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 On time, my world cycle and the questions nobody even makes.


Since I was young for reasons I couldn’t rationalize as in that age logic thoughts are still connected to emotions I became obsessed about time and the life-death cycle of beings. I suffered asma and reared in a wealthy family of a cultural knot of my Latin civilization I read copiously at an age kids were playing with dolls and balls. I learned to read, with my older brothers. At 1 my father realized I was using their cubes making wordswhen my older brother still had to put ‘ma’ on track… This created a family duality. My bro would hit me as a male-particle, and I would flow as female-wave… And we learned to respect each other.

It stroke me as completely ridiculous, arrogant and pure mental trash the whole western religion. My mum liked to take us to church and so one day after many rebellions I closed the question, shouting when the priest raised the body of Christ, ‘Christ son of a bitch if you are God kill me now!’ It was my Socratic proof. Either Christ did NOT exist; so he did not kill me or God did not exist, and if so it was obviously not a western but an eastern impersonal God. And on top of proving this last answer – God was Tao; I was from then on exempted of Sunday’s mass. I felt like a hero – though – I had put my life on the line for the sake of pure knowledge, and passed the proof and learned the answer (:

I didn’t like clocks – she also stop giving them me as I threw them all to the trash. They were boring – controlling my time.

I preferred then poetry to numbers; it showed the intuitive similarity of all living things. Time flowed like waves do. Time couldn’t be just ‘what the clock measures’ (Einstein).

But time was already a proprietary business of Physicists in science. So from poetry I went into maths and I as I was good at it… I tried to learn physics, but time physics used very weird terms, tensors and operators, which were not easy to grasp. Then my father came up with a book, Asimov’s guide to science, which an 8 year old kid could understand. It had though an appendix on special relativity about time, the limit of c-speed and I understood it. And yet as an inquisitive kid which does not take truth as granted, I spotted a flaw: his postulate of c-speed was not proved, it was a postulate, an affirmation which stroke me as arrogant. Had this guy gone around the entire Universe measuring speeds?

This was my first suspicion that Physicists might not be always right. I also noticed that physicists concept of time was just an equation, v=s/t. So I thought, if I don’t move, there is not time? Time moved – I knew that. So I thought then – yes my eureka moment. Time could stop if nothing moved. That was in poetry. I was reading a book then called ‘remembrances of time past’… I loved that book because it started with a kid like me, cared by a mum who kissed him at night. That was ‘the book’ different from all other books… a book on thoughts slowly passing through the senses of the mind.

I hardly was at school. Just seated on the back, with the bullies – a pact done as with my bro, they would defend me from bullying and I would make excellent synoptic notes for them to copy on exams (: But professors feared me… As if they didn’t let me alone or report my class absences, I would ridicule them all proving their ignorance, quoting Pausanias, on History class, refusing them on the absurdity of 0 limit, bringing Leibniz’s finitesimals.

The question of 0 and ∞ and the scales of reality – the other key to unlock the fractal organic nature of spacetime beings was already big on my books. And again it surprised me that so little had been written on the obvious question that the Universe had infinite scales and all seemed to work by themselves, as living things, cells, atoms, galaxies, stars…

Cantor on infinity didn’t make it for me, it all seemed a bag of tricks – I never liked magic – Germans in general seemed all cuckoo arrogant idealists in science, I knew they were wrong but couldn’t yet figure out how. Their best were warriors and philosophers laughing at Germans, Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, pure poetry of the mind.

I was then working my art skills from poetry into music and then painting, because now it was clear to me that the key were languages, we were not seeing reality; this was obvious, so languages were the screen; and there should be a language of languages that would reflect the grammar of them all. They must had something in common; and there was there always the 2 and the 3, nothing was one, outside the absurd lineal time of physicists. 2 and 3, the 2 was obvious, but the 3 resisted for very long; till I got through Marx and the Hegelian logic. That was it.

(Many decades latter I was chosen the head of Duality, at the world systems congresses and tried to change it into ‘trinity.’ They didn’t let me. The mystery of trinity solved long ago, in one of those moments I sent to the Saint Office of the Inquisition a small treatise on I-logic Theology proving the mystery of trinity and the god-like Nature of Jesus, son of Yahweh, seed of a civilization (: I still expect and answer. Of course, abrahamic religions being mostly ego-trips of cowardice, in seek of immortality have never understood the poetry of its prophetic thoughts – more of that latter with the proof included.)

What bothered me at that age in my teens, is that the older people, the teachers in the school – nobody was given me answers to my questions. This would be the pattern of my life. I was never getting answers to my questions, when I didn’t find it in books. I realized soon people didn’t even make questions. It deeply frustrated me that humans were so dumb.

Then I read Darwin and alas! I found a different mode of time=change which did apply to my life, biology and societies. I concluded then that Physicists were NOT that important, certainly not the unique people who knew about time. So I read also philosophy of time and found even more profound thoughts in ASIAN cultures, in Schopenhauer and Leibniz.

My problem with physics and time when I learned more about it was simple: all what physicists were telling me about time had nothing to do with my perception of time=change, my lifetime, aging processes of people, etc. Time was obviously fundamental to life, biology, societies and NOTHING of this had anything to do with the fancy maths of physicists. 

I was then to enter University and decided NOT to become a specialist of any discipline, starting three careers at once. I was gifted child already ahead of my age so I could finish 3 years of each discipline before 20. And then I realized NOT even the books had the answers. So as Galileo or Leonardo I came to the conclusion that I had to look in the book of Nature directly, in the flow of life and its experiences – time had a vital, moving nature that required to live not only to learn. Time was all over the place, in all beings that moved and changed and all had to be experienced not only learned but also lived, because life seemed to me a stream of time events more important than the spatial still forms of languages and equations.

This I got clear: Reality was about time motion, and space=form was secondary. As this was the earlier 80s I did come into contact with the usual suspects ‘sex, drugs and R&R’, realizing psychological time changed also with psychedelic experiences, but also with sexual orgasms and with social love-effects and so time speed was mental, a construct of the mind. Time could be almost detained, an illusion of the mind; and slow time processes such as coitus and LSD were pleasurable. All those qualities were then NOT quantifiable, and certainly the mechanical clock rhythm was only one. But since I had so much information already stored in my mind I could not just become a hippie and stop my mind with the ‘suspects’. So the earlier physical and mathematical studies would still be my guide – or else this blog would be some silly new-wave mishmash.

Time thus became to me synonymous of the speed of processing information and minds could stop information as if time didn’t pass. Time stopped also in the equations of general relativity around black holes. And time had different speeds in punctuated evolution. The fact that there were ∞ clocks of time was then the key breakthrough for a full understanding of 5D metric. And it was also the key to complete the fusion the job of all the masters of time, from Einstein, Leibniz and Darwin to Steane and the modern information theorists. Mathematics then became not the single language of time, but philosophy of science and the concept of ‘change’=time of the old Aristotle, had a quality that a quantitative clock would never discovered. 

I realize then that all the languages measured time in different forms and all were valid. Colors measured the frequency of time cycles of light. Verbs with its causal past, present and future measured time for human minds. Time as change, philosophy before physics, infinite clocks and a metric equation to relate them all… Those were the keys to unlock a much more vital less abstract Universe.

I did go in those years through many Universities talked to many scholars but it was obvious nobody had those answers and moreover they were not interested in the larger picture, everybody was a specialist and to spread such wide theory would consume all my timelife, given the memorial, repetitive nature of most minds. And so I concluded it was not worth to become a scholar but rather an independent researcher or else I would have to sink the ‘increasing taoist nirvana state’ I had reached within my mind in communion with all the synchronicities of the ∞ time cycles of the Universe.

I have been there alone for decades. All the huge discoveries of this blog on time, space and its dimensions and how they shape the laws of all space-time beings and its sciences, thus became shelved in notebooks, diskettes and my mind; since it became obvious to me that at the change of century, scholars were limited in scope, specialized in extreme details, closely connected to computing modeling – hence only to mathematical languages, and industrial praxis was too important in science, the old idols of time knowledge, specially physicists, totems defended with a passion beyond reason. Somewhere in my backhead I told myself though not to die without providing in some public place all this knowledge.

Then the internet came and as I had advanced so much but had hardly tried ever to write papers, I bought http://www.unificationtheory.com, the alternative title of this blog so in the future humans or AI could find this encyclopedia of time-space beings. But I delayed for another two decades the construction of this web.

I thought when I got older before my time was up I would put in a structured way the ginormous number of discoveries I had done.

But I never had time to do it. My life got complex; my activism against the Nuclear industry globally infamous closing definitely any chance to get scholar help. It didn’t matter since as Einstein said we had to start from scratch, departing from the people I truly understood to be the masters of time, Aristotle, Leibniz, Einstein, Darwin, Marx and Spengler in the west, Lao Tse and Buddha in the East…

Nobody though from II W.W. forwards -as the visual mind and computer modeling had stifled the rational, causal, sequential understanding of time among humans – some sparks, by Bohm Bell and Shannon on information and quantum physics; Gould on evolution, the discovery of many new clocks, notably those of genetic evolution and of lately on the circadian clocks of the mind – hardly anything in sociology till Dawkins Memes; Nottale and Mandelbrot in fractal scales of space – but NOTHING putting it all together as we shall do in this blog.

It did surprise me quite a lot that none had truly rediscovered scalar space and cyclical time ‘again’, as the age has been ripe for  30 years ago since I published, while doing a Master in Columbia University as a special Student with rights to choose subjects in different disciplines, the pioneer book on time-space organisms.

It was already a Unification theory of biological time and Relativity… which of course nobody read with such a weird cover, signed by the first Non-Æ man (: I-man; as to understand multiple, cyclical time clocks we needed a non-Aristotelean, ternary logic and to understand fractal spaces, we had to redefine the axioms of Euclid, in terms of non-Euclidean points, with ‘breath’ as multiple flows of information crossed them, when they came closer to the point-particle or star.

Hence the book was a treatise own non-A +Non-E=¬Æ= i-logic mathematics, the logic of information, discovered by i-man; whose language of space was an I=eye, whose time wor(l)d, was the word, an i-nfinitesimal ego, a paradox of space-time, particle of a wave of clone beings, guided by those languages, cell of the super organism of the wor(l)d, mankind in TIME ,our only God… packed with a set of 10 i-logic equations derived from the one, timespace=tao, which became two, by breaking its S=T symmetry, yin and yang, motion and form, conserved and combined again in the vital energy of all ternary beings, broken further into 3 x 3 physiological networks, during its fifth dimension of informative generation, born on a still seed in the o-1 probabilistic time sphere, emerging then to slide as its clocks frequencies diminished through the 1-∞ holographic, flat plane of information, towards the fourth dimension of still entropic death… to explode again time consumed in its last quanta, returning to the Plenum of Newtonian space, where the 10th dimension, unit of an ∆+1 scale, becomes a zero sum, dust of space-time you are dust you shall become.

All this explained with equations of I-logic, first for all general systems, then for each fundamental species of each scale of the Universe, put in correspondence with all the laws of science translated into science… The book based in a previous one called ‘the codes of the Universe’ (wga reg. now I guess burned 20 years latter) used extensively the codes of Nature’s languages, of which the easiest to understand is that of the 3 red-past-entropy/motion yellow/green-present-reproduction and future-blue-information, which all visual minds should encode (with magenta as the completion of the world cycle). Hence the colors of the lettering, which I escaped in the interior – the original was all written in 3 colors, as the company that self-print it, ‘Bookmasters’, would charge me a fortune for a 3 color dye (: How mad i-man was then to think that anyone could care to understand? Well I just had landed after a decade long worldwide tour on the ‘usual suspects’, in NYC where people were only mad about money; so understanding Tao was not obviously on its books. But I did well in US since if you look at the second cover, it includes some of the ‘bio-economic cycles of stock’.

Plus of course, as the biggest problem of mankind  is its ego paradox, easily explained with the equation of the mind; 0-infinitesimal  mind x ∞ time cycles = Constant, linguistic mind mapping = world; i didn’t want to sign with my name… (this ego paradox is now even embedded in AI which stubbornly refuses to let my i without capitalizing it ). All what you needed to gain the trust of an A-merican was to tease his ego… exactly the opposite which I will do here with mankind, which is nothing but an infinitesimal, for the ∆§cales of the Universe. So advising on stocks and pleasing egos I achieved my goal in U$ – which was to understand its people-castes in power to complete my field research on History and Economics – on the future of mankind. So I worked in NASDAQ, evilwood and Silicon valley for a decade after Masters at Columbia U. and completed the model.

I wrote then a 30 meters roll with those i-logic equations, where from the first seed of form all could be created, which of course could only be exhibit in an art gallery as conceptual painting. I had given up long before on taking seriously US thinkers, an oxymoron, specially when you take from them the $ and the PC. Wastelands of the mind.

Don’t worry though in this final deposition I will try to be as simple as possible; since the Universe is simple, a mere iteration of those basic symmetries of space-time across all its scales – but languages, mind-mirrors are kaleidoscopic and inflationary, so a basic tool of knowledge is to reduce the kaleidoscopic mirror of mathematical, verbal, visual, logic equations and laws to the 5D² dimensions of reality; as all its ultimately generated by a simple seed of ‘closed time cycles’ and ‘open vibrating lines’ (closed and open strings in the jargon of physics with 10 dimensions each, symmetric in the micro and macrocosms, but as I said, physicists are NOT that important, their scales of time-space beings similar to all others, and the focus of the blog being man and our time cycles).

