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As GST is the unification of all sciences, and yet its structure is not understood by scientists, just dedicated to details, we shall consider here scientific news, which had advanced so for 2 decades since i resolved the formalism of the fractal universe, the proofs of GST scientific unification.

l.s. 10-2016

Nov. 2016 . EM and cold fusion engines.

two recent developments long anticipated come forward now as technology. One is old and not yet proved – cold fusion, the other more recent still in hype status, EM engines. Scientists are puzzled with their existence as the classic theory of physics does not explain them. Both however validate canonical truths of GST, fractal, discontinuous space-time theory. To start with heat is just an accelerated time state of the thermodynamic scale. So all processes that happen accelerated in time (in heat), do happen slower in time (cold process), with less entropy, more order and a nicer, fine-tuned result. So for example, rocks can freeze very fast loosing heat/entropy and then become amorphous glass, but if they cool down slow they become ordered crystals. For that reason it is theoretically possible to achieve with the help of a catalyser atom, cold fusion, ordered and made possible by a catalytic heavy rare earth.

The fact that it is not researched thoroughly of course is due to the primacy of entropy-heat theory in a single continuous space-time ‘believers’ universe.

Same goes for the EM engine. HERE THE theory which was absurdly knocked out in quantum physics is the pilot wave theory, shunned off for the ‘anthropomorphic’ theory of the observer, (Copenhagen interpretation). Again, a full description of a system requires 3 ternary views/equations/sets of symmetric laws, the point of view of the entropic, moving limb-field, the energetic, reproductive body-wave and the informative particle-head. In quantum physics it means the standard interpretation that relies only in the wave equation (Schrodinger), must ad the pilot, guiding field wave which sets up the position of the particles, to have the 3 elements in order to describe fully and deterministically the quantum wave, as it happens in reality.

The EM engine can only account for its permanent motion, if we consider the existence of such pilot waves that move particles, as they feed on the lower gravitational scale, moving forwards guided by the faster than light ‘gravito-magnetic’ field and its pilot wave. So there is no need for an action-reaction process. Merely the wave absorbs gravitational push from the lower space-time scale and moves the wave ahead:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.38301

In the graph, in classic continuous physics all motion forward requires a backward action-reaction newtonian process. In discontinuous GST, the upper systems feed on the lower ∑∆-1 scale of particles that make up the ∆-1 field-wave and by feeding on them move forward. So for example, a squid can absorb energy ahead and push it backwards, a light beam can absorb gravitational energy below from the larger Spe scale and move forwards. This is basically what light does ‘to exist’ and what the cavity engines of an EM system do, ‘magically’ for those who only understand newton: the pilot wave is the gravitomagnetic lower field which is excited by the presence of the light wave and disorders faster than light in a non-local motion, which allows the wave to slide forward without a back-track reaction:

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 18.53.23

In the graph, as the wave reproduces in the lower scale (ST-schroindiger’s equation left), there is also the dual Spe>Tiƒ state of particle-field represented by the faster than light pilot gravitomagnetic wave and the Tiƒ particle with an internal clock, whose frequency, ƒ is synchronous with that of the pilot wave, which moves faster than light (non local gravitational action), but synchronises its wave frequency with the closed internal clock of the particle, which is slower as it has a ‘trajectory’ moving backwards to close the cyclical clock. Thus c-speed becomes the limit of motion for closed particle trajectories≈ clocks. But not for an open wave which becomes a gravito-magnetic disturbances, which emerges in the upper scale, to guide the particle that feeds on it, provoking motion without reaction:


In the graph, the absolutely simple EM drive, due to the fact that the Universe is in perpetual motion, and fractal, discontinuous. In the ∆-1 gravitational scale according to the Sp x Tiƒ= ∆ 5D metric equation, there is a non-local faster than light gravitational field whose wave-speed feeds the slower more informative ¥-rays of electromagnetic radiation forwards. In essence the engine is a light carcass, moved by the lower gravitational scale, similar to the Alcubierre equations that try to tap into the negative dark energy (another human formalism similar to the gravitational neutrino space-time background), to move the system, or any future devices who pretend to tap onto the neutrino waves of motion.

The fundamental problem of all those type of engines is how to ‘puncture’ the light space-time membrane to get ‘feeding, moving dark, neutrino, pilot gravitational non-local motion’ to act in our scale of space-time. If we can ‘taper’ enough gravitational dark energy faster than light flows to move our electromagnetic field which in turn will move our matter forwards, we shall have a working EM engine for light-years to travel.

Theory of course will not fit till scientists accept the GST formalism and paradigm, which I do not expect to see in my lifetime. But humans have always found first mechanisms and then theory, first the steam engine and a century latter thermodynamic theory and so on.


2016. Nobel of physics, to scientists studying topological properties of matter

Todays nobel to physics is given to research in the fact that the properties of 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional sheets of matter are purely topological, as those described by Non-Æ topology: flat bidmensional sheets of space are extremely strong, forming planes of matter (4th Non-Æ postulate), lines of atoms, transmit faster information (2nd Non-Æ postulate):

Acting chairman of the Nobel committee, Prof Nils Mårtensson, commented: “This year’s Nobel laureates in their theoretical work discovered a set of totally unexpected regularities in the behaviour of matter, which can be described in terms of an established mathematical concept – namely, that of topology.
“This has paved the way for designing new materials with novel properties and there is great hope that this will be important for many future technologies.”

All three researchers used maths to explain strange physical effects in rare states of matter, such as superconductors, superfluids and thin magnetic films.
Kosterlitz and Thouless focused on phenomena that arise in flat forms of matter – on surfaces or inside extremely thin layers that can be considered two-dimensional.
This contrasts with the three dimensions (length, width and height) with which we usually describe reality.
Haldane also studied matter that forms threads so thin they can be considered one-dimensional.

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