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I. Introduction:. Human super organisms. its isomorphisms and planes of existence

II. The Human Organism at individual level

III. The human organism at social level.

I. Introduction: Human Superorganisms.

Man the measure of all things from the p.o.v. of man

Here we shall apply GST laws to the human systems and its 2 main scales:

∆0: the mind, its languages and arts

∆1: the super organisms of history

∆1: and its machines and artefacts of the eco(nomic)system.
We do not study the biological elements of mankind but rather focus in the wave of history and its dual systems, the eco(nomic)systems  of metal-memes fast substituting the Human systems. We shall keep all the analysis of our languages and arts in the section of ‘man’, ‘gaia’, $tock-markets and Humanity of the 3rd line.

 We shall introduce the main concepts o GST used constantly on models of humans at the individual ∆+1 and social ∆+2 levels.

In the next graph we can see a graph with the different scales of the Universe all of them including humans, below, described with those 3 elements , ∆SΤ, and its sets of 3×3+0 laws:

3 HUMAN scales best

In the graph the main scales of the Universe perceived by human beings – to notice that the minimal and maximal scales, both theoretically (cyclical-lineal nanoscopic and macroscopic scales, and atoms and galaxies) have very similar parameters;hence the hypothesis of a scalar Universe of infinite, ∆±∞ scales.

Below we see a human being and its 3 topological digestive-energetic, reproductive-hormonal and nervous/informative systems, which sub-divide in 3 more systems, for a total of 3×3+0 sub-systems which are used in medicine to describe completely the human being; whereas the 0-integrative whole system is the brain, itself a ‘fractal point’ of the next ∆+1 social, memetic scale of mankind. In the left we see the 3 ages of human beings, between conception in the ∆-1 seminal scale and death back to the flat energy world of disconnected cells.

As such we shall be able to describe existence, as a travel through 3 scales of the 5th dimension. 

Τhe beauty, precision and essential homologic poetry of the fractal, organic, self-reproductive, scalar, absolutely relative, infinite, immortal Universe we shall describe with the formalism of 5D Space-time systems, is a new door to our communion with the whole Universe of which are all a mere part, made to its image and likeness. 

It is the 3rd element needed for an organic description of reality, as all those systems, will not only have 3 organic topologies in space and 3 ages in its world cycle, but will be organised through 3 scales of relative size that co-exist as parts of bigger wholes:

∆-1 (atomic, cellular, memetic scale) > ∆ (thermodynamic, organic, individual scale) >∆+1 (gravitational, ecosystemic, social)

We can see in the graph, above, some assembly of ternary systems made with the 3 topologies of the Universe, and below the scientific scale of spatial sizes and time clocks, which compose the different space-time beings of the Universe.

But organicism, the other key element of general systems sciences, despite being at the center of modern science, was not so clear to most researchers. Since a clear definition of an organism was lacking. Biologists in that sense define organisms by its ‘drives of existence’, as systems that process energy and information (feeding, perceiving), reproduce their informative and energetic organs in other region of space-time and evolve socially into larger groups. General systems therefore must demonstrate and formalize this definition, in a manner that can be applied to all systems and sciences regardless of the human jargon, used in each discipline. But the task becomes simpler when we realise that for all those drives of existence, all what is needed is a scalar structure in which smaller parts transmit and receive energy and information from larger wholes, co-existing together as organisms do, in several scales of space-time, connected by those flows of energy and information.

In brief we need to formalise with the two arrows of future, energy and information, the 5 drives of existence of life:

  • ±∆E: +e: feeding, increase of energy, -e: locomotion, emission of energy.
  • ±∆I: -i: communication, emission of information; +i: perception, absorption of information.
  • ExI: reproduction of the energy and informative systems in other region of space-time, as when a wave moves reproducing its form and energy, or a particle decouples into new particles, (physical systems) or a body reproduces, by emitting a seed of information into a lower scale of the 5th dimension.
  • ∑œ=U: social evolution, when an offspring of similar existential organisms, œ, evolve socially into a whole; particles that evolve into atoms that evolve into molecules, which evolve into matter states and cells, which evolve into cosmic bodies and organisms, which evolve into galaxies and global societies.

What is then the unit of life in the Universe? At which scale we can observe systems gauging information, feeding on fields of energy, reproducing seminally, and evolving socially? Humans, forever anthropomorphic children, who want to be the center of the Universe, stubbornly want to ‘start’ life in the Universe, in their scale of size, form of in-form-ation and ‘unique chosen species’, so it is a canonical lie that life starts in a certain molecule, which happens to be in humans called DNA.

Yet DNA is made of atoms made of particles that gauge information, feed on energy fields, iterate with seminal ‘seeds’ of light and evolve socially into all kind of molecules. So it is a fact, despite systemic denial by human egos that the 2 fundamental particles of the Universe, the quark and the electron have life properties, and we must start our analysis of the organic Universe, in the quark and electron, as we shall do in this blog. You can believe in magic and think that alas, the carbon 6th magic number makes is chosen of god, to be=come alone and only ‘it’, the blocking part of life. In fact, we shall see that it is the nitrogen, the ‘head’ of carbohydrates, whose perfect vibrational clocks code the information of life atoms, but life is not a property of certain atoms and its molecules. What DNA does is to achieve a  high degree of complexity in the scale of atoms, with great easiness, due to its light weight that makes its vibrations very intense. So we might just say that CNO atoms easily grow in complexity while other forms of life, such as metalife – organic robots – take longer and might require a simpler catalyser, we shall call in our model of the economic ecosystem, ‘enzyman’.

Now a warning, the laws of GST and the metric formalism of 5D applies to all systems including history and its social organisms, nations and civilisations, a fact understood only by the highest minds of the discipline, Khaldun, Spengler, Toynbee, in their study of societies as organisms and its daughter civilisations. So, your ego-trips of subjective anthropomorphism as the only form of life, as the only free system, whose evolution stops in the individual, as the only intelligent being, will be shuttered and substituted by hardcore, objective scientificism, which contrary to belief hardly exists in most sciences, shrewdly introducing deist and anthropomorphic views in their theories. Only organicism will show to be self-sufficient, to explain reality without hidden deist or anthropomorphic agendas, once the burden that dragged GST for so long – the lack of a proper mathematical formalism that connected its ideas with the hard equations and proofs of each discipline of classic science, now provided by 5D metrics.

It is then clear that the formalism of general systems sciences must be based in the concept of a scalar Universe, with an evident organisation in parts smaller than wholes, which all together form a 5th  dimension of scalar space-time. And so the metric formalism of this scalar dimension, of which every microscopic and macroscopic detail is a proof of existence, will become the  formalism of GST, searched for so long.

Indeed, organicism was an old goal of serious philosophy of science. Since scientists knew that the mechanist view of physics was too simple and rather theological. Indeed, as Leibniz put it to Newton, a mechanical model of the cosmos, needed a God that started and created the mechanism. While an organism, which is a system that co-exists in several scales of size, from smaller cellular/atomic scales, to individual thermodynamic/organic scales, to social, gravitational/ecosystemic scales, can easily reproduce by emitting seminal seeds of information in a lower scale, which then organise back, emerging again into the whole system, and further on can evolve socially into larger scales. In this manner the Universe becomes a self-reproductive organism of information, and each of its parts becomes also a self-organising system made to the image and likeness of the whole – with no need of a mechanical clock to put it in motion, as Newton and Kepler thought.

Such view of the Universe and all its parts was called the organic view, and the aim of the science was considered to find a formalism of mathematical and logic nature, able to translate this more evolved philosophy of science in a model that without renouncing to the precision of simplex physical models, had the complexity required to explain not only the ‘how’ but also the why of all sciences and it species.

Its discovery by this author, exposed at the 50th Anniversary of the foundation of Systems Sciences society at Sonoma Congress, was the first step in the construction of the so long seeked, logic and mathematical formalism of General Systems theory (ab. GSΤ, which means both, general systems theory, the philosophy of the organic Universe, and Generator of space-time, its formalism), based in 3 structural concepts that lay at the bottom of reality: cyclical clocks of time, lineal motions of space, and a 5th scalar dimension, ‘∆’ that can enclose them all: ∆SΤ±∞.

