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2Ð ¬Æ Postulate: Lines=Waves

±∞ ¬∆@ST:

‘Waves are present, reproductive states of space-time’  GST

Abstract. The second postulate of i-logic geometry is apparently simple enough:

Since points are fractal points with volume, lines are cycloids, ‘strings’  and ‘waves’ because fractal points have volume. So they cannot trace lines but cycloids, which might be converted by an envelope of tangent lines (Differential geometry) forming a ‘cylindrical geometry’, which becomes the natural geometry of |-limbs and fields.

Further on such an ‘external wave’ carries the ‘information’ of the form of the point and the frequency of its cycles – which determine its  constant speed and 5 D Metric (λ($) x ƒ(ð)=V(ST).

Waves thus start communication between points, expressing the ‘external form’ of the T.œ and the internal frequency of vibration of the singularity, which are the two main components of its ‘existential force’.

Why we then see lines which as all simplifying mirrors mathematics simplifies into euclidean lines is obvious: smaller waves will appear as points; and as differential geometry proves, they will be soon by the basic processes of creation of the Universe, it describes, form an ‘envelope’, which in ¡differential geometry is described as the set of tangential lines to the moving circles-points. This new whole which happens to all systems in the process of Emergence, essential to the creative nature of the scalar Universe implies that all flows of waves will become increasingly stable, with the formal creation of parallel envelops with by the 4th ¬Æ Postulate of congruence, means a symbiotic socially reinforcing geometric motion, which will protect the internal content of the wave of communication.

So as everything in GST (ab. Generational Space-Time, General Systems theory), the Decalogic process of creation of a new ‘plane of wholes’ starts in a simpler, deterministic manner, establishing an order and ‘form’ over motion, with some simple ‘stœps’ repeated ad nauseam in this blog, but the complex iteration and recombinations of the initial forms will bring many surprises to the analysis of those waves…

In Euclidean geometry lines have no breath. In generational space-time, its vital ® Geometry defines each of those lines as a ® wave of information.

We distinguish though two type of non-AE lines: those who happen in a single plane of the 5th dimension or waves proper.

And those non-AE lines which penetrate other planes of the 5th dimension. They are ‘fractal non-AE lines’ or ‘networks’ which branch into the i-1 scale touching fractal points (atoms, cells, citizens), forming a physiological network, according to its use of those points, defined by the fourth postulate, which determines the type of dimotion established between the fractal non-AE line and its non-æ points (darwinian, digestive entropic networks; reproductive, energetic, blood networks and social, informative nervous networks, in the human case)

Finally 3 of such fractal networks that intersect in a mind-point form a vital plane. And the most complex of those vital planes are  thus topological supœrganisms, as they co-exist in a plane but also intersect 3 ∆±I planes of reality, internally with its fractal ¡-1 points (atoms, cells, individuals) and externally with its ∆+1 world or ecosystem (3rd Postulate).



INTRODUCTION. 2nd postulate: Waves and Networks of communication between fractal points.


physical Waves

Wave-radiations in biological systems


Wave-particle duality in physics

Wave-particle duality in human systems: Wo=men




A line is a wave-like event which communicates 2 st-points through a herd of fractal micro-points- a lineal action, exi, of energy that carries a frequency of information in which a message is encoded. The language of information is highly invisible to points outside the network that emit those messages as a flow of micro-points, self-similar micro-replicas of the mother-point that travel in waves across the external Universe transferring energy and information.

In most events those flows balance one point with more energy, Ei, that each science defines with different slangs, (‘a white hole’, ‘energizer’, ‘past form’, ‘male’, ‘body’, ‘yang’, ‘moving field’, etc.); and an informative point, Ot, the smaller form (‘a black hole’, ‘codifier’, ‘future form’, ‘female’, ‘head’, ‘yin’, particle or ‘center of perception’, etc.) Both become united by a dual wave that transfers energy from Ei to the informative point of relative future, Ot, and information from the future point, Ot, to the relative past point, Ei, creating together a cycle of temporal energy. The description of those points and cycles, which are common to all beings of space-time, creates a fractal, i-logic geometry common to all sciences and Universal species.


The first action, rotational perception, gauging of information, Observer’s creation of an inertial frame of reference with isotropic properties from where to observe another point of view, and share a quanta of information carried in a reflexive manner by the medium in which both perceive each other or perhaps only the observer, we yet don’t know, start the creation of reality for one, thing there is also a quantity we can observe from our U=0 point of view, the human being thus perceives first:

– Angular momentum, a Point of view, O, which observes a motion of a being at a certain distance, tracing an angle to it: m x v x r.

Only that the physical quantity takes the point of view of the moving entity, mv, or Av, the ‘active motion’, to be more precise, which can be any type of point, mass, charge, electric current, human being, animal on a herd… this being, thus traces its motion during its external action of which the observer has no information.

What the physicist thus observing this H-action of the infinitesimal world is to measure this precise quantity mv= Pe x Ro; the momentum and the radius of the perceiver-Observer to the momentum.

Now, it also establish an inertial frame of reference, for what it follows could not be possible if the space-time they connect through where not isomorphic.

This means we are in an act of communication in the same Universal plane, as if the motion were between Universal planes, the space would NOT be isomorphic.

Motion as reproduction of in-form-ation.

Because points are constantly gauging information and feeding on energy, the most common events of the Universe are the absorption of waves of energy and form and its communication between 2 points that share energy and form.

In the graph, we observe some basic acts of communication in which self-similar complementary species exchange energy and form in actions that bond them. Human sexual species communicate information and energy (social love) but also seminal particle that combine both reproducing a self-similar being (sexual love); fermions, big atomic particles, communicate bosons, smaller particles of forces. Humans communicate with machines through prices and salaries.

Thus money is the force of communication that creates the actions of consumption and reproduction=work of machines by human beings. In all those events there will be however different they might seem, certain laws of i-logic geometry, which all systems will follow and will define the outcome of such encounters, according to the 3rd postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry that defines the relative equality between st-points. So certain events are ‘Darwinian’, when species are so different that cannot share information with a common language and so use each other as relative energy, or events of eusocial love if the points are self-similar.

The main element to take into account when 2 knots of time communicate is the nature of the information and energy they communicate. This process is described in the next equation, which is a causal chain deduced from the Generator equation of all events of energy and information E<=>I:

∑ est-1 (energy converging into the point)+∑Ist-2 (flows of information)->

EIst feeding and perception) -> ∑ est-1 x  ∑ist-2

The previous equation is a general law of all systems that process energy into information:

– The membrane will absorb through its mouth bits of energy of lesser form than itself, normally from a lower scale of relative space-time. So we feed on ‘meat’, extract the amino acids and molecular information we require to create our own flesh and expel a degraded mass of molecular atoms. Light imprints its form in the gravitational space-time of the lower scale; electrons feed on light photons, etc.

– Yet to perceive and map the world we need maximal detail achieved by absorbing ‘pixels’ of a force, whose micro-points are from at least 2 smaller scales than the point. So particles seem to communicate and perceive gravitation (entangled, faster than light effects of quantum physics) and we absorb the smallest pixels (light) and smell atoms.

– Finally to communicate we share entities, created with combinations of that primary energy and information, encoded within it. Yet the value and intensity of the communication and the bondage created will depend of the density of form and quality of energy we share. Thus the lowest scales of energy and form will not be used to communicate but will be expelled constantly as the left-overs of our constant feeding of energy and information.

For example, humans feed on meat and can share food, to create bondage, but will not share ‘waste’ or violent ‘energy’ without form, if they want to create bondage. Black holes absorb light and mass from the galaxy and seem to produce faster-than-light gravitational, dark energy of lesser form, belonging to the lower space-time scale of gravitation.

And yet because of the scalar, hierarchical structure of space-time, nothing is wasted, since for ‘lower’ entities waste might be energy to recreate simpler forms (flies that feed on waste, irregular galaxies born from the energy emitted by black holes, which evolves back into matter).

The reader must understand the importance of those scalar laws, ignored by standard science, stuck in the concept of an abstract, single space-time continuum. Since the Universe is ‘equalitarian’ in the same scale, but hierarchical when we study the relationships between cells and wholes, lower and upper scales of reality, and the paradoxes, contradictions and harmonies between the Points of view of those scales are essential to understand most events of reality.

Once the process of creation of a fractal wave information is defined, we can explain most actions and events of communication as processes that involve first the ‘fractal reproduction’ of a form which uses its micro-forms to pattern a message that will be shared with a self-similar form.

The st-point is not static but in constant communication with the external Universe, populated by other st-points that obtain energy and information also through acts of communication, which are dual events, defined in fractal Geometry by the 2nd postulate of communication. Since according to Newton, an action never goes unanswered: There would be a reaction often of the opposite sign. Thus to understand any event we have to wait for a reaction to complete a cycle. One-dimensional science often forgets this duality, considering ceteris paribus analysis of a single action. In the human social scale, individualism often forgets such duality when a nation attacks another nation, or when a group exploits another social group or an individual acts selfishly without expecting the proper reaction. Yet sooner or later the just, cruel, Darwinian Universe will react and balance the game.

