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3±I organic scales

±∞ ¬∆@ST:


Atoms as superorganisms.




Observational hazzards: uncertainty of max. ∆-|x| scales.

Physical sciences are concerned strictly as a ‘stience’ of the space-time scalar Universe, with the smaller and larger observable scales, ∆<|2|, which are those in which quantum and gravitational laws dominate the spectra of species, the particle and atomic scales.

Philosophically the most important question arouse by physics, is why from the scalar perspective of human beings, the smallest scale (atomic scales) and the largest one observable (galactic scale) are self-similar? It is this an objective fact, or a subjective fact derived of the loss of information and selective deformation of the ∆o relative ‘human observer’?

Of course in the scalar Universe the same laws apply in all scales of stience. So physical principles, which are ultimately deducible from the 10 ∆symmetries, apply also to many other physical systems. The epistemology of stience requires in fact that since stience is ultimately the perception of a super organism of any scale of the Universe with a biased distance in time and space, or human perspective on it, such as:

Similar sciences ≈ ∆o±st (plane of the given science).

Meaning that systems at a similar distance in size and time of man above and below in the scales of the 5th dimension (such as the atom and the galaxy, the cell and the nation, the insect and the robot) seem to us similar in laws and forms, while being ultimately super organisms.

So humans see atoms and galaxies in similar fashion and we shall unify them with simple equations.

Astrophysics therefore is the stience of the ∆±3 scales, astronomy proper studies the galactic super organism, ∆+3 and physics proper the ∆-3 atomic organism.

Again here we differ given the ‘added rigor’ that the correspondence between planes and stiences requires, from the lousy philosophy of scientific names of the present human classification of knowledge. So the next scale, that of the molecule will obey physical chemistry but will become strictly, the realm of ‘chemistry, the science of the ∆-2 scale.

If we consider the ‘absolute’ decametric scale, used in this 3rd line more for reasons of ‘wordpress’ programming (to make above a nice series of 1,2,3 etc.) and as it is simpler to understand, then we shall call this first perceived scale, fully functional, the 2-atomic scale above the 1. light-electronic scale studied by metaphysics, not only by physics – as it requires analysis on how the mind perceives light, how perception influences physics and even beyond develop epistemological methods of veracity regarding metaphysical theories such as string theory and the evaporation of black holes of which there is no evidence whatsoever.


Atoms are superorganisms with 3 topologies: Œ- points of informative quark masses, a toroid body of gravitational and ¥ networks of information and energy, filtered by its external membrane – the electrons that store dense photons, cells of their body nebula. Atoms  evolve in 3 species, with increasing information-mass: ud, sc & bt-quarks.

In the graph, the atom as a super organism, made of 3 topological regions, Spe (territorial field) > ST (electronic nebulae) > Tiƒ (quark nuclei), with 3 variety of species, of growing Tiƒ mass (I, II, III family of masses), and structured in 3 relative ∆±1 scales (particle, ∆-1; atomic, ∆; and molecular ∆+1 scales).

In that regard, the quantum laws of physics which study the previous generator equation of physical systems, describes the 3 levels of atomic physics in which the same laws determine the regularities between the scales and topologies and ages of those particle-atomic-molecular ‘worlds’. In the next scale, the thermodynamic scale, the same set of laws based in temperature, will rule physical matter structures. Quantum and thermodynamics are thus similar in its fundamental postulates, albeit the great uncertainty regarding direct observation of atomic systems have made the issue of interpretation of quantum equations somewhat controversial, as the chosen abstract interpretation, the Copenhagen model, is not the most realist. Instead, we consider that the original De broglie->Bohm, model with its ternary elements, the pilot wave-field and its guiding equation synchronised to the internal informative clocks of the particle which form together a past>present system of entropy-information and the intermediate energy-body wave, is required for a fully description of quantum mechanics as it is.

All this said, there is no so much mystery about quantum physics, whose laws are the same fractal laws of emergence and normalisation of ensembles of smaller parts that become wholes, organised by flows of energy and information, whose action-networks define the social structures and growing scales and domains of all quantum systems.

What will be then the most accomplished theoretical task of GST in formal terms, regarding quantum mechanics? Merely the conversion of all its equations and lemmas to the deterministic, implicit interpretation of Bohm, and the study of its equivalence with thermodynamic laws.


Why? Plainly speaking because as Feynman put it, despite being one of the few physicists that did actually wondered,  ‘the why is the only thing physicists don’t ask’.

So contrary to belief, physics is the less ‘explained’ of all sciences in its ‘whole and reasons’ , since the whys to resolve are almost all. And yet, the hows are so well described that few realise how little whys have an answer in physics. For example, why there are not magnetic monopoles? Why particle are waves? Why electrons collapse when we observe them? What is time beyond Einstein’s dictum – what a clock measures, or Galileo’s formula of motion – v=s/t? And so on and so on. We will then consider Physical whys as all the other whys we study – through the 5D symmetries of space-time  that physical systems also follow. And affirm that the reason ‘why’ physicists do not understand them is their ‘anthropomorphic ideology’. The problem plainly speaking is human incapacity to give pantheist qualities to the Universe. Once this is accepted, quantum paradoxes, the meaning of Universal constants, particles and forms fit all within the structure of the Universe and its organic, 5D, causal, temporal, mental, linguistic properties of other beings.  Ultimately physicists find harder to accept those qualities because of the ‘O-bjectivity’ error: as physical systems are far removed in form and distance from human beings, it is harder to consider that an atom is self-similar to a galaxy, or that an electron apperceives light when it jumps over it or reproduces when it decouples.

Or that the magnetic field we just mention does have the same role that any other membrane on the particles and physical systems it shields.

The generator equation of electric fields.

If we consider the electric current described by the Maxwell equations, the U∆+1 upper, social scale of the electron, then we can consider its first law, the definition of Tƒ, electric charges, the point-particles at the centre of the system; the second law the definition of the magnetic field as the Se, membrane that surrounds the 0-point charge, and the 3rd and 4th equations as the reproductive interaction of both, which induce new magnetic, electric and electromagnetic waves. So we can easily define the Spatial generator with those 3 laws  that ad on to create the charge point-particle, magnetic membrane and electromagnetic waves between them:

Γ.  Se (Magnetic field) < ST-electromagnetic wave > Tƒ-charge

It follows that as the membrane of the ‘organic system’ of electric charges, the magnetic field does NOT have a point-source because its function is to be a membrane, the point is the charge, ‘point’. So happens in the smaller atomic n-1 scale and the larger ∆+1 material scale of planets: the magnetic field protects them, it is the membrane, ‘point’.

Now the answer,  as in so many whys on physics is a trivial response if we USE the linguistic method and add to the analysis of mathematical physics, the organic properties of 5D energy-information asymmetries and co-existing planes and fully understand the world cycles and spatial, organic structure of all those physical systems, and what is more anathema to anthropomorphic humans – the existence of a Point of view, or Tiƒ-center in all complete physical systems (charge, mass, center of gravity, crystal cell) from where the space-time cyclical actions of survival of the physical system (∆±e,i, U) depart.

Thus in 5D physics we consider an inverse methodology to explain the facts of physics, as in all other systems, departing from 5D-organic analysis, through the generator equation and its space-organs and time ages, to finish with the analysis of actions departing from the Tiƒ point of view, to add then the study of the Se/Tƒ, Tƒ/Se, Se=Tƒ internal constants and external constants between the œ and the bigger word in which it absorbs and emits energy and information, to end up studying with those constants and space-time symmetries the different subspecies (social classes, dual and ternary diversification and social scales of the system).

Nothing in that sense differentiates physics from any other isomorphic science. So to the point, why there are no monopoles? As many other bizarre particles, axons, wimps, evaporating holes, Susys etc. mathematical physics provides with its inflationary information (studied in our analysis of the 3rd age of a metalanguage) no criterion to distinguish them. This in the age of ‘dark energy and dark matter’ makes ALL possible, as we do not have criterion of selection when ONLY mathematical physics is accepted and no-evidence exists for it, means we shall FOREVER have fantaphysics.

Yet if we accept T.Œ there ARE rules of choice – Darwinian organic rules of balance and survival that make certain particles impossible beyond its virtual mutational moment, Hamiltonian≈ages of min. and max. standing points (which do apply to physics and at least physicists do recognize), inverse rules of chirality, parity related to the duality and ternary ages of space and time (which explain antiparticles) etc.

Now, this is the stuff of  5D Physics to give you through the symmetries of space, anti symmetries of time and asymmetries of 5D scales the whys of ALL THE EQUATIONS OF PHYSICS. And because there is hardly any why, unlike other fields better explained (the why of biology being mostly Darwinian evolution and the informative coding between scales genetic, and so T. Œ brings what is NOT explained, the eusocial evolution that creates organisms and the topological plan that allows punctuated evolution and the different speeds, and the structure of species as slower super organisms, ok, a lot too, but not so much).

There is then the beauty of pure mathematics, pure symmetry, the unfolding of all the beauty of the ® mathematical formalism of T.Πwhich only surfaces so clearly in physics.

So the intellectual bias and deformation introduced by physicists and their military worldly pursuits and its anthropomorphic point of view with 3 clear wrong theories:

  • Entropy=chaos as the only arrow of future universal death couple with its big-bang theoretical dogma of the Universe as an explosive birth (big-bangs are by definition as entropy is, the arrow of death of a system, which occupies a minimal quanta of time, hence in time terms the less durable, less important arrow).
  • The belief that the Universe is mechanical, as their machines, hence only having mathematical properties, and no freedom or organic, sentient and causal, logic nature, which reduces enormously the structures and actions they study, eliminating thoroughly the synthesis and larger worldview provided by an  organic vision of systems through its 3 x 3 5D ST symmetries.
  • Finally,  the astounding amount of money and neurons dedicated to research on the lower scale of particles, to foster the Nuclear and electronic, industries. And the consequent ‘belief’ that the ‘lower scales of reality’ matter more than the human scales; as the eschatological origin of it all – a concept reinforced with the  spooky interpretations of its mathematical equations, as a ‘proof’ that this lower quantum scale is ‘different’ and essential to the meaning of it all. This is not the case. Einstein was right: quantum physics do not differ from other scales. The human observer is limited by the distances on 5D scales, and so the difference is in the observer not the observable. Its symmetries are the same than any other 5D space-time being, when we apply the metric of the 5th dimension to those scales. And being size absolutely relative, its diminutive form matters not to apply organic, mental and logic, temporal symmetries to particles, which as we have shown in the previous post might be in fact galactic atoms of an infinite 5D scale.

And yet the privileged status of physics in sciences is rather obvious,  because of the mechanisms and weapons they provide – a theme however to be dealt in sociology when considering the meaning of machines, its twin top predator weapons and the wrong path mankind has taken in his no-way out future, by rejecting his own nature – the tree of life, and worshipping the tree of metal.

Finally to notice that as this is the 2nd line of T.Œ for all scientists to understand, we shall not use the more complex mathematics of quantum operators and general relativity but rather explain it conceptually since it is obvious that professionals do not need further mathematical analysis but the understanding of their models, and non-specialists nee to understand those physical systems in its ‘why’ not its mathematical details.

Further on, the lack of understanding by physics of their whys owes a lot precisely  to their  mathematical-only  analysis, which only professionals understand, a short of ‘experts’ Latin that as the popes in the Middle Ages that claimed to have the monopoly on  the contact with God has limited enormous the understanding of the ‘logic of God-the mind of the Universe’, which is as Saint Augustine put it, of a higher degree than the one humans and physicists use (Aristotelian logic).

So indeed the key to understand the whys of physics is to upgrade its concepts of time and space and study with 5D symmetries its particles, fields and events.

All this makes difficult to explain 5D physics to physicists; and use the isomorphic method and the space-time 5D symmetries which are the ultimate whys of the Universe.

And it requires even before we attempt to define magnitudes like mass, time and distance, or simple equations such as those of mechanics, and then those of light, thermodynamics and electromagnetism and relativity (we won’t do much on quantum, as there is no way to simplify enough, but merely do the conceptual analysis), to do a bit of ‘conceptual talk’.

Unification of energy-motions from above, of information from below.

For example, and this is an absolute key element on physics, the 5D asymmetric arrows of information that grows downwards implies that THE SMALLEST SCALES carry more ‘genetic-quantum information’ and so WE CANNOT UNIFY reality on the simple ‘dogma’ OF PHYSICS that there would be a single particle of God or something similar. And this explains also why quantum is SO COMPLICATED as it has to DESCRIBE an enormous number of ‘ensembles’, hence use ‘functionals’ (functions of functions) and ‘probabilities’ and ‘multiple stories-paths’.

Unification does come the other way around from the larger, simpler wholes, but not with the single time-line entropy arrow of the big-bang. In fact the only truly unifying principle of Physics, which is Energy (akin to the whole time motions of the Universe, conserved in the immortal 5D structure), that integrates the relative spatial steps of momentum, into a whole envelope, and moves along all 5D dimensions, come from above. It is NOT a quantum principle, but in the wider 5D model:

“All what existed are knots that communicate and transform its spatial energy and temporal information ad eternal: ∑ Se<=>Tƒ, across adjacent planes of the 5th dimension, according to its co-invariant asymmetry, Max. Se = Min. Tƒ, which makes information but not energy flow upwards with no entropy, from faster, smaller Time clocks, and motion but not information, downwards, with no entropy from larger wholes, with no entropy  “

This ‘normalized’ principle of conservation of energy ads some relevant points to give a general picture of the principles involved in 5D physics:

  • It ads information to energy conservation and differentiates both, O and | dualities, and both Motion (Time & energy) vs. Form (space and information) in its definitions.
  • So we talk of angular momentum and its sum, potential energy vs. lineal momentum and kinetic energy as the 4 conserved parts.
  • We talk of Tƒ=Time and Tiƒ=Information and the motion still perception of it, and of Se-still space and Sp, kinetic energy as the dual still-motion perception of Lineal formal motions.
  • And we add the fundamental asymmetry of 5D, which explains the meaning of the 2 type of entropies (loss of ordered information moving downwards and loss of ordered energy moving upwards), which explains a lot of facts, from heat, to coordination of whole motions in mechanics (motion downwards), from genetics (information upwards), to the chirality of angular momentum that ‘ascends’ information, to the linearity of mechanics that descends motion, etc. etc. etc.
  • And all this we mathematize with ¬Æ simple equations, the  Feed-back equation for a single scale, Se<=>Tƒ, and the metric of the 5th dimension. And in this part is where for respect to the common reader, interested in T.Œ, we shall keep it simple. Thus we shall keep for the 4th line the rigorous mathematical analysis of 5D physics – the details.

For example, in quantum we are not going to argue the maths of the wave-particle duality just explain why the envelope of the dispersion wave IS the time function, which prompted quantum physicists to interpret it as a probability in time, while the same kind of equation without dispersion variability makes physicists to study similar waves as density in space. As it happens quantum has more time=information so yes, we do need to add to fixed waves time dispersion. But that does not mean we are seeing ‘probabilities’ as very serious Nobel prize physicists explain to common people.

Now going to the organic forbidden, why explanation, when you get a predator observer, the huge energy electron of the ‘nice abstract scientist’ bombing you NOBODY states on the wave-moving pattern, but do either the macho-man thing (collapse into tight circular formation so the chart-circle defends the caravan from the Indians) or the not-so cautious woman thing, disperse and run as fast as you can; so they won’t eat you up, that is ‘measure’, LOL; and that is the 2 maximal and minimal limits where the quantum wave goes. If you don’t bother it though it will follow its path of least action, Hamiltonian standing point AS EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE DOES.

Further on, as the substrata of this galaxy is light space-time, the formal motion of which all is made, light space-time collapses into denser particles and vice versa, when an electron is in a free, not-tight state this dispersion dissolves the electron fast into light space-time, its photonic components observed in a nebulae picture. But this does NOT mean the electron is uncertain. It is just devolving back into the ‘water medium’ of its universe, once it is liberated from the quark pulling attraction. And its nebulae which is a picture taken in this universe, is NOT a probability neither a series of parallel Universes, but obviously the fractal cellular configuration.

So the electron as all physical systems have 3 ‘time states’ of increasing form, the field (wave spread into light space-time), the wave (around the nuclei) and the particle (in a flow of electricity or collapsing with a proton to form a neutron) states.

And all this is nicely explained here NOT with the complex equations of quantum physics in its 3 formalisms, the wave formalism (Schrodinger), the particle formalism (Heisenberg matrix) and the field formalism (Dirac-Feynman). What for? The 3 are right and any serious specialist in quantum physics, who knows them better than I do, could if he wanted to further evolve 5D physics get into the astounding number of details, enlightened with it.

Instead we shall just write the ‘general equation’ for all ternary time-systems of the Universe that defines its 3 ages:

Max:Se/Tƒ->Se=Tƒ->Max. Tƒ/Se

They are 3 ‘stationary points’ of the Hamiltonian for time-energy ages in physics, which represent the maximal point of energy-or youth ages (Max. Se x Min Tƒ: Max. Se/Tƒ), the point of balance in the classic age, Se=Tƒ, and the point of 3rd age information (Tƒ/Se).

So this simple equation define the field/gas states of quantum and thermodynamics, the wave-liquid state and the particle-solid state.

You see, if we used quantum matrix-waves-paths we could NOT even generalize the 3 time ages-states to the next upper scale of 5D physics, Thermodynamics; which now we realize uses very similar ‘canonical ensembles’ and ‘statistics’ akin to ‘probabilities’, in its analysis of its ‘entropic’ flows of energy upwards. So we can easily see we are considering two fractal similar realities.

But we stress once and again, the word ‘fractal’ as fractals are NOT identical. As we saw, the upper cosmic scales of galaxies look more as antiparticles than atoms, with more mass on the outskirt halo, even if cosmologists model stars as photons, and we showed the proton to have once normalized with 5D metric, to have the black hole radius.

In that regard unification equations are possible as we showed unifying charges and masses, BUT only WITH THE METRIC OF 5D because what we UNIFY if it has not been yet unified will always be because PHYSICISTS did not have this structure; and ONLY with the duality of symmetries of space-time (ITS AGES and TOPOLOGIES as we have done with the 3 ages-state of quantum and thermodynamic matter). IT IS THUS not EQUALITY but SYMMETRY in space, asymmetry in 5 D and anti-symmetry (inversion) in time ages – not Parmenides BUT HERACLITUS.

Plainly speaking quantum look like thermodynamics as ensembles of multiple point-particles but are NOT identical. Yet there is metaphysical question here, as to what is the ultimate cause of those differences – the human observer’s distortion of the way we perceive other scales that accumulate distortions as information cross them, or the real nature of the Universe?

This though is a question for the 4th line, last post on metaphysics and god, the mind of the Universe.

Recap. The difficulties to explain 5D physics to physicists .

The biggest difficulties of T.Œ is not Physics (the observable) but human physicists (the observer and its anthropomorphic ideologies and linguistic, mathematical-only method):

  • The distortion of information caused by the far away location of its two most studied present limits, cosmic physics (big bang theory, renormalized in the previous post) and quantum theory.
  • The use of somewhat simplified mathematics for all scientists to understand it in the context of a T.Œ, which by definition should have an ‘expression’ for all people to understand. This means to use more conceptual wording that mathematics, something physicists scorn with their ‘arrogance’ as Popes of science, who only speak Latin and only in Latin their wor(l)d must be expressed for none to understand its errors.
  • Which are many, mostly due to their wrong understanding of the 3 arrows of time (reduced to a single lineal arrow), a single space instead of its 3 topologies and a singe space-time membrane instead of the 5D structure of reality.
  • The sheer immensity of this, the first modern science, and the most evolved in a technological world based on the machines and weapons they construct, which makes difficult to be coherent and at the same time explain it all, a task I have given up, unlike in the posts of economics, history and biology, which are far more developed. So i will in this spring of 2016 focus on pouring information in this post and the parallel post on mathematics (U±∞) complementarity to it; once the other major social and biological sciences are fairly surveyed.
  • And finally because of this mathematical only expression in lineal single-spacetime, the denial of mental, organic and proper causal relationships, which makes physics as it is lacking on the understanding of its whole theories, despite its enormous detail on its mathematical how-description. Since quantum physics can ONLY be interpreted logically with the organic paradigm, to make sense of its maths, this is difficult. Neither the Copenhagen or the multi universe versions make logic sense, though the maths are good. The initial Schrodinger concept is the proper way, when we explain its time-space symmetries (why the treatment is of populations in space, not probabilities in time) and its 5D symmetries (why it is organic fractal behavior, as waves collapse into particles like all herds that move as waves and become tight particles when ‘bombed’ by huge observers, aka predators; why there is entanglement, as information travels in the lower, non-local gravitational space-time that connects particles at distance, as this text is NOT travelling to you by sound voice but instantaneous light speed, translated by the net)

  CPT symmetries.

The fifth dimension is both a dynamic, inner new dimension of time=change – the flow from past to future to past that trans-forms the inner in-form-ation of beings as when you live and die from past to future, aging in your form, your in-form-ation, even if you don’t seem to change=move externally in space – the time-change physicists study, and a scalar, new dimension of spatial size. As in all those processes of evolution there is a clear trans-form-ation, growth and decay process, starting from a smallish ‘first seed’ that will slow down its rhythms of time and emerge as a whole, larger being, in a new scale of space:

Every culture has a religion and people-caste ‘seers of time’, Augustine’s definition of God. So it is necessary to introduce with some humor the fact that all the high popes of any religion, including present ‘meta-physics’ are human too, steps and stops in the constant march of the Universe towards an understanding of its space-time beings.

In that regard, the fundamental changes we must do regarding the studies of time-space in physics is to ‘explode’ the number of inverted ‘symmetries’ between the arrows of past and future of all the time space clocks of the Universe and the vital energy they store; as there are as many worldcycles as physical beings of broken space-time surrounded by an angular momentum or membrane, all of them enclosed within the ‘Galatom’, the physical super organism in which humans exist, and beyond.

The subject of a ‘real’ analysis of time and space in physics is thus extremely complex as it would require the full re-organization of all those species by scale and ‘Dimotions’, from the smallest perceived cyclical clocks of time (h-spins of §ð angular momentum, or its h lineal $t radius) to the largest one (c-speed curved around singularities of charge or gravitation, or lineal c-speed as an ‘$t’ dimotion).

And then we should go beyond the ‘galatom’ to observe the cosmic waves of dark entropy, parallel in properties at the cosmological scale with those between atoms.

And in the process obviously ‘rewrite almost entirely’ all the ‘assumptions’ of physicists about the origin of the Universe (big-bang theory), the meaning of the Universal constants of physics (hc, the 5Ðimensional metric of the galatom, and its coupling constants, Q, G, Gf, being the most important ones); the explanation of its 5 Forces (including the external dark electromagnetic entropy between galaxies), as the 5 Dimotions of physical systems; and then study each of the different worldcycles of matter, from those of quantum physics, through the states of matter, into the cycles of cosmological bodies.

Some advancements on time space processes and dimotions in physical systems. Forces.

Some hints: The forces of physics correspond to there different organic Ðimotions of physical systems. So they MUST not be all considered as caused by the exchange of particles.

Specifically the weak chiral force is NOT a force but a process of trans-form-ation of physical information and evolution or ‘death’ of particles into larger, heavier ones in 3 ‘ages-families’ of mass, related to the ‘3 topological symmetries-parts of galaxies’, whereas the Halo and black hole star in the center should be made of heavier Strangelet and BcB atoms and top quarks, and the intermediate region of ud-light atoms. 

The chiral force thus have no range, but transforms the particle first in a heavier more energetic ‘particle (the W, Z, H bosons) as all reactions and process of reproduction need to break the exogenous higher level of energy before start, both in chemical, biological or physical processes of reproduction and evolution. 

Then we can distinguish left-chiral particles, the ‘first scalar’ form of ‘gender’, where the head-spin of the system is orientated towards the body, causing its mutation and reproduction (so right-chiral ‘male’ genders do not reproduce, unless in process in which the mirror symmetry pegs both genders).

