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The future has fascinated man since its inception. I do know the future because it will be like the past, as time is cyclical. How truth is this? You just have to look at my 30 years old predictions on the future of history, and its cycles in other web to see that even the future of mankind, that seemingly free species, can be guessed with astounding accuracy.

This said, the future is both probabilistic and deterministic, and exist both in space, time and the 5th dimension and the inner mind that perceives in linguistic terms.

So as all in the fractal Universe we consider 4 concepts of future, never ‘only a time subject’ but in an interrelated cosmos, made of 4 elements, mind, scales, time and space, the future touches the 4 aspects of being:

  • Spatial-future, which receives to those topologies that have more volume of information, spherical forms, which guide systems logically into their future processing that information: Heads/particles/Upper class of societies. It also deals with the dimension of perception, and hence the natural goal of future growth: Height-cyclical dimension. So from the perspective of topologic space, organs & forms, the future is a high, spherical part of a system that processes information and guides the whole in its time-space paths.
  • Time-future then refer to the symmetric logic arrow of informative time functions, which dominate systems and reproduce more into the future. It also connects to the selection of the strongest species, those with better information that will dominate the future. The future in those terms survives better.
  • ∆-scalar Future: From the perspective of the inverse entropy/information flows and scalar 5D reality, the future becomes then the arrow of wholes, of social information that comes always after its past parts are formed, and survive better, because it is stronger than the individual
  • Œ: Finally we can consider the future from the point of view of the mind-will of the system and its survival program of action, (a,e,i,o,u), which introduces concepts of freedom, will and the ‘world as a representation’ in the mind. The future is then the mind itself, where all energy and form finally comes to rest into a linguistic image of the whole. 

Future thus means 4 things in the Universe:

  • SPACE FUTURES: A topological, informative organ in space, head-particle-upper linguistic social class (physical, biological and social systems), which processes information and hence orders and guides the whole system towards its future:

scientifc method vs..
Organs of Perception transform energy into languages of Information, different for each brain species, guiding the Sp>ST>Tf system towards its future. Thus local futures are created by the particles-minds that process information. We can talk for each system of an arrow of informative future and growth of information across the 3 ages of existence of the being.

  • So the second concept of future is the flow of time and information which constantly increases in a system till all energy is exhausted and then the past will close the cycle back to the entropic death and erasing of information after a 3rd age:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 17.23.17

  • 5D FUTURES: An arrow of social evolution as wholes must come before parts so the eusocial evolution is the arrow of future in the 5th dimension.So  beyond the individual super organism there is an absolute future:the future in which wholes co-exist with parts, and become stronger, is an absolute future as the parts must exist before, for the whole to be. This is the second concept of future, as the arrow of social evolution (in the previous graph the arrow of social love):5D bestIn the graph, we can see the natural arrow of future towards higher degrees of social information.
  • Œ-MIND FUTURES.Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 18.33.50
  • An evolution of increasing information or future arrow proper, which is the tendency set up by the dominance of heads-particles over bodies-waves:1117cIn graph, the mind has a logic circuit that guides the future of the system. In this case the thought is God=love, a social meme that codes the subconscious collective of a civilisation.  Such informative future is a potential relative logic form of thought; and a fundamental concept to relate time future and the spatial organs of future, which code the whole system.

Those are therefore the main concepts of future:

  1. The Spatial, topological concept of a curved, cyclical form: |>O. Thus this is the arrow of topological evolution.
  2. The temporal particles/heads that process information with languages: Sp>Tƒ. Thus this is the arrow of logic, mental future.
  3. The scalar arrow of social evolution of parts into wholes: ∆-1>∆+1. Thus this is the arrow of social future.

Œ-The future from the mind point of view.

The future is probabilistic in as much as systems take ‘erroneous decisions’ with its particles/heads/upper informative classes (physical/biological/social systems) in its pursuit of maximising their function of existence at individual (Max. Spe x Tiƒ->S≈T), and social level (Max. ∑∆≈∆+1), WHICH IS THE ‘survival PROGRAM OF THE UNIVERSE’, written in its most synoptic form, carried about by  each relative Œ-system.

The concept of an error is essential to understand the concept of determinism, freedom and probability, in the creation of variable futures. Yet as much as errors imply extinctions with a higher probability, THE LARGER THE DOMAIN OF THE 5TH DIMENSION WE STUDY, the smaller the error on the likely probability of future will be, for each system and its interactions with other systems. 

Because the whole is fractal, and each being interacts as a monad with other beings, in search of energy (max. e) information (max. i), cyclical reproduction (ExI->e=i) and social evolution (Max. ∑∆=∆+1).

That there is a future carried in the will of the particle/head/upper class of a system is obvious. That the being is hardly ‘self-conscious’ of the program, the more so (-: just look at humans and what they think about reality. And yet the program imposes itself by survival and once the being survives, reproduces the program through memetic, genetic or quantum information.

So the program subsists, the future repeats itself and yet each player thinks because  of the chaos and freedom in obtaining energy, information and reproduce and evolve socially in a competitive environment, that the future is not determined, is a game of chances…

It is not. If you were to look at the Universe in an infinite far away span of time in the past or the future you would see essentially the same beings, and so really both future and past are part of a present, which ends up returning every WHOLE cycle of a larger ∆+1 scale.

Those 4 themes are therefore the main themes of the analysis of future systems and the paths open to them.



I have resolved the uncertainty of Time, I just measure the position of a particle and look at my watch.’

Landau, on the use of ‘human, subjective time clocks to measure time, substituted by objective frequencies in Absolute Relativity.

Theme. We define first the nature of time and space and its self-similar terms, energy and information, its dualities and proper form of measuring them, as humans are still stuck in the use of mechanical clocks (human time) to analyze the infinite clocks and frequencies of the infinite time cycles of the infinite Universe


Humans reduce all cyclic, repetitive cycles of time with a single mechanical clock that equalizes them. But this ‘human time’ useful for measure is not the meaning of time. Further on, because we use a Cartesian lineal coordinates to measure time, (born of the  use of time to study lineal speed and space, t=s/v), the fundamental property of time, to be cyclical, caused by the repetition of certain ‘actions’ and events by an entity of ‘existence’, is lost. Thus to fully comprehend time we must accept its multiplicity and cyclicality and measure it with the objective parameter of frequency.

Time is cyclical and multiple; each event has a frequency that carries form, information and defines a cycle or closed trajectory, which breaks space into an inner, ‘fractal’ region and an external world. The result is the creation of multiple, ‘vital’ spaces and clock-cycles. The age of metric science measured all those space-time cycles by equalizing them with the rhythms of a single clock, putting them together into a continuum space-time graph. This age adopted a philosophy of science based in the new machines used to measure those cycles (clocks and telescopes, today evolved into computers and cameras), called mechanism, from Kepler, who said ‘God is a clocker’ to Einstein who affirmed ‘Time is what a clock measures’. But as we measure more cycles and perceived more forms of space, a new paradigm is needed to account for that variety of ‘multiple spaces and times’.

Accordingly I called this expansion of modern physics, Absolute Relativity. Since the ultimate teaching of Einstein’s discoveries was to validate Leibniz: we existed in a Universe of infinite, relative clocks of time, each of them breaking space into an inner and outer region of space (first law of topology, knot theory) and relative scales of reality, none of which is when we normalize their frequency of time cycles and size of its steps, more important than other…

Indeed, Absolute Relativity essentially completes the insights of Leibniz and Einstein on the multiple nature of time clocks that run to different speeds. And its consequences and discoveries are bond to r=evolve the way we perceive the meaning of time itself.

The objective measure of time: frequency.

Lineal single clock-time is a mechanical simplification. There are  ‘time-cycles/clocks’ in the Universe: circadian cycles, astronomical cycles, sociological cycles. So how we measure them to do science, if there are  time cycles? By comparing its specific forms in space with the tools of topology and their frequency in time. Indeed, cyclical time is measured not by duration but by frequency, its inverse: ƒ(t)=1/T, whose analysis and self-similarities give birth to a series of new laws common to all the systems of the Universe.

Those laws of frequency are not easy to quantify since each time cycle has a different ‘speed’ closing the cycle, and hence creating the unit of frequency that will be created once and again, every time the cycle is closed. Further more each particle or entity of the Universe traces different actions (energetic, informative, social and reproductive actions, each one defined by a quantum number in the simplest particles, far more complex to categorize but essentially the same quality in beings like humans), and switches between them, creating specific patterns of frequency, as each action requires a different path. Fourier laws so endemic in physical systems are due to those multiple patterns seen together. And yet, once all those variations are understood we can unveil an astounding number of harmonies, causality series, combinations of actions and synchronicities that create the symphony of space-time functions tracing its actions of existence in their life cycles…

Further on, a cycle has an end in time and a quantum size of enclosed space, which breaks reality in fractal patterns and scales. The main of those scales in the physical realm are the quantum and cosmological scales, in which we find 2 type of clock-cycles of the Universe: masses and charges, now studied with the new tool of time measure, the frequency of its vortex. The invariance of frequency though gives rise to the first forms of the universe, first units of in/form/ation, masses, and charges each one with a frequency function, which determines its force.

Each mass and charge ‘constant’ is therefore an invariance function of a frequency, and the game of growth of invariances and forms that will self-repeat themselves in growing scales starts here.

The clocks of the universe: masses and charges.

Mass is the attractive, in/forming force of the Universe; and it is merely the last, accelerated, curved motion of the gravitational force. This was explained by Einstein with his principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass/gravitation. Initially, due to the ‘mirage’ of materialism, physicists thought the principle only applied to the external, curving vortex of gravitational forces that sunk into the mass. But the mass as a solid substance was never found and all pictures have seen merely vortices of curved motions. Let us then deal at the simplest possible level with empirical, theoretical and mathematical demonstrations of those concepts, considering some of the new advances on theory of information and astro-physics, we are making departing from Einstein’s insight.

Einstein’s equivalence principle: mass is a clock of gravitational time.

In Physics, according to Einstein the information of a particle is its mass. This can be easily proved theoretically, mathematically and empirically – the 3 pillars of truth in epistemology of science:

Mathematical proof

The mathematical proof is simple, given by the 2 main equations of Einstein, which relate the frequency of information (a time parameter), the mass and the energy of physical systems:

ExT=K, E=Mc2, hence M=K/T=Kv; where v is the frequency of rotation of the vortex of mass.

Thus a mass is a vortex of space-time that carries the information of the Universe in its frequency.

Conceptual proof.

This simple equation is in accordance with Einstein’s Principle of equivalence between acceleration and gravitational force. Both are the same in General Relativity. And so why we should stop this ‘comparison’ at a certain point of the accelerating vortex? Since in the Universe we have never seen ‘substance’ but only motions, it is logic to think that what we call a mass is exactly that: the final region of acceleration into a vortex of gravitational forces. Such vortex obviously offers a resistance to motion (inertial mass), which is dependent of the speed/acceleration of such motion

Empirical proofs.

In the previous pictures there is an obvious empirical proof. All pictures of masses and charges appear as vortices with an accelerated inward motion. All vortices attract inwards with a force equivalent to the strength of the rotating vortex. So a hurricane attracts more when it turns faster. And so a mass, which is a hurricane of space-time attracts more the faster it turns. Moreover vortices of all kind are ‘accelerating’ inwards: Vo x Ro = K, which means that the shorter the radius is, Ro, the faster its speed, Vo, so the closer you come to the vortex, the faster it turns, the more it attracts, the stronger its gravitational force is, and the more mass it has.

What kind of accelerated motion?  There are only two accelerated motions, lineal accelerated motions that release energy that ‘works’ and cyclical accelerations that change the ‘form’ of a trajectory but produce not work.

Thus there are lineal, ‘energy motions’ and cyclical, ‘informative motions’. So for example electric forces are energetic and magnetic forces that deviate the trajectory of the particle are informative. Further on,. And Newton gave us a simple equation to describe ‘all’ the forces of the Universe: F = M (cyclical acceleration) x A (lineal acceleration). This is fascinating because it means that the Universe is made of 2 accelerated motions: F = M x A, where A is lineal acceleration or ‘energy’ and Mass is a vortex with more dimensional form, or cyclical acceleration, whose form and frequency carry the in-form-ation of the Universe.

When we enter into mathematical details, a mass vortex is more complex. Einstein described it with a set of equations that go beyond the scope of this introduction. But there is a different version of those equations much simpler – the gravito-magnetic version, recently proved experimentally by a Probe, which are mimetic from the equations of electromagnetism.

And so since charges are obvious accelerated vortices of electromagnetic forces, it is self-evident that if masses produce a self-similar field system, they will be accelerated vortices of gravitational forces.

As Einstein put it ‘the Universe is simple and not malicious’. And so there you have, the 3 simplest, more important equations of Physics, F=m x a, E=Mc2, E=hv and then the more complex, equally essential Maxwell and Einstein’s equations come all together to accept mass as an ‘internal’ property that define mass and hence need no further fields and esoteric particles to be explained.

We could go into far more complex mathematical consequences for our understanding of physics and the Universe. The first and obvious one is in information theory: since gravitation is the attractive force of the Universe, it forms, it in/forms the Universe and balances the electromagnetic arrow of expansive entropy and so the Universe will not die but will follow eternal cycles of gravitational implosion and electromagnetic explosions.

Even more important is the consequences for our concept of time. As I anticipated decades ago, and recently Mr. Penrose acknowledge in ‘Time Cycles’ each mass or charge acts as a ‘small’ clock of time’, whose frequency becomes a measure of time and stores ‘information’. So time, information and gravitation are deeply interconnected, as Einstein’s Relativity proves. Those connections, which always puzzled scientists, and I have explored in depth in my books and papers on complexity, can now be explained rationally. In essence a mass is a time vortex, and the frequency of the vortex defines the attractive power and information it carries. So there are infinite, different types of clocks in the Universe. Our mechanical clock is just one.

For that reason Einstein said ‘time goes at different speeds’ – depending on each cycle’s frequency and length and speed – the 3 key new variables to study cyclical time. He also said that ‘time bends space’. Mind the reader he didn’t say mass, as both are synonymous.

Each charge and mass of the Universe is a tiny clock. The Universe is made of multiple times and since each ‘time cycle’ is a ‘closed space’, the Universe is also made of multiple spaces, and so what we call Time and Space is just as Leibniz explained us putting together all the spaces and times of the Universe into a single system.

Minds transform cyclical motions of space into still in-form-ative mappings. A Universe of communicative Monads.

Those frequent repetitions of formal cycles carry the information of the Universe and its scientific laws (which are the knowledge of those repetitive patterns projected into the future). They allow the focus of those space-time cycles, ‘or Non-Euclidean point’ to mirror into a reduced still image, called a mind, the ∞ timespace cycles of the Universe.

Each mind though is a ‘world’ in itself:

Œ.              Œ-point (Non-Euclidean point) x ∞ Space-time cycles (Universe)=Still Linguistic mapping (world)


In the graph, each Non-E Point is a relative world, as finite parallels which are curved time cycles cross it. The mind of man, is crossed by light, so as Kant understood it is Euclidean, with 3 dimensions of relative light space-time, the perpendicular magnetic, electric and c-speed vectors. But other minds can see different worlds. Gravitational Minds see it curved as Einstein’s relativity equations show. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.45.10electronic_mind_clip_image002

The existence of infinite minds which construct different worlds, such as the electronic 3-dimensional world derived of light perception of man, different from an olfactory world or a gravitational, black hole world, was testified by Descartes, who considered the euclidean view, merely the human view. He would also establish the lineal space and cyclical vortex of time, the 2 forms of reality, made of res extensa and informative time.

This was the merit of Descartes, the true founder of modern science, which we have upgraded to our ternary analysis of all systems of the Universe, in what we shall call, T.Œ, the Theory of the Organic Everything, as all those ternary systems made of cyclical times, lineal spaces and self-centered territorial points of view that organize them, will show clear ‘organic patterns in its form and actions.


We thus define in this post the logic postulates of non AE (non-Aristotelian, Euclidean geometry), and its Πfunctions of existence departing from the first postulate of mathematics:

A point is a system of energy and information, perceived as an infinitesimal from a higher plane of existence.

In the beginning there was an observer, a focus point that let itself cross by infinite parallels and perceived a mapping of the Universe.

The infinitesimal point, O, saw the infinite Universe, ∞, and created a constant mapping of it, O x ∞ = Constant, in the stillness of the mind.

The point, the Observer the measure is the first action that starts any activity in reality. Prior to motion towards a field of energy or information that interest us or away from it, the point must perceive it. And for that to be possible, the point must have parts, an informative mind –like capacity to gauge information, and rotational motion to change the angle of view.

The point thus have to have angular momentum, the minimal unit observable in the Universe, the h action, a point of view a momentum moving and a radius of distance.

The fundamental Unit of the fractal universe thus is also a point that makes up an absolute space-time, but such points unlike Euclidean classic points of mathematics are fractal non-Euclidean points, which have breath, hence are cycles, the minimal unit of the Universe a time cycle, seen in statics as a cyclical point, dynamically as an attractive point-particle in a static position or a particle with momentum, neutral to a background universe.

Reality is made of symmetries of the 3 motions of time and its infinitesimal, step by step view as spatial forms. This interaction carries to all spheres of reality expressing itself as many different dualities.

We thus can obtain always a still spatial vision or dimensional vision and a dynamic, motion vision of temporal vision and all mathematical equations in geometry of points can be perceived as motion equations, of dynamic differential equations.

We are talking thus of temporal algebra and spatial geometry, of Æ and Œ, as the 2 branches of the i-logic geometry of fractal points that constructs the still spatial forms and membranes we perceive as static presents, and how they web with the entropic, vibratory and vortex motions of the 3 dimensions of time.

We call a knot of such space-time cyclical actions an Œ function of existence. It is perceived as a fractal point which rows in size as we come closer to it, till we observe its two parts, the vortex of cyclical time, Tƒ and the flows of lineal entropy, E, which come out of its present, most evident body-wave part with its combined energy and information parts.

This Function of Existence will be seen in time as a series of sequential motions, physical momentums in which the Πparticle becomes the active magnitude that exchanges energy and information with the outer, larger world.

Its description as it transits and leaves a memorial reflection of its motions in the form of space distances, conforms the description of the existence of any being which goes into a sequential order of absorption and emissions of energy (feeding and moving) and information (perceiving and reproducing), through which it creates more stable sequential dual action-reaction fields of density with other similar cloned Œ which will become networks and parts of synchronic super organisms. In this manner forms evolve into social wholes and create in this process the 5th dimension or arrow of ‘long time’, in which parts are relative pasts of future forms, which from the larger pov command their existence.

Infinite of such points exchanges energy and information in infinite scales is the departing point of any scale of realty to understand how it builds above and below itself ±∆ superorganisms.

The Universe is made of pi cycles that order the the three arrows of timespace into world cycles, zero sums of virtual existence, but exi=stience after all, worth to pursuit by the mind mirrors who thought to be infinite in the mapping of its linguistic mind.

As those point-mirror Tiƒ singularities with a linguistic ternary frequency in its subjective distortion of the fields of entropic chaos, to form its order, its world view.

∆º±1, the mind view penetrates through the flows of time in co-existence with the upper and lower scales connected through its networks, invaginating really much deeper that all other visible flat-beings of hyperbolic present. So the mind view objectively perceptively the flat world but above inside, its i-logic imagines future where to go, and inside, subconsciously controls its closed paths.

The first formalism to build an ∆º±st Universe of Dust of space-time is to understand its 3 arrows, entropy-space (S), Time-information (Tƒ) and its momentum, st, present combinations and ∫e x i world cycles.

The logic that combines time arrows in time and space topologies in symmetries is mathematical and logic, but of a logic and mathematics higher than those of man. So we sorry have to upgrade your maths and logic, something humans do not do very often – the last serious upgrading of logic took place 2300 years (Aristotelian logic) and of space, 200 years – Non euclidean fifth postulate. But is unavoidable as we play with 3 arrows of time and its 3 symmetries in space (THOSE ARE understood in topology as its 3 variations). So we shall focus on the ‘arrow symmetry in time’, making the topology of space, better known, submissive in our explanations.

The formalism of i-logic mathematics.

Now we must upgrade the 3 elements of mathematics to the new definition of space-time.

informative Analysis understood philosophically as the expression of the laws of the wholes and parts of the 5th dimension based in the arrow of information, which we must add to the arrow of entropy studied by physics. Thus analysis as expression of the laws on how informative, infinitesimals integrate into i-points of existence, Œ… is the first field and main field of 5D metric.

Time Algebra, must be moved to Existential Algebra with more time motions.

