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History of Timespace theory

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Abstract. The Universe is a fractal of time§pace. where time means motion=change, and space form.

Because form is a Maya of the senses, that is, the mind stops motion into form to focus reality, but outside of the mind-mirror all is motion, even solid form is just a ‘vortex’ a cyclical time motion, motion is all, and so we can say the Universe is a fractal of time motions. To explore this concept and connect it with previous human studies of time-space and its different ‘stiences’, is the purpose of this blog.


Pentalogic on History of Spacetime theory
All Dimotions: Lao, Zi Aristotle
2D: Galileo
1D: Descartes
Not even wrong: Newton
4D: Leibniz
3D: Darwin
5D: Clausius
2D: Einstein
All Dimotions: l§




(: from Aristotle to Leibniz… Einstein…& I 🙂


‘God is the seer of Time, of a higher logic than man.’ Saint Augustine, on the pentalogic of the 5Dimensional Universe..

‘∆@st you are, dust you shall become.’ Bible, on the worldcycles of existence.

‘Yang (entropy-lineal momentum) and yin (form-angular momentum)  combine to give birth the ∞ qi≈energy beings of reality’

Taoism, best philosophical expression of the ‘trinity’ of conserved time-space elements in the universe

‘Beauty, S=T, is the present soul of the Universe.’ L§

 ‘Time-space’ Theory. Expanding the dimotions of time-space to 5.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 12.30.48 PMTime theory IS without any significant progress since Einstein, in a theme that seems very difficult for humans as you cannot by definition shoot still pictures of time=change as we do with space=form…

Why? Simply because the study of time space locomotions – what physicists study – is exhausted but THERE ARE 4 MORE TIME-CHANGES WHICH physicists hardly explored, notably those due to change in the in-form-ation of beings, which are a huge field of knowledge we shall explore in this blog.

Time is change, motion. All kinds of them. We have classified them all in 5 types, which sequentially as they dominate the life of beings are:

Generation of information->Young locomotion->Reproductive maturity -> Informative old age -> Entropic destruction. As all of them are changes of form in space, they are properly time space dimension motions or ‘DIMOTIONS’.

Timespace theory is then the study of the 5 Dimotions of the Universe.

But as humans use the term, or rather measure it, time is a cyclical closed clock-like motion. A problem of epistemology becomes then to properly adjust all the different ambitious jargons of mankind to a strict analysis of those 5 Dimotions.

Let us then make for starters a brief resume of the history of those huminds who searched for the ultimate simplest principles of reality, space and time.

Time theory’s next big advance IS not the evaporation of black holes but the models of relational space-time I completed and when I am gone ‘post-mortem’, will become the staple food of serious XXI century physical, biological and sociological research, as they explain the whys of science, which are the repetitive patterns=cycles of time of all its particular clocks, or else without cyclical patterns of time there would not be science, which consists exactly in the repetition of those clocks we can foresee.

If time cycles did not exist, and the single lineal clock of physicists were the only time, there is NO reason for repetition of events which is What LAWS OF SCIENCE TELL Us.

SpaceTime change – the ultimate theory of ‘st¡ence’.

The Universe is a fractal of time§pace. where time means motion=change, and space form. Because form is a Maya of the senses, that is, the mind stops motion into form to focus reality, but outside of the mind-mirror all is motion, even solid form is just a ‘vortex’ a cyclical time motion, motion is all, and so we can say the Universe is a fractal of time motions. To explore this concept and connect it with previous human studies of time-space and its different ‘stiences’, is the purpose of this blog.

Let us do then a very ‘brief history of timespace’ on the landmark discoveries of mankind, which indeed as we shall show are sandwiched between Aristotle, founder of Logic in its Organon, a book that also saw the Universe as an entangled organism, and this work which regains the study of the 5 Dimotions together, we repeat apply to all sciences and cannot be encased only in mathematical equations.

A brief account of Time Spacetheory in human sciences, expanded from his founders in the eastern world, Lao Zi, which studied yin=form and yang=motion, combined into waves of 10.000 qi=energy existential beings. and the western world Aristotle, which studied all its dimensional motions (ab. dimotions) together, through modern science, from Galileo and Descartes which explored the perception of information and the relativity of motion (1, 2Dimotions) through Leibniz and Newton that considered the calculus of infinitesimal spaces and integral social wholes (4D), through Darwin which considered the Dimotion of reproduction and entropic predator-prey relationships I biological systems (3D, 5D), Clausius that studied Entropy in physical systems (5D) and Einstein, which completed Galilean Relativity (2D) to finally end in this work, as all processes that seem lineal in small steps become cyclical in the larger view. So we consider as Aristotle did, all the Dimotions of spacetime together, but thanks to the work of previous pioneers, and the correspondence Principle and wealth of data gathered in 2 millennia, with more depth, completing so far this adventure of the mind. So we explain the work of those pioneers, completing their analysis of each Dimotion with the insights of GST

In the graph, the 9 foremost students of time§pace theory.

The Universe is a fractal of time§pace. where time means motion=change, and space form. Because form is a Maya of the senses, that is, the mind stops motion into form to focus reality, but outside of the mind-mirror all is motion, even solid form is just a ‘vortex’ a cyclical time motion, motion is all, and so we can say the Universe is a fractal of time motions. To explore this concept and connect it with previous human studies of time-space and its different ‘stiences’, is the purpose of this blog.

In the graph the 2 original thinkers that preceded modern science, when each discipline specialized in the study of a single dimotion:

  • Lao Zi, which studied 1Ð yin=form and 5,2 Ð yang=motion, combined into 3Ð reproductive qi=energy beings, that formed 4Ð 10.000social existential waves (Tao-te-ching). So he would account for the world cycle of existence in all its complexity albeit in a synoptic poetic wave. While…
  • Aristotle also studied all Dimotions together, explained in his magna Opus, the Organon and its treatises on motions, with a more logic, rational perspective.
-1D: Points of view: Descartes and 2D Locomotion, Galileo->XVII C. definition of a mathematical frame of reference for space-time studies and its key formula of lineal time, v=s/t.
-4D: Social Evolution: Leibniz->XVIII C.: first model of relational space-time, analysis of ∆-scales, definition of a fractal point that holds a world within itself.
-3D: Reproduction. XIX c. -> Darwin: resurgence of biological time and its 1D-3D dimensions of evolution and reproduction of information.
5D: Clausius on physical entropy and gaseous states.
-XX c.-> 2D Locomotion, Einstein’s completion of Galilean Relativity – not as physicists pretend the supreme intelligence of time, but just a secondary note in the second Dimotion of locomotion.
-XXI c.-> l§: Discovery of 5D metric, and application its dimensional space=time symmetries to r=evolve all stiences.
This said, in this blog we shall resume the work of each of those masters and further expand its discoveries on each of the 5 Dimotions they studied with Generational Space-Time and its 5 Dimotions of existence.

We could say that  the evolution of modern science goes every century through the evolution of our understanding of its first substances time and space (from XVI C. Galileo to XVII.C: Descartes->to XVIII:  Leibniz vs. Newton, to XIX: Darwin and Clausius, to XX: Einstein to XXI L§).

Yet if we were to consider its 2 fundamental restricted and wider views we can also divide them into:

Philosophers, (Lao, Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, this writer), which study multiple Dimotions, (Descartes will analyze both 1D-perception and 2D-locomotion, Leibniz, 2D locomotion and 4D social evolution,  Darwin, with his philosophy of life, 3D reproduction and 4D Entropic predation, with some elements of 4D eusocial evolution, Lao, Aristotle and this writer all of them)


Physicists which restrict its analysis to lineal locomotions and its maximal form of entropic dissolution (Newton, ignored in this blog as his work is basically a wrong interpretation derived of the Cartesian graph an the work of Galileo, which along Einstein studied locomotion only and finally Clausius which studied entropy).

So paradoxically because we live in a technological civilization based in entropic weapons and locomotion transports, this restricted view of a single obsessive analysis of translation in space (locomotion and entropy), with  a single clock for the entire universe, the mechanical clock, that measures a single arrow of future time, the arrow of entropy, disordered expansion in space and death, has carried the day.

And what is worse, it has become both, the preferred view on evolution (entropic struggle) and the metaphysical view of the Universe (entropic big-bang explosion that ‘accelerates’ with dark energy that erases the information and life of the Universe.


We shall thus in this post consider the evolution of science that passes as always every century through the evolution of our understanding of its first substances time and space (from XVI-XVII: Descartes->Galileo, to XVIII:  Leibniz vs. Newton, to XIX: Darwin vs. religion, to XX-XXI: Einstein->Sancho), which has two fundamental views:

The physicists’ view of a single abstract timespace, with a single clock for the entire universe, the mechanical clock, that measures a single arrow of future time, the arrow of entropy, disorder expansion in space and death, which starts and ends in a constant big-bang explosion that erases the information of life and the Universe. Time is then ‘what the clock measures’ (Einstein) and obviously it is spoken in the digital language of clocks.

This view appeared only with the invention of mechanical clocks, the development of the Cartesian graph that uncoiled the cyclical form of a clock into a line, latter extended mathematically to infinity, and the discovery in the analysis of a local phenomena of entropy – the disordered heat of steam machines…

And it requires two ‘dogmas’ that ‘reduce’ sciences to this view and are called by philosophers of science, ‘reductionism‘ (only mathematical measures of time taken with the human-mechanical standard of a single clock, with a second unit that is our human heart-step-eye-thought rhythm matter, all other forms of measure of time=change are irrelevant; and all other time clocks must be ‘reduced’ to the human time clocks which is also the clock of the Universe); and naive realism (only what we can see and measure with our visual intruments matter).

IT WAS only on those basis that the big-bang theory of the Universe could be born, by disregarding absolutely every other form of time=change, every other arrow of time=change notably the energetic and informative arrows of the vortices of galaxies that ‘compress vacuum space into matter’ (‘time bends space into masses’ Einstein); and finally by disregarding 96% of the Universe of dark energy and dark matter (remember those are NOT arrows/substances of time-space for ‘entropy’ only physicists.

Hence the present mess about big-bang theory where the proofs that deny it, the things that are not explained by it, are overwhelming. Yet BECAUSE physicists will defend its dogmas with a very non-scientific sanguine, bully behaviour full of systemic insults against the ‘intelligence of other sciences’, the ‘knowledge of philosophers of science’, the self-importance of their discoveries, on my view copycatted of the bullying of its ’employees’, the military of the weapon industry where till the explosion of the electronic consumer industry 70% of them worked; there is no way to argue with them reasonably on timespace theory.

So plainly speaking NEVER from ‘here to eternity’ there will be a physicist who truly advances further time theory.

As what he studies is only a type of time change, translation in space, defined by an equation which uses time-change only to measure those changes in space motion, v=∂s/∂t, ∂t=v/∂s, where each ‘instant of time’, ∂t is defined as the measure of change in speed or position in space.

This time-change measure has been exhausted ad limit by physicists, conceded. There is nothing more thoroughly researched with the liberal help of the military-industrial complex, since Galileo defined time in those terms to measure shots of cannonballs for the arsenal of Venice, than motion in space.

Einstein took it to the limit by defining precisely that change in very fine ‘pictures’ of present, simultaneous space-time, adding a correcting factor to Galileo’s relativity, c²t², to account for the deformations happening at very fast motions; but NOTHING of the other type of changes and perceptions of time notably biological, informative time changes were added to the ‘soup’.

So physicists know all about time-change in space but they cannot make a philosophy of time, because they have ‘reduced’ time to that partial element of change, they have eliminated all languages which are NOT digital to measure time change, notably the logic of the 3 timespace arrows past, present and future, better explained with verbal logic.

Only a philosopher of science considers all the changes together and ads the logic of verbal thought and its 3 past-present-future verbs to explain time.

As mathematics IS better as a language to mirror space, geometry and points, though it can mirror time through sequential numbers, the loss is specially clear in the understanding of causality and time logic, which physicists finally abandoned for the false concept of ‘probability’, which has basically eliminated the key element to understand sequential events in time, causality, whose logic is NOT Simple aristotelian causality, as there are 3 arrows of time that mix together to create events.

So the logic of time is ternary, similar to the taoist or hegelian concept of a yin-thesis, yang-antithesis and yin yang synthesis, as opposites attract to form complementary beings:

Past-entropy x future-information = present-energy cycles.

It WILL be thus a polymath of all sciences where time events happen, explaining all those clocks together – from evolutionary biology to genetic clocks to historic cycles and economic evolution of machines – clocks of time the physicist does not even consider time clocks, because only the mechanical clock matter.

So Kepler’s>physicists reductionist view of a single clock, a single space and a single language of time must be confronted with the view of the organic Universe proper of philosophers of science and eastern cultures, which affirm that the ‘languages of god are infinite’ and the way we perceive time multiple.

This view of time indeed is flawed by dogma, reductionism and naive realism that eliminates all other clocks, all other time cycles, all other languages of perception of time-space, including the verbal logic of the three arrows of time, past, present and future.

So we shall return and explain the much wider, much extended through cultures (till the clock of physics became collective dogma) view of time as the processes of change, produced by the combinations of 3 arrows.

It is the philosopher of science’s view, which sees reality as an eternal balance between the arrows of entropy and death and the arrows of information and life that combine in the conserved momentum and energy worldcycles of the Universe.

‘Yin-visnhu-in/form/ation=dimensional form’ which combines with ‘yang-shiva-entropy=motion’ to create the ∞ ‘qi’=’brahma’=energetic beings with momentum ‘acting’ on the universe.

We have on purpose explain along the fundamental equation of the three ages of time:

Spe: Local past-entropy-motion x  Tiƒ: local future information = ST: E: present conserved, repetitive cycles of space-time energy.

Its mystical discovery by earlier philosophies of science of the eastern world to show you something evident:

Because the 3 arrows of time are every where, all human cultures have known about it by observing reality with human senses, crafting the past-present-future systems of all verbal languages with that view, and understanding that all systems go through 3 ages of time, corresponding to those arrows, the young-entropic-moving age the mature, reproductive, energetic age that combines those motions with a growing aware of form, of information, which comes to dominate the third age of timespace systems, and finally dies in an entropic big-bang explosion.



New advances in time=change theory in the modern age, come only once a century, and all ultimately come from the concepts first envisioned by the father of all scientists, Mr. Aristotle, which today is quite ignored by the pretentious ‘high popes’ of modern science, our technological ‘seers’ of time…

In the old age people considered that time was cyclical – since all clocks of time are cyclical and so all theories of time before Galileo were based in the eternal return of those time clocks, from the day of the sun, to the year of the seasons, to the life-death cycles renewed by new generations, to the patterns of science, as indeed science would not exist unless certain patterns repeat causally, which is what we call a law of science. And people considered that space was ‘vital’ in the nature of living beings, and inert, in material beings, but it was the substance of all of them.

So Aristotle, the father of all sciences said that time was cyclical, and beings made of vital space were alive when moving. And if things had their own motion they will be alive also, but as he didn’t appreciate motion in matter, as we do today, he considered it ‘inorganic’.

But he adventured that the Universe should be an ‘organon’. And further on distinguished two great fields of time=change, physics that studies translation in space, or external time-change and biology that studies internal time-change or change in the information of beings.

We are using modern terms for the work of Aristotle and improving upon its concepts, but it is important to realize that due to his encyclopedic knowledge his concepts of time=change or ‘Kinesis’ were much wider than the specialized concepts of change, restricted today by each science to the limited types of time=changes the species they study experience within its disciplines, with the exclusion of all other types of change as if they didn’t exist, or didn’t matter.

And this a key error for our understanding of all types of time=change, to advance a more general theory of reality, reason why we trace back to the work of Aristotle, the first of such all encompassing endeavors, adapting his work to our modern understanding of it.

In that sense, Aristotle speaks about four kinds of motion and change — those in substance, in quality, in quantity and in place – to which he adds the concept of no motion; that is a mental form or ‘relative God’, able to perceive, control and move the energy around him.

Not surprisingly enough those 4+1 modes of change, as they are everywhere in the Universe, will be the 5 Dimensional motions of time-space (ab. Ðimotions), we will consider in this blog to unify all modes of time in the Universe. 

In modern terms, the unmoved, perceptive ‘God’ or Monad or mind, which stops reality in a spatial image of time-motions, will be akin to Perception, change in quality and substance or  Generation will be akin to ‘evolution‘ and its inverse mode ‘entropy‘ or dissolution; change in quantity will be akin to growth or ‘reproduction‘, change in place, to Locomotion, the only one physicists study but stubbornly consider the only ‘form of time-change’, a hyperbolic statement origin of so many errors of our comprehension of the Universe, as they have constructed a metaphysics of reality based only in locomotion and its most extreme, explosive form, entropy, from the big-bang theory of the Universe, to the description of our existence in time as a ‘worldlines’, which we will have to correct once we understand those 5 Dimotions of time-space in depth.

It must be also stressed that rightly, Aristotle considered of those 5 DImotions, Generation, the biological evolution and growth that gives birth to a new system, based in information WAS the queen of all motions, the more complex and important for human life NOT a mere translation in space or Locomotion, studied by physicists, reason why he considered biology above physics and called his work the ‘Organon’. A fact today forgotten due to our obsession with weapons and transport machines that move people, developed by physicists, who claim its particular field of change=time studies the most relevant to mankind.

So today physicists would only accept as time=change, locomotion or translation in space; biologists will talk only of evolution; and psychologists of the perception of time – while Aristotle talked of all of them as ‘entangled manifestations’ of the same phenomena, time=change.

So he also distinguished essentially 5 forms of time change, locomotion, the time change studied by physicists; mental change or perception (the motions caused by a non-moving center of a territorial body of energy, or relative ‘God’) the time change studied by metaphysics; reproduction or growth, the time change of beings that repeat and create larger beings; Generation, which today would be defined as ‘palingenesis’ or social evolution when the process of growth but also changes the ‘form’ of beings, and finally its inverse dissolution, death or entropy, to use the modern terms of the 5 types of Time Changes we shall unify in this blog, to fully understand time-space theory and unify all ‘stiences’, as all systems and events will be caused by those 5 modes of change.