Because the Universe is essentially dual, made of lineal energy and cyclical, dimensional form, this duality happens in almost all the events of reality. So points will emit micro-points, with a combination of energy and form. For example, if the original st-point has emitted a fractal action, dominant in energy, ΣS, it will receive an opposite reaction, often dominant in information, Ti, completing a cyclical action of temporal energy, ΣS<=>Ti.

In the same manner when a group of points emits a wave, it will receive an opposite wave from the receptor, creating a cellular, complex cycle.

Finally, if we combine 2 planes or networks of points, communicating waves of energy and information, for example, human cells communicating energy and information through the blood and nervous network of life beings, we obtain a complementary event or Organism.

The two main types of ‘forms’ any point emit are also, either a ‘seed ‘of information or a ‘ghost’ of space: Fractal entities can emit a self-similar microscopic cell, with maximal form and minimal energy/extension; or they might move or vibrate, emitting a ‘wave’, a vibration of its external whole with maximal energy and minimal form. It is the first of the multiple dual solutions, which any entity can choose, according to the dual arrows of energy and information of the Universe. Thus Duality becomes essential to classify the multiplicity and variety of events in the Universe, since it sets self-similar limits due to the existence of only 2 arrows/forms/ substances to play with. It means most events will be either dominant in energy, or information or a balanced combination of both.

In the ∞ Universe, actions and reactions that define those events will have different names according to the st-plane of existence in which they occur, but they will respond to self-similar existential laws.

Since sciences are accustomed to analytical, detailed studies that differentiate species, they do not search, as this synthetic work does, for the self-similar laws of all those communicative actions. Yet precisely the beauty of the fractal Universe is that both approaches are meaningful. Since self-similarity doesn’t mean equality: fractal scales create self-similar forms, which are never an exact replica of the original. Those variations across space/time scales differentiate species, which still compare in terms of the similar properties of all relative energies and forms that together shape a communicative action, according to 2 fundamental laws:

-The law of self-similarity, which states that any action will be a micro-form self-similar to the mother-cell, and:

-The law of balance, ΣSxTi=K, which implies that the product of the energy and time of the action is constant.

For example, if the point is a particle of the light-membrane, the communicative action will be a multiple of h, the smallest micro-form of energy and time of the electromagnetic world, ruled by the law of balance, e x t=h; if it is an atom, it will be a vibration with a temperature, T, which again will be ruled by the law of balance, in this case PV=nkT. And because we have ascended our plane of existence from spatial, lighter particles into atoms denser in form with less spatial speed, the action will be denser and reach lesser extension than a fractal h-action.

This will be the case also in biological actions of communication: if the mother-cell is a living being, it will emit an ovule of pure information that will merge with a seminal seed with higher energetic movement, or male seed. Both will be replicas of the fractal generator or mother.

Finally in the human social sphere, actions are often purely informative: certain thoughts act transforming our environment through the intermediate motions of machines that increase the energy and information of the human action. Those machines are themselves replicas of our energetic and informative functions. Yet unlike most actions of physical particles, machines have a peculiar structure. Their function/information is often simpler than that of man, so a car is simpler than the leg, whose energetic function substitutes, but larger in space, so the car moves faster. Those complex relationships between humans and machines, which enhance our energy and information when we consume them, can now be understood in the context of our search for more energy and information, creating a symbiotic species that we call in our complex analysis of history, an ‘animetal’: animal+metal.

Thus, all, including men, generate actions made of flows of energy that carry information, used to communicate with other points. So we widen the fractal unit of quantum physics, the action of temporal energy that communicates particles to define all type of actions-reactions in all space-time systems.

Thus the 2nd postulate of fractal geometry defines a line, no longer as an abstract form like Euclidean geometry does, but as a physical wave of self-similar, fractal micro-points that carry energy and information, as they move between 2 macroscopic points, with 2 possible functions, to communicate energetic forces or linguistic information.

2nd Postulate: A cycle of fractal space-time:

‘A wave of communication is a group of self-similar micro-points that move in parallel lines between 2 macro-points, transferring energy and information between them’.

In Non-E geometry a line with parts is not defined by a sequence of numeric intervals within a straight line, but by the communication of 2 poles of energy and information that establish a flow of particles in 2 opposite directions, creating a simultaneous, paradoxical wave. Such waves again can have different purposes. A wave dominant in information communicates symbiotic particles, creating an informative bondage/network; a wave dominant in energy might be an aggressive action between different species that fight for each other’s vital energy or territorial space; and a wave that balances the energy and information of both points meets in the center, creating a new self-similar, seminal particle, as when 2 electrons emit waves of densely packed photons, which merge in the middle and give birth to another wave.

When we generalize those concepts to n-points we can define a space as a network of Non-Euclidean points. Indeed, Riemann affirmed that a space is a network made of herds of points with similar ‘properties’. Planes of space are therefore networks of points. The self-similarity of their properties defines its density determined by the number of points and its proximity that grows with self-similarity. So similar points come together into a tighter, more continuous space; whereas the density of the space is proportional to the similarity of its points, till reaching ‘bosonic state’ of maximal density when points are equal.  And when a volume of spatial energy is very dense, it is very difficult to go through it, as it happens in the ultra-dense, small space of black holes.

Spatial extension and form/density/mass are inverse parameters, Max. E = Min. I. If we generalize that property to all scales, we can define different fractal spaces by its proportion of mass/density and energy /distance. This is done with ‘Universal constants’ that explain the proportions of energy and information of those spaces. For example, in physical scales, there are 4 fundamental space-times, the gravitational space-time between galaxies of max. energetic space and minimal formal density; the light space-time of our world, which carries information in the frequency of the wave; the electronic space-time of atoms with more formal density and lesser spatial speed and finally the quark-gluon liquid of atomic nuclei and probably black holes, with maximal density and minimal space. All of them are defined by Universal constants and equations that are either ratios between the energy and form of those space-times, or define the transformations of one space-time into the others. Einstein’s field equations would be the first case, defining the relationship between energy and mass in a gravitational space, while the fine constant of electromagnetism would define the transformation between light space and electronic space/ charge; and the gravitational constant between gravitational space-time and quark/mass. Where the relative densities of information and extension in space of those space-times are in balance, such as ΣSxTi=K. Thus electrons move slower than light but have more density.

All this said it is thus obvious that the fundamental unit defined by the 2nd postulate is no longer a point but an action, ex i= k between points, which becomes the 2nd fundamental ‘particle’ or ‘parameter’ of reality. We, points of time, create actions, exi, with a minimal quantity of form, moved by an energy force, creating lines, which therefore become actions of energy and time. And all what we do are actions. So we say often ‘I don’t have time or energy to do so’. Actions become thus the fundamental event of all points of view, in search of their arrows of time; it becomes the dynamic definition of a line, as we are all in constant motion, and so all point in motion can be perceived in slow camera as a ‘line of action’. And indeed, in physics an action is the fundamental unit of our light-space membrane, exi=h; and an action is the fundamental unit of biological behavior, which also defines the existential force of a being, exi=k, or the momentum, m(i) x V(e) = k of a physical being. An action is also the name given to the fundamental unit of economical organisms (companies). The Universe is thus a world of infinite points of view performing lineal actions in search of their arrows of time.

Recap: Non-Euclidean points constantly communicate energy and information with other self-similar points and the external Universe, by sharing flows of micro-points of a lower scale of space-time, which carry the energy and form of the particle into the external universe. The laws that define those acts of communication are hierarchical laws between planes of space-time and laws of balance between the energy and form of those ‘actions’ of communication, exi, which become the fundamental dynamic event of any scale of the Universe.

Ternary principle of creation.

A fundamental principle of Time Theory is the ternary principle: because all systems are designed with 3 purposes, to process energy and information or mix both in a balanced, reproductive, exi, action, we often find in all type of events a ternary choice, which will be specially relevant to understand the processes of ‘guided evolution’ that limit the number of possible creative species. For example, we can define human evolution as a constant differentiation of ape species into energetic, informative and reproductive ones; where the human lineage is that of species with maximal informative/head evolution, while the gorilla lineage is one of maximal energetic/body evolution and so on.

The 2nd postulate differentiates according to the ternary Principle 3 types of waves: A language that transfers only information, (Max. i); a force that transfers only energy (Max. E); and a wave that transfers both forms (ExT). All forces and languages are waves, since actions mix energy and temporal information; which will be perceived as languages when the absorber can decode that information. It is the receiver, which selects the wave as a force of energy or a language of information, defining how it will react to the emitter, according to its self-similarity that will allow him to understand its information. For example, plants absorb light as energy and animals decode it as information; but light is dual.

In algebraic terms, a function of existence is described with 2 parameters, X and Y that represent an informative subject and an energetic object, often complementary.

In biological terms, an organism is defined by a head of information, a relative future, more evolved form; and a body of energy, a relative, less evolved, past form. So we can consider also dual organisms as acts of communication between two poles, the reproductive body and the informative head, where the neck is the bridge that carries the bigger number of veins and nervous paths – the informative and energetic networks of cells that communicate body and mind.

Since the head directs and decides ‘the future’ of the entire system, informative poles are future poles. So a relative informative region is a future form and a relative energetic region is a past form. And both come together into a discontinuous, relative fractal, intermediate region or ‘present space-time’, in which they combine creating ‘reality’. That region is a present region because it is the most visible region of the Fractal point, limited by the future, informative region and the past, energetic membrane.

Those temporal distinctions and degree of visibility of the 3 topological regions of a point, now studied as two poles of communication are real; since the reproductive, present region, is always the most visible, given the bidimensionality of energy and information. For example, we do not see the black hole and dark halo that controls the galaxy but only the intermediate region of stars. In this manner the game of space-time existence that creates reality merges 2 poles dominant on spatial energy and temporal information into a new combined form, a relative present, fractal space-time:

Past=energy body xFuture informative head=Present organism

We explained before the 3 dimensions of time, past=energy, present=repetition and future=information, showing that most systems in the Universe live through those 3 dimensional ages, dying back into energy, as they dissolve its formal networks. Yet, while the Universe has very few elements/arrows to play with, its diversity comes from the possible variations and combinations of those arrows. And so, while we can write Past->Present->Future, as the natural causal arrow of the life cycle, there is also an equation of relative times, past x future = present, which defines the complementarity between reproductive bodies/fields and informative heads/particles and explains the present stability of systems which have both components or can switch between motion and formal states.

Further on, the use of the ternary principle, applied to the 3 languages of man (energetic geometry, temporal logic and exi, visual perception) will allow us to verify in a higher degree any statement, by considering at least the biological function/motion and geometrical, still form of the species we study, which have to be self-similar. For example in a galaxy, the black hole is the spherical center of information. And we can prove this according to the linguistic/ternary method in the space-time languages of man, the mathematical language of space, the bio-logic language of time and the visual language that merge both together. In algebra, Einstein equations prove that black holes transform its spatial parameters into temporal parameters. Hence they transform spatial energy into temporal information. In visual terms they curve space-time into height; hence they transform energy into information.

If we consider its biological function, they absorb the energy of star-plants. So Black holes are sinks of gravitational information. And gravitation is obviously the informative force of the Universe; since it is not dual but it shows only the arrow of in-form-ation, attracting and lumping masses and it is 1040 times less energetic than electromagnetism. So when we observe vitally, visually, in action, those black holes, they show the maximal amount of the 2 dimensions of temporal information: height and rotational rhythm; as they seem to turn at light speed and theoretically transform the plane of energy of the galaxy in a tube of infinite height. Thus all languages and experimental data prove the fact that a black hole is the informative brain of a galaxy that feeds on electromagnetic space towards the future. The extended, faster plane of rotating stars is the body or energy surface of the galaxy that feeds them. Apparently a human body and a galactic body should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear that those morphologies respond to the generic morphology of information and energy, and so do their functions in time.

Recap. Events in the Universe are limited by the ternary principle. Actions of communication also obey the principle: There are energetic, informative or reproductive events, creating often complementary systems with an energetic pole or body and an informative pole or head, communicated by a dense network or neck that carries the actions. The 5 Postulates of non-Euclidean geometry are based in the definition of a fractal point as a point with inner parts, revealed when we come closer to the point. According to such definition, lines are waves of points and planes topological networks of points, communicated through flows of energy and form. While equality requires also equality in the inner form or information of the point, which prompts communication through waves of energy and information that build networks. Communication between points is now possible because points can fit infinite parallel/waves used to gauge the Universe and create an inner image of reality. Non-Euclidean fractal geometry thus improves our vision of the Universe closer to reality and allows the definition of organic systems and logic behavior in bases of geometrical form, a long-sought dream since the times of the Greek.



Let us then first deal with the physical concept of a line-wave (we have treated waves as reproductive systems in other parts of the blog) vs. a particle-form and how they explain motion as a reproduction of a particle’s information in wave state.

A motion wave: exploding your tail, imploding your head.

How motion is achieved by a wave, present state, is obvious: the wave reproduces its form on the lower scale. But how a past-future, particle-field, head-limbs, ‘tree like’ system moves? Can it move or it must become a wave-present state, and then collapse into particle, in a stop and go motion? Both things are possible. On one side the Galilean paradox allow wave-particle motion-stop processes

Practical analysis: the Galilean paradox in electronic and light motions.

For that reason, we can always consider a stop and go motion in physics; which has enormous repercussions in theoretical physics and the understanding of relativity and the Lorentz transformations, treated elsewhere in those texts:

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 20.40.10

In the graph, the stop and go motion of electrons and the virtual creation and extinction of particles in the light space-time sheet, have a quite different enlightening description in relational space-time physics. Some of the phenomena involved:

Electrons and anti-electrons are time past to future (life longer) and future to past (death shorter) time arrows. As such both inverse functions past-entropy (antiparticle) x future-information (particle) = Present light space-time, annihilate giving birth to the relative ‘present-space’ of our galactic world, light space-time.

Light space-time condensates into virtual particles, Sp>Tƒ, evolving the field of motion into a particle of charge, which then dissolves back in Tƒ<Sp, an antiparticle event. Both collide giving birth to present, and any of those similar space-time equations provide an insight in the particle-antiparticle duality.

Further on it explains why there are less antiparticles in total space-time, as they are as many in space, as many ‘deaths as lives’ we might say, but death is an instant, so we do NOT see as many antiparticles that last so little as we do not see many corpses in the our daily life – even if there are as many as living on the long count.

Further on, because information is perceived and emitted in stillness, the previous process of stop and go, electronic stop, emission of ¥ rays, motion, stop perception of ¥ rays, means that in relativity we can also construct a new metrics in which time and length remain constant and what changes is the speed of light, since we are perceiving (Michelson’s experiment) a process of electronic stoppage every time it emits and perceives light, hence LIGHT becomes c-constant because to emit it and perceive it the electron stops, in relationship to its lower ‘gravitational space-time’ in which the electron co-exists.

Then how do we measure and operate in frames of reference that are still and moving is the knots and bolts of Galilean and einsteinium relativity? Relativity though is an incomplete theory in its explanation of what studies. It studies only a membrane of space-time of the 5th dimension, that of c-speed/time in as much as it is light space-time, the medium where we ‘float’.

Over what that light imprints itself (gravitational space) is of not concern here. Suffice to say that in the game of Russian dolls, the gravitational doll is larger and encases with points of faster rotational time frequency (black holes) and lines of faster lineal momentum (strings), the light space-time. The transition between both worlds thus imply as always in any up and down transition along the 5th dimension a change in the speed of time and size in space of each quanta and bit of spatial energy and temporal information.

But it is also possible a…  particle-field distortion motion.

In this case,  you are an S>T system, with an S-field/limbs>œ-particle head ‘ahead’, which is moving on a field of ∆-1 quanta of entropic points.

Then the limbs degrade the particles of a field killing and expanding them entropically – provoking a motion wave that displaces forward the tail,.

But the front must to restore the balance, shrink forwards as the tail expands. So the system uses its œ-imploding to shrink the forward space as it feed on bits of information to make in the central œ-point, a smaller mapping to inform yourself.

Thus while the head is absorbing informing on the front wave, provoking a ‘compression’ ahead, the tail expands and in this manner you move.

This arguably is a faster way of motion, as the entropic explosion of the ∆-1 field is faster and larger in space than the ∆-wave motion, and the shrinking of ∆-2 bits ahead into still perception breaks the wave ahead. But it is on the long term an unsustainable damaging process, which destroys the line of motion, while the wave conserves and evolves the path it moves through (latter when we relate to sexual duality the wave-present female, reproductive state and the line-cycle, maximal entropy x maximal information, unbalanced limbs/particle state or male state, we can do some more philosophy about it).

In essence a female, present wave state is conservative, it further creates a reproductive static present and lasts longer. The entropy x information, S x ST extreme male, field particle, distorts space time expanding behind, imploding in front, and when seen from a slant view it appears to us as a shock wave, similar to the form adopted by particle-plane or boat moving on an air or water medium with a shock compressing front and expanding tail.

Still because the wave is normally only the external body-form of the system, its information to reproduce is far less ‘massive’, while the particle is a 5th dimension complex layered, memorial construction that must be besides opening a back and forth inverse front and tail triangular wave, reproduce in each stop and go, adjacent region its form.

So this has a second effect: the particle as it reproduces its form in each new quanta of space-time it sucks in and shrinks the smaller, expanded quanta of the field over which it reproduces. And this creates in the dimension of height a compression each step of the particle, a short of hurricane effect, which when the particle moves forwards, will be rebuilt. So each step the particle we might say die and it is reborn. What is then the part that remains immortal? The Ä-point, in the same fashion your neurons survive but you body changes atoms every 3 months.

∆-1 Ternary symmetry: $t: Fields<Si=Te:body-waves>ƒð-particles.

Time arrows show in the ∆-1 scale in the ternary symmetry of past-fields, present waves and future particles, which conform the fundamental quantum organism. Dynamically, such organisms conserve its present waves through ‘reproductive motions’, destroys its past entropic fields and evolves them into its informative future particles that feed on them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.36.12

Physics is constructed with the assumption that mathematics is the only language of the Universe and encodes all the information about it.

Of course it is not. Physical systems, are mere layers of the 5th dimension, fractal space-time beings generated by the same symmetries of time and space than other systems, and so isomorphic to them.

Mathematical physics is in that sense only a part of all the properties of physical systems. Bio-logical properties are far more essential to synthesize the meaning of physical systems, the why and reasons of its ‘Maxwellian demons’ (-; all those points-particles, fractal points of view that gauge information, acct-react to the environment and pursuit actions in space time that maximize its function of existence œ (±∆e, i, ∑œ, ∫U).

In pure existential algebra, ¬Æ, we can deduce mathematically departing from a logic function of existence, Œ, in which 5 different space-time actions delivered by each fractal point, in a given plane of the 5th dimension, traces a series of actions, which are ordered into world cycles, that represent a flow of vital space, enclosed into a series of seemingly permanent perpendicular time cycles that guide them.

Existence as a holography of bidimensional functions of temporal information surrounding expansive fields of entropy to produce reproductive waves is a game, which can be better expressed in Darwinian biological ways. Atoms in that sense behave in no different form from animal herds and territorial beasts, and human beings for that matter.

What is then a top predator in a given field of physics is the active magnitude with maximal mass or charge or momentum.

Particle physics is divided into groups, families of increasing

The distance-energy or past field of LARGER spatial size of the system, Sp, multiplied by the V=EXi, speed, guided by Tƒ a quantity of its information-time clocks are constant, within the range of variations, which allows systems to perform actions of energy and information, in present physical system within a certain range for EACH of the planes of existence of physical systems. Let us then consider the main elements of that Generator equation of physical systems starting as usually in an inverse fashion to the mathematical analysis of physics – that is from the synthetic, organic whole and its larger points of view.


This gives origin in physics to certain modes of ‘future’ cyclical time vortices, spin numbers, photons, strong quarks, electrons, charges, magnetic moments, thermodynamic molecules, masses, angular momentums, cosmic bodies, solar systems, ud stars, strange stars and top black holes, galaxies and Great Attractors, which are the ‘Tƒ’ elements of all those scales and subscales, between the minimal observed form, a fermion spin and the maximal one, the Great Attractor region of the Local Universe. They are all sub-vortices of the 4 fundamental Planes of the Universe, where the 4th is only partially perceived (the cosmic scale outside galaxies of ‘neutrino strings’ ‘Higgs bosons’, dark energy and dark matter), but we do have more vortices than the 3 perceived ones, the electromagnetic, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, as we must apply the ternary principle and break each of the 3 fundamental scales in 3 sub-scales).

Now in physics we can easily consider a generator equation of the 3 states-ages-forms of beings in the 3 scales of its 5th dimension (∆-1: quantum, ∆: Thermodynamic, ∆+1 gravitational scales.

The particle state: ∆-1: charges, ∆-molecules and ∆+1: masses, vortices of time: clocks of information. Tœs.

This gives origin in physics to certain modes of ‘future’ cyclical time vortices, spin numbers, photons, strong quarks, electrons, charges, magnetic moments, thermodynamic molecules, masses, angular momentums, cosmic bodies, solar systems, ud stars, strange stars and top black holes, galaxies and Great Attractors, which are the ‘Tƒ’ elements of all those scales and subscales, between the minimal observed form, a fermion spin and the maximal one, the Great Attractor region of the Local Universe.

They are all sub-vortices of the 4 fundamental Planes of the Universe, where the 4th is only partially perceived (the cosmic scale outside galaxies of ‘neutrino strings’ ‘Higgs bosons’, dark energy and dark matter), but we do have more vortices than the 3 perceived ones, the electromagnetic, thermodynamic and gravitational scales, as we must apply the ternary principle and break each of the 3 fundamental scales in 3 sub-scales).

So Einstein, used those non-Euclidean geometries that make lines part of a bigger time cycle to study the curved masses of the Universe. And he said ‘time curves (lineal) space into (cyclical) masses’, which he defined with the Principle of Equivalence between acceleration and gravitational mass.

Thus as time curved space into masses, it accelerated gravitation into cyclical vortices. And gravitational, lineal forces became masses the simplest clocks of the Universe; whose attractive ‘mass-power’, was proportional to the frequency of its cycles: M = k ƒ.

This duality of mass vortices and expansive entropy, which already Descartes foresaw, when he affirmed that all what existed were res extensa (space) and vortices of time (masses, charges, galaxies) is the ultimate meaning of the dual equation E<=>Mc2.

ST: ∆-1: Waves, ∆-liquids and ∆+1 speeds:

Now those Tœs are ‘static, point-particles’ that share information and energy among them, from their relative static points of view, as the Universe has infinite relative frames of reference (this is one of the great findings of physics that still applies to 5D systems: the principle of relativity). It means that Tœs command a territorial region, in which they have an internal structure of 3 sub-parts, but also are in an outer bigger world in which they communicate with their Tœs on the upper ∆+1, equal ∆ and lesser ∆-1 scales, giving origin to a fundamental ‘second postulate’ of ¬æ. It those œ are fractal points (first postulate), called fermions crystals, solids, stars and black holes, they will then communicate ‘bosons, liquid flows, electromagnetic, sound or liquid waves or electronic current or jets of matter between them:

Future-Tƒ<≈Present wave-field≈> Future Tƒ, giving origin to the second component of physical systems. And again in each scale we will recognize a relative present state with similar properties and symmetries in each scale.

So those flows of communication gives origin to the certain modes of ‘present’, reproductive wave-liquid states in each scale. So in essence bosons, waves, liquids, electric currents and jets and streams of cosmic matter and stars reproduced by black holes are in each scale the same wave fields.

What is then the main parameter of the relationship between the Sp, Tƒ and ST elements of each of those scales. Simply the constants of space-time actions that relate in the simplest possible form, those 3 elements the Metric of the 5th dimension: K = E x T.

That is, the constants of Action of Physics, in its 3 scales K (H)= E x T, (quantum field)   K (k) = E x T (Thermodynamic Field); K (M)= E x (µ=1/e).

Those 3 constants of action, the Planck constant, H, the Boltzmann Constant, K, and the mass Constant, M, are the fundamental elements which define the 3 planes of physical systems in the 5th dimension (quantum, thermodynamic and cosmological planes). Thus their translation into the simplex Metric of 5D physics is the first step to build the entire building of Physical sciences, with a comprehensive understandable, isomorphic formalism, which will return physics to the realm of reality and show the pantheist equality between all the systems of the Universe.

Sp: ∆-1: Electromagnetic Fields, ∆ Thermodynamic Gases and ∆+1: accelerated masses (equivalence principle).

All the capacity of waves and particles to exist comes from Fields, the Sp, and lower scale of pure entropic, expansive, accelerated motions.

They are the lower scales of which in the parlance of physics, waves and particles are considered ‘excitations’, in the jargon of T.Œ eusocial evolutions into tighter denser waves of energy and information and even denser particle forms, knots of waves, themselves ‘excitations’ that ‘make emerge’ efficient workable energy and form from the entropic, loose herds of field quanta.

So we talk also of a series of fields from the simpler, smaller to the larger fields of the Universe, of which the fundamental ones are the ‘strong-field, of the internal region of atoms, of minimal size the electroweak field of light waves of galactic size, the thermodynamic field of heat waves of molecular size

So finally we arrive the other way around to the first part that all physical theories study, the simplest fields. Here we observe one fundamental different or rather complementarity of the way classic physical and 5D physics work: we develop reality from the whole and its generator equation downwards studying first the organic structure of the system in time and space, its T.Œ and actions and then going down we study the wave-Exi present systems and finally the Sp-Entropic, accelerated motions of the micro-fields of ∆-1 particles and lineal momentums which rise and give the energy and micro-clocks that the whole will use.

This of course is a matter of choice. Scholarship today studies mainly the upward arrow of social evolution of the 5th dimension Рwithout even recognizing it is a social evolution. So, we describe the upper systems of reality as emerging from the lower systems, without recognizing the interrelationship symbiosis and existence of an arrow from the upper T.Πelements through its survival actions that order the lower systems.

So physicists consider particles to be ‘excitations’ of fields hence some kind of secondary ‘thing’ which does not matter as much as the field itself. Biologists consider organisms, ‘constructs’ of Genes without realizing that once the organism is formed, it is the self, which directs the drives of existence of the being, towards energy information, reproduction and social evolution.

By bringing T.Œ, which is composed playing with words of a series of œ-points which play the game of Tao, of Temporal existence, and survival, by bringing Temporal beings, Time space Organic Existential Beings, into the game, and understanding perception by O-minds that gauge information, we complete the description of the Universe. We of course enlighten also the meaning of the lower scales and use the same formula and evident data, but we add, double reality.

All this said, fields do matter. As without them the emerging more complex social scales that interlock with them and create ternary co-existing structures will not exist, so for each plane of existence we must find a past-relative herd of micro-points, which are treated as indistinguishable particles by the wave-particle system, from where it extracts energy and information ordering it.

The 3 forms and functions of space and time in physical systems: ST bidimensional membranes.

The main consequence of the Galilean paradox is the isomorphism of the 3 motions of time and its 3 spatial morphologies – The ternary symmetry between the time ages and spatial parts of all systems that defines the Generator equation.

In physics those motions-arrows of physical time are called  ‘states’.

In mathematical physics as we have seen, give birth to 3 ‘stationary points:

  • The functions of speed-motion, Se x Tƒ (whereas Se is the wavelength and Tƒ the frequency of the motion).
  • And the two inverse Se/Tƒ densities of energy and Tƒ/SE information that define the young field/limb state and old, particle/head states.

Latter in the analysis of each scale we shall relate those 2 points to the functions conserved in physics, lineal momentum and its integral through the entire world cycle of the being or action, the kinetic energy and cyclical, potential energy, and its angular momentum.

So we can also express the stationary points in terms of the total Se/Tƒ + Tƒ/Se, lineal and angular momentum, kinetic and potential energy, which the system conserves through its total world cycle:

Se < ST>Tƒ is thus conserved for the total universe, sum of all the closed world cycles of its physical/biological species.

Such systems then will obey the laws of space-time symmetries and its ‘dynamic’ feedback cyclical actions-constants-function/als, or Hamiltonians with Min, Max. And stationary points. They represent dynamic changes from form to motion through a relate zero-space state of transition of states or ages of existence in physical times.

The main symmetry of the Universe between the 3 arrows of time and the 3 forms of space thus is followed with enormous precision in physical systems:

IN THE GRAPH, the 3 topologies of 2-manifold spatial parts in all super organisms, below we see a more detailed analysis of the structure of a galaxy as a non-e system, with a central ⊗-point or black hole with a tall informative spherical form, the halo of dark strangelet matter and the galactic field of stars. We can compare that structure to those of lower better-studied systems, such as the atom (for quantitative parallelisms) or the cell (for organic parallelisms).

If we observe the entire Universe in space, from the perspective of non-logical gravitation, we can also perceive an organic structure with the big-bang wall of z≈10-100 radiation that acts as the external halo and a central superb lack hole ‘great attractor’ region. We can also establish organic parallelisms with any other energy and information networks, in this case those of an organism and the energy-electromagnetic and information-gravitational/dark energy networks. But we cannot know that much given the uncertainty

Each of those paradoxical states is bidimensional. And since 2 manifolds have only 3 varieties, we talk of 3 varieties of space-time, motion-form combinations. We thus define:

repetitive waves, which carry both energy and information.  Motion≈time and stillness≈space, which tend – due to the physical laws of motion that accelerate vortices and decelerate expanding space –  to 2  inverse geometries:

< energetic, lineal, toroid, planar, entropic, decelerating, expansive bidimensional motions. |-lineal decelerating spaces, dominant in space as they create, spatial, decelerating ‘res extensa’ (entropy, big bangs) and…

> informative, implosive, accelerating, curved, O-cyclical accelerated vortices, dominant in time, as they create ‘accelerated’ clock-like vortex (masses, charges).

Physical systems do not disobey this fundamental isomorphism of nature, and its 3 2-manifold varieties that define combinations of motion-form, of O-| nature, into Ø-bodies and waves that reproduce the present forms of the physical systems.

In formal terms, we use ‘geometry’ for spatial perception ‘sequential algebra’ of ordered from smaller to bigger numbers, to define the arrow of time of social evolution and analysis for the space-time processes of aggregation and disaggregation.

In physics the game of combinations of the 3 arrows of time can be considered a game of ‘tendencies’ towards no motion or lineal space and linearity, or cyclical time motion, in accelerated charges and masses vortices.



 In modern physics, the more interesting pending questions are the conundrums of quantum physics, as they are not just experimental problems as in Relativity, but deep theoretical questions, which plug in directly into the meaning of motion=time and still informative space, perception and measure; and the ego paradoxes of man, who sees a still world with its mind at the center and so naturally is inclined to feel more important, unique and the Universe a dead-still reality. So we shall resolve them here in a few lines. Look at the next pictures.

S=T: What we observe is that when a quantum ‘state’ is measured by stopping it and absorbing it with our instruments it COLLAPSES into a particle, but when it moves IT DOES SO reproducing information as a wave. So it is quite obvious: the state of motion is a wave state, the state of informative perception is a particle, which in fact has only an intrinsic property, its ‘h/2 spin or angular momentum’, which is ‘STILL’, discrete and non-differentiable, as informative spatial minds are:

The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion-wave state and a still-particle state, together.

In graph group velocity is particle (ab.•) speed as it surrounds the wave (≈), whose phase velocity is V≈≥V•

NOW the insight here provided by quantum physics IS THE REALIZATION that the PARTICLE is perceived as the envelope of the ternary wave.

This INSIGHT is generalized in all scales of reality with the concept of the @ membrain, with its singularity, and in topological evolution, when we realize in ∆±1 LIFE scales, all started with the protein encircling of a wave of carbohydrates. So the wave is basically the envelope of ‘protein’ group waves and its inner region of ‘phase motion’.

And we distinguish 3 actual types:

Particles faster than waves, with the quantum limit of twice the speed.

Particles at same speed, as in a string.

Particles, slower, with the classic limit of deep water waves, twice the speed of the group.

So the quantum world is dominant in V• (particle-group, not to confuse with Vp phase speed used in classic physics), over V≈ (the phase wave speed proper). 

But on second view, what does really mean, ‘twice’ the speed of the wave? Since the particle is cyclical speed, it means that the particle moves back and forth into a complete circle and that is the meaning of the stop and go process: as particles cycle they are equivalent to a still state, able to gauge information through its cycling process, and in quantum physics, as that means exactly going back and forth, we can see the quantum system either as a particle-position or a wave-motion, both actually synchronous – the wave is the motion, the particle/spin the informative perceptive state. 

In the graph, we can see that the circle-particle does NOT really move, even in a water wave – what moves is the wave. And this is a common feature of all wave-particle paradoxes. The synchronous period of some waves is what determines then what the wave carries, information, mass or energy. In quantum waves the particle is transported. In the other extreme, water waves do not move the particles, only the wave, which has twice its speed. And the intermediate case, the string, you might consider either that both move and do not move, (annihilate each other) as they are standing back and forth waves.
 A second key element of the understanding of waves and particles is the higher power of PARTICLES:
The wave is surrounded by the particle which is encircling it. The creational process of reproductive dimensions thus starts at its minimal scale departing from a dot that becomes a 1D line, which a wave spreads=smears but a particle orders by closing in, surrounding and fixing the waves, which start a forth and back process that decelerates it and finally stops it into standing particle points, able to gauge information as still minds. And then again the bouncing within the particle enclosure of the wave, increases its information through ∑superpositions of fourier transforms, stopping, now rotating, now stopping to create a 3D ball; and so growth is reproduction as motion is. Waves that move and become the group vital energy for the particle to stop and perceive.
And so the whole moves as a group particle, and each of the inner standing waves back and fourth as a phase particle, which is in its limit taking 3 steps back and forth for each 2 steps of the particle, 2/3 being the classic harmony between the speed of the wave back and fourth and the reproductive motion of the particle forwards stopping forwards. Then mathematically this shows in the imaginary back negative moment of the wave and the positive, reproductive doubling of the particle.

The fact is the best explanation of motion is one of reproduction of information, which requires a constant stop, reproduce your information in the next region of space-time, go… sliding and converting motion in yet another form of reproduction, which becomes then the fundamental ‘nature’ of reality – a fractal that reproduces information. And we shall return to that key insight.

In the graph, we show also 3 practical/theoretical proofs/explanations deduced of it – just a token of the ginormous number of ‘solid’ whys provided by ∆st: .

  • The complementarity wave-particle and our perception of quantum motions as a constant reproduction of the wave-form states.
  • A fact that solves  Achiles paradox, as motion has a finitesimal limit in the minimal quanta of size, of reproduction, the h-quanta of angular momentum, of both particles and waves. And so we can only measure 1/2 of the process smeared by the constant stop and go-reproduce, binary state of the particle as minimal ‘bit of informative reproduction’ and size.
  • But perhaps the most interesting consequence is the realist understanding of the uncertainty principle: we cannot measure position and momentum, because momentum is ‘motion’ and it is wave momentum, and position is still particle. So as the system is EITHER particle or wave in motion, the exact measure of the form as particle, ‘blurs’ the momentum-eve measuring, which means in other terms that the minimal unit of reproduction of the wave (kh) is the angular momentum, h/2π, which is always an unlocalised unit of reproductive motion. We could also say that the process of reproduction is always between two adjacent h-steps (h/2π)…
In the graph, we see the quantum duality, which surprisingly enough Physicists still don’t understand as it has been the center of all its disquisitions for a century. As Born put it in its Nobel discourse: “This idea of complementarity is now regarded by most physicists as the key to the clear understanding of quantum processes. Can we call something with which the concepts of position (space) and motion (time) cannot be associated in the usual way, a thing, or a particle?
And if not, what is the reality which our theory has been invented to describe?”
We shall deal specifically with the ‘false weirdness’ of quantum physics, more of a problem of the ego-trips of man, which cannot accept vital, organic, sentient beings in any other species, and prefer the ‘abstract’ view that only man has living properties in the articles on the 4th line; as all resolves when we accept the metric of 5D, which makes smaller systems, faster in time, more informative, and hence, ultimately the particles that do reproduce when absorbing energy replicating more quarks and electrons, do gauge information and react to it, the ‘site’ of perception, whose ‘quantum’ of existence is indeed, an still, discrete ‘angle of perception’, an angular momentum called ‘h’.
And so all the weirdness comes to this: the particles ‘react’ to the slow bombing of experiments (which as Bell put it, IS the name we should give to ‘abstract measure’, as we ‘experiment’ with them, and they react ‘collapsing’ into tight formations to the brutal bombs we send to measure them, as schools of fish react to the shark. And so ALL the weirdness of quantum worlds, which physicists acknowledge COMES TO those 2 things is easily resolved in the organic Universe:
1. We measure unlike in inert matter on our scale NOT the state of the particle ‘before the measure’ but its STATE after we try to measure and they react. 
2. Spins are ‘still’ angles of still informative perception, the minimal units, our electronic minds use to construct reality, as its particles – the ultimate pixels of our mind – align with the ‘experiment’ they perceive as much as we perceive them.
The after reaction of particles, the stop-particle-perception vs. go-wave-motion and the static spins is all the weirdness that there is to quantum physics; and they are just in ∆st, 3 kaleidoscopic perspectives from the point of view of the @-mind of the particle, its spin; and its S≈Teps of motion, through its states in still space as informative particles and time as moving waves.
And with those insights we can also resolve the conundrums of relativity (constancy of c-speed, and its limit; why they define time as the 4th dimension of space, being the best known).
The reductionism of lineal time only motions and its limited formulae. Time as 4D.
YOU MUST REALLY even if you are a physicist or a groupie of its equations, understand clearly that v=s/t, their equation of TIME from where all other time concepts of physics spread IS ONLY lineal time motion, ONLY a type of change and TO REDUCE the 5 Dimensions of time=change=motion of reality to that single line of a cartesian graph IS plainly speaking the main reason we have NOT understood the first principles of reality; and so unless YOU accept to break that ‘Jail of the Mind’ REGARDLESS of the absolute detail physics has achieved studying locomotions in space you will never expand your understanding of reality as IT IS.
Indeed, take the case of relativity. Mr. Einstein, our absolute idol and genius, the ‘seer of time’, actually just completed the work on Galileo’s formula of lineal time v=s/t, by adding on the verge of maximal speed within the galaxy (c-speed), a ‘factor’ to correct the ‘warping’ that ‘drags’=slow downs particles trying to go as fast as waves.
So his formula for measure of lineal time motions and distances in space, instead of v=s/t is S²=Δr²-c² t² and then of course the entire business of measuring distances in space with lineal time-motions with extreme detail get extremely complex for the sake of accuracy. But for a philosopher of all sciences, searching for the ultimate meanings of time and space, which can be applied to all of them, as we humans do live in time, have time worldcycles, occupy a vital space and DESERVE to be explained, THIS was more of the same ‘reductionism’ of time as A MEASURE OF motions in Space (hence the quip that time is the fourth dimension of space – Not SO, only if you reduce all the time motions, changes of in-form-ation and dimensions of reality to the lineal graph of Maese Galileo, measuring with Kepler’s clock the reach of cannonballs as a the master of ballistics of the venetian army.
Of course we WILL explain further all of physics, in growing detail as time goes by. But this must be clear again: you can either have dogmas, idols and believe, and then you have nothing to do in this blog, or you can ‘think’, be humble, understand as Aristotle, the highest mind of mankind put it ‘that the only thing we know is that we know nothing’ and then keep reading.
Further on we try to RESPECT as much as possible the correspondence principle. SO since physicists use only lineal time motion as a dimension of time, which they call the 4th dimension and then of course, when dealing with the future of time, use worldlines NOT worldcycles to describe life and death and ENTROPY=death (the next step of simplification of lineal time, now also expanding and breaking the being) as the supposed future of all realities, which they call the ‘arrow of time’, (but are at pains to understand what it means and how to related it to the 2Dimension of lineal motion), we shall call ENTROPY, scattering disordered death the 4TH DIMENSION of time.
That’s really the best I can do trying to respect our ‘seers of time’, which would do better going back to school.
Let us then for good ‘measure’ expand a bit or rather explain the ‘limits’ of an analysis of reality with only an abstract cartesian pen and paper continuous graph of light space-time as relativity does; and then give more interesting answers to quantum weirdness, from an organic pov.

Relativity of c-speed.

The first thing we have to understand is what it is really the ‘abstract graph of pen and paper’ Newton considered the background God draw Not Descartes, behind the equations of reality,  he added on it. In the galaxy we live in, where we make ALL our measures, the vacuum space IS light space-time, a background radiation of LIGHT. So LIGHT is the ‘abstract’ graph but IT IS A LOCAL light space-time, because inside black holes there is darkness – light is not; and outside galaxies there is darkness, hardly any light crosses the halo of galaxies. So it is OBVIOUS that as you cannot in a very fast river stream run faster, the more so if you are a heavy particle; you cannot go faster than c-light in the galactic river. Moreover, as your mind IS ELECTRONIC, and we have clarify that WE STOP AS PARTICLES TO PERCEIVE information, when two electronic atoms MEASURE light, they have FIRST entangled in ‘stillness’, then sent each other a light beam but AS THEY ARE in a fractal Universe STOPPED in relationship to each other – THEY MEASURE ALWAYS C-LIGHT SPEED, they do NOT add THEIR slow macroscopic speed, as PERCEPTION HAPPENS in the quantum scale, in STILLNESS. Alas, THE CONUNDRUM OF c-speed constancy, and the limit of c-speed within galaxies IS solved. The rest of relativity consists IN calculating from the perspective of the macro-system that SEEMS to be moving, the still c-speed of the microsystem of particles, communicating with each other in stillness.

Cosmological ∆+1 scales: wave-body of galaxies and potential fields.

In the graph we see some cases that differentiate the type of waves, in 1D – a mere envelop of information that is the surface of a particle, 2D a more evolved flow that reproduces in perpendicular symmetric s=t phases the information of the system, or in 3D as a seed in ∆-1 that will emerge after palingenesis as a prophet reproducing a civilisation or a memetic or genetic seed, or a quantum flow that condenses into particle:


All this said, as I know the reader, if any will be a man who ‘idolises’ the high popes of physics, our ‘present seers’ of time, and will like to know what all this has to do with his ‘dogma-theory’ (4D relativity and quantum physics); all what we say just widens and explains better the weirdness and limits of 4D relativity (which is just the study of 2 specific planes of the 5D scalar Universe, the light space-time plane in special relativity and the gravitational larger russian doll in general relativity).

And so we do ‘revis(it)e’ Relativity in the more specialised 4th line articles to show how it fits as a ‘smaller theory’ of a part of the whole scalar Universe, which goes beyond its limits of space-time (c-speed as the rod of measure of ‘constant space’, T=0 temperature of time-motion) beyond the galaxy (hyperluminal speeds=actions at distance in regions where there is NOT a background light space-time) and the black hole (an accelerated time vortex that should go beyond c-speed and 0 temperature past the event horizon). Those obvious, increasingly proved experimental facts that widen the limits of relativity beyond the galaxy, are poised to be accepted as faster than z=c speed jets of matter coming out of black holes in galaxies become overwhelming (they already are, as the third picture above at 10c shows, but lacking the 5D formalism astrophysicists prefer to deny facts for lack of models and elaborate bizarre arguments to deny those faster than c-speeds).

  In a Universe of fractal co-existence of ∆-scales and constant mutations of S<≈>T, systems are constantly ‘be=coming’ changing in topological form (transformations of | xO= Ø systems) and in scales.

Ambiguity happens when considering the 3 scales of co-existence of a system of ∆º waves, ∆-1 potentials and ∆+1 particles in the physical scale. As they form entangled, ‘particle-wave’+ ‘body-wave’ + limb-force co-existing realities.

We can consider that waves are tridimensional ‘bodies’ of energy in motion; particles its internal singularities and potentials the underlying scale in which they prey.

So for example, from the largest perspective of the whole galaxy gravitational quantum potentials and simpler atoms are the field which feeds, the stars’ body of the galaxy, and its singularity-particle is the central black hole.

Then the start-up reality is the underling network of forces described in three dimensional ‘equations’ (Laplace, quantum operators and potentials) that form the ‘plenum’, body of the galaxy – foreseen by Newton who considered space the body of ‘God’. From this plenum of potentials all will be formed, ‘raised’ and emerged in ∆+¡ scales.

Ultimately potentials move faster and reproduce less information that waves that DO iterate in their lineal motion, but REPRODUCE less information. So they do share also properties of the 3rd reproductive body-wave form. Finally particles are mostly stop-states of again information.

So Potentials appears to us as a vacuum space below the starsbodies of galaxies, often an invisible gravitational Force, with so little information (Poison’s gradients equated to zero) that we can see them as simple lines/limbs of motion. Yet that simplifying view is relative in physical scales as always DEPENDING ON THE INFORMATION WE HAVE WHICH is limited into the ∆±3 scales of the humind.

If we were a particle entangled through the underlying quantum potential we will probably see much more detail of them.



Species can be treated as super organisms, loosely connected in space that follow the 3 ages of time evolution, ending when surviving, into a social evolutionary ∆+1 state, which ants and humans, and now chips/robots are reaching, as the most successful species of the 3 scales of size-life in this planet, the insect, mammal and mechanical scales.

There is a fundamental main consequence to of all what we have said: Information dominates entropy, because in time-ages, the growth of information is much longer than the explosion of entropy and death that happens in a single cycle.

In the graph, evolution is really a process similar to the 3 ages of species (shown below for the human being), with the same ‘morphological stages’, given the fact that the bidimensional Universe has only 3 varieties of topological forms. Hence Darwinian evolution and genetic variation has a limit given by topology, which explains why certain complex forms, (spherical eyes of information, lineal wings of energy) can appear so fast.

The impersonal, topological plan of evolution, which happens in all scales of the Universe, is one of the most fascinating isomorphisms of all systems, which we deal with in the ‘post’ on creation, (evolutionary topology).

The 1st species packs a lot of information in minimal space: in the graph the big bang black hole, the chip, the 1st bilateral animal and mammal, the horse and the 1st technological, small human. All of them followed the basic S-T beat of evolutionary rhythms, as they are born in small ‘forms’, which have ‘faster time cycles’, hence evolve faster, and then they grow in size in its first age, slow down, reproduce massively in space and finally diversify according to the ternary and dual rhythms into new species.

The Evolutionary Plan of organisms and species. The Ternary Symmetry between time and organic space.

This graph shows as few other ‘realities’ the intimate connection between still space states and time motions, since it is both the trajectory of existence in time of a micro part of a galaxy, a star falling into the informative mind-hole of the galaxy, and the image in space in the larger scale of wholes of the whole ‘galaxy’. This duality between a temporal motion in the faster i-1 scale of the being and its spatial perception as a point of a larger whole, in the slower perception of ∆+1 is one of those beautiful symmetric paradoxes the Universe constantly displays.

In Biology the 3±1 ages of a Quantic Spaces-Times field apply both to organisms and to species that go through 3±1 horizons, parallel to those 3±1 ages. Thus there is an informative, ‘intelligent’, organic order in evolution. Though it is not a plan designed by a ‘personal God’ who cares for mankind, but by the limits that the morphology of lineal space and cyclical time and its combinations impose to the evolution of species.

Thus the so-called ‘intelligent design’ is the ternary, existential cycle that applies to every form of the Universe as it evolves in 3 possible species: an energetic, lineal species, an informative, cyclical one or a combination of both forms that shapes a balanced SxT, spiraled form. Those 3 forms become the 3 horizons between birth and extinction of any species.

Though the arrogance of mankind conditions us to believe either in ‘total chaos’, to make man the only intelligent species (the scientific, Darwinian approach to evolution) or in ‘personal, planning Gods’ (the religious one) that care for us in order to maximize our ‘existential will’, unfortunately empirical facts, of which this book offers many cases, prove that the ‘Game of Existence’ is as intelligent as we are and it has an order indifferent to man, resumed in those 3 ‘differentiations of forms’ repeated ad infinitum in all structures, species, events, cycles and ages shaped by: A form of max. energy; a balanced form, S=t, that reproduces faster and a form of max. information: Sp, ST, Tƒ.

The 3 evolutionary horizons of species.

The creation of a new species takes place according to the same 3 ages of any space-time field that become the 3 horizons of any species: after conception that creates ‘a seed’ of pure information and minimal spatial energy, species go through a young age of energy growth that creates ‘big species’; a mature, reproductive age of forms in balance between its energy and information when the species maximizes its reproduction, radiating in huge numbers; and a third horizon of informative evolution when it diversifies into multiple sub-species, becoming finally extinguished, (the equivalent to the death of any organism), or creating a new top predator form, a ‘son species’ that will restart a new cycle of life.

+1:  Birth: max. T. The black hole paradox (conception).

The ‘black hole’ age of any species is parallel to the informative, genetic conception of any organism born out of a ‘seed’ that packs the maximum genetic information in the minimal space. It is caused by the slight dominance of temporal information (quantic time) over spatial energy (quantic space). So a new top predator species is born with a lot of new, genetic information packed in a reduced size (Max. T=Min. E). This happens because information is processed faster in smaller spaces.

For example, a ‘logic instruction’ is resolved faster in smaller chips. It follows that tiny species with huge numbers of ‘neurons’ create quantic åctions faster than slow, bigger species. And since they are highly informative, they can coordinate those quantic åctions in herds that act simultaneously as a single organism. So their S-T force that defines a top predator is higher in each quantic action of space-time that the ‘slow åctions’ of a big body. Thus small English boats shooting faster against big galleons defeated the Spanish Armada; a pack of wolfs kill slow reins and herds of orcas kill bigger whales. Small, intelligent top predator brains rule bigger, less informative bodies, because time dominates space, information dominates and shapes energy.
Thus men, the most informative animals, are the Earth’s top predators; black holes, which have maximum gravitational information, are the top predators of the Universe and chips rule machines.

I Horizon: Kinetic Energy-Entropy Age: max. Se: Top Predators and Extinctions 

In their youth, carbohydrates (fats), worms (planarians), echinoderms, cephalopods, fishes, amphibians, mammals and chipped machines grew into energetic, lineal or planar, big top predators

A newborn, small fetus grows very fast in size as it multiplies its cells. By homology a new species is born as a small, informative, complex being that latter grows in spatial size during its energetic youth becoming a, lineal, energetic, big top predator species, that feeds on less evolved forms.

Thus after conception, young fishes grew into big sharks of linear forms; after the polemic Homo Floresiensis invented technology the next Homo Sapiens with an extensive fossil record were big, energetic Neanderthals; the 1st big molecules of life were fat carbohydrate chains of linear form; the 1st insects acquired soon gigantic bodies in the Carboniferous; after chips were born as small machines placed in PCs and toys, the first robots they control are big tool-machines and huge weapons of mass destruction, lineal missiles and planes, that kill human beings.

 II Horizon: Evolution or Age of balance and reproduction: max. Sp x Tƒ (S=T). Radiations of species.
Then, the species finds a balance between form and energy and it reproduces in massive radiations: carbohydrates gave birth to amino acids with a nitrogen, informative atom on its ‘relative Head’; sharks gave way to balanced tubular fishes; brachycephalic Neanderthals gave way to dolichocephalic Cro-Magnons that multiplied and colonized all continents; while young giant stars acquire the balanced size of yellow suns, the commonest of all stars.

III Horizon: Evolution or Age of information: Max. Tƒ: max. Evolutionary differentiation.

Species grow in height or acquire cyclical forms, as they evolve through their 2nd and 3rd horizons, improving their sensorial, informative skills: Nucleotides become the top predator life molecules, echinoderms change to cyclical forms, fishes organize their networks in the dimension of height, amphibians become round, improving its smell, saurian and mammals become biped.

The main difference between organisms and species happens in their 3rd age, due to the discontinuous nature of the individual ‘cells’ of species, which do not become extinguished unlike the tightly controlled cells of organic systems, dominated by nervous, informative systems that exhaust and warp totally their energy, till the organism collapses.

Instead species continue evolving, creating new, complex species with more information, growing in the dimension of height. So the Homo Sapiens evolves ever more complex technological tools; the nucleotide appears when it adds informative depth to the amino acid (with an informative, nitrogen ring and an energetic sugar ring); the yellow sun becomes a neutron star of higher gravitational, informative density; while insects develop a growing brain capacity and bees and ants appear.

(±1): Extinction Vs Evolution into super-organisms. The scales of the Universe.

Thus, organisms dominated by their informative networks, which consumes the energy of the system very fast, die sooner than species, according to a clock set by the rate at which energy is metabolized, ‘in-formed’, by their nervous system. While species, which are dominated by the individuals and the herds survive for eons with 3 basic strategies according to the ‘ternary plan’:
– Max. Sp: Creating balanced, trophic pyramids that maintain always a supply of new victims.

– S=T: Diversifying their individual forms into new species, instead of ‘degenerating’ into a warped space-time field. It is a parallel strategy to the reproduction of an organism, which in this manner survives his own death. Thus we talk of ‘son species’ that create evolutionary, genealogical trees similar to those of any organism.

However son species tend to kill-extinct the mother species, feeding on their energy. We call that fact, the Oedipus paradox. So mammals killed reptiles, men killed mammals and robots might kill human beings. While the different generations of an organism work together, creating informative networks between them that shape herds and families.

– Max. Tƒ: Species also evolve socially their individual forms into super-organisms, thanks to the creation of informative networks and languages that integrate them into a whole, bigger form, which is more powerful than the individuals of a herd.

Organisms are dominated by informative, nervous or hormonal networks that pack closely individual cells of max. information in min. space; while species extend over wider space ecosystems in which they share a min. quantity of information, as individuals of species hardly relate to each other beyond the reproductive couple or the hunting herd. And yet, both go through the same 3 ages of space-time defined by the inverse properties of the energetic youth  (max.Sp=min.Tƒ) that defines the herd and the informative old age (Max. T=Min. S) which defines the organism. Hence we consider that the creation of super-organisms is the final evolutionary stage of a herd of individuals from the same species: each individual of the herd becomes then a ‘relative cell of the body’ of the macro-organism. While the specific language of communication and information of the species becomes the relative nervous/informative network of the super-organism, as pheromones do in anthills or nervous impulses did with cells in the Pre-Cambrian age or financial and verbal languages are doing among humans in History.

The process of creation of super-organisms, departing from individuals is the key to understand the social, hierarchical structure of the Universe. Once and again, even outside the realm of biological life, quantic species of unconnected individuals have evolved socially, first in herds that share a common energy and then in super-organisms joined by energetic and informative networks that pack together and coordinate into a ‘single present’ the quantic åctions of the individual forms, shaping a new top predator being with a space-time force, sum of the force of the individual, smaller cells, with less ‘i’-nformation. In formal terms we say that organic quanta gather around energy and information networks creating a bigger individual, whose åctions are the sum of the åctions of all its cells: ST=∏t-1.

Thus photonic h-quanta evolved into particles; particles evolved into atoms, which evolved into molecules thanks to electromagnetic networks. Molecules evolved into cells thanks to genetic networks of information.

Cells evolved into organisms thanks to nervous and hormonal networks of information. And human organisms have evolved into civilizations thanks to verbal, informative networks. While the Universe has grown in scale thanks to gravitational information from atoms, to molecules, to planets and stars, to galaxies, to the very same Universe.

In the next line we study the inner structure of all those Quantic Spaces-Times fields organized around 3 types of ‘cellular species’ that evolution has differentiated in time, according to the previous 3±1 horizons; and then symbiosis structures in space in 3 specialized ‘organic classes and networks’ as energetic bodies, informative Heads and reproductive organs.

Systems of biological, physical and sociological sciences – all of them follow the ternary plan of creation. Since those 3±1 horizons of existence happen between the birth and death of any species, mapping out both for physical species, born out of the big-bang explosion of a black hole; and for biological species, since the first carbohydrate, the evolution of life from the atom to the human being.

Extinction: Yet if species fail to achieve informative, social evolution, growing into macro-organisms, they become victims of other species that have continued their evolution. So today 90% of insects are social insects; Neanderthals became extinguished by verbal Homos and Protista with limited genetic content (mitochondria) became organelles of social, eukaryotic super-cells.


However the species does NOT control its external absolute space-time ‘world’, and this is what the next graph shows. As it is the absolute space-time in which the species exist, and specifically ITS commands of the LANGUAGES OF INFORMATION of the world, which defines its survival chances. As informative perception starts all the chains of åctions (∆o-bserver->∆a-ccelerated-motion->∆e-nergy feeding->∆iteration->∆universals eusocial evolution).

So the species which better speaks the language of the ecosystem survives better. Hence the first eyes (cephalopods) extinguished most cambric species and started the radiations of species; the first speakers, homo sapiens extinguished all others; and today the chip radiation of mathematical species is simply speaking extinguishing life and making humanity obsolescent, even if we are not conscious of it.





All this said we must also stress that 5D² IS a theory that applies to all ‘stiences’ and scales, as each science merely studies a scale of size, and ALL of them are equally important. The time cycles of life or history are NOT less important than those of quantum particles.  So the reader MUST understand that the primacy of physicists IS cultural, as the makers of weapons, the tools of power, and machines, the idols of our technological civilisation.
But on pure theoretical, modelling basis, we shall NOT keep their idolised position as the ‘seers of time’, more important in its time=motion analysis that let us say, Darwin who study motion=change in the information of life, or Kondratieff, which study the cycles of evolution of machines in economics, or Spengler who studied the life and death of organic civilisations. If anything less important as we do NOT move=chance at light speed, and the 2Dimension of motion is for us far less important than the 0-1Dimension of ‘genesis’ and perceptive information.
All this said, the ultimate purpose of the wave is to reproduce-communicate information between points. its complexity will determine that it is a mere 2D process or a reproductive process that ends collapsing the wave into a fast evolving emergence of a particle. 
IN THE FIRST case the wave will be merely a disturbance on the potential field along a line which waves and webs information, for communication between two elements (as in physical waves, where the information is developed and sent by the envelope and the energy comes with the particle-group, which if not ‘solid’, will be irrelevant to the transmission of information dissolving fast).
IN THE SECOND case we talk of the seed generated and carried by the wave which will start a process of 01D generation upon arrival to a seminal place where to seed in a larger placenta scale:

In the more complex models of the fractal organic Universe, there are two fundamental ‘quantum states’ that transcend through all scales; the wave female gender and the particle, male gender. Women are waves and men are particles.

Wo=men are waves, the vital energy that guides the motion of its complementary particles, the in-form-ative male gender, that surround them. Those 2 first quantum states of space-time are born to love, for their properties enhance each other’s role. And so through social love particles and waves evolve together in growing scales of complexity, creating new wholes connected through networks of energy and information, till the emergence of the most perfect biological organism, of which we all human beings are citizens-cells, the superorganism of History, mankind in time, the collective subconscious brain of Gaia, its body, the planet Earth.

The purpose of mankind is thus clear, to create a perfect world in which both scales, that of the human couple and the organism of history can thrive, become immortal and master the future of all of us in an organic, sustainable scientific way.

Both are complementary when they are properly formed. But both can annihilate themselves, when they enter in the war of sexes, which is in the present age of entropy the dominant function between sexes.

We shall thus study from the general model of systems, (www.unificationtheory.com), the true ‘immanent’ nature of gender, which is INTRINSIC to all systems and scales of the Universe.

The inversion of roles through scalar growth. 


In the graph, the deepest differentiation of species is that between hyperbolic, S≈T present waves, and S<>T, PARTICLE-FIELD configurations, at the heart of the duality of gender, manifested in all the fractal scales of the Universe. A wave reproducing a system and a particle, feeding on a guiding field, become then the female, reproductive and male, destructive/creative dual symmetries that decouple in 2 the original ternary system, giving origin to gender in all the scales of reality. All other sub-sequent characteristics of gender derive from this initial symmetry.

In graph duality of female-male genders must be understood in terms of O| states of a system. Women are a balanced, E=I, present state. Male fluctuate between informative and entropic states.

One of the most fascinating elements of the fractal paradigm is the symmetry of gender, which is one of the fundamental forms in which the fractal paradigm shows its dualities of time and space.

In those terms a female species is a wave, present state of the system, balanced between energy and information. And a male species is a past-future form, where the limb-head relationship bypasses often the reproductive present body-wave state.

Sp>Tiƒ is the male state, which switches on between feeding and perceiving Sp>iƒ and Sp≈Tiƒ, is the present reproductive female state.

As such all fractals of the Universe show the gender duality as it is nothing more than to classify the 3 states of the system into its two more clear balanced dualities as the wave state is merely the product of the other two states past-entropy and future information in a position of balance: SxT(s=t). While the male state will be the on-off switch between the 2 imbalanced states: maximal pas entropy vs. maximal future information.

Once this basic definition is understood, then we can consider the many aspects of the decoupling:


The fundamental duality of the Universe, is the symmetry of space-time. One of its most clear expressions in the vital space-time of biological beings, is the symmetry of gender. In its simplest formulation, we could state that women are cyclical, informative and men are lineal, energetic. This of course, pleases women, and I used to explain it in this biased form when i was young and attracted as it is natural in all systems, by the body of women.

IN THE GRAPH, the duality between women and male. We can see in the middle a graph of IQ. Women are balanced and most tests with a higher intelligence that entropic, lineal male focused on their limbic motions. However a minority of men, focused in their informative particle state have maximal IQ and are the ‘geniuses’ of creative mankind, as women are mostly white matter waves with higher reproductive skills both in body and mind.

On the right,  the hyperbolic wave form of mature women bodies enhanced subconsciously with their dresses vs. the lineal form of body-males.

A fundamental law of the complex formalism of the fifth dimension of the scalar organic Universe is the inversion of ‘forms’ when a system becomes social and organizes an ∆+1 new plane. Let us put an example: proteins in the ∆-1 scale are lineal, but then they form the CYCLICAL, ∆º membrane of cells; but then again, when emerging into larger network structures, they are the dominant tissue of TEGUMENTARY lineal tubular networks in physiological blood systems. So proteins are ∆-1 and ∆+1 lineal and ∆º cyclical at cell membrane level.

IF we apply the same concept to the female/male gender, waves and particles exchange roles as they grow in scales.

It is a remarkable law essential for all studies of all organic systems of the Universe, in the complex ‘5D formalism’ that also apply to gender.

So women and men suffer an inversion of role from its earlier ∆-1 cellular state, when women were particles and males were seminal waves, but we shall escape the complex laws of ’emergence’ between scales of the fractal Universe, as we try to simplify those laws of the wider http://www.unificationtheory.com model in this web on the application of 5D general systems to social sciences.

So what matters in the deeper level is the conserved ROLE: Male are |>O states of lineal motion (the body-limbs of the seminal particle) and O-states of maximal information (the particle head of the seminal seed). While women ARE THE VITAL ENERGY of the system (the ovum).



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