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SUMMARY: κønstants

  1. Ternary Constants.
  2. Non-Æ: 4th Isomorphism
  3. Constants of mathematical systems
  4. Constants physical systems
  5. Constants of biological systems
  6. Constants of social systems.


The third line increases formal depth and experimental detail in our study of all the systems of ∆…ûst of space-time, defined by its fundamental four elements, •minds, ∆-§cales, entropic $pace & ðemporal in-form-ation; each one studied as a fractal can be, by subdividing its analysis through  ‘ternary isomorphisms’, ‘ternary properties’ derived of the 4 elements of reality, scales of space and time and the minds that perceive them; which therefore all ‘Dust of space-time’, ∆•ST, should follow.  So we describe:

•… how the ‘languages’ of ‘the mind’ and ‘its actions’…

$… create S-patial, ‘bidimensional’, ‘ternary, constant’, ‘organic networks’ …

ð… which live in T-ime, through ‘3±1 ages’ as ‘species’ ‘traveling=moving’… through

∆… §scales’ and ‘planes’ of the fifth dimension of ‘Γœ∆’ the whole of wholes…

Each of those ternary sub-properties of the four elements of reality is then illustrated for the 3 FUNDAMENTAL classifications of classic science:


Leaving for the fourth line of maximal detail, an analysis in depth of the 4 x 3 isomorphisms for the 10 scales of ‘stience’, from the smallest quantum forces, to the largest cosmic Universes, showing that indeed, all what exists is ∆•st of space-time, sharing the same properties of exi…st¡ence.

Each of the 10±i-somorphisms of the Universe (equal laws that all systems follow) could itself fill an entire encyclopaedia, which is the purpose of the 4th line, for future huminds or robominds to fill it; and so we are not that ambitious, being only an old man, who as the game precludes tends to repeat himself.

We thus introduce each of them in its main themes first; and then formalize the intuitive knowledge acquired, with non-Æ logic equations, pouring then info on the different scales in which the isomorphism happens as time goes by.

As the constants of nature are intimately related to mathematical constants, we shall consider them also in this isomorphism.


The essence.

Spatial isomorphisms turn around the concept of present, dynamic repetition that seems not to change. As such quantitatively appear as a game of vital and Universal constants, which are in fact constant ratios that have patterns of frequencies, populations and exchanges of energy and information that remain constant.

The fourth isomorphism deals with the vital constants of each species, of which the fundamental ones are its scalar social ratios (ab.∆§) in ‘absolute 5D time’, an its three dynamic ratios (s/t≈speed, t/s≈density, s x t≈momentum constants) in relative worldcycles of timespace.

We can then consider the ‘symmetries’ of those ratios in topological variable forms – simultaneous space or synchronous time (maximal points of the world cycle, or ageing constants).

And break the Ƥ constants constants of scale, either growth an emergence, or diminution an dissolution.

Those are the 3±∆ basic constants to define a system of nature; the rest are details – reason why we call it the fourth isomorphism of nature.

The details.

An external undetailed viewer who don’t see the time-passing back and forth feed-back motions and ratios of exchange, will seem ‘abstract, constant, balanced numbers’ on its mean Gaussian topping, most transited central point.

But the constancy of reality is REAL, because, and this will be the content of the next isomorphism, ultimately all comes to a simple principle: reproduction≈conservation of information, forms-in-action, the immortal thoughts of  ›Γœº∆, the Game of existence we all play.

s/t; t/s; sxt

SYSTEMS are knots of timespace cycles, repeated as actions with a frequency (we eat three times a day, sleep one, reproduce ad maximal every year, perceive every second) which determine the next level of organisation through complex synchronicity.

The result is a being as knot of space-time cycles, which are in fact actions of exchange of entropy, energy and information with the external world.

So what are the minimal elements for this ‘building up’ of existences? We found in the previous isomorphism that the minimal unit of reality is bidimensional, even if we do not perceive some of those dimensions (waves instead of lines, cycles instead of points and so on). And we defined two elements of bidimensional nature, space-entropy, and information-time; combined in four-dimensional momentum-energy beings.

And so we do need three fundamental parameters in all sciences to describe reality.

For example, in physics  all can be described with spatial length, time clocks and ∆-mass/charge parameters.

But we also stated clearly the principle of absolute relativity: in the scalar Universe the ‘stif’ mind-singularity that stops those tƒi cycles into a 0-motion mapping is a relative perceiver of only 3 ∆±1 scales (which can be as extended in 5D as the physical scales of the galaxy, or as constrained as those of a pheromonal ant).

So ratios between limiting scales (of temperature in ∆º thermodynamic systems, of frequency in ∆-1 quantum systems, and so on); is what the universe is about. And three of those ratios are fundamental, in a Universe of essentially two elements (seen still or in motion): S/T or speed to measure space-distances, T/S or density to measure informative charge/masses and SxT or momentum/energy to measure present-time. 

It is then departing from those elements through combinations and interactions how we can build mathematical physics in quantitative terms and in other more complex sciences, not so easily described by numbers, we cane explain conceptually in qualitative terms the meaning of existence, its ‘actions’ and fractal structures, motions and forms.

Constants as efficient standing points that maximise the three functions of beings.

−Why in a Universe in perpetual motion, composed of time arrows we see the kønstancy of it all? The reasons of the existence of universal and vital constants (ab. kø) in all systems which make us feel the perennial immortality of form is dual:

In that sense, 3 are the fundamental constants used to define any system of the Universe, as perceived in a single scale of existence, related to the ratios of dynamic exchange between entropy an information within the being an its actions.

WE SHALL call them, S≈T motions.

Reality structures itself in parallel, through the underlying language of space and time, into functional ternary systems symbiotic to each other, which create dynamic interactions, which are feed-back partial equations of the generator that survive better by complementarity and functional symbiosis, so order prevails in time over disorder, when function and form become harmonious – and we sense it as beauty.

Those are the proportional ratios and topological constants of the ternary symmetries of space-time:

S/T  or speed of a system, s x T or power/force/momentum of the system and t/s or density of the system.

Thus those are the 3 fundamental constant ratios of the being, which define its entropic, reproductive an informative capacity as a species.

Ƽst symmetric sub-constants.

However as all systems do have an ∆ºst±1 structure there are MIRROR SYMMETRIES OF THOSE CONSTANTS IN THE OTHER TERNARY ELEMENTS, giving birth to secondary constants related those three. So in a ‘future exhaustive analysis’ the researcher could also consider:

  • ∆º: Linguistic constants which mirror them in the mind language. This are ‘more solid’, because the mind ‘S<tiƒƒ>S’ reality into a spatial fixed form, slowing the motions of time into pixels of spatial simultaneous, synchronous image, pegged magically through the ‘fractal networks’, paths of ‘meaning’, which guide entropy into forms in action, in-form-ation which becomes ordered and finally reached a ‘locked’ puzzle-like fitted form. Those are the syntactic constants of mind languages that see those constants as ‘solid informative names’ (density constants), action/forces (Sxt constants) and entropic objects destroyed and ab=used by names. 
  • Ωt: 3±∆: On the other hand, as all constants are really dynamical processes, ratios and exchanges of entropy and form, balanced in a conserved present, repetitive momentum, when in ‘perfect, efficient’ tune with the world they live in, but leaning towards the ‘destructive ends’ of entropy and ‘s<tiff’ stillness of the involute mind, sooner or latter the system will go out of balance, and as the mind dominates, it will save error or accident, predation or defective form, move ahead in three ages, S>st>t which implies also a series of time constant of ageing cycles, and ‘limits’ of existence, beyond which the system shall collapse. And those are the constants of time of each being in ‘existence’, within its variability domain: Max. E x t > e=t > Max. t x e.

Decametric scales.

The fourth constant though deserves a special treatment, as it is the ∆-scalar type of decametric growth of social dimensions: 3 x 3+0=S+1; ∆+1. In the graph the commonest topological form of a whole, a tetraktys, where the five, ‘black, informative ball’ of maximal communication with all other points is the mind-point (when in motion moving to the 1 position). The fact that humans in pool use 10 balls and put the ‘mind-location’ in black, the color of information, shows how ‘immanent is the game’.

So for all systems there should be constants of  space, of size, of social growth and scales, as the system grows and evokes with other beings, logarithmic and integral constants, or disintegration ones, Tˆs and Sˆt. As systems come into social groups and evolve together, both during its internal 0-1 interval from finitesimal parts to wholes, mostly exponential – since this is the fortunate time for the being, when the placenta-mother gives him unlimited energy till the system emerges; and the 1 to ∞ social external constants, mostly decametric, the most efficient configuration, to fight out in the struggle for ‘∃xi≈st¡enœ as the system struggles in the larger world.

So we talk of three fundamental constants, speed, density, existential momentum; and three set of constants related to the social scales of the system and its size in space, to its time ages, and to its mind mappings; which explains why we give the sixth number to the isomorphism of Universal constants.

Now, in the physical details of the web we do mathematize and relate those concepts to the laws of physics and see how broad those conceptualizations are to explain all kind of laws in its whys, here we are more interested in the whole understanding of the ‘game’ of the Universe, which consists in mixing iterative Se and Tƒ cycles and ‘—motions’ in multiple dimensions across multiple space-times, creating balanced, constant quantities.

And so in the 3rd post here, dedicated to constants, is where we shall truly ‘define’ the LAWS, that is the ‘combinations’ of Se and Tƒ that the Universe keeps steady and makes immortal, mostly those which are balanced, with equal Se x Tƒ quantities, as this ‘function of existence’, Se x Tƒ is maximized when Se =Tƒ (5×5>6×4>7×3; even if 5+5=7+3).

This simple rule, that the Universe conserves combinations of ‘Spatial ‘—motions’’ and “temporal Form’ which are balanced, is THE MAIN LAW OF THE WHYS OF THE UNIVERSE. And those species which in a certain ecosystem find those balances and maximize their existential force, survive better.

So in physics Momentum is conserved. Se x Tƒ=ST. And this can be seen in all kind of ‘physical planes’. Another matter is to analyze detail by detail the laws of physics that reflect that law.

Often those laws are of the form Se x Tƒ = Energy (potential and kinetic together) or = momentum.

For example, the fundamental law of electricity is J = σ Sp, this says that the density of a current, is proportional to the energy of the field.

Now here, ‘density’ is a quantity that measures q ∆ v. Whereas q is the charge, the vortex of the electric space-time field, the equivalent to the mass on the cosmic plane, the informative ‘clock of time’ of the quantum world, and ∆ its number of charges.

So q ∆ is the total quantity of clocks of time, Tƒ, of the current, v its is speed or |-Motion, so J actually measures the product of the Tƒ and Se of the electric world. It is really the measure of the momentum of the electric world. Whereas Sp is the best expression as sum of all its kinetic and potential energies, of the space-time world in which the momentum happens, from where the momentum extracts all its space-time fractal parts. So really this writes as an expression of the existential equation:

Sp x Tƒ = ST.   A fractal entity of space-time, of energy and form, is in balance, in proportionality with the space-time field in which it exists: 

Se (v) x Tƒ (qn) ≈ Energy field. 

From this first equation of electricity physicists define ‘intensity’ (qnv x S) by multiplying density by the cross surface through which the current goes. And this is the magnitude they use for almost everything, measured in amperes which is the standard unit for electricity. Yet when we come to fundamental laws, they are related to J, the electric momentum. For example, the fundamental law of electronics, Richardson’s equation, relates J electric momentum to temperature.

And so we shall once and again find this big problem with physics, which is a practical science of measure and mechanical building. It is more convenient for electric construction to deal with intensity, but density is the ‘nature’s conserved’ principle. It is easier to deal with ‘lineal time duration’ to measure motions in space, without entering into the details of the steps of the legs, the cycles of the wheel of the car, or the frequency of the wave that moves, but the universal real magnitude is cyclical time.

it is easier to calculate and extract motion from beings to add up the kinetic and potential energy and put them all in the same ‘bag’, mass, as a form of energy, position as a form of energy. But that simplifies enormously our understanding of the duality of the Universe, between its two poles, in this case

Sp=Mc2:       Sp(Se): < c2: ∆-constant > M (Tƒ)

That is, a vortex-clock of time called a mass, can be uncoiled into an explosive, entropic radiation of kinetic energy, Sp, and this will be done in a proportion, which is again a constant of the space-time field in which the process takes place, across a bidimensional space-time plane called ‘light’, c2.

Now the explanation of what that equation means: the back and forth transformation of mass time clocks into entropic motion, measured in the light space-time plane filled with ‘bidimensional fields of lights-space, c2, is ‘philosophy of science’ and ‘principles’, ‘thoughts of god’, and that is what this web is about. the details and the practical use of them, is what classic physics is about.

Both are not mutually exclusive. Personally i find more fascinating the thoughts. Most physicists as Feynman put it, don’t care about the whys, the thoughts, which is ‘the only question a physicist must not ask’. He did work on the atomic bomb. I have wasted my active life opposing to nuclear weapons. So did Einstein who cared for thoughts, and found the 4th dimension. But the truth is we live in a world of praxis, which obscure the thoughts, the forest. And that is bringing us to the end of Gaia’s existence.

Because the thoughts are ultimately about existences.

Today the numbers and praxis of measure and construction of machines is the only thought understood by physicists. And that is a problem.

So returning to ‘—motions’, Se, is distance in stillness, and entropic motion, as ‘—motions’ is a measure of all the ways a molecule in a gas can increase its space because it is an expansive |-Motion.

When you see the word ‘energy’ printed as synonymous of space, I am using  the concept of kinetic energy, or energy as a synonymous, but we shall try to be more rigorous and define always Se as what truly means: Spatial expansive, lineal distances/entropic motions).


Let us then show how those constants appear to the three great disciplines of science as:



The parameters of the main physical scales of the Universe.

The first form of space and first expression of the ∆-gravitational scale symmetry is c-speed.

In the translation of 4D physics to 5 D Physics, we start from c-speed, the constant, then we multiply C= Sp x Tiƒ = Length x Angular frequency (in Planck Units).

On the other hand the principle of relativity translates into the principle of Galileo the gal ilea paradox: all moves and has form at the same time.

Light therefore splits into space-distance, and time-frequency, and its constancy in 4D is particular case of the Sp x Tiƒ constancy of the 5th dimension.

And for that reason we DO have a close similarity between the Metrics of a given plane of the 5th dimension:

∆= Sp x Tƒ and the equations of energy of each Plane of the Universe:

∆ : Sp x Tƒ   ≈ Energy : Constant of Space-action x Frequency:

3 space quantaklock

In the graph, the 3 main constants of space-time of the physical Universe, of the 3 scales among which human beings interact. Those constants, the boatsman constant of our ∆-thermodynamic scale, the c-speed constant of cosmological space-time and the H-planck quanta of electromagnetic space time are  3 Universes in themselves.

On the other hand , in the right we see the minimal space-time quanta of the ∆-1 quantum scale, h, which therefore has the same metric equation:

Sp x Tiƒ = h = E x I , the uncertainty equation of Heisenberg that merely states the constancy and minimal quanta of space-time of the quantum scale. Between both we are sandwiched with the informative clocks of temperature and the minimal quanta of space-time called a Boltzman quanta.

In the graph, we can see the main species of the physical Universe, a charge and a mass, which clock-like accelerated vortices of smaller and larger space-time membranes, and the middle thermodynamic scale we inhabit.

The 2 time-space vortices, charges and masses, which are the limiting scales of the Fractal Universe perceived by human beings, thus become now crystal clear in its nature. In between them, there is the thermodynamic scale of forms of matter, which is more complex, because we perceive all its information and it is connected to the other 2 scales with whom it exchanges energy and information through different flows and parameters which we shall study in detail in the physical blogs, beyond the simple concepts of this introduction.

Let us then move one with the more general principles that apply to all systems of the Universe, considering now the geometry of space and time, its bidimensional fractal-network nature, and how both combine to form those 5 Dimensional systems.

Now to fully grasp that graph, and the meaning of tose equations we must understand the meaning of a conservative energy cycle. Energy is not spent when there is no motion in a given length of time. Thus time can be run without end in energy conservaton terms, as long as we return always to the same point doing a time cycle. The principle of conservation of energy ths become the principle of repetition of presents, whih are sums of time cycles in which a trajectory returns to a point. In this manner we can resume all those principles is the Generator equation of energy and time:

∑E∆-1<≈> ∏ T∆

-And the discontinuous, quantum nature of space, which carries the kinetic energy of the Universe in its constant motions (proved by quantum physics, by the life and death cycle of biological systems, and the principles of conservation of energy, shown in the left side picture, where we describe the 3 fundamental scales of the Universe, and its co-invariant, product of the speed of its time clocks and spatial quanta, conserved as a product: E=hƒ, E=knT, E=mc²)

So human sciences, all of which use time and space parameters, are in sore need to change its paradigm, in its description of the scalar space-time fractal structure of the Universe, if they want to advance in its comprehension of reality.

Physical Systems of self-centered space-time.

In the graph we can see 3 of such scales and its relative size and speed measure in frequency (the inverse of lineal time duration: T=1/ƒ=1/Tiƒ, whereas Tiƒ is the fundamental symbol for cyclical time): The galaxy, the human and the DNA. Those scales create in groups of 3 ∆±1 ‘universal planes’, complex organic systems, in which the faster speeds and information of smaller systems, codes larger wholes, which in turn control the motions of the smaller systems. And those are precisely the organic properties of the Universe, which extend also to physical systems.

Now, in the Human Universe, the previous equation has an immediate lecture in terms of the fundamental Universal Constants of the Universe:

C-light speed, which is the parameter of space-motion (Spe) of our Universe, and calculates the speed of reproduction of information across the scales of the 5th dimension.

quanta of information which is the minimal Tiƒ unit of information, and multiplied by 2π, gives us the minimal time cycle, H-Planck of our Universe.

And so both together, c become the minimal unit of space-time of the Universal reality.

How those minimal space-time Units ‘scale’ in the 3 scales of physical reality, the ∆-1 quantum, electromagnetic scale, the ∆+1 gravitation scale and the human, thermodynamic scale?

Easy. They form the 2 fundamental species of those scales: charge and mass. Indeed, in Planck Units we define the minimal dual charge and dual mass forming a system of electromagnetic or gravitational space-time as:

Qp x Qp = c (SxT) /K ∆-1

Mp x Mp = c (SxT) /G ∆+1

Thus a charge field basically is a Universal space-time, ST, hc, curved extremely by the constant of the quantum scale of the 5th dimension, Ke, till forming a vortex like space-time species.