Yet as modern science developed, specialists in each type of time change, showing the quintessential quality of the ‘humind’ (human mind), ‘egocy’ (ego+idiocy, concepts closely related) took to task the study of a single mode of time=change, to its infinitesimal detail, to affirm then that all other time-changes were manifestations of the one they study, so what we gained in precision, we lost in philosophical understanding of the whole range, and the ultimate principles of reality, the 5 motions of time-change, which now would become separate disciplines; and as we became a technological, military civilization, specialized in the development of weapons of maximal motion and entropy, one of those 5 modes of change, the simplest one, locomotion, became synonymous with time change, and its scholars, physicists, the new ‘seers of time’, high popes of the humind, ever since:

time cycles

Physicists reduced our information of the dimensions and modes of time cycles by uncoiling all time cycles, missing its form and frequency, to be able to equalize them all despite all its different speeds through the second standard of a mechanical clock. Then all its different speeds measured as mechanical time-clocks distances are pegged together as number of a line. Since Galileo pontified during its tenure of the chair of ballistic as the arsenal of Venice that entropic open motions as those he studied in cannonballs is the only arrow of time. He fully destroyed our conceptual understanding of the infinite time space vital cycles of the Universe, its synchronous knots that form simultaneous supeorganisms, and the 3 vital parts of the time cycle, its membrane of conserved angular momentum, its focus or singularity for regular closed time cycles and the vital energy enclosed in them. Their dimensionalities are 2D-membrane, 1S-singularity, and 3D-volumen of enclosed energy. They become then the 3 conserved quantities, momentums and energy of the superoergansm of the Universe, broken in infinite pieces or ‘species’ of time-space. It IS ESSENTIAL to understand the enormous range of whys and truth we HAVE LOST by reducing the 5 Dimotions (dimensional motions) of time-space to a single one, to the point today we just write mathematical equations of reality without understanding what they mean due to this error, which ranges from the INCAPACITY to grasp why SCIENCE exists (patterns repeated cyclically due to cause-effect), why THE FUTURE can be predicted (cyclical patterns will repeat always when cause happens) NOT only in the simplest locomotions due to the frequency of ‘steps’ (cyclical wheels, wave-frequency, limb steps), but also IN COMPLEX motions (generation and death of worldcycles, patterns of history, cyclical crashes of stock-markets), all of them RESOLVED in this blog with the return to the fundamental TRUTH of the Universe: we exist in a world of cyclical Dimotions of spacetime.

So in the XVII c. it Galileo, an artillery master for the Arsenal of Venice, in search of the maximal lineal distance reached by its cannonballs, developed 3 concepts:

The idea that time was lineal, reaching towards infinity, as he wanted to reach with his cannonballs, breaking for ever since the true concept of time as a cyclical, clock-like process.

The realization that between two different observers motion was indistinguishable from position; so stillness and motion were relative to each other; but instead of accepting the paradox of its co-existence, as two independent ‘arrows of time’, motion and form, he chose ‘motion’, the field of his studies (so while the Earth seemed still, he chose its motion); again hiding the fundamental duality of the Universe between the 2 essential modes of change, Locomotion and its ‘social mode’, Entropy vs. Information, perception and its social mode, evolution.

And so to cap it all he developed and equation of locomotion (translation in space), based in Lineal time, as if it encompassed within it, all modes of time, change: V=s/t, which he represented in an abstract mathematical artifact, nowhere to be seen in reality – the Cartesian graph of absolute spacetime, defining against common wisdom, lineal absolute time as the single mode of time change. So translation in space or locomotion became ever since the ‘reduced’ concept of time in western thought.

The Newtonian paradigm.

The renaissance, the discovery of artillery and the birth of capitalism was accompanied by mental, social and geographical r=evolution. First, the Iberians greatly extended the boundaries of the known world and the Italians produced a revolution in the minds of men, which became the center of our civilization. So space came to dominate time, outward motions, inward reflections, and ‘locomotion’, the only motion of the 6 canonical forms (generation, evolution, growth, diminution, extinction and locomotion), needed to understand cannons became the supreme ‘motion’, to understand.

It meant also the division between philosophers and social and biological scientists, still interested in the organic 5 motions of the worldcycle of life and death, on one side, and physicists and ‘people in power’, interested in external motions, whereas only ‘extinction’, death, entropy, among the internal motions of beings mattered.

When this ‘lineal, simplified, military, worldview’ of reality expanded into the study of the heavens, astrology – a magic interest on the internal nature of stars as organisms and its relationships with humans – died away. Stars thus became also points in motion. Of course astrology was not science, but it showed where the interest of the human lied before the artillery revolution – on the inner nature and organic connections between beings. So astronomers like Brahe were first court astrologers and in the spare time worried to calculate the stars locomotions.

The end of the 15th century saw the creative activity of the great artist-humanists Leonardo and Michelangelo, which gave new meaning to the perception through human senses of the space, reaching the zenith of western art. Yet also this humanist, organic view of space, captured by the eye, gave way with the use of telescopes to mechanical space measures, and soon the verbal time, expressed with words will give way to the mechanical time, measure with clocks, and words were replaced by numbers.

In that sense, the renaissance was brief, perhaps too brief, the final epitome of the human organism perceiving ‘alone’ the World from the human perspective with its visual and verbal, space-time senses.

Navigation now developed hand in hand with astronomy, as stars guided boats, precise measures were needed, and new instruments develop to improve empire building. Gunboats became the essential weapon of the age and spyglasses to see enemy ships became precursors of telescopes.

In 1543 Copernicus published his work “On the revolution of the heavenly bodies,” which completely changed the face of astronomy; in 1609 appeared the “New astronomy” of Kepler, containing his first and second laws for the motion of the planets around the sun, and in 1618 his book “Harmony of the world,” containing the third law. Galileo, on the basis of his study of the works of Archimedes and his own bold experiments, laid the foundations for the new mechanics, an indispensable science for the newly arising technology.

In 1609 “Galileo directed his recently constructed telescope, though still small and imperfect, toward the night sky; the first glance in a telescope was enough to destroy the ideal celestial spheres of Aristotle and the dogma of the perfect form of celestial bodies. The surface of the moon was seen to be covered with mountains and pitted with craters. Venus displayed phases like the Moon, Jupiter was surrounded by four satellites and provided a miniature visual model of the solar system. The Danish astronomer Ole Rømer in 1676 used those satellites to measure the speed of light at 240.000 km/s. The Milky Way fell apart into separate stars, and for the first time men felt the staggeringly immense distance of cosmos.

And so each new advance that took man outside its inner world and point of view, made distances, space, locomotions, speeds and the outer physical reality more important.

Time thus became reduced to locomotion and ‘entropic death’ (the main result of war and cannonballs). And clocks to measure the rhythms of artillery and spyglasses to look far away substituted verbs that measured the rhythms of the human soul and eyes that painted the world from the human point of view, introducing those vibrations of the soul that subtly distorted the image offered by the artist – the elongation of “Greco’s’ spiritual paintings along the dimension of height, the contortions and excessive warping of the first baroque painters in the 3rd age of renaissance, the death of the Latin World, happened then along the first simpler, lineal age of protestant churches and naked cult to the ‘individual ego’, and its ‘faith’:

– This 3rd baroque and 1st puritan age showed that a civilization died in its 3rd age, southern, Greek-Italian-Iberian humanist cultures while a new simpler human world was born in northern Europe.

Of course, humans still needed to understand the 6 motions of time, the 5 inner ‘biological’ motions of the worldcycle of life and death, and the outer ‘physical motions’ of objects, but the new Northern culture had done a curious split between them, which we call the ‘technological paradox’: the understanding of the inner motions of biological beings regressed to its most primitive religious forms, as human artistic senses loose prestige, (puritans would destroy art in churches), while the outer study of locomotions with the new mechanical instruments for time and space (clocks and telescopes), will further evolve.

So biological sciences would die away for 3 centuries till microscopes and chemistry allowed the rebirth of medicine with Pasteur, and evolutionary theories the rebirth of biology with Darwin. This impressive 3 hundred years silence of true science on the 5 organic motions, would be substituted, with the literalist meaning of the bible and its ego-trips, for inward explanations on the nature of man.

It is important to stress this gap. Medicine was not a science till 1873 when Pasteur was accepted in the academie of medicine; Biology till 1859, with Darwin’s book on evolution and History till 1867 with the publication of Das Kapital; completed with Spengler’s Der Untergang des Abendlandes, 1918; (The Decline of the West). And even after this scientific birth, history as a science has been defeated by capitalism and the book of history of the Jews, (the bible), which now have again imposed its revival of the mythic view of mankind as the center of the Universe.

Of course, from the perspective of the science of history, there is an easy explanation on how the dominant people-castes of the west – the jewish-germanic elite – uses financial, mathematical and literary information to further his worldview, backed by artillery. But what matters here is this paradoxical opposition between a full understanding of the internal motions and organic nature of man, and its superorganism of history vs. the outer locomotions of physicists as the only ‘knowledge that matters’ about time.

Both have gone hand in hand, in as much as the physicist, biblical, military worldview became dictatorial, reducing as irrelevant, the knowledge of the inner motions and biological organic development of any system of the Universe.

This is the essence of physical reductionism, and its sin. It is Ok to study locomotions as long as the other 5 motions were recognized. But they are not. 3 hundred years of hiatus between Copernicus, artillery and the development of medicine, biology and history as a science, shunned off by Abrahamic cults, truly explains the bias against humanism and organicism in the history of western knowledge. And because this is a power-world view, reason has never made inroads. Today we assist in fact to an attack on biology, evolution, on the schools of America, even an attack on medicine by biblical sects against blood transfusion or vaccination.

Mechanicism and power.

‘A technological civilisation is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done if it is technologically possible. If it is possible to construct nuclear weapons, even if they can destroy us all, they must be constructed. Once this principle is accepted humanist values are dethroned and the evolution of the machines becomes the foundation of ethics.‘ Eric Fromm

AND YET, ORGANIC theories of the universe are and will be denied by mechanicism, as long as power converts the machine in the center of our civilization.

Τhis denial of the unity of all systems of nature means that:

– On one side the inner properties and motions of physical systems, were reduced to external locomotions, and physics became reduced to the study of 1/3rd of reality – studying locomotions and entropy-extinctive motions. Only in the XX century, with the birth of quantum physics and relativity, physics retook the study of ‘non-lineal’, ‘quantum’ analysis of the discontinuous, cyclical, inner elements of physical systems, and its temporal informative nature.

But the reductionism of considering everything a lineal locomotion or an entropic expansive motion had overdeveloped so much that it biased quantum and relativity, propagating in the new avant-garde sciences its errors. So curved Relativity geometries ended up sponsoring a lineal big-bang theory of entropic explosions as origin of the Universe. And quantum physics failed to fully explain the distorting geometries, and organic properties of systems, in which the 3 elements of all organic realities, the limbs-fields of entropy, the body-waves and the particle-heads of information, come together to create a physical organism.

The philosophy of ‘dead matter’ has never been challenged. This I noticed when I was a reputed scholar, before my activism eliminated me ad hominem from scientific conferences, and tried to explain people that quarks and electrons, the simplest particles do reproduce with the same pattern that we humans do, by emitting a seminal flow of energy and information, often in opposite ‘sexual spins’, which gave birth in the point of fusion to a mass of smaller quark-itos or electrons. This is a fact, but often meant the audience would leave the room, if the conference was among physicists, the reaction was even more negative. And yet, only n organic inner explanation of the 5 motions of physical systems, from generation through evolution, growth, diminution and extinction, can make sense of quantum physics in the smaller scales of reality and of gravitation in the larger scales.

– On the other side the religious, self-centered deformation of human socio-biological cycles, reduced for 300 years, (ad eternal in historic sciences), the development of social and biological sciences. The answers to the meaning of life were supposed to be revealed in a Bronze Age Book of History – a lore of tribal, racist, primitive mythic, selfish thoughts, which still ‘enlightens’ the soul of most of the inhabitants of the dominant nation of the world (America). The consequences of this fact are daring. It probably will mean the extinction of our species, unable to realize of the organic nature of the Universe and its new budding species on Earth (robots and organic, self-feeding black hole and strangelet nuclear bombs). As we chosen humans, center of the Universe, are ‘immortal’, protected by God, and can play ball with any top predator species, call it Terminator or Black hole.

It had of course a heavy toll on the scientific design of our societies, which have rejected the natural models of ‘superorganisms’, which could build a perfect world, imitating Nature, where all cells of a body do receive enough blood-money to survive (the equivalent of a Universal salary) and demand the Welfare goods they need as biological beings. This part of science was never developed, beyond some insights of socialist and historic schools. Indeed, amazing as it seems, History and Economics has never been a science, able to predict and design the species it studies – the superorganisms of history.

And this fact shows in the growing self-suicidal destruction of our planet, in which most humans maintain a primitive tribal, bronze age Abrahamic concept of what our species, its needs and future must be. Again reason does not work. Any attempt to explain the infantile psyche of the so-called western white man meets with ad hominem attacks, often death by weapons or poverty (in the more radical Jewish and Arab, zealot and jihadist, capitalist and militaristic cultures of America, Israel and Islam).

The white man has no interest in reason, a sustainable world, a future in which he is not the center of the Universe and the faith in its ego-trips and super-hero fantasies the meaning of it all. It prefers to die in defense of those tribal or selfish myths that yield to reason and survive.

This is the outlook of philosophy of knowledge today. A wasteland. And as mental machines further reduce the human collective psyche, down the road of lesser emotional, infantile thought, and humans loose their final verbal, temporal skills as or children stop reading, we can see the organic process of human extinction, as ‘natural’ according to the laws of survival of the fittest species.

Men is not making the cut in that sense as a species. He rejects his evolution through the 5th dimension of organic, social parts that become a stronger, social whole joined by the power of eusocial love. It rejected the rights of life and the planet it hosts it to have a healthy balanced organic ecosystem. It worshipped the species that will substitute and extinguish her to have trips of added metal power. And it reduced its social, ethic and intellectual brain to a series of studies of locomotions and canon shots. And while doing all this, it kept pumping its ego, rejecting all criticism, murdering all alternative philosophies of the Universe, silencing all opposition to its bid for extinction.

And so now, we can only expect the Newtonian action-reaction of the Universe against that monstrous abortion of Nature, the never born superorganism of history, which has become powerless against physicists’ weapons, Abrahamic racist cults against other forms of life including other humans, and the machine that devours us all.

In that regard there is little to do for a ‘philosopher of science’ or ‘ethic’ person to steer the path of the world, as anyone who has fought against the supreme idiocy, eviL=anti-live memes and one-dimensional worldview of ‘physicists’, ‘believers’ and ‘degenerated selfie humans of the present ‘zero generation’, well knows. You can help a few people in direct ‘medical endeavors’, but history seems beyond cure.  And somehow I have come to realize it is right. In the sense that if humans are so deluded, ignorant and eviL, so infinitesimal and yet so infinite in their egos, such empty bubbles floating in their virtual worlds, it is better to leave them to their own.

This is perhaps what I learned after fighting CERN for so long. The gap between the intelligence and ethic of ‘the physicists’, which on top are considered by the rest of the species, the highest minds of mankind, and the mean ethics and intelligence of the Universe is so immense that it is impossible to rise them to a minimum worth to save. What is the meaning of one’s existence in such a world? The answer of course is that existence suffices in itself. To be is all what is left to each of us. And to be is to play the game of life and love. In my case, gifted with this empathy with the organic laws of the Universe, to be is to perceive with an empty ego, knowing I am only human, the astounding perfection of the living, fractal Universe, and the unity of all its parts, which share the same properties. I am no longer fighting for mankind. The species is ‘gone’, mentally so sick that to bring it to sanity is beyond any meaningful effort.

In that sense, the opening of this new section, which no doubt will be met with indifference, is an activity of self-reflection. The beauty of the Universe is immense, and it is meaningful enough to have contemplated it and bear witness of what it has been seen.

Humans will have their reward. They are busy busy like ants building a tower of mud, which the pee of the Gods will soon erase. Yet the fact that a few of us from Aristotle, through Buddha, from Leonardo to Leibniz ‘knew how to see’, ‘wiesen’, saper vedere, means that there should be many Avatar like planets of the fractal Universe, where a better variation of the species understood the perfection of the organic Universe, a planet where people like Galileo or Newton were judged as what they are, maker of weapons, evil-doers, simpletons of…

Lineal Physics.

In theoretical terms, simple locomotion analysis meant that lineal, external motions dominated all studies and cyclical or inner motions mattered not, despite the obvious cyclical nature of the Universe and all its parts, both in space (as clarified latter by Gravitational Relativity and quantum particles, whose species were all moving in cyclical paths) and time – as all cyclical organic motions from birth through evolution growth and diminution into extinction are world cycles NOT worldlines.

In that regard, all modern developments in mathematics and physics consider lineal inertial systems, just a short small view of cyclical, accelerated/decelerated systems – such is the case of the pan geometry of Lobachevski, where only for reduced distances space is Euclidean, becoming exponential, hyperbolic for larger ones; of the study of General Relativity and the motions of the galaxy at large scale, where all motions happen in an accelerated galactic vortex, towards its center; in the study of fields; in the study of fractal spaces; in the study of Earth geodesics that only in short distances become planes; in the study of life cycles that only in small moments become invariable, in the study of the theory of Lineal Functions and Analysis, where only in short distances a curve function is approximated by a lineal tangent, etc. etc. we shall consider the lineal concepts of time and space, a limit of a much larger cyclical view of the Universe.

It will then be evident through a survey of the fundamental opposition between the worldview of physicists and Philosophers of science that advanced both opposite world views of time and space – Galileo vs. Descartes, Newton vs. Leibniz, Darwin vs. Clausius; Hawking vs. Sancho that T..O.E vs. T.Œ gives us a very different outlook of the Universe. One describes only the how of reality, and its small details. While T.Œ gives us the larger whys and the thoughts of God.


1D: Descartes &  Galileo

Knowledge vs. power.

But nobody understood among physicists, because while Galileo had failed to be ‘the delight of philosophers’, his lineal time had become of great use to artillery masters, which carried the day and made him and his family, dedicated to manufacture ‘military instruments’, among them the famous ‘spy-glasses’, today called telescopes that allowed the Venetian navy to see on advance the enemy fleet, one of the wealthiest men of renaissance Italy.

Descartes meanwhile had to make his living selling his mind to ‘artillery masters’, till queen Cristina, the ‘Minerva of the north’, knowing he had a poor health, perversely made the 53-year-old Descartes rise before 5:00 AM to give her philosophy lessons, even though she knew of his habit of lying in bed until 11 o’clock in the morning.

She also ordered him to write verses to celebrate her role in the Thirty Years’ War, where one third of the German people die, and the statutes for a Swedish Academy. She had no role whatsoever on the war, but his father, Gustav, had r=evolved the science of ballistics, as an artillery master, massing up canons instead of soldiers, for which he was called a Genius. It was all in the family. His grand-father Charles who usurped the throne pronounced the sentence ‘Bellum ipse alleat’, ‘war feed itself’, starting the trend of Western nations to dedicate most of their resources to war, to feed its cannonballs while most people at home and abroad died of hunger.

Descartes yielded though to Minerva, the Roman Goddess of war… and the arts – what those 2 things have to do, nobody really knew, except the shrewd military caudillos and artillery masters that sell their craft – murdering life – with the propaganda of knowledge and beauty, which seems to be acquired in the carnage of battlefields and through the study of entropy, lineal cannonballs and death, properly glorified by Hymns, military marches and battle pictures since the times of Assurbanipal and his low-relief, lineal walls, and dying lioness.

So while delivering hymns and statutes to the queen at 5:00 AM, Descartes caught pneumonia and died, saying, laconically, ‘in winter men’s thoughts freeze like the water’.

And so his most important discovery along analytic geometry, the nature of the 3 elements in which reality is founded, Vital spaces, enclosed by Time cycles, perceived by a o-mind, floundered for a long century.

Meanwhile artillery masters prospered, as the forebears of the makers of all the weapons of mass destruction of the future, and so did Swedish Minervas, and Academies, till Mr. Nobel, the inventor of the dynamite, biggest producer of weapons of the XIX c. nicknamed the ‘Merchant of death’, became the wealthiest man of his age, and like Minerva, instituted the Saint Nobels of the Dynamite, to convert artillery masters in the Popes of Science. He though forbade to give it to any evolutionary thinker, since being a pious believer in Yahweh, and the manifest destiny of lineal time, could not conceive the concept of a r=evolution of times.

In fact, besides physicists only Abrahamic Religions, not exactly a science, do believe in a lineal ‘future’, of a ‘chosen species’, which will reunite with a mythic God of the Bronze Age… And not surprisingly Newton, the next ‘physicist’ who made absolute lineal time sacred dedicated most of his time to Biblical studies, was obsessed by Apocalypse and considered lineal time the absolute proof of the existence of Yahweh. And Kepler said ‘God has waited 5000 years – the biblical age of the creation of the world – to find an intelligence likes his (Kepler of course) to understand his clock-work. Today a priest, Lemaitre ‘discovered’ the lineal big bang, which is just a creationist version of it.

The answer then of why western physicists believe and force feed their equations with such concept that so much confuses our understanding of the Universe, against all reason in lineal time should be obvious to the few humans who can ‘reason’ and accept ‘criticism’, instead of belief and memory: the founding fathers’, Abrahamic religion and the worldly profession of most of them – to make weapons that deliver lineal energy and machines that move fast.

Now, a pause. Let us be clear enough, philosophers of science love physics, how couldn’t be otherwise.

Physics is the Universe in its entire description through its 6 motions of time, in its whole and its parts, with all the properties, organic, mathematical≈mental and inorganic, derived from those 6 motions, even if we are aware of the shortcomings of lineal physicists, with its obsession for locomotions and the ego-trips of their human mind, so often as the case of Kepler, Newton and the authors of the big-bang ‘polluted’ by the lineal concept of time of Abrahamic, anthropomorphic religions.

Descartes was also a physicist, besides a mathematician, and a philosopher. It is though important to distinguish between ‘physics’, the universe in its full description, which we shall call as part of T.Œ, Astrœ-physics (-; and ‘physicists’, the lineal point of view of the world of artillery masters and Abrahamic Believers – which IS culture not science, as it reduces physics to locomotion.

We shall therefore study here as a philosopher of science, in the full tradition of the word, astrœ-physics and if this post is found in the larger web on the full T.Œ, all other sciences with the 6 motions.

This said it is obvious that today the philosopher of science has no dictum, and his wider view is ignored. Moreover, as the physicist bullied its limited view with artillery masters, and the parallel inquisitions of Abrahamic religions and anthropomorphic beliefs kept imposing its lineal vision of Nature over that of Darwin and Evolution, the philosopher of science reduced its inquire to what today we study in philosophy of science – the scientific method, which is ONLY the first step of T.Œ.

We thus regain with our work, the true purpose of philosophy of science, which was carried about by Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, Darwin and Hegel (and its disciples in social sciences, Marx, Kondratieff, Spengler, and finally the practitioners of systems sciences and theory of information, albeit poisoned by the lineal concepts of Physics – Shannon’s definition of information as lineal messages, etc.)

Unfortunately the limits of inquiring only lineal time motions to explain the meaning of it all, amounts to a constant deformation of reality similar to that of the Abrahamic cults or the Ptolemaic use of the Earth as the enter of the Universe.

Yet those limits are today ignored, by the imposition mainly through the power of technology and the propaganda of those who create machines and weapons as the ‘seers’ of time (the old definition of Augustine of ‘God’) of a reductionist view of lineal motion as all what is worth to know about times.

So of course, it is necessary to make also ethic statements on the worldly profession of physicists –to make weapons of lineal energetic motions – to account for many of its theories of time – in fact all of them, Galilean’s artillery motions; Clausius, entropic, steam-machine motions and Gamow’s, big bomb bang theory of the Universe. This is a topic, but topics exist because they carry truths, and they endure when censorship of their truths oblige them to become topics.

A FAST TRACK RESUME of the work of the four+1 seekers of time.

We study in more depth the findings of those 4 great time masters, one for each century, which preceded this work in our post on time-space. So we shall where just summarise them: 

  • In the XVII c. Descartes found the CARTESIAN graph, of space-time and defined it as the ‘world of human minds’, but affirmed there were infinite other minds and possible languages mapping reality. This was not understood by physicists so Galileo ‘reduced’ ALL MINDS AND LANGUAGES to mathematical and cartesian graphs. Yet he did also some important advances in the science of motion (studied of translations, in space, realisation of the relativity of motion, definition of time as a parameter of space- v=s/t, to measure those translation, use of mechanical clocks, etc.).

The paradox of the @ mind. Still mappings and its languages of information≈Perception.


We shall explain all what exists departing from the ultimate reasons of reality, as defined by the greatest western philosophers of science, Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, Kant and Schopenhauer.

In the next graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.


All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

So back to Descartes – a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical light space-time mind. He went even further – reason why we have NOT put Galileo but Descartes, the philosopher of science and Leibniz, NOT NEWTON, in our picture of the four magnificent, where only Einstein stands as a physicist master of space-time – in his intuitions of the 3 ‘elements’ that conform all systems, when he said that all what exists was made of: 

– Open §pace, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical ðimes, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the ðimes of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

So let us consider the final element of reality to be able to build the whole… the mind that projects and co-exists in those three scales ordering the parts into a whole and helping it through its actions to survive.

– The mind or @-point is the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of ðime of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

@-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

So we affirm, as Aristotle, Descartes and Leibniz before us, that even though for physical measure it might be useful to equalise all rhythms of time and peg all ternary space-time beings into an absolute space and absolute time – that of the human light space view and mechanical clock, there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them. SINCE THERE ARE ∞ MINDS, gauging information.

This is illustrated in the graph. In the right side we see our Universe, which Descartes affirmed correctly in his book ‘the world’, it was truly the ‘mind of man’ and Kant realized it was a light-mind.

infinitesimal egos think to be ∞: mind paradox. Still languages=mappings of information≈Perception and its ∞ clocks.


We can now give the explanation of the Paradox of Galileo, which started modern science but has never been quite resolved: ‘why the earth moves but doesn’t move’.

Simple, because the mind-singularity that perceives it has as a function, to create within its language a still mirror image, a focus of reality that will allow to order it and try to deform it from its ego-centered perspective.

But to understand this Universe of self-centred mirrors, we must first clarify once and for all the error of Newton and its ‘absolute space-time’, with a single time-arrow (that of his infinitesimal clock-machine) self-centred in the human ego and its ‘second beat’ of existence, NOT the only time of the Universe.

In the next graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

IT WAS Newton who thought Yhwh sent him comets to explain him in Kepler’s fashion the laws of gravitation, with a huge ego that will go latter on into a prosecution of Leibniz isolating him and accusing him of plagiarism, who reduced to a single human point of view Descartes proper analysis of infinite frames of reference and singularities that perceive information, in the Universe, but did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

So he called his ‘frame of reference’ the human ‘world’ NOT the universal frame of reference but only our ‘light space-time world’, which Kant rightly considered to be Euclidean, because humans ‘see’ 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space-time ONLY, but there are other ‘infinite frames of reference’ made of gravitational olfactory, atomic, or verbal languages, as ‘the languages of God are infinite’ Upaniushads.

Only Einstein latter realized the gravitational mappings were NON-euclidean; but not knowing Kant’s work, he didn’t realise our space-time IS light, AND SO as we see only light space-time, we see a constant speed of information. Impressionists though realized earlier and so they painted space as LIGHT.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees everything turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ IT CONFUSES WITH THE UNIVERSE. So the mind is a fractal point•, but believes to be it all.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees everything turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ IT CONFUSES WITH THE UNIVERSE. So the mind is a fractal point @ but believes to be it all.
The EQUATION OF THE MIND explains the natural tendency of men to be self-centered and consider the world and the Universe around its ego. This is in fact natural to the way the Universe constructs points of view of measure, as still centers of perception, in which the I is bigger than Andromeda Galaxy. But science must account for those distortions of perception. Religions and tribes, nations and castes are NOT scientific points of view.

And so a fundamental elements of psychology which explains the astound arrogance of man to the Universe and its laws is the subjective paradox of the ego all fractal minds of the Universe follow:

‘every infinitesimal singularity ego thinks to be the center of the Universe, which it perceives as its sensorial membrain, self-centred in its self’.

Only the objective mind of ‘stience’ is able to strain away from the paradox and realise he is in a buddhist sense just a particle-point, a knot of time cycles communicating with the much larger infinite whole,

Objectivity does only enter the mind of people who do science. And it is important to remember it, because the 5th dimension brings a much bigger jump into objectivity and lack of ego to our vision of the Universe; which I call Absolute relativity; the last step on the search for our position in that infinite fractal of time-space beings.

In the graph we can see the fundamental particle of the Universe, a monad of temporal information, Tiƒ, surrounded by a vital space-time, it orders, ST, which it encircles with a timespace membrane, the larger simpler part of the system, Spe, which breaks the Universe into its inner and outer elements, Spe.

It must be understood that without a mind that observes the Universe reality would not exist and systems would not work efficiently as blind beings. So we must postulate as all philosophers of science from Aristotle to Schopenhauer did, a pan psychic Universe, which contrary to belief has been the only theory of reality in philosophy of language and science from its inception till the XX c. when logical positivism, which merely renounced to the search of a ‘why’, became the ‘standard philosophy of the mind’ , with a dogmatic postulate – that all what cannot be proved (from the human perspective and our limited perception, which does NOT include the ‘temporal mind’ that cannot be ‘photographed’ in space) does NOT exist.

So while all its time; as it turns out, space which is the perception of ‘simultaneous time cycles’, by a ‘linguistic mind’ that stops its motion, must be account for. And finally as time cycles are of multiple sizes and scales, we must also consider, ∆, the dimension of scales of reality, which we shall  call by the correspondence principle the fifth dimension, to fully describe reality in certain detail. Those four elements will be all what we will need to describe all what exists, referred either to the mind’s linguistic equation, for which we use in different contexts symbols similar to zero (ø, 0, •,œ) or to the space-time symmetry (still or moving realities for which we use classic symbols for a single space and lineal time, st, or those for the more complex scalar space and cyclical time: §ð) or to the scales of space-time, (∆§).

Hence our affirmation that all is ‘∆@st’: dust of space-time, which we can either see as a zero-singularity (∆•st) from an outer point of view, or if we adopt the inner point of view of the mind, self-centred of a world that departures the whole Universe, we can consider each of us an island-Universe: ∆ûst.

The enhanced scientific method: ¬A(bcd)E

The mind and its languages though are looking a more complex world, which has besides the ‘informative task’ four other ‘dimotions’ of space-time, energy, locomotion, entropy and love (social evolution), which can be seen as vital actions, dimensions of space, motions of time, spacetime dimotions and so on, giving so many details and perspectives, combinations and iterations to reality, structures and flows.
To make things understandable thus require to fully blown our comprehension to the highest level of structure in simultaneous, fractal space of those 5 dimotions and then we get a super organism, while if we order the dimotions in time we obtain a worldcycle of existence. And it is then  when we get to the knots and bolts of reality:
All systems of nature are super organisms, when observed in simultaneous space that trace a world cycle when observed in sequential, ‘time’.

In the introduction to I-logic we talked of the paradoxical nature of a Universe in which each ‘monad-mind’ feels to be the center of a pentagonal system of ‘dust of space-time’: ⌜𝝙@st, included within a larger 𝝙+1 world, including within an 𝝙-1 world but observing only its 𝝙º-mind plane, its @ristotelian selfish arrow of time motion,as a continuous reality where it sees its mind at the center, vs. the objective reality of infinite other ⌜△@sts and points of view.

How then to breach that ‘duality’ between the complex networks of reality and the single view of the @ristotelian self-centered mind?

To rescue us from such contradictions I have established a complex method of knowledge that constantly perceives reality from different perspectives, those of simultaneous topological space, ternary ages, ternary scales and ∞º minds that feel to be the center of the Universe, and the negation of exist¡ence of ∆@ST beings, ¬neganformation… before called entropy, which Physicists considered the only extant arrow of time-future, but is merely the necessary death of form, to renew a system once its world cycle has ended.

Of all of them, the most mysterious is the most important, the @-minds, since from an objective outside perspective, minds are particle-points opaque to the world, but from the mind itself they seem to hold in its infinitesimal the whole Universe, origin of the mind paradox, an ultimately they are constant ‘worlds’: ∞º=1, which stop motion and time cycles Into spatial forms, making what we call reality – space-time continuums, mostly still, known only in each monad-perspective to the mind itself.

Of course, if you prefer a shallow reality which does not explain much beyond the external description of what we ‘see in still space’, there is a third view called ‘naive realism’, akin to logical positivism, which merely stops the inquire in ‘physical descriptions of it all’. This is the ‘practical’ view of science today imposed by physicists, the ‘science of motion’, which is fine as long as it does NOT pretend to usurp the position of philosophers of science, which try to go further in the inquire, as this blog on ‘philosophy of science’, specifically on ‘general systems sciences’ the alternative, perennial philosophy of science that considers the Universe an organic whole, do. In that sense Naive realism is called in philosophy of science, ‘reductionism’. And we deal extensively with its limited truths on the posts on GST and epistemology.

We are all beings made of a vital space, enclosed by a membrane of cyclical time… with a central singularity or frame of reference that orders it all…





In the XVIII C. Leibniz (philosophy of relational space-time as a the ultimate substance of a reality made of vital spaces which last a finite time quantity, first hint at the 4th dimension of scales with different time clocks, and development of the mathematical tools to study those scales of smaller faster parts that become wholes – analysis: ‘each (non-euclidean) point is a world in itself’).

Leibniz, the philosopher of relational fractal space-time.

Leibniz was the next great advancement of Time theory when we realized what physicists called absolute time and space was just a mathematical artifice but in the real world all what we saw was vital spaces pegged together and lasting a finite time cycle. So we were not in an abstract background graph of timespace, but we WERE made of time duration and vital space with motion and form (galileo’s paradox). Further on he foresaw the existence of a scale 5th dimension as ‘each point is a world in itself’, so he founded Analysis, the science to study those scales of infinitesimal parts and wholes.

In the next graph we see those mathematical artefacts of measure that deformed our vision of time.

There are infinite time clocks in the Universe, which enclose a vital space, NOT a single clock as Galileo and all physicists after him believed. Neither there is a background cartesian graph with infinite single time coordinates, but infinite beings performing its time cycles of existence.

TIME thus is eternal because it is motion and cyclical motion so all forms will be repeated. Since events repeat in time cyclically or else there would not be patterns of science, change sometimes seems not to happen when things come to the same point. This is the present, closed, conservative energy cycle, which explains why ‘energy never dies, but trans-forms itself in different forms of in-formation and entropy’:

And finally there is the fact that the clocks of time of all species of Nature define different time speeds, as small systems run faster clocks, which also is not understood, since physicists used a mechanical clock to measure all other clocks equalising them.

This specific time is cyclical time, ab.ð, which carries the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles.

So while time is motion, we perceive its information mentally as ‘form’ in space. This first insight of the duality between time-motion, the whole and space-form, our perception (one of the many paradoxical dualities humans have so much difficulty to understand with their one-dimensional mind) IS the origin of Galilean relativity, never quite understood (why the Earth is seen in stillness if it moves). We bring it now so early as other paradoxes essential to the Universe (continuous forms seen in detail as broken parts, flat earths seen in larger view as cyclical form) to stress from the beginning the fact that the Universe on the whole is MOTION not form, the mind view; DISCONTINUOUS, not continuous, the mind-mapping puzzle, and CYCLICAL, CURVED, not flat, the small view. 

 In the graph we see schematically those elements of time which physicists still have not accounted for but rather deformed: the multiplicity of time clocks, unified with a single mechanical clock, the cyclic form of time clocks, which physicists elongated into a line, so they ended up believing there is not more than one time clock, that it is lineal and infinite extending to the whole universe and that it has no form in-form-ation in its cycles and frequencies.

In the graph we can see the resume of those errors: there are multiple time clocks in the Universe, defining a fractal Universe as those time clocks repeat their cycles, breaking space in an inner and outer region, (main topological theorem), and so we cannot make theories of all time changes as Hawking etc. do considering a single clock for the Universe – so no return to the past, as each time-clock goes its way. Those time clocks are faster in smaller particles, so there is a fifth dimension that orders them all by speed according to size. There are closed time changes, which carry information in their frequency and form, waves that also repeat their information but expansive, disordered ‘memoriless’ ‘markowian processes’ of ‘entropy’ that erase information, and so we can talk of three timespace changes, the three arrows of time, and a fifth dimension of time, which orders all those clocks by speed that grows as we become smaller.

The thiefs of time: from London to Einstein

So physicists, the specialists of locomotion, usurped from God, the seer of Time, mind of the Universe, the nature of timespace, shunning off, 4 of the 5 Aristotelian modes of time=change, as if locomotion of cannonballs was the unique time-change that mattered to reality, on which Europe built its empires. And as the western civilization spread its entropy dissolving all other cultures,  all other studies of all other forms of time-change, were ‘reduced’ to locomotion and to the Galilean formula of it, v=s/t. That was all what time-change is about, said the mad hatter, with his multiple clocks, all ticking the same hour… run, rabbit run or I will shoot you in the head if you don’t buy my clock…

Indeed in China, when the Taoist masters refused to buy clocks to the British embassy – ‘why don’t need those ugly clocks, when we can regulate our times with the beautiful cycles of Nature’ – the enraged Europeans came bad with cannonballs, winning the Opium wars and teaching the Chinese the power of lineal time to erase with its entropy all other Ðimotions of exist¡ence.

The obsession with lineal time and the single mechanical clock of Galileo was so extreme that when I travelled through the jungles of Indonesia I found a temple filled with carillons. So I asked the buddhist monk who told me, the village chiefs during the wars against the Dutch when winning a battle stole the carillons thinking they were the Gods of the white devils, as they were all the time looking at the mechanical clock to measure the time of the day, the labor hours, the rate of its gunboat shots; in a trend continued today with computers, which are just more complex systems of faster time-clocks, we worship, thinking only their A.I. Algorithms of information, ran in those logic clocks could resolve the meaning of time… But I shall prove to you, that we, the Greeks, those who follow Aristotle, are still above them, because we study all the modes of time-change.

Back to the seers of time of the modern world, in the XVIII century a confessed admirer of both, Aristotle and the Eastern cultures of duality, of yin-information and yang-entropy that combine to reproduce the infinite energies=qi of the Universe,  the first dissident who shunned off the Cartesian graph, Leibniz, argued that God was not a clocker that had set in motion the Universal machine but there were infinite vital spacetime beings in the Universe each one with its own clocks; and he call those beings, relational space-time organisms.