Aristotelian Algebra/Logic whereas there is a single time logic arrow, A->B, upgraded to ternary logic in which any event can give 5 results or future outcomes, hence the sum of all the possible stories of an equation will be: A x B = A +B + AxB(parallel) + A/B (perpendicular) + B/A (perpendicular) variations of the first event. Hence we write A≤x≥B as the new operandi which expresses all the 5 variations of those space-time events in the pentadimensional logic of the 5th dimension of ∞ fractal space-times.

Euclidean Geometry must be upgraded to Non-Euclidean i-logic geometry which includes time algebra in its logic demonstrations, where each point is a world in itself, a fractal point crossed by infinite parallels, which can be seen in the 5 states of existence of time algebra, and defined with 5 different Non-Euclidean postulates (Fractal points, line-waves, topological-planes, laws of self-similarity, and perceptive laws of spatial creation of forms).

We call the sum of the Non-Euclidean Geometry, Non-Aristotelian Logic, and informative analysis, the formalism of   i-logic mathematics. and dedicate a entire section of the web to it. Now the wording of i-mathematics is obvious, it stands for ‘i-logic mathematics’, which studies 5Di metric of information, the non-Aristotelian logic and Non Euclidean geometry, hence Non-AE=i-mathematics of it. Whereas i comes after A and E.

Of the 5 actions of reality, ∂a,e,i,o,u, we do indeed study  in depth the i-o-u of reality, information observer’s perception and universal creation beyond the usual study of the Accelerations and energies of it.

The non-Euclidean, fractal point as a perceptive point.

All systems have a central or upper knot – a zero point – that processes information and perceives a ‘still’, pixeled map of reality constructed as a reflection of the external universe – a mind.

In the graph, in the old paradigm of single space-time, there is only a point of view, the anthropomorphic point of view, and a language and frame of reference, the Cartesian frame.

In the new paradigm, each knot of cycles of energy and information creates its own frame of reference and coordinates, ‘literally’ as it evolves its organism along an up (information) down (energy) axis, an anteroposterior axis, (direction of motion as it performs its ‘cyclical actions’), and a width axis of reproduction and cellular storage. Further on, besides its 3 relative, ‘diffeomorphic’ coordinates, each organic system will have a perception based in a language, which might not be the language of man, as each species codes and maps reality with bits of a different type of wave. All this can be formalized and mathematized with a new mathematical model, based in the new discoveries of fractal non-Euclidean geometry, developed by the author that complete the work of Riemann on the subject.

Because a Cartesian graph (left) is an abstract continuum of lineal time, based in the single rhythm of a mechanical clock and a continuous space of points with no ‘breath’ (Euclidean definition of a point), ever since it became the canonical representation of space-time science has believed in a single, absolute time and a single absolute space, with a single point of view, that of the human mind in the origin of coordinates. Yet the Cartesian plane only represents the continuous space-time of ‘the membrane of light’ it represents with its 3 perpendicular coordinates, equivalent to the height=electric field, width=magnetic field and length=wave speed of light. Since light is the space we see and so its 3 coordinates are self-similar to those of the Cartesian, human mind made with light.

The real Universe has ∞points of view that gauge information in ∞scales of space-time. Those points of view by definition have volume to fit ∞ parallels – flows of energy and information that go through them. Each of those parallels is in fact a cyclical, curved trajectory (Einstein’s definition of a parallel); and so we can consider each Non-Euclidean point of view a knot of time cycles with form and motion.

Points with parts are knots of time cycles that gather into networks. The most important point of any network is the point which communicates all other points and networks, taking the key decision of any super-organism: which action performs at each moment. That point, is therefore the point that possesses the will of the whole organism.

All what you see are knots of ‘living cycles’ that represent the actions of a ‘Point of view’, which traces those cycles as forms with motion, forms-in-action, in-form-ations. We call all those knots of forms with motion Non-Euclidean points, (mathematical jargon), Space-time cycles (physical jargon) or complementary networks (biological jargon) the new units of the physical, mathematical and biological formalism of Systems sciences.

They define a new mathematical and logical language that advances the previous A-ristotelian and E-uclidean logic to better map out the Universe, called i-logic geometry (as i represents information and comes after A and E). An i- point or space-time cycle (1st postulate of i-geometry) has form and motion. Any entity of the Universe is an i-point, as all of them have form and motion. 2 i-points will form a wave (2nd postulate) that communicates energy=motion and form=information between them. Thus all lines are in fact waves with motion. Self-similar points then will form a network by exchanging energy and information along certain paths. Thus all planes are networks (4th postulate). And each of those points crossed by flows of energy and information that shape its internal form (5th postulate) will be able to move and gauge the information of the external Universe, becoming a ‘relative mind’, a perceptive element of an intelligent Universe made of the sum of infinite such points.

Finally the 3rd postulate of i-logic geometry will define according to the self-similarity between those points the type of networks they create when they socialize with other points. And so the application of those 5 postulates and its laws to any system of self-similar beings, from atoms to humans to galaxies, give us the whys of reality, which is game of points that socialize into bigger wholes, points of a new scale: particles become points of atoms that become points of molecules, cells, organisms and societies in the biological realm, or parts of celestial bodies, galaxies and Universes in the physical world. In the past science has focused mostly on the study of motion and energy and its measure with mechanical instruments.

The 4th paradigm of science reveals the why of the motions and forms of reality by adding to those studies the understanding of the properties and laws of Information. Since only both together, the arrow of ‘energy’ or ‘entropy’ dominant in motion and the arrow of evolution of form, or ‘information’ explain the fundamental unit of reality: a feed-back cycle that transforms back and forth energy into information. The Universe is made of an infinite number of such cycles of exchange of energy and information between entities that shape the primary substance of reality: ‘cycles of time’ that occupy a surface of space. Time is cyclical and multiple. Each event has a frequency that carries information, defining a cycle or closed trajectory that breaks space into an inner, ‘fractal’ region and an external world. The result is the creation of multiple, ‘vital’ spaces and clock-cycles. Those cycles become chained in knots and organized in networks of knots, which share flows of energy and information, creating the complex systems and scales of reality.

Aperception, vegetative perception and consciousness.

We have come to a fundamental element of General Systems Sciences: the philosophical difference between information processing, aperception and perception. The mechanist paradigm, invented by religious people did not require perception, because the world was a machine set up by God (it is impossible to create a mechanist paradigm without a God putting up the system, something scientists today often forget). The organicist model can work with evolution as a game of automatic trial and error, but it doesn’t really work. We have to stretch the belief in evolution as some proponents of intelligent design have shown.

Systems are simply too complex at molecular level and the relationships between scales require too much efficiency if the central, informative, processing systems would not aperceive (perceive the flows of information they process without self-reflection). So the most likely hypothesis is what Leibniz called aperception. Basically what Aristotle called the first cause, or unmoved God, which moves all the energy-bodies around him. And he affirmed there were infinite Gods and we were all one type of them.

And indeed, the easiest manner to understand reality is to postulate that all systems that work, have at least a point, ‘attractor’, cyclical particle, knot of quantum cycles of energy and information, which ‘perceives a world made with the pixels of its language of information that ‘converge’ into the nodal point and become processed within that point provoking in the point a reaction that moves the point towards a place in which it can feed on energy, reproduce or evolve socially.

Information thus would become the most repetitive cycle of all, caused by the smallest i-2, or i-3 particles that converge in the system. We would merely be the most complex informative systems that have a wider rage of election between our complex 4 arrows as we can absorb many types of information, energy and interact sexually and socially in many different milieus. But the simplest element of our universe, quarks and electron, which do perceive gravitational and electro-magnetic information, feed on gravitational and electromagnetic energy and when they receive many of it, reproduce and certainly evolve socially with other particles, exchanging energy and information through smaller quanta, should aperceive its fundamental force, as energy and information, to exist.

While we do not perceive gravitation because we are electromagnetic beings, I am certain that electrons perceive and feed on electromagnetic photons. And perhaps the strongest proof is the fact that our sensors of light (eyes) can perceive a single photon. An electron thus must perceive a white and black, (light or absence of it), message, which makes it (experimental proof) jump and absorb the electromagnetic wave, ‘growing’ in size, jumping to a wider orbital scale.

What proofs do we have that information perceives itself? The most evident one is the fact that we are human beings, made of atoms as everybody else, whose senses can perceive a single bit of information (the eye a single electron) and hence our mind is of the same quality than others and yet it does not merely process information but perceives it in the act of processing. We thus conclude that all points of view that ‘focus’ in stillness and pixel reality in a mapping, perceive.

Experiments made with animals show self-consciousness to appear when we see a being like we are, or we see ourselves in a mirror. Consciousness would be perception and should be a jump of complexity in our perception, which is not required for the system to work.

Yet aperceptive points can exist and do exist in all systems. They are the nuclei of cells, the knots of cells in a tree; the nervous system in complex organisms, the quark and quark stars (black holes) in atoms and galaxies, in what concerns gravitational forces; the fractal crystals in rocks.

Each one will aperceive with different speed of time-information but they will all perceive and with that perception redirect its motions and reflect in one or other direction the energetic forces they absorb. And another proof of this is the fact that all forces we perceive are dual. So electromagnetic light can be taken as energy (plants) or as information. And we imagine that gravitational forces are absorbed as energy (star-plants that feed and follow the gravitational path in its orbits) or as information (black holes that move erratically). The erratic movements of animals and black holes prove the concept: motion with apparent disorder tends to be proper of beings that perceive. Does this means plants do not perceive? No, of course, but light is their energy They perceive a slower ‘chemical language’, as do cells of the body controlled by those who perceive the faster electric language – the neurons.

The mind ego. The self.

Absolute Relativity is balanced by the existence of egos. The self-centered Galilean point of view that make all measures and perceptions yet perceive reality dead, material, still, without motion or life. What this egos are is one of the most important discoveries of the invariance of topological form: zero points, hyperbolic, non-Euclidean fractal points with complementary parts of energy and information. Now, we want to make a philosophical analysis departing from the duality of Galileo.

Indeed, the paradox of Galileo – a fixed feature of all perceptive beings – explains the arrogance and egoism of all living beings, which have a self-centered point of view. Since from our perspective our nose seems bigger than the Andromeda Galaxy. While a selection of information is needed by all minds, which mirror an infinite universe in an infinitesimal volume. So minds select information and consider that only the languages the mind understands are an intelligent form of communication.

