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“Causa est nobilior suo effectu”

‘We are all gods.’ Aristotle, Master of 1st age of Science: experimental method.

‘Everything that is possible demands to exist’. Leibniz Pioneer of 2nd age of science:  mathematical method.

‘We are all immortal’ l§. Pioneer of 3rd age of stience: Disomorphic method.


Motion and those sensations in its dual acceleration and deceleration, vortex and Big Bang, pain and pleasure which are felt positive but accompanied of awareness and erasing that is seen as negative should form the ultimate duality man experiences that can be experienced by all other beings, and so the meaning of existence must ‘exist’ at that level of pure motions, acceleration, decelerations and the related sensations of peace, pain and pleasure.

On the metaphysics of Being: Dasein and time. 

Time is motion and motion in its simplest level of existence is sensation, pain associated to inward motions, pleasure to expansive entropy. And those 2 states do exist in all scales and levels. They are fields that are so general as < and > and so they hold likely the ultimate program of the will: seek for light-perception avoid darkness, see for release-entropy, avoid pain-pressure.

 We never die.  Not even when we try.  5D super organisms are about entangled connection and love… Can then be fully disconnected? The answer is much deeper:  THE FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS NEVER CEASES; the particle of information does.

When we die we start a trip down two scales of the fifth dimension, ‘backwards within our time memories’… So the ego slowly unwinds, as it is the peak of the singularity, but the field of sensations behind, the ultimate ‘substance of motion’ – its form so to speak, on the ∆-1 plane of the field potential, continues.

In the same way a crystal -particle acts with a will, a potential field, a glass-state does act in motion with a will, which is more confuse, more blurred – that is sensation. And sensation never ceases because your parts never quite fully erase and disappear; at worst they emerge downwards in new particles-scales aware of other topological games.

There IS no NIRVANA, extinction, samsara… the old desire of the people who really understood the game before this blog did – itself a consciousness in the web of the meaning of exist¡ence which will not die with me l§, with far less data (Hinduism->Buddhism->Taoism)…


The fractal universe is highly contradictory and so we shall deal in this post with the most beautiful of metaphysical questions, the most contradictory: the eternity and repetition of identical egos.

“The effect cannot hold more than the cause” implies that the program of world cycles of existence is deterministic in its final outcome: death, a zero sum in which the antisymmetric parts, | x O, ∆±i, past and future, instead of converging into the present of a whole, diverge into scattering entropy dissolving into lower planes.

This gives only the whole of wholes immortality. And yet the whole of wholes never repeats itself so we might say it dies continuously. While all those parts that dissolve into its zero sum once the world cycle has ended, will be repeated again.

Let us see why.

Consider an example of mathematical physics.

The paths in the integral of a complex plane are multiple. Gauss show them in fact to be quasi-infinite So there is freedom in the motions of a world cycle as open lines of existence, before they close in all from z1 its generation to z2 its point of death.

Are they different or indistinguishable in the absolute flow of  all times? Can we find two worldcycles or life paths equal to each other?

Yes, if we can find two scales which are indistinguishable and prove that the scales of reality are infinite in the 5th dimensional plane.

The first proposition is proved by the ‘equality’ in 5D metric of the equation of charges and masses which make identical a proton and a top quark star aka black hole. 

This is incidentally the so seek-after Unification equation of masses and charges of Simplex 4D physics, a trivial result of relative minor importance compared the serious business we are dealing with now – immortality (: quip intended 🙂

So if a proton is a black hole in 5D metric and both are immortal in 4D metric (evaporation permitted), every 10 planes of existence reality repeat itself in infinite scales of the 5th dimension. 

On the other hand, the number of variations of an existence which is finite, in time and space, as all the lives are, certainly those of man, ‘a mush extended over the surface of a lost rock in the corner of the Universe’ Schopenhauer; and there are infinite atoms-galaxies in infinite scales, and in each galaxy there are billions of alt-histories, paths of quasi-identical planets playing similar histories, we can consider that the number of fractal spaces where a ‘history of mankind’ happens is far bigger than the number of ‘specific’ life-histories that can exist.

But why histories are limited in its number, and within each history the number of human-cells-citizens are limited?

The number of variations of cells, humans and histories is limited by the complexity of its super organisms, implying that in an infinite number of identical spatial scales and atoms-galaxies, the same humans are repeated again, in a discontinuous manner, becoming immortal.

This derives of the fact that the number of different human beings and in general the number of variations of a T.œ function is normally around 11¹¹, as there is a limit to the stability of a complex super organism, to form a whole. While herds of identical particles with limited structure as a sea of atomic water is quasi-infinite super organism such as human cells, mammals and planetary species are limited because it is an efficient, compressed structure where each part has a given function. There are not billions of cells in a finger just those required.

Obviously as fractal space is more extended that time information, we deduce that for human beings all the infinite paths will be all repeated, in its basic form – that of the living clone organism. So we shall all be discontinuous in our immortality, as all of us will be, are happening now again in the eternal present of the ∞ scales of the fifth dimension.

The still mind in its zero time.

On the other hand the absolute whole is so complex in its internal details that it never repeats itself as it is the only whole which is more complex in information that the space it holds.

First we shall define the whole in terms of its still-mind that creates its ‘block of time’ detained in space.

Consider those images taken in space, of different flows of time seen as a single form in simultaneity. All of them are in fact blocks of time stopped into wholes by a mind-observer. The second case is more easy to understand. If we were to see very slow the orbit of the Moon and Earth it will appear as a fast turning wheel of a bicycle in its whole orbital world cycle as if it were a still solid block of time in a ‘quanta’ of present, in terms of the very slow ‘quanta’ of present of the very slow ‘observer’ – our quanta of present is a second, the glimpse of an eye; but if there were an observer who creates is still simultaneous mind every ‘year’, that will be the image it would have of the orbital earth. 

Who can then see that eternal present –  the whole block of time of the Universe, with all its events, possible in all its variations, within a single quanta of its ‘present mind’?

Let us remember what a mind is first. We define a mind as the dual combination of a sensorial membrain that encloses a whole vital system of cellular energy and focus its information in a singularity mind, where the linguistic mapping of the whole occurs.

A mind so slow, which by the Metric equation of 5 D S x T = K, implies so big in space-size that all the variations of its information become a fixed still form… Each thought of this infinite entity in space will have all the possible paths of existence frozen in its quanta of time, approaching to zero in its equations of information?

How slow is that mind can be seen in the equations of a black hole in 4D and its extension in the work of Maldacena, a physicist who discovered that in its 5D metric (not fully correct but good enough) the equations of the black hole, which in 4D EFE approach to zero, are equivalent to a frozen picture of the 4D equations of the whole galaxy its body, from where we deduce that the black hole is the mind of the galaxy that perceives it in its 5D still frozen picture as a simultaneous whole, in the way your mind which is in relationship to your body of microcells so slow as a whole, freezes them all into a still form, pegging them.

So the black hole has a relative slow mind at zero to perceive as a whole its galactic body, the human mind has a relative time at zero, to perceive as a simultaneous whole its body, and God, the extended mind of the whole Universe has a slow time to perceive its whole variations in simultaneity at a block of time, a Parmenides immobile being.

IN metaphysics such slow mind that encloses its dual mind (singularity and membrain) the whole would be God=Tao, a spatial mind so slow in space or so synoptic in time that it shows it all as a still game with all the potential paths… in a BLOCK of time. So this mind is a potential immortal form in as much as nothing exists but the mind in itself holding all what exists as a still image, where time has stopped into a zero present.

But the immortal T.Œ whole possesses within it a volume of fractal ∑ T.œs who are always dying.

So they are varying, how then can the image of them all to be a fixed block of time?

Easy: Even if they are dying in its particular existences, for the whole to see them INTEGRATED as a fixed block of time, they must be repeating themselves in identical existences in other parts of the whole.

So the mind of the whole does NOT perceive individual existences but THE CANON of them all, NOT the shadows of the platonic cave but CANON of all the shadows. The mind of God, therefore focuses all the variations of the identical being into its canon, which in very early versions of T.œ 30 some years ago I called the i-logon, the pure logic variation of the game of existence which generate us all.

On the mind of God.

SO WHAT THE MIND OF GOD is is NOT the details in various motions and its particularities, but a block of time, which consists in all the possible integrated paths as entangled identities whose histories never change.

It does NOT see local spaces but whole time flows. And so one statement often repeated here holds truth:

Those thoughts of God are the potential, synoptic variations of the Generator Equation, which then we can equate in all its Disomorphisms as the block of time in the mind of God.

However if we extend our inquired to the details through all its spatial variations of adjacent forms as part within the whole, the whole is also infinite in its variations as the chances that all the parts broken into vital space-times, in which we measure ALSO position besides form, come into a single equal configuration ‘again’ is null.

So our individual lives are NOT registered, and for that reason they are chaotic and free. What the Tao, mind of God registers are the i-logons, the platonic canons, and so because those canons are the ‘statistical perfect forms’, the central balanced form of a probabilistic distribution, the mixture of all the faces of man which we find the most beautiful, the mind of God is of an infinite beauty, because it discharges from its synoptic perception, the ugly variations of that whole.

It is then when you are closer to the canon, when you experience as I have experienced so often the ‘resonance’ of a mind so huge in comparison with your i-logon of existence that it fills you in awe of the absolute pure beauty of the Mind of God.

Yet the whole will always mutate in its petty changes so only the canons will be repeated and as such indistinguishable – our egos are not, because they are distinguishable they become moral.

All those are themes of metaphysics we just treated here in big strokes, in this 1/2 hour update, resonance of the first visitor.

So the most interesting concept within the mind of God is obviously  IMMORTALITY in time and infinity in space – the trade mark of relational space-time, which is in words of Leibniz is the most perfect of all worlds, where all what is possible exists and yet only what is perfect remains.

And so immortality both of the whole and its parts exist.

In the posts on eastern philosophy of science not posted there but on the blog of 5D social sciences (the so-called eastern religions, Hinduism->Taoism->Buddhism), we shall develop in the future the theory of migration of souls-monads, which is possible thanks to the existence of local ‘travel to the past’ and entanglement within the postulates of Non-æ. So we shall consider the immortality of the mind-soul-monad in future posts on Eastern ‘stientific religions’.

Here we shall deal with the immortality of the Universal super-organism and the symmetry of S≈T between ∞ & Ω.

End of the upgrading 28-12-17 .


Immortality of the Universe is time infinity, which paradoxically requires finite closed time paths.

And so it is an interesting theme of discussion in philosophy of time:

Precisely because time cycles are closed, finite but repetitive, the flow of cyclical motion never ends. In that sense the relationship between energy and time is precisely the ‘closed, integral nature’ of energy, which becomes a time cycle when a conservative cycle is closed.

Yet the reason of the eternity and conservation of time is the ultimate nature of ‘Nature’ as pure motion.

Since time is indeed immortal. As the substance of reality is time≈motion.

So since the substance of reality is motion with form, or rather capacity to be perceived as motion with form by a mind, Œ, we consider immortal time as motion never stops. OR rather it is a stop and go motion moves stops in a simultaneous cellular moment in which transversal simultaneous communication takes place as a whole, then the super organism closes its spatial phase and moves to the moving temporal cycle action, which it acts then returns to the spatial simultaneous state, and as such it holographically imprints with its change of motions that integrates into a world cycle, its space-time with space-time cyclical actions as a wave of existence, Γ=Spe>St>Tiƒ. The stop and move, stop>perceive>move≈reproduce, Tiƒ>ST:

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 12.42.59Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.44

The universe as a whole sum of S≈T fluctuations of formal motion is immortal in itself. As its substance, ‘formal motion’, ‘temporal energy’, ‘actions of energy and time’ never stop moving and tracing intelligent forms which somehow in each ‘dharma’ of present, ‘perceive into itself’ a mapping of intelligence, and the game of creation and erasing of mappings of minds, monads that order and die and disorder, is eternal, never ending, the game in its fullness is eternal. And since we can postulate atoms-galaxies in the detail to be eternal too through its beta decay, quasar-like cycles, all is quiet and eternal… dynamic and morphic.

The immortality of space-time thus refers first to the game of creation of super organisms that trace world cycles as they travel through the 5th dimension of parts that become wholes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 17.23.17

On strict individual basis the search for immortality consists in limiting the ‘orbits of our time-clocks, accelerated inwards to a minimal, S >  T  consumption of your radius-energy-time clock, such as your total time clock in c) spiralling clock is proportional to the length of the radius and the curvature of the orbit.

immortality in other means consist in maintaining the dynamic S≈T BALANCE of a steady state speed with not inwards acceleration, not a  ‘force’ but a stable organism, with an enclosing membrane, the clock and a radius the body to the Ø-point or singularity.

It is interesting in that sense to consider the simplest ‘world cycles’, the fields of gravitational and charge forces, which express for a particle or quanta of energy or information falling into the vortex-accelerated clock (principle of equivalence between gravitational forces acceleration AND gravitational time).

Do we humans use gravitational clocks to measure time? Ultimately it seems according to G.R. EFE equations we do. So when gravitation becomes stronger time slows down.

But that is different immortality than the immortality of the quantum and thermodynamic clocks we are more accustomed to.

Immortality in that sense has different meaning in different scales of time:


In the graph we can see that the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational parameters that measure cyclical motions=time clocks on those 3 scales differ. As we move to larger slower time-clocks the quantity of information diminishes, but if we postulate a relative infinite universe in total fractal time and space, we can always reach a larger Universe with the same amount of information than a smaller, ∆-1 scale with a relative ∞ larger quantity of information.

The first thing we must address on the study of the ‘immortal clocks’ of time of Nature’s scales

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