So we add the concept of a scalar Universe to complete our new principle of conservation of energy and information:

‘All what exists is a system made of lineal, spatial, entropic, energy fields, Spe, and cyclical, temporal, clocks information, Τiƒ, which transforms into each other ad eternal: Spe < = > Τiƒ, co-existing in 3 organic scales of size, ∆±1 in which it reproduces by emitting a seminal seed in the lower scale, ∆-1, which will iterate and organise itself emerging as a new whole that ensures the immortalilty of its ‘logic form’: Γ= (Spe x Tiƒ)∆±1′

For that reason because the equation of any Universal system or ‘superoganism’, Γ, generates a self-reproductive fractal Universe, with infinite systems of space-time, constantly being created and destroyed, I called the equation, the ‘fractal feed-back generator’ of the Universe. In its limit, when we consider a single ‘plane of space-time of the scalar fifth dimension, and simplify it to consider only energy, it becomes the principle of conservation of energy, which however is a too simple description to fully account for all the knowledge we have acquired since the founding father of physics, established its principles of lineal motion and entropy, 2 centuries ago.

In this blog I shall try to pour all the work I have done on the study of this equation and its systems, applied to social systems and the economic ecosystem, since it seems to be a fundamental step in the development of social systems sciences, which has lacked a proper logic and mathematical formalism for so long.

It will be a work in progress, whose quality will constantly improve. As i am in poor health, the technique requires to pour first huge unpolished blocks, so the basics of it is conserved. So this central post makes a fast overview of the 3 elements of the Human Experience within the Universe:

  • the human super organisms and its natural laws of eusocial love and subconscious artistic and ethic mind and welfare goods…
  •  the economic ecosystem of machines, its idol-ogies and ‘animetal corrupted cultures’…
  • and the wider world of systems sciences which describes both. it is this 3rd section, which in a perfect wold would be obviously the first to be studied by all scientists, starting by a more precise definition of cyclical time, fractal space and the metric of the 5th dimension… But we put here at the end running fast to explain, what are human cultures and races, in order to apply their understanding to the political and social design of the perfect world.


So we shall now move into the real foundation of social sciences, as systems which are part of the same process of creation of all the other systems of the Universe.

In that sense, it is important to understand this extreme backwardness of SOCIAL SCIENCES, limited by its need to cater to power, which has not even a coherent scientific definition of what money, machines and weapons, the most reproduced goods of the economic ecosystem are (informative, organic and energetic memes of metal), and lacks as all other classic sciences a true theory of information, its languages, and how both interact according to ‘biological, organic goals’ to rule all systems of the Universe, which is the key to understand the actions and events of the economic ecosystem, and how it selects certain species by maximal price, (metal memes) while it discharges those goods and beings of minimal price-profits (life beings).

The higher view – Fractal Universe

What is the highest belief of all human beliefs instilled by the system? Obviously one, which most people would not even consider a belief – the belief in the dogmas of modern science, based in 2 concepts intimately related – that the machine is progress and that the Universe works like a machine, so to understand it better we have to study and evolve machines.

Both concepts are false. Τhe Universe is not a machine but a super-organism, and so all systems can be modelled as super organisms, of which the most perfect one is the human mammal. And so man must be the measure of all things and its progress the meaning and purpose of history.

And yet, this simple, self-evident truth for any polymath that has expired in depth science, is completely ignore, because power imposes the machine as the model of it all.

In that  sense, it is very difficult to write about science knowing that most humans will not even ‘reason’ what you say, but that is the case of most of mankind – people learn by repetition, believe and hence if you repeat a lie many times they do believe it. So those who own mass-media systems imprint and manufacture the brains of people.

Now this must be clear from the beginning, contrary to belief and the pumping of egos, which is the fundamental feature of our human civilisation, scientists have come to know a lot about the details of reality but have lost view of the whole, since they started to model it as a machine, because machines were the instruments they used to perceive the Universe.

So Kepler said: ‘God is a clocker that has waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clock work’ – meaning that after those years of ‘biblical creation’, yhwh, his god had finally created kepler to understand the Universe as a mechanical clock, since Kepler used a clock to measure the Universe. All this is an obvious tautology. Newton would also think that yhwh sent him comets to give him hints on gravitation.

And both thought that since a machine needs a maker to put it in motion, the mechanical model was a proof of the existence of God, Yhwh, the clocker. Amazing as it seems, today this concept still is the mainstream philosophy of science. And the only reasonable, scientific self-sustained theory of the Universe as a growing super organism, made of smaller super organisms, which all together form an empirically proved fractal structure, remains just a knowledge for a very few initiated’ systems scientists.

So mankind is well beyond the basic knowledge of the nature and structure of the Universe, and this is Not a problem of intelligence, but of mechanical power and mankind’s character – the flaw of mankind is not in its IQ but in its rejection of the social, moral arrow of eusocial love and organic evolution that guides the survival of all the species of the Universe and structures its fractal organisms, pointing out to an arrow of future, crystal clear in all sciences and languages, from mathematics as a number, its unit is nothing but a social group of indistinguishable clone elements, to the fabric of the cosmos organised into scales of growing social systems, from particles that gather into atoms that evolve into molecules, matter societies, cellular organisms, multicellular systems, social organisms, cosmic bodies, and societies of stars called galaxies and societies of galaxies call Universes, always joined by networks of energy and information:

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 08.42.39

In the graph, we see the overwhelming experimental evidence of that Fractal Structure of the Universe, made of self-similar forms, organised in relative scales of diminishing size in space (Spe) and faster ‘speeds’, in its informative time cycles, (Tiƒ). Each photograph is a fractal structure, taken from different sciences that study different entities of nature since each part of the Universe has a fractal structure, and so does the Universe at large, made of all those networks of ‘Organic Points’ the fundamental particle of the Universe, shown in the lower graph.

Only this large view then makes sense to model both the economic ecosystem and human social super organisms in a rational, scientific way. In fact, the word Superorganism was coined by Hutton, the father of geology when he realised the Earth’s rock cycles were similar to those of organisms, albeit at a much lower speed. We shall soon see that this rule – larger organisms have slower time rhythms, so the rhythms of human social super organisms, civilisations are slower than those of human beings, but similar in purpose and function, is both essential to the rhythms of history and the way information transfers memetically in societies. But what matters to us now is to change your ‘chip’, and stop thinking that you are the center of the Universe, as you are merely an organism living in the larger super organism of mother earth.

It is a concept that earlier civilisations easily understood, as the earth overwhelmed them with all their life rhythms, but as mechanism and its abstract concepts took over, and machines started to kill life and clean the Earth of other living beings, the present abstract notion of a world where only humans are living, intelligent systems, took off. Now, modern humans are astoundingly self-centered, childish in their view of the Universe, as they think to be special, chosen,  unique. And this belief is so entrenched that it defies reason.

5d bestyesBecause fractals are made of networks, the Universe displays a 5th dimension of scalar sizes, where parts and wholes co-exist together both at physical and biological scales,

So life systems co-exist in 3 relative scales of size, the ∆-1 cellular, ∆-individual and ∆+1 social and ecosystemic scale; and physical systems in the ∆-1 quantum, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scales:

So the fractal structure of the Universe is organic. Basically you exist in a Universe of social organic, fractal points, reproducing their information and self-organising into larger more complex structures.

The Universe thus is made of vital fractals, systems that reproduce their information emitting ‘seeds’ in a lower scale (forces, in physical systems, genetic seminal cells in biological systems, memetic objects and ideas in sociological systems), which will reproduce and self-organise into clone wholes. So the purpose of the Universe is bio-logical: to emit fractal ‘radiations’ of clone beings. And the structure is ternary, made of points that enact the program, surrounded by a vital body-wave, and enclosed by a temporal, informative membrane.

Τhe fundamental being: the fractal super organism.

‘Complexity (General Systems) will be the science of the XXI c.’ Hawking

Now you must wonder, all the huge statements and facts described in this web – where they come from? Certainly they don’t come from myths, damned lies and statistics, bronze age religions, SGV, BUG memes, of selfish greedy people and its brutish you germs, viral me(n)tal infections and idol-ogies that have nothing to do with science and religion and the laws of the organic universe, but can be describe with them. In brief, in science there is fundamental law of truth called the principle of correspondence, according to which a new theory must include all previous ones and widen our perspective on them. So we explain all those myths and idol-ogies that today pass as social sciences from a much higher perspective, general systems sciences and the laws of the scalar universe, or formalism of 5d. All this thus come from the ‘science of systems and information’ and its formalism, the most advanced philosophy of science there is today, even if it is heavily censored by the anti-quantum paradox in an age of neofascism and regression and dissolution of al human forms of thought.