So the conflict between objective science and subjective myths will only grow with this new step of knowledge. As it happened in the previous shifts of scientific paradigms, man will find that all his anthropocentric theories about the importance of our scale of existence, including many that pass as science today, are self-similar to those anthropomorphic religions that invented a personal human-like God: fairy tales that substitute the laws of creation with myths to pump up the ego-trips that make us happy.

In that regard, happiness and truth tend to be opposite. Why then to seek for truth? Because truth makes beings efficient in the Darwinian Universe and allow them to survive; while happiness based in arrogance and ignorance of the laws of the Darwinian universe is the receipt to self-destruction. For example, the ignorance of the 5th dimension and its laws and scales caused millions of victims in the XIX century, when Mr. Pasteur’s ‘idea’ that small germs of the inferior life scale could kill us was disregarded as ridiculous and ignored for decades, because germs were considered too small to be able to destroy a human body.

Today the ignorance of the laws of growth of black holes put in danger the entire planet, as CERN, the Nuclear Research Center, seeks to reproduce them on Earth, adducing they are too small to swallow the Earth…

Those two examples show how important is true knowledge of our position in the Universe. Since if we are guided by happiness and ego-trips, our wishes lower our instincts and disguise the lethal dangers lurking in those other ‘scales’ of reality.

But are not those scales in the same space-time continuum that our Universe? No, they are not and this is the reason why we need a fifth dimension across all the others to describe the laws of invariance.

Yet man seems unable to accept an objective view, denied by its senses, its mind and its ego, which in Absolute Relativity is defined by the aforementioned ‘Paradox of Galileo’:

‘The mind is a mirror which perceives in stillness from its point of view, an infinitesimal part of the information of the infinite Universe’.

For that reason, in the same way Darwin is still denied, 150 years after his work, since from our point of view, humans are all what matters, and Galileo died in house arrest, 100 years after Copernicus’, because we indeed perceive the Earth still, the laws of self-similarity between scales and the absolute relativity of man might never be accepted.

Yet even if humans – don’t renounce to their sense of self-importance, as the ‘perceived’ physical center of the Universe and the ‘only intelligent’ species with a ‘manifest destiny’, objectively the laws of the 5th dimension treated in this work, show our existence to be as relative as the existence of any other entity of any scale of reality… Hence the name of Absolute Relativity we give to the theoretical study of the 5th dimension, defined in space as the fractal scales of in/form/ation that evolve the Universe from the simplest form to the more complex macrocosmic structures, and in time, as the cyclical flow of time between the remote past of simplex energy and the remote future of complex, information.

Indeed, the 5th dimension make us not only to occupy no central point in this scale of the Universe, but not even a central point in the infinite scales of size, which form the 5th dimension of reality, whose laws between scales, self-similarities and fascinating topological and temporal invariances I have researched for decades.

All minds, including man, are self-centered beings that believe to be the center of creation, because they gauge information from its point of view. Yet most of reality either exists in a dark space the species doesn’t perceive or uses a language the species doesn’t decode or it is further away from our ‘noses’ to be of any importance to us. This explains anthropomorphism and the incapacity of man to perceive himself as just another knot of simplex and complex actions of energy and time. The laws of those Points of view that gauge information, are Laws of Non-Euclidean geometries.

The formalism of General Systems Sciences, which studies networks of points of view is therefore Non-Euclidean. Regarding its Logic structure, past, present and future become relative concepts and so the ‘logic’ of the Universe in which past, present and future co-exist in simultaneous space-time fields, is different, is paradoxical, dual… Its formalism can be fusioned with that of Non-Euclidean geometry in what we call illogic geometry, the linguistic foundations of all General systems. 

The paradox of the ego: linguistic points of view.

Perception is possible because of the mentioned paradox of Galileo: all is motion, and so informations are cycles of time with curved motions and energy-space are sheets of lineal motion. And so because all is motion, the repetition of those motions is in fact a simple reproduction that takes place in simple atomic particles (with cyclical vortex of motion) or lineal fields of energy (with wave-like motions).

The paradox of Galileo is again a fundamental law of the relativity Universe ill-understood by scientists who ‘see’ still pictures of reality with their instruments and seek for ‘substances’ instead of motions. It is also the key to the 8th key principle of G.S.Theory, the paradox of the ego.

All individual systems perceive or process information with their linguistic or geometric minds; using that information to guide their body towards fields of energy in which they feed.

Yet since resources are limited, to achieve those 2 simplest arrows of existence, all systems prey in the energy and information of other species causing their death in Darwinian, preying events. We thus talk of two ethical arrows in a universe of limited resources.

Top predator individual species will try to obtain energy from their environment absorbing it from species with weaker energy bodies and informative heads, provoking Darwinian, predatory relationships, causing their death in Darwinian, preying events.

And they will perceive the universe from their egoistic point of view, as a static dead space, of which they are the center. Since from their subjective perspective, their nose seems bigger than the Andromeda galaxy and the earth seems quiet surrounded by infinitesimal stars.

Yet objectively, the ego is just an infinitesimal, fractal mirror, reflecting a minimal part of the infinite information of the whole without which it will cease to exist. It is the paradox of the selfish ego that wants to be the center of the universe. The paradox of the ego is the main cause of extinction of all species, which as the human beings are unable to respect the infinity and power of the whole and consider themselves special sons of god, entitled to control and destroy nature, till the Newtonian laws of action reaction, extinguish them. Thus we define each of the infinite Aristotelian Gods, center of a surface of energy they move and prey on:

‘Every point of view=mind feels the center of the Universe, but it is only an infinitesimal Non-Euclidean point that stores a limited mapping of reality with its informative languages.’

We are all Atmans, informative CPUs, souls that gauge in different languages reality, to construct a mental mapping that caters to our point of view and arrows of time. So we create our ‘perceived Universe’ – a fact known from Descartes to Schopenhauer, but lost to ‘naïve, realist’ physicists. All of them thinking clocks are the only point that matters to measure time, and the human mind, the only ego that knots energy into form, since that is the only perspective they perceive. That is why most of history, humans thought the Earth to be the center of reality; and still think they are the only intelligent species.

Those points of view defined with Non-Euclidean mathematics represent the 4th dimension of social evolution and integration of 3 external ‘perpendicular dimensions’ of relative informative height, lineal motion and reproductive width (thought this 2 coordinates often vary, according to the environment and complex structure of the system, the height-dimension of information, which is the first to be established can be found in all systems).

For example, in the human electronic mind, the central S1,2 orbitals form a relative P.O.V. surrounded by 3 y,x,z p orbitals perpendicular to each other. The same structure is repeated in crystals and the NH+3 heads of amino acids in the 7.2 alkaline cytoplasm of the cell.

Recap. The mathematical formalism that explains the structure of perceptive points, responsible for the general order of all parts and wholes of the Universe is the fractal, non-Euclidean point; the logical formalism, the Paradox of Galileo, and the mystique term for those zero points is… soul.

Non-E fractal points, that gather into social networks called topological spaces substitute the restricted concepts of Euclidean points and continuous spacetimes, explaining why all those cycles exist: Since we can reduce all forms and systems of reality to the only 3 topologies of a 4-dimensional universe: the energetic plane, the informative hyperbole and the cyclical toroid that combines energy and information in reproductive events. Thus self-similar, simple topologies of energy and information create complementary systems, which evolve further into organic systems, made of reproductive, energetic and informative networks.



First and paramount what matters is the future as a dimension of fractal time achieved by infinite systems that gauge information and try to use that information to improve its future according to the actions that make them survive. It is for that reason that languages and minds-particles/heads/upper castes define the future of the other parts of super organisms (waves/fields/working classes).

So the first thing we must clarify is how minds mirror the Universe, as it is customary to confuse the Universe with the worlds created by those mirror languages, as physicists do considering that only mathematics mirrors the Universe:


In the graph – what is wrong with ‘physics’ and increasingly with mankind can be resumed in the ego paradox. The equation of the mind is rather simple:

We humans are just ‘finitesimals’ of the ego paradox: o-point x ∞ Universe = constant mind.

So the Universe is out there, one and single; but it does not fit in the mind. And the mind reduces it to languages to perceive it, which resumes the main properties of the Universe, which are first bio-logical rules of space-time existence (the Universe is a game of survival of space-time beings, which constantly try to reproduce their information in ‘fractal seeds’ that latter evolve socially; the Universe is a vital fractal, and the rules are simple), then logic (temporal rules only) and then mathematical (spatial rules only), and then the human vision of those rules (artistic space, verbal time, ethic, social evolution of parts into stronger wholes). And so all those languages are mirrors.

To get the perfect focused mirror, the maximal knowledge is the goal of the Philosopher of science. The physicist specially since the classic age closed with Einstein, has denied this. And puts the mathematical platonic mirror (Copenhagen interpretation) first, subverting the scheme. And so it ‘believes’ today IT IS NO LONGER REQUIRED to observe the scientific method, and first watch the physical world (experimental evidence), then follow the rules of science (linguistic coherence, simplicity, economicity, etc.), and thus create knowledge (human mental perception). Further on, the physicist connects the human world with the physical world, and as the ego grows, it pretends as Hawking and so many other scientists do, to impose its mental view into the physical world, as if it were a God creating the physical world.

But that is not how reality works. It is all more humble. We cannot change the rules of survival, just watch the physical world, learn the rules, make perfect mirrors of those rules, obey and survive. Because the ultimate language is bio-logial: those who have huge childish ego, disobey the laws, become the staple food of the Cosmos: children is what predators eat. Ego-centered turtles, hatched which enter directly into the mouth of the lizard – in our case the mouth of the black hole.

How energy becomes information: Energy never dies.

The process of existence, and its arrows of organicism are intimately related, as they evolve into each other.

If the first act of a living organism is to feed, its second act is to transform that energy into information, and then perceive it. Energy never dies but transforms itself into information. In this manner feeding becomes information. The simplicity of the Universe is awesome. It should not surprise us. After all we are in a Universe with only 2 parameters. So from one energy, comes two, form, in-form-ation.

Information, the second substance of the Universe.

The Universe is made of two substances, energy and information. Both have opposite properties, and yet both attract and mix each other, in all kind of macro-organs of energy and information, that we call bodies and brains. If in the microcosmic organisms of atomic nature, information is seen always as a force, as we cannot easily study the microcosmic inner organs that process energy and information inside the atom, when we grow in size, the organism becomes visible, and we recognize an organ of information, and sensorial organs that absorb the forces of the external Universe.

In this manner information translates from micro to macro sizes with its properties. What are those properties? Information is small, complex in form, cyclical, stored in time, more than in space, in logic dimensionality, in languages, made of very complex, very small, very fast systems of sharing diminutive flows of energy, called in-form-ation.

