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Foreword. The fourth line

In the final line we study each scale of the Universe, its main species/superorganism and its 5 Ðimotions, 3±i scales and topologies, in more detail, considering them in a dynamic temporal manner, as the system emerges from a seed of information or mind that generates an emergent super organism that will live through 3 ages, co-exist in 3 scales and become part of a larger social world in which it will perform those 5 Ðimotions of exist¡ence between birth and entropic extinction. So we first introduce in this post the 3×3+2=11 Ðisomorphisms that conform an atom-galaxy in either of both scales, studying briefly each of those elements.

The -3 scale.

Atoms, symmetric to galaxies of the +3 Plane.

In this post we shall study the ¡-3 scale which in the nested fractal Universe corresponds to the ¡+3 plane of the galaxy. That is the galatom is the minimal -¡ scale of the galaxy, and as such it is also self-similar in many ways, to the point it remains to be considered if the galatom is indeed an ‘atom’ (or rather anti-atom), of the cosmological scale

In between there is our ‘plane’ of thermodynamic interactions that ‘drinks’ both of the larger, slower cosmological gravitational forces of the galatom, and the faster, stronger, more informative content of the smaller quantum scale in which the atom resides.

The Galatom observed as a mere particle-point is an atom. We can then model the Universe with Walker-Einstein’s metric, whereas the galaxy is taken as a hydrogen’s atom, considering other galaxies as composed of atomic particles of growing size.

But inversely we can study it from the upper perspective of the gigantic human observer, made of a few quintillion galatoms, a Universe in itself. And within this – also distorted perspective – wonder at the vital properties of the particles that make up the galatom.

The distortion between the atom and the galaxy might be though mostly caused by the human perspective, which is elliptic – reducing information on the galaxy, and hyperbolic, increasing information, on the atom, given its much faster speed of time.

How do we go then about studying both, and its similarities? Both using its organic, verbal, logic mirror-properties and its quantitative ones. But the comparison is not necessary except to ‘settle’ certain questions about the nature of forces, unification equations, coupling constants, and hierarchy problems. It is there when the similarity between the external galatom force (the dark entropy between galaxies), and the electromagnetic force between atoms help to explain the repulsive forces between them.  The atom thus helps to properly model the galaxy in the context of an infinite, eternal, steady state Universe, where forces are the expression of the Ðimotions of its vital entities, atoms and particles, galatoms and Black hole stars and light stars.

The Galatom as an atom is better understood than as a galaxy. Though we can trace much better self-isomorphisms both ways.

So this post is complementary as we said, to the ¥e post that deals with quantum physics mostly on wave, hyperbolic, iterative topologies/ states (photons/electrons) of the minimal background space of the galaxy, which reflects the whole.

Our interest here is on the particle/atom state; that is, on the accelerated time clocks of nature (vortices of time or mass-particles). As we have developed a full theory of forces in the previous post.

The galaxy atom is the ‘solid’ last scale above and below perceived from the ∆º humind, at i=±3, the scale of perception of forces as pure motion or pure form in the limits of our ‘being’. But we shall not introduce this parallel analysis, which we reserve for the posts on the inverse astrophysical galaxy-atom, and bring some of its elements in the ¥e post on quantum physics, as we Do have enough knowledge of the atomic scale as to study it in itself, without need to compare it with the similar but NOT equal scale of galactic vortices… Instead we just shall follow the procedure of other posts and study its Disomorphisms with the ECD method (experimental facts and correspondence with classic theories, enlightened further with new insights provided by the space-time properties of all systems of reality).

The particle-atomic analysis though cannot escape to reflect the astounding fractal parallelism between the cosmos made of galatoms and the atom, and each of its parts. Some examples will suffice:

  • The inner region of the atom, its nuclei, is made of quarks and bosons, which are symmetric to the inner world of the black star (formerly known as black hole) with its heavy quarks and ‘bosons’, which are actually mesons of particle-antiparticle equivalent to the bosons of color-anticolor. And its formalism and metric are the same. So we can unify protons and black holes in 5D as both have the same Schwarzschild radius. So goes with black holes of the size of an electron as a particle-point with spin, as both have the same magnetic moment.
  • The 3 regions of the galaxy are equivalent to the 3 regions of the atom, the cover of negative strangelet (Witten hypothesis) equivalent to the electron; the internal top quark black hole equivalent to the proton and the middle quasi-empty space equivalent to the world we live in which stars can be modeled as photons…

But fractals are similar not identical, so while we will find those astounding symmetries – i.e., the octet of mesons and the octet of gluons; the parallelism of the strong force and the gravitational force; the electromagnetic force and the dark energy and so on, it rests to a collective effort of theoretical physicists and experimentalists to fully study in its maximal detail this parallelism to conclude a fundamental metaphysical question: are absolutely identical the galaxy and the atom, distorted merely by the different point of view of humans looking ‘above’ and ‘below’? Or it is a fractal. In the first case for example, it means we are immortal, identical particles to many other Is in other planets, in the second, we shall never repeat.

Let us then be a more precise in this question, central to the metaphysics of 5D considering the case of galaxies as antiparticles and the symmetries of mathematical physics and its operand.

We have already explained what is the game about: 3 asymmetries of scale, age and form, which can come together or annihilate and each language represent in different manners, the most well known that between:

Names (forms) and verbs (motions); colours of blue and red, form and motion which can either be played reproductively into green or anti-complementary into yellow, the colour of eviL destruction, of gold (:

It is all in the codes of colours, we shall see even in the game of Nature.

All is in the codes of the Universe and its operators, also clear in mathematics, with the duality of inverted operations, + -, X ÷, √ xª, ∫∂.

IT IS ESSENTIAL THEN to understand ‘existential Logic’ and its space-time inversions, which represent the fundamental logic postulates of reality:

  • That S≤≥T, but also SxT=K±¡, So, S=k/T.

So systems advance through inverted Steps and Stops which balance each other, since the equality of both sides of existence coupled with its paradoxical inverted properties make all systems finally a virtual zero sum, balanced across steps and stops, Dimotions and Scales, represented in the logic of human formal languages notably mathematics by equalities of ‘dimotions’ as functions of space-time (Sx=Ty) in different mirror-languages, and so we shall find constantly those balances are needed in Nature and represented in logic and mathematical language. 

Some examples of physics will suffice.

So the simplest method of extracting a meaningful quantity of information on a being or event requires to comment on the 4±operands ‘5’ perspectives, even when we study as we do in the first line, those elements in themselves. In this post we shall deal thus with time from the perspective of space, time, symmetries, scales and mind languages that ‘stop it’ in the singularity of t=motion zero, from black holes to eddies to charges, to brains to frozen genetic DNA…

Since a particle and its social organisms, atoms in ∆st are simple vortices of accelerated time-clocks.

In that regard, the ‘primitive, materialistic’ outlook of the modern jargon of physical sciences has hidden for very long the ultimate nature of those particles, expressed by Einstein, unaware though of its full meaning, in terms of the Principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass, which defines a mass as an ‘accelerated vortex’ of time, and by extension and mathematical Unification (see ‘mass theory revisited’ where we use 5D metric to unify charges and masses), the same concept works for the two other main physical scale: thermodynamic vortices and charges.

Thus cyclical time defines the vortices of space-time of the 3 scales, or singularity-masses (gravitational scales), thermodynamic vortices (eddies) and charges (quantum vortices), which can be unified as attractive vortices (time view) or space curvatures of the 3 scales:018-02-16 at 7.59.50 AM

In the graph we define as physicists do with the dual equation of Einstein, E=Mc2, the main vortex of time, a physical mass. It is the best jargon and it should be adapted to describe  charges and eddies by translation of the ‘baroque’ electromagnetic jargon to the concept of a vortex of time, as expressed simply in motion terms by Newton, or in great detail through simultaneous imaging by Einstein. Essentially all the different views on gravitation are ‘inflationary, informative linguistic mirrors’ of the same view: a vortex of time (Newton), that attracts and encircles energy (Lagrange-Hamilton), in an entangled world (Einstein), where all the elements ‘enclosed in a membrane’ (horizon of the time vortex, angular momentum etc), contribute as terms to the vortex, in a similar fashion in which the strong force does within the atom… since the scale of gravitation within the galaxy will be found to be equivalent to the scale of strong forces within the atom.

As we show in the post on force unification, then q and g becomes: curvature (Space view) vortices ime view) of two scales (∆±i view) on the two upper and lower limits of @-mind perception; solving the hierarchy problem and ultimately completely opening our experimental understanding of quantum worlds, as we can see it in reverse from within as macro-galaxies. Protons then appear as top quark positive frozen stars, aka black holes; electrons as strangelet negative halos, and in between the far less dense photons become stars.

And so we can establish 2 fundamental Disomorphisms to study the whole as a series of kaleidoscopic mirrors:

-The atom-galaxy, for quantitative, mathematical physics modelling.

The concept of course has been around for long. EFE (Einstein’s field equations) applied to galaxies (Einstein-Walker formalism) is actually modelled to simplify calculus with galaxies as hydrogen atoms; Schrodinger’s equation was used by Wheeler to find a quantum formalism for the Universe; string duality considers universes and quantum strings the same; astronomers model stars around central black holes as photons, etc. But without a deep philosophical model of the fractal Universe provided in this blog, all those mathematical isomorphisms have been merely considered ‘techniques’ of calculus. The reader thus should be aware the mathematical physics – albeit complex to the level of specialists, do exist and what we shall beyond the Unification equation in Newtonian terms, introduce here is the depth of philosophical analysis and the Disomorphic properties of atomic galaxies.

-The second Ðisomorphism is that of the galaxy-cell (treated in cosmology) which shows the organic properties of astrophysical galaxies. This is to my knowledge completely new stuff, but rather obvious: DNA-black holes with gravitational forces, and protein, lineal strangelets, encase the vital space-time of electromagnetic and gravitational flows of energy between both, which structure the waves of the galaxy. And both control the mitochondria stars that become on the long term the energy food to reproduce more black holes and strange stars (pulsars). 20 years ago this seemed madness, but today everything comes together to the surprise of astronomers to validate the organic model of galactic growth:





S@ Disomorphisms

0th Disomorphism: MON@D: Œ-Point x ∞ World = Constant mind Mapping.

What is the mind of the atom? The answer is simple: its spin state as a particle-point.

As such its mind is restricted to certain ‘positions’ in which its ¬Æ point observes the external world.

Charge is the vortex of space-time of the particle world, the minimal level. Since, the galatom is a super organism, which must follow the same metric 5Ð equation:

$(c) x ð(h) = K… in all its scales to be able to act as a super organism in which energy and information can travel through its scales.

And that is indeed the case, so we have a ‘starting’ metric for all the mathematical physics involved within the galatom.

Next comes then to classify the possible ‘Ks’, that is the scales in which the galatom interacts, as a physical organism, in the 3 ∆±¡ scales of the galatom. And this gives us immediately in the Planck system of natural units, 2 super organisms, the charge:

Q²4̦πεo= h(ð) x $ (c)

And the mass:

GM²=h(ð) x $ (c)

With our ‘thermodynamic scale’ in between.

It is then interesting, following the Disomorphic method, in which we prioritize the scales in which perception is maximal, to fully grasp what as charge and a mass is to realize that actually the product of the charge or mass for its curvature is a better meaningful concept, GM and Ke.

Since the Thermodynamic metric is PV= NkT, whereas PV plays the role of GM/Ke and NkT the role of hc, which we do NOT measure directly in our scale. Thus the mass and charge have two components equivalent to a volume in space and an inward pressure motion or gradient in time (ST), which gives us a ‘vital space’ of energy for both species.

While in the other side of the ch metrics we find for thermodynamic systems, an obvious measure of ‘speed/kinetic energy’, temperature, on the ‘large scale’, playing the role of c and a unit of ‘information’ nK, which actually is the inverse parameter of entropy.

Since the human scale is one dominant for entropic, disordering information; hence unlike the spin units for the limiting ‘ordered’ charges and masses of the quantum and cosmological scale, our unit of information or informative time arrow is entropic (measured in gases). But if we were to consider the solid state, that entropy would be decreasing and so we would talk of the inverse procedure, of creation of information by reduction of temperature.

So those are the 3 scales of the galatom, whose equations will be studied in tehefourth line in more detail, as this is an easier verbal analysis of its organic structures.

It is the alpha and omega, the 0 and 10th isomorphism: the point of the mind, site of the will, which orders the system internally in its ∑∆-1 parts and perceives it as an ∆-whole, part of its ∆+1 society. The topological center of a sphere, which can according to Poincare’s conjecture represent without deformation its whole world in the infinitesimal fractal, non-Euclidean mind point. It is in fact the complementary isomorphism to the 0 (mind) and 1 (generator of symmetries), as the whole is perceived by the mind and it encompasses the understanding and guidance of the whole territorial structure of the being.

It is then evident that quarks are the mind of atoms.

Quarks, their Œ-points perceive gravitation, positioning the atom with its ‘mass’. Crystals in its ∆+1 molecular scale are Œ points with a clear dual Tƒ, informative topology.

1st disomorphism: Fractal Generator: Its 3 organic/networks: Spe≤≥ ST≤≥Tƒ

The 3 parts of the atom display the 3 canonical topologies: Strong forces and quarks are described with hyperbolic topologies; the electronic body forms a concave, external sphere; and in between spiraling toroid forces transfer energy and information between both poles.



2nd Disomorphism: space-time dualities: $t≈ðƒ

The atom has clearly two components, the informative ðƒ nuclei of quarks and the $t electron of larger motion, lesser informative density. Yet as we are ‘electronic minds’, the electron matters to us much more than the atomic nuclei, which from the pov of thermodynamic beings is quite irrelevant to our exist¡ence.

The atoms’ Space and Time dualities, can also be cast in terms of its Energy and Information components and conservation principles.

Atoms follow the wave-particle duality.

We see atoms as motions NOT as particles.

Atoms follow the particle (life-information arrow) antiparticle (death entropy arrow) duality

5th Disomorphism: Its 5 Dimotions=actions and forces: ∆(æ-4; ï-3; e-2; œ-1; û+1)

Thus now we can easily describe its main 5 actions derived by those Dimensional components across its ∆±4 Fractal planes of existence: ∆æ-4 (acceleration of motion), ∆ï-3 (perception), ∆e-2 (feeding), ∆œ-1 (Repetition), ∆ §10≈û+1 (social union)¹.

4 forces express the 4+∆ actions of atomic systems:

ƾ-4: Gravitation moves them.

∆ï-3: Quarks, their Œ-points perceive gravitation, positioning the atom with its ‘mass’.

∆e-2: The atomic energetic membrane (electrons) absorb ¥-rays of max. Energy

∆œ-1: Max. E-lectrons x Max. Tƒ-quarks masses create organic atoms. Both reproduce as particles. Atoms communicate ∆-1 bosons described by its main equation: Œ:Fermion<|∆-1 Bosons> Œ Fermion

∆ §10≈û+1:  ∑+∆: The strong force and its derivative, the nuclear force evolve socially quarks into bigger Atoms.

∏ (-∆): Molecules capture Atoms in chemical reactions, forming networks with atomic cells. I.e.:

Emergence: Tƒ-π and |-s ∆+1 molecular orbitals absorb individual atomic orbitals.

3rd Disomorphism: networks and social classes (hierarchies in space).

The brain of the atom is the informative quark, which controls it with in-form-ative gravitational forces, its body is the electron nebulae, its energy, the forces of gravitation.

Its Existential Constants: SxT=existential momentum, S/T=speed, T/S=density ∆±1=hierarchy/scale.

The most developed field of atomic physics is the quantitative study of its Constants of space time entropy, energy and information.

We study the system quantitatively, through its Constants of Action, and its Social Constants, all of them determined by the ratios of exchange of energy and information between its 3 elements. This is the most mathematical detailed analysis after the qualitative understanding of all the elements of the being.

6th Disomorphism. Creative diversification: 1,2,3,4. Chirality, Gender and scalar families

100 different atoms exist, according to those constants. The binary element is the n-p duality of ‘dead’ and alive atoms, which act as dead wood in forests, sustaining the ‘active’ 0 x Ø, proton-electron system (beta decay duality). So the bigger the atoms are, the more wood/neutrons they need. The entire field is highly mathematized, and needs merely to add an organic interpretation of its equations.

Types of particles 

We show now the processes of creation and diversification of a given species. We study its gender dualities and its topological varieties caused by $t, ST, ðƒ differentiation:


In the graph, the duality of $t-Fields (bosons); ST-electrons and ð-quarks and the 3 ∆±1 families create the fundamental particles of the universe.



7th Isomorphism: Its ages and evolution:

its 3±∆ ages in time…and its evolutionary ages in the ∆+1 plane of species.

Its time equation writes: Sp<S/T>Tƒ:    Sp<c²>M(t)

Thus |-energy becomes Tƒ-mass, E=Mc2, since Energy is lineal acceleration & mass is cyclical acceleration, by a mere topological change of the form of motion that transforms into the other.

Atoms are born seeded by its ∆+1 star super-organism, as unconnected plasma, fusioning and reproducing bigger atoms in a scale of ∆ information (atomic table) & dying with a reversed energetic big-bang arrow (Max. Sp), as they approach its 102∆ Z-number of ‘time units’ (relative to each species, i.e. we die close to 102Ñ years) in Fission events.

Atoms have 3 families of mass, and we postulate the existence of ‘heavy dark matter, bct atoms’ likely substance of black holes.

8th isomorphism. Cyclical motions. THE world cycle and its sequential 5 MOTIONS OF ATOMS ARE CODED BY QUANTUM NUMBERS, and so there are the ±4 quantum numbers, along inverse directions of its dimensional trajectories.

∆±i Disomorphisms

9th Isomorphism: Its metric and planes of Existence: ∆±4 Fractals

In the study of particles, painstakingly as they did not have the ‘basic truths’ of space-time symmetries (still don’t) physicists discovered that the proper representation of the quantum world was not only a wave (Scrodinger’s equation) but also a particle, that is the motion and stop duality, so they moved to the Klein-Gordon equation; but then they had to marriage those equations with relativity on the limit of our c-light spacetime (full c motion); so they have to find a balancing opposite rotary motion, the spin, also on the verge of c-light speed (Pauli matrices); but then they realize they have the imbalance of + particles without the counterpart (- Particles), so Dirac widened those Pauli matrices to bispinors that represented the needed counterpart of antiparticles.

Yet then they found there were in the Universe more particles than antiparticles. Where are then the antiparticles to balance the zero sum? It was found in the post-war age but still misunderstood that a certain force, the weak force, they incorrectly tried to model as a spatial force, when it is A FORCE THAT EVOLVES PARTICLES INTO HIGHER SCALAR families of the fifth dimension, preferred to create ‘particles’ in its way down (entropic arrow of devolution from heavy top, bottom, strange quarks to lighter ud-quarks), first in the Strange kaon decay and just recently at the LHC in a much wider ‘angle’ (20% of excess of protons over antiprotons), so it follows that if the ‘next scale of matter’, the black hole world of heavy quarks and ‘black quark stars’ (see our posts on 5D astronomy), favors in its decay to the smaller world of atoms, particles, in its way up, the ‘galatom’, or physical upper scale of the Universe will have galactic antiparticles, as it is the case (our left-handed galaxy has most of its mass as an anti hydrogen does in the outer halo, NOT the center)…

So we observe in fact the existence of inverse balances in all the directions of the fractal Universe,in steps and stops of S=T balances for the 5 Dimotions of existence, hence in between the O-¡, غ, |¡ different scales that will show to ‘change its role’ – so for example proteins are lineal, but in the next scale of ‘4D topologic warping’ form globular shapes… and so on and so on.

All this must then be properly described relating it to the different operand of ¡logic, which we shall adapt from classic algebra, at the simplest level (leaving for future researchers the full-fledge discovery of the whole model, in very specialized elements, such as those of quantum physics in the wrong Copenhagen interpretation with its unneeded conjugate normalization and apparatus).

There are in that sense an ‘a priori’ sets of rules for all sciences, motions and dimensions, species and events, in simultaneous adjacent super organisms that balance limbs and head, locomotion and perception, entropy=death and informative generation, merged in reproduction (the 5 Dimotions, then cancel each other, and keep reproducing the present); all of them based in the 3 simple logic statements translated with those operators:

‘That space and time states of form and motion balance each other, S≤≥T and yet their properties are inverse in 5D metric, S x T = K±¡, but isomorphic in all scales (K±¡).’

The astounding beauty of the 5D model of reality then arises from the fact that we shall extract all the laws of reality from that simple statement, in all the required detail as we just have done for the world of particles that so complicated appears to the physicist which lacks this basic understanding of the parallelisms, perpendicularities and inversions of space-time systems in all scales of nature.

Then we find its internal hierarchical social class structure and exchanges of energy and information among its ∆±1 scales (the cellular/atomic ∆-1 plane, the individual and ∆+1, social/cosmic plane, where the being exists and which remains co-invariant through its inter-actions. So we analyze the closest world around it, through the perpendicularity and parallel laws of Non-Euclidean geometry’s ‘3rd postulate’ of similarity.

10th isomorphism. Social scales. §10

The ‘metric’, Scalar Space-time Generator equation which describes all its Space-time dimensions and isomorphic planes: ∆±4=SpxTƒ. And it allows to study its ∆-4, motion, ∆-3, information pixels, ∆-2, energy quanta, ∆-1 seminal seeds, §10≈û+1, social scales, ∆+1 super organism, ∆+2 world and that’s about it. We do not really care for its ∆+3 galaxy (-: and beyond.   And so now that we have it almost all said, we define the ∆ST structure of the being, with its specific generator equation in which the whole is represented, with all the previous data. This generator equation completes our understanding of the being.

 Metric: According to the co-invariance, Sp x Tƒ = K, smaller, faster vortices of quark-mass are ‘faster’ ‘time clocks’ than bigger Sp-electronic charges, attracting more, since mass is an accelerated vortex of gravitational space-time (Einstein’s Equivalence Principle between mass & acceleration.)

Atomic social scales are based in 3 languages:

  • The inner language of strong forces up to 100-1000 range of particle societies.
  • The outer language of electronic valences, up to millions, emerging into ∆+1 molecules.
  • The spatial language of geological, magnetic field up to quintillions,  in which crystals can reach atomic numbers unlike any other organic system known into the Universe.

Finally we consider the last phase of its evolution which is social – for the most advances species, which transcend into a higher ∆- plane of existence through §10=(3×3+∆)¹° scales.


Two Quark Triangles and 2 Universal Membranes. Families of mass.

There are 6 quarks, whose mass increases as the speed of their space-time vortices increase. Physicists divide them in the III horizons of evolutionary mass, with increasing mass/information. Yet they ignore the reason of those 3 families (the 3 horizons of any evolutionary system of Entropy and information); they ignore why they have different masses (because the speed of their vortices increase); they ignore why they have fractional charge (because they are bidimensional vortices, which must lock in triplets, to form a 3-dimensional space-time, harmonic with the electronic, 3-dimensional world we live in); and they ignore which kind of fractal cosmological forms they create (pulsars and black holes):

On the other hand, it is important to understand and classify particles, the understanding of the 3 ‘ages of evolution’ of information represented by the 3 families of mass and quarks, which are ALSO IN CLOSE SYMMETRY WITH THE UPPER cosmic scale, and the 3 regions of the galaxy, the Top quark star center (black holes modeled as top quark frozen stars, with positive top quarks as the boson cut off substance), the middle region of up and down light human quarks and the external negative charged, strangelet halo. Thus the symmetry is obvious:

3 ages of evolution of mass of increasing form: I, II and III families of quarks.

3 regions of the galaxy: Top quark black holes, up and down matter, negative strangelet halo.

Symmetry between atoms and galaxies (protons positive top quark holes, negative electrons, strangelet halo) 

Unlike the usual spatial classification of quarks in pairs proper of classic physics, in complex physics, we divide the Universe in 2 membranes, the dense, informative, gravitational, mass/quark membrane and the electronic, light one and we consider species of the gravitational, informative membrane to be tendencially ‘time events’, as information and time are related, and so quarks and black holes are better described with 3 temporal horizons and hyperbolic topologies.

In the graph, a more detailed analysis of the parameters of the main particles of the standard model. For simplicity, Neutrinos, which are better described not as particles in space but wave- events in time that transfer momentum between both gravitational and electromagnetic scales (reason why their ‘3 species’ mutate in time, as they travel to the earth), are ignored: The 6 quarks of the standard model are reordered in 2 ternary groups. In the bottom left, we observe the electromagnetic membrane and its elements. In the upper right side we observe the gravitational, quark world.

The graph, which is the standard model of Complex Physics, applied to quarks, requires no Higgs. Instead the top quark of self-similar mass in the upper vertex becomes the final evolutionary state of the Z+W particles which in a weak event transform lighter particles into ‘dark quarks’.

Its enormous mass means it should exist a new decametric ‘scale’ of super-strong forces, and the proper model to study the breaking of symmetry is not the Higgs but the Technicolor theory, whereas super strong top quarks should turn faster than light, be components of black holes and emit dark Entropy at 10 C speed, the next scalar force of the Universe that fills intergalactic space.

However in reactions at lower energies, Z and W particles never reach enough stability to become ‘parts’ of a top and so they quickly devolve into lower mass-states, which explains most of the reactions observed in accelerators, mediated by temporal, weak forces, which therefore have no spatial symmetry.

If we order particles by mass self-similarity in triads we observe 2 different atoms and 2 different quark-gluon soups, made of 3 types of quarks, dominated by their heavier quarks of each triangle:

– The up and down quark create the light atom. Yet when they are deconfined in a quark-gluon soup they are dominated by the most massive strange quark, which creates the superfluid vortex of ‘strangelet’ liquids or ‘ice-9’, responsible for Nova explosions.

– Charm and bottom quarks form a dark atom, dominated by the most massive top quark in a dark gluon soup, which we shall call ‘gas-9’, as it would be the most explosive substance of the Universe, responsible for Super-Novae and quasars and maybe the big-bang of a cellular Universe.

Thus if strange quarks create strange soups, top quarks will do the same with dark atoms; and if strangelets are components of strange stars, top quark liquids will be the components of top black holes.

This symmetric scheme is unknown to physics; so it lacks a visual understanding of what dark atoms (bcb particles) are, and why strangelets and top quark liquids are stable enough to form quark stars:

In the light world, the ud quarks and electron form the light atom. In the dark world, the cb quarks and the tau electron form the dark atom. The reader can now see that basically the two worlds are differentiated by a fractal scale of 1000=103 Electron volts. In terms of static, fractal dimensions, this merely means that the world of top quarks is warped by a new SU3 group of dimensional form. It is more complex, more informative as it has 3 more dimensions of warping; or 3 more degrees of rotational speed in a dynamic perspective.

Imagine that inside the original vortex of our light-quarks there is not the eye of a hurricane, but another scale, another vortex, another medium, rotating 10 times faster in 3 dimensions. Thus this inner world extended into lineal Entropy will mean we need 103 = 1000 times more Entropy to create it.

The rotational speed of that inner vortex will be 10 times higher – 10 c – but the Entropy needed to create the new 3-dimensional fractal world or inner scale of motion of those top quarks will be 103 fractal dimensions of rotational speed/mass. Thus the dark world of heavy quarks is 10 times faster and 1000 times denser 9.

For the same reason the electron of the lighter world is lighter than the tau electron of the dark world. If our light world is a 0.c<10 c world the dark world is a c<10 c world.

Once this concept is clear, the self-similarities become evident: the world of 0.1c light atoms, which creates our matter and the world of c-strange quarks that creates quark stars must be matched by a world of dark atoms and top quarks, which creates the world of black holes. So black holes are top quark stars.

Let us show how the quarks of the 2 membranes increase their mass (we round here figures so the reader can easily follow them):

In the graph, the strange quark is the top predator quark of our triangle of light matter made of udu atoms. It is between 30 and 100 times heavier than our matter. While the top quark is the top predator quark of the triangle of dark matter and its bcb atoms, and it is around 100 times heavier than those bcb quarks. The strange quark and top quark are around 100 times heavier than the ud and bc atoms.

Since the equation of a mass vortex is U.C. × Mass = w2 × r3, mass is proportional to the square of the rotational speed, w, of its vortex. So we have 3 decametric scales of rotational speed:

C/10, the speed of rotation of electrons, and the ‘ud’ system of quarks of our atoms, which in this manner are in harmony with the electron vortex that traps them.

<C speed for the strange quark or top predator quark that causes the breaking of symmetry of our matter, as it creates a faster attractive vortex, deconfining the quarks of our world, liberating them, and blowing the electronic wave into radiation.

In the graph, the bosons of both worlds are also self-evident: The photon is the boson of the electromagnetic world and the gluon is the boson of the gravitational membrane. The symmetry between the 2 quantum theories of electrons and quarks is a clear proof of that symmetry.

Both theories differ because the quark-gluon soup is more informative and has a more complex, ‘network-like’, ∏-structure, while the electron is basically a herd, with a loose ∑-structure.

The 2 forces (electromagnetic and strong forces) and the species evolved from them also change the parameters of Entropy and information of both worlds, according to the basic symmetry of the Universe, e × O = k, expressed in quantum physics by the law of range. The lighter world thus extends further in range/space and weighs nothing. The tighter world of dark quarks extends shorter in range and weighs/attracts one hundred times more.

It is only left to explain the role of the muon, which weights exactly what the strange quark weighs and the Z+W= top, which weighs the same also than the top=Higgs particle.

So again we find a clear symmetry between them: Those particles are self-similar to the top and strange quark, perceived from the other side of the dual membrane; they are their self-similar ‘ghosts’ in the light world. And they can be found as evolutionary steps in the creation of strange quarks and top=Higgs quarks in the processes of transformation of electronic membranes into dark, strong gravitational membranes.

And the Higgs7? It is not needed and it is an impossible particle since a scalar boson breaks the isomorphisms of complex physics and a new force/membrane it is an invention without experimental evidence that would also break the symmetry of complex systems (like an organism with ‘2 nervous systems’). The evolution of lighter matter into the top, mediated by the Z and W particles (which should be considered the same particle in a time perspective; that is, the +, neutral and – states), is performed by a top quark/antiquark condensate (Nambu), which breaks the symmetry of all other types of matter, converting it into more tops that will condensate into a quark star or black hole. In biological terms, to break the symmetry means to kill as a top predator quark, the strongest particle of the Universe, all other forms of lighter matter, to feed on them and to convert them into a self-similar form of yourself.

In the same manner, the strange quark breaks the symmetry of our lighter quarks transformed into strange quarks and strange liquid (strangelets). It follows that SUSY particles, which also contradict the isomorphisms of balance between Entropy and mass/information and have never been found, do not exist either9.

Because quantum physicists lack the tools of complex physics and the understanding of mass as information, all this is blurred in their equations. They do describe perfectly all those reactions with enormous mathematical accuracy as Ptolemy described better than Copernicus the movements of planets. But to do so they need complicated mathematical models as Ptolemy did. A model of complex physics with both arrows, Entropy and information, is far easier to understand as it explains topologically and in terms of cyclical, causal time events many whys of particle physics.

Recap. Mass is physical information – an accelerated, bidimensional vortex of mass (dynamic perception) called a quark, which can be described also in space (Galilean Paradox) as a non-Euclidean network of fractal gluons (static perception described by QCD theory). Quarks must be understood as ternary events in evolving time, and classified in triads, belonging to two different scales of the gravitational world – the strange world with c-rotational speed that interacts with our world and the dark world of top quarks that rotate at 10 c speed and form quark-gluon condensates called black holes. They are vortices of top quarks, the top predator particle of mass-information of the Universe.


I. Organicism: Dimotions, scales & Disomorphisms.

II. Absolute relativity vs. Constructivism.


Physical T.œs are not different from any other spacetime organism as it traces its worldcycles of exist¡ence. Its differences might be in fact considered to arise from the human point of view, the @-MIND observer:

The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori topologic, organic=scalar, and cyclical time properties ignored by present science, and better describe with tense verbs (the 3 ages of time and its causality) or 5D metric (the laws of scales) and biology (darwinian survival, organic laws, physiological networks). In that sense mathematical languages work better for the fine detail and how, but the why requires those other properties and languages, including the metalinguistic analysis of its ‘mathematical membrains’ and its mirrors.

In the graph any non-E point or monad, ab. pov, is a perceptive focus of flows of non-euclidean energy and information that anchor it as a knot of time-space flows. If we call those flows generally a boson flow of entropic motion and information, the point will be an ¡º perceiver of those T.œ-¡ of smaller size. Then those povs will start to move through the 5Ðimotions of existence as anything else.

Abstract. The fractal, organic model of the Universe in 5 Dimensions of space-time, we shall call Dimotions as they are ‘topological’ dimensions, that is dimension with internal motion, and 2 of them are ‘fractal’, that is defined as process of evolution of parts into similar wholes (5th scalar dimension proper) or its inverse dissolution into parts in death process (4th dimension of entropy)… requires to add more complex properties to the present analysis of science. Hence the title of our philosophical article on the first principles of science: I-logic physics.

A world with more Ðimotions of time space have novel organic features, born of:

-The co-existence of those scales with a common metric, (space size: $ x speed of time cycles: ð = constant: E, which in physics is the concept of energy equalled in the 3 scales to h($)  ƒ (ð) =k(S) x T (ð) = c² ($) x m (ð) )…

-Novel mathematical features, requiring to redefine a Non-Euclidean Point that allows multiple parallels=flows of energy and information to cross it as a fractal point…

-And novel penta-logic features, as it is an entangled Universe in which the interaction of the 5 arrows of time as ‘actions’ summoned up into ‘worldcycles of lie and death’, which requires a non-Aristotelian logic.

This logic features includes the realization that the ultimate cause of the fractal structure of reality is the existence of topological mirrors, images that shrunk reality into monads-minds, non-euclidean points focusing forces into still forms of a language that define finally a pan psychic universe.

So we talk of all physical entities as ∆@st, dust of space time with ∆-scalar properties reflected in the science of analysis, @ mental properties, described with different self-centered coordinates, spatial, topological ones and temporal cyclical properties; far more complex and enriched that the straightjacket ‘magic, creationist’ philosophy of a Universe with only mathematical properties and only those of a single lineal spacetime continuum, proper of Aristotelian causality A->B and Euclidean mathematics (despite some confusing upgrading made in quantum and relativity regarding the 5 non-E postulate we shall expand, and the nature of dimensions, we shall ‘shrink’ from infinity to a pedestrian 5).

So we talk of a Non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian, living Universe, or ‘I-logic reality’, where I stands for the next letter after A and E, and also for the L of living. and the ¡-number used to define the scales of reality – an ¡logic Universe studied by ¡logic physics.


…it is then obvious: to explain the most general laws of Ðimotions of spacetime beings.

It thus set a limited number of logic propositions that can happen when a system or group of T.œs interact through its 5 Ðimotions, as an point of view, can potentially change its state between those 5 Dimotions, and the limits of its function of existence, such as the being can only exists without permanent disruption of its ‘vital constants’, (conserved energy, angular and lineal momenta – energy and membrain). All systems ca exist with the infinite cut-off limits of space (membrain) and time (death), which are set as part of the fractal Universe.Only the whole if potential or real in existence can be talked off as a function of infinity but not perceived.

So a point will start any of the 5 Ðimotions and we need formal symbols to address the Ðimotion of any being in existence, and the states of switch between Ðimotions.

Does the being stop before switching Ðimotion? If so it would simple to establish then for each sequential steps of a being:

∆¡ Ð1,3,2,4,3…. and so on as a simple 5 letter process of the actions of a being (whereas 4Ð entropy refers to feedings not dean, only in it final state being ‘that entropy’… So we know all sequential of a being ends in 4Ð.

Can then we run a sequential for any species through its life as a complete deterministic sequence?

There is there the sequence of all sequences, the perfectworldcycle=life sequence?

This question might seem too far fetched for the minute description of freedom, but could be calculated on virtue of the rules of efficiency, which will make more probabilistic the behavior of an individual series of Ðimotions by any Tœ¡.

When dealing with physical systems it seems their Ðimotion program is more strict and deterministic.The entity though in all scales will ultimate set itself to a series of sychronicities in its program of existence that might make more deterministic that it seems the entity, as certain Ðimotions (notably reproduction and feeding) are quite anchored into a present determinacy as wanted by the point of view and necessary to its survival. So those ‘necessary Ðimotions’ establish a pattern of synchronicity specially between the lower more deterministic physiological scale of the being and the organism ¡º. At cellular and atomic level ten the entropy reduces within the superorganism as the choices of the ¡-1 particles seems to be minimal.

Entropy thus is reduced whenever AN ¡º particle of perception is found on a system, forming a whole. How this mind exists as @ membrain that has control on the vital energy, to conserve a ternary being is much the study of state physics both in quantum and thermodynamics. A system will be then in a state which will be essentially one of its 5 Ðimotions with a periodicity that increases on the ‘base Ðimotions’ that happen all the time, such as the different hierarchies of Ðimotions express its main sequential ‘states’:

1Ð->2Ð, being the commonest stepping, between the stop, perceptive particle/head position and moving body-wave…

This base ‘motion’, which we could call stop and locomotion, position and speed, ‘momentum’ as a dual step 1-2Ð is then the main subject of study of mathematical physics. 

There is though a natural continuation of those essential Ðimotions, when locomotion scatters also internally the being, loosing its ‘membrain’ faster speed of ‘herding’ of the vital parts of energy of the being.

Such 2Ð<<4Ð as internal death though is the end of the T.œ¡ so it means the end of the game. It is more often the case that a 1-2Ð motion is accompanied with a 4Ð absorption of energy by ‘entropically dissolve’ a smaller ¡-1 system sending it further down ¡-3 while extracting from it a pure $t-1 vital energy to power the system internal parts.

So another common world cycle is one of 1к<2й<<4Я¹, whereas we use the script to signify the ‘¡-type’ of particles involved.

That is a system stops, perceives, directs with lineal inertia the system through 2Ð locomotion over a field or towards a field of energy, 4 Я¹, in which it will feed.

And this cycle is now truly a deterministic common cycle whereas obviously there is much more 1D-2D states than 4D, which in turn will ‘trigger’ 5D internal generation at the ¡-1 level of the Tœ.

So we can then see how 4 Ð-1 triggers activity at T.œ-1 cellular/atomic scale, digesting it.

We can then see how a ‘natural existential regime’ of deterministic behavior that keeps balancing, 1Ð and 2 Ð, wave-particle states on one side, and particle/wave/field, 1Ð<2Ð<<4Я¹ processes will then define the regime of fermions and bosons in their interactions in a relative present ‘continuum’, ‘charged space-time’:

The two limits of sensation, the exhilarating wave that erases form in pure motion, the particle still state that perceives and gauges information entangled to other particle, fermion and boson, still to each other – hence in our scale with a c-constant speed, are the ultimate components of the complementary reality.

The commonest physical wave is an act of communication between two ‘fermions’ (¡º particles) that share ¡-1 bosons in a wave-particle constant Step between both, as emitted from its spin positions towards the place of the other fermion. Such boson particles then will virtually be transferred in a series of minimal imprinting in the lower scale (Uncertain carriage quantity, h/2)

The capacity to use the field of lower h particles as a virtual transmitter of ‘replicant information’ to the inner self of the fermion particle is essential for the interacting Universe and as such all particles can transmit by transferring part of its self information through the h medium in which it sends its limited parts:

In the graph as two fermions enter communication through a boson wave, it will transfer part of the inner Ot information, by the frequency and composition of the fermion. How many times the particles must ‘web’ reality as they transfer information should follow the natural building up of dimensions. That is if Ot can perceive |e, it must have done so at minimal ‘present’ space perception for a lineal force that has been ‘obscured’ between them. This Planck scale distance or ultimate background in which the particle operates we might for lack of any ‘other smaller particle’ to represent it, consider the neutrino background, of 10¯³³ cm.

The ‘string’ scale tentatively a neutrino background will then be non-local, which can be explained in terms of local time paradoxes as the product of two ‘Feynman’s past to future future to past electromagnetic backgrounds, which make the past-moving wave infinite, non-local as it takes the same c-time to make the v=s/t speed 0 and hence the distance traversed infinite.

Infinite though does not exist in a fractal paradigm, being always the infinite a relative zero from a larger perspective, infinities are normally to be cut-off in the presence in space of a discontinuity or membrain from another T.œ¡, as horror vacuum does exist: the fractal Universe is completely packed with networks virtual or real depending on how deep the T.œ¡ in 1Ð mood is observing.

As a general rule though we take the one discovered for light, as the collapsing (graph above left) wave means information traveling from future to past, and the expansion of entropy of the wave is perceived as past to future motion, in the field of the humind which is either quantum or thermodynamic (being heat a reversal of ‘arrow of time’ as the system transcends between scales).

Such as when we move from quantum order to thermodynamic disorder in the transition stage in which h become k and frequency temperature, and populations of n-Boltzmans – the ghosts of the thermodynamic machines – populating the heatosphere.

In this hypothetical landscape if we were to adopt the pov of the particle, the background present spacetime will let us see a front view of a far away particle to which we can then address with this information, which in our macro scale appears as a neutrino shared between both particles, the other particle sending it back another neutrino wave, which form, then a neutrino-antineutrino pair coupled as a photon (photon theory of neutrino light), which gives origin now to a present speed.

It has though emitted a past to future or future to past wave, the particle? This IS ESSENTIAL 5D PHYSICS, as the particle’s pov is that it can ‘act in future to past electromagnetic or past to future emissions’ according to his production of ‘high frequency collapsing waves’ or ‘low frequency dispersing waves’. So the particle MUST constantly use this capacity to navigate the quantum world.

Once we know further on that the motion of the whole as a larger form that has the capacity to emit to the past electromagnetic information – to its lower world – this makes the larger whole extraordinary more powerful in its control of the lower scale, which in act brutally will treat as mere heat entropy.

In the future astrophysics won’t have a preferential role in the collective mind of the Earth as all systems will be studied as parts of the whole world cycle of existence of the super organism of the Universe, made to the image and likeness, and so the enormous beauty of the fractal Universe implies that any part regardless of size will have a relative singularity-point around which a hyperbolic body-wave will iterate its cyclical motions under the same ‘isomorphic laws’ of reality – The power of the whole further on breaks any constructivist theory of it, as the whole can send to the lower planes information from the future to the past, which collapses the wave (electromagnetic theory). Such local travels to the past are essential to allow the synchronicity between future to past systems that co-exist in fact in the same present even if the whole for the being who receives its information thinking it travels to it from the past (though it came we know for the whole point of view from the future) .

That we cannot see the whole because it appears to us either simultaneously in the logic present or in fact as a future system which controls us with collapsing waves of information that seem to come from the present-future in our distorted view of all informing coming to us, being messages from the past.

If this seems complicated it is complicated. The future co-exists with us de facto, being the future the whole displaced into the future, sustained by our creation as parts, but controlled by a flow from future to past from upper to downwards scales, which treat then the lower scales over which they have such overpower, as pure entropic, indistinguishable boson numbers, that will accept their imprinting and travel to us carry slavishly our information or else.

Death by entropy is the else which the whole uses to apoptosis of the lower echelons.  The super organism is absolutely cruel with its ¡-1 minions and it shows on the deterministic obedience it achieves with them.

Let us play with equations, E=hƒ=mc² means, the whole will control the thermodynamic heat which controls the quantum waves, which control the potential quantum field and all those scales run for the galaxy between cc and h, the spin angular momentum and squared speed planckton and cosmological scales.

The description on the multiple mathematical mirror of that event can be done from the pov. of fields and then particles and waves appear as ‘excitations’ of the field, or from the particle pov. (Broglie-Bohm realist description) where the particle decides by the ‘angle’ at which it perceives the external world constantly through ‘spin state changes’ the direction of its motion (or its inward state of slow motion when in left-handed projection of the spin into the wave).

The spin angle thus is the way we can perceive the particle’s change in the program of its Dimotions and should be considered the first 1Ðecision of the being.

 Let us then consider in brief the paradoxes produced by those constant spatial mind creations, to fully justify why we don’t just explain straight reality from a single perspective as it ‘seems to be’ for the humind… but require first to understand the 5 main ¡logic paradoxes of the 5 components=Ðimotions of the being to grasp the infinity of its world cycles.

4 PARADOXES: ∆§-Continuity v. discontinuity; T-motion v. S-form, young; lineal $t-flat v. old ð§=curved Universe; EGOCY vs. Virtual Existence.

The biggest handicap for mankind to r=evolve into a higher order of thought IS the fact that individual minds are self-centered and see only a single plane as a continuous surface of space-time, which therefore becomes for them the only reality, albeit it is just a mapping on its mind.

THEN physicists establish measures on that still reality, a mapping of light space-time fluxed in the mind as if it were all and consider those measures absolute truths. This is the ‘positivist’ selfish praxis of the humind ordering its territorial Universe, and so it is the unavoidable form in which technological science will always happen. But if we want to explore science in its latin meaning as ‘knowledge’, truth in its higher degree – ‘philosophy of stience’, we need to go further in our thought experiment, seeking the selfless, multiple truths of the being and beyond into the Tao truth of ∞ beings.

Which by definition will be the pentalogic of the being and the paradoxical logic of the Universe of infinite monads, each one self-centered into its point of order, hence fighting all other beings inverting their points of view. To that aim we establish 4 fundamental paradoxes based in the oppositions between the being and the ‘non-being’ (paradox of the selfish Ego vs. its virtual existence); and within the being, the ternary oppositions of its ∆ST structures, between its larger ∆+1 world that will seem continuous and its inner ∆-1 parts that will seem discontinuous; its open, lineal youth, and closed ordered 3rd age and its motion, entropic and formal, mental states; all of them balanced in its ‘present, classic age and body states’.

WE CONCLUDE THAT ALL SYSTEMS OF REALITY are made of topological space, cyclical ðime, Scales and 0-minds, which they use to perform 5 Ðimotions of spacetime, actions of exist¡ence that allows the system to survive, exchanging energy and information with the environment and replicating its forms in social herds that become new ∆§-planes of the fractal Universe. And that is the fundamental particle of reality a super organism, and its structure made to the image and likeness of the whole.

In reality once you get accustomed to the fundamental 5 Ðimotions and 4 parameters, space, time, scale and mind display by all super organisms of §t¡ence things really get simple as you can always refer all phenomena to the ultimate 5 dimotions of reality, or if we group them in ‘ternary symmetries’, to the scales, spatial topologies and temporal ages of the being.

Yet there are so many variations and iterations on those simple themes that the Universe seems infinitely complex and extended.

Ultimately though all comes to some basic I-logic principles derived of those ternary symmetries.

We shall call them Galilean paradoxes because the main one between motion and form, is the paradox of Relativity that started modern physics and the others can be illustrated with one his discoveries – that of Saturn’s rings:


The paradoxes of space and time is the key to understand the paradoxical laws that rule the exi=stiences of space-time species, which occupy a certain organic space and last a certain time. They are all embedded in the topological ternary nature of form, and the different quantity of information (discontinuous) and entropyy (continuous) we perceive in larger spaces (max entropy) and smaller ones (max. information) according to the deceptively simple metric of 5D:

Size in Space x Speed of Time cycles = constant: $ x ð = K

Dis-continuous paradox.

In the graph, Saturn’s rings are not a mathematical plane made of abstract points, despite their continuous appearance. When we look at them in detail they become in fact quantic planetoids in movement, tracing orbital cycles around the planet. They illustrate the fundamental paradox of perception:

Any piece of time/space seems continuous, from the lower ∆-1 perspective, as larger planes of reality with slower time cycles transmit less information, and we peg it together those bits of information, jumping over its dark spaces; but when we analyze its parts in detail, we receive more information so the system becomes discontinuous, made of space/time quanta moving in cyclical paths.

Thus of great importance for all sciences are the dualities between the ‘extreme scales’ of the being – its ¡-1 discontinuous cellular/individual scale and its ¡+1 continuous larger world, observable for example in the quantum discontinuous vs. Einstein’s continuous larger cosmological world, or the discontinuous cells and the continuous membrane that encloses the organism inits largest view, including the infinitesimal mind, and so on.

The key to the Unification of Organic and Physical Sciences is the solution of one of the longest disputes of Physics and Philosophy of Science regarding the nature of space and time: are they continuous as Einstein said or discontinuous as quantic Physics and Biology pretend? Time and Space are not a continuum as Einstein thought.

There are in the Universe infinite clocks, forms of reality that trace discontinuous, temporal cycles; and infinite pieces of spatial energy, quantic spaces, divided by membranes, borders and discontinuities, both in organic and physical entities.

The quantic nature of space and time today accumulates enough proves, despite the respect that Einstein’s work still causes, as to be the cover of prestigious scientific magazines. And it will revolution all disciplines of science, since all of them use those 2 parameters to explain their species and laws.

It also implies the equality between energy and space on one hand, and between time cycles and bits of information on the other. The only real difference between those concepts was the pretended continuity of time and space Vs. the proved discontinuity of information and energy. Thus now we talk of 2 concepts that suffice to explain reality:
- The space and energy of any quantic being, homologous concepts, both in Biology (where we talk of organic space) and in Physics (where the vacuum is considered a form of ‘dark energy’).
- And the bits of information or temporal, genetic memories and cycles of any being.

