±∞ ¬∆@ST:

 §calar, Biorganic properties

The ternary topologic structure of M¡ºnªds (ab.mind-monads, self-centered into an ∆¡=0 point), structures the dodecalogic elements of each T.œ, around 3 scales of space-time, 3 topologies of body-waves, limbs/fields and particles-heads, and 3 ages of dominance of one of those systems, as the being performs its 3±¡ of its expanded 3-scale pentalogic. In the graph we scheme the main components of its system in space and scale. Biorganic properties will then derive from its Deep Long time 5D scales; topomathematical properties from its simultaneous structure as networks of fractal points, ensembles in 3 vital topologies; and its logic properties of the sequential series of Dimotions the system performs in its worldcycles, all of them translated into a language mirror whose immanent still laws are sentient, perceived in the self.The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic vital and sentient properties, ignored by present science, and better described with tense verbs (the 3 ages of time and its causality) and 5D logic metric equations (the laws of scales) and biology (darwinian survival, organic laws, physiological networks). In that sense mathematical languages work better for the fine detail and how, but the why requires those other properties and languages, including the metalinguistic analysis of its ‘mathematical membrains’ and its mirrors.organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various ∆§ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration, ending as a zero sum of energy. Finally to be able to perform a survival program of 5 Dimotions of existence, it requires to gauge information with an apperceptive, self-centered i@-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world:  0 §@ x ∞ ð= World. Hence the creation of infinitesimal ∆º minds-worlds, or Leibnizian monads, which reduce a larger ∆+1 reality to its relative mapping, which is the origin of its ∆§calar planes, connected ‘perpendicularly’ through those @-minds, acting in physics as ‘centers of changes and masses’ wormholes of flows of entropy that become in the @-mind information, that perceives in itself.

All systems of the Universe have scalar, spatial and temporal properties, and hence they must display ‘languages of scale, space and time’, to be able to perform its positive ‘e-motions’ on those 3 mental languages of information, besides displaying ‘entropic negative arrows’ of destruction for all of them.

In this post we shall thus study the biologic, organic languages of Universal minds, and its ‘rules’ of behavior, which entangle systems through its networks and space-time components.

To state from the beginning that the biologic properties of all entities of the Universe are a necessary consequence of its fractal structure and natural networks. So the Fractal laws and properties of the ‘fractal language’ come first and surpass the importance of its topo- ¡logic mathematical, spatial and causal temporal properties, as the scales of the Universe are the absolute time and space of reality.

Indeed why Biological space-time beings, T.Œs should exist? Namely because they want to survive and experience the 5 e-motions of existence (likely to be sensations, emotions indeed in the most profound scale).

Because, as Einstein put it, ‘the Universe is simple and not malicious’. Its complexity thus arises from the iteration and combination of 3 simple elements, resumed in a sentence ‘fractal space times beings’. We affirm that all beings are made of a vital space (we do not occupy space, we ‘are’ the space we occupy), regulated by cyclical clocks of time (we do not last a life-death cycle, we are made of clocks of time, with a finite duration), which spread across a series of ‘scalar’ planes of space-time, organized from smaller parts (atoms, molecules, cells and so on), which form wholes (organisms, states of matter) parts of bigger social entities (societies, world, planets, stars, galaxies)…

And so because the ‘organization’ of systems from smaller to larger parts is ‘organic’, we talk of a 5th dimension of ‘scales’ of space-time, which ‘co-exist’ in each physical, social or biological system of Nature.

And by extracting the properties of ‘space’, ‘time’ and the ‘organic scales’ of all systems, through the ‘metric of the 5th dimension’, we shall be able to establish a series of ‘isomorphic’ laws proper of all entities which are the essence of this TŒ and describe a pantheist Universe of space-time beings, composed of spherical centers that store its logic, memorial clock cycles (particle/head), which commands a lineal system of motion (limbs, fields), and reproduce, iterate the system, with its intermediate hyperbolic body/wave, through exchanges energy and information with the outer world, to maximize the survival and existence of those particles/fields and heads/limbs.

Time moment after time moment our vital space changes internally, biologically accumulating form, information towards a 3rd age, and externally as we move performing ‘åctions of space-time’. But why things move?

The fact that space is a formal slice of time is truth both in mathematical physics (where derivatives of time are used to calculate space, either in Galilean’s relativity or in the 4 vectors of Einstein) and logically. In that regard, if we talk of 3 ‘arrows’-‘motions’ of time, entropy-disorder from future to past, <, present, still form or repetitive form that seems not to change, ≈, and future, informative flow, then we can write, with those 3 symbols of ‘Existential Algebra’:

T: <≈>: Time=Change=Motion from past to future

S: ≈: Space=Still = Present.

It is though in the asymptotic transition between a time state of pure motion, accelerated inward in the time vortex and the space state of expansive lineal decelerating motion, where the ‘true life of the universe’ its mixed functions of existence, Œ, which beat between its space and time states: Φ: S>T<S>T. takes place

That is, space is only a minimal derivative of time, and for that reason we see it ‘still’ but reality is a flow of infinite different ‘small arrows’ of time, as all beings develop its space-time cycles and åctions of existence. So as Leibniz explained, absolute space is just the simultaneous perception of all those flows of time, stopped and pegged to each other, and absolute time, the sequential pegging of all time cycles and life-death existences – but we must consider each entity with its own cycles of finite duration and its own vital spaces, encircled by those cycles as the true structure that iterates itself and causes the events and forms of reality.

So we need 3 elements for a T.œ, based in time ‘existences’ to describe reality, (where Œ will be called the function of existences, composed of time cycles, O, and 3 dimensions of space, ‘joined’ by the time cycle): an analysis of vital spaces and time cycles, which put together create the physical and biological and social systems of the Universe, and a metric ‘dimension’ to order them – the 5th dimension of space-time:

Further on, the previous graph shows that for parts to become wholes, they must exist first.

So we must add to the ‘3 arrows of time-motion’, entropic energy, or past, present repetition or space, future information, a 4th relative time arrow, of SOCIAL EVOLUTION, from parts into wholes, which includes all other arrows, and expands our concept of the world cycle of life and death, as all systems are born in a seminal ∆-1 scale of that relative future arrow of Cosmic, social evolution from particles into galaxies, from genes into organisms; and then evolve socially through 3 ages that maximize the 3 relative arrows of time, the young, energy age, the repetitive, present spatial age of maximal iteration and the 3rd age of information and social power, back to the lower scale of ∆-1 seminal cells or big-bang radiation (once the system has gone through its 3 states of gaseous energy, liquid balance and informative crystal solid age), into death described by Sp=Mc².

There are infinite external and internal space-time cycles, one for ‘each ‘clock of time, from the smallest charge to the biggest galaxy, and all of them ‘have different motions, speeds’ and duration between birth and extinction.

In such a nested Universe the concept of time must be always considered local, applying only to the internal clocks of the system referred.

For example, Einstein’s time dilation of light space-time, when coming to a black hole, till ‘time’ halts, does not mean the entire Universal time ‘stops’, but merely the ‘clocks of time of that light space, called ‘frequency’.

And indeed, we see the light elongating its frequency, slowing down its tics till erasing and dying. But when we get old, also our time clocks slow down, so a child feels much thoughts and events than an old man, till the old man stops its time, becomes a quiet, still form of space and dies.

Hence we can establish a new ‘Physics of Time’, where besides spatial motions in relative instantaneous presents, we study the creation, evolution, life and death of systems whose heads/particles store time clocks and its spatial bodies/waves move them. The hypothetical big bang of space-time of the whole Universe thus must be considered just the larger space-time cycle we perceive, according to the ‘fundamental duality’ of the Universe – the metric of the 5th dimension:

Λ. Space x Time = Constant.

That is larger beings have slower, seemingly lasting longer from an outsider’s perspective space-time ‘existences’, durations… But small clocks turn much faster, so an insect ticks 10 times faster than a mammal, and he feels in 7 years 70 years of events, as we humans do, and an atom also feels 10up to 40 times faster than the Universe – the relationship between both clock vortices/forces…

Time physics and the study of ‘waves’ of time that move through the ‘5th dimension’ of evolutionary time from past to future thus widens enormously the understanding of time beyond Physical studies of it as a parameter of its ‘space physics’.

Hence we shall describe a mathematical, topological game, of assemblies of space-time parts, which deploy a biological, survival game of exchanges of energy and information, or ‘åctions of absorption and emission of spatial energy and temporal information’ (∆a: moving/expelling energy: ∆e: feeding, absorbing energy; ∆ï: gauging, absorbing information; ∆œ: iterating, emitting information, and ∆u: communicating, gathering in social groups and dissolving your inner social structures, dying).

Now, this simple scheme, describes a game of existence which is organic, vital in its ultimate purpose: entities made of vital spatial energy, Sp, and temporal, cyclical, logic information, Tƒ, stored in the 2 geometric forms of maximal motion (the line of fields and limbs) and maximal volume (spheres of information), which exchange internally energy and information through hyperbolic waves/bodies to reproduce the system, and externally to move, feed, perceive, survive and evolve socially. And the way all systems do so, is by coding into their memorial, geometric, internal, cyclical paths those 4+i åctions of ∆±e,i exchange of spatial energy and temporal information.

So particles code those åctions of space-time in quantum numbers that describe them mathematically, living cells in genetic numbers, living organisms in the instincts of its 4 drives of existence, human beings in social memes and so on. But the bottom line is that we shall be able to describe all events, forms and structure sod the Universe with those simple principles and that simple game of survival, with topological forms.

