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3.Trinity: $≤≥ð

±∞ ¬∆@ST:

ðao (the Γenerator) gives birth to yin (space-form) and yang (time-motion). Both merge into Spacetime Energy (Qi), the source of all creation.’

‘Every yang has a drop of yin, every yin has a drop of yang.’

ðao ðœ. On Γ: the Generator of time-space organisms or Function of existence: 1D form + 2D motion = 3D: energy

‘Shiva≈motion+Visnu≈information combine to create the ∞ beings≈hairs of Brahma.”

Eastern philosophies, on the 3 simplex Ðimotions of ðime§pace and its ∞ ∆±¡ scales 

You live in a non-E topo¡logic Wor(l)d-mind, 0-mirror of an ∞ Universe. l§


Introduction: Generational Space-time.


II. The fractal generator of the Universe.

II. Third Ðimotion: Reproduction.




Basic symbols of Existential Algebra (¬Æ): 

Sp, |, $t, Spt: Past, lineal, entropic Space-Time, gaseous, limbs/fields of pure motion.

§ð, Tiƒ, ƒð§, O: Future, cyclical, informative, space-time, solid, crystal particle-head states

S=T, Si=Te, Ø, ST, SxT: Present, balanced, Space-time; iterative body-waves.

Œ: super organism, composed of @ (fractal points, monads, minds), an ST body-wave, its ¬ Entropy limits encased in an ∆§t±1 world.

Ðimotions, Ð1: seed, perception, Ð2: locomotion, Ð3: reproduction, Ð4: social evolution, Ð5: Entropy.

Scales: ∆-1 plane of ‘past, entropic parts’, ∆º plane of present body-waves, ∆+1, plane of future minds

Operand: <, growth of motion, «, growth of entropy, > growth of information, » growth of form, ≤≥ =, balanced stœps of present.

Classic Operand: ∑: superposition, sum in a single plane; ∏: entanglement through ∆º planes; ∂: finitesimal calculus, ∫: integral whole.

Fractal Generator: Any combination of those symbols is a potential partial equation, hence event or organic part of the fractal generator that describes the whole superorganism word cycle between birth and death:  Γ: ∆œ-1 ∏ œ-1≈Œº<$t>Ø-ST>§ð« ∑œ-1

Nt. The symbolism often has errors due to my lonely work for decades and laziness, so erroneously I use ∆º for the mind scale which is ∆¹ not to look for the superscript symbol (∆º is the body scale, but since the mind is a ‘cartesian infinitesimal fractal point that believes to be infinite, confusing his inner linguistic world with the whole, 0-mind x ∞ Universe = Constant world, it helps to the confusion. Indeed the mind is zero, the scale in which it exists is the outer world, ∆1); in old texts I used Sp (lineal space-time past) and Tiƒ (informative future) but in modern texts I prefer the more precise $t and ð§. In future texts and corrections I try to change ∆º for ∆1 as the mind is precisely the perception of the whole being within its larger world). Regarding the Fractal Generator and all its sub-equations, is also a bit of a mess. Sorry, if the blog had more viewers I would have tried harder. Another error almost corrected was to consider the 5th dimotion of entropy that of social evolution, in a ‘wishful thinking’ about a future for mankind based in social love, gone in my third age, seeing how æntropic mæn continues its bid for entropic anthropic extinction by lack of respect to the fractal cosmos.



Because the Universe is Generated by the properties of space and time, better reflected in the mirror languages of mathematical topology and social numbers, and the entangled pentalogic of simultaneous space, and its sequential Aristotelian times, we could say safely that since ‘we think therefore we are’, that is, we perceive as humans a limited range of reality, with our space and time languages, for humanity, the Universe is generated by mathematical and logic languages.

And so by studying formal sciences of mathematics and logic, we can describe the Universe. We can talk then of a Universal topology, from topos, the language of geometry in motion and logic, the language of causal time cycles that create and repeat patterns of reality.

How many world minds are then generated by those two essential languages of reality varies then according to the complexity of the being in exist¡ence.

We humans at the present not very enlightened age live in a single dimension of time, and the simplest, most dangerous of them, lineal entropic time, and a single scale of space, sub-divided in 3 lineal dimensions of height-information, width-growth and length-motion. And that is all.

We can then talk of more complex beings, with dual, ternary, penta and decalogic.

The Universe is an entangled fractal game of Dust of space-time, ¬∆@st, where each element flows as a series of ‘5 Dimotions’ (dimensional motions of time space), which can be perceived as ‘form=space’, in the stillness of a world mirror or linguistic mind or as a motion of time, in its true nature since MOTION not form is the underlying substance of reality.

So all fleeting forms, ‘a Maya of the senses’ will return to motion and die (¬4th Dimotion of entropy, death and dissolution). Its 4 positive elements, organic scales, topologic planes and time ages and actions however, carry the system as a finite super organism of space with a finite time cycle.

And so those 4-i elements, entropy (¬), Scale (∆), time (T) and Space (S), are the elements all languages mirror either in a ternary grammar (if scale is missed), whereas often instead of Space we talk of information and instead of time we talk of energy of motion, in a single plane:

Light language: red-energy colors, blue-information colors and its green/yellow combinations.

Verbal Language: subject (information) < verb (action-combination)>Object (energy of subject).

Geometry: Height (Information dimension) < width (reproduction-Energy)> Length (Lomocotion, entropy)

Algebra: Y: Future-information < Operand-action> F(x))

Trinity is thus the logic of most beings. However as humans reached higher and lower scales of observation, a pentalogic was possible and its mathematical mirror became analysis, with its operands that extract finitesimals (∆-1) or integrate into wholes (∆+1) smaller or larger systems.

Thus maths became with the inclusion of Calculus the most complex, best mirror language of human thought, arguably overcoming with the age of calculus the verbal mirror, which is the natural language of man, specially because of the arrival of instruments of measure which could also cast reality into the digital language of social numbers, identity species that further proved the social scalar nature of the Universe.

So with the modern age, past the simpler age of geometric maths, a new language of social thought and scale, numbers and calculus enthroned mathematics as the queen of all languages. Because it was able to deploy ‘pentalogic’.


The method of Gst derives all what exists including languages, as mirrors of reality from the realization that all  is a by-product of the 5 Ðimotions of space-time, themselves, ‘degrees of grey’, of the two ‘extreme’ purest forms of Space – absolute stillness or languages of pure form, ‘residing’ into an emerging ‘wholeness’ or upper scale, ¡+1, of the fifth dimension – and time (absolute motion or entropy, dissolution of the being into an scattered, ¡-1 lower scale or 4th dimension).

So space, form, yin and time, entropy, yang, combine into the 3 intermediate states, we perceive in a single plane, often as adjacent topologies of a superorganism:

  • Limbs and fields of locomotion (ordered entropy with no scattering or dissolution, akin to energy).
  • Heads and particles of informative perception (form with motion, as it allows the being through its language to move and interact with its world).
  • Reproductive bodies of information and energy that combine and iterate both.

Trinity is thus the ¡logic of a single plane of space-time, which in humans acquire only ‘form’ in space (as we are still monist in time logic), as expressed by the 3 dimensions of space, studied on other posts.

Trinity: Γ.  The Generator Equation of the Universe.

time clocks

All including humans are fractal systems made of multiple cyclical time clocks that enclose and inform a moving vital space centered into a selfish point of view, whose purpose is to perpetuate the balances that ensure the survival of the system. Those 3 elements are the ternary parts of the Fractal Generator; the feed back iterative logic, space-time equation that generates through its symmetries and variations all the space-time beings of the universe.

The generator equation, [S<ST>T]∆±1, merely describes the ternary beings of the Universe, which are modular fractal beings, co-existing in 3 scales of the 5th dimension (∆-1: quantum, cellular scale; ∆-Thermodynamic, organic scale, ∆+1 social, cosmological scales), each one made of a fundamental space-time being, a holography of 3 entities of bidimensional in-form-ation and motion: Sp (limbs/fields) <ST-waves bodies>Tƒ (heads-particles), which in time performs world cycles with 3 symmetric ages:

Ps-Past: Young-energetic age <ST-Present, reproductive wave-body adulthood>ƒT: Future, informative old age

Between its ∆-1 conception as a seed of information and its ∆<<∆-2 death as a field of entropy.

This is the generator fractal of all space-time beings of the Universe, truly a logic equation that explains it all.

In the next graph, we see the entire Universe generated by the Fractal generator of Superorganisms, written above in simplified terms:

Below we can see the Human being generated by that equation in simplified terms, described in its spatial morphology and temporal ages by 2 developments of the equation.

Thus the fractal Generator of relational space-time, Se<ST>Tƒ, and its symmetries in space and time  generates an infinite array of species, and to fully understand them we need to describe the formal symbols we use to represent, ‘motions’ and ‘forms’ of the 5th dimension, and the laws that define how those dimensions interact and ‘mess’ together, to create reality.

So the analysis of the fractal generator and its sub-equation, symmetries, dimensional laws, which apply to all systems and allow to deduce all other laws of all scales of the Universe is an immense field, for future researchers in the fractal space-time structure of reality and all its parts.

And then a brief analysis of the symbols used on its full equation.

The first truth to understand about reality, which is now a canonical, experimental truth, since the discovery of quantum physics and relativity, but has never been properly formalised to describe the Universe and all its parts, is the fact that you do NOT exist in a background, Newtonian, absolute abstract space-time, but in a quantum, relative space-time. This means that all systems, including physical and biological systems as you, are made of:

  • A vital, fractal space  made of quanta with motion – the space you occupy is ‘you’, it is not a ‘background’ reality, an abstract ‘Newtonian’ frame of coordinates where you slide through. You are made of quanta of space: “Spe”. So it is a particle, made of quanta of space, called a ‘field’. Further on, because all those vital spaces are made of quanta, they can be counted in space,, so we write: ∑Spe.