And a mass field is basically the same, curved by a  constant, G, which form a much larger scale, (a Planck mass is huge compared to a plank charge).



Arrows of space-time are really cyclical and with a point of view; the singularity or Tƒi point of maximal information either in the center or top of the height dimension of information that commands the whole structure and enacts apperceptively, consciously or vegetatively a program of existence, which ensures the survival of the whole and has ‘appeared’ naturally either by selection or by trial and error after infinite eons – since those species who do not tender for their territorial vital space, and feed it with energy and guide it with proper linguistic mapping-information have not survived and reproduced. So the sum of the actions of those mind points is what becomes as observed simultaneously a whole supœrganism of ‘exi=stence’.

So the point of view becomes focus of multiple arrows, cycles o space-time, how it his managing them, through invagination and palingenesis of a more complex being.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 18.04.45

points non-e

So each super organism in space is a knot of space-time cyclical actions in time:

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 16.27.07

In graph, a time-functon of development and differentiation which follows a mathematical ratio. bEING THE UNIVERSE, A GAME OF RELATIVE SCALES, ratios are what it measures. And three are its main ratios:

  • ∂s/∂t: speed of space.
  • ∂t/∂s: density of information
  •  v x ρ= 1

Whereas the one, is the Knotted mind-being, an ageing species moving through social scales of planes of existence, describes the actions of space-time arrows from the perspective of the whole supœrganism of §paœ, ‘social, vital, simultaneous space’.

Indeed, ‘minds produce bidimensional space-time actions that exchange entropy, energy and information with the world outside and the intrinsic hyperbolic ∆-1 world of cellular parts inside.

As such beings are knotted space-time cyclical constant action perceived in simultaneous space as a species of physical, biological or social space-time, whose varieties through scales are the details of reality, the larger view below the final ‘unifying layer of gst isomorphic laws.

And the simplest way to define one of such variety of species is by its ratios of density, scale and speed, its fundamental…


‘The ultimate principles of science must depart from the simplest Universal constants, e, pi and the like’ (Einstein quoted from memory).

‘The world cycle of existence is determined by i, 0, 1, √2, phi, e and π which describe the world cycle of existence, in each of 3 ages acting as the standing points for a Lagrangian zero sum of all the actions of the space-time organism. We are born between i and 0, becoming a whole at 1, which will start a second growth, by sexual reproduction at √2, differentiating in proportion to phi between our 3 component parts, which start an exponential growth, in e³ stages till reaching 20 units in space or time, during our second age, which collapses inwards, through pi-warping, till death reverses the process into an e¯³ decay, death’. (Sancho, quoted from intelligence)

In biology, those constants are far more complex in its ‘elements’, and are called vital constants, studied partially in greater detail as ‘balance states’ of the being.

While s x t, THE MOMENTUM, IS EQUIVALENT TO THE ‘TOP PREDATOR POWER’ OF THE SYSTEM. That is, the system with maximal momentum, means with better brain and stronger body, becomes the top predator system that dominates and reproduces.

As it is the case in physics, where the densest, fastest ‘black hole’ devours all other physical forms.


Introduction.  Beings as knots of Constant, cyclical space-time motions/actions.

I. ∆•ST: Types of Constants.

II. Conservation Principles.

III. A classification of Constants for each organic being in 7 groups.

IV. Examples in physical, biological and social systems.

Abstract. The generator equation of fractal space-time beings (ab. GST, Γ) is created by dynamic ∆-1 finitesimal exchanges of energy and information, which define ratios of Spe/Tiƒ entropy/information relationships. They are the Universal constants that become the fundamental partial equations of parts of the fractal generator:

Spe≤≥ st ≤≥Tiƒ

For example, the partial equation, ∑ Spe≤≥ Tiƒ is defined by the pi constant that turns around the interval 3 (hexagonal pi) 3+1/3  (10/3), as its limits for a different form of lineal transformations into cyclical information. As such is the fundamental constant of the Universe of world cycles.


Beings as Knots of Constant Cyclic Space-Time Actions

We said that the Universe is absolutely relative, and so we can ono investigate potentials and ratios, not more is needed. And since we start with bidimensional entropy and information, only three combinations of presents, four if we consider the inverse to be different in multiplication, main ‘group’ parameters:

∂s/∂t or speed, ∂t/∂s or density and  ∂s x ∂ t or momentum.

In practice though the change of ages of a being from an age dominant in speed through an age of ‘unitarianism’, s/t x t/s= present momentum, must be account for each physical constant with different speeds.

So there is a more fundamental form of a game of ratios? Indeed, that of mathematical constants, which reflect better the game of all games.

And the first of those ratios are the Universal constants of density, pi, momentum, e and speed,

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-12-18-37 screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-12-06-38



In graph, the 2 fundamental mathematical and physical constants of Nature

We shall depart from their ‘unification’ to explain how the Universe creates reality departing from those ‘perfect rations of energy and information’. As such G and Q can be easily unified as two space time vortices of 2 scales of nature, the quantum and gravitational scale, showing the ratios between distance/speed/lineal space and time cycles/curvatures.

The 3 main constants of mathematics are directly related to the fundamental generator of space-time:

  1. pi, relates the transformation of spatial field of entropy into a vortex of temporal information: 3 x ( Spe)  > ∏ Tiƒ.
  2. e the constant of the only function, which is a derivative of itself, eª  represents the fundamental function of reproduction of any system, at the lower ‘cellular scale’, as the system increases by a derivative at each step.
  3. Phi, the golden ratio is essentially the ratio of a bidimensional ‘page of information, whereas  ST=φ and Tiƒ=1. Therefore it is connected to the proportion of energy needed to breed an ‘informative’ head. Yet both the particle and the body-wave arise from a field of entropy, and so if we consider the whole to be Spe, the field of entropy which feeds both: Spe= ST+Tiƒ, gives us the golden ratio and once more, ST gives rise to the particle head, in a series of inclusive parts. So Spe, the whole is to ST as ST is to Tiƒ.
  4. Logarithmic functions represent the explosive growth of the first age of the system. After it reaches maturity it decays inversely, exponentially in the curve of death, forming together and intersecting function.

To notice that both, π (+3.14) and e (2.81) are close to 3 by a minimal difference of +0.1, as ultimately the curvature of 3 lineal elements makes a larger cycle with aperture-wholes, while the reproduction of a system extracts energy from its ternary parts to reproduce an infinitesimal or transfer a quanta of energy to the larger whole, x².

Abstract: Dynamically we can define any space-time being as a knot of cyclical space-time  actions, ruled by the simple metric of 5D which define the parameters, limits and gradients of its exchanges of energy and information, with the different planes of the ∆-universe.

It is the detailed analysis of bit and bite by bit and bite of the being, as its r=evolves in its world cycles, pushed by quantum motions and stops that consume and feed its energy, ±∆3, splitting the ratios of energy and information of a ‘smaller being’; or ratios between the information and energy of a system, that gives us its ‘exi=st-ential power, in actions that put together as universal constants. Or exchanges of information in processes of social evolution that happen often in decametric scales, and measured as a population in space or process of evolution in time will show also its numeral constants.

Such constants tend to be constants of actions or ratios of feeding and perceiving energy and information or social evolution, and it will affect to ∆±∞ species of scales. Yet from the human ∆0 perspective, when they belong to huge super organisms (earth, galaxy, universe) they tend to be considered ‘universal’ and treated with the abstract reductionism of physics. They are though not different from the vital constants of local biological beings, and its functions are similar for the whole organism of the Universe. Consider for example, the Lamba cosmological constant that merely defines the 3 ages of an EFE space-time (gravitational). If it changes from 0 to ±0, it will define one of the 3 ‘topological ages’ of the Universe, the elliptic, hyperbolic or flat, old steady state, young age of the Universe.

Other constants represent flows between ∆±1 scales, when two species exchange energy and information ,as part of their social activity and creation of symbiotic space-time cycles.

Thus constants express form and function and ratios of energy and information, within the generator equation. It follows that each system of the Universe has its constants. And while we seem obsessed by physical constants of the larger Universe, those are a small part of them.

Indeed, the number of Universal constants of the larger super organisms of mankind – the galaxy-universe and its symmetries in the lower ∆-3 scale, the atom – is far inferior though to the enormous number of local constants, as the creative Universe form resonant frequencies, synchronicities and flows of energy and information between ∆st• beings constantly.

Finally to notice that those constants are dynamic motions and exchanges of energy and information. So while here we treat them mostly quantitatively in the next isomorphism, we develop them from a qualitative point of view.

Now the fact that mathematical constants are RATIOS NOT NUMBERS, AND HENCE IRRATIONAL NUMBERS ARE RATIOS TOO, and they are most of the numbers of the real line sets up the possibility of infinite mathematical games of existence encoded in the ratios of those irrational numbers. But ratios of what? Normally of topological motions which exchange energy and information, between parts or entities of the Universe. So they are ultimately the constants of time motions of the Universe,  which change state along its ternary elements of Γ=GST and dual or ternary ‘social structures and networks’.

Now, in as much as pi and e are the constant ratios of the 2 main events of the Universe, an Spe≤>Tiƒ transform of entropy into information; an ∆±1 scaling growth or motion of entropy and information between scales and its combined reproductive motions; we can find that most fundamental equations of mathematical supœrganisms and world cycles can be interpreted in terms of those numbers. But the proper way to see those numbers are as preferred points of a larger cycle, the circle and the hyperbola, which becomes in this way the 2 limits of the conic bidimensional S, st, T, elements of the holographic Universe:

In the graph, all curves are conic sections, of which the 2 extremes of inversion of sp<st>tiƒ orientations are the hyperbola and the circle, with the related second closed curve of the ellipse and the parabola. So we can classify them as MAX. tiƒ=circle, defined by the ratio Spe>Tiƒ AND WE could signify by the concept S=T, Pi, the hyperbola, whose function is S=1/T, its inverse, the perfect entropic function both of pure predatory death and pure exponential growth, whose most perfect form can be defined by e. And then the intermediate quadratic and elliptic forms in between, with its infinite 0° solutions, in its variations of ‘elliptic information’ and parabolic energy (the intermediate ST forms) as the pure circle and the pure hyperbola does not really exist, but are the perfect i-logic forms… (irrational ratios).


The growth of reality between two scales starts with the √2 a bidimensional triangular pair, which starts the growth on dimensions of information, and space-extension by reproduction of the same event through a series of different forms of growth:

Let us then analyse this first event and its variations. Two lines of thought, the particles 1 x and 1 y, meet themselves in the relative 0 point, of an x-y automatically created coordinates, which will give us an √2, wave with origin in o, and an xy, expansion front of space-time, reproduced by pairs of xy points along the front-wave till √2 reaches the two ‘membranes of the x y tail of past momentum’.

At this point √2 can be measured as a sum of discontinuous wave-points, and gives us a variation of ±1, or be considered as a continuous wave of energy; never mind, in both descriptions we have created a bidimensional, triangular, straight triangle, which can now grow in different 0/0 tangents to the exponential wave of its second age, of geometric growth.

The constants of motion. Building blocks of reality

It is then evident that the key to function perception is to model the different equalities as different entities that co-exist together in ∆±1 wav particle or field states, unveiling of an ∆ºSt±1 organism different parts in dynamic relationships of transference of entropy, information and energy between different parts of the being:

All this said, we are writing in a sequential order the isomorphisms of the Universe for a reason, as they are closely related in ‘pairs’. So the defining quantitative element of those motions are its ‘constant ratios’ and functions, which describes them in terms of algebraic operandi and space and time values. We can then wonder, which is the fundamental equation or Universal, mathematical physical, mental, topological or organic-biological constant for each of those 8 motions of the Universe.

It is self-evident that those constants will be the simplest, most repeated constants of reality. So we can easily realise that:

  • The constant of the 2 motions of information is ±pi, which converts lineal into cyclical form. In the perceptive motion the constant will curve inwards the flow of energy, and radially select from its apertures, the relevant information to map out reality. In the communicating case, it will be a trigonometric π-wave of sines and cosines. But in both cases information will be preserved in the frequency and form of those pi cycles. Hence for transformations of lineal entropy into cyclical information we always find  a πi constant.
  • THE CONSTANT OF THE 2 motions of growth and diminution is ±eª, as e=(1+1/a)ª, clearly represents the growth of a whole system, by 1 finitesimal cellular part, 1/a, in a times; and viceversa, its diminution along the same proportions – hence for growth and decay, we always find an e-constant.
  • The constant of reproduction is often related to the golden ratio and its variations on the Fibonacci series, from his famous ‘2 rabbits reproducing rabbits’, for complex informative systems, but for pure translative motion, the λ-wave length of the moving form is the specific ‘constant of reproduction’ of each waveform. And in explosive ratios of growth between scales, we shall often find pure logarithmic scales in base 3×3+0 (the perfect tetraktys) or e-numbers of ∆-1 unit growth.
  • So this leaves us the 2 remaining motions, which are processes of emergence and dissolution of the being across an ∆±1 discontinuum of existence, which cannot be measured with absolute precision as information disappears or it is newly created within scales. So there is a certain degree of uncertainty, which will be the constant to use for each ‘different space scale’, in the case of physical scales, the well known constants of H-planck (quantum uncertainty), entropy (Boltzmann constant) and cosmological constant for the dark matter, beyond c-speed and below ∆0 Temperature. So there is not a clear ‘universal constant’ as each different super organism and its different scalar planes requires a specific analysis of its own. But again we find often this finitesimal quanta to be 1/n, and hence also related to the e number (1 +1/n)ˆn; as emergence and dissolution might be considered the final stage or ‘limiting barrier’ of an e-progression

So 2 mathematical constants are found everywhere in the Universe and suffice almost to describe everything:

Pi the constant of Spe≤≥Tiƒ transformations and e, the constant of ∆º±1 transformations.

The beauty of 3. Pi=+3 & e+e/10=3, the major constants.

The most beautiful part of this blog is in that sense, the enormous simplicity of the fundamental equations of the fifth dimension and its immediate connection with the simple elements o reality, which by iteration of its dual and ternary principles we and future researchers shall raise through the 4 lines of this blog to encompass all what exist.

In such a simple, iterative Universe, where there are only 2 ‘fundamental events’:

A motion in the 5th dimension between scales.
And a transformation of lineal entropy into cyclical information and vice versa,
As Einstein wanted the ultimate principles of reality are Universal ratios/constants, which transform space into time or rise through the scales of the 5th dimension, a reproductive sum of parts into a whole. So we shall find 2 absolute magic ratios in all systems:

π: 3|s>Ot: Pi, transforms back and forth lineal entropy into temporal information, through cycles or sinusoidal hyperbolic waves.
∆±i: e is the constant of growth and diminution that rises a group through the scales of the 5th dimension: e= (1+1/n)ˆn.

Now, why those pi, e, values exist and no others is the next layer of understanding of Universal constants. Since the 3 are closely related… to 3, ah the beauty of trinity, which only I and God seems to have understood (: and Saint Augustine, just kidding:)

Pi is indeed 3 in excess, exactly 3 in the hexagon; e is 3=e +e/10, in defect of a classic growth of one tenth every ‘part’.

Phi is another scalar argument: the whole (trinity) is to the larger part (body) as the larger part (body) is to the smaller one (head).

So we are finding some perfect ratios, harmonic, the first pi (on the interval from 3-the hexagonal pi to 3.14, the circular pi), and the second e  is the ratio of growth of a ten dimensional tetraktys, one by one, as 2.718..+0.271..=2.99…

The absolute truths of this specific universe are encoded into those numbers; so are many mysteries yet to resolve by science. They are all pervading, but what they really mean? And why they are so closer, yes you guess it… to 3, and how many of its decimals matter?

A couple of teasers on this last question:

You need only 39 pi decimals to calculate the horizon of the universe, with the precision of a single atom; yet 10ˆ39 is the difference between the gravitational cosmic force and the quantum force of the atom.

Today, students in elementary schools routinely use the estimate of 22/7, as archimedes did, for it, which despite its simplicity is only 0.04% off its correct value. And so we must consider that for systems of most ternary ∆±1 scales this is its value.

Almost a interesting is the 0.04%>0.4% > 4% scalar series. As 4% happens to be the ‘openings left’ in a pi cycle, with only 3 diameters… π-3/π=4%, the quantity of open space seeing from inside the circle, which gives a 96% of dark matter to an observer inside a circle of any pi-related spiral-like structure, as it happens in the Universe at large (per-cent-age of dark matter). 

It i then important to realise the dynamics around the perfect numbers, 0, 1, 2, 3 from where all other systems can be deduced, in lower and upper scales, which normally do not need the full range of the irrational number, but with 3 or 10 digits suffice to establish the ∆º±1 or decametric scales of reality.


In that sense 3 is indeed the number and 10 the series. Consider the case of the other key number of reality:

e+e/10=3. The scalar Universe, we shall see soon, has 10 decametric scales, but e breaks its regularity after 10 decimals: 2’718282828..459

… And those 2 Euler equations yes, what truly ‘i’ means?

NOW THE FIRST EQUATION is the equation of the zero-worldcycle, only observing the beginning and the end. The second equation is the equation of the world cycle with all its internal fluctuations, and possibilities as pi is not closed, the angle is not COMPLETE.


Phi, the ‘minor’ universal constant: the golden ratio.

screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-16-36-43While phi is the golden ratio of proportions of the 3 topological parts of the being, expressly the commonest ratio of the function Tiƒ (height)/Spe (length), proper of a bidimensional form of in-form-ation.

Thus the answer to why those are the constants of nature and no others is obvious: ONCE THOSE RATIOS CAN BE understood as the perfect algebraic expression of the main motions/events of any species of ternary Spe<ST>Tiƒ elements in the Universe, CERTAINLY, those ratios/events are more efficient and SURVIVE BETTER AS THEY ARE MORE HARMONIC.

Why those ratios exist is obvious, given the analytic and geometric properties of the golden ratio of which the less quoted is curiously the most important: φ²-φ=1

In essence the a-b ratio determines the internal relationship as relative ST>Tiƒ dimensions of a holographic sheet of entropy/energy and/or information, where the reproductive energy is the previous part of which a more informative element offshoots, with less size, as in the proportions of the human figure:

For example in the growth of plants, arms and any lineal one-dimensional or spiral 2-dimensional structure, each new ‘element’ of the ternary structure, which will have a relative more ‘informative’ role in relationship with the previous element, will have therefore to compensate to balance the ‘5D metric’ equation of both parts together (S x T = K), with a smaller size according to the golden ratio.

It follows that on general basis a ‘sheet of bidimesional information’, i.e. the human head, the screen of a computer/page has also the X-Y, (S-T) elements in a golden ratio.

