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2. Taoism

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abstract. The closest pre-modern age culture to that of the organic, fractal living Universe and its time-space dualities was taoism. So we shall bring here as an example of the perennial philosophy of the Universe a modern translation of its cultural dualities and ternary symmetries, whose knowledge became magic, when erased by the chin dynasty of lineal weapons, bringing the western modes of thought to the east.

In the graph, we go down in scalars of fractal history from the 800 years animetal cycle of the wave of history, focusing on the iron cycle that destroyed the TAOIST civilization, forbidden under death penalty its books. So we can only figure out by comparing what remains (i ching, cheng tzu lao tse) with our rediscovery of the laws of cyclical time, what might have been known at the height of the neolithic culture of taoism, and its yin=information and yang=entropy, combinations into qi, the vital energy of the Universe, which translates to taoism the fundamental generator equation of TIMESPACE-BEINGS:

In the graph the highest informative understanding of mankind took place in the neolithic, mongoloid brachicephalic, verbal, chinese taoist culture, before lineal metal-weapons and the animetal white man reduced our knowledge to pure instrumental memes and lineal science.

In the right, the 8 bagua which translated fully the 8 phases of cyclical time, explained below.

We shall here translate some basic laws of cyclical time EXPRESSED in the original taoist culture.

The laws are explained in full modern systemic thought on the section of General Systems: Organisms vs. Mechanisms.


Let us translate the 8 baguas as the 8 phases of life – as we are now all as human beings, in the age of the mountain…


In graph, the world cycle of existence divides in 3 ages that divide in 8 phases, between birth and extinction, in which the 3 physiological networks that make the being, $t-limbs, ∑∏-reproductive networks and ð§-informative networks, are either in its Spatial, static, yin (–) or moving-activ, yang (__) state. Thus the being first activates its 3 networks, first its limbs/potential, then its particles/heads, and finally its reproductive body-wave, reaching the maximal power in ‘Heavens’… The darkness of youth ends and the plenitude of light starts afresh, as the system settles its mind and reproduces… But then immediately after starts its inverse slow loss of capacity. First its limbs/potential motions will fail, then it will experience its last reproductive Indian summer, and finally only the ‘quiet’ still mind-space will remain, moving backwards to the memories of its past, retracing its paths as a standing wave. So the 3 systems collapse in the 8 cycle of 9 years; to explode back in a thunder, completing a 0-sum between birth and extinction. This simple never quite understood game fully divides the world cycle of time, and can be applied to all kind of systems, while its spatial symmetry is the origin of many 8-systems of creation in nature, when we depart from 3 single elements in 2 possible states.

This was only understood partially in the taoist tradition, so we use by the Correspondence Law,which in T.œ applies to all forms of knowledge, not only pedantic quantum physics, the symbols of the 8 ‘BAGUAS’ of Taoism, likely the highest perception of cyclical time laws in human history:

After the informative Generation (in black), as a seed in the placenta in the Human T.œ, which being of a lower scale in space, ∆-1, has a decametric faster speed in time. So instead of 9 years it is a period of 9 ‘moons’=months of gestation, the being is born emerging to live in the ∆º scale where it will go through 8 phases for a 72 years human generational cycle. And each age distinguishes itself for the spatial static or active, temporal stage of its 3 physiological networks, reflected in the trigrams, from above (particle-head), to the middle body wave to the lower moving limbs/potentials.


In man they are the babyhood 0-9, when only the limbs are activated, it is the ‘thunder’ age in the taoist tradition.

Then after 9, till 18, the childhood, age of reason starts and the mind also activates. It is the  age of flame.

Finally the whole being becomes activated in the adolescence, it is the age of Heavens, between 18 and 27 – the zenith of the organism.