Each language perceives a partial truth

But why there are brains that absorb tiny flows of energy with a lot of form, called in-form-ation?

As all in the game of existence, because to accumulate information helps you to survive, to locate energy and feed and continue the game of existence.

What information does is to offer an organism maps of the Universe, virtual worlds, complex representations of reality, with a lot of formal detail, that map out the Universe and helps the organism to survive. All organisms perceive and react to information in one or other manner, and we call that property of organic systems, perception.

The flows of energy that become information in the brains of organisms, cause the organism to react to the external universe. That is the second arrow of life.

After feeding, organisms transform energy into information and react organically to that information.
Bear in mind though that information comes in many shapes and forces. So each brain perceives a different information, a different map of the Universe…

Truth and perception: multiple languages, multiple truths

If you smell a carrot you have a certain perception of the carrot, if you see it you have another perception, if you use a microscope you have a third perception, if you eat the carrot you have a fourth perception. Each perception is a relative truth on the existence of a mass of energy and information known as a carrot.

Yet you will only consider a ‘scientific description’ of the carrot, the numeric truths related to scientific measure; the photographs and light perception taken on the carrot with scientific instruments. However a rabbit does not need the scientific method of metal-instrumental evidence, to smell the carrot without seeing it.

He knows through smelling information that the carrot is. Thanks to such information he will locate under the Earth a carrot, faster than a scientist. Smell is part of the truth of the carrot, and the rabbit is an intelligent thinker of carrots in smelling terms. If for the scientist the light image of the carrot is the carrot, for the rabbit the smell of the carrot is the carrot. He just has a different approach to knowledge. Yet neither of them has all the truth on the carrot, which only belongs to the carrot itself. For the same reason we say that light perception and scientific truths derived of measures taken with metal-instruments are only partial truths, partial languages of perception of the total Universe.

It seems proved that light space is only 1-10% of The Universe. That light only scans 1-10% of the total space, perhaps more than the nose of the rabbit , but still very little, to make the kind of arrogant statements that the scientific method makes. The rest is dark matter which exists and communicates with other forces. This implies we will never be able to know totally the Universe by the scientific method, which is like a blind ‘smelling of the Universal carrot’.

The Universe is a mass of energy and information, which stores the truth only into its total self. You are the truth of yourself, and any perception of you will only be a linguistic approximation to your total truth- yourself.
Digital science however denies this, with an arrogance proper of inquisitions of thought.’

Since what we call the scientific method affirms that reality and evidence, total truth, comes from ‘scientific’ measure of distances and spaces, according to metal-eye machines that perceive space [telescopes today evolved into cameras] and metal-clock temporal meters [today evolved into computers].

All other languages of time and space [such as human verbs and eyes] and the worlds they might create, are not relevant to science. If anything, the error of subjective arrogance, proper of Middle Age religions, grew with science, that limits evidence of truth and existence, to beings that can be perceived and measured with metallic instruments, and clocks. Let’s consider with a critical eye such approach to knowledge.

Dark matter exists not only in the outskirt of Galaxies, but by mere logic, we have to postulate that dark matter exists here, around us. That there are many systems of communication that we do not perceive with light. Even within you, as acupuncture proves, there are structures of energy and information that cannot be ‘seen’. After all we do not see gravitation and yet it regulates the movement of all masses.
So true knowledge would be a method of understanding the Universe, that would allow us to have strong, probable truths about the 90% of what it is not perceived by the scientific method, of light-clock evidence.
In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, guesses, approximations to Reality through a language with partial information. We conclude that the scientific method of ‘total evidence’, and all the statements of science in that path, are pure, naive arrogance of which metal scientists are so often guilty. One of the fathers of science, Mr. Kepler wrote in his book: ‘I am writing a book to be read either now or by posterity, it matters not.

It can wait a century for a reader, as God Himself has waited 6.000 years for a witness.’ Yet the witness was not Mr. Kepler, self-appointed the only intelligence comparable to that of God=the Universe; but the clock and telescope of Mr. Kepler. One of many linguistic witnesses of the infinity of linguistic perceivers that the Universe hosts.

The truths of Mr. Kepler, were mere measures of the rhythms of energy feeding (gravitational space-time deformation) by stars; not the absolute truths about stars. If you are an ant that sees men eating=deforming food everyday at 2 o’ clock, in the refectory of your limited Universe; you might think men are automata, and you know all about men. Yet you just will be an ignorant ant. When Mr. Kepler and Mr. Newton saw how celestial bodies deform space-time energy into gravitational cycles with regularity, they displayed the same arrogance of judgment. Now we know that closer to the center of galaxies, where stars are more evolved, they have abnormal movements, maybe free. We know about stars – about the Universe – very little compared with what we ignore.

The conclusion is that truth is not the function of a single language, but the accumulation of perceptions with many languages, that inform us about the Universe. That no language is superior to other. A language creates perception, a map or virtual world that represents reality but it is not the true reality only the accumulation of languages, and perceptions brings us the absolute truth:

Partial, linguistic truths=Total Truth of the being.

A form of knowledge as classic science based in a single language (mathematics) that cannot even acknowledge those linguistic limits to its inquire, is far more primitive in its quest of truth, that a theory of languages, that considers relativism of perception, and creates from that relativism, a wider theory of knowledge, based on the existence of multiple truths and minds, and ways of perceiving reality, one for each language of perception of The Universe.

A theory of Truth: the linguistic method.

If we want to advance beyond the scientific method, or the smelling method or the verbal method, we rather start to explore the Universe with all the languages of man, and accept the existence of languages and minds beyond human perception that we cannot decode. Such knowledge requires also to use a different method of knowledge besides the scientific method. Since the scientific method is ‘unidimensional’, ‘uni-linguistic’ and accepts only mathematical truths. True knowledge however is by no means reduced to a single language as the scientific method is.
On the contrary in a linguistic method, we are obliged in the research of Universal Organisms, to use all languages and informations we can gather.
We see, and smell, and touch, and observe temporally with words the species of the Universe. We have many languages of perception besides mathematics.

So once we have gathered information with all those languages – including mathematics and the scientific method, perhaps the most important method of knowledge, that we do not reject but merely put in perspective – we can use the concept of analogy, and observe what all those informations and languages have in common. Only then we will have an analogic, probable truth, made with multiple informations about reality. We might call such wider method, the linguistic method.

The linguistic method searches for languages and virtual worlds – minds constructed with those languages. It compares and extracts common formal laws from all information, and temporal languages of perception. In this manner we advance a step deeper in our search of knowledge. Such linguistic vision of the Universe allow us to jump into a theory of languages as means of perception and communication between Universal species that share information and energy thanks to those languages. Now we will be exploring not only the language=virtual world of light [science], but also the fact that there are many different languages, that create many different virtual worlds, representation of the Universe, which in general have a purpose.

The purpose of those languages=virtual worlds is to ensure the survival of the species which observes reality with that virtual world of perception.

Relativity of virtual worlds: minds

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 18.33.50

In the graph, the infinite minds of the Universe, which move existence towards higher degrees of information, promoting perception over energy, the dimension of height over length. So all systems grow in information as time passes. And the entire Universe does so, as its biggest vortices of time, galaxies, become tall black holes. But the whole fluctuation of reality always returns to the present.

It is then clear what is perception: the knotting, the inner-form-ation of universal energy that becomes formed through the language, organized into shapes by a linguistic brain.

That brain perceives the form as energy goes through its centers of perception. You perceive as you see electronic images, made of light-energy, a computer perceives as electronic data made with electric energy flows through its center.
In the organic Universe, all knots of information, all spherical, cyclical brains perceive and trans-form energy. Each one uses a different language. That does not matter. Only the arrogance of man denies that a rabbit perceives the carrot with smell as well as we do with sight, or a computer does it in mathematical terms.
In the relative stillness, and focus of a brain, that acts as a linguistic mirror of reality, the language traces a reduced version of the Universe, and that mirror-image is perception.
Languages are living species, they perceive.

Even a computer is a perceiver of digital languages, that once awakened in a robot body will also move and have a second will of organicism , besides informative perception, and energy feeding.

The Galilean paradox

We could resume the nature of perception, in the Galilean Paradox main cause of behavior of Universal species. Every species considers himself the center of the Universe, in as much as it perceives from that Universe only a certain part of its information, processed by the mind and the limited informative languages of the species.

In fact a mind is a Galilean paradox, what a physicist would call a ‘quantic knot’, or deformation of spatial energy into temporal information, into form, into a mind. You are a subjective knot that deforms reality from your point of view, from your frame of reference, from your ways of perceiving, and smelling and hearing reality. Reality is not your Galilean paradox; reality is something else, that you hardly understand.

We call it the Galilean paradox precisely because modern science started when Galileo discovered without understanding it one of such paradoxes: the fact that the Earth and our mind feels the Earth fixed, as the center of a Universe turning around us, when in reality it is the Earth what moves around the sun. That paradox of perception never solved by Galileo, is the key to understand the Relativity of spatial, scientific knowledge, compared to the absoluteness of organicism and his laws and arrows.

The program of the future – what minds try to achieve.

Next once we realise they are infinite minds perceiving the future we might wonder what they do – and the answer is simple and obvious: they perform those actions that improve their future. So they follow the program of the Universe:


In the graph, the program of the Universe is simple, made of survival åctions performed by each Œ-point, with the help of its ‘ternary, organic parts’, as all systems, make 2 type of Simplex Actions of absorption and emission of energy and information with their limbs/fields and heads/particles and Complex Åctions of reproduction and social evolution with their bodies/waves, TO ENSURE THEIR SURVIVAL in a fractal, bio-logical Universe.

So the future is always the same: a world cycle of existence which ends into the beginning. As such time futures will invariably return to the past, after a long process of informative evolution, as the mind keeps perceiving information as its natural future desire and exhausting its body till the future-informative arrow exhausts itself.

In the graph, the understanding of the arrows time, its dimensions, causal order, and the way in which they evolve individuals into social organisms, can also resolve and advance the science of Biology and evolution. Since living beings are also knots of time cycles of ‘—motions’ feeding, information gauging, reproduction and social evolution, perceived as still organisms, whose purpose is to evolve individual ‘cells’ of the same species into more complex beings.