What is important of a bidimensional growth through the golden ratio (which must be understood as the ratio of the inner structure of growth, coupled therefore to e, the ratio of outer structure and √2, the ratio of dual growth from 2 relative S-T poles), is that it is self-centred in a central seed, or informative singularity which will therefore use the ratio to ‘fill’ the inner space hold by the external membrane, invaginating with its cells the internal space-time, maintaining its balance as distance and weight, the ST elements of the growth process remain always equal with the spiral distribution of the golden ratio; so the system does not HAVE To adjust all the other elements of its structure to compensate from growth, as it will remain in the same relative distance/weight to the central singularity. The graph shows that ternary balance of the 3 branching of the spiral.

In that regard, there is an internal ‘symmetry’ between the T-Algebraic Fibonacci numbers (the series of a growth caused by reproduction, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, etc.) and the ‘geometric ratio’ the phi number. And here we observe also the ‘quality’ found between the ‘similar’ but not equal mathematical formulations in space (which are exact geometric enclosures) and time (which are fluctuations around a ±1 value, as it happens also in √2 or pi, and it is the ‘ultimate’ meaning of irrationality in time-sequences of numbers vs. continuity in geometric forms on a single space-time SIMULTANEOUS scale:

In the graph we can see how this duality unfold for phi and √2: in geometric analysis it is always possible by means of a single trick of division and reorganisation to break a square into two equal squares of smaller size. When we do so arithmetically with numbers however we shall always approximate the series by ±1 ‘infinitesimal part’ more or less. So happens in the phi line approached above or below.

What this ultimately means is that a time series is a sequence which does have a beginning and an end, in an above or lower scale of the ∆-dimension, in which the last entropic death moment or the first seed on the lower scale IS not in the same plane and has NOT to be included.  So we say that:

‘Time sequences are open at the beginning and the end as the seed and death happens into another ∆-dimension. Space structures are closed in a single ∆-scale, where the enclosure is possible’.

It remains to notice that all those games of reality worth to study occur in the 1, 2, 3, natural structure of the ternary Universe. So happens to all series, which are defined as ternary series (time being always ternary) as opposed to phi which is essential a spatial ratio (pure space being essentially one-dimensional as in the fingers ratio, or at best bidimensional space-time as in the screen of information)

Next comes of course, 5, which is intimately connected to the Fibonnaci series, and the golden ratio, as it is the natural number for ∆-fifth dimensional self-similar growth inwards into the lower scales of maximal information, which implies we find the ratio also in fractal structures such as those of the Mandelbrot set.

screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-16-48-10This pentagonal inner growth, is also represented algebraically given the duality of each of those constants as observed in space (golden ratio) and in time (Fibonacci open solution as a series of numbers). Thus we get the pentagonal equation that defines the golden ratio.

Yet ultimately we can reduce those ratios to the 3 fundamental geometric figures based in relative S/T bidimensions which when not completely regular, show the ratio as its fundamental s/t relationship, giving birth to the golden rectangle (ST), triangle (S) and circular angle (Tiƒ), which as we know already ARE the canonical 3 bidimensional figures of Spe (Δ) <ST (◊) > Tiƒ (Ο) components. Thus,  we find the golden angle in most systems, with self-centred elements from where it departs the growth and latter informative control of the system. So it is canonical with slight variations in molecules with self-centred atoms. The rectangle is canonical for bidimensional sheets of information. And the triangle for ‘frontal’ lineal locomotion ‘spear heads’; where the ‘informative rectangle’ transforms the larger arm’ into an entropic perpendicular penetrating line-point.

Pi is the number of the 3rd age and any Spe<=>Tiƒ transformations back and forth, which can be classified in 3 degrees of entropy, the cycle with its pi radius, the sinusoidal function, with regular curved forms (ST) and the more entropic, seemingly disorder geodesic on curved space, as the case of a river in flat lands, meandering for a value of:  π-length=|-distance. So we shall find pi in all S>T Transformations and geodesic flows and transmissions of energy and information through hyperbolic iterative waves.

Less understood is the next degree of complexity of GST Number theory, which is the relationships between all those constants, which is new ground I will leave here for future researchers. Consider indeed just 3 questions and muse why they are so. 2 new, hardly researched:

π²±√2/10=10  Why? And the related result:


Then a well-known result:

If we ad all the squares of reciprocal finitesimals: ∑1/n²=π²/6

It is the simplest Euler’s function z(n)=∑1/nˆn

In general those reciprocal series, being a reciprocal the fundamental finitesimal part of a form of n vertex points within an imperfect circle (trivial) are closely related to π. What makes them specially interesting is the fact they are decreasing sequential series on the ∆-scalar dimension and so combine ∆πe concepts together.

But why is so important and what is its relationship to GST? This is the first of my 10 ‘Millennium problems’, which of course involves the resolution of the Riemann conjeture, found elsewhere on those texts, as you can find a proof of Fermat’s theorem that fits in a margin and many other curiosities for those who consider trivia and details more important than the thoughts of God (almost all humans, given the indifference to this blog – something that finally no longer bothers me.)

In any case, this section will be further expanded on GST number theory (∞|º).

Let us then complete our analysis of those mathematical constants all together now.


For what we have studied more exhaustively for the golden ratio it is easy to deduce that we should be able to construct both in space as a super organism and in time as a world cycle in abstract (without emphasis on ∆±1 organic structures  and ∆º sensorial survival instincts; which are parallel properties of the ∆ºst universe not expressed in the language of mathematics, one of the many languages systems of reality). So we shall introduce the meaning of all those symbols in the world cycle series:

Indeed, a world cycle thus have some key elements defined by its general equation, the moment of seed in a lower ∆-1 scale or ‘finitesimal birth’, 1/n≈0, the moment of emergence as a whole, or ‘1’, which can also be considered the 0-∞ points, in the larger scale, and the standing points of the 3 ages of time, related to the √2, e¤ and π. We shall study this general program of number theory.

Here we shall consider only some preliminaries of the concept.

e & π The world cycle as expression of a few Universal ratios of Spe/ST/tiƒ actions. 

The FUNDAMENTAL TO THE LOGIC-MATHEMATICAL STRUCTURE OF THE world cycle, we shall describe it in the simplest games of mathematical and physical constants, which determine the standing point of the world cycle, being √2, e and π the constants of the 3 ages and its multiple manifestations from algebraic equations, such as the world cycle description in limits and domain:
as well as the exponential reproductive growth of the 2nd age, to its final warping in -π cycles of increasing information, which will finally explode into its chaotic end.

now the question is to know first and all how i the seed of existence, pi its cycles of life and death and e its exponential growth as it emerges between planes order in a worldcycle, and the answer is immediate, they play in the complex plane as the positive and negative roots of the emerging seed are better represented in that space.

Now the world we live in is ultimately selected from possible mathematical systems in which the values of pi, e and √2 are different from those of this world. As it is, there are variations within our world of those values. i.e. in relativity the ‘curvature’ of space-time will determine different pis. The hexagonal world with pi as a 3 value (ratio of the hexagon perimeter to its diameter) is one of such worlds, in which ‘spheres’ have a limit of polygonal form, 6. As such the bee heave has this structure, the graphene ‘planiland’ world has this structure, the Fuller Dome… and any triangulation in only 6 parts.

So we can talk in fact of many ‘mathematical worlds’ within a single Universe, and pi = 3, 14 etc. as the most perfect, complex potential world of cyclical time structures.

In the same manner we could talk of other different exponential growths from ∆-1 to ∆1, which do not have an e-xponential perfect function, which is the function of maximal growth, as eˆx IS always bigger than xˆe, which merely means that e is the perfect exponential growth number, whose magic properties as those of pi, as an |>O function are the best we can conceive of.

So e is the fastest, most efficient form of an ∆>∆+i event on the 5th dimension and pi, is the most efficient translation from an |>O state, and both together gives us the perfect ‘space-time wave’. Consider for example a classic probability distribution with a Gauss norm creating a bell curve. We can use it to define both in space and time, a wave of populations and define a few of the recurrent symmetries we shall find in all space-time events and symmetry.

If the curve were perfect, the blue  top ‘semicircle’ would be a pi semicircle, the orange, exponential function would be an e-function, which will have a tail that should start in the infinitesimal 1/n=∆-1, first quanta that initiates an exponential growth, surfaces into the ∆º scale a e (where the integral of its lower population is 1, the whole) and then starts a second growth till eˆ3=20, when it becomes ∆+1, or in the case of a world cycle, in which the being does not become a new ∆+1 ‘whole’ (the commonest case) the system will go through 3 ages, the exponential growth of youth (orange region), the blue region of maturity with its maximal growth, 100-peak point and then diminish in a symmetric 3rd age to the first.

The graph thus has an infinite number of uses both to map out in time, the worldccle of a being and in space its population of ‘cellular/atomic’ infinitesimals). This specific sample is on an IQ population. Parts of the graph either as a graph of space population or time frequencies, or space-time actions, or exponential growth (only the orange part) or exponential decay, etc. etc. are essential to real physical, biological and social systems, because their underlying cause are the space-time Universal world cycles and super organisms’ ∆-1 cellular/social/atomic structures that create and dissolve wholes:

So the Universe is indeed ultimately a mathematical game of ratios and balances and simultaneous structures of Spe<St>Tiƒ based in the symmetries of space and time, and the scales of ∆-dimensions.

Poetic license: the homology of all ‘constant world cycles’.

The simplest expression of a world cycle, Ø, is its constants and ratios of energy and form, cos and sin fluctuations, into fourier transforms of scalar emergence, mediated by the constant fusion of diagonals, √2. Ø thus shows fundamentally the nature in time and space of a space-time present cyclical hyperbolic flow, through its Konstants of detail, species with certain magnificent ratios shown into particular equation, such as the SMH, harmonic motions, lagrangians and Hamilitonians, of energetic explosions and collapses to 0.

0° indeed, 0/0 are all possible functional combinations, whose details become valuable indications of a ratio that survives when the game of tao i-logic thought returns to reality.

Such a simple, iterative Universe, where there are only 2 ‘fundamental events’, a motion in the 5th dimension between scales and a transformation of lineal entropy into cyclical information and vice versa, Einstein was right: the ultimate principles are Universal ratios/constants, which transform one number into another, of which 2 are paramount: the Constant of Pi, which transforms back and forth lineal entropy into temporal information, through sinusoidal hyperbolic waves; and the Constant of Euler, e, which is the constant of growth and diminution through scales of the 5th dimension.

Now in the future, when people do understand how close vital mathematics describes a world cycle through the 3 constants of existence, those standing i, seminal points that creep through the emergent ±1, o interval to fully start its e-xponential growth in the new ∆+1 plane of existence, leaving behind a rce of pi-cycles, in Castalia, that place where all languages of expression of the game of exi=stiences is known, you will hear strange languages of homologic poetry describing ∆ºstravels like this:

YOU START AS AN I-MAGINARY NUMBER, IN THE REGION OF I-LOGIC COORDINATES, THE NEGATIVE SIDE OF THE emergent world cycle, when you are nothing but a seed of √-1, in the ∆-1 region of the coordinates, how well you perform in that imaginary region as you emerge into the e-consciousness of being fully mature and ready to explode in waves of √2, now real no longer foetus creeping through the eternity of ±1, 0 domains.

Alas you explode hyperbolically full of energy and growing form towards the stratosphere, of being 20, e³, the limit of amino-acid forms for the game of existence you perform assenblied into genetic molecules ready to implode and explode and implode and explode… till once more a zero, opening your eyes, beyond 3 to the pi-existence, trembling nothingness into the wor(l)d beyond, static first fractal point of a new go(l)d… open your eyes to the eternal tao-game.

This tells us some things about the world cycle and its form, which turns out to be a distribution of Gauss in maximal detail:

screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-07-11-07screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-07-07-082017 will be dedicated to complete the sections of mathematics and physics at the simplest, most telling level.

Now, the nature of those Universal constants as fundamental to Nature is not clearly understood in its whys. So I used to start my conferences with this little tease.  And I ended THEM explaining the 2 fundamental combinations of those constants,  the probability distribution of a population in space (Gauss curve) and Euler’s formula for the world cycle (with its simpler mode of Euler’s identity) which mathematicians consider the most beautiful equations of the Universe, and are certainly the commonest, along the ‘lineal motions’ described by Hamiltonians/Lagrangians.

Yet Euler’s formula in a dynamic way, and Gauss formula, which can be interpreted as the waveform derived of the constant creation of ‘new points’ in the Euler’s cycle, ultimately define a world cycle of space-time, hence showing in a rather simple profound way how all is about a world cycle of space-time and its synchronous form – a super organism.

The main numbers.

Thus, we stress again that √2, π, e, and φ, the ratios of basic Spe<st>Tiƒ transformations and events; with 3 other numbers for the infinitesimal, the whole and the ‘seed’ of information, (o, 1, i), they complete a ‘basic’ world cycle of any system of the Universe:

  • i: seed of information
  • 0: finitesimal, point of view
  • √2: s x t merge
  • π: 3 |spe > O-Tiƒ;
  • e: ∇1 e->∆1+∆º
  • φ: œ=Tif/ST &  ST/Spe & Spe/1 RATIOS of being
  • 10: 10 §º  ≈ §¹

And so those are the fundamental constants of the game of space-time beings in Nature, which will keep prompting during the world cycle of beings, specially when considering the process of ’emergence’ of the organism in its informative, developmental states.

All this said and not said, let us now move on to the next scale of constants:

The constants of physics

Since those metric, Sp x Tƒ = k∆, ARE FUNDAMENTALLY simple, the equations and constants of nature, will be simple ratios, often of the exact same type as the metric equation is. This means that for each ‘interval’ of ∆ and its main ‘ternary’ §-ubdivisions in smaller scales, we shall find such simple equations defining the existence of the being.

It follows that we shall immediately find a set of ternary constants or parameters, for each of those scales that shall correspond to Sp (S-entropy-past), Tƒ (T-Future, frequency) and Kst (present-energy).

This is specially truth in physical systems, as humans disregard all other more complex qualities of them. So we can find for each plane and ternary sub§cale of physics, 3 constants or equations focused on the ∆, S and T components of the being:

klock∆energy: A general, fundamental equation , of the type SxT=k, which does not change as we move through the ∆§cales of the being, to define the ‘present ‘bidimensional-energy of the system’ in terms of a product of a constant quanta of space and a growing temporal frequency of ‘social populations’ in space and/or its symmetric frequencies in time, which carry the growth of the being through ∆-scales: E=hv, for the quantum scale; E=knT for the thermodynamic scale, e=mv², for the gravitational scale; and similar formulae for intermediate §-meanningful scales.

Then departing from that present equation we can study the space-entropy and time-frequency component.

In terms of dimensions we are dealing with a 2, or 3 even 4-dimensional concept of ST-present energy for each scale of reality (depending of the detailed mind view and degree of space-time aggregation we study).

In terms of orientation, the Energy component is the present, reproductive storage of the being. Thus it will be a bidimensional plane of width (added along a length component for the total being and in some occasions, in a 4-vector for the whole being both in its space volume and time existence) . For example, for waves we shall measure energy by the square amplitude of the wave. To notice that those variations on the parameters and formulae of present energy, must be often considered choices of the human mind, and the instruments it uses to perceive the being. For example in quantum physics, humans perceive mostly the lineal motion or thrust of the particle onto the instrument, so the angle of form, a Tiƒ component, is not required and in our quantum formulae, the square of the amplitude that gives us the intensity of its energy does NOT require the rotational imaginary angle on those equations, reasons why we multiply/square it with its conjugate: Ψ x Ψ*, as our instruments are rough detectors of such far away scales (a fact that has produced much speculation as what this product is, a probability in time or a density in space, ST-symmetric concept of similar value)

S-peed: Regarding the space-component equations a similar simple equation will define its ‘entropic’ motion component. And since we have defined entropy as expansive motion, the best mathematical description will be a one-dimensional lineal vectorial ‘speed’, which we write in terms of  a ratio between the spatial field from where motion is obtained, described as a gradient, potential, tension or attractive force between the 2 points of the motion, and a component that describes the density of form, or information, the system must ‘reproduce’, ‘iterate’ and ‘carry through’ that gradient of tension/force/potential/voltage.

Again as pure entropy is not observed, we need to measure that speed as a ratio with the information of the being, which is carried and reproduced along the line of length-entropy. So for all scales we find the best way to measure that entropy a parameter of speed, as a ratio of Space & information:

v=s/t (particle speed)≈ s x ƒ (as frequency measures cyclical time-information, the inverse of lineal t-duration: ƒi=1/t) , v=λ ω (wave speed); etc.

Again, humans combine those parameters so we have different combinations of energy and speed formulae, such as flows, intensities, etc.

For example in electric flows, a scale between the thermodynamic and gravitational scales, which measure packs of electronic motion, the key equation is Intensity=Voltage x conductance (flow of electricity); and it combines a speed component and a volume of energy/particles/populations of electrons. Moreover humans prefer to measure it with a more obscure inverse parameter, not the conductance but its inverse, the resistance of the medium to the motion of the flow: R=V(tension-entropic gradient)/I.

While we can find for each type of wave a different parameter for the general formulae, v= S-entropic gradient/ƒ(informative density). So for S, we find the Young modulus of tension, and similar concepts for different waves, divided by the mass density of the wave that moves with different terms.

Special mention deserves the case of the light speed, which is also written in terms of the k-curvature or tension/gradient of the vacuum space over which the light wave travels, and its magnetic density of information.

Yet again here humans use the inverse of k, ε and write the formulae v2≈ k/µ, as 1/ε(s)µ(ƒ). And further on reduce the bidimensional speed plane, c², as one-dimensional c, so they get Maxwell equations of the form c=1/√εµ.  And finally as we measure light speed-motions with electrons in its static entangled state of the stop & go, form and motion beat of all systems, the electron IS always in relative entangled stoppage in reference to the emitter of the light wave, and so c-speed always is measured constant between the entangled, electronic emitter and observer of information, locked in the lower ∆-1 neutrino/gravitational scale. Hence we perceive c-speed as constant regardless of the macroscopic ∆+i motion of the observer since the real measure of speed happens in the ∆-2 locked scale which is in relative no motion.

parameter. Which lead us to the final time-informative parameter of the system, a measure of frequency that grows in speed and leaves a larger trail of informative populations, or density that becomes storage of energy and also changes from scale to scale (frequency, temperature and curvature vortices for charge and gravitation, k and G, being the most common parameters for those time frequencies). And so we get the classic formulae of physics of the graph, which ultimately are expressions of 5D metric.


