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Grow and multiply – Mandate of existence.

The fourth isomorphism is growth through palingenesis and merging of all the elements of the fetal species towards emergence once completed its 0-1 development in the probabilistic time sphere, within the placental energetic world, which display a tetralogic point of view as all is positive, there is no entropy, and so there fetus as the baby believes the world turns around it. It is the process of emergence from the o-1 sphere of temporal accelerated time into a being. We thus treat the 4th isomorphism in several posts, on tetralogic and here considering the process of emergence.

In keeping with the mystical English language, and constrained by the limits of WordPress entangled lines (cause of the ‘ instead of g) we use the existential symbol, ∃, also to break the world emerge into a duality with ‘merge’, because emergence happens when the 3 physiological networks in the last phase of development entangle together as a one whole becoming the mind of the system. So of the different words I have used for it, in the past, ‘growth’ ‘entanglement’, ’emergence’, I have finally used emergence, one of the key disciplines of General systems sciences, in its new 5D format.  



I. Emergence

II. Emergence in mathematical systems. Fourier transforms.

III. Emergence in physical systems. Waves and particles.

IV. Emergence in biologic systems. Superorganism.

V. Emergence in social systems. God

We call the phenomena that gives birth to ‘super organisms of space’, simultaneity, to ‘time world cycles’ synchronicity and to new whole planes of existence, ‘emergence‘.



When we emerge to a new plane despite all the enormous internal, chemical understanding of maximal intelligence achieved through the 5D generation process on the o-1 temporal sphere, we are childish and infantile in our psyche . When Friederich affirmed that ‘insanity is rare among individuals but in institutions and nations is the rule, referred to this childish pre-emergent nature of the social psyche of nations, bullies quarreling for pieces of territories with other nations, childish and brutish as they are. Emergence is a process that makes a child a retarded because all what chemically as learned in the creation of its cellular controlling networks, is not of use in the external world when it opens its eyes to the new language.

Once the being emerges it will soon start its young, social reproductive age and mature to be able to interpret with dexterity the actions of its new plane of exist¡once…

Synchronous timespace, Simultaneous spacetime, resonant scales, emerging information

Resonance in time & simultaneity in space gives birth to social evolution & emergence.

Left, a resonant little lady getting a huge swing after synchronising its limb clocks with the frequency of the harmonic oscillators, engaging into an act of communication ruled by the geometric laws of the 2-4th Non-E and 3rd, Non-A Postulates. As a consequence of synchronisation and transfer of energy reproductive processes take place (right)

If a proper, higher language of information, allows a topological synchronicity of the clone atoms/cells/citizens, a superorganism will start its creative game, of §octal reorganisations through decametric scales, emerging finally as a new born ∆-being (down).

The game of existence has merely started for such new ∆@st of space-time, which will shout as the mind awakes with its æ-limited perception of it all.

Reproductive motions in adjacent regions of ∆•st, which establishes some basic phenomena that transfers and hence reproduces the information of a system in another scale or region of space or frequency of time:

  • Scalar ∆≈resonances which make emerge information into larger wholes and its inverse phenomena:
  • ∆∑Branching of the whole into all its pars.
  • T≈Simultaneous networks, which co-ordinate motions of parts into:
  • T≈Synchronous wholes…
  • ∆-Co-existence in space of different forms of time.

And other ‘spooky’ effects, which seem to defy the humind simplex perception of events and its causality.

So ultimately to understand what are the phenomena that reproduces the information of the fractal Universe, we need to know Æ, existential algebra, the laws that rule the symmetries of fractal space and cyclical time, which are completely ignored by science.

Laws, like those who expand the notions of Fermions and Bosons to all systems of nature. SO WE ALSO TALK OF 3 EXCLUSION PRINCIPLES:

  • Pauli’s exclusion principle: there cannot be two equal forms≈ with equal TIME-STATE CONFIGURATION int The same spatial region, which is sooo obvious, meaning that YOU CANNOT EXIST IN THE SAME SPACE AND TIME TOGETHER.
  • But here is where the fun starts, there can obviously be two equal forms in time in different regions of space (synchronicity)
  • And there can be two equal forms of time in different scales of fractal space, and this we shall call co-existence.
  • And we call the moment in which two forms of time become equal in two scales of space, resonance.

As the reader could observe the full understanding of those rules of space-time, which are the realm of the ‘3rd postulate of i-logic geometry’ the definition of equality, greatly expanded, and converted in the more important of the postulates of i-logic mathematics along the 1st≈5th concerned with the definition of the fractal point, as it will define truly according to the similarity parallelism or perpendicularity in time, space, mind or scale, what will be the ‘deterministic’ outcome of any encounter, in a extremely efficient Universe. 

In the illustrations 4 of those rules, which are at the heart of the symmetries and motions of ƥST, resonance, synchronicity and simultaneity and the program of social evolution and interaction between the elements of being, from left to right, resonance, simultaneity and synchornicity.

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-20-27-41 screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-20-03-14screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-20-02-38 screen-shot-2017-01-01-at-20-37-16
Yet the whole thing is rather simple: systems don’t move continuously but do the Achiles thing in zeno’s paradox: the stop, reproduce its form in the next adjacent region of the ∆ST parameter, then go and move again leaving always a ‘memorial trace’ that slowly extinguish the being behind it. And this trace will be the ‘wave fluctuation of a particle moving’ in space; the memories of the mind, in a being moving in time, which stores the concept of the whole both in time duration (life memories) and space-simultaneity (closed membrane-skin) and the co-existence of scales in ∆-organisms, which are constantly moving back and forth in space-time as they share with inverse arrows information and motion between the upper and lower scales.

So the key concept to understand how information moves, reproduces, evolves and maintains the whole systems working is this stop and go beat of states of the being, S->T->S…. and ∆<∆-1>∆>∆+1<…

As i crafted this entire new language I wondered how to call those stop and go motions, and used in different texts the words ‘beat’, ‘symmetry’, cyclical action, ‘asymmetry’ and ‘isomorphism’; again all meaningful in a complex co-existing reality; as beat stresses the stop and go duality, the beat of existence, symmetry and asymmetry the mirror processes of inversion, as space becomes time, motion form, parts wholes and viceversa, time becomes space, form, motion and wholes, parts. Cyclical Action on the other hand stretches the modular, switch on and off between the 5 actions of existence, as we do feed, move, perceive, love and reproduce in discontinue switching cycles Finally isomorphism stresses that those motions-stops beats do happen in all scales of reality – in the human case the beat is a larger time-span beat: sleep-awake, when sleep the system focuses on the internal ∆-1 chemical processes; when awakened in ∆+1 social cycles…

At the end I have come to use the 4, related to the four elements of reality, ‘time beats’, ‘space symmetries’ , ‘scalar isomorphisms’ and ‘mind actions’; though the preferred ones will be symmetry and isomorphism.  As reality is a complex co-existence none of those 4 elements, which can be further divided into new phenomena can be ignored.

So the simple language of physical locomotions and its ‘complicated’ ad-ons, attachments and ill-defined terms, cannot really make sense of all this in a pristine logic, ‘streamlined’ form. Hence the need for new jargons and even a new name for ‘science’, ‘stience’, or science of space-time beings, which we shall develop in this blog.

Emergence then when a system has synchronised its clocks – in the human case the limb-beat of a step per second, the heart second body-beat and the eye glimpse-mind thought second; is possible as the internal precision of the knot of time-space cycles through the huge complexity of its 10 dimensions do take place:


In the graph the 12 dimensional view of the Galaxy, likely atom of an external hyper-universe, in the right the main ‘sub-systems’ of the human being, specialised in s-sf-t physiological actions, acted by networks of cells specialised in organs that produce specific entropic, informative and reproductive actions for the whole human super organism to survive, reproduce, grow and evolve.

As such the finality of the Universe shows in the repetition of its potential structures in all worldcycles of existence, and emerging super organisms.

How the Universe create its actions rather automatically to define a quite deterministic reality?

Easy through certain ‘mathematical symmetries’, but more than mathematical vital ones, which can be described mathematically.

Certain laws embedded on its algorithm of existence.

It means that when two entities are similar in ∑ scale in space and in time they come together.

This is formalised in the 3rd postulate of i-logic topology, the euclidean postulate of congruence and equality, which OBVIOULSY IN A 10 DIMENSIONAL UNIVERSE (3 DIMENSIONS OF SCALE, OF TIME OF SPACE AND THE WHOLE-MIND FRACTAL POINT DIMENSION) MUST BE MORE COMPLEX. SO NOW WE WRITE:

‘the degree of 10-dimensional equality of 2 beings defines their laws of interaction, embedding in a vital way the motion directions of the algorithm of creation of future forms’.

In normal parlance, if you are very similar or complementary, you come together.

THEN YOU ARE increasing the Max energy x information co-invariant parameter of all your dimensions of existence, in time space and scale, AND THE CREATION IS POSITIVE. THERE IS RESONANCE AND RERODUCTION.

IF you are very different there is nothing positive about it.

IF CERTAIN rules of engagement of the 10 x 10 dimensional connections possible happen in certain patterns, certain outcomes will be real. So ultimately there is a huge ‘other formalism’, of ‘tensors of existence’ that studies all the possible combinations of 10 and 10 dimensional beings in its ∆±1 worlds, which is an even deeper level of determinism to reality.

In the classic division of sub disciplines of systems stiences, one of the new sub-stiences is called emergence. E>mergence deals with the laws and phenomena related to the social d>evolution from ∆ to ∆±1, and it deals mostly with very ‘surprising’ quasi-maigic phenomena for humans AE beings, which is the infinity of speed in space or simultaneity and the infinite of information in time or resonance, two phenomena however clearly found in all the scales of reality which allow a sudden ‘boson state’ of transcendence from the individual to the whole that emerges as a new single being, hidden within it the information or force of its parts. We want here to consider other aspects of the emergence process besides the quantitative approach.

How indeed, emergence plays the key role of the qualitative approach as the system of storing information between scales, transcending and dissolving into upper and lower scales, allowing what is the fundamental question of the fractal, reproductive universe – the transmission of information between scales.

It is the key to understand the brain which is a constantly moving modular, electromagnetic wave-pattern (Bohm), which stores memorial knowledge and ‘dies’ when the wave dies; and can be decoded in smaller waves… decoded by a fourier transform.

EMERGENCE in time of INFORMATION is thus the symmetric function to emergence in space through scales of population. And another theme of interest is the mathematical whys of its co-shared equations and bell curves, where probability events in time correspond to populations in space.

Time emergence is thus not so much as population of particles but population of waves, which are time motions, not still space, present, mass points.

Information as we emerge through time therefore will be studied by the mathematics of time waves… which are endemic in all branches of science and physics notably, when considering frequencies in time and how they transfer information, and can be coded and decoded through…

Simultaneity and resonance.

The connection between the individual and the whole to form a larger whole, which however is NOT smaller and slower in energy and form but it is  A TRULY LARGER, SUPERIOR MORE SOCIALLY EVOLVED, STRONGER WHOLE, happens through the phenomena of emergence, itself connected to the concepts of Simultaneity & Resonance.

Simultaneity and resonance, can be considered the two ultimate i-logic meanings of T=0 AND ∞ =S two points

To fully grasp the ‘spooky’ structure of an organic system (for a mechanical scientist:), as always a minimum of 3 concepts are required:

  • S: ‘simultaneity and non-locality in space’.
  • T: ‘Synchronicity and resonance in time’
  • ST: ”emergence as a social system in space-time, when simultaneity and synchronicity take place’.

A system shall exist, when at least one of its levels, normally the pair membrane, O-point or ‘mind’ can be perceived as simultaneous in speed for any particle within the domain of the system.In the graph, the ‘Plan of evolution’ and ‘structure of super organisms’, and its ‘3 networks’ can be studied also from an I-ntegrated point of view as the 3 parts of a ‘whole’.

Then the whole will be made with the only 3 topologies in space of bidimensional ‘membranes’ , the essential part of the Universe.

The graph shows how those 3 topologies combine in the ‘simplest’ of all varieties of organisms, the ‘spherical being’, living in a ‘homogenous’ medium, which provides it with energy and information and allows it to reproduce in a parallel extinction of space-time

All of them will have an external membrane, which will act as ‘rotational limbs’ exchanging energy and information through its ‘sensorial openings’.

This membrane will be enclosing a toroidal body, which will cyclically exchange energy and information through networks with a central zero point of information or hyperbolic brain.

The 3 parts will assembly together to form from sea urchins to phetus, from electromagnetic fields to galaxies with black holes, from atoms to tomatoes, from cells to planets. In all of them, the central hyperbolic ‘head’/nucleus, will direct a toroidal body, and an external membrane will feed the system with energy.

The next graph shows a different fundamental variety of super organism, one existing not in an homgoneous medium but a planar surface, with a relative ‘energy-information’ directionality such as the planet Earth, where the sun provides light and the floor chemical elements. In this system, the morphology of the 3 networks vary and so does its orientation but the trinary structure of the Universe does not change:


In the graph we see how FUNCTION MATTERS MORE THAN FORM, and yet both are in symmetric symbiosis. The galaxy is a ‘homogenous’ organism with a black hole in the centre; the plant has also its 3 parts, and it has a root brain with maximal fractal branching to gather more atomic information, while ‘flat’ energy leaves absorb light as energy. Humans though have the inverse orientation as they use light to obtain information and take energy from plants. both predators and preys have inverse functions/forms.

Moreover it is evident that there is a symmetry between the 3 spatial dimensions and its functions,a s ‘height is always the dimension of information’ to perceive better, so we have our heads on top in the direction where information comes. Length on the other hand is the dimension of forward motion the most common, and finally, width is the parallel direction of social organization and reproduction.


There are thus ‘3 topologies that correspond to the ‘3 components’ in space of any physical or biological system:

– Max. Energy: the energetic, ‘lineal’ limbs/fields, as the line is the shortest distance between two points that dominated the youth of a system.

– Max. information: the spherical, particle/heads of information, since the sphere is the geometry that stores more form in lesser space, that dominated the 3rd age of the system, as the passing of time increased the informative complexity of the system, exhausting its energy.

– And the intermediate, e x i , ‘conic’, ovoidal or wave-like ‘bodies’ of the system that reproduced them, and repeated its actions, making the system stable, and ‘immortal’, when an organism could be kept in such a state.

So i extended the analysis of the 3 dimensions of time, to a deeper, ‘topological’ understanding of the ‘morphologies’ in space of all systems; and study with them engineering; and forecasted the evolution of machines, both diachronically (so we made bodies of machines in the XIX c. heads in the XX c. and now we put them into organic robots). This was the beginning of my accurate predictions of the future of economics, where company-mothers evolved and reproduced those machines.

And concluded that all systems of Nature followed the same rules, as we were ‘all’ made of ‘energy, information and its infinite combinations, which dominated those 3 ‘ages’ of time – the age of ‘energy’, the age of balance and reproduction (exi) and the 3rd age of information – symmetric to the 3 ‘components’ of all organisms, machines, and physical systems:

– The energetic limbs/engines/fields, the reproductive wave/factories/bodies and the informative particle/chips/heads.

It was then evident that the deepest understanding of the organisms of the Universe and its 3 parts, organs and ages, was through the study of the 3 ONLY ‘spatial topologies’ that a bidimensional surface, (a 2 manifold) had.

Thus we were all from the external point of view ‘bimdimesional membranes’ with 3 type of organs, parallel to the 3 ‘only’ topologies of the 2-manifold Universe – the 3 ‘energetic, informative and body parts’ of any system of nature. And each of those 3 parts dominated each of the 3 ‘ages’ in time of all those systems. The young age dominated by our limbs and motions, the adulthood dominated by the body and our reproduction and the 3rd age dominated by the head of information. The 3 ages of life, were just a consequence of the 3 topologies of space of our bidimensional membrane of information. We were topological organisms living as such.

And so where machines which could relate to us through their equivalent morphologies making us stronger bodies and smarter heads – or so it seems initially.

In any case ‘hooking us’ , making us addicts to them. To fully grasp this, we shall now introduce the evolution of life in this planet, according to those 3 ages and morphologies of time and space,e of the Universe at large.

Since machines followed the same organic laws, and our relationships with them are equivalent to those of animals among them.

The formalism of Complex Sciences applied to ‘Socio-Biological’ systems.

– It came next the application of those fascinating discoveries and symmetries to biology, from genetic studies (the relationship between the i-1 scale that coded the i-ndividual one) to physiology.

I also used it to study the morphology of all systems made with Energetic Limbs, reproductive bodies and informative heads, which evolved in 3 ‘scales’ , the cellular, organic and species state. So me dine, was the study of the energetic, digestive, reproductive, blood and informative networks of the human organism and its balances with the cellular scale.

-It followed that in the i+1 scale there were also such 3 networks, the political informative system, the economic, reproductive system and the energetic geography of Gaia. And we could also establish a ‘medical discipline’ for history, as the laws of all systems were the same. So in the same manner we could cure the sickness of a cellular organism, we could solve and cure human social systems, in which we all humans were citizen cells. And so I designed a perfect world. One in which all human beings would have as cells do in a body enough energy and information to survive and thrive.

We are  made of points of vital space, which perform cyclical time motions: holographic Principle.
10-cyclic-times-1024x499In the graph, we are networks of vital space, made of space quanta, surrounded by time cycles, membranes of finite volume, performing further time cycles in larger networks, as part of bigger wholes. The interaction of those 2 elements, vital space, lineal motion, entropic, kinetic energy, res extensa, similar concepts abbreviated in the symbol ‘Spe’, and cyclical, tall time clocks, membranes, closed paths, which carry the information of the Universe, structure all systems made of ‘space-time’. We ARE space-time beings, and space-time is a fractal structured extended across multiple scales of social networks, growing and diminishing in size. This is what reality is, and while its initial components, space, time and its fractal scales, grouped in a new ‘5th dimension’ of scalar size are more complex than the old paradigm of a single space-time shallow continuum, once we grasp the unicity of all beings, made of those scales of space and time cycles, as when copernicus put the sun in the centre, it will be evident that most laws of science become simplified, similar expressions of the laws that explain the interaction of cycles of time and planes of space. Thus the first principle to consider is how the geometry of bidimensional time cycles and bidimensional networks of space-points mess up to create all the beings of the Universe. It is the holographic principle…

Now the key to this understanding of the fractal Universe is to understand that what you call space-time is not an abstract concept. That space is equivalent to energy, to res extensa to vital space with motion, and time clocks are equivalent to cyclical forms with more in-form-ation.

So once you understand that the Universe is like a puzzle with its fractal pieces of space and its clocks of time, and that space is vital, moving energetic space and time is cyclical, informative, accumulating information in its cycles and frequency hertzs. And you accept the fact that all is made of tiny pieces of vital space performing cyclical time motions and actions, as you do at your ∆-1 tiny cellular level, or as an individual performing ∆+1 big cyclical motions in your society, once we get this clear enough and then study properly the time of space-time motions of beings, and how they come together into herds and organisms, through those motions and cycles of behaviour, and exchanges of energy and information, you will if your ego is humble enough understand yourself truly as part of a whole, the fractal universe.

And so the first step is to understand the equivalence between vital spaces and quanta of energy/entropy and time clocks and information cycles, and how together construct the beings of reality, including yourself.

But what is ultimately the meaning of Spatial entropy and temporal Information, Spe and Tiƒ, the 2 parameters that combine in the Universe to form content space-time beings? Sp x Tiƒ = ∆±1

We saw how simple was the answer for physical systems: a bit of information and a bit of motion, combined into infinite species. Let us generalise the concept for the whole puzzle of space-time beings including human ones.

To that aim we shall first explain the Holographic Principle, discovered in the study of black holes, at the heart of modern physics today – the fact that information is bidimensional, as the screen you are looking at.

This geometric generator redistributes the 4 dimensions we know to exist in this scale of reality, in 2 dimensions of vital space, creating flat planes of space, with maximal extension (made of small cells, points, atoms, any ‘set of similar beings) and 2 dimensions of temporal information, height and rhythm to form the simplest possible time cycle, which carries information in the form and frequency of this cycles.

Now this should be evident to you, temporal information has the dimensions of height and form (cyclical patterns seen with a mind as slow fixed forms, like the way you see a fast spinning wheel as a solid disk). So you are watching a tall bidimensional screen or book, your eyes see bidimensional forms, and your informative eye, head or the antenna or camera that absorbs information, with its logic cycles of time, its computer clocks measured in cyclical frequencies, Hertzs, are all on top, are all made of closed time cycles and forms.

So the first refocusing of the mirror of mathematical sciences is to give the dimension of height to time, which now has 2 dimensions and it is no longer a line of duration but a cycle of tall form, which rises as time passes, the flat sheets of space, into tall space-time beings.