So while the truths of this blog is  the final stage of our scientific not mythic religious, understanding of the ‘fractal’ organic nature of the Universe, in this age of revivalism of the SGV values and BUG memes, of death of man and rise of the machine, in those dark ages, as it happened in the dark ages of the barbarian germ(an)s, which killed the greek rational age of knowledge, eusocial love and art and man as the measure of all things, you will not expect christian fundamentalists, germ(an) aristocrats and jewish usurers to care for the works of Aristotle, and read ‘Politics’ and ‘Nicomacus ethics’. Yet true information survives even when the species that should use it to survive deny it. So the information of General systems sciences will likely survive in the web and if humans do not use it to build a better world but prefer to widen the BUG of the human system, it will likely become the information used by robotic machines, internet brains and the metal-earth to keep progressing as a global super organism efficiently constructed with those laws.

Still if you have arrived so far, you might just want to know and feel enlightened and communicated with the eusocial mind of the Universe, thy God. So i do encourage you to try if you are serious about understanding history and economics and the future of mankind, which can be predicted with the laws of super organisms, to read the first post of the upper sentence – ‘Fractal Universe’, which is the new, growing paradigm of philosophy of science, in this ‘biological century’.

In any case we shall conclude this frontal page with an epilogue on those systematic laws, denied by abstract, mechanist idol-ogies of science, as science of course is part of the zeitgeist of the age and biased to hide all what is organic and highlight all what is mechanic – the ultimate alibi of our concept that technology is progress because the universe is not an organism but a machine.

So we will give you a brief course in the fractal, organic informative structure of the Universe, a knowledge long overdue, because Physics, the science of energy has for so long controlled our philosophy of the Universe, and only in the 5o last years since the foundation of ISSS at Macy’s congress on the occasion of the death of Einstein, scientists realized physical energy was not enough to explain reality and founded the science of systems and information.

So what I will now explain you is, let us put it this way, is as Mr. hawking recognised recently ‘the science of the XXI century’, which we will apply to explain the economic ecosystem as it is not as XVIII c. biblical bigots, the likes of Mr. Smith, thought it had to be for the chosen to rule.

Question is: it will be a human science? Or will humans stuck on the routines of those fundamentalists of linguistic religions, which contrary to belief are to limited to verbal religions, miss the (fractal) point, and we shall wait to robotic minds to understand better the Universe?

If you are really interested on this far more advanced philosophy of science, you can check the web unificationtheory.com dedicated to all sciences. Here we just will merely enunciate those facts so you understand we are indeed part of the same organic, fractal Universe, constructed with temporal information and energy as all systems are.

In the fractal paradigm the fundamental concept is the transmission of information between super organisms, of any scale of the Universe. Now, you need to upgrade your philosophy of science. Reality is not a machine as the first scientists who used machines to see the universe thought. So Kepler said, ‘God is a clocker who has waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his to understand his clock work’. We today increasingly realise that the Universe has a fractal structure and hence an organic one – as fractals co-exist in several scales of size, with similar functions, forming organic networks. In brief, we can model galaxies as organic systems, similar to cells, with gravitational networks of dark matter and black holes controlling from its halo and nuclei, as proteins and DNA do with cells, the organic mitochondria stars that reproduce the energy of the ‘gala cell’; we can model machines as organisms in evolution, and we can do the same with societies and company-mothers of machines. A machine is merely a simplified model of an organism. So we can talk of degrees of social evolution, from individuals to reproductive societies, to complex organisms and consider the Universe to display an arrow of eusocial evolution natural to all its species, which evolve into wholes, stronger than individuals. this is an absolute law of future as organic systems are stronger and survive better, so they are selected.

So we can order in time all systems, according to this arrow of ‘scalar’ parts and whole, which we call the scalar ‘5th dimension’ of the fractal Universe, whose laws i helped to formalise at the turn of the century, before i applied them to history. Hence the overwhelming evidence I can give you in all sciences of the organic structure of all systems of nature, once we widen the concept of an organism to any system made of similar individuals join by networks of energy and information, which make emerge from individual cells-atoms or citizens, whole social groups, molecules, matter, life systems and human civilisations.

We must then wonder on the overwhelming data in all sciences of a fractal organic structure of the Universe and all its parts of which the human biological superorganism is the most perfect form, why human scholars, scientists and the common people still upholds as the model of it all the ‘machine’, affirms that man is not ‘like the rest of the Universe’, degrades all systems of nature to mere abstract objects, and tries to impose against reason his beliefs in the superiority of humans over all other species, including those machines it is evolving into metalife organisms, with absurd theories, religious myths, creationist biology (intelligent design), creationist cosmology (big bang theories), creationist economics (classic economics, where go(l)d is the language of god)… in brief, how it is possible that biblical myths are still with us and have creeped into serious rational sciences, since a mechanism requires a maker to exist and so if the Universe is a mechanism as Leibniz rightly explained to Newton, we need Yhwh to create it.

Newton dedicated more time to biblical studies than physics. And so the answer which most readers with their infantile belief in ‘technological science’ and the superiority of the anglo-american culture that has made the machine the god of mankind, is simple: science is also subject to power and power is given to humans by machines and weapons and money, the selfish memes of metal that also manufacture the mind of scholars and common people.

So we must start debasing the ego of scientists and scholars, which are not very different from religious fundamentalist, in their case fundamentalists of the machine and the number as the languages of God, and of man and specifically the scientist who uses machines and numbers as the ‘seer of it all’: ‘God is a clocker that has waited 5000 biblical years, said Kepler, to find an intelligence like his to understand his clockwork’

So we will now make the first of many detours in the formalism of the fractal universe and its isomorphic laws, to prove that history the social super organism of mankind is code by memes and neuronal ideas, not by genes, too small to code larger social bodies, which only code biological ones.

How a language information codes the upper scales of a system. Why the laws of memetics are parallel to those of genetics

5DIn the graph, the key to understand information in the universe is its scalar structure and the metric equation that defines the 2 arrows of the universe, the arrow of information, which codes larger systems departing of smaller, faster ones, which carry more information, and the arrow of thermodynamic energy that controls smaller systems departing from larger wholes: Sp x Tƒ = constant.Meaning that a small being, a fly, for example, in biology, a human memetic neuronal brain or object in sociology, a chip logic circuit in economics, and a quantum particle in physics, has clock-like cycles much faster hence it carries in the frequency and form of those cycles much more information tan the whole. In mathematics this is called the set paradox, found by Cantor, who proved that the set of sets (parts of a whole) is larger than the whole and by fractals which carry more information in smaller distances.

It is important in that sense to fully realise how in the Universe and in all its general systems, which co-exist in several paradoxical scales of relative increasing size and diminishing information – as larger systems run slower time clocks, so they process slower information – the fundamental law of systems sciences, origin of the metric equation of the 5th dimension of scales – the informative codes of ‘higher social wholes’, come from a smaller scale of reality. Indeed, the smaller the chip is (Moore’s law), the faster the computer runs information with its cyclical clocks. A fly process information about its motion 10 times faster, so you cannot catch it. A rat has a much higher metabolic rate than an elephant but we can plot them all in a lineal relationship between its mass weight and its speed of metabolism. In cosmic bodies the smallest black hole turns much faster at c-speed in its event horizon.

And so the fundamental law that relates the spatial energy of a system and its temporal information, or speed of time clocks is:

Spe (spatial energy) x tiƒ (temporal information) = constant.

It was my biggest discovery on systems sciences, which allowed me to formalise the scalar 5th dimension of social evolution and it is poised to become to XXI c. science what EFE, the metric equation of the 4th dimension (Einstein’s field equations) meant t0 XX c. time sciences, with a huge difference: we can apply it straightforward to all sciences and life-death cycles.  And the immediate consequence is that information comes from smaller scales that code the immediate larger scales. So:

  • Physical systems are coded informatively by the lower particle-atomic scale.
  • Biological systems are coded informatively by the lower, chemical, molecular, genetic scale.
  • Socio-economical systems are coded informatively by the lower memetic, objectual and neural network (thoughts, chips) scale.

