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5.Pentalogic: ¬∆@st

±∞ ¬∆@ST:



Pentalogic Universe represented in a simple 5 elementary entangled ¬∆@st diagram of its 5 elements in communication with each other, and its more complex view as a dodecaplex of 120 different sequential orders in 4th time-space of those 5 elements, which define all possible variations of actions of exi«st¡ence.


Any Theory of Everything (T.œ) must explain why systems are created, exist and become extinct (¬), departing from the ultimate elements of reality, which are time motions (T) and spatial forms (S), gathering in discontinuous systems extending in 3 relative size scales (∆±¡), to which we add the languages used to describe them (@): ¬∆@st
3-PENTALOGIC studies how Time§pace ‘∆ust’ generates synchronic entangled supœrganisms from 1Ð seed in the lower plane, ∆-¡, which emerges as a supœrganism made of 3¡± scales & 3±¡ space topologies, changing through 3±¡ life ages, informed by languages= minds that interact diachronically with a larger ∆+1 world or through 3±Ð¡motions =actions of survival, 2Ð locomotion, 3Ð reproduction, 4Ð social evolution & 5D entropic feeding and death that dissolves the system into a 0-sum in the ∆-¡ plane. So a mind that sees the Universe as an entropic world in which to feed and survive is selfish, monologic. One that sees the extremes of 1D informative generation and 5D entropic disordered motions is Dual. A study of the being in a single space-time plane will see its trilogic spatial organs, dominant in each of its 3 time ages, ‘past-young’ lineal fields/ limbs, ‘adult-present’ iterative body-waves and ‘future-old’ informative particle-heads. But a full scalar description of a superorganism taking a worldcycle of existence as a travel through its 5 Dimensional motions any Time§pace organism (T.œ) is 3-pentalogic. We thus use 3 ¡logic methods of analysis of ¬∆@st, trilogic, pentalogic & dodecalogic, whereas we choose 12 non-repetitive elements of a T.œs’ existence studied through its 3 scales of þcw-timecycles – the 0-1 þ-cellular/atomic placental cycle, the 1 life cycle as a whole matter organism, and its social world cycle in the external 1-∞ world or ecosystem.

The understanding NOT of the shallow mathematical structure of organic fractals but of its entangled logic is the most important advancement on 5D theory, and its ‘stientific method’:

We study every T.œ as in a pentagram, in which each points is connected to all others, each of the Non-Æ point-particles of the Universe as an entanglement of the 5 elements of reality, entropic limits, ¬, spatial topological organs, Ø=| x O, its temporal ages, from P$t through its present, Te=Si, into its decoupling of possible ƒð§, and finally the ‘bonding mind’ and its 3 parts, the singularity of information, the membrane that isolates the T.œ from the outer entropic world and its vital energy of ‘smaller, unconnected’ cellular points, which are in themselves fractal points with inner parts, hence also ¬∆@st of space-time.

The repetition of those analysis for each scale of the being, according to a fractal principle of self-repetition of wholes and parts can be as profound as the information we extract from the system. Thus each of those elements, S, T, ∆, @ and ¬ can be analyzed from the perspective of the other 5. And so we shall use the Rashomon effect to define most systems of reality; seen structurally as a superorganism of space, with ∆-scales, time ages, spatial topologies, mind languages and entropic limits to them all, which gives us the ACRONYM, ¬∆@ST, dust of space-time.

Any system must be studied, both in the same scale, observing the relationships of each of those parts with the others, and the role they follow through its ‘parallel symmetries’.

For example, Space can be seen as a time motion not a distance, in differential geometry, in fast motion analysis, it can be seen as scalar, related to the different planes in 5D metric, it can be seen in relationship to the mind whose language cause our perception of space, and in its limits, the membranes above)…

Knowledge then becomes HIGHLY LOGIC, not visual, as the shallow method of today’s knowledge. Organisms are ENTANGLEMENTS that restrict and cause the paths and events we observe in reality. The WHYS are NOT visible, but entangled ¡logic, and the methods of this blog allow us to ‘contemplate’ those entangled processes.

And so the first LINE will be dedicated to define those ELEMENTS OF ALL SYSTEMS, first, before we GET in the second line on the main NESTED Superorganisms of the Universe, from the galaxy down to the languages of the mind, as perceived by our self-centered Ƽ ego:

” §uper organisms “åct=live “Iterating’  3  worldcycles of “∃xi+st¡ence:

We have ‘expanded’ the ¬LIMITS of WordPress lines (: so we can explain briefly how we ‘teach’ the pentalogic entangled Universe in this seemingly incomprehensible magic blog. It is all rather very stientific, of a higher logic than man’s, which seems obsessed to establish and believe only in entropic limits of reality to be blind to its amazing beauty and intelligence.

