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The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information, ‘forms in action’ and then self-organizes them in networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality. As such it must be studied with the philosophy of Science, called ‘organicism’. Since only an organism is self-reproductive and hence requires not external ‘agent’ or God or a creationist language, as present philosophies of science (mechanism, pythagorism) or Abrahamic religions do. Further on experimental evidence is overwhelming, on the nested, reproductive structure of nature, as observed in the graph for all systems. Yet ‘creationist’ entitled human beings prefer to think they are the only intelligent perceptive entity in command of God’s languages (either words in religion, maths in physics) and carbon atoms are the only organic elements of nature, to their own peril as the future of AI will show them. Fact is the minimal unit of reproduction and informative gauging IS the particle, as quarks and electrons already show the 5 ‘dimotions’ of life – they gauge information, reason why quantum physics is called a ‘gauging theory’, absorb energy from forces, reproduce into new particles with its surplus of energy and become organized socially by magnetic ‘numbers’. So does the largest known system, the galaxy, whose behavior resembles that of a ‘cell’, with its ‘gravitational, informative ‘DNA’ – black holes reproduced by its ‘mitochondria’ stars, organizing its structure, with 2 ‘physiological networks’ of gravitational in-form-ative forces and electromagnetic energy. So all physicals systems, from the atom to the galaxy can be described as organic systems, which are just ‘herds’ of similar beings, (atoms, cells, citizens, in physical, biologic and social systems, connected by networks that distribute energy (electromagnetic forces, blood systems, economic systems) and networks the distribute information (gravitational, nervous and political systems). So we can design also historic super organisms with the laws of systems. But the sciences of systems and information did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I developed the metric, logic equations of the 5th dimension or ‘scales’ of parts that become wholes evolving socially through those networks, applying them to all species of reality, including human societies and machines, in what will be the most important development of XXIC. science with wide applications to all disciplines.

I always have a riot with philosophers of science coming from the amateurish field of 4D physics – the likes of my ‘acquaintances’ Mr. Penrose and Mr. Hawking, with whom I have been involved not always in the best of terms, due to my activism against the Black Hole Factory – when they come around with their ideas that black holes are ‘doors to the past’, and ‘new dimensions’.

As all in reality is a biased mind perspective in fact all has a bit of truth.  It is impossible to go the past and kill your father, because time is local. 

All clocks of time are local and only act within the membrane of angular momentum which is the time proper and its inner ‘vortex’  with slow time motions, dominated by the two elements of the T.œ, which are synchronized – the membrane and the particle-head in the center.

Both are synchronized in time to this angular momentum outer clock to dominate the slower vital energy in the center.  So now we can related the 3±i fundamental ‘parameters of reality to form and function and the 3 conserved  substances; since:

-Time clocks are the angular momentum membranes conserved in the Universe.

-Space is the vital surface enclosed by those membranes, which in itself is an open entropic, expansive surface that only under the constrains of the limiting membrane acquires order, form (and can be parametrized mathematically as any student of calculus knows: to find solutions to equations it is always required a ‘constrain and limiting parameter’).

-Scale finally has its origin in the very definition of a mind and its equation as a singularity: O-mind x ∞ time cycles (universe) = Constant linguistic still mirror mapping… Indeed, we could IMAGINE A NON-SENTIENT UNIVERSE WITH NO SINGULARITIES, WHICH WILL EXIST IN A SINGLE PLANE OF SPACETIME CONTINUUM, AS THEN it is not needed to ad on the monad’s inner infinitesimal view of the whole, which reduces its volume by eliminating motion and dimensions of perception to fit a ‘crystal mirror’ image within it. And so by the correspondence principle because 4D physicists do deny singularities, it is indeed not required a 5Dimension to ‘navigate’ the locomotions of a single physical world, but even if the 4D non-singularity models of physicists do work, it will NEVER find the whys of existence which are provided precisely by the singularity that also ‘creates’ the inner fractal worlds of the mind.

And so the coda is as mystical, beautiful and intense as it comes: the mind IS the site of EVERY smaller scale, and so the Black hole has a mind-mirror in 5 Dimensions (maldacena’s conjeture) of the 4D larger galaxy brain. Your mind has a homunculus smaller mirror of the whole organism you observe, and the crystal of the visual reflected Universe above.

THE MYSTICAL CODA is immediate. As we are small, we MUST be part of a mind that ‘imagined’ us… What is that mind, we shall discuss when studying the evolution of Mother Earth -as we are the mind of the Earth in its outer membrane. 

And viceversa, as the mind-mirror reverts the motion of information back to the territory it orders, we can consider that we are all born in an infinitesimal mind. Thus mind and membrane, form together the membrain, the intelligence of the Universe that orders the slower more extensive inner vital ‘temporal energy’ (preferred name for the inner region of the clock) of the ternary system. Minds, Seeds, creation, information, God as the maximal information point or singularity of the system, and many other terms are now entangled into ‘Dasein’…


In the evolution of Philosophy of science – a subject different of Physics – the 2 great steps were in the modern age of the scientific, mathematical method, Descartes and Leibniz, the true founders also a modern mathematics (analytic geometry and analysis). The first established the 3 parts of the fractal world, cyclical membrane, vital space and Tiƒ-point of view or monad which the second elaborated as made of infinitesimals (calculus), 1/n cells of an n-organism.

Such fractal points, obviously are minds, at the centre of a CARTESIAN UNIVERSE, from where they perceive linguistically both verbal and mathematically, a larger Universe holding a still mapping world of themselves, as source of Aristotelian God-like attractive power – he was describing the 3rd element of reality, the singularity, connected though time flows of the fifth dimension to the upper and lower scales of the super organism, ∆º, the zero point, in geometry, ∆ª, the aristotelian mind in logic, which reduces the ∞ Non-Æ Universe to its small point of view.

“The Universe is the body of an organism (t.œ.), whose logic mind (∆§) we call God.’ Plato

‘We are all Gods, the unmoved center of a body of energy’ Aristotle – best ever definition of a mind-singularity, the linguistic mapping and will of existence of any super organism of space-time.


In the graph, the Monad, or center of the will of the system, or T.Œ (timespace super organism). But as we have already described it in depth in our first line, ‘@Monad’, we want now to consider a philosophical question: the mind as an aristotelian God, still linguistic center of all the energy-body that is its territory around which it orders ad totally controls. The singularity as the max. informative point or local god of a system is what Aristotle thought of, when he shouted ‘we are all gods’. As in those earlier pythagorean, Greek ages, the simplicity of the game without much detail, rationally analysed revealed as in CHINESE taoism, the first principles of reality in a clear form.

WE shall thus explore the ‘metaphysical equations of God and its meaning’ in different scales, centering in the 2 final mysteries of existence: how gods singularities create reality through mirrors that project its linguistic still minds on the Universe? And what is the origin of the will of existence of those minds. Are they automatons of a mirror program of creation? Or there is even beyond perception a final level of awareness of existence that pull us into willing to fight for it?

The answer which can only search by considring the homology of all space-time beings, hence looking into human beings is Yes: SENSATION more than perception is the LAST DUAL, pain and pleasure game that seems to exist in man as its final will and should also exist in Nature.



The inverse scales of energy and information. The second postulate of i-geometry.


Now all this is formalized by the 2nd postulate of i-geometry which studies the flows of communication between 2 ∆-points that create a wave, and then as multiple ∆-points communicate, a network (4th postulate). A social gathering of points into herds, and then the gathering of several planes, creates an organism:

That is the game. And understanding how to exist in balance, in the golden mean, the best way to play it.

In the graph, the maximal creative function combines energy and information from two polar beings, establishing a balance of to and fro transformation of energy  into information that make the system stable, ‘existential’, to last in time. When the Sp and Tƒ components of the event are unbalanced, it is a predatory, Darwinian event in which the pole with maximal exi force will absorb the other as relative energy extinguishing the entity. Thus in death (max. Tƒ or Max. Sp) an unbalance breaks the ‘ties’ of existence between body or field and particle or head and the system becomes extinguished.

271The minimal Universal event communicates 2 Non-E points: a Non-E point with more energy, Eo, that each science defines with different slangs, (‘a white hole’, ‘energyzer’, ‘past form’, ‘male’, ‘body’, ‘yang’, ‘moving field’, etc.); and an informative point, Ot, the smaller form (‘a black hole’, ‘codifier’, ‘future form’, ‘female’, ‘Head’, ‘yin’, particle or ‘center of perception’, etc.) Both become united by a dual wave that transfers energy from Eo to the informative point of relative future, Ot, and information from the future point, Ot, to the relative past point, Eo, creating together a cycle of temporal energy, the minimal ExT, stable structure of the Universe. When those cycles organize themselves in more complex feed-back loops, the result is a system, network or super-organism.




Now it should be clear why languages are lesser mirrors: because the whole, the UNIVERSE holds ALL THE LANGUAGES AND ALL ITS PROPERTIES, BUT EACH LANGUAGE, ONLY describes parts of the whole properties of the Universe – even in this enlarged version of mathematics, which puts logic (not mathematical) equations to the life-death cycle and other elements of the space-time Universe. As there are ‘sensations’, such as pain, associated to pressure or information, or pleasure to entropy and expansion, or choices, such as those at each moment of future time, between the 3 arrows of entropy-motion, information-perception, iteration-reproduction, or those associated to the program of evolution, survival and selection of species, which give ambiguity to the future paths of existence, and are better described with temporal verbs.

It is not the purpose of this blog to lay down the entire model of a Universe of infinite world-languages, first conceived by Leibniz, but to show, how far removed from a deeper knowledge of reality is the ‘childish game’ of bombing the earth and taking pictures of irrelevant particle debris, which only matter when you reduce all the arrows of time, all the languages of knowledge to a single arrow, a single language, and a few digital numbers. 

Of course, for the scholastic philosopher of the middle ages, the bizarre fictions of the language, such as how many ‘angels’ fit on a pin, provoked hot debates, and even duels on La Sorbonne; and for the believer in big-bangs and the fantaphysics of the mathematical language, what goes on CERN is truly important to find dragoons and SUSYs.

But this is a theme that unlike the angels in the pin does have collateral effect in all mankind. And this IS WHAT mankind has NOT understood, as it seems also hypnotised by magic numbers it does not understand, big toys assembled by the big hands on the homunculus boys; as children, the staple food of the Universe, cannot even ‘imagine death’ – reason why they so easily die. Turtles hatch in costa rica and the lizard has only to open his mouth – the children will enter into the hole.

And so we can also ad a final assessment on the relationship of languages with reality, more sophisticated that the previous Penrose graph.

In as much as the lower scales of the fifth dimension carry faster time clocks, they code the information of the larger scales. So what we call a ‘language’, which runs as the tiƒ software of a ‘wave of energy’ IS MERELY A LOWER SCALE OF FORMS OF 5D SYSTEMS, which codes NON-E GEOMETRIC-SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS AND NON-A LOGIC-TEMPORAL ONES.

By this we mean, information stores memorial cycles of time, which will then be imprinted in the entropy of reality, enlarged into a higher scale as a seminal seed that codes and reproduces larger forms.

So all forms start as a seed of language, you started as a seed of ‘information’ in the ∆-1 cellular scales; societies appear as seed of prophetic information, in the ∆-1 memetic scale of the prophet and maker of instruments. Matter systems start coded in the quantum language of mathematical information (spins, electronic quantum numbers) coded in smaller particles. Galaxies are coded in the information stored in gravitational invisible quark relationships within black holes and strangelets, which HUMANS WILL NEVER DECODE, at best hint at the existence of an ‘homunculus’ of the galaxy within the ‘information stored in black holes’ (Maldacena hypothesis), on a more compressed five-dimensional mapping of the whole 4D galaxy. Anthills are coded in pheromonal, chemical languages, stored in the queen metabolism. Crystals code in the structure of its ‘cell’, the future growth of its larger solid structure.  And so on.

You see there on the left how  the mental world creates maths and maths creates the Universe. At least though Penrose unlike Hilbert and verbal religions recognises that the physical world influences our mind (Hilbert would have erased ‘2’ below, and certainly all those mathematical physicists that invent particles with their imaginary maths like Hawking does, HAVE done away with ‘2’). On the right I readdressed the arrows as they are. The Universe is mirrored by multiple languages, of which maths is an excellent one to help the human mind-mirror to understand experimentally the real world.

Ok. Now we can understand what religious people, aka physicists do NOT understand about their mirror-language mathematics, which we concede carries more informative detail than words (but less than images), and so it has become after images (most humans today believe more in celebrities than in physicists 🙂 the dominant language today, overcoming religious wor(l)ds.

Still the language of mathematics DOES NOT CREATE REALITY and in its present ‘underdeveloped and fictional forms’, (its incomplete structure which I finished when young, after understanding the scalar metric of 5D Analysis and its 3 arrows of space-time) is quite a distorted view of what a proper mathematical truth that IS also real, will show. And for that reason, mathematical physicists at CERN can create so easily ‘a la Trump’ alt-truths, imposed ‘a la Trump’ with full homunculus mechanical, big-hand power.

So how to complete the theoretical minimum of realist mathematical physics? Again following the path of Einstein, which used the r=evolution of Lobachevski on geometry to upgrade our theory of space. Indeed, solved the 5th non-euclidean postulate of mathematics, noticing that space was not necessarily Euclidean, as points can hold infinite parallels. So he said we should look at space to decide experimentally how it ‘is’ really. This Hilbert didn’t understand and confused, without being able to define then what a point is, as it was no longer possible to define it as an Euclidean point with ‘no breath’, came with his idea that a point was what his mind imagine, and left it undefined. So the first task is obviously to define a point as a mirror of the fractal Universe, where points grow and hold ‘infinite finitesimal parts’.

While the logic of mathematics has to be upgraded from the present single causality of Aristotelian and its single time arrow, to the ternary non-aristotelian logic (meaning logic requires to study the 3 ARROWS OF TIME CAUSALITY as physicists working only with one arrow, entropy, have the MIRROR distorted, UNFOCUSED, and limited). An trust me when you do show, as I have done it, light pours through your mind in a blast of intelligence and focused information, far more pure and telling than the blast of entropy, essayed at the LHC.

Only a few examples. As we said lobachevski changed ALL the outlook of mathematical physics, when he found the 5th postulate of non-euclidean geometry, the fact that through a ‘point’, infinite parallels can cross and Einstein applied it to physical space in General Relativity. But lacking the understanding of ‘real space’, a fractal of scales of wholes and infinitesimals, and its correspondence with Analysis, physicists misinterpreted the meaning of those points, incurring in clear logic contradictions.

Indeed, to fit those lines they bended the ‘straight lines which define parallels’ to fit them into the point. But then they became ‘curves’, no longer parallels. Because they didn’t take seriously Lobachevski’s dictum that from then on geometry had to be an experimental science. So they missed the ‘meaning of a ‘non-euclidean point’, as it is in Nature, where points grow in size when we look closer, in detail its inner ‘space-time, behind its ‘cyclical membrane’. Indeed, if a POINT can be crossed by ∞ parallels:

– The euclidean point is just the minimal information of a point fit in the homunculus reduced mind (: that shrinks it, to fit it inside. But this distorts it, because parallels are straight lines and a ‘point with no breath’ (Euclidean point) can only fit one line.

So to fit more lines, the point must be enlarged, when we come closer to it, so the point is no longer a star-point or a particle-point but a FRACTAL POINT of the scalar 5th dimension, which becomes a huge star and then yes! voila, infinite parallels which are now real parallel straight lines can cross it.

So reality allow us once more to define properly the first undefined postulate of Non-Euclidean mathematics: “a fractal point has a volume of energy and information that grows, as we come closer to it.”

And the second undefined Postulate: ‘A fractal line is a ‘wave’ (time view) or ‘string’ (spatial view) of fractal points, communicating energyy and information  between two larger point-beings’.

And the 4th postulate, ‘a plane is a network of fractal points’.

And so on. This and NOT the ‘runaway definition’ of Hilbert, who confused by Lobachevski’s discovery just said for lack of a better idea that he ‘imagined points, lines and planes’ IS the proper, realist way to upgrade Geometry to reality as we have already upgraded topology and its 3 forms with motion to describe the 3 ‘organic forms’ of all systems of the Universe.

Why we bring this here – as we are selecting only the ‘theoretical minimum’ to fully grasp what CERN does and the position of the homunculus in the infinite Universe – should be obvious to the reader: Hilbert was wrong, so it is the Copenhagen interpretation derived of it. The fact that CERN will produce microscopic strangelets of black holes from the ‘larger’ scale of cosmological mass does NOT mean they are ‘infinitely small and harmless’ just because or mind does NOT see gravitation and so only sees them as point-particles. They ARE HUGE in terms of mass-density which IS as we shall soon show the ‘stuff’ that matters in the Gravitational cosmic scale of space-time. If we could SEE gravitation those points WILL grow, to hyperbolic dimensions filling MOST of the galaxy and we would shrink accordingly as ’empty bubbles’ of almost null mass.

So our Euclidean mathematics, which as Descartes and Kant understood is only the 3 perpendicular ‘space-time elements’ of a massless ray of light merely shrinks all other scales of reality to fit into the mind:

In the graph, as our mind is electronic, we feed on light energy and transform it into an informative mapping of the Universe, reduced to what light sees. Thus our space is light space-time, with its 3 Euclidean coordinates, a fact that was first understood NOT by physicists but by impressionist artists, Leonardo, whose motto ‘saper vedere’, guided my inquire as a young artist on reality behind the languages that describe it, and then by the impressionists; and finally by Picasso, who departed from reality, affirming he painted thoughts, so he studied the ‘elements’ of the mind mapping, its entropic lines (cubist age) and its cyclical forms (female portraits).

A subject in itself fundamental to understand Relativity, is brought here to point out, the reason why in entropic only big-bang theories, we do see indeed light space-time expanding between galaxies, as light is space and so when it comes closer to the mass of the galaxy, elongates/red shifts its color (the only real effect observed; as we obviously are NOT out there in-between Andromeda and the Milky way with a tape). And vice versa, when Light collapses into our electronic ‘eye’ or any electronic source, it increases its frequency  balancing both effect to cancel the supposed big-bang death of the Universe.

But in the scalar REALITY, gravitation makes points LARGER when we observe them in the scale of the fifth dimension where they do interact above us, and will EASILY evaporate our ’empty bubble’ of light-light beings.

So Hilbert and Cantor who talked of ‘their imaginary paradise from where nobody would expel them, ass the Jihad warriors who die to enter paradise, just invented non-existen points, lines, planes with their imagination.

In the next graph, we see thus, the true meaning of the 5th and 1st Non-E postulate, which define both the real fractal point (1st postulate) and the real mind that bends it into a smallish mind. Since the fractal point does have breath, as it includes a volume of energy, entropy and information, carried by a relative number of ‘finitesimal’ parallel waves, but the ‘Aristotelian mind’, reduces it to an Euclidean point:

We have to introduced the first postulate of non-Æ so you realise how ‘limited’ is the homunculus mind.

Thus, human egos are just finitesimals with a huge ego, because they confuse their zero point-mind with the real infinite Universe, of fractal points, thinking the volume of information they store in their mind is all. 

Now, this theoretical minimum, which gives birth to the biggest r=evolution of maths since Riemann, ‘does away with Hilbert’; but to fully  put the copenhagen interpretation to rest and complete the understanding of mathematics in experimental terms,  we need as we have done with spatial geometry and topology, show how temporal algebra and its numbers, do also reflect reality, in an evolutionary process called the closure of numbers that again will follow the ternary, universal syntax of ‘REALITY’.

Vital topology is simple, when we come to the first mathematical definitions. The simplest one is between parallelism (=) and perpendicularity (≠), whose angle of perpendicularity is defined by the relative similarity ≈ of the species in communication its ‘wave-body’ state (principle of superposition). We prefer the symbol ≠ for perpendicularity than + (actually mostly a symbol of parallelism) or X of mixed value.

Now the use of pure topological methods is more suitable to mathematical physics and the quantum realm in which the isomorphism between mathematical topologies and vital behavior, once we understand fractal points with parts (wave-particles or body-heads as the minimal complementary ‘vital being’ to be considered a T.œ, Timespace Superorganism, susceptible of performing the 5 Dimotions of existence).

On the account of which species do not perform which of those 5 Dimotions, in the simplest ¬Æ we shall trace just the existence of full beings, not ‘ghosts’ such as virtual particles, traces of a locomotion in the simplest levels of reproduction form and such.

In principle we observe the opposition of the dimotions of Generation (evolution) and Entropy (Dissolution), and the asymmetry between the dimotions of perception-position-mass and locomotion, put together in the existential momentum of the being.

It then rest as the ‘convergent’ Dimotion, which ‘attracts’ all others as it makes use of them all, the Dimotion of present-reproduction, the ultimate purpose of the game. Such as the ‘Ti-es’ of Time Space organisms that cancel each other emerge as a complex present, born of the balances between the fourth and fifth dimotions of the being, and its 1st and second… So they all converge into the 3rd: reproductive present – the eternal function of pentagonal logic, it ultimately always preserves, making it both immortal but finite, and hence immortal for each piece of spacetime.

The topological connections of those actions with geometric dimotions is immediate but not essential to the proper understanding of the actions per se, which only follow strict geometric parallelisms in the simplest forms, but can be detected when geometry and function are closely related, and so, as an intermediate analysis of that relationship between form and function, we have also considered the Asy♣metric ternary division into Complementary=disy◊metric, parallel=sy♥metric and perpendicular, darwinian antisy♠metric relationships established between the ‘actor’ or singularity and the elements of the externa world with whom it acts:

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 10.53.00 AM

To exist is to act, that is to combine motion and form, convert time into space, ∆ð≥§@; to exist as a T.œ is NOT to think only, as you do know, to move only as heat does – and lately most humans in an entropic age of history… but to focus motion into form, often converting a software into a hardware, an energy into an information – all degrees and similarities of being. To act then can be classified as primary actions which cater to the ternary elements of the being:

we talk of the aei, simplex actions of ‘being: motion (accelerated actions) form the limbs/potentials, energy feeding for the body wave, information gauging for the mind-particle…

And o,u Complex social actions which go beyond the individual and require the ensemble of the ∆ø being with its social clones in offspring reproduction and creation of ‘Universals’, social wholes.

Yet all actions depart from the will of a singularity-mind, which has the understanding of the whole thanks to his still mind-mapping of the being as a simultaneous territory of order.  So we shall study here and in the preceding post ‘to exist’, the mind that acts, the actions it performs and the different examples to be found in social, biological and physical t.œs

To love the supreme goal.

It follows then that the more complex action of reality that summons them all is Love, and that redeems the Universe, because reproduction and social evolution are binary and multiple paths of love:


In the graph, our selfie culture misses the point of the Universe, which is eusocial love and reproduction of members of the same species. The reason of that sociological blunder are studied in depth in the articles on the supœrganism of history and the eco(nomic)system.

This we know, that God, the Mind of the Fractal Universe is social evolution, the coming together of similar beings into new wholes, social organisms that emerge as a new plane of existence, independent of its parts; stronger than the individuals, which survive better pegged together by the force of love.

Existence, survival is the name of the game. And when you love those who are like you, members of the same species, you make it in the game. And when you don’t, others who do, eliminate you.

Since love is the stronger force, but death the reinforcing strategy of a God which is just in its cruelty, as the ultimate selection chooses the best playing the game of social love and abhorts the lonely heroes that try to make it alone.

This humans today have forgotten and so our survival as a species is at stakes.

Scientists study the species of the Game of Existence, the Tao of the ancient Chinese, the game of survival of the modern biologists, mind of the Universe with 3 languages whose logic seems at first sight different but all express the same rules of love thy neighbor, when it is similar to you; feed on him when it belongs to a different species.

Indeed, matter is ruled by mathematics in physical and economic systems, but the unit of maths is the number, a social group of indistinguishable beings, hence pegged by social evolution, loosing its individualism.

Then biological systems are ruled by the logic of survival of evolution, but social evolution, of ants and humans survives better. So again the arrow of social love dominates.

And finally ideal human societies are ruled by the social ethics of love.

So the 3 kind of systems are different in language, but all languages, as we shall see in the study of the Universal grammar of them all, shows  those 3 sciences are in fact ruled by love and social organization.

Indeed,the game of existence thus favors not the individuals, but the collective form. Since even the individual is a multicellular super organism in which cells collaborate with the help of the reproductive blood networks and its oxygen and hormonal orders, pegged further together by the nervous system.

Which becomes then the consciousness of the whole, as it emerges through its networks.

The chains of existences.

The chains of existences that put together in synchronous motions the inner clocks of the being must be synchronized to a core clock which will become the cpu or soul of the system. The central processing unit of information thus have a master clock to which all the clock cycles are synchronized and act as the slow motion for the Unit of wholes, through the synchronous faster ‘nervous-informative higher network’ of the ‘other species, of higher energy x information. To balance the ∂tS limits of the fifth dimension, and the ∫ exi present becomes then another expression of the same will for survival.

Because it is NOT more data what science needs but an improvement of its logic and mathematical principles regarding the nature of time and space, to be able to upgrade our view of reality, something that has not been fully done since the Greeks… with the exception perhaps of Darwin, and the ill-understood Leibniz.

Instead, what physicists and scientists did was to add to human perception of time with logic words, clocks that reduced our understanding of the causal nature of past present and future time-verbs, and add to the eyes, telescopes and microscopes to look at those scales.

And then because they used machines to see the Universe, decide that the Universe and man were machines, and because those machines used digital numbers to measure decide that the language of the machines they worship were the languages of god.

Since it is essential to upgrade the chip of science in timespace theory as we shall do in the third theoretical section of this blog that explains those relational space-time models and apply them to all sciences, since to explain epistemologically reality we do NEED to ad organic and sentient properties ot the fractal Universe.

Infinitesimal mind-mirrors ordering local worlds

To explain the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe, we need to understand minds and seeds as  linguistic mirrors that shrink reality either into an smaller image in space (mind) or a ‘compressed’ duration of time (palingenetic seed). So minds & seeds ‘create’ the fractal diminishing, infinite, reproductive spacetime scales

This is a self-evident.

Since while all systems gauge information, their capacity to order reality is just a mirror process by which languages mirror in ‘still, smaller linguistic images’ the world they perceive and then reflect this mind-order in their territorial ‘energy-body’:

Infinitesimal mind-language x ∞ Universe = constant self-centered world.

As Aristotle realized ‘we are all gods, the unmoved final cause of the motion of the energy around us’. So languages DO order locally preserving in ‘smaller’ scales the larger structure of the universe, converted in this manner in a Game of Fractal Mirrors.

In that sense, the fractal Universe we perceive as ‘it is’ cannot be explained rationally without adding to the acknowledged temporal and spatial properties we ‘expand’ with the concept of space-time ‘dimotions’,  organic properties born of the co-existence of 3 scales of smaller parts that form networks, which become larger wholes… So for example, your nervous system perceives reality as it ‘integrates’ the sensations of all its cells.

But if we want also to understand how those infinite scales of size are created we need to postulate the existence of linguistic mind mirrors that ‘shrink’ reality into its infinitesimal still mapping; either as mental forms – since you indeed do NOT see the Universe but the infinitesimal electronic image created in your mind with light space-time; or as ‘seeds of information’, which we can consider a ‘static, frozen informative mind’ that will replicate a larger whole, replica of its inner information.

Minds are  linguistic mirrors that shrink reality in space. While seeds are mirrors of superorganisms ‘compressed’ in its evolutionary duration of time (palingenetic seed), which implies a continuity of information through eons of discontinuous time generations. So minds & seeds ‘create’ the diminishing, ∞, spacetime scales of reality becoming the inverse arrow of causality to that recognized today by ‘Constructivism’, the theory of reality according to which causality comes only from the smallish physical world to the larger one. It is only when we ad this other causality when we can balance all stiences as absolutely relative and the two directions of the fifth dimension, upwards towards parental wholes and downwards towards smaller parts..

But what is the structure of the Mind? Simple: it is created when a membrane closes a vital energy, and develops a relative self-center that will invaginate that energy with networks of information, shaping reality. The mind in that sense is the sense of the whole brought about by the interaction of the sensorial membrane, which in huminds is our outer perception through the inner mind of us as a skin enclosing our body.

The membrain thus made of a brain and a membrane, form 2 dimensions of the being, the singularity or still mind-brain proper and the sensorial membrane the isolates but also connects the singularity mind with the external world.  They are the dimensions that complete the 9 perceivable, as the 10th and 11th dimensions of the mind, which in this manner encloses the whole with its 10th membrane and focuses it into a ‘temporal-will-moving’ program of existence, the mind proper in its linguistic still mappings and formal intelligence that will paradoxically move the whole through its actions into the flow of time.

The 10th and 11th disomorphic ‘dimensions’ of the Mind – the membrain or outer surface enclosing the vital energy of the open ball, with maximal expansive motion-distance or angular momentum; self-centered in the singularity, whose latitude is purely temporal as it moves the whole in time-duration through its lineal inertia. And within the invaginated networks that control the e-vident being in its paradoxical ∞º exist¡ence.

Membrain-Mind’s 2 Ðisomorphisms:10th & 11th Ðimensions

We have no longer magic mystery for the mind membrain. It is all rather simple when we come to the first principles: the mind is the closed membrain that competes the ‘topological open ball of vital energy’ constraining its domain and establishing its initial and final conditions in time (the singularity brain’s duration) and space (the membrane that encloses it).

We could of course consider a third dimension for the mind – the physiological 3 networks that invaginate the system, but we rather study them as the 3 topological dimensions of space that define the being and reduce the mind to the interaction between the connected ‘singularity’ and the membrane that isolates the system from the external world.

The mind though has in the entangled Universe many perspectives and points of view of analysis departing from its 2 initial Ðisomorphisms, its brain and its membrane. So minds are in formal terms ‘membrains’ – our slightly changed name for the new more precise stientific definition.

The graph shows the mind-brain as a singularity connected by its ‘informative network’ to the sensorial membrane whose apertures communicate with the external world. It is in the interaction of those 2 disomorphic dimensions of the mind, where the true explanations of each species of ‘membrain’ warps up the description of the being. In general terms we can consider that the 10th Disomorphic dimension of the mind, the membrane is the maximal $patial element of the being – in extension/motion; and the singularity its maximal ðemporal event, traveling for the finite duration of the being.

And that a T.œ by definition is born when a membrain is formed, starting its world cycle of evolution, from carbohydrates closed by protein membrains self-centered in RNA-DNA active minds, to galaxies self-centered in black hole minds with a halo of likely strangelets of maximal momentum.

Angular momentum is in that sense the best definition of the 3 elements of the mind, the singularity the radius/network that connects it to the outside membrane; and for that reason when dealing with quantum physics we shall adscribe the brain’s-singularity dimensionality/ parameters to the spin of the particle and its membrane to its angular momentum, reason why we need 2 parameters to measure it, the l and s numbers.

In humans obviously the mind is both our external membrane that we see as ourselves, the central brain that processes our information and lives in time as a memorial tail and the sensorial nervous systems that connects them and invaginate the whole organism.

The mind is an infinitesimal point, Ƽ which observes an infinite Universe of world cycles, ư, mapping with pixel of information a reduced still linguistic image of the whole that it confuses with the Universe itself.

Hence all minds suffer a huge ego paradox thinking they are the center of a Universe they hold in its mind, when they are mere infinitesimals observing the whole.

And they think their mind-language creates the Universe because they only see that Universe though its mind-languages. Those paradoxes of the ego are also extreme in human beings cause of the creationist theories of reality proper both of verbal speakers (old anthropomorphic religions) and modern digital scientists. We thus study in this post a first approach to the equation of the mind, ∞º, focusing in the ego paradox and the god-like nature of those minds, which try to order the Universe around themselves, projecting the images of their mind in their local territory, they deem absolute – the whole. So the first human tribes called themselves ‘man’ and thought their valley was the Universe, with a dome of holed stars… And these days they think the infinite can be described by a simple lineal V=HoD equation because in the beginning it was an infinitesimal point as their minds are, that can fit in a hand:


In the graph, the Universe is an infinite tapestry of networks of self-points, none of them more important, but the paradox of the ego makes each point of each network and scalet to be the center of it all. This subjective ego paradox embedded in reality contrasts with the goal of science which is objective and hence advanced in steps towards absolute relativity achieved in this blog.

Of the many definitions of God we shall here consider the best of them, that of Saint Augustine – God is the sum of all exist¡ences and all realities in the past present and future and as such the whole potential flow of all time space events and forms – the Tao of all beings. A second, more used though personal concept of God is that of the maximal informative mind of a system – a local symmetry, part of the Global symmetry of God. Both Gods are represented in human cultures by the western and eastern view of God. We shall consider some elements of both of them, starting with the western God, as the seer of the time-existence of a single being:


In the graph, the Absolute God of the Universe IS its mind of maximal information. Is that point conscious or impersonal? We can compare it with human Gods, the point of maximal information of a Human Superorgansim – its ‘self’ in the ∆ scale of individuals, a neuronal group of the brain; its prophets in the ∆+1 scale of societies; an informative master of the wor(l)d; its DNA in the ∆-1 scale of biological cells. All those ‘human gods’, ‘create’ the future of its systems, organism, society or cell with its logic patterns of information.


I. Aristotelian Gods≈Monads

 ‘We are all Gods, the unmoved center of a body of energy’ Aristotle – best ever definition of a mind-singularity, the linguistic mapping of reality in a still mind, which stores its will of existence in any super organism of space-time in which it will reflect locally to ‘order a body-territory’ for whom it will be its local God. So your mind-brain is the God of your body, it orders with its electric messages; the capital of a nation and its king/politicos are the gods of the nation they order with its still, linguistic laws; the DNA linguistic still genes of the cell are the genetic God coded with it 4 numbers; and the black hole still-mind in five dimensions (time goes to zero in Einstein’s equations; in 5 Dimensional equations the black hole mirrors the exact equations of the galaxy in 4 D – Maldacena conjeture), IS the god of the galaxy, and Tao, the laws of time-space organisms and its ‘imorphisms’ are the God of the whole…

trinity religionFinally in Human anthropomorphic religions, God, the language-word that inhabited among us, in the mind of the prophet, is the God of a civilization or nation, in which those ethic verbal laws that encode the Tao of the Entire Universe, lost its mystical explanation and became codes of law.

What is God in the fractal Paradigm, of an organic Universe?

The answer is obvious: The super organism of the cell/species we study, from the lower point of view of a citizen cell. As in a discontinuous Universe, each super organism is a world in itself, a whole, the individual cell will see that whole as all what it is and call it God, or in a more restricted manner call god the point of maximal information of the system, Max. Tiƒ, or mind of God. So humans expanded their concept of God, as they expanded their view of the Universe.



In the graph, humans slowly departed from their subjective ego-trips of  the mythic age of Abrahamic religions, in which the tribe first and then mankind was the centre of the Universe, to a scientific world, and within it again, moved away from the Earth as its centre (Ptolemy), in 3 steps. So first they abandoned the ‘who’ of a personal god, into the ‘what’ of a centered earth, a sun, as its centre (Copernicus) and finally the galactic light space-time at its centre (Einstein’s relativity). It is now the time to give the final step into Absolute relativity considering the Fractal paradigm and its 5th dimension, which further stretches to all Universal Planes the understanding of the laws of science, without primacy of any of such scales.

The Superorganism, the game of creation and extinction of super organisms, the world cycle of super organisms, the mind of the super organism, from the perspective of the cell-citizen of the biological or sociological super-organism, the physical, biological or social system is included within. For the absolute relative fractal Universe, two functions are obviously the functions of God:

The Fractal Genrator of super organisms and its ternary symmetries, which describe the word cycle of the super organism:

Sp <ST>Tƒ

and its Tiƒ, function of maximal information or brain that directs from a higher plane of existence, ∆+1, the co-existing cycles of space-time of its smaller atoms/cells/citizens (physical, biological and social super organisms) having an absolute control of its fields of energy, information and reproduction, from the perspective of its neuron cells.

Human anthropomorphism in science peaked in the german, idealist school of Hilbert when mathematics not only remained ‘Galileo’s language of god’ but became invented by the human brain, who became ‘God’. One of the biggest limits of human knowledge is precisely the null understanding of the relationships between languages and reality, and how languages evolve as everything else from a first ‘epic’ age of maximal simplicity when they seem magic truths – so writing first conveyed the feeling it was absolute truth and the pharaoh said it has been written.

The particle point features heavily in Nuclear physics and it is still a ‘mess’. I like of all of them, the Delta Function, which is ∞ at 0, 0 on the infinite line and 1 in its integral. It is perhaps the best mathematical definition and for that reason, Dirac without understanding what it means – the emergence of a point-particle as a 1-element of a higher ∆+1 scale, made it the non-rigurous foundation of its beautiful quantum thoughts. Then Newman quoted above got berserk. He wanted it to be ‘rigurously’ proved by Hilbert’s axiomatic arrogant method and just make it more messy, pedantic and obtuse.

It is plainly ridiculous that a people who understand so little of the why of its magic religion, pretend to be so dogmatic as Popes with its infallibility theorems. In the graph, the final understanding on how 10 ∆-1 ‘tetratkys’ pythagorean elements become a bosonic point of identical beings to emerge in the delta function. It is in that sense connected as the fourier transform from where it ultimately departs, from a fascinating phenomena of the Universe, the emergence through resonance, which I call ‘fusion love’, of a higher being, made of identical parts; as we are all resonances of cloned information; but only in a point the parts transcend into a whole; only in a neuronal small network your infinitesimal ego-mind believes to be infinite. 

And of course pi and e are ever present, around 3. Of its many definitions the one mathematicians ignore of e, is the more proper one, e+ e/10 = 3, a unit of growth of the perfect game of decametric scales of social numbers, which is a good way to introduce…


screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-15-10-19Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 09.47.12

Theme. The final action of the Universe is social love, the creation of Universals, masses of clonic beings, organised in super organisms, as magically its individual actions as functions of existence, fractal points that exchange energy and information with other points, creates lines, fields, networks, organisms, and hence Universals, New planes of existence that emerge as wholes: Œ, ∆±E,I

The Universe of i-scalar spaces-times truly acquires meaning, when we study in detail each species, analysing its Ps.Di, planes of existence, social groups, dimensions of space and time, and isomorphisms derived of all of them.

And so we GST studies the isomorphism of the S=10¹³ relative scales and i=ts 10 planes of reality, and its organic laws, applied then to each scalar science

In this section we shall study the planes and scales in a general manner, and in each i-science we will study the details of each species dimensions and social scales. Thus this section and the final sentence of the top study those ‘planes’ and scales in greater detail.

The organic whys of the Universe: The 4th paradigm of knowledge.

A deeper explanation of this work considers the meaning of knowledge and what questions it must answer to exhaust the study of a certain subject. In journalism we ask what, who, how, when and why.

The evolution of science implies big shifts in the paradigms, languages and philosophical dogmas we use to understand the Universe. In the evolution of science we observed first ‘what’ (experience) and then asked ‘who’. It was the mythic age of science, the first paradigm of knowledge – when an anthropomorphic being, often a god was the cause of all events.

Then the Greeks used reason to ask the what (experience) and how of things, its causes and consequences. It was the 2nd paradigm of knowledge: logic thought.

The 3rd paradigm started by Galileo with his use of machines (clocks and telescopes), responded to when, measuring space distances and time frequencies in great detail with a single space-time system. The ticks of the heart, the stomach, the moon, the atom and the clock are different, but to measure them we needed a unit of time and so we equalized all rhythms with a clock, and to compare the spatial trajectories of those cycles we needed a ‘background of space’, so we put together all the broken spaces of reality into a joined puzzle, which we called Cartesian space-time. The error of a single space-time came when we forgot those simplifications and considered that the abstract space-time continuum of Descartes used to measure all other spaces and times was the real space-time.

The culmination of this process of mechanical measure came with quantum theory, which refined the measures of the cyclical trajectories of particles in the microscopic world and General Relativity, which refined them in the cosmological realm by correcting the deformations of those rhythms of time and distances of space caused by the limits of speed of our light-based Universe.

In philosophical terms, the paradigm of measure meant the birth of mechanism, the fundamental philosophy of our world today: the machine – no longer man, an organism – became the ‘measure of all things’. This was a simplification, as today we realize that machines merely imitate our organs of energy and information with networks of metal-atoms (so a crane is an energetic arm of metal and a chip an informative brain of metal), which now we fusion into ‘organic’ robots. And so the change of paradigm from the Greek, Aristotelian and Asian tradition of organicism to mechanism is only a hiatus on a richer, more complex understanding of the whys of the Universe.

Mechanism changed also the language of understanding of the Universe, from Aristotelian Logic to mathematical Platonism, since mathematics was the language used by machines to measure the Universe of time and space with clocks and telescopes; while logic was the language embedded in the syntax of words, which measure time with causal verbs that describe the logic relationships between its 3 dimensions of past, present and future. So in terms of philosophy of science, mechanism meant a pendulum law that changed the paradigm from Aristotle (organic, temporal causality) to Plato (mechanical, spatial geometry). This was a wrong choice, because a truly inclusive theory of reality has to put together both languages and approaches as we shall do in this work: the geometric how & instrumental when matched by a temporal why, which must be by definition a causal, temporal process. The 3rd paradigm obsessed by spatial measure was not very kin of such inquire, as Feynman famously put it: ‘the why is the only thing a physicist never asks’. And yet the why has always been a fundamental question of knowledge.

That why should respond to the existence of a program of creation, evolution and extinction of the reality we see all around us, which always gives birth and extinguishes the same entities, repeating their forms once and again. What is the purpose of the Universe and all its repeated parts? Why they have those forms and follow always a life and death cycle?  Thus, scientists, not satisfied with the limits of the 3rd paradigm of measure kept asking the why, which could not be a personal God (the who of the 1st paradigm), neither the machine, the instrument of measure of the 3rd paradigm (‘God is a clocker’ said Kepler, because he used clocks to measure it and ‘God speaks mathematics’ said Galileo, because those machines translated the events of the Universe into mathematical data).

According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe. The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newtonnt.0.4. Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Unfortunately such theories cannot satisfy the rational, objective, self-sufficient nature of science, as they require external myths to work. This leaves us only with a 3rd objective, scientific possibility, organicism – a more complex theory that comes of age in this work: if the why is neither God nor the machine, there is only a 3rd option in between – the organism, which is an intermediate concept; since an organism is self-sufficient as God is, yet it is part of Nature as the machine is.


1. Principles: Space-time Duality. Ternary organs and ages. 4 actions. ∞ Fractal Universes.

This ‘whole’ integration of all sciences in one was the goal of the founders of General Systems Sciences, the original name of Complexity that we prefer, as it is more descriptive.

At Macy’s the year of Einstein’s death, the highest minds of mankind came together and realized that physics had its limits and lacked despite its exhaustive understanding of Energy and motion (as that was its purpose since its inception by Galileo) a full comprehension of information, the other element of which the simplest Universe is made.

It also realized that the mechanist view was too simple and rather theological because as Leibniz put it, needed a God that started and created the mechanism. So for the future evolution of a more comprehensive theory, they considered that all the ‘systems’ of the Universe (anything that exists), there should be at least two elements, defined by their form and function, both related to each other: energy or entropy or space (any expansive motion, hence perceived as extended, planar or lineal space) and information or form or time (implosive motion, hence perceived as implosive, cyclical motion).

Let us then resume the 5 key concepts of this new science of sciences which derives reality from a few topological, logic, evolutionary and perceptive facts of reality:

  1. Duality: The space-time of the Universe is made of quantum of 2 types of motions: Lineal energy and cycles of times, whose frequency carries the information of the universe.  As proved by Planck: ∑ E x I =K
  2. Trinity: All organic systems have a head made of cycles of times, limbs of quantum energies, combined in a body that reproduces both making this logic structure of motions to survive.
  3. 4-Dimensionality:  Such organisms survive by performing 4 actions. Energy feeding, informative perception, reproduction and social evolution.
  4.  The SOCIAL mandate: Each mathematical point of view, or diffeomorphic, local entity of space-time will perceive reality from its own point of view and try to maximize its existence as a complementary system, ∑exi=k, this is achieved at points e=I and max. ∑.
  5. Actions: Thus all systems try to achieve Max. ∑exi=k. We call this the mandate of existence: grow in spatial energy and temporal information: ‘Grow and multiply… in balance between mind and body.’

What this meant is that all what you see is made of two type of realities lineal motion or energy and cyclical motion with more form or information. If you look at yourself, you head is spherical, cyclical. Your limbs are lineal and move. And in between you have a body that combines both forms and it is elliptic or an inverted cone, figures made of combining line and cycles.

Anywhere you look you will find all systems to have those 2 elements, energy limbs or fields in physics and cyclical heads or particles. So this is the first tenant of General Systems sciences, which describes the common laws of all systems of the Universe:

All what exists is a system made of 3 components, a field of motion, the energetic system, a head or particle that process and creates forms, the system of information.

In complexity the Universe is therefore quantic. The space-time continuum is the sum of all those spaces or motions of energy, of all the limbs and fields of energy of lineal or planar form. And time is the sum of all those cyclical motions or ‘clocks’ of all its systems.

There is not only a clock of time, our mechanical clocks, but infinite cyclical motions that happen to regulate and guide the energetic fields. So particles guide fields of energy, and heads guide limbs of energy.

This is the first ‘whole’ and its parts: a Universe of space and time is the whole. Its parts are all those quantic, lineal fields of energy and limbs and all those cyclical particles (charges, masses) and heads. The whole seems continuous and static because we integrate it in the mind’s picture. The parts seem broken and vital in motion. Both descriptions are valid. And the whole interacts with the parts.

For example, Relativity explains the whole. Quantum theory the parts, fields of energy and particles. And the whole and its laws influence its parts.

Organisms seem wholes, but then they are made of cells, of two types, informative brain neurons and somatic, body cells. And the whole influences its parts.

We shall prove that all systems are complementary systems of energy (E) and information (I), which combine both to perform ‘actions’ in space-time (ExI); most of them tending to absorb further energy (∆E) and information (∆) or ‘combine’ both in new ‘actions’ and reproductive processes (ExI).

We call the 2 components of all systems (E and I) the simplex, primary actions-arrows of space-time, following the tradition of physical sciences; where action is their perception in space and arrow their perception in time. They are equivalent to the concept of the simplex ‘biological drives’ in biological sciences (feeding and perceiving energy and information); and the concept of ‘will’ or ‘greed’ – our desire for more energy and information, in psychology.

And we call the combination of those two primary actions/arrows/drives/wills of ‘existence’ in space and time, the complex, secondary actions/arrows: reproducing (exi) and evolving socially, when we consider a sum of those actions/arrows either in space or in time, ∑exi (spatial analysis) or ∑ e <=>∏i.

The reader will observe that since we are referring to self-similar actions/arrows/drives/wills in all scales, we need a supra-jargon and formalism to unify them all, or else we would have to make such chains of similar concepts in each scale:

– We prefer the term reproduction to its different jargons: ‘iteration’ in mathematics, ‘decoupling’ in physics, ‘reproduction’ in biology, ‘memetic creation’ in culture, and ‘production’ in economics. And we prefer the terms energy instead of space and information instead of time cycles.

– We prefer the terms existence and extinction to the terms life and death; as they are inclusive of all entities of reality.

– We most often use the term actions or time arrows instead of biological drives or will of existence. In that sense, we reduce space-time actions to the concept of time arrows as space is just a slice of the flow of cyclical time arrows that displace and change the spatial configuration of all the beings of the Universe – defined as the sum of all the cycles of time arrows of all its existential beings. Hence time includes space within it and such concept stresses a fundamental property of the Universe: all has motion and form, energy and in/form/ation.

Some key discoveries of General Systems will be difficult to overcome by mainstream science, specially physics, the oldest of all sciences and hence more prone to old errors of ‘Idols of the tribe of knowledge’ (Bacon), due to the ‘memetic=believer’ nature of the human brain, which as any system of information, reproduces its bits (genes and memes =theories), generation upon generation, regardless of its logic and experimental consistence (content of truth). The main error of classic physics concerns the nature of time as ‘what a clock measures’ (Einstein), and hence as a single time-arrow of motion. When time is any type of change and so we must define 4 arrows/actions of space-time as the fundamental types of change of all systems. Of those 4 ‘type of universal actions’; physics acknowledges only an arrow of time, entropy, the arrow of energy and motion, which is what it studies since Galileo’s analysis of the motion of weapons, and a type of clock, the mechanism constructed by him. This was all right, as long as Physics did not pretend to be the philosophy of science of all other sciences, after the importance it acquired due to the Industrial Revolution of machines, they build. So today the reductionist studies of physics concerning space-time actions-arrows, where time has been spatialized and reduced to the arrow of energetic motion as the 4th dimension of space, have become a dogma of all sciences, which hinders their understanding and the acceptance of General Systems sciences.

This goes to the extreme that physicists do not even accept information as an arrow of time, only entropy, which is an arrow deduced from studies of heat and electromagnetic forces. Fact is in physics there are two arrows/forces on the long range, energetic, expansive light and informative, attractive gravitation. And yet, memetic imprinting is so strong that still gravitation is not accepted as the informative element of our physical Universe.

Thus physics must be redone completely and simplified as Copernicus did when the sun was put in his place, with the concept of informative forces.

A second concept of enormous importance is the Paradox of Galileo: all moves even if it seems quiet. That is, time is the substance of reality, motions that change space beings and organisms along a time cycle. And since changes have different speed and life cycles different duration, time is not only multiple but has different speeds of change.

That is why we call also General systems sciences a theory of multiple spaces and times. Thus, for the physicist who is unfamiliar with the concepts of organicism and might resist them, with its mathematical, itifying perception of reality, my advice is to think of what he is going to read in terms of ‘actions of energy and time’ and the relational concepts of Leibniz, and the relativity and ‘diffeomorphic’ principles of Einstein and the Principle of Complementarity of quantum physics and its fundamental equation, e x i = K. We shall see how indeed, as ‘properties’ of a smaller scale of the fractal universe emerge in the higher scale, the principles of geometry and quantum physics emerge also into higher scales, even in the human one.

Ternary organs; 3±1 ages. Organicism is the key to the Universe.

All this said it is obvious that those 4 actions, used to define in the past the drives of biological beings, which feed, perceive, reproduce and evolve socially are now extended to all systems. Hence all what exists is in a way alive, as even the simplest quarks and electrons reproduce when they absorb energy, creating new particles. It is the ego-trip of man, who wants to be the only sentient, vital being of the Universe, specially in the Western anthropomorphic tradition, what prevents the obvious similarity of all systems in all scales of reality, to become mainstream science. The astounding thing is that the anthropomorphic scientist does not recognize the fact that a machine-like Universe requires, as Leibniz explained to Newton, a God to make it, while only organicism is self-generating and hence ‘scientific’.

But what is exactly an organism? Let us define it: An organism is a complementary system.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism; reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

Yet what define an organism and all systems, as organisms are 3 derived facts:

–       All those complementary systems perform 4 actions that are mimetic to the 4 drives of existence of living beings (feeding, perceiving, reproducing and evolving socially).

–  All complementary systems that work as independent wholes have 3 parts in space, the energy part, the information part and a ‘body’ that puts them together as a whole. And the forms and functions of those subsystems are related.

–       Ternary principle in time: All systems live 3±1 ages of the life/death cycle: an energetic youth, a reproductive maturity and an old age of information, dying then in a big-bang expansion that erases its information.


RECAP: This first paragraph reduces the program of the Universe to its fundamental concepts and how through ‘logic’ we can generate all realities departing of them.

  1. From 1 comes 2: The Universe of space-time is the ultimate simplification of a world made of multiple actions of spatial energy and temporal information, performed by an infinite tapestry of complementary systems composed of both ‘formal motions’.
  2. From 2 comes 4: There are 4 actions of energy and time, each one with an internal and external, negative or positive direction:  The simplex actions of energy (external motion and internal feeding). The simplex actions of time (external cyclical motion, and internal perception).  And their 2 complex combinations: exi, or external ‘actions’ and internal reproductions’ and ∑exi, the fractal, social repetition of those actions, which creates external herds that feed on energy along an external network or super-organisms structured with inner networks that deliver energy and information to all its cells.
  3. All systems of the Universe are defined as ‘knots’ of those 4 type of actions, which are cyclical and discontinuous, as each being switches between them, trying to survive by feeding (E), perceiving (I), reproducing (ExI0 and evolving socially ∑exi. We define the central point of those knots as a P.O.V. or fractal Non-Euclidean point, the ‘aperceptive’ engine that orders the Universe. And there are infinite of them.
  4. The outcome of this structure is a fractal Universe, in which knots of cyclical actions become herds and super organisms, in which the ‘informative network’ emerges again as a knot that controls the actions of the herd, packing it tightly as a new ‘cell-point’ of a new ‘fractal’ scale of the Universe.



‘The Universe is a fractal that reproduces species of energy and information.’


 The 5D mind is also the wholeness that keeps still into simultaneity a series of adjacent elements communicated through it, allowing the creation of social groups and ‘numbers’. That is it mediates the social dimension is where the i-ndividual performs its ‘actions of existence’, in the lower i-n levels. It is thus a quid pro quo. The i-ndividual obtains its relative energy quanta and bits of information in a higher i+1 territorial space, which must be larger for the being to be able to fulfil its needs.

And for that reason he must associate with equal individuals born in the reproductive radiation of the species, to share the i-2 and i-3 energy and information and reach further. Social evolution is therefore an absolute need of all species, which want to survive, an strategy that creates a bigger Max. E x Max. O force.

And it is the basic reason there are dimensional scales in the universe.


The Laws of General Systems Sciences, which studies the self-similar scales of organization of the Universe, and the laws of Complementarity that define all systems as dual systems with a body/field of energy and a particle/head of temporal information are the origin of a new, more harmonic version of the Universe, a fractal made of spatial energy and temporal information whose cellular bits and bites self-organize in growing scales of complexity under the same rules, from universal constants into particles into atoms and molecules and cells and planets and organisms and galaxies…

The variety of combinations of energy and information however is restricted by the properties of those 2 elements, which makes the emergence and self-similar invariance possible between the smallest and biggest elements of the Universe. All of them perform the same actions, feeding on energy and information for body and head, reproducing its form and evolving socially, the ‘generic qualities of what biologists call the drives of life, which are the drives of all what ‘exi=st’ as a system of energy and information of space and time.

Unification of science. The fractal, self-reproductive, ‘acting’ universe.

General Systems sciences describe all entities of the Universe with the same laws; and for that reason – as it encompasses all Sciences, unifying them – is of interest to all disciplines of knowledge

General systems describe the whole Universe and how it emerges from its parts, the whys of the existence and extinction of those parts; their events=functions and geometries=forms in all its scales, from the simplest space-time to the complex Universe as a whole, with a simple set of causal laws and mathematical equations that apply to all its entities. Since those laws to describe the creation and evolution of all systems, from atoms to complex organisms, from societies to Gods, from space-times to the Universe as a whole.

This introduction is an overall review to those general systems laws. The rest of the book applies those laws to the formal languages of logic and mathematics (Part I) as they are the languages in which the program of the Universe is written. And the second, widest part to its application to astro-physics, which will consist in 3 main parts:

–           Corrections to ‘primitive’ notions still standing in physics, which drag from the errors of earlier founding fathers. The main of them dealing with the existence of two arrows of time, energy and information, and the errors of perception of motion and stillness, and duality, both in macroscopic and quantum physics.

–           Explanations of the whys of the physical laws still standing (the overwhelming majority) with the new tools of multiple spaces and times, proper of general systems sciences and the new formalisms of i-logic, multi-causal logic and fractal, non-non-Euclidean geometries.

–           Solutions to long-standing problems of physics, which in the new model become trivial.

To that aim the book uses a lot of words and philosophical analysis, because the key to understand reality is not mathematical but logical, verbal understanding of concepts ill defined in its ‘quality’. If you are not interested in understanding in depth concepts like time, space, energy and information, life and death and ‘think’ that shallow definitions such as ‘time is what the clock measures’ (Einstein) are ‘enough’, it means your mind has ‘been reduced’ to numbers as the only language you use to express the properties of reality and you need ‘to go back to school’, as the ‘languages of God are infinite’. And many properties cannot be quantified, so they require verbal, logic thought.

In that sense General Systems sciences relies in complex logic and fractal, Non-Euclidean topologies more than in numbers. As topology shows the qualitative similarities of forms and functions, while ‘numbers’ stress the quantitative differences. And in any case, mathematics as Frege and Gödel proved derive from Logic – including the mathematics of Computers, based in Boolean logic. This though goes against the routines of science, which is done today with computer models and digital numbers.

Such new approach might clash with the ‘memetic beliefs’ or ‘imprinted ideas’ of any scholar. The mind, as Kuhn proved even for science, works by repetition and learning more than reasoning and so it is difficult to change a paradigm.

The present paradigm of science is very simple in his logic understanding of reality, based in the concept of a single causal arrow of time or ‘direction of creation of the future’, called entropy or energy (expansive, disordered motion). The complex logic of General Systems Sciences requires two arrows, which have opposite properties and balance each other in a dynamic way: energy and information. Thus in the simplex paradigm equations are ‘fixed’ of the type A->B, while in GST (abbreviation for General Systems Theory), they are dynamic, dual logic relationships of the type A<->B, similar to the fractal generators in which the interaction of A and B ‘keeps’ modifying their values.

The simplex paradigm considers the Universe a mechanism; the Complex paradigm describes it as an organism, which is more difficult to describe. And it is more difficult to believe because we humans have a problem of ego. So we prefer to be the only organisms and intelligent beings.  So complexity brings down humanity a step under, as Copernicus first and then Darwin did. Now you are not only in an enormous universe in which you are not the center, but also in a fractal one, of infinite scales of size, in which your scale is not more important than the ones up (cosmic scales) or down (molecular and atomic ones). It is just the scale from where your ego perceives and so by geometrical perspective your noise seems bigger than Andromeda galaxy but it is not.

Complexity means that you are like everything else in the Universe and most beliefs on freedom, a personal God, the uniqueness of life, etc. are anthropomorphic ego-trips.

If you can deal with all those handicaps of imprinted beliefs, logic intelligence and human ego-trips then go ahead. I can assure you this book is all what it promises to be and it will change your mind as a scientist like no other book has ever done since Darwin.


Cellular, Social Networks.


Infinite beings: Whole and parts principle.

Though the specific combinations of energy or information of each species – defined by its ‘vital’ or physical, Universal Constants (energy/information ratios) – might vary, the space-time structures and cycles of all those social organisms will be self-similar: All entities are ‘cellular societies’ organized through energy and information networks that bring about processes of social evolution. In all species studied by science a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single social form. Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of human workers and consumers that reproduce and test machines, guided by financial networks of information (salaries, prices, costs); galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells, controlled by the nervous, informative system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches and roots connected by a network of energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles). Cultures are made of humans related by verbal, informative laws and economic networks that provide their energy.

Sciences study those organic systems, tied up by networks of energy and information. In the graph, we see the main st-planes studied by human sciences and their 4 main time arrows, S E<=>I, which in static space give birth to the ‘organic elements’ of all species: social cell of energy and information and the reproductive networks that relate them. Thus, there are 4 basic elements in all organic systems:

1.  Cellular units.

2.  Networks of energy or vital space.

3.  Networks of fractal information.

4. Networks that reproduce energy and information.

All entities are generated by reproductions and transformations of energy and informative cycles (ΣS<=>Ti), organized in cellular units, through networks, and ±st Planes of self-similar forms. Yet, since those cellular units st-1 are made of smaller st-2 cells, which show the same structure, we can define any organic system as a super-organism (made of smaller, self-similar super-organisms):

‘A super-organism is a group of cellular super-organisms joined by energetic, informative and reproductive networks.’

Thus we unify the properties of Universal Systems and the sciences that study them under a single template definition, according to which simple systems and complex organisms will differ only in the degree of ‘completeness’ of its networks and the specific energy or information they are made of:

‘A super-organism is a network composed of a population of (name a particular cell or cycle), related by an energetic, reproductive or informative arrows.

A fractal organism (name an organism) is a population of iterative (name a cellular species), related by informative (name a language or informative force) and energy networks (name a kind of energy), which combine into a reproductive network that iterates the organism.

A universal ecosystem (name a specific ecosystem) is a population of several (name the species), related by informative languages (name their languages or informative forces) and energy networks (name the energies).’

Fill the gaps with a specific species, language/force and energy and you can define any network-organism in the Universe. While if the system is composed of several species that occupy the same space but have different networks of energy and languages of information, we talk of an ecosystem: – An atomic organism is a population of (electronic) energy and (nucleonic) information, related by networks of (gravitational) information and (light) energy.

– A molecular organism is a population of atoms, related by networks of gravitational energy and networks of electromagnetic information (orbitals, London, Waals forces).

– A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

– A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

– An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey).

– A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by networks of verbal information and networks of carbon-life energy.

– An economic ecosystem is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) and energetic networks (roads, electric networks, etc.).

An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and include 2 different species: human beings and machines.

– A galaxy is a population of light stars and gravitational black holes, related by networks of gravitational information and electromagnetic energy.

-A Universe is a population of galaxies joined by networks of dark matter and energy.

We establish thereafter a parameter of multiple space-time scales of growing volume of information, st=i, to classify all those relative scales of spatial energy and temporal information of the Universe, starting by the simplest scales, st=0 (mathematical cycles and lines), st=1 (Gravitational space), st=2 (electromagnetic space), st=3 (atomic particles) and so on, till reaching the most complex, macro-structures of the Universe (st=9, galaxies).

Cells and emergent scales.

Most beings are made of self-similar i-1 cells, particles or social individuals, which put together by networks become an i-organism, unit of a higher social i+1-scale.

In the graph, one of the fundamental properties of that structure is emergence. The properties of the simplest system emerge in the more complex. This means the geometrical properties of space-time are shared by all the new scales. The electromagnetic properties of quantum numbers are shared by all atomic species. The biochemistry of cellular life by higher organisms, and the individual behavior of human beings transcend into the socio-cultural behavior of social super-organisms; and our forms and vital functions are also expressed in the world of memes of metal we construct.

Wholes are made of smaller parts, and they interact and influence each other. The key law of those interactions between the cellular and network scale is simple: energy flows from lower i-scales into bigger i+1 scales and information flows from bigger to lower scales. And this paradoxically tends to cause a topic error in all sciences. Since all energy has information and vice versa, but energy bites are more ‘evident’, than smaller, coiled, often invisible or incomprehensible flows of information, scientists tend to overlook this duality or look at those interactions only in the path from the lower scale to the larger one. For example biologists tend to think that the whole structural information of life beings is stored in its smallish scalar parts, genes.

They think the whole, external ambient and organic scales do not influence the genetic parts. This is most likely false, as there should be ‘bigger scales that code information’ in ‘longer genetic codes’ and introns. There are morphological shapes, caused by the emergent properties of simple space-time (so all organisms follow the diffeomorphic dimensions of space-time with information on top, etc.) There is speciation based in the duality of energy and information systems. There should be imprinting of neuronal networks by the mother emotional networks in the 3rd ‘informative’ phase of development of the foetus. And even there might be a Lamarckian response to external ecosystemic adaptation that might increase the random chances of mutation towards one of those ‘natural directions’ of morphology, as processes of punctuary evolution seem to indicate.

The same error happens among physicists, which are obsessed by entropy only theories (black hole evaporation, negation of the arrow of reproductive, fractal information, which Mehaute proved to happen always, when entropy no longer acts), etc. This is obvious in their obsession for heat solutions and the stubborn denial of the duality of all processes that can be done in ‘Max. E’, energetic, hot ambient and Max. I, informative cold ones – such as the fusion process.

Finally in social sciences, we build social models that stress the individual and not the systems, and superstructures. And yet it is a fact that networks, the whole, always influence its parts. And so many sciences must be completed with the study of that influence from ‘upper scales’ into cellular ones.


All those morphological differentiations and social elements can be resumed in a word: networks. Social individual systems acquire network forms, shaping forms related to energy or information, or combine them both. And so we find also in all systems a ternary differentiation between cells that become energetic, reproductive or informative networks.

Complementary systems are not ‘point-particles’ but cellular or atomic systems, made of networks of bits or bites of information and energy. Those networks are able to modify its distances and forms changing its topology and for that reason the Universe is dynamic in its transformations.

Because networks are flexible webs of points that can adopt different topologies by modifying the distribution of those points, networks evolve and switch between the 3 topologies of existence, hence creating a complex universe of constant transformations between the 3 functions-forms of the Universe.

Thus all networks = organisms often have two ‘sub-forms’ or states, the coiled, informative, radial or spherical state and the uncoiled, bilateral, anteroposterior, lineal form.

The first state is the informative state and the second the energetic state of motion; as systems are always dynamic flows and transformations between two poles of Energy and form joined by a body of cyclical exchanges between the concave and convex |-O E-I poles.

Thus the answer to the whys of the Universe can be resumed in a word ‘networks’ that defines the multiple realities we see around us:

‘All what exists are organic, fractal systems, made of self-reproductive, complementary, social, topological networks of energy (bodies and fields) and information (heads and particles)’:∑Se<X>∏Ti

Thus the why of reality is the creation of social networks that become complementary super organisms.

Complex and Simplex arrows: internal networks and external forces.

In essence organisms have internal parts, attached to ‘external apertures’ called senses that perceive two basic external forces of information and energy, elaborated and distributed to all cells by internal networks. When those external sources of energy and information saturate those internal networks the complex arrows enter in ‘action’. So the excess of information imprints the excess of energy, exi,  reproducing a self-similar organism or it is shared with similar individuals, creating ‘bondage’ in herds or complex organisms.

Thus the external forces and actions of perceiving and feeding are fast in time and extend in a wide spatial range, to the point of creating a ‘continuous’ perceptive experience. While the complex arrows are of long duration in time, requiring little space and long time to re=produce its actions.

This is expressed in a law of inverse spatial range and time duration:

i-3 Informative pixels (Max. E x Min.i) = i-2 energy bites (ExI) = i-1 reproductive seed (min. e x Max. i)

This is the case of the forces that ‘express’ those arrows in atoms. Where the external forces of information and energy (gravitational and electromagnetic forces) have a wide range and the internal forces of reproduction and social evolution (strong and weak forces) have little spatial range, specially the weak force which is a ‘Temporal transformation’, not a spatial ‘force’, as it transforms particles in time, evolving them without motion in space.

Thus the Strong and Weak force are the complex ‘inner’ forces of the atom, which play the same role than the complex, inner networks of energy and information (blood and nervous system) of a biological organism.

And they describe reproductive and evolving processes. For example weak forces are the equivalent to other evolving processes like the chrysalis of an insect or the resting moment of pregnancy.

Both type of forces/actions are easy to spot. Since time and space are opposite in properties and so time processes tend to be ternary (with 3 dimensions states, a first more energetic, the reproductive middle event and the final informative one), and last longer in time (the weak force has a time related constant) and hardly have any range in space, but need quiet, small, secluded places (in species evolution this cause allopatric evolution).

5. Souls: All systems have a central or upper knot that processes information and perceives.


In the graph, in the old paradigm of single space-time, there is only a point of view, the anthropomorphic point of view, and a language and frame of reference, the Cartesian frame. In the new paradigm, each knot of cycles of energy and information creates its own frame of reference and coordinates, ‘literally’ as it evolves its organism along an up (information) down (energy) axis, an anteroposterior axis, (direction of motion as it performs its ‘cyclical actions’), and a width axis of reproduction and cellular storage. Further on, besides its 3 relative, ‘diffeomorphic’ coordinates, each organic system will have a perception based in a language, which might not be the language of man, as each species codes and maps reality with bits of a different type of wave. All this can be formalized and mathematized with a new mathematical model, based in the new discoveries of fractal non-Euclidean geometry, developed by the author that complete the work of Riemann on the subject.

Points with parts are knots of time cycles that gather into networks. The most important point of any network is the point which communicates all other points and networks, taking the key decision of any super-organism: which action performs at each moment. That point, is therefore the point that possesses the will of the whole organism.

All what you see are knots of ‘living cycles’ that represent the actions of a ‘Point of view’, which traces those cycles as forms with motion, forms-in-action, in-form-ations. We call all those knots of forms with motion Non-Euclidean points, (mathematical jargon), Space-time cycles (physical jargon) or complementary networks (biological jargon) the new units of the physical, mathematical and biological formalism of Systems sciences. They define a new mathematical and logical language that advances the previous A-ristotelian and E-uclidean logic to better map out the Universe, called i-logic geometry (as i represents information and comes after A and E). An i- point or space-time cycle (1st postulate of i-geometry) has form and motion. Any entity of the Universe is an i-point, as all of them have form and motion. 2 i-points will form a wave (2nd postulate) that communicates energy=motion and form=information between them.

Thus all lines are in fact waves with motion. Self-similar points then will form a network by exchanging energy and information along certain paths. Thus all planes are networks (4th postulate). And each of those points crossed by flows of energy and information that shape its internal form (5th postulate) will be able to move and gauge the information of the external Universe, becoming a ‘relative mind’, a perceptive element of an intelligent Universe made of the sum of infinite such points.

Finally the 3rd postulate of i-logic geometry will define according to the self-similarity between those points the type of networks they create when they socialize with other points. And so the application of those 5 postulates and its laws to any system of self-similar beings, from atoms to humans to galaxies, give us the whys of reality, which is game of points that socialize into bigger wholes, points of a new scale: particles become points of atoms that become points of molecules, cells, organisms and societies in the biological realm, or parts of celestial bodies, galaxies and Universes in the physical world. In the past science has focused mostly on the study of motion and energy and its measure with mechanical instruments. The 4th paradigm of science reveals the why of the motions and forms of reality by adding to those studies the understanding of the properties and laws of Information.

Since only both together, the arrow of ‘energy’ or ‘entropy’ dominant in motion and the arrow of evolution of form, or ‘information’ explain the fundamental unit of reality: a feed-back cycle that transforms back and forth energy into information. The Universe is made of an infinite number of such cycles of exchange of energy and information between entities that shape the primary substance of reality: ‘cycles of time’ that occupy a surface of space. Time is cyclical and multiple. Each event has a frequency that carries information, defining a cycle or closed trajectory that breaks space into an inner, ‘fractal’ region and an external world.

The result is the creation of multiple, ‘vital’ spaces and clock-cycles. Those cycles become chained in knots and organized in networks of knots, which share flows of energy and information, creating the complex systems and scales of reality.

What are the units of those networks? Can we find, as we have done for the wholes, unified under the concept of networks, a unifying principle to explain the simplest of the simplest parts? Indeed we can. Since the units of a network are points, but a very special point, one with form or information and motion or energy, called a non-Euclidean point. So the Units of reality are formal knots, points with volume of information and motions, which it traces to fulfill is actions, through space-time cycles.

The creation of a systems sciences formalism is possible thanks to the advance of 3 new disciplines that become the pillars of the 4th paradigm of science: theory of information, of ‘form’, the other substance of reality ‘forgotten’ by the founding physicists of the paradigm of measure, obsessed by the measure of energy and its motions; the mathematics of information, which are fractal, non-Euclidean geometries, only fully developed in the last decade; and the science that uses information to explain the Universe – system sciences also called complexity, which studies all species of the Universe as systems made of networks of self-similar entities, which are responsible for its actions with motion and form.

We have come to a fundamental element of General Systems Sciences: the philosophical difference between information processing, aperception and perception. The mechanist paradigm, invented by religious people did not require perception, because the world was a machine set up by God (it is impossible to create a mechanist paradigm without a God putting up the system, something scientists today often forget). The organicist model can work with evolution as a game of automatic trial and error, but it doesn’t really work. We have to stretch the belief in evolution as some proponents of intelligent design have shown. Systems are simply too complex at molecular level and the relationships between scales require too much efficiency if the central, informative, processing systems would not aperceive (perceive the flows of information they process without self-reflection). So the most likely hypothesis is what Leibniz called aperception. Basically what Aristotle called the first cause, or unmoved God, which moves all the energy-bodies around him. And he affirmed there were infinite Gods and we were all one type of them.

And indeed, the easiest manner to understand reality is to postulate that all systems that work, have at least a point, ‘attractor’, cyclical particle, knot of quantum cycles of energy and information, which ‘perceives a world made with the pixels of its language of information that ‘converge’ into the nodal point and become processed within that point provoking in the point a reaction that moves the point towards a place in which it can feed on energy, reproduce or evolve socially.

Information thus would become the most repetitive cycle of all, caused by the smallest i-2, or i-3 particles that converge in the system. We would merely be the most complex informative systems that have a wider rage of election between our complex 4 arrows as we can absorb many types of information, energy and interact sexually and socially in many different milieus. But the simplest element of our universe, quarks and electron, which do perceive gravitational and electro-magnetic information, feed on gravitational and electromagnetic energy and when they receive many of it, reproduce and certainly evolve socially with other particles, exchanging energy and information through smaller quanta, should aperceive its fundamental force, as energy and information, to exist.

While we do not perceive gravitation because we are electromagnetic beings, I am certain that electrons perceive and feed on electromagnetic photons. And perhaps the strongest proof is the fact that our sensors of light (eyes) can perceive a single photon. An electron thus must perceive a white and black, (light or absence of it), message, which makes it (experimental proof) jump and absorb the electromagnetic wave, ‘growing’ in size, jumping to a wider orbital scale.

What proofs do we have that information perceives itself? The most evident one is the fact that we are human beings, made of atoms as everybody else, whose senses can perceive a single bit of information (the eye a single electron) and hence our mind is of the same quality than others and yet it does not merely process information but perceives it in the act of processing. We thus conclude that all points of view that ‘focus’ in stillness and pixel reality in a mapping, perceive.

A second question is that of self-consciousness, which experiments made with animals show only appear when we see a being like we are, or we see in a mirror. Consciousness would be perception and should be a jump of complexity in our perception, which is not required for the system to work.

Yet aperceptive points can exist and do exist in all systems. They are the nuclei of cells, the knots of cells in a tree; the nervous system in complex organisms, the quark and quark stars (black holes) in atoms and galaxies, in what concerns gravitational forces; the fractal crystals in rocks. Each one will aperceive with different speed of time-information but they will all perceive and with that perception redirect its motions and reflect in one or other direction the energetic forces they absorb. And another proof of this is the fact that all forces we perceive are dual. So electromagnetic light can be taken as energy (plants) or as information. And we imagine that gravitational forces are absorbed as energy (star-plants that feed and follow the gravitational path in its orbits) or as information (black holes that move erratically). The erratic movements of animals and black holes prove the concept: motion with apparent disorder tends to be proper of beings that perceive. Does this means plants do not perceive? No, of course, but light is their energy They perceive a slower ‘chemical language’, as do cells of the body controlled by those who perceive the faster electric language – the neurons.

In the graph, because a Cartesian graph (left) is an abstract continuum of lineal time, based in the single rhythm of a mechanical clock and a continuous space of points with no ‘breath’ (Euclidean definition of a point), ever since it became the canonical representation of space-time science has believed in a single, absolute time and a single absolute space, with a single point of view, that of the human mind in the origin of coordinates. Yet the Cartesian plane only represents the continuous space-time of ‘the membrane of light’ it represents with its 3 perpendicular coordinates, equivalent to the height=electric field, width=magnetic field and length=wave speed of light. Since light is the space we see and so its 3 coordinates are self-similar to those of the Cartesian, human mind made with light.

The real Universe has ∞points of view that gauge information in ∞scales of space-time. Those points of view by definition have volume to fit ∞ parallels – flows of energy and information that go through them. Each of those parallels is in fact a cyclical, curved trajectory (Einstein’s definition of a parallel); and so we can consider each Non-Euclidean point of view a knot of time cycles with form and motion.

The new 5 postulates of a Non-Euclidean, fractal geometry of Multiple Spaces and Times are:

1st Postulate: ‘A fractal point is a world with an inner content of information that creates its 3 internal, topologic, organic dimensions and a content of energy that traces its external motions=time arrows’

2nd Postulate: ‘A line is a wave of fractal points.’

3rd Postulate: ‘2 fractal points are self-similar when their external, spatial perimeter or their inner information is equal. Similar points form organic networks by sharing their energy and information. Dissimilar points ab=use each other in Darwinian relationships’

4th Postulate: ‘A plane is a network that joins points through waves of energy and information.’


5th Postulate:Non-Euclidean points perceive energy and information: A fractal point has inner apertures to the world, through which multiple waves of energy and information can cross.’

In the graph, the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry define a point with parts, a line as a wave and a plane as an organic network of points: The 2nd postulate explains the interaction between two points connected by a wave of communication or ‘line’; the 3rd postulate explains the type of interactions between 2 points according to their relative equality, which will bring them together into a social network or dissimilarity, which will make them not interact or enter into a Darwinian relationship in which a point absorbs the energy of the other. Self-similarity is required to start an organic process of eusocial evolution; or else systems that do not understand their information use each other as energy, in Darwinian hunting processes or ignore their paths. The 4th postulate defines the creation of networks made of systems of points across multiple scales of space-time. It defines spaces as networks of points, interconnected by flows of energy and information: All in the Universe are thus complementary systems made of networks of non-Euclidean points. Finally the 5th postulate that explains the processes of absorption of waves of energy and information that the point gauges to act-react with the Universe.

The first postulate defines a point with form and energy. Points are not ‘points with no breath’ (Euclid), an abstract definition that created the simplified concept of a space-time continuum but ‘fractal points’, which grow in size when we come closer to them. And so stars are points in the sky that become huge as we come closer to them. And a microscope discovers an entire world in the minimal size of a cell. Einstein offered a partial solution to this conundrum considering that from our scale of size, those Non-E points seem to curve the information of the universe that fluxed on it. But Leibniz had given a better answer: ‘the smallest point is a world in itself’. This is the meaning of a fractal point, whose internal parts respond to the 3 topologies of a 4-dimensional Universe: a hyperbolic, informative system; an energetic, planar or spherical membrane and a cyclical, toroidal region with reproductive organs. And we shall find those 3 topological regions in all points-species of the Universe.

It is now clear that non-Euclidean points are points of view that gauge information and move their complementary body with a will, seeking for more energy and information and reproduction, seeking for an organic will to repeat their cycles and motions. And this will gives the point the category of mind, or Atman or soul, a perceptive point of view that absorbs information and moves its body accordingly after ‘thinking’ the information and ‘bending’ it subjectively to its will.

That we have no free will but we have will is the deepest consequence of stating that all points of view search for its 3+1 dimensions of existence, its energy, informative, reproductive and social arrows.

To do so the point must perceive and gauge. If it is an electron it will gauge and move to capture energy to structure its form (2nd quantum number) and it will use a language of information to evolve socially (magnetic number). Points thus are moved by the need to perform their 4 cycles of existence, a desire to acquire more energy and form which they better achieve in networks, with the flexibility of herd hunting and network thinking. But in each scale of reality there is a rational point of view calculating its strategies to get more energy and form.

Non-Euclidean points are the souls, Atmans, Monads of the Game of Existence, the knots with a living will, which they display in their action, exi. Leibniz failed to realize they would communicate. Buddhism with the concept of Atmans is closer: we are knots of relationships with other i-points. Such multiple, perceptive Universe merely extends the nature of being human, a self-perceptive point always feeding, perceiving, reproducing and socializing, which is also what life does, to all the entities of the Universe. All is life. All shows the will of life. All keeps reproducing self-similar points of view, points of order. A point is any entity of the Universe. In a more detailed analysis those parts turn out to be self-similar in geometrical terms in all of them, defined by the three canonical topologies of a four-dimensional Universe, which describe an informative, hyperbolic region or ‘head’, a toroidal, ‘reproductive body’ and lineal or planar energetic limbs and membranes, common to all the points of the Universe. Thus, we define time cycles, forms with motion, its multiple knots of time cycles and networks with a new geometry of space-time, Non-Euclidean geometry, born of the completion of the work of Einstein in physics and Riemann, Lobachevski in the field of mathematics. Since now all points have form and motion, they have breath; and since now all lines have form and motion they are waves; and since now all planes are networks, they are discontinuous planes. Thus, the new formalism of space-time redefines also the geometry of the Universe in dynamic, discontinuous terms:

Networks are made of relative points with form and motion, which can be defined as time cycles – trajectories traced by an entity in search of energy, information, reproduction or social interaction. Those time cycles enclose a surface of vital space or energy and so they define a certain space-time. Any entity will however trace many cycles in search of its organic motions to feed, gauge, reproduce and evolve socially into bigger networks. So each entity will be a knot of multiple time cycles.

Those knots of time cycles are what we call a fractal Non-Euclidean point. The basic unit of the new paradigm is thus mathematical – the point – but a very special point, a fractal point which grows in detail and information the closer we come to it, till it becomes, as Leibniz put it, a world in itself with internal complementary networks=organs of energy and information (fields and particles in physics; limbs, body and head in biology).

In the formalism of Systems sciences we call them Non-Euclidean points, since they are points through which infinite flows of energy (parallels) and information can cross. We also represent them with the symbol ‘i’, which is the next vowel to the A-ristotelian, E-uclidean paradigm, the symbol of information and a visual image of the 2 components of the point, the informative, cyclical part, o, and the lineal, energetic one, |, which we call the body and head of a biological Point; or the field and particle of a physical point (Principle of Complementarity).

The universe is made of networks of such i-points, and each network is what we call a world or discontinuous space-time, st, unit of a bigger fractal network, a new st-point in itself. So a network of particles becomes an atom, which becomes an st-point of a molecule and so on till creating the Universe.

Even humans can be studied as Non-E points, in which each head is indeed a spherical point that communicates energy and information with other humans, forming social networks.

The anthropomorphic reader might think that humans are different from the rest of points of the Universe, but it is a fact that all points obey in their actions and communicative flows within a network the same laws: humans and electrons behave the same when they move through slits or in herds; the geometries of social groups are also the same; and the ultimate purpose of those points, to feed on energy and information, whatever kind, is also the same in all networks of the Universe. Thus the laws of networks become the social, organic, reproductive why of all beings of the Universe: the Universe reproduces information and organizes forms socially into networks. From magnetic and electric fields, made of magnetic and electric constants that mix and reproduce a light wave to fundamental particles, quarks and electrons that absorb energy and reproduce new quarks and electrons, to energetic males and informative females that reproduce together, all in the Universe can be described with the formalism of networks, connects the why with how and when of the 3rd paradigm of metric measure that has analyzed those networks, its motions and forms in detail. Why those i-points with an ego-driven will that desires selfishly more energy and information and self-reproduction collaborate in herds, becoming parts of a whole has to do with the complexity by which the arrow of social evolution impose systems to its parts. Parts become enslaved by their dependency to the higher energy and information provided by networks.

Paradox of Galileo – definition of ego-soul: fractal P.O.V.

 All minds, including man, are self-centered beings that believe to be the center of creation, because they gauge information from its point of view. Yet most of reality either exists in a dark space the species doesn’t perceive or uses a language the species doesn’t decode or it is further away from our ‘noses’ to be of any importance to us. This explains anthropomorphism and the incapacity of man to perceive himself as just another knot of simplex and complex actions of energy and time. The laws of those Points of view that gauge information are Laws of Non-Euclidean geometries. The formalism of General Systems Sciences, which studies networks of points of view is therefore Non-Euclidean. Regarding its Logic structure, past, present and future become relative concepts and so the ‘logic’ of the Universe in which past, present and future co-exist in simultaneous space-time fields, is different, is paradoxical, dual… Its formalism can be fusioned with that of Non-Euclidean geometry in what we call illogic geometry, the linguistic foundations of all General systems.

The paradox of the ego: linguistic points of view.

Perception is possible because of the mentioned paradox of Galileo: all is motion, and so informations are cycles of time with curved motions and energy-space are sheets of lineal motion. And so because all is motion, the repetition of those motions is in fact a simple reproduction that takes place in simple atomic particles (with cyclical vortex of motion) or lineal fields of energy (with wave-like motions).

The paradox of Galileo is again a fundamental law of the relativity Universe ill-understood by scientists who ‘see’ still pictures of reality with their instruments and seek for ‘substances’ instead of motions. It is also the key to the 8th key principle of G.S.Theory, the paradox of the ego.

All individual systems perceive or process information with their linguistic or geometric minds; using that information to guide their body towards fields of energy in which they feed.

Yet since resources are limited, to achieve those 2 simplest arrows of existence, all systems prey in the energy and information of other species causing their death in Darwinian, preying events. We thus talk of two ethical arrows in a universe of limited resources.

Top predator individual species will try to obtain energy from their environment absorbing it from species with weaker energy bodies and informative heads, provoking Darwinian, predatory relationships, causing their death in Darwinian, preying events.

And they will perceive the universe from their egoistic point of view, as a static dead space, of which they are the center. Since from their subjective perspective, their nose seems bigger than the Andromeda galaxy and the earth seems quiet surrounded by infinitesimal stars.

Yet objectively, the ego is just an infinitesimal, fractal mirror, reflecting a minimal part of the infinite information of the whole without which it will cease to exist.

It is the paradox of the selfish ego that wants to be the center of the universe. The paradox of the ego is the main cause of extinction of all species, which as the human beings are unable to respect the infinity and power of the whole and consider themselves special sons of god, entitled to control and destroy nature, till the Newtonian laws of action reaction, extinguish them. Thus we define each of the infinite Aristotelian Gods, center of a surface of energy they move and prey on:

‘Every point of view=mind feels the center of the Universe, but it is only an infinitesimal Non-Euclidean point that stores a limited mapping of reality with its informative languages.’

We are all Atmans, informative CPUs, souls that gauge in different languages reality, to construct a mental mapping that caters to our point of view and arrows of time. So we create our ‘perceived Universe’ – a fact known from Descartes to Schopenhauer, but lost to ‘naïve, realist’ physicists. All of them thinking clocks are the only point that matters to measure time, and the human mind, the only ego that knots energy into form, since that is the only perspective they perceive. That is why most of history, humans thought the Earth to be the center of reality; and still think they are the only intelligent species.

6. The Universal Mandate: Maximize your existence.

Yet more fascinating than the philosophical argument is the mathematical formalism that explains the structure of those perceptive points, responsible for the general order of all parts and wholes of the Universe- the fractal, non-Euclidean points of the Universe, in mystique terms its souls.

Those points of view that we will define with Non-Euclidean mathematics in the next paragraph, represent the 4th dimension of social evolution and integration of 3 external ‘perpendicular dimensions’ of relative informative height, lineal motion and reproductive width (thought this 2 coordinates often vary, according to the environment and complex structure of the system, the height-dimension of information, which is the first to be established can be found in all systems).

For example, in the human mind, of electronic nature, the central S1,2 orbitals form a relative P.O.V. surrounded by 3 y,x,z p orbitals perpendicular to each other. The same structure is repeated in crystals and the NH+3 heads of amino acids in the 7.2 alkaline cytoplasm of the cell.

There is always a Point of View (biological jargon) or Non-Euclidean, Fractal point (Mathematical jargon) or ‘soul’ (mystique, existential jargon) that ‘integrates’ thanks to its control of a common language used for the system to code information (geometry in physics, electronic images in biological systems, verbal thought in sociological systems, digital languages in economic systems) the incoming flows of energy and information of the system. What is then the will or purpose of those points of view?

To maximize the function of existence, of its system, the Universal mandate of the program: Max. e x Max. I, which is achieved when E=I (mathematical rule: 5×5>9×1). This mandate of existence means that all p.o.v.s will try to perceive and absorb energy till they have enough to reproduce themselves, and then, they will be ‘forced’ to evolve socially in a dense environment of self-similar cells to survive.

In other words, the Universe is an infinite game of orgasms (-: Reproduction is the game.

∑: interactions and actions of all beings follow a pattern, of self-repetitive cycles, performed by each entity in a discontinuous cyclical manner, as the entity switches its modular ‘ego’ trying to maximize those 4 actions of existence, which is achieved mathematically for E=I, at ExI (Action of reproduction). The ego thus will have in any plane of existence a simple function to perform: Max E x I = K. For each domain of reality we defined therefore the field of an Ego-existence as, the function of God:

Max. E x I = K, which is maximized at points e=I, and max.I, which becomes the two first arrows of reality. The first one is called the arrow of space, energy, formless as both points equal, but the second function is a quantized function, which means the creation of more fractal information is the second arrow that maximizes the function of existence.

Once the function of existence of any plane of points of view that create linguistic worlds of truth is understood, you are into logic at the finest: The logic of existence, evolution and extinction, of the phases of the infinite cyclical actions its species perform.

The duality of eusocial parallel love vs. Darwinian, destructive hunting.

All systems of the universe display a dual behavior: they prey on other systems to absorb their energy and information for their bodies and minds and they evolve eusocially with members of the same species to reproduce and become bigger, more complex eusocial super organisms, sharing energy and information through common networks that create a new whole made of cellular parts.

It is the duality of the arrows of love and hate. Yet the arrow of love is a better strategy as it is the arrow of creation that the arrow of death and hate.

So we can describe the universe under the arrow of love, as a whole whose parts are all made to its image and likeness guided by the laws of all cellular systems who strive to survive by evolving eusocially to become a cellular part of that whole.

The duality expresses geometrically in the first scale as parallelism (love, flow of information invisible to third observer, separates at equal distances, two self-similar beings, who share energy and information along a small gap between them, this might lead to ‘fusion love’ the beginning of reproduction, when the number of self-similar, lower scales of existence of the couple in lower scales and higher ones is maximized. Then we find a quantization factor, ∑∑=∏ as the two polar species who have attracted each other, start to develop through its complex arrows of reproduction and love, more perpendicular networks of causalities that join its lower and higher planes of existence, with other forces and membranes that make the informative field of fractal information caused by the frequency an regularity of their get together arrows of shared experience…

From the first electrons that merge in spin/anti-spin sexuality till the last human being, this function is essential to complete the equation of existence, as informative ‘networks’ ∏ are stronger than mere, herds, ∑, which are connected only in the evident, i-plane of existence, while they perform their arrow. Herds follow the search for an arrow normally energy, sometimes information, but when information is what it is transferred, herds tend to evolve in networks in which there are causal memories that chain the system to other systems, neuronal networks of white matter in neurons and brains, electromagnetic cables in machines of information, etc. So we write:

i=∏, where i is the number of scales across which the network of information exists and controls with its bits and networks. Thus we write the equation of a complex organism as:

∑Ei<=>∏Ti±1= ∑ | x ∑i±1 O

The second notation is visual, geometric, as the universe is indeed a game of topologies in action, where the lineal, planar form of energy limbs/fields are ordered internally by mixed fields, X, guided by an informative head of bits of information that form both an internal language of control of the body/field and an external sensorial absorption of external information.


We have now all the elements of the game: the actions p.o.v.s. perform which are the ‘dimensions’ of spatial perception; the temporal dimension, integrated through a language by the p.o.v. and the Mandate – Game of maximal exi=stence they all play. And with those elements we can understand everything else in the Universe. To that aim General Systems Sciences follows the ‘ternary method’, as all systems will structure themselves in:

–       Continuous ‘space’ through the 3 topologies of a 4-Dimensional Universe, in organs of energy, information, reproduction and a ‘4th’ element, the P.O.V. that integrates the parts into the whole.

–       In discontinuous ‘fractal’ scales of size and information through 3 scales, the ‘cellular’, individual and social scales, which will interact with each other.

–       In continuous time, through 3±1 ages in which energy (youth), reproduction (maturity) and information (3rd age) will dominate between birth and extinction.

–       And  in ‘discontinuous time’, through the alternacy of its 3+1 actions of feeding, informing, reproducing and evolving socially.

Thus the ternary method consists in studying those 3+1 structures that exhaust the knowledge of any Universal system. To notice though the difference between the 3 ‘actions/arrows/dimensions of space’, energy, information and its combination, reproduction, which ‘occupy’ often 3 perpendicular Euclidean dimensions (height=information, length=motion, width=reproduction) and the 4th ‘integrative’ arrow of ‘time’ and social evolution, represented by the point of view, which is also the point that ‘emerges in a bigger scale as the unit that represents the whole. This difference will become essential to understand the differences between 3-dimensional space and time, between determinism and freedom and so on.

7. Emergence and the scalar Universe. The 3 fractal scales of all systems.

The network structure of all systems and its complex arrows of reproduction and social evolution show a key property of the Universe, its scalar, fractal scale. As when the first cell is born, it feeds, reproduces, evolves socially and creates finally a new superorganism or whole of the new scale, a human being, which is born as a new unit of a social superorganism, nation or civilization. This happens also in physical systems: social particles become atoms that become molecules that either become cells that become organisms that become societies or become planets and social stars that become galaxies that become Universes. Two laws of all systems derive from the scalar, emergent nature of the wholes:

All systems share the properties of their lower scales that emerge in the higher scales of existence of the system. Thus the geometric properties of space-time are shared by all its upper, more complex scales; the electromagnetic properties of quantum numbers are shared by all atomic species; the biochemistry of cellular life by higher organisms, and the individual behaviour of human beings transcend into the socio-cultural behaviour of social super-organisms; and our forms and vital functions are also expressed in the world of memes of metal we construct.

–       All systems co-exist in 3 scales of reality:

The lower scale, which provides the bites and bits of energy and information the body, limbs and head of the system need to survive. This is the lower i-2 scale of the system. It is the scale of particles of information and forces of energy in the physical scale – for example, quantum numbers in an electron; the genetic scale of informative genes and carbohydrate molecules of energy in biological organisms and the memetic scale of instruments and ideological ‘neuronal networks’ in sociological organisms (memes of life or ‘human goods’ of the welfare state in human superorganisms; and memes of metal in economic ecosystems).

The i-1 intermediate scale, of atoms made of informative quarks and energetic electrons’ the biological scale of cells and the human scale of individuals in sociological organisms of history and corporations, the ‘free citizens’ of markets in economical organisms.

The i-upper scale of the Whole, molecular systems in physical organisms (of the size of entire planets sometimes), the scale of living organisms in biology and the scale of human cultures and economic ecosystems (markets) in sociological organisms. The reader could observe that the whole of biological organisms (humans) becomes in fact the i-1 scale of sociological organisms. So each 3 scales we can consider a ‘new game’ of emergence. And in fact the Universe is a scalar of infinite scales, as we can observe that the scale of galaxies is self-similar to the scale of atoms in many equations (black holes can be modeled as quark stars and star nebulae can be modeled as electronic nebulae; in fact Einstein modeled the Universe considering each galaxy a hydrogen atom).

The laws of emergence relate the different scales of reality and its functions. One subset of emergence laws is the laws of transcendence. How the arrows of the i-1 scale of ‘cellular’ existence transcend as bits and bites of information and energy of the next scale. The general rule is the following:

–       Arrow of reproduction of the lower scale-> Arrow of energy of the next scale. That is, the reproduction of entities of i-1 provides the ‘staple food’ of the next scale.

–       Arrow of social evolution of the lower scale-> Arrow of in/form/ation or form of the upper scale. That is, the social evolution of an entity of i-1 tends to happen when that entity enters the structural form of the upper scale.

For example, the 3rd quantum number, or magnetic number of social evolution of electrons is the key number to explain the form of complex molecular orbitals. The reproductive wave of photons and its speed becomes the feeding arrow of electrons that jump to absorb them.

The reproduction of cells structures the form of organisms. The reproduction of carbohydrates feeds the cell; the social evolution of amino acids in proteins and proteins and fats structures the form of cellular membranes.  And so on:

Rei-1 -> Ei ;  Social Evolution (∑i-1) -> Structural form (Ii).

The seven dimensions/scales of any system.

Shakespeare said we were all heroes or buffoons, depending on our perspective from above and from bellow. The paradox of the ego consists in the incapacity of humans to perceive the ‘above’ structures, which are ‘disconnected’ apparently because the networks of information that join them are invisible (so we do not see the networks of words that communicate us, or the flows of money that cre(dit)ate the economic system). So as we only perceive the smaller scales in detail as ‘wholes’ we feel like heroes.

In fact, if we consider for each ‘relative universe/superorganism’ a relative i-scale centered in the individual p.o.v. each system can be considered to exist between ‘7 scales of perception’ with clearly different roles:

There are scales at i-n that we do not perceive at all. It is the ‘nothingness’, in our case the gravitational space.

Then it comes the i-3 scale of pixels of minimal size that we use as information. In humans it is the light, and electronic space.

Then it comes the i-2 scale that we feed on. It is the atomic, amino acid, molecular space.

Next it comes the i-1 scale of our seed. It is the cellular scale.

Then it comes our scale of social evolution, or i. It is the human social scale.

But beyond we are for the higher scales exactly all what we perceive below. So we are sons of the next scale, which for any species will be called the generator.

We are food, energy for the next scale that we call the predator. In cultures, we are prey of those who exploit us as workers under salaries, citizens under laws, military… the people-castes of our society.

We are finally perceived as a mere pixel, a number, a poll vote, by the ‘system’, the whole social organism in which we exist for whom we are just an objective point of a whole.

And beyond there is of course God, the last scale, unperceived, the Laws of all systems, that explain all super-organisms, not only the social one we exist in. Thus from our point of view, we are the most important point of the Universe, and all what we see is below us, our relative energy. Yet we exist between 9 scales, two invisible, 3 under us, 3 over us, and we, in the middle:

The scale of nothingness, the scale of bits, the scale of bites, the scale of seeds, the scale of Is, the scale of the generator, the scale of the predator, the scale of the ‘system’ and the scale of God. And this is truth for all systems and species. Because information occupies no space, lasts longer in time and all systems evolves towards those informative super organic scales, those facts leads to the 9th point, the relative dimensions of past, present and future.

The easiest question is here: how much of the external Universe the function ∏Oi, absorbs/perceives? The simplest of them, a pi circle, of 3.14-3 =0.14 apertures through its ternary membrane, is a paradigmatic, basic ‘function of existence’, and represents a 96% of ‘dark matter’ not perceived by the system, Curiously is the same than it is left in dark to the electronic image we perceive of the Universe (dark matter of the universe) Thus we could consider the electro-magnetic mind of a human being, to be in its ultimate, simplest structure of perception, the photon, limited to a possible ‘light, final structure of a pi 3-dimensional cyclical ‘worm’ like photonic H-Planck ‘snake’ that as it traces its 3-dimensional balls of electromagnetism, absorbed from the prior, dark matter universe of gravitational, scalar field (short of a Higgs, with improved equations), brings about the first jump from ‘nothingness’ to the first scale of perception.

But what is the nothingness, not perceived, the perfect form not perceived, the 0 x ∞ = K.

The limits of each perception of each knot of cyclical actions of the Universe.

Thus, the scales and species we observe between ‘nothingness’ (∞ E x 0 I) and ‘God’, (∞ I x 0 E) are:

1st scale: Euclidean Light-space-time and Non-Euclidean Gravitational space-time. They are the Energetic-Informative duality of space-times in which our reality is built.

2nd scale: Fundamental particles; energetic electrons, fractals of photons; and informative quarks, dominant in gravitational forces.

3rd scale: Atoms.

And so these 3 scales form together the simplest superorganisms of reality, the atom.

Then we start again, with atoms as the basic i-1 element of the new ternary superorganism:

3rd scale: Atoms.

4th scale: Molecules & Matter (states: energetic gas, balanced liquid, informative solid).

5th scale: Planets & stars.

This ‘energetic version’ of atomic structures has its duality with the informative version, life:

Life: 3rd scale: Atoms; 4th scale: Molecules; 5th scale: Cells.

And so we start a new ternary system through 3 more scales:

5th scale: Planets & stars; 6th scale: Solar systems; 7th scale: Galaxies.

Life: 5th scale: cells; 6th scale: tissues; 7th scale: Organisms.

And finally we arrive to the last scalar structures:

7th scale: Galaxies; 8th scale: Clusters; 9th scale: Universes.

Life: 7th scale: Memes; 8th scale: Humans; 9th scale: History.

Now the reader would observe that this classification of scales differs from the one of the graphic, as we stretch further the structure of living organisms. The point is that each scale can be divided in 3 scales, as all points are complex superorganisms. So descriptions might vary from 1 to 3 to 9 scales depending on detail and in this book we shall analyze in more detail life beings. Some obvious facts though of the previous scales: the i-1 and i+1 scales are ‘complete’ systems, tending to spherical, still, informative shapes and the intermediate scale is the more ‘active’ complex organism. So photons and atoms have the active intermediate scale of particles. Between atoms and planets we have the active intermediate state of states of matter. Between atoms and cells, the molecular active scale. Between cells and organisms, the active tissue-organs scale; between human’ heads’ and history the memetic scale.

This is the relative i-scale in which the entity that in the chain of scales might be just a ‘bite or bit’ i-1 form and an i+1 whole, works more and interacts, ‘lives’… To notice also that all systems are part of a chain, or as Shakespeare put it, we are all Gods, humans and buffoons depending on the perspective.

8. The actions of beings have a temporal order. Ternary ages and life/death cycles.

The dominant action any being performs is reproduction, exi=k. It is the ‘leit motiv’ of reality that happens when e=I. And so the ‘function of existence’, ∑ e x I, is maximized.

Reproduction and combination in a point of balance of e and I, that produces a quantum wave of self-similar seeds in a lower plane of existence, i-1 happens in all scale and systems in the same manner.

Reproduction follows the same causal processes in any scale: two self-similar species with ‘opposite’ energy-information coordinates (the definition of ‘gender’), in the case of particles, with opposite spin, produce a ‘seminal/cellular sub-particle’, gluons in quarks as in the previous image or photons in electrons. And when the two sub-particles merge their form and energy, they reproduce a ‘shower’ of new electrons or quarks. Thus the process is the same than in human beings and we can generalize the process for any system of any scale of the universe, with the notation of general systems as:

Reproductive action (any scale): exI (female) ó Exi (male): exIi-1  x Exii-1 = ∑ e x i.

So quarks reproduce other quarks colliding gluons as the previous graph shows and electrons colliding photons of higher energy, and the black holes of central galaxies emit jets of dense matter and cells, molecules of DNA.

In that sense, as the increasingly detailed analysis of gluons and electromagnetic flows show, we can talk of those ‘flows’ as micro-networks, similar to the nervous, endocrine and blood systems in our more complex super-organisms. And so the strong and electromagnetic forces do act in several scales, as it happens with the blood system that carries not only energy but also hormones – information… Within the structure of the atom we could consider the existence also of 3 physiological networks that correspond to the inner energetic system (electromagnetism), informative system and reproductive systems. And a fourth external ‘force’ that corresponds to the light we perceive but do NOT circulate inside us (the gravitational force).

Actions are processes with an increasing duration in time such as:

Informative action < Energetic action < Reproductive action < Social action.

And vice versa, given the opposition of properties between time and space, their range diminishes. This is the law of diminishing range of the forces that mediate those actions.

 And so we can also connect those 4 arrows as a sequence in time: beings perceive and search for information to feed, and when they feed enough the reproduce, and when they reproduce a lot, they organize in social groups: E->I -> exi (Reproduction) ∑ exi.

These beats of existence are the key to explain the evolutionary patterns of all systems, from the creation of the Universe as a whole, to the creation of life, to the science of morphogenesis and evol>devol to history and economics and the creation of its super-organisms.

Of all those temporal sequences the most important is the life/death cycle:


Indeed, 3 positive, negative and lateral numbers are all the time numbers, needed in a single ∆-scale of the fractal 5th dimension (resolved by fractions and irrational ‘finitesimal ones’) to describe the 3 arrows/ages of timespace.

So to fully grasp them we need to explain you the most beautiful cycle of the Universe, the life-death cycle, which also applies to physical ‘big-bangs, an its 3 ages.

Let us then apply the far more evolved concept of a Universe made of ‘systems’ with  the 3 ‘space-time’ organs, a cyclical clock-like membrane that contains a body-wave of energy, self-centred in a  singularity of information to the galaxy, to further understand the Witten hypothesis, and why it is so likely we become merely a strangelet particle in the halo of the galaxy.

Since the beauty of having a higher reality, that of space-time and its ternary parts is that we can now EXPLAIN IT ALL, not only in mathematical equations, which of course will offer us a lot of detail – more than any other human language, except direct visual images, but we can also put other linguistic mirrors, of which the most important is the organic, ternary topological structure of all systems, as discovered by Descartes, with its cyclical closed membrane, its informative mind-singularity and the vital space-time of energy between them.

Now, let us be a bit more humble and explain you where those lonely researchers that do thought experiments a la Broglie and Einstein are taking sound physics further in the explanation of the Universe using the 2 arrows of time entropy and information and its present energy combinations, which sorry does not make you immortal, does not make you god or vhod and does not create infinite universes only one, which stubbornly refuses to go away and let all those other ones ‘appear’ in this reality, despite the zillions spent in their search (indeed CERN has NOT seen any other new particle besides those who we knew they were there, no other hint of extra-dimensions, extra-universes or dragoons running amok, it is just producing in its 99% growing lumps of strangelet matter that will sooner or latter big-bang planet Earth at the reduced scale where big-bangs are proved: novas, quasars and E=mc2 bombs).

Since the big bang is ONLY  the death of matter that eliminates from the mix, the gravitational informative force and the dark quark heavy matter that holds those galaxies together, enclosed in his halo of strangelets, and shrinks the expansive space between them.

So when we put together both arrows of time, and realise they balance into energy beings, we observe what we observe: REALITY AS IT IS.

The most beautiful result is indeed, the symmetry between the 3 organs of all beings, the entropic limbs/fields, the reproductive body-waves and the informative heads/particles and the 3 ages of life in time, the entropic moving youth, the reproductive maturity and the informative, 3rd age of excessive warps and curves. Nobody had ever solved the ultimate question of existence, with equations. And all systems of the Universe followed them:

THEN all those languages coding they are unfolded as a ‘program’ of fractal reproduction in a larger scale:

So in the graph we see how languages code in seeds of maximal information and minimal speed a ‘fractal program of reproduction and reorganisation’ of clone-cells/atoms/citizens that become then a superorganjc ternary system in space-time. Below we see what would then be the meaning of the ‘big-bang’ IF, there is above the galaxy-atom another huge scale of reality, and/or below the atom-galaxy. We don’t know. We will NEVER know. The homunculus ego CANNOT peer, below the point-particle and the Universe’s horizon, in the limit of ‘entropic death of light’, when light becomes a pure action at distance, gravitational space with 0 information, whose speed appears to us infinite, in terms of the simple 5D equation:

Vst=Spe/Tiƒ, whereas we add the ‘topological forms’ of a wave of present speed, an entropic spatial lineal distance and an informative cyclical time. Thus when the wave carries no information, as gravitational languages do for man, who does not perceive them, Vst=Spe/Tiƒ = Spe/0=∞, speed seems to us infinite, non-local. And this is what we perceive of the quantum field discovered by bohm, non-local action at distance, because it is the ‘gravitational scale’ we do not perceive.

BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN AT ALL that black holes ‘have no hair’, as Wheeler thought, because humans CANNOT OBSERVE the information coded in the gravitational scale, above us in mass density beyond the event horizon, with more order, T<0 temperatures, and below us in the action at distance of its gravitational forces, with V>c, and 0 perceived information.

In that sense the Universe of scales can be understood in terms of ‘Nested russian dolls’ with increasing latitude on the ∆±i scales of each growing super organism. So for example, your cells, are smaller than your organism, their informative code is genetic and slower, chemical, than the nervous, electric code of your organism, and so its V=S/T IS SLOWER, even if it is small thing. 

So the whole is your nested larger informative, faster nervous system, and larger body, with its faster flows of blood. But you are inside a global super organism or civilisation coded externally by faster light visual thought, and larger entropic territorial nations. And the earth and solar system of electromagnetic space-time is a ‘cell’ inside a larger gravitational galaxy, coded by faster than c, gravitational information, invisible to us, with denser top quark black hole stars, which do have hair and probably rotate in its heavy mass vortices beyond the c-horizon at faster than light speed.

This of course will be nonsense for the reduced mind of the homunculus physicist, with its limits of understanding of reality. It is like talking to a lower cockroach of chemical languages, which will run away if you throw a light beam on it. And this of course leads us to the III element of this question: how and when the technological civilisation reduced itself so much in the search for true knowledge about the complex structure of the universe, the cultural element, because if we learned something on those suits is that while they attacked us ad hominem, we were fighting a ‘culture’ , the animetal culture of people obsessed by weapons, money and machines, as vehicles of knowledge, who did NOT do thought experiments, understood nothing and without an ethic verbal volume care nothing for life and survival, a reduced ‘pseudo-religious sect’ of pythagoreans, ready to throw out of the boat, as legend has any Hipppasus, who dare to try to enlighten them further in both ethic, moral survival terms, and mathematical, logic experimental sound models of the Universe.

In the graph, the 4 arrows of space-time have in most species a clear order in time:

– +1: Birth: We are born as a seed of information that:

-Max. Energy: The being goes through an energetic youth of fast motions, in which the energetic limbs and external sensorial membrane dominates.

-E=I: Balances energy and information in a mature, reproductive age, in which the internal, topological, reproductive system dominates.

– Max. Information: Till it warps all its energy into form, in the 3rd age in which the central, hyperbolic, informative brain/particle singularity is dominant. This age ends in:

– -1: Death: Exploding back into energy, erasing its information in the process of death.

The long arrow from energy to information of ‘life’ E->I and its local short reversal from information to energy or ‘death’, I->E, becomes the cycle of existence and extinction of all complex systems of reality, from humans to matter (energy=gas state, liquid= reproductive state, solid=informative state), to the Universe itself from the big bang to the steady state to the Gödel’s vortex, described by the 3 solutions to Einstein equations, which must be ordered in time. In the next graph, we see some examples:

In the graph, most systems follow the ternary principle and have an energetic, informative & reproductive system. Such ternary systems follow the 3 symmetries of the complex Universe: the 3 ages in time of the system, dominated each one by a network (the energetic youth, reproductive maturity and informative, 3rd age), the 3 topologies in space that define those networks (hyperbolic, informative center; planar or spherical, energetic limbs and membranes and toroid, cyclical, reproductive organs); and co-exist 3 scales of existence – the cellular, organic and social scale, in which the organism becomes a unit of the next scale of reality. So the study of systems through its dualities and its 3 symmetries of spatial form, temporal ages and scalar size, is the essence of the ternary method that we shall follow in this work to classify all physical species and study its evolution.

Those ternary ages and topologies are the foundations of a theory of multiple spaces and times, extended through several scales of reality, whose origin can be traced to the work of Leibniz on relational, multiple time cycles and vital spaces, but now truly acquire thanks to systems sciences all its solving power. Since we classify all space forms and time events in 3 topologies/ages that put together in social networks, create new (i+1) organic systems.

Thus the duality of energy and information and the ternary method is the key system used to resolve and reorganize the elements of physics, from the 3 ages of creation of matter (energetic gas, reproductive liquid and informative solid) to the study of particles and its social forms (the 3 families of increasing mass-information, the duality proton/neutron, quark/electron, strong/weak forces, gravitational/ electromagnetic membrane; the 3 ages of the Universe equivalent to the 3 solutions to Einstein’s equations – which are phases of evolution in time of the Universe that goes from a big-bang age, through a steady state into a Godelian vortex.

Topologic evolution: 3 ages of species.


 In all space-time scales species follow a future arrow towards more information, which increases in 3 horizons and finally evolves individuals into societies, herds and macro-organisms, related by a common language/network of information.

The process of evolution of species is equivalent to the 3±st ages of individuals with a twist: death is not the only ‘solution’ to the cycle, but the duality of ∂-disintegration or ∫-integration of a social group (in the case of life a cellular group), which defines the life/death cycle gives two choices to some ‘top predator’ informative species: After its 3 horizons or evolutionary ages the species might become extinct or transcend into a super-organism.

In the graph, the seminal, 1st species packs a lot of information in minimal space: It is the Worm Hole, the chip, the 1st bilateral animal2, the 1st mammal, the horse and the 1st Homo Sapiens, which seem to have evolved from a dwarf ancestor, which first discovered technology and had a dwarf brain, albeit with an evolved morphology similar to that of the Homo Sapiens: the Homo Floresiensis3.

Then the new ‘highly informative’ top predator follows in its evolution a plan of dimensional evolution that transforms species with a high content of energy into species with a high content of information through 3±st horizons, self-similar to the ages of an individual organism. Since species are, in fact, macro-organisms in which each cell is an individual of the species.

-In its energetic youth species grows in size as horses, humans, bilateral animals or black holes do.

-Then the species suffers a reproductive radiation colonizing new ecosystems.

-Next the species suffers a speciation, according the ternary principle into 3 subspecies, one dominant in energy, another in information and a 3rd one balanced in both parameters.

– Finally, a new top predator extinguishes the species or the informative one evolves into social organisms of different complexity, stronger than the individual and survives.

Further on, evolution, as the analysis of the complex plan of ‘speciation’ shows, has two paths: social evolution of ‘external’ energetic bodies (the herd-state, of lesser efficiency and higher spatial extension) and social evolution of ‘internal’ informative organs.

In cells, this give birth to the two main arrows of cellular evolution: muscles, single cytoplasmic cells with multiple nuclei; and neurons single, dense nuclei with multiple cytoplasmic branches (dendrites).

In Physical systems to ‘quark condensates’ (neutron and black hole stars) vs. molecular, external fusion.

Finally in the evolution of species, we have also the causal rhythms between the dominance of each arrow, similar to the ‘ages’ of life, as a species is the life of a ‘cellular’ parental father, reproduced into multiple individuals that will become extinguished, often substituted by a son-species (Oedipus paradox). And the rhythm parallel to that of climatic change is simple:

Small informative seed (first small species-foetus)-> Energy feeding (growth) -> The young age of the species/individual shows a growth in size -> Reproductive/radiating age-> follows by a reproductive expansion of the species as a new ‘top predator’, while the individual gives birth to an offspring-> Informative age/diversification of the species -> extinction/death & survival of the son species.

This simple scheme applies to the analysis of the ‘frozen horizons’ of the big-bang and the particles created; to the evolution of species, which appear in the fossil record small in size (1st bilateral vernanimancula, 1st modern mammal (shrewd), 1st horse, 1st human with technological/speech skills (Homo floresiensis?), first ‘self-reproductive machine’ (chipped nano-bacteria?)…

Recap. The simple, morphological plan of evolution that each fractal species of the Universe repeats is caused by the fact that there are only 2±1 forms in the Universe, lineal energy and cyclical information and i=ts reproductive, body combination. So only 3 new types of species can be created, one with more energy, one with more information and one that reproduces both.

The meaning of evolution and temporal dimensions: Max. E-past x I-future = Present.

Let us now consider a more complex application of those previous laws of all systems: the meaning of past, present and future, which is a consequence of the causal order between those arrows:

Perception->Energetic feeding->Reproduction->Linguistic, social evolution.

In turn that order defines in a longer time-span/scale of existence the causal order of a life/death cycle:

Informative seed->Youth->Reproductive maturity->Informative 3rd age and death…

And in turn that order defines in a longer time-span, the ages of a species, which is born as a small, more evolved form that -> Grows in size -> Radiates and expands as a new predator -> Diversifies informatively in multiple species -> evolves socially in a complex superorganism (ant hills, human societies) or become extinguished by new, more evolved, often ‘son’ species (Oedipus paradox.

Now when we combine all those facts we can define the 3 dimensions of time, the relative informative future as systems become warped and evolve in its 3rd, informative age; the relative past of formless energy, and youth, and the relative present of iteration-reproduction that seems never to change. And we shall see that this is indeed what all systems do in higher measure.

Thus once more we see that not only absolute time is an integrative concept of many time cycles, but the concepts of past, present and future are also relative perceptions in a Universe in which the sum of all life, informative arrows masterminded by these Points of View, and energetic, devolving, simplifying past arrows of entropic motions become a relative present, eternal reality of multiple systems that reproduce iterations of themselves.  And latter we shall see they do so through ‘fractal self-generating, feed-back equations of information’ of which the synoptic one that resumes all of them is E<=>I.

9. The ternary method. Definition of knowledge

In the next graph, all systems perceive at least one language, interpreting with the same ‘grammar’ reality, to localize its energy, information, reproduce, evolve socially and try not to devolve, becoming preys of other systems. In the next graph we observe how different species perceive with different languages the Universe, but all of them ‘share’ some of those codes, specially the geometrical one. So all heads are on top. Yet each head is different in each scale and talks a different grammar, albeit with the same universal grammar, which reflects the fundamental equation of the Universe: E<=>I.

Ternary Universal grammar expresses the arrows in verbal languages and human super organisms.

Given the simplicity of the Game of Existence – despite its infinite complexity in its details, iterations and combinations, all species, from the simplest atom to the biggest structure can play the game and understand it and relate to all other species, which will play the same game from their selfish point of view. And so all individuals of each species plays the game, and ‘talks’ about it, with similar species and understand it with information provided by self-similar ‘ternary images’ provided by a language that shares the properties and emergent qualities acquired in each scale.

But of more interest for General systems theory is the ternary structure of all linguistic systems in all scales; what we call the Universal Grammar, such as:

Space-Dimensions: Height (informative dimension) <Width (reproduction) > Length (energetic motion)

Mathematical languages: X < Operandi> Y

Forces:  Particles (information) < Universal constant: action, exi or ratio e/I > forces (energy)

Code of Colors: Blue (information) < Green/Yellow (Reproduction) > Red (energy)

Verbal code: A (Informative, I-subject) <verb/operandi (action) > Object (energy)

A(Human) < verb (action) > Object (energy of human)


It follows that not only mathematics (geometry) is a mother science but also logic (the analysis of the causal processes determine by those arrows) is even more essential, and further on ‘evolution’, the evolution of forms and functions in temporal patterns summons them all. So those 3 sciences, spatial geometry, temporal logic and its combination, evolutionary theory, are the ‘3 subdivisions’ of general systems sciences, which apply to each science explain it all.

Over them, there is general systems sciences, the science this book can be considered its foundational book (as it formalizes and structures and advances all previous works done on it.) Below them, each specific science studies a scale of social evolution in the universe from the smallest physical systems, to its complex biological organizations and beyond its social organizing systems.

Since science consists in the definition of the type of points of each relative scale of size of reality, from the quantum scale studied by physics, through the intermediate human scales studied by biological and sociological sciences to the higher scale study by cosmology

Once those points are defined, each science studies their 4 actions, which define all its events and forms.

Study of the 3+1 actions: its bits of information, bites of energy, reproductive seeds and grammar.

Yet we study those actions through the 3 scales of size of the system, its bits and bites, normally of the smallest scales of existence, since:

–   We perceive with the minimal bits we can process to create the more detailed maps (<i-2).

–    We eat sometimes, similar species but break them into smaller parts (i<2). For example we eat meat but break it into amino acids, below the cellular level.

–   We reproduce a seed from the lower plane of existence (i-1). So we produce seminal cells and electrons reproduce emitting photons that collide and recreate an electron.

–   And finally we communicate with a language of information at the same level we exist (i), in order to create a more complex whole (i+1).

Thus we observe, as in many other laws we will be developing in this book, an infinite number of harmonies between sizes, ages, forms, functions in all scales of existence.

Actions are expressed with bites and bits of inferior scales. We perceive the smaller possible ‘bits’ (<i-2), eat bites of the inferior i-2 scales, reproduce with seeds of the i-1 scale and share energy and information with species of the same scale to create.

The bits of information (i-2), will usually be entities at least two smaller scales of existence.  For example our eyes perceive light photons, the minimal scale of form. Ants perceive chemical pheromones; computers perceive electronic flows; all of them ‘forms’ of a minimal scale in relationship to the species that perceives. The smaller they are, the more detailed the map made with its ‘pixels’ will be. So we can consider the possible existence of ‘gravitational minds’ that perceive a scale inferior to us.

The bites of energy will be pieces of the same or inferior scale. So we eat ‘living beings’; electrons feed in the lower scale of light; and black holes in stars. Yet once a system feeds it will further reduce what it feeds on another scale to obtain basic bricks to reconstruct once form through ‘2 scales’. So our body reduces food to amino acids, the minimal parts of life. And electrons probably reduce light to its magnetic and electric constants to create their fractal nebulae. And nations that conquer other nations reduce their people, minimal unit of the nation to slavery and take their gold to print their own coins.

So as we move upwards in the complexity of the actions we study there is a ‘growth’ of informative similarity of the bites and bits and a growth in size, such as informative bits are less similar and smaller than the bites of energy we feed. And this pattern continues when we consider the ‘expressions’ of the actions of social evolution and reproduction.

The expressions of social evolution are languages, which are naturally produced by the informative center of the system; except in the case of enzymatic evolution in which the language is external to the species (a species which acts as the reproducer and catalyser of evolution of other species; cells with viruses, humans with machines metal atoms with carbohydrates and so on). So the language is a ‘part’ of the being, often corresponding to an i-1 inner structure, though transported by an external force.

Finally the larger, closer form to the organism is its reproductive seed. And hence by the law of parallelism between species, the ‘bit’ of information for which the organism cares more: small quarks among simple particles, cellular seeds in life; jets of matter in galaxies.

Synchronic study: the 3+1, physiological structures.


The study of the ‘actions’ of a being leads to the study of the ‘physiological’ parts, the systems that perform those actions, processing its energy and information, reproducing the system and ‘speaking its language’ as the ‘P.O.V.’, soul or point that integrates the parts into a whole. For example, in the first mathematical scale, where ‘numbers’ are sets of self-similar cells, the tetrarkys is a perfect system, with 3 x 3 corners of the triangle performing according to orientation the 3 simpler actions, of energy, information and reproduction, while the central point equidistant from the other 3 sub-systems becomes the integration, point of view. And this structure will be find in crystals, molecules, organic molecules, ‘pi’ circles with ‘3’ curved units and ‘0’14 apertures, atoms with 3 valences that are the informative atoms of life (nitrogen).

And each part will itself become differentiated in 3+1 parts. And so in this manner we can classify and explain the morphological evolution of all systems.

For example, in the graph, we see the neocortex, the integrating organ of the languages of human perception, which displays its 3 ‘dimensional axis’ of language (width, temporal region and temporal, informative language of mankind), vision (length, occipital region and spatial language of mankind) and body-emotional control (height axis, parietal region, which should also include the motor cortex), which are all integrated by the forehead.

In that sense the 4th, integrative point of any system might seem redundant as it becomes a mirror of the functions of all the others, but it is a secondary, passive mirror, which does not act directly but orders and chooses between the other cycles, switching the actions of the whole to fulfil them all in balance.

The synchronic analysis is ultimately a dual study of functions and forms together, as the 3 morphological topologies of a 4 dimensional Universe will define the functions of those systems (an energy, continuous, lineal, planar or spherical shallow, membrane; a hyperbolic, tall, discontinuous or dense central point (the ‘ball’ of the sphere or inner part) that will be the information system, and a cyclical, elliptic or conic reproductive system, combination of the other two shapes. So for example, our limbs are lineal, our body conical and our brain hyperbolic, on top, the ‘inner ball’ of the head.

Diachronic systems: study in time of actions, life cycles and evolutionary cycles.

Finally we study systems through its 3±1 ages in time, between +birth and – death, as energy reproduces and becomes warped in information.

And we do so also in 3 scales of duration, the scale of actions – so each cycle will have those phases – the scale of individual – so all individuals will have a life-death cycle – and the same of species that will be born from a first individual ‘cell’, grow, radiate, speciate and become extinct. As all those processes are similar, all of them with the same causal order, albeit different exi ‘volume’, hence size and duration:

i-1 (seed of information)-> Energetic action/age/species-> exi action/reproductive age/radiation of species->informative action/3rd age/speciation-> End of action/Death/Extinction.

Since species are super-organisms and individuals its cells, the same type of studies apply to evolution.

The ternary, fractal structure of systems means we can repeat those 3 analysis in higher scales (where the species studied becomes a cellular bit, bite, seed or phoneme of a bigger being), or make a detailed analysis of each subsystem and ‘part’ that has inner sub-parts and scales, or study the multiple choices of bits and bites of each species, which as it becomes more complex have higher degrees of freedom of choice’ and so on.

Thus the ‘ternary method’ exhausts all the knowledge we require from any being, knot of actions of energy and time, which has 3+1 morphological systems, subdivided each in 3+1 subsystems, across 3 scales of size; who exist 3±1 ages, in 3 scales of time, short actions, life/death cycles and creation, evolution and extinction as a species.

We also resumed the main tenants of G.S.T. in 3 x 3 points, related to the actions, super-organisms and ternary method of knowledge.  Now, once we have defined ‘the thoughts of god’, the 10th point of the Decalogue, will consider some of its details – the proofs of those 9 laws, which are all the species and events of… the entire Universe and beyond.

Conclusion. General Systems sciences the philosophy of science of reality.

Systems of energy and information networks can be described not only with the logic of organisms but also mathematically, because as Plato put it, ‘numbers are forms’, meaning that a set of self-similar entities are a number and so mathematics, the science of numbers, is by definition a social science. Further on those numbers create social networks with form: so 1 is the point, 2 are the line, 3 is the network and 4 the square and so on. Thus each number defines in geometry certain topological forms that favor certain flows of energy and information between the points of the network. Function becomes form and complex i-logic and topology come together as the formal tools to study the self-similar laws of all systems, the whys of the Universe, which complete the ‘how’ of the paradigm of metric measure that preceded General Systems Sciences. Since the details are still studied by the paradigm of measure.

Reality though is never static, beyond the detailed measures of the 3rd paradigm, because geometry becomes now the more generic discipline of topology; planes and forms become networks and distances become flows between points, which can be described with feed-back equations, E<=>I, no longer with equalities.

Biology is in fact the central science of the 4th paradigm of social networks, since organic systems are traditionally studied by Biological Sciences. Thus, the 4th paradigm or ‘why’ of the Universe, based in organicism, expands many of the laws of Biology to all other sciences. It also adds many laws of Physics, topology and new mathematical discoveries (fractal and non-Euclidean geometries), creating a corpus of knowledge that applies to all realities, formalized by 2 relatively new disciplines, General Systems Sciences and Duality:

Duality studies the self-similar laws of all complementary networks of energy and information: Physical entities are made with fields of energetic forces and particles of information; biological entities have heads of neuronal information and bodies of energy. Gender is the duality of female, informative, reproductive beings and male, energetic, spatial ones.

Those systems are made of ‘cellular parts’ that create social networks, which evolve becoming wholes; fractal units of a larger whole in a bigger scale of space-time. And so General systems studies how networks evolve socially from parts into wholes, called ‘systems’, units of bigger social wholes.

Reality evolves in scales of size under the same organic laws of dual, complementarity networks of energy and information that become units of new wholes: The Universe evolves from particles into atoms into molecules, cells and solar systems, organisms, societies, planets, galaxies and Universes under those self-similar laws of social networks – the why of reality.

Thus Systems Science completes our search for the why of the events and forms of Universal entities.


Advances in sciences always depart from the evolution of mathematics and logic, the languages of space and time of the human mind. In the 4th paradigm the 5 postulates of i-logic geometry based in the concept of a fractal point, achieve that evolution: Leibniz, Einstein and Riemann, who in the XIX c. realized that ‘through a point infinite parallels can cross’ (5th postulate of non-Euclidean geometry) are the points of departure.  ‘Non-Euclidean points’ with form and motion, made of knots of time cycles, are the final elements needed to understand the why of the Universe. They socialize into networks that become points of a higher scale, which reproduce and organize new networks; and so the Universe keep growing in fractal scales, from particles that organize networks and become atoms that organize networks and become molecules that organize networks and become cells, that become organisms, that become planetary societies; while planets and stars form gravitational networks that become galaxies, organized by dark matter into Universal networks. Thus each Non-E, fractal point is a world in itself – a topological point with a volume of energy and information that relate it to other points through waves, which carry energy and information and create networks that warp into bigger points.

All what exists are cycles of space-time gathered in knots called Non-Euclidean points, gathered in complementary networks of energy and information; which become the physical systems of reality. Thus the 4th paradigm uses the new mathematics of non-Euclidean geometry, topology and fractals and the new logic of multiple time cycles, to define a new fundamental particle of space-time, the fractal point –  a world of space-time in itself –  an entity made with 3 networks of energy, information and reproduction, which constantly try to feed, inform and reproduce the point. Those Non-Euclidean points of energy and information evolve into networks, forming organic systems. Each system becomes then a unit-point of a bigger network, determining the dominant arrow of creation: social evolution in growing scales of self-similar forms.

The Universe is a game of chained time cycles that form knots and networks, which carry the information of the Universe. The evolution of parts into social wholes with form is the why of it all.

All those points perceive a limited reality decoded as information, extracted from the flows of energy its relative perspective and informative parts can observe. All points of view in the Universe move and gauge the information about the limited reality they perceive, creating with those exchanges of information and energy a mapping of reality. And so only the sum of all those st-points creates the absolute Space-Time of the Cartesian plane, whose rods of measure and time clocks are those of the human ‘point’ – our eye ball, who sees light and measures space with a rod of light and see space with the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light (the magnetic, electric and c-speed fields).



The Universe is a system of networks of knots of actions of energy and time, perceived as forms and motions. The game of beings performing cyclical discontinuous actions as they switch between feeding, perceiving, reproduction and acting in social networks, through life and death generational cycles that preserve the game… its selection, extinction, recreation, fusion and fission of all those cycles in perfect harmony, all defined by a single function, max. ExI, the function of existence, this is the mystique of the grand design of what you see.

Let us then describe that program in its simplest terms, for all species in ‘existence’ with a Decalogue of laws derived from the nature of all what exists as a complementary system of energy and time.

These are the basic tenants of General Systems sciences that studies the program:


  1. 1.     Reality is made of actions of quantum energy and cyclical time.

A cycle has an end in time and a quantum size in space. Thus, the Universe is continuously differentiable during the cycles of time their beings performed, but when the p.o.v. switches its action it has a point of discontinuity, what we see is the trace of those cycles of actions that ‘draw’ the 4 dimensional space-time universe

Beings constantly create actions of energy and time. What you see are knots of such cyclical actions… fabricating time. What we see are the trajectories of beings performing in an alternately causal way their cycles of time. One of the most common cycles is to have a p.o.v. become a focus of a force, which acts as its source of energy and information. A first paradox of Galileo happens here, as we can perceive the point as static and feeding, moving along the field of energy and so we can establish a static or dynamic analysis. Those points then ill feed along that path and a certain moment satisfied that action will try to fulfill others, and in that switching on and off actions will seem to disappear and new, different trajectories motivated for another action appear. If we see densely packed in time and space those actions they will be sequential and those causal sequences are the stuff that latter (paradox of Galileo) seen as a package of space-time or organism, are the reality we see in its infinite fields.

The why of the Universe turned out to be rather simple and biological, more than physical, even if it was a discovery that starts in physics with Planck’s realization that the simplest Unit of reality is NOT a substance but a cyclical action of energy and time. Quantum and cyclical are treated as synonymous, a quantum is a form that we might perceive as fixed and substance but it is really nothing but a morphological motion, traced by a being, that in the specific scale Planck studied, we could hardly see, the light-space. But all what that being did were actions of energy and time.

But can build the Universe departing of those two primary substances or ‘arrows of the Universe’? Yes we can. And that is what I did back in the 90s. The concepts are easy, if you are able to transcend your memetic imprinting and ignore Mr. Planck’s desperado dictum when nobody listened to his astounding discovery that we were made not of substances but actions and hence motions (‘for a new paradigm to be imposed all those who learned the previous paradigm must die’).

So try to follow me with a ‘Tabula Rassa’. You have two entities, energy and time, and they have motion, so they create actions. The simplest combination is called an h-Planck constant. That gives us a first ‘being’. Now forget your abstract, earlier Hegelian imprinting (this you might not know, but history of science tells us earlier German thinkers were idealist as philosophers of science and did not consider the Universe made of ‘realities’ but of ‘mathematical probabilities’). Think rational. h-Plancks are ‘real’, the simplest bricks of the Universe, and they are made of energy and time. In fact you perceive light, when you stop seeing light you stop seeing the Universe of space-time.

Therefore the space-time Universe we perceive is made of actions of light of energy and time. And physicists have discovered that indeed the vacuum is made of energy, which moves and change in time. But we said the Universe of space-time instead of the Universe of energy and time. Space has become energy. And indeed, space and energy are two ways of seeing the same thing.  Then we come to the other term Time…. But we use in many sciences instead of space and time, energy and information, so time and information, ‘form-in-action’, form must be related. And yet we use clocks of time, cyclical forms to measure time.

All what exists is made of space-time, in abstract, of energy and information, self-similar terms.

Now when you say ‘I don’t have energy and time to do this’, it is obvious that subconsciously you know the two substances of what you are made, energy and time and you are right. Because what you are, what we shall describe in this book in great detail is how you ‘become’ yourself, departing from the two primary substances of the Universe, energy and time, which together form an action, the basic unit of reality.

So Duality deals with that fact, and extracts the laws of energy and information. Now, think again, what else can be there? The simplest thing is to combine energy and information, and you get a 3rd entity. This combination e x i, or e x t, if you want to use Quantum or Einstein’s notation, turns out to be the essential equations of physics. So we are on the good path.

Thus now we have 3 arrows, energy, information and exi, that we shall call the arrow of reproduction or creation, as it creates a third entity, one which is made of two substances, and turns to be an ‘action’.

What else can we find there? Since there are many bites of energy and bits of information, we can combine them, and then we find the 4th arrow:

∑ e x i

This equation, which the reader should observe includes all the others, is what I have called the Generator equation of all the entities of energy and information or space and time of the Universe. And from that simplest equation and the interaction of its two ‘simple arrows’ or motions, we create its two complex forms, actions and societies. And this, my friend is all what we shall need to explain you all what exists and more… what you don’t see but it exists also in other fractal scale of reality.

Those two substances can be seen as a whole space-time or as two space and time or as a sum of parts, many spaces and times. So space can be seen through perception as a single, quiet space, adding all the ‘vital spaces’ of which is composed, or as a sum of ‘quantum energies’ and ‘vital spaces’ that entities occupy. Time also can be seen as a single clock-time for the entire universe, measured with our mechanical clocks or as an infinite number of cycles that all entities trace, each one with a different speed and rhythm, each one with a different ‘form’ or information, provided by the shape of the cycle and its ‘frequency’. So Space is synonymous of Energies and time of informations:

∑ E = S; ∑i=T

This is the first key concept you have to assume to understand the Universe beyond its useful measure by physicists with a single clock.

Further on, we recognize both types of entities by their form: clocks are cyclical, so it is information and its systems. Space is a lineal plane, so are energetic system. This leads to a key principle to understand and classify entities of reality: Form is function. And so the ball – the inner part of a sphere – is the perfect form of information as it is the shape that stores more form in lesser space, and the line or plane the perfect form of energy, as it is the fastest motion/biggest surface of space between two points.

So now it is clear what it is the game of existence, the Universe: a game of relative organisms, of each scale of reality, performing externally in an ecosystem, its space-time, cyclical actions, switching among its tasks of energy feeding, informative perceiving, reproducing and keep in harmony with the self-similar points of its energetic, informative and reproductive social networks.

In brief, we exist in a series of parallel games of feeding, perceiving, evolving and reproducing. And all of us can be perceived externally as ‘points of view’, Non-Euclidean points, playing this geometric and biological, existential game:

We are all knots of discontinuous, cyclical actions of energy and time.

Energy and information have inverse properties. Energy is lineal motion; informations are cyclical forms. Thus both are two types of motion, |-energy and O-information, equal in power and interacting and transforming into each other constantly. This principle of conservation and transformation of energy and information becomes the new fundamental law of science: ‘All what exists is a complementary system of bites of |-spatial energy and bits of O-Temporal Information: E<=>Ti.‘

And that duality of substances/forms/function structures all our actions:

Indeed, all systems are complementary systems with heads that absorb, perceive and process information and bodies that absorb, perceive and process energy.

But the previous graphs and equations refer basically to a bidimensional system and we live in a 4-Dimensional system with 3 spatial dimensions and a 4 dimension of motion, which puts together all the cycles of time, all changes of the Universe (and we shall explain with far more detail, including the meaning of its own 3 dimensions, past, present and future, in this work) Thus the next step of a complete analysis of energy and information is to consider those forms of motion in 4-dimensional space.

2. There are only 4 actions of energy and time that all complementary systems perform.


The science of General Systems or complexity describes all entities of the Universe with the same laws explaining the reasons why those entities exist, its forms and functions, its actions and its life/death cycles and reasons why they become extinguished. So its laws of creation and destruction of all Universal species can be considered that ‘program of the Universe’ or ‘program of existence’, which traditionally in mythic terms is equivalent to the concept of the will of God. Yet it is not a personal God-will but rather an impersonal, biological, evolutionary program which reinforces itself through evolution and survival: Those who do not obey or seek the 4 arrows/actions of the program, which is the strategy of survival of all species, die away, and so the will of the Universe must be obeyed, or else we become extinct.  We are free to deny the program (as humans, we shall see do in this moment of history) but if we do not gather energy and information for our body and mind, if we do not reproduce and we do not evolve socially and interact with similar species, chances are we shall not last too longer and die away. And so the program will be carried further by those who did obey the ‘Law’.

All systems perform 4 actions to survive that define a simple program of ‘existence’, which all species of energy and information follow, to survive. 

The deduction of the program is simple. First, all what exist is an action, which has 2 components, exi=k or exT=k (depending on which self-similar concept you choose information or time) and there are many quantic actions. So all what we can do is 4 type of actions that we shall call ‘arrows or motions of time’:

Those arrows or actions all species made of complementary bodies/fields of energy and heads/particles of information perform to last in time and space will be:

–     ∆E:  They feed on energy for their bodies/fields.

–     ∆I:   They absorb information for their heads/particles.

–      Exi:  They act combining both, and the most common action as we shall see is to combine them both to reproduce you in other zone of space and time and survive after death (or become reproduced by an external catalyzer, enzyme or ‘enzyman’ – machines).

–     ∑ e x I=Ii+1 They evolve socially in more complex networks that survive longer in time and space.

The 4 arrows are ‘necessary’ for any complementary system of energy and information to exist. As any system will die if it doesn’t replenish its energy and information, or reproduce before death.

Further on the 4th social arrow creates stronger top predators, either herds (loose groups of self-similar organisms of the same type) or organisms proper (more connected systems that organize 3 sub-systems, heads, bodies and limbs, specialized in information or formal structure, reproduction and energy, all of them connected by a 4 system, the linguistic system that organize them all).

Relationships between the simplex and complex arrows.

The dualities between external, spatial and informative, simplex forces/actions and complex, internal forces/actions/networks create a series of patterns and synchronicities that are repeated in all systems.

The simplest relationship is one of causality between the simplex and complex arrows:

∆ Energy->Reproduction and ∆ In/Form/ation->Social evolution through a common language.

 Complex reproduction requires a great deal of energy to be achieved, so for example women cannot have children without a proportion of body fat, and most cells do not undergo mitosis without a cytoplasmic growth. So reproduction is the complex arrow of energy and we observe many causal relationships and ‘cycles’ of the type:  E->Re. On the other hand social evolution depends of a language of information that the different ‘cellular elements’ understand. Thus social evolution is the complex arrow of information and we shall also observe many relationships of the type:  ∆i-> ∑ e x I.

The most important inverse property of those space-time cycles is the fact that each cycle/action of time has a different duration and each scale and organism has a different speed, according to the ‘Generator equation’: Max. E = Min. I and vice versa. So in life smaller species have a faster metabolism. In physical vortices of information, such as mass… the faster they turn, the more they attract and the smaller they are, with a black hole vortex of gravitation, which turns at c-speed in its event horizon and attracts more than the bigger, slower turning stars, as a Universal limit.

Creation of social scales, in which each whole is a unit-part of the next scale.

Complex, social evolution helps most species to survive, especially when they reproduce in great numbers, creating a ‘new scale of reality’, self-organizing themselves with a language of information all those cellular particles share. And we measure this fact with a scalar, fractal index of new scales of existential functions, i. Normally all systems must be defined at least in 3-4 scales:

– The lower, i-2 (bits of information) and i-1 (bites of energy) scales defined with mathematical/genetic/memetic languages, depending of which systems we analyze in its details – a biological, sociological or physical system. We perceive this scale as bits of an informative language – which gives us a synoptic minimal information of the properties of the entity. As the i-1, i-2 levels, as it is far removed from us in size and so we introduce uncertainties and loose information.

Then it comes an i scale, of our size, where information is maximal. So we observe more information explained in a complex manner. Thus in the i-scale we deal with chemical molecules in physical systems, living cells in biological systems, humans in history and corporations in economics, using topological, organic, psychological or econometric methods to define their actions.

–     Finally in the i+1 scale we perceive ‘states of matter’ that define masses of molecules of energetic (gas), creative/reproductive (liquid) or solid/informative nature; we perceive organs and organisms made of cells and we perceive civilization and markets.

3. All are complementary systems made with 3 ‘topological functions’: Limbs, heads and bodies.


A 4-Dimensional Universe has 3 canonical topologies, which correspond to the 3 organs of all systems:

 Max. I: Head/Particle/Informative caste: They display the hyperbolic topology of information, observed in most ‘heads’ as an excess of warping and form (cortex, black holes, Chromosomes, Chip design).

Max. E: Moving Limbs/Forces/Energy class: They show a relative plane, or concave topology; such as the one observed in an external membrane, often the cover of a sphere of a bilateral form.

E=I: Reproductive Body/Atom/Working class: The topology of the reproductive system is a combination of the other two, performing cycles that communicate the energetic membrane and informative center.

In the graph, concave, energetic, toroidal, reproductive and convex, informative topologies are the ‘forms with most often found in the 3 main physiological systems of 4-Dimensional super-organisms.

Beings are not pure motions or just made of information. Hemingway understood  , when he said to Dietrich: “Never confuse movement with action”. Indeed, energy ‘or lineal motion’ is not an action per se. It needs form, in/form/ation to direct it to create a purpose a goal, to change reality. So a Universe of actions requires some energy and some information to create a being.

Thus, all what you see will be a combination of both, and so we write a general equation to define all: ∑ E <=>∑I, and state that all what exists is structured with 2 complementary systems, one of information that gauges reality (cyclical particles and heads of physical and biological entities) and one of energy that moves them (lineal fields of forces and limbs).

This leads to a third system that combines both, energy and form, the reproductive system, exi or body. And all of them follow the principle that form is function. So bodies are conical, elliptic, combinations of lines and forms. And so Geometry and topology are fundamental sciences that apply to all ‘scales of reality’ and all its entities.

Thus topology proves that in a 4 dimensional Universe, there are only 3 topologies, which correspond to those 3 sub-systems: hyperbolic, informative topologies, energetic planes, and reproductive disks.

Thus Three Geometric Forms determines all functions:

There are 3 forms and functions: cyclical clocks of information, Energetic, lineal or planar limbs of space, and its combination, ‘complementary systems’.

Ternary principle in space and time: All systems have those 3 forms, whose functions dominate in each age of time of the life/death cycle of the being.

Diffeomorphic Dimensions. Each entity is a relative Universe.


  General Systems Sciences accepts the principle of relativity and diffeomorphic: local measures. Since each species is a ‘universe in itself’, with different relative, energetic and informative arrows that determine its ‘whole’ morphology. Thus, each species establishes its own up and down arrows or relative energy and informative directions. In the graph, animals use light as information and plants, use light as energy. So both have opposite energy-time coordinates. Yet both have an ‘anteroposterior’, lineal’ ‘outward’ energy oriented structure. Galaxies and other forms of the previous graph have a cyclical, informative, inward structure, where the stars body absorbs energy from intergalactic space, reproduces matter with it and feeds the internal informative knot of gravitation, the black hole.

Fractal differentiation. Evolutionary processes. Basic Laws.

A ternary process of ‘fractal differentiation’ is the key to understand the ‘speed’ and accuracy of evolutionary development:  As a system evolves the 3 ‘diffeomorphic=local’ coordinates of the system – the top (information) – bottom axis, the back-front axis of motion, and the wide axis of structural form and reproductive storage, which are perpendicular to each other, are conserved.

The ‘emergence’ of the properties of previous scales defines this way the elements of the next scale.

They become in the electronic scale the ‘right hand rule’ between electric and magnetic fields; in carbohydrates, the key to understand the 3-dimensional warping of DNA and proteins according to the different positions of its C-formal, O-energetic and N-informative parts. It will be then the ‘3 first genetic’ morphologies imprinted in the cells, with the ‘animal’ pole on top, from where the informative neuronal plate will develop. Then the foetus will define the anteroposterior axis of energetic motion and finally the wide-bilateral, reproductive axis of accumulation of cells.

II. 3 x 2= 6 S∏CiCle§

Species are knots of time cycles, which act in synchrony across enormous extensions of similar being. The complexity of all the details of connections of information of any small sample of realty, when decode and made visible in all calls is ginormous.

Species of pi-cycles of space and time knotted into superorganisms, perceived as bosons and fermion networks.

Abstract. The main number of variations that give birth to species becomes determined by the duality of space-time ‘genders’ and the ternary fractal generator, hence we name the variation of species, the 6th isomorphism.

It is worth to notice also that if we have 3 ‘fractal elements’, its hierarchical order gives birth to 6 different species, S<st<t, S<t<ts, t<S<ts, t<ts<s, ts<s<t, ts<t<s, which will turn out to be the most frequent classification of species, as in animal phila or cultural, ‘topological linguistics.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 17.03.23.pngscreen-shot-2016-10-06-at-13-53-31

We have used a funny dual symbol to substitute the 2 S of species, one for the ternary differentiation of any system into 3 organs and ages, and  § for the growth in scales of species from its seminal to its organic and social states. Thus species is where all the elements of the ternary topologies of space-time, ∑ (sigma or Psi, represent the ternary differentiation of species: ∑, Ψ), and the §cales of social organisation from individuals into genetic groups, herds, social, territorial groups, species and super organisms, which give finally birth to a new plane of existence, ∆+1, emerges.

The creation of species and world cycles are natural vectors of the game of existence as it regroups its new points into more efficient designs. What is its purpose? none, to enjoy existence itself. The ultimate not purpose or rather purpose of maintaining the immortality of the whole makes all existences expendable, insignificant pulsing with a fragile beauty in its deja vu combinations of cyclical motions and aggressive dances of pure entropic pleasure, which will finally rest and dissolve themselves.

Species however when being considered as individuals seems universe in themselves with an individual ∆-mind that defines the domain of the individual in which its existential function of actions of survival will be played

The species of he Univese are knots of space-time cycles, perceived by a mind, which observes with discontinuous of uncertainty a series of space-time territories around its fractal point of iew, and can be expressed then as all the possible cmbinations of th  3 topoloies of space, 3 ages of time 3 planes o exisence through the tth


  • Gender Duality
  • The ternary principle of differentiation
  • 5 Dimensional multifunctionality.


Universal Species are born of the ternary and dual combinations of the fractal generator give a dynamic structure both in space and time to all super organisms and worldcycles. In the graphs, the first realisation of the origin of all Universal constants as complex ratios of ternary dual ‘hexagrams’ of flows of energy and information. Below the commonest hierarchical and cyclical structures born of the topological networks of super organisms give origin to 3 type of Universal constants: vital constants that relate ratios of energy and information between the organs of super organisms; time constants that measure the frequencies and changes through those measures of time ages, horizons and states for the whole system and each of their actions, and finally the ∆±n, scalar hierarchic social constants that determine the social evolution of the system’s points and its networks.

The combinations of energy and information, motion and form and its ternary dimensions, across ∆ ST planes.

“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.” – Albert Einstein








We have purposely called the 8th isomorphism, ‘creation’, and written it as a combination of 2 numbers, 2 and 3, (which happen to add 8 when put in a potency, 2³).

Since creation of species is born of gender, Spe(Male)<>Tiƒ(Female) dualities and the ternary principle of differentiation and recombination of species according to the 3 dimensional varieties of space and time, Spe, ST and Tƒ.

Those 2 simple principles, the duality of Space-Time and the ternary principle of dimensional differentiation account for almost every process of creation of new forms.

For example, consider the case of evolution. We treat it in the 3rd isomorphism of time ages, since Darwin’s evolution theory (not so much the field of ∆-1 genetics), describes changes of forms in species which experience the same pattern of Spe>ST>Tƒ changes that life does through 3 ages, from energetic top predator species, to a diversification that iterates and changes them, as they radiate on planet earth, to a 3rd age of informative increase, in the dimension of height, which converted amphibian into dinosaurs and birds and rats into humans.

It couldn’t be otherwise since the Universe is really a game of only two elements space and information, the static view of energy and time, with its 2 canonical forms, the line and the cycle, which are also the origin of all ‘conic curves’ of reality, its 3rd ‘element’, the combinations, origin of waves and body. Thus the laws of creation which are studied in the 8th isomorphism will deal with all those processes.

The isomorphisms of creation: ternary principles.

 Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 14.40.12

Some dual, creative analyses forgotten by AE sciences that we consider in MST Theory: the Universe as a spatial system, machines as evolutionary beings, and civilizations as organisms. The game of creation must be understood through its ‘dual symmetries’ and ternary networks that allowed its finite reproduction of fractal forms in the infinity of continuous space


The most satisfying function of existence is reproduction, the Generator Arrow, the maker of the game and all its species – the purest sensations of them all.

The Generator Feedback equation of spatial Entropy and temporal information is a reproducer, which embodies all the combinations of the game in itself, the creative algorithm of reality, which Touring once looked for with its simplest example a touring machine. But the creator potentially is more than a touring machine, it is what the touring machine observes, reality itself.

The rest of beings are just following the combinations of that grand design.

The active creator is limited by the parts of the whole that will assembly. So we shall call it with a more humble name, the assembler

With the syntactic combinations of the i-logic generator, the creator will always end repeating a form of finite time that had existed in ∞ space.

The proof that we are all repetitions is clear: space is infinite because it has not dark spaces, but it is a continuous number of closed and open topologies assembled in triangles, squares, hexagonal, polygonal and hexagonal, planes and spheres, with no darkness.

Information however is always limited and time always ends: it is a fluctuation of existence over that ∞ Entropy.

All existences have possibly existed in the infinite fractal space of a finite number of times cycles.

We all will be assembled again as an i-logic form of space-time in some other self-repetitive fractal printed in the infinite Entropy of the trophic pyramid of existence that gave you birth.

Let us then operate the creator: Its simplest combinations will be complementary systems of Entropy and information that take advantage of the inverse properties of both:

The dualities of Creation.

In time the generator combines past, Entropy forms and future informations, generated by its universal, feedback cycles, and its arrows that imprint and create the chains of forms of present existence. Creation is structured by a series of dualities that merge creating an eternal, fluctuating present that appears and disappears as cyclical action-reaction systems cancel each other, making its total sum zero:

– Time and space have opposite morphologies and functions, which cancel each other:

– Informative, temporal singularities are convex, implosive and energetic membranes are concave, explosive. Thus a flat plane of temporal Entropy fluctuates into 2 virtual forms whose total value is null. For example, particles and antiparticles are born of a vacuum plane without form but they keep their inverse CPT parity. Thus the sum of its spatial form (P), its temporal arrows (T) and its dual, organic charge cancel.

– The duality of Entropy and information explains also sexual differentiation: females are specialized ‘time beings’ dominant in cyclical forms, memory, information, temporal verbs and perceptive languages.

While males are specialized ‘Entropy beings’ with bigger, lineal forms, dominant in spatial tasks. Yet both can be further differentiated into an informative cyclical head, and a lineal body. So, in graph 3.1 we draw a man with “temporal cycles” that represent his informative organs, the head and senses; and Entropy lines that represent the body and his members. Yet, despite the simplicity of that design, he is recognizable as a man.

– Duality causes the creation and reproduction of space-time fields through the process of palingenesis, by which a certain form of relative future, a father, emits a relative form of past, with lesser evolution, a seminal seed, that then evolves very fast towards the future, till becoming again a present form parallel to the father.

– Duality exists in biologic organisms evolved by the dual influence of macro-ecosystems and micro-genes.

– Duality is the cause of informative perception, as flows of spatial forces become transformed in a point of relative time or particle, in which they ‘merge’ into a ‘boson’, accumulative image of information that represents reality.

– Duality also applies to behavior: there are Darwinian acts between different beings that destroy each other vs. social, evolutionary acts between equal beings that evolve together, sharing Entropy and information through common networks. Thus all organic life ends up cancelled by a predator. It is a key duality as it responds to the 2 arrows of space-time, the arrow of symbiotic order, of information and the arrow of energetic entropy of destruction defined by the 3rd postulate of illogic geometry.

– Finally Duality implies that all forms that evolve in time through 3 horizons, then organize in space those 3 horizons as the 3 regions of an ∆-point.

The number of events we can describe in all sciences departing from duality is enormous. Yet in as much as temporal information is dominant in living beings, illogic time is more important in biological and sociological sciences, explaining phenomena such as reproduction, perception, life and death, organic structures, etc.

While, physical and cosmological particles can be described better with the use of Non-Euclidean, spatial geometry, as particles are dominant in spatial Entropy. We will consider in the next chapters the most important biological applications of illogic time: the duality of Darwinian and symbiotic behavior; the way in which perception occurs; the concept of a top predator species, as information selects species with better brains; the palingenetic reproduction of biological forms which implies a dual travel in time back and forth from the future to the past…

But duality is only the beginning. Most systems evolve, self-combine and create finally a 3rd system, a reproductive one, becoming autonomous, without the need of ‘assemblers’ and ‘enzymes’. And then the game becomes richer in variations, because it becomes guided by ternary symmetries.

We understand those organic, self-reproductive systems according to the Ternary Principle studying the 3 temporal ages and functions of a MST field and then putting them together as the 3 geometric, organic, spatial regions of ∆- point. Since all MST field require 3 elements to exist: a Tƒ, informative element; an Es, energetic, spatial form, and an intermediate ‘present, simultaneous region’, dual flux of temporal Entropy that merges them into a whole. The result is an Se-Tƒ rhythm of evolution and reproduction of forms in time that become latter reorganized as ∆-points in space, creating dual organic, real forms of temporal Entropy.

For example, the Universe first created fundamental particles, temporal quarks and spatial electrons that recombined into ST atoms; the body reproduces cells that latter evolve, becoming organs of Entropy and information, etc. Thus MST theory shows the complementarity between the ternary horizons of species that once have evolved energetic and informative particles interact creating an intermediate ST zone, shaping a new ∆- organism:

– Max. Sp: The external membrane and energetic network of the system that performs Entropy cycles, transforming information into Entropy, appears first: it is the cell’s fat membrane, the stars of the galaxy, the endodermic cells of the future digestive systems….

-Max. Tƒ. Then it will appear the informative quanta of the future informative network and ‘brain’ of the system that perform informative cycles, transforming Entropy into information: they are the cells’ informative nucleotides, the black holes of the spiral galaxies, the brain.

– Sp x Tƒ: Finally the interaction of Entropy and informative systems creates an intermediate, reproductive region that combine Entropy and information: so protein membranes and nucleotide acids create the cell; stars and black holes create galaxies; the energetic endoderm and the informative ectoderm create the middle mesoderm region, each one the blue print of the future energetic, digestive, informative, nervous and blood, reproductive systems.

In formal terms we write the process as a decoupling of an initial Sp X Tƒ form that differentiates into a more energetic membrane (Max. Sp) and higher informative quanta (Max. Tƒ), that interact, creating the intermediate region, Sp x Tƒ, shaping in this manner a new, Sp<=>Tƒ2, field equation – the ultimate definition of any species. Since we are all self-repetitive ∆ST field equations

The creator equation, Sp<=>Tƒ2 represents both: a temporal event between 2 relative ‘points’, an Sp-point with higher content of Entropy or relative past form, and an ∆-point with higher content of information or relative future form, that communicate implosive information (>) and explosive Entropy (<), through a wave of temporal Entropy, <=>; creating a ternary, multicausal, simultaneous structure of spatial present.

Multifunctionality: 3 st-points functions. Ternary Principle:

Creation happens due to the ‘diversification’ of any Space-time field in 3 subspecies in space or 3 ages in time; Sp, ST, Tƒ.

It is the ternary principle once and again written in the book of Nature, caused by the fact that there are only 3 elementary forms in the Universe, Entropy, information and a combination of both. Thus, events, species and space-time fields, both in time and space, have 3 elements: 3 ages, 3 horizons, 3 dimensions or 3 physiological networks, whose functions correspond to the arrow of Entropy, information and reproduction that create the Universe.

The Ternary principle is the origin of an evolutionary, impersonal plan of creation that diversifies species in all scales of reality into 3 forms, (Max. ΣSp, Max. Tƒ, ΣSp=Tƒ), from the 3 families of masses to 3 the types of Universes. It allows organizing all biological species in a tree of ternary horizons and differentiations of energetic, informative and balanced organisms, which co-exist in 3 st-scales of existence:

‘Any form can be subdivided ad eternal in new ternary forms.’

For example, the human body can be subdivided into 3 networks; then the digestive network can be subdivided into the stomach, liver and intestine system that can be subdivided into the colon, small, and large intestine, which can be subdivided into the left, top and right side, etc. The Ternary principle implies that the 3 spatial dimensions of any space-time field perform 3 temporal functions:

‘Any species, which is part of an ecosystem or an organism, maximizes its survival developing 3 functions as an energetic, reproductive and informative system for the higher scale’

I.e.: a cilia act as energetic limbs that move the cell, sensorial antennae that inform, and they evolved as centrioles that help to reproduce it. Hormones are also multifunctional.

And so on. This first rule of creation developed either in space as a topology of 4-dimensional reality with 3 elements, hyperbolic ring, toroid cycle and spherical plane, or in time as a game of Entropy that warps into information reproducing along the way, is your limit.

So the creator descends a notch more into self-appreciation since he is nothing but a contemplator of a game which has created before. That is he is created by the game and as assembler he is so determined to do one of the known-known combinations that, indeed, there is nothing new under the sun.

The isomorphisms of the game of creation are in themselves an entire sub-discipline of multiple space-times theory, studied in detail in my files. In essence the process is self-similar in all scales:

A species will differentiate in ternary sizes (its cellular, organic and social size); it will differentiate in ternary topologies (an species dominant in Entropy, one in information and one in reproduction); in ternary ages (a neoteny species aborted in a palingenetic phase; one mature species and one with an excess of information, which will become cell of a new scale of evolution, a superorganism communicated by the language); and in ternary functions, symbiotic to the higher ∆+1 organism in which the entity exists (as an energetic part, an informative part and a reproductive part or else the organism would not ‘tolerate’ the presence of the microcosmic species with no function).

Further on all those creative strategies of survival become more complex, when we consider its combinations: species with several functions, often in several scales; complementary, sexual specialization in an energetic, male entity and an informative, female entity; ternary structures that form complete topologies; open balls that act as doors between membranes, without center and membrane; and combinatory varieties of ‘sexual species’ or ‘complementary’ species, in which the Entropy/informative components, each diversify in 3 topologies, scales, ages, etc.

Those combinations further enlarge the number of subspecies, though many of them, especially ‘anti-species’ in which the lesser informative ‘male’ plays an informative role and the lesser ‘energetic’ woman an energetic role (for example an antiparticle, with an energetic electron in its informative center and an informative proton in its energetic membrane), will not be stable and will not survive. This brings another essential law of creation, the inflationary nature of information checked by the isomorphisms of survival that extinguish unsuccessful species and tends to reduce the explosive age of creation to 3 ‘basic ternary differentiated’ types that survive, while other transitional or non-balanced combinations disappear:

‘The Universe creates an inflationary number of ‘forms’ which are then reduced by natural selection to ternary species and balanced, complementary, dual systems’.

Those rules allow the entity to play an interconnected, synchronized role as part of a bigger organism and/or ecosystem, in which it will play its dynamic, causal chains/arrows of existence and life cycles:

Max. Tƒ(seed)->Max.Sp(youth)->Max.ST: Reproduction (Maturity)->Max.Information (3rd Age)->Death(Tƒ->Sp)

But Life cycles can be immortal, if instead of dying after its 3rd Age the entity evolves socially as cell of a higher system communicated with its informative language (Sp∆-1). Then the species will ‘transcend’ into a complex super-organism. Some systems might even attempt a feed-back cycle of immortality (Physical particles, simple biological jelly fishes:

Tƒ-> Entropy youth ->reproduction <-Entropy Youth…

Entropy (wave) -> Information (Particle) ->Entropy (wave)

And so, with those simple rules we can classify as we shall do in our studies of physical, biological and sociological species of the Universe all the entities of reality and its events.

Recap: The ternary principle explains the creation and diversification fractal super-organisms both in time ages, scalar planes and network-spaces. Space is infinite time is not, time games are less than space. Because the volume of space is bigger than the volume of time all forms have been repeated. And so all is repeated again. 

Social Evolution. Scales & Sub-species: Dimensional building.


Dimensions as Fractal physiological networks attached to space-time points.

How the Universe constructs its space-time beings, network upon network of fractal points, layer after layer of dimensional form?

Through the co-existence on infinite scales of relative size and time speed, which in ternary planes allows a constant up and down flow of energy and information that mutates over a ‘frozen’ perfect balanced beings, new species checked then on the program of actions of survival during the world cycle of the new species.

Humans are only the perceived centre of their informative mind world, not of the Universe. Our place as the relative ∆0 dimension of our world’s perception must be considered just a ‘bias’ of human measure. So the processes we limit to that self-centred scale are isomorphic to all other scales, and their use is to have minimal uncertainty, to take them as homological reference to study other less perceived scales and its similar processes.

Thus we sense only ∆±4 scales above and below, and of them we perceive with more senses than the ‘awareness’ of weight and space-time distances (gravitational ∆±4 scales, which are invisible beyond that meager information), only the ∆±3 scales (∆+3 galaxies above, emitting ∆-3 light below), with very limited amount of information, basically as a plane of dots of light (96% of the galactic stuff is dark matter).

So really even if we hint at the organic structure of the ‘gala cell’ ruled by ‘DNA’ black holes, which manage herds of ‘star mitochondria’, the building of that scale is mostly by homology. Thus, according to the practical principle of perceiving more our closer territories where we do need information, the fun starts on the ∆±2 world scale, the intensity at the ∆±1 cellular and social scale, and the full blown ego in the ∆o scales,

And accordingly we ‘see’ more dimensions as we come closer to ‘us’, where we feel to be infinitely dimensional (never mind we call our neighbours one-dimensional men 🙂

So one thing is how the mental world of any living fractal builds its dimensions ‘subjectively’, and other thing is how the Universe builds them objectively.

If there were a limit of dimensions we would then establish an objective ∆+ scale with man at ∆+5, and ‘theoretical strings’ at ∆o, but that makes no logical sense.  So what we can at best consider in physical theory is that ∆±5 scale of ‘infinitesimal strings’ and infinite cosmic strings. And at that level we find a few theoretical analysis, which all in all tend to have 10 or 11 dimensions, or parameters to study them. Now, this is the standard number of physiological sub-networks of ‘Spe-entropy/kinetic energy’, ST-iterative re=production, and Tiƒ, informative networks of most systems.

For example you as a human being have 10 canonical ‘physiological networks’ to which all your organs and cells are attached.

And they are in fact subdivided in Fractal Biology into 3 x 3 sub-systems of energy, reproduction and information, coming out originally of the ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. All of them finally integrated in the Brain system (10th network), which becomes the ‘unit’ of the larger whole, outer world where you exist.

This is thus a way to interpret the concept of a dimension as a physiological network, with atoms- fractal points-cells attached to it. Such ‘dimensions’ will have mathematically more than the 1 line dimension, mostly being bidimensional, finite planes in the relative ‘boundary domain’ of the super organism. This means in layman terms, that each of your subsystem can be developed as a network plane with the connecting tubes (nerves, digestive systems, veins, endocrine channels, you name it), and the fractal points attached to them.

The same can be said of most systems of the Universe: flat networks with points attached to them. In physics we will find networks of orbital flat points, from Saturn’s rings to galactic stars. How complex those networks are depends on the information we have on them, which being only 4% is minimal. My take is the galaxy is more like a cell, with an entire electromagnetic ‘Golgi tube’ of flows of energy and a similar network of gravitational paths for black holes of information, which show erratic hence ‘free motions’, exercising herding, RNA like jobs.

So the most organic concept of a dimension is simply speaking a network of lines connected to fractal points that might form larger bulky organs in some parts of the network. And the commonest network is a bidimensional structure with a ‘relative fractal dimension between 1  – a single line – and 2 – the entire flat continuous space encircled by the outside membrane of the being.

All those 10 canonical dimensional networks then are messed up and connected, in different forms, to form the 3×3+0=10 essential entity of reality. If we take then each of those subsystems as a point we talk of a 10 dimensional entity, the perfect pythagoric tetraktys, which in its simplest form is a triangle with a 10th dimension in the centre connecting 3 corners with 3 balls-subsystems.

Fractal, ternary & bidimensional S=T  parameters, networks, constants & dimensions of sub-systems.

When we move from the general principles of GST  into the more specific details of each ∆ST species, it is important to realize a procedure to be able to identify the different general laws into generator components of each ∆ST being.

GST is a generic term, which we will use to define the theory of the fractal organic Universe, which the reader can in all times translate as General Systems Theory or Generator of Space-Time, the philosophy and formalism we use to explain the Universe).

Such general laws become each specific ∆ST, myriad of species, of each science, where ∆±1 will indicated the scale of the fractal points and networks and its ±1 social/cellular planes of existence. Whereas all those species are different in detail, not in quality.

So how we go on working with both, the more logic, conceptual. Gst, general game of ‘Tao beings’, of ‘Time-space changes’, and the myriad of yin-yang, SexTi, species of spatial entropy and temporal information, which conform the Universe?

Moving from the 3 elements, ∆, S, and T, into its 3 x 3 isomorphic sets of laws, coupled by the œ-knot distinctly ‘integral’ whole properties that embody the decisions of order and actions of survival of the system.

So once we grasp the 10 isomorphic sets of laws we can pour in its template all the laws of specific systems and its measures.

Another way to arrive there is obviously by studying each isomorphic set of laws as generated by the ternary fractal equation, which as we study in more detail gives birth to partial sub-ternary equations. It is thus important to grasp the fractal principle according to which each part is in itself a whole, with 3 ternary subparts.

The fractal principle.

First we need to do science; that is to have experimental data, which we hint to belong to a species, we want to focus intellectually. Then we must find a minimum number of parameters and ternary elements for the system and start its description as:

  • A ternary structure, which is a spherical Tiƒ, an Entropic lineal system of motion, and an intermediate, Space-time more visible wave-body of vital space; or if we see it internally as a micro-point observing a larger, ∆+1 plane of existence.
  • With a series of quantizer parameters for each of the 3 states-forms and its combinations, in social ∑ and ∏ groups.

So we can define the dimensions and essential parts of reality in a more simplified analysis departing from the generator equation for each physical system and its 10 isomorphisms.

Of them the most descriptive for a first approach is the holographic principle, specially for physical systems, given the simplicity and close relationship between topological form and organic function that happens in physical systems, such as we shall find:

  • An Spe bidimensional field of spatial entropy for each of those scales, feeding a…
  • Bidimensional wave-body, ‘raised’ by…
  • A bidimensional parameter of time frequency, which forms a particle, Tiƒ, and both together, the wave-body and particle form a 4D system.

This becomes then a minimal unit of reality in a physical scale – for example a photon-wave of light.

In that regard, the concept of ‘spatial dimension of form and in its time perception as motion’ must be understood in the tradition of mathematical physics, merely as a parameter with a function in time and form in space, related by the symmetry between both states of the being.  And we can then departing from duality, Sp≈Tƒ and ternary symmetries, Sp<ST>Tƒ, apply to each part, the…

Fractal principle: each part of the Universe can be subdivided in dual and ternary elements as a whole in itself.

So your arm has 3 parts and the hand is the informative, broken, more complex ball like Tiƒ, and the biceps the stronger, Spe limb that takes energy from its relative vital field or body. It can be studied as a whole or as a ternary part, and then each part can be further subdivided, so the forearm has on one extreme the Tiƒ wrist and on the other the Spe, elbow. And so on.

Further on, any system can be observed from the lower scale as a sum of quanta of space with a function in time, and so we need then quantifiers, ∑, for herds of space quanta and ∏ for informative multi connected Tiƒ quanta. Since it is easy to prove that if we have 10 ‘neurons’ all connected with each other, the ∆-1 level of axons will be around 10 x 10, its multiplication; but if we have 10 unconnected birds in a herd, normally there are no ∆-1 connected level, and so they are 10 only elements.

It goes without saying that Tiƒ systems have more power precisely because they have an ∆-1 connected element. And so they look solid, crystal, particles, neuronal heads, and have spherical form to store more information, more connections, in lesser space (geometry of maximal information per volume: sphere).

All this said, the parameters understood, it is then all a question to study the different super organisms of reality, to analyze its mathematical equations and physiological networks. This is easier for biology, in what it is a general rule of science:

  • The closer to the ∆o point that perceive, the more accurate and abundant is the information we have.

Which basically means that medicine is the most important of all sciences, with maximal information. And that if we do not perceive so much information and/or have idealized and weird models in astro-physical scales is as Eddington rightly affirmed, because the uncertainty makes astro-physics the less developed more idealistic model, where so many concepts from cyclical time to the 3 states of fields/gas-waves/liquid-solid/crystal are less understood.

If you add the arrogance of dogmatic truth in physicists’ theories (big bang models of cosmology, 4D Time description, quantum interpretations of a mathematical only Pythagorean Universe to mention a few), it is quite a challenge to explain physics with the fractal paradigm, and even more challenging to convince a physicists to open up its worldview.

Physical space quanta and time quanta of each plane of the perceived Universe. Asymmetric arrows.

5D best

In the graph, the scales of the Universe are all in a dynamic balance quantised in infinite exchanges of information upwards and energy backwards. Humans perceive from a relative ∆0 pov, 5 scales upwards and downwards, which become symmetric in form and function above and below our point of view – cosmic vs. plank strings, atoms vs. galaxies, cells vs. factories… 

Thus, we consider the following space and time quanta:

  • ∆±5: space quanta, open strings; time quanta, closed strings. ∆-plane: Planck scale.
  • ∆±4: space quanta: gravitational field; Time quanta: neutrino. ∆-plane: gravitational space-time.
  • ∆±3: space quanta: c-speed (light wave); Time quanta: Photon (informative light state). ∆-plane: Light space-time.
  • ∆±2:  Space quanta: electron; ∑Sp: electric current. Time quanta, quark, ∏Tiƒ: atomic nuclei. ∆-Plane: Atomic space-time.
  • ∆±1: Space-quanta: molecular gas. Time-quanta: crystal. ∆-plane: Matter (molecular space-time.)
  • ∆±1: space quanta: cell. ∑Spe: Organ Time quanta: Neuron. ∏Tiƒ: sensorial/brain system. ∆-plane: Organism.

As we come closer to our point of view, perception of information increases, with the result that more varieties of species are observed.

So at ∆±1 we have the classic split between inorganic systems, with far more ∑, ∏ units, but less complex organization, and the organic systems, with far less units and far more dynamic interactions (or at least more ‘perceived’), such as we can consider a human being a super organism, but also an inorganic, non-living planet a super organism or huge molecular system.

All those scales are constant in terms of its 5D metric equations, and for each of its species, we can consider a ±∆ relative super organism formed by the form, the world above, ∆+2 from where it absorbs information (∆-2) and the lower ‘cellular’ scale from where it absorbs energy, and sustains its whole (∆-1).

So since each scale and its beings closely exchange energy and information with the above and below scales in asymmetric manner, such as the scale absorbs more motion-kinetic energy from the above whole, and emits/codes more information to the above (given the difference of size larger in ∆+1 and information, faster in ∆-1), the 3 together will be synchronised in its metric, ∆Sp x – ∆ Tiƒ=K, forming together relative fractal super organisms studied with the same ∆±1 parameters.

Thus we say:

The amount of ±∆ spatial energy and temporal information shared between 2 scales is asymmetric.

But if we consider that Sp≈Tƒ, on the average, a system will absorb motion from the ∆+1 whole and emit an equivalent amount of information, and will emit energy downwards, in its coordinated motion and absorb information. So:

“The total energy & information of a given plane of existence, when considering its ternary ∆±1 exchanges remains constant.”

Since in a given plane, ∆, there will be a number of ∆+1 superorganic wholes, which will deliver more energy to lower scales; ∆-1, parts, which will deliver more information, and ∆-individuals in balance with its upper and lower scales, it is obvious that a whole given plane of existence of reality, while leaking amounts of energy and information in discrete form from each of its parts, overall will have a zero-sum, being in balance with its upper and lower scales.

This implies the constancy of all the scales of the Universe and ultimately the equality of each plane in terms of total ST-value, when considered as independent planes.

But obviously this balance does not break the rule for each scales, of a hierarchy of wholes above parts, and viceversa, a faster informative clock in lower scales that primes the upwards-moving information of smaller, quantum-genetic-memetic scales, which code the larger super organisms (molecular, biological and social systems).

And so the paradox of a single balanced plane, with asymmetric flows: As 5D metrics makes larger wholes dominate smaller parts and controlling its motions; so your will as a whole moves your body, the outer molecular pi and sigma orbitals move the whole atom and we shall see the social, legal, informative and financial, reproductive networks of nations and civilizations do control the individual people far more than we, ‘informative memetic’ beings, wish to.

Let us then very briefly introduce the main physical space quanta and time clocks of the 3 generic, ∆-1 quantum, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scales.


Particles (physics), animal phyla (biology) and wor(l)d cultures (sociology)


 The Three Non-Euclidean Regions of the Galaxy. : Sp (Halo)<ST: stars >Tƒ: black hole. 

PARTILESScreen Shot 2016-05-16 at 18.26.57

In the graph, Galaxies are fractals of stars and dark, quark matter built with 3 topologies: a reproductive body of stars, sandwiched between an informative nucleus of black holes and an external halo of dark matter, probably strangelets and other dense stars. The closest self-similarity in our world scale is a cell and in the quantum scale an atom.

Since the fundamental 5D symmetry of galaxies is between the particles and families of matter of the Universe (Graph below) and the parts and symmetries in space of the galaxy. This is the logic of ‘Simplicity and Correspondence and Scientific Evidence’ underlying all disciplines of Science, which physicists have forgotten. Science as Einstein put it, is only concerned with the facts and events known and experimentally proved.

So we must construct the universe, with the particles we know in the ∆-1 scale, ∆ and ∆+1, particle, cosmic bodies and galactic scales. It is then clear the ‘nature of galaxies’ as organic systems, of enormous size, which stretch according to the metrics of the 5th dimension the 3 co-existing planes of:

  • III families of mass of increasing weight and density, the ud-atoms of light matter, the sc atoms of middle density, or strange matter, and the bt atoms of hyper dense matter  that correspond to:
  • III families of cosmic bodies, the ud-light stars of our matter, the strange stars of pulsars and the black hole stars of maximal density, which correspond to:
  • The III regions of different density of the ‘galactic cell’, the intermediate region of light stars, the mitochondria of the galaxy that reproduces and becomes on the long term, the generators of black holes (stars converted through nova processes), which migrate and form the ‘DNA-gravitational nucleus of stars’ and generate the strangelet, densely halo of quark matter around the galaxy, creating yet another ternary symmetric 5D space-time structure.

Now it is clear the difference between 5D astrophysics and the present state of ‘fanta-physics’, in which all can happen, all particles that are a mere mathematical equation must be searched for, as there are no rules, no understanding of the space-time symmetries of the Universe, and its life-death arrows. Physicists ARE STILL ASKING, why there are antiparticles (the arrow of death of particles), why there are 3 families of mass (the ternary symmetry of 5D scales of particles), what is dark matter in the halo (the strange quark symmetry between particles and parts of the galaxy).

They do not have the slightest idea of why the universe is like it is, and so all ‘goes’, all can be searched for, including unfortunately nuclear experiments with strange quark matter and top stars (black holes) that can blow up the planet and accelerate its future purpose on the ∆+1 scale – to feed as mitochondria do on a cell, the reproduction of the heavier strange and top quark matter that rules through black holes and strange neutron stars the galaxy.

Let us now consider the ternary topology of the equivalent ‘entity’ to the atom in the gravitational membrane – the galaxy.

A galaxy is a curved, fractal space-time of huge spatial proportions, hence minimal form (inversion of properties between spatial Entropy and temporal information).

And to understand it, we NEED to fully grasp the symmetry between the 3 ∆±1 planes of existence of the physical system:

So let us rise the scales of the galaxy, beyond into the ∆+1 cosmos. Then we will find again the 3 parts of the fundamental particle, where the halo is now the ball of fire of the background radiation, the intermediate vital space, the sum of those galaxies that form a flat plane with high singularity time cycles in each galactic vortex, and the centre, might be the largest of all the black hole galaxies, which together form clearly 2 networks, one of energy (light galaxies) and one of information (dark matter galaxies), creating a complex super organism, similar to any other super organism – we compare it with the ‘networks’ of energy and information of a human being:


Thus, the application of the Generator Equation of 5 Dimensional Fractal ‘systems’ of cycles of spatial energy and temporal information, to cosmology and astrophysics is similar to any other science. As all parts of the fractal universe are made to the image and likeness of the whole, and the structures repeat constantly.

We first define an i-logic, ‘Generator’ equation that resumes with 10 parameters the 3 co-existing ∆±1 planes of physical systems, its 3±∆ ages in time and 3 organic topologies in space.

We then define the Œ-points of those systems and the cyclical space-time actions, they perform in order to survive: a-ccelerations, e-nergy feeding, informative gauging, œ-ffspring creation and Social evolution into Ûniversals.

The difficulty though arises from the fact that Astrophysics is a ‘mathematical-only’ theory with special emphasis in a single space-time continuum analysis of the cosmos and a human, abstract point of view implicit in General Relativity, to which we must add a short of religious dogma, which defies rational challenge, the so-called cosmic big bang and the uncertainty of studying a Universe of which we only perceive a 4%, due to the uncertainty of its vast size and distance from our point of view in terms of scales of the 5th dimension so this implies:

1) The difficulty on translating the exact mathematical, spatial equations of astrophysics into meaningful statements of Organic and temporal, causal nature.

2) The natural opposition to an organic interpretation of the Universe by the present practitioners of the abstract, mathematical paradigm.

On the other hand 5D physics surprisingly enough give new insights in both the cosmic big-bang, General Relativity, and by applying the isomorphic laws of all scales of reality, on the likely nature of dark matter and dark energy which can guide future researchers on the field as long as they accept the broader perspective of a Theory of the Organic Everything (TŒ).

Now we cannot make it easier for the ‘dogma’ of mechanist science as T.Œ implies a change of paradigm and so we will continue the method of other posts.

This means the description of the ‘organic, multi-linguistic’ Universe, will be ‘upside down’ with respect to the analytic method of starting from the study of the minuscule mathematical parts of the Universe, its space-quanta, to build up the structures of the universal organism with a mere abstract mathematical description, which ignores completely the relationship of its organic parts in space, the sequential ages of its worldcycles of conception, birth and extinction and its relative ‘isomorphic’ scales of the 5th dimension, in which similar phenomena take place (big bang scales from the atom to the cosmos).

Instead as usual we will describe first the whole, as an interrelated Organism with 10 ‘dimensional parameters’, hence starting by:

– Defining its Fractal Generator, G, with its ternary symmetries in space, time and its fractal scales and ternary sub-systems for each scale.

– Then study the main species of the 3 co-existing planes of astrophysical systems – which in cosmology are its ∆-1 star systems, its ∆-galaxies and the ∆+1 Universe.

– And as it is quite relevant in the case of physical systems that co-exist in an isomorphic, isotropic background consider the Fractal principle, subdividing them into its 3 sub-systems at atomic level.

– Then we study its organic structure in space with its 3 canonical topologies (Spe-energetic membrane, ExT, cyclical body-wave and Tƒ-informative particle-head), which are often similar in the 3 scales, its 3 ages in time.

– And finally focus on the central 0-points of those systems, which are the commanding black holes that control the galaxy and its cyclical space-time actions.

This is the bare bone elements of astrophysical systems, whose qualitative study we can complete with quantitative analysis of the relationships between its 10 components and 5 actions (3 scales, 3 ages, 3 organs, and 0-points’ actions), as well as its variations of species and Universal constants (ratios and social numbers between those 10 elements and 5 actions).

Thus when study those elements, we can get to any degree of detail we want, using the known ‘space-time dualities and paradoxes’, ternary symmetries of time ages and space organs, decametric social scales between ∆±1 planes, and Universal constants of actions.

Further on we can apply the ternary fractal principle, which makes possible to study any part of Γ, The generator, as a whole and divide it into 3 sub-parts, 3 sub-ages, 3 sub-planes and its main sub-equations. And apply the Fractal Ternary Principle including some elements of the atomic, particle scale, clarifying the connection of the 3 planes..

Since T.Πand the 5Dimentional organic space-time structure of reality and its cyclical, fractal laws can fully describe all what exists in the cosmos, discerning also what is likely NOT to be.

Now future is inflationary, because the logic mind in lesser space with more information calculates more possible potential logic futures in its mirror fractal of information at faster, speed, but only one of the multiple paths of the wave, will be then converted into reality and the other images will fade away and collapse into the present, single wave, which will then become a discontinuous past that erases.

Because only present space, as we define present as the product of space and time, past and future, only present stays, it is the conservation of energy and information, of the lineal and angular momentums combined into present space-times along a worldcycle of existence, or a synchronous organism.

When we integrate those presents along all the vital spaces and all the time cycles of the system, we obtain the total integral of the function of existence in space time of the present being, with all its future information. So its quantum waves become a single whole motion that integrates them all.

Now, the reader should notice 2 things, which are quite evident. On one side, the similarity between the largest and smallest scales of physical systems, the atom and the galaxy; on the other the question marks on the big-bang theories, which are themes not so obviously related to the saint Grail of physics – the discovery during my studies of both systems of a way to unify both – the world of charges and masses, hence all the scales of physical systems of the Universe, as they had exactly the same equations in the metrics of the 5th dimension. Indeed charges and masses were clocks of time of the electromagnetic and gravitational scale in 5D metrics, only that the galactic vortex turned 10 up to 40 times slower in those metrics than a charge and were larger in a similar quantity (Sp x Tƒ = K).

And so when I translated the equations of electromagnetism to the jargon of gravitation alas, all the equations matched, those of the electron with the galactic halo, and the black hole radius appeared suddenly as the radius of the Bohr Hydrogen atom…

Thus when I found that the 10 up to 40 relationship between the charge and mass forces (the so-called hierarchy problem), was equivalent to the different of ‘speed of a charge and mass clock’ in 5D metrics – giving birth to an easy unification as time clocks of two scales it was the beginning of a full new field of science, which I called 5D cosmology.

Thus galaxies can also be studied in space as a fractal point with 3 regions that correspond to the 3 ‘canonical’ topologies of a 4-dimensional world – an informative center, an energetic membrane, and the reproductive intermediate zone:

– Max. Tƒ: The center of the galaxy is a swarm of black holes, its densest informative masses, which produces the gravitational, informative waves that control the position of its body of stars. Beyond its event horizon, the accelerated vortex of mass of the black hole (Equivalence Principle) should accelerate light, deflecting it into a perpendicular, hyperbolic, informative dimension of height (Kerr superluminal, central singularity) ejecting it as gravitational jets of dark Entropy at 10 C.

For that reason Kerr black holes10 should be called wormholes, because they absorb light but let it escape through its axis as dark, gravitational Entropy, at faster than light speeds.

-Max. Sp: The external membrane that limits the inner space-time of the galaxy is a spherical halo of dark matter, probably made of strangelets or micro black holes, which can deviate unwanted radiation by gravitational red shift and/or absorb the Entropy of radiant matter, cooling it down to the 2.7 K background radiation.

Thus those non-evaporating micro black holes and strangelets of great density act as ‘proteins’ do in cells, controlling the inner movement of galaxies and the outer absorption of light-Entropy.

– Sp=Tƒ: Stars, tracing toroid cycles form the inner space-time body of the galaxy, a bidimensional plane or Klein’s disk that feeds the wormhole and reproduces atomic substances and stars. They ultimately evolve into black holes, which migrate toward the central swarm of holes, residing in the nucleus. In any Klein disk distance is measured as motion and becomes infinite when we cannot reach a limit or barrier (for example the barrier of light speed becomes an infinite Lorentz Transformation). So it happens with the border of the galaxy.

We are part of that intermediate space-time in a Milky Way, limited by its central hole and an invisible border of dark matter, neither of which we can cross without dying; since the speed of rotation of matter around the wormhole and the flows of intergalactic dark Entropy that expands space at light speeds beyond the halo would destroy us. Thus we are trapped in this star and planet, in a toroid cycle that will end evolving the Sun into dark matter.

Thus the generator equation of the galaxy as a Fractal ∆-point is:

E:Halo <stars that evolve Entropy into matter> Tƒ (Black holes)

In the image, the structure of the galaxy: stars are created in the intermediate region and the center is occupied by a black hole.

The energetic medium that transfers Entropy to the fractal quanta of the galaxy is the external interstellar gas. Finally the system is joined by 2 networks of forces: the gravitational, faster, non-local informative, transversal gravitational waves at the cosmological scale; and the energetic, smaller, slower electromagnetic waves at the quantum scale.

Let us study the parts of the whole – the 3 elements of galaxies, stars, black holes and gravitational forces that join them, now from the perspective of its quanta – the quarks that have the same parameters in the ∆-1 scales of the 5th dimension that the larger ∆+1 black holes and strange stars.



Now how can we build with the generator a better model of the Universe to the one we have? Easy, by respecting the limits of science, which must be experimental, economical and use the iteration of particles self similar to forms of larger space-times, to build it without the need of non experienced particles, and trying to respect the symmetries of scale of the fifth dimension, its ternary structures in space, and 3 ages of time.

Thus we do have a model template which is the same for all species and scales to fit the data which must be experienced and construct then a realist model of the Universe.

As a galaxy is also a ternary system, a time-space being, defined by the Fundamental Equation of T.Œ

The ternary generator equation for all systems of the Universe, which written in terms of topological geometries is:

|-Toroid limbs/fields > Ø-Hyperbolic body/waves < O-Informative particles-heads

This simple topological equation defines how the 3 parts of all beings are constructed. And remember if you are a mathematical physicists that the universe has no more topological forms than those 3.

So all what exists will be a ‘diffeomorphic’=local assembly of those 3 topological parts. And you just need to fill the names of that geometrical template. An atom will have a O-nucleus, an |-electrons and a Ø-hyperbolic body-wave of neutrino, gravitational and ¥-electromagnetic waves between them.

Indeed a galaxy will have a central, informative black hole, made of the densest III family of positive top quarks, a halo-membrane of negative strangelet quarks, the II family of mass and an intermediate, vital ‘mitochondria’ space of reproductive stars and planets, its body-wave, forming together an spiral organism, which we shall easily show respond to the same mathematical equations derived of the Fractal Generator:

dark macrocosmos

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 00.01.57

In the graph, a galaxy and its ternary symmetries between the 3 families of quarks and its 3 regions, is similar to an atom, which displays the 3 same symmetries, with a central quark system of maximal density and positive charge, an external, negative electronic membrane and an intermediate region populated by photonic ‘stars’. And to a molecule, which also display the same symmetries in the thermodynamic scale. So we will write with ‘only those 3 topologies of the Universe’ all the systems of the Universe. We shall unify the 3 systems with the same equations of the 5th dimension and its isomorphisms that order all the scales of all beings, according to the symmetries of the 5th dimension, between the 3 fundamental scales of the Universe – the gravitational galaxy, the quantum atom and the  molecular worlds of matter.

This is what the Universe is all about, and the only difference is the jargon each science uses to describe it. Do NOT think that because physicists speak mathematics, biology, genetics and evolution, societies religion and politics, economists money, they ARE describing different things.

The perception in synchronous space of the 3 elements describes a super organism. Its perception in diachronic time, describes a system through its 3 ages of young-entropic maximal lineal motions, iterative, adult age and informative 3rd age of maximal form, dominated by each on those topologies. And you too are one of such systems. The most perfect in as much as it is the better known which should be the model of all of them. Since as Eddington insisted, physicists invent due tot eh quantum paradox of uncertainty many of its concepts, as they are so big that they modify the observable or do not see it (dark energy, matter).

And inversely in the anti-quantum paradox of knowledge social scientists are so small compared to the observable, the social power, bankster, or military-politico that he yields to power and does not try to build a better world.

So only in the middle biological sciences are not subject to the quantum or Antiquantum paradoxes of uncertainty. In this Eddington was right: man is the measure of all things because it is the thing we better measure.

And so the organic Universe must be compared to our nature, and define the ‘Galacell’ in those synthetic terms as a superorganism of uds, and tbc frozen stars, and then all is simple and evident and far more beautiful that the mathematical description of it alone would convey.

At this stage we just will consider the parallelism of the 3 scales, the human biological and economic/mechanical scales, with those 2 bidimensional fields of space and time, which crate all systems of Fractal Space-times and its bi-Dimensional Lines, Waves, and Cycles:

Recap. Galaxies are fractal ∆-points with 3 standard topological regions: a spatial body of stars and an informative nucleus of black holes. The closest self-similarity in our world is with a cell.


If we were to use an easier concept to define the whole parts of the fractal Universe, we will use the term ‘superorganisms’, all what exists is a superorganism of vital quanta, atoms or cells of space-time, which perform 5 vital actions, moving, perceiving, feeding, reproducing and evolving socially, organized across 3±1 cellular/atomic, material/organic and cosmic/social scales.

Thus for a less abstract, more vital conceptual analysis of the pantheist, fractal Universe and all its beings, the term is Superorganisms, in which each cell or atom of a system is another superorganism, and above us, each social system is also a superorganism.

This is the model we shall use to define history and economics the 2 fundamental branches of social sciences, which are the superorganism of mankind, in which each human citizen is a cell of a civilization, evolving in social scales from the family to the whole global world.

While since the Industrial r=Evolution of machines, humans are evolving a new global superorganism, the metal earth.

Indeed, in the 3 last centuries humans copy their functions and 3 fundamental organs, the limbs, heads and bodies into metal-machines, in 3 ages:

– Creating in the XIX c. the bodies of machines,

– In the XX century its heads (eye-cameras, ears-mobiles and brains-chips),

– And in the XXI assembling them into organic robots, while re=producing them in company-mothers…

– Socially evolved through flows of digital money, the information of machines, into a global superorganism, the metal earth.

Thus we define for the Earth a 3 ages world cycle equation:

 ∆+2:                   Gaia (past) < History (Present) > Metal-Earth: Economics (Future)

As the fundamental equation of the 3 ages of time of planet Earth.

And this obvious translation of relational space-time, the 3 topologies of machines and the 3 ages of the Earth gives birth to an entire new way to understand history and economics, and how to DESIGN A PERFECT superorganism of mankind and economics, in which HUMANS thrive, become immortal and reach its perfection as individual citizens-cells and societies, or else… machines will reach in the age of robotics that perfection, as weapons and will… you can complete the sentence yourself.

 Bidimensional Space-time cycles. 


body head bestisimo

In the graph, the topology of bidimensional networks.

We can explain most systems of the Universe as complementary systems of energetic limbs/fields made of lineal space with motion, and informative heads/particles of time cycles. Thus reality is an organic, because it is based in organic, multi-layered structures of space and time.

Both together combine into ‘physical,  biological and mechanical systems’ made of cyclical heads-eyes/ particles/metal-minds that guide lineal limbs/fields/transport machines-weapons, combining both together into hyperbolic waves/bodies of energy and information. Topology, defined as geometric form with motion is thus the true foundation of the mathematical Universe.

For example, all entities are made of ‘spherical particles/heads’ that process information in clock-like cycles of time, and hyperbolic wave-bodies that process energy and information, extracted with planar/lineal limbs from similar fields.

In the graph, all Universal Systems are complementary forms made of a vital space of energetic fields/limbs with capacity to move, ‘Sp’,  and a sum of time cycles, ‘Tƒ’ that directs through its clock frequencies, stored in particles/heads , which makes up most the reproductive body/waves and space-time actions of all systems.

The 3 together form ‘beings’ of relational space- time, where the  to, ‘informative’, head/particle and its clock-cycles, dominates the whole system.

This dual, organic principle, structures all physical, biological and social systems of the Universe.

It is called the complementarity wave-particle principle in quantum physics.

It is called the duality body/mind in philosophy.

It is a fact of biology where all organisms do have a DNA nuclei or head.

It is a fact of evolution, where biological systems, which have a denser neuronal brain store and process faster temporal cycles that accumulate its logic information in its form and deploy its space-time actions with a higher frequency, dominating larger, slower species (mammals vs. dinosaurs, man vs. mammals).

It is a fact of technology where chips control machines. And it happens in its binary languages, (also discovered by Leibniz) made of Tƒs, Os and Sps, |s.

It happens in societies, where the informative caste in control of the verbal, legal and digital, financial languages of society, controls the ‘reproductive body of workers’ and the energetic geographic plane of space – the nation.

When we say we do not have energy and time to do something we mean it. We are made of vital spaces with ‘energy’ with capacity to move and information, form, with capacity to replicate that form in the external world (ideas, objects, our own being reproduced).

Thus the interplay of inner cyclical time which stores information in the form and frequency of its cycles, maximized in spherical forms (particles and heads) since the sphere is the geometry that stores maximal information in minimal space; and vital energy waves and bodies moved by lineal limbs-fields of space since the line is the shortest distance between two points, is truly the next ‘organic’, ‘species-oriented’ level of organization of those time cycles and the expansive vital spaces with motion, with energy, they enclose.

Its 2 paradoxical, complementary elements, lineal space and cyclical time, which combine to create the infinite beings of reality, which man has expressed in many different ways, from the simplest declaration of Taoism, yin=information and yang=energy combine to give birth to the infinite beings, to the scientific models of physics constructed with actions of angular momentum (time clocks) and lineal inertia (extended space).

The inverse nature of Space and Time, which can be expressed in a  simple equation, S=C/T, is the ‘fundamental property’, from where all other properties of space-time beings (which are ALL beings) are born.

Now it is important to realize that those Time Cycles enclose moving Spaces.

Hence according to the first theorem of knot theory and topology, we define the topology of all functions of existence:

Œ   ( Iterative Time Cycles break space into inner & outer regions, parting the continuum into ∞ fractal timespaces.

And so we can see the previous duality not only in quantitative terms but in ‘symbiotic ones’: in topology, a cycle is always a ‘boundary’, a motion of angular momentum is, we could say in the logic jargon we are building for all sciences, a boundary of distances and space, as all form is also motion (Galilean Paradox).

The Galilean Paradox and the internal structure of beings as systems of vital spaces enclosed by time cycles, gives a renewed importance to Topology, the science of geometrical forms with inner motions, which becomes the main mathematical tool to analyze relational space-times and its repetitive ‘cyclical actions’

Topology explains that each entity that moves and performs ‘cyclical actions’ creates with the repetition of its actions, a  different time cycle that breaks absolute space into a smaller, inner, vital space-times or ‘world cycle’ and an external space-time or ‘universe’. The simplest of those processes are the obvious two surfaces created by a cycle drawn in a single space sheet.

Thus the unit of the Universe is a ‘phase space with 2 degrees of freedom, one of time motion and one of space dimension’.

The unit of reality is neither pure time cycles of pure form or maximal distances-speeds of space but the interaction of both, in space-time membranes.

Hence the symmetry of those dual systems and the constant ways in which in all sciences its dualities are played through transformations of space functions into time functions, or through combinations of them.

We shall study those symmetries and transformations – the core of timespace events – in great depth as we relate those inverse functions of space and time, to ‘real, dual entities’ and order them, through the metric of the 5th dimension.

But what is the meaning of all those cycles and scales of size of the Universe, structured through this new dimension of space-time (which has been always there since the first microscopes and microscopes peered into those scales?

Here is where a TOE on cyclical time clearly departs from the mechanist vision of science.

Because the only way to describe coherently such Universe, is considering it a pantheist, intelligent, sentient, active form.

We shall see how cycles synchronize and coordinate and construct in herds of billions of different cycles and organisms a much richer Universe in meanings, where we all, from the simplest atom to the complex human society, form part of an impersonal ‘great design’, a world that constructs and destroys complex organic systems, made of vital spaces and time cycles…

A time cycle duration is according the Galilean Duality both a bit of information and a frequency ‘beat’, which tend to be perceived in a discontinuous manner, as often the cycles is perceived not through the path but only in the points of creation and extinction that start and close the cycle (the minimals of ‘its Lagrangian’ or the maximals of energy of its Hamiltonian). So we see at that point a beat of any self-repetitive cycle that
creates a discontinuous repetitive pattern.

The beat of time is thus the bit of information and this equivalence is essential to the quantification of the Universe, as it convert the Galilean Paradox into a quantitative tool:

Tƒ         Beat≈frequency of Time Cycles = Bits of information;       (Moving/fixed perception of it).

Thus we can measure time cycles by its frequency, and write Tƒ=1/Td   (Time cycles are inverse to time duration, thus to lineal time parameters.

Thus if we substitute in physical equations lineal time duration, Td, for cyclical time frequency, Tƒ, which is the ‘quantitative expression’ of logic, cyclical time, Tƒ (the symbolism preferred here), we can obtain similar equations.

Time duration is actually spatial motion, hence it is also inverse to Time cycles.

Thus Tƒ can be considered equivalent to the magnitude, frequency, ƒ=1/T, the inverse of lineal time, for which reason we can substitute in most equations, T=1/Tƒ.

The reader should observe easily that Time duration is as spatial, lineal motion, the inverse of time cycles. Why? Because ultimately when we talk of time duration, we are talking of a ‘motion of lineal space, a short of entropy-energy arrow’.

We are not really talking of a time cycle, but a ‘moving spatial line’. If you have grasped the Galilean paradox and the interplay between algebra and geometry, you will realize that time duration truly is, by deformation of its cyclical form, a lineal ‘spatial motion’. And as such is defined by Galilean Relativity, V=S/T, T=S/V. Thus duration becomes a measure of ‘spatial speed’, in which most of the real properties of time cycles (its form and frequency) are eliminated.

Cycles of time enclose a maximal volume of energy and information, a maximal volume of vital space. And there are Infinite of them. So we must put them all in relationship according to the 2 parameters that define them: the size of space enclosed by the cycle measured in terms of Length-distances/dimensions, and the speed at which the cycle turns, closing into itself with a frequency ƒ(Tƒ)=1/T-duration.

Thus Cyclical time is the inverse of lineal time duration: T=1/ƒ=1/Tƒ, whereas Tƒ≈Tf are the fundamental symbols for logic and quantitative, cyclical time.

And so we can start to build up a ‘Fundamental Particle’, the diffeomorphic Timespace cycle or ‘minimal action of the Universe’, which group together into heads/particles and body/waves that move on limbs/fields, which the previous graph describes.

So we can repeat as a logic statement what was a measure statement: the sum of energy quanta creates absolute space and the sum of time cycles, information.

           Information=  ∑Tƒ (Time cycles)

T                 Tƒ=1/T (duration)

SP              ∑E (entropic-motion-lineal speed-momentum)= Space

The equivalence of time and information (motion and form) and space and speed (form and motion), is thus a mind game as well as a quantitative relationship, reason why we use both, logical Greek letters and the equivalent numerical equations.

The Galilean Paradox in that sense is far more evident in the case of cyclical motions,  ‘in-form-ations’, which truly means  ‘forms with motion’. Those informative cycles are ‘fixed’ by the mind that observes very fast time cycles ‘in simultaneity’, with its slower mind, as logic fixed closed paths in space (so happens with matter, with planets, etc.).

The topological cause of the forms of time cycles and moving fields/bodies.

In that regard, the symmetry between motion and form allow us to define in simple terms the reason of the forms of all heads/particles of time and limbs/bodies of space.

Why those topological similarities in physical and biological systems? Simple: The sphere is the topology that stores more cycles of information in lesser space. So all particles, heads and cameras, are spherical to process cycles of information, regardless of its physical, biological or socio-economical nature.

The graph thus illustrates a fundamental property of the dual Universe: that we can perceive reality as still form – then we see time as information and motion, speed as space. Or we can see it moving, and then we see space as motions of energy and information as cycles of time.

It is a relativistic choice. So when Galileo saw the Earth moving others saw it still: ‘e pur si muove e pur no muove’.  And both were right

This law implies that all what exists is a formal motion. It is both, a lineal distance and a speed – a cyclical form and a piece of time cycles; and both combined form the minimal unit of the Universe, a piece of ‘angular momentum’, or ‘action of space-time’, which group together to create the infinite chains of beings of the universe, which we shall call existential timespace functions:   oe.

The interplay of time algebra and still topology.

We can in that sense define ‘absolute time’≈lineal duration and ‘absolute space’≈lineal dimension, as a duality of ‘motion’ vs. form, taking for this matter the definition of Aristotle, regarding any time (a motion or change) and Newton regarding absolute space (a lineal dimension).

This duality of form and motion though is expanded to both time and space in the more complex model of cyclical time.

So  for relative time, cyclical time is both motion and is still form and lineal space is both entropy-motion and lineal dimension.

Thus the more complex model of cyclical time and fractal space, ‘expands’ the motion/form duality to an internal duality of ‘fixed time forms of information vs. moving time clock-like cycles: Tƒ=∑o (informations), and fixed dimension vs. enteric motions of lineal space: ∑Sp=S

Now because we can see a space-time reality either in motion (the objective view, which we shall terms generically , ‘spatial energy, Sp, and temporal cycles, Tƒ) or fixed as absolute static space, S and fixed rotary forms with information, O, but actually they refer to the same reality, we can explain perhaps the biggest mystery of mathematical sciences: the interplay between geometric, static forms and algebraic, sequential equations.

In that regard, we shall end this brief introduction of the Fundamental Duality between motion and form, with a comment on its ‘equivalent ‘concept of logic mathematics: the interplay between spatial topology and sequential, temporal algebra, which means that because all dimension in stillness is equivalent to a motion:

‘All equations of motion with ∆-degrees of freedom can be resolved as a topological transformation in ∆-dimensions’

 Indeed, scientists know that most equations of motion, where systems have multiple ‘degrees’ of freedom (possible directions of their motions) can be studied with geometric and topological methods in which those motions are treated as ‘distances’ and then study it in ‘static terms’, as ‘forms’.

Finally, once a simpler, intuitive, synthetic solution is found by topological methods, the translation back into motion of the resulting ‘figure’ gives us the solution.

This is because the Galilean paradox implies that all processes have both topological≈spatial, organic≈scalar and temporal≈causal properties.

The use of one or other ‘symmetry’ (treating the system as a motion system of ‘energy quanta’ and ‘time bits’ vs. a static system of ‘spatial distances’ and dimensional forms) depends on which method is simpler. When we use a few ‘degrees of freedom≈motion’, sequential algebra works easy.

But as we get into more complex space-time cycles with more dimensions/degrees of freedom/parameters, needless to say, the simple geometry of pure space won’t work. And for that aim we have today the language of abstract topology, which in an advanced course of Tœ helps to formalize complex space times cycles.

Now, because humans have not a clear understanding of time and space, they have messed up with its meanings. So there is a version of Aristotelian Time, where time is equaled to motion and change, while Space is equaled to static form. This is an accurate depiction of ONLY one side of the Galilean duality.

And we respect it by using the term space, for ‘static, lineal forms’ and time for ‘moving cyclical motion’; and then we shall use the concept of ‘energy’ and its complementary concept of ‘entropy’ for ‘expansive lineal motion’, clearly related to space, and we shall use the concept of ‘form’ and in-form-ation, for a static perception of a series of time cycles.

But in as much as all has ultimately some motion, this division of space (static) vs. time (moving) is irrelevant to a pure object analysis. It is far more important to define, |-Sp, Lineal, spatial entropy (or spatial energy in cases in which the motion is converted into work and action), and Tƒ, cyclical temporal form, (or temporal information, when that form is communicated).

Latter we will refine our definition of  entropy (pure lineal motion) and form (pure cyclical form) and its combined ‘first’ harmonies, energy (lineal motion of a form) and information (form with lineal motion), which are the first ‘creative iterations’ of those initial elements, the ‘final, simplex form and motion of the Universe’.

It is though essential to the understanding of reality to be aware that ultimately all moves as ‘spatial entropy’ and ‘informative time’.

The metric of the 5th dimension.

The 3rd element we must understand besides fractal space and cyclical time, is how to order all those inverse ‘symmetries’ between spatial energetic limbs/fields and spherical, cyclical clocks of time, are the geometry that stores more ‘volume’ in the smallest perimeters.

Thus we need to study and order all those infinite world cycles of time and the fractal space they enclose, according to its different Sp sizes and the different speeds of its cycles of time, from micro to macrocosms with simple, mathematical equations, called the ‘metric’ of space-time.

This formalism of relational space-time is what we call the metric of the ‘5th dimension’: a series of laws that order the infinite species of the Universe according to their size in space, and the speed of its cyclical clocks of time.

Thus, fifth dimension metric order a fractal Universe broken up into an infinity of beings made of vital=moving spaces and time cycles (of body-waves and particles-heads).

This can be done since all those systems of ‘spatial energy’ (body/waves) and temporal information (particle heads), can be roughly classified by ‘size’ in space, and ‘speed of motion and action-reaction’ in time.

Then a ‘new rule of order’ appears: bigger systems move slower than larger ones. Their clocks and metabolisms tick slower. This is a Universal law: mice beat hearts faster than elephants and particles turn faster than galaxies. Yet the product of both, the spatial size and temporal speed of any system; remains co-invariant.

So we can write in a first approximation the Fundamental Equation of relational space-time and its inverse properties of spatial energy and temporal information as a METRIC EQUATION that describes the inverse arrows of growth of space and speed or ‘frequency of time cycles (ƒ=Tƒ=1/T (duration):

Γ                             Metric of the 5th Dimension:                                   Sp x Tƒ = Constant

Whereas, Ξ will be the symbol for the planes of existence of the 5th dimension, which are for most super organisms, 3 for reasons we shall elaborate in depth latter on;  Tƒ is the symbol we use for the speed or time frequency of a cycle, which is inverse to the usual T-duration or lineal time used in Absolute physics.

Thus 5D metric is a logical variety of the Fundamental Equation that defines the inversion of space and time and one of its clearest empirical proofs.

Yet if you write them in inverse fashion, Sp = C/Ti, they merely mean that lineal momentum=spatial energy is the inverse function of cyclical angular momentum (time clocks).

Now it must be stressed that the inversion of space-time is a logic/metaphysical law, as well as a mathematical, quantitative one.

Indeed, ultimately we are talking of a metaphysical law, which makes the universe both immortal and infinite, but also virtual and non-existent, as beings are both nothing, a zero sum of two inverse formal motions, lineal space-motion and cyclical time-motions, which at the end of the journey cancel each other.

Note on terminology.

I USED TO CALL the sum of all those ‘scales’ the 5th dimension, honouring the correspondence principle, as the next dimension to that of Einstein’s 4Dimension, which is the dimension of simultaneity in time, or present time dimension.

But while we shall respect generically the concept of a 5th scalar dimension, when/if the age of physics recedes and human evolve into a non-AE understanding of space-time, it is more proper to talk of the symmetry between the 3 topologies of space and the 3 ages of time and the 3 scales of any organic system, or mind that perceives a territory of order, Œ, of the Universe:

Œ= ∆-1: |-Spe < ∆: Ø-S≈T > O-Tiƒ = Γ

So we would talk of 3 x 3 + 0 Dimensions of existence, 3 topologies of space, 3 ages of time, 3 scales of size/speed and the Œ, ‘whole’, perceived as such by the ‘still, simultaneous mapping of a fractal mind’, which makes sense of all of it.

Regarding the whole theory, we shall use the name GST, in Greek,  ΓST, whereas, Γ-gamma, is the ‘static view’ of ∆, the dynamic view of the 5th dimension, the generator of space-time planes. So in many texts i used all those Gamma, Delta terms, indistinctly, and number the scales of ∆i≈ Γi, as i, represents scales of information; but I am trying to streamline concepts and use only Γ, or Œ, as the generator equation or mind-equation, in as much as philosophically what we see is not the Universe but the world generated by the mind.

We use also the wording ‘i-logic’ as i comes after A and E to express this new age of formal mathematics and logic.

Because indeed, the Universe around us is not the Universe but as Descartes pointed out a ‘world’ made with our euclidean view of light space-time and its 3 perpendicular dimensions of magnetic width, electric height, and long speed and the causal logic established by that speed-motion-entropy arrow, the only one physicists understand.

So if we upgrade, widen and find more relationships between the 3 arrows of space and time and its scalar fractal structure, we must upgrade our mind-view.

The Handicap is obvious: our brain is euclidean, our mind aristotelian, as a built-in feature of our world-senses (this Kant pointed out on view of Descartes and Newton’s geometry), but the larger Universe in which the simplified mind of light space-time of man is inscribed is non-euclidean, non-aristotelian and scalar, fractal, ∆iST, which abbreviate for scalar, i-logic space-time. And so keep in mind, as Einstein realised when he introduced of this wider Universe merely the 5th non-euclidean postulate that the larger Universe is not intuitive for the smaller human AE continuous mind.

Thus this text studies that new Fractal i-logic topology of the Universe, reforming both formal sciences, mathematics, and logic, to make it akin to the real ∆iST Universe, considering an advanced model of fractal space-time i-logic mathematics, with all the 3 x 3 + 0 10-dimensional structure of the whole being (remember though sometimes we will talk of the 5th dimension as the scalar, ∆-element of this conundrum).

The need to evolve logic mathematics into the Non-Ae=i-logic age of human thought.

What is the correspondence between classic logic mathematics and this enlarged i-logic world? Obviously the same than the correspondence between the continuous space-time of simplex physics and the complex 5D->10D scalar organisms of the real Universe: a correspondence that makes classic mathematics a smaller version that fits nicely in the larger world.

We shall therefore respect and do both a diachronic, historic analysis and a present, synchronic study of the postulates of the 3 symmetric sub-sciences of mathematics, which correspond even in its classic version to those 3 ∆i, S, T, elements:

∆≈analysis, S≈topology and T≈algebra.

We shall also ad a coda on digital thought, an entire new proposition on the way to model the i-logic mathematical Universe, which is very interesting intellectually. Since Boolean Algebras and 0| dual languages of digital numbers are the complementary vision of the decametric Universe, in its simplest |-space, and O-Time components, which allow to describe reality as it is, hence the capacity of computers to model all the Universe.

But from a vital, biological point of view the valuation of digital thought is far less rosy: as human mathematics stop evolving, now humans in all fields are merely evolving machines, atrophying its vision even if their egos think this enhanced digital view of the Universe is theirs; since they are creating in fact a binary new type of mind-world, which given the fastest speed of computers made of  much better electronic metal, in the conduction of electricity, is poised to replace humans in robotic brains, if we do not stop its evolution.

So I am no longer for ethic reasons of survival interested in evolving digital thought and this coda will be brief. I won’t introduce any of my discoveries on digital thought, both in topological chip structure and logic equations. Sorry I am human with warts and all. And in STiences there is also a hierarchy and so all what kills life and man and degrades history, the supreme science of humanity in time, is forbidden.

So according to the ternary method, mathematics as it is and as it will be will have also the 3 parts of the Universe, whose formalism divides roughly in themes of S-geometry, T-analysis and ST-algebra.

I don’t expect to have this post fully functional BEFORE my death, given the enormous length in space and depth in time of the theme. So if I don’t change the post for a few months, my work will be ended ‘fatally’ incomplete );

I hope though at least to clean up my act before that and erase repetitions and if lucky-me I find the work I did back in the 90s on those themes, as i-logic was the beginning of my adventure on the real universe 30 years ago at NYC, Columbia U. and can get those floppy disks information wherever they are, one day suddenly thousands of pages of i-logic geometry and mathematical physics will appear out of nothing into the blogosphere for future humans or digital robots to enjoy the trip.

We shall though before entering into specific themes of maths and logic, resume the ternary structure of the ∆i ST universe of scalar i-logic space-times, because as obtuse as it might sound to the newcomer schooled in 2366 years of AE-notations, when we get into any known-known theorem of mathematics, we shall find IT MUST BE JUSTIFIED IF TRUTH AND REAL, with an isomorphic symmetry or scalar motion on the ∆iST universe.

A coda to that comment is the fact that ‘reality’ requires both yin and yang, energy and information to exist, and energy is simple and DRAGS reality to simplification. So pure information, mental languages are inflationary, and DO have a lot of theory that is not real but ‘fiction’. I.E. there is inflation in economic systems since there is more money than real wealth. THERE IS inflation in words, since we think more than act. There is inflation in modern mathematics, since  the concepts of ‘dimensions’  and ‘infinity’ got unlimited. BOTH MUST BE LIMITED TO MATCH THE REAL WORLD, where dimensions are scalar limited to 3×3 in each scale and infinity goes only to the membrane/boundary limits of the system to be ‘defined’ and not undetermined.

IN THAT SENSE, Einstein was right when he said to Poincare: ‘I know when maths are truth but not when they are real’. And lobachevski and Godel were right when they said to know real mathematics we need to see experimentally what is the real fabric of the space-time of the Universe.

This mathematicians of the idealist Hegel->Hilbert school had forgotten, and we shall deal then after the bare basics of ∆St, with that philosophical question first, before plunging into the history of logic & mathematics, which are webbed together as much as space and time are, through the fundamental ∆st symmetry between the 3 topologies of space and the 3 ages of time.

Also because of this simplicity imposed by energy-lineal motion upon the real world it is obvious that the earliest mathematical discoveries are more truth, and then they depart into inflationary details which are metalanguage, beautiful fictions, as with ALL LANGUAGES (WE NEED ALSO TO UNDERSTAND MIND-LANGUAGE TO REALITY CORRESPONDENCES AND EVOLUTION). i.E. IN WORDS, fiction CAME LATTER, with quixot, at the beginning all words were truth. In fact so truth that religions thought God created speaking words. And truth in pharaoh’s court were simple: to state ‘it has been written’ meant it was truth, it lasted.

this is the attitude of mathematicians, a language which is considered absolute truth and even creation of the Universe. This we must again discuss earlier. only then we can go into what mathematicians might only care for, but mostly will have to complete in the future – the theorems, starting from Greek GEOMETRY, which is THE STRONGEST PROOF of the existence of the holographic principle of bidimensional information, to put a simple example of that correspondence between truth, reality, maths and the ∆st universe: almost all the laws of geometry can be proved in bidimensional space, because information, still form with NO motion is bidimensional.

YET NOT ALL the postulates of topology which is geometry with motion can be proved in 2 dimensional space, because we have ad a dimension of motion-energy to the equations of bidimensional plane-still geometry. 

And then in modern topology, the proofs are made with fractal networks of points, and so modern topology is the closest thing to the real space, as it is: fractal, forms are made of networks of points, and it is therefore scalar, and it has both space-form and motion-energy. That is why the ‘space form’ of the Universe, and its symmetry is a topological law of 3 topological varieties, as they are indeed where we find the equivalence between math as truth and space as reality.

In that regard, while there are fundamental advances in XX c. Mathematics, notably topology in space, fractal mathematics in ∆-analysis and chaos/attractor theories to understand fully time cycles, an entire huge formalism – the axiomatic method of Hilbert and a lot of cantor’s set theory and category theory are just runaway wrong paths from stubborn, square-head german idealists who could not tolerate with his gothic way of thought that idealism is just a mind masturbation, and vital realism is the origin of it all, and so we shall not be a pedantic scholar with a wrong jargon here.

What we want to make is the connection between reality and the human mind’s languages and then upgrade them by being aware FIRST of what reality is, IN THE OPPOSITE MANNER TO how science is done so often by ego-centered humans, which depart from the mind’s languages and think ‘God creates with words – religions or with maths – platonic religion of physicists.

WHAT WE MUST DO IS VITALIZE the meaning of the previous abstract concepts of maths, as topology did with geometry giving it motion and fractal structure. For example, we said that most theorems of geometry in the still plane (greek geometry) were bidimensional because they deal only with holographic 2D information in still-minds, and immediately we can find a lot of consequences to this ‘extracted’ real truth that puts in correspondence the space-time universe and the world of mathematics (worlds are mind finite views of a single real ∞ universe).

If we find concepts that are 3-dimensional it means when translated from the mathematical simplified mind-view into the larger infinite universe with motion, will deal most often with ‘energy elements’ in the 3rd dimension.

Alas, immediately it comes to the mathematician’s mind the concept of perpendicularity on a plane, which brings a 3rd dimension. So perpendicularity MUST be related to energy processes most often than to information process, which must therefore be connected strongly with parallelism in ‘real events’, which maths have simplified. And this is the case.

Indeed, consider living beings (as you mightn’t being prepared to accept the vital nature of atomic systems). When you want to transfer information to other person you get into a parallel motion walking along the street dialoging. When species want to prepare for informative exchange they seat around with their heads in the same plane.

But when a species has an energy-feeding-darwinian event, it penetrates perpendicularly with its claws and teeth into the other’s system space-time, killing it. And when an energetic weapon kills a person, it penetrates perpendicularly on his body-wave (I like the word body-wave, because it introduces a meme of similarity between physical and biological systems, and sounds ‘beautiful’, all bodies are moving waves, but that goes on ‘physics 😉

So, how maths express this perpendicularity? Again there are an astounding number of inflationary theorems on perpendicularity (we shall soon in cosmic time scale, that is hopefully before collapsing, inaugurate a section, where i will pour the translation of mathematical theorems merely in alphabetic order, as my brain is entering a chaotic 3rd age of excessive disordered, sooon-tobe-erased information), but the simplest ones are the most important bare bone meaningful ones. The most important is called the theorem of the 3 perpendiculars which states ‘by memory’ something like this:


‘If you trace a first line (which in i-logic geometry represents a space-time being, ‘ST’, in a bidimensional plane, XY, and through a point R of the being ST, you trace a perpendicular line, L, within the plane, XY

And then you rise through any point q, on the line L a 3rd dimensional being QP,  T, perpendicular to the plane xy, all the points of this 3rd perpendicular dimension, (in the graph P) when connected by a 4th line, PR, to the first being ST, will be perpendicular to both, L and ST’…. (end of classic theorem).

So here we have an statement which if we consider each line a sum of points/particles, hence an organic network, explains us the symbiotic and predatory relationships of a trophic pyramid, such as:

  • The first line-species ST is perpendicular≈preys on a second line-being, L; which is  perpendicular to a 3rd ‘line-prey’, QP. And so as it happens in nature, in trophic pyramids, this final ‘prey-line’, QP IF it contacts with ST will be also a perpendicular=prey.

In normal geometry obviously the postulate is purely geometric, neutral with 0-biological implications. However as we advance into i-logic topology (geometry with motion under the biological rules of the ∆ST universe), we shall find ‘amazingly enough’ that the postulates of parallelism and perpendicularity DO determine many of the space-time actions and outcomes of any relationship between different species of any scale of reality, from atomic networks, to crystals to the motions of parallel herds and darwinian hunting events.

So this is a ‘first look’ to what non-AE vital i-logic mathematics will provide – the connection between reality and maths at a very theoretical level, where i-logic geometry becomes the expanded science of GST, AND FOUNDATION of all other laws of the Universe. 

Further on, besides this work of interpretation of well known theorems of classic maths, in advanced ¬Æ i-logic mathematics, we go even further, finding new theorems, based in the new postulates of Non-euclidean geometry and new rules of i-logic, ternary, cyclical causality.

For example, in the previous classic theorem of 3-dimensional euclidean geometry, we can add a Non-euclidean coda:

Yet in Non-euclidean hyperbolic ‘body-wave’ space-time’ PR (fourth line) won’t be perpendicular to ST and L (first, second ‘network-being’) but it will become parallel to both of them.

This is one of the ley non-euclidean postulates found in Lobachevski’s hyperbolic geometry, which is concerned directly with the structure and behaviour of symbiotic, non-darwinian systems of 3 ‘networks-lines’, as any organisms is.

In such systems the hyperbolic geometry of body waves allows them to fusion in ternary structures, the other two informative and entropic networks:

Γ:  Spe (euclidean) ≤ ST (hyperbolic) ≥ Tiƒ (elliptic) geometry.

Thus the most advanced i-logic language connects directly modern topology beyond the simplest level of most of this texts, with the ternary structure, behavior and functions of the physiological ternary structure of all Nature’s systems.

And while we shall not put much of this advanced stuff here, to leave as Descartes put it ‘some work to do to future researchers’ (: not so, just pure laziness an sickness):  the obvious meaning of all this is to reality clear:

THE FUNCTION OF hyperbolic body-waves is to connect in non-perpendicular terms two perpendicular Spe/Tiƒ, energy fields/limbs and particle/heads, so to allow its symbiosis, combination and reproduction as a whole functional ternary being. And this gives us two fundamental ‘topological states’ of physical systems:

  • The particle/field system which lasts shorter as all perpendicular states, where a particle preys on a field absorbing its entropic energy to move, as in all charges and mass fields: S>T
  • The symbiotic, hyperbolic not perpendicular body-wave states that reproduce the system along the field S≈T

So in a constant use of the homologic and ternary method which structures the ∆ scales and ternary st symmetries of the Universe, we have amazingly enough in a seemingly ‘tour de force’ (not so, you are just not accustomed to find the homologies of all scales and languages) we have moved from a simple, neutral postulate of greek geometry, into biology, physics, and social behaviour.

AND THIS CONSTANT PROCESS OF PUTTING TOGETHER THE 4 FIELDS OF REALITY – THE I-LOGIC LANGUAGE, FOUNDATIONS OF THE PHYSICAL, BIOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL SYSTEMS WILL BE THE FUNDAMENTAL ‘FUTURE’ DELIGHT OF ALL STIENTISTS AND PHILOSOPHERS, which as in the Masterpiece of literature, ‘The bean game’, where Master Ludi jump from science to art as each comment, sentence or piece of work suggest other in other discipline, we will fusion them all together into a natural order of things: all systems are equal, and all its laws come form i-logic ∆ST:


Of course, for the Euclidean, abstract mathematicians all this in their Hilbertian ivory tower might mean little. For the future III millennium GST philosopher of science, it would be a delight of the mind to explore and connect every non-inflationary simplex theorem of i-logic mathematics with the forms of the real world.

And what is more surprising, unlike physics, where the lineal concepts of time and the continuum, and only entropy dogmas imply huge corrections of interpretation and meaning of physical systems in the way foreseen by eddington when he argued physics is way out there into idealism and wrong interpretations because of dogma and uncertainty of perception of dark energies, matters and quantum scales, in the study of mathematics, which a priori would seem the most remote science away from experimental evidence, we will find actually very little to correct.

What about logic? Here we find a split field.

The logic of the human wor(l)d will be fruitful. The tautologies of Aristotelian logic will be less important though than the insights of Chomsky’s or rather his teacher and Humboldt’s genetic, cultural linguistics which fully grasp the ternary, subject (information) verb (action) object (energy) mirror of the human temporal and cultural, social mind.

TOPOLOGICAL linguistics thus will become the fundamental ‘again’ sub discipline of verbal languages to fully grasp the varieties of cultures. And genetic linguistics to understand the ternary structure of the verbal mind, mirror of the ∆st universe.

Digital boolean algebras as we say for ethic reasons won’t be explored. Others will create the A.I. of consciousness or perfect mirror of a future robotic mind to work out its path on the Universe. Finally Hilbertian axiomatic logic method and similar efforts to convert verbal temporal languages with its complex richness and probabilities/ambiguities into mathematical physics (the so much praised Wittgenstein) is meaningless, either tautological and full of platitudes that add nothing to the syntax of words, or either fancy wrong fiction ‘literature’ as most Tractatus are.

THOUGH in the homologic universe of course, there is always room for comparison between scalar disciplines. So for example, if we were to redefine the concepts of atomic and molecular sentences, the connection here is also obvious:

  • atoms have a very strong bondage, and so the ionisation energy of an atom is very strong, as they are ternary, causally connected into Spe (field) < st (electron) > t-quark nuclei, organisms. And so are ternary subject-verb-object structure or ‘sentences’. So indeed as those linguistics noticed sentences are the atoms of the mind. And then there are molecules, which have a very soft bondage that can be easily broken with little ionisation energy compared to atoms, and indeed, molecular sentences are those connected by and, which are loose, easy to break systems, which in most grammars allow merely to break them by substituting and by a ‘point’, which acts as the boundary of the sentence establishing the end of the mirror-image of the word.

Now i could keep writing in my mode of thought which is homology of all the information about all the scales of reality, for hours, but this type of my-mind-being, can only make sense to me at this stage, in as much as any information I get, immediately is put in connection with the ∆st core-view of reality, the intimate game of existence we all play. So for me there is no chaos but pure poetry, homology and connection with the essence of the Universal mind. As I know the game. And for that reason this blog has only the 4th line to pour in the future by me and other researchers all the poems, homologies, beings in the Universe. This is the only thing humans do as scientists, but do not connect the 3rd line with the first and second lines of the vital and formal Universe. THEY i know don’t even care, have abandoned the search for the 1st and second lines. For that reason I have so little connection these days with modern detail scientists; but find far more meaningful to read Leibniz’s theodicea and Aristotle’s organon and look at Leonardo’s illustrated drawings, the 3 most outstanding predecessors of this form of perceiving the ∆±∞ vital≈organic, i-logic ≈ ±T, topological=|xO Universe.

L.s. Barcelona, october 2016

The planes of isomorphic space-time in the human being and its sciences: ST=U±4. The struggle for existence and its 5 actions. The maximal force.

5D is also studies the way in which ‘wholes’ gather into new ‘planes of existence’ and we have spotted ‘exactly 9’ of them, which we shall explain with our isomorphisms, and in the middle we find the human i-scale, our I=eye our Wor(l)d and verbal mind. This is not surprising, since those scales are absolutely relative. So from our relative center we see as may below us as we see them above.

Beings though will inter-act with all the planes of space-time in which their existence is immersed. And this open an enormous field of mathematical and logical analysis of reality, the field of the ‘5 actions of existence’ and the program all systems follow.

Those 5 actions happen precisely by invading and extracting information and energy from other planes of existence, with the purpose of increasing our: Energy and information externally (accelerated motions and perceptive mind mappings), internally (feeding on energy and reproducing information) and coordinating actions with similar systems to form stronger groups.

And this is the Universal mandate of the 5 actions that maximize our survival and existence, by maximizing our metrics: Max. E x Max. O. Yet since for the whole plane, ExO = Ra, it follows that there is a constant struggle for existence, as species must take the energy and information to grow and survive from other beings, both internally and externally, and to do so they evolve socially into larger predatory beings.

In the graph, the compact version of GST (General Systems Theory), studies the whole i-scales of reality from 0 to ∞ that is the Universe as a whole. Since as Plato put it: ‘the Universe is a living organism, with a body called the Universe and a mind called God, ‘Logos’, the Laws of all sciences, which GST represent’.

In the lower graph we observe those planes in the human being. Unlike the abstract graph above, the human graph is truly a graph of our planes of existence, since all the planes we ‘perceive’ interact with us through our 5 fundamental actions, motions (gravitation: ∆U±4), information (light:∆U±3), energy (molecules, ∆U±2), reproduction (∆U±1), and social evolution (∆, i, i+1). We indeed exist by interacting with all those planes of reality.

We call the interactions we develop with the planes of the Universe, ‘ACTIONS’ and so the study of the ‘actions’ of the Universe is one essential element of the 5th dimension, as it reveals an enormous number of symmetries and hidden laws regarding motion, information, energy, reproduction and social evolution.

Another fundamental part of the analysis of the ST=U±4 planes of existence of mankind are the common laws of all those planes, which regardless of its inverse differentiation by speed of temporal clocks and size (Max. S = Min To), still keep many common features derived of the properties of spatial energy and temporal information studied in the previous two posts.

Those  properties that remain invariant as we ‘travel’ through the 9 planes of space-time of the 5th dimension growing in size and diminishing in time speed and vice versa, are called ‘isomorphisms’. And so after studying spatial energy, temporal information its metrics: Se x To = Constant, which define each plane of reality, and the way in which energy and information travel through those planes in inverse directions, we study the common isomorphisms of all those planes, which will be the essential laws, morphologies and events of all its species, as they are made of space and time.

Again we see how the properties and laws of existential algebra apply to all systems.

Now the purpose of this section is to study ‘mathematically’, with algebraic equations, the previous equation or metrics of space-time, and deduce from it, the main laws that apply to all sciences.

In this text, introductory to the sub posts and detailed analysis of each plane and its species, written in a jargon more proper of hard science i shall try to explain the 5th dimension for people with no knowledge of mathematics or logic but curious about the Universe and intelligent enough to understand sound reasoning.

You don’t need to know more than what a normal university student knows on science to grasp this text, it will though change for better and for ever how you see reality, and make you humble, because what the 5th dimension truly teaches us is that we are just a part of the whole, similar to the smallest atom or the largest galaxy, who follow the same laws of them all, as we are indeed made to the image and likeness of every fractal part of 5th dimension…

Since the results of using multiple times to understand the Universe are startling, providing a wealth of solutions NOT only to physical questions such as the unification of masses and charges, the understanding of the 2 arrows of future, ‘—motions’ and information, the solution of the meaning of dark matter and energy, but questions of biology and philosophy of science that seemed impossible to resolve, such as the cycle of life and death or the purpose of existence.

The frequencies and scales of time speed of the Universe

metrics 5th dimension

In the graph there are Infinite clocks of time, hence infinite spaces, some of which are illustrated in the  graph.

And so a  definition in brief of the 5th dimension illustrated in the next graph will be:

‘The 5th dimension is the dimension of spatial size (abb. Se) and speed of temporal clocks (Abb.To). Both parameters are inverted: when systems grow in size the speed of its time cycles slows down and vice versa. Smaller clocks tick faster and bigger ones tick slower, as it happens in galaxies, human beings or DNA.’

In most systems, the product of the information and size of the system does not vary. And this dual invariance or co-invariance, Se x To =K is what defines the geometry and laws of the 5th dimension. In this simple form is equivalent to Einstein’s metrics of the 4th dimension, the famous S – (ct)2 equation:

In the graph we illustrate that co-invariance which is the origin of the ISOMORPHISMS of all the scales of reality. And so now we must define the 2 elements of the 5th dimension – the multiple clocks of time and scales of space that co-exist in every part of reality.

The  image, taken from a film called ‘powers of ten’ by Eames, show this astounding fact: the speed of time-clocks, To, which are anything that ticks and turns, multiplied by the size of the space they occupy, Se, is constant, Se x To =K. And this fact allows the camera to travel through the 5th dimension by shrinking or enlarging your size, with the result that if you see the film you will NOT distinguish your travel outwards, growing in size in the 5th dimension from a normal travel in the 4th dimension, WITHOUT changing scale of size or speed of clocks (we have added in our pictures the change in time speed, To, which Eames did not know).

Now let us start with a classic definition of all what we have said about ‘DIMENSIONS’ based in their study from a still point of view of the structure of space-time.

It is the definition of a ‘geometry’ by one of the foremost mathematicians of the turn of the XX century, Mr. Klein, who in his famous ‘Erlangen Program’ defined many of the future advances of mathematics.

He said that a…

‘A Geometry is the study of the invariant properties of a space(time), under motions within itself’.

Klein said the same we said, using the term ‘invariant’ instead of still point of view, and space, instead of the modern concept of space-time as the ultimate ‘dual’ substances of a dimension.

So the next paradigm studies the invariant properties of the 5th dimension. And now we can define the 5th dimension geometry using that definition, by asking ourselves, what truly does not change when we move from scales of size in the Universe, from the infinitely small to the infinitely large?

Obviously we change our size in space, from galaxies to atoms. So nothing seems to remain invariant, and that would eliminate our pretension of studying a 5th dimension of spacetime…

But wait a minute we have said ‘spacetime’, not only space. So even though size changes in space, perhaps there is also a change in clocks of time that ‘balances’ the change in size on space, so the product of both, the change of size in space and the change in the speed of time-clocks balance each other? 

As it happens this is the case and this known property of time clocks that turn much faster when they shrink in spatial size, so atoms move billions of time faster than galaxies is the fundamental ‘still point of view’ observed when we travel through the 5th dimension.

Now in science when something doesn’t change, and that something is composed of two terms, we call it a co-invariance. So we are talking of the geometry of the 5th dimension as the study of the co-invariance of time clocks & space scales.

Then we shall define the ‘first, principal co-invariance of the 5th dimension’ Se x To = K

Latter we will find out then that there are many other co-invariant combinations of energy-motion and in/form/ation-time that do not change in the Universe as we travel through scales of size, things so fundamental to our existence and nature, as our life-death cycles, or our actions, or our organic forms.

Each ‘family of species’ and each relative ‘scale of the Universe’ has a different Se x To = K equation, giving birth to the astounding variety of Universal species. Such equation however becomes in a Universe in which we are made of spatial energy and temporal information, the most important equation of each species. And within that species remains mostly invariant. The same happens between all the derived species of that relative membrane of space-time.

The use of infinite clocks to measure time rhythms in the Universe is a theory of multiple spaces-times, whose parameters of Temporal Information and Spatial energy, surprisingly enough follow a simple mathematical law, Se x To = K, from where the order and structure of all the parts of the Universe can be deduced.

In the graph, different scales of the 5th dimension; the ‘real’ infinite quanta of spatial energy and bits of temporal information of the Universe, and 3 complementary systems, Se x To, made of ‘energetic bodies/fields’ and informative ‘particles/heads’ from physical sciences (a light field-photon particle), from biological sciences (a human body-eye system) and from economic sciences (a weapon-camera system).

Since the Universe is a fractal of infinite complementary systems, made of energy and information, whose ‘common’ properties are the field of study of the 5th dimension.

The U±4 planes of the 5th dimension. 


In the graph, the scales of the Universe, its 3 time dimensions of evolution of information and their sciences.

In the graph, we have written the two arrows of time, slow energy and fast information as past and future, and the human time speed as our relative present.

Those scales are indeed the origin of the causal order between past, present and future and their life-death cycles in time.

Where those other scales exist? This is perhaps the most fascinating discovery of the 5th dimension. The simpler scale are NOT only figuratively but really in the past. Because now we construct a being literally by informing, molding the simpler Universes ‘brick by brick’. When a gas cloud moves, it does not move so much as it ‘draws its motions’ in other space-time. Motion is really reproduction of information.

So the wave of atomic forms rebuilds first a string world of open string motions and closed string clocks that builds then boson light that collapses into atomic particles that draw again a molecular orbital.

Thus if you are so simple as light is and only have to inform, and draw a light beam you move very fast, but if you are very complex and you have to draw all your information you go slower. And because the next scale is built upon the previous one, the previous one is in the past. Hence the arrow of information is in the future literally. When your cells, displaced a quanta of time to the past build your ‘whole’, you are sustained by those cells, whose life cycles are back into the past.

In a Universe of ∞ scales – hence of Absolute Relativity – the i-number is relative to the limits of the perception of the observer that classifies them. So as humans we perceive between 2 i-limits – the atom and the galaxy, which might be self-similar, as black holes and quarks, their knots of information show self-similar equations in 5D metrics (I.5) and 4D metrics that models a galaxy as a hydrogen atom in the Einstein-Walker space. In any case they form the minimal and maximal scales of Human Stiences, creating our Se-size arrow.

Thus, if we use a decametric scale, for the physical World  with 2 limits beyond our perception, 0 (gravitational space-time) and 10 (Hyper-Universe), we establish an i-parameter of space-time planes, ∆Se=∆O, to classify all those relative scales of spatial energy and temporal information, each one studied by an i-science that in the 2nd part of this work we analyze with the co-invariant metrics and derived Isomorphisms of the 5th Dimension. While in parallel, we can also establish a relative i-scale to study Living Systems and the Human World. Thus the main |-energy and 0-clocks of time of each scale for physical and biological worlds will be:

1st Scale: Open strings of energy and closed time strings: Strong Forces & Gravitational space-time.

Bosons: |-Light and O-Photons.

2nd Scale: Fermions: |-Electrons & O-quarks.

Atomic Organisms: Periodic Table.

3rd Scale:  Inorganic and Organic Molecules

4th Scale; Life Cells. States of Mater: Energetic Gas, ExO Liquid and Informative Solids.

5th Scale. Life organisms; Energetic Plants; Informative Animals. Organic Metal-Machines

6th Scale: Planets. Human Civilizations; Economic Systems.

7th Scale: |-Stars & O-Black holes.

8th Scale: Galaxies, which might be the beginning of a new Scalar Game.

9th Scale: Universe, which might be a Gas cloud of Atoms of the new Scalar game.

And each of those planes, needless to say have different speeds of time information, which we measure and compare according to their frequencies

Thus the key element of the 5th dimension is the study of its planes of space-time.

The Fractal Universe: qualitative definition.

What is the Universe? In simple, philosophical terms, a game of ‘motion’ and ‘form’. When you look around you observe ‘forms in motion’ performing ‘actions’, which combine both. And nothing else.

Now call, motion | and form O, and its combination, Ø. And so you could in the simplest possible expression of reality to say that the Universe is ∑ – x O = Ø

This would be the simplest way to define it all. Scientists tend to quantify reality and so they have shunned for too long the explanation of the ‘whys’ of reality, of ‘its qualities’. We do both in ‘philosophy of science’.  Now let us try to be more precise with the previous equation.

– could be called ‘speed’, V, a motion in ‘space’, and O could be called a cycle of form, a ‘clock’ of time.

So we could now say the Universe is made of infinite motions in space and cycles of time, combined into infinite actions. And that is indeed what we perceive. Look around you. Or inside you. Beings perform ‘actions’ which consist in going ‘cyclically’ to a place, to feed, to inform themselves to meet with other social beings, to reproduce… Actions are cyclical and they are performed through motions, which have certain form. Desargues a mathematician proved that all curves where in fact a combination of the line and cycle that created the cone. Computers use | and O, 1s and 0s, to model the entire Universe.

And if you realize all what is needed to trans-form, a |-Motion into a cyclical clock of time, is to close the ‘string of |-Motion’ into a ‘closed string’ of temporal form. In fact  with those 2 elements, open and closed strings physicists construct all the particles of the Universe.

So this is another way to explain the meaning of any System of reality:

‘All what exists in the Universe are systems made of ‘—motions’ of space and cyclical forms of time that trans-form into each other ad eternal throughout actions that combine both: ∑|xO=Ø’.

Quantitative definition

This would be the simplest possible Universe. But then we realize that the motion is not just ‘pure motion’ at least in this plane of existence in which humans develop its actions. But there is always a ‘being’ that is moving, which from an external point of view tends to be defined by ‘a mass’, an ‘inertia’, a ‘form’ that is fixed and the motion drags through. So we rather say that:

‘All what exits are forms that perform motions with form.’

What is mass so far escapes us at this stage, but all things around us have mass and move dragging their mass, so we should get a bit more complex and consider now that all what we see are masses moving in cyclical patterns around reality. And so we can write this with 3 ‘terms’, one for ‘mass’, M, one for cyclical motion, which is quantized with a term called frequency=1/T (that is the number of times per second a cyclical motion completes its cycle), and a 3rd term called ‘space’, the space traversed in lineal terms from the initial point to the final point. So a being is a mass moving from point A to B in space and performing in time cyclical trajectories: M x L x T ‾ ¹

As it happens, physicists describe all what exists in this plane of reality with only those 3 parameters, M, L and T, and have a fundamental postulate, that the quantity of M x L x T ¹ of the Universe which they call ‘momentum’, remains invariant when we add all the momentums of all the beings of the Universe.

And so the quantitative way to express the qualitative nature of the Universe is rather simple too: The Universe is a game of ‘momentums’ in perpetual exchange of motion and form.

The reader would observe at this point that humans use a lot of ‘different’ concepts, which at the end tend to be reduced to motion and form. And this a problem of humans which love to make specific definitions, attach differentiating terms, break reality according to quantitative methods, classify, divide and confuse.

The Universe though works in a different manner, it breaks, quantizes and multiplies into:

  • An infinite myriad of varieties or Ø-actions, the 2 essential realities it is made of:
  • ‘—motions’ that expand and create open lines and planes of space..
  • And O-cyclical motions or ‘forms’, which shrink, warp and close into time clocks.

So if we want truly to understand what reality is made of. We must depart from those essential things. And called the Universe a ‘fractal’ which iterates and combines ‘—motions’ of Space, and cyclical clocks of time into infinite actions. We can now change from the intuitive geometric symbols to the conventions of man and so write Se (for Space) and To (for cyclical clocks of time) our equation:

Se x To = A.

And this is the simplest way to explain it.

The combinations of motions and forms.

What makes though the Universe so confusing is the fact that it constantly messes motion and form. And so at least in this plane of existence there is nothing ‘pure’. This the old Taoists, the philosophers of antiquity that understood in simpler closer terms this reality, calling motion yang which they represented with a ___ and form yin, which they represented with a O or a broken line — (with more form than __), make it clear, when affirming that no yin exists without a bit of yang, and no yang exists without a bit of yin, and that reality, existence was a game of combinations of yin and yang that created the infinite beings of reality.

The U±4 plane.

So we are obliged to use the purest terms of motion and form, only when dealing with the purest concept of pure Space without form in nature vacuum space and pure cyclical clocks of time without any translative motion, pure rotatory clocks, in nature, black holes in the cosmic scales and superfluid 0 K vortices of mass and charges without any vibration. And as it happens we cannot perceive those limits of pure motion without form and pure form without motion, pure Space and Time.

Now I shall call our ‘plane of existence’, where I exist. the i-ndividual, human plane, the world-plane. And so this remote plane which I don’t even perceive, will be called the U±4 planes, the i-4 plane that of far away forces with zero form, the gravitational plane, and the plane of remote black holes with maximal form at 0 K, which I don’t perceive either the i+4. It is only logic to call them with the same ± number, because as it happens, the gravitational plane of absolute motion with no form (called for that reason non-local or ‘action at distance’) is created by the plane of absolute form with no motion (called for that reason a black hole). 

How this is done is obvious. Remember that we said all what exists are O x – = Ø. So what happens here is this

O (black holes) emit, |, gravitational space, which other O black hole will absorb, creating between both a gravitational attractive force. So we write:

[O < = > O]U±4.

Where we have added  the plane in which this happens to know what varieties of ‘form’ and ‘motion’ we are talking about.

The duality of distance and motion, cycle and form.

Now, because we do not see this gravitational lines and we do not see this perfect cycles, but they are there, they must appear somehow to us. And they do so, lines of pure motion are seen as ‘distances’, and cycles of pure rotational cyclical motion are seen as ‘masses’ and ‘spherical forms’.  We can picture how this happens, since we have two elementary realities, the O cyclical clock (which we perceive as fixed form, like when we see a very fast turning wheel that we see as a fixed form) and the – of space, which we can see as distance or motion, as we see fast cars in a picture at night as fixed lines or motion.

This is thus an important law of reality we call the Galilean paradox: when we do not see in detail a |-Motion a speed it appears as distance, and when we do not see in detail a cyclical clock of time, a rotary motion, we see it as a mass of form. So Galileo didn’t see the motion of the Earth but only the distance it travelled around the sun, neither its rotation but only its mass-form, and yet it was there: e pur si muove e pur no muove.

So we must make two equivalences:

|-Motion = Space distance;  Rotary motion = Time Clock.

And so we see either motions, lineal speeds and rotary clocks of time, or fixed distances and forms.

And the result is the stable combination or ‘space-time’ reality we see around us.

Further on an interesting deduction of the fact we do NOT see gravitational motion, is that it must appear to us as infinite ‘non local or action at distance, as physicists call it.

Indeed, if we consider the equation of :

– x O = Øst, whereas Øst is the constant space-time we see around us. For Øst to be constant, since O the form we see is zero, none, the – element must be infinite.

As the only quantity multiplied by 0 which gives as a constant value is ∞:

∞ x 0 = C. And this is indeed what we experience: gravitational forces have zero form, and are infinite in its motion from the human perspective. We do not mean they are necessarily infinite in objective terms, but for humans they are infinite in motion, non local, ‘acting at distance’, the neat expression physicists used for centuries without reasoning why.

Now we bring this solution because I believe the reader trained in ‘quantitative’ methods will surely miss the essential element of GiST – to mix logic reasoning and mathematical equations to achieve a much more complex, rich and meaningful understanding of the Universe with all its languages, not only as an abstract concoction of mathematical formulae. The previous ‘sample case’ is a simple, clear proof of that power of GiST to enlighten our comprehension of all realities.

The i-3 scale.



So in the next stage of reality, beyond this world-plane of existence that we do not perceive, which we shall call, the U±4 Plane, of pure forces of motion, ‘gravitational forces’, i-4, and pure form without motion, ‘cosmic black holes’ or U±4, the rest of realities are ‘messed up’. Their motions have some form and their forms have some motion. And so they are all Ø-species. And we call them ‘waves’.

Indeed, when we come to the minimal reality we perceive, we realize it is made of pure motions which have a bit of form, that is their ‘lines of space in motion’, their gravitational lines curve up and down as they move linearly’, and they become ‘transversal waves’ of light. And then alas! they are now ‘light-space’, forms in motion, forms in action, in-form-actions, in-form-ations. And so ‘light-space’ carries information, and it is the ‘limit of our perception’. And we call this plane of existence, which is the first we perceive the i-3 plane of electronic light. The beginning of the human universe. And so the myths of the bible said ‘and God said, there is light’ and creation started. Indeed, when gravitational forces of the i-4 scale warp into transversal waves, which carry information, or ‘light-space’, we enter reality.

This ‘light space’ in turn will be made by i-3 galaxies, which produce this light space.

And we call them the i+3 plane according to our terminology of planes of existence.

And so if we look at it from the ‘smallish’ point of view, the i-3 plane is made of the components of most of the matter of the galaxy: plasma particles, electrons and protons in ionized state, mixed up with electromagnetic fields of light. And from the larger point of view we will be talking of galaxies.

They are the next clear thing beyond the Universe and its dark matter, dark energy and dark black holes we do not see

Now here, we shall by ‘isomorphism’ (similarity) with the i-4 scale consider some facts, which have escaped for very long the work of physicists in their understanding of reality.

If we have said that the space of the i-4 scale is actually pure motion, seen as distance by lack of detail, the space of galaxies, must be made of light which we do see but not with enough detail to perceive its motion, and so we also perceive ‘light-space’ as distance. This is our ‘space’ and accordingly the space we see has exactly the same 3 perpendicular, Euclidean components that light have because both are the same:

In the graph, we can see this straight-forward. It is not a coincidence that the 3 elements of light, its magnetic, electric fields and its speed are perpendicular to each other as our ‘Euclidean space is’. This physicists do not really understand, because they just do quantification with maths, and as Feynman famously put it, ‘the why’ is the only thing physicists do not ask. Curiously enough philosophers did understand, so Kant said that our space-light is Euclidean, and Descartes said we see the ‘world’ of light with Euclidean coordinates in his book ‘the world’, and draw the Cartesian space-time graph of light space. And artists understood it, so the impressionists said they paint light when they paint space.  Again an important insight by using more than numbers to explain reality.

Next the equation with our geometric symbolism of this scale, will be also rather simple:

[O < ≈ > O]U±3

In simple terms, a ‘particle’ or ‘star’ or ‘galaxy’ with cyclical form O, produces a wave ≈ of light space, which another O-being will perceive and absorb. (Remember at this time we do see and all systems that emit light do perceive; your mind is nothing but a bunch of electrons perceiving light).

Remembers also that we have said the Universe has only 2 ultimate simple elements, O and – and its infinite Ø combinations, but it likes to iterate them, repeat them, mix them together, group them in huge numbers. So that equation can mean an extraordinary number of beings of different sizes. The most common interpretation when we enter in detail will be that of Physicists, which they call the fundamental equation of quantum physics:

O-Fermion particle < Boson Force > O-Fermion particle.

Where a fermion, electron or quark will emit a boson a gamma ray and another fermion will absorb it.

There are a few other varieties of ‘forces’ and ‘fermions’ but roughly speaking without entering in detail this ‘is it’. (Remember this blog has 3 ‘planes of explanation’ the upper line very general and encyclopedic, resumes the entire thing; so if you read it you will have a generic vision of the whole reality but still a bit fogged, this second line of isomorphisms, gives you more detail and the 3rd line dedicated to each plane with very detailed references to scientific laws of each species, do connect fully with simplex sciences).

Now the second thing physicists do know but again interpret in too abstract ways, is the fact that the equation works both sides: the electron produces a boson – a photon of light that moves through a transversal wave that carries motion and form, and gets to another electron, where it collapses being absorbed by the electron into a dense photonic form, which becomes part of the nebulae of the electron. 

Thus what happens here which they describe with mathematical artifacts called probabilities in quantum equations they do not know what they mean, is clear, if you are not ‘cuckoo’ about having weird interpretations of reality that make you sound very smart and reinforce your beliefs in an only-mathematical Universe. This i know will irritate physicists, people which as the adults of ‘le petit prince’ believe they know everything and don’t see the elephant in the hut. Well, Schrodinger who discovered all this, first told us that the electron is smeared all over the place. And it is. it is made of very dense boson light photons that collapse from ≈ state into O-state, and come together into the nebulae we see.

Now, when we observe them, with even bigger particles, the smeared electron, collapses further into a tighter ball, as it happens when any system of nature made of fractal points (anything is a fractal point, a number, a group of any set of beings), receives a massive interfering attack from outside. Flocks of birds, schools of fishes, armies spread on a battle field, collapse into tighter configurations when a predator eagle, a shark, an enemy come to attack them.

So the densely packed photons of the electron nebulae collapse, around the point where there is a maximal density at this moment of dense photons and become a particle point, when the killer electron of the microscope bombs it. Simple enough to explain in a perfectly intelligent manner, the weird things – not so weird if you believe in the isomorphism=equality of all systems of the universe – and have been a soldier, or have seen a school of fishes, a bird flock, a herd in the savanna, an at hill – that happen in quantum physics.

This is what it happens: nebulae of densely packed groups of photons, spread to form together ∑i-1 photons = i-electrons gather around the denser point of the flock in the moment the observer’s electron bomb it, and so quantum physicists say that point is the most probable point to find the electron as a particle-point. And they are puzzled because they never detect the nebulae but a particle point, so they unable to grasp the vitality of the entire universe affirm that the nebulae is a mathematical reality made of probabilities of finding the electron. Yes, each point will have a probability according to its density, as the probability that a school, a flock, an army or an ant group gathers in a point is proportional to the density of that point prior to the attack, as it is the fastest way to become a ball, coming together where there are already a lot of points. Point.

So this is enough to know now about this plane and its equations.

To mention though that because light has information, form, it is no longer infinite in speed. It must have a limited speed, because now we see it so, O x – = Constant Øst does not need to be infinite. Further on, because what is happening here is that light ‘draws’ space-motion, as it has to draw a curve is slower. Indeed, the fastest distance between two points is a line, a wave is slower than a line, as it has a longer trajectory. So light has a limit of speed. It is called c-speed, and is huge but limited.

However, this distance-speeds of light once they abandon the galaxy, no longer are in the light-space realm so they start to elongate, becoming red waves, the ones with longer distance per wavelength, and hence they start to accelerate, which we see as an increase of space-distance, and so between galaxies space-distance grows at an accelerated rate as the light expands space, and this again physicists measure but don’t understand, it is the expansion of light space. We could say that light space dies into the gravitational strings it was made of. And so the immortal, infinite black holes and gravitational infinite distances of the Universe now warp into light which have a finite light-space speed and a finite time duration as it is born from a pure motion that warps into form and then spreads out again when abandoning the galaxy into pure motion again:

– > ≈ < –  and this is a life cycle. Notice now the 2 symbols we add here which are visual also: > which means something with more distance, collapses into a point, and this is the symbol of creation of form, of formation, of in-form-ation,  and on the other side < is the symbol of expansion of form into motion, or ‘—motions’.

And here again those to dynamic process of change in time, are ‘called appropriately the two arrow of time -> and <-, information and ‘—motions’. Physicists unfortunately only recognize one, the bad one, <- ‘—motions’ expansive motions, which is the reason they say the Universe is dying. Because they only study the space between galaxies. It seems silly, very dumb, but physicists beyond manipulating equations and making machines to perceive reality are very dumb. Sorry that is ‘a fact’. Or rather very arrogant in their conclusions (which makes them be very dumb)

Fact is the whole Space-time, remember O x – =Øst is in perpetual balance.

So the expansion of accelerated light space between galaxies is compensated by the warping of light space into photons, then electrons and matter within galaxies, which is so evident looking at those galaxies corrugating light space into warping black holes, that one wonders how blind physicists can be?

They seem to see the only thing nobody sees, dark expanding space and they do not seem to see what all of us see, warping galaxies. And so:

∑ (O-galaxies < ≈–≈> O) is the equation for  the sum of all the galaxies emitting expansive light, ≈ which becomes gravitational faster distances, – between galaxies and then reenter another galaxy and collapses.

Easy. Now you can throw in to that model all the correct equations of quantum physics, relativity and cosmology and you will get the details. The whys are only in this blog.


A few things though are becoming clear. First the Universe is like a game of Russian dolls, of U±n planes which are encased into each other, from the purest 0 K black holes and – gravitational forces, into the more disordered, waving ≈ light-space and galaxies of plasma, encased within the larger Universe. And so that makes sense of our notation, we are coming collapsing into the human scale. And the next scale beyond those galaxies made of atomic particles, is the U±2 plane, of groups of atoms, called molecules and its factories, stars, which are factories of atoms that escape them when the star dies in nova explosions and form molecular matter in huge groups.


Then it comes the next scale of organisation, that of planetary worlds, and its molecular groups of liquid, solid and gaseous huge masses of molecules or very complex organizations of them, called cells.


And finally sandwiched between the cell and the world of which we are part it comes mankind, us, the i-scale.

Diffeomorphic systems. The translation of form into motion. The isomorphism of actions in the Universe.

Galileo’s Paradox makes the 3 dimensions of space also motions: At quantum scale ‘space’ is a bubbling world of electromagnetic energies and particles condensed from those energies. In our scale, space is a gas whose volume is proportional to its motion/temperature: PxV=knT. And as its motion grows volume-space grows.

Physicists, unaware of the paradox of Galileo still draw higher dimensions as weird spatial drawings, when beyond 3D, dimensions are time motions of a higher fractal scale. Yet they wrongly try to spatialize those time dimensions of higher fractal 5D scales, making them still and placing them in the same space-time sheet, with  impossible drawings of dimensions beyond the 3rd one of ‘volume’, which of course lack any functional purpose.

Yet Dimensions are functional motions perceived in stillness, which explains the generation of dimensions:

A point with motion creates first a height dimension to ‘gauge’ from an advantageous P.O.V.; then it moves forward in its diffeomorphic dimension of energy feeding, creating a plane; a line in motion creates a bidimensional plane of information; a plane in motion, reproduces laterally, creating a mass-volume and a volume in motion creates a life-cycle or world-cone – the concept used in Relativity to define the 4th dimension of time. But we cannot generate more dimensions in this fashion, except as mathematical entelechies, at least in our observed Universe, since they are neither such forms nor further functions in a single continuous space-time plane. Thus the 5th dimension of scales, with different time speeds structures superorganisms.

It is the holographic principle: 3D space has 2 dimensions of temporal information, height and width (so a book or a screen has those 2 dimensions that you ‘read’) and 2 dimensions of energy, length and width, as we absorb energy in the direction of motion, reproducing and storing cells in the ‘fat’ dimension of width that merges both, exo dimensions of space-time.

Thus both, energy ‘sheets’ and ‘informative antennae’ are bidimensional, perceived by human senses as a duality of motion-stillness (Galileo’s Paradox). So the 1st dimension is length or speed; the 2D are a moving plane or sheet of information as this page is; the 3rd is a volume or rotating body, which moves through the 4th dimension, treated as space in Relativity (a world line). Finally, an organism in 5D seems ‘still’ but within it all cells and particles are performing complex cycles of energy and form.

Moreover we observe that as each more complex action includes the previous ones, each ‘bigger dimension’ includes the previous ones. So the line includes the point; the plane, the line; the volume the plane and the world-cone the plane. Thus we write in dynamic terms the Generator, as a feedback equation of fluxes of energy and information between 2 poles, ∑Ei-1<=>∏ Oi, that create 5 Diffeomorphic, fractal, Space-Time Dimensions.

Forms respond always to functions/actions in time, the commanding ‘element’ to which the form of any being adapts diffeomorphically to maximize its existential actions. Thus, there is a parallelism between ‘vital function’ and ‘abstract dimension’ as each Dimension is diffeomorphic created by the vital space-time of each entity of the Universe performing its exi actions. And each species is a ‘fractal universe in itself’, with different relative, energetic and informative directions that determine its own up & down arrows and complementary morphology,

The specific geometry of each species and its 3 simplex actions, energy feeding=length, information-gauging =height and reproduction=width fluctuate in shape, but they don’t vary in topological form, giving birth to the Invariance of the 3 topological forms=functions of any entity observed in a single 3D space-time: Toroid informative heads, hyperbolic reproductive bodies and energetic limbs studied in the next paragraph.

While the 2 social ±i fractal dimensions, the 4th dimension of social motion in a social i+1 herd and the 5D dimension of inner scales within the being follow the physiological invariances that create super-organisms co-existing in a higher i+1 ecosystem with a lower i-1 internal, cellular space (B3). In the next graph we resume the

5 diffeomorphic dimensions=actions create a Generator Equation any being maximizes: Max. ∑Ex∏To.

It describes the 3±i actions all systems perform: gauging information, To, feeding on energy, ∑E, reproducing both, x, and evolving socially as parts of bigger scales.

So 4 parameters suffice to describe all systems in terms of its actions:

But mechanist science ignores the 3 topological ages of space-time organisms and its social, scalar evolutions between its informative births and entropic deaths, because it fails to understand the organic whys its mathematical equations describe. As scientific equations are mere varieties of the Fractal Generator and its 4 functions. They represent the 4 vital actions common to all species of space-time. Thus in each of those scientific scales 4 functional equations express the energetic, informative, reproductive and social actions that suffice to describe the existence of each species.

4 Vital Dimensions explain the existence of light-space: the wide, energetic, magnetic field; the tall, informative, electric field; the reproductive, long wave speed, calculated as the product of its electric and magnetic field and its frequency colors, which are societies of photons.

4 Maxwell equations describe all the actions of an electric field. 4 quantum numbers describe all the actions of particles: the first number explains its energy level; the second number, its feeding & perceptive gauging; the 3rd spin number shows its chances of reproducing new particles with a particle of opposite sexual spin; the 4th magnetic number shows the social distribution of its atomic organism. 4 type of vibrations organize a social molecule. 4 nucleotide acids code the vital actions of the cell. And 4 drives of existence -feeding, informing, reproducing and evolving socially- explain the game of life, which now mankind finally understands, just before she ends her existence.

So be humble, you are nothing, just a 10 dimensional being, an infinitesimal soul who looked at the infinite Universe, a variety of the 4 symbols of the fractal generator, who denied the meaning of existence confused itself with the whole, and now will die dust of space-time.

Since only the Universe, and its soul, the fractal generator of infinite existences is eternal:

Quantum physics discovered that the Universe is not made of substances but of motions called actions that combine energy and time. The simplest action of energy and time is called an h-Planck constant – the first complementary ‘being’, the simplest bricks of the Universe that creates light, electromagnetic space-time.

5D science expands the principle to all scales: from a quantum particle to a human that states ‘I don’t have time or energy to do this’, we find all existential systems combine both motions into constants of ‘action’: exi=k.

We are all complex ‘knots’ of energy and time actions, motions with form. Let us classify all those possible Universal actions, departing from the fact that there are only 2 motions, lineal energy and cyclical information, combined in exo actions, which organize themselves into ‘complex knots’, herds of multiple actions, ∑exi=k.

Thus all what systems can do are 4 type of actions performed by all complementary bodies/fields of energy and heads/particles of information:

–   ∆E:  Systems feed on energy for their bodies/fields.

–   ∆I:  They absorb information for their heads/particles.

–   ∆E x O; E<=>O: They communicate both, often merging E&O to reproduce the entity in other space time zone, to survive after death or become reproduced by an external catalyzer or enzyme. i.e: ‘enzymen’ make machines.

–  ∑ e x o: They evolve socially in more complex networks that survive longer in time and space.

Now from a perspective of dimensions, we could consider ∆E as a line dimension, ∆O as a height dimension, And hence the combined actions increase those dimensions, ∆E x ∆O = Max. E x O (e=o), the 3rd dimension, the reproductive one, ∑, tends to be ∑Exo, with dominance of the herds, hence adding an E dimension, E2xI

While the dimension of ∏±I is the dimension of creation of networks, upwards and downwards, and can be consider a dimension of  time-information that expands the height dimension, ∆O. Those two new dimensions  though when perceived from U±1 scales are perceived differently because the arrows across i-scales are non-commutative:

∆Ei <∑Ei-1, and ∆I:  O> Oi+1. In other words we always send energy to the higher scale that takes only a part of it to make it order, while the rest waste as hit, and vice versa, when we die away a form of order explodes into energy in the lower scale but this time in a larger space surface, ∑, with lesser orders. What we see as the scales of reality we perceive them hierarchically.

This implies that if we look downwards we see an only ‘—motions’ Universe as physicists do but if we look upwards we see an information only universe. Of course because the evidence of the lower scales is visual – that is we observe ‘red shift light’ in time terms with our eyes but we do not see higher scales – gods in our human case, dark matter in the cosmos, this deficit of informative perception in man, red shifted by its eyes’ perception means we tend to have a lineal-> energy->‘—motions’ biased brain.

Those 4 arrows are ‘necessary’ for any complementary system of energy and information to last. As any complementary system will die if it doesn’t replenish its energy (∆E) and information, ∆I, or reproduce before death, ∆ExO. While systems made of multiple actions, ∑exi, will have more energy and information, more ‘power’ becoming top predators able to feed on single systems, as biology shows (herds dominate individual species).

Further on, since according to 5D metrics a larger system acts slower in time, the advantage of a herd can be upset by their slow collective actions by a smaller, faster predator. So systems try to take advantage of the different ‘density’ of information and energy happening in different i-scales, acting also in their lower and upper scale.

Yet since, according to the laws of geometry, any part of a given space-time can only ‘travel’ and interact in those domains that match its own Se x To parameters; for a system to travel through 3 U±1 scales of the 5th dimension with different parameters, it has to co-exist simultaneously with ‘smaller i-1 cells’ and bigger i+1 super-organisms. This fact defines the ‘fundamental particle’ of the Universe, a scalar super-organism that co-exists simultaneously in 3 U±1 ternary scales to extract energy and information from them – in the case of a human being, in our cellular, individual and social scales. And explains the 5th dimensional action – organicism:

– ∑Ei-1 <=>∏To:  This equation, which includes all the other actions, is the Generator equation of all the entities of energy and information or space and time of the Universe, of all Existences.

Where ∏ is the symbol for a ‘network’ of cyclical, informative ‘neurons/particles’, T, that unlike ‘loose’ herds/webs of energy fields/cells across a single space sheet, are relatively ‘fixed’ and interconnected with all the others, through a lower scale of ‘axons/simpler actions’. Which is the origin of the many power laws of the Universe, since the number of connections=‘axons-simpler actions of energy’ will be the square of the number of T-neurons/particles, a fact generalized for systems analyzed through several i-scales. Hence we write To

So from a dynamic perspective we define the Universe as a game of creation of super-organisms, performing externally in its space-time ecosystem, cyclical, existential actions, switching between energy feeding, informative perception, reproduction, social evolution with self-similar points and U±1 scalar, organic creation.

The program of the Universe: Maximize your social existence.


An exhaustive analysis of all events and actions of all systems, from the 4+1 quantum actions-numbers of particles to the 5 drives of existence of biological beings to the 5 quantum actions of humans, show that all systems try to maximize its 5 survival actions, according to the sequential and frequency laws aforementioned, creating a ‘Maslow pyramid’ of behavior for all of them – the program of the Universe. The 5th action, though is often unwanted and hence not considered in most scientific studies, because it is most often imposed externally by the i+1 neuronal/informative, ‘superior’ species that absorbs the energy of the lower herd treated as energy. So it is not a ‘quantum number’ but the action of informative quarks that capture electrons to form the atomic organism. It is not a human action, but the imposition of people-castes that control our languages of information (politicians with laws, bankers with money) and create states and markets that control and absorb our wealth. It is not the desire of cells in a multicellular organism, which are controlled in motion and information by neurons.

– To maximize your existence, Max. ∑Ei-1 <=>Toi+1, the simplest strategy is to maximize the components of the equation, the 4 positive arrows-actions: E=energy feeding, I=information processing, <=> or X, Reproduction and ∑, social evolution and the selfless action of giving away your energy to sustain a ‘higher plane of forms’, which can be observed in the sacrifice of individuals from their nations, their subconscious collective Gods, or in physical space in the loss of form of individual orbitals when the pi or sigma molecular orbitals appear, or the transfer of energy from electric to magnetic fields and so on.

– This gives birth to the duality of ‘social arrows’, as the 4D arrow of herding among clone cells/waves to create ‘spaces’ (defined by Riemann as groups of ‘similar points’ described by properties of continuity, etc.’) might be called in mystique terms the arrow of ‘democratic, social love’ and extract and ethic generalization: forms that feel equal act in parallel and love each other; while the 5D arrow is hierarchical, Darwinian, as ‘forms who are different’ prey ‘perpendicularly’ to each other, transferring energy, Ei-1>To from the lower scale to the upper scale and information, To>Ei-1, from the upper to the lower scale. More deductions from the Program:

– You can maximize the function of existence when E=O->Max Exo (mathematical rule: 5×5>9×1).

This is known intuitively, as we say ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ where E(body/field) and I (head/particle).

It is the origin of the need to have our vital constants in balance, of the balance of Universal Constants, which are E/O or Exo ratios (as in the equations of gravitational and electromagnetic constants, where q-m are clocks of information and distances, Se, hence they write as F=Q,G(To/E).

It explains the attraction of beauty, a shape in which form and energy are balanced, E=O; the beauty of top predator species – a species that maximizes its body force (E), intelligence (O) and beauty (E=O), in physical space one with maximal M(T) x V(E) momentum, which in physical collisions survives and defines the final trajectory; the classic shapes of the commonest spiral galaxies, etc. It explains why live longer in our mature, E=O, age between energetic youth and informative 3rd age; why death happens by excess of energy (Max. E in accidents and wars) or information (Max. I in the 3rd age when we warp and wrinkle); and many other facts.

– You can maximize your existence, when ∑->∞ that explains the huge quanta in spaces that last, from the ultimate vacuum of the Universe to the seas of water, to the power of ∑=Love in social systems, to the undistinguishable boson structures of immortal beings, from light to black holes (bosons of quark stars) to minds – ‘zero points’ that map out with self-similar pixels of information an external Universe into a linguistic infinitesimal image of it – to herds and waves that become tighter, multicellular organisms that survive better.

– It explains the engine of human existence: greed for E-food, Information, sex (exo), 4D-love & 5D-power.

For example, if we are to consider informative systems alone, the creation of a boson, zero point in which an infinite number of self-similar, ∑-forms converge is another path to maximize the function of existence.



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