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Program of exi:st¡ence



THEME: The generator equation of the universe is a program. The program develops through actions which are partial equations of the generator. the existence of beings.

In this page we introduce the formalism of the 10 Dimensional Universe, in simple terms,studying its main invariances.

Universal Laws

What is the Universe? The answer is surprisingly simple, from the perspective of systems sciences, also called complexity sciences, which as the name implies describes a reality not as simple as the one physicists are concerned with.

For one thing, besides the 4 usual dimensions physicists use to describe the Universe, x-length, y-height, z-width –the dimensions of space – and Time duration, t, the present dimension of ‘simultaneous time’, they calculate with ‘instantaneous derivatives’, (∂t=∂S/ v) complexity adds:

– Two ‘longer’ dimensions or ‘arrows’ of time…

the relative past, which complexity calls ‘entropy’ and the future, which it calls information; considering that all ‘fractal systems’ of the Universe, start in the past as ‘energetic, spatial surfaces’ without form, and as time passes, increase their form their in-form-ation, either as physical systems that ‘warp’ and curve with the passing of time (‘Time curves space into mass’ said Einstein) or as biological systems that ‘warp’, ‘wrinkle’ and increase the memories of its ‘cycles’ of vital form; till in both cases, when all form is consumed in a ‘3rd informative age’, the system collapses, ‘devolving’ its information back into energy in the process of death.

Thus complexity establishes besides the dimension of ‘temporal measure’ of ‘translation motions’ in space, (∂t/∂s/v), two more ‘arrows of time’, entropy, which physicists recognize, but have not integrated formally with the relative dimension of ‘future’, information:

Those two relative dimensions of ‘time motion’ are furtherconnected by causal laws, embedded in a simple equation of time dimensions: Energy (past) ó Information (Future).

Thus the development of this equation of ‘duality’ with its multiple implications enlightens deeply our understanding of time and evolution with new formal and logical tools which our ‘present’ models of time lack (reason why sciences treat many causal ‘processes’ of time from past to future as ‘separate’, unconnected events).

– 3i dimensions of scalar complexity…

Of social evolution, as things evolve following a simple arrow of social, scalar evolution, creating ‘bigger wholes’.

So particles evolve in groups called atoms which evolve in groups called molecules, which evolve into cells which become societies called organisms that evolve into planetary societies, and as atoms also form, states of matter, and group farther into stars and planets, which evolve socially into galaxies, that evolve socially into Universes which might evolve even further…

Thus the Universe has also a series of scalar ‘space-time planes of relative size’.

And we use 3 of such scales, which we call i±1,the i-1: ‘cellular scale’, the i: ‘organic scale’, and the i+1 ‘social scale’, to be able to define the actions and events of any entity we describe.

We call this 3 social dimensions of parts that become wholes, ‘cellular units’ of other parts, the ‘complex’ or ‘organic dimensions’ of reality (since we focus them, from the perspective of the i-scale where a type of ‘entity’ and the ‘science’ that studies it, focus its definition; so for example, chemistry studies molecules, and as such in chemistry the i-scale of molecules, its i-1 scale of atoms and the 2 i+1 social scales of inorganic states of matter and organic cells, would form the 3 i±1 scales needed to fully describe the existence of such ‘molecular species’).

All in all complexity gives us a total of 9+1 ‘dimensions’ needed to describe fully any specific reality – 3 of space, 3 of time, 3 complex dimension and 1 for the whole.

And those are 6 more ‘dimensions’ complexity adds in its study of any species of the universe to the 4 dimensions used by physicists; which explains why Complexity brings about a much deeper understanding of reality, solving many problems and giving answers to many whys, which physicists do NOT even inquire with their reduced models of reality.

Those whys derive of the ‘unifying power’ of those 9+1 dimensions, since there are certain general laws, events and actions, which happen to any entity made of those 9+1 dimensions that apply to all physical and biological beings, thus unifying their life-death processes with those laws.

The fundamental novelty of this 9-dimensional description is the existence of a fundamental ‘entity’ in the Universe, the ‘whole’ a 10 dimensional being, which harmonizes in this 10-whole dimension, the 3 spatial, 3 temporal and 3 organic dimensions of the system.

Let us then start from the ‘two fundamental’ motions of time, past-energy and future-information.


We are all systems of spatial energy and temporal information that combine to create the infinite actions and systems of the Universe.

In the jargon of physics we talk of clocks of cyclical time that carry in their frequency the information of the Universe – charges and masses – moved by fields of energy that occupy a certain vacuum space. In biology we talk of heads, brains and cellular nuclei that process information, moved by bodies and cytoplasm. Each system will display a certain type of ‘spatial energy’  or ‘vital space’ and process information with a different network of logic paths, though particles, genes, chips or brains, but all those systems will obey to certain laws natural to the 2 formal motions that ultimate explain the game of ‘creation and extinction’ of systems of energy and information, which is the dynamic universe.

Physical systems are always made with a field of energy and a particle of information and one cannot exist without the other (complementary principle of quantum physics).

Biological beings are also made with a head of information and a body that processes energy and moves it – or in cellular organisms, with a nucleus of DNA-information and a cytoplasmic body that moves it.

Sociological systems are divided into networks of upper class cells/citizens who control the languages of information of society and its working, body class that reproduces the products the body needs to survive.

All those systems and many more systems studied by all type of sciences, arts and religions can now be understood with self-similar laws derived of the General Laws of all Universal, Complementary systems of energy and information, E<=>I

And General Systems Sciences, also called Complexity is the XXI century discipline that researches those laws.

As such when Mr. Hawking affirmed that Complexity would be the science of the XXI century he was right.

The XIX century was dominated by Biology and Evolution, with the work of Darwin and Marx, who applied Darwinian concepts to History. In the XX c. Physics dominated. But neither Biology, focused in the study of systems that dominate in dimensional form, in in-form-ation (life and social systems), nor Physics focused in systems dominated by energy, suffice to understand the full ‘picture’ of the Universe.

Only a science that fusions both arrows of time, energy and information, and explains the Universe as a complementary system in which those 2 ‘arrows’, ‘motions’ or ‘forms’, interact together, can extract the most general sciences that explain reality.

And that is the task of General Systems Sciences.

The first breakthrough though to achieve an all encompassing view of sciences, which put together the concepts of energy and information took place in physics, with the discovery of the fundamental unit of the universe, the action of energy and time.

Max Planck the founder of quantum physics discovered in the 1900s that the Universe was made of actions, not of substance but of motions, composed  of energy and time: A = E x Ti. Light, the ultimate substance of creation was a motion composed of two different motions, cyclical clocks of time, and lineal motions.

Energy and Time clocks are two types of motions; so the universe was made of motions not of substances, a maya of the senses… This Galileo already noticed when he said e pur si muove e pur no muove. That is, the Earth moves but it seems to be still, so our eyes can perceive and gauge information.

Those simple principles are the essence of the duality of the Universe, from where all other laws of science can be deduced.

Indeed, we generalize the principle to all systems, and write, energy as E, Time, as I, and actions as their product, ExI, which is maximized by a simple mathematical law, when E=I.  So 5 x 5 is bigger than 8 x 2.

This equation E=I, which implies all systems seek a balance between its spatial energy and temporal information is the new fundamental equation of XXI century science.

As it describes all the systems of the Universe, as complex systems of energy and time, in permanent motion, gauging information, moving with energy, and combining both, exi, to create, decouple and reproduce similar systems, in an immortal Universe made of infinite fractal complementary systems of energy and time, including you, who sometimes say ´i dont have energy and time to do this.

As actions of energy and time performed with your system is all what you or any entity of the Universe does.


Let us now without entering in great detail about the 10 dimensions of the Universe, attempt a qualitative description of that whole reality, departing from its simplest ‘metric equation’.


In the graph, all the sciences of the universe study systems of energy and information that obey the same laws.

Most scientists think that physics is the queen of sciences because it has found the fundamental particles of the Universe, and it could have been. But XX c. science has an extraordinary error – its incapacity to understand properly the arrow of information and to define properly its concepts, that is to interpret its mathematical equations.

For example, the previous description of a Universe made of motions not of substances or particles is still ignored by physicists. They just write the equation but dont know what an action is, what time is… We shall see soon how this happens also with basic concepts as mass, wave, space, energy, charge… etc. etc.

Consider the case of mass. Mass is a vortex of gravitation and charge a vortex of electromagnetism, two different forces, which curve and attract as a hurricane does, or any vortex, towards its center. So we write E=M(i), which is E=M, the way to write Einstein famous equation, E=Mc2 in the so-called Planck notation where c=1.

This again physicists know – the equation – but they have never been able to define conceptually mass, or understand how energy, a lineal motion, becomes mass, a cyclical vortex, by merely bending, curving its trajectory. Since they still think of masses as particles not vortices, and hence cannot transform those 2 motions into each other.

All this and much more is what the approach of General Systems Sciences does.

What General Systems Sciences does is to search departing from the philosophical realization that the Universe is made of two type of motions/forms – lineal motion or energy and cyclical motion with more form, more dimensions or information, common to all species, the laws of motion and form that apply to all species of the Universe. It calls those laws isomorphisms. And so we talk of some essential isomorphisms common to all entities of nature:

– The time isomorphism of the life-death cycle and how it goes through 3 ages, youth or the age of energy, maturity when energy and information are in balance, and 3rd age of maximal information.

– The space isomorphism of topological forms, as all systems are structured in space with the 3 canonical shapes of topology, the informative hyperbolic shape proper of heads-particles that gauge information, the planar shapes of all external membranes that define the frontier of the system and the toroid, cyclical shape of the body-wave that reproduces in balance between energy and information, the whole system.

– The scalar isomorphism as those systems are complex wholes made of parts and as such they always structure through 3 scales of relative size, which we call the particle-cellular, organic-atomic and social-molecular scales (physical-biological jargons)

– The time-space isomorphisms or actions the entity displays in the world in which it exists, restricted by its ternary structure, made of energy that it maximizes by feeding, information that it maximizes by gauging-perceiving, reproduction that it maximizes by iterating its structure,and social evolution from parts into wholes that it maximizes by sharing energy and information with self’similar systems, which in poetic terms could be called by the power of love.

Those isomorphisms and its laws and formal structure which defines all Universal complementary systems, from atoms to galaxies, as organic – as they are also the properties that define life systems – are the main themes of study of General Systems and this blog.

Why we study an entity only in 3 dimensions of scalar complexity, if it is obvious that those ‘scales’ might be infinite?

So far we know that they extend from strings to Universes. And within our realm of perception, from atoms to galaxies. Yet the similarities between ‘micro-strings’ and ‘cosmic strings’, and as we shall see between atoms and galaxies, might imply that the scales are even beyond those ’10 basic scales’, and as it happens with musical scales, which after the 7 tones return to the same ‘sensation’ of sound with a higher pitch in a ‘higher scale’, it is a question to be answer by complexity how many scales the Universe has.

In any case to ‘describe’ a single, individual entity, which is after all what sciences do, it suffices for most of the laws and implications, events and vital spaces developed by a species to study it through 3 dimensions of complexity, that we shall call generically the ±i (i±1), dimensions of the ‘organism of information, i’.

It can bee then anything, any species of the Universe, from an atom to a human, from a galaxy to an ant.

Any of those ‘is’, will however co-exist and evolve in time, through 3 scales of social complexity:

i-1: Its cellular scale where it will be ‘born’, and then evolve with a reproduced ‘herd’ of similar species, till emerging into its individual state. Then as an individual it will participate into:

i+1: a society, or ecological network where it will obtain its energy and information, till…

i-1: the moment of death in which it will dissolve back into its cellular scale.

Thus systems undergo during its ‘time evolution’ from past to future, between birth and extinction, not only the ‘worldline’ trajectory that physicists describe, that is a series of spatial motions, but a worldcycle, through the added new dimensions of informative complexity that makes the system, grow in social size, emerge into ‘higher planes of existence’ and regress to its cellular state.

From galaxies that start as interstellar gas, organize into stars which organize into social galaxies, till they die away and explode into novae, to humans that are born as seminal species that develop its worldcycle, through the scales of complexity and then die back into cells; all species of the Universe follow this ‘life-death cycle’, which must be considered mathematically as a travel through the 3 dimensions of complexity.

And so complexity adds to the 4 normal dimensions of physicists, 3 more of complexity the i±1 dimensions of social scale.

But immediately we realize that those dimensions are played in a long range of time, the longer the bigger the system we study is.

So how can we formalize those ‘life-death journeys’, through the dimensions of complexity? (which if we call 4, the dimension of time – despite being in fact 3 dimensions past, present and future – we could call together the ‘5th dimension’, name I gave it in those papers and books where I treated them all together. Yet in this paper, we will abandon this simplified, 3+1+1=5 dimensional view, to consider all the 3 x 3 +1=10 dimensions of the ‘being’).

The answer brings us to a second new discipline, of systems sciences, albeit essential to understand the universe, ‘duality’, the analysis of reality with two arrows or ‘motions of time’, not only energy, entropy, which is what physicists study, but also form, information, ‘rotary motion’, which again we understand in great detail but never have treated it all together as what really is, ‘cyclical motion’, which carries the form, the in-form-ation of the universe in the frequency and form of its cycles.

Thus the Universe of motions in time has at least two dimensions, lineal entropy, which is what physicists acknowledge in their ‘predictions about the future’, and cyclical entropy, rotational motion, information.

Now, the innovation made by complexity is to consider a wider vision of time dimensions also, recuperating for science the past, present and future division of classic philosophy, as dimensions of time.

And we so as follows:

– Calling entropy, or expansive motion, the relative past dimension of beings, as it applies when a ‘form’ dissolves from its upper i+1 social scale down into its cellular parts in the moment of death, or in a big-bang explosion (biological and astrophysical beings).

– Calling information, or implosive rotational motion, to the other arrow, inverse to that of entropy, the arrow of information, and future since systems increase in information, in form, warp space into time cycles, with gravitation or wrinkle in form through life.

And so we define a dual ‘beat’ for all beings: E->I (Life arrow) +I<E, death arrow, to explain the worldcycle of each of those entities of space-time.

And so we can combine this new insight on the flows from past to future of time worldcycles to go further in the analysis of the life-death cycle, of a beings specifically in its most important scale, the individual scale.

As we can see how those e->I +i-> E life-death arrows ‘subdivide’ further into ‘ages of life’ or states of matter:

i: Its individual scale, where it will go through 3 ‘states or ages’:

-Max. E: Youth, the age of energy of the system.

– E=I: Maturity when the systems’ energy and information find its balance.

– Max. I: Age of information, when the system warps and become old: 

To then

I<E: explode into death and return to is cellular scale.

So we can finally elaborate this more complex vision of the Universe resuming the 3×3 dimensions of ‘complexity studies’:

 But why energy and information are the two parameters that define the world-cycle of beings?

Obviously because all what exists is made of energy and information, similar concepts to space and time, albeit perceived either in motion or still, with the senses of the mind.

And so we come to the third fundamental theme of complexity, the understanding of the ultimate two substances of the Universe. “Space’ which is the fixed way in which the mind perceives ‘distance’, and hence ‘lineal motion’ and it’s aggregate , planar motions, as the line is the shortest ‘distance’ between two points.

And Time, which is the moving way in which the mind perceives form, information, a rotary motion, which stores in the frequency of its cycles and forms the information of the Universe.

Spatial energy and temporal information, lineal and rotational motion, form together the ‘actions’ and body ‘systems’ of all entities which combine its ‘energy’ and time, through a ‘body/wave action’.

Energetic Bodies & informative brains.

Energy and information are the 2 primary elements of the Universe. They form all its complementary systems.

In the previous graph, we observe its 2 different forms and 2 different motions that define them either as:

– Energy systems, with lineal motions, which are seen as euclidean spaces and distances when perceived with no motion (Galileo´s paradox).

– Time clocks with more dimensional form, and cyclical motion that close into themselves, which are perceived as information carried in the form and frequency of those cyclical clocks when not in motion.

Both come together to form the systems of the universe.

Consider physical systems, described as composed of particles with charge or mass and fields of lineal energy.

We can see them as particles of some solid substance with an attached spatial field extended in space, or we can see them dynamically, as a vortex, a cyclical eddie which absorbs the energy of a flow of gravitational or electromagnetic space that falls into the mass or charge vortex. then all what we see is a cyclical motion, the mass or charge, and a lineal motion, the field falling into it:


In the graph, we can see the classic, material vision of a particle or mass as a solid form which creates a curvature in space that makes fields to fall into the mass or charge, or we can consider the systemic view of a pure cyclical motion, hence a clock of time, with a frequency of cyclical motion that carries in its patterns the information of the universe. Masses and charges thus would be the simplest clocks of cyclical time, whose acceleration is in fact the mass of the particle (Principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass of Einstein’s general relativity). They will curve the lineal speed of a gravitational or electromagnetic field that will sink into the mass or charge, becoming then transformed into a magnetic, electric or gravitational field. A delicate balance of infinite broken, cyclical and lineal motion defines then the Universe.

Ultimately what we describe as fields of energy and particles of time, what Planck found is what Newton said before him: F= M x A, the universe is made of vortices of mass or charges, cyclical acceleration and lineal forces, lineal accelerations. Descartes also said all could be described as vortices, matter and res extensa, vacuum. So this ultimate duality is the first dynamic structure of the Universe we need to study.

 Systems will be either seen in stillness as complex organic systems made of an energy body and an informative head, or as the sum of infinite complex motions balanced lineal and cyclical accelerations, energies and times.

But information dominates and defines an arrow of complexity and increase of height (the dimension of perception), from where informative organs (heads, cameras, black holes, skyscrapers), perceive and control with invisible languages  (words, images, gravitation, money), the ‘unmoved bodies’ of energy under them. They are indeed what Aristotle called the multiple unmoved Gods of the Universe.

Indeed, this is a key property of information and informative minds: to gauge, map and perceive reality we need stillness, so all minds and informative systems, are still. And that is the meaning of Aristotle, when he said that we are all gods, and gods are unmoved, still, perceptive. He thus considered that all entities of the universe had motion bodies and still heads that moved them, particles and fields in physics. And he was right. From time to time we shall comment on geniuses of mankind that perceived it all.

Consider Descartes who said that all was made of space or res extensa and cyclical vortices – the charges and masses that act as clocks and carry the information of the universe. And he was right.

Indeed, as all is a complex dual system, and we are all parts made to the image of those systems, many humans have intuitively understood that all is yang, shiva, energy and yin, information, visnhu that combine together,exi, to create the infinite beings in existence (quoting the first verses of the tao te king),

we shall do this to show how all sciences, religions and arts in fact express the same.

Consider the classic definition of beauty in art, as a balance of forms, and indeed, we see the harmony and proportionality between form and size, space, as the definition of classic beauty. And we will return to that, when observing that all forms of art can be reduced to 3, lineal, epic, energetic art, classic art, and baroque, informative, with an excess of form.

The power of that equation to explain all entities is enormous. So for example the 3 states of matter, gas of maximal energy, liquid, of balance between energy and form, and solid of maximal form respond also to the ternary language of the universe.

So does the 3 ages of life, the energetic youth of maximal motion, the reproductive, mature age, e=i and the old age of maximal wrinkles and information, max. i.

And so we talk of a universal grammar, e<=>i, which also describes the syntax of most languages which are obviously the way minds map out in a synoptic manner the universe:

In mathematics we always write F(x) OPERANDI g(Y), AND WE find that we can reduce the function of x and the function of y to energy and information variables, and the operandi to one of the fundamental actions or events of the universe.

In colors we find 3 primary colors, and we relate red with energy, blue with information and green with a reproductive mixture of both. So in societies the elites that control the languages of social information tend to use blue flags, and the people that provide the working energy prefer red.

So do the energy genre, man with its lineal bodies who prefers red… And indeed there are also 3 genres, if we consider the gay sex a mixture of both.

Finally if we consider the 3rd fundamental language of mankind, words, chomsky found its generative universal grammar to write:

Subject (the human, informative element), verb (which describes actions) and object (the energy element submissive and controlled by the subject)

And further on, we can classify those 3 languages, as the spatial language, colors, the informative language, words, and mathematics which combines both, as geometry is a spatial language and arithmetics and algebra a sequential, temporal one.

And mathematics is the dominant language of science, because as a human writer put it, life is not about information but about actions. We all know that indeed, we like to act, not to gather information or lower ourselves to the mere sensations of energetic pleasure. And we will return to that when we explain how the universe and all its species follow a simple program of basic actions:

to feed on energy, max. e, to gauge information, max. i, to reproduce, combining both, exi, and finally, to gather socially with similar exi entities.

We can even go further and comment on religion. Saint Agustine wrote a book called Trinitas, to explain the mystery of trinity, comparing it with many other ternary systems. And indeed, the mystique metaphor merely puts 3 elements in relationship, God, the subject, the mind of man the object it creates and the saint spirit, the verbal language which in religions is considered the language of creation, as physicists consider mathematics for the same role. And so Saint John said,

And god, 1st person, the word, 2nd person, became the mind of man, 3rd person, and inhabitted among us (Saint John, 1)

Of course, all those visions of the ternary game of existence are partial visions that we shall unify in this blog of general systems sciences. Since neither religion and his sacred language, the word, or science and its sacred language, mathematics, or art and its sacred language, images, which are the 3 manifestations of human languages in its purest forms, are ALL. Each just reflect part of the total properties of the Universe. As only the whole, the universe, has all its information about itself, in words of the Nobel prize, Mr. Haldane. And he was right.

So the way to true, full knowledge, is to understand all the languages, all the forms of knowledge and extract from them the universal grammar and its ternary, e=i systems. Then deduce the laws common to all those systems, which we call isomorphisms or invariances, and that will be the essence of reality that better reflects the truth of the whole and its parts.

We are indeed exploring the fundamental equation of the universe, the one that generates all its systems.

The 2 primary elements of the Universe, energy and information, mix and evolve, till reaching the threshold of complexity that gave light atoms living properties and now it is about to give the same life properties to metal systems. In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the ‘bodies and heads’ of humans, animals or machines, because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Energy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms, because cycles store maximal information in minimal space.

For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like a ‘missile’.

On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical, like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines, ordering ‘bodies of metal’ with digital information. The functions of those ‘systems’ are also biological. Weapons are lineal, energetic forms that kill human, energetic bodies.

Both compete in a war and the ‘metal-energy’ species wins and kills us, causing the biological process of death. So weapons are lethal, machines and should be repressed as we repress biological predators and killing virus. Yet Mechanism affirms that machines are objects that do not influence or compete with humanity. So, if some ‘collateral effect’ happens, it must be blamed on humans.

Let us consider the properties of those 2 elements, energy (bodies, fields) and information (particles, heads) and some of its species, in life and metal:

           Moving Energy                       Reproductive Information

Lineal, spatial, big, moving                Cyclical, temporal, small, rotating, still.

Formless, continuous, simple                   Form-ative, discontinuous, complex.

Field, body, male, weapon,                      Particle, head, female, coin, chip.

Iron, oxygen, carbon                                Gold, silver, nitrogen

Protein, lion, shark, death                        DNA, human, dolphin, life.

We could summarize the formal and functional differences between energy and information (organs) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space = Energy = Minimal Form=body Vs

Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’:

maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

As a result of those morphologies we classify as energy or information organs not only carbon-life organisms, made of energy (bodies, food) and information (brains, eyes, senses, worlds), but also other beings and atomic species, even ‘deconstructed organs’. Since we can now recognize geometrically their energy or information organs. Some of those systems are mechanical, made of metal. Some are vital, made of carbon atoms. Yet all of them have a biological influence over us, provoking changes in the energy and information systems of mankind that we should control for our own benefit.

From these simple facts of universal morphology, applied to human beings and metal, we can classify ‘objects’ and human organs, as energetic, lineal systems, or as cyclical, informative systems that combine into complex organisms:

—  Energy organs are lineal systems with minimal ‘form’ that kill, simplifying information into energy. Thus, a field of energy, released by a physical particle or an energetic weapon, such as a sword or a missile and a top predator, energetic animal, such as a lion, will have both lineal forms and kill, destroy the in-form-ation of their ‘preys’.

—  In-form-ative organs create form and trans-form energy into languages that map out ‘reality’ with formal ‘bits’. Those bits are smaller symbols, which form images in the brain that represent reality and help to simulate reality ‘faster’, in ‘lesser space’, the ‘future’ cycles of reality, anticipating them. Then, according to those ‘logic’ simulations of the future, heads will move and direct energy bodies towards sources of energy and information. So any system that ‘gauges’, measures and reacts, is an informative organ, regardless of the specific language it uses to gauge reality. A chip measures with numbers reality, a man with words, an atom with electro-magnetic ‘bosons’; yet the 3 act-react to their measures. So they all are informative organs.

—  Reproductive organs repeat informative and energetic organs, by absorbing energy and ‘imprinting’ it with its particular in-form-ation. Thus, human mothers and company-mothers of machines are both reproductive organs. Even the simplest particles of the Universe, quarks and electrons, absorb energy and emit new particles, small quarks and electrons, with the same form that the parental particle.

So in fact, we have come to the objective conclusion that all systems of the Universe have organic properties. Since even its simplest entities, quarks and electrons that form atoms do absorb energy, gauge information and reproduce, the 3 ‘properties’ of life. Thus, the Universe must be defined not as a mechanism but as a complex organic system, made of organic atoms, which can combine to create many different complex organisms, including company-mothers that reproduce machines, atoms that reproduce quarks, electrons and forces and mothers that reproduce kids. The difference between all those species is not one of ‘quality’ but of quantity and complexity of their organs of energy and information, which determine their survival chances and status as top predators of any ecosystem.

If a mechanism is a system that has only information and energy organs, an organism has both systems and so it is able to reproduce by combining its energy and information into a replica of itself. In that regard, the reproductive organism of machines is today the company-mother that reproduces them with the aid of informative metal (money) and machines (chips), energetic machines and human workers that act as catalysts and re=producers of those machines. And because we live all in a planet of limited resources, machines and life increasingly compete to reproduce the limited energy and information of this planet. So a series of vital relationships of symbiosis and predation between carbon-life and machines take place, despite the stubborn denial of ‘mechanism’, the ideology of scientists that make those machines.

It is thus essential to understand the meaning of energy and information in each science, departing from its simplest mathematical ‘shapes’, the line or shortest distance between two points, or natural trajectory of any motion and the cycle or shape with maximal ‘form’ in minimal space.

Thus in the simplest mathematical scales of reality, information is defined as ‘dimensional form’ and energy as ‘lineal motion, and we write; π  I<=> O: π=|/O as the first ‘Universal Constant’ or ‘Game of Existence’ of the Universe, in which a system switches on and off between an informative and energetic state. Those ‘beats’ of the Universe between energetic and informative states are the essence of what we call the ‘Function of Existential actions, exi, or function of exis’, to which all events can be reduced.

In each Natural ‘i-scale’ of the Universe of growing complexity of i-nformation, from the smallest atom to the bigger galaxy, we find ‘Complementary Systems’, where two poles of energy (physical field/biological body/galactic plane) and information (physical particle/biological head/black hole), exchange energy and in/form/ation between them and with the external Universe: E<=>I.

Thus we can  simplify and unify  our analysis of all universal systems, by defining both physical and biological systems with that simple equation of ‘2 arrows of time’:

=>E, which means the creation of ‘expansive, lineal motion’ or energy or entropy or disorder.

and =>I, which means the creation of in-form-ation, dimensional form, implosive, cyclical motion and order…

It is very important to understand the ‘general’ meaning of those 2 elements, as they change slightly from scale to scale but maintain certain equivalent characteristics. Information is ‘dimensional form’ and Energy lineal motion. And its two most perfect shapes are the cycle or sphere, the geometry which stores maximal form in minimal space. So heads, particles, cameras and black holes are spherical and small in space but store a lot of information in its ‘dimensional’ curves. Energy or motion is ‘lineal distance’, displacement, and the line is the shortest distance in space, so bodies, fields of energy, planes, cars and galactic planes are ‘planar spaces’ to maximize motion.