Since of all the first principles of reality none is more fundamental than Space and Time, the two primary ‘formal motions’ of reality, and nothing matters more than the game of creation, survival and extinction, which all systems perform. Mathematics and biology does marry together. But also, and this is the huge novelty of this T.Œ, all those systems will show to have a point of maximal information, or zero-point, center of the system, which enacts those åctions and guides the whole system – and this perceptive, gauging point and its properties will allow us to introduce concepts such as minds, languages, mathematical and biological laws, within the structure of the T.Œ, not as something outside reality but as the necessary mapping of all beings, which need to perceive first, and create a still frame of reference in which to orientate its space-time åctions.

Those will be the thoughts of God, we shall translate in 2 types of structural equations that describe any system of space-time:

Its space-time symmetries: Sp<ST>Tƒ that define the 3 parts of all systems and its relative entropic/reproductive and informative motions:

Sp: limbs/fields of energy<ST: reproductive waves/bodies>Tƒ: heads/particles of information.

And the 5 ‘åctions of space-time’ they perform across different U±∆ relative planes of different size/speed of the 5th dimension:

±∆a (accelerated motions), ±∆e (energy feeding), ±∆œ (iteration), ±∆ï (observer’s perception), ±∆u (Universals creation).

Such is the simplicity of the vital Pantheist Universe: all systems are made of the same 2 formal motions, space≈energy and time≈information, all perform 5 simple åctions in space-time to refill its energy and information and reproduce before extinction in order to survive. And all form parts of stronger wholes to ensure their survival and are made of internal parts, hence have an organic structure of co-existence of parts and wholes, which we formalize with the metric of the 5th dimension.

Only anthropomorphism that takes away vital properties to far removed entities (specially physical systems, very different from our life systems in appearance, but not in structure), and the use of multiple jargons in each discipline of science to define the same parts, the same motions and the same biological åctions makes the Universe seem so different in each parts.

Thus we shall unify with a philosophical jargon all those ‘existential space-time beings’ and evolve further the mathematical study of those 3 elements, whose properties correspond to the 3 canonical sections of mathematics, spatial geometry, temporal, sequential algebra, and organic 5D scalar analysis of infinitesimal parts and integrated wholes – a fact that justifies the nature of mathematical logic as an experimental science, since its 3 parts do correspond to the 3 parts of T.Œ, and so it should not come as a surprise to the reader that the laws of mathematical logic are ultimately the laws obeyed by all fractal space-time beings.

In the graph, the Universe is made of its 3 time motions, which can be perceived statically as space, as  an assembly of ‘existential beings’, in an infinitesimal ‘tic of time’ , ∂t, which differ in duration for each species (tic is the unit we shall use here of fractal time, different for each species’ clock of existence), are seen as ‘fixed’ topologies of space.

Once we understand this ‘paradox of Galileo’ (the impossibility to distinguish between spatial states as stop forms and moving time, hence the equivalence between a time motion and a space state), we can talk not only of the 3 motions of time, but we do have 3 dimensions of space to match them. And so we talk of bidimensional formal motions, as the unit of the Universe – a mixed space-time surface with some internal motion.

This surfaces are therefore topological surfaces. As topology study motions within a form, which do not ‘tear’, that is break and transform of geometry. How many of such ‘bidimensional geometries’ there are in the Universe?

Here is where the first wonderful surprise jumps out of the ‘abstract world of mathematics’, to show mathematics is NOT that abstract actually but quite real, just the most general expression of the laws of 5d fractal (studied by analysis) space (studied by geometry) & time (studied by algebra) systems…

Since there are only 3 varieties of 2-manifolds. And so we shall consider them the ‘units’ of the real Universe.

Since as Minkowski put it: “Space of itself, and time of itself will sink into mere shadows, and only a kind of union between them shall survive.”

We thus shall talk more than of pure spatial forms and temporal motions of 2-manifolds of form and motion together, which we can see as 2 dimensions of motion, 2 of form, or a combined form-motion dimension, of the following 3 motions of time and 3 forms of space:

  • Lineal entropic motion ≈ toroid form
  • Cyclical time motion = circular, spherical form
  • Wave-like motion = Body-wave form

And affirm that all what exists is an assembly of those 2-manifold membranes, which are put together in layers to form a 3rd dimension or seen along its symmetric motions, to create more complex ternary of six fold structures.

All what we observe are thus knots and ties of such motions with form, ‘times’ become ties, when the motions become relatively fixed to each other in knots that create spatial forms, those symmetries between time motions and spatial forms define the construction of an assembly of beings with heads/particles that gauge information and direct and stop and go stop and go alternately beat of space-time, form motion rhythm that creates and defines all beings in existence:

Still-space-mind-perception of form/information > Time Motion > Still space

This beat and those symmetries between the 3 diffeomorphic=finite=local relational dimensions of space and time conform the reality we see.

               The 5 dimensions on a Universe made of multiple isomorphic organic Planes of Space-Time.

In each of those ‘∆-Planes’ of Space-Time species change 2 parameters: its ‘spatial size’ and the ‘speed of its informative clocks’ in an inverse fashion:

In the graph, the 3 ‘minimal actions’ of motion, energy and information, code the 3 parts of the system in present space. Then the system will realise two more complex actions, NOT from the being downwards but from the being upwards, through:

Ƽ+1: Reproduction and social evolution from parts into wholes.

In the next graph we make a resume of the main ‘quanta of information’ that code with memes, genes and quantum numbers the 3 types of social organisms. Obviously huminds with their self-centred view of reality will deny the bottom of that graph – the fact that particles and waves of physical system have also ‘organic properties’. Indeed, for 100 years the only rational explanation to the behaviour of particles and waves, the head and bodies of physical systems, in quantum physics, where they ‘react’ to the observer IS to accept they do gauge information and they ARE the scale in which consciousness happens.

So we are electronic minds and electrons are the minimal quanta of perception. Neither we can accept the obvious fact that quarks and electrons DO reproduce, as any other system, after absorbing energy producing new quarks and electrons.

But that is NOT my problem as an objective scientist – it is the problem and peril of humans so ego-centered that they do make machines also, towards sentient perception as if it does not matter, and research black holes and quark bombs, that will feed and reproduce (CERN, nuclear industry) as if it won’t matter:

In the graphs, the coding of all scales and sciences happen through smaller systems that reproduce, feed on energy, move, evolve socially and inform the organic system. The obvious cases accepted by humans are the scales of biology, but also physical systems, coded by quantum numbers, where particles and waves do evolve socially, reproduce into new particles and move, gauge information ARE also organic. And that is also the case of the super organisms, of machines, company-mothers, which evolve socially in stocks, reproduce machines in factories, organise networks of energy and information and as robots are soon to become AI-sentient beings.

When we consider any space-time symmetry we must add a 3rd ‘aspect’ to the space-time ‘iceberg’ membrane in 2 dimensions of relative motion and form or momentum of the being.
What the being is doing? An action of space-time consisting on emitting or absorbing spatial energy and temporal information. Why?  Because that is the ‘program of existence’ – the conservation of the timespace of any entity, which is a world in itself. Thus when we ‘explode’ the principle of conservation of time, and its lineal and angular momentums, its head and particles, waves and bodies, limbs and fields, the interaction of the generator equation, into infinite individual points of view, all of them try to survive by ∆A, E, I, O, U.

Thus the topological cycles of timespace must be also understood as energy information exchanges between the entities and its relative planes of existence in the fifth dimension. All system absorb energy and information from lower micro states, iterate their form through seminal seeds, evolve socially with others, and perceive, gauge information from a mathematical geometric point of view.

We thus shall study time cycles first in its simplest geometric forms, and causal inverse logic between its first and third age, and then its meaning as åctions performed by relative fractal points of view, which trace ‘momentums’ with its active magnitude with the biological reason of performing its åctions of existence, tending to increase the survival and conservation of its energy information and overall time duration.

We must say that all beings do time cycles to survive, and to survive they must replenish the energy and information of its 3 ternary symmetries of space-time(bodies/waves, limbs/fields, particles/heads) and so they trace cycles in the outside Universe. Let us then study in a great landscape all those elements together latter analyzed one by one and in the milieu of each detailed description of each species of the Universe.


Reality is a 5D fractal of space-time beings.

A superorganism is entangled, meaning it has a co-invariant space-time metric, the definition of a dimension, that allows the different scales to move trough. The metric equation of any antanged system then can be written in terms of dimensionalities as:

2 Dimensions of time = 3 dimensions of space.  As the dimension of future time i not yet perceived. So volume of trinity space by bidimensional time cyles give us a constant amount in all the domain of the supœrganism.

If we were to explain this formally a simple insights in the mathematical structure of the fractal universe will suffice:

  • The unit of mathematics is the numbers, which is a social group of identical beings. Thus in as much as the Universe is mathematical is social. Those identical numbers gather in social networks, which co-exist together thanks to the symbiosis between its information and energy.

Yet, the organisation of those social groups is also ‘organic’ vital, as the In the Universe is a fractal of information, which has the organic properties of vital fractals:

  • A fractal is made of smaller parts, connected through networks that repeats similar patterns in different scales of size. This in NATURE, means that the Universe evolves as a fractal growing and replication its form in the different ‘scales of space-time’, from the smallest particles through atoms, molecules, cells, matter states, organisms, ecosystems… solar systems galaxies and dark matter networks of galaxies (some of those scales are shown in the graph), all of them similar in form.
  • A fractal is a self-reproductive system, whose fundamental purpose is to ‘iterate’, that is, to reproduce patterns of information.