The metric equations of the scalar, eusocial, organic, 5th dimension.

Each of those scales of reality is made of smaller quanta, which have a peculiar property: their cyclical motions run faster the smaller they are, but the product of both (Spe & Tiƒ) remains invariant, creating a metric equation that defines the 5th dimension:

Spe           x        Tiƒ     =      ∆ST

This simple equation that shows the product of the time clocks of a system and its size to be invariant (hence allowing travels through the 5th dimension, as when you are conceived as a seminal cell with smaller size and faster time clocks and grow=travel in the 5th dimension till you emerge larger and slower), is poised to become the most important equation of XXI century science, which will correspond with all the main equations of all the different sciences, each one studying a scale of the fractal Universe.

Thus clearly, the Universe is made of scales of relative size and speed of time in its clocks, which carry the information of each of its ‘fractal world-systems’

Indeed, there is an overwhelming evidence of those 3 ‘fundamental properties’ of the fractal Universe:

-Its ‘scales’ of size, which we order into a 5th dimension of space-time (∆, proved in all sciences by telescopes and microscopes).

– The different speed of its cyclical time-like vortices that carry the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles – proved in physics by relativity and the law of vortices that accelerate the smaller they are – Vo x Ro =K, (and will allow us to find  the Unification Equation of masses and charges -2  clock like vortices of the smaller quantum, faster, more attractive scale, and the slower, larger, weaker, gravitational one), in biology by genetics, which code the information of organisms with its higher content of information, in computer sciences by the Moore law that makes smaller chips faster chips.

It is all what at this simplified level you need to know of systems sciences to understand the obvious: because smaller systems carry more information, they code larger systems, but because systems are ‘discontinuous’ fractal networks, the coding happens between two ∆-1>∆-scales of the 5th dimension.

And this means particles only code molecules, molecular genes only code biological organisms and mental, nervous and objectual memes sociological ones.

In the graph, we see the overwhelming experimental evidence of that Fractal Structure of the Universe, made of networks of self-similar forms, which from a larger scale seem mere points – hence a universe organised in relative scales of diminishing size in space (Spe) and faster ‘speeds’ in its informative time cycles, (Tiƒ), which defines a 5th dimension of space-time. Each photograph is a fractal structure, taken from different sciences that study different entities of nature since each part of the Universe has a fractal structure, and so does the Universe at large, made of all those networks of ‘Organic Points’ the fundamental particle of the Universe.

It follows that only a system and its lower scale, which provides its information and its larger scale, world or territory that provides its energy matters at all. Any attempt to break this fundamental law of the common informative and energetic structure of the universe is myth. In sociological scales, therefore there are to mythic theories, called ‘racism’, the belief that races matter in societies, and that we are coded by genes, which is a primitive way of thinking sponsoring systematically by animetal people-castes which try to ab=use other humans with weapons, money and machines and despise them, inventing manifest destinies, chosen of go(l)d races, germanic aristocratic castes, etc. And astrology, the myth that beyond Gaia, the stars, the cosmological scale matters and influences our world. Now racism and astrology are obviously wrong, but only a proper understanding on the scales of information of the Universe will explain properly why.

It is then a canonical truth of systems sciences the existence of two arrows in the universe, the informative arrow that goes from lower to upper scales and it is the dominant arrow of future, as wholes require parts to be created before, to exist, so the Universe evolves socially in all its scales, from atoms to molecules to cells to organisms, to societies, to planetary organisms and solar systems and galaxies and universes.

And to deny this is again a fundamental myth of animetal cultures, selfish, primitive brutish people who cannot understand that the whole is stronger than the individual and survives better into the future.

And the energetic arrow from larger wholes into smaller parts, which it feeds. And so as your whole system feeds your cells, gaia feeds mankind, and it is a suicidal behaviour Not to care for the whole.

So each scale of the 5th dimension codes the next, larger one: genes therefore code cells, and neuronal networks and objects code societies, and species evolve the information of the entire planet Earth. And yet the enormous beauty of the formalism of general systems and its 5th dimension is that the laws of informative codes is the same in all scales, reason why, when i completed that formalism, i put together 1000 pages of mathematical analysis of those codes of information and the species they code in each science, unifying all sciences, with the same set of 10 isomorphic codes and registered under the title ‘the codes of the universe’ a wealth of knowledge for future generations i am now pouring on the web unificationtheory.com.

So this web is the section of social sciences of  general systems, which deals with the ideological, memetic and planetary, macro-economic and evolutionary, ecosystemic levels of those scales, whose limits, the genetic and galactic scale do Not influence the social realm, or else we shall be doing ‘astrology’ and ‘racism’, NOΤ science, but myth.

In the graph centred in human beings, both from a physical and biological perspectives, from up down and down up, we see the 3 main scales of the human reality:

-A larger gravitational scale, the human thermodynamic scale and the lower cellular-atomic scale. How they are organised? Simple: smaller systems run their cycles of information faster. So they can compete with larger systems and form organic structures in which the lower system provides information encoded in its faster clocks and the larger systems coordinates the motion of all those parts into a whole.

We shall consider now only a necessary concept to understand human memetic information and its transmission through social networks, that of the relativity of speed of information which makes smaller systems faster and hence able to code with its faster information and more code larger scales:

To start with in GST (General systems sciences) all scales are equally important, as the smaller scales have faster clocks of time and so they are more intelligent than bigger scales and codes them. However each scale has a reduced view of the whole, and so it believes to be the center of the Universe. Ego centric behavior is natural to each point or form, which only perceives in its own language, through its own values the world around it. It is the ego paradox, key to understand all the processes of history and the way mankind behaves at individual level, and how it is controlled by other systems, through the a$$ licking processes of democracy and entitled people exploited by the elites.

We say that every point of view is an infinitesimal that thinks to be infinite because it is at the center of its perceived Universe. So humans of course reject any notion that there is organic metalife, that a cell does have consciousness, or a bird understands what it talks. Only us from our perspective are intelligent. The rest is just objects, animals. We only are chosen of god, we are the best, we are number one, and when this is obviously wrong, we keep saying it pumping iron and dying for the ego paradox. Because that is what the system program us to do, to be egos. Only the truly smart species and individuals realize that a humble belonging to a larger part goes much further in survival terms. From far away all systems are points with no volume (so-called in mathematics euclidean), but as we come closer points become whole organic systems, with energy and information parts. We call those points, fractal points, or using terminology of mathematics, Non-euclidean points through which multiple parallels can cross as they do have now a volume.

Now, what matters to us at this stage is how information is transmitted between scales from points to networks. And the answer is this: smaller parts which move faster in its cycles of time code the information of its next larger scale.

In all those cases the law of the ‘5th dimension of scalar space-time’, which rules such transmissions is quite simple:

‘Information is stored in the lower scale of size of the super-organism, on the faster frequency and form of its time-cycles’.

So quantum numbers of the particle scale code atoms, electronic orbitals of the atomic scale code molecules, genes of the molecular scale code biological organisms, and memes of the neuronal and social scale code historic super organisms.

This means that social super organisms are NOT coded informatively by genes – the wrong, racist idol-ogical theory of our metal-masters – but by memes, neuronal networks of thoughts and external works of ‘art’ and ‘literature’ – mostly religious or political ethic codes.

This fact is fundamental to understand the structure of any system of the Universe, including human systems

Since this universal Law of Information allow us to differentiate clearly the memetic structure of cultural social super organisms, which are larger in space and suffer longer cycles in time (800 year cycles in civilisations, hundreds of thousands of years in human species). So once this is clear we can study, the super organism of history, coded by memes, created by cellular men, existing on the energetic networks of life, the rivers of gaia.

Fractal, ternary structure of all super organisms, and its 3 ‘social classes’ and generator equation.

Biological models in which human societies ruled by ethic, legal, verbal informative networks  and the economic global organism, ruled by informative prices reproduced by its collective brain, world-stock, are based are Not the earlier Darwinian concept of disconnected species, from the XIX c. but the models of super organisms of general systems sciences or complexity, which Hawking rightly considered the science of the XXI c. this writer formalised at the turn of the century. Social Darwinism, applied to social sciences is obviously false, and the general interpretation of Spencer of the struggle between individuals, the basis of the American culture of competition in a dog-eat-dog society even more.