Since information is stored in memorial patterns that accumulate over time and it is processed in a cyclical manner, as time is. For example, we measure a computer’s informative capacity in Mhz, or quantity of temporal cycles of information the computer processes each second.
The 2 fundamental substances or states of reality are thus spatial energy and temporal information that we will call, when properly combined, temporal energy.
We are made of energy and time, which our mind often perceives as fixed space and fixed information, but are truly organic, moving forms.
And so the analysis of the relationship between fixed space and ‘moving energy’ and between cycles of time and ‘information’ is essential to understand what we are made of, and how we perceive those 2 elements in ourselves:

And we call its perceptive dualities of ‘Endophysics’ the Galilean Paradox, as humans perceive the Earth still as a whole space. But as we increase the quantity of information=truth we perceive it becomes a rotating, moving mass of atomic clocks (‘e pur si muove e pur no muove’).

Definition of a Dimension as motion and distances.

The first truism of scalar space-time theory, is the concept of a fractal, scalar Universe that becomes fractal, broken, discontinuous, grows in size, creating new ‘isomorphic scales’ and acquires motion, when we observe it in detail.

Thus the universe of space-time in a less detailed relativistic perception is unique, continuous, still. But in detail, in a quantum vision has motion-’—motions’, it is discontinuous, made of ‘fractal quanta’, which show cyclical clock-like motions – hence it is made of infinite time cycles and fractal spaces, which are organized in scales of size, which grow in information and speed of its rotary cycles when we come closer to them, as fractals do.

And this transition from continuous abstract, ‘background’, absolute space-time to relative, scalar, fractal space and time cycles, with more information of which all things are made is the essential change from classic 4D to 5th dimensional sciences.

The duality of motion-distance is similar to the way we see a car moving in a night picture as a fixed line, or the stop and go duality of a film projector, which is perceived as motion. And it has deep implications, which help to resolve many uncertainties of physics. The next graph illustrates this and other dual paradoxes of endophysics –motion vs. stillness; continuity vs. discontinuity, single space vs. fractal scales, all of which depend on the detail of the observation – hence the quantity of information we have on the object we study:

In the graph, Saturn’s rings, first observed by Galileo, seem continuous, still and bidimensional from far away; but observed in detail they become discontinuous in motion and made of 4D spherical particles.

Moreover, what appears as a single space-time continuum in detail becomes at least 3 scales: that of the rings with cyclical motion, of its particles, the rocks that turn within them and the not seen but known scale of atoms that create the solid networks of those rocks. The ‘present’ state of science deals mainly with the single space-time continuum of the more ‘obvious’ human scale studied in terms of ‘present’=differential motions, ∂t, with minimal latitude of time. The 5th and sixth dimensions deal with a longer duration from the absolute past (birth of the entity) to its absolute future (its death), when evolutions of form, frequencies of multiple åctions and cycles of creation and extinction happen.

The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion state and a still state, together:

All entities exist in a dual state of internal, ‘vital’ space with no relative motion between its parts and external time motion. All has a function in time and a form in space. As Schrodinger’s cat, all is dead and alive…

The Paradox of Galileo explains those dualities of motion and stillness, continuity and discontinuity and the fractal scale of non-Euclidean points, which grow in size and form according to the point of view of the observer. Yet since motion, discontinuity and fractal structure becomes evident as we come closer to the object, increasing our information and the truth of an entity is a direct function of the quantity of information we have of it, a Universe made of motions NOT substances, of discontinuous, fractal space-time, not of continuum fixed space is more truth.

Thus, all systems must, by the paradox of Galileo, be defined in time and space to achieve a complete description of an event. Yet the fractal, discontinuous, moving, scalar description is logically more truth. Indeed, in the formalism of Non-Aristotelian logic, ‘truth=information’ is measured in terms of probabilities and is a function which increases proportionally to our closeness to the entity we study and so it reaches 1, when information and truth become the same only when we occupy the same space-time than the being – that is, as Haldane put it: ‘Only the Universe (or any being) has all the truth (information) about itself’.

So we define the dual nature of dimensions: ‘A dimension is a motion perceived as still extension or distance.’

Hence motions of particles and reproductions of waves can generate dimensions. In the lower scale dimensions are in fact defined by the reproduction of lineal strings, laterally, into bidimensional planes and 3 dimensions by the reproduction of a cyclical closed string into tubes.

In the Universe at large, space is a planar vacuum, teaming with energetic motions that appear at a large scale ‘as fixed’ space-distances (quantum vs. relativistic view); and its ‘units of substance are rotating Galaxies, their time-clocks. Some consequences of this Galilean duality:

– The vacuum of our scale of space-time is made of light, which can be seen as a single sheet of fixed space-distance or as electromagnetic motion at c-speed. Since vacuum is filled even in its minimal energy density by a background radiation light – a fact that explains the creation of virtual particles, the first condensation of ‘—motions’- space into light waves or clocks of time (closed light paths, which start with the ‘first’ clock, the electron, a condensed density of light photons).

– Galileo’s paradox explains the immortality of the Universe, since a Universe made of motions cannot stop.

We are made of space and time, of spatial energy and temporal information. When we say I don’t have energy and time to do this is because we know subconsciously that we are made of a vital space that contains energy, our body and a brain that regulates our time cycles.

So it is a machine, made with a computer, sum of digital clocks and a body of iron regulated by those cyclical clocks.

So it is a physical entity made of energy that occupies space and particles, masses and charges that MUST be described as clocks of time, ‘vortex’ that turn in cyclical motions, as our pictures of them show – NOT particles with a substance but knots of time clocks.

Thus we consider that most systems of the Universe are ‘complementary systems’ made of lineal fields/bodies of energy/space quanta and cyclical heads/particles of temporal information. In the graph we can see how reality is made of infinite clocks of time that carry information. So we blow the absolute time of the 4th dimension in infinite details: T=∑o

And we blow the single Space, S in infinite surfaces of energy in motion: S=∑Sp.

Since in the new paradigm there are infinite clocks of time that measure with different frequencies different forms of information. And there are infinite spaces that store energy in motion.

And the duality between those 2 ‘arrows or motions of space-time’, |-Motion, space or ‘—motions’ and cyclical motion, clocks of time or information, either perceived in stillness as lineal or cyclical form or in motion as lineal speed or cyclical speed structures the Universe.

All what you see are combinations of those 2 essential substances, very complex sometimes, but combinations of 2 elements, and the laws of those combinations is what the 5th dimension studies, since once we group them all we find regularities, synchronicities, patterns tat allow us to define space and time as a whole.

In the graph we see ‘—motions’ forms (lineal bodies, weapons, fields of energy-light) and its complementary systems of information processing of time processing (cyclical eyes and cameras, electric fields of light).

Each clock creates a discontinuous space-time, whose cyclical perimeter of in-form-ation encloses a piece of energetic space breaking reality into ∞ formal patterns; different time cycles with specific forms and frequencies. Thus the use of a single human clock that equalizes all of them misses 2 features of each of those time cycles:

– Its specific forms of in-form-ation in space, which gives birth to the main topological laws and Isomorphisms of the 5th Dimension (I).

– Its different speeds or frequencies. Since cyclical time is measured not by duration but by frequency, its inverse function: ƒ(t)=1/T.

The paradox of Young, Motion vs Old Age, informative stillness: freedom vs. order.

A key element to understand the Universe of scales and its paradoxes of freedom vs. order is the perspective any mind has of reality when looking above, to its upper whole, which controls it through invisible networks of information, hence creating an elliptic perspective of decreasing perception – dark view of larger scales we do not observe, from invisible informative networks in galaxies to invisible financial networks in societies to invisible nervous networks for cells. On the other hand in the same scale we have a flat, euclidean geometry of maximal perception with minimal distortion:

While looking down to our smaller inner world we rule it with networks that break into fractal webs of simultaneous control, or hyperbolic view. This ternary view of reality has immense consequence from theory of knowledge, to mind constructs, from sociology of power to galactic organic models of a Universe ruled by invisible black holes and dark matter. We feel thus free as individuals but are controlled from above by the larger whole and rule over our micro-parts. As Shakespeare said: we are all kings from above, commoners or buffoons.

Another paradox happens between the dualities of the young, open, moving lineal age of the being and its old, still, curved, informative, cyclical one, which also manifests when we ‘expand in size’ and have a larger pov, where the flat earth to put the classic example becomes curved. And related to it the paradox of the opposition between time-motion vs. space-stillness.

It is the most complex and multifaceted of them all. As it defines also perception, and the wave-particle states… and ultimately the ego paradox…

When we add the fact that all systems move in a wave, mindless, ‘foggy’ state but gauge information from its still language/point of view, as a ‘particle-head’ they confuse with the whole Universe:

‘Every point of view considers the world it perceives from its self-centered still language the whole Universe, with ¡tself at the center’.

This is the paradox of egocy (ego=idiocy), which humans of course also show in extreme form, specially physicists with enhanced digital, mechanical instruments of measure. It is THE MAIN paradox of the mind.

Yet as the mind states are implosive reducing external motions to inner forms, the selfish-informative state is pposite to the young, mindless free moving state of the mind, focused on the external larger ¡+1 world:

The young moving state living externally ultimately sees an unbounded Universe; because the larger world in which it exists is only observed in its entropic and energetic parts; not in its information coming from networks above the being which are invisible.

This requires a bit of thought. Beings are nested beings, ∆±¡ structures, where ¡ is the larger whole and -¡ its minimal units used for the being to control informatively its inner parts. So paradoxically, the larger wholes which seem slower do have smaller parts in its inner informative networks which are faster; the larger wholes feed also in smaller beings. For example, the galaxy, which seems slower is regulated by non-local gravitation and dark entropy, we do not see because it is faster than our c-speed (so we think in a field of dark entropy that space is enlarging as we see its motion as invisible distance: paradox of the big-bang). The larger whale eats the smaller Plankton we do not see. The larger globalized metal-earth of company-mothers of machines controls nations and people with invisible flows of instantaneous digital money, we do not see or understand; the larger brain, with its giant neurons controls the smaller chemical cells with invisible flows of faster nervous messages.

So the being that lives in the larger world, sees it slower, and sees itself faster and free, but it is often bounded within the being that will limit him with its outer membrane and within, it will manipulate and strike it down, when needed with its faster informative network.

The ego paradoxes of the infinitesimal self-centered being.

∞º: EGOCY PARADOX Humans’  interpretation of the Universe is limited by their ego. It is NOT a problem of intelligence as many huminds have stretched our information but of ego. I.e. Self centered Huminds refuse to give living, organic properties to reality when it is too different from them. So physical systems are denied its Ðisomorphic properties.  The problem of human ego is so huge that we must always doubt of ‘science’ as culture and study a priori any human statement as biased by anthropomorphic egos – the sure path to discover the falsehoods of science. This is specially truth of physical statements, whose egocy comes as Goethe already noted from its higher technical senses, telescopes and microscopes that made him think more intelligent than other scientists. So man becomes the only intelligent being, the one who measures, the only one who speaks mathematics of measure, the language of God; reducing knowledge to locomotion numbers. In the graph, the homunculus physicus’ mind with handyman craftsmanship to kill with entropic weapons, a big mouth to talk idologies of human supremacism over the organic Universe he measures and a small childish brain filled with numbers that understands nothing.

Of all this dualities come the many paradoxes of the ego: The larger whole always appears to us dumb, because we do NOT perceive all the information of all its ∆±¡ scales, where our +¡ is smaller than its +¡, and our -¡, slower than its -¡.

So the intelligent Universe makes us feel our young ego free; and bold. The older mind though knows it won’t change the order of the larger world.

All of them in any case will see reality self-centered, in its mind that measures only a limited distorted amount of information, because the ∆º mind cannot perceive beyond its ∆±3 scales in which it performs its Ðimotions of exist¡ence, and thinks it is in the center of scale, as it is the region where its measure is more precise and from where more information flows into its mind.

Further on to fit in its infinitesimal all those dimotions, it eliminates motion and keeps dimensional form, in a fractal, smaller mirror images, converging towards the mind. So it sees reality still because it can gauge better its information, but unaware in its naive realism that its language is just a reduced mirror, it believes the being is still because it is dead. Reality is always dead for the scholar, academic mind that cares only about the language, without even realizing the language is WHAT IS DEAD, still, motionless.

The intelligence of the mind thus is truly a reductionist full paradox to keep each monad at its relative center, all of them, ∞º of existence. 

And so the ego paradox of the still mind confronts the entropy reality of the moving Universe; the ego-mind and the whole confronts the moving, disordering more powerful whole; and ultimately this is the eternal fight between the mind ordering, wanting to live eternally and the universe of motions, wearing, disordering it, killing it back to dust of space-time: ⌜𝝙@st.

So the 4 main ‘paradoxes of reality’ become then the paradoxes most common in all futile arguments of sciences in search of single humind dogmas. For example, those 4 paradoxes are at the heart of philosophy of physics. They are called in physics the paradox of relativity of motion vs. form that started classic physics, of continuity vs. discontinuity that divides quantum and relativity, hence starting modern physics, the duality of flat vs. curved, open vs. closed free vs. ordered, that is at the heart of ‘young physics’ (flat earth?!), and the ego paradox of the mind that measures and thinks to be above heavens and earth vs. the entropy arrow that will disorder it and physicists due to their worldly profession of making weapons prefer (without renouncing to feel as the scientists with better machines of measure, the ones that talk the only language of God, in their delirium tremens – numbers).

In this ultimate ego paradox we must inscribe the most important epistemological argument of science: the paradox of creationism, as each science believes its language and the limited properties it maps out of the whole are the only language of God and only properties of reality.

So we put in negrita the choices of dogmatic physics in those paradoxes, also in eternal disquisition between other scientists – so in medicine the paradox of the brain as a single block vs. the theory of neurons separated by synapsis was all the rage till Cajal draw them separated… not to speak of the systemic denial of the dimotion of reproduction in any system that doesn’t have our sacred ‘DNA’, when everything that moves and all moves by definition reproduces its in-form-ation when it reproduces its cyclical motion and science exists by definition because it observes repetitions of patterns of formal motions that we call laws of science. So ALL the paradoxes of ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis of science are ultimately also a product of the ⌜∆@§t dualities and the ego paradox that doesn’t see them.

The Planes of the 5th dimension.

Now the reader should observe that the ‘life’ of the Universe is much larger in its cycle, than the life of a human being, which is shorter than the life and III horizons of any species,including the human one . So actually we observe that each fractal space-time has a different time duration in its cycles, which is somehow related to its size – the larger things last longer.

How can we order then all those time motions and space forms, including its causal space-time cycles a? How can we order its different spatial sizes and temporal speeds?

If we order those motions by spatial size (extension) and cyclical speed (time clocks), we find that both balance each other, giving birth to a 5th dimension of scales, and its con-invariant metrics:

 Λ. Spe (spatial size) x Tiƒ (cyclical speed) = Constant.

They explain all kind of interactions between faster, smaller beings with more cyclical form, which store information and larger, slower beings with more Spatial entropy; which together co-exist in organic systems (cells and organisms, atoms and cosmic bodies), whereas ‘information moves upwards’ (genetic, quantum and verbal coding of larger systems) and energy-motion downwards (wholes that perfectly synchronize the motion of its parts).

Since smaller systems have faster time cycles (Tƒ) and hence store more information in the frequency and form of those cycles, coding larger systems, and vice versa, larger systems have more size-energy, moving smaller ones in synchronicity. So we do talk of two inverse arrows of time: upwards from parts into wholes that transfer > information and downwards from wholes to parts that transfer < energy.

And for that reason from lower to upper systems there is entropy (energy is lost) but information flows perfectly (genetic coding); while from larger to downward systems there is perfect transfer of motion (your cells move in order with your whole) but not perfect transfer of information (no Lamarckian evolution).

Again the number of whys and solutions provided by the 5th dimension of social evolution, with a clear arrow towards the future (bigger wholes requires past parts ‘before’ they can be build) is enormous, and it connects directly TOE with the 2 other parts of mathematics besides spatial geometry – sequential temporal algebra, where smaller numbers do come first and hence bigger ones become the orderly future; and analysis of infinitesimals that become wholes.

But the fifth dimension of scales of space-time, beyond its epistemological power to locate each science within the context of the scale of sizes it studies, allow us to classify all systems of Nature, precisely by the surprising fact that those scales have a dual, inverse order: the product of the size of systems and its rotary speed in its time clocks is inverse.

So bigger wholes move slower than smaller parts, and hence smaller parts have more information, stored in the frequency and form of its time cycles, and can co-exist, synchronize and develop complex organic systems that extend across at least 3 planes of the 5th dimension (∆-1 cellular, i-organic, ∆+1 social plane in biology; ∆-1 quantum; i-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational plane in physical systems;  ∆-1 3rd energy, class; i-working, re=productive class and ∆+1 informative classes in social systems).

So we have also a new relative future, that of wholes which require parts that come first.

And so if we call each fractal space-time being, a relative world cycle, when we consider all the beings of all the planes of existence of all possible realities together, we can then define a new concept of absolute relational space-time, sum of all of them, the arrow of future of the 5th dimension, and this one is ALSO dual in the sense that constantly parts become wholes, but then dissolve back.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

So we shall first define those o-points mathematically, as minds, or fractal, non-Euclidean points, the fundamental unit of the organic Universe, which are crossed by a relative infinite number of parallel forces, which are the bits of information used by each of them to create a mapping, linguistic mirror of the Universe.

‘Infinitesimal self-centered O-Point x ∞ cycles of space-time’ = 0 x ∞ = C-onstant Linguistic Mind mapping of the Universe’.

So each o-point eliminates information from the ∞ beings in existence to reduce its information to an infinitesimal. In the human case, we reduce the 4 dimensions of our plane of existence to 2 dimensions for each eye, eliminating depth and motion to fit all that information in the mind.

So we convert time cycles into forms and they seem solid to us, and we convert vacuum space with entropic motions into lineal distances.

This is the most important property of those points of view – the capacity they have to reduce the Universe into a mind image, of linguistic nature, which explains the duality between ‘motion perception and form’, as all is motion, either cyclical time motion or space-kinetic energy motions but the mind reduces it to a still image, as Heraclitus or Buddha first realized, considering that the stillness of the Universe is a Maya of the senses.

The reductionism of mathematical physics vs. the whole properties of the fractal universe.

For us to understand the fractal, organic Universe and its discontinuous space-time beings, it is needed to RETURN to the oldest of all truths about science. Leonardo’s motto:  ‘saper vedere’ – look directly into the book of Nature, and get rid of the anthropomorphic bias established by the mechanisms humans interpose in their perception of time and space, and by the religion of mathematics as the only language of God, hence a Universe of only mathematical properties, an aberration that reduces the richness of properties of vital fractals, because since Mathematics is NOT the only language of the Universe, merely the best language to define its Spatial Properties, by using ONLY mathematics to describe reality all the organic, bio-logical and temporal, causal properties of the fractal disappear on the scientific discourse. Hence we must confront the reductionist view of mathematical physics and the larger view of the philosopher of science.

Now, we can return to the earlier graph that compared the anthropomorphic view of a Universe, where only the mind of man was intelligent and his languages could perceive the Universe, and the real causality of a Universe seen by multiple monads of many linguistic mirrors, from the perspective of the subjective ego-paradox of the mind to explain why this idealist view is so entrenched in mankind, so prone to have ‘ego-trips’ of self-centred importance:


In the graph – what is wrong with ‘physics’ and increasingly with mankind can be resumed in the ego paradox. The equation of the mind is rather simple:

We humans are just ‘infinitesimals’ of the ego paradox: o-point x ∞ Universe = constant mind.

So the Universe is out there, one and single; but it does not fit in the mind. And the mind reduces it to languages to perceive it, which resumes the main properties of the Universe, which are first bio-logical rules of space-time existence (the Universe is a game of survival of space-time beings, which constantly try to reproduce their information in ‘fractal seeds’ that latter evolve socially; the Universe is a vital fractal, and the rules are simple), then logic (temporal rules only) and then mathematical (spatial rules only), and then the human vision of those rules (artistic space, verbal time, ethic, social evolution of parts into stronger wholes). And so all those languages are mirrors.

To get the perfect focused mirror, the maximal knowledge is the goal of the Philosopher of science. The physicist specially since the classic age closed with Einstein, has denied this. And puts the mathematical platonic mirror (Copenhagen interpretation) first, subverting the scheme. And so it ‘believes’ today IT IS NO LONGER REQUIRED to observe the scientific method, and first watch the physical world (experimental evidence), then follow the rules of science (linguistic coherence, simplicity, economicity, etc.), and thus create knowledge (human mental perception). Further on, the physicist connects the human world with the physical world, and as the ego grows, he pretends as so many do, to impose its mental view into the physical world, as if it were a God creating the physical world. String theorists are specially kin of this 🙂 making more and more dimensions and parallel Universes LOL

But that is not how reality works. It is all more humble. We cannot change the rules of survival, just watch the physical world, learn the rules, make perfect mirrors of those rules, obey and survive. Because the ultimate language is bio-logical: those who have huge childish ego, disobey the laws, become the staple food of the Cosmos: children is what predators eat. Ego-centered turtles, hatched which enter directly into the mouth of the lizard – in our case the mouth of the black hole.

Now, there is also the problem of Galileo’s dictum: ‘God speaks ‘only’ mathematics’. Let us explain why.

People are linguistic minds, and ego paradoxes, so when a language first appears, in its simplex formality as a mirror of the Universe they get ‘in awe’, with the language. It seems to be as a mirror a magic thing. Mirrors were magic things for primitives, and you could exchange them for Gold. They did NOT understand the fractal Nature of the Universe, which is a vital fractal in which smaller ‘mirrors’ (monads, minds, crystals, etc.) reflect the whole in the smaller size. They reverse the causality and think the smaller mirror causes reality.

So any language becomes first a religion: people wondered first how words could reflect reality, now they wonder how is that math reflect the Universe.
So the greeks and most ancient people called ‘words’, logos=god. It was the age of ‘vehicles’ of God, which were languages. The words were actually acts of creation. In Vedas, the priest that utter the word was ‘creating’ with it, enacting the creation. Allah ‘does’ talk in arab, seriously.
And when written words appeared, the same happen all over again. The Pharaohs, said ‘it has been written’ as if it was immortal truth. The prophets thought god talked to them revealing in words the structure of the Universe. Galileo thought the same when he found v=s/t. Time became that formula and only that formula.
TO explain this to mathematical physicists is madness. Try: they feel insulted. That is the big divide between us philosophers of science and mathematical physicists since Einstein left us – the last stalwart of reason in this science.

When money appeared as gold, the Canaanites (Jewish and Phoenician) thought it was the ‘sweat of god’, and made their sancta sanctorum and Baal statues with it. The language again was the act of creation.

Now computer scientists think the same – the language and machine they use is the meaning of  it all. They are churning papers saying the Universe is a digital computer.

And there is nothing new in this approach, since Kepler said ‘god is a clocker that waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his’. If you were to talk to some of the physicist I met in congresses in my youth, they surely will tell you as Mr. Seth does, publishing on the cover of SciAm: the Universe is a computer (and of course, he alone has the intelligence to figure out his ‘quantity of information’ and speed of processing. LOL.

I am sorry i am a bit sarcastic, but i can’t help it. You see at least religious nuts put above ‘God’, whatever it means to them, but scientists of the Pythagorean school are above ‘heavens and earth’.
So all of them, put upside down the 3 causal process: experimental evidence (the ∞ Universe) ->linguistic coherence (the biological game of existence and extinction in space and time)->mind’s theory. Instead they think ‘the language’ creates reality.
So the physicist invents a mathematical equation and it MUST be truth. This is quite common today among mathematical physicists. They are ayatollahs of the number.

They utter the word of God and think the Universe will obey their THEORIES THAT ARE AGAINST NATURE’S FACT: mind’s theory-> expected experimental evidence.

Einstein said, ‘if my theory is wrong, God should change the Universe, so beautiful it is’ but he was joking, physicists today are not joking when they affirm there are 10 up to 500 Universes because a string theory equation of 21 dimensions tell them so – without of course having any experimental proof of those strings, or understanding at all what is a dimension of space-distances and its symmetries with the dimensions of time-motions and how many ‘really are’ out there in the fractal Universe.

So to explain egomaniac modern physicists that actually mathematical truths can be verified through the experimental method, is LIKE TRYING TO CONVERT A PRIEST OF ANY RELIGION TO THE OBVIOUS FACT THAT ‘WORDS’ ARE NOT THE LANGUAGE OF GOD.

This is why science no longer advances beyond details and visual or mathematical computer models, very nice and precise in measure, very shallow in meaning and whys.

It is all the ego paradox. Once humans have broken the connection with ‘scientific truth’ and substituted it with the ‘ego paradox’, the connection of the human collective mind with the Universe to ‘establish rules’ of behaviour and survival are lost. Whatever anyone writes is taken as ‘an ego work’, not an objective scientific truth. So Stendhal’s view -a writer is just a transparent mirror of reality, so it is a scientist- is lost. So humans are not able to ‘see’ an objective, universal mirror image.

And reason no longer acts. Everything IS NOW OPINION, because the ego is so huge that all MEN ARE CHILDREN. And children are subjective. They are about to prove their ego, their opinion is worthy. Whatever they say matters less than to impose their ego. Social sciences – politics – today work on this way.

The ego-opinions of Mr. Trump without the slightest understanding of the structure of the fractal super organism of mankind must be law, because a lot of opinionated people will vote for him. And this opinion becomes a chaos of full entropic human infinitesimal egos colliding with each other, instead of collaborating in an orderly manner with the laws of the Universe.

In the fractal organic paradigm however we are more serious about the way to do science: we first observe experience, since ‘only experimental facts must be studied by science’ (Einstein).

Then we use all the languages available to humans to describe those facts, departing from the 2 known-known ultimate elements of reality, vital spaces with energy and cyclical clocks of time, which carry in its cyclical form and frequency the information of the Universe. In brief we depart on one extreme from the 2 primary elements of which the Universe is made, Sp and Tiƒ, and its ‘laws’, which humans describe mainly with 2 language-mirrors, geometry->mathematics for space and logic-words for time; and on the other extreme from facts, forms and events of reality and harmonise ‘the details – the facts’ and the language of all languages – the properties and laws of space and time.

This is how sciences was first done when Aristotle invented it in the organon, affirming an organic Universe, which must be first observed experimentally and then modelled with time logic and spatial geometry, and we go back to the basics, but with far more experimental knowledge and better more evolved mathematical and logic tools, to explain a more complex space and time structure.

That is, any language comes after reality happens, mirroring it into a smaller mind space, Not the other way around. Reality creates the language, which is different for each mind-world or ‘monad’, reflecting with is mirror-language a small part of the total information of the Universe. Thus paraphrasing Galileo we should say ‘the languages of God are infinite’ (upanishads).

Motions and reproductions as time travels.

We find the undeniable fact that all systems reproduce, the highest action-goal of survival. But to reproduce we have to emit a seminal seed, ∆-1 which will then clone and organize till emerging as a whole. But that is exactly the definition of a travel through the fifth dimension, that maintains co-invariant the Space and time, size and speed parameters of the being. Indeed, think of yourself, traveling through the fifth dimension as you live.

You are born with faster time cycles as a seminal seed and very small spatial size. then you keep reproducing, reorganizing internally your networks, and slowing down as you need first to synchronizes your actions as a whole to enact them outside. And so as you grown in spatial populations, you diminish in speed of action-reaction to the environment (ultimate justification of 5D metric), because you are first ‘arguing between cells with hormonal languages and nervous fire forward and back, or as a human talking into the group or as an atom sharing forces, how to act as a whole, by force slower than the single faster being.

Thus as we live we travel through the fifth dimension, reproducing, growing, slowing down and finally emerging into ∆ø levels: 

And so now we have another kaleidoscopic view on the dimotion of reproduction=iterating, which is the name of the game. REPRODUCTIVE processes are THE VERY DEFINITION OF Traveling through the fifth dimension.

The study of the world cycles of superorganisms in terms of traveling through the 5th dimension is thus another way to explain the same, according to the Rashomon truths:

Equal, reproduced forms start to move in 5D, as they keep completing world cycles that start with simpler ∆±¡ actions, the a priori condition for reproduction (perception, motion towards a field of energy feeding which allow the being to store ‘∆-1 substances’ to perform the equations of reproduction across 2 scales, from seminal ∆-1 to ∆o as the iteration of clones and its memorial palingenesis, or organization of its forms through its social evolutionary paths finally emerge into a new being –  a clone, ∆ø of its parental forms.

But once you are born, a new cycle of Existence happens> You then move through the ∆+1 world in which the monad singularity is merely a point that might try if ambitious to reach a higher status in the 3-layered class-organic structure of the world as a super organism. But it will likely fail to achieve the higher perfect o-1 ‘time-sphere’ emergence from infinitesimal into perfect whole that happened when observed in detail during the generational seed>fetus>new born ternary ages of the first life cycle.

Life is indeed a displacement through the flows of the fifth dimension, with similar scales and baguas (sub cycles) happening in triads and duets of $t≤∑∏≥§ð elements.

To travel your body is to iterate your mind (both are the perception by body and mind of the same phenomena). Travel=iterate= MAX. ∑ E X ∏ I, MAXIMIZE your existential force, your vital space and temporal energy  is the game all play. But it requires to send to entropy a micro-flow of energy processed as motion… Traveling as the meaning of exi≈st¡ence is then moderated by the chances to be processed in the paths we choose oriented by our §ingularity.

Exist¡ence can be then perceived as pure motion, or pure perception,normally it is a series of stop/space and go/time beats of different types of ‘dimensions and motions’ of space and time.

So a stop and go, t->$->$->t->∏->S… variations make the game as complex as you might imagine. It is then necessarily painstaikingly relate all possible motions to those observed experimentally and logically sound according to the ¬Æ-logic of the fractal Universe.


Organicism. The Galacell


There are essentially 3 philosophies of science which is the first core logic layer to decide who is right here:

‘Creationism’: verbal or mathematical, the language creates the reality, so Einstein’s equations suffice to create an entelechy.

‘Constructivism’: the smallest layer of reality is the origin of all, ultimately the same, as it is not perceivable, described with maths: strings.

‘Organicism’ and ‘disomorphism’: this is THE ESSENCE of systems sciences: all scales of the Universe are ruled by the same LAWS, so we MUST find the same phenomena on them, and as they are parallel, we can construct organisms with 3 layers of reality.

This is why we shall talk of ‘chirality as gender’, moreover, observing our layer with far more insights we can then GIVE organic REAL properties to layers today only analyzed with abstract maths. So we can model galaxies as organisms, and observe for example that the left-handed female milky way is gonna be penetrated soon in 5D term of slow time cycles of larger beings (SxT=K) by the alpha-macho Andromeda as they already have two little sons in the Magallanes cloud, as two seminal traces of left-handed and right-handed faster than c-neutrinos of negative mass coming from their top quark holes, its central DNA merged to give way to light (Jordan-Broglie theory), and surfacing as radiation and elementary particles. As we see all over the universe happening with ‘seminal jets’ coming out of black holes at 10C…

So we shall after a life long polimath painstaking analysis of all languages and scales of science  extract the 11 sets of laws (disomorphisms) that ALL systems in Nature follow, reduced finally to the 5 Dimensional motions, which you order in life-death worldcycles, or in simultaneous superorganisms.

We shall explain you  the space=time, form=motion symmetries that all of them follow… to translate why quantum physics tells you the tale of the life and death, social evolution, sexual healing and perception of its particles which ARE the minimal unit of life.

This is what science needs, NOT more mathematical creationism, not writing more equations and parallel ways to explain the same ACTION=DIMOTION with a bit more of ‘decimal precision’, in slightly changed mathematical mirrors, but TO FUSION ALL those mirrors INTO its whys, coming always from A SIMPLE CONCEPT: all is a vital organism, with 5 dimensional motions= Dimotions that express the vital program of life, told by those equations.

Before we felt so ‘mechanically powerful’, Asian cultures did understand much of it.

Of course, not all physicists are automatons of mechanical science. The highest minds of physics from Leibniz to Planck to Einstein did understand much better the Universe of spacetime; and the same goes with human cultures and religions – the eastern world without the anthropocentric ego trips of abrahamic religions plugged in directly with the concept of a Universe of motion and form, energy and information.

Had the much more profound taoist, hindi and buddhist philosophies of the Universe as a sentient game of Vishnu-yin-formation and Shiva-yang-entropy that combine into Brahma-qi-energy beings won the per-scientific battle for philosophies of the Universe, we would have long ago, as Leibniz and Einstein, the predecessors of theories which consider time and space the ‘substance of all beings’, did, a pan psychic vital Universe.

We are though trapped by the ‘creationist myths’ hauling from abrahamic cults. And as this is not even recognised, hidden in the ‘postulates without proof’ of western thought, likely no amount of data, and epistemology of truth will suffice to the reader. So we shall first show you the difference in a graph, repeated ad nauseam in those texts – the graph of the three philosophies of reality human sponsors – two are ego-trips of human creationism in his thirst to become equal to god, the third one, is the only scientific theory of reality, and it is called ‘organicism’. This blog will complete that theory updating eastern philosophies and relational space-time theories of science (Leibniz, Einstein) to the XXI c.

So, once we know spin is the head state that gauges information; the wave state is the moving body over the potential fields that act as the limbs and so. their mathematical combinations expressed in physical equations describe the 5 Dimotions=actions of reality, from generation to young locomotion to reproduction to a third age of information to a final entropic death, we shall translate the quantum operators, the  fields, the spins, the particles (first age of life) the antiparticles (third age), the commutators, the Universal constants, the laws of motions, the forces to its ‘whys’, its purpose – to be topological organs, enacting life function in the superorganisms in space and worldcycles in time of all those systems of nature…

The co-existence of beings in 3 different scales of reality, ∆±1, form the fractal structure in space of organisms; as dimotions=actions of information and motion between the ∆±1 scales imprint energy from smaller beings that have more information about the whole and trans-form its enclose parts.

The simplex physical description of the Universe, as an extension in space, where the time parameter of change is only locomotion, as if no other change would matter, reserves organic and sentient properties, under the ‘ego paradox’ to life forms similar to the human species.

Our interest is much more profound as we consider all parts of the Universe homeomorphic to each other and hence with the same properties that humans have, and vice versa.

Yet a simplex physical description misses all the organic logic  properties that are not susceptible to be written in mathematical equations, or those of the mind that are not observable directly but can be inferred from the actions its ‘membrains’ of spin or angular momentum produce.

It is then possible through indirect methods of observation, departing of the homologic, isomorphic properties of all beings, to deduce the non-observable properties of any being by its external effects.

To that aim we need first to consider a template of all the common space-time properties and this is the purpose of the Ðisomorphic analysis of the being. And further on, reduce them to the 5 Dimensional motions of reality.

This brings a first difference with classic physics of a single space-time plane: the importance of studying the differences in time and space of 1Ð motion<<3Ð energy and the transfers of motion-energy and form-information through the 5Ð of still form and the entropic <<4Р between scales ( the most obvious, being the neutrino case that carries energy and form to the gravitational scale and vice versa, the particles that surface from that scale.)

And yet in all those transfers the final result is a balance of energy and information of momentum and position, of body-waves and particle-heads in an immortal eternal Universe.

It follows from the existence of scales and transfers between them that Organicism is the scalar structure of reality, as it is the only way TO CONNECT ALL THE SCALES OF REALITY. IF ENERGY AND INFORMATION WERE NOT TRANSFERRED between scales we’d not see them with microscopes and telescopes.

Those transfers happen through the physiological networks that transfer entropy-motion, energy=reproduction and form=languages between scales; which in  physical systems are electromagnetic and gravitational networks; and in a larger view ‘forces’, when precisely we add the ‘invisible scales’ beyond our electromagnetic perception, the strong force of the ¡-1 plane inside the atom, equivalent to the gravitational force within the galaxy  and the dark entropy (repulsive gravitation) between galaxies.

The best way to study this reality once we understand its epistemological principles, ‘fractal scales of topological space’, temporal ages, ternary symmetries, and complementarity vs. perpendicularity, is thus through the concept of 5 dimensions in space symmetric to 5 motions in time or ‘Dimotions=actions’ (objective external and subjective internal view) and its 11 Ðisomorphisms (Dimensional isomorphisms: 3 of topology, 3 of age, 3 of scale and 2 of the @membrain).

Yet the ‘non-aristotelian logic’ of those ternary a(nti)symmetries and complementarities, FINDS the difficulty of the humind’s one-dimensional self-centred ego-paradox, view.


Before the reader dismisses altogether this post on astrophysics, to state that we shall strictly follow the principle of correspondence; that is, consider classic mathematical physics, the ‘reductionist’ limit obtained by describing reality as if it were a single space scale and a single time clock-Ðimotion; that of light space-time, embodied in its 5Ð metric equation: hc (whereas H is the unit of cyclical information, ð§ and c the unit of lineal motion-distance, t$).

Then the 5Ð model reduces to the 4 Ð model of special relativity (for lineal t$ or ‘inertial frames’ to use Einstein’s jargon) and General relativity (for cyclical ð§, or accelerated frames).

Yet that valid formalism, which only happens within the ‘galaxy’, has been by lack of a larger model for all the scales of the Universe, and the space-time beyond ‘light ecosystems’ (inside black holes and outside galaxies), expanded to the entire Universe, its entire time and space, and that is where astrophysics got it wrong, and made its mistakes as always happens when a ‘local symmetry’ (in this case the invariance of c-speed or rather to use the proper terminology, light space-time) is converted into a global symmetry=invariance (the c-speed as limit of speed in the Universe).

Indeed the constants of the galatom should not reign, despite simplifications of astrophysicists, for the region outside the galaxy, where the ‘constant of curvature and energy’ to use two similar terminologies for ð and $, must be different – and today by lack of proper measures is referred as the cosmological constant, Λ, which we take as a first approximation to the 5Ð metric outside the galaxy, as it gives us values, either as a ‘flatter curvature’ or as a ‘weaker’ energy than the ch and G constants for the galatom… And since larger Russian dolls are ‘weaker’, slower in their energy and less curved, the cosmological constant indeed seems to be what astrophysicists think off, defining a new ¡±4 scale of the Universe.

In such a wider model, also the c-speed as a constant perceived by our h-spin electronic minds, doesn’t necessary hold for other systems of informative perception not based in spins and light (hc metric). We know another possible system in a larger ‘scale’ of the Russian doll Universe, outside galaxies, connected to black holes, which might be based in a faster than light neutrino background, which would be invisible for a light-being, seems to be indeed emitted in copious numbers in blazers and quasars, and as such a system of quantum perception of this ‘quantum potential background’ by heavy fermions and ‘black atoms, would see the speed of light varying, and likely will apply the general law of waves, which ties speed and frequency… )

What we mean by all those new concepts BEYOND the correspondence limit of a single space-time light background, should be more clear as we unfold the model of 5Ð:

When we expand reality to the canonical 5 entangled elements, fractal space, scales, cyclical time, linguistic minds and the entropic destruction of it all; and the 11 Dimensional isomorphisms  of all superorganisms built those elements, its 3 scales, 3 time ages, 3 topologies and its 2 membrain’s parameters, of course things paradoxically become more simple ad harmonious, but it requires both to vitalize mathematical models by defining non-euclidean, ‘fractal points’, line-waves, congruence ¡logic paradoxes, and topological networks=non-euclidean planes, to use logic, verbal conceptual upgradings of all those concepts and the entangled, pentagonal ¡logic of all the parts of the systems and its different languages of perception of organic and causal properties otherwise hidden in the simplicity of the present first principles of physics.

The new world though once you take the necessary energy to jump over the threshold of learning the basics of it, will show time-permitted, a clarity and economicity.

It will though be extremely difficult for physicists to walk through 5Ð, as for a rich man in the parable’s of Jesus to abandon the learned unproved memorized dogmas of 4Ð formalisms, with its single clock time, its continuum space, its c-speed limits that apply only to that continuum light space-time in which galaxies live, and further on accept that the proper way to start defining the Universe is NOT with the V=HoD, ‘God-like equation’ of lineal expansion but with a bit more of conceptual, ‘organic sophistication’, defining NOT a locomotion but a superorganism, the one physicists truly study in all its entangled complexity much larger than that of its ‘smallish human part’ not to speak of the humind – the galatom.

We dedicate the 3 posts on astrophysics in the second line to study the super organism of physics, the galatom, in which we exist (the ¡±3 organism extending in the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational scales). In the fourth line dedicated to each scale, we shall expand its analysis. In those posts we will study its  structure tuned to the 2 ‘main elements’ of any system that exist as a fractal 5D super organism, tracing a world cycle.

As all the blog the work is uneven, slowly improving within the limits of WordPress and my timeline. So I apologize for the repetitions, bad English, and some blunt parts of this brute diamond, which is 5Ð, in my limited mind-seed that future specialists will properly ‘cut’ and clean of all its impurities to better mirror the amazing beauty of the fractal Universe.

As ultimately the study of Galatom is equated with the development of physics, we start for those who don’t know what is ‘all about’ with a few repeated ad nauseam paragraphs on the nature of space-time organisms, considering its General Systems laws and introduce the main ‘changes’ of view; that is, the philosophy of physics that is inherited from the new properties of scalar space, time and information (mind-languages), shared by all systems.

The 3 elements of the fractal paradigm: 5D Space-time.

So in space, the new complex ternary principle is the co-existence of 3 parts that form a whole.

In time, the new complex ternary principle is the co-existence of 3 space-time ages and its complex causality: Past-entropy->Present, reproduction of ExI->Future-Information << Past-entropy (Death)

And finally in 5D the new ternary complex principle is the co-existence of 3 scales of space-time together, with growingspatial size and diminishing speed in its time cycles.

5D physics thus is based in the 3 elements of the fractal paradigm:

  • The rediscovery of cyclical time clocks, a concept, so obvious in Nature and the systems of time measure, which in the Eastern world was the basis of its religious philosophies of the Universe (Taoism and Hinduism) and in the West was natural to the Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek tradition, followed by Leibniz and his concept of relational space-time.
  • But time cycles break space into an inner and outer reality. So the Universe is also made of ‘fractal, vital spaces’ (the entities we see all around us), which lasted a finite time cycle (its cycle of creation, evolution and extinction).
  • Finally, those cycles are ordered by size in space and its opposite speed or frequency of its closed cycles, into a new 5th dimension with a generic metric: $t (spatial size) x ðƒ (time frequency) = ∆ (Constant).

That is smaller systems run faster informative cycles, and larger systems are slower. Yet the product of both parameters remains invariant, allowing travels through the 5th dimension, of organic nature.

But perhaps the most strident ‘simplification’ of classic physics is the fact that of the 5 organic motions of the Universe, physicists only seem interested in describing the simplest of them all ‘locomotions’. Such state of affairs that reduces and eliminates all organic motions of physical systems is the biggest handicap to complete the science of physics, so we shall end this introduction with a deeper analysis of that limit.

The 5 Ðimotions of time. An organic Universe with mathematical and biological properties: The why of physics.

‘Using a term like nonlinear science is like referring to the bulk of zoology as the study of non-elephant animals“.  Ulam

Since most space-time events are complex, cyclical motions. 

In the graph, a bunch of lineal physicists studying each, only 1 of the 5 time motions of the zoo of Fractal space-times, which are made of the 5 canonical motions of a world cycle of a super organism: generation->evolution->growth->motion->reproduction->negative growth (diminution)->extinction, which form a o-sum or worldcycle.

Yet each of those motions in short distances seems lineal ‘walls, spears, ropes, snakes, trunks and mats’.

Only when completed they are always cyclical (small lineal geodesics of curved Earth, Lineal euclidean geometry, limit of the larger curved pan geometry; special relativity, limit of the larger curved General relativity, lineal momentums integrated into a conservative energy cycle, small lineal actions of life, part of the curved world cycle of existence, and so on)  

Only physicists seem happy just touching and measuring with numbers, reduced parts’≈single time motions of  the whole ‘non-lineal elephant’ – the super organism tracing its world cycle; blindly self-admiring its lineal ignorance. Wisdom, Wiesen, Saper Vedere, Veda requires to understand that ‘the languages of God are infinite’.

Physicists study world cycles as a sum of isolated properties, all of them imagined with abstract, Hilbert’s axiomatic method of categorical mathematics, far removed from the non-Euclidean, non-Aristotelian structure of the Fractal Universe. In essence, physicists, reduce the 5 motions of the Universe, represented here by several blind physicists, into a single one, locomotion, unable to integrate them into a ‘world cycle of existence of physical systems’, which in nothing differs from the 5 organic motions of all other ‘living systems’.

In the next graphs we express all those elements together focusing in the generator equation of the human being:

The five Ðimotions.

The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations that render constant the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of any system of Non-Æ points trough the 3 scales in which is possible to travel as an ‘existential being’, in the fifth dimension performing a world cycle. Since for a dimension to exist, there must be a co-invariant quantity, which allows its travel, S x T = K becomes the metric equation of ‘exist¡ence’. Its  constancy is also the origin of the organic nature of reality as it allows the symbiosis of a system through its 3 scales. The travel of existence can also be viewed topologically in a single plane, in which an organism ensembles and exchanges lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum. So we can define all systems as an ensemble of  lineal limbs/potentials that perform its lineal momentum, organised as herds of ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) in superposed additive groups that move the system and dominate its young relative past age. Its second conserved quantity being its vital energy, distributed through  3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, which define the organism proper able to iterate its form into a dynamic present system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems)… finally guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions of ‘existence’ gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its worldcycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.


New formal elements.

While physical systems are best described today with mathematical physics, in T.œ we use all languages of information, prioritising obviously by the principle of correspondence mathematical physics, but we refer them in first place to ‘properties of space-time.

THAT IS, we depart first from ∆, s, t, @ elements and then use for each science the language humans have used to express most of those properties ADDING when needed new languages, SPECIALLY the logic formalism of the FRACTAL GENERATOR and its 5s 5 t dimensions, the NON-e GEOMETRY OF fractal points and its space dimensions (closer to mathematics) and the Non-A logic of time dimensions.

So 3 formalisms are essential.

1.The fractal generator, and its symmetries and dimensional properties of scalar space-time, for the whole.

2. Non-E geometry which improves mathematics and in general all other mathematical laws, sometimes improved with non-euclidean laws for spatial properties.

3. Non-Ælgebra of time dimensions.

4. Bio-logical laws and organic laws for scalar dimensions.

5. Metalinguistic analysis of the deformations of those elements, as in endophysics, relativity theory and so on.

Lineal space, cyclical time, its combined symmetries, which in physical systems amount to lineal, angular momentum and energy – the 3 conserved elements of all physical, organic systems across all the scales of physical systems…

Finally adding the most dispute part of all systems, the singularity minds that control and organise them into whole, along the 5D arrow of social evolution and its inverse 4D entropic processes that both create the super organisms and destroy them in worldcycles of exi=stiences, also in physical systems.

To express that method in a concise dynamic way, we use the first line of this blog, widened for a more complex ‘Ðisomorphic analysis in the 3rd line, where we fully analyse the ‘more complete Generator equation’ which includes all the main asymmetries, symmetries and anti symmetries of the ternary elements of a world cycle of time, an organism of space and its complete scalar timespace super organism:

I won’t try to justify the obvious, quite fed up with human egos: we deny singularities as still mind-mappings of the Universe, from black holes with t=o still metric, to crystals that order gaseous entropy into still form, NOT because we cannot perceive its sentient effects – that is the excuse, but we call particles gauging because they gauge information, solve black hole metric as stopping time, like still minds do, observe the stillness of thermodynamic eddies, see images inside crystals, and understand the superposition laws of waves and bosons. And we see quarks and particles iterating through decoupling, associating through magnetic fields, feeding on energy forces.

So I won’t as in earlier stages of my scholarship when I cared more for communication try to justify those singularities more than any other element of reality – if human egos cannot take reality as it is, because it is absolutely relative and doesn’t give us any preferential position it is not my business.

Vital mathematics and pentalogic.

We have made a harsh critique to physicists or rather human ‘cultural’ views on the Universe guided by ‘creationism’ and ultimately the ego paradox. BUT we obviously acknowledge that mathematics is of all the mirror-languages of the Universe the most suitable from the perspective of the humind as a mirror of reality. Does it mean it is the language of atoms?

Likely not. Why? Because what we perceive as atomic beings is electronic minds, which ‘devour’ light space-time. So it is very likely that the language of electrons IS light AND HENCE images. And mathematics a more restricted synopsis of images, themselves a synopsis of the topologies in space and events in time happening in reality.

This is an important truth, when considering the psychology of the mind, the evolution of the digital, visual mind, and the consciousness of atomic and animal/plant life.

It matters also when deciding how to use languages to explore the whole range of properties of physical systems. In brief, mathematics cannot be the only language, as it will limit the properties we can describe; but it will be the best language because we humans have advanced so much on its development, along logic of time, verbal and the next level of verbal understanding of the 3 past-present-future tense verbs, which is ternary i-logic; as logic came from Aristotelian verbal thought.

So when dealing with the formalism of Physics, mathematics will be the queen, specially because we observe mostly spatial properties in physical systems, but logic must be added on, and specially bio-logic, organic laws of worldcycles, life ages, etc. And further on, we must enlighten mathematics with new vital analysis, defining fractal points instead of Non-euclidean points with no volume (hence no inner form) as the unit of geometry and sequential numbers as the unit of time logic, with bidimensional numbers (imaginary numbers) playing a key role in bidimensional Universes, ‘squared’ to show its realism; and so on.

It is a remarkable fact that mathematics do reflect a lot of the properties of the Universe, but it has so far failed to explain organically its structure, despite the breakthrough of fractal mathematics.