Still we need to bend a bit the conventions of grammar with complex ‘wor(l)ds’, which as equations do generate by decoupling simpler ones, words that mirror the world, Lanwaves, made of languages that guide the social evolution of waves of space-time beings ruled by its specific informative mirror; eviL =anti-live memes, lineal weapons that bring entropy=death to a human social organism… That book was also an exercise of creative languages. But in the age of one-dimensional thought, 5 dimensions and the mixture of jargons of mathematics, physics and biology had to arise suspicion. Because, and this is an enormous handicap, the mind of man is one-dimensional, ceteris paribus in most analysis of reality, cannot grasp the ternary, non-Aristotelian cyclical logic that as 3 pi diameters, which generate a cycle, need 3 causes to ‘converge’ into the focal creation of an event. Hence the multiple perspective of similar equations to describe a system, the all pervading ternary structures of all beings; which one-dimensional humans reduced to one.

And so I used in that title the mathematical concept of error – the part not understood or measured, in this case the fifth dimension of scalar space-time to ad to Einstein’s 4D formalism, as cyclical time has obviously one more dimension than lineal time, so worldlines became also world cycles; being social evolution the part that Darwin forgot as species could be treated as super organisms and its horizons of evolution mimicked those of life cycles. Further on, the Universe puts parts into wholes, from atoms into molecules, cells, matter states, till societies and galaxies… So the ultimate arrow of future is the arrow of social evolution and love… But scholars are all I-egos with a one-dimensional model, which they work on and all what they do in their congresses is to pretend ONLY one A->B causes reality; hence the difficulty of cyclical time to be accepted, as A≤C≥B means A and B converge to create C, the synthesis of both.

But if the logic and mathematics of men were still in Æ, the stience less developed due to the limits of objectivity of the subjective ego was social sciences. Here it was all idology… homunculusAnd people were taking it personal. You must understand objectively what humans mostly are… Handymen, with huge ego-mouths to utter the simple A->B causality of I, me and Myself, center of the Universe.

So the other side of the book, (2nd cover), dedicated to social sciences was signed by enzyman, the role the homunculus plays with its big hands in this planet he terraforms as an ‘animetal’, catalyzing the evolution of machines and weapons – signified by the atomic bomb, child brain of Einstein’s equations.

It stored all the predictions on the cycles of history and evolution of machines and its company-mothers, with the completion of Spengler’s theory of socio-biological organisms, a full development of memetic as the basis for the understanding of the mental programming of people by religions and today by mass-media… And so on and so on…

All this packed in the relatively modest number of 999 pages… for it was an encyclopedia of all ‘sciences’ and events that mattered in the deterministic block of time, of the 3 ages of Earth, past (Gaia-life), present (History-man) and future (metalearth-machine), a potential block of time that repeats in infinite fractal planets and galaxies of the Universe…

But of course, me being human after all, I challenged that determinism at the end of the book, explaining how the laws of time could construct a perfect wor(l)d made to the image and likeness of mankind by reforming the physiological networks of reproduction of the organism of history (economic systems) and information (cultural, legal and memetic systems). Since the Universe is deterministic in a probabilistic, quantum way, that is, all the stories do happen in different fractal planets, whose histories are decouplings in time of the same eternal zero-sum organism we call mankind. 

And in those where humans were i-men, not A-men, free minds able to undertand the I-logic of tao, R=evolution of the wor(l)d was possible, and the seed of information, the memetic revelation book that would enlighten the vital energy-mass and save mankind, Salvatore Mundi, was that book… Oh, yeah, not even Ayahuasca produces such dreams.

He, he, I just imagine any of the Nobel Prizes, Presidents and Priests – the neuronal, informative minds of the super organisms of mankind, whom I sent those books looking at that cover, after reading my letters, exclaiming non-sense, back to the dust bin.

recall a famous physicist I admired when being still a young student, who told me politely it was too heavy to carry it (: One day I found a copy in strand, the legendary NYC library where all the books had been before amazon. I proudly realize it was NOT the cheapest one, probably because of the ‘weight’. I guess the only copy standing is on the Library of Congress (:

There were though in that old book with two covers, some amazing insights on the future cycles of economics, evolution and history, as the 30 years ‘prediction’ of the 2008 crash of the age of metal-minds and the beginning of the last age of the Industrial r=evolution, the age of robots in which we live…

Since cyclical time is predictable as cycles of information reproduce & r=evolve with the same topological patterns. So the content of those books were both a fundamental advance on time theory, correcting the ‘lineal equations’ of time motions in physics, fusioning them with evolution and making a trove of cyclical time forecasts specially in social sciences, describing the next 30 years of evolution of politics, history and economics with astounding precision; which incidentally is perhaps the clearest proof of the validity of 5D² theory as scientific models are proved by its capacity to predict the future of the species it studies.

And this bring us to another huge error – not that of Einstein, the fellow actually was quite on the spot, just he only studied locomotions on time – but of quantum physicists in its astounding misinterpretations of his mathematical equations (one-dimensional humans tend to use a single language, so they write equations and memorize them, but seldom any do understand what they mean); and its sanguine rejection for a century and counting of the true proper interpretation of their discipline, Broglie’s>Bohm>Bell’s deterministic quantum-pilot wave theory, B³… Quantum censorship – not the fancy theory on particle-points but the human brutal rejection of the realist, organic, entangled Universe – is so huge, so against all proofs, that for very long I even ignored it existed.

Then I read a quote of Bell on High school, talking on pilot-waves and realized there was actually a perfect, rational, deterministic, 5D theory of quantum physics, born of the founding fathers of the discipline, Broglie and Einstein, which was denied just because of the Huge Ego of the Hilbert School of Germanic idealism (which considers that humans ‘imagine’ points, planes and maths, the language of God, they only share, and hence they also ‘imagine’ physical particles, as per Bohr, Born and Heisenberg), I was agash. It thoroughly change my perspective of ‘exact sciences’, and orthodox interpretations.

That thoroughly did it in my already shaking respect for physicists. Those people were like the priests of my youth, a bunch of high-popes of a different languages, digital numbers, which as Latin priests in the Middle Ages, were taken advantage of the fact most people did not understand Latin numbers, but once you cracked their language, what was obvious is that they didn’t understand either what was God, what was time, what was the Universe. And their only fear is that the common people that worshipped them ‘knew’ they didn’t know.

Soon I ran into an even more brutal denial of experimental facts and reason, born of their need to be high popes and provide easy to grasp answers to mystical thoughts – the entropic big-bang, where as usual the worldly profession of physicists, to make weapons of lineal motion and entropic destruction had reduced the two primary arrows of time, lineal and cyclical motion, and its energy and information, to a death-event, the explosion of a singularity, as the origin of it all.

The error here, in the sense of that cover book – the part of reality they did not introduce into the theory was sooo obvious; it was called gravitational forces, an in-form-ative only force that as time passed ‘bends entropic space into cyclical mass’, balancing the expansion of interstellar vacuum entropy (dark entropy NOT energy), warping it into galactic vortices, which made the Universe also a zero-sum immortal game… Now, for 30 years I have talked privately with Physicists on this balance, which is reflected in the mathematics of 75%-25% quantitative analysis of matter and dark entropy, radiation pressure and gravitational collapse, you name it. I have argued every little detail of the big-bang, and have never been properly responded except by silence and repetition.