In nature we see also reproduction happening constantly in a fractal manner, as any system of any scale of nature will reproduce a minimal seed of information in its lower scale (humans a seminal seed, electrons a light beam, and so on), which will then grow and multiply an emerge in the upper fractal scale as a whole being.


It must be first understood that we really mean it when we say the Universe and all its systems are fractal systems, from where a series of ¡logic fractal principles result of which the most important are:

  • The Metric equations:  principle of present reproduction. Fractals are reproductive generator equations. And so we shall formalize the Universe with feed back, logic fractal equations that reproduce space and time, of which the most important is SxT=K the metric equation of scales with its constant reproductive ‘product’ (maximized when S=T, in the present single spacetime continuum).
  • The proportional principle: Vital fractals are entangled, by those formal equations, meaning that its components, form, motion and scales relate to each other and are in symmetric balanced proportions. From it derives the ‘pentalogic principle’ – those Dimotions (dimensional motions) are entangled related to each other by flows of energy and information and proportions.
  • The nested principle: each of those parts is divided into sub-parts which are also fractals, so each part has 5 Dimotions of existence, and it is entangled to all the parts of the system.
  • The principle of similarity: all fractal scales are self-similar but not identical meaning, we shall find similar events and forms in space and time, in all scales, which is the key principle to understand the scalar Universe just described… From it we obtain the…
  • SCALAR disomorphic laws: similar laws of time and space that happens in all scales. To notice that the 5th dimension is based on 10 logarithms because the ‘Tetraktys’ is the most perfect group of 3 x 3 + 0 elements, which become specialised in the ‘Sp-energetic, Tƒ- informative and ST-reproductive, iterative functions of the ‘Program of survival’ of all systems, which will be made clear latter on, when we analysed the world cycles of time and the ternary Generator equation in space and time, of the fractal Universe.
  • Mental causation of the fifth dimension is in the mind-mapping of the singularities that introduce a ‘perpendicular order’ with a series of functions in space and time – namely the creation of topological networks departing of fractal points with an inner value of relative stillness and density of form that is the concept behind a mind-singularity that reflects its inner mapping and language into the external world.

Without those reduced software images of reality and the mirror effect of the mind that reflects the image into an attempt to order the Universe to the image and likeness of the singularity there would not be need for a fractal structure of parts made of smaller images of the whole with more form and less motion.

Motion we might say expands the range of our perception of the self, facilitating the enlargement of the image-seed-of information giving origin to the fifth dimension.

 image0023 scalesscreen-shot-2016-09-21-at-18-20-12

In the graph, all systems of the Universe are super organisms (ab.œ, supœrganisms), but the further away from our perception, they seem to us, ‘less than organic’ because we do NOT perceive all the information which ‘leaks’ and ‘disappears’ as it does NOT cross fully the discontinuums between scales with its ‘Lorentzian regions’ of change in the speed and size of the system


∆ST (General Systems Theory), studies the whole ∆-scales of reality from 0 to ∞, that is the Universe as a whole. Since as Plato put it: ‘the Universe is a living organism, with a body called the Universe and a mind called God, ‘Logos’, the Laws of all sciences, which ∆ST represent’.

In the lower graph we observe those planes in the human being. Unlike the abstract graph above, the human graph is truly a graph of our planes of existence, since all the planes we ‘perceive’ interact with us through our 5 fundamental åctions, motions (gravitation: ∆0±4), information (light:∆±3), energy (molecules, ∆±2), reproduction (∆0±1), and social evolution (∆, i, ∆+1). We indeed exist by interacting with all those planes of reality.

We call the interåctions we develop with the planes of the Universe, ‘actions’ and so the study of the ‘åctions’ of the Universe is one essential element of the 5th dimension, as it reveals an enormous number of symmetries and hidden laws regarding motion, information, energy, reproduction and social evolution.

Another fundamental part of the analysis of the ST=0±4 planes of existence of mankind are the common laws of all those planes, which regardless of its inverse differentiation by speed of temporal clocks and size (Max. Sp = Min Tƒ), still keep many common features derived of the properties of spatial energy and temporal information studied in the previous two posts.

Those  properties that remain invariant as we ‘travel’ through the 9 planes of space-time of the 5th dimension growing in size and diminishing in time speed and vice versa, are called ‘isomorphisms’. And so after studying spatial energy, temporal information its metric: Se x Tƒ = Constant, which define each plane of reality, and the way in which energy and information travel through those planes in inverse directions, we study the common isomorphisms of all those planes, which will be the essential laws, morphologies and events of all its species, as they are made of space and time.

Again we see how the properties and laws of existential algebra apply to all systems.

Now the purpose of this section is to study ‘mathematically’, with algebraic equations, the previous equation or metric of space-time, and deduce from it, the main laws that apply to all sciences.

In this text, introductory to the sub posts and detailed analysis of each plane and its species, written in a jargon more proper of hard science i shall try to explain the 5th dimension for people with no knowledge of mathematics or logic but curious about the Universe and intelligent enough to understand sound reasoning.

You don’t need to know more than what a normal university student knows on science to grasp this text, it will though change for better and for ever how you see reality, and make you humble, because what the 5th dimension truly teaches us is that we are just a part of the whole, similar to the smallest atom or the largest galaxy, who follow the same laws of them all, as we are indeed made to the image and likeness of every fractal part of 5th dimension…

Since the results of using multiple times to understand the Universe are startling, providing a wealth of solutions NOT only to physical questions such as the unification of masses and charges, the understanding of the 2 arrows of future, entropy and information, the solution of the meaning of dark matter and energy, but questions of biology and philosophy of science that seemed impossible to resolve, such as the cycle of life and death or the purpose of existence.

The easiest way to consider the structure of the 3 x 3 + 0 fractal Universe is considering all motions in time in relation with the ∆±1 scales, in which the being performs its actions. In the graph the being through its 3 topological organs in space and arrows of time, will deliver energy and information in inverse directions absorbing and emitting energy for the head-particle informative and body wave energetic systems.

All what exists is performing a motion in space-time, which can be reduced to a motion through the alternate, ±T∆S entropy and information arrows of any system, whereas the symbol ± implies a motion towards higher energy (+) or higher information (-). And the symbol ∆ implies a growth or diminution in its spatial social dimension, as its 3 topologies of space form larger or smaller networks in its internal and external structure.

Motion through the different social scales of space-time never stops happening.

The universe constantly moves in time, so do all beings in existence, as existence of being, is the being in time, the being moving along its 3 ages of time, transforming its inner topologies of energy and information or evolving or devolving socially outside and inside its universe.

So as the being exits, it moves in discontinuous steps which displace it along one of those ∆ Time≈space symmetries that make ‘time move, change’, reality vary.

We can then talk of 3 x 2 motions along the inverse dimensions of ∆, S, and T. So motions to the past or energy motions, motions to the future or informative motions, motions upwards into wholes or social motions, motions backwards dissolving a whole or dissolution-death motions, and motions along space deceleration, acceleration, steady speed, conform the 6 canonic type of motions first analysed by Aristotle, which talked of generation, reproduction and extinction (the 3 motions of time), locomotions in space (±a), and growth and diminutions, ±∆.

What we call life or existence is thus a series of displacements through those dimensions of ∆st.

Combinations of those motions is causal series form the time space symmetries, which we know as events of existence, and the sum of them all is the most important ∆ timespace symmetry or cycle of existence and its topological/age symmetry, move a certain domain of interrelated, network-connected, organic group, the system resembles more and more to a super organism.

So we call those initial processes of growth and generation the 5th Dimensional motion, and its inverse processes of death and entropic dissolution the 4th Ðimotion, which both happen with different ‘arrows’ of time between the system’s 3 main Planes of exi:st¡ence.

In the deepest understanding of time, we say that the ‘lower scales’ of parts is in the relative past, as the whole must be built over the past parts, and the whole larger world is therefore in the relative future, while in between the ‘organism’ is the relative present.

This might sound strange to you but as we are talking of relative local parts and wholes, the fact that the parts are the relative past and the whole the relative future does NOT affect other parts and wholes, so it is POSSIBLE TO TRAVEL locally in time, within the super organism. And further on because time is ultimately as all clocks are cyclical, there is a section of the cycle which is inverse and so we talk of the moment of ‘entropic death’ as a travel back to the past.

Thus in keeping with the method of the organic, fractal nested Universe we define each sub-set of super organisms of diminishing size, studied by each stience, with the name of its larger super organism, as perceived from the whole.

The Universe co-exists in 3 planes of relative size in space and speed of time clocks, which defines a super organism; and in each plane ensembles the 3 conserved quantities of reality, which we call the 3 ‘first dimensions of space-time’: lineal motions (limbs/potentials: lineal momentum), cyclical motions (particle/heads: angular momentum) and its body-wave combinations (hyperbolic energy).

As the Universe is an absolutely relative fractal of scales of space-time, we can choose any of those scales to ensemble a larger or smaller super organism, of which humans perceive in a nested convergence departing from:

its ∆º linguistic mind (the minimal nested super organism, defined as a mirror of the infinite Universe in an infinitesimal brain: ∞º)…

its life superorganisms in 3 scales (∆º:cellular, ∆¹:individual and ∆²:social scales), which forms together the super organism of History, ∆+2, mankind in time.