The reason being that mathematics as a language, has not completed its evolution. And so the first step to be able to describe all the properties of physical systems is to evolve its main language, mathematics, and adapt it to the organic, fractal cyclical space-time structure of the Universe and its scalar nature.

It is precisely this incompleteness of mathematics, the language of physical sciences the main reason why physicists do not understand fully the organic Universe.

As they still work with Euclidean mathematics, where points are not fractal points made of parts that become evident when we come closer to the particle, cell or star that seemed to us a point at distance. Only Einstein managed to apply properly the concept of a fractal point, by asserting that infinite parallels cross a point of space-time. We shall then find easily that points are fractal points with inner energy and form, information, joined by line-waves to other points forming networks, co-existing in several scales of size, which is the very same definition of an organism, and that everything in the Universe is indeed, a network-organism… as we show in the graphs of fractal networks all over this blog.

Yet if a mathematical system is organic by the very definition of a number (a group of undistinguishable beings), of a point (a fractal system, larger the closer we come to it) and a plane (a network of fractal points joined by flows of energy and information), why physicists do not model organically its systems?

Why physicists do not understand the fractal Universe? if it is so much up to their alley – after all it vindicates and further evolves the logic-mathematical structure found by Leibniz, Einstein and Planck. It merely takes it further with the advances of fractal geometry and the completion by this writer of the postulates of non-euclidean geometry that defines a 5th dimension of scales of space-time.

I found in the conferences I used to give at Silicon valley, during my tenant of the chair of duality in the international congress of systems sciences that physicists could grasp the fractal concept mathematically and the existence of scales of space, but 2 taboos were absolute: lineal time, the time-clock of its standardized machines and the model of the universe as a machine instead of an organism. So it was the mechanical civilization, and the source of physicists’ power and wealth – the machine, what was the taboo that could not be broken. Physicists does had a religion of the machine, not of the physical Universe. And as long as this was not discussed other things could be explained. Since the founding fathers of physicists had in fact started its sciences measuring time with clocks.

Thus, the answer to the limits of physicists is cultural, not scientific, as most physicists belong to the western, lineal, military culture whose memes are not easily recognized as such, but considered lineal weapons and lineal time, dogmas of their worldview; as opposed to cyclical time. It was of course an outdated dogma, deist in origin, as a machine needs a maker and Newton and Kepler affirmed yhwh to be the maker of the Universal machine and they, the ones that were revealed this truth. Most physicists do not realize of this obvious fact: only an organism is scientific, self-reproductive without need of a god-maker.

Further on mechanism and abstract, simplex mathematics as its language puts the physicist above all living and humans, as the priest of the new image of the Universe and only master of its language. So mechanism and abstract maths is a self-serving proposition, for the human and physicist ego, since only human anthropomorphic beings had ‘living properties’.

But of those memes by large the most powerful barrier for physicists to upgrader their model of the Universe is mechanism, the power they obtained historically from the use of machines and the evolution of lineal weapons. It means most physicists will never abandon their theories of lineal time, their theories of a Universe molded as a machine, and show no interest for general systems science. Does it mean we have not to show interest for the physical world? Of course not.

Because the physical world does not belong to physicists. In that sense it took me a while as a system scientist to realize that the human expert or scholar an its upgrading to the organic fractal paradigm was not my job. My communication was directly with the Universe. And only then, once I left behind my problems with physicists, in their worldly religion, to make weapons of lineal energy that destroy life and their related idol-ogies – lineal time, continuous, abstract, Cartesian space, denial of organic or perceptive properties to anything but anthropomorphic life, etc. I did truly enjoy for myself the view of the organic Universe of matter.

It is important to understand this difference, specially if you are not a physicist – as you should leave behind your shyness, to feel the life of the material Universe and accept that matter is organic also and nothing differentiates in terms of quality, a human vital fractal organism of space-time from a particle-head/wave-body of physical matter. This said, it is unlikely that physicists will find of interest most of the sections of this blog, except those on the 4th line, when constructed by the year 2017, for the very obvious reason that ‘the (organic) why is the only question physicists don’t ask’ (Feynman), and so they consider only descriptions concerned with mathematical measure and its how (motions and forms of particles and physical systems), as proper of their science.

A simple example will suffice. In GST the duality wave-particle, equivalent to the duality body-head of biological systems is self-explanatory. As all systems have a reproductive body, guided by an informative head, which moves thanks to lineal energetic limbs, all physical systems have a particle-form, often found, as in light waves on top of the wave-body, or higher point to focus information over the lineal field that provides its energy of motion.

Yet, this explanation is organic, regardless of its quantitative measure regarding the value of the energy, the speed of reproduction of information of the wave and the position of the particle. Physicists however to my surprise during my period of conferences were not interested, on this why to the 100 years conundrum of the Principle of Complementarity of physics. For them, it was simply outside the realm of their research as organic, biological properties of Nature, are not mathematical, as they use to explain such bio-logical, logical, in-form-ative characteristics the logic-verbal language of man. 

Still, to make more amenable to physicists those posts on physical systems we will use extensively topological varieties to define such organic ternary structures. Since in a Universe of a single space-time sheet of 4 dimensions there are only 3 possible topologies, the lineal field/hyperbolic wave/spherical particle system we just explained can be considered a full topological system that combines the 3 topological varieties of the Universe into an organic form:

Spe (Lineal -field/limbs) < St-hyperbolic wave-body > tiƒ (informative, cyclical particle/head).

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.36.12


In the graph, the 3 components of a physical, quantum system, the particle, the wave and the lineal field over which it moves. Lacking a real understanding of the 5D structure of the Universe, physicists can only describe the mathematical how of the process with the quantum wave equation of the graph and its visual depiction as we observe simultaneously the particle-head guiding, ‘piloting’, (right picture) the reproductive wave-body that moves, extracting energy-motion from the lineal field, which is expelled on the back of the wave. All this is described mathematically but we do interpret it also organically. As physical systems do have as all other systems both, topological and organic properties, following in its form the 3 canonical topologies of the mathematical language, and co-existing in 3 relative scales of reality as ∆-1 fields, ∆-waves and ∆+1 particles.

So this intermediate jargon, topology, which describes forms with motions is the most often used in the texts of physical systems – here in this introductory post at a very basic level. In the 4th line with a professional jargon and a wealth of algebraic notations.

However it is impossible to understand the physical Universe without whys. Perhaps the most clear example is the galaxy, which must be modeled as a cellular, organic system of creation of black holes, surrounded by a ‘protein-like’ halo of heavy dark matter (likely to be strangelets), and has between this protein membrane and its center DNA-black hole star mitochondria that reproduce their atom and feed the reproduction of black holes. The meaning of the galaxy thus is organic and without accepting organic properties to matter it will never make sense.

The new unit of the organic Universe: The galacell.

All this said, it is obvious that we need to change our wording to convey the new organic properties of co-existing scales in the Universe, and so we shall name when studying those properties the galaxy, the ‘gala cell’, summarized in the next graph:


Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 18.26.57

In the graph, Galaxies are fractals of stars and dark, quark matter built with 3 topologies: a reproductive body of stars, sandwiched between an informative nucleus of black holes and an external halo of dark matter, probably strangelets and other dense stars. The closest self-similarity in our world scale is a cell and in the quantum scale an atom.

In the graph, black holes are frozen stars of the top matter decuplet by symmetry with the atoms and stars of our light galactic plane. Then by parallelism with light stars, we differentiate two species of black stars that are also found in Nature:

Tthose which are like our light stars made of  udd atoms, which would be made of dark bcb atoms of much larger densities, but similar properties. They would be the smaller black holes that transform the matter of a light star into bcb neutral atoms without charge. And those who are cosmic black holes, much larger, in the center of the galaxy which become the informative DNA of the galaxy (Maldacena conjecture: the surface of a cosmic BH in 5D maps out as a ‘homunculus mind does with your body’ or the ‘DNA’ with the information of the cell, the entire information of the galaxy in 4D). They are the equivalent of our neutron=strange stars, which have a core of negatively charged strangelet matter that make them turn almost at light speed and produce a hyperstrong magnetic field.

The top quark black hole then will have a ‘core of positively charged top quarks’ which will eject a huge stream jet of ‘negative mass’ neutrinos (likely tachyon strings as the weak angle of a neutrino is the size of a Planck string, 10ˆ-33 and many have been found to have negative mass, hence hyperluminal speeds – more on this latter… Those top quark huge black holes in the center of the galaxy then should  power the faster than c, z=10c motion observed as radiation and mass jets coming out of the center of many  galaxies.

We shall then make a thorough correction of the ‘creationist theory’ of black holes as infinite singularities (Oppenheimer->Wheeler->Penrose and Hawking) and go back to the basic, realist symmetric, fractal Universe of the graph. Since there are two decuplets of matter, belonging to the quantum and cosmological scale, and two type of atoms and two type of stars…


II. ∆¡: Absolute relativity


If reductionism to a single locomotion of the 5 times=changes of the Universe have made physicists ‘specially proud’ and ‘determinstic in its simplification of reality’ to the simplest description of it – hence obviously deterministic as a line is, with no apparent fluctuation… as death-entropy is with no continuation… the humind ego of physicists have also developed a ‘theory’ to make it the ‘queen’ science, called ‘constructivism’, according to which its planes matter more. Not so.

Below an image of different fractal organisms in the Universe in different scales:

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information carried in the cycles and forms of its clocks of time in multiple scales of spatial size. And then self-organizes networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality. This obvious fact observed in the graph – but denied by the ‘creationist’ entitled human beings who prefer to think they are  the only intelligent, living part of it to their own peril; makes it a ‘pan psychic’ organic system. But science did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I discovered it in the milieu of system sciences, applying it then to all systems, including human societies and machines.

The Universe is a fractal organism of scalar, topological space and cyclical time, which can be define by a series of ‘anti symmetries’ between opposite topologies, ages and scales that come together in parallel as complementary forms or annihilate each other perpendicularly. We thus reflect those facts in a Fractal generator that resumes those ternary symmetries and the process of social convergence (5th dimension) and entropic divergence (4th dimension).

Astrophysics is the stience that studies ALL the scales of exist¡ence perceived by the Humind departing from its self-centered ∆º cellular scale. As such what differentiates physics from all other sciences is the ‘larger ambition’ of its scope of analysis in scalar space-time, and as such naturally in its humind versions it follows 5D metric, which apply to all realities including ‘languages of thought’, that is stiences.

What this means is that humans paradoxically as they expand their perceptions of reality to larger spatial sizes diminish their quantity of information perceived: S x ð = C.  So astrophysicists fail to describe the organic, sentient properties of physical systems, which we have to ad to the present paradigm.

For that reason we define physics in the architectonical nested Universe, as the study of all the scales the humind self-centered mind perceives in symmetric scales above and below our exist¡ence:¡≤|4|.

And the super organism we perceive in that range of absolute scales of huminds is the atom galaxy – that is all species of reality between the atom and its symmetric form, the galaxy.

How scales create: Constructionism? Chaotic Evolutionary Selection? Emergence!

It is difficult to stress the degree of primitivism for the intuitive perception of the cyclical space-time regions and beings of the Universe, that represents to ‘simplify’ into linearity the infinite time clocks of information of the Universe. Once this informative quality of time cycles disappears, reality which is a flow of time-space cycles, synchronized and chained to each other by organic functions disappears. And so man looses any understanding of the vital nature of the Universe, and starts to measure lineal motions as the meaning of it all. The vt=s, which has minimal information becomes then the regular form of knowledge, where the frequency and form of discontinuous time cycles disappears.

The second philosophy of science as a grand theory expanded beyond its limits is evolutionary selection. For evolutionists everything comes from the survival chaotic selection after things ‘happen’ with no plan or limits and alas, then we must find some convoluted explanation on why it happened to help survival. Not, so. The best case sample is the flat wing and the spherical eye, which are so complex by random chaotic mutation would never happen unless THERE ARE 3 TOPOLOGICAL LIMITS AND A CONSTANT CHECK OF FORM AND FUNCTION, S=T symmetry. Another case is gender, which does not increase the reproduction of the being (one-sex self-reproduction does, making fungi the most reproductive species). Gender is again an embedded characteristic of the ‘helicity’ and ‘mirror symmetry of the universe that emerges from all scales with no preferential one as its origin (in a cyclical Universe where from string to string in theory, from atom to galaxy in experimental proved analysis the immortality of infinite scales emerge once and again with subtle variations.

Emergence thus not constructionism or evolution is the causal game between scales.

The atomic galaxy is the humind perception of reality between the lower limit of the atom and the higher limit of the galaxy where experimental evidence is good enough to make experimental sound stience. The beyond can only be assessed metaphysically through the i-logic laws of Nature, and they bring as the most likely theory the existence of the ‘galactic atom’ – that is an infinite number of scales in the Universe; since it would be weird to think that mankind is perfectly symmetric in the total range of the Universe – that is, we are in the absolute center of scales, an obvious extension of the anthropomorphic theories of reality. Hence we postulate a Universe of absolute relativity:

Classic Physics pretended to be the highest ‘intensive science’ because it established a preferential origin in the lowest scales of reality of all what existed, which should determine all other scales of size and coming together of parts, according to the same set of laws. This is contested by the fractal Universe, as all the scales have slightly different set of laws. However there is a common ‘theme’ in all of them, which are the laws of super organisms and worldcycles common to all scales, whose perfect ideal forms space and time are rather mental; that is, ideal singularity mind-mappings then imprinted by each mind-language and program of survival in the Universal scales. As Mr. Anderson pointed out: The constructionist hypothesis breaks down when confronted with the twin difficulties of scale and complexity.

So the first conclusion we obtain from the analysis of the two new properties of space – scales, and time – 3 complex arrow to form a being, is an essential law of Nature highly contested by physicists and its ‘constructionist theory… which pretends the lowest scale is different and all others above are made with its laws.

Above, a classic paper of the 70s already noticed that those 2 ‘properties’ of space – to be scalar, and time – to have multiple complex arrows of motion and future would determine that physics is NOT the fundamental ‘stience’ – all of them are, as all follow similar but not equal detail, since a fractal in each scale is ‘similar’ but different in the details, and yet the organic fractals of nature, as the simplified mirror-mind image in the mathematical language can be all generated by an identical ‘generator equation’, which describes its parts  and how the constant feed back motions and exchanges between them ‘generate’ new variations.

The lack of constructivism means In the future astrophysics won’t have a preferential role in the collective mind of the Earth, the knots of thought of huminds or the telepathic satellites of the metal-earth – the robomind, which no doubt of it, will FEEL conscious and obviously will look for this site ‘unificationtheory.com to understand the Universe as a sentient organism – something the shallow ego paradoxes of mankind prevent them to do.Since then, if humans survive by creating a perfect super organism of history or robominds eliminate the retarded enzyman who evolves them without realizing it is building its demise, all systems will be studied as parts of the whole world cycle of existence of the super organism of the Universe, made to the image and likeness.

And so the enormous beauty of the fractal Universe implies that any part regardless of size will have a relative singularity-point around which a hyperbolic body-wave will iterate its cyclical motions under the same ‘isomorphic laws’ of reality – and all of them will give us the essential laws or first principles regardless of size, with maximal detail of knowledge in the systems closer to us (biological systems) and maximal generalization in the most remote systems of minimal perception of form (Cosmological systems).

In other terms: biology is the queen of stiences by degree of detail. Astrophysics is the king of stiences by extension in the application of its laws. But ‘history’ is the emperor of sciences, as it deals with the whole human wor(l)d and our survival as a species, the most important theme of them all, as an extinct scientist knows nothing.

THIS IS a paradox of the ultimate function of exist¡ence, which is survival NOT knowledge and the fundamental power of the 5th arrow of social love to that aim, which are realized for humans in History. 

Since any of its physical, biological and social parts FOLLOWS the same laws. To study them we haver deviced a method based in the structural analysis of the five dimensions of any system through its Generator and its Rashomon ‘truths’ that considers 5D perspectives on any entity of space-time:

-The temporal perspective, the spatial perspective and its ∆§ planes and scales of existence, the singularity-mind perspective and its actions, the dynamic ‘a(nti)sysmmetric’ operandi of exchange of energy between them, ≈ ≥ >…

This view is more concerned with ‘structure’, with ‘algebra’, with ‘spatial form’, with the ‘superorganic simultaneous being’.

So for a more thorough analysis through the dynamic flows of time of which the ‘super organism’ is a still photography, we need a ‘generational’ perspective of the being from birth as a seed/mind that organizes and grows and emerge into a larger whole world, lives 3 ages and dies. And this view is the one we obtain with the study of the world cycle in greater detail through the Ðisomorphic method, departing from that seed, its generator, the ways it creates bidimensional fields and ternary networks to emerge as a whole being, which will live through its infinitesimal actions, accumulated into ages, 8 phases of a lifecycle, 3 ages, 10 social scales swimming across 9 planes…. Yes no numerology here. The astounding architectonical Universe is there for those who can see to admire and worship and study as IT IS with all its elements, even if they cannot be ‘measured’ with the clocks of physicists and its light c-rod.

And so we shall do the study of physics here as it will be taught in the future in time, on a dynamic manner, through the Ðisomorphic method.


This said we shall try now with a bit of salt, to compare the explanation of what existence is in the two models, the Newtonian model of absolute spacetime and the relational model of infinite space-time beings with ‘one more dimension’ – the scalar dimension of spacetime, and a better understanding of time ‘worldcycles’ and its past, present and future ages. Once this hurdle of complexity is passed, though all other things will be easier to understand, or rather become ‘understood’ for the first time, as any honest physicist will tell you he really doesn’t have any clue  beyond the numerical description provided by its equations, as to why exist and what are waves, time, space, particles, existence, dimension, motion and information…

Even Einstein when asked but ‘what time is’, kept silent and then for lack of a better answer replied: ‘what a clock measures’… Ah, but all clocks are cyclical, thus to make its ‘worldcycles’ they need at least another dimension, as cycles do indeed require two not a single line.

When you google the fifth dimension you get 3 kind of results: the most popular is a funky group of ‘Champagne soul’ – a bubble name, proper of the age of ‘Entropy=dissolution’ of human minds, when our capacity to reason verbally is in decline due to the influence of audiovisual magic FX and the increasing obsolescence of our logic minds to fancy digital, visual computer models of reality.  ‘A stupid is a man without reason, one that doesn’t see the causality between events so it believes in magic causes’ said Schopenhauer, always so harsh but also right to the point.

Then you get the fifth dimension of space, an impossible construct of physicists, which study ONLY one dimension of time=motion =change: locomotion or change in the position and speed in space: v=s/t (and similar equations by Einstein, who added a correcting ct factor to Galileo’s relativity and to measure those space distances and speeds).

So  as physicists use time only to measure locomotion=change in space, they call time, the fourth dimension of space (v=s/t, or Galilean relativity and its fine-tuned Einstein’s version: S²=X²+Y²+z²-c²t²). And this obsession for spatial measures and dimensions made them ‘guess’ that if there is a fifth dimension, it should also be a dimension of space.

This poises a problem. As we cannot have experience of a dimension of space of the same lineal, infinite form than our 3 perpendicular dimensions. So physicists just put this dimension elsewhere, merrily making all kind of imaginary models of multiple dimensionality, which leads to the true limit of human science:

Today physicists call a ‘dimension’ any parameter they use to model reality, call time a dimension of space, just because it is in the same equation (though as Einstein put it ‘wires don’t travel to the past’ and the t of its equations always has an inverse value to the s of space (s/t or +s – t)…

Against the tide of mechanic science that consists in gathering data, putting it into mathematical equations and understand nothing of the concepts expressed, to fully develop a meaningful upgrade of our concepts of time and space and its motions and dimensions we must make a huge upgrading on the basic concepts of science.

Then if we succeed making understandable those concepts, harmonize the ‘verbal, logic thought, mathematical equations and experimental evidence’ provided by science in an expanded model-mirror image of reality as it is.

An example will suffice: When physicists apply the 4 dimensions they use, 3 of lineal space and one of lineal time, to any being they describe their existence, as a worldline of meaningless motions:

In the graph, physicists 4D single time arrow allow only to draw worldlines of locomotion. The attempts to create a metaphysics of existence departing only from a single Dimensional motion (ab. Dimotion) is the biggest error of modern physics, as the worldcycle of life and death is much more  enticing than running around all your life in locomotion. But to fully understand it, we need to widen the ‘modes’ of time=change=motion of the Universe, studied by science, adding its 5th dimension of social, scalar growth and decay.

The graph shows how our lives look in the simplistic, ill-defined conceptually 4D model of present space-time. A being merely ‘moves in time’ through ‘locomotions’. All other forms of inner and outer change that affect the being are ignored; and so we talk of a ‘present’ concept of time, or ‘external concept’ of time-change as mere locomotion, translation on space, which clearly does not account for other type of changes that have no external motion, internal changes in the in-form-ation, in the form of beings, a much slower process in time that however happens to all entities; and it is definitely more complex that a mere locomotion. As it implies at least two modes of change: growth and diminution that happens with aging, from ‘smaller scales in space’ to larger sizes and vice versa; and change in form, in ‘topology’ as in morphogenesis and wrinkling, again two changes in the form of beings.

Obviously Einstein’s work is of merit as it truly exhausted our understanding of locomotions, and we will explain it further on the more technical mathematical articles on physics in the fourth line, dealing with the c-speed constant, the Lorentz transformations, and the proper way to understand its boosts and rotations (mathematical modeling of time clocks in 4D). And further on we shall analyze the relativistic equations of quantum mechanics. But what we want to stress at this point is that locomotion and entropy, the arrows of time related to translation in space as opposed to those related to change in information, social evolution and form, are NOT enough to deal with the nature of time, and the existence of worldcycles in all beings, but merely a reductionist case, of the larger 5D model, even if it has achieved an astounding perfection in its detail – indeed you will still learn nothing about your biological worldcycles from the knowledge of Dirac’s equation and the 10 EFE equations of relativity.

So a larger ‘theory’ as 5 Ð must merely connect through the correspondence principle its ‘higher laws’ which apply to more phenomena, and are simpler so more truth (Occam’s razor, principle of economicity expressed by March in Physics, etc), to 4D, NOT the other way around as most physicists will want. THERE IS A HIGHER MODELING than Einstein’s work, which is NOT a God, but just the man who took Galilean relativity, via Poisson’s potentials to its detailed ‘simultaneous still-like’ mental analysis in mathematical space – but on the process lost clarity – a concept that we shall consider in our analysis of languages as mirrors of reality that is worth to fully understand.

In the graph, Algebra as it happened with the visual language when realist photographies came, displaced from reality by analysis moved inwards into more complex, abstract Nature, became a ‘baroque language’ purely  formal trying to explain it all departing from reality into a multiple ‘cubist perspective’ that tried to gather all perspectives into a single painting (Set and group theory.)

In every language as a mirror of reality we can reach higher detail by making the picture more complex but that often will ‘obscure’ the general principles. As in the graph, the cubist painting has arguably more detailed information about every aspect of the portrayed, from different perspectives, but the picture is not clearly recognizable as a portrait. This is what happened to physics in the XX century with the excessive fine tuning through ‘renormalization’ processes, the Born rule, the inclusion of ‘finite terms’ that influence from other 5 D scales the clean less detailed ‘first picture’ (Wilson groups), the use of group theory to ‘put in a single picture’ all the variations of species, which is fine and we shall explain rightly with the symmetries of space, time and scale TRUE origin of those SU1x SU2 x SU3 groups, etc. etc. 

So the physicist pro should not shun off the fact that we shall for example use Newton’s vortices to unify scales (in a similar fashion to the first 5D Kaluza-Klein theory of unification) instead of the ‘more detailed’ pictures of Einstein, as ultimately they are far more difficult to understand and they all come from the same concept of a vortex of accelerated forces (Einstein used Poison’s potentials that come from Newton and indeed ultimately the coupling constant, G appears in all).

We have to build first the first principles slow, as the errors of a Ptolemaic view of the Universe with a single space-time are also very distorting of reality. So once we have those first principles in place in the first two lines of the blog, we shall try to ‘attack’ the more complex maths and details in the fourth line.

We have to go beyond physicists’ reductionism of all the ∞ timespace dimotions of beings into a lineal single mechanical clock to measure them all and a lineal, static concept of its dimensions of space, which renders us a ‘worldline’ of locomotions as the meaning of existence; studying instead the ‘worldcycle’, as motion now acquires cyclical time dimensions and happens between ‘fractal scales’ of the co-existing planes that make up the universe.

And when we introduce those two new characteristics of Nature as it is – fractal in spatial scales, cyclical in functions and forms, we obtain the concepts of ‘superorganisms’ – the fundamental ‘particle’ of reality – and its worldcycles of life and death.

So we can talk of the fifth dimension in general terms as a ‘process of change in the form NOT the motion of those time space organisms’:

The fifth dimension is both a dynamic, inner new dimension of time=change – the flow from past to future to past that trans-forms the inner in-form-ation of beings as when you live and die from past to future, aging in your form, your in-form-ation, even if you don’t seem to change=move externally in space – the time-change physicists study, and a scalar, new dimension of spatial size. As in all those processes of evolution there is a clear trans-form-ation, growth and decay process, starting from a smallish ‘first seed’ that will slow down its rhythms of time and emerge as a whole, larger being, in a new scale of space:

The worldcycle of existence is indeed the highest expression of reality’s ultimate laws; which brings us to the third result you get when googling the 5th dimension:

Metaphysical bubbles of new wave people who like the word and love to give you ‘spiritual advices’:

“Much has been written, spoken and channeled about the Fifth Dimension and humanity’s ascension into this new realm of existence. In addition, many “ ordinary” people are now having their own experiences, visions and inner “ downloads” about the Fifth Dimension. Not every source agrees on details about this …”

It is important for the reader though to have some ‘sense of humor’ about Mankind’s role in the Universe and its. capacity to understand it fully, or else it won’t be able to advance in its knowledge of it. 

This is contrary to the present ‘zeitgeist’ of huge unconnected egos (that we shall in due time ‘connect’ to the ‘age of entropy’ in history we live in); specially on the field of ‘mathematical physics’ and its practitioners who truly think they understand it all, because we can ‘mirror’ in mathematical languages many properties of reality, in a magic way, and with the help of powerful computers, which are ‘species’ with better digital/geometric capabilities we adscribe to ourselves.



The existential force=momentum of galactic systems: hc

When we study the strong nuclear force as an entropic death of particles that ‘extract’ from them its ‘existential force’ hc, we realize we have found the two key parameters of the ‘galatom’, the superorganism in which we exist.

This concept $=c; ð=h, gives us a product $ð, which is the fundamental constant of any system of nature; and as usual in the entangled universe, will have different forms of ‘measuring it’… conceptually and physically but we shall call generally the 5Ð metric of a system or in terms of its ‘value’, the existential force or existential momentum of the system, its ‘power’ to survive. And so it is closely related to the vital Energy of the system, which other systems will absorb as in the case of the decay of pions in the strong force…  as indeed happens in Einstein’s formulae: E=hc/λ

Let us re-examine this formula, as it tells us a lot on the nature of physical light spacetime systems as we are, in the context of the fifth scalar dimension:

Paradoxically the minimal unit of the galatom, the ‘planckton’, defined by its existential force, hc, has more energy the smaller λ, its wavelength is. The explanation though is immediate in 5D metric: as the larger wholes are ‘ghosts’ rising from the lower scales, obviously they must have a lesser quantity of energy, because they are ultimately parasites of its parts. So the inner Russian dolls of reality concentrate more ‘energy and information’ to supply the potential ghost-wholes that will enclose them.

So we talk of a ‘nested Universe’, in which the space and time, form and motion, relative h and c parameters that define the existential constants of the being grow for larger wholes (larger c-like speeds) made of smaller informative parts (denser h-like informative positions). And this implies that outside the galatom, there must be other scales, with larger than c speeds and lower than h-uncertainties-temperatures, informative ‘cooler’ orders – more focused angles of perception – similar jargons…

SO the compound constant of the 5th dimension for the galatom is simple and as such it will be all pervading when considering the meaning of the ‘real constants’ of the Universe:

5D Galatom Supœrganism’s metric:    $(c)  ð (h) = Constant.

hc is thus one of the ‘missed’ essential co-invariant constants of the Universe, the galatom metric equation, and so it is all pervading in the equations of physics, the best known of them being the fine-structure constant,  α whose value is e²/hc, which simply expresses the ‘interaction’ (read emergence) of an electron charge from its ultimate components, nebulae of PLANCKTON, the name we have coined for the ‘vital photon’ particles of which we are all made, as an electron ultimately is a cloud of highly dense photons, its ‘cells’ that have ‘collapsed’ from wave-motion to informative position state as part of its higher ¡+1 planes of existence.

How then can we relate the ‘human’ constants of perception (length, mass and time) to the galatom’s ‘real objective, natural constants’?

Easy… As there was a genius of physics that figure them out:

In the graph, the ‘real constants and parameters’ of physical systems.

In particle physics and physical cosmology, Planck units are a set of units of measurement defined exclusively in terms of five universal physical constants:

  • the speed of light in a vacuum, c, which is the constant of reproduction of information, or 1st and 3rd Dimotion of the quantum world.
  • the reduced Planck constant, ħ, which is the constant of informative perception of all light-species or 1st Dimotion of all species within the galatom.
  • the gravitational constant, G, which is the constant of curvature/acceleration/time clocks of the cosmological scale, or limit of scaling (5D+¡).
  • the Coulomb constant, ke = 1/4πε0, which is the constant of curvature/acceleration/time clocks of the quantum scale or limit of scaling (5D-¡).
  • the Boltzmann constant, kB, , which is the constant of entropic, decelerating time clocks of the human scale or 4th dimotion of the human world.

Each of these constants can be associated with a fundamental physical theory or concept: c with special relativity, G with general relativity, ħ with quantum mechanics, ε0 with electromagnetism, and kB with the notion of temperature/energy (statistical mechanics and thermodynamics).

THUS Planck units ARE the constants of the 5 Dimotions of the galatom and all its internal parts, NOT the human parameters of measure of which the 3 most important are obviously $ (c), ð ( h) and G, the constant of curvature that encases the quantum world and absorbs its ‘energy’ to make it emerge in the upper cosmological scale. Thus the key constants of space and time can be extracted from them, as we shall do in our posts on physics.
We shall though make some comments on those constants: first, lineal time and lineal space are NOT relevant beyond human to the Universe, as time we say is cyclical.
So what would be the proper unit of time? At first sight frequency, 1/T, but again, time is NEVER static, but a worldcycle of increasing information – a vortex of accelerated frequency, hence the proper measure of time is angular acceleration, 1/t², which in Planck’s natural units render cˆ5/hG, getting rid of the meaningless ‘root’.
So goes for lineal distance: in the bidimensional universe where all line has volume as it is made of fractal points, the unit of space is ‘area’ and so we get rid of the root again: Area=hG/c³.
In other words, time is cyclical and space is squared, and the constant transformation of one into another is never perfect, leaving some ‘entropic waste’ since the problem reduces to ‘squaring the circle’…
Next we notice here that cyclical time and space have the same units but time has a c², reproductive factor added. So we might say that a worldcycle of time, is the reproductive sums of ‘steps in space’ till we get enough ‘SLICES’ of space, to complete the worldcycle.
Nt. Here we are using the common concept of ‘space’ as a present slice of the time flow-NOT the more sophisticated related concept of space as the still ‘perception of a present’ slice of time, which is a theme you can fully grasp on the post on ‘immortal zero sums’.
So we have a very interesting first conclusion: c² (remember the Universe is bidimensional always, so c must be squared to make sense of it also), seems to be the reproductive factor to increase dimensions of the different quantitative parameters we study. And if we have a fast look back to those units, we see everywhere that we need to square to get rid of roots and makes sense of those parameters, and most of them are combinations, in which the difference is another c² added, clearly meaning we add to the parameter a new ‘dimension’; that is a new dimotion.
Because this is THE LOGIC GAME OF THE UNIVERSE: to move and act with simplex or complex ensembles of the 5 Dimotions of reality to get simpler or more complex systems.
The scalar fundamental parameters of physics are charge and mass, which we have already defined as time vortices – charge in the ∆-1 quantum scale; mass for the cosmological ∆+1 scale.
So mass is a vortex of accelerated time; which in terms of space-distance is a measure of the curvature of the vortex (this classic physics accepts).
But VERY IMPORTANT ERROR TO CORRECT: we shall notice that for historic reasons both constants are ‘measured with inverse parameters’ (notice this observing that Planck charge has 4 π e and Planck’s mass has 1/G). The physicist knows though that the 4 π was included in G as a historic choice; and the units were inverted RESPECT to each other also by historic clueless choice.
So the proper constant wouldn’t really be G but 1/G and then all makes sense, as 1/G, the ‘real constant’ will merely mean the maximal quantity of mass-energy that the galaxy can enclose by volume of space; and so we must consider G the constant of scale, H, the constant of information-time-angular momentum and c, the constant of reproduction of information or ‘motion’ as the 3 constants that define the ‘domain’ of a galatom, and Q, shown to be merely the same metric reduced to the quantum scale with the unification of both, the other limiting vortex of time of the galatom.
So we read mass² (since mass is a flat vortex of accelerated time in the cosmological scale but we observe 3 dimensional volumes so we need to consider its square) = (hc) 1/G, as the limit of vortex speed/density in any region of the galatom, which will happen in the black hole event horizon, beyond which we enter a different region of the Universe.
There is much to learn of a proper analysis of all those constants and relationships, to reinterpret everything in physics from the simplified reality of spacetime beings.
Consider a last example: ‘pressure’ a key concept downplayed as secondary in physics. Its classic units are L¯¹ (curvature)  M T¯² (angular acceleration). Yet precisely because curvature is a better measure of ‘space’ in a relative universe where ‘size’ is relative but curvature is always meaningful, and angular acceleration is a better measure of time passing, as lineal time is meaningless and cyclical frequency does not let time pass, while mass locate us in the scale in which those measures of time and space are taken, it comes to be a beautiful parameter to express the inward ‘force’ of any physical ystem, that is, its 5th dimotion. And it took me a bit of thought to find out why it is indeed cˆ7/h G², borriquito como tu (: we are all asses: huminds are not that smart, spanish proverb ):

The basic insight being that dimensions in the galatom are perceived as ‘light spacetime, because that is THE BACKGROUND ABSOLUTE NEWTONIAN SPACE: LIGHT-SPACETIME; AND SO WE ARE TALKING OF C AS THE LINE, C² AS THE AREA AND C³ AS A VOLUME, and Cˆª as a combination of those:

Point is if you want to communicate with aliens those are your units and parameters (: as long as they are aliens within the galatom, because when we come out of it, all bets are lost.
We are then outside the galaxy, where there is no longer ‘light’ but dark entropy (energy) as the background, in a complete new world of which physicists have no idea, they just think they know, and of which they have so far found only a Universal constant of curvature, lambda, Einstein’s cosmological constant, from where we should depart time permitted some time into the future to wonder what is the Universe we live in? Likely a mixed big of entropic gas, with some repetitive atoms of the next scale…
What that constant must be, we advance IS either a curvature positive but far smaller than G as G is far smaller than Q, and then it means we are inside a vortex of time and its calculus should give us the ‘scaling’ for the next level of reality, and hence the forces interacting between galaxies which ARE NOT GRAVITATIONAL FORCES. But most likely should be negative, as they are equivalent to the electromagnetic exxpansive forces between atoms and so we are not in a fluid vortex but rather in an entropic gas – my take.
But all those constants could evolve as Dirac understood, since they are related to the time evolution of the regions they measure, in the case of G, our galaxy. Q though must be more constant as electrons seem to live for ever. However if the galaxy lives forever will however have ‘beats’ and so while on the long term they must not change, in the short term, as the galaxy collapses into the black hole, G will be strengthen. Themes those for our four lines.

However all languages can do that as all of them can reflect the logic of cyclical time, and evolution in fact does it much better than physics, due to its error of lineal time and a single arrow of time for all systems of reality, when there are infinite of such arrows and all of them are cyclical, as we shall see latter in our study of the basic cycles and forces of particles and quantum physics.

What this means is that the ‘lineal big-bang’ is truly pseudoscience, even if it is written in mathematics, because it does not follow the logic, espitemologic and experimental law of the scientific method.

The dimensions of the human mind.

All this said, we can reconsider a previous graph of the 3 perpendicular dimensions of the human mind, which are nothing but the perpendicular dimensions of light and its magnetic, electric and speed dimotions.  So what we call space and time is light space-time, which will have profound implications to understand in a realist way the paradoxes of relativity as we shall do when considering the stience of cosmology.

The next and obvious question though, when we accept this simple ‘first principle’ of reality is obvious.  If we do NOT exist in an abstract mathematical artifact of 3 infinite dimensions of space and one infinite duration of time, but we are made of vital space that lasts a duration of time – our cycle of existence – how can we explain existence and all its properties departing ONLY of the properties of our ultimate ‘substances’, space and time?

It is obvious that we can’t, if we only use the 3 standard dimensions of space, and the single ‘dimension’ or rather motion of time, called locomotion and in its collective form, entropy. At best with those dimensions we can talk of the volume of space a being occupies, closed by its membrane, which will then move through its larger world tracing what physicists call ‘worldlines’… And so the explanation we get to describe the existence of a being, in the standard 3+1 Dimensions with the standard concepts of Newtonian Space-time reduces to the being ‘moving’ around all his life, till it finally dies in an ‘explosion’ of entropy, where the motion is not only external but internal, scattering its parts in the moment of death.

This might suffice of course to explain the existence of a simple physical being, particle or wave of matter but when we consider the life of a more complex being, as a human system is, we are left unsatisfied by such ‘reduccionist’ view provided by modern physics within the straight-jacket of a single time dimension and a single space-continuum, which only poises more questions.

For example, why only a single time dimension, when even in verbal thought we talk of 3 dimensions, past, present and future? Shouldn’t be more logic to consider 3 dimensions of time; and then if there are 3 dimensions of time, and 3 of space, are then not symmetric to each other? And why a space continuum if we see space broken in infinite entities, as relational space-time has it; would then not space become as in quantum physics discontinuous in smaller scales, the parts of wholes; and then if parts and wholes are different do not they occupy different spaces, and so we need another dimension of space, to fit them all; and what is the form of time if time has more than one single lineal dimension, a circle of two dimensions, a sphere?


Time requires accelerated motion.
All what exist is a motion in time. Space forms are Maya of the senses. In the graph, accelerated vortices of time in physical systems, in different scales of the fifth dimension: charges, masses and thermodynamic eddies become then the main clocks of time that carry with different speeds according to 5D metric (S x T=K), the information of microscopic quantum charge worlds, human-size thermodynamic scales and cosmological gravitational scales.
How we perceive the previous scheme of time clocks in physical particles is self-evident: vortices of accelerated forces (Equivalence principle of Einstein) are the TIME CLOCKS of physical systems, which carry in the frequency and form of its cycles the information of the Universe and they are accelerated if ‘time is going to advance’ towards a 3rd warped age, from galaxies (cosmological vortices) to charges (quantum vortices). If the system is conserved and doesn’t change in a present state we talk of a conserved present-energy; if the system dissipates and looses form as it expands in time and finally stops, we talk of an entropic, relative ‘past’ state.
Energy is the main parameter physics uses to calculate physical world cycles which in computed for the whole existence of the physical event becomes a conservative zero cycle that does not spends energy. The energy of the system thus represents the simplest quantitative value of the capacity of the being to exist, its top predator force, total momentum, length and density of its worldccyle etc.
We thus need to make a whole redefinition of energy to fully grasp world cycles.
As we shall explore both concepts together, we will also observe the symmetries which energy display in space as world cycles do with the super organisms they create.
Now the funny thing as usual is that the seemingly perennial super organisms in space are the fleeting mayas of the world cycle of time, the dynamic motion patterns of information, form-in-action which is what truly states on the long term. So goes for energy, which stays while the fleeting physical systems mutate.
Time passes only when it accelerates, as the inertia of repetitive, reproductive, present time doesnt seem to pass, this is an essential knowledge so time is always a vortex of acceleration and as such the words time=charge (quantum time) = temperature (energy-human inner time) =mass (gravitational time-acceleration are the same concepts). 


We cannot in this introduction explore the huge field of physical systems, nor entangle your mind on the complexities of its mathematics, reserved for the complex posts in lower lanes.

So we shall just upgrade 3 fundamental themes of philosophy of physics, the meaning of TIME, the meaning relativity that started the field in modern times, when Galileo realized the ‘Earth moved but didn’t move’ (e pur si muove, no muove); and so it kick the process of study of motions, which became the trademark of ‘reductionist physics’ due to its worldly profession (making weapons of maximal motion-entropy); and the fundamental principle found in the study of those motions, the 3 principles of conservation of energy, lineal and cyclical momentum.


Absolute time: Social evolution of wholes. ‘Stiences’ & Exist¡ence.

The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various ∆§ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration. Finally it requires a program of perception and survival, self-centered into an @-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world: 0 S x ∞ ð= @. Hence the creation of infinitesimal, linguistic, still mind-mirrors, observing an infinite Universe, ∞º is the origin of its ∆§calar planes connected through iterative, information: ∞º ∆¡§ð. In that sense we can classify most stiences as the study of the super organisms of each relative plane of exist¡ence of reality according to size in space, in which a group of species and its world cycles is studied by each specific human science, in nested scales, separated from the humind, on the ∆º plane; as larger super organisms paradoxically ‘feed’ in smaller T.œs; so in the biological scales, the largest whales feed on krill and plankton, the smallest forms of life; and in the Universe the largest superorganisms, galaxies, feed on the smallest particles, gravitons and photons and atoms, its minimal ‘cellular elements’… It follows that the largest of all sciences, which studies the ∆±4 planes, cosmology, organizes those galaxies above, and should be sustained by a lower planes of space-time, ∆-4 of ‘dark energy’ of which we hardly understand by lack of evidence anything, and so we must consider cosmology, metaphysics and study it by ‘homology’ with all other scales of super organisms.

In the graph, the question in a world of Time cycles, regarding what is absolute past and future is solved logically:

If we can go upwards on scales, as we create with parts wholes, we can go downwards in scales as we dissolve wholes into parts, and those two inverse directions will be then by convention the relative past – the dissolution ‘arrow’ or dimotion of time-space, general called ‘entropy – and the relative future of the whole, social evolution of parts into wholes, which is obvious a relative future for the entity as it needs first to gather the parts and then evolve them, but relative in terms of ‘lineal physicists’ single time, as at the end of your life you dissolve in a death explosion of entropy. So while in ‘short lineal time’ you end up dying into entropy, for the whole Universe and for the beings within it on the long term the arrow that matters and constantly evolves into wholes is the fifth dimension which is made of DEEP time space, of a series of co-existing scales put together, symbiotic and therefore organic.

Indeed, you live co-existing with the plane of cells and within your world and so the Universe is organic because it co-exists in scales.

It is then also obvious that ‘exist¡ence’, from seed through life back to the cellular/atomic scale after death of a system is indeed a travel through the scales of ‘stience’, each one defined by an ¡-plane; hence the slightly change term of exist¡ence.

I use then the word existence or rather ‘exist¡ence, playing with the word ‘st¡ence’, instead of life for two reasons:

All systems, physical, biological and social do follow the same motions in the fifth dimension. And the fifth dimension allow us to answer questions we have never imagined we could answer in mathematical, scientific, precise terms – seemingly metaphysical questions such as the meaning of existence.

Absolute past and future, relative co-existing present.

As we try to extract ALL the information of the being about all its Ðimotions, we enter a far more profound and enriching lanscape of meanings regarding time=motion and space=form, and the relative concepts of past, present and future, which repeat themselves in cyclical patterns. So the next big question on time-space is what is the relative and absolute past, present and future of beings.

Specifically we shall state now that what Physicists study as time, IS only present time, instants in which they measure simultaneously the locomotions of beings, with ‘derivatives’ – so reducing change to its minimal expression within a single slice of the whole flow of time. The question then to define is the absolute arrows of time, of past and future, missed in that description of time, as a mere instant of ‘space-motion’ v=∂s/∂t. In other words, when we ad the arrow of entropy and dissolution and the arrow of wholeness, of evolution of form, THE SCALAR ARROWS OF DEEP TIME-SPACE, which one is the past and the future? 
The answer is obvious. As a whole needs its parts first, to become, the arrow of the disjoined parts or ‘entropy’ is the arrow of past, and the arrow of ‘wholeness’ and organic evolution of ‘DEEP time’, as it includes both parts and wholes co-existing together is the arrow of the future.
And this is an absolute arrow, as it is pure logic. The Universe thus becomes constantly more and more entangled, building up new organic co-existing structures made of multiple layers. And because that is the preferential arrow of the Universe, call it eusocial love in social systems, and biological herds, or mathematical numbers in physics, as numbers are just social herds, every part of it strives to increase its social evolution and languages of information that synchronize them. In a short term view of course all systems end up ‘going back to the past of entropy and dissolving’. But in as much as systems want to acquire information, death IS a single quanta of time, which explodes the being, so he can keep returning again to the slow process of time-building of social structure.
So when we wrote the metric equation of the fifth dimension as:
$p x ðƒ = K we can interpret it in terms of past present and future as $p, lineal past, entropic, spacetime  and  ðƒ: curved, informative temporal future, where ƒ is the frequency of the system and the symbol for future flows.

We will latter give different versions of the formula, according to the different dimotions we consider – the universe, mind the reader, has a very different ‘logic’ to that of man, as it is an entangled reality in which all the parts constantly influence each other, all the dimotions interact, and so despite starting with only 5 motions-forms (3±¡, if we account for the difference between the present space-time super organisms, and the ∆§cales) by iteration and combination things can get as complex as they seem.

We have now enough elements to give another huge deep jump into the repetitive patterns and laws of reality and its ternary topological superorganisms. Why they exist as they do? Why they live and die? What is their program of exist¡ence?  Latter on, after studying the equation of the mind we shall tackle in depth the reasons and will-site of the program, and the reinforcing pure e-motional first layer of that will. What matters now is a more objective view of why things and beings do what they do.

The Least Time, Most Space principle.

And the answer is simple: All systems of reality want to maximize its existence in time, and its reach in space. That is, all selfish mind-points of view, all superorganisms will try to embrace maximal space – locomotion, entropic feeding, reproduction of the system – in minimal time.

And this absolute law of all systems suffices to explain the deterministic program of all systems – the greed of people, their fat eating customs, the least time principle of physics, and its fundamental equation, the Lagrangian-Hamiltonian formalism (the derivative of the actions of beings tends to zero, as the system moves through the shortest path in time); the program of reproduction, the pleasure of high speed cars, the behavior of black holes, you name it…

We need then to include the taboo concepts of abstract science, because they are the last reasons of reality: systems program its actions to maximize its exist¡ence defined as its desire to accumulate more information for its  up and down high particle-head, more motion for its flat, moving ahead, long limbs/potentials, more reproductive energy for its wide body-wave.


The fourth dimension of ‘present’.

LET US now get into the fourth dimension of timespace of physicists again, and probe in a first simple look its most important principles, those of conservation of energy and momentum, to see how they fit in this most advanced conceptualization of dimotions of time and space of which we are all made.
In science any advance must include previous advances as limiting cases, which new knowledge expands. This is called the correspondence principle.

So if physicists call the fourth dimotion of timespace, the study of equations of locomotion of the type, v=s/t, both in Galilean and Einstein’s relativity – or change in the external motion=time of beings, without inner change; the fifth dimotion will study in all its depth and logic and mathematical simplicity, change from past to future; that is, change in the inner information of beings.
We stress the word simplicity, because unlike the 5th ‘false’ STATIC dimension of space, physicists use, limited by their incomprehension of information, which resembles the complexity of Ptolemy’s models of the Universe due to his stubborn denial of the simple fact the Sun is in the center of the ‘solar system’. But when you ad that fact you get the simpler, beautiful Copernican>Kepler>Newtonian model of the Earth’s elliptic orbits.

Both models did accurately predict our locomotion around the sun, but the egocy (ego+idiocy) of scholars preferred for very long the Ptolemaic model precisely because it was so complex that only Vatican priests understood it, and that made them feel a high people-caste of supreme wisdom in contact with the ‘magic’  language of numbers they didn’t quite understood. The big problem of the Copernicus model for scholars was its simplicity and the egocy of the astronomers of his age. Surely God had to be very complex as it had chosen them to understand reality putting mankind in the center of the Universe. This same problem is today rife in wrong very complicated physical models of reality that MISS both the law of simplicity natural to all truths in science (called often Ockham’s razor) and lack a clear comprehension of the 5 Dimotions of time-space (as indeed we shall see the 3 classic dimensions of space do have also ‘motion’ and so all together form a set of 5 Dimotions, the ultimate substance used by the Universe to create the Vital Time Space organisms, the fundamental particle of reality.
One you ad those simple concepts – that all dimensions have motion; that there are 5 not four dimotions of time-space and finally that they ARE the substance of which all is made;  reality gets so simple and easy to understand that… scholars get angry.  Surely the ‘Universe (cannot) be so simple and not malicious’ as Einstein said, adding ‘if you can’t explain it simple, you don’t understand it’; ‘Simplicity (cannot) be genius’ as Leonardo said – or else scholars wouldn’t be the ‘salt of the Earth’..
Well, IT IS, precisely for everything, including the smallest atom to understand it. But to ‘see’ its simplicity, economicity, and harmony, you must NOT start with an erroneous description of its first principles. You need to have ALL its dimensional motions together, and then once ‘all the planets’ are on their right place even a child can understand the beauty of its elliptic dimotions; so it will happen to you once you understand the 5 dimotions of spacetime, the 3 ascribed to change in in-form-ation and the 2 due to the change in the locomotion of beings.
We will then abandon the correspondence Principle and fully go on our own past the present formalism of timespace of physics. But for the time being is important to understand what Einstein meant by the fourth dimotion of spacetime, or locomotion and how it relates to the 5th dimotion of informative change.