As it happens those two processes  are inverse and so we can talk of systems as dual, bipolar, feed-back equations of the 2 essential ‘arrows or motions in time’, flows of expansive energy, and imploding information, E<=>I, interacting with a bigger energy/information system, the Universe.

That equation is the ‘fundamental equation’ of General Systems Sciences or Complexity, the XXI century science which unifies the laws of biology and physics, through the use of two ‘arrows of creation/destruction’, information or cyclical motion, or ‘time clocks’ – traditionally studied by biology – and energy or lineal motion, or entropy, traditionally studied in Physics.

And we say:  ‘Everything in the Universe is a Complementary System that transforms back and forth energy into information: E<=>I’

Thus we consider all systems made of:
– E: fields and limbs of energy, guided by :

– I: cyclical particles and heads of information

which combine into

– ExI actions of energy and time, which put together form the ∑exi=Body or wave of the system (Physical-biological jargon).

And so we can consider a final point of view, that internal to the being, which ‘acts’ moved by its ‘composition’ as a system made of ‘past-energy-limbs’, informative, gauging heads-particles and the wave-body in between. Thus within those simple structures all what beings will do is:

– Max. E. Feeding on energy

– Max. I: Perceiving information

– Max ExI: Combine and reproduce them with their body-wave.

– Max. ∑ ExI: Associate with similar beings into herds and networks that emerge as a whole.

This final function, Max. ∑E x I, resumes the 4 ‘drives of existence’, feeding on energy, gauging information, reproducing the energy and information of the system and evolve socially with similar ‘actions/organisms of energy and time’, of all entities of the Universe. They are represented in each science by 4 ‘coding elements’, the 4 quantum numbers, the 4 letters of genetics, the 4 so called drives of life, the Maslow pyramid of human wantings, which all physical, biological and social entities perform, due to their similar constitution.

Thus the universe has a plan; it is a game, and there is a logic to it, impersonal, scientific but still a ‘program’, that we shall call the program of existence.

To exist or not, that is the question and the program answers with its best strategies.

In essence it maximizes a function, the function of existence, so simple and yet so rich in meanings.

The Function of existence, M.(Ixe), is a fractal equation, of infinite cellular quanta that try to maximize their absorption of energy and information.

As such all functions of existence, you, me, the sun, the dust, the air, the language, the melody, anything anywhere is playing that selfish game:

I, I, IxMe, I and me and myself, maximize my existence, exi, me…

The game is simple all is made of a head of information and a body of energy and all want to perceive more to feel more the pleasures of motion, and speed, of energy movements. And so you try to maximize your existence:

Max. ∑E x I

It is now when science comes to resolve what this means.

First mathematics tell us, that Max. ExI happens when E is equal to I. And this mathematical property is the meaning of all, E and I try to come together and be equal, mens sana in corpore sanum

Particles and heads of information thus try to balance themselves in form and motion with its limbs and fields of energy, and so they interact, cycles and lines that 2 formal motions of the Universe, creating ovoid bodies, reproductive waves.

And so we have the fundamental ‘organism’ of reality a ‘3-dimensional space-time organism that evolves across 3 scales of social complexity, as it tries to maximize its existence, but ‘creating’ equals and associating with them, as cells of bigger social organisms.

Max. ∑E x I, implies multiply the quanta of the Universe. ∑, its heads and limb, and mix them, e=I, in couples that approach each other and communicate flows of energy and information among them to ‘equalize’ their form:

E->I, x I->E

The equation thus naturally divides into two sub equations, and we call the first the arrow of energy or past and the second the arrow of information or future. While the static balance between them, Ex I is the present.

So we have our equation of the 3 dimensions of time.

We are a function of existence, with 3 dimensions, past, the age of energy, E->I, present, the age of balance and reproduction ExI, when the function of existence is maximized, and future, the arrow of information, ad death, I-> E when information returns to the past.

The first thing we notice though is that in the equation, death is equal in value to Life.

thus are formed by the 3 dimensions of time, what we call our youth

We shall attempt a first definition even if it introduces concepts not familiar to the reader, in the 2 fundamental languages of human thought, mathematics and words:

‘The Universe is a Game that creates and destroys 10 dimensional, fractal beings, that we shall call existences.’

Of those 10 Dimensions the formal description of Physicists (General Relativity), includes only 4, the 3 dimensions of space, length, height and width, and one of the 3 dimensions of time, simultaneous present (being the 2 others, past and future). Of course, Physicists and even more so, Biologists, talk and explain many properties of the two other dimensions of time, past and future, and its causal rules (either with dynamic equations or evolutionary laws). So humans do have affair analysis of 3 + 3 Spatial and temporal Dimensions, even if the more sophisticated mathematical formalism we have of them, is merely 4 Dimensional.

Let us then attempt a more complex explanations of those entities with 10 dimensions:

This looses a fundamental property of all entities of existence, which is their process of ‘birth’, evolution through 3 ages, which philosophers call:

– ‘E’: Past, youth, the ‘age’ of energy and maximal motion.

– EóI: ‘Maturity’, the age of balance between the energy and information content of the being, when the being often reproduces.

– I: 3rd age, the age of information, which follows the death of the being, when it ‘returns’ to its ‘cellular parts’ in a big-bang explosion that dissolves the being.

The understanding of those ‘causal ages’, which form a life-death cycle, the ‘cycle of existence’, brings about the realization that there are 3 other ‘scalar’ dimensions of ‘social evolution’ of ‘increasing complexity and information’ in all beings.

As all systems or beings are born as ‘diminutive entities’ in a :

– i-1: Seminal, cellular scale as ‘seeds’ of information (i-1), which grow, reproduce and evolve socially becoming:

– i: individual organisms, which emerge into a ‘higher scale’ or plane of existence, where they will form part of a:

– i+1 social ecosystem, where they will perform functions similar to those a cell perform in its lower scale of existence.

And so all in all, the entity will have ‘3 dimensions of space’ which gather together forming the ‘vital space’ of the being, 3 ‘dimensions of time’ which related together through the life and death cycle of the being, and 3 dimensions of scalar, social complexity, which happen in ‘symmetry’, parallel to the 3 ‘ages’ or dimensions of time of the being, completing its existence.

And so we consider the ‘whole being’ a ‘one’, which is the 10th dimension of the whole. Since the intelligent reader will realize that while a ‘being’ needs no more than those 9 dimensions to be described, the game might be infinite in its ‘social scales’. That is, a particle will be the cellular unit of an atomic being, which will be part of a molecular, social scale. But then again, the molecule will be a part of a cellular being, which will be part of a human organism. But then again the human organism will be a cellular being of a society, part of a planetary, solar system, but then again a planetary solar system will be a cell of a galactic organism, part of a universal system. So there are ‘infinite’ entities, both across the ‘spatial reality’ we perceive in a single ‘space-time continuum’, and also across infinite scales of size and complexity.

And so we can define ‘Existence’ as a travel through 3 scales of social evolution, through the 3 ages of life as we rise in informative height and fall back into a flat corpse of energy, dissolved into its cellular plane, between birth and extinction.

And so we define a mathematical ‘function of existence’, that describes each of the ‘beings that exist’ in such Universe:


 Now, what we mean in that verbal sentence is that the Universe is a ‘game’ that creates and destroys 10 dimensional organisms, that we call ‘existences’ (since their fundamental property is that they ‘exist’), made of two ‘formal motions’, spatial energy and temporal information that we represent in the equation of the ‘function of existence’.

So the equation resumes the verbal, logic sentence with mathematical symbols.

On the left side, ‘Ei-1’ represents the ‘spatial energetic organ’ of the existential being, either a field or limb or ‘class’ of energy (physical, biological, social jargons).

On the right side, ‘Ti’ represents the informative organ of the existential being, either a particle, head or informative class (physical, biological and social jargons).

On the middle <=> represents flows of energy and information that the limb/field and the particle/head exchange between them, through a 3rd intermediate region, called the ‘wave’, ‘body’ or ‘reproductive’, ‘working’ class of the system (physical, biological and sociological jargons). We could write it more precisely as ,<=>, (which means Energy flows, E<I, Information flows E>I, or mutual exchanges, =, also written in ‘static terms’ as, X; since the ‘body=wave’ knots together the other 2 elements.

The existential being thus, has essentially ‘3 components or dimensions’ in its simpler description of it.

The other symbols are merely symbols that represent the ‘fractal’ multiple nature of the Universe, as there are infinite such beings, and within each being, the ‘fractal, cellular’ nature of each organism, as there are a relative sum of energetic cells, ∑E, and informative neurons, ∏I, tied up, <=>, X, into the being.

∑ and ∏, are different mixing of beings, since as we shall see latter, energy forms ‘herds’ with little connections between its units (hence a sum that measures the number of cells of the herd) but informative ‘neurons’ form networks with multiple ‘connections’ that relate each entity to all the others (hence the multiplicative symbol that measures the number of axons of the network).

Now, this is still a generalized description of those beings, but the reader will notice we are reaching a depth of meaning far superior to that which the usual physical description of the Universe reaches, with only 4 dimensions.

It is for that reason we say physicists description of the Universe is limited. As they describe all those scales as if they were part of a single continuum, without going into the complex description of their social relationships and scales.

So basically they eliminate those 3 dimensions of reality (even if sometimes appear in their equations, as in the case of their description of ‘strings’, entities of the lowest known scales, but are not well understood without the formalism we bring in this paper). And they don’t properly understand the ‘3 ages of biological and physical entities’; since the process of birth, social evolution, informative warping and big-bang death, also happens in matter.

But physicists either describe it without being aware that it is a time process, with their 3 ‘states’ of matter (so matter goes through a life-death cycle, of ‘gaseous’, energetic youth, liquid, maturity, solid information, and then big-bang death), or as a process of cosmological evolution (so stars and galaxies are born in a gaseous state, that collapses into a spiral, globular, liquid’ galaxy, and then warps into a solid ‘dark matter’ black hole).

Again as scientists describe reality, they do describe the 10 dimensions of any being; that is their fractal, cellular parts, their social wholes, their life-death cycles, their ages and evolution, but do not have a formal model to put them all together into a sweeping generalization, as we do.

And this provokes of course, many errors, lack of ‘whys’, confusions about the nature of beings and a general ‘enlightenment’ in the Understanding of the Universe.

So happens with biologists, who are more advanced in their description of the ‘entities of existence’ they describe (living organisms) than physicist are, as they do recognize perfectly the 3 ‘scales’ of social existence (the cellular, organic and social, ecological scale) of a living organism.

And they do recognize all of them go through a life-death cycle, and have fairly streamlined those cycles into a birth as a seminal form, a young, energy age, a reproductive mature age, and an informative age, followed by death. Still the lack of the proper formalism limits their understanding of why we ‘die’, why we ‘age’ (warp into information), and many other elements of the ‘life-death cycle’.

This has made them to rely excessively into 2 ‘partial’ theories of the whole process, genetics, which merely establishes the rules by which ‘information’ stored in the molecular and cellular scale emerges into the individual, organic scale (but not into the social scale, a ‘racist’ theoretical error, which is born out of prejudice and the lack of knowledge about the general laws of 10 dimensional beings, which apply to any of them, in any discipline of knowledge, in any scale of the Universe).


They also have a general theory about the process of ‘evolution’ at the individual level of organisms. Yet again, they do not have the proper ‘morphological’ understanding of species and their process of creation, evolution and extinction, which is parallel according to those common laws of 10 dimensional organisms, to that of an individual, just with the specific details of a ‘higher plane of existence’. And so they need to understand evolution NOT only as a process of external selection between individuals that fight and become selected when their systems are more perfect, which is truth, but also as parts of a super organism, the species.

Son then we realize that all species, follow similar ‘ages of evolution’, a sort of non personal, certainly not ‘deistic’, program embedded on the laws of 10 dimensional beings. As all species are born, in a young energetic, predatory age, (for example fishes, were born as sharks), then ‘radiate’ and become species with a high reproductive capacity, and finally grow in information, becoming a ‘3rd type of informative being’ (so for example, terrestrial species, were first, energetic amphibian and reptile, which radiated into waves of reproductive huge energetic animals, and become informatively more complex till reaching man).

So again, we realize that lacking a general model of the Universe and its 10 dimensional beings, biology, which is by far the more accurate of all sciences in the analysis of the ‘Universal Game of 10 Dimensional fractal existences is still limited’ by their lack of understanding of the whole.

Important to that development of Biological sciences, (and all other sciences) would be to know the formal, ‘diffeomorphic’ symmetries between the aforementioned ‘3 dimensions of space, 3 dimensions of time, and 3 dimensions of social evolution’ which together form a whole 10D being (cell, organism or species):

Finally we arrive to social sciences, and here, we have the lesser development in their understanding of what is man and how man

Since the key to fully grasp the Universe resides in the understanding of those dimensions.

3 of them are well known, as they are ‘evident’, spatial:

– X, the dimension of length, Y, the dimension of height and its product, Width, Z.

The next 3 are hinted at, but are not so ‘evident’ as they are temporal:

– Past, the dimension of energy; Present, the iterative, reproductive dimension, that repeats an entity and hence seems not to change; and future the dimension of information.

Now the first ‘symmetry’ both physicists and biologists ignore is that between the 3 dimensions of space and the 3 of time. Since:

Length is the dimension of energy and pure motion, as the line is the shortest distance between two points, and so it is the dominant dimension of young species and young individuals that ‘move a lot’.

– In the sample case we wanted to illustrate (the relationship between morphology and evolution in species), all species are born as ‘long’ flat forms. The first fishes were long, flat sharks; the first species were flat worms; the first earth-bounded animals were flat amphibian.

– Height is the dimension of information, as a tall position is an advantageous point of view of perception, as ‘projective geometry’ shows. So in social sciences we all know politicians and priests go up into a pulpit, and informative machines have tall antennas to distribute information and screens are flat, high forms.

And so are gravitational black holes in the center of galaxies that rule it with gravitational forces of in-formation that form the galaxy. And so on.