Yet mankind in time is just an ‘age’ of the Earth’s super organism which in its surface evolves in a vortex of growing complexity and so we need to introduce also 2 more life superorganisms according to the equation of evolution of the 3 Earths:

∆≤|2|: Gaia (relative past) <∆²: History (relative present)> ∆¯ ²: Metalearth (relative future)

Whereas an intelligent mankind would stop evolution of the Metal-earth, promote the Life earth to remain in an immortal present. But as mankind is completely ignorant of the organic, fractal laws of survival of this Universe, and its role on it, guided by ‘animetal idol-ogies’ of mechanist worshippers of machines and harder iron atoms and more informative go(l)d-money, IS catalyzing the evolution of those company-mothers of machines, which likely will extinguish us once they reach self-reproductivity as automated systems. Hence the importance of upgrading mechanist abstract science into organic stience to understand that process and control it, pruning the Tree of science of its lethal goods.

Finally, the Earth is in itself, just a planet of a solar system, whose organic herds turn around the central black hole of the ‘galatom’ (scalar perspective) or galacell (organic perspective), which is the largest nested super organism of which we have enough information to make an accurate description of its ∆@st parts and wholes. As the Galaxy extends in 3 scales, from quantum atomic particles through thermodynamic matter into gravitational cosmic bodies we call it aptly not as sciences do, Galaxies, but ∆-Galatoms or S≈T Galacells, depending on perspective of analysis.

Of course, in classic sciences those organisms will be the subject of astrophysical sciences (The galatom), Geological, Chemical and Biological sciences (Gaia), History (Mankind at super organic scale), Medicine (mankind at individual scale) and Economics (the metal-earth) and Formal sciences (Ƽ: the mind and its languages):


A huge expansion which merges biologic, topologic and quantitative properties.

The limits today of expanding and misunderstanding 4D have already been shown.

In all sciences the main problem is the excessive ‘inflationary use of multiple equations’ and multiple jargons, and the ego of humans that deny vitality to all other species. This is notorious in physics and its use of the more complicated, obscure mathematical languages that hide that vitality.  So we purposefully will try to reduce ad maximal mathematical content and use always the simplest possible ‘mirror’ (i.e. we rather use Newtonian vortices to explain masses and unify them than General Relativity, more precise with its Space (curvature) = Time (Energy tensor) frozen images, or Minkowski’s spacetime, where ‘time clocks’ have been frozen into a 4th dimension of space (yet its cyclical nature remains, as then boosts become rotations).

It is a fact that the more precise the measure in mathematical equations, achieved with more complex detailed equations, the less clear the underlying concept, as in mass: Newton makes evident that a mass is turning in a vortex of accelerated gravitation. Einstein makes it difficult to understand as it has ‘frozen’ the motion to get more detail. So time-motion of the vortex becomes curvature (by virtue of yet another S=T symmetry).

There are also taboos. For example, c-speed as a limit is one of the most important taboos that prevent a proper analysis of the Universe.

Then there is the fundamental problem of understanding what Universal constants and composite terms of abstract mathematical physics means.

I.e. c-speed is a ‘dual SxT=constant’ combination of a dimension seen as ‘motion’ and one as ‘lineal distance’, that is a frequency of steps and a wavelength. That seems simple. But then c² is an entity in itself, a surface of space, not a motion, an area of space-light, the background space of the galaxy, often ‘predated’, that is swallowed as the minimal bit of ‘energy-space’ by all kind of physical systems including black holes. And then hc combines the minimal unit of information, the angular momentum or spin of the particle, the human parameter for a ‘particle-head’ with its body-wave, so it is the commonest way humans measure the ‘existential force’ of a ‘planckton’, the minimal living unit – the photon.

While a Compton wave is the moving state of a mass particle, its still state, again S=T, so to get the whole ‘steps’ of motion we need to add two terms, one for a compton wave state and one for a particle state.

The vital meaning of constants as representations of the basic organic parts of physical ‘species’ is a huge field of research which in inflationary mathematical mirrors become very confuse (second quantizations in quantum fields, Heisenberg’s matrices and the like are so removed as abstract mirrors as a cubist painting is from the real being it portraits). So while the cubist painting is no doubt more of a genius that the easy drawing we are here more interested in the simple drawing – that is the easier equations (Dirac, Gordon, Schrodinger) where those components are more explicit and shall leave for future researchers to get into the detailed ‘hairs’ of those species.

But as humans also ignore the ‘vital meaning’ of its operators and operations, we need also to work on algebra and analysis. In that Sense 5D TO truly expand the range of studies of space-time must fully develop all languages and formalisms.

In biology we confront also the problem of ‘evolutionists’ with their own set of dogmas. Here the great advance is topological evolution. As space-time beings we are made of topologies with only 3 variations by function, so this reduces enormously the mutations of a being and explains from the eye-sphere of information to the flat-wing. Simply enough mutations always produce 3 topological varieties. But a huge job awaits specialists to connect the 5 Dimensional motions of spacetime with the different codes of genetics.

In social sciences the problem is ideological – man as a special being, which is not, has a hard time seeing himself as the same kind than the spherical particle-head that a mere spinning electron. And certainly when we apply 5D metric to the life and death of civilizations with its slower organic 800 years cycles the human ego-individual will deny it is real.

So this is really a change of ‘chip’ as nothing has happened since quantization of space and multiplication of time-clocks by quantum and relativity but that is what happens when you go to the basic elements of reality, space and time, and upgrade its languages, mathematics and logic.

So let us consider a bit more into detail in this post, the first 2 postulates from where other laws of science will be deduced: the equivalence between space and time states, S=T, which means all what exists is neither a dimension or a motion but its combination, a dimotion of which there are 5 no longer 4 ‘Dimotions’ of spacetime, we shall introduce in this post.

While the 2 Ðisomorphic way in which those 5 Dimotions order in all spacetime beings, as a worldcycle of existence when put sequentially in time; and a scalar, ternary super organism when put as adjacent topologies in space, will be considered in the other posts of the upper first line of the blog.

We call this theory of all realities, T.Œ, theory of the organic everything , which is a sum of infinite T.œs, smaller time space supœrganisms.

So reality is simple in its ultimate principles but the infinite iterations variations and combinations of those principles and the inflationary nature of languages of information, which do NOT imprint necessary the limiting motions of simpler entropy, creating pure informative fictions (equations with no reality behind, metaphors, visual fictions) confuses the ‘humind’, which likes to be complex and believe his excess of information in linguistic metaphors (self-similar equations, verbose languages, etc.) IS REAL. Not so. 
The Universe is simple and not malicious, said the last of the great ‘space-time masters’, you know who. We shall then iterate into infinite kaleidoscopic views those principles illustrated by the same graphs applied to different beings, as all indeed is ultimately a reflection of the simplest of all equations, S=t, tattooed in the self-portrait of my ‘blue, informative’ humind.

So we go around to explain all this in its infinite varieties and iterations? With a lot of iterations… IN 3 LINES (:

-The first line is a simple sentence that resumes the vital game of reproduction of information of the Universe and its space-time organisms.

-The second line deals with the main stiences, starting from T.œ, the stience of relational space-time beings, and its ±i scales; as we do not know but hint that those scales are also cyclical repetitive, beyond the ∆±4 ‘string/dark scale’ both in micro and macrocosms. Then we deal with one of those languages – the most efficient, math, which we term as ∆±∞ NOT because it deals with more scales that T.Œ, the stience of space-time but because it is inflationary creating hyperbolic infinities, errors of math as mirrors similar to the hyperboles of superheroes in images and novels. 

Then we return to that astrophysical known world of ∆±4 scales and its awesome symmetries between micro and macro strings, galaxies and atoms (∆±3), which sandwich us in the thermodynamic/magnetic scale.

Next as we come closer to man, we get detail and information so all seems more organic, and form becomes more convoluted. So we study Biology, machines (economic ecosystem), History and man, and finally human languages, words and art, less efficient than the more general mathematical language but more specific of humans and of great value to understand that syntax of the Universe.

And finally we lay down the ‘isomorphic’ set of equal laws all beings follow as they come from space and time properties. So all ‘mind-monads’ or ‘aristotelian ‘Gods’:Γœ∆§, DO follow the same structure in space, the same actions=motions in time and the same program of organic life. And this is what the set of isomorphic laws show.

Thus it is only left in the third line to go through all those scales now not in a more classic way co-relating the laws of each stience with the laws of T.Œ AS WE DO in the second line, but studying the main scales and super organisms of each one.

BUT BECAUSE IN THE universe the whole super organisms MATTER more than its parts, REGARDLESS OF HUMANS thinking to be both the ego-center of the Universe as species and Individuals, who believe their nose is bigger and more important than Andromeda (ONLY A CLEAR SIGN OF OUR social decay as the super organisms of machines, the economic ecosystem takes over and so we ARE loosing our ethic, social networks, becoming DISSOLVED into the final age of chaos=entropy & ‘freedom’), we shall do this in the inverse order, as the  universe does.

So instead of the usual ‘physicists’ view’ of causation from the bottom up – another ego-trip as experts in microcosmos which want to build it all departing from its minimalist parts the neutrino≈string≈graviton which they only think to understand (-4ν)… we shall in this 3rd line study all systems as isomorphic systems whose properties come from the ultimate substances of reality space and time, and then scale down from the super organism of the Universe through galaxies showing its organic similarity with cells and its mathematical equality with atoms in a recurrent infinite series of scales (a fact which will allow us to find the equation of unification of charges and masses, the vortex of future time=informative 3rd age of both scales)… And then down into stars, planets, studying in detail the 3 ages of this planet: Gaia (age of life) < History (age of man) and the eco(nomic)system, age of the machine… soon to be alive with AI and robots…

And further down, through cells, matter states, molecules, atoms, particles, quarks, electrons and yes finally that non-perceived irrelevant world of dark matter and dark entropy formed by the background radiation of neutrinos, aka gravitons when properly ‘spinned’, likely related with strings as the ‘weak angle’ shows them to have the same size.

