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1.Monism: @-Minds

±∞ ¬∆@ST:


The final why-question about reality – why it is a fractal, why fractal parts are self-similar, what puts together the parts into a whole, who makes the parts become and act with survival instincts – it is so opposed by human ego-trips of uniqueness with the excuse that ‘science’ cannot prove its existence – that I do not expect the reader to keep reading after, we state a final fact:

The Universe is pan psychic and its fundamental element is the ‘monad’, the ‘mind’, the linguistic mapping that reduces reality to a much smaller mirror-image, a crystal image ultimately that stores information, and this mechanism – the creation of mirror images in smaller sizes, whose reflection on the Universe orders it, as the source of information, IS the most important Ðimotion of reality.

A pan-psychic Universe is the ONLY way to explain in fact reality. And the reader should notice that every philosopher and scientist of history till the World war age thought the Universe to be so; till an astoundingly pedantic, ‘tone-deaf’, idealist branch of the Germanic school of idealism which so much harm has done to humanity in praxis and history (from fascism to the Copenhagen interpretation) came up with the concept that minds did not exist, that philosophy of science didn’t matter, that ONLY what we could quantify, measure was real and so because minds cannot be measured (wrong though at the time it didn’t seem possible), ‘logic positivism’, reduced further reality to only the external, perceivable, quantifiable ‘material qualities’ of reality. And the obvious fact that the Universe have infinite mind-points, which are just linguistic mirrors of reality, with no mystery what so ever regardless of the complexity of the mirror died away.

We shall thus redefine for each of the previous systems, a final ‘element’ or Ðimotion of existence, the mind, most likely stored in the particle-head, as it is the topology that stores more information, but extending through its sensory networks to all the regions of the being. It is the fourth element, and the first Ðimotion as all entities that emerge as a whole, first perceive, gauge information and only then ‘move’ through locomotion towards a feeding grounds where to absorb energy through entropic dissolution.

So besides the ∆, S and T elements of reality a fourth element, @, the mind, composed of a ‘singularity-center’ and a sensorial  ‘membrain’ , enclosing its vital body wave of energy, must exist for reality to make any sense, even if we cannot make a picture of it, as we cannot perceive gravitation except for its outer effects, but we don’t deny relativity as we see that celestial bodies do move. And so because we see order, distributed in infinite fractal beings, ruled by actions that show a will of survival and a capacity to perceive, the mind must be described to complete the picture of reality.

Basic symbols of Existential Algebra (¬Æ): 

Sp, |, $t, Spt: Past, lineal, entropic Space-Time, gaseous, limbs/fields of pure motion.

§ð, Tiƒ, ƒð§, O: Future, cyclical, informative, space-time, solid, crystal particle-head states

S=T, Si=Te, Ø, ST, SxT: Present, balanced, Space-time; iterative body-waves.

Œ: super organism, composed of @ (fractal points, monads, minds), an ST body-wave, its ¬ Entropy limits encased in an ∆§t±1 world.

Ðimotions, Ð1: seed, perception, Ð2: locomotion, Ð3: reproduction, Ð4: social evolution, Ð5: Entropy.

Scales: ∆-1 plane of ‘past, entropic parts’, ∆º plane of present body-waves, ∆+1, plane of future minds

Operand: <, growth of motion, «, growth of entropy, > growth of information, » growth of form, ≤≥ =, balanced stœps of present.

Classic Operand: ∑: superposition, sum in a single plane; ∏: entanglement through ∆º planes; ∂: finitesimal calculus, ∫: integral whole.

Fractal Generator: Any combination of those symbols is a potential partial equation, hence event or organic part of the fractal generator that describes the whole superorganism word cycle between birth and death:  Γ: ∆œ-1 ∏ œ-1≈Œº<$t>Ø-ST>§ð« ∑œ-1

Nt. The symbolism often has errors due to my lonely work for decades and laziness, so erroneously I use ∆º for the mind scale which is ∆¹ not to look for the superscript symbol (∆º is the body scale, but since the mind is a ‘cartesian infinitesimal fractal point that believes to be infinite, confusing his inner linguistic world with the whole, 0-mind x ∞ Universe = Constant world, it helps to the confusion. Indeed the mind is zero, the scale in which it exists is the outer world, ∆1); in old texts I used Sp (lineal space-time past) and Tiƒ (informative future) but in modern texts I prefer the more precise $t and ð§. In future texts and corrections I try to change ∆º for ∆1 as the mind is precisely the perception of the whole being within its larger world). Regarding the Fractal Generator and all its sub-equations, is also a bit of a mess. Sorry, if the blog had more viewers I would have tried harder. Another error almost corrected was to consider the 5th dimotion of entropy that of social evolution, in a ‘wishful thinking’ about a future for mankind based in social love, gone in my third age, seeing how æntropic mæn continues its bid for entropic anthropic extinction by lack of respect to the fractal cosmos.

Absolute relativity. The ∞, immortal Universe.

 Science and any other form of knowledge merely tries to reduce the infinite Universe to a smallish mirror mapping or ‘monad’ or ‘frame of reference’ or ‘language’, to act and react to the flows of entropy and information of that Universe (combined in the 3rd arrow of time, energy).

What both physicists and religious people do is to ‘exclude’ all other mind-views, mirror-mappings and languages of perception from reality, biasing the Universe into a ‘straightjacket’ called ‘theory of everything’ based in its single language.

Let us then return to the origin of their peculiar concept of ‘reality’ created by the language of mathematics and the force we perceive, entropic lineal light, which excludes completely the in-formative force of ‘invisible gravitation’ and the intelligent mirrors of all other species, from feromonal ants to gravitational black holes who externally act as if they were ‘intelligent’ perceptive beings ordering their territorial domain, as we do with words, and scientists and sensorial machines (clocks of time, eyes of metal, telescopes and microscopes) do with maths.

Only extremely humble and intelligent people, a very scarce type of mind, can accept the absolute relativity of the Universe. And I don’t care what complicated argument, false proof, or mathematical statement they use to fit facts into anthropomorphic models – they will always do it. And paradoxically because they see just a dying Universe, they will NOT take care of i,t won’t fear AI or cosmic black holes (the two limits of information and energy scientists are researching today merrily on planet Earth, as if they meant no danger, because of course, we the nose are bigger than Andromeda and God will take of). Humans thus are programmed by the paradox of the ego, to be selfish, careless and exhaust the energy of Gaia, kill life and have a wonderful happy trip through the process as if they really had a grasp of it all. Since as we shall see it is the selfish mind the ultimate cause of all deaths:

Human egos are the main bias to fully understand the Universe and its organic properties and multiple minds≈languages. So humanity divides between mathematical and verbal creationists who think their language created the Universe and only the properties described with it are ‘worthy’ to know. Notice how Mr. Dirac denies the Verbal God but affirms there is a Mathematical one. In true form, Leibniz, Einstein, who considered the ultimate substances of reality space and time from where we shall derive all its dimensional, isomorphic laws, were far more ‘realists’ in its search for ultimate principles. Each language then according to its synoptic capacity to carry information will mirror in the ‘finitesimal’ space-time of a mind limited in volume and duration only part of the total information of the Universe and all its fractal T.œs. So its knowledge will always be limited and self-centred as the language has a perspective with his mind at the centre, giving origin to the equation of any mind: O-finitesimal mind x ∞ space-time cycles of the Universe = Constant World. The Universe is infinite, but each ‘mind-language’ mirrors only part of its scales of space-time, and lasts a finite duration, extending a finite size.

The paradox of the mind confuses the whole Universe with its limited self-centred world of perception, BUT reality is absolutely relative and we must just discover the biased ‘theories’ the humind has established to keep himself in the centre, which contrary to belief do exist still in all sciences, from the entropic big-bang of lineal time that reduces the two arrows of time to the lineal entropy of physicists clocks, blatantly ‘forgetting the cyclical vortex of gravitational information’ in galaxies that warp ‘space into time’, to social sciences which cannot accept the organic evolution of machines, the higher importance of the super organisms of history and its informative, legal and economic, reproductive networks in the control of societies, to biology, which denies eusocial evolution to maintain the ego on top and the vital properties of inorganic matter, as even quarks and electrons reproduce, absorb energy, gauge information and evolve socially in magnetic fields – hence have ALL the properties of our supposed ‘unique’ carbon atom.

Absolute relativity is the name of the game,. Indeed, in the fractal paradigm, the Universe is infinite and the big bang is not the birth of all realities, but any local big bang and big crunch dual process, any explosion that splits the physical energy and information of a complex system, in any of the multiple scales of physical reality is a relative big-bang, from the beta-decay of particles to the quasars of galaxies.

We say that all the scales of the Universe follow the same laws, and that is the essence of ABSOLUTE RELATIVITY, and the ultimate meaning of General systems sciences, the name of this blog, which I opened when I realized the power of physicists to create a monist Universe extend to the point that NOT even in Wikipedia exists an article on this most important philosophy of science (still it doesn’t and my last attempt to create one was erased by CERNies that police me – more of this latter).

So in the next graphs we can see what truly general systems sciences means: to find the same laws common to all the scales of reality and common to all its sciences:




The mind approach is far more important than we think, beyond the specifics of relativity because it is constantly present when we realise humans are an electronic mind. And by lacking this view, physicists who sponsor mathematical creationism=reductionism and naive realism miss very often the point of study:


This is never present in physical thought but is the key to establish meaning. I.e. why quantum physics is quantised around h-planck the angular momentum, which is ultimately a singularity view of @-electron (electronic minds), as it considers the membrane time cycle, its density of information (mass, etc.) and the singularity point, with its perpendicular radius. The answer is EVIDENT: Because OUR mind TIME-CLOCK is an -quanta of angular momentum. So our mind ‘processes’ in its minimalist element spin-bits of time-information. And thus the ‘mind-view’ is there. So it is as we have shin in the ‘rod’ of human space, which is c; and so h/c², and hc as we shall observe are key ratios of the mind, its basic species a Planckton: hc, and its Lobachevski’s ratio of curvature of our mind-view, which is flat, with minimal curvature, etc. etc. subtle themes never occur to naive realists:

In the graph 30 years old (might have thus a different jargon), one of the first insights on the quantum uncertainty principle, which obviously is due to our uncertainty of view. So all kind of quantum paradoxes require indeed an observer point of view, but not creationist and egocentered – IT IS NOT THE ENTITY WHICH IS UNCERTAIN BUT THE HUMIND VIEW that extract a limited information.

