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4. Buddhism

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Abstract. This post is dedicated to the God of Buddhism without the viral animetal-memes that infected it, destroying its base (cavalry dynasties, which rendered first inane in India, resurrecting the more corrupted versions of Hinduism, during the Jihad invasion; Mongoloid invasions in Buddhist China and musket radiation of Nobunaga in Japan).

As such it will be as all the other 7 posts of the Gods of ideal mankind, its purification through the texts of its highest masters, grouped on 3 ages as usual in the life of all Human Gods, whose life typically acquires plenitude through 3 resurrections/ages of the 800 year cycles, to come then to a waning extinction through the posterior ages, with increasing corruption by animetal go(l)d churches and inquisitions that inhibit the religion into a formal carcass of meaningless rituals. Yet for all those who understand in depth the wisdom of its prophets, any religion can be resurrected in the heart of the believers.

All religions are also the response of the wor(l)d to a new weapon of mass destruction of the 800 year cycle in alliance with a new form of go(l)d. So they are born in a specific 800 year cycle, in the case of Buddhism, as the response that happened in India to the invasion of the Aryan anthropomorphic mystifying fire Gods of the fetish metal cults of iron smiths and coin herders descending down the Kibher pass.

So the first age of Buddhism, birth and pure state happened during the coin cycle. Its reproductive expansion with its customary division on the purest ‘little vehicle’ and the more amenable to the masses with higher magic, earthly ex-votes (great vehicle) during the next cavalry cycle, when escaping the Jihad and Raj horse alliance of Hindi and Islam animetal corrupted warriors the religion reproduced away into the Mongoloid, organic cyclical culture, fusioning with old animist cultures (Japan), Taoist religions, keeping its highest purity in Indochina, where it had already seeded its pali canon.

It will then be the age of plenitude, reproduction and diversification of species, of which the Zen version that tried to purify the Bushido code of Japanese Samurais to tame death into ethics, is one of the most remarkable forms as shaper of the art and wor(l)ds of the classic Japanese culture that will last through the Edo period, till its corruption and extinction by American Animetals (perry invasion).

Thus we talk of the 3rd 800 year cycle of the existence of Buddha, in the plane sustained by its suffering believers, as its extinctive age, now dragged through the ages… in which the most resistant strains, isolated in the mountains of Tibet will have as it is customary in those 3rd ages the ‘book of death’ of the Tibetans and its magic forms of demons and study of the eviL side of humanity, agonising till today during the Gunpowder cycle.

As today, little remains of Buddhism in its highest forms, but as an agonistic religion of Nirvana=extinction is perhaps the best positioned to endure the extraordinary eviL against mankind its whealth and purpose of Metal-earth in satanic form.

In the next graphs from the post on the 7 Gods, the position of Buddha in time and space, within its ‘higher plane of existence’ as a ‘part of the supreme God of all us’ Humanity in space and time, aka History and its cycle of maximal form in the coin age:

RELIGIONS have evolved trying to understand the superorganisms of mankind in the western traditions albeit aborted in their understanding of the final social level of Humanity=God, by their ab=use of other humans with metal, as tribal religions, latter evolved into nationalisms. In the east however cultures tried to understand Gaia, the super organism of life (Buddhism, Hinduism) and beyond Tao, the game of yin and yang, information and motion that combine to create the infinite energy beings of reality. My translation of their principles to systems sciences and modern physics was the end of the road of human thought that fusion all sciences and religions, but it came too late to help a species obliterated mentally by its FMasters, informative networks and virtual childish ego-trips.

In the graph, the evolution of the concept of western and eastern gods in three scales of complexity till reaching the concept of Mankind as God of History and the GAME of the three arrows of time as the God of all Universal existences.

Diachronic and synchronic view. The 7 cultures of mankind – its relationship with the wave of history=God.

In the graph the 7 historic global cultures, studied in great detail in this web, coming from 7 geographical and social memetic messages of love and life (Australasia should be put on anglo-america after its conquest but I put it on its natural place as a real humanist world union will allow migration from the Indonesian region and margin of its different colonial English cultures and original water-oriented organic worlds), even if its animist, life-water oriented Gods are only found on the rainy museums of its Darwin reserves. Each of those cultures in space, through its diachronic response to the metal-earth in time, according to the eusocial messages of love of their prophets, have configured the ideal History of Mankind as a single species, with 7 geographical organs, mind of History, now in the process of entropy, erasing and dissolution of each of those Gods into individual enzymen attached to the ego-trips of the virtual reality as puppets of the metal-earth.

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