2Ð: limbs≈fields

±∞ ¬∆@ST:


Introduction. Linearity and locomotion

I. Lineal distance & motion in mathematics

II. Lineal monologic in time.

III. Lineal fields in physics

IV. Lineal limbs in biology.

V. Lower classes in sociology




3timemotionsScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.45.16

In the graph, the LINE IS THE FASTEST distance between points in time. Hence, the shortest distance in space.

So space-time organs that move are  cylindrical, lineal and flat topologies. They are the shapes of any organ whose function is locomotion: lineal legs, limbs, electromagnetic force fields and flat territories that provide entropy, transformed in motion and to the system.

As they are the simplest forms, they are the first to appear, the past. In the graph we see the opposition between past and future, line and cycle, and its complementarity mixed Si=Te energy forms.

Past limbs/fields/territories with lineal flat form, are also in the past, as topological evolution shows all species to start as lineal flat past forms which evolve as life has done into tall, high, informative species:

3ages evol

In the graph we can see how in the scale of biological species all new phyla started as flat, lineal past, predator species, and grew in 3 ages into informative tall ones.



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