It is then natural to assess the importance h-planck and similar parameters related to the humind electronic pov.

The mind of man (Ab. Humind) is limited in its perception, selecting information, it simplifies in time with its self-centered subjective lineal view of time Dimotions; and what is worse, it projects its limited view into the Universe, as it confuses the whole with its minimal perception of it, gifting the Universe with the properties of its entropic lineal selfish worldview. The result is the fundamental theory of reality all huminds, in its verbal ‘religious age’ and ‘digital scientific age’ sponsored: linguistic creationism.

Epistemology vs. The Egocy paradox and the plague of creationism.
Creationist mathematics as creationist religion is ultimately based in some ‘ugly’ principles – the ego paradox of both physicists and priests who want to talk in exclusive mode the supposed single language of man; and their lack of intelligence so well described by Schopenhauer’s definition of ‘stupidity’, which in the paradoxical humor of the Universe makes precisely the most ignorant to think they are the most intelligent and is the origin of ‘magic thought’, which is how we should classify both creationisms.
Regarding languages, there are infinite ‘mind-mirrors’ or ‘monads’ that gauge information from its biased perspective, which means that the relationship between languages and the order of reality is a back and forth ‘local’ process: the mind gauges information and then organizes its territorial ‘body’, mirroring its languages on reality. Maths are likely in topological, geometric form the ‘mind of atoms’, and so its laws of order are all pervading. Words are the ‘mind of humans’ and so in History the legal and ethic order trying to construct a superorganism of history, religion, nation or civilization is al, pervading.

So creationism is just a simplified, ‘one-way’ version of complex organicism and the interrelation between ‘still languages’ that mirror into a small virtual spatial form, the moving cycles of all beings. And this perhaps Aristotle and Leibniz understood better than any scientist does today: ‘Gods are unmoved points that order the energy around them’ . Whereas those unmoved ‘fractal points’ that gauge information are Leibniz’s monads: ‘every (fractal, Non-Euclidean) point holds a world within itself’. And energy the substance of the body waves they order.

The mind as a mirror of languages that describe topo-bio-logic properties.

The question poised then, is about two philosophies of science – creationism, which was first  verbal when words were our leading language, so God ‘named’ things and created them, and it is now mathematical, as numbers are our dominant language, so the ‘unspoken’ philosophy of science of mathematical physicists, which are the people as today in charge of ‘time and space theories’ (wrongly as time was also described by Darwin’s evolution), is that all equations are ‘created’ and so science is just about manipulating equations to find reality.

In a relational space-time theory though all comes from the ‘inherited’ properties of time and space, which are ‘causal logic patterns’ (time cycles, best described by logic), geometric, topologic properties (space properties, best described with mathematics as a mirror language that extracts better those properties) and organic, biological properties, derived from the scalar, co-existing connection between parts and wholes of the ‘fifth dimension’… which are NOT easily described mathematically, but verbal and logically, as it is the case in evolutionary theory (a verbal theory of reality). 

To make it even more complicated human ego-centered paradox, o-mind x ∞ Universe = constant, is naturally built to find wholeness, and stop all motions into puzzled mappings that try to enclose it all, all the steps, all the variations, all the forms, and all the motions, in a single algebraic structure, a potential equation of all possible bifurcations of those steps, which humans think to have achieved with those ‘monstrous lie groups’ and other algebraic structures that try to be an impossible minimalist mirror that encodes the information of all the symmetric steps available to reality.
Now because monads in still language shrink into mirror images with no motion the cyclical patterns of the Universe creating a mind-form, or simultaneous shrunk universe image, we can talk of a psychological causation of the fractal form of the Universe.
Sentient forms static in the contemplation of reality, the unmoved Gods of Aristotle, the language that will become mirror and from seed ad motion to perform actions unwinding the program, which in any case will turn out to be always the same – the mirror mind trying to reproduce its seed and generate a larger world with the perceived energy around it, killing and destroying other worlds in the process without even noticing – this is the game.
It is a ridiculous ego-trip, which only obscures further our comprehension of the details and wholes of reality, born of creationist theories of a universe with only mathematical properties, supposedly encode in one of such groups.
Can we then provide a simpler mathematical equation to explain it all? Yes of course, but a logic, conceptual equation – that of the mind that creates all spaces.


So we must depart first from philosophy of science, before we can use mathematical logic to explain the details of those space-time scales of reality. So we shall write a simple logic equation to describe all the spacetime organisms of the fractal, scalar Universe, as all of them will have ‘3 topological simultaneous spatial parts’, performing ‘3 motions=functions=actions’ in time, as a super organism, living through 3±1 ages, as it emerges from a seed of a lower plane of the fifth dimension into a larger world, to return to that cellular/atomic scale after death:

∑∆¡-1(seed-generation)>>  $t¡<ST¡+1>§ð¡ (life-3 ages/3 organs) << ∑∆-1 (entropic death)

That simple equation, which defines the 3±¡ ages of life, the 3 networks of an organism, and its 3 scales of existence both in a simultaneous, spatial and dynamic, temporal and scalar way, summarizes the nature of all systems of existence.

I am fully aware though that humans love simpler explanations of reality, the more so in the age of twitter.

So the reader that expects the Universe to be as simple as it comes in present theories – a lineal big bang explosion, perfectly described by the simplest possible lineal equation, V=HoD, eerily resembling the word God; will not be satisfied by these models of complexity.

Let us then conclude with a comparison of both models, the big-bang, which we shall consider a form of creationist pseudo-science, which as religious dogmas, where god created just naming beings with the language he share with the believer (Hebrew in the Bible, arab in Quran), creationism in the simplex philosophy of science of mathematical physics happens when the researchers utter a digital equation, modeled then into a computer image of the supposed ‘singularity’ origin of all matter space and time as expressed by that equation.

And that is all what matters to the mechanist pythagorean view of reality. The magic of creationism doesn’t need to go further, beyond the language of creation – in true form just a mirror of the space-time symmetries of reality and its organic forms.

We shall thus explain a more complex, organic Universe, as IT IS, not avoiding by reductionism all those properties that do not fit in a simple equation.

And define the fundamental particle a super organism in space, which traces a world cycle in time, through the accumulation of 5 Dimotions (dimensional motions) or ‘actions’ of exist¡ence as each st¡ence studies the organisms, events and actions performed in 3 of such consecutive scales, of a nested Universe – the larger systems studied by astrophysics (¡<|4|), the next scale studied by biology (¡<|3|), the next scale by human sciences (¡<|2|), to finally collapse into mind languages (¡=0), which defines any mind as a linguistic mirror-mapping of the whole Universe, a paradoxical infinitesimal ego who thinks to be infinite as it holds an image of the whole in its non-E point:

O-point (mind) x ∞ Universe = Constant world

So those four elements, ∆-scales, Topological Space, Temporal motions and Still minds, define all of us as ∆@st; Dust of space-time.

RECAP. We are all topo-bio-logic beings. Topologic=geometric beings with mathematical, spatial, structural, formal properties; and temporal=logic beings, with causal motions.

What Newton called absolute space-time IS NOT real. It is a mathematical artifact, a pen and paper ‘cartesian graph’ drawing, physicists used to map out reality and do calculations but it does NOT exist in reality. Do you see a Cartesian graph in the background of the vital spaces occupied by beings? No. Physicists have probe down to the scale of strings and they have never found the ‘lines’ of the lineal time and cartesian space, they draw in their papers ts, ts… So space must be the sum of all the discontinuous vital spaces, occupied by different beings. And they have never found an ‘immortal being’ which would not follow a ‘world cycle’ of life and death…

All is generated in a point of past, grows into a topological being, and dies dissolving its form in a point of future. This is the meaning of a worldcycle, the essential ‘time duration of all beings’. There is not being that goes all the way through the infinite line of a single absolute time, proper of the Cartesian graph…

Hence the need to change paradigm from an abstract single space-time continuous background, which Newton merely took from the abstract mathematical Cartesian Plane that became in his ‘delirium tremens’ the ‘Plenum=body of Yahveh’ in which we all exist (: – the dependent background drawing against which all motions were measured, into what physicists without a better understanding of relational spacetime call a background independent theory of science – meaning no background at all – we ARE the background).


The Rashomon pentalogic view on multiple mind languages.

In the more structural, objective external 5D³ view or the 11Disomorphic analysis in a dynamic self-centered form, we can reach all the knowledge of the being. In praxis we shall constantly in different posts use both methods of knowledge, reserving the Rashomon’s view, for those first two lines and the Disomorphic 11D view for the last ones:

VITAL processes are THUS the whys of all abstract topological configurations. And dualities and ternary symmetries are the elements that construct those configurations as all is yin yang and qi, that is motion, form and energy that combines them. Easy? Isn’t?

You and anything else, is just a super organism of space-time ‘dust’ made of:

s≈t-symmetries, spatial minds (S@), ≈ body waves of energy and information and cyclical membranes that connect us with the outer world: ∆ð¡.

And so properly written we talk of a Universe of five elements we shall always use as the bare theoretical minimum to acquire meaningful information about an event or form of space-time.

Finally to intoduce the meaning of truth in languages, as we only perceive reality from a linguistic mirror of the mind, which means absolute truth only happens in the being which has all the information about itself:

Total truth of the being = One (probability, one being) in the being in itself.

So an external observer only will have a linguistic mirror view, with less information. And as each language is better fit to extract different properties (math, spatial; logic, temporal; sight, space-time; ethics, social and so on), it is best a kaleidoscopic view of the being with different languages, to extract the maximal information):

Maximal truth of the being = ∑ linguistic points of view on the 5th dimensions of the entity, (∆@S≈T).

