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3Ð:Te=Si: iterative bodywaves

±∞ ¬∆@ST:


“A perfect ∏ is an ∞ Present’ Ls  On the immortal information of time world cycles, repeated ad infinitum in new generations 



Introduction: The 3rd Dimotion: Energy and information merge to reproduce.

I. ¡logic: 3Ð as present TIME: Function of existence.

II. Non-E mathematics: Repetitive waves. Equal differentiation.

III. Energy in physics, conservation of presents

IV. Energy in biology: Gender Reproduction. Predator & prey balances

V. Energy in sociology: Middle re=productive class.


3rd Dimotion: present reproduction: S¡=Te

The 3rd Dimotion is reproduction happens in the point of present where Ts energy of locomotion and St information of an active mind meet to reproduce a constant form that iterates and hence lasts in a dynamic present, Si=Te (1D)+(2D)=3D, past x future = present.

It is essential to apply pentalogic and dodecalogic and see how Energy, the present moves along the spatial entangled organisms of 5D and the 12D stœps of a worldcycle of exist¡ence.

In the beginning all is form and motion, neither is detectable, both co-exist in entanglement in the ∆±¡ scales beyond human detection.

As they approach we can perceive them as angular and lineal momentum in physics, when they merge we can detect them as energy.

Which operator works in each stage of the being’s evolution is an interesting point of analysis.

In the beginning, TT and SS are provided seemingly by the ∆-¡ scales for the ∆º being which however does NOT know that TT and SS¡-1 to which he is addict are mediated by the nested Universe hence the larger superorganism.

In scales all exist in the middle of two relative larger and smaller scales which he controls and they control, and that is the ternary logic of reality.

The upper scale is a whole that controls your steps in the longer time term. You are a smaller whole that control the lower plane of parts.

Then when the two poles of the Universe merge into a middle balance, form becomes information, entropy becomes energy and both equal to each other merge and reproduce. As such the simplest concept associated to reproduction is gender, the male, energy Oriented and the female, information oriented margin into a single point.

In logic its closest expression is S¡=Te, the function of present.

In mathematics, S=T expressions are all pervading as balances which create new forms.

In physics conservative forces re-present states of energy and information and we can resume its meaning in a widened principle of conservation both: ‘All what exists is energy trans-formed back and forth into information’. Its main form being the wave.

In Biology gender, prey-predator balances, bodies that reproduce and merge the entropy of limbs and digestive systems, and the information of brains and genetic systems.

In sociology is the working middle class that re=produces the goods of societies.

Let us then consider some of those concepts in more detail.


 œº ∑œ°>Œ ¹

The purpose of all systems is immortality achieved not through the ego but through the reproduction of the being, as all time durations are finite. So all systems reproduce:


All systems reproduce its information departing from an initial seed, or through an external enzyma(n), as in the human cellular and social case in factory-mothers of machines. Once the seed is born reproduction in similar cells-minds will bring forwards a new being in existence as the code spreads to similar cells which accelerate its process of reorganisation and emergence in a higher ∆+1 scale.185Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.31.55

In the graph all systems reproduce, in all scales, as reproduction is ultimately the program of exist¡ence of all system, which ensures the immortality of its information, which is what the Universe, a fractal that reproduces information, tries to preserve. 

So there are multiple views on reproduction, which can be observed from each of the different Ðimotions; casting them as reproductive actions, starting by locomotion – a reproduction of form in the lower plane of entropic motion, by adjacent pegging and fast erasing of the previous ‘father state’ of a wave.


Energy is an internal feature, the vital Space-time which feeds both the membrane and singularity of a Time§pace Supœrganism (ab. T.œ), but we measure it externally, through concepts such as work, from the subjective praxis of man.

In 5D, we consider two poles of existence, the linguistic mind mirrors of still form, seeds of potential territorial order or singularities, and the outer world of pure motion and entropy, which the mind must harness to imprint with its information, in reproductive waves of clone forms.

How to achieve this implies the slow equalization of both poles into a middle region of communication, which is the internal body-wave of energy of the system. 

In that region ;’entropy’ pure formless motion, becomes energy, motion with a little form. And mental form becomes information, form in motion.

So both can ‘slowly equalize’ merge and reproduce a system that have both.

So the ‘composite’ intermediate repetitive present is BOTH energy and information, two sides of the same coin, which we must DIFFERENTIATE from its split states as pure linguistic form and pure entropy:

O-form (Still mind-language) < Si (Spatial information) ≈ Te (Temporal Energy) > |-Entropy (Pure motion)

Which in terms of the ages of time we can write as:

Future (Mind-language) x Past (entropy-motion) = Present Space-time (Energetic information)

So when analyzing the being WITHOUT the less relevant Dimotion for its internal structure (Locomotion) we can talk of Entropy (the external world) ordered by Form (the internal language), in a process of present creation of information, imprinting energy to reproduce the being.

The simplest example being the gender process in which a woman (leaning towards form<information) and a man (leaning towards entropy>energy) merge together to reproduce a present generation.





As it happens two immediate consequences of the formulae of energy S=T, is that S=T, maximizes its function of S x T (S+t being equal to K, in this case 10 dimensions), what the Universe maximises is Sxt+S=t, which given the relationship between space and information and time and entropy we write as exi+s=t, which is the function of existence of the Universe, maximise your function of existence is what all systems, do.


The simplicity of the first beats of existence, S=t, s=t, and its s=s, t=t apparent congruencies is only the beginning of an incredible adventure, the motions of reproduction of information across the five dimension of space-time that we call reality:

Let us consider then first the most formal of all definitions of reproduction, as the ‘function that maximizes the exi=st¡enœ of beings’.

Since it is at the core of the formalism of T.œs. Indeed we could consider the feed back Generator Equation, the equation of reproduction, and its most synoptic form, Max. (∑e x ∏i)e=i, the function of existence, the main equation of…

The connection more important in the world of stience is between GST and ®lgebra of Time.

¬Ålgebra is the study of the sequences of space-time cycles, its hidden causality and the phases of the existence of a supœrganism and its parts.

We give it also the name of i-logic (time perspective), ¬Ælgebra (mathematical perspective) or T.Œ, a Theory of the Organic Everything, scientific taoism, Generator Syntax, trinity, duality, you name it.

It is concern on how a Universe is constructed departing of 3 motions of time with different geometry that through synchronous, simultaneous actions regulated by cyclical patterns, networks and co-existing scales, becomes the complex œ-worlds we see around us.

In normal time theory all this sounds to mysticism. You just study motions in space with a simple formula v=s/t that makes time entropy and motion, in lineal fashion, and describe the motion of ensembles of beings with maximal detail and that’s that.

 The principle of cyclical inertia.

If the world is made of åctions, then it is cyclical because according to Newton, all action provokes a reaction of the same intensity and opposed direction, creating thus a cycle or field of space-time.

So movements are not lineal but cyclical, dual. Indeed, in the XX century, the real study of cosmological, macrocosmic space and the inner space of atoms, showed that everything moved in curves, in cycles, as clocks of time do. But aside from its partial application to Physics by Einstein that described space/time in curved terms, scientists kept using in their mathematical analysis the lineal Cartesian plane, origin of the linear principle of inertia.

We have to ad however a cyclical, inertial principle for atoms, galaxies and all temporal beings. In fact, cycles are represented with other type of numbers called complex numbers, which appear for that reason constantly in Einstein’s equations, in quantum mechanics and the mathematic models of this book.

The cyclical, eternal movement of sub-atomic particles, spins, galaxies and planets is natural to the Universe. Thus, we consider that the law of conservation of energy and its spatial expression, the principle of Linear Inertia, are partial cases of the Law of Cyclical Inertia. Or in geometrical terms, as Cusa and Kepler already noticed, and Non-EA Geometries proved, we say that a line is a section of a long curve; and a continuous action , a part of a discontinuous action -reaction cycle. Yet scientists disregard cyclical inertia, because they use a lineal, Cartesian plane in their mathematical representation of reality that tends to introduce errors of linearity in their analysis.

Thus, the next big difference between classic, lineal, continuous ‘Energy Physics’ and ‘Modern, Quantic Space-Time Physics’ is the principle of cyclical inertia.

Space-Time fields are cyclical, subject to external translation and morphological change.

We often forget that space-time is part of every process, not only a physical event. We live and die in space and time. Species evolve in space and time. Societies are subject to economical and historic, temporal rhythms that change their spatial form. Everything changes in space and time. Change is indeed the word we use to define a space-time field beyond the physical realm. Thus we consider 2 main types of space-time changes according to Aristotle: morphological change, studied by Biology and Theory of Evolution, which is mainly organic, inner change; and translation or external change, studied by classic Physics, which is concerned with change in position.

Galileo defined translation, the external change of Space-Time fields, with the equation of speed, V=S/T, a machine to measure it, a clock and a bidimensional plane to plot that speed. Today it is the main property of space-time we study. So quantic beings made of 4 dimensional temporal energy in perpetual, morphological, cyclical change are reduced to bidimensional planes and numbers, ‘points without parts’ that only change their physical, external movement.

In that process scientists deform 5 basic qualities of all space-time beings: their multiplicity; their dimensions of space and _time fields; their inner morphological change ; their cyclical trajectories, which imply 2 arrows of movement, back and forwards towards positive and negative directions; and their quantic nature, since all cycles which close into themselves, break reality into at least 2 discontinuous, quantic regions: the inner and outer zone of the cycle.

Those properties are so important to understand space-time that are in fact present at the clocks scientists use to measure the external change or ‘speed’ of any space-time field. Indeed, clocks, imitate the properties of a cyclical space-time field and so they are quantic, cyclical objects with 2 arrows in perpetual change, as any space-time field is. Because of that similarity between cyclical clocks and quantic space-time fields, scientists measure and compare with clocks the infinite cyclical changes of any quantic, fixed species of space-time. Each of those changes has a rhythm that scientists translate to the rhythms of their clock.

Yet, scientists latter fit those space-time fields into a bidimensional, Cartesian mathematical graph whose X and Y coordinates ‘extend’ time and space towards the infinite, transforming their 2 cyclical, geometric arrows into a lineal, single space-time continuous form, with a single arrow of energy and movement, the so-called arrow of entropy.

Thus those quantic, dual, cyclical fields of space-time become a single, lineal field. It is the main blunder of history of science that lingers today in all disciplines and hence it is the first of our 5 errors we have to correct to be able to fully grasp what those quantic space-time fields are.

The 2 arrows/organs of quantic space-time: energetic entropy ‘bodies’ and informative ‘brains’.

The geometrical description of those 2 directional arrows of the Universe, backwards and forwards, completes a visual cycle, which returns to its origin. Yet the conceptual meaning of a dual action -reaction cycle, in which the reaction ‘undoes’ what the action did previously, is far more revealing: a cycle implies that a certain parameter that grew in the active part of the cycle becomes destroyed in its reactive event. If we grow in energy in the first part of the cycle, we consume that energy in the second part, and hence we complete a feeding-digestive cycle.

If we ‘live’ in the first part of an existential cycle we ‘die’ in the second part and return to the space-time dust from where we came. So we can see a geometric cycle of space-time as a representation in 2 dimensions of those 2 arrows that move forwards and backwards any being, till returning to its origin, from conception to death.

Yet the Universe is 4-dimensional and a cycle is a bidimensional form. So in 4 dimensions that dual back and forth arrow shows through an expansive and implosive rhythm. For example, the big bang describes the energetic, explosive arrow of a process that will end with the opposite arrow of implosive order and in-formation, or big-crunch. Then the Universe will explode again.

The form of the cycle has changed, since now we observe a space-time field fluctuating in 4 dimensions, but the opposite arrows of the cycle, that we shall call from here on the arrow of ‘growing, spatial energy’, the arrow of ‘growing temporal, informative order’, and the fluctuation between both that complete a space-time action -reaction cycle, remain the same. So we can translate spatial, static, geometrical figures into dual, dynamic arrows, which are the ‘organic’ essence of those geometric, morphological changes:

– Å positive, creative direction of informative time that warps, orders and informs a certain quantic region of the Universe, causing the accumulation of informative forces and linguistic, genetic memories that originate the organic evolution of life as time passes. So masses order space fields of forces into cyclical particles of information, brains order organisms, black holes order galaxies and DNA orders cells as time passes.

– And a negative direction of energetic space, organic disintegration and explosion of information into energy, that expands space, which becomes the destructive arrow of death, of entropy, of big-bang processes, studied by physical sciences. So masses explode into A-Bombs, black holes into quasars; cells and organisms die and erase their physiological order, while societies tumble their governments or destroy themselves in wars.

– Which together, enacted in each space-time field by energetic organs or ‘relative bodies’ and informative organs or ‘relative Heads’, create the ‘fluctuations’ we call ‘life or existence’.
The 2 opposite arrows of a space-time cycle mean that all processes that take place in each quantic piece of space and time are processes with 2 ‘ages’, one of energetic entropy and one of informative order that put together complete the 2 phases of any cyclical process that cancel each other. All quantic pieces of reality can either emit energy moving in lineal trajectories, or create order, informing, perceiving, organizing reality. All organisms exist in time through those 2 arrows, one of temporal information, and one of energetic entropy.

They were discovered and studied first in depth by Boltzmann, the founder of Thermodynamics, which already acknowledged both arrows. Yet the 2 arrows of time were unfortunately discharged when Einstein consecrated the idea of a single universal space-time and big-bang theory discovered that the Universe was in its energetic, expanding entropic arrow. Thus if space-time was a lineal, single continuum every form of the Universe had to be on the entropic, energetic arrow. So Physicists tend to work with a single ‘energetic’ arrow, the arrow of disorder, of entropy. Yet the arrow of order, of information is at the core of all other disciplines of knowledge from Biology to Philosophy where we find the 2 arrows of life and evolution (creation of in-form-ation) Vs. death and devolution (extinction and destruction of form, released into energy.)

The error of a single arrow proper of Astrophysics occurs because the Universe is so huge that its dual arrows of life and death last far longer than those of any human being. So now we exist within a Universe dominated by the direction of negative entropy and disorder because we are closer to the explosive big bang. For that reason Physicists use only the arrow of energy, since they consider the Universal space-time the only one.