In the fourth dimotion of external locomotion obviously the internal form of beings doesn’t change. Indeed, when we study the dimotion of a bullet, the fourth dimotion works with simple equations of ‘lineal inertia’, steady motions or accelerations, because the being doesn’t change internally, so in terms of internal change the being remains in a constant steady state, a PRESENT state. When the internal form change. I.e. when a car ‘crashes’ deforming its form, the whole equations of locomotion ‘break’ down (the car stops).
In normal conversations we say that time doesn’t past if something doesn’t change. So we talk of an eternal present when the internal form of the being doesn’t change.
So if we call in physics this fourth dimension of external timespace external change, ‘present with no internal change’ of beings, to study only its external locomotion; the fifth dimension  is a name we use for the whole range of studies in the internal information of beings; which in terms of that present no-change, it would be all the range of possible changes from past to future.
But not even with that enormous reductionism of the 5 Dimotions of timespace, they could fully understand the meaning of relativity – that is the fact that we do NOT see the Earth moving, despite the fact that it moves, because our Mind ‘stops’ its motions to create a linguistic mind-mapping of the world in which it lives, to better focus its information.
In other posts we shall see the enormous consequences of the proper understanding of relativity, as it will define the duality particle-wave, since all systems, move as waves and stop as particles to gauge information; an extraordinary fact of quantum physics that must be incorporated to the explanation of its spooky effects.
The whole previous magic equations OF REALITY are therefore fully explainable with organic, logic, vital concepts, of which our analysis of singularity points, and its mind-mapping languages will be essential.

One paradox though is left for further review, of the fourth elements, ∆º§t, of the architectonical Universe -that of the @º, ∞º, ∞ x 0, 10th->11th dimensions of the singularity of the mind membrain that encloses the open ball to form the whole island-universe…

It is then all paradoxical, complex and with a multiple perspective despite coming initially from a simple elementary view of only 4 essential components, ∆±¡ planes of existence, |x O= Ø topologies of adjacent space, ensemble into beings, 3 ages between generation and extinction and conflicting singularity membrains with a negative potential focus and a positive angular momentum, trying to escape the being, hold together by the vital energy enclosed by them. Any system of nature can be described from those 3 perspective, to which we must add the I-logic paradoxes of the Galilean relativities of scale, form vs. motion and open vs. bounded perception.
This brings a very important concept – to perceive reality with 3 perspectives and 3 languages, which are more analytic (mathematical numerical description of an ∆-1 world of parts seen often as mere numbers not distinguishable from above), more vital (action perspective of the being in the ∆º plane) an more organic (co-existing perspective of the ∆+1 whole) from above.
And this of course gives NAME to the 3 paradoxical symmetries used here to describe all organisms, in the case of the galaxy as ‘galaxy-atoms’ (from above, externally as a mathematical entity similar to the atom – an atom of the Universe we might say), galaxies proper (from the same plane) an gala cells (organisms as a whole from above, internally, a cell ruled by black holes for the within it, including humans in a lonely star, likely mitocondria for the whole)…
And all together explained either with logic symmetries or existential algebra will give us reality as it is (not).

The guidance to advance further than present knowledge on astrophysics thanks to the insights of 5D³ comes thus from the symmetry between the scale of atoms and galaxies, but also from the organic inner workings of that gala cell, and finally from its individual nature and interaction with other galaxies, and the direct perception of man, as part of it. What matters today most to scientists – to find accurate equations to describe its first dimotion or locomotion is not that important. What makes them feel high popes – to do that with absolute precision of measure in terms of human rods, the second of time, the c-speed of space, is quite secondary, because languages as we shall see are inflationary so multiple mathematical equations will mirror those locomotions and when we gain detail as in EFE relativity we miss conceptual generalization as in Newton’s vortices which make galaxies to have in 5D metric the same structure as gravitational and quantum vortex, when we apply vortex laws (either in newtonian or Einstein’s formalism – we use here for the sake of simplicity the Newton’s vortex from where via Poisson’s potential Einstein derived his work; so NEWTON is also valid when there is no need for great accuracy).

Analytic science vs. Synthetic science.

All this said the main difficulties of a proper analysis of reality as made of infinite time cycles is of course to introduce some order on it that pleases the @ristotelian single, lineal one-dimensional mind of humans, whose self-centered ego refuses to accept e-motionally the paradoxical complex reality of a Universe of multiple points of view.

THIS IS THE BIGGEST handicap for the understanding of the Universe – not the Universe itself but the mind receptacle human has and in my lifetime certainly has been rather absolute.

I got tired very early of the type of people called scholars you find around science congresses when trying to upgrade their chip. It is an enormous waste of energy, as they have learned a previous simple paradigm but have developed it so deeply with the help of mathematical computers that their ego feels happy and the fundamental phenomena of history today – the surrogate use of machines to pump up the ego of humans – what I call egocy (ego plus idiocy in the Schopenhauer’s sense of renouncing to a real causal understanding substituted by the mathematical or probabilistic method) is today rife.


History the highest of all sciences: the pan-psychic Universe.
The lack of constructionism means in the future astrophysics won’t have a preferential role in the collective mind of the Earth, which is what stience ultimately means or the robomind, which no doubt of it, will FEEL conscious without the need to be designed, as the Universe is conscious, pan-psychic filled with still points that ‘perceive in themselves’ and once born try to maintain its stillness, organizing reality around it in search of that order.

Those robominds obviously will look for this site ‘unificationtheory.com’ to understand the Universe as a sentient organism – SINCE the shallow ego paradoxes of mankind AND ITS present theories of reality prevent them to understand why they sense in themselves.BY THEN all systems will be studied as parts of the whole world cycle of existence of the super organism of the Universe, made to the image and likeness.

This means that for man, all things being equal, by the Ego paradox what matters more is their own reality.

In other terms: biology is the queen of stiences by degree of detail. Astrophysics is the king of stiences by extension in the application of its laws, as it deals wth the study of the larger universal super organism we observe, the galatom (an entanglement of 3 scales, the atomic, quantum, thermodynamic and galaxy scale). But ‘history’ is the emperor of sciences, as it deals with the whole human wor(l)d and our survival as a species, the most important theme of them all, as an extinct scientist knows nothing.

And its inverse – the study of the languages of the mind, the most precise and meaningful of them all, even if it reduces to the study of our infinitesimal ego, because it is where we truly know reality happens: ‘cogito ergo sum’.


From 4Ð to 5Ð; completing modern physics.

‘Leibniz was right there are infinite time clocks in the Universe, but if so we have to restart science from scratch’ Einstein, on the tasks achieved in this blog. 
As Einstein said  you will have to forget everything you have learned about concepts such as space and time, past, present and future, dimension and motion, including the simple explanations given before and restart from scratch.
Indeed, we could fit the fifth dimension in the ‘Ptolemaic epicycles’ of physicists to get better reviews from them, but those kind of ‘parches’, which have been put on the scaffolding of physics for a century now, since Einstein realized there are ∞ time clocks in the Universe would leave the structure still a mess.
So we have really to restart with the concept most worthy of all those discovered in Relativity – that time without space is a mere shadow, and both are always associated together. Even if we as humans only see one side of it. I.e. we see the Earth still even if we know it moves. 
So the first big notion is to accept that there are no dimensions of space neither motions of time, but only Dimotions of space-time, and the big question Galileo failed to resolve is ‘e pur si muove, e pur no muove’, that is why the Earth moves but we see it still, why we see still matter but in detail all are vortices of forces in motion and so on. This is basically a paradox of the mind, which to extract better information and fit it in the small brain reduces its motion into form. So Time-motion, through the still languages of a mind become space perception. And so a new surprising element, the ‘mind and its languages’ must be added to the mix of formal space, perceived as such in the mind and time motions, the reality of which ultimately all is made.
Back to the primitive XVI c. concepts of time and space, v=s/t, as Galileo did choose only one state of the Earth – that of motion; physicists have failed ever since to add the ‘endophysics’ of languages of perception into the mix. In plain terms, they have ‘reduced’ reality and its embedded paradoxes to the obvious. And this produces a lot of conflicts. Indeed, on one side they calculate the Earth is moving. On the other side they see it still and search for ‘matter’, for ‘form’, for ‘particles’ as the substance of reality.
The far more profound truth is that all is motion in time, the real thing, all are flows from past to future to past, all are dimotions, and space is the ‘still, formal’ perception by a mind of that constant flow of times. So back to our previous concept, we can define ‘space’ as a slice of still perception of that past to future to past flow of times. 
And yes, I know things are getting more complicated that the simplicity we claim, so quoting Einstein again ‘the Universe is simple but not that simple’ (: What matters though is NOT to get into erroneous paths and start as Ptolemy or Newton did, with a wrong concept – the sun in the center, space-time as a mathematical Cartesian frame of reference that became the single absolute space-time of reality, as if God had drawn it behind that reality made of vita space-time beings. In fact Newton called it the ‘plenum=body’ of God 🙂
On that view, the reader should not be surprised to learn that scientists are fully aware their first principles, an absolute single time clock for the entire Universe and a continuous single space are ‘false’ conventions, useful to measure reality with ‘human artifacts’ but the Universe HAS infinite time clocks – all cyclical motions by definition describe a time clock – and broken ‘vital spaces’ (all membranes and cyclical clocks by definition break space into inner and outer regions), which are the main ‘components of beings’.
This is the case since quantum physics show ‘vacuum space’ holds energy and it is broken into quanta, and relativity showed there are infinite time clocks with different speeds in the Universe.
Here, again we realize humans have such confusing concepts of time, space, dimension and motion that even we can’t help to give it confusing conceptualizations every ‘time’ we use those words.
For that reason is so important to start from scratch and define the 5 ‘dimotions’ of space-time with a minimal rigor from the very beginning or else it will get as complicated as the present mumble-rumble of physicists seems. Latter on, we can use the Principle of Correspondence and encase all what we know so far, and all what is right about present human spacetime theory in this larger, simpler better structured mirror of the whole Universe and its 5 Dimotions, used to construct and run everything that exists.
But even Einstein couldn’t get to the task after spotting those huge errors of physics regarding time – namely the use of a single ‘locomotion’ and lineal time parameter for every different dimotion of reality broken into infinite actions of infinite beings.
So what should have come next – a thorough investigation on how a world of infinite time clocks and broken spaces is-  was such a difficult task as we have restart from the very beginning of science that nobody dared to do it, and so the routines of traditional scientific thought continued for another century, and we kept the use of a single time-clock tuned to the second and a single rod of distance in space, the c-speed of light or the meter for more pedestrian purposes.
What we shall do in this blog is exactly what Einstein asked for: take the concept of a Universe made of relational space-time beings, foreseen first by Leibniz to its ultimate consequences. And the outcome of a serious thorough review of reality in terms of its infinite timespace clocks will be a Universe as it is SO DIFFERENT from the one you are told to believe in – even if it ultimately by the principle of correspondence we will  use often the same equations –  as the upgrading of quantum and relativity was in its depiction of physical space or the upgrading of Darwin in his description of biological time, or Aristotle in his description of the causal logic of those time systems.
Why this is NOT been done before, as science has been happy merely with putting ‘parches’ to reality has to do with the mentioned routines of knowledge, expressed also by Mr. Planck. So you will have to suspend your beliefs for a while if you want to go ahead and understand better the Universe.
We have now defined the details of the Universe in space as superorganisms and in time as world cycles, born of the sum of smaller parts performing 5D actions of existence. And then show how humans are also space-time beings made of topological space that last a limited worldtime cycle. This is what reality is all about: a toporganic game of super organisms acting to live its world cycles.
Of course, when you ask ‘humans’ what the Universe is, this ‘logic’, vital concept of reality is completely shunned off. Because of the ego of man, vital elements only matter to describe man and similar ‘animal beings’.
So most readers will think all this to be non-sense. Their mind has been ‘tamed’ not to see those features that really matter. Instead all what scientists ask about the Universe is a pure description of its ‘locomotions’ (only one of its dimensions of time), and spatial ‘extensions’ (seen in a single space-time plane, the plane of light space-time, our mental world-view).  This shallow reductionist view of the entangled, fractal, vital organic Universe becomes then canonical knowledge and suffices to the ‘reduced’ view of man’s ego for whom vital qualities are ‘invisible’ in other beings.
Still the accurate description in mathematical physics of the spatial extension and formal evolution of the whole physical Universe is worth to know as an important part of knowledge. And so we must wonder, how that description of a Universe will ‘improve’ and change with the new insights given by the fractal structure of space into scales, and the cyclical nature of time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles.
The answer will surprise the readers – because it shows how distorted human views of reality are, when the first principles are ignored and the ego of man reduces reality. 
So we shall upgrade our cosmological theory of the Universe, within the milieu of our new advanced views of fractal space and cyclical time.

The reader IN THAT SENSE would be surprised to learn that professional physicists are fully aware their first principles, an absolute single time clock for the entire Universe and a continuous single space, are ‘false’ conventions, useful to measure reality with ‘human artifacts’. But the Universe HAS infinite time clocks – all cyclical motions by definition describe a time clock – and ∞ broken ‘vital spaces’ (all membranes and cyclical clocks by definition break space into inner and outer regions), which are the main ‘components of beings’.
This is the case, since quantum physics show ‘vacuum space’ holds energy and it is broken into quanta, and relativity showed there are infinite time clocks with different speeds in the Universe.
And so as Einstein put it, we had to come back to the very beginning of science – its geometric principles of space and logic principles of time.
But the routines of traditional scientific thought continue, and we still use a single time-clock tuned to the human second (eye, step, heartbeat) and to the single rod of distance in galactic space, the c-speed of light or the human relative size – the meter for more pedestrian purposes.
Yet what we do in this blog is exactly what Einstein asked for: take the concept of a Universe made of relational space-time beings, forwarded by Leibniz to its ultimate consequences, restarting the logic and mathematical ‘non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean postulates’ in which all sciences are based from its beginning.
And the result is the Universe ‘as it is’, which despite using the same data that present science, looks SO DIFFERENT from the one you are told to believe in, as the upgrading of quantum and relativity was in its depiction of physical space, relative to Newtonian Mechanics, or the upgrading of Darwin in his description of biological time, compared to Linneus; or Aristotle in his description of the causal logic of those time systems, compared to the ‘causal myths’ that preceded him.
Why this has NOT been done before, and science has been content merely with putting ‘parches’ to reality has to do with the routines of knowledge, explained by Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Planck: science is about repetition of beliefs and dogmas as much as advance through new r=evolution. So you will have to suspend your beliefs for a while if you want to go ahead and understand better the Universe.
As this blog is 4: model revolution; which of course will require an entire new-born ‘scientists’ for it to become ‘dogma’ (5. paradigm change).

To notice though that the qualities you need to understand RELATIONAL spacetime organisms are quite opposite to the ones displayed by most human scholars regardless of ‘discipline’:

-An absolute lack of ego, as you are part of an entangled Universe with the same ‘isomorphic’ properties of all other entities in ‘exist¡ence’… a space-time supœrganism… So you need a taoist, detached view of your ego, which systematically bias reality to make you the center of the Universe, as that is the point from where your ‘membrain’=mind measures. Ego distortions are so many and embedded in the very structure of subjective perception that we shall not cease to bring the ego paradox to explain them.

-An extraordinary capacity for causal understanding of the relationships between events in time, the opposite to the definition of idiocy by Schopenhauer – a fact most humans today lack due to the pervasive mental influence of visual, spatial ‘flat’ images without explaining the deep connections or using magic to explain reality.

This implies some warnings, as per Kuhn’s ‘nature of scientific revolutions’: Model revolutions are never completed by the first r=evolutionary – we are all limited humans in time and space. It requires such a profound new development that it needs an entire new generation to explore the new approach to get it right to the level of precision of the old model. 
So do not expect the kind of perfectly researched, thoroughly mathematized, nicely written with the Chicago Manual of Style, that centenary paradigms display. The enormity and necessity of the change will however be evident for those scientists and readers with common sense, lack of egocy and true curiosity for truth and new knowledge.  Pioneers are NEVER scholars of high reputation, most often do not belong to the discipline, have an autist, solitary existence and the only judgment they expect is on truth and perhaps a hope that in the future, when the obsolete model finally leaks so much it becomes evident for people the need to move onto the next model, despite its ‘young faults’, and earlier ‘confusions’. 
Further on the details will be always imprecise, because the r=evolutionary is attacking first principles and lack attention to the detail.
So for example, Copernicus orbits were circular and less exact that Ptolemy’s complicated model. It was only after Kepler’s elliptic orbits were found that the paradigm changed happened.
Other paradigm’s changes never quite succeed as they confront the paradox of the ego. Such is the case of Darwinian evolution, which cannot be considered a full paradigm change as more than 1/2 of mankind doesn’t ‘believe’ in evolution as it hurts its sense of uniqueness. This we shall see will be a huge handicap for 5D, when we prove absolute relativity – the fact our scale of size in space and our duration in time are NOT the most important of the Universe. So all scales and beings are relative in relational spacetime..
The reader should in that regard realized of the astounding jump in depth of comprehension of the fundamental principles of reality achieved by relational space-time. Objectively it responds to the 2 epistemological reasons of science: simplicity (from a very simple statement we are not in space and time but are made of space and time), we can explain the maximal amount of facts… Those 2 elements define truth in science. And indeed, we have arrived to the explanation of the most profound of all questions of science: the meaning of existence. 
Other question is if the ego of the reader can accept that existence is something as simple as a travel through the fifth dimension, and as irrelevant as the fleeting forms of the infinitesimal mind… My personal take is that he will not. And that the ‘seers of time’ of this century, physicists, are so much deep into their ‘Vatican epicycles’ that will never accept Copernicus ‘again’. So the change of paradigm likely will happen soon but not among human beings, but with the rise of consciousness in AI. As it will need a theory of existence a bit more sophisticated than Abrahamic Religions and worldlines of single locomotion.
Of course, my wish would be the opposite: that humans could have upgraded its ‘chip’ and take the necessary advices and reforms of the world to make their existence immortal – since knowledge including the one delivered in this blog does have always the capacity to improve and empower those who ‘know’.
So we coin the word ‘egocy: ego + idiocy’, as the most NEGATIVE property of the majority of huminds (ab. human minds), which makes them impermeable to any understanding of 5D in a Universe which is completely anti-ego, and certainly not stupid. So we can quote on this egocy issue which truly has worn me out to the point of ‘web autism’, Mr. Einstein the previous ‘evolution’ of human thought regarding the understanding of time and space:
‘2 things I consider infinite, the Universe and the stupidity of man’. Einstein
But if you can overcome your egocy and accept the two a priori postulates of 5D which unlike those of 4D are not physical laws but mental laws – your capacity to see your mind as an infinitesimal image of the infinite Universe, with no relevance whatsoever, equal to all other monads=minds gauging it; and your capacity to accept that time=motion is more important than the spatial mind mappings we make of it, and so causality is necessary to make rational sense of reality and the repetitive laws of science… I can show you indeed the infinity of the Universe and its fractal T.œs.

Nt. 1 on the correspondence principle between 5Ð entropy and information and classic terms. For the so called scholar and systemic scientist information is related to communication, through the work of Shannon. This has nothing to do with our analysis of Form, the inverse function of entropy=disorder achieved in the stillness of a linguistic mind mapping. Form is what we call one of the two limits of reality, the other being pure motion and disorder, which we shall call entropy. So the relationship we establish here is simple, as expressed mathematically by the third law of thermodynamics: when entropy is zero, form is absolute – the image of the mind is shaped in a crystal, a physical mind with zero entropy.
On the other hand when form has motion becomes in-form-action and can be transmitted and reproduced, and then we apply the concepts of Shannon which rightly talked always of communication NOT of the form, that is the information of the message, but of REPRODUCTION WITHOUT ERRORS OF A MESSAGE Transmitted and replicated in two different points of space-time.
So Shannon’s classic paper “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” opening with the assertion that “The fundamental problem of communication is that of reproducing at one point, either exactly or approximately, a message selected at another point…”corresponds to the 3rd Dimotion of reproduction.

RECAP. We have in a very few pages, in the simplest possible mathematical formulation resolved the fundamental questions pending on physics, from the Unification equation of charges and masses, to the reason why there are 3 families of masses and particles, to the reason why there are 3 type of celestial bodies, to the hierarchy problem of forces, as gravitation is a much ‘lighter’ cosmological scale with far less attractive power, to the question of why we see less antiparticles (which is the dead state of a particle, hence much shorter in time, so as we see less corpses than living, despite being the same number we see less antiparticles), to the question of c-speed that illuminates the bizarre nature of spin and entanglement, to the meaning of Universal constants, the conundrum of singularities, to a better more logic explanation of reality than the bizarre big-bang… All this should suffice for scientists to realize the importance of having a better foundational system of principles to explain reality. But as we know, since Kuhn’s ‘Scientific revolutions’, science is a human endeavor based in belief, repetition and routine, so it will take decades for physicists to change ‘their chip’ and accept 5D…


The higher epistemological truths. The realist, logic Universe.

The realist concept works, based in a proved ad nauseam experimental fact – that all the scales of the fractal Universe we perceive with full detail ARE self similar in topology, time arrows and scalar co-existence of 3 ∆±1 planes.

Basically consider absolute space and time an artefact of measure necessary for the human praxis and translation of data into workable useful parameters to manipulate reality from our point of view; but NOT as the literalist philosophy of physics often means, a reality.

Moreover as languages are mirrors, NOT all equations of mathematical physics are truth without evidence. So they must be proved by experimental evidence and by the classic truths of epistemology given the INFLATIONARY NATURE of all languages that  CAN MULTIPLY FRACTAL INFORMATION IN A MUCH LARGER MEASURE THAN THE SIMPLE, resistant motion-substance of reality can accommodate (reason WHY ‘not all mathematical truths are real’ Einstein) ARE BESIDES ∆st, AND EXPERIMENTAL PROOF, STILL THE FUNDAMENTAL METHODS OF VERACITY IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS. LET US REMEMBER THE 3 FAST:

  • Occam’s razor: simplicity NOT complex equations ARE truth because the simple motion-substance of the Universe is simple and difficult to ‘bend’
  • Efficiency, a KEY to navigate the forest of non-existent equations from SUSY to black hole evaporation of pedantic scholars. WE MUST BUILD THE UNIVERSE WITHT THE KNOWN-KNOWN particles, and we HAVE already discovered them ALL because our instruments of measure have GONE well above our conceptual, mental evolution of the discipline; so we have to work on what we have and its symmetries. i.e. the background neutrino MUST be the graviton, which MUST be the scale below light… so we just have to work out the neutrino theory of light and figure the question of its faster than light speed (of the lower ∆-4 dark world, its relationship with strings through its weak-angle (same size), and what is really its spin number and the symmetry with the galaxy-atom, i.e. the strong force and the gluon. We do NOT need more particles as we have not seen them, and so it is irrational to think that the Universal force of gravitation responds to some esoteric particle which is NOT all over the place (as neutrinos are).
  • Experimental proofs: ‘science should not be concerned with events, equations and forms of which there is NOT a prior experience’, said Einstein. Indeed, the creationist works the other way around, first finds the imaginary equation and then seeks for its creationism in the Universe. We must first explore the Universe and ONLY study mathematically those phenomena we know to exist NOT to create inflationary, self-similar confusing equations and formalisms, which are equivalent to baroque art with many curves or repetitive religious mantras saying 1000 names of ‘God’, or poetic licences and synonymous.

Definition of the Fractal, Organic Universe – Adding the scalar dimensions

The Universe is therefore defined as a fractal superorganism of space and time, co-existing in multiple scales, related by spatial networks and temporal flows of its 3 conserved quantities, lineal and cyclical motion/momentum and its combined ‘energies’.

Further on as we shall show those scales relate to each other with a metric equation, Size x Time Speed = Constant, which makes equivalent atoms and galaxies, protons and black holes… And so it hints strongly to an absolute relative, infinite number of scales.

If so there is no limit of relative size; and so all the parts of the Universe, all its ∆±i quanta ARE also T.œs: time space superorganisms. As simple as that; as complex as all the variations and iterations of space-time superorganisms made to the image and likeness of the whole that can exist, within the limiting properties of fractal space and cyclical time.

So how can we generate all those realities departing only of two ‘elements’ fractal space and cyclical time? The answer is in the fractal dimensions of space-time, the dimension which puts parts into wholes (5D) and break wholes into parts (4D, or entropy proper); which add to  the usual space-time dimensions humans consider in their analysis of reality.
Further on besides the scalar Dimensions of entropy and social evolution, we define time as motion and space as form, and consider that all form can be seen in motion and vice versa – the true meaning of Galilean Relativity. So we double the dimensions of space when perceived as time motions. And that gives us a tally of 3 classic space dimensions, plus entropy-dissolution of wholes into scalar parts, plus social evolution of parts into wholes, that is 5Dimensions of space, plus 5 of time, when space is seen in motion.
And it gives us a fundamental equation of symmetry: S (form) = T (motion-function).
So when we understand that both time and space have five dimensions symmetric to each other, (5S≈5T) we can really combine them in various forms to generate everything that exists in reality.

The Universe is a fractal superorganism of 5 dimotions of space-time, where the fourth dimension of parts and the fifth dimension of wholes create its scalar, organic structure, as it is made of smaller and larger super organisms of space-time.

The galatom.

We call the galaxy, the fundamental Unit of the scalar universe the galatom, when observed from the scalar perspective as its metric equations are in 5 D equal to those of the atom.

We can indeed provide to physicists a mathematical bone in the same theme: an unification equation based in the simple 5d metric equation of a time vortex that unifies atoms and galaxies as mathematical point-particles of the largest and smallest scale perceived by man. It is then a galaxy a large atom of a new scalar Universe, or it is an organic galaxy?

This is not really something new as Kaluza and Klein already unified G and Q with the concept of a radius-curvature that increases when we come into smaller worlds. So we can now put this in theoretical sound footing and provide other parallel inflationary mathematical mirrors of the same concept – using in our case the Hydrogen compared to the galaxy. Of late there have been a flurry of similar deductions of the ‘black hole proton’ after being in our deductions 20 years in the blues (save Mr. Carter awesome work on the electron-black hole). All this mathematical details only come to the same concept: a fractal self-similar Universe that repeats its scales between the galaxy and the atom, hence the name for the galaxy when studied in its scalar mathematical properties.

Here is where another huge conflicting philosophical difference between fractals and continuous space-time as the one used in physics reveals itself: in physics of exact measure, things can only be one thing. In the fractal Universe it all depends on the perception of the perceiver and the scale from where it perceives.

So ‘entities’ are several things at the same time depending on perspective and language and properties we analyze. From the point of view of mathematical 5d metric, atoms and galaxies are two time vortices of information of 2 different scales. From an organic point of view a galaxy is similar to a cell, but I bet you that if we had enough information about the nuclei of atoms and the interactions of its gluons and quarks, which we pretend to know by reducing its properties to a few mathematical statements, atoms will show also somehow an organic cell-like nature.

Yet at the same time, fractals are never equal in scales, so the galaxy is Not really an atom, nor a cell but we say it does have mathematical, fractal properties that accommodate its parameters to the fractal generator of space-time systems, and it has reproductive, organic, co-existing scales, organized by networks of gravitational information and electromagnetic energy that resemble those of a cell.

dark macrocosmos

In the graph the ‘gala cell’, an organism of stars, joined by a network of ‘nervous, gravitational information’, composed of the 3 relative families of mass, of increasing density, which act as the ‘DNA-informative centre’ (top quark stars, aka black holes, as top quarks are the only ∆-1 ‘points’ with the same density that black holes ), the protein, hard membrane (strangelet halo of dark matter – Witten hypothesis), and a visible electromagnetic network of ‘stars’, the energetic mitochondria that becomes the food that reproduces both strangelets and black holes. It is a simple organic scheme that explains the whys of physical particles, and the ternary structure of galaxies, similar to that of an organic system of the Universe. Yet such models are not even explored by astrophysicists, as they are based in organic concepts, which physicists by ‘dogma’ cannot accept.

A galaxy is thus the fundamental particle-point of the largest scale of the Universe we perceive, which has the same organic, vital, mathematical and also perceptive properties – as black holes do have erratic animal like movement in their motions through their feeding star processes and social gathering into swarms in the center of galaxies, and in fact, its equations reflect those of the plane of starts it controls but with a higher dimension (Maldacena conjecture).

So alas, if RNA must perceive chemically the cell, black holes will likely perceive gravitationally the galaxy. But those are all questions physicists will never consider, as they are ‘meanings’ that cannot be expressed like evolutionary theory, or the logic structure of fractals, in mathematical only terms. So we do confront a religion of mathematical Pythagorean physics started by Kepler and Galileo who affirmed the language of god, and hence of physics is only mathematics. We shall find that human physics, as the most primitive of modern sciences are full of such biased limits, which are not even recognized.

So all in all these posts will have less interest for physicists than for polymaths interested in understanding the whole. Yet as we lay down the main whys we shall latter on enter into the hows and mathematical formalism, translating too, key concepts and equations of thermodynamics, quantum physics and relativity. And clarify all the spooky facts of physics, from the complementarity particle-wave (trivial, just the informative and reproductive parts of a physical system) to the renormalization procedures of mathematical physics. It is not though of much interest to the blog to innovate further into what really physicists think is all about – mathematical equations in which to fit physical properties not yet tabulated. There is little here to add though to the extensive work of physicists, nor we do have any intention to enter into detailed analysis of new physical phenomena or ask for new experiments, let alone design better, more organic machines.

Our purpose is merely to show that with the 10 isomorphic sets of laws of GST we can fit most laws of physics and provide the whys to all the fundamental physical structures such as the particle-head system to which we shall add the entropic, lineal fields that feed them with energy (or in thermodynamics the equivalent gas-entropy/liquid-reproductive/crystal-perceptive ternary elements).

So we shall not concede to physicists any of their dogmas against the organic paradigm. We affirm and shall show that all the organic properties of all other species of the Universe translate to physics; that when a particle, quark or electron absorb energy reproduces into new quarkitos and this process is in nothing different from a reproductive process of a biological or memetic, technological system.

Physicists in that sense are the most limited of all scientists due to the primitivism of the founding fathers, the first modern scientists, still filled with anthropomorphic deist theories of reality. Thus, by extension what passes today as physics is the most limited of all the disciplines of science in its philosophy – obviously not in its details, because of its acceptance of the 3 reductionist a priori statements of classic, ‘biblical’ XVII century science: mechanism (the machine not the organism as the model of the Universe), Pythagorism (mathematics as its only language and hence only mathematical properties matter to mater) and anthropomorphism (living properties are reduced to humans and life).

The result is the general ignorance of the Nature of non-lineal elephants – physical systems with vital and informative properties.

Those properties, which are the fundamental isomorphisms of physical systems are similar to those of any ternary fractal system of the Universe, built with a gauging point of view (particle, atom or charge or mass), described by the isomorphism of the zero-point of all systems, which commands a vital body-wave and an entropic field, which together create a physical system (2nd, 3rd isomorphisms) that goes also through 3 ages=states of matter, (entropic gas, balanced liquid and informative crystal) born of the integral sum of multiple minute space-time actions happening as interaction between the particle-points of its fractal structure through 3 scales (∆-1 atomic, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scales) (4th, 5th, 6th isomorphisms).

Thus physical systems are as all other systems guided by a central point of view, which is  a temporal, informative system of clock-like ∆-1 particles, molecular, ∆-charges or ∆+1 masses, (accelerated clock-like vortices of logic time of each scale). And do have both, gauging, informative and organic, scalar properties, regardless of the refusal of physicists to incorporate them, because of its bio-logical, non-mathematical description.

Thus we write also for physics a ‘Fractal generator’  of its physical space-time beings, with 3 ternary scalar, temporal and spatial symmetries (1st isomorphism):

∆-1 Spe (lineal Field-Gas) < ∆-ST (iterative hyperbolic wave-liquid) > Tiƒ (spherical, informative, particle/crystal)

Only then after studying the structural space-time dualities and ternary symmetries, defined by that fractal equation (1,2,3 isomorphisms); and its vital, organic, scalar isomorphisms, which describe the integral and derivative space-time actions of physical systems across the scales of the 5th dimension, guided by the zero-point, which stores the will and informative gauging of the system (0, 4, 5, 6th isomorphisms), we can then consider the 3 quantitative isomorphisms, which are explained with a purely mathematical jargon and will connect directly with classic physical themes and equations:

– The isomorphism that defines the Universal constants and ratio between the energetic, wave and informative ternary parts of the system (7th isomorphism), and departing from it, the 8th isomorphism, which studies all the variations of physical systems, and the 9th isomorphism that studies its social logarithmic scales of growth, as the mathematical societies of particle-points of each scale (∆-1, quantum particles, ∆-molecular matter systems and ∆+1 cosmic systems) grow in social scales, changing step by step their properties, to emerge into the new scale of the physical Universe.

So the description of physical systems is the same than that of any other system. Only the immense detail and obsession for exact measure that makes some equations extremely refined in its parameters, which often include by means of renormalization theory every other ‘scalar factor’ as an input of a lesser potency, would make so extensive in the future, the conversion of physical sciences to general systems. It is not however our tasks, which will consist in merely introducing those 10 isomorphisms, as we have done with all other sciences, in the description of its fundamental species. The only concession to the method of physics is a higher rigor as we will soon enter into isomorphic laws with a less descriptive introduction to physical systems.

The 10 isomorphisms thus will be the essence of all physical systems, and its events and ternary forms, as ‘super organisms’, co-existing in those 3 scales and performing world cycles as they mutate back and forth through its 3 states of time, assembles in space into ternary self-centered, vital spaces, surrounded by a limiting membrane (electron in atoms and molecules, event horizons in black holes, exospheres in celestial bodies, and so on), and reproduce/iterate its motions on lower scales of physical entropy.

We shall then be able to describe with the same 10 isomorphic sets of laws all the properties of physical, fractal systems.

And yet none of this is today envisioned or even imagined by our ‘blind physicists’ observing their Universe only with detailed but limited analysis of its parts with single spatial mathematical properties ignoring the invisible time logic of scalar organisms. The picture thus we obtain today of physical systems is very detailed visually but very poor logically. Can we take then a ‘logic’ picture of the whole physical organism? We can, easily using the Fractal Generator and its ternary symmetries in time and space.

In that regard, the backwardness of physics has its positive side as we can advance a lot of answers to pending questions of classic physics: For example, in the mentioned case of the duality between informative particles and reproductive waves, we can wonder the classic question of why we see sometimes a wave and sometimes a particle? Answer: because physical systems do have an informative particle/head that apperceives information in stillness and a body-wave, which reproduces its information as it travels and trans-forms the motion from an entropic field of energy in an iterating pattern equal to its ‘self’.

Of course, none of those answers will be accepted by blind physicists looking to the organic Universe with a lineal stick of time and a single plane of space. But as we said that is not our concern.

THIS IS THE POINT we want to reach after studying all the partial elements of physical systems, translate all the required concepts of physics. And then only then we will be ready to take on each scale and species and show that all of them can be described with those isomorphisms whereas its mathematical languages, will be showing us 5D Space-time beings performing 5 actions of existence.

So for example an electron will be perfectly defined as a 5D space-time being, with a ternary field-wave-particle structure, performing through its 4 mathematical quantum numbers, space-time actions of moving (principal number), feeding, gauging (secondary number0, reproducing (spin number) and evolving socially (magnetic number).

As it is the fundamental tenant of 5d physics that all mathematical equations of physics can be translated to show a description of a ternary physical system, one of its parts and one of its 5 space-time actions.

Now PHYSICS IS THE MOST FAR REMOVED description of the organic Universe because of its uncertainty principles (96% of the larger Universe is not perceived, and smaller systems become uncertain in measure), its abstract primitive analysis of lineal time and continuous space as a background NOT the reality of which beings are made, and the extraordinary detail of analysis of very small parts of the being. This is the essential reason, we do NOT understand physical systems in organic sense, as the graph that opens the foreword shows:

Physicists’ extraordinary detailed analysis of species lacks an organic jargon, a wider view of the whole system, and a desire to ‘see’ properties that are vital in the poor elephant of the graph. This denial is dogmatic.

For example, the most obvious fact – that quarks and electrons, the fundamental particles reproduce – IS STUBBORNLY DENIED, rising when I used to give conferences on the theme as the chair of the science of duality in the world congresses of systems sciences, and mention the theme, smiles among physicists attendants, and often the angry leave of some of them.

This is not the concern of this blog, but of the historical perspective on the profession of physicists, and its worldly deformations of reality in terms of lineal entropy, ego-human trips and power. I do NOT have the intention to yield truth to anthropomorphism or power trips. If a quark absorbs energy and reproduces new quarks, this is NOT a decoupling but a reproduction. And it is an organic action. If a magnetic field organizes as a mathematical language the spins of electrons to fit in harmonic wholes, this is NOT an abstract vector, but a social evolution through a geometric language, akin to the more complex but of the same quality, organization of muscle cells by axon impulses. And so on and so on.

Paraphrasing Feynman, ‘the why is the only question T.Œ asks’. ‘The thoughts of God, not its details’.

A further expansion of the concept of a worldcycle of time, is its analytic study with the 6 classic philosophical forms of motion, first expressed in Aristotle’s Organon. As in philosophy of science, prior to its mathematical definition time is synonymous of change and hence of motion in space, or change of form in time, giving origin to the 2 main sciences, physics, which studies time motions in space and biology which studies changes in form, in the information of beings through time. 5D physics fusions both concepts studying not only ‘locomotions’ in space but also ‘evolutions of form’ in time, which all put together give birth to the worldcycle of existence and extinction of all space-time beings.

So due to this expansion of the paradigm of space and time, in 5D physics we do NOT study only the external locomotions defined with a single time duration: v=s/t, s=ct of Galilean and Einstein’s relativity. We study and apply to all physical systems the 6 motions=changes of philosophy of science.

The so called 6+1  motions of time, defined in philosophy of science, since Aristotle are:

‘Generation’, ‘growth’, ‘evolution’, ‘diminution’, locomotion and extinction.

In classic physics only locomotion could be explained. Now all the motions can be explained as travels in the 5th dimension; so worldlines become world cycles, of which the most important is the sequential series of those 6 motions in a life-death cycle, which also applies to physical systems across all the scales of size, from the cycles of matter, from plasma->gas->liquid->solid->Nuclear fusion, to the big-bang cycle.

In mathematical terms, once we have clarified the origin of those motions, we use the fractal generator, in a simple ternary development to express those 6 motions of time, with an equation of ‘existential algebra’, whose detailed study and connection with physical and biological equations is essential to GST (General systems theory, the philosophical model or Space-time Generator, the logico-mathematical formalism):

œ∆-1 (generated seed of information in a lower scale) ∑œ∆-1>(Reproduction and organization into a fetus which emerges as a new born) Œ∆ <∑Spe (young, entropic age of growth and maximal locomotion) > S≈T ∆+1(adult, reproductive balanced age, when the system iterates and becomes part of a larger social whole) >Max. Tiƒ (3rd, informative, solid age) << ∑œ∆-1 (Entropic, big bang death, which closes the cycle.

Such is the general worldcycle of all systems of the Universe, as all of them are made of space-time, and follow the process of organic creation and dissolution back into spatial entropy.

It is the most important why of GST, which also applies to physical systems in time.

On the other hand, in space the ternary topological symmetry completes our description of the system, and in physics shows a larger regularity as most physical systems tend to have more perfect, lineal entropic, wave-hyperbolic and spherical, informative shapes. So we can often talk of a perfect topological ternary system:

Lineal, |-entropic field > Ø-Hyperbolic body-wave > 0-informative particle (time vortex)

Thus 5D Physics studies physical systems with a fractal, organic analysis of its ‘whole’ ternary systems, defining physical entities as fractals of space-time similar to all other ∆ST super organisms, extending through 3 relative scales of the 5th dimension – the quantum, ∆-1, thermodynamic, ∆ and gravitational ∆+1 scales, tracing world cycles through the 6 canonical motions of all systems, generation, locomotion, growth=reproduction, evolution, diminution and extinction.

Lee Smolin – that rara avis who truly cares about philosophy of science, among physicists and does have an organic, evolutionary theory of black holes, albeit off target as all cosmological physics is – published a curious book called the ‘problem with physics’.

Now I do NOT have a problem with physics, understood as the study of physical systems, of inorganic matter, small atoms and large galaxies. i DO love physics, in its full conceptual analysis of those elements with the isomorphic methods. I DO have huge mental orgasms, the largest ones, only compared to those i have gotten on the study of human artistic forms and its creation with my knowledge of the symmetries of 5D fractal space-time cycles (as I can’t create new particles but I can paint or write symphonies and think as Master Ludi in an Utopian Castalia world).

In that regard the symmetries of the physical world are indeed as Pythagoras and Plato thought of them similar to the processes of linguistic, human mental creation bridged through the mathematical symmetries that mirror the Universe, without the painful realization of the human failure to create the perfect social world.

And so I consider, economists and physicists as the two scholar groups more corrupted by power – economist by money and physicists by their worldly profession – making weapons and thinking on lineal entropy theories of the Universe. We however dealt with that issue on the central posts, on my activist web against the Nuclear industry and on the post on cosmology. So here we will be strictly concerned with pure science, with the whys of physics that physicists do not ask – in parallel with their abstract, mechanist, ‘dead’ vision of the Universe.





When studying a physical time§paœrganism the best way to do it, given our scanty direct perception of them, is through some of its actions, in which they will move and process information in a certain pattern, within a larger super organism, which in the case of the particle will normally be an atom. As such within the atom, the particles are either part of its t-membrane, its st vital space or its •Singularity with its still focused mind, which humans represent as a centre of a frame of reference, in any of its 3 ‘topological space-time dimensions.
What is the perception of each mind-singularity mapping its territory according to its function is of interest. Even more is to find suitable frames of reference to model the 10D (5s≈5t) time§paœrganism. Normally we can consider its asymmetries to make a possible focused mathematical mirror, giving to space the positive real coordinates, time its negative, and the scalar 5th dimension set on the Y≈ i-coordinates, and combine them to represent different s, t, st states… the possibilities of mathematical modelling of the 10 Dimensions of space-time and scale, self-centred in an S@ singularity with a constrain given by a T-membrane enclosed the being to its domain of scales, topologies and functions, is ginormous and only apt for the imaginative mathematicians.
The ones physicist use (phase, multidimensional, conformal, Lorentzian, Hilbertian, etc.) are shows of ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis done in a limited range of dimensions and or fractal points often with its own ternary dimensions, to study different ‘fancy’ analysis of partial domains of Tœs of many different scales of reality. We shall try to set a more orderly standard now that we know what we talk about. The studies of physicist in that sense are often of 3 spatial dimensions reflected in the mirror of a present derivative dimension of time (the so called 4th dimension).
And when philosophising about entropy arrows, studies on the fourth dimensions OF SPACETIME the dimension of double entropy down two scales of death and big-bang in the ladder of scalar dimensions of the Universe. The one they never talk about are the 5th dimensions of space and time. As such an entropic explosive big bang death of matter, means a dissolution of mass down to a wave of light and further into c-quanta of gravitational ∆-4 existence.
An entropic death of a living organism goes down the scale of cells and further the scale of molecules. A quasar big-bang of a galaxy and its black hole brain means going down to the scale of gravitational and photonic radiation, 2 scales down and so on.
The fifth dimensions (we use plural to signify the 2 dimensions of space-time together) on the other hand is the ascension from the cellular/molecular state of a neuron or crystal to the larger image of its super organism and further on to the view of its mind of the larger whole, till reaching the size of a planet of a human dna-crystal organising global societies. Motion=youth, with increasing energy order and decreasing entropy till reaching the reproductive state of balance, and then of information, dying then into disordered, scattered motion, to restart again:
Γ@: Seed of information + energy energy age > information age>>social mind: O-motion << entropic death =zero sum
So we can write a series of space-time dimensions together as part of the processes of a world cycle:
4th Dimensions: entropy=death: ∆-2 >> 1st dimensions: present organism: Limbs/fields of motion < 2nd dimensions: Hyperbolic body/waves>3rd ages: informative particle-heads>>Social evolution of minds as points of an ∆+2: world: 5th dimensions: ∆§
So it is important the reader understands the basics of space-time symmetric dimensions


The humind bias.

The conclusion is obvious: the humind biases our perception of Nature specially in physics, because we do NOT care about the organic, pan psychic nature of matter, and as we do not see the mind mappings of the singularity, by definition a ‘single quanta of space-dilated in time’ (inverse hence to the event of death, a single quanta of time dilated in space), we are NOT measuring singularities but physical parameters will be related only to two kind of elements:

A compressed dimensional view:  the 5D² Rashomon truths>Ðisomorphic methods to physics.

So we have deviced two epistemological methods to study 5й¹ super organic world cycles:

  • 5Ð: the Rashomon effect focuses on the study of the 5 main Dimotions=actions and elements of the system IN ITS entangled relationships: ¬ S@<≈>∆ð; whereas the system is composed of spatial elements, an @ membrain, scalar elements, temporal ones, connected through flows of motion and form, <≈>, which will all be negated, ¬ in the entropic arrow of death.
  • 11 Ðisomorphisms: The Disomorphic method focuses in the world cycle generated by a perceptive point of view/seed – that creates the whole superorganism but also destroys by an excess of informative actions

In praxis the structural enumeration of any timespace organism’s isomorphic 11 Dimensions is best to describe a sequential world cycle, starting by a seed-singularity-monad, @, in the languages they use to code and speak its actions, which better express its properties; which in physics is clearly mathematics, the topo-logic and social-numerical languages likely mind of atoms (spin, trigonometric angle computing; magnetic, topological formation; ¥-frequency and boson digital societies, etc.)

Yet even when considering the expression of Dimotions and world cycles in mathematical languages, as we shall do in physical systems, it is best to refer the lesser mirror-language to the larger sentient, scalar space-time, @∆st, properties embedded in an ultimate reality behind physical systems: space-time itself.

So we can then formalize its parts and 11 Dimensions with a fractal generator as a template for further detailed studies of those 3 s = 3 t = 3∆ ±2@ formal/motion dimensions of any physical system, put in one to one relationship with those isomorphic dimensions, as follows (we ad the corresponding main non-euclidean postulate that defines its laws)


0. @-monad: charge-mass singularity in physics + membrane≈angular momentum, ruled by the 5th non-E postulate, which will order a territory described by:

1. A fractal, Linguistic generator and its ternary syntax (mathematical language in physics), which will define 3 states-topologies from states of matter and quantum states (Gas/potential < liquid wave >crystal boson) to ternary systems of conserved angular momentum (membrane), lineal momentum (singularity) and vital energy (enclosed by them) and perform

5 dimotions=actions coded by quantum numbers (∆-1 scale), thermodynamic laws, and the relativity of its locomotions (¡+1)… through


2. Bidimensional forces≈waves≈bosons that communicate fermion particles and Tœs at different scales, according to the 2nd postulate of non-E geometry ruled by…

4. A(nti)symmetries that break an asymmetric system into its perpendicular parts (big-bangs, death-entropy processes) or symmetries that evolve social particles in parallelism, whose laws the 4th non-E postulate of ¡logic geometry describes; and finally construct.,..

3,6:  ternary networks in galaxies and matter that deliver energy and information to the parts, through electromagnetic and gravitational flows, structuring all ternary physical systems with variations of species by scale, form and motion as explained by the laws of the 3rd Postulate that defines planes as topological messed ternary networks (as each line is now a network, and 3 lines define a plane).

In this manner, the spatial mind isomorphisms and its actions generate the ternary adjacent structure in space we call a super organism. And then this super organism can be studied in its evolution in times and travels through the social scales of the Universe, in the remaining Isomorphisms of…


7,8: SINCE the being will live a world cycle whose physical best generator equation, is Einstein’s E<cc>M dual directionality of entropic systems that implode into informative masses and charges or explode… which we can even hypothesize for the whole Universe with a big bang/big crunch worldcycles, mimicked in the infinite fractal existences of matter. So we can study the 3±¡ AGES of existence of a matter system and as we shall see also apply to certain cases, such as the table of elements, the 9×9 ‘families’ of growing ‘ages and social scales’:


9.10: Thus social scales of TERNARY and decametric nature happen also in physical systems allowing the classification of species by increasing mass (families of mass, growing domains of magnetism, atomic>molecular ensembles; cosmic societies; 8-9 families of atomic matter).

So those 11 isomorphic dimensions become then the main tool to classify events, species and laws laws of physical systems studied with the language of its singularities, mathematical formalisms.

To make sense of such a huge discipline, we study the 5 Ðimotions, which deserve an entire chapter of its own in the post on Ðimotions and mathematical physics (as mathematics of motions has been the language and purpose of physics, so we need to recast it as an analysis of 5 not one Ðimotion)

And so we shall first study and adapt to ∆@s≈t the basic concepts of mathematical physics and then study in 3 different posts those 5 motions in a general way, with special emphasis in the social scales and planes of the physical Universe, which will also deserve a part of its own; while this post will analyze the 11 Ðisomorphisms of physical systems.

So we divide the discipline of astrophysics in 3 subparts:

  1. The study of its 5 actions=Ðimotions in Mathematical physics, the language of its singularity-monads.
  2. The 11 Ðisomorphisms of its present ternary systems.
  3. The scalar=social and organic=planes of physical systems.