Thus chemical life cycles chain each other into complex systems called cells that evolved into bigger scales, till creating the biological cycles /clocks of information of human beings, the most complex informative species of the Universe. Further on, the duality of cycles/particles/heads of information, complementary to energies/’—motions’/forces/bodies also applies to biology, where bodies and heads create living systems.

So in small steps the future is always an increase of information, in the long view, the future does not exist, it returns for all systems including the Universe at large, to the past.



The process of ageing: why there are world cycles.

Yet while that is the will that moves the existential point of future to guide its memorial tail through a series of repetitive actions, the point always commits a fault of greed and subjective absorption of energy converted into painful information, without releasing energy, to keep the S=T point of balance that preserves its function of existence.

Selfie Information dominates energy as the Tiƒ particle dominates the body and limbs of the system, and so information increases slowly sum of actions after sum of action, till in the reckoning day of death, balance is re-established by a huge explosion of the egoistic point of view which has absorbed too much energy of the whole Universe of which he is part off, with a more just balance, more impersonal, more objective, more mind of the whole, whose language of perfect balance is the law of survival and immortality to which all parts aspire to:


Evolution follows the arrow of growing information, increasing both, the dimension of height and the social organization of individuals into herds and complex organisms, through a common language of information.

The Evolution of Information.
How life evolves is disputed between evolutionists, who believe in a selective chaos and creationists, who think there is a design. Time Theory shows that neither is wrong or right. There is not a personal God that creates us – an ego trip of religious fundamentalists – but there are limits to the chaotic forms of evolution, set by the fact that the morphologies of ‘—motions’ and information are fixed by the efficiency of energetic lines and informative cycles, by the need of complementary designs, by the existential arrow of social evolution and reproduction that favors survival; and ultimately by the mathematical topologies and dimensions of ‘fractal information’ and spatial ‘—motions’, which define the outcome of evolutionary tendencies.

Indeed, watch the drawings of different life beings made of informative nuclei/heads and reproductive body. Informative systems are always smaller than bodies.

They are always on ‘top’ of bodies, perceiving more from the advantage point of view of the dimension of height. Further on, since information is bidimensional, informative systems are bidimensional (only a few animals have 3-dimensional vision). A book, a screen, a pulpit, an antenna, emits information from its top. A head, a camera, an electric field is on top of a body of ‘—motions’.

This dominant arrow of information is dimensional; so species increase its height dimension, from planarians to human beings, a tall species of information. It is topological, so they evolve cyclical forms or heads on top of lineal forms or bodies. And it is eusocial, so they evolve from individual cells into social organisms through a common language of information (insects, human beings). Those dimensional, topological and eusocial isomorphisms complete Darwin’s Theory of evolution:

Ultimately, each species made of self-similar individuals is also a cellular super-organism, which follows the same causal arrows of organisms, with an increase of information towards its ‘3rd age’.

Those 3 ages of ‘life’ in cellular species become then the 3 ‘horizons’ of evolution of species, which start as energetic, planar top predators (first shark fishes, first worms), with minimal size. Soon the species goes through a young, energetic age of growth in spatial size. Then it follows a II horizon of speciation and massive reproduction of the species (radiation age); and finally the species goes through an informative age of evolution in height and brainpower.

Then, either a new, more evolved species appears, causing the death of the previous species, which becomes extinct or dwindles in numbers; or the social evolution of the individuals of the species reaches such a degree of integration, through a common language of information that a macro-organism emerges. So ants successfully create superorganisms called anthills becoming the most successful animal on Earth, whose total life mass is equivalent to the life mass of humans, which also organize themselves into super-organisms of History, our Gods and civilizations. The success of those 2 species shows that the ultimate survival strategy in the Universe is that of social evolution. Since the total mass of ‘ants’ and ‘humans’ are the biggest ‘living masses’ of the planet, as the most complex social superorganisms of Earth.

Recap: Life species can be considered as superorganisms made of individuals=cells, which evolve through 3 horizons=ages, following all the geometrical and logical isomorphisms of space-time systems, as life systems are also complementary systems made of reproductive bodies and cyclical heads of information.

The existential force. Strategies of survival.

We conclude that evolution is a guided evolution of form: Species evolve towards higher information. And those who don’t increase their capacity to understand the language of information of its ecosystem with better brains and better social systems become extinct in its relative universe. In the graphs we trace existential curves of species that survive better thanks to their informative arrow:



In the graph, the Universe favors Top Predators, which are species with the maximal ‘existential force’, Sp X Tƒ (particle with more momentum in physics, M(Tƒ)xV(Sp); top predator in biology). Those species survive better as they perform better åctions and so ‘fill up’ the present Universe. Yet that simple equation is maximized when o=e, favoring a balance between the field and the particle, the body and head (‘mens sana in corpore sanum’).

The outcome of that simple law is the massive reproduction into the future of the top predator entity, which becomes for that reason, the ‘species that survives into the future’; while the species with less ‘—motions’ and information become extinct. However information is always relative to the bigger ecosystem in which the species exists, whose language of information defines that ecosystem.

Thus in the galaxy, where the dominant language is gravitation, the black hole dominates the system; in this planet where the language is light, the species with better eyes (squids, then amphibian-reptiles, then mammals, especially felines with night vision and apes with 3-dimensional vision, and finally computers that will ‘talk’ with images dominate. Finally in the economic ecosystem made of humans and machines, the country with better memes of metal, better weapons (metal-’—motions’), better money (metal-information) and better machines dominates and reproduces its technology worldwide.

‘—motions’ and information motions become the generating, primordial cellular units of all species, including humans. Any system of reality is complementary. It has both -a lineal limb/force of ‘—motions’ and a processor of information or cyclical ‘head/particle’- which co-exist and evolve together. So the Law of Complementarity relates both inverse arrows in a static field/organism, creating complementary systems, composed by systems that process ‘—motions’ or ‘fields/bodies’ (physics/biology) and systems that process information or ‘particles/heads’ (physics/biology). How can we measure the efficiency of the 2 parts of the system together? Through the existential force.

The existence of multiple knots of Time Arrows implies that in the Universe of multiple time cycles, the words past, present and future, are also relative, quantized to each individual, who lives his past/youth or age of ‘—motions’, present/maturity or age of reproduction and future/old age of information before dying, dissolving its exi=stence. Thus we need to analyze the relationships between entities which are in a relative past and interact with others that are in a relative future.

The simplest case is a family relationship between a grand-father, a man of the future with the wisdom of knowing in advance the cycles of time that his offspring will live, and its younger, less informed species: the young learns from the elder knowledge of previous cycles that will happen to the ‘past being’ into his future.

If we draw the example from different species, however the encounter will be Darwinian and only species which share the same information evolve together. Then the old, more evolved species with higher information will dissolve the simpler species into its relative past, as victim: there will be a Darwinian fight and the more evolved time knot from the future will kill and feed on the simpler form. And that is why we can establish that the relative future is guided by the arrow of information and social evolution, which creates better species. Since in a contact between past and future species, the future species survives, due to its better ‘—motions’ and information, its better existential force. It is thus possible to study from a mere temporal, evolutionary perspective the outcome of encounters between different ‘knots of time’.

When we consider the 2 ‘simple’ arrows of time that create the future, ‘—motions’ and information, as we do in Duality, all simplifies and explains itself, like it happened in earlier astronomy when Copernicus put the sun in the center. And one of the things it simplifies is the meaning of survival, which can be resumed in a simple equation: Max Sp X Tƒ = Survival. This function Sp X Tƒ, is the existential force, which explains that a species with the best ‘—motions’ body/force and informative particle/head will survive.

The existential force is equivalent to a particle’s momentum, Max MV, which determines the survival form in material collisions. In biology the species with better body and brains survives, which made lions and humans the top predator species of this planet… till we invented weapons and computers, energetic and informative species, made of metal, which now we fusion into robots, potentially the new top predator species of this planet.

In the galaxy the highest existential force or momentum is that of a black hole. And it is proved in the Galaxy that the collision of a black hole of any size with any type of star converts the star into a black hole.

An important characteristic of the Existential force is that it favors a relative balance between the ‘—motions’/body/force and informative/particle/head of the system: the more self-similar are both in quantity of cells and the higher the number of its networks/connections, the more synchronic they act together, and the higher the Existential force of the system is. This fact is the origin of the classic, harmonic, ‘beautiful’, mature state of most forms of existence that are in balance between both parameters, in a ‘mature’, steady state age.

Recap: The Universe selects the species with maximal ‘—motions’ and information: Max. Sp X Tƒ ->S=T. It will be a biological top predator or a particle with maximal momentum.


The fifth dimension of time: generational cycles.


In the graph, there is though a final absolute arrow of future, which is the arrow of eusocial evolution, as all systems who survive become wholes, stronger than parts, so if we were to define an absolute future, we should consider the 5th dimension.

Species become extinct or preys of trophic pyramids, if they don’t evolve informatively in social super-organisms, since as species their generational existence is also fractal, finite: all species have a genetic clock, the telomeres, which make them degenerate after a set number of reproductions.

It happens to cells that become cancerous or suffer apoptosis after their telomere clock stops; it happens to organisms that degenerate, especially in groups with little genetic diversifications; it happens in light that gets tired after 1010 years light of wave reproduction; as it is the best explanation of the cycle of light/dark ‘—motions’; it happens to others particles whose mean life is often confused as in the case of light with its total sum of generational, particle/antiparticle, wave/particle cycles of existence; and it happens to cultures and civilizations, which have a decametric cycle, becoming destroyed every 800 years after 10 human generations.

Yet those who evolve socially as ‘organic cells’ of a bigger organisms, seems to survive the generational cycle, since an organic cells needs less exo force and it is protected from the environment by the bigger superorganism it lives in.

Recap. The 5th dimension of time is the generational clock-cycle.

A whole iew of all wholes.

In the next graph one of the more complex I did 20 years ago, in my ‘artistic, poster age of this theory, stored in my point-mind for so long, we study the structure of those super organisms, which are the future arrow in all scales of the universe:

best networksSocial evolution transforms herds into organisms

In the organic Universe, there is a property common to all species: they gather in herds, in waves and ecosystems. In other words: species socialize.
In the universe there is a constant tendency towards organization of individual Organisms into herds. There are herds of Atoms called Molecules, herds of stars called galaxies, herds of humans called societies of History, or herds of machines called economies…

Any organism will be constituted by smaller organisms that we call cells, or species, able to process forces of energy and information.

Herds are every where and as they gather they follow similar patterns, in the form and functions performed by each cell, part of the herd. Why all those herds have similar behavior?
For a simple reason, herds are fitter to survive than individual beings, so individuals evolve socially to keep on existence.