But in the future, surely the arrow of information will create the big-crunch and informative warping of the Universe. Further on, in a quantic Universe there are many quantic space-times, and each one is in a different arrow, regardless of the big-bang entropic phase of the total Universe. For example, we exist in a quantic part of that Universe, called a galaxy, which right now is warping into a form with more information under the mass effects of a central black hole. Hence it is in the informative arrow unlike the entire Universe.

Thus the fundamental analysis of any space-time field/cycle of reality consists on studying first the dual energetic and informative parts of the field as we perceive it in space; and the consider how those 2 organs create alternating cycles of existence in time, ordering and disordering reality through the 2 arrows of entropy and complexity, putting finally the spatial, static and temporal, dynamic analyses together into an organic vision of the being.

We call that methodology of knowledge that guides this book, the ternary principle. Let us then make a generic analysis of the 2 energy and information organs of any Quantic Spaces-Times in space and the 2 homologous cyclical arrows or events they cause in time, that we will latter apply to all the main Quantic Spaces-Times beings of the Universe.

ΔΩ. The program of existence.

What does a Point of view, an existential momentum, a fractal exi=st-ence, a zero-point, a function, program, equation of Existence once it is born as a single seed of an ∆-1 plane? How does it go to create a Cyclical existence, a sum of Actions ∑Sp≤ ∫∂x≥Tƒ, which move a function of existence through all its cycles of exchange of energy and information with the universe.

The Universe is made of 2 motions, lineal motions of space and cyclical motions of time, webbed into ‘planes of existence’, which human minds see still according to the ‘Galilean Paradox’.

Thus its structure is described by 3 basic formal languages:

– ∆-geometry (Non-Euclidean), which explains space & Causal logic (non-Aristotelian) which explains its time cycles, (hence our use of the next letter ‘i’ for this formalism), and organicism which explains the organization of the different planes (biological languages).

And yet there is a 4th language and property of the Universe, which surely abstract scientists will deny but it is there, and so it has been always argued by human beings, the language of the Will, which creates the needed order to organize those motions.

Indeed, we can describe externally objectively reality with its geometries and time cycles, and its organized planes of existence, but the question that remains to be answer is why? What causes those systems to organize themselves.

The answer is what I have called in different moments, ‘the program of existence’ or ‘Universal mandate’ (external vision of it in impersonal or mystical terms), the Will or Equation of Existence or Survival (internal vision), which resumes in a simple ‘partial equation’ of the Metric Generator of the 5th dimension:

Max. Sp X Tƒ

  • Systems that perceive in a rather automatic manner with O-minds minimal time cycles (∆ï∆-3) and move in invisible fields of force with Sp-nergetic limbs, through lineal paths (∆Å∆-4)….

And we call those external 2 åctions the external, or automatic will or primary åctions of existence. If we were to use the terminology of Leibniz or Aristotle, it would be the process of ‘apperception’, or ‘vegetative will’. Since they are automatic, caused by the mere structure of the being, which exists in a lower field of motion and absorbs bits of information.

Yet the external åctions have 2 internal counterparts, which ensure the maintenance of the components of energetic limbs (feeding on energy) and the informative system (reproduction of ‘form’):

  • First, the being feeds on quanta bigger than the bits of information to reproduce its forms, and this process is called feeding, ∆Sp∆-2.

The origin of reproduction are the åctions of the being that communicates its 2 poles, in an intermediate region, the body or wave, in which it exchanges flows of motion and form, between both poles of existence, combining them first into cyclical åctions, SxT, performed by those intermediate waves and bodies. And so åctions is the 3rd will, through which the being tries to maximize its ‘function of existence’. And the repetition of åctions finally creates a ‘burn-in’ reproduced structure, which becomes its 3 element, which allows the being to  survive in other form. Thus the 3rd will or action of all beings is iteration. Since reproduction of its body waves ensures its immortality beyond accidental or old age, death by excess of energy and information. And so the being reproduces its ∆-1 cellular structures, ∆R∆-1, till they organize themselves into a replica that surface at the ∆-plane.

And we call those 2 wills of existence, the internal will, and in terms of Aristotle’s classification, the animal will.

  • And yet there is a 5th will that helps to maximize the function of existence: the social gathering in groups coordinated by a common language, which make the whole stronger. So ∑SxT > SxT.

Thus it starts the scalar growth of herds into bigger social herds that hunt together. We express this gathering with the symbol of S for society or sum, but most often with the specific symbol of ∑ a summation (here not used in the strict mathematical sense of ‘a series’ but merely as an aggregation of individuals). And we say that the summation of individuals which gather through simple ‘spatial languages’ that coordinate them bring about a series of social groups or Unions of Individuals represented by those 3 symbols, ∑, S, U (i will try to unify symbology, time permitted).

It is this simple scheme what explains the formulae: ∑e=S, that is a group of quanta, points of a herd, e x Tƒ beings brings together a ‘space’, which is a bidimensional topology or loosely connected network that extends through a social space.

But and this is the final frontier of the will, as the space becomes denser in a single plane, organization must become more complex, and the equality rule breaks, as new languages of faster cyclical speed, Max. Tƒ, allow better coordination. And so society splits between the faster neurons and the bigger cells, Max. Tƒ and Max. Social classes of the system. The efficiency though has a heavy toll for the bigger, slower cells that must obey without doubt the neuronal, informative class. And so finally a 2-layer structure, with top neuronal fast points and body cells appears.

Further on, the energetic, simpler will of motion, is demoted in the hierarchy, as those cells must ‘expand entropically’ the space below them at ∆-4 level and so often the system stores ∆-4 species and creates a 3rd energetic layer of hardy cells, responsible for this carnage. And those are the cells of the limbs: informative neurons, ‘reproductive’ glandular cells and ‘muscle and bone cells’ to use specific types of an organism, becomes the 3 social classes of the organism, which maximize its åctions of existence.

Now, the informative cells must rule the body and limbs cells and so they must connect with all of them, and at the same time they must coordinate among themselves fast their orders to produce synchronicity. And so they often develop axons (in biological systems with a network fractal orientation in the high dimension of information) or produce informative spherical waves (in physical systems existing in an isomorphic medium, where the informative pole tends to be in the center of the wave), which reach simultaneously all the cells of each layer.

In both cases we talk of a multiplicative effect. For example, if all the neurons are connected to all, the number of axons is x². And so we use for the ‘organism’ in multiple layers, the symbol ∏, for ‘pi’ (circular motion) and for multiplication (the higher number of axons, or ∑².

And we can write then the complete will of existence through its 5 åctions of motion or acceleration, perception, feeding, reproduction and social evolution as:


And this 5th will or action, ∑∆+1, completes the game of existence,

This is the will of the Universe, its sequential program: o->æ->e->œ->û

acceleration and perception (with different order depending on the informative or energetic nature of the being), which brings feeding and reproduction, and finally the social evolution of the system.

This is what all beings do to maximize their existence: ∑SxT

Further on, the program is externally reinforced because those who follow it survive better. And so those who don’t perish, do not reproduce and do NOT exist in the future.

The constants of iterative creation: ST

 The Universe reproduces åctions: Sp x Tƒ=ST, åctions of existence which combine entropy and information, into present waves bodies of energy and information.

The minimal unit of the Universe is an action of space-time, a momentum of existence, and once we localize one we can study it at many levels.

Actions though can be considered cyclical, mostly produced by an ∆+1 entity as expression of its existential exchanges of energy and information with the surrounding Universe.

A function of existence, Sp x Tƒ = ST±4, maintains a rhythm of repetition of its ‘åctions’, which create waves, radiations from a focus.  The webbing of those åctions of existence form a world cycle, and the world cycle carries the 3±1 ages of space-time topologies. And so there is a chain order of a higher degree of detail, when we consider the different type of Reprod-åctions; åctions of existence, the being performs in its polar game between body and mind:

Actions of Existence, ∆A±4 , O±3, ∆E±2; ∆œ, ∆U±1.

A certain being will have certain internal constants that relate its Sp and Tƒ, body-head, wave-particle dual systems through similar dimensions. Most often, ∑Se ∆-1 ≈ ∑Tƒ, that is the number of cells of body and head, wave and particle is similar. In other cases the product in time of Tƒ cycles and Sp population of those cycles in simultaneous space is the same: ∑∆-1=∑∆.

 We shall study in this key post, the meaning of parameters, variables, magnitudes, constants, conservation principles and laws of science in terms of ∆ST metric.

That is, from the 4 fundamental elements of the Generator Equation: U= ∑ W: Sp x Tƒ = ST, the ‘world’, of space-time, which maintains a constant, balanced combination of its entropy and cyclical motions, by means of its ‘reprod-active’ action, ‘ST’, is the theme of this post and its sub-post.

What kind of ‘balances’, combinations and iterations, a world-system performs through its world cycle of existence, and how can we mathematically express the laws of balance between entropy and form that create and freeze the varieties of beings we perceive in the Universe? What is the relationship between those Sp x Tƒ =ST systems and its larger Space-time Plane, from where they are a relative fractal part, made to its image and likeness? Are both in a relationship of proportionality? What kind of laws rule the diversification of Sp x Tƒ = ST systems? And so on…

The ST enormous variety of meanings is the key to the multiplicity of the Universe, the rules that establish certain orders in those combinations (conservation laws, laws of balance and maximization of the Sp x Tƒ function of ‘existence’, etc.) are the laws that establish certain patterns of order, which allow its classification into ‘scientific knowledge’.

Let us remember in that sense the 2 main formulations of the Generator Equation:

Sp x Tƒ = ST, as a ‘spatial topology’ of 3 elements, (entropic limbs/fields x Particles/heads of information, which combine into reproductive åctions, bodies and waves)

Sp > ST  < Tƒ:  Dynamic flows of spatial entropy and temporal information combined or transferred through dynamic flows of energy and information, whereas the Spatial entropy or relative past element, cedes its energy=lineal motion> to a wave and the informative particle or relative future element, its form, to combine into a present form… Or in an alternative communicative wave:

Se x Tƒ <≈ (Se x Tƒ) ∆-1 > Sex Tƒ   two relative poles communicate motion and form through a smaller particle (fermions communicating bosons; any species communicating through a language in a social group, or herding into a hunting group, etc.)

Those 3 types of fundamental events in nature across different planes of reality define different ‘constants’ of åctions and ‘poles of maximal entropy and maximal information’ and ‘topologies of limbs/fields, bodies/waves and particles/heads’ and ages/states of entropy-past-youth, present-repetitive-mature age and old/informative/future age, which  are the core concepts behind the events and forms we study in ‘detail’.




Energy in physics is a huge subject, we can hardly introduce here. Its main aforementioned problem is that humans treat energy as a praxis, learn about it through machines, and so essentially they confuse energy and entropy very often and energy and locomotions. Basically because they only define a single motion in time, locomotion, the ‘subtle differences’ between locomotion, entropy and energy, all of which have some ‘movement’ escape them.

So to reduce my load of work I will treat here according to the Rashomon method the 2 main themes of Energy in physics:

S<=>T: the conservation principles that defines the 3 elements around, energy, lineal and angular momentum; and also the 3 different types of energy.

∆±¡: The physical definitions of energy in the 3 scales – its formulae: E-1=hƒ≈ Eo= nKT ≈ E+1=mc²

covering somehow the theoretical minimum of energy in 5D.

Correspondence Principle.

Precisions for the fastidious scholar: relations between form, motion, momentum, information, worldycles and energy.

Time is motion, change, the perception of change. And space, is form, dimensional form. Mathematically we relate them with the equation of speed, v=s/t, but speed, change in position of space is only one type of change=motion=time; there are as Aristotle already noticed other types of change, specially change in the form of beings as in evolution. So we have to expand that reductionist term for time and as a consequence for space.

Further on in modern science two other terms are most commonly used, energy and information, again, only partially defined mathematically and as most concepts ill-defined in qualitative logic terms, beyond those restricted mathematical equations, we shall discuss latter.

In human sciences energy is only formalized mathematically in physics, with the concept of work, and the intimate connection with the concept of force – this one not really understood. As it is de facto the central piece of physics, with its related ‘small steps’ of momentum, which energy summons up into a description of the whole (membrain described by both momentums, vital open ball or bodywave of the system by energy), it will require a deep analysis, which here we shall merely outline.

To stress essentially that momentum is related to the membrain, angular momentum to the cyclical membrane that isolates and breaks the space-time, into an inner region of energy, self-centered in the active magnitude, mass, charge or solid state… And so what we shall try to do is to connect physical T.œs and its 3 elements with the abstract mathematical formulation, which hardly ever considers the ‘whole entangled parts’ of the being and just adopts ‘bias’ of a humind perceptor to describe parts of the whole tale, as when in thermodynamics we ‘regret’ that not all the energy of the system can be absorbed by the ∆+1 human being; or when we confuse entropy (the extraction of motion from a growing disordered state, as in e=mc2, or in dark entropy between galaxies) with energy. 

So due to the human confusion of both terms, due to the selfish human interest on the energy of a being only to feed, ab=use and move with it, energy and entropy are closely related in physical equations. Energy THOUGH is NOT without form, not without reproductive purpose, not its degraded state but the present iterative state/spatial part of any superorganism and worldcycle.

So how we define energy? As the body-wave-middle class state in space, as the iterative, reproductive function in time, as the balance of S=T that allows to combine form and motion in a middle, reproductive point. As the source of entropic motion when it becomes disordered (often by breaking the membrain that contains it), as the vital state of equilibrium, ‘beauty’ and immortality when it becomes balanced with form, Energy = Information, being that point of beauty and stability.

Energy in that sense has always to be referred to information as the dual sides of the same coin: Motion with a little form is energy, form with a little motion is information, and the purpose of bodies, working classes and waves is to bring both into a mirror symmetry as to combine them to iterate the whole and reproduce the system…

Conceptually we shall define  information, as ‘form-in-action’, form in motion. Since form without motion is not communicated and perceived beyond the being in itself. And motion without form is invisible to our perception. So form requires motion to become information, and so information is the closest concept to that of a Dimotion, as it has form and motion. Reason why we could state that the Universe is a fractal of different forms in motion, of different information. And as many theorists of Systems sciences, affirm that it is information, not energy, the substance of which everything is made.

What is then energy? To be fair, as again there is not a conceptual definition of it, only a mathematical definition, and it is divided in potential energy given by the position of the being, akin to its static form, and kinetic energy, defined by the motion of the being; it seems also evident that Energy conceptually is also dual, made of form (potential energy, mass) and motion (kinetic energy, locomotion).

And this again is observed when we relate Energy mathematically to the integral of momentum composed of Mass, form, and v-speed, motion.

So Energy is similar to information, but as humans measure information in terms of a minimal unit called a ‘bit’, and energy with a much longer ‘volume in space and duration in time’; an easy way to relate both is to state that information is the ‘minimal quanta of Energy, which measures a much longer ‘cycle of form and motion’. Indeed, Energy can be stored as form and slowly developed for long periods of time, spent in motions. And soon we shall see that Energy is related to the whole ‘world cycle of life and death’ of a system; that is, to its length in time.

All this said, it is obvious that one of the most difficult tasks of this blog, and author, who does have a very clear conceptual and mathematical understanding of all those terms, in the larger more comprehensive model of the fractal 5 Dimotional Universe, is how to deal with 500 years of a poor conceptual tradition of scientific terminology, and ‘reduced’ practical mathematical terms for it. It is a extreme difficult task, because all those concepts have to be corrected properly; and its equations while exact are always reductionist of the larger concepts, as in the case of time=change, reduced to only one of the 5 forms of change=motion of the Universe, locomotion. We have settled finally after many attempts to conciliate the irreconcilable errors of human thought with the more precise reality of a ‘COMPLEX entangled, pentalogic Universe’, starting from scratch and changing every concept slightly, which means using slightly different words for most concepts.

All this means as the blog is born of 30 years of personal research, that concepts have varied as I struggled reconciliation with present scholarship; and perhaps the one that is more difficult to reconcile is Energy, which as we say is close to information but in a long range of time, and dominant in motion. So I tend to use information as synonymous of form with a little motion and energy as motion with a little form. But the proper concept would rather be: ∑I=E; that is more on terms of the ‘duration of energy’ much larger than the bits of information, form in action. Which is part of the general rule that ‘spaces’ are Maya of the senses, smaller mental worlds, which last despite seemingly being still forms much less than motion, which is the eternal reality. So entropy lasts longer that still minds, energy lasts longer than bits of information… It is then necessary to understand those ‘logic concepts’, which in an age of increasingly mental erased visual and digital human minds might never happen. The chain of the 5 Dimotions might clarify all this:

1D: Still form (seed: minimal duration) <2 D: Locomotion (momentum) form reproduced by translation in space (longer duration) < Si=Te: Present state in which finally the spatial form and the temporal motion become entangled into a single being of in-form-ation and energy; whereas information comes from the shorter spatial mental side, more quantized and energy is a much larger, continuous longer motion…

And this balance achieved in the act of reproduction where ‘bits of information’ repeat once and again into a storage of energy that gives them motion; then spits again on the ‘other side’ of the world cycle of life and death, as the system goes older and first warps into more and more information, which exhausts the energy; and finally explodes into an entropic death explosion. So all those repetitive patterns of the Universe ARE difficult to grasp, if you have not fully understood them in terms of the PARTS OF AN ORGANISM, AGES OF A WORLDCYCLE, SCALES OF DIFFERENT DURATIONS AND SIZE IN TIME AND SPACE, MIND LANGUAGES THAT REFLECT THEM, AND ENTROPIC LIMITS BEYOND WHICH VITAL SPACE IS ENCLOSED AND DURATION IN TIME ENDS.

All what matters though happens in the intermediate balance state of present reproduction where ‘smaller bits of information’ imprint a larger volume of energy that gives it motion… ∑I=Te or Si=Te; we could say then that present has a minimal bit in the quanta of Si for each dimotion we shall call ‘an action’, and has a longer duration in the total energy of a world cycle in which the imprinting goes through all those ages. That information, form in action, quanta of dimotions is the short-span view and worldcycles and the total energy of them is the longer time span.

Or in mathematical terms, we integrate momentum, the fast mixture of motion and form (mass) to obtain energy; the integral sum of such forms-in-action, informations, give us the mathematical energy of the system.



open ball t.oe

The 3 elements of a T.œ

The fundamental element of any system is its vital energy, enclosed by a 2D angular momentum-membrane self-centered into a 1D singularity, establishing the essential equation of all systems: 1D singularity + 2 D membrane = 3D vital energy, and the 3 conserved ‘fractal quantities’ of any super organism of space-time, angular momentum (2D membrane), lineal momentum (motion of the singularity) and energy (volume enclosed and managed between them).

How we measure the 3 elements of a t.œ makes the whole difference. The singularity is not perceivable, so we observe its will of existence, most often in the fact that it moves in worldliness to find its feeds of energy following accelerated paths; so lineal momentum tends to be its measure.

The membrane is cyclical repetitive, so we tend to measure it with frequency tools.

As both are largely invisible to the external observer (the open ball of topology in fact eliminates them as irrelevant to ‘space’). We thus observe with maximal complexity the in between vital energy of the system.

And so naive realism thinks all is about energy, the present, e-vident part of the T.Œ WORLD. 

NOW, we shall make a statement paradoxical to that view:

The more complex, dense part of the being is its singularity, unperceived as it holds the still mind-mapping that generates the actions of the being; then the membrane, as it is the relative sensorial part of the system selecting the energy and information it let pass and controlling, enclosing and herding the vital energy, the less ‘structured’ part, a herd of loosely connected elements, prey by membrane and singularity working in a team…

In the graph a better way to perceive the physical ternary elements from the perspective of its singularity as the focus of forces attracted to it. The geometry of reality then changes when we adopt any of the 3 points of view of the ‘physical entity’, the particle-point or singularity-mind with its convex geometry; the enclosed energy which cannot cross the barriers internal and external of the dual ‘membrain’, with its hyperbolic ‘infinite limiting geometry’, or the circular concave geometry of the external membrane-angular momentum…

What we call then physics of energy is the specific view of the inner parts of vital energy of the system, which turn around in ‘conserved’ cycles, as they would be destroyed by the singularity or the membrane when they try to create open paths.

Relationship of force, work, momentum & energy conservative cycles: dual states.

Energy is then all in a certain way as the singularity and the membrane is a 2-1 Dimensional form, not so evident within the present plane. The singularity is connected with other planes and so it appears as a point-particle without volume. The membrane is seen ‘externally’, as you see your skin without seeing its inner world but internally it is NOT seen as part of the being but the non-euclidean hyperbolic infinite distance barrier which in non-euclidean geometry cannot be reached.

So when humans measure energy from an internal point of view within a world, the conservative cycle of energy means merely that the volume limited by the membrane and without a ‘source point’ will form ‘magnetic like loops’. And so we can define a more general form of an energy loop cycle, with wider applications in similar terms to the magnetic ‘energy’ cycle: ∇ E = 0.

Thus this definition of Energy includes the ‘energy membrane’? It is an arguable theme depending on the perception of the angular momentum, which could be considered the limiting conservative cycle, as once crossed the cycle ceases to be closed and becomes opened, not conserved.

On the other hand the singularity acts as another terminal point that breaks the conservation of energy.

So we must define two points where the conservation of energy doesn’t happen, the singularity or ‘door’ to other plane of existence in the ∆-1 plane of more information and the membrane beyond which the system enters into the ∆+1 world of more motion. 

The non-conservation of energy when a system has an open trajectory and does ‘work’, is also the key to understand the transfer of energy by adjacency, or parallel contact between two forms.

And those are themes to fully understand in the context of the non-euclidean postulates, and necessary to find the whys of concepts ill defined as ‘force’, ‘motion’, etc.

Humans however have reduced the formalism of energy beyond some intelligent use in languages of verbal thought to mathematical physics and its definition in terms of the single arrow of lineal time-motions. So as usual in humind sciences revolving around simple locomotions, energy is just translated as work – that is the displacement of a form along a lineal path of motion that ‘spends’ the energy of the being.

Still energy and its related physical concept of action are measured with the fundamental parameters of physics, in two modes:

– Action as the product of energy and time, and action as the product of momentum and distance.  Two important distinctions that offer insights on the meaning of energy, momentum, time and space (distance), studied in more detail in other posts.

We could in that sense make a serious statement on the relationship of those 4 elements:

Space is a slice of a present cyclical flow of time, and momentum a present slice of a conserved cyclical flow of energy.

Hence from our knowledge of physics:  E x T =  P(Momentum) x S (distance).

 So we write:  E/P = T/S

An essential equation that puts in relationship the 4 most important parameters of modern physics, in its ‘fractal form’ (pieces of energy and momentum) and its continuous mode (newtonian absolute time-space). And the obvious fact that the conservation laws derive (Noether’s theorem) of the conservation of time (conservation of energy closed cycles) and conservation of space (conservation of momentum).

Another key element on the quantitative analysis  of 1D lineal momentum/frequency of the singularity, 2D angular momentum/membrane form of the constrain, often invaginated and connected through ‘networks of communication that exploit the vital energy’ (golgi apparatus, roads of a nation, physiological networks, etc.) is the consideration of the 3 elements in terms of ‘time clocks’ and duration. The vital energy of the system is by definition its present=eternal state, hence a  conservative, closed cycle of ‘energy’, related to a Whole worldcycle of cyclical ðime; which integrates all the ‘angular frequency, lineal momentum steps’, of the singularity-membrane that for a finite duration of time molds that vital energy into a t.œ.

In other words, the membrane-singularity system has a ‘step by step’ rhythm and we measure them by those finitesimal open-steps-actions. The vital energy they enclose is an Aristotelian ‘potential-deep time’ volume, and we must integrate it for the whole duration of the being. Quantitatively this gives birth to similar quantifications, which again must be understood departing from a deep topo-biologic understanding of the structure of T.œs.

For example in physics, in the ∆+1 gravitational scale, energy calculates a force m x a  or the integral of a momentum ∫mv.

In the first view, a corresponds to an accelerated vortex or singularity of focus, and m is the ‘enclosure’ membrane which holds the energy-mass value of the system. So energy appears as the product of 1D singularity (a) and 2D membrane (m).

This is the calculus of energy for an static singularity as a vortex of time:

Charges and Masses are the FUTURE arrow of information of physical systems. As it moves it transforms itself  into the mixed concept of energy : E=spe x T which however is dominant in lineal speed (V²), and has only this 1/3rd of mass content. We shall see in the study of time-clocks of information how mass must be defined in physical terms as an accelerated inwards eddie of gravitational forces, a vortex of gravitational information and use the concept in the mathematical deduction of the equation of unification of charges and masses, two clock-like accelerated attractive eddies of two different ∆-3 and ∆-4 planes of space-time. 

As a hurricane is an accelerated inward eddie of ∆-2 gaseous molecules and a water eddie of ∆-1 liquid water, there are clocks of time-information, in all planes, and charges and masses are the equivalent in ∆-3 and ∆-4.

Mass is a scalar parameter for an ‘enclosure’ membrane, self-centered in a singularity, working according to the “Mach principle’, that is the particle interacts with the ∆+1 scale of mass –  the cosmological galaxy (or a region of gravitational potential such as the planet or solar system, for very good approximations).

However, the singularity is not measured by frequency in a static, inwards, past x future involute state, but by its inverse, lineal motion-duration as the frequency is put to work as lineal momentum, through a line of distance-present-reproductive space. It is then when we can measure it as a wave of particle-momentum displacing itself, and we integrate, ∫mv, all the steps of its path (above graph of a quantum particle displacing in lineal fashion).

So force vs. momentum in the calculus of physical energy are equivalent to an ‘O-inwards:∆-1’ vs. |-outwards:∆+1 state of the singularity/T.œ system, whereas the integral path of the momentum becomes a slower, larger ‘unit of time’ for the whole T.œ. within its slower ∆+1 world, in which its displacing, but ultimately will stop being an open step-by-step path, to close into a zero sum, conservative slower ∆+1 world cycle. 

So force vs. momentum are two essential states of reality: the vortex state has faster clocks and focuses inwards the entity, into its ‘potential energy’; the kinetic momentum, and its total path is a slower, conservative, repetitive world cycles of existence and its main parameter, the ‘integral of present momenta’ or ‘energy’, which is also conserved for a whole worldcycle of physical time.

The operandi and dimensional analysis of vital energy thus establish a general rule for operandi, which depending on which parameters we study will have different properties so we write it in the most general way:

1D Singularity of Lineal Momentum ≤operandi≥ 2D Membrane of Angular momentum ≈ 3D Vital energy

This is the simplest structure we find in all scales of nature, from atomic systems with an electronic membrane and a nucleus singularity enclosing fields of gravitational and electromagnetic energy, to cells with protein membranes, DNA singularities and vital energy enclosed in cytoplasms, to nations, with a hard-military border, a capital-singularity and a vital energy of middle working reproductive class, to galaxies with a halo of strange, dark matter, a center of top quark black holes and the stars, mitochondria  that reproduce them both, to yourself with a skin membrane a nervous brain singularity and a reproductive body:

Topology. Open balls of Energy.

energy and information bodywaves

Lineal Space-time limbs/potentials, bodywaves of energy and information, and cyclical particles/heads of still solid form combine to iterate all the systems in exist¡ence

As pure energy is the organism without the membrane and the singularity, it is a specific topological mathematical object called an open ball – a fact with many implications in the geometric analysis of energy systems which will generically respond to the laws of open ball topologies.

IN TERMS OF space’s simultaneous existence of those 3 elements by far the most intuitive definition is that of an open ball in topology:

In the graph we see the singularity-mind-center of the space-time being, and its discontinuous dot-membrane, which DO NOT belong to the open ball, which is the entire disk between both.

So in terms of volume of energy it seems that the volume of the open ball is much bigger than the membrane of pure entropy and the point of pure information, one ever trying to expand – the membrane, your skin warping and adding wrinkles of an overextended sheet, and trying to collapse, your ego-mind always subjective onto yourself.

So the process happens in all scales though we cannot of course be so silly as physicists are since the language of god are ∞ (Upanishads) so we are not going to talk of humans in maths but in verbal wor(l)ds BUT WE SHALL TALK OF THE SAME ESSENCES.