This is the justification of the Rashomon method of casting 5 different perspectives in ceteris paribus analysis often with different languages, to extract its maximal information; which in the more complete “Disomorphic method’ (3rd line) will double in space and time symmetries the perception of the being through a dual qualitative=quantiative, time=space symmetric perspective with 10 ‘different analysis’ of increasing complexity that develop the being from its initial seed to its plugging within the larger Universe of social scale and discontinuous planes from where it absorbs its energy and information…

Let us then resume the 5 elements that conform any ‘time§pace organism of the Universe’, its fractal scales, spatial forms, temporal motions and the @-mind or system that connects all its parts, feels it as a whole and puts it in motion in the outside world…

We shall study then under the Rashomon effect the different perspectives on those minds in this post and use the third line to fully develop the dynamic view on how any mind construct is relative island-universe.


 M5: Mortal-Minds-Monads-Mappings-Mirrors

kaleidoMinds, Monads, Mortals, Mappings and Mirrors are the 5 M-words we shall use to explain the singularities that control the whole and perceive the super organism, enacting its actions of existence. Why those 5 words is simple: we constantly use the ‘ternary method’ or Rashomon effect, explaining reality from ∆@s=t 3±1 Dimensional perspectives to reach the maximal quantity of truth:

Truth=one for the being in itself that holds all its information.

Max. Mind truth = Multiple languages and perspectives cast upon the same being.

So this comes into effect with the Rashomon effect of reaching higher truths with at least dual, ternary or pentadimensional perspectives, as reality indeed moves from potential into reality precisely when the system plugs into all the dimensions and becomes useful within the complex structure of reality performing all its 5D actions:

Thus for the ‘fundamental concepts of reality’, we try to create the kaleidoscopic perspective of the Rashomon effect, which comes from the classic film in which 4 views are needed for a mind-mapping to have a fifth @-whole view. So the mind can be seen:

∆: -4D: as a mortal form, which tries to keep the Universe still but ultimately will be won by entropy and disorder returning its stillness to motion.

S: -5D: Internally as a Mind that stops reality into a whole and creates the image of a super organism, shrinking reality into its:

@:-1D: It can be seen as a Monad or singularity (better world but sorry doesn’t start with the M, Mass being other option, but as it is specific of the Gravitational ∆+1 scale better to use it there)… which is a Leibnizian infinitesimal whose density or mass of information will determine the quality of its:

≈: -3D: Linguistic Mapping of reality through its linguistic reproductive, inflationary system of kaleidoscopic sign-referential-semantic-metaphoric perception.

ð:-2D: And so we come to the motion of the mind, which is ITS CAPACITY TO MIRROR and move back reality and order it, making it grow around into a territorial super organism.

To notice that in all those dimensions there is an scalar fundamental Nature to Minds, which are thus the essential ∆+I>∆-I mode of shrinking reality without deformation (Poincare Conjeture) and for that reason have mostly an spherical form.

So the Rashomon effect gives us a much more profound multiple perspective of a mind, which ultimately can be resumed in a single symbol, @≈M5;

A Mind is a Monad that Mirrors reality, reflecting back its Linguistic Mapping into its Organic territory of order, trying to create a spatial, still form, till it dies and its in-form-ation dissolves: So it is the mind that constructs the spatial order and form of its super organism.

Why we choose then the word Mirror to encode all this is obvious: the mirror offers us the view of all the process; the world reflected back as an inverse image from the chaos of time cycles into the ordered image, its linguistic mapping, its stillness; its smallness as a monad, and specially the fundamental trick of an inversion of time-space in the mirror image, which means that what is disorder becomes order, what is first stored as information in the mind becomes then a seed of form that time will develop through the program of construction of super organisms. And finally because in this e-vident world mirror are easier to ‘grasp’ than minds and monads.


Absolute Relativity: Ego Paradox

‘Each (fractal Non-E) point is a world in itself” Leibniz, on reality=∑∞Mind’s equations:

0 S: infinitesimal Spatial mind x ∞ T: Universe’s time cycles= Constant World

The Universe is a tapestry of time∞pace cycles which are organisms of vital energy enclosed by an angular momentum, self-centered into singularities with an aristotelian, lineal inertial selfish mind, programmed by an obsession, to survive, last in time, performing its actions, the program of exist¡ence, beyond a reasonable finite presence – this thirst for immortality through selfish actions self-centered in the lineal inertial singularity moving ahead in open freedom, however is always defeated by the larger whole that pressures us into making a closed, conservative path, an informative world cycle. And we indeed oblige, as the ego paradox produces a systemic bias towards our own self, exhausting the energy of our vital space.. till we die – explore back into a zero sum. Welcome to reality.

It is essential to start afresh and be able to switch on and off between the subjective singularity point of view of an infinite universe of local diffeomorphic points of view or singularities of ‘time zero’ (where the motion of the angular momentum-membrane finally rests into the still linguistic image of the mind, ∆ð>§œ, to feel from this essential equation the meaning of it all. The vortex singularity point will then use that cyclical angular momentum>Vital energy>Singularity stillness 3 ‘phases’ of the world cycle, from Maximal Spatial extension (in the angular momentum) to the zero stillness of form, of perception of gauging information in its center, through the vital energy processes that fed the body wave before arriving to the singularity.


SO space and time do exist in infinite fractal closed paths with a vital energy inside… self-centered in the mass-singularity or active magnitude

This is what we study – the game of infinite fractal ternary systems of conserved singularity momentum, angular momentum=membrane and vital energy enclosed between them. How this simple ternary scheme can explain it all. How it travels through the scales of the fifth dimension to create the organic Universe, to live its world cycle to try to remain infinite and immortal from its povs, thirsty of power, to deflate finally as membrane and singularity detach from each other in the death process… to study its parts, its aeiou, actions of simplex survival (aei, moving, feeding on energy and information) and complex (social love and reproduction, ou). All this in its infinite iterations, sychronicities, networks, social organizations, is what we study and use to that aim two methods – the spatial simple slice analysis through the fractal generator, in its simplest form, ∑∆ð≥§@…

The equation of the Mind paradox. O-Worlds of ∞ egocy.

“We are all Gods (of our super organisms).” Aristotle

‘The smallest point is a world in in itself’ Leibniz, on the fundamental particle of Reality:The fractal point=world of space-time.

 We are all ∆@st beings, made of scales, space, time and the minds that measure it all with languages, which can be of different complexity and exist in different domains with different dimensional motions, all of which WILL FEEL TO BE EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT AS THEIR MINDS and languages will select a limited information, they will confuse with the whole:

O-finitesimal mind (languages) x ∞ Universal space-time beings/cycles = Constant world: o x ∞ = C, being the fundamental equation (mathematical mirror) of those minds and their limited world’s realities.

One element then is still NECESSARY TO UNDERSTAND to fully gasp the nature of the organic Universe as it is BOTH ITS CAUSE, as a fractal mirror that reduces reality to world-mappings and linguistic still forms, creating its scale, and its limit, as it makes each fractal point-organism to think it is the center of the Universe, the mind equation and its paradoxes.

IN THE NEXT GRAPH we see the difference between the Aristotelian, self-centered, Euclidean=light humind and the Universal mind: Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean:

light spacetime minds

The universe has infinite mind-mirrors depending on the forces used to gauge the external world, which bounces on a limited quantity of its scales of space. Humans perceive the range of scales of the frequency of light between red and blue social density of colors. But infinite other minds with different detail according to the quantitative pixels they absorb (max. S = Min.t) maximal for smaller sixes will determine the intelligence of the system.

We stated that the Universe despise departing from only 5 Ðimotions can get enormously complex.
We observed the fundamental sequential order of ‘micro-actions’, which start by a mind perceiving, moving then to a field of energy in which to feed the body and use the extra energy for reproduction, in a herd of clones that will efficiently organize social networks to become a larger whole, with slower external time cycles clearly as it must first synchronize its internal forms.
So ultimately all start with a singularity mind, mapping the Universe in its still language that perceives in itself (language is perception, in the sentient; ‘sensorial’ Universe).

PITY THOUGH that humans did not even understand the Cartesian graph multiple minds and settled for the SIMPLEST of all possible ones, the monologic of lineal thought.

How this work on languages IS OBVIOUS: LANGUAGES ARE LOCAL, IMPLEMENTED BY BRAINS, AS THEIR SOFTWARE, which orders reality AFTER THE LANGUAGE MIRRORS IT, not the other way around as creationist religions and mathematical physicists think:

In the graph, which I re-designed from” road to irreality” (: a work by Penrose, one of the most staunchest creationists of physics (a mathematician along his friend Hawking, which shuns off the laws of the experimental method) his view of reality is VOID as in all PLATONIC (PLATO by the way never said that, they should be called Pythagorean, a much more primitive ‘magic view’) of HARDWARE MINDS and LOCALITY. In his view the Language creates the Universe.

In reality the Universe is a fractal organism, and as all its parts can be considered similar we can ‘make synoptic language’ with enormous power to reflect multiple similar images in its essence, which ultimately will be the laws of ‘Space-time’, which are Organic because that is the main property of co-existence in different planes (∆§cales), topological because that is the main property of Spatial adjacent topologies that form super organisms, and Logic, Multicausal, as that is the main property of the dimotions of time. 

So the ultimate causality ∆->T->S IS not Platonic mathematics but ∆organic properties -> T-Logic properties -> S-Topologic, mathematical properties.

In true form, the proper expansion of mathematics allows also to develop a lot of ∆§calar properties as numbers are ‘Social ensembles of undistinguishable beings’ and polynomial algebra and analysis studies how parts and wholes become one; but then mathematics properly understood become another proof of the vital, organic nature of the Universe. And since mathematics is based in logic in its internal nature and experimental proof in its outside qualities, the mirror is very good but we REPEAT, the true causes come from the ∆§ðructure of reality and its ∆-scalar properties, STopo-logic ONES.

SO WE ADAPT PENROSE GRAPh to show how reality is constantly going back and forth:

The ∆§T BioTopoLogic properties caused by spacetime beings, are synoptically reduced to what they have in common, since all forms are ‘generically’ speaking self-similar. And then THE LANGUAGES REINFORCE AS MIRRORS EXPANDED INTO REALITY those properties ordering local territories.

