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  1. 2 manifolds of space-time.
  2. Non-Æ:The 2nd Isomorphism
  3. Bidimensional forms in physical systems
  4. MANIFOLDS of biological systems
  5. 2 manifolds in of social systems.

‘All yin has a drop of yang, all yang has a drop of yin’ Taoist proverb.

“Space and time of itself sink in shadows. Only its union exists.” Minkowski. On ð♥$: ðime-$pace §ymmetries

‘Space ≈ Time’. Luis Sancho, on the symmetry between space and time dimensions in the Universe.

The previous two quotes signify the fundamental principle of reality in the 3 ages of the scientific method, the religious, mechanical and organic age: the duality of reality made of motions with forms, of bidimensional ‘2-manifolds’, of ‘holographic bidimensional surfaces’.

The building of reality thus starts with the 5 Ðisomorphic Ðimotions of all Time§pace organisms, reaching a series of balance between its space and time states, and vitally growing in ever more complex patterns, to form social networks of similar populations in simultaneous space, or repetitive frequencies of similar events in time.

The 10 Ðisomorphisms of 5D² Time§pace Organisms

Ðisomorphic method studies in a vital, sequential time manner the world cycle of beings. As such is the equivalent in time of the Generator equation of supœrganisms and its compressed Rashomon method of 5 ternary asymmetric ‘truths-points of view’ of the system, a more static democratic spatial expression, on how systems co-exist in space. In time though they are guided by a hierarchical singularity point, the will of existence, the still mapping language, the inner parts of the fractal point-mind whose ‘travel through the 5th dimension of space-time’  is the ultimate meaning of existence. We divide that travel into a generational sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal points), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe a series of asymmetric actions reproducing 3 physiological networks that create the being as an ∆º species of that larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through the 3±∆ ages of existence, studied in detail through its 8 life-cycles, traveling/interacting through social scales as it forms part of a lager super organism, and through the 9 perceived planes of reality, in which it will perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeiou:motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction and social evolution). So the Universe in all its magnificent iterative perspective or any of its fractal parts reduces to this ‘simple game of exis=t¡ence.

‘Ðisomorphic 0-1D points  1Γenerate 2Manifold 4 a(nti)symmetric  5∆±I Åctions  iterating 3d ηetworks &  six species  æging  in 8 Ξ decades  θru 10 §cales∧ 9 planes:

The graph shows those elements departing from the 5Dimensional simpler view, relating the unfolded 10 Disomorphic analysis in relationship to its origin as formalisms of the mind (0-1 Isomorphism: Generator, Seed and actions), or as spatial studies (2-manifolds, 3 networks, 6 species combination of those networks), or temporal analysis (studying its 3±∆ ages and 9 decades of the world cycle) to finally inscribe the being in its ∆§ potential 10 social scales within each of the 9 ∆º±4 larger planes within the Universe perceive by the being.

So we start for the fundamental form of the One, its potential wholeness as a seed, or a formed mind-point that generates the acts of the being. the first seed of information; which soon will split through the duality between the space and time phases/parts of the cycle/organism; then the ternary division of its S, st, t physiological networks.

Next comes the four combinations of space time with repetitions, Ss, tt, st, ts; then the 5 dimensions, including now the lower and upper scales of seed state and death state…

We can then consider the 6 species, combination of the 3 physiological networks of the being by hierarchy of power, S-st-t, S-t-st, T-st-s, T-s-st, TS-s-t, TS-t-s.

We can then study with its upper and lower scales, the 3 ±2 ages of the being between generation and palingenesis in the ∆-1 scale, through its 3 ages in the ∆º scale, into its splitting dissolution of its energy back to ∆-1 and emergence in the collective memory of its social scale (from family to man of the world) in the ∆+1 scale; and so we arrive to the 8th isomorphism of the ‘8 baguas’ or decades of a life cycle (for man, different for other stages of being) through its ‘gaseous, moving youth, liquid, reproductive maturity and informative, solid state’ to return to the womb of ‘tao’…

And if we are to measure the being through its growth in social scales, in the palingenetic dimension of 0-1 generation, or its scalar, social world, we shall find a series of decametric growths from 1-10 through the §10°-¹° societies to the trillion cellular beings that create a new ∆plane of existence… the last quantitative≈qualitative, space≈time isomorphism, as we move in scales from the atom-galaxy to the galaxy-atom and beyond, perhaps from the o-| open and closed $ and ð microcosmic strings of space-time to the cosmological ones.

The 10 Dimensional isomorphisms (ab.Ði) applied to the study of each 10Di (5s, 5t) timespace organism, increases formal depth and experimental detail in our study of all the systems made of ∆@s≈t of space-time, defined by its fundamental 5 elements/Dimensions:  @minds, ∆-§cales, $pace, ðime and its s≈t symmetries.

So as a fractal organism can be subdivided in its analysis through its dualities of t-motions and s-forms, into 10 Dimensions, we study 10 similar properties of those dimensions in the dynamic existence of any being and call them the 10 Ðisomorphisms (Ð for dimensions and cyclical time, as it is the capital for eth, ð).

We could say paraphrasing taoism and Greek Philosophy (Parmenides, Heraclitus), or modern quantum probability that from the ‘o-1’ unit sphere of ‘existence’, comes 2, the duality of space-time, expressed in its kaleidoscopic jargons by human beings – the wave and the particle in physics, the conjugate product in mathematics, the genetic code and the protein in biology…. the yin and the yang, the man and the woman; the lineal and angular momentum… you name it and move it…

And from 2 comes 3, the lineal, angular momentum and vital energy sum and product of both, the wo=man and its offspring, the particle, wave and potential… the being in itself, which can be properly described in ternary S≈T, elements, in a single plane of existence. 

But the Universe is not THAT SHALLOW, so regardless of our humind geniuses with its ‘space-time continuum’ in a single sheet, we need the whole and the parts, the upper and lower scales, the points that make the topological beings, the cells and the ecosystems, the finitesimals within and the world outside, the Kantian thoughts in his brain, the starring lights on the sky…

And so we have the 3±1 dimensions that bring together 3 planes of existence, Ξ, into the being, 3 lanes, 3 non-euclidean networks that form the topological organism; and the 3 languages most used in this blog to describe them, verbal thought with its awesome metaphorical capacity to show in a language all humans can understand the Disomorphisms of Nature, the mirror of mathematics, which tunes to fine detail and extract more properties as it is likely the language of the atomic mind alpha and omega, atom and galaxy of those ∞ scales, and the visual language of graphs and intuitive forms.

Wor(l)ds, numbers and images are thus our 3 elementary mirrors to build ‘knowledge’, because the 1=one truth in itself is only carried by the being, who holds all its information, and the being within the world to which it connects; so humans need many mirrors and we have settled for the 3 we have ‘expanded’ with non-euclidean geometry, non-aristotelian i-logic, for maths and words, non-Æ for its visual forms.

We shall study in this post the 2nd isomorphism of 2-manifold, minimal units of space-time, SS, ST, TS, TT. It is a dual isomorphism in the sense that we can study the ‘duality of space-time beings’ or:

2nd isomorphism: holographic principle, of minimal quantitative existences, perceived externally in the world, as individual dimensions (the fractal point and the wave line) or 0≈1 isomorphisms are studied as the initial states of the being in the original dimensions of its internal existence, not always perceivable.

The 2nd isomorphism expresses the combinations of space and time, which is dual in the Max. S x Min. T and Max. T x Min. S combinations, which are NOT commutative, as two different forms  mixed in space will shape a relative hierarchical order of sequential primacy.



All starts we stated with a seed of information that wakes up to existence and will perform then the…

Ðisomorphism: 5 a,e,i,o,u åctions: A series of actions of motion, information, reproduction, energy feeding and social evolution whose purpose is to ‘reproduce the information of the being and survive’, emerging as a larger super organism in a higher scale.

This IS the program of existence, a simple 5 dimensional action process, restricted by the fact the system is merely composed of two elements, space and time and its combinations, and the fact that those species who did not maximised its existence, and ternary elements, with those actions did not survive. So the program is not conscious but an automatic selection of the actions that ensure the survival of the being, 

In this manner the monad webs a reproductive and evolutionary process, from ‘minor to major’ starting from the seed of information or @mind, which will emerge through its actions and flows of bidimensional communication, growing within its world by absorbing energy and information, through its dynamic flows and actions.

So the next Disomorphisms will cast the being into the Spatial perceivable world.

2n Disomorphism (2D). Flows of space-time: The mind reflects as a fractal point with a volume of information the Universal bias view it has created. So as it reflects it into flows of bidimensional communication it deviates its path (moves), absorb and emit flows of entropy, energy and information through bidimensional waves of s=t symmetries. In that regard, we study also in detail the 3 dualities of the Galilean paradox applied to a being: its dualities of form vs. motion, parts vs. whole, lineal vs.  cyclical elements; (ok, this is the ideal ‘path’ for future researchers, I cannot really fulfill the whole encyclopedia so posts are incomplete and uneven).

The simplest modes of construction of realities are ST combinations of bidimensional planes or ‘2-manifolds’: In the graph, SS: information, a combination of  two S dimensions, of static space and cyclical form;  Sð: time clocks, where the cyclical form moves with a closed frequency angular momentum. $$: Planes of Distance, where there is no form to the two static views; and finally a combination of 2-manifolds, which gives us a 3D:∑∏ System of ‘energy’.

In the graph, the simplest two manifolds of reality combine a dimension of space and one of time, or superpose two dimensions of the same ‘state’. Yet as there are in fact 5 dimension of space and 5 dimensions of time and we can combine them in multiple ways, even repeating the same dimension, as in a plane with two Spatial, lineal dimensions (one of the commonest forms), the number of possible combinations of one of such dimensions with other already give us a ginormous number of variations, which explains the huge richness of reality.

In that sense any of the posts of this blog could in itself ‘generate’ an entire encyclopaedia of analysis, since ultimately this is the simplest blueprint to generate the entire Universe.

So we are NOT going to be by any means exhaustive but consider just a few, simpler commonest combinations that are ‘basis’ for the ternary structures we see most often around us, such as if we consider S any space dimension and T, any temporal dimension:

SS: Gives us a pure Spatial manifold;  which will be a topology of Space with distance and form but not motion; of which the simplest, commonest form is $$, a plane of pure vacuum space (graph). It might be considered the ‘original plenum’ from where all forms and motions will depart, and indeed the Universe as far as we observe it is such a plenum. Yet an ‘SS’ system has an excess of form, and hardly any motion in the long term becoming mere distance or area, ending in a ‘flat plane of space’ as vacuum is after the big-bang expansion. So it is in a way a form of ‘death by lack of motion’.

And so it is its unbalanced, inverse excessive motion.

TT: temporal manifold: Accelerated Clocks of time.

When we add two motions together we obtain the canonical concept of a ‘Force’, F=ma, or an accelerated vortex of time, which tends to follow the vortex equation, Vo x Ro = K, as space diminishes and time grows its speed converting one dimension of space in one of time:

Acceleration can be in fact extended to the concept of a change of direction of beings (centrifugal acceleration), and measure also by a change in the frequency of the rotary system. Acceleration in time is thus related to the increase of curvature of the system (proper interpretation of Einstein’s equations in terms of motion). And there is inverse to the big-bang expansion of an entropic motion, which after the initial impulse decelerates as it extends in space.

The question then remains: where thus the acceleration of all those systems ends up, if in the middle of that accelerated space there is an apparent ‘zero motion’ (lack of charge, t->0 in EFE of black holes, zero motion of thermodynamic eddies). The answer is obvious: the center of the mind-system must split by a ‘death effect’ :

On one side, an entropic PAST flow will come out in a lower, ∆-1 plane.

On the other side, a FUTURE form of still information, will manifest in the center of the informative vortex, whose patterns map out the form of the absorbed force-system.

While a present exi mixture of form and motion, of energy will be absorbed by the ‘hardware’ through which the software force moves through.

Acceleration in that sense is an IMBALANCED motion that by its nature exhausts the system and tends to provoke its splitting.

It is inverse to the SS bidimensional space that becomes still with no motion. In an acceleration process, what we loose is the extension in space. As all becomes motion. This is evident in the Lorentz Transformations where ‘length shrinks’ as motion increases by the infamous ϒ-symbol.
Yet the limit of acceleration of a system is obviously relative to the medium in which it travels and we shall study those themes in the section of mechanics.

S≈T: spacetime manifold: Momentum.

It is then obvious that a balanced state must not accelerate, but have a non Changing inertial motion, either angular momentum (the membrane motion) or lineal momentum (the singularity motion).

An for that to happen the S and T elements of the system must be in balance. Hence we talk ‘again’ of S=T as the most durable states of bidimensional spacetime systems.

Combinations of both, an space and a time dimension in balance give us momentum, where we distinguish roughly:

  • $>ð, MOMENTA in which cyclical timespace motion/forms dominates lineal space-time, we shall call generically, angular momentums and
  • ð<$, MOMENTA in which lineal timespace motion/forms dominates cyclical space-time, we shall call generically, lineal momentums.

This are the simplest PRESENT 2-manifolds, which do NOT include scalar ∆±¡ dimensions of entropy and information flows, which if we do will expand enormously the range of our Analysis:

Of those combinations of 2-manifolds, the most important are the two extensions of pure SS and TT holographic manifolds, as they are the ‘door’ to pure motions in the 4th and 5th dimensions; so we extend easily them as follows:

$$ ≈ 4D Entropic explosion, ∆+1 « ∆-1: where the system erases its information down two scales of the fifth dimension, reversing the growth of information of the 3rd age into an explosion of space, extended and finally quieted in the process of death.

ðð >> Vortex of accelerated information towards the singularity point or Mind-mapping, where in an inverse fashion the cyclical acceleration of all the absorbed forces mirrors of the outer Universe ‘lock-in’ into a linguistic image of reality:

What happens then is the biggest miracle of the Universe, as the ‘motion’ of all those entities entering the singularity DO have lineal and angular momentum WHICH CANNOT DISAPPEAR, its motion-forces are deflected by the mind singularity along the scalar dimension of the ‘whole being’ splitting on one side the gauging image in stillness and absorbing on the other side the pure motion, which the system will use to produce reversal orders to organise its territory:

The split of the forces that enter the singularity into a still field of pure information and one of pure motion in physical systems give origin to the black hole t=0 + axis of hyperluminal speed (Kerr metric) and the electronic image of our minds coupled with the magnetic momenta through its poles.

We conclude that the minimal unit of the holographic Universe is a combination of space and time dimensions, which reach its maximal efficiency, immortality when S=T and both balance, and become a receipt to extinction and dissolution in the ∆±¡ scales of the fifth dimension, when either Information, cyclical form dominates (vortex of time) or entropy scatters information (4D big-bangs into decelerating space.

RECAP. The holographic principle makes a bidimensional system of space-time the basic unit of reality. 2-MANIFOLD holographic variations in space-time give birth to 4D families of motions-forms, SS, TT, S>T, T<S… which we shall equate in its limiting, simplest forms of maximal symmetry as $$: pure lineal space (planes of distance with no motion, connected to entropic processes of erasing information), ðð, pure cyclical time (acceleration), ð<S space-time (lineal momentum) and S>ð Cyclical time space (angular momentum).

In praxis we can consider even more combinations when we add to the mix the formal lineal or cyclical shape of the system, but if we reduce the canonical motion x motion will be acceleration, form x form, a static bidimensional plane, Max. motion x Min. form, lineal momentum and Max. form x Min. motion, angular momentum, which form a non-commutative non-abelian group of pure formal space, spacetime momentums and pure temporal acceleration.

If we consider the natural acceleration of a system a vortex, Vo x Ro = K, and the spatial form a loss of speed, and expansion of space (as in death, big-bang entropic processes), then we can give them a fifth and 4th dimensionality, and CONNECT those simpler present manifolds to 4 & 5D.

Accordingly the simplex vital parts of reality are those bidimensional s-t combinations, which first were spotted by the humind in taoism:

As in the 8th isomorphism we honor the cultural understanding in ancient Taoist China of those isomorphisms, which as the graph shows understood also the ‘topping’ hierarchical nature of the st vs. ts. order (little y-information having the broken — symbol of information on top of the continuous __yang, and little yang (Shaoyang) in inverse fashion. But we shall not use as in the 8th decades of life, the taoist symbology for obvious reasons of modern scientific jargons more proper for the intellectual ‘present’ discourse.

Form-Form (deceleration, growth of space – 4D), motion x motion (acceleration time vortex: 01D), Motion x form: lineal 1D momentum, Form x motion: 1D angular momentum; and so the 3rd complex dimension of reproduction has not a 2-manifold structure; but creates a third dimension by combination of the other 2.

It is important to notice a first division of the Dimotions of space time, and the Dimensions or pure motions of space-space and time-time. The first ones will be ‘volumes’ of space, the second type will be ‘accelerations of time’ (dual dimensions of time-clocks, which add as the second dimension of motion, acceleration): SS=Volume, TT: Acceleration.

Those are therefore the purest forms and motions of the Universe: static volumes and accelerated vortices of time.


“Space of itself, and time of itself will sink into mere shadows, and only a kind of union between them shall survive.” Minkowsky

‘Logos=God is the game of a plurality that maintains its union despite the constant attempts to separation of all its individuals. Departing from this logos we can study the dualities’ Heraclitus

‘The game that can be named is not the eternal game: the constant combination of yin-form-ation and yang-energy, which give birth to the 10.000 beings’ Lao Tse

The perennial philosophy on the game of existence.

I am often told the texts of ∆S≈T come ‘from another planet’ by well intentioned scholar friends (-; but they don’t as they in fact plug in with the perennial philosophies of eastern cultures about the duality and ternary structure of the creative, reproductive, living universe.

So for a change I would like to show that there are in fact part of the perennial philosophy of the highest minds of mankind, which have always understood the Universe in terms of the duality between its spatial energy and temporal information, starting this post on Duality, with a reckoning of the work of the 2 ‘first’ philosophers of the west and east, which understood those principles fully, as the eclectic final ‘knots of thought’ of the earliest rational philosophies of the Universe, humans develop – Heraclitus, the last of the Milesian Masters, which discovered rational thought in the west, and Lao, the most important of the Chinese masters of dualism.

Both in Lao tse and Heraclitus, the final master of the first milesian school of rational thought talk on the divergence of logos, Tao, the game of existence in two opposites that come together yin and yang, become a harmonic peace in this substitution and permanent transformation of the contrary.

THE WAR AND PEACE sides of this duality is essential to both cultures, as it reflects reality. The divine in nature is life and death night and day, the peace between contraries its golden mean.

Ontology then becomes the study of the permanent unity in the plurality, the game of social love, the arrow of future of the 5th dimensions.

All things have this ontology of the being, the super organism.

But all is in continue transformation is and not is, as in anixamander. It is indeed the feedback opposition which allows through motion to transform one into the other. Contraries the low that rises and becomes high defines therefore the motions, which are medible, those actions that change beings of space and time in heraclitus is therefore dialectically living in motion.

BUT THE CONTRADICTORY ARE phases Not cataphases, life and death, loe and hate, FORGIVENESS AND KNOWLEDGE. harmonisation of contraries does not then become the same, but diverge when life crosses the darkness of death brings agains life as the Universe renews itself.

So those revolutions of beings, wordlcycles in our explanation, thesis that become antithesis through the motion and reproduction of the middle form, will then create the instant eternal logos limit that a finite universe makes things change.

All yin has a drop of yang in its interior.

What we perceive through senses is in perpetual change even if the logos or game of motions in invariable. He uses then the example of the fire, which is the same but constantly changes, as a reflection of the arje, the fire, the logos the process of dynamic separation of universals into individuals through the life and death ccle.

If we were  to study the taoist in depth we could get so similar insights in the depth of the game of existence as the first greek philosophers, from the earlier Pythagoras and thales, anaximander and anaximenes, till closing with heraclitus.

All this is truly deformed, the logos is the limit that joins and separate, the universal constant that diverges in its two members to create the energy and information put to ether in logos broken in all the divergences of all unseal constants.

the logos allows to think when it sees the synchrony of the oposites, in this moment a still mind is creed, when dark and light form a simultaneous mapping of reality, so this still game of the mind of the synchronous which creates a thought allows the experience of the physical moving world, in this heraclitus is the mod profound, because chorines he says is only the perception of the returning cycles that are mapped in each simultaneous instant, and science a and philosophy and knowledge, which he fully realised to be in the instant of though.

His death in the refuge of artemis where he spent his last days, hidden in the moutons behind the temple isolated from all other humans, feeding on herbs, owning nobody among human was to rise so high in the perception of duality.

He was known for his hermitic ways. He searched silence to reach anthology in the darkness of the negative of the opposite to complete the cycle with both yin and yang, giving birth tot those still moments of deep reflections, where the change see the most evident and common, which is the essence of it all, the power of eusocial love in the joining of individuals into logos, unseals and its languages of perception in simultaneity, the harms of the buddha, the 3rd great man who understood it all.

la certain principle of creation is needed, the game is thus reflected in all, the chid is his example as that of child vishnu, the players who merely create virtual games as we are just all beings in logos in the game of the ∆dimension of parts that become Universals.

What there is then on top of this logic pyramid, which infuses all its parts of the same game?


ALL THIS said the main learning experience of the yin-yang formalism is that all yin has a drop of yang, or else it does not exist.

Information: still space-time. Galilean Paradox: Minds cannot perceive together motion and form.

The duality of motion-distance is similar to the way we see a car moving in a night picture as a fixed line, or the stop and go duality of a film projector, which is perceived as motion. And it has deep implications, which help to resolve many uncertainties of physics.

The next graph illustrates this and other dual paradoxes of endophysics –motion vs. stillness; continuity vs. discontinuity, single space vs. fractal scales, all of which depend on the detail of the observation – hence the quantity of information we have on the object we study:


In the graph, Saturn’s rings, first observed by Galileo, seem continuous, still and bidimensional from far away; but observed in detail they become discontinuous in motion and made of 4D spherical particles.

Moreover, what appears as a single space-time continuum in detail becomes at least 3 scales: that of the rings with cyclical motion, of its particles, the rocks that turn within them and the not seen but known scale of atoms that create the solid networks of those rocks.

The ‘present’ state of science deals mainly with the single space-time continuum of the more ‘obvious’ human scale studied in terms of ‘present’=differential motions, ∂t, with minimal latitude of time.

The 5th and sixth dimensions deal with a longer duration from the absolute past (birth of the entity) to its absolute future (its death), when evolutions of form, frequencies of multiple actions and cycles of creation and extinction happen.

The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion state and a still state, together.

The principle of relativity of motion and form.

Thus to fully understand how spatial planes in motion and cyclical clocks can mess together to create the space-time beings we all are (we ARE NOT in a background space-time, we ARE made of vital spaces with rhythms of motion defined by its time frequencies in our human case mostly metabolic temperature regulated cycles), we need to make a further clarification, at the heart of Physics.

It is with the conservation of energy and information the most important law of physics, the principle of relativity, expressed by Galileo (e pur si muove, e pur no muove: the earth moves but doesn’t move – we do NOT see it moving), by Einstein and Poincare, the mathematician that found in parallel this principle: ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness, from ‘form’. Look around, all what you see are forms in motion, but we cannot distinguish clearly what part is ‘form’, ‘position’ and what part is ‘motion’. They are very mixed.

What this means is that our two parameters, quanta of space, and cycles of time, do have both, ‘motion’ and ‘form’. But space, does have a lineal, planar, ‘res extensa’ bidimensional shape. We talk fo ‘planes of space’, and clocks of time, are tall, cyclical, informative cycles – you look at information and its forms and cycles in tall broken cyclical forms, a s the screen of your computer.

So we do have certain clear ‘bidimensional properties’ of form and motion for space: Flat planes moving in lineal paths, and Time, tall cycles, moving in repetitive frequencies. And we know that the product of quanta of bidimensional space and time frequency cycles gives us the relative Energy of reality. And we have a very generic formula for it: Ei = ∑Sp x Tƒ.

Space and Lineal motions. Information and Time cycles

And so we need to differentiate between ‘lineal motions or lineal momentums’ (|-Sp) and its still continuous perception by the mind, or space (|-Sp), and cyclical motions, clocks of time, (O-Tƒ) and its still perception by the mind or information’.

Since they are the 2 reverse sides of the same coin, we shall use the same symbols, merely inverting their order, and call them Spatial Extensions-Entropy-Energy and Temporal Form-Information, fully aware that humans used multiple different jargons and concepts to express the same, Es and It.

So how to call both states for time cycles and spatial lineal motions?

This is a difficult choice of wording, given the confuse terminology humans use for those a ‘priori states’. The proper way would be to call it fractal world vs. moving Universe, form vs. motion, virtual vs. real, and so on. But as we are in a world of physical concepts, after much ambivalence in the terminology – not in the concepts and mathematical analysis of them – I came to settle in the classic terminology of philosophy based in the relative function of those 2 elements in the systems of the Universe and call generically:

– All states of relative motion ‘time states’ or ‘time ages’. And its study diachronic studies.

– All states of relative form ‘space states’ or ‘space organs’. And its study synchronic studies.

And yet keep the formal duality naming O-Time clocks, Time, but also |-Space motions, entropic spatial motions.

Why? Because in relative terms time motions, cyclical motions, vortices, implosive motions, are accelerated motions, while lineal motions, entropic motions, res extensa are decelerating motions. So in relative terms time moves faster than space. And this is the key to understand physical systems. So we can ascribe to the ternary elements of reality 3 type of motions/forms:

– Tiƒ: There are cyclical vortices, which are accelerated motions-states-forms. So they are studied with cyclical, accelerated equations. Such is the case of General Relativity, which studies the accelerated vortices of time created by masses. And their geometry is spherical, elliptic. They are the particle, or solid, crystal state in its center.

– Spe: The are entropic, big bang, expansive, res extensa, spatial motions, which however decelerate from the initial impetus and are the inverse of cyclical vortices. So we find often the equations of a big bang correspond to the inverse equation of a cyclical vortex. For example, the equations of the cosmological big bang are the inverse of the equations of the black hole, as they are the limit of temporal vortices (the black hole) and expansive, res extensa (the big bang that creates space). And their geometry is planar, toroid. They are the field or gas state of physical systems.

– ST≈Ei: And there are ‘waves’ with a steady inertial constant speed, which combine both, cyclical and lineal elements, and their geometry is hyperbolic. They are the wave or liquid state of physical systems.

So let us introduce you to the much vaster wealth of knowledge provided by the proper understanding of ‘vortices’ of cyclical time and its interaction with res extensa, lineal space.

Space as a slice of time in the 5th dimension.

The smallest Unit of reality is a space-time cycle, and for all of them there will be a relatively small particle with maximal time-motion-density-mass/charge which traces an external space-time cycle on a larger region with lesser time-motion-density mass or field.

This simple physical interaction responds to the basic duality of time, as faster moving cyclical, accelerated form and space, where with its excess of acceleration traces a lineal motion, a larger field of smaller energy-space, according to the metrics of the 5th dimension and its co-invariance between speeds in time and sizes in space.

Space is a derivative slice of time, thus space motions, which Physicists study is a small part of reality.

So first we must briefly enunciate this error corrected and how it changes our space-time compression:

Physicists define space-time continuum under the error of a single absolute newtonian space-time extended to the entire galaxy.  The Universe though is a nested system of larger and smaller sub-systems, guided by different clocks ordered along size and speed with the co-invariant metrics of the 5th dimension, such as smaller systems turn faster clocks, and have higher attractive force (charges which are accelerated vortices of time space according to Einstein’s principle of correspondence between acceleration and forces, he applied to cosmological masses).

We see many cosmological vortices of mass with central heavy black holes and its gradient of increasing form, information at accelerated pace. Times are very varied, but all of them obey to a single cycle between birth and extinction. We shall study with Æ equations of existential algebra, of which the most important is the world cycle of life and death.

Time waves are also called world cycles, and they have 3 scales of ‘momentum, energy and time.

In physics time waves are studied among forms of maximal motion. We are more interested in the slow time waves with minimal motion in space, that evolve in longer times.

Of those waves and its time forces, physicists study only one the weak force. We can recognise a time wave of trans-formation and social evolution cross the 5th dimension, by studying its parity vs. chirality, since time waves are chiral, which mean traveling to the past (entropy arrow IS not the same that traveling towards the future.

Information don’t travel to the past said einstein (wires don’t travel to the past).

He was actually wrong, both energy and information ravel through time waves, and they do so constantly in worldcyles.

Physicists have simplified for centuries to ease measures the cyclical nature of time-clocks, of which there is an infinity in the Universe. First, Leibniz warned Newton against taking the artifact of measure, called absolute space-times as reality itself; then Einstein realized that in different parts of the Universe time clocks run at different speeds. Biologists and computer theorists found also that life and machines are run by cyclical clocks of information. Thus the next stage in science is the study of all those time cycles of the Universe, by reversing the concept and measure of duration (lineal time) by its inverse, cyclical time and frequency:

T (lineal time duration) = 1/T≈ ∑ ƒ (frequency of time cycles) = ∑ Tƒ ≈ ∑Ti.

We shall thus consider fundamental to the Universe, cyclical time, and its measure frequency, whereas duration is a simplification obtained by adding al the time cycles of a certain entity, from the beginning of its motion or life till its end.

For example, a wave motion, c is the product of its l, wave-length and frequency, the human motion is the product of our steps and frequency, a car motion is the product of the radius of its cyclical wheel and the frequency of revolutions per minute and so on. Those transformations of frequency into duration show that the original element is the cycle, and its frequency, and the simplified version, the lineal duration, which is NOT observed in nature.

The same concept applies to the worldline, which physicists use to describe the existence of beings.


So how the connections of the Universe play themselves? Simple: we depart from two asymmetric elements, the line and the cycle, the small discontinuous herd and the large continuous one, the motion and the form; and then they might come together as a single form ≈ which will be symmetric with itself, in its two parts, as body-wave, as a present co-existing network, that puts together parts and wholes, as a curved, hyperbolic geometry and so in a complementary FASHION they become one.

Or if the symmetry fails, they annihilate each other or one annihilates the other and absorbs it, in a perpendicular way.

The need for space-time together as an observable.

The Universe is made of space-time systems.

As Minkowski put it, ‘only space and time together survives’, or as the old taoists said: ‘all drop of yin has a drop of yang’…

…meaning pure motions (entropy) without form is not perceivable, as it appears only as distance or dilation – and this is call vacuum for the whole Universe; and pure form without motion is neither, as it cannot be communicated to the external observer and this is call Black hole in the galaxy.


 The inverse=asymmetric properties of spatial energy and temporal information come together in ternary symmetries.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 00.20.15

In the graph, the most important function of the Universe is the inverse function between THE TWO LIMITS OF DIMOTION: MAXIMAL Spatial expansion (ENTROPY) and MAXIMAL time space Implosion, in its infinite manifestations. In between motion and form converge to an S=T point of balance, beauty, harmony and reproduction.

Duality: Sp-Entropy, the arrow of disorder erases Tƒ: information, the arrow of order.

Duality is the science, which studies the universe with both arrows of time, spatial entropy, the arrow of disorder and death vs. temporal information, the arrow of order and life – as opposed to physics that uses only entropy as an arrow of time.

To fully grasp the dynamic transformations and properties of energy and information the most important quality is the inversion of its properties and the possibility to transform the forms of one property into the other.

It it thus clear that the generator equation of the Universe is a ternary, feed-back equation that shows the inversion of properties of space and time, stillness and form, lines and cycles, decelerating and accelerating intervals, in its two polar maximal points and its intermediate point of balance:

In the graph, the Universe is a fractal of space-time symmetries across 3 vectorial dimensions of formal motion, the dimensions of space (and its 3 sub dimensions, length,w width and height) the dimensions of time and its 3 sub-ages (entropy, present iteration and future form), and the dimensions of Eusocial Evolution through planes of existence, or long arrow of time.

The interplay of those dimensions and form generate the Universe:

The first equation of time-space, deduced from the previous graph and its bio-topo-logical beats, space-form->motion-time->space-form->motion-time, is the generator equation of the Universe. We can with existential algebra, ®, define a wave-motion in time, which in its simplex generator will be hyperbola:

In the graph we can see the simplest TŒ, Time equation or function of existence:

Œ: Tƒ=K/S.

Whereas T is time frequency of a time cycle, hence the inverse of lineal time duration, T (reason why we use the To) Symbol.

And space is lineal motion seen as still form.

In other words we could write,  Tƒ =1/T, To=1/S, whereas T is lineal time, perceived in motion as still space.

This is thus the beginning of it all, the existence of cyclical, accelerated time motions and lineal time motions seen as circles and lines of form. The 2 dualities between motion and stop, and between cycles and lines is at the origin of all the realities we perceive and all its events and combined forms of space time.

Thus we could say:

The Universe is immortal because time never stops. Time never stops because time is motion. Motion never stops. It is conserved. Two motions are conserved angular momentum and lineal momentum. They can be seen in a slice of present space as form, or they can be seen in the interplay of its formal motions. Cyclical motion is faster so we call it time, and clocks of time are used. Nature has accelerated time vortices, from hurricanes to masses (equivalence principle of einstein between the curvature of the time cycle or mass and its speed or acceleration), to charges (similar equations to gravitation). Those time cycles of different size are ordered with the previous equation, converted into metric equations:

Sp x Tƒ (substituting now cyclical time for lineal time) = K.

This means Time fluctuates along 3 points of the hyperbola.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 10.58.01

And so one creates 3 points. Max. Sp x Min. Tƒ , Sp =Tƒ and Max. to x Min. Sp

Now we write with those laws a fractal generator equation of infinite space-time existences, the metrics of the 5th dimension:

In the graph the Universal fractal of infinite beings of space-time with different speeds in its clocks and sizes in space, whose product however, Sp x Ti, space size for speed of its information cycles remain constant, creating a ‘stable space-time being (ST±4) which happens in different combined size from the smallest. infinitesimals ST-4 to the largest Universe, ST+4.

All fractals have a generator feedback equation and the Universe is not exception. Generators are dynamic, cyclical equations which constantly create slightly changed new ‘cycles’. As such they are periodic cyclical equations of the form X < = > Y, where obviously X and Y are symbols as in all ‘Universal grammars’ linguistic representations of the Universal Generator (mathematical jargon in Space-time) or Universal Grammar (Logic Jargon in Time-space)>

Universal Generator/Grammar:               Tƒ ∑ExI=ST±4

We write the Fractal Generator expressly with one of its similar identities, in an expression which can be understood logically in wor(l)ds, the fundamental grammar of the human being.

In its Topo-Bio -logic ternary identity, ‘Topological i-planes of Vital Spaces and Cyclical Times’ need to be described topological properties (5th dimension metrics), Organic properties (which organize 0±1 vital spaces into a ternary organism) and logic properties (the ternary Non-Aristotelian logic of cyclical times which return in a ‘Hamiltonian’ Cycle to its origin.

The generator equation thus can be used to deduce from its topologic, biological and causal properties any other equation of the Universe.

It cannot be achieved such a feat as physicists of lineal time expect, only with topologic properties and only in a single continuous space-time.

It needs to understand the metrics of the 5th dimension and its relative scales of absolute time (ST±4), between invisible forces and invisible cosmos, beyond our perception (C speed, 0 K limiting borders). And this is achieved with the summit of the evolution of mathematical languages, the Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean i-logic topology of vital spaces, of organisms, of geometric forms with speed-motion, constantly performing ∂a, accelerated actions with 3 ±= stop and go motions…

Space-time can be seen as a whole space-time or as two space and time or as a sum of parts, many spaces and times. So space can be seen through perception as a single, quiet space, adding all the ‘vital spaces’ of which is composed, or as a sum of ‘quantum energies’ and ‘vital spaces’ that entities occupy. Time also can be seen as a single clock-time for the entire universe, measured with our mechanical clocks or as an infinite number of cycles that all entities trace, each one with a different speed and rhythm, each one with a different ‘form’ or information, provided by the shape of the cycle and its ‘frequency’. So Space is synonymous of Energies and time of informations:

∑ E = S; ∑i=T

This is the first key concept you have to assume to understand the Universe beyond its useful measure by physicists with a single clock.

Further on, we recognize both types of entities by their form: clocks are cyclical, so it is information and its systems. Space is a lineal plane, so are energetic system. This leads to a key principle to understand and classify entities of reality: Form is function. And so the ball – the inner part of a sphere – is the perfect form of information as it is the shape that stores more form in lesser space, and the line or plane the perfect form of energy, as it is the fastest motion/biggest surface of space between two points.

To fully grasp the dynamic transformations and properties of energy and information the most important quality is the inversion of its properties and the possibility to transform the forms of one property into the other.

The dimensions are thus 1 for lineal motion, 2 for cyclical form and so 3 for Energy, which can be considered a sum of the 2 other elements (though the operandi to relate angular and lineal momentum, limbs and head with bodies will vary according to the phenomena we study).

Often in fact we shall use the product to combine them (for the meaning of each operandi look at our post on non-Ælgebra).

The rule being that when we merely peg adjacently a limb-particle system we add it, and when we combine them at the lower ∆-1 scale also we multiply it. I.e. a system of 3 elements and 2 elements will have 3 x 2 possible axons combined each element with all the other elements of the different set. So multiplication combines a system in a lower scale (and it is used for particles), and sum is a superposition more shallow in a single scale (and its proper of waves).

This resumes in its two fundamental equations: e x I = K (that describes any complementary system of energy and information,  in space) and E<=>I (which describes it in time as a series of flows of transformation of energy into information), since E=I maximizes a product of E+I; and so we do have now 3 basic relationships E+I, E=I, and e x I to get a functional balanced form communicating across two scale.s

In physics it followsthose laws are always of the type ‘superposition’ for waves that ad, and product for particles: ST = Space quanta (H, k) x Time frequency (v, T).

So we can easily derive the fundamental laws of quantum and thermodynamics and the meaning of its constants, with the left side equation (which the nuclear physicist will immediately identify with the decay rate of an atom, and the ‘entropic believer’ with the Pv=nKT law of gases).

In that regard, we have now a better mirror theoretically to understand the Universe, with 2 arrows and its energetic combination, so we just need to apply it.

This sound-sound theory of the Universe, IS called Duality, the science which explains reality with the 2 arrows of time, lineal entropy and cyclical information, form, stored in the frequency and form of those logic closed circuits and ‘clocks of time’ of which brains, particles and chips are made.

It has always been with us, for simple humble people to wonder, since even the smallest atom follows it laws. So taoists called yin, information, yang, entropy and its ∞ combinations the creative energy of reality.

Duality as we said has always been in the tradition of knowledge, as it is obviously truth. Specially in Asian cultures. So Hindi called the 2 arrows of time, the female, informative principle, Visnu and Shiva, the God of entropy and death; and its ‘energetic’ combinations the ‘hairs of Brama.’ Duality is everywhere, from the computer you are watching made with binary languages of ‘O’ and ‘|’, to the duality of body and mind, female with curved bodies and males with lineal ones; and then when we look at it in depth, trinity, its combination comes (even there is a gay sex that mixes qualities of both).

The only discipline of science which is ‘entropy only’ and has ‘entropy only theories of the Universe as dogma’ is Nuclear physics. Even if of course duality is all over physics, albeit not expressed in terms of time arrows. So for example, a time cycle which is represented by ‘frequencies’, appears in physics as the ‘inverse function of lineal time’: ƒ=1/T.

The constant transformation of one into another.

Despite their inversion, and this is the most important law of the Universe, energy and information constantly transform into each other. It is the principle of ‘conservation and transformation of energy back and forth into in/form/ation, forms in action’ which becomes the new fundamental law of the 4th paradigm, widening the principle of conservation of energy:

‘All motion, trans/form constantly back and forth into form, combining into energy beings, E<=>I’

Motion and form are the 2 primary elements of the Universe, which combine into complementary systems of energy. And those 3 ‘conserved elements’ akin to lineal, angular momentum and energy, broken into infinite fractal parts can then be ensemble to create the systems of the Universe with limbs/potentials, body waves and particle-heads that exist between its dissolution into ‘scattering entropy’ or its social evolution into tighter wholes. THAT SIMPLE IS REALITY when expressed with the dual->ternary->5D principles explained in this blog.

In this posts we study its basic properties and dimensions. In the graph, they display different forms. But information dominates and defines an arrow of complexity and increase of height (the dimension of perception), from where informative organs (heads, cameras, black holes, skyscrapers), perceive and control with invisible languages (words, images, gravitation, money), the ‘unmoved bodies’ of energy under them. They are indeed what Aristotle called the multiple unmoved Gods of the Universe.

The 2 primary elements of the Universe, lineal motion (lineal momentum) and cyclical form (angular momentum), mix and evolve, till reaching the threshold of complexity that gave light atoms living properties and now it is about to give the same life properties to metal systems.

In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the ‘limbs and heads’ of humans, animals or machines, because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Entropy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms, because cycles store maximal information in minimal space.

For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like a ‘missile’.

On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical, like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines, ordering ‘limbs of metal’ with digital information. The functions of those ‘systems’ are also biological. Weapons are lineal, energetic forms that kill human beings.

How those four ‘logic dimensions’ of motion, information, stillness and entropy recombine is the truly fun moment of creation in time. As all combinations are possible departing from the first antinomial dualities:

Space vs. Time, words so confused in different human jargons that are kept mostly for tradition:

Entropy=expansive motion vs. Information=Imploding motion

Space=stillness vs. time=motion, the most used definition for them, which gives birth to:

Mind-intelligence-synchronous space vs. cyclical time motions, with its two inverse arrows.

This is the ultimate conceptual duality, that between the magic harmonious creation of minds of space vs. Temporal, mindless motion with its automaton deterministic cyclical order.


Time cycles, Tƒ                    Vs X       Entropic Space, ΣEs            ≈ST-momentum-actions- energetic information

Time-clocks: O-form           Vs.        Space motion: Lineal        ≈ waves

Small, still                             Vs.       Large,  moving fast      ≈   Open curves

Tall, Perpendicular                     Vs.             Long, Parallel   ≈  wide, intersecting

Hierarchical  Order                           Vs.           Democratic chaos-freedom

Bidimensional Height                Vs.            Bidimensional Length  ≈ tri-dimensional entity

Cyclical, Rotation, imploding     Vs.            Lineal, uncoiling, exploding   = beating rhythm

Informative Frequency         Vs.             Lineal Speed                        = momentum

Broken  form                           Vs.               Continuous, differentiable

Intelligent, perceptive             Vs.                   Strong, fast.   =        energetic top predator

Social, organic, creative              Vs.           Darwinian, destructive behaviour   =

Future, logic path              Vs.            Past, trailing motion

Life arrow                                Vs.                      Death arrow.     = existential world cycle

Waves of §pace                      Vs.                     Particles of Time

Female, yin principle             Vs.               Male, yang principle   = reproduced child

Masses, charges                  Vs.                       Forces, fields       = energy

Heads  & senses                     Vs.                    Limbs               =  Bodies.

The formal=functional differences between entropy and information (organs) is a duality – the ‘Black hole Law’:

Limbs/fields of Maximal Space=Entropy x  Min. Form Vs.Max. speed of Information=Minimal Spatial extension= heads & particles

And yet despite its inverse properties, energy and information transform into each other ad eternal – a fact, which requires them to have the same dimensions. And indeed, information is bidimensional along the dimension of height while energy is a bidimensional plane (holographic principle), what makes possible the transformation of one into another.

A fact that defines the aforementioned ‘law of conservation of energy and information’ and the ‘Invariance’ of the product of energy and information of any part or whole of the Universe, resumed in two fundamental equations of Absolute Relativity:

e x I = K, and E<=>I, which in general relativity and quantum physics read as ext=K and now we shall expand to all ‘complementary systems of the Universe’.

The game of inversions of space and time.


In the graph we illustrate the ‘Space-time’ Essence: Time is measured with clocks, which are actually, one dimensional cycles. Information is the same than a time clock, a ‘form’ that we see static. Energy is made of quanta, which are lines, that group together into sheets of space. And to perceive them, we have ‘spheres’ made of multiple layers of cells, and cameras which are isomorphic. An to move through Space we have ‘lineal members’, which move us in toroid open and closed curves. And so happens to lineal weapons. And then fields of energy and information make together a light ray, which is really also a bidimensional surface.

How time states transform into space states, how motion becomes stillness, how life dies, how space integrates in time, leaving a tail of memorial quanta, how time integrates in space, creating an organism of multiple flows of energy and information – those are the most interesting and profound dualities of the Universe.

Time slows down till it becomes space, as a new quantum of the upper scale, and then a new clock of time are created.

This is the arrow of growth of the 5th dimension: the slow down of time as it multiplies the quanta into a larger surface.

There is though an inverse game when descending scales.

The clock of time makes the quanta of space grow, till it reaches a limit of death.

Then time becomes space, and a new quantum of time appears, to multiply the quanta.

Then time finds a barrier and all starts again.

So time becomes spatial h-Planck quanta of the upper scale and a new clock, frequency is found: E=hv.

Frequency freezes as quanta, in the form of entropy K-boltzmann, and a new clock, temperature appears.

The clock again freezes, and becomes space, in the form of mass, and a new time clock, speed appears.

Speed frees as c-space, light space, becomes neutrino quanta, and a new clock of time appears…

We shall study those combinations of the 3 x 3 x 3 elements of space organs, time ages, and social quantifiers, ∑s, ∏t, ∆st which defines the clocks of time, quanta of space and forms of transformation, in each specific science in more detail.

Communication of monads: 2nd postulate: Duality’s formalism

DUALITY is in that sense the first ‘isomorphism of space’ – the state that follows the ‘awareness of a point-mind’ with its ‘single inner dimension’, or volume of energy and information, which the outside ‘moving, entropic world’ hardly recognises. But the monads of reality unlike the simplified first versions of Espinosa> Leibniz DO communicate – more akin to the yin-yang/atman beings of eastern cultures.

So the first thing they do is to create ‘lines≈waves≈flows of energy and form between them’, and so a bidimensional entity, made of motions and flows of information appear in any scale of reality. It is formally (II), the ‘second postulate of Non-Æ i-logic’ the formal space-time language of the Universe, whose ∞ forms require a post in itself.

Duality thus become first a flow between 2 points, which by the Paradox of Galileo, we perceive as a distance, a tubular flow, or a plane. 

Hence two monads first, an then n-monads will form first a wave and then a plane (4th postulate of ¬Æ), which is in fact a network. 

As it relates those points of information, the flows of entropy/motion, and energy (motion with form) will then form a body/wave; and so the simplest 2-manifold of reality, and the most frequent event of existence happens:

It is then, when according to ‘scale’ of stience and type of monads communicating we can start to build varieties of species of 2 manifolds, in all stiences and the catalog is, trust me, ginormous.

Mathematical-logic space-time

It suddenly emerges then with enormous power, the formalism of classic, ‘Greek’ Geometry, which proves almost every postulate of its discipline in a bidimensional plane with a simple compass (which represents the ‘angle’ or point of view of the communicating monad) and regle which represents the  flow of communication between Monads; in its bare bone ‘experimental mathematical simplicity’. This has always marvelled mathematicians. We know now why.

Varieties of formal manifolds. Third Law.

We distinguish in that sense as we start to play with variations on the same theme, Manifolds in which the 2 monads are different (as those on the graph), whose richness is in the variations of the same theme (Ions in physics, couples in biology and sociology), which tend to form ‘waves’ with multiple ‘frequencies’/channels of communication (fourier transforms) vs. n-Monads of the same ‘species’ communicating equal flows of energy and motion, which will tend to become a topological plane or ‘network’, undistinguishable in its details (flat planes).

And formally those varieties are studied by the third postulate of Non-Æ (congruency laws). 

The paradox of galileo is the second mode then of ‘classification of 2-manifolds’ by the maya of the senses, differentiating ‘motion from form’, motion-time from in-form-ation on one side and space-distance from speed-motion on the other side – yet form and distance are ‘mayas’ of the senses; as all its time and motion; when we get more information about a system. An example will suffice:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 13.37.30

The 2 graphs represent the same local region of galaxies, in the right now that we have enough info, we see it as a flow of ‘gala cells’ transiting through veins of the cosmos, in the right as we used to see it – a dark series of ‘monad-galaxies’ with no motion.  All in the Universe is ultimately a dynamic view. 

And so formally we observe we can treat all problems both as dynamic, topological problems with motion or as analytic geometry or sequential algebra of numbers, depending on which view we adopt.


1st Ðimotion: informative particles/heads: §ð 2 Ð: limb/potential momenta: st.
3rd Ð: ∑e x ∏i: body waves: ∑∏, ST. 4th Ðimotion: entropy: ∂S. 5th Ðimotion: Organic evolution: ∫T.   The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations that render constant the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of any system of Non-Æ points trough the 3 scales in which is possible to travel as an ‘existential being’, in the fifth dimension performing a world cycle. Since for a dimension to exist, there must be a co-invariant quantity, which allows its travel, S x T = K becomes the metric equation of ‘exist¡ence’. Its  constancy is also the origin of the organic nature of reality as it allows the symbiosis of a system through its 3 scales. The travel of existence can also be viewed topologically in a single plane, in which an organism ensembles and exchanges lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum. So we can define all systems as an ensemble of  lineal limbs/potentials that perform its lineal momentum, organised as herds of ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) in superposed additive groups that move the system and dominate its young relative past age. Its second conserved quantity being its vital energy, distributed through  3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, which define the organism proper able to iterate its form into a dynamic present system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems)… finally guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions of ‘existence’ gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its worldcycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.

Totally disregarded by modern science and yet by far the most important invariance of the Universe, is the invariance of topological form, represented in the previous graph. All are complementary systems made with 3 ‘topological functions’: Limbs, heads and bodies.

Since any 4-Dimensional Universe has 3 canonical topologies, which correspond to the 3 organs of all systems:

 Max. I: Head/Particle/Informative caste: They display the hyperbolic topology of information, observed in most ‘heads’ as an excess of warping and form (cortex, black holes, Chromosomes, Chip design).

Max. E: Moving Limbs/Forces/Energy class: They show a relative plane, or concave topology; such as the one observed in an external membrane, often the cover of a sphere of a bilateral form.

E=I: Reproductive Body/Atom/Working class: The topology of the reproductive system is a combination of the other two, performing cycles that communicate the energetic membrane and informative center.

Observe in the bottom of the graph samples of the 3 form-assembly in different systems of the Universe. Man also is a complex system with 3 interconnected zero points, around cellular toruses, with external and internal membranes of exchange of energy and information with the external universe, and apertures called senses… So we shall first explain the general form of all zero points, spherical membranes and torus and then analyze in specifically the human one.

In the graph, concave, energetic; toroid, reproductive; and convex, informative topologies are the 3 forms found in all complex systems of the 4-Dimensional Universe. Since topology proves that in a 4 dimensional Universe, there are only those 3 topologies: hyperbolic, informative topologies, energetic planes, and reproductive disks. All structures of the Universe are composed of only those 3 topologies. This astounding simplification is the result of 2500 years of mathematical evolution since Pythagoras discovered the laws that rule the bidimensional topology of those 3 forms, the concave-planar sphere (or cycle in a 2 dimensional world), the toroid body with its regular cycles that transfer energy and information between the external surface of the sphere and its center; which is the informative, hyperbolic region or zero point, the ‘eyes’ that perceive in stillness a pixelled map of the Universe brought about by the flows of energy and information of the Torus.

After 2500 years since Pythagoras discovered the circle as the most perfect form, geometry have come to the conclusion there are only 3 forms in the Universe: The sphere, the torus and the zero point.

With those 3 forms you can build all the other forms of reality. All is reduced to those 3. So what they mean? What is their function? And how they combine in the puzzles we call reality? Those are the first questions we shall answer.

They correspond to the functions and morphologies of the 3 sub-systems of stable entities – heads, limbs and bodies:

Beings are not pure motions; neither they are only made of information.

Lao understood it when he said: all yin has a drop of yang (energy), all yang has a drop of yin (information). Hemingway understood, when he said to Dietrich: “Never confuse movement with action”. Indeed, energy ‘or lineal motion’ is not an action ‘per se’. It needs form, in/form/ation, which directs energy to create an action able to change reality. All actions require some energy and some information to create an event. And all systems require an information center and an energy center to create an entity.

Thus, all what you see will be a combination of at least two of the ternary topologies of a 4-Dimensional Universe – a particle/head and a field of energy/limb. And the more complex systems will also have a reproductive, toroid body.

And so we write a general equation to define those 3 forms: ∑E <=> ∑I, where < = > represents the toroid body that exchanges energy and information between limbs and heads, fields and particles.

In those complementary systems, the information center gauges reality (cyclical particles and heads of physical and biological entities) and the lineal fields of forces and limbs move them.

This leads to a third system that combines both, energy and form, the reproductive system, exi or elliptic/toroid body.

Yet since form is function, in yet another duality of the Galilean Paradox, bodies are conical, elliptic combinations of lines and forms.

Thus Three Geometric Forms in space determines 3 functions in time: cyclical clocks of information, Energetic, lineal or planar limbs of space, and its combination, ‘complementary systems’. And so Geometry and topology are fundamental sciences that apply to all ‘scales of reality’ and all its entities.


Why then we have taken so long to define time as cyclical information, and cyclical motion?

Because ‘military physicists’, as opposed to the pure thinkers of this discipline, carried the day with power and  canonised a single, lineal time, due to their worldly profession, which was to measure the lineal extension of military weapons. In the right graph, Galileo’s principle of lineal inertia, derived from his worldly profession. Galileo in fact created lineal time, because he was an artillery master for the Venetian arsenal, earning 1000 golden ducats, an astounding sum for the age, with the job of finding the longest lineal possible trajectory for canon shots (which he found to be alas! not a line but a parabola.

But that didn’t deter him, from proclaiming in his first book called ‘On military instruments’, that his discovery of lineal time would be  ‘…of great use to artillery masters, and a delight to philosophers’. It was a worldview that ratified the religious paradigm of Abrahamic religions, in which man had a lineal manifest destiny of progress even higher than that of God, the mind of the Universe, since ‘he was created in the beginning – hence before God himself – above heavens and Earth’.

And indeed, lineal time motions were instrumental to the development of ‘ballistics’ (the first name of the book of Galileo on physics), and the degradation of our understanding of time, hand in hand with the mechanical clock who established a single tick for the entire Universe, that of the mechanical machine.But as I know 99% will leave the blog, if i just keep criticizing those obvious falsities, as ‘believers in lineal time physics’, I GIVE  the benefit of DOUBT to open-minded physicists who really care and reason truth, and do put many candies≈solutions to the ultimate questions on this introduction.

The Fractal, organic structure of the Universe in scales of size is what we call formally ‘the 5th dimension’.

Since all those systems were constructed in an organic way, not only as complementary systems of energy and information, but also as systems in which its parts and wholes spread through different scales of size in space, each one with a different clocks of time. So smaller being had faster motions – metabolic rates in biology; chips speed in mechanism; rotary, gravitational power in cosmic bodies.

In the previous graphs, the most surprising omission of science, since it was born of the study of the upper and lower scales of the Universe with telescopes and microscopes, is  the lack of studies on the relationship between the different scales of size and time speed in the Universe, which put together form a new space-time dimension.

For a ‘5th’ dimension of space-time to exist as such geometry precludes that a quantity must remain invariant when we move through the dimension. As we define the dimension by 2 parameters, spatial size and time speed, Spe x Tiƒ, this quantity must remain invariant as we ‘grow in size’ slowing down our time clocks, and viceversa. Systems that diminish in size trace its cycles of information much faster. So a huge galaxy turns much slower than an atom, and vortices accelerate inwards, as their cycles become slower.

So since the product of both, its spatial size, Spe, and Temporal information, Tiƒ, remain invariant: Spe x Tiƒ = C, systems can co-exist symbiotically in several scales, giving origin to the organic, symbiotic structure of wholes and parts. As smaller systems will code information of larger ones (genes code organisms, quantum numbers molecules and memes societies).

While larger wholes will synchronise the energy and motion of smaller parts. And this asymmetry of time arrows, which allows information to flow upwards without loss and motion-energy to flow downwards without entropy-disorder is the key to understand the organisation of the Universe, as a fractal super organism of space-time.

Monads’ actions create bidimensional fields.

The monad once it is formed, exists to increase its information and energy for its mind and territory of order, and as such it will start to develop bidimensional actions ‘forms with motion’, entropy x information absorbtions and emissions with destiny and origin in its body and mind, which will therefore act, and start the creation of bidimensional vibrations, formal motions, whose different ‘constant elements’ will start to solidify reality into being. The maxwellian demon of a frame of crystalline reference will subtle start the ordering of other particles in its dissolution, the gravitational waves emitted by the black hole will quiet down and regularize the orbits of the stars; the cells around the center, first cell of the morula will consider to take certain functions according to the vegetative-animal axis defined by its center. And the animal will consider its territory with invisible marks of the membrane emitted by its linguistic codes, and flavours. The trekker will seek for shelter and organise around it a tempt, definitively comfy region of temperature storage and light according its needs of heat, energy food and information.