The confusion of a background space arises then, when scientists did not realise that this structure of vital continuous spaces, made of smaller quanta, extended ad infinitum. Quanta of space was made of smaller quanta. For example, organisms were made of cells made of molecules made of atoms, and so on. So they postulated that the smallest of all those scales was a background space. But even if there is a minimal scale, in the same manner when your whole vital space moves, your cells move with it, the last hypothetical scale will move with your cells. Now, this structure of space, in which wholes are made of parts with similar functions or forms to the whole is called a fractal. So all what exists is a vital fractal.

  •  Now those vital quanta with motion, move with a series of time cycles. That is they trace repetitive actions, which appear as space-time cycles, which the being performs through its existence. So existence is made of time cycles, T, in which you use your vital space to perform certain vital actions, such as feeding on energy, or gauging information, reproducing your system or communicating and associating with other space-time entities.

And you do so with a discontinuous frequency, ƒ, for each of those actions that have a certain repetitive, discontinuous beat, and create through its actions  forms in space, they are forms-in-action, information: “Tiƒ”.

So as you perform several actions and you are made of smaller quanta that also performs those space-time actions the different actions in time must be synchronised in those relative scales of size of reality. So your cells are synchronised to reproduce once a day, when your feeding patterns give them energy to do so. Women’s reproduction is synchronised with the time cycle of the moon. And so on. The result is that each day you feed as a whole, billions of cells reproduce; so your action ‘multiplies in a lower scale’. Thus because those time actions the being develops, repeat in cycles, that multiply in lower scales with  cyclical, pi-like patterns, we can ad a multiplier to each time cycle: ∏-> ∏Tiƒ.

It is also clear that those space-time actions and cyclical synchronicities are all about, exchanging energy (as in feeding) or information (as in perception) between you and the external world or you and your internal structures. So your vital space and time cycles are constantly exchanging spatial energy (open spatial motion) and temporal information (cyclical forms-in-action):

Φ.         ∑Spe <≈> Ti.

Where a system of spatial quanta, dominant in lineal motion, hence more abundant in lineal limbs (biological systems) and lineal fields (physical systems) Spe (|-Limbs/Fields), exchange energy and information (<=>) in cyclical, patterns, dominant in a region of the system, with cyclical form (that stores more information) called a particle in physical systems or a head in biological ones, Tiƒ (O-heads-particles).

So because the equation of the being is dynamic, and energy and information goes back and forth between the two poles, limbs and fields and particles and heads, the equation is called a ‘feed-back equation. And it is the simplest equation of duality that reflects the structure of the space-time beings of the Universe. Further on, the intermediate, ≤=≥ region where maximal exchange happens tend to be in all systems a different, larger region, where cyclical information and lineal kinetic energy interacts forming more complex curved, hyperbolic forms, called waves in physical systems and bodies in biological ones. So we can extend the description of the being to a ternary structure:

Ξ.       ∑Spe (|-limbs-fields) <Ø-ST (hyperbolic body-wave) > ∏ Tiƒ (O-heads particles)

This is the synchronous ‘spatial, present’ description of the being. And we can affirm putting together the 2 fundamental principles of conservation of the Universe, the conservation of Energy and Information (and its quanta equivalences, the principle of conservation of lineal and angular momentum, as energy and information are nothing but the integral of each of those quanta of lineal and angular momentum):

“All what exists is a system of quanta of vital space and cyclical time, exchanging and trans-forming back and forth energy and information ad eternal: Spe<ST>Tiƒ”

  •  Now, it is clear that your quanta making time cycles interact in the ∆-1 cellular scale, the ∆-organic scale and the ∆+1 social scale. But so happens with physical systems, which extend through 3 scales, the ∆-1 quantum scale, the ∆-thermodynamic scale and the ∆+1 gravitational scale. So Space is a sum, ∑ of quanta, ∑Spe, Time is a series of ‘pi cycles’ with different speeds, ∏Tiƒ, synchronised to work symbiotically together. And both space quanta and time cycles, are ordered in relative scales of Spatial size, and Temporal frequencyAnd this happens through at least 3 relative scales of size and speed of time, ∆±1.

When you say i don’t have energy and time to do this, you ARE certain, you are made of spatial energy and temporal information, as everything else in the Universe. When you get sick, your cells are normally infected, and your cycles in the larger social world are reduced. You are, as every thing else in the Universe a ‘super-organism’ (meaning you extend through symbiotic scales, each one made of smaller quanta), of fractal space and cyclical time.

We then consider that all systems are fractals of space and time, ∆ST and call this series of scales, ∆, of different size and speed of time clocks of the Universe, the fifth dimension. Since a dimension is precisely a system of space-time points extended across reality. In the next image we can see the 3 main scales of the Universe, with man on its relative centre, as we  perceive from our scale, which we shall call ∆o:

Λ. The order of Se x Tƒ scales: the fifth dimension.

Now we write with those laws a fractal generator equation of infinite space-time existences, the metric of the 5th dimension:

Clean STuD3

In the graph the Universal fractal of infinite beings of space-time with different speeds in its clocks and sizes in space, whose product however, Se x Tƒ, space size for speed of its information cycles remain constant, creating a ‘stable space-time being (ST±4) which happens in different combined size from the smallest. infinitesimals ST-4 to the largest Universe, ST+4.

All fractals have a generator feedback equation and the Universe is not exception. Generators are dynamic, cyclical equations which constantly create slightly changed new ‘cycles’. As such they are periodic cyclical equations of the form X < = > Y, where obviously X and Y are symbols as in all ‘Universal grammars’ linguistic representations of the Universal Generator (mathematical jargon in Space-time) or Universal Grammar (Logic Jargon in Time-space):

  • Universal Generator/Grammar:               Tƒ ∑ExI=ST±4

We write the Fractal Generator expressly with one of its similar identities, in an expression which can be understood logically in wor(l)ds, the fundamental grammar of the human being.

In its Topo-Bio -logic ternary identity, ‘Topological ∆-planes of Vital Spaces and Cyclical Times’ need to be described topological properties (5th dimension metric), Organic properties (which organize 0±1 vital spaces into a ternary organism) and logic properties (the ternary Non-Aristotelian logic of cyclical times which return in a ‘Hamiltonian’ Cycle to its origin.

The generator equation thus can be used to deduce from its topologic, biological and causal properties any other equation of the Universe.

It cannot be achieved such a feat as physicists of lineal time expect, only with topologic properties and only in a single continuous space-time.

It needs to understand the metric of the 5th dimension and its relative scales of absolute time (ST±4), between invisible forces and invisible cosmos, beyond our perception (C speed, 0 K limiting borders). And this is achieved with the summit of the evolution of mathematical languages, the Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean i-logic topology of vital spaces, of organisms, of geometric forms with speed-motion, constantly performing ∂a, accelerated åctions with 3 ±= stop and go motions…

GST. General system sciences.

The generator equation is a formalism, but the philosophy of science behind it is an organism.

If the Unification of all sciences has a name or discipline, called General Systems Theory (ab. GST), which this blog so far formalises, its formalism is the Generator equation of fractal Space-Time (Ab. GST), or in Greek letters, the Gamma Function, Γ.

A system thus is defined by its 3 x 3 ±∆ST elements, which act on the Universe through its world cycles of exchange of spatial energy and temporal information. Nature’s systems exist in as much as they Generate events of space-time.

Thus we develop the formalism of the fractal paradigm, and show the organic nature of all systems and its processes of creation by deducing from the more generic Fractal generator, 10 partial equations in scale, space and time, which are common to all beings of the Universe and allow us to complete the description of any of them.

You, me, everything in the Universe is indeed a space-time Non-AE being tracing world cycles as a superorganism travelling through ∆±1 planes as a series of motions on the 3 relative structures that define reality – time motion, space form and ∆-scales of size and speed.

And this simple reality of 3 x 3 variables and a ‘central mind point of view’ which puts together the whole is what the formalism of the Generator equation defines in its simplest expression:

∆-1 (cell/atom) |-Spe (lineal past-entropy) < ∆ ≈ST (thermodynamic organic body-wave) > ∆+1 O-Tiƒ (head-particle)

The detailed analysis for each species of that generator is from where we depart to ‘connect’ the formalism of GST with all beings of reality.

As such GST is the necessary philosophy of science that completes a classic scientific description of any being.

On the other side GST will bring a lot of corrections, resolve a lot of conundrums, open a lot of new avenues to research as specialist learn to connect its knowledge of each species and the general laws of the fractal space-time 5D universe…

It follows from all this that the Generator three parts can be also studied as partial equations with different properties which will correspond also to different mathematical frames of reference. So we shall now consider some ceteris paribus analysis of those parts.




Trinity is the name of the game, which is natural to the fact that causality exists, and so there is always an up and down scale in the fifth dimension, a left-right, back-forward element in a system, and a past-future. What we have unveiled further is the symmetries between those three ∆-s-t components, and the capacity of linguistic minds to put it all into still ‘continuous image’ as a whole. 


3 numbers could resume it all, 1,0 and ∞. Amazingly as it seems they can be seen as the ternary sides of the same structure, 0,the center, |-the membrane, ∞, the internal cycles between both that mirror the infinite Universe.

Thus infinity only reaches till the limits of its Whole:

The |-membrane,  the • singularity & the ∞ cycles between them form an island universe, a fractal superorganism and its world cycles.

The study of the interaction of those 3 elements that compose all §upœrganisms is thus an essential part of GST, which can be inscribed in an even larger concept: the ternary, Universal grammar of all systems, and its fractal ternary sub-divisions ad infinitum.