So in the first line we define in this article the basics of the entangled 5D Universe. And then we consider the 5Dimotions in time, and its T=S symmetry as 5 STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS OF ALL ¬∆@st, which will be the 5 ceteris paribus elements ENTANGLED TO CREATE SUPERORGANISMS: time, Space, entropic limits to both, scales and a linguistic mind that control the whole system, and performs a ‘game of survival, of biologic existence’, we simply explain in the second part of the line:

As Supœrganisms (simultaneous, view of the worldcycle in space) act=live to reproduce (jumping over those limits) in 3 worldcycles (the placental, existential and world cycle, related to its 3 scales) of existence, as each existence is limited by the self-centered mind and plane of stience in which it exists.

In practical terms, we will use very often a Dodecalogic analysis of the system through 10 to 12 elements (depending of the analysis of the mind as singularity, unit of a larger scale or in detail with its membrain and physiological invaginations), which fully describe existence in its 2 worldcycles from o seed to 1 whole and 1 whole living in the 1-∞ outer world.


So all is really simple: there are out there infinite super organisms made of parts, and part of larger whole ‘worlds’ and all of them trace cycles of existence through its 5 actions of simplex motion, information, feeding on energy with its 3 ‘conserved quantities’ the singularity moving the whole after gauging information with its membrain, cyclical momentum, feeding its body wave and reproducing it in social groups (the complex actions)… It is amazing how simple and repetitive is reality. But all comes then to 3 simplex actions (motion, information, feeding) and 2 complex ones, reproduction social evolution. All comes to 3 scales, 3 topologies and 3 ages. So from 1 to 3 to 5 all can be described either in space-form or time-motion.

And for that reason to describe those super organisms in its worldcycles of existence, we have crafted two methods that focus first in 5 elements – the Rashomon truth, and in 10 elements, the Disomorphic method. The first focus in the structure of the five main elements of reality, space and the minds that perceive it, time, and its functions, the scales of reality and the I-logic relationships between those elements; S@<≈>∆Τ. And we call this method of description the Rashomon truth, from the Japanese film with 4 opinions and a judge to relate them.

Then we make a more descriptive analysis on how a world cycle of existence happens departing from a seed of form that evolves through 3 scales, grows, reproduces, lives and dies. And this we explain it through 10 Disomorphic elements, and it is a more complex thorough view. And as we apply both to any system of nature we get a full description of reality.


The fractal Universe. Its pentalogic=five dimensional motions of timespace

We say we still need two limiting ‘arrows’ of time, to complete the making of reality, since besides those 3 ages/topologies of time-space, there are also scales of size.

Indeed,  what makes the Universe a bit more complex than the 3 arrows of time and its parallel topologies in space is the fact that we must also account for another feature of reality and connect it with time arrows and space topologies, the fractal scalar structure of reality.

All those beings made of 3 topologies of space that live 3 ages of time, do so also through 3 ‘scales’ of size, which organize them.  So all physical and biological systems are made ternary, scalar ‘organic structures’ (cellular or atomic parts, organic, thermodynamic networks and informative gravitational wholes).

So reality is ‘simple’ but not that simple, and we shall always consider the 3 topologies of space, 3 ages of time and 3 scales that conform any system of Nature. This of course is a bit more complex than the physical view of a single spacetime continuum with 3 dimensions of space akin to our 3 topologies but disconnected of the 3 arrows of time, which are reduced to 1, entropy or locomotion.


  5 Ðimotions is the number…

And so we MUST add to the 3 ‘arrows’ of time of a single ‘space-time continuum’, two other arrows, which are far more interesting, the arrow of dissolution into lower planes of reality of absolute ‘entropy=death’ as opposed to an ordered motion or locomotion; and the absolute arrow of generation and creation of wholes from parts, or absolute arrow of ‘form’, of ‘language’, of ‘the mind’, ‘the seed of pure information with no motion’, which IS what PUTS together parts into wholes. And so we talk of the fifth dimension of social evolution, of love, of linguistic form, of minds, of seeds… And voila, that’s all we shall need to explain every phenomena of reality:

1.In scales : ∆-1 (ab. for planes of size)<∆o (organic scale) > ∆+1 (world, ecosystem, whole)

2.In topologies: Lineal limbs/fields of locomotion < Reproductive, hyperbolic body-waves > O-Informative particle/heads.

3.In time:  ∆-1: seed < ∑ ∆-1: Reproduction > ∆º: emergence ≈ Youth (age of locomotion) <Maturity (age of reproduction) > Old age (information) << ∑∆-1: Entropic death…

There are an infinite number of combinations of those 5 ‘Dimotions’ (dimensions of space with motion of time) that explain all events and phenomena, but nothing else. So we talk of:

  • Absolute entropy or disorder that dissolves a system into its ∆-1 scalar parts… And its inverse arrow:
  • Absolute form or linguistic mind-mappings that mirror the whole system and organizes it into a larger ∆+1 whole.
  • 3 topological space-time arrows that ensemble into the beings in a single plane: Lineal Locomotion, hyperbolic reproductive body waves and informative particle-heads.