Then starts the second phase of the cycle, or maturity, when the system reproduces and the mind quiets to become responsible and carry the family. It is the lake phase, from 27 to 36… followed by…

The wind age, from 36 to 45, when the limbs loose its power, and quiet down, but the mind reaches its ‘acne’ age of maximal lucidity, which the greeks considered its plenitude… followed by…

The water age, the last age when sexuality is still active, but the mind starts its decline, from 45 to 54… followed by the…

Mountain age, when both limbs and body become static, from 54 to 63… Only the mind is living… to Finally close the life cycle from…

63 to 72… back to Earth, converted in dust of space-time…

In the moment of Entropic death, the last months of our world cycle now becoming a zero-sum when again we ‘move’ in a thunder, but not of birth but rather a big-bang of dissolution, and explosion of our static spatial in-form-ation, to return to the womb of ‘Tao’, the game of existence…

The 8th baguas, combinations of 3 physiological networks in two states, static space/form — and moving time __ yang, gives us 8 sub-ages of a world cycle. It was the highest taoist understanding of I Ching – the game of time-changes that define the world cycles of past-present-future of all systems as a potential block of similar phases – in the graph corrected to its temporal order starting from the generation as thunder to its death as earth: despite the fact that its individual forms approaches  ∞ all of them go through the same phases as they define the states of its 3 networks.

So we can apply the 8 baguas from the phases of physical gaseous-liquid-solid states, to the decades of life, to sociology to war to stock cycles… Indeed, consider the case of the states of physics, which are gaseous youth (thunder, fire, heaven), liquid reproduction (lake, wind, water) and solid information or 3rd age (Mountain, Earth)… perfectly mimicked by the ‘states of matter’ of the bagua cycle, or the combinations found in particle physics…

Now, we know the precise meaning of them, and we shall study in a scientific form, as yet ‘another’ specific numbered development of the super organism’s world cycle.

To which degree taoism understood the 8 phases of existence as a cycle of two poles in eternal zero sums, we don’t know. As all information that comes to us is after the technological chin empire (graph above) that destroyed it wisdom. I am of the opinion that after Ch’in, the first animetal chinese master destroyed likely the highest ever agricultural neolithic culture of mankind, the knowledge as lost (death penalty to anyone who kept a book of taoism, except in technology), and once more the tree of metal won and degraded mankind.

The baguas today are merely Feng shui bull$hit and the two orders we have received from the past are NOT temporal but spatial, based in opposite configurations and S=T  symmetries (LEFT graph).

So they are used to generate spatial systems as the Universe does with its symmetry between motion and form (we have taken here — as the symbol of form-space and __ of motion-time though the inverse representation is often found in latter taoist texts). One fact though on the tradition of I Ching seems to show there was a certain understanding of Bagua when we consider the ‘properties’ given to the 8 baguas/ages of existence, associated to the 8 symbols of ‘gaseous youth’ (thunder: initiation; fire: awakening; heavens: plenitude), which are excellent descriptions of those 3 phases of youth.

So goes for the second triad of maturity: Lake, tranquil (complete devotion), the reproductive couple age, wind (gentle entrance into the decaying age), water (winter, abyss, danger, the fall… of life), mountain (immobile, the final 3rd age with no motion) and earth, the receptacle, back to the womb of Mother Earth… So in the attributes we see the lost wisdom of the 8 phases of worldcycle, which is also clear in its relationship with the four seasons, starting with thunder at the end of winter, when the ‘eldest’ son is born, followed by fire, beginning of spring… awakening to rational thought…

Mankind goes down the hill of his arrogance about to die away… 

So where it is the super organism of history? In the mountain; indeed our age of time… as obviously once MACHINES HAVE SUBSTITUTED US IN ALL TASKS regarding the motion of bodies (transport machines) its reproduction (automation), and company-mothers are taking over all our mental, social government jobs, only remains the MEMORIAL PAST OF REVIVALISM in all cultures, devolving fast into primitive systems of thought. It is indeed the last phase of existence…


The objective decoupling of Asia has always known the game. Let’s perceive it now translated into our temporal terminology, as it was understood by the highest written text on the absolute principle ever written: the path of temporal justice: Tao-te-king:


The sacred turtle. Chinese -5000


“The Tao which can be named is not the eternal Tao.