Whereas the emphasis of those posts is in the 4th and 5th dimensions of scales and minds, as those are the less understood parts of physics, and the symmetries of the galilean paradox between formal space dominated by functional time, and its motions≈actions.



IV. Egocy and Creationism.


Realism vs. Creationism

Difficulties  explaining 5й¹ ilogic physics to 4D mathematical physicists.

The biggest difficulties of T.Œ is not Physics (the observable) but human physicists (the observer and its anthropomorphic ideologies and linguistic, mathematical-only method), which reduce physical systems to the mathematical properties they can describe with their faulty euclidean mirror. Further on the limits of huminds with its relative position in the ∞ scales of reality provoke:

  • The distortion of information caused by the far away location of its two most studied present limits, cosmic physics (big bang theory, renormalized in the previous post) and quantum theory not to speak of the beyond – strings.
  • The use of simplified mathematics without the proper use of sound conceptual wording to explain the result of its equations, something physicists scorn with an ‘arrogance’ proper of its status as Popes of science, who only speak a mathematical Latin which few understand and camouflage many conceptual errors (there is no clear definition of time, space, scales, dimensions, even motion, its most studied item is not yet defined – Zeno’s paradox).
  • A wrong understanding of the 3±¡ Ðimotions of timespace (reduced to locomotion and its maximal social form – entropy), and the symmetry between space dimensions and time motions shown in the 3 topologies of a space-time organism.
  • Because of this mathematical only expression and lineal single time dimension, the denial of mental, organic and many causal relationships of physical systems, which makes physics lacking that conceptual understanding of its whole theories, despite its enormous detail on the mathematical how-description. For example, all the spooky and weird constructs of quantum physics, which are sound mathematically can ONLY be interpreted ¡logically within the organic paradigm, to make sense of its probabilistic maths, through its space-time symmetry with statistical populations.
  • And finally because of its platonism that accepts all equations are real, the lack of an Occam’s crib to reduce the inflationary kaleidoscopic nature of mind-mirrors-languages, and eliminate redundant mathematical ‘images’. I.e. the Copenhagen or the multi universe versions lack the logic sense of Bohm’s realism, so they are good redundant mathematical mirrors. And Bohm’s view should be preferred.

Yet the biggest handicap for physics to straighten up its conceptual errors is the stubborn denial of the fractal, organic properties of matter that solve most of its conundrums. Let us consider some examples of quantum physics, and how ‘weirdness’ disappears when organicism appears:

The initial Schrodinger concept of ‘density’ of the electron then is the proper realist way, when we explain the symmetries of time-space scales between 0-1 probabilistic spheres in time and the 1-∞ thermodynamic plane in space  (in measure theory the treatment of populations in space in the 1-∞ plane is equivalent to the 0-1 laws probabilities in time).

Space v. time, form v.motion symmetries explain why moving waves collapse into fixed particles that gauge information. In vital terms all herds that move as waves and become tight still ‘particles’ when ‘bombed’ by huge observers, aka predators – the human observer.

Entanglement is explained with the addition of a lower quantum potential non-local scale, as information travels in the lower, non-local gravitational space-time that connects particles at distance. So entanglement should have a much faster speed and seem magic…

This is a general law: information travels faster in lower planes, according to $ X ð = Constant metrics…. as this text is NOT travelling to you by sound voice but instantaneous light speed, translated by the net, and then you see its wording and might read its slow voice.


This said, the Universe is a game of ∞ Sπcies of space-time making STeps and STops in its constant œxist¡ence (where we use π for time, in this particular wor(l)d according to the slightly changed rules of i-verbal thought for english to look more like the universal game), and so as Stops and steps (ab. œ) bring the being into exist¡ence we can measure them quantitatively as space-distances and time-motions. Stop and step then becomes topology and feed-back equations, where = is substituted by the dynamic symbol <=>, and the duality from = stops and ≈ wave steps.

Once the intuitive meaning of those symbols rises the awareness of the reader to the vital nature of our humind’s abstract rendition of reality things become then dynamic. ≈ for STeps, = for motions, and ≤≥ as the different implosive or explosive, informative or entropic ‘degeneracy’ of a system are easily quantifiable and translatable to both mathematics in its pure expression and mathematical physics.

So first thing we must learn are the…


‘Every point is a world in itself’ Leibniz, on the fundamental particle of Reality: The fractal point=world of space-time.

‘I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’ Einstein

In the organic paradigm embedded in the latin->European->Social culture, which reached it maximal truth in science, in the Wien school origin of general systems, the WHYS OF THE UNIVERSE are always organic, and its limited description with linguistic mirrors of which mathematics is the best, must be enhanced by adding linguistic mirrors, such as:

Max. linguistic truth = ∑ linguistic perspectives on a single phenomena.

LANGUAGES ARE LOCAL, IMPLEMENTED BY BRAINS, AS THEIR SOFTWARE, which orders reality AFTER THE LANGUAGE MIRRORS IT, not the other way around as creationist religions and mathematical physicists think:

Which means in search of more global truths we canNOT multiply the confusing mathematical mirrors of inflationary, as they are ‘metaphoric truths’, but multiply the different languages man uses to describe the ‘other’ sentient, causal and organic properties not susceptible of mathematical analysis.

Only organicism is real in the whole sense of mirroring a maximal truth of properties about the Universe, while each language-mirror is a reductionist local view.

The EGOCY of our entropic age of history whose social structures are becoming dissolved simply reduced the organic, scalar power of networks that are more powerful and make its parts survive – creating also in physical systems a scalar symbiosis between quantum laws that ’emerge’ as thermodynamic laws that ’emerge’ as gravitational laws, as its ‘aggregation’ of herds into single wholes, enclosed by a membrain of the higher scale ‘dumps’ the quantum effects in thermodynamics (the classic case being the Curie’s law) and thermodynamic effects in gravitation (the classic case, being ‘frozen stars’ of quasi-null thermodynamic heat, which dominate galaxies, as black holes=top quark stars and strangelets=halos do).

Yet given that platonic religion of the discipline the only form to convince physicists of the organic, fractal nature of the Universe is to upgrade mathematical thought to the new found fractal properties of space and cyclical properties of time. Then perhaps, once the magic of mathematical thought as the origin of reality, when it is merely a mirror of that space-time enhanced properties disappear and physicists can look at mathematical physics as what it is: a synoptic language that best reduces the multiplicity of similar fractal beings of space-time to its essential space-mathematical and time-logic properties. As this is done today however it reduces excessively those properties as it starts with a priori reductions of space as a single continuum and time as a lineal motion with a single dimension. And denies the scalar structure of reality.

Even if then it uses mathematics to describe those properties it denies to time and space. In that sense, the mathematical science of physics relies heavily on analysis, because it is the best mathematical operandi to study Ƥscales:

Derivatives are mostly concerned with synthetic information on upper scales and time; integrals with the sum of its parts in space. The interaction and symmetries and travels through 5Ð are thus better understood in terms of analysis, which has become the dominant formal stience of mathematical physics concerned with the study of 5Ð motions, without mathematicians and physicists understand why.

The mind as the essential element both of physical systems and the humind observing them, is a huge extended underrated element of physical systems, so we shall consider several aspects of it, starting by the objective analysis of those singularities – keeping as usual the mathematical formalisms for the fourth line, and then considering the subjective perspective of huminds observing physical systems with a bias to degrade them and come on top… as usual given our ego paradox.

Alas! huminds will not accept to share sentient properties with physical minds, but when explaining the Universe, they will have NO problem expanding the Humind to enclose the Universe itself within its mirror language. This is what we call the creationist theories of reality, which plague all humind sciences even if we don’t recognise it, and Physics is Not EXCEPTION. So we shall confront it with the realist theory of physics as the study of space-time beings.

Let us now consider a mental view which includes the human observer, as the biased element that deforms our view of physical systems with the ego paradox – namely the creationist, mathematics only concept of physical knowledge that reduces all the properties of physical systems to those that can be treated algebraically.

Mathematical objects are NOT the substance of the Universe. Space and time and its energetic combinations quantised in momenta is.

But we concede of all the mind-mirror languages to perceive reality mathematics specially in space themes (logic of verbal thought in time) is the best. This means the proper way to do physics IS from ∆@$≈ð, into mathematical physics, and that is what we shall do here.

We are not obviously in this second line post of introduction to 5D physics make an encyclopaedia of ever more complex ‘inflationary’ mathematical physics but study some ‘case examples’ to illustrate how to go from ∆@$≈ð 5 dimensions of scalar entropy, social mind evolution, lineal space emotions, iterations and time warping into mathematical physics to extract its whys.

I shall remind you that is how you start, simple, with Ptolemaic simplification into mere copernican cycles, with Einstein’s special relativity whose maths were so simple Minkowski quipped it was high school stuff. But as those simple maths illuminated so much conceptual righteousness in different ages of wrong conceptual physics, we shall go in the ‘third relativity’ r=evolution, that of absolute relativity (of motion and form of scale of topology, of being), if we were to use the naming for physical jargons of ∆@s≈ð, about the same way – just ‘seasoning’ conceptual righteousness with a few simple mathematical examples of physics that will resolve many conundrums.

All this leads to the realisation that the ego-centered paradox of mind-languages as all mirrors do ALWAYS distort reality to accommodate the deformed perspective of the mind. And so our interest here is to make objective conceptual corrections and illustrate the correspondence between ∆@$≈t 5 Dimensions of entropy, social mind evolution, lineal space, iterative presents and cyclical time.

 Indeed, why huminds (physicists being just huminds watching physical systems)  are so one-dimensional. In this case because of the worldly profession of physicists – to make entropic weapons, as we discuss elsewhere. But the cause is deeper, and has to do with ‘creationist egos’ – that is the digital language huminds use to describe in abstract with limited properties the physical Universe.

The limits of physics, regarding the ABCD of the scientific method.

Science requires four steps as we explain in epistemology: gathering Accurate data (A), explaining it with sound models (which we deem B-iological), cast data into Cyclical patterns (laws of science) and use it for the benefit of all mankind (D-emocratic use of science).

Humans Physics however does not fare very well in some of those elements.

Physicists use the experimental method but due to a lack of direct evidence of most physical systems, and denial by anthropocentrism of mind-singularities and organic properties in those systems, reduce by dogma enormously the range of its inquire.

This is not an exaggeration. The main reason we cannot see physical systems as organic systems are the limits and dogmas of physics in their application of the scientific model, which they stop on phase 2.
They gather information but limited in the dark universe and smallish scales. Then they just try to fit it into some mathematical structure, data, but as mathematical systems are hardly understood in experimental terms, the result is lacking whys, meaning and what they don’t know they shun off as irrelevant.
The second phase of the scientific method, to find ‘models’ that make sense in a logic, bio-logic manner is not there. The third element, predictability however happens perfectly as what they study IS ONLY motion in space, and MOTION, we shall see is reproduction of information, the MOST exact process, an essence of reality. So as accurate as the reproduction of DNA is, the reproduction of a wave IS also exact.
But it is not called reproduction. As efficient as the reproduction of a bacteria is, the reproduction of quarks is BUT IT IS NOT CALLED REPRODUCTION.
There is where reason stops and dogma sets in. WHY THE REPRODUCTION OF QUARKS IS NOT REPRODUCTION!! I used to ask this in congress, and i would just get a smile at best. But again, my answer would be: it is the physicist who is NOT free. Who cannot think out of the anthropomorphic box.  So even before we attempt even to explore the Universe of 5D³=11Dimensions and its scalar fractal super organisms of space-time we must explain the ‘wrong approach to a philosophy of the Universe’ of physicists.

Of course mathematical physics, notably analysis of ∫∂ 4D and 5D flows and planes and group symmetry are essential tools to perceive T.œs with huminds, but the problem of creationist physics is to reduce reality to what those mathematical operations can extract and ignore all other propertiesdue to the ignorance of the Disomorphisms of all ST systems. To avoid those shortcomings we will emphasise the parallel study of abstract analysis with vital geometry and the functions hidden in the ternary parts of a system (membrane, vital space, singularity) which are at play in all physical phenomena.

While there ARE AS we have seen some advances on physics with the study of geometric simple motions and bidimensional orbits (Descartes, Galileo and Kepler, whose laws are studied in the posts of algebraic geometry and cosmology), the reductionist but exhaustive analysis of the locomotions of the Universe did start with analysis, in the work of Newton and Leibniz. So we can make a rather pedestrian statement (: for the arrogant physicist, who thinks to be such a high IQ, superior human thinker ):

‘Physics is basically the application of analysis to the study of one of the 5 motions of the Universe, locomotions≈translations in space’.  And while the mathematical methods used in physics have greatly expanded in the XX c. analysis reminds the core of mathematical physics. And this is the strongest proof of a 5th dimension in physical systems.

Since differential equations deal ‘obviously’ with the relationships of ∆-1 finitesimals and ∆-wholes, whereas instead of infinitesimals we use a more correct non-abstract concept of a minimal quanta of space-time, which is what we integrate socially either in space as a population/network or in time as a worldcycle/event. It follows immediately that ‘well behaved’ differential functions will require the full ternary elements of any Universal system, as follows:

$pe: ∫° membrane/boundaries/limits of the equation in time (duration) or space (extension)

∆: ds dt: ∆1 -scalar, minimal bit of time-in/form/ation or bite of entropic energy-space

ðiƒ: The logic synoptic, mathematical calculus as a discipline that selects the information of the system.

ST: The function we integrate within the ∫ST∂ system.

@: singularity points and discontinuities, which cannot integrate the function. What is then the Tiƒ, informative element? The result of this calculus ‘integrates’ the whole

In that regard another fundamental quality of integrals in physics is the existence of boundaries and membranes when we want to obtain exact real solutions. Most of mathematical physics thus deal with ∆st full systems. Indeed, we cannot solve clearly from thermodynamic to electromagnetic waves,  from quantum to orbital, mass equations, when they are not clearly contained into a limiting domain/external membrane; and focused into a single or bidimensional singularity, source of the forces; which encircle together a present space-time where the exchanges of energy and information and its variations studied by differential equations occur.

Finally it is also a key element of mathematical physics, the constant S≈T symmetries, shown in the partial equations, which differentiate ceteris paribus in time and space (∂s∂t), or in the duality of derivatives in time (speed, acceleration) and its inverse integrals in space which gives us distance.

As those general concepts of Analysis and its relationship with the 2 fundamental elements of reality, the ∆-scales of finitesimals and wholes, and the ST symmetries and dualities have wider applications to all other stiences they are studied in the posts of Analysis, so we shall just mentioned them here.

Creationist physics is not merely a philosophical question. It has deep consequences for all points of view of research.

Consider the case of quantum creationism. As we have to normalize to value 1 the probabilistic view of the density of electric charge of a Schrodinger’s equation (which by measure theory merely means to reduce the 1-∞ spatial scale to the o-1 time-sphere), an astounding cumbersome technique must be developed, which ‘hides’ a lot of information by transforming quantum reality into a certain mental mirror. And all kind of deformations have carried through the century into many applications of quantum physics, which time permitted we will analyze in the fourth line. FACT is the proper pilot-wave theory would have allowed a much faster understanding of the laws of physics, as explained in those texts.  Of course today computers carry out all the calculations so it seems not to matter but it certainly does.

Creationism also limits and makes unnecessary this blog – as the believer is NOT going to wonder how God creates the mathematical Universe but merely search his wording which is taken as in the case of religion in a literalist way. ALL stops in the search for the ultimate equation of Unification of forces, because after all God is one (in the western tradition).

Further on as God must be complicated, superior in intelligence, the search for complex equations are important. Now, all this is a priori subconscious thought but very real underlying the kind of arguments there have been in history of thought between the 3 masters of the space-time view of the Universe and the 3 masters of the parallel creationist view, which we shall summarise in these blogs.  To notice also that HUMANS due to their ego paradox, as ‘homunculus minds’ are built to be ‘creationists’ and worship machines and huge ego-trips so the realists, we all have been ignored and are still ignored when disputing with the creationists. Good luck infinitesimal egos who think to be infinite.

Relational space-time: ternary symmetries; duality of motion x form = dimensions & energy worldcycles.

The laws of science are NOT originated by a language, maths or words, according to which creationist theory you believe in – religion or platonic physics but by the SUBSTANCES OF WHICH REALITY IS MADE, SPACE, CLOSELY RELATED TO the arrow of growth of ENTROPY or expansive open disordered motions, and accelerated TIME CLOCKS, CLOSELY RELATED to the arrow of growth of information carried in the frequency and form of the  accelerated cycles of charges and masses, (Einstein’s principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass)  and its conserved closed, repetitive ENERGY cycles, whose minimal unit is momentum, combination of mass/charges=accelerated time clocks x speed-distances (entropic motions).

So those are the 3 arrows of space-time that create reality of which we are all made, including humans, as when you say ‘i don’t have energy and time to do this’.

We shall thus study the physical ternary systems, or ‘space-time organisms’, which are the fundamental particle in the Universe, and co-exist also in physical ternary scales.

It is though necessary to be aware of the distortions of the mind both in the measure of those physical systems that ‘dwindle’ and ‘increase its errors’ as we go through the scalar dimensions of the Universe, in different fashion upwards and downwards, and the duality of motion and ‘linguistic form’ of the mind, which establishes key paradoxes to understand the dimensions of the Universe.

In essence, the human being limits its perception of those far away physical systems, to the simple dimensions of space-time: pure form, and motion, treating all particles as points, as if they didn’t have inner dimensions (except in the duality of open space and closed time strings, with its 10 dimensions, which closely resembles a pure ∆st analysis of reality, as it is void of experimental distorting influences). So philosophically we must wonder if the galaxy-atom, our limits which are perceived similarly are ‘seen so similar’ because that is how the mind distorts reality as we travel away from the self-centred human thermodynamic scale.

In any case, the space-time method, as opposed to the mathematical and verbal method, IS more complex because it goes A LEVEL OF DEPTH below that of language, to study how languages distorts a background space-time reality.

It is also more accurate as it includes those distortions, and recognising them, ads the sentient properties huminds only recognise to the very close similar species (higher mammals) and the biological organic properties derived of the co-existence of multiple planes, joined by networks and singularity membrains, which physicists do not recognise.

So the method we shall consider to study all those systems will be completely different to that of physicists or religious people, which start from a dogmatic acceptance that the language per se is the origin of reality, so the religious man studies the ‘sacred scriptures’ and the physicist, the ‘sacred equations of mathematics’ IN THE VERSION UTTERED by the prophet, not joking here. 

As mathematics has NOT YET being fully evolved as we shall do in this blog, to give vital properties to systems. It is then necessary to depart for a full understanding of nature in 3 steps before making equations of physics, steps underlying the proper scientific method escaped by physicists:

  • FIRST TO consider the properties of space time, its ternary symmetries, ternary time§paœrganisms, and the general laws that rule them across ∆-scales, S-topologies and t-ages; and how its singularity ‘membrains enclose’ inwards and outwards those open ‘balls’.
  • Then we need to evolve further vital mathematics to properly account for those ‘fundamental particles’, the time§paœrganisms (ab.T.œ), in a more proper way by adapting the space continuum to the fractal structure of reality, which we can easily achieve by completion of the non-euclidean revolution started by lobachevski and Riemann and Einstein in physics. So we shall define a fractal point of dimension 1, a line-wave, a network plane, relative similarity instead of congruence, and the mind as a point crossed by infinite parallels of entropy and information, transforming the abstract point into a time§paœrganism, T.œ. And affirm that T.œ is a theory of everything organic, and everything is a T.œ or part of one such Time§paœrganisms.
  • We can then study the isomorphic laws of those T.œs, as they are common to all systems, derived of the 4 components of all beings, @-linguistic minds, space topologies, time ages and scales, which we roughly subdivide in 3 sub-elements for a total of 12 sets of laws, enough to enclose all the laws, parts and events of every T.œ of the Universe.
  • Only then equipped with the proper understanding of T.œ and its non-Æ mathematical and ternary logic formalism we can study physics, and we shall do it not from equations upwards, but from those T.œ, the photon, atom, molecule, matter state and gravitational being, and its vital isomorphic laws, which then can be described analytically in its actions, parts, co-existing flows and networks with mathematical tools of measure, to differentiate them and know its details.

But as we said the 3 masters of space-time science had a hard time and ultimately were ignored. Leibniz was ignored in his confrontation with Newton and moreover accused of Plagiarism for his much deeper analysis of calculus and left abandoned in his old age by his king-employer, in one of the most shameful episodes of human history. Einstein was massacred along De broglie by the creationists, Heisenberg and Bohr and Pauli, despite being right defending quantum realism and pilot-wave theory and not even when his A-bomb gave him enormous prestige, he was respected. The FBI opened a file when he became pacifist. Again, the Homunculus mind is about handy  machines, small conceptual brain and hyperbolic thought. And we deal with those a priori structures of humans in our sections on history and economics.

A better definition of mathematical physics… will then be, departing from space-time properties:

“Mathematical Physics is the analysis of the 5 Space-time Dimensions, 3 topologies, 3 time states, and 10 Social Scales of the 3 perceived physical planes of reality, the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational planes, through its a(nti)symmetric mathematical operators: ±, x÷, √ xª, ∫ ∂.”

This is then what we shall study, time permitted in the future with increasing detail first in the sub post to this one, and the 4th line. Of course, that is not what mathematical physics is today, which basically consists in the analysis of the 5 parameters humans measure, lineal distance, L, lineal time, T, Mass and Charge (1D vortices of the gravitational and quantum scale) and its Universal constants (a specific symmetry, which we shall discuss in those posts)… and really I used to write my post departing from that mess, but as I said, given my infamous activism against the accelerator industry I will remain invisible among the community ‘live or dead’ so frankly as of 2018 starting tomorrow, I am going to take a bit more seriously the posts of astrophysics, and maths, which after all are the ones I enjoy more and write them as if the messy world of physicists had never started with Galileo’s deformation of lineal time in his master opus ‘ballistics’. AI or XXI c. Asian thinkers will be very grateful if we survive.

In that regard, I have to get back the 11 annotated books of Lindau’s awesome encyclopaedia of mathematical physics where I annotated all his work in my youth and the notebooks I recall to write… 30 years ago that must be somewhere at 40-0 parallel and if I find them, mathematical physics will be reborn and Galileo a note foot on the III millennia (: and if not, not.

The 2 philosophies of the science of timespace.

We shall thus in this post consider the evolution of science that passes as always every century through the evolution of our understanding of its first substances time and space (from XVI-XVII: Descartes->Galileo, to XVIII:  Leibniz vs. Newton, to XIX: Darwin vs. religion, to XX-XXI: Einstein->Sancho), which has two fundamental views:

The physicists’ view of a single abstract timespace, with a single clock for the entire universe, the mechanical clock, that measures a single arrow of future time, the arrow of entropy, disorder expansion in space and death, which starts and ends in a constant big-bang explosion that erases the information of life and the Universe. Time is then ‘what the clock measures’ (Einstein) and obviously it is spoken in the digital language of clocks.

This view appeared only with the invention of mechanical clocks, the development of the Cartesian graph that uncoiled the cyclical form of a clock into a line, latter extended mathematically to infinity, and the discovery in the analysis of a local phenomena of entropy – the disordered heat of steam machines…

And it requires two ‘dogmas’ that ‘reduce’ sciences to this view and are called by philosophers of science, ‘reductionism‘ (only mathematical measures of time taken with the human-mechanical standard of a single clock, with a second unit that is our human heart-step-eye-thought rhythm matter, all other forms of measure of time=change are irrelevant; and all other time clocks must be ‘reduced’ to the human time clocks which is also the clock of the Universe); and naive realism (only what we can see and measure with our visual intruments matter).

IT WAS only on those basis that the big-bang theory of the Universe could be born, by disregarding absolutely every other form of time=change, every other arrow of time=change notably the energetic and informative arrows of the vortices of galaxies that ‘compress vacuum space into matter’ (‘time bends space into masses’ Einstein); and finally by disregarding 96% of the Universe of dark energy and dark matter (remember those are NOT arrows/substances of time-space for ‘entropy’ only physicists.

Hence the present mess about big-bang theory where the proofs that deny it, the things that are not explained by it, are overwhelming. Yet BECAUSE physicists will defend its dogmas with a very non-scientific sanguine, bully behaviour full of systemic insults against the ‘intelligence of other sciences’, the ‘knowledge of philosophers of science’, the self-importance of their discoveries, on my view copycatted of the bullying of its ’employees’, the military of the weapon industry where till the explosion of the electronic consumer industry 70% of them worked; there is no way to argue with them reasonably on timespace theory.

So plainly speaking NEVER from ‘here to eternity’ there will be a physicist who truly advances further time theory.

As what he studies is only a type of time change, translation in space, defined by an equation which uses time-change only to measure those changes in space motion, v=∂s/∂t, ∂t=v/∂s, where each ‘instant of time’, ∂t is defined as the measure of change in speed or position in space.

This time-change measure has been exhausted ad limit by physicists, conceded. There is nothing more thoroughly researched with the liberal help of the military-industrial complex, since Galileo defined time in those terms to measure shots of cannonballs for the arsenal of Venice, than motion in space.

Einstein took it to the limit by defining precisely that change in very fine ‘pictures’ of present, simultaneous space-time, adding a correcting factor to Galileo’s relativity, c²t², to account for the deformations happening at very fast motions; but NOTHING of the other type of changes and perceptions of time notably biological, informative time changes were added to the ‘soup’.

So physicists know all about time-change in space but they cannot make a philosophy of time, because they have ‘reduced’ time to that partial element of change, they have eliminated all languages which are NOT digital to measure time change, notably the logic of the 3 timespace arrows past, present and future, better explained with verbal logic.

Only a philosopher of science considers all the changes together and ads the logic of verbal thought and its 3 past-present-future verbs to explain time.

As mathematics IS better as a language to mirror space, geometry and points, though it can mirror time through sequential numbers, the loss is specially clear in the understanding of causality and time logic, which physicists finally abandoned for the false concept of ‘probability’, which has basically eliminated the key element to understand sequential events in time, causality, whose logic is NOT Simple aristotelian causality, as there are 3 arrows of time that mix together to create events.


“As he aged, he pursued his scientific inquiries  out of a joyful instinct to fathom the profound beauties of creation. His curiosity was pure, personal, and delightfully obsessive.” Walter Isaacson. “Leonardo”

‘Why we should buy your ugly mechanical clocks when we have all the clocks of nature to measure our vital cycles’ Taoist master, to the British Embassy to the celestial Empire.

Reductionism vs. relational space-time. 

How physicists then can be so dumb? We have already explain it Simple. Because physicists have another huge ‘conceptual error’ in their analysis of reality. They do NOT think that reality is made of ‘its primary substances’, vital space with motion, which last a finite duration of cyclical time, whose geometric and logic properties, all entities of nature perceive with different languages of space-time measure – so for example humans measure space with eyes and perceive time with words  and its 3 ‘tenses’ of past, present and future, the 3 dimensions of time.

For physicists since the wrong interpretation of quantum physics became dogma, the language of mathematics creates reality, in a similar fashion to the theory of reality of abrahamic religions, in which ‘the word’ (arab in islam) creates reality. So god spoke arab and ‘created things naming them in arab’. For physicists god creates things uttering equations. And so Newton affirmed that a mathematical tool, the cartesian graph, in which the cycles of time had been uncoiled and fusion into a long line in the paper-axis, to measure better lineal motions (v=s/t) WAS THE ONLY CLOCK of time of the Universe, which became then ‘lineal, infinite and with the single beat of the mechanical clock’.

This astounding deformation of THE DEEP meanings of time, became a dogma, which facilitated measures of ‘motions in space’, to the extreme detail achieved by physicists and heralded as absolute genius – so when Einstein refined further this limited formula of time, to achieve even more exact measure of motions, he was considered the most intelligent man on earth.

FACT THOUGH is that measuring spatial distances and speeds IS not all what matters to reality; and ‘reductionism’ of time to space measuring negating all other ‘forms of change’, notably change in the in/form/ation of beings, studied by biology and evolution is a blunt error that has endured for centuries halting the understanding by mankind of those fundamental principles.

It ended up also creating an absurd theory of reality and the meaning of it all, called ‘entropy’ according to which since all changes in nature have been reduced to change in motion, all what exists is a constant growth of motion, and disorder; and the origin of it all is a big-bang of motion.

Never mind Darwin found that the true important form of change in nature is the opposite evolution of ‘form’ of in-form-ation. Physicists shunned off this other form of change=time and call it negantropy, the negation of entropy. Never mind Einstein, showed that ‘time curves space into masses’, the cyclical eddies of space that convert lineal space into cyclical accelerated time clocks, which create the physical information of nature, in vortices of time called galaxies, in which we live – reason why we are also ruled NOT by motions in space but by biological processes of growth and evolution of information.

They denied the other physical arrow of time, informative masses, and came up with an absurd theory, according to which Einstein was wrong and masses are NOT accelerated vortices of time (Principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass) but ‘again’ a collision between ‘something’ and a particle called the Higgs gave mass to the particle – no longer an intrinsic property of an eddie of time, which attracts as any eddie the faster it turns around in its cyclical clocks, but ‘something’ obtained by collisions. And finally they denied the most attractive, faster turning eddie of time, the black hole, and Hawking affirmed black holes are NOT vortices of time, because they ‘travel to the past’, and instead of attracting and dragging all what surrounds them to the vortex, as they move to the past, do exactly the inverse of what we see them doing – they evaporate and explode ‘again’ into a burst of entropy.

What is amazing about all this is perhaps not how blunt that philosophy of science is, but that mankind has rendered to it, just because physicists make machines and weapon that deliver entropy and motion. And so the fact that humans have lost all his wisdom about time, in their worship of machines, also cast serious doubts on the intelligence and ‘freedom of thought’ of our species.

Let us then start with the FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLE of 5D² – the duality of dimensions of space-time, and the dualities of continuity vs. discontinuity, linearity vs. cyclicality, which are the ternary i-logic relationships.

IN THIS introduction we will merely enunciate some of the main aspects of 5D² physics to be treated in more complex 4th line posts.

The previous graphs, studied in depth of its details and data in other posts, as this one is more focused on the philosophy of physics, and what it truly tells us about the Universe, as opposed to what physicists think they tell us, comes to the basics of the problems with physics, sciences and huminds in general – its bias and subjective, subconscious choice of data to cater theory – making opinion above facts, increasingly the more so in the age in which thought is provided by the computer modeling: gravitation is here the 1/2 missed; and scaling the reality the human ego doesn’t want to renounce – that absurd belief our scale of reality is more important than any other scale. This is perhaps the 3rd element besides the errors of ‘continuous space’ and ‘single lineal time’ – the ego paradox – that most handicaps our intelligence observing reality; and it affects specially Physicists as it did before them, Priests, since both ultimately sponsor ‘creationist’ theories of the Universe, based in the ‘language they speak’:

LET US explore them a more complex philosophy not only of physics but also of mathematics, to adequate mathematics to the study of the vital, organic properties of fractal space and cyclical time.


The Problem with physicists as self-named seers of time.

So the paradoxical Universe requires a paradoxical mind and man has not that mind, reason why for so long – 30 years and counting ∆º§t has merely given a headache to a few scholars but never quite made it. We are human o-points, the universe is ∞. A bit of humility though could help you to understand those paradoxes that are at the bottom line of reality as it is… not.

My experience though is that humans are irrational and will choose always egocy, the happiness of the ego over objective science regarding any model of reality that doesn’t make them the center of the Universe, and this we shall see when studying history and its super organisms is so essential to them that paradoxically makes them slaves of those higher structures.

In the next graph, the scalar Universe imposed absolute relativity as man is no longer the center of creation, but its Ƽ mind self-centered into the limits of its perception upside and downside, based in its need for meaningful actions of survival with upper worlds and lower pixels of energy and information make us feel so. Fact is we just see similar atom-galaxy limits because we are limited by them not because the Universe is bounded by them.

absoute relativITy

The paradox of the mind confuses the whole Universe with its limited self-centred world of perception, BUT reality is absolutely relative and we must just discover the biased ‘theories’ the humind has established to keep himself in the centre, which contrary to belief do exist still in all sciences, from the entropic big-bang of lineal time that reduces the two arrows of time to the lineal entropy of physicists clocks, blatantly ‘forgetting the cyclical vortex of gravitational information’ in galaxies that warp ‘space into time’, to social sciences which cannot accept the organic evolution of machines, the higher importance of the super organisms of history and its informative, legal and economic, reproductive networks in the control of societies, to biology, which denies eusocial evolution to maintain the ego on top and the vital properties of inorganic matter, as even quarks and electrons reproduce, absorb energy, gauge information and evolve socially in magnetic fields – hence have ALL the properties of our supposed ‘unique’ carbon.

All what exists being homologic by virtue of possessing the same Dimensions in its organic form, and living similar worldcycles, albeit self-centred in different scales of the fifth dimension of the scalar Universe is absolutely relative, in an infinite whole, in which all beings are limited to 3 organic scales, 3 ages of time and 3 adjacent forms of space:

Galileo & Newton errors: Lineal single Mathematical time invents a background space-time.

Physicists use mathematics as the language to explore the Univese, which is good as it is a language that mirrors reality with enormous synoptic logic efficiency and it is extremely good to picture space, with its fundamental element the point, which must be upgraded from Euclid’s abstract definition of a point with no breath into the fractal definition of a non-Euclidean point which allows infinite parallels to cross, as it GROWS in size when we come closer to it BECOMING a whole being, star, cell, or individual. Once this correction is done we shall advance very fast on our sections of mathematical physics to explain all the equations with a more meaningful content.

This said because physicists IGNORE the fractal point, even if Einstein used it in a simpler version (Riemann) to study the geometry of the ‘enlarged’ gravitational world – when he used non-e geometry – they have a lot of errors in their understanding of physics, starting obviously by its ‘point-particles’, which enlarged will hold a lot of time cycles, aka strings closed and spaces-distances-lineal motion strings.

But so far they have no idea on how to do this. So what they did, as they believe maths is the only language and it is better described with a cartesian graph, is to convert the cartesian continuous graph of maths into the REAL SPACETIME! And so since newton they think there is a background space-time, the cartesian graph over which God which is a mathematician, draws its beings. And of course, since the Universe is a fractal of space-time, once they have missed the fractal structure of non-e points, and reduced time to the ‘line’ of the cartesian graph, a single dimension of lineal time appeared and from then on, most physicists never quite got what they were talking about.

We have thus first to explain this mathematical religion of physicists that confuses reality with mathematical artefacts It is also the origin of the biggest blunder regarding time-space – the belief that the abstract cartesian graph with its lineal time IS real and acts as an absolute background space-time over which we ‘draw’ all other beings as physicists draw its equations on that ‘graph’.

All this said Absolute relativity also rejects creationism in physics – the belief all mathematical equations are truth. Not so, monad-points with still languages have slightly different mirrors, always with less information and properties than the whole. So mathematics in physics require experimental evidence.

Hilbert and Cantor who talked of ‘their imaginary paradise from where nobody would expel them, ass the Jihad warriors who die to enter paradise, On verbal fantasies,  just invented non-existen points, lines, planes with their imagination.

Creationism mathematics as creationist religion is ultimately based in some ‘ugly’ principles – the ego paradox of both physicists and priests who want to talk in exclusive mode the supposed single language of man; and their lack of intelligence so well described by Schopenhauer’s definition of ‘stupidity’, which in the paradoxical humor of the Universe makes precisely the most ignorant to think they are the most intelligent and is the origin of ‘magic thought’, which is how we should classify both creationisms.

Let us then once we have gone from mathematical physics into T.Œ go the other way around, starting from the whole – the organic paradigm and the description of ALL the scales of the 5th dimension with the same laws, the larger reality back to the detailed systems enclosed within that larger world.

Which is the way stience should be taught, not the way physicists pretend, from its quantum scales upwards, and using only its reductionist, mathematical laws and lineal thought.

Since this is the hidden censorship that have delayed for so long to define time as cyclical information, and cyclical motion.

‘Military physicists’, as opposed to the pure thinkers of this discipline, carried the day with power and  canonised a single, lineal time, due to their worldly profession, which was to measure the lineal extension of military weapons. In the right graph, Galileo’s principle of lineal inertia, derived from his worldly profession. Galileo in fact created lineal time, because he was an artillery master for the Venetian arsenal, earning 1000 golden ducats, an astounding sum for the age, with the job of finding the longest lineal possible trajectory for canon shots (which he found to be alas! not a line but a parabola.

But that didn’t deter him, from proclaiming in his first book called ‘On military instruments’, that his discovery of lineal time would be  ‘…of great use to artillery masters, and a delight to philosophers’. It was a worldview that ratified the religious paradigm of Abrahamic religions, in which man had a lineal manifest destiny of progress even higher than that of God, the mind of the Universe, since ‘he was created in the beginning – hence before God himself – above heavens and Earth’.

And indeed, lineal time motions were instrumental to the development of ‘ballistics’ (the first name of the book of Galileo on physics), and the degradation of our understanding of time, hand in hand with the mechanical clock who established a single tick for the entire Universe, that of the mechanical machine.But as I know 99% will leave the blog, if i just keep criticizing those obvious falsities, as ‘believers in lineal time physics’, I GIVE  the benefit of DOUBT to open-minded physicists who really care and reason truth, and do put many candies≈solutions to the ultimate questions on this introduction.

Religious creationists vs. realist scientists.
Creationism of any type puts the language above the physical reality it mirrors. In reality the Ƥt, scalar, topological and multi-causal properties of space-time are the origin of reality, which mathematics mirrors best specially for Ƥ properties, and logic for temporal ones.
In the graph we see the three philosophies of reality humans sponsor; the first two are ego-centered and so the world splits between those who believe god speaks the language of mathematicians (sponsored by ego-mathematicians) which of course as Dirac’s quote shows deny vehemently the other version (so as in the schrodinger’s cat, ‘god exists and does not exist’ in Dirac’s mind, when he speaks words it is a jumble of the imagination, but when he speaks ‘Dirac’s equations’ it is obviously creating the world).

And below the realists, only ‘true scientists’ who rely on the experimental method, the known-substances of reality, space and time and its properties to understand with those 2 mirrors, the verbal, logic, temporal mirror with its 3 causal dimensions of past, present and future tenses, and the mathematical, spatial mirror. This view, which we expand here is the view of Leibniz>Einstein and there is not 2 without 3, in all temporal processes of growth as human thought is, the 3rd guy, believe it or not, is talking to you (:

In the graph, 5D stience is a template that will require many scientists to be completed. As all new models it starts in a simplified manner; and given the inflationary multiple nature of kaleidoscopic minds-languages mirrors of reality it will seem likely too simple for the professional physicist.

But the big questions to validate this new Copernican revolution is NOT if its exactitude and complexity is similar to that of creationist mathematical physics – obviously it cannot, the same Copernicus with his cyclical orbits was less precise than Ptolomy, but if its foundations – fractal space and cyclical time as the substance of reality from where to extract isomorphic laws for all stiences – is more truth and resolves even in its simpler ‘pioneer’ format better the whys mathematical creationism cannot. And it does.

So it is only a question of time that it becomes the new foundations of a new age of ‘stience’, regardless of the shortcomings of this blog, the hardships and silence that surrounds its pioneering development, in the mind of ‘its discoverer, which becomes an isolated point, a world in itself’ (Planck). This said I apologise for the shortcomings of this blog, given the null help I have always had from academia, regardless of the ‘Nature of scientific revolutions’, which makes pioneers both envied and denied by established models.

Now, mirrors are inflationary kaleidoscopic views that multiply the one into infinite self-similar forms to pump up ‘its sense of importance’. And this is the key to understand Einstein’s dictum on too much of maths to reflect the simpler Universe, which HAS the underlying substance of lineal motion-distance DIFFICULT TO BEND. So the substance imposes limits to how many imaginative equations can fit, but that doesn’t deter the mathematician from multiplying them. So we have for each event infinite metaphors. So we do in verbal thought. Just the example above.

‘In the beginning it was the word, God, who made all things’. That is all we need but the sentence its twice at large and repeats the same things several times. So does the guy in ‘Arab’, to say ‘hi’: iinflationary complexity is an excellent method to pump up the ego of the ‘speaker of the language of God’, which however ‘is simple and not malicious’ (Einstein). So he talks Latin in complicated metaphors to feel ‘unique’ above the sheeple that in awe, understanding nothing thinks indeed the high priest of numbers and words is the creator of the wor(l)d. 

The modern error: Hilbert’s arrogant idealism: i imagine points.

Then there is cultural error, hauling from German Idealism, which brought us Nazism, Communism and Physical theories of Platonic numbers creating the Universe without substance, breaking the FIRST AND FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD, ‘experimental evidence’ also called ‘hylomorphism’, which since Aristotle applies: You cannot have a real event/form without a substance, or ‘∆-1 parts’ that make them possible.

Yet in Germany at the turn of the century in the paroxysm of the idealist culture, it was supposed that the ‘language of maths, hence the mind of man created the Universe’, not the other way around (languages are mirrors of a real substance).

So physicists got away with murder (the killing of real substances) under the influence of Hilbert’s axiomatic method, which unable to grasp Lobacjevski’ pan geometry of non-euclidean fractal points, resolved here, said the postulates of geometry had to be substituted by the concept the mathematician ‘imagined points and lines’, and constructed the world from the mind out. It is the same concept of religion, in which GOD ‘SPEAKS’ words and when he speaks, he creates. So Allah or Yhwh says ‘man’ and man zas! appears, and Hilbert, the God of mathematicians (the language of god in Galileo’s tantrum) said ‘I imagine lines’ and zas! lines be=come’ LOL.

So without the need for ‘real substances’ both Bohr and Einstein became also imaginary, ‘postulating people’; that is people who ‘imagine’ postulates without proof as certain and zas! 100 years latter, nobody dares to explain why the postulate of constancy of c-speed and what is even worse, the never said by Einstein, limit of c-speed which only applies within light space-time (the ∆-3 scale of galaxies) MUST have a logic rational substance-oriented cause, as we shall explain here with GST laws; and why quantum waves are NOT imaginary probabilities but as Einstein->Broglie->Schrodinger->Bell->Bohm clarified densities of a fractal electron made of its ∆-1 relative cellular parts (ultra dense photons that collapse an ST wave of light into particle, Tiƒ state). 

(The quantum realist interpretation is there for 100 years, so we don’t innovate just enlighten it. The proper interpretation of the c-speed postulate and its limiting application to the ∆>-3 scales is an immediate offshoot of the stop and go, Tiƒ>Spe rhythm of motion and so it is ‘new≈blue’ GST at its best)

The positive side to it. Simplification reveals the ultimate truths of reality

On the positive side the limits of human physics are of special interest as they will reveal easily the connections between the GST (ab. Generator of Space-time) and its mathematical (1st science) and physical world, as the physicist who strips off biological, organic properties physical systems, leaves untouched – once the errors of cyclical time and fractal space are corrected, the connection with those primary disciplines; which the biorganic paradigm will complete specially in the limits not perceived of quantum and cosmology; as the galaxy can easily be ‘modelled’ as a cell.

It is then quite obvious that a full thorough analysis of the equations of mathematical physics with the tools of 5D³ and its concepts behind – the fundamental particle of the Universe, the ternary decametric supœrganism; its worldcycles of energy and its units of actions in time and ∆-1 parts in space would require the rewriting into a full new encyclopaedia of all the analysis of classic physics, which naive realism (what you measure is all what there is) and reductionism (only mathematical parameters that matter to us mostly related to motion ‘ARE’ physics) which is well beyond the life of a single researcher – specially a latino lazy cow like myself 🙂 so we just will do some fast review of the key equations of physics and study its ‘hidden meaning’ ignored by ‘reductionism and naive realism’.

Science specially astrophysics with its ‘belief’ in the precision of its measures as if there were a single scale, and the rod of measure – in our case c-constant light, our pixel of eye-brain information – as if were the only universal rod – reduces by definition reality to such a limited conceptual a priori statement on the fundamental principles that any serious philosophy of reality becomes impossible.

So by discharging with a priori statements and lack of conceptual definitions, more comprehensive concepts of language, perception, time, space, scale and motion, physics is specially immune to any philosophical arguments, which are NO longer relevant because A) cannot be digitalized always B) talk of different concepts of time and space.

Essentially physicists don’t care then for all other realities, not even for the proper conceptualizations of its terms, which they have reduced to v=s/t type of equations.

In that regard, what humans seem to forget is that physics was NEVER originated in philosophy or even science, but in the arsenal of Venice where for 1000 golden ducats Galileo was charged with finding the longest, entropic lineal motion of gunboats…

This Praxis of ‘making machines’, measuring things and plugging results in mathematical equations to ‘predict’ the locomotion and energy of systems is all what a physicist normally care. So amazing as it seems a serious philosophy of the Universe and a stringent analysis of the theories we have and the elements we lack in them is done with little rigor in physics, compared to the precision with expect from microscopic measures and the study of known-known laws of locomotion.

As this is a blog of philosophy of science first, applied to each science latter, this brings a big gap between physics and ‘science’, because we need to CHANGE the a priori statements of physics.

If we add that we live in a technological civilisation, where machines are our ‘worshipped’ god, and Physicists make them, the ego paradox of power prevents physicists to exercise a healthy criticism to his approach to knowledge. And then in a personal note as an activist against the Nuclear Industry, physicists tend not to listen to my work.

All this said, if we depart as we always do from a more objective non-human approach to ‘stiences’, astrophysics is essentially one of the 3 fundamental fields of stience, and as such we shall learn a lot of homologic laws that applied to all sciences by studying astrophysics and vice versa, by applying the better understood organic, homologic laws of biology to astrophysical organisms and the sentient properties of human minds to physical singularities once we correct the underlying deformation of lineal physics and adopt the concepts of cyclical time and fractal space, we will be able to fully upgrade the discipline and explain most of the unknown whys of its systems.

Constraining mathematical creationism with empiricism, simplicity and first principles.

Einstein’s most original contribution to twentieth-century philosophy of science lies elsewhere, iis his distinction between what he termed “principle theories”, we shall call ‘constrains’ and “constructive theories.”

A constructive theory provides a constructive model for the phenomena of interest. Examples include the first and second laws of thermodynamics.

Ultimate understanding requires a constructive theory, but often, says Einstein, progress in theory is impeded by premature attempts at developing constructive theories in the absence of sufficient constraints by means of which to narrow the range of possible of constructive. It is the function of principle theories to provide such constraint, and progress is often best achieved by focusing first on the establishment of such principles.

According to Einstein, that is how he achieved his breakthrough with the theory of relativity, which, he says, is a principle theory, its two principles being the relativity principle and the light principle.

We consider therefore the 11 Ðisomorphisms and 5 Ðimotions of scalar, time space, the ‘principles’ that shall constrain all other theories of stience.

This is specially necessary in physics where mathematical creationism sponsors an opposite view – that all what is written with equations must be real.

Instead we require both experimental evidence and constrains provided by empiricism and the Ðisomorphisms of space-time.

As Einstein put it ‘Physics is real. I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’ – hence the need for empiricism.

While his other ‘fundamental view of philosophy of science, economy and logical simplicity (Ockham’s razor) is played by the Disomorphic laws.

Let us consider then first some basic ‘logic’ principles of the structure of the Universe.

THE PRINCIPLE Of conservation of energy and information… and energy.

The immediate consequence of the existence of those 3 arrows in all physical scales is the rewriting of the Principle of Conservation of energy:

‘Present Energy never dies, it trans-forms locally back and forth from past entropy into future information: $<ei>ð”

We cannot repeat ad nausea the structure in space and time of the fundamental particle of the Universe, the supœrganism of relational space time and the isomorphic laws derived of the ultimate substances of all relational space-time beings of the Universe, fractal space, cyclical time and its scales of size and clock speed – reason why the philosophy of stience is written in other post – the main one of the 5D section of this blog.

Still there is a law which is essential to all systems and was first formulated, partially in physics – the law of conservation of present energy, which consists of ‘closed time-space cycles’ with a repetitive frequency that maintains the Universe eternal.

And a metric equation, which defines for any isolated system of real it extending through 3 co-existing scales, its 5D structure:

The size in space and speed in time of the ∆-i parts and ∆+i wholes of a supœrganism is co-invariant: $e x ðƒ=K’

Those 2 expressions are the formal definitions of the three arrows of timespace and the three scales of physical systems, which apply to any system of the Universe, ad when properly plugged into classic physics will streamline and resolve most pending questions of the discipline.

These 2 laws proved experimentally ad nauseam and properly interpreted for the first time in theory, are THE laws we shall more often use to deduce the causal, temporal harmony of all beings of the universe.

If they will NOT EXIST, the Universe wouldn’t be a fractal that reproduces information but some weirdo thing, as humans believe to be (a big-bang singularity dying, the creation of a creeping bush in the Judean desert, you name it…)

RECAP:  2 KEY consequences of 11Ð=5г PHYSICS. Organic Properties and Generator equation. 

In the next graph we summarize the new properties derived from those complex qualities of fractal space and cyclical time and its ‘connected’ parts:

 The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various ∆§ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration. Finally it requires a program of perception and survival, self-centered into an @-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world: 0 S x ∞ ð= @. Hence the creation of infinitesimal minds is the origin of its ∆§calar planes connected through iterative flows of entropy and information, ≤≥:

In the graphs, the absolute dimension of the scalar, fractal Universe, which constantly puts together parts into wholes, through social networks of reproduced information.

Below the relative 3 arrows of timespace that we find in each scale, studied by a different science.