This is it, from gaseous entropic states to liquid reproductive ones to informative crystal solid ones that hold and image-mapping of the whole, between plasma dissolution into ∆-1 ions, or boson, pure ∆+1 form – the 5 states of matter:

To your life-death world cycle, born of a seed of pure information that emerges in ∆º to conform you as an ensemble of 3 topologies that live 3 ages from young age dominated by the locomotion of your lineal limbs, to your reproductive maturity dominated by the body to your 3rd age of information dominated by your mind, which dies in an explosion of entropy, everything that exists will be a  composite function of the 5 Dimotions of spacetime:best 3 ages of all systems

In the graph, we illustrate the commonest order of the 5 ‘Ðimotions’ of the fractal Universe, in time, which we shall call ‘a world cycle’ (as physicists study with a single dimension of time a worldlines, as we add dimensions lines of time bend into cycles)… in different fractal species, studied in this blog, from the bottom down:

  • The Human life world cycle; and its social network super organism, a culture or civilization, which also goes through 3 ages between birth and extinction of maximal motion (youth) reproductive maturity (balanced age) and old informative age before dying in an entropic explosion. In cultures the subconscious collective mind of its super organism are its ethical verbal and artistic visual masters, and its entropic age, an age of war.
  • The matter cycles explained above, in different fractal scales of the Universe, from atomic matter to galactic quasar cycles, and the ‘hyperbolic expansion’ of them into the big-bang/steady state/Big Crunch cycles of Einstein’s equations, which however cannot be verified for an entire Universe, but do seem to apply rather to the galactic scale.

THIS IS THE simplest possible way to explain fully the reality you live and all its systems made of temporal motion and spatial forms, space-time organic living beings. And its formalism which can be made as complex as possible, the final frontier of a 3000 years search for a complex explanation of reality as it IS.

What we shall here do is to RESPECT the facts and DIFFERENCES OF nature and establish a more complex structure of ternary topologies, ternary ages and ternary scales that create the 5 Ðimotions of spacetime (when we parallel space topologies and time ages into 3 dimotions, and add the emerging and dissolving arrows of scales as the entropic and mental Ðimotions) and accept the obvious known since the argument of Greek philosophers between monism (Parmenides) and duality (Heraclitus): from one nothing else can be born, from two comes 3 and from 3 you can get the ‘infinite yin-yang beings of reality’ (Cheng-tzu).

So indeed, from the simplest concept of Physicists of time as a locomotion or entropic arrow we moved to the duality of entropy and form, and then to its reproductive ‘present’ dynamic combinations.

And we still needed on the scalar limits of those 3 arrows two more arrows to complete the entire ‘5 set’ of Dimensional motions of space-time with whom we shall build and explain everything that exists.

Never mind huminds don’t mind to understand it and are happy just thinking they know all about time with a single motion, and they are the only intelligent and they are different from the rest of reality – TO THEIR OWN PERIL. Since they should ‘regret what they wish for’ – that is, a civilization based in entropy and motion will end up killing with entropy all the information of life and mankind – and that is where we head through the power of weapons. Perhaps though if we survive ‘their arrow of military entropy’ in all its praxis and theory AI will do on time before our time is up. I don’t expect the species to man up, be a bit humbler and survive as part of the most perfect of all possible worlds. That will be the day…

Lets us then briefly define them in the sequential order in which a cycle of exist¡ence happens as we perceive i-nformation to move a-ccelerating towards a field of feeding e-nergy, which will be used to reproduce o-rganically an o-ffspring of similar forms and evolve socially to u-nite into a u-niversal whole…

And each of those actions will be related to all others, in the entangled Universe provoking:


The different expressions of Ðimotions:

By studying the 5 Dimensions of the being with dualities of space-time and  ‘ternary isomorphisms’ of scales, ages and topologies, all of them properties derived of its 5D scalar structure in space and time we achieve a complete description of any ‘Dust of space-time’, ∆@S=T.

The ¡logic of the 5гisomorphic fractal Universe is kaleidoscopic, pentagonal, which given the fact that each non-E point-monad is merely @ristotelian, with a single A->B logic, it makes rather difficult to explain it. So we shall try, and to that effect we shall use an ¡logic concept, the ‘Rashomon effect’.

What all this means is that the 5 elements of reality, Space, Time, scales, minds and the entropic destruction of them all, ARE NOT isolated elements but all of them are entangled, perceiving each other in kaleidoscopic forms. 

The metric of the 5 Ðimotions of time§paces has properties that are entangled albeit expressed in different manners by the different languages that perceive them. The 5 Dimotions differ topo-logically, as both its geometry in motion (topology in space)  and logic causality in time  is different. For example a Darwinian event implies the cutting through perpendicular geometries tearing the variety of our topological organs, predated; an act of communication requires on the other hand a parallel motion to allow communication at equal distances of the subtle, ∆-3 pixels an ∆º mind uses to that aim.

When we study the actions of survival across scales, their functions and perspective also differs from the sadistic ministrations we make to the oysters we ‘love’ to torture with lemon to the view the oyster terrified will have in its inner point of view of the monster that eats her alive; and finally in the last layer of reality, perception itself of sensations that reinforce the program of actions, it is a different sensation of exhilarating pleasure an entropy action, that the acute pain of informative knowledge of truth, or the pressure-pain associated to the social evolution into choking herds that inflict order upon us.