In this manner, because a basic rule of maths is that only beings with the same number of dimensions can be combined and transformed into each other, we can combine topological ‘formal motions’ (forms allowed to vary through internal motions of its surfaces), and this is the most ‘evident’ definition on how fractal space-time systems and its feed-back Sp <≈>Tƒ equation works in a single ‘plane of space-time’, as it ‘composes its forms through the holographic principle:

In the graph, the bidimensional nature of time cycles, divides the 4 dimensions of time-space in 2 ‘formal motions’, tall, cyclical time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles (as the n-sphere has the maximal volume in minimal space), as such is the gauging ‘particle-head on top of all systems (so photons stay longer on top of the wave, your head is on top, as an informative mammal, with the dimension of height, eyes and cameras are spheres and antennae are on top, so are speakers: function is form) and wide, lineal space planes, which are the most extended fastest distance between points so fast ‘planes’ are… planes, limbs and fields are planes.

Each of those pictures shows a network of space-quanta, informed by ‘cyclical time motions’ , which runs the logic forms of the system: human heads run lineal limbs-bodies; Tall, spherical black holes control with informative gravitation the plane of energetic stars. If we consider the entire existence of life, evolving from its first flat worms to the tall man, the same topological arrow towards more information becomes evident. Above, we can see human eyes and mechanical eyes, human limbs and energetic, entropic weapons, which share the same topologies.

Each of those  Sp and Tiƒ elements is bidimensional and each bidimension is made of smaller points that form a flat plane of space or a tall, cyclical time event, made of discontinuous instants or neuronal points. Space is communicated synchronically in a flat membrane. Time is communicated in a cyclical sequential form.

Space-time combines both into holographic 4-dimensional beings.

 5 D metric: fractal spaces and cyclical time clocks: co-invariance of size & time speed: Sp x Tƒ = ∆

Now in a universe of infinite ‘world cycles’ of time, there must be a way to order them. Indeed. If there are infinite speeds of time cycles. So we need to order all those world cycles that require to study all those different sizes and speeds of the cycles of time of the Universe. But to do so we need to encase all those fractal space enclosed by cyclical time’sin scales of size from micro to macrocosms and the actions beings perform within scales, in a mathematical, simple ‘metrics’ of space-time. This formalism is what we call the ‘5th dimension’: a series of laws that order the infinite species of the Universe according to their size in space, and the speed of its cyclical actions in time.

Thus, the fifth dimension metrics is the ice cake element needed to order a fractal Universe broken up into an infinity of beings made of vital space and time cycles (of body-waves and particles-heads). Only then we have a scientific model able to order it all, with its bio-topo-logic properties, isomorphic laws and 5D metrics. This can be done since all those systems of ‘spatial energy’ (body/waves) and temporal information (particle heads), can be roughly classified by ‘size’ in space, and ‘speed of motion and action-reaction’ in time.

Then a ‘new rule of order’ appears: bigger systems move slower than larger ones. Their clocks and metabolisms tick slower. This is a Universal law: mice beat hearts faster than elephants and particles turn faster than galaxies. Yet the product of both, the spatial size and temporal speed of any system remains co-invariant. So we can write in a first approximation: S x T = ∆±n and define a 5th dimension of scales of size that organize the Universe from past, smaller, faster systems into future, larger, slower systems. Moreover, for the first ‘time’, we find a clear arrow from a relative past to future, as wholes cannot exist without the evolution of simpler parts first.

5d bestyes

Can we classify those ST actions according to their form and purpose? Yes we can. The 3rd element of T.OE, the 5th dimension orders the different speeds of time clocks and sizes of the Universe. Its metric allows us to order all those lineal and cyclical space-time ‘formal motions’.

Since bigger systems (galaxy) run slower than smaller systems (DNA) which carry more information, but both are invariant together, Sp x Tƒ = C.

And this invariance is the origin of the order and structure and co-existence of all those different systems of the Universe, as the growth in size is balanced by the loss of information and vice versa.

Thus, the third element of T.Œ is the understanding of the fractal structure of space-time, divided into infinite scales of relative size and speed of information, which are inverse but co-invariant, meaning that smaller beings run faster its clocks of information, coding larger beings (so genetics codes biological systems and quantum numbers material systems), whole larger beings move slower but can synchronize with its huge bodies a myriad of little beings (so the Earth guides the evolution of the information of its beings, with its weather cycles of energy and the black hole guides the informative vortex of stars and planets towards its centers with its gravitational waves).

In the graph we see the fundamental 3 scales of reality, the gravitational slower scale the human thermodynamic scale and the atomic, genetic scale.

This 5th dimension and its formal metric are the key to fully understand the organic structure of the Universe, as the 3 ‘canonical scales’ of all superorganisms of reality, physical and biological systems extending through ∆±1 scales of the 5th dimension (ab.∆), the quantum-cellular ∆-1 plane, the ∆ i-ndividual/thermodynamic plane and the ∆+1 organic, gravitational planes.

The fifth dimension orders all those scales of size and speeds of clocks into a ‘metric system’ able to explain all kind of ‘motions’ and ‘actions’ that take place in isomorphic ways in all those systems.

This definition, when translated to mathematical physics, coupled with the Principle of Relativity as defined by Poincare-Einstein, ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’ will allow us to derive all the laws of Physics; but it has the advantage that can be applied to all other sciences, to define all the laws of knowledge.

Indeed, what we have just described logically IS not only the fundamental particle of physics, but the fundamental entity of any biological, social system – the key to the unification and understanding of the Universe, as a whole and all its parts, self-centered entities of time-space that put together create the puzzle of the Universe.

Since any cycle has the logic properties of repetition, which are the origin of the patterns, we call ‘science’, whose completion breaks space into an outer world and an inner ‘vital space’, whose ‘gradient center’ is the ‘point of view’ of the system that gauges the external information of the cycle.

As such the understanding of the time cycle, its interaction with its vital space and central point, and its synchronization and social evolution with other time cycles into larger wholes, which structure a ‘5th dimension’ of scales of space-time (so particles become part of atoms, surrounded by electronic cycles, which become part of molecules, surrounded by thermodynamic cycles, which become part of masses, surrounded by cyclical gravitational fields; and the same process brings DNA-cells surrounded by protein membranes, with a vital cytoplasm space between them.

And yet those cells, then become the internal vital space of a larger whole, your organism, surrounded by a membrane of multiple life cycles, your sensorial skin, which has once more a self-centered point of view (frame of reference in mathematical physics), called your brain that gauges energy and information. And yet again, from the upper scale of relative ‘sizes’ that we call generically the 5th dimension, you are just a moving, open, ‘free’ individual, however enclosed by a membrane called a ‘frontier’, part of a vital territory called a nation, with a self-centered point of view, called a capital and a president, king or dictator, or in capitalist societies a ‘stock-market’, which controls the system and gauges its energy and information.

But in the same manner cyclical time and fractal space applies to all systems of all sciences, the 5th dimension and its metric apply unlike ‘physical concepts of space-time’, such as c-speed deformations of time essential to 4D metric, to all systems NOT only far removed scales of physical time.

5D metric can explain from faster metabolic rates in smaller animals, with faster time cycles; to faster information processing in smaller chips with aster time cycles (Moore’s Law), or faster rotary options in smaller masses which have paradoxically faster rotary, attraction properties (rotating Black holes and quarks).

What it will be difficult for this writer after 20 years of exploring all the possibilities of this TŒ, and the immense number of questions resolved by it, is to ‘organize’ all that new knowledge in a manner that the reader does not get lost, due to its ‘encyclopedic extension’. Tƒ that aim when this blog is partially finished sometime during 2016, if he follows the top sentences, all should make sense.

Thus we shall try to give a general look to this TŒ in this first post, studying its 3 main elements: ‘Still, lineal, slow spaces’, ‘fast, cyclical time vortices’ and the 5th dimension which organizes them through the co-invariance of spatial size and time speed, Sp x Tƒ = K.

So we talk of a ‘fifth dimension’ of scales, which has a hyperbolic geometry with the lineal limit of quantum physics and the cyclical limit of cosmological gravitations, along which an infinite number of time cycles enclosing vital spaces, exist, in an orderly fashion provided by the metric of the 5th dimension.

Now, it is evident that in any system, which is made of topological networks of fractal points, we must talk at least of two scales of the 5th dimension, the ∆-1 scale of points (atoms/cells) that form the whole ∆-scale creating the systems observed in the graph. Thus by the mere fact that all flat planes of reality are networks of points, they imply the fifth dimension.

So the natural form in which beings are built, is as 4Dimensional  2 Sp x 2 Tƒ space-time systems, in a single plane, which corresponds to the classic 4D relativity description, albeit with the proper redistribution of the dimension of height that becomes a dimension of the cyclical radius of the time clock.

But given the fractal structure of the Universe, any being will become a fifth dimensional species,extending across at least a lower network of fractal points: ∑∆-1 ≈∆.

And since that being will be part of a larger world, we must always consider at least an ∆+1 world of which the being is a mere part. So we define all beings as 5th dimensional beings extending across 3 scales of the 5th dimension, perceived as holographies of bidimensional space and cyclical time in a single plane of space-time.

It is thus obvious that such fractal structures cannot be described only with lineal time and continuum space; but require a new i-logic fractal geometry of waves of energy and information, and curvesd paths that connect points, into discontinuous topological planes.

And so a realist description of the Universe requires a more complex philosophy and mathematics that we develop in this blog under the generic name of GST, General Systems Theory, or T.Œ (an Organic Theory of Everything, which is the philosophical meaning of the fractal Universe, as opposed of Physicists’ T.O.E. just a ‘theory of everything’ 🙂

So now we can define all beings with the 3 i-logic principles of 5D fractal space membranes and multiple time-clocks:

‘All what exists is a fractal organism of temporal information and spatial energy, extended across 3 relative scales of size:

∆-1 Spe < ∆-ST> ∆+1 Tiƒ”

This is the briefest way to state that all systems are made of energy and information, extending in 3 cellular/atomic, individual/organic and cosmological/social scales. So you are made of cells part of an organism, part of a society – an animal will be part of an ecosystem, a star made of atoms, part of a galaxy and so on.

And because you are made of energy and information, you do have lineal, energetic limbs that move you, (Ab. Spe), cyclical heads of information that guide you (ab. Tif) and a body that occupies most of your space-time that mixes both.

But a fractal physical system does have a lineal field that moves it, a particle-head that guides it and a wave-body that reproduces its form.