Let us then define those constants, as usual considering its different types:

S: Topological Constants: e x i |s=t flows






In the graph, the first type of constants are those defined by geometry and topology, as the different structure of beings have quantitative fixed values and exist with a form and function in balance, mimicking the generator equation and its parts:

ST: Constants of action: K=s x t.

In the graph in any exchange of energy and information between two polar particles of time, through a wave that mixes both, there are certain relationships that establish stable, topologically correct changes of curvature and motion, ruled by ‘vital constants’ that measure the fixed content of energy and information, motion and curvature transferred in each exchange.

 In the graph, the exchange, generally a ratio of energy and information (so the growth of both elements remains co-invariant) or a product (based in the invariance of 5D metric) shows that in fact there is a dynamic exchange between both, expressed with rhythmic simplicity.

∆ constants.


Now, what most people care about are the constants of each scale of the Universe as a whole, not of its parts. Those are the huge physical system of constants that inform each huge scale of reality, shown in the left side.

The beauty of 5D metric equations, applied to those constants is shown on those graphs. On the left, we can unify them all conceptually considering that Energy is the st-present parameter product of an Spe-constant and an T-frequency. On the right, we can find  the Unification Equation of charges and masses, which we easily obtain in fractal terms, as a galaxy acts as an atom of the ∆±4 dimension.

Finally between scales we will find decametric socia scales, from the structure of human societies from the individual 10ˆ0 to the global society, 10ˆ9, to the magic 10 ˆ10 number between scales, (galaxies in the Universe, atoms in a magnetic domain, ties in a DNA molecule, people on earth’s super organism, etc.)

The main Universal constants of space thus are those of the parameters of 5D metric shown in the left graph:

the constant of action of the quantum world, H, the constant of action of the thermodynamic world, or K and the constant of action of the light-gravitational world or c.

The derivate operations to K = ST which defines a constant of present action, or secondary @ctions of the being will define minor Universal constants, and when those events are exhaustively studied as in physics, the number of such parameters keep growing, but at the end they can be reduced to the simple ‘elements’ that matter in reality, the ternary symmetries, scales, social parameters, and topologies common to all space-time beings. Hence the enormous parallelism we shall find in the mathematical equations applied to each of those scales of reality.

Physical events, densities and speeds, determine ‘fluxes’ of actions-forces that became the parameters of mathematical physics, elaborated with calculus (to calculate wholesale the total ratio for volume of ∆-1 beings). Quantitative science is often the result of dealing with infinitesimals of an ∆-1 scale that become a flux of energy and information transferred within the co-existing 3 scales of a given world-superorganism.

So let us put the key example of physical Universal constants, which mimic the game of existence of the perfect game of √2, e, π 3 ages of universal constant (young fusion of e and i, perpendicular into a diagonal 2-root; mature age of massive reπroduction, and final cyclical 3rd pi age. IN THIS CASE WE TALK  THE 3 CONSTANTS OF A GAME OF EMERGENCE OF PHYSICAL SYSTEMS, THROUGH 3 CONSTANTS, FROM THE √2 QUANTUM WORLD, THROUGH THE E-LIGHT WAVE, TO THE ∏-GRAVITATIONAL INFORMATIVE COLLAPSE:

Comparison of constants across scale: metric of Unification. Inverse equations of big-bang deaths.

4 big bangs detail

We indicate constants of Information as fluxes for which we use a simply intuitive term, S>T, which shows how a larger spatial form becomes a smaller, more informative systems.

Now consider its inverse symbol, T<S, which shows how information dissolves into entropy as in the case of human biological deaths, when our information is erased and our body expands back into cells gaining space.

It is a big-bang equation of the previous ‘constant’ E<c2>M which can go both ‘arrows of time’, the arrow of entropy (M<c2>e) or of information (E<c2>m)

Does this inverse ‘arrow of time’, of pure entropy holds also for physical systems? Of course it does. In fact it is embedded in the most important equation of physics: E<=>M(t) c², which as it happens can go one way or another. And so when Mass explodes into pure entropy-radiation, we are ultimately also observing a specific case of 5D metric.

Which is a good way to introduce how we apply it to physics:

A sample case of fractal 5D physics: Unification equation of charges and masses.

And we shall also relate some of those Universal Constants across ∆-scales are based in the isomorphism of all those scales, derived of the metric of the 5th dimension, ∆=Se xTƒ – the most important of which is the isomorphism between the Q-constant of charges and the G-constant of masses, the so-called Unification Equation of Forces.

It is the application of such simple metric equation to the physical systems of the Universe. As we find immediately that we can describe all its physical scales, the atomic, planetary, galactic and big-bang scales, with the same topological forms and 5D metric, giving us a simplex ‘vortex equation’ that unifies both charges and masses as relative ‘accelerated time clocks’ of all those scales – the so long searched for ‘unification equation of charges and masses’, which Einstein failed to discover as mathematics did not come out with a fractal concept of scales till Mandelbrot’s 73 seminal work.

So we can unify them with a single equation once we observe the only difference between its attractive power (hierarchy problem) is the fact that according to 5D metric, charges turn much faster and hence as any fast rotating vortex, attract much more strongly than cosmological masses, whose minimal quanta and force is 10ˆ40 times larger in space and weaker in cyclical speed, which i at ‘logic level’ (in the posts of cosmology at quantitative level) yields:

5D Unification: Atom Charge vortex: ∆-3≈ Max. Tiƒ x min. Spe ≈ Max. Sp x Min. Tif ≈ ∆+3 Galaxy mass vortex:   w² x r³ = U.C (G,Q) X  A.M. (Active magnitude).

Let us then substitute the parameters for the values of the sun (mass) minus earth (rotational speed and radius) to get G. The approximate values are as follows:

Sun mass = 2 × 10ˆ30 kg; Earth’s angular velocity 2 × 10ˆ-7 rad. per sec.

Earth’s orbit = 150 million kms.

Result: G=6.67 × 10 ˆ-11 kgˆ-1 mˆ3 rad. secˆ-2

This is standard gravitational theory. What has never been done, because the fractal paradigm was not known till recently, is to substitute in the same equation of gravitational cosmological masses the mass radius and speed of the space-time vortex by the values of the fundamental quantum space-time vortex, a hydrogen atom/charge.

If the thesis of a fractal universe made of hierarchical scales is truth, then those values should give us the value of the universal constant of charges, the Coulomb constant.

Indeed, if we substitute for the proton (mass) and the Bohr electronic orbital (speed and radius)

4 × 10ˆ16 rad. secˆ -1 = w (electron);

5.3 × 10ˆ-11 m. (Bohr radius);

proton mass = 1.6 × 10ˆ -27 kg.

Then we get a G, which is 2×10ˆ39 stronger than the gravitational radius; thus, the hydrogen atom behaves as a self-similar fractal scale in the quantum world to a solar system.

And then you can get also the electron radius expressed in the jargon of a quantum gravitational world using the translated ‘Gravitational Coulomb constant’: G(k)M/cˆ2.

But since in that expression M is the mass of a proton, G(k), the electromagnetic constant as a gravitational constant, and c, the speed of light, that expression is exactly the Schwarzschild radius of a quantum black hole.

Thus, the electron Bohr radius, which is the final radius of minimal size and energy in electrons, is the event horizon of a black hole in the quantum gravitational world.

To notice those results, the first theoretical deduction of Ke departing from G and the enormous simplification of the parameters of the electron radius till arriving to the same expression that a black hole radius cannot be by chance. They are mathematical deductions, one of the three standard forms of proof in science.

Yet a theoretical calculus of those values cannot be exact ‘by chance’, unless the theoretical model behind it – the fractal sel-similar structure as Sp x Tƒ entities of all physical systems is right. Thus, the previous calculus is a clear proof that both, charges and masses, are unified as values of the same type of space-time vortices in the 2 different scales of space-time of the Universe. And they are geometrically unified from the p.o.v. of geometrical relativity not from quantum theory, as Einstein wanted it.

Of course, this result is obtained using the underlying concepts of Newton->Poisson (gradient of gravitational potential), refined in Einstein’s ‘simultaneous pictures’ of those vortices, to study its relative curvature, which is the static view of an informative clock of time. So we can observe the similarities of all those concepts: curvature, speed of time, relative fractal scale, vortex attraction & universal constant as a ratio between the ‘curvature=speed in time’ and ‘size-distance’ in space of the system.

It thus though completely change the way we understand the Universe, its ‘accelerated clocks of time’ of the 2 limiting fractal scales perceived by human beings, the quantum and galactic scale, which turn out to be ∆±3 similar, at least from the human point of view, in the middle ∆o scale between them. And needless to say it will reverberate in all the fields of physics and the metaphysics of the whole, as it makes the Universe not only immortal in time (as motions never stop), in space (as it is symmetric to time) and in scales, as each atom-galaxy starts a new game, but not necessarily in the number of variations, which are given by the ‘potential’ of creation of a limiting game of ‘only’ 3 varieties of time, or ages, space, or topologies, and scales, or micro-normal-macro sizes for all systems of reality.

So this simple account of the 5 more important physical constants, G, Q, h, c, k,.

– So those are the Universal constants, in which the external actions of the being will be displayed, which therefore will come constantly in our equations. In physics, as we are thermodynamic ∆-beings sandwiched between the ∆-1 atomic and ∆+1 galactic gravitational world, those essential constants of the larger and smaller world that come in almost all the equations of interaction between thermodynamic man and reality are graphed in the next picture, as functions of Time and space, and its integrals of Energy, AND BELOW in the Universal Units, void of human anthropomorphism (Planck Units):

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.49.53

To fully understand the meaning of physical equations, before its thorough study through its different scales, we must understand the previous equations and its meaning, as they are void of human interference in its measure, and further on, show that instead of the 3 human ‘parameters’, mass, length and time of current physics, all can be studied with the 3 equivalent but not equal parameters of the Universe, G for mass, c for length and h for time.

So this is the first thing the system reveals to us. In the Universe time is cyclical and measured through angular momentum, of which the simplest unit is h; the constant of universal information, in the Universe space is measure with speed (space in motion), whose fundamental unit is c-speed, the constant of universal space. And so it only rest to consider that in the Universe, the 3rd element which is the active magnitude of the scalar 5D being is measured with the relative unit of curvature/force/5D metric value, which in the Universe is G and Ke in the equivalent lower scale of reality, and in the remaining thermodynamic scale, H-Boltzmann, the entropy unit. And this transversal constants of the 5th dimension close therefore the fundamental units of realty from where all others can be derived. (whereas 1/4πeo=Ke is the unit that should be used).

No other constant is fundamental to the Universe, and those are also enough constants to express in 5D physics all what exists, regardless of the specific world (human physics) that observe that Universe.

So the first and obvious truth we observe is the difference between 5D fractal space-time and the human continuous single still space and single time clock of the Universe, and its single scale.

As we have already considered the meaning of h, G and c in certain depth in the 0th and 4th isomorphisms – the actions of physical systems, it is easy now consider a few more details, on the difference between human perceptions and Universal perceptions of the 2 parameters of reality, Tƒ and Sp, Let us be clear, the Planck units, subject to much speculation are REAL. They are the maximal and minimal quanta of different scales of reality, such as a new scale quanta is made of a social gathering of smaller quanta, regarding time clocks that slow down or accelerate in frequency and space units that grow and diminish in size, and its ratios that define the different planes of the 5th dimension.

So as we advance in the III part of this section, studying each scale we will consider in more detail the consequences of this insight – that space has a fundamental constant c, information, h (a quanta of time) or h/2π, a ‘radius’ or bit of the minimal quanta of information, and its combinations into space-time clock-like vortices (M g, Q k), vary with the scale of the 5th dimension we study.

Once the 5 key isomorphisms of Reality are studied in detail, It is left to apply to that generator equation the Universal Constants or ratios between the different ‘parameters’ of that equation, to start resolving the equations of physics; of which the most obvious and important will be the ‘Constants of 5D planes’, finitesimals of each of those scales of three types, Tƒ/Se: informative densities, Se/Tƒ: energy densities and Se=Tƒ, Action constants. They define the 5th dimension in each plane, studied in the next isomorphism. So here we just consider the 4 more important:

Tƒ/Se: Constants of informative density or ‘Curvature constants’: ∆-1: Q-constant of charge attraction≈curvature; ∆+1: G-constant of mass attraction≈curvature; which obviously are the origin, when considering in ‘isolation’ as Tƒ, of the ∆-1: e: constant of charge of the electron and ∆+1: mn: Constant of mass of the electron.

5D metrics= SexTƒ= K, which defines the Constants of action: ∆-1: quantum plane: h-Planck (‘Planckton’)= E x T , which translates 5D metrics to the Electromagnetic & Atomic Plane and…

∆: Thermodynamic Plane:   k-Boltzmann constant (‘Bolt)= E x T, which translates 5D metrics to the Electromagnetic & Atomic Plane.

And finally Se/Tƒ: Constants of energetic Density or ‘speed constants’: ∆-1: c-speed, constant of motion of the light space plane, which being the Se-constant for the entire Galaxy in which our system exists, it is the only constant of energy-space or ‘rod of measure’ of all the systems of space we perceive.

The Lagrangian and Hamiltonian: the worldcycle of physical beings.

For all what has been said, and the definitions of present waves, v= Se x Tƒ, particles, Max. Tƒ/Se and fields, Max. Se/Tƒ, we are coming to understand 3 fundamental definitions of T.Œ for all sciences: the 3 ages of time in terms of the Se and Tƒ parameters:

Max. Se/Tƒ = Young energetic state (∂L=0; +∂’L); Max. Tƒ/Se= Old, future state (∂L=0; -∂’L); Max. Se x Tƒ (Se=Tƒ): (∂L=0; +∂’L=0).

Those 3 points which in the Lagrangian-Hamiltonian expression of ALL equations of physics represent the 3 stationary points of value 0 in the Lagrangian and maximal and minimal or 0 values in the Hamiltonian are the 3 points in which any System of Nature varies along its worldcycle. In physical systems however, the back and forth motion along those 3 points can clear a 0-sum time-loop that repeats itself constantly without the apparent need, at least from the human perspective of 2 Lorentzian regions in which the system breaks down:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.44.55

In the graph we can see the interpretations of those 3 points, the Field in ∆-1, of Max. Se x Min. Tƒ, the wave of present, of Spe=Tƒ and the particle of future of Max. Tƒ x Min. Spe, with the present wave in the center. I call this graph the Lorentzian-Newtonian-Kelvinian (ab. LNK) graph as it represents in our Universe the 3 natural limits of existence of forms in the 4D present pace-time described by special relativity, the region of max. entropy when particles accelerate towards c-speed dying away, the region of present balance, or liquid/wave states an the regions of maximal information closer to Tƒ perfect vortex super fluidity and 0 degrees.

The 3 regions thus establish also a clear difference in the regions in which information grows, towards a higher ‘plane of existence’, in which the particle reaches its maximal form (collapse of waves into particles, when coming closer to the ∆+1 œ, such as when photons collide with electrons or electrons collide with atoms or atoms with molecules and so on.

The graph thus explains many elements of physics. It is ultimately a graph that represents and explains the power of the Lagrangian-Hamiltonian formalism that localizes those 3 ‘canonical solutions’ to physical systems and planes of existence, where the field quanta, the wave state and the Entropy element appear. Now in physical terms the wave will be defined by a wave equation:

Present = Se x Tƒ = S/T=V in lineal time notation or wavelength x frequency = Speed

The particle will be on the other hand defined by the density of information, Tƒ/Se = K, which is a fundamental parameter in all scales of reality; and we shall observe immediately that relates to the constants of curvature, G and Q in the equations of force : G, Q ( e x e or m x m /d2)

And the field will be defined by the density of energy Se/Tƒ = K, Se x Tƒ = K , E x T = K, which are the constant of actions of the two main fields of quantum physics (H=E x T) and Thermodynamics K = E x T.

Thus we resolve here the meaning of those Universal constants, beyond the ‘Germanic, idealist’ definition.

In that regard we can establish as the fundamental parameters of the Human World, the constants of energy density of the quantum and thermodynamic fields, H and q, the constants of informative curvature/density, Q and G, and the constants of Present Speed, C.

Now those are the constants of the Human word, which is NOT the whole Universe. This must be clear. And certainly while in the previous article on cosmological systems we have studied further beyond the Human Universe the dark world, there is no reason why to do so in this post on the atomic and molecular matter sales of human beings.

It should be noticed that there is ONLY a constant of speed-space, c the constant of light because WE are created in a pyramid in which the minimal continuum is light space-time, from where the symmetry breaks, that is quanta evolve socially into larger systems.

Of course we do know that in the interior of atoms there are quarks and outside galaxies dark energy and dark matter, but those themes have dealt with ion the previous post, because in the ‘known known evident Universe they DO NOT PLAY ANY ROLE, they are beyond the human Universe. We are a Universe in which those are the constant that matter. Strong forces and dark energies, which are related as a Russian Doll game, in which smaller parts and larger beings come together, as it happens with smaller food and larger animals in the world (where the smallest quanta, light feeds plants, the smallest plancktons whales, the smallest krills, whale sharks, and so according to the metric of the 5th dimension Min. Tƒ (food ) x Max. Se (predator) = K, in this game of nested Russian dolls from below and above, our world is reduced to:

Constant of Energy density in the Light scale: H-Planck


Constant of Present speed-distance: Light space-time (relativity theory)

Constant of Information density in the light scale: Q

To: time clock: e-charge

Constant of energy density in the matter, thermodynamic scale k-Bolt


Constant of information density in the matter, thermodynamic scale G

To: time clock: T-mass (the mass of the top quark, which however is outside our Universe).

Again it is important to notice the scalar nature of the Universe, as the two limits of our perception while influencing our world, are NOT in our world, that is the H-Planck, the uncertain limit in the below scale and the top quark, the dark matter in the above scale, since systems do have a symmetry that adapts them on the 3 levels such as:


That is, the H-Planck as a Planckton, as a To of the lower ‘neutrino scale’ is NOT visible to us, it is the uncertain limit, but we can perceive it as an |-1 quanta of energy of the electron scale where perception starts, as the To time clock of our Universe. It does appear in our equations despite being the constant of action we do not distinguish ‘alone’. On the other limit, the clock of mass, the top quark with its faster speed of time, is neither perceived, nor its boson of dark energy, the H-fields and particle. But we can perceive its influence in the Mach’s rotary inertia of the galaxy and its left-chirality, transmitted to our particles (which die as anti-particles with right chirality).

