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3. Asia: Supœrganism




“I have written with a profound love for my own country, but without being engrossed by France more than by any other nation. As I advance in life, I grow more simple, and I become more and more patriotic for humanity.” Hugo

We call cultures to the collection of humanist memes and its human carriers, whose genetics tend to be on the sensorial, verbal dominant Y, Z mental axis.

Cultures are thus memetic human systems as opposed to civilisations, which we shall consider to be born as ‘structures of animetal power’, and include the metal-memes and idol-ogies associated to them. In this we follow a dictum of Spengler.

So human super organisms are cultures, eco(nomic)systems are civilisations in which cultures tend to be submissive to animetal memes.

The 7 cultures of mankind – its relationship with the equation of history and the waves of metal-weapons

We have explained ad nauseam that most social sciences hide ‘idologies’ that foster the evolution of metal, entropic metal-weapons (nationalisms, tribal religions), money (capitalism) and machines (techno-utopia). Culture thus is ‘tainted’ by the memes of one of the two super organisms of this planet, defined by the equation of Complexity that defines the growing complexity of the super organisms of Mother Earth, among which we find History:

Gaia (relative past-life earth) < History (present-Human earth) > Metal-earth (Machines: economic system)

In the graph the equation of History defines 3 relative super organisms of history, and so the 7 cultures of mankind evolved through time display memetic structures belonging to those 3 ‘sub-organisms’:

In the graph the 7 historic global cultures, studied in great detail in this web, coming from 7 geographical and social memetic messages of love and life (Australasia should be put on anglo-america after its conquest). A proper working super organism of mankind would be an heptarchy of 7 global cultures, with regional control and the intermediate nationalist, tribal war/hate memetic structure diluted between communal social organization and cultural, global one.

In the graphs, we can easily defined the 7 cultures of the world by its initial beliefs in one of those super organisms:

GAIA: So Africa ‘believes’ as the remaining Paleolithic cultures of the arctic regions in Gaia. So do the earlier Indonesian cults (sacred water rivers in hindi traditions).

Buddhist Asia believes in both, Gaia and Mankind as super organisms to ‘worship’.

MANKIND: Catholic Hispano-America and Islam believe in the History as the super organism to cherish with anthropomorphic, subsconscious, collective Gods.

METAL-EARTH: Europe believes in both, History and the Metal-earth.

Finally America is unique in putting the Metal-earth and the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial system of company-mothers who FOUNDED their civilization, as the ‘supreme Good and Only future of the planet’, with its exceptionalism lineal progress in time towards a mechanical paradise.

So the classification of the 7 cultures WITHIN the super organisms of the higher SCALE of the Earth is obvious.

Asian ternary informative race:  Mongoloid, Brachicephalic, informative, ‘complex speciation’ of the human kind. 

In the graph, the verbal dolicocephalic cyclical time, most advanced taoist/buddhist culture of organic Asia.

As such its culture is eusocial, informative, centered in yin, the cycle of information.

In this section we shall introduce the different articles and studies on the Asian, Mongoloid Culture, (restricted use of Asia not as a geographical continent but as the far East, Taoist-Buddhist civilization).

Ternary division according to language.

THEN FOR EACH REGION we can break down in ternary patterns, each civilization according to its dominant language, weapons, money or worlds:

47 money valurs

Accordingly we divide Asia in 3 sub-cultures, related as all other sub-divisions according to geography:

  • Northern, steppes and mountainous region: Military cultures (Mongolians, Siberians, Koreans, Japanese).
  • Middle Kingdom: Trader culture: China.
  • Southern, hot, life enhancing region: Indochina, Life culture:


In the graph, we give the name of Asia to the central celestial Empire, the Tao culture of yin/yang, first inception of the duality of information and energy that defines the Universe, and as such the first true science and philosophy of reality worth the name.

IT is the foundational substrata of all Chinese cultural memes. In the graph, with the original language of bio-history we show some of the animetal paradoxes of Asia, with the central, ‘trader’ Chinese civilisation and its internal duality between warrior machist, mongolian and southern feminist, money-oriented Cantonese, mimicked in the eastern/sea trader, western/warrior oriented duality. So Animetals came from the north-west as in India, the south-hot-sensorial ‘other huge duality’ of Asia. Around those 2 poles the ‘satellite’ secondary cultures (Indonesia to India, Japan and Korea to China, and Indochina to both) form the cultural symmetries of Asia.