So in this blog and related ones, we shall deal with ‘TRINITY’ (-;

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-09-37-22screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-00-22-33In the graph, trinity is the structure of reality, its Universal Grammar, scalar, ST variations and ultimately all what we care to study from the most sacred to the most mundane:

-Trinity is the mystery of christianity, where the ∆+1 Γ•∆, OR subconscious collective of mankind (Jung) communicates its laws of ethic survival which express the fifth dimension of eusocial love, in human verbal languages, through its ‘nervous, informative system’, the language of the wor(l)d through its prophet≈scientist of history, where ‘the word, our God, becomes man and inhabit among us’, as the ‘canon’, or ideal form of the game of existence that humans should imitate to form with its revelation books and memes, a collective ‘DNA’, which brings together all its cellular citizens, supporting that collective mind God, who foresees the future of eusocial evolution; which if humans obey, will help them to evolve and survive from species into super organism, but if not, will bring them likely its collective death through hate-memes and weapons, the ‘bad fruits of the tree of science’.

So the prophet, who foresees the future logically (though a physical interpretation will mean, as information can jump a quantum cycle into the smaller ∆-1 past, which co-exist with the future whole, that actually the future death of a cultural God co-exist with the past life of the cells that host it),  spells those laws to its quantum cells back to the past a generation. THUS the entropic death of God into the language, ∆+1<<∆-1, imprints with the genetic memes of the super organism of history the mind of the prophet, a biological generation 72 ages, exactly the moment of death of Yhwh when 1/3rd of its believers died in the roman holocaust, the month of Ab, 72 years in ‘lineal time’ latter, in the same moment in co-existing scales of the 5th dimension, of the birth of Jesus . Alas, GSTheology is born and we have proved the most debated questions of Christianity – the mistery of trinity, the proof that Jesus is Son of Yhwh, the god-mind of the jewish people, and that he is a prophet  (: hem… ‘believe it or not’.

But trinity is also the cutlery ternary division and its Gst equation: ‘|-Spe (knife) < Ø-ST-fork > O-Tiƒ (spoon); as the knife delivers entropy the food, the spoon acts as the spherical membrane that surrounds it and the ‘last to come’ and more complex fork, with one of the 2 ‘hyperbolic geometries’ of space-time (fractal branching), which performs the functions of the other 2 (perpendicular holding and lateral cutting). We deal with trinity in depth in this post, its sub posts on Æ,  Universal grammar and those ‘attached’ to the Fractal generator.

Just two examples that show you the power of the GST formalism, which besides the usual questions about mathematical physics, will be explaining such seemingly ascientific questions as religious mysticism and table etiquete (: As a TRUE T.Œ, HAS INDEED TO EXPLAIN IN AN EFFICIENT UNIVERSE, all what exists, including good and EVIL≈ANTI-LIVE≈DEATH. And all the arts of the human mind:

Why I am so positive about GST laws? Obviously because of the experimental method, and its FUNDAMENTAL LAW OF TRUTH, which we can resume in a sentence:

‘A theory which is simpler (Occam’s razor) and explains more things with less elements (efficient Universe) is more truth’.

SO FAR NO MODEL OF REALITY CAN MATCH GST on both grounds, as it explains it all WITH ONLY 2 elements, space and time (in fact inverse formal motions, hence ultimately with one element, ‘temporal energy’). Not a single human theory has been able even remotely to explain scientifically the 4 biggest realms of human thought, science, art, religion and the machine…

The fundamental particle of the Universe is a ±∆ super organism, which extends within the U±∞ scales of reality in 3 of such scales, which co-exist tightly related to each other to form a super organism of space-time ‘Œ±1 points’.

∆± ∞, this is the potential of the game and Œ,Æ, i-logic mathematics the language that shows all those potentials as a mere logic shape of information, a still mapping of the Universal game.

But in most cases the system is just 1±∆, a super organism. This is the logic game the Universe plays, the construction of Universals from infinitesimals. Then all the other games are details of this one. Thus we should consider the queen of all sciences biology, and the fundamental particle of the Universe once we have all the information about a region’s domain of vital space and cyclical times, the super organism.

It is a good moment to reflect on what all this means for the scientific understanding of the arrow of time and the nature of the Universe at large.

‘The 5th dimension is scalar, Time is asymmetric, informative; space is symmetric, entropic – with those 3 elements and its fractal parts and combinations, the Universe creates itselF.

A fractal, isomorphic organico-mathematical universe is a proposition quite different from the standard comfort zone of anthropomorphic science. It means we are in a living, organic universe where our importance is absolutely relative, and our dumbness born of the limited view of each point of view of this living universe.


In the graph, the 3 5D Space-time elements that structure all physical/biological/social systems of the Universe:

  • Τhe 3 only topological forms≈functions of Nature, lineal, energetic fields/limbs/territories of space; hyperbolic waves/bodies/reproductive space-times and cyclical, informative particles/heads/languages, which create  in space all ternary fractal organisms of reality:

|-Spe (limbs/fields/territories) < Ø-St (wave-body-reproductive class) > Τiƒ (particle-head-ruling class)

As topologies are form in motion, we can see those 3 topologies synchronically in space and they form a ternary organic structure, or we can see them in actions throughout time:

  • Τhen those systems enact a series of actions of absorption, emission and reproduction of energy and information (±∆e, exi, i), which develop in time in 2 phases, a long period of increasing information with 3 ages (youth: Max. e, reproductive age, Max. e x I , old age, Max. I) followed by a short period of erasing information or death, such as both become a zero sum:

Life arrow of information (E>I) + death, big-bang arrow (I < E) = 0. Whereas > is an informative, implosive motion and < an energetic, entropic one. So we can write the fractal generator in time

Spe (youth) > St (reproductive age) > Τiƒ (old age) << Death-big bang: Spe

So the interaction of the topologies of information and energy and its combination define a Universe made of fractal beings of space-time, which complete world cycles of existence, across all the scales of the Universe.

It is the 3rd element needed for an organic description of reality, as all those systems, will not only have 3 organic topologies in space and 3 ages in its world cycle, but will be organised through 3 scales of relative size that co-exist as parts of bigger wholes:

∆-1 (atomic, cellular, memetic scale) > ∆ (thermodynamic, organic, individual scale) >∆+1 (gravitational, ecosystemic, social)

We can see in the graph, above, some assembly of ternary systems made with the 3 topologies of the Universe, and below the scientific scale of spatial sizes and time clocks, which compose the different space-time beings of the Universe.

SPACE BECOMES FRACTAL BY REPRODUCTION OF PRESENT BODY-WAVES-WORKING CASTES, of the ternary topology of the Universe, Space = Max. E x I, a 5dimensional fractal reproductive space with 3 motions upwards, downwards in scales or with a present simultaneous speed, in present-past-present waves of simultaneous motion, networking in information, non local at distance, as the wave of form, of information, reproduces through a fertile space of energy, the being becomes and as it becomes emerges, fetal entity of a perfect supeorganism, the wave of motions who resembles organic livings living and dying travelling through the scales o the 5th dimension.

We can see the different scales of the Universe all of them including humans, below, described with those 3 elements , ∆SΤ, and its sets of 3×3 + œ laws – to notice that the minimal and maximal scales, both theoretically (cyclical-lineal nanoscopic and macroscopic scales, and atoms and galaxies) have very similar parameters;hence the hypothesis of a scalar Universe of infinite, ∆±∞ scales.

Below we see a human being and its 3 topological digestive-energetic, reproductive-hormonal and nervous/informative systems, which sub-divide in 3 more systems, for a total of 3×3+0 sub-systems which are used in medicine to describe completely the human being; whereas the 0-integrative whole system is the brain, itself a ‘fractal point’ of the next ∆+1 social, memetic scale of mankind. In the left we see the 3 ages of human beings, between conception in the ∆-1 seminal scale and death back to the flat energy world of disconnected cells.

As such we shall be able to describe existence, as a travel through 3 scales of the 5th dimension.

Τhe beauty, precision and essential homologic poetry of the fractal, organic, self-reproductive, scalar, absolutely relative, infinite, immortal Universe we shall describe with the formalism of 5D Space-time systems, is a new door to our communion with the whole Universe of which are all a mere part, made to its image and likeness.

Networks of simultaneity and resonance (informative axons): consciousness and emergence.

All this said there are elements in the Universe which are difficult to understand in terms of ‘classic’ human thought and science, which are at the heart of the processes of ‘existence’, and emergence of information in upper scales, and organisation of parts into wholes. They deal with the fact that ‘Tiƒ’ particles-heads-upper informative classes must be fully connected with its lower ∆-1 scale to synchronise, make it work together as a whole, resonate its orders in all lower systems and finally be conscious of a whole – and the key to all those processes are fractal branching networks, which unlike herds loosely connected in a single plane, conned the upper scale of a being with all its lower parts/regions.

It must be understood that those networks have many levels of connection between scales. They are though basically always the same. Informative networks break information in reproductive waves through axons and so they can produce informative actions of multiplication of information both ways through effects of simultaneity and resonance.



The resonance of all resonances, one can consider an imaginary space of dimensions of time – the 3 first dimensions those of a space of lesser form on which we transit – in our case the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space – all other dimensions becoming dimensions of scalar growth of information, through resonances between the larger and the smaller scales with self-similar forms, merely differentiated by its TIME metric:

Max. Spe   = Min. tiƒ, the larger resonance encodes the smaller one.

How whole minds imprint smaller parts, through the simultaneous fractal network division of an impulse of maximal energy into multiple quantum’s of information. Such as E = h v, is proportional to the information the system emits (v) along an ‘H’, constant of space-time, or ‘lower field’ (S=t), from where the E(e) x V(i) body of ∆+1 extracts its energy of motion.

On the other hand, parallel networks of energy ,pipes and blood flow are less concerned with the form but with the energy it provides to the motion of its cells, and are based in adjacency and other topological, spatial properties.

The devil though is in the details, so once we understand this general picture of the whole, its parts and its common time world cycles, sum of all the frequencies of its space-time actions, which construct a super organism that will go through 3 ages between birth and extinction, as it carries as a whole its 3 ∆±1 scale of beings, we shall realise we just have explained they very surface of a extremely intelligent and complex world in which almost magically, all works together because of the complementary connections between simultaneous parts in space and synchronous rhythms in time and ‘resonant’ effects in scales.

So 4 ‘magic phenomena’ will be of enormous importance to fully grasp how ∆, S and T, dynamically organise (or inversely become disorganised):

  • Space Simultaneity, which is an a priori condition for a vital organic space to exist, and act efficiently as a whole.
  • Time Synchronicity, which is an a priori condition for a temporal ensemble of parts to exist, and act as a shoe.
  • ∆-Scale Resonance, which is the a priori condition for ‘parts and wholes’ to interact together.
  • Consciousness, which is an a posteriori condition of complexity in a panpsychic Universe: consciousness arises within any sufficiently complex, information-processing system. All animals, from humans on down to earthworms, are conscious; even the internet could be. That’s just the way the universe works.


The few scholars i have been able to lure into this web (: are taken aback by the sheer size of its posts, its excessive disorder :(my fault), its polymath structure and complex ‘syntax’, that is logic formalism (the fault of the Universe:)

i am trying to improve my faults, but I am not of the opinion of my predecessor in the illustrious series of humind infinitesimals that in the modern age have evolved our paradigm of time-space … Descartes>Galileo> Newton>Leibniz>Darwin>Marx>Planck> Einstein>i-man (my old pseudonym, back in the 90s when at Columbia U. I used to self-publish books and send it around the globe)…

‘If General relativity is wrong, God should correct the Universe, so beautiful it is’. Well God is correcting… relativity, into Absolute relativity and who knows what else he would correct>improve in the future. So far this is the deepest view of his thoughts, as ‘the seer of time’ (Saint Augustine) And so we need to correct our humind mirror, maths and logic; maths by correcting geometry adapting it to fractal space, logic by introducing the ESSENTIAL CONCEPT OF ALL LANGUAGES WHICH OBSERVE REALITY, THE TERNARY SYMMETRIES BETWEEN THE MIND LANGUAGES AN THE S-T-∆ elements of reality.

In essence the key changes are the concept of an Euclidean point, which now becomes a non-euclidean fractal point that has breath as it has a vital inner space of energy, enclosed by a membrane or cyclical time-clock, focused into an informative still singularity or mind. So all points are fractal ternary points.

And for that reason, the logic of the Universe IS TRINITY, the study of its three parts in space, three ages in time, three scales in ∆; and the symmetries, mirror reflections and interactions between those 3 x 3+0 dimensions of reality; as the Universe is really in a visual simile, like a kaleidoscope, with four mirrors, the mind, the scales, the time ages and the spatial topologies communicating with each other and creating relationships between them.

Now, while the mind can be studied by its own linguistic elements it is often placed in the head-particle, Tiƒ, so for sake of simplification we accept except for detailed analysis and epistemological philosophy its ‘equality’ with the Tif element of its spatial topology. So in general we eliminate the mind of our analysis (given also the difficulties to be accepted by anthropocentric humans). 

It is then when trinity can be resumed in a generator equation: ∆-1 Past Sp (limbs/fields) < ∆ Present TS BODY-WAVES> ∆+1 future Tƒ particle-heads.

And this Generator equation is the basic formal definition of each species (naming its parts), whose formal study gives birth to NON-Æ=I-LOGIC SCIENCE (i for information and next letter to a and e).

The use of the generator helps a lot to make simpler as Feynman diagrams did in quantum physics the complex symmetries, similarities, reflections of time ages into space topologies into scales and so on. I.e. we just change the reverse order of the generator and it becomes a time symmetry: Ps (past) < ST (PRESENT) > ft (future). We reverse the symbols of > into < and information becomes entropy, and so on.

So the symbolism of ® is very useful to define all kind of events between the 3+0 elements or reality.

So trinity is a complex logic, but the simplex way to deal with it is the ternary principle, basis of our division of those four forms into 12 more detailed isomorphic elements to study in depth each species and its properties; which we can resume in many ways. Some are:

  • ‘Every element of reality can be subdivided into three ∆ST sub-elements diminishing in ∆§cales and viceversa, every three elements of reality with enough complementarity to create a larger whole can be assembled into an ∆§+1 system’.

i.e. your leg has a Tiƒ ankle joined to the feet, a middle and and upper part; your fingers in palingenesis broke first from 1 to three and then the lateral ones into 2 to make five, which are the different type of fingers of all animals.

  • DUAL s-t and trinity s-st-t evolutions in time establish then the creative processes of the Universe. In languages from one a-languages we went into three vowels and five and then seven…. Complexity grows by subtle differentiations on the trinity principle.
  • THE TRINITY principle in kaleidoscopic terms means also: every phenomena in space, time or ∆-scale has A REFLECTION in the other two elements. Ie the three parts of space have three dominant ages in time, limbs in youth, heads in old age, bodies in the middle age, and relate closer to an ∆±1 scale: limbs to the ∆-i fields of entropy it absorbs, ∆º to the organic plane the body ‘mates to reproduce’; tiƒ, to the ∆+i worlds in which it performs larger cycles as part of a larger whole.

And finally as trinity means indeed reflections into t-s-st, ∆º±1 scales, topologies an ages, we talk of multi functionality:

  • Every system of reality to exist efficiently is able to develop three relative functions in its whole as entropic, informative and reproductive partial part.

Besides trinity there are then lower duality principles of logic of which two are important:

  • Entropy and information are inverse functions.
  • Species subdivide in gender states, wave-female states, s>S=t<t and male, particle-field state: S>T+T<S.
  • The ‘postulate of existence’ which requires at least two poles of entropy and information in a dynamic event for an entity to exist. Since without software and hardware, entry and information, without a dynamic flow/motion, the seed of information is latent, the vacuum space has no form. It is then the fusion of both, and its intermediate growth of a body-wave of communication, which introduces into present existence a being, and for that to happen there shall be a certain similarity between software and hardware; slowly comming together through its communication.

In the graph, the syntax of all languages can be reduced to dual and ternary structures that reflect the ternary elements of the fractal generator, Spe<St>Tiƒ. Thus we can consider all languages mirrors of the generator, which in turn species use to order and project its imagination’, reproducing those mirrors through those languages into actions that mold the future of reality. Mind stiences therefore are essential to the way the Universe creates. The graph shows how a minimum of two parameters to represent entropy and information can create a mapping of reality, even though ternary languages are more precise. In the right the human verbal, temporal language and mathematical, spatial one, can be reduced to ternary dimensions (height-information, width-reproduction, length-entropy), ternary topologies, ternary symbols G(spe) <action operandi>T(ƒ) and ternary sentences. Above a simple mathematical statement that relates a spatial function, D, and a temporal one, written BOTH in cyclical 1/ƒ=T and lineal time, below a scheme of the Universal grammar of all systems made of Names (informative element), verbs (actions) and Objects (energy of the Name). Both suffice for a whole mapping of reality.

So let us go part by part. We first upgraded your mind to black and white and then to the three colours/arrows your mind uses to view reality.

Now we shall enter into the territory you don’t see – the mind itself, behind those languages that simplify reality into information.

So we need only a final element, the mirror mind of information or central singularity that apperceives it all.

As those three time arrows in each instant cannot be seen, systems become mirrors that visualise the motions of time in simultaneous measures of space, a mind can conceive a linguistic mapping/mirror of those three topological motions and see how through time they develop structures synchronised as ‘space-time organisms’.

The Universe is a fractal of 3 timespace arrows, entropy, energy and information. This simple elements in its infinite variations and combinations defines the Universe, with a logic and mathematical that present science lacks, despite its awesome achievements in terms of mathematical description and praxis of manipulation of reality.

Philosophy of science though is not so much concerned with the capacity to manipulate reality with precise measures and a posteriori accounting of all process as ‘patterns’ that will repeat in the future and can be manipulated. But with the reasons and whys of those processes, which are considered to be ‘rational’,  ‘selfish’ and ‘biological’; that is, systems act to survive, and they do so from their central point of view or singularity-mind of information, by controlling and ordering a territory around them, enclosed by a cyclical time-like membrane.

And so the 3 functions-forms of time-space, ‘spatial lineal entropy’, ‘repetitive energy’ and ‘informative cyclical dimensional form’ combine together to create ‘entities’ which are the essential ‘particle of reality’, not some arid physical parameter, but an organic structure of scalar space-time, the supœrganism (Ab. œ, following the rule of slightly change terms in english to serve the new paradigm). 

Thus we can rephrase our definition: ‘the Universe is a supœrganism, made of 3 timespace functions/forms, assembled into ternary physiological networks, that process spatial=motion, informative dimensional form and its iterative combinations, in order to survive as a balanced structure’.

It is then time to connect this seemingly new view of reality with the tradition of philosophy of sciences, as philosophers have always understood it.

Culture over science.

Now, all this clear a big question hauls over our understanding of the Universe. Why mankind has been unable to describe scientifically its three arrows of time and only ‘admits’ entropy; even if in earlier time of history, Asian cultures with its duality visnu-shiva and yin-yang, equivalent to the duality information-entropy, were so closely to make sense of all of it?

The answer will surprise the reader, who mistakingly believes today as it believed in the past, that ‘science is truth per se’ and proved with no errors or cultural attachments – as people though religion was proved by dogma. Here the element missed in his discourse is ‘cultural bias’ in science and ‘postulates without proof’, ‘ceteris paribus analysis’, ‘anthropocentrism’, ‘power’ and ‘hyperbole’… all concepts natural to the human psyche a priori of any scientific statement.

In that sense entropy only theories are indeed a bias of the military, power-profession of physicists making weapons and motion machines, and it has always been so, becoming dogma. Entropy was discovered in the study of steam machine motion, as a product of gaseous heat; which is ONLY one of the three states of matter:

Gas (entropy state) < liquid (balanced state) > Crystal-solids (information state).

