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7. Socialism

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Abstract. This post is dedicated to the Socialism, the final understanding that all the Gods of mankind are the same God, eusocial love, the rational expression of the biological laws of the planet, where man and its subconscious collective could have made history immortal… without the viral metal-memes that infected it (Military Stalinism).

As such it will be the last of the Gods of ideal mankind, which had a much faster cycle of existence as it belongs fully to the 80 year cycles of machines and so it had its first age in the French r=evolution and posterior socialist idealist prophets of the Steam age, from the french revolutionaries through the British socialist and chartist movement, of which Owens with its mixture of theory and action is the most remarkable, to its theoretical maturity in the German school, from Marx to Somart.

Then it will enter its reproductive age in the communist radiation on the Eastern world, closer to the organic religions of ASIA, which better understood its messages of love.

And we did witness its final death by metal masters (Stalin) and go(l)d believers (Deng) in Russia and China. And a footnote on its failed resurrection after the Fall of the Wall in the work of this writer, on biohistory and bio-economics, which died in those texts.

In the next graphs from the place of socialism as the final evolution of subjective religions rationalised in the Industrial r=evolution, and a graph of its parallel existence with the growth of company mothers of the metal-earth in the machine age:

RELIGIONS have evolved trying to understand the superorganisms of mankind in the western traditions albeit aborted in their understanding of the final social level of Humanity=God, by their ab=use of other humans with metal, as tribal religions, latter evolved into nationalisms. In the east however cultures tried to understand Gaia, the super organism of life (Buddhism, Hinduism) and beyond Tao, the game of yin and yang, information and motion that combine to create the infinite energy beings of reality. My translation of their principles to systems sciences and modern physics was the end of the road of human thought that fusion all sciences and religions, but it came too late to help a species obliterated mentally by its FMasters, informative networks and virtual childish ego-trips.


In the graph, the evolution of the concept of western and eastern gods in three scales of complexity till reaching the concept of Mankind as God of History and the GAME of the three arrows of time as the God of all Universal existences.

Diachronic and synchronic view. The 7 cultures of mankind – its relationship with the wave of history=God.

In the graph the 7 historic global cultures, studied in great detail in this web, coming from 7 geographical and social memetic messages of love and life (Australasia should be put on anglo-america after its conquest but I put it on its natural place as a real humanist world union will allow migration from the Indonesian region and margin of its different colonial English cultures and original water-oriented organic worlds), even if its animist, life-water oriented Gods are only found on the rainy museums of its Darwin reserves. Each of those cultures in space, through its diachronic response to the metal-earth in time, according to the eusocial messages of love of their prophets, have configured the ideal History of Mankind as a single species, with 7 geographical organs, mind of History, now in the process of entropy, erasing and dissolution of each of those Gods into individual enzymen attached to the ego-trips of the virtual reality as puppets of the metal-earth.

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