The monad thus creates the Universe as its languages maps reality from its relative point of view, from where the program of survival of GST beings will come into full fruition.

Thus creation starts by the bidimensional communication of a flow of waves-bodies controlled by two different singularities, such as S²<st>T² become the limits of the product of densities, t/s, speeds, s/t and forces sxt . It is within those limits of entropy><energy, S/t x st=S², and energy><information, t/s x st= t² and the other two varieties, s/t x t/s=1 and (St)², where the first varieties of species of space-time can be detectd and be named, a bidimensional sheet of expansive space, entropy S² or inversely of information, or a four-dimensional space-time vein, which is in balance with its informative and energetic forms, St (energy) and sT (information).

We can then start the process by considering the merging of the generating mind with a field, as the series of actions of the mind ‘start’ up the process of creation.

The mind will see a field and shrinking it making us being aware that a singularity exist. ITs simplest form of this partial equation, Sp<>Tiƒ being an accelerated potential of the field towards the singularity. In the next graph some of those varieties of space-time:

Those planes that can be measured with a t x t, equation, which in frequency, will be 1/tt= angular acceleration, the very essence (Einstein’s Principle of equivalence) definition of a singularity (as seen from the field’s perspective, whereas the singularity appears merely in this plane as a point of time-future towards which the field moves).

Yet what would be the inverse equation, S x S? Precisely the field without the singularity which will appear as a lineal flat plane.

And the intermediate forms? St, a transversal wave, sT, a spiral… And so we realise we can build four simple elements in a series: Plane>Transversal wave > Spiral > accelerated vortex < Spiral < transversal wave < Plane, which gives us a constant creation and destruction process of bidiemsional physical planes.

Then in the rest of more complex games, the process will be just the mere sum and ensemble of bidimensional ternary essential forms, the plane, the wave and the spiral>vortex:

Tiƒ                    +  Spe                                                       + ST


= Whole:





one of the most important discoveries of XXI c. science is the holographic principle: information is bidimensional.

We realized in black hole theory that the surface of the black hole stores all its information. This can be generalized to all systems. You are looking at a bidimensional screen that stores all the information of this site.

For long, the study of Einstein’s relativity has made fashionable to analyze ‘4-manifolds’ (manifold means basically ‘geometry’), by incorporating a 4th dimension of time motion; but in fact the Universe creates reality ‘step by step’.

And so as your eye creates a 3rd dimension by mixing the bidimensional sight of each eye, the 3rd dimension is formed by ‘adding’ membranes, layer, ‘strata’ to bidimensional surfaces. And then when those surfaces moved they acquire time dimensions.

This simplifies enormously the understanding of the structures of reality, as there are only 3 varieties of ‘bidimensional topologies – geometries with motion’ in the Universe.

And they correspond to the 3 ‘functional forms’, the 3 ‘parts’ of all systems, physical, or biological organisms.

In the next graph, we live in a Universe in which all beings are made of the same substances, energy which occupies space and information, carried in the frequency and cycle of time clocks. Those 2 ‘substances’ that we call Se (Spatial energy) and Tƒ (Temporal information), combine together in ‘bidimensional’ Space-time layers, that put together create together all the species in the Universe.

Layer after layer of bidimensional membranes create the third dimension, which forms when moves a 4th dimension of temporal motion. But the ‘simplest unit’ is a bidimensional sheet, with form, with information. So for example, you are looking at a screen with 2 dimensions, which carry this information. Your eyes see in 2 dimensions but put together with both eyes a 3D representation of reality.

A black hole stores all its information in its surface. This ‘Holographic principle’, has enormous consequences for our understanding of the Universe.

There are only 3 varieties of ‘bidimensional’ geometries that move (called for that reason ‘topologies’).

Thus all systems can only have 3 kind of parts: Toroid, lineal limbs and fields that provide energy and move the system (biological/physical jargon); hyperbolic bodies waves that iterate/reproduce it, and spherical membranes which enclose the system and ‘sense’ the Universe around, mirroring it in an internal ‘infinitesimal zero point’ or informative mind that controls the whole organism. In the graph, atoms, seeds, planets, cells and bosons show those 3 similar topologic structures. This similarity is called an ‘isomorphism’, iso=equal, morph=form.

Limits of metric paradigm: discontinuity and homology.

The discontinuity of space implies that perception of any other area of the Universe is minimal, relative and deformed by the selection of information and its transformation when it passes through the fragmented boundaries of the perceiver. This fact offers a rational answer to the Uncertainty Principle of quantum physics whose main law – the complementarity of Entropy forces and informative particles, is explained by the duality of Entropy/information systems: In the Universe, all constant present systems are made of an arrow of Entropy and an arrow of information, the bodies/fields and relative fixed particles/ heads of the system. Thus all relative space-times will be composed of a cyclical center of information or brain, and a lineal limb of Entropy, whose morphological characteristics will be self-similar.

For example, in a spermatozoid the head is cyclical and stores information, while the tail is lineal and moves the head with its Entropy; in a human, the body is lineal and moves a cyclical head. We could extend this duality to almost any organic system of the Universe, concluding that bodies are lineal and brains are cyclical.

This morphological feature of Universal Organisms derives geometrically from the capacity of lines to move faster and cycles to store more information and grow or diminish in size without distortion of the mental image they might keep (topological isomorphisms). Thus, a convex brain with the topology of information becomes the center of informative networks; and a concave body becomes the center of Entropy networks. And we recognize bodies and brains by their self-similarity with the morphology, function and inverse properties of ideal Entropy and information:

– Information is both, easy to store and perceivable by a reduced brain or sensorial organ, since it is the inverse function of space. It needs certain morphology: Information occupies little space by warping itself into multiple dimensions, as a sheet of paper corrugates into the dimension of height, divided along broken lines and discontinuities that become its perceived forms in space. Or it displays a high frequency or discontinuous rhythm, a faster time speed that iterates the same cycle, allowing quantification. Information then seems ‘quiet’ as those patterns of cyclical frequency take place in the same space; so an organ of information can focus and analyze them as pixels of a more complex mapping. Thus its ideal forms are disks, cycles, angles and spheres, convoluted and broken in patterns of form, such as your eye or brain, a chip, a book, a pixelate image or a coin, earlier unit of monetary information.

– On the other hand Entropy moves. So limbs extend in space as they move and feed. In life, Entropy is the equivalent to biological food, which fuels a species and allows its movement. Energies are the lineal limbs that move the reproductive body & brain of information. So Entropy and space are synonymous: a plane is the geometry that extends further in space and the line the geometry that moves faster with lesser friction. Both are the fundamental forms of Entropy-bodies:

Maximal Space = Entropy = Minimal Form Vs.

Max. temporal form = Information = Min. Spatial extension.

As a result of those morphologies we can classify as Entropy or information organs, not only carbon-life organisms that handle Entropy (limb, food) and information (brains, eyes, senses, words), but also other beings and atomic species – even ‘deconstructed organs’ that perform mechanical tasks of Entropy and information (informative cameras, lineal, energetic weapons). Since now we can recognize geometrically their Entropy or information systems.

According to the Galilean Paradox all still forms carry some motion. Thus, form carries an active function and so we can classify any system both by its geometrical form and bio-logical functions as either an Entropy or informative system. In terms of a sentient Universe, this duality means that information is both a form-in-action and a sensation of still perception of a quiet world. Information and perception are thus simultaneous: information is a flow of software that ‘sparks’ the perceptive sensation in the hardware of a still system that process information, with a certain language.

So particles that perceive light and gravitation, probably ‘sense’ light and darkness and move towards light, feeding on it. We see the external action of feeding, the electron jumping and absorbing the photon, but the electron probably senses light and automatically moves to it, to feed, as your eyes move automatically towards food, even if you more complex brain can stop that automatic will that the electron always exercises.

Organic systems are ternary networks of information (head, nervous system), a reproductive body and networks of Entropy called limbs (trunk-digestive systems, legs).

For example, Entropy organs made of metal such as weapons, gas and electromagnetism are extended, fast, and lineal. There are metal-species of information such as microchips, money, cameras and radios. And they are small, fixed and complex in form. Yet only structures, which are balanced in Entropy and information become self-sufficient organisms.

So only machines that put together energetic limbs and informative brains – robots – might become future ‘organic metalife’, in which the reproductive functions will be performed by the company-mother. The other machines will act as ‘gauges’ of information and ‘forces of Entropy’ do, without a vital will of existence, which is born by the capacity of a balanced ΣE<=>Tƒ field to switch between both arrows, acquiring a ‘minimal degree’ of organic freedom perceived as ‘vitality’ from an external point of view. Humans, galaxies, plants, robots – all kind of entities can be considered in that sense organic systems. Since living systems are born thanks to the complementary symbioses and synergies between Entropy and information organs that create together all kind of organisms.

This fact connects Physics and Biology in a new step towards the unification of all disciplines of science:

– In the microscopic scales, masses and charges, the flat Entropy of vacuum space, become transformed into cyclical vortices with height; while spatial, flat fermions become high, ordered, informative bosons. In our scale of matter spatial flows of Entropy (stars, gas), become transformed into cyclical vortices of gravitational information with height (black holes, tornados). Finally, in the cosmological scale, the Entropy of stars becomes transformed into black holes, whose spatial dimensions become time of ∞ height.

– In Biology, the first bilateral animal was a planarian worm that evolved rising to the informative height of man.

-Yet death erases information back into flat amorphous Entropy, in big bangs that create planar Universes, or flat, corpses.

The reason of the diffeomorphic principle is the holographic principle which implies the relative perpendicularity of all complementary systems with a body/field of Entropy and a head/particle of information: an energetic, concave geometry and an informative, toroid topology, which fuse together, creating 4-D beings.

Ultimately what the paradox of Galileo (duality of time motions and spatial forms) coupled with the diffeomorphic and holographic principle means is a fundamental homology between dimensional form and function: The 3±∆ dimensions of space of the Universe, length, width, height, and st-scalar, fractal size are equivalent to the 3±∆ motions of time, past=Entropy, present=reproduction, future=Information and birth/death events of integration and dissolution.

Recap: The Universe is local, relative, fractal, broken into ∞vital spaces, each one ruled by a point of information that absorbs it and creates linguistic maps, which it uses to direct the organic vital space or body of the point towards fields in which to feed, gauge more information and reproduce. Thus, the arrow of information is performed by a relative infinite number of broken, discontinuous points of view, complementary to the energetic fields/bodies they move. Yet information is limited by the volume a certain point of view can store, leaving outside an enormous quantity of uncertain information. Thus the Universe is a tapestry of broken, complementary organisms constantly fighting for more Entropy and information. ∆ST resolves many puzzles of science, from the Postulates of Relativity and Quantum Physics, to the causes of death and the morphology of living beings, physical entities and machines.

In the graphs, the simplest becomes more complex.

Now we shall introduce a new word: Diffeomorphism. It means local space-time.

Einstein found the universe was diffeomorphic in 4D. But it is even more so in 5 D. We are all fractal parts, local diffeomorphisms orientated towards relative energy and information fields, and so the ∆+1,2 society and world in which we live determines enormously what form we acquire:

  • Spherical for 3 isomorphic space-time worlds where orientation does not matter as energy and information comes from everywhere (above spherical forms).
  • Lineal shapes when we are over a ‘plane’ with membranes in layers with an orientation of energy or information either above, below or in front of us.

The diffeomorphic Principle of Einstein’s 4D analysis acquires an organic nature, when we see the Universe as the sum of ∞ Complementary exi systems whose dimensions have organic functions: Systems feed on their relative dimension of energy-length, perceive in their relative dimension of height and reproduce in their relative combined dimension of width, which are assembled into each specific species.

In the graph, an animal has its informative height in its high perceptive light dimension, but a plant, which uses light as energy has its up and down dimensions inverted respect to the man and its chemical brain buried on the Earth. So both have opposite energy-time coordinates.

Yet both have an ‘anteroposterior’, lineal’ ‘outward’ energy oriented structure. While a galaxy has a cyclical, informative, inward structure, as the stars’ body absorbs energy from intergalactic space, reproduces matter with it and feeds the internal informative knot of gravitation, with a higher height dimension the black hole.

 Thus there is a correspondence between the inner physiological networks of a being that perform SP X TƑ åctions and its external diffeomorphic dimensions. So a dimensional form is also motion with a function. Even in a human being the height dimension is really the nervous-brain system network, his length motion, the natural path of his energy limbs, and his width is maximal in the digestive system that reproduces new cells.

Forms respond always to functions/åctions in time, the commanding ‘element’ to which the form of any being adapts diffeomorphically to maximize its existential åctions.

Thus, there is a parallelism between ‘vital function’ and ‘abstract dimension’ as each Dimension is diffeomorphic created by the vital space-time of each entity of the Universe performing its exi åctions. And each species is a ‘fractal universe in itself’, with different relative, energetic and informative directions that determine its own up & down arrows and complementary morphology,

The specific geometry of each species and its 3 simplex åctions, energy feeding=length, information-gauging =height and reproduction=width fluctuate in shape, but they don’t vary in topological form, giving a final ‘action-function’ latter studied in more detail (5th isomorphism) to the 2-manifold Isomorphism of the 3 topological forms=functions of any entity observed in an ∆+1,2 space-time: Toroid informative heads, hyperbolic reproductive bodies and energetic limbs… Yes we repeat it a lot, but far less than the Universe, in which complexity is achieved by repetition of simples parts in patterns and societies (9th isomorphism) does.

Let us consider thus with a bit more of complexity this relationship between the ‘∆-scale’ and the ‘∆+1, +2’ world scales, which determine by ∆+1 species evolution the shapes in time and space of the being.


The arrow of entropy, expansive space and disorder, only acts in the scale of temperatures of the Universe, as it was defined studying Gas, by definition, the entropic, expansive arrow of temperature; inverse to the arrow of crystal solids, or cold temperatures that in fact reduces the entropy of a system.

So entropy is really the expansive, disordered, ‘lineal, spatial’ arrow of temperature. While symmetry, crystal formation is the cold, implosive, ordered arrow.

So not even in the realm of temperature entropy is a Universal phenomena as physicists, specially those dedicated to manufacture weapons and make big explosions want us to believe (nuclear physicists with its big bang theories are the meaning of it all, the heirs of Galileo with his lineal concepts of time, physicists making transport machines and weapons, which are the ones that found the concept of entropy and then decided to expand it to everything else).

The problem is ‘military physics’ have all the power. So physicists of solid states; philosophers of science; theorists of information, evolutionary biologists and all those other people who study all the other clocks of time, and information processes of the Universe have not so much impact.

Now in this case entropy simply, because it is a process of ordinary hot matter has nothing to do with black holes. There is nothing to prove in experiments related to liquid vortices with black holes. As entropy does not act in scales below (where temperature as a clock of motion ends, atoms become plasma, and are guided by frequency clocks of the quantum scale), or  gravitational scales above (where temperature as a clock of motion also ends substituted by speed).

So what is all this thing about black hole entropy, and black holes traveling to the past and evaporating with entropy? Mere nonsense, fantaphysics of people, which want to call the attention of the world, by speaking of themes, we do not have any experimental evidence and so we can say whatever we want, or themes physicists have not properly defined, stuck in their old errors and lineal ways.

Entropy, the arrow of disorder that erases information, the arrow of order.

Since entropy and black holes – the 2 themes of this post – are themes of which physicists do not have much idea. They don’t know what black holes really are made off – as they cannot see them. So they can say whatever – and they don’t understand what entropy is. I know you don’t believe me so, we shall quote the father of Theory of Information and Cybernetics on this:

“I thought of calling it “information”, but the word was overly used, so Von Neumann told me, “You should call it entropy, nobody knows what entropy really is. So in a debate you will always have the advantage.”

Von Neumann to Shannon, father of Information Theory.

Since I was a kid, what call my attention on the Intelligent Universe were those ‘big concepts’, starting by Energy, Information, Space and Time, which are the widest concepts of reality. And found many obvious errors in the way humans tried to IMPOSE their opinions, gadgets and machines to the Universe, WITHOUT any respect of what the Universe shows.

So the first obvious human, mechanical bias is the way we measure time. We do NOT use any longer as we used to do the cyclical rhythms of nature, but the mechanical clock, and try to reduce all the cycles of nature to that mechanical clock and its steady state one second rhythm. And we pretend that is the ‘absolute time rhythm and only one of the Universe!

This is akin to the old ways of astronomers who tried to impose to the Universe the frame of reference of the Earth as its center. It does work despite its bias, so with complicated cycles you can explain it all, from the point of view of the Earth, but calculations become very complex with epicycles and extant, etc.

So happens when you do NOT use the clocks of Nature, which soon will be defined here. Physics does work but it is overall very complicated when dealing with different time rhythms, and one century after Einstein found there are many such time rhythms and some change its speed there is zero understanding of this.

We just put some ‘new epicycles’ called Lorentz Transformations, but since we are stuck to our ethnocentric clock, as old astronomers to their earth-centric world, the explanations are blurred. Men merely try to feed the Universe onto their ‘time view’ or rather mechanical view of time. And the Universe is much ore complex and rich in clock rhythms than that.

Indeed, why we Humans use a mechanical clock with an artificial rhythm to measure time; If the Universe has infinite rhythms? It is just an ego trip and the worship of machines that characterize the western civilization. Thus when the Brits got to China to sell their ware, was the answer of Tao=time masters: why we want to buy your ugly mechanical clocks if we can observe the Universe with its clocks of nature, its cyclical rhythms? Obviously, the mechanical clock with its single steady state time cycle IS a human artifact.

Time did exist before mechanical clocks with his own rhythms. Its own Universal time clocks. The mechanical clock is NOT a Universal time clock. So the use of this human clock to measure all the time clocks of the Universe bias our concepts of time, and ‘hides’ the clocks of nature. So the next fundamental question in our search for proper definitions of time, entropy and black holes becomes obvious:

– What are the true clocks of nature? And once we find how Nature measure its cyclical time frequencies, we shall wonder are those rhythms of time stable, steady state rhythms as those of our mechanical clocks, or they change rhythms, have different ‘time speeds? And how they measure information and create it, as opposed to the creation of disorder and entropy? And which of those concepts order or disorder dominates the Universe?

Bias introduced by anthropocentric, mechanic clocks to measure all times of the Universe.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43

In the graph, the infinite cyclical clocks of time of the Universe and its relative ‘parameters’ that measure its motion, speed, temperature and frequency were ‘forgotten’, when mechanisms substituted Nature as the ‘measure of all things’, with the arrival of mechanic clocks.

Then Galileo founded ‘ballistics’, today called physics, in his book ‘On military instruments’, dedicated to the study of locomotions and lineal trajectories of cannonballs, ‘for the delight of philosophers and the practical use of artillery masters’.

His goal was to reach the maximal lineal distance possible with those cannonballs. To that aim he established the principles of lineal time, cyclical inertia and a single, steady state mechanical clock time to measure the lineal duration of those canon shots. And soon the single lineal clock became the standard clock and time concept for all time rhythms of the universe. And so the informative properties of those time rhythms and cyclical forms, the multiplicity of time clocks in the Universe, its order and causal laws disappeared.

But of course our capacity to make machines and measure them and put clocks on them, today converted into computers increased. So paradoxically as we forgot the clocks of nature, we grew in our dexterity to make machines to measure nature.

YET the information of the universe is carried in its natural clocks – NOT IN HUMAN mechanisms, nowhere to be seen outside the surface of this planet. And when scientists forgot that, a huge gap on their conceptual understanding of the Universe ensued.

The clocks of nature. Its purpose: to process the information of each species.

Since I was young what call my attention was Nature as it is, not the human description of it, with those mechanical Instruments. To me the Universe was both Intelligent and organic, living Nature.

So I was intrigued by those ‘big concepts’, Space and Time, life and death, and the ages between them, Energy and Information, and the way both mixed in the living systems around me. Those were the widest concepts of reality and certainly the definitions I found of them in abstract science did not convince me – there were not really definitions but tautologies and descriptions.

For example, Einstein, who was supposed to be the foremost expert on time, said: ‘Time is what a clock measures’.

But then I wondered, ‘What kind of clock embodies the full meaning of time’?

The clock of the seasons, which animals used to synchronise their reproductive cycles?

The clock of the days, of the Earth rotating, which life used to synchronise its rhythms of activity?

The clock of the stars, of the beats of birds flying? The clock of a flower blossoming and dying? The clock-beats of my heart, which synchronised the rhythms of my eye winks, synchronised to the rhythms of my thoughts – a second?.

Each of those clocks had a different rhythm and the Universe was filled of them. Yet all had certain qualities: to repeat themselves, and hence when described in a trajectory in space; to be closed cyclical paths, hence with form, and frequency the 2 properties of information – so we will call them all Tiƒ. And to work in harmony, in synchrony, as certain clocks were chained to larger clocks, forming complex patterns of information. Time clocks and information therefore were intimately related.

Physicists in that sense used only a mechanical clock, which closed into itself with a fixed rhythm of a second. And they used it to obtain information about the external motion of beings, or speed. But unlike me, who were essentially interested on the meaning of time ‘alone’, for physicists time was just the submissive, needed parameter to obtain that information about speed in space – time was not the goal but the means to what physicists truly studied motions in space, distances.

So they defined space NOT time. Galileo wrote: V=s/t, where what mattered was to measure V-speed and s=space distances=vt.

Einstein did NOT changed this at all, merely substituted s=vt for s=ct, that is the speed of the object for the speed of light, in his corrections and calculations of the measures of speed and space of objects moving at the speed of light. Again this must be stressed given the profound influence that physicists as makers of the machines and weapons of our civilisations have in the collective subconscious:

Physicists do NOT study time. When a physicist tells you that time is the 4th dimension of space, he is referring precisely to that equation and only that equation, either S=vt or S=ct, this ‘ct’ is what he calls the 4th dimension of space. So he reduces time to a parameter to measure space and speed, because indeed ‘time’ is the parameter that measures ALL KIND OF INFORMATIONS, including speed in space. BUT THERE ARE OTHER KINDS OF INFORMATIONS, IN WHICH TIME CYCLES ARE THE PARAMETERS AND CARRIERS OF INFORMATION.

Informative computer and life cycles.

For example, computers process information and they are basically a series of time cycles, digital clocks. So both time and computers are measured by the speed of its time cycles, in frequency Herzs, Tiƒ. So we said that a computer is more intelligent when it has more ‘gigahertzs’, when his time cycles run faster, when its ‘speed of time is faster’.

What do then a computer time cycles have to do with space? Nothing. There time is still a measure of information, carried in the form of its logic circuits and the speed at which the algorithms of those logic circuits are traced. But now it is NOT measuring the information on the speed and distances of space.

Consider the evolutionary time rhythms discovered by Darwin. Evolutionary time measure the rhythms of change in the form, hence in the in-form-ation of beings. So the fittest species, those with more efficient forms and which act faster in time survive. Think of in-form-ation as ‘form-in-action’, because it is what time is. We perceive time cycles which are, forms in motion, changing forms, temporal forms, forms-in-actions, informations.

The problem though with physicists, as we have said is their megalomaniac, bully attitude; as their worldly profession has always been to make weapons (70% of them still work in the US as makers of weapons). So power corrupts, and their military power corrupts their attitude towards other scientists. So they think what they study is ALL what we must know. Their particles ARE essential. And all other forms of time, informations and beings IRRELEVANT to the ultimate nature of things. Alas, power imposes its view. So whenever you pretend to explain people, scientists and of course physicists, the much wider meaning of time, it is like if you were committing a blasphemy against the religion of time-physics: s=ct≈vt. And that’s all.

The clocks of nature.

So Physicists introduced two reductions of the whole concept of time in nature – to reduce it to study a single type of form in motion, in-form-ation – the translation in space of physical systems or ‘locomotion’. And to reduce and equalise all the clocks of nature, from orbital systems, to living systems and their world cycles, to evolutionary cycles, to mental cycles, and logic cycles, to a single clock tic – that of the clock. So they came with the infantile concept that time has a single tic, and that tic is like the clock, a steady tic. Yet it is evident as you have experienced with the growing speed of time of your computers and mobiles that even among mechanisms there are different speeds in their clocks, and this speed increases with the evolution of the clocks that keep processing ever more information.

And, so happens in nature, where new species are ever faster in their clocks of time. So mammals are faster than reptiles faster than plants. And the next ladder in the evolution, robotic machines are faster than men – and for that reason they are displacing us in all informative processes, as the new white collar pcs, blue collar workers and terminator soldiers, in fields of labor and war (cause of the present existential crisis of mankind, hidden by our financiers and economists working for corporations that make money with them).

So to me the first, most obvious error about Nature, was the way in which humans tried to IMPOSE their gadgets and machines of time measure over the Universe, WITHOUT any respect of the beauty the different rhythms of that Universe showed.

So I threw my mechanical clock, and never have worn one.

In the next graph we show you those concepts visually so you can realize that all is made of cycles of time (seen as information in still relative no motion) and planes of space (seen as kinetic lineal momentum, in its relative motion):

The principle of relativity of motion and form. The holographic Principle.

Next in the ‘awesome’ smartness of our geniuses talking on black holes, is the so called ‘theory of information of black holes’, which is so to speak the inverse to their theory of entropy of black holes. Here actually they got some smart results which they wonder and wonder because they don’t understand. Let us explain it to them. What they found is that the Information of a black hole could be stored in its bidimensional surface. From here, as they don’t understand what they talk about (remember Neumann) they deduced that the Universe could be a bidimensional holography. Ok. The first result as usual is good. Information is bidimensional, the second is a bit speakeasy Neumann style. Let us explain it properly.

To fully understand how spatial planes in motion and cyclical clocks can mess together to create the space-time beings we all are (we ARE NOT in a background space-time, we ARE made of vital spaces with rhythms of motion defined by its time frequencies in our human case mostly metabolic temperature regulated cycles), we need to make a further clarification, at the heart of Physics.

It is with the conservation of energy and information the most important law of physics, the principle of relativity, expressed by Galileo (e pur si muove, e pur no muove: the earth moves but doesn’t move – we do NOT see it moving), by Einstein and Poincare, the mathematician that found in parallel this principle: ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness, from ‘form’. Look around, all what you see are forms in motion, but we cannot distinguish clearly what part is ‘form’, ‘position’ and what part is ‘motion’. They are very mixed.

What this means is that our two parameters, quanta of space, and cycles of time, do have both, ‘motion’ and ‘form’. But space, does have a lineal, planar, ‘res extensa’ bidimensional shape. We talk fo ‘planes of space’, and clocks of time, are tall, cyclical, informative cycles – you look at information and its forms and cycles in tall broken cyclical forms, a s the screen of your computer.

So we do have certain clear ‘bidimensional properties’ of form and motion for space: Flat planes moving in lineal paths, and Time, tall cycles, moving in repetitive frequencies. And we know that the product of quanta of bidimensional space and time frequency cycles gives us the relative Energy of reality. And we have a very generic formula for it: Ei = ∑Sp x Tƒ.

Now this resolves a fundamental conundrum of modern physics – why information is bidimensional. Now it is easy: because it is the frequency and form of time cycles that now are bidimensional, tall and with a bit rhythm, a dimension of motion.

And so in the graph we can see the principle of the Holographic Universe, physicists are trying to define (10.000 papers only in the past decade about it) but have not yet grasped as they do NOT understand space, time, information and energy, (kinetic, potential, its integral, etc.).

We can then see that the holographic principle merely means that if you give to ‘time cycles’ the dimension of ‘height’, then you do have the 4 dimensions broken in 2 for spatial lineal, planar kinetic energy, width and length, and 2 for cyclical time clocks, beat, frequency-motion and height.

And alas, because only things with the same dimensions can transform into each other, now we can truly understand the holographic principle: Our 4 dimensional Universe is made of flat planes of spatial lineal kinetic energy, we shall call Spe and tall cyclical bits of information we shall call Tiƒ. When they combine they create a being of space-time, in 4 dimensions.

In the right we see the simplest one, a light beam clearly made of a tall, informative, electric field, perpendicular to a magnetic, energetic magnetic field, reproducing along the length of its c-speed.