The name which can be uttered is not the eternal name.

Without name is the principle of yin and yang; when in

Existence is the mother of 10X103 beings…”


Taoism: The Function of Existence

Part One: Chang ( free translation : Laosan, me 🙂

[The Function of] Existence cannot be expressed.

If perceived his virtual form will fade away.

The species who can be named=perceived is not the eternal being.

The logic of Existence has no visible form.

It is the principle of Yin=Time=Cycle=information=perception=life,

and Yang=Space=Plane=energy=pleasure=death.

And when both forms are shaped in existence, the function gives birth to 10ˆ 10 species.

Energy who has no will wonders at the game of creation.

Energy who exists in present and searches for the effect will see nothing but the glare of light senses.

Energy and information are the organs of Existence.

Yet both parts are different.

Gates to all sensorial wisdom; Information perceives energy.

Time cycles feed in energy species, who die as they knot into form.

But when both organs merge in harmony a stable specie be=comes.

You should not stop herds of species that follow their energy path.

Leave them to the wisdom of creation and they will not feed on your form.

In the world we all perceive the beautiful and the good; the short and the tall.

The possible future and the withering past.

Time beings perceive the space in which they stand; the energy that gives them life.

BEcause the big predator feeds in the short one.

And the ugly is formed for the beautiful to compare.

And the plane of energy allows the perceptor of Time to reach i=ts height.

As past and future follow each other, so new existences will die and will be=come.

Among so much Games of creation, the wise man perceives  the silent Principles and the wisdom of i=ts herds of existence.

In this manner the perfect man orders his world and tenders for nature, and let’s his shapes follow the eternal game of creation and reproduction of forms.

He is the true Master that loves the freedom of creative Existence, and takes from creation only what he needs, and cares for.

You shall not search for wishes beyond your human form.

You shall not make propaganda of vile consume.

You shall not infatuate your people.

and give them desires beyond the natural senses of man.

You shall not make greed the object of your Existence.

Because complexity brings death and r=evolution, you shall not fill of light and air the mind of men, but give them the earth that feeds, and Harmony between their minds and bodies, within the natural senses of man.

The man of wisdom empties of impossible dreams the simplex man.

The man of wisdom, let’s Existence follow his path.

The true master gardens the species that Existence has born.

Virtual, never physical, existence is eternal by his lack of form.

Because in the emptiness of a closed Jar, all the water of Existence can pass by, when Existence flows.

So happens to all forms of present, slaves of the Yin-Yang Game.

There, in the  logic of Universals   where all forms become one,  yet not individual form is;

Existence gives birth  to 10 10 wave=radiations…

Because only the Game of Creation, the game of existence is before our time and Space were created.


In the understanding of China as the most accurate verbal form of objective truth, and Taoism in its purest form [Tao Te King, I ching, 8-fold Yin-Yang] as the most correct expression in mathematical=Tao thought of the game of times, we have to abandon our subjective human pov, or western path to the truth. For one thing, a culture like the Chinese culture, and its linguistic objective perception of reality, does not accommodate easily to the limits of the subjective program of western thought. From the pov of Tao, the absolute God [perceived in similar terms by pre-Colombian cultures] reality is always a partial perception of Totality. And totality the ultimate mover of reality.

Tao is therefore superior to all human will, and Tao has to be obeyed. In this the Chinese, unfortunately are right: there is no way in which a function of existence can bend the force of Tao, the constant transformation of information into energy, and vice versa, of yin into yang. However while the western world and its Aristotelian perception of history merely accelerates mankind towards extinction by accelerating the translation of human energy into metal form; the Tao way by not acting allows the flow of the Universe to direct man much slower to the same end. And so the result of both decouplings is different: the western wrong actions are leading mankind to death. The Eastern philosophy would let the Universe by itself, create the bad things, and man in harmony with nature create the good things.

So Taoists repressed gunpowder weapons, and westerners multiplied. Taoists repressed with Confucian schools the power of warriors; and westerners multiplied.

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