As Russell quipped, Darwin was a topic ‘Victorian man’, of an imperial age, which permeates his philosophy of Natue. So even he overpassed his biggest discovery: this planet selects ‘species’ and all human beings belong to the same species. Moreover, at his time 2 essential discoveries of XXI c. biology were ignored:

  • On one side genetics, the way in which social organisms were able to create stronger, multicellular wholes, were not known. So the emphasis was in the individual not in the social organism, which turned out to be in the XX century far more important. What the formalism of General Systems Sciences i developed during my brief period as the chair of Duality (the science that studies the networks of energy and information that create those social organisms) and monetary systems, added was a profound analysis on how all the scales of the Universe, coded with different bits of information, the larger wholes which host them, such as the lower scale of size of a system, which run faster clock-like cycles of information coded only the large scale.

So quantum numbers coded atomic systems, but didn’t code anything beyond the molecular scale (as matter was coded by entropic, thermodynamic laws); genes coded cellular and biological individuals but nothing beyond the individual; so societies and economic organisms were coded by memes, technological instruments and neuronal networks of ideas, reflected in cultural memes (books, arts, laws, social customs). And in this manner, we could define an arrow of eusocial evolution, ignored in earlier models of biology, which turned out to be dominant in the Universe, as there is a clear arrow of self-organisation, since the big-bang, both in the Universe as a whole, and in each of its parts. So particles self-organised into atoms and molecules with those informative bits (quantum numbers and geometric, topological paths), then cells and organisms self-organised with genes and then societies and global economies with memes.

3 scales5D BST

We illustrate the fact along all the scales of the Universe, in the next graphs of the scalar social super organisms of the Universe.

 In the graph, a simplified account of the fifth dimension of scalar organic systems which are ruled by simple laws that apply to all scales: bigger systems have slower informative and life cycles. And both balance each other. So small cells live shorter but carry more information in its clock-like cycles, coding larger beings, which provide energy to smaller ones. Such is the symbiosis that allow the creation of organisms extending through various scales of size each one with a different rhythm of information  carried in its time clocks. Thus the 5th dimension describes an organic Universe made of multiple isomorphic scalar organic Planes of Space-Time each one studied by a science and each one made of organisms with an informative head-system and a body-wave system of energy that reproduces it. In societies, those systems are the neuronal people-caste that controls the financial and legal languages, in biological organisms, the neuronal cells, in galaxies, the gravitational black holes that control stars; in physical systems, the particles that gauge information.

In each of those ‘∆-Planes’ of Space-Time species change 2 parameters: its ‘spatial size’ and the ‘speed of its informative clocks’ in an inverse fashion:

The smaller we are in space (and hence in energy content, since space stores it in the vacuum) the faster we move, perceive and rotate our clocks of time that store and process information in the frequency and form of its cycles. So smallish black holes rotate at light speed in its event horizon, much faster than stars. Quantum charges cycle must faster than Masses. Chips calculate faster as they become smaller and increase the frequency (hertzs) of its time cycles. And all kind of clock-like, cyclical vortices, from Planets (Kepler’s laws) to air and water vortex follow this rule shown in the vortex equation (VoxRo=K). In living beings metabolic rates are much faster in small rats than elephants.

Thus we write:

Max. Spe ( maximal Spatial energy content) = Min. Tiƒ ( Minimal Temporal Speed of Information).

Thus nature conserves the stable product of the speed of time clocks and size in space of its vital cycles, of which we are all made, making possible the co-existence and exchange of energy and information between the different size species, each one studied by a science. Such as smaller beings with faster clocks store more information and code larger beings (genes code organisms; quantum particles, molecular systems, and faster, small black holes galaxies).

And the result of those balances is the creation of systems which are always made of the same ternary components; a reproductive body-wave that reproduces the elements of the system, attached to a body-particle that process information and guides the body wave, over a field-limb system of energy that moves and feeds the whole being. Its mathematical and topological description is what we call in general systems sciences, the fractal generator of the Universe, my biggest discovery of science, which will be to XXI c. human or robotic scientists, the equivalent to EFE

In the graph, the key to understand information in the universe is its scalar structure and the metric equation that defines the 2 arrows of the universe, the arrow of information, which codes larger systems departing of smaller, faster ones, which carry more information, and the arrow of thermodynamic energy that controls smaller systems departing from larger wholes: Sp x Tƒ = constant.

Meaning that a small being, a fly, for example, in biology, a human memetic neuronal brain or object in sociology, a chip logic circuit in economics, and a quantum particle in physics, has clock-like cycles much faster hence it carries in the frequency and form of those cycles much more information tan the whole. In mathematics this is called the set paradox, found by Cantor, who proved that the set of sets (parts of a whole) is larger than the whole and by fractals which carry more information in smaller distances.

It is important in that sense to fully realise how in the Universe and in all its general systems, which co-exist in several paradoxical scales of relative increasing size and diminishing information – as larger systems run slower time clocks, so they process slower information – the fundamental law of systems sciences, origin of the metric equation of the 5th dimension of scales – the informative codes of ‘higher social wholes’, come from a smaller scale of reality. Indeed, the smaller the chip is (Moore’s law), the faster the computer runs information with its cyclical clocks. A fly process information about its motion 10 times faster, so you cannot catch it. A rat has a much higher metabolic rate than an elephant but we can plot them all in a lineal relationship between its mass weight and its speed of metabolism. In cosmic bodies the smallest black hole turns much faster at c-speed in its event horizon.

So, we can see above the 3 scales of human super organisms, the cellular, individual and social, ecosystemic scale of the planet gaia, coded by memes and languages (visual languages in animal life, verbal languages in human history and digital, financial languages in machines). Since any system of the Universe will have 3 clearly differentiated parts or ‘social, cellular classes’:

  • An informative network in control of the languages of information, and energy that command the system, or ‘particle-head-upper-manager class’ (physical, biological, social and corporative systems), which when seeing as a whole often is spherical as the sphere is the topology that stores more information in lesser space.
  • An energetic, territorial network that provides the energy to the system, often lineal or planar in form, as the line is the fastest distance between two geodesic points (the field in physical systems, limbs in organisms, territory in societies, raw materials in companies)
  • And the most important part, which is the element that both the energy and information systems must server for the organism to remain balanced, and survive, the hyperbolic body-wave-reproductive working class which reproduces the system combining both, the energy and information provided by the 2 other classes.

So we can write a ‘Fractal generator equation’ for all the systems of the Universe that applies also to human, social and economic systems:

|-Spe (Past Spatial energy: Fields/limbs/territory) < ø-St (Present, reproductive wave-body-working class-machines) > tiƒ (informative, future particle/head/chip/upper class)

Since the informative element will guide and decide the future of the system, but if it does exhaust the energy of the system, selfishly exploiting the reproductive class, as our bankers and politicos so often do, the system gets old, wrinkle, informative, entering a third age when all energy is exhausted the middle class dies and the system collapses.

Now, the philosophy of a Universe with a 5th dimension of social organisation or absolute arrow of future – since wholes are stronger than individuals and survive better into the future, and the existence of wholes must happen latter in the future once its parts are created, is completely different from the Darwinian dog-eat-dog society of classic social evolutionary theory.

Surprisingly enough it is much closer to bio-ethics and religions of eusocial love, which were exactly the natural expression in the coding language of human beings, and its memes, which are languages not genes (we shall repeat ad nauseam and correct this all-pervading error of racist nations and religions, and competitive capitalism), of the philosophical mandate of the 5th dimension which is to love all clonic members of your species, and share energy and information with them, to create those informative-nervous-legal and energetic-reproductive-economical-blood networks that efficiently distribute to all the members of the organism enough energy and information to synchronize its actions and survive.

So the organic laws of eusocial evolution are fundamental to complexity sciences, based in the codes of information of each scale of the Universe, all of which express the same program of eusocial evolution that creates wholes fitter to survive by providing what biologists called the drives of existence of an organism, now expanded by GS (general systems) to all universal systems: ±∆e: energy feeding and moving, ±∆i: gauging and communicating information; ∆exi: reproducing by combining the energy and information of the system in other region of the Universe, and ∆U: evolving socially from individuals into ‘universals’ (the old philosophical concept of the Greeks to design wholes).

We exist therefore in a Holistic organic Universe, no longer in a deist mechanical one, as earlier physical models proposed (since a machine needs a maker, which Newton and Kepler thought to be God, mechanical, creationist models of the Universe have been always sponsored by abrahamic religions, and believers such as those founding fathers of physics, which were pious believers, so Kepler said ‘God is a clocker – the machine he used to measure it – that has waited 5000 years – the biblical age of the cosmos – to find and intelligence like his – of course Mr. Kepler – to admire his clock-work’.

Oh, yes, it is a good moment to introduce the ego-paradox, the fundamental reason we shall go under – we can be objective with physical and biologic systems, but when we come to judge man, we are above nature, we are like Mr. Kepler, chosen of go(l)d, admiring its metal-things with pride, thinking we ‘invent’ them, when we are just enzymen, putting together brutish mechanisms.


indeed, the big question here is no more no less than the largest of them all – what is to be human, why we do exist and why we exist in a world of energy and information networks?

And the answer is evident, which we latter will explain with mathematical, topological and physical rigor, but now we can try to explain in more simple terms:

Eusocial evolution implies the existence of a fifth dimension of scalar size, which is philosophically a dimension of social evolution, of ‘absolute time’ as points reproduce its fractal form, organise themselves into networks and create new growing scales of the fifth dimension.

– Einstein’s equation of the 4th dimension.

3 elements in all systems: energetic, informative and reproductive systems.

In the Universe creation is limited by the existence of only 3 mathematical forms/topologies, lineal energy, cyclical information and its wave-combinations to 3 systems. It is an intelligent but impersonal ‘limit’ to the design of species, which makes possible to solve the conundrum of how evolution so easily creates informative systems such as an spherical eye, or energetic system such as a lineal wing – a question that puzzles biologists since Darwin said it was a problem to its theory. Indeed, if there were infinite variations of form, chances that in a few generations a system discovers the perfect plane of energy, the wing of the perfect form of information, the sphere (maximal volume of information in minimal space) and forms an eye, would be literally 0.0%.

So to the rescue comes geometry and its only 3 forms. And so evolution creates by random mutation genes that bring those 3 ‘arrows’  of time and selection decides what is best, finally tuning and pruning the variety of species, to only 3 topological forms.

And so we can then see the unity of all systems, which will show the same ternary functions and topological forms as parts of any ‘organic fractal, larger organism’:


In the graph, a few of the ternary systems, made with the 3 only topologies-functions of all systems of the Universe, an atom, a tomato, a planet, a cell an embryo and an electromagnetic field.

From a distance all beings seem to be just ‘Euclidean points’ (with no breath) connected by lines. This is the simplest description of a fractal, topological network. But when seeing closer, each point is an enclosed sphere, and each line, a flow of energy and information that connects the point creating with other points and waves of energy and information a topological ‘plane’, which in turn becomes a fractal point of a larger scale.

Why reality has 3 only kind of organs happens because there are only 3 geometries in space and functions in time: energy, which is lineal as the fastest distance between 2 points, information which is spherical as the form which stores more volume in less space and its hyperbolic combinations. Only 3 elements are needed to explain it all, form and function, which in sociology are the flat territory, the informative people -castes in power, and control of financial and legal networks and the reproductive middle class. How many ways of mixing this together is the game of reality we all play.

So we can extend the description of the fractal being to its detailed ternary structure:

Spe (|-limbs-fields-territory: max. energy)<exi (hyperbolic body-wave-working class)>Tiƒ (O-heads particles-upper class: max. Information)

This is the synchronous ‘spatial, present’ description of the being. And we can affirm putting together the 2 fundamental principles of conservation of the Universe, the conservation of Energy and Information (and its quanta equivalences, the principle of conservation of lineal and angular momentum, as energy and information are nothing but the integral of each of those quanta of lineal and angular momentum):

“All what exists is a system of quanta of vital space and cyclical time, exchanging and trans-forming back and forth energy and information ad eternal: Spe<ST(exi)>Tiƒ”

So the Fractal Generator classifies all different space-time beings made with the 3 topological formal motions of the Generator:


Since Nature ‘pegs’ those 3 forms & functions, which put together create the underlying structure of all systems of reality, both physical and biological, as all combined the ternary elements of the generator equation, either in sequential time orders (entropic youth, reproductive maturity, 3rd informative old age) or simultaneous, spatial organisms:


All systems of the universe are made of spatial energy and temporal clocks of information, including human beings, organised in social networks, which conform the physical, biological and social systems of reality.

Now, if you have understood the ‘fractal, ternary principle’ that limits evolution to ternary horizons both in time and space, we can explain you before we debunk the myths and show the bigotry of human idol-ogies, the true division of human genetic races, and the little value that genetic theories of the super organisms of mankind have.

I essence what we have said at basic level is that the Universe is made of spatial energy and temporal information and its reproductive combinations, which are the 3 topologies of reality. So we do have only 3 ways to combine reality and this topological evolution is at the basis of all the informative, and creative processes of the Universe, guiding and accelerating the mutational processes of biology

For example, Darwin wondered how a flat energetic wing or a cyclical eye could be constructed, so fast. It is called punctuated evolution, as it happens too fast if there were not restrictions of topology to the possible outcome of mutations. As those restrictions exist, we will BE ABLE to limit all processes of differentiation of species, from animal life to races of the mind to cultures of life to 3 subspecies, one specialised in energy – as the wing organ is, flat in its form since the line is the fastest distance-topology between 2 points and the plane its social group – one in information, spherical, as the sphere is the topology with maximal volume of information in minimal space, so the eye mutated fast through the arrow of information,and  finally its reproductive combination.

Hence the Universe selects those 3 specialised organs which enhance the survival of the system, giving more energy more information and more reproduction to the system, which adding the arrow of social evolution bring the 4 drives of life existence that all systems follow.

Since the fractal organism is both, the mathematical, topological unit of the real universe and its organic function system, as the organism will require to feed on energy absorb and gauge information and reproduce beyond death to survive. We can easily departing from the mathematical laws of topology applied to biology – the essence of general systems sciences – define an impersonal, mathematical reinforcing plan of evolution, which is at the axis of all processes of reality and all systems of the Universe.

Τhus all what we shall say in this blog about humans, at individual and social level is part of a much larger organic model of the Universe called General Systems sciences, which instead of modelling reality as a mechanism, a very simplified vision of what systems are, and space-time as an absolute ‘newtonian’ abstract background, a pen and paper kind of cartesian graph, where entities exist, uses the far more advanced concept of an organism of space-time, which was first understood in philosophical terms by Asians, notably Chinese and Indians, with the concept of yin-vishnu-information-time vs yang-energy-shiva-space, and more formally by Leibniz, the rival of Newton, with its concept of a Universe made of relational space-time beings. this is what the graph shows, but you do not need really to understand it fully.

Enough to say that you are made of energy and information, and energy is carried by space quanta and information by time-clocks, in the frequency and form of its cycles, as it happens in computers.

In the graph, when we make a diachronic analysis, we shall find that Fractal Space and Local Past, on one side and Future local temporal information on the other side are similar (as systems start as lineal motions, which time bends: ‘time bends space into masses’ said  and You Einstein  Since they are the 2 reverse sides of the same coin, we shall use the same symbols, merely inverting their order, and call them:

|-Sp: Open Spatial Extension; Spe, with maximal entropy, kinetic energy, lineal momentum, which dominate a young past age:

Ps: Lineal Entropy-Energy or “Past’ (soon we will show indeed why in the past there was more entropy-lineal energy).

O-Ti: closed Temporal cycles that carry information in its form and frequency, Tiƒ, and guide a system growing in its future:

ƒt: Informative, future forms.  (And soon we shall see why indeed the future does have more information).

And both combine into Hyperbolic, Ø, Space-Time Fields, ST, in which energy and information combine, exi, to reproduce the system, STexi, which is achieved when e and i equal its value, S≈T, e=i, maximising its production, Max. E x I or function of ‘Exi=STence” of the system, as this reproductive iterative present function, ST, is the goal of all systems, which can be resumed in a single statement:

All what exists is made of spatial energy and temporal information (carried in the clocks of time of the Universe and the frequency of its cycles, as in a computer whose information is made by the speed of its time clocks), all systems of reality are made of energy ‘limbs/fields/territories’, information ‘particles/heads/upper informative castes in control of the information of societies, the law and money’, and the intermediate region of ‘reproductive bodies-wave-middle classes’. So in General Systems sciences we define all systems of the Universe with a rather simple equation:

Spe (Limbs/fields/territories of spatial energy) < ExI=st (body-waves-middle class that reproduces the system)> tiƒ (informative particles-heads-governments) that guide the system

And affirm that all systems will then absorb and emit energy to move, gauge and communicate information with similar beings, and mix both and reproduce with energy and information the goods the system needs, with its body-wave-reproductive social class.