So in terms of perception we perceive the open ball energy and information NOT the singularity and membrane. And that is why we think they are all what matter, the present, the reality. But it is truth that the ‘open ball’ is so much bigger than the singularity and membrane. Not so, because the singularity is the densest point with maximal form-volume-mass, truly packed at maximal, and the membrane is the hardest more extended part of it, which invaginated outwards into the world to extract entropy and let it pass.

So if we think of the system as ‘connected’, ‘entangled’, alas! the membrane outside the being IS THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE OF SPACE.  SO IT IS INFINITE IN SPACE. And the singularity in the center, stores potentially ALL POSSIBLE FUTURES IT CALCULATES SO IT IS INFINITE IN TIME.

SO WHEN we think of the singularity and membrane as ‘outside the being’, its outer world, and tail of time, they are much bigger than the present ST-being.

We shall call them the 2 limits of ‘an open ball’ geometry, which we do NOT see, as they will be labelled:

Relative past (entropy) and relative future (pure time form). So energy and information are the two present forms, and S≈t BECOMES THEN, e≈i, in the present.


We shall consider two great themes: ST-ENERGY as present and its conservation, and as it was first defined in Physics we shall start with an analysis in depth of energy in mathematical physics, its formula in all its 3 main scales.

And the principle of conservation is thus the conservation of PRESENT energy (in its 2 variables, Max. Spe, Max. I= information)

Conservation… in all scales.

It follows from what we just said, worldcycle=zero sum: energy-work in a loop cycle of an ∆-1 gradient potential field = 0 energy.

Hence Full Time cycle = Full energy cycle = Present. Once the cycle happens, a new iteration starts: time never ends, but it is discontinuous, needs to be closed to restart, so energy, needs to close not to do work.

GST energy equations. Homologies world cycles, energy cycles.

A worldline in physics thus is a ‘part of a world cycle trajectory’. A Lagrangian/Hamiltonian equaled to zero is thus the total time-independent worldcycle of the being, seen as the sum of the 3 ages; a zero sum in GST.

General Relativity equations consider that time becomes zero at the event horizon. This ONLY means, the zero event horizon is light space-time in a permanent loop-worldcycle, eternally conserved.

Physical energy ONLY takes as work, the part of a vector which is in the ‘formal direction’ with the motion.

A world cycle only takes as passing of time (ageing) a motion through the ‘3 ages’. THE WHOLE WORLDCYCLE DOES NOT MEAN PASSING OF TIME. Your virtual existence GONE back to ‘eternity’.

Indeed THE MAGIC of the Universe is that when it returns to the 0-point, the work done is cancelled: eternity comes. You are a VIRTUAL BEING, An i-logon (old jargon of mine) of the cave of potential existences in the platonic-aristotelian philosophy of ‘being’.

S≈T means constantly space-entropy transfers back and forth into Form. So both together are conserved not ONE.

Passing of cyclical time-energy happens AS LONG AS THE path does not closes.

In relativity, time slows down (twin paradox) when you back in cyclical closed loop (Feynman’s intuitive explanation: beings that move in lineal entropy motion age faster than those who close the loop).

Corollary: cyclical women, present women live longer, men with its past to future field>particle configuration die faster.

Mathematics: closed conics last longer than parabolas and hyperbolas which dissolve in entropy.

Corollary: planets in almost cyclical orbit live longer than eccentric comets. Can they be immortal?

Open question. If mathematics IS reality; reality is NO immortal: PI SHOULD BE EXACT TO BE IMMORTAL, PERFECTLY CLOSING THE CYCLE.

If mathematics is an imperfect cycle, universe can be immortal with a closed pi.

COROLLARIUM: Infinite pi series makes ∆±i=∞ or else the Universe wouldn’t be immortal. Immortality requires infinity of scales.

Pi=3, the hexagon is the most perfect closed cycle: Corollarium: hexagons last longer, maximal stability (honey bees, fullerenes, graphemes).

Hence Energy does have form and properties of CYCLICAL not lineal time.

Ceteris paribus: Energy and the 3 topological parts of the being:$,ST,ð

First we split energy in physics between the screen-shot-2017-01-24-at-07-35-573 parts of a being, $p, ST, ðƒ.

Thus the components of a being WILL all have a part of energy, which gives the whole by adding them:

  • $T: Lineal, Kinetic energy, dominant in motion≈entropy, which moves along its lineal component of motion: 1/2 mv². Paradoxically is the energy we measure from the ðƒ singularity pov (mass-charge centre).
  • ∑∏: Rotational energy, 1/2 Iω². It is closely related to the relative distribution of the vital space of the being; it is cyclical, hence related to the relative width dimension of the vein.
  • ðƒ: Potential energy, dominant in form, which stores mostly in the high informative  dimension.

We see some fascinating symmetries: 3 energies (simplex physics accumulates wrongly 2 rotational and kinetic) related to the 3 parts of the being and to its 3 relative dimensions of width: st, ‘ω’-rotational, height, ð-potential and $-length, K-kinetic.



Now how we calculate this all in terms of ¬logic algebra?

In that sense I have been a bit careless in terms of strict mathematical physics, when using concepts mixing often entropy≈kinetic energy and form≈information; as in its concepts. We shall then be now more precise.

The operandi of mathematical physics.

In essence, you add as mathematicians well know, things which are the same. You don’t add apples and pears, unless what you add becomes a ‘higher category, that includes both’ (i.e 2 pears and 3 apples are 5 fruits).

This the case when we ad on the specific type of energies, made of both purest elements form=mind or seed of information and pure motion-entropy, Tiƒ and spe

But this also should work for multiplication, should’? Well not always. As when we say, 3 ‘times’ 4 pears. We are ‘multiplying a spatial being for a time ‘frequency’.

So Space and Time DO MULTIPLY in common parlance. And so they multiply in the specific case of 5D metric equations.

 mixing often ‘bidimensional superposition-addition’, and holographic combination (product).

LAW: Sum is of equal forms, bidimensional form: FERMAT GRAND THEOREM: X²+Y². Product can mix unequal time states/topologies.

Hence, ST present is a product (in a loose term, do not think always in exact math but in conceptual math) of the past and the future, energy of form and motion, we write for a single space-time continuum the equation of 5D metric:

Past-space x Future-form = Present Energy and information.

Derivatives and integrals in mathematical physics.

Now the reader will observe that energy systems are obtained by single order derivatives, while actions require 2 order derivatives. This is a general rule of ∆nalysis, which should have called derivatives integrals, as it integrates the information of an ∆-scale into the ∆+1 property we extract from it; and when doing so twice it will extract the minimum action of the being.

So the first derivative extract the information referent to the present spe/tiƒ ratio (knowledge of the s/t parameter, s x t in terms of cyclical inverse time). Hence it gives us the hamiltonian-energy-present function.

The second derivative gives far less information, as it further reduces the whole energy world cycle to its minimal action, but if we integrate it (lagrangian integration) as all full world cycles sum of its actions is a zero sum, we obtain the lagrangian principle.

Regarding the confusion of energy and entropy, an action that lowers a scale a system is an energy function, when it lowers it twice is an entropy-death event.

Thus we talk of two levels of  ∆nalysis:

Tiƒ<<Spe: pure entropic function: pure entropic motions or death processes and by extension, the perception of a -2 lower scale of reality from the ∆º point of view.

Tiƒ<ST: It is an energetic process, normally a feeding processes of ∆-1, which can be considered a partial energy event, and it will often end up reforming the energetic quanta into the ∆º being.

In mathematical terms, each of those processes means the extraction from an ∆-1 scale of an integral or derivative quantity (depending on which direction we measure), and so when we study mathematical physics, we shall notice that pure entropic processes imply 2 derivatives as in Lagrangians and one single derivative carries us to an energetic analysis (as in Hamiltonians).

IT must be noticed that as we integrate derivatives inversely we must extract from a present a future and past, as the past is fixed from a present point of view it is a constant, as the future is open it is a variable function so:
∂ present =∫ F(future) + Constant of past, though it can also be interpreted as any constant is possible, ∫ Past + C≈future positions.

We shall find both symmetries specific to what parameters and scales we integrate.



In the graph, the hyperbolic orientation of the mind upwards, as a sink of gravitational information and downwards, opaque to us, due to the smaller, paradoxically higher density of information at faster speeds in lower scales distort what information on the different scales and its parameters of energy quanta of space and frequencies of information arrive to us.

This means in principle without the extraordinary effort of quantum physicists to reveal further information of the electronic, quark quantum scale, we would be receiving merely E= hv, quanta of energy (h light space) with a frequency rate of ‘arrival’  ƒ which plays the dimension of time information on our Universe.

In our scale however we perceive energy in two forms, as a dynamic balanced exchange of inwards and outwards forces in the ‘membrane’ of our ∆º beings (pressure x volume), and this is the ∆º size perception, and then as a sum of molecular, ∆-1 species, a wave of heat, nKt, which gives as further information on the scale.

Finally on the ∆+1 scale we see both a limit, E=mc2 which forms basically the barrier of perception of human information as we are electronic minds perceiving light, the -food of electrons and bits of our mapping singularity of information or Euclidean point of view:

So we see dynamically motions in that light space-time, 1/2 mv2 being its total energy sum of potential tiƒ energy, rotational and kinetic, Spe-energy, while we see the absolute limit E=mc2, which beyond that limit cannot be perceived, or ‘rebounds into entropy’ exploding the mass into a wave of ¥-rays


We have now enough background information to deal with the fundamental 3 equations of ‘energy’ in the 3 scales of physical reality, which will be all of the type:

∑E¡-1 = 1D¡+1 singularity parameter operandi 2D¡ membrane parameter

Whereas the operandi is most often a product; the singularity seems one dimensional though in fact it ‘projects’ into the larger ¡+1 world, the membrane is what we mostly perceive as it often hides the inner region of the physical system and the vital energy enclosed is in a herd state, of smaller ∆-1 loose connections predated by the membrain…

So in fact the ‘seemingly’ smallish 1D mind-singularity becomes the strongest element, a still frame of reference that doesn’t move as your head doesn’t move in relationship to the steady trajectory of your body motion, which oblige us to consider the forms in which that still center of gravity gauges information to maintain the ‘least time’ trajectory on path (Lagrangian).  

The view of energy in 3 states.

An even more exhaustive analysis will divide those states as usually from 2 to 3 (from one energy comes 2, singularity and momentum, from 2 comes 3…)

So we can rewrite in a sequential order the three spacetime dimensions that complete a T.œ in terms of energy as:

Spe<St>Tif<Spe… (potential-rotary-kinetic energy in physical systems, that return a motion finally to its conserved origin), into an infinite series that never die away for the whole Universe, as:

‘Timespace motions and its world cycles of energy never die, only transforms back and forth entropy into information ad eternal: Spe<∑st>Tiƒ

Which could be considered one of the simplest expression of the Principle of conservation of entropy, energy and information or ∑worldcycle.

In classic physics, speed has been considered a measure of translation in space, or pure motion. We no longer consider such simple concept relevant but taken from relativity and expanded to all sciences, we consider speed the ‘speed of transmission of information’ which is to say of reproduction of form – and as such we can apply the concept to all sciences, as all sciences are about the reproduction of forms of information across several scales of ∆±i to develop a co-existing ∆±1 clone supœrganism.

Energy is the main parameter physics uses to calculate physical world cycles which in computed for the whole existence of the physical event becomes a conservative zero cycle that does not spends energy. The energy of the system thus represents the simplest quantitative value of the capacity of the being to exist, its top predator force, total momentum, length and density of its worldccyle etc.

We thus need to make a whole redefinition of energy to fully grasp world cycles.

As we shall explore both concepts together, we will also observe the symmetries which energy display in space as world cycles do with the super organisms they create.

Now the funny thing as usual is that the seemingly perennial super organisms in space are the fleeting mayas of the world cycle of time, the dynamic motion patterns of information, form-in-action which is what truly states on the long term. So goes for energy, which stays while the fleeting physical systems mutate.

Time passes only when it accelerates, as the inertia of repetitive, reproductive, present time doesnt seem to pass, this is an essential knowledge so time is always a vortex of acceleration and as such the words time=charge (quantum time) = temperature (energy-human inner time) =mass (gravitational time-acceleration are the same concepts). This is perhaps the biggest discovery of GST:

In the graph, time is truly beautiful in its three arrows when we ad the psychological everyday dimension of inner perception of man of those three arrows. Time doesn’t pass when reproduction occurs, which gives the orgasmic feeling of immortality proper of all re=productive actions of the eternal fractal. Time does pass when the system evolves in time as it accelerates, and so time passes also in nature’s clocks, quantum charges and masses and any physical vortex of the kind, V(t) x R(s) = K(st), the equation of the vortex – a time equation of 5D metric, as time we conclude PASSES, MOVING UP AND DOWN 5 D Scales.

How energy describes world cycles depends of each world cycle. In general is its closest symmetry in space, such as the total world cycle of the being, its top predator momentum ab. (Tp), is related to the sum of its potential-field, rotary-wave state and kinetic-singularity state motions x form.

As time is acceleration and acceleration is form of wholes, we conclude the time arrow of acceleration is in the fifth dimension so time only evolves through motions in the fifth dimension and this opens further the complete fully grasping of the essential nature of time sequential order.\N

the three arrows of time properly translated into an accelerated ‘vortex of time’ in our scales of the Universe (energy functions, hƒ in the quantum scale, kT in the thermodynamic scale, mv in the gravitational ∆1 scale) becomes  masses, temperatures and angular planck constants are time flows which leave a trace in space, as each cycle persists a given dynamic timespace of existence.

