forms communicate energy and information between them by ’emitting’ usually a wave or particle of a lower scale, i-1 (spatial cardinal scale), where it will move and be absorbed by another similar particle evolving the i-1 system into a collapsed cell of the i-particle that receives the communication. Thus for example: 

i-Fermion < i-1 Boson with energy and information > i-Fermion 

Is the fundamental equation of quantum physics which implies a transfer of energy and information between two i-fermions by means of a boson of a lower scale, which will collapse when reaching the i-fermion.

In our mechanical scale, we do produce Energy which is stored in a larger, formal system. And the system is destroyed and lowered in scale:

In the case of E=Mc2, the energy stored in the i+n mass becomes radiation, lowering its scale. In most systems, energy is released by the ‘destruction’ of the system that stores it back into lower scales of organization, as an entropic, death process.

In most of those cases, then energy, is upgraded of scale, as it becomes ‘momentum’, which is its ‘derivative’ respect to speed, 1/mv²∂v=mv= momentum which is transferred back to the other system as motion.

And this connects with other fundamental themes of iST: the understanding of fundamental operandi of mathematics such as derivatives which is normally an emergence of an STi-1 scale upwards, to an scale with lesser form and more motion. As in the 3 derivatives of ‘space’ (form) into speed (motion) into acceleration (maximal motion) and vice versa, the integration of motion-energy into form.

All those fascinating relationships between mathematical operandi, classic magnitudes of science and the laws of i-planes of cyclical time, are the ultimate whys of the Universe, and bring us back again to our narrative of Leibniz, the discover of calculus.

What is information? The inverse of energy, in as much as it is a process that transfers mostly form, and so tends to upgrade from scales, as when genes imprint a human being of the upper scale, even if often the procedure of transfer of energy and information in combined waves is the same. Yet when information is transferred, the wave does loose energy but maintains the information without change, and we can classify waves by their different carrying of energy and information.

Further on, form is not perceived, time cycles do NOT communicate unless a reproductive wave of information appears. Hence the 3 concepts are intimately related.

Now, what we call absolute form or absolute time are the sum of all the cycles of time and informations of the Universe.

And this sum of all cyclical forms-in-action, in-form-ations, which our mind perceives as cycles of clock-time, creates relational, ‘fractal’ time, also defined first by Leibniz, one of the fathers of the 4th paradigm. Energy without motion or form without energy is not perceivable. Thus, systems to exist need a minimal quantity of both or they cease to exist – they die. Or as Taoist, the closest, classic philosophy to this book put it: ‘All yin-information has a drop of yang-Energy; all Yang has a drop of yin’.

Further on, because all systems respond to the same laws, we can recognize the shapes of a network dominant in energy by its form that will be lineal, planar, extended in space, as the line is the shortest distance between two points; hence the shape with more motion. And we can recognize the shapes of information because they are smaller in space, broken and cyclical, as the cycle or sphere is the shape that stores more form in lesser space; hence the perfect form of information.

So DNA nuclei, particles, heads and coins of money, made of gold, the best informative atom of the Universe, are cyclical and small. While fields of forces, moving bodies and weapons, made of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe, are lineal and big. Finally, real physical, biological and mechanical systems are those who transform back and forth energy and information, between their two poles: E<=>O.

It follows also that cyclical information, frequency and time cycles are related. On the other side, expansive energy, motion and space, which stores energy in the vacuum are also related. So energy is fractal space and information fractal time – facts that will allow to fusion the jargon of many sciences in this volume of the series dedicated to the detailed description of physical systems and the 3rd volume dedicated to biological and sociological systems (the superorganisms of history and economics).

Thus the blog  analyses the ‘3’ BUILDING STRUCTURE OF REALITY’, Space, Time and Planes of existence.

Since reality STARTS as SIMPLE SPACE, WHICH BECOME CYCLES OF TIMES (lineal strings and cyclical strings of time in the lowest possible scale) and then grows in complexity through i-planes of scientific species, guided by the metrics of the 5th dimension, which can be seen in structural terms, in fixed space as 0±4=SxT or in dynamic terms, in terms of the actions of its organisms that try to maximize its existence, increasing its energy its information, reproducing and evolving socially, ∆SeXTo.