So in the biological case we study, life has on the whole evolved from a flatworm to a tall human being. And in each species the same process takes place, so Flat sharks flip their body into the perpendicular dimension of fishes, flat amphibian ended up becoming tall dinosaurs and birds, and mammals become bipedal.

Finally width, the product of the other two dimensions is the dimension of cellular reproduction, and so bodies grow in the width dimension and stars accumulate into a width, spiral dimensions, and Maxwell’s rule of thumb make any student understand that the combination of the ‘energetic’ and informative, magnetic and electric fields create a perpendicular dimension.

And light is an existential being with 3 ‘perpendicular’ axis, where in this particular case, the magnetic, electric and, speed axis are in a diffeomorphic perpendicular dimension to each other, each of them with an energetic, informative and reproductive function.

So the reader will notice again that as in the case of physics, knowing the ‘nature’ of the Game of existence and the meaning and symmetry between the 3 dimensions of space and its 3 functions in time helps a lot to understand the whys of reality. As it did, in the previous example the understanding of the symmetry between the 3 ages of time and the 3 social scales from cellular birth into individual and finally into a social being.

So we shall now write those 3 ‘symmetries’ between the 3 type of dimensions of the Universe, because they encode the whys of infinite particular events in time and forms in space we observe in nature:

Past-youth-energy (Time D.) <=> Length (Space D.) <=> Cellular scale Dimension

Present-Reproductive-repetitive (Time D.) <=> Width <=> Individual Scale

Future-3rd informative age (Time D.) <=> Height <=> Social Scale

Thus the final group of symmetries, besides those of time with space, and time with social scales, are those of space with social scales, such as social ‘scales’ and classes in organisms, are ‘non-democratic’, put on the relative dimension or gradient of height, intuitively understood in human languages. So we talk of the ‘upper, informative classes’, we talk of a ‘higher plane of existence’. And vice versa, we talk of the lower, energetic classes, ‘destroyed’ and ab=used by the upper ones, and the ‘middle, working class’. While in all systems in which a ‘force of energy and information’ dominates the system establishing a ‘gradient of existences’, a ‘chain of beings’, the different elements are put in relationship to that gradient, with the ‘dominant’ informative element, over the reproductive, middle one, and above the energetic system.

So we establish a simple hierarchy between the ‘3 organs of a system’ and its dimensions, with the informative system on top.

And this also brings us a general rule which Einstein alone understood: the Universe is local, diffeomorphic, fractal, as the dimensions and functions of each organic part of a system are relative to ‘where’ it finds its energy and information.

The classic example in biology is the inverse orientation of animals and plants. Plants absorb their energy from light, and information from chemical atoms. So their ‘up’ is our down, that is, their roots are their heads. And their limbs, that feed on light energy, their ‘leaves’, are on top.

On the other hand animals absorb information from light, so their head are on top, inverse to those of plants, and they move with the electromagnetic repulsive energy of their feet, stomping on the floor, from where they also get their energy, by feeding on other animals and plants. So they have ‘reversed’ local ‘diffeomorphic’ dimensions of energy and information.

On the other hand, ‘herds’ and energetic groups of the ‘lower’ scales, tend to be democratic; that is, they organize themselves in the same plane of flat lengths. And then what matters is their inner ‘organization’, which brings about the discovery by the first geometers and mathematicians, the Greeks, of ‘numbers’ as efficient geometries, with the tetrarkys, a 10 dimensional number, as the perfect number. And indeed, from a vital perspective of the game, it is a perfect distribution, with 3 smaller triangles in each angle, specialized in ‘energetic’, informative and reproductive functions and a central communicative point, knot of all the others, which communicate and regulate them. Thus 10 is not only the number of ‘dimensions’ but it is also, the perfect number of ‘units’ to perform the complete game, allowing each central knot of the tetrarkys to ‘emerge’ as the whole, which regulates the rest of the system and becomes unit of a next social scale. And so geometric, ‘platonic’ solids do matter in the configuration of efficient species, but not in the ‘galaxy’ ruled by a ‘gradient force’ so much as in the microcosmic, atomic scales – so atomic configurations in crystals have regular forms. And again, as the triangle and its social form, the Hexagon are the most perfect 2 Dimensional configurations in a single plane, the cube, with a central point-atom and/or a centered atom in each face connecting the other 4, becomes the most regular form of crystallography. And it is a fact that only 3 atomic configurations, the 2 aforementioned cubes and the hexagon exists on metallic substances, as they are the most perfect geometric ‘numbers’ of the game.

Fact those which lead us to the next ‘great discipline’ of ‘Unification Theory’, the name I have been using for the general systems theory of the Universe, as a description of its 10 Dimensional beings, the ‘will or game of existence’ that all those 10D entities play.

This is the game of existence, the ‘syntax’ of Universe, which is the sum of all those 10 Dimensional beings, in its eternal life-death worldcycle motions.

The structure of that process of creation and destruction of beings is fractal.

That means the same laws ‘embedded’ on the Universal grammar of the highest order (10 Dimensional beings) are used to create any species of reality.

And all its languages.

So for example, we can reduce any human language that describes the game with its ‘syntactic equation’.

Let us put 3 examples of those languages, verbal thought, mathematics and music.

As Chomsky and others discovered all verbal sentences have the structure of the Universal Grammar:

Subject (Information being – human) < Action-verb: Exi >Object (energy of the human being).

That is: I(subject)< Exi (action) > E (Object).

All mathematical equations are of the form: X=Y, where normally, the functions represents an energy or informative function, or a ‘relative symmetry’ of those expressed between dimensions, which are transformed into each other, or any of the more complex equations of exchange of fluxes of energy and information between beings; while = the operandi explains that exchange.

So in physics, we describe most processes as actions of ‘energy’ and time.

Where time is related to information, since a clock ‘stores’ the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of tis cycles. So either we describe ‘time frequencies’ or its inverse function, T=1/ƒ, frequencies.

And so for example: E=Mc2, written in Planck’s notation as E=M(t), shows the fundamental equation of physics, an exchange or transformation of energy into ‘vortices of information’, masses and charges, which are ‘eddies’ of gravitational and electromagnetic forces.

While in particle physics its fundamental equation, Boson < => Fermion, describes also an exchange and transformation of energy particles (bosons) into informative ones (particles). On the other hand, the ‘3 families’ of mass (3 families of quarks) represent the 3 ‘scales’ of growing mass of those vortices. And so on and so on…

So a fundamental task of the work of this scientist has been to translate all the knowledge of all the jargons of all sciences to the simpler laws of the Game of 10 dimensional existences, which is truly the ‘Unification Theory of science’, again not very difficult to understand but certainly far more complex and deep in meaning and enlightenment that any ‘God’s particle’ or ‘mere unification of forces’ (which in any case it is not possible, in the terms physicists search with its limited understanding of the dimensions of time and the scales of the Universe).

Finally the Universal Syntax, also applies to those ‘creations’ of the human mind, which we call artistic forms. Of them, the one that represents closer the game of existence as Schopenhauer understood is Music, a ‘temporal art’ which he deemed to express the ‘will of the Universe’.

And indeed, we can consider that Music has in its highest expressions (classic music):

– The dimensions of space, which are given by harmony.

– The dimensions of time, which are given by melody.

– The scalar dimensions, which are given by its scales.

And we can as in all other disciplines and ‘arts of creation’ – as we could define, God, the Mind of the Universe, as an artist in 10 dimensions; go into as much detail as we want, studying music or a biological or physical or social organism, with those laws.

For example, western music uses a diatonic minor and major scale, which put together, have 10 notes.

Now those notes are divided into whole note intervals divided by ‘sharp-flat’ notes, which all together describe precisely a life-death time cycle:

Birth in minor key, first sharp-flat divide, youth, divide, maturity, divide, old age and finalis.

And a good composer will play that scale and notes to provoke a series of ‘emotions’ as it describes a whole life-death cycle, through melody.

On the other hand the wider range of scales in music is given by the Piano, which encompasses 3 whole ‘scales’, and it is the rule of music that when we finish a scale, the ‘next note’ of the higher scale sounds exactly as the equivalent note of the lower scale (a do in lower or higher pitch sounds equally in harmony), as we have ‘emerged’ into a new scale.

Finally there are 3 types of instruments, of growing complexity, the rhythmic, percussion instruments, the melodic, wind instruments dominant in melody, and the strings, dominant in harmony.

So we start to find with this simple introduction to musical theory many of the ‘symmetries’ between the 3 ‘dimensions’ of each of the 3 ‘space, time and scale’ elements of reality.

The duality of internal vs. external control of the game.

Now we have made an external description of the 10 dimensions of existence and its beings. But to fully grasp the Universe we must consider the inner description of those beings. Why they move and act and grow through social scales, and live and die? It is all automatic, or do they have a will that moves them to exist?

This comes to a single question: there is perception in the informative function on the ‘height dimension’ of the being, which has a program of action that moves him to enact the game? Even if he ignores the outcome of it? And How then, the ‘self-ish actions’ of the Individual brings the creation of the game?

As all systems follow a simple will, expressed in that equation: ∑E<=>Ti, they try to become social wholes (∑), they try to feed on energy (E), they try to absorb information (Ti) and <=>, they try to reproduce combining both.

The reader interested in details, either laws, or species, or life-death cycles or spatial organic morphologies, or scales, or dimensions of any science or art, ‘fractal games’ of the Universal Game of 10 Dimensional beings, made to its image and likeness, can read the available literature spread all over the web, in sites, papers, books, e-books, films and other kaleidoscopic visions, coming from the same ‘equation of God’, the mind of the Universe, produced during the past 30 years strangely enough all of them, by this ‘author’, fractal mind made to its image and likeness.


In this central post we shall now talk a bit more  at a layman level, about the ‘living nature’ of the Universe,  starting by the understanding of what I found to be the FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLE OF THE UNIVERSE, THE STRUCTURE that all systems display  WHEN WE ACHIEVE ALL THE INFORMATION POSSIBLE ABOUT the ENTITY  – a super-organism, that follows the 4 isomorphisms of the Universe: isomorphism of life-death cycle, isomorphism of physiological-topological structure in space, ternary hierarchies of its wholes and parts, and ‘organic program’ of existence (Max. E, Max. I, exi, and ∑∏: FEEDING, GAUGING, REPRODUCING AND SOCIALIZING).

3. The Organic Paradigm.

‘A  COMPLEX SUPER-ORGANISM OF NETWORKS OF ENERGY AND INFORMATION’, the ‘fractal unit’ of reality made to the image and likeness of the whole, since as Leibniz put it: ‘any point is a world in itself’:

In the graph, in system sciences the fundamental concept is a social organism, a herd or group of self-similar forms, which gather together thanks to their capacity to share the same code/language of information and the same energy. Such herds evolve together in complex networks, which survive better than individual particles or cells, acting together as a single group.

Thus, systems sciences recognizes as the fundamental evolutionary force of the Universe the survival capacity of groups, which determine an arrow of future that has evolved the organisms of reality from simple atoms into molecules into cells into organisms into societies.

What is an organism of information and energy? A herd of species related by networks of energy and information, that constantly transform energy and process it in a vital way. How individual species organize themselves into complex herds, that biology calls ecosystems or bodies, or organisms? Precisely through those physiological networks, the key to understand any organism, including human social organisms (nations, civilizations).

In the Universe there are many type or such social organisms. Since “energy never dies but eternally transforms itself”, organisms have an enormous variety of species and sizes, depending on what energy they process. What do they all have in common? All organisms are “societies”, organized by networks of Energy and Information.

The former is clearly the case in all the sciences from physics to biology, where a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single regular formation. Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of humans and machines; galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole, of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells controlled by the nervous system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches, and roots connected by a network of energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles).

Atoms share energy and information between them through electrons who finally shape ð orbitals that create molecules. Molecules grow and become DNA, which controls the cell. Cells then radiate until their density saturates the vital territory of the herd of cells. To improve in such small territory the Information and energy of each cell, the nervous-informative organs, and the energetic, blood organs appear. A new, more complex species -the animal, and the man- is born. Then humans increased in social size, forming a new macrocosm -the macrocosm of History and economics– where a lot of humans and machines organize themselves into societies, through words and digital information. The purpose of this web is to study such organisms; historic organisms (a social organism of humans), and economic ecosystems (a wave of products that interact with human beings), as organic systems; trying to design and improve them, from the perspective of the health of what is best for the survival of man, as the ruling species of that organism.

The structure of organisms

Let us to that aim, understand first the generic structure of a social organism, or ecosystem, parallel words that we will use constantly as synonymous. In fact there are four basic elements in all organic living systems:

1. Cellular units
2. Networks of energy or vital space

4. Networks that reproduce energy and information.

When we find those elements interconnected in a vital relationship, we talk of an “organic system”. We can see such organic systems as “bodies”, when all the cells are very close to each other, or as “ecosystems” of herds, when the cells are far away, and the networks are weak. We should not be cheated by the spatial appearance of the organism.

A herd of machines, a herd of insects, a human group is also an organic system, because it has cells, and networks, even if it does not seem to us a body. The fundamental reason we have not arrived earlier in science till Theory of Organisms, to the conclusion that the universe is made of such organic systems is the lack of relativism, the arrogance of man. Men have a hard time believing that things which are not like us, are able to intelligently process energy and information.

We are also unable to believe easily that microcosms and macrocosms are “species”. Yet an organic perception of macrocosms like galaxies or planets, and an organic perception of microcosms such as cells and atoms, is the most logical way of “unifying” our understanding of the entities of the Universe. We might see those herds very close together in which case we talk of bodies, or we might see them extended with a loose organization; then we talk of waves, societies or herds.

A verbal definition of superorganisms 

A generic definition of an organism or ecosystem will help to clarify what we mean by a “vital universe”, composed of “universal organisms”. Let us take a template for a micro or macrocosmic organism (or ecosystem) that differs only in the specific energy or information we put into brackets. “A universal microcosmic or macrocosmic organism or ecosystem is a population of [name a particular species], related by networks of [name a language or force] information and networks of [name a kind of energy]”. Fill the gaps with a specific species, language/force and energy and you can define any network-organism in the universe:

– An atomic organism is a population of (electronic) energy and (nucleonic) information, related by networks of (gravitational) information and networks of (light) energy.
– A molecular organism  is a population of atoms, related by networks of gravitational energy, and networks of electromagnetic information (orbitals, London forces, Van der Waals forces).
– A “galactic organism” is a population of stars, related by networks of gravitational information, and networks of space-time energy. Their morphology is similar to that of an atom, where the nucleus is the black hole, and the stars the electronic orbitals.