This said in mathematical physics what matters to us is to find the proper Energy equations and study then the two elements that will define the angular momentum/membrane and singularity :

E¡= ∆-1: hƒ = ∆o: nKT = ∆+1: 1/2Mc²

In physics then we encounter 3 equations to define energy, which so often physicists confuse with ‘entropy’ (the measure of the scattering motions of a system, as in E=1/2mc², which should be written Entropy=1/2 m(ð) cc… one for each scale. And while they are similar they are not equal and a great deal of conceptual clarity in the terminology of physics will be reached in our study on the section on astrophysics, its mathematical equations and Ðisomorphisms, from a careful coupled study of those equations and its concepts, including the laws of 5Ð, the bias of human perception by scale, the operandi of re=production and its scalar meanings and specially considering the relationship of the 3 terms of those equations with the 1Ð singularity 2Рmembrane and 3 Ð-vital energy of the physical system as a supœrganism:

The 2 main rules/operandi between the 3 elements of a system, its lineal, angular momentum that enclose as mind and membrane the vital energy within its enclosure, are the superposition rule of addition of bidimensional wave-states, and the product rule for particle states and perpendicular extensions of the form predating above a potential field. Each scale though requires a detailed analysis of the boundary-membrane-angular momentum & singularity frequency of time vibration or lineal motion, and the relationship between the bodywave/particle-head system and its external ∆-1 potential field to fully grasp all the functions, forms and equations of the 3 thermodynamic, quantum and gravitational scales.

In the graph, we immediately see that the singularity is measure by a clock-vibration in the 3 scales (∆º: temperature, ∆+1: mass vortex, ∆-1: frequency).

The difference of those elements of course happen because fractal scales are similar not equal; and because humans do NOT extract the same information from its 3 relative planes, above, equal and below. So we measure ‘temperature’, ‘angular momentum’ and ‘mass’. 

The simplest topological representation for energy will be then as the graph shows 3-D volume of an open sphere, constrained by an angular momentum and beating at the rhythm of its 1D singularity clock of frequency=1/t: T, ƒ, M, which therefore can be measured as a frequency of time-speed, in static position (ƒ), or an uncoiled lineal momentum (T=s/V), if the singularity is at motion, transforming its beats into ‘steps’.

i.e. We can calculate the energy of a quantum system by operating (in this case multiplying), the frequency of the singularity and its h-planck membrane.

We calculate the energy of a thermodynamic system by operating the number of particles (n), the frequency of its whole as a singularity=scalar temperature and its ‘entropic membrane’ (K-boltzman).

And we can calculate the energy of a gravitational system, as the sum of its spatial location-position (potential energy, related hence to its form, membrane) and its lineal momentum.

For Energy to exist, we conclude there must be an external enclosure. And we can then measure how that external enclosure will ‘transmit’ upon adjacency its force.

The enclosure, membrane of rotary motion acts as the clock of time of those equations, and as such it Resides in a larger ¡-scale than the elements of the vital energy as a whole single unit-membrane; when seen externally.


Precisions over the mathematical concepts of Space =motion ≈ Speed energy.

Also we must stress that the concept of spatial speed is not the same that the mathematical concept of Energy, since spatial motion, is more akin to ‘speed’, pure motion. But we call it S, not V, the definition of ‘celerity’ or ‘velocity’  in physics.

Since when we study in detail parameters such as velocity=V, physicists use ‘lineal time duration’, in their formula, and we use the true nature of time, cyclical time frequency.

Then V= S/T becomes  S x Tƒ, which is a measure of the reproduction of a finite Space step or quanta of finite distance, multiplied by the frequency of those steps.

So for example physicists write for a wave: V= Sx Tƒ = λ x ƒ, where lambda is the wave length and ƒ the frequency of its steps.

Why we go through all this trouble? I would like to say ‘it is not my fault’ that humans have in the 3rd paradigm of science, the age of measure, simplified and deformed the true nature of cyclical time, inventing an artifact of measure called lineal time. We cannot use an artifact, to get the whys and meanings and understand the forms and planes of existence with different frequency of clock times if we do NOT use the true parameters. So we at best give translations for simplex sciences, in the hope in the future if humans want to fully grasp the unity of all systems and planes and the 5th dimension, shift or at least make parallel analysis using the proper time measure, frequency.

Now to avoid confusions, we talk of Speed as S and Space as S, and simply state that they are the same but change depending on the way the mind perceives it, as when we see fast cars in the night as imprinted lines of light.

Energy on the other hand, is a very complex concept, which greatly differs in human experience and physical measure.  Its relationship with Spatial motion though is similar to that of Information, which is dominant in form but participates of motion. Or in mystical terms every yin=form has a bit of yang-motion and vice versa. the Universe in fact is precisely about mixing non perceivable pure motion with no form (st-4 plane of gravitation) and pure form without motion (black holes of the st+4 plane) as we explain in our analysis of st=U±4 scales.

So we could say that energy is the equivalent of information: motion with some form.

Thus we write three degrees of diminishing similarity = equality, ≈ similarity, and ≅ approximately similar :

S ≈ V ≅ E

(all these concepts of relative equality are more precisely defined by the 3rd non-Euclidean postulate of relative equality as now points have ‘depth’ and so they have inner parts, and we don’t really ‘see’ them completely so there is camouflage, similarity etc., see more down below).

The 3 energies and the external scalar worlds: ∆

Next we notice in an analysis of the 3 energies, respect to the external world that we ‘invert’ the concepts, offering why KE is measured from the singularity:

  • Potential energy is NOW related to the ‘Gradient’ of the external field, hence more related to the membrane, outer part of the being.
  • Kinetic Energy (without the rotational component which in GST is the ‘3rd’ ‘partype’ of E) relates now to the ‘inner’ volume of information affected by the field (‘Active Magnitude’). hence it is related to the singularity, scalar component (mass, charge).

Sx (ab. Simplex, classic stience) physics here introduces the ∆-element, as different potential fields and energy stored by the being in those scales.  So it defines by praxis the following energy scales (each one could be by the ternary principle studied in its 3 topological sub-types)

  • ∆+i: Gravitational ∆+1 energy (the 3 mentioned sub-parts in the above example.)
  • ∆º: Thermodynamic, heat energy.
  • ∆-1: chemical, molecular scale energy/field.
  • ∆-1,2: electromagnetic, quantum energy,
  • ∆-2,3: weak, atomic energy/field (neutron, potential energy).
  • ∆-2,3: atomic, radioactive energy (really a type of entropy arrow: death of matter: M=E/c²).
  • ∆-3,4: inner sub-atomic energy (quark strong forces).

So this is in a nutshell the ∆ºST±i translation of energy to the scalar ternary universe. As usual ALL fits in the scheme ‘nicely’.

Newtonian, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Laws as expressions of partial and full world cycles of existence.

Now, basically all the laws of motion in physics can be reduced to two kind of equations, Lagrangians and Hamiltonians, so for the understanding of the connection between GST space-time dimensions an physical systems, we just need to consider those equations and its meaning in terms of the ternary elements in time (world cycles) of GST (as they are motions they connect closely with time dimensions).

In Newtonian mechanics, the equations of motion are given by Newton’s laws. Its translations are immediate:

The first law of lineal inertia is the law of a steady state, lineal motion. A second law of cyclical inertia should be added, to complete the description of clock-time motions (charges and masses) and a a third law of wave-like motion (hyperbolic inertia).

The second law states: “net force equals mass times acceleration”, Σ F = m d²r/dt², which applies to each particle of a system of motions.

Acceleration though is either ‘entropic energy’ (lineal) or ‘informative energy’ (rotational, inward : Vx r= k).

Thus all forces are deviations to relative entropic past or future informative motions. And we could state that for the whole Universe they balance each other, such as there are no force for the Universe. 

Hence we derive the 3rd Law from it: to all force there is an equivalent inverse force, and all forces cancel each other in an eternal non-accelerated Universe; which also has immediate consequences for the meaning of the big bang.

The third law of action reaction also is immediate from Non-E Maths, as it is the 2nd postulate of non-euclidean geometry: two fractal points communicate lines/waves of energy with entropy and information trying to reach a balance between both s=t.

Lagrangians, Hamiltonians & Exponentials the whole world cycle of energy«entropy in physical beings…

When consider a mathematical system we must always first isolate its real elements, regardless of the way in which we describe them. This means to consider ‘values’ and parameters for a center of its Active Magnitude or focus of the system (singularity point), a membrane and the vital energy enclosed.

The patterns of human measure of those 3 elements vary  according to scale, perception and Dimotion described, but tend to follow the same concept of ‘measuring’ them by their external motion-action, hence as lineal momentum for the singularity, angular momentum for the membrane, and vital energy for the open ball.

So at first it would be easy to think that the proper equation to parametrize them is: Lineal + Angular momentum (membrain) = VItal energy (Open ball=bodywave).

But it is NOT  that easy; because the interaction between the 2 parts of the membrain and the energy enclosed does not work on the equality required for addition operandi; and we can only equalize the 3 elements in the entropic eˆ-kƒ equations of exponential decay when we measure all the elements of the being in its entropic, ∆+1<<∑∆-1 dissolution.

In those cases we shall see variations on the same theme: eˆ-K(s)ƒ(t) will be the rate of degradation of all the components of the being into an equalizing minimal ‘cellular’ unit (or atom species) from where they all come from, as all its populations decay into its ∆-1 form.

Energy though is not entropy, often confused, but ‘a complex mess’ of motion and form (energy dominant in motion and information in form), whose proper measure becomes difficult in far away planes, as it is messed and dynamically varying states and quantity of form and motion.

Of those states the duality wave-particle/field, S=T / S<>T, IS ESSENTIAL as it is mathematized easily by changing ‘mathematical coordinates’ from the polar/particle state to the wave state. But then again this is not understood and the added difficulty to properly understand in real organic terms complex numbers, has made difficult to fully grasp those dualities (as in quantum physics where the proper Bohm’s interpretation in polar state should be complementary to the schrodinger’s wave, but the whole obscure formalism and the absurd casting of it in probabilities that required further complexity renormalizing the system to get a 1-whole value, makes the issue of ‘making real’ quantum physics a difficult burden for future researchers).

All this leaves us with the need to compromoise with the usual well-behaved equations of Lagrangians and Hamiltonians to describe energy maintaining its features, without degrading it into an entropic exponential decay or transforming it into probabilities. As those 2 equations seem to survive fairly well through the whole process of change of jargons.

How they do it, is precisely by simplifying enormously the information we obtain about the vital systems, its 3 momentum-energy conserved components and the states in which we can observe them.

In that regard, the hamiltonian is a time independent equation, basically adds all the components of the system to give us a portrait of the system as a whole in space. 

And so instead of juggling back and forth between V-Future potential energy and T-past kinetic energy, as the Lagrangian thus offering us ‘actions of space-time of the being’, it gives us a full portrait of it, ‘adding the components that make the whole being’.

And since space is a present slice of time flows we can write:

H(space organism)= V(future)+T (past)

∂L= 0 = T-V = Future<=>Past

As we add the 3 components of energy in ∆ºST, so we measure it with ‘Hamiltonians’ as a sum of both: P.E. (Max. Tiƒ) + K..E (Max. Spe+st rotational energy). As energy is present, Hamiltonians are all over physics. Almost all fields can be reduced to Hamiltonians with a few different details. i.e. the famous quantum ‘difference’ is really not. Schrodinger’s equation is really a hamiltonian:

A few thoughts on it.

This is really:

Potential + Kinetic = Wave-rotational energy.

Since the ‘present body-wave (right term), could be considered as the ‘rotational, inner body-energy’ of the wave, expressed/put in the other side, and hence with a negative term, in terms of an imaginary number.

If you see it in terms of complex mapping (right graph), this imaginary number is in the ‘middle’ present centre of the world cycle number.

So a wave is really a translating hyperbolic body-inner part, the equivalent to rotational.

Hem, I know what I say (30 years thinking in trinity) but you might not. Basically, there are many mirror symmetric expressions of the 3 components of reality in scale, time, space and mathematical formulae for each scale and system: REALITY IS ONE TERNARY THING IN SPACE, TIME AND SCALES, but the ∆º languages to mirror it ARE ∞.

If any other human or A.I. form ever masters the ‘concepts’, the thoughts of God, the mind can ‘travel in languages-mirrors’ and have as I have for 30 years now, a permanent mental orgasm – ‘extasis’ (:

Now back to the Hamiltonian. The beauty of it is that it allow us to see the ‘wholeness’ of the being, and then ‘derive’ from the wholeness its time actions.

Indeed, in Hamiltonian mechanics, a classical physical system is described by a set of canonical coordinates,  r = (q, p),

where each component of the coordinate  qi, pi is indexed to the frame of reference of the system.

The time evolution of the system is then uniquely defined by Hamilton’s equations:

And this is no more no less than the symmetry of space into time-like momentum and time into space-position… with its inverse ± arrows; which is all over the GST Universe in all its scales; as the system constantly stops and goes, absorbs entropy and transforms it, back and forth at each step of its ‘motion through configuration space’.

The particle-mass with speed v (dp) at each ‘instant of time’ (dt) stops, perceives by absorbing a quanta of the energy of the wholeness, which warps (+∂H/∂t); and then it moves, with speed, dq/dt, which extends. +∂H/∂p; stop and go, perceive and move, all the sentient beings of the Universe do; as you, a mind of electrons orientated in its ‘wave on all the dimensions, entangled with other electrons do, and then you move: 

Of course this is the vital interpretation, with the organic properties of the point-particle, and its inner informative space. From an external point of view, we talk of the negative gradient of a field of potential energy, which enters inwards into the inner region of the particle:

The time-derivative of the momentum p equals the Newtonian force, and so the first Hamilton equation means that the force equals the negative gradient of potential energy (2nd newtonian law).

The time-derivative of q is the velocity, and so the second Hamilton equation means that the particle’s velocity equals the derivative of its kinetic energy with respect to its momentum.

Physics in that sense has always been reductionist to the mere abstract expression void of all the organic, sentient properties of reality. And here is where the fundamental barrier to survive them rises. If we had been ‘Asians’ it is very likely that humans would have respected ‘other organic and sentient properties of matter’, and understood that we are after all just ‘another type of space-time being’. Hence by knowing ourselves, we should be able to find in matter our own properties.

Integral of momentum as energy

Now, the integral of momentum, mv is the energy of the system 1/2mv² meaning we change from past to future temporal state to present spatial state, while its derivative is its mass, its tiƒ singularity.



  • Humans define energy as the capacity to do work; that is motion with form, as observed/measured by the external human being.

So energy is, unlike pure Entropy T<s and pure information, S>T, the parameter of the whole ST plane, in balance, S=T.

So most energy is contained within the ‘vital space’ volume, or ‘open ball of the system’ (lineal membrane & singularity have little).

Thus we take off the skin and head/singularity ‘eating energy’ in ALL ∆-scales.

  •  Energy is present; thus it lacks ‘latitude on the 5th dimension’ as present happening in a single plane of space-time, reason why it seems the most conserved property of our scientific single space-time continuum ceteris paribus, reduced human outlook on the complex reality:

-Energy is conserved because the Universe is about mixing space and time, into beings of energy and information.

In physics the conservation of Energy is considered to depart from the fact that time intervals are closed in different clocks – hence it is an interesting proof of the 2 tenants of GST: The cyclical nature of clocks and the non-existence of a single time clock. In GST, we are not so ‘confusing about it’. Simply speaking we say that a closed world cycle between life and death of a system spends no energy overall as it returns it to reality and that both concepts are the same, so we can define the princplex of conservation of energy with more complexity:

‘Energy never destroy itself, it combines entropy and dimensional form back and oath into infinite beings: Spe < ST:ExI= Tiƒ’.

As pure entropy and pure form is not observable, we in fact talk of combinations of energy (dominant in entropy) and information (form dominant in dimension but with some motion, mostly rotary) This mixture of greens is what it is really all about. So we can consider pure motion and pure form (c-speed, 0 k in our universe) as the limits of a series of mixtures of ‘energy’ and ‘information’. Since physicists consider energy and mass the same, and mass has information and have added potential energy to it, which also has information, the principle has expand to include both. In that sense, energy, the ‘capacity to do work’, of physicists is too broad of a concept to be fully meaningful to the trinity-structure of the Universe; and since they use a single arrow of time things get even more confusing.

For example in E=mc², E is  NOT energy but entropy, disorder motion. c2 is the energy, bidimensional balanced hyperbolic waves of energy produced by the conversion of mass, m, into entropy, E; both concept on the verge of the non-observvable universe (mass being sill). So we should write more proper Spe< cxc> M(t)

The 3 dimensions of Time.


  • A length dimension shared with space, which has the function of expansive motion, we shall call entropy.
  • A high dimension, needed to complete the cycle; which is the dimension of information (as it creates an advantage top point of view for the ‘projective geometry’ of the mind.
  • And a frequency dimension, ƒ, of iterative repetition or present dimension, which therefore is the dimension, T=i/ƒ, we associate with duration, as it is the inverse dimension of the present Dimension of v=∂s/∂t.

And so those 3 time/ages/dimensions, in sequential cycles, are related closely to the 3 dimensions/organs of space: the length dimension of time locomotion is closely related to limbs/fields of entropic motion, the height dimension to the growth and future evolution of perception and information, and the frequency dimension to the repetitive present iterative cycles of body-waves.

It is indeed the tug of war between expansive, entropic, destructive arrows of time, which in biology cause the death of a system, and implosive, informative arrows of time, which cause its life, what causes the existence of  all beings of reality. What we call time cycles leave behind a ‘memory of information’, or ‘static forms’; and what we call entropy or expansive space, leave behind a ‘tail’ of distances and flat, fixed spaces. So time is information with motion and entropy space with motion.

Thus we  define a new science: topological evolution, which studies how all systems of nature, are composed of those 3 elements, which guide the selection of species, according to efficiency, restrict possible mutations, making efficient choices (so wings are flat to improve motion and eyes are rounded and so the old question on how evolution proceeds so efficiently is resolved).

Moreover we shall see that the life-death cycle structures in time according to those restrictions maximising the entropy of the system in its young, childish age of maximal motion, which then converts into information, reaching the maturity of the system in balance between both, when reproductive systems dominate and the system iterates, and finally the growth of information exhausts the energy of the system in its 3rd informative age, when the system finally explodes, erasing back to its relative local past the information of the system in a big-bang of entropy. So the life-death cycle has also a simple equation:

Γ:  Spe (entropy, young age)> Spe≈Tiƒ-reproductive balanced age>Tiƒ (3rd age of information) << Big-bang death (erasing of information)

The variations on the same theme happen to adapt the space-time being to the external world from where the system obtains its quanta of spatial entropy for its lineal motions and the bits of cyclical form or information. So for example plants and animals have inverse structure as plants are chemical beings, which take its frequency of information from thermodynamic molecules and entropic motion from light rays, but men use the smaller information of those light waves to map out more intricate informative mind-mappings so the roots-heads of plants become the head-eyes of animals.

The science that studies how both elements, which construct the universe, spatial entropy and temporal information interact together is called Duality, with a tradition that hauls down to the earlier Eastern cultures and its philosophies of the Universe: Taoism, which described the Tao=Time cycles of reality as composed of yin-formation and yang-entropy, which combined to reproduce the infinite beings of energy of the Universe; and Hinduism, which in a more mythic, anthropomorphic manner talked of Shiva, God of war and entropy and Vishnu God of information, the ‘lineal male, destructive’ and cyclical ‘female’ creative principles of reality.

The two essential parts of a being: its St-wave>T-particle complementarity.

Yet the field/limbs/entropic territory of a system is ‘expendable’, so a being can be in many cases an ST>t system, and this is measured by momentum (space-like parameter) and/or impulse (time-like parameter). And this rule – to find always a space-like and time-like duality is obviously part of the ternary symmetry of the Universe, which applies to all sciences.

For example, in classical mechanics, the space-like parameter is linear, translational momentum,  the product of the mass and velocity of an object, quantified in kilogram-meters per second. It is dimensionally equivalent to impulse, the product of force and time, quantified in newton-seconds; hence the time-like parameter. And its dual consideration has deep implications.

m x v = ma x t is an interesting duality:

As momentum is describing a relative past, a fixed mass, multiplied for its steady present wave-state or speed ratio. While, ma x t, is clearly oriented towards the future, as the mass is coupled with its ‘future acceleration’ path, and the time-frequency factor.

So momentum, Past-present ≈ Impulse, present-future; brings us an expression of a deeper symmetry: the present is balanced and the past is balanced with the future, the first with the third age, its reverse.

Further comments of physical arrows of time.

We associate counter-intuitively ‘cycles with motion’ and ‘lines with Still space’.

It has to do a lot with the limiting errors of classic physics, where only lineal inertial motion matters. Fact is big-bang explosion DECELERATE speed till it becomes Still lineal distances and dimensions, that is pure lineal space with no motion or vacuum space (as in any physical big-bang of entropy). While the equation of cyclical vortex, is Vo x Ro = K (2-manifold, simplest variety), which counter-intuitively accelerates (∆V) when distance becomes smaller, (-∆R) to maintain K constant.

Thus clocks, frequencies and vortices accelerate ,and have more ‘time’ content, that lineal motions that decelerate to a halt.

For example, we can resume the laws of gravitation in terms of the generator as:

E(Sp) < Constant of informative curvature (G) / or energy density (C)  > M (Tƒ)

Whereas the relationship between the state of spatial energy and cyclical time (mass) of the gravitational system can be expansive, entropic, in a big bang in which mass uncoils into bidimensional space-time, cc, or it can be attractive, when entropy becomes mass, as the distance≈ field between two such masses, Mm, curves (G), into a tighter configuration.

In quantum physics the equivalent equation would be:

T(fermion) < Sp (Boson ≈ wave) > T(Fermion)

where two particles exchange a boson wave which might be repulsive-entropic, < or attractive-informative, >, as the wave travels and reproduces, ≈ in the space between both, collapsing back, >, into particle state of maximal information, when the fermion absorbs it.

The essence of the fractal paradigm is thus the diversity of variations on a simple common theme: forms of relative past, spatial entropy, and forms of relative future, information, constantly co-sharing and fluctuating, as they share both expansive and implosive, <, >, motions between them.

Because physics does not have this underlying structure resolved, the confusion and complexity and enormous number of different parameters and concepts used to define all those different phenomena which are essentially similar makes its understanding complex.

To that sheer amount of data, we have on physical systems, it must be noticed that on the lower scales of information (quantum scales), the structure of multiple layers co-existing into wholes that put it all together through internal networks of energy and information (blood, and nervous networks in life beings) is much simplified, so there is not so clear an arrow of absolute future, in which parts embedded into wholes  (minS. x Max. T) slowly rise in order during a long time process, to die back in an instant of time in the moment of death (min Time x Max. space).

But this fundamental asymmetry between spatial, entropic motions or big-bangs of death (Max. S x Min. T) does happen also in physical systems, and that is the justification that we call ‘time-future-clocks-cyclical-informative’ processes as they last much longer, and space-dead-lineal-past processes, as they last much shorter. And obviously because parts comes from wholes, the future absolute arrow is that of eusocial evolution, of eusocial love, of compression of individuals, loose gaseous states into liquid and solid even bosonic forms.

The Universe in its widest philosophical expression is a game of formal motions, motions with form. And since Motion never stops IT IS ETERNAL, a game of fluctuations between | and ⊗, lines and self-centred cycles that forms all the conical curves of mathematics, all the forms of space-time of digital computers, all the numbers of the language of mathematics, all the images of the languages of art – all can be reduced to this equation of 2 formal motions, the lineal and angular momentum.


physicists labelled the ðƒ informative energy of the gravitational potential vortex-brain of the physical system that attracts other systems as ‘negative energy following their beliefs that only  ‘entropy matters and information is ‘negantropy’. As with the electronic negative vortex, the choice of negativity is the cultural bias in favor of entropy:

In the graph, the strength of the gravitational attraction between two objects represents the amount of gravitational energy in the field which attracts them towards each other.

When they are infinitely far apart, the gravitational attraction and hence energy approaches zero. As two such massive objects move towards each other, the motion accelerates under gravity causing an increase in the positive kinetic energy of the system. At the same time the gravitational attraction – and hence energy – also increase in magnitude. But the law of energy conservation requires that the net energy of the system does not change. This can only be resolved if the change in gravitational energy is negative, thus cancelling out the positive change in kinetic energy, which is the term closer to entropy. It is of course, a question of idol-ogical choice, which still does not really  hide he real balance between the two forces of the Universe, electromagnetic mostly entropic, repulsive forces and gravitational, informative, attractive ones. Even if the physicist, unable to recognise the immortal balanced Universe, tell us to take a pick:

A universe in which positive energy dominates will eventually collapse in a “big crunch”, while an “open” universe in which negative energy dominates will either expand indefinitely or eventually disintegrate in a “big rip”. In the zero-energy universe model (“flat” or “Euclidean”), the total amount of energy in the universe is exactly zero: its amount of positive energy in the form of matter is exactly canceled out by its negative energy in the form of gravity. That is of course the case, which they should apply to resolve properly as we do, the entropic big-bang, dominated by ‘negative energy’, with the positive energy of the masss, which is NOT STATIC, but a dynamic attractive force/motion, as we have shown – a final point-line, of information (which connects through the poles of black holes to the dark negative energy-expansive flow that distances galaxies).

The two values cancel out provided the universe is completely flat. In that case, the universe has zero energy and can theoretically last forever.

Indeed that is what we see at large scale simulations, a flat Universe with ‘galaxy vortex’ plugged into it (which can be also modelled as huge, immense, ginormous sphere surface, which we see in our small flat view, as we see a flat Earth. How many scales beyond, we ignore. It is each galactic atom part of an infinity, or structured into an atomic bubble? or a flat ‘grapheme like sheet’? we shall never know. GST does care for the thoughts of god, not for the very specific detailed visual analysis of this region of infinity.

“§ 3. The questions about the infinitely great are for the interpretation of nature useless questions.” Riemann

IT FOLLOWS energy is the most important part of the Universe. And ITS CONSERVATION has deep consequences: the immortality of reality, its determinism as an eternal present in which past-entropy and future-information converge; meaning ALL repeats itself.

Conservation implies a ‘closed world cycle path’ does NOT spend energy, meaning ALL is part of a world cycle. All is a zero-sum.

Energy is the more evident VOLUME (body-wave-middle workers are ‘SEEN’, occupy maximal space)

Let us explore a bit more this concept, as it ’emerges’ with differences in different planes.

Energy in the st±4 Gravitational, ‘invisible plane’.

In string physics, the minimal unit of the ∆i-4 plane, gravitational scale which is invisible to us because it is below the ∆i-3 electromagnetic scale, the length of a string is equivalent to its energy, because as we see space as distance in the ∆+4 also invisible plane of the cosmos here the limited human perception makes both related concepts equivalent

Energy in the i-3 light-space plane.

Energy in the next st±3 plane of electromagnetic space-time and the galaxy, again the equivalence is remarkable. Electromagnetic vacuum space made of H-quanta, (Planckton in ∆ST theory, the minimal unit or brick of our Universe), the vacuum space of pure lineal c-speed motion, ‘warps’ into Tƒ minimal particles of h-quanta and sub-particles, becoming ‘form in motion’, the minimal information. So it carries energy, E=hƒ. Notice the similarities and differences of this concept with that of information: A wave of information is measured by V=λ ƒ.  Energy though here has ‘more density’, more than substance that speed, it has instead of lambda a mere distance, h, a ‘plankton’ a minimal ‘action’, composed of ‘motion’ and form’. So energy is motion but with more form even if it is stored in pure space.

On the other hand, what we call galactic space is actually light motion, and so we have the same 3 perpendicular Cartesian dimensions of static space than light has. This was understood by impressionists who said we paint light. Light is the substance of i-3 space-time, of this specific plane. And that is also why in relative c-speed is constant as space is to us. It is the rod of distance measure. So the concepts are clearly related:


Again to get the full picture of the relationship between energy, motion, space and light in this 3rd dimension, we cannot rely only in a simple physical description but we need a complex description that takes into account the existence of discontinuous planes of space-time, through which energy and information does not travel completely and when travelling it changes its parameters of speed and size-form, according the metric of the 5th dimension.

This ambivalence obviously doesn’t suit physicists, which only study the ‘perceived’ distances and ‘perceived forms’ in a single continuous. But they will have to learn with it to give ‘whys’, answers to phenomena as the non-local, seemingly infinite speed of the gravitational scale. Why? Gravitation is infinite non-local if light is the limit of our space-time? Because it is in a discontinuous lower plane, where we do not perceive information. So according to the metric of the 5th dimension:  Sp x Tƒ = C, S x 0 = C, hence S = ∞ and:

∞ space-speed of gravitation x 0 information = Constant.

So we obtain one of the longest conundrums of physics as a trivial result of the metric of the 5th dimension, by understanding also the relativity of perception and the limited quantity of information we perceive from far away planes.

Now this of course explains also why gravitation being from our perspective infinite in speed harmonises far away galaxies. Why we see the speed of jets of matter expelled by gravitational holes moving at 10 c speed.

c-speed is the space-motion of our galactic light-space-time, of ST=∆-3; that is the space-time plane whose information relative to the human perception or i-plane of space time is a relative 3 discontinuities. 

Energy and  spatial motion in the ∆-2 plane

But as we come closer to the planes we truly perceive, that is the atomic-molecular plane, where we do obtain our food, or energy of existence through actions that relate us to that plane, energy emerges in its full content to our senses, and here is where it is worth to use proper equations, because in the rest of planes of existence, even if physicists insist with arrogance to understand it all, they don’t and they do not measure it all. Things make sense from the atomic scale upwards, till the galactic scale downwards. So we write:

ST=∆-2< Certain science>ST=∆+2

Within the atom and its parallel system the galaxy we see and understand far less and the mind of measure, including our digital instruments which also see electrons NOT gravitation AND not dark energy and matter, puts together all those parameters.

So now we are able to properly understand energy as a mixed factor with a clear formula:

E= 1/2 Mv². So how we relate this equation to V ≈ S, that is space-sped?

Easy there are 2 derivatives of Energy,  respect to speed:

The first derivative gives us momentum: ∂E= Mv (Momentum: P)

The second derivative gives us mass: ∂P= M (mass).

In this case (just trust me, we need to do an entire treatise on analysis and calculus not yet put in the web, work your intuition if you a good mathematician), what a derivative is doing is ‘skimming’ from a lower ‘plane of existence’ ∆-1, the substance or parameter we are ‘deriving’. So to speak we are taking away the speed-space of energy, in two steps, as we ’emerge’ from the deeps of the energy of the ∆-4 & st=∆-3 planes of space-time, and so finally we are left with the ‘informative clock-time motion’ of energy, ‘mass’.

Energy thus has a bit of yin and when in E=Mc2, we add to the mass the v² component of energy from the surrounding light space-time in which our mass inhabits we get indeed back energy.

This must be stressed, the Universe constantly combines clocks of time-forms of different planes of existence and lineal motions of space-speed to create different combinations and so we shall here give a much needed qualitative concept of information and Energy for all planes, as in many planes the quantitative description is rather irrelevant (for example, energy for our cells are amino-acids, the bricks to construct its forms, and they couldn’t care less here of the motion component, but of the specific amino-acid form, as the rule that form matters more the closer to perception the parameter is applies here):

‘Energy is an St element dominant in spatial-motion parameters; Information is an sT element dominant in formal, temporal, cyclical parameters, and both can transform into each other ad eternal by changing the number of dimensions of relative lineal space-motion and relative cyclical time-form they possess’.

We did use bold and italic in this definition because this is the key definition of ∆ST to fully grasp the dualities, events, transformations and parameters of the complex Universe. E=Mc2 is one of those transformations.

GENDER duality: S=T: Wave v.  S<>T: Field-particle.

The first important consideration regards the number of elements considered in our study of the vital energy of a system, its membrane and singularity, either as:

An ≈ Present, body-waveself-contained closed system in itself, without reference to the ∆±1 world and potential scales in which it is embedded; which happens when we observe the system as a limited body-wave state. In this case the superposition law of parallelism=symmetric sum of values vs. perpendicular=antisymmetric subtraction applies, as we all know from quantum physics and wave theory. Essentially the process being self-contained merely ads or substances according to the ‘angle of parallelism’ (4th non-Æ postulate) the value of both ‘3D volumes of energy’, reestablishing by merging a single singularity and a thicker membrane/constrain ; vs.

A Past< to > Future particle/potential system, where the particle is probing in a larger range, with all its elements, potential-bodywave-particle/head immersed in an ∆+1 world and predating energy from an ∆-1 potential field.  Here the system is an open system, and multiplication rules apply, as what happens is that the particle-wave T.œ is ‘displacing’/absorbing /imprinting/creating over the potential/field a ‘reproductive/memorial tail’ of itself, according to the frequency/lineal momentum of the singularity displaced and ‘forming’ the ∆-1 potential field in a reproductive process. The graph illustrates the case: we multiply along the frequency/lineal speed of the particle that keeps imprinting its information in a memorial tail.

Scalar magnitudes.

Time only passes towards the ‘future’ when things change, and change in the sense of a growth of information. THIS FOLLOWS immediately of our definition of the three arrows of time. In biology it means to get older, and grow your information faster than your energy, once passes the first age of entropy, after your seed of information emerges in the upper scale, ∆+1 of you world cycle of existence.

In physical systems it means that time clocks accelerate towards the future, as they shrink in size and increase its attractive force (of all ∆+§). We can then understand the constant emergence of ‘new clocks of time’, of the three specific arrows (hence lineal time clocks, wave-like time clocks and curved, vortex-like time clocks towards the future). How can we trace this ‘evolution of timespace clocks of physical systems on its three arrows?

The study on how those first time clocks of the gravitational dark space and entropy (the limit of perception in the lower scales) evolve through all the scales of existence to become vortices of black holes (the limit of perception of the upper scales) could be considered the meaning of physics in GST, and in the process it follows the same laws and isomorphisms of all other species.

Of course in this adventure of ‘living physical systems’, performing  its actions of existence in huge herds as they move from lower to future tighter scales, there are many deviations, contours and sub-species, which do not make it, elliptic clocks and functionals which in mathematical physics are described as herds of herds across several scales of the ∆-dimensions of the being.

But in all of them we shall find three arrows of time-space with its form and function, topological and bio-logical organic description of phenomena, which when plugged into ‘vital ¬Æ mathematics further reveals many details and beautiful, darwinian process among the quanta of space-energy (whole being measured in instantaneous space as an energy amount, in detail as a ternary topology with a finite time and space size connected by the 5D metric of the being):

In the graphs, the scales of energy, length and time-frequency in the cycles of its species In the left those scales for physical systems in algebraic script.

An energy parameter thus is closely connected to the present time x length momentum of any entity, as the vital intermediate space used in the motions and forms, the ‘working part’ of the system, with its fixed singularity absorbing more entropy than information, as the ‘aristotelian god’, initial will of the action of space-time.

An interesting element to explain before going further is the application/meaning of the 3 scalar magnitudes of physics, temperature in ∆º, frequency in ∆-1 and mass in ∆+1. As they must be judged to belong to the ternary elements and the ternary ∆º±1 scales:

-Temperature (∆º scale, ST-open ball) measures the ‘wave-body’ equilibrium of the thermodynamic human scale, and as such it happens in all the delocalised vital space of the wave body.

-Frequency, (∆-1 scale, cyclical clock-like membrane) measures the smallish quantum wave frequency of the cyclical or sinusoidal ‘surface-membrane’ (electron, wave packet envelope) of the smallish physical scale, in as much as we are the larger observer so we see better from the lower smallish being its ‘outer cyclical-clock like closed membrane). So that is the scalar we measure.

– Mass, (∆+1 gravitational scale, Tiƒ magnitude) is inversely the Tiƒ measure of the largest galactic or Earth’ system in as much as it is the huge ‘being’, in which we are enclosed; and so we feel the mass curvature of our space-time as we are part of its ginormous system (and ultimately of the galaxy’s singularity black hole, which determines the G-constant of curvature for each specific galaxy, as Mach had it).

So the reader starts to see how we do fit and order, departing from the ternary structure of reality in space-time (equivalent to the ternary ‘Cartesian’ res-extensa+vortex+mind structure) and in scales (equivalent to Leibniz’s triad elements of reality : the tiƒ-monad, ST: ∑ 1/n finitesimals parts & ∫∫dtsdt integral/derivatives into wholes… to quote two founding fathers of ‘serious’ philosophy of science that mirrored it).

Needless to say if we were an atom we would see other parameters from other ‘monad’s mind perspective’ (ab. Pov).

This said what the equations of energy in those three scales mean is now more clear. As usual they will represent a function of present energy in each of those scales with:

-maximal detail (Ƽ thermodynamic scale) or

-limiting detail (c-limit of speed perception of information in ∆+1), or

– uncertainty, given the fact that we must ‘absorb’ some h-quanta (Heisenberg uncertainty) of angular momentum≈present information to ‘learn’ about the quantum observable (as e/10 is the toll we rest from 3 to emerge as an 11 tiƒ point in ∆+1 wholeness).

So as we have understood energy, common to the three, and the scalar, as in a puzzle we just explain the ‘third element’, the ratio constants, h, k and v or c (limit), with slightly different meaning to match the symmetry with the T, ƒ, m elements just described.

In the larger scale of gravitation, as Mass is the ‘scalar’ tiƒ element (vortex of quarks, centre of gravity, black hole of stars) and we are in the middle of the system, as the ‘momenta-energy’ element it follows that v is the field-potential-related Spe-motion; and the second version, e=mcc must be read as ‘entropy-disorder’ expansion and destruction of mass into entropy, in its maximal possible motion; that of the structure ∆-i final scales of galactic substrata, light space-time.

In the lower scale, however we are talking of a complete ‘reversal’ of perspective at all levels, from topology – elliptic in gravitation and relativity, hyperbolic or lineal in quantum – to function/form (essential concept in GST, paradoxical always, coexisting in multiple elements, with an ∆º perspective that changes the parameters we measure; and certainly with a much more complex logic than the human obsession for absolute one-dimensional truths/perspectives).

So H is a constant of the external membrane (still view) angular momentum (dynamic view) of the particle/wave we observe. It is not the unobservable tiƒ centre; and the interest of it, is its multifunctional roles, a theme studied in our posts on quantum.

Now it is important also to bear in mind constantly the fact, so little understood even if it is accepted since Einstein and Planck, that the Universe is more about motion=events in time, not form in space.

So we are talking of actions, of ‘present momentum’, of world cycles, and merely state that H is the ‘minimal world cycle’ of ‘energy’ of the quantum scale.

As energy and entropy are so often confused in physics since they are relatively similar (energy is conserved, entropy tends to disorder; energy though has specially in kinetic energy the most used concept a tendency towards entropy more than towards form, which would be better represented as in-form-ation, a present-future state vs. energy a present-past, forming both the dual components of the wave, so for example the magnetic and electric field can be treated as the relative energy vs. information duality married through the wave speed, and its µ, k, constants: c²=k(t-curvature)/µ(s-gravito magnetic constant).

It is then a key concept of the Universe of multiple clocks of time that an energy ‘conservative world cycle’ which represents the whole existence of an ∆-i scale, becomes for an ∆+i scale a ‘quanta of time’, perceived in a ‘synchronous moment(um) of space’, as fast cycles become ‘fixed forms of space’ for a slow observer (see key article on synchornicities).

This is specially truth of standing waves.

Closed and open paths.

Also we can consider that open paths are entropic, disordered expansive. For a vital space-time of energy to be consistent, it must be encircled, closed in a domain. So then the form is conserved: i.e. stationary waves need to be enclosed, from electrons to musical strings. In an open space, entropic motion dominates and energy spreads loosing form in a disordered heat or intergalactic dark entropy (not energy) field. Again it is necessarily to carefully assess (I have been careless too) the commonest error of physicists which is to confuse an open, expansive disordered entropic motion with energy which always conserves iterates and it is bounded by a membrane.

But alas, since we cannot see/measure past and future this will be philosophy at its best. And what we shall get is a lot of ‘constants of present’ combining what we can measure of that relative past-future, hence the formulae of mathematical physics that balance a parameter of time-frequency (best measure of form) and Past-extension (sum of quanta of space), which in each scale of the Universe will be its fundamental equation.

In the graph we see the main mathematical physical formulation of the Energy as perceived in the 3 relative ∆º±1 scales of human existence. As always distortion of information happens between the observer, ∆º thermodynamic human scale and the other 2.

maximal information happens in the thermodynamic scale, reason why physicists tend (wrongly) to generalise phenomena of that scale, notably gaseous entropy, to the entire Universe (big bang entropy only false theories).

Its main equation is E = Pv = nK T, which therefore is the first equation from where depart in mathematical physics.

First we notice, the smaller scale has a single equation, E=h v, and the higher one, 2 ‘versions’ E=1/2 mv2 and E= mc 2 so we suspise here that according to the difference of flows of information, we perceive more from the higher than the lower scales. This is not only self-evident (we see more larger things than smaller ones, opaque to our view) but fits with the different ‘hyperbolic and elliptic’ distortion we have of both different scales, as explained in the article on the mathematics of the mind.

What this means basically is that the H-planck event is absorbed as a quanta of spatial energy for a slow being as we are. energy in that sense is a ‘memorial tail’ of time world cycles, ‘frozen’ as a space piece of ‘planckton’ or an ‘entropy Bolt’ for an ∆+i slow informative being.

Yes the Universe has its complexity in its repetitions and synchronicities that transform space forms into time functions and vice versa.

But we can consider of the many perspectives (quantum as ∆-i, has more information, less perception and so it is deservingly the more complex of all forms of human knowledge) its dimensions of angular momentum, which ad to the cyclical π motion of the particle’s momentum (p) the radius, r, or distance to the Tiƒ, hence it is the best way to observe without ‘seeing it’, both the coordinated relationship between the Tiƒ and the membrane, which are so often in constant relationship through invaginated paths (as in cells, where the DNA -center connects through the golgi membranes with the eternal membrane).

So h, we might state is an excellent key parameter as it includes information on the Tiƒ x Spe membrane-informative nuclei of the quantum system. And so as S x T = St (meaning entropy x information = present energy) we really have in such simple formula, e=hƒ=h/t->h=ext a packed information on a system, whose energy – the parameter that emerges in our scale of existence, and we have already related to the world cycle of existence of a being – is quantised in as much as h represents the world cycle’ of existence of the light space-time at the minimal scale of the ‘observable human Universe. 