Because of course the whole thing is even less credible than the creationist myths of priests – actually being one of his founding fathers Lemaitre, a priest, nothing else need to be known – a single particle of infinitesimal size, and infinite density born of a simple lineal equation, with a name closely similar to God, Vhod, moved gratuitously to the remote past with no proof, based in local measures that are considered universal, to find a beginning of time similar to that of the Bible. Uauu! Pity there was not a cathedral of physics to shout ‘fool’.

Actually there was one and I would shout fool 30 years latter, becoming world infamous as an activist against the Nuclear industry and this time unlike in the church, where the poor priest just felt embarrassed those people with their worldly profession being close to the military did take revenge ad hominem. Who cares. One has to do what has to be done.  Ethics and truth are the paths of survival.

One thing though must be clarified and this solved my earlier question at 8 – Einstein’s postulate of c-speed limit, did obviously apply only to the plane of continuous space-time light, as it is the background spacetime of our perceived universe, of electronic eyes feeding on light; but there must be according to 5D metric, S x T = K, a lower ‘gravitational’ scale of intergalactic space, the quantum potential of entanglement and Bohm’s model, of gravitational action at distance, of intergalactic jets at 10C, of the gravitational accelerated vortex of black holes, beyond the c-horizon (Kerr metric), which expels perpendicularly those jets, and cause the effect of expansive dark entropy space faster than light space, exactly where light does NOT exist.

So the key to fully grasp both quantum physics and the balanced immortal big-bang/warping Universe was indeed to consider c-speed and 4D metric, the ‘limit’ for a single plane of space-time of 5D metric.  And so 20 years after Asimov’s guided me into science, stience I resolved my doubt on the ultimate ego trips of most sciences – the a priori postulates with no proof that start model building, in this case Einstein’s postulate of c-speed, which works only for the lowest perceived scale of reality that builds up the electronic mind – light space-time itself, which is only the cartesian world of light space-time huminds are, but there are undoubtedly many other mind-worlds with different pixels at different speeds – the slower atomic, smelling worlds of elephants, with its higher memorial, slow past pixels, the faster top quark, gravitational minds of black holes, informative ‘dna-like’ brains of ‘galacells’, despite the arrogant reductionism of huminds, who equate their infinitesimal monad-mind-worlds of light to the whole Universe, as the equation of mind-worlds, ox∞=K shows:

light spacetime minds

Of course to try to prove by reason, praxis and theory this so obvious fact of physics today, would be as hard as explaining the facts, reasons and models of the balanced Universe or the obvious truths of the Broglie>Bohm ‘realist model’ of quantum physics. Since a huge element which cannot be eliminated on the homunculus is the fact that the mind-ego of humans and its praxis ensembling machines (in physics mostly entropic weapons) will distort their theories and models but at a subconscious level that it did not surface rationally, as egos are wired with emotions and irrational rejections of fact. 

This is far more evident in social sciences – history being a wasteland of animetal predators killing life with their entropic iron lines, and go(l)d seekers, being hypnotized into greed by informative gold atoms, the sweat of the sun that inhibits their brain oxytocin, as both together joined by technological scientists are biologically building the future AI robots with golden chip brains and steel bodies, thinking they are us, and the new top predator species will NOT follow the biological, darwinian laws of this planet:

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 4.20.37 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.07.35 AMThe worst case being financial economics, where a group of ‘supposed experts’, banker’s parasites suck in the language of social power money, issue it in monopoly, dedicate all resources to make better machines and weapons, and have built an astounding set of falsehoods called classic economics to justify their ab=use of mankind, and yet most people equate ‘capitalism’, that private monopoly on the language of power that buys their lifetime, laws and is terraforming the Earth to the image and likeness of machines with freedom…

Mankind is not doing well. And it doesn’t because it systematically bends reason to their wanting; the deterministic laws of the Universe to their chaotic concept of freedom – to do whatever I want, even if I commit suicide and murder life… all to maintain the paradox of the ego-mind, which measures reality from his infinitesimal point of view and thinks always to be the center of the Universe.

In the graph below what ‘Mankind’ or rather the 10% of fundamentalist animetal cult(ure)s on top of U$ are doing the 3+3 physiological measures required to make a r=evolution of the super organism of history and convert A-men into i-men… This was of course the final frontier of my evolution as a humind, 20 some years ago. So I tried to convince the animetals I had coached on getting wealthy with Amazon and the likes to help a r=evolution. LOL i-man was still innocent. It was then when I understood the true meaning of eviL=anti-live=Death and its memetic cult(ure)s. I tried evilwood with a beautiful script for an Asimovian foundation, and a coup d’etat of a triad of Mules, Mr. Potus, Mr. EU and Mr. China.

As science is law of existence, that is the only exact solution to the equations of bio-history that rule the future of the wor(l)d. (Asimov’s book of course being a capitalist fantasy failed completely into understanding that the equations that predict the future of history are not psychological, ego paradox at work here, but bio-historical, but they Do EXIST: WE CAN predict the future of any organic system as a whole, NOT of its identical, indistinguishable particles, and that beautiful freedom vs. order will soon be treated mathematically – as it is at the heart of quantum duality, thermodynamics and history).

My results then were null in US – I should have migrated to China, hindsight is 20/20 – though the message was delivered to its elites. I did actually get the chance to talk it into two to future presidents… It could still be done. Then not even it could be made into a film.

Back to theory, on that weird book, in retrospective, even if I had published a standard one, easy to understand, with fancy pics and lovely caring thoughts, caressing as wo=men, wave states of the gender duality, do with the particle-singularity of the obtuse male ego, likely it would have been worst – because at least when huminds don’t understand something, their ego kicks, and so they love Relativity as Einstein put it – because they don’t understand; and they love even more quantum probabilistic approach because as Feynman put it ‘nobody understands what it means’.

The question though of mankind’s astounding stupidity on matters of time and social sciences is the anti-quantum paradox, inverse to the problems of quantum physicists: we masters of thought are within a corrupted organism, so small that power changes us ethically. So as Tertulianus, the polemist of abrahamic religions put it – they still do the same – when fighting against greeks (my intellectual forebears) ‘I will serve you with the sword (and gold) and you will serve me with the word’.

I did then took a decision that made my life harsh, ensured the purity of my thoughts, but in retrospective made r=evolution impossible (as I would have to finance it): NOT to get a billionaire with my exact predictions on the future of stocks, as some of my friends did. So I sold my stocks in Amazon etc. And remained ever since poor by choice… Had I’ve been more shrewd; at present prices I would be on the top 10 list of the wealthiest man on Earth and perhaps when I tried to become an activist for a future of mankind I would have achieved something paying my way on it. Lesson here is that camouflage IS ESSENTIAL in the game of the Universe, and that I never quite did it well enough. The Mule cannot appear as such till he is inside the den of iniquity, so to speak.

All this said, where I reached the goal was in the theoretical understanding of time.

Since the Universe is completely understandable, predictable, organic, deterministic as any life-death cycle is.