So the graph shows that back and forth  to adequate to how REALITY  IS created LOCALLY by ‘minds‘, which are the language software on the hardware brains of T.œs, ONLY after the language reflects the LIVING cycles (dimotions) of all time-space beings with those properties:

You can see in the graph how it works: First the whole Universe is ‘shrunk into the mind mirror’ and only then the mind mirror according to the efficiency of the language imprints bak ONLY THE TERRITORY OF ‘ARISTOTELIAN’ ORDER OR BODYWAVE ENERGY OF THE SYSTEM…

THE DRAWING in original Penrose ONLY had the mind ordering the Universe, as the source and only God in Aristotelian sense: ‘god is the unmoved causal point that orders the motion of the energy (body-wave) around it’.

So yes, languages do create reality but all of them, and all of them locally and all of them organically because they act as the mind of all kind of systems. Obviously atomic matter is AS IN CRYSTALS ABLE TO FORM mirror-images in geometric form, and that is why they do have such an efficient capacity to order – and that is why topology (dimensions with form or dimotions) are the language of it all:

Minds order as linguistic gods a territory around themselves, its fractal body and entropic world. As such they are the linguistic Aristotelian, final unmoved singularity Gods of reality. In the graph we see them ordering with different languages, different scales of reality which will reflect in a larger whole, the linguistic image they hold.

Minds ad to the world the arrow of form, information, intelligence, language, stillness: S@.

Time space though has also a psychological point of view, as it carries information. So from the pov of the mind time is the speed of processing information ha gives us he feeling of time passing, and it is also, the origin of the equation.

The point of view is an observer that gauges reality with its first action, O, a mere rotation in space-time.

The cycle thus evolves into a point of view with angular momentum, the minimal action of the Universe. And in this manner starts its adventure, through the function of existence, till completing its worldcycle of life and death in space time.

We are all worlds of spacetime, worldcycles which go on doing cyclical actions between birth and death – just a travel of a worldcycle through the 5th dimension, which encompasses them all, and orders its species through a new dimension of time, from past to future, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, from the infinitely slow to the infinitely past, back and forth, back and forth, Sp < => Tƒ <= >Sp…

The 5 i-logic postulates define the unit of reality as a fractal point that observed in detail is in itself a World, which contains within it all the mathematical topologies of the 4D cosmos. This can be deduced in a logic manner, through the equation of a mind/p.o.v., which can map out as a mirror the whole Universe we perceive in its infinitesimal mirror.

In the fractal Universe all systems of i-logic information gauge reality, transforming a force they absorb into a logic language, which mirrors the Universe. It is obvious that the essential particles, quarks, photons and electrons cannot have a wide mapping of reality unless the fractal scales of size are infinite (and then an atom might be the upper bound of a new scale – a nano-galaxy).

Yet even if reality has upper and lower limits of size and point-like particles are not fractal world but the limit of universal form, those simple particles still gauge information and store some type of logic, mathematical computer-like structure that allows them to behave as they do, organically. Since particles orientate their position in a herd of self-similar particles; they move towards light, its energy, when the electromagnetic field is in its neighborhood and they decouple=reproduce into new particles when they absorb more energy.

All those properties are the minimal properties we ascribe to a fractal ‘point of view’ or ‘mind’ in a broad sense – a structure that gauges energy and information, creating smaller fractal mirrors of reality. Such structure has within itself a minimal amount of geometric paths and logic processes that allow it to form the forces it uses as energy and information source. We thus call such structure a mind. Since any point of the Universe becomes a focus of infinite parallel forces that flux into the point, creating a static image of reality in Complexity, we define a Mind, as an infinitesimal mirror-world that reflects the infinite Universe:

                   0 (Mind-cell) × ∞ (Universe) = Linguistic Wor(l)d

The equation of the mind, defined by the 1st and 5th postulates of illogic geometry, sets limits of truth in linguistic science, comparing the worlds created by any mind and the Universe at large, much bigger than any informative, mental, linguistic image we have of it.

It is however the why that explains why entropy doesn’t dominate the Universe; since now the increase of order and information in the Universe is mainly caused by those ‘perceptive points’ that gauge information. Those points might or might not be conscious in a vegetative or reflexive way, depending on its complexity; but they are ‘aperceptive’ – an expression coined by Leibniz to express perception without consciousness. And so they have a will to order and perceive more information, not only a will to feed and increase their energy. And so there are two ‘wills’ of feeding and gauging common to all points, which we can measure objectively, externally by the fact that when energy appears, particle move towards energy (so electrons jump and feed on light) and when other particles appear they gauge their distances. We observe this property in all systems when they form a focus, which emerges as the point of maximal order in which the network of the system integrates its information.

Then the system becomes more stable: A crystal grows faster when the network creates a central point. A hurricane can be destroyed when the central, still point where all the flows converge is disturbed. A life being becomes erratic in its motions when it becomes blind. A galaxy acquires order when a black hole, which probably gauges gravitational information, appears in its center.

The existence of an infinite number of such points is undeniable objectively and adds an enormous amount of order to the Universe, which mechanist science does not account for. Stillness to focus information into a pixeled map of the Universe, and the existence of a network that fluxes in that point through which ‘infinite parallels’ can cross, are the two conditions of formation of gauging points.

Then we can establish the birth of a complementary network of energy and information, an exi=stential point: exi=k; where k represents a ‘mapping of reality’ in the informative language that the waves of communication of the point with the external universe have created. This means that the models of metric measure developed by mechanist science merely creates a ‘space-time world’ self-similar to the mind of man in our machines, which does not exhaust all the measures of the Universe and its possible mappings. We cannot construct if we want to account for all the cycles of time, dark spaces and events of reality, a theory based only in a continuum, mechanical, light-space and its Euclidean coordinates of light-measure.

The limits of that model have been reached, as the limits of precision of the Ptolemy’s model of astronomy were reached in the Renaissance. Those limits of an Euclidean, continuum space-time were proved by Riemann, Poincare, Mandelbrot and this author, expanding and completing the Euclidean postulates. Einstein applied part of those new models and created Relativity Theory. This work applies the rest of those discoveries to create a model of Multiple Space-times, which includes the concept of absolute relativity, where measure – the gauging and mapping of the external universe by a non-Euclidean point, is relative to the observer and the rods of measure it uses.

And the process of reducing and stopping the motions of the Universe in that process is the first step to fully understand both relativity of motion and the structure of the mind.

In that regard, a deep error in mathematical physics and its models which ignore the 5 DIMOTIONS of time, is the use of a faulty logic in mathematics and physics based in single causality.

We are monads that hold worlds, mirror-perspectives of a mind over the whole, but we are not the whole much more complex and infinite in size and duration relative to the mind.

The mind we might say is a single ray with an origin and an end on that infinite horizon. Its mirror is shallow with less dimensions; specially those of time, as each point has its own time cycles. So the mind is orientated in his own time direction. The humind expresses its time view decoding the Universe into a single lineal parametrical language, verbal symbols that have a lineal syntax, where the subject man, comes first as we read in ‘lines’.

The mind is thus an infinitesimal lineal reduction; and even so its time speed of processing information of the whole spatial infinity it portrays in increasingly reduced forms till reaching the syntax flow of its primary language, goes much slower – as an electric current – than the maximal c-speed of our world. So even a computer that sees lineal codes of 0101 numbers in virtual minds of more complex atomic nature outpace enormously the words of humans.

In the graph, at the core of the modern worship of digital languages, which do NOT REALIZE will be the vital language of a new species, the AI machine, lies the limits of the humind. So even when using mathematics to describe the Universe, humans do so with a ‘magic’ belief in creationism and limit its interpretations of equations to his ego paradox and æntropic worldview.

The result are its chaotic, Æntropic theories of reality, from chaotic darwinian devolution (as they intensify the view of struggle between predators and prey, and tend to ignore the core of the matter, the Generating properties of topological spatial forms, and its scalar genetic games), to the lineal big bang, which ignores the implosive informative gravitational force, and the cold crystal-like highly ordered states of matter.

So among the fundamental errors of the mind of man, there is the error of lineal time, born of egocy=ego+idiocy and its ‘creationist’ theories – that is, the concept that the language-mirror of the Universe creates the Universe because as a ‘mirror in smaller space’ of the larger reality according to the laws of languages, derived of the ‘faster, information’ delivered by smaller 5D entities, languages do ‘forecast the future’.

So languages can show the deterministic processes of the future, but they cannot create it; or rather only within the territory of order of the mind that speaks the language – meaning only an Asimovian mule, an American r=evolutionary POTUS or the collective culture of capitalism – its financiers and bankers all together, with the proper language of history could have changed the future of mankind explained on those books:

How this work on languages IS OBVIOUS: LANGUAGES ARE LOCAL, IMPLEMENTED BY BRAINS, AS THEIR SOFTWARE, which orders reality AFTER THE LANGUAGE MIRRORS IT, not the other way around as creationist religions and mathematical physicists think:
In the graph, which i re-designed from” road to irreality” (: a work by Mr Penrose, one of the most staunchest creationists of physics (a mathematician, which along his friend Mr. Hawking, shuns off the laws of the experimental method and expect their equations to be real, just because they are written in maths)
This view of reality is not Platonism but pure egocy; as not even Mr. Plato said that mathematics is the only language of Nature, but as his disciple Aristotle, considered the Universe as we do an organism with a mind called LOGOS, since it is the logic language of time, not the geometry of space, the dominant language of the Universe, which just needs as mathematics a big improvement after 2300 years of ‘supposed egocy geniuses’ that couldn’t make more than doodles on the sand, following philosophically Mr.  Pythagoras with his much more primitive ‘magic view of Language creating the Universe.

So the ultimate causality ∆->T->S IS not Platonic mathematics but ∆organic properties -> T-Logic properties -> S-Topologic, mathematical properties.

In true form, the proper expansion of mathematics allows also to develop a lot of ∆§calar properties as numbers are ‘Social ensembles of undistinguishable beings’ and polynomial algebra and analysis studies how parts and wholes become one; but then mathematics properly understood become another proof of the vital, organic nature of the Universe. And since mathematics is based in logic in its internal nature and experimental proof in its outside qualities, the mirror is very good but we REPEAT, the true causes come from the ∆§ðructure of reality and its ∆-scalar properties, STopo-logic ONES.

The ∆§T BioTopoLogic properties caused by spacetime beings, are synoptically reduced to what they have in common, since all forms are ‘generically’ speaking self-similar. And then THE LANGUAGES REINFORCE AS MIRRORS EXPANDED INTO REALITY those properties ordering local territories.