And so guided by those laws systems grow into Societies and super organisms, through the planes of the Universe, all of them following 3 sets of laws derived from those metrics, and its dimensional elements, space time and planes of existence:  The isomorphism of its topological spatial organic parts, its time ages and its actions across those multiple planes. 

To do though a better detailed analysis of those planes, we subdivide the 3 main isomorphisms of spatial topologies time ages and plane actions in 10 isomorphisms. And then study with them all the planes of reality, from Forces to Atoms and Molecules (which form the first ‘super organism’, the atom), through states of matter, geological formations and celestial bodies (which form the 2nd super organism, a cosmic body), through stars, galaxies and Universes, (which form the 3rd fundamental super organism of physical matter, the galaxy), and its ‘biological varieties.


Finally the Universal Syntax, also applies to those ‘creations’ of the human mind, which we call artistic forms. Of them, the one that represents closer the game of existence as Schopenhauer understood is Music, a ‘temporal art’ which he deemed to express the ‘will of the Universe’.

In that regard, we can also qualify human scientific, artistic or philosophical analysis with such simple labels.
I.e. General Relativity would be a D4 (Sx, Sy, Sz, Tpr) analysis of the Universe.

Genetics but also Plato’s theory of the cave would be a D2 (I, 0±1) of the Universe.

Evolution would be a D6 (Sx, Sy, Sz, E<=>To) theory.

The Trinity Mystery would be a D3 (∑Ei-1<=> To), analysis, and Beethoven’s 9 symphony, a D9 (Sx,y,z; E<=>To, 0±3) analysis.

Now the reader would be surprised that we qualify a Philosophical theory (Plato’s), a Biological one, a religious and a work of art with the same dimensional analysis. This is no yet evident to the reader but those specific cases – evolution, Beethoven’s symphonies, the trinity and Plato’s theory of forms, have been analyzed in other papers, according to the specific ‘translation’ of those 9 dimensions to the different ‘worlds’ and ‘languages’ and ‘species’ of philosophy, physics, biology, music and religion.

And this leads us to a needed next step in our understanding of the complexity of the Universe:

The Universe is a fractal mirror of mental ‘monads’, which communicate with others and perceive the Universe with a limited number of dimensions, with whom they engage in action-reaction processes that take place only in the restricted Universe they perceive.

So the concept of dimension becomes even more loose as ‘dimensions of information’ which can be in any language or space.

Let us consider the example of music:

Music can be studied in its simplest form, as an art of time, with the dimensions of beat, or rhythm, given by a frequency, ƒ=1/T, inverse of duration, thus.

Rhythm, the simplest ‘beat’ music can be defined as a D1(Tpr), analysis.

But we can also consider a more detailed analysis of those beats as they distribute through the ‘main scale’ the minor-major, 10 tonal scale. Thus including a ‘dimension’ of social complexity, whereas each tone of the scale represents a ‘unit’ of the 5D scale from ‘Max. E=Bass sound’ to ‘Max.O=Treble sound’, the E-I parameters or ‘past-future’ dimensions of time perception in music.

This D3(E,T,I), study of music is the ‘basic’ notation of the ‘human mind’ in music, the ‘staff’ of composition.

But this ‘single melodic’ narration, of music ‘beats’ across its modulations of tone, between the ‘bass’ and the ‘treble’ ‘finalis’ of the human scale which represent the ‘subjective’ emotional motion of a human ‘monad’ across an ‘interpretation of the game of temporal existence, can be analyzed further both by studying in detail those 3 dimensions, of T=Beat, E=Bass and I=Treble sounds across scales

How this musical melody affects the emotions of man, was better described by Schopenhauer which affirmed that music was narrative of the will of the Universe, and as such an essential language, despite or precisely because it was not ideographic, image-related. The melody in time across the motions of the staff, of the western music however has added dimensions of space, in the orchestra, and its diversities of sound, separated by its timbre. Harmony thus become the ‘dimensions of simultaneous’ space of a musical melody in time, and a proper study of the melodies and harmonies of the score across its 3 scales of music, could encompass the whole of western music, in a D9 particular linguistic narrative of the different isomorphisms of symmetry, harmony, melody, time frequency, wave curves and ages of the whole composition.