Below we see humans and machines, which do have lineal, energetic, planar limbs//bodies, or as in weapons, lineal systems of release of kinetic energy, and cyclical, informative, eyes, brains, heads particles that gauge and process logically or mathematically information.

Below we further see how a black hole, the informative nucleus of the Galaxy, similar to the DNA-informative nucleus of a cell in a smaller scale, does have a tall high dimension and an enormous clock-like cyclical rhythm, the event horizon turning at c-speed. So if light is the quintessential plane of space, with both components but clearly dominant in flat, length, the black hole is the inverse, extreme case of an informative cyclical clock-like vortex of time.

Now entropy is generalized unnecessarily and without rigor by physicists to mean expansive, disorder, spatial motions. And what is absurd – expanded outside the realm of temperature to fit the entire Universe within a supposed absolute entropic arrow of time for all what exists – a huge leap of faith from the study of steam gas in vapor machines, where the concept first appeared.

What Hawking did, giving entropy to black holes, WHICH ARE EXACTLY THE INVERSE informative vortices of gravitation of the Universe, is just the last ‘leap of faith’ in the attempt to reduce all what exists to lineal cannonballs and lineal motions – the last step of the process started by Galileo.

The fact is the Universe is made of both lineal and cyclical motions, space and time, lineal and angular momentum, quanta of space and time clocks.

And the Universe is made of informative mass vortices, with gravitational information, as the galaxy we are in, reason why we are informative beings. Yet between galaxies, there are fractal planes of flat space with dark energy similar to the expansive entropy of gases. And both balance each other in the fractal universe.

Now because physicists; do not understand or want to accept despite amazing number of proofs, the fractal structure of the Universe, they do NOT realize that the expansive entropy of flat space between galaxies is balanced by the implosive conversion of that flat space into mass by cyclical clock-like tall vortices of information – black holes.

So they can go around with absurd concepts such as ‘the entropy of black holes’. And to make it possible, instead of describing black holes as systems that absorb in-form, with gravitation, the galaxy, inventing a motion to the past, changing its arrows of time as Hawking does and bringing its absurd time machines.

We see though that the arrow of information or arrow of evolution increases the dimensions of tall information, and so life evolved from flat worms into tall informative humans. So it does space, which time bends into cyclical vortices of mass. Or as Einstein said ‘time curves space into mass’. This is the Universe which Einstein said is ‘simple and not malicious’. And he put it in a simple equation E= M (c2), which explains how the Universe constantly transforms its kinetic energy/entropy (light, electromagnetic, thermal radiation) into informative masses, back and forth in big bangs and big crunches.

Now the graph clarifies the meaning of time – a tall cycle or clock, and its equivalent perception as still; information.

A simple proof of the holographic theorem: Fermat’s last theorem.

Now information is bidimensional as this computer ou are observing or any page of any book. Further on mathematics is the most realist of languages, since if we are made of time and space, logic algebra and spatial geometry and analysis (5 Dimensional integration of parts into wholes) are both the 3 main branches of mathematics and the 3 components of the 5 Dimensional Universe of space-time beings.

So a simple proof of the holographic principle comes from the fact that as Godel proved and Lobachevski said, mathematics is a realist science, which needs to be proved by the existence in the Universe of its theorems.

Mr. Fermat, my countryman, basque, amateur scientist (-;  couldnt fit in the margin, a proof of his Ultimate theorem which states that no natural numbers x, y, and z exist such that x³ + y ³ = z³  (i.e., the sum of two cubes is not a cube). But we shall fit it (-:

This is the simplest proof of the bidimensional nature of time and space, as mathematics is the most realist of all languages, defining as Lobachevski thought despite the idealist Hilbert-Copenhagen school, the nature of reality through the proper understanding of its logic laws.

Numbers are social groups of equal entities and they organise by superposition into bidimensional planes, which are added to form the 3rd dimension, or multiplied perpendicularly to form space-time beings. So there are only single numbers, bidimensional complex numbers (where the imaginary axis is the axis of time, for reasons beyond the scope of this limited analysis of black holes) and quaternions for space-time complex beings, but NOT ternary numbers, NOT x³ + y ³ = z³ . You see, it fit in a margin (-; The proof found 400 years latter though required thousands of pages of computer thought, and this is the difference between good simple science and complicated work. The Universe is simple and not malicious. And mathematics is as lobachevski explained, an experimental science which needs as Godel proved, experimental proofs as the reflection of the structure of space and time. Space and time are bidimensional so we have only 1, 2, 4 dimensional numbers. Nobody has succeeded creating 3 dimensional scalars, or found a way in which to superpose cubes. So growth in the Universe happens as the sum or multiplication of bidimensional cycles of temporal information and bidimensional planes of space.

It is the study on how all of us through the frequency of our natural clocks, build systems along the height of our informative dimensions to go back to a flat, corpse or a flat big bang on the moment of death, what defines therefore the essence of existence…


In the graph, we see those parts and functions. Hence topological bidimensional physics show indeed that black hole splay the role of information in black holes, as heads in human beings or roots in plants:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 18.26.57

It is the study on how all of us through the frequency of our natural clocks, build systems along the height of our informative dimensions to go back to a flat, corpse or a flat big bang on the moment of death, what defines therefore the essence of existence…

It shows the meaning of a generic quanta of space, a flat plane with lineal momentum or kinetic energy which is the lineal motion of a plane of space.

In the previous graph we illustrate our ‘Space-time’ Essence: Time is measured with clocks, which are actually, one dimensional cycles. Information is the same than a time clock, a ‘form’ that we see static. Energy is made of quanta, which are lines, that group together into sheets of space. And to perceive them, we have ‘spheres’ made of multiple layers of cells, and cameras which are isomorphic. An to move through Space we have ‘lineal members’, which move us in toroid open and closed curves. And so happens to lineal weapons. And then fields of energy and information make together a light ray, which is really also a bidimensional surface.

In the graph, the duality between moving time cycles and still information, captured by a mind, and moving vacuum energy and perception of still space by the mind is the essential feature of physical systems and its ‘relativity’ of motion. Since Reproduction of Motion dominates perception of form

The Universe is made of ‘Energy and Time’, ‘Lineal and Angular momentum’ Motion with form. But motion dominates form. Even if the mind thinks otherwise because of the Galilean Paradox – the duality of stillness and motion, as we perceive the Earth still but it is moving.

Yet this paradox is indeed the proof that form, information dominates motion, because the mind prefers to see still information to blurred motion.

The perception of time and space as a moving cycle or line or a fixed form or distance is obviously an effect of the mind. It is NOT there, it is the mind that stops time cycles and lineal spatial motions.

The dimorphism of all systems; The fundamental particles: |-o; Ø-o.

Now if we simplify as we do in easy to read posts and consider limbs of energy, the ‘attached parts of the body’, or as it happens in many systems, the energy field is external to the particle and body we can talk of a duality very common in the Universe:

Ø<=>o  a reproductive body and a head with a neck that transfers energy and information between them.

This is the ∆-p pair in atomic centers, or the nucleus-electron; the male female, the body, head, the cytoplasm and nucleus of a cell, etc. etc.:

So we define in 5D metric  a fundamental particle-system made of two space-time parts:

ST (bodies/waves) < x > Tƒ(particles/heads)= K (Stable physical/biologic system)

ST-parts move and reproduce the whole system. While Tƒ-parts gauge information so they are cycles or spheres, the geometries that store more information in lesser space, from eyes to particles to brains.

There are many such systems, all what exist we might say is a complementary system with a particle-head of information and field-body of energy:

– This is the fundamental principle of quantum physics, the complementary principle, as quantum physicists observe all entities BOTH as particles and fields of energy (waves).

– This is the fundamental principle of biology as all cellular bodies have a DNA, informative center, and all multicellular organisms have a head besides its body.

You are also literally made of ‘clocks of time’ (your brain) and body motions with energy. So you say ‘i don’t have time or energy to do this’, because we are all made of time and space.

We are not in an abstract background of space and time, we are made of pieces of spatial energy and temporal information.

The ternary elements of most Nature’s Systems: Set<ST>Tƒ

From these simple facts of universal morphology,   we can classify ‘all parts of systems’ including decomposed viruses, or machines or human organs, as energetic, lineal systems, or as cyclical, informative systems that combine into complex bodies and waves and put together create an Spe<ST>Tƒ ternary system:

—  Energy organs are lineal systems with minimal ‘form’ that kill, simplifying information into energy. Thus, a field of energy, released by a physical particle or an energetic weapon, such as a sword or a missile and a top predator, energetic animal, such as a lion, will have both lineal forms and kill, destroy the in-form-ation of their ‘preys’.

—  In-form-ative organs create form and trans-form energy into languages that map out ‘reality’ with formal ‘bits’. Those bits are smaller symbols, which form images in the brain that represent reality and help to simulate reality ‘faster’, in ‘lesser space’, the ‘future’ cycles of reality, anticipating them. Then, according to those ‘logic’ simulations of the future, heads will move and direct energy bodies towards sources of energy and information. So any system that ‘gauges’, measures and reacts, is an informative organ, regardless of the specific language it uses to gauge reality. A chip measures with numbers reality, a man with words, an atom with electro-magnetic ‘bosons’; yet the 3 act-react to their measures. So they all are informative organs.

—  Reproductive organs repeat informative and energetic organs, by absorbing energy and ‘imprinting’ it with its particular in-form-ation. Thus, human mothers and company-mothers of machines are both reproductive organs. Even the simplest particles of the Universe, quarks and electrons, absorb energy and emit new particles, small quarks and electrons, with the same form that the parental particle.

So in fact, we have come to the objective conclusion that all systems of the Universe have organic properties. Since even its simplest entities, quarks and electrons that form atoms do absorb energy, gauge information and reproduce, the 3 ‘properties’ of life. Thus, the Universe must be defined not as a mechanism but as a complex organic system, made of organic atoms, which can combine to create many different complex organisms, including company-mothers that reproduce machines, atoms that reproduce quarks, electrons and forces and mothers that reproduce kids. The difference between all those species is not one of ‘quality’ but of quantity and complexity of their organs of energy and information, which determine their survival chances and status as top predators of any ecosystem.

If a mechanism is a system that has only information and energy organs, an organism has both systems and so it is able to reproduce by combining its energy and information into a replica of itself. In that regard, the reproductive organism of machines is today the company-mother that reproduces them with the aid of informative metal (money) and machines (chips), energetic machines and human workers that act as catalysts and re=producers of those machines. And because we live all in a planet of limited resources, machines and life increasingly compete to reproduce the limited energy and information of this planet.

Topology: 2 manifolds

We are all space-time isomorphisms. The best way to describe those st parallelisms between species, is by considering topology, the branch of mathematics which study forms with inner motion (deformation) and its varieties that put together creates the organisms and structures of the living universe.

This is possible since ‘pure space’ and ‘pure time’ dimensions are abstractions that do not correspond to ‘objective’ reality where space and time dimensions, ‘form’ and ‘motion’ come together. And so the branch that describes both, topology, is the fundamental branch of mathematics.

Further on, what we perceive, and what interacts with the external world is always a bidimensional membrane, not the whole 3 dimensional system, so the so called 3-varieties of a 2-manifold (bidimensional) surface become the 3 fundamental ‘parts’ of any system. And they correspond to the 3 ‘Bidimensional’ forms in motion of the Universe, which we call:

– Space-time Energy (expansive motion, toroid topography), combination of ‘length’ and an expansive, young state.

– Space-time Information (implosive motion, spherical topography), combination of ‘height’ and an inward, warping, old stage: Tƒ = Sh x Tƒ

– And its space-time combinations (repetitive motions, hyperbolic topography) combination of width and a present, iterative motion that seem not to change.

All what you see from the humblest chair or the smallest atom to the biggest galaxy or the most complex human being is an iteration of 3 unique topologies of a 2-dimensional space.

One of the most important problems of topology is the search for a classification of manifolds up to topological equivalence. Ideally, for each dimension ∆, one would like to produce a list of ∆-dimensional manifolds, and a theorem that says every ∆-dimensional manifold is homeomorphic to exactly one on the list.

The theorem would be even better if it came with a list of computable topological invariants that could be used to decide where on the list any given manifold belongs. To make the problem more tractable, it is common to restrict attention to compact manifolds, which can be thought of as those that are homeomorphic to closed and bounded subsets of some Euclidean space. Precisely such a classification theorem is known for 2-manifolds.

The first part of the theorem says that every compact 2-manifold is homeomorphic to one of the following: a sphere, or a doughnut surface with ∆ 1 holes, or a connected sum of ∆ 1 projective planes. The second part says that no two manifolds on this list are homeomorphic to each other. It means we need ‘surgery’ , tearing, ‘hurting’ the organism to break the variety of the manifold. And since this would upset the functions and health of the super organism, we are left with the 3 fundamental varieties of a bidimensional space, to construct the ‘wholes’ of all the systems of the Universe.

In the 2 previous graphs we can see the structure of all systems with an external, Max. Sp. toroid Limbs that move the system, an internal, Max.Tƒ, zero point and a hyperbolic, Sp=I, Max. ExI, organic, reproductive structure that puts together and maintains both, the membrane and limbs that move the body and the still, informative cyclical point that maps and gauges reality.

The inverse properties of spatial entropy and temporal information

The Universe is made of two substances: spatial energy and informative time. We can see it with motion as energy and time or as fixed forms, as space and information. We can see it as a single reality, as space and time, or as a multiple quanta, as energy and information. We can differentiate them by form, as space and energy are lineal or planar surfaces and time and information are cyclical. And we can see it together into beings, the simplest of which is an action of light, ext=k. And this simple duality structures all beings of the Universe. So we are made of cyclical heads and lineal bodies. Weapons are lines that release energy. Informative machines are cyclical, and all physical systems are made of lineal forces and cyclical particles of information.

Topology: 2 manifolds

We are all space-time isomorphisms. The best way to describe those st parallelisms between species, is by considering topology, the branch of mathematics which study forms with inner motion (deformation) and its varieties that put together creates the organisms and structures of the living universe.

This is possible since ‘pure space’ and ‘pure time’ dimensions are abstractions that do not correspond to ‘objective’ reality where space and time dimensions, ‘form’ and ‘motion’ come together. And so the branch that describes both, topology, is the fundamental branch of mathematics.

Further on, what we perceive, and what interacts with the external world is always a bidimensional membrane, not the whole 3 dimensional system, so the so called 3-varieties of a 2-manifold (bidimensional) surface become the 3 fundamental ‘parts’ of any system. And they correspond to the 3 ‘Bidimensional’ forms in motion of the Universe, which we call:

– Space-time Energy (expansive motion, hyperbolic topography), combination of ‘length’ and an expansive, young state.

– Space-time Information (implosive motion, spherical topography), combination of ‘height’ and an inward, warping, old stage: Tƒ = Sh x Tƒ

– And its space-time combinations (repetitive motions, toroid topography) combination of width and a present, iterative motion that seem not to change.

All what you see from the humblest chair or the smallest atom to the biggest galaxy or the most complex human being is an iteration of 3 unique topologies of a 2-dimensional space.

One of the most important problems of topology is the search for a classification of manifolds up to topological equivalence. Ideally, for each dimension ∆, one would like to produce a list of ∆-dimensional manifolds, and a theorem that says every ∆-dimensional manifold is homeomorphic to exactly one on the list.

The theorem would be even better if it came with a list of computable topological invariants that could be used to decide where on the list any given manifold belongs. To make the problem more tractable, it is common to restrict attention to compact manifolds, which can be thought of as those that are homeomorphic to closed and bounded subsets of some Euclidean space. Precisely such a classification theorem is known for 2-manifolds.

The first part of the theorem says that every compact 2-manifold is homeomorphic to one of the following: a sphere, or a doughnut surface with ∆ 1 holes, or a connected sum of ∆ 1 projective planes. The second part says that no two manifolds on this list are homeomorphic to each other. It means we need ‘surgery’ , tearing, ‘hurting’ the organism to break the variety of the manifold. And since this would upset the functions and health of the super organism, we are left with the 3 fundamental varieties of a bidimensional space, to construct the ‘wholes’ of all the systems of the Universe.

In the 2 previous graphs we can see the structure of all systems with an external, Max. Sp. hyperbolic Limbs that move the system, an internal, Max.Tƒ, zero point and a toroid, Sp=I, Max. ExI, organic, reproductive structure that puts together and maintains both, the membrane and limbs that move the body and the still, informative cyclical point that maps and gauges reality.



The minimal Unit of the Universe is a 2-manifold, as pure time or pure space, pure yin or pure yang, pure motion or pure form-stillness cannot be perceived. So all what exists is a 2 manifold that we might perceive as static space (a 2-manifold sheet) or as a point with motion, (where motion is one time dimension and the point, the minimal fractal unit also with a 1 dimension – as there is not 0-dimensional, ‘euclidean points’ in the Universe).


In the graph, minimal Units of the Universe are 2-manifolds, which if seen both static they appear as a bidimensional sheet or membrane, if seen as ST, dual motion-form dimensions they are Active Magnitudes that is Points with Motion or ‘Momentums’, and when seen as pure motion (two time dimensions), they are seen as acceleration or energy.

We call st combinations åctions:  Sp x Tƒ = A.

The Unit of the Universe is a space-time action, which therefore requires at least a dimension of space≈form and a dimension of motion≈time. From this single Unit, the Universe builds itself. Hence the importance of bidimensional sheets (where the relative height dimension of information is minimal, as the system is extremely thin till it might reach the ‘infinitesimal indivisible’, ∆-1 quanta of the lower lawyer: X≈Z>>>Y.

It must be understood though that since the Principle of Relativity (Poincare) makes indistinguishable motion and form, any variety of the 3 motions of time and the 3 ∂till of space can give birth to a 2-manifold, and any analysis made in sequential, dynamic algebra can be explained in fixed form geometry. And so we must wear in mind when we study in detail many phenomena of nature that we shall find at least 2 possible, often 3 identical analysis: a geometrical, an algebraic and a parts & wholes infinitesimal (integral/derivative) analysis.

The duality of space≈form and motion≈time thus explains why we found soon two formalisms for quantum particles (Heisenberg formal matrices and Schrodinger’s wave equation), and then an integral formalism (Feynman’s sum over histories).

It is in that regard essential to understand the underlying symmetries, dualities and ternary differentiations of fractal space-time Systems, Se<ST>Tƒ, so we can interpret the ‘many solutions’ to all problems of mathematical physics.

Points which are knots of time cycles communicate through flows of energy and information, lines-waves that form networks which become finally social planes, energetic, informative and reproductive systems that collapse into super organisms, completing the creative processes of the Universe.

Non-A logic. On the other hand the 2 manifold start truly the game of sequential logic in all its variations depending on the degree of ‘present simultaneity/equality’ of the two elements of the game; as they can be relative to each other their past-entropic or future-informative element, to give us the variations of Past operandi Future = Present ‘tensors of existence’; or possible events of the Universe:

In the graph we see examples of the different ‘tensors of existence’, which can relate two monads into a present, reproductive field (below), a darwinian entropic field, or an informative one, in which both destroy or an element evolves.


In the graph, the ever moving Universe of space-time is made of ‘Tƒ≈eS’ of existence. These ties or knots of space-time cycles and åctions are ‘fractal points’ Œ, crossed by infinite parallels. So departing from the first primary flows of time-space, lineal fields/limbs of entropic energy, hyperbolic body/waves and cyclical fields of information, fractal points create the first simplest Tƒ=es of existence.

Now the reader should notice that we use two ‘balls’ of different size to signify the relative energetic and information points (Max. Sp x Min. I vs. Max.Tƒ x Min. Sp), which communicate an intermediate ‘present hyperbolic wave/body network’ that ties them. This tie or flow of energy and information can be absorbed by the relative point-particles as they are ‘fractal points’ with parts, which become bigger as we come closer to them.

Now the mathematical purest expression of that basic ‘2nd postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry’, the communication of two points of energy and information would be in its pure Euclidean geometrical expression, the understanding of conics (ellipses, hyperbolas, parabolas, etc.) as the loci of communication between two points or one point and a line, which are at equal distance of both.

This ‘loci’ is the communicative membrane or ‘bidimensional space-time’ (if we consider all Non-E points by definition, one-dimensional), wave-body that we shall refer as the O x|= Ø-spacetime present region within each ties.

Now the previous graph shows the first operations of ∆-mathematics, of Non-AE, i-logic existential algebra. How do we such 2 points communicate its flows of existence.

While in Aristotelian Algebra/Logic whereas there is a single time logic arrow, A->B, upgraded to ternary logic in which any event can give 5 results or future outcomes, hence the sum of all the possible stories of an equation will be: A x B = A +B + AxB(parallel) + A/B (perpendicular) + B/A (perpendicular) variations of the first event. Hence we write A≤x≥B as the new operandi which expresses all the 5 variations of those space-time events in the pentadimensional logic of the 5th dimension of ∞ fractal space-times.

Thus we draw a full series of sub-events after any action of communication between 2 ∆-points of existence:


Thus the rules of engagement of non-Euclidean points differ but depart from the laws of classic geometry in which the inner region of the point, its ‘standard one dimension’ (which grows further when we see its internal parts). They make abstract Sp-geometry into a closer truth, similar to the vital ‘geometries’ of the Universe.

The next stage thus after the first ‘postulate of non-e points crossed by infinite parallels’, the second postulate of 2-manifolds born of the communication between 2-nonE points is the creation of non-Sp planes, which are networks made of flows of communication of energy and information exchanged by Non-E Points:


In the previous 3 posts, ‘time motions’, ‘still spaces’ and its combinations’, åctions of exchange of energy and information, we defined in a somewhat loose conceptual manner the fundamental elements of the Universe, its 3 motions of time, entropy, iterative vibrational motions and spherical gauging of information; its 3 symmetries of forms in space (toroid limbs/fields, hyperbolic body/waves and spherical heads/particles) and the combined space-time åctions those entities deploy in the outer World that acts as its ‘absolute space-time’, usually across several ∆±∆ planes of smaller and larger existences from where the system obtains its energy and information.

The answer is points, the eternal, fundamental unit of geometry and its algebraic equivalent, ‘numbers’. So to formalize with proper logic and mathematical languages the Universe of fractal space-time beings, we need to start from the beginnings of mathematics, and re-define properly geometry, and build up from geometry, with the more complex logic of 3 arrows of time, the architectonical structure of the ‘space-time planes’ of the Universe. And finally studying how those networks of points become planes of ‘existence’, we shall be able to define the ‘whole’ in time (the world cycle) and space (the super organism).

In that regard we talk of 3 scales of growing size and complexity that structure the Universe.

  • The first level is that of the aforementioned ‘time motions’, which coupled with ‘still spaces’, become the åctions of points of timespace.

It is the understanding of those points of time-space as knots of external space-time’s cyclical åctions of exchange of energy and information, ±∆(ExI), which together evolve socially the system into stable space-time organisms: Exi=ST.

This existential stop and go, space-time action-oriented reality, however must found its formalism. And so when we integrate those space-time åctions together, into a ‘knot’, we define a Œ-point, an existential function, the minimal unit of the Universe in formal, logico-mathematical terms.

  1. Thus, the second level of understanding of the Universe is the next ‘scale’ of integration: Existential åctions are integrated into space-time knots-points, and those points then, enact further exchanges of energy and information with similar points, becoming ‘networks’ of waves of exchanges of energy and information – planes of existence.
  2.  This brings us to the 3rd level of integration of the Universe, as networks of social points, distribute themselves in space, as energetic-digestive, informative-mental and reproductive-body waves, which messed together create a ‘super organism’ of space-time the fundamental unit and final ‘Universal’, to which all points aspire. And so in time, we can study the whole process of existence of a point of space-time from birth to emergence into the Universal ∆+1 scale, through its life and final death, when it becomes a 0-sums.

This 3rd level of integration which narrates the story of super organisms through its world cycles, completes therefore the ‘first line’ that resumes the Universe through its 3 integrative levels of complexity.

Of course the game is infinite and so we can take then each world cycle and super organism as a relative ‘point’ tracing motions in time, and performing space-time åctions in an ∆+1 higher world, and tell the tale of a new ‘game of existence’.

Thus in this post we start the ‘2nd level’ of complex description of the Universe, that of its formalism of non-e points, forming waves, networks and super organisms. In this post we shall study the Œ-point and its spatial geometry of networks, till reaching the superorganism.

In the next post we shall study the same processes but with the tools of sequential algebra, the formalism of the 3 motions of time, and its complex logic laws, using the last posts of the line to describe the full game of super organisms tracing world cycle of life and death of existence and extinction (homonymous concepts that we prefer to eliminate the anthropomorphism that makes ‘life-death’ seem to be different to existence-extinction shared also by physical and mental species).

Thus, the unit of the bio-logic and mathematical, mental Universe, of infinite frames of reference, made of cyclical knots of timespace åctions, is the fractal point.

Thus once we have evolved our basic concepts of cyclical time, fractal space, dimensional motions, the arrows of time and its symmetries in the morphologies of space, we can reconstruct, r=evolve and advance our formal knowledge of the Universe, departing of its fractal units, non-Euclidean points with parts.

And the first fact we must establish are the postulates of this i-logic geometry that puts together the existential algebra, non-Æ, of sequential, logic chains of time motions, across bidimensional stop and go sheets of holographic space, acting, moving and reproducing Œ, functions of space-time existence.



Samples of 2 manifolds in nature.

2 manifolds thus are more than simple 2 manifold geometries; and if we want to interpret nature with mathematical realism, we must be aware always of the Poincare’s Relativity principle. For example, if we consider the minimal unit of the quantum world an action H of space-time, product of its energy and information and with the same parameters than angular momentum, we realize we already have ‘2 elements’ one of spatial energy and one of temporal information to measure it, and one is in motion and one is in form. So happens to the lineal momentum, where the active magnitude is a form in space and the motion is a translation in time.

Those are the simplest ‘2-manifolds’ of motion and form. And so layer upon layer of 2 manifolds of combined motions and forms, the next ‘dimensions’ of 3-depth, 4th-motion, 5th-depth appear by accumulation of those 2 manifolds, in the same manner a 3D printer works by accumulating 2-manifodl layers.

The external space-time Universe as a whole has in its absolute space-time 5 dimensions, but as we concentrate in a single space-time plane, and the inner space-time of beings, those dimensions are reduced. So we talk of 4 dimensions for a being in single space-time plane (Einstein’s 4D Metric of light space).

However in the fractal Universe we must reorder those 4 Dimensions according to a holographic principle in ‘bidimensional planes of ‘points with parts’, as systems organize in planes of similar point-particles (that grow in size as we come closer to them, from human head-particles to galactic points and atomic points).

Because the amount of energy and information transferred across a single Universal Plane, U∆, is much larger given the ‘‡ parallelism’ of its elements that ‘smooth’ transfer and flow with no ‘singularity points’, than between hierarchical scales that transfer only information from U-1 to U and energy from U to U-1, it follows that the Universe is structure in Non-Euclidean planes which are layers, across which there is less transfer of energy and information.

In the next graph we see a simple well known example of liquids:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 09.49.02

Speed is maximal in a liquid in which flows acquires a laminar form, yet when we introduce a ball which breaks the laminar natural structure of all systems, speed is slowed down by friction and eddies are produced in which particles are transferred in ‘cycles’ of formal height from the low laminar sheets to the upper ones:

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 09.51.42

Those eddies, needless to say have a slower speed than the laminar flow and limit it, yet the flow naturally tries to acquire again a laminar plane from A to B after the ‘height disturbance appears’.

Thus what we call the 4 dimensions of space-time in classic physics is really the interaction of 2 bidimensional sheets with motion, in the relative perpendicular state, ‡, which follows the axioms of the ‘3rd postulate of i-logic geometry’ (Darwinian, entropic behavior).

For that reason the Universe minimizes perpendicular, hierarchical exchanges and maximizes parallel exchanges, with the result that it is constructed in bidimensional layers. This is the case of all systems, which will have a membrane that surrounds it (surface), an inner series of networks of points with bidimensional topologies and finally a central zero-point, image of the external membrane , which itself is an image of the whole Universe.

Now the number of proofs of the 2-manifold layer structure of the Universe is enormous and we shall consider in all the articles some examples of it. Enough to say that one of the most fascinating proofs is that almost all the geometric theorems can be proved in pen and paper, in 2 dimensions, as the Greek already notice. And this 2-manifold nature of reality is the fundamental reason science is made in pen and paper, Cartesian graphs represent reality, computer screens and paper that carry information are bidimensional, so are your eyes, and all can be modeled in a screen just with one dimensional |s and bidimensional cycles.

The construction of the Universe in bidimensional layers is a bone for its understanding from parts to wholes. For example, when we study a shock wave in which the motion of the particle that disturbs the medium/field is faster, a simple law of speed sin a = v/u defines the form of the triangle formed by the particle and the wave.

This can be observed in 2 dimensions, in the surface waves of water as the ship advances. Its complex deduction in classic physics responds as all laws of reality to simpler ∆ST laws: the point particle, in this case the ship is no longer creating a slow informative cyclical wave but a lineal speed-space geometry, which by definition is the ‘triangle or angle’ defined by the sin (max. S = min. sin= max. lineal shape of the triangle. Thus as speed increases the ‘O-form’ of the wave becomes an S– geometry. And the sin, S– geometry increases as the speed increases.

So without much mathematical elaboration the simplifying qualities of (∆ST)2 µ (: isomorphic, invariant, scalar space-time theory 🙂 allow us to understand the shape of the shock wave. Now, when this shock wave happens in an entropic, more disordered, less laminar 3-D gaseous state (where chaos introduces an entropic 3-dimensional volume without clear laminar, hierarchical shapes), we just need to add a dimension of rotation to the angle-wave to create a cone which is the shape of the shock wave when the particle, the plane crosses the sound barrier.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 11.45.21

In the graph, a shock wave: a classic Tƒ->Se, sphere to triangle geometric transformation of a wave form as the S speed-distance increases, reducing the form the system.

This reduction, sin a= vs/v expresses also the nature of the fundamental form of lineal space, a triangle which has the maximal perimeter for the minimal volume of form. .

From this example, we can deduce again 2 obvious laws of the construction of the Universe and its efficient functions of exi=st-ences:

– The layer bidimensional construction of reality works architectonically (as most events of ∆ST) first creating the lineal speed, then the triangular form, and finally the 3-dimensional cone.

– The Universe is NOT an ideal system, but imposes ‘ideal’ ∆ST laws because they are more efficient and work better and survive better. So a heated gas is truly a 3-D system, with very little if any bidimensional flows, when closed in a tridimensional volume, but for that reason it does have maximal entropy, chaos, heat, disorder which prevents it to do work. And for that reason ‘efficient’ systems, even gases tend to establish ‘gradients’, which are laminar hierarchical orders along an U combined ‘parameter’ (atmospheric layers in an open gaseous state). By definition this is what happens in nature which is always an open state in an infinite Universe. This has wide implications in a proper understanding of entropy (one of the less understood concepts of science), that we deal with in our section of physical systems.

Enough to say in this introductory comment on 2-manifolds that ‘space-energy’ components will tend to be ‘faster-larger-longer’ in space and one-2 dimensionals and their ‘time-cyclical clocks’, will be 2-3 dimensional (by adding layers to the hollow sphere), and that is what the previous graphs of laminar flows show: in the upper graph, speed is faster and the system is a one-two dimensional flow of pure space-speed, in the lower graph an informative, temporal, cyclical sphere is added and this ‘brings’ according to 3rd postulate ‡, parallel ‘imitative’ synchronic laws the creation of similar Eddie forms, which diminish the space-speed component of the system.

But those themes of ‘induction, imitation, repetition, creation of similar forms by a larger denser element – so when a particle appears a field of micro-similar particles is created, when a big man makes an action a child imitates it, when a clock has a frequency around it other clocks synchronize – are treated in other posts. So let us stick to the theme of this one: how 2-manifolds assembly wholes according to its 3 varieties.

This enormously simplifies our understanding of it. As we can construct reality from bidimensional parts into wholes. And since there are only 3 varieties of 2-manifolds…

The 3 bidimensional parts of reality.

…We thus affirm that all the internal space-times of all the exi=st-ences of the Universe are constructed

as ternary assemblies of 3 varieties of bidimensional parts:

Se: limbs/fields of toroid energy.

ST: hyperbolic reproductive wave/bodies.

Tƒ: And spherical heads/particles of information.

This post and its hyperlinks connects and explains the main topics of the study of spatial, topological isomorphisms in the Universe.

In that sense, the invariant equation or ‘metric of the 5th dimension’ is the departing point of the formalism of  General Systems Sciences which describes wholes made of parts extended through several plane of relative time speed of information or I-scales of the 5th dimension.

However there is also an analysis of the ‘complementary systems’ of the Universe in space, in a relative present time, when both components, the fields of energy/limbs an the particle/head, act together exchanging motion/energy and form between them, through a 3rd element, called the body or wave in a stable system:

sp<ST>Tƒ, which becomes the essential structure of reality. This is the structure studied in this section.

The frame of coordinates of the 3 parts of the Universe.

The frame of coordinates are the ‘mind points’ that construct its inner world views. And they are 3-dimensional ad maximal, made of holographic 2-manifolds, of the 3 varieties (cylindrical, polar and planar coordinates), of which the most natural is contrary to belief, not the plane, but the spherical point.

Why there is not a 3-sphere in the form conceived by mathematicians and physicists, that is a 4-dimensional thing on which the sphere is its surface? This question requires the understanding of the existence of ‘only 3 motions in time’ and the corresponding 3 ‘static forms’ of space, which are in fact not new dimensions but the fractal division according to the ternary principle of a present time slice into 3 sub-spatial dimensions. And so we do not need to conceive 4D structures because the fractal Universe does create after 3 ‘fixed’ dimension, 3 fixed motions, which become static for 3 new fixed dimensions and so on.

So let us go back to the beginning, the beginning was the observer and the maximal number of dimensions he observed were 3, and then those 3 through infinite motions, became shrunk into its still mind made of two dimension, reflection of the whole Universe, as a mirror automatically reflects the whole in its small 2 dimensions.

Needless to say, the 3 organic 2-manifold parts of all systems have 3 natural coordinates, Cartesian > Cylindrical > Spherical coordinates, where we can better resolve the sub-åctions of each part in the inertial frame corresponding to the system.

And it is a characteristic of those 3 coordinates that to transform into the other, the ‘bridge’ coordinate is the cylindrical, hyperbolic system that connects both, the spherical and Cartesian, toroid (tending to infinities) coordinates.

An interesting element of analysis is thus the study of the 3 parts of a system as one of the 3 canonical coordinates of space-time and study their transformations as homomorphisms between those coordinates. Of special interest is the transform of elliptic, Riemannian spheres into the plane.

We can in this fashion study general laws of fluxes of energy and information as they move through the 3 parts of a given superorganism.



A network is defined in fractal topology as a bidimensional surface. Or rather an element with a dimension between 1, the line and 2,the plane. As such the first element of the construction of a super organism, born of the accumulation of actions, is the social network, where similar clone entities (atoms, cells, individuals) which perform similar actions come together as a whole to perform the actions in a more coordinated way. The network that distributes as a channel, entropy-motion, energy-for-reproduction, or pixel of information for mind-mapping, then becomes an entity in itself which will rise the consciousness of the being as a whole and become an independent system.

Network’s organisms.

In topology however ‘geometries’ are defined as networks of points, and this is indeed the way to go with the systems of the universe. So instead of ‘3-bidimensional varieties’, a discontinuous analysis of those topologies will define systems as ‘3-fractal networks’, an energetic (digestive network) a reproductive (blood network) and an informative (nervous network). And we shall see how we can evolve further Non-Euclidean mathematics with the concept of Non-Euclidean fractal points and fractal networks which happen to have dimensions closer to ‘2’ to explain much closer to reality the 2nd isomorphism of the Universe:

In topology however ‘geometries’ are defined as networks of points, and this is indeed the way to go with the systems of the universe. So instead of ‘3-bidimensional varieties’, a discontinuous analysis of those topologies will define systems as ‘3-fractal networks’, an energetic (digestive network) a reproductive (blood network) and an informative (nervous network). And we shall see how we can evolve further Non-Euclidean mathematics with the concept of Non-Euclidean fractal points and fractal networks which happen to have dimensions closer to ‘2’ to explain much closer to reality the 2nd isomorphism of the Universe:

In the graph, the 3+3 >informative and <energetic dimensional åctions and its 3 topological invariances fusion into 3+3 >&< physiological networks, invariant in all Universal super-organisms, which display 3+1 elements extended in 3 ±∆-scales:

Cellular units, when we perceive the system in the ∆-1 scale.

Networks and organs that >-absorb or <-expel energy: external membranes, digestive tracts & limbs.

Networks and organs that >reproduce cells or wholes of energy and information or <communicate them externally.

Networks that input or output information – senses and ‘nervous’ networks – that give origin to:

∆+1 the whole ‘brain’ site of the ∆+1 consciousness.

Thus we define all systems of the Universe as quantic networks of spatial energy or/and temporal information, among which the most stable forms are those natural systems that combine both type of networks into a super-organism able to transfer energy and information with external networks and internal cells.

The key to understand those quantic networks is a proper definition of quantic spatial energy and temporal information, the 2 substances of which all forms of the Universe are made. Let us resume its opposite properties:

|-Space =Max. Linearity= Max. Continuity= Max. Energy =Max. Movement=Min. Form= Field/limbs x


Ø-hyperbolic Wave whose cycles combine both

Thus all systems are composed of 3 clear networks, which correspond in the fractal discontinuous ‘duality’ (remember the 1st isomorphism: ∑e=S, ∑o=T), to the 3 topologies of any 2-dimensional Non-Euclidean space-time:

 All known scalar space-times being can be reduced to those 3 bidimensional networks/organs.

A bit more detailed, complex analysis. Non Euclidean Topologies.

Now we have summarized both, the ‘continuous’ and discontinuous vision of the 3 topologies of the Universe.  We could also do an abstract analysis of it, with mathematical topologies. It would though be a bit complex and specialized. So we will try to introduce rigor with less abstraction. Consider the graph that started this post.

We drew the 3 ‘type’ of Non-Euclidean topologies which make up below the different species. It is those organic’ real species what matter to us.  the parts above though guide us for the generalization of the isomorphism (hence the importance of formal sciences to ∆ST, and the postulates of non-Euclidean topology studied in sub posts attached to this one).

Enough to say that the toroid geometry is called by his authors Lobachevski and Belgrami, the hyperbolic goes by the name of Klein, and the spherical is called a ‘Riemann sphere’. They are the limbs/fields, bodies/waves and spheres (external membranes and central zero points) that make all of us.

In fact in embryology they are produced exactly by the 3 ‘ectoderm’, (the membrane and brain) endoderm (the guts that devour energy) and mesoderm (the muscles and body) parts of the fetus.

So the 2nd isomorphism is enormously important to understand all kind of systems of nature.

Indeed, the 3 topologies of a 2-dimensional space are the 3 zones of any being of the Universe.

The capacity to describe all space-times of our Universe that those 3 regions have is ‘absolute’ as Topology, a branch of mathematics that classifies all possible space-times, has discovered.

Since all possible forms of a 2-dimensional space can be reduced to those 3 zones that build the quantic geometry of any form of reality, whose inner parts can be transformed into the 3 bidimensional forms. The graph shows how any form becomes a bidimensional zone through topographic symmetries:

– A sphere or volume “without holes” becomes a Riemann’s external sphere or membrane connected to a zero-point of perception.

– A hyperbolic or any volume with a hole can be turned into an intermediate plane equivalent to the central Klein disk (if we cut it we have a cylinder that we develop into a plane).

-While a series of limbs attached to the membrane through multiple holes can be turned into a topology with negative curvature and a convex surface, homologous to the central hemisphere of Belgrami. And so our bidimensional Universe is indeed a sum of those 3 Non-E zones with clear geometrical forms and properties.

The variety of real organic spaces that Non-E geometry explains is enormous. In the graph, an animal, an embryo, an electromagnetic flow, a black hole, a proton, a seed, a planet, a cell and a boson condensate: all of them can be described with the ternary structures of Non-E geometry.

In the graph, Universal species are space-time fields, structured in 3 Non-E basic formal regions:

  • A central, very quantized, evolved, ‘future’ zone, dominant on temporal information. Which invaginates into ‘informative networks’ that spread throughout the other zones, connected to the external membrane that isolates the being and acts as the sensorial element which transfers without tear and deformation the information to its center.
  • A relative, simpler, energetic, ‘past’ zone of lineal structures with little information and a lot of energy. Either and external field or attached dual limbs that move the system.
  • An inner, reproductive region of mixed S-T quanta, which perform the 2 arrows of the universe of the system, mixing external energy coming from the membrane and internal information from the center to create new informative and energetic quanta, specific to the space-time field. It has often the topic hyperbolic ‘central tube’, as in all animals which derive from earlier hydras (in your case the tub that enters your mouth and exists your anus, which is formed already in the ‘blastocoel’ embryonic phase of development by ‘invagination’, an essential procedure of ‘topological surgery’ that allows to transform a topology in other variety in the dynamic Universe

As points evolve and develop specific structures, they become ‘invaginated’ by energy and information networks departing from the outer and inner regions of the point that spread through the intermediate zone to control the S-T quanta, creating in this manner the morphological varieties we observe in the Universe, which however can be reduced to the previous functional elements.

Those 3 zones are homologous in form and function to the 3 internal parts of most real fields, from the cell to the human organism, from an atom to a star to a galaxy, which have an informative center, an energetic membrane and an intermediate zone.

For example, the human being is a non Sp space-time with 3 inner networks-dimensions:

  • The physiological networks of nervous information derived from the ectoderm membrane.
  • The energetic gut, the digestive system of energy feeding with its toroid immense number of ex-vaginations which are in fact a kilometer long to absorb water from the ‘hole’ of the hyperbolic.
  • The muscle and blood network and organs, the essential hyperbolic with the heart at its centers, another hyperbolic with tubes coming in and out. This are the blood and endocrine systems that combines energy and information, to which are attached a number of ‘space-time’ cellular quanta that reproduce all kind of glandular substances, creating together a human being.

While a nation is also a sum of human quanta, (its citizens), joined by networks of energy and information (legal, religious and cultural networks and economic systems).

In the graph we show the Non-E structure of Universal species according to those 3 quantic zones:

– Tƒ: The singularity of max. quantic information: the knot of quantic information ‘or brain’ of the system is located in the center or z-axis: it is the spin axis of atomic particles, the seed of fruits, the crystalline nucleus of a planet, the DNA spiral of cells, the height dimension where bosons condensate in matter, the spinal chord of the nervous system in living beings, the genetic nucleus of the embryo, the yolk in the egg, the axis of any electrical current, the vortex of the black hole in the galaxy, the nucleus of the atom…

– Tƒ: The continuous membrane of max. sensorial perception that also displays great strength and limits and isolates the system. The Non-E point reaches its max. extension, structural hardness and sphericity (that is, the maximal curvature of its cycles) in the inner zero point and external surface of the sphere, the skin that expels sweat energy waste and absorbs information in contact with the external organic territory of the point.

We use a small o for the zero-point a big O for the membrane.

This duality of a zero point and a membrane of information proved unique by the Poincare Conjecture of topology (the sphere is the only variety that can sink without deformation, thus creating in the zero mind, crystal, brain, a mapping of the external Universe) is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF REALITY IN ALL SYSTEMS. So we dedicate the 0(10th in the count) isomorphism to its study.

Some examples of those membranes are the electron orbital in the atom, the skin of the tomato, the crust of the planet, the membrane in the cell, the placenta of the embryo or the halo of dark energy and matter in the galaxy.

  • Spe; The limbs or cilia or fields of energy, toroid, made of multiple similar parts, external to the system, sometimes attached but often ‘rescindable’, the less important part in contact with the lower ∆-4 force that moves and accelerates and decelerates the system.

– ST: And between both limits, the intermediate space-time filled with reproductive, cellular quanta that combine energy bites and information, absorbed from the external world by the other 2 regions. They are the cells of the body, the stars of the galaxy, the carbohydrates of the cell, the planetary magma, the pulp of the seed or the electromagnetic forces that circulate within the atom.

And it has a hole tube, an aperture, MOST LIKELY A POLAR one, which crosses through the system, and might bring food to the linen of energetic ‘cells’ ‘atoms’ (iron cores that absorb gravito-magnetic forces) or in more informative species, pixels of form to a central mind (crystals).

And so we start to see also a fundamental element of the 2 isomorphism, the patterns of differentiation and speciation along the ‘1st isomorphic Se<>Tƒ distinction’.

Thus all Non-E points are ‘inner worlds’ whose discontinuity defines an External Universe or outer world from where the point obtains its energy and information. Since most points, despite being discontinuous, have in their external membrane several generic openings or ‘senses’ joined to the informative networks or ‘brains’ and energetic, ‘digestive networks’ of the superorganism:

– Max. +Sp: A ‘mouth‘ or opening that absorbs energy.

-Max. -Sp: A ‘cloaca‘, through which the cyclical body expels its temporal energy.

Max.+Tƒ: An ‘eye‘ through which the informative center receives external information.

Max. -Tƒ: And an ‘antenna‘, through which it emits information.

Those apertures vary in their number, location and size, depending on the form of the point. In the simplest, initial spherical ‘seeds’ of most species, they are mostly situated in 3 regions:

– Max. Sp: The Equator of the system, through which the membrane absorbs energy

– Sp=T: The Tropics, in systems that use the same opening to emit and absorb temporal energy.

– Max.T: The Poles or points of confluence between the membrane and its central informative region of height, which hits perpendicularly the membrane on those poles. North and South Poles orientate anti-symmetrically, acting as 2 relative, negative and positive apertures, communicated by the height dimension of the singularity or Belgrami hemisphere. Thus the Positive Pole absorbs temporal energy that crosses through the central singularity where it is absorbed and ejected to the intermediate region where it is re-elaborated before its emission through the negative Pole.

Some examples of those apertures are the senses, the sunspots, the magnetic poles of a planet or black holethe spin or radius of a particle, etc.

Now we want to end this introduction with the study of another basic Se<Tƒ>Se Duality, the dynamic transformation of cyclical spherical systems into lineal ones, which keep the 3 parts. first a general case, then a specific one.


Gender diffeomorphism women are hyperbolic waves, men are entropic particles.



In a Universe made of an infinite number of time arrows that gather together into ‘complementary knots’ of Entropy and information, each being is a relative fractal Universe, which we call a ‘world’ or ‘space-time being’ that deploys its particular ‘directions of height-information’, ‘length-Entropy’ and ‘width-reproduction’, different from those of other beings. All those fractal Universes interact through its particular, ‘local’=diffeomorphic coordinates, which departing from a central Non-Euclidean Point of view, or relative ‘self’, establish the 3 relative, perpendicular, minimal dimensions of any fractal world that signal its arrow of Entropy, information and reproduction.

The first and most important emergence of properties of lower scales, is the emergence of the 3 axis through which the entity expresses departing from its point of view with ‘will’, the 3 arrows of informative perception, energetic motion and reproductive growth. The 4 arrow doesn’t need a four spatial dimension because it is the point of view, which uses an internal language and ‘algorithm’ of choice to alternate action in each of the 3 dimensions of spatial existence.

Thus there will be a point of view that directs the whole system, with the aim of achieving maximal reproduction, by switching between the arrow of informative perception and Entropy taking, in order to accumulate enough of it and reproduce more cells in the dimension of width/reproduction.

This happens in the two fundamental forms of the Universe:

  • The radial form, with the informative point in the center; which corresponds to forms dominant in information and minimal motion.
  • The bilateral, lineal form, with the head in the direction of motion, which corresponds to lineal energetic systems.
  • Most often though species can switch between both forms and they do so in rhythms of Sp->O, from the Sp(day)>O(sleep), extended>coiled position, to the 3 ages of galaxies which evolve from extended nebulae to implosive spirals that end up in a 3rd globular age.

In the graph, 3 diffeomorphic beings and its relative arrows of Entropy and information: a galaxy with an inward arrow of gravitational information, pointing towards the central informative black hole; a tree and a man, whose informative/energetic dimensions are inverted. Since plants use light as Entropy and animals use it as information. So the informative direction of animals is up, towards the head that absorbs visual information from the sky, opposite to the informative arrow of plants, which is down, towards the roots that absorb chemical information.

Both have their space-time parameters inverted, as often happens between Entropy victims (in the graph, plants) and their anti-forms or predators (animals). Such Entropy/information, relative past/future inversions happen in all Universal systems. For example, they happen between a ‘particle’ and its ‘antiparticle’, which in a Feynman diagram have also inverted coordinates of space-time, as the antiparticle travels to the past. They also happen in mental, linguistic codes that represent that external reality. For example, eviL=death is the exact inverse word of Live. Since indeed, for a living human being, there is no bigger eviL than death.

Yet, death, a release of Entropy that kills is the inverse function of information, the arrow of life. So the linguistic, spatial inversion of words corresponds also to an inversion of time arrows – a fact that explains scientifically the biologic meaning of ethics. Since humanity, history and religion are a sociological space-time that obeys the same homological isomorphisms of Multiple Spaces-Times. Thus each species establishes its own up and down arrows; its relative Entropy and informative directions, departing from that central knot of information, which is gauging and perceiving.

What classic science denies and system sciences proves is the reality of an existential will in that perceptive Sp=I Informative knot, which controls the entire organism and directs its search for ‘åctions’ that provide Entropy and information to the being. It is precisely the infinite number of Discontinuous, Non-Euclidean Points of View, what creates a general arrow of Information in the Universe that constantly reproduces the form of those entities and balances the arrow of continuous entropy, Entropy motions and expanding space, which physicists dogmatically consider the only arrow of the Universe.

According to the Principle of Correspondence, any new theory has to include the previous theories within it and solve the questions unresolved by all those previous theories. Since the XX C. theory of space-time is Relativity, it is unavoidable, to explain the Principle of Local Relativity from the perspective of the Time Arrows of each species.

Relativity establishes that in any point of the Universe the coordinates of the entity (the up and down, right or left directions) are different from those of any other point of the Universe, as they only depend on what happens in that local region of space/time. This is only possible if space/times are fractal, discontinuous, broken into infinite points of view that gauge and map the information of reality from its own perspective.

Relativity thus is at the core of the structure of the fractal reality and must be considered the right step into the process that has taken the knowledge of multiple space-times from Leibniz’s analysis of relational space-time to this book, which generalizes all those findings to all disciplines and species.

According to Relativity what happens in a point of space-time doesn’t affect what happens in other isolated, discontinuous point. Each space-time fractal is a Relative Universe=World in itself. Thus the isomorphisms of space-time apply locally to each fractal ‘species, superorganism or world’ that will reflect those isomorphisms in its own structure. We are local, ‘diffeomorphic’ species; our time-space coordinates are relative. Time wrinkles our vital space in the process of aging with different speeds, depending on our content of Entropy and information.

Hence the diffeomorphic principle also establishes different informative cycles – the multiple ‘clocks’ of Nature that show different speeds and locations. Yet since space is synonymous of Entropy and time synonymous of information, we can establish the local coordinates of space-time of each being by establishing its relative informative and energetic arrows – its relative body and head – using the invariant Isomorphisms and dimensions of all spaces and times, as long as we can localize the origin of those arrows; that is, the Non-Euclidean point of view, where the will of the Entity ‘exists’.

Some geometrical tips about the location of those points in any superorganism or world should guide researchers:

– The point will be a relative ‘unmoved’ Aristotelian God, cause of the motions of all the other elements of the organism.

– The point has the max. density of information and the max. number of connections with all the parts of the organism.

– The point is either in the center or top of the organic system.

– The point is a spherical or convex, informative shape.

Thus in a human being the point of maximal will is in the eye-brain system, on top, with spherical (eye) and convex (brain form), which has the maximal connections with the rest of the body (nervous axons), the maximal density of information and it is the part of the organism which maintains more often a still position (balanced by the negative sensation of vertigo.)

In a historic organism, the point will be the capital, most likely in the zone of maximal communication of the nation – a coastal port, like London, Amsterdam, Rome or Athens or a central city like Madrid, Moscow, Mexico.

In a cell the point is in the center, with max. DNA information. In a galaxy, the point is in the center, where a swarm of black holes control from its unmoved position the motion of stars.

Indeed, according to the ‘Diffeomorphic Principle of Relativity’, every fractal space-time is independent of all the others; since it has different spatial and informative orientations. Yet we can recognize its informative and energetic organs in relationship to each other, since both will respond to the opposite dimensions and morphologies of Entropy and information.

Those isomorphisms of geometry also allow us to study ‘dual’ complementary entities of Entropy and information (Bodies/Brains, fields of forces/particles, energetic victims/ predators), which will create complementary entities that last in time (organisms) or are Darwinian events where the larger, energetic victim is prey of the smaller, informative point.

In the graph, in biological species animals use light as information and so they are ‘informative’, smaller and faster than plants, which use light as Entropy and are ‘big, slow’ beings.

Thus plants are the relative Entropy of animals. Further on, since what it is Entropy for plants is information for animals, both species have opposite Entropy-time coordinates: plants have their brain upside down in their roots that ‘feel’ chemistry; while animals have their brain on top, looking at the light they use as information. In the cosmological scale stars are big, slower than black holes, which rotate faster and have cyclical height.

And the space-time equations of black holes are inverted to those of electromagnetic stars. And so stars are the relative Entropy that feeds and reproduces black holes, which seem to behave as ‘gravitational animals’, species that perceive gravitation as information, which guides its precise movements through the galaxy, in the same way animals perceive light as information. While plants perceive light as Entropy in the same way stars absorb gravitational space-time as Entropy, deforming it with their masses.

That cosmological homology defies the anthropomorphic myth that only humans perceive the information they gauge. That religious myth, which denies the sentient, intelligent nature of the Universe, is today a dogma of ‘mechanist science’. So it will not be easily accepted by the self-centered ‘Galilean paradox’ of Humans, who always will think to be the center of the Universe. And since science is a human endeavor, ‘enlightenment’ and respect for the sentient Universe will not happen soon. Yet only a theory that affirms the existence of will in all knots of information that control from its unmoved position reality explains the role of black holes in the galactic ecosystem.

The discontinuity and minuscule size of informative points, due to its opposite properties to those of space, makes them difficult to localize by science, and our incapacity to ‘perceive’ the internal mind/world of the point makes easier to deny them. Indeed, all mountains have a single point of discontinuity in its informative height.

And so you have also two single points of will in your complex visual/verbal I=eye-world: the nervous point that connects both eye-visions which determines your rhythm of space and time (the size we perceive as normal given by the eye vision and the rhythm of our human time, a second per thought, equal to the rhythm of perception of the eye, which winks every second); and a yet unknown cell, probably a Purdinke cell in the limbic system that defines our emotional åctions, the will of our body.

Those points are stillness, as it is in your eye, to ‘focus’ and create a map of linguistic information, which will guide the åctions of the point. And so a basic beat of the Universe appears in all systems; a rhythm of:

Stillness (perception) ->action(motion searching Entropy/form)

For example, in Relativity, this dual beat explains the Michelson experiment, without the need for the never proved postulate of a limit of c-light speed in the Universe, today clearly shown false by experimental evidence (non–local gravitation, quasars expelling matter at 10 C, dark Entropy flows, quantum tunneling, the spooky effect of entanglement, etc.). In classic relativity this limit was needed because classic physicists considered that the electron was in motion when it emitted light, and so they had to add the speed of the electron and the speed of light. In fractal relativity the electron ‘stops’ when it emits information (the light frequency) then moves and so motions do not add since when the electron emits information is always in the particle/still/informative state.

And so the Postulate of a c-speed limit is not required. This dual stop and go process is also evident in film: the celluloid stops to let pass the light and create an image in the screen even if we perceive it in constant motion by adding all the stills, as we add from the human point of view, all the stops and goes of the electron that emits the light observed in the Michelson experiment in a single flow of motion.

The existence of an information arrow explains also the paradox of informative, evolving, life species in a Universe that seems in energetic expansion:

If we are external to a certain diffeomorphic space-times its directions do not affect us, but if we are inside a certain space-time, as in the case of the galaxy, then the direction of information or Entropy of that macro-being becomes the direction of Entropy or information of our ecosystem.

Indeed, there is more information in the center of the galaxy, and since the Earth moves towards that center, this planet increases its information towards the future in its relative discontinuous galactic space-time, regardless of what happens in the Universe as a whole, which seems to be ruled by the opposite arrow of big-bang expansion and entropy. This subtle change of paradigm caused by the discontinuity of space-time (from a world ruled by entropy to a galaxy ruled by information) has in fact enormous consequences to our daily life and explains the contradiction between the arrow of life and evolution, local to this planet, and the arrow of Entropy and entropy proper of the intergalactic space.