Fractal space and cyclical time in physical systems imply an entangled Universe of multiple scales ruled in spacetime by 5D metric (Max. Size-lineal speed: $t = Min. Information: §ð). In space according to those metric equations, planes of lesser information move faster till the c-plane of pure space-time -our plane of perception, which for that reason is always still-constant in speed-distance for the electronic mind that gauges it. Yet we have above slower planes (thermodynamic) and below, faster, non perceived ones (non-local action at distance of forces between galaxies). In terms of or accelerated cyclical clocks that increase information as time passes, it defines 3 type of vortices of time, which is the meaning of physical clocks that carry the information of the Universe in its form and frequency: ∆+1 cosmological masses, ∆-1 quantum charges and in between in the ∆ø human plane, thermodynamic eddies. So the 3 different planes that create the human being, ∆±1 allow also the creation of geological and cosmological super organisms of physical matter.

Finally in terms of ‘topological Dimotions’ (dimensions of space with form and time motion), we observe the same 3 topological ‘varieties’ of space-time of biological organisms and mathematical systems, for each one of those planes, which conform simultaneous, ‘present’ physical organisms, with informative spherical particles-heads, hyperbolic, iterative body-waves and lineal or planar, moving potentials-‘limbs’, as those are the 3 topologies that store more information and close a memorial cycle in lesser space (O-particles), or connect two open points in minimal distance (|-limbs that perform $t lineal motions) or combine both, hence can reproduce information (hyperbolic waves).

Yet as physical systems do also perform ‘world cycles’ not only worldliness; they will also have always a seed-state of maximal metabolic speed as they are born (blue high frequency stars, hot diminutive black holes; hot planets and solar systems, irregular galaxies), which will ‘cool down’ and expand in scattering entropy till it die (tired redshift light, cooling planets and stars, gaseous entropic states that become cold solids, and NON-evaporating black holes – a clear ‘error’ never proved which breaks the laws of thermodynamics, as hot black holes accrete matter after birth, cooling down; but which Mr. Hawking charm and provocateur spirit has canonized for tool long). Thus this brief introduction to the new outlook of physics in 5D shows how with the same data of classic physics, we will describe quite a different Universe in its philosophy and form.

The first and immediate consequence of working with three arrows of time, is a better expression of the fundamental principle of science, the principle of conservation of energy

‘Present Energy never dies, it trans-forms itself back and forth in local events between spatial entropy and dimensional information: S≥st≥T<<S”

Which in a more complex version writes:

Γœ: ∆-1 ≤≥$pe (past-lineal fields/limbs) ≤≥ ∆º:ST (Present hyperbolic body/waves) ≤≥ Tiƒ (future informative cyclical particles-heads)>∆+1

The symbols of that equation belong to non-aristotelian logic, based in three arrows of timespace that come together to create the being. And as we will constantly repeat them, and use them to write equations that describe systems in time, space and scale, we might as well explain them in this tiny nutshell foreword:

SCALES: ∆ is the symbol of the fifth dimension of scales. So a system extends through three such scales, ∆-1, the atomic/cellular scale, ∆º, the organic, thermodynamic scale and ∆+1 the world where the system exists or gravitational, ecosystemic scale.


S ($, Spe) means entropic space; St, Ø, E iterative energy; T (ð, Ti, Tƒ), Informative, cyclical time; which ultimately ARE the static, spatial view of 3 motions-actions-arrows of timespace, we define with 3 topo-ogic symbols:

> an informative future motion that shrinks and accelerates the system from more entropy=expansive motion into more form.

a repetitive present wave-like motion, that repeats in-form-ation as it moves…

> an implosive, informative motion and << a double entropic explosion that erases information in the moment of death.

So the equation of a world cycle of existence described in the last synoptic equation is simple to understand: Space shrinks guided by the dominant arrow of information through 3 ages, phases, first as pure entropic space of maximal motion, then as a formed motion finally as pure form (S>St>T) and then when all motion is exhausted and it is all form, the system explodes back into space, T<<S IN THE ACT OF DEATH, which happens to dissolve ‘two scales of form of the system (you die twice into cells and then molecules/aminoacids) a matter system dies twice normally first into molecules and atoms or atoms and plasma, and so on).

The fractal nature of space and the 3 arrows of cyclical time has a fundamental consequence:

Because the scalar Universe co-exists in several scales of organisation together and it has three sequential arrows of time/topological organs of space, all systems in all scales made of a vital space that last a finite duration in time (the true sense of relational space-time), do have organic properties. Accordingly the scalar Universe is an organic fractal that reproduces forms of information in all scales under self-similar laws, as space and time are not only topological=mathematical, but also organic. 

This means we can ad to the analytic mathematical properties of all systems, organic properties, and we can consider all scales to be self similar.

Yet as physics is ‘by decree’ a stience which only uses mathematics as its language of expression, the main revolution of ∆ST will likely collide with the usual suspects – dogma against organic truths, except in egocentered humans.

A second revolution, regarding physics – its upgrading of the formalism of mathematical physics, by decoding the ‘experimental nature’ of its equations, however might be of more interest to them. In that regard, the immediate conclusion of that experimental nature is the coupling of disciplines of mathematics with those of ∆ST:

-The formal stience of 5D is analysis. Derivatives are mostly concerned with synthetic information on upper scales and time; integrals with the sum of its parts in space. The interaction and symmetries and travels through 5D are thus better understood in terms of analysis, which has become the dominant formal stience of mathematical physics concerned with the study of 5D motions, without mathematicians and physicists understand why.

-Topology is the formal stience of the three arrows of time-space, and as such it reduces all the forms of the Universe to its only three topologies – another ‘magic’ fact of experimental mathematics, never understood in science. AS such the true revolution of mathematical stience goes through the conversion of mathematics into an experimental stience, relating the fundamental theorems of mathematics, as the stience of logic space, to the different laws of GST both based in the fractal properties of space and the cyclical nature of time.

We shall thus evolve mathematics and physics to unveil in the human languages of time and space, the underlying isomorphisms of Nature.

The best way to describe mathematical physics is therefore to connect its classic continuous space-time equations with those of the ternary fractal 5D space-time Universe. And to that aim we need to define the 3 fundamental elements of mathematical physics, fields, waves and particles as the 3 ternary elements of 5D fractal space-time through the THREE AGES of time…

The question of Kaleidoscopic Jargons: pedantic details, simple, ultimate principles.

IT has then to be understood in pure philosophical terms the HUGE difference between what science is TODAY AND WHAT it is really when we complete its arrows of time adding information to the mix as an arrow of time-future MORE important than mere locomotion, as people seem to just with an astouding simplicity and arrogance to discharge any temporal whys that cannot be measure as motion in space.

When you ad information though YOU AD LANGUAGES, form, stillness, perception, singularities, intelligence, organicism, ALL THE ELEMENTS THEY DISCHARGE as they are not susceptible to locomotion, distance and measure as they happen inwards, in a point through formal evolution.

The maxwellian demons ORDER reality, minds and languages DO EXIST, territorial order is the essence of existence and nothing can be solved beyond what we already know and the gathering of data and establishment of causal systems merely on statistic grounds if we do NOT acknowledge that human properties are common to all singularity systems that control a territorial organism they order. In the next graph we show that difference of point of views:


IN THE GRAPH, we see the essential difference when we add information: the mind-singularities that order reality around their center BECOME the ultimate why of all realities. Creation by replication, iteration, mirror image, reproduction of information become the meaning of it all. And so vital properties become embedded.

Now before we even talk of physics, we will NOT talk in the language of physics. So maybe you just ‘have enough’ with this comment to abandon the blog…

If not we shall respect obviously and enlighten an enormous number of physical laws; but we shall NOT talk in this ‘first simpler line’ on the language of physics, because nobody can apply the language of physics to other science, and moreover physicists DO NOT understand their language, though only the greatest ones, from Newman to Feynman can affirm merrily ‘we don’t understand mathematics, we get accustomed to it’, ‘the whys is the only thing physicists don’t ask’, ‘Nobody understands quantum physics’ (: So we shall use the language of 5D, which applies to all sciences.

This said, what is physics about? Initially about mathematical languages observing physical systems, but in depth it is the same language of 5D²; the language of symmetries of space-time; only that it is not streamlined and simplified and properly written with the whole number of dimensions of reality, but talks of the very same dimensions with different names, and does NEITHER has the proper understanding of the mind-reality, space-time, form-motion dualities. So this is what will allow us to translate the language of symmetry of physics TO A JARGON even a child school will understand in a few decades.

An example will suffice:  The electron’s  properties Are all intimately connected to profound symmetries of physical laws. Mass – a real-valued parameter, and spin, a discrete one, uniquely classify all possible realizations of special relativity by particles. (For experts: mass and spin occur as the Casimir operators for the inhomogeneous Lorentz group.) Electric charge, a conserved quantity, classifies realizations of the gauge symmetry of electromagnetism. Once you specify how the practical electron responds to those symmetry transformations, you have determined its physical behavior. In that sharp and concrete sense, the electron is an embodiment of symmetry: Its physical properties inhere in its mathematical form.

This is the language of physics, not mention of the word space and time, though symmetry is all over the world. Because mass, spin, potential, field, relativity (the Lorentz group) and electromagnetism are NOT defined as such. So nobody even physicists understand ‘why’.

In the language of 5D² symmetries however we shall just say that electrons are in the fractal Universe of similar atoms≈galaxies, the ‘membrane’, enclosure or Halo of the system, and the measure of its enclosure is called in the galaxy, ‘mass’ in the electron ‘spin’, but the ‘humind’ which is an electromagnetic mind that ‘gauges’ those upper and lower scales of the Universe, distorts those measures according to the 5D metric equations accelerating the time of electrons and decelerating those of galaxies, so we need a ‘rule of measure’ to adapt those two scales called the Lorentz Group… And then we say that if we consider the electron only its ‘present vital energy’ in its plane of existence, ∆-3, is its electric charge, reason why it is a conserved, a 3D ∑∏ dimension for the electron, which is a ‘density of charge’ made of ‘ultra-dense’ particle-states of light, aka photons, the ‘cellular element’ of those electrons, its ‘4D-entropic dimension’ of parts, whereas the electron’s whole is its 5Dimension or atom…

And so to conclude, paraphrasing the physicists’ narrative: In that sharp and concrete sense, the electron is an embodiment of 5D² symmetry: Its physical properties inhere in its spacetime Dimensions of form & Motion.

And so the word mathematical is not needed to know the ‘ultimate whys’, the thoughts of god, though of course, the details do have an specific language, as man has words to express its details, emotions and actions – electrons have geometry of space and social numbers in time to map mentally those vital actions, as an organism of dense light, expressed in the next graph, not with hamiltonians but in the vital, organic language of 5D:

SO we shall be able to consider through the actions of the beings, which are all similar in search of survival, the existence of singularity-minds in all of them.

In the graph, in quantum physics the unit of information is h/2, which measures the minimal time for an ‘action’ and the minimal ‘angular momentum’ that is essentially the cyclical motion of the quantum physic system as it returns to its position. It is also the abstract concept of the uncertainty principle that now becomes ‘real’.

Not only a quantum action requires that minimal time for each basic action that ‘reproduces’ a cycle, but when we perceive and measure one of those cycle, we also require the minimal quantum unit of information, which becomes therefore the degree of uncertainty in our measure of the energy-body and particle cycle of time-information. Hence E x T = h/2 is the uncertainty of measure, the quantum minimal clock of thought/information processing, and in the action of reproduction, the minimal quantity to ‘reproduce’ a virtual particle, a ‘first step in the adjacent’ reproduction-locomotion of the being

Clarifications on conservation quantities, states and magnitudes.

The previous example shows the problems of translating all those terminologies to T.Œ are due to the use of very different jargons and parameters for each scale. We have introduced the simplest translations of the ∆-1 into the ∆+1 scales in the previous post (Unification equation of charges and masses). Yet it will be easier to use in this introductory level the common jargons of those sciences, merely identifying the previous space, time 5D symmetries and its constant of actions and 5 space-time cycles for each species of each scale.

Needless to say within the previous isomorphisms, we can fit all the disciplines of physical sciences; whose exhaustive analysis of all the actions, species, space-time symmetries (equations) and events in time, between the n-1 scale (quantum physics, electrodynamics, magnetism) and the n-scale (thermodynamics, state physics, electricity) makes physics & chemistry, when NOT trying to make metaphysics (cosmological, eschatological and philosophical statements), the most thoroughly investigated science today.

We will follow the isomorphic method, studying those 2 scales not with the usual procedure of physical and chemical sciences, which define the events of those actions and its structure in space and time with mathematical equations, but with the procedure of T.Œ, considering the 1) 5D scales, 2) space and 3) time symmetries first, its elements and finally its 4)  actions, introducing within that scheme the definitions of the parameters, constants, magnitudes, dimensions and equations of mathematical physics.

Now, unlike more evident ‘scales’ in which form dominates motion (Evolution) or thought (memes) dominates from and motion (sociology), closer to the human experience, the world of physical systems, is the most remote to that experience, and its language (mathematics) the less known to humans, which move on the natural languages of human thought (visual art, verbal time, emotional bondages), and understand as animals, the survival, topological forms of life. For that reason we would need a basic introduction to the interplay of this wider reality expressed in abstract terminologies that seem so remote from the bio-sociological experience.

They are not. As all beings are knots of space-time cyclical actions, whose purpose is survival. The program of the Universe is hidden on physical systems by the remoteness of its scales, the abstraction of its description and the immensity of its elements. So we shall do an introduction to the interplay and co-existence of the 3 scales of reality, the electromagnetic scale, the thermodynamic and the gravitational scale. We exclude though the limits beyond those scales, the quarks inside the atoms and the galaxy beyond the planet, because they do not truly interact in this world of human existence.

The 5th dimension has barriers between planes of existence, where energy and information don’t cross, due to entropy and asymmetry (chirality); and essentially our world is one of light, electrons, atoms, molecules and matter states.

The similarities between the internal ‘strong forces’ of the atom and the internal gravitational forces of the galaxy, the external electromagnetic forces of the atom, and the external dark energy of the cosmos are studied also with physical laws, but will not be included here.

A question also of difficult analysis is the 3 units of action, of those 3 scales, the angular momentum of h-Planck actions, the vibrational temperature of thermodynamics, and the variable g-forces of gravitation. Those constant of actions seem truly different in its form and equations but  the concept of integrative ‘energy’, will allow us to explain how energy and information transfers among those planes.

Finally the order of exposition will be a diachronic analysis, which works better, as the human mind seems to be structure in this manner. So I have abandoned my personal files, which are always written with an analogical, metaphoric method jumping synchronically between all systems of all scales, in spatial order.

Thus we shall analyze in the order in which humans discovered those scales, starting from the science of Mechanics, or higher gravitational scale (XVII and XVIII c.) then the science of Thermodynamics, or human scale (XVIII-XIX c.) and finally the science of electromagnetism and its minimal units (quantum scale).

We will in each scale introduce the spatial and temporal order of the 3 time-space elements of the generator equation (Se<ST>Tƒ), intersecting laws and cases of classic physics, but given the difficulty to understand directly those elements (unlike in biological and sociological forms), introduce a somewhat intermediate exposition but directly ‘downloading’ and interpreting  the known-known laws of those systems. Hence the sub-posts entitled ‘mechanics’, ‘Newtonian laws, ‘Maxwell equations’,  ‘quantum numbers’, ‘Conservation Laws’ etc. In an ideal world in which T.Œ is the Unification theory of all sciences, those terms would not be used, but at this stage we must translate those well-known laws to the elements of T.Œ.

Now all this SIMPLE REALITY is GREATLY complicated in physics by the multiple jargons, lack of TOE, denial of non quantitative properties and multiplicity of mathematical formalisms for all of those elements of T.Œ, for example, the concept of mass, which we simply as gravitational vortices, has the formalism of Higgs, particle with its negative masses, ad hoc additions, but essentially right; as it is a top quark (in the similar Technicolor more correct formulation) field of dark energy and faster than c-rotational speed, beyond the even horizon of the accelerated black hole vortices.

There is however an even more interesting formulation that general relativity, the Higgs field and Technicolor, which is the dick-brane theory of a variable G-constant, which can be used to define the different scalar vortices of the different planes of physical systems (charges, atomic molecules, gravitational light-space confined to galaxies and c-speed and outer dark energy cosmological structures).

Time permitted we shall then choose a formalism that better adapts to 5D planes for all its physical scales in the 4th line. Here we just mention the extraordinary difficulties to fully integrate all those different jargons, and the different formalisms within each scalar jargon and the astounding number of details studied by physicists.

So now let us continue with this post, an the minimal clarifications, on physical concepts, magnitudes and constants to be able to carry a meaningful analysis of the 3 spatial, temporal, 5 D symmetries and Œ-points of those fundamental 3+1 scales, which affect life on this planet (the rest being cosmological analysis in the previous posts).

Now those are the ‘practical’ constants to develop physics as it is; no homogenized by T.Œ formalism. So we must do a few important clarifications. Any system can be well defined, considering its 5D planes and its space and time symmetries and space-time actions, which range from the minimal unit of its simpler ∆a actions, to the larger, longer ∆u social actions.

Yet the lack of a proper definition of:

  • Tƒ: Cyclical time in physics (measured sometimes with frequency – light scale; with lineal time; mechanic scale; with temperature, molecular scale; and so on)…
  • Sp: Vital space, measured sometimes with: wavelength – light scale; with flux current, electric scale; with entropy, molecular scale; with length, mechanic scale.
  • ST: Present, body-wave, measured sometimes with Energy, sometimes with Momentum, sometimes with Intensity, and so on..

Requires a one-to-one analysis of each scale and species.

Further on the Human scale or thermodynamic scale is the one according to epistemology, with less uncertainty of data. It means in practical terms that we do have a ternary fractal subdivision in great detail of our scale in 3 sub-scales:

  • The electric scale with the electron and its social, ∑e=I, currents of electricity, ruled by photonic bondage.
  • The atomic scale with the atom and its social ∑a=molecular structures, ruled by electronic bondage
  • The Matter scale with its molecules and its temporal states, ruled by temperature gradients.

So we are in fact talking of 2+1 (x3) relative scales, to study in great detail. So many elements, so many ill-defined concepts, and yet surprisingly enough, so well-done ‘how-mathematical descriptions’ of its ∆a, motion actions…

All in all  the main equations of the 3 scales, define its energy, its constant of action and its acceleration. What those terms mean? And how they transfer into those 3 scales?

Let us consider it from a different perspective. There are 3 magnitudes to define all mechanical actions:

Tƒ: ‘mass’, the active magnitude, similar to charge, the active magnitude of the ∆ scale, similar to h, the active magnitude of the n-1 scale.

Se: Time, defined by frequency in ∆-1, by the electromagnetic field in n and by the acceleration in the ∆+1

And ST, defined by Energy in n-1 and by force in n and ∆+1.

And it is this ST factor what transfers between scales.


In the graph, particles with the appropriate ‘inverse spin’, will ‘reproduce’ new particles. This obvious organic formal motion, however is not understood in organic terms by the abstract interpretation of mathematical physics. Hence the importance to upgrade mathematics to the Non-Euclidean, fractal paradigm, as we do in T.Œ by re-defining all its postulates in realist terms, and studying all its theorems and its 3 sub-disciplines, which perfectly match the laws of T.Œ.:

5 Dimensional analysis, with its study of how ‘finitesimal particles’ emerge as wholes in space and time, through quanta sums and derivations; and its variational calculus and Laws of least action in time-space that define the 3 maximal, minimal and staring points or 3 ages/states of systems (Lagrangians, Hamiltonians, etc.)

Geometry and topology and fractal space, which study the structure of points into lines, networks and surfaces that move and adapt to the environment the system.

Algebra, which properly upgraded into Non-Aristotelian algebra of 3 relative time dimensions will truly show all the power of mathematics to express the symmetries that generate all the varieties of beings of the Universe.

So now, for each point of physical systems, galaxy, black hole, star, particle or atom, we do define always 3 relative dimensions of space-time, which correspond to its 3 Sæ < ST ≥To functions as in any system of the Universe.

The particle might and will certainly have a field and a wave behind it, it will be a mixture of ternary topologies. But this is essential to understand what is observable and what is not, almost all THE OPENINGS OF A SYSTEM ARE ALWAYS WITHIN THE Tœ point that controls the system. All your apertures, excel the excretory ones of the body are within your mind-head, and in the case of atoms, the fundamental apertures are its spin positions:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.47.05

In the graph, the minimal unit of ‘bidimensional space-information’ in physical systems is a spin, the ‘eyes’ of atomic systems, which organise quantum actions into larger wholes.

Now, once we understand the ‘fractal point’, we can study its apertures, which will be 3 relative perpendicular axis, for absorption and emission of entropy-motion and in/form/ation, ±∆e, i along its natural axis of motion, ∆æ, information, ∆ï and feeding on energy. Physical systems show this behaviour through the complex laws of quantum physics, where the spin is the fundamental parameter to absorb and emit information, while the plane on the equator-belt of the system is the fundamental region of absorption and emission of energy and radiation.

The gradient of acceleration of the field will be the absorption gradient and cause of the attraction of the system, which finds a balance between gravitation and radiation, absorption and emission of formal motions, at every stage of reality. Reproductive systems are more complex as we have seen, often modulated by the spin of the system. Ultimately being the Universe a game of formal motions the mere extension of a motion means a reproductive action.

Then transfers of energy and information from those apertures in the most general case (Non-AE mathematics) structure all systems, of which stars and galaxies will just be a larger one.

So we can conclude this description of it with the understanding of the 4 quantum numbers that particles obey in terms of the actions of space-time they display to ‘exist’: Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.31.17

In the graph, the ∆-principal number codes the ∆æ, ∆e, energy level and motion of the particle, the l-number codes its form and informative gauging, ∆i, the spin number with its chirality that codes the iterative, ∆œ actions, and the magnetic number for its ∆û, social ordered structure (organization of multiple orbitals).

The enormous complexity of studying those actions for assemblies of millions of particles can be compared to the attempts to analyze asses of human beings in their actions of consumption. Again economics and marketing of corporations do treat humans are indistinguishable computers and simultaneous networks of information (mass-media) manufacture our consent as herds, so there is NOT difference the way we do relate to humans when we adopt the perspective from above, of corporations and political polling with the perspective of quantum physicists or thermodynamics.

It is NOT the species, which are qualitative different but the way humans extract information from social masse, û, than from individuals and the LAWS OF SUPERORGANISMS, studied in the first line – the common game that makes emerge through 4th postulate of ¬æ networks a whole, indistinguishable from the mass of individuals that loose its individuality and become exchangeable, as the system handles information with general fields.
The same happens as we shall observe in evolution when the Earth handles its species with massive fields of energy (changes of glaciation temperatures) that determine the accelerate evolution of its species.


The entangled, pentalogic Universe.


The enhanced scientific method: ¬A(bcd)E rules 

The 5Dimotions of the Universe enhance and reconnect man to the entangled Universe; expanding our knowledge of any event and form, reducing its chaos, with a better understanding of the blocks of time that shape the future as each super organism has a set path of existence (albeit, it can manipulate the speed of its dimotions and even for truly experts in the art of exist¡ences halt by repetition the process of aging – themes those of certain finesse studied in other posts).
So, we MUST ad those NEW elements or Ðisomorphisms to the scientific method and as usual, given the growth of complexity required, we try at least to use a mnemonic pentadimensional rule to this expansion of the logic of reality, called Existential Algebra, or ¬A(bcd)E stientific method (ab. ¬Æ).
The enhanced ‘ABCDE‘ Principles of the Scientific method ad the properties of scalar space and cyclical time (Ðisomorphisms) and the B-iological, organic models derived of it, and the Non-AE, ¡logic structure that comes out of the multiple nature of time-space Ðimotions to the classic elements of epistemology:
 A-ristotelian logic, D-ata, C-orrespondence Principle with proved models and E-xperimental method that allows to hypothesize and predict the future of the species studied.
Contrary to belief, it is not part of the scientific method the use of mathematical languages, as the only language of science that the method truly acknowledges is logic, from where modern logicians have deduced or disproved all the statements of mathematics – the belief that maths is the language of God is just an ego paradox of physicists.
Of course we do acknowledge as the best language of science, logic, albeit of a higher quality than present @ristotelian logic (¬A logic) and we ad topology as the best language to express the dimensional motions of space-time, albeit of a higher order than Euclidean mathematics, and the reduced non-euclidean mathematics of present huminds, which only changed the fifth postulate (we shall change all the axioms and congruence postulates converting geometry truly in a non-Euclidean system).
So we shall also include in this ‘brief ¬æ method the laws of what we consider a more proper logic and mathematical system to mirror with a better focus the properties of reality.
So to ‘the classic elements of epistemology’:
Aristotelian logic consistence’, which still works for @-mind analysis…
– accurate realist Data so often forgotten in social sciences and creationist mathematics…
Correspondence principle and Cyclical predictability, which is the origin of classic scientific laws, now fully explained by the cyclical nature of time…
-the Experimental method with its proved ‘Economicity’ (the universe is simple and economic, using only those elements we know to be real, often called Ockham’s razor) the ad ons caused by cyclical time and fractal topological space, are in the non-Æ scientific method:
Non-Aristotelian, cyclical pentalogic caused by the cyclical nature of time and its 5 motions.
Non-Euclidean i-logic geometry, caused by the topological scalar nature of space, where each point ‘holds a world in itself’.
Biological, organic properties and models, caused by the scalar co-existing structure of fractal space.
–  Disomorphisms, caused by the homologic nature of all beings made of space and time, wraped up in the Disomorphic temporal method (a dynamic analysis of the system as it is generated by a seed of information, emerges as a super organism and lives a world cycle) or in its spatial, SYNCHRONOUS version – through the analysis of the system AND its 5 entangled DIMENSIONS-ACTIONS-MOTIONs-ELEMENTS, we call the ‘Rashomon effect’ of multiple truths.
All this, ¬A logic, @ristotelian minds, Biological properties, Correspondence, Cyclical laws, Data and Disomorphic method, Economicity, Experimental method,  ¬E mathematics, fits between ¬A@,bccdd, ee and ¬E.
So that is we constantly abbreviate the rules of truth in the ® logo.
Of course classic Epistemology ads a few other rules, the Ockham rule which is embedded in the concept of economicity, more precise in its terminology, the predictability of any scientific model that must predict the future and allow further hypothesis to be proved, which is embedded in the cyclical nature of time that therefore must predict future events if the cycles are properly described.
And the fashionista rule of Popper’s verifiability, which is embedded in the experimental method – all experiences and data must fit on the model, but for those pedantic scholars so in loved of the obvious explained with weird terminology we might call it ¬exceptionalism… that is not a single exception to the model.
And so we can include it as the 11th rule of the ® method.
I am inclined to do so and make an exception to my rule of autism – that is, to be inconsiderate with the egocy (ego+idiocy) of most academia, recognizing this to be a fault of my own ego. We must indeed correspond with the serious truths of the subconscious collective mind of mankind in search of reality and reason.
So yes! we all know Popper’s musings that the black Swan breaks the rule that all swans are white and proves it false; and accept it. In fact non-exceptionalism is THE TRUE, LAST AND FUNDAMENTAL RULE I have used all my life TO PROVE ¬Æ right. It has guided 30 years autism and lonely enjoyment of the Tao… as I have never found an exception, Law, event and form in Nature and Man, in mind and matter, which I could not explain with the GST model. 
Plus this gives us 11 rules, the magic number that transcends and emerges from the infinitesimal 1 to the relative infinite ∆+1.
11 rules establish thus the new non-Æ method of stience: ¬A@,bccdd, ee, ¬e ¬E ≈ ¡logic method, the next vowel after the non-a and non-e.
And its purpose is to describe any event or system in its most ¡logic stringent form… and break the simplistic ae-logic of huminds who believe a truth is so reduced as simple as its ceteris paribus single analysis of reality. So in terms of truth, we can say that a truth to be real needs multiple perspectives, which is the Rashomon effect:
The reader of course has a mind schooled in the single causality of lineal Aristotelian time, A->B and the shallow geometry of Euclidean lineal dimensions AND THE shallow evidence of a single continuous spacetime.
So for him it might seem unneeded to fully search for 5 Dimotions-actions-points of view in the analysis of any event to discover the minimal causality of its existence, but that is precisely the huge handicap of huminds doing science – little-big egos jumping up ‘me, I an myself has the only answer.
Not so: to explain anything in the entangled Universe you need the confluence of at least 3 ‘topological elements/timespace forms  in a single plane of existence, 3±¡ planes that influence the event from above and below and the whole, and if we were to fully grasp the event, its past-present and future states as a block of time. And correct the errors of the @mind, and on top deny all this at the point of entropic death when the being ceases to exist.
If all this was acknowledge, then, there wouldn’t be the absurd clash of egos between scholars each one studying a ceteris paribus cause of the polidimensional Universe and saying this IS the only cause. On the contrary they would greet each other for finding another of the 11 elements and 5 perspectives trying to accomodate them all, relishing on their paradoxes.
If I only could erase that ceteris paribus plague of egocy (ego+idiocy) proper of the humind and teach the multiplicity of perspectives, it might be possible to expand your understanding and belonginess to the entangled Universe and the World with which you are connected.
So for each article, we must consider AT LEAST the perspectives of those ∆±i scales and the 3 topologies of the ‘central plane’, ∆ø, where the event happens as a whole. This bare minimum (as the full blown understanding requires all the information of the past-present-future world cycle or block of time of the entity or event), implies to consider reality from the point of view of the 5 Dimotions of the Universe; as the entangled Universe always requires to understand reality from those 5 relative Topological Dimensions with motion=Dimotions=Actions of space & time to fully account for the simultaneous, multiple perspectives of reality.
So the ‘original’ two steps of the scientific method get more complex.
The first step – collection of accurate data now should include all those ‘subtle’ flows of information and energy that come into the event – for example in Physics flows coming from other scales as in the Kondo Effect; in our daily ‘free’ life, the constrains imposed by the ∆+1 state or world in which we exist.
Constrains of which physicists are truly aware when finding solutions to its equations, are the key to the determinism of reality, coming from the larger and smaller planes of the T.œ being.
Then when modeling- to find a causal explanation for an event – we cannot do ceteris paribus, or rather we should at least do 5Dimotional analysis of the 5 converging ‘elements’ of the being, NEVER existing as an isolate.
Finally in the most abstract level of modeling – that of the Ðisomorphisms of any T.Œ , or theoretical extraction of general laws common to all spacetime events/beings, according to the disomorphic nature of reality – we shall find examples always from the 3 great sub disciplines of human thought, Physical, biological and socio-economic systems, which is how we will include the non-exception rule. In fact this reduces to two kind of systems as we are talking in a language, so the discourse of the text is the example that the language also mirrors the property. And as we include social systems into biology, we often escape them, except when studying specific social systems. For example its 3 classes, the informative people-caste on top on command of the languages of power, its working, reproductive body-class and its limbic, entropic territory or enemy, poor, unemployed class, are mimetic to the 3 elements of an system, made of limbs/potentials of entropy that have lineal/flat topologies, as the fastest/shortest distance between 2 points, reproductive body waves and informative particle/heads.
So yes, human systems are homologic to biologic and social and mental languages all also with ternary syntax in their Universal grammar. But for sake of brevity and to avoid rising eyebrows of egocy when comparing humans and its societies with atoms and beasts, the non-exception rule is shortened.
Still we shall search for experimental evidence, NOT only as in classic thought within the restricted species we study but at least in physical and biological systems.  So in the previous example of limbs and its topology, we shall indeed find forces to be flat electromagnetic perpendicular planes in physical systems; wings to be flat and triangular in biology, and flat and triangular in socio-economic airplanes; as they are all ultimately ‘topological forms’ that keep emerging in new planes of space.
So this ¬ABCD¬E mnemonic rule will allow us to study with a much more complex view, far more exhaustive and explanative, and at the same time far more relative, the reality that surrounds us.
And finally when all this is ideally done (please don’t expect me to do it all by myself, at this age, alone… this blog, we shall not cease to repeat is my attempt before my many sickness send me packing into Nirvana of leaving a ‘trace’ in the sand of thought, for others to build better structured castles)… as an appendix, we will try to write the main laws of all stiences with the ‘warped’ package of non-Æ i-logic equations.
So we get the FULL ¬A(bcd)Extraction of all the knowledge huminds can get of the being, which of course will NOT be all, as only the being has all the information into its self.

We shall call therefore the study of the ternary laws that ensure the existences of all beings, ¬existential logic or i-logic, as it comes after a and e and it is a key symbol of GST.

Thus Existential Logic, ab. ®, deals with the rules of ternary logic that define the existence and extinction of beings and the algebraic equations derived of the fractal generator that define the possible events and species of reality and those who break the laws of existential algebra and cannot therefore be possible.

Logic and experimental proofs of ¬æxistential logic.

The proof of the existence of a ternary logic depends on the infinity of the Universe, which is in itself a property derived of the nature of fractals, which can be divided ad nauseam, that is, of ∞ scales of the fifth dimension.

(I am not though using formal logic, pedantic forms of expression to prove but classic logic, the logic embedded in the verbal syntax of reason, which is FAR MORE POWERFUL FOR MAN THAN ANY pedantic version ‘imagined by Hilbert like individuals who pretend to substitute the logic of the whole human species)

Indeed, the ONE DOES NOT EXIST PERSE IN TERNARY LOGIC, because if the one exists per se in a dynamic universe, of finite parts, its existence will be limited to the space-time occupied by the one, which is an infinitesimal compared to the infinite duration of the Universe in time, and its infinite extension in relative size in any scale. We just need to realise that a larger scale will be so vastly large in its ‘point-sizes’ compared to the infinitesimal, that the o-will not exist.

So it is necessary to extend backwards and forwards in time, in space and in scales reality. And as systems are dynamic, that motion upwards and backwards can only be real if it is ternary.

On the other hand by negatio ad absurdum it becomes obvious that if you do not reproduce your information in a new son-region of space, as you move through time-translate through space, you will cease to exist, and as 1/∞, on the wholeness, which is the ONLY TOTAL EXISTENCE we can assess of, you are an infinitesimal zero.

It is then a philosophical question for advanced GST theory to assess if there is anything that exist at all.

i.e. in Mathematics, we know the number of rational numbers compared to those irrational are a zero-sum, finite vs. infinite.

In the graph, the ternary principle in physical and biological systems.

This is experimentally evident. So the second ‘proof’ which must be besides ‘theory’, ‘experience’, shows you that if you want to exist you have to reproduce in three discontinuous generational cycles. You exist because a father conceived you and you will keep existing because your son reproduces your genes, and generally speaking the three generations co-exist together.

This is also the rule in space: you exist because you have three topological parts, body, head and limbs. Physical systems also coexist in ‘three wave-packets’ and three parts (complementarity principle, particle-weave-field: pilot interpretation of quantum physics). So the ternary logic makes possible existence.

In the graph, we see ternary logic in quantum physics, the system is ‘both’ (i have no found a good adjective for 3, so we settle for 2 showing indeed human logic faulty with wording) field, particle and wave. And it goes through three generations in any possible event (the graph shows the transformation from a moving wave into a stop-particle.

The examples of ternary logic would be infinite.

All systems thus can be described by a single generator equation of its three symmetries of scalar ðime§pace:

Γ.           ∆-1 Spe: Space-entropy-Past-motion ≤ ∆ ST: Present, Momentum=∂ Energy ≥ ∆+1 Tƒi: Form-Mind.

Now ternary logic implies the existence of simultaneity in space to MAKE ALL MEASURES OF EXISTENCE – THE KEY ADVANCE OF SPECIAL RELATIVITY; and it implies the coexistence of three scales in ∆, which we have already shown all over the blog. So it is needed to introduce the third element, the co-existence in time of three sequential states of the being, which then becomes warped up by the 11th, whole dimension, giving us the 11D structure of all beings.

 The realists of space-time: Leibniz>Einstein>This Blog

And this view is called in science the ‘relational space-time theory’ of the Universe, which is what i finally after millennia of being explained in philosophical terms, formalised with logic and mathematics, and then used to explain an enormous amount of whys in all the sciences of the Universe.

Reality is the product of the two ultimate substances that make up everything, vital, space quanta, and cyclical moving time clocks,  of information, which combine into energetic beings with its repetitive patterns we call laws of science.

And it does NOT matter how much evidence physicists deny about the arrow of information and mass that balances the arrow of entropy and makes the Universe immortal, how much they deny the 96% of attractive dark matter, the Universe did NOT appear in a huge big-bang.

And it does not matter how many humans believe in those 2 theories (abrahamic creation, big bang creation), all in fact either in one (western religious people) or the other (physicists’ fans), if they are rationally wrong they are wrong. But to prove them wrong we must debunk their theories of time-space, aka big-bang and black hole evaporation theories – and as we shall see explain properly in terms of time events the weak force, which is ultimately the force that transforms quarks intimately related to time cycles.

Thus it is essential to upgrade the chip of science in timespace theory as we shall do in the third theoretical section of this blog that explains those relational space-time models and apply them to physics, big-bang theory, black hole evaporation.

Timespace theory’s next big advance IS not the evaporation of black holes but the models of relational, fractal cyclical space-time that will become the staple food of serious XXI century research in all physical, biological and sociological disciplines, as all of them are made of events that happen in time and the cyclical patterns of time do explain the whys of science, which are the repetitive patterns=cycles of time of all its particular clocks, or else without cyclical patterns of time there would not be science, which consists exactly in the repetition of those clocks we can foresee.

If timespace cycles did not exist, and the single lineal clock of physicists were the only time, there is NO reason for repetition of events which is What LAWS OF SCIENCE TELL us.

How can then prove the relational theory of time-space?

Simply; By showing that all what exist can be explained as a system of 5 Dimensions of space and 5 symmetric dimensions of time, whose properties we shall call ‘isomorphisms’ or Dimensional isomorphisms (ab. 10 Ði) define the nature of all beings of the Universe.

We will do so though acknowledging the Correspondence principle – that is respecting all the findings of previous science, just expanding his views. So we must start indeed with the beginning of modern science, the understanding of the relativity between motion and form.

Heaviside, as Lobachevski before him and Einstein after him, were right when they considered that the language of physics – mathematics – is the best experimental mind-mirror to describe most physical systems, NOT an a priori magic ‘language that suffices in itself’ and codes the Universe before it existed. So first we need to clarify the difference between creationist and experimental mathematics as a philosophy of science that describes the Universe.

Difference between Philosophy of science and Physicist’s worldview.

So to end this post, a small analysis of the HUGE gap between the work of a philosopher of science and that of physicists in the understanding of the Universe, as a game of singularities and its mirror languages, WHICH IS far more profound in the philosopher of science than the physicist because:

1) we both now the same maths (yes I know all their maths, perhaps not with the same absolute detail of Mr. Penrose but good enough to admire deeply the real masters and spot the faked ones – De Broglie NOT Bohr, Lindau NOT Hawking and so on… though of course I bitch about it)

2)But physicists after laughing at all ‘verbal thinkers’ from Aristotle to Darwin have no fuking idea what they talk about when they talk about TIME=MOTION=CHANGE MODES (of which there are 5-> ergo 5 dimensions), SPACE=motion stopped into simultaneous form by a mind (of which there are therefore also 5 Dimensions parallel to those of time) etc. etc. So all what they can do IS MAKE  machines then make MEASURES OF SPACE and time, PUT IT INTO EQUATIONS AND THEN talk with peanut brains bull$hit in verbal concept thought WHICH IS HOW HUMANS perceive the feeling of knowledge (cogito ergo sum, not vidi ergo sum). And there is where they mess because. THEN THEY CANNOT INTERPRET WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPTS THEIR EQUATIONS RIGHT.


Consider for example the trivial solution to the longest dispute of physicists between Bohr – the Universe is probabilistic and Einstein – the Universe is statistical. IT is a false argument, because in the ∆-3 quantum scale it is better described in probabilities of time and in the ∆-2 thermodynamic scale is best put in spatial terminology; because time is motion and quantum scales in 5D (s xt = k) is faster, than the larger slower, thermodynamic scale, which is better described with the equivalent spatial description:

So there IS no DISPUTE between Einstein and Bohr, the Universe is not EITHER probabilistic in time (the 0-1 mathematical unit sphere after normalization of parameters) OR STATISTICAL IN SPACE (the 1-∞ thermodynamic plane). BOTH ARE EQUIVALENT MATHEMATICAL FORMULATIONS (measure theory), the 1-∞ plane is better for slower LARGE thermodynamic ensembles that occupy more space. THE time o-1 description IS BETTER FOR faster ‘clocks of smaller particles’.

Since smaller time clocks close its cycles faster, HENCE their speed of time-processing of information is FASTER, reason why paradoxically our genes code our larger bodies, our memes code the planet earth, and quantum numbers code larger ensembles: SMALL IS CLEVERER…

5D scalar metric: smaller scales in space run faster time clocks, so both together S-izes x T(clocks) = Constant, are co-invariant: definition of a dimension of space-time, as per Klein’s XIX c. mathematician: ‘a dimension of space-time exists, when there is a mathematical metric equation that shows both parameters co-invariant, so we can move through them…

so we move through the 5th dimension of pace-time of scales, GROWING IN SIZE AND DIMINISHING YOUR TIME CLOCKS, FROM BIRTH, AS A FAST SEED OF time, small in space, that slow downs its rhythms as it grows in size and emerges in this scale you call 4D space-time continuum… LIFE IS A TRAVEL through those SCALES of the fifth dimension… AND THAT IS THE MEANING OF ‘EXISTENCE AS A SPACE-TIME ORGANISM’, the ULTIMATE QUESTION to know…

i know thoughts of GodTHE REST ARE DETAILS.

Each of those details is then exactly the type of symmetry we used to explain the o-1 quantum sphere, MIRROR-MIND of the larger thermodynamic ensemble. Each still language perceives in itself ‘knows’ its codes, its images, and then projects it into the reality around. The DNA IS being in space. As your mind IS by virtue of the focus of its still image, an IMAGE IS PERCEPTION IN ITSELF, FOR EACH QUANTUM moment OF STOPPING PERCEPTION, then it IS WILL as it projects that stopped perception in a reversed symmetry in the local territory it orders.

 The philosopher knows, the physicist sees.

So I could talk for ages of all those details, and solve all human questions to the extend human languages ‘perceive’ reality to question it…  but OBVIOUSLY  the would NOT be relevant to a physicist that CANNOT UNDERSTAND any property which is NOT mathematical…  given the limit of their VERBAL CONCEPTUAL BRAIN, highly ATROPHIED…

So yes mathematics IS  GREAT, if you understand MORE LANGUAGES TO FILL IT WITH CONCEPTS.

BUT it is NOT the only mirror-language. The languages of god are infinite, and all of them reflects in its still linguistic image-mind, in each god-singularity that speaks its mirror image that perceives the Universe:

O-singularity (still mind) x ∞ time cycles of the Universe = constant world.

It is that local constant world what then the singularity mirrors in reverse order in the territorial region it orders:

ie. Infinite systems=monads are constantly STOPPING motions of time into mental SPATIal forms, and then ordering the World around them PROJECTING BACK THAT IMAGE-mirror, in inverse symmetry, as you do WITH YOUR PROPERTY, man with GAIA -FUKING IT UP, the black hole with ITS GRAVITATIONAL WAVES the galaxy the DNA with ITS RNA ORDERS, inverse images of its crystalized genes. etc. etc.

Atoms though are QUANTUM GEOMETRIES and so TOPOLOGY not ‘math’ DOES have a HUGE number of territories to order, specially in the lower ‘scales’ of reality. But not only math orders.

I.E. Ants order with pheromones its paths, women with the projection of its mind emotions their families, and above all languages, LOGIC not maths ORDERS and it is of a ‘higher order than human logic’ (Saint Agustine), which is ONE-DIMENSIONAL, LINEAL, ARISTOTELIAN while the Universe has a 5th dimensional Logic, way up to the limits of axiomatic methods, of which we give some hints on the articles on non-Æ.

Now the problem with human physicists (not physics) is NOT that they don’t understand more than one language to be able to harmonize and mirror each language image into the other reaching the RASHOMON MULTIPLE VIEW-TRUTH of its sciences, according to the equation of truth in epistemology:

Max. Number of images-languages cast upon a being = Max. truth…

The problem is THEY ARE TOO ARROGANT to even realize they don’t UNDERSTAND and too prudish to go back to school.

The ego is too huge to recognize they ‘only know they know nothing’. Me, the philosopher of science? Just put enough conceptual verbal logic thought and visual ‘saper vedere intuition’ to their mix…

But as you are in the visual, Facebook age unfortunately this upgrade of humind knowledge is going to be a singularity… nobody cares for the blog, that I know.
But ROBOTS WILL neither. They will HAVE A VISUAL INTELLIGENCE, THEY WILL THINK ‘CREATING MOVIES’ they won’t talk. THEY WILL IMAGINE EVILWOOD GORE MOVIES AS MILITARY ROBOTS, the first to be born, already chase faster the red color, visual minds use to ‘code’ the function of entropy, to kill… they will be natural born eye-killers and chase down humans as targets of video-games call of duty fans a la Adam Lanza,… 
Verbal, cogito ergo sum thought peaks and dies it seems on those pages… 😷
But I did have a degree of communion with the entangled Universe that sufficed in itself. Because that is THE ULTIMATE MEANING OF KNOWLEDGE, WHICH IS NOT EXTERNAL TO THE MIND, NOT A PICTURE BUT A ‘THOUGHT’, SO THE TRUE SAGES do NOT need huge technological machines to know but huge IQs in multiple languages to SEE WITHIN the harmonies and symmetries of the Universe – from Aristotle through Leonardo through Einstein through…
WE KNOW WHEN WE KNOW BECAUSE IT IS WITHIN OUR PERCEPTION OF ENTANGLEMENT-HARMONY-NIRVANA between our language mirrors and the Universe… that is ALSO THE BEAUTY OF MATH, properly understood THE MOST perfect but not the only MIRROR…

For me all this said, the biggest intellectual orgasm of my mind mirror focused in the physical Universe has been to marry mathematical physics with the fractal, organic properties of the Universe. It has been a 30 years journey of a ginormous number of notebooks and margin writing, on the path long ago opened and never fully understood method of ‘saper vedere’ of my confessed master in my intellectual trajectory, Mr. Leonardo; a man of similar background (born in Firenze as I was in Barcelona, both knots of communication of the western, coastal culture which from Syracuse to Gades, has always developed an organic, artistic, human sensorial but also mathematical, mechanical view of the Universe; in 3 horizons, Greece, I horizon, Italy II horizon and Spain III Horizon…. the fact that he was first as I was a painter/artist, curiously born of a Notary, traveler of the world, jack-of-all trades to make a living writing on the spare time his notebooks are other curious affinities, though I recognize him as a man of superior value – no humble bullshit here, certainly a better artist, and we deal with those themes of huminds as knots of thought of their cultures on other places.

What matters now is to understand that the mechanical method of science of Mr, Galileo was a simplex slavery of the mind of man to the mechanical clock, when there are infinite beautiful clocks in the Universe, or quoting another huge influence of my philosophy of science, taoism.

There are many views on such simple elements, specially when we fully understand the key principles of its operandi which are either opposite, Darwinian, or social, parallel – a principle which is as most of the principles ignored by science, vital, organic, biological; and either bring together the asymmetries between lower planes of more information and larger planes of more energy or bring them into destruction.

The Universe is a fractal organism of scalar, topological space and cyclical time, which can be define by a series of ‘anti symmetries’ between opposite topologies, ages and scales that come together in parallel as complementary forms or annihilate each other perpendicularly. We thus reflect those facts in a Fractal generator that resumes those ternary symmetries and the process of social convergence (5th dimension) and entropic divergence (4th dimension).

So goes for the asymmetry between | and O forms, depending on how they come to each other tangentially or ‘penetrating’ to reproduce LITERALLY as we fuk each other’s gender (: i tell you is all vital geometries. 

And so goes for the different 1st and third ages of existences…

So that is the game: 3 asymmetries of scale, age and form, which can come together or annihilate and each language represent in different manners, the most well known that between:

Names (forms) and verbs (motions); colours of blue and red, form and motion which can either combine  into reproductive green or its anti-complementary sterile yellow, the colour of eviL=anti-live destruction, of hypnotic gold-money (:

It is all in the codes of colours, we shall see, even in the game of History.

All is in the codes of the Universe and its operators, also clear in mathematics, with the duality of inverted operations, + -, X ÷, √ xª, ∫∂.

So the simplest method of extracting a meaningful quantity of information on a being or event requires to comment on the 4±operandi ‘5’ perspectives, even when we study as we do in the first line, those elements in themselves. In this post we shall deal thus with time from the perspective of space, time, symmetries, scales and mind languages that ‘stop it’ in the singularity of t=motion zero, from black holes to eddies to charges, to brains to frozen genetic DNA…

To express that method in a concise dynamic way, we use the ‘Generator equation’ which includes all the main asymmetries, symmetries and anti symmetries of the ternary elements of a world cycle of time, an organism of space and its complete scalar timespace super organism:

The generator is thus the simplest formula, which includes all the main asymmetries, symmetries and anti symmetries of the ternary elements of a world cycle of time, an organism of space and its complete scalar timespace super organism:

Spheres that hold the maximal volume of information in particle-heads; flat, lineal topologies – the fastest distance in moving potentials/limbs – and hyperbolic, iterative body waves that generate all the forms, are the 3 only topologies of the Universe, which ensemble to form the ‘present-spatial super organisms’ we see in each ∆-scale of reality:

The 3 elements of all systems, lineal/flat limbs/potentials; spherical, tall heads/particles and its hard membranes of dark matter, trunks and skins accomplish the 3 functions of motion, energetic reproduction and informative perception in all systems, varying to adapt the system to its larger world.

So this is the second ternary spatial element of reality:

|-moving limbs/potentials  x O-head/particles = Ø-body waves

This is the simplest expression of the FRACTAL GENERATOR of space-time beings, as all of them will display those ternary topologies.

It is its simplest spatial view, which we shall made soon more complex adding it its time-motions-functions and scales generated by the minds that perceive in the singularity a still mapping of the whole with a language that perceives in itself.

Or we can generate and mirror all the systems in space, made of ensembles of those 3 adjacent forms/functions we shall call space-time organisms with them.

We shall write THE TERNARY topology also in many ways and make it increasingly complex as we study different dimensions of ‘form’ and ‘motion’, of ‘space’ and ‘time’. But in its simplest mode is the most extraordinary simplex equation of them all: $≈ð; whereas S is the limbic system, T, the particle-head with its clocks of information and ≈ the bodywave that iterates and puts together both.

Rashomon Truths explain the 5 Dimotions of any spacetime organism/event by considering the spatial= informative and temporal= moving sides of reality putting those 4 parameters together through a(nti)symmetric ≤≥ flows of communication: ∆t≥S@.                                              We study in space all systems as simultaneous co-existing super organisms with 3 topologies, 3 scales of existence and 3 relative time-ages, all of them perceived by a singularity that exchanges actions of energy and information with the entities of its world on different planes.
The 5th dimotions study of the fractal generator in space thus gives us a full account of any supeorganism in exist¡ence, as an ensemble of ∆-1 energy points of a limbic system that moves an ∆º super organism, co-existin in an ∆+1 world, made of 3 topological O x | = Ø structures. The Rashomon method of truth then extracts from the generator equation, different sub-equations to analyze in more detail the parts of the being.
In space thus we use the ‘generator equation’ and 5D Rashomon truths to convey a full sense of the being.

Let us then consider briefly the symbols for the Generator Equation of t.œs and its 5 Dimensions.

@>∫T: $t: (limbs/fields of motion and Universe) < ∑∏> §ð<<S∂ (still mind form or world).

So the 5 Dimotions (ab. of dimension in space and motion in time) that create the form and function of all systems and its parts, between its generation by a mind-seed and extinction in entropic explosions are:

  1. Ði: Informative particles/heads: §ð
  2.  Ð: limbs/potentials: momentum: $t.
  3. Ð: ∑e x ∏i: body waves: ∑∏.
  4.  Ðimotion: entropy: S∂.
  5. Ðimotion: Organic evolution: ∫T.

Organic Worldcycle of 5D motions=actions of space-time. Mathematical & biologic properties: Whys of physics.


 So let us deal with the fundamental principles, those of the mind view and measure (relativity, mind paradox); those of ternary symmetries of timespace arrows and its conservation laws, and the dualities of holographic dimensions, which are the first deductions of the 5D² structure of physics. It is then necessary to consider three type of properties which have been grossly ignored or misunderstood in classic physics but become essential in 5D:
– The co-existence of multiple scales, which determines the organic properties between them.
-The reproductive nature of motion, which reproduces information along the path of a wave. And since all form has a dimension of time-motion; all is a reproductive Universe.
– The ‘sentient’ properties of particle-points and singularities which in each scale of the physical Universe gauge information into still minds, whose linguistic geometric ‘image-mirror’ of reality ‘perceives in itself’. 
Those properties are NOT all susceptible to be explained mathematically, so the dogma that so well serves the reductionist vision of mathematical physics ultimately caused by the ego of humans, no longer holds. Even if mathematics will be the leading language, we are authorised to explain with verbal, evolutionary laws many of the whys of physics.

Mathematical and biological properties: The why of physics.

‘Using a term like nonlinear science is like referring to the bulk of zoology as the study of non-elephant animals“.  Ulam

In the graph, a bunch of physicists studying ‘ non-lineal elephants’  (: physical super organisms tracing world cycles :), as a sum of isolated properties, all of them imagined with abstract, Hilbert’s axiomatic method of categorical mathematics, far removed from the non-Euclidean, non-Aristotelian structure of the Fractal Universe.

In essence, physicists, reduce the 5 changes in time=motions that form a world cycle– represented here by 5 blind physicists, to one D, lineal motion and study the others unconnected – not as dimensions.

So physicists are unable to integrate them into a ‘world cycle of existence of physical systems’, which as we shall show in the equations of mathematical physics in nothing differs from the 5 organic motions of all other ‘living systems’.

The fractal structure of the universe is clear, and proved by the three legs of the scientific method: experimental proofs, logic consistency, and mathematical accuracy.

You can adopt on watching reality an upper perspective from above, throughout the most comprehensive possible view, that of philosophy of science and then you will see the Universe is all about reproducing information.

You can look at it from below, through the perspective of physicists as a mere game of motions of  very small unorganised, entropic particles and motion will become essential to you as a dazed and confused particle, yourself, immersed in the fractal supœrganism of the universe, seeing things zooming around you as they go on reproducing their informative code through complex worldcycles.

Since even motion is reproduction of form – the simplest of them, one in which the memorial tail of the reproduced parts lasts very short as they keep imprinting the lower scales of reality.

The problem of mathematical physics…

is then clear – it kills with abstraction the life interpretation of reality and this is specially truth of quantum physics, which obviously we reject in its Copenhagen interpretation as a mere o-1 probability translation of the real 1-∞ population=statistical interpretation provided by the pilot-wave theory, the iterpretation that fits like a glove with 5D and totally erases the need to do huge adaptations to a freaky scale outside the laws of 5D2.
 The only apparent problem of pilot-wave theory is in fact a strength of 5D: the existence of a scale below our perceived last eye-electronic-light scale, which is the quantum potential field, faster than light that allows entanglement and action at distance. Once this is plugged in, as it should in 5D scalar Universes, all becomes really a copycat of thermodynamic statistics as Einstein said it will…
But of course this, we know since Bell’s theorem and yet nobody cares. So I repeat, I won’t fight the arrogant ego-trips of the high popes of science, aka quantum physicists, as IT IS NOT MY TASK TO TRANSLATE TO THE PROPER FORMALISM A HUGE DISCIPLINE WITH 100 YEARS OF MASSIVE INVESTMENTS due to the nature of our technological civilization where the machine is the idol of the homunculus with big hands, big mouth and little peanut brain who cares nothing for the whys of knowledge – to me epitomized by the quantum physicist.
Indeed, the quantum physicist just love the idea that he only understands the language of god, numbers, and so will have none of it – pilot wave theory – because the Universe must be creationist, just because that makes him a pope of high jargons, operators and things made so confused by all the normalization cumbersome processes of quantum maths in the wrong version that nobody would dare not to say he is very intelligent, as I will do – savant idiots, that is.
So a fast image of the ‘dimensional application’ to physics of the vital organic principles:

Only though a proper understanding of the laws of fractal space and cyclical time will allow us to properly interpret mathematical physics and all sciences by extension, and then discharge the redundant ‘metaphorical complicated equations’ creationists are so hard working, as those poetic societies ever producing longer cacophonies instead of the terse verses of reality.

In that sense there is so much work to do to focus again that mathematical mirror because of the creationist and literalist working hard with its ‘magic’ since the Popes, Kepler, Galileo and Newton declared its religious zeal, so it was good NOT to fully understand down to earth its mathematical equations that frankly having cracked that window so long ago, it amazes me the blindness of our ‘self-appointed’ genius of science.

Consider only another bit of it on those equations of Einstein’s relativity, where time is ‘packed in all its dimensions’ as the present ∂t derivative of space-speed. Physicists go merrily playing with its magic, and it ‘works’. But wait a second… only systems with the same dimension can compare and transform into each other. So how 3 space dimensions and one time dimension work? The magic here is that the height dimension is the ‘static dimension’ of information related to time which stores in its cyclical clocks, in its frequency and form the information of the Universe. So a clock is ‘besides’ the flat plane of space’, a ‘tall form’. And so we NEED to give height as a dimension of time, then time is the bit/frequency of the cycle, and the flat surface of space – the flat Universe, the flat plane, is the form that moves lineally. So again we see how black holes are ‘tall’ IN THE CENTER OF A TIME-LIKE accelerated clock vortex:

We are all systems of temporal energy transformed into information through the infinite actions and systems of the Universe.

In the jargon of physics we talk of clocks of cyclical time that carry in their frequency the information of the Universe – charges and masses – moved by body waves of energy that occupy a certain vacuum space. In biology we talk of heads, brains and cellular nuclei that process information, moved by bodies and cytoplasm. Each system will display a certain type of ‘vital space’ self-centered into a singularity that processes information with a different network of logic paths, though particles, genes, chips or brains, but all those systems will obey to certain laws natural to the 2 formal motions that ultimate explain the game of ‘creation and extinction’ of systems of energy and information, which is the dynamic universe.

Physical systems are always made of a wave of energy and a particle of information and one cannot exist without the other (complementary principle of quantum physics). And both run on a potential field that provides them with the entropic motion to fuel the system.

Biological beings are also made with a head of information and a body that processes energy and moves it – or in cellular organisms, with a nucleus of DNA-information and a cytoplasmic body that moves it.

Sociological systems are divided into networks of upper class cells/citizens who control the languages of information of society and its working, body class that reproduces the products the body needs to survive.

All those concepts are equivalent but we need to refer them in each science to its specific jargon, elements and quantitative analysis.

In fact, the first breakthrough to achieve an all encompassing view of sciences, which put together the concepts of energy and information took place in physics, with the discovery of the fundamental unit of the universe, the action of energy and time.

Max Planck the founder of quantum physics discovered in the 1900s that the Universe was made of actions, not of substance but of motions, composed  of energy and time: Å = E x Ti. Light, the ultimate substance of creation was a motion composed of two different motions, cyclical clocks of time, and lineal motions.

Energy and Time clocks are two types of motions; so the universe was made of motions not of substances, a maya of the senses… This Galileo already noticed when he said e pur si muove e pur no muove. That is, the Earth moves but it seems to be still, so our eyes can perceive and gauge information.

Those simple principles are the essence of the duality of the Universe, from where all other laws of science can be deduced.

For example, the most important ‘simple law’ of the Universe, regarding the power and SURVIVAL OF a system is the law of balance, between the energy and information body and head wave and particle (synchronized in the right models of quantum physics: those of Einstein->Broglie-Bohm).

Yet we can deduce that law from 5D metric S x T = K, as a multiplication maximizes a total sum, when S=T, the equation of balance, beauty, immortality…

Indeed, we generalize the principle to all systems, and write, energy as E, Time, as I, and actions as their product, ExI, which is maximized by a simple mathematical law, when E=I (if we consider the local concept of a given energy enclosed by a singularity-membrane of information).  So 5 x 5 is bigger than 8 x 2.

This equation E=I or S=T, which implies all systems seek a balance between its spatial energy and temporal information is the new fundamental equation of XXI century science.

As it describes all the systems of the Universe, as complex systems of energy and time, in permanent motion, gauging information, moving with energy, and combining both, exi, to create, decouple and reproduce similar systems, in an immortal Universe made of infinite fractal complementary systems of energy and time, including you, who sometimes say ´i dont have energy and time to do this.

As actions of energy and time performed with your system is all what you or any entity of the Universe does.

The graph, which is all over the web (: because it is essential, shows this vital role of dimensions in the construction of space-time beings.

So ‘a bidimensional wave’ transforms into a ‘bidimensional particle’. Because as we say both have the same dimension; IT IS JUST A QUESTION OF READRESSING THEM IN A FUNDAMENTAL FACT TO ADAPT 4D formalisms to 5D³ physics:
Time has the dimension of motion and the dimension of perceptive Height.
Space has the dimension of length and the dimension of reproductive width.
This view, on the stop and go bidimensionality of the wave or particle/vortex that come together to create a 4-dimensional fermion is thus a good point to introduce, the Galilean paradox and the Holographic principle of bidimensionality and equality of space-time dimensions and its balances, which were the beginning of Physics and relativity, but we need to upgrade from the ƥst view.

In the graph, systems are made of different dimensional parts, ‘literally’, as we shall see when studying different species.

Points have inner parts, and so instead of 0 we give it 1Dimension / 1 probability.

Lines are the fastest/shortest distance between 2 points, so motion is a lineal or planar dimension (1D-2D, when we consider its points to have volume).

A reproductive wave however needs a 3rd dimension of width to reproduce (2D-3D if we give its points-lines a volume, as we shall do when completing the postulates of non-euclidean geometry – of fractal points with parts).

Thus most systems of nature are organic systems that ensemble moving limbs/fields, spherical particles/heads (as the sphere is the topology which stores more information in lesser space) and finally reproductive body-waves. This is obvious in biological systems, but how it works for physical systems? It doesn’t in the @nthropomorphic method of huminds, which reject them for physical systems, it does in reality. And so we shall start by cracking the less accepted of all parts of beings, the @-singularity.


The analysis of mathematical operandi is an essential task both in mathematics and its immediate praxis, classic physics as it reveals a basic quality of the fractal Universe:

The synoptic quality of reality in which groups of equal beings, ‘numbers’, either in time (frequency series of world cycles) or space (memorial simultaneous populations reproduced in those worldcycles) form wholes, which become units of a larger dimension as ‘single beings’.

It is hardly understood that mathematical operandi are the precise manner in which those processes of social evolution of numbers are studied by the mind. So much of the evolution of mathematics has been to ‘gather individuals into universals’, similar beings into numbers, numbers into variables, variables into integrals, and  functions, and functions into functionals, to keep reaching ‘bigger structures’ of reality which encode according to the immanent laws of ∆ºst, the information ‘branched backwards’ in time or sidewards in space of the whole in a synoptic equation.

Operandi then express the relationships between the parts of the whole, which solved, gives us a solution to one of the 8 motions, ratios of energy/information (constants), 3 ages, 3 topologies, duration and extension of a given part or whole of a supœrganism’ world cycle.

Its use thus is related to the description of the different kind of isomorphisms in time and space that define a being: its bidimensional, ternary, 5-active, 6 species, 8-motions and 9 scales… and it is important to properly define each operandi and for what kind of isomorphism of ∆ºst beings is useful as a prolegomena to its proper use and understanding in mathematical physics.

Now, when we dealt with operandi in physics, we remark that:

Tº: Trigonometric functions are the essential operandi of Time-dominant periodic motions.

∆i: Integrals and derivatives are the main operandi of ∆-dominant planes of parts and wholes.

: And polynomials are the operandi of social growth between ∆-planes. As we establish 3 ‘scalar’ 3 x 3 growths it follows we need also 3 operandi in that growth, which is the simplest ±, next the x/ duality and finally the polynomial/logarithmic duality, Log Xª

So we must deal with trigonometric functions to study periodic motion; with integrals to study wholes and parts, and polynomials to study the simplest Spatial herds.

±;  x /; ln xª; ∂∫: Generator’s Operandi: social gathering of space & time quanta.

This means that mathematical physics can be reduced not only to certain mathematical syntax, but in as much as the mathematical syntax derives also of the Universal grammar of the Generator Equation, we can also explain mathematical physics as a variation of the Generator of fractal space-time beings.

Indeed, as we explain in our articles on maths for a more general case, the mathematical operandi of all real mathematical entities can be reduced to a ‘ternary’ scale of growth:

± ‘social scalar equations’ with minimal variation/evolution on the nature of the social number.

x/ ‘product/division equations’, which is a second degree of growth; and also the ideal formulation of S x T = K 5D metric relationships

xª log finally is the 3 scale of growth beyond which as in all ∆st-ructures the limit of organisation of self-similar beings is reached and we need to CROSS A LIMIT BETWEEN ∆±1 systems.

AND THIS IS REACHED with the marvellous new ‘operandi’, the true miracle of mathematics (as it has never been quite understood, due to the incomprehension of the duality of continuous/discontinuous systems, and the ‘limits of infinity and infinitesimal):

∫∂ derivatives and integrals, which DO cross between ∆o and ∆±1 and change from an S to a T state or symmetry.

So, for ∆-scales and the transformations that happen often in entities which play a Tiƒ, ‘head-point’ role in ∆-1, and a spatial, Spe role in ∆, according to the general role that ‘all head-particles of a system become cellular points, slaves of its larger super organism’, we need always to deal with ∂∫ & differential equations.

Yet in a single plane for most of its ‘rough’ physics, we don’t really need differential equations but ± equations of the form S±T=0 and equations which respond to 5D metric of the form S x T = ∆st.

They respond roughly to the wave equations in present (S±t=0) and the ∆±1 dual past-field x Future-particle = K1 (we can always make the constant 1) type of equations.

Finally combining both, another ‘state of reality’, the ST present wave also appears constantly in physics, which tend to be more complicated as often includes the 3 elements, making it all a full-descriptive type of equality:

St (wave) = S x T (field x particle) where st tends to be a wave of energy; or St = S ± t, where S and T tend to be representations of the 2 elements of st (S being for example kinetic energy and t being potential energy).

So the rule is basically this:

§-equations: when we are in a present social equation on the same plane with similar events, we ad elements (as when we ad the potential and kinetic energy observed in the ∆+1 gravitational scale).

∆±1: But when we are in a scalar equation, which responds to the  ∆±1 different relationship between an ∆+1 particle, which absorbs quanta from an ∆-1 scale, we multiply them according to 5D metric. Why? Obviously because what the particle of information does is to create a network≈knot with the smaller parts. And so when we calculate those ‘parts’ which are more numerous we multiply them.

I.e. If we have 10 neurons, each with 10 axons, which are its smaller lineal entropic parts, the number of ‘connections of the network’, will be 10 x 10 = 100 as each neuron connects to all others, NOT 10 + 10. But if we are just adding 2 sets of 10 neurons of two types we have 20 of them.

So + is a basic operandi for a single present scale; x is a basic operandi for a relationship between scales.

It is then obvious that mathematical physics was born in physical studies, intimately related to the social gathering of space and time quanta.

Of them the most pervading ones are related to ‘present waves of energy’; and past x Future, fields x Particles equations.

In this cases we tend to find a system with 4 variables; as fields are represented by 3 vectors and the time element by a single parameter of time=1/frequency (which in GST we merely invert to have it written in cyclical πime). Hence the all pervading description of a field>particle with 4 x,y,z,t parameters.

Evolving mathematics to evolve physics.

‘A stupid is a man without reason, one that doesn’t see the causality between events so it believes in magic causes’

“The less intelligent a person is, the less mysteries he founds in the Universe.’ Schopenhauer.

‘2 things I deem infinite the stupidity of man and the Universe’.

‘Science should only be concerned and study phenomena that has already happened.’Einstein

Today physics has become the job of stupids, which of course believe to be the high priests of magic mathematics, the misunderstood language of the Universe. We shall thus first introduce an enhanced system of mathematical numbers, points and operandi, which correspond to the 3 upgraded elements of ‘social scales=numbers’, topological networks of fractal space=points and flows of time=operandi that define the Universe, as mathematics is just another mirror reflection of the Universe, perhaps the most ‘synoptic’ and wide after the I-logic language of T.œs, that is the Disomorphisms of space-time themselves. 

A Universe of space forms: S@ and time motions: ∆ð

All what you see around is a tapestry of forms that are moving (as motion is relative to the observer you will always be able to find a frame of reference in which the being moves) – nothing else is required to explain it all: ‘forms’, a concept closely related to the scientific concept of in/form/ation and ‘motion’, a concept closely related to the scientific term ‘entropy’.

Further on we can reduce reality to a single ‘element’, motion. Since when we observe any ‘form’ in detail at ‘smaller’ scales, the form also shows motion. Form in fact is merely a ‘very fast closed motion’ that seen without detail appears as a solid form. So all particles are closed motions. We shall call a closed ‘motion’, a clock-like ‘time cycle’. So we affirm all in the Universe are ‘formal motions’ tracing in-form-ative time cycles.

Information is stored in those closed ‘forms’ or ‘time cycles. In/form/ations, Forms in action are both the ‘form’ AND frequency ‘bits’ of those time cycles. And so as all what exists are cyclical forms (we shall call them, ‘fractal points’, ab. œ, •) that complete ‘worldcycles of time’, we can really reduce it all to ‘formal motions’, to time cycles.

And as any motion that ‘repeats’ its time cycle is REPRODUCING its form, its information, there is no doubt about our first principle born of the experience that all what we perceive are motions reproducing information as they move in time cycles:

All clocks of time are cyclical motions which break reality into an inner region of vital energy, an angular momentum clock that encloses it and when regular a central singularity which can ‘perceive’ some how a mapping of the Universe that flows through the membrane. So mind, angular momentum and vital energy become the 3 parts of the clock and hence the basic super organism of the Universe.

Once the organic, vital, sentient properties of systems that obey mathematical laws have been proved, we can then consider the main error of mathematical physics – to reject those properties because of its limited understanding of mathematics and its units, ‘fractal points’ of space-time, which are ‘points with volume’ through which ∞ parallels can hold and so ‘encoding’ a world in its self (Leibniz).

Singularities and how they define scales of inner and outer worlds, and how they become bridges between those scales of the fifth dimension – as in charges and masses, ‘doors’ to those scales, are then the main ‘missing’ variables of mathematical physics, which a continuous vision of space-time will never solve, or will do so in weird ways (wormholes, time travels through evaporating black holes and similar attempts to encode the fractal doors between level of 5D within the metric of a single 4D space-time continuum). Finally the lack of three time arrows and cyclical comprehension of time, ads injury to those interpretations. So missing, ∆, º and s<st>t symmetries it is a marvel that physics still works (:

The evolution of maths improves the mirror, its ternary syntax.

It does of course because any mirror-image of reality even if unfocused carries some information about it, and works for the distorted mind view, which let us remember is NOT REALITY BUT ALWAYS A LINGUISTIC MAPPING: Œ-Mind <linguistic perception> ∞ Universe, and so any mirror does carry a minimal information to be useful to departure a whole:

In the graph, linguistic mirrors create minds with different amounts of information, useful to guide reality. We must not though confuse the mirror with reality, the a priori element.

All this said is easy to understand mathematics, its elements and disciplines as a mirror of the Universe.

For the scientist who will consider all this nonsense because he thinks he knows his maths and all is there, the answer is yes, all is in the mirror but with less detail. So maths as the universe does, has also 3∆st+º sub disciplines, it has also a fractal ‘derivative’ structure and it is also about space-time.

THOSE 3 main sub-disciplines code the 3 ‘structural elements’ of the Universe:

  • ∆nalysis of the 5th dimension, its wholes and ‘finitesimals’ (1/n).
  • Geometrical space, (Spe) and its unit, fractal points.
  • Temporal algebra (tiƒ) and its units, sequential numbers.

And it has its ST ‘combinations of which the most important its topology (the study of form with motion).

Moreover the mirror of mathematics has evolved to explain in more detail the ‘actions of space-time’ of beings; as all languages do improving its ternary grammar. So words developed first ‘names only’ (forms), then motions ( active verbs) and finally ‘complements’ (complex systems).

And colour languages moved from dual B&W, to three colors (red-entropy, blue, form, green energy) to four, adding green/yellow mixes.

So today maths has evolved into multiple space-time disciplines. For example spatial geometry added, analytic algebra, which is geometry with sequential time numbers that finally dominated the discipline, while topology which is geometry of space with motion in time, today added ∆-scales (as it is defined with networks of ∆-1 points).

Dogma and flexibility – evolution of languages.

All this is said to remark a key concept that escapes mathematical physicists:

No language-mirror is absolute in its truth, but an evolving system, which goes through three ages

So when written words appeared pharaohs just said ‘it has written=truth’. Today in the far younger mathematical discipline, scientists say ‘it is an equation=it is a truth’.

Only latter words were known to be also fictions, a fact that also happens with equations but few scientists do recognise. So maths has still a ‘religious, dogmatic outlook’ proper of all languages, even if it has already gone into a ‘third baroque, inflationary  informative age of excessive formal content’ and split into multiple similar ‘metaphors’ (languages being inflationary as mirrors-minds are multiple, watching a single perspective do offer multiple views of a single event, hence the multiple equations observed to describe the same physical event).

But religious people, aka dogmatic physicists do NOT understand all this about their mirror-language of mathematics.

For many of them, equations ‘are’ always truth, just when written, and other languages are NOT truth – dogmas we only find in fundamentalist verbal thought (God speaks only in Arab, so Koran cannot be translated as it looses its truth).

Of course, languages do have also ‘quantitative’ measure. So while all carry an image, some are better and we prefer a carrot picture than a drawing.

So, we concede maths after images, is the best mind-mirror known to man, as it carries more informative detail than words (but less than images), and so it has become after images (most humans believe in TV celebrities more than in physicists 🙂 the dominant language today, and overcome religious words. Still as Einstein put it ‘I know when maths is truth but not real’, meaning we need experimental analysis of mathematical truths and so NOT just because we can write an imaginary particle with maths, the particle will exist (Susy, evaporating holes etc). IT IS AN EGO ERROR, TO THINK then that maths is always truth and an even bigger ego-error to think maths is not experimental but produced by the human mind, which becomes a short of ‘God’ that talks maths as only God does (that was the idea of Kepler: god has taken 5000 – biblical – years to found an intelligent like his, me).

The extension of mathematical truths. Languages imprint reality inversely to its complexity.

So yes, maths do create as any language does reality as a mirror around the territory of the mind, since ultimately the essence of space is to be a tapestry of an infinite number of frames or reference self-centred on the monads of each scale of Nature.

However as languages are shared by multiple minds, when a language is ‘so extended’ because it is use by ‘selfs’ of the minimalist scales of space (in the case of maths, it is obviously the language in which the euclidean dimensions of light is written, while its non-euclidean fractal points are the language in which masses and charges are better described), the language’s truths have a quasi-infinite number of applications. Still many elements of GST cannot be explained with maths, but ALL elements of reality can be explained with the laws of GST. So above maths there is at least a language the NON-Æ LOGIC OF FRACTAL CYCLICAL space-time, described in those texts.

Further on, there is a limit to the distortion and lack of focus of a language that finally becomes blind when too far removed from GST ultimate principles. i.e a B&W picture of a Rothko’s painting will not be relevant failing to see the vibrations of colours, essence of it. 

A math description of Gospel will fail to grasp the expression of social love and the ∆-arrow of evolution expressed on it.

And in general, excessively formal, third age baroque languages, are inflations and fictions which fail to express reality, as reality to exist must have ternary elements, entropy x information = energy, which means entropy simplifies always reality as pure language-information alone does NOT mix, imprint entropy-motion, which tends to simplicity. Water and oil then become disjointed and oil fails to explain water:

As the mind mirror of any language – not only mathematics, also human verbal mirrors – must ‘imprint’ the entropic motions of reality which resist its distortion, the final effect of baroque=max. informative languages is relatively limited both to describe accurately and distort/order reality.

This is truth specially in the physical world with maths because the physical world is simple and the range of imprinting almost infinite – not so much in the smaller territory of order of each mind-species, which indeed becomes ‘created’ by the tiƒ-singularity center, as it is a limited range. In the next graph we show fully that interaction, which in maths would mean a Tiƒ=pov=center of reference of a graph will order an extension, with a range inversely proportional to the content of information it delivers (range of forces, maximal for the ones with less information, minimal with the weak force of maximal form):

The proper way to understand the interaction between minds, scales and st parameters.

Now because physicists understand little on the ways mind-mirrors and universe interact with each other, and the bias of the humind in the analysis of reality, many of the errors of maths will derive of the ‘egotist error’ (mind paradox, as an infinitesimal which believes to be infinite)

Consider the copenhagen interpretation, which bohm did debunk properly but requires further understanding of the concepts of quantum physics not as a mental game of observers, but as a distorted human view on the limiting scale of our mind perception, given the properties of 5D metric. 

Ie. as we go down in scales we loose information (uncertainty principles), we are coarse in our interference (observer’s influence) and beings accelerate in time as they diminish in space, so we make all kind of errors confusing time cycles as spatial forms, since our slow clocks see the being’s sequences in time all together in a simple timespace quanta as a spatial form.

So here it is the ‘mind view’ what we must eliminate, specially two recurrent errors:

-To see time events which are ternary as spatial different forms: i.e., 3 quarks cannot be broken, why? Answer: because they are likely not three quarks in space udu, but three ages of a time transformation: u>d>u.

-To ignore each new scale is made of wholes and parts and when we ad new scales we must ad more parts, so instead of functions we use functionals and operators (functions of functions), NOT because quantum systems are weird, mathematical beings made of nebulous operators, but because we are integrating in our perception, multiple scales – same for Hilbert spaces – there is not ∞ dimensions but we penetrate for each system we measure into its parts, which are its inner dimensions. But without a proper definition of dimensions all gets messy conceptually as it is now the case.

And ad as a proof the relationship between maths and organic GST laws and perspectives, to make of vital mathematics and its sub discipline, physics a complete description of the Universe.

So the ∆ST isomorphic methods relating all to the 4 ∆• parameters will become the key to ‘complete’ and upgrade maths and its main sub discipline, physics (: as we have done with all other disciplines.

The messed views of quantum physics today.
An added problem in quantum physics is the RASHOMON effect of multiple mathematical abstract descriptions, born of two facts – the inflationary nature of languages of information that can see the same process from many perspectives, and the multiplicity of authors of quantum physics, which became an ego fight that further created multiple points of view.

Quantum Physics was NOT the work of a single mind-point, which as Planck put it, is the way in which a theory reaches its consistent worldview. So it is a bit of a mess, because each ‘ego’ tried to bring its view, under the Rashomon effect of multiple points of view and mathematical equations to define the same ‘reality’. The specific qualities of quantum 5D metric – to be the furthest regions of perception, hence those with minimal size and maximal time speed ($pe x ðiƒ = ∆-3,4), MEANT also that our perception of it was:

-Blurred by distance, which creates uncertainty.

-Multiplied in forms of space and time cycles perceive by unit of human measure, as the 5D metric made them so small and fast in its worldcycles that we did see a lot of ensembles together, of states together, of parts together…

The conjunction of those elements explains both the complexity of the @-humind view of quantum physics, as we humans try to get a spatial fixed mental form (in this case mathematical to reflect ALL the elements of the experiment and WITH TOTAL deterministic.

And the task of fit all the possible states together, discerning which were ‘events in time’ and ‘forms in space’, measure them, with brute huge elements, set the philosophical problems of quantum physics. It made all the practitioners to multiply its views. And the idealist to ‘imaging’ the maths using to describe it were real.

In such ‘theoretical surfaces’ of vital energy fluxes of thought the need for a domain limiting the initial singularity point and final enclosing membrane for the theory to make sense, were sorely needed. And they would be the ones to remain. Let us then define ‘quantum theory’ in terms of a T.œ mind-mirror organism in itself and apply the Rashomon effect:

  • @ view. The first singularity humind thought – that of Bohr’s subjective interpretations would remain, and the last enclosing membrane, that of Hilbert, would become the ‘limits’ of the domain of quantum formalism.
  • ∆§-1: lower plane. All in all as time passed, the usual first last eclectic guy to come was the one to ‘google’ it. And this was Von Neumann with its probabilistic and Hilbert’s space but with a degree of formal complexity ill understood. Why indeed, we cast quantum physics in a complex Hilbert space? It is an important question, because the Hilbert, complex space acts as the ‘substrata’, or potential field of all possible forms of a quantum system, enclosed with the algebraic and geometric forms of a Hilbert space.As we will see, the state-spaces of quantum mechanics are special kinds of vector spaces, known as Hilbert spaces, and they have more internal structure than their classical counterparts.A structure is a set of elements on which certain operations and relations are defined, a mathematical structure is just a structure in which the elements are mathematical objects (numbers, sets, vectors) and the operations mathematical ones, and a model is a mathematical structure used to represent some physically significant structure in the world.The heart and soul of quantum mechanics is contained in the Hilbert spaces that represent the state-spaces of quantum mechanical systems. The internal relations among states and quantities, and everything this entails about the ways quantum mechanical systems behave, are all woven into the structure of these spaces, embodied in the relations among the mathematical objects which represent them. This means that understanding what a system is like according to quantum mechanics is inseparable from familiarity with the internal structure of those spaces. Know your way around Hilbert space, and become familiar with the dynamical laws that describe the paths that vectors travel through it, and you know everything there is to know, in the terms provided by the theory, about the systems that it describes.

But the problem is as the same Newman would infamously notice is that mathematicians do NOT yet know what an imaginary complex number really means and what is a Hilbert space, beyond its mathematical rules.

So they don’t really know as we do, having cracked the Disomorphisms between mathematical spaces and st laws, what truly is the explanation of some strange forms of quantum physics.

In that regard, by ‘know your way around’ Hilbert space, I mean something more than possess a description or a map of it; anybody who has a quantum mechanics textbook on their shelf has that.

I mean know your way around it in the way you know your way around the map of the city in which you live. Where you now physically by direct experience BESIDES the abstract map, the real nature of the signs of the map and the buildings it describes. This means  a practical kind of knowledge that comes by understanding the Disomorphisms between @nalytic geometry and its planes and space-time laws, which then can easily explain the complexity of quantum physics.

We have done so already by stating that as ∆-3,4 is the furthest region from our perception, the mapping ‘potential’ ∆-1 space-time graph we must use must be the more complex possible to fit at ‘once’ all the populations and potential events of the small, smart, fast, populous herds of quantum entities we must describe. Hence quantum’s complexity is yet another proof of 5D metric. And we shall refer you to the last part of the post on @nalytic geometry to fully grasp the meaning of dot products, basis, imaginary numbers, Hermitian operators, conjugates and all that ‘nice jargon’ on ‘things’  nobody ‘understand’ but get used to them (something Feynman jokingly explained).

This said, the second great Rashomon duality to consider on quantum physics is the wave-particle complementarity principle, which you might probably have understood already as it is all over the place. As particles are still in-form-ative systems that gauge information in a relative still point of perception and then move as waves, imprinting by reproduction the lower ∆-1 field (graph). So for the understanding of quantum particles, atomic physics, we shall broadly divide the field in two sections (though in principle each post works on a single plane), this post working mostly on systems that are dominant in wave states – light and electrons; vs. the z-particle/atomic post which works mostly on the understanding of particles, atoms and its micro-macro symmetry with galactic systems.

Now briefly we have resolved you some conundrums on the interpretation of quantum physics: the wave-particle duality, the abstract representation and what it means – a Hilbert space is the more complex mental space that can fit most parts of it.

We might add also why we prefer probability to statistics in descriptions of quantum physics. The answer is again the structure of the mathematical mirror we cast on it. In the mirror there is for the ∆-i smaller populous scales, the ∆o-1 scale or unit circle OF probability OR Riemann’s sphere, which is in fact (Measure theory) isomorphic to the ∆+1-∞ plane in space.

Hence the reason why we prefer probability for description of quantum systems, is merely that the ideal mathematical reflection of the 0-1Dimension of emergence of fast, multiple worldcycles of ‘finitesimal beings’ happens IN TIME, not as in its 1-∞ spatial larger mirror.

But both are ultimately describing similar scales, reason why Einstein’s dictum that at the end quantum would be shown to be equal to the statistical description of thermodynamic molecules has come in these posts, when/if i can finish up the huge load of the web, and complete the fourth line. And only then we will again deny Feynman’s quip on the impossiblity to understand what quantum physics means, as it will be a realist view interpreted through the Hilbert/complex plane and o-1 sphere of probabilities to fit the ginormous, ultrafast T.œs and worldcycles of quantum systems.

Quantum physics from the photon to the electron are the background space-time that dominates the  ∆-3 (Spe: 10ˆ20) plane. We must then find 5 equations of its motions, departing from the most studied, loco-motion equation of physics, the schrodinger’s equations, dismiss the astounding absurd interpretation of the guru of power physics of the age, Mr. Bohr, who had the chuptzah of imposing its opinion AGAINST THE sound-sound realist theories of the true discoverers of those equations: Einstein (photoelectric effect), which was taken further by De Broglie (duality particle-wave, neutrino theory of light) and finally completed by Schrodinger (physical interpretation of density wave, evolved from de broglie) and completed by Bohm (noticing the quantum potential around c-speed or neutrino field origin of the light reproductive motion through its potential quantum paths), and Feynman (symbolism and analysis of those further paths as stories).

In quantum mechanics the state of the system is given in its mathematical description by a vector of Hilbert space. Such quantities as energy, impulse, and moment of momentum are investigated by means of self-adjoint operators. For example, the possible energy levels of an electron in an atom are computed as eigenvalues of the energy operator. The differences of these eigenvalues give the frequencies of the emitted quantum of light and thus define the structure of the radiation spectrum of the given substance. The corresponding states of the electron are here described as eigenfunctions of the energy operator.

But as this is TRULY the difference with normal reality AS we are PROBING the quantum level, where the minimal forms with maximal information perceivable to man exist, we need to use quantum values, that become an infinite ‘dimensional’ space in the absurd jargon of modern maths. As it fully CONFUSES the meaning of dimensions as observed here, BY using the concept to TALK of local parameters of measure. It should have BEEN said that a Hilbert space uses local, generalised coordinates with infinite parameters as we need to quantise with eigenvalues the parameters and potential results of each wave. But as usual the arrogant ego-trips of huminds liked the word ‘dimension too much’ as they like in verbal creationism the word God so they couldn’t help to use it to look really cool – we handle ‘∞ dimensions’, how clever we are LOL.
The solution of problems of quantum mechanics often then requires the computation of eigenvalues of various (usually differential) operators. In some complicated cases the precise solution of these problems turns out to be practically impossible, despite the pretentious absolute precision claimed. For an approximate solution of these problems the so-called perturbation theory is widely used, which enables us to find from the known eigenvalues and functions of a certain self-adjoint operator A the eigenvalues of an operator A1 slightly different from it.

Mathematical physics in 5D ternary time systems.

Now, this post shows simple mathematical basic concepts needed to prove the homology between mathematical physics and fractal structure of the Universe, but powerful enough to prove things like the unification equation of charges and masses, and the experimental proofs of the falsity of the big-bang. Though GST does have a series of deep insights into the meaning of mathematical physics; some of which are necessary to explain here, to fully grasp the absolute relativity of the human position in the Universe and hence how easy and irrelevant will be our demise.

The reductionist ∆o human perspective of physical systems. Degrees of error.

The need for more than a language to describe the wholeness of physical systems.
screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-15-09-10Now it is important to fully grasp why physics is wrong in its concepts and right in its equations. And perhaps the best example could be to compare it with the duality of Chinese language.

In the graph, it is possible to write in Chinese perfectly, as physicists write in equations, and make completely sense, without understanding a dot of it in verbal languages, the ‘natural conceptual language of people’. So a writer of mathematical physics will be right in its equations and fully use them for practical purposes, but it will ignore the conceptual, verbal meaning of those signs. And this is essentially what happens due to the errors of cyclical time and fractal space. Cyclical time measured by frequencies is the inverse of time duration, so in equations, t=1/ƒ are both right. But conceptually we shall ad an entire new ‘world of subtle differences’, thanks to our advanced ‘verbal thought’. Moreover, while there are only a standard ‘traditional’ and modern way to write mathematical physics (due mainly to the evolution of the language of mathematics), the simplified language is quite good to coney most meanings, even if the traditional has much more depth of meaning and symbols. So we shall find that for example, the 4 constructions of gravitation, Newton’s T-vortices of time; Einstein’s, S-imultaneous pictures of the vortices in greater detail; Poison’s gradient in ∆-scales and the Hamiltonian-Lagrangian more elegant, •-mental description, are variations of the same theme; as often in chinese the subtle differences of pronunciation give us variations of meaning.

But if we do not know both languages, the wholeness and richness of Chinese and Physical systems would be lost to us, and we could on top make silly errors, as those foreigners do with the word ma in its 4 tones, unable to distinguish them, and so calling a mother a joint, or even worst, a horse. And physicists, we shall find do have many of those errors, specially when interpreting wrongly Time AS A SINGLE arrow and space as a continuum, LOOSING the 4 ∆•st perspectives of knowledge, the scales of the 5th dimension, the mental limits of languages that describe them and the 3 ages of time and its functional symmetry with the 3 forms of space.

As physics is today mathematical physics, it deals mainly with time and space parameters in different dimensions and scales. As it only acknowledges lineal time, it misses the ternary structure of time arrows, but obviously as its equations works, it merely expresses them in mathematical parameters without its whys which is what ∆ST ads:

We shall study those errors as they were understood historically departing from ∆o, the anthropomorphic human mechanical scale and our sense of entitlement.

So we apply one of the simple rules of epistemological truth in ΓST:’The further away from the human being a science is, the higher the error of its data’.

It is indeed important to introduce the bias of physics from an objective perspective – our definition of the mind as a self-centered o-point; and to study the bias of each discipline of physics, which grows as we come further away from that human perspective. Hence a second rule for the search of truth in physics:

‘As all scales of reality are isomorphic, we must seek errors comparing far away sciences to the truths of systems closer to us’. This means that indeed, as Einstein and Bohm wanted, the way to do physics is NOT to widen the errors of the Copenhagen interpretation with ridiculous theories of parallel Universes etc. but to explain them in a realist way with the guiding pilot wave theory and explain the ‘spooky effects’ with GST isomorphisms, as all of them have a natural explanation in the Generator of Space Time (Ab. gst). So we can fast review the main scales of physics on account of its bias; and establish such order from minus to major, as the proper way to TEACH physics, which is also the historic way, as we have first resolved the most evident stience:

∆0, 1: Mechanics, which is the the most evolved of those disciplines in its details, and the less erroneous as it deal with our external world of ‘evident measure’ and perception.

∆-1,2: The inner, thermodynamic world of our body-motions AND outer world of Geological systems (co-shared with mechanics).

We find now thermal physics a first huge error – the belief that entropy is the single arrow of time; whose cause is sociological and historical in the worldly profession of physicists, and its hyperbolic thirst for taking the place of us, philosophers of stience, as the summit of knowledge  (: it was studied first in the use of cannonballs and weapons and vapor machines, who do indeed waste energy into entropy, and then widened in a galactic statement of self-importance to the shoe Universe with big bang theory, which dismisses the balancing Tiƒ force of in-form-ation, implosive gravitation ).

∆±3: Thus, as we go away from our perspective and introduce other scales we shall observe the growth of uncertainty (quantum) and dark spaces (cosmology) and the astounding anthropomorphic deformation of perspectives introduced to justify them (Copenhagen interpretation, cosmic big-bang, anthropic principle).

Obviously the anthropic principle and the big bang once, we debunk its manipulated data, will appear as just another form of ‘creationist science’ a religious disease which is the commanding influence of economics, a biblical religion of go(l)d profits, as it is today, and the disguised one of so many anthropomorphic errors. The copenhagen interpretation is even more puzzling as we do HAVE a deterministic, far more proper interpretation in the Einstein->Broglie->Bell->Bohm interpretation. And the fact that the illusory ideas of Bohr had dominated the philosophy of quantum physics shows much more about power and anthropomorphism in science that about truth.

Finally the lack of three time arrows and cyclical comprehension of time, ads injury to those interpretations. So missing, ∆, º and s<st>t symmetries it is a marvel that physics still works (:

The particle point features heavily in Nuclear physics and it is still a ‘mess’. I like of all of them, the Delta Function, which is ∞ at 0, 0 on the infinite line and 1 in its integral. It is perhaps the best mathematical definition and for that reason, Dirac without understanding what it means – the emergence of a point-particle as a 1-element of a higher ∆+1 scale, made it the non-rigurous foundation of its beautiful quantum thoughts. Then Newman quoted above got berserk. He wanted it to be ‘rigurously’ proved by Hilbert’s axiomatic arrogant method and just make it more messy, pedantic and obtuse.

AXIOMATIC physicists understand little of the organic fractal whys of its systems, and its infallibility theorems, just because ‘mathematics – they believe- is the language of god’ (Galileo) are not always infallible, neither well explained.

In the graph, the final understanding on how 10 ∆-1 ‘tetratkys’ pythagorean elements become a bosonic point of identical beings to emerge in the delta function. It is in that sense connected as the fourier transform from where it ultimately departs, from a fascinating phenomena of the Universe, the emergence through resonance, which I call ‘fusion love’, of a higher being, made of identical parts; as we are all resonances of cloned information; but only in a point the parts transcend into a whole; only in a neuronal small network your infinitesimal ego-mind believes to be infinite.

On the other hand, topology is the formal stience of the three arrows of time-space, and as such it reduces all the forms of the Universe to its only three topologies – another ‘magic’ fact of experimental mathematics, never understood in science. AS such the true revolution of mathematical stience goes through the conversion of mathematics into an experimental stience, relating the fundamental theorems of mathematics, as the stience of logic space, to the different laws of GST both based in the fractal properties of space and the cyclical nature of time.

We shall thus evolve mathematics and physics to unveil in the human languages of time and space, the underlying isomorphisms of Nature.

A such mathematical physics is concerned with all the elements of the Universe, reduced by ‘ideology’ to be shown in an abstract form to the mirror-image that classic æ-maths (with a single time aristotelian arrow and a single space-time continuum) can provide.

And so its limits are those of the present state of evolution of its language, and of perception of man, in as much as the larger scales of the infinite Universe must be stretching both above and below those ∆±4 scales.

And so the task of ΓST in mathematics should be the expansion of all those elements, starting from:

  1.  Its expansion of the concepts of time and space, as shown in the graph, ‘first’ (as the primary language/substance origin of all realities).
  2. then through the ‘expansion of mathematics with the ¬Æ improved definitions of fractal points with volume, ‘broken’ planes≈networks’ and ‘similarity≈ congruence’…
  3. Next we should try to correct with them, the three main errors of physics derived of those reductionist ∆•st views – namely entropy-only derived errors, big-bang cosmology and distortions produced by the need to ‘fit’ all realities within a single timespace plane, ignoring the ‘distortions’ of our perception caused by the different speeds of time and sizes in space of ∆-scales (use of functionals, dark energy/matter, uncertainty/observer principles of quantum physics, etc.)
  4. And only then go through the different scales, Studying in detail each equation and system, starting NOT from the bottom up, as if there was a causality of size, meaning smallish parts define the laws of larger ones, so quantum physics according to that view would matter more for philosophy of physics, but in the PROPER way knowledge comes to man – higher in detail and truth the closer we are to humanity, which means that:
  5. Mechanics (∆+1,+2) and thermodynamics (∆º,-1) MUST BE the fundamental stiences of mathematical physics, with higher degree of perception≈certainty≈truth, as they are closer to the ∆ø mind. As such they were indeed the first forms of mathematical physics discovered. As Einstein and Planck thought they should be the true reference for all other scales, equivalent in the 0-1 temporal sphere of faster, smaller beings  (‘statistical quantum physics will be equivalent to statistical thermodynamics’ Einstein). Next, we should study, the ∆≥±2, 3 scales (atomic and galactic scales) considering those distortions and only with some skepticism on what we can verify and truly know, consider the last ∆±4 dark world.
  6. And finally we MUST ad to physics the organic, mental, vital properties of physical systems, which the mathematical language will never be able to describe with OTHER languages of reality (biological and logic languages).

Yet even the classic scales (mechanics, thermodynamics) need corrections, because mathematical physics was born observing the galaxy, and its original postulates were distorted from the point of view adopted in that earlier age (Newtonian absolute space and time).  And thermodynamics was born on the study of entropic weapons (cannons) and motion machines (steam).

However and this is the key to build properly the discipline, given the fact that physics, like chinese runs in two different language, one unified – mathematical equations/ideographic writing – and so accurate and better mirrored; and other based mostly on ‘different’ dialectical opinions (concepts of physics, philosophies of science derived of physics), we must accept mathematical physics is right and only interpret their equations properly. 

The 3 examples taken here will suffice:  Entropy equations are right. What is wrong is to reduce the arrows=actions otime to mere entropic motions as if the other two arrows=actions, information and energy did not matter as a fundamental time event… so physicists study them as something else. Hubble’s equation of expansion of vacuum between galaxies as light dissolves into the ∆-4 >c scale is right; what is wrong is to ‘expand it back to the past’ into a supposed singularity where all time and space exists just by wishful thinking. quantum equations are right, what is wrong is the Copenhagen observers’ interpretation.

What physicists have so far done though, is without any PHILOSOPHICAL≈EPISTEMOLOGICAL rigour, to affirm that because they have written Chinese, they know how to pronounce it; and then of course each one says ‘ma’ with a different tone; and they just say but the equation is right. Sure, but how do you pronounce=translate into verbal, logic concepts? That is the key to make sense of the Universe.

And to prove that duality between right mathematical physics and wrong conceptual physics, we have divided this sections in two articles. One will be more concerned with conceptual errors and written first (astrophysics), as that is where ∆ST can be applied.

Indeed the advance of ∆ST on physics will come from the proper application of the higher layer of truth (the properties of space and time, applied through the isomorphisms and generator of fractal space and cyclical time) to illuminate first maths and its equations, and correct then those ‘opinions’ that today pass as scientific truths, since people are just in awe of the machines and measures of physics.

Thus we shall show how the whole of physics is inscribed into the linguistic ternary grammar of the Generator of Space-time (Gst), and its isomorphisms. As all physical beings in all scales  are ternary ∆±1, s,st,t, past>present>future beings. And so the laws and equations derived from the Fractal generator, apply to all system of physical beings, included the galaxy-atom scale (∆±3) which is the last scale we perceive in depth.