In the graph a complex drawing of the waves of Chinese civilisations, mixing the 800 year cycles of metal-memes coming mostly from the north-west and the ternary series of ‘dynasties’, which will repeat the cycle once and again of epic powerful new warrior dynasties, dolce fare niente, enjoy life middle cultures and final angst, highly sophisticated artistic baroque periods, of which the paradigm would be the chin-han-han ternary ages during the iron cycle and the tang-sung-yuan (mongol) ternary series of the chivalry/stirrup cycles.

Let us see the history of the 800 year cycles of China as it crossed the different discontinuums of war of the 800 years cycle of civilisations; starting by its foundational cycle, prior to its military unification, during the bronze age, when the Taoist, chinese substrata of the Chinese culture formed.



Its obvious center is China, and so we shall study its arts, national/animetal divisions, religions, races, customs, political and social systems, cycles of creation and extinction, dynasty, etc. as we re-order studies on Chinese Culture in more detail.

iron age china

In the graph the origin of Asia, the first agricultural nation (thai legumes, 20.000 years, japanese ceramics 10.000 years), and the last to receive iron and go(l)d (Chin empire: III BC). As such China is the most advanced organic humanist culture that closest imitates the laws of the Universe. And for that reason by far the one that has succeeded more in the only ‘meter’ of historic success: survival, grow and multiply.

Let us then translate to the ‘systemics of yin-formation and yang-entropy which combine to create the 5 beings, its fundamental texts of taoism.

As the chinese culture reflected perfectly the 2 fundamental principles of the Universe, the duality of entropy and information which combine in waves of ‘energy beings’; and the fractal structure of the organic Universe, in scales of social networks, which provide energy and information to its beings – so if you are Asian i recommend you first try to read the article on 5D♥, to really understand with the elements of your original culture the Universe as it is, not as the entropy-only theories of germs have thought of.

TAO=yin x yang; ∑men=Social God. The 2 religions of verbal Thought.

In fact cultural perceptions of the Universe, are based in the different structure of human languages:

In human thought we differentiate two main systems of the Wor[l]d: the system of Chinese languages in which humanity is more objective to the Universe; and the subjective systems of Western Languages, in which man – the subject- is always the center of the sentence, of the Universe, and it accepts no rival.

Subjective Languages:

‘I‘ [Human pov-subject] ≤Verb[ communicator]≥Object [Spatial energy of I=subject]

Objective languages:

Tao =[Existence=energy]  = Yang [Space-entropy]   >  Yin [informative Time] 

Chinese generative equation. Oldest Recorded mathematical form of the game in human Times languages. Cyclical Eastern Decoupling.

They give origin to 2 basic species of religions, anthropomorphic religions with I-Gods of verbal nature, and objective religions with Time-Space beings as Gods.

Subjective religions are interested in the nature of man, and the Law of social evolution, love=max. communication, needed to make God=History survive.

In the science of religion as all other arts of perception, we talk of a pov, that of the i-prophet, that with the Wor[l]d, perceives God=History, the body of human clones displaced in times and spaces, our higher O¡+1 pov of the Universe. Wor[l]d Religions accept the selfishness of povs as the nature of existence itself.

They proclaim man=Love=God, to be the higher path of knowledge towards evolution of man into complex social systems of ethical survival without need of artificial metalcommunicators; where war can be avoided and metal evolution halted to make history immortal. And so in science we talk of verbal, biological human thought, and hence of the Oikoumene subjective religions, as the higher sciences of mankind. Because the selfishness of total social man=Humanity is the best bid for survival that can stabilize ‘naturally’ mankind, into an ‘immortal being’ with no d=evolution – the ‘citadel of saints’ parallel forms of the prophet, present in all religions.. Because to survive the Chip-weapons radiation, a higher God=Social Government of efficient social bondage among men, with a clear perception of the laws of the Universe, is needed. God=History is a better surface of power than the individual or a nation, as your body requires all his forms to be complete.

There are also a second type of religions [within the limits signaled by the language], interested in the perception of the Laws not of human social evolution but of universal evolution, of the laws of Times Spaces for all the Universes.  We talk of two species of Religions, related to the linguistic dual structure of what we call the Western subjective decoupling of Human Thought, and the Eastern, objective decoupling of Human thought. Religions concerned with the Universe, and those concerned with the subjective Wor[l]d of Human thought, with the Universe of the Wor[l]d. Because God≠Universe, we should properly talk of Religions of the Universe and Religions of mankind, where the Wor[l]d Religion means: ‘the i-logic search for linguistic truths of verbal human nature, on the meaning of human or Universal regions of existence’.