The strong force inside the atom is similar in a lower scale to the forces taking place within the black hole star in the center of the galaxy, whose components must be the heavier top and Bcb atoms of the top quark decuplet, in a clear symmetry of scale. So the color charge and couples of gluons and antigluons must be parallel to the nonet and octets of mesons, made of quarks and antiquarks that are exchanged accordingly in the reactions mediated by the weak force.

The strong force therefore is an entropic force, because as Feynman rightly found, in each local world cycle of particles, the antiparticle is the same particle moving backwards in time, which means dying in the entropic process that completes its world cycle (hence living much shorter as the death end of the cycle does happen in a quanta of time). And because entropic-feeding processes are the strongest, most attractive ones in any scale (food is the first cause of most Ðimotions), they carry the maximal energy:

In the graph we see the proper way to perceive the two arrows of time of physical systems, when we plot them together as a cycle-anticycle, even if an antiparticle (which must be considered the ‘3rd’ age of the particle) can be observed isolated.

And this leads us to the CPT symmetry, which in 5 Ð physics is absolute but quantized as time cycles are quantized for each species and its 5 Ðimotions=forces and worldcycles, and happen together not in a single plane of ‘light space-time’; but must be considered for the whole 3±I planes whereas the equations of gravitation and relativity with its c-constant speed are the limit of 5Ð for the galactic super organism but do NOT apply beyond (inside black holes and outside galaxies, where the forces are repulsive dark entropy similar to those of electromagnetism between atoms; while inside the galatom, the forces of gravitation are similar to curved electromagnetism within the Coulomb field  between the electron and the proton, whose ‘5Ð metric’ are parallel to those of the black hole and the strangelet)…

So there is a LOT of self-similarities of scale that would allow future 5 Ð physicists once the model r=evolution is accepted and the present dogmas put in doubt to complete by self-similarity the true nature of black hole stars (which rightly Einstein told us to be frozen stars), to understand the processes of renormalization (which add scalar infinities that must be cut off, including the SINGULARITY OF THE BLACK HOLE AND THE BIG-BANG).

In that regard, the entangled Universe cannot be understood isolated in any scale or any of its 3 elements, space and its topological anti symmetries, time, and its reverted processes and scales and its weak forces of transformation and flows of energy and information moving up and down those scales.

All this said is obvious that the first theme we have to clarify is that of the Universal constants of those scales and its equations of mathematical physics and parameters, which properly understood should be expressed as ratios NOT as absolute forms.



The concept of force in ∆st.

But for us is more telling to understand fully a force as the interaction of what physicists call an Active magnitude – a vortex of accelerated time of any scale, and a potential – an ∆-1 field destroyed into entropy to provide motion to the ‘ever consuming accelerated time vortex’.

THUS A FORCE is a double ∆-tƒ parameter, f=m (accelerated vortex of mass) x a (acceleration).

Force is important and we shall explain it in the section on mechanics, but for the time being we shall say what is evident:

‘A force is an ∆+1: tƒ< ∆-1:$p-otential state, in which the vortex of accelerated time provokes the entropy of a potential and absorbs its expanding space to ad it to its total mass-energy supœrganism.’

THAT IS WHY FORCES ARE SO IMPORTANT IN PHYSICS BECAUSE THEY REPRESENT ONE OF THE 3 BASIC TIME ARROWS THAT FUEL THE FUTURE accelerated vortex (being the other two, the inverse of a force, where the mass devolves into the potential) and the stable present state.

Thus, instead of thinking about particles accelerating in response to applied forces, one might think of them picking out the path with a stationary action, with the end points of the path in configuration space held fixed at the initial and final times. Hamilton’s principle is the principle of least action – the idea of finding the shortest path a particle can follow subject to a force solved by Leibniz… and as usual after Leibniz by Newton the following year saying again as in calculus that he was thinking long ago in variational calculus, but did not publish. Oh, my friend how harsh is mankind on his true genius when they just do thought experiments as opposed to the ambitious mediocrities that have power and make weapons.

NOW, HERE IS THE CONUNDRUM: How the particle finds its minimal time path on advance? This only Feynman worked out and wondered with no final result, because it implies that the particle knows where it is going – the end constrain of its trajectory and moves, stops, gauges, moves, stops, gauge to find the least time consuming trajectory as we would do if WE PERCEIVE=GAUGE INFORMATION.

So all the maths of modern mechanics based in that principle, in Lagrangian and Hamiltonians confirm two facts basic to ∆st, which is NOT SHY, egocentered, as if only humans perceive, to explain the reasons: the world cycle (Lagrangians, actions) as a zero sum, and the sentient perceptive state of the particle, which stops to gauge and correct in ‘derivative’ steps, the REAL meaning of each of those derivatives of momentum.

Alas, derivatives, stop and go perception and the most important equations of mathematical physics are all related.

And so if we want to manipulate further energy equations for a ‘time duration’ of a world cycle or least time path, we enter into the analysis of Hamiltonians and Lagrangian formulations; which might be expressed:

A)  Only as energy. THEN THEY ARE time independent (Hamiltonians of energy as in Schrodinger’s equation).

B) tend to zero sums in time or at least to the minimal time consumption as it does the whole world cycle for Lagrangian derivatives that return us to the momentum steps, which tends to minimise for each ‘action’ the consumption of the lifetime of the whole being (principle of least action).

So we have illuminated and encased within the ‘laws of ∆st’ the most important equations of physics.

And it is easy to see that wen dealing with frequencies we can do the same with fourier  transform the other ‘monster equation’ predating all the physics of time/frequency waves (the other present state). There again the Fourier transform ‘ads faster, multiple quanta of frequency, information’ and makes a whole, the bigger wave, and the beauty of it is that we can ‘decompose’ the whole into parts and ‘rescue’ the time frequencies that are faster in beat and come together to emerge as a whole.

As this is very standard math, we shall as usual merely ‘quote’ equations or bring them when they are very simple, on line with the purpose of the second line, which IS THAT ANYONE WHO HAS UNDERSTOOD THE CONCEPTUAL elements without more than high school physics/maths can get it all.

What here matters of the fourier transform IS the fact that we have resolved a KEY ELEMENT OF ALL ∆-§calar analysis: HOW BY RESONANCES AND MIXING AND SUPERPOSITION AND HERDING, A NEW WHOLE EMERGES FROM A SERIES OF ‘SYNCHRONIZED’ SMALLER PARTS.

And we shall return to it ‘a lot’ as this is indeed a key question in all sciences – the reasons and processes of emergence of whole new scales and parameters.

So here we have to ways of emerge, in time, through the merging of faster beat/frequencies and the whole science of synchronicity behind it that applies in all sciences: i.e. a moon cycle of the larger whole is synchronous to the woman’s menses. And we have studied how in space-time åctions integrate into momentum, which integrate into worldcycles.

All the concepts of nature can ultimately be translated to its ultimate components, form and motion and the 5 combined dimotions established by those 2 yin-yang poles of reality. It is in the infinite manifestations of those iterative dimotions where the complexity arises and confuses the human being.

How we use then those 5 Ðimotions of exist¡ence to study physics? In many ways, obviously first in the worldcycle of beings through its ‘ages’ called in physics ‘STates’. But mainly through its interactions that deploy the ‘program of exist¡ence of physical systems. And those are the laws of forces; which unlike the present models that try to cast them all as ‘different forms of locomotions achieved through the exchange of particles in space’ will differ so greatly in equations, functions and purpose that we must accept NOT the unitarian, uniform, unifying shallow vision of present philosophy of physics but upgrade their outlook to their roles for each physical system, which is to accomplish for them their 5 Dimotions of existence.

The scholar who reads physics will dismiss all together the forest view provided by these texts for the most complex possible mathematical formulae of physical systems, totally indifferent to those first principles. The philosopher of science might however realize that the details obscure the vision of the whole simple forest; and that whole vision of the ultimate whys regardless of which language are expressed is what 5D provides.

Consider a simple example: the 5 Dimotions of a system are organic, functions, actions with a survival purpose, which all systems need to exist. We can reduce them to 3 if we study them from the perspective of scale: an entropic dissolving motion, carried about by smaller parts (∆-1), a more complex, ternary dimotion, seeing in present as a ternary structure in ∆o and a larger dimotions that relates the being to its ∆+1 scale.

The multiplicity of views of those ‘elements’, then reconstruct all the terms of physics and the details and quantifications provided by maths probe on those details, from multiple perspectives and points of view, which only the simple first principles of GST can solve. One example should suffice: the forces of nature within this classification fit immediatly:

§ð: Gravitation is the ∆+1 force of the cosmos over smaller beings, and it is an informative attractive only force that allows the parts to becomes social, cosmological wholes.

∑∏: Electromagnetism is the ∆o force of our world, but it can be broken into electricity, magnetism and light (its ternary elements).

∂S: Then in the ∆-1 scale we have the strong force and its ‘derivative’, the nuclear force, which therefore must be an entropic form, product of the decay of the particles within the atom that provide the motion-entropy for the larger scale.

How then we transform those conceptual facts of the higher forest view to the mathematical details? Easy, as the analysis of mathematics will provide us with ‘functions’ appertaining to each dimotion. The entropy function specifically is eˆ-x, as it is the fastest ‘growth function’ (and inversely the constant of decay, in which death jumps over the relative present state and dissolves the being). So unlike the electromagnetic ‘communicative’ force, Q qq/dd, the nuclear force, in its ‘simpler’ ‘first’ deductive version by Yukawa had a simple elegant formulae:

F = H*e−λr/r²

The principle involved is that the force carried by particles has to be inversely proportion to the distance squared to account for the spreading of the particles over a larger spherical surface and must also be multiplied by an exponential factor to take into account the decay of the particles with time and hence distance.

This was a complete surprise for all physicists who were seeking as in the Weak ‘transformative, temporal process’ – not a force in space but a transformation in time, the usual equivalent to qq/dd communicative force as they have no clue to the first principles behind those formulae.

But what is the ‘decay constant’ H*? To the surprise of all when empirically measured it turned out to be the exact value of the two fundamental constants of the galatom, c, its constant of time-motion-distance and h, the constant of space-informative perception of physical systems, hc… So what moves and decays becoming a ‘pushing’ force is the entropic destruction of particles into its fundamental ‘minimal 5D’ units, h and c...

Of course, today this Yukawa’s simple understanding on fundamental principles, of the nuclear force is ‘passe’ or rather was never realized as the vortices of Newton, we use to extract in the simplest form the Unification equation of forces is ‘passe’ and no scholar would care to understand why they are so precise and simple in its beauty on first principles, but rather would obsess into the little details of the forest, missing the first principles.

∫T: And the same happens with the weak ‘transformation’ that mutates particles and evolves them: when they measure the trans-form-ative weak process, they found it had NO range in space but its ‘coupling constant’ was measured in terms of time! as it is a trans-form-ation, not a force.

This requires a note on the clear difference between the 3 ‘spatial forces’ that communicate energy and information between particles (strong, electromagnetic and gravitational forces) and the weak interaction, NOT a spatial force, but a process of trans-form-ation of particles into each other, which does NOT have spatial range (as when you change internally your form you don’t move; it all happens within you). So the proper way to model the weak interaction is as an evolutionary process that trans-forms as in chemical reactions, one product into another – a particle into another.

For that reason the ‘weak interaction’ has a coupling constant measured in ‘time’; because it is an evolutionary process; and it does violate the CPT rule because ‘time is NOT symmetric as space’, or as Einstein put it, ‘wires don’t travel to the past’. 

This physicists of course know, but only recently they start to recognize it, since they do LACK a proper 5D formalism of the duality of arrows of time, entropy AND information, to explain not only ‘spatial forces’ but ‘temporal, informative transformations’:

“The weak force… least fits into our picture of what a force should do. …the categories of ‘attractive’ and ‘repulsive’ do not really fit …because it has the ability to change particles from one type to another. …The weak force can change one lepton into another provided they are in the same generation. The electron can be changed into an electron neutrino and vice versa, but the electron cannot be turned into the muon neutrino… Jonathan Allday, Quarks, Leptons and the Big Bang (2016)

And so there are ‘naturally’ 3 scalar forces, and one ‘transformative’ process (the weak force), which is exactly no more no less what we need to account for the scales, dimotions and topologies of physical systems. This is what physicists ignore and we give here, the forest view – the details have been taken with great care and detail but still miss what they are truly measuring: a fractal reproductive Universe of motion (entropy) orm (language) and all its combinations.