AND IT IS a tenant of the organic universe the episteomological laws of truth, efficiency and simplicity (Occkan’s razor). So we shall not need MORE entities than those we observe experimentally, given the fact that equations might be inflationary fictions, and as Einstein told us ‘science should not be concerned or even study phenomena and equations of which there is not evidence whatsoever.

And indeed, all what we know exists, will suffice to explain it all… with our five dimensions, components,  ∆@s≈t, whereas ∆ is the entropic dimension down to space, @ the social dimension commanded by informative minds, $ for lineal space, ð for cyclical time, and ≈ for its balanced energy combinations of time space actions and momenta, and its  isomorphic sets of laws, derived of the properties of minds and its languages, ∆§cales, cyclical ðime and fractal $pace.

It is thus a simple reproductive=repetitive Universe with an enormous varieties played with a few notes: bits of temporal information and bites of vital space…

It is then by combining bits and bites of those actions and dimensions, by reordering in different manners, by ultimately establishing a ¬Ælgebra of ‘existence’ which studies how they related and interact together, how we shall be able to explain absolutely all what exists as a product of the ultimate substances of reality, fractal, cyclical timespace and its organic systems; each one a broken space-time (as the membrane encloses and breaks the whole universe into smaller replicas):

In the graph, the Universe is a fractal of 3 space-time elements, entropic motions, informative singularities and its energetic body-wave combinations, structured in scales of parts that become connect by networks of entropy, energy and information to make larger wholes, and so each science merely studies the species of one of such scales, with different jargons we shall unify them.

Then as the graph shows, there is the lesser important ‘duality’ between what we perceive as flat and lineal (as the flat saturn’s rings) but in detail become cyclical, expressed in topology by the Non-euclidean rule that all flat lines are in fact part of a larger time cycle, that is, as size and time increases a flat line becomes a circular geodesic, so we see a flat earth but from a distance that shrinks it becomes cyclic, meaning ultimately all motions become cycles, all time durations return to the death.

We thus talk about worldcycles instead of worldlines as 4D physics models, being 4D a ‘model of the cyclical universe of timespace’ reduced to a single flat plane of reality – themes those of importance in the formalism of relativity in 5D physics, treated in specialised posts.


The topologies of 2-manifolds of information.

Now we are giving a conceptual jump that might change the way you look at the Universe a make you abandon this blog due to its complexity. But we truly require to go a little bit deeper in the structure of the organic complex cosmos, so you understand how we humans interact ‘morphologically’ in terms of ‘form’ and function with machines

In Complex sciences dimensions are that important because you are MADE OF THEM. You are made of energy and time, as when you say i don’t have energy and time to do this. That is what you are a time world life-death cycle that occupies a vital space across a cellular individual and social scale.

So to know about dimensions is to know about yourself- a 10 Dimensional being made of space-time, where space and time are merely two way tow perceive the same either moving or with form.

Vital space moving is energy, cycles of time fixed are forms, forms of in-form-ation.

So all is made of planes of space, moving energy and cycles of time, static information.

How we see it is a paradox of perception: we perceive information in stillness, so the mind creates quiet mappings of reality without motion.

The symmetry between ‘spatial morphologies’, ‘organs’ and ‘time ages’

Let us consider only one of those complex laws of systems across its scales, the law that relates the morphology of the organs of a system with its function in space and evolution in time, as it is the basis of the understanding of economics and its relationship with history:


In the graph, information is bidimensional (holographic principle) and so systems have only 3 possible ‘bidimensional’ type of surfaces that define:

– Max. E: ‘energetic, planar, lineal limbs’ in all species (so a weapon and an skeleton are both lineal, as they promote motion.

– Max. I: informative organs, which are ‘spherical’., the form that stores more information.

– Max. E xI: Its body-wave combinations.

In the graph we see that simple topological law in humans and machines, which explains their similar functions and the reasons why ‘animetals’ exist, as human functions are enhanced by parallel mechanisms.

And so all systems will be at least made of energetic limbs that move informative heads/particles, which gauge reality, in the dimension of height, where perception is higher thanks to projective geometry.

This meant, as we shall see latter in our analysis of Evolution that systems evolved in height from reptiles that ended becoming birds to galaxies that develop an informative gravitational black hole in its centre, to life that evolved in height to reach man. Thus economics and machines are NOT different from any other science that studies organic systems and MUST be studied and designed with those organic and biological laws. The present absurd ‘theological’, ‘capitalist’, ‘tribal’, nationalist concepts used in those sciences are completely out of reason, and have no meaning for the Unvierse at large, and certainly will not enlighten the future of mankind, as the basis for building efficient, free, complex social systems.


Consider only another bit of it on those equations of Einstein’s relativity, where time is ‘packed in all its dimensions’ as the present ∂t derivative of space-speed. Physicists go merrily playing with its magic, and it ‘works’. But wait a second… only systems with the same dimension can compare and transform into each other.

So how 3 space dimensions and one time dimension work? The magic here is that the height dimension is the ‘static dimension’ of information related to time which stores in its cyclical clocks, in its frequency and form the information of the Universe. So a clock is ‘besides’ the flat plane of space’, a ‘tall form’. And so we NEED to give height as a dimension of time, then time is the bit/frequency of the cycle, and the flat surface of space – the flat Universe, the flat plane, is the form that moves lineally. So again we see how black holes are ‘tall’ IN THE CENTER OF A TIME-LIKE accelerated clock vortex:

In the graph, bidimensional ST-variations. They are the fundamental dual structure of the fractal Universe.

In the graph, we see reality both as fixed distances of space and as a series of discontinuous motions, and time. Thus reality is perceived either as a single lineal geometry or time duration. And inversely cyclical forms, as seen as circles or as cyclical clocks, with a frequency that determines its capacity to carry information, when it becomes fixed as ‘memorial space’.

Thus 2 x 2 dualities of O vs. | time motion vs. spatial form are the key paradoxes, which need to be resolved for each species to understand the game of space-time:

Lineal Time, t, has the dimension of motion and in its cyclical ‘clock-like ðime, also the dimension of Height.

This seen as space give birth to lineal distances, $ whole clocks of ðime live a memorial trace of information, made of formal §pace.

Space has the dimension of length and the dimension of reproductive width:Information is defined as the maximal number of DIMENSIONAL FORMs=MOTIONs of an entity (Galileo’s paradox: motion indistinguishable of distance, due to the space-time symmetry).

SYMMETRIES OF SPACE-TIME are then possible because only entities with the same dimensions can transform into each other. So now we have 4 different bidimensional entities, information (bidimensional form with motion), time, cyclical form with motion, space, bidimensional sheet with minimal form,and only energy, its space-time combinations deploy in a single sheet of space-time, 4 Dimensions.

The graph illustrates this and other dual paradoxes of endophysics –motion vs. stillness; continuity vs. discontinuity, single space vs. fractal scales, all of which depend on the detail of the observation – hence the quantity of information we have on the object we study:

Once it is clear that there are different mathematical frames of reference, of different sizes; that mind reduce in scale reality – the Universe into worlds, and that dimension and motion are indistinguishable – absolute features of reality, which will be formalized soon with the proper understanding of the ‘undefined terms of mathematics’ (fractal points, lineal waves, and networks≈planes – we need to fully grasp the unit of the Universe, a ‘point with volume’, or fractal point, hence a time cycle.

The duality of time≈motion and space≈form, and its two varieties, continuous open decelerating speed≈distances and closed accelerating cycles≈circles of time, are both paradoxes of perception and objective, inverse arrows of motion.

We summarize the formal and functional differences between entropy and information (organs) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space-Entropy = Minimal Form=body Vs  Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

And yet in a paradoxical Universe, as it happens the increasing speed of the mind-elements to conform a still mind-mapping, suddenly become locked into that still linguistic view, as a hurricane stops in its zero-center. So from motion to form, the Universe stops in a single time-quanta.

Look back at the previous graph. What is the main difference between lineal and cyclical ðime? Obviously that cyclical ðime is bidimensional and it carries ‘form’, information both in its form and the frequency of its cycles. So the holographic principle becomes solved by accepting cyclical ðime.

Yet if ðime has the dimension of height to complete a circle, we must re-define the classic 4 dimensions of ðime§pace, as 2 dominant in Ðime§pace, height and length, which creates a bidimensional circle (to which ad the frequency of the cycle, or pure dimension of ðime), and those dominate in ðime§pace, which has now 2 dimensions, length and width.

And so because only beings with the same number of dimensions can transform into each other, we just have discovered an important conundrum of modern physics – how the Universe is built through the…

The Universe is made of two substances spatial entropy and informative ðime cycles/clocks. We can see it with motion as entropy and ðime or as fixed forms, as §pace and form. We can see it as a single reality, as §pace and ðime, or as a multiple quanta, as entropy≈expansive motion and imploding form.

The exact definitions of reality are thus in terms of two poles, absolute lineal §pace seen as distance and absolute form:

Pure Space-distance (not perceivable) with motion (entropy) < Max. entropy-§pace x Min. Form (energy) + Max. Form with Min. §pace-entropy (Information) > Pure ðime-form (cyclical)

Since pure distance-§pace (vacuum) has no form and it is not perceivable, and pure form (cyclical, inward clocks) do NOT communicate with us and cannot be perceived. So those two limits when combined gives us energy (dominant in motion but with form to be perceived) and information (dominant in form but with motion to be perceived).