We could in that sense, as we show the development of each life-cycle of existence of a iST Dimensional being, physical, biological or linguistic, how their melodies (the changes in its time dimensions, harmonies, changes in its space dimensions, and scales, changes in its informative dimensions, produce a certain ‘being’ worldcycle – the unit in time of the iSTD world.

And indeed, we can consider that Music has in its highest expressions (classic music):

– The dimensions of space, which are given by harmony.

– The dimensions of time, which are given by melody.

– The scalar dimensions, which are given by its scales.

And we can as in all other disciplines and ‘arts of creation’ – as we could define, God, the Mind of the Universe, as an artist in iST Dimensions; go into as much detail as we want, studying music or a biological or physical or social organism, with those isomorphisms.

For example, western music uses a diatonic minor and major scale, which put together, have 10 notes.

Now those notes are divided into whole note intervals divided by ‘sharp-flat’ notes, which all together describe precisely a life-death time cycle:

Birth in minor key, first sharp-flat divide, youth, divide, maturity, divide, old age and finalis.

And a good composer will play that scale and notes to provoke a series of ‘emotions’ as it describes a whole life-death cycle, through melody.

On the other hand the wider range of scales in music is given by the Piano, which encompasses 3 whole ‘scales’, and it is the rule of music that when we finish a scale, the ‘next note’ of the higher scale sounds exactly as the equivalent note of the lower scale (a do in lower or higher pitch sounds equally in harmony), as we have ‘emerged’ into a new scale.

Finally there are 3 types of instruments, of growing complexity, the rhythmic, percussion instruments, the melodic, wind instruments dominant in melody, and the strings, dominant in harmony.

So we start to find with this simple introduction to musical theory many of the ‘symmetries’ between the 3 ‘dimensions’ of each of the 3 ‘space, time and scale’ elements of reality.

The duality of internal vs. external control of the game.

Now we have made an external description of the iST Dimensions of existence and its beings. But to fully grasp the Universe we must consider the inner description of those beings. Why they move and act and grow through social scales, and live and die? It is all automatic, or do they have a will that moves them to exist?

This comes to a single question: there is perception in the informative function on the ‘height dimension’ of the being, which has a program of action that moves him to enact the game? Even if he ignores the outcome of it? And How then, the ‘self-ish actions’ of the Individual brings the creation of the game?

As all systems follow a simple will, expressed in that equation: ∑E<=>To, they try to become social wholes (∑), they try to feed on energy (E), they try to absorb information (To) and <=>, they try to reproduce combining both.

The reader interested in details, either isomorphisms, or species, or life-death cycles or spatial organic morphologies, or scales, or dimensions of any science or art, ‘fractal games’ of the Universal Game of 15 Dimensional beings, made to its image and likeness, can read the available literature spread all over the web, in sites, papers, books, e-books, films and other kaleidoscopic visions, coming from the same ‘equation of God’, the mind of the Universe, produced during the past 30 years strangely enough all of them, by this ‘author’, fractal mind made to its image and likeness.

This mind of man that creates a mapping of the scanty proportion of the Universe it perceives and then reflects with synoptic mathematical, visual and verbal languages in its diminutive brain, is just really one of the infinite points of view of the Universe that gauge synoptic information and act-react to it in the same fashion. But we cannot perceive or care for all those other minds. So we confuse reality with our mind and reduce the Universe to what our mind sees, even think that our synoptic languages, numbers and words are ‘the substance’ and nature of reality (scientific Platonism, specially endemic among physicists or/ and wor(l)d religions for whom God ‘is’ the word – Islam, Christianity).

We are nothing in that Universe, not only in terms of intelligence, role or raw power, but also in terms of perception and fitness to survive on it. Still if you can get away from your ego, your mind, your instincts and emotions, all is there to perceive it in awe with the humble realization that we are just a part made to the image and likeness of the whole.

Then if you are humble enough to forget your ego and your human condition you might instead wonder, admire and worship the astounding perfection of the Universal Game.


 The nature of mathematics and logic.

The first concepts and ideas of mankind tend to be simple, intuitive and truth. The forest is clear and the details of the trees do not hide the whole. So the oldest philosophy of the Universe, that of the Chinese agricultural Neolithic about a world made of yin=information and yang=energy, which combined to recreate the infinite ‘waves of existences’ (Ch’ang), is still the most accurate philosophy of reality, now forgotten with the arrival of so many scientific details that the overview of the forest is lost.

The same happens with the understanding of time, which all earlier civilizations considered cyclical and causal, synonymous of change; and so they study all different types of change, establishing repetitive rhythms of change and causal relationships, creating the science of Logic (Aristotle).

The Greeks also defined mathematics as the language of space and so Geometry became the foundational science of mathematics; and it remained so till the XVII century, to the point that Al-Jorizim, the founder of modern mathematics (Algebra and Algorithms are words derived from his names and books, translated by Middle Age Spanish mathematicians and then spread during the renaissance to Europe), proved all its quadratic theorems with geometrical methods.

Mathematics is defined in encyclopedias as the science of sequential numbers (algebra) and static space (geometry). Till the XIX century, the science of sequential numbers or ‘mathematics of time’ used only Aristotelian Causality with its single time arrow to order them. On the other hand, the ‘mathematics of space’ considered only a lineal, continuum space defined by Euclid. Both sciences were fusioned by Descartes (analytic geometry) with his Cartesian Plane; and we can thereafter talk of mathematics of spacetime, albeit in its simplest conception: a single, static space, and a lineal, unicausal time.

It would be latter in the XIX and XX centuries (with the exception of the insights of Leibniz1), thanks to the work of Frege, Boole, Riemann, Einstein, Poincare, Cantor, Bourbaki, Mandelbrot1 and Computers, which this work advances a step further, when Space and Time – hence Logic and Geometry – were first mixed, but without a full formalism that made possible to extract all the laws of spacetime and grasp in depth the meaning of those languages, due to the limits of the Cartesian single space-time plane.

A theory of multiple spaces-times thus has to refound the key concepts of mathematics, the plane, which now is a multiple plane in which each point creates its own frame of reference, interacting with other points and planes through exchanges of energy=motion and form that re-establishes the balances between their distances and topographies; and the number is now a network of self-similar points that have at least a formal bidimensionality. Mathematics includes several sciences in one: the science of numbers can be stretched to consider the science of networks as each number is a point of a network with a geometrical form. Numbers and geometry are thus essential sides of the same coin.

On the other hand geometry is mainly topology, related to causal transformations of a complementary networks of energy and form, whose ‘numerical’ cells go through growths and extinctions through life, described with differential equations. Those equations thus can be reduced to cases of the generator equation, Se<=>Tƒ, which in this manner resumes all other differential equations. And indeed, when we use equations to explain repetitive events of nature we are normally mapping out an exchange or transformation of energy into information, which in a generic way is represented by the exi function.

Thus topological networks, differential equations that map out the life/death cycle of an event with its growth and diminutions of energy and information, exchanges of energy and form between networks and membranes and causal chains that repeat those events till creating very complex systems, are the key mathematical operations of 2 sciences, logic and mathematics, in which the most general laws of networks are written. Those Mathematics of multiple space-times have illustrious precedents:

In the XIX and XX century mathematicians developed theories of multiple spaces and defined spaces with motion (Klein), and spaces as networks of self-similar points (Riemann) but maintained 4 of the 5 postulates of Euclid, the single Cartesian spacetime continuum and a single causal arrow of lineal time in its theory of numbers. Thus a theory of multiple space-time arrows requires the evolution of the science of space (geometry), completing the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean Geometry and also the evolution of the science of temporal, sequential numbers, expanding its laws of causality. This was partially done with the use of the Complex Plane, since real numbers roughly correspond to the properties of continuous energy and complex numbers to the property of discontinuous, informative time. But its dual nature as an expression of the different properties of space and time has never been fully understood even if Physicists use the Complex plane in modern physics.