Thus the certain human word is reduced to a few parameters:

c-speed the constant of spacetime speed

e-charge, the constant of time

k Bolt the constant of energy density

And Q the constant of information density:

Sæ (c ) <E (k: S/T) x I (Q: T/S) >To (e)

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.45.04

In the graph, the key equation that started quantum physics in which most of the constants of our world appear. It is the equation of radiation of a black body.

This is the ‘Constant World’ In which we live, exist, and perceive, which is ultimately made of light spatial entropy and electronic Temporal Form in which our present actions of energy and information are regulated by Thermodynamic temperature.

It is encased in a larger world of strong forces and gravitational forces, which however hardly affects us; and beyond it into the Dark world of Top quark, its superluminal hyper-forces, and its superluminal Higgs fields and bosons, which we can now theoretically by isomorphisms but it is totaling alien to us unless we bring it here in our accelerators to devour and destroy our world.

Of all those elements and parameters of the standard model and classic physics, the only element which I have not yet fully inserted due to some contradictor properties, namely its spin, which makes it seem a fermion when its speed would make it seem a boson is the neutrino, of which we will speak in due term. It seems that its most clear role is to be a partner or half ‘component’ of light, forming together a space-time broken symmetry as the electro-weak force also forms a space-time broken symmetry, themes those to explore fully on the 4th line.

Breaking of symmetry: universal constants as limits of the existence of physical systems.

Universal constants are vital constants of a larger scale of existence of a physical system, while its scalar constants are the active magnitude,

often the value of the specific Metric of the being, its most important value: ∆=Sp x T

Once this is understood and the space-time main events and systems of physics are described we can consider the next phase of T.Œ, which is specially relevant in a mathematical science as physics, hence we shall mention it so early in the introduction: the study of the 7 fundamental Universal/vital constants of al systems of the Universe:

  • The Sp/Tƒ ratio energy density of the system.
  • Its inverse, Tƒ/Sp information density.
  • The Sp=Tƒ, balance that maximizes its existential ‘momentum (Sp x Tƒ).

They are the internal space-time parameters of the being.

Then there are the external constants that related the whole being, Œ, Active Magnitude, ÅC, to the external world also made of 3 ∆+1  Sp- field of energy, Tƒ-world of informative cycles and ST- parallel elements with whom it communicates. So we find the following ratios:

ÅC/Sp World Field, which provides energy to the being.

ÅC/ST World Body-wave, which provides reproductive actions to the being.

ÅC/Tƒ World Informative field, which provides information to the being.

Whereas ÅC is the parameter, which humans use to classify each variation as a whole with a constant (mass for particles, charge for fields, IQ for human brains, etc.)

Thus in physics the key to harmonize TŒ and classic studies and equations will be to to consider the Universal Constants or ratios between the different ‘parameters’ of its generator equation, to start resolving the equations of physics; of which the most obvious and important will be the ‘Constants of 5D planes’, finitesimals of each of those scales of three types, Tƒ/Sp: informative densities, Sp/Tƒ: energy densities and Sp=Tƒ, Action constants. They define the 5th dimension in each plane, studied in the next isomorphism. So here we just consider the 4 more important:

Tƒ/Sp: Constants of informative density or ‘Curvature constants’: Λ-1: Q-constant of charge attraction≈curvature; Λ+1: G-constant of mass attraction≈curvature; which obviously are the origin, when considering in ‘isolation’ as Tƒ, of theΛ-1: e: constant of charge of the electron and Λ+1: mn: Constant of mass of the electron.

5D metric= SexTi= K, which defines the Constants of action: Λ-1: quantum plane: h-Planck (‘Planckton’)= E x T , which translates 5D metric to the Electromagnetic & Atomic Plane and…

Λ: Thermodynamic Plane: k-Boltzmann constant (‘Bolt’)= E x T, which translates 5D metric to the Electromagnetic & Atomic Plane.

And finally Sp/Tƒ: Constants of energetic Density or ‘speed constants’:

Λ-1: c-speed, constant of motion of the light space plane, which being the Sp-constant for the entire Galaxy in which our system exists, it is the only constant of energy-space or ‘rod of measure’ of all the systems of space we perceive.

Now the reader should observe nothing else is needed really to describe physical systems isomorphic to all other descriptions of reality, as this still taken from Britannica’s article on Universal constants show:

Those are the fundamental constants because they define the 3 ‘stationary points’ of the world cycle of all physical systems, which the Hamiltonian-Lagrangian equations translate mathematically (Britannica ads the Faraday constant related to charge, I presume because of nationalist memes 🙂

Now what is really the world we live in? The answer is that we are sandwiched between the cosmological dark world and the invisible world below light, the space-time we ‘see’. Thus of all those constants really the ones that matter are:

The splitting of symmetries and universal constants in physics. The conservation of ST-presents.

The conservation laws of the Universe can be resumed in the conservation of the total Sp<ST>Tƒ reality and its ternary symmetries across space, time and the 5th dimension. So angular and lineal, Sp and Tƒ momentum is conserved, and its larger, 5D vision as integrated planes of systems or energy and information (kinetic and potential energy) is conserved. And the number of particles and antiparticles, or life and death states of a world cycle is conserved. Yet because Sp and Tƒ are relative past and future arrows merged into ST-waves-bodies of present, which constantly iterate its forms, actually all reduces to the conservation of ST dual fields. Present Fields. We do exist always in present.

Thus all starts with a simple philosophical statement: ‘The Universe exists constantly in present’.

This seemingly simple statement, is a powerful instrument as soon as we realise that the present, ST, is a bidimensional system with a parameter of a dimension of relative space-frm and time-motion, or O-x |=Ø, that is an event which is creative.

The study of the Function of present, Spast, x Tƒuture = Ø-Present, a Constant of existence, which ‘exists’ in one of the scales of the 10th dimension ‘alone at a time’, and the study of other ‘simplex dimensional conservations in any ∆-Plane of the energy and information, Sp and Tƒ, quanta and infinite continuum vibration in space of two poles, which brome a harmonic oscillator creative event:

Sp = ∞ x O = Time point -> Constant of existence which fluctuates through its differential equations from a lineal function ∂y to a full cyclical function, Dy/dx, in any of the two possible upwards and downward social dimensions of affine or topological spas.

Thus a constant of existence, Sp x Tƒ = E∆i, can be also perceived as a sum of quanta of space, of discrete volume dimensions which are seen as fixed and a seemingly continuous due to its extreme range f harmonic oscillator functions between 2 poles.

The line then becomes the true ‘minimal entity of the Universe’, and as such, since lines have breath soon become waves of points, extended also transversally till finally are organised in a different type of vibration, that of a plane.

Which has by definition, one more dimension and so has points of view, called particles, with a larger gravitational mind of dimensions that the simpler, thermodynamic and electromagnetic, j, µ and h quanta.

So we could say that the mind is gravitational because of the way we perceives geometry operate with eyes, etc. and so it is cold because it makes a reduction of thermodynamic form – hence its gravitational in the scale it measures.

What are the quanta of gravitation? The only known candidate is the neutrino hence, IT IS the neutrino. How to adapt the equations of present mathematical physics is through the Jordan theory of neutrino light in which particles, first exchange along the invisible side of the c, m, t barriers, a measure line, invisible but that we know it is there to form the first informative neutrino-giravtational connections.

So we are gravitational beings.

We become then frames of references of mechanics in the equation of the mind which is the equation that truly defines as the relative constant of existence, c-speed or 0 temperature or H-planck.

The Universe is immortal in 0-sum time cycles that never end, perfectly anti(symmetric) between the two directions/forms/motions on the extreme of those two cycles, which converge into present, static forms and its infinite-simal up and down in the 5th dimension. And having that on mind we can describe it all.

The main of those laws is the immortality of the Universe, and its dualist formal motions, which are a zero-sum when we put together its antisymmetries of space-time, which conserve together its potential vs. kinetic energy, angular vs. lineal momentum, time vs. space anti-symmetries, across 3 ∆±1 planes of the 5th dimension.

This is the ‘essence’ of it we must grasp. The immortality of the whole is based in the inverse symmetry of its 2 elements: form vs. motion, left vs. right, expansion vs. implosion; lineal, decelerating, expansive stillness vs. accelerating implosive cyclical motion; faster than c speed vs. slower than c speed, positive charge vs. negative charge, particle vs. antiparticle… Positive vs. negative wave sides. opposite genders, a ‘male’ or ‘female’ element, which are complementary and fusion in a reproductive present or divide in two opposite fractions.

Thus 5D Physics explains in a much more natural manner what many physicists came to call the group theory disease; that is, the use of the abstract jargons of modern mathematics, without understanding what they truly mean, and what is ‘truth’ and what is mere mathematics, provoking the present inflation of ‘Group transformations and Symmetries’.

Reality is rather simple, and the proper jargon slightly different. There is not a breaking of symmetry as physicists express it but rather the creation of a symmetry of opposite elements, departing from a universal constant, of Present State, Sp=Tƒ, an immortal point of balance in any plane of reality, which diverges both sides, to one side of MORE INFORMATION, Max. Tƒ and a side of larger spatial energy, as that is the ONLY ternary elements of 5D space-time that might ‘’diverge or converge’ in any scale.

In brief, the 3 ‘standing points’ of the e ages of a Worldcycle in time or ternary symmetry in space or ∆±1 scales of the 5th dimension might diverse from present to relative past and future, lineal and cyclical, higher or lower scales and that gives birth to diversity. So we shall first consider in the domain around our local scale, space and time parameters-constants, how those divergences might happen.

So zero systems expand into the negative (past-Sp in our conventional choice) and positive (future, Tƒ in our choice) relative sides of a constant of symmetry, Sp=Tƒ, which is expressed by giving birth to two cancelling opposites.

Coincidentia Oppositorum, said Nicola da Cusa, the infinitely large and slow, the infinitely small and fast, the 0 and the ∞ which are relative and multiplied give us a constant ‘o’ for adding operations or 1 for multiplicative inversions, or a Universal constant for logarithmic scales of the 5th dimension (log vs. e, ln vs. 10, log2 vs. 2 vs. √2 being the most important of those inversions).

Let us recall from this or other posts, what those 3 Sp, Tƒ, and Sp=Tƒ, standing points and constants are in our world:

Sp=Tƒ: constants of present action on 3 scales.

– C: the space-time fundamental constant of the galaxy, or present wave of energy and information, in the ∆+1 scale, k or Boltzmann constant in the thermodynamic scale and H or Planck constant in the quantum scale.

Max. Sp & Max. Tƒ: Young-energetic and old Informative, antisymmetries on 3 scales.

– Lineal vs. Cyclical formal motions, which we call lineal and cyclical momentum, and its integral sum, kinetic and potential energy, in the ∆+1 scale of cosmic bodies.

– Lineal vs. Cyclical formal motions, which we call, negative and positive ‘charge’ in the quantum scale.

– And finally lineal vs. cyclical order in the thermodynamic scale which we consider to have a constant called 0-Kelvin temperature.

It is that reality which must tilt one or the other side of the constant to create the worlds and anti-worlds, light and dark worlds of our Universes and Anti-Universes.

In other worlds the Universe which conserves, Sp, Tƒ, Sp=Tƒ, and ∆±1 elements, the 3 scales and its cyclical and lineal momentums must in its origin be made of both, in its Sp=Tƒ original symmetries and this is the first being or constant of action, a particle, with lineal momentum, a wave, with c-speed a plane of space with angular momentum or spin.

We can in that sense define several possible births of Universes, but to be strict, we just will consider the quasar Universe of our light space-time galaxy, which is the only one we have enough information to fully understand.

In such Universe we do know there is a space-time, which is light space-time. So we can consider it spit above or below a certain dividing constant Sp x Tƒ, speed, ‘c’.

We know that the island galaxy, in which we are as masses and particles, have a c-speed barrier, we cannot cross. And we know

outside our Galaxy there is a whole world of dark space and dark energy, we do NOT see. So it is not made of c-speed light. So the origin of our reality ‘before we were born must be a split that left on our side the < c speed and outside of our galaxy there must be a >c speed. This is the world of dark energy, which seems to expand because seeing as distance, faster than c-speed appears as expansive, entropic space.

This is not forbidden in Einstein’s equations, merely means a negative sign in the mass and energy of the system, which can only be crossed, when a ‘being’ suffers the antisymmetry of moving from the side of more to-order into the side of more se-entropy, in the action of death.

Now, for a system to be > C speed it must have a space which is scalar, and with 0 spin, outside. So what particle outside can be > c and 0 scalar angular momentum?

As always we do NOT speculate (and that is why we have reduced our analysis to our galaxy). There is actually a boson, the Higgs boson that has 0 spin and negative mass in certain ranges of excited existence. So here we have the dark energy boson, the Higgs, outside the Universe, accelerating beyond c-speed, which therefore is the ‘event horizon’ or halo of the galaxy, which cannot be crossed in the larger scale of the anti-atom galaxy.

So the fundamental symmetry of the cosmological ∆+1 scale is >c (Higgs boson), ≈ c (Photon) < c (Mass) is resolved.

Next there is the question moves to the ∆-thermodynamic scale.

Again, we must consider here the constant of order, which we found to be 0 K Temperature. So there should be a world to one side of 0 temperature and a world to the other side of 0 temperature.

And since we find that our world CANNOT go under 0 temperature, we are in the side of > 0 Temperature and < C speed. This is evident. And so we must conclude that the dark world outside the galaxy must be below the 0 temperature barrier, which cannot be crossed either. Do we find then anything that is in the dark world below 0 temperature.

Indeed, black holes of large size have a perfect order and are 0 temperature. Their world starts in a accelerated vortex of gravitation, from where ‘light cannot speak’ because light actually turns at c-speed in its event horizon, but because vortices are accelerated (Principle of Equivalence between acceleration and gravity), beyond its 0-barrier black holes MUST move faster than light with less than zero temperature.

And so those are the fundamental barriers between the galactic world in space (< c-speed) and time (>0 k ) and the dark world of dark matter (black hole matter) and dark energy (expansive, > c speed).

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 20.30.03

In the graph, the pseudo sphere is used to represent Kerr black holes on its central, faster than light axis, which transforms ‘time cycles’ beyond c-speed into spatial dark energy shut through its tachyon jet-axis into the dark world outside galaxies. This spinning process of accelerating and expelling waves and fields of information and energy absorbed through the bidimensional plane-mouth, is natural to all fractal points of the Universe in any scale of reality.

The pseudo sphere however has 2 jets, one that emits the Sp field of the system its absorbs and kills and one that emits its Tƒ particles, the red and blue shift sides of the black hole or star jet.

Both are the sides of a ‘broken dead-symmetry’ when a physical species, Sp<ST≥Tƒ dies, as all systems, it does so because its ‘fields, waves and particles’ dissociate, loosing the synchronicity of its internal clocks (De Broglie’ s wave-particle analyzed that synchronicity in its masterpiece paper, today often forgotten on the forest of mathematical trees). All systems then break as the time vortex accelerates and the field lines decelerate in inverse versions. Thus all symmetry-split of a Universe constant of action or wave can be seen also as a death process of the physical system, and its now unconnected parts.

It is the duality of symbiotic creation big-bang destruction, clearly shown in the particle-antiparticle ± charge fields vs. the proton-electron, ± symbiotic union. The same graph can represent the potential inverse symmetry wells of those positive and negative charges:

Another way to represent those two sides of a symmetry is the concept of a potential well:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.04.20

A potential well is the region surrounding a local minimum of potential energy. Energy captured in a potential well is unable to convert to another type of energy (kinetic energy in the case of a gravitational potential well) because it is captured in the local minimum of a potential well.

The potential well will then be the ‘symmetry point’ or ‘Universal constant’, the c-speed of zero mass-energy; the place in which pure motion and pure form will reside eternally; which once broken will distend into the negative and positive ‘death’ maximals and minimals, extremal points.

The potential well becomes then as the ‘death process’ splits its parameters into a potential barrier, which the system will NOT be able to cross unless it returns to its present-wave form (quantum barrier crossed in the wave state when the extremal past x future field-article system returns to the wave state):

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 21.25.04

In the graph, the quantum barrier can only be crossed in wave state. The understanding on T.Œ of those phenomena requires to fully grasp the ‘changes in time speed’ which all systems can perform within the limits of its constants of action: as we can accelerate our actions, increasing the tempo of our heart clock, which in turns do change our perception of time, systems can change its E x T = H quantum of action accelerating its time clocks or decelerating them, and can change its ‘states’ from body-actions (wave-state) to head-actions (particle state).

After crossing as wave in the lower ∆-1 plane of the 5th dimension, the system though shows a lower energy-frequency, which it has spent going ‘under’ the well, in the ∆-1 dimension not above, jumping over the Height dimension of growth of form (which we observe in boson states of eusocial evolution that pile up frequencies of bidimensional spin 1).

Those are essential beats of absolute freedom and zero-viscosity, which all systems of the Universe can perform, in its vital state. The risks of those changes of state happen when the ‘change’ moves towards the ‘LNK’ limits of the physical function (Max. Sp=c-speed > stable>Max. Tƒ-form= 0 k), where the split an cause the death of the system:

LORENTZIAN-NEWTONIAN REGIONStriple point matter life ages

We can understand those processes thus also in terms of ‘translation’ and travel through the 5th dimension, ∆-particle < ∆-1: wave, faster state: motion > Particle-still form.

Let us then consider briefly the meaning of momentum and energy and its conservation laws which ultimately mean the conservation of the 5th dimension.

The 3 conservation laws: Energy ≈ 5th dimension; lineal momentum: open space; angular momentum: closed time.

PHYSICS, when trying to find the laws of conservation of the Universe they found 2 laws, the law of conservation of angular momentum, which is a cyclical motion, self-centered into a point; and a lineal motion.

The conservation of momentum is associated in quantum mechanics with the proposition that it makes no difference where you do the experiment, the results will always be the same. As independence in space has to do with the conservation of momentum, independence of time has to do with the conservation of energy.

And so we must deduce that there is NOT absolute space, as the location in space is completely independent on the result of an experiment. So all space is self-contained to the event of space-time and region affected by the experiment.

Then there is the conservation of time. If we turn our ‘experimental apparatus’ in a ‘time-like cycle’, this too makes no difference, and so the invariance of the world to angular orientation is related to the conservation of angular momentum; which means all worldcycles of time have a total zero-value, as they close into themselves in the same point.

So we found that the Universe conserves cyclical motions of time and lineal motions of space.

Then there is the conservation of Energy, which is roughly speaking the ‘integral sum of lineal and cyclical momentums’.