All those layers of reality are related to the four elements of the being, its space, its time, its scale and its mind, which provide simultaneous, topological; sequential-logic; sensorial, perceptive and organic biological ± prey-predator scalar elements to all functions of existence.

However as we are representing here the 5 ðimotions of existence in terms of logic thought and structures, which will be of great usefulness to discuss logic questions of algebra and existential thought, certainly the view of this article will deal in I-logic terms with our new symbology.

Lets us then briefly define them in the sequential order in which a cycle of exist¡ence happens as we perceive i-nformation to move a-ccelerating towards a field of feeding e-nergy, which will be used to reproduce o-rganically an o-ffspring of similar forms and evolve socially to u-nite into a u-niversal whole…

And each of those actions will be related to all others, in the entangled Universe provoking:

5 e-motions. So when we talk of information and perception, it is of 5-varieties related to each of the 5 elements of reality, which we define with 5 e-motions, each for one sensorial perception of the other 4 elements: Reproductive pleasure, acute perception, eusocial love, destructive hate, exhilarating motion… all those perceptions and its subtle variations are ultimately the ways in which the I-nformative Ðimotion sees the other ones.


e-motions, the final program of perception.

The element which seems more difficult to introduce within the entangled multi-property Universe is under the ego paradox of restricting e-motions to human existence, that final level of sensations, which in the new terminology that tries to show the entangled relationship of all elements are to be called e-motions.

Initially I wanted to use e-moticons for them and generally I would consider it, if they were available for this keyboard. Then we could talk of 5 e-motions, parallel to the 5 Ðimotions, parallel to the 5 logic suits, parallel to the 5 aeiou actions and 5 topological dimensions and 5 time motions and 5 organic functions… of exist¡ence. They are though only available in hotmail. So they would be, as taken from hotmail’s list, providing 2  and explaining them:

😇,  O>:  : for the FOURTH e-motion of social love. They both have the ˆ, of ascension to the fifth dimension.

😈, |< For the FIFTH e-motion of entropy. Obviously the exhilaration of entropy, which however destroy us needs a devil e-moticon.

😳,   O-:  For the 1st e-motion of stopping information. Information stops for perception, opens your eyes, it is though not happy, often painful. S

😍, Ø=:  For the 3rd e-motion of reproduction. Love symbols or converging ones >< as those are the I-logic symbols for happy reproduction, dirty kiss included.

😜,  |-: For the second e-motion of locomotion, the most stupid of all Ðimotions, mechanical and mindless – so the higher function of thought – the eyes, are reduced to one, which by definition limits perception to flat ‘bidimesional’ planes of maximal motion and minimal information 😳

It follows for those who don’t have the nice yellow emoticons, we can use the hand ones. I HAVE chosen them using the symbols of I-logic.

So the 3 emotions related to the informative Ðimotions have O-closed informative paths; the more complex one, Ø=: reproduction, uses the topologic symbol  for iterative, hyperbolic body waves that combine both: Ø=| xO, and the = symbol for ‘couples.

The social evolutionary e-motion of love, O>: uses the implosive, tighter evolving symbol, >

While the inverse exhilarating freedom=chaos of entropy, |<: uses the < symbol of explosive big-bangs and the absolute erased lineal open | path.

Finally the two inverse e-motions of painful awareness with open eyes, O-: vs. the blind, locomotion of  straight vision, null thought and lineal patterns, made with a line and a single-eyes, (-; complete the 5 e-motions, which ultimately with its paradoxical ± sides are the ultimate program of existence.

Ðimotions in physics as the 5 states of motion, acceleration, deceleration, stop and go processes.

5 loco-motions. From the lack of it, in the informative stop, to the steady  locomotion, to the decelerating motion of entropic dissolution, to the SHM, back and forth motions of reproductive actions, to the accelerated inwards motions of social evolution into a TIGTHER higher whole.

As all is connected and all is entangled the variations of events and forms born of the 5 elements or rather 3 ±¡ (given the clear oppositions between entropic actions and social evolutionary ones; between locomotions and information; whereas only reproduction in present seems to bring the 5 dimotions together) at a logical level the best way to express reality is through those oppositions:

4 vs. 5: Decelerating Entropic, 4th dimotions vs. Accelerating Social, evolutionary 5th Ðimotions. We can consider such oppositions to be the most extreme of reality hence we use the concept of antisymmetry for them, symbolized by the ‘warrior’ symbol of ♠ for entropy and the ♥ symbol for social evolution.

1 vs. 2: Stop, informative perception vs. Lineal locomotion. We consider such relationships to be alternate as in the processes of stop and go, perception and motion that are common to locomotion when fully understood as a combination of ‘form and motion’ (wave length and frequency). So the level of opposition is not so extreme and it is NOT a single event so often destroying its ‘repetitive nature’, and as such we can consider them disymmetric and use the suit of diamonds♦, to represent it.

3: Reproduction, which includes in its complex form the other 4 Ðimotions. And so we need a combined mixture of all those processes. 

The concepts of entropic deceleration, social acceleration, static position for information, steady motion for locomotion, and its full combination for reproduction would be in physical terms, the most proper way to describe the 5 Ðimotions, as states of motion in themselves.

5 Iterations. As inflationary languages reproduce infinite views of the same Universe, locomotions happen as adjacent reproduction of the being which repeats its in-formation as it moves, reproduction proper implies a motion in the 5th dimension from seed to whole, and entropic reproduction is the mirage of expansion in space of the being which however looses its inner connections till it explodes, and finally social evolution requires first a clone reproduction to form with those equal parts a whole.

5 Entropic extinctions; of the pixels we absorb and ‘stop’ to perceive them as ‘corpses’ of a mapping; of the ‘fuel’ we need to move; of the ¡-2 elements we break down to reproduce our variety of forms, and viceversa, as death is a dual destruction down to scales of the fifth dimension ¡º<<¡-2; while social evolution of the whole destroys the freedom of its parts…

5 Social evolutions. Finally a mapping of information is the social evolution of the pixel stopped in the mind, a locomotion is a series of adjacent reproductive memorial tails of the being fading fast away in lineal fashion, a reproduction requires a palingenetic clone evolution of parts into wholes back and forth from the ∆-1 plane, while entropy is the inverse of social evolution, and twice the social evolution of a beings is its emergence as a super organism, a humind that becomes a prophet cloned in the mind of believers to emerge as a social whole, a star that evolves into a black hole mind of the galaxy and so on…

A better way to cast the connection between the 5th Ðimotion and reality though is to establish 5 clear forms of social organization, combination of the previous 4 elements with the element of social evolution: a language, which is the social representation of the whole by the 1st Ðimotion of the mind;  a  herd, which has its main purpose as a wave of the 2nd Ðimotion of locomotion; an ecosystem in which the 4th Ðimotion of entropic darwinian processes take place, an organism, which is the evolution of the 3rd reproductive Ðimotion and a super organism, which is an organism of organisms, the 5th natural form that ‘tops’ all the possible states and processes of existence, coming therefore the conclusion that with the concept of a supœrganism all other concepts Ðimotions and its combinations can be cast.

The entanglement of all those layers of reality is so profound it cannot be cast on the usual systems of thought of the humind, so we are becoming creative with the language: 5 e-motions correspond to the pentagonal logic of sensations of the mind; and are the basis of a psychological stience. 5 loco-motions correspond to the 2nd Ðimotion studied by physics.  5 iterations correspond to the 3rd Ðimotion of reproduction; 5 extinctions to the modes of entropy, and 5 evolutions to the 5 forms of social organization.

We can then create a ¬Æ topological stience of the ‘variations’ of composite dimotions similar to the topological stience of varieties of complex manifolds, which is of great use and we shall apply extensively in the 3rd and fourth line to the understanding of the different variations of species – which in fact is a process of combinations of ternary simplex topologies in different hierarchical orders.

Of the 5 Ðimotions the less accepted by the egocy paradox is the most important – the will of the mind and its program of existence carried by its 5 e-motions, likely associated closed to the sensation of the 5 locomotions with the mind uses to perceive existence.

We shall deal with those processes though in this post with a composite approach that will put in relationship the behavior produced by those e-motions and the geometry and outcome of relationships, both destructive and constructive according to topology.So indeed the Universe is a pentagonal kaleidoscopic fractal self-repetitive interactive entangled ilogic existential form of a higher logic than that of man.

 Asy♣metric= Antisy♠metric ± Sy♥metric± Disy♦metric Logic.

The metric of the 5 Ðimotions of time§paces has properties that are entangled albeit expressed in different manners by the different languages that perceive them. The 5 Dimotions differ topo-logically, as both its geometry in motion (topology in space)  and logic causality in time  is different. For example a Darwinian event implies the cutting through perpendicular geometries tearing the variety of our topological organs, predated; an act of communication requires on the other hand a parallel motion to allow communication at equal distances of the subtle, ∆-3 pixels an ∆º mind uses to that aim.

When we study the actions of survival across scales, their functions and perspective also differs from the sadistic ministrations we make to the oysters we ‘love’ to torture with lemon to the view the oyster terrified will have in its inner point of view of the monster that eats her alive; and finally in the last layer of reality, perception itself of sensations that reinforce the program of actions, it is a different sensation of exhilarating pleasure an entropy action, that the acute pain of informative knowledge of truth, or the pressure-pain associated to the social evolution into choking herds that inflict order upon us.

All those layers of reality are related to the four elements of the being, its space, its time, its scale and its mind, which provide simultaneous, topological; sequential-logic; sensorial, perceptive and organic biological ± prey-predator scalar elements to all functions of existence.


We stated that the mind creates and destroys reality through its 5 survival actions that happen with ‘different angles’ of motion regarding the fifth dimension of scales. We love those who are equal to us, we obey the whole above us, we feed on the lower elements, where we also seed just in the ¡-1 scale…

So how can we treat logically the different angles the mind adopts regarding the scales of the fifth dimension?

