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1. Animism

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Abstract. This post is dedicated to the God of Gaia, in the pre-metal age without the viral metal-memes that infected it (Hindi warriors, Bantu iron invasions, Indian genocide by the train waves). As such Animism is the most fractal of all religions, as the oldest one extending likely to the paleolithic, which have in the historic age 3 extended cults, origin of the purest forms of Indonesia (cult to the rivers of water, giver of life), Africa (animist cults on the congo basin), and North-America (Indians of the plains), which can be considered its 3 ages in the youth of Africa, the maturity of Indonesia, and the final death where it was longer preserved in North-America. So we shall study those 3 ages in different texts. In the next graphs, the 3 forms of Gaia in its 3 fractal regions of the earth:

RELIGIONS have evolved trying to understand the superorganisms of mankind in the western traditions albeit aborted in their understanding of the final social level of Humanity=God, by their ab=use of other humans with metal, as tribal religions, latter evolved into nationalisms. In the east however cultures tried to understand Gaia, the super organism of life (Buddhism, Hinduism) and beyond Tao, the game of yin and yang, information and motion that combine to create the infinite energy beings of reality. My translation of their principles to systems sciences and modern physics was the end of the road of human thought that fusion all sciences and religions, but it came too late to help a species obliterated mentally by its FMasters, informative networks and virtual childish ego-trips.

Animism was no doubt of it the dominant religion of all the Paleolithic and most of the Neolithic ages, of which man sub- cultures will survive further into the historic age. In Northern Asia the shaman cultures that will descend via Korea into Manchuria and mixed with taoist cults on the first neolithic; in America, from the same likely paleolithic cults, the longest lasting form on the cultures of the Indian Planes, as metal took much longer to arrive in the isolated continent away from the old continent, where we find however its highest expression in the pre-aryan purified cults of hinduism specially in its vishnu versions.

In the graphs, the 3 final ages of death of animism due to the invasion of animetals, which are unfortunately the best recorded – the death of Africa during the train colonial age, the Hindi iron age when the cultures of water-life of Indonesians were highly corrupted by aryan warriors and its 3rd form in the indian planes, which agonised and gave us in the words of the prophet Chief seattle the final warnings of any prophet of the wor(l)d on the consequences of killing Gaia:

The visnu-shiva duality religion of the Mohenjo dharo cultures, origin of Hinduism, will have a corrupted age of hinduism proper with the invasion of Aryan warriors that introduced the memes of castes and a slow decline through the contact with the metal-earth during the colonial ages of Europe, as its purification by Buddhism failed with the revivalism of those caste memes by rajput warriors in alliance with Jihad Islam. The present revivalism mostly void of content, pure form and ritual is used by nazionalist India to push its metal earth agenda


The earth is mutating from a world of life into a world of metal. But human egos are so huge, we think we are killing the Earth. The opposite is truth according to the laws of complexity that constantly evolves its in-form-ation in 3 ages homologous to those of life: Gaia (life- past)> History (human earth – present) > Metalearth (Machines-future), which only the scientific design of a perfect super organism of Mankind, repressing the lethal fruits of the tree of metal could abort maintaining History immortal.


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