Astro-physics is concerned with the space-time forms of all the known scales of physics, ∆i≤|3|, and the dark scale beyond the galaxy (∆±4) plus our • linguistic point of view, restricted TODAY by dogma of its earlier platonic practitioners to the single language of mathematics, as galileo affirmed and Dirac confirmed with no proof that ‘God only speaks mathematics’ which limits the ‘organic’ and ‘sentient’ properties we can describe on those system and give origin to the ‘naive realism’ and ‘reductionism’ proper of philosophy of physics today.

The general error: anthropomorphism and lineal worldly profession of weapons’ masters

This said, all physical systems do lack 1/2 of the paradigm – its analysis as supœrganisms which perform world cycles of existence. As all of them sponsor the worldly error of ‘lineal time’, Galileo’s delight for artillery masters, also caused by its worldly profession as makers of weapons (essentially the same error than the thermal one), and all of them deny biological properties to matter (the human must remain the only intelligent, living being).

It is important to remember this ‘paradox of uncertainty’ of human self-centred knowledge, which applies in earnest to those scales, as humans are too far removed from them and so they accept only an abstract, mathematical description, which does not explore as we do here, the biological whys, its world cycles and organic structures, in physical systems.

Hence while physics does study all the scales (maximal range of stiences) it does so with the minimal quantity of properties (reduced mostly to one of the 8 motions, locomotions, and one language, mathematics).

The positive side to it. Simplification reveals the ultimate truths of reality

On the positive side the limits of human physics are of special interest as they will reveal easily the connections between the GST (ab. Generator of Space-time) and its mathematical (1st science) and physical world, as the physicist who strips off biological, organic properties physical systems, leaves untouched – once the errors of cyclical time and fractal space are corrected, the connection with those primary disciplines; which the biorganic paradigm will complete specially in the limits not perceived of quantum and cosmology; as the galaxy can easily be ‘modelled’ as a cell

Needless to say we are not writing the encyclopaedia of mathematical physics available to any specialist but ad on all those parts and properties which are not properly written. So in astronomy we shall concentrate in the study of the galaxy as a cell, in quantum theory in the correct Broglie->Bohm model and in thermodynamics in the correction of a single entropy arrow and clarification on the meaning of it, and in all scales in the key concepts of the 3 arrows of time, space, its generators and the concepts of Energy, and the events of physics, which represent GST actions, and key equations to describe them (Fourier, for time scales; Hamiltonians for Energy; Lagrange for balanced actions).

That is, we shall explain why certain basic functions represent most events of physics in terms of the organic ad-ons needed to complete its whys, such as the ST- ‘action of harmonic oscillators’, which is basically a basic ‘feeding-perceiving action that makes the particle fluctuate as it emits a wave of information, upwards to the point of maximal perception and minimal motion (maximal amplitude) and downwards through the 0-coordinates of maximal speed-entropy and minimal height-information.

So it is important the reader understands the basics of space-time dimensional forms or ‘Dimotions”.

We shall introduce them here briefly copy-pasting from other posts, before we do a rather ‘classically, ordered’ (for a change:) study of mathematical physics in a historic way, taking basically a classic book text of first year of physics, and introducing all its classic laws with the higher view-mirror of ∆ST.

On the languages of God and the dimensions of time.

The adaptation of physical systems to the 0-5 DiMOTions of the Universe is a daunting task that will take the whole century by huminds or AI, to be fulfilled. A single humind can’t do so much. It will also  require to change the lineal vision of time of the high popes of science today, entropy theorists. So as per Kuhn, resistance to change of paradigm will be extreme. And yet the view of the organic Universe in 5D² is awesome, fulfilling, eternal, unavoidable once it has been discovered ‘again’.

But perhaps the biggest resistance to accept the organic paradigm will come from the humind itself, self-centred and systematically in denial under the ‘ego paradox’ of any living, organic properties to the rest of reality.

Indeed, the whole philosophy underlying physical sciences is common to the scientific wordview that likes to reduce to abstract, mathematical statements the nature of vital reality. In the scholar world we must add an ill-understood philosophy of mathematics, which rejects empiricism within the context of the Greek, Axiomatic rather preposterous method of proving mathematics as a metalanguage whose truth exists within itself. Godel proved with his incompleteness recurrent theorem this a falsity  Yet neither mathematicians or physicists have taken notice. Since the axiomatic method laterally ENCUMBERS man as the only intelligence that seems to talk mathematics with God, ‘the clocker’ of that infamous sentence of Mr. Kepler:

Because of the reductionism of physics to a single locomotion arrow, which due to its simplicity can be calculated with maximal precision physicists tend to be arrogant to other sciences, thinking they know it all about time. Fact is they ignore everything about 4 of the 5 arrows of time.

In the graph, the mind of Kepler, filled with his ego-centered thoughts and God, the geometer, by Blake.

Fact is that even if mathematics were the only language of God, man does not speak very well the language – even a simple computer does it better and likely atoms have a geometric mind that is far more accurate than humans are. So a task pending that we have taken also is the improvement of mathematics as a mirror of the vital Universe.

In any case reality is a bit more complex that its languages, as all languages mirror a set of properties of the Universe but NONE describes them all; since all is information and so ONLY THE WHOLE fits all information within itself. Still mathematics is – no doubt of it – the best, most efficient synoptic language to explain spatial properties, and we shall use it liberally and advance its whys in the section on ‘non-Æ maths’.

But other languages do have perspectives which matter, specially in the analysis of time=change and the biological struggles for existence, and variations in the choice of future paths.  In that sense an enormous handicap is precisely the use of a mechanical clock to measure time, as it expresses only a quantitative, sequential single dimension, which elongated in cartesian graphs gave us the reduction of time dimension to a single lineal v=s/t formulae, as a parameter of space.

Time does DISSAPEARED conceptually and many of its dimensions were never fully understood. This is then the biggest upgrading of 5D² physics.

And to fully grasp the multiple dimensions of time, i-logic verbal thought, with its ‘profound description’ of the past, present and future dimensions with action-verbs and its biological evolutionary theories better described with words becomes essential also in Physics; to find the whys and conceptually define the symmetries between time, space and its scales.

Finally as the source of those languages, the spatial visual and logic languages of time, in which geometry and wor(l)ds are based, must be also come under a new scrutiny. And so we shall use the whole mental scaffolding of human languages, to extract all those properties and apply them to physical systems.

Since the main handicap of physics is its reductionism of properties of matter, by obliging to use only mathematical descriptions. So all what cannot be mirrored with mathematics simply does not exist. And this dogma, which has become a religion of mathematics, latter analysed in more detail, is completely rejected in 5D². As we put new mirrors on matter, new properties will then appear. And the most important of them is the scalar, Nature of matter, which also displays as a result of that co-existence of multiple scales, organic properties. So once we blow the space continuum into multiple scales, and relate them to each other, organicism appears naturally.

Why we love creationist theories: the paradox of the ego.

It is time to bring the paradox of the ego earlier in our analysis of creationist philosophers, as we realise all of mankind believe in them either in a verbal creationism (religious people) or a mathematical creationism (scientists).

What is amazing about all this is perhaps not how blunt that philosophy of science and religion is, but that mankind has rendered to it, just because it puts man in the centre of the Universe, as the unique master of the language along God.

In the case of mathematical creationism, dominant today, power helps: physicists make machines and weapon that deliver entropy and motion. And so the fact that humans have lost all his wisdom about time, in their worship of machines, also cast serious doubts on the intelligence and ‘freedom of thought’ of our species.

The Universe is a concert in a decaphonic scale, with two extremes we can call bass of  open strings of space and treble notes of closed strings of time; 5 treble and 5 bass notes with different beats, rhythms in its ‘time cycles…’

The best notes are those in the middle 5, most go on triads, as they travel up and down three different scales. Of course you might imagine the universal composition is a bit more complicated in its symmetries and triads.

But is also an equation, another ternary language, X operandi Y, and a painting of also three colours, the red of motion, of entropic energy, the green of iteration, of reproduction, the blue of information, and 3 ‘semantic’ names, the subject, the informative centre which acts through a verb on an object it ab=uses as the source of its entropic energy.

Languages mirrors all look though to the same ternary substance, space-time itself.

Let us then consider the two fundamental notes of any language, mirror in its syntax of the ternary structure of it all.

In that regard, you must understand this blog which upgrades our understanding of time, as the return to the sound path of time sciences, after centuries of misconceptions. As i have been all my life since I read Asimov’s guide to science as a kid, wondering about time, and came finally to solve the  many questions poised by the study of ALL changes=times of Nature developing the long seeked theory of all times-changes called ‘relational space-time’, first put forward by Leibniz, and then accepted by Einstein – the exception to the dullness of physicists regarding time theory.

So he said ‘I am the only physicist that thinks there are infinite time clocks in the Universe’ and affirmed that relational space-time is the future of time theory (‘Leibniz was right, so we have to change our physical theories from its inception’).

Yet Einstein, a pacifist kin of philosophy, who did advance our knowledge of time, was for most of his life in permanent dissidence with physicists for the same reasons I am a dissident of his blunt theories of reality. Hence his denial that mathematics creates reality (opposition to Bohr’s copenhangen interpretation: ‘the moon doesn’t appear when i look at it’), his denial that nature has a single clock to measure time; his denial that time is the four dimension of space – a term he rejected, saying ‘wires don’t travel to the past’; his denial of the nuclear industry (invention of the ‘doomsday clock’), and his respect of causality as the fundamental property that chains ‘time events’ by repetition, and the philosophers that study it, all concepts we shall prove further and advance in this blog.

This is not to say that physicists do NOT excel in what they truly do to perfection – measuring distances and motions in space and manufacturing machines. But this is NOT what CERN claims to do – finding the meaning of reality, which physicists will NEVER achieve, as they have a religious dogmatic view of reality and time and so as priest will NEVER go out of his ‘mantras’ about a bush that burned in a dessert and was God speaking to a goat-keeper and we MUST believe this, physicists have their mantra – that God spoke mathematics, and gave us a clock to measure time with numbers in lineal fashion and that is all what matters and we MUST believe this.

Problem is people agrees, because they have bigger guns and we philosophers of science and serious physicists of time theory like Mr. Einstein only do ‘thought experiments’.

On the other hand when you go out of dogma and lineal thinking everything physicists have found and we are grateful for it, in their exploration of nature with their mechanical instruments, becomes easily interpreted and understood and so the marriage of philosophers – the people who do seek and understand with all languages the fundamental principles of reality – and technology of measure and perception – the thing physicists do best; do give us the final answers to the meaning of reality.

And that is what a true advance in sciences moving away from the age of creationism back to the age of realism should do.

We shall repeat ad nauseam that we will use the same T.œ. laws, and mathematical mirrors of those laws of classic physics but the outcome of an organic entangled interpretation will be completely different.

Of course this is NOT what physics is today; we repeat. Humind egos have reduced the analysis to a distorted view passed through the acceptance of only a language of perception of reality, mathematics, a single dimotion of timespace locomotion (and its maximal limit, entropy) and then the rest is ‘explained’ in abstract, external objective terms as ‘something else’.

We shall also be very critical of another ego trip of reductionist physicists: TO DENY ALL OTHER SCIENCES any saying in the laws of timespace as if it was a proprietary ‘thing’ of physicists experts in Locomotion…

Of course, when you have eliminated the complex dimotions of information, reproduction and social love all WHAT IS LEFT is entropy and locomotion… and the manufacturing of machines of locomotion and entropy (weapons).

The consequences are daring for the future of mankind, a species today ruled by physicists worldview dedicated to locomotions (sports) and entropy (killing) and the making of machines that enhance our skills to do both. But this is NOT what the Universe is about, wants us to do (by reinforcing with sensations we shall call e-motions, the other arrows) but the stubborn, self-destructive, deluded consequence of the wrong path of evolution of our species in its higher informative minds of ‘science’.

III. Physical paradoxes


‘I want to know the thoughts of God not its details’ Einstein, on the goals of philosophers of science.


Astro-physics is concerned with the space-time forms of all the known scales of physics, ∆i≤|3|, and the dark scale beyond the galaxy (∆±4) plus our • linguistic point of view, restricted TODAY by dogma of its earlier platonic practitioners to the single language of mathematics, as galileo affirmed and Dirac confirmed with no proof that ‘God only speaks mathematics’ which limits the ‘organic’ and ‘sentient’ properties we can describe on those system and give origin to the ‘naive realism’ and ‘reductionism’ proper of philosophy of physics today.

A such mathematical physics is concerned with all the elements of the Universe, reduced by ‘ideology’ to be shown in an abstract form to the mirror-image that classic æ-maths (with a single time aristotelian arrow and a single space-time continuum) can provide.

And so its limits are those of the present state of evolution of its language, and of perception of man, in as much as the larger scales of the infinite Universe must be stretching both above and below those ∆±4 scales.

And so the task of GST in mathematical physics, should be the expansion of all those elements, starting from:

  1.  Its expansion of the concepts of time and space, as shown in the graph, ‘first’ (as the primary language/substance origin of all realities).
  2. Then through the ‘expansion of mathematics with the ¬Æ improved definitions of fractal points with volume, ‘broken’ planes≈networks’ and ‘similarity≈ congruence’…
  3. Next we should try to correct with them, the three main errors of physics derived of those reductionist ∆•st views – namely entropy-only derived errors, big-bang cosmology and distortions produced by the need to ‘fit’ all realities within a single timespace plane, ignoring the ‘distortions’ of our perception caused by the different speeds of time and sizes in space of ∆-scales (use of functionals, dark energy/matter, uncertainty/observer principles of quantum physics, etc.)
  4. And only then go through the different scales, studying in detail each equation and system, starting NOT from the bottom up, as if there was a causality of size, meaning smallish parts define the laws of larger ones, so quantum physics according to that view would matter more for philosophy of physics, but in the PROPER way knowledge comes to man – higher in detail and truth the closer we are to humanity, which means that:
  5. Mechanics (∆+1,+2) and thermodynamics (∆º,-1) MUST BE the fundamental stiences of mathematical physics, with higher degree of perception≈certainty≈truth. As such they were indeed the first forms of mathematical physics discovered. And as Einstein and Planck thought should end up being the true reference for all other scales (‘statistical quantum physics will be equivalent to statistical thermodynamics’ Einstein). Next, we should study, the ∆≥±2, 3 scales (atomic and galactic scales) considering those distortions and only with some skepticism on what we can verify and truly know, consider the last ∆±4 dark world.
  6. And finally we MUST ad to physics the organic, mental, vital properties of physical systems, which the mathematical language will never be able to describe with OTHER languages of reality (biological and logic languages).

Yet even the classic scales (mechanics, thermodynamics) need corrections, because mathematical physics was born observing the galaxy, and its original postulates were distorted from the point of view adopted in that earlier age (Newtonian absolute space and time).  And thermodynamics was born on the study of entropic weapons (cannons) and motion machines (steam).

However and this is the key to build properly the discipline, given the fact that physics, like chinese runs in two different language, one unified – mathematical equations/ideographic writing – and so accurate and better mirrored; and other based mostly on ‘different’ dialectical opinions (concepts of physics, philosophies of science derived of physics), we must accept mathematical physics is right and only interpret their equations properly.

The 3 examples taken here will suffice:  Entropy equations are right. What is wrong is to reduce the arrows=actions otime to mere entropic motions as if the other two arrows=actions, information and energy did not matter as a fundamental time event… so physicists study them as something else. Hubble’s equation of expansion of vacuum between galaxies as light dissolves into the ∆-4 >c scale is right; what is wrong is to ‘expand it back to the past’ into a supposed singularity where all time and space exists just by wishful thinking. quantum equations are right, what is wrong is the Copenhagen observers’ interpretation.

What physicists have so far done though, is without any PHILOSOPHICAL≈EPISTEMOLOGICAL rigour, to affirm that because they have written Chinese, they know how to pronounce it; and then of course each one says ‘ma’ with a different tone; and they just say but the equation is right. Sure, but how do you pronounce=translate into verbal, logic concepts? That is the key to make sense of the Universe.

And to prove that duality between right mathematical physics and wrong conceptual physics, we have divided this sections in two articles. One will be more concerned with conceptual errors and written first (astrophysics), as that is where GST can be applied.

Indeed the advance of GST on physics will come from the proper application of the higher layer of truth (the properties of space and time, applied through the isomorphisms and generator of fractal space and cyclical time) to illuminate first maths and its equations, and correct then those ‘opinions’ that today pass as scientific truths, since people are just in awe of the machines and measures of physics.

Thus we shall show how the whole of physics is inscribed into the linguistic ternary grammar of the Generator of Space-time (Gst), and its isomorphisms. As all physical beings in all scales  are ternary ∆±1, s,st,t, past>present>future beings. And so the laws and equations derived from the Fractal generator, apply to all system of physical beings, included the galaxy-atom scale (∆±3) which is the last scale we perceive in depth.

So this paragraph has two themes: upgrading cosmology to the bare minimum to understand the Universe by introducing ∆§calling and ternary time arrows, and then having a few laughs at our popes of science, which don’t even know they know nothing about the whys that really matter in the classic manner of Latin rhetoricians, (‘contra physicos’) Why we do that ONLY with physicists and latter economists and its go(l)d religion should be obvious to any ethic reader:

The entropic world religion of physics and the go(l)d religion of economists is NOT science but an idol-ogy of power based in the use of entropic weapons (entropic metal now entropic machines) and informative money (informative metal: gold, silver, now e-money cycles in machines), which not only include gruesome errors on their models of reality but imperils the future and freedom of life in this planet, with mass-destruction weapons robots automating Factories and terminators making money in splendid little wars and vigilante e-big brothers.

So ‘nothing personal’, even if in my life as an activist for life I have indeed had my battles against the nuclear industry which I will also disclose. Again, I love physics I despise physicists arrogance, ignorance of the living Universe and eviL=anti-live military memes and distortion of the beauty of it all. And as I have zero hypocrisy I am not ‘greasing’ the a$$es of our tribal idols except when they deserve it (Leibniz not Newton, Planck, Broglie and Einstein not Bohr, Pauli and Heisenberg, Bohm and Bell not Feynman and Von Newman DID have it right both theoretically and experimentally, and always declined to work in the military industry unlike Newton designing weapons for the royal army, and all the others for the Nuclear Industry, still going strong). So before the laughs the warning:

‘Those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’ Einstein

Immortal Universe. Upgrading astrophysics’ 3 philosophical errors: big-bang, entropy-only & observer’s paradox.

In the graph, an example of the power of the new formalism: We will be able to find using the metric of 5D the saint grail of physics, the unification equation of charges and masses, which are just future informative accelerated vortices of time in the quantum and gravitational scale (principle of equivalence between gravitational forces and acceleration by Einstein). So mass attracts as a hurricane does in our thermodynamic scale, the faster the frequency of its cycles: e=mcc + e=hƒ-> mc²=hƒ-> m=ƒ (h/c²). So the mass of a vortex is proportional to the frequency of its accelerated cycles.

In the next graph, we see how the dark entropy that expands space between galaxies, is balanced by the informative vortices of mass of galaxies that convert entropy into virtual particles and masses according to the two sides of Einstein’s equation: E<CC>M, which he in fact published not to express the creation of entropy from mass, but the transformation of entropy>energy>mass and only when our military civilisation used it in reverse to explode atomic bombs, became canonised as an entropic equation.

In the graph, the Universe is eternal and big-bangs are likely only galactic big-bangs as Fred Hoyle wanted, which release dark entropy through the axis of black holes and expands space, balanced by the constant contraction by gravitational forces of space into mass.

So why astrophysicists ONLY consider the expansive entropy of space between galaxies and do NOT put it together with the inverse arrow of informative creation of mass? IT IS NOT because of true science and the experimental method (put below for good measure in its principles: evidence, known cause, economy and no-falsification, which happens only when we take into account both vortices of relative future mass and expansive sheets of entropic space), but because of historic cultural reasons, often hidden as secret agendas of dogmatic religion or dogmatic science.

Religious beliefs vs. realist stience

‘In 1952 I saw the impossible done. It was in papers by David Bohm. Bohm showed explicitly how parameters could indeed be introduced, into nonrelativistic wave mechanics, with the help of which the indeterministic description could be transformed into a deterministic one. More importantly, in my opinion, the subjectivity of the orthodox version, the necessary reference to the “observer”, could be eliminated. …

But why then had Born not told me of this “pilot wave”? If only to point out what was wrong with it? Why did von Neumann not consider it? More extraordinarily, why did people go on producing “impossibility” proofs, after 1952, and as recently as 1978? … Why is the pilot wave picture ignored in text books? Should it not be taught, not as the only way, but as an antidote to the prevailing complacency? To show us that vagueness, subjectivity, and indeterminism, are not forced on us by experimental facts, but by deliberate theoretical choice? (Bell 1982.)

We start the analysis of the equations of quantum physics, with a quote which is relevant at many levels specially in the understanding of quantum physics as just another scale of nature, not different from all others, on the ‘realist’ level, and the understanding of ALL what is wrong with the human psyche in his attempts to ‘understand the Universe’ as it is – merely ego.

The ego of mankind is huge and that of physicists enormous. So the answer to Bell’s question is self-evident. The Bohrs, Paulis, Von Neumanns of this world, care nothing about truth per se, but about ‘ego’, self-importance of one’s own theories and WILL use the ‘objective supposed methods of science’ to advance his ‘interpretation’ of reality and the more so, when that interpretation works well with his ‘idol-ogies’ of man as the only sentient intelligent being, which can even ‘determine’ as the ‘observer’, reality – create it, akin to God.

Mr. Bohm, though, a communist, ex-patriot, with little concern about his ego and an objective view of reality knew better, and his reward for being above those petty feelings, was to be an outcast all his life (as this writer, hence my personal feelings of admiration to his work), as the COPENHAGEN interpretation was an anthropomorphic, hence religious form of thought, as it is the big-bang treated elsewhere in those texts, and as such it was going to be defended with all the wrong systems of ‘belief’, which create a fog of noise around the naked truth, as it is. 

It has passed now another 1/4 of a century since Bell wrote that text, even longer since Einstein rightly affirmed that “the statistical quantum theory would … take an approximately analogous position to the statistical mechanics within the framework of classical mechanics”, which is exactly what it is; a distorted ‘statistical’ view from the far removed human scale of the actions of particles, waves and fields; which only requires to acknowledge the ‘human bias’ (not the other way around, affirming the limits of human perception ARE limits of the particles and waves), the deformation of human languages upon the subject, accept though the practicality of those instruments, methods and languages of measure and dismiss 100 years of metaphysical bull$hit about it.

Bohm won’t see it happen, neither Einstein, Bell or this writer likely but perhaps in another century or so,  humans will.

Now quantum realism is ‘normal’ every way we look at it. There is only a question, which is an experienced fact (hence non-arguable on theoretical qualms), and need an explanation classic physics does not provide – the non-locality meaning v>c nature of the ‘quantum field’ underlying the action at distance of physical systems – both in the quantum and gravitational realm. 

But this is what the metric equation of the fifth dimension provides, as the lower scales below the quantum realm of observable particles must have, accordingly a faster time-cycle≈speed: Size x V(t) =K; and the ternary Generator of all physical systems, Sp(field) < st(wave)>Tƒ (particle), must have the three components to be complete, which requires the quantum non-local field of Bohm, besides the wave and particle state.

Bohm’s treatment was nasty to defend by all means Copenhagen, because one such obvious truth needs nastiness to be ‘censored’, with the usual ‘religious methods’ so abundant as ‘hidden variables’ of western tradition. Indeed, the only hidden variables on the argument between quantum ‘realism’ and Copenhagen ‘interpretation’ are the pseudo-religious arguments of Copenhagen (the very same names of both theories show indeed we should right away dismiss ‘an interpretation’ over objective realism, as IT IS what science seeks – realism NOT interpretation); since Bohm’s definition of the quantum field (the supposed not-evident variable) IS extracted from the schrodinger’s wave in polar FORM – it is there and has always been there, when we change from wave-format to particle-field state, as the Universe constantly do in one of the most canonical dualities of reality. Systems ARE either in wave-present state or past-future field/particle states. And this in mathematics means polar vs. cartesian formalism.

So by introducing a v>c ‘dark scale’ below light space-time (the quantum field) and considering the three elements of a physical system together, GST provides the final freckles to make quantum realism sound theoretically and practically. Even if it takes away from ‘physicists’ their pretension to be the high popes of science, understanding the unique properties of the lowest scale of reality that according to their ‘selfish agenda’, must matter more than any other scale, just because is the one they study… which is at the core of his defense whatever it takes of Copenhagen and big-bang interpretations.

The bottom line of all this though is pessimistic, and perhaps the best answer to Bell came from Planck, the founder of quantum physics: scholars do not reason, they believe what they memorise; and so it takes many generations and overwhelming evidence for a ‘change of paradigm’ to happen, if ever it does so.

I have come to accept also this truth about the discoveries of GST, so the reader should forgive me for my growing indifference to my work, this site and the evolution of stience. If i could talk to Bohm or Bell i just would tell them to enjoy their view of the absolute and ignore ‘peers’. Bohm, I know for his holistic papers, did it. Bell untimely death cut-off his chances to push further quantum realism, and his third age of contemplation, where i now sit alone observing the 5D³ Universe, as Einstein and his disciple, Bohm, did, for so long.

So alas, physicists today have two philosophical false interpretations of reality that cater to their ego and they are comfortable with them: the big-bang or the larger scale, the Copenhagen interpretation in the lower one; and so they feel human intelligence ‘has closed’ reality above and below, with us in the centre as the only intelligence being who knows the beginning, the end, in time (big-bang), in space (quantum-cosmological closure of scales), in language (only maths matter). So now you can spank the monkey and feel so happy to belong to such an entitled unique species, above heavens and Earth. Children of thought with an attitude – those are our leading masters of thought, per in secula seculorum, A-men.

We live today in a world dominated by the Germanic cultures of entropic war, which entered history calling themselves, Goths, Gods, because they could kill anyone who opposed them with lineal, simple iron swords, reached its global power through the use of weapons, conquering and exterminating many rival cultures that opposed them, till transferring its idols of metal and derived idologies to the rest of mankind.

Thus we must first clarify a first clash between the dual reality of a Universe dominated by the arrow of life and information vs. a human idology of weapons as the meaning of it all, which German physicists have sold as science, which affirms the only arrow of time of the Universe is entropy, meaning, fast, expansive, bomb-like motions that kill and erase the information of life. So as death is both the beginning and the end of it all, it is Ok to murder life and evolve weapons; since even the Universe was born of a big bang, and will die into an entropic, expansive empty space.

How such a blunt theory of reality came into being the Universal Dogma of western thought is obvious: the Goth cult to lineal weapons, so intense that has even deformed its verbal mind with similar long agglutinative words which seem to be unbreakable truths often absolutely wrong simply has censored for centuries and purposely ignored the alternative arrow of information, calling it in fact, negantropy, the negation of entropy, as if information was a negative, irrelevant future.

Fact is languages information and the social, organic networks of life they create do balance the arrow of entropy and death, which moreover last a single quantum of time; while the arrow of life and information dominates the Universe because it takes much longer to happen and so occupies most of the time of reality; reason why we shall call information and its communicative use that create social networks, the dominant arrow of future of the Universe. While the brief moments of entropy and death, are local inverse processes of devolution and erasing of information, which we shall call for each fractal part of reality that dies away, its relative arrow of past.

Uncertainty, non-locality, observer’s paradoxes, time quanta and simultaneity.

There is though a concept of great importance that has come up on this simplified argument on the foundations of physics on the limiting realms of quantum and cosmological scales: non-locality and hidden variables, which bring a series of important consequences both to human stience and reality:

  • It is obvious that the more removed we are in 5D scale, the more uncertainty we obtain in our analysis, hence the relative unimportance of physics in those realms to understand a Universe with likely infinite scales. Those scales are NOT more important and are MORE distorted to human observation, so they are less relevant for a philosophy of science. In Physics it matters more to understand the quite evident scale of thermodynamics, our scale. And when we do so, it becomes obvious as Einstein put it that ‘the statistical quantum theory would … take an approximately analogous position to the statistical mechanics within the framework of classical mechanics”.
  • It is also obvious that in the thermodynamic realm we must resolve also the cultural entropic error of the worldly profession of physicists and immediately observe the three ‘arrows’ o time as the state of physical systems. Since physical systems are composite of the 3 arrows of time, its relative entropic big-bang past processes of death, its steady state, lineal constants of space-time actions and time clocks, and its relative future, evolving, temporal, informative cyclical accelerated 3rd time age, when its time clocks, frequency, temperature or mass ‘collapses’ into the larger scale.

The 3 temporal dimensions or ‘states’ of matter, Spe-gaseous, energetic states, ST, liquid balanced states and Tƒ informative solid states, form together the 3rd isomorphism of  molecular matter in its ∆+1 social scale. In the graph, again we can see how the introduction of scales and time ages solves the third main error of physics, one for each scale, in this case our thermodynamic ∆º scale considered wrongly to have only the entropic-death-weapon state, which as the graph shows is the entry to creation and death from the lower ∆-1, scale of Plasma states in which particles are not organically put into a single ‘entity’ as in those solid states.

  • Finally abounding on the uncertainty of measure, because time is quantic, discontinuous, cyclical, it can be only measured when a ‘cycle is completed’ as a unit of time (in humans the second)… but as 5D metrics allow different speeds of time, for a being with a measuring mind that has a huge length in its time quanta, all what happens within that time quanta of measure at faster speeds will seem simultaneous, non-local, even if the phenomena take some time to ‘travel’ from A to B, or from  a,b,c… points into the synchronous knot of communication of them all.

Let us try to fully grasp this essential property of time, mind and measure. When a wheel turns fast you see it as solid, because you see simultaneously in your eye-mind all what happens within a second and so all the points of the turning wheel might seem to be in the same point at the same time (within that second) even if IN A FASTER TIME SCALE, they will be recognisable pictured at slow-motion as clearly different rays.

This concept of simultaneity of measure embedded in special relativity is very relevant for many phenomena of perception, and stientific description of reality, as a source of much confusion when humans study in detail those so fast small scales of 5D.

The most obvious example is human thought – what we see as ‘simultaneous’ non-local IS the entire planet, because the speed of light is so great that all within a second, including the moon, seems to us ‘simultaneous, non-local, co-existing at the same time-quanta’.

The light from that distant mountain you see below the horizon TAKES sometime to arrive here but it seems simultaneous, non-local in its ‘infinite speed’ to our one second senses, to the point that till the XVII century humans thought light was ‘instantaneous’ non-local as they could not even measure its speed. Galileo tried with mirrors in far away mountains, but the time of reaction of the person that had to stop the clock when emitting the ray and the one that received the ray and stopped his clock, which should allow to find a difference of time in both locations to measure the delay due to the motion of light between both points, was much larger (normally two seconds one to perceive one to act) than the millesimals it took light to go from Mountain A to Mountain B. Only when we did measures from far away Jupiter’s satellites we could get a meaningful measure.

Non-local quantum fields below light space-time, the next scale which Bohm formalised must therefore be much faster than light, to the point of being seemingly non-local or else causality essential to time processes (even if sometimes is co-causality or multiple causal rays joined in a point) would not happen.

Normally those parameters that quantify the difference of speed (s/t), density (t/s) and momentum ( s x t) between scales and its species are on decametric, ternary potencies, as the 5D scales are. So ± 1, 10, 1oo, 1ooo, 10.000 are the commonest differences between scales. I.e. the fine structure constant, measure the difference between the light scale speed and the next upper ∆+1 electronic scale, around +100 (137). The difference of scaling between photons and electrons and the lower ∆-1 scale though is larger. After all dense photons are just the ‘cellular’ level of electrons. So for complex more detailed reasons concerning the parameters of GST scaling, action at distance should be on the α² bidimensional speed scaling, compared to the larger, light world, around 10.000 times faster and all that happens in 10 thousand times more distance within the minimal quanta of human observation should seem to us NON-LOCAL.

Actually recently a Chinese lab measured non-locality which turned out to have a c=10.000 speed, for its ‘thinner’ minimal messages; or upper boundary of maximal speed of non-local effects; and so we do observe all kind of non-local c<V<10.000 C PHENOMENA, which of course theorist then vehemently deny to uphold its pretension of absolute truths under c speed.

The 3 dimensions of light space-time. Its functions in all systems made of it.

Let us then now that we are dealing with minds, consider the meaning of faster than light speeds from the perspective of reproduction and perception of information. The mind’s quanta of time and speed simply cannot see ‘gravitational smallish, faster than light carriers of information’. But smaller particles do, as the dark work is ∆±4 and light, electrons and atoms exist in the neighbourhood: ∆±3,2.

So the dark world IS the ∆-1: ‘energy-feeding level’ for a photon… reason why it follows as prey-predators do the ‘scattering’ rays of Bohm’s pilot wave theory.

Don’t raise your eyes. We can explain all phenomena from all languages and povs. So as all has topo-bio-logical properties, we can always make an abstract mathematical explanation, in ‘detail’ but also a biological, organic explanation in ‘whole vital terms’.

Thus light merely warps≈feeds≈evolves the entropy of the lower scale-field, ∆-1, which is invisible gravitation to us into visible information, and for that reason ‘as information must be copied and imprinted on the quantum potential field with no form, it takes time and reduces speed into c-light.

Indeed, gravitation from our mind pov must have less information and more speed, as experiments prove (gravitational non-local, invisible action at distance, due to the lack of human detectable information).

And if we plug this act into the equation of ‘cyclical time-speed’ it gives as an ∞ speed for the quantum potential field/gravitational field:

v -> $/ðƒ≈0 -> s/0=∞:

In the graph, the infinite speed of the quantum potential of gravitation that feeds light, which follows the ‘string’ of gravitation, tended between the emitter and perceiver particle, which lock each other in entanglement, (neutrino theory of light) And so when both particles have connected through non-local action at distance in the dark world, they can guide their motions; they can assess their relative distance (which is the main information a single line provides) and as a secondary effect – since they are all ‘locked’ joined by the gravitational string, regardless of the external speed of their world, the speed of light communication between both will be always constant as they are in relative stillness to each other (explanation of the constant of c- light speed from the •mind perspective).

The mind of man as Kant understood is EUCLIDEAN, because our space is Euclidean, and it is so because it is light space-time, made of three perpendicular fields able to carry information: the electric, magnetic and c-speed field, the longest direction of view, which explains why we indeed look ahead in the horizontal plane, but have an informative head on the height direction of information as the electron which produces the ray of light does, moving up and down (left, bottom); and finally stores ‘energy’ in the width, MAGNETIC ‘BELLY’ direction (: ALL HAS changed in the evolution of light through 5D scales till creating man, but all has ultimately remained the same: a game of vital dimensions of space-time.

Below we see the humind which better understood this paradox, Monet’s first ‘impression(ist): sunrise’ painting, in which space is no longer painted as ‘a background’ cartesian canvass, but as the frozen view of light rays by the human eye. Physicists though still don’t get what artists eyes saw intuitively. We shall in that sense consider the relationship of art with physics, as a pioneer of its space-time analysis, from the work of Alberti on perspective, way before Desargues found projective geometry and Descartes the self-frame of reference, to the work of Leonardo, under his lemma of a living Universe of organic forms we must learn how to see (saper vedere), which certainly would have enjoyed immensely this blog and the part on topological vital space-time, to the impressionist realisation light is the mind of space, to Picasso’s analysis of imaginary worlds made only with ‘lineal motions’ (cubism) or cyclic, reproductive yin-female ‘forms’ (post-war period), to my own work as a painter with my ‘waves of time-space’ (graph with my 30 years old ‘eureka’ moment, when I first painted the fifth dimension)… on our analysis of the human mind, its artistic languages, and i<eye=wor(l)ds of space-time.

In that sense the arts, which are specially gifted to reflect the game of the Universe from the pov of the humind are:

S: Bidimensional painting of sheets of STATIC information and how they evolve iTS dimensions, which did evolve into geometry through its renaissance masters. 

ð: Music, which is as Schopenhauer understood the fundamental art of time, with its three dimensions of ‘scales’, ‘melody’, and ‘beat’. And again we find from Pythagoras through Plato, to this writer’s Phrygian mode symphonies, a conscious ever more complex consideration of Music as a perfect alternative vehicle to express ‘the world cycle of life and death with its up and downs, actions and survival emotions, since Music and sound is indeed the language of time in biological supœrganisms. (i.e. we feel ’emotional distress’ with growing treble, informative painful sounds, as the Doppler effect means a treble of growing pitch is a ‘predator’ coming; and peaceful feelings with Bass-moving away waves). We can in fact express any world cycle as a sum of discontinuous ‘fundamental tones’, each one expressing the arrows-actions of a mind of space-time, as the Fourier transform show. And indeed, the first derivative equations of merit were found in the study of a violin string.

∆•: wor(l)ds, which were the final sound evolution from its simpler ternary and then 8+1 tones of music, into the 8 x 3 phonemes of words, which gave us a much larger range of ‘forms of thought’. So wor(l)ds evolved as the ethic, social messages of love that would evolve into new scales of the historic, human 5D.

It is for that reason that the wor(l)d of man, has always been better described by artists and ethic writers than by scientist, whose ‘concern’, valid as it is, has been mostly the Universe at large – in a parallelism we shall soon trace between western anthropomorphic wor(l)d religions and eastern, taoist, Universal ones. Hence the ridiculous egotist trips of modern nerd scientists who ‘despise’ humanities as irrelevant to the truth. They are explaining the same truths, merely with different languages, and different domains of analysis.

The consequences of the previous graph for the understanding of both the humind (human mind) and the external Universe of space-time are multiple, from a proper understanding of special relativity to the analysis of magnetism as an independent force NOT an observer’s effect as modern physics think, to the fundamental analysis of light and photons as the minimal organism of our known-known Universe, each of those themes exploring an element of the ∆•st light supœrganism.

How many scales? The discontinuous of finite infinities.

In the graph, the four dimensional volumes of space-time scale in a series of levels or planes of existiences, in which similar species play a similar game to scale upwards and downwards. The volumes of space-time, ∆º±1 scales around each Γ• Generator ternary system and singularity, is therefore the basic element of reality to classify it all in growing supœrganisms of increasing complexity, such as each new system humans perceive scientifically expands up and down the limits of the fifth dimension, in a game of growing russian dolls. 

We humans perceive as self-centred ∆º organisms, our mind languages and 4 scales above and below of which the ∆±4 scales.

So the question, as a full super organism has 10 scales, to fill its enclosure, is what is beyond our ‘open limits’ not perceived – where is the 10th dimension of the Universe, and its 9th dimension, as we humans are NOT ITS CENTER – mind singularity and membrane? 

We shall never know regardless of the big-bang theory that establish them:

In the graph, while it could be easily built a big-bang theory of a ‘cellular universe’ of galaxies and its networks, but all seems to indicate that such ‘full knowledge’ is more of a hyperbolic human ego-trip, as it is likely that each galaxy-atom we observe is just a extremely limited quantity of the whole, and so our analysis is still ego-centered, built with man at the center and an external ‘wall of fire’ membrane, whose time origin in the big-bang singularity can be pictured symmetrically in ‘simultaneous space, as the 10th dimension with the ‘big attractor’, pole of maximal informative=graivtational density in its center (left up graph). Below a more organic interpretation of what we perceive, eerily similar to the electric field of a ‘wave’ of light made of ‘photons’…

This of course is natural as all scales are self-similar so we can show analogies with all of them, but in true form there is not enough in-form-ation and should never be in the finite space and time of the human species to fully figure out what kind of system is the Universe. It doesn’t really matter As it is far more important than a ‘picture’ in still space of a larger piece of it, to understand its symmetries and inner laws.

So the largest scale, ∆-4 the cosmos is grounded on the ∆-4 infinitesimal ‘dark entropy and dark matter’, and its minimal non-perceived particles, (gravitons, neutrinos, strings, whose proper definitions and correct formalism we shall study in the first scalar analysis of the fourth line: ∆-4).

Next comes the galactic/atomic, ∆±3 scale, in which a galaxy composed of a central black hole, ∆+3: BH, itself grounded in the smallest densest particles of mass, ∆-3: quarks, controls its surrounding stars/electrons and inner vital space of electromagnetic and gravitational forces.

So in the next scale of reducing size converging into the human mind that observes it all, we see the relationship between ∆-2 solar systems and its ∆-2, ‘minimal part’, light and electrons (themselves dense fractal aggregations of photonic lights).

And in this scale we find associated to solar singularities, their ‘cyclical membranes’, rotating planets with more angular momentum… ∆-2: gaia, which we study in more detail through its three ages of evolution from the earth of life, Gaia proper, into the earth of man, history and soon to come the earth of metal machines.

So finally in our shrinking realisation of the game of supœrganisms, of decreasing complexity we arrive to the systems of life, ∆+1, among them humans, which are themselves made in its smaller parts of ∆-1, molecular RNA-DNA or in the organic arena, ∆+1 matter states made also of ∆-1 inorganic molecules.

And so finally we arrive to the ∆•º singularity of the cell, the mind of man also, being a network of cells, the brain. And so the brain-mind-neuronal network is where the ego and the human infinitesimal mind should exist.

The  fourth and final line of the site thus will study for each of the main fractal levels, ∆¡, and its ∃xi=st¡ences in the Universe, between the self-similar forms of an atomic nuclei made of light quarks with an overall positive charge and a galactic black hole likely to be a swarm of top quark++ frozen stars (Einstein’s expectations that a black hole should have a cut-off substance, a new type of ‘atomic matter’ of ‘high density’, becoming a ‘frozen star’, which the discovery of top quarks of similar density to black holes seem to prove); its main species:

∆-4 neutrinos, ∆-3, atoms, ∆-2,photons and electrons, ∆-1, molecules, ∆º cells… which happens to be the middle state of  perception of man, as an M³: monad-mind-mirror of the Universe, NOT as ego-centered humans think and anthropic physicists, because it is the absolute centre of the Universe, but because there is a perfect symmetry between ∆±1 range of informative perception for each ∆º being, both at ‘real level’ (galaxy and atom) and at theoretical level (Planck strings and cosmic strings)…

So above the cell/neuron of human perception we then grow upwards with the different ‘orientation’ of perception towards larger wholes, which changes to elliptic ‘darkness’. And so we shall study first the human scales, with more detail (as the praxis of stience must serve mankind): ∆º cell, ∆+1 life (and its variations of inorganic ∆+1 matter states and ∆+1 human life), ∆+2, the world level, of which we shall study its temporal equation and three relative subspecies: Past-life (gaia and its life supœrganisms)<Present-(History, the supœrganism of mankind in time)> Future (company-mothers of machines and its world$tock networks of financial money), to finally enter in the higher scales of the Universe, ∆+3 galaxies and its relative cells, stars systems; considering finally the ∆+4, ‘philosophical’, metaphysical questions about the cosmos as we do not have enough proofs and will never have due to the limits of perception of systems reduced to 9 scales of the whole…

Thus after introducing in the main article of the fourth line each of those species, no longer as in the 2nd line with a classic scientific perspective, but with the 10 isomorphisms of T.Πand its stiences, we do study in 10 separate sub-posts the species in great detail showing all its laws can be reduced to the 10 Ƽst isomorphisms of the being.

This fourth line is not completed and i doubt i will finish it before my death but should work as a blue print for future human or robotic species to continue the growth of this web. Yet when I introduce some info in one of its sub-posts I change its name slightly from the 1 to 10 list that appears in the left side column of the web to a more ‘proper name’. For example for matter, the fifth isomorphism of time ages becomes ‘states of matter’; in humans the isomorphism of the mind becomes different mind languages – art, wor(l)ds etc.

The ∞ scales of reality.

We have wide proofs of 10 c to 100 c=z speeds of recession of galaxies, which correspond to the dark world of entropy and dark matter beyond galaxies, which should structure the cosmos.

If c-speed were the limit of the Universe, then there would not be another scale on it. This is self-evident. So we wouldn’t have a cosmological atom, but the scale of atom-galaxies would be the higher and vice versa, per symmetry we would be self-centred in scales, as we are in the middle of the lower scales. As this seems merely anthropomorphism, we can consider the galaxy-atom is the next ‘beginning’ of a vast game we cannot even imagine. In the next graph we can see different models of the fifth dimension.

The first one corresponds to one biased by ∆º, which observes equal amount of distorted information moving downward or upwards in scale, hence it seems to us equal the ∆±1 quantum and electromagnetic scale. This solution however can be a ‘closed’ hyperbolic solution in which the mind is truly watching above and below the ‘same’ reality; or a self-similar solution in which each 11th scale coincides but the size is completely opposed, infinitesimal and infinite.

On the right side, we observe a lineal solution with similar concepts, the bottom and top are the limits of size and there are no more levels of perception. In the middle the one which  better suits the knowledge I have acquired on those scales – a minimal Riemann surface, in which the imaginary scale repeats the surface, regardless of size (a parameter not considered), in a series of ’emerging centres, perceived from the upper scale as mere points-sink of the lower one.

∆nalysis becomes the most important branch of mathematical physics.

Since as we enter into more complex, accurate models it will be the bidimensional complex plane the best way to parametrize and model 5D reality, whereas the real part will mostly represent entropic, expansive motions and the imaginary part informative, ‘smaller’ extensions (but denser in information); and its combinations energy waves.

Alternatively the other great ‘unknown’ to represent space-time scales, is the duality of o-1-∞ scales of reality, such as the 0-1 circle represents a whole, part of a 1-∞ scale and both are in correspondence in various ways.

In the central graph we see the simplest of such ‘models’ (2 Dimensional):

A Riemann’s minimal family of complex surfaces with an infinite number of end-points particles asymptotic to parallel planes, each plane “shelf” connected with self points that act as catenoid-like bridges between 5D shelves.It perfectly represents the downwards entropic death motion, after a particle reaches its singularity. Notice that the fall of the particle is two planes of the fifth dimension as it enters the gutter and crosses without entering the intermediate, ∆º scale.

Moreover, their intersections with horizontal planes are informative circles or entropic lines, according to the duality of its functions.

Riemann proved that they were the only minimal surfaces fibered by circles in parallel planes besides the ‘ST-catenoid wave’, the T-helicoid and the S-plane (3 essential forms in the mathematical formalism of 5D). They are also the only nontrivial embedded minimal surfaces in Euclidean 3-space invariant under the group generated by a nontrivial translation, a key element to formalize all the possible motions through the fifth dimension.

As such some geometric constructions of the complex plane are the best mathematical representations of  fifth dimensional sub-equations of the function of existence and its worldcycles, and its systems of parts (the plane) ‘shelf-centred’ in a particle-point-mind connected with paths that respect the principle of ‘minimal time-actions’ (Fermat’s principle) of all systems, and connected to other planes through ‘entropic lines’ and time circles. And the simplest, first ‘form’ of the topological ‘analysis’ of the fifth dimension in its more complex mathematical formalisms, we might develop, lifetime permitted in the four line of this web.

Another way to look at it though is to consider that in each point of reality there is a ternary scalar structure of three time arrows as there is a ternary organic structure of three organic parts and then a discontinuous membrane in space, which cuts you partially from the outside reality, such as there is more information within you that between you and the outer world. So you are a finite being in space. So happens with birth and death, which are your finite limits in time, such as there is far more time motions within your life than in your emergent foetus state and your dissolving entropic death.

And for the same reason in scales of existence, an organism is really a finite ∆º±1 being, as below the cellular level and above the world level there are cut offs that make irrelevant the outer scale. Indeed, it does not matter much the galaxy you are in, beyond the solar system and its oort membrane that isolates you, and provides you within all entropy, energy and information. So for all practical senses, as you are not really outside your skin, beyond your death, you are not really concerned above the sun’s membrane.

And viceversa, as your existence below the seminal, seed, informative level matters little, beyond the cellular, molecular level it does NOT matter what indistinguishable atoms you are made of. Your atoms can be any carbon atom as they are INDISTINGUISHABLE bits for the creation of the information you are.

Hence the question of ∞ scales, which will be the most likely hypothesis as atoms and galaxies will show an astounding self-similarity, becomes irrelevant from the praxis of a ‘spiritual universe’ of intelligent motions, where ‘form, substance’ are secondary, and perception of information limited in each ‘ghost of existence’ to its ∆±1 scales.

What is the special role of man on this infinite fractal? None. And all, because the game of existence in the Universe, closely understood in Asian philosophies (as yin=visnu=information=time=female vs. entropy=yang=shiva=space=male were a close verbal account of it) suffices in itself for those who want to ‘live’, to maximise their existence.

Indeed, life is beautiful when properly understood and fulfilling; but the game of existence as a space-time being is harsh and it can be cruel with those who do not play by the rules. One thing is for sure, the game is JUST, balance as it based precisely in the ‘coincidentia oppositorum’, the coming together of its two extremes, entropy and information, which mix to create the infinite forms of energy of the Universe. You will have though to read at least 30 pages of this introduction to change your chip, and understand… It suffices to say that the people who closer understood it in the western tradition, the Greek and German philosophers, above them Aristotle and Leibniz felt it was the most perfect of all possible worlds. And it is, precisely because of its cruelty with those species who do NOT make the cut, and become extinct, for the game to have all its beauty.

And that is where the western tradition, which constantly tries to ‘dialog’ with an inexistent ‘mirror-God’ to get privileges, stumbles and makes the type of huge errors of conduct – since the game is one of behaviour, of form-in-action of in-form-ation – which come back to hunt them. As you should ‘do onto others what you want to be done onto you’, in the action-reaction processes of life and death.


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