But since the gravitational force is an informative social force, we shall study its main equation of ‘unification’ in the 5th social dimotion; while the strong force is a force of entropy; the strongest ‘feeding force’ of the Universe and so we shall study it in more detail in the fourth dimotion. On the other hand, the electromagnetic force is the ‘perceptive force for human beings’ which are electronic minds, and the social force for atoms, which are put together by magnetic fields. In that sense strictly speaking the reproductive force ‘par excellence’ is the weak force, and so we shall now consider it in more detail.

Chirality and gender in forces. Left handed female particles and right handed machos.  Parity in scales

Since Pasteur studied chemistry’s optic activity finding molecules that polarize light in different  we know molecules are ‘chiral’, either left-handed or right-handed, why? Because CHIRALITY is the true meaning of ‘gender’, left-handed systems are female systems and right-handed male systems. So they can superpose onto each other looking at each other, pegging their palms, and reproduce. FOR A physicist this is ONLY ‘a mirror symmetry’ an it has a pathetic pedantic mathematical proof that reveals nothing. For a physicist it is a ‘matrix coordinate that changes sign’…

Not so, chirality has ALL the properties of gender. And it emerges IN EACH SCALE OF THE FIFTH DIMENSION till becoming so complex that voila it becomes sexual gender. First you have the neutrino which is ONLY female, left handed, as the galaxy which is ALSO female left handed. The left handed neutrino thus is the one we see at c-speed (the right handed goes faster than c-speed), and when they mate they reproduce a light ray (Broglie Jordan’s theory of neutrino light; exactly when both spins penetrate each other locking in spin up and down like dick and cunt do🍆🍩😅… alas then you have SLIGHTLY MORE left handed electrons, as you have slightly more females being. born. Moreover, ONLY left-handed particles (female ones) REPRODUCE new particles, through the weak force, which is NOT a force but the process of particles becoming ‘pregnant’, fattened by energy (women only become pregntant with extra energy), so they become a fat massive z particle and then they reproduce a bunch of other particles; but RIGHT-handed particles are sterile, are males, they do NOT reproduce other particles through the weak force… And then you get a left handed electron coupling with the proton but the result is a sterile right handed atom, there are NOT left handed atoms so they do NOT reproduce other atoms… and then you get the left handed amino acid which the top predator nucleotides neutered, killing all the right handed so they cannot REPRODUCE and are at the mercy of the RNA left and right that control them and reproduce/mate as mirror images to form the DNA, and voila now we are into left handed women (left brain dominant), slightly outnumbering at birth as left handed amino acids on primordial soups…

But why the left handed is woman? Because its head SPIN is orientated inward to his body-wave momentum, so they can in a’hyperbolic topology’, similar to the woman’s body with is ‘glass-hour figure’, combine its energy and information to reproduce, as women are connected in brain to the hypothalamus, but right handed are lineal, BOTH SPIN and momentum, body and wave move ahead; they have slightly more ENERGY than women, which are preferred by the universe that seeks the less energy state… So the right handed sterile machos go faster (so the right handed neutrinos go faster than light, reason why we do not see them)… And all this then connects wit the duality of particle, antiparticle left and right handed, life and death, antiparticles kill and die fast… and so on and so on…

The first gender level in the Universe is called parity. Asexual spheres do not have parity. Parity requires a mirror symmetry, and so we shall call left handed species women, and right handed species male:

The graphs, as all others taken from a SciAm’s article of chirality shows the achiral, non-sexual sphere, the chiral male-female screws and hands. Notice that right handed male systems show the ‘same directionality’ between the ‘head’ of the screw and the direction of ‘penetration’ of its body; while left handed female systems show inverse ‘complementary’ directions between the head and the body in its penetration the medium. They are ‘balanced’ female systems with inverse directions between body and head. While male systems are ‘lineal’, on the same path, with no paradoxical contradiction. Left handed females are more abundant in nature because they are the ‘state’ of minimal energy and maximal immobility as both tendencies, S and T contradict. The male is ‘physically’ bigger, faster as both directionalities are in the same path.

We observe chirality in all scales as it emerges from one to the other. Parity then would be the equal quantity of both. But as it turns out, the Universe prefers the ‘lesser energy consuming, balanced’ female species, in all its scales. So the electron tends to be left handed favored in the weak Z force – the time force of transformation in the height axis of information (the female axis), which the male (lineal, moving, in the length dimension) doesn’t even notice.

In the next scale of atoms, amino acids of L-enantiomere nature dominate and when reproduced from primordial atoms they are slightly more numerous, as they consume less energy. While energetic sugar molecules (male species), tend to be more D-dominant. So happens among humans which slightly favor the birth of female species. Moreover most proteins and enzymes responsible for the reproduction of life are L (in fact as any student knows all our amino acids are L, the why though is a selective ‘choice’ of likely Nucleotides, to prevent amino acids and proteins to reproduce without their intervention – we must say that in the different ‘ages’ of life, nucleotide dominant top predator molecules ‘castrated’ proteins.

In the second graph we see this choice as we ‘grow in scales’, meaning than in the hierarchical Universe, the upper dominant wholes ‘control’ the choice of reproductivity of the lower planes. So while the Universe is chiral, it tends to choose the inverted S><T complementary female of less energy, even if the difference of quantities is smaller.

Sexuality then arises of the mirror symmetry that allows to ‘peg’ in opposite directions, hence ‘attractive’ directions two inverse left and right handed. You can indeed bring them together to penetrate each other, or coil one around the other, which is the ultimate meaning of gender, the pegging together in an attractive mirror fashion of two beings, one dominant in energy, the male species and the other in form, the female one.

This dominance of left-handed is ultimately within the superorganism of the galatom connected to the fractal nature of the galaxy, which is you guess it left handed, as the electron and the weak force in its preferences, which simply goes up in scales.

But the true reason of the dominance of left handed system is the same than the need for sexual chirality: Since the female S><T combine in inverse directions the body and head they are ‘asexually reproductive’, while male and achiral species are not. So because the dimotion of reproduction dominates systems, females become dominant and in some species as the L-amino acids of proteins and DNA (which in fact is a combination of both type of spirals pegged into each other), the only one. Let us then resume the game of existence to show the dominance of the Dimotion of reproduction.

Locomotion as reproduction of form.

The reader will notice we have established 4 Dimotions of physical systems in correspondence with the 4 forces of nature:

– ∂S-Entropy corresponds to the strong force from the point of view of the larger atom; its inverse ∫T-generation to the weak force; and in between §ð-perception of information to the gravitational vortex and its reproduction to the electromagnetic wave – but alas! the only dimotion physicists truly acknowledge, $t-locomotion does not respond to any of those forces specifically, or rather it is the effect of them all. So we need to study it in more detail to complete the correspondence of the 5Dimotions of exist¡ence and those of Nature. And since it is the ‘saint grail of physicists’, we did consider it in more detail in a previous paragraph.



Once we have considered a generic analysis of the PHYSICAL T.œs’ duality between strong-gravitational atom-galaxy attractive singularity forces and the expansive electro-magnetic, membrane forces; we can fly upwards into the more general T.Œ VIEW:

So we distinguish ‘four fundamental forces’ of attraction-repulsion (depending on the pov of the observer), which can be generalised in function – not in topological form, which we have repeated ad nauseam can only be applied exactly to pure forms (or those far away from the human observer, which therefore reduces its perception to pure form, and confuses time fast states with simultaneous space).

The attraction we deal with is that of a present vital energy-spacetime open ball, which will experience 4 potential forces:

  • A force that attracts the system to the ‘protein, time-cycle membrane’; in the atom to the electronic membrane; in the galaxy to the halo – this is a force related mostly to entropic expansion and destruction as ‘space grows’ towards the membrane, which also leave in and out by osmosis of any kind, motion and form.
  • A force that attracts the system towards its informative ‘DNA’ singularity; in the atom the strong force to the quarks; in the galaxy the gravitational force to the black hole center – it is a force related to the informative implosion, as time speed grows towards the vortex. It is hence more accelerated than the expansive, decelerating entropically related motion to the membrane. And so it is also related to a growth of density and upwards lifting.

Yet while those membrane-entropic-expansive-decelerating, ∆-1 motion and its inverse ∆+1 informative-singularity-accelerated motions seem the ∆±1 paths, the fact is both tend to kill, destroy and eat in bits and bites the components of the vital energy, and so they are both selfish, ab=using energy for the singularity and membrane.

So they tend to be ‘resisted’, by the vital energy, which will itself show when its is ‘heady’ (not a headless automaton, pre-programmed viral cell, human enzyman slavish to its machines, red cell with no nuclei, light wave with a minimalist photon particle and so on). Otherwise it will just flow down or upwards and die.

So we might find two inverse anti forces, which try NOT to send the being either path, and keep it in the middle range balance.

And this is obvious for example in planetary systems which try NOT to fall down the path of the star. But, and this responds to an obvious question – which force is stronger; it ultimately falls into the sun-singularity, as the inward accelerated, compressing force is stronger. So the strong force is stronger than the expansive electromagnetic force that sends you in your way to the electron, and the gravitational force should be stronger in a similar ‘fine constant’ proportion to the dark entropy forces that are in the galaxy-atom self-similar to the electromagnetic ones and expand space between galaxies.

Then there is of course for the vital energy quanta of the open ball region forces towards its fifth dimension of social evolution, without MOTION to the singularity but rather ‘collapsing’ of the wave into a particle state; and viceversa, the scattering entropic fourth dimension of downwards dissolution.

When this happens ‘spontaneously’ not caused by the attractive power of membranes and singularities, it is a self-sustained process, which we distinguish by lack of relative motion of the particle towards the $ or ð regions, and because it is a slower than the fastest of all processes, any process of death, with an exponential rate of maximal ‘growth’-dissolution (e being the constant of death≈decay). 

T.œs follow T.Œ isomorphic laws.

This is a T.Œ law (T.œ used for particular timespaœrganisms, T. Œ FOR generalisation as the law is an isomorphism that happens in all systems.)

So for example humans have a pull towards social love (5th dimension), a fear but unavoidable end into an entropic explosion, often caused by the larger whole, its nation, which sends you packing to the border/membrane where the hard proteins/weapons/electronic wall will likely kill you; or to the seemingly nicer central black hole; where the legal government will ‘jail you’ in a dense, quiet ‘hole’.

Do NOT be surprised we use often human comparisons, because that is the ULTIMATE MESSAGE OF T.Œ, we are all just time§pace beings subject to the same laws. Humans simply see more detail about themselves and simplify all other forms.

So the star falling in the black hole, the carbohydrate packed to serve the DNA and the man jailed for wanting r=evolutionary freedom, or the planet converted by ACCELERATORS into strangelets going to the halo of the galaxy, the photon sent to the electron, or the soldier going to defend the border ARE isomorphisms. So it is the bosonic piling of atoms or souls into a larger whole, subconscious collective god.

As we are working the physical world we shall not dwell on the injustice of national membranes and capitals ab=using the human lot and sheeple with financial and military zeal… But obviously to be ‘a solar system’ in the wilderness of the less dense, less informed open ball territory of a galaxy, or a photon in the atom-galaxy, its equivalent; is NOT the best position of the organism which is all about ‘membranes and singularities’, DNA and proteins, working together, strangelet halos and black holes, military borders and financial capitals.

The democratic placebo vote, the ‘permission’ to exist of the open ball, is just the wisdom of the singularity and membrane which has its ‘farming region’ in the middle to store its vital energy and slowly feed on, but ultimately it will devour it all and without ‘pressure/density’ the emptied vital energy of the present body-wave will collapse and the membrane wrinkle, warp and the singularity without protection and feeding energy bust. Alas, death is the necessary reward to the abusive singularity-mnds that stiffen into stoppage, the vital energy of the re=productive body-wave and working class.