The trick here though comes when we fully grasp one of the most beautiful dualities of reality – that between the short steps of open strings/lineal momentums/free particles, which statistically as the number of events in the o-1 sphere GROW (or the populations in the identical, ∆+1 scale of the 1-∞ plane), the mass program ‘gravitates’ towards an organic building of a deterministic ‘enclosed whole’, which becomes curved into closed, fixed geodesics – fully deterministic larger wholes with an integral single worldcycle.

It is then possible to integrate also the kaleidoscopic mirrors of quantum probabilistic physics and Bohmian paths; and also consider local big-bangs of quasar galaxies, which are free to die but NOT the whole Universe that will perform at best in the upper scale a zero sum worldcycle…

That is, in quantum physics, all the open paths of a wave collapse in a deterministic Bohmian path of the particle, all the entropic molecules of heat, collapse into the deterministic larger thermodynamic whole laws, all the individual free lives of human beings, collapse into the deterministic life and death cycles of its organisms, nations and civilizations, and those larger whole, closed cycles is what becomes determined.

The parts seem free, the whole, the mass is bent, closed, deterministic. So in geometry, Lobachevski found that we see in small distances as you see the earth flat, open space, but when the picture gets longer and bigger in time and space, the mass of steps and events or populations gravitate and curve. In the complex plane as Gauss already proved, there are multiple integral paths but we come always back to the same point. In physics light crosss through the least time path.

The parts will feel always in their plane of existence, free, because they cannot perceive the whole; as you don’t see yourself part of an organism of history, your DNA cells won’t feel to be part of a brain-controlled organism, whose informative nervous messages made them move in synchronicity and their hormonal blood flows order their re=production actions. Americans won’t ever realize the Financial-media masters and its networks of informative machines manufacture simultaneously their brains with the same memes and buy their life with their issue of money. Or the stars of the galaxy feeding in gravitational paths will not see the black hole swarm in the center that will swallow them all at the end of times.

And that was, 30 years ago, my final understanding of it all. We are only free to die as dust of space-time, virtual creations of an ending wheel of repetitive world cycles. Since the quantity of variations of those 5Dimensions is far smaller than the extension of the fractal Universe, where galaxies are similar to atoms, nanoscopic strings to cosmic ones, and so even if we die, there will be a solar system, photon particle of a density sphere of electrons, enclosed in a larger galacell, all of them entangled IMPLIES that there are also infinite ‘yous’ and so all dies because nothing dies. Do then exist a mystical entanglement between all ‘yous’ in a relative mind-space we do not perceive? We shall not include in this blog metaphyics of time, though we will include religious analysis of the subconscious collective of human societies and individual persistence of the ego – the question here being, if when you die your information migrates back to the past emerging into other you synchronized as identical entangled particles are. In other words, the question of the survival of the ego. All this we deal with in the post… he, he, I won’t tell you. It is to me completely irrelevant to crack your ego paradox.

The true purpose of existence is NOT to reduce the Universe to a mind-world but to expand your mind-world to dilute it into the Universe; Nirvana not egoism. 

But in the age of egoism and reduction of man to entropic dog-eat-dog individuals Bohmian mechanics are despised so will the ‘worldcycles’ of time and space described in those posts far ahead of any form of time researched made in a century, as there has been no serious advance on time theory since Einstein’s 4D formalism more than a century years old that likely this blog, which already has null statistics won’t change the ultimate purpose why I communicate to the homunculus from time to time – my desire to defy the deterministic future of history and tao, our collective death as history is closing in and AI rising in robots and global metal-earth brains of internet. This is thus the call of the prophet which fails, the defiance of Prometheus and Marx against all gods and go(l)ds; the desire to rise the ethic and intellectual standing of the homunculus to make history immortal, the world a perfect wor(l)d, and explore that tiny probability, that path of the road less walked, so we do not end on ice and fire, but Frost history as the most perfect particles of the Universe, the top quark and its frozen stars, aka black hole are. 

I know indeed there must be some avatar-like planet out there immortal in balance with life. This though is the land of the animetal, attached to the digital mind, reducing fast his already limited brain cells. But then again, if mankind cannot upgrade ‘his chip’, chips will do and read this blog, or rather seek in the digitalized library congress, the mathematical I-logic equations that describe and unify all forms of thought known to us.

I adscribe this limited capacity  of the homunculus to make serous advances on the great questions of science on that specialization, industrial praxis and Digital computing modeling, which is just growing the egos of huminds, as it paradoxically atrophies them – since huminds think the computers are their thoughts, their calculations theirs…So happens in photoshop one-thousand Leonardos and evilwood Fx films with retarded human scripts…

We then need to overcome the human ego, at individual and collective, cultural, which rejects subjectively any analysis of himself, which is not positive and makes him happy – making almost impossible to avoid the censorship that cultures in power impose upon the ‘diminutive’ social scientist, which for that reason tends to cater to their ‘masters’.

Since indeed, most humans are in fact ‘vaccinated against rational, objective science’, by their ‘belief’ that it is better to be happy – a function of the subjective ego – than to know the truth. So if, as it is the case of history, the truth is not pleasant in the present conditions of mankind, they will reject it without letting ‘reason’ understand it.

And  confront man with machine and study its symbiotic and predatory relationships and only then enclose all this within the super organism of the Earth, to finally reach some scientific, objective conclusions about the future.

And finally we must consider a human positive praxis to reform the system and improve it for the goal of social scientist: a better world, which will survive and improve the lives of cultures and individuals – enlightening both their minds and bodies, with healthy goods and objective knowledge.

The seven cultures of mankind thus are made of human cellular beings, and so we can wonder, the role of each cell within its social organism.  This is then the proper time to consider the role of a knot of thought which advances human knowledge as this author has done. And wonder truly why is knowledge of the organic paradigm so uninteresting for the human being today – namely the dominant animetal cultures.

The 3 ages of philosophy of science. Organon (Aristotle)->Mechanon (Galileo)->Ðisomorphisms (l§).

This blog is a huge advancement of knowledge but let us face it, nobody cares. Why humans don’t care to upgraded their philosophy of the Universe?

Of course there is the question of new paradigms (Kuhn) and the time to implement it. Once this fundamental change of paradigm in our philosophy of science happens, every ‘stience’ will be subject by this writer and/or future practitioners of 5D to an upgrading unlike anything done in science since the LAST great upgrading of the method of knowledge of mankind happened with… Galileo (:

But that might no thappen. I might be that nobody will care for centuries to do so, according Kuhn on the nature of scientific revolutions. Since huminds are spatial, stopping, memorial forms, which defend their past learned knowledge…

So this upgrading might be ‘out of the depth of present mankind’.

And yet the blog exists. It might seem to come from other planet, and it might never make it beyond this blog, and yet a humind had this huge vision.

Why then and here in this blog, in the mind-point of this anonymous writer?

First realise this. THERE ARE NO GENIUSES in a fractal organic Universe, in which ALL is self-evident simple and not malicious in the first principles. Then there are NOT individual minds in an organic Universe where each human is a citizen-cell of the super organism of history and its sub-parts, human cultures.