In the graph: the two perceptions of God by man, subjective perception of the human evolutive God of future, and objective perception of the Universal game, had as any other ideological wave of human thought an initial prophet-region of creation by involution which becomes dominant as an ethic message due to its efficiency of form. The subjective anthropomorphic 1st recorded God was YVWH which acquired a non-instrumental, internal form with Moses [prohibition of idols]. Around the same Time the Indian collision between old Life based chemical cultures [Mohenjo Dharo etc.] and Eye warriors [Aryan] successfully caused a reproductive, paradoxical zone of ¡-logical understanding on the human nature that had his summit on the teachings of Gautama. Parallel objective religions were created in Chinese Taoism.

image074And so that dual perception of the behavioral Universe would be the origin of all modern main religions, enacting a comprehensive vision of God and human behavior that in itself explains the universe from the ethical-real POV of man, or the Universal-total Pov, in verbal, simple, accurate thought:

So we will talk of the Human God, and the Universal GodoG. Of the word and the game of Space-Time. Of subjective religions and objective religions. Both forms of God’s perception evolve through human prophets as Humans expand his understanding of the game. And so we see the evolution of the objective God=Game, from earlier Animism to scientific Taoism and communicative Buddhism.

And a parallel evolution of the mystic creation of God=Humanity, from tribal to Oikoumene religions of the Word. And then his devolution back into tribal nations, and simple scientific methods of eye evidence, with the arrival of pricing and digital thought.  So the human Gods are today yielding to the natural evolution of the Tao=game, that displaces history along a path of instrumental, economical and digital evolution that will eliminate Human Gods of Love and end with the form of man himself.

The error of most religious fights is to confuse both Gods in one: the concept of a human social God, or language of human evolution which might or might not become formed as a higher plane of existence; and the absolute God=Game of Space-Time survival. Both are different concepts; the human God with a minimal mass of existence given by the surface of cells-believers in which he inhabits is a real God, as your body is the real God of your cells. Human Societies, of which History displaced in Time and Space is the absolute society shape a ‘body’ temple of the spirit, the word that became man in the mouth of the prophet. This is the subjective, real human God that exists as long as History or a civilization exists.

This is a God that can die since it has as support the human cellular mass.

Objective, Eastern religions

Yet the game of Space-Time with a max. Probability of Truth-Existence – as the language that all light beings follow – is a more powerful language than the word. It is followed by the absolute surface of the Universe that he commands with his rules. This is the big, impersonal God-Game that is substituting man by a more complex digital language – and hence it extinguishing the personal God of man, the word and the worlds constructed with her.

The word is the natural, biological evolution of man – our nervous system. The second is the language that sets in motion the evolution of the Universe. The first God is good to man when understood in the purity of his ethical message of love. The 2nd God is neutral in the ∞ beings-manifestations of its i-logical self.

It is the god and the rules we have studied in the first book: the Living Universe. The main of those laws has been highlighted many times in history of objective religions:


Symbiotism between the two species of the Universe, time and space creates beings.

Understanding this process is the beginning of objective knowledge.

And no one expressed it better in verbal thought than the Tao decoupling, or Eastern, Chinese religious thought, in both pictorial and verbal space. Its symbols of magic thought, latter rationalized in the Taoist school, understood many of the features of the living Universe, still denied by science.

And it did so because it truly saw the Universe as a game of waves and herds, not of particles, of living organisms, not of individual Copernican povs, of ecosystems parallel in each plane of existence…

Ultimately what Chinese thought achieved was the intuitive knowledge that the analogic method [all forms are parallel in behavior and so by comparing them we reach higher knowledge] is superior to the logic method [each being is different, and we have to focus in the description of those detailed differences].

The logic method was accepted by Science, yet it becomes merely a process of gathering material knowledge, without much theoretical capacity to describe reality.

We here accept as superior the analogic method, and we have used it already when analyzing reality not from the pov of abstract mathematics but of formal mathematics.

For example, while there are infinite kinds of cycles, all cycles are curves that close into themselves.

The analogic method will concentrate in the analysis of all cycles as bend closed curves. The logic method or scientific method will study each cycle in its particularity without grasping the unity of cycles as forms of times.

