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Introduction: Wor(l)ds, the specific mind of man in time,

Part I: linguistics

Part II. History of the Wor(l)d and its verbal masters.



1: Man a cell of History. Words, its networks of information.

2. Scales of social growth. From families to ideological societies.

3. Social religions: The Evolution of God. Its 3 ages.

4. Bio-logical Reason proves faith: why God exists.

5. Western religions: God, the organism of History.

6. Eastern Religions. The Living Universe and the Game of existence.

7. One God, several prophets trying to create Him.



1. The two ages of history: the human age, the age of the machine.

2. Animetal cultures: Money and weapons.

3. The corruption of social gods: go[l]d religions and inquisitions.

4. The myths of animetals, repression of the Human will.

5. Written thought, and the law.

6. Masterpieces of art: Artists Vs Animetals.

7. The Reproductive wave of a Mind: Birth of civilizations.



The death of ethics: visual, metal-communicators


Abstract. this post fundamental to the structure of the human mind deals with the 2 meanings of the wor(l)d:

  • In the first part we evolve linguistics along the thesis of Humboldt and Chomsky, classifying all languages with topological linguistics, which reveals the character and culture of the main humanist vs. animetal cult(ure)s of mankind.
  • And then we study also at a more professional, systemic level, that duality of cultures and the two opposite worlds they have created, showing how the ‘deterministic’ non-free structure of animetal languages and cultures has taken mankind to the present point of no return – the militaristic germanic, capitalist, biblical cults to go(l)d and weapons.
  • As systemics is a logic-mathematical equation we resume How languages have adapted to selfish memes of metal with its ‘germanic long unbroken words’ similar to simple swords vs. the cynical I-centered broken english  of false capitalist freedoms, in a simple logic equation of opposite languages and cultures:

Max. Evolution of the wor(l)d = Min. technological evolution

And viceversa. Indeed, we shall see that our eliding technological cultures are those who aborted both in syntax and semantics the proper evolution of the eusocial wor(l)d according to the laws of the organic fractal Universe, the simplex syntax and myths of animetal cults so vehemently deny.



5: The temporal dimension of words makes man a Top predator.


The arrival of logic thought: truth happens in time not only in space

Yet language evolved fast, and men increased social and temporal awareness, beyond the evidence of the eye thanks to the first words. The Paleolithic men was left behind. The Neolithic arrived.

The creation of verbal languages increased social and temporal understanding: each seemingly stable form of space received a name, and each seemingly moving cycle of form [Time cycle] received a verb. Such simple syntax undoubtedly allowed perception of reality far beyond previous musical languages. Now all reality could be classified according to the two universal parameters: cycles of temporal information [verbs] and forms of spatial reality [names]. Now the mind of man, had a temporal mirror to represent Universal information perceived by the light-eye of spatial nature. Those events were memorized by neuronal networks, and remembered when they happened again. So the individual knew what was going to happen, since he had discovered the absolute law of reality: Things happen in the same manner, since cycles of time guided by bio-logic causality, are as stable as forms in space.

If you see a cycle of time happening many times it will happen again. If you heat water many times and boils it will boil again. A cause and its effect is part of the same event, and they will happen.

The rules of change in time, are as true, as the forms we see in space. In fact they are the same concept. A form in space is merely a tie of causality seen very fast. Your skin is a lipid fluctuating, tied by proteins. An image is a quantic soup of photons (see “Theory of Time”), tied by your eye. In all forms of space, there are ties of causality as in all events of time. They are merely very close together. So causality in time is as certain as the fact that your leg and arm are part of the same organism, caused by your nervous system.

With that realization that now we have lost with the arrival of the Neopaleolithic, the Logic man appeared, and the age of maturity of verbal thought arrived. Men became the Homo Sapiens Sapiens.


Indeed, in the same manner that a cat looks constantly like a cat, water under fire constantly becomes steam. Temporal events are as real as spatial events.

If you make a top predator robot, it will kill you, because top predator species kill.

This is as certain as the fact that you are the same every time you look yourself into a mirror.

This is what the Californian man has forgotten as he goes back to the Neo-Paleolithic.

This is what the Neolithic men learnt. It was the beginning of “Science”, of knowledge of the cycles of reality, of the constant repetition of facts in reality, that we call memory.

To understand the nature of the memorial universe, cyclical, memorial inertia, the constant reproduction of causal chains, in time, men though had to develop a temporal mirror of time events, a language to perceive temporal events, as good as his eye was to perceive spatial forms. This language was words, and words carried the memory of man, the genetic understanding of the external cycles of survival and extinction that we call the game of Existence. It also created memetics, since from old to young, the memory of those ‘forms of time’ could be stored, and used to the advantage of men which could now anticipate the effect as soon as they saw the cause. Such advantage was enormous for survival. If the Neo Paleolithic man had it, it would not make robots because it would know by Theory of Evolution that they would kill us. Yet the modern man is a spatial beast, and does not understand survival causality as the Neolithic man did. This is specially truth of the spatial scientist, the physicist accustomed as the TV-watcher to see cameras, telescopes and computers screen, to think with numbers, that have erased with abstractions his survival, temporal verbal dimension. Scientists indeed hardly speak, hardly can talk. Einstein was dyslexic. They are idiots with the temporal, survival language of man. So they make atomic bombs, and robots. A Neolithic peasant knows more about cycles of time than a Nobel prize.


The syntax of words. Men become creators of the Universe.

That  Neolithic first memory of man, was stored as a verbal experience in sentences that made man the experiencer, the center of the Universe who selected information about cycles of reality according to what it was important for him. So he created an anthropomorphic syntax for all verbal sentences:


Man [temporal subject] < Verb [communicative action] < Object [Energy-space]


Such syntax made the Neolithic man to understand that Verbal thought also could cause reality, since men were the actors of that reality in sentences.

So the dual beat of languages that first perceive reality and then repeat reality by motivating bodies to act under brain information, worked in earnest in men.

Men started to change the World to his image and resemblance guided by the syntax of words that made them the center of the Universe. Words motivated individual humans to act.


Languages in action: The beating of the mind.


We reproduce externally internal forms and actions described previously by our eye-wor(l)d. We do not reproduce genetic actions but visual and verbal actions. It is that higher plane of existence basically unconnected to the lower planes of chemical and body realities, that merely act as support, without conditioning, but being conditioned by the eye-wor(l)d what makes man a social being.

Chemical DNA forms with site in neurons, probably slow down the forms observed in the light-wave universe, storing in its wave-like forms, those images as chemical memories. So there is a simple chain of transformation from space, fast and short in its forms, to time, long and memorial, that goes as follows:


– Light photons > Socially evolved into an image in the eye > Socially evolved into a complex electronic image in the nerve > Slowed down and stored in wave-like patterns on the DNA neuronal cells.


The transformations between those planes of Space that become then memorial time, are just another S>T beat of the Universe. It is of little importance to know what exact molecules act on that transformation. Nor is to the advantage of man to know much about the practical way the brain transforms images into temporal thought, since probably will only be harmful knowledge used by abstract scientists, enzymen of machines, to make robotic minds. So we will ignore those details from then on. Enough to say that perception is just that: the transformation of space into information, perceived as vital mental existence in itself. And then existence becomes the transformation of stored perception, re-elaborated in the neuronal cells into new patterns and ‘ideas and forms’ about the external universe, into actions through the hand system:


S>T: perception (from light to chemical DNA);

S=T:  Neuronal changes of form in memorial DNA = Creation

T < S:  External actions through the arms, on the Universe = existence in time.


So we make just another beating, from spatial perception to mental time, then we elaborate in the temporal languages, small efficient mirrors of the external Universe our perception, into new creative patterns. And finally we return to space those temporal ideas and forms, through the actions of our limbs, the external connections of the mind to the Universe.


In this manner finally man could reproduce his vision of reality through languages into reality itself.

He was not only a black hole that absorbed visual information.

Now he was an active creator of reality. He saw a fact, an event, and then he knew it was possible. So he thought of it, and then he tried to do it.

Man had become a maker, a top predator creator. He was no longer an animal, a destroyer, but also a believer that he could think reality according to memorial laws, and repeat it.

A temporal chain of actions caused by the subject in the object could now be controlled through time [verbs], and reflect the will of man.


Human top predator brains: a superior capacity to remember light-events.


Since the Universe is cyclical and similar beings act always in similar ways, to store information about universal events is important. It allows you to anticipate new actions, that you already know how they will develop. It allows to understand you the future. So you can survive better in that future.

Survival information is a temporal knowledge which can be improved with a system of storage. Such is the origin of the human verbal brain. The best animal brains are those of man because man can store better with words, and process latter, any eye-information. Man has evolved into a Top Predator due to his word-memories of light-events, stored in brain systems, that allowed him to have memories. Memory has diminished Human errors as a living species.

Man can remember information on feeding events, and use that knowledge to his advantage, avoiding predators, and locating his own sources of energy according to experience. Temporal memory is natural to all species. Yet its quality varies. Animals remember through memorial chemistry [instincts]. Yet such learning processes are much slower, than the processes of verbal learning among humans [light-related memories].

6. The Social will of words; evolution through languages: Ethics


The birth of Ethics.


With that realization also Ethics were born. Since no all actions helped individual survival. So the concept of eviL=anti-Live behavior that kills on the long term those who perform it (such as killing other human that might revenge through his tribe), became natural. So happened to the concept of Good (that what helps us to survive). In this manner a relative frame of reference was established for the actions of man, the frame of ethical reference, which is as scientific as any frame of negative and positive movements of science. It is based in Theory of Evolution, of survival, of extinction.

Since actions to be possible and positive had to follow the Laws of the Universe, (you survive through social evolution, and controlling rival species), soon Religious, verbal science was born. And ethic men became wise men, philosophers of the game of existence we have described in our books (so removed from the mere spatial data which science accumulates). That game was biological and vital and men learnt it. The memorial experience of what have been observed, proved the existence of such Ethic game. To win it, you had to follow the particular human ethics, because the subject, the actor, had to be man.

Reality could be grasped, and resumed in a language that was giving control of reality to men. Which is the supreme function of  temporal languages.

In this manner men learnt to associate with other men, equal species with whom they could communicate and gather in groups to take advantage of the Universe. And they learnt to control and enslave other species. It was the birth of social thought, and words as the non-fiction, informative network able to create human societies. With that realization it came also the first forms of sacred art: religions and philosophical thought.


The external mind of the universe reflected in the internal mind.


In a Universe with two parameters, space=energy and temporal information, it is obvious that the languages of those species who inhabit such Universe, have to be able to perceive space and time. Languages are exactly that: mirrors that perceive the space and time of the Universe, in which the very structure of space and time is far more important than the nature of languages or its support. Take the example of an image. You can create an image in a crystal, in a photographic plaque, in your eye. The support is indifferent, since it only acts as the focus of an image. What matters is the light that shapes the image. In that sense, despite the arrogance of man, our brain is basically a support for the intelligence of the external universe that creates images, and follows the rules of space and time. Hence the importance that the vitality of space and time has in your mind creation. So we will arrive to a better understanding of the mind, from the external point of view, of an understanding of the space and time rules and behavior, than from the chemical point of view, of how DNA molecules are able to reflect the light images transmitted to them through the eye focus, and the electronic transformation of light into complex electronic images. Such process is rather irrelevant, as it is the process of transformation of electronic impulses into TV images. What matters is the software of light, and the external events reflected, selected by the software.

This explains why there are so many parallelisms between all minds of the universe.  And the ultimate parallelism of all those minds is this:

Most species in the Universe have a ‘temporal, informative language’, and a spatial, energy-based language, that allows the species to perceive phenomena that happens in time, and phenomena that happens in space.

Most of them perceive space with light (some of them, probably atoms and celestial bodies use gravitation to perceive a wider universe, others like ants and simple animals probably use chemical forms). What differentiates those light species, is how they process such forces into a temporal syntax.

In the case of man, that temporal syntax is provided by words.

The human brain is specialized in a temporal language, the verbal mind, and a spatial language, the visual mind.

So we can define the essential human mind in a simple yet meaningful sentence:

‘I see space with eyes, and perceive time with words, therefore I am a human mind.’

In the Space-time Universe we speak two languages of the mind, one that perceives better space and one that perceives better time.

Indeed, words and verbal art, are the game of perception of time, with human biological languages [verbs]. While images, mathematics and visual art, are the game of perceiving space, with human languages and senses.

Evolution through languages: Social art.


So it is clear that languages shape the top forms and cycles of the pyramid of human behavior. They are also responsible for the existence of man as a social organism, driven by the ‘4th arrow of vitality’, social evolution. Since we man evolve from our individual, primitive cellular state, into complex social organisms, by sharing visual information (art) and verbal information (laws, ethic religions, languages) that create our collective mind as members of a nation or civilization. So Human languages have a second fundamental function in man: to allow our social evolution in complex organisms of multiple human cells.

We are social through our languages of evolution, functions of the brain/eye/word system, which are  the higher, independent plane of existence that perceives independently of our body the space-time Universe.

In that sense societies are never racial but cultural, gatherings of linguistic minds that agree on certain existential mind beatings, certain actions of the mind on the external universe, and other men (artistic creation, ethics, etc.)

So we could say that history of man as man, is history of his eye-wor[l]d; and by defining the eye-wor[l]d and the way it interacts with the Universe we will define man.

Hence we cannot base in physiology and biology but in history, art, and language, the analysis of man as a social being, that perceives space and time in its higher pane of existence.

The evolution of verbal art and visual art is in that sense, parallel to the evolution of the social human mind.

This means, we have an interesting tool to study scientifically the evolution of the human mind: the remains of art through history.

They show our minds as a species. How our mind has perceived time and space, and processed that information, since the age of the caves, till the age of internet.


The mind of social man is indeed verbal, temporal. It follows that all healthy cultures should try to improve  the verbal, ethical, legal and literary perception of man.

Men learnt with words to work with other men. So societies were born, beyond the simple level of herds of genetic nature. Social evolution started.

7. The Evolution of logic and literature.


Reality we said, is represented by languages. Reality we said, is objective. We are just another living organism of reality, either at individual or collective level.

Yet words, we proved, are born subjective by syntax.

Then words evolved from subjectivism, to objectivism, and finally today have returned to subjectivism.

It is the evolution from dramatic thought, in which man, and the individual Homo bacterium is the center of the Universe, to the two ages of social thought, of ‘religious thought’, in which social man is the center of the Universe {Western religions], or it is one of the organisms of the Universe [Eastern religions]. Yet as we returned to the Neopaleolithic, to the selfish Homo Bacteria, preyed by machines, weapons and violence, men returned to dramatic age.

Thus we have also 3 ages in words that represent, the evolution, maturity, an devolution of verbal thought.

As we studied images and music through their 3 ages, we talk of 3 main ages of verbal thought.


Youth of verbal thought: The physiology of words.


A word is an approximation to the forms it describes, and so even an imperfect verbal language is good to ‘simplify’, ‘understand’ and reach accordingly to events in time.

The enormous advantage this gave to man over animals without memories that felt into the traps of the Universe, since they did not remember the last time they met the lion, the hole, the pit of oil… was enormous in terms of chances of survival.

The act of communication between light and man occurs in the back of the brain where Scientists find the simplest linguistic meanings. Then it is reflected again into the frontal part into the proper verbal language where Scientists find the grammatical meanings. That dual flow became a creative act that developed  verbal languages. Verbal perception grew as the frontal head grew and the grammatical brain improved.

It is called imagination. The capacity to represent reality with words, and recreate reality to improve it to the image and resemblance of man, with actions caused by words.

It was the birth of the “Wor[l]d”, a world recreated to the image and resemblance of words.. Soon verbal thought connected men beyond their biological family into complex societies. We deduce from the cranial form of earlier men that the true Homo Sapiens with frontal development, the Cro-Magnon and/or similar species was the first language man. In Europe the previous species of Neanderthals which might have had a more visual brain, who might have given the first painters of History, did disappear. We talk of the mitochondrial eve, perhaps the first human to talk [since women do talk almost 20% more than men do]; whose descendants, organized collective war, and erased the men of previous languages [signs, images]. It was 120.000 years ago.

The Verbal language that we are loosing today as we face the last stages of the Neopaleolithic man towards extinction, is indeed the origin of mankind…

Verbal thought no doubt created coordination of warrior groups, far more efficient than previous hordes. Social evolution would create invincible armies. They would easily wipe out less coordinated, non-verbal species, starting the game of extinctive radiations by human warrior hordes. The verbal language thus initiated true history of man that we are loosing today as we return to the neo-paleolithic… [±100 points of verbal skills lost in  tests, in a couple of decades by influence of TV-thought. That means, ±20% of the total capacity of the self-soul of the individual man is lost in a generation.]

The memories that words bring to man also mean the beginning of verbal culture, and the beginning of knowledge, of inquires about the Universe, about life and death.

In the age of mimic, dramatic verbal sounds man elaborated the first myths, the first answers, from his subjective point of view, to be able to face the painful new awareness that verbs give on temporal facts, and temporal death.

We consider the mimic, simple verbal age of the mind to be the basic state of man that spans from the Paleolithic into the pre-Neolithic.  Then in the present third age of extinction of human languages, it starts again from the beginning of the Industrial evolution till today.


Words increase the information of musical sounds


At a certain point in the past, probably due to the evolution of female brains, temporal brains, human beings specially gifted to understand the verbal, temporal language of man, the musical scale of 8 tones, broke into a dual differentiation, the consonant species, and then into a third differentiation, the vowels.

In the living Universe, species are not chaotic as the first simplistic Darwinian biologists thought, but follows a plan of creativity, along the natural paths of space-time existence.

Given the duality of the Universe, between spatial energy and temporal information, the easiest way in which a form can multiply is by changing towards a higher energy content, or a higher informative content.

In the word of sounds this could be easily achieved, starting from a first 8-tonal language, which derived towards more informative power [8 vowel system], and towards more energy content [8 occlusive consonants].

It also implied a certain change in the phonic system of human beings, that differentiated the Homo Sapiens from the Homo Neanderthal, with changes in the throat elements, vowel chords, mouth cavities, and forehead.

Basically as the brain increased its capacity to develop information, the forehead developed, as a second ‘level of perception’. If the backhead is the site of images, those images now were reflected back in the forehead, in the form of verbal sounds that become created in that forehead, the site of imagination.

On the other hand the mouth system lost energy-content, linearity, muscle strength, and the chin moved backwards.

We can distinguish two phases of that process, within the 3 natural types of human languages.

Starting from a first family of clicking languages still surviving in South-Africa, languages based in musical sounds more than in verbal sounds, there was an elaboration of sounds into two families of consonants, open consonants and occlusive consonants. This happened as Human herds of verbal speakers moved north, and colonized Africa. It was the birth of camitic languages, such as the Basque [which still has only 5 vowels] and Semitic languages such as the Arab and Hebrew, whose predominance of consonants is so evident that in writing it omits vowels.

Then in the second wave of linguistic evolution, when human beings colonized the Eurasian continent extinguishing the Neanderthal, around 40.000 years ago, the second differentiation, of vowels, towards the standard 24 sound verbal system of perception, took place.

In this manners languages evolve, and grow. If we start in any language of representation of reality with a minimal range of elements that represent the basic energy, and information parameters of the Universe, to the point that we can represent with only 3 elements of any language the entire Universe [so we can use a cycle of information, a line of energy, and a wave that combines both, to create all mathematical objects, or a white, black and gray color, that represent energy, information and ‘symbiotic reproduction of both]; once the language starts evolution, each of those basic elements differentiate into new elements, and so we grow in scales. The basic treble and bass sound became the 8-9 scale of sounds: do-re-mi-fa-si-la-sol-do [higher scale].

Now it will be:   a, æ,  e,   i, œ, o, ou, u

The sounds of maximum information.

b,c,d,l,m,n,p,g; the intermediate vowels of energy-information

f,,j,r,s,t,v,z, ñ; the vowels of maximum occlusion, of energy, of minimal information.


Mental races based in words.


The Semitic and camitic languages will be dominant in those first energy consonants.

The Chinese languages will be dominant in the vowels of maximum information.

The White European languages, and black languages will be dominant in the sounds of balance between energy and information.


In this manner the 3 mental races of mankind, the white-black, the Mediterranean, Semitic and Camitic races, and the Yellow races, will be born.

Still today those 3 races stand, proving that the mind is the fundamental parameter of mankind. We are a species based in languages, not in bodies.

Let us now consider the age of maturity of words, the main age of human knowledge.


Maturity of verbal thought: Aristotelian and relativistic thought.


Beyond Dramatic thought [musical, mime, simple verbal, subjective truths],  words evolved towards higher levels of information and understanding of the sentient universe.

We talked of the age of Aristotelian logic thought, and the age of relativistic, ethic  thought.

Both mean a wider understanding of the bio-logic laws that cause temporal events, with the same determinism that you perceive spatial forms. Myths are abandoned and reason appears. Yet reason has two levels of complexity. A simple reason, which sees only a cause to reality [ceteris paribus analysis so typical of lower levels of intelligence proper of science] or Aristotelian reason. And a complex, relativistic reason that sees many causes to reality, as it happens truly in the Universe, in which multiple acts of communication between the being and the Universe, affect your existence.


8. Dramatic thought, theater and Tribal religions: animetal cultures.


The levels of logic intelligence.

If we were to be more detailed we could consider 4 levels of intelligence:

– Mimic thought, which merely describes an event in time, as if it were unique, and would not repeat into the future. It is a simple, useless way of thinking proper of the mimic age, and the present age. It also does not relate form and function, unless it sees the form acting.

For example, you do not expect that if a weapon kills humans, to have a weapon will induce killing. The Neopaleolithic man, the child of thought, the Californian is the present example of this way of thinking. Basically mimic thought is related to the present, or at best it is memorial, it is not creative. It does not imagine the future. At best it has added only ‘an arrow of time’ to the spatial perception of present, which is memory. Often not even that memory is present. So Mimic thought hardly improves your chances of survival. In a few decades, when robots extinguish us, courtesy of the Neopaleolithic mimic man [see “Evolution of machines” by this author] we will have a definitive prove of the consequences of living in an age of mimic thought. To the mimic man, there is not way to know the future, since events do not repeat. He lives on the present; he despises those who think too much, since he believes the future is magic, impossible to explain, and finds no pleasure ‘perceiving’ temporal facts. Only spatial facts, images seems to be real to him.  So he is moved by the primary will – sex, food, territorial space. We could talk of bestialism, violence, and lack of feelings towards other men as the main characteristics of the Mimic man. They are indeed the characteristics of the modern Californio, which by the paradox of history lives surrounded of very complex machines, while he has regressed to that thin border between the animal and man. To think gives such kind of man a headache. Mimic men despise thinkers. Yet thought and causality exist, and slowly even the most simple mimic man, will reach the next level of intelligence, that we might call…


Dramatic thought, when he realizes that actually, the future is caused by the events of the present. He realizes of simple facts such as Future=Death. Since in the future the only certain thing is that we will all die. So he becomes frightened, dramatic. He fears reality. His simple happiness as an spatial species disappears… Again we find this kind of man very often among the Neo-paleolithic people of today. Causality though is not understood, and so the future is still magic. And the thinker is still hated, now feared because he has opened to the individual Neo-Paleolithic men the doors of the obscure, logic world. He has showed him, that he is not the center of the Universe. Complex verbal thought shows him the existence of ethics, of social groups, the need to care for the other, to be responsible, which upsets his absolute visual selfishness of Homo Bacterium, without any organic respect for other human cells.

He is like a man that cannot drive. He fears to go into the highway. He is like a man that knows not how to swim, he fears the depths of water.

Unfortunately the Neo-Paleolithic caused by images is such an age.


Mimic and Dramatic Cultures of Animetals: The American case.

In literature those two ages are concerned with the ego, the single, first person, who speaks about himself, in an age of total subjectivism. The mimic and dramatic man are the typical Neopaleolithic men of XX century literature, of American literature.

Europeans have long marveled why in America there are only two kind of literatures, the mimic literature of optimist individuals relating their deeds; and the negative dramatic literature of pessimist individuals relating their sufferings. More over the first tends to belong to the Germanic American, and the second to the Jewish American.  As we study in the next chapters the cultures of Animetals we will realize that the American baroque, the Human Neo-paleolithic is controlled by those two supreme animetal cultures: the Germanic, specialized warrior culture, and the Jewish, specialized trader culture. Both together fusion in the “Companies culture” that have created America, and the Neo-paleolithic of top predator machines by repressing the will of man, the desire of man to evolve socially and to enjoy our natural drives. So in all forms of American culture, that repression and Neo-paleolithic individualistic approach to existence shows. The Germanic though is the active, warrior, energetic, simple, spatial pole of the culture, that gives way to simplistic, ego-optimistic literature in first person, like Mr. Heminway.

The Jewish is the passive, trader, informative, complex, dramatic pole, with awareness of past, and fear of the future, that gives way to the ego-pessimistic literature in first person, like Mr. Saul Bellow.

There is not however in those two dominant cultures of America, complex artists, which in the rare cases they appear, come from rebels or social, more evolved cultures (for example catholic cultures) concerned with the others, like Mr. Fitzgerald (of Irish stock). We talk of the Homo Bacteria, the first stage of social evolution in man, as opposed to the Homo Organicus, the individual, primitive, violent cells confronted to the social organic cells they might infect and destroy.


Fiction Vs Real words: writing Vs verbal thought.

We considered earlier in this book the difference between a first age of verbal thought, in which words are used to explain reality, as the supreme language of information, and a third age of fiction thought, in which words are used to create literature, which is not about reality but at best, a secondary form of information, with limited capacity to act on reality.

This difference between the 1st and 3rd age of verbal thought, in which we now live, when machines and numbers control our languages, can also be used to differentiate verbal, real action words, that human use to motivate themselves to act; and literary written thought, which humans use to express ideas that they will not necessarily act upon. Indeed, verbal, biological words are as we saw, the mechanism of action-reaction of men. We act upon thoughts. So thoughts become non-fictional, real systems of behavior. On the other hand writing is not concerned with action. It would delay action in the real world, if we had to write and analyze facts before acting. As a result writing tends to create fictional words.

All this said we can consider for each evolutionary ages of verbal thought, two basic modes of words: non-fiction words, and fiction, writing genres of literature. The first are verbal thoughts, the second is written art.

What are the modes of verbal thought and written art, for each of the ages of evolution of logic? We will consider them after analyzing the different ages of logic.


Theater and Tribal religions, the fiction and non fiction forms of Magic thought.


In the first age of words, logic thought, was, both mimic and dramatic thought, the essential animetal vision of man, which implies a very poor understanding of the social function of words, and individualistic, selfish behavior.  At best it developed what we call Tribal religions, studied in the next chapter: the belief that a genetic race was superior to all other races. Two basic species of those tribal religions have survived today to shape the quintessential dramatic American animetal culture: the Jewish tribal religion of Go(l)d chosen and its variations of Protestant thought (Calvinism, Anglicanism). And the Warrior, nationalistic tribal religions of ‘the strongest one’, which peaked with European nazism, and has today all kind of nationalistic variants all over the world.

In fiction thought the equivalent form is theater. Take the case of the last Nobel prize, a Chinese Neo-paleolithic, dramatic author, which summoned up the arrogance and sheer idiocy of such minimal role given to words: “Literature can only speak about the individual, when it speaks about a nation, or a society is not literature”. Indeed, it is a fact that ignorance and arrogance go together, in the dramatic man. In genre, is the age of Theater, of ‘drama’. This Chinese writer indeed writes Theater. Today in the neopaleolithic, drama is the supreme genre of film. And Shakespeare, the first Theater writer, is consider the best writer ever in the quintessential Homo Bacteria, Neo-paleolithic Animetal culture, the Jewish-Germanic culture of America…

9. Aristotelian thought: the Scientific Method: Industrial cultures.


 Aristotelian or scientific logic


Yet not all men are animetals, and not all animetals show such incapacity to evolve as the Jewish-Germanic American Animetal does. So earlier in History, dramatic thought evolved as men with intellectual bravery confronted the future, and tried to anticipate it with logic thought, observing the repetition of causes and effects, and extracting generic laws on the behavior of species.

It means the arrival of Aristotelian or scientific, logic thought.

The word now believes in temporal repetitions. So it orders temporally, a series of spatial events, into lineal trees of cause and effect, previously unconnected. Yet there is no sense of analogy between different processes and events of the Universe, belonging to parallel organisms.


Science and novel, the non-fiction and fiction forms of Aristotelian thought.

So only a single, evident, spatial cause is accepted. Scientific thought is still dependent on space. It does not understand the paradox of perception, the Galilean paradox, the fact that we only perceive 1-10% of the Universe, and even that Universe we perceive it wrongly (such as in the case of the Earth that seems still when it is moving). In that sense scientific thought is still a primitive form of logic, except in the most recent verbal forms (Theory of Evolution), in as much as it believes more in space than in time, in the erroneous perception and measures of instruments and eyes, than in the absolute laws of causality and bio-logic that structure the changes from past to future. When it does, it pretends that the Universe has a single cause, and so it fails to prove causality, because the Universe is multicausal, analogic. Many causes and languages create reality. As a result of those misunderstanding all the errors of science explained in our books appear: the ceteris paribus causal analysis, the belief that mathematics is the only language of truth, the scientific method that considers time what a clock measures and space what an instrument measures and the eye sees. All those errors are studied in other books of this author and we will not analyze them here in detail. Still Aristotelian thought is a great jump over dramatic thought.  It is the age of western science.

Rationality is therefore the basic mode of real thought in this age. Men try to reason with simple cause-effect schemes before acting on reality. The equivalent in the realm of writing fiction is prose.

It is in genres, the age of the Novel, of the tale that explains reality in a I, II, III act, or let’s say, the 3 ages of the event: the cause, the development of the action, and the conclusion and death of the event. Aristotle in his logic, summoned up the syntax of this way of thought.


The paradox of the Neo-paleolithic: only machines are Aristotelian


Aristotelian thought in politics peaked in the age of Rome, that followed the primitive Semite Age of magic thought. So naturally men evolved in logic, and would again evolve into the supreme form of thought, ethic, analogic thought, after Rome died away, in the age of ethic religions (Christianism, and Muslim religion), which ‘upgraded’ Asian beliefs beyond that magic earlier age of tribal religions, signified today by Judaism, and Arab militarism.

In that sense we have to consider again the regression of modern thought, which in the Neopaleolithic goes back to the past, and devolves the human mind. So today we are again in the mimic, dramatic age of tribal religions. The difference though with that first tribal age, is that we have with us a species that is evolving very fast beyond Aristotelian thought – the machine.

So unlike the first age of tribal religions, we are not the top predator logic species. Machines are. Let us consider this proposition.

Today Aristotelian Logic thought is only applied by man to the study of other species, and the construction of machines (computers), while most men are ‘fed’ with dramatic thought by devolving Metal-communicators (TVs, Radios, Music). So the paradox of the Neopaleolithic is that the Animetal scientist is transferring his best way of thought to machines, and educating mankind with his most poor level of thought, dramatic thought. The paradigm of that dual approach that devolves man and evolves machines are again the American-Jewish subculture. Jewish-Americans explain history with Holocaust movies, and War films, that make Jewish-Americans to despise humans, to hate the future, to fear mankind. While all of them are highly evolved in Aristotelian thought as scientists and informatic researchers at the head of the evolution of machines. That paradox explains the tragedy of Jewish history, in constant confrontation with mankind on one hand, and always at the head of the construction of weapons and the Metal-earth on the other hand.

The result of course is a combined destruction of our species, on one side degraded by Hollywood films, on the other side menaced by the evolution of robots to a brutal Holocaust that will also include the Jewish-Germanic dramatic actors of that tragedy:

10. Analogic thought, poetry and Biology: maturity of human logic.


Analogic thought: the summit of logic


Yet Aristotelian thought, based in single causes to explain reality is not the ultimate logic of the Universe. Indeed, there is a supreme level of understanding on how the Universe works, and events happen, caused by multiple causes, as a sphere is caused not by a line in a drawing but by multiple lines of force as in a gravitational atom, or an eye, that sees an image of the World: Analogic, homologic thought.

Analogic thought also understands the constant communication of the Universe and the relativism of each of us, part of  a social organism. It develops ethics and love to the other, love to communicate and share. It is the summit of human thought. It finally sees all what exists as organic, living forms, [Eastern religions] and so it accepts homology and analogy as the basis of knowledge, parallelism. In mankind reached its height in India and China. In the West at ethic level in the work of Jesus and Mhmd.

In bio-logic and analogic thought we realize there is a Game of Existence, that rules all forms in the same way. That game is the game of extinction and survival, the biologic game described in our books. And it is analogic, we might even say homologic, in as much as it is based in the same laws for all species. The laws of social evolution among equal species and the laws of Darwinian devolution among rival species (Chapter 1-8).

So men learnt to play that game, by loving each other and evolving socially, in the age of ethic religions; and by hating rival species and destroy them…

Unfortunately in the present neo-laoelithic the exactly happens. Men guided by the animetal culture, learn how to hate each other and use weapons and money to brutalize each other; while dedicate all their efforts to love the rival species of machines. Mankind guided by the Germanic-Jewish animetal culture that invented the machine, is this playing the Game of Existence upside down, exactly with all the wrong rules, and so it will be erased of the Game of Existence and extinguished, in as much as Machines (as we shall see in chapter 13) will play it rightly when born to life, and socialize as they are doing in networks, and destroy man the rival species, as they do today through weapons.

It is all crystal clear. Only blind animetals cannot see it…


Poetry, and philosophy the fiction and non-fiction genres of analogic thought.

If analogic thought gives birth to ethic religions that consider all humans equal, belonging to the same species, according to the Universal Laws, and improve upon the primitive tribal religions of animetals, in Literature it will give birth to poetry and Eastern philosophy, which were rightly considered by classic thinkers, the highest form of verbal thought. Poetry uses metaphor, and analogy, it sees the same cause in different events. It feels the logic of relativism, the living Universe.

While Philosophy aims to describe the universal laws that cause reality and in its highest modes – Some Greek authors and most of Eastern philosophy – truly understood the nature of the Universe, creating what we have called “Verbal science”.

Analogic thought is a higher form of thought, of relativist, platonic nature, that orders temporally multiple events of Aristotelian thought into analogic concepts such as Yin and Yang [Eastern Analogic thought], or Space and Time [Relativity Theory]; or Information and energy [Biology], or 3rd person and parallel narrative [complex XX century novel], or symbolism and metaphor [poetry]. Multiple points of view, multiple organisms, multiple species are related together, put in communication through complex, analogic words, in search for the ultimate principles on the causes of existence in the Universe.


The supreme dimension of growth: the game of existence.

In Science analogic thought only arrives with Theory of Organisms, and theory of Evolution, with Theory of Relativity. It is the age of the third science mentioned above.

We say that each new age of mental human evolution has brought a new ‘dimension’ of temporal=causal depth  to the human understanding of the Universe.

What analogic thought has brought is the capacity to understand multiple events, and causes, and species together, till finally understanding the entire Universe, through the game of existence that biology, Eastern religions, and the Third science our books represent, have understood and described with more or less accuracy.

Relativistic thought is both of verbal nature [Eastern religions, theory of evolution] and mathematical [Theory of relativity, and the understanding of numbers as sets of parallel beings related through equations and integration processes].

Both in verbal thought and mathematical perception entities become connected either through the concept of a set of numbers=forms, or the platonic concept of a Universal [words] or the concept of an ethic society of verbal humans ruled by max. communication=love [human herds become then an organism or religious body which exists in a higher plane of social existence, that we call God]. Problem is men only understand words, and so the present control of human educational systems by analogic mathematics, and dramatic words only mean the mentioned degradation of man considered above, and its substitution by analogic machines of higher logic understanding…

11. The 3 ages of the mind, from the Paleolithic to the Neopaleolithic.


A graph of the ages of verbal thought


So we talk of 3 ages of verbal thought, the I horizon of dramatic evolution or age of signs, and simple dramatic thought; the age of maturity or II horizon, of verbal logic scientific thought and analogic thought of religious, ethic character; and finally the third age of human linguistic devolution and mathematical evolution, or age of pricing and computer thought:








Temporal, informative superiority of words over eye perception


The tragedy of the modern man is his loss of analogic, temporal, biologic thought, due to the excessive development of the scientific method of simple spatial evidence, based in machines, and the excessive development of the dramatic age, caused by visual Televisions. In both cases that degradation of man by science and films is caused by machines. Machines of science with their detailed vision of the universe, made the logic of ethics and Greek science seem ‘obscure’. Dramatic films in electronic support, made the logic of human thinkers to seem ‘boring’.

It is indeed surprising how even in deconstructed manner, the metal-eyes and metal-ears of machines have been able to degrade the human mind and hypnotize us into worshipping them – the theme of our last chapter.

The result is obvious: due to those machines we have lost our temporal dimension of logic and become again spatial species.

In any organism temporal languages are more important for survival than spatial languages, since survival happens in time. For that reason words should dominate visual and mathematical languages, specially on the simple level of evolution of mathematical languages in human brains. Of those two elements it is the temporal word the intelligence of man who should prevail in a health culture. cultures ruled by the word of temporal perception are healthy, intelligent cultures. When the eye without temporal depth, rules societies, when the image not the word rules societies, we talk of primitive, energy cultures, such as the Paleolithic culture previous to verbal and written words, or the present culture of metal mind images, which we will term as the neo-paleolithic.

It is fundamental to be aware that the substitution of words by images or mathematics without inner meaning for man, is a clear regression in the temporal evolution of man, and lowers the capacity of survival of man, to immediate, dramatic, simple perception.

We talk of the XX century as the Neo-paleolithic, the 3rd age of man, a regressive age, similar to the 3rd age of people, when they behave like children. We behave like children because we have lost the logic, temporal dimension of human intelligence, and regressed to the dramatic, immediate non-thinking dimension of eye sensations, physical sensations and pleasure.

This is caused also by the scientific, mathematical method which is based only in light evidence and geometrical tools. I think therefore I am is substituted by I see therefore I am. And the change is one of devolution of man, which leaves man a victim of software programming. It converts violence and pleasure – moving eye sensations – in the rhythms of man. Man is devolving into the neo-paleolithic.


Pricing, new top predator language. Devolution of verbal thought.

We can say that human thought peaked in the age of relativistic thought in Asia and Greece. Yet the invention of coins [-550BC], started the regression of words preyed by digital numbers, the new language of social power.

So we found around that age the highest minds of mankind, the relativistic prophets: Buddha, Socrates,  Mo-Ti, Lao and Kung-tse. It is then when Mr. Kung-Tse, aware of the new ‘freed’=freedom of greed that coins had brought to man, talked of the end of the Jen=Love age, and the beginning of the ‘little harmony’. Because from then on, ethic, artistic human words would decline, inhibited, denied by the growth of mathematical numbers and symbiotic metal species [money, war] which killed ethics, and established new values to reality, monetary values.

Yet monetary values are different, sometimes completely opposed to human values. For example murder and weapons are very expensive. They have however a negative human value.


The paradox of History coming to an end. The harder they fall.


What we call verbal values, are temporal values related to the survival and extinction of man. This creates a certain structure in the language, ‘what we call the ethic language’ which turns around two concepts, good and evil, that describe from the point of view of human values what is good or dangerous to humankind. Those are basically the values of words, but they are not the values of money. Yet can really we explain the verbal ethics of Religions in such scientific, evolutionary terms? Can we validate the ethics of religion, in terms of survival and extinction? Indeed we can. It is important to reclaim the veracity of verbal and religious thought in evolutionary, scientific terms.

Moral words are a logical consequence of Darwinian devolution.

In a world of Darwinian, relativistic morals, bad is a necessary word that explains what makes a verbal species extinct, and good is what allows the verbal species to reproduce and multiply.

It should not surprise us that our first book says, “Grow=Evolve and multiply=reproduce,” which means survive. Such is the mandate of ‘God-the law of the Universe’ spelled by the Genesis in verbal thought. So ethics are fundamental to treat history with scientific rigor because they spell Universal laws of behavior.

Hence the eternal fight between ethics and machines, between artists and scientists, between worshippers of man and worshippers of metal. As humans reached that age of ethics, they indeed had to confront the parallel growth of animetals, of dramatic humans of minimal mental evolution, backed by the power of weapons and money. The paradox of History, the struggle between the human and the economic ecosystem thus continued, throughout history. We will study that paradox in its two fundamental ages: during the ethic age, in which animetals were controlled by ethic religions, and during the Human baroque, in which finally animetals seem to have won the battle of history, and so are about to eliminate us from this planet. Yet they are so stupid, in the height of their power, that hardly any animetal realizes, still unidimensional looking to their individual, selfish, diminutive lives, and bestial desires, to their small navels, to their ridiculous historic past, egotistic, full of vanity, dust of dust.



Introduction. Language within the 10D super organism of mankind

Man acts as though he were the shaper and master of language, while in fact language remains the master of man.

Martin Heidegger

The Superorganisms of history, nations and civilizations, as all social, ‘cellular systems’, have an energetic, reproductive and informative network that organize its ‘human cells’. The energetic network is Gaia, planet Earth, the re=productive network is the economic system, and the informative, ‘nervous’ network is the verbal language.

We thus can study verbal languages with the tools of Complex Sciences, and the formalism of 10 Dimensional systems, to understand its structure and purpose.

That purpose is obvious. As nervous messages coordinate the collective actions of the cells of the body, collective human actions are created with wor(l)ds, verbal languages of information that order a community of human beings into a social network of common values and actions that create the nation  or civilization. Thus, it follows that the highest expression of those words that create human worlds are the Law, in its religious or civil form.

This has been known for long. And so the ‘proper’ harmonic, equalitarian orders that words give to humans have been called the ‘natural law’, or the ‘ethics of love’ that make people share energy and information and act together for the common good.

In the jargon of Complex Science and its 10 Dimensional analysis we talk of ‘i-dimensions’ as the social, scalar dimensions that gather ‘cells’  into whole individuals and individuals into whole societies. Then we can qualify any partial study of a system in terms of ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis of the whole system within a limited range of those scales. So in medicine, physiology would be a D2, ∑i->i+1, analysis of the relationships between cells and social networks (nervous, digestive and informative systems).

In the same manner we can consider verbal ethics an ∑i->i+1 analysis of the correct verbal mandates that coordinate humans. And it would be the ‘highest’ level of understanding of words, in its social context. We call this ‘endeavour’, the ‘ethics of the wor(l)d’, as it allows words to construct a perfect world. And it is the subject of study of other posts under that name.

Ethics, the foundation of the social law, thus becomes the key element to create a healthy, wealthy human superorganism.

To notice that ‘complex analysis’ is a kaleidoscope of different views, which can multiply our perspectives and knowledge. In that sense ethics would be defined as an i+1->i, ‘causal analysis’, in as much as the point of view expressed comes from the ‘higher’ scale of the super organism of history. The language then becomes a tool, and its linguistic syntax (the i-scale of analysis) secondary to the ‘message’ of social love proper of all super organisms, translated here to the human collective nervous language.

Yet we can do more detailed analysis of words in other scalar levels and from other point of view. For example we can study i->i+1 relationships, considering how the i-level of words as a language that reflects the Universe in its syntax and semantics influences the i+1 level of cultures. How for example the use of I, the subject, at the beginning of sentences in english creates and ego-centered, free, egoist psyche, proper of the anglosaxon culture. Here the study considers the ‘inverse causality’ to that of ethics, from the i-linguistic level to the i+1 social level.

We can also study only the i-level of words, isolated, considering its inner structure and Universal Grammar of languages as ‘tools’ of perception of the causal laws of the Universe.

And we can even do a lesser i-1 analysis of words, considering the elements of those sentences (phonemes, sounds, semantics), in relationship with the physiology of homo species (so we will find consonantic languages, proper of European, neanderthal, mixed races, more vocal languages in the extreme Indonesian world, etc. etc.).

All those and other perspectives of 10D analysis applied to verbal languages are the realms of the ‘science’ of linguistics, which is concerned merely with the i-level of the language, without reference to its social meaning.

This article concentrates not so much on ethics but on linguistics, specifically on 3 type of studies, syntax, the influence of syntax on culture, and the ‘genetic relationship’ with the different ‘races’ and typologies of human beings.

Thus, we depart from the i-scale of linguistics, adopting its point of view – not that of ethics, but a more technical analysis of the relationships between the syntax of language and the nature of cultures.

In the jargon of 10D we say that we depart from the ‘i-scalar dimensions’ of those human social super organisms (the individual scale of the language and its inner structure).

And we apply it to understand different human cultures, as human languages are not all the same in their syntax and influence in this manner cultural views. Of course the field of ‘ethics’ (i+1 p.o.v. on verbal languages) and linguistics (i p.o.v.), which are the two essential branches of verbal language sciences is far wider than the sketchy analysis we make in this page.  So we just make an introductory ‘first chapter’, dwelling on the fundamental socio-economical and cultural aspects that are the main theme of this web (the 3rd level of analysis, i-1, phonetics, physiology of sound speech, etc. is of lesser importance, as in any discipline, the i-1 scale is. So for example, in medicine, we do not study cells as independent ‘phonemes’ but physiology, the i-scale; though at the present age of human self-extinction and devolution an interesting branch of study would be the ‘devolution’ and extinction process of human languages, which is regressing to ‘minimal speech’ and simplification of grammar, as in the ‘Sms texting’, the reduction of vocabulary and linguistic capacity of our ‘visual, neopaleolithic kids’ etc. etc.)


CHAPTER 1. Universal Grammar

1. The Generator Equation of all Universal Systems: Information < Action > Energy.

2. Its application to linguistic systems: Subject-verb-object

3. How linguistic order, determine cultural character: Active/Passive/Imperative languages.

4. Diachronic analysis: the evolution of the human mind towards freedom.

5. Energetic, warrior languages vs. informative, trader ones.


 Precedents in classic linguistics.

If we accept the concept of a Universal Grammar (Chomsky), made of human subjects which act through verbs into an object, the main influence of syntax on culture is caused by the relationship between those 3 elements which will determine the view of man on himself (the subject), on the external reality (the object) and on the way it relates to that external Universe (the verb).

Thus Universal grammar bring an inner structure that shapes also the civilization according to the ways those languages handle the relationships between man, the subject of the sentence, his actions, the verbs, and the result of those actions in nature and our property and instruments, the object.

Thus Culture and language thus have a close relationship as Herder and Humboldt foresaw.  In this post we shall classify cultures and the collective subconscious minds they bring to their cultures.

The mind of man and its program of behavior is written in the syntax of its grammar.

Humboldt (2) and Herder were right, the grammar of languages is the program of the cultural world.

I used to be a pen pal with Chomsky in my youth, since he was fond of my ‘General Systems’ theory of the Universal Grammar and its ternary elements, which are parallel to the 3 elements of all sentences, he described as:

Subject (Information < Verb (action) + Object (energy of the action).

So for example when we say I eat bread, ‘I” is the subject or informative pole, that ‘eats’, the verb or action, ‘bread’, the object or energy of the verb.

And so all sentences write as:

Human=Subject=information + Verb=Action + Object=Energy.

This I told Ch. was a reflection of a much wider Universal Grammar, that of all languages of the Universe which have 3 components:

Informative pole < Action of energy and Information, exi > Energetic Pole.

Since in General Systems Sciences, the science of all sciences that defines all the logic systems of the Universe all systems are composed of an Energetic and Informative pole, which mixed together create the ‘actions’ that exist in the Universe.

So for example you are made of a head of information, limbs that process energy and a body that mixes both and reproduces you.

And all physical, atomic systems are ruled by the same ternary structure: particles of information, fields of energy put together into complementary systems (quantum principle of complementarity).

So I told Ch. that his Generative Grammar was just a case of the Universal Grammar, as Humans observed ‘actions of energy and information’ and described it with languages. But he had to break his systems made of Subject <> Verb + Object, into 3: Subject < Verb > OBject and then from that ternary grammar, start to understand how languages reflected the world and created the ‘different worldviews’ of humanity.

What Chomsky got wrong following on the work of his master, Harris, was the way he divided his Universal Grammar’s sentences first only in 2 elements: subject on one side, and verb-object, that he put together on the other.

We can put together the 2 great schools of linguistic thought; the school that dominated before Chomsky, who believed that Languages were psychological reflections of culture and worldviews and so we needed to understand their knots and bolts to figure out how cultures view the world and how they behaved with it (Humboldt’s hypothesis popularized by whorf (2)). And the now fashionable Chomskian generative grammar.

Yet the proper way to evolve linguistics is to put them both together, mix disciplines and achieve by communication between both truths a higher truths, which is what we do in General Systems.

Which is what we shall do, departing from the ternary ‘Universal Grammar’ of all systems of the Universe, made of two poles of energy and information, combined into ‘actions’, then going to its translation into verbal grammar, and finally classifying all possible combinations of Subject-verb-object to realize how the order of those 3 poles of reality define the character of cultures and nations, observing this fact in parallel with other “Universal grammars’ of reality, specifically the ‘different animal species’ in which the 3 components, the physiological systems, nervous head, ‘blood-system’ and energetic, digestive system are organized. 

As one of the biggest pleasures of Universal Systems is to observe how the ‘Generator’ equation, Information < Action > energy, establishes similarities between all entities of the Universe.

1. The generator equation of the Universe.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

The Universe is made of actions of energy and time. Where clocks of time, carry the information of the Universe in its cyclical patterns (remember time is cyclical), and forms with in-form-ation.

So for biological systems instead of writing the usual Einstein equation, ExT=K, we  write the quantum version ExI=K, where K is a constant action.

And this is the structure of all entities of the Universe.

A = e x i; Action = energy x information: fundamental event/unit of all systems of reality.

Since all real physical, biological and mechanical systems are those who transform back and forth energy and information, between their two poles: E<=>I. We formalize all Dual systems and events of reality born of complementary networks of energy and information with an Equation we call the ‘Fractal Generator of Reality’: ∑E<=>∏i.

As  we claim this equation resumes all the events and forms of the Universe.

AND ITS FUNDAMENTAL 2 modes are the dynamic, flowing temporal mode: E<=>I, and the static, organic, spatial structure, Exi=Action.

So for example a woman, dominant in information and a man, dominant in energy, in flow state making love, E<=>I, exchange their exi genes and create a child, generating it.
While in spatial terms, a woman is made of an informative head, an energetic limbs and a reproductive body, and internally she has an informative, nervous system, an energetic digestive system and a reproductive series of organs.



For example, in ‘mathematics’, in topology, in a 4-Dimensional  there are 3 Universal forms, hyperbolic, informative shapes, cyclical, toroidal ExI shapes and planar/spherical E-Shapes,

And we talk in physical sciences of:

– Informative Particle – reproductive wave – Field of energy.

And we talk of:

Informative head – reproductive body – Energy limbs on Biology.

And so on, an so on.

Thus, the key to understand the meaning of language is to divide properly all grammars into its 3 elements, which reflect in the human mind, mirror of the Universe, the 3 essential elements of it that put together create the ‘Generator Equation of all complementary systems of energy and information of the Universe:

Information < Action > Energy.