Since here in this galaxy space doesn’t expand but time-information contracts it through the ‘will’ of informative black holes of mass and in this planet, through the ‘will’ of living beings. As Woody Allen put it in Annie Hall: ‘Brooklyn is not expanding’. I recall to ask Mr. Hawking in a conference at the Astronomy Institute of Madrid this same question, when at seventeen I was starting to doodle with the first principles of Multiple Spaces-Times Theory: ‘why space is not expanding between you and me?’ He wondered for a minute or so and responded ‘next question’.

Einstein had only to go a step further in his analysis of the curvature of time, closing times into cycles that return to its origin. Then time becomes multiple, one for each closed cycle and the space-time continuum becomes the sum of all the vital space-times of each knot of Time Arrows. Einstein hinted at it when he affirmed that time was local, ‘diffeomorphic’ and had ‘different speeds’ and the universe had ‘infinite clocks of time’. Indeed, each of those local times ‘curves the Entropy of space’, creates masses and forces of in-form-ation that establish a 2nd arrow for the Universe, besides the arrow of Entropy/entropy – the arrow of fractal information. Since a cycle needs 2 directions to close into itself and create its broken form.

Recap. There are ∞ fractal space/time fields that constantly adapt their organic, moving dimensions to the directions of their relative Entropy and temporal information, conditioning the existence of its micro-cells; and so the galaxy conditions the arrows of time of its cellular sun and human beings of maximal information; while plant which obtain only Entropy of the sun have inverted parameters to those of animals.



On the other direction, those motions can be analyzed inversely as finitesimal ‘steps’ or actions, aeiou…

So as the being exits, it moves in discontinuous steps which displace it along one of those ∆ Time≈space symmetries that make ‘time move, change’, reality vary.


We can then talk of 3 x 2 motions=actions which are either performed by the being, for a larger ∆+I  being, or the being ‘moves’ its parts or other entities to obtain locomotion, energy and information, from other scale of reality…

Motions from the perspective of ‘cones’ of past, present and future.

along the inverse dimensions of ∆, S, and T. So motions to the past or energy motions, motions to the future or informative motions, motions upwards into wholes or social motions, motions backwards dissolving a whole or dissolution-death motions, and motions along space deceleration, acceleration, steady speed, conform the 5 canonic type of motions first analysed by Aristotle, which talked of generation, reproduction and extinction (the 3 motions of time), locomotions in space (±a), and growth and diminutions, ±∆.

What we call life or existence is thus a series of displacements through those dimensions of ∆st.

Combinations of those motions is causal series form the time space symmetries, which we know as events of existence, and the sum of them all is the most important ∆ timespace symmetry or cycle of existence and its topological/age symmetry, move a certain domain of interrelated, network-connected, organic group, the system resembles more and more to a super organism

Existence is thus a travel through the metric of ∆ST and its 3X3 planes, topologies and ages of 5D space- time.

Existence is motion through growth and diminution of Size in scalar planes of the 5th dimension.

Existence is exchange of energy and information through the 3 topologies of Space, and ages of time.

So we exist as we move through the 9-dimensional Universe as a ‘whole being’, a 0-point with a territory or body-wave, which exchanges energy and information with the environment trying to grow and evolve and absorb energy and information, as we ‘travel through those scales of size, change our topologies towards higher information and become older. We exist tracing worldcycles of life and death through those dimensions of scale, space and time.

To exist is to travel through 3 scales of the 5th dimension, as systems are born as seminal seeds that reproduce, self-organise and emerge into a larger scales, as wholes, parts of ecosystems and worlds, in which the being will find its flows of energy and information to perform its actions. In this manner, motion after motion, through the space-time cycles of existence a being in any scale of reality ‘feels energy and perceives information’, fulfilling its Nature, internally, and externally.

We have till now used the Generator equation and its 3 parts, in time and space to describe the super organism either in space:

|-Spe (limb/field) > Ø-ST(wave-body) < O-Tiƒ (head-particle)

or in time, reversing the symmetry, so Sp (spatial entropy) becomes Ps (past arrow), ST (space-time field) becomes preSenT and Tƒ becomes Ft, future. So we can write the same equation as:

Ps (past-entropy arrow maximal in limbs/fields)> ST-Present iterative arrow of waves-bodies >Ft (future informative arrow)

Those two clear definitions of a system as a super organism or as a world cycle of existence, complementary and symbiotic to each other, however fail to explain the day to day actions in space-time of the super organism, its details which accumulated create the being.

For that reason we talk of a general ‘function of existence’, which we write with different acronyms, of which the most obvious one is exi (s≈t), where we show the 2 fundamental elements of all actions, spatial energy and temporal information, and the fundamental point of balance, s=t, in which the best actions that reproduce both elements occur. Or in a more analytic way:

å (symbol of action in existential logic, as all actions, a, are performed from the point of view, or will of a fractal point or mind, above the system, in the dimension of height-information with cyclical form: °)

≈ ∫±∆e,i,exi (the total action of a being is the integral of all its exchanges of energy and information and reproductive acts, exi).

=û (which finally integrate with other equal reproduce beings, into a whole, which results in the creation of a ‘Universal’, philosophical term for a whole made of individuals).

In terms of the 5 canonical actions of beings, we talk of the a,e,i,o,u of existence:

±∆æ: actions of emission of energy or accelerations, a and actions of absorption of energy or feeding, e.

±∆ï: actions of absorption of information or perception, +∆i, and emission of information or communication, – ∆i, which together form the dual ï-nformtive actions.

exi=œ: actions of reproduction that combine the energy and information  the system creating a new point of existence, œ,o.

û=∫œ: whose sum will form a Universal that transcends, ˆ, as a new social plane.

So we use mnemotecnic symbols, which now might seem cumbersome but as the future of science gets to learn 5D will be useful for a guide in what will become an encyclopaedia of all forms of knowledge, as a template to introduce all data. Since all systems express the function of existence through different languages and codes of information that code from the point of view of the mind-system, å, the program of survival of the Universe.

So we need a 3rd canonical formula to express the structure of a system, and that is the one we use to study the program of survival of an organism that ‘exists’ through a series of exchanges of energy and information with the environment, designed to maximise, grow and multiply its body and head. So we can redefine the system in a more ‘synoptic’, descriptive, morphological way as a system, which has a cyclical head, To, a body of energy and information that reproduces both, exi, extending over a field of balanced energy and information, or territory from where it extracts its bits and bites:

To (spherical, informative head-particle) < ExI (reproductive body-wave) < S=T (External field, territory it preys on).

In this description of the system we highlight the energy-information structure of the body and the balance it seeks with its environment (S=T) in order to maximise its existence, through exchanges of spatial energy and temporal information, based in a series of actions of communication of energy and information, which integrated, become the whole world cycle of the being:


Whereas we mean that the being can also be considered not as a whole in time – a world cycle, but as a series of derivative space-time actions performed with its 3 spatial organs, To, exi and s=t. So in this description we put together a spatial, existential description of the 3 parts of the being, To<exi<s=t, which is also the acronym of the function of existence in space, equivalent to the function o existence in time as the sum of a series of partial space-time actions.

So if the whole being is a superorganism that traces a world cycle of existence, in the day to day, the being is a ternary system of energy and information, guided by the head, which preys on a world of energy and information and through a series of present space-time actions, FEELS EXISTENCE ITSELF.

The clocks of nature. Its purpose: to process the information of each species.


So when we say ‘I don’t have energy and time to do this’ we mean it – we are entities made of space-time cycles, which we ‘inform’ with our actions of existence, carried about in a larger world also made of space-time cycles of a larger scale of the fractal Universe:image001

Since I was young what call my attention was Nature as it is, not the human description of it, with those mechanical Instruments. To me the Universe was both Intelligent and organic, living Nature.

So I was intrigued by those ‘big concepts’, Space and Time, life and death, and the ages between them, Energy and Information,  and the way both mixed in the living systems around me. Those were the widest concepts of reality and certainly the definitions I found of them in abstract science did not convince me – there were not really definitions but tautologies and descriptions.

For example, Einstein, who was supposed to be the foremost expert on time, said: ‘Time is what a clock measures’.

But then I wondered, ‘What kind of clock embodies the full meaning of time’?

The clock of the seasons, which animals used to synchronise their reproductive cycles?

The clock of the days, of the Earth rotating, which life used to synchronise its rhythms of activity?

The clock of the stars, of the beats of birds flying? The clock of a flower blossoming and dying? The clock-beats of my heart, which synchronised the rhythms of my eye winks, synchronised to the rhythms of my thoughts – a second?.

Each of those clocks had a different rhythm and the Universe was filled of them. Yet all had certain qualities: to repeat themselves, and hence when described in a trajectory in space; to be closed cyclical paths, hence with form, and frequency the 2 properties of information – so we will call them all Tiƒ. And to work in harmony, in synchrony, as certain clocks were chained to larger clocks, forming complex patterns of information. Time clocks and information therefore were intimately related.



‘Using a term like nonlinear science is like referring to the bulk of zoology as the study of non-elephant animals“.  Ulam6-blind-men-hans

In the graph, a bunch of physicists studying ‘ non-lineal elephants’  (: physical super organisms tracing world cycles :), as a sum of isolated properties, all of them imagined with abstract, Hilbert’s axiomatic method of categorical mathematics, far removed from the non-Euclidean, non-Aristotelian structure of the Fractal Universe. In essence, physicists, reduce the 6 changes in time=motions that form a world cycle (generation>evolution>entropic, moving youth> reproductive maturity>informative 3rd age>entropic death), represented here by 6 blind physicists, into a single one, ENTROPIC ‘young’ locomotions and its worldlines (which we will show to be partial cases of the reproduction of information carried by a wave), unable to integrate them into a ‘world cycle of existence of physical systems’, which in nothing differs from the 5 organic motions of all other ‘living systems’.

So a world cycle has 5 motions, where locomotion is the dominant motion of an entropic young system (gaseous, youngster, predator animal).

And so for each species we can study in depth a world cycle through the sequence of its 5 motions and also study each motion as an entire discipline, which is basically what physicists do, as the ‘science of motion’ (definition in the XIX c. of the overblown discipline).

Now, the most important of those motions is reproduction, as the universe is a reproductive fractal, so we could actually consider locomotion also a form of reproduction. Let us then upgrade by the correspondence system the present scientific concept of locomotion, as wave reproduction of form by translation in space.


Motion as reproduction of information along the path of a wave.

The Universe reproduces information. It does both: it erases it with entropic big-bangs, and evolves it with the arrow of informative warping of fields of entropy into vortices of charges and masses.

But the overwhelming purpose of the Universe is to maintain, conserve and repeat the ‘momentum’ and its integral of energy in all systems of nature. IT is what the Universe preserves.

For those skeptical readers, in simple terms, a mathematical fractal is defined by a generator equation, which ‘constantly iterates’, reproducing its form in different scales of reality. And this is exactly what nature does.

Indeed, it is evident that all biological systems are about reproduction of genetic form in a lower scale of reality (cellular scale), which then reproduces and evolves, ’emerging’ into a higher scale. It is also evident that our historic civilisations are about reproduction of technological information in a lower ‘dimensional scale’ (blue prints for machines), which then ‘company-mothers’ reproduce.

So the big question left to answer is about physical systems, which are supposed to be about ‘motion’.

But motion has always had a difficult paradox, never clearly solved, of continuity called Achilles paradox; which only has a solution if we consider as quantum physics seem to prove that in the scalar Universe, reproduction of form happens in as much as particles travel as waves, and only become particles of information when they ‘stop’, on an instrument of measure, and so a new fundamental equation of speed, which takes into account the fractal structure of reality and the true meaning of ‘light speed’, which is speed of transmission of information solves the paradox: V=S/Ti: that is speed is speed of transmission of information.

For example, you are the vital information which becomes imprinted in changing, indistinguishable CHNO atoms, as your ‘real scale’ of being, is ∆-1, the cellular genetic code; formed with ‘any’ indistinguishable CHNO atom.  A wave Motion is the simplest information and moves faster because it need only to print a surface below, and again, the wave form that moves is independents of that indistinguishable lower level. So the wave keeps its form and travels truly fast as the in/form/ation, v=s/ti to imprint, is minimal.

And so there is no need to reproduce a wave of ðime§pace motion below the level of ¥- light ðime§pace the ultimate level that matters in our Universe.

How the simple mathematical reproductions take place in Nature? Obviously through the mathematical proportions of the ternary Universe, as reproduction of information in ternary moving ‘fractal points’ self-centred in the singularity move the system along the path of the point wave.

The graphs illustrate those simple principles and the resulting three fundamental constants of nature, pi, phi and e, which appear constantly because indeed, the universe is a reproductive fractal and those are the equations that define those proportional morons along the pi-phi-path; and its exponential growth through ∆-scales. In the middle we can see a simple example of this ternary pi-phi motion: a proton, intersection of three paths, which expands dynamically one of them to produce an electron, or inversely absorb it.

Mathematical physics has discovered all those relationships, but lacking a true philosophy of time-space behind it, it just thinks its all ‘magic’ of the ‘language of God’, and feels Ok without answering the whys as we do in GST. Since it has given up to go deeper, or as Feynman infamously put it ‘the why is the only thing physicists do not ask’.

This is the fact at the bottom of big science who thinks the biggest discovery of physics is to make a picture of ‘God’s particle’, without having any idea of what it is all about, as ‘magic God’s language will provide’ (: and of course the reason 5D will not interest the ‘religion’ of physicists, as it is even blasphemous to reveal ‘the name of God’… the whys of experimental science which are not mathematical only.

Back to the understanding of motion as reproduction of information.

What this means is that motion is not only relative, but related to the density of information of a system, so as mass-information grows in density the system takes longer time to reproduce the Ti element of v=s/Ti, and so it slows down. And on the other extreme when information tends to zero speed increases. So as we humans perceive information with light that is our limit of speed of transmission of information we can perceive c=s/Ti. But this wave of light is really impressing a quantum field of action at distance, faster than light (Bohm’s discovery on the pilot-wave theory which we have to marry with the non-observance of particle during the motion, to fully grasp the process).

Thus light merely warps the entropy of the lower scale-field, ∆-1, which is invisible gravitation to us and hence must have less information and more speed, as experiment prove (gravitational non-local, invisible action at distance, due to the lack of human detectable information, which gives a speed for the quantum potential field/gravitational field of: v -> s/ti≈0 -> s/0=∞):

In the graph, the new ‘foundational equation of speed’ for the fractal paradigm: V=Space-distance/Temporal Information, is embedded in relativity and recognised in the concept that the speed of light is really a limit of speed of transmission of ‘human perceivable’ information.

Wave motion is also reproduction of form in the lower ∆-1 scale of action at distance (gravitation, quantum potential). Thus even motion is reproduction of form as a wave of information over a simpler scale of space-time. It solves the paradox of a Achiles – the wave reproduces its form in a series of discontinuous steps. It also explains why indeed the Universe is a fractal that reproduces as all fractals do, its form in a lower scale of reality which then reproduces into a wave-train that collapses into a particle (physical systems), or a seed that emerges after palingenesis into an ambulatory trillion cells systems  (biological systems), or into an idea or patent of an instrument that a company-mother of machines will re=produce in socio-economical systems.

Indeed, when we consider as Steane wanted a Universe from the perspective of ‘information’ and its ‘conserved present momentums and energies’, it all becomes simple and philosophically obvious. And so we just must explains the laws of reproduction of information along scales of reality to describe the ‘world cycles’ of existence, no longer worldlines – that is the motions across scales of the fifth dimension, which define all systems of nature.

Yet to fully understand how reproduction of form takes place, we need to understand reproduction across ‘scales’ of size. That is, the meaning of world cycles, just explained, as they require motion from  a seminal seed ∆-1, into a larger scale; as opposed to what physicists study with their reductionist model of a single space-time continuum: worldlines.

Since what physicist call time is ONLY one of those 6 motions, locomotion. Indeed, Galileo used a simple lineal time formula to study only ‘locomotions’ in space, which he called speed. So he wrote V=s/t, latter improved by Einstein with the add on of an s=ct, fourth parameter. But that is only locomotion in space. So it ‘reduced’ to a single ‘entropic’, lineal, kinetic arrow of time all the organic motions of the Universe. And now we regain them all and further on prove that locomotion is also organic, reproductive motion in a lower scale of space:Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.38

Motion is in more profound terms, the ‘repetition’ of a form several times over the same place, which creates a ‘density of form’.

Now all this concepts can be easily related to each other, as the reproduction of form produces in a single point of perception a frequency of time and as such it can be perceived from an external point of view that integrates the iterative function as a form in time (tic or frequency of reproduction) or a form in space (tic of the system in space, perceived as each tick lasts, as a single wave with a dispersion that increases with the speed of reproduction of the wave.

This simple law with profound applications in quantum physics describes each wave of time, either as a population of simultaneously living (such as the speed of reproduction/ duration of each particle point in time=memorial inertia in time), or as a being reproducing in waves.

Thus form is THE REPETITION, the REPRODUCTION of motion.

The profundity and implications of this fact, to explain all kind of phenomena, from the quantum complementarity of waves and particles, to the paradoxes Zeno will become evident as we go along, and solve some of the most striking paradoxes of Philosophy of Science that dates from the times of the Greeks.

What matters now OF QUANTUM PHYSICS is to understand two things:

– Particles do NOT move. They are the stop point of the wave.

A particle is just the next plane, ∆, of an ∆-1 wave, which reproduces through a relative lower, ∆-1 field. And as it does it moving to the past and emerging into the contiguous, adjacent present it seems to move. But motion is reproduction! of a wave of form.

And it is in present, because it has traveled back to the past, descended a scale to seminal state in the adjacent region, where it has reproduced, literally.

So motion to the past and the future do happen in the ‘perceived’ present 3 scales of a super organism. It is like when we talk on the phone, the voice is translated to a faster, smaller electromagnetic wave that moves and seems to be after ‘reproducing’ the wave over the vacuum, or through the electric wire, to happen in present time, with no space between us.

Now the more complex explanation of this fundamental dual function of beings, is that a wave is a present reproductive motion and a particle an |- field of energy x O-particle of information, or  ‘momentum’, a past x Future state.

Here the advances of Mathematics, with its concept of ‘metric’, solve it: Klein defined motion as a ‘group translation’, symmetry. So motion is a ‘reproduction of form’ in the adjacent region of space. A mirror symmetry, which happens in the adjacent region of reality.

This is clear in the wave state of the system that reproduces its form as it goes along its path. And it implies that a system with lesser information, form, takes shorter in repeating its form along its path of ‘present, repetitive motion’. So light with minimal form is much faster than particles and human beings.

And hence we can deduce the fastest, infinite non-local speed of invisible gravitation with no form: V=S/Tƒ (understood here as cyclical motion-form). Since gravitation has no information, T here is 0, hence, speed is v=s/o = ∞, non-local, as perceived by a human observer.

Motion thus will ultimate appear as the reproduction of form, of information. And we shall return to it. What matters at this point is to realize that the marriage of mathematical, conceptual and precise definitions of the dimensions of time and space and the metric of the 5th dimension are powerful tools to explain an infinite number of questions of all sciences and unify them, ultimately departing from that simple beat, S<T>S<T (where < is an expansive motion, and > and implosive, informative one, a past to future, future to past, through present space rhythms).

The reproduction of presents: conservation laws of the Universe.

Now the fundamental principle of reality is what we have so far explained: the Universe is a fractal that reproduces the motions and forms of all its parts constantly, substituting those forms that become worn and erased by similar new forms.

And this essence of reality is a Universal mandate, the program that all systems coded in all languages follow. So humans were told in the bible ‘grow and multiply’, that is iterate your fractal (multiply) in a lower scale and the reproduce, evolve, grow and emerge as a new being. All systems do grow and multiply, reproducing, iterating its information, from the simplest moving particle-wave (both quarks and electrons do absorb energy and reproduce) to the largest galaxy through all biological beings.

It is then very important to harmonize and translate into each jargon of science and culture the common laws of reality.

For example, we said that Nature’s fractals basically reproduce their information and that is the essence of the Universal game. But when dealing with physics, this ‘biological jargon’ sounds strange. So the proper jargon will be that of the ‘conservation laws of energy and information’ related to the isotropic and isomorphic nature of time and space (Noether’s theorem), and the ‘co-invariance’ laws of space-time ‘observed together’ (the so called Minkowski’s formalism). Now it would be pedantic and reductionist to explain such a ‘larger’ law – the purpose of reality, to iterate fractal information, to the specific application of this law to physics. So how we resume all these laws of conservation and relate it to the reproductive nature of reality?

Simple enough: The Universe conserves its presents. A present is precisely a reality that seems not to change because it repeats itself. What repeats a present is the lineal and cyclical motions and forms of space and time. So the reproduction of the same forms and motions of space-time means the conservation of ‘present space-time’, the wave-body-reproductive class of physical, biological and social systems. Then we can derive from this fundamental principle: the Universe conserves by iteration the present forms of reality, all other principles of conservation which means the isotropism and isomorphism of space on one side and time on the other, which means he conservation of closed pays of space-time as energy and information.

Because the Universe has motion, ultimately all this means that the Universe is the sum of infinite motions and all of them will end up closing a time cycle, or becoming absorbed as a part by a larger reality closing its space-time cyclical actions.

The world cycle of PHYSICAL EXI=ST¡ences

Recap. Basic dualities of relational space-time:

|-S. lineal space dimensions.

Tƒ<Se: Spatial energy (lineal motion);

Se>: Temporal In-form-ation;

: cyclical time clocks.

Ternary Symmetry of space and time:

In this more precise definition Time is motion and has 3 ‘ages’ or types of motion.

Space is static form, an infinitesimal, present quanta of tie, and it has 3 ‘forms’. And there is a direct symmetry between the motion states of time and the spatial forms, such as:

  • <; Entropic, lineal expansive, energetic time motions or past, have lineal, field/limb forms in space.
  • >; Future informative, cyclical, time-clock motions have spherical, circular forms/functions in space
  • ≈;  And its combination, present, repetitive motions have ovoid, hyperbolic wave and body forms.

The interaction in the complex model of the 3 spatial forms and temporal motions-functions, is the ‘fundamental space-time’ elements that define all systems of Nature, including physical systems.

So now we can expand our definition that ‘time is a cyclical motion and space a lineal open motion’. And affirm that:

“All what exists is a combination of open’ vital’ spaces, enclosed by membrane-like Time cycles, which are centered in a fractal particle –point that gauges and process energy and information from its relative still frame of reference’.”

Now the precise definitions in physical space of those elements in the ∆-space time perceived by man is immediate, as Planck Length x Planck Time (angular frequency, ƒ) has the value of c-speed:

c speed in plnack units

What this means is that the wave Space-time, present state of the Universe we live in, the wave that reproduces the information of the Universe in its minimal form and entropy (angular frequency and length) is c-speed, our light space-time.

Light is composed of cyclical time, angular frequency and lineal space, length. And it sets the limit of maximal speed of reproduction of in-form-ation in the Universe: light is form-in-motion, in-form-ation.

Motion as reproduction of form.Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.38Motion is in more profound terms, the ‘repetition’ of a form several times over the same place, which creates a ‘density of form’. Thus form is THE REPETITION, the REPRODUCTION of motion.

The profundity and implications of this fact, to explain all kind of phenomena, from the quantum complementarity of waves and particles, to the paradoxes Zeno will become evident as we go along, and solve some of the most striking paradoxes of Philosophy of Science that dates from the times of the Greeks.

What matters now OF QUANTUM PHYSICS is to understand two things:

– Particles do NOT move. They are the stop point of the wave.

A particle is just the next plane, ∆, of an ∆-1 wave, which reproduces through a relative lower, ∆-1 field. And as it does it moving to the past and emerging into the contiguous, adjacent present it seems to move. But motion is reproduction! of a wave of form.

And it is in present, because it has travelled back to the past, descended an scale to seminal state in the adjacent region, where it has reproduced, literally.

So motion to the past and the future do happen in the ‘perceived’ present 3 scales of a super organism. It is like when we talk on the phone, the voice is translated to a faster, smaller electromagnetic wave that moves and seems to be after ‘reproducing’ the wave over the vacuum, or through the electric wire, to happen in present time, with no space between us.

Now the more complex explanation of this fundamental dual function of beings, is that a wave is a present reproductive motion and a particle an |- field of energy x O-particle of information, or  ‘momentum’, a past x Future state.

Here the advances of Mathematics, with its concept of ‘metric’, solves it: Klein defined motion as a ‘group translation’, a symmetry. So motion is a ‘reproduction of form’ in the adjacent region of space. A mirror symmetry, which happens in the adjacent region of reality.

This is clear in the wave state of the system that reproduces its form as it goes along its path. And it implies that a system with lesser information, form, takes shorter in repeating its form along its path of ‘present, repetitive motion’. So light with minimal form is much faster than particles and human beings.

And hence we can deduce the fastest, infinite non local speed of invisible gravitation with no form: V=S/Tƒ (understood here as cyclical motion-form). Since gravitation has no information, T here is 0, hence, speed is v=s/o = ∞, non local, as perceived by a human observer.

Motion thus will ultimate appear as the reproduction of form, of information. And we shall return to it. What matters at this point is to realize that the marriage of mathematical, conceptual and precise definitions of the dimensions of time and space and the metric of the 5th dimension are powerful tools to explain an infinite number of questions of all sciences and unify them, ultimately departing from that simple beat, S<T>S<T (where < is an expansive motion, and > and implosive, informative one, a past to future, future to past, through present space rhythms).

So we finally turn around the whole scaffolding of sciences, as we shall discover that actually the only arrow of time that was NOT organic of the 6 motions found by Aristotle – locomotion is ALSO REPRODUCTIVE, ORGANIC, SO WE LIVE IN A SENTIENT, LIVING UNIVERSE!!

Since, what all those physical and biological system want to do is obvious: grow and multiply, that is keep moving and reproducing their information on the process, keep absorbing external exi from the outer world, and when enough of it is swallowed, keep reproducing similar forms, emitting seeds through their polar axis, and keep evolving socially into larger wholes, through networks connected by those poles.

And to do the 5 actions of existence, ∆±e,ï and ∆œ and ∆û, the systems will use the 3 components, beat them, in different manners, use its axis and equators to emit and absorb energy and information, reproduce through motions in the lower scale in which they feed on entropic fields, and all the other physical things, things do.

The fundamental task of T.Πbecomes then to make sense of all those physical events interpreted as actions of space-time performed by the ternary elements in time and space and across 5D scales of the physical system we describe.

And the first fundamental differentiation we must establish is between the ternary space-time symmetry of a single plane of existence, which follows its rules.

And the inverse asymmetric processes taken place between larger scales and smaller points, between the O and Ä parts of the point, between different 5D scales. Those are the 2 great fields to classify all events of reality. Such as:

Motions as reproductions in a single space-time are part of the wave, present state actions.

Informative shrinking, mapping, feeding, evolving and reproducing are actions that happen across several scales of the 5th dimension.

So 5th dimension motions proper are the bulk of reality. Let us define in those terms the essential actions of physical systems:

Travels through the 5th dimension. The world cycle of super organisms.

The 6th isomorphism deals with the analysis of the 3 internal planes-physiological of the 5th dimension as social classes, and its relationship with the 3 external planes of its larger world or ecosystem from where they obtain energy, reproduce with and absorb information. And the 6 motions perform through them to integrate together a worldcycle of existence.

Here we have the general rule that Se-1 fields are the digestive networks and lower class of bits and bites indistinguishable from the upper parts of the system, waves are the reproductive body part of systems, its reproductive, blood networks which is complementary to Tƒ-particles heads, its nervous informative networks.

And both body-wave and head-particle do act together preying on the field (switching into state by the Principle of complementarity, without any relevant expenditure of energy or information). So as a rule body and mind have the same internal clock, in a steady state bit. The mind beats a second wink of an eye thought tuned to the motion of the heart. So for example in quantum physics the particle state is used to absorb or emit transmit faster information with phase wave velocity while as De Broglie proved, the wave state as a group velocity in tune with the particle internal clock are is used to move, and both form the entity ‘proper time’, while the field is the lower energy class relatively unconnected.

Yet the body does have also a steady rate of 1 step per second in its limbs. And so the 6th isomorphism studies also the synchronicities of the different parts of the system and its time clocks, which is the ‘deeper’ level of understanding of a worldcycle system. It is this isomorphism the one I have always enjoyed most, and it is closely related (we might say it is the inverse perspective) with the 3rd isomorphism, which observers in a simplified manner the symmetries between those 3 inner and outer networks and the actions, motions and worldcycle of the being).

