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§: Social Scales

The 10th isomorphism is the 4th Dimotion of social evolution in its duality of social decametric scales, and self-centered 9 planes of exist¡ence.

Thus the Symbolism § here plays for ‘Social Scales’ and also for the duality of the social growth of an ∆-function in its triad of ∆º-1 quanta, ∆º+1 social scales & ∆±¡ planes of existence; which will be studied in the 4th line.

Those planes of existence are 9 ±4 around the ∆º plane of the self.


The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic vital and sentient properties, ignored by present science, and better described with tense verbs (the 3 ages of time and its causality) and 5D logic metric equations (the laws of scales) and biology (darwinian survival, organic laws, physiological networks). In that sense mathematical languages work better for the fine detail and how, but the why requires those other properties and languages, including the metalinguistic analysis of its ‘mathematical membrains’ and its mirrors.organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various ∆§ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration, ending as a zero sum of energy. Finally to be able to perform a survival program of 5 Dimotions of existence, it requires to gauge information with an apperceptive, self-centered @-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world:  0 §@ x ∞ ð= World. Hence the creation of infinitesimal ∆º minds-worlds, or Leibnizian monads, which reduce a larger ∆+1 reality to its relative mapping, which is the origin of its ∆§calar planes, connected ‘perpendicularly’ through those @-minds, acting in physics as ‘centers of changes and masses’ wormholes of flows of entropy that become in the @-mind information, that perceives in itself.

THEY FORM an open ball for the self-centered mæn (anthropic-entropic huminds, who see reality with him @ its center)… WHICH only truly perceives the ∆±3 planes for the atom to the galaxy, in which the Decalogic of its ²worldcycles takes place.

The 4th plane, the cosmos is beyond the galaxy and we ignore all about it, as our horizon cannot see beyond its symmetry with light quanta (10¹¹), and the same can be said of the invisible forces of quantum potentials that entangle at relative ∞ speed -4>c, its ‘finitesimal ¼ parts’ (in ¬Ænalysis, a finitesimal is the minimal part of a whole, and we adopt Leibniz’s formula, 1/n; hence the finitesimal forces of the upper nested cosmos or fourth plane will be 1/4th).

So the fourth line is really between -3 electronic light and +3 star galaxies. And again the symbols displayed obey to the creative playful use of mystique English but also to the constrains of fitting all the posts entangled in each line within the space provided by WordPress. It is all however a bit of a riddle.

So Gaia is the Earth, Gala which seems to be written the same is the ∆+1:Galaxy; ∆-1:Galatom; ∆º:Galacell, perceived from its 3 perspectives. The first letters belong to 3 infinitesimals of the nested larger Universe, so a simple symbol suffices, ¥ for the electron and its light bundles of h-plancktons (photons), Z for the atom and its ‘atomic numbers’; and ν or >c, for the ¼ background scale of neutrinos, likely the quanta of the intergalactic space of the cosmos; which we place together to stress the nested relative infinite/finitesimal structure of al those dual Planes; to close the 4th line introduced in these posts – this dedicated to social scales, and ’10 planes’ to those ∆-planes proper; with the logic of the game, the mind of god; since we DO NOT want to end with the concept of a physical ‘visual universe’, but with the much larger truth for an evolved mind that he EXISTS in a game of logic survival actions, in a game of existence and minds-mirrors, of intelligent motions, NOT of shallow mæn’s pictures and physicists pretending to know it all. So while the cosmos in indeterminate beyond the galactic known-known, the whole reality is ultimately cyclical and closed by the 10th, infinite scale of the ¡logic mind of the Universe, God, which we write following the ‘creative mystical use of the Inglish language – in an attempt to break Nietzsche’s dictum that English was impossible to write philosophy – with Greek Letters as Γ∞∆; the generator of space time, G=Γ; the only absolute infinity, which is not quantifiable, unlike the relative  of all other planes and worlds, and its ∆-planes of existence.



1. Non-Æ Decametric Social Scales: 10th Isomorphism

2. Scales of social systems.

3. Scales of physical systems

4. Scales of biological systems


 To maximize your existential force, Max. Sp x Min. Tƒ: ∑Sp x ∏Tƒ, systems gather in social groups.

This is the ultimate ‘equation’ of existential algebra that explains why all systems in the Universe form social groups. But to do so they need a language of social communication… So they also evolve its spatial, temporal and scalar hierarchical languages.

Symbology. The 3+i language ages

We will use 3 different symbols for those social groups according to their languages, which have different characteristics:

will be used for S1,2,3 societies of genetic origin between 1 and 1000 ‘p.o,’vs. Since ∏ symbol of multiplication and pi, with its 3 cyclical or hierarchical (height-informative dimensional point of view) elements fits the Genetic, Generational view of this first type of Languages. If letters are used obviously the G is the appropriate for the case. But as usual we prefer geometric and topological symbols. As a multiplicative element pi also suits the ‘connection network’ established in temporal relationships.

Since the number of ‘connections’ or axons of a ‘temporal structure’ is the square of elements. Thus if there is a society across ‘3 generations of time’ – the elder generation, the father and sons, all the elements do have connections with the rest of the elements and with himself. And so in a family of 10 there are 100 connections. Temporal societies are thus as all structures in time hierarchical but with a limited size, since the number of connections a man can establish with others is limited. It has been calculated in fact to reach only 150 ‘meaningful connections’.

This means that the ∏o=individual, ∏1=10¹ family, ∏-2=10² Clan are perfectly connected and have been found in all systems to work smoothly in synchronicity, but the 3rd element, the tribe, ∏³=1000 is not perfectly connected – not all the individuals know all the members of the tribe (as usual in the ternary waves, which are ‘riding’ on each other, that is the previous wave is loosely connected with the next wave in space, age in time, or scale/plane in the 5th dimension).

Thus ∏3, the tribe, is a mixed organization, in which only the upper caste, the 10% of informative elders know each other and are properly connected. It is therefore also the natural phase towards a Social Class evolution of a system, in which the upper class is totally connected, the middle class is loosely connected and the lower class or ‘energy of the system’ is NOT connected. 

  is a symbol for serial sum. We have chosen it, for the 2nd social age of the system, where geography defines the connections, which overrides the genetic, temporal connections which exist still at its base. So the central point of view of the geography or ‘capital’ appears at this point in the region of maximal communication (geometric center or coastal, external membrane point of maximal in taking of energy and information).

It implies that the system has entered into a common vital space, besides the genetic language of organization, creating more complex topological structure and starting an organization of the 3 social networks needed to form an organism. Geographical, spatial systems, such as cities, stars clusters, or biological tissues have such structure.

The basic action at this stage, is given by the natural symmetries of those 3 ‘scalar languages’ and the ‘3 ages of time. So the system expands spatially to control energy.

Œ, is the symbol for the organic, final creative scales of the system, when the whole is formed.

Then the existence of 3 growing spatial networks of energy, reproduction and information or capital of the system, surrounded by a border which conform the organic structure, almost emerging as a whole). At this stage the language is informative.

Thus the Organic Age, is the symbol for the most complex linguistic, topological 3-system unions, in which there is often genetic, spatial languages and a new faster language of information that dominates the system. The language is on top and the informative class has come to dominate the energy and reproductive class, body and limbs. The language further on is ‘removed’ from the spatial geography of the system which becomes secondary, the organism thus is formed. The second symbol of co-product is also a graphic symbol, as the center has been formed by the intersection of the membrane’s flows of energy and information that converge through the intermediate toroid topology into the center.

∆+1: the Universal ages.

U or ∆, if symbols are preferred are the symbol for the Universal age.

Finally the being is formed, but it continues its growth, now as a “universal whole” from its birth as a micro-organism, through its evolution into a super organism and macro-organism. And we classify them by the Spatial dimensions, that is the number of cells, the system has (though they can also be studied by its evolutionary ages in time), into:

∆+1: From 1000 up to a Billion cells or micro-organism.

∆+1: From a billion to a trillion or super-organism

∆+1: From a quadrillion to a quintillion and beyond… Macro-organism.

While the range of cells do change and indeed, there are exceptional being which have already all the organic specialization just with a minimal number of 100 cells (rotifera in life), and there are macro-organisms with decillion cells (atomic structures), we average the most common cases, in life, and galaxies, which are after all the fundamental ‘two type of organisms of the Universe’ (life/human scales and galaxies, which are atoms of the higher scale with stars being ‘photonic, fractal points of the electron’.

Thus U for universals if the last symbol were easily available is the symbol for the linguistic, Universal age, in which the system starts to ’emerge’ as a whole in a clear, differentiated manner.

Thus  ∏, ∑,  Œ and U represent the symbols of social growth and language, for the Genetic, temporal; geographic, Spatial and Universal, Organic Scales of the system, the ‘9th  and U, for Society or Universal will be used to express the Social Scales that transform individuals into Universals.

While S or § is the obvious symbol for social scales that finally emerged as a new Univessal Plane:

S¹º individuals = Universal ∆+1 = ∆+1 Plane of Space-time.

I am of the opinion as my fellow countryman Mr. Fermat that a good proof or definition fits in the margins of one page, in this page in the margin of the title:

Universes Are 5∆¡ Time§pace Supœrganisms of trinity networks travelin’ World cycles:

|S past limbs-fields‹Øst:Energy body-waves›O-T¡ future particles-heads

Γenerate 2² Causal ∆ctions in 3organic ages & 9scales of living Physic Biologic &social Systems:


The study of those species, with clear self centered mind povs and its supœrganisms, is that is all about. The laws of mathematical physics, biology and sociology 2ill be reflection of the life and death in worldcycles of ternary organic networks, living beings described by the generator equation.

The first line we use to describe those space-time beings resume its behaviour and existence in the Universe:

We divide the exposition of the model in 4 sentences of increasing complexity of information written above:

The first sentence opens the analysis of the main elements of the Universe, a game of 5D space-time beings, travelling through its flows of spatial energy and temporal information (∆TS symmetries), which they absorb and emit through limbs/fields, bodies/waves and heads/particles in order to ‘exist≈survive’ in the Universe, as super organisms, made of those 3 ‘parts’ expressed in the generator equation, either as a fractal space-superorganism (synchronous view) or a world cycle of existence, sum of the relative infinitesimal number of space-time actions of exchange of energy and information deployed by the being.

Absolute scalar time vs. relative local world cycles.

The absolute potential arrow of each block of time is the fifth-fourth scalar dimensions and its arrows of wholes that survive better than its parts and so will dominate the future regardless of the life world cycles of each individual part. The being as a part is thus expendable, a fleeting ø-sum, whose variations for the whole are undistinguishable of its clone atoms/cells/citizens, as of them through an aggregating language, we only perceive precisely what makes them identical and susceptible to adopt the language of power and control.

I.e. for economists working at a bank all humans are credit ratios, as such they can be made undistinguishable and controlled and digital simple numbers. For a king all are subjects… for an enemy army all are targets. Entities as they enter in defined actions are perceived externally as singularity points performing the action and nothing matters of them.