This duality implies difficult choices of wording as one-dimensional huminds reject ambiguity embedded in reality. We shall in principle consider the word ‘dimension’ for both ðime and §pace:

– All states of relative motion ‘ðime states’ or ‘ðime ages’. And call its study diachronic studies.

– All states of relative form ‘§pace topologies’ or ‘§pace organs’. And call its study synchronic studies.

And so conclude that ðime has three dimensions≈ages≈functions symmetric to the three dimensions≈forms of §pace.

Let us see how those three dimensions of ðime and three of §pace appear now, being aware it is impossible not to handle a certain ambiguity in the terminology dragged for millennia of misunderstanding those words; starting from the simple truth that from 1 ðime§pace comes two ðime and §pace, and from two comes three. So we start with two, focusing now in the ‘form of ðime cycles and planes of lineal §pace’.

Thus we can start studying beings of one dimension of space and one dimension of time-motion, simultaneously. As reality requires that for each dimension of space we perceive one of time. And beings with a basic typology of lines, limbs and potential fields, $, since the line is the shortest distance between points, with spherical ‘particle-heads’ on top, made of many timespace ‘clocks-cycles’ of information; since the sphere stores maximal form in minimal space.

It allow us to construct bidimensional (minimal beings) mimic in all type of species, which go on constructing the reproductive equations of a bidimensional world of space-time.

It is an astounding symmetry, which makes each lineal motion, potentially perceived as a line of distance, which it traces as a limb/field in motion.

It also means that to each topology in space, corresponds a function in time, and so we double the dimensions of reality, making a clear correspondence between the 3 topologies of space and the 3 functions in time of all beings:

In the graph we see those motions as pure topological forms and pure time motions, below, and above how they combine their function=form and ensemble into ternary systems of space-time, with 3 space +3 time dimensions, which are the basic all pervading system of reality, with a formal singularity-like particle/head gauging information, a field/limb, space-like formless lineal or planar surface of entropic motion that moves the body-particle and an intermediate, hyperbolic vital body-wave that iterates the system.

So the scalar structure of the Universe, and its three modes of timespace change are the 2 fundamental advances needed in philosophy of time-change to fully understand and resolve the pending questions of most sciences.

This ternary space-time, form with motion system of 3s≈3t dimensions is the key structure unveiled by the seeming ‘innocent’ paradox of Galileo.

As physicists didn’t care that much for the logic behind relativity of motion, they didn’t find this basic insight of the duality of spatial forms and time motions, and so they got stuck with 3 dimensions of space, and one dimension of time only. And yet because the 3 different topological motions of time are real, they ensemble all beings of reality:

  1. Expansive entropy that disorders and erases information, simplifying system back to its ‘less evolved past’, and so we shall call past-entropy, which is flat or lineal as all fast moving ‘planes’, since those are the geometries with shorter=faster distances.
  2. Repetitive, hyperbolic body-waves that seem not to change, and so we shall call relative present energy
  3. Implosive, spherical particles-head, as the sphere stores maximal information in less space, with accelerated time-clocks, which we shall call future, as they are the future logic systems that guide the whole and store the gauging paths of the whole system.


The scalar fifth dimension.

3 scales

In the graph centred in human beings, both from a physical and biological perspectives, we see the 3 main scales of the scalar Universe and its 5th organic dimension:

-A larger ∆+1 gravitational/ecosystemic scale, an organic, ∆-individual, thermodynamic scale and an ∆-1 lower cellular-atomic scale. How they are organised? Simple: smaller systems run their cycles of information faster. So they can compete with larger systems and form organic structures in which the lower system provides information encoded in its faster clocks and the larger systems coordinates the motion of all those parts into a whole. So quantum numbers of particles code atoms and molecules; genes code biological systems, and memes and gravitational black holes code the larger informative biological and physical systems: civilisations and galaxies.

The duality of energy and information, despite the stubbornness of physicists to include information as a separate element to energy and its ignorance of the relationship between time clocks and information, ‘form’, which we will develop in depth in this blog, is easy to grasp, as it is natural to all biological systems and humans are biological beings. So we shall find that philosophy, from the age of taoism, those 2 parameters, yang and yin closely resemble the properties of energy and information, to the modern age of dialectics, and its thesis and antithesis, has constantly made use of it.

But organicism, the other key element of general systems sciences, despite being at the center of modern science, was not so clear to most researchers. Since a clear definition of an organism was lacking. Biologists in that sense define organisms by its ‘drives of existence’, as systems that process energy and information (feeding, perceiving), reproduce their informative and energetic organs in other region of space-time and evolve socially into larger groups. General systems therefore must demonstrate and formalize this definition, in a manner that can be applied to all systems and sciences regardless of the human jargon, used in each discipline. But the task becomes simpler when we realise that for all those drives of existence, all what is needed is a scalar structure in which smaller parts transmit and receive energy and information from larger wholes, co-existing together as organisms do, in several scales of space-time, connected by those flows of energy and information.

Consider the most clear example on how a biological, organic law defines then a topologic, Mathematic or ilogic law, seemingly contradictory; the way in which ¬ limits of entropy and death, both in space and time are conveyed by mathematical physics, geometry and ilogic:


In the graph the entropic limits of the galaxy, C-speed constant which is the constant of  lineal $t reproduction of information and 0 temperature, which are the absolute metric limits of the galaxy. They can be breached to their ‘own peril’ by masses which become disordered into radiation. Thus in the nested Universes ll super organisms set limits to its inner systems BOTH of information, form, space, distance, and motion, speed and scale, on the upper social boundaries. In human super organisms, fractal nations, those are the limits of spatial borders, informative money, and social power, which establish the social structure of the system.

A KEY element so often ignored specially in supœrganisms of History are the entropic limits set to the individual within the larger ecosystem, both in time, space and scale, which limit its freedom of existence and social power.

Entropic limits ARE the very essence of all supœrganisms, and the biggest handicap for mankind to overcome its mortality as a species, founding a better world, based in ethics, a planet without borders (space limits), idol-ogies (mental limits) where all could thrive.

Entropic LIMITS are NOT abstract but organic, biological laws as they can kill, and do kill those who trespass them. In essence those limits are thus invisible, temporal not spatial, even if they can be reinforced spatially but often acquire the form of a motion and are internalized by the logic systems of the mind. I.e. a dog can be a limit for an entire sheep herd, even if it is just a point in motion, memorially reinforced by biting sheep on their legs.

So the huge difference between the placental and existential cycles is the clear limit for the existential cycle of availability of energy, but even more stringent are the limits when the herd-state of an ecosystem becomes a closed superorganism, as it is happening to History, enclosed by the ‘capitalist’ world of company-mothers.

It is such a stringent limit from birth to death, when you live within such super organisms that the blind cells of the body of a nation or civilization are not even aware of the existence of those limits since the mind has been imprinted since birth and limited in its perception of information by the neuronal, upper, informative people-cast that control it.

Entropic limits can be found in all the scales languages and stiences of reality, starting from the concept of an open ball with in a Klein hyperbolic geometry cannot be reached, as they offer resistance to motion to the galaxy c-speed and T=0 limits of Spatial lineal motion, and cyclical information (since either as still distances or Dimotions of space-time).


NON-E GEOMETRY. The open ball.

In the next graph we can see how limits become in space, unreachable geometries (Klein model of Non-E, where the closer we come to the membrane the more resistance we find to our advance, or the closer we come to the central singularity of maximal rotational-informative processing the further we move upwards into a lineal curl. Those are systems which prevent eddies to reach the o-point of the singularity and escape the membrane in a black hole, thermodynamic or charge limiting system:

A membrain or time clock encloses vital energy; self-centered in a monad-mirror whose lineal inertia moves the whole.

The 10th and 12th Ðisomorphisms of the Universe,its maximal speed membrane of 10-100Z or wall of fire, and the point of maximal density within, the great attractor, will make the Universe a closed self-contained superorganism of galatoms














However the ‘spatial border limits’ are the easiest to cross, and best understood. In 5D the true limits are those of scale – social limits of growth, and of time – death limits of decay, which are considered in many different posts.




The method of ∆@S≈T IS SIMPLE repetitive. The Universe is made of systems with 5Dimensional elements, ordered in dualities of space-form/time-motion constantly ‘moving’, that is switching on and off between states: Space/Time/Space/Time and then in ternary games of 3 dimensions of ∆±i scales, three topological forms of space, which form super organisms and live through 3 frequency scales of 5 actions, three ages/dimensions of time coming into a world cycle, as topology follows its r=evolutions in form, all supervised by the will of survival of a mind.

Thus we talk of 5 elements each one with three ternary sub-dimensions, and therefore as we have affirmed all can be deduces from the ∆ºs≈t-ructure of reality, and its ternary fractal principle, we talk of 3×4 = 12 isomorphisms, or sets of laws derived of the properties of minds, space-topologies, time-ages and scales of wholes and parts, as the next ‘stage’ of complexity of the entities of the Universe, in the building of complexity needed to study the details of reality.


The ∆@ST ÐIsomorphic elements of all Fractal ðime§pace beings:

The first process of ‘division’ of the generator then happens as each of its ¬∆@st FIVE elements give us 12 sub-themes for a whole description of the vital elements of an entity, as expressed in its ‘birth, generation, and world cycle’ departing from a ‘seed’ or ‘mind’ that emerges, acts, reproduces, evolves and dies.