– An “animal ecosystem” is a population of carbolife species, related by networks of light information, and networks of life energy (plants, prey).

– A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic and nervous information and networks of energy-providing blood.

Historic superorganisms

Complexityduality and Systems Science study the laws that define an efficient complex organism in physical space (particle/field systems), biological space (head/body systems) and Social space (informative leadership/working class). The importance of this new social science is that it draws from Nature teachings and so it has a set of laws that allow to design a perfect social organisms.

Indeed, its laws are based in the self-similarity of all complex systems, from galaxies to living beings, which are organized by networks of individual particles – cells, stars, atoms – communicated by flows of energy and information. So happens with human organisms (energetic, blood networks andd informative nervous networks) and social organisms (economical, energetic networks and informative, cultural and legal=political networks).

So we can use the sane definition to define the superorganisms of history and economics:

– A bio-historic organism is a population of humans, related by networks of verbal information and networks of carbolife energy.”

– A bio-economic organism, is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of monetary and electronic information, and networks of roads and electric energy

The difference between both type of systems, a historic and an economic organism thus is clear when we consider that the ‘organic unit’ of the economic ecosystem is NOT contrary to belief a nation or civilization but a new organization, appeared recently with the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, called the company-’mother’ whose function is to reproduce a product, overwhelmingly a machine, and then to evolve further and adapt the world to the existence of those machines, creating networks of energy and information for them (digital networks, electric networks, etc.) And this is the first big surprise of an organic model of history and economics: while History is undoubtedly the product of human endeavors, the economic ecosystem is ruled by company-mothers of machines, which follow a set of biological, evolutionary and organic laws independent of mankind; quite removed from the abstract jargon coined in the XVIII century, even before machines existed by classic economists’ like Mr. Adam Smith.


In the graph, General Systems is the Philosophy of Science that unifies Biological and Physical Sciences, by accepting 2 ‘time arrows of’creation of the future’, the creation of energy or motion (studied by Physics under the term, ‘entropy’) and the creation of information (studied by Biology under the term negantropy).It is a tenant of GST (General Systems Theory) that the Universe constantly ‘transforms back and forth, energy into information’: E<=>I; and so all what exists can be described as a ‘Complementary System of Networks of Energy and Information, ∑E<=> ∏I’.

For example, in Physics all is a complementary particle of information, moving over a field/wave of energy, in Biology all systems have a body that processes energy and moves a head of information (or in the case of a cell, a cytoplasm body that moves an informative DNA-center; finally in human societies, there is always an information class that controls the languages of power (digital money or verbal laws) that a mass of working citizens, the body of society, obeys.


It follows that all systems of the Universe which exchange energy and information between two poles will be submitted to similar ‘laws’ of exchange of energy and information, similar differential equations that measure the rates of exchange, similar ‘morphological laws’ that show the lineal or cyclical nature of its energy and information poles and transformations and similar ‘beats’ or cycles, as they switch between its ‘wave-motion-body states’ and ‘particle-head-informative gauging-mind states’.

It is for that reason that System Scientists are obsessed since its foundation, by the concept of isomorphisms: they try to find similar laws and equations in different systems of the Universe and extract ‘general laws’ applied to all systems, or ‘isomorphisms’, which normally derive of the functional behavior of those E<=>I Systems.

 The existence of a Unification Science of all Sciences. Time and Space isomorphisms.

And the main of those isomorphisms is the fact that all systems go through a ‘life-death cycle’ as they exchange energy and information back and forth between those poles, such as ‘there is a generic life arrow’ of existence, E->I, in which most systems trans-form energy into form in a higher measure, from a ‘young energy’ age into a 3rd ‘informative age’, or life cycle, E->I, and then when they are warped into form, wrinkled with no energy, explode back the form, erasing it and extending it into space as energy, I-> E. This cycle, of ‘life and death’ E->I, I->E, is the fundamental rhythm of the Universe, and its isomorphic laws apply to all systems of the Universe proving the ‘existence’ of a General Systems Theory or Science of all sciences.

But there is also besides the isomorphism of life-death=time cycles, the isomorphisms of spatial vs. informative ‘shapes’. Energy is always lineal, fastest motion and information, cyclical, still, storing form.

So we can talk of a Fractal Universe in which each system of spatial energy/motion and temporal information/form follows the same morphological laws of General Systems Theory and Energy-Information duality.


In physics instead of information we talk of ‘cyclical clocks of time’, cyclical, formal vortices of mass and charges, which in two scales, the gravitational and electromagnetic scale, store the information of the Universe in its ‘frequency’ of cyclical motion. And they move lineally thanks to fields of lineal spatial gravitational or electromagnetic energy:

Vortex of Bidimensional mass (Max. I) x Field of gravitational energy (Max. E) = Gravitational System

Vortex of Tridimensional Charge (max. I) x Field of Electromagnetic energy (Max. E) = Electromagnetic system.


E<=>I, WHEREAS I is a charge or mass and its clocks of time, whose frequency is responsible of the attractive force of the charge or mass, thus Mass, Charge =  I(M, Q).

and we write for a present static quantum of ‘time’ of measure, =,  E=M(i)=M, which in Planck’s notation – the one used for complex physics – is equivalent to E=Mc2.

Thus Einstein’s equation merely expresses that the lineal, radiating energy of the light-space membrane can convert itself into cyclical time-clocks as it shrinks by a c2 factor, and vice versa.

The c2 factor being the square surface of light-space that the Mass vomits as it dies into its ‘body energy’. Mass and electromagnetic energy are thus exchangable because they are two sides of an energy-informative complementary entity:


In Biology we talk of cells and multicellular organisms. And in societies we talk of human individuals and social organisms.

The Hierarchical structure of systems. 

The two unifying principles that define similar laws and structures in the Universe are:

– Duality – the existence of a general dual structure, of Body/fields and Heads/particles E<=>I, in all systems that ‘survive’.

Obviously there are broken systems, organisms without head or with 2, particles without field, fields  without particle, but they are unstable, mutations or systems in process of destruction, as death is precisely the destruction of the balance between both poles. So all efficient living or rather existing systems  (a word we prefer as it has no vitalist bias) have both elements and follow laws natural to those 2 ‘widest’ possible concepts of motion and form.

– Scalar structure. That is, systems extend through different ‘layers or scales’ of relative spatial size and temporal, informative ‘clock-speed’ in the Universe.

Since all those systems have a second peculiarity: they co-exist in at least 3 scales interelated, as each scale is in fact an ‘organic network’ of ‘parts’ of a smaller reality.

The Universe is constructed as a game of Russian Dolls of increasing complexity, built over a web of smaller ‘i-1’ beings. So smaller parts, ∑i-1, come together into whole systems, i, which become themselves, relative i-1, smaller units of a social, bigger whole: particles come together into atoms that become molecules; molecules come together into cells that become organisms; cells come together into organisms that become citizens of societies.

This structure is NOT only proper of biological systems, but also common to all physical systems that evolve eusocially from simpler particles into atoms, molecules, planets, stars, galaxies and Universes.

The program of existence.

So both fundamental, dynamic elements of all  systems of reality, energy and information, unify the ‘existence’ of all beings, which happens in a social manner across its cellular, individual and social scales.

In fact, ‘E<=>I’ duality and ±i ternary, hierarchical scalar nature,happen in both physical and biological systems, structured into a ‘cellular/particle’ to ‘organic/atomic’ and ‘social/molecular scales’.

In physical systems we find the particle, atomic and molecular scale in the smaller, simplest physical systems we perceive; and the star, galactic and universal scales in the bigger systems we observe. And in fact, in the ‘hardcore’ mathematical model of the ‘fractal, organic, dualist, systemic Universe’, we shall find that the equations of atoms and galaxies are self-similar, hence it might be possible the existence of a Universe of infinite scales, in which each galaxy is a new atom of a higher i-scale.

In biology we can also talk of several scales from bio-chemistry to sociology. And again we find similarities in the cellular and social scale (for example, the way factories and ribosomes ‘assembly’ and reproduce new products).

Now, the reader should understand a subtle philosophical difference between ‘equality’ or ‘identity’ and ‘similarity’, which is the term used in General Systems Sciences and the laws that all its systems obey. We talk of ‘homologies’ and ‘similarities’ but not identities, as it happens in a ‘fractal structure’. When we become smaller a fractal shows the same patterns repeated, but not equal patterns. So while atoms might be similar to galaxies in their formal and systemic structure they are ‘not’ galaxies. And while cells might resemble factories they are not factories. And yet those ‘isomorphic’ laws do happen because essentially all comes from a simple ‘geometric game’ of lineal motions/forms (what we call energy or space) and cyclical motions/forms (what we call information or time clocks). This essential duality between ‘distance-space-lineal motion or energy’ (we can always see reality in motion or as a still distance) vs. ‘cyclical clocks, motion, implosive information, dimensional form’ is what unifies ultimately reality. And if we add the pattern of parts that become wholes, units of bigger parts, we have the two ‘structural’ elements of reality.

But we STILL NEED  a cause, a will, a reason why cyclical and lineal motions ‘beat’ constantly in the Universe. And this is the program of existence, the will of a living, organic, sentient Universe, in which all is made to the image and likeness of the whole, and its parts. Where there is no really difference between what a human does and an atom does.

Since we find, that due to that dual, scalar structure also both physical and biological systems, process energy (feed on energy to move), process information (gauge information to orientate its motions), reproduce or decouple into similar systems or particles and evolve socially, ∑, into bigger systems.

And then, astoundingly enough, we observe that in fact all complementary systems of the Universe, do ‘Feed’ on energy, ‘Perceive’ information, ‘Reproduce’ their systems and ‘Evolve Socially’ into wholes, if we were to use ‘biological terms’. Quantum theories are called ‘gauge theory’, because particles seem to gauge information. Sociological groups are called ‘fields’ because they can be studied with physical laws in their motions. When we accept the essential similar hierarchical, scalar structure and dual energy-information dynamics of all systems then we come to startling conclusions regarding the equalitarian nature of all systems of the Universe, different in ‘quantity’ and ‘complexity’ but not in ‘quality’.

Indeed, since life is defined as a system that processes energy and information, reproduces it, ExI, and exchanges it with the external Universe, and becomes organized, ∑, into complex herds and cellular organisms, we can talk of an ultimate similarity between physical field/particle systems, which associate into atoms and molecules, reproduce by decoupling self-similar particles and become organized with a field/wave/body and particles of information, which cannot exist without each other… and life beings, which also reproduce, gauge information, absorb energy and move with it, and associate in more complex wholes, in a bigger scale of which they are mere units.

We call those ‘4 drives of existence’, feeding, perceiving, reproducing, and evolving socially, each one represented by a symbol of the ‘Generator Equation of energy and information systems’, ∑ (herding), E (feeding) , <=> (reproducing), I (informing), the program of the Universe and each atom guided by its 4 quantum numbers perform it. And each human with its cycles of working, informing, entertaining, eating, moving, loving, acting socially performs it.

Conclusion: the 4 isomorphisms of the Universe and all its systems.

Thus there are 4 fundamental isomorphisms in all the General Systems of the Universe that GST (General Systems Theory) Studies:

– The 3 ages of time of all systems: Max. E (Youth), E=I (reproductive maturity), Max. I (3rd age), reversed by death: Max. I->Max. E:

13 3 AGES

In the graph, from:

– Socio-biological systems, for example human, life and social cultures and its collective artistic mind, all systems go through a young lineal age (of epic youth), a mature, classic, beautiful age of balance between energy and information, a 3rd age of excessive form and a death that explodes us back into energy (or in civilizations that kill cultures in war), to:

– Physical systems that go from an earlier age of big-bang, energy-gas state, to an age of balance or liquid-steady state, to an age of form, the solid, black hole state, which happens in all scales of the physical universe, from matter to stars to galaxies to the Universe (3 solutions to Einstein’s equation)

all systems suffer the 3 ages of life-death cycles.

– The 3 topologies of space of all systems and its 3 physiological networks that fusion  ‘form and function’ :

Energy limbs (max. E), information particles/heads (Max. I) and reproductive body systems (E=I).

And as it happens in our 4 dimensional Universe there are only 3 basic topological shapes:

          – The hyperbolic center of information (and all brains and informative particles/heads have a hyperbolic form, placed in the center of maximal communication, or on top of the system, where most information can be perceived)

         – The external membrane of energy (lineal, planar or spherical surface that covers the system and protects it)

          – The toroidal, cycles of exchange of energy and information taken place in the body/field of the system.


In the graph, we can see that topologically, all systems from urchins to electromagnetic fields, black holes, atoms, tomatoes, planets or cells, have 3 components, which correspond to those 3 topologies: the energy membrane, the hyperbolic ‘zero point’ of information and the toroidal body.

This is the ternary structure of reality with heads and bodies and limbs. Now we go a ‘notch’ more in our search for more meaning and complexity, adding to the energy and information components, its ‘combination’. So from now on we shall talk of:

– Energy membranes and limbs and fields – all of them lineal, all of them engaged in pure motion.

– Reproductive, elliptic bodies, combination of lines and cycles, all of them dedicated to reproduce the components of the system.

– Informative heads/nuclei/particles, cyclical and spherical, all of them dedicated to gauge information.

And consider that there is a direct relationship between those 3 elements and the 3 ‘ages of existence’, as limbs/energy dominates youth, reproduction dominates the mature age of steady state or balance, E=I, and information the 3rd age, Max. I.

The 3 ±i hierarchical scales of  all systems made of  i-1 ‘cellular particles’ that become whole organic atoms, i, themselves parts of a higher i+1 social ‘fractal scale’ of the System.

All systems have a ±i structure across a cellular/particle, organic/atomic, social/molecular scale, in which each part is controlled by the bigger ‘physiological’, gravitational/nervous/informative and electromagnetic/blood/energetic networks that feed and inform the ‘particles/cells’ of the system.