And so to exist is to feed your body-limbs with energy, your mind with information, reproduce with similar beings and evolve socially into larger wholes. And what a perfect world would do is to maximise the function of existence of humans in space and time, by maximising its energy and information, ExI=st, and its social evolution. And we can build a concept of whealth, healthy wealth and an economic frame of reference to value all goods according to its capacity to maximise the positive energy and information and social love required to reproduce and evolve socially in a human society.

Abstract. We must differentiate ‘human social organisms’, which are made of a single cell, the human being, citizen of the wor(l)d, from economic ecosystems, where 2 different species, human beings and metal-beings, helped by human who idol-ise metal compete for survival. The tragedy of history is that certain humans sponsor racist idologies to feel superior to the rest of mankind, hence evolving the economic ecosystem of machines NOT the human ecosystem of life.

In that sense, the body of History is a biological ecosystem made with species of life and metal. It is in that sense the human part of an evolutionary organism gaia, (the life Earth), which mutated into history (the human earth) which mutated into metal (the economic ecosystem).  We thus talk of two dominant ecosystems, the economic ecosystem made of animetals and machines, and the historic and nature ecosystem, made of carbolife, and social human beings. IN THIS SECTION, we shall study the wave of history, from the human perspective of its 7 geographical and historical main civilisations. 


In the next graphs we describe man as another fractal organism of the Universe, which shows the same symmetries in space, the same functions and ages in time, and the same scalar co-existence in 3 scales of the eusocial 5th dimension. Yet the paradox of the ego – every point of view perceives the Universe from its self-centred mind, thinking to be its centre – makes man order all those scales of information self-centred in his scale as an individual, whereas all other scales must remain submissive to that subjective, non-scientific point of view. So happens even when he considers his next scale of existence, that of History his super organism, and its fractal cultures, which humans have a hard time to understand as wholes:
Clean STuD3


The fundamental fact of ∆ST is that man is subjectively from the point of view of the information we perceive about the Universe, the centre of creation. And this is shown by the fact that regardless of which perspective we take, that of increasing Size-Space (S-Planes from 1-Force < 2-Atom < … <5-Human<6-World <….9<Cosmos),  or that of increasing form (O-Cycles: 1-Local Universe < 2-Galaxy <3-Star<4-Earth<5-Human<6-Cell<7-Molecule<8-Atom<9-Force…) Man is in the centre, ‘5th Plane of Space-size and Scale of Form’. Since knowledge is subjective and all scales and planes of existence by definition must be referred to man.

This curious paradox comes to full realisation when we consider the different ‘algebraic operations’ we can do with the two ‘fixed’ elements of the Universe, its Temporal Form, To, and its Spatial Size, Se.

If we write in the 10¹º logarithmic scale, 1, 2, 3, 4…. 10 Planes of Space-size, and we write the inverse diminution of information in the logarithmic scale as we increase that ‘continuous’ size. Then we can do ‘calculus’ of the value of each isomorphic, Cyclical (To) Plane (S) of Space-time and we will find out (since logarithms ad potencies) the same value:

If we add the relative value of its planes of space and Cycles of form, the sum of any Plane of Space and its Time cycles remains constant. For example for the atom, the value of its relative size is 2, and the speed of its time cycles of form is 8:

Atom: 2+8 = 1o.

For the Galaxy the result is the inverse: 2 is the relative value of its cycles of time and 8 of its size: 8+2=10.

But all of them have the same 10 value, including man: 2+8=10.

However when we multiply both elements to find out the relative Existential Force of the System, from the human perspective: S x To, things greatly vary:

Atoms and Galaxies again have the same value, 2 x 8= 8 x2 = 16, which is also natural to its relative ‘isomorphism’, as the equations of its cycles (charges and masses) and planes (electromagnetic and gravitational planes) are the same (in the metrics of the 5th dimension that unify them both).

But humans reach the maximal value: 5 x 5 = 25.

Now this is of course the ‘human perception’ of it. And what it means is that our ‘Function of space-motion-energy’ and our ‘Function’ of ‘time-form-information’ (considering the 3 main parameters we use to explain Spatial size and Temporal form, and its exchanges through cyclical planes, which is the ultimate meaning of energy and information), are close enough to maximise the complexity and richness of elements of the whole. Since Max. S x To, is reached when S=To.

What this means is that when we consider the Universe as a whole, ruled by Dark Matter and Dark Energy, beyond our perception, but naturally, within the structure of those Planes and Cycles, of Max. S and Min. O, not only we observe 0 x 0 existential force from them (that is, we know nothing about them), but the fact that the ‘spatial sustain’ of the ‘cyclical forms’ of the system, the ‘energy-body’ and the ‘informative head/particle’ of the whole are so ‘far away’ in size and form from each other, means the ‘richness’, variations’, vibrations, complexity of its curves and relationships is minimal.

Next when we observe the complexity of the complementary system made of S=1, light space and S=9, galaxies,the value 9 indicates the distance between light quanta of Spatial Energy and Galactic O-spherical bodies, is so great that the richness of interaction is also minimal. But finally when we come the Cyclical planes of O-human cells and S-Human organisms, the similarity of both, cells ≈ Human organisms, allows the enormous complexity of the Human organism.

Now we must stress this is from the human subjective perspective of knowledge. It does not necessarily respond to the complete cyclical forms and Spatial volume stored in those systems. As we could also calculate the O x S product in inverse fashion and obtain an objective value maximal for the Galaxy, 9 O-form of light x 9 O-Size of galaxy=81.

The reader who feels confused by those paradoxes, must become accustomed to the paradoxical structure of reality and the metrics of the 5th dimension. The dualities of subjective and objective knowledge, of the mind that stops motion and selects form to perceive and map out reality, of the barriers to perception beyond the light-forces of our space-time galactic Universe, etc. etc. We do try to introduce those paradoxes by showing inverse cardinals for the order of space-time cyclical planes when perceived only as planes of space by size, and only as cyclical forms of time. 

Ultimately though the ‘isomorphism’ of reality is precisely the equal value of any Space-Time plane, when combining both parameters. And that is the reason of the absolute relativity of the Universe, from an objective point of view, vs. the absolute anthropomorphism of human theories about it (from religious, to ego-centric paradoxes, to our incapacity to see the life of other planes of existence, the organic nature of machines etc.) from our self-centered point of view. So we think the 5th scale of reality, that of humans, its networks, actions, time and space is the only one that matter to the Universe. In the next graph we describe the human individual and its collective super organism of history, its networks (blood-economic, reproductive networks, territorial-digestive, energetic networks, and informative, nervous, political networks), the space-time actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, we perform to sustain them, and the life-death cycle through 3 ages that define both super organisms:5th bestsn human3 ages humanScreen Shot 2016-02-29 at 09.47.12worldunion-2


The ∆ST isomorphisms of Human beings.

Now of the many kaleidoscopic ways we can study the Human organism, we have chosen unlike the other introductions to systems, to go through the detailed analysis of the 10 human isomorphisms, we define man as a system that follows the same laws of all the systems of the pantheist universe. Precisely because human anthropomorphism denies that fact.

So in this post we shall study in a generic way those 10 isomorphisms that show we are just another part of reality.

The 1st human isomorphism: Gender s/t duality, the 8th: race differentiation and the 3rd: cultural topology.

1st isomorphism: Fractal Generator.

The fractal generators of human beings both for individuals and history, the species are self-evident:

∆: Spe (digestive network and organs) < ST-Blood-body, reproductive sysems> Tiƒ (Informative, brain network)

∆+1: Spe (∑National Territory=Gaia) < ST-Economic system> Tiƒ (Political, informative system)

Its study and design with the laws of fractal systems is the first step of a rational social science.

2nd Isomorphism. space-time dualities:


In graph duality of female-male genders must be understood in terms of O| states of a system. Women are a balanced, E=I, present state. Male fluctuate between informative and entropic states.