Social Evolution Vs Darwinian Devolution

Indeed. What is the essence of all those Universal Organisms? A word for long denied by abstract scientists, opposed to all what remotely resembles the social ideals of Religion: organic evolution. We call Organic, or Social evolution to the process by which individual beings, become organized into herds and social organisms: It is a fact that individuals of similar form, from galaxies to cells, from humans to rats, come together and evolve into complex ecosystems, herds and organic forms, in which they share energy and information among themselves.

Thus Social evolution is the most extended phenomena in the Universe.

Indeed, for all what have been said, about organisms, nature proves ad infinitum that individuals of the same species evolve socially, and such strategies are superior strategies of survival, to the individual, selfish pursuit of energy and Information between elements of the same species.

It follows that there are two Universal Mandates that all species follow. Two mandates that are opposed, and create the paradoxes of behavior we observe in the species of the Universe:

The Darwinian mandate of ‘feeding’ that individuals of different species follow to feed into each other.

The Social Mandate of ‘Evolution’ that individuals of the same species follow to become herds, able to hunt better other species. It is related to circular, and parallel movements, that allow communication between two forms.

So we will often find both kind of relationships and forces. There will be cold fusion created by cyclical, parallel movement of hydrogen forms, and hot fusion caused by collision. There will be gravitational cycles of social evolution as in star systems and solar system, and there will be gravitational, Darwinian feeding, when perpendicular collisions destroy a mass that feeds into the other. There will be perpendicular magnetic fields that feed an electric fields of light, and parallel photons of different colors that shape a herd of light.

Sciences however, have taken very long to accept this fact, influenced by the excessive importance that their founder, Darwin, gave to the fight between individuals, and the disdain physicists in general display for social ethics – given their often asocial job, designing weapons that exterminate humans.

In Logic we call an error the part of reality that a certain theory is unable to explain. In that sense we can talk of Social Evolution as the Error of Darwin. That is, the part of biological behavior, he could not explain, and most evolutionist still deny. Again this dogmatic barrier is falling too slow. A decade ago, I hardly could explain the foundations of Theory of Organisms to any scientist.

 It is important however to become aware of the difference between the most simple, popular, Theory of Evolution  (Darwinism, the fight between species); and the most recent and complex Theory of Evolution (Social Evolution, that deals with the symbiosis between individuals of the same species.)

Social Evolution studies the way in which individuals of the same species, organize themselves into societies, stronger, fitter to survive than individuals. For example, today we know that individual all-powerful lions are far less successful capturing preys that dull hyenas and wild dogs that hunt in group (-25% of captures in lions Vs +80% of captures in wild dogs).

Thus social evolution, contrary to common belief is much more efficient than dog-eat-dog Darwinian devolution.

This means that Darwinism is a simple, partial theory. While Social Darwinism (the competence between human beings) is plainly wrong, as it confronts people of the same species against the natural, loving laws of the social Universe. Of course individuals fight among them, but the key to survival is not the individual fighter but the cohesion and organization of a group, fighting together against rival species.

Take the case of Germany. In its nazi age, despite its ideology of social Darwinism, what really worked in that nation was the group, the German collective spirit, that made the German army better than individualistic Italians, or disorganized Russians. Yet his despise for the rest of Humanity, against the real laws of the Organic Universe, caused his demise and partial extinction as a nation. The example is relevant because it proves the way the Universe imposes his laws: not in a mechanical way, as a miracle natural to its species (abstract science) but in a organic way.

If you do not obey as Germans and mankind as a whole does today, the laws of social evolution, and you kill your own species, you end up extinct. So you no longer can disturb the laws of the Universe. Extinction is indeed the way to reinforce any law, from human laws (death penalty), to universal laws, as harsh as it sounds. God is Just,  and gives you certain freedom of behavior, but often is cruel with those who do not obey those laws, because God indeed plays with charged dices.

The survival advantages of social evolution apply in fact to all species in the Universe, from herds of stars (galaxies) to herds of atoms (molecules), that capture lonely ones, to human societies, that should become a single planetary nation, in order to survive as a species.

Unfortunately Darwinism is very popular among economists, scientists and the military, in as much as it validates their abstract, lethal behavior with nature and mankind. So it has become the leading historic and economic theory and today reigns supreme in human behavior with the lethal consequences we all know. It is all wrong. In the XX century new discoveries in complexity sciences, ecology, and biology, have proved that the Universe is based in the social evolution of individuals into groups – the key to understand the entire Universe in a harmonic way. Since only Social evolution can explain the growth of species in the Universe, in scale and size, from micro  to macro-organisms, from individuals into societies.

The law of social evolution is the law of social religions

When we apply those laws to human social organisms, it turns out that oddly enough for those who tend to ignore verbal theories of reality such as scientists do, that the law of social evolution is the same law spelt by all social religions: ‘love=communicate with each other’.

Love indeed, not competence is the law between cells of the same species. Something economists, and the military should remember, before using again their arguments in favor of human competence, based in the other Universal law of behavior, ‘Darwinian fight’, which however doesn’t apply to human beings, but to humans Vs rival species, such as ‘weapons’ and other lethal machines.

I remember a beautiful film called the ‘7 Samurai’. A group of peasants becomes organized and finally despite individual cowardice, together they are able to defeat the individual fighters. You can compare individuals with bacteria, which are stronger than social cells but become defeated by social organisms. So happens to the Homo bacteria Bandits, in that film. The individual ‘bacterium’ might be stronger than the social cell. As the warrior might be stronger than the community on which he preys. Yet when social cells organize they are stronger than individual bacteria. So happens in history when humans organize in societies based in social evolution, in love, in communication. They can defeat the primitive, arrogant, Homo warrior. That is in essence the way the Universe fights unruly individuals: through social evolution among similar species, able to communicate, isolate and exterminate the arrogant cells.

The arrogance of science and human beings.

That arrogance of the Scientist that wants to be the only willing, intelligent being in this Universe, similar to the arrogance of Vatican Priests that did not want to be moved from the center of creation, is probably the fundamental reason why science has not concluded earlier that the universe is made up of such organic systems.

For one thing, man would not have the capacity to understand dogmatically the behavior of a organic Universe made of multiple organic parts, neither rule by mechanicism, or a shallow understanding of Evolution as a mere chemical, dog-eat-dog phenomena. Unlike a mechanical Universe in which there are not surprises of behavior, in an intelligent, multi-polar Universe there will be multiple points of view. And many decisions will be made by all the organisms out of human perception.

In such Universe both perception and truth would be relative, to the different languages, and informative organs of each species (see chapter VIII). Such universe will not accept mechanical statements such as those typical of mathematical sciences. All laws would be probabilities, distributions of behavior proper of herds that act together.

And so the pretension of absolute truths that scientists hold today would fall down. Neither the scientist could hold the fantasy of absolute knowledge and supreme intelligence that permeates science as a religion of truth, since Kepler compared his intelligence to that of God.

And finally in a social Universe, the old ideas of western religions about love would be validated. This positive influence that understanding of social evolution could bring to mankind is paradoxically the key point that explains the enormous resistance I have found for a decade to explain the Universe in relativistic, organic, social terms. Since it would imply that science has social responsibility with the machines and consequences of his discoveries (see last chapter). 

Of course it should not surprise us at all that the mass of mankind, which do obey the laws of social evolution scorns such scientific high-minded despise for evident truths that favor our future as a species, as a prove of the callousness and indifference to people of abstract scientists. And it is difficult to deny that such callousness exists, when we hear the statements of physicists, Darwinian evolutionists and leading robotists (such as Mr. Teller, Mr. Moravec, or Mr. Minsky), playing God, talking  about our extinction in the nearby future. And yet working in that extinction manufacturing the weapons and robots that they say will kill us. Yet in the real Universe the role of scientists is much more humble, and not so bright. In the real Universe the scientist is just another perceptive point, and one with great responsibility as he constructs the machines and most lethal species of the economic ecosystem.

To avoid that responsibility it is far easier to adopt, as the priests did in the Middle ages, a dogmatic attitude about the Universe, and deny any non-abstract theory even if it explains better reality.

We don’t believe, what we don’t see, and yet we see so little.

      Still I’m aware you’ll find our proposal very difficult to accept, for 2 reasons:

   – The organicism and perceptive/informative capacity of any organism depends on the language of perception of that organism, which in many cases is invisible and very different to any human language. So as we do not perceive gravitation, it is for us “magic” to think that a black hole might be the central brain of a galaxy, perceiving gravitational waves of a star-like amplitude. So happens with many other organisms. How could it be the smelling mind/ intelligence/perception of an ant or a dog? We don’t know as we have a visual mind.

Yet those minds are the inner elements of organisms we are not concerned with: perception is relative to the species and language that perceives. Yet we can compare species, languages, forms and behavior and extract parallelisms on which our laws of Universal organisms will be based. Indeed, what matters to us is the organic consequences of those inner languages and virtual worlds of perception.

This is much easier to grasp: if your virtual world of the universe is more complex, and scans very fast the Universe, your mind is more efficient and it will survive. So minds suffer also an external evolution and organic struggle for existence, based in their competence to scan faster, and understand better the world around them – in order to avoid enemy hunters and find energy food needed to survive.

         – The 2nd barrier for man to accept such living properties of universal species is the present superiority of mankind, over all other species of the planet due to his intelligence… Yet in the age of mental machines and computers that think millions of times faster than we do, in objective terms those myths no longer hold. Unfortunately man is not objective when assessing his real power. If the Vatican priests have taken centuries to recognize that the sun does not turn around the Earth, we might imagine how long it will take mankind to understand that we are not different in quality, but only in degree of evolution, to any other living species.

To sustain our anthropocentrism we consider without any reason that our components are special, that our atoms are special, that our organisms are special, and cannot be homologous to other Universal organisms.

 Be aware though that the ultimate barrier for you to understand those properties is not reason but faith, an arrogant faith on your special role in the Universe, a myth so subconsciously built in your mind, that you will tend to reject any fact that contradicts it. Specially facts that downplay your importance, either because they upgrade other universal organisms to a level of natural intelligence you wish to have only for yourself; or because they downplay your scientific or religious dogmas and absolute truths, making them relative.  

Western thought Vs Eastern thought

This self-centered opinion of man about himself, is also reinforced in Western civilization, our global civilization, by religious myths of human superiority.