In the graph, we could consider ourselves connected as a ‘whole’ i-system to our lower, i-1 scale of cells,∑i-1  and as a citizen, cell of society, to a higher, I+1 scale,God, nation or civilization:


Finally, we study the less easy to accept isomorphism of Nature, due to the anthropomorphism and ego-trips of mankind: the existence of a program of behavior in time and space that all entities of reality follow, constricted by the limits of ‘existence’ in a Universe with only:

                  – Two elementary arrows of time-change, energy or expansive, lineal motion and information, or implosive, cyclical time clocks, which shape the beats of reality, from your open and closing mouth, eyes, heart and lungs that process energy and information, to the longest big-bang/big crunch cycles of the Universe: E<->I

                 –  And two more complex arrows that combine them, reproduction (Exi), when energy specialized systems (males, electrons) and informative specialized ones (females, yins, quarks) fusion together giving birth to similar ones. And social evolution, when herds of cells become bodies or networks of neuronal informative units become a whole interconnected ‘brain’/’particle’: (∑E, or ∏I)

Those 4 isomorphisms derived from the 4 ‘terms’ of the Fractal Generator Equation , ∑Es<=>∏TI, of ‘space-time’ or ‘energy-information’ events,  thus suffice to account for almost all phenomena of all sciences of all systems of all scales of the Universe:


Changing our anthropomorphic chip and obsession for exact measure to ‘feel’ reality in its wholeness.

What make us think in different terms are the different jargons we use for each science, and the ego-trips of anthropomorphic, special nature we attribute to man. For example, physics talk of space-time systems and biology of energy-information systems, and sociology of middle, working class, and upper class, in control of the languages of social power (money and the law).

But all those dualities represent the same: a complementary system with a ‘body class of energy that reproduces and moves the system’ and a head that gauges and informs the system. So we talk of similar terms as ‘space or lineal distance’ can be seen as lineal motion or energy. Both are perceptions of similar phenomena, so we can see a car moving or a line of distance at slow motion. We can see the Earth quiet or in motion (Galileo). We can see galaxies moving away or space expanding (cosmology).  We can always see reality at slow motion as fixed distance or at fast motion as moving entities.

The happens with clocks of time, cycles with form and in-form-ation (static view of the entire cycle of form). Both are the same and so are information and time clocks that carry information in its frequency and form.

This is what we must seek for: similarities between systems. And to that aim we must transcend from the ‘more precise’ scientific concept of equality and measure, to the ‘less precise’, but more meaningful concepts of ‘similarity’ and function.

What this means is that in general systems sciences, the summit of the evolution of human thought in its search for a meaning to reality we shall use the most general sciences of logic and mathematics, upgrade our notions of those languages, and expand them to be able to treat with rigor the similarities of beings.

For example, we are more interested in the most generic discipline of geometry, topology, because it reduces all forms of the Universe to the aforementioned 3 ‘canonical’ shapes that correspond to all systems of energy, reproduction and information of the Universe.

And further on we observe a relationship between those 3 spatial topologies, 3 ages and 3 ‘scales of reality’, since we ’emerge’ in a prior -i, fetus age from the lower scale (birth) and then transcend during our mature, old age, into the i+1 social scale. And then when death reverses time, we return back to individual loneliness (3rd age) and biological, cellular death.

And again there is a parallelism between those 3 spatial morphologies, 3±i ages between -i birth and death, and the 3 scales of our organisms, and the 3+i arrows of feeding, reproducing, informing and socializing.

And so the image and meaning we obtain about the entire Universe when we have a Systemic organic dualist approach to it, is both simpler and more complex than present philosophies of science, of mechanist, phyisical, entropy-only nature. We have made more complex the meaning of time, with its infinite life-death cycles and ‘time reversals’ i death; we have made more complex space, with its organic, fractal scales; and yet by making spatial energy, or vital space and temporal information or time clocks infinite and self-similar in each species made of vital bodies of moving space and cyclical brains of temporal clocks of information, we have found principles and structures that unify all systems of nature in a pantheist, intelligent, living Universe.



The description of all those systems, extending across 3 relative dimensions of space, and 3 dimensions of time, past (our simpler forms), present (the 3 dimensions of space) and future (our social super-organism), starts by understanding a more complex type of space-time structure, one with multiple scales of fractal space, and 3 relative dimensions of ‘evolutionary time’, past, present and future…

For example, man is made of cells that process energy and information. They are gathered by specialized energetic, reproductive and informative (e, e=i, i) networks into multicellular organisms. Then each of us is part of a society in which it obtains energy through the economic system, information through the audiovisual and legal systems and reproduces with other cells/citizens of different sex. Thus we co-exist in 3 ‘scales of existence’, the biological, individual and social scales, and so we if we define each scale but an i-index of relative volume of information our existence happens in ±i scales, and this happens in all systems of the Universe that co-exist in an individual, cellular and social scale.

For example, an atom is made of i-1 particles and normally forms part of an i+1 molecule.

A cell is made of i-1 molecules and normally forms part of a social herd of bacteria or a i+1 organism.

So we talk of networks of energy, ∑, and networks of information, ∏, as the 4 ‘arrow’ of behavior’ of the Universe, ‘eusocial evolution’, that puts together body cells, ∑E and neuronal cells, ∏i, reason why we use a more complex definition of any system, when we add the ‘fractal scalar nature’ of systems: ∑E<=>∏I.

We  include in the previous formalism two fundamental equations that express all those isomorphisms:

One is E<=>I, that relates the 2 elements or motions of all systems.

But if we add the hierarchical scales of parts and wholes, we obtain ∑Ei-1<=>∏Ii.

In this more complex equation we introduce the ‘5th dimension’ of ±i scales, which organize all systems.

As heads of information direct fields/bodies of energy, and become its ‘wholes’ that perceive the entire structure of the system, we use the symbol ∏ of network for the whole ‘brain/particle’ interconnected system, and give it a higher informative index, i than the herd of body/field cells/waves, ∑Ei-1, loosely integrated as a sum, ∑.

And state the ‘metrics’ or fundamental equation of the 5th dimension:

 Ei-1 x Ti = K,   meaning that the product of the size of a system in space and the speed of its time clocks remains invariable.

As such we are all, physical and biological systems, also 5-dimensional beings. People caught in a 3 dimensional, fractal sheet of space-time, of a certain dimension in space and with certain speed of time, to process information. For example, man is a species on the 1 meter range and the 1 second range of thought/eye glimpse/beat of the heart, or speed of processing information. But we are connected to  a smaller scale, the biological scale and to a bigger, more complex one, the social scale.

The reader should notice that body networks, ∑, are less integrated, are sums of adjacent cells which mostly relate to its neighbors, herds with little social organization, while informative neurons are true networks, in which each neuron connects with all other informative elements of the group, hence we use a multiplicative symbol. And this is the key of the power of informative particles/genes/neurons/upper classes over the less organized energetic fields/bodies/working classes of any social super-organism.

If the first and second type of analysis of the Fractal Generator of all systems, E<=>I, gives birth to duality, the science I chaired in the International Congresses of Systems Sciences, this 3rd type of analysis of General Systems Sciences, gives birth to the subdisciplines of Hierarchy and the fractal analysis of space and the Universe at large.  And both together allow us to define the ‘Universe’:

The Universe is a fractal  of complementary systems of energy and information structured across 3 scales of size, in which all its parts are also complementary systems, made to the image and likeness of the whole: ∑Ei-1<=>∏Ii

Whereas the ‘whole’ is represented by the informative network that controls and absorbs energy from the body herd, becoming itself a ‘first unit’ of the next super-organism. So your brain feeds on your body and it is the unit of your higher society.

In this blog we shall develop and translate all the laws and sciences of humanity to the common structures of General Systems, unifying them all departing from the fundamental event in space and time, the ‘Fractal Generator of the Universe’, ∑E<=>∏I


The scales of the Universe, its systems and sciences.


Sciences study Systems of energy and information.

And General Systems Sciences unifies them lying down a series of Laws that all Systems follow, based in that simple fact – that all what exists is made of two components energy or space (moving/static view) and time or information (moving/static view).

The result is a Unification Theory of All Sciences.

General Systems Sciences were founded by Bertalanffy and in Macy’s congress after Einstein death set its fundamental goal:

To find a formalism to describe all what exists in the Universe as a System of energy and information.

The idea was to unify Physics, the science of energy and Biology the Science of Information, and the formalism was called the Feedback Equation that related those parameters, E, and I:

E <=>I

Scientists know better is expression as the fundamental law of science:

‘In the Universe Energy never dies, only transforms back and forth, into In-Form-ation’.

So simple and so profound.

And yet for 50 years  the discipline languished precisely for lack of the formalism, which I just showed, in which I worked alone in the 80s and 90s, outside the Systems Sciences community – not even knowing it existed.

My initial goal was to unify biology and physics with that concept, and to that aim, I knew i had first to expand the Logic  Syntax of science, as Logic was stuck in single time causality (Aristotle)

Indeed,  if the Universe was made not ONLY OF ENTROPY or ENERGY, the arrow of time (the direction of the future) Physicists sponsored, neither ONLY of Information, the arrow of time Biologists sponsored but of both, it followed we had to advance Logic causality from the simplex A->B unicausal, ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis of Aristotle, to a dual time arrow:

A<->B, where A is a function of energy and B a function of information.

E<=>I, thus became the new equation of the arrows of time.

But then i found that since mathematics was based in Aristotelian Logic in the present formalism (as per Hilbert et al.), i had also to modify and improve the mathematical formalism of Euclidean mathematics.

As it happens, this had already started with  its modern Non-Euclidean development, ‘1the famous 5th non-euclidean postulate of parallels).

This part was also a fascinating endeavor, as I just reasoned that perhaps the way to go was to CONVERT THE OTHER 4 EUCLIDEAN POSTULATES to Non-Euclidean Geometry, which I did, defining a new unit of mathematics, the Fractal Non-Euclidean point, which grows in size and information as we come closer to it, enlarging our view of its ‘scale’ of the Universe.

And so what I found is that the Universe was a scalar Universe, in which each science formed a ‘step’ of that scale, studying the species of its ‘relative size’.

And this could be formalized with a 5th dimension of scalar depth, whose fundamental ‘Metrics’ were ruled by astonishing new law of Nature, the equation of inverse properties of space-time:

Max. E x Min. I = K.

That is the smaller we became the faster our clocks of time tick. But the product of both were proportional.

it is then easy to define the ‘5th dimension of the Universe’ as the sum of all the scales created by changing the speed of time and space of a piece of reality enlarging it.

So we can travel through the 5th dimension as there is a balance between space-size and time speed, ti, such as if we diminish in Space = Min. size, we accelerate our clocks, Max. Ti, but both together are in balance:

SE x Ti = K

This is what causes the metabolism of rats to be faster than that of humans, or a fly to see and think with images 10 times faster than you do.

In fact, all those scales were decametric, such as any new scale of the Universe was 10 times smaller and 10 times faster than the biggest next one.

So the Universe have a scalar, decametric 5th dimension, of which scientists did know nothing at the time I discovered it.

But all the laws of each scale could be defined now easily with the new, more powerful tools of ‘Non-Euclidean Geometry’ and ‘Non-Aristotelian, dual Logic’.

And so in the 90s I was able to deduce with those 3 tools – Non-AE Logic and Geometry, which i called with the next letter, ‘i-logic Geometry’ and the Feed-back equation of Energy and Information, E<=>I< which I called the Generatrix equation of the Universe, ALL THE MAIN LAWS OF ALL THE DISCIPLINES OF SCIENCE.

The result was the depiction of an organic, fractal Universe made of infinite systems of energy and information.

So this blog will try to introduce the model of General Systems Sciences based in the Law of Conservation of Energy and Information, its i-logic Geometry, its formalism and  the Generatrix equation of the Universe, at 3 levels of increasing complexity – the 3 ‘sections’ of the right side of the web.

It will be filled with further articles as life goes by with increasing detailed analysis of each scientific discipline, gathered in 5 sub-fields that develop the Common Laws of all systems across all scales of

– The fifth dimension:

– Non-Aristotelian Time Logic.

– Non-Euclidean mathematics.

– Physical Systems

– Biological Systems.

– Sociological Systems.

As I have been so far logically deduce all the fundamental equations of all sciences with the model.

What the name of this science ‘general systems’ represents is now easy to understand with the foundational postulate that widens in verbal terms the meaning of the Generatrix equation E<=>I:

All what exists is a complementary system of networks of energy (bodies/fields/working classes) and information (heads/particles/informative classes), which balance each other, sharing energy and information among them, to reproduce similar systems in other regions of space-time.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity in balance, which can decouple=reproduce creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

In history priests and politicians issue ethic laws to direct a mass of citizens.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

So E means field/body/middle class and I means particle/head/informative class in the 3 main type of human disciplines of experimental science, physics, biology and sociology.

Marvel at the beauty of a Universe, made of similar entities, in eternal balance… except the world of man, ill-designed… by lack of understanding of those laws.


Now we have observed the existence of key isomorphisms in the Universe.
Those isomorphisms however are not known to common sciences. Not even the term isomorphism is common to them. So we must substitute it and we shall substitute it for a jargon more proper of mathematical, logical and physical sciences, that of ‘invariances’ and ‘co-invariances’ and ‘dimensions of space-time.
And affirm that the Universe displays 7 fundamental ‘co-invariances’ or balances between the energy and information content of a system, ExI = K.
And those invariances are the isomorphisms that we find in all the scales of the Universe, in all its species.
And so we can group all those isomorphisms to create a new ‘dimension of space-time, the 5th dimension, whose geometry will be precisely the ‘co-invariances’ and ‘invariances’ or isomophisms among all the beings of the Universe.
1. The fractal, scalar Universe and its co-invariant metrics. 5d metrics best

5th dimension’s co-invariance in cosmic, human & atomic space-time scales

The 5th dimension of space-time’ (abb. 5D) is the dimension of spatial size and speed of temporal clocks that carry the information of the Universe in the frequency of its cycles.

– By spatial energy we mean 2 parallel concepts, perceived in different ways:  Static space that defines size, perceived also as a sum of lineal motions or ‘Energy’. Since space is the ‘continuous’, static, whole perception of infinite quanta of moving vacuum energies: S=∑E. Thus space distances and lineal speed motions mean the same. So astronomers say Universal space is ‘expanding’ meaning that galaxies are moving away.

– Temporal information means 2 parallel concepts, also perceived differently. Since a bit of information or ‘hertz’ is completed in any system when a clock cycle is closed. Thus, the faster any biological or physical time-clock turns, the more informative hertz-cycles it processes, as it happens in computers, complex system of time clocks, whose logic cycles process in-form-ation. Thus the absolute time of the Universe is the sum of all the time clocks and informative cycles of the Universe; T=∏I.

Thus, we talk of cyclical, temporal information and lineal, spatial energy as the 2 primary motions=substances=forms=actions of the Universe.

And we call its perceptive dualities of ‘Endophysics’ the Galilean Paradox, as humans perceive the Earth still as a whole space. But as we increase the quantity of information=truth we perceive it becomes a rotating, moving mass of atomic clocks (‘e pur si muove e pur no muove’).


Thus both Space & Time co-exist in several scales of size with different quantities of information or ‘i-scales’ and similar ‘fractal’ properties; both, as a whole and a sum of parts in motion and stillness. Yet the maximal truth=information defines a fractal, scalar, moving, dual Universe of ∞ clocks of information, simple knots that enclose ∞ ‘vital spaces’ (Fundamental Knot Theorem) are illustrated with Galileo’s depiction of Saturn’s ‘flat, still, ring’, which are in fact multiple turning clocks in motion with several size scales. Thus Spaces & Times have inverse, complementary properties that balance each other, in each system, defining the Geo-‘metric’ equation of the 5th dimension that resumes those co-invariances:

SexTi=K or Se<=>Ti,

as energy and in-form-ation trans-form into each other ad eternal.

When complementary systems grow in spatial size the speed of its clocks  or ‘time cycles’, which carry their in-form-ation in their form and frequency, slow down proportionally, both in biological and physical systems and vice versa: as we become smaller time cycles tick faster and the frequency of information processing accelerates in all species.

Thus 5D co-invariant metrics rewrite the fundamental equation of science, the principle of conservation of energy and information and its Fundamental Particle: a Complementary entity made of a field of energetic=moving waves or a body of vital cells, ∑E, in-formed by still, informative particles-heads, which are knots of clock-cycles, ∏Ti; structuring two poles that constantly exchange energy & information, keeping its balance

: ∑E<x>∏Ti.

I.e.: The clock-like cycles of matter – planets, stars and galaxies – slow down as we grow in size and vice versa: smaller molecules, atoms and particles tick faster, as we shrink. So Mercury turns faster than Pluto according to Kepler’s 3rd Law, and any clock-like vortex turns faster the smaller it is: Voox R=K. Since Kepler’s 3rd Law and the equation of physical vortices are particular cases of 5D co-invariant metrics.

– Thus charges and masses are clocks belonging to the quantum and cosmic i-scale, defined in 5D metrics by the frequency of its accelerated vortices that determines its attractive force (Einstein’ s Equivalence Principle):

E=Mc2 + E=Hƒ -> Mc2=Hƒ->

M= (H/c2)ƒ->M=Kƒ.

They are also the first clocks of in/form/ation of both i-scales. And its ‘Universal constants’,

Q & G ≈ O-Ti  / |-Se

define the relative proportions of Temporal Information & Spatial Energy of each membrane of space-time.

2. Invariance of Time Ages: Past, present and Future.

The same time acceleration happens in living systems: Small animals have faster metabolisms and cells reproduce daily while their super-organisms reproduce once a year.  Even machines follow the main 5D co-variance. A computer processes information faster the smaller its chips are, as its logic cycles close its shorter paths in lesser time. Since a 5D vortex of temporal information is NOT a fixed, spatial substance even though systems of enormous time frequency (masses, charges or car wheels) seem solid, static space (Galilean paradox). Yet they exist dynamically as motions in time.

This fact allows the temporal analysis of ‘slow’ 5D beings, beyond the ‘Maya’ of our senses. Since the acceleration of all vortices of information explains also biological evolution. Living systems grow in information:

– As individuals that undergo 3 ages of increasing information, from youth, the age of maximal energy to a balanced, longer maturity, ∑E<=>∏Ti, to a 3rd age of warped bodies and maximal information.

– As species that go through 3 horizons of growing, informative intelligence.

– As social super-organisms that constantly increase in technological complexity (human civilizations).

All systems undergo an accelerated vortex of temporal information perceived in very fast, cyclical particles, as a solid simultaneous, present space and for slower, evolving, aging systems as a causal time chain:

  1. Max.E (Past, |-Lineal Energy, Youth)      -> E=I: Present, Balanced, Repetitive, Maturity          -> Max.I: Future, O-Cyclical, Informative 3rd age

3. Invariance of Spatial Topologies: O-Heads, Ø-Bodies & |-Limbs.

In terms of spatial ‘topologies’, those 3 Dimensions of Time translate as:

|-Motion (Past) x O-Form (Future) =Ø-Present Space-time Action: | x O= Ø

Those inverse shapes of |-energy and O-information, make complementary Ø-systems recognizable in any scale and define the co-invariance of Topology. While:

Past-Energy x Future-Information=Present, Complementary Systems

Becomes now the Causal equation of Non-Aristotelian logic that substitutes Aristotelian, one-dimensional causality based in a single time ‘arrow-dimension’, (Energy or Entropy) translating the equation of 5D metrics, SexTi=K, into the invariance of the 3 dimensions of time.

Together, they show the identity between the 3 Spatial & Temporal Dimensions, which are dual still-motion perceptions of the same geometries=events (Galilean Paradox), followed by all entities of any relative 2D, 3D & 4D Universe:

– The Dimension/Motion of Time-speed=Information is a cyclical, imploding motion that creates order and contracts space. In 1D is a closed string=Time Clock (dual perception as form-motion). In 2D is a mass= Accelerated vortex. In 3D is a charge=electron orbital. In 4D is a ‘World-line’, in true form a life & death world-cycle. We write Ti, O (still perception), or E>I, using a dynamic, informative, implosive symbol, >.

It is maximal in black holes and Neurons (physical/life systems).

– The Dimension/Motion of Spatial Energy, is an expanding, lineal motion or growing distance that dissolves in/form/ation.

In 1D is an open string/lineal motion. In 2D an expanding bidimensional big-bang. In 3D Energy, which explodes in 4D as entropy.

It is maximal in vacuum space and water (Physical-Biological systems). We write | and Se (still perception), or E<I to describe any entropic, expanding ‘<’ action.

And define the life/death cycle as a dual motion in the 5th Dimension:

Life-Youth: E >I <E : 3rd Age-Death.

Thus 5D metrics, perceived as SeóTi interactions, define also the events in time and the structure in space of most parts and subsystems of reality, made of energy fields and particles of information (Complementarity Principle) or bodies of energy and heads of information (biological systems):

|-Se (bodies/fields) < x > O-Ti (particles/heads)=K (Stable system)

Max.Se=Min.Form (Body/field) Vs Max.Ti=Min.Extension (Head/Particle)


universal organism

Se-parts move the whole system. They are lineal planes, the shortest distance between 2 points – from light to legs or planes. While Ti-parts gauge information. They are cycles or spheres, the geometries that store more information in lesser space, from eyes to particles to brains.

Thus complementary systems in 2D are made of |-Energy x O-Informative organs. While in 3D Universes complementary systems are made of an assembly of its 3 only topologic varieties that perform 3 organic functions: Max. E, closed limbs or sensorial membranes; Max. I, Hyperbolic, informative zero points that gauge information; and E<=>I: Toroid bodies that communicate, combine and reproduce both:


– We conclude that the Universe is eternal, made of 2 motions – NOT of substances – and its E<=>I combinations that define its Fundamental Particle-system, Se <x> Ti : |-Limbs < Ø-Body > O-Point

– Since the metrics of 5D for the whole space-time Universe are the same than the equation which defines the 3 topological parts of any system we conclude that we do NOT exist over an independent space-time but we are made to the image of the whole space and time, each of us is a complex system made of fractal quanta of energy and bits of information, of circadian or physical clocks and surfaces of vital space, imprinted by the form of those cyclical in-form-ations.

 In all physical scales particles are background dependent, constructed with pieces of spatial energy and temporal information, starting from its smallest Planck scale, made of lineal, open strings which are rods of Planck’s space and cyclical, closed strings which are the tiniest Planck’s time-clocks.

– Since 5D invariances apply to all Complementary systems of the Universe, we exist in a PANTHEIST Universe, in which each part is made to the likeness of the whole.

4. Co-invariance of Dimensional Actions. 5DIMENSIONAL CYCLES

– All complementary entities displace a particle/head that gauge information over an energy body/field directing its actions, which are MOTIONS WITH FORM, e x I events that combine the 2 elements of reality.

What are the types and purpose of those actions?

If we depart from 2 motions, energy and information, expansive and implosive motions, we can combine try to obtain more of them in ONLY 5 Invariant actions:

– ∆E (feeding); ∆I (informing), the Primary actions that fuel body and head.

– e<=>i: Communication; exi: creation of complementary systems, which sometimes we group together as ‘present’ reproductive actions.

– And 2 types of social growth: ∑Ei: energy herding in the same scale and…

∏±i creation of informative networks, the more complex action, which also gives birth to complex reproduction across 3±i scales.

Since each entity is sandwiched between two scales, i±1, ∏±I signifies the creation of networks, in which each ‘neuron/particle’ communicates with all others, through its axons/bosons, forming a ‘whole’ new i+1 unit while controlling its herds/waves of loose cells/fields with those ‘axons/bosons’ invaginated the lower i-1 chemical/gravitational scale.

Unlike herding of parallel quanta in the same i-plane or reproduction of a wave that imprints its form in a lower scale, i-1, network creation is multiplicative, ∏, as the number of axons is a potency law of its neurons, so it is the ‘momentum’ of a particle-field (mv2). And since creation of social, organic networks, requires all other actions, it is the summit of the ‘program’ of the ‘biological’ Universe that all its species follow.

So all what species do is: >I: Gauge information; <E: Feed on Energy; ∑ei, herding with parallel beings or exi, merge into complementary systems;  combining those simplex actions in a single plane, across 3±i scales:

– Reproducing self-similar entities: EI>∑eii-1>ei or evolving socially with them into bigger networks, creating more complex planes of existence, fractal super-organisms: ∑Ei-1<=>∏Ti

All what any entity including humans do during our entire existence from seminal cell to dying body, all can be explained with those 6 actions: Feeding, informing, communicating, herding, reproducing and networking.

Further on each of the 6 ‘existential actions’ and their functions are an isomorphism of each of the 6=3 Space+3 Time dimensions of reality, forming together a causal sequence, as complex actions need previous simpler ones to ‘exi=st’. Thus actions, functions=forms=dimensions & time sequences are related, creating parallel invariances that define each  fractal’ diffeomorphic entity or ‘world’ constantly ‘filling’ with those dimensional actions its vital space, part made to the likeness of the whole Universe:

– ∆I: Any entity needs first to perceive-gauge information from an advantageous ‘point of view’. So all p.o.v.s, are ‘on top’ in the dimension of height, from heads to antennae to black holes.

– ∆E: Then the entity will move to a field of energy to feed, through its faster lineal path. So ‘length’ becomes the dimension of energy and main body orientation, from ¥-fields to sharks.

– Then we communicate eÙi with similar beings to herd or reproduce in ‘empty’ regions of space-time, so width becomes the reproductive or communicative 3rd spatial dimension, where we accumulate new cells, send our words as we walk in parallel dimension.

– We observe also those 3 perpendicular dimensions in ¥-light fields, corresponding to their diffeomorphic electric=informative, magnetic= energetic and reproductive c-speed, product of exi (Maxwell’s equations). Since light is not an abstract, independent space-time background: Our mental space-time is made of ¥-information, so we share its Euclidean 3 Dimensions. Vacuum space is light. So background radiation cannot be extracted: it is space itself.

So the 3 Space-dimensions are functional actions with a causal sequence:

Informing (Height)<Feeding (Length)>Communicating/reproducing (width)

What about the 3 Dimensions of Time and its parallel actions. To understand them, we need to study now the time structure of i-scales.

5. i-scales and dimensions of time: Past, Present and Future.time dim ension

In the graph, the scales of the Universe, its 3 time dimensions of evolution of information and their sciences.

In the graph, we have written the 3 dimensions of time, past, slow energy and future, fast information with the human time-clock speed as our relative present, point of view. Since simpler scales are causally in the past; as an entity is created literally by informing, molding with higher i+1 networks, simpler scales ‘cell by cell’. When a light wave moves, it does not ‘displace’ but reproduces its wave motions, ‘warping’ simpler gravitational 1D string lines, by a height factor of –ct (Relativity). Motion is really reproduction of information on a simpler i-1 scale. Thus we describe the 3 Time Dimensions of ‘social evolution’ of light across 3 i-scales as:

– ∑: Color is the 4th ‘social dimension’ of light, made by herding together multiple frequencies of light into a photon, its present, simultaneous space dimension. As space from the perspective of time dimensions is a present ‘slice’ of the total time flow – the 4th dimension of time. While inversely the Present, simultaneous measures of Time, are in Relativity the 4th dimension of space. Yet we reach a sounder description separating those 3+3 spacetime dimensions, by using multiple time speeds instead of a single 4D clock.

+i: Fractal electrons are Light’s i+1 dimension of future network evolution.

-i: The gravitational i-1 scale in which it feeds is its relative, to which it returns after ‘dying’, red-shifting and expanding its length-speed between galaxies (z>c).

Then as light warps into more informative, smaller beings (Max.i x Min. E), first electrons, then molecular orbitals and so on, each new ‘scale’ of light space-time requires the previous scales to be born. Thus causally simpler scales are in the past. When your i-neurons, create your ∏-whole, they are in the past, requiring an action-bit of time to synchronize and emerge as an i+1 whole into the future. That’s why the subconscious rules, and the ‘ego’ merely observes with its electric whole brain waves; or the molecular orbital appears ‘after’ the atomic ones dissolve into the whole.