Now the absolute arrows of scalar time are potential futures that will be repeated again and again. And so we can establish its ages, in terms of its scales, as they are growing socially towards the emergence as a whole, which can be considered the ‘end-point’ or absolute future of the process.

So we can also say that a system ‘ages’ through its social scales, towards emergence as a whole – ONLY THAT AT THE END OF THE PROCESS is NOT death the result, but the emergence into a higher plane of existence.

 The ternary and decametric scales of space-time.

Systems gather in social groups in growing scales based in the ternary principle that makes a system with two inverse space and time parameters merged into a time§pace system stronger. So ternary growth of scales in 3 x 3 + 1 (being the 1 the whole that makes the system grow into a new social scale) is the rule of growth in the Universe.

In the graph the fifth element in the center communicate 3 triads in the corners of a tetraktys the commonest form of social organization into larger scales (which can then be mimicked into a cyclical state with a spherical system of 2 circles (1-7-10; the hexagon 2-3-4-6-8-9 sand the fifth center, forming together an | O dual state for a 10th scalar social group).

Groups in ternary and decametric scales that reorganize sub-groups with a self-entered point that belongs to the larger group are so common in nature with its natural variations that it would require an entire encyclopedia.

10 logarithmic scales.

Thus the 5th dimension is based on 10 logarithms because the ‘Tetraktys’ is the most perfect group of 3 x 3 + 0 elements, which become specialized in the ‘Sp-energetic, Tƒ- informative and ST-reproductive, iterative functions of the ‘Program of survival’ of all systems, which will be made clear latter on, when we analyzed the world cycles of time and the ternary Generator equation in space and time, of the fractal Universe.


There are obviously then as in the ‘limit’ of the ∆+1 scale (c,, v duality) sub-scales of physics according to the ∆§, 10¹º scalar growth, which we will study latter.

Thus between 2 such scales of the 5th dimension we shall always find around 10¹¹ elements – the ties of a DNA molecule, the stars of our galaxy, the cells of a super organism, the galaxies of the perceived Universe, and between the Universal Constants of Space, we will find the same differences, the energetic value between the H-Planck constant of Tƒ in the ∆-1 quantum scale and the k-Boltzmann constant of the ∆-Thermodynamic, human scale; and then the µ-magnetic scale and  so on.

So this said, the 5th dimension is in the holes of the real numbers each of its decametric decimal a lower scale of the 5th dimension. Yet as usual those numbers should be really cut every 10 ‘decimals, because then we enter into another scale where anyway the values of constants such as Pi, and √2 vary as Lobachevski’s proved.

This is made clear just by revising a simple number, e, but a key number for the derivative, proportional emergence or descend between scales, approximately 2.718281828. to the 9th decimal. The reader will observe that actually those 10 numbers form a simple series, 2.7 18 28 18 28 repetitive in extreme (except the first decimal missed by one to make it a perfect 28-18 variation, but after the 10th decimal it breaks, with 2.7 18 28 18 28 45904 etc. That is, the equivalent to the loss of meaning and yet one more of the so many proofs I have found of the existence of the 5th dimension, its geometries, algebras, and mind forms, circular membranes, points of view and ternary organic parts.

Indeed, e x= [(1+1/n)n] x is the only derivative which is proportional to the same number, since if we take 1 the whole and n, one of its finitesimal parts, in space, a quanta, and then repeat this growth of diminution an n number of time, and an x number of social scales of the 5th dimension, we shall find the emergence processes or dissolution≈ death processes of most systems of the Universe.

If we are to measure the being through its growth in social scales, in the palingenetic dimension of 0-1 generation, or its scalar, social world, we shall find a series of decametric growths from 1-10 through the §10°-¹° societies to the trillion cellular beings that create a new ∆plane of existence… the last quantitative≈qualitative, space≈time isomorphism, as we move in scales from the atom-galaxy to the galaxy-atom and beyond, perhaps from the o-| open and closed $ and ð microcosmic strings of space-time to the cosmological ones.

The 10 Dimensional isomorphisms (ab.Ði) applied to the study of each 10Di (5s, 5t) timespace organism, increases formal depth and experimental detail in our study of all the systems made of ∆@s≈t of space-time, defined by its fundamental 5 elements/Dimensions:  @minds, ∆-§cales, $pace, ðime and its s≈t symmetries.

In this post we shall study, the 10th isomorphism of our  ∆§…   10¹° §scales of social growth, illustrated then with samples for the 3 FUNDAMENTAL classifications of beings of classic science:


Scales are intermediate states in each of the 3 planes of all systems, as they are NOT CHANGING THE parameters of entropy and information but merely adding social numbers. 

For example, the jump from cells to human organisms is a jump of plane of existence as the parameters and form change.

The jump from cells to organs in a jump of scales (the maximal) as organs are still masses of cells.

The jump from particles to thermodynamic matter is a jump of scale as the parameters (h, ƒ) of quantum scales change to those of thermodynamic systems (k, T); the jump from orbital electrons to electric currents is a social jump. Hence a jump of intermediate scales.

We study ‘scales’ of decametric and ternary societies.

5 Dimensional perspectives on the Scalar societies.

As usual we shall switch in our analysis between the 5 elements of all realities applied to the concept of scales using ‘ ideally’ different names for each perspective:

S: $cales will deal with the spatial elements of scalar growth – that is the co-existence in organic adjacent systems of multiple social scales, as part of a geographical territory that sustains them.

S≥t: ∑cales deals with the essential feature of creation of scales by palingenetic reproduction of a clone form into multiple systems that will then form networks.

@: ∫cales: which considers how they evolve through a language, first genetic, then geographical and finally purely linguistic, focused into a mind-whole perception of itself as a new emergent being, which fully makes the being transcend into:

∆: A new plane that properly define them in relationship to the upper whole and lower bits and bites, and quanta of forces, which social evolution facilitates in its absorption and emission. Scales are then essential to increase the ‘latitude’ or ‘range’ of planes in which a social system operates.

ð: Finally ∂cales dissolve back into the entropic process of death, in a mathematical exponential negative, accelerated form of maximal speed, as death is the minimal quanta of time, hence closely related to the exponential function.


The social process of evolution of individuals into ∆+1 Universals.

The final, more complex action of any being is:

∏, ∑, Œ=∆+1

The social evolution of individuals into Universals, the system across a series of social scales till reaching the limit of its environment in simpler ‘herd like organization’, or the complexity of a tightly packed super-organism.

Each of them however can be further divided into ‘Social scales’, as the individual groups itself into larger social entities, starting by the ‘couple’ and the ‘family’.

So we can write them as a 10¹º series, in which the fundamental element of aggregation will be the ‘type’ of language of information used to unify the units, which must grow in ‘time speed’ according to the metric of the 5th dimension as we enlarge the system, so to maintain its synchronicity. So in the paradigm used to name those scales (human societies) we find the 3 first genetic scales, then 3 geographical, economic scales, and finally 3 verbal, ideological scales to get to the global super organism:

  • 10º, the individual of a given ‘previously described ∆-scale of the whole Universe…
  • through the 10¹ scale of the family (which can be a couple, a mononuclear family or most often one through 3 generations of grand-parents, parents and sons, of around 10 people) and then in genetic units, to the…
  • 10² scale of ‘clans’… and 10³ scales or tribes (in the human system, which is taken here for the first ‘names’ of those scales…
  • Changing to a more complex language of social information, geographical, economical systems that create the next degree of 3 scales, the town, 10 up to 4, the city, 10 up to 5 and the nation, 10 up to 6…
  • And then to ideological, verbal systems, which create cultures, till arriving to the – 1 billion, 10¹º-¹³ individuals, which normally emerges as a unit of the next scale.

The growth of scales through genetic=temporal, geographic=spatial and linguistic=@-mind codes.

To create a social organism, the ‘fractal points – cells, stars, individuals etc’ of the system must communicate energy and information through flows and networks. Thus, essential to the organisation is the use of specific languages of communication between them across Space, or simultaneous geographical organisations, time, or genetic organisation and scales, through languages of the mind that expands the microscopic singularity into a vast territory of order -that of all the elements that speak the language.

And so as the number of cells increases, the organisation sweeps through Space, time and scale, becoming ever more complex; as the previous layer of organiation stays; that is first the system reproduces in genetic waves, which then become organised spatially by location, and finally add as the third layer of organisation .

In the graph we can see the essential o-1 best known scalar growth of a system from its seed to its full organisation, the biological palingenetic birth of a fetes, in which we can study the components that by homology will apply to all other social structures of nature.

The birth of the seed happens in a location rich in placental energy, and then tree is a genetic undifferentiated growth in the first stages as a morula, which will then differentiate spatially by geographic position, but it will need the creation of differentiated linguistic networks that handle hormonal, nervous or oxygen (reproductive, informative and entropic-moving) languages to fully reach its scalar organisation as a system of ten decametric systems to become one of the essential species/phyla of nature, according to the dominance of one or other of those networks

Thus we define 3 linguistic social ages of evolution of the languages of systems, which reach its ∆+1=S10 social scale through:

ð-Temporal, genetic organisations (S1-S3).
$- Spatial geographic ones (S3-S6) and…
∆- Proper scalar space-time, organic, network languages (S6-S9), which finally will give birth to:

@-mind-whole, full structure of the being as a 10th element of a larger new unit whole.

And all those processes will reflect into each other accumulating, one upon other in superpositions based in its symmetric relationships

And when we study each of the different scales of nature and its species, timeline permitted in the fourth line we shall apply those homological laws to discern how and why it appears different species of Nature, which emerge as new wholes of a larger ∆+ scale.


In the graph, the scales of the Universe, with its ‘limiting formal languages’ now evolved into better mirrors of time (¡logic) and Space (vital mathematics), which likely will be mirrors of similar forms in all decametric scales. We shall for sake of order establish in our ‘pentalogic analysis of scalar’ systems, an ¡logic analysis of the isomorphisms and pentalogic elements of the system in time, a mathematical analysis of its vital topologies and analysis of the nested physical, biological and sociological forms and motions of those systems.

In the graph the 3 main ‘sub-disciplines’ of iST, isomorphic planes (& social scales), spatial, bidimensional dimensions and temporal ages. They suffice to explain the main actions, organic forms and events of all species, as the graph which defines the human i=5 being, its perceived scales, organic networks and ages show.

The graph shows the 3 type of dimensions of scalar space-time, the 9 planes in which beings interact, its 3 topological organs or ‘fractal dimensions of space’ and its 3 ages of its world cycle, analzyed with existential algebra (the equations below), in this case for the human ‘variety’.

So we need to complete that analysis studying the core is-sue of the fractal Universe and its structure, its scales of social evolution and i-planes of discontinue space time.