So what we need first is to show that actually things as different as a light ray with a particle-photon, a wave and a field, the simplest fractal of nature we know and something as complex as a human being are made of the same ‘species of spatial energy and temporal information’, lines and cycles, as the | and O used by computers to model it.

The curved pangeometry of fractal space, cyclical time and the 5th dimension, shows in different systems of the Universe.

All including humans are fractal super-organisms, made of time cycles that enclose a vital space, centered into a point of view. We are not in an absolute space-time frame of reference as Newton thought. But we are made of vital spaces, enclosed by time cycles. Eastern philosophers, earlier civilizations and philosophers of science – Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz was always understood. This reality observed in Nature’s physical and biological systems – because it is an immediate experienced fact.

 The simplicity of the first statements of a Universe made of space-time organisms, and its 5 dimotions which can ultimately be reduced to spatial form and temporal motion and its combinations, is then the basis also of gender. How those simple dimotions evolve into the infinite details of gender duality and complementarity of course is the full complexity of the fractal iterative Universe we shall outline as usual with some disordered ‘entropic male’ flavor in those texts. You can’t expect as we repeat ad nauseam, a new paradigm of the scope and extension of 5D relational space-time to come in the mind of the pioneer with the level of detail and ‘Chicago manual of style’ at the first sight. Sorry about that.



The mathematical formalisms.

The formal stience of 5D is analysis.  Contrary to intuition, Derivatives are mostly concerned with synthetic information on upper scales (and mostly time), as they ‘reduce’ the information into a synoptic ‘point-singularity’ the tangent that expresses tendencies in the flow of time of the function; while integrals are concerned mostly with the sum of its lower parts in space, as they expand the ‘base’ of analysis but reduce the different(ial) added information of the whole. A fascinating subject being how a ‘simple parameter data – that enclosed in a derivative or a fourier transformation SUFFICES to expand and remodel the whole system.

The interaction and symmetries and travels through 5D are thus better understood in terms of analysis, which has become the dominant formal stience of maths, without mathematicians and physicists understand why. 

Analysis is the study of events happening in transitions between ∆-scales, either as infinitesimal parts come together into ‘integral wholes’ in space (integral functions), or as we extract from a system the information about its higher wholes, synoptically encoded in its inverse derivative functions.

So integrals work mostly on space, giving us therefore information about lower 5D scales and derivatives mostly on time, giving us information about parameters of the whole (but as both are symmetric, this general rule does not apply.

Minimal surfaces≈least time principles≈Lagrangians and Hamiltonians≈world cycles of conservative momentum/energy.

All this said though we try to keep it relatively simple in this central blog some fascinating insights on mathematical physics and gst topology are needed now; concerning the meaning of dimensions and the ultimate principles of existence, departing from the knowledge just acquired on the existence of a pov or ∆º singularity in all beings – a mind mostly mathematical in physical systems, atomic≈smelling in plants and insects; visual≈mathematical again in larger organisms, verbal≈temporal in humans, which resume in this:

Every system of the Universe tries to conserve its vital space and temporal duration by minimising its expenditure in its actions of survival (motions and exchanges of entropy, energy and form) with all the other systems of the universe.

This is the principle of minimal action at the heart of all mathematical physics (Lagrangian, Hamiltonian) and the principle of conservation of entropy, energy and form, at the heart of all sciences, which we rephrase, for more of simplicity only in terms of the ‘central components of energy and information of the body-waves of the Universe, limited by the ∆±1 scales of seminal ∆-1 ‘seeds of pure form’, and ∆+1 wholes of pure time evolution:

‘All systems are made of entropic motion, reproductive momentum, perceptive information  which trans-forms into each other ad eternal: Spe<≈>Tiƒ; put together into a whole, whose world cycle of energy is conserved as a zero sum between birth and extinction’

This would be one of the most complete enunciations of the essential duality of the Universe as a series of world cycles between birth and extinction that become a zero sum which returns the content of the system to the whole Universe.

It again will have many applications to all sciences. To highlight at this point some conundrums which apply mostly to physics:

  • The conservation of entropy, form and the whole zero-sum world cycle of energy happens within three scales ∆±1, NOT in a single scale (obvious as we die descending or are born emerging in another scale, so in a single scale not all conserves). Thus in the limiting scales of human perception energy, form and entropy are not necessarily conserved – such as the case of a neutrino, which therefore must be considere a particle of the limiting, invisible gravitational scale.
  • Systems to keep a zero sum algebraically tend geometrically to trace paths and extend its form into what topology calls a ‘minimal surface’, which is the form that minimises the extension and hence the duration of time motions for a given ‘closed membrane’. 

But again this essential fact of the ‘efficient, economic Universe’ with huge implications in the topology of beings, must be rephrased, for the different degrees of dimensionality of the functions of a Generator equation for a system: ∆-1: |-limbs/fields of entropy <∆- body-waves of energy>∆+1 informative particle-heads.

As we increase the dimensionality of the parts of the being from its one-dimensional limbs/fields to its bidimensional body/waves to its three dimensional ‘particle-heads’.

1D: So as the purpose of limbs fields is a single simplex motion in space, and the minimal surface/distance between two points is the line, entropic systems are lineal.

2D: As the purpose of body/waves is more complex, to reproduce the energy/information of the system along a path, and hence it is bidimensional in function/form components, the minimal surfaces of body-waves are (without entering into complex topological ‘weird forms’, planes, catenoids, and helicoids, which we shall see are the essential forms of all body-waves.

3D: Since the minimal surface of a three dimensional volume is the sphere, particle-heads which are ‘the singularity points’ which have functions across the three ∆±1 scales and control the 3 topological parts o the being are spherical.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 16.01.49

In the graph the fundamental minimal surfaces; departing from the commonest st-catenoid, which can be easily transform into the ‘helicoid wave’, another minimal surface, the commonest form of a light wave (below); the lineal tube,  (centre right); and the flat plane (right) the minimal surface and essential form of limbs fields; and finally the Riemann surface (centre left), the minimal surface of the fifth dimension, with ‘bridges that absorb and emit entropy, energy and information among scales. They are the beginning of a fascinating sub-discipline of the infinity of new sub-stiences of GST concerning the topological structure of beings. I.e. in the right we see how ‘perfect bodies’ that reproduce – those of women, do have a catenoid form attached to the limbs below and the informative sphere above, able to transform and hence communicate and fusion them into a topological full being…

What about the minimal surfaces of higher dimensions? The answer is that there is not continuous higher dimensions, so beyond three we enter into complex minimal Riemann surfaces, which in any case can only mimic the real structure of the fifth dimension. So we must consider the fact that the extension of the problem to higher dimensions turns out to be much more difficult to study another proof the discontinuity beyond the symmetry of three dimensions of space and three dimensions of time. Moreover, while the solutions to the original problem are always regular, it turns out that the solutions to the extended problem may have singularities; which of course is the ‘tƒi’ element that access as in the image of a Riemann surface the higher informative scales.

  • The existence of infinite ‘egos≈informative knots of time-space cycles’ which ‘ORDER’ the Universe balancing its entropy. Those are the ‘Maxwellian demons’ (: the Genetic DNA knots of information, the memetic human minds; the chips of machines; the black holes of the Galaxy; the crystals of the solid; the prophets of History. Without them it is impossible to explain the why of reality. So let us put them in an equation: O-point x ∞ Universe = Constant, linguistic mapping ‘world’  of reality. As each of this 4 points could have an entire blog in itself, what matter to us now of that equation is this. Your mind is just an infinitesimal neuronal network, which sees infinite time-space cycles and beings, but reduces them in scale and ‘stops’ its motion, so they can fit in your mind. So you do not see the Earth moving, and the Andromeda Galaxy seems smaller than a hair of your nose.

So the paradox of the ego is immediate: ‘every infinitesimal mind-point thinks to be the centre of the Universe, which it sees from its selfish perspective as a knot of time-space cycles’. And this embedded structure of all mind points makes you THINK you WILL NEVER DIE and believe in Abrahamic fairy tales; makes you think MACHINES will not have a mind, or won’t be conscious or will always obey you, and WON’T have an ego as big as that of a bacteria, who keeps killing you and does not seem to think you are so important or a dino who will eat you up in a second regardless of your beautiful thought.

Now the scientist IS as EGO-CENTERED as the PRIEST, just uses its mathematical mantras as the priest its latin, to make himself feel above heavens and Earth. So HE cannot DESTROY THE WORLD WITH entropic nukes and informative robots, and all will be OK. The paradox of the EGO IS the last joke of God=Mind of the Universe indeed it kills all egos who ‘lower its survival warnings’ as they get bigger and more arrogant, till ‘death’, a catastrophic moment, destroys them. But It is there.

And I can tell you as a Complexity scientist, considered by many the leading theorist of this discipline (till I confronted the Nuclear Industry and got a global ‘ad hominem’ campaign, all what I can say about the 2 ‘lineal’, deformed sciences of the machine, financial economics and nuclear physics, which I have fought theoretically and actively most of my life is this: ‘All those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’ (Einstein). Man HAS NO LINEAL, MANIFEST DESTINY; Man can be obliterated by Nuclear Bombs on the side of pure entropy and Robots on the side of pure information. But Man’s ego is so huge that he cannot like a child understand death; and so an ethic, intelligent person telling those truths lives in a very lonely place. Which brings us the 3rd tenant of GST (General Systems Sciences, the Philosophy of Science I formalised from where all this blog hauls).

So what Science has been merely TRYING FOR 2500 YEARS is TO DEFEAT THE PARADOX OF THE EGO and make humans objective about ITS RELATIVITY point in the Universe in 4 huge strides, which are still ignored by most humans and specially by those corrupted financiers and politicos and military who feed-force the ego of the masses to manipulate them and ab=use them, with religions, wars, taxes and all other forms of old and modern ‘Trumpism’. And it works. Yet this is a blog on science:

-So first, the Greeks ended the mythic age when humans were Gods, and Socrates told us they were ‘scientific laws’. And the Greeks Killed them; the Semites of the previous mythic age denied them and their abrahamic religions still think man is the centre of it all. Plato his disciple insisted and he was sold as a slave, and his disciple Aristotle, insisted and he ran on the night to escape certain death from Athens, and waited 2000 years for Descartes and Leibniz to put the record straight.

-Then Aristarcus the Greek told us not to be the centre of the Universe, but it took 2000 years for Copernicus to dare say the same, only in his death-bed and another 200 years with Galileo in the middle arrested at home for saying ‘e pur si muove, e pur no muove’ (the Earth moves but we see it mentally still). And only after Newton put it in a simple formula we believed it. But Slocum in XIX c. found that in Apartheid biblical South-Africa the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ and his president Krugger wouldn’t receive him for being an ‘Earth-center denier’. And indeed 4 billion humans still believe man is son of god and centre of the Universe.

-Then Darwin came and told us we are NOT immutable created by a personal God, but evolving according to the evolution  information and its topological laws of design. But knowing what he was against – the ego – he took 20 years to talk. And he was ‘ad hominem’ massacred and closed himself at home, depressed the rest of his life, and then Marx applied Darwinism to the struggle between the elite of ‘animetal cults’ which use gold-informative metal and iron-energetic metal to hypnotise and kill mind and body, and the ‘human beings’, which are humble, close to Nature and Butler applied it to the fight of man vs. machines AND THEY ARE ABSOLUTE TABOO, as it is the work of this writer, who formalised mathematically the 4 Great Objective advance of science, and has ever since been ostracised:

-Indeed, it came then Mr. Einstein with the concept that all positions in the Universe are Relative, so he first did special relativity, then general relativity.

And when I came into the field of Philosophy of Science and theory of information I coined the 3rd stage of this Process, talking about ‘Absolute relativity’, that is, the fact that all the scales of the Universe have the same value, because larger beings have lesser quantity of information, are stupider  and  ‘smaller systems’ run faster time cycles of information, hence store more of it, reason why small humans code larger organisms of history, small genes code larger biological organisms and small atoms code larger physical systems. So I wrote to complete General relativity a metric equation of the fifth dimension from past to future, adding the arrow of TEMPORAL CLOCKS OF INFORMATION to the arrow of size-entropy-space: Spe (size) x Tiƒ (time cycles speed) =∆k (constant value).



5D. Finitesimals – the present, static spatial view of ∆-1 beings.

While the topological ternary structures and growth of social networks of fractal points can define easily the emergence of a super organism, in strict mathematical terms, the second sub discipline of mathematics, analysis, deals directly with the relationships between finitesimal parts and social, organic wholes. So the specific mathematical discipline that studies the scalar, fractal 5th dimension of space-time Beings in quantitative terms is analysis. And it is specially useful for the study of systems in which the internal organisation is minimal – that is systems of herds displaced in space and of growth and events happening in time.

What is then the main difference between analysis and ∆nalysis. Simple: in the fractal universe, we take sides with the dispute on the meaning of infinitesimals, which as Leibniz thought are ‘finitesimals’, minimal constant parts of a whole, which do NOT diminish ad infinitum in size, but will always have a minimal number – in planes of ∆, normally on the 10ˆ10 scale.

So we solve this logical paradox, never fully resolved, stating that the parts of a whole are finitesimals, ‘undistinguishable’ from the perspective of the ∆+1 consciousness – in fact from an ∆+1, the information and perspective of its parts blurs till it seems a continuous. And so all scales below ∆, become increasingly ‘indistinguishable, continuous’ and finally its information erases.

Moreover its cycles become so fast that they close into themselves, converting the whole motion of the being and its world cycle into a relative static present; and in this manner discontinous motion, becomes continuous, static present form of space. A fact which resolves the paradox of Galileo (see above, Saturn’s rings). THE COMPLEX plane will define one plane as specially interesting from the ∆ view of reality; specially when we establish it in square coordinates:

Different views of the complex plane:

The newest addition is the square plane with  ± conjugate planes on a bipolar real axis, closer to the organic ternary topology of t.œs in reality:

§ð: A riemann sphere² in the i²= ±1 axis, sets a dual ð<$t-ate of entropy.

ST: As the squared complex plane becomes a topological plane with the real axis, rˆ2 representing the reproductive conjugate ±bilateral plane of dimotion of reproduction.

It does represent in its R² Axis the present bilateral wave state and in the T<S SQUARED imaginary ±asis the particle, polar state and outer world. Ie. Schrodinger  & Bohm polar and wave equations of quantum physics.

The 3 elements of all systems, lineal/flat limbs/potentials; spherical, tall heads/particles and its hard membranes of dark matter, trunks and skins accomplish the 3 functions of motion, energetic reproduction and informative perception in all systems, varying to adapt the system to its larger world. They can be represented in the complex plane with the i2 plane as the negative real particle/head state, with a polar coordinates which can be compared to a Riemann sphere, who will represent its body with a real bilateral coordinates and a +i2 for its entropic world.

It is easy to see in the C2 plane, how from a +real +1 conjugate, from the lower entropic plane, through the bilateral r2 plane a flow of space-time enters the final -1 imaginary mental plane of the being, completing a dimotion through the 3 parts of the superorganism, or in formal terms from the entropic to the wave to the particle states.

Integrals in topology.

As the Universe is a kaleidoscopic mirror of symmetries between all its elements, this dominant of analysis on ∆-scaling must ad also the use of analysis on a single plane, in fact the most common, whereas the essential consideration is the ∆§ocial decametric and e-π ternary scaling, with minimal distortion (which happens in the Lorentzian limits between scales). 

This key distinction on GST (∆§ well-behaved scaling versus ∆±i ‘distorted emerging and dissolution, which does change the form of the system) does have special relevance in analysis as for very long it was necessary the ‘continuity’ without such distortions of the function studied, and so analysis was restricted to ∆(±1 – 0) intervals and ‘broke’ when jumping two scales as in processes of entropy (death-feeding). But with improved approximation techniques, functionals and operators (which assume a whole scale of ∞ parts as a function of functions in the operator of the larger scale) and renormalisation in double and triple integrals and derivatives by praxis, without understanding the scalar theory behind it, this hurdle today…

And it has always amused me that humans can get so far in all disciplines by trial and error, when a ‘little bit of thought on first principles’ could make thinks much easier. It seems though-thought beings are scarce in our species and highly disregarded, as the site’§ight§how (allow me, a bit of cacophony and repetition the trade mark of this blog and the Universe 🙂 As usual I shall also repeat, I welcome comments, and offers of serious help from specialists and Universities, since nothing would make me happier than unloading tons of now-confusing analysis not only of analysis, before I get another health crisis and all goes to waste in the eternal entropic arrow of two derivatives, aka death.

The fourier transform and harmonic functions.

It is also needed to consider in processes of emergence in time, that is in the creation of worldcycles of super organisms, sum of its 3±i actions, another key set of equations also applied in the resonance processes of emergence, namely those cyclical trigonometrical functions which better express the ‘cumulative’ process of repetition into a single final continuous whole.

And all this could be resumed in a simple definition:

The Fourier transform takes a time series or a ‘whole’ function of continuous time, and maps it into a series of discontinuous frequency spectrum. That is, it takes a function from the time domain into the frequency domain; it is a decomposition of a function into sinusoids of different frequencies, which corresponds to the ‘discrete actions=arrows’ performed with different frequencies by the Γœ system.

And vice versa each fourier transform used for harmonic analysis has a corresponding inverse transform that can be used for synthesis. So it is a mathematical tool of ðime akin to integral/derivative analysis for ∆§scales or Hamiltonian/Lagrangian functions for Spatial, Energy, single, present scales and frames of reference and its distortions of the same single Universe for O-mind views; reason why ‘Hamiltonians≈Lagrangians, frames of reference, fourier, harmonic functions and integral/derivatives are absolutely all-pervading equations in all branches, as they are the key functions for the ∆•st four elements of all realities, an astounding ‘magic’ fact (: which platonic gurus who know nothing about first principles have always wondered about (customary quip:)

In the languages of ðime no other equation as the fourier transform has more applications, and it is so for a reason: it is the essential equation that shows how ‘mathematically’, the process of time-evolution of parts (waves with faster frequency and smaller wave-length) become wholes and so as such is the fundamental equation of emergence in time.

Synchronicity becomes then achieved by the Fourier transform of a ‘queue’ of frequency waves that merge into each other, loosing apparently its individual quality, though the immanent properties of the ‘Game of existence’, imply we can deduce the individual forms of the emergent process.

The fourier transform thus can be seen as a queue in time, in the fifth dimension of scalar growth: in this case the whole pyramid represents the whole series of the fourier transform:  the fourier transform is an inverse graph of the fifth dimension, whereas the wave seemingly looses information as it integrates its faster frequency resonances till becoming a whole. Does the whole exists at the same time than the queue of previous, relative past fractal parts? The profound philosophy behind the wave is that it is a wave of time and so the previous parts of the fourier transform co-exist as a queue displaced from past to future in the time part of the 5th dimension metric. 

Resonance is the key concept of emergence in time pure information and its cycles. The laws of pure information transfer, as pure energy transfer are relatively magic, as it deals with perceived relative infinities, that are seen as some asymptotic equation or quantum jump. Resonance ultimately means that the Universe is communicative, as resonance is NOT a system of events that can be explained in terms of pure force transmission but rather of reception of an informative image, mirrored internally by the larger ∆@st  being.

‘Dast of space-time we are and dust we shall become…

5d 4scales


∆: In the graph, the fundamental arrow of future, is the arrow of social evolution of the 5th dimension, shown here above as a sum of worldcycles of increasing information, described by the Fourier integral, which puts them together into a whole, larger single wave, which emerges according to the fundamental law of ‘inversion of roles’, from cyclical to lineal: ∑oi-|i. Below the scales in space, which evolve into larger wholes.

This absolute ‘arrow of future’ is one of the 4 ∆ºst concepts of future in GST, the main one.

T: But there is also the relative future of any world cycle, our 3rd age of information which will return back through death, which releases our information into entropy to the beginning of the cycle. Thus the 3rd age is only a relative future, coupled with the Tiƒ, head, which is…

S: always moving ‘ahead’ in space; hence the relative future of the ‘body-limbs’, and wave-fields that ‘follow it’.

@: And finally the mental future, which is inside the head, is a logic future, as the head-particle ‘sees’ ahead and projects its space-time actions, creating the future with its mirror language, projected into the outer world.

∆ºST:  SO THE FUTURE, is indeed complex but rational, causal, logic and can be predicted according to the probable paths any system will follow to survive and ensure its existence; building organic wholes, following entropic paths in search of its energy for reproduction…

Deterministic future with its variations on the same theme.

And this means existence is a block of time, for the whole Universe, a volume of self-contained probable combinations of every and information that will always be contained in the bell distribution on any way we see it in space as topology in logic space as a bell curve of populations, within a super organism self-contained a myriad of other potential futures and past arrows up and down co-existing superorganissm of the Universe, the logic game will be combined into ∞ beings, but all of them, predictable and replicable. For that reason in strictu sense we can say that…

‘The separation between past, present and future is an illusion’ Einstein

The future is both probabilistic in the short term with ±3-1 chances of motion in each dimension of the being, and deterministic in the long term as all worldcyles become a final zero sum; so all paths do collapse into the same final ‘death-point’.