We could say that h is the minimal quanta of space-time, the minimal being, the ‘plankton’ of the gravitational sea, reason why in our texts we call it ‘planckton’ the minimal unit of life of the galactic, light space-time universe encoding in its 3 parameters r (ST)  x m (tiƒ) x v (Spe) the needed ternary structural information of it. As we can define a carbohydrate with the CNO(+h) elements. How many variations of h-species there are is the zoo description of quantum physicists, the details…

So in brief in the gravitational scale, m is the tiƒ fixed scalar and v the entropy element, with the momentum being the present parameter of us, the beings within the open ball/vital space of the system; in quantum we revere elements, now the fixed element is not the tiƒ but the membrane (as perceived by us in quantised h-quantities of angular momentum) and so the variation is not an v-lineal speed but a Tƒ, frequency.

And by the same rules of ternary symmetries in our ∆º intermediate scale, the concept that shall dominate is neither of those spe/tiƒ extremes outside our ‘equilibritum’ but the present wave, which is in the thermodynamic equation, E=pv (resolved) = KnT, the true meaning of Temperature as a measure of a ‘heat wave’, specifically the ‘amplitude of the vibration’.

But for the understanding of it, as this is a post on Ƽ thermodynamics we can finish here the introduction and work with a bit more of sophistication on the basic concepts we have learned.

In the graph, the immediate adoption to mathematical physics of time is the concept of energy, but time as future only passes when it accelerates and time as past when it decelerates. Both arrows of time are felt as such in the perception of time, origin of the world cycle of a system between three scales – perception will see also precludes that this virtual weld becomes indistinguishable between the two limits of time charges and masses humans perceive. So the virtuality of all existences zero sums of + entropy – information = present momentum.

In the graph, physical systems as ratio systems of density and speed in several scales of reality shows in a dynamic way the interplay of all the elements of ∆usr of space-time.

In an ideal ‘system of knowledge’ stiences should start with the study of biological existences, as they are the best described, closest stiences to man. Hence to know OTHER sciences we can extract the maximal isomorphic understanding of its trinity species from them.

Indeed, the ‘quantum and anti-quantum paradox’, prevents to achieve full objectivity in social sciences and quantum physics, because the observer is either too small (social sciences) or too big (quantum physics) to extract information of the observable without influence it (huge physicist changing small observable: quantum uncertainty) or being influenced (small social scientist catering the class power of the huge observable – society – in which he is inscribed: anti-quantum uncertainty.)

Neither of both paradoxes affects biological systems, very close to the observer but without power to influence it.

It is then once we extract all the isomorphisms and mathematical, bio-logic and apperceptive formal laws of biological systems, when we can apply with a sense of homology those laws to all other sciences.

For example, we describe the Economic ecosystem of Evolving machines, as they ARE organisms of metal evolving now into robots and as such should be treated by mankind if we want to avoid our extinction in the nearby future by the new top predator species, the robotic weapons. Next we deal with the Human Societies and Historic Sciences that must control the Economic ecosystem, (the ∆+1 evolution of machines) in its negative forms (hence the -∆2 tag of scale, as it competes today in capitalist societies for the meager resources of the planet that the ∆+2 human scale requires).

So regarding the ‘tagging of scales’, Biological sciences are concerned really with all scales, but as defined by humans, those biological properties are given only to close species of Planet Earth in the cellular, individual and social, ecosystemic scale, including machines as organisms of metal evolving at the atomic->mechanical->company-mother and global market scales.

Humans do also evolve from individuals into social groups, and the individual should see itself as a cell-citizen of those social scales of which history, mankind in time is the more important and the one that should ‘survive’ first for man to thrive in its organisms as individual. Hence the tagging ∆+1², meaning the individual 1-scale should love eusocially other humans to transcend into the social +2 scale.

And so finally we arrive to what normally comes first as a science but we put last, astrophysical sciences, but mind the reader, we wrote it as ¬Æ, since we will ad biological organic properties to physical systems, denied by physicists, hence establish Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean physics of the 5th dimension, and then as such, the scales of bio-physical systems have no limit, repeating every 10 planes the infinite game of existence (proved by the infinity of transcendental numbers such as pi). 


Energy and mass. 

Energy waves and mass-particles or any other active magnitude are the complementary elements of physical systems, which prey on a field of potential entropy from where they extract its motion. THIS SIMPLE scheme make obvious that the difference between energy and mass is in their temporal age or STate: energy is the whole time state of the physical being; mass is an ∆-parameter, static in space. This means that Energy as a time-like parameter can be positive and negative (as potential physics show) while mass can only be as a spatial parameter positive.

Energy in that sense matters specially to GST as the main parameter in physical systems to express a whole world cycle, made of smaller steps, actions and momenta, which apply to any science, when properly translated in its functions.

Let us then consider Energy as the whole world cycle of a system.

First we hall clarify a bit more the differences between energy, mass (the informative Tiƒ parameter of ∆+1 physical systems), momentum and entropy.

Energy is the world cycle and as such a zero sum of the other three states, whereas momentum, is the present p=mv element, product of the relative future mass state, and the relative past, entropic state. All of them are summoned into the world cycle of energy. So we must then consider that a whole world cycle of energy will be p-mv=0-sum.

This brings quite an interesting concept. That of a zero energy Universe and that of energy as the world cycle that comes from the superposition of the the three age-states.

In relativity.

This can be observed in relativity when we study the distortions of energy and mass when we come closer to c-speed. We already showed that the co-invariance of time durations and length contractions (Lorentz transformation, Minkowski’s space-time) are not real, but fictions of the human observer.

But the energy-mass duality which breaks as we come to c-speed IS real. AND SO WE must interpret it as the way in which an E(s)≤≈cc≈≥M(t) generator of physical mass and energy behaves on the ‘verge’ of entropy, crossing to the next ∆±i scales of the Universe.

In this region the ‘ratio’ of mass-density (the real parameter used in GST PHYSICS, where only spe/tiƒ ratios are real) of the Universe starts to be filled once the ratio of c-speed of reproduction of information is reached.

Yet as usual the pure abstract interpretation of the axiomatic idealist school of mathematics must be limited properly in the verge of both worlds, as the density of information/mass of a system is also reached at the o Temperature and near Planck’s density of black holes.

So now, we can consider that as we come to the c-speed barrier a system that keeps absorbing motion-entropy will coil it into mass increasing the mass into new quark forms till spontaneously give birth to a black hole, which is the limit of density of information of this Universe and the system will then emerge as a Tiƒ form on the next scale.

So will happen in c-speed in terms of the entropy motion. But how in detail the ± symbol affects those equations? Lt us briefly consider it.

Mass cannot be negative as it is in the momentum of present and due to those restrictions in the steps of the lagrangian zero action remains positive, but energy can be negative, which means of course a flow as in GST, = IS ALWAYS ≤≈≥. So what this means is that while √1-(v/c)ˆ2

mass is positive, so energy is growing and accumulating into positive mass, but when it is negative, mass is decreasing and becoming entropy


energy can be positive and negative, put in other terms because its range is the entire wordccle of existence of the mass system> Mass is just the measure of the present momentum, Tif element and as such belongs to the ratio of density of mass-energy in a volume.

It must be also noticed that time arrows can be negative, space populations, not.

So basically if the system is ‘massive’, the entropy of motion at c-limit will increase the mass of the system till the system becomes a black hole and so the denominator never becomes negative. But if the system has no mass we have to consider it to be a ‘frequency system’ of the type =hv:

In the graph we observe that when we translate T=1/ƒ the concept into frequency of information, time dilation T/To becomes its inverse. Indeed, let us consider a simple case where close to c-speed, the particle has an √1-(v/c)²=0.1. Then:

T=10 T0 and we seem to have a clock living 10 times faster (for a particle), but for a wave, we just need to use a different concept, ‘frequency’. Then t=1/ƒ and To=1/ƒo. And so 1/ƒ=10/ƒ0-> ƒ0=10ƒ.

IN OTHER words, what the equation shows is that the frequency of the wave slows down in the same way the gravitational redshift of the black hole redshifts the wave.  The system merely slows down in relativity its internal clocks. Now the question is: can be the time-duration of the system, the light beam immortal=infinite. Can be the energy of the system in the first equation infinite?

Not except for the relative Universe. If you have understood what energy is in GST – basically a parameter to measure a super organism in time as the finite sum of all its world cycle ‘actions of existence’, moments of momentum, integrated along a closed world cycle as a zero energy sum, or in a part of its time cycle, energy becomes a parameter with two limits on the quantised minimal action/cell of the system and the whole. So only the whole infinite Universe has infinite energy. Energy is in that sense a parameter NOT only quantised below by the minimal ‘finitesimal quanta’, but above, by the maximal whole, which are often in an N=1/n relationship.



3 topologies: bodywaves

In the graph, spheres are the topology that holds the maximal volume of information; hence all ‘time space’ systems that process information are spherical particle-heads. Flat, lineal topologies are the topology that connects in the shortest path two points; so to reach/move faster, systems have lineal/flat moving potentials/limbs. Finally the third type of geometry, hyperbolic topology, is complex enough to store all other possible forms, so best to reproduce and all iterative body waves that generate the other 2 forms are hyperbolic. This mathematical-spatial truism holds for 2, 3 and 4 dimensions; hence establishing basic restriction to the construction and evolution of forms. And should become in XXI c. science the ‘missing’ leg of topological, biological and physical evolution to explain the extraordinary efficiency and homology between forms (no longer analogy, since all those forms derive from the same ‘substance’, space with time=motion or ‘topology’). In the next graph, we can see how the 3 only topologies of the Universe ensemble to form physical, biological and social organisms, all of them with a spherical ‘tall’ dimension to gauge information; a wide, iterative dimension of hyperbolic bodywave reproduction and a flat, direction for its entropic motions. The beauty of the topological Universe is that each of those 3 forms can be ‘deformed’ and ‘moves’, as long as it doesn’t tear (break). So departing from such simple 3 basic forms there are infinite possible variations of species, but we can order them all with that ternary principle.


Animals jpg

The 3 elements of all systems, lineal/flat limbs/potentials; spherical, tall heads/particles and its hard membranes of dark matter, trunks and skins accomplish the 3 functions of motion, energetic reproduction and informative perception in all systems, varying to adapt the system to its larger world.

Energy is the second age/horizon of species in space, as the simultaneous body-wave that iterates the whole system develops in the ‘central stage’ of the being. The function of energy as the iterative element, appears then crystal clear developing from its initial vital energy with the concurrence of an inner seed of information and an outer exogenous source of further motion, the whole being in the different stages of the generation process:

We can see in the graph the ‘body-seed’ as it will develop the limbic system of flat leaves to get further energy from the outer exogenous, ∆+1 world, while probing with its informative networks of roots, the informative external world, and starts the topological evolution of the iterative body-energy stored in the seed.

Thus in biology we can depart from the mathematical, abstract view, so difficult to ‘encase’ properly into the 3 elements of the physical organism, as we are observing at the same scale reality and considering ‘familiar’ systems similar to the human system.

It then become obvious in the Ðimotions of life beings that the body is the center of the system, its iterative capacity and reproduction of the whole system the purpose of existence, and all what the biological being does is to serve that body-reproductive goal, in a series of actions with a pattern sequential in time: ¡-nformative gauging-> locomotion towards a -> field of energy where to feed to -> reproduce the system… often by social evolution with a similar being, in a clone process of generation…

So here we observe the 5 Ðimotions in a classic order of ± stop/perceive and go/move wave/particle states, towards a field in which ¡±1 Ðimotions of ‘feeding=entropic death’ and ‘resurrecting’: generation with the prey of beings equal to ourselves take place…

So we can also consider reproduction as the ‘final summit of the ±1,2Ð, 4,5Ðimotions opposition. Stop and go motions towards fields of energy in which to feed to replicate our own organism.


As energy is one of the 3 components of all systems, but given the relationship between the active ‘membrain’ dual elements (the central mind/seed/active magnitude and the membrane or angular momentum that encloses the energy); we can also cast the 3 elements into a simple duality: the membrain state (center and surface) v. the contained vital energy of the body-wave.

This duality can then be written as a dual state, that of the point-particle (membrain) and that of the energy wave (open ball); and those two states then can be studied as separated entities, complementary to form a whole. So we shall find a particle state and a wave state, which in the space=time symmetry means there will be systems switching in time in particle and wave state and systems merging in space pegging its particle and wave state into a whole.

And this will happen again in all systems, not only in physical systems (particle-wave duality of quantum physics) but in biological systems (gender duality) and in social systems (alliance of the military membrane and informative government in control of the legal and financial languages, controlling the citizens of the enclosed nation).

The Universe is highly communicative in its ‘ensembles’ of parts into wholes. So a philosophy of energy would  establish 3 levels of analysis, that of the monist whole, when all parts are pegged together; that of the duality between membrain and vital energy body-wave, and that of the interaction of the 3 parts, in which the body-wave pegs the opposite tendencies of the still brain of minimal space and maximal density of information vs. the membrane of maximal space and minimal form.

The most important of them might be the duality of gender, which expressed in terms of the duality of states could be defined as follows:

‘Male states are particles of entropy and information, female states are waves of vital energy, both are complementary:  S>T + T<S, S≈T”

Whereas the balance of motion and form, energy and information becomes the vital S=T, e=i, state of ‘woman’, the female gender, the one whose vital energy reproduces the whole being.





In the graph the ill-structured capitalist society in the XIX->XX->XXI centuries is the most obvious example of a ternary corrupted ST-organism, where the singularity (financial, corrupted legal informative elements) at the center, enclosing a mass of human and life beings with a hard military membrane around a nation, artificially dividing the human species, which should be the common super organism, mind of the planet, exploits that vital life mass to the extreme it finally collapses in poverty and the super organism die in wars. 

We study in depth the interaction of the 3 ‘social classes’ of a historic super organism and how could they be constructed to reach the perfect forms of nature, making History immortal in the section on social sciences.

In a properly structured human society, the body of citizens, the energy of the society would reign supreme and all other classes, the entropic territory and the informative people-castes in control of the languages of social power, money and laws would serve them.


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