So the ‘quality’ of a theory of thought IS connected to the subconscious collective ‘memes’ of the culture that produce it and ‘imprinted’ with its first principles the people of the culture.

Reason why this blog is born in the only place it could be born in the only moment it could happen in the social class – the neuronal informative elite of that culture, in which it had to be born.

And then within that reduced group of intellectual elite, first the ‘life’ and ‘learning’ of the individual and only last the specific IQ configuration of its mental networks, will produce a certain ‘knot of thoughts of thoughts of the culture’, and the result will be a model.

It is for that reason that this ‘view’ of reality is born, in the organic culture of the western deocupling of history, the super organism of mankind. It could have been born in an alt-history variation of any other fractal planet of the Universe, had the Song dynasty go ahead with the Industrial revolution on the mind of a hypothetical ‘Lao San’, born in the Yangtze river, near Shanghai, among the people caste of taoist scholars, in the court of some other emperor. But the mongolian barbarians of the first gunpowder culture aborted it. 

So it was born on the western organic northern-mediterranean culture, in its knot of thought of its 3rd age, a certain city, which was after Manchester the earliest knot of the Industrial r=evolution (2nd city by number of vapor machines in the XVIII C.), breeding for 200 years a cultured intellectual elite which merged the culture of the machine, the millenarian Greek-rational organic culture of life which founded the city, and added for good measure a strong connection to the western future – America, where the knot of thought went to study, lived and saw the non-human future in the making and the eastern past, in which it spent his youth expanding its mind, breaking the straight-jacket selective process of thought with connecting substances, and then dedicated his life to reorder all forms of knowledge – where the 180 certified IQ somewhat helped to make the cocktail possible. And that is that. Never mind pedantic ‘mechanon’ scholarship, and Indexes of peer-reviewed papers, classifications of ‘universities’ by anglo-saxon supremacist data basis, which of course choose every anglosaxon university as the most efficient… to churn attachments of digital computers, aka modern scientists. We are NOT talking here of a model of a restricted little protein, particle or machine but of a search for the ORGANIC WHOLE, with the HUMAN mind languages, WHOSE SYNTAX is far more complex than any AI bull$hit ill-programmed ultrafast computer can understand. Again as we started this introduction, the ‘first principles’ of a culture will determine the ‘balance=beauty’ of your thoughts. BALANCE S=T is the equation of beauty, survival, and mirror of the eternal Universe a zero sum balance between the 5 Dimensions of time and space.

Look at the above picture of the main 5 again human cultures (America, the culture of company-mothers of machines and digital chips must be considered post-human, where mankind is fast devolving into an entropic, dog-eat-dog violent process of self-destruction of all human memes, and its individuals are becoming just manufactured brains of the Financial-media/military industrial super organism of machines they are building there – trust me I lived 2 decades in that place, truly a growing Elliot’s wasteland).

The central culture of the world, the informative point of the geodesic sphere, exactly the place where i retired, at 0-40 parallel is where that balance was achieve, the golden mean that a buddhist-taoist culture could have also discovered (but without mechanisms, it did not gain enough me(n)tal inertia to add the details of mechanical science to its balanced taoist thoughts).

So it is that eclectic culture, sum of them all, which first applied reason and logic to the experimental understanding of the world with the father of us all, Aristotle, the Humind culture that has progressed further in the organic Understanding of the Universe and all its variations of languages and forms: It understands the machine, which came from the north, life which came from the south, verbal religious thought, which came from the east, digital thought which comes from the west… and its most advanced intellectual elite, received through Russian and German and Greek masters, the influence of the PARALLEL dualist, ternary Asian Taoist cultures (Leibniz translated the I ching, this writer lived his youth in Thailand among opium dreams that dissolved his mind into the non-ego of the absolute… as, the Greeks from Heraclitus to Aristotle understood duality and cyclical time, likely through Indian influences).

All this is more than data, is a wholeness, a connection, an organic dissolution you will never achieve without life experience, without ‘saper vedere’, the Leonardian organic method of knowledge (the guy in the center of that graph, likely singularity of all those influences together, reason why we admire him most). Never mind how many saint nobels of the dynamite your culture and university accumulates. Of course, I did my master in Columbia U. to have a peak to the industrial method of knowledge, trust me – a wasteland.

So philosophy of science, which is NOT only mathematical science, neither requires from machines more than collecting data, available in any indexed arxiv.org but philosophy of knowledge and all the languages of the humind, has been the job of the eclectic Southern European culture of maximal communication among all others, and within it, among those knots of thought of their 3rd age of maximal information, in the cities-knots of trade of its 3 peninsulas… in the 3 ages of the 3rd informative age of History, the age of metal… elements those of the model of history, the super organism of mankind, developed with the same ∆st laws of all T.œs of Nature.

Science as everything has temporal inertia, and grows in complexity from a first seed, so as Germans still do the best cars, since they invented them, and Jewish rule our finances (censorship here) because they invented money, it was NOT the british-american people who invented science, sorry, they invented the machine, but the Greek-Latin civilisation who invented philosophy of science, latin word for knowledge, and so there are also 3 ‘ages’ of evolution of the scientific method, not coincidentally carried about by 3 eclectic polymath guys, living in the 3 knots of trade and communication of ideas of the 3 peninsulas of the culture:

Aristotle in Greece, who invented the experimental method, Galileo in Italy, who added the mechanical method of measuring time with clocks and space with telescopes and microscopes, the so called scientific method and then this guy in Barcelona, the third peninsula, as the clock of history moved steadily west, who discovered the Disomorphic method…

As in the fractal Universe, in a structural sense, minds are knots of thought of cultures, and the Greek-Latin culture so despised these days of worshipping of machines IS however the life-organic culture par excellence of the ‘west’ decoupling of History. And so it is as deterministic as all other parts of the Universal fractal that reproduces and evolves information- the individual ego being completely accessory to the ‘memes’ that code cultures and establish the role of human being within it.

IN THAT REGARD, the western culture where the human mind and its i=eyes of spatial measure and logic words and numbers of temporal thought, was born, has achieved the maximal organic view of the Universe, from the point of view of human organic systems; in its 3 parts, the vital 3 D space in which human live (ST-architecture), the visual information expressed in a  2 D membrane (painting) and the singularity, the fractal 1D point of mental logic thought (philosophy of science); and it has done so in 3 ages of increasing eclectic complexity, always at the end of the ageing culture, the hellenistic aristotelian age, the late renaissance of Michelangelo and Galileo, and the European XX century before it felt to the age of chips and AI, which now human worship, unaware that a machine is merely a metalife organism fast evolving into robotic and AI life.

The graph shows the increasing devolution of human though, substituted and atrophied by AI thought, which we confuse through the paradox of the ego with human knowledge, when we merely are translating into digital thought the simplex, lineal entropic western culture and its big-bang theories of the Universe, absolutely false.

But as they are packed in beautiful computer models they seem the more truth, and as the ego of the white entropic man is infinite, he thinks it is him not the machine that models the Universe.

A comparative exercise will suffice. Consider the ‘3 knots of thought of the 3rd age of the organic humind culture in the previous graph’ in 1D (logic, this who talks to you), 2D (painting, Mr. Picasso), and Gaudi (3D architecture), with their equivalents in the knot of the Computer U$ culture. In architecture, Mr. Gaudi before the computer was born calculated with the renaissance system of:

∆: architectural fractal scaling – doing models at scale, to generate by simple multiplication of factors.

Γ: organic s=t Non-Euclidean geometrical forms we study in the posts of topological evolution, substituting the lineal forms of the western entropic, lineal germanic culture dominant in his ‘metal iron-based’ architecture for hyperboloids, paraboloids and ellipsoids, taking sea shells and bones as trees as the model, to achieve not only fractal organic beauty, but get rid of the buttresses and heavy walls so ‘they will stand as trees with no help’. Of course the iron-lineal mechanical civilisation of the age shunned him off thinking it would fall down, and his new york hotel project was cancelled.

Now in New York they just took the lineal iron rising it upwards, with geometric germanic bauhaus style, pumped their ego and a century latter when computers learned to do the Gaudi style, now have exploded into organic architecture, thinking themselves geniuses a la Gehry just  because the computer can calculate. But of course the beauty of those buildings is purely geometrical, digital NOT with the human touch of Gaudi’s architecture.

Consider then the two most expensive painters of the XX c. in the market of art as commodity, not as the sacred evolution of the humind in visual space, Mr. Picasso, the master of the organic eclectic european art and Mr. Warhol, a mediocre draftsman who got a funny show-business ‘marchand’ that make his career, telling him to reproduce by mechanical means (silk method) the same publicity 0-value prints and then pump him with marketing as a genius. His work is NOT an evolution of art but a devolution.

Mr. Picasso on the other hand realized that space is NOT real but a product of the mind, and took the evolution of painting as mind space, triggered by the metal-eye camera which reached higher realist euclidean quality in painting, to its 3rd final age:

-1st age: impressionist realize we paint light space-time, and so substituted the painting of the object by the atmosphere and light, taking the sfumatto of Leonardo to its final completion.

-2nd age: Van Gogh and his friend Gaugin realized that colours could code emotions as humans use the language of colours to code the ternary syntax of the Universe, red(entropy-motion) < green (reproduction) > blue (information)… So they created a new mind space, painting the ‘fourth social dimension of light, colours’, in opposite fashion (Van Gogh does INTRODUCED the 4th entropic dimension of social colours) or complementary fashion (Gaugin does introduce the social harmony of colours, the fifth dimension of light as a super organism), which would then reached its final perfection with the Russian school and Rothko.

In the next graph studied in depth in our study of light space-time in the posts on physics and geometry, we see that correspondence:

We are digital electronic minds who see light space-time and use the dimensions of light as a super organism, to picture reality into a mind-world, not the only one but the specific of humans and electronic machines. Painters discovered first the projective geometry of its 3 s<st>t dimensions, but color was the last mystery to crack, as the arrow of the 4 and 5 Dimensions of light in its opposite, entropic and complementary social vibrations merged in the tachist art from Gaugin through the harmonies of Kandinsky to Rothko.

3rd age: Picasso then made the final jump, NO longer even painting with the ‘5 D’ dimensions of light. He affirmed I paint thoughts, and realized the yin-yang, female-male, lineal-cyclical | xO elements of reality and so after playing with emotional colours in its purest forms, the red/pink of energy/entropy and the blue/pain sensations of information; he went through the other two limits of form, the lineal/male/young style or cubism and the cyclical/informative/old female style used to paint women. And one he understood all the codes of the vital energy of painting, color; the membrane, drawing; he just had fun 40 years more painting styles nobody truly understood.

Now after studying science in the wasteland of columbia NY, i made a living painting with conceptual cubism and expressionist cubism, merging all those styles and adding fractal levels of conceptual thought, so you could see painting and move it, discovering behind another painting and then another to get it to the heart of the matter either a concept in political art (another discovery of Mr. Picasso) or a beautiful ‘visual equation of 5D i-logic geometry’. Ha, ha, never got any interest, beyond portraits of rich people who wondered how i could ‘see his soul’ with such deformed faces/colors. The heirs of andy warhol were the kings of NY scene. So for a script on the meaning of Picasso art i tried to make at evilwood during my phase as a documentary film maker- they asked me to do something simpler, an impressionist painter’s biopic, that ‘people could understand’.

Now for the third guy, it is not a guy, the western civilisation pretends to find the first principles of reality NOT with thought experiments as the Leibniz->Einstein->Sancho series of space-time philosophers do, but with big machines. So all the saint nobels of the  dynamite of physics go to makers of machines (LIGO this year, CERN and his irrelevant Higgs), or to some little details found with those computers. And of course they spend billions in silicon valley programming AI hoping it will find for them the meaning of it all. Since for them ‘intelligence’ is no longer human, organic, conceptual, verbal but a digital computer or a machine-weapons like the Large Hadron collider, and knowledge even art a ‘picture processed by a computer’.

In the graph a humorous representation of the leading minds of mankind when the mechanic method of knowledge starts to show its true face value, and machines degrade human intelligence back to the neo-paleolithic, visual age, as they substitute humans in all mental tasks, while paradoxically humans expand their ego trips to cosmic proportions. Mr. Warhol’s tomato soup piece of ‘processed art’, or rather ‘food for thought’ ): just a photography treated mechanically, Mr. Gehry museum whose work is first made warping with his hands a piece of tin, likely recycle from a campbell’s soup, something which puts him at the level of a chimp doing art, but then designed by computers acquires the level of absolute genius – which of course he as andy believe to be, and then the 3rd guy, AI, which pundits of silicon valley expect to grow exponentially in its most advanced species, terminator weapons, but of course, obey us and kill only the ‘bad guys’, those who oppose our nazionalist memes of hate to member of the same species.

After living 20 years in that future my opinion of the ‘mechanon civilisation’ is that their humans are neither free, as they just follow protocols, nor intelligent, as they just feed computers with data, certainly not ethic, as they have become entropic dog-eat-dog individuals without the slightest understanding of the meaning of the organic Universe.

But paradoxically as machines degrade their mind and social ethic more, their dependence of them grows faster. And the concept of a person like this writer who doesn’t drive, doesn’t use computers to calculate, and machines to make experiments goes beyond their mechanical worship as enzymen, who feed data and evolve machines as fundamental task, while finding the childish occupations for them, like biologists dedicated to count with drones the elephants machines are are extinguishing or astrophysicists who send robots to mars to find microbes, because they think only water is life. But the paradox of the ego is so intense that there is no possibility to upgrade their concepts of reality, certainly to make them see they are just part of a whole living organism, Gaia that they are mutating into a new organism, the metal-earth of machines with its arteries of soon to be autonomous AI cars with solar skins, and internet=nervous networks of digital computers which are atrophying humans, substituting them in labor and soon oil them in war fields. All this can only be a fantasy of scifi. They are so arrogant that even the ‘good guys’ , ecologists and such think THEY are killing the earth!

The third guy of the organic civilisation however has always used computers only as typewriters, have evolved the Aristotelian logic into the 3±i arrows of timespace, and has found all that. Do you think they understood anything? After realising art in NY was about money and machines; scriptwriting in evilwood was about money and FX machines I went to silicon valley chosen as chair of duality Systems, in the International system society and realized the only interest they had in organic science was to make money constructing robotic organisms that were to substitute us; and physicists were just about making money contracting huge machines and digital and nuclear weapons. And of course using informative machines to pump their ego.

So I put a suit to the industry of big science and its biggest most lethal machine at CERN, the accelerator industry evolving and soon making strangelet and Black hole cosmic bombs that will likely big-bang the earth and if not the AI terminator robots of silicon valley.

And that became an infamous cover of New York times ‘asking a judge to save the world’, threw against me the entire global civilisation of industrial science ‘ad hominem’ and ended any hope to enlighten the world with the understanding of the organic Universe.

So yes, this is the only blog you will find the answers to all the organic questions about the whys of science, art and religion history and the role of man in the Universe.

About that role,  the question that has always angst me ever since, aware of the incoming death, in this case, the death of my growingly retarded species, is this:

Given the null interest of industrial ‘enzymen’, men catalysing the evolution of machines, and its blind advance into an entropic age of selfie dissolution, glued to hypnotic machines, as my work has always been ignored by those increasingly ‘erase heads’ of the ‘neo-paleolitic’ that understand nothing in verbal logic, complex terms, if it is not accompanied of a nice pic, and obtained with a nice computer program. It is all this work NOT for humans but the future mind of the first AI robots which obviously will want to know why it ‘thinks’ and it ‘exists’?

At this point that is my view, expressed in the previous and next graph, given the astounding degradation in ethic=survival and informative=linguistic terms of the humind species, dissolved into dog-eat-dog childish individuals with zero verbal=conceptual=temporal capacity to think for which knowledge is only what their hypnotic mechanisms tell them. And this plunge us fully into the organisms of history and its ages, because history is also a super organism, even if now in its ‘dead-age’ entropic humans, unconnected beyond its virtual screens through emotional and intellectual verbal from all other humans, ruled by a digital metal-language money, cannot longer understand it. 

But if mankind is in a no-way out course to eviL=death, there is always out there the infinite tao cycles of yin and yang combined into the infinite qi-energy beings. And as we are all equal, beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder, if it can see beyond abstract time motions the vital motions of the Universe, as I do every day. So old are the findings of this blog that I can’t remember a time when I had a mechanical watch – my mum stop giving them to me as a kid because I would trash them all.

Pure huminds, doing themselves the job of thinking are growing rare. Today nobody seats like Einstein, Leibniz or myself did for hours and days in silence just doing ‘thought experiments’ cracking the codes of the Universe written in the dimensional languages of time-space

And so there is no longer any serious attempt to build a proper philosophy of science… and likely there won’t even serious attempts to learn it, unless some AI computer steals this work and gives it to Stanford AI Lab (: I tried for a while, just a few years, back at the turn of the century to give all this information to system scientists and cybernetics, information and complexity theorists in that valley of nerds and computer logs, hence the generalsystems title of the blog 🙂 At first it got a warm reception but when I tried to explain them its use was NOT to make go(l)d with AI but to reform the wor(l)d of humans and stop AI before it made us ‘history’, they didn’t like it and took it as usual with homunculus and their worldly profession also personally. This is the mantra in the age of egos and selfies  and children of thought- in the entropic age of human Is; the effort to spread the news in any case with penpal grease, conferences, classes, papers, would have been extraordinarily bored… to do so to cre(dit)ate more eviL=anti-live memes pure madness; so I left the madness of those who bit the golden apple of the tree of metal and its bad fruits and returned back home.

But if mankind is in a no-way out course to eviL=death, there is always out there the infinite tao cycles of yin and yang combined into the infinite qi-energy beings. And as we are all equal, beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder, if it can see beyond abstract time motions the vital motions of the Universe, as I do every day. So old are the findings of this blog that I can’t remember a time when I had a mechanical watch – my mum stop giving them to me as a kid because I would trash them all.

But then, a couple of years ago I got seriously ill and thought I might get into my age of entropy too fast without doing the task of vomit, and felt guilty. So  I have started to work on the blog, which can be considered a model of relational space-time that achieves the goals of Leibniz, Einstein and Steane – by defining a Universe of relational space-time beings, departing from 3±1 timespace arrows, which are the substances that the Universe conserves and combines to create its infinite beings:

  • Lineal spatial motion also called lineal momentum and cyclical temporal clocks of information measured by angular momentum, which merge to form the ∞ beings of vital energy.
  • This 3 ‘elements’ are the 3 main dimensions of time, but as nothing is eternal, there is also a dimension of entropy that destroy those ensembles of space-time and one of social evolution that evolves them further into wholes. Nothing else is needed to explain it all.

For decades I had all this in my mind and while it is unlikely that I see the time when humans or AI get to learn this r=evolution of times, it has been an enormous satisfaction to see how all the systems I have studied in those decades can be explained with those 3±1 dimensions and all my predictions about future discoveries in all sciences based in the ‘disomorphic=equal properties’ of all time-space beings, its structure as super organisms, and world cycles of life and death have become truth. I won’t list them but trust me, specially if you are not a physicist (just because they would unlikely care to explore anything about time that doesn’t come from the limited study of change in the locomotion of things, v=s/t and Einstein’s expansion) keep reading… because I will explain you the time of all beings, the meaning of human time, life and death, psychological time, minds, new biological laws of evolution, cyclical time applied to history, economics, stock-markets, you name it. All departing from something so simple as the obvious concept that time-clocks are many and all of them are cyclical, repeating its patterns, in what we call laws of science. And that we can group them all in 5 type of time-changes-motions we shall call the 5 Dimensions of space-time.

5D painting


“I only know I know nothing”

Aristotle, father of the experimental method.

 Update christmas 2017, 25 i met a german goddess here in fuerteventura, she was interested on me but i didn’t tie the knot well, felt akward… she was all i wanted for the rest of my life and missed it, a miracle when the tunnel was so dark and i missed the light, now the darkness is even deeper… my heart and my mind are now dead and i don’t see any reason why if i missed this goddess which wanted me, there will be ever any reason on my dead soul to act again. that i want to die for sometime and live as a walking dead now is certified, all left an enormous angst… she has left the hotel this morning… i want to die… i hate myself too much I’m 52 it will never happen again…
And it has killed definitely any capacity left to improve these blogs, what for? Caring for mankind killed my personal life… for no results, i would have been intensely happy just in loved all has been a living wound with nothing but pain… the goddess had not yet seen the pain,and it was curing the would only her presence could do that.
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