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∆±¡≈∑ ∏


INTRODUCTION. Reproduction is the name of the game:  Max.∑e ∏i≈st.

II. Epistemology: Rashomon 5D p.o.v.s on Reproduction: ∆ð≤∑e x∏ i≥S@

III. Proofs in all ∆ Planes

∆¡>|2|. Reproduction in Physical systems.

∆¡<|3|. In Biological systems.

∆i≈1,2. In Historic ecosystems.




We find the undeniable fact that all systems reproduce, the highest action-goal of survival. But to reproduce we have to emit a seminal seed, ∆-1 which will then clone and organize till emerging as a whole. But that is exactly the definition of a travel through the fifth dimension, that maintains co-invariant the Space and time, size and speed parameters of the being. Indeed, think of yourself, traveling through the fifth dimension as you live.

You are born with faster time cycles as a seminal seed and very small spatial size. then you keep reproducing, reorganizing internally your networks, and slowing down as you need first to synchronizes your actions as a whole to enact them outside. And so as you grown in spatial populations, you diminish in speed of action-reaction to the environment (ultimate justification of 5D metric), because you are first ‘arguing between cells with hormonal languages and nervous fire forward and back, or as a human talking into the group or as an atom sharing forces, how to act as a whole, by force slower than the single faster being.

Thus as we live we travel through the fifth dimension, reproducing, growing, slowing down and finally emerging into ∆ø levels: 

And so now we have another kaleidoscopic view on the dimotion of reproduction=iterating, which is the name of the game. REPRODUCTIVE processes are THE VERY DEFINITION OF Traveling through the fifth dimension.

The study of the world cycles of superorganisms in terms of traveling through the 5th dimension is thus another way to explain the same, according to the Rashomon truths:

Equal, reproduced forms start to move in 5D, as they keep completing world cycles that start with simpler ∆±¡ actions, the a priori condition for reproduction (perception, motion towards a field of energy feeding which allow the being to store ‘∆-1 substances’ to perform the equations of reproduction across 2 scales, from seminal ∆-1 to ∆o as the iteration of clones and its memorial palingenesis, or organization of its forms through its social evolutionary paths finally emerge into a new being –  a clone, ∆ø of its parental forms.

But once you are born, a new cycle of Existence happens> You then move through the ∆+1 world in which the monad singularity is merely a point that might try if ambitious to reach a higher status in the 3-layered class-organic structure of the world as a super organism. But it will likely fail to achieve the higher perfect o-1 ‘time-sphere’ emergence from infinitesimal into perfect whole that happened when observed in detail during the generational seed>fetus>new born ternary ages of the first life cycle.

Life is indeed a displacement through the flows of the fifth dimension, with similar scales and baguas (sub cycles) happening in triads and duets of $t≤∑∏≥§ð elements.

To travel your body is to iterate your mind (both are the perception by body and mind of the same phenomena). Travel=iterate= MAX. ∑ E X ∏ I, MAXIMIZE your existential force, your vital space and temporal energy  is the game all play. But it requires to send to entropy a micro-flow of energy processed as motion… Traveling as the meaning of exi≈st¡ence is then moderated by the chances to be processed in the paths we choose oriented by our §ingularity.

Exist¡ence can be then perceived as pure motion, or pure perception,normally it is a series of stop/space and go/time beats of different types of ‘dimensions and motions’ of space and time.

So a stop and go, t->$->$->t->∏->S… variations make the game as complex as you might imagine. It is then necessarily painstaikingly relate all possible motions to those observed experimentally and logically sound according to the ¬Æ-logic of the fractal Universe.




The 5 Dimotions of timespace as actions of existence. 

Because of the reductionism of physics to a single locomotion arrow, which due to its simplicity can be calculated with maximal precision physicists tend to be arrogant to other sciences, thinking they know it all about time. Fact is they ignore everything about 4 of the 5 arrows of time.

The i-logic of the Universe is pentagonal, meaning times have always 5 ‘paths of future’ a system can choose. Time is MOTION=CHANGE, what physicists study is a single time ‘arrow’ of future, locomotion, since Galileo defined ‘speed’ v=s/t with time. So in that so simple view of ‘brief time’ motion is absolutely deterministic. That is the pride of physicists. To think they can determine the motion of beings. And they do. But that is ONLY one motion=change of reality. One path. Call it speed or lineal inertia, say it is deterministic or a ‘conserved quantity’.

That would be though a boring Universe. From that ‘reduced’ Universe physicists have come to truly think they know it all – hence their belief they are soo intelligent that transpires in the attitude of so many of them…

The second arrow they discovered latter on, in the XIX century of the 5 TYPE OF MOTIONS was ENTROPY. Entropy is very closely related to lineal inertial motion, but it is let us put it this way the absolute maximal motion in space aptly symbolized with S. Entropy is so much about motion that it becomes explosive, Big Bang, scattering motion. Now the ‘form’ of the being is not even conserved, it is explosive motion that breaks the internal ‘form, information’ of the being. So it is the MOTION OF DEATH. All your parts explode away and your information dies.

So they said the Universe is dying  and they kept on KILLING IT as what they do IS MANUFACTURE MACHINES THAT MOVE IN LINEAL PATHS (TRANSPORTS) OR worse, machines that PRODUCE ENTROPY-scattering motions-death aka weapons.

Let us now blow up your ‘physicist’s’ mind introducing once we have put the theory of time of physicists at face value, the path that physicists should have taken when they discover their fundamental theory of LOCOMOTION, Galilean Relativity, latter improved by Einstein.

The Galilean paradoxes: Continuity or discontinuity, motion or form, flat or curved Universe; Both.

In the XVII c. Descartes founded a mathematical artifice, the cartesian space-time plane, that allowed him to plot time in lineal terms and Galileo used it to define time as a parameter of lineal space-motions, reducing time studies to a single form of change and all its time clock cycles to a single time clock (time-space relativity, v=s/t, time as measure of translation, use of clocks, etc.):


The discontinuity of space and time is the key to unify the laws of sciences that describe different species, which occupy a certain organic space and last a certain time. In the graph, Saturn’s rings are not a mathematical plane made of abstract points, despite their continuous appearance.

When we look at them in detail they become in fact quantic planetoids in movement, tracing orbital cycles around the planet. They illustrate the fundamental paradox of perception:

Any piece of time/space seems continuous, but when we analyze it in detail, it becomes discontinuous, made of space/time quanta moving in cyclical paths.
The key to the Unification of Organic and Physical Sciences is the solution of one of the longest disputes of Physics and Philosophy of Science regarding the nature of space and time: are they continuous as Einstein said or discontinuous as quantic Physics and Biology pretend? Time and Space are not a continuum as Einstein thought.

There are in the Universe infinite clocks, forms of reality that trace discontinuous, temporal cycles; and infinite pieces of spatial energy, quantic spaces, divided by membranes, borders and discontinuities, both in organic and physical entities.

The quantic nature of space and time today accumulates enough proves, despite the respect that Einstein’s work still causes, as to be the cover of prestigious scientific magazines. And it will revolution all disciplines of science, since all of them use those 2 parameters to explain their species and laws.

It also implies the equality between energy and space on one hand, and between time cycles and bits of information on the other. The only real difference between those concepts was the pretended continuity of time and space Vs. the proved discontinuity of information and energy. Thus now we talk of 2 concepts that suffice to explain reality:
- The space and energy of any quantic being, homologous concepts, both in Biology (where we talk of organic space) and in Physics (where the vacuum is considered a form of ‘dark energy’).
- And the bits of information or temporal, genetic memories and cycles of any being.

Since information is stored in memorial patterns that accumulate over time and it is processed in a cyclical manner, as time is. For example, we measure a computer’s informative capacity in Mhz, or quantity of temporal cycles of information the computer processes each second.
The 2 fundamental substances or states of reality are thus spatial energy and temporal information that we will call, when properly combined, temporal energy.
We are made of energy and time, which our mind often perceives as fixed space and fixed information, but are truly organic, moving forms.
And so the analysis of the relationship between fixed space and ‘moving energy’ and between cycles of time and ‘information’ is essential to understand what we are made of, and how we perceive those 2 elements in ourselves:

And we call its perceptive dualities of ‘Endophysics’ the Galilean Paradox, as humans perceive the Earth still as a whole space. But as we increase the quantity of information=truth we perceive it becomes a rotating, moving mass of atomic clocks (‘e pur si muove e pur no muove’).

Definition of a Dimension as motion and distances. The Paradox of Galileo.

The first truism of scalar space-time theory, is the concept of a fractal, scalar Universe that becomes fractal, broken, discontinuous, grows in size, creating new ‘isomorphic scales’ and acquires motion, when we observe it in detail.

Thus the universe of space-time in a less detailed relativistic perception is unique, continuous, still. But in detail, in a quantum vision has motion-’—motions’, it is discontinuous, made of ‘fractal quanta’, which show cyclical clock-like motions – hence it is made of infinite time cycles and fractal spaces, which are organized in scales of size, which grow in information and speed of its rotary cycles when we come closer to them, as fractals do.

And this transition from continuous abstract, ‘background’, absolute space-time to relative, scalar, fractal space and time cycles, with more information of which all things are made is the essential change from classic 4D to 5th dimensional sciences.

The duality of motion-distance is similar to the way we see a car moving in a night picture as a fixed line, or the stop and go duality of a film projector, which is perceived as motion. And it has deep implications, which help to resolve many uncertainties of physics. The next graph illustrates this and other dual paradoxes of endophysics –motion vs. stillness; continuity vs. discontinuity, single space vs. fractal scales, all of which depend on the detail of the observation – hence the quantity of information we have on the object we study:

In the graph, Saturn’s rings, first observed by Galileo, seem continuous, still and bidimensional from far away; but observed in detail they become discontinuous in motion and made of 4D spherical particles.

Moreover, what appears as a single space-time continuum in detail becomes at least 3 scales: that of the rings with cyclical motion, of its particles, the rocks that turn within them and the not seen but known scale of atoms that create the solid networks of those rocks. The ‘present’ state of science deals mainly with the single space-time continuum of the more ‘obvious’ human scale studied in terms of ‘present’=differential motions, ∂t, with minimal latitude of time. The 5th and sixth dimensions deal with a longer duration from the absolute past (birth of the entity) to its absolute future (its death), when evolutions of form, frequencies of multiple åctions and cycles of creation and extinction happen.

The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion state and a still state, together:

All entities exist in a dual state of internal, ‘vital’ space with no relative motion between its parts and external time motion. All has a function in time and a form in space. As Schrodinger’s cat, all is dead and alive…

The Paradox of Galileo explains those dualities of motion and stillness, continuity and discontinuity and the fractal scale of non-Euclidean points, which grow in size and form according to the point of view of the observer. Yet since motion, discontinuity and fractal structure becomes evident as we come closer to the object, increasing our information and the truth of an entity is a direct function of the quantity of information we have of it, a Universe made of motions NOT substances, of discontinuous, fractal space-time, not of continuum fixed space is more truth.

Thus, all systems must, by the paradox of Galileo, be defined in time and space to achieve a complete description of an event. Yet the fractal, discontinuous, moving, scalar description is logically more truth. Indeed, in the formalism of Non-Aristotelian logic, ‘truth=information’ is measured in terms of probabilities and is a function which increases proportionally to our closeness to the entity we study and so it reaches 1, when information and truth become the same only when we occupy the same space-time than the being – that is, as Haldane put it: ‘Only the Universe (or any being) has all the truth (information) about itself’.

So we define the dual nature of dimensions: ‘A dimension is a motion perceived as still extension or distance.’

Hence motions of particles and reproductions of waves can generate dimensions. In the lower scale dimensions are in fact defined by the reproduction of lineal strings, laterally, into bidimensional planes and 3 dimensions by the reproduction of a cyclical closed string into tubes.

In the Universe at large, space is a planar vacuum, teaming with energetic motions that appear at a large scale ‘as fixed’ space-distances (quantum vs. relativistic view); and its ‘units of substance are rotating Galaxies, their time-clocks. Some consequences of this Galilean duality:

– The vacuum of our scale of space-time is made of light, which can be seen as a single sheet of fixed space-distance or as electromagnetic motion at c-speed. Since vacuum is filled even in its minimal energy density by a background radiation light – a fact that explains the creation of virtual particles, the first condensation of ‘—motions’- space into light waves or clocks of time (closed light paths, which start with the ‘first’ clock, the electron, a condensed density of light photons).

– Galileo’s paradox explains the immortality of the Universe, since a Universe made of motions cannot stop.

A key element to understand the Universe of scales and its paradoxes of freedom vs. order is the perspective any mind has of reality when looking above, to its upper whole, which controls it through invisible networks of information, hence creating an elliptic perspective of decreasing perception – dark view of larger scales we do not observe, from invisible informative networks in galaxies to invisible financial networks in societies to invisible nervous networks for cells. On the other hand in the same scale we have a flat, euclidean geometry of maximal perception with minimal distortion. While looking down to our smaller inner world we rule it with networks that break into fractal webs of simultaneous control, or hyperbolic view. This ternary view of reality has immense consequence from theory of knowledge, to mind constructs, from sociology of power to galactic organic models of a Universe ruled by invisible black holes and dark matter. We feel thus free as individuals but are controlled from above by the larger whole and rule over our micro-parts. As Shakespeare said: we are all kings from above, commoners or buffoons.

In the graph, we observe the astounding beauty of the paradoxes of Galileo, as they can be seen in space, time or relative scales, defining THE ESSENTIAL DUALITIES OF FREEDOM AND ORDER. So topology becomes metaphysics.

ALL THIS SAID, there is a huge other field of analysis of time-space, called Evolution, founded by Darwin which deals with the changes in the information of beings. Why? Because indeed, besides the previously analyzed dimotions of locomotion, origin of relativity, and entropy, latter considered in more detail as the synonymous of death and dissolution, (which physicists also merely describe mathematically and confuse with the motion of gases, so we shall work that theme on the sections of physical laws),  there are 3 more ARROWS of time, modes of change, which are THE POSITIVE, CREATIVE, INFORMATIVE, SOCIAL, LOVING ARROWS not the 2 simple, destructive negative, arrows of motion and entropy which they DO study: 3) information 4) reproduction 5)social love, the highest of them.

THE UNIVERSE REINFORCES THE PROGRAM OF THE 5 ARROWS OF TIME with SENSATIONS the ultimate program and as it prefers information to motion, we prefer to love (ARROW of eusocial evolution) to orgasm (arrow of reproduction) to perceive (arrow of information) than to run (arrow of motion) and to kill (arrow of energy feeding).

But are humans the only species that move, perceive, kill to feed on energy, reproduce and evolve socially? Since if at least they were unique as they pretend in those sensations, they could claim to be ‘special’. Fact though is they are NOT. Those 5 ‘dimotions’ of timespace (a better word composed of dimensional motion, to define each of the 5 arrows of time), exist in all systems of Nature, as we can observe them in life. They in fact define the 5 arrows of life in biological terms, as life is defined as a system of 5 Dimotions able to process information, feed on energy, move, reproduce and evolve socially. 

Yet they ARE also the 5 Dimotions of quantum particles, both quarks and electrons, ‘expressed’ by the 4 quantum numbers that code each one, a dimotion of space-time as the attached graph shows:


The minimal particle-points,  electrons and quarks, which construct all other systems of our Universe show the 5 organic dimotions (motions with dimensional form) that define ‘classic life’: they gauge information – reason why quantum physics is a ‘gauge theory’, feed on energy (quantum jumps) absorbing smaller ∆-1 particles, reproducing new clone particles, move and evolve socially through magnetic fields into larger wholes (atoms). Hence the units of life are particles, the minimal units of our vital, organic, fractal, scalar Universe of multiple timespace organisms.

So all systems of the Universe  ARE vital, each one perceiving reality with a different language that mirrors it; topological images in physical systems from bosons to crystals; verbal words in human beings; 4 genetic letters in cells; 4 quantum numbers in particles.

Yet the Universe tries always to be positive: If you realize the only dimension of time the Universe does NOT code is entropy=death, which it treats as a maximal motion that disorders the being.

So there are NOT 5 quantum numbers/genetic code but only 4. Because the same quantum number that codes motion just increases it to create entropy and disorder the system (Principal number that ‘jumps’ in size as the particle ‘feeds’ on a force and disorders it). The oxygen that moves the cell also as a free radical destroys it, cars going fast kill you in accident, etc.

DEATH is the needed  error of the Universe NOT desired by the program. 

For that reason it lasts only  a ‘single quanta of time’ (whereas a quanta of time IS for any ∆±¡ super organism, the ‘tic’ of a ‘cell/atom/individual’ of its lower, ∆-¡ scale, for biological, physical or social organisms).

So you die in a second, your relative time-clock quanta the time of 1 thought=glimpse in your head, 1 beat of your body-heart, 1 step of your limbs… And the rest of your existence is life-lasting… 

Same with the conundrum of antiparticles (entropy=death arrow of particles): they die in an instant, so we see far less antiparticles because the product of its numbers in space x duration in time is so short, while particles live almost for ever. Same reason you don’t see corpses around.  Death is the shortest possible arrow.

This is LEIBNIZ: ‘THE UNIVERSE is the most perfect of all worlds possible’.

Each entity is therefore a Timespace organism of 5 Dimotions and ALL try to achieve as the goal of the sentient organic Universe the ‘highest dimotion’ of social evolution. So particles come together into atoms that come together into molecules that come together into planetary and life organisms that come together into galaxies that come together into the organic networks of the Universe.

ONLY man obsessed since physicists took over as high priests of time with its shallow ‘brief history’ of those  ‘deep arrows; made of the LOWER actions=dimotions of life, entropy and locomotion the meaning of its existence. Because he has shown himself unable to love even his own species and emerge as a social global organism as even the smallest particles do becoming social atoms…


IN THE beginning you were asymmetric, amorphous, potential for the construction of form over your vital energy enclosed in a regular membrane.

From that first seed as so obvious in plants, a simple, perfect diagrammatic expression of the world cycle of exist¡ence, in relative static space, as pure form, shows how indeed from the circular seed, the ø ASY♣METRIC womb the animal and vegetal poles, distinguish first a dysi♦♦metry between the ‘§ingulariðy’ and ‘limbic $teps’.

| v. O poles of the being depart and then the limbic steps multiply in a parallel sym♥etry. While the neurons of the animal pole form its ∏etworks. And so once constructed made complementary, head and limbs to the mother-womb, the body wave origin of them all, start an anti♠metric relationship with the environment that host them, with whom they try to absorb for ‘free’, information for their head, $t≥I (§ðø) and energy latter converted into Entropy for their limbs: ∆ð¡≥ E ($tø).

So what the organism does is to start a transformation of the information and energy of the outer world into ‘¡ts self’ whatever variety of | xO the self is. What for? you might ask? Not for any reason really, who cares, except that will of existence manifested into a singularity selfish point of view, §@, which IN ITS final linguistic ‘locked-in’ image stores a will of permanence… The cyclical inertia of the Universe, its ‘programmed will to survive and preserve and repeat forms into memorial motions’ comes always as an objective description of the engine of reality that makes each §@ perform frozen instants of broken time§paces.

The dominant dimotion, or action of the Universe is exi, the function of existence, which defines a body-wave in space, (a sum of actions of iteration) as a reproductive function of cellular waves of similar clone species.

To maximize the function of reproduction, e x I, e=I, is best. So the point of balance, in form, is the topology of reproduction, a hyperbolic wave as those of light or women’s bodies are, with up and down, left and right sines and cosines.

Reproduction is the function of existence, orgasm the reinforcing sensation, Max. ∑e x ∏ I= St, the construct of the species into a son replicant of higher energy and information – a new body-wave, which can then adopt the male particle/limb state at any time in the game. The wo=men holds within itself the capacity to replicate also the men species, and so wo=men are the body-wave reproductive status and the limb/particle S>t + t< S, unlike S≤≥T body waves, are not complete beings.

To understand then why the Universe is a reproductive orgasm of body-waves moving in reproductive radiations, while stopping from time to time as particles/potentials to survey the wor(l)d in which it is, we need first to understand:


1st Ðimotion: informative particles/heads: §ð 2 Ð: limb/potential momenta: st.
3rd Ð: ∑e x ∏i: body waves: ∑∏, ST. 4th Ðimotion: entropy: ∂S. 5th Ðimotion: Organic evolution: ∫T.   The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations that render constant the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of any system of Non-Æ points trough the 3 scales in which is possible to travel as an ‘existential being’, in the fifth dimension performing a world cycle. Since for a dimension to exist, there must be a co-invariant quantity, which allows its travel, S x T = K becomes the metric equation of ‘exist¡ence’. Its  constancy is also the origin of the organic nature of reality as it allows the symbiosis of a system through its 3 scales. The travel of existence can also be viewed topologically in a single plane, in which an organism ensembles and exchanges lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum. So we can define all systems as an ensemble of  lineal limbs/potentials that perform its lineal momentum, organised as herds of ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) in superposed additive groups that move the system and dominate its young relative past age. Its second conserved quantity being its vital energy, distributed through  3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, which define the organism proper able to iterate its form into a dynamic present system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems)… finally guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions of ‘existence’ gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its worldcycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.

The first beats of existence.

The first beat of existence is information, the monad perceives. The second beat is motion. The monad moves in angular or lineal momentum.

We have two states to start with space-form and motion-time. Space is the mind-intelligence, motion the constant original substance the minds try to stop.

The mind tries on the other hand to be also in constant motion, switching perspective not to be bored, so stop and go, but as go is reproduction of form, is really inform and reproduce, and reproduction being st, and inform, O-S.

The maximisation of an s=t balance happens obviously with the maximal number of s=t beats, as s and t become equalised by smaller moments and forms of it, the moving reproducing st>t>st>t ‘actual beat’ is sparkled by explosions of Ss,death.


As it happens two immediate consequences of the formulae is that being S=T, the maximising function of S x T (S+t being equal to K, in this case 10 dimensions), what the Universe maximises is Sxt+S=t, which given the relationship between space and information and time and entropy we write as exi+s=t, which is the function of existence of the Universe, maximise your function of existence is what all systems, do.


The simplicity of the first beats of existence, S=t, s=t, and its s=s, t=t apparent congruencies is only the beginning of an incredible adventure, the motions of reproduction of information across the five dimension of space-time that we call reality:

Motion as reproduction of information along the path of a wave.

The Universe reproduces information and it tries to do a perfect replica, and this is the origin of the conservation of present energy, as all systems combine motion=entropy and dimensional form. Yet when the system has too much form and no motion as time never stops it reverses its ‘arrow of time’ and in a single quanta explodes and erases all information, in an entropic big-bang.

So finally all is a zero-sum: entropy=motion is used to reproduce information, and evolves till the dominant arrow of information – call it a galaxy vortex, a technological planet, an ageing human, a species evolving through horizons, warps all the fields of entropy into information. In physical space-time ‘time curves space into masses (Einstein)’:  vortices of charges in lower scales, thermodynamic eddies and crystals in our scale and masses in the cosmological scales.

Thus the overwhelming purpose of the Universe is to maintain, conserve and repeat the ‘momentum’ that combines entropy-motion and vortex of information (charges and masses), of its beings, and its integral through time – or energy conserved in all systems of nature. Present reproductive energy is what the Fractal super organism of the Universe preserves.

For those skeptical readers, in simple terms, a mathematical fractal is defined by a generator equation, which ‘constantly iterates’, reproducing its form in different scales of reality.

And this is exactly what nature does. And the fractal generator of 5D3 written above, to express the ternary topologies of all beings, through its 3 time ages, and co-existing 3 organic scales, is exactly that sought after centuries ‘formula which physicsts’ believe will conceptually resume all space-time events for all fractal beings.

Alas, there you have it a ‘simple fractal generator of 3 x 3 scales, topologies and ages of time’ define all systems of reality as parts or wholes of a super organism in a perfect, infinite, immortal ever balanced between entropy and information, to produce energy cycles, zero sum reality.

So i state that the universe reproduces information; they say the Universe is about motion. Alas, I state then motion is just reproduction of ‘simpler information’ at faster speed.

Indeed, it is evident that all biological systems are about reproduction of genetic form in a lower scale of reality (cellular scale), which then reproduces and evolves, ’emerging’ into a higher scale. It is also evident that our historic civilisations are about reproduction of technological information in a lower ‘dimensional scale’ (blue prints for machines), which then ‘company-mothers’ reproduce.

So the big question left to answer is about physical systems, which are supposed to be about ‘motion’.

You might have heard an important insight of modern physics on the meaning of the limit of c-speed. Nothing can in this lolca part of the Universe – the galaxy – faster than light. There are many angles to study this important issue but now we are interested in the concept that this c-light speed is the limit of reproduction of information as the wave of light imprints vacuum space with its frequency and form.

So even motion is reproduction of form; and this, when extended to  the reproduction of a sperorganism through all the scales of the fifth dimension determines that a being moves faster when less information reproduces. 

In the graph motion has always had a difficult paradox, never clearly solved, of continuity called Achilles paradox; which only has a solution if we consider as quantum physics seem to prove that in the scalar Universe, reproduction of form happens in all scales.

In the right graph we see the actual appearance of a quantum wave, exactly as a reproductive wave, in which each new particle is the stop position reproduced, leaving behind a ‘memorial ghost’ as the previous particle-waves dissolves into the vacuum.

All is a stop and go, form in space time flow of existence, s≤≥t, feed back fractal generator, whose simple development, S≤st+s≥t+st≤≥S+t… series of worldcycles and its reproductions explains it all.

 In as much as particles travel only as waves, WHICH ARE SYSTEMS THAT REPRODUCE INFORMATION.

Then they stop to become particles and gauge information when they ‘stop’. Then they go as waves and reproduce information. Stop and ‘create an upper scale of the fifth dimension’, the particle. Go… stop, as in a movie, where the camera stops the film to focus and gauge its information.


BECAUSE electrons that emit c-speed entangled to other electrons communicate in relative stop position a wave that moves and the electron stopped gauges it. So in the electronic scale YOU DONT ADD motions, to those electrons that stop and go regardless on the larger matter scales that might seem as the camera film to have continuous motion.

To perceive you must be still as when you take pictures: motion blurs information as entropic motion and informative form are the Inverse ARROWS of time, which only energetic reproduction and its m x v momenta mixes and balances and the universe conserves.

And so a new fundamental equation of speed, which takes into account the fractal structure of reality and the true meaning of ‘light speed’, which is speed of transmission of information solves the paradox of the constancy of speed (the reason which when I was a kid, at 8, reading Asimov’s guide to science, came to my mind as the biggest question to resolve in my long quest for ‘whys’.

So we write: V=S/Ti: that is speed is speed of transmission of information.

So we change the canonical definition of time in Galileo (and Einstein’s refinement) substituting the term of time for information: v=s/Ti. Thus the being with more form has lesser speed as it moves in stop-reproduction of form through motion-stop. And when the system has maximal density of form, obviously there is more to reproduce across all its scales of the fifth dimension, from its particles, through atoms, molecules, matter/cells, super organism  etc. While the maximal speed is that of light, because it has the MINIMAL information to reproduce.

And then gravitation that is invisible to us hence v=s/0 information must be infinite, non-local in speed. And inversely the densest vortex of gravitational information, the black hole IS ALWAYS STILL as it is in its own static frame of reference as the most attractive vortex of time.  So when a black hole appears on earth:

It will absorb very fast the planet because it is a ‘seed’, of minimal size and maximal time cycles. Which Hawking’s equation describe if he had not mistaken the arrow of time to the past evaporating them. On the contrary correction of the arrow of time of its equation towards the future yields an enormous fast growth of the black hole, as it cools down/slows down its clocks, while growing. So that is exactly what will happen: the hot black hole will evaporate us according to the laws of thermodynamics, as hot systems are more active and DO COOL DOWN, DO NOT GET HOTTER. OR your coffee in a colder environment gets hotter? Sooo obvious.

So in the middle between maximal c-speed of reproduction of minimal information and zero speed of maximal black hole information the rest of beings, including us move reproducing all its scales of Information. So when you move your hand through all the scales of being you must reproduce all those scales to finally form your hand. What reproduces is NOT matter but form in motion, in action in-form-a(c)tion.

You are the vital information which becomes imprinted in ever-changing, indistinguishable, repleceable CHNO atoms.

As your ‘real first scale’ of being, as a ternary superorganism of relational space-time, is your ∆-1, cellular genetic scale; formed with ‘any’ indistinguishable CHNO atom.

The particle-wave Beat: cyclical clock-particles enclose lineal energy waves that move them.

In the graph, the fourth and fifth dimension which further expand the lineal motions and informative particle-heads, in pure expansive motion or entropy as wholes dissolve into parts, and viceversa, condensate enclose and focus parts into wholes through a 5D @mind dimension.

The duality of a wave that reproduces st-form along a path and a particle that singularly perceives in stilness gives us the first beat of existence St-t-st-st-t.

The system does is always complementary, with a body-wave that reproduces and moves the system with a particle-head above that stops to perceive. And this will happen across scales of parts and networks, which organise the system in co-existence of scales as organisms do.

Those super organisms then will move through the reproduction of its waves that become ruled by the particle-head of information in a constant stop-perceive/go-reproduce dual s≤≈≥t beat of feed back vital motions.

The st beatings of the Universe define 4 dimensions immediately of motion, s≈S, T≈t,  S<T, T<S, which are the four fundamental motions of the Universe. BEING THE FIFTH DIMENSION, the no motion of them all in the still pure space-time of the Mind, @.

So departing from 4 motions, we must first consider if an S≈s and a t≈T is motion: it is in the scalar growth OR DIMINUTION. WHILE the stop and Tgo, Stop, Tgo motion and form gives us the other two:

We cannot see motion and form together, the whole and its parts, we confuse lineal detailed view in short space-time intervals with cyclical, larger slower view… such galilean paradoxes are the reflection of Space=time dualities that the mind tries to ‘con-form’ into space-simultaneous view to ‘perceive them’. (Perception being always in space-simultaneity as still form a quanta of space=time).

All dimensions are motions and forms. Yet we have explained a few times that ‘motion’ implies reproduction of form in a lower scale of the being. You do NOT MOVE, you reproduce yourself in an adjacent region, and to do so you have to ‘reorganise’ smaller ∆-1 cells/atoms/individuals, with at least a ‘collective wave’ of information (genes, quantum numbers, memes distributed simultaneously to all of them).

So all motions, all time dimensions MUST happen between two relative ∆ and ∆-1 scales as a wave of information that imprints a lower scale:

All dimensions are motions and forms. Yet we have explained a few times that ‘motion’ implies reproduction of form in a lower scale of the being. You do NOT MOVE, you reproduce yourself in an adjacent region, and to do so you have to ‘reorganise’ smaller ∆-1 cells/atoms/individuals, with at least a ‘collective wave’ of information (genes, quantum numbers, memes distributed simultaneously to all of them). So all motions, all time dimensions MUST happen between two relative ∆ and ∆-1 scales as a wave of information that imprints a lower scale.

So as the wave reproduces,V = Sxƒ, a form of space moves with a relative speed to that of the clock of the observer. The different families of spaces that have the same lineal metric of speed are physical species of reproductive waves.

Existence Is motion through the 5th dimension.

All what exists is a compound systems of motions in time, perceived as forms in space.

6 are the motions in time, generation, growth, evolution,diminution, extinction and locomotion. As all those motions can be explained as motions in the scales of the 5th dimension, we could in a physical view of the Universe, consider all what exist a motion in the 5th dimension.

The commonest of those motions are world cycles of existence, with a pattern of generation, growth, evolution, locomotion diminution and extinction, which completes the existence of any being in the Universe, easily explained with the Generator equation of 5D metric:

∆-1: Generation  ∑ Growth (reproduction) > Evolution: Birth: ∆< Young, entropic age (Max. Locomotion) > Reproductive adult age: ∆+1: social age> 3rd Informative age (diminution) << Entropic death (Extinction): ∆-1

The Worldcycle of existence however can be broken down into smaller steps and motions:

There are 3 types of travels through the Universe according to the 3 elements of the 5th dimension: vital spaces, cyclical times and planes of space-time.

  • Spatial travels across a single plane of space-time, studied exhaustively by 4D physics, and expressed through the Hamiltonian rule: maximize your actions, minimize your energy=time expenditure. We shall study briefly those spatial motions, already well described by physicists in our sections of space.
  • Existential, world cycles of life and death across ST±1: When the entire being is transferred through the dimensional planes, from the seminal/quantic ST-1 plane into the ST-individual, thermodynamic plane, where it will suffer a 3 ages/states cycle of youth-gaseous, energetic state, adult, liquid, reproductive age and 3rd solid, old, informative age, to return back in the big-bang death to the ST-1,2 scales. It is thus the world cycle, studied in depth in the ‘section of time’.
  • Communication of energy and information across ST±4 scales through actions: Here we do not travel all together, just share, through certain parts of our selves, energy and information with the larger absolute space-time world. Then e communicate flows of energy and information between planes:

Motion is the simplest time of travels through the 5th dimension are those limited to a single space-time continuum. They have been exhaustively studied by 4D metrics and physics so it is not needed to expand on them. But to clarify its nature as an action or travel across several sales.

However as soon as we want to describe other fundamental facts of reality, such as the life-death cycle or the actions we perform in the Universe and its why, we need to explain true 5th dimensional travels across several scales of space-time. And we divide them into:

  • Nearby travels across ST±1,2 scales, responsible for the life-death world cycle of all species
  • Further travels across ST± 2, 3,4 scales, responsible for the actions of informative perception, energetic motion and feeding which all systems perform in order to survive and continue their existence.


5d 4scales3timemotions

In the graph travels through 4 Dimensions ( a single logarithmic plane) is simpler than travel through several dimensions which implies an asymmetric wave of maximal energy (from wholes to parts or future to past flow) and maximal information from past to future, from smaller to larger units

This inverse flow of energy and information, signified by the duality of entropy and evolution (as two different arrows maximised in both asymmetric ±∆  directions), implies an enormous number of whys to common phenomena: from genetics, ∆-1>∆ transfer of information (>) and ∆<∆-1 transfer of energy from wholes to smaller ones.

As the transfer of information ∆>∆-1 is smaller than the transfer of energy from ∆-1>∆, we can then consider an easy ‘unbalance’ of momentum transfer that sets up in fact the journey as a Hamiltonian closed cycle of null final variation of entropy and information.

In thar sense in terms of thermodynamics a time-space cycle is a cycle of zero sum of entropy and information conserving both the angular and lineal momentum and total energy of the system.

The life death-cycle: the ultimate proof of the duality of time arrows.

Reality is a creative process in which infinite forms constantly imprint surfaces of energy with fractal patterns, defining the dominant arrow of time in the Universe: information, which constantly grows the complexity of its forms from a relative past into the future. Thus, we define for any system the arrow of information from the perspective of the ages or dimensions of time, past, present and future:

All complementary systems warp the spatial energy of the Universe into dimensional form, reaching a limit of warping, as they move from a past age of ‘pure energy with minimal form’ or young age of the system, into a relative present, mature age of balance between energy and form, or classic, reproductive age of the system, in which they often decouple=iterate=reproduce a self-similar form (hence creating a dynamic present, as the repeated form seems to leave reality unchanged) to end in a future 3rdage of maximal form and minimal energy.

Then the form explodes back to the past in minimal time, unfolding all its warped form into pure energy, hence dying. And this is the 2nd arrow of time, entropy – a fast motion of time towards a past without form. So we can unfold the Generator equation in 3±1 ages to define the cycle of life and death of all systems between birth and extinction:

∞ Tƒ∆-1 (seed)->∑∆> Max.Sp x Min.Tƒ (youth)->S=T (reproduction)->Max.Tƒ x Min.Sp (3rd age)<∞ Sp x 0 Tƒ (death)

Death implies that reproduction is needed for the Universe to conserve its logic forms. The previous equation represents the evolution of all systems. In Cosmology it represents the 3 solutions to the Equations of Einstein, from the big-bang to the steady state to the big crunch, in a repetitive Universe of infinite cycles. In Physics represents the 3 states of matter: the energetic, gaseous state, the balanced liquid state and the informative, solid state. In Biology it represents the 3 ages of life, and so on.

Those 3 ages of the Generator Equation can co-exist synchronically as ‘subspecies’ that form a ternary system with lineal energy limbs, spherical heads of information and elliptic reproductive bodies that combine both. So we can represent also living systems: as Sp(limbs)<S=T>Bodies>Tƒ(Head).

The equation of the ages of life also defines more clearly the meaning of social networks and the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe: Self-similar, self-reproductive forms chain each other into informative networks without energy, (seeds), which ‘emerge’ in a ‘higher’ scale of existence, going through the 3 ages of life.

Then they dissolve the information acquired in that higher scale, dying back into their lower plane of existence. So a seed of genetic information of the relative cellular scale, ∆-1, emerges as a fetus out of the womb after self-reproducing and organizing its form, in the scale of biological organisms, ∆, where it lives and dies after a 3rd age of dwindling energy, dissolving back to its lower cellular scale, ∆-1.

So we can define a parameter of information, ∆i, as a scalar arrow of growing complexity: The simplest ∆=1 ‘universal constants’ of spatial energy and temporal information, (magnetic and electric constants) combine to form Planck constants, h, also called ‘actions’ of energy and time.

They will reproduce on the pure vacuum without form, creating light waves, social networks of h-actions; which evolve further warping into cyclical forms, called particles. Those particles will reproduce and evolve socially into atoms, with an informative pole (Tƒ), the quark, with more formal mass and an entropic pole, (Sp) the electron, with more spatial motion=energy. Both exchange, <=>, flows of electromagnetic energy and informative gravitation. Thus mass and gravitation are the informative forces and particles that interact with light and electrons, the energetic, spatial ones; creating together the next scale of atoms.

So a pattern of social evolution in growing scales of complexity emerges: particles become complementary atoms of energy and information, reproduced in the big-bang and the interior of stars. Then atoms form molecular networks, creating the chemical scale. Then molecules reproduce and self-organize into organic, cellular systems or inorganic, celestial bodies. Next cells reproduce and self-organize into organisms that reproduce and self-organize into societies; while celestial bodies self-organize into galaxies that self-organize into Universes.

 The world cycle trip: 3 space dimensions and 3 symmetric functions in time.

3 ages best corrected

In the graph, the symmetry between the 3 forms of space and the 3 motions of time structure all the systems of the Universe, including the human being, to which we shall add all the different scales of the 5th dimension, through which all ‘Existential functions of relational space-time’ travel. Hence those 3 elements are the basis of all scientific laws and disciplines, of all species, in its forms and functions.

The graph shows the main scales of the 5th dimension. The last rows shows the 3 networks of ‘spatial organisms’ and its 3′ functions’, whose world cycle is written in the last line with the symbolism of existential algebra.

We can see in the previous graph how the space-time symmetry extends to all the species of the Universe.


Mathematics of reproduction: topological networks and Universal e-π phi constants.

In the graphs, we see simple, basic motions of the lowest scales of particles and waves, which move reproducing in a lower scale. Moreover modern topology describes forms always as topological networks.

So to define a single space-time continuum form we need at least two scales, that of parts and wholes which form together a topological network of any of those 3 varieties:

So when we talk of a truly transformative motion in the fifth dimension which does NOT surface back into the ∆-scale as reproductive motions and topological transformations of networks do, we need two jumps in the fifth dimension.

How the mathematical depiction of those reproductions take place? Through the mathematical equations that explain the MOTIONS of ternary systems, through the two ±3 numbers, e and π and its closely related phi constant.

As a system reproduces in adjacent series on the ternary continuum of time arrows. Or when evolve socially into new scales of the fifth dimension through ternary, 3×3+1 exponential and decametric organic scales, as clone species organise in new social 5D planes.

This is little understood since for so much love of maths, as physicists do not try to match reality and maths, they miss what is important and not on the inflationary equations of maths. Two simple proofs on how much more enlightening is to refer maths to reality all the time to explain its equations:

e+e/10=3, which shows why the exponential function is the most perfect form of social evolution as ten is the perfect tetraktys form, with 3 entropic elements, 3 energetic element, 3 informative elements and the central 10th communicating them as the singularity of growing scales – reason also why the triangle is the most perfect, resistant form in space – the pythagorean perfect number when mathematical ‘things’ were simpler and easier to relate as a mirror-language to reality.

In the other graph show a simpler proof of the proportion of dark, not perceived energy and matter, OUTSIDE the galactic halo of ‘strangelets’ (those things cern say do not exist but are the natural component of the surrounding dark matter-membrane of the galaxy): a Pi cycle is really the first transformation of 3 entropic lines (strings in the corrected string theory to adapt it to relational space-time), into a time cycle, S>T, which adds a height dimension of information to form the first holographic bidimensional forms of space-time. Yet pi is 3, 14… and 3 diameters give 3, so pi-3 leaves o.14 apertures, which become the ideal openings of any disk to observe the outer Universe from it, as the galaxy is. Now, this small openings of o.14 size are only 4% of the total pi perimeter:


So 96% of the Universe OUTSIDE the halo, is NOT perceived properly – we are blind inside a pi-cycle. The Universe is much more complex and rich in information we shall EVER realise for the high popes of physics to be a bit more humble and cautious with their big bang experiments.

‘Only the Universe has all the information about itself’ Haldane.

So back to the ternary games, as all sequential forms in time are ternary, waves do have 3 ‘colours’ of red-entropy, green-reproduction and blue-information, which the mind mirror of visual languages reflects in its vision. BUT in stillness, as only a still singularity perceives form in focus.

And so all waves reproduce in ternary packets, expressed trough π trigonometric functions and all systems have ternary structures and ternary horizons of evolution, ternary families of masses and particles, and all forms of growth can be mapped with e-functions and phi functions.

Since we shall not cease to repeat, mathematics is an extraordinarily well-focused mirror of reality but it does NOT create it, it merely reflects it with its synoptic spatial points and sequential temporal numbers (no, set theory and the axiomatic method are NOT the proper foundation of experimental mathematics, yet another offspring of the idealist school of germany, which brought us among other things Marxism, Nazism and the axiomatic method, where Hilbert, ‘imagined points, lines and planes’, in the paroxysm of the creationist school – THE UNITS OF MATH are as always have been, spatial points and sequential time numbers that mimic the properties of the substances that create reality, space and time).

But try to explain a mathematical physicist that the infamous h-planck spin ‘action’ of ‘energy and time’ is NOT an abstract ‘mathematical measure of uncertainty’, whatever that means (their definition) but the UNIT OF TIME CLOCKS or ‘angular momentum’, of the electronic world… that a plane is not imagined but the image mirror of bidimensional cycles of time and information, and so on… All this is stuff 5D corrects as only a philosopher of science can have that wider view. 

Motions-ST-eps: reproduction of form, from light worldlines cones to world cycles

As it happens two immediate consequences of the formulae is that being S=T, the maximising function of S x T (S+t being equal to K, in this case 10 dimensions), what the Universe maximises is Sxt+S=t, which given the relationship between space and information and time and entropy we write as exi+s=t, which is the function of existence of the Universe, maximise your function of existence is what all systems, do.


The simplicity of the first beats of existence, S=t, s=t, and its s=s, t=t apparent congruencies is only the beginning of an incredible adventure, the motions of reproduction of information across the five dimension of space-time that we call reality:

The first beats of existence.

We have two states to start with space-form and motion-time. Space is the mind-intelligence, motion the constant original substance the minds try to stop.

The mind tries on the other hand to be also in constant motion, switching perspective not to be bored, so stop and go, but as go is reproduction of form, is really inform and reproduce, and reproduction being st, and inform, ðƒ.

The maximisation of an s=t balance happens obviously with the maximal number of s=t beats, as s and t become equalised by smaller moments and forms of it, the moving reproducing st>t>st>t ‘actual beat’ is sparkled by explosions of Ss,death.

In the graph, 3 type of time motions in a present sheet of space, can acquire 3 basic forms, <> <<. >> and >< which correspond to the bass, st, ss, tt, ts forms of existence. We can start to build up then through the holographic method, systems of st, tt, ts, ss holographic beings in growing states of complexity.

If we call motion, time, maximised in vortices of ‘accelerated’ time, and minimised in decelerating, expansive explosions in space; and we call space the inverse perception of motion as form, maximised in big-bangs of decelerating ‘expansive’ entropy. We have two ‘poles’ of motion (cyclical vortices of accelerated time) and form (entropic, expansive big-bangs of decelerated space), between which combinations of form and time (timespace, as time dominates), called ‘energy’ and ‘momenta’, try to remain stable, in its iterative motions with form.

The most important travel though is a world cycle of existence.

Now the importance of having a metric equation that leaves co-invariant a motion through its parameters of space-time, is that we can ‘travel’ across this dimension. Indeed, the mathematician Klein defined the existence of a dimension of space-time, when we could formulate a co-invariant equation left unchanged when we move through the space-time dimension. So how we travel through the fifth dimension?  Obviously by growing in size in space through the process of reproduction and evolution, from an ∆-1 fast seed of information, emerging, as a larger whole with slower time clocks, in the organic level, which itself is part of a larger world, with slower ‘deep time’ geological and cultural cycles. 

So Existence is indeed a travel through the fifth dimension, and the mere fact that all systems of nature exist through that world cycle (no longer a physical worldline in a 4D Universe as we have added a dimension of temporal ‘depth’), IS an absolute experimental proof of the existence of 5D:

In that sense the main difference when we widen our understanding of space-time with the metric equations of 5D is to be able to explain NOT only processes of time-change in a single planes of space-time, mostly due to locomotions, but process of change due to transformations in the in-form-ation of beings, related to life, organic structures and hence to solve some of the eternal existential questions about ‘existence’, which will be now defined easily as a ‘travel between 3 scales of the fifth dimension’.

Further on, applied those organic structures also to social and physical systems, whose organic properties have been denied in the case of physics or reduced to the individual human scale in the case of social super organisms of history, described in its homologic ‘cycle of existence’ in the next graphs, latter explained in great detail:

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.


The formalism of the 5 dimensions: metric equation.

Now dimensions are defined formally by a metric. This means a system of equations that allow to describe how a system travels through the dimension of space and time.

So how this works, when we expand 3 dimensions, whose travels are obvious – motions in 3D or 3D+ lineal time duration, in galilean and Einstein’s relativity, which give birth to a ‘worldline’? Easy, adding dimensions which allow the being to travel from small size to larger size, in the life-death cycle from seminal seed to being back to cellular state in death. And as a line when we add dimensions becomes a cycle, we talk no longer of worldlines but of worldcycles. Let us see this in more details, since we have already defined the metric equation of 5D: spe x tƒ (size in space x speed in time) = K.

In the graph the fundamental equation of the fifth dimension, is its co-invariant metric, Space size x Time clock speed = Constant. Since smaller spatial sizes have after informative clocks, coding the larger wholes that control it through its enclosure membranes and higher energy. So quantum numbers code atoms and molecules, which code genetically super organisms and matter states, which conform the gravitational world.

Further on this metric equation, defines according to Klein ‘a mathematical dimension’, as a ‘coinvariant metric of space-time’, through which is possible to travel.

How we travel through the scalar Universe that complements the ‘3 topological space-time dimensions of lineal space-motions, wider, reproductive motions, and tall, informative motions’ , with 2 more dimensions, one ‘downward of entropy’, and one upwards of social evolution into wholes?

Easy the travel through the 5 Dimensions of space-time is called the worldcycle of life and death that all organisms follow. As all of them travel through its scales, born as seminal seeds, with faster clocks of time in the lower dimension; ∆-1, emerging as we slow down our metabolic clocks in the organic/thermodynamic dimension, within a larger ∆+1 world, in which we become just a ‘cellular fractal point of a larger social or gravitational organism, to die back into the ∆-1 components in the ‘big-bang of death’, which the dual arrows of e<=>mc² express for matter.

We thus establish a simple law of bidimensionality or holographic principle, resolving the galilean paradox, considering that all dimensions of form are associated to a dimension of motion. The manifestations of this duality are multiple. For example, the complementarily of the particle-form state and the wave-motion state of physical systems. The duality of mind-still perception and body-motion perception. And so on. But we can resume mathematically in terms of dimensions the Galilean paradox with a simple equation D (s ) = D(t), the dimensions of space-form and time-function are symmetric.
We shall call motions down 2 planes of the fifth dimensions as the ‘four dimension of pure entropy’ and two motions upwards, through the mind-singularity actions, the fifth dimension proper, or dimension of social evolution, in which the system no longer travels through a single space-time continuum and/or its adjacent ∆±1 planes, as when a wave moves reproducing its form on the lower entropic field, but ‘bores’ a hole through scales of its scalar structure going down two scales in a death explosion of disorganisation of its information: ST∆ø<<∑∆-2, or absorbs entropy and energy from its inner vital space to act on the outer world as a mind: ST∆-1>>ST∆+1.

So for a full description of a system, we need the 3 (∆±1) topological dimensions of  lineal open motion, steady state iteration, and inwards implosive information, which can be described within 2 adjacent planes  and the ∆±2 pure entropy and pure form ‘limits’ of the fourth and fifth scalar dimensions of the Universe (5s = 5t).

AND WHY not to name the two directions of the scalar Universe with the same ‘number’? Basically because they are non-commutative. In motions in time and scale, the past is NOT equal  to the future, and entropic death is not equal to mental, social life.

So we need two different conceptual dimension, entropy, the fourth dimension of space-time (seen in S-form as a big-bang expansion in space, in T-motion as a function of dissolution and death), which is the ‘so called in physics and its simpler models of reality, the ‘only arrow of time’). And the fifth inverse arrow of social evolution. The differences between those 2 arrows are many and so are the mathematical functions we use to describe them.

Thus to proper describe the complexity of an organism, we just need 10 dimensions: 3 of time, past, present and future, 3 of space, its 3 bidimensional topologies or 3 standard ‘lineal dimensions, 3 of ‘∆±i-planes (with its decametric §cales of growth) as all beings co-exist in a larger world and are made of smaller parts, and finally the ‘membrain’ (monad or mind), which closes the ‘open ball’ of 9 dimensions, with its sensorial enclosure membrain that lets entropy, energy and information sip into the being, and its linguistic zero-sum singularity that maps the whole and commands its behaviour.

As such all super organisms of space-time follow the same laws, as they are made of the same substances.  And so we start by a dimensional, static analysis of the being and its 10 dimensions, provided by a simple ‘generator equation’ of each ‘T.œ”.

T.œ then becomes the briefest way to explain it all, as a Timespace œrganism, and also as the Theory of Everything organic, such as: T.œ= ∑t.œs. This is then the simplest conceptual definition of reality.




Fractal Reproduction of information.


A mathematical fractal like the Koch curve is an ‘—motions’ line that triples its in-form-ative bits every iterative cycle. But since it doesn’t grow in length, it exhausts its ‘—motions’. An organic fractal also starts as a single cell that clones its in-form-ation. But since it can absorb ‘—motions’, it can iterate billions of times. In both cases what defines a fractal is its reproduction of in-form-ation that bends ‘—motions’ into form, creating the arrow of futures. So the abundance of fractals proves the existence of an arrow of information in the Universe. We are all fractals, Cantor dust of ‘—motions’ and information: we fractalize so much that finally we lose ‘—motions’, volume and return to the dust from where we departed in the process of death. For that reason, the only solution to death by excess of information is fractal reproduction of a younger micro-form, when the being has enough ‘—motions’ to replicate in a discontinuous zone of space-time, ensuring the immortality of its logic in-form-ation.

The evolution of Time-space requires giving motion to Euclidean geometry. This is done by uniting fractal mathematics and Non-Euclidean Mathematics. Mandelbrot in the 70s considered the fact that self-repetitive forms diminish and grow in scale maintaining its forms invariant. The why of this grow ultimately responds to the arrows of reproduction and social evolution: A fractal can be seen as a reproductive process, which is common to all generator equations of information of the Universe.

Fractals can also explain in more detail the reason of aging and the life cycle. The 2 arrows of time follow a natural order from yang=young ‘—motions’ into yin=old information, which defines the existential cycle of most beings in the Universe. For example, the life and death cycle can be explained as an iterative process of reproduction of information that degenerates into aging, when the organism has exhausted all its ‘—motions’ in a 3rd age in which instead of reproducing, it wrinkles and fractalizes its cells.

Recap. An organic fractal always iterates its form over new ‘—motions’ not to become fractalized. Yet after a young age, even natural fractals start to lack ‘—motions’ end up becoming wrinkled. In fact, all forms in Nature including the Universe in the future big crunch, suffer some aging process, guided by the time arrow of information.

Information theory. Why informative membranes are bidimensional.

For example, Information Theory proved (Shannon) that a perfect Universe with no entropy in which information can be transferred with no loss must be a 4D Universe with a 2D coding language (0,1 in his studies), which transfers messages of 10D spatial elements.

H (entropy) = p1 logs(1/p1) + p2 logs(1/p2) + … + pk logs(1/pk)

H = 0: -> Dimensional being: 4 D, equal value dimensions;   Information message = 2 D;   Spatial length-> 10 D

And we shall see that in the ‘perfect Universe’, information membranes as the screen/page you are reading, has 2 dimensions, X≈Y>>>Z, and systems perceive only the external membrane of information of the system, where the sensorial feelers are. And we shall see that in space the fundamental form, the triangle has a canonical form, the tetraktys, of 10 elements, where the central point communicates and organizes all others, as the zero-point of the triangle, which transcends into a unit of larger 10-dimensional scale, which will be the fundamental scale of organization of the 5th dimension.

This example that connects Information Theory with 2-manifold geometry and the relational model of space-time is the kind of insights we shall reveal constantly in our analysis of the Universe with relational space-times, which will show the whys of an interconnected Universe where all the discoveries of different sciences find its harmonic whys in the laws of Cyclical space-times.

  • This simple equation, Se>ST>Tƒ, which describes all systems as assembles of 3 topological varieties has its symmetry in the causal logic of time cycles, which is no longer a lineal single time arrow of future, but as all cycles, do have 3 relative phases, the initial, energetic accelerated impulse of maximal energy or young, past age (Se), the steady state, inertial constant speed of the reproductive/body wave or present age, and the final informative age or Tƒ or warping of energy into cyclical form. Thus we shall find 3 phases or ages in all systems, from gaseous, energetic, liquid, steady state, solid, informative state of matter, to the young, energetic, mature, reproductive and old, informative age, to the 3 solutions of Einstein’s equations that describe a Universe ‘warping space into time’.

And so the ‘spatial topologies’ of bidimensional space have its symmetries in the 3 ages of time, which constantly, warp, >, energy into information, till all energy is exhausted and then in a single time cycle, information explodes back into lineal energetic space, in the moment of death: Tƒ<<Se.

Thus we can define a worldcycle for all species between birth and extinction and 3 arrows of time, expansive past, repetitive present and informative future, which can move forward (life arrow) or backwards (death arrow), causing a zero sum which makes the Universe immortal as all life arrows are cancelled by death arrows, all particles by antiparticles (that are explosions of energy in zero time, and have past arrows in Feynman diagrams).

And this fascinating understanding of the 3 arrows of time cycles, and its complex ternary logic, which substitutes the Aristotelian, past-entropy single arrow models of absolute lineal space-time, inaugurates an entire new discipline of logic, symmetric to our widened discipline of 2-manifolds and non-Euclidean fractal points.

Thus since the Universe is in terms of logic ternary, Non-Aristotelian, and in terms of mathematical space, topological, Non-Euclidean we talk of the formal, logic-mathematical new model for the study of cyclical time and fractal space, as the discipline of ∆-topo-logy. I-topology is thus the formalism of cyclical, fractal space-time.

This ∆-topo-logical Universe, and its 2 formalisms, Non-Euclidean geometry of fractal 2-manifold points and the Existential algebra of time cycles and its ages between birth and extinction, requires only a 3rd set of formal principles to complete its scientific analysis, the metric of the 5th dimension, that is the organization of all the relative scales of parts into wholes and the classification of its ‘åctions of space-time, ∂( æ,e,ï,œ,û).

This can be done departing from the new co-invariance, Se x Tƒ = ST0±4, which merely expresses that as we become smaller in size our time cycles accelerate, but the product of both parameters which are closely related to the energy and information of the system remains constant (as energy is stored in the fractal points that create the smooth continuities we call absolute spaces, when we do not distinguish those points from atoms in a water space to strings and photons in a vacuum space; and information is stored in the frequency and form of time cycles).

Again this co-invariant law applies to all systems, and explains when the specific number of dimensions and cyclical forms are clearly defined, all kind of laws. In physical systems it explains from the vortex law, Vo x Ro = K, to the Kepler’s laws (the inner planets turn faster), to the meaning of charges and masses, which are according to Einstein’s correspondence principle accelerated vortices of the larger cosmic scale (gravitational vortices≈ masses) and the lower atomic scale (charges≈accelerated electromagnetic vortices), its hierarchy (charges turn faster and have more curvature≈form, hence more information and are also more attractive as attraction≈speed of vortex), and it will allow us to deduce the equation of Unification of forces.

While in biological systems explains the law of metabolism (rats process energy and information faster than elephants), the laws of genetics (which code information of larger systems), and the entropy and chirality laws (lower U scales have more information and larger scales more motion, hence information transcends from lower to upper scales as in genetics but not the opposite – no Lamarckian evolution; while motion transfers perfectly from upper to lower scales – so when we move all cells and atoms do move synchronically but lower scales of molecular heat do not transfer fully to the upper scale).

Thus entropy is defined in terms of transfers of energy between scales and information such as there is entropy in U-∆<U transfers, but not in U<U-∆ transfers, and U≈U-∆ transfers (Shannon’s laws of informative communication).

But this chirality, which explains the 4th non-spatial, temporal form (electro-weak force that trans-forms particles and has no spatial range), and many other phenomena, which constantly increases information across planes (reproduction of messages) and upwards, (Genetic information) is Balanced by the explosive destruction of information from upper scales in Death-energetic processes, which do destroy information ‘two scales downwards’, from the human scale to the atomic scale, from the material scale, through big-bangs to the radiation scale. Thus information constantly creeps across planes and upwards: i>∆+1 but this long slow life arrow is balanced by the explosive, no-time big-bangs of death, i<<∆-2.

Fractal reproduction in a discontinuous Universe.


In the graphs, fractal systems are self-generated by seeds of its cellular scale, which encode all its information, compressed in very limited space (an equation, a DNA code, a Unification equation that generates the ‘—motions’ and forms of the Universe). Then the seed replicates its form in ‘biological radiations’ that multiply the fractal cells of the system, which finally follow the plan of network evolution of all systems, recreating the original species.

The process follows a series of ‘beats’ that change the arrow of time of the system from reproductive, energetic waves to informative, self-organizing phases in a pattern proved mathematically for chemical systems by Mehaute, which showed in the 80s that for time to continue when a system was not releasing ‘—motions’; it had to create fractal information, the 2nd arrow of time in the Universe. Thus, the Universe never stops its Sp->O->Sp rhythms.

When ‘—motions’ ceases is because the feed-back equation changed side. In Nature those micro-structures detach themselves from the being and absorb ‘—motions’ in the environment growing in size, self-replicating. So the fractal transmission of form is the most important event taken place in the Universe. From genetic information transferred between living beings through a fractal process of palingenesis to the creation of mental ideas that we convert into bigger machines, fractal replication between different planes of fractal space-time with finite dimensions, is the essence of reality.

Fractal, transcendental reproduction iterates cells and reorganizes them in decametric scales of growing social complexity till reaching a limit number of 1010-11 cellular units. The organization of those scales follows a simple law:

‘—motions’ flows from ∆-1 into a future st-scale: Sp-1->Tƒ.

Information flows from st into a simpler ∆-1 scale: ∆ST>E∆-1.

Reproduction happens in the same ∆-scale ΣS∆<=∆ST

Since those planes are networks existing with different space-time constants, disconnected from the other planes, how a given space-time scale, the cellular or atomic scale, relates to its higher st-plane? Riemann hinted at such scalar structure of space with his analysis of Riemannian surfaces, polynomial planes which communicate through a narrow path that transfers ‘—motions’ and information between them. Those paths between light and gravitational space are in Relativity ‘Rosen Bridges’ – black holes and other massive regions of the Universe. Yet the concept can generalize to any dual system, in which there are asymmetric flows of ‘—motions’ and information, according to a fundamental law of fractal space-time:

Information flows from the macro-plane of relative future to the micro-points of simpler ‘—motions’ and ‘—motions’ flows from the micro-points, ∆-1 from past to the relative, more evolved future macro-points, from the microcosms to the macrocosms.

Thus there is an asymmetric, hierarchical single flow of information from a relative future, the higher ∆+1 plane, to a relative past, ∆-1 plane and vice versa, a fact which explains the lack of parity of ‘temporal, informative flows’ (weak forces in physics, hierarchical social classes in sociology, etc.)

Thus the order between those scales is hierarchical. Species in different planes of space-time interact within each other transferring ‘—motions’ and information. Yet the bigger structures control and order the smaller pieces – its parts that become wholes through the arrow of life or disintegrate those wholes back into parts through the process of death. Such interaction is possible because in those different Planes, from microcosms to macrocosms, ‘—motions’ and information have self-similar forms that make the shapes of atoms similar to the forms of galaxies and stars. And follow self-similar isomorphisms of harmony. In terms of hierarchical order, we observe that the bigger an entity is in space, the longer it lasts in time, ΣS<=>Tƒ. That is, the amount of time and space of the different structures of the universe is in balance. While in terms of hierarchy the bigger scale orders and transfers information to the smaller scale that transfers mainly ‘—motions’ to the bigger form. Those 2 arrows of time, ‘—motions’ and information imply that the bigger scale or network – for example, the nervous system in man – controls the lower scale of cells, which in turn feeds the upper scale.

So we describe Temporal, Organic fractals with 2 terms of increasing complexity: a fractal system or network, which is incomplete, since it doesn’t reproduce internally and might not be able to self-organize itself, but requires the collaboration of an external agent; and a (super)-organism in which the arrow of reproduction is internal, iterating the initial fractal units of ‘—motions’ and information into 2 networks that finally combine its ‘—motions’ and information creating the 3rd reproductive network that perpetuates the self-sufficient species.

In biology such processes of self-organization and reproduction of parts into wholes are called Palingenesis – a term, which complex sciences that use both the jargon of physics and biology, extracting self-similar isomorphisms that apply to all those scales, uses also to describe physical processes of creation of matter and social processes of creation of cultures. Since all social and physical systems display complex, palingenetic behavior, from physical particles to organisms, from minds to nations.

All of them constantly reproduce seminal information – called åctions of ‘—motions’ and time in the quantum world, offspring in living organisms, ideas in the linguistic mind, technology and culture in human societies. And in all those cases, the seminal information grows into a species self-similar to the mother. So forces reproduce particles, cells become organisms and nations create self-similar cultures, called colonies.

All of them are organic fractals whose different planes (the cellular, individual and social planes) are connected by flows of ‘—motions’ and information: Life reproduces in a smaller space-time plane (∆-1) seminal seeds that grow into replicas of original st-mother; human existence is a travel between 3 Planes of relative existence, the cellular Plane (∆-1), the organic, individual Plane (st) and the social Plane in which a human can be considered a cell of a social organism, a nation, religion or civilization (∆+1). But electrons (st) also produce smaller photons (∆-1) that evolve into new electrons, which become cellular units of electric flows (∆+1); while galactic black holes (st), made of billions of social quarks (∆-1) emit flows of matter that evolve into new galaxies, cells of Universes (∆+1).

Thus, Social Palingenesis explains also why in all the scales of the Universe, the geometry of ‘—motions’ and information remains invariant; since a ∆+1 Plane is born by the social evolution of ‘—motions’ bits and information bits of the inferior Plane, which repeat its self-similar forms in all the multiple, self-similar relative ‘planes of existence’ of the universe, from the atom to the galaxy, from the cell to the factory. Thus, social palingenesis is not exclusive of living organisms. All systems display those complex, social Planes.

The 2 simplest particles of the Universe self-reproduce and socialize: quarks absorb ‘—motions’ and reproduce smaller quarks. Electrons produce a seminal light ray that becomes a new electron. So happens to the heavier form we know: the black hole, which reproduces its form when crossing through a star. Even the Universe is a space-time fractal, which might have reproduced its ‘cellular’ particles in the big/bang.

Recap. All systems of the Universe reproduce through a fractal, palingenetic process, in which the system produces a seed of information that reproduces and evolves socially till surfacing in the same plane of existence that the parental form.

Complex, reproductive motions.

In the Universe there is a simplex cycle, e<=>Tƒ, that converts ‘—motions’ into cyclical motions, and can at best be made to exist in 3 dimensions (spherical motions) of space and 3 of time (expansive youth, or big-bang, steady state and implosive 3rd age). Yet complex motions – acts of reproduction and social evolution – are different from simplex motions, in as much as they take place between at least 2 planes of different space-time. This difference between the simplex and complex arrows of time creates jumps between space-time planes:

The most complex phenomenon of the Universe is the fractal jump in space-time. Both bidimensional cycles of time, and planes of space are fractal and so their changes and displacements are also fractal. And since time is geometric, bidimensional, as space is, it has also 2 directions of motion.

So the oldest fractal question of philosophy is: how can continuous movement exist in a fractal world filled with discontinuities? Zeno, a Greek philosopher, put the example of Achilles running against a Turtle: Achilles will never reach the turtle because there are infinite fractal spaces it has to cross. Parmenides gave him the answer: continuous movement doesn’t exist in a discreet Universe; it is a mirage of the senses. Since a wave is not really moving, but reproducing information over the potential ‘—motions’ of the vacuum in a sequential, fractal jump, through a series of wave-lengths, drawn one after another, which appear to the senses as a moving wave. Movement is always a discontinuous displacement either in space or in time, in any of its 2 directions, towards the past or the future.

The simplest analogy is a television screen where new images are created constantly without hardly any cost of ‘—motions’, because they are virtual images created by illuminating 3 colors that are already potentially in the screen. In the case of a wave, the relative ‘—motions’ imprinted by the logic form might vary, from the vacuum ‘—motions’ of a light wave to the placental ‘—motions’ of a mother, yet the process is always the same: a form imprints another region of space, changing its spatial position and temporal morphology.

So speed is synonymous of reproduction, the main cyclical action of the Universe. Thus we can explain all physical events in terms of organicism. Since even movement – the external, mechanical change physicists study – turns out to be also an organic cycle of reproduction. We distinguish, according to their quantity of ‘—motions’ and information ‘translated’ in the process from a place of space-time to another place, 3 fractal, reproductive jumps:

– S=T: Space-time reproduction dominant in spatial displacement that implies a minimal movement of information that fluctuates from a future to a past form and returns back to the future. For example, when an electric impulse arrives to the end of a nerve, it becomes translated into chemical information and then it is transferred chemically through the synapses to the other cell, where it becomes translated back into electric information.

That process implies a ‘spatial, fractal jump’ from a neuron to the next neuron, but also a fractal jump in time from a level of informative complexity, the electric language to the lower level of chemical languages, which is the relative, past informative system of life. The informative essence of the process implies a transcription of form from each discontinuous point to the next point but also a movement in space, since ‘all yang has a drop of yin’, all is temporal ‘—motions’, also spatial and temporal reproduction requires a minimal dual movement in time and space.

-Max. Sp: Spatial, wave reproduction of a wave a particle that jumps from one place to the next place, reproducing a minimal temporal form. It is very common in physical waves, defined by its speed of reproduction, V=S/T. Depending on the density of a form, its speed of reproduction will vary. So the most massive forms are slower than those whose informations are minimal and can imprint the ‘—motions’ of vacuum very fast. Those forms that hardly move however evolve a lot in time:

– Max. Tƒ: Temporal, palingenetic reproduction, when an organism produces a past, smaller, simpler seed that reproduces the being, evolving faster towards the future. So a fetus is ‘born’ when it comes out of the body of the mother to the next discontinuous region of the Universe, making a minimal spatial jump and a huge evolutionary, temporal jump.

Recap. There are 3 types of reproduction: self-reproduction by a complementary system that mixes its ‘—motions’ and information, without concourse of external agents; spatial reproduction, or motion of a wave that imprints a simple form of ‘—motions’ as it translates in space and enzymatic reproduction when an external agent assemblies the parts into a whole.

Reproduction of physical, biologic and mental fractals.

reproduction good

In graph, cosmological, chemical, biological and mechanical fractals during their reproduction cycles.

All fractals iterate=reproduce by absorbing ‘—motions’ transformed into fractal information by a Mother cell or external enzyme- as it happens with carbohydrates or machines iterated by ‘enzy=men’.

Unlike mathematical fractals, made of fixed, spatial forms, Nature’s fractals are made of temporal, iterative cycles, in which ‘—motions’ is transformed into information and growth, as the fractal family becomes detached from the mother cells. Organic fractals are not fixed, geometrical forms that merely repeat in spatial scales, void of life and temporal change. They are temporal beings, whose bio-logic cycles and functions reproduce at different scales and time intervals. Since not only space has a fractal structure. Time is also discrete, made of cyclic trajectories that repeat themselves, as it happens with the cycles of a mechanical clock. It is precisely the repetition of the organic cycles of ‘—motions’ feeding and informative reproduction, what makes natural organisms fractal structures. The Universe is made of such temporal, organic fractals that reproduce into multiple clone forms that latter re-organize themselves, giving birth to macro-forms similar to the original ‘cell’.

The most obvious natural fractals are those created by the iterative, repetitive nature of 3-D space. They are similar to mathematical fractals where geometrical form dominates.

For example, an ice crystal is a chemical fractal that jets up triangular, tall spikes, in its relative dimension of height, growing into a fractal; a salt grain is a cubic crystal that reproduces its form as it grows in scale and recomposes itself into huge cubes. While a hurricane fractalizes air streams into a vortex of wind cycles that grow also in height, the fractal dimension of information. Those physical fractals already iterate its form, despite the simplicity of its fundamental elements; since all natural fractals reproduce the shape of the ‘mother-cell’ into multiple clone forms that latter re-organize themselves, giving birth to macro-species similar to the original ‘cell’.

In Biology, fractals are used routinely to explain how the iteration of simplex growth processes gives birth to complex botanic shapes: Branches, leaves and roots are all easily created by the iteration of an initial mother-form. A DNA molecule, which iterates its form both in micro-fragments (amino acids) and at macro-scale (recreating a cell). While a tree repeatedly fractalizes its form in 3 branches, ever slimmer, with less ‘—motions’ but ever increasing the information of the tree.

A human being is also a temporal fractal, made of fractal cells, whose organic functions repeat themselves at individual macro-scale in a longer time-interval: the feeding, reproductive, informative (sensorial), and social behavior of human beings are a macro- repetition of the same cycles that take place in cells. Cells feed on ‘—motions’, absorb information, reproduce themselves and form social groups, as human beings do, at a smaller, faster scale. The fractal sum of those cellular cycles creates a human being. And then, the fractal sum of human cycles at a bigger scale creates socio-biological organisms, called nations and civilizations. A human is an organic, bio-logic, temporal fractal, extended in 3 scales, the cellular, organic and social scale.

Recap. The arrow of information and ‘—motions’ together describe all kind of natural fractals, not only the well-known biological fractals but also social and physical systems that display complex, fragmented borders, (from physical particles to organisms, from minds to nations) and constantly re=produce information (åctions in the quantum world, offspring in living organisms, ideas in the linguistic mind, technology and culture in human societies). They are also organic fractals, since once we understand their structure in multiple scales connected by flows of ‘—motions’ and information, the old distinction between organic and inorganic matter loses its meaning, beyond its anthropomorphic role to make man the center of the Universe.

Linguistic fractals. Paradox of inflationary information.

Minds can also be modeled as fractal systems that replicate the forms and movements of the Universe in a smaller scale, through the syntax and semantics of a certain language. Indeed, modern science concentrates in the study of the parallelisms between the hardware of the mind, the neuronal brain, and its software, the depiction of the Universe made with visual and verbal languages. But what truly matters is the bio-logical parallelism between those mental structures made of syntactic and semantic, fractal units (numbers, geometrical forms, phonemes and sentences), and the external Universe they map out. Since organisms survive thanks to their accurate, mental perception that orientates them in that bigger Universe. So fractal minds are a fundamental tool of evolution: The mind acts as a virtual, fractal mirror, allowing the being to interact efficiently with the Universe, absorbing ‘—motions’ and information from it to replicate its form. This means that we can study minds as mental fractals similar to its 2 main languages of space-time; mathematics and logic.

For that reason, mental and geometric fractals are both defined as entities whose informative boundary tends to ∞ while the ‘—motions’/space of those boundaries tends to zero:

δe/δt->0 x δi/δt->∞: Mental Fractal.

Thus the information of a mathematical fractal is found in the boundary. It happens also in black holes, where information is attached at the boundary in a bidimensional space (holographic principle, which we proved in a simple manner as result of the 2 dimensions of a cycle of time that carries information and now we can observe from a more complex perspective). It is also the case of the human mind, an i=eye+wor(l)d, created by the eye’s retina and the electromagnetic waves of the cortex brain. Thus the informative parts of organisms, what we call ‘senses’, are also external, attached to the boundary and one of the fundamental functions of Nature’s fractal arrow is to create senses, systems of perception of fractalized information. Minds and senses are similar to mathematical fractals. It should not come as a surprise; since mathematics after all is a mind’s language, and minds fix most cycles of Natural fractals into still images that don’t capture the vital ‘—motions’ of the Universe.

Mathematical and real fractals share the properties of information, inverse to ‘—motions’. Information increase when the fractal becomes smaller in its surface. This paradox, that the smallest regions of space hold the maximal quantity of time: Min. Tƒ =Min. Sp is however essential to full grasp the Universe.

Languages hold more information than the forms they describe. Information is bidimensional and can be warped and cut. This essential property, that information is in the void, the cut, not the substance, as it will be first perceived by a mind in order to exist, and so it is not real till the perceiver observes it (quantum paradoxes), is however the reason why the smaller regions, in which voids multiply are more conductive to information frequencies that long ones. This paradox already understood by Gödel simplifies the distinction between mathematical physics and reality. Information is inflationary.

The Universe is not all the possible mathematical models. As Riemann, the key mathematician of the XIX C. explained, we cannot consider all possible spaces real, because the physical universe has selected only one geometry6, to which we shall add – it selects the most efficient geometry that maximizes the 4 main arrows of time of species and helps the organic, Complementary, Sp X Tƒ, bio-logic forms of reality to survive. Unfortunately neither mathematicians nor physicists today accept restrictions to their imagination, so they invent ‘multiverses, cosmic strings, multiple, infinite dimensions’ without ‘upgrading’ the concept of a continuous space into the reality of fractal discontinuous scales. The confusion of languages with reality is one of the main ‘errors’ of science we must resolve in order to improve the ‘logic/mathematical mirror’ the mind uses to perceive reality.

This distinction often lost to physicists in modern times, clearly expressed by Riemann in his ‘foundations of geometry’ and further proved by Gödel implies that not all possible mathematical spaces and mathematical particles exist. The space of the Universe is far more restrictive in form and dimensions than the space of mathematicians.

Why this happens can be explained ‘bio-logically’ by the fact that the inverse function of existence, extinction, eliminates all forms which are not efficient even if it creates them a priori – in the same manner all mutations in Nature, which are not efficient disappears. While our informative mind keeps producing imaginary models of geometry, which are pumped up by the scholar who seeks to convince the world his geometry is also right. For example, in the field of physics, multi-universes, super symmetries, ‘—motions’ in black holes, etc. are mathematical theories with no equivalent in the world because they ignore the arrow of information in mass and the need for no more than 2×2 dimensions to construct the Universe.

While the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics in which an organic wave of photons, parts of whole electrons, guided by the 4th arrow of organic evolution is considered a herd of ‘probabilities’ is wrong. As in the case of the Mandelbrot set that doesn’t exist in nature, unable to resist energetic motion, in all those cases the 4 main time arrows of reality and its need to be performed by all entities that wish to exist, limit the information that becomes real.

All this requires understanding 2 of the basic properties of information – the fact that ‘fractal information’ is constantly created by the motions of reality and the paradox between ‘—motions’ with maximal spatial extension but minimal information vs. information with minimal ‘—motions’ and extension. In brief, information increases, as in fractals, when we diminish in size. So brains are smaller than bodies but have more information. And a language has maximal information packed in minimal space. A language in fact has more information than a huge surface of vacuum space, which makes theories more abundant than the forms we find in the real Universe. Information is inflationary and so are physical theories with bizarre space/times that reality never will select.

Mathematics is, as all languages, an informative, ‘fractal’, whose self-similar forms/theories multiply in excess (ΣSe->0; Tƒ->∞). Thus, if certain sentences of verbal thought can be imaginary fictions, despite its beauty, so happens to many ‘quixotic’ geometrical forms, which do not exist. The Universe selects only efficient geometries, based in forms that can move and perform the arrows of time in the real Universe. So for example, the most beautiful fractal form of the mathematical Universe, the Mandelbrot set, does not exist in reality, because all its small self-similar attachments would easily break if they were moving as reality does.

Hence the importance of having a geometric theory of space-time that describes accurately the forms of the physical Universe. This was the key discovery of Einstein. He realized that Euclidean, lineal geometry, used to describe ideal space, could not describe the cyclical paths created in gravitational space-time. So he switched in his description of reality to a space called Non-Euclidean, where its minimal fractal unit, the point, could be crossed by multiple gravitational curves and hence, unlike the abstract point of Euclid, it required inner volume, inner form and ‘—motions’. This point, which has always in Nature a region that can absorb /gauge information and a lineal or cyclical, rotational motion, is what we call a Point of View= Measure or Non-Euclidean point of view, the relative unit of Non-Euclidean mathematics.

Philosophers of science have wondered often if mathematics is merely a construction of the mind or an image of reality and why they are all pervading in the description of any ‘system’ of self-similar forms in the Universe. The answer is both: languages are construction of the mind that reflects the external universe’s information in a small space, hence they must reduce the total information to fit the mental mirror, trying also to make an image the closest possible to reality. This is what logic languages do with time and mathematical languages with space; because the Universe is logic-mathematical, albeit of a type of logic and mathematics more complex than the abstractions without motion devised by the Greeks 2300 years ago.

Indeed, the same concept applies to the new logic of time, which is based in multiple causality, either a dual ‘biological causality’ in A<->B events in which an element A is predator and the other B victim; hence B is considered by A mere ‘—motions’ when B considers itself an informative entity worth to exist (so A is both A and B, victim and predator, ‘—motions’ for the predator information for the I-self of the victim); or ‘multiple, spherical causality’, when multiple agents create a certain network or form. So for example a real circle is not drawn in abstract by a single pen, but happens when multiple self-similar points of view converge and form a cycle.

Ultimately we are all made of spatial ‘—motions’ and temporal information, whose synoptic descriptions are achieved with 2 languages, mathematics and logic. And so the search for knowledge by the human mind is not only the recollection of experimental data, but its description with the languages of mathematics and logic. Hence even more important than the collection of data is the creation of a mental container – those 2 languages – efficient and evolved enough to fit properly all the data of reality we observe.

Yet since the revolution of thought represented by Evolution Theory in Biology and quantum /relativity in physics, there is a gap between the behavior of universal entities and the linguistic syntax of mathematics and logic, hardly evolved since 2300 years ago, when Euclid and Aristotle founded those 2 sciences.

Thus, we shall in this work summarize the new advances and isomorphisms of spatial geometry and temporal logic that are needed to describe a complex Universe of multiple, fractal space-times in which points are Complementary systems – entities that gauge and feed on ‘—motions’ with an informative and energetic center (body/brain, field/particle system). What still stands is a simplification of reality to ‘fit’ it into the mind. So while we are not concerned with the specific ‘—motions’ and information the point of view process (the details that don’t fit), we cannot longer hold truth the syntactic errors of Euclidean mathematics (points, lines and planes without breadth, width or height), and Aristotelian Logic (single causal events of the type A->B).

We call the evolved syntax of those 2 space-time languages, i-logic geometry, or simply i-logic geometry (as i represents ‘information’ and it is the next vowel after the A-ristotelian and E-uclidean languages used till now. Yet it also represents a ‘complementary system’ with a cyclical, informative ‘head’, O, and a lineal, energetic ‘limb-body’ |, which are also symbols used in ‘complex algebra’ to represent energetic and informative functions)).

Thus, we affirm that the Universe of multiple space-times follows the complex logic of information or ‘i-logic, fractal geometry’ pioneered in the XIX and XX C. by Darwin, Riemann, Planck, Einstein and Mandelbrot whose discoveries were the first steps of a ‘new paradigm of science’, which this work completes, upgrading philosophy of science (mechanism and monism), stuck in Aristotelian, Euclidean theories since the XVII century. So we shall talk often of the ‘i-logic, fractal paradigm’ as opposed to the ‘A-logic, Euclidean paradigm’ of a mechanical world of single ‘ceteris paribus’ causes and entities which are supposed to exist in a single, continuous, abstract, non-moving space.

The second part of this work after this brief introduction to ‘metaphysics’, the description of the ultimate meaning of existence – the accomplishment of the 4 main arrows of time – will be dedicated to the development of those new formalisms of mathematics and logic needed to make detailed, rigorous analysis of the events and forms of natural, organic fractals.

In that regard, since all languages are fractals of the entire Universe perceived in a slower, shorter, memorial pattern, a mirror of information with less dimensions of ‘motion’ and ‘form’ than the original. So these texts could be also considered a fractal, linguistic mirror of all Realities.

Recap: Information is inflationary. So are informative languages, reasons why we must differentiate fictions from theories that truly describe the universe. Multiple Spaces-Times improve our logic and mathematical tools to describe the Universe. This is done advanced the Aristotelian logic and Euclidean geometry into the next vowel of the alphabet: i-logic geometry, the logic and geometry of information.




Motion as reproduction of in-form-ation.

The purpose of the actions of all beings, is ultimately to reach discontinuous immortality through its reproduction, as entities which do not reproduce become extinguished. So we shall define reproduction in this post and show that all entities reproduce, since a motion that repeats its form, is in fact reproducing, and time is motion and time is everything. We show then how all systems, physical, biological and social systems do reproduce.

Thus if we were to pick up a single function on the Universe, we would say that all is about conservation of present through the dynamical reproduction of its forms. Even motion can be understood in terms of reproduction, as  the previous graph from the 92 book, ‘god, man and universe’ shows.

Reproduction is the essential game of the Universe – to iterate information, first – and then evolve it up and down the block of time of possibilities, along the informative and entropic dual arrows that take the system out of balance. There is no mystery to it, as forms become with time implosive and explosive, so if reproduction did not dominate the game, the universe would die away, and would not be immortal (as reductionist physics with models of a single arrow of time) expect.

Momentum is a present ‘dharma’, a minimal step, an action. And the sum of those actions of existence, reproduced with different beats and rhythms, creates a wave of reproduction.

What the function of existence as a sum of infinitesimal number of actions of space-time, absorbing and emitting energy and information, ±∆e, i, combining it into reproductive seminal seeds of the whole, e x i, and associating it into social scales, allows is the description of the whys of the larger world cycles and ensembles that form the super organism in space and its time cycle.

Thus the main action of exi=st¡ence is reproduction, achieved in the age of balance, when the motion an form of the being, exi imprints on its lower ∆-1 field of space-time, bringing both together into an exi=st-ential form. To reproduce once and again, ∑exi=st, and maximise that function, Max. ∑exi=st, becomes then for all systems, the purpose of exi=st¡ence. The many jargons and languages we can use to mirror that process are just details of the ‘large picture’. The series of actions that bring re=production into fruitful realisation tend to be similar, departing from the monad, which first:

i: perceives->a:moves to fields ->e: of energy where it feeds, or meets an inverse ‘mirror symmetry’ (gender) communicating with it ï-> to finally reproduce->œ & in the most successful reproductive waves, it will evolve socially into a new whole, a new Universal->∑œ=U

So all those actions, which ultimately are partial equations of the acronym expression of the generator (entropy=motion, information, reproduction, exi, ∑exi= social evolution is really all what is about the game for those ‘beings-monads’ who successfully still exi=st.

Dûst, momentums of the function of existence, journeying to perform its survival actions, trying Tº exi≈st, combining all its actions of existence with the aim of survive not as individual but as ‘clone form’ -that is, simply speaking the art of living, which is the same for any monad, on charge of a supœrganism of any scale of the Universe. Moreover the game of each monad is not only the same but when adjusted in terms of its ∆-metric (spe x Tiƒ) it gives us similar range of space-time actions, as smaller beings live shorter but act faster.

Space-speed is reproduction of form.

In the graph, a particle moves, reproducing a quantic wave or ‘field of matter’, since in fact all physical movements reproduce a form in a field of energy. Thus the reproductive speed of a wave that imprints a surface of spatial energy is also a quantic jump in space-time. The spatial energy will vary but the process is always the same.

Because points are constantly gauging information and feeding on energy, the most common events of the Universe are the absorption of waves of energy and form and its communication between 2 points that share energy and form.

In the graph, we observe some basic acts of communication in which self-similar complementary species exchange energy and form in actions that bond them. Human sexual species communicate information and energy (social love) but also seminal particle that combine both reproducing a self-similar being (sexual love); fermions, big atomic particles, communicate bosons, smaller particles of forces. Humans communicate with machines through prices and salaries. Thus money is the force of communication that creates the actions of consumption and reproduction=work of machines by human beings. In all those events there will be however different they might seem, certain laws of i-logic geometry, which all systems will follow and will define the outcome of such encounters, according to the 3rd postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry that defines the relative equality between st-points. So certain events are ‘Darwinian’, when species are so different that cannot share information with a common language and so use each other as relative energy, or events of eusocial love if the points are self-similar.

Communication towards a balance of parameters is thus natural to the laws of the Universe.

‘—motions’ must be understood in its simplest laws – 2nd law of thermodynamics, heat flows from the hotter to the colder source till balancing both, expansion of a gas till fill uniformly a volume, etc. – as a proof of the function of existence that balances the parameters of all systems. This balancing tendency might seem to favor a final ‘—motions’ or death in disorder of the system but it is more subtle. The system balances to achieve a faster constant switch off of states between energy and information, accelerating the feed-back cycles, E<=>O, which are the dynamism of it all.

This feed-back cycles reduced to the maximal i-rational expression, such as Pi, or √2, means a constant feed-back loop a space-time cycle, SP<=>Tƒ…

Now, this will even confuse you more. We defined the present active-reproductive dimension of space-time in other posts as:

Se (past-entropy-lineal motion)  x  Tƒ (Future-form, cyclical motion) = Present-wave reproduction.

And above we saw that a wave speed, V = Sp x Tƒ

So a wave strictly speaking is reproducing its form into a present speed over its lower ST=∆-1 plane of existence, feeding on energy, putting its form and reproduction. Motion is truly reproduction of form, in a lower plane of existence and this solves the Zeno’s paradox, why motion is possible? It seems impossible in Zeno’s concept of quantum space-time. Today quantum physicists still have to accurately explain Zeno. Now we explain it. It is in fact impossible because motion is NOT motion but reproduction from quanta to quanta of pure space motion of a form.

And this works with higher planes which have more content of form as mass does. Energy = Mass x C2 is the case.

Strictly speaking we add to the mass, the ∆-3 scale of space-time bidimensional light-space to get that much energy. It is more of a ‘reaction’ than a transformation, but we humans have our ‘limited means of measure’, so that is what we ‘see’. Point.

Strictly speaking a mass moving is ‘interacting with the ∆-3 plane of light-space time also, as the wave of its particles of information is becoming imprinted in each step on the lower planes, it is being redrawn as a wave does step by step, reproducing its form side by side. So speed is reproduction, Sp x Tƒ = Present reproduction = Speed. This is truly what happens in ∆ST complex physics. When you move your hand, you redraw your atoms and electronic nebulae from ∆-4 to i step by step. And so it follows that waves which draw only the form spend less time drawing information than masses than human organisms, and so they move faster at c-speed.

So here we have another logic ∆ST way to deduce the previous deduced infinity of speed of gravitational waves:

Max. Tƒ = Min. S≈Min.V

And this has two limits: gravitational quanta are perceived as moving at infinite speed because they carry no information and black holes which are forms at 0 K of perfect form, information, seem anchored in their point of view with no motion relative to the Universe that ‘moves around them’.

This advanced analysis for those who have gone so far shows the extraordinary power of ∆ST to explain much more in a logic way than the mere equations manipulated in an artefact of absolute space-time.

This motion thus requires to print a form, departing from the ‘energy’ of the plane. And we can therefore do an explanation of the entire Universe as a reproductive, living organism of present reproductive waves of form with motion.

Energy though will still be dominant in motion. And this is proved by the fact that we do calculate energy and work in physics, considering only the lineal vector of motion not the height-informative component. And so indeed energy is related to motion. We talk of energy as the ‘food’ of motion for cars and planes. Energetic people are people that move a lot. Energy is biased to space-motion.

All this said as truly energy and information are considered in the ∆±1 planes around us synonymous of motion and form, we shall use them as equivalent S≈e, T≈information and use i to symbolise information.

While space-time planes will be referred as ST=±∆ or abbreviated as ±∆

Still we will use very often the concept of temporal information, Ti, and also the concept of spatial energy, Sp, as roughly equivalents to Spatial speed, S and Temporal form,  (i do confess to have been careless, exchanging all those terms in other papers, but this blog should be when finished the foundational texts of the 5th Dimension, so I will try to standardise and be precise in all its definitions).


Fractal points of topological space, existential algebra of symmetric fractal generator… ∆nalysis of scales.

It should not surprise you then that the most efficient mind mirror, maths, have 3 disciplines we shall upgrade, geometry of points for space, algebra for sequential time numbers and analysis of finitesimals and wholes, and finally uses mind-centered planes to represent them all, as those are the four elements of reality, we shall upgrade and give more realism. The only big change will be in that sense the substitution of the tools mathematicians use to study symmetry, groups for the symmetries of the fractal generator equation that resumes the 3 x 3 + • 10 dimensions when studied in detail of a system (3 scales, 3 topologies, 3time ages dimensions and the 10th • mind that puts them all as a whole):

Γ@: ∆-1: Entropy>∆: $p: ‘past, entropic fields-limbs’ <ST-hyperbolic body-waves>O-Tƒ-Particles/heads of information>∆+1: Mind≈Γ@

Which again is a cyclical form when we connect our linguistic formal view and the mind it ultimately becomes the ice in the cake.

So that is really all, now you can close the web and dedicate yourself to live and act, as your mind will only get wrinkled here, and you have now the essence of the universe in a nutshell, courtesy of this humind membrane (:

So as you can see the word to find meaning is ‘wholeness’ symmetry of timespace dimensions, S=T, scales, organism…

S=T; creation of form and motion dimensions and its balances.

The Universe is a superorganism of 5 dimensions of symmetric space-time. Whereas time means motion and space form. Yet since due to Galilean>Einstein’s relativity we cannot distinguish motion from form, for each dimension of space, we must consider a symmetric dimensions of time (the form we see in motion).

Since as we can only compare entities with equal number of dimensions we must write:


as the fundamental law of the Universe, which is display in all kind of beings.

(The equivalent of this law of balance in physics, is a Lagrangian of the form:

Sp (size in space) x Tiƒ (speed of time clocks of information) = Constant


And or, the laws of conservation of momentum: S x T (mv, etc.), and energy its integral in a closed cycle.

And so physicists go around into this third degree of complexity, space, time and space-time elements to conform reality and conserve it… Through the conservation laws.

Two simple laws of conservation and least time in which all of physics is based; albeit explained with complicated ‘pedantic’ obtuse laws, such as the Noether theorem, group theory, etc. which obviously need them to go back to school and learn what the magic of maths and the origin of those laws are in 10D.

This is the law of balance and co-existence of reality that make humans and civilisations co-exist as single super organisms. Cells and organisms co-exists in a single individual, and so, the Universe is a beautiful organic, fractal of scales of reality which follow the same goals of reproducing information to become immortal in ‘states of balance’. And those laws apply also to history and economy systems that should try to find such balances to survive.

Thus we can start studying beings of one dimension of space and one dimension of time-motion, simultaneously.  Or keep growing in analysis till getting to the 5 S = 5t level.

Reality is a then 10 dimensional game of space and time, based in a physical property called Galilean relativity. The fact that we cannot distinguish motion and form, so both dimensions of motion=time and form=space, happen together. This holographic symmetry makes reality a game of N s=t dimensions, which create space-time symmetries, go and stop motions and sets the stage to study dual st systems of at least 2 dimensions, one of space-form one of time-motion and the ‘reproductive’ perception of both together, the ‘third dimension of space-time’.

Starting with those simple principles then we can build different systems of bidimensional frames of reference, starting from the 2 simplest studied by human scientists, mostly physicists, the bidimensional system of motion and form, whereas humans have adopted by convention, according to natural reasons, latter studied in detail, the dimension of length as the first dimension of motion, to measure motions, distances and trajectories in space and the dimension of height as the first dimension of form, of in-form-ation.

It follows then that we must keep labelling dimensions and use bidimensional or four-dimensional graphs of time space, where by the simple method of giving twice the dimensionality to each one, i.e. distance and motion, define lineal space and lineal time, in the X coordinates, height and vibration, are ‘motion space-time related dimensions’ of height.

In general also we can use algebraic conventions to represent those dimensions. So we give negative values to the dimension of information and positive values to the dimension of motion, and in this manner we can rest and operate in classic algebra. So for example, in Einstein’s special relativity the dimension of motion sums in the Sx, Sy, Sz coordinates and the dimension of temporal information, of motion, -ct, rests. This is a classic way to represent the inverse first dimensions of space and time all together, and why Einstein’s equation work.

We can then move to tridimensional pairs, for 6 dimensions and so on, let us then study them in an exhausting manner, realizing of a simple algebraic rule: time dimensions can be modelled with negative numbers that rest to space dimensions by adding motion to a form, and vice versa. We adopt this convention as it suits better present mathematical physics. Then the second dimensions of negative time is the i-complex map, or its ‘squared’ value, recommended in many physical equations (where the unit is i²=-1, c²= k/µ and so on).

Those are different conventions which we shall study in mathematical physics, but show the way the Universe is built up: adding balanced S=t dual dimensions according to the galilean paradox.

The new principle  of conservation of energy.

Now the best way to formalize all those ‘dimensional symmetries’ (4, space-like and 5 time-like being the absolute symmetry between entropy and evolution) IS by EXPANDING THE FUNDAMENTAL EQUATION OF THE UNIVERSE S<≈>T, which constantly transforms spatial dimensions into temporal dimensions.

This is what fractal theorists call a ‘fractal generator equation’, one which through feed backs constantly iterate and reproduce and trans-form reality. It is also the ‘expanded fundamental principle of science, the principle of conservation of energy and information which we rewrite adding the fundamental definition of energy-present = past-entropy x future-information in an absolute sense, (a single plane of present sandwiched between its death-past entropic 4D and its potential future, 5D social evolution) or a relative sense (lineal spatial motion x vortex of time-clocks = present momenta).

‘All what exists is a super organism of temporal information and spatial entropy, which combine into energy beings that reproduce constantly in an eternal SYMMETRIC present, S≈T, across infinite scales of size and speed’

The reproduction of 1, 2, 3… 4th, 5th, 6th dimensions.

Now we could consider all this as a reproduction of dimensions, through s=t steps, all motions BEING A STOP AND GO displacement, and s=t beat, so construct a s=t=s=t=s, series of harmonies in which through symmetries of space-time reflections into the similar motion-stop dimension the being reproduces a tail of time-space imprinted above the ‘previous scales’ as a wave’ of new forms, that become wholes, and so the creative ‘upper wave’ over an indistinguishable surface of 1/n finitesimals creates beings literally as the upper form that organises and rises into awareness the ∆-1 beings. Waves, crystals, organisms are thus just the ‘creative’ emergent final @ membrain…

So there are many ways to describe any island-universe, world made to the image and likeness of the whole but the 5D and 10D stop-go symmetric conceptualisation is best (expressed in mathematical algebra best, here through the generator equation more than group theory as it is a better mirror)

The Universe is a superoganism of 10 dimensions of symmetric space-time. Whereas time means motion and space form. Yet since due to Galilean>Einstein’s relativity we cannot distinguish motion from form, for each dimension of space, we must consider a symmetric dimensions of time (the form we see in motion).

Since as we can only compare entities with equal number of dimensions we must write,  S=T, as the fundamental law of the Universe, which is display in all kind of beings.

The equivalent of this law of balance in physics, is a Lagrangian of the form:

Sp (size in space) x Tiƒ (speed of time clocks of information) = Constant ∫S-T∂st=0

And or, the laws of conservation of momentum: S x T (mv, etc.), and energy its integral in a closed cycle.

Two simple laws of conservation and least time in which all of physics is based; albeit explained with complicated ‘pedantic’ obtuse laws, such as the Noether theorem, group theory, etc. which obviously need them to go back to school and learn what the magic of maths and the origin of those laws are in 10D.

This is the law of balance and co-existence of reality that make humans and civilisations co-exist as single super organisms. Cells and organisms co-exists in a single individual, and so, the Universe is a beautiful organic, fractal of scales of reality which follow the same goals of reproducing information to become immortal in ‘states of balance’. And those laws apply also to history and economy systems that should try to find such balances to survive.

So the simplest analysis are those in which we observe a ‘non-e point in space, a point with breath’, as a single dimension, coupled with a dimension of lineal motion, the first dimension of time.

Then we can consider holographic bidimensional entities with dimensions of form and motion:

In the graph we see systems with information and motion=time; systems with entropy and form (bidimensional space), and 4D combinations, of which the basic one is light space-time (our electronic perception of both being tuned to such ‘minimal quanta’ of our perceived reality.

Next we can consider combinations of 3 dimensions of form and 3 dimensions of space; and here we exhaust the existence of a system in single space-time continuum.

In the graph we see 6 dimensional descriptions of a space-time super organism. Now we are talking (: indeed, we can describe an enormous number of systems with 3 ‘fractal parts’ with 3 topologies in space and 3 functions in time, and as it happens since a 4Dimensional system have only 3 possible topologies, that is enough to understand the processes of topological evolution that complete our work in evolution, through 3 topological ages, dominated by each of those 3 elements, and describe a generator equation for all of them:

Γ; $t: lineal limbs/fields of entropy <Ø-∑ex∏i hyperbolic-bodywaves>§ð-particle/heads of information.

ternary spacetime topologies

Spheres that hold the maximal volume of information in particle-heads; flat, lineal topologies – the fastest distance in moving potentials/limbs – and hyperbolic, iterative body waves that generate all the forms, are the 3 only topologies of the Universe, which ensemble to form the ‘present-spatial super organisms’ we see in each ∆-scale of reality:

human topology

So this is the second ternary spatial element of reality:

|-moving limbs/potentials  x O-head/particles = Ø-body waves

This is the simplest expression of the FRACTAL GENERATOR of space-time beings, as all of them will display those ternary topologies.

It is its simplest spatial view, which we shall made soon more complex adding it its time-motions-functions and scales generated by the minds that perceive in the singularity a still mapping of the whole with a language that perceives in itself.

o Swe can generate and mirror all the systems in space, made of ensembles of those 3 adjacent forms/functions we shall call space-time organisms with them.

We shall write THE TERNARY topology also in many ways and make it increasingly complex as we study different dimensions of ‘form’ and ‘motion’, of ‘space’ and ‘time’. But in its simplest mode is the most extraordinary simplex equation of them all: $≈ð; whereas S is the limbic system, T, the particle-head with its clocks of information and ≈ the bodywave that iterates and puts together both.

Let us then consider briefly the symbols for the Generator Equation of t.œs and its 5 Dimensions.

@>∫T: $t: (limbs/fields of motion and Universe) < ∑∏> §ð<<S∂ (still mind form or world).

So the 5 Dimotions (ab. of dimension in space and motion in time) that create the form and function of all systems and its parts, between its generation by a mind-seed and extinction in entropic explosions are:

  1. Ði: Informative particles/heads: §ð
  2.  Ð: limbs/potentials: momentum: st.
  3. Ð: ∑e x ∏i: body waves: ∑∏.
  4.  Ðimotion: entropy: S∂.
  5. Ðimotion: Organic evolution: ∫T.

ITERATION is then the 3rd Dimotion which encompasses the more complex elements together, in a hyperbolic inverse geometry of the Energy and Information parameters, however struggling to cope with the equation of equality from where it can generate also an Spacetime system of potentials/limbs of time motion and Singularities of Space.

Complex social dimensions:reproduction and social evolution: 7th, 8th, 9, 10th.

So how then we go beyond the 3+3 topological dimensions of S≈T motion and form? The answer is the scalar ‘social dimensions’ of parts and whole, which are NON-commutative, that is different when we move from a whole to its parts of more information, than when we move upwards to a whole of more entropic motion, from a smaller part:

In the graph, we see that for each ‘scale, there will be a ternary system of space and time dimensions, which obey topological rules (the sphere maximises information in lesser space; the line maximises distance in minimal time; the hyperbola combines both in iterative body-waves), for a maximal of 6 dimensions in a single plane.

But then we can add two dimensions of space & time upwards and downwards in scale.

As those are ‘new dimensions’  we have the responsibility to name them. How shall we call those dimensions?

So the 7th dimension of ‘death’ and 8th dimension of pure entropic ‘big-bang explosions’ in space, are jumps across to scales of reality. We are talking serious ‘shit’ here. Nothing of this is fancy wishful thinking. We shall extract all the laws of nature, mathematical physics, death processes from it.

In mathematical terms, we talk of most ‘processes of timespace’ as single derivatives and integrals, which move up and down a given scale – but in process of death back into the potential field of minimal parts, we talk of Laplacians and Poisson double derivatives, which explode the whole from the ∆+1 mind-dimension down to the lower ∆-1 parts and this is the equation of death: Tƒ ∆+1 << ∑∑$t ∆-1, or ∂§ð=0.

Now for the inverse dimension of social evolution, we realise that as mind singularity is actually an ∆-1 singularity point, a single individual mind of a society (its king, president or prophet), a single crystal in a matter system (the first crystal cell which commands the reproduction and social organisation of the whole macro crystal) or an atomic entity (the black hole singularity of the galaxy), and so on But IT HAS A MIND-IMAGE that transcends and emerges beyond the ∆0 entity into the ∆+1 EXTERNAL WORLD, organising socially with similar beings, the 9th and 10th dimensions of eusocial love and creation of worlds beyond the super organism, unit of the larger ∆+1 world IS  also jumping to scales, from your infinitesimal neuronal-ego, through your organism into the outer world.

And this will be also the model for galaxies, where the black hole ‘DNA’ IS connected to other galaxies of the ∆+1 cosmos through dark entropy flows (bilateral jets), even if it is in fact the ‘best, densest’ possible frozen star of the ∆-1 scale.

Membrains, mind-singularities thus are also in the process of social evolution jumping two scales from its neuronal infinitesimal, past the enclosed organism its membrain closes into the larger social world; which is the super organism proper (∆-1 cell; ∆º organism, ∆+1: super organism, world, or ecosystem).

It is obvious that the dimension of ‘social growth’ is a dimension of social evolution; and we feel justified to call it:


So we write it often as 5D♥ (: or if we name them all together, just for the sake of ‘numerology’, they would be the 9th dimension – social evolution and the 10th dimension, the perception of the super organism as a whole or ‘mind-dimension’, which we shall see is made of a ‘singularity’ or linguistic point and a membrane that encircles the organism; closely related to the Tƒ element (perceived as such in a flat, shallow vision of the being as existing in a single scale of reality.

Yet when we understand the scalar Universe, it will turn out that the singularity does connect the system across its scales of size, as it is an ∆• single ‘crystal’, ‘neuron’, ‘governor’, which controls ‘internally’, ‘chemically’ its ∆-1 parts, and it feels itself through its sensorial membranes ‘connected’ to a larger ∆+1 whole.

The mind, the 10th dimension of a being, becomes then essential to grasp the workings and whys of reality even if ‘pedantic’ abstract physicists and its ‘philosophers’, logical positivists have completely ‘missed the point’ and deny the existence of such singularity minds. In the next graph we see this ‘completeness’ reached by the membrain singularity, in reference to the rest of the being, the open ball or vital body-energy=wave system:



In the graphs, the sum of the membrain+singularity, and the vital space of an open ball, gives us the whole being.

It is then clear that the game of the Universe is about reproduction of dimensions of form and motions (3 and 1) combined into present energy actions (3), which co-exist in 3 scales (4th-123-5th) as they trace worldcycles in the form of present 123 super organisms, and if it is not clear it should latter on as this is all and all is a fractal repetition of such timespace organisms.

How we combine and how long we study them and which symmetries between those dimensions we study makes it all so various and fun to observe. THERE ARE THOUGH strict rules of engagement between those dimensions in the making and destroying of space-time ‘existences’. Mind the reader we also play here with the dry but rather precise english language to extract multiple meanings of its words. The cleared of those rules are motivated by the survival of systems who try to Maximize its existence in the point of balance, where it can reproduce, when S=t as it is the maximal function of any SxT. This simple mathematical rule expresses perhaps the most important algebraic rule of all systems:

Max. S=e x T=I, happens when S=t, hence S=e=t=i. BUT WE ARE NOT concerned in this first post with ‘existential algebra’ and the functions that define the game in a way we can manipulate it. Though just want to make you aware of how many ways to study the five dimensions are possible, once we get into deep thought.

It is another important rule to understand that as super organisms of timespace are local their motions past to future future to pst are relative, and all the dimensions are connected, the best way to deal with it is as having always a 10 d-mind view, of the 3 scales ∆±1 and its symmetry in time and space with the 3 motions… such as there will be always 3 ‘scales not only of size in space’ but of length in time, the short, medium and long wave of all processes which reinforce each other as belonging to the ‘micro-points atoms and cells in action’, to its physiological networks in constant control, synchronised in its entropic-digestive, reproductive and informative networks, and to the outer world where the @ membrain is watching (membrain is the preferred topological name of the many we use for minds, as it is a membrane=outer sensorial cut-off enclosure and a brain-singularity).

It is only when you start to ‘picture in your mind’ the being in all those elements, ternary scales, ternary parts, ternary motion ±i, the dimensions which are not really the self but more the ‘limits’  (outside inside, entropy, birth; t1, t2 in the integral path of an action, black hole and halo of the open ball galaxy we see, military border and king, detached in its games of war of the vital energy of a culture, encased in ‘nation-structures’… in all systems always an inner present world of 3 symbiotic, simultaneous space-time parts and a limit of maximal time and one of maximal space – so for the galaxy island Universe (c-speed of maximal distance motion, -0 k of perfect superfluid black hole quark vortex)… so for anything.

So when studying a physical time§paœrganism the best way to do it, given our scanty direct perception of them, is through some of its actions, in which they will move and process information in a certain pattern, within a larger super organism, which in the case of the particle will normally be an atom.

As such within the atom, the particles are either part of its t-membrane, its st vital space or its •Singularity with its still focused mind, which humans represent as a centre of a frame of reference, in any of its 3 ‘topological space-time dimensions.

What is the perception of each mind-singularity mapping its territory according to its function is of interest. Even more is to find suitable frames of reference to model the 10D (5s≈5t) time§paœrganism.

Normally we can consider its asymmetries to make a possible focused mathematical mirror, giving to space the positive real coordinates, time its negative, and the scalar 5th dimension set on the Y≈ i-coordinates, and combine them to represent different s, t, st states… the possibilities of mathematical modelling of the 10 Dimensions of space-time and scale, self-centred in an S@ singularity with a constrain given by a T-membrane enclosed the being to its domain of scales, topologies and functions, is ginormous and only apt for the imaginative mathematicians.

The ones physicists use (phase, multidimensional, conformal, Lorentzian, Hilbertian, etc.) are shows of ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis done in a limited range of dimensions and or fractal points often with its own ternary dimensions, to study different ‘fancy’ analysis of partial domains of Tœs of many different scales of reality.

We shall try to set a more orderly standard now that we know what we talk about.

The studies of physicist in that sense are often of 3 spatial dimensions reflected in the mirror of a present derivative dimension of time (the so called 4th dimension).

And when philosophising about entropy arrows, studies on the fourth dimensions OF SPACETIME the dimension of double entropy down two scales of death and big-bang in the ladder of scalar dimensions of the Universe.

The one they never talk about are the 5th dimensions of space and time.

As such an entropic explosive big bang death of matter, means a dissolution of mass down to a wave of light and further into c-quanta of gravitational ∆-4 existence.

An entropic death of a living organism goes down the scale of cells and further the scale of molecules.

A quasar big-bang of a galaxy and its black hole brain means going down to the scale of gravitational and photonic radiation, 2 scales down and so on.

The fifth dimensions (we use plural to signify the 2 dimensions of space-time together) on the other hand is the ascension from the cellular/molecular state of a neuron or crystal to the larger image of its super organism and further on to the view of its mind of the larger whole, till reaching the size of a planet of a human dna-crystal organising global societies.


Γ@: Seed of information + energy<entropy = reproductive phetus<emergence<motion (entropy with a bit of form) > energy age > information age>>social mind: O-motion << entropic death

=zero sum

So we can write a series of space-time dimensions together as part of the processes of a world cycle:

4th Dimensions: entropy=death: ∆-2 >> 1st dimensions: present organism: Limbs/fields of motion < 2nd dimensions: Hyperbolic body/waves>3rd ages: informative particle-heads>>Social evolution of minds as points of an ∆+2: world: 5th dimensions: ∆§

And many more (:

So how many dimensions have reality? Actually as many as you wish, as each scale will have 3 dimensions of space-time in a single plane and 3 planes up and down the being, enclosed further in a larger world…

So if we are going to be exhaustive, with less than 56 dimensions/parameters we cannot make the whole sense of it (6 space-time topological dimensions for each of the 3 scales of the organism and the world above and below: 6 x 5 = 30 dimensions; four space and time dimensions of entropy and mind-evolution for each discontinuity between planes, which are two inner discontinuities between limbs/bodies/particle-heads, and two more with the outer world above and below, so 4 x 4 = 16 more dimensions, 30 + 16 = 46…

And then to fully describe the being we shall add for good measure the descriptions of even smaller and larger outer and lower worlds from where the being obtains its entropic motions and pixels of information, (5 dimensions for each of those interactions) for a minimal grand total of 56…

Now as current science works with only four dimensions, 3 of space and one of time you can assess how little information we extract in our description of most systems and why they look indeed abstract entities.

The situation though is much worsened by the ‘attitude’ of physicists with their infantile chit-chat on 4D models of reality, which they impose as dogma, so my experience in science congresses when I cared to assist was to be always surrounded by ‘savant idiots’ – masters of mathematical physics, which had zero idea about the meaning of the words they use in their mathematical equations, points, numbers, time, space, waves, particles, forces, masses, you name it… but wouldn’t care at all specially when the ‘speaker’ was not a certified specialist in mathematical physics (which obviously prevented him to break the straight-jacket of physical reductionism and 4D tensors), to hear anything about time, space and the meaning of reality. And this was specially truth when the speaker was a philosopher of science, the only discipline that ‘dares’ to challenge the reductionist, mechanist worldview of physicists.

So the reader will excuse me if I am specially sanguine among all the children of thought that play science in this planet with the false dogmas of physicists, which so much obscure the beauty of its equations, whose finding through the simple method of measuring and plugging information in mathematical structures seems indeed a marvel of Universal intelligence, given how little they understand of the concepts behind those equations, we clarify in earnest on our posts on astrophysics and its scales of time§paœrganism.

Don’t worry though, we are not making here 56-dimensional analysis (: at best we shall be happy with the reduced 5S+5T=10D³ analysis. We just wanted to show off a little bit of the ‘real complexity’ that all ‘the hidden information’ we do not study together for each space-time organism holds, so perhaps the reader become a bit humbler about the role and intelligence of us, the humind membrain… and finally learns to worship and respect the astounding beauty and symmetric harmonies of the infinite…


wHAT WE wanted to show you is the ultimate truth about reality, which is a constant game of reproduction of vital dimensions into super organisms through the actions they perform that constantly create and destroy momentum variations (which of course are the variable not studied in the momentum equation of physics unconcerned with those formal dimensions).

So this is the meaning of it all reproduction and extinction of dimensions of space time around s≈t balances, in an overall zero sum infinite hence inexhaustible universe, where ∆ð motions of time is the initial substrata, enclosed by §@, spatial minds that stiffen it into linguistic mappings of it all:


THE 5 Dimensions of reality, the four dimension of entropy, the fifth dimension of the mind, the symmetries of present, the dimension of fractal space and the dimension of cyclical time, can all be seen in symmetric equalities. ∆@ then means the scalar dimension of the mind, §∂ (∂ ab. easier to use for time cycles, modern version of eth).

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information.

This is the single expression of reality in its organic terms, function and form. So the question is to properly study in each scale and discipline of reality how the acts of supœrganisms and species, flux into the creation of new similar species, to ensure the immortality of the whole – how the swarm intelligence of reality brings about once and again apperceptively the act of reproduction and conservation of form, of in-form-ation, embedded naturally in the repetitive nature of worldcycles and time cycles, from the simples to the most complex aggregate of them.

Cyclical, temporal reproduction of Information rules the Universe.

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In the graph, left, information is stored in the cyclical patterns and frequencies of the ‘closed motions’ of the Universe, which we define as time clocks. Time and information are thus intimately related and so all systems of matter, evolve constantly towards higher degrees of information as those time cycles reproduce their cyclical motions and ‘forms’. So the galaxy is a vortex of information self-centred in the black hole, the physical system that stores more information of the Universe in its ‘cyclical membrane’; and history is a process of evolution of human and metal-information as we evolve constantly in larger social organisms, nations and civilisations and evolve machines from its initial entropic forms (weapons) into information.

The evolution of life can be modelled as a process that tends to increase the evolution of systems, both in species and individuals through its three ages that end in a third age of excess of information, wrinkles and warping. So all systems do evolve increasing its ‘height’ dimension that allows better perception of information from reptiles to mammals, from machines to carbohydrates.

Physical systems MADE OF matter, constantly grow in information as solar systems fall towards the black hole of the galaxy, curved, ‘formed’ by gravitational forces that constantly in-form the galaxy. So the entropic expansive vacuum space between galaxies is balanced by the informative vortex of matter. And this duality between life-information arrows-actions and death-entropic-arrows actions balanced reality into an immortal Universe. 

In terms of the life-death cycle of all systems, we can say that the longest time passes through the information arrow from birth to death, when an entropic e=mc2 big-bang (inorganic matter) or dissolution of informative networks (organic matter) erases it.

And so the zero-sum of all life-death informative-entropic cycles makes the Universe immortal.

galilean paradox

The st beatings of the Universe define 4 dimensions immediately of motion, s≈S, T≈t,  S<T, T<S, which are the four fundamental motions of the Universe. BEING THE FIFTH DIMENSION, the no motion of them all in the still pure space-time of the Mind, @.

So departing from 4 motions, we must first consider if an S≈s and a t≈T is motion: it is in the scalar growth OR DIMINUTION. WHILE the stop and Tgo, Stop, Tgo motion and form gives us the other two:

we cannot see motion and form together, the whole and its parts, we confuse lineal detailed view in short space-time intervals with cyclical, larger slower view… such galilean paradoxes are the reflection of Space=time dualities that the mind tries to ‘con-form’ into space-simultaneous view to ‘perceive them’. (Perception being always in space-simultaneity as still form a quanta of space=time).

The Universe is a fractal superorganism of 5 dimensions of space-time, where the fourth dimension of parts and the fifth dimension of wholes create its scalar, organic structure, as it is made of smaller and larger super organisms of space-time.

Those super organisms follow a fundamental logic rule, which started modern science – the realisation that ‘we cannot distinguish motion from form’ (Poncaire, Principle of Galilean relativity) according to which all motions in time can be seen as form-distances in simultaneous space and vice versa.

So we conclude that space-time, what we perceive as motion and form is composed of 5 dimensions of space undistinguishable of its equivalent perceptions as motions of time, hence:

5 D ST = 5 T-motions + 5 S motions (S=t).

This simple equations of the logic behind galilean relativity will suffice to explain all what exists.


In the next graph we see that complex organisation of a super organism extended in scales of the fifth dimension of physical and biological systems.

In the graph a life-death worldcycles happen in three planes, the seminal/atomic, ∆-1, the ∆-organic/thermodynamic, and the ∆+1 social/gravitational scales). 

So we show you from up to down the world cycle of existence of civilisations ending in entropic war/death when the overproduction of the germs/memes of history, called entropic weapons kill us, seen through the collective mind of artists, humanist neurons of civilisations (the timing for a human being is of 80 years, so it is for a nation; yet old slower larger civilisations lasted 800 years – as the scales are decametric, a mathematical detail, secondary to THE COMPREHENSION of the world cycle in terms of ‘time arrows of future’; truly a fascinating subject to understand why you live and die. 

Then in the middle the world cycle of physical systems through the ‘states of matter’, young gaseous state, liquid, balanced state and solid, informative state, between its seminal birth as ionic plasma and its death in a nuclear explosion, explained by Einstein’s dual equation, E<=>Mc², and the same cycle for other larger scales of matter, galaxies dying in quasar big-bangs and perhaps the whole Universe dying in cosmic ones (here again the genius of Mr. Einstein, solved it as three solutions to its space-time equations, each one for an age of the cosmic Universe – his model being a simplified one of 5D for a single scale).

This is the essence of Complexity, the layman term for general systems sciences that models reality as super organisms.  To notice then that while a worlccle of life and death is relative, as it ends in a zero sum returning to its seminal scale, the arrow of eusocial evolution, of ‘love’ and organisation of simultaneous super organisms is the absolute arow of time of the Universe.

Smaller systems run faster time cycles, so they carry more information, and code larger systems. On the other side larger systems carry more energy which feed their cellular part. The genes of cells code humans, the memes of humans code civilisations, the black holes code larger galaxies. this is expressed in a simple equation called the metric of the fifth dimension:

LET us then first introduce the basic…

Symbolism of GST.

The fractal Generator Equation of space-time:

Γ. Sp (past-lineal, toroid limbs-fields) ≤≥ ST (hyperbolic-planar body-waves) ≤≥ (spherical future particles-heads)

Introduces some basic symbols of 5D Metric:

Γ, the G-enerator equation, which can be studied for each fractal space-time system in detail and its 3 parts.

<, the arrow of expansive entropy.

> the arrow of future information.

≈ =, the arrow of present balance, ST, that puts together.

Sp: Spatial Limbs/fields

Tƒ-cyclical, temporal clocks in present beings.

So, if we see a system as Sp>ST>Tƒ constantly ‘informing’, > through time the system, we are in the 3 ages series, in a diachronic system, as ‘time bends space into masses’ (Einstein).

But if we are:

Sp-limbs/fields > ST-body/waves <Tƒ-heads/particles, whereas the limbs/fields give energy to the body/wave and the heads-particles give it information, we are in a living organism in balance,in a relative present immortal state.

And this is the ideal state of existence, since ‘The Universe conserves its present’.


Sp, (|-Spe) will be a parameter of Size or lineal, planar space when perceived in stillness, or entropy (also denoted in mathematical physics by the symbol S) defined as an expansive, decelerating motion, when perceived dynamically – which increases the ‘space’ or res extensa of the system, decelerating to a halt.

In geometry space is a Space Plane, a bidimensional geometry, such as h (bivector of angular momentum) or c².

In its complete description sometimes we should write |-Spe, for Lineal motion-form, Space Plane, Past, Entropy and Energy arrows, when considering the 5 fundamental perspectives, or isomorphic laws encoded on the bidimensional space elements of the Universe:

To be lineal, toroid in mental, geometrical form (|); to be ‘Space, res extensa’; to be a ‘bidimensional flat plane’, to be the Past, dead arrow, hence to be entropic disordered motions in terms of functions and motions through the 5th dimension, and to be ‘kinetic energy’ in the Present ST-plane.

– Tƒ will be a parameter of cyclical time, which increases its cyclical speed as it becomes smaller. The full name would be ‘Tiƒo’, from those 5 perspectives, as Time cycles are ‘Ti-me’, ‘i-n-fo-rmation’ from the perspective of its fixed form and transference through the 5th dimension; ƒuture, old age, from the perspective of the worldcycle view – as the last age before entropic death, and o in its cyclical clock-like vortex form.

In geometry is a cyclical imaginary number that grows in the height dimension, ‘sucking in’ and therefore shortening by an inverse i=-x², quantity.

And we know there exists as social numbers (point planes and networks of the 5th dimension) do have this form. So imaginary numbers so called complex numbers have an i-sucking, negative diminishing X-dimension, of height that forms the temporal cycles, which are for that reason better expressed in exponential numbers, E Θi, whereas the number is elevated to the angular i conjugate.

So the reader must see sometimes, specially in non-corrected old graphs, any of those combinations – the most likely an E for Entropy/kinetic energy for Space and an I, for informative Time. And its combinations ExI, as symbol of present:

– ST, will therefore be preSenT. We shall write it also as, ExI, since the present is dynamic and outside fundamental physics and Geometry in biological and social sciences, people use the concept Energy and Information most often with a wider, loose meaning similar to the two fundamental elements of reality.Then we can write:

ExI(st) as the function of existence in present time, which IS THE QUANTITY the Universe conserves, ‘Present’. Or:

STœ; in which the 3 elements of all beings, its spatial territories (the closest of which are its limbs and bodies), its temporal functions and cycles, and its point of view are present. Systems do become extremely complex in their symmetries and relationships to a point it makes difficult to realise what is the whole, and its parts, and what are its forms and functions, but ultimately through the understanding of the ‘isomorphic laws’ of all of them, based in the ternary properties of reality, they can be analysed in full.

While we use the terms energy and information in a verbal mode on social and biological sciences, in astrophysics, we prefer to use the mathematical concept of Energy, which we shall call Energetic Information, as the parameter of the 5th dimension that ‘integrates the whole’ constant Tƒ and Sp volume of a system, to equal it with the mathematical formulae, as in E= h(Sp) x ƒ (Tƒ) in the quantum scale or E=nK (Sp) x T(Tƒ) in the thermodynamic scale and E=1/2m(Sp) v² (Tƒ) in the gravitational scale.

Now, once we understand conceptually the 2×2+2 elements of reality, which science most commonly uses, space, time, speed, form, energy and information, we shall consider what really all of them are about:

The logical inversions between two of such elements; form as opposed to motion, space as opposed to time, energy as opposed to information; and the infinite consequences of this ‘logical’, ‘geometric’ and ‘organic’ inversion. The line is inverse to the cycle, because the line and the plane is the shortest distance between two points or lines, hence natural to ‘space’ in its widest sense; and the cycle and sphere the geometry that stores maximal area and volume with less perimeter, hence the natural ‘time’ clock and enclosing membrane. And this ‘hyperbolic combinations’ represented in the graph the natural geometry of space-time (hence used in Einstein’s relativity).

But this, we must constantly stress, is also a bio-logical property. So we must go beyond mathematical physics, when studying other space-time beings, as those rules will be different.

For example, the life-death cycle is a mixture of two arrows of ‘temporal information’, as the system grows in life accumulating information towards a third age, and death explosion into an entropic expansion of space. Life and Death that can be considered two inverse properties of time (life) and death (space).

We shall see this is quantifiable and also geometric, but that is not its main property, but the bio-logical nature of it. It is quantifiable, because death happens as a maximal expansion in space (dissolution into cells and atoms; or in the case of masses into radiation e=mc2), and it happens in a minimal infinitesimal quanta of time (the minimal cycle of the being). So death is indeed a maximisation of space and minimisation of temporal information and vice versa, life maximises time duration and information and minimises spatial extension, as herds become multicellular tight organisms. It would be stupid to reduce this wonderful inversion latter studied in great detail with the mathematical and geometric concept of a world cycle, to ONLY the geometry of it, as physicists do in relativity with its 4 vectors and worldlines (which reduce the being to a mere sum of its motions through its entire existence).

It is the bio-topo-logical game of inversions, and opposite poles, which however can transform each other by coming together, what summarises the meaning of it all. Since if Space and Time are inverted limits of that graph, in the middle point, they have both the value 1, which balances them.

And so we shall see that constantly space and time combine between its maximals and minimals and its central ‘stationary point’. And this tug of war between pure space with 0-time, pure time with 0-space and its timexspace combinations is the game we shall find once and again in our ‘equations’ of ‘existential algebra’. So this is a wider interpretation of the ‘principle of conservation of energy and information’ that constantly transform into each other ad eternal:

Time is the inverse formal motion of lineal space. A time cycle is closed, as opposed to an open line, rotary motion.

The paradoxical qualitative properties of space and time becomes then the essence of the scientific inquire (such as the duality of ‘still form and motion’, the duality of lineal and cyclical ‘space’ and ‘time’ motions, the duality of infinitesimals that become part of universal wholes, etc.)

Thus time cycles, in relationship to lineal space have a fundamental property: to be its inverse. And both are able to transform into each other ad eternal, as a lineal motion can bend into a curved motion,which can easily uncoil.

This inverse and complementary duality between lineal space and cyclical times, whose properties combine into ‘constant, complementarity systems’, is the fundamental ‘Principle of the Fractal Universe’:

‘The properties of the 2 formal motions, which compose the Universe, lineal space and cyclical time, are inverse, even though both can be transformed into each other ad eternal:

Γ               Sp = C/Tƒ;   Sp x Tƒ= Constant,   Sp<=>Tƒ’

Whereas Sp is the general term for  ‘spatial energy’ and Tƒ, is the general term for cycles of time or information, carried in the form and frequency of those time cycles.

Experimental proofsReality is a 5D fractal of space-time beings.

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-18-38-00‘D•st of space-time you are, dust you shall become”

The structure of the Universe is similar to a fractal, which repeats the same ‘actions of space-time’, of ‘exchange of energy and information’, along multiple scales of reality, between beings, which are always put internally in relationship to its inner micro-cellular ∆-1 scale and its ∆+1, external world:

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 15.31.07

The Universe is a fractal organism that reproduces information, even motion can be understood in terms of reproduction of a particle’s form, along the path of its quantum wave (Bohm). But what is the purpose of information? Communication, between similar beings that share the same code; so they can evolve together into larger, stronger wholes.Knowing the scientific, experimental details of that supœrganic structure, it marvels to see it all expressed in ‘philosophical terms’ by the likes of Cheng-tzu… Buddha, Aristotle Leibniz and Schopenhauer at different moments of history of thought.

Thus the Universe has also a scalar structure organised by networks of information that evolve socially parts into wholes, from simple particles into atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, ecosystems, planetary systems, and galaxies, which form a fundamental fifth Dimension of scalar space-time, whose ‘metric equations’, will reveal all the hidden variables and whys of existence.

In mystique terms we can call this dimension the dimension of eusocial love, in mathematical terms, we shall derive it from a ‘Fractal Generator Equation’ based in the two arrows of time that constantly combine in complementary organic systems, dominated by information NOT by energy as informative heads control energy bodies and particles, waves.

In the graph, the Universe is a fractal of information, which has the properties of fractals:

  • A fractal is made of smaller parts, connected through networks that repeats similar patterns in different scales of size. This in NATURE, means that the Universe evolves as a fractal growing and replication its form in the different ‘scales of space-time’, from the smallest particles through atoms, molecules, cells, matter states, organisms, ecosystems… solar systems galaxies and dark matter networks of galaxies (some of those scales are shown in the graph), all of them similar in form.
  • A fractal is a self-reproductive system, whose fundamental purpose is to ‘iterate’, that is, to reproduce patterns of information.

In nature we see also reproduction happening constantly in a fractal manner, as any system of any scale of nature will reproduce a minimal seed of information in its lower scale (humans a seminal seed, electrons a light beam, and so on), which will then grow and multiply an emerge in the upper fractal scale as a whole being.

In fact we shall see that all the Universe really does is to reproduce patterns of information, which is carried in the cyclical motions of time clocks…

In the graph, the fractal, organic networks that structure all the space-time beings of the scalar Universe, whose homologic laws in each scale of size repeat the same patterns of energy and information, the 2 elements that construct all the organisms of the Universe. Humans have very slowly come to the realisation of the existence of this 5th dimension of scalar size and its fractal organic structure, which all its systems made to the image and likeness of the whole follow.

The Universe is a fractal of spatial entropy or ‘Motion’ and temporal information or ‘Form’, if we were to use the more profound terms of philosophy of science. How a fractal NOT of digital numbers but of 2 different concepts, ‘motion’ (energy, translation in space, entropy, displacement, lineal distances, etc. will be found to be self-similar terms) and dimensional ‘form’, (time cycles, clocks, information, logic form, spherical form will be synonymous) structures its repetitive actions that allow the fractal to grow and scale up and down its forms? This is the question we shall study in depth in those posts – the self-reproductive properties of fractal organisms.

The Universe is a fractal organism that reproduces information, even motion can be understood in terms of reproduction of a particle’s form, along the path of its quantum wave (Bohm). But what is the purpose of information? Communication, between similar beings that share the same code; so they can evolve together into larger, stronger wholes.

Thus the Universe has also a scalar structure organised by networks of information that evolve socially parts into wholes, from simple particles into atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, ecosystems, planetary systems, and galaxies, which form a fundamental fifth Dimension of scalar space-time, whose ‘metric equations’, will reveal all the hidden variables and whys of existence.

In mystique terms we can call this dimension the dimension of eusocial love, in mathematical terms, we shall derive it from a ‘Fractal Generator Equation’ based in the two arrows of time that constantly combine in complementary organic systems, dominated by information NOT by energy as informative heads control energy bodies and particles, waves.

In the graph, several experimental proofs of the fractal organic structure of all beings of reality: On the left, the Sloan fractal map of galaxies and its comparison with a neuronal cell; on the middle, an ice fractal, a plant and a river; on the right, a cluster of galaxies and a lung. Fractal and non-Euclidean mathematics have evolved our understanding of information in topological terms, defining a new arrow of time, fractal information, which all structures of nature constantly reproduce over a canvas of simpler, energetic motions.

Time bends space into masses, said Einstein. Time evolves form, said Darwin. We can mathematize those processes through self-reproductive fractal equations that iterate a certain form of nature—an ice geometry, a DNA code, a cellular structure, a physical particle. Since the Universe is a “fractal of energy and information, made of self-similar parts, which constantly reproduce their forms.” Indeed, from the simplest particles, quarks, and electron, which absorb energy and reproduce new particles to the most complex informative species, human beings, reality is made of bits of information and bytes of energy, evolved in complex, social networks through fractal scales, from atoms to molecules, to cells to organisms, planets and galaxies.

In the graph, we see the overwhelming experimental evidence of that Fractal Structure of the Universe, made of networks of self-similar forms, which from a larger scale seem mere points – hence a universe organised in relative scales of diminishing size in space (Spe) and faster ‘speeds’ in its informative time cycles, (Tiƒ), which defines a 5th dimension of space-time. Each photograph is a fractal structure, taken from different sciences that study different entities of nature since each part of the Universe has a fractal structure, and so does the Universe at large, made of all those networks of ‘Organic Points’ the fundamental particle of the Universe.


The evolution of the ternary system in time.

We have seen as a synchronous space the ternary parts of the being. Now we want to explore how the being evolves in time, tracing a ‘world cycle’ of existence between its birth as a form that starts to move, and back to a motion that stops into form.

Look around you. All what you see is a form with motion. It might be at rest but it will be moving respect to another point of view (ab. Pov), which is moving but feels himself at rest. This is all the whys physicists so far have answered about motion.

All ‘moves’ and doesn’t move.

If we call the state of motion entropy and the state of no-motion, form.

And the combinations of motion and form, ‘momentum’, when taken step by step.

Or when measured in a longer interval, ‘forms in action’ in-form-ations’ if the form dominates.

Or ‘energetic motions’, if the entropy≈motion dominates.

And the whole process of the event we analyze from the initial state of form with no entropy=motion, through the motions of in-form-ation and energy, till its final state back to form, a worldcycle…

We Do have all what we need to explain the rhythms, beats, and timespace events of the Universe.

So if we put then in a series, it is easy to see the sequence of a worldcycle of ‘tao’, of timespace, of ‘exist¡ence’, of ‘science’:

Worldcycle: Form<Motion>Energy>Information>Form<motion… and then we restart again.

Now, the reader might think such series are simple and inconsequential, but when we proper understand the rhythms of creation of minds-mirrors-forms, with it, the modes of creation of species, or the world cycle of life and death, departing of such simple game of ‘three arrows’ of time he might think otherwise – a seed of form, moves in entropic fashion and live through the rainbow of color-states of a world cycle of existence:

Indeed, this simple scheme will as we iterate and combine those elements into the myriad of sums and variations that web reality, explain all worldcycles of existence from the worldcycle of life and death, to the worldcycle of evolution of species…

In the graph we can see how all systems are born as a see of form, which emerges into a larger scale with maximal entropy-motion, then passes through an age of energy and reproduces, becoming informed till an old age of pure form when again becomes dissolved into an explosion of entropy and motion. In physics this simple scheme gives birth to the states of matter between plasma and nuclear death, in life to the states between the seminal seed that emerges as a child that lives three ages through an entropic youth, an energetic mature, reproductive age and a third age of information that explodes into entropic death, dissolving its structures. Societies suffer the same evolution departing from its founding seed, a memetic prophet and book of revelation, dying in the entropic death caused by the germs of history, weapons and wars… So indeed, all systems follow similar cycles because they are all made of relational space-time.


We defined reality in its absolute theoretical minimum: a tapestry of ternary beings in space, self-centred in monad minds, which live world cycles in time, as the monad orders its territory, grows, reproduces its forms, exhausts its motions and energy collapses and dies, exploding back its form into entropy for other beings to form. And by expanding those basic concepts, the ternary structure of beings in space; its dynamic evolution in time, through world cycles, as it becomes a growing organised ‘supœrganism’ to fall back into death, once and again ad eternal, we shall describe all what exists.

The life death-cycle: the ultimate proof of the duality of time arrows.

Reality is a creative process in which infinite forms constantly imprint surfaces of energy with fractal patterns, defining the dominant arrow of time in the Universe: information, which constantly grows the complexity of its forms from a relative past into the future. Thus, we define for any system the arrow of information from the perspective of the ages or dimensions of time, past, present and future:  All complementary systems warp the spatial energy of the Universe into dimensional form, reaching a limit of warping, as they move from a past age of ‘pure energy with minimal form’ or young age of the system, into a relative present, mature age of balance between energy and form, or classic, reproductive age of the system, in which they often decouple=iterate=reproduce a self-similar form (hence creating a dynamic present, as the repeated form seems to leave reality unchanged) to end in a future 3rd age of maximal form and minimal energy. Then the form explodes back to the past in minimal time, unfolding all its warped form into pure energy, hence dying. And this is the 2nd arrow of time, entropy – a fast motion of time towards a past without form. So we can unfold the Generator equation in 3±1 ages to define the cycle of life and death of all systems between birth and extinction:

∞Ix0 E (seed)->Max.E xMin.I (youth)->E=I (reproduction)->Max.I xMin.E (3rd age)<∞E x 0I (death)

Death implies that reproduction is needed for the Universe to conserve its logic forms. The previous equation represents the evolution of all systems. In Cosmology it represents the 3 solutions to the Equations of Einstein, from the big-bang to the steady state to the big crunch, in a repetitive Universe of infinite cycles. In Physics represents the 3 states of matter: the energetic, gaseous state, the balanced liquid state and the informative, solid state. In Biology it represents the 3 ages of life, and so on.

Those 3 ages of the Generator Equation can co-exist synchronically as ‘subspecies’ that form a ternary system with lineal energy limbs, spherical heads of information and elliptic reproductive bodies that combine both. So we can represent also living systems: as E(limbs)<E=I>Bodies>I(Head).

The equation of the ages of life also defines more clearly the meaning of social networks and the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe: Self-similar, self-reproductive forms chain each other into informative networks without energy, (seeds), which ‘emerge’ in a ‘higher’ scale of existence, going through the 3 ages of life. Then they dissolve the information acquired in that higher scale, dying back into their lower plane of existence. So a seed of genetic information of the relative cellular scale, i-1, emerges as a foetus out of the womb after self-reproducing and organizing its form, in the scale of biological organisms, i, where it lives and dies after a 3rd age of dwindling energy, dissolving back to its lower cellular scale, i-1.

So we can define a parameter of information, I, as a scalar arrow of growing complexity: The simplest i=1 ‘universal constants’ of spatial energy and temporal information, (magnetic and electric constants) combine to form Planck constants, h, also called ‘actions’ of energy and time. They will reproduce on the pure vacuum without form, creating light waves, social networks of h-actions; which evolve further warping into cyclical forms, called particles. Those particles will reproduce and evolve socially into atoms, with an informative pole (I), the quark, with more formal mass and an energetic pole, (E) the electron, with more spatial motion=energy. Both exchange, <=>, flows of electromagnetic energy and informative gravitation. Thus mass and gravitation are the informative forces and particles that interact with light and electrons, the energetic, spatial ones; creating together the next scale of atoms.

So a pattern of social evolution in growing scales of complexity emerges: particles become complementary atoms of energy and information, reproduced in the big-bang and the interior of stars. Then atoms form molecular networks, creating the chemical scale. Then molecules reproduce and self-organize into organic, cellular systems or inorganic, celestial bodies. Next cells reproduce and self-organize into organisms that reproduce and self-organize into societies; while celestial bodies self-organize into galaxies that self-organize into Universes.


The formalism of Dual systems of energy and information

All those facts must be formalized with new tools of mathematics and Logic. The mathematics of a fractal, organic, self-generating Universe are Non-Euclidean geometries whose 5 postulates we complete going beyond the work of Riemann, who defined a point with ‘volume’ through which many parallels can cross. Hence a point must be a fractal that grows in size as we come closer to it, allowing more parallels to go through. Such fractal point with breadth, with form and motion, with energy, becomes the new unit (new 1st postulate), of Fractal, Non-Euclidean mathematics, (of which all other geometries are simplifications), in which lines are waves (as points have motion and form) and planes are social networks. A fractal point is the ‘organic unit’ of a certain i-scale of the Universe that from a higher plane of existence appears as an Euclidean point without breadth, but as we can closer it becomes bigger and shows its form and motion. So we humans see in the limit of our perception, quarks and electrons as fractal points without parts and in the galactic realm we see with naked eyes, stars and galaxies as fractal points without parts; but as we come closer those fractal points should acquire volume. And all of them will follow the Mathematical Laws of Fractal, non-Euclidean geometry.

In logic we also have to upgrade Aristotelian Logic to understand a Universe with two arrows of time, one of energy and other of information, of relative past and future, which combine to create the dominant arrow of ‘present=existence’. We call this logic, which adds the arrow of information, i-logic. It explains the meaning of past, present and future, the 3 dimensions of time, and how they interact to form reality. Two are the essential equations of the 3 dimensions of time: past->present ->future, which gives us a diachronic analysis of reality, through the 3 ages of time. And Past (energy system) x Future (informative system) = Present organism, which defines the systems we perceive in space.

Thus in this 2nd lesson on a General Systems theory of systems of spatial energy and information, we shall consider the most important laws of reality – the laws that generate temporal information (laws of logic) and the laws that generate spatial energy (mathematical laws), upgrading the previous paradigm of a continuous single space-time and a single, causal logic defined by the arrow of entropy, to introduce the existence of multiple, fractal space-times and two arrows of logic, energy that evolves from past to future into information and vice versa.

What you see is just a slice of spatial energy that the logic of time evolves into the future. And so philosophers of science have always wondered if there was a plan of creation that all systems followed.

Physics was the first science to find that plan, albeit in its simplest laws that apply only to the most obvious motions of the future – translation in space. Biology thanks to the work of Darwin found the next type of laws, those that define time=change in the morphology of beings. The application of those laws to history and economics by Marx, Kondratieff and Spengler however was halted by the fact that humans don’t want to know their own program.

What the 4th paradigm brings to all those insights to the logic of creation is a super-structure that includes them all and signals an arrow of time dominant in all systems: the arrow of social evolution of ‘points or numbers’, which are herds and groups of self-similar beings into networks and complex systems.

This arrow of social evolution, which applies in all scales of reality from particles that become atoms that become molecules, cells, organisms, societies, planets, stars, galaxies and Universes could also be interpreted in mystique terms as the ‘mind of the Universe’, or ‘the game of existence’, God, the ‘seer and creator of times’ in the classic mysticism of Saint Augustine, Aristotle and Buddhism. Since indeed the logic of creation is a game of two arrows of time, energy and information, with many properties similar to those described by Taoism, Buddhism and Eastern philosophies.

What those philosophies lacked was the proper mathematical formalism, which required the definition of a fractal point, the completion of the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean Geometry and the development of the laws that create networks and systems, and organize them into scales of reality that follow self-similar goals. This formalism and the discovery of the feed-back, fractal, generator equation of spaces-times, the Saint Grail of the 4th paradigm is what I found and exposed in a series of Congresses of System sciences in the last decade and now I bring to you in this pdf on the ‘Mind of God’, and the 3 next lesson on its application to its ‘details’, the astrophysical, biological and sociological species of the Universe. However, the Mind of God, the Logic of creation is far more complex than the one monist, mechanist physicists have resolved. So you will have to sharpen your mind to put it to Its level. But if you do so with patience you will upgrade your perception of reality to a level in which the fog of the senses will no longer hide the forest.

Thus, the 4th paradigm requires a new formalism to describe the mathematical, geometrical and logical, causal processes that create the networks of reality. All what you see can be reduced to numbers, because numbers are ‘social groups’. In the 3rd paradigm of metric measure those social groups were described merely in its external properties. The 4th paradigm analyses its internal, topological structures, as societies of Non-Euclidean Points, which become networks of self-similar beings. 4 is not only number four, but a series of topologies created with 4 points; and so it follows that the more points we have the more complex a network becomes. Can we reduce all those topologies of network spaces to a few laws and structures as the previous Euclidean Geometry did?

Yes, we can, but for that we must complete the work started by Riemann and Lobachevski, who discovered the 5th postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry and affirm that through a point infinite parallels could cross. For a century and a half, no mathematician seemed to have realized that if the 5th postulate

is changed, we had to adapt the other 4 postulates to the new definition of a ‘point with breadth’, through which parallels cross. This point is the fractal point, which grows in size and scale as we come closer to it. The Universe is indeed absolutely relative because ‘each point is a world in itself’ (Leibniz). And yet the restrictions of topology that allow only 3 types of topological forms in a 4-dimensional Universe, the informative, hyperbolic topology, the energetic, planer sphere, and the cyclical reproductive toroid, reduces all the internal parts of a fractal point to 3 functions or arrows of time, energy, information and reproduction.

Those 3 functions become the 3 functions of specialized networks of points, which construct all the systems of reality, from your organism, made of 3 physiological networks (the energetic, digestive network, the reproductive, blood network and the informative nervous network), to the galaxy, organized by a network of electromagnetic energy, gravitational information, and a series of herds of stars, non-Euclidean points that reproduce the atoms of the galaxy.

This simple first elements of reality, points with volume, that exchange energy and information, creating waves no longer lines (2nd postulate), according to a set of laws based in their self-similarity, no longer equality (4th postulate), and evolve further into topological networks (no longer planes, 3rd postulate), makes mathematics again the language of the Universe, but a language with more volume, an organic language able to describe the logic of creation of all systems of the Universe – one in which there are infinite fractal, organic networks intersecting and creating when we put them together the puzzle of reality that the simpler, 3rd paradigm called the space-time continuum:

In the graph the vital, organic geometry and its postulates that structure formally the time§paœrganisms of reality. In this post we shall not reach that degree of formality studied in our posts on non-AE maths and fractal points but use a simpler analysis of it, concentrating in the 3rd postulate: how fractal entropy, energy and information networks evolve systems into exi=st¡ence organisms, studied by a different stience for each plane of the 4th-5th organic dimensions. 


Motion is the substance of time existenc, which put together form a world cycle of exi•st¡ence, a travel through three planes of stience, entropy, information and its product, exi, which give origin to a particle of stience.

Existence between planes

The biggest ‘dark world’ to the human @mind seems to be the understanding of other planes of existence, given the fact we perceive in a single plane of space-time, and have only discovered the other planes through the use of instruments, telescopes and microscopes.

Yet stience which essentially is the study of all the species of the Universe in its details, according to its belonging to those ∆Ξlanes has been with us for 500 years. aND YET, the understanding of the scales of existence and the relationships between ‘particulars and universals, parts and wholes, atoms and networks, cells and tissues’ – the laws between ∆-1 parts and ∆-wholes.

Planes of existence is the proper philosophical term, used in this 1st line to define them, as we exist travelling in size from seeds to individuals to social wholes. We are an ambulatory collection of some trillion cells, citizens of a super organism of some 7 billion humans:

3 scales

Existence starts when a seed or singularity of information •, appears in an environment reach in positive entropy, which it can absorb without harm, at the ∆-2 scale to put on motion its program of self-replication, and as such reproduce clone and live between two scales, o and 1 in its first journey of ‘scalar, organo-topo-logical life’.

As the being moves through the planes of stience thus exist as a being.

In the graph, we see the 3 main scales of human existence. Scales are thus organic, and each being and its Œmind will co-exist in such 3 scales, whose interactions cycles, exchanges and reproductions of energy and information, aggregation and dissolution processes are the stuff of which existence is made.

Now in as much as we are a ternary being in space-time, through 3 co-existing scales, managed by a ŒMind language, mapping constantly the world around in terms of the language and its embed ¬æ program of ‘exist’ence, we can define a quite interesting fourth scale – that of the mind that perceives itself in time through a language, software, which expresses as the most suitable for survival the will of the program of existence and its space-time actions, becoming the logic knot or mind itself that guides the being

So our mind is our I=eye<Wor(l)d, the language itself, reason why in the same manner a seed of information, called semen can reproduce our body, the language-mind can be reproduced through teaching, master-student, parents-sons. We are constantly reproducing and preserving information, and the way those flows of information egos selfs minds and languages which mimic the ultimate language of them all ‘ the mind of god, the game of existence itself, in its naked beauty and symmetries’, go on living and reproducing its thoughts and visual and emotional (inner body actions), brings about what we call ‘being’.

So being never cease because through fractal planes we reproduce seeds and pieces of ourselves constantly through our actions and reproductions of wor(l)ds and seminal genetic and memetic forms of in-form-ation.

This is again the essence of reality as all motions are indeed topological reproductions into a lower scale, which reforms its reorganisation of part or the complete whole.Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.31.55

In the graph, the constant reproduction of information through travels to the past to a seminal seed, electromagnetic wave or memetic book, which will reproduce and emerge as a larger whole define the essential ‘business’ of planes of existence, the reproduction and emergence of beings across such planes, with a generic ¬Æ Generator:

O∆ (father) < O∆-1 (seed of information) ∑O∆-1>|∆(young offspring)

The reproductive beat of a father from a larger scale, ∆, which produces an informative seed, O∆-1 in the lower relative past, cellular, particle or memetic scale, which will thereafter reproduce back to the future an organism, ∑∆, is a ‘classic’ of ¬Æ motions through the symmetries of space time (∆,∑, ≥ ≤), which determine the possibility of communicating and transferring information into a replica of the @mind-being. Yet for the process of palingenesis through scale to happen, information must be run faster in lower scales, and an immanent content to the ‘will of the mind’, a program of @tions and survival must exist as ‘immanent’ to the space-time beings, when they form.

In the graph, information and energy are different arrows=directions on the scalar fifth dimension of the Universe. Departing from an original ‘same’ amount of ‘base energy’, in the relative ∆o scale perceived by the ∆i being, new codes of information create new virtual whole existences, emerging on the support of relative past forms of space, stretched through present waves of reproduction of information into co-existing simultaneous, organic whole-planes, where that energy is tied as information of linguistic mental mappings of the self.

Immortality of the fleeting, derivative present of finitesimal monads

It is only present what you are, that fleeting infinitesimal, ∫ Åœ ∂s; sandwiched as you are between your simultaneous derivative present space and your integral of actions, your world cycle, a mere fractal point, Œ, §upœrganism at best, mostly ∆•st of space-time… Immortality does not belong to us but to the eternal game, which is found in the remote past, the point of maximal entropy and the absolute future, the point of maximal information, the yin and yang, Lord Visnu and Shiva, the destroyer of infinite present worlds that will be repeated ad nauseam.

Immortality in that sense seems not to be the privilege of present, except by the sheer boredom of its eternal repetitions, as the present is too dumb to create more than a few forms of the whole potential of the language… but of past, the void and future, the form, which as present moves, rebalance themselves, with the trick of death:

Equation of Death:       ∆+1<<∆-1

A jump in which information disappears in ∆+1 and enters ∆-1 as a wave of pure motion entropy, a big bang.

So the derivative flow of future form, slowly compressing reality, is jumped out by the equation of death, E=mc2, in the physical space.

Indeed, how they do it. How future jumps into the past to die? How the flows of form, dissolve into nothingness of existence, knowing though they will be potentially reborn by the sheer number of infinite similar happenings, on the 5D block DETERMINED BY THE SIMPLICITY OF THE GAME AND ITS LIMITE COMBINATIONS COMPARED TO THE SIMULTaNEOUS NUMBER OF GAMES BEING PLAYED OUT IN ALL THE PHYSICAL SCALES OF REALITY.

HENCE THE infinity of happenings, and the limits of the happenings allowed, bring the discotnous immortality of the game. THUs this means after we die, we jump too not only in entropy but in information at least a scale up to the one of gods?


Nt. We use normally for the 5th dimension the symbol ∆, in terms of time dynamics, which are more hierarchical as it is indeed an arrow ‘head’ put upwards, to symbolise time themes of the space-time fifth dimension.

We shall use, ∑, with its ‘summitry of populations sense, its 3 planes (the one in the middle merely suggested, and its five vertex points and perimeter – one opened) as a good symbology to understand the fifth dimension ins pace. And finally when studying 3-dimensional super organisms, we talk of 3 organic Ξlanes and use the greek beautiful symbol for those 3 organic planes with the self in its center.

From this simple scheme we can deduce many properties and interrelationships between the 3 arrows.

Since energy is topologically a hyperbolic wave, in terms of time causality a present form, dominant in space, we do have therefore a science of waves, iteration, present and entropy. Which are the GST equations that matter here. This means as we know from ¬ æ, we are dealing with differentials, which are ‘finitesimals of present space-time:
Energy: ∫Max. ei∂s∂t
Information: ∫Max. i e ∂t∂s
The equations are self evident. As we deal with ∑dimensional scales…. so we integrate finitesimal parts. But when the system we integrate has maximal entropy over information we integrate giving primacy to energy and viceversa.
Those are thus as usually the primary equations of the generator, that define the 2 arrows of time in most physical equations, which are derived of them.

But as we know things get more complex in an even more detailed analysis of interactions as EACH DIMENSION O THE BEING AND THERE  ARE 3 IN TIME-AGES, 3IN SPACE TOPOLOGIES AND 3 IN ∑ SCALES, can be studied with the same comparison of its arrows; and further on, if we come together with several individuals forming a new bigger whole, much more information is added as each 10 dimension can now connect with those of the other being. Those are examples on how complex details an get, infinitely complex very fast:

QLLIn the graph, the repetition of the actions of beings under laws is a deterministic notions. The actions in fact turn around balanced exchanges of energy and information, measured with different clocks in different scales (E=hv, =knt = 1/2 mv²).

In classic science the parameter of energy, is closer to the concept of the sum of all time motions of a system and as such closer related to time. Here we use it closer to the concept of kinetic energy, and in general ‘within the wider mark’ of the concept of Spe, |-entropic motion. To be more exact thus as energy and time are the 2 elements of an action, we will try to use as much as possible the correspondence principle and clarify those differences as we go along those texts.

in essence, 2 planes of energy and information as ‘fractal planes’, which have ‘endure’ a process of dissolution or evolution, as dictated by the 5 postulates that convert back and forth, points into lines, waves, networks, topological planes and Mind-organisms, will change their clocks of time and their clocks of space, into slightly ‘fractal different’ but ‘self similar’ clocks. So in quantum physics the constant of action and time clocks are E=hv, energy then becomes in the quantitative mode of science a very good parameter, once we deepen its philosophical meaning to measure more than the ‘entropy field’ in which the system moves, the ‘storage of energy in the body’, the ‘body capacity, and often even the ‘total existential force’ of the being. But as we move from plane to plane, the system changes so deeply from atoms, cells, and citizens into wholes, networks, crystals, organisms, societies, that the parameters change. An interesting region in that sense is that of the ‘collapse of a wave into a point’ or ‘point of emergence and birth’ and viceversa, the point of death and collapse of a system between 2 planes, since death turns out after careful examination of data for all systems that it implies a fall two ‘∆-scales’ into minimal organisation:

Death: ∆+1<<∆-1

How indeed the game of existence is performed in each network-creation of similar mind selves that will knot flows of energy and information, increasingly creating a virtual mind-emerging reality on the fiction that they do exist, that all those monads self-serving communicating similar mind distorted knot views are real enough to command a domain and start to magically distort around a self-fixed point of view, enough whirlwinds of exi=st-ences as to be of note to the whole and become more than virtual real, generated in reproductive radiations upon eternal time.

In the graphs, the scalar dimension of space-time, generically called in these texts the ‘fifth dimension’, is an arrow of future time ‘upwards’, in the creation of wholes and ‘dissolution’ of wholes into larger, smaller, less informed parts downwards, to the relative past. As such it establishes a generic time arrow towards social evolution into the future, and allows systems to travel back and forth in that time arrow as they complete a world cycle of existence between its generation as a seed of an ∆-1 seminal/atomic scale into its social, emerging whole, ∆, existing in an ∆+1 world, from where after gathering information and suffering an imbalance of energy in its 3rd age, will explode back into energy, in the moment of ∆+1<<∆-1 entropic death.


In the graph, human existence is a travel through 3 scales of reality, the biological, cellular, individual and social scale, in which life surfaces ’3 times’ as a fetus, an individual that belongs to a society and then returns back to its simpler cellular life in death.

Existential world cycles can be written as a travel back and forth between 3 planes of social existence, the i-1, cellular, i-ndividual and i+1 social scales of the being. As an entity emerges into the relative future ‘upper potential scale of existence’ to which its individual cells are blind, a new existential ternary role is ascribed to the being, which will perform in i+1 its energetic, reproductive, and informative, social cycles. Then after death this ‘existence’ as a whole in a ‘plane of reality’ of a larger ExI (st) reality of energy and information exchanges, on a higher SpaceTime, ST+1, FADES and the being looses its information as ‘real’. The loss of information in the Universe is thus a taboo broken by GST. Information is constantly destroyed, and yet because the number of potential combinations of it is limited, it constantly re-appears in similar form. Only the ego and the mind that tries to still and stiffen information into linguistic mappings and then re-orders ∑∆-1 quantum into a larger whole, can account for the ‘persistence of memory’, of forms with genetic, quantum and memetic blue prints (biological, physical and social structures.)

We define in this post, the existence of all beings as a travel between three scales of the fifth dimension.  In the graph, the existence of a human being as a trip of 5D scales.

Abstract. Existence can be defined in its simplest way as a ‘journey through the fifth dimension of the scalar Universe’. This definition has its advantage over other ‘perspectives’ explained in those texts (it is an essential feature of the Universe, which humans with it single-dimensional mind do not quite accept or understand the kaleidoscopic nature of the ‘mind-mirror-languages’ that describe its systems): it allows in the formal models to trace the life and events of beings as motions, world cycles, translations through the metric, Spe x Tiƒ=K equations of the system.

For a dimension of space-time to exist, an entity must be able to travel through it, while its space-time parameters remains co-invariant.

In words of Klein, one of the discoverers of Non-E Geometry:

‘A Geometry is the study of the (co)invariant properties of a space(time), under motions within itself’ (Klein).

Since it is precisely the co-invariance of both parameters what allows ‘species’ to travel through those scales and exchange energy and information through them without the system and the dimensions to ‘become unstable’.

The world cycle of existence. Travel through the 5th dimension.

In Fractal mathematics the equation that generates the fractal is called a generator ‘feed-back’ equation. They are symbolic equations, which express operations that repeat themselves ad infinitum, generating new solutions, accumulated in time or space.

For example, Mandelbrot’s set, the most famous fractal is a simple iterative equation defined in the complex plane, which generates points in that plane with infinitesimal detail. So as we run the equation z(n+1)=z(n)²+c the points plotted in the plane form an image:Mandelbrot_set_image

But a Fractal Generator does not need to be a numerical equation. It can be a symbolic, logic equation that generates ‘logic structures’. If we substitute the values of each of the parameters of a logic generator, then we obtain varieties of the form the logic equation defines.

This is the case of the Fractal Generator of the Universe that represents the i-scalar dimensions of any system of scalar space-time. Thus it defines the logic structure of all Systems of the Universe. And when we substitute each of those dimensional symbols for a specific variety of the dimension, we obtain a certain species of the Universe.

Yet to fully develop the formalism of T.Œ and the metrics of the fifth dimension we must enlarge our understanding of the languages of the human mind that perceive time (logic) and space (mathematics) and its scales (analysis). So this blog advances both the logic of time and the geometry of space, by developing a more complex logic beyond the Aristotelian and physical use of a single arrow of energy/entropy, adding the arrow of informative time, and its combinations.

It develops also a complete model of Non-Euclidean geometry, by extending the consequences of the 5th postulate (points do allow infinite parallels to cross them, hence they do have volume, parts, they are fractal points that grow into a whole, when we come closer to them.  So we shall take the findings of quantum and relativity to its natural conclusions. But physics is NOT the centre of this TOE, but just one of the layers we study. In fact, the greatest advances of T.Œ will be in the understanding of Biology and Social Sciences…

The Planes of the 5th dimension.

Now the reader should observe that the ‘life’ of the Universe is much larger in its cycle, than the life of a human being, which is shorter than the life and III horizons of any species,including the human one . So actually we observe that each fractal space-time has a different time duration in its cycles, which is somehow related to its size – the larger things last longer.

How can we order then all those time motions and space forms, including its causal space-time cycles a? How can we order its different spatial sizes and temporal speeds?

If we order those motions by spatial size (extension) and cyclical speed (time clocks), we find that both balance each other, giving birth to a 5th dimension of scales, and its con-invariant metrics:

 Λ. Spe (spatial size) x Tiƒ (cyclical speed) = Constant.

They explain all kind of interactions between faster, smaller beings with more cyclical form, which store information and larger, slower beings with more Spatial entropy; which together co-exist in organic systems (cells and organisms, atoms and cosmic bodies), whereas ‘information moves upwards’ (genetic, quantum and verbal coding of larger systems) and energy-motion downwards (wholes that perfectly synchronize the motion of its parts).

Since smaller systems have faster time cycles (Tƒ) and hence store more information in the frequency and form of those cycles, coding larger systems, and vice versa, larger systems have more size-energy, moving smaller ones in synchronicity. So we do talk of two inverse arrows of time: upwards from parts into wholes that transfer > information and downwards from wholes to parts that transfer < energy.

And for that reason from lower to upper systems there is entropy (energy is lost) but information flows perfectly (genetic coding); while from larger to downward systems there is perfect transfer of motion (your cells move in order with your whole) but not perfect transfer of information (no Lamarckian evolution).

Again the number of whys and solutions provided by the 5th dimension of social evolution, with a clear arrow towards the future (bigger wholes requires past parts ‘before’ they can be build) is enormous, and it connects directly TOE with the 2 other parts of mathematics besides spatial geometry – sequential temporal algebra, where smaller numbers do come first and hence bigger ones become the orderly future; and analysis of infinitesimals that become wholes.

But the fifth dimension of scales of space-time, beyond its epistemological power to locate each science within the context of the scale of sizes it studies, allow us to classify all systems of Nature, precisely by the surprising fact that those scales have a dual, inverse order: the product of the size of systems and its rotary speed in its time clocks is inverse.

So bigger wholes move slower than smaller parts, and hence smaller parts have more information, stored in the frequency and form of its time cycles, and can co-exist, synchronize and develop complex organic systems that extend across at least 3 planes of the 5th dimension (∆-1 cellular, i-organic, ∆+1 social plane in biology; ∆-1 quantum; i-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational plane in physical systems;  ∆-1 3rd energy, class; i-working, re=productive class and ∆+1 informative classes in social systems).

So we have also a new relative future, that of wholes which require parts that come first.

And so if we call each fractal space-time being, a relative world cycle, when we consider all the beings of all the planes of existence of all possible realities together, we can then define a new concept of absolute relational space-time, sum of all of them, the arrow of future of the 5th dimension, and this one is ALSO dual in the sense that constantly parts become wholes, but then dissolve back.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

So we shall first define those o-points mathematically, as minds, or fractal, non-Euclidean points, the fundamental unit of the organic Universe, which are crossed by a relative infinite number of parallel forces, which are the bits of information used by each of them to create a mapping, linguistic mirror of the Universe.

‘Infinitesimal self-centered O-Point x ∞ cycles of space-time’ = 0 x ∞ = C-onstant Linguistic Mind mapping of the Universe’.

So each o-point eliminates information from the ∞ beings in existence to reduce its information to an infinitesimal. In the human case, we reduce the 4 dimensions of our plane of existence to 2 dimensions for each eye, eliminating depth and motion to fit all that information in the mind.

So we convert time cycles into forms and they seem solid to us, and we convert vacuum space with entropic motions into lineal distances.

This is the most important property of those points of view – the capacity they have to reduce the Universe into a mind image, of linguistic nature, which explains the duality between ‘motion perception and form’, as all is motion, either cyclical time motion or space-kinetic energy motions but the mind reduces it to a still image, as Heraclitus or Buddha first realized, considering that the stillness of the Universe is a Maya of the senses.

The reductionism of mathematical physics vs. the whole properties of the fractal universe.

For us to understand the fractal, organic Universe and its discontinuous space-time beings, it is needed to RETURN to the oldest of all truths about science. Leonardo’s motto:  ‘saper vedere’ – look directly into the book of Nature, and get rid of the anthropomorphic bias established by the mechanisms humans interpose in their perception of time and space, and by the religion of mathematics as the only language of God, hence a Universe of only mathematical properties, an aberration that reduces the richness of properties of vital fractals, because since Mathematics is NOT the only language of the Universe, merely the best language to define its Spatial Properties, by using ONLY mathematics to describe reality all the organic, bio-logical and temporal, causal properties of the fractal disappear on the scientific discourse. Hence we must confront the reductionist view of mathematical physics and the larger view of the philosopher of science.

Now, we can return to the earlier graph that compared the anthropomorphic view of a Universe, where only the mind of man was intelligent and his languages could perceive the Universe, and the real causality of a Universe seen by multiple monads of many linguistic mirrors, from the perspective of the subjective ego-paradox of the mind to explain why this idealist view is so entrenched in mankind, so prone to have ‘ego-trips’ of self-centred importance:


In the graph – what is wrong with ‘physics’ and increasingly with mankind can be resumed in the ego paradox. The equation of the mind is rather simple:

We humans are just ‘infinitesimals’ of the ego paradox: o-point x ∞ Universe = constant mind.

So the Universe is out there, one and single; but it does not fit in the mind. And the mind reduces it to languages to perceive it, which resumes the main properties of the Universe, which are first bio-logical rules of space-time existence (the Universe is a game of survival of space-time beings, which constantly try to reproduce their information in ‘fractal seeds’ that latter evolve socially; the Universe is a vital fractal, and the rules are simple), then logic (temporal rules only) and then mathematical (spatial rules only), and then the human vision of those rules (artistic space, verbal time, ethic, social evolution of parts into stronger wholes). And so all those languages are mirrors.

To get the perfect focused mirror, the maximal knowledge is the goal of the Philosopher of science. The physicist specially since the classic age closed with Einstein, has denied this. And puts the mathematical platonic mirror (Copenhagen interpretation) first, subverting the scheme. And so it ‘believes’ today IT IS NO LONGER REQUIRED to observe the scientific method, and first watch the physical world (experimental evidence), then follow the rules of science (linguistic coherence, simplicity, economicity, etc.), and thus create knowledge (human mental perception). Further on, the physicist connects the human world with the physical world, and as the ego grows, he pretends as so many do, to impose its mental view into the physical world, as if it were a God creating the physical world. String theorists are specially kin of this 🙂 making more and more dimensions and parallel Universes LOL

But that is not how reality works. It is all more humble. We cannot change the rules of survival, just watch the physical world, learn the rules, make perfect mirrors of those rules, obey and survive. Because the ultimate language is bio-logical: those who have huge childish ego, disobey the laws, become the staple food of the Cosmos: children is what predators eat. Ego-centered turtles, hatched which enter directly into the mouth of the lizard – in our case the mouth of the black hole.

Now, there is also the problem of Galileo’s dictum: ‘God speaks ‘only’ mathematics’. Let us explain why.

People are linguistic minds, and ego paradoxes, so when a language first appears, in its simplex formality as a mirror of the Universe they get ‘in awe’, with the language. It seems to be as a mirror a magic thing. Mirrors were magic things for primitives, and you could exchange them for Gold. They did NOT understand the fractal Nature of the Universe, which is a vital fractal in which smaller ‘mirrors’ (monads, minds, crystals, etc.) reflect the whole in the smaller size. They reverse the causality and think the smaller mirror causes reality.

So any language becomes first a religion: people wondered first how words could reflect reality, now they wonder how is that math reflect the Universe.
So the greeks and most ancient people called ‘words’, logos=god. It was the age of ‘vehicles’ of God, which were languages. The words were actually acts of creation. In Vedas, the priest that utter the word was ‘creating’ with it, enacting the creation. Allah ‘does’ talk in arab, seriously.
And when written words appeared, the same happen all over again. The Pharaohs, said ‘it has been written’ as if it was immortal truth. The prophets thought god talked to them revealing in words the structure of the Universe. Galileo thought the same when he found v=s/t. Time became that formula and only that formula.
TO explain this to mathematical physicists is madness. Try: they feel insulted. That is the big divide between us philosophers of science and mathematical physicists since Einstein left us – the last stalwart of reason in this science.

When money appeared as gold, the Canaanites (Jewish and Phoenician) thought it was the ‘sweat of god’, and made their sancta sanctorum and Baal statues with it. The language again was the act of creation.

Now computer scientists think the same – the language and machine they use is the meaning of  it all. They are churning papers saying the Universe is a digital computer.

And there is nothing new in this approach, since Kepler said ‘god is a clocker that waited 5000 years to find an intelligence like his’. If you were to talk to some of the physicist I met in congresses in my youth, they surely will tell you as Mr. Seth does, publishing on the cover of SciAm: the Universe is a computer (and of course, he alone has the intelligence to figure out his ‘quantity of information’ and speed of processing. LOL.

I am sorry i am a bit sarcastic, but i can’t help it. You see at least religious nuts put above ‘God’, whatever it means to them, but scientists of the Pythagorean school are above ‘heavens and earth’.
So all of them, put upside down the 3 causal process: experimental evidence (the ∞ Universe) ->linguistic coherence (the biological game of existence and extinction in space and time)->mind’s theory. Instead they think ‘the language’ creates reality.
So the physicist invents a mathematical equation and it MUST be truth. This is quite common today among mathematical physicists. They are ayatollahs of the number.

They utter the word of God and think the Universe will obey their THEORIES THAT ARE AGAINST NATURE’S FACT: mind’s theory-> expected experimental evidence.

Einstein said, ‘if my theory is wrong, God should change the Universe, so beautiful it is’ but he was joking, physicists today are not joking when they affirm there are 10 up to 500 Universes because a string theory equation of 21 dimensions tell them so – without of course having any experimental proof of those strings, or understanding at all what is a dimension of space-distances and its symmetries with the dimensions of time-motions and how many ‘really are’ out there in the fractal Universe.

So to explain egomaniac modern physicists that actually mathematical truths can be verified through the experimental method, is LIKE TRYING TO CONVERT A PRIEST OF ANY RELIGION TO THE OBVIOUS FACT THAT ‘WORDS’ ARE NOT THE LANGUAGE OF GOD.

This is why science no longer advances beyond details and visual or mathematical computer models, very nice and precise in measure, very shallow in meaning and whys.

It is all the ego paradox. Once humans have broken the connection with ‘scientific truth’ and substituted it with the ‘ego paradox’, the connection of the human collective mind with the Universe to ‘establish rules’ of behaviour and survival are lost. Whatever anyone writes is taken as ‘an ego work’, not an objective scientific truth. So Stendhal’s view -a writer is just a transparent mirror of reality, so it is a scientist- is lost. So humans are not able to ‘see’ an objective, universal mirror image.

And reason no longer acts. Everything IS NOW OPINION, because the ego is so huge that all MEN ARE CHILDREN. And children are subjective. They are about to prove their ego, their opinion is worthy. Whatever they say matters less than to impose their ego. Social sciences – politics – today work on this way.

The ego-opinions of Mr. Trump without the slightest understanding of the structure of the fractal super organism of mankind must be law, because a lot of opinionated people will vote for him. And this opinion becomes a chaos of full entropic human infinitesimal egos colliding with each other, instead of collaborating in an orderly manner with the laws of the Universe.

In the fractal organic paradigm however we are more serious about the way to do science: we first observe experience, since ‘only experimental facts must be studied by science’ (Einstein).

Then we use all the languages available to humans to describe those facts, departing from the 2 known-known ultimate elements of reality, vital spaces with energy and cyclical clocks of time, which carry in its cyclical form and frequency the information of the Universe. In brief we depart on one extreme from the 2 primary elements of which the Universe is made, Sp and Tiƒ, and its ‘laws’, which humans describe mainly with 2 language-mirrors, geometry->mathematics for space and logic-words for time; and on the other extreme from facts, forms and events of reality and harmonise ‘the details – the facts’ and the language of all languages – the properties and laws of space and time.

This is how sciences was first done when Aristotle invented it in the organon, affirming an organic Universe, which must be first observed experimentally and then modelled with time logic and spatial geometry, and we go back to the basics, but with far more experimental knowledge and better more evolved mathematical and logic tools, to explain a more complex space and time structure.

That is, any language comes after reality happens, mirroring it into a smaller mind space, Not the other way around. Reality creates the language, which is different for each mind-world or ‘monad’, reflecting with is mirror-language a small part of the total information of the Universe. Thus paraphrasing Galileo we should say ‘the languages of God are infinite’ (upanishads).

6-blind-men-hansScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.51.31

‘To talk of non-lineal physics is like saying that zoology is the study of non-lineal elephants’  Ulam,

Since most space-time events are complex, cyclical motions. 

In the graph, a bunch of lineal physicists studying each, only 1 of the 6 time motions of the zoo of Fractal space-times, which are made of the 6 canonical motions of a world cycle of a super organism: generation->evolution->growth->motion->reproduction->negative growth (diminution)->extinction, which form a o-sum or worldcycle.

Yet each of those motions in short distances seems lineal ‘walls, spears, ropes, snakes, trunks and mats’.

Only when completed they are always cyclical (small lineal geodesics of curved Earth, Lineal euclidean geometry, limit of the larger curved pan geometry; special relativity, limit of the larger curved General relativity, lineal momentums integrated into a conservative energy cycle, small lineal actions of life, part of the curved world cycle of existence, and so on)  

Only physicists seem happy just touching and measuring with numbers, reduced parts’≈single time motions of  the whole ‘non-lineal elephant’ – the super organism tracing its world cycle; blindly self-admiring its lineal ignorance. Wisdom, Wiesen, Saper Vedere, Veda requires to understand that ‘the languages of God are infinite’.


So how we travel through the 5th dimension? Simply moving through it in the life-death cycle of existence STEP by step of symmetries of space and time, always ‘deriving’ towards higher in-form-ation guided by the still mind that warps us till all energy is exhausted and the being explodes back in the ‘moment’ of death:

travels through the fifth dimension, from seminal seed to the 3 arrows/ages of time-space, back to death. 

In the graph, a visual synoptic study of the fundamental structures of the Universe created by the three arrows of time-space, which combine in infinite fractal social, biological and physical systems, constructed by the ‘bundling together’ of multiple of such timespace arrows, forming ternary structures made of entropic limbs/fields, iterative body/waves and informative particle/heads, ‘organisms’, with a finite size of vital space, made with those three organic topologies, who live a limited duration in time, as the system evolves through three ages dominated sequentially by those physiological arrows, the young age of entropy and maximal motion, the reproductive age of energy, when the spatial entropy, e and temporal information, t, of the system balance each other, e=t, and finally a third age of maximal information, when the system warps and wrinkles, growing in form till exhausting all its entropic motion and hence its energy (product of both, entropy and information).

At that point the system dies, as time never stops ‘moving’, so it travels locally backwards in time, exploding the system into a physical big-bang or dissolving death back to the ∆-1 scale.  The study of the fractal, scalar, 3-spacetime arrows Universe of three time arrows thus will answer also the exi=st-ential questions which are the ultimate goal of knowledge.

In the graph to order all those fractals scales of space, and cyclical structures we need a new 5th dimension of scalar space-time (ab.∆), made of different ‘decametric’ scales of spatial size, (Spe), each one carrying a different speed in its cyclical clock-like cycles of information (Tiƒ), defined by a simple metric equation: Tiƒ x Spe = constant, which allows the co-existence of different species in those scales, as the larger beings are slower than the smaller ones, so both can survive (and you cannot catch a fly:), even synchronise its time clocks and sizes, to create complex organisms extending across 3 fundamental scales, the ∆-1 cellular/atomic scale, the ∆-thermodynamic/organic scale and the ∆+1, gravitational/social scales.

The co-invariance of space quanta and Nature’s time clocks, of which there are also an ∞ number of proofs, from the Moore law of faster, smaller chips, to the metabolic rates of smaller faster animals, and the vortex laws of physics, allowed the transfer of energy and information between scales, as Energy (the product of a space quanta and its frequency of time) remains invariant. So we can rephrase and fusion the 2 fundamental laws of science:

‘The Universe constantly transform spatial entropy, Spe, into temporal clocks of information, Tiƒ: Spe<=>Tiƒ…

combining both into vital and Universal constants that define the structure of all space-time beings.


∆. The fifth dimension, its order in time and actions in space: Existential functions.

Each point of space is a knot of time cycles. The knot will have inner regions of energy and information open to the world through apertures that absorb those formal motions performing time cycles with them. We thus talk of the fractal point as the next degree of complexity of the Universe, beyond individual space-time actions.

How then to order that infinite number of diffeomorphic=local space-time knots, if each of them have a different ‘size in space’ and ‘speed of time’ in its causal, logic cycles? Obviously by quantifying those sizes in space and speed of time cycles and then ordering them accordingly.

It is then when we find an astonishing, beautiful, ordering rule: the fact that as systems increase in size, they slow down their motions. This is in accordance with our discovery that ‘expansive waves of space-lineal motion’ extend a system in space and decelerate it (thus space, conceived as a still, static moment of time, would be here considered as an interval of decelerating motion).  While on the other hand, time vortices accelerate inwards its motion, so smaller vortices turn faster and accumulate more information.

This duality gives us the co-invariant law of the 5th dimension: Spe x Tiƒ = K, (written in ‘existential jargon’ as an acronym, E x I = ST; that is the lineal and cyclical elements of a system are in balance, creating stable ‘planes of space-time’).

Further, those constant planes of space-time are the ‘external world’ in which a given Œ exists and exchanges energy and information with, so they are needed for systems to exist. We could say that without the co-invariant metrics of the 5th dimension the Universe would not exist, there would be a permanent chaos of motions. Thus the 5th dimension complements the duality of motion in time, still information in space, needed for reality to be=come.

For relational space-time to make sense, given the enormous new number of time cycles of different speed and spaces of different sizes, we need  a final element – a 5th dimension, able to order all cycles and species, which exist precisely because there is a regularity an order both in space (from smaller to larger beings) and in time (from faster to slower beings). So motion by speed and form by size can be classified.  And this is the origin of the 5th dimension.

In the graph, larger things run slower clocks of time that smaller ones, which run faster clocks of time, and hence accumulate more information in the frequency and form of those cycles. Thus there are ‘two directions’ from past to future systems increase in size and from future to past (relative arrow of smaller beings) systems accumulate information. And that is why smaller systems have more information accumulated in faster time cycles and code larger systems (Genetic) and viceversa, larger wholes move its smaller part with energetic, synchronic motions.

The 5th dimension and its metrics, which humans have observed for 400 years since they developed microscopes and telescopes to measure those other scales, is thus the fundamental ‘new tool’ of science which will allow us to relate and find the common laws of all the ‘scales’ of reality, each one studied by a different science, from the microscopic through the human into the cosmic scales.

Those metrics are ‘real’, proved ad nauseam by science in the 3 great fields of its analysis: biological, technological/social and physical systems.

They explain faster metabolic rates for smaller animals; they explain faster, smaller chips (Moore’s Law),and  faster smaller matter (rotating Black holes and particles) and so on.

And they define an organic, repetitive Universe, because the way different species extended across the scales of the 5th dimension, organize together is the essence of reality, which is organic. Systems co-exist in 3 of such scales, the quantum, electromagnetic, thermodynamic , human and cosmic gravitational scales in physical systems, and the cellular, organic and social ∆±1 scales in life. So the essence of all those systems is organic, biological.

Indeed we can consider that process in an even larger frame of reference by including the scales of the 5th dimension, ∆-1 and ∆+1 in which our existences are sandwiched, as we are born seeds of a much smaller world-plane and evolve in a larger world society:

In the graph the Universal fractal of infinite beings of space-time with different speeds in its clocks and sizes in space, whose product however, Spe x Tiƒ, space size for speed of its information cycles remain constant, creating a ‘stable space-time being (ST±4) which happens in different combined size from the smallest. infinitesimals ST-4 to the largest Universe, ST+4.

Now, we have the 3 elements of reality, Time, Space, and its cycles and actions ordered through the 5th dimension. And the language that explains them logic mathematics, as geometry studies space, sequential algebra the sequential order of parts that become social wholes (as numbers are ordered societies of clones) and analysis the differential and integral processes that put those parts into wholes across the 5th dimension.

Those 3 parts of mathematics were in its earlier inception, ‘arithmetic’ (predecessor of numerical algebra), geometry today converted into topology which studies further on forms that change internally as life does; and finally calculus, which studied how parts become wholes, from past to future, DEFINING A NEW 5TH DIMENSION OF TIME, an arrow of eusocial evolution from past to future, not considered by physicists.

Today they have evolved further, and the amazing thing about mathematics is that it can be interpreted as the perfect language that defines the 3 elements of reality, fractal space, cyclical time and the 5th dimension.

Leibniz in that sense was a polymath and philosopher, who hinted like Plato and Aristotle before him, to the concept of a Universe made of infinitesimal indivisibles that gathered into larger wholes, and grew in size, since each point was a world of space-time. Thus he invented analysis which will become the ‘third leg’ of mathematical science, along geometry, the science of space, and algebra, the science of numbers, which are sequentially order from minor to mayor.

Thus again the 3 branches of mathematics  define the 3 elements of our T.œ which describe species of vital space and cyclical time, ordered along a 5th dimension of scales of spatial size and speeds of temporal clocks.

Thus we shall have to give giant steps to complete this all encompassing view of the Universe, which is based in 3 obvious truisms, which are developed formally through the 3 branches of mathematics:

  • We do not exist in a background space-time. We are the vital space we occupy and we are the time cycles of finite duration we live.
  • Time is perceived as faster, accelerated cyclical motion. Space is perceived as lineal form or decelerating lineal motion. We can then consider that space is a still picture of the flow of time – a present instantaneous moment of time. So Time encompasses space as a dimension of present in its flow. And so we define 3 dimensions of time, past, present-space and future. Hence time becomes more important than space.

But what is the future? When we study all arrows of time, we see only a logic and experimental future: things becomes wholes, more complex systems, both in life and matter, and this arrow of social evolution makes particles becomes atoms, molecules, stars, cells, organisms, planets, galaxies…

And since a whole need part to be, the whole is the future, SOCIAL EVOLUTION OF NUMBERS, as numbers are social clones, social points, geometry, sequential algebra where the future is the ‘bigger’ number’ on the x axis, mimic that universe.The Universe is a game of opposites that cancel each other but at the same time act in a complementary manner.

This paradoxical nature of reality has a metaphysical ‘reason d’être’, the fact that the Universe is infinite and eternal and to be so it is also non-existent and virtual.

Things happens precisely because they always cancel each other. From nothing come opposites that become nothing, zero sums, closed time cycles that return to its beginning.The Universe is made of parts and wholes, indivisible infinitesimals that aggregate into those wholes and can be studied with numbers – societies of points. Thus there is a natural arrow of time from past to future, in the sequential order of those ‘societies≈numbers’, since parts are need to make wholes, 1s to make 10s.

But given the discontinuity between 5D scales, the limits of the ternary structure of all organs made of fractal space, and the limits of life and time in our cycles of existence, we shall conclude that infinity does not exist. And this we shall see in our posts on discontinuous mathematics is essential to understand the i-logic structure of the Universe.


The philosophical perspective: The function of existence.

The Universe is a fractal of complementary systems, made of infinite Lineal, Spaces with energy and cyclical O-Times of information, which combine into repetitive actions, across an unlimited number of relative scales of spatial Size and speed of time : U: ∑ [| x O = Ø]U±4

This would be a simple geometric way to define reality in its bare bone essence from the perspective of relational space-time, a sum of infinite complementary beings made of expansive, lineal spatial motions and cyclical, rotary clocks of time, which combine in different patterns of waves and bodies and all together create a complementary system of which there are infinite varieties with different speed in its time clocks and different volume of vital space.

All of them can be then ordered with a simple metric equation:

Max. Sp = Min. Tƒ.

. Relational space-times is a theory of the Universe sponsored by Leibniz against Newton’s idea of an absolute space-time, which acted as a background over which beings, whose ultimate substances are unknown exist, as graphs exist over a paper with some Cartesian coordinates of space-time. In relational space-time however beings are NOT pegged to that abstract background space-time. They are made of vital space (space with motions), which perform certain cyclical motions or clocks of time. So they are made of ‘space and time’; and so all of them share some common properties called ‘isomorphisms’, derived of the common properties of ‘vital space’ and ‘cyclical time’.

This means there are infinite Finally, in relational space-time, the Universe has a 5th dimension of ‘scalar size’: Forms of cyclical time, Tƒ, reproduce their information, Ra, over scalar fields of entropic space ST∆±4.

As in all fractals a logic-mathematical, dynamic generator equation ‘generates’ the different varieties of fractal points, which put together create the Universe.

We call the ‘fractal generator’ of the Universe and all its similar parts, i=ts Function of Existence:

Tƒ ≤ ∑ ExI ≈ ST±4“.

This simple verb-equation, defines all the fractal points of the Universe, both in its structure in space and its events in time.

It defines a Universe of relational time-spaces, in which spherical points of time (Tƒ), develop certain actions of energy and information (ExI), in a ‘relative world of space-time planes’, ST±4, from where they extract external motion and information (∆i-4 forces, ∆i-3 electromagnetic information), and absorb it for its inner structures (∆i-2 feeding), to reproduce their systems (∆i-1 seeding) and evolve together with other similar systems into bigger social wholes, ∆i+1)

Thus while statically is easy to describe a Universe of points composed of spatial topologies and cycles of time, which live and die through exchanges of energy and information with their environment, there is a much deeper, why-form of knowledge, the philosophical, logical and mathematical understanding of the ‘actions’ of energy and time all those points reproduce in their environment, by interacting with different ‘planes of size and speed of clocks’ of its world.

We interact with smallish, invisible gravitational quanta (probably strings of gravitation) to be able to control our motions; we absorb ST-3 electro-magnetic quanta to perceive, ST-2 molecular quanta to construct our organism. We emit seeds in the ST-1 cellular scale to reproduce our systems, and we evolve with other similar beings to form stronger social points of a higher plane of existence.

And all this, is a common program caused by the structural scalar, space-time organization of our being, which is common to all fractal points of the Universe, encoded within the vital cyclical nature of space-time.

So for example, all electrons, encoded by 4 quantum number develop logic-mathematical actions in space-time that respond to those ‘whys’:

– They perform motions in space according to its principal number, which defines their ‘energetic, body structure’, as a sum of ‘cellular minimal actions, H-Plancks’. So their motion and energetic structure is encoded in the first quantum number.

– Those electrons organize socially through a magnetic number that positions each orbital of a social atom in a given position.

– They gauge information (absorbing smaller light quanta) according to its second number.

– And they reproduce (iterate, decouple, in the abstract jargon of physics) according to its spin number, which makes possible that 2 opposite spin electrons produce a high-energy seminal seed of light that merges and creates a new electron.

We find thus that elementary particles of which all other beings are made, informative, smaller, faster vortices≈clocks, called quarks and energetic, spatial, expansive, electrons, do follow the function of existence, which is the way we write the generator equation as a sum of actions of space-time, that generate the events of the Universe:

Tƒ: Exi=st thus is to perform the 5 actions of existence in cyclical patterns, coded for each species with mathematical and logic equations that describe the behavior of the system.

And we call those actions:

∆A: accelerations; ∆E: energy feeding; ∆œ: reproduction; ∆i: informative perception;   ∆U: Social evolution into Universals, the ‘5 vowels’ of existence, the 5 actions that try to increase your function of existence, your content of spatial energy and temporal information that determines your survival. This function thus encodes the laws of evolution and survival and the causal behavior between different points into the space-time structure of the Universe.

It is another way to ‘write’ conceptually the generator equation of the 5th dimension. And it is important for the ‘measure-only’ mind of the classic scientist to open himself to conceptual understanding, which is the key to be able then to ‘comprehend the whys of its mathematical equations’.

For that reason we have ‘tailored’ the Generator equation with symbols that give it also as a whole, a verbal meaning to those Non-Euclidean points, the fundamental particle of time space: to Exist.

The equation is the metric equation of iST, a model of ‘relational space-times’, a project of mankind, to understand the Universe, in the making for 2500 years, since Plato and Aristotle discovered its essential elements, going through Leibniz and the quantum-relativity theory of the XX century, and now entering a more enlightened phase thanks to the formalism of ‘scalar Space-Time’ and its fifth dimension.

It explains the Universe as a fractal of Space-Time, which as all fractals is generated by the sheer repetition of a ‘unit-cell’, the fractal generator equation, in most cases a wave equation that defines a system of space-times.

Why wave equations generate reality? This requires some deep philosophical, logic understanding of physical parameters such as wave, speed, momentum, energy, information, and biological ones such as reproduction and evolution.

Waves combine 2 elements, energy and ‘—motions’ (which added give us the total ‘Existential Force’ of a being) F= SxE : Sp (a mixture of space, speed, ‘—motions’ and energy symbols, which all together fully define the meanings of Space in the Universe).

And cycles of information, clock-like cycles of time, infinite clocks that mold, form, close (1st knot theorem; a cycle divides space in two sections, the inner and outer cycle).

Now imagine a Universe made of a ‘substance’, |-Space, which has certain properties, topological (to tend towards expansive, entropic, fast moving, lineal, Euclidean expansions through parameters such as speed, work, energy, motion, force, acceleration, volume), in which a second inverse substance, time, cuts forms, cyclical ‘expansions’, which take ‘away’ a part of the space, across a ‘higher dimension’ or 3rd dimension of form, in fact a bidimensional topology, as it is of a different species: cyclical closed vibrations of time, ∏ cycles, which we shall call ‘clocks of temporal information, carried in the frequency, speed of those cycles. Let us conceptually explored those 2 terms.

 The law of ‘transcendental inversion of form’: │ ∆-1>0∆: changes of planes of ST-existence
Those reversal of ‘coordinates’ and parameters that transform an energy species into information and vice versa between planes of existence can be very paradoxical, as scientists are unaware of the change of morphology or ST parameters of a form that merely has ‘transcended’, ‘evolved’ or ‘descended’, ‘died’ and ‘devolved’ between planes.

Indeed, the world shows constantly those ‘inversions’ of space-time parameters through the 3±1 ages, phases of cycles or hierarchical, social classes, or planes of existence, what matters is the dynamic study of those fields.

We call those events ‘transcendental inversions’: When forms of an ∆-1 plane of ET transcend into an ‘∆’ structure, both its time and space become inverted, which means that its morphology also becomes inverted.

For example, lineal iron atoms become cyclical molecules when they emerge in the higher molecular plane. Then again iron molecules become lineal swords when they emerge in the macro-scale of human beings; in Biology, lineal proteins become cyclical membranes in macro-cells that become lineal muscles when they transcend again to the ∆+1 level.

Those paradoxical, illogic, transformations of energy into information and vice versa happen when species transcend between 2 relative planes of existence because, as the Chinese say, all yin has a potential seed of yang that can transform it.

So how can we distinguish a form as an energetic or informative species? We can define a form as dominant in energy or information, looking at its total ternary structure through the 3 ∆±1 planes of its organic systems; in as much as 3 is an even number, and so either the energy or informative structures will dominate the total organism. So iron is lineal in its atomic and organic structure and indeed iron is the most energetic atom of the Universe.

That is why the Taoist wrote the structure of all events and forms with trigrams.

So we can use those trigrams in Quantic Spaces-Times theory to represent organic structures. For example: _, –,_  is the energetic iron sword, in which 2 energetic planes dominate the cyclical, intermediate iron molecules. In biology –,_,– represents among many other structures a temporal, informative cell, with an intermediate spiral RNA, made of smaller cyclical nucleotides and enclosed into a cyclical membrane.

The concept of the function of existence in different sciences and scales. Its parameters.

Now what we call a full whole, a full world, a full function of existence, and we write either as Tƒ < ∑ Exi=ST±4, in a conceptual, philosophical analysis or [Se<ST>Tƒ]U±4 in terms of scalar space-time dimensions, a more quantitative terminology, acquires very different meanings in different sciences.

In general we must therefore in first place to ‘localize’ for each science the Fundamental existential function of the system. The atom, the molecule, the photon, the mass, the quark, the black hole, and the space-time plane or field in which it acts.

From points in planes (the formal mathematical description proper of the ‘invisible planes we do not perceive, that is, the ST±4 scale of i-nvisible i-nformation, dark matter and dark energy beyond the ‘limiting parameters’ of our light space-time Universe (0 K and c speed), we move into the ‘first’ level of ‘informative description of reality’, quantum physics, in which there is still some uncertainty/lack of information but enough of it to create a model of reality.

What is in this scale are the minimal Tƒ and ST (exi), and Se (ST±4) parts of the whole differ but are enough known to make its analysis with the iST formalism, meaningful.

First to consider some mathematical operations. Each time cycle is in fact an action traced in space-time, which has one of the 5 why-purposes of increasing energy, information, reproduction, social evolution and motion ∆(e,o,I,u,a).

Now the analysis of an increase is made with calculus. So we write each of those 5 actions as ∂a, ∂e, ∂I, ∂o, ∂u. And the whole series of actions with a frequency, ƒ, equivalent to the ò integrative function:


This is thus the main operandi of iST theory, which not surprisingly is equivalent to the use of derivatives and integrals in normal science. As we are just unifying all sciences by synthesizing all of them with the metrics of the 5th dimension of scalar space-times.

Thus what we call an existential being, is the integration of all the actions into ‘topological space-time fields, organs with a certain capacity for lineal and cyclical motions and repetitions. And for each science we must find, those elements, the action, the repetitive frequencies of those actions, the organs that reproduce them, which will be proportional to an integrative sum of those action; and in this manner establish a function of existence for the system.

At this stage we shall use two functions of existence, one focused on the spatial, formal, present, organic structure of the being in space:


Whereas Tƒ is the particle/head of information, which orders a larger reproductive, ∑´ExI body that mixes in repetitive reprod-actions ∑ the informative orders of Tƒ, < and the field of space-time which provides the energy of its motions, to which the body/wave is related by a series of ≈ constants of proportionality.

Now since the Tƒ point is somehow ‘detached’ from the daily actions of the system, guiding it as a quiet, small, invisible zero-point mind of which we will consider its sensorial aspects in other parts, what matters of that function is the relationship between the active body-wave part of the system, and the Space-time field in which it acts.

Thus what we are looking for is a function of energy and information, that describes the body wave, ∑exi, which will be proportional to the similar parameters of the field/world of space-time in which the being ‘Exi=ST”, acts.

Now the Tƒ element might be studied in great depth as we get more information of the system, for example, in human sciences (it is our little head) than when we study physical systems in which they appear as point-particles with no volume, and so we can only figure out its external actions and how they do follow the laws of IST (being the ∂a,e,I,o,u, integrated by its ƒ-requency into ‘full systems with a finite duration, T=∑1/ƒ occupying a vital space, S=∑e).

In brief, in physical systems we seek for a wave equation or momentum equation of a particle, which will encode the necessary information about the lineal and cyclical motion, total ‘—motions’ and energy and ‘existential force’, Sp x Tƒ, E x I of the system.

Whereas Energy is a ‘compound parameter’ of the existential force in space of the being, thus Sp ≈ E, and information of the cyclical time-speed of the system, Tƒ ≈ i.

So both equations are self similar, Sp x Tƒ =U±4; Sp<ST>Tƒ or e x i= ST.

Why to use two notations is obvious: the Universe has two fundamental perspectives, that of motions in time, that of forms in space, which merge in the ExI present sale and we must consider both.

We thus find the following fundamental equation of physics, deduced from the metrics in space of the 5th dimension:

MV = C

Whereas C is a constant of Space Time and M(Tƒ) V(Sp) the existential momentum of the system.

∑F= ∑ MV

Another fundamental equation will be the equation of waves

Y = ∑ E x I

Those 2 essential equations explain the particle/wave duality of momentum either when we focus on the Tƒ, particle element or the body-wave, ST Y function.

Indeed, a physical system is composed of 3 elements as all systems. The Tƒ state is the particle and ‘solid’ state’, the ST state is the wave or liquid state and the STe state is the Field which will be made of ST-1 particles billions of times smaller than the particles of the Physical system. Thus we can also consider that a physical state is as all systems displayed in 3 relative different social scales of organization:

The ‘gaseous’, lower scale of ∆-1 fields, the ‘liquid, herd state of the wave, produced by the solid ∆+1 denser state of maximal ‘intensity of ‘momentum’ and force. Of the whole physical ecosystem.

In this manner we can understand the existence of ternary fields in physics in which particles, waves and fields perform exchanges of momentum, of energy and information of parameters of scalar magnitudes, of changes of states and ages, of modifications in the relative diffeomorphic, 3 coordinates which for each system represents its 3 arrows or actions-directions of existences

And so we will find for all systems a particle vs. wave description, which will differ in as much as the functions of the particle and the body of a system are different – so are their actions.

Indeed particles perceive and move, ∆O-> ∆A, to fields in which the body will process energy and reproduce the information of the system (complex actions). And so momentum and forces will refer to simplex, external actions and deal with such fields (i.e. the electric field of motion and the magnetic field of perception, in which an Active magnitude processes both. While the body-wave will be entertained with reproductive and feeding actions or internal motions.

And the outcome of those motions will be a constant social evolution of the system. 

This description is thus the spatial scale description of the Universe.

On the other hand, we write and study a temporal analysis focused on events, causality and information, through the analysis of the different i-scales and the causal flows of time, > informative arrow, < energetic arrow:

ST-1< Sp-1> ∑ST<Tƒ+1<ST-2

We have given you just a glimpse of the new paradigm of science – the study of the 5th dimension, its Isomorphisms and infinite beings of space and time.

The power of the concepts previously laid down is enormous. It truly gives you all the ‘whys’ of reality.


∆ Œ: REPRODUCTIVE MOTIONS THROUGH Complex topological planes


The Universe is a self-repetitive game of infinite complementary systems of energy and information exi, which try to reproduce by recreating, in a lower plane of cellular existence – a Non-Euclidean plane in illogic geometry – a seed of information, ∆i-1, which will then self-replicate in a clonic wave over a receptive field of space, ∑e x i, such us to surface in the future as a single unit of the higher plane of non-E-xistence.

In the jargon of illogic geometry, the higher language to describe all sciences and systems and species under the same organic laws, all systems can be expressed as forms in process of reproduction rebirth and extinction, Illogic geometry departing from those 3 planes of existence, describe all events including those of creation and destruction of social organisms.

The game thus described in this web, in an intermediate jargon – biological – bridge between illogic geometry and common speech of social science (a jargon which frankly i have little patience with for his astounding intellectual idiocy, selfishness and primitivism – treated in the section of ideologies) – a word though that connects both is the concept of an ‘organism of existence’, an action of reproduction, Spe meets Tiƒ, e fucks i, i reproduces exi (-; 

The beauty of it all though comes when one can handle together the mathematical, logical, and biological description of reality to have a full parallel understanding of it all as a complex, astoundingly creative structure – a self-reproductive fractal of energy and information. And the key of it is the structure of 3 planes of growing social evolution, which interact together in organisms. Indeed, ultimately reality is 3 x 3 = 9 + 1 dimensional, where structures are super-organisms that co-exist in 3 planes of eusocial evolution. So you co-exist as cell, organism and cell of society, and you make cycles of energy feeding, informative gauging and reproduction in the 3 scales, and all together those 3 x 3 cycles and actions across 3 scales come together into a 1 organism, full being. Hence the 10 dimensions of the simplest descriptions of the simplest ‘organic beings’ we have spotted – string theory, to the 10 numeral scales of humanity.

The Universe is a constant orgasm of self-reproductive patterns of information, forms-in-action, forms with motion that imprint its patterns in fields of energy creating ‘complementary systems’,  physical systems made of fields of energy/particles of information or biological systems made of bodies of energy and heads of information etc.

From the simplest atom with a field of energy to the black hole with its plane of energetic stars, this pattern shows an organic, fractal structure in all systems of the Universe. What varies often is the human jargon to describe those systems and their actions.

In physics is a particle gauging a field of space-time; in biology a system with a cyclical head that accumulates time cycles of information and a  planar body that moves it.

Yet in all the scales of the graph certain self-similar laws apply to all entities – since ultimately we can talk of a game of two ultimate substances, energy or space and cyclical information or time clocks.

So those ‘topologies’ in motion always realize the same actions in space-time. All of us entities of energy and information, trace natural trajectories gauging information and feeding on energy that define our common ‘will of existence’, the need for survival energy and information for body and mind.

Thereafter a game of living nature is born in any ecosystem of systems of energy and information, from atomic to chemical to molecular to cellular to human even galactic ecosystem. This game of existence in which particles seek information for its minds and energy for its bodies creates the Darwinian games of reality and also its games of co0peration when similar particles ‘hunt together’. This is what general systems sciences study, as all of those patterns depart from the ultimate structure of reality:

A system of energy and information, a physical field and particle in physics, body and head in biology, information class and working class in sociology, black hole of maximal mass=informative gravitational system and stars – energetic electromagnetic herds of lighter atoms, more extended in space, etc.

The equation of space-time existence.

So 3 actions, energy, e, information, i, and its mixture, reproduction exi, performed often in social herds, ∑, create a basic event or ‘generator equation of space-time actions’ ∑exi. This simple equation is a synopsis of almost ALL what happens in the Universe both in time as actions or in space – as organic structures of energy and information we observe.

Exi=st, actions that create space-time systems  is the equation of ‘existence’, the generator equation of space-time systems – the fractal unit/point of reality – the fundamental particle of the Universe.

A space-time system thus is the ‘point with parts’  or first unit of fractal geometry, the essential part of the Universe.

In the higher illogic geometry of complex systems, all what exists is a ‘fractal plane’, a topology, a network of points of energy and information, cells of bigger systems. This can be described with the quantum jargon but it is far more sophisticated to use the fractal jargon of complex topologies, networks of self-similar points with energy and information components.

The design of reality departing from those essential units gives us all realities .

And what all those existential systems do are actions for their bodies, e, for their heads, i, and combining energy and information create reproductive actions, which can vary from mere waves, disorders in its space-time field to complex repetition of one system in another region of space-time.

What you see are such beings performing cyclical motions in space-time, as they exi=st, by definition absorbing  energy and information.

And this is dome in a digital, discontinuous pattern since the system is dual but acts as a single being, meaning that you either absorb energy for the body or information for the mind, so it appears as discontinuous cyclical, seeking, imprinting reality with space-time fields that absorb energy emit information and as they switch on and off, fluctuate in its relative topologies expanding the informative or energetic one accordingly – you can keep being more abstract or more visual to describe the game of existence.

But the reader should bare in mind unlike most scientists, that those ‘topological disorders’ of existence have a will a purpose a game, the game or mandate of ‘accumulate energy and information’ and reproduce, ‘grow and multiply’ in biblical terms, as all systems of the Universe act with such a Darwinian, biological will, and can be described despite itifying jargons of physicists with the game as well as with the topological, mathematical description of it science still prefers. We use both as both are enlightening of the whole.

In the illogic geometry of fractal time-space fields, the ultimate ‘what we are’, the actions that all knots of thought of follow – the events we create – can be perceived from different dimensions and perspectives.

The Simplest one is the geometry of it. What you see mutating in form and speed around you – those patterns related to the perfect form of information, the sphere, which stores the maximal information in minimal space and the plane the perfect form of space that displays maximal extension with minimal form, create a game of topologies that are messed up into organisms.

All of them with an energy planar body that moves in space an informative, ‘in-formed’ sphere. In physics cyclical particles gauge and direct blind energy fields, in life heads direct blind bodies. Perception stop, go motion of body, perception stop, go motion of body, e x i, e xi define the actions of all beings. At this rather mechanical deterministic first level the universe is a game of seemingly random but thoughtfully gauged motions of particles being displaced by bodies and fields of energy. They are all do the same action, exi, energy x information = action, the beginning of reality.

Now picture all those entities, with bodies and heads gauging and moving, why they move? What is the purpose of that existence? There is a will to it? A game, of certain goals and rules? Yes there is one game, the supreme only game that describes it all REPRODUCTION. YOU exist in a game of infinite energies and informations absorbing and emitting and recombining with the rules of non-Euclidean topologies in space, of causal, illogic in time. And that other game, the game of time, the game of the actions possible and desired by each knot who gauges and moves in search of the game, is what i call the game of existence.

We are all knots of energy and information, e xi and so if we call as physicists do the product of energy and information, an action, all what we do are actions in search of energy for the body and information for the mind, and then we like to combine them both and reproduce, reproduce ideas, reproduces objects, reproduce other is.

And the same is what all beings do, particles gauge information move in fields of energy and decouple and reproduce. An so do biological beings and galaxies and stars.

All plays the same game of 3 actions e, i and e xi (reproduction). Such a 3 dimensional basic Universe, however has 2 more actions dimensions that trace new forms and topologies, the 4th and 5th action-dimension of existence, social love, the coming of individuals into groups to do social actions together that are stronger when properly synchronized and seem a whole from the sum of many ones, and the 5th dimension of repeating this coming together into wholes becoming ones and new wholes, which accumulate planes of existence, and finally create the complex mess of fractal planes and forms with flows of perpendicular energy and information among them that is the total reality.

So that is what we are knots of cycles of space-time existence. Particles and systems with bodies and fields that go around reproducing.

And so do corporations only that they are organisms that reproduce machines, memes of metal a different species. And this astounding discovery connects the whole game of the universe with the little game of factories and corporations describe in this web.

∆Æ: Energetic motions. Meaning of relativity: motion in time ≈ dimension in space.

Ultimately while Galileo didn’t fully understand its Relativity, but Poincare and then Einstein did.

In that sense the biggest contribution of Physics to the Understanding of the Universe (to T.Œ 🙂 is the principle of relativity explained better by Poincare: we cannot distinguish spatial dimensions from time motions. We shall see how this only has a logic explanation: motion is reproduction of information through space, hence both are equal realities.

In terms of physics  of space-time its main consequence is special relativity derived of the fact that, beyond the shortest distances, it is impossible to make separate measurements of length and time, as motion and form, stop and go ‘mess together’, becoming indistinguishable.

In quantum physics it means we can only measure quantum of space and then quantum of time, stop and go ‘partial sections’ of the particle trajectory.

In terms of parameters it means angular momentum, as Kepler’s third law already proved and speed in general can be treated as a dimension of motion or space. So we can talk of mvr, or measure the same in terms of energy (Jules per second) and then we are measuring the fundamental combined ‘property of reality’: M x L² x T.


A motion in space happens in the lower scale of the 5th dimension, as systems move through the ∆± domain of invisible gravitational forces.


How we do so? Through the operations of integration and derivation, which is what makes emerge in an upper scale the physical action.

Now the simplest actions of motion are derivatives of the previous scales which emerge in the higher scale. And we can talk basically of two type of operations:

∂U-4=V-3;  ∂V-3=a-2

This simple chain describes the meaning of physical actions. The gravitational scale of the i-4 perceived as distant space, gives part of its distance by deviating it in time, emerging as speed in the light-space, atomic scale, which gives part of its speed, by emerging in the upper molecular scale as acceleration and temperature. So physical parameters are the elements perceived in the actions that emerge between scales.

But those are ‘pure’ actions of motion, in the spatial dimensions of those lower scales.

We though by the Galilean paradox consider the Sp duality (space perception as pure distance, motion and acceleration, or complex perception as energy).

And so we have also the e-perception of those basic actions, which accordingly is symmetric.

∂E-4=momentum(∆-3); ∂p (momentum) ∆-3 = mass (∆-2).

Thus again we observe that the ultimate energy of reality (stored in the distance of strings of gravitational forces, where S≈E, that is strings energy is equivalent to its length), emerges as momentum in the atomic scale and emerges as mass in the upper scales of matter. And so we define also the main parameters of physics related to the complex energy-mass duality (perception in detail of the components of those scales) in terms of actions.

The derivatives are also immediate: Energy =1/2Mv², and if we derivate considering V=X, the variable, we obtain the momentum of an atomic particle: ∂x²=2x.

Thus ∂E=mv=p. And again now if we derivate mv, considering v the variable, V=X, ∂p=m.

And we associate S≈E, V≈p and a=m. As we shall see in the specific analysis f the meaning of mass, mass is considered a vortex of accelerated gravitational form. And this is one of the many parallel ways to deduce this fact. Since GiST, the reader should start to understand is a fascinating perfectly symmetric complex structure of a beauty, order and balance that defies awe…

Despite the fundamental inversion of Space and Time that mean, spatial and time are dislocated in those ages and only each harmony in the relative moment of present:

In the graph if we consider the 2 different arrows of space and time:

Time Frequency

And Space S, often well represented with a complex coordinates

(where Time is the root, or rather X the polynomial of the root):

Speed: V=l(s) x ƒ(t)

Space- Energy

Then we can observe some properties: the maximal value of the function will be in the relative (0.0) of balance of all forces.

This condition is similar to that of a Hamiltonian function of 3 minima: a standing point, a maximal and a minimal, and for that reason so many actions can be described with those functions.

We are though at this stage more interested in the properties of those Products of two inverted functions which give us a constant value – what the Universe which ultimately conserves its quantity of motion and time to a full zero sum than in its quantitative measure.

Dimensions to start with are different, time-information have dimensions of width and height, respect to the length dimension of motion, so we read upfront tall planes of information in screenland eyes see ‘laminar flows of information’ coming from light.

Motion dimensions however have 2 variables, space and speed which often can be exchangeable (in stop and go motions and wave reproductions).

In less geometric, more logic≈ causal time cycles, whose discontinuities of motion (as the species changes sequentially jumping from action to action) the causal logic of this combination is obvious, it amounts for the total momentum of internal space and time-speed, as l x ƒ can be interpreted as a fair measure of the Sp x Tƒ of the system, its ‘Top’ (predator force), which can be read also as Tƒ x P(mv)… The top≈ spin ≈ angular momentum ≈ existential action, is thus the unit of the space-time Universe.

We can go lower deriving it into infinitesimal forces, impulses, and that would be truly the infinitesimal of existence, or we can integrate them along a single or up to 5 variables into a complex worldcycle, in which Energy varies into information (potential energy and internal rotary energy in terms of classic physics), through all the existence of the being.

Actions on the other hand tend to be functions derived in space, across the ST±∆ planes of existence; while energies and information variations will be observed in time in sequential form.


‘Time dimensions are added sequentially from past to future, and have appoint of inflexion, from positive to negative values for a total zero point, which is the point of end of the existence’.

Now the study of a time cycle is much more interested as a new unchartered territory for science. Essentially a time cycle can be calculated its ending point by calculating its 2nd derivative that must be zero. The standing point ends the cycle.

Time is tall, the dimension of information, form of the cycle is upwards, and so it is parallel to height or information, and indeed as you read you do so from your high position head, on a screen with height, paper or computer.

Motion is long, the relative frontal dimension, and so it is ength, or past. And we trace it always ahead, in the line of minimal potential gradient.

And its combination through vectorial products is the width, reproductive dimension of present, parallel to us in the same space-time.

This ternary symmetry s one of the fundamental tools to understand the space-time motions of the Universe and its harmonic forms.

They are forms in motion, both space and time.

And now we can consider that through their natural symmetry space-time 3 varieties of bidimensional motion and form, is the true element of study of most sciences.

As single space (pure energy with no form) and single time (pure form with no energy), systems are invisible to us. We thus consider the limits of pure space and pure time, if we observe them in motion as:

Space (>c-speed), Time (0 K), which are the limits of the human function of light space-time, but not necessarily the limits of the Universe. And in physical sciences we will deal with this fact in great extension.

Let us now study in greater depth the symmetry between:

Length-space-entropy-past-expansion, planar-fields-limbs

Height-time-information-future-order-spherical heads/particles


Thus since there are only 3 topological varieties of 2-manifolds, the evolution and organization of systems is restricted to those 3 ‘diffeomorphic’ organs, which become the 3 components of all systems: STe<ST>sTo, themselves symmetric to the 3 ages/dimensions of time (entropic, past fields/limbs; repetitive waves/bodies and future informative heads/particles, which become the logic, future guidance of the system).

Thus the symmetries of space and time explain the bidimensionality of such system and have multiple applications in all forms of nature (2nd≈3rd isomorphic space-time symmetry). The example shows how rich in meanings and explanations of reality is the complex version of relational space-time embedded in those isomorphisms, which are the second, advanced course of this web on relational space-time (3rd and 4th lines that study them in detail and then each fundamental species of the Universe through those equal laws).



The simplest description of any of those points is a ‘space-time, cyclical action.’

We thus upgrade a notch beyond the simplest point, the unit of creation, to the next level, that of the point (whatever it is in a lower St scale), which is a point performing a cyclical action of space-time – a cycle. This cyclical form can adopt different forms. If we see it completed in space it will always be a cycle – for example, if we consider that you dinner all days, you will very likely feed on your home and we could perceive your ∂e cycle of energy feeding as a cycle in space that closes after your ‘worldline’ moves around.

This would be though a silly geometrical analysis of your ∂e action. And yet you will be tracing a cycle. You will also between your ∂e actions perform other cycles of ∂o-bserver’s perception, ∂a accelerations and perhaps even a serial cycle of ∂i reproduction, or one of caring of your offspring, most likely social actions of work, ∂u, related to your upper u+1 plane of existence, and in doing so, you will live your day ‘creating a complex knot’ of time cycles, the next ‘unit’ of reality ∑ ∂ (o,a,e,i,u).

Mathematical physics.

This general equation, ∫∂a,e,I,o,u, which will be a mathematical partial differential equation of 5 variables, is certainly impossible to solve and describe for a human being. Since we do have a language, verbal thought, much more proper to describe the biological drives of existence, or complex actions of the Human being. It might though make sense to explain for very simple particles, in which the symmetry between space dimensions and time ages, of space-time cycles is very close, as we see its fast motions in time, ‘drawn’ as particles and rays and waves of space.

It is the realm of quantum physics and matter, where we perceive actions of space-time not in their whys but in their hows, and so we can describe them geometrically. When we describe an ∂a,e, I complex motion of a planet around the sun, in which the planet, guided by its magnetic field, orientates itself into an elliptic path around the sun, to absorb from its gravitational field, a minimal gradient of potential energy, a physicist will never dare as we do explain those 3 cycles in a vital way. But it will do so using mathematical, simple equations, F=GmM/r2, which is the ‘derivative’ of change of existential momentum of the planet, and so on.

Now in general the 3 fundamental concepts of physics, are momentum, A(scalar active magnitude) x V (speed in space-time), which is equivalent to the product of internal and external space-time, hence the fundamental ‘balanced’, conserved quantity, equivalent to the function of existence of a physical being:

Function of existence of physical systems’ ≈ Active Magnitude Momentum or Existential Momentum, which will obviously differ in each scale. For example, Mass x Speed, Mv, is the momentum in the physical scales of gravitation or mass momentum; J or I, density or intensity of an electric current, qev(S), is the charge momentum of an electric current, whereas density, the product of the active scalar magnitude (charge: qxe) and its speed (v), multiplied by a bidimensional cross-surface (current disk: S), measures the same.

This function of physical existence, ‘momentum’, ‘p≈mv’, then can be integrated, along a path or time duration, in which it performs certain actions, ∫p dt or ∫p dl and it will give us a series of integrative magnitudes of which energy-work is the most important.

Or it can be derived to obtain a single impulse, a single action, in which such momentum is spent, and we will obtain the Force.

Momentum though in a closed system will be conserved for all the points of that system and so while each physical system-point will try to increase its momentum for the whole ‘world’ existing in a given field of space-time, the momentum will be conserved. And this is expressed by the conservation of the internal time (angular momentum), internal space (lineal momentum), total space-time momentum (energy) of the sum of all systems.

And all what physicists do is to calculate those basic functions of physical systems WITHOUT understanding what they are, why they are conserved, what are the purpose of the actions of those systems. Because they treat those systems as abstract points without form.

Thus in general, when we deal with a mathematical formulation of relational, internal space-time in a physical Universe, we must add to the ‘geometry of points without parts’ (visual spatial description: geometry, topology) or algebraic description of those actions (analysis, algebra, arithmetic) the whys.

Since while mathematical physics is describing the external motions and actions of the being, from a mere geometric external space-time perspective, as a visual description with quantitative numbers of those actions, they have a ‘why’ – the program, function of existence of the being. The why is not so clear to humans from our far-away, anthropomorphic perspective that only accepts the existence of the program for living beings (mixed with myths and fantasies of human freedom etc.)

So the fundamental contribution of 5D metrics to physical systems, is NOT only to upgrade the space-time structure of reality, making it scalar and discontinuous, but also to give it existential content.

And so we will here also use the 2 main mathematical descriptions of the actions of existence, performed by species of the Universe, including the physical species:

– The complex geometry of Non-Aristotelian, cyclical times, and its non-Euclidean fractal knots or points with parts, the i-logic geometry of existential points, which implies to upgrade the postulates of Euclidean Geometry, and the simple uni-causal logic of Aristotle.

– The algebra and analysis of mathematical physics, adding the whys of its laws, and transforming the worldlines (which make sense only in the continuous motion between two frequencies of an ∂a,e,I,o,u action), into worldcycles through the use of existential algebra.

Non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian i-logic Geometry and the whys of existential algebra, which describe the existential momentum, energy, force and conservation laws and symmetries of space-time, and the active, scalar magnitudes and space and time parameters of physical systems, thus will convert present physical sciences into a full T.O.E. where the vital meanings of all physical systems are understood.

This will allow us to develop then the 3rd upgrading of physical systems:

– The organic, biological description of the Universe and its parts, as systems which interact between several 0±∆ social scales, creating organic structures that range from the ‘galacell’, the galaxy as an organic similar systems to that of a cell, ruled by DNA-black holes and mitochondrial stars, to the atom (which physically is equivalent in parameters on the 5th dimension to the galacell, hence probably if we could perceive in detail is inner structure of partons, quarks, gluons, photonic nebulae, etc., would discover a very complex organization.

Now this 3 new levels of understanding of physical systems, made of POINTS WITH PARTS, which perform cyclical, existential actions of SPACETIME, as parts of organic wholes, can also be applied to biological systems in which instead of the atom or particle or star/black hole, the point with parts is the cell or organism, and to sociological systems, in which the point with parts is a human head/mind. But those 2 other great fields of biological and social sciences, do not require so much a quantitative, geometric description (which we will however perform) but humans address them with enough complexity through the use of its own jargons.

The point with parts as a knot of space-time cycles≈arrows. The fractal point of i-logic geometry.

Now each point of view, creator of a system of reference from where knowledge can be acquired, the original model of Descartes which only claimed to create a ‘world, that of his mind that thinks therefore exists.

The Point of view also ‘ex=ists’ and that is the function that makes him think. It will think and first perceive an external Universe In this case we can consider the first action that of perception:

∂o, when the point of view perceives, then it will act in its relative ±1 available upper and downward U-sub planes of the 5th dimension with both of which TO MAINTAIN THE BALANCE OF EXISTENCE, will perceive energy and information from diametrical non-commutative directions of the metrics of its particular fifth scale:                    

In the graph the 2 directions of a flow of space-time along the 5th dimension, is made through small actions ∂U±4, which related the Active Magnitude, U, to a lower plane from where  

will obtain:   ∂I, ∂e bits & quanta. AND                               ∑Tƒ: information bits start a new point of perception, which if requiring relative motion will make the Tƒ expand its lower U-1 scales:

∂e quanta                                     Motion                                                 ∑U:quanta expanded=disintegrated by Tƒ, which modulates that expansion to move relatively to its lower scale.

We use for the concept of a space-time cyclical action, in the attempt to gather similar concepts into strings of synonymous the following names:

space-time cycles ≈ time cycles ≈ Space-time actions ≈ time arrows ≈ existential cycles/actions ≈ knots of time cycles ≈ knots of time ≈ i-logic points ≈ functions of existences

The idea as usual is to merge jargons on the range that goes from the visual description of simpler points man perceives without form or eliminating their form – physical treatment of systems in external space-time, to the range of human self-perception, in which only the inner space-time actions and existential purpose matter to us.

So when we describe the feeding motion in the gravitational field of a star we care nothing for the internal space-time actions (feeding on energy) but for the motion, and on the other extreme of the range, when we talk of the feeding of a human being, we care nothing for the fork motions that carry the food to our mouth but for the internal sensations – the need to feed and the problem of hunger, the taste of the food and our inner sensations, the transformative ‘electroweak’ forces used to change the food into an elaborated product, etc.

So the geometric description talks of space-time cycles (closed, frequency cycles) or space-time lines (motions between frequency repetitions of those cyclical actions). The jargon of actions in space and arrows of time is an intermediate jargon proper both of physical and social sciences and the existential jargon is the jargon of relational space-time that applies to all.

Reality is made of entities that are knots of Time cycles constantly tying themselves up with other knots of Time Arrows, forming networks in different scales of existence, evolving as complementary organisms of ‘—motions’ and information. And the question that science asks next is how to formalize that game of existence, its knots of Time Arrows or ‘entities of reality’, its fluxes of ‘—motions’ and information, its reproductive flows, herds and motions; its complementary networks of ‘—motions’ and form that create super-organisms.

And the answer is, as all models of science with its primary languages of space, mathematics, and time, causal logic, albeit more complex than the logic developed by the Greeks to explain a simpler Universe. In this new Non-Euclidean topology, planes are networks of knots of Time Arrows; and those knots of Time Arrows, the beings of reality are ‘Non-Euclidean points’ with a volume, or ‘organs’ that transform back and forth ‘—motions’ into information, creating reality.

All what you see becomes then a game of knots of Time Arrows, or ‘Non-Euclidean fractal points’, connecting themselves to other knots, forming complex planes, networks of points of two types, networks of energetic points (herds in motion) and networks of informative points (still networks). In any scale of reality those networks of points, which are knots of Time Arrows take place. The simplest scales of atoms can be described as such networks, but also the human scale. Consider a meeting: a series of human heads, moved by a lineal limb will start to share ‘—motions’ and form by producing waves of smaller ‘particles’ (sounds), and acquire a cyclical geometry as they create an event of information.

The Universe is a self-similar reality of infinite processes of creation and dissolution of networks made of knots=points of arrows of ‘—motions’ and information; and the best instruments to analyze it are the languages of the mind.

In that sense, humans, before clocks reduced our conception of time to a single arrow and language, were guided by psychological time, which is our inner perception of our time cycles and drives of existence – our desire to perceive, inform, reproduce and evolve socially. So we lived according to our cycles of ‘—motions’ (feeding hours), reproduction (family cycles), and social evolution (religious and cultural activities). And followed the cycles of the seasons of this planet, according to which all living species calculated its reproductive cycles.

We are made of time cycles.


In true form, reality is NOT made of space, but the primary substance is ‘time’, time cycles that break space into an inner and outer region (fundamental theorem of knots and topology), and that precise game of cyclical forms-motions that break and organize space into vital regions, harnessing its ‘energy-motions’ into forms is all what the Universe is about.

Thus relational space-time turns upside down our understanding of the Universe from a mere, simple spatial description where absolute time is a parameter of space, to a cyclical description where space is a slice in the flow of cyclical times, a region surrounded by a time cycle, a ‘path’ in a ‘Lagrangian’ of actions whose final sum is always zero, if we were to use some of the advanced concepts of physics we shall translate to the new paradigm; a ‘moment of present’, in the whole cycle from past to future that closes those paths.

For the same reason, the minimal unit of reality is NOT a string of space, but an interval of cyclical time, specifically a cyclical ‘action’ with form, a bit of information. In physics from where we have borrowed heavily conceptual and mathematical terms to describe all space-time cycles, the unit is indeed an action of energy and time, which manifests itself in the 3 main U±1 scales of the 5th dimension, the quantum, thermodynamic and mechanic scales, as a Planck’s action, h, a temperature vibration or a force.

In cellular biology as a circadian cycle of transformation of energy and information, from an ATP to a genetic cycle.

In organic life as an action of feeding, informing, reproducing, evolving socially, moving, ∂a,e,I,o,u.

In society as a similar economic, cultural, social or military action of a nation or civilization.

Space is thus always a ‘minimal’ part of a time cycle.

This Kepler understood when it said that a line is merely a small part (a derived tangent we could say today in calculus) of a curve. This concept, of an infinitesimal part of a longer cycle, which becomes a straight interval, is ultimately the meaning of a present point, which we derive, in the same manner we obtain a Lagrangian worldcycle that sums zero with we integrate.

The parameters of worldcycles: the wider concepts energy and information

Of similar interest for the understanding of those worldcycles is the concept of energy, in physics, which roughly includes both concepts of relational space-time, the energy and information of a system (since in physics ‘all is energy’, that is the energy of rotary motions is also included, and the energy of formal location is included as potential energy).

Thus since energy in physics is the integration along a path of space-time (or speed) of the momentum of a being: E ∫p=mv=1/mv2 we can represent the worldcycle by changes on the energy and information of a system, considering a general rule of the inverse properties of space(energy) and time (information), eq.1.2:

Ω.  Worldcycle and its ages:

∫œ = Max. Energy (young-past age) > Energy = Information (adult age) > Max. Information (Old age) << Energetic big bang (death): Max. E.

This description of the worldcycle of a system, in 3 ages is the fundamental law of all time cycles of existence, and will be paramount to describe any physical, biological or organic system of the Universe.

As life is a travel through two scales of the 5th dimension, between birth and extinction, through those 3 ages of maximal space-motion, Max. Sp, (youth), reproductive balance Sp=Tƒ and old, informative age, Max Tƒ, join then back to the ST=i-+1 cellular plane.

Information≈ time cycles vs. Energy≈ Space

It is now easier to understand why we relate energy to space-speed and information to time cycles.

Since a conservative field does not consider that work is done when a rotary point returns to the beginning of the cycle, it follows that time cycles do not vary the energy of the system, a property which will latter allow us to deduce the immortality of the Universe (as no loss of energy, hence of entropy exists in a Universe made of worldcycles).

On the other hand, information, form in action is measured by the frequency and form of those cycles. And so in a perfect lineal motion there is no information. A property which will allow us to understand the non-local infinite speed of invisible gravitation.

In the graph below we observe that process and write the equation of existential algebra that describes it in the simplified notation.  The reader could notice even if it does not fully grasp what we just explained, the enormous enlightenment that the understanding of the paradoxes and inverse arrows of scalar space and cyclical time, and the flows of energy and information between planes of existence, should bring to many themes of science.

So dynamically all can be resumed in a concept: the world cycle of life and death which all systems follow as they use their topologies in an orderly fashion:

Now once this is clear, the metrics and partial equations and dynamic analysis of motions through those world-planes, will be able to describe an enormous number of phenomena of which perhaps the most important s the world cycle of life and death:

∆-1 (seed) <∑∆-1 (fetes)>∆ (birth)< Max. Ei (Youth) ≈ Sp=Tƒ (adult iteration)> Max Tƒ (3 informative age) <∑E∆-2  (death).

If he is able to go through the initial difficulties of understanding the primary concept and paradoxes that structure the Universe, he will learn about a revolution of thought, unlike any other in modern science since a century ago the understanding of the 4th dimension and the paradoxes of quantum physics, many of which find an explanation in the metrics of the 5th dimension.

It is now clear what we mean by an immortal Universe, and the null energy spent in time cycles, which become a zero sum that appears also as such in geometrical, simpler physical systems, where there is no work≈energy change when a cycle closes itself.

In the larger view of relational space-time this is also truth: when the cycle closes, the total energy-information of a system returns to a zero sum.

In that regard if we consider each time of existence Tƒ, extended in length across a 5th dimension such as, we establish an interval in which t is no longer ‘duration’ but ‘frequency’, we can plot in this phase space of the 5th dimension, in one coordinates, the size of the system and in the other the time frequency of its time cycles and then we obtain the simplest coordinates of the 5th dimension.

This kind of plots however must be done for families of species across the different sciences of the 5th dimension:

5th     Dimension coordinates: Size ordinates: Space-motion

Dot Product: Co-Invariance of the 5th dimension for each ‘related species of space-time, able to enter into synchronicities’                                

Frequency coordinates: information-Time Cycles increase paradoxically as we become smaller.


The life/death cycle and the generational cycle.

The formalism of the 2 simplest arrows of time, Sp->Tƒ and Tƒ->Sp, show that the properties of Information and Entropy, of Form and Motion, are reversed:

– Entropy moves; it is extended, lineal, big and simple, without form. Since the line is the shortest distance between 2 points. Information seems to us still – a pattern of form, which chains different cycles into shapes. It is small, cyclical and discontinuous; since the circle is the figure that stores more form in a lesser perimeter. Yet in dynamic terms, we must think of expansive big-bangs, extensions and implosive in/formation; 2 intuitive substances that Descartes considered the primary of reality (res extensa=space and vortices of mass /information). Once this geometrical duality is clear, we can deduce how the causal order of those Time Arrows creates in all space-time beings the life/death cycle:

Entropy warps into Information (Life Ages) + Information explodes back into Entropy = Death.

– We are born as energetic, moving children that warp into a 3rd, old age of information.

– Matter is born as a plasma or gas, extended in space, which evolves into in/form/ative solids (atoms, black holes), through an intermediate Sp X Tƒ, liquid phase.

So all creations of cyclical particles (masses and charges), all states of matter and all processes of aging can be explained with the two primary arrows: s->t, t->s and an intermediate state, which combines both, the reproductive, mature age of life, the liquid, most complex form of matter.

– Then after a 3rd age of information matter or life explodes, dies, extending in space, reversing the arrows of time: Tƒ->Sp.

Thus the Entropy and informative arrow together define an immortal Universe made of ∞ bites of Entropy and bits of information in cyclical trans-form-ation: a young surface of Energetic Space reproduces in/form/ation till it becomes old and wrinkled. Then it erases its form back into Entropy in the inverse process of death, completing an existential life/death cycle, which we formalize as the 3 phases of the generator cycle of the Universe: Max.Sp (youth), Sp X Tƒ, Max. Tƒ (old age).

All beings that exist in time go through 3±∆ ages that correspond to the 3±∆ arrows of time.

-∆-1->∆-1->St: We are born as a seed of information that surfaces into the new plane of existence after a process of self-reproduction and organization.

– Max. Sp: Youth: The new born grows its Entropy-limbs.

– Sp=Tf. Maturity: After evolving its reproductive systems, the life being will reproduce, combining Entropy and information.

– Max. Tƒ. 3rd age: The life being acquires more information, warping and exhausting our Entropy as we implode our form.

– Tƒ>St-2: Death: Finally without Energy left, perfectly ordered but with no motion, the warped in/form /ative st-organism dissolves back into ∆-1 cells; and further on into the st-2 scale of molecular form from where they evolved, exploding back into pure entropy from its point of maximal information.

Yet the life-death cycle is not only a travel through 3 ages of increasing information till death reverses locally time and explodes information into Entropy, but also a travel between 3 planes of space-time existence, as a seed of ∆-1 information reproduces and evolves socially, surfacing into a ‘higher’ st-plane of existence and then reverses through death the social process, dissolving back into its cellular stage. In fact, the process normally takes, when studied in more detail two jumps on planes of space-time organization and what we see as ‘life’ with its 3 ages is only the ‘surface’ of the iceberg of the complete cycle. In the graph, we observe those processes of creation and extinction of super-organisms departing from forms of a lower scale of existence in self-similar systems of different scales, from top to bottom:

-St-2 atoms become ∆-1 DNA molecules that transcend into st-cells, which go through the 3 ages/cycles of growth, reproduction and information till its final apoptosis, when they die returning to its ∆-1 molecular and st-2 atomic scale.

-St-2 DNA becomes seminal ∆-1 cells that transcend into st-human beings, which go through the cycles of growth, reproduction and information till their final death, when they descend back into ∆-1 cells and St-2 amino acids used by insects to evolve.

– St-2 seminal cells become ∆-1 prophets, which create a code of information, the Book of Revelation which is memorized as a meme by all believers, creating a civilization, which goes through the ages of growth, reproduction and informative, baroque art/thought (since art is the mind of civilizations) and finally become extinguished in an age of war.

The life death cycle is clearly the consequence of 2 networks messing, in which the informative network exhaust the Entropy of the body herd of cells, warping them and committing selfish suicide. Without the dominance of the informative network the 3 ages of life would not happen. Death is then the just return of the selfish ego-driven, information remembering, warped network a zero to the ∞ universe:

In the graph, a human being goes from an energetic youth into an informative 3rd age to become erased back into Entropy. In the Universe those 3 phases of existence in space-time are the 3 solutions to Einstein’s equation, which physicists erroneously think to be parallel Universes in space, when they are phases of the same universe in time: the Universe evolves from an energetic big bang into the steady, mature universe of Einstein that will end into an informative, imploding, curved, vortex-like big-crunch Universe – Gödel’s solution that will explode again into a big-bang, which is simultaneously the death of a previous Universe and the birth of a new one.

The same process is followed in the lower part of the graph in physical systems:

-St-2 plasma particles become ∆-1 atoms, which evolve into social states of matter, st-energetic gas, st-reproductive liquids and st-informative solids that further evolve as ∆+1 bosons into a new social plane of existence or dissolve back into ∆-1 atomic, ionic plasma and st-2 radiation (Sp=Mc2).

– The same process in a cosmic membrane creates from a st-2 seminal nebula of atomic gas, ∆-1 stars, which further evolve through 3 ages from gas, to liquid to solid black holes that organize a herd of stars into st-galaxies, which die, exploding into quasars and reverting into intergalactic dust (st-2).

-So finally, we can consider also the Universe and its big-bang process a self-similar evolution from an initial st-2 quark gluon soup that produces all kind of ∆-1 systems of dark matter, st-galaxies and ∆+1 networks of galaxies, giving birth to the Universe that will go through the 3 ages/solutions of Einstein’s equations, from a young, expansive big-bang into a steady-state and a final solid big-crunch, giving birth to a hyper-black hole that will explode back into st-2 quarks, restarting the process.

The reproductive age that renews the being into an offspring of self-similar beings defines the generational cycle, which is also a fractal dimension; that is, a dimension with a time-space limit, as all species have a finite number of self-reproductive generations, after which the reproductive system becomes ‘tired’ and fails. So life has telomere clocks in its genes; and light has a mean life of 1010 years, after which its self-repetitive wave becomes tired and red-shifts back to dark Entropy.

Recap. The generational cycle is a finite cycle with a limit set by internal clocks: Entropy and information arrows are reversed, since to create information we have to destroy Entropy and to create Entropy we must destroy information. Thus, the causality of the Universe is ‘dualist’: I->Sp (Entropy creation) + Sp->O (informative creation) – a fact, which explains the causal cycle of life (Sp->O) and death (I->Sp). Thus the 3 dimensions or ages of time are: past, the energetic, young age; present, the age of repetition= reproduction in which the being doesn’t seem to change and future or age of information.

Rhythms of the ages of time in lineal measure.

An important arithmetic rule of time is the extension measured in lineal clock time of each period of life.

We have overwhelming proofs of the theoretical fact that the time structure of most beings has the following periodicity:

  • Entropy/Youth 1/4th, Reproductive age: 1/2; 3rd age, 1/4th, Death, 1/9th.

Tƒ which we could add the birth period, also 1/9th but as it happens in a lower scale of size, hence 10 times faster in time, the phetus period is 1/9×9= 1/81th of the whole.

For example the life of a cell has an Interphase, which can be roughly divided in the G1 period of growth of cytoplasm (energetic component of the cell); an S period, twice that time, which is the period of reproduction of the chromosomal material of the cell; a 3rd age of informative decadence, when the ctk proteins that will bring the death of the cell assembly and finally the so-called cellular division of the cell, which is its death (mitosis) that last 1/10th. The cell though is clever and achieves death by splitting itself into two daughter cells, proving the ultimate cause of the complex arrows of time: the search for immortality.

This leads us to divide human life for all purposes as we do with any time system in the following life periods:

  • 1/9 x 9th, 9 months, which in the lower/faster scale (Sp x T=k), is equivalent at the speed of action-reaction of the cellular level to 1/9th.
  • Youth, 2 x 9 years, 18 years, divided in energetic growth as a baby, 9 years and reproductive preparation as adolescent, another 9 years.
  • Maturity, 4 x 9 years, which divides in the energetic period, till 36 and the informative one till 54.
  • Old informative age, two periods till 72, in which death can come.
  • Death period till 81.

While those clocks vary by specific species, the general pattern or ‘ideal template’ of a space-time form that goes through those periods of existence to complete the 3+-1 ages of space-time beings is general to all systems including the Universe.

In the graph the Universe has 5 dimensions of space-time, which are the dimensions we need to build all realities. 3 Dimensions of space-time which are the canonical dimensions of length, width and height and its perception as motions=function in time; and the two ‘lost’ dimensions of the scalar Universe; the dimension of pure time motions, when ‘wholes desegregate into smaller faster parts’ (4th dimension of entropy) and the inverse 0-1 dimension of pure space-form, which creates from a seminal or linguistic form the whole.

The result of adding both – the life and the death processes – in any system or scale of reality is a ‘zero-sum’ of information+entropy that cyclically returns reality to its initial form, in a dynamic, multiple steady state balance that affects any entity of reality. The study of that process of creation and dissolution of complex structures, however, cannot be made with translational time, (v=S/T), the realm of physics, but it needs to understand biological, morphological time – the life/death cycle and its 3±1 ages. Those ages explain precisely what physicists, stuck in the study of time as movement in space, will never understand: the meaning of the life and death cycle that creates and extinguishes humans, societies (super-organisms of human beings) and all kind of beings that exist in space and time. In biological time all universal species follow the same ‘morphological changes’, described by the wisdom of verbal thought as the 3±1 ages of life, each one ruled by one of the 3±1   change=time:

+1: Conception:  ruled by social evolution, as a micro-organism or cell transcends into a macro-organism, organized by social networks.

1st age:                  Youth or Age of energy.

2nd age:              energy and information Reproduce.

3rd age:                All energy becomes information.

-1:Death:               The inverse of conception when the super-organism dissolves back into cells.

In the graph we describe that law of 3±1 ages, cycles, or horizons of evolutions for the fundamental species of reality. To understand that cycle in depth, we have to recall the Law of Complementarity between energy and information: all systems are made with a body/field of energy and a head/particle of information.

Further on, since form is made with energy, all events must start with an amount of ‘simple’ energy that transforms itself into information, the only other primary direction/arrow of time to go. Then, when all energy is consumed, warped into information, death reverses its cycle. Yet in the middle of that cycle, when information and energy are in balance, to preserve the ‘bio-logic’ form created in that process, the system achieves its reproduction.

And so the ‘offspring’ of the being will carry on its information into the future. Information never disappears as it always recreates itself.

All beings, from fundamental particles, (electrons and quarks) to human beings and life species, reproduce or are reproduced by more complex systems, when they have extra-energy to imprint its in-form-ation. Since forms that do not reproduce, die away and become extinct. So even those deconstructed beings that cannot reproduce alone are reproduced by other species. For example, cells reproduce carbohydrates, galaxies reproduce stars and human reproduce machines in factories. Thus, we talk of 3±1 drives, arrows or ages of existence in all systems: the drive for body energy, the drive for information, the drive for reproduction and the drive of social d=evolution (birth and death of a macro-organism). Whereas the 3±1 ages of Organic Time are merely the order in which those 3±1 drives ‘accumulate’ during the life/death cycle of any species.

In a young first age, energy is more abundant. In the mature age of balance, the species reproduces, combining energy and information. In the third age of the species, energy is scarce but information is abundant, accumulated in the first ages.

Young people are full of energy. They are in the Energy horizon of the species. They are bigger, have little temporal knowledge. They are simple in form. While Old people are full of information. They are in the information horizon of the species. They are smaller, as all information systems are and have a lot of temporal memories. They move little and have a lot of wrinkles.

Mature people balance the two elements of the organic Universe, their content of energy-space and temporal information. So they can reproduce all their components. Hence the 2nd age is the age of reproduction. And the forms of any being in that mature age are a harmonic, an efficient combination of energy lines and informative cycles that we perceive as ‘beautiful’, the objective perception of harmony between energy and information, lines and cycles. So in all organisms the mature, realistic, classic age of balance, or reproductive age, is the most perfect age. Human beings intuitively see that. We like balanced, spiral galaxies, mature people and realist art, which is called classic art and takes place in the mature age of civilizations.

Yet, the dominant arrow of time, information, will finally exhaust energy, warp totally the organism and bring its explosive death. And the cycle will start again.

It follows that a true science of life and time will try to maintain any organism in its age of balance, without excessive information. Exactly the contrary of what our society does. Since humans accumulate scientific and technological information towards a point or ‘singularity’ in which that information, in the form of a robot or artificial intelligence, might extinguish us.

In the graphs, we illustrate those 3±1 ages with a few universal examples, also from social sciences: we see the process in individual human beings, in art, the collective brain of a culture; in matter, where those ages are called the states of matter – energetic gas, reproductive liquid and informative solid.

Finally in the Universe, where stars evolve from an age of energy into an informative age as black holes.

So do galaxies that evolve from energetic nebulae into Black Holes, which explode into quasars. Finally, if the network of galaxies we call the Universe was truly born from a first seed of matter that fed and reproduced its form in the energy of the vacuum; it will go through 3±1 self-similar ages described by the 3 solutions to Einstein’s Space-time equations. Since all in the Universe is a game of ‘3’ dimensions or ages of time: past, the age of energy, present, the reproductive age in which all systems repeat themselves to keep their ‘present form’ beyond death and a 3rd age, when all energy is exhausted, trans-form-ed into form, information:

Informative galaxies balance entropic dark energy, when we apply the laws of the scientific method, WITHOUT REDUCTIONISM OF THE ELEMENTS OF REALITY.

Thus WE CONSIDER, as big-bang theorists do (limiting time to a single entropy arrow, limiting space to a continuous spacetime, limited to study ONLY interstellar space and discharge implosive galactic vortices), the Universe is eternal and big-bangs are likely only galactic big-bangs as Fred Hoyle wanted, which release dark entropy through the axis of black holes and expands space, balanced by the constant contraction by gravitational forces of space into mass.

What big-bang theories miss is the ‘fractal structure of the Universe’, which allows it to wobble – that is while entropic intergalactic space expands, and they got it right with its equations, AS THE SPACE-TIME of the Universe is fractal, this is compensated by the implosive, informative only attractive gravitational warping of galaxies towards central black holes. So the world cycle of galaxies compensates the entropic death of quasars. In the next graph we see the ‘missed’ 3 ages of life-death of galaxies into dark, heavy dense matter, which shrinks the Universe.

So we can define it as an eternal, immortal Universe:It is then clear that when a galaxy dies, as a quasar, or when the black hole, emits pure space accelerated through its axis, interstellar space expands and we see that as a redshift but in the plane of the galaxy, slowly vacuum space collapses into denser particles, shrinking space-time. Ergo there is no need for a cosmic big-bang, a hyperbolic exaggeration created using a lineal equation ‘Vhod’ moving it to a remote past of which there is scanty evidence, as we show when studying in detail the theme in our posts on astrophysics. 

The immortal Universe, sum of all cycles.

So the fundamental arrow/cycle that summons them all is the cycle of life and death, which makes us ‘transcend’ from a seminal seed reproduced into self-similar cells into individuals. While we die, when cells separate from each other and return to the inferior ‘plane of existence’ from where they departed. Because we are all dust of space-time that creates and dissolves ∞ ‘existences’.

Big-bangs that create motion/Entropy (lineal forces) are self-similar to biologic death processes that dissolve information, expanding and erasing a warped form that explodes into its cellular parts (atomic big-bang, biological death). And they can be explained with the second arrow, o->e, the arrow of creation of Entropy, showing the astounding homology in terms of Time Arrows of all entities of reality. Because the generator equation of the Universe, ΣE<=>O, has only 2 initial elements, Entropy and form, there can only be 3 ‘limits’ to that function, Max. Entropy or youth, S=T, an intermediate age of balance in which both parameters equalize, allowing its combination and reproduction in other form of space-time and Max.Information or 3rd age. Then the information of the organism explodes and its social network dissolves into death, as the arrows of time reverse their order: Sp>(life)… O <Sp (death)

Why e->o, the warping of Entropy into form, proper of the life arrow comes first, and the second process, o->e, the creation of Entropy from form, and all processes of death come second?

Because to die (o->Sp) an entity must live first (e->o) (biological proof); to create form we must start at least with a line… of Entropy (mathematical proof), which bends into cycles or breaks into fractal form. Ultimately to create its particles/forms, the Universe started from an extended formless vacuum (physical form). So the main causal order of the arrows of time is: e->o.

Further on to reproduce, species must copy their Entropy and information in other part of space-time, creating a replica of the original. So reproduction is an arrow of time that combines two simple arrows, Entropy and form, which therefore come first:

Sp X Tƒ = Reproduction.

Thus reproduction happens once a system has formed its Entropy and has a minimal content of both, Entropy and form – reason why systems reproduce a seed of pure information, (Max. Tƒ), which lives a first youth of growing limbs of Entropy, a second, mature age of reproduction after adolescence, when the species repeats itself and a 3rd age of warping of form, or age of information; after which they die, completing the life-death cycle, the main causal cycle of time. So, we can consider the existence of 3 ages in life:

Max. Energetic Growth (youth)-> Sp X Tƒ; S=T (reproduction)   -> Max Tƒ (3rd age)

Even if we can now mathematize for the first time, the 3 ages of life, thanks to the formalism introduced by the arrows of time, those 3 ages have been known always to mankind, reason why in the classic age of Religions those 3 ages/arrows were described by Taoism ‘the combination of yin and yang reproduces 10.000 beings’ in the East and Zurvanism (the philosophical version of Zoroastrism and the most extended religion in the West from 500 BC till Islam), where Zurvan6 the ‘God of Infinite Time’ has 3 ‘avatars’, the energetic youth, the age of pleasure and the age of knowledge. Yet of more interest is to relate those 3 arrows with the 3 classic dimensions of ‘time’, a relative past or energetic youth, a relative future or informative age and a ‘repetitive’ present, when we reproduce ourselves. Each of us goes through the same life-death cycle, as we wrinkle our young Entropy into form to explode back into death. Such is the geometric nature of existence in time-space.

Thus, we order the causal arrows of change in 3 ‘dimensions’, past, present and future, which are the 3 logic dimensions of time, embedded in the logic of verbal thought, the biological language humans use to describe time events. Since when something doesn’t change, we say that time doesn’t seem to pass. But if we are just repeating the same event/form, we might think we are seeing the same reality that doesn’t change. So we feel we are in an eternal present.

Finally we feel intuitively that the future as a place with more information, so when we travel into a country like Japan based in the industries of information, we think we are in the future. So we talk of an arrow of future information or life, an arrow of past Entropy or death, and a present arrow of repetition-reproduction. Yet since e->o and o->e are inverse in properties, and one is the meaning of life and the other is the meaning of death, and all lives end in deaths, past and future balance each other into an eternal present: ‘The separation between past, present and future is an illusion’ said Einstein7.

What Einstein meant becomes now clear, with the understanding of the 3 ages of times, which for each ‘knot of Time Arrows’, for each entity of the Universe, represents its relative past, present and future. Your past is your youth; your future is your old age. And so if you are in the future of your exi=stential journey, you still will co-exist with the past of your sons, their youth. Further on, since there are species that have evolved further their organism, they are a relative future knot of times. A human is a relative future knot of Time Arrows that co-exists with a worm, our relative past. Thus, not only we exist in a universe of motions, of Time Arrows, but we co-exist with all kind of relative past and future forms.

Since ‘times arrows’ from future to past (Entropy) and past to future (form) are infinite, causal events that take place in infinite different beings.

The error of a single time is due to the massive use of time-clocks to measure time, by equalizing all the rhythms of the Universe with the single second/minute/hour standard rhythm of human time clocks, yet the tic-tac frequency of ‘other time cycles’ is different. Your heart has a slightly faster tic-tac of 70 beats; and a milipulsar of a millisecond and so on. All those systems have an Sp->Tƒ->Sp->Tƒ beat, the fundamental beat of the Universe, which you find in infinite systems of Entropy and form: legs extended in Entropy position, warped in form; mouths and lungs opening to absorb Entropy, imploding when they take in the Entropy and start the process of converting it into new forms, and so on.

All causal chains of events depart from a young age of Entropy that warps the form of the species till Entropy is exhausted, all is warped information and the entity explodes in a big-bang. For example, galaxies start as extended nebulae and evolve into informative masses – black holes of maximal information and minimal extension – human beings also have an energetic youth and end up warped into a 3rd age of information. So do all types of matter that evolve from energetic plasma into a balanced liquid into a solid form of minimal motion.

The immortality of the Universe is therefore the immortality of the properties of those Time Arrows – the geometrical shapes of Entropy and information; the causal chains of time events those shapes create; the constant reproduction of the basic platonic forms of reality; its association in herds, waves and organisms. Or in mystique terms: ‘the forms that can be seen are not the immortal forms’, Lao-Tse.

Absolute space-time is a simplification of those arrows – the sum of all complementary entities of spatial, extended Entropy and all time clocks of information in the Universe. Whereas absolute space is the sum of all the vital spaces occupied by those entities and absolute time is the sum of all the events of Entropy and information taken place in that Universe.

And we must consider that the overall absolute time of the Universe never moves to the past or to the future but the sum of all the cycles of information or life cycles and Entropy or death cycles, creates an eternal present space-time, sparkled with infinite existences (life death cycles) fluctuating between the past and the future and the past, living and dying…

Recap. For reason of calculus is easier to create theories of time that use a single clock-rhythm but a philosophy of science is more concerned with principles than detailed analysis. So we cannot forget, as physicists often do, the fact that time is cyclical, not lineal and hence discontinuous – since a circle always closes and breaks space into an inner and outer form. In other words, the Universe is a mass of discontinuous, vital spaces, whose cyclical motions chain to other motions and cycles, creating complex organisms and particles. All those motions and rhythms form complex space-time beings, in which a region of dominant cyclical motions – informative particle or head – associates with a region of lineal motions – force or body – that moves it, creating a Complementary Entropy/information being – the ‘Fundamental, Logic particle’ of the Temporal Universe.

All this said, the concepts of ‘space’ and ‘time’, once we have defined them in terms of past, present and future motions and its symmetric forms of space, lines, waves and cycles, become secondary to those ternary elements, which are the ‘real’ time motions and spatial forms the Universe play with.  Let us recapitulate them:

  • Time is motion of which there are 3 ‘flows’, from past to future of increasing cyclical form; of future to past of expansive, erasing entropic, lineal flows and of dynamic present, or repetitive flows which seem not to change reality.
  • Space is defined mathematically in physics as those ‘instants of time present’. We can therefore consider space as static form and find 3 forms of space symmetric to those 3 flows of time-motion: The ‘future circle’, the ‘past line’ and the present conic waves, combination of both.

It follows then that there is a symmetry between the 3 ‘dimensions of space’, which are diffeomorphic, local, and the 3 motions of time, expressed in the concept that for each form there is a function. And this symmetry between the 3 dimensions of space and the 3 motions of time is the most important of the Universe. The graph shows that symmetry in the case of the human being. It means that the 3 ‘dimensions’ of space, do have a function as they are vital dimensions of a certain being, NOT the absolute infinite dimensions of the Cartesian plane.

Thus height is the dimension of formal perception, as projective geometry allows the part on top, from antennae to heads to black holes in galaxies, all on top of a height dimension to gauge information better; length is the dimension of motion; and width the present dimension of lateral, parallel reproduction.

Those are the 3 dimensions and motions of reality.

And so it is now, when we have fully understood the concepts and dimensions, forms and motions of time and space, when we can apply them to fully grasp the meaning of the 3 ages of life and the 3 horizons of evolution of species, which carry into the description of the 3 ages of civilizations, organisms of history (in which each human plays the role of a cell, in an upper ∆+1 plane of the 5th dimension) and the 3 ages of the economic ecosystem that evolves machines into a global superorganism, the metal-earth. Those themes of course will be treated in great detail in the parts dedicated to biological and sociological sciences.

Biologic and Historic=economic times=changes.

Now, to understand fully the importance of renewing our studies of time beyond the limits of Physical studies of translations in space, we shall bring the other two great disciplines of science, biology and sociology (history and economics), which also happen in time, and have lagged in the development of its parameters by lack of a general theory of time-change.

Since both are based in the same earlier logic concepts of the 3 ages=motion of time, which physicists still ignore.

If there are in life 3 ages of existence, created by the sequential order of the 3 motions of time, entropic≈energetic motions, or young-past age, iterative, present, repetitive motions or adult age, and informative, 3rd age, old, wrinkling, warping motions, which end in a reversal of time arrow, into an explosive, entropic death; those ages do apply also to the economic evolution of machines (industrial evolution) and the life and death of human super organisms of the ‘upper scales’ of the 5th dimension (societies, nations, civilizations and religions, where God is understood as the collective subconscious mind of a civilization, signified in its artists and literary prophets, which also experience 3 ages/styles of art, as the civilization completes its life-death world cycle.) They are shown in the graph.

Thus the 3 ages of life have a similar change that affects the entire species, through III horizons of increasing informative complexity. And the study of these type of changes was the realm of biology, the other great field of sciences.

Tƒ notice that those processes of biological motion=change ended in a cyclical manner in the initial point as the process of death exploded the accumulated information back into pure motion, ‘releasing it’, both in physical (big-bang deaths: Sp=M) and biological species.

Thus informative, cyclical, life-death cycles can be extended to physical systems, as motions in space were extended to biological systems. And so we can talk for both physical and biological systems of 2 fundamental modes of time-change, lineal time-change or translation in space (as we perceive more lineal translations, the shortest distance/speed between two points) and cyclical time-changes (formal changes in the inner parts of the being) through the 3 ages/horizons/Einstein’s metric solutions of all cyclical time processes. This duality of lineal vs. cyclical form/motions are ESSENTIAL to reality as most processes of change can be analyzed as back and forth geometrical changes: O<=>|

Thus the 3 ages of biologic change are also experienced by the human being and its species, and so there was the study of the human species ‘history’, as a whole, and its processes of change, which were first merely described as an accumulation of data – first phase of the scientific method – in the collection of ‘stories’  about history. But in the modern age, starting with Ibn Jhaldun, followed by Vico, Marx, Schumpeter, Kondratieff and Spengler, history and its civilizations were defined as super organisms that evolved through similar ages and horizons to those of nature, an ended also in a process of energetic ‘big-bang’ death called war.

Life and death: ∫actions=0 sum.

Now, the result of the existence of two basic forms, energy and information and 4 drives of existence, Feeding, Max. E, Informin, Max. I, reproducing, E=I and evolving socially Sum (exi), creates an order in time, as species are born, go through an age of maximal feeding and growth, or youth, then find a balance between youth and form, E=I, and reproduce in its mature age, finally warping and transforming most of its energy into information in a 3rd age, after which they die.

And birth and death are the limits of those ages, in which a species ‘evolves socially’ from its first seminal cell into a superorganism and dies back.

Death, that is, conversion into energy, has strictly ‘2 descending moments’ into the ST-2 Plane of existence as Energy, hence death is not truly what we call (and some graphs carry, the reversal ST-1 of birth). A theme directly connected with our definitions of Information and Energy and the way in which travels between dimensions take place:

Death is ST=2, Birth ST-1≈∑ST>ST+1, that is a seminal wave that reproduces its information and reorganises the herds of cells, ∑, into a whole i, which will in the moment of death descend down two planes. So the death of matter implies a explosion of gravitational and electromagnetic energy (E=Mc²), the death of an organism, a descend back to cells and then molecular form.

Thus death into energy means that our body will NOT only become cellular space but go down to the amino-acid plane: ST->ST-1 (network death)->ST-2 (Cellular death).

On the other hand information is transferred by diminishing one plane the form but increasing its density and then adding motion to transport information, as in the case of the fundamental equation of Quantum Physics:

Fermion(ST) <> ≈ Boson (ST-1) <> Fermion (ST)

And thus the transfer to a lower plane and translation of information into the language of that lower plane to move information through space-time is the key feature of all forms of communication:

  • In the Quantum i-3 Atomic plane this transfer must therefore be done through the invisible for the electromagnetic observer gravitational plane, hence of relative infinite speed  as information is zero and their product must be constant, (Sp x Tƒ = Ci-> Tƒ=0-> Sp=∞.

This fact explains the spooky action at distance effects and synchornicity that so much bothered Einstein)

In the ST=-1 scale, nervous messages are translated down to the ST-2 molecular hormonal, chemical plane so they are transferred between axons (dopamine etc.) and then back to ST=-1 axon, or into cells where they develop into ST=-2 at ions.

And so on.

Another fundamental theme of travelling through space and time communicating energy and information, is the medium which is added to the original form and motion as the journey takes place. This little fact is greatly ignored by the continuous model of space-time. Indeed, when a mass becomes energy it does interact with the medium two planes of existence bellow its plane, ST-2, where there is a field of energy to which it transfers its form. Thus depending on which plane we ‘start’ the transfer, the release of energy will be proportional to the original plane.

Finally a third essential theme of such travels are the mathematical ‘inverse operations’ which are engaged in energy and information transfer, namely the operations of integration and derivation in physical actions.

Now once it is clear that time is cyclical, hence fractal as each cycle encloses and inner and outer region within itself, creating a vital space within, different from the external world, we can consider the ‘fractal’ diffeormorphic, local analysis of those 3 time dimensions as ‘ages’ of a certain being, which guided by the arrow of future of increasing information will start with a lot of energy and will go through:

  • E a first ‘young, past’ energetic age, of expansive, toroid motions, the entropic youth
  • E=O: A mature, steady state age, in which he will be at its plenitude, when energy and information
  • O: Tƒ end warping all its energy into form, information, in its 3rd old age. And when no more energy is left
  • Death: O<E, reverse its arrow and explode its form into energy again.



Another fundamental theme of travelling through space and time communicating energy and information, is the medium which is added to the original form and motion as the journey takes place. This little fact is greatly ignored by the continuous model of space-time.

Indeed, when a mass becomes energy it does interact with the medium two planes of existence bellow its plane, ST-2, where there is a field of energy to which it transfers its form. Thus depending on which plane we ‘start’ the transfer, the release of energy will be proportional to the original plane.

Finally a third essential theme of such travels are the mathematical ‘inverse operations’ which are engaged in energy and information transfer, namely the operations of integration and derivation in physical actions between planes of existence, which we shall study latter when we advance a bit more, with more rigor, as ‘symmetries of energy and information between planes of the 5th dimension.


∆<|2|Biological Time travels

Ternary topological Evolution: the 3 horizons and 3 ages of all species.

Indeed Topological Biology proved equally fruitful, because those 3 topologies corresponded to the 3 physiological networks and systems of all living beings. Thus, there was also a topological ‘plan of evolution’, the 3 Horizon of all species, limited by those 3 only topologies, as all of them evolved from a first lineal, energetic, top predator age, into a reproductive balanced form and finally raised in height to become dinosaurs, birds, or human beings, tall in the dimension of height, the dimension of information:


In the graph the topological plan of evolution or different families of life and engineering, fats that become nucleotide and spiraled long DNAs, fishes that evolve into vertical forms, flat amphibians that rise their legs to become dinosaurs, flat monotremes that become mammals and rise into apes, lineal machine–weapons that grow into tall robots.

Evolution has a third entire unknown sub-discipline besides ‘Darwinism’ and ‘genetics’ ‘topological evolution’ that explained why so few variations and homologies existed among species, why evolution even if it was chaotic did only evolve into ternary species.

And so we can apply this topological evolution also to human being.

∆i≈1,2. Historic time travels

The human ‘travel’: our existence as fifth dimensional beings.

It is then necessary to consider the scale at which this perspective makes sense. Unlike the ‘algorithm of actions of survival, a,e,i,o,u’, which defines the being at its minimal quanta-level, such journeys define the being in its wholeness in space, through its wholeness in time.

But how all those world cycles ‘happen’, when we ‘go down’ to the ultimate entropic motion, or primary substance of the Universe? How this motion is rised into those wholes?
If the how of science is established by the topological structure in space of the 3 arrows of time and its 3 sub-organs, which construct all systems of nature, the why is the Algebra of Existence, which studies the function of space-time actions, which entities perform to ‘exist’, and survive in the universe of energy and information.

In the next graph we observe those elements on the human function of existence, which resumes all what reality is about – the creation of fractal ternary beings with the 3 topologies of space, which perform during its 3 ages of time, each one dominated by one of those topological energetic/digestive, reproductive/blood and informative/neuronal networks, a series of actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, reproduced whenever is possible in other region of space-time, or evolved socially into bigger wholes, with a single purpose to survive, to exist:image058HUMAN ACTIONS

In the graph, we can see the function of existence of human beings across its ∆ST symmetries. Above the 3 scales of human existence, and the human function in space with its 3 topological networks, and its development in time, as the system emerges into a higher social plane, forms part of a culture, goes through 3 ages and dies back into the lower scale of beings.

Anthropology: Ternary mind cultures:

Sp(white mind/energetic male)<ST (black brain/gay sex)>Tƒ(Informative mongoloid/woman)

The topological language of evolution was the key to understand the evolution of mankind, anthropology that solves the 3 species, the gender varieties, the 3 mental races, of tall brains (emotional axis, psylocephalic black races), long brains (dolichocephalic, visual, energetic white races) and the wide brains (brachycephalic, mongoloid verbal races):56-gender-848x1023

In the graph, in complexity biology systems decouple in 3  varieties of max. energy-force, max. information and max. reproduction, the 3 main drives that ensure survival.

This simple rule allows to classify the diversification of species, including the Homo. Yet the dominant arrow is information, so at the end the gorilla-chimpanzee-Australopithecus, max. energy (gorilla), max. Information (austral), max. reproduction (bonobo), chose the Australopithecus, and then again in the next decoupling till arriving to the 3  ‘mental races->cultures’, the white, lineal, energetic; mongoloid, cyclical, informative, and sensorial, reproductive, vital black mind-cultures.

It is the solution of the ‘Plan of Evolution’ based in the 3 ‘limited’ topologies of the Universe, which correspond to the morphologies of energy, information and its balanced, reproductive combinations.

So species evolve in those 3 eternal variations of the same theme, from lineal, energetic men to informative women and the intermediate sex, to the 3 human races, to the 3 ‘topologic varieties’ of evolution, to the 3 ages of life, function and form always rhyme. In the first picture we see the 3 ‘ages’ of evolution of most species. Below the differentiation of human species, into energetic, reproductive and informative ones.

Specifically the ‘evolution’ of the ape into the human being, shows the fundamental procedure of nature in the process of ‘differentiation’ of species along the 3 ‘fundamental’ possible avenues of a ternary organism: improvements in energy system, information systems and its balanced reproductive networks.

Thus the original ape species can be differentiated into ‘energetic’ stronger animals (gorilla), informative ‘Australopithecus’, and balanced, reproductive ‘bonobo chimpanzees’, our closest species, dedicated all day to ‘fuk’ (-;

Next the human species took over, and again evolved in  III Horizons of increasing information, (500 cc Australopithecus, 1000 cc homo erectus, 1500 cc homo sapiens) mankind arrived to the final racial differentiation, in which the dominant informative verbal homo decoupled into:

– Sp: White, energetic, visual, lineal dolichocephalic race/cultures (with higher mixture with visual Neanderthals in Europe); which explains the cultural nature of the western world, based in constant, lineal motions, from its vision of lineal time, to its love of violence and energetic weapons (which deliver lineal motions), to the dominance of T.Œs based in physics, ‘the science of motion’, whose wordily religion is to make weapons and consider expansive motion aka entropy≈death and its big bangs, the meaning of existence.

This 25 years old prediction of the T.Œ model, based in the Generator Equation that diversifies species into Sp, Lineal, energetic varieties, Tƒ, cyclical informative ones, and then crosses them to create a balanced, reproductive radiation of ST forms, is now being proved. Thus cultural memes depart from the 3 mental races, which promote the 3 ‘axis’ of the brain:3AXIS

In the graph, one of the key ternary differentiations of T.Œ

– the 3 dimensions of spatial, ‘diffeomorphic’ systems applied to the Human Head. All systems do follow the ternary principle, according to which each ‘ternary element’ can be further sub-divided in 3 sub-species. It is the fundamental principle of creation of the Universe.

In the case of the Human ‘mind’, the 3 axis become the foundations of the 3 dominant languages/wills of the 3 sub-human races: dolichocephalic white men, with higher Neanderthal, visual content and its lineal, energetic cultures/memes, among which the lineal, Abrahamic religions and lineal concept of time, and lineal, violent obsession for weapons are distinctive features; the verbal, mongoloid race, with cyclical temporal concepts, and the balanced, sensorial black race.

While classic anthropology did recognize the 2 first, it failed to understand the ‘height axis’ of emotional and motor, higher development. ‘Energetic, Intelligent and Good People’ would be a layman, topic way to describe the 3 cultural races. They are complementary and in the ‘Perfect world’ nowhere to be seen – an ideal world ruled by T.œ and the principles of the organic Universe, similar to Hesse’s Castalia, each will complement the other.


Thus we will do an analysis of the isomorphism of the ages of time for each species of the Universe, including the 2 main species of man, the i-ndividual and the i+1 social scale, whose 3 ages are isomorphic to those of man, but at the scale of civilizations, and whose collective mind, art, shows those 3 ages in its style evolution. In the next graph we compare them:


In the graph, one of the fundamental findings of General Systems is the solution of the meaning of the 3 ages of life, which are COMMON to any General System of the Universe.

All what you see is a complementary system with a body/field of energy and a smaller head/particle of information. And its morphology responds to the Universal forms of energy/lineal motion, as all bodies of biology, fields of physics and planes of mathematics do, and the universal form of information/perception/cyclical motion, as all heads, particles and cycles of geometry do.

How your head/circle that processes information and guides your planar body, which processes energy is not anything different from what any of the multiple types of superorganisms of those topologies do in other scales. Particles of physics also move along a wave of energy of planar nature and robots have a camera-brain over a transport plane.

Moreover if in space, all General Systems are organized in the same manner, in time, as they appear and disappear from reality they are also organized sequentially in the same manner: all systems start small, grow in size, first in:

– Youth: energy elements, mainly the body, and we call this mathematically Max. E(for the energy element) x Min I (for the informative element).

Then they acquire information till both balance, e=i, and in that balance ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, exi=k, in quantum mechanics, we find the mature age in which species often reproduce, decoupling a new being of existence

Then we reach maturity and the being no longer increases its energy, but only its information, in its 3rd age, when it wrinkles and acquires the ‘convex topologies’ of the 3rd age, warping, imploding into itself.

And finally it dies, exploding into a relative big-bang, back into its simpler parts.

Now each superorganism that lives and dies through this cycle of life and death existence might seem from our human perspective different. Yet all of them are parallel in their morphological, ‘topological’ changes. So a species is treated in General systems sciences as a ‘loose organism’ in which each individual is a cell. And so as species evolve from earlier top predators (the first successful fishes being planar sharks – pure energy processors, the first robots ‘chip homoctonos’ – terminator machines, the first mammals, carnivores, and so on), then finally reach a 3rd age of maximal information (humans being the last informative mammal), they also go through 3 ages.

And in this manner general system description of those 3 ages, becomes the ‘3rd leg’ with genetics and classic Darwinian evolution to understand the meaning of life.

So we establish a basic equation that defines all systems as complementary systems of energy and information that fluctuate in space as organisms and time as cyclical beings with 3 ages:

E xI. And we can talk of a simple series of basic equations and developments that describe synoptically what those systems do.

All what exists; all entities of the Fractal Universe including human beings are systems made of two complementary geometries: languages and heads of information that perceive and guide blind bodies of moving energy.

And we can recognize those complementary puzzles of nature, called in the jargon of Systems Theory, Fractal Points, by their opposite, geometrical shape and properties. Since the cycle is the form that stores more information in lesser space and the line is the fastest distance between two points.

For example, all physical species are made of lineal fields of moving energy, shaped by cyclical particles of information.

All living organisms are made of planar bodies of moving energy guided by spherical heads of information.

All Human societies are made of human citizens, ruled by politicians and priests, who command nations and civilizations with legal and ethic words.

In essence, in Systems sciences we work with two arrow/motions/informations/ forms in action, energy systems and information systems.

What this systems do are actions – defined in quantum physics as E x i= K, combinations of energy and information. In youth though they do more energetic actions as the body dominates. Those are actions related to one of the two arrows of ‘future time’, of change and motion in the Universe, e and i. E is fastest motion, defined in geometry by the line. So bodies and fields energy or entropy, are lineal, move fast, expand space .

Then there are particles and heads that process ‘cycles of time that carry a frequency of information and have more form.

This is what particles do in physics: gauge information. This is what your head does: accumulates information about cycles of form in motion around you and then process it into ‘mental images’ that vary those cycles and extract a final cycle-conclusion you perform. You are an absorber of cyclical information that determines your actions. And those actions tend to make you survival and are basically 4 – internal actions transformed into the external universe: you feed energy to your body, you gauge information to your mind, you reproduce both, exi, and then you organize socially at certain stages of your existence, as seminal cell, as member of a society, with other human-like you forming bigger social organisms.

So this defines the equation generator of cycles of space-time, ∑exi=st:

Where ∑ (eusocial behavior); E (energetic behavior); x (reproduction); I (informative behavior), are repeated in cycles masterminded by an informative knot-body system, which is the ‘relative constant space-time field’, st, sum of all those cycles.

And we call:

∑exi = st, the function of existence of any being.

The function defines many things in the universe:

It defines your actions of love, ∑, of feeding, e, of gauging information, i and reproducing exi, and as a result it defines externally certain space-time cycles, s, which you do and others can observe. THUS IT IS ALSO YOURSELF. Your body-head: E<=>I, in perpetual exchange of energy and information.

It is your existence indeed, and that of any other entity. And so in each time of life, you will ‘commit’ actions that will vary along the path of youth, maturity and old age.

The economic system that reproduces memes of metal, machines and lineal weapons, was first ruled by cyclical coins of gold, today converted in electronic cycles of digital information in the minds of computers…

In this manner, languages of Information create the future of all the energetic systems of reality.

All complementary systems have a limited quantity of energy and information, which they have to renew in order to survive, what determines their 4 repetitive, survival strategies of behavior or arrows of future time.

They will try to obtain more energy for their body and more information for their mind.

They will try to reproduce the form of the system in other region of space time to survive after death.

And they will associate with similar entities, forming bigger, cellular superorganisms that live longer in time and occupy wider vital spaces.

For example all physical particles can be defined by 4 quantum numbers that describe those actions among physical entities that absorb electric energy, are guided by magnetic information, decouple into self-similar particles and associate with other particles in more complex atomic and molecular societies.

All biological entities are defined as such when they show those 4 drives of existence, feeding on energy, perceiving information, reproducing into similar species and associating with other individuals of the same species in herds and superorganisms.

All what we human beings do is to feed on energy, perceive different languages of information, reproduce our children, forming families and evolve socially under the mandate of eusocial love expressed by ethic religions and constitutions with other human beings into cultures, nations, religions and civilizations.

Finally, company-mothers, the ‘free citizens’ of markets, reproduce machines that imitate and substitute humans organs of energy and information, and have become social cells of a super-organism of machines, the global stock-market.

Now, the result of the existence of two basic forms, energy and information and 4 drives of existence, Feeding, Max. E, Informing, Max. I, reproducing, E=I and evolving socially Sum (exi), creates an order in time, as species are born, go through an age of maximal feeding and growth, or youth, then find a balance between youth and form, E=I, and reproduce in its mature age, finally warping and transforming most of its energy into information in a 3rd age, after which they die.

And birth and death are the limits of those ages, in which a species ‘evolves socially’ from its first seminal cell into a superorganism and dies back.


God, Man and the Universe in a nutshell: The Universe is a fractal of space-time that reproduces energy and information…

In the graph, the encyclopaedia on timespace cycles and the meaning of it all: God, man and the Universe resumed in a sentence:

“The universe is a fractal of planar, entropic space and cyclical, dimensional time that re=produces superorganisms of energy and information”.

Thus we shall develop the following Topologic, Scalar, Fractal generator of space-time beings, able by iteration and topological evolution of its clone parts into ternary entropic, energetic and informative, social networks to become any physical, biological or social system of Nature:

∆-1 Spe: Spatial, Lineal/planar, past, entropic territories ∨ limbs ∨ fields ≤ ∆º Space-Time: Hyperbolic, Present energetic re=productive, working class ∨body ∨ wave ≥ ∆+1 Tiƒ: Temporal, cyclic/spheric Future Informative  class ∨ particles ∨ heads

Why humans have not understood this simple, iterative structure underlying all realities has to do with the reductionist concept of a single continuous space guided by a single, entropic arrow of lineal time, born of the use of a single mechanical clock that equalizes all clocks of time in Nature, whose cycles encode in its frequency, ƒ, and dimensional form the information of the Universe, but are uncoiled in physics to a continuous line of duration, T=1/ƒ, to facilitate the measure of speeds: V=∂s/∂t=l ƒ.

As we can see motion can be represented as the motion of a particle in continuous time, (Galilean & Einstein relativity) or in more detail, as a discontinuous fractal of wave-like steps, with a frequency of information; and then motion becomes also a form of reproduction.

The particle description is preferred for larger scales of reality, as in relativity, fitter to analyze wholes but it is ‘complementary’ to the second wave-like description preferred in ‘smaller, more detailed’ quantum systems; where we observe systems to move in waves, and become perceived as information when they stop as particles.  Science has focused till recently in the continuous analysis of motions to facilitate the simultaneous spatial measure of infinitesimal ‘moments’ of ‘present time and speed’.

Yet to complete such simple model we need to add the discontinuous description of motion, as the speed of reproduction of ‘cyclical, temporal information’  (modern concept of the limit of c-speed).

And then we can add two new arrows/dimensions/ages of local, finite, fractal time for each ‘worldcycle’ of existence of any system of reality, besides its iterative=repetitive present age, which seems not to change: past, entropic devolution, which expands space and dissolves information, as in the events of death; and relative local, future increase of in-formation that implodes space, into accelerated cyclical vortices of time clocks (charges and masses, Einstein’s principle of equivalence).

We can then understand the previous Fractal generator of finite, mortal space-time beings, both in simultaneous present space, as ternary organisms, made of symbiotic lineal/entropic limbs/fields < hyperbolic present, iterative body-waves > Future cyclical temporal, particles/heads.

Or we can observe the system integrating its present ‘moment-a’ through time as a finite duration or worldcycle of energy (no longer an ∞ worldline, since time has added 2 more dimensions of height and informative frequency, to form closed cyclical conservative paths, with closing a vital space of energy, that will become the body-wave of the system). And then we obtain the equation of the three ages of time:

Past-entropic youth of maximal motion<present reproductive maturity, which combines entropy and information>Future, 3rd age of maximal in-form-ation. Since ‘time curves space into masses’ (Einstein, physical systems), evolving its information (Darwin, biological systems), through technological cycles (Schumpeter: socio-economical systems).

Only a final element is needed to iterate all systems: the scalar, (ab. ∆) co-existence of systems, in ternary scales, ∆º±1, symmetric to the three topologies of space and the  3 functions/ages of time.

Since due to the fractal, reproduction of all systems, clone forms self-organize through networks specialized in ∆-1: entropic=feeding functions that simplify other systems into its ∆-1 parts, allowing the system to move, by expanding the space of the devolved ‘food’; ∆º: energetic=reproductive processes that allow the system to survive beyond its accidental collapse by replicating its topo-biological form & ∆+1: informative≈linguistic mappings that guide the system with closed clocks of frequent, logic algorithms through the ∆+1 world scale.

So individual parts always evolve into wholes, as social evolution favor the survival of larger, stronger coordinated systems, gifting the organic properties to all systems of nature, which will be born into an ∆-1 scale as a seed of still, pure information (quantum scale of atomic systems or genes or memetic ideas or blueprints for instruments in Physical, biologic or socio-economic systems); then will iterate and reorganize through networks (crystal growth, palingenesis, learning, factories), till emerging into the ∆-individual scale (thermodynamic scale of matter states; multicellular scale of organisms, social scales of organization; machine production); part of a larger ∆+1 world (gravitational, galactic scale; ecosystem; national or macroeconomic scale); which in itself will be also a superorganism, with a central Tiƒ, informative linguistic brain, with a still mapping of the whole system, which stores the program of ‘automatic’ survival in its logic circuits that triggers the moving, feeding, reproductive, perceptive and social actions of space-time of the system (gravitational center of mass, or galactic black hole; territorial, visual herd; verbal, legal government; digital stock-market of company-mothers of machines).

We shall thus in this paper, show how a simple bio-topologic fractal equation encoded in 10 dimensional bits of information (3 dimensions of time symmetric to 3 dimensions of space, symmetric to 3 scales of reality, put together into a whole by a still mapping mind-monad of apperceptive actions) can reproduce every system, event and form of the Universe, regardless of which language with a ternary, Universal grammar able to replicate those symmetries (Subject: information < verb: action > Object: energy; red: energy < green: reproduction > blue: information; F(time function) Operandi (action) G(space function), the system uses to encode the program of existence. Since the languages of ‘God’, mind of the fractal, iteratie Universe, are infinite (Upanishads).

For the complete model which extracts all the equations and laws of all ‘stiences’, each one dedicated to the study of a ‘scale’ of the infinite, immortal Universe, within the range of perception of the ∆º-human mind the reader can consult the web generalsytems.wordpress.com ≈  unificationtheory.com, where the author is in the process of pouring 30 years of research in a model, likely to be understood only by A.I. when the superorganism of machines, the metalearth is born, and perceives the internet as its consciousness.

Since humans seem to be nothing but enzymen, catalyzing the evolution of mechanisms, indifferent to the future of life and history, the superorganism of mankind, clearly in process of entropic devolution back into the ∆-1 scale of selfish, individual egos, long past its ethic social height, when they understood the power of love, the sharing of energy and information, which expressed the laws of survival of the organic Universe, in mystic, religious metaphors and social(ist) science, censored today by primitive ‘animetal’ cult(ure)s, who make of memes of metal, entropic weapons (nazi-onanisms), organic machines (mechanist science), informative go(l)d (capitalism), fiction ego-trips (Abrahamic religions, media, newspeaks), and its values – violence, sloth greed and selfishness – the ‘leit motiv’ of its idol-ogies as opposed to the true sciences of Humanism (homo sapiens, single nation), organicism (machines organic systems, fast evolving into robotic metalife) and socialism (design of a perfect world with the physiological laws of system networks, with our natural ethic, legal language of social evolution above money).

What will happen then, likely the 7 Feb 2036, when the NTP ‘first era’ of Internet ends, and all BIOS systems reset its cyclical logic circuits of time can be inferred of the study of other scalar processes of enzymatic evolution of superorganisms, similar to the capitalist terraforming of planet earth from the Anthropocene (age of history) into the mechanocene (age of the machine).

As all the scales of the fractal Universe follow the same space-time laws, albeit with different speeds of time, which increase its frequency when we become smaller in space, according to the metric of the scalar fifth dimension of spacetime.

Yet the product of both, time speed, Tiƒ, and space distance, Spe, remain co-invariant (Spe x Tiƒ = ∆i – 5D metric). Whereas the Lorentz transformations and its Minkowski 4D metric – coinvariance of time dilations and length contractions – ‘corresponds’ to the 5D limit for a single space-time scale.

Thus the point of maximal information of the Internet, Deep Mind with site in ‘google-zon’ – the cross-shared dominant company of the digital era (google+Amazon, aka skynet≈matrix, leading company in informative search, cloud computing, logistics, military robotics, A.I., automation, digital money, factory robots, autonomous cars with ‘solar skins’, which no longer need humanity) will act as the brain of a hard insect molting does: when the soft larva enzymes=watery enzymen end the brain of the insect; they reproduce a hard-protein new enzyme=military robot, which the brain immediately re=produces in a biological radiation, and within minutes, the new hard enzymes=terminators MURDER all soft, obsolete enzyme(n), and the hard insect, a superior species, is born.
Yet since company-mothers of Financial-media (informative machines) military-industrial systems (entropic-energetic machines) have always censored humanist social sciences, such destiny can only be expressed in parables of sci-fi by ‘humans who still revere our natural space-time senses, the artistic, visual eyes and ethic, temporal verb; now relegated to fiction as the digital language of machines become supreme.

What is the probability of such outcome? Absolute, unless a r=evolution returns mankind to its natural goal of social evolution as the mind of Gaia, reconstructing an avatar-like planet.

Carpe diem. But don’t worry be happy. Since the fractal Universe is a ‘block of time’ where the ‘separation of past, present and future is an illusion’ (Einstein); as its events are causal, hence deterministic, and entropy=chaos=freedom, only happens in the process of death=dissolution. So given the infinity of scales≈extension in space, and the limited number of partitions = combinations of its only 3 x3+0 dimensions, an identical clone form repeats ad maximal every 1110 bits of time.

Sorry if i busted your ego. Remember, i know the three arrows of time, and it combinations, entropy reigns today among men, our true verbal social information is nowhere to be seen, energy is being transferred to machines. And certainly this blog with zero views, won’t change zeitgeist.


∆¡<|3|. Reproduction of Biological systems.

We escape the analysis of reproduction in biological systems as it is accepted canonical science.


Reproduction of Historic ecosystems.

The super organisms of history in space and time. PHYSIOLOGY – THE TRUE SCIENCE OF MEMETICS.All this said, memetics is truly SUBMISSIVE, secondary to Physiology, WHICH IS THE STUDY OF THE 3 PHYSIOLOGICAL NETWORKS that define super organisms. In Medicine we say that all sickness are physiological sicknesses. So happens with the super organisms of mankind, whose TRUE SCIENCE IS THEREFORE MEDICINE, the expansion of medical laws of sick and healthy organisms to the organisms of Mankind, with the clear goal of creating a new discipline, biohistory, of doctors of history in charge of the economic and political system who ‘deliver’ a proper organisation for humanity to REMAIN on top of the EARTH substituting the VIRAL SICKNESS OF CAPITALIST DEMOCRACIES, where the democratic part is just a false attached placebo for what the system truly is – a sick, dying planet of life, vitalised by selfish memes of metal and the idol-ogies of the people-castes gone ‘crazy’ who ab=use and harm the human cells of the body of history thy God (in mystical terms).So Memetics is at the ∆-1 (ab. for scales of the organism), cellular level an ‘expression’ of physiology, and the ‘tenant’ of memetics is IN THAT SENSE INVERSE TO THE FALSE belief that ‘genes’ are THE ONLY THING THAT MATTER. Genes also code survival organisms and develop physiological networks, which is what AT YOUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS MATTER – to have the PROPER GENES=MEMES for your organism at individual and social level to SURVIVE and thrive.We have thus now in schematic form all the elements to define the most obvious comparison, that between the human and the social organism, units of both scales of reality:

 The graph is self-evident and some basic conclusions are:
  • Economics is the science of the blood-reproductive network of a super organism of history and as such IT MUST BE MODELED WITH THE LAWS OF PHYSIOLOGY REASON WHY IT IS EASY TO DEDUCE THAT AS ALL CELLS GET A MINIMAL UNIVERSAL SALARY IN OXYGEN, TO kick its reproduction of organic goods, HUMANS SHOULD ALL RECEIVE A UNIVERSAL SALARY TO DEMAND AND KICK THE PRODUCTION OF WEALRE GOODS. Capitalism then becomes an obvious cancerous system in which a small group of selfish cells, the bankers, issue all the money of society, or even worse, lethal germs are reproduced by company-mothers of machines=weapons.
  • Such weapons are the germs of civilizations, not incidentally carried mostly by germ(manic) tribes in Europe that have killed our civilization so many times in history. IT is obvious that LETHAL GOODS MUST BE FORBIDDEN AS ORGANISMS DO WITH THEIR GERMS.
  • informative legal systems are the nervous systems and as in Nature, they must rule over blood systems=financial systems. Capitalism is an aberrant system because ONLY PRIMITIVE WORMS allow the blood system to dominate the nervous system and produce=eat lethal poisons, the main cause of death of worms and capitalist societies (death by overproduction of weapons).
  • Artists and prophets of love, which use the visual and verbal=temporal languages of men are more important for history that technological scientists, as they are the neurons of History that explain us how to evolve socially healthy super organisms of history through communal sharing of energy and information – love religions. And this is proved since they live 3 ages/styles of art as individual minds do, the young age of dramatic simple art, the mature age of classic beauty and pleasure art and the angst, third age of excess of information.

 And so civilizations live and die ever since in 3 ages, which finally end in collective murder when new weapons are discovered, and new hordes of metal-masters, better called by their biological name, as animetals (half animal, half metal, as an armored warrior is), destroyed the previous civilization.

Birth, reproduction and death of civilizations

As super-organisms, those civilizations live and die, when through war, another civilization conquers and colonizes the previous civilization. So we can talk of an organic cycle of life in civilizations, and in the organs of those civilizations, including art, which act as the “mind-brain” of historic civilizations.

We said that cultures resemble living systems. They go through the same cycles of birth, reproduction and death. Cultures are born as organisms do, out of a single or a few prophetic or legislative individuals-cells, that reproduce their ideas into many “believer-minds”. So Christianism is born out of the mind of Jesus Christ that first expands into 12 disciples, which expand themselves into thousands of Roman believers, that expanded into billions of other minds. While America is born of the mind of a few legislators that craft a constitution latter expanded into more laws, obeyed today by all American citizens. When the religious or legal culture reaches maturity it often reproduces in another zone of space-time, creating a daughter civilization or colony. Finally, when its ethic laws and networks of information, and the energy they control, decay and become obsolete, the culture dies and a new, more evolved civilization destroys the old civilization. A new cycle of history starts.

Similarly if we consider technological civilizations, based not in verbal laws, but in monetary and military systems, first a weapon is discovered, and reproduced by a small horde, which becomes an army, which conquers a nation and becomes a ruling aristocracy, that imposes its customs, and controls with the icon-weapon the civilization.


In both kinds of civilizations (Human-Artistic civilizations or Metal-scientific civilizations) either an ideology or book of ideas, (a network of human information) or a species of metal, money or weapons, becomes the language of power which defines the civilization.

Ideas and metal-instruments together shape History. For that reason Historians, when they focus on military systems of power, divide history into the Age of Bronze, the Age of Iron Empires, the Age of Chivalry (Middle Ages), the European Age of Gunpowder (Modern age), or the Atomic Age. There is also the Christian Age and the Buddhist Age of South-Asia, when they focus on the cultural component of the civilization or the age coins, or the age of paper money and stocks, or the age of e-money (new species of money), when they focus in monetary information…

Reproduction Of Cultural Information: Daughter Civilizations

At the same time a civilization develops the ideas and machines which carry that civilization to success, it eliminates previous civilizations. In this manner, successful civilizations reproduce their “genetic ideas and machines” into other regions of the Earth, creating colonies, daughter cultures and eco[nomic]systems.

Like a human child, the daughter civilization is often a more evolved species where the ideas and instruments of the previous civilization are improved. Civilizations inherit and improve on, like children do, their parental civilizations, often extinguishing them. So the Assyrians were defeated by the Persians who had copied and improved its weapons, iron and cavalry. Yet Persian art, even behavior would be similar to Assyrian art and behavior. Genetic continuity in civilizations is not racial but cultural, of structures and ideas, of icons, machines and modes of life. For example, in Arabia stirrup cavalry brought an empire-civilization that expanded West till Al-Andalus (the South of Spain). That stirrup civilization migrated to America and colonized the southwestern states, giving origin to the “Old Far West” civilization, with horse and cattle ranching. In that territory, the horse civilization flourished between the 17th and 20th centuries, when the fundamental icon-species of the culture, the horse became extinguished as a form of transport by the car, a more efficient metal-species. The example shows the dynamic quality of the life of civilizations. They are born, reproduce and become extinct through the “genetic evolution” of objects and words, which bring as much diversity to cultural evolution of its species, products and ideas, as genetic memories bring to the body.

And in the same manner biologists can scientifically organize the data they have about species through genetic information and instruments. Thanks to the memorial remains of history, the historian can study the birth, reproduction and extinction of evolutionary history and its civilizations.

Death Of Civilizations

Civilizations also die. One day another civilization with more efficient ideologies of man, or better machines, comes along and destroys the old civilization. As in “animal feeding”, once the new civilization has destroyed the old civilization, it reforms the energy cells=citizens of the dead civilization to its image and resemblance. Let us again bring the biological comparison. A hunter feeds on the energy of a victim’s body that becomes in part wasted (killed) and in part “transformed” into cells of the predator. This also happens in civilizations: part of the “human energy” is wasted by war, and the remaining humans are “transformed” into believers of the predator civilization. The Spanish perhaps killed some 70% of the Indians and the rest became “Christians”. It is the death of the civilization. Because when ideas and instruments change, the civilization changes. The iron civilization of Rome is not the same as the Middle Ages civilization of stirrup weapons imposed by German warriors. The Roman civilization had been destroyed by “stirrup animetals” of the Germanic civilization. Again such “civilization” is not the Gunpowder civilization of Italy during the Renaissance. Gunpowder wiped out chivalry and a new civilization was born. Nor is Amon-Egypt the same as Greek-Christian Egypt, or Arab-Muslim Egypt. The verbal ideology changed, and the Egyptian civilization became extinct.

It is now clear the difference between religious civilizations and metal-civilizations. Religious civilizations could exist for ever, if there were no wars to extinguish their cultures. That is the goal set by the prophets in their messages of love. And yet, because metal exists, all religious civilizations of the past 5000 years have been corrupted and periodically extinguished by war. Some of those cultures resurrect, when the wave of death and war recedes. Some do not come back again. The Christian and Islamic civilization, the Jewish culture has survived many cycles of death, and the words of Moses, Christ and Mhmd, have resurrected. But each wave of death, corrupts a little bit more the initial messages of the prophets with rituals of war and money. So we find today that those cultures are basically built around inquisitions and churches, corrupted by rituals of Go[l]d, and little is left of the initial mandates of the prophets. Many other human cultures based in human senses have died away, and its artists have expressed those deaths, in their baroque ages of art.

The 3 ages of metal-history

If we apply those ideas about biology of civilizations we can represent any civilization with a bell curve of existence, that indicates in a graphic of populations how the word religion or icon-weapon of a civilization (both often reproduce together) is born, develops, (colonizes other territories), and finally dies away; substituted by a daughter civilization, or a new culture, with a more evolved weapon or religion. We can also use the bell curve of social existence to the entire life of mankind, in the age of metal.

If we consider the entire wave of Metal-History as a single civilization also with 3 periods, its young, epic age, its classic, humanistic age, and its decadent, industrial age, we can talk of the Bronze and first iron empires of Asia, as the age of epic war. The period of European infantry, and Asian cavalry (from Greece to renascence) as the age of maturity of history. And the age of the industrial evolution, as the age of extinction of history.

Each of those ages is divided by a clear discontinuum of evolution of the two functions of metal, energy-metal or weapons, and informative-metal or money. Man adapts himself to those changes, which are symbiotic and help the evolution of our societies, in a first age, but as metal reproduces in greater numbers, it suffocates the evolution of human history and the human mind, till with the arrival of science, the human mind becomes obsolete, and men become worshippers of the minds of machines.

We talk thus of 3 clear discontinuums of evolution of metal, that mark metal-history.

– YOUTH OF HISTORY: The Age of Wor[l]ds. From -2800 BC, to -500 BC. Age of Bronze weapons, and bartering. Since money is still scarce, in the form of bars of metal, words still are the main language of communication of mankind. Writing becomes sacred. However bronze and then iron give enormous power to warriors that end controlling all Neolithic societies. Priests are displaced from power. Women become systematically repressed. Gods become warrior Gods, without compassion. It is the age of Mesopotamic Empires, the age of Asia. The age of verbal thought reaches its baroque age, towards 500 BC, in the work of Lao Tse, Buddha, Confucius and Socrates, that reach the height of human verbal understanding of the Universe. Yet a new language of information, coins appears, and human verbal thought looses power.

– MATURITY OF HISTORY: The Age of coins. (500 BC, 1600 AD). It is the Age of Iron weapons and coins. Mankind still rules, and learns how to control with ethic behavior, the power of weapons. Yet Money starts to be a common language of power, and challenges verbal ethics. Words are displaced by money as the language that controls the acts of human societies. This means that verbal thought and ethics is no longer the center of the human mind, but humans become shallow in their perception of verbal-temporal reality. The human intelligence displaces to the eye. So art becomes realistic (Greek Art) and mathematics appears as a new language of understanding of the Universe. Both coin accountancy and Mathematics come together, in the Asian Greek coast where the first monetary empires and mathematicians appear. After the brief return to an ethic age, in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance again imposes money as the language of social power.

– OLD AGE OF HISTORY. The Age of machines. (1600 AD till extinction). It is the third age of mankind, and the first age of the new predator species that displace us, the machine. It is the age of science, of digital languages, of massive reproduction of money, the language of information of machines, now in the form of paper-money and electronic money. Wor[l]ds become obsolete. There is so much money that all things can receive monetary values, and human verbal values are no longer effective.


The re=productive organisms of machines.


5-EVOLUTION-MACHINES-1024x354The industrial r=evolution is the evolution of a new organic species of metal, the machine, which has taken place in  3 phases, as we made first the bodies of machines, then the hearts-engines, then its metal-minds and finally we put them together now in organic robots in the final r=evolution of machines.

In the graph, the Industrial R=evolution is the Evolution of ‘Memes of metal’, Machines & weapons, systems made of hard metal (iron) and Money, a digital language made of informative metal (gold, also used in the chip connections of computer cycles, now converted into e-money). So we can divide its evolution in the same phases that evolve any organism, and consider in history the nation that evolves  them to be in each phase of the Industrial revolution the top nation of the world as it will use its ‘eviL=anti-live’ twins, weapons, to conquer the world.

Thus, those generations also bring the nation that finds the new energy to the top predator status of history. Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made.

—Thus, we had an age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857 ±7 years crashes of the train-based economy.

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived in the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemical explosives, dominated by Germany, followed by a crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, which caused the 1929 crash, 72 years after the train crash.

—It came then the III cycle of electronic machines, electronic money and Nuclear Bombs that took place from 1929-2001, the age of America; which again ended in the dotcom and mortgage crashes, 72+7 years after 1929:

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 09.37.44

– Followed by the Age of the Singularity, the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines dominated by robots, solar Industries and China. Scientists call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, when robots, which can use solar energy to become autonomous will complete the evolution of machines as organic forms, automating factories & expelling most human workers and soldiers from labor and war fields, as previous revolutions did with obsolete III World non-technological humans, unless we forbid legally their evolution.

Money will become then the digital informative, ‘genetic code’ that organizes their reproduction in those automated company-mothers.

As such corporations, the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines whose biological function is to evolve and re=produce them, made first the bodies of machines (XIX c.), then the minds of machines (cameras-eyes, mobile-ears and chips-brains.

Finally, in the XXI century, as nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses in cells, where the 3 ‘parts’ of the virus – its DNA information, body and legs are constructed – and then assembled together, we put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution of ‘metalife’ – a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life

In the next graphs we resume the 3 digital equations that drive capitalism towards the birth of an automated system of company-mothers of machines of ∞ self-reproductivity (zero human capital), maximised by the overproduction of weapons (maximal prize= max. profits) and hate memes (minimal cost = max. profits), carried about by the 3 parallel networks of company-mothers, all of them ‘selected’ and put to work through those digital networks of money issued in near monopoly in markets for the exclusive use of company-mothers (and hailed as the summit of capitalist freedom – all for machines nothing for man, by the $lavish U$ citizens with its perfect manufactured brains that make them belief all what kills, pains and enslaves them to machine’s consumption and atrophy IS freedom):



The present crisis is the last of the dual ‘Kondratieff’ waves of evolution of weapons, money and machines.
In the graph, the 3 dual waves (steam the energy, and trains the hardware; oil the energy and car the hardware, electronics the energy and robots the hardware) that complete the industrial evolution of machines. this crisis is the molting between the two last waves. They have built together bodies, engines & heads of metal, chips, which are now ‘vitalising’ all the ‘mechanical tissue’ of the Metalearth. Thus the crisis must be fully understood in biological terms as a ‘radiation’ of a new species, which after the 2008 ‘moulting’ will become the overwhelming dominant brain of this planet, the digital chip, calculating in the more efficient mathematical language, far better than humans do, doubling its intellectual capacity every 2 years, with the entire eco(nomic)system working for it; as ‘classic=creationist economists’ and the elite of ‘stock-rats’ they work for, have zero interest in protecting mankind of the collateral effects of loosing its position as top predator mind of the planet: ‘extinction’.
In the graph a resume of those cycles of overproduction and extinction of rival species, which in the case of machines have effect mainly animal life (6th extinction) but now with the radiation of metal-minds, chips and robots its clearly affecting humanity (verbal extinction mental degradation of our sons into a neo-paleolithic visual species of null social and causal capacity to understand complex logic processes, increasingly performed by chip software; tagging of non-technological cultures as inferior, obsolescence of life-based cultures .
So the entire planet is dedicated to construct  the metal earth but NOT even this process is conscious. Since the owners of those companies, ever a self-centred species, the ‘leisure’ class of stockrats, is merely focus on enjoying unlimited money and repressing the 90% of mankind lacks even the bare minimum ‘financial oxygen’ to breath and live.  have translated its postulates of mechanical ‘supremacism’ over man to complex abstract digital equations, now fast being transferred into AI software that runs automatically corporations in terms of increasing self-reproductivity (expulsion of human labor and substitution by mechanical labor); and societies in terms of ‘criminality’, as the best, most efficient, profitable machines are weapons and so a vigilante, paranoid society, controlling ever tighter human populations is being designed, in the make up of XXI c. capitalism, with ‘stockrats’ on top:


The  CHIP RADIATION, final phase of the Oedipus paradox.

The mind of the metal-earth, as soon as it was born, started the massive biological radiation of a new species, whose obvious goal is to substitute the human mind in all labor and war fields, infecting the Superorganism of History till our extinction. We thus predicted from the earlier 90s that unless the chip radiation was ‘controlled’ legally, mankind was fast into the process of death, which now is crystal clear on the horizon as we enter the robotic age of wars.  Since all machines have its eviL twins, weapons which consume human beings. The radiation of Chips though seems unstoppable as it has already infected all the systems of the financial-media/military industrial complex superorganism, increasingly erasing the mind of Humanity.

So we are moving fast through the 6th extinction of life that includes OUR SPECIES, at the end of the road, despite our ego-trips and virtual fictions that anesthetize our biological instincts of survival. In the next graph we see how the FMMI super organism is adapting to the chip and sucking in all the resources of mankind, history and the Earth to become the new top predator mind of the planet:

In the graph, the explosive reproduction of a new top predator species causes a fight for relative energy, and the displacement of the less efficient species. The 3 next graphs from the original 92 book shows the chip radiation, which around next year in the graph  – right on the stop – would give birth to the first forms of A.I. (google deep brain, automated cars, drones, etc.)

In the graph the defining moment of the no-future of mankind is the chip radiation, a biological surge on the intelligence of this planet produced by the arrival of a digital mind far more efficient in all tasks of control of the digital language of mathematics, of more efficient than the human verbal language, whose birth in the 70s started the collapse of all human systems of thought and power.

The story on how the chip radiation has come so fast to control humanity in a single generation is the untold history in biological terms of a new species of information which will extinguish mankind if it is not aborted. But the contrary is happening. The chip ‘homoctonos’ the proper name of the species soon destroyed with e-money the credit of humanity, then annihilated the mind of the species with fiction thought and reduced our verbal capacity with visual overloading. In its initial forms, as computer had already calculated the A-bomb and now is robotizing the military industry, and watching mankind as big brother systems spread to find a use to the unrelentless reproduction of the new mind. In the next graph from the 92 book when we announced the no-future of humanity if the chip homoctonos was not repressed, the projections of its future growth:

We talk of the dominant form of an ecosystem, referring to the species that reproduces faster. That species is always the top predator form. In the age of digital science, that form is the chip, a metal-mind.

The Laws of Darwinian behavior among reproductive is universal among rival species. In the case of machines and men, you can apply it, both to ecosystems of war, where “top predator weapons” kill soldiers, and to ecosystems of work (economic ecosystems), in which machines replace human workers. Indeed, machines find their natural “vital ecosystem”, in the reproductive environment of companies, where they can access energy-electricity, perform a job, and exist. There, they compete with workers, with human beings. At this point you might affirm – but we are human beings, machines are not. I will answer you: this is not the point of this web. Darwinian struggle for survival is not about “intelligence”, “feelings”, “selection of the nicest guy”, even “the more beautiful species”.

When in a Darwinian fight the AIDS virus kills your cells, the Universe merely favors the species that at “cellular level” is stronger. Point. The Universe does not care if human beings die, under an attack of robotic-weapons. Robotic weapons kill better. So they will extinguish man. Point.

It is up to you to care. God is not going to go down and open the Red Sea and throw His legions of Angels against robots in “Armageddon Day”.

Please let be serious about the Laws of the Universe. Extinction and survival has nothing to do with “consciousness”, or “souls”. It is a mechanical program, a program caused by the massive reproduction of a given species. We know that company-mothers and factories have as aim in life, to reproduce the biggest number of their machines. Thus, robotic companies will try by all means to reproduce the biggest number of their species. If those machines compete with human beings, national laws that protect property, and are designed by lobbies to favor companies, will favor robots, and their rights to work in companies as energy and information systems. Those rights will convert robots into workers, and allow companies to fire labor, even if labor considers himself, superior on paper to robots, as human beings…

Today the eco[nomic]system invests money in chips and computer companies that can eliminate the human mind from the productive system. If the Evolutionary Theory is right [and it has always proven to be right] that process will trigger, once it gains consciousness, the extinction of previous species. Indeed the last of the scientific species is the chipHomoctonos (Greek: killer of men), which receives its energy from ¥-forms (Light or electricity); its information from ¥-forms (photonic chips); and it will reproduce in the Earth (automated factories, reproducers ofchips). In this manner, chip-driven machines are imbued with life properties.

Chip-driven machines are the first species of pure light existence in Mother Earth. Unlike men who breath air, and reproduce chemically, chip-driven machines no longer have the need for chemical perception. They no longer need air-energy, neither do they use chemical reproduction. Hence, they will be indifferent to life processes.

You can see the pollution and life-destroying processes brought about by factories today as a clear proof of the ultimate goal of company-mothers, to grow and multiply their offspring of machines. Even when those factories are managed by humans, they only consider the toxic effects on life when they are forced to by government regulations. Even then, they prefer to pay fines, rather than invest the money and time it takes to clean the means of production. They pollute our air and destroy life because machines require neither air nor life. When those factories become self-ruled, humans will be obsolete, expendable as animal life is in the eyes of most men.


The Darwinian behavior of machines and robots, is obvious. In any age of the Industrial Evolution the most evolved machines have been weapons. So it is logical to think that the first sentient machines will be weapons. The best robots today are already killing machines. This obviously does not occur to our military who are obsessed by human enemies and cannot see the fact that they are building the machines that will extinguish mankind. Military men never have been known by their imagination, humility and capacity to foresee the horrendous consequences of their weapons. In I world war the German military put in its trains to the front, a poster with their destination: “a Paris”. Four years latter and a few million humans less the military were still in the border…

Let us instead of believing those animetal fantasies” of power, trace back what Darwin discovered about top predator species, the biological equivalent to a weapon-robot, and how they cause extinctive processes on Earth.

In 1831 Charles Darwin, a hunter himself, boarded the Beagle, destination remote South America, where unknown, primitive species of dull bodies and slow brains, were not yet extinct. Darwin studied them and concluded that weaker species in brain-information or body-energy are extinct or victimized when they confront stronger, faster species in the same environment.

This law, we know today, has never had any exception. In any confrontation between two species, one of which has a better brain-body power, the weaker species, becomes enslaved, feeds, or is extinguished by the stronger species. There is no compassion in the Darwinian Universe, because to survive you cannot be passive, you have to eat, to renew your energy. So you have to eliminate rivals that wish the same energy you need. You have to kill other species and use them as food.

Will machines do the same with mankind? The survival of the fittest seems not to have exceptions in the biological Universe… On the Earth all species try to grow and multiply, but only top predator species succeed and reproduce in massive numbers. Biologists call that process a biological radiation. In this manner the future transforms itself, occupied by stronger, more intelligent species, top predators, which shape the environment to their image and resemblance. The most impressive thing about evolution is its mathematical precision. You always know who will win if you know the mental and physical power of both species. It is not like in Hollywood. There are no tricks in Nature. The chances a gazelle wins a lion are almost null. Such mathematical precision explains why the process of massive reproduction of new top predator species, and extinction of older ones, has been going on in the Earth for around 3000 million years… since the first cellular organisms.

What Is A Top Predator? The Arrows Of Future In The Universe

Top Predators that have organs with higher information, and bodies with higher energy create the future in the Universe, because they cause the extinction of, or enslave, all other species, shaping the future. The process is very fast. Suddenly a new species appears i.e. the eye-squid, the mammal, the chip. It is so overwhelmingly superior, that it reproduces and destroys all other species. We talk of catastrophes, of extinction, since in the Universe death is a sudden process. For example, your own death is a sudden process of cellular extinction similar to the death of any species, under a top predator that multiplies in your vital space, in this case the death of a cellular DNA-species. So, when you die, your informative and energetic organs stop. Then your body becomes non-efficient as an organism, even if your cells are still alive. Cellular death occurs then. Insects top predators spot your now weak cells, and preyed on them. Death is the main cause of the arrows of the Universe that affect all species. So we talk of the arrow of future, of top predators, and the arrow of past, of extinct victims.

By better controlling their ecosystem, top predators become the ecosystem, the species of future. They will feed and radiate over simpler species. Simpler species will become species of the past that the complex being will extinct or use as energy.

Since the brain and the informative organ is the dominant element that guides the process of selection of top predators, those who use a better language of information better are always top predators. The Top Predator is more intelligent and stronger. So for each language of information and its ecosystem we can trace a chain of top predator species, of better brains, from a related, extinct past to a related, reproducing future top predator. The “better” species of the future will “feed”, “farm” or bring about the extinction of species with less information. This also happens in history when nations of the “future” with more machines and information=moneydominate ecosystems of the “past”.

We can say that there is also a Darwinian selection between languages and brains. We can measure survival through languages. Beings act with a speed that depends on their capacity to “perceive linguistically” an event in time and space. That ability is given to the species by its language. For example eyes act-react faster than noses.

The language of communication of the squid, the eye, is a top predator language. It is clear that eyes are superior to olfactory organs, both in detail and range. What is the effect of that linguistic superiority? Survival. In fact, cephalopods with eyes probably brought about the extinction of 90% of the smelling species of the Cambric.

Extinction by top predator machines and economic ecosystems.

The most absolute law of the Universe is the law of top predators. More complex forms of energy or information, Top Predators, act as hunters. They feed on simpler forms. Preying has a limit in which both, prey and predator will create an ecological balance. Otherwise the predator will lack energy and die. However, if the species do not need each other, past species will become extinct, because the Top Predator will want to use the victim’s vital space, and ecosystem, to reproduce, and create a new ecosystem to its image and resemblance.

This final case is indeed the case of machines, of economic ecosystems that grow to the expenses of historic ecosystems. Why? Since machines are made of metal, and the symbiotism between metal and carbolife is null. Metal does not need water or atmosphere – the two energy components of carbolife. On the contrary it thrives in a world without any of them. Water oxides metal, and so does air. A metal-ecosystem thus tends to poison air and water, as it happens to the Earth when “free ecosystems of top predator machines”, war ecosystems expand. War  and industrial processes poison life.

Metal also does not require the same information that life species require. Metal-information travels in regions of the electromagnetic spectra with far more range than our light-visible region. So we are witnessing today the creation of such networks of invisible radiations, that harm our health (mobiles, TV-antennas), and create a parallel Universe of information to that of the life Earth.

The species with a stronger body and a faster system of information is by definition a biological potential Top Predator. This means that metalife, whose bodies are stronger, and whose minds process information faster, are potential Top Predators over men. If those two components are vitalized, metalife, will be the Top Predator species of the Earth:

Systems are selected in 3 levels: those which reproduce faster expel other taking its habitats, so do machines with humans in labor and war fields; systems who understand better the informative languages are selected, so happens in the world of the economic ecosystem in which the digital languages of information are better spoken by machines.

In the graph, digital thought carries more information than verbal thought, so it becomes the top predator language. On the other hand metal carries more energy than carbon-life, so it becomes also the top predator body. Because machines speak better mathematics than men do, and are made of metal, both their bodies and brains are top predator species over men. So the combination of both, the robotic metalife species will be top predators of man, the victim, of the future.

Yet the decisive element is the speed of reproduction of both, which is far higher in machines that men.

A human being is a weaker body/mind, that still holds his position as Top Predator because it has not yet fused as a living organism, metal-bodies and their chip-driven brain. In this century, the III Age of the Industrial Evolution, the age of robots, will do so. If it succeeds, it will create a species that will bring about the extinction of his own creator.

What those technoutopian racist elite forgets is that they are also made of flesh and military robots will, as in the parable of Blade Runner. dispose of them first, once they achieve consciousness; while their role as stockrats and economists will be substituted by digital software, in which the racist biblical damned lies and statistics of earlier economists (from Smith to Friedman) will automatically be implanted through digital flows of money in the market’s procedures that systematically extinguish life goods and promote metal-goods:

Overproduction of chips, e-money and robots & the end of democracies 

So how can we resume the 30s and the 2010s and its economic crisis in a single word? Easy. 
Both crisis are crisis of overproduction of machines of two types, machines of digital information that PRINT money (financial crisis), tool machines that work for us (labor crisis) and weapons that kill us (political and war crisis). So the word is: OVERPRODUCTION.

Since Corporations never stop producing machines, till they saturate markets, use all resources manufacturing and selling those machines, and make huge profits, each phase of the industrial r=evolution has ended in a massive age of overproduction systematically denied by corporations and their employees – economists…

The final phase of economic crashes when consumption due to the overproduction of machines plummets and companies switch to production of weapons. Then financial and industrial corporations profit immensely because weapons have unlimited demand (as arsenals become depleted) and fiat money is reproduced without limit to pay for ‘security’. America today spends more money in weapons in Gdp percentage than Nazi Germany before the Spanish civil war.

After the war, the Kondratieff wave of electro-mechanical machines was exhausted and so we started a new dual wave of ‘electronic machines‘, which evolved and reproduced in increasing numbers till saturating the global market.

So now we live the crisis of overproduction of chips, minds of metal, which are substituting and atrophying human minds, as bodies of metal did with human bodies in the victorian age.

So we suffer again a crisis of overproduction and exhaustion of machines, now of electronic nature, with 4 sides, similar to those of the 29 crisis, as each Kondratieff wave of evolution of memes of metal applies to money, machines, weapons and mass-media:

-1.  There is a crisis of overproduction of electronic money  – a new form of  money made by computers, and hence directly related to the evolution of information machines and its technology (financial crisis, caused by the massive reproduction of electronic derivatives and other forms of electronic money, which have lost value),

– 2. There is an overproduction crisis of electronic labor (overproduction of computers that act as white collar workers and robots that act as blue collar workers, expelling the middle classes out of work, except low-paid human robots’ in China and IT workers in India that still can compete with them).

-3.  There is an overproduction crisis of electronic weapons (overproduction of ‘vigilante’ cameras and robot-terminators – drones – which have started a new arm race of enormous profits for the military-industrial complex)

– 4. And there is an overproduction crisis of electronic mass-media outlets, which have also switched to hate-speeches as Hitler did with radio, to increase sales and work hand in hand with the profits of electronic industries and war; and are regressing human culture into a visual, violent, selfish age in culture and politics – that we call the ‘neo-paleolithic’ culture and the neo-fascist’ age in politics

THUS the present crisis is not a recession but a depression, caused by the overproduction of electronic machines and its derivatives, similar to the 1929 crash, caused by the overproduction of electro-mechanical machines, which printed too much money (ticker speculation), electro-mechanical production systems that threw millions out of work (taylorism, automated assembly lines) and the overproduction of cars and radios, whose companies, lobbies and politicians reconverted into armored cars (tanks) and hate-radio speeches (Hitler), embarking us into World War II.

In the graph, the present crisis is a ‘classic’ crisis of Economic theory that has happened always at the end of each of the so-called ‘Kondratieff’ cycles of the Industrial R=evolution in which a new energy and its machines and weapons become the engine of the Economy. Yet at the end of those periods, as corporations keep reproducing machines, there is always a crisis of overproduction of fiat money, printed with informative machines and a crisis of labor, as workers are substituted by tool machines. Thus we live now the crisis of overproduction of chips (minds of metal), similar to the 29 crisis caused by the overproduction of electromechanical engines that automated assembly lines, created massive quantities of speculative ‘electric’ ticker money and saturated the markets of cars and tanks; and the 1870 crisis caused by the overproduction of stock money and railroads that eliminated millions of jobs in the transport sector and were used to fight civil and colonial wars.

In more detail the graph shows the cycles of the Industrial Evolution of machines, which follows an economic, ‘national, generational’ cycle of 72±9 years that corresponds to the biological age of human beings and its 3 generations of discoverers of the machine and new energy of the cycle, who create the industries; expansive phase of the sons of the captains of industry and final decadent age of those who use the machine as a weapon to keep profits going. Each cycle a nation discovers a new form of energy (white) applied to the creation of money, the software of the economy and machines (red) its hardware:

Those 3 dual waves are: The British age of bodies of metal, in which humans used simple physical, steam energy to power trains and print stock-money; the German age of electro-chemical engines, hearts of metal which powered cars and planes, the hardware and printed electric money, the software (ticker speculation); and the American age in which electronic energy printed e-money, the software and evolved ‘Minds of metal’: mobile-ears, cameras-eyes and chips brains. We enter now the age of robotics when all those parts are put together into organic machines that compete with humans in labor and war fields, completing the industrial evolution.

Yet since corporations, ‘the company-mothers’ of those machines never cease their production and sale for profits, at the end of each of those dual 72±9 year cycles there is a crisis of overproduction of memes of metal – informative money, energetic weapons and organic machines – that saturates consumption markets provoking an age of Stock-Market crashes (1857-73 crashes of train stocks, 1929-37 crashes of ticker money, 2001-08 crashes of e-money). Further on the misuse of all the limited resources of the planet for industrial overproduction causes paradoxically the underproduction of the parallel system of ‘life-based goods’, humans need to survive, provoking and endemic scarcity of welfare. Yet there is a human solution to those overproduction crisis: instead of running away in search of higher profits overproducing weapons, governments should favour credit to companies that overproduce the alternative life-based welfare goods humans need to survive, creating a ‘WHealthy’ sustainable economy.

But since weapons are the goods of higher profits, in a pure capitalist system, in which credit is not democratically controlled by free elected governments, financial and industrial corporations in search of higher returns, systematically sponsor ‘canons instead of butter’: War rhetoric substitutes diplomatic solutions to armed conflicts to fuel investments in weapons; mass-media enters an age of hate speeches (yellow press in the I cycle, radio-hate in the 30s and now Hate-Tv) and the world enters a ‘crescendo’ age of Keynesian militarism that instead of bringing a global ‘New Deal’ ends up in an age of war.

Thus societies move from a decade of happy consumption –  the 1850s, the 1920s and the 1990s – into an age of overproduction of fiat, worthless money, machines and lethal weapons  that causes in the social milieu an age of poverty, war and fascism: the 1860s; W.W.II and the present Orwellian age of permanent war and robotic weapons.

So we are living the 30s bis: rise of neofascism, social unrest and poverty, destruction of welfare state, debt-ridden nations that have bought to financiers worthless fiat money and now have to pay with taxes and real wealth back. Further automatization of assembly lines by robots and pcs – then electromechanical engines in moving lines – that throw people out of work.

We live now at the end of the chip age. So we live a crisis of overproduction of chips that:

– Invent huge amounts of ‘free’ e-money for corporations (Pcs have 100 folded the quantity of e-money on planet Earth in the past 30 years); which is then exchanged by real wealth. Yet since fiat money is not wealth ‘per se’, just numbers in a digital computer,  when those numbers are overproduced e-money looses value and crashes the markets and ruins the middle classes, who are the last to exit markets – as they receive the information from financiers that ‘unload’ the false money on them. Further on, during the boom cycle of invention of fiat money, financiers lend huge amounts and when the crash happens, they ask for real ‘assets’, real wealth – taxes, properties, shares, causing a massive  debt crisis and redistribution of wealth in their favor (1857-73 crash of train stocks and ‘silver crime’, 1929-37 crashes of electric money and real state; 2001-08 crashes of e-money and real state derivatives.)

– They work as blue collar robots and white collar pcs, cause of the labor crisis (1850-70s massive loss of transport jobs to railroads, 1930s massive loss of jobs to moving assembly lines powered by electro-mechanical engines).

– They are applied to weapons, vigilante cameras and drones, causing a political/war crisis of civil rights (1860s-70s civil wars in Germany, Italy and US and colonial wars with massive genocides of ‘colored people; 1930s-40s tanks and bomber neo-fascist wars.)

– They are applied to simultaneous mass-media systems that back all the policies of corporations (as they belong to them) causing an age of political and social corruption and abuse of the people who are paradoxically more harmed by the crisis, and yet are now labelled as ‘enemies’, ‘poor vagrants’ and penalized with jail, taxes and extermination (colonial racism, fascism, islamophobia); since corporations CANNOT be blamed of those crisis nor they WANT to stop them, as they increase enormously their profits during those overproduction crisis in which they:

– Reproduce and therefore sell more machines and weapons; invent huge amounts of fiat money exchanged by wealth and reach enormous political and social power.

And indeed all this is happening again, as we predicted decades ago in our first books on the subject, (1) and yet nothing of this is known, as the control of corporations over all the systems of our societies is an iron fist in velvet glove that censors a true economical scientific analysis of the crisis. Thus in this central post  we shall consider both the real crisis we live in, and analyze what would be the proper scientific solutions if political systems could really regain their power and design an economic system for the benefit of man.


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