So the graph shows that back and forth  to adequate to how REALITY  IS created LOCALLY by ‘minds‘, which are the language software on the hardware brains of T.œs, ONLY after the language reflects the LIVING cycles (dimotions) of all time-space beings with those properties:

You can see in the graph how it works: First the whole Universe is ‘shrunk into the mind mirror’ and only then the mind mirror according to the efficiency of the language imprints bak ONLY THE TERRITORY OF ‘ARISTOTELIAN’ ORDER OR BODYWAVE ENERGY OF THE SYSTEM…

THE DRAWING in original Penrose ONLY had the mind ordering the Universe, as the source and only God in Aristotelian sense: ‘god is the unmoved causal point that orders the motion of the energy (body-wave) around it’.

So yes, languages do create reality but all of them, and all of them locally and all of them organically because they act as the mind of all kind of systems. Obviously atomic matter is AS IN CRYSTALS ABLE TO FORM mirror-images in geometric form, and that is why they do have such an efficient capacity to order – and that is why topology (dimensions with form or dimotions) are the language of it all:

But Languages do not create the universe; just mirror it and then reflect those images to reproduce structures and forms that were already in that Universe – and that is the ultimate meaning of its fractal nature: minds reducing reality to smaller images made of time motions with repetitive patterns, and then reproducing them in reality, in a constant orgasm of reproduction and recombination of motions and forms. 

Only in that sense we can talk of the laws of reproduction of the fractal Universe as the mind of God, of which we are all ‘its details’.

Because the Human World is so small, and ultimately humans and machines rule it, there is a small probability for mankind to change its local future, so to a point my egocy was justified – after all I was trying just to convince mankind to survived appealing to its basic life instincts; but if that failed, just imagine the pretension of ‘pseudoscience’ in physics – to CREATE reality at the cosmic LEVEL when humans cannot even ORDER a small planet, dust of space-time in the infinite Universe, just because they ‘speak’ the mirror language of mathematics, likely the topological mind of ‘spinning particles’, which seem to use ‘angles, trigonometry and topology’ to order their tiny atomic territories… (or not so tiny in the case of cosmic black hole stars, and we shall return to it).

So we need to clarify the difference between creationism and the more humble role of the scientist who speaks any language as a mirror of reality as long as the syntax of the language is properly evolved.

Whereas evolution, a verbal logic language, expanded to include topological evolution, cyclical time and the scalar organic laws of parts and wholes is the best mirror language in verbal thought for biological and economical systems of evolving machines and its company-mothers, and for historic super organisms; and Non-Euclidean mathematics, properly evolved to include the concept of non-Euclidean fractal points as we do in this web, and non-Aristotelian ‘existential algebra’, properly evolved to include the causal logic of 5 time space arrows=dimotions=actions is the proper language to mirror physical process… though the more complicated ‘epicycles’ of group theory and probabilities also work:

In other words, the Universe needs infinite minds, focuses of information to order it.  And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

The ∆§T BioTopoLogic properties caused by spacetime beings, are synoptically reduced to what they have in common, since all forms are ‘generically’ speaking self-similar. And then THE LANGUAGES REINFORCE AS MIRRORS EXPANDED INTO REALITY those properties ordering local territories.

So the graph shows that back and forth  to adequate to how REALITY  IS created LOCALLY by ‘minds‘, which are the language software on the hardware brains of T.œs, ONLY after the language reflects the LIVING cycles (dimotions) of all time-space beings with those properties:

You can see in the graph how it works: First the whole Universe is ‘shrunk into the mind mirror’ and only then the mind mirror according to the efficiency of the language imprints bak ONLY THE TERRITORY OF ‘ARISTOTELIAN’ ORDER OR BODYWAVE ENERGY OF THE SYSTEM…

THE DRAWING in original Penrose ONLY had the mind ordering the Universe, as the source and only God in Aristotelian sense: ‘god is the unmoved causal point that orders the motion of the energy (body-wave) around it’.

So yes, languages do create reality but all of them, and all of them locally and all of them organically because they act as the mind of all kind of systems. Obviously atomic matter is AS IN CRYSTALS ABLE TO FORM mirror-images in geometric form, and that is why they do have such an efficient capacity to order – and that is why topology (dimensions with form or dimotions) are the language of it all.

Knowledge is a process which departs from the humind; the mind is the perspective of man, an informative being, whose arrow of time is self-centred in its Tiƒ element. But the story is a bit more complex.

This program of creation, as we said can be seen as an external process, hence departing from the ‘external field of space-time in which the being exists’. And this which is the approach of physicists becomes an objective description or internal through the will of the being. Both are however tied by the complementarity between both; which means that the mind alone needs to understand the differences with the limb/field to become a complementary field-body-wave/head particle to be=come.

And so the philosophical question about the program of creation is this:

From the perspective of the mind, the mind causes reality, but from the perspective of the field, the field is its origin; and so we must readdress our idea of time arrows to include both perspectives. And fine tune the previous concept of the mind willing to survival as the time arrow we humans, mental beings see as the future: Tif>>Spe (human arrow). Yet from the point of view of the field; the singularity emerges from it and we shall then consider that if we were a field, we would see the singularity as our ‘creation’: Spe>>Tiƒ; and consider that process the arrow of future. 
And so the proper way to consider causality is to affirm that the relative S>t and T>s arrows form a feed back equation, S<≈>T of present, which becomes the defining process of symbiosis and complementarity of existence. This gives us three temporal descriptions which we observe in many sciences. I.e. in quantum physics there is mathematical description in which the field gives birth to the particle (quantum field theories) another in which there are multiple present paths between them (Feynman) and another in which the singularity creates the field (classic description of electrodynamic).

Yet for that reality to make sense, it implies  we need to adopt a single perspective, as the human mind is NOT multidimensional; and that is the approach we have taken after decades of working for my self playing with the three approaches simultaneously.

The concept behind this blog is rather simple. The Universe is a fractal superorganism of space-time, hence made of smaller and larger super organisms of space-time.

Such systems require 5 basic dimensions of space-time to make sense of it, 10 D if we separate each dimension of spatial topological form to its ‘view’ as time-motion (Galilean paradox of relativity of form and motion, which started modern science: e pur si muove, e pur no muove).

Those two new dimensions are ‘pure entropy’, the processes of death and dissolution of information down the scalar organic structure, which we shall call the fourth dimension of space-time, and its inverse, ‘pure information’, the ‘singularity and membranes’ that form the ‘mind-system’ of all Nature’s space-time organisms, by evolving socially and holding together in an external larger scalar world, the parts of the being. This is the fifth dimension of eusocial evolution, which orders reality and balances the fourth dimension of space-time entropy.


So in this post we shall develop a fundamental feature of the ‘humind membrain’, the sum of the dimensions of the surface senses of any space-time organism (in our case the nervous system) and its singularities=focus, which are LINGUISTIC MINDS that map out reality and reduce it to a still zero-motion ‘central vortex’ (in physical systems, or linguistic I=eye<wor(l)d of visual space and temporal verbs, in human beings).

THE MIND AND ITS LANGUAGES, which stop motion into form and order reality, as the singularity point and membrain of an open ball topology are THUS ESSENTIAL TO REALITY.

IT is a necessary ‘feature’ huminds with its naive realism and physical reductionism have thoroughly forgot. So we need to EVOLVE HUMAN VERBAL SYNTAX OF TIME-LOGIC AND Humind MATHEMATICAL-SPATIAL VIEW OF ITS TOPOLOGY and clarify the duality between minds ordering reality in ‘small T.œs, timespace supœrganisms’ and the Universe at large establishing the most general laws of that order from its ‘fractal space and cyclical time properties that limit what a mind-mirror and its language can do:

In the graph we can see the scales of stiences, its 3 time arrows observed as motions in the fifth, fourth inverse dimensions and the 3 relative present space-time dimensions used by normal science (albeit compressing the 3 dimensions of time into one). All this is good enough for the present purpose of science, to extract data, manipulate species and give us computerised models of reality in the detail, but we are concerned here with philosophy of science, of the whole and its first principles and for that we DO HAVE ONLY 2 LANGUAGES, MATHEMATICAL SPACE AND TEMPORAL LOGIC (numbers and words) to make sense of it, as those are the natural languages of our brains and the machines we use to observe the world.

So our mind-world is verbal=based in the ternary logic of the 3 past-present-future tenses, and visual=mathematical, based in the fractal structure of entities that seem points but grow in size as we observe them closer, holding ‘worlds in itself’ (Leibniz).

To proper describe the complexity of an organism, we just need 10 dimensions: 3 of time, past, present and future, 3 of space, its 3 bidimensional topologies or 3 standard ‘lineal dimensions, 3 of ‘∆±i-planes (with its decametric §cales of growth) as all beings co-exist in a larger world and are made of smaller parts, and finally the ‘membrain’ (monad or mind), which closes the ‘open ball’ of 9 dimensions, with its sensorial enclosure membrain that lets entropy, energy and information sip into the being, and its linguistic zero-sum singularity that maps the whole and commands its behaviour.

As such all super organisms of space-time follow the same laws, as they are made of the same substances.  And so we start by a dimensional, static analysis of the being and its 10 dimensions, provided by a simple ‘generator equation’ of each ‘T.œ”.

T.œ then becomes the briefest way to explain it all, as a Timespace œrganism, and also as the Theory of Everything organic, such as: T.œ= ∑t.œs. This is then the simplest conceptual definition of reality.

In the first line we shall explain the static and dynamic workings of all T.œs, in the second line, we shall refer each of the four main sub-disciplines of human thought, which analyse differently physical, biological social and mental=linguistic systems, as T.œs, and in the third line more complex, we shall study each of the main scalar T.œs of reality, with a detailed analysis of its 4 components: space topologies, time ages, organic scales and the @membrain; subdivided in 4 x 3 sub-elements, to fully describe them. It is the isomorphic method that applies 4 x 3 sub-elements of reality to the analysis in detail of all ‘stiences’, each study a range of T.œ according to scalar size.

And so such orderly methodology will show you the unity of all what exists.