As we have studied already the worldcycle on the 3rd isomorphism, we shall here merely consider the ternary stricture of physical systems, in fields-waves and particles, whose inner networks are more clear in solid systems, based in crystal regularities, with a central perfectly regular point of view (atom or cell of atoms) in its centre.

Aristotle vs. Kepler: The 5 motions of times.

Indeed due to the reduction of all time motions or ‘changes’, which already Aristotle, the philosopher, classified in 6 types, ‘conception’, ‘change of internal form or evolution’, ‘extinction’, ‘growth in size’, ‘diminution’ and ‘locomotion’ to a single time motion ‘locomotion’, today called ‘translation in space’, physicists reduce time to a parameter that measures exactly and only that – translations in space.

And that would be Ok, if they acknowledge the other forms of time-change as relevant to truth. Yet when Kepler found the laws of locomotion of stars he affirmed, ‘God has waited 5000 biblical years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clockwork’. So for Kepler all knowledge was to know, F=ma.

Now, as Physicists call its Theory of Locomotions, the Theory Of Everything or T.O.E, we shall call the theory of Philosophers of Science, which includes ALL the 6th Times motions of the beings of the Universe, a Theory of the Organic Everything or T.Πas:

– it includes all things, and all motions, among which the most– 5 of them – have an organic nature (generation, evolution, growth, diminution and extinction). So we consider the not even found T.O.E, an inorganic simplex, description of physicists with a single lineal time motion a ‘limiting’ reduced version of the larger T.Œ.

Further on as all modern developments in mathematics and physics consider lineal inertial systems, just a short small view of cyclical, accelerated/decelerated systems – such is the case of the pan geometry of Lobachevski, where only for reduced distances space is Euclidean, becoming exponential, hyperbolic for larger ones; of the study of General Relativity and the motions of the galaxy at large scale, where all motions happen in an accelerated galactic vortex, towards its center; in the study of fields; in the study of fractal spaces; in the study of Earth geodesics that only in short distances become planes; in the study of life cycles that only in small moments become invariable, in the study of the theory of Lineal Functions and Analysis, where only in short distances a curve function is approximated by a lineal tangent, etc. etc. we shall consider the lineal concepts of time and space, a limit of a much larger cyclical view of the Universe.

It will then be evident through a survey of the fundamental opposition between the worldview of physicists and Philosophers of science that advanced both opposite worldview of time and space, Galileo vs. Descartes, Newton vs. Leibniz, Darwin vs. Clausius that T..O.E vs. T.Πgives us a very different outlook of the Universe. One describes only the how of reality, and its small details. While T.Πgives us the larger whys and the thoughts of God.

The article will first introduce the work of the previous masters in its antinomies and then concentrate in the last of those ‘lineal parts’ of a larger whole, considering the ‘lineal part, the 4th dimensional model of Minkowski, which will turn out to be just a plane of the 5th dimension of infinite scales of size and speeds of time cycles that describe the more general laws of T.Œ with application to all the sciences and worlds of reality.

In the right graph, Galileo’s principle of lineal inertia, derived from his worldly profession. Galileo in fact created lineal time, because he was an artillery master for the Venetian arsenal, earning 1000 golden ducats, an astounding sum for the age, with the job of finding the longest lineal possible trajectory for canon shots (which he found to be alas! not a line but a parabola.

But that didn’t deter him, from proclaiming in his first book called ‘On military instruments’, that his discovery of lineal time would be  ‘…of great use to artillery masters, and a delight to philosophers’. It was a worldview that ratified the religious paradigm of Abrahamic religions, in which man had a lineal manifest destiny of progress even higher than that of God, the mind of the Universe, since ‘he was created in the beginning – hence before God himself – above heavens and Earth’.

Now we shall return to the proper definition of time and space in simple terms, from where we shall derive much more meaningful truths about reality:

‘Times are cyclical, closed motions. Spaces are lineal, open extensions’.

The concept of cyclical times is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all time clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical times. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if times were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in time of patterns of behavior and causality. So to deny cyclical times is to deny science, logic and objectivity. But it also means to deny the fundamental particle of the Universe – a being made of space-time cycles that ‘thinks, therefore exists’ as a world in itself.

Now we shall state why biology is the most correct of science. It is not only because the relationships between co-existing scales of the 5th dimension are organic as they exist in simultaneity and must balance and coordinate and synchronize its exchanges of energy and information working together, but because they have the maximal information due to its closeness, and since each scale follows the same laws, it ‘follows’ it does not matter size, scaling, and so the supposed advantage of physics (to study the smallish and largest scales) is irrelevant. On the contrary it introduces paradoxes of perception that made them ‘less correct in their interpretations’ of reality.

Of course, given the paradoxical transformations of the Universe, and the lack of true understanding of its structure by any science, there is a lot of puzzling and ambivalence on the treatment of Energy, as there is in biology with the understanding of the arrow of genetics that carries information from the lower cellular to the larger organic scales as opposed to synchronous motion carried from upper to lower scales, or ‘energy arrow’. And even more in the social organisms, between the re=productive ‘working’, energetic middle class and the informative ‘neuronal’ upper class and how they must manage together a society.

It must be clear though that the confusion is a lack of ‘proper rightful mirrors of information’ on the parameters of the Universe. The Universe has not that confusion. It is paradoxical, dual and ternary in its logic structure, which is NOT the same as confusing. It is rather efficient, and dynamic, vital, so systems are ternary. They tend to have ternary uses and each part can be broken into ternary systems, and they have dual opposite function, entropy vs. mass, limbs vs. heads and so on. But it is because of its efficiency and economicity.

For that reason we must ‘FIRST’ depart from the mathematical formalism and generator equations of the fractal Universe, and coin a language of philosophy of science above any science, and only then when the reader does HAVE a referential language above those of physical, biological and sociological and mental, linguistic systems, the 4 legs of scientific knowledge we will be able to deal with ambiguities in science without being too confusing.

This physicist re the less prepared to accept because they pretend due mainly to its praxis power (as makers of the mechanisms and weapons that dominate our society) that their language is the ‘first’ one, above the scientific method, above the mathematical and logic language sand above all other scales of the 5th dimension – so somewhat to study particles is more important that to study human organism. In this T.Œ differs greatly and considers rightfully the opinion of the triad of geniuses and friends of the beginning of the past century rm. Einstein, Mr. Eddington, who put Einstein in the map with his proof of relativity and Mr. Gödel, his closest, who proved that mathematics is also an empiric science. They were fully aware and often express it in cutthroat sentences disliked by their peers that physicists ‘invent’ by lack of direct evidence many concepts, and simplify Nature, and so organic closer sciences, like biology are the most accurate depicting each scale of reality.

We talk of 2 ‘paradoxes of knowledge’ that affect the upper sciences and lower sciences to the direct biological scale:

– The quantum paradox of uncertainty (the human observer is so huge it affects the observable, making measure uncertain)

– The Antiquantum paradox of social sciences (the human observer is so small and within the social body that the observable, the elites in control of the informative languages of power, bankers with money, politicians and military with laws and weapons affect the observer and bias its message in its favor).

So biological sciences ARE the top sciences in certainty, detail of observation and capacity to be objective, and that is why THEY USE ALL THE LANGUAGES (Mathematic, quantitative measure, verbal logic, bio-logical evolutionary theories) and study ALL the relationships between scales (genetic information, mechanic motion, ecosystems).

And so T.Œ is a Theory of Everything Organic because the Universe is organic. But of course we do USE concepts of all the other sciences, drawing heavily on Physical sciences, and true social sciences, which surprisingly enough will have little to do with academic history but more with art and love (as academia in history hugely biased by the Antiquantum paradox, so nationalism, the belief that the humans species must NOT help each other to survive as a single species as Darwin and the prophets of eusocial love explained in our languages, but must be divided in tribal military groups, so the people-caste of parasites on power, the military and bankers who monopolize the issue of our social languages of power, can have a ‘excuse’ to justify themselves).

Entropy is the proper name for expansive motion, but physicists use it as expressing disorder. Its proper nature as opposed to order or form, is quite accurate. Energy on the other hand is an ‘all encompassing concept’, which puts together lineal and angular momentum, better specific synonymous in physical systems of lineal and cyclical motions. So energy aggregates both and its principle of conservation means the immortality of the Universe as a game that constantly transforms energy into information. Further on energy integrates multiple ‘motions’, multiple momentums, and so as a ‘larger scale concept’ will be related to time, understood as the sum of multiple ‘space-moments’ or ‘steps’ or ‘space-time cycles. We do advance all those ambiguities, for skeptical physicists, though they are not of so much importance at this stage.

Thus the reader should not search for the specific equations used in physics, except when we do specific analysis of this discipline.

In physics in that sense, energy IS both, lineal motion (kinetic energy), cyclical form (potential energy), and its ultimate meaning means merely that our 4 concepts, of entropy(energy), Space, information, time, are constantly transforming into each other. So we would rather write:

“Energy never dies it transforms constantly back and forth, from Spatial Extension into Temporal Form: Sp < =>Tƒ’

Thus Past, is better understood as Sp, Spatial Extension and we shall use that symbol constantly instead to familiarize the reader with the relationship between space and past entropy and future and time-form.

Of course, physicists will not like it. But T.Πdeparts not from physical reductionism, but from philosophy of science, and aims to explain much wider principles, regardless of its capacity to enter then into details on each science. Ad Maximal what Physicists call a T.Πis the search for a unification equation of charges and masses, a trivial result when we understand the 5th dimension, found in other posts of this web. We go well beyond.

While physics is essentially the science of ‘perceiving’ the Universe with technology – time with clocks instead of words, space with telescopes and microscopes instead of eyes – and its langauges of measure – mathematics. But that IS not all what there is to reality.

We shall use thus our larger terms, which will make more complex and ambivalent our general analysis, but far more flexible when we apply those universal logic principles to different disciplines and specific species.

Clocks of time with 3 different accelerated, decelerated and steady speeds.

Now to understand 5 Dimensional physics, and the 3 scales of relative ‘size’ and ‘time speed’ of physical systems, the faster, smaller quantum scale; the human, thermodynamic, molecular scale and the larger, slower, gravitational scale, we must start by defining mathematically the metric of the 5th dimension (∆), which encompasses all the relative scales of Spatial size (S) and time speed (Tƒ) that co-exist in the Universe:

Sp x Tƒ = ∆

That is the product of the size of a system and its time speed is constant. So smaller beings cycle faster than larger ones, but as the product of both is constant, we can ‘constantly’ convert one parameter into the other moving through the 5th dimension. The simplest of those motions could be then defined with a simple physical equation, of an accelerated time clock or bidimensional ‘vortex’:

V(t) x R(s) = K

That is the product of the speed of a cyclical vortex and the radius of its cycle is constant, meaning that as we diminish in size, the system accelerates its orbital time clocks. And this holds in the 4 aforementioned scales.

So in the dark world scale, black holes rotate faster, despite being much smaller than stars, reaching c-speed rotary motions on its event horizons.

In the gravitational scale planetary systems move faster the closer they are to the Sun (it is in fact the origin of Kepler’s second law).

In mechanical, thermodynamic systems the skater spins up its turning speed by closing its arms.

In atomic systems the molecule, the atom, the electron and the quark, increase its turning speed and clocks in decreasing amounts.

And vice versa, in all explosive processes of disorder and entropy, in all big bangs of matter, M=E/c2 and bombs, as the explosion expands increasing the entropy and space it occupies, it diminishes its speed till it comes to a halt.

So surprisingly enough, a larger space moves slower in lineal explosive fashion that an ordered cyclical vortex, despite diminishing its size.

That equation, decomposed sequentially in 3 phases, a first age of max. energy, a second age of balance and a third age of max. information, explains the existential cycle of any space-time field.Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 14.29.40

In a graph with energy vs. information coordinates the 3 ages resemble the geometrical form of a cycle that moves upwards, absorbing energy and information till in its 3rd age looses its temporal energy, collapsing back to its origin. On the right side, the same 3 ages show in the Taoist, Korean flag, where a line is the symbol of continuous yang-energy, which yin-time quantizes into ‘in-form-ation’, from youth to death. Finally the proper way in which all the time clocks of nature act, increasing its frequency on a vortex (mass or charge vortex, galaxy, frequency acceleration as the particle collapses, etc.), of 3 ages towards a point of maximal information when the system dies.

In that regard, the less advanced concept of time in physics, which still hangs on despite Feynman and Einstein is the idea of a dying entropic Universe.

This concept of ‘entropy’ as the only future arrow of time, or death arrow of expansive disorder, obtained in XIX c. studies of expansive gas, is completely outdated even by the standards of modern physics.

Unfortunately cosmologists have expanded that arrow to the entire universe, because they don’t understand Feynman, Einstein and their findings: that ‘time curves space into accelerated vortices of mass-information’ in galaxies, which balance the entropic arrow of expansive space between galaxies (hence both arrows as in E<=>Mc² , the fundamental equation of time in physics balance each other).

This, Einstein insisted as he obtained first that equation in its inverse form: M=E/c², in his paper ‘can energy create mass?’

And he added, ‘the separation between past, present and future is an illusion’. So did Feynman, with its deep insight on the 3 ‘time arrows’ of particle physics: present, reproductive waves of light-space and ‘bosons’, past arrows of entropic antiparticles and future arrows of informative particles that last much longer in time. So another fascinating, ‘immediate’ equation of 5D physics are the equations of life and death for all systems of the Universe such as:

Life arrow:       Max. Time duration x Min. Space extension: Max. Tƒ x Min. Sp

Death arrow:        Max. Space expansion (big-bang, dissolution of organisms into cells and atoms) x Min. Time (instant of death).

Yet again, the sum of both: Max. Tƒ x Min. Sp + Max. Sp x Min. Tƒ = 0-sum, which makes all scales and closed systems of the Universe eternal presents.

In physics this is the meaning of Feynman’s diagram:

Past-anti-particle x Future-particle = Present light wave, whereas particles last max. Time as they collapse space into minimal size and antiparticles last minimal time while they expand space annihilating particles in the moment of death.

As such Feynman’s work is more advanced that the outdated entropy theory and the so much praised Einstein’s revolution of space-time, who still missed, the ternary fractal, multiple Nature of times and the existence of its 3 time arrows. He simply ‘froze’ space-time in present slates to measure with differential equations (by definition infinitesimal moments) as Galileo did, every instant of an external time=change = physical motion.

Since physical systems are composite of the 3 arrows of time, its relative entropic big-bang past processes of death, its steady state, lineal constants of space-time actions and time clocks, and its relative future, evolving, temporal, informative cyclical accelerated 3rd time age, when its time clocks, frequency, temperature or mass ‘collapses’ into the larger scale.

The best way to describe mathematical physics is therefore to connect its classic continuous space-time equations with those of the ternary fractal 5D space-time Universe. And to that aim we need to define the 3 fundamental elements of mathematical physics, fields, waves and particles as the 3 ternary elements of 5D fractal space-time through the…

Now this is how we formalize T.Œ, by advancing also the fundamental sciences – geometry, completing the work of Riemann, Einstein and others who study the 5th non-Euclidean postulate – the fact that points hosted multiple parallels, and improving over Aristotelian logic, because reality and the languages that express it are ternary langauges where relative past energies and future information merge into present existence in space:

Past-energy < Present-body/wave > Future-information

Or are sequential in time, past (youth) > mature age > Future 3rd age of information.

On this Feynman had the insight in physics to give antiparticles a past arrow, as it is the case, and Einstein had some insight on it when it said that the separation between past, present and future was an illusion, and of course Leibniz, the genius, and the Eastern Taoists… did imagine the whole thing. Now we are truly formalizing this ternary logic proper of the Universal Grammar of all languages.

 Now to streamline and make sense of physics beyond the how, obvious statements of its present discourse we must correct its concepts of space and time, from its astoundingly primitive conceptualization – the oldest of all sciences, and the most stubbornly preserved because as in earlier Ptolemaic models, it fairly works with all the complex epicycles needed to fit data.

So we shall without further ado correct lineal physics to match the perceived evidence of the fractal Universe, with the aim of making our linguistic mental mirror more apt to focus reality as it is, not a single space continuum and a single lineal, mechanical clock with a steady rate, but a Universe made of infinite dynamic games of trans-formation between closed cyclical clocks of time and entropic motions of expansive space:

Sp (∆-1:Field/∆:Gas/∆+1:Entropy, big-bang state) < ST (∆-1:Wave/∆:Liquid÷∆+1:steady state) > Tiƒ (∆-1:particle/∆-solid/∆+1:Clock, vortex state)

This is in the parlance of physics the Fractal Generator of its events and forms, in its 3 ∆-1 quantum, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1: gravitational main physical scales, which we must explain properly to start making sense of physical systems, its mathematical equations and forms and events. Let us then start by understanding its 3 arrows of space-time, correcting the 3 main errors of physics, regarding time which is not lineal but cyclical, it is not a single entropic arrow but 3 arrows, and it is not the 4th dimension of space.

All in all the understanding of the ternary structure of all beings IS the essential element for the understanding of the constant beats of species between ‘motion’ and still form, space and time states, diachronic evolution and synchronous organic, spatial structure. It is to a certain extend the easiest part to understand. Yet the more difficult part because of its essential different nature, is the analysis of the fundamental novelty of the Fractal paradigm: the 5th dimension and how dissentious planes of different size (cells/atoms; organisms, matter; cosmic systems/societies), interact together internally, thorough exchange energy and information and externally synchronize its existence.

How indeed you move your hand and your atoms in a different plane of existence move with you? What is the meaning of locomotion through 5D scales?

Of course all those are new questions that the shallow interpretation of a single space-time continuum does not require. Problem is reality is not according to sheer evidence a space-time continuum, so we cannot just as physicists do shun off all the questions that our shallow representation of reality does not fit in.

Let us then deal with the ultimate ‘metaphysical question’ about physics – the meaning and origin of motion.

Reality is eternal, in a constant process of reproduction of form, as motion , as all is motion, either cyclical time motion or space-kinetic energy motions but the mind reduces it to a still image, as Heraclitus or Buddha first realized, considering that the stillness of the Universe is a Maya of the senses.

A quanta of present time, is the relative duration of a closed, conservative timespace cycle.

Such as the product of the time duration and the spatial quanta content of that present time, becomes a measure of the ‘energy’ value of the entity per unit of existence.

The value of a time quanta, or ST parameter therefore becomes essential to calculate he power of a system, such as Max. ST will be a better system in any plane of existence we study.

What happens then at the end of the relative ST, whereas T becomes a quantifier of present time and s a quanta of space, when the time cycle closes?

According to the principles of transformation of energy into information, energy never dies but transforms itself back and forth into information.

This means that when a cycle of energy closes into itself, it repeats itself, creating a wave of relative present time, in which energy becomes reproduced.

The Universe does constantly reproduces present forms, formal motions of energy with different ‘existential force’ or ‘total momentum’ that never stops.

If the cycle closes into itself an inertial act of reproduction has taken place and the system conserves its energy, but if the cycle interacts with the environment, part of its present-time is worn out and the system looses motion and increases its form, displacing slowly towards the future.

This concept of energy as a repetition of closed cycles, which when not fully reproduced are partially spent do apply to all systems of nature, including the processes of aging of biological systems. And so it requires to deal with a second fundamental theme: the translation of motions of mathematical physics to T.Œ. intimately related to the energy of the system.

Now of the many aspects of the 6th isomorphism, in physics we deal mainly with the ternary symmetries due to the different place in the scales of parts and wholes that the 3 ‘elements of space’, ∆-1-limbs/fields, ∆-waves bodies and ∆+1-particles/heads play on the system, and between the system and the external world.

And how the dominance of the informative systems in all scales of physics  do determine a world cycle that will increase the density of information of the system as in living beings till it collapses the information of the system into a point-particle, dense crystal structure or black hole.

In the last graph, we see the intimate connection between the 3 ages of time, in the accelerated clocks of the Universe, in which each species walks steadily towards a spiral of maximal information and the 3 networks of its spatial systems, which follow a natural order towards higher form departing from simpler space, as the dominant network is the mental informative network that consumes motion into still worlds, and so all physical systems follow the same 3 arrows of time of life systems. But what physicists do NOT realise is that this organic order of the 6 motions of time, also ends into entropic death, when they study the very fast smaller scales of the 5th dimension (particles). So they commit the error of thinking that particles are ‘immortal’, by confusing the particle-anti-particle states, which are life-death arrows.

Antiparticles ‘die’ particles, and so both together at the point they form a ‘meson’, with no ‘spin’ (no life on it), physicists should understand they are seeing the moment of death of the particle, which then resurrects, starting a new life-death cycle. The same happens with waves, whose photons ‘die and explode’ into a wave and the implode and collapse back. And so it happens to galaxies in the quasar cycle.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 15.32.50

In the graph the general structure of physical systems, in which a central point of view absorbs maximal information transforming entropy into form (mass, charge, solid states), while expelling the unwanted entropy, the graph applies to almost all physical systems from galaxies that expand entropically dark energy into intergalactic expansive space, to growth processes following fibonnaci series in crystals.


A few examples of the 3 ages-network dominance in different biological and physical systems. Galaxies therefore go as stars do through the same cyclical vortices:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 07.42.36

It is generally speaking an isomorphism of hierarchical ‘social classes’, which considers in depth the asymmetric relationships established between relative past, simpler, micro-forms and larger, more complex formal wholes. Such as there will be always an arrow towards the dominant creation of future wholes, which defines the surviving part of a ‘lanwave’ or social structure:Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 00.01.30The graph compares both analysis that of space and its 3 relative forms, fields of entropy, waves of reproduction and informative particles, and its order in time, as the system becomes in an isomorphic world (as most physical systems, living in isomorphic vacuum) do, a spiral of growing density of information and diminishing mass, with the central black hole or densest atomic region in the centre slowly killing the motion of the being, through the 6 steps of birth-growth-reproduction-diminution(collapse of the wave into particle) and final extinction.

Yet physical systems, being simpler than biological one in information do have very slow processes of life and death, and they might remain in its most perfect simpler, iterative states (solid crystals) almost immortal. In any case the process is the same that all other systems: a central point of view or mind will create images of its whole (black holes have a 5D image of the galaxy, crystals the obvious images, and memorial traces of their growth in the structure of the crystal). A geometric proof of this structure happens in crystals as only those 7 crystal configurations in which there is a centred point of view, which maximises the perception of all the territory in the 3 dimensions of euclidean space exist. All other irregular crystals die away, do not exist, are not regular enough for the central point of view to focus an efficient image of reality that allows it to process information and guide the reproduction of new crystal cells, and the same happens with smaller atomic systems (ions), self-centred in the strongest atomic point of view:

THE MOTIONS OF TIME in different scales. Particles, waves and fields.

Those examples of the world cycles of physical species, ruled by the same informative overall arrow that orders its 6 motions displayed through small momentums into a complete whole world cycle of life and death shows that it is NOT the physical species, which is qualitative different but the way humans extract information from  SUPERORGANISMS.

The process of seed generation, and growth is the common game that makes emerge through the 4th postulate of ¬æ networks as a whole super organism, with a Tiƒ, central point of view and an atomic/cellular ST body-wave of organic parts, which preys on an entropic field of indistinguishable from the mass of individuals that loose its individuality and become exchangeable, as the system handles information with general fields.

This structure implies a social class structure in which the limbs/fields of entropy loose the game and end up being curved into form and mass, evolving increasing its information, easily masterminded by the central point of view of the system.

The same happens as we shall observe in evolution when the Earth handles its species with massive fields of energy (changes of glaciation temperatures) that determine the accelerate evolution of its species. And the question remaining in social sciences is if humans and its cycles of life and death of civilisation and growth of technology is part of a larger memorial plan of evolution of the planet, which seems to have a centre connected through flows of magma to specific regions of the Earth to perform its cycles of volcano activity and continental breaking that sets up the rhythms of evolution.

So T.Œ can explain the world cycle of physical species beyond the simplest locomotion description with the 6 Aristotelian motions of time (which we adapt to the world cycle of existence in the jargon of ¬Æ and plug them all within the general game of existence and evolution from parts into wholes (5th more complex set of reproductive and social actions, ∑œ=û+1) and final big-bang dissolution in a quanta of time as an antiparticle, quasar or hypothetical big-bang Universe.

And once we do understand the 6th isomorphism of the Universe we can plug into it all the physical systems of reality and enter into the details of the thoughts of god.

Among them the main perception of classic physical equations are in terms of:

– The entropic field of physical systems which are imploded into information, as polar forces, enclose the field in its ‘surrounding net’ of attractive power (classic newton and coulomb, F=U.C. (Å.Magnitude x Å.M./d²), giving birth to the commonest flow of time of the Universe: Sp>Tiƒ, which can be seen as an attractive force between those 2 poles or as a motion of a particle that implodes entropic fields ahead and explodes them behind.

The wave process of reproduction of information, which is more stable: Sp<ST(ExI)>Tƒ and its ternary analysis. So to complete the main ways of studying physical systems, we must add studies in which we consider the duality of information processing, either as Sp>Tƒ or  ExI>Tƒ ‘true physical system of wave-particles, body-heads’, which are the essential vital element of physical Universes.

ExI>Tƒ ternary analysis

Now, the complementary principle of body-heads, waves-particles, imply that there is an extraordinary symbiosis between light-photon waves-particles, electron-nucleon, liquid-crystals, uds-star herds/cbt-black holes systems, as there is a complete synergy and synchronicity between heads and bodies in biological systems or the neuronal people-castes in control of the languages of social information (politicians with laws, bankers with digital money) and the working, reproductive classes in social system.

So one of the fundamental fields of any T.œ scale is the study together of the present-future, ExI ≥ Tƒ complementary system alone. There are in that sense many perspectives of the system, the most obvious one is to consider its different states and configurations according to the actions its develops.

Of which there are 3 fundamental states, if we group the actions in ±∆energy (motion-feeding), ±∆ïnformation (perception-communication) and ∑œ>û (social reproductive events).

This is the bulk of analysis in any science. How the systems of body-head, waves-particles go about their ‘business’ of survival space-time actions, moving, feeding, perceiving, communicating, reproducing and evolving socially into larger systems. And for physical systems is not different, albeit a much larger field as physical systems study so many ranges of ∆-planes and have overdeveloped so much in our mechanist society where social and biological sciences (though now experiencing a huge development in the specific field of informative flows, mainly between ∆-1:∑œ>û:∆o scales or genetics), and the irrelevant field of using the robotic life species of the eco(nomic)system to observe the soon to be extinct life species of the ecosystem they also murder through its economic superorganism.

Again sorry for the ‘deviations’ of my T.Œ mind as it constantly establishes parallelisms between systems. To the point. We do have for each scale an ‘organism, in which the energy is absorbed from the ‘lower field of entropy’ Spe invisible to the system as a mass of indistinguishable particles, absorbed to move the system and perform the previous actions, the core field of physical system analysis. And those analysis are of many types according to the action we study.

The classic Fermion < Boson-wave>Fermion equation of particle physics responds to the ∆±I, ∆±e actions of two particles which will exchange energy and information and according to the type of exchange, gauge information, and attract each other, as they will ‘warp into form’ the distance between them, in a dual parallel action: -∆e-=+∆ï so the wave between them will grow in frequency-form and the distance will diminish. And this can also be studied from the perspective of the boson wave, which will collapse into particle of information absorbed by the receiving system.

And the system most likely will reach a dynamic equilibrium, or if not it will merge, into a social event, ∑œ>û, which can be according to the third postulate of ¬æ, a Darwinian event, in which the larger system with more ExI existential force measured as total momentum or total energy of the system, swallows and transforms the smaller system into a part of itself; socially if they belong to two ‘different’ species or scales with different 5D metrics (as in biology between animals and plants, or predators more efficient in their use of energy and information than herbivores). And the rule here is the same, the species with more existential force (maximal momentum), whereas the Tƒ-component (speed of time) dominates the Spe (component), as animals dominate slower planets, will become the predator element.

So when a black hole of maximal momentum (faster time clock and Tƒ/Spe density of mass) collides with a star it transforms after devouring and killing the star part of its matter into itself, and might even leave an offspring of smaller black holes as it keeps cruising as ‘a gravitational animal in control’ of the forces-fields of gravitation the galaxy for new ‘victims’. And a planet will slowly but steadily in a very long process fall down into the star that will devour it, or if in the eccentrically further orbits, steal some orbital momentum from the star and break loose. So will the electron falling and collapsing into a reverse beta decay event, into the nucleus, converting a proton into a neutron, or vice versa, escape from the outer orbits not freedom evolving from its wave state into a particle form.