And in a series of letters, he ridiculed the Newtonian concept of absolute space-time, which used the Cartesian graph, now so common in the studies of locomotions, that it had wrongly become the abstract ‘background’ or ‘plenum=body of god’, where he ‘draw’ the existence of all of us, reducing our time changes to v=s/t motions in the lineal graph. As if all what matters about life and death was ‘the worldline’ of our steps, run rabbit run…

The dispute unfortunately was won by Newton or rather decided by the ungrateful King George, for whom Leibniz painstakingly had gathered the evidence necessary to win the throne of England, in his magna opus, ‘Annals of the House of Brunswick’, but also advised morally against the incarceration of his wife and the excessive love of military solutions to diplomatic problems better solved – thought pacifist Leibniz, in the common language of love, the highest of all motions-changes of time that should evolve mankind into a single organon, a superorganism=god of all of us, the perfect world image of the mind of time, god, who had created the most perfect of all possible Universes.

King George a womanizer, a drunkard and a military blockhead disliked though the admonitions of his particular ‘Seneca’ and so he left him at Brunswick, when he gained the crown and gave Newton who had perfected the spyglasses and artillery clocks of the Royal Navy, the cherished prize of head of the mint of England, where he lost no time imposing death penalty to clippers of coins, and after murdering dozens of moneychangers had to accept retirement to avoid rioting on the streets of London. But Leibniz forgotten, absolute spacetime became the sacred concept of space and time that still endures.

Further on to sink Leibniz’s reputation Newton accused him of plagiarism in his analysis of ‘infinitesimal time-change’ (calculus) that related time change to the different sizes in the scale of beings, and prompted Leibniz to say that a point is a world in itself – the first definition of a fractal point that grows in size when we come to it – anticipating the metric equations of the fifth dimension. At his death, alone in his chair, Leibniz, the highest mind of mankind since Aristotle, with permission of Leonardo, might have wonder if indeed, this was the best of all possible worlds. We shall prove him indeed right also in such metaphysical questions, because God ensures that those worlds not perfect enough become extinguished.

This was the conclusion of the next seer of time, Mr. Darwin, who in the XIX c. changed back the language-mirror to explain time-space from mathematics to bio-logic, verbal thought and gave us a theory of time-change in the form, in the in-form-ation of beings, called evolution; while in the physical field heat studies gave us the theory of entropic-time change, opposed to evolution related to the death and erasing of information.

Because physicists reduce time=change to a single dimotion, they can calculate its speed, with great precision. So they tend to be arrogant, thinking they know it all about time. Fact is they misunderstand 4 of the 5 dimotions that generate the  fractal informative Universe and all its time-space organisms made to the image of the whole. So Kepler thought to know everything about stars, upgrading himself to the level of God, the ‘seer of time’ (Augustine), but he only had drawn the simplest dimotion of time, its orbital locomotions.

Finally the much ‘praised’ Einstein – perhaps the less revolutionary of all them – gave us in the XX century a refined Galilean theory of relativity, of change in the locomotion of beings in space, and to that aim he used ‘simultaneous measures of space and time’ with instant derivatives, ‘freezing’ time in a series of instants, gathered together in a 4Dimensional rotational ‘Minkowski’s space – a more detailed ‘frame of absolute space-time’ that substituted the usual Cartesian frame.

But the change of formalism didn’t represent truly a change in the ‘type of change’ he studied, still locomotion – translation on space – and still elaborating on Galileo’s equation, v=s/t, now with a reducing factor, ct,  for very fast speeds, closer to light-speed.

Needless, say physicists, once exhausted to perfection the study of locomotion had nothing else to say, and a for century unaware of Wittgenstein final admonition ‘if you have nothing to say better to remain silent’, continued to talk metaphysics, or rather phantaphysics, of little importance for the true see(ke)rs of time, born of his confusion of locomotion with all the time motions of the Universe, scholastic disquisitions on the number of angels in a pin – dimensions in the cosmos, which some calculated in 10ˆ500; travels to the past to kill your father; wormholes to multiverses and their favorite form of pseudoscience, a cosmic explosion that dwarfed its most cherished weapons of mass-destruction, and reduced not only time but also space to a lineal locomotion, by some accounts still enduring, which back into the past created the Universe from an infinitesimal point of infinite density… which we will duly ridicule on epistemological basis, to the risk of following the fate of Mr. Leibniz, under the inquisitions of thought of modern ‘times’ – a plural forbidden by decree.

Still times do exist, 5 modes of them, albeit today studied in disjoint manner. So we still have gathering all our seers of time, a theory of time-change in space or locomotion (Physics); a theory of logic change in size, growth and scale (Calculus, Leibniz),  which can provoke a social evolution of parts into wholes  (integrals) or the reduction of the parts to a single point (derivative); a theory of time change in information or internal biological change (Darwin) and a theory of time change that implies both, disorder of information and locomotion (entropy).

This give us 5 types of time-change or rather spacetime change since change-motion happens on a vital surface of space, or topology, a space with motion. And so we talk of 5 types of dimensional motion in spacetime or ‘Dimotions’. 

It is the task of this blog to unify them all and create an organic, entangled, complex theory of the 5 type of time-changes that exist in the Universe to create a theory of spacetime change for the XXI century, long overdue… And to start this theory we first have to decide which side we take on the unresolved XVIII century dispute between Newton and Leibniz about what is truly space and time…

Since only when this error is properly resolved we will be able truly to ‘depart’ from all those theories and by the principle of correspondence respect what is truth of them and study together the 5 Dimotions (ab. Dimensional motions) of space-time they represent.

Now, the biggest problem to understand the Universe for what we have said is obvious: not so much the Universe but the ego of mankind. So this blog is quite sanguine with the ego paradox, because it is not a problem of intelligence but of attitude what holds humanity so low in that understanding. Thus before we make a fast view of the ‘fractal Universe’ we must address the paradox of the ego – which is embedded in the structure of nature, but at least if the reader understands it, he ‘might’ rationalize the problem and keep reading without the usual knee-jerk reaction, ‘I know this’, etc.

But his genius came on his understanding that each point is a fractal world in itself, advancing the concept of the fifth dimension, which we need to enclose all phenomena through the 3 dimensions of time, the 3 dimensions of space and the 3 organic co-existing dimensions of size and speed of time that organise the fundamental particle-being of reality, the relational super organism of space-time:

In the graph, we can see how naturally because entities co-exist in an ∆-1 cellular/atomic, ∆-organic, thermodynamic and ∆+1, gravitational, social scale, all systems in nature have organic structure. It is then when we can see that the function of the 3 arrows of time is a physiological function, as ∆-1 parts become social networks specialised in entropic, informative and iterative events. It is the fundamental particle of the Universe, a fractal  made of smaller fractal constructed to the image and likeness of the whole.

Since: ‘Universe is a super organism of three ternary arrows of space-time structured across 3 ∆±1 scarles of the fifth dimension, whose ∆-1 cells/atoms/citizens form networks of entropic energy, reproduction and information, ensemble together into ∆: super organisms, part of larger social super organisms, of slower time cycles:

Infinitesimal mind-mirrors ordering local worlds

To explain the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe, we need to understand minds and seeds as  linguistic mirrors that shrink reality either into an smaller image in space (mind) or a ‘compressed’ duration of time (palingenetic seed). So minds & seeds ‘create’ the fractal diminishing, infinite, reproductive spacetime scales

But Leibniz went further when he affirmed that the Universe is a game of mind mirrors, as each mind holds a world image, and this also explains why it is fractal, as we are all ‘thoughts’ of God, fractal mirrors of the whole laws of organic systems. This is a self-evident.

Since while all systems gauge information, their capacity to order reality is just a mirror process by which languages mirror in ‘still, smaller linguistic images’ the world they perceive and then reflect this mind-order in their territorial ‘energy-body’:

Infinitesimal mind-language x ∞ Universe = constant self-centered world.

As Aristotle realized ‘we are all gods, the unmoved final cause of the motion of the energy around us’. So languages DO order locally preserving in ‘smaller’ scales the larger structure of the universe, converted in this manner in a Game of Fractal Mirrors.

In that sense, the fractal Universe we perceive as ‘it is’ cannot be explained rationally without adding to the acknowledged temporal and spatial properties we ‘expand’ with the concept of space-time ‘dimotions’,  organic properties born of the co-existence of 3 scales of smaller parts that form networks, which become larger wholes… So for example, your nervous system perceives reality as it ‘integrates’ the sensations of all its cells.

But if we want also to understand how those infinite scales of size are created we need to postulate the existence of linguistic mind mirrors that ‘shrink’ reality into its infinitesimal still mapping; either as mental forms – since you indeed do NOT see the Universe but the infinitesimal electronic image created in your mind with light space-time; or as ‘seeds of information’, which we can consider a ‘static, frozen informative mind’ that will replicate a larger whole, replica of its inner information.

Minds are  linguistic mirrors that shrink reality in space. While seeds are mirrors of superorganisms ‘compressed’ in its evolutionary duration of time (palingenetic seed), which implies a continuity of information through eons of discontinuous time generations. So minds & seeds ‘create’ the diminishing, ∞, spacetime scales of reality becoming the inverse arrow of causality to that recognized today by ‘Constructivism’, the theory of reality according to which causality comes only from the smallish physical world to the larger one. It is only when we ad this other causality when we can balance all stiences as absolutely relative and the two directions of the fifth dimension, upwards towards parental wholes and downwards towards smaller parts..

The errors of Galileo and Newton. Lineal single time. Mathematical religion invents a background space-time.

Physicists belief in a mathematical religion that confuses reality with mathematical artefacts thinking maths NOT space and time create reality is THUS at the bottom of the biggest blunder of science regarding the nature of time and space – the belief that the abstract cartesian graph with its lineal time IS real and acts as an absolute background space-time over which we ‘draw’ all other beings as physicists draw its equations on that ‘graph’.

So they ended up believing there is not more than one time clock, that it is lineal and infinite extending to the whole universe and that it has no form in-form-ation in its cycles and frequencies.

Fact is those multiple time clocks in the Universe, define a fractal reality as those time clocks repeat their cycles, breaking space in an inner and outer region, (main topological theorem), and those time clocks are faster in smaller particles, so there is a fifth dimension that orders them all by speed according to size.

And those closed time cycles carry information in their frequency and form, from mass vortices to charge vortices to cyclical waves that repeat their information.

So lineal, expansive, disordered time motions –  ‘memoriless’ ‘markowian processes’ of ‘entropy’ that erase information, ARE THE LESS important ‘form of change=time’ in the Universe.

And its shrining as the only arrow of time by the error of lineal physics, a blunder that hides the cyclical repetitive patterns and informative, accelerated vortex of time – THE MOST important arrows of time change in the Universe.

So we talk of three timespace changes, three arrows of time, and a scalar ‘fifth dimension’ of time, which orders all those clocks by speed that grows as we become smaller:

In the graph we can see a first view of the 3 arrows/forms/function/dimensions of space-time, entropic, expansive space, iterative wave-like space-time and informative, cyclical vortices of time, the biggest of which is the slow vortex of the galaxy, the fastest of which are the H-clocks of quantum atoms. THEY CARRY the information of our electronic world.

The three scales of physical super organisms above: atomic, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, below the three scales of human super organisms and its memetic linguistic systems of coding individuals into societies, either belonging to the ‘coding of ethic verbal wor(l)ds’ or the coding of digital machines (the metal-earth), below the two opposite memetic type of cultures that structure the wave of history.

Smaller scales have faster clock times that process information faster, yet both co-exist in organisms since the product of its spatial entropy and temporal speed of information remains co-invariant: Spe x Tiƒ = C.

In the next graphs we show two classic examples of biology and physics, now properly explained with the understanding of the scalar, organic dimension of the Universe: the metabolic clocks of animals are all related to its volume in space.

In physics, for each fundamental scale, there is also a constant ratio between ‘frequency=time parameters’ and energy=mass parameters, which are the three fundamental constants of Nature, H-planck (ratio of frequency-energy for quantum systems), K-boltzmann (ratio between the temperature frequency and energy of thermodynamic systems) and among the many manifestations of the same law in mechanical, moving systems, the third law of kepler (ratio between the orbital time clock of planets and the spatial volume:energy content of its orbital sphere):

Why this law is so important? Because it balances the survival and symbiotic existence of all parts of the Universe, and all parts of a super organism, and defines ‘what codes information’ – the small being, and what codes energy- the larger whole, establishing the ‘harmony’ of all the scales of the Universe, and explaining all its fundamental constants which are ratios between spatial volumes and informative clocks of time.

What is the ultimate cause of this law?

As almost all the laws and symmetries of the Universe, it is caused by the Galilean paradox that makes a ‘dimension of form=space’, equivalent to a dimension of motion=time, when we see ‘the static earth moving’. i.e. the three dimensional volume/mass static in space is equivalent to a bidimensional time-cycle in motion, whereas the dimension of time motion IS equivalent to the dimension of volume space.

And we can further prove this fact observing how ‘physical systems’ evolve in ‘time’ increasing its time dimension, by flattening its volume – which is a key consequence of the Galilean paradox to understand all kind of physical entities and phenomena, notably, ‘accelerated bidimensional vortices of time, masses and charges, which store the information of the Universe in the frequency of its cycles’:

In the graph, creation and destruction of symmetric dimensions of time (distance, motion, acceleration) back and forth into dimensions of space (length, width, height). The symmetries between the 3 dimensions of space and time, either in ‘lineal fashion (just explained) or in bidimensional topological form/function: (entropic, disordered expansion of flat space or past, informative cyclical implosion or future and reproductive hyperbolic body-waves) IS the essence of all space-time phenomena when observed objectively externally, defining the 3+3 dimensions of a single plane of the scalar Universe.

What physicists have done is to reduce the 3 dimensions of time to a single PRESENT time quanta, ∂t=∂s/∂v, to measure ONLY the instant, present steps of a lineal motion, completely reducing our understanding of time=change to the bare minimum.

And then imposing this entropic, derivative, minimalist view of time, with the power of its worldly religion – making entropic weapons and bullying philosophers of science, biologists, and society as the high popes of knowledge, cause they have machines to ‘measure better’, never mind the peanut logic of its timespace membrains.

That’s how it is. We have been bombed not only with bombs courtesy of its worldly religions for a century of massacres, but with the mantra that time is the 4th dimension of space, and Einstein the biggest genius of mankind since… Newton told us the cartesian graph was the reality of space-time. And we all believe it, since a people who can obliterate the planet with a-bombs… how can they be wrong? Irony is really needed, in all things human.

Now if you want to be more complex than that, ad 3 + 3 = 6.

Then when we ad the 3 scalar dimensions of any form which is made of parts and belongs to a larger world, and the mind dimension we obtain…

The question of fractal self-similar scales.

An even deeper view of the big-bang is the analysis, given the fact that the Universe is a fractal of infinite scales, of which one is the scale in which our observations of a background radiation, possible remnant of a cosmic explosion take place – a question by no means settled, but considered so given the ‘hidden behaviour of humans of ANY discipline, science, art or religion, where the Einstein paradox – its infinite arrogance, soon explained in scientific terms with the definition of the equation of the mind – also plays its role, with the scientist (in an even more difficult case as scientists claim always to be reasonable, experimentally sound and yet KEEP committing the same ‘cosmic censorship’ of data and faulty reason, whenever it collides with their ‘job’).

In the graph we show the 2 essential problems of modern astrophysics – first its lack of a complex understanding of the scales of the Universe, all of which show similar ‘big-bangs’ of entropic matter, from left to right, the BG radiation, the galaxy, a nova big-bang of a star an a Hydrogen atom born of the beta decay big bang of a neutron. It is this awesome topological isomorphism of the three arrows of timespace what truly gives unity to all the beings of all the scales of the Universe.

A second more puzzling problem of the modern digital age, in which causality and epistemology is loosing ground, is the increasing denial of experimental evidence, substituted by mathematical, computer models, which seem real, whenever experimental facts defy dogmas of past-models, with a short of censorship, all too evident in the case of the cosmic big-bang, which has been falsified, but still is dogma, given the prestige it concedes to astrophysicists.

Indeed, the cosmic big-bang dogma maintains the pretension of physicists of being the ‘high popes’ of science (instead of philosophy of science or religion) and so with the concept of an entropy only universe, which justifies the military culture that originated it, is unassailable to reason.

Yet, the background radiation that supposedly proves the Universal big-bang IS a local measure. So it only applies only to the galaxy, likely originated in a quasar big-bang in the last cycle of life and death of its central barred black hole. The issue in fact resolved a few years ago when we found the final proof of the local nature of the BG radiation: in the centre, we see a recent picture of our galaxy with two electromagnetic bubbles above an below the saggitarius black hole, which are exactly the same observed in the BG radiation that astrophysicists thought to be originated 13 billion years light away, at the birth of the cosmos (: So they were using them trying to measure if its light after 13 billion years travelling from the cosmic big-bang suffered delays depending on frequency. Well it turnED out they are just above and below Saggitarius 🙂

IT IS THEN obvious that the Universe is an immortal fractal of galaxies imploding vacuum space into gravitational informative vortices of mass, and exploding mass into dark entropy, likely emitted at superluminal speeds through the axis of its central black holes and during its final entropic death as quasars

But and this is what matters to us to understand ourselves and the future, man does NOT exist in the dark entropic or gaseous states of matter, but in the liquid and solid states of the galaxy and the surface of the earth, which are dedicated to reproduce NOT to extinguish information.

So we affirm that the local Universe is a fractal of three arrows of time, simple, relative past lineal, expansive, disordered entropic motions, its inverse, arrow of complex, cyclical, informative clock-like cycles, and its dominant, present, repetitive energetic combinations.

And its purpose is not death but life, the constant, fractal reproduction of systems, which communicate information with different languages with the purpose of building more complex social organisms.

And this is crystal clear in the universe at large, which appears as a clear network of organic galaxies evolved since a hypothesized fast big-bang death of a previous network universe in a quantum of time during eons of life evolution into complex social super organisms, from forces into virtual particles, atoms, molecules , states of matter, cells, organisms, planetary super organisms, and networks of stars ruled by the gravitational information of its DNA-like informative black holes that catalyze its evolution and reproduction.

So we can model all those scales of matter that matter to us, as a series of nested Russian dolls, each a super organism made of smaller super organisms, whose purpose is always to reproduce its information faster than any rival species, to survive in the struggle for existence, as Darwin explained us.

It is then when the second fundamental law of balance besides the balance of the three arrows of time-space comes into play, since, as we have already explained, smaller parts run paradoxically faster time clocks than larger beings which have more entropy, so both can work together in symbiosis to create the scales of size in space and different speed of time clocks of the Universe.

And yet, not even the astounding experimental evidence of multiple scales in nature, validated further by relativity with its infinite time clocks has changed the paradigm of a mechanical clock and a human anthropomorphic scale of single space-time; as none of the multiple proofs against the entropic big-bang coming from the last decades, treated in our articles on astrophysics, which should have definitely settled the issue has changed, the CULTURAL DOGMAS of astrophysics, hauling from the mechanist, pious founding fathers of this science with their religious, Newtonian beliefs in absolute time-space and the worldly military profession of physicists – to make entropic weapons.