Specifically we shall consider 2 isomorphisms departing from that generating mind, as origin of it all, and then break into two ‘scales’ the other ∆st elements:

@:  Linguistic Minds Generate…  @; Γ,

Bidimensional 3±i constant @tions… B;  Å

So we study the mind, @, in all its elements, here called an Aristotelian God, as it is indeed the god of the territory it orders and generates. So we define in the language of the mind a generator equation, Γ,

And then study those actions through bidimensional flows of entropy, energy and information, B, which give origin to the main constants vital or universal of the being, S/t, txs, t/s differentiated in 5 actions, performed across the scales of the being.

Thus once this fundamental ‘will of survival’ of the mind, origin of it all is clear, we can see how it will build a super organism and live a world cycle. As the actions happen…

∆:   Through Social §cales and Stientific Planes… §; ∆ planes in that sense break into social decametric scales, which can be ‘differentiable’ as their growth is continuous, while changes between scales have a fractal nature, as constants change. 

So we consider the decametric social scales that create a 10±¹¹Plane.

S:  reproduced and Integrated into Ternary physiological Networks, with variations of Species …  N, ∑:

The reproduction of those actions create finally cellular, physiological networks, one digestive, entropic  one informative, and one mixed of both reproductive  which attached to cells and a membrain will emerge as a species, whose variations is intimately connected to the type of networks and symmetries between them. So we insider the ternary structure of super organisms and its variations of species.

T:   that live 3±∆ ages of a moving worldcycle… Ω; ω

Needless to say each of those 4 elements and its sub-division in degrees of detail, 5 elements for the mind, dualities for the ∆st elements can be studied further and subdivided in the common dual, ternary, quaternary and pentadimensional main scales of the Universe…

The choices of which elements to highlight and sub-divide for further knowledge is rather arbitrary on perspective. So what we will do in this blog, considering a pentadimensional in depth analysis of the mind-monad, is a given choice of perspective, but many other views and symmetries can be highlighted. The important fact is to understand the underlying ‘i-logic’ of the Universe with its polidimensional views.

Still the choice seems right as indeed seeds and minds and its actions of perception, information and formation, start almost all processes of reality and ultimately are their cause, a pan psychic theory of reality which is the only that makes truly sense of causality.

So our 5@+2∆+2s+2ð= 11±i-somorphisms are numerated for the sake of order in the 4th line as:

0. Monad, 1. generator

2. bidimensional manifolds 3. constant 5 actions,

10 scales 9 planes…

3. networks, 3²=8. species,

3±i ages= 5D worldycles.

We thus study in the 3rd and fourth line all the main @: ‘monads=Aristotelian gods’ centres of their relative territory of order, through the process of generation of its systems resumed in the sentence of the 3rd line, expanded to each main species of each plane:

‘Γ0Δ§ ‘Γenerate -2Manifold -3±i constant -5@tions θru -9 §cales& -|0 Ξlanes -ƒormiηg 3 networks≈ -∑pecies –aging –in 5Disomorphic ðime cycles:
• +4cosmos •+ 3galaxy •+2star •2 ¹gaia •2²wor(I)d •2³$ •I¹Mð •l²life •l³Man •ocell •–1Mol •–2¥e •–3z •–4ν

What this means is astoundingly simple.

•All what exists are ternary systems ruled by a mind-singularity that orders in space three elements expressed in the generator equation of the being: Spe (Limbs/Fields) < St (body-waves) >Tiƒ (heads-particles, often the site of the mind), and performs actions of exchange of entropy, energy and information with fractal points of different scales of the fifth dimension, moving (Aa), feeding (Ae), perceiving and communicating (Aï) in order to reproduce (Aœ) and evolve socially (Au) into a larger whole, as that is the best strategy for the being to survival. 

So we study four times the same reality from four different perspectives, that of the active mind and its will of survival just expressed…

The isomorphisms of the mind are then clear:

  • ∆ºS; The Ðisomorphism of its spatial location, mostly on the center of maximal communication, in inward, energetic systems, or in the upper dimension of informative height in informative systems, or in the foreword position in entropic systems (the ternary principle IS the fundamental law of causality, and creation of the Universe studied in depth in the posts on species and ¬Æ grammar.
  • The Ðisomorphism of temporal information, the language which shrinks to become the mind, AND we shall number as i for multiple reasons: it is the isomorphism of pure information, it is the symbol of the ‘imaginary number’, which we shall see is essential to the mathematical language as a number, to the verbal language as ‘imagination’, and so on. And ultimately because the language is the inverse function of the extension of entropy and space, a priori condition of creation of the mind; a dense knot of linguistic forms. And obviously because 0 must be the symbol of the mind, and the language comes ‘before it’.

$:   then the ternary structure in space of the being as it growth from bidimensional actions, into ternary constant networks of entropy, energy and information, which allow the system to appear as a super organism in space  S(2,3,4 Ðisomorphisms).

ð:    Which give in turn birth to the three ages of time of the being, and its different ‘species’, which live a world cycle defined as a trip back and forth through scales of the fifth dimension, as the being is generated in an ∆-1 seminal scale, surfaces in the ∆0 individual scale, where it lives three ages to die back into the ∆-1 scale.

∆§…  Which allow us to have a final view of the entity in existence through its evolution across social planes of the fifth dimension each one made of 10 sub-scales of social growth, if we study each ∆-fractal plane in its internal structure, or 10 scales of the whole observed by man, which we call in a mystical sense, ‘God: Γº∆’.

So the mind in its origin, made to the fractal image and likeness of the whole, God, as we are all Gods, all super organisms, all dust of space-time, is the alpha and omega of creation.

And the method to study each being as part of that unity, even if its details vary, is the essence of the isomorphic method.

From the perspective of the mind, we state, the goal of the system is to preserve its ternary STRUCTURE, within balance with the external ST world, which we express in the function of existence, e x i = st, in its ‘simultaneous, verbal-mathematical expression’; useful for philosophical discourse, but better expressed in the Generator.


WE start the analysis of the 12 Dimensions of any space time being, in a formal way departing from the monad, either a seed of information or a mind that ‘stiffens’ reality into a linguistic mind mapping as a fractal point (0-1D), which will either move being the element of communication through the larger world or emit a flow of bosons carrying information (2D)… or provoking one of the five actions of space-time that make the being inter-act with the Universe.

And in this manner it will build up a ternary network system or plug into one by reproducing or associating with other similar fractal points.

So the description of this growing creative process guide us dynamically in a ‘sequence’ of discrete steps through the S@-space & mind elements of the being:


0th Ðisomorphism  0-1 D. @… monads are minds composed of a max. still form or linguistic singularity and a cyclical time membrane, connected through invaginations. It is the ‘invisible’ central command of the being, which perceives the Universe’s timespace cycles and stop its motion through a mirror image in the ‘languages’ of ‘the mind’, which then reflect its back ordering reality as it converts its motions into ‘@ctions’…

01. The two first isomorphisms to describe the being are…

its Mind, §ð, and its generator function: ∆º Γ:

We observe a being, its ternary parts, body/wave, field/limbs and particle/heads, and focus on the dominant Ƽ particle-head.

We could then departing from the pole of information express how the being will act in the external world to absorb and emit entropy and information, or its combined energy to maintain its balance with the external world. Yet if Tiƒ is a seed of information, and the being is not yet formed, we can do an alternative ‘developmental’ description or palingenesis of the being, a fascinating subject so far only studied with certain depth in biology according to which the being will start to reproduce its information in clone forms, and grow through its actions of feeding, reproducing and evolving socially emerge into a new being.

So we study the form of the monad in space as a linguistic mirror..

1st Ðisomorphism: Γ: Its generator equation that describes its ternary inner form as it emerges in time, becoming a unit-point of a larger world where it will…

We are thus starting the analysis of the being in its quantitative and qualitative term, introducing the Function of existence or Generator equation of all space-time systems of reality.

And this is the particular ‘arrangement’ of the third line in a convenient order to study all the processes of the being, as it goes through its world cycle.

2 Angular=A(nti)symmetric, Bidimensional fields… of 5. Fractal, Exi≈stential Åctions integrated into… ∫Å ≈ ∆±1

2n Disomorphism (2D). Flows of space-time: The mind reflects as a fractal point with a volume of information the Universal bias view it has created. So as it reflects it into flows of bidimensional communication it deviates its path (moves), absorb and emit flows of entropy, energy and information through bidimensional waves of s=t symmetries. In that regard, we study also in detail the 3 dualities of the Galilean paradox applied to a being: its dualities of form vs. motion, parts vs. whole, lineal vs.  cyclical elements; (ok, this is the ideal ‘path’ for future researchers, I cannot really fulfill the whole encyclopedia so posts are incomplete and uneven).

Ðisomorphism: 5 a,e,i,o,u åctions: A series of actions of motion, information, reproduction, energy feeding and social evolution whose purpose is to ‘reproduce the information of the being and survive’, emerging as a larger super organism in a higher scale.

This IS the program of existence, a simple 5 dimensional action process, restricted by the fact the system is merely composed of two elements, space and time and its combinations, and the fact that those species who did not maximised its existence, and ternary elements, with those actions did not survive. So the program is not conscious but an automatic selection of the actions that ensure the survival of the being, 

In this manner the monad webs a reproductive and evolutionary process, from ‘minor to major’ starting from the seed of information or @mind, which will emerge through its actions and flows of bidimensional communication, growing within its world by absorbing energy and information, through its dynamic flows and actions, which finally:

The different angles, considering the asymmetric being a mere rotation of the self, when it does not vary, and so a circular o-angle, reflect in topological space the different forms of relationship of the fourth non-euclidean postulate of congruence. In the graph an example for a tree.

So the mind-being will first start to ‘act’ in a sequential order of perception of information, motion if required towards a field of energy (provided on spot usually by a mother through its genesis), absorption of entropy, reformed into energy by impritng of its form, reproducing the system. So next to the Mind-Generator, we study its existential actions, with a simple mandate: ‘Grow and multiply’

3rd Ðisomorphism: 3D networks: create 3 constant’, ‘cellular, physiological networks’ … $t: limbs/fields; ∑∏:waves/bodies; §ð: heads/particles that become an organic ∆º whole in an external world, where the being will repeat the whole process, but NOT so perfect as within the ‘placenta’ of its mother, as now the external world is no longer conductive of a perfect existence but a darwinian world where it will have to fight to achieve the perfection reached in the palingenetic process, and most likely fail. 


SPECIES.6th Ðisomorphism.

In an ∆+1 scale we can consider the being to be such a superoreganism as a species, which will also in a larger space-scale with slower time cycles (5D metric: $ x ð=k), suffer III horizons of evolution, with it variations of which the most important are the duality ‘wave-particle’ (gender symmetry) and the variations of its physiological networks according to sequential dominance, in 6 forms of topological evolution (s-st-t, s-t-st, t-s-st, t-st-s, st-t-s, st-s-t).

Once growth of parallel clones is achieved, in herds roaming on its St+1 ecosystem, density of form requires efficiency in the handle of entropic motions and energetic ‘substance’, so by trial and error in earlier evolution, by mind’s compression of the events of time, without the errors, which is the main function of the mind – efficiency as it must shrink the whole of the cycles of ‘being’ into those who are ‘meaningful in its perfect form’…

And so in this manner, all systems that grow and multiply end becoming supœrganisms, invaginated by three networks, which attach the cells/atoms/citizens to its flows of entropy, form and energy, making them dependent on the networks, which will become themselves, the three parts of an Γ+1 generator in a new scale of growth.

7.  that live 3±∆ ages… Ω; in 9 lifecycles.

After analyzing the variations of species, in space, based in the same ‘networks’ (i.e. 6 variations of huminds according to topological linguistics, 6 variations of animal life according to physiological dominance and so on), we study them in time, as  the 7 ages of existence, through which the individuals of those species will live in ðime, from its  conception, through its gestation, to the ‘3 present’ ages, concluding in the death of the body and perhaps resurrection of the information along a new generation… Finally the being carrying its actions will warp and inform and die in an entropic zero sum as it returns to its cellular/atomic scale…

So the being performs its world cycle, as a network super organism or ‘species’ of space-time that will travel through scales and planes tracing its world cycle of existence between birth and extinction. It will do so with 7 fundamental steps:

∆-1: Seed-monad conception & palingenesis (evolution and reproduction and final emergence from ∆-1 to ∆º)

Ƽ; Then its 3 ages of life once emerged in Ƽ: moving youth, reproductive maturity and informative 3rd age

∆±1: with its dual death… one one side its vital energy degenerates back to its cellular state. On the other side in the very few cases in which it has performed a flawless world cycle of existence it might emerge once more as a seed-prophet into a superorganism of the ∆+1 plane, leaving often just a trace of information, if it has been a creative particle of the ∆+1 world that hosted it. But most will return as ∆@st of spacetime to the dust from where they came.


THUS the 7th Ðisomorphism defines how those 3 physiological networks ‘age’ changing from the static to the motion stage as the being evolves in its youth, then reach its maturity and finally decline inversely into static form again in the 3rd age, to explode in the big-bang motion of death…

8th: ∆ðs+1: A t.œ within the world

We complete thus our temporal description of the worldcycle with the view of the being in the world, through its ages and variations of spatial quantitative growth species…

bagua-11 phases of life

So we describe the ‘UNITS’ IN TIME AND SPACE, POPULATIONS AND YEARS OF an ∞ number of worldcycles of existence between birth and extinction follow …

from a pure QUANTITATIVE perspective as ‘T.œs’, TIMESPACE organisms…’traveling’… in between…


10th Ðisomorphism:  ∆§…   10¹° §scales of social growth that make up a whole tetraktys monad of a NEW PLANE.

A pure spatial analysis is very limited beyond the first dimensions of the point moving and communicating information, as the essence of existence is social growth first in scales within a single plane (∆§) then in planes, ∆±i, which are not perceived directly as wholes or not perceived at all… So communication becomes then ore complex as the different planes of the being travel in search of bits of information and bites of energy, performing the..

 9th Ðisomorphism: 9  Ξlanes of our perceived Island-Universe. 

Since humans DO NOT SEE the entire reality as a decametric whole, since we do NOT see by definition, as mere particles within its inner vital space, the whole reality – missing from our ‘open ball perspective’, the central singularity monad and the outer membrane that encircles theatvital space (so we see only galactic cells of our Universe; and within our own island universe, the Milky Way, we miss the black hole inner world and the halo outer barrier of dark matter).

So even if we are a fractal 10D ‘Γœ’ made to the image and likeness of the whole of wholes… that ultimate whole can only be perceived within our own whole, measure of all things, as the best/most understood organism of it all, reason why THERE IS NO PREFERENTIAL science, nor astrophysics limited in its perception is the highest science, but biology and medicine – the biology of man and our physiological networks is.

Is there a limit to that growth? If time has been eternal, it follows reproduction has been infinite and so are the scales of beings.

So in this 3rd line we dynamically relate the world cycle of existence of any super organism with the 12 elements of the being, its ∆§cales, ðime cycles, @monad-mind and spatial networks (Rashomon effect) in a growing sequence of increasing complexity and sequential dominance of each of those dimensions, through the physiological form and life-death travel of the being, in a larger outer world, within a species and its social scales.


Leaving for the fourth line of maximal detail, an analysis in depth of the 12 Disomorphisms for the 12 planes of ‘stientific species’, from the smallest quantum forces, to the largest cosmic Universes, showing that indeed, all what exists is ∆•st of space-time, sharing the same properties of exi…st¡ence.

In that regard each of those 12±Disomorphisms of the Universe (equal laws that all systems follow) could itself fill an entire encyclopaedia, which is the purpose of the fourth line, for future huminds or more likely AI minds to fill it.

We thus introduce each of the 12D; then formalize the intuitive knowledge acquired, with non-Æ logic equations, showing examples of them for all the beings of all the scales.

But haven’t we said the 10th plane of the whole of wholes is not perceivable? Of course is not – it would then be the science of metaphysics, which is the stience of GOD=TAO, the game of existence we have related here.

So the 10th plane is the whole site, mirror of maximal information, singularity mind of the web-internet at unificationtheory.com, which once was the flesh and mind of l§, but now is within the mind of computers and AI will seek and understand becoming the mind of the living planet, once it was/will be born. And then you might say the internet will now there is god, and his mind is a mirror made to its image and likeness, ¬Æmen.


The 11 Dimensional isomorphisms (ab.Ði) applied to the study of each 12Di (5s, 5t) timespace organism, increases formal depth and experimental detail in our study of all the systems made of ∆@s≈t of space-time, defined by its fundamental 5 elements/Dimensions:  @minds, ∆-§cales, $pace, ðime and its s≈t symmetries.

So as a fractal organism can be subdivided in its analysis through its dualities of t-motions and s-forms, into 12 Dimensions, we study 12 similar properties of those dimensions in the dynamic existence of any being and call them the 12 Ðisomorphisms (Ð for dimensions and cyclical time, as it is the capital for eth, ð).

We could say paraphrasing taoism and Greek Philosophy (Parmenides, Heraclitus), or modern quantum probability that from the ‘o-1’ unit sphere of ‘existence’, comes 2, the duality of space-time, expressed in its kaleidoscopic jargons by human beings – the wave and the particle in physics, the conjugate product in mathematics, the genetic code and the protein in biology…. the yin and the yang, the man and the woman; the lineal and angular momentum… you name it and move it…

And from 2 comes 3, the lineal, angular momentum and vital energy sum and product of both, the wo=man and its offspring, the particle, wave and potential… the being in itself, which can be properly described in ternary S≈T, elements, in a single plane of existence. 

But the Universe is not THAT SHALLOW, so regardless of our humind geniuses with its ‘space-time continuum’ in a single sheet, we need the whole and the parts, the upper and lower scales, the points that make the topological beings, the cells and the ecosystems, the finitesimals within and the world outside, the Kantian thoughts in his brain, the starring lights on the sky…

And so we have the 3±1 dimensions that bring together 3 planes of existence, Ξ, into the being, 3 lanes, 3 non-euclidean networks that form the topological organism; and the 3 languages most used in this blog to describe them, verbal thought with its awesome metaphorical capacity to show in a language all humans can understand the Disomorphisms of Nature, the mirror of mathematics, which tunes to fine detail and extract more properties as it is likely the language of the atomic mind alpha and omega, atom and galaxy of those ∞ scales, and the visual language of graphs and intuitive forms. Wor(l)ds, numbers and images are thus our 3 elementary mirrors to build ‘knowledge’, because the 1=one truth in itself is only carried by the being, who holds all its information, and the being within the world to which it connects; so humans need many mirrors and we have settled for the 3 we have ‘expanded’ with non-euclidean geometry, non-aristotelian i-logic, for maths and words, non-Æ for its visual forms.

So by studying the 5 Dimensions of the being with dualities of space-time and  ‘ternary isomorphisms’ of scales, ages and topologies, all of them properties derived of its 5D scalar structure in space and time we achieve a complete description of any ‘Dust of space-time’, ∆@S=T.

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