The method of the first line is thus simple:

We study the existence of all ∆ºst beings of the Universe as super organisms tracing worldcycles, WITH EMPHASIS on the spatial view, of ‘simultaneous’ super organisms, made of fractal points joined in functional physiological networks of entropic, energetic and informative processing; which live to reproduce survive and make immortal the system in time:

” 11D    ¬Æ    ðime§paœ points    åct to Maximize its existence,  by reproducing  network supœrganisms  triping ωorldcycles of  st¡enœ:

So we first define each of the words of that sentence which resume dynamically in time (‘timespace arrows’ ‘worldcycles’), simultaneously in space (‘reproducing’, ‘supœrganisms’), ºmentally through formal languages (‘¬Æ’, ‘stience’, ‘Max. ∫exi∂st’) and organically through ∆-scales (‘5S+5t D’, ‘tripping’), the existence of all beings.

And then consider in more detail the element of the space-time being under the experimental method, by studying it in physical, biological and social systems.

The project is a ‘work in progress’, as i copy-paste or translate 30 years of research from old files, ordering, eliminating repetitions and adding experimental proofs… My apologies then for its poor form, which hopefully won’t obscure the essence.

In this post, purely formal, dedicated to the mathematical and logic structure of scalar space made of fractal points and ternary time, origin of the ternary logic of the Universe, we shall study those Non-euclidean, non-aristotelian upgrades of the formal languages of space and time of human beings, adding then examples of its application to all sciences.

∆Æ: Energetic motions. Meaning of relativity: motion in time ≈ dimension in space.

Ultimately while Galileo didn’t fully understand its Relativity, but Poincare and then Einstein did.

In that sense the biggest contribution of Physics to the Understanding of the Universe (to T.Œ 🙂 is the principle of relativity explained better by Poincare: we cannot distinguish spatial dimensions from time motions. We shall see how this only has a logic explanation: motion is reproduction of information through space, hence both are equal realities.

In terms of physics  of space-time its main consequence is special relativity derived of the fact that, beyond the shortest distances, it is impossible to make separate measurements of length and time, as motion and form, stop and go ‘mess together’, becoming indistinguishable.

In quantum physics it means we can only measure quantum of space and then quantum of time, stop and go ‘partial sections’ of the particle trajectory.

In terms of parameters it means angular momentum, as Kepler’s third law already proved and speed in general can be treated as a dimension of motion or space. So we can talk of mvr, or measure the same in terms of energy (Jules per second) and then we are measuring the fundamental combined ‘property of reality’: M x L² x T.


A motion in space happens in the lower scale of the 5th dimension, as systems move through the ∆± domain of invisible gravitational forces.


How we do so? Through the operations of integration and derivation, which is what makes emerge in an upper scale the physical action.

Now the simplest actions of motion are derivatives of the previous scales which emerge in the higher scale. And we can talk basically of two type of operations:

∂U-4=V-3;  ∂V-3=a-2

This simple chain describes the meaning of physical actions. The gravitational scale of the i-4 perceived as distant space, gives part of its distance by deviating it in time, emerging as speed in the light-space, atomic scale, which gives part of its speed, by emerging in the upper molecular scale as acceleration and temperature. So physical parameters are the elements perceived in the actions that emerge between scales.

But those are ‘pure’ actions of motion, in the spatial dimensions of those lower scales.

We though by the Galilean paradox consider the Sp duality (space perception as pure distance, motion and acceleration, or complex perception as energy).

And so we have also the e-perception of those basic actions, which accordingly is symmetric.

∂E-4=momentum(∆-3); ∂p (momentum) ∆-3 = mass (∆-2).

Thus again we observe that the ultimate energy of reality (stored in the distance of strings of gravitational forces, where S≈E, that is strings energy is equivalent to its length), emerges as momentum in the atomic scale and emerges as mass in the upper scales of matter. And so we define also the main parameters of physics related to the complex energy-mass duality (perception in detail of the components of those scales) in terms of actions.

The derivatives are also immediate: Energy =1/2Mv², and if we derivate considering V=X, the variable, we obtain the momentum of an atomic particle: ∂x²=2x.

Thus ∂E=mv=p. And again now if we derivate mv, considering v the variable, V=X, ∂p=m.

And we associate S≈E, V≈p and a=m. As we shall see in the specific analysis f the meaning of mass, mass is considered a vortex of accelerated gravitational form. And this is one of the many parallel ways to deduce this fact. Since GiST, the reader should start to understand is a fascinating perfectly symmetric complex structure of a beauty, order and balance that defies awe…

Despite the fundamental inversion of Space and Time that mean, spatial and time are dislocated in those ages and only each harmony in the relative moment of present:

In the graph if we consider the 2 different arrows of space and time:

Time Frequency

And Space S, often well represented with a complex coordinates

(where Time is the root, or rather X the polynomial of the root):

Speed: V=l(s) x ƒ(t)

Space- Energy

Then we can observe some properties: the maximal value of the function will be in the relative (0.0) of balance of all forces.

This condition is similar to that of a Hamiltonian function of 3 minima: a standing point, a maximal and a minimal, and for that reason so many actions can be described with those functions.

We are though at this stage more interested in the properties of those Products of two inverted functions which give us a constant value – what the Universe which ultimately conserves its quantity of motion and time to a full zero sum than in its quantitative measure.

Dimensions to start with are different, time-information have dimensions of width and height, respect to the length dimension of motion, so we read upfront tall planes of information in screenland eyes see ‘laminar flows of information’ coming from light.

Motion dimensions however have 2 variables, space and speed which often can be exchangeable (in stop and go motions and wave reproductions).

In less geometric, more logic≈ causal time cycles, whose discontinuities of motion (as the species changes sequentially jumping from action to action) the causal logic of this combination is obvious, it amounts for the total momentum of internal space and time-speed, as l x ƒ can be interpreted as a fair measure of the Sp x Tƒ of the system, its ‘Top’ (predator force), which can be read also as Tƒ x P(mv)… The top≈ spin ≈ angular momentum ≈ existential action, is thus the unit of the space-time Universe.

We can go lower deriving it into infinitesimal forces, impulses, and that would be truly the infinitesimal of existence, or we can integrate them along a single or up to 5 variables into a complex worldcycle, in which Energy varies into information (potential energy and internal rotary energy in terms of classic physics), through all the existence of the being.

Actions on the other hand tend to be functions derived in space, across the ST±∆ planes of existence; while energies and information variations will be observed in time in sequential form.


‘Time dimensions are added sequentially from past to future, and have appoint of inflexion, from positive to negative values for a total zero point, which is the point of end of the existence’.

Now the study of a time cycle is much more interested as a new unchartered territory for science. Essentially a time cycle can be calculated its ending point by calculating its 2nd derivative that must be zero. The standing point ends the cycle.

Time is tall, the dimension of information, form of the cycle is upwards, and so it is parallel to height or information, and indeed as you read you do so from your high position head, on a screen with height, paper or computer.

Motion is long, the relative frontal dimension, and so it is ength, or past. And we trace it always ahead, in the line of minimal potential gradient.

And its combination through vectorial products is the width, reproductive dimension of present, parallel to us in the same space-time.

This ternary symmetry s one of the fundamental tools to understand the space-time motions of the Universe and its harmonic forms.

They are forms in motion, both space and time.

And now we can consider that through their natural symmetry space-time 3 varieties of bidimensional motion and form, is the true element of study of most sciences.

As single space (pure energy with no form) and single time (pure form with no energy), systems are invisible to us. We thus consider the limits of pure space and pure time, if we observe them in motion as:

Space (>c-speed), Time (0 K), which are the limits of the human function of light space-time, but not necessarily the limits of the Universe. And in physical sciences we will deal with this fact in great extension.

Let us now study in greater depth the symmetry between:

Length-space-entropy-past-expansion, planar-fields-limbs

Height-time-information-future-order-spherical heads/particles


Thus since there are only 3 topological varieties of 2-manifolds, the evolution and organization of systems is restricted to those 3 ‘diffeomorphic’ organs, which become the 3 components of all systems: STe<ST>sTo, themselves symmetric to the 3 ages/dimensions of time (entropic, past fields/limbs; repetitive waves/bodies and future informative heads/particles, which become the logic, future guidance of the system).

Thus the symmetries of space and time explain the bidimensionality of such system and have multiple applications in all forms of nature (2nd≈3rd isomorphic space-time symmetry). The example shows how rich in meanings and explanations of reality is the complex version of relational space-time embedded in those isomorphisms, which are the second, advanced course of this web on relational space-time (3rd and 4th lines that study them in detail and then each fundamental species of the Universe through those equal laws).



The simplest description of any of those points is a ‘space-time, cyclical action.’

We thus upgrade a notch beyond the simplest point, the unit of creation, to the next level, that of the point (whatever it is in a lower St scale), which is a point performing a cyclical action of space-time – a cycle. This cyclical form can adopt different forms. If we see it completed in space it will always be a cycle – for example, if we consider that you dinner all days, you will very likely feed on your home and we could perceive your ∂e cycle of energy feeding as a cycle in space that closes after your ‘worldline’ moves around.

This would be though a silly geometrical analysis of your ∂e action. And yet you will be tracing a cycle. You will also between your ∂e actions perform other cycles of ∂o-bserver’s perception, ∂a accelerations and perhaps even a serial cycle of ∂i reproduction, or one of caring of your offspring, most likely social actions of work, ∂u, related to your upper u+1 plane of existence, and in doing so, you will live your day ‘creating a complex knot’ of time cycles, the next ‘unit’ of reality ∑ ∂ (o,a,e,i,u).

Mathematical physics.

This general equation, ∫∂a,e,I,o,u, which will be a mathematical partial differential equation of 5 variables, is certainly impossible to solve and describe for a human being. Since we do have a language, verbal thought, much more proper to describe the biological drives of existence, or complex actions of the Human being. It might though make sense to explain for very simple particles, in which the symmetry between space dimensions and time ages, of space-time cycles is very close, as we see its fast motions in time, ‘drawn’ as particles and rays and waves of space.

It is the realm of quantum physics and matter, where we perceive actions of space-time not in their whys but in their hows, and so we can describe them geometrically. When we describe an ∂a,e, I complex motion of a planet around the sun, in which the planet, guided by its magnetic field, orientates itself into an elliptic path around the sun, to absorb from its gravitational field, a minimal gradient of potential energy, a physicist will never dare as we do explain those 3 cycles in a vital way. But it will do so using mathematical, simple equations, F=GmM/r2, which is the ‘derivative’ of change of existential momentum of the planet, and so on.