In that regard there are two possible representations in a plane of complex, informative numbers:

– They could be placed in the inverse, negative side of the graph of Cartesian coordinates as the arrow of information – to better represent the duality of energy and form (Tƒ<=>Sp). Then many results obtained with complex numbers become intuitive, as it is the case of the metric of Special relativity, where the time factor has a negative side – c2t2 meaning indeed that time-information contract space and ‘rests’ to the positive arrow of Einstein’s equations.

– Or they can be placed, as it is customary in the perpendicular Y dimension. Since a dimension of a mathematical plane becomes a sequential order of numbers, then the Complex plane becomes a bidimensional mathematical representation of the 2 simplex arrows of time, energy and form; while a 3D complex plane represents 3 time arrows where exi=z represents the reproductive arrow.

Finally a fractal, multiple space-time built with a series of complex planes (a task started by Riemann with his description of polynomials as a series of planes of space, stacked one after another), is the appropriate form of defining the 4th arrow of time.

From a philosophical perspective the study of multiple sequential time (algebra of Multiple Spaces-Times) and multiple, fractal spaces (5 non-Sp postulates) improves the accuracy of mathematics as an image of the reality of multiple space-times and explains its ultimate meaning, as the science of space (geometry) and time (numbers): Space is mathematical, geometrical; time is logical, sequential, numerical and the conjunction of both is organic; reason why complexity and system sciences, who observe the Universe from an organic perspective are the sciences of sciences.

We cannot treat all the aspects of complex mathematics in this introduction. We shall therefore focus on. its 2 key elements: the geometry of numbers with form and its postulates that describe how the 4 arrows or wills of time construct networks of fractal points and the algebra of the generator equation, which describes that geometrical construction from an analytical, numerical, differential perspective.

Recap: Geometry is the language of spatial form; Logic is the language of time events. The algebra of the generator equation of space-time cycles and the non-Euclidean geometry of fractal points fusions both creating a model of multiple, sequential dimensions of numbers and multiple planes of space closer to a description of reality and its organic systems.

This is done by resolving the 5 undefined terms of Geometry, which describe knots of time arrows as points, and by observing the self-similarity of mathematical equations, which describe groups of knots of time arrows as numbers and the equations of Multiple Spaces-Times derived of the Generator equation of the Universe or Principle of conservation of energy and information. Thus, the 4th paradigm upgrades the postulates of Non-Euclidean Geometry and the foundation of Logic to include the causal relationships between time arrows and explain better a universe of multiple spaces and a logic to of Multiple Time cycles and arrows of time cycles.

 What mathematicians did was rather a runaway path. Because once geometers realized that multiple lines can cross a point, they could not use any longer the Euclidean definitions.

Now points, lines, planes and equality could no longer hold under the definitions of Euclid (points, lines and planes with no breadth), they remained undefined, when Hilbert, the father of modern mathematics affirmed ‘I imagine lines, points, planes…’.

Instead the proper solution was to redefine them in terms of their ‘inner parts’ as fractal points that grew in size when we observed them with a more detailed ‘hyperbolic geometrical view’, as that unveiled by non-E mathematics.

So T.œ redefines points, planes and line-waves and their relative laws of equality (also called congruence) and continuity (which no longer holds), to refound mathematics on the basis of a far more realist view of its laws as ‘experimental laws’ that reflect the geometry of the 5th dimension and the complex casualty of a world with multiple time motions. And consider that those points with volume form social ‘numbers’, whose laws are therefore related to the laws of the 5th dimension that brings parts into social wholes. 



 We describe a carrot with images made by human painters or machines, with numbers, with smells or touching it as a worm does. But only the carrot/being has all the truth and information there is on itself. Any sense or informative language gives us partial information on the species it analyses, its cycles of time and vital space; since all species perceive the Universe through the intermediate syntax of a language. Thus, to evolve human knowledge we improve the syntax of the verbal, temporal and mathematical, spatial, languages we use to describe the Universe.

Time arrows are not new. Its discovery can be traced back to the work of Eastern and Greek philosophers (Lao Tzu, Buddha, Plato, Aristotle), which conceived a Universe (eastern philosophy1) made of two Time Arrows, Entropy and form that combined in reproductive acts, in which time was synonymous of motion (Aristotle’s definition), and motion was proof of organicism (‘when things move they will be alive’ Aristotle).

Yet the ancients failed to formalize properly those Time Arrows. In the West, perhaps due to an excess of detail and the desire to prove all facts of science as dogmas without possible error, the choice has been always for simpler models of reality, even if they were inexact, in order to facilitate calculus and axiomatic proof. Indeed, monism by limiting the study of Time Arrows to the easiest of them all – continuous, energetic, ‘spatial’, evident events – seems more truth, but it arises from a false, limiting postulate. How this has been solved in western science is clear: all sciences have postulates without proof which are selected a priori, but are by no means certain -only simplifications of the whole truths and causes of reality.

This ‘righteous’ mode of dealing with science proper of the Western psyche explains why from Aristotle to quantum physicists a single arrow of causality is preferred: monism, the belief in a single time arrow of Entropy seems truth because it is very simple; but the postulate of a single arrow is false. So the truths acquired with such simple ‘camera’ focused on reality are limited by the syntax of the mathematical and logic languages we use to see reality. Euclidean geometry seems truth because it ‘forgets’ all the inner content of information of a point, but it has been proved ad nauseam wrong.

Aristotelian logic with a single cause seems truth, but it is indeed like a camera, which only works in black and white. What Multiple Spaces-Times Theory offers is a camera with all the colors of reality, by evolving the time/logic and spatial geometry we use to mirror the data of the Universe. Thus what this work tries to do is to upgrade the languages of the mind, the a priori categories4 where the data of science must be fit to obtain theoretical ‘images’ that make sense. Truth in that regard is product of both, the information we obtain and the syntax in which we fit that information.

This chapter will be dedicated to evolve that syntax and provide mankind with a better mirror/camera in which fit information. This is ultimately as far as humans can go in its search of truth. Since only the Universe has all the information in itself, the absolute truth, truth in human terms will be always the product of the best linguistic syntax, the best logic and mathematical mirrors, the best camera of the mind, and the best data, the biggest quantity of experimental facts fitted in that mirror.

Let us consider what kind of landscapes those 2 languages, spatial mathematics and temporal logic, see, and what escapes their vision within the total information of reality.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to define with the limited knowledge of Euclidean Geometry and Aristotelian logic developed by the Greeks, the formalisms of a dual Universe. We need a new logic and a more complex geometry, better mind tools that have been developed only at the end of the XX century.

In the East, this lack of a rigorous formulation of logic and geometry prevented Chinese and Indian philosophers – aware of the existence of multiple arrows – to explore the complex geometries and multiple logic Arrows, which were explained instead in mystique texts with metaphors and philosophical parables. So while the west lost ‘meaning’ for precision, the east understood the ‘game of existence’ but it did not resolve the details of the ‘thoughts of god’.

Since in essence, all what you see is a manifestation of the game of ‘exi=stence’ and its limits, which we could call the game of extinction. Indeed, ‘reality’ is a simple game in which beings ‘appear’ and become knots of Time Arrows and then dissolve, unknot their form and disappear.

And this happens to everything, from galaxies to atoms, with self-similar patterns caused by the common nature of all those forms. So the big question, no longer asked by western science, which merely collects machine-enhanced pictures of reality, is to explain the rules of the game of existence and extinction, which can be summarized as follows: All what exists are complementary systems that reproduce Entropy and information (fields/ particles, body/ heads), made of networks of self-similar ‘entities’, which as such can be studied with numbers, since a number is precisely a collection of entities so equal that we do not need to distinguish them as pears or cars but merely say ‘3’. Numbers, thus by the mere fact of existence means that the Universe has social properties, makes herds, waves and organisms. And so numbers are an excellent language to explain the properties of the 4th arrow of time, organic evolution.

Those numbers however exist in ‘space’ creating ‘geometries’, some of which are better than others to enhance the chances of existence, since they allow better absorption of information (the point) or Entropy (the triangle, whose lineal, structural strength and single form – you cannot join 3 points except forming a triangle – fits this role), or are fit to reproduce (the couple or 2, which can easily combine its code) or are perfect units for social evolution (the 4, which is the first number with several possible join configurations, the cross, the quadrangle, the ‘zigzag’ snake, able to perform different functions). This very simple example of ‘organic geometry’, which shows the relationship between the 4 first numbers and the 4 main arrows of time, might seem ‘magic’ to dogmatic, abstract mathematicians, as it is indeed related to earlier Pythagorean schools both in Greece and China3.