So it is obvious that the laws of kinetic gases are entropic but it is absurd to expand them to the whole of Nature, by simply ‘eliminating’ from philosophical analysis the other two arrows. And the same happened when in an astounding ‘hyperbole’ Helmothz from the ‘military culture of Germany’, expanded it to the Universe, affirming it was dying and further more, Gamow, a Nuclear-weapons maker affirmed the Universe was always and only a ‘gas-like expansive state’, again reducing the three arrows of the Universe; so well resumed in Einstein’s awesome equation: E=CCM, which he inferred in fact from the inverse arrow of informative, accelerated vortices of mass information, in his landmark: can mass be created out of entropy? So in this formula we have again the three arrows: 

Entropic expanding intergalactic space E< c²≈st  constant wave of light space-time > M Imploding masses and charges (galaxies)

And yet again, physicists and western cultures just used it to make entropic bombs and declare the Universe had only a similar big-bang exploding arrow.

There is here the side of dogma, and repetition and the believers memorial nature of the human mnd. As 1/2 of mankind believe that a  bronze age donkey-breeder tribe who saw a bush burning, understood the meaning of the Universe (Abrahamic religions) and react offended to any attempt to ‘reasoning’ historically this hallucination, just because the word ‘god’ is sacred; 1/2 of them believe the Universe is in a permanent state of entropy, dismissing the other so evident, experimentally, arrows of time, proper of all the generator equations of all systems of nature.

There is nothing though you can do to change a ‘believer’s mind’. In religion is called dogma, in science ‘first postulates’, which always show on the long term to be partial, ceteris paribus, analysis of the whole ternary reality. So for example, euclidean flat space turned out to be one of the three possible geometries of reality, because it was a postulate.

And an entropic Universe shows to be both in space and time one of the three parts of it. So in EFE (Einstein’s equations) the three solutions, steady state, big bang and big crunch are the equivalent processes in time to the three parts in space, and we will see that beautiful time-space symmetry soon).

In that sense, we can say that the entropic postulate of a single arrow of time is a product of the white western male war oriented culture and its manifest destiny, throughout the whole history of the western world, opposed to the dualist and ternary cultures of the west. So we can now introduce a historic view of those cultures, because its postulates today pass as science, and are by no means scientifically proved by experimental evidence, which shows a ternary Universe always.

So we shall use exactly what we have proved – the ternary only topologies of the Universe and its three space-dimensions/time functions, to the racial make-up of mankind, since as it happens is the origin of a new of the many sub-sciences derived of gst that studies…

The three cultures of the mind.

WHAT IS MANKIND? The answers of philosophy of science, the only ones that should be accepted  by a rational enlightened mind of the III millennium, beyond myths and selfish ego-trips is obvious: a single species, as we all can mate with each other, divided into three  races of the mind, the dolichocephalic white  visual people, lineal entropic with its longitudinal axis larger and dominant, likely by influence of the European Neanderthal of larger eyes, visual brains, consonantal sounds, red hair and hooked nose; which has in consequence developed lineal culture, mostly based in lineal agglutinative languages, as German and Arab are, the original language of its most extended groups ,  has fallen in love with lineal weapons that deliver entropy motion and death, and has consequently imposed by force its culture based in the bad fruits of the tree of metal, since the age of bronze, its imperial, hierarchical concept of concepts of lineal time in science, and a lineal manifest destiny in culture, above the two other races of the mind.

In the opposite side of the three dimensional topologies of the Universe, there is the mongoloid race, whose wide word axis between the ears through the Brocca region of temporal verbs, more developed make their cultures dominant in the social language of man, words, with a full understanding of the cyclical nature of all time clocks, which as any kindergarten child knows has more dimensions of form, more information than the simplest, fast moving line.

Hence it developed a more complex, cyclical culture of information, where the creative cycles of nature and the curves of female, yin, Vishnu, women were preferred over the lineal body-mind of the military, entropic, destructive white macho male. Communal social evolution was preferred, conflict avoided and so the Asian cultures with less metal-weapons and tribal warfare survived in larger numbers, the only true measure oaf success in evolution and still today represent the majority of mankind. But when they were discovered by the lineal, entropic white male, soon were submitted by raw power, massacred in huge numbers, and adopted the lineal culture and obsession for the false glare of metal, gold and iron weapons of the west. THE PARADIGM of that conversion being Japan, which copycatted the Germanic cultures and the cruelty and manifest destiny of war and machine-making that have characterized the western world.

But as we said there are three dimensions and topologies which structure the form of all bodies and brains, which in the human case, is the only organ that truly matters; as we are after all at least in paper the Homo Species.

So the third space-time topology in the Universe, mixture of lineal visual entropy of fast motions and destructive power, Shiva or yang in the oriental philosophies, and the cyclical informative arrow of temporal words and social gathering in circles and get together are not the whole tale.

We still have a third axis, that of height, which the racist anthropologist all of them white macho male of the western colonial imperial enslaving cultures didn’t even account for in his classifications, so we will have to invent a new word, psylocephalic people. They are thus dominant in the height axis of the brain, site of the inner soul, the emotional and motor elements, in close connection with the body. It is the black culture, with its rich emotional development, physical powerness and love for nature, Gaia, who have preserved the wild animal life of the planet. Because children are also dominant in the emotional, physical brain, it has been often said that the black people and their cultures, are less powerful than the white, military men who came to dominate and slave them with the fetish tool metal, but again biology tells us that childhood is the happiest of all the states of being; and in all ternary systems constructed with the three topologies of space-time, the body-wave sustains the particle-head of the system, and both are complementary to each other; none is better, they both need each other.

If any of the three elements with whom all systems of nature are constructed, one is the less complex, in fact is the gaseous, entropic, lineal, limbs and fields over which body-waves, guided by particle-heads run.

Indeed, if we extend the topological analysis, to the whole organism of a human being, the entropic limbs, reproductive bodies and informative heads are ALL needed, all are complementary, but if you were to loose a part, a lizard will cut-off his tail, and you rather loose a leg than your body or your head.

So alas, what topological biology tells us, is exactly the opposite of what the supremacist white, lineal military cultures has been claiming for millennia, entropy, big bang weapons and war the leit motif of the white culture and its philosophies of the Universe, are completely disposable. And we cold live perfectly as a species without them. But ethic Languages of social love that enlighten the mind, Nature that sustains our body and children which bring happiness and renew are future are not.

So the next question the philosopher of science should wonder about history is why then the white, male entropic lineal simplex culture has come to dominate all the aspects of our world, from science to culture, from territorial power to the authorized version of history, as it comes in the books of social science. What went wrong with mankind to be guided by entropy, not by life information, by the wrong arrow of time; giving supremacy to the simplest view of the Universe and its death culture?

And the answer is clear: the entropic white man discovered a harder attachment to its teeth and hands, metal-weapons; and so the natural balance between the three races of the mind, and its complementarity was broken, suddenly by a boost of power on the side of entropy.

So we should give the entire mindset of the entropic culture of physics a turnaround showing that even its concept of a Universe of worldlines of motion, as the only ‘arrow of time’ IS IN FACT yet another manifestation of the reproductive nature of the fractal Universe, solving the never quite understood Zeno paradox on the ultimate nature of motion as reproduction of form.

Now the application of the ternary principle to the study of medicine, physiology, the mind, cultures and brain structures is so rich in meanings it could take an entire book in itself. The symmetry between space regions and ages is the most amazing.

A simple example will suffice. The upper brain has three regions, in topological structures: the cerebellum, whose role is to control ‘entropic motions’ and as such is the FIRST developed in the child, with maximal youth activity; the middle brain, which is the emotional brain; and as such is the second in development – the present state, the larger one; and the third region, the frontal, cognitive, maximal Informative region, and as such is the third to be developed. The Dunedin study famous from following 1000 people through life noticed criminal, entropic people develop faster and maximal the cerebellum (properly advised become also better athletes).

In that regard, while this web might seem too abstract for the skeptic scientist, as I focus on GST theory its connections with details of each species is what causes on my mind (cognitive:) a constant orgasm for 30 years, as I read often Nature, SciAm and some specialised scientific magazines – I have not written down more than a fraction of it all, but as Descartes put it, ‘I have left most of it for future researchers to have something to do’ 🙂


Our interest, in a Universe in which there are constantly 3 choices of paths, S, T or ST to act or no to act (-1 action), with equal probabilities. is to map out a new existential algebra (ab. Æ) of all nature systems, with those 3 -1 possibilities.

Why the Universe has 3 positive ternary actions (and a negative, passive no-action) is self evident:

-1: The mind might merely observe and stops motion (•),.

+3: Yet the system might evolve towards higher entropy (+Spe), higher information (+Tiƒ) or might reproduce its space-time in repetitive cycles, which on the long term will become a larger ‘whole’ (∆).

So the existence of 4 elements, ∆•ST, 3 of increasing motion along the 3 paths of space-time (S, st, ∆st) and one of growing stillness (•), implies a more complex logic with 4 potential actions for each bifurcation of past-present into the future.

Of course, if we were to study a ‘fresh beginning’, the probabilities of those futures would be the same. But as the Universe is a game of memorial, informative motions, it follow that as the game proceeds, the future paths become determined by the long cyclical causality of individual actions and past cycles to be completed into the future.

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-00-22-33So while paths do have a possibility to be modified without expenditure of energy, closed time cycles impose their ‘inertia’ and so the perfect potential ‘fourks’ of space-time (four point forks). The image is meaningful: as always we have a ‘lineal, entropic knife’; an informative, cyclical ‘spoon’ and an ∆•ST, 4-dimensional fork to both cut and  form the food in present space-time. And you would choose, if given a single pick, the fork precisely because it can cut laterally and it can scoop the food. Everywhere the rules of GST will enlighten ‘why things are as they are’; and the causes of the past or the fourkations of the future will be ternary±1.

The causal ‘bifurcations of timespace’ thus are now ‘fourkations’ of space-time. And so the extraordinary one-dimensionality of human minds and its languages are out of meaning. Those arduous arguments between wannabe geniuses sponsoring their ‘point of single view’ as the real cause must cease. Ceteris paribus is simplification. For a being to exist, for a cause to act, for an event to happen in fact it will be because 3 past causes have converged to form a whole time-space ternary symmetry. Think of your actions, when you move, the mind first ‘thinks’ in the motion; the body then provides the energy; the limbs convert it into entropy. It would seem there is only one cause to action, the motion of the legs, but actually 3 actions converged in a ‘dharma of time-space’ to make it happen. Yet for the non-action only the mind is needed to stop action; which therefore is an ‘easier path’.