GiST describes all entities of nature as  Systems, made of planes of space and time, and considers that the fact they are made of those Dimensions and planes of of space-time are the reason of its isomorphisms.

Entities had certain spatial, temporal and organic common properties, because those are the properties of the Dimensions of the Universe which were:

–  ‘3 dimensions of space’.

– 3 dimensions of time (past, present and future)

– Its space-time combinations or space-time dimensions: Energy, Information (O) and its combinations ExO)

– Its 10 up to n, social scales of evolution, which create finally a new ‘i-plane of existence, unit of a new scalar bigger whole, as the number 10 becomes a Unit of a new scale of numbers’.

Thus the scalar Universe has 2 degrees of social order, which creates 2 fundamental sub-disciplines:


New 5th dimension

In the graph, all the i-planes and its main sciences. Thus science is a detailed analysis of its i-planes.

A larger view, which studies the i-scalar dimensions, and its laws; that is the 9 0±4 scales in which the being interacts:

  • Of which the the i-1 atomic/cellular, i-ndividual/human and i+1 social/organic scales are the 3 essential ones in which the being co-exist.
  • And the 0±>2≈4 scales from where it obtains energy quanta (i-2), pixels of information (i-3) and forces of motion (i-4) are the less important in which the i-being preys.

Since 0±4 planes, are made of an ‘invisible force’ that moves and positions beings, and an i+4 ‘absolute Universe’ of limited perception, as both are above and below the 0±3 plane that give us bits of information.

Thus the being relates also to an 0±3 informative cosmos, in which it absorbs its informative bits, (the light-sun system for mankind).

Into its closer 0±2 ecosystem or world, where it absorbs its energy, and exists through its life ages.

To enter finally into its ‘structural and social reality’, the 0±1 social and cellular scales, which are managed by its

  • i-scale, the soul, 5th dimension, scalar center of the being.


In organic terms, the 5 postulates of fractal Geometry describe how points become parts of social webs, which self-organize fractal planes made of networks of points, which emerge as cellular units of a higher fractal space-time or new superorganism… Thus, according to the Principles of Correspondence and Relativity, proper of physical reality, those different geometries are relative descriptions of the same fundamental structure of the Universe: the point with parts and its more complex social forms, lines and planes. The fractal generator of the Universe is a logic equation that represents the main interactions between the arrows of time. Yet all languages mirror that logic equation in its syntax, since all minds gauge and represent the cycles of the Universe with languages of perception.

A line is a wave-like event which communicates 2 st-points through a herd of fractal micro-points- a lineal action, exi, of energy that carries a frequency of information in which a message is encoded. The language of information is highly invisible to points outside the network that emit those messages as a flow of micro-points, self-similar micro-replicas of the mother-point that travel in waves across the external Universe transferring energy and information.

In most events those flows balance one point with more energy, Ei, that each science defines with different slangs, (‘a white hole’, ‘energizer’, ‘past form’, ‘male’, ‘body’, ‘yang’, ‘moving field’, etc.); and an informative point, Tiƒ, the smaller form (‘a black hole’, ‘codifier’, ‘future form’, ‘female’, ‘head’, ‘yin’, particle or ‘center of perception’, etc.) Both become united by a dual wave that transfers energy from Ei to the informative point of relative future, Tiƒ, and information from the future point, Tƒ, to the relative past point, Ei, creating together a cycle of temporal energy. The description of those points and cycles, which are common to all beings of space-time, creates a fractal, i-logic geometry common to all sciences and Universal species.

Finally to mention the inversion of ‘scales’ if we use the metric of information, which increase as we become smaller, or the metric of size which increase as we become bigger. Yet the product of both become invariant:

Sp x Tƒ =U±4, where the 9 planes of existence of the logarithmic 10¹º scale of the Universe, are equivalent as each one has more and less energy and information. So we should write in the logarithmic scale, each plane as the equal sum of its logarithmic capacity to carry information and its relative size:

Sp-4 +Tƒ+4 = Force = Sp-3 +Tƒ+3=Atom=Sp-2 +Tƒ+2=Molecule=Sp-1 +Tƒ+1=Cell/Matter=Sp +Tƒ=Human Scale=Sp+1 +Tƒ-1=Planet=Sp+2 +Tƒ-2=Star=Sp+3 +Tƒ-3=Galaxy=Sp+4+Tƒ-4=Cosmos.

We however simplify this equal value of all Sp x Ti=world-planes of existence for easier analysis, considering only the relative U∆ scale of growing planes, with a cardinal that starts in the smaller:

Forces: U=1, atoms:U=2, Molecules U=3, Matter/cells U=4, human organisms, U=5, Planets, U=6, Stars, U=7, Galaxies, U=8, Cosmos, U=9, between the invisible beyond human informative perception dark energy and dark matter.

It is thus clear and we shall use the term STience, to differentiate this philosophy of science, and perspective on reality, that the Universe is a game of space-time, and each science the study of one of its Universal Planes.

It has failed though for centuries to explain the whys and ultimate structure of that space-time puzzle. It has been ‘Science’, that is only a Science of space. STience is a wider concept where space is submissive to the flows of time and its actions, where beings are space-time beings and so all sciences are sciences that study varieties of space-time beings of different Universal Planes.

Science has been corrupted in its ultimate ‘quest’ for the whys of the Universe by its own success in a rather more pedestrian task, to find the laws of measure and equations of motion in space and time, the hows of reality. This shallow description of motions in an external world today is often confused with absolute knowledge. It is not. Because while we know we move in space and time, we have yet to solve what time and space is in its deepest sense.

Stience will not be completed till we know the whys of those motions of space and time; and specially the whys of existence in space and time. In other words, till we do not find an epistemology of ‘Stiences’, which accepts the fact that the Universe is made of relational space-times distributed among ∞ relative Space-time systems and species.

Thus there should be a philosophy of science, we shall call ‘STience’ which is dedicated to the study of entities as made of space and time parameters.

Since we have studied already the inverse properties of Spatial Energy and temporal information, in a simplified manner, let us consider now with more rigor, and in more detail the 4 main fields of analysis of Space-Time system in ∆ST mathematics, fully explored in different articles of this web. As they must be grasped with certain depth to understand the complex organic Universe and its systems of spatial energy and temporal information.


Absolute relativity.

Now the fundamental law of the ‘metrics of i-planes’ is the law of absolute relativity:

‘0±4=Se x To: the product of the spatial energy and temporal information, or ‘existential force’ of any system of the Universe is co-invariant, has the same value, thus in ‘subjective’ To, frequency time, any system of a given family of 0±n co-invariant entities in the Universe live the same quantity of existence”

This is the basis of Absolute relativity, the implicit non-anthropomorphic philosophy of science of GiST.

Human knowledge has been traditionally divided into 3 areas, mathematic-physical, biologic and sociological sciences.

If the Universe is a fractal of self-similar organisms, why we study them with 3 so different perspectives and languages?

The answer is that humans perceive the super organisms of the Universe across 3 relative 0±1 scales of size.

And so we can perceive reality as Shakespeare said, from:

-‘Above’ as kings (the i+1 social scale).

– At the same height as brothers (i-ndividual, organic, biological description of maximal detail).

– Or from below as ants, and then we see with lesser detail an i-1 cellular/ atomic/point-like scale.

This lesser way of seeing things with little detail originated the Euclidean geometry of points with no parts, which now we enlarge in GST to get more detail into fractal points.

And the result of those 3 ways to perceive reality is:

– The i-1: mathematical formalism, where ‘entities’ are devoid of all ‘content’ and are perceived as minimal ‘points’ with no inner parts. mathematics thus is basically an i-1 point-like vision of beings, which are ‘reduced’ to their simpler properties.

– The i-ndividual, organic perspective proper of biological sciences, where the entity is seen with ‘all its qualities’, and maximal perception from hum as. This is the biological ‘formalism’.

– The i+1 social plane, where the individual is just a ‘part’ of a higher social network in which he will perform partial ‘tasks’ and motions he hardly control.

This is the social scale, and it is the less ‘knowledgeable’ , according to the metrics of i-planes (Se x To=K), whereas smaller beings have more information and larger ones more spatial energy.

Thus the ‘information’ that comes from i+1 planes are reduced and accordingly ‘social sciences’ are the less developed.


Finally we study the S=10¹³ relative scales and its isomorphisms and organic laws of scales.

It is the smaller view, which studies the Social groups that form between 2 of such 0±1 scales by the grouping of individuals into ‘tetraktys’, 10 formal and functional groups, of 3 x 3 STe, Sta, STo, energetic, active and informative triads, ruled by the ’10th’ boss of the system that co-ordinates them all.

Thus we shall study also the social scales, from i into i+1, which go through 3×3+i, linguistic evolutions, as the group becomes organized first by ‘cellular’, genetic languages, then by ‘territorial spaces’ and finally as the STo mind starts to form, by the new informative, ‘nervous’ language of the system, which will make it emerge as a ‘fetus’ of the next scale, in the S10, final social, organic level. And then as an organism will further evolve ‘3 stages’ from micro to super to macro species

And so we study the S=10¹³ relative scales and its isomorphisms and organic laws of scales:

The oldest graph of 5Ð: Human ¡±4 perceived planes

Let us try to slowly raise our awareness of the 5th dimension and start to  perceive the architectural order of reality, step by step.

Social Planes.

It must be stressed though that as usual in the fractal Universe, we do have ‘repetitive’ elements that gather into bigger wholes and become then repetitive elements of bigger wholes. This translates in terms of the logarithmic 10¹º elements of a Universal Planes, in 10 smaller scales, which we shall call social scales or social planes (plane and scale is generally used as synonymous, though a more strict notation will reserve plane for Universal, larger planes made of ten up to ten elements, and scale for the smaller decametric scales of 10 individuals). Thus we can consider 10 social scales, which put together 10 individuals into a ‘family’, 10 families into a ‘clan’, 10 clans into a ‘tribe’, ten tribes into a ‘village’ and so on; studied in detail in the isomorphism of social scales and use the symbol § for each of them:

  •                       §  = 10 §-1         ∑§(1-10) = U

Superorganisms. The pantheist Universe. 

All this said the reader must therefore understand that ∆ST brings 4 relatively new or rather ‘revisited’ and enlarged fields to geometry, which are extraordinarily enlightening of the structure of the fractal intelligent Universe:

i-logic geometry

The nature of expanded non-non Euclidean geometry, which I call i-geometry, (next vowel), and its 5 postulates, which are the basis to formalize the fractal, scalar nature of the Universe, and the metric of the 5th dimension in space, as a new plane of space-time emerges when we move along those metric, ‘becoming smaller’ and then observing more cyclical information; or writing in 5D metric:  <<Sp  ≈  >> Tƒ.

Dynamic transformation of inverse energy and information

The understanding of the inverse topologies of ‘cyclical, high, hierarchical temporal information vs. lineal, long Energy’ and its combination in the 3rd topology of ‘wide’ iterative reproduction. That is the understanding of the 3 dimensions of space in terms of organic functions.

Holographic principle and the 3 varieties of bidimensional topologies (2-manifolds)

The bidimensional principle closely related to the previous ones.

Networks of energy, information and reproduction

And finally the translation of all those concepts to the organic principle, through ‘fractal networks’, which are ‘another way to see’ reality, not with ‘continuous surfaces (topology) but as networks of points with a ‘fractal dimension’ defined by the density of networks. As this is the other, commonest option of nature. For example, your nervous system is NOT a membrane as your sensorial skin but a spherical form with a fractal network of axons. So the 3 ‘dimensions’ of a system, length, width and height are often isomorphic with 3 type of networks:

Informative networks with maximal number of axons, all of them connected, often with a cyclical form of top, as your nervous system is (which are homomorphic using math jargon to the informative function of tall spheres); energetic networks with the maximal number of ejecting ‘lineal’ cilia or glandular cells, in the length dimension which are akin to a plane of toroid, expanding parallel energetic systems.

And tubular networks that branch and close into cycles, which are the equivalent to wide, tubular, hyperbolic, reproductive systems.



In the next graph we can see the case of mechanical societies, the economic system or world stock, which contrary to belief is not a human organism but joined by ‘chips’, and has already reached the ‘mark’ needed for ’emerging’ as a global mind, the internet:


We also consider the human super organism of history, a smaller super organism of human beings, not yet emerged as a global single being, but coming closer to the 10¹º human beings, in the global super organism:




Scales are intermediate states in each of the 3 planes of all systems, as they are NOT CHANGING THE parameters of entropy and information but merely adding social numbers. Thus in physical systems those scales allow social grouping of electric flows and plasmas (quantum scales), thermodynamic statistical masses and finally gravitational groups, in growing scales of galactic formations. 

We shall thus introduce here the main sub-scales of the 3 planes of physical systems.

THE FRACTAL UNIVERSe built with multiple spatial quanta and time cycles.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 15.31.07QLL

In the center of the graph, several experimental proofs of the fractal organic structure of all beings of reality: On the left, the Sloan fractal map of galaxies and its comparison with a neuronal cell; on the middle, an ice fractal, a plant and a river; on the right, a cluster of galaxies and a lung. Fractal and non-Euclidean mathematics have evolved our understanding of information in topological terms, defining a new arrow of time, fractal information, which all structures of nature constantly reproduce over a canvas of simpler, energetic motions. Time bends space into masses, said Einstein.

On the sides the 2 fundamental elements of those networks, in the left side its main quanta of space and frequency of time that together create the present space-time energy, or ‘existential force’ of physical organisms, along the 3 ‘fractal scales of space size and time clocks’ of the 5th dimension; the ∆-1 quantum, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scales. In the right side, a boson state that integrates into a whole new scale of the 5th dimension a sum of spatial particles.

accumulating in a present event of space-time, ‘Ei’, multiple quanta of space (concept of a system whose content of energy and information displayed in the formulae of the right side is measured by integrating those quanta in a moment of present), or accumulating in a point of space, multiple moments of time (concept of 5th dimensional information, the 3rd element of the fractal universe, shown, on the left side as a 5th dimension of a boson state, where parts become wholes, grows in the dimension of height).

It should then evident to the reader, which likely has not understood what we have said, that to understand the fractal Universe we must completely change and upgrade our concepts of logic, time, space, and geometry. A task which physicists try unsuccessfully to complete a century ago when the fractal nature of space (quantum physics) and multiple existence of time clocks (relativity) was first hinted at. The result of merging the old paradigm with its wrong concepts of a single time clocks and single space, with the new findings was the quantum physics formalism and 4D formalism of relativity, which is the equivalent of the Ptolemaic ad ons of epicycles and extant to sustain the crumbling paradigm of the Earth at its center – in this case of a single space-time continuum and time clock.

The key to the needed Copernican revolution that implies and clarifies physics is the concept of a second arrow of future, the arrow of dimensional form or information and its vital, evolutionary and reproductive properties, which explain the process of creation of fractal structures by iteration and social evolution of parts into wholes – the 2 complex, vital arrows or space-time actions of all beings, which absorb and emit energy and information with the purpose of reproducing and evolving their forms and survive. Time evolves form, said Darwin. We can mathematize those processes through self-reproductive fractal equations that iterate a certain form of nature—an ice geometry, a DNA code, a cellular structure, a physical particle.

Since the Universe is a “fractal of energy and information, made of self-similar parts, which constantly reproduce their forms.” Indeed, from the simplest particles, quarks, and electron, which absorb energy and reproduce new particles to the most complex informative species, human beings, reality is made of bits of information and bytes of energy, evolved in complex, social networks through fractal scales, from atoms to molecules, to cells to organisms, planets and galaxies. The overwhelming evidence of the Fractal, organic nature of space-time and all the beings made of them, however is obscured by denial in the old paradigm of physics, of the nature of cyclical time and fractal space, whose correction is the first step to reach a higher understanding of the Universe. We introduce in this post the fundamental elements of the fractal paradigm applied to physics, extended into mathematical physics in future posts on the 4th line.

In the graph, several experimental proofs of the fractal organic structure of all beings of reality: On the left, the Sloan fractal map of galaxies and its comparison with a neuronal cell; on the middle, an ice fractal, a plant and a river; on the right, a cluster of galaxies and a lung. Fractal and non-Euclidean mathematics have evolved our understanding of information in topological terms, defining a new arrow of time, fractal information, which all structures of nature constantly reproduce over a canvas of simpler, energetic motions.

Time bends space into masses, said Einstein. Time evolves form, said Darwin. We can mathematize those processes through self-reproductive fractal equations that iterate a certain form of nature—an ice geometry, a DNA code, a cellular structure, a physical particle. Since the Universe is a “fractal of energy and information, made of self-similar parts, which constantly reproduce their forms.”

Indeed, from the simplest particles, quarks, and electron, which absorb energy and reproduce new particles to the most complex informative species, human beings, reality is made of bits of information and bytes of energy, evolved in complex, social networks through fractal scales, from atoms to molecules, to cells to organisms, planets and galaxies.

A mass has a spherical – hence 3 dimensional form of time, but we reduce it as a convention to a point of time-information. Physicists do not explain it.

However in T.Πis essential to establish as a why of those shrinking and growing process the concept of a non-Euclidean point, or fractal point that grows in size as we come closer to it, and hence a 5th dimension of scalar space-time, which is at the heart of the fractal structure of the Universe.

Only then we will be able to talk of particle-points with some meaning, as the perception of a space-time being of a lower ‘plane of the 5th dimension’.

And once we establish all the laws that define the discontinuities between those planes and how systems emerge from one plane to the other, and the quantitative relationships, etc. between D planes the whole meaning of a ‘charge’ (quantum clock seen as point particle of the ∆-1 plane of the 5th dimension), mass (gravitational clock, seen as particle of the ∆+1 plane) and so on, we shall see that underlying the ‘Maya’ of the human senses, which see so little and so few motions to fit all the information in the mind, there is a vast, perfectly ordered, canonical reality of infinite time clocks, quanta of space, ‘related’ by a 5th dimension of relative space and time sizes.

Then the second advance will be the most obvious error of considering the Cartesian graph the only space-time continuum of the Universe. We have already mentioned this blunt error, and so we just will enunciate it here. Newton took the Cartesian graph that Descartes invented to show merely the way the human mind sees light as space with 3 dimensions perpendicular to each other, and blew it to cosmic proportions making it the only space-time of reality.

So the obvious fact that the Universe had different scales of space observed with telescopes and microscopes, as well as multiple time clocks for each scale with different speeds, was completely overlooked.

So those errors of a single space continuum and a single mechanical clock reduced enormously the complexity of the Universe its multiple time clocks and space quanta of different size and the crystal clear organization of all its beings, made of space quanta and time cycles that conform the Universe.

Where an absolute space-time is merely the perception of all those beings pegged together on that background Cartesian space. In the next graph we see the ‘new outlook of the Universe’ with multiple scales, multiple space quanta and multiple nature time clocks (left side of the graph that shows the infinite cyclical clocks of time of the Universe and its relative ‘parameters’ that measure its motion, speed, temperature and frequency were ‘forgotten’, when mechanisms substituted Nature as the ‘measure of all things’, with the arrival of mechanic clocks.):


In the graph, the Human ∆o mental language of analysis of physical systems (i-logic mathematics), and the 5D planes that defines physical systems: the Ui±1 Quantum, Thermodynamic & Gravitational scales.We must always understand the worldview of the Universe, departing from the language of the point of view, which in the human case, regarding the Universe is i-logic mathematics, a discontinuous, non-AE understanding of the way in which fractal points form networks of physical organisms.

Let us then introduce the experimental facts and basic structure in space and time of the 5th dimension, to develop then cosmological aspects of it.

In the graph, the 4 main relative scales of size and time speed in mathematical physics:

-The galactic, ∆+1, gravitational light space-time scale in which the speed of space-time cyclical actions (clocks) are measure by mass density. -The ∆, thermodynamic, molecular, matter scale, in which time clocks are measured by temperature.

-The atomic and particle, ∆-1 scale, in which time clocks are measured by frequency.

– And the dark world beyond galaxies and inside its central black holes, or ∆±2, cosmological scale, wrongly considered to follow the same laws that the ∆+1 galactic scale described by Einstein’s Relativity principles and gravitational forces. Since in the metric of the 5th dimension, when we change of ‘plane of space-time’, the parameters suffer relative changes in its time speed and spatial size, hence in related parameters such as ‘celerity’ in space and ‘density’ in time, the dark world must have different parameters, which we can hint at but cannot fully resolve; as humans always considered the central Plane-Point of view, ∆0, have a dwindling perception of space and time across those seemingly infinite scales.

While the proper concept to use for a PreSenT Space-time system is ∆ST – a given scale of the 5th dimension; we have also added Ei, the Energetic Informative content of any space-time system, which are the terms used by physicists. In that regard, ‘Energetic information’, is the human equivalent to the sum of all the ‘formal motions’ or space-time actions deployed by a system, and soon we shall translate and explain its flows across the different scales of the 5th dimension in which time clocks changes (frequency, temperature and speed), and space quanta also evolves (h, k, c constants), but the total amount of formal motions (energy and information) is conserved, since the 5D Universe is immortal.

The Generator ultimately describes the different scales of 5D of the system. So we shall now study them together to start our 5D physics.

5 D implies the co-existence of 3 ‘relative’ scales of the 5th dimension in all systems, which in the case of physics are:

The  ∆-1 atomic, electromagnetic scale

The ∆o molecular, Thermodynamic, matter scale

The ∆+1  Galactic/Gravitational scale.

5D metrics therefore considers first a general view of those laws and then apply them to the different ‘universal planes’ of physical systems, which are roughly 3, according to the logarithmic scales of the 5th dimension, with its dualities, ternary dimensions of space-time, 4+∆ actions and decametric social scales of 5D growth:

– The quantum, force-atomic scale, ∆=-(4,3) which is roughly 1010 times smaller in lineal space (Angstrom scale of atoms=10-10 meters) than:

– The Thermodynamic, molecular human scale, ∆=-(2,o), which is roughly 1010 times smaller in lineal space (meter scale) than:

– The cosmic, gravitational scale whose unit is the solar system, (107 m. Earth radius ≈ 1.5 x 1011 Solar Orbit).

If we were to study those Planes in transitional Ln and Log scales we would observe in further detail that the basic laws of Social scales – the ‘tetraktys’ decametric scale in space is obeyed in physical distances in the general form 1010 ∆Œ ≈ ∆ U+1

i-logic mathematics and the 5th dimension. How networks co-exist in several scales.

The Metric of the 5th dimension in physical systems:

Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, according to scale of size, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimensions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scales.Stiences are limited by the fact the ‘humind’, ∆ø, is the self-centered origin of all information available to us, as the singularity of a scalar ‘open ball’ of perception, where the outer limits of reality are not met. So huminds perceive ∆±4 planes of a likely ∞ reality, above and below, in a different way as the 5th dimension is NOT symmetric: i.e. we do not perceive as much information from larger systems of slower clocks and invisible networks than we perceive of lower planes which our mind uses to obtain bits and bites of energy and information. So ultimately perception and knowledge are also functions of the needs of the human Time space organism that orders a microcosms which he understands better than the above macrocosms that order us.

In the graph, the metrics of the 5th dimension, Se x Tƒ = K, and its inverse arrows of informative entropy (downwards) and energetic entropy (upwards) establish the difference perceptions human have of its geometries and volume of information: we will find elliptic geometry upwards (general relativity), Euclidean in our plane, and hyperbolic downwards (wave states dominant on quantum physics).

On the other hand, we will find much more information downwards (quantum multiple paths and fractal electrons, and sum over histories), as the speed of time clocks are much faster (hence we see many world cycles of particle together from our slower world); that upwards (slow paths of galaxies). Finally this in terms of curvature will appear as a huge increase of curvature in the lower scales (Q-constants) compared to the upper scales (weak G-constant). allowing a simple unification equation of both scales.

Those results can be achieved with great detail using the more complex formalisms of quantum and relativity, but as we shall show now (as all sound models are similar), we can achieved the same ‘whys’ of the most seek after answers of mathematical physics, just with a sound conceptual reasoning and simple maths:

We can represent the 3 physical planes of existence in terms of 5 D metrics, as we do in previous graphs, whereas a human being will be sandwiched as the main reference point of view, ∆o, of human science between the ∆+3 galactic and ∆-3, atomic scale.

So we define combining the 3 planes and the metrics of 5 D for physical systems:

∆. Spe x Tƒ = K

Which we break into 3 scales:

∆±1. ∆+1: Max. Se x Min. Tƒ (Galactic scale) ≈ ∆-1 Max. Tƒ x Min. Se (atomic scale) ≈ ∆: Tƒ=Se (Thermodynamic scale).

In the graph motion moves downwards from galactic vortices to every piece in existence without any ‘entropy’, hence ‘Galilean Relativity: it is impossible to distinguish motion and form. On the other hand information moves upwards in genetic coding through reproductive waves of information that have minimal error in transcription, and the combination of those arrows establish certain rules of chirality and differences in the perception upwards and downwards from the central human ST, constant world, the other worlds above and below.

Thus 5D metrics creates two inverse arrows of entropy (upwards) and energy (downwards) of information (upwards) and disorder (downwards): Further on, it studies the relationships between those scales and asymmetric flows of energy (max. downwards) and information (max. upwards) between those scales.

Thus as in all other co-existing systems for each physical system is fundamental to study Se x Tƒ flows ‘between planes of existence’ and the chirality of the arrows of time upwards, where entropy diminishes motion order but information of still order moves perfectly (quantum coding of atomic scales and atomic coding of thermodynamic scales) and downwards, where motion has no entropy (perfect synchronicity of wholes and parts in mechanics and gravitation).

Thus, the third element of T.Œ is the understanding of the fractal structure of space-time, divided into infinite scales of relative size and speed of information, which are inverse but co-invariant, meaning that smaller beings run faster its clocks of information, coding larger beings (so genetics codes biological systems and quantum numbers material systems), whole larger beings move slower but can synchronize with its huge bodies a myriad of little beings (so the Earth guides the evolution of the information of its beings, with its weather cycles of energy and the black hole guides the informative vortex of stars and planets towards its centers with its gravitational waves).

In the graph we see the fundamental 3 scales of reality, the gravitational slower scale the human thermodynamic scale and the atomic, genetic scale.

This 5th dimension and its formal metric are the key to fully understand the organic structure of the Universe, as the 3 ‘canonical scales’ of all superorganisms of reality, physical and biological systems extending through ∆±1 scales of the 5th dimension (ab.∆), the quantum-cellular ∆-1 plane, the ∆ individual/thermodynamic plane and the ∆+1 organic, gravitational planes.

The fifth dimension orders all those scales of size and speeds of clocks into a ‘metric system’ able to explain all kind of ‘motions’ and ‘actions’ that take place in isomorphic ways in all those systems.

This definition, when translated to mathematical physics, coupled with the Principle of Relativity as defined by Poincare-Einstein, ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’ will allow us to derive all the laws of Physics; but it has the advantage that can be applied to all other sciences, to define all the laws of knowledge.

Indeed, what we have just described logically IS not only the fundamental particle of physics, but the fundamental entity of any biological, social system – the key to the unification and understanding of the Universe, as a whole and all its parts, self-centered entities of time-space that put together create the puzzle of the Universe.

Since any cycle has the logic properties of repetition, which are the origin of the patterns, we call ‘science’, whose completion breaks space into an outer world and an inner ‘vital space’, whose ‘gradient center’ is the ‘point of view’ of the system that gauges the external information of the cycle.

As such the understanding of the time cycle, its interaction with its vital space and central point, and its synchronization and social evolution with other time cycles into larger wholes, which structure a ‘5th dimension’ of scales of space-time (so particles become part of atoms, surrounded by electronic cycles, which become part of molecules, surrounded by thermodynamic cycles, which become part of masses, surrounded by cyclical gravitational fields; and the same process brings DNA-cells surrounded by protein membranes, with a vital cytoplasm space between them.

And yet those cells, then become the internal vital space of a larger whole, your organism, surrounded by a membrane of multiple life cycles, your sensorial skin, which has once more a self-centered point of view (frame of reference in mathematical physics), called your brain that gauges energy and information. And yet again, from the upper scale of relative ‘sizes’ that we call generically the 5th dimension, you are just a moving, open, ‘free’ individual, however enclosed by a membrane called a ‘frontier’, part of a vital territory called a nation, with a self-centered point of view, called a capital and a president, king or dictator, or in capitalist societies a ‘stock-market’, which controls the system and gauges its energy and information.

But in the same manner cyclical time and fractal space applies to all systems of all sciences, the 5th dimension and its metric apply unlike ‘physical concepts of space-time’, such as c-speed deformations of time essential to 4D metric, to all systems NOT only far removed scales of physical time.

5D metric can explain from faster metabolic rates in smaller animals, with faster time cycles; to faster information processing in smaller chips with aster time cycles (Moore’s Law), or faster rotary options in smaller masses which have paradoxically faster rotary, attraction properties (rotating Black holes and quarks).

What it will be difficult for this writer after 20 years of exploring all the possibilities of this TŒ, and the immense number of questions resolved by it, is to ‘organize’ all that new knowledge in a manner that the reader does not get lost, due to its ‘encyclopedic extension’. Tƒ that aim when this blog is partially finished sometime during 2016, if he follows the top sentences, all should make sense.

Thus we shall try to give a general look to this TŒ in this first post, studying its 3 main elements: ‘Still, lineal, slow spaces’, ‘fast, cyclical time vortices’ and the 5th dimension which organizes them through the co-invariance of spatial size and time speed, Sp x Tƒ = K.

So we talk of a ‘fifth dimension’ of scales, which has a hyperbolic geometry with the lineal limit of quantum physics and the cyclical limit of cosmological gravitations, along which an infinite number of time cycles enclosing vital spaces, exist, in an orderly fashion provided by the metric of the 5th dimension.


The 3 geometries of physical scales

The quantitative scales always yield in its meaning to the functions, and ternary symmetries we shall discover that make possible the existence of all systems as combinations of 3 ‘scales of the 5th dimension’ (quantum-cellular, thermodynamic-organic, gravitational-social), 3 synchronous topologies and 3 diachronic ages, so we soon will write the Generator Equation of Space-time Beings:

Γ.  ∆-1: Sp (young-past-entropic limb/field) ≤≥ ∆:ST (iterative, adult, present wave-particle) ≤≥∆+1: Tƒ (future, informative head/particle)

This simple structure and all its fractal variations is essentially the description of any World-system, whose sum creates the Universe: U=∑W

Relational space-times thus have the key word ‘relational’, which merely means we need a ‘metric system’ to order and relate all those space-time cycles of the Universe.

And this is the 5th dimension of the Universe: the metric laws that put and order, RELATE to each other all the time-space cycles of the Universe, of which we are all made.


Thus, one of the immediate consequences of the formalism of 5D cyclical time and fractal space is to set the record straight on physics and its ill understood 3 modern ‘ideas of time’. They are further understood in terms of the arrows of future-information, past-entropy and present-reproduction and its infinite fractal cycles in 5D metric.

According to 5D metric, Time vortices accelerate downwards the speed of its time cycles, making smaller vortices more attractive Tƒ-Particles with increasing information, and hence the smaller spaces paradoxically more complex, storing more energy too. Reason why electromagnetic ‘smaller forces’ are much more attractive than gravitational.

In the graph we see the structure of physical and biological systems along the 3 scales of the 5th dimension.

In between scales motion transmits perfectly from upper scales to lower scales, while on the opposite direction, it does not (entropy effects that doesn’t allow to extract all the motion towards larger wholes) and vice versa, information does not transmit properly from upper to lower scales (no Lamarckian evolution) but it does from ‘genetic, quantum scales’  towards wholes.

And this the key to interpret the way we perceive lower scales as ‘hyperbolic’ with more information (quantum and Minkowski’s formalism) vs. larger scales with less information (elliptic, Riemannian Geometry of Gravitational Relativity).


Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.44.22
We thus will observe 3 type of geometries, according to our 5D ‘angle’  and its simple metric: Se x Tƒ = K:

  • In a single plane of mechanical and Thermodynamic forms, we shall observe lineal Euclidean geometries transmitted by the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space, as neither Se or Tƒ suffers any deformation. Both remain constant , so we observe a holographic Universe, where Se= K/Tƒ define according to both parameters most equations of Mechanics and Thermodynamics. For example: Se (volume) = K/Tƒ (pressure) is the equation of the commonest gas space around us (atmosphere).
  • In the upper gravitational space-time, as ‘space enlarges’ while ‘time slows down’ it appears a Riemannian, elliptic geometry one of the non-Euclidean geometries that completely rejects the validity of Euclid’s fifth postulate and modifies his second postulate. Simply stated, Euclid’s fifth postulate is: through a point not on a given line there is only one line parallel to the given line. In Riemannian geometry, there are no lines parallel to the given line because space enlarges, thus from our smaller perspective we see those lines diverging, and time slows down. And those are the exact effects defined in General relativity.
  • On the other hand the lower quantum scales will appear from our perspective made of point-particles, and those point-particles will appear to be crossed from our larger perspective by multiple parallels. So the charges and particles of quantum physics will show the inverse hyperbolic geometry, crossed by multiple parallels.

Now in this quantum scale time goes ‘much faster’ than in our universe, so when we take measure of it, we actually cannot easily differentiate a spatial and a temporal vision of it. And so the question which is always discussed as if it is a wave density or a wave probability can be interpreted both ways due to the duality inherited to the Universe: it is an electron moving so fast that we cannot see it in a given point and when we capture it is the sum of the points it travels though, or it is a sum of fractal bosons? This is my preferred solution albeit not the standard one.

Ultimately it does not matter to me as duality is essential to my understanding of the Universe. Populations in time and forms in space use the same maths because they ‘ARE’ co-existing. One is NOT more truth than the other because PLANES OF THE 5TH DIMENSION CO-EXIST, so while right now your whole is static in form, your cells are busy, busy moving. This is what never got through the mind of humans who see ONLY one thing at a time, and what fascinates me of quantum dualities – they DO prove 5D metrics.

This said we could introduce understanding that there are ALWAYS 4 true model perspectives the iƒ, informative, Ti, clock-like moving, Se-space and Sp-kinetic energy perspective…. Using the simplest of the 4 (latter analyzed), the Newtonian, Tƒ perspective of gravitation NOT the more complex, iƒ-informative Einstein’s analysis of space-time as still, formal geometry…

Now the analysis of all the elements of space in the 3 scales of physical systems (Se-light space, ST-waves and Tƒ cyclical time clocks) will be obviously too extensive for this introduction so we merely will consider here a few themes:

– First define the relationship between space and energy: se and sp, two sides of the same coin by introduce the still-moving lineal and cyclical parts (Galileo’s paradox and Holographic principle of bidimensionality of time and space state).

– Then study together the space and time symmetries, which is the form and function of the different parts of beings as Tƒ, Tiƒ, Se, Sp.

– Then study together the 5D planes and space symmetry, which explains the fractal structure of the Universe. We shall consider the philosophical aspects of space as a fractal through different 5Dimensions (in other posts we formalize it with fractal equations).

– Finally to consider in other posts the analysis of Tƒ, ST wave and Se fields.

We have study the Tƒ-cyclical time vortices masses and charges, unifying them through the metrics of the fifth dimension in the isomorphism of the zero point.

– Se: We will consider revisiting special relativity the meaning of the Se-field or light speed, which is the constant of space of our Universe (hence a fixed parameter) both in philosophical and mathematical terms. But this part will be put on the description of the first scale of reality – that of light space (∆-3).

And we shall study some elements of the ST-wave transformations, which communicate the two Tƒ, and Se fields in our universe in the analysis of light space-time, as it is really the mother fall battles.

So basically here we give an over all geometric-topological understanding of the space-symmetry, which will be further analyzed in physical terms of parity and chirality on the 3rd and 4th lines.

The 2 asymmetric arrows of the 5th dimension. Physical sub disciplines.

In that regard it is obvious that the asymmetry of the 5th dimensions MATTERs a lot to understand matter and each of the different sub disciplines of physics. So let us enumerate them, with those basic new concepts:

Mechanics is the science concerned with the motion of bodies under the action of forces, including the special case in which a body remains at rest, relative to the observer; that is, as a ‘form of space’, Se, whose symmetry with the same form in motion, Tƒ, requires to analyze Galilean Relativity, as both are indistinguishable.

Relativity gave birth to a lot of literature on physics, considered essential today to understanding of time as a whole, but in true form only related to the first time=change action of reality, ∆a-ccelerations, that is external changes of a particle, when existing in the relative ∆+1 scale of the being.

In the framework of modern physics, classical mechanics can be understood to be an approximation arising out of the more profound laws of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity. However, that view of the subject’s place greatly undervalues its importance in forming the context, language, and intuition of modern science and scientists. Our present-day view of the world and man’s place in it is firmly rooted in classical mechanics. Moreover, many ideas and results of classical mechanics survive and play an important part in the new physics.

It is in fact the other way around, mechanics, ∆o, IS the more accurate and Relativity, ∆+1, and quantum physics, ∆-1 are ‘distorted’ by the asymmetric arrows of 5D and the limited energy transferred from lower scales (quantum bias to information) and information from upper scales (darkness of gravitation).

Thus the task of T.Œ is to ‘open up our eyes’ to the laws of the invisible world of gravitational, dark energy and matter (dealt with in ∆>|3| cosmology) and solve the imbalance or excess of information on quantum physics, which requires functionals (multiple functions) and multiple stories (all the possible information) of the system to be fully analyzed.

Those though are themes treated in ‘General physics’ that studies all the scales together. And will be considered in the ∆<2 and ∆>2 posts of the 4th line.

This said, in many posts, regarding the limited scope of Galilean and Einstein’s relativity, we should not dwell on these themes.

In the graph, human mechanics is concerned with the ‘absorption’ of entropy-motion from the larger gravitational scale of the Universe, U1, by particles of the human scale, ∆o.

– ∆+1<∆o:

Thus, the main field of mechanics is the relationship between matter, ∆o assembles of atoms, without regard for its ∆o Thermodynamic properties and the larger U1 gravitational scale, where mass effects start to appear at the range of Planck’s mass constant, the average mass of a gold atom, and a top quark particle, the boson unit of a black hole, which is the ultimate source of gravitation, in this galaxy.

It follows that the laws of mechanics are laws that follow the isomorphisms of exchanges of energy and information from Un and Un+1. The Un+1 scales provides motion to Un and this motion is superfluid, with no loss, unlike the inverse process in which Un scales provide motions to the Un+1 scale, and this motion is entropy (with loss and disorder).

Hence it requires a different treatment. And we can establish 2 parallel fields, according to the 5D arrow they represent:

– Mechanics: ∆+1<∆o; Heat: ∆o < ∆-1, in which all the energy of the upper scale transfer as motion in the lower scale. So when you move the hand, all your atoms move in synchrony and when you heat a gas all the energy become kinetic motion. In that regard it is easy to see its parallelisms:

Heat: According to the law of energy conservation, the change in internal energy is equal to the heat transferred to, less the work done by, the system. If the only work done is a change of volume at constant pressure, the enthalpy change is exactly equal to the heat transferred to the system. Since all the energy is transferred to the lower scale. H = U + PV : Thus Enthalpy is an energy-like property or state function—it has the dimensions of energy, and its value is determined entirely by the temperature, pressure, and composition of the system.

– Thermodynamics, ∆-1<∆o; where we must add a factor of energy that stays in the lower scale, so only the Gibbs Free energy is available: G=H-ST. G is the available energy, and S x T the entropy that increases with temperature. Thus the more we ‘strain’ to transfer motion through temperature, the less energy we have available, as the lower system WANTS to keep its balances of existence unchanged, and so it has A resistance to get away from its point of equilibrium, as it happens with mass when we try to accelerate it into its ‘lorentzian region’ of death (c-speed).

Thus entropy is only the proof that each scale tries to maintain its balance.

In that regard, we should consider, ST, the energy of ∆-1 NOT available to work, G a parameter of ∆o, the energy available to work, and H = U + PV is the enthalpy of the system, the overall energy, of both scales, that is the sum of the internal energy (∆-1 scale) and the product of the pressure and volume of a thermodynamic system (∆o parameter).

– ∆-2< U1. Electrodynamics (Quantum Mechanics), which deals with the transfers of motion from the particle state to the atomic states, and again we find entropy (loss of motion), which is not transferred and kept into the particle state – albeit expressed as probabilities which do NOT enter the path of least action of maximal probability.

In other words, the present formalism of quantum mechanics is expressed on terms of ‘information-time’ not on terms of its symmetry of ‘energy’ as thermodynamics but both concepts are equivalent

If we understand both Thermodynamics and quantum mechanics in terms of the fundamental equation of physics (Hamiltonian), we shall find a better expression of those parallelisms, only that in quantum mechanics as the graph shows there is maximal information, so we have to use ‘functionals’ (all the possible informative paths a particle might travel), while in thermodynamics we can get away with simpler functions. This subject though is beyond the conceptual parallelism we have established well beyond the ‘introductory level of the 2nd line’ (Should go in 4th line time permitted, or others will do).

So now we go back to our Generator and it symmetries, to describe the elements of each physical subspecies of those scales as organic systems. Which is after we understand it in scales, the next knowledge we extract from beings.

Recap. The UNIVERSE IS made of bidimensional cyclical times and fractal spaces, which merge together to form a holographic 4 dimensional being. The order of all those fractal systems of space-time requires a further 5th dimension of relative scales and sizes in space and frequencies or speed of its time cycles.

The outcome is a 5 Dimensional metric Universe, in which each relative scale of size is studied by a different science.

Now, that we have introduced two of the essential elements of 5D Fractal space-time – 5D Fractal space, we shall consider the 2nd key element, cyclical time and its 3 relative ages-dimensions-motions of past-present and future. To do so first we shall obvious consider according to the correspondence principle, what physicists have so far understood of time, very little initially but quite a lot when we interpret properly their equations.


The thermodynamic scale is that of chemistry, crystallography and the study on how atoms become molecular systems, which we shall study in the next post. So we conclude here the analysis of the isomorphisms of physical systems on the ∆-2 atomic scale and its co-existent scales around it, to focus in the analysis of each of those 3 planes of physical existence, not exhaustively but merely considering in each of the next paragraphs some interesting aspects of the whole thing, to give a sense of how rich in whys and meanings is 5D physics (T.Œ of physical systems).

  • SOME analysis of those scales in the atomic ∆=2 level:

In ∆=2: atoms, the isomorphic quantum scale, similar to the galaxy, we find:

  • The H-He, Li, Be 4 ‘micro-atoms’ with its minimal size-energy S1,2 spherical orbitals, which form an ‘ecosystem in itself’ (with the medium, steady state Helium preying in all the others, which convert through fusion reactions into Helium accounting for its relative hyper abundance) ; the ‘regular atoms’,

The atoms with s,p,d orbitals, from the 5th B, through our C,N,O life family across the metals which add a d-orbital and have in its ‘middle’ steady state, the iron of maximal top predator Sp X Tƒ existential force (perfect nuclear, O-configuration and Maximal Sp-valence variety), through the 56 element Ba. Those are again the dominant forms…


The scales of galaxies are also evident. In ∆=8: galaxies we find, small globular galaxies, spiral galaxies like ours, the regular size, and cannibal galaxies of enormous size that devour all others. And at quantum level we find social scales of masses in 3 families:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 18.26.57

dark macrocosmos

In the graph the ‘sane’ understanding of black holes, which are born exceedingly hot and active, as all ‘seminal species’ in a lower scale of size, on the compton wavelength as a heavy quark particle, and the similar form of the halo of strange matter. this simple scheme, following Einstein’s search for cut off substances for black holes and Witten hypothesis of a halo made of strangelets, now again all the rage in astrophysics (but simply denied by the self-produced safety documents at CERN, who merely say ‘stranglets do not exist), is the most likely structure of galaxies, as it follows all the natural symmetries and efficient, economic laws of Nature (Ockham’s razor). The author has further developed in his work on the scalar fractal nature of the Universe ordered by a ‘5th dimension’ of relative scales, those concepts in his work on astrophysics.

Now the previous graph with its ternary elements, the Halo-membrane of maximal extension in space, which leaves energy and information enter through a cyclical space-time region, the plane of stars, towards a centre of information, is the fundamental system of the Universe, already described by Descartes, who said all is made of res extensa (space), cyclical vortices of timespace and a central point of reference that measures reality or ‘mind’.

So indeed, all can be seen as we have observed in different graphs, such structure. So the galaxy (and the similar atom with its electronic cover, centred nucleus of mass, and intermediate space-time where forces of gravitation and electromagnetism are constantly exchanged) we have just described logically IS not only the fundamental particle of physics, but the fundamental entity of any biological, social system – the key to the unification and understanding of the Universe, as a whole and all its parts, self-centered entities of time-space that put together create the puzzle of the Universe.

The DNA invaginates with Golgi conducts the vital cytoplasm it exploits, surrounded by the faster membrane of proteins, which act in its formal position as a membrane. The magnetic field surrounds the charge and encloses the vital space of electromagnetic fields the charges controls. So happens with a planet protected by its magnetic field that steams out of the central charge and surrounds it. And the galaxy has in its center a black hole.

And it is surrounded by a halo of dense fast rotating strangelet quarks, so the stars and planets within it will become converted into black holes in Nova explosions or strangelets, when the Physicist, duly programmed to extinguish the species according to the Fermi paradox, busy-busy recreates the big bang on Earth (yes I know to be more popular, I should not remember you of this, so you can wonder on the halls of knowledge unaware of the entropic motions of the Universe, but as Mr. Descartes, the very unpopular frozen philosopher would put it ‘c’est la vie’, what is at stakes here, not only the stifled knowledge of the mind, granted if you keep on reading).

Thus ‘Lineal Space, Es’, energy means an expansive motion that ‘extends space’, a planar lineal motion that we see as static space, as dimensions of length and width, or as an explosive decelerating motion.

Now that we know the fundamental difference between ‘open space’ and cyclical time, we can move onto the second fundamental principle of ‘physical sciences’, the Principle of relativity. Again, here a mathematician Poincare defined it at the same time that Einstein, and on my view more clearly, when he said that ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’. And this is enormously important.

Now, once we had the ‘solutions’ (Kerr black holes), the study of those holes was limited by the c-speed turning event horizons, which ‘absorbed’ the light of electromagnetic matter after exploding it, and ‘digested’ it via the weak force, creating heavier particles.


The theoretical difficulty being the 2-spin prediction of quantum gravitational theories based in 2 assumptions not completely hold in 5D physics – the conservation of spin (which in 5D physics might be transformed in upper or lower forms of rotational momentum, conserved only through 3 planes of the 5th dimension, as they become inverted in its emergence in upper planes), which allows to create a model of 2-spin neutrinos as gravitons or inversely the assumption that gravitons do NOT have 2 spin (or rather are made of 4 neutrinos, lineal strings of one dimension, which become the 4 component of a field that forms a complex doublet of spin ½ with the peculiarity observed that both neutrinos and antineutrinos have longitudinal polarization of positive spin.

The mathematics of the model are somewhat complex but essentially mean that neutrinos ARE VERY important, almost as multi-faceted as light space-time is – couldn’t be otherwise as they are the other 2nd background space-time network of the galactic universe. So as nervous and blood systems do have multiple roles in your body neutrinos and photons share all the networks roles of the galaxy.

They do have therefore both boson and fermion ‘nature’ as the weak force they mediate.

This means that we can put neutrinos and antineutrinos together in and 4-doublets, as if they were bosons. Then:

– 2 gravitational tachyon neutrino strings, when put together in pairs of opposite direction form the up and down, particle and antiparticle sides of the magnetic light wave-field.

– When communicated between particles, the fixed distance in gravitational space that allows the sharing of information between the particles at fixed c-speed.

– When colliding with neutrons they catalyze the beta decay, as well as other weak force transformations, in a role similar to the one mediated by the Higgs boson on the top quark faster triplet of heavier quarks.

– When emitted massively and constantly by all type of cosmic bodies the origin of the 3 ‘G’ ‘giant electromagnetic waves’ of the gravitational scale, which form the different transversal wavelengths that order in ternary symmetries the structure of solar systems and galaxies.

Those transversal waves are the only of the many roles of the Neutrino ‘fantaphysics’ (: I confess neutrino gravitational string physics is the only speculative part of 5D Physics of which I have not yet by lack of evidence put my firm on blood), which we will discuss here.

Essentially there are 3 neutrinos which constantly oscillate as they abandon the cosmic bodies that constantly reproduce them in proportions often higher than the photon radiation, forming 3 basic type of gravitational transversal waves, whose combinations allow us to model galaxies and its spiral arms and rotary orbits of stars in the wells of those waves. The same neutrinos structure the lows of planetary waves, and so we can recognize clearly in ternary symmetries a 0.33 short wave of neutrinos of higher energy that crosses the planet crystal centers provoking the well-known Fe-Co-Ni chain of reactions that puts on ‘fire’ the internal energy engine of planets. A longer 5 A.U. wave exists also clearly as it allows to put on its nodes the main ‘Jupiter like planets’.

And finally there should be an even longer neutrino wave that will put in connection stars among them.

In the next graph we see the 3 oscillatory neutrino waves observed together coming out of the sun:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.26.33

Gravitational, transversal, fractal waves shape the structure of galaxies and solar systems, transferring form and Entropy between cosmological bodies, in a self-similar process to the transference of information and Entropy between atoms through electromagnetic waves. In the graph, Titius Law of distances between planets reflects their position in the nodal points of those transversal gravitational waves. In the core of planets, there could be a crystalline or super-fluid zone where those flows of dark, gravitational Entropy are processed, causing flows of heat and matter that make planets ‘grow’.

Below we observe the oscillations of neutrino waves.

Now the 5D model of astrophysics, implies that there are also transversal repulsive gravitational waves, which do account for many of the structures of the Universe, starting by the expansion perceived in intergalactic space-time. This is just the expansion produced by any lineal electromagnetic wave of any range, now in the cosmic scale. Moreover, black holes produce two type of wave-shift that compensates each other and explains why the total space-time of the Universe remains constant:

  • When a wave of light enters the black hole it ‘blue shifts’ imploding space into higher frequency/density of energy-mass. But this effect is NOT seen obviously from far away as it is the inner production of mass within the galaxy.
  • When the wave leaves a black hole region it redshifts that explains the initial red shifting of light as it leaves the galaxy towards us


Organic Patterns in the Galaxy. The why of G-waves.

The closest homology of the 2 dual networks of the galaxy is with an atom in which the central nucleon with max. density of gravitational information and the external electronic membrane interact in a middle space-time vacuum through gravitational forces and electromagnetic photons.

Another self-similarity between scales of multiple space-times might be established in complex analysis between the galaxy and a simple ‘cellular’ organism, which introduces elements of complex biology in astronomy obviously more difficult to accept from a mechanist perspective).

Following the cellular or physiological homologies, the network of dark, informative matter and gravitational Entropy, connected to black holes, surrounds and controls the stars’ electromagnetic Entropy. We know that it was formed first and then guided the creation of electromagnetic Entropy, so we can observe it indirectly and deduce its form from the highly quantized shape of the filaments of light-galaxies that were formed around dark matter (right graph). Thus dark matter acts in a similar way to the RNA that shapes and controls the Golgi membranes of the cell or the nervous system that guides and builds the morphology of the body; while the network of stars and electromagnetic – the slower Entropy that produces the substances of galaxies – surrounds those strands of dark matter. In the cell’s homology ribosomes that create most products of the cell are pegged to those membranes.

We shall consider briefly here 2 of those controversial hypothesis: The possibility that black holes perceive gravitation and the chains of causality between the different scales of the Universe, self-similar to the chains of causality between cells and bodies.

– The most controversial element of a cosmological model based in G-waves is the existence of gravitational information that allows strange, neutron stars and black holes and maybe in the future evolved planets such as the Earth through its machine systems to perceive and move at will within a static field of gravitation.

On the Earth animals use light as information and dominate plants, which use it as Entropy. The hypothesis of complex cosmology is that stars are ‘gravitational plants’ that merely feed and curve gravitational space-time, while Worm Holes are ‘gravitational animals’, which are able to process gravitation as information and control and shape with gravitational waves the form of galaxies, their territorial space-time. They are in that sense extremely simple plants and animals. A more proper comparison would be with a cell, where the DNA molecules are the Worm Holes, the informative masses of physical space; and the mitochondria that produce energetic substances, the stars.

Thus frozen, quark stars could be ‘gravitational perceivers’ in the cosmological realm, as animals are light perceivers in the Earth’s crust and DNA perceives van der Waals forces in the cellular realm.

On the other hand stars would be plant-like, floating in the sea of gravitation, used as Entropy of their motion, feeding on interstellar gas, as planckton does, floating in the sea of water.

Do black holes perceive gravitation as complex animals perceive light, instinctively or mechanically, as DNA perceives the forces of the cell? They probably gauge gravitation in very simple ‘forms’, as a cellular DNA-system, much simpler than the brain of animals, perceives its territorial cell.

That is the supremacy of man in a relative universe were size is less important than form: While all systems process information, man is a summit of form and hence one of the most conscious species. Yet black holes have enough quark complexity to act/react to informative flows, as they seek Entropy to feed on – our electronic Entropy. This hypothesis has experimental proofs, since pulsars and black holes emit gravitational waves and we have observed many black holes following erratic paths through the galaxy, which defy the tidal, regular orbits of stars.

In that sense, multiple space times theory considers that in the same way light waves are the Entropy of plants and the information of animals, gravitational waves move stars and inform black holes, the most evolved celestial bodies, which emit or feed on the Entropy and information provided by those gravitational waves.

Further on, gravitational waves emitted by black holes might reproduce matter on the cores of stars and planets:

If those gravitational waves degenerate easily into quark matter as the jets of quasars show, they could also become converted into matter in the super fluid cores of stars and the crystalline centers of planets, in a process inverse to the Lorenz Transformations; since tachyons acquire more mass when they slow down, trapped by those superfluid and crystalline vortex.

Thus, as light is converted into Entropy in plants, stars and planets will create their ‘amino acids’, quark matter, in those processes. Thus, dark Entropy, tachyon strings would decelerate into c-speed gluons that would reproduce quarks; (as electromagnetic waves become photons and electrons).

There is also a mechanism by which those planets and stars ‘jump’ or change their spin position under the effect of gravitational waves, as electrons do under a magnetic field: the core of stars are made of super fluid helium and the core of planets of iron crystals, which are the only atoms that can absorb the Entropy of a gravito-magnetic field to change its motion.

Finally, all those events will have a ‘why’ in the 4 arrows of the organic Universe; since they would represent the feeding, matter reproduction, informative perception and social location within the galactic or planetary network of celestial bodies, equivalent to the 4 whys of the 4 quantum numbers, described before.

Recap. Gravitational waves accomplish the 6 arrows of time for celestial bodies, as the 4 quantum numbers describe those arrows for electrons.

Intermediate Space. Gravitational Waves and Solar Systems.

Now gravitons are massless just because it is considered to be a force with infinite range but this is not the case. The gravitation we study works within galaxies. Outside galaxies it should be the dark energy field, which is repulsive. So gravitons do not need to be massless in 5D. They might have the neutrino mass. It remains therefore to accommodate somehow the 2 rank tensor of gravitation, which determined 2 spin gravitons to convert them into ½ spin, as neutrino ½ spin seems to be proved. I will on the 4th line, charged with mathematical physics adventure my solution, but at this stage, those are questions, which require far more serious maths than this 2nd line can hold.

We thus will consider the following proposition: Gravitons are ½ spin, do not have infinite range – nothing does in 5D, ‘are’ neutrinos, create gravitational waves that communicate galaxies and maintain the structure of galaxies as single organisms, form the second background of the galaxy along the light background, representing the duality of any organic system, and originate when used as strings that connect two atoms in opposite directions a photon of light.

As I said the mathematical analysis goes to the 4th line, but it cannot be otherwise within the organic structure of the galaxy.

The reader in that sense must understand how T.Œ works: any of the 4 analysis possible of an event – the mathematical, most detailed one – the mental and action oriented from the zero-point of view that survives, and apperceives automatically the Universe, seeking for energy and information, iteration and social evolution; the organic spatial one of 3 space-time elements communicated through the rules of ¬Æ geometry, and the temporal, causal of the 3±∆ planes of existence, ARE necessary to SATISFY and qualify a system, event or form as truth.

And vice versa, each of them can properly define an event. And so we give an o.25% of truth to a theory with a mathematical consistence, a 0.25% when such theory satisfies the organic paradigm, another 0.25% when it defines the 5 actions of a system and another 0.25% when it defines the 3±∆ ages of the system.

This of course will be contested for decades if no centuries till T.Œ is accepted if ever by mankind. It does not matter to me. The point here is that at this stage of ‘inflation’ on mathematical physics one can easily find a theory for everything. So the way this post is constructed is simple. Unlike the classic scholar of physics which have no intention to define organically, temporally and from the perspective of actions its systems, but merely will work out equations of physics, twist them (today not even coherence is required specially when dealing with the internal space of black holes the external dark energy and any other region not experimentally evident), and then seek for with expensive machines to find parallel Universes, muinos or whatever.

T.Œ does not work like that. What I do is to start with the organic structure of a system, then to define it in space as a simultaneous organic system, then in time through its 3±∆ges and then normally as a third stage to work out the mathematics of it, because they are closely related believe it or not with the 4th element, which are the space-time actions of each ‘mental point of view’. So basically we work in 2 blocks: the spatial and temporal symmetry on one side, and the actions o space-time of the 0-point of view and its mathematical equations on the other side.

In this 2nd line I will work out the space-time symmetry and refer to the mathematical and space-time actions and constants very briefly. We are making in this introduction an exception, for the sake of representing to the specialist the full concept of T.Œ, considering in more detail the Neutrino ‘affair’.

During the 1930s there was great interest in the neutrino theory of light and Pascual Jordan and Max Born, and others worked on the theory. We are here talking of 2 of the 6 foremost fathers of quantum theory. So it is not to be taken lighter (Jordan worked out the matrices of Heisenberg, as a better mathematician and Born the probabilistic theory of Bohr, which only give the idea). De Broglie and Fermi also worked it out, but there were some obvious problems to it. The one most often mentioned – that a photon is not a composite particle is silly. To start with is composed of a myriad of H-planktons and if we get to see it in detail it will grow as any fractal point to cosmic dimensions – to become a quasi-star of the string world.

Now this was understood first by Dirac, and with many of the ambivalences of quantum theory, only made reasonable with the 3 different perspectives of 5D physics (scale, space or time), as any point from an upper scale view is a fractal of populations (space view) or probabilities (time view). So we should choose the description that better fits a phenomena, as related the OBSERVER’S experiment and the OBSERVABLE through one of those different perspectives, all of which add truth to the analysis (but only all together describe the multiplicity of the universe):

Some time before the discovery of quantum mechanics people realized that the connection between light waves and photons must be of a statistical character. What they did not clearly realize, however, was that the wave function gives information about the probability of one photon being in a particular place and not the probable number of photons in that place. The importance of the distinction can be made clear in the following way. Suppose we have a beam of light consisting of a large number of photons split up into two components of equal intensity. On the assumption that the beam is connected with the probable number of photons in it, we should have half the total number going into each component.

If the two components are now made to interfere, we should require a photon in one component to be able to interfere with one in the other. Sometimes these two photons would have to annihilate one another and other times they would have to produce four photons. This would contradict the conservation of energy. The new theory, which connects the wave function with probabilities for one photon gets over the difficulty by making each photon go partly into each of the two components. Each photon then interferes only with itself. Interference between two different photons never occurs.

So indeed, photons do split into its h-plancktons as electrons do split into its photon cells, and so on. It is just the point of view we adopt. From our ∆o perspective obviously both electrons and photons are point particles but also waves smearing its components. The same with neutrinos. We see a neutrino ∆-3 beta decay as a single particle-point but we do see a neutron star ‘beta decay’ at ∆+1 as 1059 neutrinos rushing out.

So how we can manage all that? Through parameters which are ‘integrals’ of space or time quanta, such as energy. So we find that the proportion neutrino/quark mass-energy in beta decay is the same than the proportion of neutrino/star novae mass energy, a 10%, which incidentally is once more the decametric scale of 3 x 3 +0 elements of 5D theory.

(5D strictly speaking would be a 10 Dimensional theory of 3 spatial components, 3 time ages, 3 scales of size-time speed and a 0-point pegging it all together, but not to scare too much the ‘primitives’ I decided given the idolatry to Einstein and his 4D concept to call it 5D call the 3 dimensions of time, 3 ages, whereas 4D is the present age, and so on.

But if there was some respect for it, of course I would use the 10 Dimensional analysis which is much better for the full ® model, anyway that is how it was originally written 24 years ago; and so one can imagine if we are still here by 2140, some Chinese congress on 10D rewriting the whole thing on the proper 10 D formalism. In that sense 10D means 10 parameters to fully describe a system, which are 10 parameters in General relativity 10 parameters in string theory, 10 systems in physiology, 10 is then the number of the game).

We have so far settle down just for 10 isomorphisms.

Now that is clear that light is NOT a point particle but can be treated in many ways what the Neutrino theory of light means is merely the ‘feeding of light’ in its lower gravitational scale, the use of neutrino and then light by other particles, Fermion < Boson > Fermion to communicate and ultimately the beginning of a creation of a network between particles and or stars that ‘cements’ the internal structure of galaxies to make them ‘galacells’, not mere rotary systems with no connection between its parts.

The point more difficult is how to match the polarization which is different, and how to find a mechanism that makes 2 neutrinos to couple together into the photon, in ‘lineal fashion’ to avoid the problems of obtaining its Fermi statistics from Bose-Dirac ones.

Jordan’s hypothesis that the neutrinos are emitted in exactly the same direction eliminated the need for theorizing an unknown interaction, but his hypothesis seemed rather artificial and was ignored. However it is precisely because neutrinos are the first communication act between two particles, entangling them that this is in T.Œ a must. Jordan obtained exact Bose–Einstein commutation relations for the composite photon – a longitudinally polarized photon, as commutation relations for pairs of fermions were similar to those for bosons:

Bosons are defined as the particles that adhere to the commutation relations:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.27.04

The difference is minimal – a mere ‘delta term’

Specifically the size of the deviations from pure Bose behavior, ∆ (p, p) depends on the degree of overlap of the fermion wave functions and the constraints of the Pauli exclusion principle. which is cancelled by a Raman effect in which a neutrino with momentum P+K is absorbed while another o with opposite spin and momentum K is emitted.

But again that is precisely what 5D T.Πrequires: a particle communicates with a second particle, which absorbs the neutrino and emits in the inverse direction a new one.




We can find it in the cellular tissues of animals, as described by Miller, a pioneer of GST in his book Living Systems, in star formations, from binary stars to globular groups to galaxies with more than a billion stars, when the ‘DNA nuclei’ of black holes is formed and the ‘system of stars’ emerges as a single whole; to human and mechanical societies, to smaller ‘super organisms’ of ant, normally around a million elements, to even smaller military formations, mostly formed from the legio to Gengish Khan orders to modern armies around the 9+1 perfect tetraktys, the magic triangle of Pythagoras:


Let us then consider the study of those Social scales between ∆-scalar dimensions, which are analyzed in each ‘scientific scale’ in more detail.

This S10=∆+1 final scale though will continue growing from the birth of the ‘fetus’ into larger and larger beings, through 3 processes:

– Age growth through the ‘isomorphism’ of time ages, till reaching its plenitude in the Tad, adult age of maximal ‘activity’ and duration or steady state (the classic 4 Dimension studied by physics) in which the growth of the being reaches a maximal.

– And then through 3 relative ∆-scales of slow evolutionary time-growth, from microorganisms, to medium ‘superorganisms’ to macroorganisms.

Thus S9, gives then way to a full being which should evolve in search of further perfection. We prefer the terms, joined in single words, to differentiate them of the common use of science. So for example in the multicellular Life scale, there are:

  • Microorganisms
  • Insects (the superorganism scale), the dominant family of the Earth by numbers of individual and species.
  • Chordates: Amphibia, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals, the macroorganism of maximal size, which came to dominate insects only when man ‘reached’ a higher ∆-scale of organization through its use of ‘metals’


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