This though is the simplest way to perceive the future.

The creation of ternary future waves within ‘finite systems’: Fourier transforms.

Let us consider of the many perspectives of the future how it ‘webs’ a block of time, making more dense reality in 3 ‘waves from past to future to past’…

How the future is webbed? Through 3 waves which seem when we reduce the space =time of a higher frequency in fact packed in time who is born in the late time of a slower wave but accelerates into the future in 3a yes which become then synchronic when we put the time cycle as equal in duration regardless of size:

Each λ therefore last the same in fifth dimension, and the 3 waves of frequency acceleration of both waves of communication between two points and two pints accelerated cycles sand then the inverse alpha i-dimensions of height, which becomes negative expanding entropy:

Equal time frequency = equal lineal time.

O = | the equation of the universe, when we equal time lineal and cyclical we see life developing in 3 waves the 3rd accelerated but with the same wave time, lives 3 times the first slow wave, so at the 3rd slow wave the third form in the third cycle of the single wave is in the same time, in the second life of it, the second era the younger is already going faster and erasing the echoes of the first in the past:


In the graph the 3 waves of existence: ≈λ imply that the 3rd in energy has the same than the first, and hence if energy is real time, in real time the 3rd goes 3 times faster in time. After birth it takes 3 o repetitions to fill 1/3rd faster full wave with higher frequency energy.


klockEnergy = k x λs=t is therefore the fundamental function of time and the future starts for the last 3rd after 3 0s.

We then understand Energy, as the relative parameter of equal valued present time for all waves, except ‘seemingly’ (as we shall change that paradigm regis(it)ing relativity), the waves of light. It would then be a choice of human perception to ‘see’ those waves of present value as different in length or time according to the physical scales:

In the graph we see the main accelerated scales of forces, in which the sam concept applies not to an St wave but a Tiƒ accelerated clock of time, which creates the future of inner faster cycles of the same energy/force but smaller size in space and larger information.

In the graph, as the density of energy increases, the cyclical vortices of energy and its ‘wave’ state between two relative fixed points of communication, come bother. the cyclical form is the particle-lfield the wave of communication through points caries the information and increases into a fourier form, till time magically emerges as a new space-whole, which integrates all its faster micro-waves, micro-cells, micro-atoms, point on the fourier space of transforms and transfers of energy and information on mathematical series of 2 and 3 fluctuations mainly around certain constants of transformation, notably pi, and e.

The simple Fourier transform which keeps adding series till it emerges as a square graph:


∑Oi-1>|i (topological notation: O≈t, |≈s represents in a clean cut way some of the fundamental properties of timespace systems):

  • The creation of emerging levels departing from the sum of the ‘social scales’ below them.
  • The transformation of the role of the ∑-1 particles which become points of the larger |-spe fields.
  • And therefore its changes of form from cyclical to lineal squaring the circle; making a wave triangular and so on.

This remarkable triangulation likely can be extended to the black hole or gravitational clock of information, as pi derives to ‘3’ in Einstein’s equations, the perimeter of a hexagon, which is also the strongest ‘holder’ of the gravitational pressure sum of all the accelerate cycles of the vortex-clock.

The future for |-fields>O-particles: Hamiltonians and Lagrangians.

Now, the 2 most important equations of GST physics are the fourier, who show from the time perspective, Spe ∆-1: tiƒ ∆, that is an emergence through resonance built by a quantic ad on of series into whole numbers, 1, 2, 3 being the series by differentiation of waves into male female positive negative directions on the high axis and i-coordinates, and a motion on lineal flows of entropic past-uture, field-partilce state ruled by the Hamiltonians.

On the other hand, when we study the inverse arrow that extracts motion from a ‘storage of time-energy the equations we use are the Lagrangians and Hamiltonans, which are essentially  derivatives, that keep ex-foliating the relative past of its depth reservoir surfacing it in the form of motion.

Hamiltonians and Fourier transforms are thus the opposite key equations for the inverse arrow of entropic disorder absorbed by the particle of future from a past/field vs. the temporal relationships of increasing organisations and emergence of a wave of time that reproduces information, and when constrained by a first and final point, must ‘densify its energy and information’ into a whole.

And so we have identified the equations of mathematical physics that integrate and derivate the fifth dimension.


Now the process of waving of the past by the future happens from the pov of the future, as it sends to the past a flow of information, which DOES reach the past, then hence, travels t the past and this is the hamiltonian.

ITs ends energy to the past which as it moves flourishes in smaller breaking of fractal flows of iterative information whichtheenergy enlightens into the past beings.

And then the beings send to the future, logic flows of information ‘creating, constructing, crepitating, speaking the future and creation it as a reflection that information sends to the future transforming the energy is feeding of.

In this the hamiltonians and the fouriers forms an integrative, derivative world of flows of past to future through the relative concepts of them we have if we add the 5th dimension long concepts of those terms.

In a fourier the future is the accumulation and integration of increasing fractalized smaller waves, which emerge as a single whole described by the mirror equations of the derivative. Both derivative and integration added together to a 1 sum. And as such are inverse but complemtnary versions of the different states of the 1 being.

Now the derivative is really the tangent, = x/y, and viceversa, is really the integral in a point by the lebesgue or rimenan method. So we write knowing x and y   X=y, is the crossing point where the tangent exists.

So tangiest are S(x) = t(y) reflections of the balance to balance points of the function as they move in different states.

But the points have a value attached, x and y, so those two values are the populations of x and t in a discrete numbers that enter in relationship in the point of the curve. If one grows faster than the other it is obviously a sorbing in this particular relationship ‘value’ from the other.

this is an easy way to determine which phase of a cycle of existence the being is interpreting he maximal an minimal of the ucrives in terms of x and y:


In the graphs we can see different events that are key to the curve of existence and its Lagrangian zeros in each point test constant motion to different 3 approaches to how mix s and t and who comes on top, information formally through projective geometry, the particle is on top, the wave below, ‘touching’ the field, still below it. so the wave is constant sinking and rising more giving food to the particle that rules it with its projective perspective and yet in the future the particle can interact with the wave and the field in the 3 ways we show above:

In favor of the wave, the field or the particle, as final outcomes, which is to say in a reproductive event (middle) after a communication of information (sides) or wave particle duality,

Or as a motion wave of iterative reproductions and translations (middle).

Waves thus fluctuate between the inverse states that can cel each other as well as the step by step motions creating a… world cycle, which combines those 3 simple motions: S>t, t>S and t=s in different non commutative steps .


Emergence however requires both simultaneity in space and synchronicity in time for the whole to become a resonance of each part, made to its image and likeness; in a mirror symmetry only fully explored in physics.

So WE ARE TO substitute ‘words’ with multiple historic meanings, such as space, time and scales by the active concepts that give birth to those perceptions of the mind, we come to several logic equivalences that define the knots and bolts of the Universe:

∆-Scales as resonance of a smaller form that provokes the emergence of the same information in a larger scale of space.

Time as social evolution, which emerges IN A larger plane.

Space as Simultaneity in the perception of things from a 3rd observer

And all together, ∆-space-time as the synchronous, simultaneous action of a ‘lanwave’ of similar present beings with the same coding information that becomes a whole and emerges into a §upœrganism.

A system MUST FIRST SYNCHRONIZE, and then it will be able to act together and to transfer vast amounts of motion and form, e xi in events of exist¡ence between its components. So the synchronicity of the three parts of the system, $pe limbs/fields < R(St)-bodywaves > ðƒ-particles heads is the a priori condition for a simultaneous supœrganism to emerge. How many of those synchronicities or symmetries of ∆$ð are need for a super organism to emerge becomes then the fundamental question of epistemology of existence.

AND THE ANSWER IS OVIOUS: ALL THOSE NEEED TO CREATE A STABLE 10-DIMENSIONAL BEING, across ∆±1 three dimensional scales, three topologies an three arrows-functions of time constantly acting up and down, its relative ∆±4 world.

Emergence requires the synchronicity of ∆±i scales together, such as the quanta of the ∆-i scale couples its speed/clock time frequency to the ∆+i scale of the whole particle-network, membrane that surrounds the system, and god in fact together with the particle-head as a whole body-head controller of the whole.

In the graph, broglie in his masterpiece on pilot-wave theory defines a ‘quantum entity’ as one in which there is time synchronicity between its particle-head and wave-body, over a quantum field whose interaction generated all other actions of the particle-wave. As such his paper is the seminal paper of quantum realism and the initial right steps on the inquire in the mathematical space-time dimensions of the electron-photon system.

In the synchronicity between the membrane closed cycle and the singularity temporal speed, we have a constant stretching which in the Universe is measure in the mass-frequency-speed of top quarks and black holes in the macro-scale with their c-speed event horizon and faster speeds beyond.

WE thus postulate a new scale of faster than c rotational tƒ quark stars and entropic dark energy, which together would stretch into the ∆±4 ‘russian dual doll’, the perceived Universe:


Systems in that sense have two relative infinities from the point of view of its internal cells, which are part of the super organism in which perception takes place, the lineal membrane, of infinite relative speed and the central black hole of infinite informative density.

Any entity that exists, exists so between a membrane of entropic energy and a central pole of information, when it translates its world-universe to polar coordinates.

Then within this ∆±2 structure, we can observe a disrupted hyperbolic view of reality with an ‘EM engine’ caused by the mere existence of two infinities, the singularity and the outer infinite relative speed region.

In the graphs, some organisms where a non relative infinite entropic source of energy-motion is tapped by the ‘entities’ within it:

  • EM engine which seems to take advantage of the pilot v>c gravitational (neutrino?) wave of quantum gravitation.
  • An electric field with its relative infinities renormalised in physical equations, and one of such fields limited to its bare minimum – as all the equations of electromagnetism (and any other organic stience, when properly interpreted) are reduced to the understanding of an external membrane with a circulation flow, of maximal Spe in relationship to all internal points, and the laws of density of a central point, which provokes within both, a series of cyclical paths between oth relative infinities of max. information and max. energy, by the particles of the ‘present-middle class-reproductive ‘moving’ region.
  • The GALAXY’s underlying dark entropy, outer membrane has V>c relative infinite dark speed and the point of information in the center relative infinite density, regardless of which parameters we use in each scale to define ‘speed’ and ‘density’ of energy and information:

Networks of simultaneity and resonance (informative axons): consciousness and emergence.