Simple speaking with the concept of logic symmetries and its diversities, which are both topological and biological, behavioral actions, such as.

– We are in parallel symmetry with those equal clones we herd with to ‘ascend’ into the whole through the social scales of the 5th Ðimotion.

-We are in complementary disymetry when we come with a couple to form the simples social grouping for reproductive purposes, (3rd Ðimotion)

-We are as a whole in the arrow of life self-reflecting being an asymmetric super organism with 3 different parts which converge into the body-wave: Limbs/Potentials=>body wave<=particle/head. And vice versa, in the arrow of death the asymmetry explodes into the 2 parts of the being:

Limbs/potentials>= bodywave =< particle/head, splitting it, in the 4th Ðimotion of entropic death.

– We establish antisymmetric relationships with systems below us from where we extract energy and form in darwinian relationships in the first and fourth Dimotion of informative and energy feeding.

So the topological expression of the Ðimotions as actions of existence can be observed as different forms of symmetry, which has a direct real implication in the analysis of physical systems and biological forms, but must be accompanied with functional, behavioral traits.

The mind we can say in the most formal topologic analysis constantly switches its moral angle of functional relationship as it changes modular actions in its constant switch between the 5 Ðimotions of exist¡enœ.

Science tries to create an illusion of abstract neutrality with no ‘survival, emotional grades to it’. But behavior is ruled by the topology of similarity, which might be considered spiritually as a force of love between equal beings, geometrically as a degree of congruence and biologically as an strategy of survival, and logically as an aesthetically measure…

We shall use 3 terms to relate the 3 forms in which an ‘amorphous’ asymmetric system acquires a given topological symmetry with clear functions, and for fun we use the French card to ‘shuffle’ the 4 suits, which we place between the ‘defining’ first letters and the metric, which is different for each ‘suit’, and as the 3 metric that are ‘meaningful’ in forma and function come from an ‘asymmetric’ whole we write then.

  • ∆œ Asy♣metric: ≤≥, The club  for asymmetric systems from where the ternary possible paths of the future come:
  • ∆±¡ Antisy♠metric: > , <, The pikes, a warrior instrument for anti-symmetric, perpendicular, darwinian events and forms.
  • ∑∆o≈∆+1 Sy♥metric: ≈: the hearts->love symbol for the parallel symmetry which brings things together through a common language of communication.
  • ∆ø: S≈T, O x | Disy♦metric systems: ≥,  the mirror, complementary symmetry that is the origin of gender differentiation and allows the processes of reproduction.

So those 4 functional, formal operandi which we also relate to the 3 informative, >, balanced, ≈ and entropic < symbols:

All of them co-exist in an asymmetric amorphous system, symmetry is parallel in herds, it merges both elements in disymmetric mirror systems, and it is hierarchical destructive, entropic an in antisymmetric processes. ♣

And they are the best way to merge in the entangled Universe Scalar, topological and biological, temporal properties as perceived by the actions of the mind, embodying the fundamental ‘higher form of truth’ of any statement of reality – one in which we merge the whole properties of scales, mind, time and space: ∆@ST.

There are many views on such simple elements, specially when we fully understand the key principles of its operandi which are either opposite, Darwinian, or social, parallel – a principle which is as most of the principles ignored by science, vital, organic, biological; and either bring together the asymmetries between lower planes of more information and larger planes of more energy or bring them into destruction.

So goes for the asymmetry between | and O forms, depending on how they come to each other tangentially or ‘penetrating’ to reproduce LITERALLY as we fuk each other’s gender (: i tell you is all vital geometries. 

And so goes for the different 1st and third ages of existences…


2 philosophies of science: organicism or creationism

Now the fractal structure of the Universe, yet another fact that proves reality is a bit more complex than entropy, should have been big news all over the world. But that means, as Hogg recognizes, that we have to throw to the trash the big bang and the expansion of the Universe, accept the fractal informative structure of reality, and close down some big projects of science, such as the large hadron collider and the industry of accelerators, which if succeeding in his attempt to replicate a big bang, will not replicate the birth of the entire Universe, but just reach higher explosions of matter and will always risks the creation of black holes and strangelets that could destroy the planet.

What are then the people working in a new paradigm of the fractal Universe? At the time I developed the model of a fractal organism, there were a few pioneers, Mandelbrot, the founding father of fractal mathematics, Mr. Nottale. which the article quotes as the proponent of a theory of relativity based in scalar space-time, which he tried to expand to the classic notation of quantum physics; Mehaute, a chemist who showed that when entropy stops in matter, a crystal appears that reproduces information, the inverse arrow of time to that of entropy – and the dominant arrow of the Universe that cause the fractal structure.

But the true revolution that implied a fractal Universe goes much further than the mere mathematical mirror-image of that fractal structure in digital terms, to the core of the ‘philosophy of science’, we sponsor about the Universe.