In quantum mechanics it turns out that the conservation of energy is very closely related to another important property of the world, things do not depend on the absolute time.

We can set up an experiment at a given moment and try it out, and then do the same experiment at a later moment, and it will behave in exactly the same way. From this we can deduce the principle of conservation of energy. It is a rather subtle and interesting thing, which can only have an explanation:

Absolute Time, duration, which integrates a series of lineal and cyclical motions, adding them to the extent of creating a new scale of the fifth dimension, IS FRACTAL. It does not exist as a continuous lineal infinite time in a single continuous space plane.

As such absolute time does not affect any event happening in time, which therefore is a self-contained process, a cycle related to the internal time of the event.

A Time cycle is therefore a closed, fractal cyclical proposition.

But we can add, integrate time cycles and that creates the illusion of absolute duration; and we can integrate space surfaces and that creates the illusion of absolute extension.

This is what Leibniz called relational space and relational time.

Leibniz would have said that ‘all substances are made of cyclical motions with different speeds = different clocks of time.’ And different vital spaces, fractal parts. And all together create the illusion of absolute space and absolute time.

But we can ad a third element, the ‘Integral of spaces and times’, which give us the concept of Energy, similar to that of a 5th dimension integral. So on the regions of reality where we can conserve Energy, we are observing a process of scalar, social growth of elements of the 5th dimension. And this gives us the fundamental equations for each scale of physical systems, which are the equations of energy for each of those scales:

E∆-1=hƒ for the quantum ∆-1 scale, Eo= RT for the scale of thermodynamics, and E∆1=1/2 mv2 with the limit E=mc2 for the gravitational scale.

Whereas as we can observe, a given Plane of the 5th dimension conserves a ‘constant of bidimensional space’ (h, k, m) and a different speed of time cycles, (ƒ, T, v).

We can study then the interaction of those 3 elements, how they transform into each other through the ‘frontiers’ between those 3 scales, and what it means the different combinations of those formula, specifically the one that defines each constant:

H = E x T, R (or n k) = E / T and m = E/c2

In this form they represent the constant of action of energy and Time of each of the 3 scales akin to the co-invariant law of the 5th dimension. It simply means that in each scale of the 5th dimension there is a certain constant ‘rod of measure of space and time that varies (never mind here that we, humans use for certain measures of time, the frequency, and for others the period: T=1/ƒ).

The enormous field open by the study of the 3 scales of the Universe, its constants of space-time, its time frequency clocks and its 5 Dimensional growth in social scales of energy, is a huge field, which we cannot ‘attack’ in this post further.

Clarifications on conservation quantities, states and magnitudes.

The previous example shows the problems of translating all those terminologies to T.Œ are due to the use of very different jargons and parameters for each scale. We have introduced the simplest translations of the ∆-1 into the ∆+1 scales in the previous post (Unification equation of charges and masses). Yet it will be easier to use in this introductory level the common jargons of those sciences, merely identifying the previous space, time 5D symmetries and its constant of actions and 5 space-time cycles for each species of each scale.

Needless to say within the previous isomorphisms, we can fit all the disciplines of physical sciences; whose exhaustive analysis of all the actions, species, space-time symmetries (equations) and events in time, between the n-1 scale (quantum physics, electrodynamics, magnetism) and the n-scale (thermodynamics, state physics, electricity) makes physics & chemistry, when NOT trying to make metaphysics (cosmological, eschatological and philosophical statements), the most thoroughly investigated science today.

We will follow the isomorphic method, studying those 2 scales not with the usual procedure of physical and chemical sciences, which define the events of those actions and its structure in space and time with mathematical equations, but with the procedure of T.Œ, considering the 1) 5D scales, 2) space and 3) time symmetries first, its elements and finally its 4)  actions, introducing within that scheme the definitions of the parameters, constants, magnitudes, dimensions and equations of mathematical physics.

Now, unlike more evident ‘scales’ in which form dominates motion (Evolution) or thought (memes) dominates from and motion (sociology), closer to the human experience, the world of physical systems, is the most remote to that experience, and its language (mathematics) the less known to humans, which move on the natural languages of human thought (visual art, verbal time, emotional bondages), and understand as animals, the survival, topological forms of life. For that reason we would need a basic introduction to the interplay of this wider reality expressed in abstract terminologies that seem so remote from the bio-sociological experience.

They are not. As all beings are knots of space-time cyclical actions, whose purpose is survival. The program of the Universe is hidden on physical systems by the remoteness of its scales, the abstraction of its description and the immensity of its elements. So we shall do an introduction to the interplay and co-existence of the 3 scales of reality, the electromagnetic scale, the thermodynamic and the gravitational scale. We exclude though the limits beyond those scales, the quarks inside the atoms and the galaxy beyond the planet, because they do not truly interact in this world of human existence.

The 5th dimension has barriers between planes of existence, where energy and information don’t cross, due to entropy and asymmetry (chirality); and essentially our world is one of light, electrons, atoms, molecules and matter states.

The similarities between the internal ‘strong forces’ of the atom and the internal gravitational forces of the galaxy, the external electromagnetic forces of the atom, and the external dark energy of the cosmos are studied also with physical laws, but will not be included here.

A question also of difficult analysis is the 3 units of action, of those 3 scales, the angular momentum of h-Planck actions, the vibrational temperature of thermodynamics, and the variable g-forces of gravitation. Those constant of actions seem truly different in its form and equations but  the concept of integrative ‘energy’, will allow us to explain how energy and information transfers among those planes.

Finally the order of exposition will be a diachronic analysis, which works better, as the human mind seems to be structure in this manner. So I have abandoned my personal files, which are always written with an analogical, metaphoric method jumping synchronically between all systems of all scales, in spatial order.

Thus we shall analyze in the order in which humans discovered those scales, starting from the science of Mechanics, or higher gravitational scale (XVII and XVIII c.) then the science of Thermodynamics, or human scale (XVIII-XIX c.) and finally the science of electromagnetism and its minimal units (quantum scale).

We will in each scale introduce the spatial and temporal order of the 3 time-space elements of the generator equation (Se<ST>Tƒ), intersecting laws and cases of classic physics, but given the difficulty to understand directly those elements (unlike in biological and sociological forms), introduce a somewhat intermediate exposition but directly ‘downloading’ and interpreting  the known-known laws of those systems. Hence the sub-posts entitled ‘mechanics’, ‘Newtonian laws, ‘Maxwell equations’,  ‘quantum numbers’, ‘Conservation Laws’ etc. In an ideal world in which T.Œ is the Unification theory of all sciences, those terms would not be used, but at this stage we must translate those well-known laws to the elements of T.Œ.

Now all this SIMPLE REALITY is GREATLY complicated in physics by the multiple jargons, lack of TOE, denial of non quantitative properties and multiplicity of mathematical formalisms for all of those elements of T.Œ, for example, the concept of mass, which we simply as gravitational vortices, has the formalism of Higgs, particle with its negative masses, ad hoc additions, but essentially right; as it is a top quark (in the similar Technicolor more correct formulation) field of dark energy and faster than c-rotational speed, beyond the even horizon of the accelerated black hole vortices.

There is however an even more interesting formulation that general relativity, the Higgs field and Technicolor, which is the dick-brane theory of a variable G-constant, which can be used to define the different scalar vortices of the different planes of physical systems (charges, atomic molecules, gravitational light-space confined to galaxies and c-speed and outer dark energy cosmological structures).

Time permitted we shall then choose a formalism that better adapts to 5D planes for all its physical scales in the 4th line. Here we just mention the extraordinary difficulties to fully integrate all those different jargons, and the different formalisms within each scalar jargon and the astounding number of details studied by physicists.

So now let us continue with this post, an the minimal clarifications, on physical concepts, magnitudes and constants to be able to carry a meaningful analysis of the 3 spatial, temporal, 5 D symmetries and Œ-points of those fundamental 3+1 scales, which affect life on this planet (the rest being cosmological analysis in the previous posts).

Now those are the ‘practical’ constants to develop physics as it is; no homogenized by T.Œ formalism. So we must do a few important clarifications. Any system can be well defined, considering its 5D planes and its space and time symmetries and space-time actions, which range from the minimal unit of its simpler ∆a actions, to the larger, longer ∆u social actions.

Yet the lack of a proper definition of:

  • Tƒ: Cyclical time in physics (measured sometimes with frequency – light scale; with lineal time; mechanic scale; with temperature, molecular scale; and so on)…
  • Sp: Vital space, measured sometimes with: wavelength – light scale; with flux current, electric scale; with entropy, molecular scale; with length, mechanic scale.
  • ST: Present, body-wave, measured sometimes with Energy, sometimes with Momentum, sometimes with Intensity, and so on..

Requires a one-to-one analysis of each scale and species.

Further on the Human scale or thermodynamic scale is the one according to epistemology, with less uncertainty of data. It means in practical terms that we do have a ternary fractal subdivision in great detail of our scale in 3 sub-scales:

  • The electric scale with the electron and its social, ∑e=I, currents of electricity, ruled by photonic bondage.
  • The atomic scale with the atom and its social ∑a=molecular structures, ruled by electronic bondage
  • The Matter scale with its molecules and its temporal states, ruled by temperature gradients.

So we are in fact talking of 2+1 (x3) relative scales, to study in great detail. So many elements, so many ill-defined concepts, and yet surprisingly enough, so well-done ‘how-mathematical descriptions’ of its ∆a, motion actions…

All in all  the main equations of the 3 scales, define its energy, its constant of action and its acceleration. What those terms mean? And how they transfer into those 3 scales?

Let us consider it from a different perspective. There are 3 magnitudes to define all mechanical actions:

Tƒ: ‘mass’, the active magnitude, similar to charge, the active magnitude of the ∆ scale, similar to h, the active magnitude of the n-1 scale.

Se: Time, defined by frequency in ∆-1, by the electromagnetic field in n and by the acceleration in the ∆+1

And ST, defined by Energy in n-1 and by force in n and ∆+1.

And it is this ST factor what transfers between scales.

Recap. The constants of the universe and all its systems.

This post deals with the 7 Universal/Vital constants which define most systems at the larger ‘whole’ structural point of view:

The constants are simple to understand, departing from the 3 symmetries of all systems, in space, time and the 5th dimension:

Spe<ST<Ot, the symmetries of the 3 parts of the being, its field/limbs of energy, body-wave of iterative reproduction and Ot-head particle information define the being in simultaneous space.

Es>TS>Tƒ, the 3 ages of energetic dominance of the limb/field, TS adult, balanced age dominated by the reproductive motions of the being and Tƒ, 3rd age of time, dominated by memorial information.

And the ∆±1 scales that conform the super organism across 3 planes of the 5th dimension with its inverse entropic and informative arrows such as:

SE-1≥ST≥TO+1, define the 3rd symmetry of the Universe as systems have different entropy arrows across the 5th dimension. Since lower scales transmit better information towards upper scales but have energetic entropy as thermodynamics shows and vice versa upper scales show informative entropy when transferring to lower scales but mechanics proves their motion is not lost downwards.

THIS IS THE KEY ELEMENT TO UNDERSTAND WHY SYSTEMS DIE, as the inverse arrows of space and time which would balance the Universe are broken by the similarity between the flows of energy and information of the 5th dimension and the sequence of 3 ages of time. This similarity implies that information dominates over energy and present slowly moves towards higher information.

Once this is understood we can consider the study of the 7 fundamental Universal/vital constants of al systems of the Universe:

  • The Se/Tƒ ratio energy density of the system.
  • Its inverse, Tƒ/Se information density.
  • The Se=Tƒ, balance that maximizes its existential ‘momentum (Se x Tƒ).

They are the internal space-time parameters of the being.

Then there are the external constants that related the whole being, Œ to the external world also made of 3 Se- field of energy, Tƒ-world of informative cycles and ST- parallel elements with whom it communicates. So we find the following ratios:

  1. Oe/Se World Field, which provides energy to the being.
  2. Oe/ST World Body-wave, which provides reproductive åctions to the being.
  3. Oe/Tƒ World Informative field, which provides information to the being.
  • And finally we shall find a parameter which humans use to classify each variation as a whole with a constant (mass for particles, charge for fields, IQ for human brains, etc.)

Those 7 constants, which are crystal clear in terms of magnitudes and physical equations and quantities and proportions for physical systems acquire more qualitative, topological, social or mental properties when we deal with species closer to the human. So as we first define them and then study those 7 ‘vital constants’ for each scale of the universe, we shall switch for quantitative extensive analysis to qualitative intensive studies, and finally to mental creative analysis when considering the ratios and proportions of artistic space-time (the Uo mind of man).

Thus in this post of the  3rd line we introduce each isomorphism and put examples in each scale of them. Here we introduce the isomorphism of the 7 UNIVERSAL, VITAL CONSTANTS.











The minimal unit of reality is a constant of action, SxT=K, which in dynamic form can be considered, an Spe<=>Tiƒ cyclical quanta of exchange of energy and information between two poles, topologies and functional motions ofspace and time:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.44.55In the graph, the elements which put together a bit of topology a type of motion in time, create constant actions of space-time, as such constants are ratios of energy and information exchange, exi: Spe<≈>Tiƒ.

We study the ‘∆-Constants’ or ratios of exchange and energy and Social numbers of all those scales.

• Mental constants. 

Finally as each being makes a mapping of reality biased to its perspective we find mental constants that distort reality to make such still mapping. THE MIND INDEED is in itself a constant world:

O (mind) x ∞ Universe = Constant mapping World.

How then a dynamic feed-back cycle becomes a perceived universal constant has to do with the uncertainty of perception of information from a different linguistic mind. We perceive the ratio or cycle point that flashes us discontinuous information about the cycle at that point of the ratio which becomes then the perceived constant. As such most universal constants will be reduced to a form, S/T: speed, T/S:Density and SxT: Force.


In the graph, the uncertainty of perception normally means the loss of a a dimension of information, on the system that perceives, discharging likely some of the speeds of maximal motion of the being and extracting a Universal constant or ratio – density, speed, force, etc.

The mind thus eliminated motion and uses energy perceived as the exchange of forms of spatial information from the static, mind point of view of the being, according to the Duality of the Galilean paradox, which ‘fixes’ motion into static forms to better interact with all the scales and species of the ecosystem, world or universe in which the being exists.

The perception of fixed forms happens precisely because of the ‘repetitive frequency’ of those åctions, which finally become a fixed form born out of the repetition, as a rotary wheel seems more solid the faster its frequency of repetition and a moving object seems a distance-line the faster it repeats its steps.


Theme. The UNIVERSE CONSERVES TIME. Time Existences. The forms and motions of its beings, reproduced constantly in present waves of times, in which past-energy and future-information combine.

Time existences, T.œ is thus a theory of conservation not of the spatial egos, fixed mappings of an ever moving Universe, but of the motion itself and its 3 past, present and future dimensional motions. That is what is all about. The eternally immutable, perfect, ever variable all and nothing cancelling and paradoxical, ±∆TS, and its conservation laws.

The constancy of existences…

Existential Algebra, æ, deals with the development of the symmetries of space-time, between the 3 2-manifolds of space and the 3 motions of time, its symmetries, |-Space, O-Time and Ø-presents, and its asymmetric combinations, (forms which combine |-time (entropy), O-Space (information) and |-Present (death) or O-Present (emergence).

It is though difficult for the non-initiated into the paradoxical, combinatorial of Æ to fully grasp the logic of it. We are always playing with quantized arrows of temporal motion, which aggregate into a scalar zero sum, in as much as time conserves by the mere fact that it cancels its past and future arrows into presents. Thus we consider a fundamental equation for all sequences of existential algebra:

Past x Future = Present

but why the X symbol and not the + symbol? When an equation of Æ changes its symbols? What is the events in which superposition, ±, works and when the X holds, and when the log applies?

The 3 scales of operandi of reality conform to the ± of space, X of sequential algebra and potentiation of integral in both space and time. We might say thus there are 3 forms of growth spatial sums, cyclical world cycle products and 5D integrals – 3 operandi for 3 forms of transcendence, emergence, and dissolution, multiplication and reproduction, sum and rest of energy, product and division of information, emergence or dissolution of the world cycle of an existence.

And calculating all about it, existential algebra, Æ, and its laws regulate it all.

Let us start then our analysis of existential waves by giving some order to it, starting from the simplest proposition.

All is time. Time is motion. Since all is motion and motion never stops time and the Universe, all is eternal. Eternal motion however can vary. The game is thus about variations of motions. Motions are of 3 types in a single dimension, lineal,  curved inwards into circles, curved outwards into hyperbolas.  Those 3 forms hold for 2 manifolds, in which toroid (lineal), spherical (curved) and hyperbolic (hyperbola) are the 3 varieties. Thus when time and space mix, 2-manifolds of time-space are of the 3 same varieties: |-S fields/limbs <, O-T heads/particles > and Ø-ST bodies/waves ≈

Logic-mathematical proof. The Universe is immortal=∞.

The probability of It not to be immortal but of finite time, T=K, is quasi-null: K/∞ = 0%.

Since the reminder the Universe would be in non existence, non existence would have an infinite duration.

Thus  a finite existence, divided by the total existence K/K+∞ =0, gives us the probability of existence of a Finite T Universe, and we, within it. By reductio ad absurdum if the probability of existence of a a finite universe but the probability of existence of an immortal Universe is 1. Since we exist, we must deduce, that the Universe exists for ever: T=∞, ∞/∞=1 probability.

In brief the Universe either existed never or existed always. Since now it exists, it must stretch for ever and duration must be infinite T=∞, and the probability of being, 1.

A finite time on the other hand mean a O% of the total duration, a T+∞≈100%

Thus the chance that at any moment we are in existence in a finite time Universe is null.

Therefore it conserves time, in its three |xO=Ø varieties.

Now   because we exist in present, the Ø varieties are the most common of them all. A variety of bidimensional space time normally is unlike the 2 variety of | and O, a composite, so we talk of the fundamental addition of 3 different topologies such as

Γ.                               T² + S² + sT +St = O

As the most common ‘equation’ of space-time fractals and hence of mathematical physics. Where we have 4 points of view, the o-point of view, which observes all the elements of the wave, the |se variety S2, the Tƒ variety, T² and its 2 present combination max. S x Min. T and max. T x Min. S.

Tƒ notice that this kind of equation gives us the equations of most conics, if we consider the perpendicular X, Y axis to represent the functions of time and space. Thus in mathematics we study analytic geometry as a Cartesian graph of X and Y parameters, where X-space and Y(t) elements carry also its special meaning when we substitute Y for i.

Those terms will be clarified when we study mathematical physics.

Tƒ notice here that the mathematical method used here to explain reality is the inversion to the data -g authoring, analytic method. We depart from the top synthesis, the conservation of time motions and derive from it all human languages, mirrors of this Universal Grammar of:

X(S) + Y (T) = St +Ts

whereas St= -Ts are the inverse ‘energy’ and ‘information’ combinations of present, and

X(s) ±Y(T) the pure functions of space and time.

What this equation simply means is the join sum of 3 elements of space time, the head/particle (Tƒ) the limb/field (Se) and the hyperbolic body with its two limits of maximal space x min. time St and maximal time for minimal space, Ts.

This equations through its partial differentials that show sums of them across space or time, with analysis being the language of the transcendence and dissolution of planes of existence, are the kind of equations we will find when analyzing the 4 åctions of space-time of physical particles, states of matter and cosmic bodies, in the U|∆>2| Universes studied by physicists.

Once this is clear we are obliged to state that the Universe conserves time. Since if it does not conserve it, in infinite existence time would have already been exhausted. And yet time keeps going.

And this is what the equation shows. This equation when differentiated gives origin to Hamiltonians and Lagrangians, as it expresses the constant conservation or rather balance of time and space, as we can write it as:

(T +S)²=0

If we consider then T the function of time and S of space, its final sum equals zero and this is to say a lot. Let us consider for example the that T represent the kinetic energy (function of space) and S the positional potential energy (function of time). Their sum in calculus of variations is a minimal function accepted. As both remain invariant. The invariance of T+S, is thus one of the fundamental invariants of the Universe, and we could even state the origin of the ± symbology.  Each represent a T.Œ of time motion, kinetic energy, lineal motion, potential energy, cyclical motion of its active magnitude, mass or charge.

So Time is conserved, and since there are infinite fractal time spaces to be conserved, we must consider conservation laws and Universal constants that maintain its same value through the passage of time in terms of the Metric of the 5th dimension. Thus we can write a series of conservation laws, which will apply to any system of vital space-time, not only to physical systems.

This law can be reduced to a formula: ∑ Max. Sp x Tƒ, as each fractal space-time will try to conserve, its spatial energy and temporal information. And yet it will extract that energy and information from other species, because the total time must not change. So the individual goal of each species conservation rests from other species’ Sp x Tƒ content.

Thus here we have a contradiction worth to study in depth, in an infinite, eternally moving Universe, time is conserved, but since time is motion, what is conserved is the eternal Tao, the eternal symmetries and transformations of stop and go beats, cycles that become lines that become cycles across 3 dimensions of space of time of Universal Planes.

This is the content of the 7th isomorphism, which is highly formal, more logic, mathematic and  physical.

Since it deals with:

  • All the Universal constants of physics, the vital constants of biology and medicine, the chemical constants of gases, the sociological constants of population, and all other constants, which ‘specify’ and ‘diversify’ all the varieties of dimensional beings, its scales, ratios of åctions of exchanges of energy and information.
  • All the Principles of Conservation which define precisely the ‘stability of the Universe, such as the Conservation of momentum in Physics, the homeostasis in Biology, the repetitive genetic information of biology. This principles are the essence of the Universe, which truly embody the metric of the 5th dimension, in as much as they ‘are’ the manifestation of the ‘conservation’ of motion and form (or its more complex energy and information parameters). And could be enunciated through the metric of the 5th dimension with a simple, but most important laws of the Universe, the principle of conservation of ‘space-energy’, ‘form-time’ and its ∆-planes that combine both.

‘All systems of the universe try to conserve its dimensions of temporal motion, its dimensions of spatial form and its ∆±1 planes of existence invariant’.

And this is often shown in the existence of Universal constants related to those Dimensions of space and time and ∆-planes of existence, or in the existence of quantities conserved which are a combination of the main ‘parameters’ of space, time and ∆-existence. Let us consider those 2 themes in certain depth.

  • The philosophy derived of those facts: the conservatism of the Universe, provoked by the cyclical inertia and memorial nature of the cycles of time.
  • The existence of a mathematical ‘perfect’ image of the game of existence, which is also ruled by ‘mathematical’ constants and reflects in its highest existential algebra and non-Euclidean geometry relationships the template of the game of existence.

Let us consider those 4 themes in more detail. With some examples expanded in each specific analysis of the 1 to 9 planes of the Universe.

Conservation principle.

The Universe is guided by a simple principle: Conservation of the total space and time But since space is a quanta of time, when we integrate space along a function of time (which can be many in different scales of reality, energy, mass, time, etc.) we obtain a conserved quantity. Thus analysis, the study of variations and integrals through time of closed and ± cancelling functions which make the time of the Universe conserved are essential to T.Œ.

Conservation of Time is all, but time has the long dimension from past to future of 5D metric and social evolution from part into wholes, and the short dimension of åctions of space-time, time cycles, ±∆Sp, I, 4 primary åctions of absorption and emission-reproduction of information by an observer, ∆ï,o and of energy, ∆a,e

Now the conservation of time, becomes the conservation of the two geometric forms of time, Lineal motion or energy and cyclical form or information and its quantities are conserved in a single plane of space-time as the conservation of lineal and angular momentum, kinetic and potential energy.

Now we shall generally speaking talk of Kinetic energy, as |-lineal time, and Potential energy as cyclical time.

As we have related expansive entropy to lineal space we can write the inversion of both:

Tƒ=1/T=1/S, where lineal Time becomes ‘distance’ in space.

Yet between ∆-planes of existence the principle breaks and there is a constant leak of energy in its 2 åctions, external form and internal reproduction, from the upper scales to the lower ones as defined by Existential algebra: Aa: ∆-3<∆-2; Ae: ∆-2<∆-1 . And a constant leak of energy motion in its two åctions, from the

‘All systems of the universe try to conserve or increase its dimensions of temporal motion, its dimensions of spatial form and its ∆±1 planes of existence invariant’.

Max. Sp X Tƒ (S=T)

This principle however translates in many different ways according to which forms and motions (O and Sp) we look to.

If we look at an individual he will try to increase its existential force, Sp X Tƒ but to do so it will have to diminish that of other element. For that reason to find conservation we need to see at a closed total system. This is the meaning of a plane of existence. But are planes of existence closed systems? The answer is ‘almost’. But there is ‘energy’ – motion escaping from up to down, and form, information escaping from down up. And this makes more difficult to establish clearly rules of conservation. When you move you are moving all your cells with you, thus you are transferring motion to those cells. On the other hand they produce forms and code your genes, so they transfer information to you. How can we consider then the system closed?

Simply by considering that the transfer of motion down is somehow equivalent to the transfer of form upwards. This is difficult almost impossible to quantify except for very simple physical systems, where we have clear definitions of momentum, motion, energy etc.

It is thus a qualitative hypothesis to fully grasp the obvious order of the Universe. It tells us also a lot about the way upper planes are created, by smaller planes which gives them form and how larger forms mobilize smaller one, giving them ‘force’. And this happens also to us – the force that moves us gravitation, is given by the planet and the planet is moved by the star, and the star is moved by the black hole. But we hold the complex forms of the planet in its bidimensional spherical membrane of information, and the planet has more solid form than the stars…

This structure of the Universe thus makes ‘conservation principles’ not so rigorous as physicists make us belief. An obvious case is the violation of parity, another, the loss of energy of beta decay, solved with the ‘invisible neutrino’ which is NOT a particle of the light space-time membrane (but this in a continuous model of space-time of course is not acknowledged).

Still we can try and find undoubtedly an enormous number of parts of the Universe which try to maximize their function of existence, Sp X Tƒ and for that aim maintain the equality S=T which is the maximal value of a product of 2 (5×5>6×4…)

Now the question is to translate those 2 generic terms ‘motion and form’ or in more complex mixed forms which include scalar parameters of various  ∆-scales (mass, temperature, charge), its equivalents – lineal and angular momentum, energy and information (not the concept of Shannon, one-dimensional information but form in action, which defies easily a quantifying parameter).

Still we can try to do it the only way we can, the way humans perceive it. Let us consider the equality on its limits: not perceived motion without form – gravitational forces, and not perceived form without motion, rotational superfluid zero degrees, perfectly ordered cyclical motion.

Both are equal as S=T = 0 (not perception of them).

So next we must move to form with some motion and motion with some form, namely a wave, which physicists say carry motion proportional to its wave length and Shannon said it carries information, proportional to its frequency (for transversal waves). And here we can have yet another equality, which is what we seek for:

V= λ (Se) x ƒ (Tƒ)

And so we find a first Universal constant that combines the length-distance in space of a wave and its frequency, cyclical time.

it is an important one called speed. The trick being that in ∆ST we measure cyclical time, the inverse of duration. So Speed is no longer a ratio but a product, the product of the two fundamental, simplest possible parameters of the existential force, Se x Tƒ of a species, the wave…



A exhaustive classification for each being its 7 type of Constants.

Now, in order to qualify quantitative through constants a given systems, we can establish a series of basic constants according to our previous ƥST classification.

In a loose, we could talk of 7 type of constants, for any of the ±∆•ST systems of the Universe:

±Social constants of the 2 arrows of its ∆-scales

±Constants of S-topologies and T-ages and its ratios.

±Constants of the Generator, S<st>t of the system.

And a 7th type of constant that maps out in stillness a certain mind.

However unlike the other isomorphisms, where there is a surprising ‘neat’ relationship between the number of the isomorphism and the type of elements we define (1.generator, 2.st bidimensional systems, 3. time ages, ±4 planes in which an ∆0 being communicates, 5 actions, 6 species, 8 motion, 9 scales and 10 planes), the 7th constants are chose to adjust better to that number; given the fact that the vital constants of the internal being, the universal, external constants of the world and those of each of those ±4 planes with which the being interact, and those of each of its sub-species of the ∆±1 scales, etc, make them quasi-infinite in number.

So not to be exhaustive, we shall choose 7 in the sense of ‘general ±∆, ±ST, ±s<st>T & 0-Mind type of constants.

Classification by ∆-regions.

In that sense a simple way to classify the constants that act in a being is to divide them into:

-Internal, ∆-n ‘vital constants’ (ab. VC)

External, ∆+n, ‘Universal Constants’ (ab. UC), of the larger world with which the system communicates, absorbing and emitting energy and information.

Those types of constants are the most studied and so they are clear in terms of magnitudes and physical equations and quantities and proportions for physical systems

For each of those planes, the physical Active Magnitude (∆C) and its constants of action will be the mosre important, giving origin to:

– Internal<=>External exchanges; with its 5 sub-constants of actions performed by the inner being in the outer world: ÅC.

Those are better studied in biology, as they acquire more qualitative, topological, social or mental properties when we deal with species closer to the human.

So as we grow from entropic to informative scales and study those ±∆ ‘constants’ for each scale of the universe, we shall switch for quantitative extensive analysis to qualitative intensive studies in biology.

Linguistic Constants: Universal Grammar and beauty constants. Finally we can also consider as reflection of reality the Universal grammar and syntax, proportions and beauty (E=T) BALANCES of language and art, as ‘constants ratios’ , which illustrate perfectly the concept of balance and conservation of ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, of classic art.. It is the mental creative analysis of constants of beauty considering the ratios and proportions of artistic space-time (the ∆o mind of man).

Now if we want to be more specific we can make a brief summary of the main constants we shall find in terms of the 3 elements of the Generator in each of those 3 classifications.

Vital Constants: Space quanta: Spe; Space quantifier: ∑; Time Frequency: Tiƒ: Time Synchronicity: ∏; Energy Density: S/T; Information Density: T/S; Existential Speed: SxT.

Å.C.: Active Constants: Å.C.: Active Magnitude; Æ.C.: Motion constant, E.C.: Feeding constant; ±ïC: Information constants; Œ.C.: Reproductive Constant.

U.C. Universal Constants: û.C. Universal Constant, and its §10: Social constants normally of a decametric scale.

And similar V.Constants of the larger physical planes:

It is then clear that the number of Vital constants of a system is enormous, as the complexity of any fractal has infinite limit. But we shall consider generally the explanation of the Constants study for each science and species, introducing only a few ∆ST constants in more detail, which vary slightly in reference to those used in science, notably, quantifiers of space & time, its densities and Existential speeds.

The 7th isomorphism is more technical and perhaps the one of maximal interest to the quantitative age of ‘measure science’ we live in. Since it deals with all the Universal constants and vital constants and physical, chemical, biological, sociological, you name it, constants which ‘specify’ and ‘diversify’ all the varieties of dimensional beings, its scales, ratios of åctions of exchanges of energy and information, etc.

In detail. Nature’s numbers as expressions of ∆st actions

Constants of Nature are the quantitative ‘substance’ of ∆ST related to the Constancy of the S, T, ∆ elements of  the Metric equation and its partial analysis. Thus the metric and the constants are the 2 essential isomorphisms that connect ∆ST and classic science.

Each of those space, time dimensions, scales, planes, and åctions between them must be defined by a Constant.

We use 5D ”symbols’ and names slightly changed in meaning for those main Constants, dividing them in internal, ∆-n ‘vital constants’ (ab. VC), and external, ∆+n, ‘Universal Constants’ (ab. UC), self-centred in the Active Magnitude (∆C) and its action constants that value all the System (∆-constant, or main metric of the Œ-point), with its 5 sub-constants of action, ÅC.

More specifically:

∑ and ∏. The Se constants &Tƒ constants that relate Space and energy, ∑e=Spe, and Time and Information, ∏T=Tiƒ

3 S-Dimensional Constants related to the ‘extension and energy’ of the Sl, Sh and Sw dimensions.

T-Age Constants, related to the duration and inverse frequency rhythms of the 3 ages of time.

ST-constants, related to the topological shapes of its 3 bidimensional varieties.

Action Constants, related to the ratios of exchange of energy and information of the 5 åctions of the entity.

Social ∆-Plane Constants, related to the numerical ratios of Size and Speed ratios between ∆-planes (normally around a 10 factor), needed to transcend between social scales.

So Decametric constants are social § constants, till arriving to the discontinuous between planes that creates a whole.

As 10¹¹ individuals create an ∆+1 super organism. It is the final step of the game of existence played by all entities through its world cycles of space-time, as all systems are moved by their desire to maximize their existence, their vital space and cyclical time, formal motions.

Thus this max. Se x Tƒ, this mandate of existence means species try to climb the stair between planes.

Constants as expression of isomorphic laws.

Finally we could also consider those constants as expression of each isomorphism, of which the more important are those related to the 2nd, 5th and 9th:

9th isomorphism: Decametric Social Constants

THEY ARE a quite common type of Constant made of 3 x 3 + 0 = 10 Social numbers for all of those scales.

2nd Isomorphisms. Se<>Tƒ constants, related to the S x T-metric.

The Isomorphisms of all Nature’s fractal species of scalar space and time have shown us the similarity of all systems, which have:

  • 2 elements which we have generically called, Space-motion-energy and time-cyclical form-information, that will exist in all systems, and will be related by a simple relationship: quanta of moving energy will be perceived in the upper ∆+1 plane as continuous space; and cycles of moving form, clocks of time, will be perceived in the upper ∆-scale as forms of information.

And this relationship will give birth to two Specific constant, which we term generically ∑ and ∏ (though we could use for them the X variable meaning a ‘population’) such as:

∑e∆-1=Si  and ∏t∆-1=Œ.

In that view ‘∆-Constants’ are ratios of transformation of information and energy  in which the 2 essential (Se, Tƒ) parameters of the system remain constant.

For example, the law Pressure  x Volume = Constant in physics, where Pressure is a measure of the ‘form’ of the system imposed by an external force, thus it is a function of Tƒ, and Volume is a measure of spatial 3-dimensional shape, and hence an Se value. And so we translate P(Tƒ) x V (Se) = Constant.

This is the Boyle Law: Px V = C. And so it corresponds to a constant of the 1st isomorphism.

The apparent order of the Universe and its fixed forms arise from the repetition of 2 type of motions: it time cycles and energy, lineal steps: ∑Sp=S, ∑T=O; that is the repetition of energy motions create space distances and the repetition of time cycles forms of information, the simplex ‘constant forms’ observed in reality.

It follows then that any combination of those elements of relative ‘past-energy’ and ‘future-form’ will create a ‘constant form of present’ or constant of action that exchanges energy and form between the being and other ∆±4 entity. They are the:

5th ‘Iterative Constants of Action’.

IA= ƒ(Sp, Tf)

Iterative dynamic åctions combine flows of energy and information, from the perspective of an I-centered being or ∆o-scale, and other ∆±4 entity, according to the metric of the 5th Dimension, I=SxT, which will give us for each constant a co-invariant proportional quantity.

This is the definition of any Universal, Vital or Mathematical Constant of action in Nature:

Arepetitive, proportional ratio between the Energy and Information of reality enacted by a system of any ∆-scale of reality, which responds to one of the 5 åctions of ‘Existence’, between the being and its relative ∆±4 scales: ∆æ-4, ∆ï-3, ∆e-2, ∆œ-1,and ∆û+1.

Thus for each species we will find 5 Fundamental, iterative constants of åctions, in which the being will repetitively through its entire existence, create dynamic exchanges of energy and information, and social bondages with similar ∆-systems. And one of the most important feats of ∆-ST is to have found those Universal constants for each scale.

In each particular analysis of each ∆-scientific scale we shall define the main constants of all sciences as particular cases of the∆æ-4, ∆ï-3, ∆e-2, ∆œ-1,and ∆û+1 åctions of each ∆-scale and/or its species.

It is a dynamic order, made of repetitive ‘present åctions’, in which the ∆-centered being, exchanges Temporal Energy,


The main isomorphisms of nature can be treated qualitatively through the generator equation and quantitative through the constants of the system.

They are the quantitative ‘substance’ of ∆ST and so along the Metric equation and its partial analysis, the 2 essential isomorphisms that connect ∆ST and classic science. Each of those space, time dimensions, scales, planes, and åctions between them must be defined by a Constant.

The main proportional ratios between the elements of the Generator Equation, the vital universal constants of a system, of which the most important depend on which ∆-scale and ternary part belong. Its main ones are:

  • S-Constants are related to the 2 manifold 3-organic, temporal structure of the being, and the ratios between its spherical heads and particles of tall information; , long, hyperbolic, moving limbs and fields (Spe), and wide, iterative, reproductive waves and bodies (ST), parallel to:
  • T-constants are related to the 3 ages of time, the young, past, energetic age of max. entropy (Tpe), the steady state, present duration of repetitive frequency åctions (Tdi) and the future, old age of growing in-form-ation, Tfo.
  • ST-constants are related to the symmetries of the 2 x  3 ST FUNCTIONS AND FORMS of the Space-time Limbs and Fields of energy, Spe, bodies and waves of iteration, ST and Heads, particles of Information, Tƒ, which enact the:
  • ∆-constants are mostly related to the 4+i åctions of all beings, as they relate to the different ∆±4 dimensional scales any ∆-centered being inter-acts with: ∆-similar beings: Social Evolution (∆S); ∆-1: Iterative Reproduction (∆œ); I-2: Energy feeding (∆Sp); ∆-3: information gauging (∆ï) and ∆-4: Motion (∆V).

Thus the Order of the Universe is clearly established by those isomorphisms and its qualitative and quantitative order, derived of the common spatial temporal and scalar dimensions of the being, ∆•st, which IN THE 8TH isomorphism will define also the ‘8 formal motions’ of which all beings are made; that will add the duality of communication and perception, as the 8th type of motion (inward absorption of information to perceive, outward emission to communicate) 


The dynamic order of the Universe and its cyclical inertia.

We conclude that the essential characteristic of the Universe is its ‘order’. Indeed, since reality is made of ‘energetic and informative motions’, lineal space and cyclical time in perpetual transformation, what marvels the observer is the ‘invariance’ of its forms and structure, the isomorphism of its scales, the static appearance of things. The dynamic constancy of reality.

The study of those Universal and Vital constants, the magic numbers in which the ultimate structures of the Universe and Life hold, is thus the main quantitative isomorphism of the Universe.And perhaps one of the less understood themes of science, in terms of its qualitative meaning.

So all elements of reality knowledge requires a qualitative understanding, which is given by ‘General Systems Theory’ (∆ST) and a formal, quantitative one, given by the symmetries and relationships of those constants. What is their meaning and why they have the values they have is one of the key puzzles of science, which scalar space-time answers conceptually and empirically.

It is though a field in which i have not yet completed research. So while the general outline of the origin and meaning of Universal constants is clear, and the main ones have been resolved, the enormous amount of data to process, leaves for future theorists a wealth of elements to resolve.




5D best

In the graph, to fully build up a theory of Universal constants as ratios between different Dimensions of space-time we must start from the beginning – the simplest forms, the ‘irrational numbers’, or ‘vital ratios’ without a perfect, static solution that appear in mathematics, and Einstein rightly considered the ‘first magic numbers’ of the Universe.




The first constants are thus mathematical numbers, which are ratios of Spe/tif events. And this also translates into physical constants.

For example πi is merely the ratio between 3 lineal forms of space and its ∆+1 evolution by adding a dimension of height to form a cycle. c is the constant ratio between the distance and curvature of light space-time. Charges and masses are scalar constants, which express a ratio of mass-charge (temporal frequency) to distance-force (attractive field) and so on.

Let us consider the simplest Universal constant:

| < π > O

In this simple ratio 3 forms of space, 3 lines curve to create a cycle of time, by virtue of a curvature function, π, which therefore is the Universal constant most often repeated in all |πO: > transformations of entropy into information, which are an enormous array of physical equations.

A polynomial on base 10 on the other hand will be a sign most often of an ∆-motions, in equations of resonance, herding, reproduction and social evolution.

screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-18-26-30Finally the golden ratio is a simple process of generation, as in the graph of a bidimensional ‘basic being’, where a+b is the underlying Spe-entropy field that feeds both, a, the body and b the head, generated by a.

Now, Pi is kind’a obvious, phi, is beautiful and beauty, which is the proportional balance of Spe, Tiƒ & ST we will find to be the key to survival (specifically its equation, S=T, harmony of ‘size and form’, ‘energy and information’ ‘body and mind’). Yet the most fascinating of all constants for me, is e, because it is the constant of the ∆-dimension scalar processes. And IT IS OBVIOUSLY FOR THAT REASON, along the imaginary numbers of cyclical time that complete the fractal, cyclical algebraic structure of the Universe, the less understood of them all. So we do have to complete ‘in the future’ on our section of maths, the meaning of its ‘awesome’ properties.

Thus, we can obtain from those regular exchanges, motions, rations and transformations of | , Ø, O, >≈ < functions/flows o space and time. This type of constants, as we are space-time beings carry into:

Physical Universal constants

The main constants of a PHYSICAL system are divided into active magnitudes, vital internal constants and universal external constants: Å.V.U.C.

The study of the quantitative constants and hence the algebraic equations of the being, which is fundamental to physics. We study the main proportional ratios between the Sp-ST-Tiƒ, elements of the Generator Equation, internally, the vital constants of a system, externally the Universal constants of its world, both connected by the active magnitude or value of the being

Thus 3 are the types of parameters and equations related to the ternary rule of subdivision of those Universal constants:

– 1.Å: Åctive Magnitude (å), this is the scalar number, most systems use to define the whole. It is the charge of a molecule, the rest mass of a cosmic body, the Z-number of an atom, for the 3 physical ∆±1 scales in its static state.

But obviously for each species and each study is diverse. For example, in America, where the language of valuation is money, this is the ‘credit number’ or fortune of each citizen – all other things dependent on this. And generally as the example shows, this active magnitude is connected to the Œ-isomorphism of the language of value of the world in which the being is: IT IS ITS FACE VALUE, its Tiƒ value in the parameter of information of the larger world. The dominant value, naked. And also the fundamental element of survival (as systems tend to be in balance, S=T, by defining Tiƒ, we often define the Sp x Tiƒ metric existential force of the being).

In the cosmological realm, your mass defines your survival, in a molecule your charge-valence, in an economic society your ‘money’. In a genetic society your ‘surname’. And of this always the fractal is aware. In the old times, when someone asked you what you were, or rather who you were, you said your kinship, name or tribe, in the modern world you say your profession (as it would be a bit rude on the sense of ‘balance’ to state your wealth, but this is implied by the profession’s salary). So this is the key constant, ∆-1Tiƒ put often in relationship to the total amount of the world, so it is also in physics, the Potential magnitude, the ratio between the Å-ctive magnitude of the being and the total value of the field-world below or above.

Now again we must realize that the languages of God are infinite, meaning that while no physicist would perhaps accept that Mass and Surname are similar concepts they are both å-ctive magnitudes of the language of cosmology and the language of genetic societies that resume the value of the being for the whole system, and its master-god, the black hole origin of cosmic mass and the king, master of the tribal nation. So again, the closer your parameter is to that of the central element of the ∆+1 hierarchy, the more value you have, the closer you will be seated at the side of ‘God’ (the Max. Tiƒ point of your ∆+1 world is the definition of God).

Now associated to this according to duality principles (according to the duality, motion-static form, and | vs. O-motions) we can talk of other key parameters, related to moving active magnitudes, performing | or O cycles. Hence in physics it is the Lorentz Force of a charged molecule or particle (subdivided into its charge and magnetic motions), the momentum of a mass (subdivided in |-lineal momentum and O-angular momentum).

And so happens for particle parameters, in which the quantum numbers perform the same conceptual tasks, further subdivided into 2 x 2 numbers (principal for lineal kinetic energy, secondary for angular momentum, being the spin number for perception and reproduction and the magnetic number for social evolution).

Thus we can see now that departing from an active magnitude, we can start to find all kind of combined parameters and active constants, once we give motion to the active magnitude and put it to task, performing its 5 canonical actions that give ‘living purpose’ to the being.

-2,3,4 ‘V’: Next we consider a set of 3 ‘Vital Constants’ internal to the being, which relate Tƒ and Sp, and hence are the main parameters of fields-limbs/body-waves and particles-heads.

They write in terms of Tiƒ=1/T, cyclical time or frequency: the inverse of period-duration, T. So we write 2 formats, the classic T- duration equation; and the inverse Tiƒ -frequency equation, which is the one T.Œ uses.

-Se/Tƒ=SxT = density of reproduction of energy And its inverse:

-Tƒ/Se= 1/TxS: density of reproduction of information; or speed of reproduction of the Œ- form in a lower scale (quite obvious for waves, S=T, not so evident for particle-field systems, S>T)

It again does have different jargons in physics, as most parameters of the fractal, bidimensional Universe are squares, while in lineal physics, they tend to use one-dimensional parameters. For example, the density of information is closely related to curvature, which in lineal physics at each point of a line is defined to be 1/r, where r is the radius of the osculating, or “kissing,” circle that best approximates the line at the given point. This for the explorer of physical equations is one of the fundamental, albeit cumbersome corrections of most physics, to give it a focused mirror: the transformation of parameters to the proper dimensions of time and space.

Another example is Maxwell’s equation of light speed, c=1√µxe, which in the bidimensional Universe must be therefore squared, to give us the fundamental parameter, c2 = 1/µ(sp) x e (Tiƒ). Alas (-; we does have here by the simple procedure of applying the general concepts of T.Œ to a physical formula the understanding of 3 fundamental parameters, µ, the magnetic constant that defines µ as the quanta of energy of the electromagnetic space, eo, the electric constant, which defines it as the informative parameter (or in its inverse lineal time concept, as Ke, the coulomb constant of force of the electromagnetic field), and finally c2, the density of information of light space, which as it happens comes also in a fundamental equation, E=Mc2, or E(sp) < C2 (Tƒ/Sp) > M (Tƒ), which simply states that an entropic field of space-time light, becomes converted into a cyclical vortex of time or mass, through the ratio of conversion of ‘entropy into information’ of our Universe.

And needless to say since we have discovered the meaning of µ, eo, k and M and c2, it will be easy to understand as Ke and G are closely related the meaning of G, when we study the Œ isomorphism of physical systems and define charges and masses unifying them, as the two time vortices of information of the ∆-1 and ∆+1 scales.

Now we can relate also those terms, µ and eo to the normal speed of material waves (concepts of tension and mass of the string that ‘waves’), when dealing with our world.

And all this led us to the understanding of speed of information transmission. It is the most often used constant of the Universe, c-speed, albeit eliminating the informative parameter of the Tiƒ element, and making it lineal, which we will show to be determinant to misunderstand speed. Since ultimately speed is reproduction of information along a path of motion on a lower, ∆-1 scale. So physicists come to realize that for exampled the c-speed limit is NOT one of mere locomotion but one of ‘reproduction of information and transmission of information’ along the Universe.

We shall obtain wondrous results as the ∞ relative speed of gravitation, which carries no information or ‘action at distance’, but does carry energy-motion, that is locates forms in space. Why? Simple, we are talking of a density of reproduction of energy NOT of information, carried by the gravitational force. And this process SxT≈Se/Tiƒ= K/o=∞ is a pure action at distance.

The consequences of this will be daring in all the conceptual analysis of all the scales of reality, determining the inverse arrows of the 5th dimension: the larger scales of gravitational forces who do NOT carry internal information are however able to control externally and locate with perfect motions all its lower scales. So when you move your hand, all your lower scales ‘act at distance’ in simultaneity, with infinite synchronicity. But Information does have limits of speed to code and reproduce its forms, in other systems, so genetic informative preproduction is far slower. We say that motion from upper to lower scales carries no information except the motion-distance itself and it is synchronic with no loss of order (entropy in the old jargon), and vice versa, information from lower to upper scales reproduces with no loss (entropy), but has a limited speed.

Or in even more profound metaphysical terms, we say that ‘present’ space co-existence is proper of upper motion scales, the larger spatial action at distance relative pure space motions with no time, but information reproduction implies ‘expenditure of time’, reason why indeed time and information are so closely related, and space and no-time processes of motion and expansion of space are also closely related. From these facts we do obtain the equation of death by entropic expansion in space in no time: Death = max. Sp x Min. T (death happens in a single time quanta) and its inverse, life arrow, Life=Max. Tiƒ x Min. Sp. Life happens in a long time but consumes little information and happens in systems in relative rest motion, specially when the fetus evolves.

Thus we do have the reproduction of energy and the reproduction of information as two different parameters, quite ill-understood in the fog of modern physics (but hinted at in many comments and equations).

– So now we do have the 3rd fundamental physical parameter: Se x Tƒ=S/T, or existential force-potency of the being, all related concepts which basically give us the capacity of the system to interact efficiently with the outer world. I like to call it the Predator Force, as it determines who wins in fights for existence of any kind of species.

In that sense, in biology means to have a perfect head and a perfect body, which defines the top predator. In physics it is often similar to the momentum when we take Tƒ as the active magnitude, and Sp, and the ‘distance-lineal speed’ of the being. And indeed the physical system with maximal momentum survives better in collisions, so black holes that traverse stars with less momentum devour them.

Now those 3 constants are maximized in the ages of the being, in youth, the Maximal spatial value, in old age the maximal density of information, in the mature, adult age, the balanced existential force which gives us the reproductive age of the being, dominating its environment where it seeds its offspring. In physics, they are the ‘stationary points’ of its young, energetic, Max Se, adult Se=Tƒ and max. Tiƒ, ‘stationary points’ of its world cycle or ‘Hamiltonian’ (in physical system) the most important in time.

In physics this set of 3 laws are tremendously important for each species, and for a full description of the system, they must be coupled with the 3 ‘Universal Constants’ of the larger ∆±|2| worlds in which the being exist.

Definition of Universal constants.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 14.28.45

IN THE GRAPH, we can explain the nature of Universal constants and unify its origin across scales.

Scalar Space Time has a simple, telling answer to this question: they are ratios  between the 10 dimensions of each system of the Universe, which can be derived from the ‘metric equations’ of those dimensions.

For example, the fundamental equation Se x Tƒ = ∆, that tell us the size of a system and the speed at which it processes information with its clock-like time cycles is co-invariant.

So the smaller we become, ∇Se, the faster our clocks tick, ∆Tƒ, from rotating black holes turning at c-speed to chips calculating faster through its computer Hertz cycles to atoms rotating much faster than galaxies.

But within a certain family of species that relationship holds ‘invariant’, constant, ∆.

And this is signaled by a Universal Constant.

‘Planckton’, the minimal space-time unit of the light-universe.

The most famous of them is the H-Planck Constant, that writes:

Sp x T = h.

It means that the product of the energy and the time clock of a certain particle, called an action, remains constant.

And it is all pervading in Quantum Physics. In ∆ST – the organic paradigm – you can interpret it no longer in abstract terms but in organic terms as the ‘minimal cell’ of space-time of the ∆-scale of light space in which we live.

For that reason we give it a different name, ‘Planckton’. So in the same manner the minimal life cell is often a Plankton, a unicellular plant; all what you see is ultimately made of a bunch of h-plancktons, ‘literally’. Light is the sum of a series of Plancktons and so a photon has an energy Sp= hv, the product of a Planckton and its frequency (the number of them).

Particles are also born in its ‘first’ cycle, from light-space that condensates into the particle, according to the uncertainty principle: Sp x T = h, and the faster the cycle is (∇T), the more energy-space it has (∆Es), but the product of both remains invariant, h.


Simple physical constants.

Can we treat other universal constants as pi functions that transform back and forth entropy into information?

Yes, if we consider the same algorithm for the main scales of physical systems such as:

|-E < h-planck > O-ƒrequency for the quantum scale

|-E < k-boltzmann <> O-Temperature for the thermodynamic scale

|-E<c2>O-Mass for the gravitational scale.

So what we observe on those physical scales is the transformation of an entropy-energy arrow into one of time-frequency/information through a constant of action/entropy/speed square which is the transformative < π> factor back and forth, and as such an Ø-present constant of action combination of the other 2.

So, Universal constants are ratios of those transformations, which become all pervading for those who relate the largest possible physical space-time scales (the gravitational, thermodynamic and quantum scales):


In the graph on the left side we can see the different Universal constants as metric and ratios of exchange of energy and information between the 3 main scales of human actions, the gravitational, thermodynamic and quantum scales.

In the graph the equations of the 3 physical scales and its ‘constants of space’:

Est = ∆-2 (quantum scale): Hs x ƒt = Ks x Tt (∆-1: thermodynamic scale)= 1/2 Ms x vt : ∆+i (Gravitational scales)

How each of those parameters of space-time, constants of space and speed of time cycles, of a 10¹° scale of the Universe emerges in the next scale?  When we transcend scale a function of space emerges as a function of time and one of time as space.

So the quanta of space, h, k, m, varies as we change planes of existence, since the transition between points into superoranisms ‘fogs’ the vision of information along more than one scale. Closer and hence more accurately observed there is the thermodynamic scale with k, the unit of entropy as the quanta of space and temperature, the vibration of motion of molecules, or its ‘cyclical thermodynamic clocks’ as the unit of motion in time, and its product energy.

Finally in the gravitational scale, the quanta of space is ‘mass’ (which of course must be combined with the dilatation of ‘temperature’, and the underlying ‘extension’ of space-time ‘h-light quanta’). All in all mass (not necessarily matter) and more often ‘momentum’, which ads to mass speed, might be consider the quanta of space, which the different motions of those masses, of which angular and lineal speed are the commonest ones, give us even closer analysis of some of the features of physical systems of space-time.

It is quite interesting to make some deep philosophical thoughts about the last paragraph – the fact that mass and speed change their functions when we move from ∆+3, galactic space to ∆+4, cosmological space. So mass which is fixed in value at ∆+3, becomes close to c-speed, in the fringe of the galactic organism (at its membrane and nuclei).

Now, again we must refer to the general structure of fractal space-time points, when fully constructed as functional ternary super organisms. It will then have a simple ternary structure with its membrane fine-tuned and synchronized sensorially to its singularity. Yet for the enclosed territorial vital space, or body-wave system, those 2 ‘invisible’ unreachable limits of maximal information (singularity) and maximal energy (enclosure), determines the limits of ‘energetic speed’ and ‘density of information’ of the system, which as long as it is within the membrane and singularity cannot colder/superfluid in its informative density-mass, than the center, and have a harder, faster, simultaneous, longer constant of space than the surrounding membrane.

This means as each scale will find a perfect ‘frozen’, efficient particle-head, and body-wave to ensemble a dominant super organism in practical terms that each scale will be populated from the perspective of its minimal space-quanta by what was the maximal space quanta of its ∆-1 scale, which then becomes in the upper scale the entropic unit.

Yet as the ∆-1 scale maximal space quanta, by the law of balance, S=T, will be also the max. S xT, as it turns out it is the top predator element on the lower scale which sets the constant parameters of the upper scale. And so the function of this ‘being’ changes from ∆-1, Top Predator vital being, to ∆-space, entropic cell of the larger whole.

And this brings a long way our understanding of the 3 previous constants h, k, m and how as we focus in larger scales, their role transmutes from active to passive System.




Biological constants are both topological in space, structuring the form of living systems and dynamical in time, defining the vital ratios and balances of the organism


(to be cont’ed)









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