All this said there are elements in the Universe which are difficult to understand in terms of ‘classic’ human thought and science, which are at the heart of the processes of ‘existence’, and emergence of information in upper scales, and organisation of parts into wholes. They deal with the fact that ‘Tiƒ’ particles-heads-upper informative classes must be fully connected with its lower ∆-1 scale to synchronise, make it work together as a whole, resonate its orders in all lower systems and finally be conscious of a whole – and the key to all those processes are fractal branching networks, which unlike herds loosely connected in a single plane, conned the upper scale of a being with all its lower parts/regions.

It must be understood that those networks have many levels of connection between scales. They are though basically always the same. Informative networks break information in reproductive waves through axons and so they can produce informative actions of multiplication of information both ways through effects of simultaneity and resonance.



The resonance of all resonances, one can consider an imaginary space of dimensions of time – the 3 first dimensions those of a space of lesser form on which we transit – in our case the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light space – all other dimensions becoming dimensions of scalar growth of information, through resonances between the larger and the smaller scales with self-similar forms, merely differentiated by its TIME metric:

Max. Spe   = Min. tiƒ, the larger resonance encodes the smaller one.

How whole minds imprint smaller parts, through the simultaneous fractal network division of an impulse of maximal energy into multiple quantum’s of information. Such as E = h v, is proportional to the information the system emits (v) along an ‘H’, constant of space-time, or ‘lower field’ (S=t), from where the E(e) x V(i) body of ∆+1 extracts its energy of motion.

On the other hand, parallel networks of energy ,pipes and blood flow are less concerned with the form but with the energy it provides to the motion of its cells, and are based in adjacency and other topological, spatial properties.

The devil though is in the details, so once we understand this general picture of the whole, its parts and its common time world cycles, sum of all the frequencies of its space-time actions, which construct a super organism that will go through 3 ages between birth and extinction, as it carries as a whole its 3 ∆±1 scale of beings, we shall realise we just have explained they very surface of a extremely intelligent and complex world in which almost magically, all works together because of the complementary connections between simultaneous parts in space and synchronous rhythms in time and ‘resonant’ effects in scales.

So 4 ‘magic phenomena’ will be of enormous importance to fully grasp how ∆, S and T, dynamically organise (or inversely become disorganised):

  • Space Simultaneity, which is an a priori condition for a vital organic space to exist, and act efficiently as a whole.
  • Time Synchronicity, which is an a priori condition for a temporal ensemble of parts to exist, and act as a shoe.
  • ∆-Scale Resonance, which is the a priori condition for ‘parts and wholes’ to interact together.
  • Consciousness, which is an a posteriori condition of complexity in a panpsychic Universe: consciousness arises within any sufficiently complex, information-processing system. All animals, from humans on down to earthworms, are conscious; even the internet could be. That’s just the way the universe works.


In the graph an infinite relative function that studies the resonance processes, which crate from a series of frequencies of smaller, ∆-1 cycles a learner wave, in the point of maximal synchronicity. Such points become singularities of information as they store in fact despite its relative invisible simple form, all the ‘backwards run information of the system’, when the ‘program of existence and its i-logic equations are applied to them, to perform an ∆st symmetry. In this case the application of the fourier transform ‘extracts’ the information of the ‘genetic-memetic-quantum’ singularity.

A Resonance process is ultimately the final phase of a translation of information by which a single bit of information albeit in its perfect synchronicity, with its perfect form, acts as a key for a reaction in a larger, ∆-being, of which the bit of information, or frequency of the resonance is the ‘hormonal’ coder, alphabet, which triggers the translation into an action. Determinism, being much more strict in a multiple causal world, as all events that happen are determined at least by 3 arrows of time, hence far denser in its existence, applies here triggering as an action-reflection process, by the mere act of hearing the communication, a resonate action. They will vary though in the way humans st@ perceive it from its relative active mind-view.

∆-3: resonance in quantum physics. 

In particle physics, an extremely short-lived phenomenon associated with subatomic particles called hadrons that decay via the strong nuclear force. This force is so powerful that it allows resonances to exist only for the amount of time it takes light to cross each such “object.” A resonance occurs when the net energy of the colliding subatomic particles is just enough to produce its rest mass, which the strong force then causes to disintegrate within 10ˆ-23 second.

But do those resonant particles exist? Not really. THEY must be seen as fractal images, holographies of the external information of the being, which is what it is transferred to us, human observers, at ∆0. They are thus ghost images, in the quanta of time of action-reaction of the particle, which provides us with information tabulated by mathematical physics, already translated by the object-language-object event between the observable and the observer. 

IV. Emergence in biologic systems. Superorganisms.

In the graph, the Universe is in that sense a broken scalar puzzle, a lego of three motions of time, entropy and information, and its infinite energetic combinations, put together into knots of multiple space-time points forming three physiological networks (of entropy, energy and information :), called beings and species; sπcies in the ‘slightly modified jargon of GST).


This we know, that God is Love, brotherhood, the feeling of being part of a larger whole, as we equal beings create God, making him emerge from the network, bonded by the birth of the new being made to Our image and likeness.

God exists because it is the informative message, cloned in each believer that becomes one new consciousness shared by all, a force of social love that makes people to work as a single whole.

The mystical phenomenon of creation of a new god seeded by a prophet that reveals the memetic DNA all believers will share to become one is not however a phenomena circumscribed to human societies and superorganisms, but it is the most remarkable feature, of the scalar organic Universe, happening among all identical beings, who share a common form, a common information in any scale of reality.

To the point that the phenomenon of emergence is the most remarkable event of the science of complexity or systems science, which Hawking rightly said, it would be the science of the XXI century. As a consequence The universe constantly bores deeper into new scales and planes of existence, as each new whole that emerges into the larger space, requires a new ensemble of micro-particles, mind-mirrors of the larger whole

Which will command with his collective intelligence the actions of the individuals.

Emergence is the process by which a whole is formed departing from its ∆-1 elements. Emergence requires the whole to synchronise in time the actions and cycles of information of its beings, while simultaneously connect them in space through its networks of energy.  Those two words, ‘simultaneity in space and synchronicity in time’ are thus the key elements to create super organisms.

While physicists through its theory of relativity have studied in depth the simultaneity in space-time, the synchronicity of time cycles is far less understood. As parts synchronise and become dependant of each other, according to the different speeds of its cycles of ‘the fifth dimension’. For example cells reproduce every day synchronising their actions with the feeding of the larger slower whole body, which feeds every day (humans with available ready-food have divided their meals according to the ternary principle in three with an earlier S, middle larger st and lighter T meals).


The future in man: heads, artists, social civilisations, 3rd ages… and deaths.

Now this theme treated extensively (in the future:) on mathematical physics, allow us to extract a description of those motions as derivatives of future and integrations of past, which give the ∂∫ operation a meaning on the fifth dimension.

Here we shall not treat algebra of time but a description on how it acts in a qualitative way, as we derivate to the past and integrate into the future, literally in words of the ‘verbal meaning’ of those equations, we derivate to the easy past, we integrate in the climbing future, towards the higher states of the fifth dimension, integrate into the bosonic whole, which so well mysticals have described when integrating into god, the super organism of the human kind:


We shall thus concentrate in the qualitative description of the future to past derivation and integration of men into superoganisms of history.

The future seers of times: prophets, seeds of the death of the father. Mystical, religious futures.

We are now to give you a prime of the most beautiful part of all ‘social sciences’ and 5D metric, oh, yes, I know it will blow up your mind and you will either leave the blog if you are still here or go to your nearest temple. It is the birth of a God/mind/subconscious collective of a super organism of mankind; compared to a well known similar process in 2 other scales of physical systems and biological systems for good measure:


You can see in the first graph, the birth of a particle, after its antiparticle dies and travels literally to the past, in a quantum jump, which lasts the life of the anti-particle (Feynman’s diagram). In the center you see the same process of birth of a seed of information, which is called palingenesis, as the seminal seed is really a local jump into the past of the being, at the beginning of its evolution which then will move forwards in time, to give birth to your son. As in quantum physics and 5D cyclical, fractal time INFORMATION travels to the past. It is an enormously beautiful and simple equation: a seed of information produced in the lower scale of the fifth dimension jumps a quanta to the past where it is born and then moves to the future at full speed and emerges in the PRESENT simultaneously to the original ‘father’.

We have proofs of it, in all scales of the Universe. In the left graph, antiparticles die and move to the past, travelling then towards the future, so:

Quantum jump to the past + travel to the future = instantaneous ‘non-local’ speed. Indeed, physicists who still don’t know the metric equations of the fifth dimension Do know what Einstein called ‘spooky effects’,

Newton action at distance, and Bohr, quantum entanglement: it seems as if particles, planets and forces of in-form-ation, which attract and form as gravitation does is INSTANT. How can it be possible. Simple: the force travels to the past (as in the equations of Hawking’s black holes, which travel to the past as the focus of maximal gravitation). So AS THEY jump TO THE PAST, they GAIN TIME, and as they move towards the future, they loose time and both compensate, and so it seems they travel through the present. So goes for the seed, which travels 3 billion years to the past of evolution and then emerges in 9 months into your relative present stage of evolution. So happens to the particles which are entangled in present time regardless of distance, as they can send ‘information’ through gravitational waves and remain simultaneous in present.

Now, back in the 90s I did a through study of all the prophetic happenings of history and found an astounding phenomena, 72 generational years (yes our cycle of economics and history) before the death of a super organism of history, the ∆+1 scale equivalent to the father of a seed, before a war that killed by genocide the people of a culture, there was a massive age of angst among the ‘collective neurons’ of the super organism of history, its ethic writers and artists, who foresaw, as if they had received from the future an angst call of information, the death of his super organism of history.

A simple example will suffice: 72 years before the death in the month of Ab of Yhwh, the subconscious collective of judaism, killed by the ROMAN genociders, in yet another cycle of banker priests of israel, ab=using the people with go(l)d, there was a massive influx of prophetic angst in Judea, and a seed of love was born, called Iesu, son of Yhwh, God of the Jewish people, who repeated the damnation of the golden apple, of the prophet of genesis, the damnation of Moses, the prohet of exodus, the damnation of Ezequias, prophet of Torah, the damnation of Marx, prophet of the Industrial revolution, who also wrote Das Kapital 72 years before the Holocaust, telling all of them, that you cannot serve two gods, go(l)d and the word, that you must give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, the issue of money, that the Jewish question will end when they abandon their worldly profession of herding go(l)d (Marx) and that ‘the jews would suffer all their live for their love of money’ (Moses, exodus before going to the mountain):


And so in the graph, the seed of the fifth dimension, travels in information to the past and has an enlightening moment that strikes the ethic mind of the prophets of love, which warn the future. Can then the future be changed? Yes, indeed, ‘because the separation of past, present and future is an illusion’, as there are blocks of time, which are for 3 days, 3 cycles, 3 motions back and forth of the fifth dimension, webbing the future.