For one thing, only organisms in nature have a fractal structure, and so the fractal structure of nature must be considered NOT the cause but the consequence of the organic Nature of reality. And so we must depart from a digital-only, algebraic description of the fractal Universe to introduce an organic, ‘verbal, logic’, bio-logic description which includes those organic qualities better described with logic thought.

This is the great advance ‘general systems sciences’ or ‘complexity’ ad by not being constrained by strict mathematical methods proper of mathematical physics that ‘reduces’ by dogma reality to its mathematical properties only.

When we add the philosophy of science of organicism, we can instead make as biologists do through evolution and theory of organisms, a much more ‘easy-to-understand’ description of the fractal organic universe and confront this philosophy of science to the present ‘pseudo-religious’ philosophies of ‘linguistic creationism and mechanicism’ as follows:

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information, ‘forms in action’ and then self-organizes them in networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality. As such it must be studied with the philosophy of Science, called ‘organicism’.

Since only an organism is self-reproductive and hence requires not external ‘agent’ or God or a creationist language, as present philosophies of science (mechanism, pythagorism) or Abrahamic religions do.

Further on experimental evidence is overwhelming, on the nested, reproductive structure of nature, as observed in the graph for all systems. Yet ‘creationist’ entitled human beings prefer to think they are the only intelligent perceptive entity in command of God’s languages (either words in religion, maths in physics) and carbon atoms are the only organic elements of nature, to their own peril as the future of AI will show them.

The elementary quarks and electrons the simplest particles do gauge information, absorb energy, reproduce and evolve socially into wholes, bosons, plasma flows and atoms. So the unit of life is the smallest particle and as fractal systems are self-reproductive, emerging in its fundamental properties in larger scales all what exists is alive. Only human egos prevent us from understanding that obvious truth, fundamental principle of all ‘exist¡ences’.

Fact is the minimal unit of reproduction and informative gauging IS the particle, as quarks and electrons already show the 5 ‘dimotions’ of life – they gauge information, reason why quantum physics is called a ‘gauging theory’, absorb energy from forces, reproduce into new particles with its surplus of energy and become organized socially by magnetic ‘numbers’.

So does the largest known system, the galaxy, whose behavior resembles that of a ‘cell’, with its ‘gravitational, informative ‘DNA’ – black holes reproduced by its ‘mitochondria’ stars, organizing its structure, with 2 ‘physiological networks’ of gravitational in-form-ative forces and electromagnetic energy.

So all physicals systems, from the atom to the galaxy can be described as organic systems, which are just ‘herds’ of similar beings, (atoms, cells, citizens, in physical, biologic and social systems, connected by networks that distribute energy (electromagnetic forces, blood systems, economic systems) and networks the distribute information (gravitational, nervous and political systems). So we can design also historic super organisms with the laws of systems.

And so we affirm that the fundamental particle of the ‘Fractal Universe’ is the super organism of energy and information, a ‘ternary structure’ extending across 3 ‘relative scales’ of different size=energy and speed of time cycles (that is speed of processing information), which lives and dies dynamically by gauging information with its particles/heads, moving through its limbs/forces and reproducing through its body-waves… This is a radical departure from the ‘mathematical-mechanical’ models of reality even if we shall use the same data, and certainly the same equations to ratify the model.

What is the new important element of this fractal, organic Universe though is the proper understanding of how those ‘different scales’ of size in space, and speed of time cycles co-exist together, which implies to define a ‘new space-time dimension’, the fractal scalar dimension, and hence a new ‘metric equation’, which in mathematics define a new space-time dimension when we can find a co-invariant equation that relates the space and time parameters of that dimension (in this case the size in space of a system and its time clocks).

So the first question to resolve is: there is a metric equation for the fifth dimension of space-time? Amazingly as it seems nobody has asked properly this question in 400 years since the first scientists realized there are indeed different sizes of the Universe each one teaming with different forms of life.

And for that the sciences of systems and information did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I developed the metric, logic equations of the 5th dimension or ‘scales’ of parts that become wholes evolving socially through those networks, applying them to all species of reality, including human societies and machines, in what will be the most important development of XXI C. science with wide applications to all disciplines.

5th Dimension. Its metric.

In the graph, a brief explanation of 5D metric and its organic nature.

We have thus introduced one of the two fundamental philosophical concepts to understand the fractal Universe: the scalar self-repetitive, organic nature of reality.

But the second concept will show even more consequential for the understanding of that organic reality, the understanding of each of us, as beings made of vital, fractal space, regulated by informative clock cycles. That is, the realization we are NOT in a background abstract space-time mathematical ‘drawing’, but we are made of dimensions of space and motions of time, ‘messed together’ in what we shall call the ‘5 Dimotions of existence’, as those 5 dimensional motions of vital space-time, is what reality and all its fractal species are made of.