Thus there is a lot of didn’t events to study on this specific realm of relationships between particles but them all follow the general laws of the ¬æ 3rd postulate which defines according to the relative similarity of particles the nature of an event as ‘symbiotic’ social, evolving event when the systems are very similar or very complementary, forming then parallel social structures in which the identity of the individual still exists but a whole starts to emerge, or will form, unbalanced ionic states of null further growth in which individuals still hold their relative nature but one dominates clearly over the other (atomic orbital configurations), or will form Darwinian events in which the smaller, lesser ExI form is devoured and absorbed by the larger form, which will take part of it to renew its internal structures and waste their spacetime as energy, of the two type of fields of which the system is made (neutron and photon emission in beta decay events).

Now within those schemes, we might access after an ∆o: perceptive, gauging event (1st postulate rules)->∆ï: communicative event (2nd postulate rules)-≥Symmetry breaking event (Darwinian split) or Coordinated complementary event (3rd postulate rules)> 4th social networks growth, or 5th Absorption of one point by the other as a flow of multiple parallels of energy and information.

This is then the BASIC TΠlanguage that merges Non-AE evolved mathematical formalisms, and Physical events, into a completely new way to understand mathematical physics which explains the same events within the conceptual frame of T.Πand the laws of ¾ that explain all other systems of the Universe.

Indeed, in all formal T.œ sciences we depart form the evolved logic, mathematical formalism and the Generator equation to define a series of general events that applied to each science will be able nicely to fit all the events of the science, within this jargon and its isomorphisms.

But that, which will be the task of the 3rd and 4th line will be too much of a future ideal world of Tƒ scientist nowhere to be seen in this planet.

It will sound as if I were coming from mars (perhaps : ) and since physicists are all spineless bastards to paraphrase Zwicky (that is spin 0 rounded particles, which are bastards and look like bastards from any way you look at them), and won’t admit any other jargon than theirs, what we will do in those posts on Physics is to go the middle wave, and mix jargons and explain facts of physics – not all as it would mean to rewrite my McGill encyclopedia of physics into T.Œ 0 in this manner So we shall just give you a taste of the whole nouvelle cuisine, or rather molecular cooking (being myself a Catalan, like Mr. Adrian) that will r=evolve science into the III millennia, if physicists do not eliminate us with their mechanisms, robots and weapons before, they become enlightened, which is unlikely.

All this said, the game of T.Πsimplifies enormously the language of physics through the simplification of its modern Hilbert-like Mathematical spaces. As all becomes reduced to the same 5 events across the 3 x 3 planes and scales of physical systems, by interaction of the 3 states of entropy-past, present-waves and future-particles of the different scales of physics, which perform either antisymmetric conception-3 ages-extinction events, asymmetric events that related the 3 parts of the system or 5D social evolutions.

But we do need to straighten up many conceptual dualities and ternary symmetries of physics to encase them within those Generator Equations.

For example some easy translations are:

The classic interaction of a weak field of magnetism with the electrons of an electric current or an atomic field on the other hand will correspond to an ∑œ>û, social evolution as the larger ‘magnetic Tƒ loop’ organizes as an external cyclical membrane a series of relative parts, electrons or atoms to create a larger whole.

The classic action-reaction processes of Newtonian Dynamics will respond to exchanges of ‘momentum, m(t)xV(s)’, between two relative Tƒ, and so can be written also as a Tƒ<±Force>Tƒ event in space-time in which a dynamic equilibrium is reached.

When studying physics in space thus we shall study the relative Spe fields of past spatial entropy, and Tƒ point-particles of future existential information, which converge into present, balanced Spe x Tƒ, systems of efficient spatial energy and temporal information that peg together the 3 elements, the past-field, the present-wave and the future-particle (or the entropic gaseous, liquid, balanced and informative crystal-solid states; or the Top-field/Strange Halo/ and Light Space on the cosmic largest plane of reality that create the atomic material and galactic superorganisms of the Universe.

A game of future accelerated vortices of time, Tƒ, which store the information of the system and Spatial, entropic motions, Spe and its co-invariant metrics that relate in opposite fashion the dualities of cyclical, accelerated time clocks of the future, past, decelerating extensions of spatial entropy and its present merging into systems of ‘workable’ energy and ‘relevant information ‘that create the balanced systems of the Universe.

The homologies between scales.

The intelligent reader will then realize that the same description happen for smaller scales of reality, of which we will bring here the 3 more important, the scale of electric currents, the scale of thermodynamic fields and the scale of quantum fields, and merely enunciate its equations:

– In the ∆ electromagnetic plane of existence, the field-wave equations are the Maxwell equations, and the ‘Geodesic equation’ is the Lorentz equation (whereas we consider the electron social group as the fundamental element of study):

Now, here we can see those Maxwell and Lorentz equations with a fascinating parallelism, which will give you a better sense of the whole and unity of physics. They are the expression of Maxwell equations for the wave-field of electromagnetism (above) and the equivalent equations of Einstein written by Heaviside, called Gravitomagnetic equations with its translation of jargon from gravity to electromagnetism. They ARE the same equations differing basically in the ‘constant’ of curvature of space-time, G and Q, which belong to two planes of size of the Universe, the cosmic and microcosmic planes.

We will very soon unify mathematically the values of Q and G in this post – a prime of 5D physics, proving therefore that ultimately 5D physics IS the proper model and only form to unify conceptually and mathematically the scales of the Universe. Now the scales are not exactly equal as no fractal is equal in all scales: you are not like your cells, but the astounding parallelism shows that conceptually the Universe IS a fractal of 5D planes. The only difference between those two constants will BE one of strength, due to the fact that according to 5D metrics, paradoxically smaller sales ARE stronger, faster in its time clocks: Spe x Tƒ = L. Below we see also the geodesics of both fields – the motion of particles on it.

The forest thus is clear; the details have been there for a century.

– In the ∆ thermodynamic equations of molecular atoms (where we consider the atom as the fundamental field of study), the Field-wave equation is the Heat equation (Gibbs equation of Free energy: G=H-ST, once more with 3 components) or equation of present, and the Geodesic equation of motion of a particle are Boltzmann equations for ideal gases, of the motion of individual particles, which gave birth to the understanding of the laws of thermodynamics.

– In the ∆-2 scale of quantum physics the Dirac equation becomes the present-wave equation (and the Schrodinger simpler version) which are in essence Hamiltonians of energy, that describe all its elements, and the geodesic equation are the Feynman formalism of motions and diagrams that express how particles move along paths exchanging energy and information with other particles.

And again for any physicist who wants to think on 5D terms, it should be evident that the thermodynamic and quantum scale use the same mathematical formalisms, statistical probabilities, to account for the massive amounts of particles with multiple degrees of freedom, and ‘canonical ensembles’, that study their motions in group, and aleatory paths in which particles stop and go, collide, exchange energy and keep moving and stopping (Brownian paths, Feynman paths), since we are describing basically two scales of motions which are telling us similar stories, a series of particles or molecules which are free to move around and perform actions of storage of energy and information, regulated by simple terms. So we can conclude this description of it with the understanding of the 4 quantum numbers that particles obey in terms of the actions of space-time they display to ‘exist’:

In the graph, the ∆-principal number codes the ∆æ, ∆e, energy level and motion of the particle, the l-number codes its form and informative gauging, ∆ï, the spin number with its chirality that codes the iterative, ∆œ actions, and the magnetic number for its ∆û, social ordered structure (organization of multiple orbitals).

The enormous complexity of studying those actions for assemblies of millions of particles can be compared to the attempts to analyze masses of human beings in their actions of consumption. Again economics and marketing of corporations do treat humans are indistinguishable computers and simultaneous networks of information (mass-media) manufacture our consent as herds, so there is NOT difference the way we do relate to humans when we adopt the perspective from above, of corporations and political polling with the perspective of quantum physicists or thermodynamics.

In the graph, the ∆-principal number codes the ∆æ, ∆e, energy level and motion of the particle, the l-number codes its form and informative gauging, ∆i, the spin number with its chirality that codes the iterative, ∆œ actions, and the magnetic number for its ∆û, social ordered structure (organization of multiple orbitals).

The enormous complexity of studying those actions for assemblies of millions of particles can be compared to the attempts to analyze masses of human beings in their actions of consumption. Again economics and marketing of corporations do treat humans are indistinguishable computers and simultaneous networks of information (mass-media) manufacture our consent as herds, so there is NOT difference the way we do relate to humans when we adopt the perspective from above, of corporations and political polling with the perspective of quantum physicists or thermodynamics.

Ceteris paribus analysis of 2 elements of the 5St symmetries

Now it is essential to keep always in mind and study complex associated symmetries of the type 5s, 5T, ST, 5ST, that is analysis which consider the relationship of space elements with the 5th dimension, time ages, space-time together in a single plane and the 3 elements together. Thus after understanding each element separated, we need to study the associated to each other element and then only then we can fully understand the whole relationship. So let us consider some basic rules of those relationships:

– 5S, if we consider the relationship of the Se, ST, and Tƒ elements with the 3 dimensions of space:

∆-1 Se-fields/gas will be observed as quanta of the ∆-1 scale and as such they will be in that state dissociated susceptible to be study with statistical methods as indistinguishable parts, NOT because they do not have individuality but because form a larger point of view.

∆-waves/liquids. Waves and liquids are transitional present states, in which the information is provided by a particle to the ∆-1 field which however does NO evolve into the particle but imitates its vibrational, external action, transferring through its herd. And so we differentiate in a wave the group speed and the phase speed, which is in fact an action at distance that constantly grows with the perimeter of the front of the wave. All waves in that sense will have a faster ‘longitudinal wave’ or phase wave, or front wave and the group wave, which is the sum of reinforced frequencies, that requires multiple vibrations up and down the particle or rotations left right of its angular momentum. But in general the equation of the wave will be:

Se-1:Provides the Energy of the wave –its micro point < ST: wave provides energy (group reinforcement) and form (phase)>Tƒ (provides information.

Waves are thus Se-1 points in a process of evolution, when the reinforcement group starts to create a ‘higher frequency-form’ in the wave, which could finally collapse into particle state.

It is also interesting to realize that the Universe is communicative, and often it is a 3rd observer who really starts a process, of which the ‘actors’, might believe to be protagonists but are from the other point of view mere translators or boundaries activated by the 3rd player. Indeed, a phase wave is produced by the larger particle, Tƒ+1, but as it expands its diameter, and accelerates its perpendicular speed, it might put in synchronicity two far away micro particles , which will seem from their perspective to be sending each other the perpendicular message of the front wave, but in fact they are spectators of the larger entity. Now from the larger entity, the perpendicular phase wave does not carry energy only is an information message, which travels at –c speed, but for the smaller micro points activated simultaneously the larger wave DOES HAVE ACTION AT DISTANCE, and because it DOES move and makes vibrate œ-1 points it does carry energy (more than information).

So when we apply this fact to us, as micro points of galaxies, in which black holes produce c-speed gravitational waves of gigantic wave lengths we will find a mechanism that without breaking the relativity principle, due to the 5D dimensional structure of the Universe and the different elliptic and hyperbolic perception from a relative œ-1 and ∆+1 point of view, will explain the ‘action at distance’ or infinite relative speed of gravitational waves, OUTSIDE galaxies, where its wave front perimeter, with an instantaneous speed larger than > π x r(galaxy radius).

How fast this speed can be? An easy calculus that an astrophysicist can of course refine with all his specialist knowledge comes as follows. Let us consider that gravitational waves from the black hole do extend with energy and form at least at the limit of extension of the galaxy (or else it won’t order the stars into its spiral branches). Let us consider that perception is at least the standard radian, which is often the mean perception of any eye-Tƒ system of the Universe. Does the Milky way which has a 100.000 light years diameter (some giant galaxies have 3 million light years radius), will certainly, produce 50.000 light years simultaneous waves as a radian, in a quanta of time; that is the time in which a black hole vibrates to produce those waves. This is an enormous speed and the true meaning of action at distance- the phase velocity of a gravitational wave.

The group wave, which will be transversal wave, though will have a slower speed, which in normal waves is recognized by dividing the Young modulus and the tension of the wave.

Now Maxwell did find his transversal waves considering those classic equations of waves √tension/density and while relativity ‘idealist, German interpretations’ of measure in the trendy age of Germanic idealism that brought us also the idealism of Hilbert in mathematics (axiomatic method in which he ‘imagines’ the existence of points and lines, lol; and Copenhagen interpretation where the ‘observer’ limits became the observable properties), it is about time despite so many ‘believers’, who ‘are so vain, that will always think the sun turns around them’, to accept the obvious: light waves are not different from any other waves, despite the fact we do not perceive the gravitational space-time on which they move, as mathematical points with parts are as real as the star, head, (maybe not that of Mr. Hilbert:) they describe and quantum observables are both particles and waves as all species, are distinguishable if we were as small as they are, are points with parts if we could see them closer. Here we are real.

Relativity waves were as Maxwell understood born of two function, tension and density, but because the universe is made of formal motions, what we call tension is motion and what we call density is form. And so the true equation of the speed of a universal wave which applies to waves of thought, social waves, biological waves(radiations) and the astoundingly beautiful generalization of waves in all the scales of reality is in a way ‘purely spiritual’, based in the fact that all is motion and form, so, the speedo f the wave is very simple:

V= S/T, for lineal motions, but being space bidimensional, a wave speed is the bidimensional motion of space, relative to the bidimensional motion of information

V2= S/T=Se/Tƒ=  bidimensional speed/Density of form.  V2 = ‘Elasticity=Â/Tƒ=Form density  V=√ Â/r.

Which is the general Laplace equation for all waves, where we must define the specific motion-distance-elasticity of the medium and density of form, which for an electromagnetic wave as Maxwell deduced is given by the permittivity and permeability of gravitational space-time, the invisible ‘scale’ of the 5th dimension on which light Planckton feeds and moves.

We can in that sense consider the that group wave of a gravitational wave is c-speed and it carries energy but the phase wave is the action at distance, and it is far weaker, which is another way to explain the hierarchy problem, latter analyzed with the equation of unification of charges and masses.

Those considerations can also be applied to the mechanical waves (thermodynamic waves) transferred in solids (earthquake waves), liquids (heat waves) and gases (sound waves), of the thermodynamic scale> here we observe the inversion so often found between scales: solid waves transfer maximal energy, heat waves in liquids are balanced and sound waves in gases transfer maximal information.

Now there are many ways in 5D metric to arrive to all those conclusions. In several parts we have obtained the action at distance speed very simply: V=s/Tƒ=S/o (information perceived in gravitational invisible waves) = ∞.

That is, a relative infinite for humans that perceives the phase wave as simultaneous.

But now we can make a dimensional analysis, whereas V2=Elasticity/Density (Laplace equation), which in dimensional terms writes as

V2=ML-1T-2 (elastic dimensions)/ML-3 (density dimensions) from where we obtain L2/T2

Thus the wave speed is actually merely a bidimensional speed that transforms lineal physics into bidimensional physics and as such a fundamental equation of 5D physics, as we defined time and space as bidimensional ‘information’ and energy.

If we add for a specific medium a certain mass parameter and length for a 3 dimensional medium we obtain the elastic and density dimensions. But here the ‘substance’ matters not, as Mass is erased.

This is obviously telling us that the active magnitude Tƒ+1, which is mass (charge in the lower scale of electromagnetic waves) is not relevant because waves do not travel through the i+1 scale, but through the lower scale, in which we perceive space and time frequencies. Waves are thus with this simple analysis bidimensional space/time relationships.

But further on we can obtain instead of the infinity of ‘relative perception’ the relationship most often bound in speeds, ±10-11  growth of speed between scales or 100-121 growth of speed in 3 dimensional relationships (electron-light relationship given by the fine structure constant, which varies obviously according to the variation of energy, being 137 its lowest energy value, but this we will treat briefly on quantum physics as it is for 4 line advanced studies). What maters here is to realize that

V2 =S2 for each T2 quanta of acceleration, in a decametric space universe, where the fundamental unit of space is 1-10 tetraktys structures means, that S grows from 10 to 100, 10 times more. And since speed is the perception of space as motion (Galilean Paradox), when we grow in scale a new dimension will imply 10 times faster speeds in bidimensional space/time

But if we measure from a lineal observer point of view, instead of T2 we measure t, and since now there are 100 T, time frequency in lineal time has increased also by 10, so we will observe a 100 increase in speed. Those are the parameters to consider when studying speeds in intergalactic speeds (10 C) and when considering the lineal measure of speeds in electronic speed (±1/100 c speed).

Finally the third type of waves in the scale of….

Tƒ notice finally that waves are ruled by superposition laws, of sum, as they are ultimately vibrations of the micro-states of the field, œ-1, which are in 5D metric much faster, able to accumulate much more information and hence easily handling the limited information provide by the larger, Œ-vibrator particle.

This means the wave can within its much faster speed of vibration accumulate and superpose many different vibrations, each one in a quanta of its much faster time, coming from the larger being. The saturation of those superposition waves is where ‘wave collapse’ starts, and a new ‘envelope’ integral starts to evolve the group of n-1 micrŒ-Points into a synchronic particle. Synchronicity is efficiency, and so saturated waves synchronize by superimposition, in one of the most fascinating mathematical ‘intelligent’ equations of the Universe (Fourier analysis/modulus).

The Lagrangian and Hamiltonian: the worldcycle of physical beings.

For all what has been said, and the definitions of present waves, v= Se x Tƒ, particles, Max. Tƒ/Se and fields, Max. Se/Tƒ, we are coming to understand 3 fundamental definitions of T.Œ for all sciences: the 3 ages of time in terms of the Se and Tƒ parameters:

Max. Se/Tƒ = Young energetic state (∂L=0; +∂’L); Max. Tƒ/Se= Old, future state (∂L=0; -∂’L); Max. Se x Tƒ (Se=Tƒ): (∂L=0; +∂’L=0).

Those 3 points which in the Lagrangian-Hamiltonian expression of ALL equations of physics represent the 3 stationary points of value 0 in the Lagrangian and maximal and minimal or 0 values in the Hamiltonian are the 3 points in which any System of Nature varies along its worldcycle. In physical systems however, the back and forth motion along those 3 points can clear a 0-sum time-loop that repeats itself constantly without the apparent need, at least from the human perspective of 2 Lorentzian regions in which the system breaks down:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.44.55

In the graph we can see the interpretations of those 3 points, the Field in ∆-1, of Max. Se x Min. Tƒ, the wave of present, of Spe=Tƒ and the particle of future of Max. Tƒ x Min. Spe, with the present wave in the center. I call this graph the Lorentzian-Newtonian-Kelvinian (ab. LNK) graph as it represents in our Universe the 3 natural limits of existence of forms in the 4D present pace-time described by special relativity, the region of max. entropy when particles accelerate towards c-speed dying away, the region of present balance, or liquid/wave states an the regions of maximal information closer to Tƒ perfect vortex super fluidity and 0 degrees.

The 3 regions thus establish also a clear difference in the regions in which information grows, towards a higher ‘plane of existence’, in which the particle reaches its maximal form (collapse of waves into particles, when coming closer to the ∆+1 œ, such as when photons collide with electrons or electrons collide with atoms or atoms with molecules and so on.

The graph thus explains many elements of physics. It is ultimately a graph that represents and explains the power of the Lagrangian-Hamiltonian formalism that localizes those 3 ‘canonical solutions’ to physical systems and planes of existence, where the field quanta, the wave state and the Entropy element appear. Now in physical terms the wave will be defined by a wave equation:

Present = Se x Tƒ = S/T=V in lineal time notation or wavelength x frequency = Speed

The particle will be on the other hand defined by the density of information, Tƒ/Se = K, which is a fundamental parameter in all scales of reality; and we shall observe immediately that relates to the constants of curvature, G and Q in the equations of force : G, Q ( e x e or m x m /d2)

And the field will be defined by the density of energy Se/Tƒ = K, Se x Tƒ = K , E x T = K, which are the constant of actions of the two main fields of quantum physics (H=E x T) and Thermodynamics K = E x T.

Thus we resolve here the meaning of those Universal constants, beyond the ‘Germanic, idealist’ definition.


Enlarging the reductionist concept of physical time≈locomotion. Worldlines vs. world cycles.

It is important in that sense, given the enormous prestige and power that ‘physicists’ have, in a world which worships the machines and weapons they manufacture, to realise that their concept of ‘times≈changes≈motions’, called locomotion, is NOT AS THEIR SIMPLEX, reductionist models of the Universe seem to imply the ONLY  type of time≈change in the Universe worth to study; as if it were all the types of times≈changes of reality.

There are in fact 7 forms of time≈change of which locomotion IS ONLY ONE, defined and studied exhaustively by physicists, with a simple formula, v=s/t, (Galilean relativity), latter refined by Einstein, which added a – ct parameter to provide for the ‘drag’ of the lower gravitational scale of space-time, when a larger, ∆+1 light space-time ray ‘feeds’ and ‘transforms’ gravitomagnetic energy into electric motion, warping and hence ‘diminishing by -ct’ (the warping), its motion.

All this is very interesting stuff for those who study the ∆±4 physical scales (taking the human self-centred scale as ∆0) ONLY, as they are dominant in the time=change of locomotion. But physicists ignore all about the other types of motion already defined by Aristotle, who talked of 8 motions≈changes: generation, growth, evolution, locomotion, diminution and extinction; to which he added ‘informative, still perception’ by a mind-God, focus of all the energy around it (which we shall also consider a form of motion).

In the organic paradigm the 8 motions of reality are all together studied with similar laws.

And so what physicists call time is merely the time=change of locomotion or translation in space, where obviously the parameter of time, t, measures only the speed and translation in space of a given entity – one of the 7 motions of the being: v=s/t, t=s/v. So time=change becomes ONLY for that specific study of locomotion, the 4th parameter-dimension of motion.

What has become a ridiculous ego-trip of dogmatic physicists obsessed by their worldly profession (in as much as they make all the weapons and machines of motion of our world) is to think that locomotion is all what there is about time.

So physicists of locomotion have created an entire philosophy of science and time=change BY REDUCING ALL the forms of change TO simplex LOCOMOTION…

As if all other motions were NOT important motions and HAD nothing to do with time.

Now I am fully aware that the ‘religion of technology’, is so strong that most people believe that Physicists, as fathers of the machine, must also have a special understanding of the meaning of it all’  – a concept perfectly assumed by our concepts of knowledge, modelled on the Universe and man as a mechanism. So most readers will simply abandon this web if we affirm simply that Mr. Einstein’s work is a minor footnote in time theory – but it is really a very limited view of the entire Universe of time cycles and motions, which will never be able to harmonise and explain all other phenomena happening in time, such as evolution, history, technological advances and the overall arrow of increasing information – the arrow of life and eusocial evolution that dominates the Universe.

Indeed, what you ‘are’ will never be explained by physicists’ ultimate concept of time as a mere series of locomotions, which Einstein and Minkowski finally defined as a ‘worldline’ according to which your life in time is just the sum of your locomotions in space-time from birth to extinction. In other words, because they study physical locomotions, they reduce life to a world of locomotions and change=time, to changes in your position in space.

So indeed, we owe awe to physicists for its exhaustive analysis of locomotion, the ‘theme’ of science most profoundly studied by those who make of the machine and its energetic locomotions the meaning of all realities.

But we need a healthy dose of skepticism, when what was rightly defined in the XIX century, as the science of motion – not the science of ‘everything’ pretends to expand its limited ‘notions’  (n here for a change:) of motions to all phenomena of reality.

All other forms of motion DO happen also in time but those other kind of time=changes, which require the understanding of 5D metric equations CANNOT  be studied in A SINGLE PLANE OF CONTINUOUS SPACE, in which locomotion happens. In that sense, physicists’ time will be a mere 1/7th of the whole time=change philosophy of science studied here, and by the principle of correspondence, perfectly embedded within phenomena happening in a single space-time plane.

Simplex wordlines vs. complex, organic worldcycles of time.

WHEN WE SAY THAT TIME IS ALL AND WE ARE TIME-SPACE BEINGS, we say so because we shall expand and explain the 6 motions of time, and hence when we study all forms of time=change in the Universe, indeed, time will be all, as all phenomena of reality can be reduced to those 6 motions themselves varieties or ‘parts’ of a WORLDCYCLE of existence, no longer a physicists’ worldline (as now we have at least two arrows of future, energy and information so time must have at least 2 dimensions and hence it cannot be a line but a cycle).

So we can for example order those 6 motions as: generation->locomotion->growth->evolution->reproduction->diminution->extinction and we DO have the fundamental composite, sequential mode of time-change of a being, between birth and extinction, whose reasons of existence we shall fully unveil. So we will make a huge LEAP on the complexity of our analysis of time=change to encompass it all.

A task I believe the model of fractal space-time beings fully achieves, by considering the model of  4D continuous space-time, a simplified analysis of the whole range of scales of space-time beings, circumscribed to the simplest ‘forms’ of the two ‘limiting’ scales of our perception, hence the less ‘observed’ and easier to describe because of its limited information (the gravitational scale, of which we see only 4%, the rest being dark matter and energy, and the quantum scale, we perceive distorted in the case of the smaller light space-time scales, due to the uncertainty principle.)

So while as Eddington rightly affirmed physicists are plagued with idealist theories, it is quite remarkable that with those limits of experimental perception, they consider that only those partially ‘unknown’ scales are ‘important’ to understand the meaning of it all, and ‘only’ locomotions matter to that aim, as if the other 6 motions were ‘lesser’ ones or would not exist, just because a single scale of space-time cannot be used to define them, but at least 3 ∆±1 are needed.

This is really the problem of ‘physics’, not one of quality of its work on locomotion, but one of arrogance in its desire to explain it all and discharge as irrelevant what their models of single time, cannot explain. So alas, those other 6 ‘events’ are not time-like…

Yet evolution of in-form-ation, of biological form, is obviously a theory of time=change perfectly defined by biologists, which we shall expand introducing topological evolution and organic evolution of parts into whole.

So it is reproduction, generation and extinction, 3 inverse motions in the 5th dimension, as they are  travels through 5D metric  ±∆ (S x T) =K. where the being first reproduces and organises similar cells or atoms (in a much larger scale of time), which ’emerge’ into a larger ∆+1 whole, departing from those ∆-1 atomic or cellular parts, which finally extinction will dissolve back into the ∆-1 lower scale of the 5th dimension.

And the same happens with growth and diminution, also inverse motions, in a shorter volume of space and time.

Indeed, those 3+2 motions imply a growth of size in space, coupled according to 5D metric with a slow down in time of the vital rhythms of the seminal cell, when the seed of ∆-1 information becomes a larger ∆- foetus).

Finally in-form-ation is as the name suggests form-in-action.

So we have fast defined in GST terms the 7 motions of the Universe that generate the world cycle of ‘existence’ of any physical or biological being  (don’t worry if you don’t get all my definitions and terms so fast – it will take some ‘time’ for you to familiarise with those metric, albeit far less than the exhaustive analysis of locomotions of physics, with far more depth in the understanding of why we ‘are here’ and the meaning of it all).

Such wider model, which includes by the Principle of correspondence the quantum and relativity description as those 2 limiting ‘boundary-scales’, is therefore the next enlarged understanding of philosophy of science, and a giant step in the purpose of knowledge – to fully grasp, objectively, without anthropomorphisms that distinguish man from all other beings, the meaning of the Universe, and our position within it, as a part made to its image and likeness, like everything else.

The more complex all-encompassing analysis of time motions and its sequential different orders in the Universe thus becomes an essential vastly enlarged new field of knowledge about time, which humans have always intuitively know – and Taoism developed in its pre-magic era, into some amazing ‘insights’ on the laws of time and the ternary structure of the fractal Universe (central drawing). On the right side we see the commonest time-clock of the Universe an accelerated vortex, which follows 5D metric equation: V (t) x R (s) = K, giving origin to the time-clocks of two fundamental physical scales, charges and masses, we shall easily unify with those metric. In the left, the simplest description of a world cycle of life and death sum of the sequential 6 motions of the Universe.

It follows then that the physical motions of biological and human systems are by the same token reproductions of form in smaller scales.

While the other motions, generation>evolution>GROWTH>locomotion>reproduction>decay>death, merely transcribe a world cycle of existence of any system of the Universe:



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