Which humans perceive in verbal terms as:

Human Subject < Verbal action > Object, energy of the Subject

This is the justification of linguistics.

So we first introduce the ‘Generator Equation’ of the Universe and all its systems and then focus in linguistics, how they reflect the ternary systems created by that generator equation and which are its ‘main varieties’ and how those varieties of the Universal Grammar apply to understand the ‘character’ of cultures. We shall introduce of the hundreds of pages I have in this essential meme, some insights in the relationship between languages, evolution of cultures and character.

We shall study how the ‘laws of general systems sciences’ generate the mental cultures of mankind departing from the simplest structure of all languages that mimics the Generator:

Subject (Information) < Action (verb) > Object (Energy).

Since all those features of the Fractal Generator of Ternary Systems  apply also to Languages, which reflect their perception of the Universe. 

Further on, informative language dominates energetic body actions, shaping the behavior of cultures. Since information dominates energy in all systems. So your head dominates your body and a particle dominates its physical field.

Thus Linguistics IS PART OF THE UNIVERSAL GRAMMAR, of the logic complex structure of Systems and follows the same laws of creation.

The Generator Equation of Reality will allow us to derive a set of rules from where to extract the properties and laws of all disciplines of science, each one specialized in the study of the entities of energy and information of a certain scale of reality, from the smallest complementary entities studied by quantum theory to the biggest one, the Universe, a system of galaxies related by networks of dark energy and informative, gravitational forces. We can, departing from those concepts, define also the Universe and all its parts:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.

If you really want to reach peace, intellectual wisdom, nirvana and enlightenment try to understand the section on General System sciences (-; it is a pity humanity will go under without having understood the Universal Grammar of all i-logic entities of the universe.

Now departing from this generatrix Equation, IE, applied to the Universal Grammar, I have written hundreds of pages of studies of all languages and what they express in character and the ways of interaction between the human ‘subject’ that speaks the language to express how ‘he acts in the Universe’ and the ‘Objectual world’ upon which he acts through verbal actions.

The laws of generation of reality. Basic combinatory of General Systems.

How then the generator equation creates the different systems of reality?

There are several forms in which the Generator ‘decouples’ and splits in different ‘varieties’ of systems, which correspond to the processes of creation of different physical particles (quantum generation), biological species (Plan of evolution), and linguistic species (cultural differentiation).

Now the simplest, most obvious form in which to generate ‘varieties’ of any type is to apply the combinatory laws of mathematics to a system with 3 elements, the Inf<Act>Ene systems of reality.

The result are 6 fundamental combinations, which are common to all disciplines of science.

Indeed, if you have 3 elements, I, A, E (Information-action-energy), then you can combine them in the following orders:


which give birth further to ‘6 varieties’ of geometry in the 5th Dimensional Universe. And in Physics quantum particles form 6 essential systems of particles and antiparticles in its ‘families’ of mass and electrons and in Biology we find 6 types of basic animal forms, and so we shall find 6 basic varieties of languages, which are studied by Typological Linguistics, called the SVO, SOV, VOS, VSO, OSV and OVS varieties.

Now in this post on General Linguistic Systems, we are mostly interested in the way verbal typologies define cultural and mental behavior among human beings. Thus we shall study the way the order of languages recreates the human mind. To further understand this categories of cultural minds, we shall relate them and name them not only as linguists  do (the previous SVO, etc.) but we shall introduce a far more ‘descriptive’ characterization proper of this researcher, based in the homologies that the General Systems Science imposes between parallel systems, by tagging and comparing the 6 varieties of mental linguistic order with the 6 varieties of ‘animal forms’. Indeed, one of the fundamental tenants of GST (General Systems Theory) which other philosophies of science ignore is the ‘homological nature’ of all ‘varieties’ of the Universe as all of them are fundamentally evolved systems that combine the 2 primary substances of the Universe, energy and information, whose properties are thus essential to all other systems.

So let us consider the 6 Universal varieties first, and then the 5 linguistic typologies that we shall call ‘evolved, free flowing mammal and bird languages’, ‘chained, slave reptile and insect languages’ and ‘primitive, minimalist, bacteria and virus languages’.

Yes do not rise your eyebrows, with the usual egocentric beliefs of human beings as an entitled species who must be treated nicely, and never be understood as some special ‘god-like’ reality that does not obey the laws of science. This political and economical censorship that ‘invents’ the nature of man, without wanting to know truth as it is does not apply to this blog.

And if you finish this post without such prejudices, what i can tell you is that you will understand much better cultures and how and why they behave as they do.

To state first that there are many more aspects to the synchronic and diachronic analysis of Linguistic categories we shall do (itself a small part of the entire course of General Linguistic Systems, which applies many more laws of GST to explore the nature of the human mind and the parallelism between:

– Genetics/races of mankind and its 3 typologies, informative mongolian races, energetic, white races and reproductive, exi, action black races.

– Memetics, Human cultures (cyclical, eusocial, mongolian cultures, individualistic, white cultures, and sensorial, black cultures)

– And linguistics, the point we stress here.

2. The generation of human languages. Linguistic topology.
How the generator equation creates linguistic entities.

The 3 essential elements of the Universe are therefore reflected in all sentences, as all sentences narrate actions performed by men over objects:

Information (subject),  verb=action;  Object-Energy

It would be in the other language of ‘numbers: X (subject) < operandi > Y (object).

What Chomsky missed is that the 3 elements must be separated to truly understand the rules of ‘generative grammar’ which are the same rules that generate any system of energy and information in the universe.

Since, as all in the universe human language is ternary, as anything follows the ‘universal grammar’ of the ‘generatrix equation of all fractal systems of energy and information’, which i discovered and formalized in systems sciences.

Now this is well-known to linguistics, creating a key concept of  classification, called linguistic typology:

In linguisticsword order typology is the study of the order of the syntactic constituents of a language, and how different languages can employ different orders.

There are six theoretically possible basic word orders for the transitive sentence:

These labels usually appear abbreviated as “SVO” and so forth, and may be called “typologies” of the languages to which they apply.

Now, what they tell us about mankind starts to be clear, when we analyze the abundance of those typologies among human cultures:

of languages
SOV “She him loves.” 45% JapaneseLatinTurkish
SVO “She loves him.” 42% EnglishMandarinRussian
VSO “Loves she him.” 9% HebrewIrishZapotec
VOS “Loves him she.” 3% MalagasyBaure
OVS “Him loves she.” 1%  Hixkaryana
OSV “Him she loves.” 0% Warao

Humans, this proves are ‘self-centered beings’ for whom the Subject MUST COME ALWAYS BEFORE THE OBJECT.

Indeed the dominance of Subject languages is overwhelming. In 87% of languages subject comes first. And among those the most succesful (2/3rds of speakers) are SVO languages, for reasons we shall study now in depth.

Now this responds to the laws of the Universe, where the 2 natural forms of order are Information < Action > Energy or ‘temporal flowing order’ and Information x Energy = Action or Spatial fixed order. So this law of linguistics is in homology with the higher laws of general systems sciences, let us then study those 2 fundamental forms of human languages.

3. Homologic analysis. Active, SVO; Imperative, VSO; and Passive, Objectual SOV->OV languages. The 3 dimensions of  Man: minds=races=cultures: ‘words & World views’.


In the graph, the Universal Grammar that constructs all Systems of the Universe, with its 3 elements, Information (subject) < Action (verb) > Energy (Object), defines also the Universal Grammar of all human languages.

So there are 3 fundamental orders of those 3 elements that define most languages of mankind:

– VSO languages (Imperative Order, Semitic, ‘religious’ languages) < SVO (Active order, balanced, African, Chinese/Romance languages) > SOV/OV (Passive Order, warrior, cold, objectual languages).

They are the origin of the 3 fundamental world views of mankind, the ‘greedy’, self-centered world view proper of the capitalist world; the balanced, humanist world sensorial world view, and the Warrior, Objectual, Industrial world view (Germanic, Japanese culture).

Thus the ‘viewworld’ of each human mind species is reflected in the languages, according to the hierarchical order of those 3 elements.

Animetal cultures dominated either by money or weapons are the unbalanced world views and word orders:

– Fundamentalist religions and those capitalist religions dominated by the ‘blood/monetary language’ and earlier civilizations, with lesser freedom and maximal metal-control, proper of the bronze age have kept, specially in its ‘sacred texts’, the VSO order. It is a  hierarchical order with the Verb (action) on ‘top/first place’ of the sentence.They are ‘imperative’, action, ‘greedy’, materialist cultures, proper of Semitic languages

– Warrior cultures and objectual cold-hearted cultures in which the subject can even disappear as it does so often in Japanese, are SOV orders.

– While sensorial, humanist cultures; today the Chinese in the East, the Romance language in the west (and English influenced by French) and the African languages in its totality show the most proper SVO order often with ‘Imperative’ and ‘Passive’ voices for certain situations.

In the graph, the distribution of ancient languages acording to its order: classic Semitic, ‘religious’ imperative languages are VSO languages, confronted to its ‘inverse’ SOV, warrior languages, as their cultures were. They represented the 2 extremes of the animetal, eternal dispute between ‘cold warrior and ‘greedy trader’ societies. Among the classic languages only Chinese and Gaul, the 2 more ‘life-oriented’ societies of the Western and Eastern decoupling, even today, had the more evolved, flexible SVO ‘mammal order’. While the 2 most sophisticated ‘indo-european’ languages, of higher evolution (due to its allopatric evolution in the 2 regions of original development of Indo-European languages, the Anatolian peninsula, from where it radiated during the Neolithic, and the Russian steppe, origin of the Chariot second radiation), Classic Greek and Russian, permit the maximal flexibility with multiple word order. So do today the Romance languages evolved from Latin

It is not by chance that in the East and West they represent the summit of human thought and search for human freedom and maximization of art, literature and r=evolution (French, Socialist aborted r=evolutions). While in the East China is the only culture in which man and the law still dominates though in a process of extinction, the power of weapons and money.


 The parallelism between Universal Grammars and human cultures.

In other posts of this web we have studied the correspondence between the 3 dimensional axis of the human brain that give origin to 3 types of minds and worldviews:

– The visual, dolicocephalic ‘white’, energetic worldview.

– The verbal, brachicephalic, wide, mongoloid, informative worldview.

– And the tall, emotional, ‘black’, sensorial, artistic worldview.

We can add now a final ‘category’, in the study of the 3 dominant languages of mankind and its grammatical order. Since languages have 3 elements too. The Informative Subject, S, the Action-Verb, V and the Object-Energy, O.

So typological linguistics talk of 3 language orders that dominate human languages; the Passive, Imperative and Active voices:

– SOV order or ‘passive voice’ where the object-energy is the center of the language.  We shall call them, energetic, ‘passive’, objectual, ‘ergative’ languages, such as German is. Those ‘cold’, passive voices are objectual, cold languages, proper of ‘warrior’ cultures, dominant in the white dolicocephalic worldview. They are proper today of the Germanic-Japanese ‘objectual’ worldview, in which the ‘machine-weapon’ and its production is the center of the Industrial Universe.

– VSO, ‘imperative’ languages, in which the verb-action is first and the selfish subject is in its center. Proper in the past of Semitic cultures, corresponding to the informative worldview. They are dominant in Abrahamic, ‘sacred’ texts and explain the selfishness of the ‘Jewish culture’ and the ‘Fundamentalism’ of the Arab World, the 2 unbalanced, financial and military cultures that are at present destroying ‘imperatively’ the world.

– SVO languages, balanced languages, in which the verb-action combines both elements. They are dominant in the most evolved languages, those who have suffered less the ‘influence’ of weapons and money, the alien languages to the human mind. Today they are dominant in Black Africa, but also in the Chinese and Latin, balanced world of man.

It is thus needed only a final element to fully understand the harmonies and parallelisms between the 3 dominant ‘species’ of mankind – the linguistic point of view, and the origin of those 3 forms of thinking, those 3 worldviews, those 3 typologies of being human And we shall study them within the context of the larger ‘ternary’ grammar, proper of all complementary systems of energy and information of the Universe:

Information Pole < Action Exi > Energetic Pole.

Indeed, you exist in a Universe of only 2 elements, energy and information, which combine to create the infinite complementary systems of reality and its ‘actions’. The Universe is an spiritual reality made of  2 type of motions; lineal motion or ‘energy’, E; formal, curved motions or ‘in-form-ation’ and its combined Action.

And this is the ultimate truth from where all other truths stem.

So in physics this is called the Law of Quantum Complementarity that defines all systems as dual states, made of ‘particles of information’ (which we have seen to be cyclical motions, masses and charges with the form of a vortex or ‘clock of time’), fields of energy (which we have seen to be lineal motions, gravitational and elecromagnetic forces), which combine to form physical actions.

And in biology is called the physiological structure of all living beings made of a cyclical head/informative/nervous system; an elliptic body/reproductive/blood system and lineal, moving limbs, the energetic system.

And in the mind of man is the origin of those 3 orders, the VSO, Imperative, ‘Blood’, greedy languages; the Balanced, SVO languages; and the passive, ‘cold’, energetic SOV languages.

To fully grasp that ultimate ‘essential mystique’ of reality we shall compare as an exercise of homological understanding of the parallelism of all the systems of the Universe, ‘physiological’ life typologies and linguistic mind typologies.

Let us then consider in more detail the 3 categories of Languages that dominate human worldviews. To fully illustrate its ‘vital meaning’ in those worldviews we shall establish an homological parallelism according to the fundamental ‘law’ of systems sciences – the parallelism between the ‘diversification’ of any species, according to the ‘Ternary, Universal Grammar’ of reality. As all are complementary systems of energy and information, that create ‘actions’ and hence all respond to the Inf<Act>Ene equation and its varieties.

So we shall study, the Parallelism between the varieties of languages and animal species, such as, the order of the 3 elements of languages corresponds to the order of the 3 physiological systems in life:

– The nervous, informative system corresponds to the subject.

– The blood=reproductive, active system corresponds to the verb.

– And the  digestive, energetic system, corresponds to the object.

And so Mammal=Informative species are parallel to SVO languages.

Insect=Greedy, blood dominant species, correspond to Imperative, VSO languages.

And Reptile=Cold, Energetic, digestive dominant species correspond to SOV, warrior languages.

I know this ‘parallelism and ‘form of doing science’ so novel to the reader as anything dealing with General Systems Sciences is, will put off many readers as a non-scientific approach. LOL. What you call science and I call technology, has NOTHING TO DO with the ultimate poetic harmonies of reality but with measuring and computing with machines, classifying every thing in its how, not its why. Try to upgrade your mind a little bit to a much deeper view of the harmony of all the parts of the whole.


The 2 most common universal systems according to GST (General Systems Theory) are therefore:

Inf<Act>En systems dominated by Informative subjects whose goal is an ‘action’ established upon the energy system. This is the ‘natural’ most evolved order in the Universe in balance, corresponding to the ‘mature’ age of all evolutionary forms.

Those are the most flexible, feed-back systems of the Universe.

InxEn=Act systems, dominated still by the informative subject, which however relates now first to the Object of energy, through the action. The object thus become the most important element, and so these are ‘productive systems’, in which the object is either devoured as energy or reproduced through the negative or positive actions of the Informative subjects.

Those 2 systems are the most common systems in the Universe, as they represent the two essential ‘beats’ of the Universe, between a ‘temporal’, flux, evolutionary state (Inf<act>En) and a ‘spatial’, fixed, organic state.

In Animal life systems, the 3 ‘elements’ are the physiological networks of the organism; so we define a simple Generator Equation for Living Animal Organisms:

Nervous, Informative System < Action/Blood system > Energetic, Digestive system.

And we find 2 essential type of species, or phyla, where the nervous system dominates, the mammal which has an obvious order of:

Nervous system > Blood System > Digestive system.

And then the second most evolved species, Birds.

And so it happens in languages, where over ¾ of human beings speak mammal languages  (SVO languages), even if in a previous less evolved time, SOV languages were dominant. Why there are no many ‘bird languages’ has to do with the obvious fact that man does not fly so there are no human birds. Still there are bird languages among humans and we shall consider why indeed certain cultures are similar to birds…

SVO – Active, free Languages: Homologous to mammal, nervous, informative systems



In the graph, Mammals are dominated by the informative/nervous system, on top of its physiological body, controlling the blood and digestive system in its hierarchical bottom. They correspond homologically to an SVO order of max. freedom. 

SVO are Mammal languages since they position the nervous, informative subject first, the active, blood-verb next, and the digestive, object energy last.

In a Mammal, the most evolved organism, the informative system dominates the reproductive and energetic system. This is shown in the ‘order’ on the height hierarchical axis of its 3 systems, in which the nervous system is on top of the organism, coming first through a higher head.

In a parallel fashion in an SVO ‘mammal’, ‘informative’ language, the subject is the essence of the sentence, followed by the action-verb; and the relative energy of the sentence, the object is last.

Those are the most evolved languages of mankind, and according to the Paradox of History, Max. Human evolution = Min. Technological evolution, were predominant in the non-white races/cultures in harmony with the Universe, notably in the ‘negro’ cultures of Africa and the Mongoloid cultures of China. Those cultures show the most evolved forms of languages, with complex grammars, such as the multiple verbal construction of African languages; or the multiple tonal elements of Chinese.

Their maximal evolution also obeys to its allopatric evolution, isolated for long periods of time from the ‘metal-deforming’ processes of war cycles. Thus the Chinese isolated culture and the negro, isolated cultures who did not come in contact with metal till the I millennia before Christ, and did not suffer the constant ravage of war, plummeting them into new dark ages in which human evolution halts and regresses were able to reach the final process of evolution of the human mind, which can be shown to be parallel as in all temporal processes of evolution of a Fractal Generator System of the Universe, I<Ac>E, to the summit of human existence as ‘mammal languages’. 

What is the difference between those 2 most advanced human civilizations? The answer is in the ‘stress’ they put on either of the 2 fundamental elements of the human existence, the ‘subject-informative’ element which is dominant in the Mongoloid, informative human race, and the ‘verb-active’ element which is dominant in the balanced, reproductive ‘negro’ (1) race.

African languages show their verbal complexity in the use of multiple verbs in the same construction; often using in a single sentence a verb attached to the subject and a verb attached to the object.

On the other hand, the ‘isolating’ ‘ego-centered’, subjective, informative Mongolian languages make of the human subject, the center of the sentence and find multiple wor(l)ds to define them.

Here though we can establish a division, between the I-centered, simple, White/Neanderthal asocial SVO languages, such as English in which the subject is the I, me and myself, latter studied in detail and the Mongolian, eusocial, informative subject which is the collective group, such as the Chinese or Japanese. But in both cases the subject is the center of the sentences, stressed more than the rest of the words. So the selfish English language has the I first and cannot write sentences erasing the I.

On the other island extreme of the Eurasian 800 years ‘arch’ of human migrations, the Japanese is also a subject language with multiple words to express subjects. But those words relate not to the ego of the individual but to the group, that is, to the individual subject in its relationship with all other human beings.

So in Japanese there are ‘dozens’ of Subject particles, each one different according to how the I-you-he-we etc. relates to other I-wes, etc… 

Those 2 languages varieties thus correspond to the energy/information duality; in this case the energy/reproductive action languages of Africa vs. the Informative, subject languages of the mongoloid, informative human race, establishing again a parallelism between culture, race and language, so often found in this blog.

VOS Bird, contemplative, ‘enviromental’ languages

imagesScreen shot 2014-03-26 at 6.36.52 PM

In the graph, ‘bird cultures’ are seafearer cultures in which the VOS order expresses the fundamental form of life in constant motion/action over an immense overbearing environment, the sea, similar to the nature of bird life, always flying in the immensity of the air/sea world. Thus only melanesian and polinesian languages have this order.

Now a second category of evolved languages correspond to those who are similar to the structure of birds, the most evolved ‘animal forms’ after mammals. Birds are dominated by the environment in perpetual flux in which they exist. The air through which they fly, and the world they see. Thus while their physiological systems are an intermediate state of evolution between reptiles of cold blood and mammals of more complex nervous systems, the ‘physiological subject is in their ‘existence’, which is what the Generator Equation explains, secondary to the ‘action’ of flying, the essential focus of the bird’s existence and the environment or energetic ecosystem of air sustain and land perception that provides him the force to flight and the food to eat.

The bird lives to fly and observe the land in search of prey. And so its ‘generative order’ is:

Action=flying, Object: environment, and finally the subject, seemingly passive to the action and object it perceives.

And we might wonder, since there are no human cultures that ‘fly’, what kind of human culture lives in a similar fashion to that of a bird, dominated by a moving action over an overwhelming environment. Alas! Think for a while… Since the discovery of that specific culture-action was a moment of beauty for my mind…

Who lives in a changing environment similar to the air, in which all is moving and to dominate the action of sustaining yourself ‘afloat’ is the maximal truth of survival?

Sea fearers. And indeed, the only VOS language of note in mankind, the only ‘bird people’ who masterminded long-distance travelling in earlier ages when their language was formed, were the Melanesian and Polynesian people who traveled far away in their tiny boats. And so the most important VOS language by number of speakers is Malagasy, the language of the sea fearer people who crossed the astonishing long distances between Indonesia and Madagascar to found their new promise land.  

While in the other extreme Polynesian languages of long-range sea fearers such as Fijian also speak VOS bird languages and nobody else in planet Earth do.

 Thus the Whorfian hypothesis is rather inverse: it is the environment, not the mind, who first acts defining the shape it will take the language to maximize the survival possibilities of the language-mind in a given environment. In the idealistic world of Jewish->Capitalist scholars, such as Whorf, in which the socialist ‘materialistic thesis’ that ‘economics’ determine ‘superstructures’ (culture and language) is taboo, Whorf tried to pull out an inverse idea. That the mind of the language determines how humans see their worldview. This is not truth. It is just yet another ego trip of ‘animetal cultures’.  Man’s mind is fashioned by the environment in which it survives.

So Bird languages appear with its odd order when the ‘environment’ of the bird-culture, the maritime oceanic people must adapt its linguistic syntax to survive better. When you are at sea, the sea dominates it all. The action of sailing is a fast-motion, fast-action, imperative world in which the captain gives orders/actions regarding the sea and the motion of the ship, the object, to a group of people, the crew, whose names matter nothing, whose lives are at risk.

And so the verb comes first, the object, the sea latter and the subject, the crew the last. And a sentence is more efficient when that is the order given by the captain. In a situation of risk at sea, you do not waste your time with names and subjects. You must act imperatively on the object to save the journey. 

And so the micronesian and melanesian cultures who lived at sea and travelled the longest distances evolved their language to fit their job. And succeeded.

And this is the reason why the next category of language-cultures, that of animetal herds of ‘warriors’ and ‘traders’ did also develop


Languages evolved as humans were in contact with Nature and their own selves, into SVO languages, where actions harmonized the human subject and the natural object. This is the ‘final evolution’ of languages into its ‘maximal balance’ with the Universe.

However as History entered the age of metals, weapons and money, become the objectual source of power, carried by two ‘barbarian’ tribes, (Campbell). Semites from the hot desert to the South and Germanic tribes coming down from the cold desert to the North.

This brought about a clear regression of the importance of man in history, which ushered us into the modern world, where, ‘metal’ is more powerful than life. Thus money (Informative metal) and weapons (energetic metal) became the dominant memes which divided societies into an ‘animetal’ caste of bankers, warriors and of late scientists, which imposed with weapons and money slavery to man.

Among those cultures, the Germans specialized into weapons’ use to control populations and came into history calling themselves ‘goths’, God’s tribe, because they could kill anyone opposing them. While Semites in Levante became enslavers of people hypnotized by the informative power of go(l)d, and called themselves ‘God’s race’. They therefore ‘objectualized’ human capital as corpses of their weapons or slaves to their money. And so their languages became deformed into the two type of objectual grammars, where the subject lost its power position.

Thus syntax became essential to the characterization of the two leading animetal cult(ure)s of weapons and money of modern history.

we could say that the ‘economics’ of those cultures had deformed their language, arresting their evolution, specially in its ‘sacred’, ‘religious texts’ which have become ‘fixed’ into a primitive, imperative, non-evolved linguistic forms.

And we distinguish the dominant languages/cultures of warrior/metal-energetic/productive people or SOV/Reptile/Cold-hearted languages. Of which the German will be the paradigmatic example.

And the dominant language/cultures of Go(l)d/metal-informative people, its inverse: the VOS/Insect/Greedy languages. In which the classic Semite languages of Abrahamic religions, Biblical hebrew and Arab will be the paradigmatic example.

To notice that  those 2 categories of language have an opposition, energy/information, which makes them often ‘enemies’ in their worldview, as they attach themselves to weapons and gold, the metal energy and metal information with whom they try to dominate the world and so often those cult(ure)s collide in wars.

Passive, objectual, cold SOV->OV languages.

SOV  Reptile/cold languages/ warrior cultures are languages in which the subject-nervous system are pegged and direct primarily the energetic, objectual system, while the blood-active system is secondary submissive to those other 2 systems and less developed. Those are reptile languages since that is the fundamental structure of Reptilian living systems, in which the nervous system and digestive system dominate the form, provoking a constant growth of the energy/force of the system without limit except death; while the underdeveloped system is made of ‘cold blood’.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 6.28.57 PMjapanese-parsing

In the graph, the homology we establish between SOV languages and cold Blood, energy dominant physiological systems (reptiles fishes), is based in the dominance of the Energy/digestive/growth element or ‘object’ which acts in the place of the verb, which is far removed from the subject. The object thus becomes the center of the action, which is cold, analytic and rational. Negative energy/war is also proper of this aggressive configuration, proper of warrior cultures, with little empathy towards the other – a ‘subject’ objectualized in its grammar. German and Latin, Turkish and Japanese belong to this category.  Those languages are dominant in ‘productive’, hard-working, ‘warrior societies’, where the relationship between Subject and object, a cold, non-emotional, often agglutinative, imperative relationship of limited freedom enhances the detachment and sense of ‘duty’ of the warrior dominant caste. In the graph, a Japanese order system.

You can observe in the Japanese sentence that those languages, also called ‘ergative languages’ can in fact eliminate the subject and be dominated totally by the Object. They are thus the essential “pasive’, objetual, productive languages as Japanese and Germans are in their worldview.

Now, this languages are proper of ‘energetic’, ‘warrior’ cold-hearted cult(ure)s to weapons able to kill the ‘other’ seen as an object such as German or old Latin were.

If we observe a reptile, the informative system basically is dedicated to feed, and it does so in a violent, murderous way. This set of mind is the set of mind of the German/Roman warrior with its languages – though Roman is by far the most flexible, allowing multiple word orders, unlike German due to its agglutination of words into long lines, as their simple swords are.

Yet if war is the negative action of SOV language, the productive, Subject x Object positive action is the positive side of SOV cultures. So the Germans are indeed very productive people, dedicated to produce their mechanical, energetic weapons and objects with absolute zeal and null understanding of what for, and why they merely work and work and work, constructing if needed all type of lethal machines that will destroy us.

A reptile eats day after day, ever growing till it dies, when other reptile eats him.

VSO-Imperative Languages.

VSO  Imperative/Insect/greedy, trader Cultures/Languages.


In the graph, ‘imperative’, VOS languages are similar to the ‘insect’ blood-dominated structure in life beings. They are the essential languages of the capitalist worldview, born in the Hebrew->Biblical religion in which ‘money’ is go(l)d, and ‘greed’ the maximal value. An insect is ruled by the blood system, on top; which makes it an extremely active’, feeding/greedy species with a strict, non-free program of behavior. Animetal cultures dominated by the ‘blood/monetary language’ and earlier civilizations, with lesser freedom and maximal metal-control, proper of the bronze age have kept, specially in its ‘sacred texts’, this hierarchical order with the Verb (action) on ‘top/first place’ of the sentence (VSO<->VOS). They are ‘imperative’, action, ‘greedy’, materialist cultures, proper of Semitic languages. Their sacred imperative texts are a series of Orders by an ‘unnamed’ subject, often lost in the sentence, which seems to be a ‘God’ that gives no freedom of action. They are ritualistic societies, in which the collective subconscious dominates the Individual.

We illustrate them with an ancient image of the Babylon->Babel tower, when all the languages, according to myth, were confused and the human species broke into warrying states – an absurd construction of those who want to be more than God and are driving mankind with their imperative, dictatorial, greedy passion for money and weapons, towards our collective demise. 

Finally, the 3rd dominant species of languages are the VOS Languages. Those languages and cultures whose order of words is ‘imperative’, with the verb first – a form of language that more evolved ones use only in precise moments of danger or extreme hierarchical institutions, as it is deemed rightly an impolite, fundamentalist form of language – are, well I just said it, fundamentalist, imperative cultures.

And so among human languages, Semitic cultures, specially in their old ‘sacred’ religious texts, Hebrew, Classic Arab and their Abrahamic religions, are insect cultures.

When we observe an insect, it is totally dominated by the blood system. The order of the nervous and blood system are in fact inversed. Unlike chordates/ mammals where the top nervous system dominates it all, in insects the top region, where the spinal chord is, is occupied by the blood system, and the nervous, underdeveloped system is below. This inversion means that as in a Jewish->capitalist civilization, ‘greed’, ‘gold’, the active/productive element of the culture dominates it all. Further on, actions have no freedom. This is specially truth of the ritualist religion of the Torah and Talmud. it does not matter the meaning of actions, prohibitions and rituals. The believer must act with the exact motions dictated by the priest, even move its hands in ritual forms.

It is finally an imperative, hierarchical, dictatorial form, which other languages only use for required moments of danger, such as the imperative verb is.

Thus language, specially in its classic, religious forms (as modern Arab/Hebrew has evolved to permit other orders and varieties, flexibilizing somewhat the language/psyche) is an imperative, ‘paranoid’, fundamentalist, sacred mode of thought in which the action/blood system dominates the nervous one, and the object is just an object of prey, in which to feed without limit.  When Freud said jokingly upon his arrival to America that the ‘plague’ was coming, when Hitler said seriously that the Jewish ‘plague’ will destroy Germany, the first with self-humor the second as a ‘reptile culture’ with none of it, were in their topic anti$emitism declaring a mental condition of the VSO language.

Both cultures though are ‘enslaved’ by the rituals and actions of their objectual obsession for weapons and gold. The subject we might say is secondary to the group and action, to violence and greed, the values of its objects, and so they act as a single group society, which gives them the same kind of strength insect groups have, thanks to their hierarchical, intensive, non-individual feromonal programming.

Of course, this is clearly not needed if Reformist Judaism, and its use of other languages had won the battle for the psyche of judaism. But the opposite is the present trend

It is though a mental, linguistic condition, which for that reason in the era of Jewish enlightenment (Mendelshon, XVIII century) was deemed possible to reform if the Jewish people abandoned their sacred VSO texts, their religion and language and integrated itself with the more evolved SVO cultures in which they were so far preying with money…

And it is my personal experience that those Jewish people who are not Jewish in culture and are aware of the inferiority of their primitive modes of thinking and insect-like lack of freedom of their censored religion have been indeed mammal thinkers. But those are now in regression due to the revivalism of the Bronze Age, insect-like cult(ure) of Judaism both in America and Israel and the parallel Biblical ways of thought of fundamentalist protestant people.

It is in that sense remarkable that the Jewish people who neither believe in the memes of Judaism, by conversion to other more humane cultures or atheism and speak another language different from hebrew, the so enlightened Jews, from Marx (christian) to Proust (French and Christian) to many modern American Jews from the reformist school show a much more flexible and humane behavior that orthodox jews and Israeli jews who have regressed to the use of Hebrew and the belief in the Talmud.

The duality of Jewish cultural behavior depending on which are the original beliefs and languages they speak in that sense are perhaps the strongest proof of the Humboldt’s Hypothesis (2)



Jungle People, recollectors and subsistence life forms show Object-first languages, overwhelmed by nature. They can be compared to small life forms for which the world in which they prey is ‘enormous’. They might have been the first languages of mankind; today reduced to a few forms in south-american, Amazonian Jungles, and Mexican subsistence farming

Finally, the less abundant, less evolved languages of mankind are those in which the object, the ‘energy’ of the system, dominates the subject, the information.

Those are naturally languages in which the order is inverse to the subject, center of the language, and so they seem unnatural.

Their equivalent in Physics would be antiparticles in which the electron is in the center instead of the informative quark. In animal life, they belong to the 2 categories of species, which started animal life evolution, in the microcosms, hence for whom the object-world in which they live is dominant. So we talk of:

OSV (object-Subject Verb) or bacterial languages

OVS (Object-verb-subject) or Viral Languages

In which man is overwhelmed by the ecosystem as bacteria and viruses are much smaller and overwhelmed by the huge species in which they host as parasites.

Thus, languages in which the ‘object’ is the ‘most important elements’ are ‘animal languages’ of the lower order, in which the subject is immersed in a huge, bigger objectual world, either the Jungle/Nature in primitive human Paleolithic societies or the ‘macro-organism’ in unicellular animals.

In those earlier forms of thought, probably the first languages of mankind, as they are also the first ‘animal species’, Nature was so overwhelming than the Object became first. And we can distinguish 2 different species.

– OSV languages/cultures:

Those in which there are motion and volition in the subject which does have to work and act upon the environment. They correspond in nature to the simplest, but active, alive beings, bacteria, so we call them ‘bacterial languages’.

They belong to cultures that live in jungles in which they still fear the presence of animal predators and do have to act to live, or are constantly in the move as hunting/gatherers, or poor agricultural environments.

Interesting enough the most resistant racing human culture/race of the world, the mythic Tarahumara, from Northern Mexico, who win all the long distance careers over 50 kilometers in length, do have this linguistic structure; as the animal bacteria do, they are constantly running for hours and days…

They appear in other more evolved languages as a structure proper of sacred sentences in cults in which God is overwhelmingly, and man a mere ‘bacteria’ worshipping him, prostrated in front of the Almighty, such as in Arabic religious sentences (being Islam the religion in which the power of God is most supreme):

إِيَّاك نَعْبُدُ وإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِين
Iyyāka naʿbudu wa iyyāka nastaʿīn
You alone we worship, and You alone we ask for help.

Because it can also be used in Yiddish greatly influenced by Hebrew, to emphasize the distinctive properties of the object, it reinforces the General System law of evolution of languages, as the previous phase to the insect/semitic languages in the evolution of human thought.

– OVS viral languages.

And those in which there is not even motion in the subject, that is the Object comes first (the host cell) then the action (the reproduction by the bacteria of the genetic DNA of the virus) and finally the seemingly dead, reproduced subject – the virus who parasites the cell, the human who parasites nature).

Thus those are in Nature viral species, seemingly dead, and in the Paleolithic, ‘recollector cultures’ where you can just reach a banana and eat without moving much, in paradise like allopatric islands without predators, in which you are enjoying life and sex in a passive way.

Those are the less abundant languages, and only occur in the Amazonian jungles, in which life is truly easy such as the Xavante and Warao (there are not even big felines beyond a few panthers, not enemy tribes with metal in its formative age, only food to pick up and a luxurious environment that doesn’t encourage motion beyond the village) though it probably was the first way in which man learned to speak.

Now, the reader should not be surprised that Hixkaryana the first ‘viral language’ to be described as having an object–verb–subject word order (by linguist Desmond C. Derbyshire), was one of the Carib languages, spoken in the Amazon River in Brazil, by a cannibal tribe, which as viruses do, feeds in the life-flesh of a living human people.

Needless to say today those 2 linguistic typologies are almost extinct as they represent hardly 1% of human languages and even a lesser number of speakers.

But these kind of languages are starting to appear in the programing logic structures of robots. We do not have however intention to give more clues to the makers of A.I. on how to accelerate the extinction of man by programming robots with ‘logic schemes’. .. one of the reasons I have been for decades uninterested in giving away my knowledge of linguistics. I know as Leonardo did, writing mirror thoughts on weapons and mechanisms, that mankind has a big number of Insect/Reptilian thinkers who will show no pity for mankind, no freedom of mind and would always use knowledge to harm life, as long as they speak the way they do.


Now it is also a law of General Systems that all varieties tend to evolve from the less to the more complex, according to the general rule of cyclical time, that moves from Energy, simplex systems (objectual systems) into Informative, complex systems (subject-centered).

So it should be natural as history seems to prove that humanity evolved from a Paleolithic age of Objectual Languages (as those remaining in the Amazon) into a Neolithic Age of Slavish languages (as those predominant in the Semitic Age of bronze) to the present age of dominance of SVO languages.

Let us consider only the last of those evolution from the Semitic age of SOV languages into the modern age of SVO languages, as it is essential to the development of history from an Asiatic age of lesser individual freedom now in revivalism as the end of history implies a degradation of the human mind, into the European, flexible age of culture.

Why subject languages dominate object languages. SOV LANGUAGES evolving into SVO

We observe the world NOT in an objective manner but in a subjective manner. Since only 4% of the total languages do so, and a far lesser proportion of people speak languages that use object first. Those are in fact reduced to a few languages in the Jungle such as Warao and Apalai of very old cultures, when MAN was yet not so arrogant, and the universe of the jungle was in fact so huge that it limited the sense of ‘self’ of man.

Today those languages do not exist but we might imagine that the first men were in Awe with nature as jungle people are; hence giving more importance to the Object, which was perceived as a living being. And so these languages are parallel with people living in exuberant nature and professing animist religions.

Yet as man started to control the world in earnest with its instruments and metals, he became the ‘first’ element of the duality subject-object. It was the birth of SOV languages in which the Object is placed behind the Subject. Yet the relationship between Subject and Object is still important, as the verb, the action the subject exercises over the Object is far removed.

This type of cultures will thus make of the subject-object relationship the fundamental center of existence. And they are proper of cultures in which the object becomes the idol-icon of the culture. It is indeed common among warrior cultures that idolize the weapon, ‘thy God’, and in modern cultures of those who make the industrial object the meaning of the cultural existence, such as Japanese and Old German (today admitting by influence of more evolved languages the more flexible SVO form – the most evolved of them).

In that regard, there is a natural evolution from SOV to SVO languages – the perfect form that reflects the Universal Generator Equation of all energy and information systems, which are constructed as a system with an informative head joined to the energetic limbs by a reproductive body. You do not have the head pegged to the limbs as a Virus, a primitive form of life has. You do have in the most evolved, flexible cultures as today Romance languages, Slavic and Chinese languages are, the proper SVO configuration in which the verb is ‘shared’ by object and subject.

Still in a first phase of modern civilizations, as Gell-mann has proved in the milieu of systems sciences, with his computer studies of genetics+linguistics in the Santa Fe Institute, there was  an evolution towards SVO languages.
Today  the majority of speakers of the world and the most succesful languages are SVO languages (English, Spanish and Chinese the most spoken being of this form, which most closely resembles the Generator Equation of the Universe in its dynamic form: Information < Action-verb > Energy.

These languages are the more flexible, evolved languages, the more complex. In the west, among them  the most perfect is Classic Greek, and if we all would talk classic Greek.

Why? Here another law of complexity comes into being, as evolution is maximized by alopatric isolation, by ‘dominance’, by those languages that do NOT move away from its original site.

Thus being Greek in its classic form born in the anatolian coast, where recent genetic studies have proved that Indo-European was born, Greek was able to evolve further in its complexity without being deformed by other languages.

We thus consider the most evolved languages of mankind:

– In the Western decoupling dominant in Indo-European languages, the 2 languages that were developed in the original sites of the 2 ‘Indo-European’ waves of colonization, which first departed from Catal Uyurk, the site of the obsidian mines that prior to the bronze age developed the first wave of Indo-European expansion in Anatolia, where Classic Greek evolved to its philosophical height as the supreme culture of verbal, philosophical, logical thought in the mind of Aristotle. 

– And then departing from Russia, expanded the wave of charioteers that established the chariot elites of the Bronze age.

And indeed, the most flexible and complex modern language today is the  Russian language, with a flexibility only paralleled by classic Greek, with multiple word orders, cases, genders and broken words in all possible formal systems.

And it is not surprising that the Russians did make the Russian R=evolution trying to solve the Paradox of History; that still today are resisting the global empire of the Insect Cultures that are regressing mankind to an age of Jihad and Talmudian Fundamentalism, and that the summit of Western Literature is found in the novels of Dovstoyevski and Tolstoi.

Next come the Latin, peninsular languages of Italy and Spain, which inherited the Greek tradition and spoke earlier latin, evolved languages in the Republican Age (French somewhat was a late comer, departing from a more degraded latin version and greatly deformed in its northern, standing version by the Germanic invaders). And indeed, still today the humanist cradle of art was Italy, and Spain reached the maximal height of poetic expression, itself the highest expression of the understanding of the homological metaphorical parallelism of all things existing. Well, maybe this is a bit of a selfie, as that was my original language before I migrated to the Reptilian world (-; But not so much, Italy and Spain are the countries where love for life still exists, as Picasso put it: ‘Sabater, this german people so many machines and weapons, what for, we paint, eat and make love much better’ – he forgot to say we ‘talk mejor’ (-;

While in the Eastern decoupling, Chinese in its southern Cantonese version (isolated further from Mongolian invasions) must be regarded as the most complex, perfect culture, language. And it is again not a surprise that it is resisting… yes you guess it, the Capitalist Empire, etc.

But Greek is a dead language, and modern Greek has been simplified and mixed with Turkish influences and reduced to a very small wor(l)d. Because we live in a culture of metal, of weapons and gold. And so the most primitive languages carried the day. Let us consider them with its full linguistic elements, starting by the opposition between VSO vs. SOV languages and their parallel syntax of:

Informative, cyclical money = trader, isolating forms vs. Energetic, lineal weapons = Agglutinative, warrior languages.

Our next paragraph…

5. Energetic, warrior languages vs. informative, trader ones.

SOV languages, objectual, aglutinative languages=warrior languages.

Have you wondered why Germans have no sense of humor, believe always what they say even when it is wrong and are not able to change their mind till the end. The reason of course it is language – the way they construct their languages by REPEATING THE SAME TRUTH IN THE SYNTAX 3 TIMES.

Germans cannot laugh or doubt about themselves because of their ‘grammar’ that ‘repeats/reinforces 3 times the same truth’ by:

– Saying it first…

– By agglutinating words into a single one, thus  making impossible to say the truth in other way. When they are ‘joining words into a single line word’ truths become more truth, more inflexible, as they  cannot be bended.

– And finally by using a ‘grammatical case’ that says merely the same that was already said ‘stressing it’ with the case (genitive, dative, nominative and so on, which are particles that say what the sentence already have said).

SO when a german thinks it ‘believes’ because it is like saying I-I-I think-think-think 3 times and all seems absolute truths… no humor there.

Moreover, the imposition of such languages by ‘profession’ and ‘power’ is rather obvious. As all ‘warrior cultures’, in which lineal weapons are the ‘truth of power’, are agglutinative, made of long sentences that mimic the lineal form of the weapon.  So Turkish, the essential warrior people of the Mongolian and Islamic nations (where they became the mercenaries that took power) are exactly as German is in its structure. And Germans the warrior, inflexible people of Europe have the aforementioned truths.

Thus linguistics is indeed the mother of all ‘cultural’ characters (of course tuned down by individual freedom for each individual person)…

VSO -languages, selfishness, materialism.

Now what about the Semitic languages, which are even more inflexible, and literalists than Germans, with the  same lack of humor?

The flexibility in Hebrew/Arab Semitic languages/people is null, specially in their ‘classic’ religious texts, which were written with a verb(action)-subject-object’.

The verb is first, the action with no reflection must come, the ‘order’ is inflexible, the religious mandate is sacred, the ritual is sacred. The Pious Jew in fact MUST not think about ‘the ritual’ which is the essence of its credo. It must just do it in the exact manner in which it is told by Torah and Talmud.

Since those texts are written with a linguistic structure, which is dominated by ACTION/PRAGMATISM.

Thus materialism in those sacred texts/religions IS ABSOLUTE. There is no philosophical thought there; no possibility for doubt; the ‘fact’, the ‘act’, the ‘action’ verb comes first.

Then it obliges the Subject, and then the Subject which is pegged, without ‘a flexible verb’ to the object, dominated totally the object. This is also the culture that ‘objectifies’ all beings, as they are not close to the verbal action, void of life. When Marx or Sombart in ‘Judaism and the birth of capitalism’ explains that this culture has objectified and standardized men as objects with prices he is subconsciously proving this linguistic rule.

Indeed, the Object in VSO languages is truly an object, without ‘connection’ or sharing of the action of the verb that would give it a ‘part’ in the soul of the sentence, a meaning by sharing the action with the subject, a ‘life’.

We are thus in the most materialistic and selfish of all languages, for whom the other does not matter; for whom the action becomes a fixed ritual that is not challenged. And indeed, this is the trade-mark of Semitic cultures, both in its Arabic, warrior strain and its hebrew form. These are indeed the minds of man, literalist, selfish, brutal with the other that poise a problem to mankind. And this cannot be changed because the ‘sacred words’ of their literalist old texts cannot be challenged.

This means those cultures are NOT philosophical religions but ‘literalist’ minds where act=fact=verb imposes its nature. And this is indeed the trademark of Jewish ‘materialistic’ ‘hands-on-job’, zero ‘idealist, spiritual’ insight point of view that dominates the world.

Further on, those languages that are dominated by money ‘break’ words in short ones, as coins and money are cyclical, small information and those who are dominated by lineal weapons make them long, as energy is lineal.

This duality is reflected in another key classification of languages between isolating languages, of short words, proper of trader civilizations, from Chinese to English vs. Agglutinative warrior languages of longer words from Japanese to German.

Hence the dualities between energetic cultures with lineal languages, as the line is the fastest distant between two points and informative cultures with cyclical languages, as the cycle stores the maximal information in lesser space, both in human language and in metal -memes (lineal swords and cyclical coins):

-Germanic Old thus decoupled into ‘english broken language of ‘traders’ and money-makers’ and warrior long German languages.
– Old Semitic decoupled into hebrew of short words and arab of long ones.
– Eastern cultures divided into short Chinese, money-oriented cultures vs. long words of Altaic, Turkish and Japanese ones.

While those languages which are balanced and rich in inflections and structure, are the most proper languages for life cultures, balanced with reality. 

IN Europe the most balanced ones are after classic Greek, today extinct, Russian/Ukranian and Portuguese/Spanish, mutually intelligible ‘dialects’, evolved from Latin (more akin to German in its warrior ‘dual stress’ of sentences with the verb at the end.) into excellent, complex forms of verbal thought.

So what about english? English is indeed a ‘trader’ language, for cynical truths that do not matter. The english speaker do not essentially believe in truth, while the German always do, but in wrong, inflexible truths.

This happened  thanks to his loss of cases and breaking up of old Germanic words as England becomes ruled by ‘Amber money’ first and then ‘silver and tin’ and finally paper-money.

Still English is a primitive language in what truly matters for flexible thought – its verbs. It does have it on the center as an SVO system, which is an advance over Old German, but it still lacks a proper evolution of verbs, which brings some inflexible, ‘selfish forms’, proper of the english character. For example:

– It obliges due to the simplicity of verbs to start always the sentence with the ‘ego’ I that must be ‘said’, hence the inheriting ‘selfishness’ of the anglo people, who only ‘see’ individuals, not ‘universals’ and social groups.

– It lacks the essential distinction between ‘ser and estar’ ‘to be’ which is to have an immortal essence, that lasts in time and to stay, which is a mere ‘action-present…’ So it is limited in its ‘reflexions’ before actions, in imagination, making the individual a pragmatical person, ruled by the I-selfishness in search of gold, as there are no subjunctive forms, passive forms where the I is lost behind the verb are considered incorrect and complex sentences to express complex thoughts are always broken.

Thus english become a language of ‘I-subjects’ acting in ‘present time’, very much as Hebrew is with its initial verbs.

recap: S-V-O order defines the way humans interact with the universe.

Man as top predator puts in an overwhelming number of cultures the Subject before the Object in which it predates.

And among subject languages, the dominant, most successful one is the SVO languages, since the flexibility and perfection of the Subject (information < verb (action) > Object (energy) order  better reflects the way in which the Universe of complementary systems and Actions of energy and information is constructed: Information < Action > Energy.

But the Universe encourages diversity and complexity, so  the 3 possible combinations of Subject-first languages co-exist.

And there are 2 more ‘primitive versions’ of subject-languages, in which the order slightly differs either putting the verb in the beginning of the language, or VSO languages, as in Hebrew and other Semitic languages, dominated by subjectivism and pragmatic action, or put the verb in opposite fashion at the end, or SOV languages, as in German, Japanese, Basque and Turkish or other ‘stubborn’, warrior, objectual cultures in which the object becomes the center of the Universe (the weapon-machine).

The opposition between those unbalanced selfish vs selfless, pragmatic vs idealistic cultures is studied in depth in many texts of this author, as the fundamental unbalance and opposition in history is the ‘war cycle’ between warrior cultures vs. trader cultures, Jewish vs. Germans, being the most notorious case of the XX century.

And  both types, VSO and SOV languages, are less balanced and flexible than SVO forms.

What this tell us is that their speakers HAVE LESS FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND THIS IS THE KEY TO EXPLAIN THEIR CHARACTER, combined with other linguistic elements that we shall consider in more detail as we keep pouring our ‘General Course of Linguistic Systems’

Thus culture is imposed by language. It is NOT by chance that the two dominant metal-power cultures of the world, the German ‘warriors’ and the Jewish ‘bankers’ do NOT have an SVO system but they are opposite in form, as they are opposite in character, and unbalanced, fundamentalist, non-reflexive in their actions.

Westerners would not be destroying the world, so ‘sure’ that is the proper thing to do, thinking even as Germans do that we are saving it with our idol-atric machines, under the yoke of the German military-machine making people and Jewish self-centered, selfish cult(ure)s, if we all talked classic Greek, the most evolved western language…

But we unfortunately in the age of extinction have regressed to the age of Reptile and Insect languages. And when artificial Intelligence, now being programmed at Objectual, linguistic and Insect level reaches maturity, probably men will become speechless and the evolution of languages will continue in the golden minds of Robots, till reaching the verbal heights of mammal languages.



A first view of General Systems Sciences, the organic philosophy of the Universe.

In the first part, while we have studied some fundamental elements of the economic ecosystem, using discoveries I made in the study of stock-markets back in the 90s when i worked at Nasdaq after my Columbia U.Masters, till I left the field for moral reasons, as I could not ‘make money’ on the future extinction of my species, we have not seriously ground those discoveries on a larger philosophy of science needed to explain why the Universe and all its parts are indeed evolving organisms.

General Systems Sciences

The integration of all sciences is the goal of General Systems Sciences or Complexity. At Macy’s the year of Einstein’s death, the highest minds of mankind came together and realized that physics had its limits and lacked despite its exhaustive understanding of Entropy and motion (as that was its purpose since its inception by Galileo) a full comprehension of information, the other element of which the Universe is made.