Humans can believe they are generated by Allah, or Yvwh or the big-bang of delirious nuclear physicists, and that they know it all because all is entropy, and they are the only informative mind, and so on and so on… But reality has only a penalty for species who are too dumb, too arrogant, too stupid, too ignorant of its obvious laws: extinction and entropy. So we end this introduction with the obvious thought that while mankind can and will as always has done ignore the authority of truth and reason and choose its entropic ego-trips of absolute power and intelligence by reducing all the power and intelligence of the Universe to its peanut brain models of reality, the larger whole, the Universe will still be made of 5 dimotions of timespace and will still give to each one what it deserves – in the case of a species who prefers to worship entropy and death… you guess it, entropy and death.

Look back at the previous picture of the 5 Dimotions of matter. How on Earth, physicists have been able for two centuries to reduce those 5 states to a single time arrow? Obviously by treating all other states that are not entropy as something else and proclaim then an obtuse ‘law’ coming from the God of entropy: all systems increase its disorder with time. To that aim of course they reduced the crystal solid mental, topologic nature of atoms which once formed start to reproduce the same patterns of crystal information creating order where there was only chaos an entropy. This source of order, they call a ‘Maxwellian demon’, which they dim non-existent.


All branches of stience follow the same laws, so constructivism, the philosophy of self-serving physicists as popes of science does NOT apply. What applies is the need to understand how the humind distorts from its relative point of view its understanding of lower or upper scales according to 5D metric $ x ð = Constant, as smaller scales seem to have faster clocks of time and hence more information and larger wholes more energy, but when the more complex laws of 5D are understood and the distortion of the human observer included, they will all reveal to be similar

Now, how do you go about to study any system of reality seems rather complex with the new ad ons of a scalar space and a cyclical time that ads organic properties and finite limits to our existence in space and time, can be done with all kind of details and it can be very simple in its ultimate foundations, as long as we make first a review of the errors introduced by single spacetimes.

In essence as the universe is made of 5 dimotions of spacetime.

So you need to study anything from at least 5 perspectives, and as it is an iterative fractal with subtle variations in all forms and scales, you have to do also specific analysis of each system that will reveal those variations. 

How you then go about it, can also have small variations. Our preferred methods are:

  • The study of the 5 Dimotions from different perspectives, MOST often from the perspective of the 1 Ðimotion or mind that perceives reality and enacts automatically a program of existence and survival realized through the modular switch of those 5 Ðimotions as follows: 1Ð: perception -> 2 Ð: Locomotion -> 4 Ð: entropic feeding -> 3Ð: reproduction of its ¡-1 cellular parts -> 5Ð: generation of social structures with them.

But this is only one form in which the 5 Ðimotions order. There are others.

And also there are ‘accumulations of Ðimotions’ through the life worldcycle, which is the origin of aging, that is the dominant arrow of information as MOST Ðimotions are about ‘increasing the form’ of the being (reproduction, social evolution, perception, even entropic feeding from the point of view of the predator). The range of studies of the 5Ðimotions is enormous.

For example, the forces of physics can be studied as the expression of the Ðimotions of its particle-wave-field systems. Formally, in physics thus the study of the 5 Ðimotions is equivalent to the study of its forces, merely expanding the complexity and depth of our understanding beyond the systemic reductionism of all of them to locomotion. And so the laws of mathematical physics will apply in full, just its interpretation and whys will be expanded. (As well as the understanding of mathematics in terms of fractal non-euclidean points, and pentalogic, hence the needed upgraded of maths, specially topology of space and algebra of time).

So we talk of 3 relative scales of analysis of spacetime, the ‘steps of each Dimotion’, the whole program of Dimotions together, and its lasting consequence in time – the world cycle of existence.

  • The study of the 3 ‘organic scales’ and its metric equations that allow the system to co-exist in a relative present. The simplest way to do this is to establish a relative past (the parts, ∆-1) which become part of networks (the present physiological scale, ∆º), put together by the ‘membrain mind’ with its inner physiological point-monad and its outer membrain that sees the outer world.

As all working systems will have those 3 scales, this is with the analysis of its Dimotions as actions and worldcycycles, the fundamental second epistemological method. And it has to be noticed that again we talk of 3 ‘relative scales’ of analysis, the ‘cellular/atomic’ parts, the physiologic/electromagnetic networks and the whole-mind and its world or gravitational scale (Physical/biological systems).

I think those 2 methods are the way to go for future researchers.

Back to the advances of stience which are spread all over the blog. Let us just mention 4 from the key disciplines of science, Topological Evolution in biology that completes genetics and Darwinian evolution; the understanding of the cycles of history and the life and death of civilizations in social sciences, as human societies are super organisms;an alternative cosmology to that of the big-bang, in astrophysics, based in the concept of the ‘galatom’, that is the scalar symmetry between galaxies and atoms; and the equation of the mind-languages that control all those systems from a survival perspective, in formal sciences, which we shall further expand with the upgrading of mathematics and logic to a non-Euclidean, non-Aristotelian understanding of the fractal scalar, multi-causal reality of the Universe.

But nothing of this will ever surface as long as physicists have a proprietary idea of ‘time’ as their field of study and other sciences bullied by their military-industrial power, and our awe for machines give them the right to speak as high popes of ‘entropy and locomotion’ as the meaning of it all.


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