What modern System Sciences has done is to merge the ‘right intuitions’ of the East with the western tradition of exhaustive analysis, under the experimental method. And so the eastern intuitions about e/i geometries can be tested with experimental proofs of the geometrical configuration of stable atoms, which indeed are always more stable when they have a number of particles, multiple of 4, or in crystallography, in which only those configurations that follow the geometrical properties that enhance the 4 arrows of an atom exist in the Universe, as we have shown in our work on chemical compounds4. Since those common isomorphisms of Multiple Spaces-Times apply to all the scales of reality.

The first conclusion of this initial analysis of ‘Time-space’ geometry is clear: mathematics is one of the two languages of ‘god’, the mind of the Universe, because it is basically the language that explains the behavior and paths traced by the Time Arrows of its entities.

Yet mathematics is not the only language of reality because it is not adequate to show the logic, causal chains of those arrows. And so we need a second language, logic, and again we need to evolve the present state of logic – Aristotelian unicausality – to define the ‘temporal’ properties of reality. Thus the formalism of Multiple Spaces-Times tries to evolve the logic and geometry of the west, departing from the philosophical concepts of the East, following in the steps of Spinoza, Leibniz and the masters of evolutionary and organic theories of the Universe (Darwin, Butler, Spencer, Spengler, Bertalanffy), which Duality, Complexity, System Sciences, Fractal and Non-Euclidean mathematics are completing now.

The key to grasp the scientific description of the ‘game of existence’ is to evolve our understanding of the 2 ‘languages’ in which existence in Time-space is perceived, the main language of space, geometry, and the main language of time, causal logic. Since classic Geometry is used only to describe fixed forms of space without taking into account its motions in time.

There are however 2 new types of geometry, Non-Euclidean and fractal geometry, which include the properties of Time-space described here – its motions, discontinuities and structure in multiple layers of ‘fractal, self-similar forms’ that create a complex scale of discontinuous space-times. Thus, what we do is to fusion and complete those branches of modern mathematics, in order to have the proper tools to study Time Arrows in space. Thus we describe a Universe made of 2 types of formal motions, Entropy and information, which create the topological geometries of reproductive bodies/fields and informative particles/heads, which in turn shape the entities of reality. Because those topologies have motion, they exist in time, leaving behind ‘traces’ in space. And because those motions have a causal purpose, they have an order and synchronicity that chains those traces into complex forms.

Recap: The evolution of knowledge requires not only the gathering of experimental information about the species of the Universe but a better linguistic mirror of logical and mathematical languages to achieve a higher truth: a more accurate image of reality.

How can we explain a complex world of intertwined geometrical and logical patterns with both mathematical and logic languages at the same time? Thanks to the use of 2 new forms of geometry which mimic the properties of Time-space: Non-Euclidean Geometries, which have motion and fractal equations, which are self-reproductive, cyclical systems that repeat and self-organize complex networks of ‘numbers’ – groups of self-similar forms.


How language interferes with reality. The Universal Grammar of all languages.

In Newton’s model there are ‘beings’, whose substance is not considered but reduced to Euclidean ‘points with no volume’  that exist in a background abstract frame of reference, mimetic of the Cartesian graphs Newton used to do its calculus (as if God had drawn a mathematical graph in the ‘background of reality’) independent of those beings. Thus this model which merely ‘translates’ the linguistic tool of the mind – the Cartesian mathematical graph, and affirms IS reality, is called ‘background independent’ space-time. Yet as there is NO experience of that background (there is no absolute vacuum, vacuum is always ‘something’ that ‘fills’ – ultimately light radiation, or ‘background radiation’, so ultimately space still IS light space), this concept seems to be a basic ERROR of logic thought, expressed by Kant – to confuse REALITY with LANGUAGE.

So in the same manner religions say that the language of time humans use to describe reality with ‘verbs’ is GOD, the reality itself, scientists, specially physicists say that the language we humans use to express reality, mathematics is REALITY itself. This ‘simple’, tautological way to define everything goes in science from Newton’s absolute space-time to quantum interpretations of particles as probabilities.

But it IS wrong – a human linguistic ego-trip, similar to that of Abrahamic religions, where ‘The word thy God became man and inhabited among us’ (Saint John’s 1.1.).  And it is also a simple way to give up in the explanation of reality. Reading Newton one notice immediately that because he couldn’t explain what caused gravitation, he came to the conclusion that ‘gravitation’ was a mathematical background space-time. Point. So goes for the quantum masters who could not explain why particles were waves and particles at the same time, and why they could not control them (uncertainty of measure, different behavior in experiments, etc.). So they decided particles and waves were the mathematical tool they used to express them (probabilities).

Knowledge is linguistic knowledge, when after:

  1. A) finding experimental data.
  2. B) introducing such data into regular mathematical and logic laws, the languages of space and time.
  3. C) we create synoptic linguistic models of reality that ‘focus’ the infinite data of the Universe into the ‘finite’ volume of the brain, through the synoptic ‘syntax’ of those languages. Thus we need to go to the basic elements of all linguistic knowledge, and its syntax, to the Universal Grammar of all languages that reflect all events of space-time, such as:

 Λ.  Tƒ (Time function, informative subject) < operandi≈action≈ verb ≈space & time: ST > Se (space element, object)

This Universal Grammar will be very important to our analysis of minds and languages that perceive the 3 elements of the Universe, space, time and its combinations, and how minds use 3 elements to map out reality (for example 3 colors of spatial energy, red, temporal information, blue, and its active combinations, greens and yellows). But we cannot get now distracted with it. Suffice to notice that all mathematical formulae are F(x) operandi F(y), which tend to be relationships and transformations of vital spaces and time cycles, and all languages have a Universal grammar of subject, object and the verb that mixes them. So in general all is really Space Magnitude < Spacetime transformation > Time cycle, and we will return to that.

So far we write both equations, with the letter Lambda, which in the notation of relational space-time is the letter (not number) for all equations related to Languages. So the Universal grammar of all languages is ternary as it reflects the Universal space-time cycle/event, minimal unit of reality:

Λ.   Space < Action of space-time > Time.

So the next task is to fully grasp those 2 dualities together: the duality between mind perception in stillness or ‘information’ and a moving reality of vital spaces and time cycles.

And the duality of the 2 geometries of the Universe, cyclical time clocks that close curves into themselves and lineal open motions. Those 2 dualities will give us 4 elements of reality, which will merge into infinite systems: curves with motion or curves with form, and lines with motion and lines with form.

We formalize the ∆ST Universe, thanks to i-logic geometry and existential Algebra – the two sides of its formalism, which complement each other as classic geometry, emphasizing space and classic algebra, emphasizing sequential time logic do.

i-logic geometry thus ads the 4 remaining Non-Euclidean definitions to the 5th, the only one known till date, basis of Relativity.

On the other hand Existential algebra, studies mainly the 3 dimensions of Time; that is the ternary, causal logic of 3 time dimensions and its relationship with its hierarchical, isomorphic organic, evolutionary ‘∆-scales’.

This POST deals with the geometric perspective.

The study of the Generator Equation or Existential Function and its existential algebra deals with its causal, temporal perspective.

And the 3rd formalism of ∆-scales which is organic, vital, is dealt in the analysis of complex super-organisms.

Symbols of Existential Algebra used to describe the 9+i isomorphisms, social scales and ∆-planes of reality:

Paraphrasing Einstein, i-logic geometry (space p.o.v.) = existential algebra (time p.o.v.) – give us both, the Thoughts of The Creator – the Generator Equation and ‘Its’ details – every part and event of the Universe, whose laws derive from such ‘Thoughts’:

The 3 Arrows/Dimensions of Time: <, >, =.

<: It is the explosive big-bang, death-entropy arrow that defines the creation of spatial energy: O<Sp or past arrow.

 >:  It is the implosive temporal life-order arrow that defines the creation of informat