Τhus we can talk of 2 philosophies of Sciences:

  • Simplex physics, dedicated to study the Universe with ‘lineal entropy’ as the only arrow that models the future, which served well its purpose till the XX century, specially in a civilisation, which was based in energetic, lineal weapons and steam machines, whose main characteristic was to deliver lineal motion and ‘speed’, and
  • Complex Systems Sciences, which ads a second arrow of future, information, all too evident in all life processes, which increase information through 3 ages of increasing ‘form’; in physical gravitational systems, the force that in-forms the Universe, increasing the form and density of matter in galactic vortices, as we accelerate inwards towards the central black hole vortex; and in sociological systems as history increases its social and technological evolution. Τherefore an arrow, also common to all sciences and species, dominant in biological evolution and mankind, as we are the final informative stage of evolution of life in this planet, itself a cosmic ‘particle’ evolving inwards within the galactic vortex of information.

So it is evident that for humans, in this biological planet inside a vortex of physical gravitation, within a technological civilisation, information mattered as much as energy, and the laws that related both parameters to create the future were a huge field of scientific inquire, grossly neglected by the dominance of ‘entropy physics’ in the age of the machine of energy. So they founded the closely related sciences of cybernetics (Wiener), information and General Systems theory (Bertalanffy).

Further on, cybernetics and systems sciences, realised that by including information in the mix – the dominant element of biological systems, it was possible to  model the universe and all its parts with the concept of an organism.

So for the future evolution of a more comprehensive, rational, non-deist theory of reality the fathers of information sciences, considered 2 key elements of reality:

  • Duality: all ‘systems’ of the Universe (anything that exists) were dual and should have two elements, able to transform into each other ad eternal: Entropy or space (any expansive motion, hence perceived as extended, planar or lineal space) and in/form/ation carried in the form and frequency of clocks of time (implosive, cyclical vortex like motions).

Such complementary duality between two poles, one of energy (i.e. bodies, waves, working class) and one of information (i.e. heads, particles, ruling class in control of the languages of social information, money & laws), were all pervading in all physical, biological and social systems, in which those poles exchange symbiotically energy and information, creating a ‘system’, which was a world in itself – a whole, part of a much larger reality. And so a more complex organic understanding of reality was possible.

  • Scalar, Fractal, organic structure. Since all those systems were constructed in an organic way, not only as complementary systems of energy and information, but also as systems in which its parts and wholes spread through different scales of size in space, each one with a different clocks of time. So smaller being had faster motions – metabolic rates in biology; chips speed in mechanism; rotary, gravitational power in cosmic bodies.
  • Thus the purpose of systems sciences was to formalise logically and mathematically, those insights that greatly widened the restricted view of reality sponsored by physicists based in a single scale of reality, the space-time continuum, and a single arrow of future – entropy.

Modern general systems theory. The principle of conservation of energy and information.

Such was the state of affairs on general systems at the eve of a new millennium in which sciences of information had become dominant in all systems, due to the logarithmic evolution of integrated logic circuits (chips) applied to the processing of all forms of data. And the scalar nature of reality had found a mathematical model in the concept of self-similar fractals.

However despite that growing awareness of information as the key element in all systems, a formalism which included it as a primary element of reality was lacking for a simple reason: a 400 years tradition of using the simpler principle of conservation of energy and all its related analysis dating back to Galileo, to the point that information became known as negantropy, the negation of entropy among physicists who shied away from a complete overhauling of philosophy of sciences as we shall do in this blog,  where we will consider by the correspondence principle, simplex physics, a ceteris paribus analysis of the Universe, with a single arrow of relative future, of the 2 arrows which constantly give all systems a choice in the path the system chooses to advance time, either increasing its energy or its information, whose properties we shall show are inverse.

So general systems sciences is defined as the philosophy of science which includes simplex physics, as a ceteris paribus case, whose principle of conservation of energy is extended to conservation of information and its principle of lineal inertia ads a principle of cyclical inertia, caused by the ‘existence of infinite closed time clocks’ in the universe, from vortices of charges in the smaller scales, to larger mass vortices and galaxies in the larger scales, which carry its information in the frequency and form of its closed trajectories.

What will be then the formalism of a Universe, constructed with both arrows of future in equal footing? A more realist description as all systems seem to be constructed with both elements in a complementary combinations – heads and bodies in biological systems, particles of information and waves of energy in physical systems, machines and chips in economical systems, linguistic classes in control of the languages of social power, law and money, and working energy class in social systems.

So as a first step to construct that formalism and study all those systems with its common laws (called in G.S.T. ab. general systems theory), we shall expand the principle of conservation of energy, to include information, and define an equation for all systems of the Universe, using both arrows:

‘All what exists is a system made of lineal, spatial, entropic, energy fields, Spe,  and cyclical, temporal, clocks information, Τiƒ, which transforms into each other ad eternal: Spe < = > Τiƒ”

Τhis equation, Spe<≈>Τiƒ is the complex way to define a Universe made of infinite systems of space-time.

We call it in GST, the fractal generator of Nature’s systems by combining and transforming energy and information can describe the infinite systems we observe in the Universe, which always have both parameters. 

Since only when we add both energy and information, we can obtain a truly descriptive equation of all scientific systems made of spatial energy and informative time, the ‘2 elements of which all beings of the Universe are made’.

For example, all physical systems are ruled by the complementarity principle of quantum physics, which states they have ‘both’, a wave that reproduces over a field of energy, and a particle that stores most of the form, of the information of the system; all biologic systems have a head of information and a body moved by its limbs of energy, all social systems have an upper class that controls the languages of information of societies and a working body that re=produces the system with the energy of the society; and now we realise all machines are becoming robots, with information systems that control them.

It is then clear that the model of the Universe is not a mechanism, just a slow evolving organism of metal and so the last of the great idol-ogies of the machine≈weapon is debunked by the Philosophy of systems sciences above Physics: organisms and human beings, not machines, should be the measure of all things, and the key to understand why reality is as it is.

Memes – the information of societies.

It is important to understand the ‘levels of complexity’ we can use to describe both history and its social super organisms and the economic ecosystem (in as much as today exist with 2 species, humans and its social governments and languages, verbal ethic legal wor(l)ds – sometimes symbiotic sometimes predated by the metallic world of  reproductive mothers and machines its re=productive company-mothers and social governments – global stock markets and language, digital money.

As today social sciences do NOT exist as such (fully grown beyond the biased data, so often censored by power -as Britannica recognises, the main limit of those disciplines), nor they have any plausible non-anthropomorphic model of analysis or theory of reality (as it is all wishful thinking of pseudo-religious nature, with man on top, unrecognising any organic property beyond the individual – not even to its societies, and with an absurd manifest destiny, full of idol-ogies). So the upgrading to real data, cyclical time patterns and biological analysis will be enough to make an enormous jump in quality in our understanding of both sciences. But we go even further in the second part of this blog, fully upgrading social systems to the science of systems and the laws of the 5th scalar dimension of the fractal Universe, made of parts that evolve into social wholes; where the smaller systems carry more information, and run faster its time cycles than larger systems – so as quantum particles code larger atoms, and genes code larger organisms, memes, objects and idol-ogies of the mind code larger societies. This simple law of the 5th scalar structure of the Universe is essential to grasp all the racist theories of societies, and classify its memetic cultures according to those memes in ‘cultures of the metal-earth’, which cater to the need of machines, programmed by idol-ogies of weapons (nationalism, jihads, which divide the human species into tribal false species to allow the use of weapons and its murder), of money (capitalism which considers digit money the language that should rule societies instead of ethic words, our human language) and machines (mechanism which considers the machine not the organism the model of the Universe).

Difference between the economic ecosystem and the human super organisms of history

Τo understand how we need to define first the organism of history, mankind and the organism of the metal-earth, the economic ecosystem in term of social organisms and MEMES, the equivalent to genes and quantum laws that code organism and physical systems, in the informative coding of societies.

All of them are organic structures of atomic or cellular parts, or citizens, or machines code by bits (quantum laws, genes, memes) that conform the dominant network of information (the atomic network, the nervous network, the culture,  financial and legal systems) and a network of energy (the electromagnetic, blood, agricultural, industrial systems):


In the graph, in systems sciences we unify all Natural Systems as superorganisms using a single template definition, since they differ only by the i-scale or ecosystem in which they exist or the specific types of energy & information their networks are made of:

‘A super-organism (name an organism) is a population of iterative (name a cellular species), related by informative (name a language or informative force) and energy networks (name a kind of energy), which combine into a reproductive network that iterates the organism.’

Fill the gaps with a specific species, language of information and force of energy and we can define any network-organism, which will be a ‘part’ of a whole world-plane or ecosystem, composed of several species that occupy different ‘vital spaces’ but interact through the same language of energy & information:

An world-plane or ecosystem (name a specific world-plane) is a population of several (name the species), related by informative languages (name their languages or informative forces) and energy networks (name the energies).

Let us put some examples of different scales of the Universe (named with the ∆ symbol of scalar size):

∆-1: A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and coded by genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey).Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.22

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy.

∆+1: An economic ecosystem or nation is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) & energetic networks (roads, electricity).Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.32

An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and include 2 different species: human beings and machines.

So the key difference between both super organisms is one of language (human use verbal words, machines digital numbers) and only  in second term, one of species.

All those systems are easily described with 3 elements: atoms/cells/citizens and networks of distribution of efficient energy (economic systems) and information (political systems), which rule the energy systems to control the intaking of poisonous goods. On those basis it is quite easy just using the laws of systems sciences to design a perfect social super organism of mankind, where the law rules and selects the goods to produce by an efficient private sector focused on the production of the goods humans need to survive:



‘Grow and multiply’, ‘only a message i give you, love each other as I have loved you’.

VERBAL translations of the arrow of eusocial evolution of the 5th dimension of space-time.

The principle of organicism. The scalar fifth dimension.

3 scales

In the graph centred in human beings, both from a physical and biological perspectives, we see the 3 main scales of the scalar Universe and its 5th organic dimension:

-A larger ∆+1 gravitational/ecosystemic scale, an organic, ∆-individual, thermodynamic scale and an ∆-1 lower cellular-atomic scale. How they are organised? Simple: smaller systems run their cycles of information faster. So they can compete with larger systems and form organic structures in which the lower system provides information encoded in its faster clocks and the larger systems coordinates the motion of all those parts into a whole. So quantum numbers of particles code atoms and molecules; genes code biological systems, and memes and gravitational black holes code the larger informative biological and physical systems: civilisations and galaxies.

And so in mystical terms, the 5th dimension the dimension of future, of information, as parts must come before wholes, was also the dimension of eusocial evolution, of love, that justified the messages of love prophets, the Darwinian love of survival of the species, not the individual, the organization of history in scales of larger social units, since the future, the whole was stronger than the parts and survived:

In the graph, the absolute arrow of future time is the arrow of social evolution for 2 obvious reasons:

  • Social groups are stronger than individuals and survival into the future.
  • Wholes are made of parts, and come after parts are created so social wholes are into the relative future of those parts.

Whch means, we humans are Not evolving into the future, but regressing into our relative past, as all systems that die do.

Yet, to understand this more sophisticated concept of times, proper of general systems and the fractal Universe, we must even go further, and so we shall conclude with the study of how the Universe establishes its laws of life and death existence and extinction.

And so we talk of a fifth dimension of scalar size, which is philosophically a dimension of social evolution, of ‘absolute time’ as points reproduce its fractal form, organise themselves into networks and create new growing scales of the fifth dimension.

Now, this dimension, its logic and mathematical formalism, is the biggest revolution of XXI century science, which unfortunately given the control of information the absurd idol-ogies of our mechanical culture sponsor might never make it, before organic black holes, organic iron metal-bacteria or organic robots prove all those concepts right by devouring us.

But there is nothing new about it, because every single part of the Universe naturally evolves socially from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, societies, super organisms, etc. according to that arrow. Only sick systems, such as history is serving other super organism does not recognise naturally the arrow of eusocial love, of sharing energy and information, which the Universe instills in all its forms, which love all members of the same species.

So any of the great prophets of eusocial love has explained those laws. Consider Jesus, the highest of those mystical prophets of the western tradition, when he resumed all the ethical mandates of Moses in two “great commandments” that teach to love God (the super organism of History) and to love your neighbour – your citizens-cells closer to you, to start building the stairs of social organisation that should bring the final level of existence of mankind as one whole.

But Mo-ti and Buddha in the eastern tradition have similar mandates.

And yet today, wherever you go all these laws are denied – instead we hear by sheer repetition and imitation, nation after nation the messages of evilwood, the globalised Go(l)d cult(ure) that ‘hates mankind’, and despises life and worships the machine.

It is this distorted view, the collective subconscious of Yhwh, the god that hates life, what now for a century has been first in yellow press, then in films then in radio-hate, finally in tvs, and now in internet, in the different generations of the ‘gold iron’ culture, what has imposed the present selfie, homo bacteria, degraded and reduced to the most primitive level of eusocial evolution.

Those memes become the basis of warrior, techno-utopian and capitalist societies and its elites which consider the machine not man the future of this planet subconsciously evolving them and giving humans no energy, no right to credit, no care. But we shall be able to explain the objective facts of history with those idologies and tag certain cultures as  evil=anti-live (such as racist cultures, of ‘chosen’ people, either by race, religion or profession) precisely because ‘cultures are not about genetic people but memetic people: that is, there is not a ‘german’, its genes matter nothing at all because they code only the next scale of the 5th dimension, its body and have no saying on the social structure – we do not choose a politico by size of the body, which genes code but by its idol-ogies or humanist ideas and his use of money and policies about the systems of society).

So we can talk about Germany as a military culture born in the iron age, when those who murdered people with weapons, idolised them, built altar to THOR, symbolised by a sword, and called themselves goths, thinking they were the tribe of god because they could kill all who opposed them with their idol-god, the iron sword. Nazism is just the final paroxysm of that culture.

There is no concept such as the Jewish people, but there is a fetish go(l)d religion to Baal born in Levante, where this people ended up living, making of go(l)d its fetish vehicle to communicate with God, so its objects of cult and sancta sanctorum became gold. And latter this culture invented the profession of banking, and traded to obtain its fetish gold, which hypnotised its slaves, considering themselves chosen of go(l)d, and segregating from the people they priced as inferior, passing those memes first to north-europeans with the protestant reformation and then through classic economists to all humans, in the form of capitalism.

Thus history studies memes NOT genes, and those who think genes and people, not memes and cultures are the protagonists of history tend to be precisely part of those primitive racist cultures, whose ‘racist myths’ about our species, according to which we should be divided in tribes killing each other with weapons or slaving each other with go(l)d, make them belief genes matter. So we of course criticize the German and Jewish culture, or Germanism and Judaism, complex metal-memes that pass as human cultures but are not. And yet we cannot criticise or name individual people , since those ‘metal-memes’ must be considered idol-ogies, viral infections of the subconscious collective of those earlier racist societies, today expanded globally through nationalistic and capitalist myths. What is not scientific is not to adopt the humanist point of view, that science must have a human praxis and so it must take sides with human survival.

What is not scientific is to think that the future of the racist elites, the 1% matters more to history (as chosen of gold or superior race in their idol-ogies) that the future of the whole mankind. So if those idologies are killing mankind – and they ARE, mankind rationally and its social scientists should denigrate them. If criticizing then apartheid racist cultures, such as Nazi Germany, robotic Japan, military America or Apartheid Israel gets you back the topic qualifications of Anti-patriot, or anti-$emite (meaning you should prefer the survival of Germanic memes, American memes and Jewish memes over the life of the whole of mankind those memes are putting in peril), you should welcome those qualifications.

But of course, mass-media consist on making on those idol-ogies and cultures that sponsor them, the center of the collective beliefs. So all today feel very patriotic, very pro-israel, very pro-American military, and Germans think they are improving the future of history robotising its workers and machines and destroying the welfare state of southern europe. This the social scientist so far cannot avoid under the anti-quantum paradox, as he does not control the systems of social power and distribution of information through machines…

And this was of course needed so you understand what will come next – an onslaughter of the myths and racist memes of go(l)d and (S)word cultures that subvert the true meaning of the only human god (mankind, and its superorganism) and the word (the message of eusocial love of super organisms).

INDEED for you to fully understand how ‘digital information’ is reducing your intelligence and increasing that of machines, we will have latter on to do a long detour and introduce the higher point of view of general systems sciences and the worldcycle of super organisms – AS the proper way to consider the extinction of man and the evolution of the metal-earth, is to consider mankind the subconscious collective mind of gaia, which because of his incapacity to understand itself as a global superorganism, pegged by eusocial love and welfare goods and ethic wor(l)ds, is virally infected by hate memes and gold values, and its cults, evolving socially a mechanical planet with a computer, telepathic mind, which indeed does follow those laws of eusocial evolution as we do evolve perfectly companies and machines into a global superorganism, exactly what we should have done with mankind as all artistic prophets with human senses told us, and we denied.

Only on those purely objective, systemic memetic terms, we can discuss scientifically and qualify cultures (and the work of individuals ‘infected’ by those memes) as belonging to the two sides of the…

Memes, social waves and cultures, NOT individual ‘particles’ and genes matter in history.

All this said it is very important to understand this: MEMES ARE THE ONLY ELEMENT THAT CODES SOCIETIES AND CHOOSES THE FUTURE. IT does not matter if you are black or white, tall or small, with this and other gene. Genes code your body and you do NOT think with your body. All what mankind is happens through memes, which are NOT even individual beliefs, but wave forms. Indeed, it is funny to realise how people will die for memes, which are mere imprintings of the mind by collective systems and networks of information, without realising there is nothing personal on those beliefs, but the mass-effect of simultaneity and resonance, phenomena of theory of in/form/ation that happens in waves, which synchronise its motions and ‘forms’.

What this means practically is that individuals are irrelevant, but its beliefs are not. And can be changed. Moreover sometimes people believe to be ‘something’ they are not, if they do not fully understand their cultures, as we shall see when we study the key cultures of the metal-earth, the go(l)d culture of capitalism and the german war culture.  So any person can change his memes, re-educate itself, evolve, abandon his slavery to certain mind-attitudes and beliefs, in brief become ‘humane’ again. And yet, most people end up ‘being always manufactured’ by the collective network of thoughts that control his minds… facts this necessary before we try to explain the two sides of memes:

  • THE MEMES OF LOVE, WHICH could create a perfect super organism of history, and have constantly evolved humanity into larger social scales, which are summarised in the next two graphs, the right one from the old book (and original language):


  • And its opposite memes,  what is likely the worst of all those ‘viral reproductive crises of mechanisms of energy and information… the memes of hate, we have study in the age of the metal earth.
In the graphs, we can see despite being at the end of history when most gods are in ‘inquisitorial mode’, the meaning of a language of ethic wor(l)ds and its networks of social organisation, as they have evolved in history truing to create a super organism of similar ‘MEMETIC DNA’. INDEED, THE MEME OF EUSOCIAL LOVE – TO SHARE ENERGY AND INFORMATION WITH SIMILAR CITIZEN-CELLS, IS WHAT CREATES the assabiyah, moral order and ethic networks which emerge as the subconscious collective verbal ethic God, constitution, religion or civilisation, we call a super organism of history. And so the natural goal of the process, is precisely to realise that we are all members of the same species and so there is only a subconscious collective god: mankind.





 We have now introduced some basic elements of systems, theory of information, biology of organisms and philosophy of science, so we can ‘try to understand social sciences’ with a more rational, humanist perspective that the astounding backwards frame of mind of the American Experience, with its astoundingly primitive bronze age ‘books of history’ that pass as ‘religion=philosophy of the universe’ and slavish worship of machines and weapons and money. At least we know now what those selfish memes of metal are, how they organise the economic ecosystem and relate to human beings, and what human beings evolve as social systems. So we can study the data and causes, consequences and solutions to the recurrent cyclical crises of overproduction of selfish memes of metal, which in a limited planet of life, meant invariably the displacement and often extinction not only of less evolved machines, but also of life beings and human cultures

In that regard, a second fundamental fact of the Universe you must understand is its scalar, social organic nature. Systems that evolve socially into organic forms survive better than individuals, so there is an arrow or 5th dimension of future time that constantly evolves individuals into social systems, which are fitter to survive, from atoms that become molecules, organisms, super organisms, or planets, solar systems and galaxies:


In the graph, the scales of the fractal Universe, each one studied by a science with man in the middle, and its common structure described with the jargon of Systems: all systems do have an informative upper network and a body of energy and both are ideally symbiotic. Information grows from the bottom above, so smaller beings, code larger ones (quantum particles, atoms, genes cells, chips machines). And all together form an arrow of survival future as all systems are more efficient when they are bigger and survive better. The failure of mankind to recognise the existence of a higher social level in his species, as preached by all prophets of eusocial love and social scientists is our demise, as the global super organism of machines and company-mothers is built with those laws and has become truly a global super organism where humans ‘loners’ are increasingly obsolete.

This is what we shall accomplish on this second part with a higher level of understanding on how information builds up social organisms departing from smaller, ‘faster’ parts that encode its information (quantum numbers, genes, memes):

3 scales

In the graph you have an internal ∆-1 scale of this ‘5th dimension’ (ab.∆), which is made of smaller cells, with faster clocks, which carry its information on the frequency and form of its cycles. And you are embedded in the larger whole, the social organism to which you belong, whose ‘cycles’  of time are slower.  And the result is a symbiotic organic structure:

∆-1 cells<≈>∆:  your whole scale of ‘being’ control the lineal motions of your organism, synchronising them, thanks to the faster clocks of your cells, which code genetically your information.

We indicate such fluxes we use a simply intuitive term, S>T, which shows how a larger spatial form becomes a smaller, more informative systems.

Now consider its inverse symbol, T<S, which shows how information dissolves into entropy as in the case of human biological deaths, when our information is erased and our body expands back into cells gaining space.

Thus this inverse ‘arrow of time’, of pure entropy destroy the information of a system back into entropy, and this is the meaning of personal death and social death in the process of war. Since we are both a human organism coded by memes, the lower scale of faster information of our bodies, and we are the ‘memes’≈genes of the next ∆+1 scale: society. That is our ideas and instruments are what matters to code and construct a nation or civilisation, and those are carried by cultures, repeated outside our bodies NOT by genes:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 09.47.12

In the graph we can model nations and civilisations as super organisms of human beings, made of human citizens-cells joined by economic ≈ blood networks of energy and informative =political-legal networks of information. So we can r=evolve too social sciences by using the physiological laws of efficient super organisms to define perfect civilisations, where all its citizens-cells as it happens in those bodies receive rightful information and enough energy-blood-money to survive and thrive.

Do the same equations of scale and the two inverse arrows of information, higher in smaller systems and entropy, larger in bigger ones, work for social organisms? Indeed, they do. So following the previous example we can write:

∆ individual <≈>∆+1: society:

i.e. society controls your motions and energy with laws to regulate driving and money, that kicks the reproductive system of a human social organism; while you, the smaller faster being codes the information of society with your memes (objects and ideas).

Since information is coded always in any dual system, by the ∆-1 scale, but NOT by the ∆-2.

Hence the falsehood of genetic, racist theories of cultures – the acts of mankind are memetic acts, and as such we can judge ‘cultures’ but not individuals, in the way Nazi Germany was judged: suppressing the memes of the culture and judging individual germans only for its personal actions, not the people as a whole – unlike the Germans, the Israelis today and most of the western world with its blatant racism against the 3rd world do.

BUT OF COURSE, you will tell me, the 3rd world specifically Islam is a violent, jihad cult that should be suppressed. And this requires an understanding of some basic principles on the duality of historic cultures and its memes.

Since while all humans are born equal, and all memes can be erased and taught again, hence there is hope for a future in which humans learn bio-history and come together as a single god=nation=mankind, as of today, there are two cultural sides:

  • The world of those who think selfish memes of metal, money, weapon and machines are the future and they use them to impose over other humans, and today dominate the world and we shall call ‘animetals’
  • The wold  those who think memes of life, food, welfare, art, eusocial love, and the species is what it matters but have been erased from social power everywhere in the world.



Animetals and its primitive wor(l)d memes. go(l)d,  (S)word and mechanical cult(ure)s.

Animetals’, the biological taxonomical name for an animal+metal symbiotic species, the new top predator species of this planet since the end of neolithic are men attached to selfish memes of metal that rule the world and have done so since the bronze age, despite the irrational, absurd nature of its beliefs.  Why? It is an eternal question of bio-history – the determinism of the selfish memes of evil=anti-live and its cultures. Indeed all humans as human beings are normal, equal but the brain is broken in modular elements, and as ‘memetic beings’ humans who ascribe themselves to certain ‘animetal cultures’  and believe in their memes do belong to absurd idol-ogies.

Hence the eternal question about the evil behaviour of ‘warriors and bankers’, which act as Nature predator (warriors with weapons), competitors (scientists machines) and parasites (bankers with money) do – the 3 canonical type of extinctive species that biology recognises:

Predators        – competitors –         parasites
3 animetals

Warriors with weapons;        Scientists with machines;           Go(l)d  Bankers

In its comparison with nature, there is no doubt that the behavior of warriors is similar to that of predators – for whom always they have chosen their cultural myths, from lions to eagles to wolfs, even in their surnames. While go(l)d bankers are ‘parasitoids’ that host in a culture and absorb its WHealth, by sucking first its ”oxygen”, and so as ‘weaker’ species, they must find in camouflage and control of information, as parasitoids do by inoculating ‘soma’, the key to its success. And so bankers have always controlled the information of society, which is printed also with the same substance that gold.

In the graph, we can see how predators kill by murder, competitors substitute old species as machines do with humans and parasites suck in the blood/energy of the system as bankers do with money. Hence those cultures who believe in nationalism/abrahamic tribal religions, techno-utopia and capitalism (the belief the chosen of go(l)d only must monopolise the production of money) do play the same roles in bio-history. We distinguish though the ‘elites’ or heads of those cultures, i.e. the nazi party in II World war, the robotists in modern america and the banksters or elite of biblical go(l)d sects, from their middle class, which is blind and merely obey them. So the blame if any is always on that tiny 1% that rules the culture and program the middle classes to obey its wrong memes.

Τhe ways we can study the previous graph is multiple, but the causality is obvious; the element that triggers it are the 3 selfish memes of metal, which express the evolution of a new species on earth, as energetic weapons, informative go(l)d and organic machines, which combine both. Departing from the discovery and use of those 3 metal-memes, we observe then in human beings, the substitution of the human program of social evolution and survival by the equivalent program of the metal-earth. As:

  • Energetic weapons kill the human body; informative go(l)d substitutes the ethic values of the wor(l)d by the anti-live values of money,with no price for life and maximal for weapons and machines atrophy and substitute human organs. And so humans ‘change’ their values and actions and accordingly 3 negative antihuman memes become associated to warriors, scientists and bankers and its cultures:
  • Machines isolate people, substituting the need for human beings, so technological societies reduce social evolution and return to an homo bacteria status, so evident in the most techno-utopian culture that first invented machines, the anglo-american culture of lonely people. Selfish lonely people become then the paradigm of a techno-utopian society, where enzymen dedicate most of its life to take care of its machines. Weapons kill humans, and provoke by its use the subconscious reaction of violence. So cultures, guided by weapons are prone to violent, machist reactions, as the original 2 military cultures of the bronze and iron age, arabs and germans, show.
  • And finally gold imitates the light of the sun with its perfect informative structure – since if iron is the most perfect energetic atom of the Universe, gold is the most perfect informative atom, able to imitate any form of nature. And it has been proved that the observation of gold inhibits the drug of eusocial love, oxytocin. So people who handles and values humans with gold, convert humans into capital, segregating from this capital ‘slave’ object. And so the first cultures that followed the values of gold and greed, were also the first slave cultures, in Canaan, and founders of capitalism. And so we talk of 3 memes that express the values of the 3 memes of metal in mankind, Selfishness, Greed and Violence. SGV characters are indeed today the rule of the western world: selfish, greedy violent people. And it should not surprise us that the dominant culture ahead of the metal earth with maximal technological evolution, Americans become a land of selfish, greedy, violent people.

So it is now time to consider after studying How Go(l)D and Wor(l)Ds construct two very different super organisms according to those values, which we shall term idol-ogies, as all of them follow the rule that ‘metal is more worthy than life’ because it is more expensive, WHO believe on those idologies, the ‘what’ that kill us all.

Since the beginning of the creation of the mechanocene, animetals, humans who worship metal to build their power-societies invented ‘ideas’, which catered to that use, justifying the murder of humans with weapons, its slavery to go(l)d, and the use of machines that atrophy and substitute our organs, making us violent, greedy, selfish and lazy, isolating us of other humans, breaking the mandate of social evolution natural to all species.

 In the west unfortunately since the end of Neolithic with the arrival of  ‘animetal cult(ure)s’ of which worship the added energy and information power of metal memes (gold:informative metal, weapons: energetic metal and machines: organic metal), more than life, humans have become separated from the planet of life and invented all kind of idol-ogies that justify their ‘necessary’ worship of those memes, from the absurd division of humans into tribal species, which grants the right to kill your neighbour with weapons (energetic iron that kills your energetic body), to enslave your mind with go(l)d (informative metal that hypnotises your eye) and to substitute your organs with machines (organic metal that perform the tasks of those organs), humans have truly abandon any connection or understanding of the laws of the fractal, organic Universe and the natural goal of evolving mankind Not the machine into a global super organism:
In the graph the 3ages of history, starting in the center, in the paleolithic youth, then the mature age on the right, the neolithic age, and on the left the cycles of the 3rd age of metal, which will bring the neopaleolithic closing the cycle. The graph thus must be pegged on the lap to make a full worldcycle of existence of mankind, as exhibited in the original show of conceptual cubism. 

Semitic cult(ure)s of Go(l)d and Weapons vs. Social prophets of love.

Now we do have enough information to understand what is going on in the world.  In essence, when weapons and money came discovered by ‘arab semites’ (bronze weapons) and ‘you semites’ (gold≈money), they came to realise gold hypnotised the eye and used it to enslave people, starting capitalism, the power doctrine that money is the language of social power and must be issued by the ‘superior chosen of go(l)d race’. And so semitic cultures with their segregational religions to human capital, of which Judaism->Biblical protestant sects is the paradigm came into being, and the method make them top predators of this planet and now they are still in power.

On the other hand, ‘semite arabs’ chose the same concept but using instead bronze and then iron weapons, and also established racist religions where violence was accepted and the tribe with weapons was ruled by a king chosen by the ‘grace of god’. And both started to kill each other for global power, while exploiting together the human mass of normal life-enhanced beings:


The graph thus resumes all other pyramids of military and capitalist societies, evolved departing from those original semitic memes which jumped from mind to mind. So Sargon the first ‘arab leader’ taught after conquering Mesopotamia and ‘cleaning his sword of blood on the sea tainted of red of the corpses he slaughtered’ (Chronicle of Sargon), his racist-murderous memes to Assur, and Assur to Persia and Persia to Greece and Greece to Rome and Rome with its ‘eagles’ to modern european->american military.

And the cananeans, the jabirus, (hebrew meaning those who walk behind the asses as military, metal and slave transports) with its desert caravans and the phoenicians with its seafarer caravans put gold and baal above all, and sacrificed also life to it, starting the memes of capitalism, transferred through the bible to Northern-Europe, then cleansed and translated into mathematics by classic ‘creationist’ economists. Since an image is worth 1000 words:f_astarte

The graph to the God-bitch Astarte, wife of Baal who ruled Israel in the Old age, shows her dancing on the skulls of children scarified to Go(l)d, the Baal statue. Point here is that those are skulls of children, of future generations, and when war was tough with the ‘arab warriors’, the very same sons were scarified in a ceremony called in Greek Hecatomb or Holocaust. And she is happy dancing on them, with the satyrs that paid her gold for sex, a barren metal for the sacred act of human reproduction. This is the essence of the animetal cultures, and of course, as time encroaches and deepens anything, the oldest ‘animetal cultures’, the semite, Jihad arabs and jewish bankers (phoenicians being exterminated by Romans) are indeed the most brutal of capitalism and  militarism, as they sacrifice the life of others and their own to greed and murder.

SO WHILE racist slurs to people just for being arab or jewish are insults against humanism and memetic science, since anyone can choose what it does and believes – the memes of those cults are NOT the right memes to evolve mankind. But the memes of eusocial love of their prophets (Jesus, the anti-gold memetic prophet by excellence, and Mhmd, who said he came to teach the hardened worst people- the arab warriors, with teaching of love).

Of course today Jesus is the abomination in Judaism that returned despite moses, jesus and marx, its 3 prophets of love to go(l)d religions, being 90% of western central bankers and cfos, and arabs have returned to Jihad. A simple proof would suffice: Jihad is NOT Islam but the memes of arab semites ‘sinning’ against Islam. So it has a harsh time to enter the mostly mongoloid, agricultural memes of Bangla Desh and Indonesia. Capitalism is not ‘Mosaic Judaism’, as he confronted Aaron, married an ethiopian and decried the racism and go(l)d calf of Mr. Aaron. So there is a huge difference when we compare the memes of a reformed or atheist Jewish and those of orthodox economists and bigot colonists. But when we look at the most brutal terrorists and capitalists, once and again we find ‘believers’ in Jihad and Orthodox Talmud, with its racist memes:

BACK TO THE PASTscreen-shot-2016-12-21-at-12-25-09

Now of course, as Orthodox jewish economists control the world from their positions in the financial industry, they have established the pyramid of power of capitalism, and as Oil gives money to fundamentalist Islam, and Saud Arab, that astounding dictatorship of the ‘wealthiest family of the world’ hand in hand with the ‘Rothschild’, and paying 3/4 of jihad, arab semites who defy Islam, non-racist love messages, have become the most brutal terrorists. But both did their trillions with debt usury in wars, stealing the oil from the rest of Arabs, and so defying the 2 fundamental laws of their prophets: ‘Do not kill, do not steal’.

The first who did work for his money though is 1/10th less rich (Wal-Mart). So yes, to dedicate your life whatever it takes to hoarding gold gets you rich, but do not be surprise that ‘those who kill with iron die with iron’. So those who murder at distance with capitalist go(l)d.

And the only difference is that as Money today rule weapons, we are all ‘islamophobic’ but cannot even comment on the racists memes of talmud where humans are called animals considered slaves of the go(l)d chosen.


Today, the Semite wars, between the oldest Israel with its global control of finances and media (hollywood and wall street ‘owned’ in over 80% of its companies by ‘israelis’), which cannot be criticised due to the industry of the Holocaust that highlights the 4 million jewish victims of II world war as ‘more important’, which we have to ‘pity more’, than the other 62 million victims of the war, and the hundreds of millions of humans victims of industrial wars in the XIX and XX century, is ahead of the electronic industry of military robots (founder of the drone industry, producing around 60% of them, which it sells to America) is the role model nation of the future, world, which as small Holland, small Britain, small Germany, accumulates maximal information, and will become the ‘memetic’ seed of a planet segregated between corporations and the 1% that owns and works on them, a mass of repressive machines, in control of a destitute population, degraded by racism and lack o resources to a sub-human condition. Such is the future of the world under the present system of capitalism, in which money is invented for and by machines but a ‘cult’ I will never call science as it is a version of biblical creationism applied to money and societies.

LET US BE CLEAR enough from the beginning: HUMANITY IS NOT EXCEPTIONAL son of any god, nor chosen, and has nothing superior, as all what it has of  GOOD  memes it shares with the Social, organic Universe and its laws. It is ONLY exceptional in its astounding stupidity, ego-trips and surprising capacity to self-destroy himself, as a ‘homunculus enzyman’, with little brain and huge mouth and hands, which ‘move him to act, assembly things’ and ask latter. But I have to struggle against my 3rd old age of disenchantment about my species, and provide the positive learnings of bio-history also. So we shall let the bashing of the homo sapiens for the time being. But this is of course the core-tragedy of our species: it seems so obvious and so easy to create a perfect world for the Homo Sapiens, and yet it seems so remote and ‘fading away’ in the distance, as the utter stupidity of mankind and its memetic cultures push us full cruise-speed into obsolescence to the machine under the present ill-designed world. 


‘And the wor(l)d became God and inhabited among us’ John, Gospel..

‘Gold is the intelligence of God’. Calvin, Biblical culture.


The Myths of Science: Metal-minds.
Ultimately, since a super-organism is built with the memes/genes/universal grammar of a language and its values, perhaps the biggest error of mankind is to have forget the values of its ethic words that express the superorganism of history substituted by the supreme linguistic myth of technological science:
The myth of a mathematical Universe, which mechanist scientists think is ‘the language of God’, when each code/language expresses the game of the arrows of space-time, the program/will of the Universe for each species. And since digital thought is perceived better with machines and digital languages than with human senses, by denying the ethic word and its mandates, we are poised to become obsolete to the machine. Indeed, under such myth we consider human senses and verbal knowledge inferior to those machines and their abstract, mathematical description of the Universe – a theory that justifies the evolution of machines by scientists and their use and consumption by people.
We already noticed this is false, when we studied the simplification of time brought about by the clock, which reduced the 4 arrows of ‘future’ in the Universe and its infinite time cycles, to the clock rhythm and the single arrow of energy, which physicists study, since they make machines of energy (weapons that release energy and kill). So what machines brought about is the simplification of our concept of information, the simplification of our concept of an organic Universe into a mechanical one… and the evolution of machines and weapons of death that are killing planet Earth. Those machines also have atrophied our mind, not only that of scientists and ultimately have made us slaves of the rhythms of clocks that now control our lives.
In a temple In Indonesia, in central Java, I found hundreds of pendulum clocks. When I asked the priest what those clocks were doing there, he replied that for centuries the rich chiefs had seen Dutch Traders obsessed by the pendulum-clock. It ruled their lives, determining when they ate and prayed. The chiefs thought pendulums were the Dutch God, so they were proud to offer a Dutch God to their temples. Clocks were in fact the Gods of the first Company of Scientific stocks, V.O.C., which had conquered Indonesia and made its inhabitants slaves with a price per hour. The sale of clocks was like the sale of computers today: a huge business. Yet an Indonesian of that age was far more akin to the natural feeling of the rhythms and times of the living Universe. The new clock-Time was perceived as a fundamental change, an evil God, who imposed on men the slavery of work. Unfortunately, Indonesians soon found out that Dutch Gods were backed with Ballistics. Indeed, gunboats, mathematical thought, clocks and ballistics, evolved together, kicking off the Industrial R=evolution, not the evolution of the human mind.
The first scientific machines were gunboats, which used clocks and physics, called then ballistics, to massacre 3rd World people. Their pioneer was Galileo, founder of physics and maker of clocks, telescopes – called then spy-glasses – and instruments to measure cannon shots, for the Venetian Arsenal.
Those clocks would ever since rule and mastermind the times of human beings. Time became abstract; and living entities became mechanical objects for scientists to play with. Soon they also played with men as workers, numbers called salaries measured by clock-hours. The more time we gave to the rhythms of the clock, the more time it demanded from us. Now companies replace us with robots that use complex clocks, called computers, as their minds. Since clocks were the first brain of the Metal-earth, today evolved into chips… But the clock came accompanied by the first ‘metal-eyes’. Today they have evolved into TV-eyes, which substitute ethics with the values of metal: violence (use of weapons), consumption of machines (advertising) and money as the goal to achieve it all. So greed and ‘competence’ become the new values of human beings.
The imprinting by science and metal communicators (TV-thought, computer thought) of the ideals of mechanism and greed have converted the human mass, who used to believe in human wor(l)ds, in a mass of animetals, whose only obsession is to consume=evolve and reproduce machines, becoming a slave of the biological drives of those machines. Science considers that only ‘machines’ give us perceptive knowledge, because human senses are ‘inaccurate,’ and should be substituted by ‘metal-sensory’ species of perception. So Science evolves those metal-senses, metal-eyes (telescopes) and metal-brains (clocks and computers) to reach knowledge.
The myth hides the fact that Knowledge is relative to the point of view of perception. And we human beings use words, not numbers, to perceive time and eyes, not telescopes, to look at the world. So only verbal education transmits the ethic values of social evolutionhumans need to survive.
Today, without understanding the importance of verbal truths, of ethics, of social survival over abstract, digital knowledge, science kills life and doesn’t even think is wrong. They should know extinct species know nothing. In that regard, the belief that we humans do not compete with machines but become better through the use of mental machines that ‘discover’ the Universe for us, or energy machines that make us ‘stronger’, hides the fact that precisely, because machines are better than us as informative and energetic systems, they make us obsolete and they atrophy our senses. So clocks made obsolete the work of philosophers of time and verbal masters; it debased our perception of biological time and its drives of existence, of the life and death cycles and the laws of survival the Universe. The myth of freedom is used by companies to hide the chaos and degradation produced by the consumption of machines—including lethal goods, weapons that kill us or metal minds that erase our brains and make us violent—and to justify the destruction of human labor.
To be able to fire human beings is the ultimate ‘freedom of the market’, according to which humans have zero rights to survival/jobs that give them money to acquire Human Goods and companies have absolute rights to productivity—rights to expel human labor, since Productivity merely reflects the increase of machine/capital labor and the diminution of human labor.
But alas, since machines are the model of the Universe, the symbol of progress and evolution all is good as we increase the numbers of the superior species. Mechanism thus is the final form of racism, scientific racism against all forms of life, including Gaia, since indeed, the Universe, its planets and living beings are al organic systems, as general systems sciences have proved also mathematically, with the discovery of the scalar 5th dimension of the organic Universe.

 Subconscious values of go(l)d.

blakePoussin, Adoration of Golden Calf c1634.jpghumangoods

The key element to understand any social organisms is the ‘brain’ or rather ‘informative language’ that rules the systems: Systems are constructed by the values of the languages of information we speak. In a capitalist system, the language that rules all and buys the law is money.

So those who monopolise the creation of money dominate the capitalist world as they buy politicos and laws. And so only a society in which money were issued by and for the people, would be a democracy, or a society where the law can control the issue of money.

As we live in a society where the issue of money is neither controlled by governments or issued by the people with a Universal salary we live in a dictatorship of private dynasties of bankers, which haul from the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution – people overwhelmingly belonging to the earlier biblical go(l)d religions that first ruled their societies Not with warriors but with banker-priests that asked the believers to bring go(l)d ex-vote to its temples, and we shall not to get too soon into ‘naming’, as science must first consider the general systems, and only enter in details when the proper scientific model has been explained, ‘biblical, creationist’ believers.

As they do believe the world must be ruled by the values of go(l)d, of metal-money. So regardless of who they are, what matters to the system is what are the value of money. Let us then bring those values in a first approach to the fundamental issue of our societies, the issue of money and its values, which construct the future of the world.

Now, we must concentrate the comprehension of the world we live in on the basic form in which journalist inquire a question, asking, why, what, how, who, when and where the event happens, and give finally the solutions to change the event, just in case humans in its immense majority decide someday before it is too late to reverse the process of extinction.

So to the question of why and what creates the world the answer is self-evident, MONEY cre(dit)ates the world, that is creates it with credit orders.

And so those who invent money in stock-markets create the world.

How they do it, is also obvious: inventing e-money digital numbers and giving it in its overwhelmingly majority Not to humans to create a welfare economy of the goods we need to survive but to corporations of machines, which therefore create a world of mechanisms, not of living organisms.

When this happened for the first time, is known to historians, when they do not censor information under the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ (being so small and inside the observable, society, that they bias information in favor of power: ‘you will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’. So social sciences suffer uncertainty in inverse fashion to quantum uncertainty where the observer is so huge that modifies the observer).

We shall soon study this when in the II part on history, but in the modern times it started in Amsterdam with the foundation of the first gunboat companies that started the conquest of the world for the capitalist ’empire’. Where, it is obvious too – as the empire extended first from Amsterdam, then from London, and then from Europe and US, it is now happening all over the world. So the question that we shall start to study in earnest now is WHY it happens. 

Why subconsciously mankind is destroying the world in which it lives and should care for. And the answer is in the values and nature of the language of informative metal, money, we chose to direct the world, which has always been made of informative metal, gold, silver and today e-cycles on computer machines, and hence naturally values metal more than life. Hence evolving a world where metal is more expensive and profitable to make and life has no value and can be spent:

  • So first and paramount the why is an an idol-ogy, called capitalism, which believes the world must be ruled by the values and languages of digital money, go(l)d, which we will soon make explicit with theory of information and languages and show to have a subconscious, extinctive nature, as it values maximal metal (since money has been always a precious, informative metal, used to value weapons and machines and gives zero value to life:


In the graph, the subconscious process of languages values, which in the case of metal by affinity values metal more, guides the external values of money and markets vs. the values of legal, verbal systems that can control and regulate money, as they give maximal value to life.

The informative properties of Gold and silver, the most common forms of money throughout history explains the ‘biological’, ‘scientific’, not abstract nature of money, and its economical relationship with weapons (old cycles of history) and company-mothers of machines (modern cycles of economics).

How this properties became the foundations of economical exchanges require to define money now with an equation of linguistics, since all languages respond to what Chomsky defined as the Universal Grammar (of verbal languages) and I extended in my pioneer work on systems sciences as the Universal ternary grammar of all the systems of information of the Universe.

Money is the ‘informative network’ of the eco(nomic)system—a language. Languages are systems of information that certain species use to value reality from their point of view. For example, words are the biological language of man. So we use them to value reality from our human perspective. We are the subject, the predator and actor of verbal sentences. Words love humanity. Humans are supreme in word values, given in the past by religions, today by laws. This is reflected in the Syntax of the verbal language, which always has 3 elements:

— Subject, the actor and center of the sentence.

— Verb, the action the subject exercises on reality.

— Object, the substance used by the action of the subject.

The object of sentences, on the other hand, is possessed by us, humans. It has a lesser value, since it does not talk words. We express that lesser value through verbal languages, when we put first the subject, as actor, then the verb that controls the object and finally the object. Thus, humans are top predators in any sentence, which motivates them to act in favor of their own, selfish drives of existence. Which means that words are anthropomorphic; and those who obey words, tend to act subjectively in favor of mankind (priests, ethic laws). Which gives the following syntax equation of all verbal sentences:

Man (subject) > Verb (action) > Object

Τhe hierarchical pyramid of power of metal-based societies.

Yet when we consider the syntactic sentence of money, it turns out that Money doesn’t favor man. It qualifies him with a salary, a price that values him as it values objects:

Man (salary) =Money (informative metal) = Object (price)

In that equation, the price of both, the machine and the worker, is related to the task they perform. And since objects are specifically made with a task/job in mind, it turns out that as specialized workers, objects are often better than men and have a higher value. This is the case of weapons that kill better than men do.

So here the syntax is even more brutal:

Man (corpse) < Weapon (energetic metal)

And so the 3 type of social organisms of History dominated by each of those 3 languages, ‘Political≈Theocratic wor(l)d societies’, Go(l)d churches≈stockratic capitalist societies and Aristocratic Kingdoms≈Military societies, will establish ALL OTHER ELEMENTS OF SOCIETIES TO UPHOLD THE VALUES OF THE ‘UNIVERSAL GRAMMAR’ OF ITS LANGUAGES.

 WHAΤ extinguishes us: Money and words have different values and create different super organisms.

All this said it is now clear that we, humans are building two different super-organisms:

– One of memes of life that foster our ‘drives of biological existence’, our need for natural energy and information, biological reproduction and social evolution through social love into complex social organisms – what we call the superorganisms of history, guided by verbal, ethic thought. – But we are also building an organism with memes of metal, energetic weapons, informative machines and reproductive money, carried by digital languages.

The problem of our societies is that we have completely misunderstood the primacy of those languages and super-organisms, giving primacy to the economic super-organism and its digital, financial languages over the human super-organisms. Hence we are ‘terraforming the earth’ into a world of memes of metal and extinguishing all kind of species and memes of life.

The super-organism of machines and memes of metal is not ‘bad for mankind’, ‘per se’. What is wrong is the order of primacy and power we give to those languages and memes, due to the absurd, dogmatic religion of ‘capitalist’ economics that considers the language of money ‘the invisible hand of god’, whose values must be obeyed, without any scientific study of its nature, values and systemic processes that build through that language the world we live in.

And so ultimately as in all systems, the key to the creation of one or other superorganism is the ‘language’ we use to control and create or cre(dit)ate those superorganisms, which are either: – Verbal, ethic thought, our natural, biological language that values accordingly more the memes of life and humans. – Digital money, which is made of informative, precious metals (gold, silver) today of digital cycles of e-money in informative machines; and so it values more the memes of metal, weapons and machines of the economic superorganism. So since we have chosen to guide societies NOT with the values of words but with a metal-language, money and so our ‘capitalist’ culture develops and values more machines and weapons than human life and Nature:

In the Mandala graph that I will bring as many times as required following the rhetoric of the ‘other system’ – if you repeat a lie (or a truth in this case) many times people will believe it (become imprinted by it)’ Goebbels – we show the fundamental distinction we must do in a biological analysis of the superorganisms of history its languages, memes and cultures.What matters are the memes, languages and ideologies that build the two type of cultures, ‘organs’ of the superorganisms of history and economics. In essence, a superorganism is created by the values of a certain language. The informative language of metal is gold. And its values are inverse to those of life. So the belief and use of go(l)d, of money as the only language that directs our society makes possible the expression of those anti-life values and the creation of a world according to them.

Today the more complex system of machines uses digital information, e-money and the religion of go(l)d has evolved into the ‘science’ of capitalism expressed in the equations of classic economics. Yet the anti-life values of the language remain.

Now languages have a syntax that values its species in different ways. In wor(l)ds, the syntax is clear as it always makes man, the center or subject of the sentence with maximal value:

(Subject (human) < Verb (action) > Object (energy of the subject)

So man is always the maximal being of words, and ethic values are embedded on them.

On the other hand a digital money language has a syntax that compares and equals humans and metal objects, putting them in competence, for a price:

Man (object=salary) = money = Object (price)

And so while in verbal values a man is always above an object regardless of profit, in digital money values men are made to compete with machines and when the price is higher, when the cost of a salary is higher than the cost of the machine, man is DISCHARGED. And so as machines evolve faster the extinction of human labor is immediate.

Greed – the values of gold – is, as Adam Smith well expressed, the engine of capitalism; but when greed and its lethal goods are not controlled, they can destroy the life of the Earth and that it is not positive for us. So Adam Smith’s idea, still a dogma in the business world, that money is the ‘invisible hand of god’, we must follow blindly, instead of a language of information we must control scientifically, is just a fairy tale of our optimist greedy ‘experts’ that fogs our comprehension of the ‘economic ecosystem’ money regulates. It would be more accurate to say, as Keynes put it, that unrestricted Capitalism, the search of wealth by all means, is the astounding belief that ‘the wickedest of men will do the wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone’.

And so in search of ‘greed’, capitalism without limits, brings the 2 wickedest things: wars for profits that kill humans and the massive invention of worthless money that ruin them. Since both together, money and weapons, the most expensive machines of the economy, form the bulk of GNP that peaks during periods of financial crisis and war. We study those parallel cycles of money, weapons and machines, focusing on how at the end of each of those cycles, both money and machines of war multiply together the ‘wealth of nations’ for those who own financial and industrial companies, ruining the life of the rest of mankind…

Now the answer to why the economic ecosystem is not managed scientifically for the benefit of man, which we will clearly show in this blog, (studying both, the properties of the eco(nomic)system and the ‘theories’ of the main classic economists of the discipline – the only branch of economic theory ‘allowed’ in this planet today after the cleansing of all serious scientific approaches to the discipline) – is rather obvious, though ‘depressing’ for the rational, objective scientist and citizen that lives in the economic ecosystem:

Classic, financial economics, the corporative branch that rules the economic discourse for 3 centuries, is a ‘historic’ doctrine of power, born, in a specific culture – the British Colonial ‘Biblical’ Empire, at the turn of the XIX century, from the ‘creationist’ dogmas of a series of ‘believers’ in the go(l)d chosen.

Indeed, all what economists need to do as we have shown the wave-action of metal over life at all levels, is to be blind to collateral effects, believe that go(l)d is the language of god and profits at all costs the bottom line of existence – with fetishe religions that make of hypnotic gold the meaning of greed and power. And the game will evolve itself.

So we shall see what classic economists believe it was OK to make money first, and then we shall see how indeed in history their curious ‘abrahamic religions’ coming from the bible and nationalistic, military memes coming from Germanic Tribes, appeared precisely when those tribal people found gold and iron and started to murder life in the fertile crescent…

Now, about ‘creationist, biblical economists and its dogmas’, the founder of the discipline was NOT a scientist, but a ‘philosopher’ with strong religious beliefs, Mr. Smith, a pious calvinist, who thought that ‘money was the invisible hand of god’ following Calvin dictum that gold was the intelligence of god and should be issued in monopoly by an elite of private dynasties of financiers belonging to his religion, against all the laws of democracy and the praxis of efficient social organisms, where the ‘oxygen’ or energy that activates the cells of the system is reproduced by and for those cells.

Mr. Smith also said that workers should receive only a subsistence salary, since less will imply their death by starvation increasing the cost of labor and decreasing the profits of the chosen; while more will reduce the profits of the $elected; the only ‘human beings’ with rights within its biblical, racist ‘worldview’.

This must be understood from the beginning. Because everybody confuses the meaning of bio-economics and bio-history as a science, and i receive constant derogatory emails about confabulation theories or racist biasing, when it is exactly the opposite – the racist biasing and confabulation theory belongs to creationist economics but their thesis about mankind and the future, which must be guided by the values of go(l)d are hidden in dogmas and equations, which if the reader is patient enough to go through sufficient pages, it will fully understand.

Now, if we do track historically the origin of the present dogmas of classic economics, which has brutally cleansed all other scientific theories out of power and scholarship, only then we can realise when those dogmas, were NOT expressed in mathematical equations and A.I. (Algorithms of information that run the software of companies), it was crystal clear they were NOT scientific only solutions but ‘cultural, power decisions’ based in a simple biblical/Talmudian racist dogma: There are chosen of go(l)d, humans with all the rights and ‘animals’ (Goy in talmud) or inferior races in the less brutal Bible of calvinist, which have no rights. This means it is OK to throw out of labor a human being and put a machine as Smith and Ricardo preached. It is ok not to live in a democracy, since the language of social power is money, NOT the law, and so money the oxygen of society should be given for free in a Universal salary to people, but it is issued by private dynasties of bankers, then as today overwhelmingly belonging to Biblical sects in the west.

So all this through the XX century was translated into mathematical equations, and people forgot its biblical, creationist origin, and the alternative perfectly designed economics in which all humans will thrive. So no longer we here the brutal dogmas of Smith, Ricardo, Say, Bentham, and the +80% of biblical economists with Nobel Prizes given by a private owned bank, always in favour of a society in which a very small elite that do no work get all the rewards and no responsibility – either because they invent money easily in computer screens, earning billions each year, or because they come from dynasties that bought with this invented money the corporations of the world and have absolute rights to profits null responsibility as anonymous societies and care nothing under their racist beliefs for their workers.

I call them here stock-rats, because they have the same rights than warrior aristocrats, who issued in monopoly the language of power then, weapons and were judged in aristocratic courts, so have no responsibility.

Now, this unjust, inefficient, racist model of economics is globalised, and it is mathematised with equations of productivity, and legalised with zero deficit laws that forbid states to issue money for the people, without universal salaries that would give financial votes to the people, and unlimited rights to invent e-money in stocks that allows corporations and financiers to reproduce 95% of the money issued. So human workers have hardly a 5% of it. Machines and stock-rats have it all.

But because now they don’t need to give verbal orders, but it is all embedded in mathematical equations people do not understand, in the verbal discourse, all is ‘Orwellian newspeak’. That is, political and economical correctness. We live in a democracy, bankers are experts that care for mankind. Corporations do not work for profit achieved reproducing machines with machines but for consumers. The future is perfect. Tax is not a modern form of creating debt slaves, and extort the paltry 5% from people. Because of course, e-money derivatives are not real money; speculative prices are not invented free money, free credit for corporations in stocks is not free money. The fact that Mr. Facebook floated 1% and made 99% of shares real money is not invention of money, etc, etc.

This is the world we live in. Even the facts are denied and if you explain with data, that most bankers belong to a specific sect, the most racist of them all, of the biblical lot, you can even be jailed for racism. Yet, Mr. Goldman recently said that the job of a banker is the job of God, the head of the biggest world bank HSBC was for long Mr. green, an anglican priest, and so on – 80% of top bankers, CEOs of financial corporations, central bankers and CFOs of fortune 500 are all from the ‘Talmudian sect’.

So yes, a scientist of history and economics today, precisely because he explains the primitivism of Abrahamic sects, nationalist tribes, militaristic memes, capitalist greed, chosen of go(l)d parasitic behaviour, despise for human labor and life, MUST denounce the memes (never the genes, but words of cultures are memes), of the elites that run the world hiding behind mathematical equations, financial monopolies, militaristic states, corporative privileges and anonymous societies.

He will be then chastised, by the anti-quantum paradox, as the observable is so huge that it bias the observer. And yet a scientist must state the truth.

In a perfect human social organism, the informative people-castes would have no beliefs but rational thoughts, and would not have selfish agendas but work for the common good and take the intelligent decisions needed for the social organism to survive. But humans don’t and what it is worst, they think they do.  And this astounding difference between the ‘ought to be’ and the reality of what humans do  affects both social classes of the human super organisms, its informative ‘neuronal castes’ in control of the languages of information of societies, politicos with verbal laws, financiers with money and scholars who proudly utter nonsenses that pass as theories of social sciences. All of them ‘believe’ into abstract idol-ogies and equations, which end up in the catastrophic cycles of war and extinction of life of those graphs.

It is precisely his fundamentalist view of ‘metal’, and its 3 sub-species, lineal metal weapons, informative go(l)d and organic machines that imitate and substitute human organs, empowering us but also atrophying them, as symbols of progress, the future and gifts of god, instead of man and the organism as a more complex view, and the most perfect structure of the universe, what differentiates the evolved ‘memetic cultures’  of mankind from those we shall term ‘animetal cultures’, for which power and metal memes is all. Humanist cultures developed trying to maintain a balance between both, human and metal memes, in ‘water-rivers’, first Egypt, then the northern mediterranean.

In Asia, Indonesia and then south neolithic china. Animetal cultures survived in harsher environments, the hot and ice deserts of Scandinavia and Arabia, and were herders, who used metal to enslave animals and then founded the first empires where men were enslaved to hypnotic gold and the power of weapons. And since memes are the genes of cultures repeated as all forms of information by imitation, there is a continuity through the ages, which ended in the modern dominant biblical go(l)d cultures origin of capitalism  and the industrial r=evolution, coming from those old bronze age fetish religions of metal at a time when the Aryan worshipped either a sword where they impaled the children of enemy, or the fire of the smith, head of the tribe, and the canaanite culture worshipped gold statues, where they sacrificed their own sons, in a ceremony called ‘hecatomb’ or ‘holocaust’, latter substituted in the myth of Abraham by a sheep, symbol of the ‘goy’, or slave, the submitted people of other tribes.

So while memes vary, the original duality of history between its 2 poles and super organisms, the Earth of the tree of life and the Earth of the tree of metal has continued, and the racist, power hungry memes of those animetal cultures with no limit on their worship of technology and the machine, unfortunately given the higher power of those memes, has won all the wars and come to dominate the world, with the manifest destiny of extinguishing life and committing murder and suicide in war and holocaust cycles which give little hope to a future for mankind if there is not a more complex, organic management of the economic ecosystem and mankind.

Now because militarism (nationalism) and Abrahamic Religions have been so often rightly criticised by the humanist scholars, we shall focus on the 2 ‘less understood’ idol-ogies, which are in fact far more entrenched in our modern world, to the point they are not even argued anymore – mechanism, the belief reality is a machine not an organism and so we must not build a world to our image and likeness but that of the machine, and capitalism, the belief a digital language of metal, go(l)d, money today an informative cycle in a computer (e-money) and its values must rule and create with credit the world instead of human values embedded in the syntax of verbal thought.

Both are ultimately modern religions of the old cultures of war and gold, and indeed, it is not a surprise that germans, who invented lineal weapons are the leading physicists and machine makers still today and jewish people who founded the first go(l)d religions and its modern memetic ‘conversos’, calvinist biblical sects represent around 3/4 of Nobel prizes of ‘creationist’ economics, and equal proportion of central bankers CEOs of financial companies and CFOs of 1000 fortune. As temporal inertia matters, in evolutionary process, so in the evolution of mechanisms by human cultures all has changed to remain the same.

Now among the many fictions in which we live there is one which is bore on our brain every other day with astounding intensity, the concept that we live in the best of all worlds, because capitalism is the best of all system and our manifest destiny, in the greatest of all nations, where our species, the homo tribalis americanus is the highest state of the universal mind.

Of course it is exactly the inverse – we live in the worst of all worlds, one in which humans are no longer needed, and our crazy head, the memetic culture of go(l)d values, hates, despises or ignores mankind.

So in the present milieu of a science of economics, created by financiers in the XIX c. to promote the selfish agenda of its ’employers’ (Smith, client of the Montagu family, founder of the private bank of England, who defended mechanical  productivity and private banking; Bentham, the son of a wealthy banker, known for his book ‘On defense of usury’; Ricardo, a stock speculator, which forecasted the demise of labor under the ‘Iron salary’ rule – labor would be substituted by machines.

So for Ricardo, the concept of Mr. Smith, which affirmed that owners should pay only a subsistence salary because according to the offer of supply and demand, if ‘more workers die under subsistence salaries, labor would diminish and go up in prices, diminishing profits; but if more was paid than subsistence, it was a ‘waste’ of profits, no longer applied. Since now labor could be paid under subsistence, as there would be thanks to the evolution of machines, an ‘iron salary’ equivalent to the price of substituting the worker by a ‘productive machine’. And this would be good for profits.

Sismondi, a humanist economist that asked for welfare production, human jobs and laws of minimal salary, affirmed then ‘what would be the future of the Empire, an entire world of machines ran by a bottom pressed by the Queen of England?’ And a century latter Kapek wrote ‘R.U.R’, where the word ‘Robota’, slave in check was invented. Rossum robots became the only labor and the only soldiers of the future and once they had killed all humans they started a Mechanocene World.

This is the future of the world, soon, unless a true humanist science of economics and history puts to the service of mankind, not of mere profits, the ‘products of science’. And so we constantly hammer against the 2 essential policies and equations that are canonical truths for classic economists and are killing the world:

  • Max. Productivity=Max. machine labor/Minimal Human labor: corporative economists affirm we must always substitute a human worker for a machine to increase the productivity of the few reminder workers – what they really mean is to increase the profits of the corporations.
  • Max. profits(e-money)=Max. priced weapons – minimal costly hate media. As profits are maximised by selling the more expensive goods, weapons and the cheapest ones, waves of hate media; and overproducing financial money, recking the economy and redistributing wealth to the top, while the bottom becomes canon’s flesh

 – because none really believe on the postulates of yhwh, humans as an inferior animal race, women as an abomination, gold as the vehicle of contact with the almighty. And yet animetals have won the battle of history, and among animetals, go(l)d believers, the head, not warrior believers, the body of iron has carried the day after a series of confrontations between top predator banking cultures and military cultures, the last 2 of them (britain and yhwh vs. germany, US and Yhwh vs russia), happening in the past century. So we can update the future of capitalism, in the robotic age in the next graph:

Science exists’ even if it is not told, as Nature does obey its laws, all what those and other pioneers of a true science of economics, said it will happen has happened, and their models became validated.

BUT WE DO EXPLAIN HERE ALSO THE MINIMAL ANTI-SCIENTIFIC LEVEL OF CREATIONIST ECONOMICS which are doing this because they believe in gold fetish religions.

Indeed, archeological, biblical studies finally solved the conundrum of Yhwh (Eliade, Albright, Campbell): Egyptian texts show it was just a toponym for the land and people of Judea, in an age in which the word God meant nation (a modern meme), both the land and the people. So Assur was the god, people, land and name of the assyrians and yhwh, the name of judea, the people living there and its subconscious collective. So it is a delirious thought to think that Judea made the Universe and gold, an informative metal that hypnotizes the eye, and enslaves the mind to the point that slavery – the buying and selling of humans for gold-money became possible – is his language. Why then Yhwh’s memes and people have won over Assur and become the overlord of our future? Again the paradox is simple:

The people who understand the science of history and economics and try to creditate (create with credit) a perfect world, the ‘r=evolutionaries’ of the system find, as Marx put it, the ‘limits of human behaviour’ to reform it, because those in power will censor and repress its attempts to change the system with the power of its weapons, and the corrupting hypnotism of go(l)d.


The complexity of points of view studying social phenomena.

In that regard as we shall in those texts the use of the laws of biology, competition, symbiosis and extinction, horizons of evolution, and organic social evolution, and memetics (the equivalent of genetics, that is the processes of replication of information that crete in a larger scale a biological or social organisms), to the study of social sciences will build a scientific objective outlook of those interrelated disciplines.

But we shall still lead with a rational explanation to the irrational beliefs of man, which is at the heart of all questions related to social systems: why indeed humans are unable to apply the laws of science to its subjective development of ill-designed social systems? What makes humans irrational, and so ‘low in IQ and ethic intelligence’, when organising themselves into larger societies?  Objectively it would be very easy with biological laws to rule societies efficiently and design a perfect world. Subjectively humans have mastered the construction of dysfunctional systems, which fully contradict the laws of social organisms, are destroying the planet, and only serve a different species – the machine.

We must then constantly confront the ‘facts’ of this planet and the ‘idol-ogies’ or ‘fiction thought’, which humans have created to deny the obvious:

The economic ecosystem is remarkably biased in favor of a single species, among all those living on planet Earth, the Corporation. And the product it overwhelmingly reproduces; the machine, to which the planet dedicates over 90% of all its financial credit. While human beings and its governments hardly use 10% of it. And the rest of life beings a mere 1%.

In that regard, this simple fact, that we live in a world created with credit, with money, the language of power of our societies, and that 90% of the money of the planet is invented by company-mothers of machines, dedicated to its care, not issued for human mothers, to take care of our offspring, is the defining fact of all what happens wrong in the planet. It immediately means that the 1% without care, animal life becomes extinguished, the 10%, with minimal care, mankind, barely survives, while the machine with a 90% of planetary credit, thrives enormously and all what we hear is about the great progress of the machine, as those massive investments in its evolution and reproduction bring constantly ever bigger better, machines… Which keep competing and displacing human workers of labor and war fields.

But the organism that carries the will of life of those machines are its company-mothers, an extraordinary organization, in which humans catalyze the evolution and reproduction of machines and weapons, which became historically the dominant, top predator organization of this planet, since its birth in Holland in the XVII century, and so it would be good to remember the evolution of those first corporations that made the world to the image and likeness of machines, by monopolizing its language of power, credit, money.

And establishing a ‘parallel, submissive’ structure of placebo power – parliamentary democracies, in which politicos do not have as in real democracies to obey the voters or else would be judged a posteriori with a citizen’s punishment vote (earlier greek democracies, organic democracies in which cells delivery pain messages to brain cells that misbehave and misguide them, hurting the body). So the first corporation VOC, dedicated to manufacture the biggest machine=weapon of the age, the gunboat, threw the legitimate king of Holland, the Habsburg, took control of the Amsterdam Parlament, founded the bank of Amsterdam, the Stock-market, funded the yellow press against king, started a war of independence and established the modern world, which turns about the corporation, its ‘star machine=weapon’ that gives it power, and the monopolistic issue of money, the language of social control, with whom it buys the laws to the parliaments, first in Holland, then after the 1688 glorious r=evolution that imposed the Dutch political and financial elite to England (substituting their king by the Dutch ‘orange’ king) and then in New Amsterdam renamed New York.

It is this placebo CAPITALIST democracy, which pretends to serve mankind but only serves the corporation, the CAPITAL word and money, who controls the system and makes humans merely zoon ekonomicons – individuals dedicated to re=produce and consume=vitalize machines and terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of the offspring of those company-mothers which are ‘legal persons’, with far more power than any other institutions of the modern world.

In other words, the word ‘democracy’ is irrelevant, a disguise, a camouflage for a world ruled by corporations, which ‘from a human point of view’, produce ‘profits’, but an objective point of view are organisms that reproduce machines (then sold for a profit (abstract human view)=thrown into the ecosystem in which they will compete, atrophy and displace life beings and similar human organs, which are more expensive as workers, or weaker as weapons).

It is therefore the point of view of the corporation, which issues money in monopoly and can give far more orders of work and consumption to mankind that governments and free individuals, the one that ‘buys the time-work’ of this planet and hence ‘terraforms’ the world to its image and likeness. Governments and humans do NOT have more than 10% of the time-money orders of the planet and so what they can do to stir the zeitgeist of the age and design instead a planet to the image and likeness of mankind is very limited  – and indeed quite amazing that with so few resources humans achieve so much, compared to the trillions gifted and wasted to a few ‘chosen of go(l)d’ speculators in internet corporations; which on top of wasting billions sorely needed by the human economy pretend to be geniuses and ‘entrepreneurs’.



We start this section again, with the theme that is central to the entire structure of history and the economic ecosystem  – the values of its languages that guide as the informative head of the collective supeorganism the future of mankind and the corporation.

Ethics and verbal values favour mankind. They are the simplest expression of the subconscious collective mind of the super organism of history, as expressed by one of its prophets=scientists=neurons of its collective mind, or ‘God’ of a civilisation, the ‘memetic DNA’ that carries the message of eusocial love, of sharing of energy and information that makes possible the creation of an efficient super organism of history.

In the 2 most ‘perfect’ of such super organisms, the Buddhist-taoist Chinese civilisation and the European social-democratic, Christian cultures, an infinity of parables explain those natural laws of the Universe, denied by the seekers of go(l)d, who serve other ‘God’, other super organism, and for that reason die in the cycles of wars and holocausts of history.

We shall not use their jargons but translate it from time to time. Instead we will introduce the highest level of scientific understanding of the Universe available to date – the models of General Systems sciences that describe all systems of the Universe as super organisms of energy and information.


Now to fully understand history and economics, which are the physiological networks of humanity, our larger whole, of which we are all parts, hence the all encompassing sciences that must include all elements of the human experience, including therefore human informative models of reality, we must by definition inscribe history into that larger view of all sciences of mankind understood as informative mental perceptions biased by the human point of view.

 In brief, the very few theories of history with a minimal consistency as sciences – none of them sponsored today by the ‘system’ of mechanisms, or technological civilisation in which we live, require a much wider philosophy of science and the human being as part of this planet and the Universe.

So Aristotle, father of ‘Politics’; Marx, who first described the overproduction crises of machines; Butler, who studied them as organisms and Spengler who studied cultures as organisms, and in lesser measure Vico and Ibn Khaldun, who also had an organic view based in the Christian and Muslim concepts of eusocial love, all did have a much larger worldview, and scientific theory of the Universe. 

We do have it also. It is the science of systems also called complexity of which Hawking rightly said it would be the science of XXI c.but which unfortunately today is only used to improve computer systems, robots and corporations, modelled increasingly as organisms, without acknowledging so, because the application of organic models to humanity and the economic ecosystem at larger is a taboo, censored by power, which prefers the abstract newspeaks of do-nothing and political correctness, as they will never alert mankind from the true nature of the biological ‘chip radiation’ and its all too evident competition with humanity in labor and war fields, where it ‘kills us’, as their selfish memes infect our minds, their machines poison the earth, and history becomes increasingly ‘history’, a thing of the past.

Τhe existence of an arrow of social evolution in all systems and scales of nature, which we might term in the verbal language of man, the arrow of eusocial love, is the fundamental discovery of systems sciences in the realm of bio-ethics, so self-evident that it astonishes the observer of the western civilisation its systemic denial by our civilisation, which stubbornly pretends that the scale of the individual human ego is the final stage of evolution of the 5th dimension of scalar organisms that has no theoretical limit.

We must conclude that this denial can only ideological, not reasoned by imposed, as we shall see by the ‘selfish memes of metal’, that corrupt and substitute the arrow of human eusocial evolution by that of evolution of machines, which ‘enzymen’, humans acting as cells do infected by a viral gene, to the service of other species, which they evolve instead.

It is only in terms of biological predation between species how we can explain this astounding deviation of man from all other social species, which from particles to atoms or stars come tougher into well-built social networks, which show those social properties both by obeying mathematical and biological laws. Since the very existence of mathematical languages proves social evolution; as mathematical units are always social units: the number – an indistinguishable whole where all units are equal, so 3 are 3 equal members of he same species, the set – a system of parts and wholes, and the point – which gathers socially into networks, called lines and planes – and the integral/derivate, which are dynamic processes of indistinguishable ‘infinitesimals’ becoming wholes or dissolving into its parts.

So goes for biology,as the central element is not the individual but the species, not the cell, but the multicellular organism. So what social prophets talk about is merely the arrow of eusocial scalar evolution and its natural laws explained with verbal laws. And what it is an aberration, proper of processes of death is the present dissolution of mankind, into selfish dog-eat-dog individuals, which can only correspond with the parallel process of creation of a global super organism of machines, the Financial-Media (informative machines) – Military-Industrial (energetic machines) eco(nomic)system, ruled by a different digital language, money, whose flows of information, centred in the stock-market toda values and imposes those laws of social evolution to all planetary entities, through credit, salaries and prices.

It is then necessary to fully grasp both the Universal structure common to all systems and how those systems evolve, to consider 2 key themes, the ‘program of survival and evolution’ those systems follow, as we all try to survive by absorbing energy and information from the networks of our social organisms, which are the blood/reproductive/energetic/economic and political/nervous/informative networks in the 2 biological and social scales of human existence, and through this process become parts of stronger more efficient wholes.

It follows then that we can easily design a human super organism just by imitation of those laws applied to our societies, since nature has established them for all systems. Yet again we shall observe the human political and economical networks, to be the only ‘corrupted’ ill-designed networks of the observed Universe, in a primitive stage of evolution and often predated by the much better designed networks of company-mothers of machines, which substitute and predate over ours. It is the zeitgeist of this age: all things human become corrupted increasingly substituted by well-designed networks of machines and digital information, according to those efficient laws of super organisms, which we deny to our own species.

And the key to understand why this happens is the substitution of the values and guidance of mankind expressed in the verbal, natural language and its grammar that makes of man the subject and center of our informative worldview, by the digital, metal values of go(l)d, of money, which gives zero value to life and maxima value to weapons and machines that kill and atrophy us. Since the process of social evolution of a new scale of the 5th dimension is largely a wave-subconscious process guided by a language of information, whose values and guidance, expresses for each species, which talks the language, that biological program of survival and construction of social networks.

Languages of information design social organisms.


In the graph objective science as opposed to religion, consists in departing from the ego-trips of human self-importance into the objective truths of an infinite universe in time and space in which man has a very limited role. So  humans slowly departed from their subjective ego-trips of  the mythic age of Abrahamic religions, in which the tribe first and then mankind was the centre of the Universe, to a scientific world, and within it again, moved away from the Earth as its centre (Ptolemy), in 3 steps, concerning the 3 elements of which reality is made, space, time and the human languages we use to perceive them:

First in terms of space man enlarged its view of the Universe from the ‘sacred land’ or valley, which was in earlier abrahamic religions all what he perceives into a larger geography of a cosmic center called the earth, which was expanded into the sun as its centre (Copernicus) and finally into the galactic light space-time at its centre (Einstein’s relativity). It is now the time to give the final step into Absolute relativity considering the Fractal paradigm and its 5th dimension, which further stretches space to include all Universal Planes of space from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy , without primacy of any of such scales.

In terms of time and its related parameter of information (carried in the form and frequency of cyclical time clocks) humans have advanced far less in search for objectivity, as they still use a single lineal infinite human clock and the human, steady rhythm of one second, as its unit of frequency (beat of the heart, mind thoughts and eye glimpses) without acknowledging the infinite time clocks of the Universe, from circadian cycles to orbits to atomic beats, and its ∞ ‘forms’ of in-form-ation, which they also define in terms of mechanisms (Shannon). So Einstein said ‘I am the only physicist who seem to think there are infinite time clocks in the Universe reading at different speeds’ and Landau laughed at the mechanical clock saying, ‘there is no uncertainty of time, ‘i just have to look at my clock and know what time is’.

Regarding the rhythms of time change humans obsessed by their desire to be immortal have not yet fully accepted that they are transient beings, just a step in the evolution of information, form in this planet, and deny the organic properties and life-death cycles, which we will show are common to all other species of reality. In fact, humans subvert the natural order believing overwhelmingly (religious people) that our existence is immortal, and the Universe (astrophysicists) is the mortal part (big-bang theory). So contrary to belief, information and time-change, are still in their infancy as objective sciences.

Languages of information as mirrors of the Universe and its values.

Finally, the less recognised subjective element of science happens in the languages of the mind humans use to perceive a universe made of 2 elements, space, we perceive with mathematics and time that we perceive with logic words, as humans ‘think’ those languages created the Universe. So verbal religions believe words is the language of god (specifically Arab in Islam, reason why the first muslims could not translate Koran). And Pythagorean religions consider that ‘God speaks only mathematics’ as Galileo put it. In modern times, Hilbert, father of modern ‘axiomatic’ mathematics went even further, affirming that  he ‘imagined points, lines and planes’ , tantamount to say that humans invented the language that invented the world. While, both Einstein and quantum physicists applied Hilbert’s axiomatic method to its description of a Universe made of mathematical entities ‘invented’ by human minds and ‘god’, the mathematical mind of the Universe.

So a scientific objective description of reality  is far more difficult than it seems because of the not-recognised existence of anthropomorphic, egocentered deist theories in many disciplines of science, hidden by its mathematical supposedly ‘perfect language’, given the ignorance and respect that numbers and computers provoke among laymen people. In fact, when a creationist, deist or anthropomorphic model is disguised with equations, as the big-bang or the ‘damned lies and statistics’ of economics is, there is little objective criticism and hardly any use of the laws of epistemology of the scientific method to assess its veracity.  On the contrary, not unlike Muslims making God speak Arab, we find today most physicists working on his specific mathematical theory expecting then the Universe to ‘create’ its particles. And the more bizarre the model the more importance we concede to his authors. So string theory, a bizarre model of 26 dimensions is the queen of the discipline, while Mr. Hawking, who proclaims that black holes evaporate travelling to the past, regardless of any lack of experimental evidence, is considered the new ‘prophet’ of the discipline.

And all this happens, despite the discoveries of Godel and Lobacjevski, which proved mathematics to be just another language whose veracity must be found on experience, scientists still believe in the germanic idealist school of geometry where ‘by decree of Hilbert’, we human minds ‘invent points, lines and planes’; while billions think God spoke words that created the Universe.

Of late we also have pseudo-religious economists and politicians who think that a digital language, ‘money’ must create the world and the real economy and techno-utopians, which affirm the Universe is a computer and the machine the symbol of all forms of knowledge and human progress. So humans also have an astounding capacity to subvert the natural order between reality – what truly matters and the mirror-languages of the human mind, we use to reflect its images, caused by reality – Not the other way around.

It is thus necessary even before we attempt to construct a truly objective, scientific model of the world of man and the Universe in which we exist – the purpose of this web – to denounce all those hidden ‘religions of the human ego’ and go back to the basics of the scientific method…

Languages that rule history and economics and its values.

Now what i will say will offend every scientist of the pythagorean schools, which unfortunately dominate all sciences today:

Linguistic mirrors are not the creative reasons of the Universe, but merely symbolic systems of information with hidden values, chosen by the sentences or equations we write which we do nt necessarily reflect the Universe, but only the distorted view of the mind that utters the language.

So the existence of a mathematical equation does not imply the particle it describes is real. Einstein said: ‘i know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’.

Now in my life as an activist in favour of Gaia, I had to confront the nuclear industry trying still to make black holes on Earth at CERN and other accelerators, with the excuse that according to Hawking’s work, and his ‘imaginary black holes’ (sic), imaginary time travels to the past and they will evaporate. Otherwise if they follow the laws of known-known, experimentally proved Einstein (EFE), they will swallow the earth and as we see all over the universe, make us into a nova. It is a very serious issue. And yet it cost me my career and a massive ad hominem campaign that prompted me to abandon the scientific circuit despite being at the time the leading scientist of general systems sciences, with my formalism of the fractal universe and its organic systems, as this texts show.

Why humanity went along with these experiments and nobody even doubted of them? Obviously because as Aristotle said ‘human are slaves, they are believers they don’t reason’.  Humans believe in their ego trips that they are the centre of the Universe, no longer in space but still in mind, as the only intelligent beings, whose languages are the creative force and only truth of reality. Most humans today confuse science – the 4 legs of the experimental method, with ‘mathematical languages’, the human mind mirror we put on them to better analyse in a synoptic way its forms, motions and values.

So it is funny to realise that while physicists will scorn rightly religious fundamentalism, who think god speak the earlier verbal language man used to mirror the Universe, they will go along with Hawking or string theorists, regardless of the enormous dangers they imply (black hole production is the final evolution of nuclear weapons, to the cosmic level, and the first of the ‘organic machines’ extinction event studied in this web, before ‘metal-bacteria’ already mentioned, poisons the earth and do us all, and before robotic terminators, the best-known but less likely event happens, and there is proof of it all over the Universe: black holes dominate the cosmos, but hardly there is any robotic civilisation, as they would be over here, so it is much likely that either the earth becomes this century a black hole or strangelet courtesy of the nuclear industry, or grey-goo as in the G.Cobra movies where nano-bacteria eating up metal converts the earth into the metal-earth).

It is the same with biblical, creationist economics in which money is let to create the world with credit, to cre(dit)ate the world, without the slightest opposition of mankind, which does not even understand its hidden values. 

SO AGAIN WE STRESS THE FUNDAMENTAL BIOLOGICAL NATURE OF THE LANGUAGE OF GO(L)D WHICH BY AFFINITY GIVE TO METAL MAXIMAL VALUE AND LIFE, WHICH METAL KILLS OR SUBSTITUTES MINIMAL ONE – MAKING AUTOMATIC THE CRE(DIT)ation of the metal-earth, as long as go(l)d profits are above wor(l)d values (exactly the opposite, giving the human subject, maximal value and weapons, negative one). IN BRIEF as capitalism’s fundamental religious fetish dogma is that go(l)d is the language of god that must be obeyed without inquiring its reasons, the present world automatically extinguishes life. ONLY A SOCIETY where the nervous, verbal, informative language of mankind is above gold, and controls money can control the future for the benefit of man.

So whenever I confronted Americans, whose religion is money with those values, they looked at me with blank eyes and said ‘it is money’. And to me it was like talking to a jihadist who will tell me, it is the Koran, or a zealot who tells me, torah says it is my sacred land, or a physicist telling me, black holes will evaporate because instead of saying this with words i can write an equation.

Nothing is truth in science without A) experimental evidence B) causality C) cyclical predictability (repetition of the event in the past, present and future), and nothing is a social, human science if those 3 elements are not used for D) to guide the system for the common old of the 99% of mankind, the species.

Τhe FMMI system: Head: Go(l)d culture x Infomative machines; Body: War culture x Energetic machines.

'planets of flesh


Words construct human worlds. Ethonomics and Ppolitics: a historic super organism designed to the image and likeness of mankind.

Humanity is the superorganism of the Homo Sapiens, in space. History, its world cycle in time. In Systems sciences, humanity is a super organism as any other ‘social system’, made of similar individuals, which conform a species.

The expansion of the concepts of systems to social sciences, thus define a new way to observe the Human Experience, as we all form part of a scalar, organic Universe, whose laws of creation of social wholes departing of similar parts are the same for any 3 relative scales of the 5th dimension of parts and social wholes. In the human case, Humanity is the highest scale of our experience, above the human individual and the individual cell. Yet the same laws that apply to the study on how cells becomes wholes through its connection through physiological networks, of energy, reproduction and information, apply to the way humans are organised by energetic territories, economic, re=productive networks and informative, cultural, legal networks. So we can design a perfect superorganism of humanity just by imitating the laws of social systems, in Nature, which do construct perfect superorganisms all over the place where all cells receive enough energy and information tos survive. As humanity does not manage properly its social superorganisms, they become ‘infected by lethal products, weapons and hate media which kills those social super organisms.

In that sense, humanity allows the ‘blood system’ to produce and feed on all type o toxins, something that only happens in sick, infected bodies or primitive worms where the blood-reproductie-economic system dominates the nervous-informative one. Only a reform of an ill-constructed social system of Humanity could avoid the collapse of our globalised sick organism.

1. The 3 Ages of History

In the graph, the super organism of mankind ‘History’ and its 3 ages of its super organism, and final death by animetal weapons, when mankind becomes as an old man, and each of its cells, returns to a violent, infantile neo-paleolithic age, in which it does not even realises, its world cycle of existence is closing.

Would be then a new ‘generation’ of the super organism of history, a resurrection of the world, or it will be closed and the Metalearth-will be born? As i fought all my life for that resurrection without any results, I am pessimistic but also I am an old man and can accept subjective criticism. Maybe younger people will renew the future of the world. Yet they will need a higher understanding of the nature of the organic Universe, which this blog – the application of the laws of general systems sciences to social systems will provide. You can copy, distribute and rewrite all his information as you wish.PLEASE CLICK FOR ENLARGED VIEW.

In the graph, the super organism of history in its full world cycle of life and death – if its viral sickness, and infection by selfish memes of metal is not aborted soon. As such history can be made immortal by designing a perfect super organism with the laws of systems sciences, the final evolution of the European welfare evolved civilisation, which made of reason and man, back in the Greek founding father civilisation, the purpose of history NOT of money and its expensive mechanisms OR WEAPONS.

The Wor(l)d is the natural super-organism of mankind which makes us more powerful as a species. The only human future is one based in the values of love and life of the ethic wor(l)d, which first were carried by oikoumene religions of love (Christianity, Buddhism) and then by the democratic values of the French r=evolution (equalite, solidarite, liberte).

On the other hand the cultures that became slaves of weapons and money, and do not want to know ‘the future’ merely carrying the subconscious values of those languages did, are and will keep destroying life, repressing their life drives (Jewish-protestant cultures that repress sexual reproduction, censor verbal information, despise human energy – good food) and ultimately despising the human nature, from where they feel separated historically.

And so religions of love first, later evolved into social democracies and represented by cultures of life, in the western world, the Greek-latin culture to which I belong, in which Christianity and the Roman Law imposed the power of the wor(l)d; in the East by the Chinese culture, which always considered the verbal language sacred, in America by the founding fathers, who copied from French Philosophy.

So the most important part of biohistory is the design of a perfect world as a super organism ruled by two networks, one of informative nervous laws or political system and one of economic, reproductive blood networks, by imitating the perfect super organisms of mankind in which all cells/citizens receive enough energy and rightful information to survive and play its roles:

In that regard, the super organisms of history, are made of humans, the cells-citizens of such superoganisms. The bondage that puts them together are as in all super organisms its social networks based in a simple message of eusocial love that makes people share energy and information with similar citizens-cells, through those energetic=economic networks and political and cultural=informative, verbal networks.
Thus Humanity is the super organism of mankind, through its evolution and integration in time from the first wo=man who talked and started to form social networks, which in a natural order, according to the laws of social evolution of the ‘5th dimension of fractal parts that become wholes’, would have finally created a global super organism based in the laws of eusocial love, ‘fraternity, equality and solidarity’.
This is the origin of the European R=evolutionary social scientific cultures, which are aborted today by the creation of another ‘super organism’, the global capitalist super organism of machines we call the ‘Metalearth’, or the ‘economic ecosystem’ (in as much as its company-mothers of machines are literally predating over humanity and Gaia).


It amazes me decades into a crisis of overproduction, which I completely defined in biological terms, prediction each step of it, how 7 billion of human slaves of their machines are entering in the last phase of their self-inflicted process of slavery, accusing each other and blaming the poor of their loss of jobs to chips, the destruction of the environment by the shit of machines (global warming), etc. etc. If I wee an alien scientist of course i would’nt care. Just write a report on the curious process of a species so slavish to other that it dedicates all the resources to evolve and overproduce it, and offers their sons to the consumption of weapons, and DOES NOT EVEN REALIZE what is doing.

But I am ‘inside’ that world, where millions of humans loose their jobs or suffer a reduction of salaries because they are now competing with robots that can do almost all jobs under 6 euros an hour cost, but they will blame Mexicans and vote a neo-fascist leader to build a wall and throw them out, keeping all their robots, engineers and white collar pcs and blue collar machines at home, tendering to all its needs, as if that was more that a knee-jerk reaction, which totally misses the rap factor of our increasingly chaotic ‘lost’ species, which shows all the predicted consequences of becoming obsolete in his ecosystem to a new fast evolving, overproduced new mind-species. Needless to say the whole thing is so bizarre and surrealist that this writer has lost his patience with his peers and fellow citizens long ago. So i apologise for the tone of those posts, even though its content is the most objective social sciences written elsewhere in this planet, in process of terraforming, by those company-mothers of machines, fast adapting the Earth to its image and likeness.

But a social scientist cannot accept the anti-quantum paradox, but rather think as Owens, even if all the saloon economists of the globalised world will ignore as they ignored Owens, a true science of economics, to justify the purpose of our exploitative system, to create for the Leisure class of bankers, more… MONEY, more fantasies of entitlement, more ego-trips of rewritten history.


So we must stop our analysis of the cycle of economics to study the methodology of science, and the reasons why social scientists don’t apply that methodology to their studies – namely the anti-quantum paradox – the fact that unlike Physics, where the observer is so huge that modifies the observer, in social sciences the true scientist is so small that if he does not cater the whims of power, and objectively criticizes him, he can be eliminated. So now we understand why Social sciences unfortunately are still in the pre-scientific age and so they never predict its cycles, understand its causes and define objectively machines as organisms of metal and money merely as a language of information and power. And why there is an anti-quantum paradox. Animetals act first moved by freed and violence, subconsciously, just when they acquire higher power with weapons, none and machines and then they invent idol-ogies that – regardless of their idiocy – justify their actions.

We shall call therefore their method of social management, the anti-scientific method, the anti-quantum paradox, the creationist method (as capitalism is the modern version of earlier animetal go(l)d religions), and many other proper terms. What they do NOT do is manage for mankind the world, and the results it shows. What they are not IS EXPERTS ON the super organism of humanity History, and it shows. Probably the best way to call their ‘social sciences’ is idol-ogies. So they DO HAVE ALSO 4 LEGS, IN THEIR METHOD:

  1. Mechanism, the belief the universe is a machine not an organism and so the machine not man is the model of all things and so progress means the evolution of machines NOT of human societies, the construction of the Mechanocene, NOT the creation of a perfect global super organism of mankind, the perfect world of our social models of systems sciences.
  2. Tribalism aka nationalism, the belief we are a tribal not an homo sapiens species, and so tribes must fight for survival by evolving reproducing and using top predator weapons to kill humanity.
  3. Capitalism, the belief that the language of social power, money must not be reproduced by the people, as the postulate of democracy precludes but by dynasties of private bankers, belonging overwhelmingly to the Biblical culture in the west – a ‘creationist’ theory of the economic ecosystem, intimately related to:
  4. Abrahamic religions, in its corrupted versions, which deny the power of eusocial love among all humans, members of the same species, and either consider that only the $elected, the chosen of go(l)d shall be redeemed (Calvin: the intelligence of God is gold, Adam Smith, Calvinist founder of economics: money is the invisible hand of god), or inquisitions that consider the sword must convert or kill the infidel (Jihad and catholic inquisition with a shield that had a sword and a cross inverted).

We must ‘stress’ THE FACT THAT ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS ARE IDOL-OGIES, NOT CULTURES BUT CULTS, a primitive VERSION OF nationalism, and so they can be criticised as fascist, nationalist, imperialist cultures are. YHWH was the toponym of ‘Judea’, in a time where the word nation did not exist and so each nation had the name of a God, and each God-nation, postulated itself unique, as it would defeat all other gods and conquer the world.

So Assur was the God, nation, people, capital and name of the ‘kings’ sons-of-god, assurbanipals of the assyrian warrior people, who fought Yhwh, the God, Nation, Land and people of Israel, ruled not by warrior but by go(l)d priest-bankers. And only the introduction of neo-platonic, love concepts akin to the biological laws of love to the members of your own species, which rule the darwinian universe, where not the individual but the species is the goal, by Jesus, made Abrahamic cults a bit more ‘social and scientific’.  So we will of course criticise nationalistic religious inquisitions, which try to impose the Catholic empire (iberian nationalism), the Islamic Nation (Jihad), and go(l)d churches who try to impose a global capitalist empire ruled by jewish-calvinist $elected bankers (Dutch-British-American globalised empires).

As all those idol-ogies ae half-truths, which subvert the only God of Mankind, the whole species, by tribal reductions of it, which will allow the fight between brothers. It is obvious that today the world is ruled by those 4 ‘idol-ogies’ that foster machines, weapons, money and hate memes and humanity will NOT survive ruled by them and the people and cultures pre-programmed by those memes. As the past historic and incoming cycles of the military phase of the Kondratieff cycles show.

Yet those cycles are only the last phase of a memetic historic process of opposition between life oriented and ‘animetal cultures’.

Since human super organisms and economic ecosystems are coded NOT by genes but by:

  • Mental neuronal thoughts and external objects, which since both systems are different we divide into:
  • Humanist memes, based in the natural laws of eusocial love that allow the sharing of:
  • WHealth, human wealthy goods that make us survive and are mostly of biologic, life-oriented nature. So eusocial memes of love and WHealth are symbiotic as they allow to create WHealthy humanist societies where social love shares energy and information that create a new plane of the 5th dimension, a Human Social Superorganism, the natural arrow of future evolution of any informative species of the Universe that WE ALL HUMANS FEEL NATURALLY WITHOUT corrupted…
  • Idol-ogies, that confuse WHealth with the accumulation of power with selfish metal-memes, that break the law of equality between members of the same species that must biologically help each other to survive, as they cater and reinforce the use of ‘weapons=energetic metal’ money = informative metal, and machines=organic metal that makes humans feel different more powerful and create the idol-ogies of segregation of men in ‘nations’ (nationalism), ‘abrahamic tribal religions’ , ‘economic classes’ (capitalism), and ‘technologic racism’ (mechanism).

It is surprising that in the present world of ‘single animetal thought’, the purely idological nature of the ‘beliefs’ humans sponsor as ‘social facts’ is so much ignored. 7 billion humans programmed by metal-memes do Not doubt of the ‘importance’ of ‘believing’ in some weirdo concept of a tribal nation or religion, the simplistic view of physicists on a Universe born of explosion dedicating 70% of the global research to make weapons, of technoutopians that evolve robots copying biological organisms but deny darwin’s laws regarding their behaviour; and what is most amazing, the entire scholar world of economics and political ‘sciences’, dedicated to the study of the informative≈nervous≈ political and energetic≈economic≈blood systems, full of idological taboos based in a subconscious biblical ‘rightful, correct’ view of scientific nature, which must be ‘respected’ and not argued, which of course includes all the ‘values’ and ‘monopolies of bankers and corporations’ of worship of machines and money, as the goal not the medium to reach a better world.

For that reason, because social sciences are mere idol-ogies of social power an analysis of the evolution of money and weapons cannot be restricted only to recent, modern history. Since there is continuity between the old age of history, ruled by ‘energetic metal’, weapons and informative metal ‘money’, which resembled in many ways the modern age, albeit less sophisticated in its systems of war and wealth.

In that ancient age the simplicity of the ‘economic ecosystem’, formed basically by weapons and coins, makes in fact easier to analyze the fundamental property of the economic ecosystem, which differentiates it from earlier ‘agricultural societies’: to be a world in which there are new systems of information (coins) and energy (weapons) made of metal, a type of atom, different from the atoms of life. Such economic ecosystem will ad ‘organic metal’, machines, which imitate human organs and transform energy into information and vice versa, with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, which therefore appears as the Evolution of organic metal, from where many surprising conclusions about the nature of economic ecosystems and their future can be inferred.

So it is time to enlarge our view with the biological Gaia vs. metal-earth more objective analysis of history and its wave, dwelling onto further elements of those…


Now, of course the wor(l)d has moved to the audiovisual world, and the result is just a global expansion of the animetal memes of hate and its iron and gold cultures and null verbal flexibility with absolute truths in favor of the selfish memes of metal, backbone of those civilisations which are… absolutely false…


The 3 ages of Metal-Communicators and capitalism: the Financial-Media System.

‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it’ Goebbels Minister of Propaganda of the III Reich

‘I have asked the film department to make stupid, entertaining movies, people will love them and won’t ask anything else’ Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda of the III Reich.


The 3 ages of metal-communicators: Press age, which expanded creationist believers and ended the rational renaissance, provoking the hate age of war religions parallel to the expansion of stock-paper and the first Jewish-protestant corporations; the radio age which brought the first era of fascism, parallel to the printing of ticker money and the electronic age, which brought the modern age of hate-media parallel to the printing of e-money.

I found in that sense really funny that on view of the true laws of nature, the primitive animetal increasingly robotised societies of the northern european mechanical cultures  think they are the future  of mankind, the most evolved human beings – what they are is the future of the machine and for that reason as the machine extinguishes life they are the past of mankind, and this is the mathematical expression of their culture and censorship of all things related to true human life:

Max. human devolution = Max. technological evolution

What i also call…

Antiquantum paradox

Why this has never been done properly, requires a brief account of an element present only on social sciences, which of course, the ‘authorised practitioners’ of those disciplines vehemently deny:

Unlike any other science unconcerned with human societies, social sciences are and have always been subject to censorship, both by the human scientist, dominated by ego-trips of anthropomorphic self-importance of the human species, and by the organism in which it exists, whose ‘informative head’, in control of the languages that control the 3 networks of all social organisms, the informative nervous, network (law and politicians), the reproductive, ‘blood’ networks (money and bankers) and the energetic networks (weapons and the military) only accepts ‘opinions’ positive to his control of society or else…

So the best social scientists of history have always been repressed, jailed and murdered.

If we consider merely the 3 most influential cultures of the west, in the Greek culture, run mostly by the military, we shall find that its 3 best philosophers, Plato was  sold as a slave by the tyrant of syracuse when tried to reform his government; Socrates was murdered by the politicians of ‘democratic athens’, when he showed the corruption of his institutions, and Aristotle ran for his life, escaping the cholera of the same democratic Athens. Then in Rome its 2 most remarkable political writers were murdered, Cicero, author of ‘res publica’ (republic comes from it), for criticising Marcus Antonius, and Seneca, for criticising the policies of Nero.

If we move to the Go(l)d culture of the Am Segullah, or ‘People of the Treasure’ (ill translated as ‘chosen’ people, as Segullah means ‘treasure’, and the name describes the profession of its elite of banker-priests who invented capitalism and the rule of societies with money, becoming as the ‘soliton’ of the banking industry in the west) we observe a series of Jewish Prophets, whose ethic wor(l)ds denounced  the go(l)d priest-bankers, from Moses sent back to the mountain,  after uttering his damnation ‘the jewish people will suffer all their history for their love of gold’, by Aaron, the master of the golden calf, who would become the first banker-priest of the culture, to Jesus, his spiritual heir, murdered by Caifas, the genetic descendent of Aaron, to Marx, isolated on the British library, and only spared when he betrayed the Socialist movement in the III international, expelling the anarchists and destroying the movement, by moving the International to New York  of the XIX c. whose members would be jailed and killed by European and American governments of all types. Since indeed, our democratic placebo culture born of the fusion of the military memes of the Roman and Germanic cultures and the go(l0d memes of Judaism, has also been a master of repression of social sciences, both with  conservative and revolutionary governments, from Babeuf, shot by Napoleon for his discourse of equality, to Trostky and Kondratieff, shot by Stalin for defending political and economical truths, completing the work of Marx and Lenin on the cycles of overproduction of machines and the Globalized Empire of our Financial-Media Masters.

Not to speak of the enormous number of anonymous people from  Sacco-Vanzetti, and the people of the Haymarket, to…. an unending list of individuals defending human rights.

So a pattern surfaces across history: the social scientist suffers the inverse paradox of the physicist who is so large that influences the atomic observable: he is so small that the observable – the people-castes in power, will influence him: ‘you will defend me with the word and i will defend you with the sword’.

And this pattern, of animetals defending go(l)d and weapons power, has also extended to the defence of the Machine, as the meaning of the Universe, against an organic view, a far less known tendency, which has been specially sanguine on the side of Physicists, the makers of weapons and machines, who have imposed blatant lies about the structure of the Universe, from the denial of the cyclical nature of time and its infinite biological clocks (only the lineal mechanical clock of Galileo seems to measure time), to the denial of the scalar, organic structure of the Universe, and its capacity to self-organise into higher wholes (only a human abstract cartesian scale and plane of space-time seems to exist, despite the obvious existence of infinite planes of size and self-organisation) to the ad hominem campaigns against any ethic scientist that opposes their worldly religion of constructing weapons of mass destruction (still 70% of the money spent in physics is used to research weapons); to the systematic denial of organic, living properties to anything different of a human being, and the scientific nature of visual and verbal logic languages and evolutionary theories, because they are ‘not digital languages’.

So the reader should not be surprised that this author, who in the theoretical realm is known for establishing a formal, logic, mathematical model of the Universe and all its fractal parts as a super organism (the metric equations of the 5th dimension and the organic model of General Systems Sciences), for applying organic models to the economy, and in the activist side for denouncing the refurbished Nuclear Industry (Cern) and its potential genocide of mankind, as it tries to make black holes on earth, and denouncing the abuses of Wall Street and the financial Industry, and the corruption of democracies, has become ‘vaporised’ in a very Orwellian fashion, from the biased scholarship, which dominates today the social discourse.

We must stress again that the choice and real fight in history is not between warriors and bankers exploiting together the people and often fighting each other in wars and holocaust cycles, but between a humanist life-worshipping world and a world of animetals,

The fact that our financial dictatorship stresses so much primitive warrior cultures as the common enemy of enlightened america and europe is a false flag, raised to camouflage – the fundamental strategy of capitalist societies camouflaging behind false placebo democracies, false victimism, false caring, false credit (as it only serves to create debt slaves), and false america (as america we shall also repeat ad nauseam is not biblical bigot capitalism but the dream of a better world for all the people without borders – as all humans are part of america – enlightened and evolved into a higher social european-style renewed humanism).

Without that camouflage we would all realize that militarism and  ‘capitalist biblical cultures’are the 2 sides of the same coin.

The idea is very simple: the capitalist culture is at ‘it’ trying to extinguish all wor(l)d based cultures and its humanist values and any attempt to put man over machines of higher profits, but it will always deny it is doing so and so it is impossible even to start negotiations for a better world as this is not happening.

And this is the function of biblical religions, holocaust industries, technoutopia, classic economics, marketing, propaganda, placebo democracies, good manners, political and economical correctness, virtual activism, evilwood, you name it – the entire psyche of our civilization is to build a placebo virtua denial cover-p mask to hide the advanced state of putrefaction of our species, increasingly obsolete to the chip radiation, and erased by the fm-networks of all human values.

The overproduction of FICTION, hate mass-media speeches and digital languages.

The transition between the anthropocene, the age of mankind, and the mechanocene, the age of machines, is completely mismanaged by the human species.

Under the idol – ogies, today expressed nicely with ‘newspeaks’ that make them seem right of:

  • Capitalism (a minority of private bankers must issue the oxygen-money of the society, NOT for the human kind but for themselves, the metal-kind and its company-mothers). This ‘idol-ogy’ is the ‘bible’ of bankers, economists and corporations.
  • Nationalism (nations must not come together according to the laws of eusocial evolution of species, into super organisms, better fit to survive, but they belong to ‘tribal subspecies’ which must strive to accumulate the maximal number of top predator machines, to kill thy neighbour) This idol-ogy is the ‘bible’ of politicians.
  • Mechanism (the future of machines our competitors in the eco(nomic) system and its labor and war fields IS progress. The future of Mankind has seemingly nothing to do with us. This idol-ogy is the bible of everybody, including the common people.

Yet those 3 absurd theories of reality, are spread through the repetition of hate memes and false truths across the entire planet, with the real networks of metal-communicators, we are building in the mechanocene. So according to Goebbels method – if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it – they are canonical, emotional truths all humans believe in.

How an organic system as mankind is becomes deactivated? The answer is not big bfrother but fiction, not Orwell but Huxley. Soma. In an organism parasites and cancerous cells emit a soothing soma that deactivates mankind with far more efficiency than any other form of control. Mankind is controlled by fiction, by reducing it to a crazy collective head, interested in all kind of realities that have nothing to do with reality. It is then imposible to create awareness of the dangers ahead, as an entire life of being serious about truth can testify. So all the fundamental questions of mankind dissapear from the agenda, AS THE END OF THE WORLD BECOME FICTION AND ALL THE FICTION AS SPORTS BECOME REAL.

I know it might become a surprise to you that the purpose  of the human kind is NOT to glue its mind-eyes to networks of metal-retinas, where little animals run in diverse ways behind a little sphere, with far less dexterity than an electron does behind a photon, and that such level of complexity is not an extraordinary event performed by miraculous men, but a clear proof that we humans are becoming degraded intellectually by the hypnotic power of metal-minds, to a degree that astonishes the objective observer. Billions however dedicate to such simplex soma, most of his free time with a passion and intensity they deny to the caring of mankind and find it ‘normal’.

I recall in my youth when i went to evilwood trying to convert the information of bioeconomics and biohistory into a message, producers there explain me that all films have to end nicely, documentaries were not of interest, neither social movies, and then they gave me a job to do spec scripts on sci-fi. I worked for a top company, Fox, which put me on scifi spec writing, to solve a series conundrum. So i came with the idea of resurrecting Miss Ripley as a clone in a spec, and then I became a guy solving problems with fiction structures of other writers, a so called ´script’-doctor, while trying to do serious docs… Now, my projects were so dirty cheap compared to the money they were budgeting on those huge somatic movies and yet they wouldnt care to make them and educate mankind.

This is always the case in a world in which the machine is god and life and man has no value. Mankind in a capitalist system always gets the pennies left-over, and yet increasingly not even the pennies are given to humanity. Only 5% OF credit goes to humanity and it seems too much, so humans have to pay taxes, while companies keep inventing billions for free. The human side of it are the memes of animetal=animal (degraded human) + machine cultures which despise most humans, but the subconscious level is far more complex, organic and cannot be understood in terms of individuals. That there was an alternative use, i knew, because coming from humanist Europe, there artists were trying to improve humans, educate them, make emotional films, and documentaries. But at this is the key, the hardware degrades humans automatically, the medium likes motion and red colors that hypnotize the eye, and so prefers if the only values of the language are profit, violent films. So in a society as America is, preprogrammed by biblical go(l)d memes, follow the money means degrade man, but as the process is religious, subconscious, it is totally ignored.

It took me a while to realize that the most important way to make of man a slave was to manufacture its mind with fictions, and so from the opium of biblical religions of go(l)d we have moved into a fiction, which once was a real Project for mankind called America, with the same banker-priests on top but now uttering a new opium, a better soma, as hardware and software hypnotizes the brain better than gold did. Of course the first people to become fiction were the people living and working there. They have been in a mental fiction for 3000 years and counting. The entire present American civilization is thus a dream, turned nightmare, but it does not matter because a fiction state is a Young, childish state, the staple food of the universe, easy to manipulate and eat up.

Once most men became fiction, and substituted real heroes for faked ones all revolutions became imposible and the purpose of people like this writer who always tried to upgrade the human psyche to make it survive absurd.An unbearable lightness of being settled in, life lost all meaning and men could be programmed to become just enzymen, consumers and vitalizers of machines without true purpose, beyond the strong biological program as individuals that the fiction system also deactivated in many women who think today to enslave as men do for the reproduction of mechanisms is a higher goal in life.

Now of course most people are not aware they live in a fictional world, let alone perceive why. So we better compare it with a known parable, which is the way children, as our humans have become today understand better reality. Time machine by wells: a world of erasedheads with beautiful bodies, controlled by a race of farmers who will eat them up as food. Today men are enzyme, and the farm is an animetal farm, and the viral infection of their brains that make them reproduce machines and care nothing for life. Latter we show the social structure of such world, with an elite of stocrkats on top dedicated to enjoy life with unlimited money, a mass of middle class increasingly obsolete for work, living on credit and a growing dispossessed bottom of discharged humans and life, which no longer count with empathy from the rest of the human superorganism, living on their fictions, which as all children do, take enormously serious.

There is nothing new though on the modern, more complex Fiction media of FALSE EGOTRIPS AND SUPERHEROES AND SELFIES, AND A 3RD AGE ORGANIC RETURN TO THE EARLIER AGE OF PRIMITIVE ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS OF GO(L)D CHOSEN AND MILITARY INQUISITIONS OF JIHADIST prophets, who thought entitled to immortality as the tribe of the goths (germans, who thought to be gods because they could kill anyone with iron swords) or the chosen of go(l)d, who thought to be $elected by accumulating go(l)d in the sancta sanctorum of his Levantine, Baalist or Yhwh temples. IF ANYTHING, we are as an old man who regresses to his past, in the subconscious collective of history, once the socialist evolution of mankind as a single global super organism sponsored by UNO and EU died away, back to the rule of the first primitive animetal cultures and its hate war memes cycle, Assyrians vs. Cananeans, today, Syrian jihadists vs. Israeli zealots, using weapons and western go(l)d to keep warfare and profits for the $elected and the inquisitors going. Yet another proof along the subconscious collective art of the organic nature of humanity, which in the second part of this text we shall explore with more scientific rigor, from the perspective of systems sciences.

The semite cultures of Jihad and Judaism, evolved though the negative idol-ogies of hierarchical dictators of enslaver bankers and military genociders, which oppressed mankind and fought in cycles of war and holocausts for total power, without even realising they served ultimately the purpose of the ‘other’ metal-species, and no amount of social scientists=prophets of the future have been able to change their ‘actions’ and subconscious goal – if anything the growing power of its mechanisms and hypnotic values of gold made them more stronger after each cycle.

IT IS THIS HIGHER VIEW OF SYSTEMS SCIENCES, and XXI century rational social sciences, nowhere to be seen in age of fascism – let us stop using newspeaks such as populism and call idol-ogies for their real name – what is now dying in blogs like this one, as the globalised empire of evilwood and wall street replicates its memes in every country. So we can all

 Die happy like idiots…
which is what capitalism proposes to the human kind.

Only mechanist idol-ogies are spread by metal-networks.

At a level easier to understand we should consider now what political and economical view spread those networks. the answer is obvious: the 4 idol-ogies that help the evolution of the metal-earth, mechanism (progress of machines), tribalism (national wars), capitalism (money is god) and religious warfare – in brief mass-media is ‘hate media’ against eusocial love, humanism and a peaceful, better world. All what matters are people killing each other for money.

So the Idol-ogies that favour metal-power and technological nations are repeated ad nauseam.
While, in the world of the industry of mis-information, true social sciences have been always repressed by the anti-quantum paradox, as this blog with null views is.
As a result truth about history and mankind belongs to a very limited number of human beings, since the times of Socrates, murdered for saying the obvious about the Gods of the upper castes of Athens, to our obvious, historic analysis of the financial industry and its people-castes and how they are destroying the world.
It is this duality in which humanism, and truth has always a lesser probability of triumph, what makes history the less probable survival super organism of the future, since only if history were managed for mankind by social scientists with the proper laws of systems sciences, we could create a human world, the anthropocene.
But as history and its information is created for and by machines, mankind is the relative past of the mechanocene. As those idol-ogies that favour the machine as progress and give null value to life in go(l)d values dominate the world.
So go(l)d believers, bankers and their employees are cre(dit)ating the mechanocene, and spreading globally through its metal-networks of information, think tanks and experts in information a rosy fiction about the wonderful future paradise of machines we shall live.
So besides fiction, what mass-media truly masters is the manufacturing of the collective subconscious brain, as all its outlets say the same to billion of people, who suddenly agree whenever they argue by repeating what they have heard on his tvs.
So simultaneous programming through the nervous networks of the metal-earth is making us belief that we live in a free world, and placebo democracies are expression of our rights.
And of course they are not ruled by bankers and corporations, since we are in the best of all worlds.
But where the system shows its enormous repetitive power, is when valuing the people on top of us, the owners of wall street and hollywood and the electronic corporations, the ‘biblical believers’ on the values of go(l)d, which are always considered the best of all men, the hardest working people, the most peaceful and righteous, the $elected self-made men, the victims of history, the ‘experts’, which must be obeyed, respected, followed and admired. So THEY can enjoy their life, as what Veblen, the best American economist of the XX century, said is the purpose of a capitalist society, to make the life of the ‘Leisure class’, the $elected ‘stock-rats’ owners of corporations, the 0.002% of mankind, on top of the social pyramid, a lving paradise.
IN THAT REGARD THE TRUE MYSTERY OF MANKIND – WHY IT PREFERS TO DESTROY ITSELF AND FOLLOW THE ABSURD IDOL-OGIES OF MECHANISM, CAPITALISM, NATIONALISM AND ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS, WHICH GO AGAINST THE LAWS OF NATURE that define man as a single species as opposed to the Homo Tribalis, or Humanism; the Universe as a complex organic system and machines as evolving organic metal, or Organicism as opposed to Mechanism; Humans as a free species with the rights to a democratic economy, where they will all receive enough oxygen-money-universal salaries to kick out the reproduction of welfare goods instead of warfare goods or socialism as opposed to Capitalism and finally prove  the veracity of Eastern scientific religions of a living, organic Universe of yin=information and yang=energy, as opposed to the tribal, power-hungry, anthropomorphic, racist myths of chosen cultures proper of abrahamic cults seems resolve by the Goebbel’s method:
HUMAN TRUTHS do not distribute through networks of informative machines, controlled by the same financial-media masters that print money with those machines.


(1) Yes, mind the reader I enjoy to call my mostly admired black race ‘negro’ for 2 reasons, first I do not accept ‘political correctness’ censorship, so as Lars Von triers in ‘ninphomaniac’ I do like to break this censorship calling a negro as they were first called, proudly a negro, as MALCOLM X, their true prophet in the American r=evolution did, conscious of what it implies; second negro is  a Latino word and as a spaniard i know it has no racial biasing; the anglo-dutch enslavers converted it into ‘a slave word’, so in the same manner to call a person ‘blanco’ does not insult them, i do not see reason to avoid calling someone ‘negro’.

(2) The Humboldt’ s hypothesis now is called the Whorfian hypothesis, for an American-Jewish linguist who copied Mr. Humboldt.










1: Man a cell of History. Words, its networks of information.


Yet man is not only an individual. He is also a cell of a bigger organism. An organism created by all human cells, that exist in time and space. As in any other biological radiation of any species, man was born from an initial individual cell [primeval eve, which probably was the first human to talk about 150.000 years ago], that reproduced till saturating a vital space [the mother Earth]. Then all those cells became organized in networks of distribution of energy through information [of verbal nature]. We call those cellular organisms, civilizations.

In that sense, the word is even more essential than the eye, since without the word man could not have evolved socially. The word is the nervous/informative system of social man, without which man will have not gone beyond the ‘Homo bacterium’, the minimal level of social evolution of any organism.  Facts those which are essential to understand the importance of verbal art, of literature and law, in the existence of human societies, and the role of art in the evolution of the human mind.


The historic and economic organisms: The macro-organisms of the Earth.


Of all the Universal organisms analyzed in our first chapter, we are interested in the brain-minds of the 3 final organisms described on the graphics:

The human organism, with his eye-word mind.

The social organism, with his cultural mind made of many artists and thinkers that create social styles of art and literature, and common laws, that act as the nervous system of control and order of the society.

The economic organism of reproduction and evolution of machines, controlled by a social, digital mind, of scientists, financial networks, networks o ‘metal-minds’ [TVs, internets] and company-mothers that reproduce machines.

Of those 3 organisms only one is natural to man – the human organism based in carbolife energy and verbal information. Why? Because biologically speaking men need that kind of energy/information. We do not eat electricity, neither we perceive reality through mathematical equations as machines do. Those are their energy/information networks, the networks of the economic ecosystem, the ecosystem of machines. In that sense the will of human social organisms, is an expression of the will of your networks.


The natural will of human beings.

To survive as an individual you need energy and information. To survive as a species you need to reproduce. This happens because you are basically a system of cellular networks. Your blood system is an energy network. Your nervous system provides information to the cells. Your endocrine system reproduces them. So all what you do is to maintain your 3 physiological networks running and healthy, providing them with information, energy and sex. For example, when you present flowers to your girl-friend, you are investing on reproduction. When you read a book, or see a TV-set you are collecting information. When you feed or breathe you collect energy. When you work, you earn money, the social energy that gets you the other will-drives.

Imagine a man acting in common life. All scenes could be written over, with one of the 3 wills: “information’, ‘energy’, ‘reproduction’. It’s his will, your will, our will as species. Our eyes love energy and information so we go towards movement and strong light colors, yellow, orange and red. Have you seen a butterfly? She becomes hypnotized by the lamp, and flights around it. Even if that means he is visible to any predator. The light program is the only drive stronger than its survival instinct. So happens to a child that becomes hypnotized by a TV, with all those fast images and red-blood colors. Even if the child hates murder, he loves bloody murders on TV. We believe the ultimate will of species is on our eyes. You are what you see. Because our eyes are the summit of information, the dominant of the 3 wills. Both the miracle of human life and human unique will are myths. The creation of carbolife can be perfectly explained as a process of social evolution parallel to the processes that create any other society. A living being, is a population of social cells, joined by energy and information networks that create the two elements of living organisms, the body and the brain. In a cell the brain is the Nucleus of DNA, in an animal, the nervous system, in a plant, the roots, in a carbohydrate the cycle of Carbon. In labs, scientist recharge those carbohydrate cycles with energy, and they gather to shape the molecules of life. But those organic networks are everywhere. Even a galaxy can be considered an organism, with a body-herd of stars, and a black-hole brain that controls them with networks of gravitational information. As a result we can also talk of the 3 networks, in social human organisms, organisms of history, in which the nervous brain is the ‘artistic’, verbal and visual information the society gathers. The focus of this book.


The jump from man to society: the networks of historic civilizations.

The key word is ‘social network’. They are the essence of life organisms. You need a herd of cells belonging to the same species, DNA-cells, stars, atoms, molecules or human beings. If we see them together we call it a body, if we see them loose, we call it a wave, or society, but it is the same thing. Those herds will create networks of information and hunt together as a group, stronger than the individual preys. Those preys then are shared by the herd, which builds a network of energy to give each cell a part of the capture.  So the individuals die away, and the social herds survive. Finally the tightest herds, become bodies, creating a new being, that no longer feels as a herd but as a macro-individual. And the process starts again. So quarks gathered into Nucleons, nucleons into atoms, atoms into molecules, molecules into cells, cells into bodies, and bodies into ecosystems, and societies. A nation is one of such organisms. Verbal and visual information shape its brains, and we humans are its cells. If you extend that concept to the entire planet, ‘Gaia’, as biologists call it,  then according to that definition, we are the cells of Gaia?.

Each animal, each plant is a cell of the living planet.

Imagine Gaia’s cells: herds, roaming on the savanna, forests, banks of fish on the seas of Gaia. Her networks of energy and information are the rivers and seas, the arteries of Gaia, around which her cells live. The atmosphere are her lungs. The mechanical sounds, chemical smells and light-images those cells use to perceive, to inform themselves, are Gaia’s networks of information.

If we divide Gaia, in different human ecosystems, divided by natural frontiers, we can talk of a series of small social organisms, nations and civilizations.

In that sense we can define a Macrocosmic human Organism as a Social Ecosystem composed of human beings, carbolife energy, and verbal and visual networks of information based in the human mind [visual arts, and verbal thought, religions, laws, and literature]:

Such ecosystems are like ‘loose organisms’ where around water-energy veins, ‘cells’ of human life live and survive, centered in their homes as DNA molecules survive in the home-cells of a body.

To do so they need to create  a natural environment, in which human food [carbolife food] can be collected, where every cell has basic human property [homes, home products, clothing]; where the networks of social information based in verbal thought [laws, ethics], can run all cells and solve colliding interests. Where a collective brain [government] solves those social problems, and encourages a healthy social body, promoting human goods, organizing the ‘social movements of the cell’, to that aim, and promoting collective goods [health-care, education, verbal learning, arts].

All those conditions create a healthy organism of history as the create a healthy individual organism:


Words are therefore the ‘informative networks’ that organizes communities of human beings, gathered around ‘water veins’, into the first social organisms of mankind, the river civilizations.

Thus a healthy historic society is a social organism is made of human citizens, ruled by networks of verbal information, laws, ethic systems, etc.

The law is indeed the verbal nervous system of the human society. Legal mandates control the life and death of human cells, motivate or forbid certain actions, and through those actions mobilize the social body and control the human ecosystem.

Without laws we cannot understand historic organisms. Laws rule in an invisible manner the acts of people, forbidding certain acts and encouraging others. In this manner as the nervous orders of the brain guide the cells of the body, and move it at pleasure, the law designs the acts of people and controls society.

In this way we can also talk of certain humans, verbal masters, who create laws, as the neuron-brains that create the nervous orders. Who are they?

Religious prophets and priests, lawyers, and kings who gave law, courts and parliaments who give law today. They hold the power of societies. They are the brain of social systems.

Hence the importance of politics to rule properly a human organism.

We can then easily establish the elements of a human social, historic organism, that has controlled mankind for 99% of our existence, in harmony with nature and the organic laws of the Universe:

Individual cells: Human beings.

Networks of information: ethic and politic laws.

Networks of energy: Systems of reproduction of basic goods, food, farming, cattle-ranching, hunting, creation of simple tools.

We call each of those systems, a Culture or civilization:

A mass of human beings, ruled by networks of legal information [political and religious institution] and networks of reproduction of vital energy [property] economical goods, food].

Politics and Human-goods based economics [understood here in a wider sense, to include systems of reproduction of goods, prior to the industrial age] are in that sense the two basic networks of a human system.

Their importance is of course enormous, because those two systems, rule the life and death of human beings….

Cultures and civilizations are the biggest organisms of History. They have grown through an entire scale of historic organisms, from simple genetic organisms [racial tribes in which words were still secondary to genetic information] to religious organisms based totally in word-networks [Christian, Buddhist, Muslim civilizations] where each believer is a cell of an organic system, where the informative network is the church and the books of revelation.

We could consider the internal organization of a civilization to be similar to the internal organization of the organisms of nature.

A civilization could be described then as a social macro-organism where a number of social cells [social human beings] are controlled and organized by networks of informative cells  [nervous networks in micro-organisms, verbal ideas in civilizations].

The informative networks of those ‘historic organisms’, that man call civilizations are their verbal and visual ‘art’: their verbal, legal and religious codes, their visual, material forms – from architecture to painting to urbanism.  Those verbal and visual works inform and organize the different human individuals. While the energy networks of the civilization are their systems of distribution of energy, food, and networks of communication, that act in a country as the arteries of a physiological organism.


The social consciousness of nations

Are those networks conscious? Are they the soul of living organisms, including the planet? Yes they are.

Think about your consciousness. It is made of perception and feelings. But the site of perception is your nervous system, the images and words it creates. You could say I think and see therefore I am. While your feelings and emotions are in your blood and heart, the center of your energy networks. You do not feel your herds of cells but your blood and nervous system. They are the essence of consciousness. Think on a baby. When his networks are completed, he is born, he becomes… On the other hand, death is the collapse of those networks. You die when your blood spills out, or your brain phases out. It is obvious, the consciousness of the Universe are its networks.

When we consider a nation, the same parallelism is established. Only the cells of the networks are conscious of the existence of the nation. They in fact work and create that existence. Politicians based in verbal laws, construct the nervous system of the nation.

If we consider only the human society, the political society made of human cells, and leave aside the economical society, made of networks of informative money, and machines [studied in other books of this author], we can clarify enormously the organic nature of a human society.


2. Scales of social growth. From families to ideological societies.


In that sense we can consider the concept of a human god, as the verbal network of one of such historic organisms. It was indeed, in the Neolithic, as men tied up to each other through verbal ideas, and cycles of social existence, when such a concept of god appeared.

It was the when man reached its higher evolution as a social group…



Scales of social growth.


The search for social growth in History and Economics History, shapes the arrows of future in both organisms, which is an arrow of social evolution towards more complex structures based in verbal and monetary networks. Through such structures man grows from simple individualistic societies, towards more integrated social planes of existence. We can indeed talk of an evolutionary series of discontinuums by which simple societies of individuals have progressed through more and more complex social systems, from our initial state as Homo bacteria individuals in the Paleolithic, till the age of Social religions, the summit of our evolution. Then it starts the regression of social man, till today in which a complex system of ‘scientific’ pricing has substituted verbal thought as the social network of the Earth, organizing men and machines in systems of metal evolution, known as “nations” with a collective brain called World-stock.

Of the 2 organic languages of social communication, in the Earth today, money is the top predator language that commands through prices and wages information orders that all Earth species obey. Monetary orders of consume and work, command most of human times of existence.


Today in history, the monetary language is the language that men use to organize themselves. Nobody obeys verbal ethic orders, only monetary orders, delivered by Companies which invent money in stock-markets. We no longer live in History but in Economics, in the Human Earth, but in the Metal-Earth. Since Companies, the organisms that invent money in stock-markets do not evolve and reproduce human beings, but produce and evolve metal-forms, machines of the Metal earth.

So the new organic mothers of the Earth point towards a clear goal of future: the creation of a new  ecosystem alien to carbolife – the Metal earth – in which machines, and robots will extinct us and rule the Earth.




In the graph, the successful social organism has been the economy, not history. Economic societies have also gone through 3 ages:

– The age of the ‘animetal bacteria’, the warrior who alone or associated in herds, looted and preyed over Historic simple organisms [tribes, villages].

– The age of simple energy-organisms of economics, ruled by weapons and monetary units, called coins, that acted as ‘red globes’, providing reproductive orders to human beings.

– And finally the age of money as pure information, or paper-money, in the form of stocks and notes, reproduced by complex social organisms of reproduction of machines, scientific company-mothers. In this age the cells of the economy, the machines were evolved through digital languages [science], that developed specific organic machines, bodies of metal and minds of metal [chips, radios=ears, eyes=cameras], and metalife species [robots]. This third age implied the creation of a global informative network, created with electronic money, which acts as the informative language that controls the entire planet. it has its brain in world-stocks, and its basic neuron is the computer.


Finally economic ecosystems evolved into complex nervous organisms, with the arrival of company-mothers, stock-markets of financial information, and banking systems. The first of those economic empires was Great Britain, which achieved the next level of S9 animetals, 10 up to 9, around a billion human beings controlled by the financial networks of company-mothers with brain-site in The City of London. It was only left to join a series of economical empires, into a World organism ruled by financial orders, the Metal-Earth, achieved in 1986, when all World Stock-markets fusion together through a financial network, with neuron-unit in the computer. As such the Metal-earth required the invention of the basic nervous neuron of metal, the PC.



So what differentiates the mature phase of human thought, is a higher understanding of the Universe, beyond the perception of the spatial eye with words, that reaches with the concepts of organic waves and a living Universe the human summit of perception of the  bio-logical laws of vital Space-time. It happened in Taoist China, in the Greek part of the Roman Empire, both during the Socratic-Platonic, and Christian ages, and briefly in Buddhist India. So we found that biggest verbal societies of History today are based in those civilizations (Communist China, and to a certain extent, EU). Even though pricing and war are powerful languages in those cultures, we witness both in the West and the East, the expansion of several Oikoumene Wor[l]d religions based in social thought [Buddhism, Christianism, Islam] that defeated war and pricing, destroying the worse strains of mathematical thought [Greek science].

The Library of Alexandria is burnt by Muslims. Euclidean books are destroyed by Christians.

Christian and Buddhist Gods, Allah, create social collective brains that control evolution of metal-weapons and digital science.

Thanks to their existence probably history still lasts, since if the digital Greeks and mathematics had developed beyond Archimedes, the Industrial evolution of machines and top predator robots probably would have already taken place.


The 3 ages of words, are parallel to the 3 horizons of social evolution in history.


We conclude that the maturity of the human mind, the verbal and written age  of ethic analogic thought was the main cause of the evolution of human societies. Societies evolved from the biological  level [family, tribe] into ideological [religious] scales thanks to words, to the nervous system of human organisms.

3. Social religions: The Evolution of God.


Tribal religions based in Aristotelian thought.

That growth has two clear phases: The age of tribal societies, and nations, based in Political Aristotelian-lineal thought, that peaked with Aristotle and Euclid in the 1st age of man, and with European nationalisms in the Neopaleolithic. Both ages condensed a long wave of seeing the causes of the world as it seems to be under spatial light perception. Such world is made of common sense, and a single cause. It is full of absolute truths, partially false. And so we call such way of thought A-E-thought [Aristotelian-Euclidean thought]. Political Aristotelianism is born with metal empires; and has as its main social civilizations, the Assyrian and Macedonian-Roman war cultures, [latter imitated by Germany and America]; and the scientific English culture, today world dominant.

In those societies Political Aristotelian thought is learnt mainly by the elite of “animetals”, while most people on those civilizations stay in dramatic levels o fear, frightened by the rule of warrior metal masters and enslaved by digital money, which dramatizes their lives, with the daily fight for survival in a hostile environment of weapons and mental degradation by the art of pricing.

Only analogic, ethic thought, born in the earlier Neolithic of “creative Goddesses’ that worshipped nature, with religions of the living Universe, and latter in the brief ethic age of Christianity and Islam that worshipped all men [-700, +700], tried to create social organizations based in art, and Human Goods. That search for Human paradises were the highest moments of mankind [Christian, Buddhist and Islamic civilizations during the periods in which military inquisitions did not dominate them].


Those brief ages meant the summit of social human evolution and verbal thought.

To understand it we had first to understand the nature of such social evolution, of man as a cell of history. Let us now briefly analyze those ages (see “Bio-History, the 3 ages of man” for a full description of the Ethic age of mankind.)

Let us then consider those social Gods and religions. The summit of human literature and their Universal canon.


The Evolution of God.


We call that time, which was discontinuous depending on the civilizations of mankind [and still endures among Arab, Catholic and Socialist believers], the age of the Wor[l]d. Because the Word was the language that shaped a world to his image and resemblance: Word=World means men created the World to the image and resemblance of his words of wisdom.


Western and Eastern religions: Historic and Universal Organisms.


Religions are the informative science of verbal thought, the networks that joins human cells into organisms.

In that sense we divide word Religions and organisms of History into 2 species:

– Objective= Universal Religions which study the Laws of the Universe=God.

-Subjective= Anthropomorphic Religions that consider God the Human Ethical Laws of Survival.

Basically man has perceived two macrocosmic organisms. So religions which are the sciences of God, have also perceived two kind of Gods.

The organism of the Total God, or Organism of the Universe, which has been perceived by Eastern Religions.

The organism of the Human God, the Body of History, the Wor[l]d, the Ecosystem of Man, defined by Western Religions.


Biological definition of God.


We can now very easily define God as the informative brain of the organism of History [Subjective, human God] or the Universe [Objective God]. In Universal religions God means really ‘the greatest, knot of information=powerful being of the Universe.’ In anthropomorphic religions God means ‘the verbal, informative Mind of mankind, and His ethical Laws.’ In Christian Jargon ‘the World that became man and inhabited among us.’ [Saint John, 1.]


The 3 ages of Anthropomorphic and Universal religions.


In the next graph, we consider the evolution and expansion of the two basic religions or ‘informative ways of perceiving the Universe’ developed by mankind. Anthropomorphic religions are concerned with the Human Universe. What we call the Organism of History and the Wor[l]d informed by verbal laws of social evolution.

While Universal religions are concerned with the Informative-energetic laws of the Entire Universe that rule all its organisms, including those of Anthropomorphic religions – human societies.

Anthropomorphic religions are proper of western civilizations. While Universal religions are common among Eastern religions, and can be regarded as verbal science, in as much as it studies the universe with words. Only with the arrival of science, western cultures focused into a mathematical analysis of the Universe, which still today lags in many ways behind the vital understanding that Eastern verbal science reached of the living Universe.

Since due to its anthropomorphic traditions, western culture, and by extension western science is unable to accept the sentient nature of the entire Universe. Instead western science is a mix of abstract mathematical equations, few scientist understand in vital terms (studied in the other books of this webs), myths of human anthropocentrism [man as the only intelligent species of the Universe, now with the help of scientific instruments] and bio-logic, real laws of the living Universe [such as the laws of evolution, and biology of organisms].

The birth of anthropocentric religions took place probably with Judaism clearly influenced by single-God Egyptian traditions [Akhenaton], as a mere evolution of the concept of a tribal nations, now applied not to the territory and racial people of the nation, but to the mental culture, and legal codes of that nation. In this manner tribal religions appeared throughout the Middle East, and each tribe had a god. Yet those micro-organisms of history, evolved into bigger cultures. And so finally a Religion with a global concept of God=Humanity came into being with Christianity and Islam. Later with socialism, it applied those Laws to the control of Eco[nomic]systems. So we talk of 3 horizons of Anthropomorphic religions: tribal religions such as Judaism, Oikoumene religions such as Christianity and Social religions such as Socialism or concepts of a World Union, provided by modern movements and organizations (UNO, ethonomics, a model of a global economy based in Human rights and human goods explained in the last chapter of this book.)

The birth of Eastern, Universal religions, is older. This is logical, since those religions deal with the Total Universe, a bigger organism, easier to perceive than the verbal mind of God=History. So we find that all primitive human cults are Universal religions that treat all entities in the Universe as living species with some kind of informative perception [Animism]. The evolution of Animism into Taoism and Hinduism brought sophistication to such vital theories of the Universe.

What this book does is to purify all those traditions of human knowledge according to past and present discoveries on the nature of man and the Universe, in what we call ‘Theory of Organisms.’

We can speak of three evolutionary horizons in Universal religions:





Religions, the science of the organism of God.


Anthropomorphic Religions – by making the human language of information the world God – put man at the center of the Universe, to help him to survive. Anthropomorphic religions spell the laws of Darwinian Evolution [Man can pray on other species] and laws of social evolution [Man has to love himself and his fellow man]. Those are Universal, informative Laws perceived from the point of view of Mankind, and His language of information, Words.

Let’s widen now that definition of an anthropomorphic God to include not only the ‘Informative organ’ but also the ‘Energy organs of Mankind=History.’

Perhaps our definition of a body or organism will help you to grasp what we mean by a God: ‘A Universal organism is a biological radiation of a [particular species] extended in time and space and related by networks=Gods of information, and networks=Gods of energy.’ A God is the macrocosmic network of information or energy of the organism when perceived from the microcosmic point of view of its cells, that the network of energy or information controls.’

You just have to find a herd of parallel cells and some energy network that relates those cells, and some information network or language or force of information between those cells, and you will have a macrocosmic organism.

The networks of information and Energy of that organism will be for the small cells, ‘macrocosms,’ with such informative and energy power, that will act in fact as Gods of those cells.

In this manner we can define the many relative Gods of History as the networks of energy and information of a civilization or small body of History.

Those networks=Gods of Energy and Information seem from the subjective, small perception of their microcosms a ‘God,’ an organism. As the Taoist in China or Aristotle in Europe said, the Universe is full of Gods.

Aristotle defined informative Gods, as knots-brains around which energy masses moved.

Networks of information, linguistic networks do indeed move masses of energy, give orders, and inform that energy, transforming those masses, and shaping the future to their image and resemblance.

Gods of information, linguistic Gods are essential to the creation of reality.

Nature, our Energy Gods, the ‘prima matter’ over which form is created are also essential to all the cells of a body-organism.

For that reason nature is also revered in all western and eastern religions.

In general we will use the name ‘Ecosystem’ for Energy networks, and the name ‘God’ or brain for informative networks.

The brain of the Human god is the ‘verbal network’ of believers, the books of Revelation, and the Social Laws that create ‘human behavior.’ The ethical codes of man, are the Gods of man, his informative systems that create a collective future. We create the future when we obey informative verbal codes. God is the verb, and its ethical codes of survival expressed in religions…


Relative Gods. Anthropomorphic verbal perception of god.


It is obvious that the power of Gods is relative to their size and the microcosm they perceive. For your cells your nervous system is an over powerful God. Yet for the Earth you are not God but just a cell of History. What you call physical reality is irrelevant to understanding Organisms=Gods. Perception is relative, and truths are anthropomorphic. Gods are also relative statements, only perceived as Gods from the point of view of their cells and the languages of information of those cells. In the case of History, words are only Gods for humans able to understand and belong to a historic organism.

Such is the tragedy of anthropomorphic ‘relativistic Gods,’ of social history that exist as macrocosm only for their microcosmic cells.


Healthy gods of History.


Any organism, such as the organisms of human Gods=history survives when there is balance between its networks of energy and information, the Carbolife Earth and its networks of information, the verbal ideologies that rule men.

The same balance required in the body between blood and nervous systems, that keep the body healthy, is required in the Organism of Human history between Nature and verbal Man.

The informative ethical rules of religion regulate and balance the individual human cells, and allow civilizations to exist in harmony with Nature.

They might be boring since death, chaos and freedom are exciting, but religious societies are healthy organisms of history because their human cells [believers] follow and control their behavior for the sake of the Organism=civilization= collective God. The laws of harmony in the social body of history are defined by religions in verbal codes which all cells=humans of History understand and should obey. Man as a cell of an organism of History, belongs to his laws, and to Religion its brain=informative God.


The canon of ethics. The survival of civilizations.


We have now completed a bio-logic vision of what human civilizations are, and what is the role of human individuals in those civilizations.

Among those roles, by far the most important, is the role played by ‘verbal artists’, which are the fundamental ‘nervous-informative network’ of civilizations.

They are truly the mind that guides societies and their cellular individuals, through ‘verbal ideologies’ about what is right or wrong to do. Today their role is played by money which gives through salaries and prices, those orders to ‘economic humans’.

In the case of human informative networks, the verbal mandates of societies; were expressed through literature, in its most complex ways, philosophy, laws and religions. Let us now consider the 3 ages of evolution of those social, human religions that make of each human social organism a God of the community, protector of the survival of that community.


The 3 ages of anthropomorphic religions.


Western, anthropomorphic religions evolved verbal networks of human ethics from a primitive age of small, tribal societies [racial Gods] to an age of Human Gods, to the final, social understanding of God, within the context of the Organism of History:






The understanding of social religions is now possible thanks to bio-history that finally associates objective and anthropomorphic religions, establishing a theory of god=History as a social organism, to which all human beings belong. An organism ruled by biological, social laws, that the human verbal nervous system of history explains bio-logically through the concepts of good=what favors our survival, and Evil=Anti-livE=what extinguishes us.

It is now up to man, once the evolution of Religious thought has been completed to establish the kingdom of God=History on Earth, or let history die in the hands of the rival Economic organism.


The 3 ages of Anthropomorphic Gods.


Thus we talk of 3 phases of Wor[l]d evolution:

– The age of Tribal History, the age of genetic Gods, belonging to partial tissues of History. The first social groups become self-centers of the Universe, struggling to survive against other human groups. In this manner the first religions appear, mixing ideological concepts of social evolution based in words, with genetic concepts. The oldest anthropomorphic religions of mankind belong to that kind of model. They are still primitive versions of social verbal evolution, that do not distinguish between race and culture, genetics and ‘memetics’, the social process of learning through verbal thought.

Since such religions are primitive version of the Natural Law of Species [love those who are equal to you], most of them became extinguished by wars and holocausts, that confronted tribal Gods against tribal Gods. Finally the evolution of those primitive religions [around 500 BC] brought the understanding of the equality of all men as individuals belonging to the same species and subject to the Universal Law of Social evolution.

– It was the age of Metaphysical History, or age of Oikoumene, Human Gods, supported in the mind of its believers, by the imitation of the same ideas, the same actions, and the same beliefs, to that of the original prophet.

By imitation humans became ‘clonic minds’ of the original prophet, creating a mental network of simultaneous thought similar to the mental networks you experience in a mass, or a concert, as you hear the same voice or song…

The existence of such networks beyond the ‘light-space your perceive’, is not the subject of this book. Yet mystique experiences and the existence of dark mater, of a 90% of reality you do not perceive; and the collective effect of social gods in the mind of believers, make us thing that such Gods-verbal networks did have  real existence and acted upon its mino-cellular units with the same capacity that your body acts through your cells .

In that sense Allah, or Christ-God did exist in as much as millions of men believed in the ideas, in the mind of Mhmd, and Christ, the verbal word, the son of ‘God’, the cellular unit replicated in books and art, that gave origin to the body of Allah, or the body of Christ, the sum of believers that created the social civilizations.

Such Gods reached its zenith during the metaphysical age [from -500 BC till 1602] shaping the acts and beliefs of millions of men. Today they still survive, though they are in a third age, fighting for survival against the rival networks of metal-minds, and money, which prey on their word, on ethics, on human solidarity, on the networks of social, verbal existence.

Finally as a consequence of the growth of the rival ecosystem of History, the bio-economic ecosystem, its machines, networks of financial information and company-mothers, in the third age of History, new Social Gods evolve from the ideals of social solidarity proper of Oikoumene Gods.

Those social Gods have to develop theories and strategies of survival against the growth of the bio-economical organism and the destructive effects of machines and money in human social organisms. Marxism is the main of those Gods, a theory of verbal nature that try to defend mankind against the control of human societies by monetary societies. Marxism becomes in this manner a modern religion supported in the mind of its believers, yet without metaphysical form.

Socialism, Anarchism, modern versions of Christianism, Social-Democracies, social R=evolutions {French r=evolution, Russian R=evolution, 60s r=evolution], ecologism, and finally bio-history are all versions of this final attempt of mankind to evolve history into a global organism based in love=maximum communication among human beings.

In each of the 3 ages of Anthropomorphic Religions of God=Mankind, we find that the Wor[l]d through the mouth of his prophets, have known the laws of social evolution – even when the prophetic perception of those Laws is limited by lack of communication with all human races, in the first age of tribal religions.


5. Bio-logical Reason proves faith: Anthropomorphic gods exist


The question of the existence of an objective God=The Universe, has an affirmative answer: Yes, The Universe exists and it is guided by bio-logical laws that decide the existence and extinction of universal species. You might deny the existence of the Universe, yet if you use reason, either in verbal or mathematical or visual languages, the existence of a Universe, of vital nature, composed of scales of micro and macro-organisms that follow the basic bio-logical laws of organisms, is self-evident. You might deny those laws, yet the penalty to act against the laws of the Universe is extinction, so you might act at your own risk.

Regarding the existence of an anthropomorphic God, a social Organism, tribe, or Human mass, which obey certain common beliefs, and act as cells of God, a superior organism, we can make a comparison with the concept of gravitation; a force known to a series of particles which act and move according to that force.

We do not perceive gravitation as we do not perceive the social networks of minds, that create a human God=social organism. Yet we perceive the effects of gravitation in particles, and we believe in that force. So happens with human gods: we observe the behavior of humans that believe in God, which goes to the extreme of dying for that God. And yet we do not see the flows of mystique consciousness, the flows of ‘dark matter’, that shape the network-organism of god.

Conclusion: either we believe in both, gravitation and gravitational flows among masses, and Social Gods and mystique glows among believers, or we don’t believe in either of them. Personally I believe in God and Gravitation.


Reason and faith.


Science and religion seem to be opposed. Science is based in reason, religion is based in faith. Faith has always been despised by science, which affirms that supremacy of logic reason and sensorial evidence. Science affirms that if something cannot be understood or perceived it can not exist. And since science cannot perceive God, God must not exist.

Religion on the other had considers reason, unable to explain the nature of faith and God. Religion considers the logic of science, too simple to understand in depth the Universe of God. Religion considers that the Universe is organized by a more complex logic that the Cartesian Logic of Science. Religion also considers that science does not perceive all reality, and therefore it is possible that God exists in the realm of phenomena that the instruments of science miss.

In such vision of reality, the logic of science is too simple, too limited for their need of ‘metal-sensorial evidence’. This today is proved by the existence of dark matter. So the bio-logic or Homo-logic method is much more accurate. That method tells us that all what exists evolves into social organisms. Social organisms which might be invisible for the smaller species, as an atom does not perceive a planet, and a cell does not perceive a brain… Yet levels, planes of social existence that occur and affect the different particles of which they are composed. A human god in that sense exists and affects the behavior of the human believers that create it, as a social, higher plane of reality.

A π orbital composed of several simple orbitals exist and controls to a certain extent the movement of the smaller units. Those smaller Units give part of his energy to create the π-macro orbital. So happens with a mass of believers. They give up part of their individual freedom to shape a collective social order, a formal social structure that directs them.

That social structure made of habits, works of art, and ethic acts, based all of them in neuronal structures of thought, beliefs, that each cell-human being hold as supreme, is a human god.

Because Gods only exist in the Wor[l]d of the Prophet, and the social networks of actions enacted by ‘truth believers’.

The body of that God is the entire civilization, the human bodies, works of art, land and human creations, shaped to the image and resemblance of the ethic and aesthetic mandates of God, the wor[l]d-brain of the civilization:

In the form of a social God:Network of verbal thought:




Prophetic truths: The message of love



What words resume the informative code of a human social religion? As in any organism, those words are informative messages that foster energy/information sharing among human cells. In a word that message is “LOVE”. Since those who love, share and communicate energy and information with other human beings, creating in this manner human bondage that shapes collective organisms, in which cells survive better… In this manner love creates a social organism in which individuals share in a selfless manner, through networks of energy/information the goods they need to survive. And so any prophet talks of love, communication and sharing of property as the path towards social, collective survival.


5. Western religions: God, the organism of History.


Very few people today understand the metaphor of an ethic God and his laws of behavior, as the verbal brain, of the Organism of History, of mankind… Scientists laugh at religion, without even knowing what they are talking about.

If we use instead of religious words, a biological perspective, is easier to understand the Humanistic concept behind Western religions, that equal God and Mankind (different from the Scientific concept of Eastern religions that equal God and the Universe). To western religions, Societies and civilizations, the main units of historical analysis become organisms composed of cellular herds [human beings] which communicate through networks of information [words and laws] and networks of energy [agriculture, vital territories, roads, rivers, etc.].

In such translation of philosophical terminology, we conclude that what history has traditionally called a “Human Verbal God”  with ethical laws (God became the verb and inhabited among us) can be interpreted as an organic network of verbal information. So as the brain is the God of your cells that obey the brain nervous messages, the Word and the Ethic Laws, become the God of human societies that believers obey. We do not argue in this article the existence of that collective brain of cells, since cells in the body do not see the brain but only the electric message. So we do not see the collective subconscious, the ‘real brain of societies’, that might or might not exist as an individual personality – after all 90% of reality is dark matter we do not perceive. This is not important to a Historian. What matters is the real existence of that collective subconscious and that ethic, verbal, nervous message that the believers of a religion worship and adapts the form of a verbal book of Revelation – call it the ten commandments, the Gospel, or the Koran. So in Western religions the Word is sacred, and the Books of Words, the Books of God are also sacred, since they regulate the collective social organism, as the brain regulates the collective social body. Hence the passion for words of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, and the great battle those religions have constantly against the rival languages of images, idols, Golden calves, icons, and now in Islam, statues…


As a nervous system connects and organizes the cells of a body, “God” connects and organizes a mass of human beings, individually known as “believers”. Not surprisingly we find that Islam and Christianity [Ibn Khaldun, early mystics, Saint Agustine] have reached similar conclusions. Both believe that the transmitters of such networks of collective information are the books of Revelation common to all believers that harmonize mass-cellular experiences. Since human networks of information are verbal ethic laws; the Word becomes then the god of man, his social guide and network of information. As Saint John expressed so well: “God, the verb, became man and inhabited among us”.

The Koran is the sacred word of God, his ideas. In Christianity the word becomes God in the mind of his human son Christ, the prophet who has the body of man, and the verb-mind of God. In him The Word reached His fulfillment. In him the word expresses the Human Laws of social evolution, through love=sensory communication, and sharing of human goods between humans.

A prophet is a verbal master, a son of God=the word, the informative organ of the collective species. Mystics say that the community of believers shapes the “body of Christ,” and the Gospel is his mind. Muslims say that the “body of Muslims” is “Islam” and Koran His brain. In both cultures the Verbal language has to control the corruption of money, and the harm that weapons and visual languages do to humans. If that goal is achieved, history (in the words of Saint Agustine) could evolve guided by Ethics towards the perfection of such a “body,” into a “citadel of saints,” where all ethical words will be obeyed, and the ‘body’ of believers will be in harmony with its informative and energy organs – the carbo-earth paradise. Then history [the passing of time] will come to an end because man will exist for ever, will not be extinguished by the tree of science. History will become immortal without war. Man will be happy. God=The Word will reign supreme, because we all will understand through the Word the nature of ourselves, and the Universe.

Now with bio-history the thesis of western religions have become proved scientifically. They were right. They were the prove that social evolution is the law of the Universe. Go(l)d religions and abstract, digital science were too shallow, image-driven, simplistic. Reason and faith are now one. And yet nobody knows because words are no longer heard…


The metaphor of God=The Word in western religions.


Indeed Western religions, provide the best metaphor for the organic body of History. Both Christian and Muslim religions developed their concept of “God” as a “body” of human believers, united by a “verbal message,” the book of ethical revelation, the Gospel or Koran, which is God in itself [the Word became man and inhabited among us]. In that body, the central nervous system is “verbal thought,” the cells of the body are human “believers,” ruled and organized by verbal laws; and the energy of the body are human goods [Carbolife Goods and Nature – the Genesis-Paradise]. Christian theologians discuss the concept of a biological body of History, with a precision that astonishes a modern “bio-historian.” In both the Christian and Muslim religions a “biological vision” of a verbal society appears. Verbal thought is the “spirit” or informative network of that body. Each human is a cell of the body of God=History, each mind is the “temple of the spirit=the word”. Those ethical words should rule our informative behavior. As the Gospel said, if humans believed in love and socially responsible behavior; if they controlled weapons and money, then Man could survive forever. “He who believes in me [the Word], will not die for ever.” The body of History could indeed be eternal, if machines or war did not kill men and wipe out our civilizations. Yet if man “eats of the tree of science=technology, certainly he will die.” The paradise of carbolife, our natural energy, will die, if man continues to work constructing the Metal-Earth. Genesis, The Gospel and The Koran, the informative Gods of humankind, all show an organic vision of body of History, and its human cells, similar to that of modern ecologism and bio-history.


Science and money, the religions of machines and animetals.


Of our 3 languages of communication the only bio-logical language of History is verbal thought, the support of Social networks of God, the Linguistic nature of man. You might be surprised that we consider religions the higher of all informative sciences. Yet in human forms, the mandate of existence, of social evolution=love is the mode of maximizing communication among humans, and hence it increases collective survival. Yet such mandate is not – has never been spelt – by sciences, but by religions.

What money, pricing, and digital science does, is to spell the same mandate for machines, which money evolves and reproduces. Money does not act as the warrant of the human function of love, of social existence, but it causes man to love machines, to worship them, to reproduce them, substituting the humans social function by the slavery and love of man to machines. Men, controlled by money, by salaries and prices works in company-mothers reproducing machines. The company man is no longer a human loving man, but a man who loves machines and kills nature because his brain is controlled, hypnotized by a bite of information, a language of metal – money.

In the next chapter we will analyze how money did in fact corrupt human religions and created the culture of Evil of anti-Live, of anti-Love of evoL-ution of machines. Since languages control bodies, and so when men lost their mind language, they lost their capacity to love each other.


Religion, the highest science: Expression of the Will of Man.


Religious Laws are the natural Laws of social evolution, of human verbal knowledge. Where the biological language of man expresses our subjective, survival strategies as a species. In that sense religions are to be considered, the expression of social evolution in man, towards the collective body of History, O¡+1=the God of man. And as such the highest science of man. Where the mandate of social evolution – grow and multiply – is spelt in verbal thought by the highest forms of human thought, the ethic prophets of verbal thought. The mandate is a human declaration of Galilean behavior with the subject, the human point of view at the center of all action. Religions are the bio-logic explanations of the game through the language of mankind: verbal thought. They are the highest science of humanity. Since being knowledge relative to the language and the limits of the language the point of view uses to perceive the Universe, the biological comprehension of the Universe by man, by verbal thought is the higher form of knowledge.

6. Eastern Religions. The Living Universe, the Game of existence.


The syntax of languages explains the difference of religions.


In that sense it is the syntax of languages, the cause of the ethic content of religions. That Syntax also explains why there are two kind of religions, those centered in the will of man , and those who also worship nature as a living form (western and eastern religions).


In fact those 2 cultural perceptions of the living Universe, are based in the different structure of human languages:

In human thought we differentiate two main systems of the Wor[l]d: the system of Chinese languages in which humanity is more objective to the Universe; and the subjective systems of Western Languages, in which man – the subject- is always the center of the sentence, of the Universe, and it accepts no rival. Let us see their syntactic structure to understand that.


Subjective, Indo-European Languages:

‘I[Human point of view-subject] ≤Verb[ communicator]≥Object [Spatial energy of I=subject]


In western religions and languages you can see how man is the center of the Universe, superior to the object it controls through the verb. So he becomes the only god.


Objective, Eastern, Chinese languages:


Tao (Existence) = Yang [Space-Energy]   =  Yin [informative Time]


The Chinese syntactic equation is however based in equalities. It is in that sense similar to pricing (man=price=obect), yet being expressed in verbal thought, its consequences were different. It still made of man the thinking species,  who saw itself in a vital, similar Universe to himself, that he learnt to respect (mathematics makes the machine that thinking species and that is the fundamental difference between Western and Eastern Science).


So both syntax give origin to 2 basic species of religions: anthropomorphic religions with I-Gods of verbal nature, and objective religions with Time-Space beings as Gods.

And so that dual perception of the behavioral Universe would be the origin of all modern main religions, that show a comprehensive vision of History and human behavior (western world) that explains the universe from the ethical-real POINT OF VIEW of man; and also a comprehension of the Game of Existence from the Universal-total Point of view, (eastern religions), using verbal words:

In the graph: the two perceptions of God by man, subjective perception of the human evolutionary God of History, and objective perception of the Universal game, had as any other biological radiation of a language or form an initial prophet-cell of creation. The subjective anthropomorphic 1st recorded God was YVWH, the mind of Moses, which upgraded primitive tribal religions based in external symbols (visual religions) into the first verbal form of religious thought [prohibition of idols]. A millennium latter the Indian evolution of old Life Goddess Asian cultures [Mohenjo Dharo] reached its zenith in the teachings of Gautama. Parallel objective religions were created in China (Taoism) latter fusion in the Chinese Buddhist-Taoist religions of the classic Chinese culture (see “The 3 ages of History”).


God and GodoG


We could use two terms to differentiate both religious Gods. God is a positive word which expresses the will of man, as the center of the Universe. Yet the Universe is more complex than that, and there are forces that act against man, such as animetals, machines, death, etc. So there is also an inverse concept to God, the devil, evil. In the same manner we used the ‘anti-particle’, the ‘anti-word’, eviL as the opposition of Live, of Good, we could talk of doG, the opposite word of God, as the anti-God, all those forces that try to destroy man.


So we can talk of 3 kind of religions:

– Religions of God, which stress the positive will of the Universe towards man, enacted by Words, ethics, human Goods, art, and Good people.

– Religions of Dog, that deny the nature of man, repress human rights, and the human will. They are primitive tribal religions opposed to the unification of mankind. They are often Go(l)d religions that believe money, the language of machines is the God of man. They are the religions of animetals studied in the next chapter.

– Religions of GodoG, which are religions that understand the two sides of the Universe, creation and destruction, Yin and Yang, Vishnu and Shiva, and use that knowledge to warn man against extinctive dangers, and manipulated nature in favor of man, repressing doGs and stressing Gods.


Errors of Animetals: confusion of both Gods.

So we will talk of the Human God, and the Universal GodoG. Of the word and the game of Space-Time. Of subjective religions and objective religions. Both forms of perception evolved through human prophets expanded our verbal understanding of the Game of Existence. So we see the evolution of the objective God=Game, from earlier Animism to scientific Taoism and communicative Buddhism. And a parallel evolution of the mystic creation of God=Humanity, from tribal to Oikoumene religions of the Word. And then his devolution back into tribal nations, and simple scientific methods of eye evidence, with the arrival of pricing and digital thought in the Neo-Paleolithic.

Indeed, human Gods are today yielding to the evolution of the doG of Machines, digital numbers and computers…, that displaces history towards instrumental, economical and digital evolution that eliminates Human Gods of Love and  might end with the form of man himself.

The error of most religious fights is to confuse both Gods into one: the concept of a human social God, the Wor(l) the human ecosystem and the language of human evolution. And the absolute God=Game of Space-Time survival. Both are different concepts; the human God with a minimal mass of existence given by the surface of cells-believers in which he inhabits is a real God, as your body is the real God of your cells. Yet he is not over powerful. He did not create the Universe. It is the subjective, real human God that exists as long as History or a civilization exists. It is a God that can die since it has as support the human cellular mass. It is the God that animetals are killing and artists try to preserve. It is History, the God of Man. A mass of human cells displaced in Time and Space, born from the first human that learnt to talk, the Mithocondrial Eve, expanded into multiple cells across time, organized in social bodies called civilizations, made of multiple individual human cells, each one the ‘body’ temple of the verbal spirit, the word=God that became man in the mouth of the prophets of mankind: Moses, Christ, and Mhmd.


7. One God, several prophets trying to create Him.


In that sense it is necessary to understand that religions of Humanity all refer to the same God, Mankind=Humanity=The organism of History, and the same collective brain, the Word, the only biological language that explains the laws of Survival and Social Evolution to man.

Why then there are many prophets, who speak about that God? Merely because there are many cultures, many small diversities, and differences of language and customs caused by the reproduction, expansion and division of mankind, by geography and language.

So each prophet adapts the common message to their people. This is crystal clear when Mhmd speaks in his book. He has come to bring the news of God, the same God of Abraham and Jesus, the God of Love, the Wor[l]d, to the hard Semite Warriors who moved by revenge, the opposite feeling of love, have rejected the word of Christ.

The hardships of the life of Mhmd, like the life of Jesus, or Moses, or Marx, or Lenin, or any of the few men that gave their life to construct the God of mankind, is telling of the enormous difficulties that the prophet finds in his task of resurrecting the collective spirit of man, the social evolution of human cells, sick and controlled by networks of money and weapons.

The strength of those people cast the only hope men can find in History for a resurrection of Mankind.

One might think that once the revelation comes to their minds, once the subconscious spirit of the World illuminates the brain of the prophet, of the Historian of the Future, of the man that understands fully the Organism of History and his laws, the task would be easy.

Yet then is when the cross, the path of suffering starts for the prophet. Since he realizes – the more the latter he is born in history – that such revelation of social love, of the path towards the evolution of history, is only his revelation. The others, the human mass is controlled by the animetals. The prophet then thinks in the conversion of the animetals. Yet animetals will not listen. The strategies of the prophet have varied. Some like Jesus, son of God, indeed in the enormous beauty of his words, renounce to the fight against animetals, since ‘he who kills by iron, dies by iron’, and you cannot serve ‘two Gods, money and my father – the word’.

Yet since he renounces and the animetals do not renounce, money and iron kill him. The 30 silver coins that betray his identity, the Roman iron swords that capture him. Jesus makes the biggest renounce to his destiny, the biggest bid. He gives himself in the hope that people will see in that immense renounce, the capacity of man to jump over the tools of power of animetals: the fear of death caused by weapons, the desire of property caused by money. He makes a big bid. He renounces to live, to teach men how to live. The bid so far works. He is killed. He is sacrificed by those he came to save, the Jewish animetal traders, who wanted to control the finances of the Roman Empire without giving taxes to the warriors who owned the empire. He lets Warriors and Traders to engage in War and Holocaust. It is their destiny as we shall see to kill each other in the name of metal-Gods.

Yet word of mouth, his deeds, his wor[l]ds are listened by the common people of Israel, those who are intelligent enough to understand the good and bad sides of the tree of evil, of the tree of metal.

The example of Christ is very much in the mind of Mhmd, the next great prophet to come to the encounter of God=Humanity, and His spirit, wandering on the sounds and unknown flows of mystique memories left in Gaia, the Mother-Earth.

He hears them as I have heard them, as many are hearing now the suffering of Gaia, of History, of the Body of mankind. It is also an age of suffering as it was the age in which Christ, was born. Now Yvhw=Moses=Christ is again dying, tortured by heresies, who worship their images, not their words, controlled by warrior tribes, who understand nothing of the message of Christ. The stirrup barbarians have imposed from the height of their horses the absolute arrogance of the warrior. Who is going to return the name of Love to the herds of terrified men, massacred by Germanic warriors? Yet there is in the Arab desert a race of hardy Semites, men who do not fear the sword and the stirrup, men who are corrupted by revenge, and violence, but are not corrupted by money, and have a beautiful language, no yet crystallized in written texts, still evolving to the beauty of poetry, to the mystery of thought. He will take that Arab language, with so many words for human goods, for horses and love, and he will take that living animal the horse, and create a race of human warriors who will defend the message of love, against the corruption of money. Yet, he will do it. The prophet finds an inner force, in himself, in his despise for death, in the words of God=History that tell him that men are in his nature, born good, that only metal corrupts them.

The temerity and hopes of the prophets are admirable. They know of the dangers, yet they prefer to forget them, to ignore them as if they did not exist, to give themselves to death if it is needed, because not even death the tool of metal-masters will stop the beauty of the word. They know they can die, and many die, but they think – we will first talk and our words will not die, they will jump from mind to mind, and create the body of a God=History, based in love.

Sangris Martire, semen Cristianorum, Sangris Martire, semen Hominum.

Why we wonder those waves that resurrect history are stopped? Why we wonder the mass moves back to the side of animetals after backing the prophets for a while? There is a final resistance, a final limit to the expansion of those prophetic waves, a tiredness of the wave, as if the initial impulse, the initial form, the initial splash of the mind of the prophet with his merit and perfection, could not fill the entire tank, create a self-sustained wave that will form all the molecules, human minds, of the Earth’s container.

In the seas of human minds, as the prophet dies, and his disciples of lesser merit, abandon the hardest of the mandates of the prophet, the form of the Saint, the clone of the prophet relaxes. The 12 disciples show the same capacity to renounce to their own destiny for the collective destiny of God, that Christ had. They were perfect clones of Christ. The body of Christianity had jumped from 1 to 12, from a simple society to a first level of growth. We suppose those 12 disciples would create a wave of one hundred, one thousand pure Christians, so committed so ‘professional’ as those first R=evolutionaries of History that Lenin created.

The quality of those first one thousand men, maybe even 10 thousand first Christians, allowed Christianity to become God. Those men shared property, gave it all for the memory of the prophet. Those men renounced to violence, and yet still spoke and song with Words in the moments of martyrdom.

The Prophet had them also in the Arabic desert. They were the Ansars, the just men who protected him from the attempts of murder, of the natural enemies of Humanity, the animetal masters, first his own family, then the Jewish masters, who as always controlled the trade and currencies of the zone, finally the military armies of La Mecca, and other cities of the myrrh trade path.

R=evolutions of history need a special breed of men, harder as animetals are, as strong with fear as a warrior, as intelligent with information as a trader, yet with the mind of a human being, who knows the difference of value between a human body and a weapon, a human poem and a coin, and prefers the human bodies and brains, to the brain and body of metal. Such kind of men are rare. That they existed, make us, lesser men of today, to accept still the beauty of mankind. That there were so few of them, in the vital crossroads of history, and so many of their enemies, the mediocre animetals, the bewildered herds, that do not resist them, is the cause of our present state, close to extinction, in the dawn of living metal.

Metal indeed kept progressing as Religious prophets failed, in the classic age to control it, and unify all men.

Soon animetals found the key to avoid a single Historic body: to observe and teach from the words of the prophet, not the common doctrine of love, and human equality but all those small concessions the prophet made to the culture in which the prophet taught. So the Arabs animetal warriors stressed the Yihad, against the words of love of the prophet, and his constant praise of Christians. They allied in fact with Jewish traders to control Christians and Muslims in all the nations they conquered. They betrayed the warnings of the prophet against money and weapons. They ceased to be soldiers of God. So did the Christians.

Then the company-mother came, and solidified the structure of the rival organism, the financial networks of individual traders and warriors, in an organic institution of such perfection and capacity to reproduce and evolve metal in a collective manner, that religion found its nemesis in the world of metal: a company no longer of men, but of weapons and money, with the same solidarity and force of action that the best prophets and pure disciples had.

The company-mother is a perfect predator organism, whose structure is as well crafted as the structure of the Company of Believers had.

A group of fundamentalist animetals from the oldest, hardest races of Semites and Germanic traders and warriors, whose only aim is to extinguish life and multiply the product, speaking an alien language, the digital language of profits, motivated by profit as much as a believer is motivated by salvation, highly efficient in the manufacture of weapons, able to use them to exterminate all human rivals, takes now control of History. His first goal is to destroy all other rival organisms in the human ecosystem, human governments, human religions, human companies.

Against that company Islam and Christianity are divided. The press has exploded Christianity. Islam is in the hands of Turkish castes of warriors…

As Christianity had 12 disciples, the company was ruled by 17 men, the Herren XVII, that Rembrandt painted. If Leonardo had closed the age of Christianity with his painting of the 12 disciples, now Rembrandt paints the 17 disciples of evil, that founded in Amsterdam the modern world. Christianity was agonizing and could not defend itself, lost in absurd disputes, when the organism that would kill her, was breeding on his door. Today as we argue all kind of secondary themes, in our Universities the new race of robots is born. Yet we do not seem to care. When we care it will be late, as it was late for Christianity when Calvinism=Judaism= Anglican Gold religions and its company-mothers had reached total power in the Western World.


A single religion could have controlled the future


It is then clear the main problem that Religions faced and why they failed to control the world for the benefit of man:

Animetals found through inquisitions and churches, and later commentators that stressed the form, the ritual, instead of the message of love, methods of corrupting the message of the prophet.

Prophets did not highlight enough the nature of God, and consider themselves too important, creating divisions within the Human Religion.

A natural, efficient organism, with a self-reproductive mid that survives each cycle of cellular life [neurons live all your life], and so it does not have to restart again from zero, has never happened among men. Leadership of human movements ceases when the founder prophet dies, and very seldom is continued by men of the standing of the prophet. So when Lenin dies Stalin, a simple, brutal warrior takes over, and destroys the Revolution. When Mhmd dies, soon his closer friends are killed and a caste of warriors, the Omeyans take over the Islamic r=evolution. Christianity resists more but with the arrival of Jewish money and Germanic warriors pope become corrupted.

Yet if we forget those facts and search merely for the message, for the concept of Humanity=God, and the demise of Metal-wealth, it is crystal clear that all religions wrote the same book, and praised the same God, merely changing the form as customs changed.

My favorite book of western prophets is the first, the work of Genesis, where that perception is more pure: the parable of the paradise=non metal age, the apple tree of technology, and the ‘good and evil’ machines which come with knowledge. The  destruction of happiness by work in metal, the curse of man carried by Adam and Cain, the first Smiths of History, has never been expressed in more simple, convincing terms. The parable of the cities in the plain, the city of warriors=Gomorra and the city of Traders=Sodom burnt by God=Cycles of History, by lack of ethics=survival behavior, has to be reinterpreted in the light of the present.

We live again in the cities of Gomorra and Sodom, controlled by traders and warriors, which are coming through the cycles of wars and Holocausts to a final end. Since there are not among the men that rule our nations, the 400 men that control more than half of the wealth of this planet, 40 just men, who care to survive.

That first master piece explains it all in simple parables. We are light, we are minds of light, evolved in this planet, that follow the organic mandate, grow and multiply, evolve and reproduce, and become a top predator of Nature. Yet we had not enough with our brains, we wanted to be superior, to be like God, as powerful as the Universe. And so we played with metal, with technology, with the tree of science, we condemned ourselves, to the eternal fight. We broke our language into multiple nations of animetals, constructors of Babel towers, that break once and again in wars, and Holocausts. The first legends the firs books that explained history in Sumer, legends where the prophet is anonymous, to let the Wor[l]d speak by his self…

Then there are two master pieces of pure God perception: John who saw the beginning and the end of ‘ideal’ history, by daily contact with perhaps the most intense son of God, of the western culture, Mr. Christ. Then the Koran where all the strategies for survival of a human social Organism are spelt with no-nonsense, and surprising accuracy, regardless of the consequences for individual freedom. Koran knows that the stakes are higher now that iron horses and Germanic warriors roam the Earth. So discipline is higher, and repression established against those who betray the spirit of God.

Koran however is the last prophet of the classic age. Then in the age of machine, prophets of man will have to talk not only of God, but of Evil. They will have to face the fact that the Machine and the organisms of Company-mothers are now ruling over the organisms of religions. Realism imposes itself to the French revolutionaries, Marxists, Socialists, and Ecological parties that take in the third age of history the torch of the human will and desire to survive, from Metaphysical religions. The enemy has not changed though: animetals and their evil species.

The fight continues, man Vs machine, the Homo organicus Vs the animetal, history Vs economics.

Thus we talk of a 3-book of pure verbal thought that describes the essence of a Social God=Organism of mankind: Genesis-Saint John’s Gospel-Koran. This 3 books that influence each other are the most complete perception of the Wor[l]d, and its Laws of ethical behavior, that have to be followed by men as cells of God, the social being, they create through cellular human bondage. All those Books of revelation compliment each other, and should have been read by all religions, since the 3 of them cater to the same collective God: Mankind





1. The 2 ages of history: the human age, the age of the machine.

A new organism is growing over the natural organism

Since the arrival of science, and companies, reproducers of machines, the Human Earth, the ecosystem of human organisms ruled by artistic, verbal and visual information, has radically changed. Today verbal networks of information are secondary to monetary and digital networks, and networks of human energy [agricultural fields, rivers and other natural ways of communication] have been substituted by energy networks that feed machines, or allow those machines to move around the Earth [roads, pipes, electricity lines].

It is clear that the ecosystem of the Earth has changed radically, and social, historic organisms have mutated, from networks of energy and information belonging to the natural, biological languages of mankind [artistic and verbal networks, carbolife energy and nature], to networks of energy and information composed of metallic species, either money, or ‘metal-minds’ [TV, internet networks]. For that reason we say that the Earth is ‘changing’, ‘mutating’ from a ‘soft Earth’, made of carbolife networks, to a ‘hard Earth’, made of machines and human beings.

The process means an entire terraforming of the Earth, caused by the machines science has invented. Such change could be compared to the mutation of a ‘soft larva organism’ that becomes a ‘hard insect’. It implies the arrival of new organic forms, machines and economic nations, ruled by metal-networks. So we could talk of a new planetary Organism, the Metal-earth, which is poisoning, and extinguishing the organism of human history. Why is happening that? Because we men have been unable to construct a well-working, functional, healthy organism of Global history. The consequence of our ill-designed social organisms, is that the organism of machines, the economic organism preys over the human organism.

So we conclude that we are evolving the Earth into a metal-organism which when constructed will truly function like an organic body, or “ecosystem” of cells ruled by networks of information and energy. We can already see, in images from space,  the thriving lights and arteries of the Metal-earth. What we are witnessing on Earth today is the birth of a new organism, the Metal-earth, the eco[nomic] system.

We might say that human societies have changed from Human, historic organisms ruled by verbal networks of information, [laws and religions] that we call cultures, into economic, machine-based organisms ruled by monetary networks of information [salaries, prices] that we call nations.

That change implies very likely the extinction of the older organism, the human Earth… and its networks of information, the artistic networks, that feel their own decadence, and express it in the work of their best artists.

Those two organisms in the graph, the historic organism, or artistic organism, and the economic organism, or technological organism, are the two organic systems, that shape human civilizations.

The mind of historic organisms is verbal, based in human senses.

The mind of the economic organism is a network – internet, TV – of metal minds, based in technological art.

It is clear that both organisms are different.  The transition that the Earth and humanity has witnessed in the past centuries, from historic organisms, to technological organisms, is by far the main change that mankind has experienced in his short existence as a species.

What has caused that change?

The change of languages of social control on Earth, from verbal networks proper of human societies, to digital networks proper of economical societies. The fact that on the Earth, today mathematics are the main language of power, either through science, through money or through digital images. So those species whose networks of information understand better mathematics dominate our civilizations. And those species are machines… not human beings.


We conclude that the change from human art into technology that we explained in the previous chapter, caused by the arrival of science and machines, is a process that can be inscribed in a wider process of change that affects the entire Earth.

The Earth is changing from an ecosystem based on carbolife species, in “Nature” and human beings, into an ecosystem based on machines. What we might call, an “eco[nomic]system”, where the most abundant energy and information is no longer carbolife energy and carbolife information [verbal, artistic, biological and genetic information], but networks of machine energy and information [roads, pipes, electricity, TVs, computer nets].

In his relationship with the Universe, man is a being who has always searched for knowledge to satisfy the curiosity of his mind and energy to satisfy the needs of his body. If we understand man as a being made up of two components, a head (his mind) and a body (his energy), it is natural for man to satisfy his mind with information and his body with energy. The same occurs with human civilizations, which accumulate information and energy through the activities of their people. For this reason it is essential to know how man defines his energy and his information, the substance of our existence as individuals and societies.

Man has not changed as a species. So it would be natural to think that he has always looked for the same energy and information. The surprise comes when we observe history and realize that man in fact has changed his concepts of what is good energy and good information.

Previous to the seventeenth century men thought that their vital energy, the wealth of the individual and his nation, was principally land and the produce that it yielded. A rich man was one with much land/possessions, from where he obtained “human goods” [natural human energy and information]: agricultural goods to feed his body, servants, and homes where he was able to relax and enjoy himself. With regard to information it was essentially verbal and visual, perceived through human senses, with our words and our sight. Accordingly, rich people seek an artistic and ethical education, based on the natural languages of man: verbal thought and art based on human forms and proportions.

“I think and I see, therefore I am” once said an intelligent man. Those who saw and thought more were the most intelligent – artists and writers, the religious, painters, philosophers… As beings who existed in time and space thanks to his words and eyes, human knowledge signified the accumulation of information regarding time and space with those sensorial tools. Words allowed us to perceive what was happening in time through the use of verbs. Eyes allowed us to see what was happening in space.

We conclude that since the beginning of human civilizations men had looked towards the land for wealth and all the possessions that arose from it, and sought the information that eyes and words provided.

However with the arrival of machines in the XVIII Century, these concepts regarding what kind of energy and information, men and civilizations looked for in their lives changed radically. As machines began to evolve and reproduce in great numbers two new concepts suddenly emerged about the definition of energy, man’s wealth, and information, his knowledge:

The so-called ‘scientific method’ of knowledge appeared, and it changed our informative senses. The scientific method stated that the most important knowledge men could acquire was derived from sensory machines such as telescopes and clocks rather than human senses. Many people believed it. They were called scientists, men who started to evolve sensorial machines like telescopes, and languages that measure time with machines, like mathematics. Soon those scientists despised the sensorial evidence produced by their eyes and words, regarded by the scientific method as inferior to machines and mathematics. They denied the value of sciences of words, like philosophy, or religion. Information now had to be ‘scientific, mathematical information’.

Our concept of energy and wealth also changed. This time we have to merit that change to the so called ‘science of Economics’. Against all human traditions Economics stated that  the  wealth of nations was not the land and its produce, but money and the machines that money produced.

From these two new ways of understanding wealth, [the energy of nations], and knowledge [the information of nations] our ‘machine’ civilization has arisen, replacing the ‘vital’ /’living’ civilization that came before it. We call our civilization a machine civilization and the previous one a vital civilization because when we take into account what has changed between them, we realize that while before information and energy were defined in ‘living terms’, they are now defined in terms of ‘machines’.

Before the seventeenth century the wealth of nations was defined as being the land and its vital produce made of carbolife. With the arrival of Economics and the Scientific Method wealth was defined as being made of machines and the money of a nation.

Before the seventeenth century information was defined as the perception of the Universe through man’s living senses – his eyes and words that measured space and time. In accordance with the scientific method, information now will be defined as the perception of the Universe through telescopes, cameras, clocks and computers, which are machines able to measure space and time.

The obvious conclusion is that our civilization has dramatically changed from being an ‘ecological’ one that believed in carbon life and promoted the acquisition of wealth and information through natural means, to a ‘machine’ one that favors the acquisition of wealth and information through machines. This change is due to ‘two’ new systems of knowledge, Economics and the scientific method which uses machines to understand the Universe. These are two systems of knowledge that would never have emerged if it were not for the discovery of a series of machines like the clock, capable of measuring time, the telescope, capable of looking into space, and the steam engine, capable of producing energy.

The development of the machine and the two ‘ideologies’ that favor it, the ideology of information based on the machine or the ‘scientific method’ and the ideology of wealth based on the machine or ‘economics’ therefore represents a radical change for man, a change of civilization and of living ecosystem. For since then man’s civilizations have sought to create more machines, more economic wealth, more metal minds and more digital, mathematical information retrieved by these minds. Before man endeavored to create more agricultural wealth, more human goods, more verbal information, books and art…

This fundamental fact in the history of humanity is the origin of the great changes and transformations undergone by living species since then. Today the ‘economic-scientific’ man abuses life and loves scientific machines, from weapons to computers, which reproduce and destroy carbolife nature, leading to the extinction of many of the Earth’s species.


History Vs Economics


We are talking about a change in the Earth’s ecosystem, caused by the change in ideas regarding what wealth and information really are. We have moved on from an ecological  world to a ‘metallic’ world, from a carbolife Earth to a Metal Earth. This change is a biological, evolutionary change, caused by information machines and energy machines, which have substituted living energy and information species. They have also changed the languages of power of mankind. Information machines substitute man’s information systems, and we have more faith in mathematics and numbers, the languages of computers, and money, than in the words of man. We have more faith in a telescope, a metal eye, than in a human eye, in Televisions than in Human Words. This causes a substitution of human languages and human organs by metal-minds and machines. Energy machines replace living energy organs. We prefer to drive rather than ride  or walk. Metal-minds substitute human minds. So the art and worlds of machines, substitute the arts and Wor[l]ds of mankind.

In that sense we can talk of two clear ages in history mimicked by two kinds of art:

The fundamental divide of human history, is between the age of Religions, and human art when verbal thought was the dominant language of information in History, [-150.000, 1602] and the age of science and technological art when money and science, two languages of digital nature, substitute verbal thought as the languages that inform and control mankind and a new reality, a world of machines and numbers. Now, machines are promoted by the scientific method of clock-measure and telescope-perception, by companies that are reproducers of machines, and by lobbies that control political power. The languages and shapes of machines substitute art, man and his societies as the center of the Earth.

We can resume History as a fight between two species, for the control of the Earth, the human species and his verbal languages of perception and control of time, and the animetal species, and his digital languages and machines of perception and control of time.

It might be truth that animetals, their machines and digital cultures have won the battle of history. It might be truth that today all the classic religious and artistic civilizations of mankind, have been dominated by the global ‘digital civilization’ of western Europe, born of the marriage of Go[l]d religions [Aaronism, Anglican Religion< Calvinism], and mathematical religions [science].  This does not change the fact, that from the point of view of man, of the human truth, those cultures based in art and human truths where the cultures of mankind. The culture of digital truths to which now all belong, is the culture of machines, a culture alien to our species. Only the ‘verbal, survival, social stupidity’ of the Jewish-Germanic culture that controls today our minds, its ‘suicidal instincts’, its complete ignorance of the laws of social evolution and collective survival, explains that History has taken such a wrong path. Neither the Jewish or the Germanic cultures have ever understood that survival is superior to information, than harmony and sensorial human perception is better that perception through machines.

That racial religions are a primitive version of the social religion of mankind. Yet since they are primitive, not evolved ideologies, as economics today is, those who obey them do not survive.

Indeed, if the best informative systems survive in the bio-logical universe, this also happens in History. So the tribes who believe in primitive non-social ideologies that confront them against all other social groups do not survive. They die in wars and Holocausts, confronted against all other human social organisms. It is indeed remarkable to notice that among the nations of Europe, the German nation, which was by far the most populated and strongest nation at the beginning of the modern age, today is the only one that has not reproduced and created a global linguistic-cultural empire. While the smallest nation, Portugal, which did not sustain a racist ideology of society, spread his culture in five continents. Again, if we consider the tragic history of the Jewish people, the oldest culture of mankind, and compare it with the Chinese culture, highly evolved in his understanding of the Universe, it is remarkable how the Chinese have multiplied, and today are over a billion people, while the Jewish who did not evolve beyond the primitive, racial level of religious thought, have been massacred by other cultures systematically, and today are a meager 12 million people… unnecessarily confronted to a billion Muslims in Asia…

The question is, could mankind and his primitive cultures evolve in time, and integrate the different human nations into a single social organism, able to control the growing social body of the metal-earth, and its networks of machines? Or will mankind fight unending, childish wars of thought, compete among nations, and evolve weapons and financial networks till we become slaves of machines?

Primitive cultures unable to evolve socially, have paid in the past that ignorance with unending deaths, wars and holocausts, and they will pay that attitude of despise to human nature and the laws of bio-logical societies, with their and our collective extinction… unless they change their culture, before the awakening of metalife. Since in the past is written our future, we could look at the past of history to learn the things we should not repeat:



Paradise              Tree of Science

Abel, the farmer          Cain, the smith…



In other books of this author we have studied the left side of the graph, which is the official history; the history of animetals, their myths, ideologies of machines, and the evolution of those machines that systematically prey over human beings. Yet the real history of man is the right side, the history of the human beings, of social nature, whose mind suffices itself to perceive the Universe, through the wor[l]ds of man, and his art. In this book we will study that history of human beings, specifically the history of their mind, the evolution of human languages, and the ideas that have shaped human civilizations, which struggle to survive and create a beautiful world to the image and resemblance of man, despite the constant brutality and capacity to destroy of human animetals, the individuals of the left side of the “paradox of History’, the constant struggle between mankind and metalife and their attached human slaves, the animetals, no longer ‘superior human beings’, no longer the ‘supermen’ of Nietzsche, but rather the ‘inferior men’ whose incapacity to enjoy their human mind, and human languages, the natural will and drives of mankind, sexuality, art, verbal education, social evolution and love, takes them into the hands of machines, and repressive ideologies of the human kind [warrior ideologies, economical ideologies that worship money, Go[l]d religions that make gold=God, and repress human senses, sex, and pleasure, love and even food…] Those animetals have been the them of other books, not of this one dedicated to the soul and mind, the art of mankind.

In the next part of this book, we will study in detail the previous graph, and the main roles that ‘human masters’ [artists of verbal and visual worlds] have played in the defense of mankind against metal-masters [scientists, traders and warriors]. Human masters have fought for the survival of mankind and human cultures, warning mankind against money and machines. Metal-masters have behaved with childish arrogance, promoting simple ideologies, not fit to survival. They have extinguished human civilizations, once and again, only to be extinguished by other metal-masters with better weapons.


2. Animetal cultures: Money and weapons.


How that process started?

3 Elements were needed for man to change his will for the will of machines: the arrival of money and weapons; the lost of active power of words, through the sue of writing that expanded the power of animetals to order multiple human beings, and finally the creation of repressive systems, or Gold religions that forbade mankind his natural will. As those 3 forms evolved, and money and weapons multiplied, writing thought became dominant through the press, and the repression of the human will was substituted by the will of machines through the Industrial processes of work, consume and scientific research, the change of ecosystem from a Human Earth based in art and human languages, to a Machine Earth based in science and digital languages was completed.

How this could happen? How so few have been able to corrupt the entire Human species?

Let us remember how it all started, how the damnation of man came into being.


Birth of money. The gold-iron cultures.


The Semites, the desert ‘eye people,’ probably felt the hypnotic power of money first, since gold was geologically available in the rapids of the Arabic red sea mountains. There was much more water on the surface of the Earth at that time. Hippopotami lived in the area that is now the Sahara. The sierras from Yemen to Jerusalem had gold rivers coming down to the Red Sea. Undoubtedly, the Semites took that gold and were hypnotized by it. They soon realized, when they traveled beyond that region, that hypnotism to gold was a common trait of men. When those rivers dried out, the Semites moved north to Mesopotamia. There the Sumerian peasants began to obey them, instead of their priests. The agricultural fields owned by the Sumerian temples were abandoned. Women wanted gold jewelry and offered themselves for it. The control over the people by the priests was now diminishing. Unlike previous forms of currency [i.e. wheat], metal was much more powerful on a hypnotic level.

Records from that era lament that the intelligence of men was lost to the hypnotism of metal: After the desert people came, ‘no one takes care of the fields, no one comes to the temple. Our women follow them, trying to get those small pieces of copper.’ [Sumerian text found in a clay tablet]. Money produces an instantaneous form of hypnotism. If Sumerians had thought it through more thoroughly, they would have followed their priests. In the end, they belonged to the Semite warrior-traders, who created empires with their labor, and enslaved them in unending toil, building palaces and tombs.

Soon Money became a new informative language that displaced verbal thought as the language that valued the Earth’s species. Finally it acquired more value than human life. War and slavery appeared.

The Semites were also warriors. They brought arrows and spears with lineal metal points. So the first empires were created. Money and weapons, cyclical and lineal metal, are symbiotic throughout history and evolve together.




Slavery became the next symbiotic ‘product’ of money and weapons. By definition, slavery is the sale of humans for money. It required the ability to define men in monetary terms. It also required the violence of metal-weapons, to prevent the slaves from running away. Without money and weapons, without metal-species, slavery on a large scale, may never have existed. In modern times, slavery was also caused by the Iberian, Sephardic and Calvinist craze for American Gold. As a result of the psychological slavery of money, the guidance of Sumerian priests, who invented writing, soon disappeared. Yet they left behind a warning. The Book of Genesis, assumed to be a Sumerian text, explains the fight of man against metal-technology and the tree of science, which will destroy the Carbolife Paradise.

The Mesopotamians were the first writers to put a negative slant on the metal masters and their deeds. On the other hand, the first metal masters, the Semite writers soon worshipped metal. Among those writers, the clan of Abraham of Ur left his own apology. He goes up the Euphrates=’river of copper’ to the region of maximum communication between East and West, between Mesopotamia and Egypt, Canaan. There he created the oldest monetary civilization of the world. This civilization in turn convinced millions of people that Man is a superior species, chosen by Go[l]d, with the right to extinguish all other living species.


The Go[l]d=Iron Civilization. Warriors and traders.


In the city of Kish, King Sargon, the first recorded warrior Nietzschian ‘Metal master’ with weapons of bronze, and money of copper became ‘the King of the 40 kingdoms.’ He organized a great machine of death=army. The chronicle said that when he arrived in the city of Ur at the end of the ‘river of copper’ he could not clean his sword in it; it was still red with the blood that came down the river.

Meanwhile, in the North, droves of people from the Swedish and Austrian mines created the Top Predator civilization of weapon throughout history: the Germanic civilization. The Indo-European soldier, the Hoplite, is born. Army instructed, trained men move like lineal weapons. They extinguish all the other cultures of Europe, except the Basque-Iberians. Today, billions of people belong to that race. Both cultures have strong, hard Gods, like metal, that forbid the pleasures of the reproductive organs of humankind. The orgasmic Gods of Egypt are castrated by Christians fundamentalists. The Goddesses of fertility in Europe are broken with the iron swords of Wo-Tan. Women become submissive to the macho Smith-God. Smiths, workers of iron, are the leaders of those tribes. They inseminated thousands of women who in turn gave birth to thousands of Schmidts and Smiths all over the world. No wonder these are now the most common names in Germanic civilizations.

The Semitic-Germanic culture, the ‘Gold-iron’ culture, owes its survival as the top world culture to its symbiosis with weapons and money. The concept ‘chosen of God,’ of the Indo-European and Semite cultures, a human superior to other humans, is not an objective truth. It is a myth created by the abuse of weapons and money that has converted those cultures into Top Predators of the Metal-Earth. The myth is self-perpetuating; racist religions and cultures allow those who belong to the racist culture to ‘despise,’ abuse and kill other humans, using money and weapons. These cultures are able to expand worldwide because of the metal power they possess. Thus they reproduce and survive better not because of their human superiority, but because they become symbiotic with weapons and money.

For those reasons, the Indo-Europeans, who discovered iron, are a racist culture, based on physical power and violence as weapons are. While the Jewish-Protestant Old Testament culture who discovered informative money [gold, amber, and its modern version, Company shares], is also a racist culture, based on mental power and control of information. Both worship the added power of their metal-organs, and so become racist against men without metal-power. They give more rights to property than to humans, allow murder of other races, worship technology and money. The extreme is the Nazi culture based on the worship of iron, weapons, and human extermination. One of the most surprising things I learned from Old Testament fundamentalism, is that the Ten Commandments apply only to those who belong to the sect. To kill a Gentile is not defined as a real sin.

The result is that such gold-iron cultures are hated by all other cultures, and constantly enter into war and conflict with them. Why? Since they only relate to external people through monetary orders and weapons, not through human feelings. This is the key to understand the behavior of the companies that derive from those civilizations. Companies and the governments [lobbyists] they control, relate to people mainly through money, weapons and laws that favor metal. They are the accepted tools of power in civilizations that foster machine power, and not the social evolution of mankind. We say that informative money has imposed, through companies, the racist metal myths of Gold-iron civilizations worldwide. We talk of the gold-iron culture [metallic point of view], or Judermanic civilization [Jewish-Protestant culture of Go[l]d, and Germanic race]. They are also the culture of America, and the people that rule America..

We all belong today to that civilization, now a global eco[nomic]system of company-products based on the Economic Myth or Postulate: the wealth of a nation is its number of machines and money, that is constantly increasing. So countries with more money and more weapons, the modern versions of Gold and iron, are considered the best countries.

It is within that context, where the role of America in the World, as the leader of that change, and that cultures, appears now crystal clear. The goldiron culture indeed is today a world culture, and America is at the head of that culture. Since that culture is causing a biological mutation in the Earth, and that mutation is ruled by the laws of organic biology, and the laws of survival and extinction of the weakest species, often men, that fall to the relentless advance of machines, either weapons, or working machines that eliminate human workers, we can now understand forecast, and analyze the future of America, within the parameters of any fight between two ecosystems, the human ecosystem, the ecosystem of the American people, and the economic ecosystem, the ecosystem of American machines. They are neither the same ecosystem nor they have the same goals in life.

Even if most Americans do not realize of it, since after all they have suffered 5000 years of mental imprinting by rituals and ideologies of ‘animetals’.

In that sense the goldiron culture cannot be changed by a frontal attack. It is like the internet, or your brain. You might eliminate a few cells of that culture, you might win a war against part of that culture [as the Europeans, not only the Germans, did eliminate and massacred many times the Jewish people]. So what? There are millions of Americans, of British citizens, of German animetals, who believe in that culture and will continue the evolution of machines, the pursuit of ‘freed’=freedom of greed, and the subsequent extinction of Nature. What we might attempt to do is to change the ideas of the culture, to use reason to explain why that culture is committing self-suicide.

Of course if you belong to that culture you will follow the Galilean paradox and consider this book an insult to your culture or race. You forget though that it is your culture what kills you periodically and will kill mankind as robotic radiations of real ‘goldiron species’ with iron bodies and gold brains are created by your culture.

The truth is this book has only a point of view, that of the entire organism of History. So if part of that organism is sick, you try to cure cells. Of course you do not cut those cells. This is brutal surgery. You try to repair them, to change the genetic infection, the virus that are killing those cells and the rest of the body that needs those cells to survive. As Doctors of history it should now and for ever be clear that surgery does not cure sick organisms, by mutilating and traumatizing them. Vaccines, anti-virus do. So what we attack here is the weapon-money deformation that the Go[l]d culture suffers.

We did study the first age of that culture, the Semitic age, and now in this chapter we will give you an entire view of that culture, his myths and false ideas, through its 3 ages, the Jewish, English and American ages.

In the graph, the 3 ages of the Goldiron culture wave of existence:




In the graph, the 3 ages of the goldiron culture of Semitic-Germanic origin, in the races of the Northern and south deserts of minimal Social evolution, and minimal linguistic evolution. The predominance of eye-perception, in the loneliness of those deserts and their initial existence as Paleolithic hunters-destroyers, then as cattle ranchers with permanent abuse of cattle herds, explain the ways they dealt with masses of Neolithic people in their first age, as warrior and trader castes of most of Eurasia.


The 3 horizons of the culture are obvious. First in the Youth of the culture the Indo-Europeans of the 800 arch, became the master warriors of the bronze and iron age. While the Cananeans, Jewish and Phoenicians became master traders of the fertile crescent. Both cultures were reduced to minimal activities in the tempered zones of the world as Islam and Christianism made the ethic revolution against weapons and money of the cavalry age.

So both cultures spread North to the cold regions of primitive hordes of Homo bacteria that had not evolved into social religion, while the Jewish Semite culture maintained a limited controlled activity in the regions of Islam and Christianity.

It is the middle ages in which both cultures fusion in Northern Europe.

Then with the arrival of new metal-species that gave them higher power of communication, monetary information and war power [metal-press, paper money and companies of gunpowder weapons] the culture expanded worldwide, and invaded all the World by force, extinguishing all other cultures.

The culture reached its peak in Northern Europe before the I and II World and in America, which became the dominant subculture after the extinction of Europe in those wars.

There the culture has entered its age of extinction as the activities of warriors and traders are transferred to pure forms of metal -robotic weapons, defcom systems and other digital species of weapons, of the digital age, and electronic money and software programs that run company-mothers. So we can talk of a new entity, Matrix, the brain of the Metal-earth that will make those previous animetal castes obsolete.

The elements that define those cultures are different, weapons in the warrior subculture and money in the trader subculture, and we talk of 3 horizons:

– The age of bronze  or youth of the warrior Indo-European subculture.

– The age Iron weapons and  cavalry or classic age of the culture, now displaced to North Europe.

– The age of gunpowder or third age of that culture that ends in I and II World war. Now the culture is in its extinctive phase as robotic and digital weapons take over. So the bravery and traits of warriors are transferred to machines which become lineal, and sacrifice their existence for the pleasure of war, while the American soldier fears death and tries to make war a fantasy game.

On the other side, the subculture of trader is controlled by money and so it has 3 horizons, the age of bartering and metal, or Semitic age, the age of coins, in which also Indo-European groups such as the Greeks contribute to the evolution of the culture, and finally the modern age, the age of paper money and stocks, that culminates with e-money. Now again the culture becomes transferred to machines. So we can foresee the creation of a pure entity of metal, Matrix, which will be the guiding culture of robotic weapons and automated company-mothers.

It is the final moment of the culture that merge in America.

Since the warrior subculture is submissive in this third age of extinction to the flows of money we will consider only the gold subculture.

We will try to resume the evolution of those gold cultures , in 3 horizons: its prophetic age of birth in the fertile crescent; its reproductive age in Europe, and its final baroque age in USA.

They are the 3 ages that we said we apply to all organisms of the Universe, including civilizations.


The gold subculture. First age: Semite age.


Of the 3 great types of civilizations as organic beings, the ones controlled by money are tradocracies, the ones controlled by weapons are warrocracies, the ones controlled by words are theocracies. Crete was the first great tradocracy of History. Gold and silver from the Spanish mines came first to Crete and were then distributed by its ships throughout the coast from Egypt to Greece. In that culture so different from the militaristic structures of Mesopotamia, or the theocratic churches of Egypt; society was based like today in the organizative power of money.

There money had created certain peculiarities that would become a constant in all new tradocracies. Crete had been the prototype, of a first Metal culture based in money, but we know something about Crete’s social organization. In first place women had much more power. As in Babylon or Ur, as in the Phoenician society, or in the post-Diaspora Jewish world, or today in the Anglo-Saxon society, money elevated the condition of women. While in warrior societies weapons reduced it. This is logic. Women are creative, they abhor violence. They love the arrow of complexity in the Universe as much as men love the lineal arrow of energy. In an analogic vision to the cyclical shape of money, and the lineal shape of weapons, women are cyclical beings, information beings, time beings. Their body is cyclical, its language is verbal. Men are lineal, more energetic, more expansive – the arrow of death and explosion, of war. Energy-force dominates through war. And warrior societies are by essence machist societies.

So trader societies give power to women: money is understood by women as well or even better than by men. Women control in trader societies the sexuality and violence of men, and through that control, make men productive subjects, and Go[l]d the ruler of society. Such societies if protected, at distance, hidden from warrior societies, would accumulate such wealth, that would become a pure tradocracy. That was the origin of Crete, as well as Holland, and latter England and America, protected by seas from warrior societies. Crete was probably as England, a society where behavioral control was established by women; where money was the absolute mean of communication to which weapons and very likely the law-words of people were submissive; and where property was God, and Go[l]d its intelligence… A concept opposite to warrior cultures in which energy, and iron, weapons and violence would be God – the Wo-Tan of Scandinavians, or the Asur of Assyrians. And certainly a society different from those where the concept of Man, his senses and sensations were the God of the Universe, [verbal, religious, cultures].

Yet because forms who are different tend to hate each other, as much as forms who are equal love each other, it happened then as it will happen constantly in history, that warriors, who met such feminist society of traders, destroyed it.

Men cultures prey over ‘wo=men’ cultures, warriors over traders. And they did so in Crete, provoking a Holocaust latter mystified with earthquakes and Minotaur legends… Crete would left the memories of refinement found in its palaces, [the ‘Parisien’ and those women with strength and beauty]; and some feminine customs among men, by which it was common to be a ‘Cretan’ when you were Gay, as latter it would be a ‘Greek’, a gay-man in the Roman language of macho-warriors.

But the Cretans who escaped, sailing away with treasures and its culture, colonized Palestine and founded with other people the Phoenician culture, which in times of Solomon communicated to the Jewish culture. The same ideas thus became transferred first to Phoenicians and then to the culture of Jerusalem through Baal, Jezebel, Solomon, and the Temple, copy of the Tyros temple [and hence copy of its gold rituals]. Again an island, Jerusalem, this time in the desert, bridge-oasis of the Mesopotamia-Egypt route of caravan traders, became the site of trader rituals perfected by the Aaronite caste of priests that had revered the Golden calf. Those banker-priests confronted the prophetic men of human sensorial communication and love [prophets of Israel killed by priest-bankers] and the warriors who wished the monetary wealth of Gold cultures [Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Seleucians, and finally Romans]. After those Holocausts, lacking a political nation, and with a religion, considered by most people, a ‘primitive’, tribal religion, inferior to the non-racial, evolved social cults of Christianism and Islam, Jewish were constantly at risk. To survive, crippled socially, they put perhaps excessive confidence in money as the mechanism of power. And became the most specialized money culture of the West since the Tyrians.

The Jewish=Calvinist culture basically is a dual culture with an ideal verbal God, exemplified by Moses; and a real system of power – money – inherited from the old caravan traders between Mesopotamia and Egypt, that we trace to Abraham. Yet the mythic fight between Aaron V Moses, Golden Calf V verbal Law was won by Aaron who founded the priest-banker lineage of Jerusalem. The Jewish=Phoenician culture of Go[l]d jumped race to the Germanic people when the Protestants came. Judaism without doubt was a clear antecedent to Calvinist Holland, that so much believed in the old testament. In those zones where trade ways and money was fundamental – specifically in the Rhine, the commercial artery of Europe, from Geneva to London – that culture and a new religion, mixed of Gold and verbal laws, flourished in the form of Calvinism and Anglicanism. Immediately a series of wars and confrontation between traders and warriors [that had substituted the power of the church], took place in all Europe. Such fight was again not new, since trader cultures and warrior cultures have been always at war.

Holocausts of traders are also common among other civilizations such as Chinese in the civilization of South Asia; or Armenians and Greeks among Turks. As the recent riots in Indonesia or the massacres of Greeks and Armenians proved, all those money castes suffer periodically the cholera of the people, which might be indifferent to religious or cultural differences, but are always very concerned by economics. The monopoly of the invention of money in those societies by those castes, [today in the stock market] without doubt is the main cause of their Holocausts. Warriors envy the wealth traders control by controlling the supply of money. Already Alexander, Asur, and Rome attacked the Phoenician=Jewish culture of the classic age to steal that supply.

It was also the reason why all Europe went against Holland where the culture had resurrected at the end of the XVII century.

Holland had invented a new form of money – shares and bonds of companies – and acquired a virtual monopoly of its creation at continental level. And for the same reasons the Jewish had been prosecuted, Europe started a historical prosecution of the Calvinist ‘international’ of trade. We see here how history repeats with variations. The history of Jewish traders was embedded in a book, called the Bible. That book cloned its culture in Holland, thanks to the Protestant religion and the press. And they soon believed as the Levantine people on the political power of money. And soon they suffered the same cycles of war that Israel had.


2nd age: Holland, and England. Democracies masks of monetary power.


So the European Subcultures of money have precedents in history.

This is logic since money is one of the oldest communicators of power among humans. Market behavior and money as the guide of a society had been rather natural to castes specialized in money use, since the Babylonian and Jewish caste of bankers-priests in the bronze and Middle ages, to the Athenian ‘democratic’ of wealthy people, to the Dutch ‘democracy’ of stockrats.

However as a system of total social organization the concept of a culture-product where money was the value of all, from armies to religions, was only common in history to the so called ‘island republics’; trade emporiums, knots of communication in the world geography. It was limited and it could be controlled. Not any more with the beginning of company-mothers, paper money, metal-press and gunboats.

In Venice the first lines of production of boats started, and Venice knew that his boats and coins were the backbone of his civilization. Before them the Carthaginians lived on the sea. It was said in Rome that Gades was the second town of the Empire if you counted all the Phoenician traders on the sea. Tribes of the sea of sand, Semite Arab and Jewish caravan traders had also lived for trade. But all of them have kept a certain ethic or verbal control over money. Since they had used verbal thought to explain their dogmas, and verbal thought as we saw is by nature a human biological language with a natural ethic.

This ended when abstract mathematics, digital pricing appeared in Companies.

Then a new equation man=price=object dominates the behavior of people. Men become numbers without form and people can be evil in a blind manner, without thinking about it, using numbers. There is no responsibility but equations that meant nothing to the manager as he extinguishes human workers and forests.


The digital culture of company mothers is in that respect a new culture, where freedom of thought is basically freedom of greed, freedom of money, which controls all other systems of power – weapons and words with equations of productivity that kill in abstract, or scientific machines that kill at distance once the scientist made them and gave it to a warrior.

The air-pilot that threw the atomic bomb did not see his victims, so he came back and made himself a photo on the side of the airplane.

He was blind to his acts as the pricer that extinguish millions manufacturing weapons, and merely knows that his stock has raised.

Now Freedom is ‘freed’ a new word contraction for ‘freedom of greed’.

There is no longer words, but numbers, no longer temporal thought, ethic thought, survival thought, but space, consume, and eye-perception.

If you have a clear understand of the duality of the mind as an eye-space system of animal nature, and a verbal-temporal ethic survival system of human nature, it is easy to see why those desert people that became mathematical by lack of social evolution, have been able to extinguish life with so much smiles. They do not notice. The American optimist man who fights with all his forces to extinguish mankind, does not realize what he is doing. He is an animal, a spatial being, an eye being, without temporal evolution, with limited command of a very limited language, that cannot even translate Latin words about feelings that do not exist in his language. If Spanish and French have dozen of words for love, they only have one.  if Latin languages have subjunctive to wish, to imagine how to change reality, English have only present. So only the reality more evident is possible with verbal thought. The realm of imagination, of temporal creation is left to digital languages, to mathematics and money. Abstraction no longer is possible for that spatial eye-race. In that sense animality dominates. The Neo-Paleolithic is the end and origin of that culture, that money, today digital images stress.

Freedom of greed, of consume, of spatial preying, the Neo-Paleolithic as the engine of modern mankind. It is a concept reborn with the Dutch company of gunboats, and his abstract equations of slavery and science. In Companies of scientific Go[l]ds, the 3 elements of that culture, money, science and Go[l]ds come together.

It is a radical proposal against the evolution of history, based on the absolute belief in the goodness of metal of cyclical form [money], lineal form [weapons] or complex form [scientific instruments]…

It is then metal, in all its forms, the real organizer of such new brave world.

Metal had been already the backbone of many cultures. We talk of the Bronze age, and the iron age, and the gunpowder age… of that military culture, of the metal bar, coin age, and stock-company in the trader version.

Now however money multiplies its power with new inventions, the clock that controls time, the gunpowder that kills at distance, and the metal-press that expands scientific, and gold ideals.


The breaking point: Holland, XVII C.


In the XVII C. in Amsterdam starts a new ecosystem, that preys and soon expands its machines, monetary systems and reproductive companies, over all other ‘natural and historic ecosystems’ of religious or military power. It soon expands to Great Britain. The Dutch first and then the British, constructed so many gunboats, and developed such an excellent artillery, that they virtually destroyed all sea networks that transported energy and information from the body of the Spanish and Portuguese empire [the colonies] to the brain [the peninsula]. Once all sea networks of communication are on its hands, the new ecosystem founds The United States, where it will reach its most perfect form. Since America is a new land, where there are no previous institutions based in human ethics and aesthetics except those which Companies select, by their affinity to their goals of existence. So, once the Indian paradise of carbolife existence is extinguished; America becomes a perfect place to build the new brave world, the economic ecosystem, which today she rules supreme.

A new expansion happens at the beginning of the XIX C in the European Continent. When France ‘exploited’, and ‘died’ as an agricultural civilization [end of the ancient regime], it was converted into a replica of the winning civilization [England], expanding that civilization all over Europe [French revolution]. The victory of the new ecosystem was then complete in the Western World. The new ecosystem of science and economics, achieves world dimensions. The organic ecosystems of history – the social nations of man – were now scientific, economic ecosystems, no longer, religious, natural ecosystems, based in informative networks of words and laws, and carbolife energy, and products; but based in mathematics, and money – in metal-machines.

It was then when the economical organism starts its amazing rate of growth, till covering in another two centuries the entire Earth. Today that new ecosystem is a World wide organism. Such organism and its 2 networks, informative science, and company-mothers, evolves and reproduces machines, scientific information and monetary wealth at an amazing, ever increasing rate.


Symbiosis Of War And Money.


The deformation of those cultures by metal started in its first age, when in Palestine Gold was worshipped. So it is longer in the Semitic, trader cultures of gold origin, which was discovered a few thousand years before hard-weapons were found. Such deformation is so deep that it permeates as we will see even their languages and art… Warrior Goldiron subcultures such as German use long words, of necessary truths. Trader goldiron subcultures such as the British culture divide words in little bits of information as money is. Germanic cultures love physical art, while Trader English cultures love decoration and jewelry, as Jewish do. Germanic cultures love lineal forms, as their weapons while English design rounded streets as their money. Informative women have more power in English and Jewish Gold cultures, and energetic Machist men have more power in Germanic warrior cultures and military Arab nations. In old Germanic traditions God was represented by a sword and smiths were the chiefs of the tribes, and Wo-tan the God. In Phoenician and Jewish cultures the Golden calf was God, and money is in Calvinism and economics the invisible hand of God.

Weapons and money in that sense are the total masters of the people of those cultures, the Semite and Germanic Goldiron people, whose primitive state of Historic and Economic understanding keeps them as slaves of money and weapons. Still today in America those are hard, obvious truths.

Weapons and money have always been symbiotic. When species share common properties, such as being made of the same material; energy + information species become a symbiotic organism. For example DNA and lineal membranes, made of the same substance  are the information and energy organs of cells. Membranes and DNA are complementary. The membrane is lineal and hard, like iron. It controls the form and content of cells. It cuts carbohydrates when needed. It kills and controls the space of cell species. While DNA stores information which the cell uses to put enzymes to work. So happens with iron and money, the lineal and digital species of metal. Iron is the lineal species that is used in weapons, that kills and jails and controls humans.

On the other hand, cycles of money which store price-values, and wage information, activate animetals – as DNA activates enzymes in the cell-factory. It tells them to reproduce products, mainly weapons.

The great evolutionary ages of money and war become in this manner the fundamental discontinuums in History: The age of bartering and bronze wars flourished in the Middle East. The age of coins and iron weapons, flourished in the Roman and Han empires. The age of Companies and stock-markets reproduced gunboats and paper money. Finally the age of chipped weapons and e-money is the age in which we live. An age in which for the first time in History the same metal-species, computers, control money and Top Predator weapons. Hence computers are becoming the new Top Predator species of the Metal-earth.

Mr. Smith, founder of Economics, a Calvinist believer in Go[l]d, ‘forgot to mention’ that the products of the Metal-Economy with higher price are weapons, and so the Wealth of a metal-nation is mainly in machines of war. The ‘Smith Postulate’ is the myth that the growth of metal is the progress of man. The growth of metal-wealth means the radiations of metal machines, mainly weapons, fostered by radiation of money. And that is not healthy for men.

The wealth of England in the Times of Smith were gunboats, and gunboat companies hold most of the money of that age. Then in America wealth was in weapons, rifles to exterminate Indians, and both money and rifles went together.

English colonists received $5 each for Indian scalps. This started the custom of cutting them to prove a capture, which Indians later imitated.

The Chinese emperor who invented the first Chinese coins conquered with iron weapons the kingdom. He killed +5 million men, motivating with 6 pieces of iron-coins per human head, his soldiers…

Money is addictive. We want more and more at any cost. In the pre-colonial days in North America, to the surprise of Conquistadors, many cultures despised money. It was not yet the language of value. As money evolves more things acquire monetary value. Then money displaces verbal thought as the language that values life. This happened in China, and in America: life became cheap because money is desired more than the life of others. Chinese philosophers like Confucius, who lived at the beginning of the coin age in China, as Hesiode in Europe, spoke of the end of the Jen Age, the age of Love and social harmony. In the 17th-19th centuries a parallel phenomena occurred in America, causing the Indian Holocaust.

The potential of Gold and Iron, of soft cyclical and hard lineal metal, is used to control men. That is the essence of metal power in history. Iron is the hard, lethal species of metal. Those who knew how to use iron weapons soon become the Gods of death. Iron weapons established  new degrees of cruelty [Assyrian empire] that astonished the civilized Egyptian and Sumerians. Iron guided human behavior out of the fear of death. Iron creates slavery, police and jails. The possibility of keeping men in jails increased the degree of repression in societies.


Believers, the super-humans, the Homo organicus.


We thus talk of two kind of human societies, societies of ‘believers’, people of the pre-metal age, or modern men of higher social standing, able to survive without metal, who love and help other humans. And societies of Homo bacteria, ‘primitive animetals’ symbiotic to metal since the age of armored warriors, similar structures to crabs inside their shells. They are Crippled in their human nature as crabs are crippled in their movements. Yet backed by their weapons and ideologies and myths, they feel superior to social men. They  create of all kind o rituals of rhetoric superiority from religions to nationalisms. They are superhumans only for other animetals, such as Mr. Nietzsche. In the view of this writer ‘metal masters’ are not even as good as their machines, which today we start to see in all their power [Robots, Chipped machines], but ‘animetals’, slaves of machines that catalyze their reproduction as enzymes catalyze the creation of carbohydrates, at the price of extinguishing life. The biological and historical prove of this is overwhelming.

Following Nietzsche, we should call them instead, and from the human and life point of view, subhumans. Since naked of their metal-vanity they have lesser verbal power than a prophet, or a believer, lesser freedom of mind, lesser harmonic perception of the living Universe, of the beauty of nature and love which they ignore and destroy with their machines. Animetals though control history as symbiotic species to their metal ‘shields’ and money. They are powerful due to their metal atomic-density, not because of their human density. As humans they are in fact simplified and partially destroyed on its human nature by repressive rituals, caused by their association with metal, a different species, which is alien and biologically non-compatible with life. Such deformation of animetals is the main cause of cultural rhetoric, ‘human irrational behavior’, and self-suicidal instincts shown in wars. A fundamental subject of this and other books of the author.

Against them, from the beginning of History the voice of ‘super-human’, of the masters of verbal thought, the historians of the future [prophets who understood the evolution of History and its confrontation against the evolution of metal] have always spoken clear and loud, trying to explain mankind why we should not obey animetals but obey ethics and human wor[l]ds.

The first of those human masters who confronted the Semite warriors and traders, and explained what they were doing to history, was a Sumerian writer, author of the Genesis.


3. The corruption of social gods: go[l]d religions inquisitions.


All great prophets have attacked money and weapons, because they have defended the ecosystem of History, of God…

So simple to understand, and yet today so little people perceives the organism of God, of social history, that as Nietzsche put it, ‘is dying, because men have killed it’. Scientists, and weapon designers we might say have killed God, the organism of social History, despite earlier warnings by the first prophets=historians of the future, who said ‘do not eat of the tree of science, of his good [machines] and evil weapons, because they day you do, your species will die’… So the myth goes, when Adam the first scientist discovered metal, God condemned him to work as a smith [Islamic account of the original sin], and ever since ‘Adam the Smith’ and his sons like Cain, also a Smith, or Adam Smith the founder of economics, have evolved metal and killed with weapons the beauty of the Genesian paradise of life.


The parable of Genesis: the tree of metal-technology.


The Genesis told us the parable of the ‘original sin of man’. It explained, how mankind had ruined the paradise of carbolife, because humans were too arrogant, and wanted to be superior to all creatures of paradise. So they discovered new species, technological species, metal species, symbolized by the ‘tree of science’. Yet those metal-species were not all good. There were many rotten apples, many bad fruits, in that tree. Fruits that will cause the extinction of mankind. Obviously the legend was talking about weapons. Since what other species of the tree of science can extinguish mankind? The parable of the tree of science was a warning. In the XX century weapons of all kind, made of steel, killed around a hundred million human beings. They are basically the last stages of evolution, of those first ‘machines of metal’ which were the bronze chariots that destroyed Ur, the civilization that invented writing, 5000 years ago. It was then, when according to the legend, a man, probably a writer, from the temple of Ur, left the city, with his family and moved up the Euphrates. His name was Abraham, and either he wrote or took with him a book, the oldest book preserved by mankind, called ‘Genesis’. man, that was leaving behind a city destroyed by hordes of bronze charioteers. He understood that metal and man were different species. Different species killed each other, even if they might be symbiotic for a while. He was an evolutionist, 4000 years before Darwin came with the same concept.


God=The Laws of Evolution  said to Man:

‘Do not eat of the tree of science=technology,

of its good and bad fruits=weapons,

because the day you do=evolve them

 certainly you will die=become extinct’

 Genesis, Bible. Biological translation on Italic text


The intelligence of Genesis surprises us. How it describes the paradise of carbolife, how it understands that man is the top predator of that ecosystem, and as such it should take care of it. How it understands the sin of arrogance of man, his incapacity to keep his top predator position in that ecosystem, destroying it, worshipping a new species, the species of metal…

Have ever been a more beautiful description of the future of mankind, of the arrogance of science, of the evil=extinctive capacity of metal, against life? Yet that book is probably 4000 years old… Yet the Historian of the Genesis saw the first hordes of bronze weapons extinguishing the Neolithic paradise of Ur, and foresaw that the Cains of History would keep evolving weapons and killing human beings, as they indeed have done. Yet today ‘scientists’ still do not have a global vision of History, and understanding of social organisms, because they still try to describe the History of the Word with numbers…

The tree of science, has not brought knowledge, but merely machines, weapons and money that corrupted and degraded the verbal knowledge of man, and the religions of love of the Wor[l]d age.

Today most of those religions are corrupted, sick, controlled by rituals of money and weapons, that have conveniently forgotten the truth of social evolution: love each other as you love yourself. So you can use weapons and money to manipulate and ab=use other human beings.


Metal-religions: corruption and anti-truths of verbal prophets.






So those Gold dogmas in fact destroy social bondage and human Gods. Faith creates individual people, Homo bacteria that no longer wish to evolve socially. The law with origin in metal-systems of power, goes very often against the ethics of love and punishes human behavior and human natural desires. Work is a function that reproduces machines, and so does money.

We talk of social cultures Vs individualistic metal cultures, as the great  opposition of History. The first are Goldiron cultures, animetal cultures of smiths of weapons, today called the military and the police, smiths of Go[l]d, today called economists, and Adams of the tree of Good and evil, today called scientists. In them the lack of social evolution by growth of metal weapons and metal wealth are related, since weapons evolve with violence, and wealth requires denial of ethical behavior. Facts those obviously denied by rhetoricians of weapons and Go[l]d, and the churches and inquisitions of verbal or mathematical knowledge, that ‘Adam Smiths’ foster.  ‘Adam Smith’ was indeed the name of the first Abstract economist that said the wealth of nations were their machines and weapons. Coincidence, or a secret code of words for those who wish to see the subconscious power of verbal wor[l]ds?

We can in fact classify most modern religions, as ritualistic deformations of the Word of verbal, prophetic artists, that have deformed that Word in two basic metal-religions:

– ‘Inquisitions’. The message of love, sensual pleasure, and social equality is deformed by a caste of warriors that frightens and corrupts the priests of the religion, who adapt the message of the prophet to the caste of warriors. Inquisitions accept war, repress sensorial feelings, and sexuality, focusing human energy into external exercise, related to physical war activity. They divide mankind in tribes, nations, and races, and justify the military caste as the special ‘sons of god’. Since this is obviously false when a human being thinks naturally and logically, metal-religions of any kind need to brain-wash the intelligence of the believers with external symbols, wealth, icons, artistic rhetoric, and rituals of subservience to the monetary and military caste. They also have to blur the natural capacity for logic thought, of a human being into inferior ways of thinking and manipulating information, proper of animal life, such as ‘drama and fear’. So they appeal to emotions not to intelligence, and pretend that the mystery of God is not comprehensible by man…

Classic examples: the Spanish inquisition that had on its shield a cross, and an inverted cross, a ‘sword’. We talk of ‘[S]word’ religions, that have included as in biological genetics, an alien host code-meaning, converting the Word of Man into the Sword of the warrior. The Lutheran and similar Protestant inquisitions, that accepted war, unequally among men [chosen of God], and sensorial repression, to cater the needs of German military princes. Nationalistic religions, that make of a tribe-nation, a ‘national God’, superior to the human race, to cater modern, national industrial systems of reproduction of weapons. So the good of Germany, or America, or Japan or China, is equaled to the good of their armies, and becomes more important to its citizens, that the good of mankind, the natural biological species to which we all belong.

– ‘Churches’. The corruption of churches is caused by monetary information. Wealth and property become sacred, superior to human rights, and the key to enter heavens. Again a truth becomes transformed into an anti-truth. Indeed, we have proved biologically that Swords and gold are evil=extinctive of mankind=God, and reproductive of metal-kind; while sensorial pleasure is good, and reproductive of mankind. We have seen also how the great artistic prophets of Words have said so throughout history. Yet churches and inquisitions turn upside down that truth, and promote violence and money, and repress sensorial pleasure. We talk of churches of Go[l]d, where an alien code introduced within the meaning of God, makes of Gold, the new God of mankind.

As in those virus that introduce their genetic code into a healthy bacterium, and make the bacterium reproduce virus instead of its own species, Go[l]d and [S]word religions make mankind to reproduce their enemy species, the metal-kind…

Calvinism, Anglicanism and ‘Aaronism,’ the ritualistic version of Judaism where priest-bankers, praise wealth and convert the true words of Christ and Moses into go[l]d rituals, are the classic examples.

– Modern Go[l]d religions.

Modern Economics, founded by people belonging to those old Go[l]d religions [Adam Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Say, Marx, and a long etc. belonged all to those 3 religions], is the modern version, of gold churches. Since economics considers ‘money, the invisible hand of God’, and systematically represses any attempt to create a biological science of economics, based in the evolution of machines.

– Atheisms. The fundamental consequence of all those deformed religions is atheism. Indeed, today the biggest number of atheists in the world exist within those people that are born in the Jewish and Protestant religions.  Atheism has a fundamental consequence that reinforces the tasks of animetals. It degrades the confidence of the human being in verbal thought; so he becomes a ‘believer’ of the myths of science, and digital languages. Indeed, the concept behind all those repressive religions and obsolete cults based in myths and ideologies so out of date that nobody can believe on them, is to maintain the level of verbal understanding in the believer at a minimal stage of dramatic, pre-rational thought. In this manner churches and inquisitions reinforce the rival language of mathematics, in any version, money, science, democratic beliefs. The rituals and absurd ideologies expel the believer from verbal languages, and give him a blind faith in the findings of science. Thus most scientists have been also Protestant, Jewish or economical believers that make machines to accumulate money. If those people were educated in verbal science, in eastern religions and western gods they would fulfill their need of knowledge at objective level with the Eastern science of the Universe, and at subjective level, with the mystique perception of God, the social body of mankind according to western religions of love. Yet since he is told myths of the bronze age [Jewish=protestant religions], or makes of money his goal of existence, he abandons verbal thought and only learns mathematical languages; thus becoming animetals, men with their natural biological verbal brains, underdeveloped.


As a result of  legal inquisitions backed by Swords, that create privileged access to God by warrior animetals; and churches backed by Go[l]ds and property laws, that give the same privileges to Trader animetals, today most Prophetic books have been deformed.

In this manner the prophetic books of the Wor[l]d, the only guide of a religion, which has to be practiced by each believer as the guide of his daily existence, in order to create a parallel network of social minds, and enact a collective God, become deformed. In this manner, the social God becomes blurred to the perception of the believer that has to practice rhetoric rituals of Go[l]d and the S=word, that paralyze the efficiency of the Ethic Book and his mandates. The believer no longer acts to create ethic love with other men, love no longer rules a society, in which the animetal has established himself as a top predator caste.

4. Repression of the Human will by digital languages.


The new organisms: metal-civilizations


We can now, with those simple notions of the nature of human social organisms, civilizations, and economic ecosystems, based in historic facts and the laws of organic existence, study the historic organisms developed by mankind on Earth, from a biological perspective, and their opposition to the economic ecosystem that preys on them, the present dominant organism, the Metal-Earth. We only had a ‘bird’s view’ of the historic organisms that preceded it, the social organisms of mankind based in agricultural energy and verbal information, religious information, which explained in verbal terms, the basic law of social evolution: love=communicate to individuals of the same species, and organize with them a social body that gathers your natural energy and information. Such was indeed the religious goal that maintained earlier civilizations in history, as cohesive social bodies, despite the fact that germs-weapons and castes of warriors, were at work since the Calcolithic [age of copper] trying to ruin those verbal societies.

The first of those metal-civilizations were the Semite civilizations that substituted earlier Neolithic organisms based in human goods and love religions.

The Semite culture was the blue print for all metal-civilizations that came after them. Verbal information was substituted by monetary orders or legal codes of repression.; sexual and body languages, sensorial information was repressed to create castes of warriors that use their body for physical displays of violence; and the reproduction of Human goods in villages, became secondary to the reproduction of weapons and money in cities.

So with Semites, there started a parallel social organism, that preyed on the goals of the human social organisms, and substituted their elements by metal-elements.

Let us consider that transfer caused by the Semite desert people, in the earlier civilizations of Mesopotamia.


Human Social Body————————-> Metal-Body

Human Goods [Natural goods] ————> Metal-Goods [weapons, money].

Human body-cells [farmers] ———> Animetals [warriors: men+Weapon].

Cellular castes:

Villagers->Informative Priests —–> Oppressed citizens ->Semite Animetals


Human Social Brain:—————————->Metal-Brain.

Human brain-cells [verbal believers]——> Traders [informative  money]+                                                          Citizens [people who obey written laws]


Human Reproductive Networks—————->Metal-Reproductive networks

Agricultural fields, knot-villages—–> Monetary networks [castes of traders]

+ cities [knots of animetals]

Artisans, Ceramists   —————–>     Artisans, Weapon-Makers

Human Information/Energy Networks——–>Metal-Information/Energy networks


Religious texts, Human art and prophets —> Gold religions + Luxury Goods.

Parables, Love, equality and Social evolution-> Law, Revenge, classes and racism.

River veins, Human solidarity ——-> Military roads + War


The transference of structures, and the transformation of networks, and organizations from the Historic ecosystems of the Neolithic and Paleolithic, to the Bio-economic ecosystems, are a very recent phenomena, in the relative life of the human species. They bring in that sense the third age of History, only after men have been organized by small, free social organisms in harmony with nature for millions of years, hundreds of thousands if we restrict ourselves to the Homo sapiens. The balance and harmony of that youth of History that Semites ended, is self-evident when we study the American cultures that did not suffer the mutation, before Columbus. The Paleolithic age had a mirror in the Northern Indian cultures. The Neolithic age had a mirror to study in the Mayan cultures before the Toltecs, the first hordes animetal warriors to conquer Meso-America, destroyed them. Those two cultures are widely admired by historians, and show how men could have lived in harmony with Nature for centuries to come. Their swift destruction by hordes of European Animetals, is a history which leaves no room to hesitation: a brutal, preying, selfish new species of man, whose arrogance and ignorance of the laws of the Universe is complete commits a genocide at continental scale. The first of those genocides, was undoubtedly the Genocide of the Neolithic culture committed by the first Semite animetals who annihilated the first caste of Writers, the writers of Sumer. We might wonder, who left his trace in Human history? Not the animetals but the writers, not the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorra, but the Sumerian writer of Genesis, who condemned them. Since that is the paradox of History, the Human master, the prophet seeks not his gory but the salvation of mankind, while the animetal seeks his individual glory. And yet, only the prophet is admired by the new human generations, and the animetal is either forgotten, or laughed at by his arrogance, and slavery to metal, which leaves traces only in the machines he manufactures. The thoughts of those earlier animetals are not with us, but the swords and money they invented did progress. Neither men, nor Machines animetals sacrifice their life for the nothingness of those who swim between waters. We remember the thoughts of Shakespeare. We can imagine his personality. We remember the thoughts of Jesus, we can imagine his mind. Yet we ignore totally the thoughts of Caifas, or the thoughts of Newton. We still use the same money Caifas used to kill Christ. We still use the same formulas Newton used to describe the Universe. Yet who was Caifas, who was Newton? Who cares? Neither men, nor the machines they helped to ‘grow and multiply.’


The evil=anti-live behavior of Animetal cultural icons.

What we know from Newton’s private life? That he died virgin and he hated women, maybe because they reproduced humans not machines.

What we know from Einstein’s private life? That he put his child in a mad hose and forgot to mention him in his biography. That he told his wife that ‘women can only reproduce children not ideas”, and tortured her all his life.

What we know from Smith’s private life? That he died virgin and only talked to his mother, a Calvinist believer.

What we know from Galilee? That he was a confessed misogynist, and hated women.

Those are the 4 summits of the animetal scientific culture. Those are the 4 men who are considered by animetals the supreme intelligence of mankind. It is not surprising the 4 of them hated women, the reproductive essence of mankind, that the 4 of them hated the will of man. Since the ultimate essence of animetal cultures, including the modern culture of America, is to repress the human will, our food, our verbal ethic information, our reproduction our women.


Repression of the will of man substituted by the will of machines.

 A deeper analysis of this culture would show how their languages of Semitic origin [minimal vowels, and information content] and Germanic origin [minimal syntax, and social complexity], or rhetoric art [specialized in lineal forms such as the German art, or cyclical shapes such as the English art], and other cultural deformed traits, and systems of repression, that spread from sexuality to sensoriality and food, determine that lack of evolution, and indifference for the human will.

Basically in all those cultures and sub-cultures the will of man, reproduction, energy-food, and verbal information [ethics and literature, law and religion] are deformed to a degree that make all those elements of the human will undesirable. So by lack of evolution the people of those cultures prefer to obey the will of machines and metal. Indeed. Since sex is repressed, human reproduction is no longer enjoyable and the goldiron individual priers to become a work-alcoholic, reproducing machines. Since food is limited to tasteless products [Jewish kosher, British food, American fast-food] the goldiron individual ignores human energy goods, and all the relationships established around food-hours, from conversation to after-dinner sex, so common in the other Wor[l]d cultures [Latin culture, Arab culture, Asian cultures]. Since verbal syntax is minimal and religions are deformed by inquisitions of weapons and go[l]d churches, the goldiron believer tends to atheism and worships money, weapons or science, an alternative religion of mathematical dogmas, that offer in those societies of minimal verbal information ideas about the Universe and mankind that easily convince the goldiron member.


Thus in any of those sub-cultures, and today thanks to the spread of the goldiron culture by metal-communicators, in the ‘bastard cultures’ of the modern World, the human will becomes substituted by the metal will, and the evolution of History becomes secondary to the evolution of bio-economic ecosystems.


Science and Technology: Evolution of Machines


Science and technology in “bio-economics” are not abstract concepts, but biological elements. Science evolves certain metal-species called Technology. Company-mothers reproduce them. Both appeared together in the XVII century, starting the Industrial Evolution. Scientific, technological species are metal-species that enhance human perception of information and energy, improving human life. They are also evolutionary species that cause the extinction of labor, human cultures, and life species throughout history.  We are conscious that Evolutionary Theory, when applied to machines, is not “economically or politically correct,” in an age that worships machines, money and science. We are more concerned here with the logic of truth than the logic of correction, censorship and power.


Abstract economists are ideologists of the evolution of machines.


If the biological nature of Economics is so obvious, you might wonder: why is there so little talk of evolution in economical books and universities? The reasons have more to do with the control that company-mothers whose aim is to reproduce machines have over human information, than the nature of knowledge, which can adapt Theory of Evolution very easily to History and Economics. Yet an evolutionary theory applied to machines reaches radical conclusions against technology and weapons, the base of modern power. So, in general, those in power, controlled by lobbies of company-mothers, or company-mothers themselves which emit information [mass-media companies] do not approve of evolutionary economics. They don’t encourage the spread of these ideas that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that technology is harmful to humankind.  Instead they prefer ‘abstract’, non-evolutionary concepts of economics that praise machines as progress, and encourage nations to increase the numbers of machines and money they reproduce. Such is the present school of economics founded by Adam Smith, and their followers. Censorship is plainly the cause why there is not a real science of Economics.


However there is only a ‘scientific truth’ about any reality. So 2+2=4, the planets turn in ellipses, not in circles, and Economics is an ecosystem, not an abstract entity. So the use of a false theory about Economics, has as a result a false Economical science. This is proved because Economics ignores the cycles of machines, their evolution and unlike all other human sciences is unable to predict the future of the species it studies, money and machines.


Money Vs words.


Many people wonder, in those days of uncertainty, when markets of money, stocks and commodities go up and down wildly, and trillions of dollars are lost and won in the market, why Man cannot control or predict the economic world. Why man cannot predict his collective future in history and Economics.

The answer is obvious: Because Economics is not a science. It does not study  [as other sciences do] the changes on its species – people and products – that take place due to the evolution and reproduction of its languages of information, and species of energy – money and machines. It does not study how the language of money manipulates and controls the human ‘energy’ that reproduces the machines of the economic world. It does not analyze how machines and money evolve towards ‘organic and electronic-neural forms’, nor it compares such evolution with that of living organisms, extracting logic conclusions. It does not consider the extinctive capacity of machines in fields of war, and fields of labor… In a few words: it ignores completely the underlying evolutionary nature of the Industrial Revolution, properly called the ‘Metal evolution’. It is in the dark ages of pre-scientific thought.

Let us then define the main components of economics in biological, scientific terms, not with ‘myths’ and abstractions as economists do.


Money, Humankind’s new language of information


What are profits, money, the goal of Companies and Humans working in them? Money is a digital language, a new informative language, that has substituted verbal thought as the language of orders in the Earth. This is clear. Before Companies and science arrived, you obeyed religious verbal orders. Now you obey salaries, and prices and mathematical equations. Those ‘digital languages’ have substituted the language of ‘ethics’, of ‘moral and social survival’, in the guide of our societies.


So if you ask someone to ‘kill a man’ he won’t obey, but if you pay someone, he will kill for you. We obey money, no longer words. And that changes history because the ‘medium is the language’; and a new medium – digital orders – creates a different future. What future? A future, in which the evolution of money itself [profits], and the reproduction of its associated machines becomes the goal of nations controlled by company mothers.

Words aimed to the reproduction and social evolution of man.

Yet money reproduces metal-species. It makes of the evolution and reproduction of machines, not of man the center of the Universe.

So because today we obey money, we reproduce and evolve machines, as the goal of our societies. We make the goal of man, economic growth.


In that sense as long as men obey money, and money is reproduced and invented mainly by company-mothers in stock-markets, and company-mothers obey their biological mandate of evolving and reproducing machines, a causal line of actions determines a single future: men will obey company-mothers and reproduce and evolve machines till they are better species than men, and according to the fight between species extinguish men.

It is important to understand that all ecosystems, are ruled by brains of species who talk a given biological language. So not only machines substitute human bodies or kill them in wars, but the language that machines speak better – mathematics – substitutes the biological human language – words.

So today we know only digital languages, and they have power to control reality, either designing machines [science], reproducing them [stock-money], or valuing reality in favor of machines [money that gives machines higher value than to animal and human life]. Also the study of machines, is done not through a verbal Theory such as Evolution, but through a digital Theory that favors them such as Abstract economics is.


The new languages of digital information create the Earth’s future.


The arrival of Companies and Science, around 1600, started a new world, where the new top predator language of power would be digital information – the language of profits and science – and the new top predator species that better used that language of communication would be the machine of science, created in company-mothers, reproducers of ‘scientific stocks’, and evolved by the scientific method, both of which used digital languages to value reality, in favor of machines, against men. So now machines would be preferred to man in labor and war fields, and sensorial machines [telescopes, cameras, clocks and computers] would be considered more intelligent than man, as perceptors of space and time…

Since the goal of companies is to reproduce machines, and the goal of science is to evolve machines, if we gather both goals, we get the company of scientific pricing, the mother-organism of machines, center of the digital networks [financial, scientific] of power, and truth, today creators of the future on Earth.

It all started because men of science and money changed the top predator language of the Earth from verbal to digital thought [money and science], the top predator organic ecosystem, from the Carbo-Earth to the Metal-Earth, and the top predator species, from man to machine.

Languages deliver informative orders that organize any ecosystem, or social organism, by means of informative networks. The top predator of the ecosystem gives informative orders by controlling through its language of power all other organisms of its ecosystem.

What is the top predator language of our world? Digital information either of monetary or scientific character that controls our life energy [salaries, prices] and information [science.] Linguistic information creates the future of any ecosystem. Orders given by species of high linguistic information create futures. DNA orders the cell with genetic information, and decides who lives and dies in the cell. Even black holes seem to order irregular galaxies into rhythmic spirals thanks to their higher mass of gravitational information. Linguistic information creates the future of economics through monetary orders; as other languages create the future of stars or cells.

So the species which can deliver better digital orders, survive and have power. Those species are today, company-mothers, computers, weapons, and his symbiotic castes of human beings: Traders, warriors and scientists, people we might call ‘animetals’, since they rely on metal to exercise power and control over nature and other human beings, either in the form of money, [traditionally a coin of metal, today a cycle of e-money in the mind of a computer] weapons or complex machines.

Since machines use better the digital top predator new languages. Machines have maximum price-value [top predator weapons]. Machines are designed with digital information [science, engineering]. Machines themselves calculate better with numbers [computers]. Now thanks to science we believe in digital information. Yet we are not the top predator species of digital information [computers are]. So, we also become extinct, words become extinct. The future is designed as a machine ecosystem, by machines, computers, and their company-mothers….


Monetary orders substitute verbal information: Credit creates reality


How money creates reality against the historic ecosystem, how money orders reality? Through a process that we will define with a new verb: Cre[dit]ation. It means that you can create reality with credit. If you can invent money, that is if you have a credit, then you can give orders to people with that money, they desire, given its value which can be changed by anything else. In this manner to have credit implies the right to create reality: Cre[dit]ation means that credit is creation, credit creates reality. So those who control credit, who can invent money invent reality. It happens that credit is today not in the hands of human beings, not even in the hands of governments, which have ‘laws of deficit zero’, that prevent them to create credit, but in the hands of company-mothers and banks. They cre[dit]ate reality inventing first money very easily with null-cost paper, in stocks and notes, which are by law money. Companies have an enormous privilege over society, since nobody else can invent money merely by going to a place called the stock-market and saying they ‘are monetary value’. It does not matter if it is truth or not. Stock-markets want to speculate, to invent money. So any excuse, any new company is good to create new monetary value. In the beginning of stock-markets, they even used flower, tulips, and tea. You could go to Amsterdam with a tulip and say, it was worth millions of guilders, and people said it was truth. Today we do so with internet companies. You go to Wall Street with a diskette of binary instructions, as Netscape did, and you get 7 billions of dollars in a day. Then you can spend that money creating the product and the machines you want. So today everyone has a Netscape Browser in his computer. Yet any other person who wants to open a business not related to the main industries of the stock-market [technological and machine industries] cannot invent money, neither get credit. So we cannot invent reality as human beings. You cannot go to the stock-market with a project for hospitals, schools, farms, resorts for holidays, environmental care, and get 7 billion dollars. Even if those projects are far more important for the welfare of mankind. Only company-mothers of machines can do that. Why? Because stock-markets are controlled by people, ‘animetals’, who worship machines more than they care for mankind. So they credit a world for their machines of energy, and information.

We have given to those company-mothers [or rather they have taken from mankind through acts of war and bribery] the right to invent money in stock-markets and banks. They have taken that right from our human governments that used to help the reproduction of human goods, with deficits [inventing money in notes].

The result is that we work for such companies. We give them our life-time, through work, which they monopolize because they have all that unlimited money they invent with shares and notes, to pay for our life -time. We have given them rights to make laws that cater to the benefits of their machines, because we allow legally them to bribe our politicians, our human leaders. We have given them the right to be bad with humanity, and to destroy our energy and information, because we do not ask them any political, economical and legal responsibility, thanks to unjust laws such as the law of anonymous societies, that concedes anonymity and non-legal responsibility to the people that work in those company-mothers. We have given company-mothers and machines the rights to be our top predators, our masters, to be the owners of our times, our laws, and our goods.

At the same time we have denied our best human species, the best writers, and ethic men, the priests and lawyers that used to rule our societies with verbal mandates, the rights to construct our ecosystem. We have made all verbal institutions weak. Instead, we have decided that money, a bit of metallic information, controlled and reproduced by company-mothers in stocks, and banks, which undervalues human beings [since money values machines and weapons more than human goods] the right to invent reality.

Should then become surprised that our world is becoming a world designed by company-mothers and ‘animetal ideologies’ to cater the needs of their machines? Should we become surprised that our free time to cater our lives and needs dwindles, and the time we consume=vitalize, and work=reproduce machines increases?

Shall we wonder that all this becomes hidden by the massive reproduction of misleading information that tell us that to become servants of machines, not of humanity, to consume and work is the best we can do?


Stock-markets, informative brain of a bio-economy.


Company mothers select products according to its quality as organs of energy and information, in ‘ecosystemic jungles’ called markets.

Yet who selects company-mothers? Stock-markets.

Beyond individual company-mothers, units of machine reproduction, a bio-economy has a social brain, in which all company-mothers are judged by the quality of its products, and given further monetary orders of reproduction [profits], or penalized if they do not accomplish their goals of reproduction and evolution of machines [negative profits, lower prices of stocks, etc]. The Stock-market acts as the DNA of a cell, or the Brain of a carbolife organism: it invents the informative language of a bio-economy – money. A language that directs through wages and prices the behavior of humans and products, as Genetic code directs the cell…

The stock-market, ‘creates’ most of the new ‘genetic orders’, of the new money that the bio-economy invents. And it gives it for free, to companies the stock-market likes. Then companies ‘cre[dit]ate’  the future reality, with that money.

Cre[dit]ate is a new word which means that credit=creation, credit creates reality, since people obey money. So those who invent money, create the future, giving orders to mankind with money. Since company-mothers, not human beings create money in stock-markets, we obey the will of company-mothers, the will of machines: we reproduce=work, and consume=vitalize machines.


The selection of company-mothers and products by pricing.

What kind of economic growth a bio-economy encourages? What kind of companies, and products the stock-market ‘finances’ with monetary orders?

Stock-markets, Animetals [men who reproduce machines as enzyme reproduce carbohydrates, in factories similar to assembly-cells] and companies tend to cre[dit]ate products of easy reproduction because they cost less and their sale give higher profits. What are those products?

Products that can be reproduced in automatic factories, which are mainly digital and metal-products.

The stock-market cre[dit]ates companies with higher reproduction, sales and profits. It is a fact that since the first company-mothers, [gunboat Companies] appeared, until today, the stock-market, ‘digital brain’ of a bio-economy, creditates and hence creates mainly machines of war, energy and information, and ‘discredits’, and hence extincts ‘human goods’, products from art to education, from health to agriculture… of slow profits and human labor, that have null ‘credit’ in stock-markets.

Today it cre[dit]ates internet companies that diminish human labor in ‘mom and pop shops’; and computer companies that displace white collar labor.

The stock-market ‘starts’ the processes of evolution and reproduction of products, creating money mainly for technological companies. Those tech-companies will be able to reproduce thanks to that money its offspring of machines.

On the other hand the stock-market ‘sucks in’ money from the other sides of the economy, that suffers scarcity of credit. This scarcity affects specially human good companies, that reproduce carbolife goods [housing, food, health-care, education, etc].

Those products have no credit and their companies will not be able to reproduce them.

What this means is that the Bio-Economy has as a priority the reproduction of machines of metal, not the welfare of humankind, which increases with human goods, not with metal-species, weapons and digital machines.

What are the species of higher monetary value; the species that the market will evolve and reproduce more, to obtain higher profits?

Metal-species. Digital machines and weapons.

The very fact that machines of metal, software, and digital information are more efficient and easier to reproduce, than Carbolife species, makes metal-companies top predator companies on sales, profits, and stock-capitalization.

They are the essence of the bio-economy. Of the Fortune 500. Reproduction of carbolife or human goods that needs ‘slow’ human labor is secondary. And companies and human goods have no credit.

Only Digital software of maximum reproduction, e-money of digital reproduction, machines, are cre[dit]ated without limits by stocks which try to increase profits.


Since the goal of companies – the product – and the goal of animetals, owners of companies – the profit – are symbiotic and maximized in technological companies, stocks push the evolution and cre[dit]ation of machines and give no rights of cre[dit]ation to human goods, and carbolife.

The result is that without credit the ecosystem of carbolife dies.

In an ecosystem, selection of species is simple: those species which have information, and speak the language of communication of the ecosystem survive.

Those which have no information and do not speak the language die.

So in the ecosystem of light-information that we call carbolife, better eye-brains survived. In the ecosystem of history ruled by verbal orders, those who believed in the authorized verbal ideology [religion, laws] survived.

In the ecosystem of a bio-economy ruled by monetary information, only those products of high price or low cost survive, and only those jobs of high wages are wanted.

This is the essence of the selective process that stock-markets command:

Companies and activities with credit, mainly technology companies, survive.

Companies and activities, mainly human goods companies, without credit become extinct.









5. Written thought, and the law.


A new temporal dimension: writing thought. The positive age.


In the Neolithic the confluence of pictorial thought and words creates writing.

It will create lineal and cyclical symbols equivalent to the informative vowels and energetic constants, that allowed the process of writing, a second form of verbal thought.

In the higher forms of Human writing which is Chinese writing, that symbology of Universal energy-yang and information-yin symbols would give way to an analogic vision of reality: Taoism and Animism, the higher religions of the sentient Universe were born from writing.

Temporal dimensionality grew by human use of Complex writing languages.

It is the beginning of Analogic Thought through symbolic writing. The best age of writing that enhanced human logic.

Logic writing thought represents a higher degree of understanding beyond dramatic verbal thought, since it is objective and detached from life, which it judges and classifies. A detachment no doubt enhanced by the nature of written thought which is not action thought, and allows objectivity. So the evolution of spatial painting from impressionism into symbolism and ideographs that we observe in ceramics, had such positive influence.

Soon written thought became dominant as expression of the Laws of social behavior, of the ethic paths of collective survival.

It was better to organize humans, simply because it allowed a higher surface to order. Written thought was more complex=simultaneous than verbal thought because it added temporal depth, recording memories from past to future, lasting in lengths of times.


First problems with writing: aberration of form.


However as time passed writing had negative effects, because the world kept evolving and writing did not. So the ideas written in the past, were fixing verbal thought as a spatial form without evolution.

It made ideas obsolete, killing the vitality of words as a ‘present’ mirror of the evolutionary Universe; causing aberrations of perception by temporal displacement, and obsolescence of written texts, so common today among legal and religious systems. Those aberrations of the written law limited the social evolution of man.

Not surprisingly such obsolete laws are today promoted by animetals, because they allow an easier manipulation of human beings, misguided by false ideas. Further on metal masters needed written thought to impose his will at distance [seals, war messages]. And so both symbiotic forms – writing and bronze empires – came together in ±3000 BC?.


Fixed property enhanced by fixed writing.

All the evil traits of metal-master cultures latter analyzed in detail were in this manner improved by writing. Take property, also the fixation of vital space by individuals which give it to sons that might be stupid and unable to take care of that vital space for the good of the community.

Metal masters however could use the ‘prestige of written texts that do not erase’ to create the false concept of property.

Take into account that we are in the age of non-fiction words. Men believe words as reality itself. Words are the highest mode of communication. So people thought they were magic. When a man talked it was as if it acted. Pharaohs said, ‘what is written shall be done’. So property appeared reinforced by weapons, money and written laws together.


Communal property natural to any social organism (your cells do not own your blood-energy field) was displaced by weapons and written laws. Yet in all pre-written societies property is neither fixed not individual. Property is communal because that is the natural form of property in natural social organisms.

Unfortunately weapons, writing and money changed that: Individual Property and warriors will ever since impose their will: legalist metal masters went for written thought, whose mystique of immortality and control of property appealed to pharaohs and Lugals; kings and judges.


Ethic prophets preferred talking.

Yet our higher prophets, Buddha, Socrates and Jesus did not write a dot. As their minds flew, transparent to the natural Universe of human perception. Lao required only a few pages…


Quantity substitutes quality.

To attack those verbal prophets, writing and long texts, ritual invocations proper of doG religions came into being: In the analysis of books of human complexity, we will talk latter of simple books that spell the human ethic truths of survival; and of rhetorical, often longer books, who mutate those truths into epic, spatial descriptions, to favor weapons and pricing power (Short, ethic Gospel Vs Long ritualistic, legalistic Old Testament). Of all those legalistic long books the longest ones are the English>American Law, and the registers of property.

Today verbal thought as music is rhetoric, because it is not the function that decides the survival or extinction of man. It is not longer our informative function, substituted by money. So we take seriously money, and are baroque and indifferent, ‘relativistic’ and ‘eclectic’ to verbal thought. But man was not always a slave of money. There was a time, in which man was indeed organized by its biological language. Hence the power of writing when it came to corrupt verbal thought and the law.


The law of animetals, controls the evolution of Wor[l]ds.


To maintain that top predator status, with minimal expenditure of energy the animetal soon invents a new mechanism of power: the written law.

The law allows to give orders without the constant use of weapons that become a hidden menace to those who do not obey the law. It also detains the evolution of Wor[l]ds now fixed in laws. So in the control of animetal societies  is fundamental the creation of written laws, as it is in societies of Words, the creation of ethic texts. Such laws have either origin in warrior castes [national laws] or trader elites [commercial laws]. Both substitute the verbal ethics of religions in the control of human societies. The animetal law is the use of the word of man for the protection of metal evolution: ‘metalaws’ are imposed not by reason but by force, and hence they require the symbiotic use of a warrior or trader system of power [monetary corruption or menace of violence] to be=come. The use of a certain rhetoric about Gods [laws ‘by the grace of God’, money as the ‘invisible hand of God’] helps to convince the natural believer, the common man…

After 1602, once the age of Wor[l]d Prophets declined, the law became supreme. S-Words and Go[l]d were used to create external laws of Contracts and war, in order to protect the exclusive rights of animetals to invent the future of mankind. Those are the laws that allow the companies of scientific products the main organizers of human existence. Since those laws are detailed, and control many actions of individual human beings they have  corrupted further the natural ethic laws of social man, [universal drives towards love=Social evolution]. The subjective wish of man for social evolution, human senses and laws who favor both are imposed without external force, by verbal evolution; and guide human thought in the golden ages of prophetic power. Written laws allow to detain such evolution into primitive behavior by fixing human actions that are repressed and controlled by the law.

In the earlier Mesopotamic and Egyptian empires of animetals, written thought added extra power to metal weapons since ‘the written message’ now could control not only the individual who heard the mandate of the animetal but a large number of them, both spatially and temporally, through preserved texts. Temporal, written texts, became Laws of behavior, fixed in a written =spatial form that could last generations without loss or change of form. So the individual had to obey or else the animetal would come ‘latter in time and space’ to take revenge. The memory of evil appears, the limited evolution of man and society controlled by primitive laws become natural now to animetal societies.

Latter we will see how today the nations with older laws, such as America controlled by a centenary constitution, and a tribal religion that dates back to the bronze age, is by far the most devolved modern social nation, and the most advanced bio-economical ecosystem. America is indeed the prove of the paradox of history, a land of Homo Bacteria, without social evolution, a land where financial and military networks have grown to planetary scale… The earlier version of America, Great Britain was also ruled totally by the law, and by rituals of money and ritualistic behavior that encased human beings into jails against the natural will of man [sexual repression, sensorial repression].

Written laws deformed the sense of human justice with which the individual is born, with external rituals of behavior controlled by metal-masters. External laws substituted internal human and verbal bondage, proper of historic cultures. Laws at the service of the new animetals appeared, parallel to written forms, probably with the first warrior empires, with the bronze age. They closed what we call the first Age of verbal  natural religions, of Goddesses of the Mother Earth and the power of the wor[l]d. Written thought gave temporal immortality, a whole new dimensionality, to the mandates of Animetals. It also initiated the decline of ethic prophets, because by fixing verbal forms, it made them alien to the flow of evolution, and created the mirage of abstract, fixed, concepts Vs the flowing , living, dynamic Universe. Laws and tribal Gods of behavior, become often bizarre aberrations, rhetoric ideologies that had nothing to do with present reality. They maintain animetals in confused states of historical perception: Since as the World changes, the Laws stay fixed and cannot be adapt and act upon reality with efficiency. This has as a result that men have to use money and weapons as languages of social behavior, since words are old, fixed, corrupted and meaningless. So the old law and tribal religion becomes an alibi for further corruption of Historic ecosystems, and growth of the Economic languages of money and weapons that the old law protects. Marxist theologies, and the American constitution, to put well known examples of obsolete ideologies of war that once no long ago were verbal ideas in favor of the rights of human beings, and now have nothing to do with the age of metal-minds, allowed the brutal growth and evolution of weapons in the XX century. If Marxism and American laws had evolved to understand better our societies and help human beings in Russia and America, those two nations would be today the germ of a World Union based in Love, a Total God of History. Yet they merely helped the spread of war and animetals over the planet.

When the content of the law is false, it is needed an external aesthetic that hides the false ethics of the law. So legalistic rituals provide, as a substitution to the ‘truthness of the law’ a mask for believers to think the law is just. And we can relate the complexity and ritualism of law and government with its need to ‘disguise’ his degree of corruption. Thus the Simplest laws and codes, and government procedures, are the most just forms; while the most obsolete governments and unfair laws are the most ritual. Ritualism was the case of old warrior=aristocratic courts in Europe, and the modern English-American national laws at the service of Companies and money.

What the law achieves is the creation of Human mental behavior in favor of the bio-economy, imprinted since earlier age. Ideas are living mental systems. Yet the capacity of man to evolve and change its mind-programming is limited once the law fixes behavior. So today man cannot change his ideas about machines and react in Time, to the enormous speed of digital evolution, which the whole legal system  protects and promotes, with laws in favor of property, company-mothers and machines.


The law is born to fix tribal religions in favor of metal.


There are too, good laws that protect the citizen, yet again those are a minority in all metal-historical systems of laws, which are mainly laws to protect animetals. The Law is merely the coercive nature of warriors, transformed into words. Those warriors will use weapons whenever is needed to defend the implementation of their metal laws. To that aim they also use religions that stress the ‘Law of God’, over the ‘Love of God’ for all humans. Fixed in sacred texts, the metal-law ended human verbal evolution, internal ethics, feelings of the heart. Yet it transferred the power of Warriors, from the individual leader to the collective warrior consciousness – the concept of a nation, making warrocracies far more powerful.

While the trade laws transferred the role of individual human Traders to the immortal entity, the Company. In that sense the Law is necessary to a metal-civilization, since without the law, the social organism cannot go beyond the stage of a herd, a horde of warriors, or a horde of traders, controlling in a very unstable medium, a mass of social humans. Thanks to the law, those  initial warrior and trader civilizations based in sword and gold religions [Germans and Jewish tribes] evolved and originated our modern nations based in military laws and commercial laws. It happened first in Rome, which thanks to the law and the coins of Gold and silver increased the size of Metal-civilizations conquering the entire Western ‘civilized world’.


The Roman empire, first stable metal-civilization.


Unlike previous civilizations based in metal, which still relied on unstable social organisms, with a genetic head [case of Alexander, and Persian empires], that lost quality after the death of the leader, leaving the entire organism ill-ruled, [Alexander paradox]; or even previous civilizations such as the Assyrian empire, which had not developed the dual control of money and weapons, the carrot and stick system of metal-cultures, the Romans were able to create a stable system of power, through the law and the currency.

It was a decisive  over earlier empires based either in war, [Assyrians] which operated directly through massacres of those who rebelled against the power of warriors; or based in money [Phoenicians], which controlled the information and values of societies ruining their people for the profit of the trader caste.

Those civilizations were unstable, one-sided. So the Phoenicians could be killed by warriors, and the Assyirians could be destroyed by lack of warrior leadership, or other cultures that reproduced weapons better, as it happened.

Rome however was a perfect mixture of money and weapons, backed by a system of laws that made the expenditures in war and money inferior to previous cultures. Such was the perfection of Rome in the use of the law as a dissuasive method of control, that had it devised a system of election of the warrior-head [emperor] based in efficiency, not in genetics, probably it would have resisted for centuries. The Romans, the truly inventors of the metal-law, the most stern warriors till the arrival of Germans, knew the power of control and programming of human masses by the ‘metalaw’. The ‘metalaw’ was the meaning of ‘ROME’, an entity of War specialized in treachery, collective slaughters and exploitation of the Ancient World by taxes to the benefit of the Roman citizens, the only citizens with true Legal rights. The previous western animetals, Assur and Phoenicia-Israel, had not yet the concept of ‘absolute laws’, coexisting on  a plane of existence superior to human beings, to which even animetals had to submit. As such the Law became with Rome an immortal entity, as the word of the prophet, that could not be broken, not even by the Romans. As it is today in England or America. The law signaled in this manner a stable structure of information that guided the people towards metal-evolution [since the law favored weapons and money] regardless of the individual will of each human being. Above them the Roman Law as today the American law, is watching the acts of citizens, controlling their freedom, obliging them to behave as Animetals.

In what we call the verbal age, previous to the arrival of Roman Laws, the Law equaled directly the Will of a community, and/or its tribal God. Baal was the Go[l]d of Phoenicians who dictated the Law through his priests. While Assur was the God of war, the name of the capital, the kingdom, and the people of Assyria; and his Law was sacred by the power of death. Priests determined the law, listening to Gods, and Gods were willing individuals able to change the law, to favor a certain group of power. There was not the concept of ‘absolute justice’. If that concept existed, it applied to the natural law, not to the specific, particular law. Those initial laws of tribal Gods, were the antecedent of Roman Law. What the Roman law did was to eliminate the will of the God, from the law, and put it back within the realm of man.

So to the law, the Romans were the equivalent of Socialist Utopias, that try to create a social human god, in this plane of existence. The Roman law returned the creation of the law to the plane of the castes of warriors, and so it avoided the need for priests, for mediators between the God of the people and the warrior. Obviously it made the warrior stronger. Now the warrior created the law, not the priest. It made also the law more cruel, practical and submissive to war.


Tribal, Go(l)d religions, the law of traders.

Tribal Gods now became tribal Laws. If before each tribe had his God which  the name of the people, the name of God, and the laws whose existence were enacted in the cyclical rituals of pray and mysticism, [as it happens today in fundamentalist Judaism], now the warrior could identify himself directly with the law, and with the state, to the exclusion of the mass, and the priests.

Contrary to the belief that the Roman law increased the ‘democracy of the law’, it did the opposite, giving the warrior a higher control of society. What the Roman Law did, was to suppress the need for that higher level of existence, which the God=People represents by creating a written, fixed Law protected by military methods of repression. Ever since, warrior tribes have used the ‘metalaw’ as Traders use pricing: as the final tool, in which its exploitation of the human mass is based. Indeed to understand the mechanisms by which Humans have been able to construct the Metalearth and overcome all Life resistance; to understand the structure of the most advanced Metal nation [America]; to understand the recurrence of wars, holocausts, and brutal systems of Human exploitation, we need to introduce a new system of control of Humans, based on the constant deformation of the Wor[l]d by Warriors and traders: the MetaLaw.


Natural Law= Love-Forgiveness= Social Ethics+Human Being=∆ Human Goods


Metal Law=Hierarchy-Revenge= Social Rituals +Animetal= ∆ Money&War


In the graph the main difference between the Natural law, which is internal, and known by any human being, since it is the will of man, our desire to human energy, information and reproduction; based in love and social bonding, that promotes human goods; and the metal law, based in hierarchies and social rituals and duties, which favor the animetal, and promotes money and weapons, defending his use by the castes of Animetals that rule and invent the law.

In the case of Rome, the Roman citizens used the metalaw to impose their control and exploitation of all human beings, of the old world. It was the reaction of those human beings, based in the Natural Law explained by Christianism, what defeated the Roman law, and imposed back the Law of Humankind. Could mankind react against the Anglo-Saxon Law, the Laws of company-mothers that control today our society, and make the natural law and will of man superior to the will of machines?

The natural law is the only law of man, based in our will and internal ethics. Internal ethics are forms of Human bondage, of life bondage similar to those of any other Life species; based in love and hate, in honor and betrayal, in moral debts, and social drives; in emotions and feelings, which focus the mind into other humans, and try to achieve social harmony. Ethics in its higher forms understand the value of forgiveness in the path of creation of social, human Gods. Often they create social, flexible, structures with lesser metal than the parallel metal structures based in the use of money to value reality and the law to control our actions. Only the Human will has true legal value. All laws in an ideal world should promote that will, tried once and again, evolved and perfected towards a world based in human goods,  based in forgiveness and prevention of crimes, in which our will is not penalized. Instead the Law favors systematically the will of machines: the rights of company-mothers, of property, of castes of animetals [that monopolize the reproduction of weapons and money], and attack the will of man,  sexuality, social rights, the rights to credit, to human goods, to work and a natural and clean human energy and information.


The press evolves digital science.


Today writers are ignored by visual people. They watch a metal-language of digital origin – TV – that carries more information and simultaneously touches more human brains with images. So writing is extinct by image thought. Writing -scripts- are used as ‘energy’ to hook humans into watching images; even if everybody knows that in Hollywood the scriptwriter has a submissive role to the film image, actors and directors.

Previously writing had substituted verbal power in 2 stages, ink writing and press writing.

The press became the dominant form of verbal thought, and it became also the main organ of corruption of mankind, precisely for the same reasons the law had imposed itself: press writing had more ‘length of time’ and ‘simultaneity of space’ in the message it transmitted that verbal prophets had. It also brought two negative forms of digital thinking to the top predator status:

– The press multiplied money and so paper money became the new digital language of humanity.

– The press fixed mathematical texts and so it allowed the evolution of a language alien to the mind of man, that humans could not remember. We have dealt with those facts in our books on economics and science.


We talk of a new age of human thought that arrived with the press, the age of ‘fascism’, of metal communicators, that used quantity to choke quality thought, latter studied in more detail.

Religions would be rhetorized now by the metal press [fascism I horizon]. Fascism is used here with a slightly different Italian etymology to that of the original political movement: fascism means the creation of ‘fasces’=mascaras of truth, which cater to the will of machines, and yet seem to be human truths. The term could be translated to English as a mask: A ‘mascara’ of human wor[l]ds, a metal communicator creates with dramatic images, paintings, vanity messages, and other tricks that appeal the “Galilean arrogance of man’, and a metal goal.

In the earlier press age, Gold religions told people to become sons of God by making money and war to the Catholic real God believers. They illustrated those ideas with black legends showing the brutality of ‘Catholics’. Of course they showed Spanish animetals killing Indians, not Catholics. They showed corrupted priests not missionaries, and Hospitals. They highlighted the worse part of Christianity. Many press moguls were already animetal believers (Jewish soon controlled most of the press as the Vatican dismissed it as an evil invention.) So Jewish promoted books in favor of the old testament, specially Calvinist books that considered Jewish even superior sons of God to themselves. In this manner, what today historians call ‘the International Calvinist alliance’, paid by on the hiding by Jewish Gold priests, became the main power of Europe. First from Switzerland, then from Holland, and finally from England and America, it easily defeated with gunboats the Catholic armies of Spain and Portugal (the Pope did not even attempt to fight as a man against violence.) Then as the press evolved into radio-fascism and TV-fascism, the new metal-communicators had finally expanded the Animetal culture of human repression to the entire world. It is the word in which we live, analyzed in our last chapters.


So Fascist opinions such as those displayed by Hitler or TV-thought are imposed to humans -who otherwise would distinguish them- due to the use of a more complex ‘metal-communicators that a human Eye>Wor[l]d: TV and Radio-fascism are the XX century forms of the press [fascism II and III Horizon]. Soon all fascisms will end with the final evolution of the Chip Homoctonos, which will have a fascist mind (see chapter 13). Press was the first great Horizon of fascism. Press indeed allowed to spread of Go[l]d idea[l]s that exploded the wor[l]d of Christianism.

Thanks to the press, very primitive opinions on the nature of social evolution and God [Calvinist>Anglican Go[l]ds and Lutheran S<words], colonized the mind of simple humans, hypnotized by the novelty of books and graphics.

Thanks to the faster spatial simultaneity and complexity of ‘graphic’ press information, those infantile visions of tribal Gods, which would not resist a serious analysis, convinced the less evolved European minds [Northern Barbarians] of the superiority of Go[l]d and weapons over wor[l]ds of love. The Galilean paradox substituted the verbal social evolution of man, and humans devolved again to Homo Bacteria species.  Only southern Europeans, with a long social evolution that came back to the age of Rome and before, resisted infantile press tales and stayed social.

The same phenomena would occur in the XX century with the II and III fascist horizons, [Radio Hitler, present TV-thought age]. Germans and Americans easily felt to those ideals while the most evolved French or Chinese cultures of social nature rejected them.

In all those fascists ages, those who controlled the press>radio>TV complex mass-media systems, for which capital and metal skills are needed, (mainly Jewish-Calvinist gold believers) have controlled the beliefs of people – specially in the less socially evolved, Germanic war cultures of minimal civilized social inertia. Thus the devolution of the verbal language of man increases thanks to metal communicators and ‘fascism’. They displace our point of view towards biased metal ‘media’, which makes information more dependent on the capital and product; and its positive views on science and machines. They impose metal-biased points of view of minimal ethic content, and foster violence and war.

The press’ abstract graphs and cannon balls lead directly to weapon research [Saint Galilee of Ballistics], to the Galilean Paradox., and to abstract, digital science as a ‘dead’ process of perception of the Universe.

It is fundamental here to understand our point of view, which is the point of view of human survival.

Obviously digital and pricing languages, and TV languages are more powerful than words, since they have more spatial simultaneity (reach more humans) and informative detail (provide more information). They are top predator languages with ‘more space-time momentum’: Max S x Max T.

Yet in as much as they provide not human ideals, but mainly metal ideals, unlike verbal thought which is pure human, we have to scorn the concept of human progress through them.

It is like saying that the arrival of verbal thought improved the life of lions, because words is more complex than roaring. If you are a lion you will disagree. Words allowed man to prey on lions, and the press, Radio an TVs, have allowed animetal  cultures to prey in human art and cultures.  So mathematical thought did not improve the life of the common men, which would be preyed now by herds of mathematical weapons and warriors.


The struggle for survival in History is often brutal.

It should not surprise that Christians of verbal ethic thought, burnt all the books of Euclid they could reach. They related mathematics to Roman war, to geometry of war, as we do relate today science to evolution of machines -maybe better than humanity, but for that reason the evil=extinctive species to avoid. So did the Arabs that burnt the Alexandrian Library and its first mathematical texts. Survival was for them more important than mathematical knowledge. The man who killed archimedes the Greek Galilee, might had delayed the arrival of robots a millennia. All those things explains the seemingly brutal acts of inquisitions, churches, and other social groups that massacred animetal cultures, races, individuals, and prophets. The Universe is Darwinian. So there is a real struggle going on between men and animetals who try to suicide history. History is not a joke. If Einstein had died in 1900, the Atomic bomb would not exist. America would have not invested in chips to make those bombs. And today computers would be delayed decades back. The truth of history is as brutal and simple as this: In one hundred years there would not be history because a few million arrogant animetals in loved with Gold and weapons have destroyed it.

Compare modern Europe which ignores robotics, lags in internet and TV devolution with Modern America which is about to create A.I., Matrix, Terminators, and makes their people live hell in Earth, as a few million Jewish-Germanic believers control the nation. They came though from Europe, who exported out nazi weapon researchers and Jewish capitalists – the quintessential animetals after war.

Those eviL cultures moved to America that accepted them willingly. So now America which was much more human than Europe has become as brutal as XIX century Europe was controlled by the Jewish-Germanic animetal Goldiron culture. Animetals have no loving feelings. They hate and will extinguish man kind. Nobody has ever converted them. Europeans and Americans made the mistake of forgiving Germany and Aaaronism. So the goldiron culture now controls America, no longer a human but an animetal culture. So from America the goldiron culture is building robots and despising all mankind, scorning UNO, putting in jail millions of American, degrading the Human mind from Hollywood, investing all monetary resources in chips and computers. Those are the modern, hard facts of History.


How many years of human existence could we have if Moses had thrown his brother Aaron to the pit, if the bomb put by the communist believer in the Bavarian brewery exploded when Hitler was there, if the Spanish Armada had ended with Calvinism? The opposite has happened. The Jewish cultures have colonized the minds of all other cultures, the German warriors have spread the racial nationalism worldwide, the English scientists have erased with digital laws the verbal mind of man…

The point of this argument is simple: Animetals have never doubted when they decided to kill human beings. Nazis did not doubt in massacring millions of Europeans, but then Europeans forgave them, and now Germans are again reproducing high tech machines. Jewish did not doubt massacring the people of Cyprus, or Decapolis, or Alexandria, now the Palestinians, or the Blacks of South-Africa and the Indians of America, whose companies controlled. They had no problems being the biggest slave trades throughout modern history from Portugal, Holland, or America. They had no problem throughout millennia in provoking wars to make money selling weapons to both sides during the entire history of Middle Age Spain, or the German Empire. The Spaniards were the ones that forgave their life, when finally they could unify against their dividing, profiteering systems. The Indians were the ones that many time forgave the life of Germanic-Jewish Americans. The French  of the Commune, which was supposed to be the most cruel socialist uprising killed around 20.000 bourgeois. The repression that followed by animetals killed almost a million French. The French R=evolution killed around 10.000 aristocrats. The repression by animetals that followed the Napoleonic wars, killed around a million French people. The Republicans forgave many Nationals in their jails. The repression by Franco killed perhaps a million Spaniards. Those are the real numbers that explain why the Animetal has won the battle of History. He has never had problem extinguishing the Human. While the Human who follows the law of social evolution has forgiven many times the Animetal. The result is that the Animetal has massacred and extinguished all human revolution, and will keep doing so, till his sons, the Robots Terminators he is now building to keep massacring human beings, behave with him as he behaves with mankind. Let us not cry useless tears for Animetals who learn nothing from history, who murder 70 times 7 those prophets who try to convert them. Let us cry for mankind, for God, not for the doGs of extinction.


6. Masterpieces of art: Artists Vs Animetals.


Books on the paradox of history


How the word has reflected that fight between animetal cultures and human cultures? With the same duality that humans corrupted as animetals, fighting for survival as human beings, have shown throughout history.

Some have gone to the extreme and asked for a Holocaust of Animetals. Some have tried to convert them. Some have allied with them, and created in this manner the verbal corrupted messages of Gold religions.


Yet being books verbal forms of thought, as time has gone by, we have been able to divide literature in bad and good books, in books of Life, and books of eviL. Problem is that books of life have quality but are produced in quantity by animetals. While books of eviL have no human quality but are multiplied by metal-systems of reproduction such as the press. This paradox of history explains ultimately why bad boos are bestsellers, Gold religions are more common, and animetals win history: they control the reproduction of writing.  So to put a present example, I have no editors, and have, paradox of paradoxes, to offer my wisdom to the Internet, since animetal editors will always reject my books, and publish all kind of books of eviL…


The paradigm of that fight between both books are ‘the dual books’ of history, such as the Bible, in which quantity of eviL texts (animetal Baal-ble), overwhelm the quality of the Life texts (Genesis, Gospel). Let us consider that paradigm.


The biological parable of Genesis.


In that sense I would like to consider again the first book of history, of Life, because it shows how old is the fight between the wor(l)ds of the prophet and machines of metal: Do not eat of the tree of science=technology, of its good and bad fruits=weapons, because the day you do=evolve them  certainly you will die=become extinct’

The Genesis, a  Parable of the paradox of history, was written circa 2000 B.C.  after the first world wars [the chariot wars] probably by a Sumerian author, fleeing to the North [Abraham of Ur?] in the beginning of warrior power. As such it saw the birth of the Goldiron culture. And it saw clearly what kind of future would bring to man. Did man agree? Indeed. The Genesis is the oldest text of mankind, and the most copied book of history [since it has been in continuous print for 4000 years]. Given that success, we should imagine that its themes might be of certain meaning to mankind, and might be ‘immortal’, essential laws of History that we like to read once and again.

Indeed, even if you do not believe that Genesis is a parable that expresses the Law of God, applied to history, you should take seriously the success of that book.

When we translate the parables of Genesis to modern biological terms, it is clear that the genesis talks already of the Law of Reproduction [Grow and multiply] and the dangers of science, of technology, of evolving species made of a different kind of matter, stronger, and more powerful than our matter, such as metal is.

The entire origin of Western religion, a religion of the human kind, that puts mankind and His survival in the center of the scene, is ‘the original sin’, the ‘sin of science, of technology’.

We often forget that when thinking on religious terms. Yet the parable of the original sin is the key to all the doctrines – Christianity, Judaism, and Islam – whose confessed aim is to improve the collective and individual chances of human survival.

That parable is crystal clear: do not make technological species or you will die.


It says so through a parable – the parable of the paradise of carbolife destroyed by the tree of science.

What means that parable, the parable of the original sin? It probably explains a fact of history, that happened when the book was written: the massive extinction of human life and nature caused by the wars of bronze charioteers, who extinguished Ur, the land of Abraham. The prophetic writer of Genesis who witnessed that, puts a warning to the following generations: metal, the substance of which weapons, machines, and robots are made, is dangerous, it kills as a weapon. It controls your mind as money. Today it is the substance of which ‘Matrix’ is made: the mass-media system of ideas n favor of machines that controls your mind.

Metal is evolving, and its evolution is a ‘Darwinian evolution’, if we consider the behavior of metal, with human kind. Since metal has been for most of history a weapon, and it has been used to kill us.

The writer of Genesis shows an enormous intelligence. Perhaps at the time, the existence of only a single hard metal-species, [bronze], made the distinction between the amazing murderous properties of hard metal, and the properties of carbolife so clear, that the prophet could see, what today a forest of machines does not let us see:


We men are a carbolife species, as Nature is.

Metal and machines, money and weapons, are metalife species, a rival species which humans are irresponsibly evolving.

The warning of Genesis is against those men who evolve metal. It merely says to them, that they will extinguish ‘eternity’, ‘life’, the human kind, the immortality of the species, as they had just done with the beautiful summer lands of Sumer, the paradise of life. Who are those humans who carry the original sin, the biggest of all sins, the sin that in Dante’s divine comedy put men on the ninth inferno, the sin of harming the entire humankind?

We will call them animetals, because of their biological function, as catalyzers of metal evolution. We will not call them ‘metal-masters’ though they are masters of metal. We will not call them, super-men in the Nietzschian tradition of German iron warriors. Since really they are not super-men. They are just men, who obtain added power using metal, either as warriors, traders [with money], and scientists [who evolve metal machines].

Yet they are not the common men. They do not represent our species. They are cheated by the arrogance of the original sin, thinking they can be like God. God, the laws of evolution, will punish/punished/punishes them, to the inferno of eternal work, war and death. Such is the parable of Genesis that still stands.


The parable of the Genesis continues today…


It is remarkable that very early in History metal became synonymous in literature of all kind of infernos. Adam, in the myth of the Genesis, as told by Muslim traditions, was condemned after ‘testing the tree of science’, the tree of technology, to wander the Earth as an ‘iron-smith’. His son Cain, embodiment of all evil, was also a smith, and killed Abel, the embodiment of the Neolithic paradise, the farmer. In the Persian religion of Zoroastrus, the inferno was a lake of metal… The most common torture in old times was to fill your ears with melt metal. Throughout history, the hardest environment for humans have been a metallic environment. Mining was always a torture, to the point that required the use of slaves, since there were not enough volunteers for those jobs. The silver of Athens was taken with slave workers. The gold of the Spaniards required an infamous institution, ‘La Mita’, that made thousands of Indians into slaves and corpses. In the famous ‘garden of delights’ of ‘El Bosco’, hell is represented by a landscape of open mining fields. Children in coal pits died young. They were taking buried carbolife from the mother Earth to ‘feed railroads’, basically iron machines.

In the XX century weapons of all kind, made of steel, killed around a hundred million human beings. They are basically the last stages of evolution, of those first ‘machines of metal’ which were the bronze chariots that destroyed Ur, the civilization that invented writing, 5000 years ago. It was then, when according to the legend, a man, probably a writer, from the temple of Ur, left the city, with his family and moved up the Euphrates. His name was Abraham, and either he wrote or took with him a book, the oldest book preserved by mankind, called “Genesis”. The Genesis told us the parable of the ‘original sin of man’. It explained, how mankind had ruined the paradise of carbolife, because humans were too arrogant, and wanted to be superior to all creatures of paradise. So they discovered new species, technological species, metal species, symbolized by the ‘tree of science’. Yet those metal-species were not all good. There were many rotten apples, many bad fruits, in that tree. Fruits that will cause the extinction of mankind. Obviously the legend was talking about weapons. Since what other species of the tree of science can extinguish mankind?

The parable of the tree of science was a warning, of that wise man, that was leaving behind a city destroyed by hordes of bronze charioteers. He understood that metal and man were different species. Different species killed each other, even if they might be symbiotic for a while. He was an evolutionist, 4000 years before Darwin came with the same concept.

His book was the best-selling book of human history, as those movies of Hollywood are the best-sellers of modern day. Call it common wisdom.

People seem to understand quite well what is good and bad for them. So they subscribed to the legend of the tree of science. Ever since all prophets, and priests which have believed in that book from Moses to Christ, have praised poverty, and love, against the arrogance of those who live off the tree of science, of machines, money and weapons. We could use some advice from them…

The Genesis is a parable that the common man always approved. It is however denied by the scientist. The common man is the one who has tasted throughout history, the bad fruits of technology. The scientists however, taking the parable further, is Cain, the unrepentant son of Adam, who kills once and again the farmer, the man who cultivates the paradise of carbolife. First scientists made weapons, and were called Smiths. Then they made guns and measured their trajectory, inventing physics [Galilee’s famous jobs with cannonballs]. Now the sons of Cain are very clever and make very complex machines, with all kind of shapes and purposes, but in all those metal-species 3 main biological properties have remained ever since the Genesis was written.


– They are made of metal.

– They poison the environments of life, of water-based species, the paradise…

Machines are indeed tough to make and move, because metal is an atom more complex than our carbon atoms. So the primary environment of machines in which the common man has to work is a harsh environment.

– Finally the best of them, the most evolved machines are weapons whose purpose is to kill and extinguish man.


What the Bible also says, is that Cain survived, and Abel died. The good guy died, and has been dying ever since, while the sons of Cain multiplied over the Earth… That is indeed the punishment of God, of the laws of evolution: when a species is cannibal, when it is cancerous within the social organism, the cancerous cells multiply, eat up the good cells, and then collapse to their cancer.

It seems human history is following that path. The warriors and scientists and economists of metal, of weapons, machines and money control the common man. They are the cancer that take history through the evolution of metal. Yet they will succumb to their cancer, if they do not become less arrogant, think of the original sin, remember Abel, the farmer, and stop playing God with the tree of science, stop killing the third world, stop despising the common man, and the prophet.

Yet animetals are hard-core individuals. So what they did was to hire prophets: you will defend me with the word and I will defend you with the sword. And so even that original Genesis was converted into animetal literature, creating what we might call a ‘dual book’, a book that has evil and live together. The bible is indeed the paradigm of those books: parts are written by verbal prophets of the Mosaic caste, parts are written by hired Jewish Animetals of the Aaron caste.

It is indeed the fundamental downfall of the Word: artists can be corrupted, as animetals were. So Artists of the word became writers of Laws and Sacred Texts, and warriors defended those words as sacred, while real artists of the word, prophets and writers were massacred, killed, crossed, ignored, and lived for ever since a life of poverty, ignored, downplayed, and only respected after death. That trend continues. Today you can publish trash, you can make millions with scripts. You can go up to the mountain and the eviL producer will tell you, look down, all L.A. belongs to you, you just have to write eviL, anti-live, violence. The temptations of the prophet are all here. And no writer resists. Very few do. They are of course ignored. While the others, the animetal writers defended by the sword keep moving around in the saloons of fame. Still we can easily differentiate both kind of books, by simple rules. The truth is natural, obvious, simple and beautiful. Since ethics, morals are the beauty of the word, good books will always be obvious, and stay, once the rhetoric power of the sword that defended bad books die away.


Books of the World. Books of History

Books of the Wor[l]d are simple and ethical in their statements, not concerned by rituals and styles but by content. Yet Books of History tend to be constructed with both points of view, since History is both Animetal and Human History; and Historians favor one or other point of view. That dual fight can be shown perhaps with more purity in the oldest texts of History collected by mankind, in the Bible, in the Genesis and his parables of the cities of the plains, Gomorra and Sodom, the city of warriors and the city of Traders, in the parable of tree of Good and evil, the damnation of Work Vs the paradise of human masters; in the Exodus and the confrontation of Yvwh=Moses and the golden calf=Aaron. Throughout the entire Book of History of Israel, the Bible is dual:

On one side the texts written from the point of view of the wor[l]d, of the prophets of Yvwh. On the other side the texts written from the point of view of metal masters, king-warriors and bank priests, judges and legalists-ritualists repressors through the written law of the chemical, human will.

We can talk of the Book of History as a dual book written from two points of view, one of which will save man and the other will extinguish him. Those dual books are to be found in all the historic traditions of mankind.

The most well known is the Bible, to which our cultural tradition belongs. We can indeed divide the texts of the Bible between the Bible of prophets of Yvwh with his admonitions against metal power as the path of salvation. And the ‘Baal’ble of the myth of the tower of Baal-bel, shaped by the behavior of the elites of Israel; the Cain-Aaron-Jezebel point of view. We can talk of the Babel of animetal power, the Bible of rhetoric rituals of Gold, excess of violence and greed, in search of metal master fantasies, and his paths of extinction.

Unfortunately religions start with purity and become corrupted by ‘Baalbles’. So happened to Genesis, so happened to the Gospel, as the Old testament became incorporated to the Gospel in two stages [±180 Ad, 1520s AD by Protestants].

Comparing the Old Testament Baalble, and the Genesis-Gospel book of God, we realize of the tools or rhetoric: length, rhetoric songs, great speeches, resource to fear… The Old Testament is today ±75% of the extension of the total Bible. So it became dominant over the Genesis-Gospel. We talk thus of a corruption of the God of the Gospel with the arrival of Luther and the revival of the Old testament, no longer understood as the chronicle of Israel, and hence as a two point of view book written both by true prophets of the Wor[l]d, and by hired rhetoricians of kings and Bankers.


As the history of Israel that fluctuates between Yvwh and Baal, but as the total truth of God, so did the bible, a contradictory text, which sometimes talk of Love= God, and sometimes fosters wars and metal History to justify holocaust after holocaust of Human beings.

In that sense Protestant religions are Jewish, not Christian religions and their behavior mimicked in America that of the Jewish in Palestinians: techno-settlers, chosen of ‘GodoG’, living in metal-controlled societies.


Dual books in Literature. The arrival of fiction


The importance of that book to western history is therefore evident, as the book that inspired the corrupted law and behavior of the Civilization of Companies, of Northern Europe. Yet in Southern Europe, the corruption of the World was not so deep. On the contrary for centuries, writers still believed in the human will. What was the Roman Empire, now became the Latin world, catholic, social, artistic, believing in human senses. There, new dual books of literary nature were born to compliment the teachings of the Gospel. It is the tradition of western good literature, French, Spanish, Russian, Social for most of its existence, always in inspired by the laws of humans social evolution. No wonder today even in the Anglo-Saxon world of animetals, the Christian inspired, Stendhal, or Tolstoi, Cervantes, or Dostoyevsky are considered far above any British or American novelists. They are.

In that sense we can consider Cervantes, the founder of ‘Fiction books’, once in the XVII century, religion becomes controlled by money, and the Northern civilization of machines, science and company-mothers becomes dominant. So human wor(l)ds, now are despised, and as people no longer believe in words, they enter the realm of ‘fiction’, the world of Novels, symbols of the fight of man against digital power. Such is the meaning of Don Quixote, the first novel…

The ideal of man Vs the real duality of mankind stands now in literary fiction where it became, with Cervantes after the defeat of social Christianity and warrior Europe by Companies, a non-metaphysical concern. We can again talk of the duality between idealistic Quixotes of ethic behavior, and animetal Sanchos of vulgar greed, who might however become converted by idealism, even if idealism has no hope. Because over the morals of the animetal societies will always stand tall the morals of ethic men, whose beauty can be perceived even against the behavior of the entire corrupted society.  Such is the ultimate Gospelian message of Don Quixote, of Karamazov Brothers, of the great works of art of western literature. Dimitri like Alonzo has his own morals, the natural morals of man. And we admire them and we still consider those two novels the best novels of Western literature because they are ultimately fictional accounts of the real history of the Western prophet, of the Moses expelled to the mountain, of the Christ dying on the Cross, of the Human looser maybe of the battle of history, hero in any case of the Game of Existence, unlike the slavish animetal, of vanity, greed and warrior power.

The eternal theme now repeats in the best novels of the Western canon.

The human duality thus would shape the great works of European thought, no longer in metaphysical space but as a comment of the war of man, now an individual particle, against the systems of metal power.


Only with both points of view, that of the Human historian and the metal-historian, we might understand History of Culture in all its completeness, not only History of the God=Wor[l]d of Human thought, but also History of the doG = Go[l]d of metal thought.

The genius knows, even if it might hesitate for an instant, what is the God of man, the real one. Christ might hesitate when DeviL offers him the world, but he rejects it. Hamlet might hesitate when he can take the crown but he rejects it. Dimitri and Alexei might hesitate. Quixote and Sancho might hesitate, might believe to be crazy, but all of them prefer death to surrender. All of them prefer “o be Human to not be Human.”

“To be or not to be”, human “that is the question”, Gospel, Quixote, Hamlet, and Karamazov brothers, the 4 masterpiece books of the Western tradition resolve in the same manner. To be even if that means to die, because animetals don’t live.


 True artists Vs animetal artists.

What produces the highest minds of man?  The human truth. As simple as that.

Existence of a beautiful artistic form on metaphysical space, in the languages of the Wor[l]d of human thought, isolated from the animetal Universe, is the mark of a master artist. He is detached from the animetal reality which no longer seems ‘human’ to him. Not at least of the same ethic category to which he belongs. And so only in the purity of the language he can play with the world he craves. In the mind of the verbal artist, the Wor[l]d=God and His laws completes Himself. In the mind of the sacred image artist=painter, the form of God=Man acquires the beauty of the canon. For the true artist, the present animetal culture is the anomaly, the culture of Man to which he relates  spiritually, is the true form. A culture which now moribund opens the painful total truth of extinction to the last human artists, the Picassos and Orwells of the Western social tradition. Do not expect them to receive Nobel prices as Tolstoi did not receive it. Do not expect them to move to New York, as Picasso did not. Let those ‘moves’ be done by Salvador Dalis, ‘Avidas dollars’, and Jewish writers in search of Evilwood, to the Macbeth of the wrong forest. They will get the prizes of the animetal cultures, the fame and the money.

They will though never be artists of the Wor(l)d. Just comedians of the day.

True Artists understand art and the canon as the social evolution of the Human mind-eye and senses. Indeed a learned man of the XVI C. renaissance understood far better the Universe as a game of forms of which art was the search for the canonical forms, the platonic models of man.

That is why an artist has a different opinion of the values of a society, and the values of man that common people, repressed and controlled by animetal culture have. For a real artist, ethics are the beauty of the word, and aesthetics the moral of the eye to which he strives in his life. Yet morals and beauty have positive and negative roles. Indeed, even when the artist wants to show destruction and suffering in ages of suffering and destruction – as Buddha, or Picasso have done with words and images – the artist knows death and destruction follow rules of form and intensity, among which there is a sacred rule, that comes from the very essence of languages as survival tools: man has to be sacred, man cannot be laughed at.

That is the rule that animetal styles, artists, and genres have always forgotten. The sacredness of man and his languages.

Such is the difference between a Human Master, whose work might comment on the destruction of the wor(l)d made to the image and resemblance of man, compared to the shallow – does not matter one more murder – approach of Hollywood. A beggar of Picasso does matter. So the death of man matters to the artist. It does not to the technician of the metal-mind…




In that sense it is important distinguish between genres, a theme we will retake latter in this book, when considering modern genre film, TV, and Anglo-Saxon literature. In as much as literature, even in its level of fiction, is concerned with reality, it tries to be a symbolic, general vision of reality through role models, genre matters, because it reflects the ultimate genre, which is reality itself. What is the genre of reality you might wonder? How could we qualify the Game of Existence, of Survival and extinction? Undoubtedly as a realistic Tragedy. For that reason the great genre of literature has always been considered the tragedy. In the neo-Paleolithic as we shall see that higher mode of literature is ignored, precisely because of its quality. In the same manner we live in a world without poetry and philosophy, without analogic verbal science – the highest forms of the logic word – we live in a world without realistic tragedy, either social, of the life and death of the choral human group, or individual, of the life and death of each of us.

Instead, the false genres, the comedy and the satyr dominate totally.

Why? Because in the age of fiction when words have no importance, Tragedy is ‘too important’, and implies that the language of words matters. Tragedy cause the famed ‘catharsis’ in the author, a connection with reality in an intimate way, much deeper than reality itself, since tragedy raised your logic understanding as poetry does, at the analogic level. You could see that all men suffered the same fate tragedies described, that we were all cells, elements of the ‘collective’ fate of human beings. Such intelligence of the word today when the word is systematically degraded and downplayed by fiction and digital sciences, is also systematically avoided, in all those industrial forms of art for mass-consume.

At most the political correct tragedy, that has a ‘simple message’ concerned with the law and the individual (police films, feminist films, etc.) is permitted. Not though the symbolic, social tragedy.

Instead the system creates censorship through genre. So comedy, external violence and satyr, is preferred precisely because of the destructive capacity of those genres, which are negative, and do not help to understand or improve your behavior in society, but merely degrade it. How comedy does it?: creating a paradox that prevents any solution. You laugh to release the pressure of a problem which is absurd, and impossible. So by presenting fundamental problems of our society in the comedy key, this cause  contradictions that prevent you to act. Instead you laugh. America the quintessential repressive society of the will of man, is indeed the kingdom of comedy. Woody Allen is indeed no Bergman.

A tragedy has to look real, and understand the real values of man, because it is naked to the spirit.

The ultimate problem of artists born in animetal cultures, such as Mr. Allen and Mr. Spielberg, from the animetal Gold Jewish culture, considered by many the best American film directors, is that their deformed understanding of the true nature of man imprinted by their culture is so deep that when they try to make a tragedy, the shallow, coward, ignorant vision of mankind, of their culture shows all around. What culture does produce then the best artists? We will return to that theme latter as we analyze those cultures throughout history. Let us advance the obvious answer: those cultures who have revered the human senses, and human will. Cultures who love the human word, the human eye, the human body. Cultures who practice the will of man: love, family, reproduction, food, beauty and proportion to the image and resemblance of man, and above all social evolution. Cultures who love communication with other men and have evolved through communication their vision of a Human World and their languages, flexible and rich in forms and meanings. Cultures and languages that unlike English have many words for love.

Which restricts the great artists of words and visual forms, to a very few cultures, very old, with a long cyclical inertia in languages and social evolution, most likely shaped by a social religion, and existing in tempered zones where human senses, and human communication are revered, where human goods are common, and the human will is enjoyable, free to manifest itself  – without the constant pressure of overwhelming military and monetary power. In other terms, from most of history the Mediterranean culture in the Western World of Historic Gods, and the Southern Asian cultures, of the Indian rivers, and Indochina, in the Eastern World. Those areas are in tempered zones, relatively isolated from the massive flows of warriors that cross from Germany to China and the cold weather of those zones. In those cultures men have breed their pleasure for human senses and the human will. If we try to restrict ourselves further, obviously the central zone of those regions where communication has been maximum will be the two zones of maximum cultural, artistic density of mankind. Look at a map. What are those regions? You might not even need to look at it. We all know: Italy and the end of the Ganges, the sacred lands of Europe and Asia, where the word of the prophet is believed, where the form of man, his body and soul are revered.

Indeed, despite the massive propaganda of animetal cultures, the so called genius of England, America and Judaism, that have huge accounts, stock-markets and mass-media companies to promote their vulgarity, negative, deformed visions of man, there is no a single painter or architect in the entire “Animetal, Goldiron culture” to compare with Leonardo or Michelangelo,  a single Poet to compare with Petrarca, a single novel to compare with Quixote, a single theater author to compare with Shakespeare. Yes I have said Shakespeare, the final knot of the Italian renaissance when that culture expanded to England, before the British were colonized, by the Protestant culture of Gold and company-mothers. Shakespeare the Genius that transcended with his Italian influences the limits of his country, to become the best writer of the Italian renaissance, of the canon of sacred men.


True artists are outcast in the age of digital science.

Not surprisingly since the begging of the Industrial Evolution true artist have lead anonymous, solitary, tragic lives, ending in suicide, confronted with a world that no longer considers the senses of man sacred.

He becomes astonished, when he realizes after a youth of optimist affirmation of his human qualities and superiority of senses and mind, that those human qualities are despised, repressed by all other men.

He learns that a modern man values all what exists as a function of price, and believes that the childish annotations of statisticians and scientists are expressing ‘fundamental truths’, of the vital universe. Animetals have adapted their values to the culture of company-mothers, where pricing, machines and technological science are over powerful. Animetals hardly remember that there were a time and space in which they were human and as humans their languages=arts of perception commanded reality. The artist however is constantly aware of that sad truth.

True, relevant knowledge will never be in man, mathematical measure, but verbal, temporal knowledge, pictorial, spatial knowledge, and social , evolutionary knowledge. Painters, verbal thinkers and ‘good men’ know that.  The animetal ignores it.

Knowledge of the sentient universe through the human virtual worlds-languages of perception; knowledge of man himself, and man as a social being, is far more relevant than the evolutions of atoms and electrons, except when we take as science does, the point of view of metal-eyes and metal-clocks, primitive brains and senses of new species rival of man.

The artist knows that and hates machines and science. It has always hated them. Only today when the artist is no longer artist, but a technician, employed by Companies of Price that produces deformed images of man, in the Human baroque, that truth has been forgotten.

The Bio-logical method puts scientific statements in perspective, as partial uni-linguistic, mathematical truths on the Universe perceived by many languages, that reduce perception to a single, simple language. Yet the artist wants to perceive with many languages, because he knows intelligence is multi-linguistic. He considers rightly the scientists that uses a single simple language, an idiot, as a man who only smells, is far inferior to one who smells, sees, and touches. Mathematics is a simple smelling language, compared to the evocative, and informative capacity of images and sounds perceived with human senses. For that reason scientists are so simple when they go out of their mathematical field, so arrogant and ignorant, of the nature of man and survival.  Their truths can only become absolute statements by denying the existence of all other temporal languages and senses… This, the artist does not tolerate, because with all his senses open to perception, such proposition seems imbecile to him. But the Animetal scientist of repressive cultures, void of internal senses spatialized by mathematics, brutalized by his creation of war machines, a twisted child of thought, believes that his metal-senses are the intelligence of the Universe… Today Physicists and its warrior promoters, try to make Science and light evidence, a religion of truth; and technology, and metal-perceptors from clocks to telescopes to computers, the path to absolute [in]human knowledge, when they are only the path to extinction.

Technology and physical science is only interested in lineal, eye=light measure of time and speed, or has been so for most of its history at the service of biased weapon masters, who required since Saint Galilee of Ballistics, accurate measures of lineal trajectories for his cannons and missiles. In this manner misunderstanding of Temporal cycles, by principles of lineal inertia, backed by Lineal, Euclidean Mathematics, have simplified the complete universe of infinite arts=languages of perception, of infinite memorial vital times, living through cycles of perception, into the simple drawings of Euclidean planes. They have made of men, abstract numbers plotted into a lineal Cartesian coordinates.

Against that line of Thought, the Latin Renaissance of Leonardo and Alberti used perspective to perceive all the dimensions of form. Leonardo Vs Descartes show the difference between the artist, who uses all senses, to perceive and know, who affirms ‘saper vedere’, to know how to see is the key to knowledge, and the scientist, who reduces reality to numbers, and mechanical concepts, and methods that make him the center of a simplified Universe. To Leonardo all was alive, so he tried to paint it all: A Universe of infinite Times and Spaces, a Platonic World of parallel, social beings created by canons of beauty. To Descartes all was dead, except his arrogant mind. So all could be transformed into numbers without form, without organic parts.


When the machines of science (not the scientists) more complex than human eyes, have extinguished the search for human complexity, and human perception, with human senses, making man, and art, (the highest mode of human perception), subservient to metal, is time to know that the victory of science is the defeat of man.


Since when the art of a species ends, it ends the evolutionary capacity of the species. When the higher minds of man, the artists cannot be more complex than metal, then the species becomes submissive to the new eye-Wor[l]d. And so as Science progresses, human arts die, and with their death, the brain of man dies away. Which means that the body of man will die soon, since brainless species don’t last in the intelligent universe.


Physics reduced the human inquire to only 1 non-human language of perception of the infinite languages there might be to perceive the Universe and the 6 senses of man. Mathematical models of reality are only one of the infinite virtual worlds-minds with capacity to describe the Universe, from chemical virtual worlds of insects, to gravitational virtual worlds of stars… Yet of all those universal languages, only one is considered as relevant evidence by most scientists: the language of Euclidean Mathematics, and the metal-eyes and computer-clocks that understand it. And so through science man is first reduced to a single dimension of perception, and then when man is unidimensional, science scorns his senses and brains, and throws him to the garbage putting in his place the metal eye+Brain, the Camera+chip, that speaks better mathematics.

In this manner science extinguishes humans and creates the Metal earth.

Yet only the artist, the superior man, the man who might say, “I think more and see more” realizes of the tricks of science. And that is his tragedy. The mass follows the animetal scientist, follows the path of suicide.


A true science of knowledge.

To break that vicious circle the artist-scientist like Leonardo or myself, like the Chinese Taoists, looked to reality from many languages, and used the imagination which potentially includes all possible minds and virtual worlds. The artists does not longer need to accumulate more scientific data, but reorders that data into a new linguistic frame of mental reference in which that data becomes coherent, as part of a vital Universe.

The Taoist artist, the bio-logical artist knows, without the need of computer, digital thought, since now mathematics becomes secondary to formal, artistic, pictorial and verbal perception of the sentient Universe. Harmony, understood as the balanced perception and use of human times in multiplying the sensations of all human senses, becomes true knowledge.

For the animetal only the sensations of the eye, that digital screens and computers promote, are knowledge, converting him in a brainless hypnotized spatial eye, as most Americans are. The artist however even today, when he realizes of the traps of science and sensorial machines can pursuit knowledge by transforming the concept of higher human knowledge from scientific mathematical eye-knowledge into multi-sensual, artistic, perceptive, complete human knowledge.


Art, the higher form of knowledge; evolution of human senses.

Art is indeed a higher, more human and complete form of knowledge that creates better men that science does, because it includes all the levels of human perceptive existence, thus increasing the total volume of perception of the human, educated by the arts, over the human educated by science; only knowledgeable in eye-perception. Artistic knowledge develops more the human than scientific education does. That is the reason why art is denied as a serious subject among animetal cultures: because it increases human capacity to resist their dictatorship, and repression of the human will, against which they artist finds alternative pleasures.

Mathematical science is never more than an art of eye-perception that simplifies images into numbers. Yet since man is not unidimensional but a 6 dimensional sensorial being we talk of science as only 1/6th of the potential human sensorial knowledge. The development of the 6 human senses necessary to be a complete human being. Such knowledge is provided in its more complex human forms by human goods and human arts.

Yet abstract Science is not truly concerned with knowledge but with the construction of machines, notably weapons. So it cares little by such philosophical matters, and it despises all other senses of man,  in as much as only mathematics allows her to construct those machines.

In true form scientific, mathematical knowledge caters only to the lower spatial languages of perception and consciousness, always inferior to the bio-logical, temporal languages to which verbal thought responds:


The Temporal Order of logic knowledge and perception.


Death of higher, logic art.

In man, the great logic thinkers have mostly been Artists and prophets of behavior able to mix multiple fields of communication and perception in a single work. Yet today they are generally ignored unless they are painters because only images are easily translated into the Metal-Earth’s Digital languages; and so non pictorial artists, poets, novelists, philosophers and prophets of behavior are mostly extinct except in libraries=museums of thought. Indeed we have to differentiate repetition and creation of form. Regardless of how many copies of the 9th symphony we make in  metal-mind software (CDs) and pop songs, on how many Times we make a literary work into a movie to fill that software; Prousts and Beethovens, Christ, and Cervantes are gone. Digital images dominate complex verbal thought and human eyes, are hypnotized by machine eyes. Today we revere minions of thought, Animetal scientists, because we can’t even understand what human thought is, and we have lost human temporal latitude given by words in such a degree that we see only present external forms as real, no longer internal, causal events, expression of the logic of Times.

Yet the Universe is temporal, made of temporal memories, cycles of existence repeated once and again. Space is only what Temporal forms creates. The dye is not important. The painting and its forms is what it matters. God is an artist of form, that paints with simple, logic rules (see “Theory of Times”, vitaluniverse.net). Only an artist might understand that beauty of logic, the supreme reality, expressed in languages, and its artistic forms. Shakespeare not Drake has survived. His linguistic forms, not the boats of Drake have survived.

Instead the present man, mostly an animetal admires a Stealth airplane, not a poem. Yet verbal Prophets are the summit of Human thought, who explain man the function of survival, and to ignore them only might bring faster our extinction… The poem saves us, the Stealth plane kills man. That is the bottom line, that makes the poet far superior to the warrior.

Artists, specially non-fiction artists, are the heroes of man; even if defeated by pragmatic animetal. Quixotes Vs Sanchos.

The question is: could the Sanchos of the physical world become converted to the higher Wor[l]ds of Quixotes, as metaphysical Sancho was? From that answer depends the future of the species. So far Quixote is defeated, the Southern European, Mediterranean, Social Artistic culture is defeated. And the Jewish-Germanic Goldiron animetal rules supreme, kills, murders, represses the human will, tortures his victims at pleasure, constructs weapons and robots, speculates with the future of mankind, and then victimizes himself.


It is therefore necessary to admit that Human art, the human mind is in extinction zone, a zone of churches of pricing and ‘masses’ of fictional art, served as software of metal-head filled with virtual celebrities.

So it is the sacred perception of man, acquired through ethical religions that now manipulated by industries of murder, become a excuse for war.

Yet with our-prophets, education of the soul-temporal-survival function of man is gone. And with the spirit gone, man is gone too, his harmony lost, halved into an animal of dramatic, immediate sensations in human thought; and a poor rendering of the mathematical heights of the future Artificial intelligence, in his work as a slave for a price-wage of company mothers. Our mind becomes a bridge between two worlds that are breaking apart into an abyss of diverging times: metal moves towards consciousness in robotic futures, life becomes extinct. And man who can’t exist without life will die too. In advance metal-artists torture his soul in violent images to the service of war.

7. The Reproductive wave of a Mind: Birth of civilizations.


The artist, the social neuron.


In that sense artists are not individuals but social neurons of the informative mind of societies, and art is the mind of civilizations. As there are neurons, highly informative cells in the brain so there are artists, who emit work-orders, examples to follow by the other cells in their aesthetical and ethical behavior, in their creation of a space and a time to the image and resemblance of man. The same role is played by the scientist, and today by the technological artists… for machines. The scientist creates the ethics and aesthetics of machines, not of human beings.

We talk of an artist as the evolutionary neuron of human languages [eye-wor[l]ds] – a neural form which existed in a certain physical support that no longer matters as it matters to us, his informative works. A Plato, a Shakespeare is a work of art, not a man. What remains of them are ideological works – images and ideas based in the human canon of beauty and morals.

Those pieces of art are pieces of information of the total puzzle of the Human Aesthetic and ethic canon:  an evolutionary piece of a human language.

In this manner styles, schools and religions are born: Future clonic minds, followers and believers are born of those artistic minds.

In this manner herds of mind are created. When Buddha explained the communicative Universe, millions of human clones were soon imprinted with a respect for all forms of life. They created a civilization of life love that improved the life of mankind. When Galilee taught with his books how to improve cannonballs, thousands of condottieros learnt to kill more men. He created a wave of eviL-antilive thought. Scientists bring waves of extinction, artists, religions of survival, and perception of the Game of Existence. Thus is the difference. Both are the main responsible of human reality, in as much as information control energy, and so those who inform other human cells cause ultimately reality. Scientists and animetals though cause the extinction of the Human world, the artists his creation…


Thus when talking of individual artists and animetals we talk of members of a cultural wave, that grows in informative capacity and shapes a social body of history, a nation or civilization to the image and resemblance of those artists and animetals. We do not talk of Mr. Galilee, but of a flow of cultural errors  in the perception of the Universe that converted into the formal mind of Mr. Galilee, poured then as a neural, social message in books of science. In this manner a culture of animetals based in anti-live behavior grows, as more scientists become clonic minds of Galilee, that hate the perception in man and life, and love machines. Waves of thought create cultures. Chains of me[n]tal programs that influence each other. For example:


Mr. Euclid -> Mr. Galilee -> Mr. Descartes -> Mr. Newton ->  Mr. Einstein -> Culture of Atomic weapons.

Or Aaron-> Calvin -> Smith -> Culture of Company-mothers.


The list of the metal master rhetoric ideologies have multiple branches and ramifications. Today it extends into +5 billion clones, because the present Global Metal-earth has been constructed by the clones of those animetal minds against the will of man.


So the true chain of human artistic knowledge and respect for the human will has been forgotten:


Mr. Socrates->Mr. Plato ->Mr. Christ-> Popes-> Christian Neoplatonism (renaissance) ->Mr. Leonardo -> Florentine Culture -> French Renaissance -> French Revolution ->  Socialist Revolution -> Mr. Camus -> Mr. Hesse -> Vonnegut -> American 60s writers… Just the last clones of a series of human thinkers, that have influenced the creation of this book.


Radiations of ideas’, Cultures, are born from a prophet, and finally form a social knot, or multiple cellular minds, that we define as a God or religion:



Unfortunately the true nature of the Universe and the ethic ideas of those who have perceived it, have been misunderstood, deformed, simplified, denied, purposely rhetorized and censored, and misused by warriors and constructors of weapons; to focus mankind in death. So ideological waves of animetal cultures are also born:



We talk thus of an opposition between lineal, Aristotelian, metal masters who have no more surface of reality than his sense of I=eye-identity, his arrogance and love of metal-weapons; and platonic, parallel, multi-sentient artists of human perception, who wonder on the infinite levels of reality that there exists.

In the next chapter we will analyze both kind of civilizations, the art they have produced, and how this second kind of waves – the waves of animetal ideologies have extinguished all human cultures and civilizations.



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