Further on, complex i+n systems move slower, as they draw more information in a single space-point. A light beam of pure ¥-space informs only a gravitational line so it reaches the maximal c-speed of our spacetime membrane. But there is another parallel Universe of gravitational scales, of E-speed and information-order, made of dark, gravitational energy, quark matter and quark, boson stars (black holes), which are accelerating vortices of w>C and T<0k  beyond the c-event horizon. And since we ‘don’t see’ gravitational information, its relative motion-speed is ∞, non-local.

6. Invariance of scale: emergence laws & superorganisms 

Since biologists define life as systems moved by 6 drives of existence, as they gauge information, feed on energy, communicate, reproduce and sometimes evolve socially in herds or complex networks that co-exist through different scales, creating super-organisms, which are the 6 dimensional actions of the Universe, we define the Universe and all its parts as a super-organism of energy and information,

Hence the Philosophy of all Sciences IS organicism, and General Systems Sciences which studies the common Invariances of all species across all i-scales, NOT mechanism and physics, which studies only physical scales, with only an arrow-action of time, motion-entropy & only a space language, mathematics. Thus we unify all sciences, considering each one to study an i-scale of i-nformation of the fractal, self-similar Universe, from astrophysics, which studies the smallest quantum forms and largest, cosmic ones, through biology and sociology that studies human scales of size and time speed:


In the graph, the 3+3 >informative and <energetic dimensional actions and its 3 topological invariances fusion into 3+3 >&< physiological networks, invariant in all Universal super-organisms, which display 3+1 elements extended in 3 ±i-scales:

1.  Cellular units, when we perceive the system in the i-1 scale.

2.  Networks and organs that >-absorb or <-expel energy: external membranes, digestive tracts & limbs.

3.  Networks and organs that >reproduce cells or wholes of energy and information or <communicate them externally.

4. Networks that input or output information – senses and ‘nervous’ networks – that give origin to:

5. i+1 the whole ‘brain’ site of the i+1 consciousness.

So we define with those invariances and laws studied for each scale at the end of this paper, the following scales of reality:

1st Scale: Open strings of energy and closed time strings: Strong Forces & Gravitational space-time.

2nd Scale:  Bosons: |-Light and O-Photons.    

3rd d Scale: Fermions: |-Electrons & O-quarks.

4th Scale: Atomic Organisms: Periodic Table.

5th Scale:  Inorganic and Organic Molecules

6th Scale; Life Cells. States of Mater: Energetic Gas, ExI Liquid and Informative Solids.

7th Scale. Life organisms; Energetic Plants; Informative Animals. Organic Metal-Machines

8th Scale: Planets. Human Civilizations; Economic Systems.

8th Scale: |-Stars & O-Black holes.

9th Scale: Galaxies, which might be the beginning of a new Scalar Game.

10th Scale: Universe, which might be a Gas cloud of Atoms of the new Scalar game.

Indeed, astrophysics uses the same laws to explain the ∞ small and large, because charges and masses are quantum and cosmic vortices of space-time with similar equations defining similar scales, in 5D metrics, as we ‘scale up and down’ the Time speed and size parameters of both scales using the human 1 sec/1 meter p.o.v.  Thus we see 3 i-scales of physical matter (of an ∞ number) from protons to stars to galaxies, atoms of a hyper-Universe.

And we unify masses and charges as the time clocks of those 2 scales, by translating the electromagnetic jargon to the jargon of gravitation.

Then, the same vortex equation, Universal Constant (Q,G) = ω2r3/M  describes both time vortices, charges and masses:

Since by substituting for the Sun-Earth and Bohr speed & radius / Sun-Earth & Proton-electron mass, we obtain for the 1st time theoretically G and Q, differing exactly by 1040the experimental difference of strength between both forces. Further on we find in the simplifying jargon of a gravitational vortex that a Proton radius has the same formula than a black hole, the Schwarzschild horizon. So Protons, stellar and galactic black holes on one side and Neutrons, stars and galaxies on the other are similar ‘static’ systems. While beta decays, Novas and Quasars that emit ¥-rays and neutrinos (the space bosons of the ¥ and Gravitational membranes) are similar dynamic systems in the 3 scales of the Universal superorganism. If we add that quantum strings are similar to cosmic strings and the Einstein-Walker model of Universal space-time considers each galaxy a hydrogen atom. We conclude the Universe is ∞ in scales as big-bangs of expanding-accelerating space are ‘balanced’ by galaxies that warp space into time vortices, creating a total zero sum of:

–  Masses and charges that in-forma the Universe (E>I or life arrow)

– And ‘big-bang’ entropic deaths that expand it (I<E).

Giving birth to the widest/longest life death cycle, E>I<E, imitated by all its parts, shaping the final Invariance, sum of them all,


7. Life-death cycles: Invariance of Time Ages.


The invariance of superorganisms made of physiologic networks that transform energy into information (Life arrow) and then explode information back into energy when they have exhausted it (death arrow) determines a sequential, existential life-death cycle invariant in all beings:

– i-1: Birth as a seed of information.

-Max.Energy x Min.Information: Energetic youth of external motions. E-Limbs and sensory membrane rule.

-E=I: Balanced, ‘classic’ age dominated by reproductive/communicative systems.

-Min.Energy x Max.Information: 3rd age dominated by the informative 0-point that warps&wrinkles all energy into form, exhausting it till…

-Min.E x Max.I<∑Ei-1: Death devolves information into formless energy.

All systems, shown in the graph, follow those life/death ages, from matter (energy=gas, liquid=reproductive state, solid=informative state), to the Universe. Since the 3±i solutions to Einstein’s space-time equations ordered sequentially in time represent its 3±i ages, born of an i-1 black hole seed, expanded in a young, energetic big-bang, till a classic e=i steady state that ends in a big crunch collapse and final death into a reversed Gödel time vortex, as the cosmological energy constant becomes negative=informative. 



‘Existence’ both in physical and biological systems is a 5D travel, since all systems are seeded (Max.I  xMin.e)i-1, emerging at birth into its i+1 scale, to live 3 ages, as they change its relative exi proportions, till exhausting its energy and dying in a time reversal, I<E, to its i-1 past‘cellular-wave scale.


In the graph, Species are ∑herds born from a first individual ‘seed’ that evolves through 3∑±i horizons, similar to the ages of individuals:

– i-1 Seminal birth. The 1st species packs a lot of information in minimal space: It is the Black Hole, the chip, the 1st bilateral animal vernanimacula, the 1st mammal (shrewd), the 1st horse; the 1st Homo Sapiens, Homo Floresiensis, a dwarf with an evolved morphological Sapiens brain, who discovered language & technology; and the first, future ‘self-reproductive machine’ (nano-bacteria).

– Energic youth. Species grow in size with lineal-planar forms as carbohydrates, fishes & flat worms did.

ExI. Species suffer a reproductive radiation, colonizing new ecosystems as top predators.

– Max.I. Species suffer speciation, according to the ‘Ternary Law’ into:

A subspecies, dominant in energy, another dominant in information and a 3rd one, balanced in both parameters.

– i±1. Finally, a more evolved top predator of Max. ExI extinguishes most herd species but highly informative species evolve into i+1 social organisms, joined by a common language of information, becoming top predators stronger than individuals ∏Exi>exi (pheromonal ants, verbal humans).

8. i-logic Geometry & Existential Algebra.


5D co-invariances show a Universe made of multiple scales of broken, intertwined ‘spacetime’ membranes. Thus, its formalism must combine geometric equations and causal, logic, sequential time laws. So we need to upgrade our simplex space language (continuous single space defined by Euclidean geometry) and time causality (Aristotelian one-dimensional causality from past to future, A->B) to explain multiple spatial scales and 3 time dimensions, past-energy and future-information combined into complementary, present beings. I baptized this new mathematic-logic formalism, ‘i-logic geometry’ that completes the 5 Postulates of Non-Euclidean Geometry.

Einstein used the 5th postulate of Non-Euclidean Geometry (Points through which multiple parallels can cross), to describe the structure of Gravitational space, using a single clock, the 4th present time dimension.

 To complete his analysis, we expand Non-Euclidean geometry, adapting the 3 Geometric, Euclidean postulates to multiple i-spaces and the 2 logic postulates (3rd& 5th) redefining identity and causality using the 3 dimensions of time.

– 1st Postulate: ‘A fractal point shows 3D volume as we come closer to it’Since only fractal points, which grow in volume as we come closer to their scale, can fit multiple parallels.

– 2nd postulate: ‘A line-wave is made of i-1 points with ‘breath’ that communicate energy and information among i-points’.

–  4th postulate: a plane is a discontinuous network of fractal points joined by waves of energy and information that leave interstitial dark spaces. (Particles in physical planes, cells in biological spaces and so on.)

– 3rd postulate: ‘2 entities are ‘equal’, when both, their external form (Euclidean postulate) and internal 3D parts are identical.’

Yet since we cannot perceive the complete internal information of 2 points, still and isolated by its external membrane (Galilean Paradox) instead of equality we talk of degrees of ‘similarity’. So Invariances between entities of different scales are NOT equalities but ‘similarities’.

-5th Postulate: ‘0-Points gauge information & energy, transforming waves of external i-n points into inner body cells and mind’s pixels.’

Thus we define sequential, causal mind-> body actions:

– ∆I -> ∏i+1(mind’s creation) ->  ∆E -> ∑exi (cellular reproduction)

And formalize the Galilean-Ego Paradox:

‘Every point of view=mind feels, subjectively, from his point to view, the center of the Universe, but it is only a zero-point, an infinitesimal mirror, which maps in stillness a minimal part of the ∞ information of the ∞ Universe’.

As Aristotle put it, ‘there are ∞ Gods, still minds that order and move the energy that surrounds them’. Since the ‘6th dimension’ of future is created first by 0-Minds who project their ‘imagination’ in the external world, re-ordering each scale. Thus minds are both the alpha and omega, described accordingly by the 1st and last postulates of the i-logic Universe:

‘The i-logic Universe is a Fractal, scalar super-organism, infinite in time duration, in time cycles, in spatial extension and spatial scales, in which all parts are self-similar to the whole, made of an infinite number of complementary systems of lineal energy and cyclical information, structured into social super-organisms, through 3∑±i scales, which constantly create 5 Dimensional, functional actions, lineal energy feeding, high, informative gauging, wide, reproduction, social evolution and travel through 3 of such scales in the life-death cycles of existence; all of which is expressed in a feed-back equation, from which all laws and equations of science can be deduced:


Which is the Fractal Generator=Creator of all existences.

Paraphrasing Einstein, i-logic geometry (space p.o.v.) = existential algebra (time p.o.v.) – give us both, the Thoughts of The Creator – the Generator Equation and ‘I=ts’ details – every part and event of the Universe, whose laws derive from such ‘Thoughts’:

Conclusion: A Universe of infinite fractal minds gauging information and shaping the paths of fields of space.


In the graph the Universe can be perfectly understood when the human mind and its subjective vision of reality from the perspective of its limited ‘Aristotelian’ and ‘Euclidean’, logic, (temporal and visual, spatial perception of the human mind) is considered only one of the infinite points of view, performed by particles and heads that gauge information, move energy and constantly create the events of the universe. Each of those particles and heads create its own perspective and mind view, or mapping of the Universe to which they act-react accordingly.

Thus once we go beyond the simple mechanisms of measure and languages of the human mind we can widen our perception of a Universe made constantly by infinite points of view, time clocks that gauge information and scales of vital space in which those mind species host their bodies that move them.

Then we can understand a Universe, simpler, repetitive and yet richer in its creative capacities, whose general laws apply to every mind and species; each one a part made to the image and likeness of the whole. 

It would seem impossible to understand the Universe with the limited tools of the human mind, but it is not.

The Universe is simple in its ultimate principles and structure. The main reason humans do not understand it, is not the complexity of its principles and organization, but the fact we are NOT objective beings, made to ‘comprehend’ but biological beings made to ‘want’ and ‘survive’.

So we want to feed and perceive, and reproduce and win the battle of existence and become the center of a Universe, which does not care about humans and this hurts our ego.

Thus in subtle and not so subtle ways mankind biases his understanding of reality to place himself ‘theoretically’ in the center, either through anthropomorphic religions, or sciences in which man is the only intelligence and our machines the only rod to measure reality and our mind, the only conscious experience of it all…

We creates tools of measure where our space size is the only space ‘continuum’ or scale of reality that matters, and our clocks of time are the single standardized time of the entire Universe, which must rule all its rhythms. We define life as only those organic systems made with carbon atoms as we are and we consider that the will, freedom, consciousness and perception of existence are properties that only apply to us, human beings, and our relatives, animal life.

It is with those subconscious traits of our subjective mind, which measures from its point of view and hence considers his nose bigger than Andromeda Galaxy, how man has approached knowledge and failed to grasp the simple, scary truth about the Universe:

‘Every mind is an infinitesimal point that maps out an image of the infinite Universe, it confuses with reality itself, thinking his point of view is the center of the Universe’.

This mind of man that creates a mapping of the scanty proportion of the Universe it perceives and then reflects with synoptic mathematical, visual and verbal languages in its diminutive brain, is just really one of the infinite points of view of the Universe that gauge synoptic information and act-react to it in the same fashion. But we cannot perceive or care for all those other minds. So we confuse reality with our mind and reduce the Universe to what our mind sees, even think that our synoptic languages, numbers and words are ‘the substance’ and nature of reality (scientific platonism, specially endemic among physicists or/ and wor(l)d religions for whom God ‘is’ the word – Islam, Christianity).

We are nothing in that Universe, not only in terms of intelligence, role or raw power, but also in terms of perception and fitness to survive on it. Still if you can get away from your ego, your mind, your instincts and emotions, all is there to perceive it in awe with the humble realization that we are just a part made to the image and likeness of the whole.

Then if you are humble enough to forget your ego and your human condition you might instead wonder, admire and worship the astounding perfection of the Universal Game.



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