Now in general the 3 fundamental concepts of physics, are momentum, A(scalar active magnitude) x V (speed in space-time), which is equivalent to the product of internal and external space-time, hence the fundamental ‘balanced’, conserved quantity, equivalent to the function of existence of a physical being:

Function of existence of physical systems’ ≈ Active Magnitude Momentum or Existential Momentum, which will obviously differ in each scale. For example, Mass x Speed, Mv, is the momentum in the physical scales of gravitation or mass momentum; J or I, density or intensity of an electric current, qev(S), is the charge momentum of an electric current, whereas density, the product of the active scalar magnitude (charge: qxe) and its speed (v), multiplied by a bidimensional cross-surface (current disk: S), measures the same.

This function of physical existence, ‘momentum’, ‘p≈mv’, then can be integrated, along a path or time duration, in which it performs certain actions, ∫p dt or ∫p dl and it will give us a series of integrative magnitudes of which energy-work is the most important.

Or it can be derived to obtain a single impulse, a single action, in which such momentum is spent, and we will obtain the Force.

Momentum though in a closed system will be conserved for all the points of that system and so while each physical system-point will try to increase its momentum for the whole ‘world’ existing in a given field of space-time, the momentum will be conserved. And this is expressed by the conservation of the internal time (angular momentum), internal space (lineal momentum), total space-time momentum (energy) of the sum of all systems.

And all what physicists do is to calculate those basic functions of physical systems WITHOUT understanding what they are, why they are conserved, what are the purpose of the actions of those systems. Because they treat those systems as abstract points without form.

Thus in general, when we deal with a mathematical formulation of relational, internal space-time in a physical Universe, we must add to the ‘geometry of points without parts’ (visual spatial description: geometry, topology) or algebraic description of those actions (analysis, algebra, arithmetic) the whys.

Since while mathematical physics is describing the external motions and actions of the being, from a mere geometric external space-time perspective, as a visual description with quantitative numbers of those actions, they have a ‘why’ – the program, function of existence of the being. The why is not so clear to humans from our far-away, anthropomorphic perspective that only accepts the existence of the program for living beings (mixed with myths and fantasies of human freedom etc.)

So the fundamental contribution of 5D metrics to physical systems, is NOT only to upgrade the space-time structure of reality, making it scalar and discontinuous, but also to give it existential content.

And so we will here also use the 2 main mathematical descriptions of the actions of existence, performed by species of the Universe, including the physical species:

– The complex geometry of Non-Aristotelian, cyclical times, and its non-Euclidean fractal knots or points with parts, the i-logic geometry of existential points, which implies to upgrade the postulates of Euclidean Geometry, and the simple uni-causal logic of Aristotle.

– The algebra and analysis of mathematical physics, adding the whys of its laws, and transforming the worldlines (which make sense only in the continuous motion between two frequencies of an ∂a,e,I,o,u action), into worldcycles through the use of existential algebra.

Non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian i-logic Geometry and the whys of existential algebra, which describe the existential momentum, energy, force and conservation laws and symmetries of space-time, and the active, scalar magnitudes and space and time parameters of physical systems, thus will convert present physical sciences into a full T.O.E. where the vital meanings of all physical systems are understood.

This will allow us to develop then the 3rd upgrading of physical systems:

– The organic, biological description of the Universe and its parts, as systems which interact between several 0±∆ social scales, creating organic structures that range from the ‘galacell’, the galaxy as an organic similar systems to that of a cell, ruled by DNA-black holes and mitochondrial stars, to the atom (which physically is equivalent in parameters on the 5th dimension to the galacell, hence probably if we could perceive in detail is inner structure of partons, quarks, gluons, photonic nebulae, etc., would discover a very complex organization.

Now this 3 new levels of understanding of physical systems, made of POINTS WITH PARTS, which perform cyclical, existential actions of SPACETIME, as parts of organic wholes, can also be applied to biological systems in which instead of the atom or particle or star/black hole, the point with parts is the cell or organism, and to sociological systems, in which the point with parts is a human head/mind. But those 2 other great fields of biological and social sciences, do not require so much a quantitative, geometric description (which we will however perform) but humans address them with enough complexity through the use of its own jargons.

The point with parts as a knot of space-time cycles≈arrows. The fractal point of i-logic geometry.

Now each point of view, creator of a system of reference from where knowledge can be acquired, the original model of Descartes which only claimed to create a ‘world, that of his mind that thinks therefore exists.

The Point of view also ‘ex=ists’ and that is the function that makes him think. It will think and first perceive an external Universe In this case we can consider the first action that of perception:

∂o, when the point of view perceives, then it will act in its relative ±1 available upper and downward U-sub planes of the 5th dimension with both of which TO MAINTAIN THE BALANCE OF EXISTENCE, will perceive energy and information from diametrical non-commutative directions of the metrics of its particular fifth scale:                    

In the graph the 2 directions of a flow of space-time along the 5th dimension, is made through small actions ∂U±4, which related the Active Magnitude, U, to a lower plane from where  

will obtain:   ∂I, ∂e bits & quanta. AND                               ∑Tƒ: information bits start a new point of perception, which if requiring relative motion will make the Tƒ expand its lower U-1 scales:

∂e quanta                                     Motion                                                 ∑U:quanta expanded=disintegrated by Tƒ, which modulates that expansion to move relatively to its lower scale.

We use for the concept of a space-time cyclical action, in the attempt to gather similar concepts into strings of synonymous the following names:

space-time cycles ≈ time cycles ≈ Space-time actions ≈ time arrows ≈ existential cycles/actions ≈ knots of time cycles ≈ knots of time ≈ i-logic points ≈ functions of existences

The idea as usual is to merge jargons on the range that goes from the visual description of simpler points man perceives without form or eliminating their form – physical treatment of systems in external space-time, to the range of human self-perception, in which only the inner space-time actions and existential purpose matter to us.

So when we describe the feeding motion in the gravitational field of a star we care nothing for the internal space-time actions (feeding on energy) but for the motion, and on the other extreme of the range, when we talk of the feeding of a human being, we care nothing for the fork motions that carry the food to our mouth but for the internal sensations – the need to feed and the problem of hunger, the taste of the food and our inner sensations, the transformative ‘electroweak’ forces used to change the food into an elaborated product, etc.

So the geometric description talks of space-time cycles (closed, frequency cycles) or space-time lines (motions between frequency repetitions of those cyclical actions). The jargon of actions in space and arrows of time is an intermediate jargon proper both of physical and social sciences and the existential jargon is the jargon of relational space-time that applies to all.

Reality is made of entities that are knots of Time cycles constantly tying themselves up with other knots of Time Arrows, forming networks in different scales of existence, evolving as complementary organisms of ‘Dimotions’ and information. And the question that science asks next is how to formalize that game of existence, its knots of Time Arrows or ‘entities of reality’, its fluxes of ‘Dimotions’ and information, its reproductive flows, herds and motions; its complementary networks of ‘Dimotions’ and form that create super-organisms.

And the answer is, as all models of science with its primary languages of space, mathematics, and time, causal logic, albeit more complex than the logic developed by the Greeks to explain a simpler Universe. In this new Non-Euclidean topology, planes are networks of knots of Time Arrows; and those knots of Time Arrows, the beings of reality are ‘Non-Euclidean points’ with a volume, or ‘organs’ that transform back and forth ‘Dimotions’ into information, creating reality.

All what you see becomes then a game of knots of Time Arrows, or ‘Non-Euclidean fractal points’, connecting themselves to other knots, forming complex planes, networks of points of two types, networks of energetic points (herds in motion) and networks of informative points (still networks). In any scale of reality those networks of points, which are knots of Time Arrows take place. The simplest scales of atoms can be described as such networks, but also the human scale. Consider a meeting: a series of human heads, moved by a lineal limb will start to share ‘Dimotions’ and form by producing waves of smaller ‘particles’ (sounds), and acquire a cyclical geometry as they create an event of information.

The Universe is a self-similar reality of infinite processes of creation and dissolution of networks made of knots=points of arrows of ‘Dimotions’ and information; and the best instruments to analyze it are the languages of the mind.

In that sense, humans, before clocks reduced our conception of time to a single arrow and language, were guided by psychological time, which is our inner perception of our time cycles and drives of existence – our desire to perceive, inform, reproduce and evolve socially. So we lived according to our cycles of ‘Dimotions’ (feeding hours), reproduction (family cycles), and social evolution (religious and cultural activities). And followed the cycles of the seasons of this planet, according to which all living species calculated its reproductive cycles.

The physical analysis – relativity: Elliptic geometry and its effects on cosmological perception vs. quantum relativity and its effects on microscopic perception

To notice, even though is not the theme of this post, that Relativity paradoxes act differently in internal and external time and space, according to the inversion of those Inner/Outer elements, necessary for the total balance of both. So as external time ‘decreases’, internal time-mass increases and the subjective life duration of the system increases; and as external speed-space increases, internal length decreases (shorting of the length of the being) in such a manner that Internal and External space-time remain balanced.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 14.12.58

So when Einstein says that space-time is non-Euclidean, what he means is that from the human perspective of ‘Euclidean light space-time’ of a single plane of existence, which has always a hyperbolic/planar/Euclidean flat geometry, the present variety of bidimensional systems, we perceive a shrinking of form, of information, which appears as a curved geometry, as the higher information of our scale and faster time clocks become reduced to slower time clocks and we perceive a smaller, warped quantity of information, form.

So what truly is an elliptic geometry is the perception of the cosmological, gravitational scale from the light space-time scale. And this is truly what Relativity describes, along its external/internal space-time deformations (slowing down of external time, acceleration and increase of mass vortices or internal clocks, enlarging of external space-speed, shortening of internal length). Again, Mr. Einstein did describe the hows of this with his mathematical equations. We are as usual simplifying from the higher perspective of the laws of 5D metric, and explaining the whys of it.