So the strong/gravitational force sends you packing to the centre, the electromagnetic/dark entropy to the membrane and beyond into the coldness of infinite distances between galaxy-atoms; and no more translative forces are needed.

As the weak force is NOT A FORCE, it has no range in space, it lasts much longer in time, as its coupling constant is indeed expressed in time intervals. And so it is a huge error of ‘space physicists who always want to transform time dimensions and processes into spatial rods, to treat weak forces as ‘fields’ (Higgs field) as spatial forces, by lack of time understanding.

For an even more detailed break-down, we can consider actually the 3 forces as dual scaling forces.

So the strong force sends you to the centre, but its membrane emerges from it as the nuclear force that encloses gluons and quarks in the centre of particles.

Then the same concept works with charge, the singularity and membrane, the magnetic field, which ’emanates’ from the electric force; as an intermediate stage between the atom-galaxy and the galaxy-atom.

And finally the gravitational force sends you to the enter and the higgs field/dark entropy works outside the membrane.

And so we find then the proper formalism and parallelisms. I.e. the graviton has 2 spin but the Higgs outside is a 0 scalar. So happens to the gluon that has a light ‘graviton-like’ 2 spin and a heavy scalar highs-like 0 spin.

Of this conundrum only a correction is needed, regarding the graviton-neutrino which now is considered to be a 1 spin; but to correct that in meaningful ways we would need a huge leap into the formalism of quantum physics, which we avoid in purpose to show how meaning can be given conceptually with basic maths, when we upgrade our understanding of them.

While the thermodynamic arrow is not entropy but the clever molecular region, and resistance of the weak ud-beings to be packed in flocks to their death by excessive information or excessive entropy in the centre/membrane; and parasite as long as it lasts all other forces. So when you heat a system, gravitation misses the gaseous motion; magnetic fields are expelled by the Curie effect, beyond a Curie temperature. 



The galaxy atom


In the graphs, the cosmic scale is the outer ‘region’ of the galactic atom, ruled by transversal, expansive, intergalactic giant gravitational waves. Its existence within the galaxy -albeit reduced to c-speeds, unlike outside the galaxy where they are spotted routinely at z=10c, would define a new dual game of implosive and attractive gravitation similar to the scalar atomic game. Many laws can be solved and deduced from this parallelism. Below the Titus law of planetary distances as caused by G-waves.

Let us consider an example of what we mean by complexity vs. simplicity. In physics a TOE is reduced to the unification not of all sciences and all languages of knowledge, but only of the 4 forces of nature, gravitation, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak force.

This is the saint grail of physicists, which for a century have miserably failed. Why? If as we prove in our article on the Physical TOE, the unification is a mathematical, trivial result of the metric of the 5th dimension? Because they try to achieve that unification with the more complex formulations of quantum and gravitational physics (General relativity and chromo/electrodynamics).

Nobody has attempted as we did to unify both, charges and masses using the simplest of all its ‘first’ descriptions:

Newton’s gravitational vortices and Bohr’s model of the Hydrogen orbit. Hardcore scholars that take years to learn Einstein’s Metric, quantum field theory and Dirac’s equations consider those 2 models ‘passé’.

And yet, precisely because the principles of unification are simple, it is through the simplest methods where the coincidences happen.

So I could easily unify charges and masses, obtaining the key parameters, the Gravitational constant and the Coulomb constant, and the relationship of hierarchy (10 up to 40), between both forces, by the simple method of translating to gravitational vortex-jargon the jargon of electricity, a somehow convoluted abstraction not so intuitive, and then apply the law of co-invariance of the 5th dimension to both vortices, which immediately showed to be in that 1040 relationship.

Whereas a charge vortex had clocks of time much faster, and hence turned much faster becoming a much more attractive ‘hurricane of space-time’.

Now, as it happens with gravitation, quantum physics went beyond Bohr’s model and gave us the other ‘3 point of view’. It gave us the static, formal model, of electronic orbitals, the gradient model of energy levels and finally the more sophisticated Hamiltonian analysis of its operators.

And this final level is the one physicists try by all means to unify. But precisely at that level of detail is where the fractal scales of the Universe which are ‘similar’ but not identical (you are made of space and time and your actions are always the 5 vowels but you do NOT eat light as an electron, or oil as a machine, so you can be unified saying ‘all eats energy’ but not in the specific food).

I recall the only time I could give a conference on that unification at Sonoma’s 50 anniversary of Systems Sciences, in which many top physicists were present.

They were first in awe that such simple equations as a 3 dimensional vortex could unify and extract the never found theoretical result of G and Q (we have only empirical measures), solve the hierarchy problem and further on as I develop a bit more the gravitational ‘jargon’ of charges, prove that the Proton radius was equal to the black hole radius so an atom was self-similar to a galaxy and the scales of the Universe were infinite through the 5th dimension.

Then someone raised his hand and told me what Hilbert told to Einstein when we published special relativity: the mathematics are too simple (Hilbert quipped that they were at the level of an undergraduate), and the enthusiasm waned. Within months NY Times published in its Sunday magazine a cover with my suit to the Nuclear Industry and that killed my career with ad hominem so I loss all my scholar positions and never gave more master conferences…

But that is another story of the limits of ethics in science. What matters here is to realize of the multiplicity aroused by the 4 pillars of all descriptions of reality. And the Occam’s razor: simpler is better.

What about the other 2 forces? The similarity between the strong force and the gravitational force ‘inside the atom-galaxy’, both attractive ‘only’ and the outer force of the galaxy (repulsive gravitation aka dark energy) and the outer force of the atom (electromagnetic repulsive expansive forces) is then immediate on the ‘simpler models’, as it is the parallelism between magnetism and gravitomagnetism (Heaviside’s discovery). And many other results follow. Further on, the hierarchy between those forces is also immediate. Well not so immediate, it requires…

The 2 fundamental scalar vortices of time: Charges and Masses.

Let us then deduce from the previous metric, the main equations of the different world-plane constants, starting for the best known, remembering that T=1/Tƒ:

F= GmM/L²   = ma

a = GM/L²      GM = L³ xTƒ²   where G is the constant and M the ∆-scalar magnitude, Tƒ², the dimension of cyclical time (angular acceleration) and L³ the dimension of volume.

The same equation, substituting G for Q and M for charge, as we show in the Unification Equation of charges and masses gives us the value of a charge as an ∆-scalar magnitude, when we use the Bohr model to calculate the attractive charge of the first spherical S-orbital of an electron (obviously the complexity of non-circular electronic orbitals defy this simple calculus).

Thus both M and E are the scalar magnitudes of the two upper and lower limiting world-planes of human existence, as accelerated vortices, the ‘active magnitudes’ of those 2 fields.

How does a vortex of charge and mass becomes constructed geometrically? We must understand that all systems tend to curve a |-Motion into a cyclical, finally accelerating inwards vortex: |>Ø>o. Those 3 phases of a motion will give birth to a ‘ternary structure’, the commonest of the Universe and its simplest ones are those of nature:

In the graph we can see the 3 relative topologies: as a |-Motion curves into a field, it moves inward accelerating, till it reaches the zero point, in which it will often will split its ‘formal’ and ‘energetic content:

On one side it will slow down and be perceived as a stop- mapping, in the central zero point, on the other side it will be deflected and change its dimensional direction upward as a hyperbolic tube that becomes finally a lineal flow. In physical fields, the simplest systems, it means we will find a field, which will accelerate inwards (gravitational, charge field) and then it will create a ‘less energetic’ upwards-downwards ‘gravito-magnetic’ field, completing the 3 ‘topological membranes’ of a whole system.

This field will basically have the 3 components and write with the generic equation of all fields:

F= A x E, where F is the force, A the active magnitude (Charge, mass) and E the vectorial structure of the field.

   Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 20.53.29

                   A proof of the ∞ ∆-scalar nature of space-time, composed of isomorphic lineal forces of ‘spatial energy’ and cyclic, clock-time vortices of ‘informative time’, charges in the ∆-1 quantum scale, and masses in the ∆+1 cosmic scale are the recently found ”excited S-orbitals’ of the Milky Way: 2 bubbles of electromagnetic energy with the same form that ∆-1 atomic orbitals have in its excited states. The Metric of its isomorphism is the Unification Equation of Charges & Masses and its U. Constants (Q.G.).

In Physics we find the same 3±1 ages or ‘states’ of matter and 3 ∆±1 scales for all systems known to man:

– The ∆-1 scale is the quantum world. The fractal principle classifies all quantum subspecies.

I.e., Strings have 3×3+1 Ds across 3 scales of ∆-1 strings, ∆-branes and ∆+1 particles. There are 3 ages of quarks & electrons of ∆ information and -∆ size (Max.Tƒ=Min.Spe). S/T dualities define also n-p pairs, boson forces & Universal constants.

– The human ∆-scale in which we observe 3 States of matter, the ‘energetic’, gaseous state, the liquid E=O balanced state and the informative, solid state, between ‘plasmatic birth (∆-1) and ‘big-bang’ extinction, when informative vortices (∆+1 masses and ∆-1 charges) become energy, according to Einstein’s equation (E=mc2), written in Planck’s notation as E<=>M(O). Since mass is a 2-manifold vortex of gravitational information (graph): ExT=K, E=Mc2. Hence M=K/T=Kv; where v is the rotational speed of the mass vortex proportional to its attractive power – a clock cycles which carries the information of the Universe in the Tiƒ frequency of its cycles.

While on ∆+1 Earth matter follows 3 ages cycles (water, nitrogen cycle, rock cycles, etc.)

– Finally in the Cosmic scale ∆-1 atoms, which gather into ∆-stars, which become parts of social ∆+1 galaxies.

Further on a wealth of solutions to fundamental questions of physics, derive from 3×3+1 dimensional metric. I.e:

– Antiparticle’s travel to the past in Feynman’s diagram. They are particles ‘death processes’ (Max. Se=Min.Tƒ) of minimal duration, which explains its perceived scarcity since its total space-time momentum is minimal.

– Einstein’s 3 topologic varieties=solutions of his 2-manifold spatial metric, according to the value of the cosmological constant, are symmetric to the 3±1 ages of the Universe’s cycle: The post-big-bang young age of expansive energy, the steady state solution of a balanced Spe=Tiƒ ‘adult’ age and the 3rd big crunch, informative collapse (Max. Tiƒ) followed by its big-bang explosive death, mimicked in galaxies, born as gaseous nebulae of max. E, which become balanced spirals and collapse into black holes of dark matter, to explode in quasar big-bangs2: Se-Big-bang>ST-steady state>Tiƒ-Black hole Vortex.

– Thus we resume the 3 ∆±1 scales of the cosmos, with the Fractal Generator of Physical Beings: ∑∑∆-1ST-Bosons>∑Tiƒ-Charges> ∏∆+1Tƒ-Masses.

Whereas the Universal Constants (G, Q), define the curvature of 2 space-time vortices at the ∆-1 quantum charge and ∆+1 cosmic mass scales. Its formalism, M= ω2r3/U.C.(G,Q) is its Unification Equation. Since if we substitute for the Earth-sun system we obtain G, (1st ever theoretical deduction) and if we substitute for the Bohr Radius and Proton Mass, we obtain Q with a 1040 higher curvature value, the exact difference between both forces that solves its hierarchy problem.

As curvature in space is symmetric to rotational speed in time, symmetric to the attractive force of any vortex. It also proves the isomorphism between electromagnetic atoms and galaxies, H-atoms of the cosmic scale. Since when we translate electromagnetic equation into gravitational mass vortices, the proton radius becomes the Schwarzschild radius of a black hole and electronic orbitals star clouds, a result foreseen by Relativity that modeled galaxies as Hydrogen atoms in the Einstein-Walker Metric of the Cosmos. Organicism gives the ‘why’ of Galacells that have DNA- + Top Quark proton holes, star mitochondria that feed them & strangelet halos.

The Advances of Fractal Relativity: Fractal, Fluid Space-times


Canonical quantization of Einstein’s theory for gravity: g³(x)->gˆ³ (x) in funcional Schrodinger picture:Ψ = Ψ(g³) satisfies the Wheeler-De Witt equation and constraints:

i ∂ Ψ = ˆH Ψ = 0

H i Ψ = 0
Conceptual problems:

1. Problem of time: There is no time evolution, the wave function is static.

(How can we tell the universe is expanding or contracting?)

2. Measurement problem: We are considering the whole universe. There are no outside observers or measurement devices.

3. What is the meaning of space-time diffeomorphism invariance? (The constraints H iΨ = 0 only express invariance under spatial diffeomorphisms.)

Bohmain approach

In a Bohmian approach we have an actual 3-metric g(³) which satisfies: ·g³ = vΨ(g(³))

This solves problems 1:

– We can tell whether the universe is expanding or not, whether it goes into a singularity or not, etc.

– We can derive time dependent Schr ̈odinger equation for conditional wave function. E.g. suppose gravity and scalar field. Conditional wave functional for scalar field

Ψs(φ, t) = Ψ(φ, g(³)(t)) is time-dependent if g(³)(t) is time-dependent.

Physicists do not understand those simple truths—even a century after Einstein applied Mr. Riemann’s discovery of the fifth non-Euclidean postulate, which defines a point as a cyclical motion in space—because of a basic error of “materialist physics”: Since nuclear physicists do machines and bombs, which are made of dense metal, they tend to believe in “solid things.” So this kind of spiritual thought on motions and events is unreal to them. Instead, they “decided” that the principle of equivalence only affected to the gravitational force but somehow “stopped” in an obscure point where the rotational acceleration of the mass vortex clashed with something “solid,” like a “rubber ball,” which had to be the “mass.”

In the graph, our growing understanding of masses in terms of a fluid, relativistic vortex is an interesting proof of the distance between mathematics and reality since mathematics merely offer an abstract, simplified picture of reality with equations we have to interpret in terms of real objects observed in the Universe. That is the case of a mass, which once Einstein’s equations were published was first depicted as in the left picture, like a ball that was curving downward the space-time of the Universe. But that image is not logic and it has no relationship with the Universe we observe since any vortex, including those of air and water, have no solid ball in the center, but merely deflect the cyclical motion upward, transforming it again into lineal, perpendicular motion.

And this is what we observe in masses and charges, which are cyclical vortices, which first transform lineal motion into cyclical motion, creating the charge or mass and then deflect that cyclical motion, expelling it as less curved lineal motion through its poles, as a magnetic, electric, or dark energy flow.

So physicists moved recently toward the second more logical and realistic version of the vortex of mass, curving inward, illustrated by a fluid or gas vortex in pictures 2 (a fluid vortex) and 3 (a hurricane). This third picture of the hurricane applied by analogy to a mass vortex shows clearly how a bidimensional mass forms by curving energy. Each of the mini vortices that accelerates inward toward the center of the black hole will be a particle, a quark, which acquires mass as it rotates faster, diminishing in radius (according to the previous vortex equation). In the more complex mathematics of relativity, those equations that explain how energy becomes mass as we approach c speed (E=mc2) become the so-called Lorenz transformations.

As you can see, the vortex comes inward toward the condensed center in which it will fuse with other quarks into a single diminishing vortex, called an Einstein-condensate, that packs very close one quark over another, turning at light speeds in a state of highly ordered matter.

In the graph, we observe also the evolution of true science, thanks to our advances in mathematics and logic. First, in the beginning of the century, when Einstein published, only gravitation, the force external to the mass was treated under the Principle of equivalence, between force and acceleration. The mass was still considered a solid substance, a Maya of the senses, which fix the quantum fluctuations of energy and information into a still image of the Universe, a knot of information called the mind. But the fixed images of the mind are not reality. Reality, as we entered into deeper experimental evidence, turned out to be always vibrating, moving, fluctuating at all scales we have perceived it. In the center, we see a bubble image of a particle.

There are not solid substances but a constant flow of motions that happen in different scales of fluid space-times, each one made of a sea of minimal “actions” with energy and information that act as the medium of that world—the gluons of the strong space-time of quarks, the h-Plancks of the weak world of electromagnetism, the -strings of the dark energy of gravitation (as per Nottale and others). And in the mediums known to man, the air molecules of nitrogen and oxygen, or the water molecules, which allow also the creation of hurricane and tornado vortices. In the new physics of complexity, we are all part of fractal discontinuums, mediums and scales of vibrating energy and form, and all the abstract simplifications of the “ancients,” while useful to allow calculus, become from a philosophical perspective hyperbolic or Pythagorean, monist, mechanist aberrations of thought.

Notable properties of this new world are a series of logic dualities and self-similarities called correspondences and invariances that relate those scales. Each new scale becomes created by the fractal sum of all the micro vortices that become a whole one in the next scale of size of the physical Universe, adding new dimensions. For example, a well-known correspondence is established between a mathematical description of a quark-gluon soup as a fifth-dimensional world of strings and a fourth-dimensional world of quark vortices. What this means is that -strings are the one-dimensional units of the superfluid dark energy that form those bidimensional quarks, which themselves lock in three perpendicular vortices to create fractals our three-dimensional electronic word. And so dimensions are always fractal, emerging as objects of a next scale, but the sum of all the fractal, finite dimensions from the small to the bigger world always adds up to four infinite continuous dimensions.

Yet all those fractal parts of the different scales of superfluid space-time are not solid substances but actions of energy and informative time. Planck again discovered this more than one hundred years ago, when he found the fractal unit of the membrane of light space-time we inhabited and called it action of energy and time. Yet the solid image never died away. What fractal theorists have done is to add to the “membrane of electroweak space-time made of light forces and electrons” another membrane of “gravitational masses” made of strings, gluons, quarks, and black holes. So in the same manner, we have two basic physical mediums that create vortices in our planetary scale, hurricanes made of quanta/fractal parts of atomic air and tornados, made of quanta/fractal parts of atomic water. In the Universe at large, we have two mediums, the light space-time made of “light quanta” (our membrane) and the gravitational world made of strings, fractal parts of gluon quanta (which form the superfluid vortices of quarks) and gravitational dark energy that form the cosmological space-time.

This duality, clearly established in the work of Nottale and others, reshapes our classification of forces in two systems, one of electroweak light entropy and other of strong gravitational mass. It is important to define properly the terms of that duality, so ill understood by the “ancients,” the quantum entropy theorists, rooted in the physics of the past millennium:

  • Electroweak, massless forces made of electromagnetic light and electrons belong to our membrane of Euclidean space-time, defined in classic physics. This is our world and it is defined by expansive entropy, spatial, lineal forces.
  • Yet this world is in a tug-of-war with the strong, cyclical, massive dark world of quarks that bends this space into cyclical clocks of bidimensional, temporal information, and the quark vortices inside the atom. And this strong world of quarks that bends electrons has also a lineal force, the dark gravitational energy flows that structure the interstellar space.

The easiest way to perceive those two universes is to consider the primary Universe not our Universe, but the world of quarks connected by long strings of dark gravitational energy, which form a universal web over which the electromagnetic world becomes a rubbery cover, as a series of copper cables are coated with rubber or our neurons with myelin. The quarks of strong forces are covered by electronic surfaces, which communicate between them through flows of electromagnetic light that runs over the thinner, faster wires of dark gravitational energy, which is the intimate scaffolding of reality.

In the cosmological world, quark quanta form the hyper dense black holes and quark stars. Indeed, in the same manner, we have found certain planets to have cold crystal cores; it might be possible that some stars have in the center a superfluid core of quarks, with organic membranes/discontinuities that separate them from the thermonuclear world of hydrogen and helium that forms the core of lighter sun like stars. It is a simple, beautiful vision of a Universe in which all dual systems are also made of fractals of smaller systems.

So we always have to account for two complex types of non-Euclidean geometries, which the ancients dismissed with their continuous Euclidean analysis of Cartesian space: the duality between energy, explosive and informative, implosive systems that balance each other and the scalar structure in which quanta with fractal dimensions emerge into a higher scale.

A human is also made of organic molecules, fractal parts of a cell, fractal parts of a human organism, fractal parts of a society. And each of those entities can further be divided in an informative nuclei (the DNA in the cellular scale, the brain in the organic scale, the government and informative castes in societies) and a reproductive body (the cytoplasm, the body, the reproductive, working class).

All this was finally understood in the simplest scales of physics, thanks to the work of fractal and complexity theorists, which in the past two decades expanded our mathematical and theoretical view of the principle of equivalence to encompass all the fractal structures of space/time and the work of multiple experimentalists who validated it with observations. They are the founders of the fractal paradigm of science, which could be to twenty-first-century science what the quantum paradigm. I recommend the work of Mr. Nottale, an astronomer, who established the minimal unit of gravitational space-time and related the two membranes through fractal equations and my work on non-Euclidean mathematics, still simple but with huge future.

Now we keep it simple because logic meaning is more intense. For example, when we consider topology, the first perspective is the ‘concept of topology as geometry with curvature motions’. Thus we prefer the simpler concepts of Gauss and Lobachevski, to introduce this essential ternary symmetry.

But obviously the last conception of topology in terms of sets of points is the most accurate. And yet only mathematicians will get an intuitive picture of it. So we keep it simple in terms of topological networks.

In that regard a fundamental error proper of the human mind is to discharge simpler, older models as if they had no truth at all, when a new more pedantic, detailed analysis comes in, so for example, nobody would dare to study gravitation in Newtonian or even Poisson’s terms, since Einstein brought relativity, and yet as we shall see, the ‘fixed’, formal analysis of Einstein (based in curvatures, which he found to be, of course of our 3 types in the entire space-time of the Universe) is complemented by the more dynamic vortex-like vision of Newton and the gradient analysis of poison.

In fact we will study in epistemology, in the future, the ternary structure in time of information theories, which grow in complexity and accuracy but filling in details, BUT do not invalidate simpler analysis, as all realities are ‘ternary’ in form and function, and 3±i is indeed the fundamental number of the universe.

Why the existence of bidimensional time cycles, which carry information is not explained by science? The reason is the Galileo’s paradox ignored by physics: the fact that, when observed in detail, all what exists is in motion – hence it is an event in time – and yet most things we see seem static, quiet – hence, they look like forms of space. Yet space is merely the short perception of a Time motion – a cycle or trajectory of an entity from past to future, seen as a simultaneous form. All what is perceived as a form of space is part of a long motion in time – a clock-like cycle that carries information.

Galileo’s paradox shows that the 2 ultimate substances of our physical models of reality – masses and vacuum space – which seem ‘fixed forms’ have motion:

Masses and charges are cyclical vortices that curve the lineal energy/motion of the 2 forces of pure space –light and gravitation– into whirl-like vibrations. So a charge is caused by the cyclical warping of a lineal motion called light into electronic vortices; and a mass is caused by the cyclical warping of another lineal force with energy-motion, called gravitation, into mass vortices (E=Mc2 in Relativity.)11

This again is not clear to physicists, because there are two theories of mass – that of Einstein, called Relativity and that of quantum theorists, which sponsor their own theory about mass, called the Higgs Theory. Yet Einstein’s theory of mass, General Relativity, is the basic theory of gravitation and mass in the Universe, proved right by multiple events of cosmology.

So Relativity should stand as the most probable truth. In such theory the Principle of Equivalence between gravitational forces and acceleration defines a mass. According to that principle, acceleration and mass are the same, as when you accelerate in a rocket, car or lift and feel heavier. But since there are only two types of accelerated motions, lineal, energetic forces and cyclical vortices (whirls of space-time), and gravitation is a whirl of space-time, Einstein came to the conclusion that you could describe reality as a combination of two motions, cyclical motion with more form, ‘informative’ motion, origin of masses, which are whirls of space-time that attract like hurricanes do, accelerating towards its center, and lineal forces, energetic, expansive fields.

Space is not static, but a type of energy or motion that ‘occupies space’, which has extension. And since the shortest distance between two points is a line, the motion with more extension is lineal motion. Thus, the purest space is lineal motion. Once we realize of this paradox of perception, all what exists become a ‘form in motion’, a time motion.

And so we define two types of essential motions in the universe: lineal forces and bodies, which specialize in lineal motions or energetic motions and cyclical particles (masses and charges) and heads, which specialize in cyclical motions that create forms and are often perceived as static information. In the graph we see that duality between the still perception of energy as ‘space’ and clock-cycles as information and its real motions. Several facts explain those perceptive paradoxes:

– The ‘expansion of space’, a key feature of the Universe, is synonymous of motion. Since that expansion can either be described as a ‘growth’ of space between galaxies (big-bang theory) or as a measure of the speed of galaxies that move away from each other (z-red shift theory). So vacuum space and energetic, lineal motions are synonymous.

– All what we perceive as static has, in detail, some motion. Thus, in the same way we perceive in the night a moving car as a fixed line of space, we perceive the space of the Universe as static though it is expanding, moving. And we perceive the Earth as static even if it is rotating (Paradox of Galileo).

– A 3rd proof of the temporal, motion-like nature of reality comes from the role of light in our perception of space: The last substrata of physical, vacuum space is light, (BG radiation) – a force in motion that shares the 3 Euclidean dimensions of canonical space, because both concepts vacuum space and light are synonymous: the 3 perpendicular dimensions of Euclidean space, width, height and length, are equivalent to the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light-space – the electric= informative=height field, the magnetic=energetic=width field, and the length=reproductive field (since a light wave reproduces its form in the length dimension).

Thus, we ‘see’ space as made of 3 perpendicular dimensions, because its substance ‘light-space’ is made of 3 perpendicular motions. Both concepts are the same: the 3 dimensions of static vacuum space are the 3 arrows=motions of light: its energetic, magnetic field, its informative, electric field, and its reproductive, e x i, field of speed. Those 3 motions occupy and create vacuum space. While the 4th arrow of social evolution of light is what we call ‘colors’, which gather many photons into a single color and complete our perception of space. The equality between spatial dimensions and light motions – the substance of space – is proved by the condensation of vacuum space into light photons.

Yet the mathematical, probabilistic depiction of that phenomenon obscures its cause among physicists. On the other hand, painters know this equivalence since the impressionist, pointillist schools discovered that we paint light, not space.

We add to light-space a 2nd spatial force, gravitation, which we do not perceive, but seems to curve the Euclidean geometry of light-space, according to Einstein’s relativity.

Thus, there are 2 space membranes: light-space, the space we perceive; and gravitational space, which we do not perceive directly, though we know it exists because its force/energy affects reality. So the total space of reality is shaped by the combined creative effect of two expanding energies, gravitation and light. Thus, space and its dimensions are not an abstract, mathematical reality that exists independently of light and gravitation – an error caused by the use of an abstract, continuous Cartesian graph that seems a form of space, independent of the entities that exist within it. Space is made of those 2 moving forces, reason why we cannot move faster than light-space, the maximal motion-distance of our perceived Universe.

Recap: What we call vacuum space is the static, ‘dimensional’ perception of the energy/motion of light and gravitational forces that fill the vacuum. What we call a mass is the static perception of a whirl of vacuum energy, a clock-like, cyclical motion of time. Hence, since all is motion, including the 2 ultimate substances of reality, the energy of space and the forms of masses and charges, all is in constant change, all is time. Thus, we exist in an eternal Universe, made of time motions, which our perception fixes into a continuous, still reality.

Thus our first approximation, to the unification of charges and masses, using first the simplest Bohr and Newtonian model is right because the concepts behind those models are right, the details not so much –  in the 4th line the more complex mathematical physics of Relativity and Heisenberg Matrix with the Hamiltonian will be used to obtain similar results.

In that regard we must stress that first concepts must be right. Physics today often uses wrong concepts due to its lineal definition of time, continuous concept of space and lack of 5d metric to unify all the scales of the universe and explain the duality of entropy and information.

Yet, it covers those conceptual errors, as in the cosmic big bang studied in the previous post with a lot of ‘Latin’: complex computer models that always seem right, by the hypnotic power of difficult mathematical calculus, its nice PowerPoint pictures and billion of $ spent in experimental machines – mostly to find nothing we don’t know already as a little whisper of Gravitational waves, or an irrelevant particle of the weak interaction (the Higgs). I use none of that ‘rhetoric’ here, as I am a proud believer in human brains – have always done my calculations by hand (-; and yet, this introductory paragraph give us more whys on modern physics that all the research of post-war scholars, who of course will not have any of it (-; Why? Because the universe is simple and not malicious. So simple principles MUST RULE the foundations of a Theory of Everything. (-;

The Unification Equation: Protons as black holes.

Now, to fully understand those fractal quarks and how they might form cosmological black holes, we have to relate the quantum world of charges and masses and the cosmological world of stars and black holes. So we have to return to complex physics, solving one of the great questions pending in twentieth-century physics, the unification equation of charges and masses, which is the key to properly mathematize the different masses of all those quarks and deduce the speeds of its vortices. To that aim, we must understand charges and masses as two fractal membranes of the Universe, not as two forces, that exist in the same continuous space-time. This is an improvement over Einstein relativity, but as the reader should understand by now, what fractal relativity has done is to improve Einstein by improving the mathematics he used, with the addition of fractal mathematics and the completion of the postulates of non-Euclidean geometry and by improving the logic of his work with the addition of information, the second arrow of time.

The equation that unifies charges and masses as a single type of force has been searched for one hundred years from the perspective of quantum particles, not with the geometrical/motion-based concepts of Einstein’s masses. Yet Einstein always said the unification equation should be based in the geometrical similarity between the equations of electromagnetism and gravitation and the equivalence principle between mass and acceleration.

Let us then use those simple principles. The existence of a fractal structure of space-time means that the electromagnetic world and the cosmological world are just two self-similar non-Euclidean membranes of space-time of two scales and charges and masses two self-similar vortices of two different scales.

So we shall be able to obtain for the first time theoretically, the value of the stronger universal constant of charges (Coulomb) by merely translating the jargon of a charge to the jargon of a vortex of space-time, which is the same in all scales. Since rotation is the essence of mass and the concept of a hard particle as a solid ball is a mere Maya of the senses, their only difference between quantum charges and cosmological bodies is the higher speed of rotation of charges and hence the stronger constant of the electromagnetic vortices of the quantum world.

This unification can be done with the mathematics of Newton, Poisson, or Einstein, which are just three stages in the constant refinement of the principle of equivalence and the geometrical analysis of the Universe. What matters is to understand the principles, which is what quantum cosmologists no longer do.

So now we have a quantum theory of gravitation and we can explore further both ways down and up the relationships.

The relationships between the particles of those two fractal scales, the cosmological and quantum scale, is the next great mystery of physics, resolved by the unification equation and Einstein’s mass theory. To find that relationship, we must translate to the gravitational jargon the radius of a proton, the particle made of quarks and gluons in the quantum world. If the hypothesis of a self-similar membrane of space-time of different scales of size holds since both, a proton and a black hole in the two scales, are made of quarks, the proton must be a black hole of the electromagnetic scale and so its radius, when translated to the jargon of gravitation, must have the same formula than a black hole radius, called a Schwarzschild Horizon.

Again, the mathematics is fairly straight: we equal the Coulomb, gravitational constant=1.5×1029 and the electromagnetic radius of the proton written in the jargon of gravity with its classic formula that describes the same vortex, written in the jargon of electromagnetism:

Electromagnetic force (gravitational jargon) = G(q) Mproton melectron /r2 = e2/4∏eor2 =F (classic jargon)

A hydrogen atom will be then a mass vortex of space-time, where G(q) is the Coulomb constant as a gravitational constant with value 1.5 x1029.

Now we use the previous equation to find the electron Bohr radius as a gravitational vortex. Then the magic transformation happens. Take the previous equation

e2= 4∏eoGq(1.5 x1029) Mproton melectron

And put it into the electron radius: e2/melectron x c2 x4∏eo. Now cancel melectron and 4∏eo.

And you get the electron radius expressed in the jargon of a quantum gravitational world as follows: G(q)M/c2.

It is a much simpler formula, which means we are doing “good physics” according to Ockham’s principle. But since in that expression M is the mass of a proton, G(q), the electromagnetic constant as a gravitational constant, and c, the speed of light, that expression is exactly the Schwarzschild radius of a quantum black hole.

Thus, the electron Bohr radius, which is the final radius of minimal size and energy in electrons, is the event horizon of a black hole in the quantum gravitational world.

Indeed in the cosmological world, beyond that radius light sinks toward the central singularity, where the black hole, a quark star resides. And beyond that radius, the electromagnetic flow sinks into the nucleus where quarks feed on light. In both worlds beyond those event horizons, light cannot escape. And yet the proton has a magnetic pole, through which it emits magnetic flows, equivalent to the dark energy, we shall see, black holes emit through its poles.

In other words, protons are self-similar to cosmological black holes in the quantum scale. And black holes are probably made of strings, gluons, and quarks as protons are. They should be therefore frozen quark stars, of the only variety of quarks which is positively charged, which happens to be also the densest of all quarks, the top quark, whose parameters as a condensate coincide with those of a cosmological black hole. And so a black hole is a top quark star, positively charged, the “self-similar proton” of a galactic atom.

Tƒ notice those results, the first theoretical deduction of Q, departing from G and the enormous simplification of the parameters of the electron radius till arriving to the same expression that a black hole radius cannot be by chance. They are mathematical deductions, one of the three standard forms of proof in science.

For a century, quantum cosmology has tried to obtain this unification, departing from quantum laws. Yet it can be obtained, departing from the gravitational equations of a vortex of space-time. Coulomb already hints at this fact when he decided to use a self-similar formula to that of Newton to describe a charge. What Einstein did was to refine those measures with the concept of simultaneous, present time and the use of the non-Euclidean Ricci tensor/flow, which is a more sophisticated, detailed picture of that curved vortex of space-time. He, we might say, applied a mathematical method that allows taking a series of still photographs of the vortex with enormous accuracy, but the complexity of his calculus hid the unification equation for a century. So it is evident that we are observing the same geometric vortex at different scales, explained with two different historic jargons.

So indeed, the Universe is a fractal of space-time, with two self-similar membranes. This opens an entire new field of physics, not quantum gravity, the description of cosmology with quantum laws, which is proved false, but fractal relativity, the description of the quantum world as a self-similar membrane to that of the cosmological world.

But in what it concerns this book, the most interesting finding under the new U (q) value of the electromagnetic constant is the discovery that the proton horizon shows the same equation as that of a black hole, a Schwarzschild horizon. It means that a quark condensate is a black hole state and vice versa: a cosmological black hole is a deconfined state of billions of top quarks, a top quark star.

Now, the mathematical treatment of the equivalence principle to unify masses and charges can be done with the simplest descriptions of a vortex created by Newton and Poisson or with the more complex Riemannian geometries of Einstein. The general error of physicists and the obvious reason why this equation has not been found is precisely their rejection of the simplest mathematics of Newton and Poisson, which made the unification exceedingly difficult. Yet there was a second reason: the use of a single arrow energy. So Einstein tried to unify cyclical vortices of mass and lineal electromagnetism (Maxwell’s equations) because he didn’t realize that he had to unify information and information (charges and masses) on one side and lineal forces with lineal forces (gravitational waves and electromagnetic waves), which has been done with the self-similar equations of gravito-magnetism.

Thus, in a universe of multiple fractal space-times, each one with a different content of spatial speed and informative density defined by a different G, electromagnetism and gravitation are merely two types of vortices with different sizes, hence different contents of space and time, which translates into different universal constants.

Consequences of the fractal unification of charges and masses

We obtained theoretically, for the first time, the value of Q from G; always obtained through the experimental method, the three legs of the scientific method are met in the fractal unification equation:

  • Logic consistence. The Universe is a fractal of multiple space-times, self-similar in structure.
  • Mathematical accuracy. The same vortex of space-time allows calculating theoretically the values of those vortices.
  • Experimental proof. The experimental calculation of Q coincides with the theoretical value, which has a probability to happen of less than 1 in a trillion, if this coincidence were by chance and not because the Universe is indeed a fractal of self-similar scales and charges are gravitational, quantum vortices.

Because no other approach has yielded a consistent, experimental logic and mathematical unification, it is obvious that a charge is a self-similar (but not equal) membrane of space-time.

Further on, a third type of force or vortex of space/time, which is even smaller in space and faster in time, the bidimensional strong force, defines quarks. And its cosmological equivalent, bidimensional black holes, seem to be similar in properties and morphology. Thus, we can also relate with the same principle of equivalence the strong force and gravitational force. We already showed the Bohr radius to be a Schwarzschild radius, and since astronomers study the stars around galactic black holes as electronic nebulae and have found that the central black hole is actually a swarm of them, as a quark is actually a fractal of gluons, the self-similarities keep growing.

In our analysis of the errors of truth of science, we considered the hyperbolic error the most common among human beings. Now we can apply it to the real structure of the Universe and its different membranes of space-time. We exist only in one of those membranes, the membrane of light space-time, which is Euclidean in form, whose space dimensions are given by the three lineal perpendicular fields of light.

And yet physicists think Einstein’s special relativity, which studies our local, fractal membrane of space-time (the membrane of Euclidean light-space and its entire evolved electroweak species that inhabit that space), found a tautology. Since we exist in that “light medium,” the speed of light c is the limit of speed of our world. Yet he thought c was the limit of speed of all the systems and sizes of the Universe.

Indeed, imagine that you exist in a war medium. If you flow with the water, you will not be able to go faster than the water. Because we float, so to speak, in light, the space-time of the galaxy, we can’t go further than light.

But we have observed beyond the galactic light space, intergalactic, dark, gravitational space with z=10 c speeds. This is in fractal space/time theory, with its decametric, multiple membranes of space-time, the limit of speed of the bigger cosmological world of dark/gravitational energy and quark/black holes. But scientists have invented an enormous number of ad hoc solutions to deny that in the bigger world of galaxies that float in that dark world, speed is faster.

Enough to say that the symmetry is based on what we call the paradox of Galileo, the fact that all what we observe can be seen as a fixed form or a moving one, like the Saturn’s rings mentioned before. When we see a mass as a motion, it is a vortex; when we see it as a fixed form, it is a particle. When we see a force as a motion, it is energy; when we see it fixed, it is space.

The classic example is given in cosmology: are the galaxies that are moving at z=10 c moving at ten times the speed of light, or is space creating distance, expanding? In the appendix, we shall deal with that theme when we study in depth the meaning of the big bang.

In this appendix, dedicated to the physical Universe, we have now to consider the fundamental symmetry of the Universe between lineal forces of space and cyclical, informative particles of time.


The ternary, i-logic topological structure of atoms.


An atom is a space-time field divided in 3 species, informative masses or quarks, energetic gravitational and electromagnetic networks and an intermediate space-time, the electronic nebulae, which bends light into ‘fractal’, ultra dense photons, which put together create the electronic nebulae.


 Let us then now that we have revis(it)ed classic single time-space theories of reality, depart from the classic age of the 3rd paradigm of metric spaces (quantum relativistic models of reality), without further ado.

Since what was done beyond Einstein Dirac and Nambu, the last of the classics, is mostly baroque, inflationary, metalinguistic theories proper of all paradigms of thought that failed to include mass, as the information of the Universe that balances the energetic entropy of spatial forces (single big-bang theory that fails to include dark matter/Entropy, Thermodynamic of black holes that misunderstands the nature of the event horizon belonging to our light-universe, super symmetry and superstrings that fails to understand the isomorphisms of balance that forbid its existence, the expanding Universe that fails to consider the implosive, galactic vortices, which balance that expansion elsewhere in this work) and move on to present the universe with the ternary dimensions of time (ages of all time events) and space (3 functional topologies of all st-points or ‘worlds’ of space-time.)

In the graph, an atom is a space-time field divided in 3 space-time zones: its informative quark center, the nucleus; the external reproductive membrane, made of electrons, which evolve socially in bigger ST membranes when atoms become molecules; while informative, gravitational and energetic, light networks shape their intermediate space-time.

The topology of the atom is thus clear. The electron acts as an external ‘spherical plane’, a membrane of Entropy. In the center quarks are the informative vortices. In between Entropy and form is transferred with forces, which often decouple, reproducing new particles and antiparticles. There are 3 informative families of quarks-mass, due to the evolution of information in 3 ages or horizons of increasing form: each quark family is thus an age in the evolution of informative matter.

The final event of death of those families is a ‘decay’ or quantum big-bang. In our lighter up and down quarks, it is the beta decay, the dual mini-big-bang of a neutron due to the conversion of a balanced, reproductive down quark into an informative up quark (proton, big crunch formation) and an energetic electron (expansive electronic membrane).

As in all processes of death we assist first to the dissociation of the informative’ and energetic elements of the organic system.

Since death is caused by the destruction of the networks of the upper plane of reality, which created a form.

So the Neutron dissociates its informative quarks and electronic, slightly negative, external membrane, provoking a dual big-bang and big crunch, breaking into the 2 parts of its balanced state.

Thus we write the reaction as an event of the generator equation:

Electron=energetic past<Down quark=balanced Present>Up=informative future

Electron (E) × Up quark (Information) = Down quark (balance)

The up quark has half of the mass of the down quark, and we know a down quark switches into an up quark in a beta reaction that explodes a neutron into a proton and electron, components of the Hydrogen atom. In other words the balanced neutron splits into an expansive electron and an implosive proton. This is the equivalent of a quantum dual big-bang/big crunch, a far from equilibrium process in which the neutron expands its membrane into an electronic big-bang and implodes its quarks into a tighter proton configuration.

Recap. Atoms are st-points with 3 topological spaces, the spatial membrane or electron, the hyperbolic center or quark-gluon soup, and the intermediate, ‘bigger’, reproductive space where exchanges of electromagnetic and gravitational forces give birth to virtual particles.

Events in time and organisms in space.

All those processes give origin according to the duality of the ‘Galilean paradox’ to both events in time and forms in space, which further illuminate many questions unresolved in classic quantum physics – as we can always consider the existence of 2 different realities, a causal event and a ternary organism, and so we have two options to explain many phenomena before explaining only with either a spatial or a temporal perspective: For example, a proton is a uud triplet of quarks in space, but in time you might consider that a down quark, which switches into an up quark and electron, splitting its mass-vortex in 2 and then evolves back into a down quark.

So you can also write the ternary structure as an event in time: d(ST)->u (Tƒ)+e(Spe)->d(ST)

And so we can consider the whole process to be an existential cycle of a single down quark. Both events are real and in certain conditions the process will be a temporal event and in others will create a spatial organism. The difference is clear: when we consider the process as an event, reality becomes warped from a big spatial, extended, multiplied world into a tighter, faster, temporal non-redundant Universe. And so this ‘antisymmetry’ between time functions and spatial forms happens when we consider the ‘antisymmetry’ between big-bang & big-crunch ages of fast d=evolution in time, in a limited space vs. the spatial, organic ages or steady states, described by the equations of Einstein. And since we are apparently in a steady state age for the Universe, most likely the previous spatial description is the reality of the atom: 3 quarks, locked as relative, past-Entropy, present balanced and future-informative subspecies.

The reality of studying the Universe both in time and space, as either an event or a form is one of the key methods of ‘Complex physics’ as a science which uses two arrows to describe the Universe. Yet because physicists lack those methods, they often confuse an event in time with a form in space and vice versa. Ultimately the proton and neutron are two phases of the same being in 2 different states of time that physicists first confused with 2 different species of space.

-The mystery of their 2/3 and 1/3 charges become also resolved in a temporal perspective: the up quark emits a negative electron, giving up a charge and becoming a down quark that later absorbs the quark and becomes an up quark again.

An easy way to solve when a process is a spatial duality or a time event is the fact that time events often don’t have parity, mirror symmetry, a spatial property, as it happens with the Beta decay. What this means is that because information and Entropy have different properties, the arrow of Entropy->information and the arrow of information->Entropy, its inverse process, are different. And so indeed, while neutrons decay easily giving birth to an electron in a few minutes – another proof that it is a fast process of death; the inverse process hardly ever happens.

Another puzzle of physics is the difference of masses between particles. The general rule is simple: when a lineal Entropy, E, accelerates till light speed, the limit of our light membrane, it starts to curl into a cyclical speed, which is the definition of a vortex of mass. Thus no mass becomes mass. Yet further on, this transformation can be further increased by a topological transformation, from a reproductive, cyclical vortex toroid topology to a hyperbolic, more massive one. The balanced, reproductive cyclical toroid donuts can switch into the inner informative dual donuts (simplest hyperbolic topology). And as the hyperbolic topology adds up more ‘toroids in the dimension of height, and the vortex of mass, VoxRo=K, increases its speed mass increases geometrically, reason why a black hole, a hyperbolic topology with asymptotic T-parameters, is the most massive object of the Universe.

This topological transformation could be a possible reason why a down quark has the mass of 2 up quarks: the down quark might switch back and forth its reproductive single-torus topology into a dual torus, becoming more complex and heavier but smaller. In this manner we can find many topological whys to the abstract description of particles and transformative events between them.

Consider now the temporal interpretation of color, a feature that makes quarks stable in triplets.

It was discovered when physicists realized that quarks with the same spin could occupy the same position. So they considered they have color. But they never clarified what color is. We interpret color in simple Euclidean Geometry as the orientation of 3 bidimensional, cyclical vortices of mass – 3 quarks, that are perpendicular to each other – and so they can occupy the same 3-dimensional space. This explains why 3 quarks of 1/3rd charge together emerge in the electromagnetic world and can interact with a 3-dimensional electron of 1 charge. It also explains why they are locked in a stable configuration: they cannot be deconfined without ‘disappearing’ from our 3-dimensional world as point-particles; reason why we perceive them as joined by an extremely strong and attractive force.

In detail, using complex Non-Euclidean topology the picture is somehow more complex, but the previous simplified analysis is clear enough to explain why some quarks have 2/3rds of charge, 2 donuts, and some 1/3rd, one donut; and how they can interact with 1-charge electrons.

Further on we can understand why gluons, the particles exchanged by quarks have 2 colors. This again is self-evident: if you try to communicate a bidimensional long plane and a perpendicular plane you must travel in a right angle. So a gluon that exchanges Entropy and form between 2 quarks of different perpendicular/color orientation must have 2 colors.

2/3rd charge quarks would be from the perspective of its gluon parts, chaotic, perpendicular, bidimensional attractors (Lorenz-type); 1/3rd quarks would be self-similar to single gluon attractors (Rossler type). Gluons are bundles of strings with a boomerang like open topology – hence without mass, as they don’t close the cyclical vortex. And as they interact with quarks, they will change their spatial orientation, carrying away their color.

The principle of physics that matters here is diffeomorphic orientation, Obviously when we switch from Euclidean to non-Euclidean space and from continuous to fractal dimensions, the topologies of those orientations become much more complex and we should rather talk of ‘puzzles’, hyperbolic, 2/3rd charges; toroid, 1/3rd charges, and curved planes (gluons) that respond to the 3 basic topologies of the Universe; and become locked together in complex patterns, as proteins and other cellular components do in the cell, to emerge as a whole Non-Euclidean Point of our 3-dimensional world – a proton.

Thus color is a geometrical feature that evolves the bidimensional world of quarks into the 3-dimensional world of electrons, creating a holography of our world. Quantum physicists know that information is bidimensional and the Universe holographic but they don’t know why. Because the classic, abstract, algebraic description of quarks, based in group symmetries cannot express this easily. Thus, without topological analysis, without the enlightenment of its why with the new paradigm, the theory of quarks and gluons tell us only that each quark has a color, different from the other 2 colors of the triplet and gluons have 2 colors.

The topological analysis shows that the fractal scale of quarks and gluons is similar to a fractal, liquid cell, which is the fundamental structure mimicked by all Non-Euclidean points, hence, self-repeated in many self-similar scales, as we shall see when explaining galaxies as cells of the Universe; where black holes are the DNA/informative element and stars the mitochondria/ energetic network.

Recap. We can perceive, according to the Galilean Paradox all realities as forms in space or events in time. Physicists study quarks only as events in space, so they miss the explanation of its fractal charge: 3 locked quarks as events in time add to 1 charge; and miss the topological non-Euclidean interpretation of down, up quarks and gluons whose hyperbolic, toroid and curved plane topologies add up to form a st-point of 4 Dimensions that surfaces in our holographic Universe.

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