An Asian classic thinker may accept the concept of a living Universe, made of organisms of yin (information) and yang (energy), in a state of constant transformation. A Greek philosopher, (Plato or Aristotle), may affirm that all living things are organic, or depend on a organic, relative ‘God’=brain of information that controls the movements of its surroundings (Plato affirmed that the Universe was one of such beings, gifted with a body and a soul). Yet a Western man considers organic phenomena from a personal point of view. For him, the only non-abstract being is himself: a special ‘son of God’ whatever that ‘God’ means to him.

Here we ignore those myths of subjectivity. Rather, we adopt the Taoist and Biological belief that the Universe is a game of species, composed of organic energy-yang-body organs, and organic information-yin-brain, perceptive organs. Both together create a working organism in which the Informative organs of any species control the movements of its Energy organs. When we have the third element, the ‘mother,’ we have a species. Women (re)produce children. Company-mothers (re)produce products. DNA (re)produces through genetic assembly. So men, machines and DNA are organic species.

Since, the amazing thing is that when we study the underlying logic of all those languages and the behavior of all those species, they display similar properties, that we can understand, and compare, (not necessarily measure), to have a wider, more complex, harmonic vision on how Organisms work as living systems; and what are the common laws of survival and extinction that create and destroy them. In this book we will explain you those basic laws, using all our languages of perception, from images to words, from numbers to logic.

Since perceiving macrocosms, like galaxies or civilizations, and microcosms, such as cells and atoms, as organic systems, is the most logical way of “unifying” our understanding of the universe.

In this manner we can create a new vision of the Universe in organic terms, describing all its species as herds with homogeneous properties.

Networks create Organisms.

Such herds become organisms, because those forces of energy and information are ‘organized’ in networks, around which the cells of energy and information gather.
What is an organism of information and energy?: A herd of cellular species related by networks of energy and information, that constantly transforms energy and processes it in a organic way.

How individual cells organize themselves into complex herds, that biology calls ecosystems, Bodies, organisms?
Precisely through those physiological networks, the key to understand any organism, including human social organisms [nations, civilizations.]

In the Universe there are many types of such social organisms. Since “Organisms, traced over energy=space never die but eternally transform themselves,” organisms come in an enormous variety of species and sizes, depending on what energy they process. What do they all have in common? All organisms are “societies of Organisms” organized in groups by networks of the two substances of the Universe: Energy and Information.

This is clearly the case in all the sciences from physics to biology, where a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single regular formation. Molecules are made up of Atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of humans and machines; galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells controlled by the nervous system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches, and roots connected by a network of energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles).

Atoms share energy and information between them through electrons who finally shape p orbitals that create molecules. Molecules grow and become DNA, which controls the cell.

Cells then radiate until their density saturates the organic territory of the herd of cells. To improve in such small territory the Information and energy of each cell, the nervous-informative organs, and the energetic/digestive system, connected to the blood/reproductive organs appear.

A new, more complex species – the animal, and the man – is born. Then humans increased in social size, forming a new macrocosms, the macrocosm of History and Economics , where a lot of humans and machines organize themselves into societies, through words and digital information. The purpose of this web and books is to study such organisms, and the Universal Laws that rule them all.

The difference between organisms, herds and ecosystems.

All species have Energy organs, information organs and reproductive organs which allow the species to feed on energy, gather information, and reproduce. We define an organism as a cellular herd able to gather energy and information, and reproduce their cellular elements with reproductive networks. Yet those three systems of all organisms – energy, information and reproductive systems – do not have to be ‘pegged’ spatially, as they are in man, to talk of an organism.

What do all those energy-information organisms share? A living species is one which is able to reproduce, and to process energy and information. When we find reproductive, energy and information organs, we talk of all of them together as an organism or living species. The difference between a living species and a system of energy-information is then clear: The system is not complete, autonomous, self-sufficient. It cannot reproduce itself.

A living species can. A living species possesses all three survival organs. Living species are not only static organs of information and energy, but also body-minds that reproduce, and interact within their ecosystem, trying to gather the energy and information they need to achieve reproduction.

A spermatozoa, a virus, an ant hill, a company-mother, reproducer of machines [including its workers, raw materials and systems of energy and information] are all, in that sense, living species. organic species, which gather energy and information to reproduce their structures. A soccer match, a house, are not living species because they lack reproductive capacities. The ant hill is a living community with a queen as the center of information, able to reproduce and possessing a mass of energy-workers. It is an organism. Company-mothers, and Stocks [societies of company-mothers] are complex Eco[nomic]systems, in which humans and machines are able to reproduce and interchange energy and information with the environment. In them men act as enzymen, reproducers of machines, the offspring of companies. So Company-mothers are living species. They are the main species studied by ‘Economics ,’the science of eco[nomic]systems. As Top Predators of Eco[nomic]systems, they control their organic Space, the Metal-Earth [our present world] its inhabitants, men and machines.

We can unify cellular entities into organisms as long as the networks of energy and information work, even when we see those cells de-segregated. The important thing is that all the cells of the organism need to be ‘connected’ through networks of energy and information. For example an ant hill is an organism guided by a network of chemical information [pheromones] that has its center in the queen, and a network of energy distribution [the ant hill and its territory] through which energy cells move [workers]. There are also other specialized energy species called warriors. Finally, there is a reproductive system localized also in the queen [and its males] that ensures the reproduction of the ant hill species.

Since the three components of organic species exist in the ant hill, we can study an ant hill as a single organism. Without any of those organs however the ant hill is not efficient and it dies. If the queen can not reproduce, the ant hill dies. If workers do not gather energy and warriors do not defend the organic space of the ant hill, the ant hill dies. If the queen does not guide the workers with chemical information, the ant hill also collapses.

Only when those three elements are fused the ‘organic species’ exists. We have to widen our concept of organisms, and consider ‘waves’ communicated with networks, also organisms, since they behave in all senses as such. Herds, societies and bodies are organisms.

In Theory of Times we define an organic species when such networks exist: ‘A Temporal organism exists, when there are informative and energy networks that communicate the cells of the organism. When the density of energy and information communicated to those cells through the networks is higher than the energy and information the cells receive from the external world.’

In the case of the ant hill for example, the information that ants receive from the queen is more important than the one they receive from the external world. The ants act on orders of the queen. They also receive energy from the ant hill where food is stored. In a body, the information cells receive from the nervous/hormonal system, and the energy they receive from the digestive/blood system, is also more important than the Energy and information they receive from the external world.

In an eco[nomic]system individual homes receive more energy from the arterial systems of electric networks and roads, than from their organic spaces, except in agricultural communities. Humans also receive more information from networks of mass-media than from other human cells. We can conclude that the eco[nomic]system is becoming a body-organism.

Physical reality is only the particular perception of your eye. It misses a lot of visual information on the organism. You don’t see either the digestive/blood and nervous/hormonal systems of your body. Yet they are what define you as an organism. Don’t trust your senses. Trust the organic systems of organisms to qualify an entity as such. It is a common error of spatial scientists to ignore the existence of organisms, except only when they see them as bodies, and fixed particles.

Yet it is not spatial closeness, but the existence of internal networks of communication among the cells of the herd-body what defines a working system as an organism.

Those networks organize cellular herds into organisms, including us, organized by three main networks, the nervous [informative] system, the digestive/blood [energy] system, and the endocrine/hormonal [reproductive] systems. Networks allow the organism to grow, and evolve due to the collection of new information and energy, that the reproductive organs shape into new cells, and new organisms.

Networks, the key element of organisms

The miracle of human life, the miracle of social behavior among men, as something different from the life of other species, and organisms of the universe such as cells, ant hills or robotic machines, is a myth. The behavior of all species of the Universe can be perfectly explained as a process of social evolution, caused by the existence of networks of information, energy and reproduction.

A living being, is a population of social cells, joined by energy and information networks that create the two elements of living organisms, the body and the brain. In a cell the brain is the Nucleus of DNA, in an animal, the nervous system, in a plant, the roots, in a carbohydrate the cycle of Carbon. In our lab, we recharge those carbohydrate cycles with energy, and they gather to shape the molecules of life. Yet those organic networks are everywhere. Even a galaxy can be considered an organism, with a body-herd of stars, and a black-hole brain that controls them with networks of gravitational information. The key word is ‘social network’.

They are the essence of life organisms. You need a herd of cells belonging to the same species, DNA-cells, stars, atoms, molecules or human beings. If we see them together we call it a body, if we see them loose, we call it a wave, or society, but it is the same thing.

Those herds will create networks of information and hunt together as a group, stronger than the individual preys. Those preys then are shared by the herd, which builds a network of energy to give each cell a part of the capture. So the individuals die away, and the social herds survive. Finally the tightest herds, become Bodies, creating a new being, that no longer feels as a herd but as a macro-individual. The process starts again. So quarks gathered into Nucleons, nucleons into atoms, atoms into molecules, molecules into cells, cells into bodies, and bodies into ecosystems, and societies. A nation is one of such organisms.

Even Galaxies are social organisms? Einstein showed how stars bend space-time energy into form. Yet knotting energy into form is the definition of feeding. So you could say celestial bodies feed on pure energy. In fact, as we observe galaxies in detail, their internal processes are similar to those of any organic system. We have seen black holes eating thousands of stars. We have seen galactic placentas giving birth to stars, gravitational flows similar to body veins, cannibal galaxies that attack small ones. Even old galaxies, joined by seminal rays of matter to young, new-born ones. An stair of growing species… What is the limit?

In our world, the Earth. In the Universe, who knows. You might call God, that absolute macro-organism, made of herds of Universes, each one made of herds of galaxies, each one made of herds of stars…
There is any prove of that?

We already found the spine of our Universe, a massive flow of gravitational forces, that forms an axis from one to another extreme of that Universe.

We humans are nothing but a molecule of this planet: A living macro-organism.
Our living organism. All what we have.

James Lovelock is one of the best known heterodox geniuses, thanks to a word, Gaia, the name of a Greek Goddess, he used to describe the living organism of the Earth. He is indeed right. Any Universal organism is a herd of cells, with networks of energy and information. According to that definition, which are the cells of Gaia? Each animal, each plant is a cell of the living planet. And her networks of energy and information? The rivers and seas are the arteries of Gaia, around which her cells live. The atmosphere are her lungs. The mechanical sounds, chemical smells and light-images those cells use to perceive, to inform themselves, are Gaia’s networks of information.

All this explains the fundamental law of the Universe: the law of social evolution, that creates all the Universal Organisms, and explains the Game of Existence, all of them play.


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