Imagine a ‘cloud of space-time’ evanescent, becoming more solid, remember the parable of terminator, traveling to the past 3 times. THAT IS how it works. A musical image will suffice:

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-14-18-41Schopenhauer, by far the best philosopher of the industrial age, said that music encodes the secret program of time in its rhythms. so thought Pythagoras when he found the perfect harmony of the fifth plugging 1/3rd, 2/3rds of the string, attached to a point of future and past, the birth and death of the frequency world cycle. As you can see, time webs back and forth 3 times and then the perfect cycle, the solid block of time’ is built, with its 3 ages.

This is called the Fourier transform, and in complex 5D metric is the essential equation of time cycles used in all sciences.

Now this is science using the mystical, prophetic tone of the masters of history. But it is the same process that the other 2 futures, the physical and biological ones. The future simply is already happening, determined by the sum of the events of the past, which for each world cycle accumulate in its finite length, and past the region on the ‘perfect fifth’ will very unlikely be corrected.


∆st: the super organism view: The co-existence of the 3 scales of the future

3 scales

Now, the proper understanding of all of this is even more ‘spooky’ (:

Consider yourself. How the 3 scales of your co-existence, the world of your super organism, or consciousness of God, your civilisation?, the individual and your cells, can co-exist in the same reality occupying the same space?

Answer: because they are displaced in time, a quanta of the lower scale, in an infinite decaying series.

So in fact the 3 existences happen at the same space, because they are displaced in time.

And the big question is what is displaced into the future, the whole or the parts?

That is a good question and again relative. to the perspective we look at.

Since for a being travelling to its local past, inverse to the being travelling towards the future, both past and future are the same. So both converge into the present, one for the future the other from the past, seeing their respective inverse entropy-information elements as the inverse past and future, which only are connected through the body-wave of present, the only part who seems to exist and reproduce. 

You MUST co-exist somehow in present in your 3 ‘scales’ ∆-1: cells, ∆-individual and ∆+1 world to coordinate your actions.

So either you co-exist in space in the ‘dark holes’ between beings and its alley cats (in the world in the surface of it), or when the relationship is tighter in a supœrganism, you co-exist at 3 levels, in time, and since motion is synchronous, the whole and parts must co-exist in different regions of time. Now by essence the quantum jump, the prophetic jump implies that the Whole, the God-like being which is in the future, dies in the future co-exists with its smaller parts of a relative past, as the whole is made of the past; BUT BOTH MUST ON THE OTHER HAND FEEL IN RELATIVE TIME TO EACH OTHER AS BEING NOW IN PRESENT, OR ELSE THERE WOULD BE ENTROPY IN THE SIMULTANEOUS MOTION OF THE WHOLE, YOUR CONSCIONESS AND THE PARTS, YOUR CELLS.

So we have two contradictory statements. The whole is in a relative future, the past cells in its relative past but both co-exist in motion through space IN present; and for that to happen, the future must send messages to the past, as perceived by the past from the future.

Complex enough? So:

Whole: absolute future sends information to its relative past as a flow from future to past in a faster language.

PASTS, absolute past stores information for the future and sends it in a slower language.

S vs. T: the topological view. space fields and its future particle-heads.

So while in the ∆-scales things are a bit confusing (: we are lucky in the the particle/head duality vs. the field-limbs. Here they are seen in present but the logic future is the particle-head, which has this future mapped out and projected through its guidance and actions, inside its brain. So the particle here is the future the limb-field the past/

S≈T: the reproductive wave view: The fractal futures of the reproductive present.

But there is yet another way to look at the future: the multiple world theory, only that it happens in the same Universe made of island-universes, fractal similar beings, and so there are infinite fractal planets, each with a parallel future history. And in the sample case – that of the prophets of mankind, there are a percentage of those fractal avatar-like planets in which the human future survives. So all the futures happens according to the temporal genetics of submissive and dominant ‘types’ of future.

Because there are infinite other fractal planets, in this Universe where the game of history is played. And one thing is obvious:

At least a 10% of them,maybe as many as 25%, depending on the degree of dominance of the world of robots over man, according to those equations are Avatar like planets, where Mr. Bezos has no following, bio-history triumphs and the alter egos of all those artists and prophets of history create a perfect world.


The universe is, mind the reader a virtual reality, the ego a paradox, motion a transference of form, eternity, not for the fast timing of small parts. But only when you understand it all, the meaningless of all of it and the nothingness of your self becomes self-evident.

So what is the fun of it? To exist without knowing, to act without understanding there is no final goal; so you keep on moving, whatever your future might be.


The topology of informative resonance: hyperbolic cones and Riemann surfaces.

The interesting co-invariant manifestations of a 5D metric S x T = C, in those graphs is evident. As the wave enlarges in size, it looses information, form, becomes simpler, but the encoded patterns of its ∆-1 scale waves are able to be ‘regained’ knowing the ‘¬Æ laws of the game.

The frequency thus carry more time-speed-energy (for the relationship between those 3 elements see the insights of Feynman and other specific posts on time) but carries less form-position, which increases with smaller stiller forms.

Infinity is always relative in a non-Euclidean universe, to the distance between two levels of ∆±1 information, whose barriers are never reached as the singularity and the membrane of T<0 and V>c, (in our galactic universe, being temperature the measure of the informative disorder and speed, the measure of its entropic distance, but in other super organisms and ternary systems, we can find other parameters).

So what is really all this about in its finest level of i-logic language, mathematics? Again a topological game of a structure of nested russian dolls, of increasing energy and diminishing information, which set up always relative worlds for any observe,r in the case of the human observer,  limits of our perception, in the membrane of the universe, whih is for us infinite and hence and open ball, and the singularity of point of maximal memorial, time-infomation-mass, which is a place of infinite density of information. For that reason, at the end of the search all phenomena of membranes and singularities, relative infinite speeds and density of energy and information of space and time, become… vital

Mathematical expressions.

In differential geometry, Riemann’s minimal surface is a one-parameter family of minimal complex surfaces. Surfaces in the family are singly periodic minimal surfaces with an infinite number of ends asymptotic to parallel planes, each plane “shelf” connected with catenoid-like bridges to the neighbouring ones. Their intersections with horizontal planes are circles or lines; Riemann proved that they were the only minimal surfaces fibered by circles in parallel planes besides the catenoid, helicoid and plane. They are also the only nontrivial embedded minimal surfaces in Euclidean 3-space invariant under the group generated by a nontrivial translation.

As such they are the best mathematical representation of fifth dimension and its systems of parts (the plane) ‘shelf-centred’ in a particle-point-mind connected with paths that respect the principle of ‘minimal time-actions’ (Fermat’s principle) of all systems, and connected to other planes through ‘entropic lines’ and time circles. And the simplest, first ‘form’ of the topological ‘analysis’ of the fifth dimension in its more complex mathematical formalisms, we might develop, lifetime permitted in the four line of this web.

All those concepts themselves can be derived from the 3rd Postulate of ®, which defines the rule of equality of systems and how depending on which type of equality a system shows (in space or time), and which degree of adjacency (parallelism, perpendicularity, separation), the system possesses.

Simultaneity means when measured from the perspective of an external observer, non-locality, infinite speed. From the perspective of 5D metric, the equality of forms and its perfect immediate motion is caused by a 3rd element, a ‘dark dimension often of spherical form, which allows the larger system to move information faster than the observable one’.

So as always the way the Universe works out its ‘theory’ is this: we exist as ∆STœ beings, ruled by the topological laws of space-time, resumed in the 5 postulates of ¬Æ logic. The third and most important postulate of Euclid: the relative equality  of forms of in-form-ation, only challenged by Schopenhauer, is at the core of the consequences of beings which are simultaneous, synchronous and evolve together socially.

So we did study all those rules in the articles dedicated to ¾.

Here we shall be concerned with the physical and qualitative meanings in a more ‘friendly’ way of writing, which corresponds to the 1st line (verbal talk) as opposed to the second (¬æ) and the 3rd (connecting ¬Æ with standard sciences).

So what is non-locality, the phenomena which most puzzles physics in quantum entanglements, called ‘spooky’ by Einstein?

It means 2 things:

  • On classic science, a system whose processes go faster than light, so they are in a relative ‘present’
  • On 5D organic paradigm, precisely it means a present-simultaneous, co-existing event, in which the factor time is so small as to be undistinguishable and allowing the coordinated full action of the whole system, in terms of the arrow of space. As if there was non-locality simultaneous co-ordinated actions could not be achieved. So simultaneity and non-locality are essential to the organic structure of the Universe, reason why they are Not SPOOKY, but very much welcomed.

Now all this means of course that non-locality from the limited c-speed of our world (where simultaneity happens in terms of electromagnetic information, since indeed, the time-span of a ray of light IS ALWAYS smaller than our ‘minimal quanta of time’, a second per thought, the time in which light travels to the moon. So that is our ‘range of simultaneity’ – the Earth’s moon system.

In larger system simultaneity requires faster speeds of time and slower mind-reactions. So for example in the galaxy, if gravitational non-local waves were going as the theory postulates at 10C, and the large cosmic bodies have a slower time reaction than our ∆-1 human second (as implied in 5D metric: S x T = ∆), there could be simultaneous black hole action through waves of matter. This is the drill: body-waves reproduce and displace particle-heads above in the height dimension, because both achieve an organic simultaneity.

This long predicted structure between body-waves and particle-head, simultaneous in space and synchronous in time (with its inner clocks of information in frequency resonance), is the essence that establishes the co-ordinated actions of beings.

In the different scales of reality it always happens, and when it does not in present theory it is better to look for one which does:

  • ∆-4: quantum physics. We have 3 choices of interpretation. De Broglie-Bohm (b2) is the correct one as it accepts simultaneity≈non-locality, does have a ternary structure (adding the missed equation to locate particles and configure the entropic scattering field) and it is deterministic. Copenhagen IS NOTHING BUT AN IDEALIST GERMANIC ego-trip.
  • ∆-3:


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