In the graph, space contraction in relativity physics is the shortening of an object along the direction of its motion relative to an observer. Dimensions in other directions are not contracted. The concept of the contraction was proposed by the Irish physicist George FitzGerald in 1889, and it was thereafter independently developed by Hendrik Lorentz of the Netherlands. The Michelson-Morley experiment in the 1880s had challenged the postulates of classical physics by proving that the speed of light is the same for all observers, regardless of their relative motion.

FitzGerald and Lorentz attempted to preserve the classical concepts by demonstrating the manner in which space contraction of the measuring apparatus would reduce the apparent constancy of the speed of light to the status of an experimental artifact.

In 1905 the German-American physicist Albert Einstein reversed the classical view by proposing that the speed of light is indeed a universal constant and showing that space contraction then becomes a logical consequence of the relative motion of different observers. Significant at speeds approaching that of light, the contraction is a consequence of the properties of space and time and does not depend on compression, cooling, or any similar physical disturbance.

Now in 5D metric the key question is this:

both, the LF interpretation from the perspective of the inner time of the observer and the Sp interpretation from the external space-time are equally valid, but actually we prefer the earlier LF interpretation from the perspective of the apparatus, or experimental artifact, explaining it, in the following fashion: the observer that emits the ray of light ‘stops’ in the moment of doing so, and by ‘stopping’ it appears to an external observer which perceives a continuous motion as if it had shortening its length. In fact it is a stop and go, as perception requires stopping motion to emit a ‘form’, since form, time is still cyclical motion.

Or in other terms, as the particle of water does not really move in a wave but makes a circular motion, at the lower scale while at the larger scale the wave advances, the electron that emits the light ray doesn’t move, at the lower scale but the light wave advances.

And vice versa, when we diminish in size as we increase the speed of time and quantity of ‘informative quanta, cells or atoms’ of the scale we travel, -∆Se x ∆Tƒ = C, we see an enlargement of information, as if magically the total quanta and parts of reality were increased, each one a replica of the larger form. And this appears to us as if we were travelling along an Escher drawing of hyperbolic geometry:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 13.54.56

In the graph, as we enter smaller scales of higher information according to 5D the effects are inverse to those of growing and enlarging our size, slowing down our time (Einstein’s relativity effects). Instead we increase our information and so we perceive a repetitive hyperbolic geometry, as if magically reality would enlarge and repeat itself, as in mandelbrot’s fractal or Escher drawings:


As usual the understanding of those scalar paradoxes implies a full harmonization and reinterpretation and solution of the whys of 2 branches fundamental to physics, the ‘growth of scale’ described by relativity and the diminishing quanta and electromagnetic scales (where toroid functions are common), described by quantum theory, which obviously CANNOT be unified with the pedestrian void-of-why-understanding procedures of physicists (playing with equations and terms they do not fully understand).

The simplest of those solutions is the comprehension of the electron nebulae which is in fact a toroid ‘descend’ from the whole, the electron into the photonic ultra dense H-planckton, the quanta of the electron, whose maximal momentum (particle state) will happen in the point where the ‘larger U’ perception happens.

Now, if those 2 ‘inverse perceptions’ define the way we humans from the ∆-scale understand the cosmological, relativity scale and its inverse, electromagnetic quantum scale, what about our ‘scale’?

Our scale which exists between those 2 limits can be described with Euclidean Geometry, and it is what we call Newtonian Mechanics, which does not require any deformation but uses the planar or hyperbolic geometry used to describe the lineal and angular momentum/moment of the –O dualities of our scale.

A mention apart requires the ‘4th great field’ of space-time physics, the ∆->∆+1≈U-1 thermodynamic laws that relate our scale with that of molecules, which is defined by the entropic/temperature parameters of ‘energy and information’ , where temperature are the vibrating frequency of the molecular clocks of time, and entropy-energy-heat parameters of its lineal spatial motion?

Of those also extensive themes studied in depth time permitted in our articles of physics, we shall comment only the relationship between the U+1≈Su-1 human vs. molecular, Heat vs. Kinetic Energy, Temperature vs. Entropy duality.

What we call the laws of thermodynamics deal with the transcendence of the motions-energy of the lower molecular scale into the upper human scale. Because ideally energy-motion is transferred from upper scales to down scales without loss (synchronic motion of your arms, where all cells move with the energy of your whole will) and information from low to upper scales without loss (genetic reproduction), when we try the inverse, the transfer of energy from the U-1≈∆+1 plane of molecular kinetic energy to ours, part of the energy-motion of the molecules is not transfer, as this is against the natural arrow of energy-motion (from up to down scales), and this is the ultimate meaning of entropy, which is the quantity of energy-motion which is not transferred to the upper scale hence it is not available to do work but stays as heat in the molecular state.

In terms of geometry this means that we are transferring a toroid geometry into a planar one, reducing it, and it is possible but beyond the scope of this web, to represent the laws of entropy in terms of transformations between those 2 manifold varieties.

What entropy does NOT mean is that the Universe is dying, that black holes evaporate, that… all those philosophical musings of physicists using single space-time continuum models. In this I do agree with Mr. Feynman: ‘classic physicists should never ask whys, because their models are so outdated that is a miracle enough that they work so well with how-measures (-:

It is in that sense astonishing how without understanding really ‘anything’ physicists have achieved through the experimental method such an astounding perfection in his measures of the Universe.

In brief we could resume the ternary elements of those geometries in the mathematical ternary description of our plane of existence and its motions (Newtonian->Euclidean), the upper cosmological gravitational scale (elliptic, curved with metric of external increasing speed-size and decreasing time speed, balanced internally by decreasing length and increasing mass-time clocks ) and the lower scale of toroid quanta.


IN THE GRAPH, the different geometries looking upward into the elliptic less informative whole, and downwards into the more informative multiple cellular side. YET those systems behave euclidean, ‘longitudinally’ in a given scale of the fifth dimension once the being has either emerged as a seed of higher information from the lower ∆-1 scale, or as it dissolves into a whole ‘mass of dissolving dead parts’ in a hyperbolic path to the ∆-1 scale.

The symmetries between the three scales, topologies and time functions of the whole system commanded by a first center, 10th dimensional soul of will º∆º (a mind in the ∆º-self centred scale), gives us the 3×3±1 fundamental elements we must play to re-create reality.

Since, 5D stience is a template that will require many scientists to be completed. As all new models it starts in a simplified manner; and given the inflationary multiple nature of kaleidoscopic minds-languages mirrors of reality it will seem likely too simple for the professional physicist.

But the big questions to validate this new Copernican revolution is NOT if its exactitude and complexity is similar to that of creationist mathematical physics – obviously it cannot, the same Copernicus with his cyclical orbits was less precise than Ptolomy, but if its foundations – fractal space and cyclical time as the substance of reality from where to extract isomorphic laws for all stiences – is more truth and resolves even in its simpler ‘pioneer’ format better the whys mathematical creationism cannot. And it does.  

So it is only a question of time that it becomes the new foundations of a new age of ‘stience’, regardless of the shortcomings of this blog, the hardships and silence that surrounds its pioneering development, in the mind of ‘its discoverer, which becomes an isolated point, a world in itself’ (Planck). This said I apologise for the shortcomings of this blog, given the null help I have always had from academia, regardless of the ‘Nature of scientific revolutions’, which makes pioneers both envied and denied by established models. 

Now, mirrors are inflationary kaleidoscopic views that multiple the one into infinite self-similar forms to pump up ‘its sense of importance’. And this is the key to understand Einstein’s dictum on too much of maths to reflect the simpler Universe, which HAS the underlying substance of lineal motion-distance DIFFICULT TO BEND. So the substance imposes limits to how many imaginative equations can fit, but that doesn’t deter the mathematician from multiplying them. So we have for each event infinite metaphors. So we do in verbal thought. Just the example above.

‘In the beginning it was the word, God, who made all things’. That is all we need but the sentence its twice at large and repeats the same things several times. So does the guy in ‘Arab’, to say ‘hi’: iinflationary complexity is an excellent method to pump up the ego of the ‘speaker of the language of God’, which however ‘is simple and not malicious’ (Einstein). So he talks Latin in complicated metaphors to feel ‘unique’ above the sheeple that in awe, understanding nothing thinks indeed the high priest of numbers and words is the creator of the wor(l)d. 

So opposing those ‘ego-trips’ there is scientific realism, which this blog will further evolve (Aristotle, Leibniz and Einstein beings its most outstanding AUTHORS), and reasons that reality must be made of the ultimate substances we observe IN reality, which are NOT phonemes and numbers, nowhere to be seen IN REALITY but space and time, and hence by evolving our concepts of vital spaces and time durations, we shall be able to extract properties common to all beings, even though they will be partially distorted by the mind-mirrors (verbal time logic and spatial mathematics) we human use to describe them.

So the key to increase our understanding of reality IS first to understand space and time and its properties, THEN, evolve our logic of verbal time and our topology of spatial mathematics to match those properties and focus better our mirror, and finally, to apply the improved mathematical-verbal logic mirrors to create organic better models of all sciences that happen in time and space, interpreting better the equations of sciences and solve with those models and improved mirrors the data we gather about reality, on which present science clearly excels (but drags behind problems of creationism and lack of understanding and evolution of mathematics).

In the transition from the age of human dominance to the age of computer dominance as the mind making science, which today increasingly is just a process of feeding data into computer models without any search for the whys and principles that unify reality, the earlier founding fathers of physics and economics mixed both creationist theories. So biblical fetish go(l)d religions became classic economics where money, a digital language of information substituted verbal laws in the ruling of western societies, and Kepler like Newton who thought Yhwh sent him comets to explain him the laws of gravitation felt themselves equal to God, their chosen digital masters. And so when Newton died, Pope told us: And God created Newton and light was born.

It is not then surprising that the 3 masters of space-time science had a hard time and ultimately were ignored. Leibniz was ignored in his confrontation with Newton and moreover accused of Plagiarism for his much deeper analysis of calculus and left abandoned in his old age by his king-employer, in one of the most shameful episodes of human history. Einstein was massacred along De broglie by the creationists, Heisenberg and Bohr and Pauli, despite being right defending quantum realism and pilot-wave theory and not even when his A-bomb gave him enormous prestige, he was respected. The FBI opened a file when he became pacifist. Again, the Homunculus mind is about handy  machines, small conceptual brain and hyperbolic thought. And we deal with those a priori structures of humans in our sections on history and economics.



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