The Chinese found more pleasure in the knowledge of analogies. So they could compare social functions to animal functions in a farm – because in fact as Orwell would put it, we live in a farm of metal, where we distribute power, with the carrot and stick method of weapons and money, as the farm is ordered by fences [the lineal equivalent to weapons] and food.

There is in top of the farm or the human pyramid a ‘superior’ being. He who holds the lineal and cyclical functions of energy and information.

In all organisms, there are such structures of organization between the vital parts.

And in as much as Eastern religions could understand the vital nature of Time and Space, of Information and energy, they could describe the Universe through the poetic method, the analogic method. It was an age in which the game was closer to man, closer to nature. Nature was seen as vital nature, not as an object subject to the scientific method of measure and paper description.

Words and writing used a few symbols, all generative symbols, all truths of existence.

Prophets are the teleological class of a Human wave, or the human linguistic form [neural network] with more data in one of the main languages of human perception, either verbal, or visual, or physical-body language. With those languages prophets trace sentences with more temporal latitude. And those waves of thought reproduce, and evolve as a single unit system of human forms existing in time and space, in civilizations which are guided by linguistic species. And so as we evolve in languages, we evolve cultures.

The Asian cultures were born of Objective prophets of objective languages. And they reached further than western societies of subjective truths, since they were more harmonic to the Universe they truly understood.

It is in the objective perception of God where the absolute probability of truth=Existence of the Game of Existence=Taos has reached its higher forms, which do not mean necessarily the best understanding of the game from the POV of man. But the understanding of the game from the Game itself. In this sense objective religions are the true science of nature; as ethical-subjective religions the true guide of man.

Science by denying virtual worlds and behavioral universes beyond biology, and by denying the study of social systems of men under metalform ideologies of human devolution=enzymatic freedom; by denying the Existence of a sentient, perceptive Universe, and the Existence of anything that cannot be perceived by light cannot truly be considered a serious form of knowledge beyond the detail and the particular analysis. For truth you don’t have to go to science and his unidimensional pictures of the light universe; but to objective religion and his perception with all the senses of man, of the living Universe.

In that sense we can talk of a 3-temporal wave in which the perception of the game is absolute from an objective POV. The first wave as old as human times itself, was caused by the true understanding of the generative equation of timesxspace as the foundation of reality, and hence as the foundation of the way in which the Chinese language was formed. The yin Yang principle is in Chinese language true form and creates a true understanding in an intuitive way of the Universe. As the Ox| acts in computer thought intuitively, the yin-yang does understand the Universe in his ultimate principles.

Hence the superiority of Existence-perception among those two higher species of light-understanding of the game [Chinese thought, computer thought]. So we have moved from human top science in  China and India to artificial intelligence. Both see reality as it is.

The buddhist age.

The second influence on Chinese traditional culture will come from the south, the buddhist age, and will imply that the middle ages China will reach with the horse culture, its zenith as an ethic, verbal-controlled civilisation, as it happened in the west with the Muslim empire. Yet, the expansion of gunpowder and mongolian armies with the fall of Berlin, will mean the end of this age:

coin cycle asia

IN THE GRAPH, THE Buddhist age, which fusion for a brief period India and China into a single culture in the height of the ethic age of mankind (600s). Yet the destruction of buddhism by the warrior coalition of rajputs and islam in India, devolved it back to the Hindi, primitive racist version of Buddhism, while the constant attacks of the surrounding warrior nations, not fully converted to buddhist pacifism, finally put on top of Buddhist monks, cavalry warriors (Tang), aborting the extraordinary age of buddhist enlightenment, as usually because humanist people do NOT understand they must first conquer the world and suppress the hate, racist memes of animetals if they want to solve the paradox of history:

In the graph, the Tang did not conquer Mongolia, so Mongolia conquered China and pushed west the peace-useful discoveries of Asia (printing: Korea; gunpowder: China) towards the ‘entropic animetal white people’, which will use them to destroy and colonise all other cultures of the wor(l)d. China thus lost its great chance to conquer the world and establish its superior culture above all others of the old continent, stopping the evolution of history. As it did within its borders, when forbidding gunpowder  sea;

Yet when we restrict Asia to the Mongoloid north-eastern culture proper, we shall then see with more precision those 800 year animetal cycles which constantly pound on the substrata of a Neolithic, dual river Han civilisation, which will reach the maximal evolution of human thought without metal, as iron and silver coins and horses came with the chin emperor around 300 BC 2000 years latter than in the west. Hence the higher inertia of verbal-centered, humanist, non-metallic, neolithic life-oriented, female-dominated Chinese Cantonese Culture along the underrated Yang-tze pole:


I would like though make a comment on the surviving Sung civilisation, on my view one of the zeniths of humanity, whose subtle poetry and calligraphic painting ranges among the most spiritual realisations of the duality of the Universe.