So the languages we use to portray that process are naturally different from the classic ones. And unlike analysis so close to the social scales of GST and fractals & topology, essentially ‘the’ spatial science of the fractal Universe, algebra as it is understood today, is basically a synoptic way to deal with topological and analytical theorems. And its proper structures, sets and groups must be understood as expressions of our social groups and ITERATIVE, MOVING laws, based in symmetries, transformations and motions through ‘polynomial scales’. But as the language is so different, we rather start afresh and include as we go along the main field worthy of classic algebra, which is NOT sets but group theory.

Temporal, Æxistential Algebra, studies the organisation of systems, through time=change; that is by means of transformations that provoke motions of a system, and create variations of systems, according to Group theory. Still it is worth to remember the basic elements of Algebra and its equivalence.

The ternary operandi of Æ… and its symmetry with ∆ST elements.

Actions and its causes are thus the ultimate inquire of existential algebra. Why and how motions of space-time happen. And what is the formal way to define them?

What we are interested here, beyond explaining the laws of classic algebra, such as group theory, with so many practical cases in science, which translate the TSymmetries and motions through ∆-scales, is the nature of existential algebra and the different equations of motions and species creations, through those motions and actions, which always render a certain ‘syntax’:

Past ‘Operandi’ Future= present.

The operandi between past and future, entropy and information, thus define what kind of present space-time event or entity appear to us. Because we have 4 elements to define existence, operandi are many, not only a simple ± symbol to ad or rest the same type of beings or motions, as when physicists study only locomotions and reduce all to a Hamiltonian ± operandi between the two O-potential and |-kinetic ‘states’ of form-entropy.

So each motion of time will have a different ‘algebraic operandi’, departing from our initial ‘Universal Grammar’.

We shall consider in this introduction the main operandi of the 7 motions of the Universe of which the 3 more important are:

Locomotion: Hamiltonian (Entropic, kinetic Past motion ± Future, Potential motion = Present (superposition motion of waves).

Reproduction: Past (field)  x Future (information)  = Present (iteration)

And the rule is simple, from classic algebra: a superposition or sum is of the same ‘species’; hence ‘energies (time-like)’ or ‘momentums’ (space-like), etc.

A Product can however combine different species. So it is normally a motion, which involves a space and time-like parameters:

Reproduction mixes the Spe and Tiƒ, different ‘genders’.

Finally, the 3rd mode of algebraic equations, polynomials/logarithms, correspond to the ∆-scale of growth or diminution.

So again we find an immediate relationship between the 3 elements of reality, S or T, ST and ∆ST, in its growing complexity and the 3 basic operandi of algebra, sum, product and polynomials.

What about the more complex scalar ‘motions’ of space-time? They are not that simple, as they combine elements of the pure ones. But as all ternary, Universal grammars, the complexity is born of the iteration of those elementary motions:

  • Evolution is a change in the topology of a system, so essentially a process of space-time morphological in-form-ative change better described with topological elements.
  • Growth and diminution involves reproduction and evolution of topological form and its inverse.
  • Birth and extinction represent an ∆±1 change, combined with an ∆T increase of information or a loss of it all ∆S, which are often expressed with logarithmic scales.

And so most motions involve both a Past to future, ∆+1, social evolutionary arrow accompanied with changes in topology. And as such are pure ‘GST’ Ælgebraic motions, better described with the formalism of Æ and its symbols S>T, T<<S, ∑∆-1 Λ ∆… and so on.

Since in its most general form, algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols; the definition holds. And as algebra is a unifying thread of almost all of classic mathematics, so happens with Ælgebra.

In that regard, classic algebra (we shall call arithmetics) includes everything regarding those 3 operations, ±, x, % and log, x². And its symmetry as we have seen is immediate.

While modern algebra deals with the study of abstractions such as groups, rings, and fields; sets and Boolean algebras; and categories and elements… So we can subdivided Æ in 3±1 age subfields:

  • Birth: THE study of æ proper (existential equations).
  • Youth: of classic polynomial equations or arithmetics (S,t; st and ∆ systems in its interaction).
  • Maturity: of abstract structures, or algebra proper concerned, with group theory (the internal social structures of the Universe).
  • Old age: of inflationary information (set theory and other ‘weird’ algebras)
  • Extinction: the transference from human minds to digital minds (computer algebra, boolean algera)

∆•st of space-time and its limits in space, time, ∆-scales and mind perception.

So space-time is always in its whole ‘plenum beings’ made of 3 elements, which in topology, are called:

-Tiƒ: the singularity or monad-mind in its centre of maximal communication

-Spe: the membrane or limiting, hard entropic circular system that encloses

-ST: the space-time much larger reality that mixes lineal expansive outer membranes and internal singularities:

circular motionScreen Shot 2016-05-09 at 23.56.35

ALL systems of physics and biology and sociology show the same ternary elements: the membrane singularity and space-time between them.

In the graph physical systems, from electromagnetism to fluid dynamics to  gravitational gradients, charges in physics, have the 3 parts. In biology they are cellular protein membranes and nuclei and cytoplasm, skins and brains and organs. In sociology they are national borders and capitals, and the internal territory. In non-euclidean geometry (right side, the inner parts cannot reach the membrane, and so it appears as a relative infinity, and the central singularity (A point), connects with all the points within the membrane, as its focus of information. It is that constant interaction between membrane and singularity what moods the internal vital space of energy/momenta, of the being.

In physics all Maxwell’s laws can be deduced from the existence of an external circular membrane (magnetism). So happens in gravitation, (orbits which ‘scan a bidimensional aerolar surface). And all systems will be centred in a singularity (attractive vortex, charge).

Moreover we shall see that TIME has also those limiting membranes (death) and informative centres (seeds of information at birth).

And the scalar Universe will have also those non-E unreachable limits, (Universal Constant limits of c-speed and To temperature).

All this is the essence of topology that defines an ‘open ball’ as the space-time volume limited by a central singularity and an external membrane, which are NOT perceivable, included within the open ball. 

So the concept of finite infinities, limiting membranes in space, time (birth-death) and scales (limiting unreachable constants of maximal information and maximal extension) are essential to understand formally and logically the Universe.

We are limited in time by the birth-death finite enclosure of our world cycle of existence, in space by the skin/membrane that breaks space-time into us; and in the scales of size of the ‘5th dimension’ by the increasing ‘blurred uncertainty and dark spaces’ which limits our perception of them beyond the ∆±3 scales of atoms and galaxies.

And so we are also limited IN THE KNOWLEDGE THE MIND MIGHT ACQUIRE OF ALL THE INFORMATION OF THE UNIVERSE, WHICH ONLY A BEING HOLDS ABOUT ITSELF, making ‘absolute truth’, 1, in terms of probability, only ‘existing’ in the being in itself.

Those four limits of birth and death, of absolute seeds of information (seminal seed) and entropy (explosive death); of singularity (the mind of information) and membrane (the skin) in space; of organisation above and below, in ∆±1 levels; and in knowledge provided by the limits of the language ARE ESSENTIAL TO ANY UNDERSTANDING OF MAN AS A LIMITED BEING, IN A ∞ UNIVERSE, BUT MAN DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THOSE LIMITS. Hence the astounding arrogance of scholars, scientists, dogmatic axiomatic methods of ‘truth’ (Hilbert in mathematics, which still denies Godel’s incompleteness theory). And the result of course is that you have a human astounding ego, who thinks to be so special, so unique, so unlimited, so galactic and Universal and YET IT IS SO IGNORANT.  And all what it does is to hold its pretension of infinity.

The decametric scale: 3 x 3 +o = 10.


8266397157164128Pythagoras as Plato latter said that numbers are forms, as they were in the earlier age of mathematical geometry, where a number was a group of points, whose form mattered. So HE REALIZED 10 was the perfect number, because of its perfect form.

And indeed the internal structure of any being reaches its perfect efficiency with a 3 x 3 +0-mind  symmetry of form and function; where each part-number performs one of the 3 physiological entropy, energy, information jobs of the system and the central mind-number in contact with them all coordinates its functions.
So  we also talk of 10 inner dimensions or ‘sub-systems’, represented by a tetraktys:


In the graph, each 3 corners are sub-systems of ‘Information, entropy/motion and Energy/reproduction’ put together by a central 10th dimension (the black ball/hole/point/knot that messes with all of them). Indeed the central point of the ideal tetraktys communicates with all the other parts and embodies the whole that ’emerges’ as a point in a higher ∆+1 world.
Thus we talk of  the ‘subsystems’ of a being.
For example, a human being is defined in medicine as a system of cells, attached by 10 sub-systems:

In the upper left graph the 3 ST-ructural sub-systems of the human body, which are its structural forms (membrane, sustain and motion).

In the bottom the 3 ‘chemical Tiƒ’ systems or hormonal brain (creative, distributive and reproductive)

In the middle the 10th system (nervous system)

And in the upper right 2 of the 3 ‘Spe’ Subsystems lymphatic, digestive (not portrayed the urinary/excretor system)

‘The universe is written in the language of geometry, lines, spheres and triangles’. Galileo had a point – all reductionist views of reality are indeed half-truths. But in this case it is a huge truth.

The languages of the Universe are mainly 3, Topology, the most advanced form of geometry with a ‘bit of inner motion’, which describe the 3 ‘timespace’ only forms of reality – hence the determinism of topological evolution and the awesome capacity to describe it all with the ternary generator of those 3 topologies. 

Regarding triangles, intuitively humans both in earlier religion of words (Judaism) and Pythagorean religions of the number, were considered the ‘tetraktys’ and symbol of the ‘tetragrammaton’ (graph) – the symbol of it all.

As indeed, the 3 topological organs of all systems (lineal, toroid limbs/fields; hyperbolic, body-waves and spherical, informative head-particles, shown in the graph, which need only a little imagination to convert into a woman’s body – first surface, a leg, second, and a head 3rd one), suffice to create reality.

Yet as all ‘is scalar’, all subdivides into ‘ternary fractal sub-elements’. So to include the co-existence in the 5th dimension of parts and wholes, we can immediately subdivide the 3 topologies into 3 ‘sub-elements’ and put them in each of the corners of the tetraktys/tetragrammaton; while the central point, which is perfectly connected to all others, is the soul-mind-0-point, 10th dimension – the system that is apperceives the whole, connects its and tries to preserve it, through the world cycle of being.

(The reader should get accustomed to the ‘taste’ of GST which is the HOMOLOGIC, ISOMORPHIC METHOD, of putting always a physical, biological and socio-economical example of the 3 main sub-disciplines of knowledge to show the unity of it all as we illustrate reality).

Alas, the growth in the ‘5th dimension of scales’ happen through 10 dimensional ‘social organisation’.

Thus the previous graphs of Eames’ ‘Powers of 10’  is also the game of social existence.

Since it is also the number of quanta of space-time needed either in frequency or in population (spatial organic or temporal world cycle view of a system), either through time or space to create a new social scale (ab. §) that ‘becomes a new larger functional whole’ able to apperceive and process entropy-motion, informative forms and combine them through the ‘3rd corner’ to ’emit seminal’ reproductive particles, coordinated by the central whole.

Let us though then, once this is understood depart from reductionist ‘mathematical physics’ , and realise that what truly MATTERS IS organic FUNCTION, NOT the triangular form, beyond the obvious fact it is the most perfect ‘packed’ functional way to put 10 elements together.

So when we study specific species what we shall see is that ‘fractal points’  of space-time (beings) gather through networks of entropy, information and reproduction (in man, the digestive: spe, blood, st, Head, Tiƒ systems, which define our physiological structure), into a being. So humans in medicine are DEFINED by 3 x 3 + O sub-systems to which fractal points≈ cells attache themselves. This is the essential formal way to study in detail beings: through its 10 sub-dimensions of being; WHICH FOR the whole known Universe would look like thi::





 The organic whys of the Universe: 

In the graph, the geometrical perception from Ƽ, the human self-centred perspective (ab.pov) differs from the way we perceive information from the upper scale, seen as an only attractive gravitational vortex of future time-masses (relativity theory, equivalence principle) from the perspective of an elliptic geometry that reduces the size of the whole masses by speeding up its perception as motion.

In the left side the perception of lower scales is a lovacheski’s geometry, which multiplies the whole in its self-similar parts to get to the infinitesimal, which is the ‘piece’ on the membrane of the border o the whole, such as tƒi=∑Spe-1, the infinitesimal components of the membrane. Thus quantum and relativity descriptions of upper and lower scales differ

The Universe evolves from simple light space-time into particles, that gather socially into atoms, molecules, cells, matter, organisms, and social super organisms, planetary systems, galaxies and universes. Such scale means in mystique terms that the Universe ‘loves’ and wants members of the same species to evolve socially into larger wholes that survive better than individuals.

The fifth dimension of space-time (physical concept), the laws of evolution of ‘SPECIES’ (not individuals) into more successful social systems (ants and humans being the most successful animals precisely because of its social evolution) and THE LOVE messages of prophets=historians of the future, who express the law of eusocial love in human verbal terms to make humans understand that survival means to evolve together into a global super organism, UNO/EU style are just expressions of the same Universal law. And this indeed the stuff of this blog: to prove that departing from the simple principles of time, space and social organic evolution we can explain it ALL including sciences, arts and religions and deduce from those simple laws  all the equations, events and species of the Universe.

And so this is the Universe in a nutshell, cracked to see its core, what Einstein called ‘the thoughts of God’. Since indeed the rest, all of us space-time beings are ‘its details’; which important as they are, we study with  ‘stiences’ (sciences of space-time beings), each one dedicated to the analysis of the species of one ‘scale’ of size of that fractal Universe of growing space-time wholes. So what the blog will do is to explain the ‘thoughts of god’ in the first line in a more discursive, easy way; formalising those principles on the second line, to connect them mathematically, organically and logically with all the laws of equations of ‘stiences’, scale by scale in the 3rd line.

Since all what exists has mathematical=spatial properties, (S), logic, casual, temporal properties (T),  co-exist at least in 3 ‘organic’ planes of parts and wholes, your inner cellular world, your individual being and the larger world in which you exist (∆±1) and finally do have a ‘mind-point’ (•), whose ‘languages of information’ stored in cyclical logic patterns, perform the actions of energy and time that ensure the balance and survival of the being, by first mapping out the ∞ universe in the small infinitesimal mind of the being, and then acting on that mapping searching for entropy of motion, energy for its body-wave and information for its mind-particle.


IN THE GRAPH, the different geometries looking upward into the elliptic less informative whole, and downwards into the more informative multiple cellular side. YET those systems behave euclidean, ‘longitudinally’ in a given scale of the fifth dimension once the being has either emerged as a seed of higher information from the lower ∆-1 scale, or as it dissolves into a whole ‘mass of dissolving dead parts’ in a hyperbolic path to the ∆-1 scale.

The symmetries between the three scales, topologies and time functions of the whole system commanded by a first center, 10th dimensional soul of will º∆º (a mind in the ∆º-self centred scale), gives us the 3×3±1 fundamental elements we must play to re-create reality.

Since, 5D stience is a template that will require many scientists to be completed. As all new models it starts in a simplified manner; and given the inflationary multiple nature of kaleidoscopic minds-languages mirrors of reality it will seem likely too simple for the professional physicist.

But the big questions to validate this new Copernican revolution is NOT if its exactitude and complexity is similar to that of creationist mathematical physics – obviously it cannot, the same Copernicus with his cyclical orbits was less precise than Ptolomy, but if its foundations – fractal space and cyclical time as the substance of reality from where to extract isomorphic laws for all stiences – is more truth and resolves even in its simpler ‘pioneer’ format better the whys mathematical creationism cannot. And it does.  

So it is only a question of time that it becomes the new foundations of a new age of ‘stience’, regardless of the shortcomings of this blog, the hardships and silence that surrounds its pioneering development, in the mind of ‘its discoverer, which becomes an isolated point, a world in itself’ (Planck). This said I apologise for the shortcomings of this blog, given the null help I have always had from academia, regardless of the ‘Nature of scientific revolutions’, which makes pioneers both envied and denied by established models. 

Now, mirrors are inflationary kaleidoscopic views that multiple the one into infinite self-similar forms to pump up ‘its sense of importance’. And this is the key to understand Einstein’s dictum on too much of maths to reflect the simpler Universe, which HAS the underlying substance of lineal motion-distance DIFFICULT TO BEND. So the substance imposes limits to how many imaginative equations can fit, but that doesn’t deter the mathematician from multiplying them. So we have for each event infinite metaphors. So we do in verbal thought. Just the example above.

‘In the beginning it was the word, God, who made all things’. That is all we need but the sentence its twice at large and repeats the same things several times. So does the guy in ‘Arab’, to say ‘hi’: iinflationary complexity is an excellent method to pump up the ego of the ‘speaker of the language of God’, which however ‘is simple and not malicious’ (Einstein). So he talks Latin in complicated metaphors to feel ‘unique’ above the sheeple that in awe, understanding nothing thinks indeed the high priest of numbers and words is the creator of the wor(l)d. 

So opposing those ‘ego-trips’ there is scientific realism, which this blog will further evolve (Aristotle, Leibniz and Einstein beings its most outstanding AUTHORS), and reasons that reality must be made of the ultimate substances we observe IN reality, which are NOT phonemes and numbers, nowhere to be seen IN REALITY but space and time, and hence by evolving our concepts of vital spaces and time durations, we shall be able to extract properties common to all beings, even though they will be partially distorted by the mind-mirrors (verbal time logic and spatial mathematics) we human use to describe them.

So the key to increase our understanding of reality IS first to understand space and time and its properties, THEN, evolve our logic of verbal time and our topology of spatial mathematics to match those properties and focus better our mirror, and finally, to apply the improved mathematical-verbal logic mirrors to create organic better models of all sciences that happen in time and space, interpreting better the equations of sciences and solve with those models and improved mirrors the data we gather about reality, on which present science clearly excels (but drags behind problems of creationism and lack of understanding and evolution of mathematics).

In the transition from the age of human dominance to the age of computer dominance as the mind making science, which today increasingly is just a process of feeding data into computer models without any search for the whys and principles that unify reality, the earlier founding fathers of physics and economics mixed both creationist theories. So biblical fetish go(l)d religions became classic economics where money, a digital language of information substituted verbal laws in the ruling of western societies, and Kepler like Newton who thought Yhwh sent him comets to explain him the laws of gravitation felt themselves equal to God, their chosen digital masters. And so when Newton died, Pope told us: And God created Newton and light was born.

Universal grammar of different trinity languages

Important to that development of Biological sciences, (and all other sciences) would be to know the formal, ‘diffeomorphic’ symmetries between the aforementioned ‘3 dimensions of space, 3 dimensions of time, and 3 dimensions of social evolution’ which together form a whole 10D being (cell, organism or species):

Finally we arrive to social sciences, and here, we have the lesser development in their understanding of what is man and how man

Since the key to fully grasp the Universe resides in the understanding of those dimensions.

3 of them are well known, as they are ‘evident’, spatial:

– X, the dimension of length, Y, the dimension of height and its product, Width, Z.

The next 3 are hinted at, but are not so ‘evident’ as they are temporal:

– Past, the dimension of energy; Present, the iterative, reproductive dimension, that repeats an entity and hence seems not to change; and future the dimension of information.

Now the first ‘symmetry’ both physicists and biologists ignore is that between the 3 dimensions of space and the 3 of time. Since:

Length is the dimension of energy and pure motion, as the line is the shortest distance between two points, and so it is the dominant dimension of young species and young individuals that ‘move a lot’.

– In the sample case we wanted to illustrate (the relationship between morphology and evolution in species), all species are born as ‘long’ flat forms. The first fishes were long, flat sharks; the first species were flat worms; the first earth-bounded animals were flat amphibian.

– Height is the dimension of information, as a tall position is an advantageous point of view of perception, as ‘projective geometry’ shows. So in social sciences we all know politicians and priests go up into a pulpit, and informative machines have tall antennas to distribute information and screens are flat, high forms.

And so are gravitational black holes in the center of galaxies that rule it with gravitational forces of in-formation that form the galaxy. And so on.

So in the biological case we study, life has on the whole evolved from a flatworm to a tall human being. And in each species the same process takes place, so Flat sharks flip their body into the perpendicular dimension of fishes, flat amphibian ended up becoming tall dinosaurs and birds, and mammals become bipedal.

Finally width, the product of the other two dimensions is the dimension of cellular reproduction, and so bodies grow in the width dimension and stars accumulate into a width, spiral dimensions, and Maxwell’s rule of thumb make any student understand that the combination of the ‘energetic’ and informative, magnetic and electric fields create a perpendicular dimension.

And light is an existential being with 3 ‘perpendicular’ axis, where in this particular case, the magnetic, electric and, speed axis are in a diffeomorphic perpendicular dimension to each other, each of them with an energetic, informative and reproductive function.

So the reader will notice again that as in the case of physics, knowing the ‘nature’ of the Game of existence and the meaning and symmetry between the 3 dimensions of space and its 3 functions in time helps a lot to understand the whys of reality. As it did, in the previous example the understanding of the symmetry between the 3 ages of time and the 3 social scales from cellular birth into individual and finally into a social being.

So we shall now write those 3 ‘symmetries’ between the 3 type of dimensions of the Universe, because they encode the whys of infinite particular events in time and forms in space we observe in nature:

Past-youth-energy (Time D.) <=> Length (Space D.) <=> Cellular scale Dimension

Present-Reproductive-repetitive (Time D.) <=> Width <=> Individual Scale

Future-3rd informative age (Time D.) <=> Height <=> Social Scale

Thus the final group of symmetries, besides those of time with space, and time with social scales, are those of space with social scales, such as social ‘scales’ and classes in organisms, are ‘non-democratic’, put on the relative dimension or gradient of height, intuitively understood in human languages. So we talk of the ‘upper, informative classes’, we talk of a ‘higher plane of existence’. And vice versa, we talk of the lower, energetic classes, ‘destroyed’ and ab=used by the upper ones, and the ‘middle, working class’. While in all systems in which a ‘force of energy and information’ dominates the system establishing a ‘gradient of existences’, a ‘chain of beings’, the different elements are put in relationship to that gradient, with the ‘dominant’ informative element, over the reproductive, middle one, and above the energetic system.

So we establish a simple hierarchy between the ‘3 organs of a system’ and its dimensions, with the informative system on top.

And this also brings us a general rule which Einstein alone understood: the Universe is local, diffeomorphic, fractal, as the dimensions and functions of each organic part of a system are relative to ‘where’ it finds its energy and information.

The classic example in biology is the inverse orientation of animals and plants. Plants absorb their energy from light, and information from chemical atoms. So their ‘up’ is our down, that is, their roots are their heads. And their limbs, that feed on light energy, their ‘leaves’, are on top.

On the other hand animals absorb information from light, so their head are on top, inverse to those of plants, and they move with the electromagnetic repulsive energy of their feet, stomping on the floor, from where they also get their energy, by feeding on other animals and plants. So they have ‘reversed’ local ‘diffeomorphic’ dimensions of energy and information.

On the other hand, ‘herds’ and energetic groups of the ‘lower’ scales, tend to be democratic; that is, they organize themselves in the same plane of flat lengths. And then what matters is their inner ‘organization’, which brings about the discovery by the first geometers and mathematicians, the Greeks, of ‘numbers’ as efficient geometries, with the tetrarkys, a 10 dimensional number, as the perfect number. And indeed, from a vital perspective of the game, it is a perfect distribution, with 3 smaller triangles in each angle, specialized in ‘energetic’, informative and reproductive functions and a central communicative point, knot of all the others, which communicate and regulate them. Thus 10 is not only the number of ‘dimensions’ but it is also, the perfect number of ‘units’ to perform the complete game, allowing each central knot of the tetrarkys to ‘emerge’ as the whole, which regulates the rest of the system and becomes unit of a next social scale. And so geometric, ‘platonic’ solids do matter in the configuration of efficient species, but not in the ‘galaxy’ ruled by a ‘gradient force’ so much as in the microcosmic, atomic scales – so atomic configurations in crystals have regular forms. And again, as the triangle and its social form, the Hexagon are the most perfect 2 Dimensional configurations in a single plane, the cube, with a central point-atom and/or a centered atom in each face connecting the other 4, becomes the most regular form of crystallography. And it is a fact that only 3 atomic configurations, the 2 aforementioned cubes and the hexagon exists on metallic substances, as they are the most perfect geometric ‘numbers’ of the game.

Fact those which lead us to the next ‘great discipline’ of ‘Unification Theory’, the name I have been using for the general systems theory of the Universe, as a description of its 10 Dimensional beings, the ‘will or game of existence’ that all those 10D entities play.

This is the game of existence, the ‘syntax’ of Universe, which is the sum of all those 10 Dimensional beings, in its eternal life-death worldcycle motions.

The structure of that process of creation and destruction of beings is fractal.

That means the same laws ‘embedded’ on the Universal grammar of the highest order (10 Dimensional beings) are used to create any species of reality.

And all its languages.

So for example, we can reduce any human language that describes the game with its ‘syntactic equation’.

Let us put 3 examples of those languages, verbal thought, mathematics and music.

As Chomsky and others discovered all verbal sentences have the structure of the Universal Grammar:

Subject (Information being – human) < Action-verb: Exi >Object (energy of the human being).

That is: I(subject)< Exi (action) > E (Object).

All mathematical equations are of the form: X=Y, where normally, the functions represents an energy or informative function, or a ‘relative symmetry’ of those expressed between dimensions, which are transformed into each other, or any of the more complex equations of exchange of fluxes of energy and information between beings; while = the operandi explains that exchange.

So in physics, we describe most processes as actions of ‘energy’ and time.

Where time is related to information, since a clock ‘stores’ the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of tis cycles. So either we describe ‘time frequencies’ or its inverse function, T=1/ƒ, frequencies.

And so for example: E=Mc2, written in Planck’s notation as E=M(t), shows the fundamental equation of physics, an exchange or transformation of energy into ‘vortices of information’, masses and charges, which are ‘eddies’ of gravitational and electromagnetic forces.

While in particle physics its fundamental equation, Boson < => Fermion, describes also an exchange and transformation of energy particles (bosons) into informative ones (particles). On the other hand, the ‘3 families’ of mass (3 families of quarks) represent the 3 ‘scales’ of growing mass of those vortices. And so on and so on…

So a fundamental task of the work of this scientist has been to translate all the knowledge of all the jargons of all sciences to the simpler laws of the Game of 10 dimensional existences, which is truly the ‘Unification Theory of science’, again not very difficult to understand but certainly far more complex and deep in meaning and enlightenment that any ‘God’s particle’ or ‘mere unification of forces’ (which in any case it is not possible, in the terms physicists search with its limited understanding of the dimensions of time and the scales of the Universe).

Finally the Universal Syntax, also applies to those ‘creations’ of the human mind, which we call artistic forms. Of them, the one that represents closer the game of existence as Schopenhauer understood is Music, a ‘temporal art’ which he deemed to express the ‘will of the Universe’.

And indeed, we can consider that Music has in its highest expressions (classic music):

– The dimensions of space, which are given by harmony.

– The dimensions of time, which are given by melody.

– The scalar dimensions, which are given by its scales.

And we can as in all other disciplines and ‘arts of creation’ – as we could define, God, the Mind of the Universe, as an artist in 10 dimensions; go into as much detail as we want, studying music or a biological or physical or social organism, with those laws.

For example, western music uses a diatonic minor and major scale, which put together, have 10 notes.

Now those notes are divided into whole note intervals divided by ‘sharp-flat’ notes, which all together describe precisely a life-death time cycle:

Birth in minor key, first sharp-flat divide, youth, divide, maturity, divide, old age and finalis.

And a good composer will play that scale and notes to provoke a series of ‘emotions’ as it describes a whole life-death cycle, through melody.

On the other hand the wider range of scales in music is given by the Piano, which encompasses 3 whole ‘scales’, and it is the rule of music that when we finish a scale, the ‘next note’ of the higher scale sounds exactly as the equivalent note of the lower scale (a do in lower or higher pitch sounds equally in harmony), as we have ‘emerged’ into a new scale.

Finally there are 3 types of instruments, of growing complexity, the rhythmic, percussion instruments, the melodic, wind instruments dominant in melody, and the strings, dominant in harmony.

So we start to find with this simple introduction to musical theory many of the ‘symmetries’ between the 3 ‘dimensions’ of each of the 3 ‘space, time and scale’ elements of reality.

It is not then surprising that the 3 masters of space-time science had a hard time and ultimately were ignored. Leibniz was ignored in his confrontation with Newton and moreover accused of Plagiarism for his much deeper analysis of calculus and left abandoned in his old age by his king-employer, in one of the most shameful episodes of human history. Einstein was massacred along De broglie by the creationists, Heisenberg and Bohr and Pauli, despite being right defending quantum realism and pilot-wave theory and not even when his A-bomb gave him enormous prestige, he was respected. The FBI opened a file when he became pacifist. Again, the Homunculus mind is about handy  machines, small conceptual brain and hyperbolic thought. And we deal with those a priori structures of humans in our sections on history and economics.


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