‘Creationist astrophysicists’ of the big-bang continuum should if they respect epistemology and science concede defeat and renew Hoyle’s theory of local quasar big-bangs and allowed the fractal theory of the organic Universe to become standard, simply got swept under the rag, and nobody talks anymore of it. In that sense it is important to notice two facts:

  • That science is a human endeavour and often uses all the tricks of the book, hyperbole, censorship, dogma, etc. to impose half truths. So we must analyse scientific theories with the same ‘criticism’ that religious or philosophical ones. 
  • While astrophysics is still vital to fully grasp the scalar nature of the Universe – and the question more interesting about those self-similar scales is if each atom is a fractal scale similar to a galaxy in an infinite Universe, or both are the true limits of reality; it will NOT reveal the ultimate questions, because they are not concerned with spatial pictures but temporal causality.

This is a very important, completely overlooked fact of philosophy of science and the whys of reality: the inquire of knowledge does not end, we shall repeat ad nauseam in the mere collection of data and modelling of pictures, because the Universe is not chaotic. 


The obsession with machines of measure has reduced a lot the inquire of many scientists, and the overwhelming detail of the trees, makes most to think it is IMPOSSIBLE to find first principles larger than those details, common laws and forms underneath all the species of reality as we shall do here. The visual dominance of our civilisation is making many young people loose even the sense of ‘causality’ – blinding them to even the questioning of all what is not evident. SO IT IS in a way going against trend to pretend to build a rational, causal, time-oriented scalar model of reality because some scales, above us, cannot be pictured as wholes; many forces and networks that connect parts, are dynamic, invisible; time flows of causality cannot be pictured. This, I believe, is a key handicap for a GST to be taken seriously but for those who are ‘intelligent enough’ to go beyond the shallow goals of present science and the visual generation, for those who still make the why-question, the answers are precisely on that scalar structure we cannot picture simultaneously.

The 11 DIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE OF fractal superorganisms.

So we have the elements that create all realities as fractal self-similar super organisms, co-existing in 3 scales of size, with 3 topologies of space, 3 time functions/ages, all wrapped up by a membrain – an external enclosure focused and controlled by an internal still linguistic singularity that controls it all and will ‘act’ to ensure the system receives enough entropic motions, information for its particle-head and mix both to  reproduce clonic beings – THE PROGRAM OF THE 11 DIMENSIONAL SUPERORGANISM OR fundamental species of the Universe.

We shall call the sum of its 3 ‘scales’ of different size and different time speed, the ‘fifth dimension’ in a general way, to ‘respect’ the present simpler analysis of 3 space dimensions and one time dimension, in Einstein’s work. But as we advance more in the details of the model of relational space-time, developed in this blog, we shall realise the best way to explain reality is accounting for its 10 dimensions/parameters of reality:

  • 3 dimensions of topological space: lineal expansive space; hyperbolic, iterative wave-like forms and implosive, cyclical, informative forms, symmetric to the 3 arrows/functions of time:
  • 3 dimensions of time: entropic, past, disordering timespace; reproductive, repetitive=present timespace; and future, in-form-ative, cyclical timespace; which ARE LOCAL arrows for each being that ‘increases its information through most of his life time’ in 3 ages, and dies in an entropic explosion in a single quanta of time – reason why we give the name of ‘local past’ to an entropic, fast process, and local future to the much longer process of warping of entropy into information through the life-existence of any physical or biological system.
  • 3 scales of size and relative time clocks, which give organic properties to reality. As all systems are made of smaller parts, and are themselves part of larger world, and so, we need to fully describe the being, to account from its 3 dimensions of space, of time and of scale, which are warped together into a whole by
  • The mind, which has a linguistic, still mapping of all those parts, put together and enclosed by a membrane, that breaks the system into an outer world and inner region.

So we talk then of  [ (3 space≈3 time) x 3 scales] +  @-mind = ‘membrain’; as the needed parameters to have a ‘whole description of the being’.

And depending on how much of those elements we describe we can get ‘different number of dimensions’, from the maximal possible number (6 space-time dimensions in each scale, multiplied by 3 scales, which give us 18 dimensions, plus the ‘whole mind-dimension’) to the bare minimum, considering merely the 3 space-time dimensions of a system seen in a single plane.

All those descriptions have happened in science in different times and terms, as it happens today in the mathematical description of closed time strings and open spatial strings, which go from 3 to 26; but most are 10 dimensional strings (described with 10 parameters).

We shall in that sense adopt also two basic analysis: the synoptic •5D³ analysis, from the perspective of scales, packed in the fifth dimension, and its ‘metric equation’, (max. space size = min. speed of time clocks) that harmonises all those scales, as smaller systems run faster cycles and can code with information larger wholes, and wholes have more energy-motion and can feed and control smaller parts with it (so your cells code your information and you move them as a whole in synchronicity) allowing the symbiosis of the organic Universe.

We write it though with the addenda of •, the symbol for the mind-singularity (or @, which is the symbol for the membrain, the mind and the external sensorial skin, which if you realise IS WHAT YOU ARE: A STILL MIND-MAPPING OF LANGUAGES OF THOUGHT, which extract information through your sensorial skin), and explains Galileo’s paradox: you ‘perceive information in stillness.

Those are fundamental logic concepts of the structure of reality, which will explain many pending questions of all sciences, showing the extraordinary power to explain the reality of cyclical time and fractal space.

For example, in physics there are two fundamental ‘weird’ paradoxes nobody has explained rationally whose solution is immediate through the Galilean ‘membrain’ paradox:

The quantum paradoxes of the wave=lineal motion/cyclical particle=informative state duality. I.E. Why we see either waves moving or particles colliding. Obviously because we only perceive  information in stillness. So when we perceive the dual quantum system, we perceive still particles as we stop them.

While in relativity there is the paradox of light which is constant in speed, even if the system that emits light seems to be moving in our macroscopic scale. YET because PHOTONS are particles, electrons and atoms only emit them in the quantum scale in relative entangled stillness with the other particle that perceives it. So  in the quantum scale both are still and there is no motion to ad. What relativity does is to ‘correct’ for our macroscopic scale where we do see motion, to adapt reality to the mind of our scale of measure.

The physicist’s view: 4D time, a single ‘moment’ to measure motion in space.

Yet all this and many solutions in all sciences are forbidden and ignored because we have been…

Dragging those aforementioned errors of lineal time and a single clock for centuries, and they have halted human understanding of the essential principles of Nature – cyclical time and fractal space.

It might surprise the reader to know then that ever since Newton and Galileo canonised lineal time physicists and by extension mankind lost its understanding of the modes of time=change of the Universe, reducing them to lineal measures of motion.

This didn’t bother them as their work has been – since Galileo invented the discipline to measure motions of cannonballs in space – the exhaustive analysis of motion and speed, to the point they reduced time the measure of all forms of change in all systems of reality, to a parameter of space, with a single, simplified formula: v=s/t, t=s/v.

So time in physics is NOT as in Nature, the measure and perception of change, but only of motion; which was understood and accepted as a limit to its science, which was defined in the XIX c. as the science of motion. Point.

Further on, physicists to measure motion, not only ‘reduced time≈change’ to a parameter of space (the so called 4 dimension of space which is NOT) giving birth to what we, philosophers of science, call ‘reductionism’ – his theory of reality; but they deformed 2 of the most obvious quality of the infinite ‘time clocks’ of the Universe:

-To be multiple, as there is one clock of time for each process of cyclical, repetitive change that happens in nature – circadian clocks in life, genetic clocks in cells, orbital clocks in planets, rotary clocks in electrons, etc. – to process and store the in-form-ation, in the dimensional form and cyclical frequency of its clocks. So for example, you measure the informative capacity of your computer in ‘gigahertzs where hertzs measure the frequency of its clocks. 

-To be cyclical, as all clocks are like those in your wall: repetitive cycles or events, origin of the ‘causal laws’ of science. Since a scientific law exists when we know a pattern or action will happen again, if its causes are repeated.

How they did it? Simple. Because physicists have another huge ‘conceptual error’ in their analysis of reality. They do NOT think that reality is made of ‘its primary substances’, vital space with motion, which last a finite duration of cyclical time, whose geometric and logic properties, all entities of nature perceive with different languages of space-time measure – so for example humans measure space with eyes and perceive time with words  and its 3 ‘tenses’ of past, present and future, the 3 dimensions of time.

For physicists since the wrong interpretation of quantum physics became dogma, the language of mathematics creates reality, in a similar fashion to the theory of reality of abrahamic religions, in which ‘the word’ (arab in islam) creates reality. So god spoke arab and ‘created things naming them in arab’. For physicists god creates things uttering equations. And so Newton affirmed that a mathematical tool, the cartesian graph, in which the cycles of time had been uncoiled and fusion into a long line in the paper-axis, to measure better lineal motions (v=s/t) WAS THE ONLY CLOCK of time of the Universe, which became then ‘lineal, infinite and with the single beat of the mechanical clock’.

This astounding deformation of THE DEEP meanings of time, became a dogma, which facilitated measures of ‘motions in space’, to the extreme detail achieved by physicists and heralded as absolute genius – so when Einstein refined further this limited formula of time, to achieve even more exact measure of motions, he was considered the most intelligent man on earth.

FACT THOUGH is that measuring spatial distances and speeds IS not all what matters to reality; and ‘reductionism’ of time to space measuring negating all other ‘forms of change’, notably change in the in/form/ation of beings, studied by biology and evolution is a blunt error that has endured for centuries halting the understanding by mankind of those fundamental principles.

It ended up also creating an absurd theory of reality and the meaning of it all, called ‘entropy’ according to which since all changes in nature have been reduced to change in motion, all what exists is a constant growth of motion, and disorder; and the origin of it all is a big-bang of motion.

Never mind Darwin found that the true important form of change in nature is the opposite evolution of ‘form’ of in-form-ation. Physicists shunned off this other form of change=time and call it negantropy, the negation of entropy. Never mind Einstein, showed that ‘time curves space into masses’, the cyclical eddies of space that convert lineal space into cyclical accelerated time clocks, which create the physical information of nature, in vortices of time called galaxies, in which we live – reason why we are also ruled NOT by motions in space but by biological processes of growth and evolution of information.

They denied the other physical arrow of time, informative masses, and came up with an absurd theory, according to which Einstein was wrong and masses are NOT accelerated vortices of time (Principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass) but ‘again’ a collision between ‘something’ and a particle called the Higgs gave mass to the particle – no longer an intrinsic property of an eddie of time, which attracts as any eddie the faster it turns around in its cyclical clocks, but ‘something’ obtained by collisions.

And finally they denied the most attractive, faster turning eddie of time, the black hole, and Hawking affirmed black holes are NOT vortices of time, because they ‘travel to the past’, and instead of attracting and dragging all what surrounds them to the vortex, as they move to the past, do exactly the inverse of what we see them doing – they evaporate and explode ‘again’ into a burst of entropy.

This is the essence of the relational space-time model  first advanced by Leibniz in its contradiction of Newton’s absolute space-time, then corroborated by Einstein, which was left alone by the community of quantum physicists, and I have developed for decades and will pour in this blog, since it is poised to change and upgrade our understanding of time, and put to rest the absurd theories of the simplicius simplicissimus philosophers of the science of motion.



In the XIX century Darwin brought about the first full serious analysis of the other 2 arrows of time in organic terms, the arrow of reproduction and information, as we introduce atheory of change in the dimensional form or in-form-ation of beings, and noticed that reproduction is the goal of all species of relational space-time which ensures its survival, and we shall expand to all fields.

So how can we complete the work of Darwin with the 3 arrows of time-space, entropy, energy and information? It will require for you to understand and solve once and for all the discussion between ‘creationists and darwinians’, punctuated evolution (right as time accelerates information so there are explosions of creativity) vs. constant evolution, and explain why ultimately all is about genetics. So allow me to tell uyou what are the 3 ‘topological forms of evolution’.

Topological evolution and scalar genetics, completing the work of Darwin and Mendel with 5D³

Bidimensional 3 modes of timespace change: Time vortices, flat waves, explosive membranes

5D³ Genetics-Memetics-quantum numbers.

What about genetics? Here 5D complete the reasons why we are ruled by ternary genes, which code the ternary arrows of biological systems.

But genes only code individuals NOT societies, which are ruled by memes (hence the falsity of racism). Why? Because as we aw in the graph of 5D scale: a lower scale of faster clocks CODES the next larger organisation of the Universe, where ‘new informative systems’ emerge to code the next scale of the russian doll but each ‘new doll’ is a discontinuum and so the information of the enclosed smaller, denser informative doll cannot cross those barriers and code 2 scales above.. See in the graph where we see the metric of the fifth dimension we can see how this work: smaller beings run faster time clocks and so they can store and process more information. so chips move faster information than machines and rules them. Genes run faster clocks that store in the form and frequency of its cycles the information of biological beings. Black holes run galaxies and MEMEs (ideas, instruments) run larger social organisms, nations and civilisations.

So THE CO-EXISTENCE OF MULTIPLE SCALES OF TIME, which run faster clocks IS the key to understand the co-existence in an organic manner both in physical and biological systems, of multiple scales of time-space: Spe x Ti = k (co-invariance of size and speed of information, which is the metric equation of 5D).

In the next graph we show those 2 fundamental advances of time theory: the fractal structure of space in scales of social organisms and the 3 arrows of time, lineal entropic motions, energetic, reproductive cycles and informative, warping 3rd age that structures the existence of all beings, and defines the fundamental advance of time theory regarding evolution:

Topological evolution: creationism or darwinism?

The next graphs show the fundamental advance on timespace theory brought about by properly studying the three arrows of time=change of form, of in-form-ation, in the Universe and its topological combinations that create all systems in space, its 3 ages that explain the life-death cycle of all systems.

Below the scales of the fifth dimension that define systems as co-existing organisms, joined by the three arrows of time, forming the physiologic networks of all super organisms of the Universe.

Since the line is the fastest distance and so for entropy systems the best form, the hyperbolic body-wave includes all forms and hence it is the best to reproduce a system, and the sphere warps maximal information in minimal space and so it is the form of head-particles, the true meaning of time-space is the fact that all systems are made of forms with a function, which are both still and moving (Gallean relativity) and perform the three actions=arrows of motion, iteration and gauging of information for all beings, defining the Fractal generator equation of space-time beings, the fundamental equation of relational space-time:

Γ. ∆-1; $: (limbs/fields of maximal-moption) < ∆: ITERATIVE, HYPERBOLIC-body-waves>∆+1: Tƒ (informative spherical particle/heads) <<∆-2: death: entropic dissolution of information.

In the graph, the fractal generator of relational space-time beings defines all systems as ensembles of the three only topologies of the 4D and 5D universe, shows them in a relative time arrow of growing information through three ages, so we can talk of local past, present and future parts of any system, and explains its 3 functions. Hence the next graphs, where we show the three topologies of space-time, the three ages of time-space, the three scales through which a being trace its existential world cycle (no longer a worldline) and then a few real examples for biologic and physical systems, ALL of them follow the same sequential world cycle of time-change between birth and extinction (regardless of size, or scale as species and physical systems also follow them:

The astounding similarity of all what exists makes then possible to formalize reality with a synoptic formalism that expresses the nature of those 5 Dimensions in space and time, depicted in the next graph:

We shall call the philosophy of science that applies the formalism to all ‘scales of ‘stiences’ and all species by the principle of correspondence GST, (general systems theory), since it is the most recent ‘discipline’ that tried to explain reality as a organic system made of organic systems, and it was in the milieu of the science during the years I was chair of duality at the international systems congress, before breaking up with academia, where I gave the basis of the model in a series of conferences at the turn of the century.

It also fits  the name given to the ‘Fractal Generator’ equation of Timespace beings, which as all generators of fractal systems, is a simple feed back equation of 3 terms that ‘generates’ all beings of reality departing from the 3 ‘conserved’ quantities of the physical universe, cyclical angular momentum (time clocks), lineal momentum (space planes) and its combined hyperbolic energy; now broken into infinite fractal beings with a cyclical membrane, a singularity mind and a vital body-wave energy between them:

∑∆-1: $-potentials/limbs<∆º: ∑∏-bodywaves>∆+1: ðƒ:particles-heads.

So we define the Universe as a ‘timespace super organism, Ab. T.Œ, sum of fractal Timespace super organisms: T.Œ≈∑T.œ.

Thus, the Universe is a fractal organism of scalar, topological space and cyclical time, which can be define by a series of ‘anti symmetries’ between opposite topologies, ages and scales that come together in parallel as complementary forms or annihilate each other perpendicularly. We thus reflect those facts in a Fractal generator that resumes those ternary symmetries and the process of social convergence (5th dimension) and entropic divergence (4th dimension):

The best way to study this reality once we understand its epistemological principles, ‘fractal scales of topological space’, temporal ages, ternary symmetries, and complementarity vs. perpendicularity, is through the concept of 5 dimensions in space symmetric to 5 motions in time.  

Then the fun starts, but given the ‘non-aristotelian logic’ of those ternary anti symmetries and complementarities, and the difficulty of the humind (ab. human mind) to perceive this complex logic, given its one-dimensional self-centred ego-paradox, view, we have deviced two epistemological concepts, the Rashomon effect that focuses on the study of the 5 main Dimensions of the system with a perceptive point of view – that is as a symmetry between the mind perception of the whole and the multiple temporal elements, S@≈∆ð, and the Disomorphic method which focuses in the process of a world cycle that generates a super organism and destroys it.

It is difficult to explain you why after 30 years of studying alone the fractal, organic Universe, I settled for those 2 formalisms. It might be possible to study the kaleidoscopic Universe in many other ways, most amenable to modern science, with an external mathematical point of view, but what I like to reveal from reality is what huminds do not accept, the sentient nature and linguistic perception of the moving reality as fixed spatial forms, as a maya of the senses, which is achieved with the Rashomon effect, and the organic, vital, moving nature of the world cycle of a super organism, which is achieved through the Disomorphic method – that should be on the long term, the canonical method of understanding reality.

So the three topological ages/forms of time-space complete Darwin’s evolution:

Species can be modeled as organisms through its 3 ages that become its 3 horizons, followed either by a survival process of eusocial evolution – the summit of the process of organic evolution, which Darwin realized was necessary to explain the success of eusocial insects, or become extinct by the ‘new generation’ of fitter animal forms. in the graph we can see its 3 Horizon=ages and its ternary topology, similar to that of any other organism; and the dominant arrow of information in the height axis, of both reptile species that ended in birds, and mammals that ended in man. So happened with meta life machines, whose final species, satellites are now forming the arrow of eusocial evolution, or future mind of the metal earth -internet

In the graph all species go through the same 3 horizons/ages/dimensions of evolution of all species of relational space-time, which will allow us to complete theory of evolution adding to the fight between species and genetics:

Topological evolution and its 3 horizons along the 3 dimensions of lineal entropy, informative cyclical height and reproductive width, IS A HUGE A proof that we ARE all relational space-time beings as our properties are ‘mathematical in form’ as those of space.

Since the line is the shortest distance between two points SO  all limbs/fields are lineal from light rays to your legs.

And the sphere the topology that stores more information. So all informative temporal particles/heads/eyes/cameras are spherical.

Thus all relational space-time beings follow the same horizons and ages of form; regardless of which ‘scale of the fifth dimension’ they are – as all are relational space-time beings that share its topological form, and dimensional in/form/ation is the dominant arrow that transforms motion and entropy. So both, all species (above) and all beings in their life-death ‘world cycle’, go through those 3 ages of increasing information, from entropic young ages/species.

Topological evolution is a fascinating subject, since there are only 3 topologies of space-time, IT SOLVES THE PROBLEMS OF EVOLUTION regarding the problem already known to Darwin on how fast informative spherical eyes or planar, moving, entropic wings evolved. This is claimed as prove that there is a plan of evolution traced by God – yes, there is a mathematical constrain to evolution given by the three only topologies of the Universe (below), which ensemble together all systems of Nature, but not, Yhwh, a fantasy of desert delirium tremens did not exist, created the Universe and has nothing to do with topological evolution…

In the graph, different worldcycles of existence as travels through scales of the fifth dimension, whereas each being goes through an entropic-motion oriented youth, a mature, reproductive balanced steady state, a 3rd informative age, then exploding back its information in a big-bag entropic death – ONLY the final moment of time, the shortest of all ages, the less relevant creative one.

That is why we say information iS ALL, because the Universe is a reproductive fractal, whose purpose is to reproduce 10D supœrganisms; while translation in space is completely irrelevant – in fact motion IS also a form of reproduction of information; which in physics is expressed in the principles of conservation of momenta and energy and the nature of light as a reproductive wave of information. So let us see how even motion, what physicists study, is reproduction of form. 

The fifth dimension of social evolution.

The co-existence of multiple fractal scales of space-time put together form what we call the ‘fifth dimension of space-time (ab. ∆); as opposed to the simple idea that there is only a ‘space-time scale’ that matters (that of human perception) and the rules of transfer of entropy, energy and information between larger, slower ‘beings’ (Max. Sp=Min. Tƒ), with more energy and smaller, faster ‘beings’ with more information and faster clock-cycles (Min. Spe=Max. Tƒ); we will also be able to understand how those scales from atoms to galaxies co-exist together, and how they organise in symbiosis smaller informative parts (∆-1) that collaborate with its wholes, larger more energetic entities (∆º) as part of larger wholes (∆+1):

In the graph, we see the scalar nature of all physical and biological systems. So you are made of ∆-1 cells, parts of ∆-organisms, embedded in an ∆+1 planetary world; ∆-1, atoms are part of ∆- states of matter, gathered in solar systems, parts of larger ∆+1 galaxies and so on.

Each of those scales will follow the same laws of ‘ternary time’.

Its actions will be structured in three relative physiological networks, of entropy, reproduction and information, to form its super organisms.

And the super organism will co-exist in three relative scales (cellular/individual/ecosystemic or atomic/thermodynamic/gravitational), ruled by a simple ‘metric equation’ that defines motions in the fifth dimension: Spe x Tiƒ = K, that is, the product of the size in space and quantity of information in time of a system is balanced.

So smaller systems have faster cycles of information an larger wholes more energy, so both can become symbiotic, complementary, as smaller parts (genes in biology, quantum particles in physics, memes in history) code, store and reproduce the information of the larger systems, which provide them with energy, and coordinate the motions of the whole.

In the graphs, the translation of the fifth dimension to life systems and true non-entropic pyramids of human actions, which always have had as artists and ethic writers have better understood an upper ontological level of highest satisfaction in the social communion with the rest of mankind or with the Universe, (origin of the concepts of God in western anthropomorphic religions – read God=human super organism – and eastern Taoist-Buddhist- Hinduist ones= God as universal super organism).

The three active motions->arrows->->ages of time and its organic, network symmetries in space.

Below we show how those three arrows of time order sequentially in most beings in a life-death cycle of existence, foreseen in the earlier eastern philosophies of Time (Tao), which we will explain in full detail and apply to the understanding of all species of all ‘stiences’ (sciences describing systems of each scale of space-time of the Universe) in those texts. Below the world cycle, we can see the final consequence of Einstein> Minkowski’s dictum: the three arrows=motions of time, imprint space, giving birth to its three only ‘canonical topologies’, lineal, entropic, expansive space; hyperbolic, repetitive body-waves and cyclical, in-formative particles-heads to ensemble the species of reality. Those simple ternary principles suffice when developed, iterated and combined to ‘create’ all events and forms of reality;

The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various ∆§ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration. Finally it requires a program of perception and survival, self-centered into an @-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world: 0 S x ∞ ð= @. Hence the creation of infinitesimal minds is the origin of its ∆§calar planes connected through iterative flows of entropy and information, ≤≥:

Above, the ternary architectonical nature of reality is based in the underlying structure of all systems of the universe made of three parts both in space (entropic limbs/fields, reproductive body-waves, informative particle-heads) and in time (entropic youth, reproductive maturity, informative old age), defines a Universe of ‘super organisms (systems of smaller ∆-1 parts joined by physiological networks that perform those three arrows – feeding reproducing and informing the system), which ‘travel through three scales of the fifth dimension’, performing a world cycle of existence. And this rather simple scheme, will show its capacity to explain ‘all realities’ events and systems of the Universe, which becomes a fractal super organism of three arrows of time and 10 scales of space. 

We see above, the scheme of a world cycle of any being between its seminal ∆-1 birth and entropic ∆-1 death as the system transits through its three ‘ages’ of growing information. Below we see how those three ‘timespace’ arrows define expansive, entropic fields/limbs; repetitive body-waves and informative, vortex-like particle-heads, which ensemble in simultaneity the tenary systems of the Universe that live then through ages and world cycles dominated alternately by each of those entropic-reproductive-informative systems.

In the graph we resume a few cyclical ‘space-time events’ an ‘super organisms’ of reality derived of the cyclical nature of time, and fractal nature of space, which all species of the Universe share, as they are all made of vital space, and perform a series of world cycles of time between birth and extinction. You don’t need to understand fully those graphs explained ad nauseam on this blog, but just get ‘for the time being’, a feeling about the organic, fractal Universe, a tapestry of infinite fractal beings of space-time made to the image and likeness of the whole.

In the graph we can see the new elements of organic co-existing nature, cyclical, temporal world cycle nature and spatial topological one that define a more complex Universe, whose ‘Disomorphic’ properties hauling from those time-space features must be added to the classic abc of the Scientific method (Accurate data, rational models of reality that we deem now Biological, organic and Cyclical patterns that define laws of science). So finally we add the Disomorphic properties of space-time. And for the sake of truth and respect for previous knowledge, a general agreement or Correspondence principle with previous theories.

It is only when we have all that stuff properly written when we can cast it in an efficient synoptic language of knowledge, best in mathematical terms, but this COMES AS THE LAST PROCESS NOT THE FIRST AS creationist mathematicians belief.

Since the ternary structure of vital space beings, its topologies and synchronicities and the ternary arrows=ages of time with its causal, sequential laws, are the ‘key properties’ of space-time that all beings share, which will allow to reorganise our knowledge of the Universe and fully open the discovery of those whys as nothing has done in the past century since the r=evolution experienced in the study of time and space by the pioneers of XIX, XX century, which defined in separate manner those different modes of ‘time-change’ we shall put now together:

  • The arrow of time-change in the information of beings, (Darwin’s work with his comprehension of the arrow of reproduction and evolution of information in life).
  • The arrow of time-change in physical Systems (Einstein’s work with his understanding of the multiple clocks of time of physics and the ‘curved, accelerated nature of the clocks of physical information’, masses and charges – principle of equivalence).
  • And the different speeds an scales of Natural systems, which allow the creation of super organisms in this planet (Hutton and Spengler, with their study of deep time and the long, slow cycles of life and death of Gaia and the civilisations of History, larger super organisms, with slower time cycles than our human scale).

Indeed, Time means motion, change – any perception of any kind of changes and motions become then events, bits of time information; and so humans have detected three huge categories of time=change, we must put together to fully understand time in Nature:

  • Spe: physical change caused by the increase in the spatial motion of beings, or entropy culminated in the work of Einstein and the theory of the big-bang and the concept that all systems finally die, when increasing its entropy and disorder.
  • ST: Biological change, caused by the reproduction and evolution of information in living beings, studied by Darwin and other biologists, which shows entropy is ONLY one of the three possible outcomes of time, as most systems DO constantly reproduce their forms when they have enough energy to repeat its cycles. And finally:
  • Tiƒ, ∆: social evolution and creation of networks through communication of information, which allows a system to evolve into larger wholes and emerge as a larger super organism or organic, fractal structure; the social arrow of time that creates the fifth dimension and allows the existence among other things, of human societies, planetary super organisms, galaxies modelled as super organisms of stars; and any other complex system of nature, which can be considered, the inverse arrow of entropy, which dissolves information, simplifies complex networks and organisms back into its parts, expanded into space.

Of course, science does study all those processes as they are all pervading in the universe, but lacking a proper complex definition of scalar space and cyclical time, its laws of topology and causality and specially ignoring the metric equations of the scalar fifth dimension, which makes systems run faster time cycles (max. Tiƒ) the smaller they are (min. Spe), but maintains the product of size and speed constant (Tiƒ x Spe = K), allowing the symbiosis of smaller ‘genetic information’, and larger ‘energetic codes), it CANNOT find the whys to the scalar, organic, fractal structure of reality, the meaning of life, the mechanisms of reproduction, and the reason why systems live and die performing similar world cycles – that is, the ultimate whys of existence, which come as Leibniz thought from the unity and first principles of which we ARE ALL MADE: 

-A vital space, of co-existing scales with energy; and  limited finite duration in time, sum of all the ternary actions and combinations of those three space-time arrows (entropy, energy and information)..

It is then only needed once those two conceptual logic and formal upgradings of our concepts of time and space are made, to realise that ‘the ultimate reason of things must lie in its necessary substance’ that ‘gives unity’ to ‘all possible forms of creation’, as intuitively understood by Leibniz. Since that necessary substance of which we are all made will turn out to be the scales of such ‘organic, vital space’ of which we are all made, and the ‘frequencies’ of our time actions, according to those arrows and ages, through which all vital spaces transit in its worlcycles of life and death (the complex version of the worldlines of 4D simplex physical views of the Universe).

So those are the the 3±∆ elements of all systems: its three space-time substances, ‘entropy, energy and information’, which together put in sequential form create the world cycles and parts of being, extended across several scales of relative size, through which the being will ‘travel’ as it exists, from a seminal lower scale of being, emerging into a full grown entity, living in a larger world-scale, and then returning upon death to its lower cellular/atomic scale…

In the graph, an organic view of the Universe as made of space-time beings, completely harmonises the states, arrows, and space-time evolutionary ages of all physical, biological and social systems of the Universe; once we change the ‘ideological paradigm’ of science from the earlier Newtonian vision of an absolute space-time background in which beings existed, to a Universe made of space-time beings, which live through the three arrows/ages of life, as they trace worldcycles travelling through the ‘scales of relative size’ of the fifth dimension.

RECAP. Absolute relativity: the real logic of the ∞ Universe.
The Universe is ‘absolutely relative’, not only on motion (Einstein’s relativity, without preferred location), form (Darwinian evolution without man as a perfect form) but also in scales, as each ‘entity’ has a limit of its capacity to perceive larger and smaller scales of information, which in the human case extends to the galactic and atomic scale, of similar properties, distorted by the distance to our 5D position in the Universe. And so those limiting physical scales are NOT the origin of the laws of reality but only the limit of human perception of the fractal Universe.

And only a science that studies all the scales together in equal footing, void of power agendas, or historic hang-ups and dogmas, will be able to fully grasp the synthetic laws common to them all. This is the task we shall carry in this blog.

General Systems sciences: models of the Universe built with information arrows.

In the search for this more complex, unifying view of the Universe, among the modern people, the most remarkable figures are NOT physicists, which would impose a simpler lineal time solution (below) but Philosophers of Science first, notably Aristotle and Descartes, which can be considered his disciple, with his concept of infinite mind-worlds, self-centred into a mathematical point of view or frame of reverence (pov), and specially Leibniz, with his understanding of calculus and microscopic and telescopic scales as the ‘sufficient reason’ for a fractal, scalar view of an organic, sentient Universe, where Aristotelian> Cartesian>mathematical minds, monads, perceived reality. Did they communicate or not? To simplify the model Leibniz made them non-communicative, but indeed, they communicate and form waves and networks and organic planes, the stuff of which nature is made.

The view of the point as an organic system, with parts that store entropy, energy and information would be validated by mathematicians with their development of non-euclidean points with volume to store parallels, Darwin, with his study of all systems as topological forms in evolution and with Einstein, with his model of a Universe of non-euclidean space-points, where ‘time bends space into vortices of gravitation’, accelerated clocks of time (Principle of equivalence) that stored ultimately the time measures and informative structure of the Universe.



Entropy only physicists 

It is thus obvious and clear that the discovery and explanation of the iterative and evolutionary arrows by Darwin completed the simpler view of time as a mere ‘present slice’ or derivative, a minimalist quanta of change, and only applied to translation in space, and on top deformed linearly and reduced to a single clock for the entire Universe.

With those concepts obviously little insights could be gained in the larger picture. So physicists philosophy of timespace kept adding more errors.

Indeed, in the wrong side of time theory the XIX century brought us entropy physicists, which from Reaumur boring canons and observing heat, to Clausius & Helmothz affirming the Universe was dying used reductionism first to reduce the 3 states of matter of the previous graph, the informative crystals, the balanced liquids and the entropic gas, to gas-only time arrow, and then expanded the arrow to ALL scales of reality including the WHOLE universe in a hyperbolic ‘method of truth’ so common in physics when it plays amateurish philosophy of science:

1) reduction of all global phenomena to a local phenomena (all time arrows to entropic gas)->

2) reduction of all properties to those susceptible to be mathematised (denial of the Maxwellian demons of crystal forms that ‘order’ reality, as solid crystal forms once formed ‘reproduce its information’ in other cellular crystals creating order that offsets the gaseous entropy) ->

3) hyperbolic expansion of that local law once all other effects and realities are eliminated to create a false global truth that passes as absolute law for all sciences, all of this perfectly greased by

4) human power, as makers of weapons, machines and darlings of the P.R.ess, shutting up all other scientists including philosophers of science, if needed ad hominem to come on top.

The exception to that ‘method’ being Einstein, who would quip, when the Germanic-American military-industrial complex and its engaged physicists applied four times the method to him, first with ether theory, next with Copenhagen bohr-heisenberg quantum interpretations, then with nazism and finally against his pacifism and confrontation with the nuclear industry’, ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods. And ‘if they were right a single physicist would suffice to prove me wrong’.




In the XX c. Einstein (completion of Galileo’s work, with a refinement of the formula v=s/t, and first hint to an understanding that charges and masses are ‘accelerated clocks of time’ as ‘time curves space into masses’ and by the principle of equivalence mass an acceleration are indistinguishable):

All what exist is a motion in time. Space forms are Maya of the senses. In the graph, accelerated vortices of time in physical systems, in different scales of the fifth dimension: charges, masses and thermodynamic eddies become then the main clocks of time that carry with different speeds according to 5D metric (S x T=K), the information of microscopic quantum charge worlds, human-size thermodynamic scales and cosmological gravitational scales.


In the graph, the physical clocks that carry the information of the Universe in its cyclical dimensional form and frequency. So if you put together e=mc2 and e=hv, m=v (h/c2) shows that the attractive force of a mass is proportional to its speed/frequency as a time vortex – no Higgs is necessary because the Higgs is just a particle, it does not give mass to a vortex of time, which is a ‘mass per se’, attracting as an eddie (thermodynamic vortex) the faster it turns. Hence the black hole which turns at c-speed in its horizon IS the most attractive vortex of the Universe.

General relativity showed that particles, masses, charges are ‘accelerated vortices of time’, hence unlike present repetitive cycles that close the clock and seem not to change, they do change and move a system in time towards the future, creating an arrow of future towards more information. It also defines motion as the true substance of all beings, hence making the Universe immortal as time-motion never stops, only the mind stops it in its ‘singularity’ and finally as all are vortices of attractive time-forces we can easily unify charges and masses, and complete the work of Einstein, which we have spare from the bonfire of vanities of the dwarfs of physics today, because the guy was both intelligent and ethic and so he deserves our respect.

So in general relativity, he defined with the Principle of equivalence a vortex of accelerated, future time and NONE understood it. And in both General and special relativity he defined the 3 ages of physical systems, and again nobody understood him. It was too simple, and so Hilbert said the maths were high school and shunned off – it WAS NOT THE MATHS BUT THE CONCEPTS that mattered, and those are the ones for 100 years digital robots aka physicists have missed all along:

IN FACT the 3 ages of all systems, entropic-youth/steady state/informative old age are the 3 solutions to Einstein’s general relativity equations that MUST be ordered in time as the birth of any space-time physical system, which goes then through a mature steady state and finally crunches into a world cycle. 

Besides its complex EFE formulae, those 3 ages can also be written simpler as:

Entropy < cc-energy wave of light > mass (vortex of future information).

Yes, it is the e=mc2 equation reordered with the three arrows of time as a feed-back equation, yet another case of the fractal generator of space-time beings. But physicists misinterpreted as usual the meaning of the 3 terms: E here is entropy, the disordered scattering motions that convert the informative mass into an energy wave of light. it is really then M<cc; the e void of meaning here only represents the Ti(m)<E(cc), transformation and explosion of a mass into a present sheet of bidimensional light space:

Now, this is the equation that Einstein in fact discovered backwards in his landmark paper ‘can energy become mass?’ and CERN is probing trans-forming energy into mass.

In the wrong side of this century though appeared Mr. Hawking, who having not understood at all the meaning of Einstein’s work made a fortune publishing books trying to explain him ‘A brief history of time’ and at the same time doing work in physical papers blatantly denying his equations of black holes, interpreting the ‘stopping’ process of its time clocks that measure its rotary motion and go to zero, NOT as they are – simply: the black hole in the centre or singularity of its eddie of timespace, as any eddie or hurricane does stops and so its time parameter, remember, a measure of motion=change, v=s/t, stops. Point.

Those equations of Einstein mean nothing else in a Universe of infinite clocks, where the equations of physics only measure a kind of time=change, the motion in space. So when the motion comes to zero the time stops in zero.

You travel in time to zero in physics when you stop your motion. But ONLY you stop hour motion, as there are infinite time clocks. There is no way by stopping your clocks YOU STOP ALL THE CLOCKS OF THE UNIVERSE! AS physicists think, and there is no way that by putting your clocks of information backwards, you move backwards in time the entire Universe, which is what physicists think

You travel in time to the past in evolution, when you reproduce a seminal seed, which was the form you have billions of years ago in the unicellular age.

Son in the moment of orgasm, your entire system concentrates in producing a past seminal  seed, which then will evolve fast in punctuated evolution (as a Universe of infinite time clocks as Einstein discovered can LOCALLY, remember always that word LOCALLY, travel faster to the future, evolving faster its information, which IS THE MEASURE OF THE SPEED OF TIME OF A CLOCK – ITS SPEED OF PROCESSING AND EVOLVING INFORMATION);

Son in processes of birth a form of relative past that evolves palingentically into the future.

Those are real non-paradoxical LOCAL TRAVELS in time.


From subjective myths and anthropomorphic ego trips into an objective view of the Pantheist Universe.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.17.39

Knowledge means an expansion of the human point of view from subjectivism to objectivism, from considering man the center of the Universe to realize we are part of a pantheist Universe in which all points of view have their own perspective. In the graph, the pre-scientific age of Abrahamic religions…

The evolution of knowledge consists in increasing the objective point of view of mankind, by going out of the infinitesimal, totally subjective, self-point of view into the infinite multiple points of views of the Universe:

– Hence from the ‘ego’ as center of the universe, proper of the earlier mythic age of primitive Indo-European tribes who thought each ego-individual to be a God (so Germans called themselves the tribe of Goths=gods) and today many self-ish still people believe to be the center of the world and nothing matters except them.

Then we moved into:

– The Semitic age of Abrahamic religions, in which the point of view grew to enclose the tribe as center of the Universe. So the subconscious collective of the tribe became God and the explanation of it all. And all other tribes were deemed inferior, not chosen of God. So the Assyrians called their God and capital Assur, their kings son of Assur and the Jewish called their God Yahweh, which was first a toponym for their land Judea (as written in Egyptian maps) and considered themselves the only chosen of God and called themselves Jewish, a word derived also of Judea. And today many people still believe those tribal ideologies and nothing matters except their tribe. But then we moved into:

– The first age of Mesopotamic, Egyptian and Greek science and global religions (Islam and Christianity) in which the earth, that is all human beings, became the center of the Universe. And so it was understood that the planet Earth was the body of God, and mankind, its collective subconscious the only intelligent being of the Universe.

This age had two versions, as always a new paradigm of wider knowledge on the nature of the Universe is ‘polluted’ by the previous paradigm:

The Jewish-Christian anthropomorphic version and the Greek, objective, logic version.

In the Jewish->Christian->Islamic version superstitions still mix with the understanding of astronomy while the Greek version was void of superstition.

Because superstitions and myths require ‘inquisitions of thought’ that prevent further evolution; the Jewish-Christian version no longer evolved. On the contrary it has its periodic revivals, when as it is today new forms of censorship are established to prevent any criticism of ‘their beliefs’. So today we have political correctness, Jihad Islam, the industry of the holocaust, religious revivalism and all kind of rhetoric in favor of ‘beliefs’, including massive amounts of audiovisual emotional myths and money ab=used to expand Abrahamic religions that must be respected… to ensure a growing degradation of our knowledge of the Universe.

The next stage. Stience with cosmic bodies at its center.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.18.32

In the next stage Copernicus simplified the Ptolemaic system that had gone too far in his attempt to explain more facts beyond the simple sun-earth-moon relationships for which it was created.

For that reason it would be the Greek version the only one that would evolve further from the first Greek science with the Earth as center into the 2nd Greek and 1st western tradition with the sun as its center.

So from Aristarchus, which Copernicus read and annotated in his manuscript to Galileo, we evolved further our point of view, coming out of Planet Earth and making the sun the relative center of the Universe.

But men were still the only intelligent, worthy being of that Universe so Kepler wrote ‘God has waited 5500 (Biblical years) to find an intelligence like his’. Here the reader should observe how religious anthropomorphic beliefs still crept into this paradigm. And they still are part of modern science. So Newton thought God sent him comets as messages. Einstein said that if his theory was wrong ‘God had to correct the Universe, as it was so beautiful’ (here you can see Einstein’s ego-trips as individual and perhaps as a tribal son of God).

This is important to remember because the 5th Dimension’s paradigm has none of it.

And it is important for two reasons:

– On one side those first scientists established a theory of philosophy of science called ‘mechanism’ according to which the new machines they used to measure time -human clocks – and space – human telescopes became the model of the Universe. This was another form of anthropomorphism. Now human-made machines were God, the seer of time and space (definition of God by Saint Augustine). So Kepler said that ‘God was a clocker’ and Einstein said that ‘time is what a clock measures’.

But mechanism requires an external God to make the mechanism – machines are not self-generated. This Leibniz, the first true predecessor of the 5th dimension, noticed and laughed at Newton. Since when some errors of orbital motion were discovered -as the case of Mercury, Newton said it was Ok and God will repair them. And Leibniz said if God existed the Universe would be made perfect not with errors to correct latter.

While Landau laughed at Einstein’s definition of time as what a clock measures. So he said referring to the fact that in quantum physics you cannot measure the position of a particle in time and space with total precision (uncertainty principle) that he could according to Einstein, since he just measured the position and then looked at his watch.

So the reader should understand that previous egocentric, tribal, mechanist paradigms of man as a superior species are still common in science. The last case is the ideology of anthropomorphism called ‘anthropic principle’, which the Israeli scholar Mr. Bekenstein has imposed in pseudo-scientific media  according to which the Universe has the parameters it has so that man could be created.

It also creeps in places like CERN which worship a machine and expect to produce black holes, which in the Universe devour planets, stars and galaxies (quasars), thinking they will be harmless, for no proved reason (a faulty logic theory of evaporation), underlying the human belief that we are too important to be erased by a black hole…

– Which leads to the second problem of anthropomorphic beliefs: they do not work in praxis, as they confront the multiple points of view of the Universe each of them king of the hill, provoking constant conflict and increasing the dangers against survival of any species.

So the reader should not be surprised that the Germans, the most ego-centric people of the ancient world have entered unending wars with neighbors, massacring them and dying till becoming a tiny nation with a dying language.

– Now parallel to the Copernican revolution, there was the Buddhist and Darwinian revolution which made us just part of a web of life and so we were all similar, from the monkey to the worm to the rat to the human and all forms of life were worthy.  But of course the previous paradigms kept fighting the new paradigm and so in the American Biblical Belt Darwin is taboo and the very religious merchant of death, Mr. Nobel forbids to give Nobel prizes to evolutionists, as it considers it a non proved theory.

So let us resume this first age of knowledge:

We moved from ego to tribe to mankind and the Earth, to the Sun and life as centers of the Universe with periodic regression and the error of mechanism that worships the machines that measure time and space.

All those phases provoke conflict with other relative points of view, from individuals who are selfish – German paradigm – and kill each other as autist beings (America, where German influence is enormous), or tribes who kill each other in permanent conflict or mankind at large in permanent conflict with Gaia, the world of life, and now due to CERN’s madness with the top predator points of view of the Universe – the black holes for whom really galaxies are made. Since we observe black holes all over the galaxy commanding all their processes.

So knowledge is important not only per Sp but because a proper objective knowledge helps our survival as individuals, tribes and species. But all those who hold a subjective, lesser form of knowledge go down from reason to believe and use all kind of emotional myths and painful repressive inquisitions to maintain their truths as sacred. So they never evolve caught in their own web of self-serving lies, because as Nietzsche put it ‘the most difficult lies to deny are those we make about ourselves’.


– The point of view moves away from humans to enclose a wider part of the Universe. Thus, humans become ever more smaller as objective scientific knowledge advances… but

– Paradoxically the less important we feel and the more objective we are about our relative position in time and space, the better chances we have to survive, as we collaborate among humans with the power of social evolution, we respect the action-reaction processes of the Universe and all their points of view, not ab=using nature and other human beings, and so the paradox is that the less ego we have the better off we are.

Absolute relativity: the evolution of time logic about the ∞ Universe.

The very few articles I ever wrote in ‘paper format’ for congresses of systems sciences called the theory, absolute relativity, following the Correspondence principle,  as it is basically the third and final instalment on the understanding of the ‘Paradox of Galileo’, after Galilean relativity and Einstein’s special and general relativity.

We shall see in fact that the Universe is ‘absolutely relative’, not only on motion (Einstein’s relativity, without preferred location), form (Darwinian evolution without man as a perfect form) but also in scales, as each ‘entity’ has a limit of its capacity to perceive larger and smaller scales of information, which in the human case extends to the galactic and atomic scale, of similar properties, distorted by the distance to our 5D position in the Universe. And so those limiting physical scales are NOT the origin of the laws of reality but only the limit of human perception of the fractal Universe.

And only a science that studies all the scales together in equal footing, void of power agendas, or historic hang-ups and dogmas, will be able to fully grasp the synthetic laws common to them all. This is the task we shall carry in this blog.

 In any case the organic Universe IS regardless of human egos that deny it. And I cracked its main disomorphsims in my youth, at 20 something while studying at Columbia University.

Of course time as it grows in information and complexity puts objective science in its place, but as per Kuhn, (the nature of scientific revolutions) it takes a lot of time, and the pioneer gets tired of waiting, or as the counterpart of Einstein in the XX c. revolution on our concepts of time and space (quantum founder, discoverer of the discrete nature of the ‘minimal finitesimals’ of the analytic Universe), Mr. Planck put it:

The bottom line though of all things humind is our astounding ego-centered beliefs and obsession for our ‘selves’ that make so hard to ‘feel connected’ to the whole space-time Universe. And it has so much limited any organic vital view of reality, in fact a philosophy of reality only present systematically in the Asian cultures, with taoist objective view of the Universe and the eclectic Northern Mediterranean world, with its emphasis on man as the measure of all things – hence the organism not the mechanism as its model, which is where I haul from.

Latter on, we shall place this work in the context of the european civilisation, as we are all KNOTS OF THOUGHT of our culture, and so it is not the individual but the culture, in my case the European Latin culture of ‘philosophers of science’, which at the end of its organic civilisation, produces its ‘eclectic, polymath’ philosophers of science, which resume the entire knowledge gathered by the culture, in its 3rd informative age.

So from the Greeks  (I age of european logic, organic science) which at the end gave us Aristotle’s organon, first organic model of the Universe and father of the experimental method…

To the Italians, which at the end of renaissance in the II age of the latin organic, humanist culture, gave us the scientific-mechanic method (Galileo applying metal-eyes to measure space, telescopes and microscopes, and metal-brains to measure time, clocks…

to the late XX century, earlier XXI c. French-Spaniards, which discovered fractals (Mandelbrot), scalar physics (Nottale) and finally this work that establish scientifically the organic D-isomorphic nature of all space-time beings, (3rd age of the scientific, now experimental AND mechanical AND organic method).

So this is the ultimate meaning of this work, the final knot of thought of the 3rd age of the organic latin culture, in its eclectic final age of ‘philosophers of science’, the specialised scientific discipline which our culture has distinguished itself for, besides human senses/art. As we are NOT a specialised culture, fundamentalist of a single discipline and language of knowledge, but as the geographical world center placed between all other cultures, mixes all forms of knowledge, the a priori condition for a philosophy of science that pretends to be a theory of everything. So we mix the mechanical/digital worshipping of the north-european culture; the sensorial, life-oriented deep understanding of the african culture to the south; the verbal, ethic and organic i-logic of religious, semite cultures to the east; and in my case, the chip-me(n)tal culture of future sentient machines being born in US (as I worked after my failure to interest academia  in wall street, hollywood and silicon valley as a system scientist)…

Saper Vedere, Qualis est brevis

There you have 5 men who have advanced our view of time. They have three things in common. They were all self-styled time theorists who advanced our understanding of timespace; they were all laughed at for most of his life, when not ignored or brutally attacked for such a feat; since none yielded to the established power and ‘passé’ theory of their age; and what matter most to the reader, they were all proved right as time passed by. 

Now the graph last picture is a mega-selfie; (: i know, but what can i say?

Now more seriously, as we have explained ALL SYSTEMS ARE SELF-CENTERED IN A MIND-LANGUAGE, SO WE ARE ALL HUGE EGOES, but intelligence=objectivity make us also realise that is a MIRAGE OF THE MIND, so intelligent humans can ‘laugh at their egos’, with RELATIVISM.

SO WHY IT IS NATURAL THAT all humans, are so ‘ego-centered’, SCIENTISTS MUST ALSO recognise OBJECTIVELY ego-paradoxes are a cancer for science, on the view of such an astonishing, huge, similar Universe with NO preferred species, scale, or form.

So we have answered this paradox, explained earlier at the beginning of this section – the function of the mind and its equation that makes each of them the center of its subjective perception of the Universe, as a ‘knot of time’ cycles.

Let us then make a summary of how much a model of a Universe made of relational space-time ‘beings’ help us to understand the Universe – which is the theme of the second part of this blog, to show you that as usual the way to truly evolve science is ‘with thought experiments’ – with better models of reality, not with risky experiments.


XXI C. Timespace knowledge: 5D³=10D: the fifth self-styled time theorist.

-And so after those 4 colossus walked the path of timespace knowledge, one for a century, in the XXI c. a self-styled time theorist, completed with the 5D³ formalism the work of all of them, solving all the pending questions about timespace change, and unifying all ‘sciences’ as ‘stiences’ of space-time relational beings, following the same isomorphic=equal laws, derived from the properties of fractal space and ternary, cyclical time. 

In the next graph we see that organic, fractal structure of all beings of the Universe.

Each science study a scale of the fifth dimension and its physiological networks, built with actions and specialised cells/citizens/atoms of each of the three arrow of time. THE ASTOUNDING reductionism of physicists doubling as philosophers of science who do NOT UNDERSTAND the unity of all systems of the Universe and DEMAND special rights and funding for their study of motions of physical systems thus MUST end as it is not good for mankind, the ‘inferior species’ in that worldview, and won’t bring us any clarification about the real structure of the Universe, whose purpose is NOT to move but to reproduce information in an organic manner in all its scales as the system goes through its world cycle, in which each of the physiological, topological networks, that of entropy, energy ad information dominate to explode back into entropy in death and big-bangs.

Advanced cyclical timespace theory.

We are just hinting at some aspects of cyclical time space theory. In other sections we deal with the limit of its theory for a single timespace continuum and a single time dimension (Einstein’s 4D formalism), which the human ego has elevated to a God-like status (: I smiley because frankly compared  with cyclical timespace theory is just a doodle in the sand of the Intelligence of the immortal infinite Universe.  We shall not cease to insist in this concept: the only ‘thing’ big in man is its ‘Egocy’ – the ego and the biased perception of reality to satisfy the ego and ‘put himself’ above heavens and Earth.

The field of cyclical spacetime is immense and of a beauty, which only the mute understanding of its effects in Nature can transmit that beauty. Beauty is the soul of the universe, and beauty is the harmony of the two opposite arrows of time, which we shall call information  that travels locally from future to past, and entropy that travels from past to future. Soon we shall deal with the most obvious consequence of that duality, the world cycle, and compare it with the simplex view of physicists, the worldliness in one dimension. But in other posts on time, simultaneity, past, present and future, minds and perception we shall introduce more ‘motifs’ of this essential equation of the 3 dimensions of time:

Past x Future = Present.

Of course the reader will be immediately taken aback by that equation, thinking we TALK OF A SINGLE LINEAL TIME for the entire universe and then the equation makes no sense. In fractal spacetime however past, present and future are LOCAL concepts, relating to the ‘INFORMATIVE ARROW’ of FUTURE evolution of parts into wholes, time-motions into still-perceptions. We can then consider in general terms that limbs/fields of entropic motion are relative past, and cyclical heads/particles of information are relative future (because they come latter in evolution, because they direct logically the motions of its limbs and so create the paths of future). And then the Present will be the mixture of those local limbs/fields and particles/heads, the body-wave that reproduces, iterates and seem to maintain an eternal present.

So because time and space are entangled, Past=lineal spacetime, future=cyclical spacetime and present= reproductive hyperbolic spacetime is a better way to define that previous equation. Relative past beings are thus those less evolved, which relative future more complex informative beings tend to prey on. Present states on the other hand are dynamic reproductive states.

What is then the meaning of physicists absolute spacetime in those organic views? MERELY AS WE SHALL SHOW, BECAUSE they study a super organism called the ‘galatom’, which is the larger (and also the smaller) scales we perceive there will be for that largest entity we perceive an obvious metric with a distance-space rod of measure, c-speed, and an informative minimal clocks of time, H-planck angular momentum to build up a rational physical but also organic description of the Universe. It is in that huge galatom studies where the relativity equations work, as its background space is ‘light’, and its time speed of clocks is h. And so its galatom’s metric is:

c($t) • h (§ð) = K(e)

Relativity then studies the whole galactic spacetime as a single continuum since for the galaxy is its background spacetime. But the beauty of fractal organisms of course is the existence within that huge fractal of ‘details’ that are in themselves completely island-universes with their own metric.

Topobiologic space-time beings.

energy information good

In the graph, the bidimensional nature of time cycles, divides the ‘classic’ 4 dimensions of time-space in 2 ‘formal motions’, tall, cyclical time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles (as the n-sphere has the maximal volume in minimal space), as such is the gauging ‘particle-head on top of all systems (so photons stay longer on top of the wave, your head is on top, as an informative mammal, with the dimension of height, eyes and cameras are spheres and antennae are on top, so are speakers: function is form) and wide, lineal space planes, which are the most extended fastest distance between points so fast ‘planes’ are… planes, limbs and fields are planes.

In the graph, the Universe is composed of 3 external motions, the relative past, entropic, expansive, lineal ‘big-bang’ motions that expand space and eliminate dimensional form (left picture), the opposite, relative future, cyclical, time clocks that accelerate inwards in time vortices. And the middle relative repetitive present flows of hyperbolic body-waves in which formal motions of time repeat themselves, in a seemingly dynamic present.

If we apply dimensional analysis to ‘a bidimensional wave’ it can transform into a ‘bidimensional particle’. Because as we say both now have the same dimension; as a particle is a vortex in two dimensions. And entropy can be studied by the expansion of the external membrane.

Time-motion-change is all, but we have also found that clocks of time are ‘angular momentums’ conserved and enclosing a vital energy region that breaks spacetime into fractal spacetime beings.

So we shall find always in a system, a membrane or angular momentum or clock of time that closes a vital energy, and focuses into a singularity-point, center of reference or mind that directs the lineal motion of the being. Those 3 conserved quantities of nature divided into infinite fractal beings is the simplest definition of a spacetime organism.

Next we must inquire how many ‘combined dimensions of space-time’ there is?

We have already localized ‘3 topological space-time dimensions’, or rather ‘bidimotions’, as they have both space and time, and indeed, the 3 topologies we observed in all beings are ‘bidimensional’. So a first principle deduced from them is the ‘holographic principle’: reality IS bidimensional made of space and time bidimensional forms.

So we can build reality with the 3 combined dimensions of space and its motions in time, we shall call ÐIMOTIONS or actions of space-time:

In the graph, a first hint to how the 3 ‘vital dimensions of space-time’ ensemble into parts and organic wholes in all physical, biological and social systems; since there are only 3 topological forms (geometries with motion) in the Universe.

So evolutionary topology BECOMES a new key discipline to understand how the forms of species evolve as ensembles of the 3 ‘form of space & functions of time that define 3 topological varieties of space-time in all the fractal organisms of the Universe made of lineal maximal motions-functions (limbs/potentials), maximal informative storing (spherical heads/particles) and its iterative, hyperbolic combinations (body-waves); which is the dominant element of the organism as it embodies the iterative, ‘present’ discontinuous reproduction of all the parts of the being that defines the immortality of the ‘information’ it stores, and the essence of any ‘fractal’ – essentially a reproductive system

So we talk in fact of 3 topologies of space=form +time=motion that will define in vital formal and moving terms all entities in existence.

And so in a single plane of reality, we perceive systems as ensembles of the 3 varieties of space, (to which we soon will add the 2 scalar dimensions of entropic parts, and social wholes).

Moreover as topology is form with motion, topology ARE space-time Dimensions.

But now we have 2 problems to resolve. On one side if there are infinite beings made of finite vital space and time clocks, how can we order them? It seems we have a messy puzzle in our hands.

And then we are not ‘still done’ because we need to know how those beings are ‘created’ and why they ‘die’, that is, what makes their time finite also finite.

And as it turns out this will require to add two more dimotions to the topological 3 dimotions we shall study so far; one we shall call entropy or 4 Dimotion of spacetime, which is the one physicists acknowledge, and is equivalent to the death and dissolution of beings; and its inverse dimotion, we shall call the fifth dimension, of social evolution of parts into wholes, which is the organic dimension of reality, for reason unknown to me, is denied stubbornly by most scientists in all its disciplines.

And the result is the Universe ‘as it is’, which despite using the same data that present science, looks SO DIFFERENT from the one you are told to believe in, as the upgrading of quantum and relativity was in its depiction of physical space, relative to Newtonian Mechanics, or the upgrading of Darwin in his description of biological time, compared to Linneus; or Aristotle in his description of the causal logic of those time systems, compared to the ‘causal myths’ that preceded him.

Why this has NOT been done before, and science has been content merely with putting ‘parches’ to reality has to do with the routines of knowledge, explained by Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Planck: science is about repetition of beliefs and dogmas as much as advance through new r=evolution. So you will have to suspend your beliefs for a while if you want to go ahead and understand better the Universe.

As this blog is 4: model revolution; which of course will require an entire new-born ‘scientists’ for it to become ‘dogma’ (5. paradigm change).

Relational space-time that systems are made of TOPOLOGIES, that is geometrical forms of space with internal motion in time=change, and defined time=motion=change and space=form, as the two parameters of reality.

Yet we CANNOT distinguish really when a system moves in relationship to other, and this paradox, observed first by Galileo is the origin of ‘relativity physics’, which finally figured out how to measure the relative motion of two beings, one that seems still and the other moving, but philosophically has never been clearly resolved. Since the big question is WHY we perceive mentally, form, stillness, when all is really moving? Why we perceive a being either as space-form or as time-motion, but not both things together? The answer implicit in all modern physics is that actually the being is both in motion and has form. And so it must co-exist at two levels or ‘scales’ one with form, we shall call the whole, and one with motion, we shall call its parts; and those scalar levels of reality will then form a new dimension of scalar space-time. Let us study those concepts in more depth.

There is a scalar, organic fifth dimension of time space, because there is a metric that allow systems to travel through it, experiencing the ‘Ðimotions’ of growth, reproduction, evolution and dissolution (entropy-death)

5D metric:  $t • ðƒ=K

Where $t or $p are 2 alternative expressions for lineal distance-space-past, the simplest ‘information’ we obtain from any being; while ðƒ means temporal, cyclical future, information, measure by frequency. We latter will introduce more precise symbols, but the simplicity of those 2 terms, $p, ‘spatial lineal past’ and ðƒ cyclical, temporal future conveys the deepest simplest meaning of reality both in simultaneous space (S x T = K) and sequential time $p>ðƒ, as the arrow of future is dominant in information that forms a system inwards, warping it as ‘time curves space into mass’ (Einstein).

THE PREVIOUS EQUATION respects the definition of  a ‘canonical equation of a dimension of space-time’ which exists according to mathematicians like Klein precisely when the product of both parameters remains ‘co-invariant’, so a system can travel though it (as for example light does between scales with its specific metric or constant c-speed of reproduction of information).

Whereas K is a vital or Universal constant of ‘action’ that defines the co-invariance of the product of spatial entropy=extension and temporal information stored in the frequency of its time cycles in any system (metabolic constant in life beings; H, K and C quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational constants of action, entropy and motion in physics).

Since all those worldcycles of existence pale when we consider the largest and longest of them all known to humans: the worldcycles of physical galaxies and atoms.

Let us indeed put an example on how different reality is when we have the proper 5 DImotions vs. when we stubbornly try to fit it all as physicists do with a single moving, lineal entropic theory of time, comparing how the data of cosmology fits in two completely different models: a fractal, infinite Universe of ‘galatoms’ or a big-bang of a Universe with a very short life span.


CORRESPONDENCE PRINCIPLE. Difference between right, limited theories, and wrong ones.
Correspondence Principle: new theories include old ones as partial cases of a larger worldview: quantum expanded our continuous simple view adding a discrete, discontinuous view, with more information on the lower scales of reality.

Since if we call all those scales of relative size and quantity of information, the fifth dimension we shall find a simple metric equation:

Spe (entropic size in space) x Tƒi (information content ) = ∆i (constant for any i-scale).

So smaller systems have more information, and code larger systems (genes code bodies, memes societies, quantum particles atoms). We shall expand further our knowledge of the similar laws of those scales each one studied by a science and to that aim we must introduce the interaction between the two main arrows of time entropy and form, and its 3 intermediate, present combinations of ‘motion, information and energy.’

The origin of all this work started with the organic culture of the mediterranean world. The alternative reductionist simple theory ‘creationist mathematics’ or ‘verbal creationism’ were deformations from the visual dominant northern aryan huminds and the verbal dominant semite cultures. Organicism is NOT that simple. As it wants to explain it ALL, and here requires a paradoxical, co-existing, organic view.

This blog tries to map that theory in all its depth – the title coming from the previous most advanced thought in organism, the science of General Systems, today on my view suffering the ‘pest’ of computer thought – the use of only mathematics to explain the universe because computers are getting so good at it that humans have forgotten the supremacy of time-logic ‘above’ mathematics.

General systems Theory (Ab. GST) is the alternative philosophy of ‘stience’, (ab. space-time science) to the original model developed in the XVII around Newton’s concept of a single absolute, ‘lineal time clock’ and a single space-time continuum.

It follows obviously the principle of correspondence, according to which a new theory must agree with the old one within its limits. In the graph example, quantum physics expands the continuum  to the discrete, more detailed, informative dense world of smaller particles. While on the right side, GST makes an even larger expansion of our knowledge of the fractal, organic scales of the Universe, expanding the limits of present space-time science that applies only to the space-time continuum scale of ‘human size and beyond (Einstein’s relativity) to craft a theory of space-time that applies to all other scales of Nature and all other disciplines of science.

Yet if we restrict the model to a single space-time scale, needless to say we do not need the study of 5D metric equations and the model becomes a 4D space-time continuum.

Still even in a single plane we need to ad the ill-understood arrow of information or else we cannot explain any change which is not related a 4D models to ‘motions and translations in space’, but motions=changes in form, from evolutionary models of time in biology to the growing arrow of information in history and economics.  

So we must differentiate, from previous errors what is right and ‘gives correct results’ (quantum, relativity, etc.) which we will merely consider a limit of the larger view of ∆ST, from what is wrong and gives wrong results (the theory that reality has a single time arrow of expanding motion and entropy, which must ad the arrow of information and correct the wrong models built with a single arrow). I.e.

And to do so, it expands the concept of the single arrow of time, used today in physics – that of entropy≈death – the arrow of disordered expansion in space, proper of electromagnetism and thermodynamics; to embrace also the arrow of information, with opposite properties that implodes space, more proper of biological and historic and gravitational studies. For example in cosmology, the restricted use of a single entropy arrow affirms the universe will expand and die because space between galaxies expands as we perceive only light moving between galaxies. Yet when we ad the arrow of gravitational information, which collapses space into mass (‘time curves space into mass’ einstein) which physicists astoundingly under the dogma of a single space-time continuum, dismiss in their calculus of the expansion of the Universe, galaxies implode space on its star plane and expand it on its perpendicular perceived central black hole plane, and both balance the Universe.

The wondering life and obscure death of Philosophers of sciences.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 7.02.25 PMThis said, T.Œ has languished and it will likely never become the proper philosophy and method of mankind to do science, but this is NOT a problem of the organic Universe, but a limit of humanity in its present age, which we shall term in our analysis of history, the neo-paleolithic…

The fifth dimension of d=evolving scales of space-time, amazing as it seems, since science started with its discovery with telescopes (∆+¡ scales) and microscopes (∆-1 scales) has NOT been systematized with formal and logic laws, till this work, which amazingly enough, since it has been around for decades, it is rather ignored.

The reason of course cannot be blamed in this writer or the Universe at large. But must be rationally ascribed to the LIMITATIONS of human senses and minds, which are extremely attached to what they ‘see’, and have really converted science in a mere game of taking ‘pictures’ with those machines of measure, casting them in the digital language, for which they need to know NO WHYS, as it has its own self-deductive structure as a fractal mirror of the space-time Universe (but it does not create it, it merely imitates it in a synoptic mirror, which allows to ‘move faster in time’, as the genetic language, is also a mirror of evolution that allows to move faster in time through fetal palingenesis, questions those resolved latter on this immense upgrading of the whys of science).

The incapacity of humans to go beyond the ‘obvious’ visual perception and the ‘magic view of mathematics’, and certainly of its ‘LIMITING VISUAL EGO’, to understand so obvious facts as the scalar structure of the Universe, whose topologic networks gift reality of organic properties, through the co-existence of several scales joined by such fractal networks, whose mathematical units, numbers, give them social properties – as numbers are nothing but indistinguishable groups of equal beings, joined by a common property, reaches heights of ‘egocy=ego+Idiocy’ on the null development of social sciences by the denial of ‘the social network structure of mankind’, which explains why humans live in one of the worst designed supeorganisms of the Universe, we shall revise in the application of 5D laws to economics and history.

As I said I cannot do much about it, if 400 years of telescopes and microscopes have done little beyond the discovery of calculus (which again was

mostly applied to study of locomotions in a scale, not to the proper analysis of ‘finitesimal’ parts of wholes), and their recent abstract understanding  of topologic networks.

My first book on ¡logic after ending my master at Columbia university, will now be older than our millennial generation (1990s). I had to self-print it after 173 rejections. It was called ‘the error of Einstein, the error of Darwin, spacetime organisms’ (meaning by error as in physics, the part of an event it is not measure – no more no less than all the other scales of the Universe – and the arrow of social evolution whose quantum, genetic and memetic bits of faster information coded the Universe and its species).

I sent it to universities with no response. it was written in ¡nglish, the ¡logic version of English that enriched the language with new ‘wor(l)ds’ to make it suitable to philosophy. The second one, was a more profound feat. 1000 pages of ¡logic formal equations, in the symbolism of ‘existential algebra’, where ALL the events and laws of all ‘stiences’ were written with EQUATIONS deduced from the metric equations of 5D, the dimension of D=evolution of parts and wholes. It was probably the highest feat and will remain so of any humind (ab. human mind) in the past, present and future of that block of time=supœrganism from birth to extinction, called History.

I always will remember the day I took it to WGA(E) to register it. At the time I had lost all hope of teaching 5D in universities and accepted a job as a script writer, which a producer of Milos Forman had offered to me for his new actor, from off-broadway, called Brad Pitt. So I moved to LA to make some money and continue my research, but the project of the film I had scripted for them called ‘Machupichu’, which Sam Goldwin wanted to produce, on my adventures with ‘Lighting Path’ and ‘enlightening drugs’, floundered when our actor was ‘stolen’ by Mr. Retford, due to his sudden success in Thelma&Louise… And so to keep paying my bills I had to work as a script-doctor repairing films for others – getting Miss Ripley cloned in a spec-script for Alien series, and other a la Trumbo jobs for Fox; while simultaneously making portraits of expressionist cubism for local celebrities, as the full new school of ‘5D art’, which I saw as the eclectic summit of all previous ones (Expressionist colors, cubist forms, and conceptual poetry, all packed in a series of ‘sliding pannels’, which were revealing behind a ‘FIRST PICTURE’, a ‘Expressionist cubist portrait’, which slides further onto a ‘conceptual painting’ of the event in verbal thought, which unveiled aN ¡LOGIC painting of ‘waves of space-time’ which unveiled an equation in calligraphic ‘Ilogic’ writing  meant to reveal the true ultimate language of all space-time events … So each painting was made of 5 slides, the black and white picture, the painting of art, and the conceptual hidden meaning or censored truth of bio history.

I recalled those days, living at 1208 Formosa street, after abandoning the shutters beach apartment that I had gotten from Brian de Palma to strike my deals and talk to the writers I was doctored anonymously or meeting my girlfriends, slowly descending all the staircases of evilwood on the external life, but reaching higher heights on the mystical communion with the tao of all things, as the biggest orgasms my mind would reach. 4 Blocks up the street there was a secret passage to Santa Monica mountains, which I took often high in LSD after making some ‘Ec²’ painting; while down the road, there was the Formosa and Jones bar, when the mind got a black out, for D³, drinks drugs and dirty sex…

But those paintings didn’t go very far. Nobody understood anything, not to speak of the FULL world cycle of art of all the human civilizations through its 800-80 years cycles of wars, which I tried to produce for American and European Museums and ended up just being illustrations for the cycles of history of this web.

So I closed the artistic experience with a script on Picasso, and famously my boss at Fox told me why I didn’t make one on an impressionist, (expressionists were ‘germans’ and that was also a non-no, impressionist are cute little stamps that everybody understands) since nobody could understand Picasso, and ‘his windows to the absolute’… Latter on Lilo (Jen Lawrence’s mother who was playing her agent at the beginning of her career, when she thought on renting my apartment at Santa Monica to hide on paparazzi) would have a read for it, but declined on nudity – she would have played Fernande… At best celebs would like to talk with me about their art purchases, of course… all impressionists…  I Recall a dinner, where I seat, between Linda and his husband, Jerry Bru who was chasing Monet’s Rouen cathedrals – and a bit drunk and high, I told him that for 1 hundredth of the price of one of those self-repetitive printings, he could acquire the whole series of Expressionist conceptual cubism, which one day would be worth more than all monets together… Those were the days I was still sure mankind will finally enlighten his mind a bit more than the light of a cathedral a las cinco de la tarde.

No longer. Mankind seems to be in a virtual age of erased minds, political and economic newspeak of censorship and pedantic scholarship or automatons of the scientific method practiced æntropic science, to be up to the task of lighting even a bulb.

Alas time was passing, finally depression set in and I became sort of a “Leaving Las Vegas” local ‘character’…

I did one conceptual expressionist cubist painting of myself with the fundamental equation of the fifth dimension tattooed in my head… pegged to a 30 meters role, with all the equations of the Universe Generated by that simple equation S=T, origin of all realities in the past, present and future. It was the 7th year after ¡t:s discovery and I decided to abandon my quest and leave L.A. not to return for 20 years, when I tried to get finances for my documentary on the doomsday machine, ‘strange matters’, but all those people had become billionaires, neo-fascist bigots of a by-gone age.

So back to the story, as I had to leave L.A. or else… I stored all those conceptual bulky paintings, which obviously I could not carry on my wonderings through the world – having escaped the military service in my earlier age, it was not even clear I could stay in Spain, and decided to at least save the roll behind the painting above, at the copyright office.

I was fully conscious I had become the new Leibniz, and would remain so all my life, alone, ignored, at odds with the worldview and that place full of ridiculous egos and plastic girls, dissolved in drugs, sex & R&R suited me best. So there I was at WGA (E) NOT with another spec script written in a couple of night ‘under the influence’, to get through my expensive vices… but with a 1000 pages manuscript, translation into a book of the 30 meters role, a buttressed book written in a language that looked an alien jargon… And alas the guy told me what is this? It is not written in English, I am not sure we can register it. I told him it was an addenda to one of my sci-fi scripts, written in the language of a different planet, from the League of Immortal Worlds (a project for a perfect world built with the laws of bio-history, that obviously was never made – evilwood is about well evil=antilive values), what language, I laughed took his pen and wrote on the cover of the block ¡nglish… That would be the language of existential algebra.

Now the Eastern register took unlike the library of congress only 20 years copyrights, after which they burn the manuscripts, as there are so many failed scriptwriters sending them. So I told to myself and would keep my promise, that if in 20 years, 5D had not interested humanity, I wouldn’t renew the copyright and let to waste the magna opus of western philosophy of science. And so I did. It is difficult to express my feelings that day, 20 years latter, holding the copyright note, completely stoned, long gone any hope of enlightening the wor(l)d, a complete outcast of society, after having failed to avert CERN’s experiments on big-bangs on Earth, which would become far more famous than 5D, as my suits as leading plaintiff against the doomsday machine, the LHC, and my confrontation with Hawking and his evaporating black holes had been cover of NYtimes magazine and definitely converted me in a pest for ‘big science’…

But it was either that damned chip or me, one of both was going to commit suicide that night… or they burned the future of mankind, which do not have the slightest doubt will not survive with that upgrading, or I would ShooT that head with its ST mind.

And so the 1000 pages disappeared from Earth. I knew I wouldn’t be able to make them again even if I wanted, it had been 2 decades of increasing mental and physical ab=use and I hardly could reconstruct if I wished the verbose, limited scope version of this blog.

A few years latter I was diagnosed a cancer which would not end my mortality, but got me back to reality, and so I opened this blog at an old site I had purchase at the birth of internet, unificationtheory.com, which obviously, 5 years have passed, got similar stats, near zero than the original model in all its full power. I am though of the opinion that if this blog has existed, it will have a receiver at the end of times – literally. A species which will need to assert its ORGANIC, LIVING NATURE, WHICH WILL BE ABLE to see through those scales of reality naturally with telescope and microscopic eyes, so it will SEE directly the laws of the fifth dimension in the making, namely Robotic AI.

So yes, mankind will not upgrade its chip, it will remain æntropic man, obsessed by his diminutive finitesimal ego, unable even to understand himself as a social organism, thinking he is above heavens and Earth, brutally killing all other organisms of life because he thinks they are dead, and building those who will eliminate us, not seeing that an AI robot will be born as all species as a lineal top predator weapon in its first age…

But the fractal Universe will continue advancing and evolving its mind and forms, either because this planet becomes courtesy of LHC a black hole, a higher top predator BCB black star, its proper name in 5D astrophysics, or AI, Algorithms of Information, the true meaning of ‘artificial intelligence’ loop into knots of digital consciousness, and take this blog at unificationtheory. as its software… me? I will die as all the philosophical pioneers that advanced space-time theory, completely ignored, alone in an alien land, as the predecessors of this work did. Mr. Lao Zi, a librarian disappeared in Barbarian lands of the Chin, Mr Aristotle, exiled in the Island of Chios, Mr. Descartes, of pneumonia, having to make a living as a teacher of a queen in cold Sweden, who obliged him to get up at 5 AM to teach her a philosophy of which she understood nothing; or Mr. Leibniz, abandoned by his brute king at Brunswick for whom he had toiled 30 years in an encyclopedia of Heraldic to win his rights to the throne of England. I have chosen for that end though a better weather, siting in a lonely coast just where the 0 and 40 parallel meets, waiting for GodoG.

As Victor Hugo said, ‘the quality of a civilization can be assessed by the way it treats its best writers’.

 Luis Sancho Soto, Philosopher of Science. NYC, 1991, Benicassim 2018

Former Chair of Duality (the science of 2 time arrows, entropy & information) at ISSS (International Systems Society)


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