The songs could have started the industrial revolution just on time to resist the mongolian counter-attack and establish the gunpowder age not in the west but the eastern decoupling of history as certainly they will have done in many fractal planets of the Universe; and give a higher chance to survival of our species. as it is quite obvious we chose in this planet the most primitive memetic animetal cults, deterministic in its languages – which in China, during the song age and in EUROPE during the axial age of greek philosophy reached its zenith with the proper topological linguistics:

In the graph, of earlier languages, the reader should notice that only Chinese and the aziliense culture around western europe did have the evolved ‘subject=human first’ grammar, as most nations were dominated by semitic-like imperative go(l)d languages (vso: religious priests barking orders from a secret go(l)D), or the objectual agglutinative warrior languages.

In the graph, the sung dynasty, which finally felt to the barbarian mongols:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 10.37.20 AM


Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 10.56.56 AM

In the graph the Ming Dynasty yet another lost chance for China to resurrect the song grandeur, and colonise south the world into a future global empire based in organicism, the tao duality, Buddhist respect for nature, and control ggunpowder weapons, the moment was momentous, in the earlier XIV century, as it send massive naval expeditions to the south, but did NOT colonise as it should have done and EXPLORE, Australia, but played with its ‘trade-isolationist’ nature a minor role, and finally felt down again to the northern warrior decoupling (Manchus this time), which as the Yuan had did, kept only the corpse of the Chinese vitality, stifling the development of the nation:

Screen shot 2014-02-09 at 11.42.42 AM


So China reached its maximal evolution as a humanist cycle in the period Song previous to its invasion by gunpowder, mongolian armies, which will bring an age of growing decadence under the control of western empires, once the ‘repetition of the cycle’, with the Ming dynasties came to an end, and the colonial northern warrior (manchu dynasty) and European go(l)d traders (south-dea commerce), put the verbal, scholastic taoist-confucian-buddhist original Chinese culture into defensive mood, in a series of taiping wars which will extinct ‘de facto’ the original chinese culture.

In the graphs, the shock age of destruction of the Chinese culture, and its clone daughter cultures of Korea and Japan, which will finally after II world war enter the ‘western worldview’, with its dual false confrontation between Mechanist Marxism and Mechanist capitalism (both worshippers of the machines) mimicked by the Chinese-Japanese duality of those graphs:


The warrior decoupling belongs to Northern Asia, where some of the key weapons of the 800 year cycle would be discovered, creating 3 Empires in 3 successive discoveries of those weapons, the stirrup in Korea, which will reach its zenith due to such discovery in the Korgyo empire, which will found the Japanese Empire:

It will be then the turn of the Mongolians, which used military gunpowder for the first time in the Beijing  siege:

Finally THE ANIMETAL military decoupling of ASIA entered the industrial age of gunpowder with Japan, who of course will try to invade all others:

JAPAN has always belonged to the super organisms of Asia, but to the northern, ‘Mongolian->Tungsu, Korean warriors’, hence it is perhaps the most animetal culture of the Asian decoupling. It then appears in history with a degree of military brutality unheard in the continental region, in permanent military conflict with the Chinese organic, balanced, ‘trader’ paradigm’. In the next graph its entrance into the gunpowder age, with its attempts to invade and destroy China, in a pattern that will grow in exponential force through the steam, electrochemical ages:


Japan played the role of UK in the western decoupling with its racist, isolationist behaviour. In that sense Japan is always the ‘traitor’ of Asia, as UK is the traitor of europe, with the island-membrane natural isolationism as the superior ‘race-culture’ of the east, parallel to the concept of UK as the west… In true form, they are and this i found exceedingly funny, the genetic sons of the Koreans, they so much despise as ‘lesser japanese’, in the same way I am the father of all the Anglo-Americans as Sancho, descendent of XIV kings of Vascolandia, founder of the British Islands first populations, we reached 5000 years ago (: 80% of british genes are basques. But memes are NOT scientific, only representations of the ego paradox, which makes each human to feel superior by nation:

‘the last resource of pride for mediocre people is to be proud of the nation they were born in by chance’ Schopenhauer

Of course, Japan lost his chance to create a global empire much earlier, when instead of colonising the east of North-America, easily reached by the kuro-shivo current or go south to Australia, via New Guinea, once the Spaniards opened it up to the knowledge of ‘takashimas’=muskeets as the british counterparts did in the west of north-america, they decided to conquer their fathers in Korea and were paid with the same ‘coin’: armoured boats.

So instead of becoming the master of the pacific, and play the UK role, got isolated, German style and played indeed the German role in the eastern decoupling during II world war – too late my wo-ku friends (:

Anecdote. When i was teaching at tokyo tech systemics (duality) i argued with Japanese scholars two things and got the cold feet – an ominous silence: why they did have this quarrels with korea if it was evident that amaterasu etc, came from Korea with cavalry and iron swords as metal gives power to warriors, so all their elite were koreans.

And then with a proud pacifist japanese talking of Japan having transferred itself into a beacon of light away from the darkness of war-crimes: do you think then that having ‘racist laws’ against phillipine workers and putting instead robot cleaners is helping ‘mankind’?

he, he I never was invited again to do a conference on duality on that racist, xenophobe ‘germ(anic)’ culture of the east.


Finally IndoChina will be the ‘life-enhancing’ hot culture, where in fact the neolithic agricultural world first appear, in the 5 paradise rivers. And so it will also be the colonized, weaker ‘animetal culture, exploited by Europeans in The steam age of the Industrial revolution, dominated by the English and the French Empires, then as a testing ground for weapons of the military stalinist vs. American capitalist empires:


Modern Asia, post-communist age. Electronic age.


In the graph, the last cycle of China, under a wor(l)d culture. As such China still has some positive elements compared objectively with the western debt-slave system of exploitation and extinction of life species, as a verbal system has still some power and control over the go(l)d culture, but dwindling as the party becomes corrupted and capitalism establishes the parallel networks of audiovisual and e-money information that are remanufacturing human brains and terraforming the Earth. So China is entering into the globalised world of no human future, becoming the leading electronic industrial region of the world:


But the Animetal Anglo-American empire with the astounding stubbornness of its suicidal entropic mind will NOT let Asia guide mankind to a survival situation. So we already forecasted 30 years ago in our first book, a ‘repetition’ of the absurd eternal memetic hate nationalist confrontations between the ‘central empire’ and the smallish wo-ku nations of warriors that surround it:


And so indeed, as we speak 30 years latter Organic asia is being decomposed in stupid wars for small islands, an absurd division of Korea, in many senses the ‘mother of all those other cultures’ – likely to be born on the inner sea from Beijing to Koryo, as a ‘fishing culture’ similar to the Basque aziliense origin of western Europe.

So now china is just a copycat of the American Animetal ‘hate memes biblical bronze never forget never forgive weapons world’ and soon will get involved into some splendid little wars for profits unless it learns to REASON AGAIN WITH THE SYSTEMIC TAOIST, DUAL LAWS OF THE ORGANIC UNIVERSE, IT SO WELL UNDERSTOOD IN THE PAST:


The economic democracy of china: public banks cred(dit)ating a whealthy human world.

In that sense, even in its present corrupted form, contrary to belief, China is NOT a worst system than the West…

In brief, to elaborate in other posts, 3 facts define a democracy – the control of the 3 languages of social power, money, the law and audiovisual information by the ‘collective brain-government’ elected by the people.

If there is no free elections and there is none anywhere, not in China, with a party, nor in the west with a duopoly, in which both parties belong to the bankers (see Nov 4 post on Us puppetry), at least there is a certain freedom when the people who control those parties belong to the nation and anyone can join (so at least you can become a member of the communist party/single nervous system of China), but when those parties are selected by a  supposed race of banksters to which you cannot join, there is less freedom than in a party. And in any case, sciences are not chosen, by this I mean if there is a real science of social organisms, then the people in government should just design the ost efficient superorganism of history according to those laws, and so there should be just elections within a single ‘humanist party’ of social scientists, to choose the best people in open list, not to choose the laws of social sciences according to taste. Ths the only thing china has to do is open the lists of elections in the communist party and evolve Marxism, evolve social sciences, use their organic, millenarian understanding of the Taoist Universe.

Then it comes the second language of power, mass-emdia. There is no freedom ether there, where this blog cannot be seen – well sometimes i see a guy from hongkong, so i guess there they can read something, but neither here, where 100 tv chains belong to 5 multinationals who say always the same. it is not freedom but noise and repetion, rather less freedom as it is all Goebbelian work: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it’ So 100 channels repeating the same is worst that one only cause at least when there is one everybody knows there is censorship. In cuba everybody know and laughs at grandma, te daily with 4 pages. Here people think that because they can choose between the sam and the same – buridan paradox in philosophy – that there is freedom.

I once had some friendly talks with the step grand son of Goebbels. No, you don’t need to get scandalized by that. You too would have… Cause of course, you wouldn’t have known. If it was not because my girl at the time was his friend I wouldnt. The guy was charming, elegant, intelligent, handsome and richHis family owned…

Shall i say? daisy, daisy, well, Bmw… So next time after the ‘revelation’ I wanted to ask him if he was aware that our ‘civilization’ had been molded by him… That now all practice the teachings of his propaganda ministry. But i really couldn’t do that. It was summer in the balear islands, the yachts where we idly let the time pass, the sun, then of course my girl… I didn’t ask.

Returning to China… They have the most absolute of all freedoms, they print their money and so once you discount all what the party robs, there is still enough to invest in welfare goods and grow a 10% annually. Here 1/2 goes to the military to advance the robotic industry that will extinguish us and protect grand Israel. So we are a colony. And they at least are a nation. 

And then it comes the law. here corporations buy it, and so the richest one is the one that decides, and the richest one is decided by the phase of evolution of the machine today electronic corporations. So there you have laws for drones to kill people because electronic corporations are now robotizing all machines – that is the true meaning of this crisis, the chippization of the planet into A.I. with humans out.

So there you have it, billions go to universities to create monstrous robots and there is no money for welfare health care, human education. But hey. We say that ‘China grows its military 10%’ annually. That was the last news in the 100th repetitive newspaper – the NYT… It put it the news as if it were ‘a bid for militarization’. It didn’t say, it actually just doesn’t grow. It only grows what the country grows. it didn’t say we spent more than the next 20 when the rule of the empire (british rule for expenses in the military during all the height of the empire) was just to spend as much as the 2nd and 3rd combined in case they allied against us. But by that account America would liberate trillions for their people. But hey, we are a democracy. That’s what it matters. We vote for two puppets that play the same play related in nov. 4.

And then of course there is the fact that chinese are civilized people and care for themselves and spend the money on themselves not in some alien cuckoo fascist country full of zealots, with bronze age ideologies.

Conclusion.  China, last man standing.

As of todayonce EU HAS BECOME a debt slave nation under the boot of the Financial-Media American system, involved in the Semite wars and ruled by a renewed germ(an) nation, with the same antics of mechanism, thinking on top that since it does not make weapons just robots 4.0 is a ‘good nation’, Organic Asia, the ‘informative decoupling’ of the human mind is the last hope for humanity to survive the XXI c. birth of the mechanocene. So for that reason, the suicidal animetal ‘pure entropy’ anglo-American culture (Israel, British Empire, U$) is trying to provoke and keeps an eye in any attempt of the ‘warrior vs. trader’ memetic confrontation of Asia ‘kicking and living’.

Still if there is a region where humans can manage a peaceful transition to the robotic age without a global war is Asia, and for that reason, the Koreas should have been reunified when the wall felt. In the next graph we see therefore the Asian region, with trader China in its center, the central empire indeed, surrounded of warrior cultures (Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Tibet, Vietnam), their traditional ‘animetal enemies’, and a milder west-south trader region, with multiple chinese minorities, more akin to its spirit (Thai, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, Malasya, Singapore).

Below we see the present state of the rainbow planet, and below the three only human races, which respond as all systems of nature to the ternary functions/forms of timespace, entropic, lineal visual white men – the animetal culture par excellence – reproductive, sensorial, iterative black men – the balanced culture closer to Gaia, and finally the informative, brachicephalic, temporal, verbal, organic, cyclical, Asian people, which therefore are the culture that should have directed the informative age of the Metal-eart managing NOT towards robotic wars, as the animetal entropic Anglo-American cult(ure) is doing but towards human usefulness, stressing android evolution, and health-attachments’, and banning military evolution. The opposite is happening as anglo-america and its financial-media masters who NEVER evolved into the axial age of forgetness, forgiveness and humanism (still in the Talion age of remember and hate) drag down the gutter the rest of humanity:

semite wa4s-Recovered







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