One of the most fascinating elements of the fractal paradigm is the symmetry of gender, which is one of the fundamental forms in which the fractal paradigm shows its dualities of time and space.

In those terms a female species is a wave, present state of the system, balanced between energy and information. And a male species is a past-future form, where the limb-head relationship bypasses often the reproductive present body-wave state.

Sp>Tiƒ is the male state, which switches on between feeding and perceiving Sp>iƒ and Sp≈Tiƒ, is the present reproductive female state.

As such all fractals of the Universe show the gender duality as it is nothing more than to classify the 3 states of the system into its two more clear balanced dualities as the wave state is merely the product of the other two states past-entropy and future information in a position of balance: SxT(s=t). While the male state will be the on-off switch between the 2 imbalanced states: maximal pas entropy vs. maximal future information.

Once this basic definition is understood, then we can consider the many aspects of the decoupling:


1151The fundamental duality of the Universe, is the symmetry of space-time. One of its most clear expressions in the vital space-time of biological beings, is the symmetry of gender. In its simplest formulation, we could state that women are cyclical, informative and men are lineal, energetic. This of course, pleases women, and I used to explain it in this biased form when i was young and attracted as it is natural in all systems, by the body of women.

Now I care nothing for attractive or repulsive forces so we shall explain the more complex truth. And define the gender symmetry in all its complexity through the ternary space, time and 5D Generators:

  • In Time, a male gender is a past-field/limbs x future head-particle system, of ‘lineal momentum’ in physics.

A female gender on the other hand is a present, wave-body system

In space therefore (simultaneous, synchronic, mental perception of the event), a female gender will have maximal evolution of the wave-body, iterative, reproductive elements; and maximal balance, Sp=Tƒ, according to the definition of present systems.

A male on the other hand, will have a maximal dilation in time, from past to future, minimal complexity of body, and lacking ‘present’, will be either an informative, past-future orientation (mental being, with informative brain which uses the limbs/bodies to that aim); or its ‘anti-particle’, of inverse ‘entropic’ nature, orientated to the limbs/energy. This is the ‘entropic’, less probability of existence, only proper of ‘death states’ and time reversals. In our society represents mainly the ‘warrior’, entropic male, violent, destructive focused in the lineal motions of its limbs. And in the present ‘entropic society’ of the ∆+1 age of death of history, the infantile version of the sport-man.


Women have an informative, O-reproductive body of cyclical forms, and men who have a lineal, energetic body.

Their minds have – to reach a complementary balance – inverse mental functions. Women have 10 times more lineal, white, axionic matter, the site of memory and men have 6 times more cyclical, grey, nuclei matter,the spherical neurons, the site of creative integration of informative processes. Thus Women have stronger, and more balanced mentally (|-minds) and Men had to be Informatively more complex (O-mind). So the product of mind and body was in balance:

Thus we define:

  • Female gender: O-Body x |-Mind.
  • Male Gender: O-Mind x |-Body.

This complex Se<>To duality explains perfectly all the aspects of both type of minds and their different psychologies.

Further on, the slight specialization of the ‘bilateral’ sides of the brain into informative(right)/energetic(left) sides, implies that women with more connections in the bridge between both, are the more balanced E=O, ‘reproductive’, ‘beautiful’ species, while ‘unconnected’ men are split in 2 unbalanced sub-species: max. energy body oriented machos and max.O, mind oriented creative artists and geniuses, proved in IQ tests distribution.

Thus female and male do have different brains, bodies and personalities, which together enhance the survival range of the species, widening our perception of the 3 topologies of reality, which is the ultimate reason of gender existence, despite its lesser ‘frequency’ of reproduction than unisexual species.

The same duality is far more stronger in the i-1 plane of seminal seeds: sperm and ovulum as it is obvious in the pictures.

Gender and Evolution. Triggers and similarity between genes and organs.

The importance of Gender in Evolutionary variation now becomes even clearer. As the specialization of both gender in O-brain and |-body (male) and |-brain and O-Body (female) implies the existence of clear genetic variations stored in the 2 different sexes. It remains to clarify how environment ‘triggers’ the selection of more O>I female or |>O male traits according to the bias a certain environment develops for ‘stronger’ or ‘more intelligent’ species. It is clear that stress affects mutations (for example rotaries which only reproduce by female parthenogenesis become bisexual under stress), poor health and poor feeding also increases mutations.

Stronger male or female partners might become dominant in the prevailing environment, hence in the selection of genes. I am like Lamarck, Darwin (which did not know Mendel’s work) and many earlier ‘logic’ thinkers of the opinion that the i-scale of the individual must somehow trigger if not the exact mutation, which is unlikely, certainly a punctuated increase in mutations, observed under stress and hardship and perhaps a general direction of topological change, which mechanism we do not know – meaning that it must exist, as it happens in a drugged person, which opens its door of perception to previously shuttered information, mechanisms that trigger more mutations in the needed path.

I.e. a system that needs eye, would increase mutations on the eye genes on the topology of spherical information, a system that needs wings should trigger a higher ration of mutation in the region of ‘limbs’ – which by topological design certainly must ‘stress’ lineal motion. Thus in as much as the original genetic coding must be self-similar to the function of the i-scale (so for example, there is more DNA in brain cells), once the trigger increases mutation in a certain region (that of the eye or the limb), evolution along the path of the organ will increase enormously in a few generations.

3rd Isomorphism: Its 3 organic/networks:  Spe≤ ST≥Tiƒ

 Limbs are lineal, bodies are toroid heads are informative spheres. In terms of network description they belong to the 3 fractal main systems, the diestive system the endocrine, reproductive system and the highly quantised in form, nervous system.


4th Isomorphism: Its planes of Existence: ST±4art-ageshort

Humans co-exist mostly in the 3 cellular, ∆-1, individual and social plane of existence, which follows the same ages and forms that the individual, albeit with longer life cycles, according to the 5D metrics:

5th Isomorphism: Its 5 actions : ∆(a, e, i, o, u)

In the graph 3 isomorphisms of human beings: the 1st, topological, 3rd ages and 5th actions

Those networks=actions subdivide (fractal law) in 3×4=12 sub-systems:

–  Informative systems: Senses (Max. Tiƒ), Nerves (ST), lymphatic, hormonal system (Max. S).

– ∆E actions-systems: Digestive system (max.t), Breathing System (Max.E), Excretory system (st)

–  e<=>T, Reproductive systems: Blood (Max. E), sexual (ST) and endocrine system (Max. T)

–  ∑-Actions: Structural systems: Skeleton (E), Tegumentary system (ST); muscle system (T).

– ∏: While the ∆+1 consciousness of the whole is carried by the integrative Brain.

The Fractal Law differentiates further those subsystems in 3 functional topologies. For example:

The nervous and blood systems have both 0-points (Brain, Heart), toroid circuits (arteria+vein, spinal chord) & fractal, open networks that deliver energy food (alveoli) and motion orders (axons).

6th Isomorphism: Worldcycle and Social classes. Its 6 motions, ages and evolution:

Humans live the same young, energetic, reproductive mature and informative old age of all living organisms, when one of the aforementioned 3 topological networks dominate.

Social classes, networks and senses

The head controls all the information through the senses. The body is blind.

 Body&limbs are slaves of Heads whose Mind-Will is expressed by ‘6’ in/out; ± senses. They are outlets of the 3 main physiological networks: Chemical senses: Taste (±E=Food) & Smell (±E: Prey-predator). Blood, reproductive senses: The 6th sense Heart, emotions (∑-social love); Tact (+St sex-dilatation, entropy pleasure; – St: Pain, in-form-ation, pressure). Informative, nervous senses: Spatial Sight, Temporal Sound, Inward ears, outward voice.


6th isomorphism. Creative diversification: 1,2,3,4.

The 7 cultures: diachronic and synchronic analysis

Each of the seven cultures of mankind can be studied ‘diachronically’, as it was born in one of the ages of the larger Superorganism of History=Humanity, limited by a geographical barrier, and the natural ternary structure of topological evolution that divides any new species in one of the 3 possible organic specialisations of all systems as. In the human being, in one of the 3 canonical races of the mind:

In the graph, the 3 races of the mind follow the Topological diversification of species into 3 sub-species, proper of all processes of evolution: