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4. HispanoAmerica: Mestizo



Foreword. The 7 cultures of the world in the context of the 3 ages of Gaia and the 7 cycles of animetal death of civilizations and its social prophets.

All Cultures today are ‘tainted’ by the memes of one of the two super organisms of this planet, defined by the equation of Complexity that defines the growing complexity of the super organisms of Mother Earth, among which we find History:

Gaia (relative past-life earth) < History (present-Human earth) > Metal-earth (Machines: economic system)

In the graph the equation of History defines 3 relative super organisms of history, and so the 7 cultures of mankind evolved through time display memetic structures belonging to those 3 ‘sub-organisms’:

In the graphs, we can easily defined the 7 cultures of the world by its initial beliefs in one of those super organisms:

GAIA: So Africa ‘believes’ as the remaining Paleolithic cultures of the arctic regions in Gaia. So do the earlier Indonesian cults (sacred water rivers in hindi traditions).

Buddhist Asia believes in both, Gaia and Mankind as super organisms to ‘worship’.

MANKIND: Catholic Hispano-America and Islam believe in the History as the super organism to cherish with anthropomorphic, subsconscious, collective Gods.

METAL-EARTH: Europe believes in both, History and the Metal-earth.

Finally America is unique in putting the Metal-earth and the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system of company-mothers who FOUNDED their civilization, as the ‘supreme Good and Only future of the planet’, with its exceptionalism lineal progress in time towards a mechanical paradise.

So the classification of the 7 cultures WITHIN the super organisms of the higher SCALE of the Earth is obvious.

And Hispano-America occupies its place, within the Latin, Southern European civilization which embraced the humanist concept of social love through the anthromorphic prophet Jesus seed of its humanist civilization:
Finally, regarding its ‘pluggin’ within the metal-earth, it became first the site for the renaissance of the warrior roman gold and infantry culture, mimetic to the spanish muskeet and silver empire, and then the ‘courtyard’ for raw materials and silver theft of the anglo-American world, which is still in great measure its ‘capitalist’ ‘comptroller’:


the Latin culture  made of man the image and likeness of all things and its heroes ‘sacred – a perspective never considered in the world at large under the new world order of ‘anglo-jewish’ globalized capitalist religion and its anti-human language of money (man=price=object).



All in all the maximal influence on Hispano-America would be the latin, Southern European culture. As it can be considered its most successful survival daughter civilization. So let us consider its role within it:

In the graph we see its “latin origin” in the humanist, anthropomorphic culture of Latin Europe moving steadily west and then to America in its ‘warrior Spanish form’, which became the elite of South-America, ab=using a human, taoist, body-class of amerindians connected to the organic Asian culture in its American decoupling. So that is the ‘equation of the class structure particle/head<wave-body of Latin-America:

Warrior Iberians, Gunpowder cycle (Particle-head)< Organic Amerindians Bronze Age (Body).

It is then obvious that the marriage would be one of perpetual abuse of the human, life component, the communal pre-ego age Amerindian by the ego-centered go(L)d crazy Spanish animetal, the conqueror, with its ‘anthropomorphic’ beliefs, only tempered by its social love prophet christ, to the cost of erasing the organic, life-oriented taoist superior beliefs of the pre-columbian cultures. And this merge is what created the present Mestizo world of Hispano-America, which only slowly as the original amerindians start to take power in selected places is becoming properly mixed to reach the needed fluidity as a culture not to be in perpetual ‘clash of civilizations’.



The dominant hispanic memes of the culture.

The Iberian Peninsula and South-America form together an homogenous culture, built on the basis of ancient, warrior-farming civilizations, evolved eusocially through the christian, catholoci, socialist r=evolutions it has experienced as it has crossed the different discontinuums of the Wave of History.


Its main 3 horizons moved the culture across the mediterranean peninsulas, in Greece (youth of the culture) Renaissance Italy (Maturity) and Baroque Spain, each one trying to repeat a culture based in human I=Eye-Wor(l)ds and senses (human art and eusocial love literature and religions) putting the law over metal (law over digital money and law over war):

iron age rome


coin cycle


gunpowder europe


gunpowder cycle

(to be cont’ed)

Disclosure.  Hispano America is perhaps the most ‘particular’ of all cultures and less understood of all of them.

I am though an expert in the subject because as it happens is one of my  original cultures.

As a Catalan>Spanish>European, I exist as a frontier individual of 2 cultures, Europe and Hispano America, and as a Humanist, I do not follow ‘national flags’ and ultimately consider myself only human, and as a person I have lived most of my life in America, which is the culture of all cultures displaced into the future, and till the final rise of Neo-fascism with Trump, when it is obvious that the biblical bigots on top of all other Americans have carried the day, I felt as humanity in the future to be my leading cultures.

Now all cultures have an animetal side, in this culture provided by the conquistadors, and a loving human side, in this culture provided by the priests who tried to create a ‘tierra sin mal’, a land without eviL, which so well described Hollywood for a time, Holly in the mission, and the seeking-pleasure loving hot nature of the latino spirit.. So we shall deal with both. First for a change the good news. This old ‘tierra sin mal’ of the jesuists, who has suffered so much brutal on slaughters by all the ‘military caudillos’ around, ARE STILL the nation where most people feel loved.  And certainly IT IS THE MESTIZO CULTURE, where humans did NOT have a problem exchanging fluids, giving birth to that awesome land of beauty, which is Brazil, proving that as always the Universe favours mixing to make better stuff.

Thus. after the news we shall study in brief, the Hispano-American mestizo culture through its ages and cycles.


Those who feel loved. 


‘Love is no consolation, it is light’ Nietzsche.

In the graph, Love is a different matter, love is not a commodity, love is the essence of the Universe humans have denied, love is the fifth dimension. So we shall end this week’s comments with a map of the loving ones. Mind the reader northern europe has no love as southern europe has. Protestant Jewish nations where men are commodities of the equation of money have less love than catholic ones where despite rituals still the messages of eusocial love of one of the humanist heroes mr. jesus we shall deal with next month, somehow stands… So the 3 nations that felt most loved belong to that social-catholic european-american-global humanist culture that once expanded to the world and now is just dying as all what is human – Hungary in Europe, Paraguay in America, Philippines in Asia, Rwanda in Africa…

Notice also those 4 nations have been among the most brutalized by the ‘system’. Paraguay suffered the most horrendous holocaust of XIX century when Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay killed most of their male population for land grabbing. Rwanda suffered an astounding holocaust under the influence of radio-hate, Hitler style.

Hungary has been the walk-through path of all the invasions and massacres of Europe and Philippines is the economic failure electronic Asia. But they have something that makes us happy – true love. That’s the justice of the Universe. All in all though more than 2/3rds of mankind felt loved despite the pretension of the ‘money culture’ that we humans are all potential criminals, hateful people who should follow the laws of hate of their invented Universe, good luck, because when you hate life and love so much you shall die for it.


Hispano america today is a mestizo mixture of the original Native Amerindian (unfortunately extinct by Biblical Capitalism in Anglo-America, on its mainland, beyond the survival of the extreme desert people, north on the iceland, and south on the previously Hold Hispano American Arizona, and reconquering Mexicans) and the Conquistadors and Priests of The Iberian Peninsula, with the important ad on of the Black African culture, specially in the Caribean and Brazil.

Thus it plays the role in the western decoupling of the Mixed Melting pot of the water culture of Indonesia. But as Hispano America has a warrior, mountainous backbone (the Sierra Madre and Andes, and the Spanish Peninsula) vs. the trader, seafarer nature of Indonesia, we might consider it in concordance with the warrior vs. trader duality of the western vs. eastern decoupling (line vs. cycle, animetal vs. agricultural, men vs. women etc.), Hispano America is the mixed warrior equivalent to Indonesia.

The symmetries between the Eastern and western decoupling of the Human Experience is a fascinating theme of cultural analysis beyond this introductory blog, which fills many pages of my artistic studies.

We have called in any case Hispano America, The Mestizo culture; a ‘Mixed World’, made of the Iberian warrior culture of thirst for life and games with death, so similar to the Aztec – hence  today Mexico is the dominant Hispano American Mestizo memetic culture along Brazil, where the genetic mixing of Mongoloid-Amerindian, Black and White races, shows the key example on how a Perfect world should end being – a melting pot of genes and positive memes, with elimination NOT of genes but of negative memes that imperil mankind.

Hispano-America IS the MESTIZO CULTURE, with the highest level of LIFE THIRST, in the tropics, only comparable to the Black world but with more stamina and variety, which one can only perceive travelling to the wind, as so many of them do through the huge region of quasi-identical languages.

And its future path is to abandon the ‘conquistador’ warrior side of it and promote as the Peru-Bolivian sub-culture does more its native people.

As it is essential for the development of Hispano-America that it forgets its ‘criollo’ spanish dominance and allows the Mongoloid and Black elements of the culture to come together and start the ideal of the perfect world, which in many ways Brazil represents: the communication, mixture and acceptance of all cultures, constantly merging otowards a better hole.




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