2. Taoism



abstract. The closest pre-modern age culture to that of the organic, fractal living Universe and its time-space dualities was taoism. So we shall bring here as an example of the perennial philosophy of the Universe a modern translation of its cultural dualities and ternary symmetries, whose knowledge became magic, when erased by the chin dynasty of lineal weapons, bringing the western modes of thought to the east.

In the graph, we go down in scalars of fractal history from the 800 years animetal cycle of the wave of history, focusing on the iron cycle that destroyed the TAOIST civilization, forbidden under death penalty its books. So we can only figure out by comparing what remains (i ching, cheng tzu lao tse) with our rediscovery of the laws of cyclical time, what might have been known at the height of the neolithic culture of taoism, and its yin=information and yang=entropy, combinations into qi, the vital energy of the Universe, which translates to taoism the fundamental generator equation of TIMESPACE-BEINGS: