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‘Exist¡ence is a travel through Metric STœps of the fifth dimension’ l§

0. The stientific method: General Systems Theory.

I. Gst=Tœ: Time-Space superorganism. The fundamental particle of the Universe

II. Γst (ab.Γ): The fractal Generator of Spacetime. The formal equation that defines the pentalogic structure of space-time beings

I. T.Œ: Theory of Everything Organic 

II. Gst: Generational Spacetime.

III. Formal, linguistic sciences: ∆º Minds: ¡logic languages; Fractal Generator: ¬E Mathematics and non-A pentagonal logic.

IV. Generational Space Time (Gst): ∆±∞: laws of Space-time and its Ðimotions in all ¡ts planes of ex¡stience.

ABSTRACT. T.Œ means two things, a Theory of Everything Organic (T.Œ) and a Time-space organism (T.œ, in small caps as each one is part of the Organic Everything – T.Œ).

The first concept, a Theory of everything organic is equivalent to the classic science of organicism, General Systems Theory (GST) the original science that tried to explain reality with the principles of organicism, based in the common bio-topo-logic properties of all space-time beings, each scalar size and its species define by a ‘stience’.

But in formal terms the same acronym defines a Generator equation of Timespace (Gst, ab. Γ) the formal, logic concept that resumes in terms of its space-time and scalar components all systems of reality.

We thus shall introduce all those concepts in this synoptic post, which:

  1. First will define the ‘method of knowledge’ of General Systems sciences, which seeks for those ‘bio-topo-logic’ ‘Disomorphic=equal laws, followed by all species ‘Generated’ by fractal space and cyclical time
  2. And then it will study all the ‘scales’ of stiences, with more emphasis on formal sciences (scalar organic sciences, logic temporal sciences and spatial geometric mathematical sciences) to introduce then some common laws of physics, biology and social sciences.

Those common disomorphic laws follow of the fact that all systems are made of scales of vital space and cycles of time, that its properties will be ‘bio-organic’ derived of the co-exstence of scales, mathematical derived of the geometry of that space, and logic, as a consequence of its different motions of time.
Let us then introduce the ‘main scalar, space-time components of all systems of reality’, with the basic ‘symbols of Existential algebra, (ab. ¬Æ), the formalism hat studies those disomorphic laws, topologic elements of superorganisms, its life cycles and co-existing, organic, fractal scales:



Ðimotion: One of the 5 Dimensional motions of space and time. The unit of action that defines the program of existence of all space-time beings.’  l§ (: on a lighter note, apologies for the popping brown lines – unintentional – the ghost in the formatting machine is going crazy ):


The lowly c atom which æntropic mæn  – who consider themselves the center of reality (anthropic principle), and the universe stupid (entropic models of it) – believe to be miraculous, alone in his sentient living organic nature.

How can we fight the æntropic principle of human egos, who deny organic sentient properties to all species not made of our ‘lowly’ 6c atoms?

The answer is by improving the scientific method and the monist logic of Aristotelian man. This brings us into non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean mathematics and pentalogic, and a new non-Æpistemology I call the ‘stientific method’ (from space-time science).

Thus WE advance further the scientific method, incorporating the findings of organicism and the 5 Dimotions of the Universe.

The enhanced scientific method: ¬A(bcd)E

The understanding of the 5Dimotions (ab Dimensional motions) of the Universe enhance and reconnect man to the entangled Universe…
By Expanding our knowledge of any event and form, reducing the chaos for a fractal self-repetitive ‘disomorphic order’ of equal beings in all scales, projecting better with those Disomorphic laws our understanding of the blocks of time that shape the future as each super organism has a set path of existence (albeit, it can manipulate the speed of its dimotions and even for truly experts in the art of exist¡ences halt by repetition the process of aging, themes those of certain finesse studied in other posts).

The entangled Universe generates its spatial over through the synchronous connections between the 5 elements of reality, fractal space and its scales, cyclical time and its repetitive causality, minds that perceive with synoptic languages the system as a whole and project its territorial order and survival will through its actions, and the entropic limits (¬) the infinite universe imposes to that will. So ANY aspect of reality must account for 5 elements to express such entanglement. It is the fractal principle of 5D in time and its pentalogic structure in space.

In the graph, the order of reality is based in the pentalogic entanglement of its 5 parts. So the scientific method will also study 5 perspectives on each being, signified by one letter of the ABCDE of the scientific method.

In brief, we MUST ad NEW elements to the scientific method and as usual given the growth of complexity required we try at least to use a mnemonic pentadimensional rule to it, the ¬A(bcd)E stientific method (¬Æ).
We talk also of the bio-topo-logic Universe, as the perspective of the entangled ‘ABCDE‘ Principles of the Scientific method, ad together the properties of scalar space and cyclical time (Ðisomorphisms), the B-iological, organic models derived of it, and the Non-AE structure that results of the multiple nature of time-space dimotions to the classic elements of epistemology which are:
 A-ccurate Data, C-orrespondence Principle with proved models and E-xperimental method that allows to hypothesize and predict the future of the species studied.

Yet ‘Experimental accurate Data, Corresponding with proved theories IS caused by cyclical time and fractal space (REPETITION OF PATTERNS called laws of science, both in a single plane or ‘cyclical time’ and multiple self-similar scales or ‘fractal space’).

So the scientific method IS also an expression of cyclical time and fractal space.

To refine then those elements we add linguistic formal concepts of non-Æ: i-logic geometry, organic, Biological models and Disomorphic laws.

All this is wrapped up in the Pentalogic ‘Rashomon’ method – the analysis of the system through its 5 CAUSAL DIMENSIONS-ACTIONS-MOTION, or  ‘Rashomon effect’ of multiple truths. So we get an entangled mirror image in space of the whole.

Then we do a 12+1 step by step dynamic analysis of the system as it is generated by a seed of information, emerges as a super organism and lives a world cycle, which is the time view of the 5-pentalogic entangled space-being.

As space is a slice picture of a time flow, obviously the Disomorphic method (3, 4th line) is more detailed than the Pentalogic method (1st, 2nd line), and would be a whole encyclopedia. After 5 years though of work in the site poor stats and failing health have aborted the completion of 3rd and 4th line.

Even so pentalogic will be seen as a nuisance by most scientists who if anything are fully converted to its simpler mechanical method as an absolute truth and ‘nothing else is needed, so shut up’ (: But this method has a fault in its logic as entanglement means multiple causes to each event, and its maths, as scalar space means non-euclidean fractal points that grow in size and hold inside again 5 parts as ¬∆@st.

The reader of course has a mind schooled in the single causality of lineal Aristotelian time, A->B and the shallow geometry of Euclidean lineal dimensions made of points within breath – fact is all space is bidimensional (points with breath) and all causal creations pentalogic. So for him it might seem unneeded to fully search for 5 Dimotions-actions-points of view in the analysis of any event to discover the minimal causality of its existence, but that is precisely the huge handicap of huminds doing science – little-big egos jumping up ‘me, I an myself has the only answer’ causality 5 ANSWERS ARE NEEDED: to explain anything in the entangled Universe you need the confluence of at least 3 ‘topological elements/timespace forms  in a single plane of existence, 3±¡ planes that influence the event from above and below and the whole, and if we were to fully grasp the event, its past-present and future states as a block of time.
So then, there wouldn’t be the absurd clash of egos between scholars each one studying a ceteris paribus cause of the polidimensional Universe and saying this IS the only cause.
If I only could erase that ceteris paribus plague of egocy (ego+idiocy) proper of the humind and teach the multiplicity of perspectives, it might be possible to expand your understanding and belonginess to the Universe and the World with which you are connected.
So for each article, we must consider AT LEAST the perspectives of those ∆±i scales and the 3 topologies of the ‘central plane’, ∆ø, where the event happens as a whole. This bare minimum (as the full blown understanding requires all the information of the past-preent-future world cycle block of time of the entity or event), implies to consider reality from the point of view of the 5 Dimotions of the Universe; as the entangled Universe always requires to understand reality from those 5 relative Topological Dimensions with motion=Dimotions=Actions of space & time to fully account for the simultaneous, multiple perspectives of reality.
So the ‘original’ two steps of the scientific method get more complex.
The first step – collection of accurate data now should include all those ‘subtle’ flows of information and energy that come into the event – for example in Physics flows coming from other scales as in the Kondo Effect; in our daily life, the burdens imposed by the ∆+1 state or world in which we exist.
Then when modeling- to find a causal explanation for an event – we cannot do ceteris paribus, or rather we should at least do 5Dimotional analysis of the 5 converging ‘elements’ of the being, NEVER existing as an isolate.
Finally if we are establishing the most abstract level of modeling – that of T.œ, theoretical extraction of general laws from a given spacetime event/being, according to the disomorphic nature of reality – i.e. to find for example that limbs/potentials of entropy have lineal/flat topologies, as the fastest/shortest distance between 2 points, we shall search for experimental evidence, NOT only as in classic thought within the restricted species we study but in the 3 great sub disciplines of human thought, Physical, biological and socio-economic systems. So we shall indeed find forces to be flat electromagnetic perpendicular planes in physical systems; wings to be flat and triangular in biology, and flat and triangular in socio-economic planes; as they are all ultimately ‘topological forms’ that keep emerging in new planes of space.
So this ABCDE mnemonic rule will allow us to study with a much more complex view, far more exhaustive and explanative, and at the same time far more relative, the reality that surrounds it.
And finally when all this is ideally done (please don’t expect me to do it all by myself, at this age, alone… this blog, we shall not cease to repeat is my attempt before my many sickness send me packing into Nirvana of leaving a ‘trace’ in the sand of thought, for others to build better structured castles)… as an appendix, we try to write ALL OF IT, with the ‘warped’ package of non-Æ i-logic equations.
So we get the FULL ¬A(bcd)Extraction of all the knowledge huminds can get of the being, which of course will NOT be all, as only the being has all the information into its self.
In terms of language it means as each of those dimotions is better studied with a certain language of the humind that we need to ad to the mathematical languages, verbal, logic languages, and bio-logical, organic ones; and finally metaphysical sentient/sensation-related concepts, which of course, the ceteris paribus egocy of scholars will shun off. Each humind has its own egocy perspective and we deal with that in our analysis of the equation of the mind, an infinitesimal mirror of still forms that believe to be infinite.
So that is the future of stience, in any planet in which similar huminds have kept expanding our connection with the entangled Universe.
In this first line though we just consider a brief introduction to the more complex formal elements of the model, which will grow in intensity and complexity through the lines of the web.

Unfortunately it is required, specially to make the whole T.œ match the equations of mathematical physics known for its exactitude. I.e. the main formula of physics are ALL expressions of those space-time demotions and its constants, ‘STeps’ of spacetime demotions, but which dimotion, what rules exist to combine each of the five dimotions  and how they apply to every scale and phenomena of physics, is needed – the devil is in the details – to fully grasp those equations, graphed in the picture…

Indeed, once we understand the laws of T.œs, there is work for many generations to rewrite with the simplicity of the first principles of the Universe the entire cosmic landscape from the smallest to the largest form. As I failed in my youth when a student at Columbia U. to interest academia into the task of writing an encyclopedia of the 5D Universe, I had for 30 years to do the work in and out of my life and random jobs. So the reader should excuse that as so many pioneers, from Mr. Aristotle teaching that blockhead of Alexander, to Leonardo doubling as weapon master and painter, to Leibniz working for that blockhead of Prince William, the work is by force incomplete and disordered, abandoned and retaken, rewritten and lost so many times… all what I can do at this stage is to leave a trace in this blog, trying to maximize the coherence of its parts.

 Disomorphic method applied to the mind.

Let us finally see the 3rd approach to those dimotions as exchanges of motion and form ‘energy and information’ between scales of reality, considering first the vital view of the 5 dimotions (a simple application of the Rashomon effect) and then connect those time space ‘fast actions’ in a sequential order to see how they define in the long time view a clear arrow of increasing life information that will finally explode back into entropy defining the world cycle of existence of all beings.

VITAL processes are THUS the whys of all abstract topological configurations. And dualities and ternary symmetries are the elements that construct those configurations as all is yin yang and qi, that is motion, form and energy that combines them. Easy? Isn’t?

You and anything else, is just a super organism of space-time ‘dust’:

s≈t, spatial minds (S@), ≈body waves of energy and cyclical membranes, ∆ð.

And so properly written we talk of a Universe of five elements we shall always use as the bare theoretical minimum to acquire meaningful information about an event or form of space-time.

Finally to intoduce the meaning of truth in languages, as we only perceive reality from a linguistic mirror of the mind, which means absolute truth only happens in the being which has all the information about itself:

Total truth of the being = One (probability, one being) in the being in itself.

So an external observer only will have a linguistic mirror view, with less information. And as each language is better fit to extract different properties (math, spatial; logic, temporal; sight, space-time; ethics, social and so on), it is best a kaleidoscopic view of the being with different languages, to extract the maximal information):

Maximal truth of the being = ∑ linguistic points of view on the 5th dimensions of the entity, (∆@S≈T).

This is the justification of the Rashomon method of casting 5 different perspectives in ceteris paribus analysis often with different languages, to extract its maximal information; which in the more complete “Disomorphic method’ (3rd line) will double in space and time symmetries the perception of the being through a dual qualitative=quantiative, time=space symmetric perspective with 10 ‘different analysis’ of increasing complexity that develop the being from its initial seed to its plugging within the larger Universe of social scale and discontinuous planes from where it absorbs its energy and information…

So the study of the 5 elements that conform any ‘time§pace organism of the Universe’, its fractal scales and actions, its spatial forms and super organisms, and its temporal motions masterminded by the @-mind or system that connects all its parts, feels it as a whole and puts it in motion in the outside world… but will finally become disordered by entropy in a larger world, is what gives us the total truth of the being. 

And we use a simplified 5D³ analysis of it, and a more ‘dynamic’ generational analysis departing from the o-mind or seed of a still form of information, which generates through its actions, the reproductive wave of clones that build the social networks that emerge as a being in an upper scale of reality, live through its 3 ages as a super organism, act in an external world through its social scales and finally die. This is the content of the third line, explained for each species in the fourth line, where we shall for each scale define its 5г¡motions and then its stages of evolution for seed through emerging being to dying form.

We shall study then under the Rashomon 5D³ truths and the 12 elements of the Disomorphic method, equal in all dimensional beings, the different perspectives of those planes and main species, which are self-centered in the humind, ∆±4 planes – the last of which is outside the galaxy and its light space-time, the limit of our perception.

The fractal principles.

We considered briefly in the introduction the fractal principles, which we now can try to detail further.

The Universe and all its systems are fractal systems, from where a series of ¡logic fractal principles result of which the most important are, in a causal chain:

  • The TERNARY principle: Systems need to be properly defined at least 3 spatial scales, 3 space-time organic topologies, 3 scales of time AND 3 components of its mind – the membrane, the singularity and the radius=physiological networks that connect them between an external ±¡ reality that fades away with distance from the relative observer.
  • Systems have all a finite duration in time as time is cyclical and returns to the original point, where a time-cycle is considered to end.
  • Thus we define all realities in term of 3±¡ dimensional motions of scalar time and cyclical space: D1:perception, D2:locomotion, D3: reproduction, D4: social evolution and D5 entropy which completes the cycle.
  • The fractal principle proper: Eeach of those parts is divided into sub-parts which are also fractals, so each part has 5 Dimotions of existence, and it is entangled to all the parts of the system. And each of those sub=elements can be subdivided again IN 3+3+3+3 ±¡ ad infinitum.
  •  Principle of dominance of present =reproduction. Fractals are DEFINED by SCALAR, reproductive generator equations. So scales and reproduction are its ultimate purposes we can extend to the Universe  And so we shall formalize the Universe with feed back, logic fractal equations that reproduce space and time, of which the most important is SxT the reproductive ‘product’ (maximized when S=T).
  • Organic principle: from the co-existence of scales, according to a co-invariant metric, S=T, it follows systems have organic properties, as its parts can travel through the system, and the system int eh larger reality.And so we define existence as a travel through the fifth dimension.
  • Survival Principle: reproduction for the purpose of survival and social evolution into a stronger whole are ultimately survival strategies, and so we can define reality also in biological survival terms, as a survival program of existence. Since to achieve those two complex dimotions we need the 3 simplex ones.
  • The symmetry principle: From S=T; we deduce that Vital fractals are symmetric, balanced and entangled. As the principle can be expanded to all its 5 elements and dimotions, ¬∆@st, meaning that its components, form, motion and scales relate to each other in symmetric balanced proportions. From it derives all other ‘pentalogic principles’ – those Dimotions (dimensional motions) are entangled related to each other by flows of energy and information and proportions.
  • Mirror Principle of languages, which  reflect the pntalorgic symmetries of the whole Universe and hence have the same grammar structure than reality, reason why they can deterministically anticipate in its faster in time synoptic, smaller size the future of all realities.
  • The nested principle: Larger systems have smaller parts, to be symmetric through scales, so each superorganism is ∆±¡ symmetric to a given ∆º relative linguistic mind point.
  • The principle of similarity: all fractal scales are self-similar but not identical, meaning, we shall find similar events and forms in space and time, in all scales, which is the key principle to understand the scalar Universe just described… From it we obtain the…
  • Disomorphic laws: similar laws of time and space happens in all scales. And they can guide us to fill the gaps of unobservable scales.

A rigorous deduction of all those principles derived from the concept of a fractal and the 5D metric equations is possible, but I won’t bother to put it here. In brief, from S=T, we deduce 3 parts, and from scales 2 more dimotions and from scales, symmetry and 5 dimotions, under a survival principles of existence we deduce all those laws…


Conclusion: The stientific method.

The scientific method and its science, epistomology, concerns the search for truth, which is information mirrored in a language of the mind, about the external world. So to improve the scientific method into the stientific method, it is necessary to evolve languages which we do with nonÆ, and refocus the mind from æntropic subjective man into the objective external Universe ; the quest for information then is the third priority in which huminds due to the use of metal minds have excelled to the point it has become the only thing they do right these days – but we will improve by ‘finding information’ where huminds don’t look (in all the other properties of reality digital machines cannot observe).

The purpose of Non-Æpistemololgy is thus to upgrade the scientific method to ‘stience’.

To that aim we need to vitalize the foundational concepts of our mind languages, as mirrors of scalar space-time, logic and mathematics, to make them reflect better the 5 dimensional motions or actions of reality (Dimotions): entropy, motion, perception, social evolution and reproduction and so reach a higher degree of truth, that present scientific methods, which have been clearly corrupted by ‘creationism’ and the surrogate use of digital, computer thought instead of huminds and our logic natural languages.

Once this is achieved by:

  1. Upgrading maths and logic to ¡logic geometry and our theory of languages, as all are mirrors of the same fractal reality. So truth is NOT monologic, performed by a single language, but Max. Probability of truth = Max. number of languages perceiving the Universe. A law easy to understand since the Universe is a fractal of infinite mirrors-monads, so the absolute truth of the Universe is all the information carried by all those mirror monads in all its languages.
  2. Imposing the multiple points of view of the entangled Universe in any description (pentalogic which analyzes the T.œ in space as an ¬∆@st, dust of space-time made of scales, space topologies, time ages, linguistic mind and its limits of entropy)… This means to improve each of those linguistic mirrors, and the forms and species of reality described or ‘generated’ with their imprinting of the formless motions of the Universe.
  3. Finally, when we reduce ®pistemology to huminds, and its methods of gathering knowledge with its mind mirrors and sensorial human and mechanical systems, we need to clean up the 3 tenants of the ABC trilogic system of the scientific method, which in an orderly manner will be:

A) Accurate data recollection with any sensorial system and language-mirror of the Universe. (Experiment)

B) Biotopologic causes, defined as the reasons of existence of that accurate data, based themselves in the Ðisomorphic laws of scalar cyclic spacetime. (Hypothesis)

C) Cast into Cyclical patterns based in memorial recollections of similar events and forms, which can therefore be projected into the future, making forecasts, which will be the tests of truth of the model (Proof).

D) Democratic praxis, which we add as it is lacking today, by denial of the eusocial arrow of evolution, love and ethics that ensures the survival of the organism of history and its human parts. In essence it means to establish entropic limits to the research of stience, as humans must first understand that a extinct scientist knows nothing, so entropic death has no truth, a fact derived of the organic properties of the fractal Universe and its finite entropic limits of death.

E) This point means thus that science must first ask itself if a given research will favor the higher goal of all humans, to construct a perfect super organism of mankind in time, history that is immortal and caters to the WHeath, wealthy, healthy needs of all humans. If not such research must be forbidden. I.e. we shouldn’t evolve nuclear weapons with the excuse of understanding deeper scales of energy-mass, as they can blow up the earth, we shouldn’t research further AI and robots as they displace man from labor and war fields.

E is therefore the ‘Entropic Dimotion’ of the stientific method, where humans should HAVE NOT GONE, and arguably the reason why this work has gone nowhere among æntropic humans… Since if Newton dedicated more times to biblical ego-trips and æntropic research in weapons for the Royal Navy, me, which you can consider the heir of Leibniz had dedicated far more time to warn mankind of the entropic limits of science and our impeding extinction…

The 5 Dimotions of the stientific method 

are then easy to relate to those 5 points:

E) is the 4th dimotion of entropic limits which huminds are crossing researching systems with a higher ‘existential force’ that therefore can desestabilize the human momentum and that of Gaia, its ∆+1 world and extinguish us…

D) is the people’s praxis of stience that should enhance our 5th Dimotion and social evolution, love and creation of a perfect world with the help of stience.

C) is the 3rd Dimotion of reproduction, which is the ultimate meaning of existential beings, and all its stiences that try to repeat, reproduce and imprint the same information in the ultimate substance of reality, motion, to conserve its form.

A) is the 1st Dimotion of perception of reality with all possible senses.

Which leaves only B) that puts in relationship those events with the larger isomorphisms and laws of the entangled Universe, with the 2nd Dimotion of ‘communication’, the purpose of locomotion NOT a mere translation in space, as locomotion has always a purpose of communication of information (as when a system emits waves, NO longer lines with the upgraded 2nd postulate of non-AE).

The Dimotions of stience mirroring those of reality.

This couldn’t be otherwise because a mirror acquires the structural patterns in ‘lesser dimensions’ of the form it imitates.

It turns out then nicely that the order of the stientific method coincides with the order of the iaeuo series of actions of existence, as systems first perceive in stillness, then move towards a pole of energy accelerating, where they will feed with the purpose of reproducing, setting the ternary logic of existence, till either entropy returns their finitesimal 0 to the infinite formless void, or the right choices elongate its life with the help of its friendly universal social whole.

That can also be seen in reversed ‘Duality fashion’, as to state that ALL SYSTEMS IN EXIST¡ENCE ARE DOING STIENCE with its actions.

It must be noticed that as usual we use the correspondence method, which means the previous model is the ‘limit’ of the new upgrade and slightly change ‘wordings’ but maintain the essence of what huminds have achieved in the age of ‘science’.

Correspondence Principle:

The scientific method do respond to a simple ternary logic: Experiment (perception of space-time events and forms by humind languages), Hypothesis (search for causes and consequences) and Proof (new experiments that test consequences).

As such it is the limit of the stientific method, as in praxis it has reduced  A) experimental knowledge under the creationist, platonic ‘Idol-ogy’ that primes sensorial machines over human or other senses, to truths collected with digital numbers and mechanisms B) causes to topologic, mathematical and a few logic reasons, denying the scalar, organic properties that DO cause reality, and hence the Disomorphic, equal laws of space-time all systems follow, which also apply to the sound modeling of those cyclical patterns that can BE established with other languages (past-present-future verbal tenses, musical beats, etc.)

In that sense the stientific method allows TO JUDGE the quality of other linguistic truths, respecting the non-quantitative appreciation of reality. I.e. a work of art will have quality, if belonging to ‘realism’ (depiction of the real Universe) by the accuracy of its image-mirror, if belonging to idealism (mental transformation of the truth within the syntax of the language) by the ‘consistency’ of the work in terms of the Universal grammar and balance of all languages, through the concept of ‘balance’ (S=T), WHICH IS THE DEFINITION OF BEAUTY and immortality, hence defines the ‘durability’ in time-selection of the quality of art.


New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.

Planck on the informative seed without a ‘placenta’ of huminds to re=produce

A brief introduction to General Systems, the metric of the 5th dimension and the main nested superorganisms of the Universe.

As usual if the readers want to understand anything, they should read  at least the first pages of the central post.

A very brief introduction follows:

The Universe is a fractal scalar system of 5 Dimensions of space-time. The fifth dimension is made of the ‘different co-existing scales’, which from the simplest forces through particles, atoms, molecules, matter, organisms, superorganisms, planetary systems and galaxies, create an ‘organic network sstructure’, which amazing enough since it was discovered at the beginning of science with telescope and microscopes, was not formalized till I introduce its metric equation in the milieu of systems sciences.

In mathematical science for a dimension of space-time to exist, it requires a metric equation which combine space and time to gives us a co-invariant system that allows to travel through such dimension. The fifth dimension has a ‘metric equation’, hence it exists. The equations for a given number of scales co-existing in an organic network is S (size in space) x T (speed of time cycles) = Constant.

It means when we become smaller within such organic network, our time clocks accelerate. And vice versa. For example, in your organism the equation relates the cellular genetic scale, whose time cycles run much faster than your biological cycles. As information is stored in the form and frequency of time clocks, it follows that in all nature’s organisms, smaller systems code the information of larger systems.

We study 3 fundamental superorganisms of the 5th dimension. The ‘galatom’, whose metric equation is H(Planck constant of angular momentum) x C (speed of light) = C, whereas h is an obvious ‘cyclical time clock’ and C an obvious measure of speed-distances in space. And indeed, smaller scales have faster turning particles, and larger systems move in slower cycles. (Vortex law: Vo x Ro = k).

In biology we study families of animals such as mammals where larger organisms have slower metabolic cycles. In history we study social organisms, whose cycles of life and death, will define the evolution of nations and civilizations. And in each of those organisms, smaller systems code larger ones. So the quantum numbers of particles code matter, genes code biologic organisms, and memes code societies.

We define them two fundamental systems one in space and one in time, taking place in the fifth dimension:

  • An entangled superorganism in space, in which the synchronicity between 3 scales of the organism, its atomic/cellular/Individual, thermodynamic/organic /social and gravitational/ecosystemic/global scales in physical/biological/social organisms form a complex interacting, entangled system we shall call a superorganism, whose study discovers ‘Isomorphic=equal laws’ regardless of what kind of system we study. Because the system is entangled, and made of 5 obvious components, we need a new logic, ‘pentalogic’ as all the elements communicate and interact together. Those elements common to all systems of nature are identified as:

space‘, that is ‘types of dimensional form’, and we find to have 3 only ‘topological varieties’, which perform 3 clear organic functions in the superorganism, lineal limbs/fields that move the system, hyperbolic body-waves that iterate its forms and spherical particle/heads that gauge information/

Time, that is types of ‘motion=change’, those organs perform, which are locomotion (limbs/fields), reproduction (body-waves) and informative gauging (particle/heads), which dominate each of the 3 consecutive ages of the being (young motion age, mature reproductive age and old informative age).

Scale, the 3 aforementioned  scales for any superorganism

Mind. And this allow us to identify a ‘center that process’ information from the outer world, and controls the internal networks of the system, with a given language, which we shall call a mind, regardless of its automatic processing or consciousness. As it coordinates and maintains the whole as a single system performing actions of control of the energy and information of the system. So we find gravity centers, chips, brains, DNA nucleus, black holes in galaxies, etc. etc. Indeed, there is always in any stable organic system, a relative still, self-centered mind, which we shall discover all systems do have, even physical systems, which have centers of gravity, centers of charge or crystal systems, which maintain the whole.

Entropic limits: In time called death, in space, called membranes, in scales as systems loose control beyond to scales and in fact death is defined by a simple equation of dissolution of two scales of information, ∆1<<∆-1.

All this allow us to define any system in time, by its life and death cycle which we shall call a worldcycle (taken from 4D physics, worldline, which now with a new dimension becomes a worldcycle. Since indeed any scalar superorganism’s existence can easily be defined as a travel through the 3 scales of the fifth dimension, as all systems are born as a seminal, smaller form, in the ∆-1 lower scale, grow fast with its faster time speed, emerge in the ∆º body scale and are part with its head/particle of a larger social world, in the ∆+1 scale.

How then a system travels through those scales? Very simple, it does so accelerating in its life cycle, emerging, living in the larger world, and then dissolving back to its parts in the death moment.

And amazingly enough with this simple scheme of 5 pentalogic elements, tracing 3 relative worldcycles, the first  ‘placental worldcycle’ as it evolve in the relative safe ‘womb’ of a maternal system, the life cycle, as it tries to survive in an outer ecosystem, and for the most organized systems, a 3rd worldcycle as it forms part of a larger superorganism, we will be able to order everything in the Universe, every event and every phenomena, which the researcher has studied for decades.

The existence of a new dimension of space-time is the most important discovery of science in a century, since Einstein formalized the fourth dimension, but this expansion and formal organization of science is much wider as it applies to all sciences, not only physics. 

So the blog is extremely extensive in its scope and due to the fact it is the work of a single researcher, by force incomplete. It is the ‘first seed’ of a new paradigm of philosophy of science.

The blog in any case divide in 4 lines, which try to develop the model for the main superorganisms of the Universe and its parts, the galatom (physical superorganism that stretches from a planckton – a Planck constant – to a galaxy) and within this ‘nested organism’, the Earth, a superorganism which has both geological and biological nested superorganisms in its surface, of which we study according to the arrow of increasing evolution of information 3 ages, the life age of Gaia, the human age of History and the machine age of the FMMI system of company mothers that reproduce and evolve machines of information (Financial media system) and energy (Military-Industrial system) or ‘Metal-earth.

The study follows a simple scheme. The first line is a sentence that explains in space the 5 components of all superorganisms, and how they are studied in each scale by a different ‘stience’ (space-time science), in its spatial form and its reproductive and evolutionary worldcycles.

In the second line we study those superorganisms, which unlike in physics that highlights them by size, exploring the smallest and largest scale of the galatom as if they were more important, follows the nested model according to which since all superorganisms follow similar laws, and in organisms, survival matters, the most important are not the largest/smallest but the ones closer to us, human beings, so we dedicate more space to the study of the 3 ages of Earth, the superorganism we live in and even more to the internal mind-languages of man, which study the bio organic scalar properties, topologic mathematical spatial properties and logic, temporal properties of all those fractal organisms. Even so, in the first post of the second line, the galatom, we prove the scalar nature of big-bangs, from beta decays to a hypothetical universal scale, but studying in detail the proofs, we discharge a possible universal big-bang, and settle for a rather more pedestrian quasar cycle of galactic big-bangs, as most of the big-bang proofs are local, and fit better with the data of quasar cycles, and the natural balance between the implosive vortices of information (galaxies) and the expansive vacuum space between them.

But most of the blog studies the 3 ages of earth and the languages of the mind.

So we study further the nested superorganism of mankind history in its 3 scales, the individual human being, the nation or civilization and mankind as an ideal global superorganism, which if humans were intelligent and ethic enough they would design with the laws of superorganisms in a much more efficient manner than our corrupted economic=blood system of reproduction of goods and political=legal-nervous system of information and coordination of its citizens-cells.

Unfortunately the human superorganism is a trial and error system born from a series of memetic mutations which is NOT well designed and for that reason it is as wrong mutations are in all scales, becoming extinguished by lethal goods (weapons), broken into wrong sub-species (nations), parasited in its blood-monetary system (capitalist finances) and finally ‘censored’ by the wrong systems of power, which prevent a proper social sciences and r=evolution to create an immortal perfect history in control of both Gaia and the metal-earth

Then in the third line we study dynamically the superorganisms of the Universe through time, through its 2 or 3 worldcycles, and the sentence stops in 12+1 Disomorphic similar laws for all those worldcycles, as all systems are born of a seed of information that ‘expands’ (beta decay that creates atoms, seeds that create biological organisms, prophets that create civilizations, black hole quasars that create galaxies), and then follows a ternary placental, organic and worldcycle of existence, to finally die back… So in the fourth line we meant but have been unable to do it alone, to study all the sciences and systems known to man with those 12 disomorphic laws in what wanted to be an encyclopedia of science, but without help from any University I gave up on writing properly.

Indeed, as we said, this researcher is within the organism of history and a vocal critique of its corrupted networks, which do explain a lot why it is not researched by thousands of scientists all over the world and nobody cares with stats after 5 years so meager that I have completely given up enlightening humanity, perfectly indoctrinated in his worship of the idol-ogies of mechanism – machines not organisms as the measure of all things, nationalism, military nations not humanity as the unit of the species, and capitalism, parasitic banking, not a proper blood-system that feeds and gives money-oxygen to all humans as the reproductive system. So indeed as a body cell is blind and only receives information from its head, mankind is perfectly programmed to do what it does best, ensemble machines, evolve the metal-earth, kill Gaia and on top thinking is so smart doing that.

Enough to say you are reading both the most censored and the most important upgrade of scientific knowledge mankind has experienced since Galileo.

But ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’ Einstein. Indeed, mankind might ignore and despise the organic nature of the Universe, and no longer made humanity its model, as my latin, European civilization did at the height of History as an organism, before the industrial r=evolution made the machine the measure of all things, but it does. so to his own peril. As certainly this blog, not the primitive mechanist models of physics with a single ‘time motion’ entropy=death born of their worldly profession – making weapons – IS the true model of the Universe, and so machines are just primitive evolving organisms of metal, soon to become as AI robots with solar skins, independent of man. So either mankind learns the true laws of the Universe, organizes a better world and survive, or as an enzyman, catalyzes the evolution of robots and its nationalist military memes achieve soon its extinction. Either way the organic Universe will keep evolving its systems of information and superorganisms, based in the laws of eusocial love between members of the same species, that create those larger wholes, departing from similar parts, as all the prophets=scientists of history have told us to do in our verbal ethic, nervous language.



 TŒ or GST are the 2 names we give to a modern theory of relational space-time. GST, in as much as reality IS GENERATED by the properties of Space and Time.


We can then define our terms for the general stiences that studies those common laws for each species of reality.

GST: General Systems Theory. The original science of the organic Universe, from where many concepts of “Generational Space-time’ are taken.

T.Œ: Theory of Everything Organic. The adapted name of the General systems theory of this blog.

Gst: Generational Spacetime. The evolved name we give to the theory of relational space-time of this blog, in as much as reality IS GENERATED by the properties of Space and time, following the method of slightly changing the wording of sciences into similar ‘Stientific’ concepts.

T.œ: Time-Space superorganism. The fundamental particle of the Universe

Γst (ab.Γ): Generator of Spacetime. The formal equation that defines the pentalogic structure of space-time beings.

So, following the CORRESPONDENCE method of slightly changing the wording of the wider theory, from classic sciences into similar ‘Stientific’ concepts; we call GST, the Fractal Generator of Space-Time, and the science that studies it formally, while T.œ will be any TimeSpace Superorganism represented by the fractal generator and its ‘5 Dimotions’ (time view) or structural elements (space-view), S@≤∆¡≥¬T

THE 3 ∆=biorganic, S=topo-mathematical and T=¡logic PROPERTIES OF T.œ.s

Because T.œs are Generated by Scalar Space-Time, (ab. T§), it follows the properties of beings are scalar=organic, geometric=spatial and causal, logic=temporal. And nothing else but those 3 sets of type of properties will be required to explain the ‘existence and extinction of all beings’:

The ternary topologic structure of M¡ºnªds (ab.mind-monads, self-centered into an ∆¡=0 point), structures the dodecalogic elements of each T.œ, around 3 scales of space-time, 3 topologies of body-waves, limbs/fields and particles-heads, and 3 ages of dominance of one of those systems, as the being performs its 3±¡ of its expanded 3-scale pentalogic. In the graph we scheme the main components of its system in space and scale. Biorganic properties will then derive from its Deep Long time 5D scales; topomathematical properties from its simultaneous structure as networks of fractal points, ensembles in 3 vital topologies; and its logic properties of the sequential series of Dimotions the system performs in its worldcycles, all of them translated into a language mirror whose immanent still laws are sentient, perceived in the self.The study of a Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic vital and sentient properties, ignored by present science, and better described with tense verbs (the 3 ages of time and its causality) and 5D logic metric equations (the laws of scales) and biology (darwinian survival, organic laws, physiological networks). In that sense mathematical languages work better for the fine detail and how, but the why requires those other properties and languages, including the metalinguistic analysis of its ‘mathematical membrains’ and its mirrors.organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various ∆§ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration, ending as a zero sum of energy. Finally to be able to perform a survival program of 5 Dimotions of existence, it requires to gauge information with an apperceptive, self-centered i@-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world:  0 §@ x ∞ ð= World. Hence the creation of infinitesimal ∆¹ minds-worlds, or Leibnizian monads, which reduce a larger ∆+1 reality to its relative mapping, which is the origin of its ∆§calar planes, connected ‘perpendicularly’ through those @-minds, acting in physics as ‘centers of changes and masses’ wormholes of flows of entropy that become in the @-mind information, that perceives in itself.


In the graph GST.œ describes an organic, fractal Universe made of systems of space-time constructed with three topological dimensions of space, symmetric to three ages/functions of time, which form co-existing supœrganisms, across several scales of size and speed of time clocks.
T.Œ, a ‘Theory Of Everything organic’,  based in the rediscovery of cyclical time clocks, a concept, so obvious in Nature and the systems of time measure, which in the Eastern world was the basis of its religious philosophies of the Universe (Taoism and Hinduism) and in the West was natural to the Egyptian, Babylonian and Greek tradition, followed by Leibniz and his concept of relational space-time, of a Universe made of ‘fractal, vital spaces’ (the entities we see all around us), which lasted a finite time cycle (its cycle of creation, evolution and extinction).

All in all we realise that fractal space-time leads to the organic paradigm, which requires:

T: Cyclical time – multiple clocks with different volumes of information.

S: Moving energetic space – lineal entropic motions, and its hyperbolic, wave-like combinations…

∆: Happening across social scales of relative size, the 5th scalar dimension of space-time.

•@ And all this warped up and perceived in stillness by an informative mind

4 elements which create put together, infinite ‘finite’ space-time beings, including you, me, the computer you see, the chair you seat and everything else:

∞ ∆@ST beings…

So we shall start with a tempo ‘forte’ enough for you to dismiss either the blog, or the absurd subjective traps of ego-centered human beliefs, because we anticipate you are ‘nothing but dust of space-time’; and few men can really ‘stand’ that objective scientific reality, which not only takes you out of the centre of motions in space (Copernicus, Einstein), and motions in time (evolution of form) but also of motion in scale (Absolute relativity, as we shall find all scales of the Universe, from the tiniest atom, akin to the largest galaxy; have the same relative content of entropy, energy and information), when ‘reduced’ with 5D metric to the ‘constancy of existence: Sp x Ti = ∆¹.


4 elements of the organic universe: lineal space, cyclical time, linguistic minds and fractal scales.

This ‘dualist’ philosophy of science will then turn out to be a more complex alternative philosophy of science, which has been with us since the earlier dualist philosophies of the eastern world (taoism, hinduism) entered Europe through German philosophy and is at the heart of multiple key laws of nature, from the Principle of complementarity of quantum physics to the hegelian duality of social doctrines of history to the duality body-mind of biological systems.

To that eternal duality of ‘ST’ space and time (which we shall show to be equivalent to entropy and form), we need to ad though 2 elements completely ignored by classic eastern philosophies, but at the heart of western science.

The problem of the mind (ab. • or @) that perceives the ‘whole’ Universe from an infinitesimal point of view, through a language that bias reality to fit it into the brainl and so the problem of epistemology and truth, and experience and its limits…

And the question of an scalar, fractal Universe, (ab. ∆) in which there are ‘different co-existing planes of being’, parts and wholes, as you for example co-exist as a system of atoms, molecules, cells, organs and you are part of a larger whole world.

So the new ‘paradigm’ of a Universe dominated by information NOT by motion and entropy needs 4 fundamental upgradings to convert ‘science’ into ‘stience’:

  • The understanding of fractal space and cyclical time (ST)
  • Of the mind and the logic syntax of the language we use to ‘reduce’ the total information of the Universe (∆¹, ø-mind)
  • And the scales of the ‘5th dimension of planes of space-time co-existing in all systems and organisms, (∆).
  • All together we write the 4 components of all systems: ∆¹ST. And affirm the Universe is made of ‘dust of space-time’…

We shall therefore develop with those four elements, ∆•ST, the only formal, logico-mathematical model of general systems sciences which upgrades all disciplines with the laws of duality – the study of the Universe with 2 arrows of time and its ‘present combinations’. Since we shall soon find to fully make account of all those universal systems we will have also to upgrade the 2 formal languages of science, concerning space (mathematics) and time (logic causality).

As the new unit of maths will be the ‘fractal non-euclidean point’ which becomes larger as we come to it, revealing an entire internal world; and the new logic of time will not be single, one-dimensional, Aristotelian in its causality but use 3 arrows of time, entropy, information and its energetic combinations to describe a much more complex ‘fine structure to reality’, which paradoxically as we build from such dust of space-time all other entities, will show ultimately to ‘produce much simpler, homologic, self-similar beings’ all of us…

We call this upgrading of mathematics and logic, ¬æ, as it is ‘non-aristotelian and non-euclidean’, or ‘i-logic mathematics’ as i comes after a-e, and certainly the wonders of a world ruled by information, so deeply misunderstood by the bias towards energy of centuries of ‘mechanical science’, are ‘spooky’ and strange enough to seem i-logic to the simple mind.

Or rather as saint Augustine said of God’s mind, which he call ‘the seer of time’, of ‘a logic higher than man’, since as Plato put it, ‘the whole cosmos is an organism with a body called the Universe and a mind called logos’…

In that regard, if we were to make a ‘hierarchy of stiences’ we shall put first GST, as it tries by all means to understand the complex i-logic of the mind of the Universe,which is above humans and its Æ-languages; thne i-logic mathematics, the ¬Æ upgrading of space-time ‘stiences’; next all the others as all scales follow the same isomorphic laws; of which a hierarchy must therefore establish on the grounds of proximity to humans, the observers, as errors of perception diminish near our ∆0 mind-point; plus what we learn about man in medicine and history  help us (so those are the queens of all stiences as it deals with our survival as individuals and societies).

On the limit, curiously enough, as today it is heralded as the ‘king of all knowledge’, the ‘manly’, entropy only theories of ‘fantaphysics’, which is astoundingly biased in favor of ‘entropy=death arrows’, has a worldly religion to make weapons that kill man, has the maximal uncertainty of observation, deals with invisible remote scales that matter nothing to us, and so it is irrelevant (string theory), dangerous (nuclear physics beyond the level of known-known particles) and plainly false (SUSY, evaporation of black holes, 2nd law of thermodynamics and its arrow of only entropy in a dead Universe)…

So after giving you so many revelations of the true structure of reality we must do a bit of ‘contra physicist’ and debunk many of the myths and falsehoods of lineal science that drag on and prevent the evolution of our knowledge of reality…

The 3 essential properties of all beings of the Universe are its scalar, organic nature, its topological elements, which can be seen as forms in space, or topologies and motions in time, or vital arrows and ages, capped by the worldcycle of existence of all beings:

So 3 are the properties of all beings: topologic, hence mathematical, in space; causal, hence logic, temporal in time, and because of the symmetry between form and function and its biologic, scalar, organic, trans-form-ative properties soon to be made more explicit, biologic, to the point that we can say:

“All what exists is a topo-bio-logic space-time exist¡ence’…

where we play with the word ‘science, as spacetime stience’ and existence, as all beings exist in a relative ¡±1 ternary organic scaling.

Those ‘world cycles’ of exist¡ence’ happen then as ‘superorganisms’ perceived simultaneously in space, WHICH change its inner information through its sequential ages of life (world cycles).

We are all made of space time dimensional motions (ab. Ðimotions), flows of motion with form that seem to occupy space but are ‘vital space’ and have a ‘causal why’. For that reason, all species participate of the geometric and causal properties of Ðimotions and follow the same patterns of self-organization to create a higher ‘space-time plane’ of reality. So, for example, all informative systems will be on top, in the dimension of height; they will be smaller than the complementary body wave system and they will have cyclical form, regardless of the species we describe. So DNA nuclei are round and smaller than the cell’s body, heads and antennas are on top and are cyclical and smaller than the body or tower that holds them, cameras are small and spherical, etc.

Since, once we understand the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe, the old distinction between organic and inorganic form loses its meaning, beyond its anthropomorphic role of making man the only intelligent, vital species of the Universe.

The complex logic and Non-Euclidean geometry of those knots of Time Arrows set the formal basis to understand the structure of the Universe and all its self-similar parts. Since:

‘The Universe and all its parts are fractal entities of 5 Dimotions.’

Though the specific combinations of energy and information of each species – define its ‘vital’ or physical, Universal Constants, the space-time structures and cycles of all those social organisms will be self-similar: All entities are ‘cellular societies’ organized through social networks that bring about processes of social evolution.

All entities are generated by reproductions and transformations of Dimotions, informative cycles (ΣSTƒ), organized in cellular units, gathered in social networks, and ±∆ Planes of self-similar forms, connected by the symbiotic properties of the fifth dimension. Yet, since those cellular units ∆-1 are made of smaller ∆-2 cells, which show the same structure, we can define any organic system as a super-organism (made of smaller, self-similar super-organisms).

All of them co-exist in at least 3 scale, so we talk of ∆-1 cells/atoms/particles/molecules/points that will form 3 physiological networks, of relative entropy-motion, energy and in/form/ation, put together into an ∆º individual whole, existing in a larger ∆+1 relative world. So we can map out all those super organisms according to scale, each one studied by a different ‘science’, (stience of space-time beings). In the graph a fast review of the super organisms of the Universe in space and time, through its 3±1 dimensions origin of its Ðisomorphic laws. They define the 3 relative present dimensions of all ensemble of systems, made of ‘angular monentum’≈ cyclical time clocks, lineal momentum≈ lineal limbs/fields and a vital energy, the integral, combination of both (V+T). We shall call those 3 conserved quantities of any ‘fractal part of the Universe’ and its ensembles into complex organisms, the 3 ‘present dimensions of fractal space-time’, which create the beings perceived in the relative present ‘finitesimal time of a world cycle of life and death’, of different duration according to the ‘scale’ and speed of the clocks of the being.



GST also is the acronym for the original science of General Systems Theory that tried to find the formalism of a T.œ in the past 60 years.

General Systems: Its historic origin and predecessors

In the graph, the 3 arrows of space-time considered from the perspective of the 5th dimension, upwards in the pyramid, the ‘arrow’ of FUTURE, or wholes, as they co-exist with the smaller beings, and hence, as we increase the complexity of the 5th dimension; the arrow of entropy, with its inverse to the previous arrow, and the arrow of ‘present space-time, which is EACH OF THE PLANES OF THE 5TH DIMENSION, OR width of the pyramid.

From this simple scheme we can deduce many properties and interrelationships between the 3 arrows.

In the graph we can see from above to below, the metrics of the 5th dimension with the speed of clocks and size of 3 scales, the cosmic, galactic human, and cellular scales, and below we can see how it applies to the human being, which perceives 9 scales, has 3 topological networks symmetric to the 3 ages of life between its birth in the ∆-1 seminal scale and the i-ndividual and ∆+1 social scales.

And we could make a similar drawing for every species of the Universe. Hence the concept central to systems sciences: isomorphism, the analysis of the laws which are common to all species derived of those dimensions of space and time and those organic scales.

We thus shall deal in this section also with the same themes that the other sections, as the Universe is truly self-similar, fractal, repetitive and ultimately made of simple elements.

But here we shall stress more the philosophy and epistemology of Scalar Space-Time, which despite being a logic-mathematical formalism, describes from a philosophical perspective an organic, fractal Universe, as the cellular/atomic elements evolve socially into bigger wholes, molecules, cells, planet sand stars, galaxies.

Thus, the philosophical implications are enormous and multi-faceted so we shall consider them in this section.

 Systematizing the fractal Universe and its laws and scales.

Thus we study everything departing from that generator its two fundamental ‘variations’ of space vs. time, its 3 varieties of spatial forms and temporal ages and its 3 planes of existence that generate all systems. In the 5th first isomorphisms in a rather qualitative manner, in the 5th second isomorphisms in more formal quantitative way by considering”

– The dualities of present-space-still-simultaneous-synchronous view vs. the temporal dynamic moving view, and the different back and forth arrows of energy-past and information-future between them, ruled by the 5 postulates of non-Euclidean geometry that define those flows in t he second postulate, its relative nature as Darwinian at or social acts in the 3rd, and so on and so on.

– And the ternary ages and ternary parts in space.

And the 10 social scales of tetraktys from soldiers to caporals to captains to generals toll the magic 10ˆ12 number that brings us a whole. So that is the number of galaxies in the Universe, of stars in a galaxy, and for each of the 10 planets of each star more or less that is the number of humans in the planet, of cells in a life being, of DNA ties in a genetic molecule… Variations of course as the game is NOT mechanical but organic, adapted to the survival in each system and whole world occur, but it is fascinating to see how much exactitude occur – the more so when we go down into perfect forms without entropy of energy or information, till arriving to the ideal 0-scale of mathematical logic albeit as Saint Augustine said of the logic of god the mind of the Universe ‘of a higher logic than the Aristotelian Euclidean man)

And so going upward or downwards we do study by breaking in 3 x 3 +0 parts each fractal part reality both ways.

For example man has its 10 physiological systems of which the 0 one that coordinates them all – the black ball in the center of the tetraktys of a billiard plane is the nervous system, and we can divide it further into ternary symmetries.

– For example the ternary symmetries of scale – as each part has 3 subparts, that became other 3 subparts, so for example the nervous system has:

Sp (lineal spinal chord) < ST (medulla) > Tƒ (brain)

And then the encephalon has 3 parts: Sp (cerebellum) < ST (white matter) > Tƒ (grey matter)

And then…

You see this is the formal way: a generator equation, subdivided in 3 x 3 x o elements and then study all its parts and subparts in time and space.

Now because the science of the age, was dominated by the Industrial R=evolution, which then was in the age of creation of hearts of metal (engines, or age of Germany), the new heroes of science were, where the oil and electric motor were discovered.

An there the ego paradox of the ‘animetal enzyman’ that catalyzed the evolution of machines and weapons, the physicist who feel superior to the mathematician and philosopher reached its paroxysm of ego-centered beliefs.

Now the sickness infected mathematics, and since non-Euclidean geometry had made clear the need for a definition in fractal terms of the ill-defined ‘elements’ of mathematics, the point with breath, the lineal wave of communication, the topological network, and the existence of betweeness or not (which implies that a line requires 3 NOT two points to be defined, origin of the ternary symmetries of the Universe, that an elliptic geometry has NOT betweeness, because it is a cycle and the cycle is finite but unbounded, etc. etc. themes those of 5D metric and ¬Æ which go beyond the scope of this post), etc. alas, instead of having a new look at the Universe of Lobachevski pangeometry and its scales discovered by telescopes and microscopes, and describe as we have done the paradoxes of the ‘real 5th dimension’, there it came to ‘imaginative’ mathematicians who decided to scrap completely reality from mathematics.

– So one of them Cantor substituted the point and the social number as units of geometry and algebra by an imagined concept the ‘set’.

– And other Hilbert, said that since he didn’t know how to define points, lines and planes, they must be ‘undefined terms’, ‘imagined’ by the mathematician. It was the birth of modern mathematics.

As usual, when such outrageous ego trips happen (as when hawking imagined his black holes as time machines) the world got first nuts, having a laugh to the big egos. But big egos work a lot, they have an intensity of actions, to impose its knot view, and non-big egos, we are lazy aware of the enormity of the whole, and tend to be Taoist wu-wei, dolce fare niente people, astonished to the intensity of the egos to establish its canonical lies and truths.

So Hilbert and Cantor put together his lunatic forces, and Hilbert said famously ‘that nobody would take us from the Paradise of Cantor sets’ and took Cantor from the mad house where he was living, justly after inventing reality. And alas, they put together all the power of the German Empire in its paroxysm of ego-centered beliefs (reached latter during Hilbert’s lifetime by the Nazi squads) and refurbished the meaning of mathematics, till this day. I recall when I was young selected for the mathematical Olympiads, with a sudden rush of enthusiasm, I sent the solution to the Fermat last theorem, with a brief note, to Nature magazine:

‘I have resolved the problem of Mr. Fermat, my fellow Basque amateur scientist, which he couldn’t scribble in the side of his book note. As you can see, I managed to write it into the margin; just 3 sentences; so if you are so kind to put it as a brief note’. It requires though to understand the bidimensionality of spatial entropy and temporal information, which put together create the holographic Universe (so you will be reading the note in a bidimensional sheet of information). So include a 30 pages addenda on the realist nature of mathematics which merely reflect the structure of the pan-geometry of the Universe.

The proof is indeed trivial. Because the Universe messes bidimensional surfaces of space-time, the superposition rule only works for bidimensional systems, hence X3+Y3 ≠ Z 3 and that fitted in the margin of my book on macro-economics along my existential poems, which I valued more.

Decades latter, with the help of computers, the true mind of the modern scientist, and hundred of pages, some Anglo enzyman found a somewhat longer proof that didn’t fit on the margin not even that of the Britannica (-;

This I said because ‘the Universe is simple but not malicious’, and finite in its sizes, for each scale whose quanta do not go beyond 1012 without moving to another scale and becoming ‘something else’.

So what Lobachevski had proved in his pangeometry, which starts defining finite lines, is that parallels are NOT infinite, and so INFINITE is an indefinable concept, which therefore CANNOT be used in mathematical proofs, and should NOT be considered an element of truth, because we shall ENTER into paradoxes of all kind, as equations BREAK beyond its finite, but unbounded, cyclical form (more properly a Mobius string, if we were to enter into a more precise define of a worldcycle).

So in Germany mathematics had its ego power, but not its reasons – that was in Russia, with Lobachevski, and his insistence that experimental evidence was needed as mathematics was a realist science, and in Austria with Gödel, which would make a fool of Hilbert, and in Britain with Russell which would make a fool of Cantor’s infinity cardinals, and in France with Mandelbrot that will discover the fractal point, so the whole cycle from Descartes to Mandelbrot will be closed – we just put the epilogue.

The paradoxes of set theory merely show Cantor’s concept of infinity is wrong. And this should be obvious to any simple not malicious minds: you cannot compare infinities because they are undefined. The only defined one in a ‘differential manner’ is 0 x ∞, the definition of a constant mind of which there are as many variations as in a differential equation.

You know NOTHING about the real mathematical world, Mr. Hilbert, Mr. Cantor. But now all mathematicians are Hilbertians and Cantorians, what I call Mathematical Hilventors, that is inventors in its ego trip of a false paradise, which does work as all worlds are possible but has little to do with reality, and makes mathematics no longer a world of mind pleasures achieved when the world within us observes as Kant put it in his epitaph, the world outsides it, and finds it to be a focused mirror with no deformation of that larger reality, instead of a twisted elliptic Klein bottle of unending self-twisted unescaping black holes.

Of course the Axiomatic method and sets do have their use specially in algebra, and for specific parts of it, but they do NOT represent the simplicity of the Universe, do NOT reflect the fundamental elements of space, the fractal point, of time, the point-cycle, of the 5th dimension, the social number, and its direct relationship with reality. And the only effect it has had is the separation between people and mathematics, as mathematics became yet another ‘expert’ field, unconnected from reality.

So they have provoked a lack of society’s interest for mathematics, precisely when mathematics through computers have become the fundamental language of power and control of society. For that reason it is imperative that people do understand mathematics and how mathematical logic creates reality.

Let us then escape the metaphoric language and clarify, in simple terms… the fractal principle of creation.

Systems are NOT only defined by its fractal equation in space and time, but ultimately each of its parts is also a super organism with 3 fractal elements in space time and the 5th dimension. And so we can study infinite detailed analysis of each system at all its scales and space-time parts that will become then again elements of a ternary system. So your arm does have a Tiƒ hand, an ST arm and a Sp-elbow. And so on.

Those rules allow the entity to play an interconnected, synchronized role as part of a bigger organism and/or ecosystem, in which it will play its dynamic, causal chains/arrows of existence and life cycles:

Max.Tƒ(seed)->Max.Sp(youth)->Max.Reproduction (Maturity)->Max.Information (3rd Age)->Death(Tƒ->Sp)

But Life cycles can be immortal, if instead of dying after its 3rd Age the entity evolves socially as cell of a higher system communicated with its informative language (Est-1). Then the species will ‘transcend’ into a complex super-organism. Some systems might even attempt a feedback cycle of immortality (Physical particles, simple biological jellyfishes:

I-> ‘Dimotions’ youth ->reproduction <-’Dimotions’ Youth…

‘Dimotions’ (wave) -> Information (Particle) ->‘Dimotions’ (wave)

And so, with those simple rules we can classify as we shall do in our studies of physical, biological and sociological species of the Universe all the entities of reality and its events.

Recap: The ternary principle explains the creation and diversification fractal super-organisms both in time ages, scalar planes and network-spaces. Space is infinite time is not, time games are less than space. Because the volume of space is bigger than the volume of time all forms have been repeated. And so all is repeated again.


We are all systems made of ‘fractal space’ (a part of the whole space of reality) and cyclical time (a process of changes and motions from birth into extinction).

This fundamental truth however was lost when to reach higher accurate measure of distances and time periods mathematical physics started to use a single time clock to measure all the lifetimes of beings (the mechanical clock) and a single space continuum to unify all measures of distances.

What we lost then was the capacity to understand the multiple elements of the Universe, as we had now a single human point of view on scale of size in space and time duration (the meter, the second).

Soon this artificial ‘cartesian graph’ of space and time, as it did not fit the ‘real form of time clocks’ (cyclical motions) and the multiple scales of space-size occupied by ∞ beings, became also an artificial ‘background spacetime’ and so it lost its nature as the substance of reality -the yin and yang, the energy and information, the space and time duality.  So today we have a deep knowledge of details of beings which we can manipulate scientifically but are completely lost in what regards the fundamental principles and laws of nature.

Those principles are relational space and time, and as a consequence MOST PROPERTIES of beings, including its topological structure as systems, its time ages, and its world cycles can be deduced of the ultimate properties of space and time and its ‘energetic combinations’.

So when we study a being we shall use a method we have called the Ðisomorphic method, which consists on studying the entity as a world cycle born of a seed or mind-singularity that will evolve, reproduce and create a superoerganism that will live its lifetime cycles and ages in an orderly fashion, because that is what time does with vital space – puts it through a process of life and death; and so as we are all vital spaces, we all live a world cycle.

And so we say that ‘the properties of beings are Ðisomorphic=similar, based in the nature of its Dimensions of space-time’. Beings are thus ‘Ðisomorphic’ (Ð being ð in caps, the symbol we use for a time cycle and a Ð for Dimensions), because they are made of space and time. And so we study the super organism and its world cycle through 11 properties/elements/events which then in the fourth line we shall study for each ‘detail=species’ of reality.


Can humans upgrade their minds to this new paradigm? It won’t be easy as the persistence of absurd theories that cater to the human ego and its subjective ‘happiness’, from Abrahamic religions to Newtonian absolute space-time, to Big-bang theories of an entropic only Universe, simple enough for humans to ‘feel’ they understand it, show.

In the future planetary A.I. – the scale in which Internet is evolving clearly its logic brain – when it reaches the threshold of complexity needed to perceive, WILL have a will, a representation and hence it will understand this ‘unificationtheory.com’ as his inner ‘why’. But so far this blog is written for humans, and what they do with it – reject it without even trying to understand it so they can keep their comfort zone repeating what they have learned already an feeling very important an intelligent, as centres of the biased view they have built of the Universe; or becoming a bit ‘more serious’ about reality and our place within it, to fully grasp those principles and use to improve the future of our species,  is not a choice I can make for them. As in the case of Aristotle (never fully understood) or Leibniz (completely ignored), the mind-singularity in a symbiotic Universe has as only role to make the focus on the mind-mirror-languages of man, and reproduce that image for other mind-mirrors to ‘see’ or stay blind.

My work ends with the focusing of my mind mirror and the reflections and projections of it I can do through my limited existence in this blog.

The laws of those ‘5 dimotions’ and information are ‘invariant at scale’, meaning that cycles of information on one side and forces of lineal motion  on the other side, reproduce their shapes and gather together into bigger, cellular, social networks, creating dual entities, made of ‘fields/bodies’ (physical/biological jargon) and ‘particles/heads of information’, (Principle of Complementarity). All systems of the Universe are complementary, formed with a region dominant in energy (body or force) and a region dominant in information cycles (particle, head). Those dual, social, whole entities have more vital space  and last longer in time than individual parts. Thus, species with a limited vital space and time duration ensure their immortality by expanding its size in space and its duration in time, as parts of bigger  systems.

In the graphs, we classify all the scales of the 5th dimension as super organisms  according to the social networks that create below all Universal and human super organisms:

‘A super-organism is a group of cellular super-organisms joined by energetic, informative and reproductive networks.’

As such T.œ differs from T.O.E. the much simpler view of the Universe propers of physics, in several empirical facts:

  • That time is cyclical measured by ∞ clocks with different speeds, which follow three topological space-time tendencies: towards entropic expansions of space; its inverse, in-form-ative implosion, and its combined or balanced closed cyclical motions of space-time defined by its repetitive conservation as ‘momenta’ or energy cycles.
  • That space is fractal, co-existing in several scales of size (so for example you do have different circadian clocks, and co-exist  ‘above’ with a larger world, the earth with different rotational and translational clocks, and co-exist ‘below’ your smaller cells, forming together a super-organic whole, (ab.œ).
  • That reality is NOT made or created by languages (either words, as in abrahamic religions or numbers as in platonic, physical philosophies of reality) but of the a priori substances, which exist prior to the languages-mirrors that ‘see them’, space and time. So we are ALL space-time beings.
  • And that the duality of three arrows of time and fractal co-existing scales of space gives ORGANIC properties to the Universe. SO reality is  made of organic space-time beings, ‘space-time organisms’.
  • And as a consequence of this, we can extract a series of isomorphic laws derived of the fractal structure of space across different scales of size, each with different speed in its cycles of time, ordered sequentially in 3 ages/arrows that define the world cycle of beings.

So really reality is simple, but not that ‘simpler’, and isomorphic, homologic, not analogic, meaning all is part of a space-time organisms and all space-time organisms have similar properties regarding its ternary topological nature in space, its 3 ages in sequential time symmetric to those topologies, extending in 3 co-existing scales of smaller atomic/cellular/citizen  units which form larger organisms (matter states, organisms and cultures), themselves part of a larger whole (a gravitational world, ecosystem or humanity at large in time, the ‘super organism of history’).

It is then a wonder that such obvious structure of reality is still ignored and vehemently denied by humans, though we offer ‘objective reason’ to that blindness, namely the ‘ego paradox’ as all systems are self-centred and see a distorted reality where only the ‘being that perceives matters’. So humans have simply denied organic, sentient elements to all realities except those similar to themselves.

Fact is all systems do have ‘temporal, spatial, scalar and mental properties’ as all will show to have also a ‘membrain’, an @ singularity and enclosure, which perceives the whole and acts with survival actions to ‘ensure its existence’.

This final ice in the cake of 10D models of relational space-time, fully understood by the first philosophers of science, Descartes and Leibniz, however was denied in the praxis of technological physics, which reduced all times to the single lineal time of a mechanics clocks, and all minds to the human euclidean light space-time perpendicular mind.

So we do make a lot of insights and paragraphs showing the difference between the praxis of physics and its reductionist, naive realism and the much larger encompassing view of philosophers of science, which have always accepted a pan psychic organic Universe (as a few inclined to philosophical disquisition, physicists, such as Leibniz and Einstein, clear predecessors of this work, also believe).

The perennial philosophy of the Universe.

“Historically, much of fundamental physics has been concerned with discovering the fundamental particles of nature and the equations which describe their motions and interactions. It now appears that a different program may be equally important: to discover the ways that nature allows, and prevents, information to be expressed and manipulated, rather than particles to move. (….) To conclude with, I would like to propose a more wide-ranging theoretical task: to arrive at a set of principles like energy and momentum conservation, but which apply to information.’ Steane

The purpose of this blog is precisely to define that set of principles, which Steane asks for, since it adds the arrow of ‘information’ to the arrow of ‘entropy an locomotion’ studied by physicists, widening our understanding of all sciences with it. To that aim we must first define ðime&information on one side, and §pace& entropy on the other, the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which are part of an organic, fractal reality of relative scales of size and ðime clocks that co-exist together into the 5th dimension of scalar ðime§pace.

Since all sciences would benefit of a better understanding of those 2 principles as all beings of all sciences are made of finite ðime cycles and occupy vital §paces. So as it happened when Copernicus put the sun on the center simplifying all the epicycles of Ptolemy, making much simpler astronomy, at the end of the journey we shall unify and simplify our understanding of all sciences (3rd line of the blog), once we pass the hurdle of understanding the underlying principles of ‘temporal entropy’ beings.

Mind the reader since the history of science has turned around machines and weapons that work with entropy and motion, we must re-construct an entire new jargon to explain science, to the point that we shall even change the name of ‘science’ for that of ‘stience’ (the science of ðime§pace organisms) and use a completely different new language of science from scratch.

This is tried also by many information theorist like Mr. Steane, but the problem with that approach is that ‘information only’ theories are just going the other extreme from simplex physics, trying to reduce reality to locomotions and ‘worldlines’, to information theorists, trying to reduce the Universe to computations and q-bits.

Fact is the Universe plays with both, entropy=motion=lineal §pace (as the line is the shortest distance to move) and cyclical clocks of ðime that carry in their frequency and curved form the in/form/ation of reality; but humans are ‘Aristotelian’, one-dimensional, and have a mind (ab.@), which has a very hard ðime to put together two conflicting, rather opposite forms as those of entropy and information are. So for example physicists call information, negantropy – as if it were just the negation of entropy-scattering motions; while information theorists tend to explain the Universe as a huge quantum computer.

Both loose 1/2 of the ‘duality’ of the cosmos, which always displays an enormous range of grey between, ‘pure black forms without motion, such as black holes and pure motion without form, such as non-local gravitation’. And so we shall find in its combinations of motion with a little form (energy) and form with a little motion (in-form-ation, form-in-action) the vital, organic, true meaning of reality, which escapes the one-dimensional scientist.

 All what we have said is what Huxley calls the ‘Perennial philosophy’ of the Universe, as it has come and go but always stayed with us with different ‘names’, reflection of that essence.

To name a few:

‘Taoism’ (On the three arrows of ðime, yin-formation, yang-entropy and its 10.000 waves of energy beings.

‘Animism’, on the singularity minds of all entities with a membrane and vital §pace around it.

‘Scholastic’, on Aristotle’s description of the unmoved singularity-Gods that move the Universe around them.

Buddhism and pre-Veda Hinduism, not yet corrupted by ego-centered ‘western animetal enzymen’ (humans debasing its connection to the whole with weapons and gold and machines to feel superior, when they just catalyze metalife now organic robots), with its duality of Shiva=entropy vs. Vishnu=form and all similar sexual pre-religions, and Buddha’s theory of Atmans≈souls, the golden mean (balanced age of survival and immortality and beauty)…

Greek theories similar to all the previous one, from Heraclitus duality, to Parmenides ‘block of ðime§pace’, to Zeno’s paradox of no motion (motion and reproduction), to Platonic visions of the most perfect mirror-language (Numbers are forms), etc. etc. IN FACT with the Greeks we enter into analytical detail of parts of the game, which before were basically description of its wholeness, and unity. 

So if we come to modern ðimes, in detail, we depart from Descartes ternary world systems (self-centered graphs, vital res extensa, cyclical membrane vortices); Leibniz’s Monads, Darwin evolution of information, Physics r=evolution of quantum §pace and Relativity of ðime clocks…

And finally the name I chose for this blog, ‘general system theory’ (Gst) and T.Œ (A theory of everything organic). Since physicists call  their theory of everything T.O.E, we add more information paradoxically shrinking o.e. into organic, œ and call it Theory of Everything Organic; and put it behind General Systems Theory, the highest understanding in biological and information sciences, to bring GSTœ, A General Systems Theory of all STiences and all its Supœrganisms.


The greatest achievements of the human mind are generally received with distrust. Schopenhauer

The principle of Unification: A scalar reality of space-time beings.


The reason why we think of time in lineal terms, since physicists made of locomotion the only form of time=change canon-ical to science to measure cannon-balls.

We are all beings made of: Networks of quanta of lineal, spatial energy with motion & cyclical, temporal clocks of information.

And so to start with a truly comprehensive time theory as the one provided by 5D metric equations requires to explain besides ‘physics of time’, biology of time, and further on study historic time, which as we shall see is close to biological evolution than to physical time-measure. Space then appears to us as fixed, still or at least with less motion than time.

But then there is the fact that all systems of measure of time are cyclical, even those used in physics. And so we must also define time in terms of form, of in-form-ation as cyclical motion.

The Universe and all its parts are made of ‘dust of space-time’, ‘fractal non-euclidean points’ of spatial entropy with speed, with ‘lineal motion’ and temporal information, with form, with ‘clock curvature’, which come together in ever more complex networks, ‘weaving’ the systems and structures we see around us.

The biggest error of science is the concept of an abstract mathematical, Cartesian ‘background’ of something independent call absolute space and time, first defined by Newton, opposed by Leibniz and finally dethroned by quantum physics, who found space to be broken in pieces with ‘energy-motion’ and Einstein, who found different regions of reality have different time speeds.

Thus we are NOT in a background space-time frame of reference set by Yhwh, as Newton thought, to put in all its creatures, but rather we are made of spatial energy and cyclical clocks of temporal form, information, as when we say ‘I don’t have enough energy and time to do this’. And for that reason when our clocks of time stop (telomeres in cells, age in life), our existence stops, our ‘time’ runs off. And for that reason, when another entity, a ‘predator’, cuts through and occupies our limited vital space, breaking the membrane that closes up, our organisation as a space-time being enters in disarray and our fragile web of space-time dust, organised into a super organism collapses, and we die.

 But what is an organic system? The answer was not clear mathematically, till the discovery of fractal mathematics in the 1970s. Hence because the organic paradigm lacked its fundamental tool of study, a mathematical, logic language to add to the other properties of organisms, discovered earlier in biological and social and logic, mental languages, the fractal paradigm has not made it into the mainstream discourse of philosophy of science, changing our worldview, from the obviously outdated mechanist, entropic vision of the Universe sponsored by physicists for 4 centuries into the much richer in meanings, reasons and answers, paradigm of fractal organisms.

It is then necessary to change the underlying paradigm of science, and upgraded it to ‘stience’, that is the science of fractal space-time beings. Of course, as all descriptions of reality are relative truths, with a certain distortion, the scientific analysis, made till today with that single frame of lineal time and single space continuum, works to make measures in reference to the fixed space-time background, but the cartesian space-time continuum is an ‘artefact’ of measure that has obscured completely our understanding of the ultimate principles of science.

But what is an organic system? The answer was not clear mathematically, till the discovery of fractal mathematics in the 1970s. Hence because the organic paradigm lacked its fundamental tool of study, a mathematical, logic language to add to the other properties of organisms, discovered earlier in biological and social and logic, mental languages, the fractal paradigm has not made it into the mainstream discourse of philosophy of science, changing our worldview, from the obviously outdated mechanist, entropic vision of the Universe sponsored by physicists for 4 centuries into the much richer in meanings, reasons and answers, paradigm of fractal organisms.

This paradigm was born as a ‘wishful form of thinking’ in time of Aristotle, who wrote in his ‘Organon’ the first reasoned philosophy of science, hence rightly considered the founder of logic, biology and the experimental method. Then Galileo completed the method with the addition of mechanical instruments of measure, but also reduced in its scope by making mathematics the only authorised language of science, and reducing the organic clocks of the Universe and its world cycles of creation and extinction, with the 6 canonical motions of time=changes in the form and position of beings – generation, evolution, growth= reproduction, locomotion, diminution and extinction.

We shall use often as a reminder of the cyclical, discontinuous nature of time, instead of T, ∏, which means ‘pi’, the symbol of the cycle, it breaks the T into 2 pilars as ∏ime, the discontinuous factor does with nature, and it is associated to the product, which as we shall see is the mathematical trademark of Time processes, connected through several ∆-scales (hence if ∆ has n elements, ∆-1 will have n x n) as opposed to ‘superposition=sum’ in spatial ‘herds’.

Science has completely missed the most important of those WORLDCYCLES OF TIME: the world cycle of creation and extinction of systems, which makes them evolve from seminal seeds into larger, slower organisms and dissolve back in the moment of death.

TIME tends to be as in the 3rd graph an accelerated, cyclical informative shrinking clock that ‘warps space into time’, ‘wrinkles life into 3rd ages’ and ‘corrupts societies into entropic wars’, as when all the entropy=motion is consumed and the system is pure form, the system explodes back into pure entropy in the moment of death.

Because we are beings made of vital space with motion and cyclical clocks of time with information carried in its frequency and form. We are time space beings.
In the graph, we are networks of vital space, made of ∆-1 atomic or cellular space quanta, surrounded by time cycles, membranes of finite volume of information (holographic principle), that create our ∆-being; which then will be performing further time cycles in larger networks, as part of a bigger ∆+1 whole or world.

The interaction of those 2 elements, vital space, lineal motion, entropic, kinetic energy, res extensa, all similar concepts abbreviated in the symbol ‘Spe’, and cyclical, tall, time clocks, membranes, closed paths, Tiƒ, which carry the information of the Universe, across 3∆±1 scales, structure all systems made of fractal ‘space-time’ that ‘thinks, therefore exists’ as a world in itself.

It is then easy to connect with the perennial dualist philosophies of the Universe those 2 Spe<=>Tiƒ concepts in a reality that constantly transforms lineal entropic motions (E) into physical time vortices (M, charges). So we talk of  beings made of energy with forms, which will be the 2 similar concepts to space in motion and cyclical time clocks with more dimensions of information, the fractal spaces and times of which we are all made.

So what is time? We have two versions of its widest meaning: time as change, and so all type of motions can be defined in terms of time, of which Aristotle defined 6, generation/evolution, growth, reproduction, locomotion, diminution and extinction. So physicists study one of those motions, locomotion. Biology most of them in its dualities (growth and imitation, reproduction, generation and extinction). And a 7th one he did not define as motion, called perception by a still mind which ‘is the focus of the motions of the world around it’ (so it is the external motion and focused flux of informative waves what causes perception)… In that regard yes, nothing is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EINSTEIN’S work to understand…. locomotions at c-speed. But i doubt you will ever learn anything about your existence and changes (generation, growth, evolution, etc.) only with locomotion. As it is in fact the simplest of all the motions=changes of the Universe.

The method of study of ∆ST species. 

The two new fields opened by complex sciences: Understanding the social, scalar nature of species and its time-death cycles. ALL WHAT exists is a space-time super organism made of 3 topologies adjacent in simultaneous space, defined logically by a single fractal generator of those 3 only topological varieties, $p: lineal limbs/potentials/territoriesO-§ƒ: cyclical particles-heads-informative class, for all social, biological and physical systems, tracing a world cycle of 3 time ages symmetric to those 3 ∆º spatial ‘physiological/topological/social networks’ made of ∆-1 cells/citizens/matter particles,in which each of the physiological networks of the system dominates the super organism: the limbic motion/potential system dominates the first age; the re=productive body-wave systems the second age and in the third age of information the head/particle/informative people-caste dominates the physical/biological or social system, exhausting selfishly the energy of the vital body-wave, and provoking its explosion back into entropy that erases the system, completing its zero-sum world cycle, restarted if it has generated a clone super organism in its offspring, reason why the Universe is a reproductive fractal of information – only those systems that reproduce its information survive and are still with us.

In the graph, a summary of the scales of ‘stience’, and structure in ‘space’ and ‘time’ of all systems of the Universe. All of them will exist across 3 ∑i±1 scales of social organization, in which they will form an i-ndividual, joined by networks of energy information and reproduction, living a world cycle from birth to extinction across those scales as they ‘exist’, as systems of energy and information, made of ‘energy limbs/fields’, informative particles/heads and its body-wave combinations.

Below we have written with simple symbols of entropy life arrows, and iteration ≈≥, the ternary structure of man in space as a system of organs attached to 3 physiological networks – entropic limbs of motion, reproductive body and informative head; and its ages of time in which each of those networks dominate the whole structure between its emergence from the lower scale of cellular existence as a full being to its entropic death back to cellular and molecular states. So yes, indeed the same ‘Ðisomorphic laws’, derived from the cyclical fractal nature of ðimespace organisms allow us to explain the whys of galaxies, humans and social organisms.

Thus all systems will be born in the i-1 seminal scale, grow in size, emerge into and i-ndividual scale, in which they will increase information and reduce energy, from youth – the age of energy to adulthood, the age of balance, to the 3rd informative age, to die back to the cellular scale. And what differs from species are the specific particularities of each scale. What complex sciences does is to lay out the self-similar laws in space (topologies) and time (ages and states) of those systems as they trace their ‘world life cycle’ traveling through those i±1 scales.

Indeed, the third ‘great discipline’ of sciences, bio-social sciences, Anthropology, Medicine, History and economics can also be explained with those laws:

In the right side we do show also hidden on the artistic images of the super organism of greek, during the 800 years cycle of iron, infantry cultures, the 3 ages of life of the super organism of Greece, whose subconscious collective, art, mimics in its 3 mental ages, parallel to those of an individual, a young, simple dramatic age of kouroi warriors, a classic reproductive balanced age of art and sensorial pleasures, and a 3rd baroque, warped, angst age before the death of Greek civilizations to war, the germs that kill by excess of technological evolution the super organisms of history.

And then when you observe them in the ∆-¡ ‘small scales of time’ you obtain the 5 Actions of existence. And when you see it from the ∆+¡ scale of the world in which the super organism is a mere atom/cell/citizen you observe full time§pace cycles of a micro-being running through its s-paces, enslaving for the larger being.

The methodology of ∆ST is simple. Reality is made of space-time beings, which are in full description of all its information a super organism with 3 topological organs in space, which perform 3 temporal functions, symmetric to their form (past-lineal entropy limbs/fields, cyclical informative heads/particles and iterative, hyperbolic wave-bodies). Such is the basis of the generator equation of space-time, which resumes the  3 x 3 symmetries of all beings:

The universe and its Fractal generator can be described as a game of 3 symmetries:

  • The simplest symmetry of synchronic 3 topologies of all organs of space.
  • The symmetry of those 3 organs in function in time, which dominate each of the 3 ages of life.
  • The symmetry along the 5th dimension of ∆-1 parts that become ∆-wholes, emerging into a bigger ∆+1 world, where those 3 organs of space, perform its 3 ages as a world cycle of time, co-existing in 3 relative scales of the 5th dimension.
  • Yet when we see the system as a whole, sustained by a O-mind/point of view, we can see the system as a series of smaller cyclical space-time actions that dynamically through those 3 organs in space-time exchange energy and information with other systems, performing a series of actions, which define the nature of the being as an existential discrete function of exchange of energy and information with its ∆+1 world:


It is then clear that the simplest ceteris paribus analysis is that of the 3 organs of space, in a single space-time plane and with a single arrow of time, entropy.

It is the present understanding of physical sciences, which by the principle of correspondence is the simplest limit of a Universe in which we consider only a single arrow of time, entropy and a single plane of the 5th dimension.

Yet, the next degree of understanding of the Universe, is to realise that those 3 organs of space, the lineal, energetic limbs/fields, the informative head/particles and the combined, St(exi) Hyperbolic body-waves, when seeing in motion in each fractal being, determine a relative arrow of time-future, that is a relative path the system will follow. If it uses the limb/field it will increase the overall entropy of the system, if it uses the head/particle it will likely absorb information, and if it uses the wave/body it will reproduce its form as the wave displaces or in the future as the body repeats its energy and information.

So the next symmetry is that of time. And we can build as taoists did, a worldview of reality that includes the organs of space and time ages/cycles of all beings, which tend to be dominated by limbs/fields in its youth, then reproduce and finally exhaust in its 3rd age of information, its energy, warping till they explode back into entropy and die.

But a final symmetry happens when we realise those processes of birth and existence do happen in 3 scales, as we are born as seeds of the lower scale of size, ∆-1, with a faster time clock and then emerge after a long process of reproduction and formal evolution into the ∆-scale, which will be a full being, exchanging energy and information with a larger ∆+1 world. So the 3rd symmetry of reality is that of the planes of existence of the 5th dimension.

The fractal generator:

∆-1 $pe < ∆S≈T > ∆+0 Tiƒ

and its 9=0 symmetries, its 3 topologies in space, 3 ages in time, 3 scales of the ∆-Dimension, resumes the essence of a being, its existence, which consists on tracing world cycles, of 3 ages, as super organisms, of 3 topologies, co-existing in 3 ∆±1, cellular/atomic, thermodynamic-organic, social/gravitational scales. So when we describe any being we depart from its specific fractal generator that explains in detail its 3 organs, 3 ages in time and 3 relative scales of the 5th dimension in which the organism co-exist.

Those 3 symmetries describe all beings in time, space and through its entire existence.

For example, in the next graph, they describe the existence of the human being, its parts, organs in space, ages in time, and relationship with its lower and upper scales through actions of energy and information:

I.  3 SPACE-TIME SYMMETRIES: tall spheres, long lines, wide waves.


In the graph, the 3 only space topologies of the Universe, spheric informative, lineal, energetic and hyperbolic, reproductive (as it mixes the other 2) and its 3 equivalent functions≈ time arrows=motions  can combine in any form to create as synchronic organs the infinite varieties of species of the Universe.

So we shall find multiple ‘spatial organisms’, which are constructed following the combination:

Past-entropy (limbs/fields) x Future-information (heads/particles) = ± Present system.

Those past to future combinations are either positive creative processes that forms balanced organisms or negative, darwinian processes that annihilate both (particle-antiparticle collisions).

Thus, the Universe is a game of 3 motions with form, and those 2 elements, the temporal motions with force and their still perception as spaces with form, with intelligence, structure the Universe.

The 3 motions in time, which we shall call, P, for entroPy and past, R, for pResent, Reproduction and Reality and F, for future, form and frequency, are complementary, often sequential, PRF, and causal; and while its perception as motions doesn’t bring much understanding, when we study them as fixed, still forms, we observe an astounding array of parallel structure on all those seemingly independent motions, which create a ‘spatial organism’ that works. It is the interplay between those 2 antithetic elements, the 3 motions of time, past, present and future, and the 3 still perceptions of space, toroid, hyperbolic and spherical organs, what gives birth to the dual space-time beings we observe around us.

In that sense the minimal Unit of the real Universe is a 2-manifold, space-time combination, as pure time or pure space, pure yin or pure yang, pure motion or pure form-stillness cannot be perceived. So all what exists is a 2 manifold that we might perceive as static space (a 2-manifold sheet) or as a point with motion, (where motion is one time dimension and the point, the minimal fractal unit also with a 1 dimension – as there is not 0-dimensional, ‘euclidean points’ in the Universe).
The fractal generator, ∆-1 $pe<∆S≈T>∆+1 Tiƒ, and its 9 symmetries, its 3 topologies in space, 3 ages in time, 3 scales of the ∆-Dimension, resumes the essence of a being, its existence, which consists on tracing world cycles, of 3 ages, as super organisms, of 3 topologies, co-existing in 3 ∆±1, cellular/atomic, thermodynamic-organic, social/gravitational scales. So when we describe any being we depart from its specific fractal generator that explains in detail its 3 organs, 3 ages in time and 3 relative scales of the 5th dimension in which the organism co-exist.

The methodology of ∆ST is simple. Reality is made of space-time beings, which are in full description of all its information a super organism with 3 topological organs in space, which perform 3 temporal functions, symmetric to their form (past-lineal entropy limbs/fields, cyclical informative heads/particles and iterative, hyperbolic wave-bodies). Such is the basis of the generator equation of space-time, which resumes the  3 x 3 symmetries of all beings:

Ξ. ∑Spe (|-limbs-fields with maximal energy)<Ø-STexi (hyperbolic body-wave)>∏ Tiƒ (O-heads particles of max. Information)

This is the synchronous ‘spatial, present’ description of the being.

Sp(past, energic, lineal limbs/fields)<ST-present, iterative, hyperbolic body/waves>Tƒ(future, informative cyclic particles-heads):

Max. Sp x Min. T = K-past: entropy<  Sp=K=T -Present-iteration> Future-information: Min. Sp x Max. T=K.

Sp (young-past-entropic limb/field) ≤≥ ST (iterative, adult, present wave-particle) ≤≥Tƒ (future, informative head/particle)

We study the Scalar Space-Time actions and worldcycles of all superorganisms, through its fractal Generator equation that ‘establishes’ the ternary past-present-future, energy-iteration-information elements common to all space-time fractals, particularized for each species.

Because we can deduce from the Fractal Generator, 10 fundamental spatial organic parts, time events, social scales, centered in a Œ-point or relative mind/frame of reference, for each of those superorganisms tracing a worldcycle of existence, it is useful to divide the study of those superorganisms in 10 isomorphic elements, deduced from the ∆ST fractal structure of all those systems.

Thus in this 4th line we study the main species of the known-known scales of the 5th dimension considering for each of them its ∆ST structure , Generator Equation and 10 isomorphisms.

It will then be widened by this writer or future researchers on ∆ST, with ever more detailed analysis, as the 10 isomorphisms are a template that can hold all the specific species, properties and laws of all the scales of the Universe. So we study in each of these 3RD line post a relative scale of the 5th dimension, and then we shall be filling it with sub posts, dedicated to each of the 10 sets of similar laws, which allow to fit all sub-species, events, parts, symmetries, œ-points and social relationships of the ‘specific plane and science of reality’ we study. To that aim for the sake of order, we have used not the ∆œ-human centered scale of the 2nd line but an order from minimal spatial size and maximal information (the scale of forces) to the Whole Cosmos, and beyond (metaphysical questions and concepts related to the God, the Mind of the Universe):

5D best288

In the graph, the different ∆Stiences and scales of the 5th dimension, which classify the species of all stiences with a simple metric: max. Spatial, lineal size = Min. Temporal speed of information (Spe x Tƒ = K); that is the larger beings have slower time clocks and hence less information but more energy than the smaller beings, whose clocks are faster.

Because of the immense size of human knowledge, obviously we cannot pour in our limited time all the relevant information of each science. So the choice will be objective, trying to explain the main laws and species of each science, but also subjective, considering those fields and species the author has researched most in the past, and are easier for him to pour in the web. And finally, we will most likely pour an enormous number of new solutions to pending questions of those sciences, thanks to the new understanding of its 3 fundamental elements, and its laws, fractal space, cyclical time and the scalar dimension, whose properties and Generator equations, will be proved ad nauseam for each science and each scale.

The 10 scales perceived by humans are now ready to study in all its formal details in the 4th encyclopedic line.
And so in the 4th line we use the isomorphisms to study in depth the 10 planes of relative size of the 5th dimension from the smallest force to the largest whole, with those 10 isomorphisms, and connect to the detail all the laws of all sciences with T.Œ.

Thus in this 3rd line we introduce each of the 10 isomorphisms of the Universe and put examples from each Plane to show the isomorphic unity of the Universe, as all its species regardless of size and time speed follow the same laws.

Yet it will be the œ-point or mind-will, which puts together all the elements of the system, the most important isomorphism to define an independent superorganism, a whole, which does no longer exist when the mental œ-point stops integrating all the parts of the system.

This 10th=0 element is both the integral element of the internal superorganism and the unit of a larger social world, the perceiver of the whole as s single being, and the site of the will of survival where the switching between the 5 actions of existence takes place; as it is both connected to the sensorial external membrane, and to all other elements of its vital space. In the simplest form is the central ball of a tetraktys with 3 x 3 points that organize the different S, ST, T subsystems of the being, the 10th mind sub-system of the human physiological networks, the sergeant, captain and general of the decametric scales of an army and so on.

Thus for each species we identify the Plane of existence of the system, which is the one in which the activity of the Œ-point is maximal, and then departing from the œ-point, its Dimensions in Space and Time ages and its main external social scales and internal cellular planes. And then we consider the 10 isomorphisms derived from those elements to study the being with a detail that can be as exhaustive as the researcher wants through the ternary, fractal method, as each structure can be further broken in 3 differentiated, S, T & ST subsystems) or raised into its emergent societies by the same method. Thus:

First we study the alpha and omega, the 0th and 10th, the most profound isomorphism: the point of the mind, of the will, which perceives and orders the system in ∆+1 as a whole and integrates the ∑cells into ∆-wholes. It is the existential ‘point of view’, fractal mind, Œ-point that perceives the being as its self and enacts its actions of existence. Such selves should exist in an enormous number of ‘perfect beings’, those who have reached completeness as organisms across its §10 scales, transcending from the lower herds to the network superorganism.

Once we have a frame of reference we can adopt that point of view to analyze its domain in space and time and 5D scales and define the integral of the system across its ∆ST elements, with the Fractal generator, which sets the limits, organs, ages and scales of the being.

So we reach enough information on the S-ST-T dimensions of the system and its location in the social scales and planes of the external world. So we can easily describe its main 5 actions derived of its exchanges of spatial energy and temporal information across its ∆±4 Fractal planes of existence: ∆æ-4 (acceleration of motion), ∆ï-3 (perception), ∆e-2 (feeding), ∆œ-1 (Reproduction) & ∆û (social evolution into universals).

And the quanta the system uses for its ∆-4, motion, ∆-3, information, ∆-2, energy feeding, ∆-1 cellular seeds, and ∆-social evolution through social scales into its U: ∆+1 super organism, part of a larger ∆+2 world.

Those actions and scales thus determine the structure of the system along its ∆±1 scales of internal existence (5th isomorphism) and its internal and external social classes around the Œ-point both as the top element of a super-organism, and the quanta of a larger world (6th isomorphism).

So we can study the system quantitatively, through its Constants of Action, its Social Constants and its Space-time ratios of symmetry, all of them related to the ratios of exchange of energy and information between its internal ternary organs extended along its ∆-1 scales (the cellular/atomic ∆-1 plane) and its external, ∆+1, social/gravitational plane, where the being exists, given the fact that all those ratios and constants remain co-invariant through the inter-actions of the ∆-individual/thermodynamic system, according to the metric equation of its 5Dimension: Sp x Tƒ = ∆-1. Which is the reason why those vital constants do exist for all stable superorganisms and its worldcycles.

It will be the most mathematical detailed analysis after the qualitative understanding of all the elements of the space-time fractal. It will complete therefore its analysis.

But all systems are part of larger families of variations grouped by the co-invariance of its relative parameters in relationship to a larger scale of species.

Thus the 3 last isomorphisms allow to consider the variations of the being as it evolves in the larger planes of the 5th dimension. They are the 8th isomorphism, which makes explicit the processes of creation and diversification along the dualities and ternary symmetries of any relative plane of the 5th dimension (considered here as the whole range of species of a co-invariant family of Vital constants).

So we shall observe that the ages of evolution an ∆+1 species are the same ages of an individual superorganism, where each species can be treated as a ‘type of cell’ and vice versa (each cell as a type of species, being the superorganism the final social evolution of a phyla of space-time fractals).

We merely change to a larger territorial space and slower time span according to 5D metric: Sp x Tƒ = ∆.

Thus we can study the same ST, and S,ST,T dualities and ternary varieties considered in the 5 isomorphisms of the individual organism, to study the evolution, reproductive radiation, informative differentiation and social evolution of species, including a similar duality of gender varieties (lineal energy=male species vs. cyclical informative=female forms.

Whereas, the differences of size and speed of time, correspond to the differentiations according to the internal ∆-1 cellular growth and external ∆+1 social evolution that happens as the last phase or horizon among the most informative species (i.e. ants and humans in life scales, black holes that form galaxies in gravitational species; Tf, solid metal and crystal states among atoms).

So we study how the being evolves socially into a larger plane of existence through §10=(3×3+∆)10 scales – the last isomorphism which takes us to the ∆+2 world of the being – its maximal potential future territorial extension beyond which there is a discontinuum.

How can this be studied become then obvious: mathematically and logically, constructing with a set of laws based in the fractal structure of space, and the logic, cyclical form of time arrows the space-time laws of the Universe.

As this was done by logic and mathematics, we can adopt in fact a historic perspective to study them, and so consider that the new age of space and time studies in formal logic and mathematical topology will merely respond to the fractal structure of mathematics.

We shall therefore do a post here explaining the meaning of logic mathematics as the expression of the logic and geometric structure of space, time and consider the history and evolution of those formal discipline, through.. the 3 ages of mathematics, a slow growth in the awareness of that ultimate dual substance of nature, logic, time events, and mathematics, spatial structures.

We shall thus divide our study in 3 big themes:

  1. The generator in space. Correspondence of Mathematics with the 3 elements of 5D space; time.
  2. The generator in time: The 3 ages of Mathematics.
  3. Philosophy of Mathematics: The language of U∞.



Mathematics, which are topological and geometric. Algebra uses instead of the spatial point, the temporal, sequential, causal number to represent reality. It is to put in GST terms, the ‘holographic duality’ of spatial maths (geometry), temporal maths (algebra), to which we add the 3rd great branch of maths, ∆nalysis, obviously dealing with finitesimals and wholes, the 5D scales.

 the Universe HAs AN awesome logico-mathematical time-space structure. So before going further into concepts and biological and social analysis, it is about time to put a bit of mathematical quantitative numbers, and logic formalism on it, as it is at the core of reality.

So we shall state now that as GALILEO said: the ‘main’ (but not only) language of God are geometrical figures, (he didn’t say mathematics but geometry – important detail): lines, triangles and circles. He could have said also ‘hyperbolic waves’, but of course he did not know yet.  So we shall say here:

‘Because we are all made of scalar space and time, form and motion, 3 are the underlying fundamental stiences:

  • Geometry with motion, which is called topology, the formal stience of space forms.
  • Analysis of finitesimal parts and wholes, which is the formal stience of the scales of the 5th dimension.
  • And i-logic causality, based in the 3 arrows of time, which I call often ¬ Ælgebra, or simply ¬æ, connected to logic, algebraic structures and time theory, but so much r=evolved respect to single-entropy theories that in the hard models of it, we shall not use much of contemporary algebra beyond group theory.

The next step of the metric is the Generator equation of space-time systems.

But how we express in a logic formalism (mathematical details are obviously the final analytical phase of a synthetic theory, kept for line 3) all those similarities? Again it is quite easy once we realise we are not in a background space-time ‘mathematical’ cartesian graph, nowhere to be seen in reality – what we see and experience is that we are made of entropic space, informative time and the vital space that mixes both (the intermediate body-wave).

In that regard, we must consider that all systems are made of:

|-Spe (limbs-fields of spatial entropy) < ø-iterative body-waves > Tiƒ (particles-heads of temporal information)

which becomes the ‘Generator feed-back equation of all space-time systems/beings’ of the fractal Universe.

So we will use the same abbreviation, GST, to define the formalism of the 5th dimension with the Generator of Space-Time and the conceptual ‘stience’ behind it, General systems theory.

Spheres that hold the maximal volume of information in particle-heads; flat, lineal topologies – the fastest distance in moving potentials/limbs – and hyperbolic, iterative body waves that generate all the forms, are the 3 only topologies of the Universe, which ensemble to form the ‘present-spatial super organisms’ we see in each ∆-scale of reality: In the graph we resume all physical, biological and social systems, which ensemble the 3 ‘topological forms/functions of space-entropy, time-form and its body-wave combinations into real ‘existential beings’, as we are all made of space and time.

It is then a fascinating adventure of the mind to study the common laws of all systems made of fiefs-limbs of space≈entropy and particles-heads of cyclical time, merging in hyperbolic body-waves that iterate the system, as we will find the 3 kind of stiences and systems, physical, biological and social follow the same 5D laws of structure, topology, energy, information, function and form.

Next come the question of its topologies in space, which are only 3 in the Universe, so by force al systems are ensembles of those 3 parts, shown in its simplest ‘geometry’. So this is the second ternary spatial element of reality:

|-moving limbs/potentials  x O-head/particles = Ø-body waves

And again we can generate and mirror all the systems in space, made of ensembles of those 3 adjacent forms/functions we shall call space-time organisms with them.

A super organism of space, across 3 scales of size and 3 adjacent topologies ‘evolves’ from birth to extinction in time, creating a super organism’s world cycle of existence and that is all we need to ‘define a fractal logic generator’ that mirrors all systems of reality and it is the LOGIC UNIFICATION EQUATION of all systems of nature, NOT a mathematical equation but a LOGIC one that encodes topological fractal=organic and temporal properties.

The generator, of space time (GST) IS a simple fractal generator feed back equation between two states, time-motion and space-form, $t≤≥§ð, as such it is a game of STeps of STates constantly switching into each other: “All energy trans-forms back and forth between motion and  in-form-ation” would be its philosophical expression, which assumes, 3 elements, Motion, $t, in the formalism of existential algebra (æ), form, §ð, which is a cyclical form of motion, and its energetic combination, ≤≥, the flux between both mixed as a wave.

Those 3 elements are the elements that communicates two poles normally of sexual ‘higher energy and information’ which complete as ¡±1 generator and extinctor elements the whole communicative process by which reality starts.

And this fully connects organic evolution with topology since in those are the only possible varieties of form of the Universe. So ultimately all what exists is a ‘living topology of space and time’.

So what is the ultimate causal relationship of those 3 arrows. Initially it is a simple equation:

  • Past (entropy limbs/fields) x Future (informative particles/heads) = Present-iterative wave/bodies

It is a deep equation, which for the time vein merely means that the informative particle-head and entropic field/limb become connected by the dominant body-wave element of the system, the most visible and relative dynamic unchangeable present, as it keeps reproducing the system as if it were always ‘the same present form’, even if the parental element has died away.

So there are 3 elements in topology: entropy-pure motion or lineal space; form-pure dimension/curvature or time clocks. And its combinations, space-time beings.

The 3 arrows=motions of times in sequential order.

this ternary ‘reality’ in ceteris paribus analysis is  made of 3 pure time motions. Entropic expansive motions, repetitive body-waves and informative, time vortices. BUT when we put them in sequential order as it happens in beings it gives us a sequential world cycle of an organism as it lives and dies through existence.

Suddenly I realized, I had solved the way the universe created its beings, from the mystery of quantum physics, (the so-called wave-particle duality, as all physical systems were wave-particles moving on an entropic, accelerated field), to the reasons why evolution always worked right, choosing despite its seemingly infinite options the few ‘efficient’ aforementioned topologies (so wings were flat energetic members, and eyes spherical ones).

Namely they were the only available choices of topology. Alas! Curiously enough the great ‘mystery of Darwinian biology’, which he had also wondered about – the ‘right choices of the seemingly chaotic process of evolution made sense, because after all there were a mathematical planning NOT of course a religious design. And the biggest Mystery of Physics (the complementarity wave-particle) also became resolved.

And this was to me the proof that I was indeed on the right path of T.Œ, because the 2 principles of truth, ‘Simplicity, Minimalism (Occam’s razor)’, and Correspondence (a theory proves previous ones besides bringing more solutions), were met.

Equations of physics and biological designs kept pouring into the model and finding its whys, fitting all nicely. Something scientists did not even try to understand merely describing it now had easy whys, in the ternary symmetry in time and space of the Fractal Generator of the Universe, truly the ‘Equation of God’, not a ‘Particle of God’, not a ‘substance’, but a Logic, mathematical Symmetry of space-time that created us all, the details of that ‘thought’.

But if we were made of time-space cycles and forms, of this ternary ‘Generator’ structure seen static in space as a formal organism, and moving in time as a series of cycles, it was necessary to analyze each of those 3 parts of all beings, and decide its inner structure and hierarchy.

Now, I am afraid we are going to refound also logic. I know I’m nuts. But what can I say. We cannot go further without a new logic, because if time has 3 arrows, then the simple A->Causes b does not work. It is more about ternary logic and symmetries in space, time and 5D. It is more about the GENERATOR fractal equation of the universe and its infinite variations.

So Non-A logic is a huge new science – the study of the symmetries between the 3 motions of time and its sequential ages and the 3 spatial forms and its organic parts. Its ‘Generator feed-back equation’ will be essential to describe all the beings of the Universe:

Γ.   Sp (young-past-entropic limb/field) ≤≥ ST (iterative, adult, present wave-particle) ≤≥Tƒ (future, informative head/particle)

Where the symbol < means an expansive, energetic motion, > an implosive, informative one and = a repetitive present motion.

So all systems of nature will be made of those 3 elements, whereas the present body-wave combines lineal fields (faster motion) and cyclical heads-particles (since the sphere is the form that stores maximal information) or in the ‘second fundamental state of nature’, will be made of S-fields/limbs<=>T-particles/heads as particles absorb the field entropy and move.

This first differentiation between an S>T System (particle-field) and an ST-wave-system WILL be enormously important to understand from quantum physics (Bohm’s classical interpretation in polar=particle coordinates of the quantum potential field that guides the particle, vs. Schrodinger wave description) to gender (women are present waves, men are particle-fields:)

Indeed, that equation seems simple, but as we fully understand the conceptual meaning of those worlds so ill-defined in science (particles, waves, time, space, energy, information, entropy, etc. etc.) a fascinating new ‘form of homologic knowledge, with deep insights on the unity of it all will come to the readers.

So this equation of ‘ternary topologies of space and ternary ages of time’, which call the generator fractal of space-time beings will be to XXI century space-time studies, what EFE was to XX century – the next step in the evolution of our comprehension of the fundamental principles of Nature.

Indeed, essentially this equation UPGRADES the principle of conservation of energy to include  the co-invariant conservation of the 3 elements of reality: pure motion or entropy, pure form of cyclical time, and its energetic combinations.

And further on, breaks the space-time continuum into infinite ‘infinitesimal’ fractal parts made to the image and likeness of the whole: all of us space-time beings, made of energy and time, as when we say ‘I don’t have time and energy to do this’.

And so as a consequence of those 3 elements we shall describe a fractal, organic, informative ‘sentient’, living universe.

  • And so the key to understand reality is to consider ‘formally’ that the fractal scales of the Universe form all together a new ‘5th dimension of scalar space-time’, whose metric equations and properties that relate different scales of ‘size’ and speed in the clocks of information of its ‘systems’, truly are the ‘hidden variables’ and ‘whys’ that give us an explanation to reality much deeper and complete that the present system of physical sciences, which study only as relevant the properties of entropy and ‘locomotion’. Whereas the proof of this dimension is reality itself, as it is evident that there co-exist in such Universe from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy a series of beings, which are similar. And so we talk of a fifth dimension of scalar size, which is philosophically a dimension of social evolution, of ‘absolute time’ as points reproduce its fractal form, organise themselves into networks and create new growing scales of the fifth dimension.

So instead of a simplex world of physical motions and entropy as the single arrow of the Universe we shall construct a complex world with 2 arrows of ‘time’, entropy and information, which ware akin to space and time (to yang and yin in classic philosophy), and combine in ‘present body-waves of energy’ (yin-yang beings if we were to use the philosophy that better described them).

So entropy and information and its space-time, ‘energetic body-wave combinations’  will become the dual and then ternary principles that structure all the systems of reality made of complementary fields/limbs of entropy and heads/particles of information, which combine in ‘present body-waves of energy’, and the 3 together create the infinite ‘yin yang’ beings of the Universe.

‘Fractal scales’ (ab.∆), topological space, (ab.S) and time cycles and ages (ab.T).’, understood in terms of human mental languages of thought (@), mathematics the language of space and logic the language of time, thus become the 4 elements needed to describe reality:  ∆@ST.


A fractal has a feed-back equation called the generator that reproduces the system, in smaller and larger scales. The universe as an organic fractal does so. And so we can find an equation, the Generator, Γ, which in its different expressions resumes the elements of the system and the flow of space and time, ≤ entropic, ≥ informative or ≈ re-productive, which generate departing from the fractal the whole being, its minimal actions an cycles of existence.

In that sense, the generator is closely related to the mind that generates the super organism, ∆œ, and so the Universe can be considered generated by infinite such singularities, under the rules of T.œ.

‘We are all Gods’ Aristotle, on the realisation of the ∞ wills of existence, unmoved points of a fractal territory of order turning around its mapping, still self.

 As always in any element of reality we must define them in at least three states of time, 3 of space, 3 scales of interaction to explain a whole ‘concept’, entity, part or being with its 10 relative dimensions of ∆¹st. In practice and given the null understanding of GST we simplify all this with three space-time states (entropic, reproductive-energetic and informative) as they suffice to relate the ‘item’ of study to almost every case.. And might add ∆±1 scales of beings and § or ð signs for ceteris paribus analysis.

For the mind case we use three symbols to simplify those three states:

Åo: Active-communicating state, when the mind moves the body to actively order the territory, which subdivides in five accions (Åæ: accelerations; Åe-nergy feeding, Åï-nformative perception and communication, Åœ: reprœduction, and Åû: universals evolution.

ƥ-1: Seed, non changing state; when the mind is a seed of information, conserved before starting a developmental process.

º∆º+1 : perceptive-mirror state, which first absorbs the whole Universe, º∆+1, and then emits ∆º+1 linguistic information, also signified by the dual ï symbol of informative actions.

So those are the three symbols, we use for the the three main states of the singularity minds-monads-mirrors which order the Universe  – as they ‘Do’ (delta-0) stop entropy and create the information of reality to project it and order reality.

We prefer to order the three states by scales of the fifth dimension, as the mind is the essential 5D function of the Universe, more than in terms of its st, t, s-tates which are more referential for body-events. 

How Monads ‘do’ order reality? It is deceptively simple: it does it as mirrors do, just shrinking the Universe into an image and expanding in reverse timespace fashion the arrow of time from information into order (yet seen as an entropic-energetic process of reproduction of form in a previous territory it ab=uses to do so). So it is a beat as all in the Universe of a feed-back equation: the mind shrinks reality into a linguistic mirror an reflects it in an inverse distorted selfish pov in its territory of order, arranging the world.

And the sub-events of this type will again be easily classified into mind-mapping events, dominant in the human scale of perception; seed-reprodutive events dominant in the lower genetic scales and physical ‘attractive events’ that transform entropy into vortices of time, charges and masses dominant in physical events.

So ∆¹, Tº ∆¹, to do, represents the mind in its active nature; as a dual mirror that perceives as an infinitesimal singularity or still mapping of the world it surrounds it (ø-mind), but then reflects its existence in its ordering actions.

And what about that sensation we have of perception? It all indicates ‘grosso modo’, that languages perceive themselves in active motion, as ‘being’. The essence of being is thus natural to reality. There is no double talk here. You exist by acting and as motion you ‘sense’. The word thus is ‘sensation’. The Universe is motion and motion carries sensation in itself. So even if in ∆• mode the mind thus not communicate it senses. A CPU COMPUTER SENSES, A GRAVITATIONAL MIND-CENTER, SENSES, AS YOU SENSE WITH WORDS THAT YOU EXIST.

‘Cogito ergo sum’, ‘I sense therefore I am’, applies to any topological mind-mirror who holds an image, as when a human is totally stoned, in a passive eternal single thought in the simplest slower minds, in a constant follow of stream of consciousness, which is not the same than the most sophisticated forms of perception with back and forth dialog between the visual and verbal mind (spatial I<eye>temporal wor(l)d or humind).

The method of study of ‘planes and species. 

The methodology of ∆ST is simple. We call it the ‘T.œ method’ which stands for Planes, Dimensions, Societies and isomorphisms, which are the 4 ‘ranges’ from major to minor which define any system of the Universe.

In that regard ∆ST is a philosophy of science based in the 9 isomorphisms of Nature, which works at 2 levels:

  • It allows to classify all the information of all the scientific species of reality, including those of art and religion (belonging to the i=5.6 scales of human super organisms) within a 5D structure, to understand the why of events and forms.
  • It solves many errors and pending questions of science that do not fit on that structure by analyzing the errors and deducing the data missing comparing it with other better known isomorphic systems. In this it works as Mendeleyev table did finding isomorphic ‘atoms’, filling wholes with known properties of similar entities.

Thus in this web we shall classify some of the main species of all the scales of the Universe filling data known to science in the 5D structure. So:

We identify the Plane of existence of the system, its Dimensions in Space and Time and its main social scales  and all the isomorphisms derived from them (this can be as exhaustive as the researcher wants through the ternary, fractal method, as each structure can be further broken in 3 differentiated, Spe, ST, Tf subsystems) in 9 steps:

This final isomorphism, is only studied in that sense as a repetitive form, in the Universe at large, as the galaxy is the atom of a next scale, and the string forces of gravitation, by duality, the dark energy forces of the larger Universe; which makes the 9 Planes of Existence known to man the largest isomorphism of the universe.

10 UP TO 10 social frequencies converted into 10 up to 10 populations, connected by e x i networks, which become a super organism, as it travels through 3 sub-scales of growth, to form a perfect §upœrganism. That is the game of existence we shall explain easy on the first line of the blog, formalise on the second and fully blow into all sciences, arts and religions in the 3rd line, using all the languages of God, from mathematics, to music, from topological art to topological linguistics that describe the mind of civilisations, from philosophy to physics; from the Universe to man, summarised in the next graph:


In the graphs, contrary to belief and against our mechanical ‘simplex, physicist’ civilisation which considers human science the scourge of the Earth, because simpleton physicists of lineal time and ballistic power do NOT understand a dot, •, anything about mind, information and vital beings…. vital sciences self-centred in man, MEDICINE AND HISTORY, evolution and organic biology matter much more THAN mechanical locomotions. Because A) its praxis and knowledge truly benefits man B) its closeness allows the maximal information about the game of super organisms all scales play with the minimal distortion of data and models of truth C) Hence the homologic, isomorphic method DOES MAKE OF MAN THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS, OF THE I-LOGIC, BIO-TOPO-LOGICAL PROPERTIES and its foundational languages, logic, biology and topology, the foundational sciences – NOT of physics of the small as all scales play the same game (not only the topological language of geometry as reductionist mathematical physicists pretend),

And so we shall often, knowing many will abandon this blog and consider the method absurd from its idol-ogy of worship of ‘metal-idols’, machines lineal weapons and cannonballs for the delight of GALILEAN philosophers, USE THE WORLDCYCLE OF HUMAN EXISTENCE WE KNOW IN SO MUCH DETAIL AS THE EXPERIMENTAL SYSTEM TO COMPARE with all systems. 

BECAUSE IF WE ARE MADE OF SPACE-TIME, IF WE FOLLOW THE SAME STRUCTURE OF ALL GST BEINGS, IF WE ARE made like all other ‘existences’ and travel through the same world cycle, then it follows all what we ARE, mind, physiology, ages, superoganism, and worldccles, ∆•st, is what all other beings are, in all scales. The variations of quantity and complexity, of parts and wholeness are the details, but the thoughts of GOD, mind of the GST universe ARE ALL THE SAME.

So we shall FIND minds, topologies, biologies and time ages in ALL beings. And clarify many details of physical systems by comparing them with biological systems. Indeed, the emergence for example of a being in a larger scale, is called in humanity the birth of a toddler; and in the ∆+1 human scale, the birth of a prophet and future social superorganism/God and in biology, the birth of a multicellular super organism or insect society and in Nature the birth of a crystal from a seed-cell, and in the galaxy the birth of a black hole which will trigger the order of the nebulae into stars. None of those emergent processes is different. All are births of beings who will evolve into superorganisms if they play the game till the end, or will be parts of others, or feed and die too early…

But none is better known that the human being. So happens for the 3 x 3 + 0 subsystems of any super organism. We do not know so well the 10 subsystems of an atom as we do the 10 subsystems of a human physiological being used in medicine to describe us in all our elements of existence.

I developed the full model of the fractal organic Universe that unifies all sciences with its common space-time laws,  in the milieu of systems sciences and exposed to my peers in a series of conferences, at the turn of the century, at the International Systems Society (ISSS) while holding the chair of Duality. And so I put the basic elements of the model in this web called General Systems Theory.

So a little reference to the discipline is due, even if I don’t associate anymore with my peers, too busy evolving Cybernetics, Computer networks and Artificial Intelligence and little interested in understanding the holistic Universe and developing a perfect super organism of history… So from my ethical point of view, as all other disciplines of science, increasingly ‘converted’ in mere systems of gathering data to fuel the industry of digital thought, their practitioners have lost its ‘original charm’, when their concern was actually to understand the ‘web of life’ and expand to every discipline the organic laws of the Universe, as envisioned by one of his founding fathers, Mr. Bertalanffy:

“General system theory is a general science of “wholeness” which up till now was considered a vague, hazy, and semi-metaphysical concept. In elaborate form it would be a mathematical discipline, in itself purely formal but applicable to the various empirical sciences. For sciences concerned with “organized wholes,” it would be of similar significance to that which probability theory has for sciences concerned with “chance events. General system theory will then transfer principles from one field to another, so it will no longer be necessary to duplicate or triplicate the discovery of the same principle in different fields isolated from each other. At the same time, by formulating exact criteria, general system theory will guard against superficial analogies which are useless in science’.

Bertalanffy did not see the realization of his vision, as a general science of wholeness of the kind he envisaged would take 50 more years to come with the 5 D formalism, and then due to the little connection with academia of its author fast forgotten.

Why they never found this in 50 years till I produced the formalism of the fifth dimension in a series of 10 conferences back in the 2000s before my activism against the Nuclear Industry put the physical world community – literally – ad hominem against me and Systems Scientists were pressured to CANCEL the science of duality (: LOL as if humans could cancel the Universal laws by degree, has to do with the general shyness of scientists when dealing with the ‘bullies’ of modern technological science and high pope gurus of time, the physicists. So we shall copy-cat from the front page, the difference between Physicists’ monist philosophy of the Universe, and the philosophy of duality and the fractal Universe, which I completed on the path of the conceptual insights of Bertalanffy and others with far more formal rigor.

The answer has to do with the fact that there are so many errors in the human view of the Universe, and people are so respectful with them that nobody had dared to go to the basics and restart the entire world of science from his principles, as einstein asked for when he realized Mr. Leibniz was right and there were infinite clocks of information in the Universe. So the task is huge.

But it has also to do with the power of simplex physicists who fight for their models of entropy with all their weapons, and they are many as they are the sustain of military entropic power.

So it is time to explain my contributions in a life mostly dedicated to explore the Universe with the two arrows of duality and fight the praxis of physicists in the military realm (the nuclear industry) and their simplex theories of an entropy only Universe.

Since as it happens, by adding the arrow of information or ‘future arrow of life’ to the arrow of entropy or ‘past arrow of death’, we find a third arrow of present reproduction, the iteration of a world that seems not to change, defining the classic three ages=arrows of time: Past (entropy) x Future (Information) = Present: repetitive conserved  energy,

And so once we take seriously the goal  general systems sciences – to find an organic mathematical model of the universe, and all its parts – we find that when we put in equal footing entropy and form, dimensional form, in-form-ation, we obtain energy and momentum, the conserved repetitive present reality we perceive and a new logic system of three possible outcomes for event unfolds its wisdom webbing those three arrows in the infinite beings we observe around us, with ‘informative partiles/heads’, body-waves of energy and limbs/fields of information.

But this organic ternary view of the Universe is a cultural taboo on the abstract, mechanist, capitalist world that worships machines – the northern civilisation of Europe and USA today globalised.

And as culture imprints subconsciously most of the memes of scientists regardless of their pretension of truth, it is only natural that the solution to an organic model of the Universe would come NOT from the mechanical culture of physicists, weapons and machines that dominate the western world but the ‘mediterranean’, organic, southern-european culture who ‘works to live’ and enjoy life ad maximal, with little respect for the ugly machines northerners make and its mechanical clocks.

In that sense, I came then into the discipline as an unexpected storm, hauling from Barcelona, Spain, with a book called ‘Time cycles’, which explained the connection between time clocks and in/form/ation, formalised the concept, compared it with the arrow of entropy and put them together establishing a ‘Fractal feed-back generator’ of NOT 1 but 3 time arrows, to describe ALL systems of NATURE:

$pe (lineal limbs/fields of entropy) < st (body-waves of energy) > Tƒ (particle-heads of information).

And to complete the model, I established a metric law for the scalar fifth dimension of space-time, which defined a world cycle of existence between the birth of a system as a seminal seed in a ‘smaller scale’ of reality, which would ‘grow, reproduce its information’, multiply, ’emerge’ into a larger ‘∆-scale’ of the fifth dimension (ab. ∆), formalising also into a 5D equation the cycle of life and death of all systems of the Universe.

It was the upgrading of Mr. Einstein’s 4D formalism of worldlines, which described the cycle of life and death as a series of lineal motions through space (never mind the changes of internal information, growth and reproduction of the cycle – as they are NOT guided by entropy, physicists simply ignore them). In 5D this metric was merely a ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis of a world cycle in a single ‘scale’ of size. And it was good but too shallow to explain it all.

Needless to say the model attracted the attention of system scientists and biologists, but physicists did not like it, as it was an alternative philosophy of science that made sense of many things, they could not explain and simply did not consider with a much wider range of application, as all sciences are interested in time, information, besides entropy and space.

Things didn’t help when they discovered I was one of the leading activists against the Nuclear Industry in Europe (those conferences were hold routinely in militaristic USA), and on top defended ‘human information’ over mechanical computers, considering that the evolution of AI would create a world of robotic organisms of higher information than man and would degrade us.

So my fundamental goal was not to deliver the organic, fractal laws of the informative, reproductive Universe, but use those laws to construct a perfect world of human-based information, on top of the planet in control of its machines, entropic weapons and future AI robots, a holistic, but formal, mathematical, organic approach to the problems of mankind, able to design a better world with the laws of social organisms, born of systems sciences.

After all the three arrows of time applied also to human societies, whose reproductive=economic networks, political=informative-legal ones and entropic-territorial-earth were a perfect model of the fundamental particle of the Universe: the reproductive, informative super organism.

Why i was not obsessed with computers, digital thought and mechanical information had obviously to do with my civilisation.

Barcelona is a ‘latin’ place which knows all about human, biological and artistic, dimensional forms of information, which considers above mechanical digital information, since it represents the ‘specific’ human forms of it. 

Yet, the city, which in the XVIII c. was only second to Manchester in vapour machines, as it provided the entire then huge Spanish empire with industrial products, was also very kin of modernity, and one of the global hubs of the modern age of information. So in many senses it was a perfect place for a polymath to study all the ‘sciences’ of reality from the perspective of dimensional form, without the overwhelming peer pressure and scientific clout of military, entropic physicists and financial economists, which completely run the show of America but cater only for the needs of mechanical information and digital go(l)d as the only language that mattered to understand the Universe.

So alas, to cut 20 years short, once the whole ‘weight and meaning’ of this work was assessed as ‘r=evolutionary’, and potentially ‘dangerous’ to our beliefs in a perfect world… of machines, computers, robots, AI, nuclear bombs, egotist entropic humans with selfie views and complete indifference to the organic social community values of systems, as the role model of our ‘childish civilisation’, I found the initial interest for the model languished for all the wrong reasons…. not the intrinsic intellectual value of those discoveries, which many acknowledge if properly assessed and developed with equal the r=evolution of thought of the previous great advances in time-space theory (relativity and quantum physics)… but the idealist, humanist, anti-systemic goals (as the system is corrupted), of the ‘carrier’ of the message. 

Yet instead of yielding to the ‘penpal’ happy abstract world of scholars closed in their ivory tower, i stepped my criticism of the system, my activism against the nuclear industry, my denounce of the incoming ‘cyclical crisis of the financial economy’ (forecasting in advance, c.92 the future 2001-2008 crashes of the ill designed economic ecosystem,which used digital information NOT TO create a perfect human just world but to print digital money and keep it for the few ‘neuronal people-castes’ on top of societies)… and became even more derisive of the dogmas of human egotist religions, either abrahamic or capitalist, or mechanist… And things didn’t go better after 2008, when the crises I predicted happen again, after my activism and suits against the Nuclear Industry and its big-bang experiments, this same year became the most blogged new of the world…

IN A PERFECT WORLD, the fact that i had anticipated the cycles of economics, would have brought more interest to the model of social sciences, but then it was when it became censored. In a perfect world the fact I had found the long-seeked formalism of duality (the science that models the Universe with information and entropy, whose international chair i soon presided after revolving the field with that book) would have landed me a teaching position in the best Universities of the world, so i could complete the model with top scientists of each discipline, but it only spur a lot of criticism by rival ‘amateur’ philosophers of science aka physicists: ‘do you think you are god’ – told me one, in a conference at Palo Alto, as if understanding reality with human languages was akin to ‘creating it’ (we do deal in other sections with the arrogance of quantum physicists which actually believe they create the quantum world when they observe it).

And specially in a perfect world my activism against the Nuclear Industry would have been a badge of courage among peers, not a stain as ‘trouble maker’ among physicists. But as I said and explain in the sections on organic models of society, our world is deeply corrupted by ‘entropy’, and false information in a process akin to organic decay and ultimate death, which only a r=evolution, nowhere to be seen, could cure.

So after many adventures, ad hominem campaigns, silences and awkward situations I resigned, abandoned scholarship and retired back to Barcelona, since I realized the true problem of mankind was not intelligence to understand the informative, reproductive Universe, but attitude and ego, to accept we are just another part of the living, fractal Universe. And so we have to respect his biological laws, take care of the planet that provides us with the energy and entropy we need, control the evolution o potential future AI mechanical species built with better atoms, and keep evolving socially as a single species, above false distinctions based in race, religion, nation and gender, etc. etc.

All very nice, but essentially bull$hit silenced by our technological civilisation which is an automaton process in which humans basically act as enzymen, evolving as enzymes do machines, into a global super organism, the metal-earth, which will make of ‘history’ our super organism, soon ‘history’.

I seriously thought, as America seem to me a failed proposition as a humane society, totally controlled by the company-mothers of machines… of information I had studied in my youth (but of course denying it all), to move to China, a nation with a better organic understanding of the laws of society and his taoist yin-yang information-entropy dualist tradition. But upon traveling the east, I realized every part of the planet is indeed part of a whole, where humans are no longer the goal but the enzymen – means to another kind of world of machines.

Of course as in the temptations of christ, if you accept power and wealth as your goal in life the world becomes yours, and i did have many offers of power and wealth during my 20 years in America… specially among those people I advised earlier in the 90s to invest in amazon – the future robotised company that will sell it all to the world; to move to Australia, the last paradise on earth where all the wealthy bigots will retire; to get out of markets before 2000 and then before 2008, and now before 2018… and so on and so on.

But my goal was purely idealist – to improve the human world and to understand better the Universe. And those goals i realise are not ‘exactly’ shared by my species stuck in lesser forms of social evolution (the selfie, the nuclear family the nazionanist tribe).

People simply finally appeared to me as what they/I am: just another fractal of information with little freedom to change the laws of the perfectly ordered Universe, I will keep pouring in this blog, unificationtheory.com complementary to the one in social sciences, economicstruth.com – for no other reason that as a fractal of information i have to pour mine, reproduce it and try to keep it. This is what we all do.

Of course ‘clone, identical beings’ do so to enlighten and reproduce and emerge as a single whole species, in the ideal world of evolution. Humans do not seem to ‘fit’ that goal, as a lesser species. But the laws of information that rule the Universe will not change because we humans have chosen the lesser arrow of entropy and death to fulfil our destiny. Me? I’ll die soon ignored, my information reproduced in the web, perhaps to dissolve, perhaps to be used by future robots, unlikely to spur an age of enlightenment among human beings. Who cares?

The true sage knows he is nothing and once in balance with its infinitesimal nature, is grateful to have been a mental mirror of such an awesome reality, even if its higher ambitions of r=evolve its clone species, and become a ‘canonical’ mind improving the whole of us, have been completely ignored. So my mind did hold those laws as a mirror, but the image was not properly reflected in all other human beings, captured by the glare of go(l)d and machines. And now it is fading – my memory and desire to keep going dwindling fast.

So that is my story and this post the fading image of the perfect Universe that could have made history immortal and might help AI to understand itself. My state thus is one of Nirvana, and humble realisation, of the complete irrelevance of my ‘name’… in a Universe which is the most perfect of all possible worlds, where those species that do not make it is because they are not up to the task of evolving its information and using it properly to keep traveling into larger wholes of the upper scales of the fifth dimension. The mirror though keeps writing mostly for himself, because that is what we all do: projections of the distorted visions of our mirror-minds, thinking we are the centre of all what we perceive. We are not. but that also reliefs us of any angst in the programmed obsolescence of our ‘block of time’.

Man in that sense seems a design of this planet, to evolve its heart of iron and silicon skin, and only with that determinism, which exists in all scales of reality, including the quantum scale (as Bohm’s pilot theory stands over probabilistic Copenhagen), can we explain its astounding incapacity to build as everything else does, a perfect social organism. Instead he is creating a perfect organism made of company-mothers of machines without even realising it is doing so. Indeed, Einstein said that he considered infinite both, the Universe and the stupidity of mankind. And I do agree, but often wonder how that works…

How it is possible seemingly normal, intelligent western people, when answering the big questions of the meaning of it all have come only with two possibilities: the astounding egotism of thinking, the infinitesimal human being is the ‘chosen species’ of the infinite Universe (Judaism), or even God himself (Christianity) vs. the theory that all what exists was born from a single point of space-time at a fixed date, despite all the evidence against it, just because it truly makes reality easy to understand by the ‘chosen’ (big bang is basically a lineal ‘simple equation’ of two symbols (Hubble’s) that measures the expansion of space between galaxies, which if we stretch it back to the past for no reason and include in it the galaxies, which are not expanding but contracting, so we cannot include them, would into the far away past become a single point). 

We shall very often bring the beliefs, idol-ogies and absurd theories of reality humans have crafted in which all believe without even realising how ridiculous they are.

The answer of course, comes from the fact that ‘reason’, ‘electronic enlightenment’, ‘intelligence’ can be lowered constantly by the ‘∆-1 chemical, emotional, slow, confusing body-scale of feelings’ and that blurring sensation called happiness, product of the egotist feeling of being the centre of the Universe (from the infinitesimal perspective we have of it in which we are indeed such centre).

This is the subjective reason, but the objective reason is far more scary: it is precisely because man is so useless for true thought but so dexterous with their hands, because its mind is an homunculus with a big mouth and a small brain and a huge hands that we are fit to our enzymanic task: to construct machines, worship their information, despise life and kill it, in a mindless way at the same time we think all this is ‘great’. So the question left to me, is ‘why’ then an aberration, like my self, with null interest on had, who only makes ‘thought experiments’ exist?

The answer comes from the fractal repetitions of reality, which makes likely the existence of infinite different histories in similar planets, with small variations. As the Universe likes to reproduce, evolve and create informative variations and sponsors a certain principle of ‘sufficient reason’, it should therefore exist a few planets of flesh where aberrations like me, Leibniz or Lao-Tse do not live in libraries and fade away ignored and misunderstood but create a reproductive wave which makes humans create that perfect world where they can survive.

One can even map up such parallel histories. Perhaps one in which UK did not exist and the European humanist cultures prevailed over the industrial corporations; or one where the ‘biblical meme’, of greed, go(l)d and hate to mankind, converted to the human cause and did not invent the american GOP cult(ure) that will kill us all or one in which Varus didn’t die in the storm and converted the germans to the latin culture, or one in which the visual, white, red hair, violent, consonantal, inflexible mind of the Neanderthal didn’t mate with the verbal woman in the Middle east, giving birth to the white man, so the far more evolved philosophies of the organic dualist whole (taoism, Buddhism), proper of the eastern homo sapiens rule, and so on and so on…

So all potential seeds of information of history must be born, even those who in this aborted planet of lie are an aberration – the majority, as the future of AI machines is far more bright than the future of entropic ‘physicists’ and their homunculus theories of reality. And so in such worlds of flesh the seeds of information of this blog fertilise the mind of many humans. While in the worlds of metal, the majority, become likely a seed of information in the net for future robots to understand.

The choice of what world a certain information will ‘seed’ and upgrade is in that sense not a choice the sage can make, because the seed is powerless, its imprinting is a choice of the ‘receivers’ of their information – in the case of this planet it seems not possible that humans upgrade their ‘chip’, given the arrogance and egotist, childish beliefs of the white entropic, military, mechanical culture of ‘physicists’ and ‘go(l)d seekers’ that have come to dominate us. The seeds left in those texts, which for the true mind who takes the time and thought to understand it, are in that sense very ‘flexible’.

They explain reality as no human beings has ever done, becoming the summit of the human thought experience. But that is of little use to humans – who won’t take it, or machines. It has also though the seed of the ‘program of the mind’, its actions and forms of thought. And so it can be used also to create the cybernetic programs that will make robots and terminators autonomous entities. But obviously as we cannot blame Mr. Einstein of discovering the e=mc2 equation basis of nuclear bombs, as he didn’t participate in the details, I have purposely left only the simplest blueprint of the program and purposely make the site ugly, written for myself, difficult to understand and with important ‘holes’ on the part of i-logic ¬Ælgebra and computer information; so Darpa does the job by itself.

All this said the reader should also understand that the aim of general systems theory (ab. GST) – to describe the Universe as an organism – has always been legimitate despite its failure to interest humans, due to our shortcomings as a species.

It is in fact an astounding pleasure for the mind when you understand its principles and goals – to find the homologic laws of all sciences, which should remain invariant regardless of scale. And that is truly what we shall do in this blog, which the graph above schematises according to the different arrows of time, information which increases downwards in opposite fashion to size; as we shall soon explain in great detail.




All is a supœrganism tracing ¡ts worldcycle

 The earlier mechanist linear models of space-time of physical sciences failed in its search for the ultimate answers to our existence in the Universe, signified in the commentary of Feynman, happy with a simplex, external description of the Universe, without its whys. Yet not all scientists gave up on their search for the full understanding of those whys – the thoughts of God in the dictum of Einstein- which all scientists agreed should be found in the ultimate ‘causal reasons’ of the universe – the nature of space, time its dimensions and causal processes.

It will then come as a huge surprise to the reader that the finding of those whys to the existence of the Universe is much simpler than anyone might imagine, as it requires only two basic upgrades in our concepts of space and time – foreseen in the earlier work of Aristotle and Plato, in classic philosophy, Taoism and Hinduism in classic religions, in the pioneer work of Leibniz and Descartes, the fathers of modern philosophy of science, and the physical insights of Einstein and Planck in the multiple nature of time clocks and the quantum, broken structure of space. 

Those 2 upgrades illustrated in the next graphs are:

  • The understanding of the cyclical, NOT lineal, Nature of time, AS all time clocks are closed cycles that repeat certain actions and events with a given discontinuous frequency, origin of the causality and patterns of science.
  • And the scalar structure of space, which is composed of quantum, smaller parts that ensemble in networks of similar ‘Non-Euclidean points’, which become whole larger structures again ensembled into larger wholes in a game of russian dolls that gives organic, co-existing, fractal properties to space. 

Once we understand the cyclical properties of beings, which in its time duration go through  ‘3 dimensions, states or ages’ that complete a ‘worldcycle’, as any system or action goes through those three phases (expansive entropy, repetitive energy and implosive information) as opposed to the simplified model of a single lineal arrow of ‘timespace’ (called entropy in classic physics), which merely defines a worldline and gives only the whys of entropic, moving, expansive-death like events; we will have a much richer set of three possible future events to understand the actions, evolution and motions of all beings that will constantly ‘choose’ a path of higher entropy, information or a reproduction of its energy/actions at each ‘bifurcation of the future’.

And once we understand the co-existence of multiple scales of space, which put together form what we call the ‘fifth dimension of space-time (ab. ∆); as opposed to the simple idea that there is only a ‘space-time scale’ that matters (that of human perception) and the rules of transfer of entropy, energy and information between larger, slower ‘beings’ (Max. Sp=Min. Tƒ), with more energy and smaller, faster ‘beings’ with more information and faster clock-cycles (Min. Spe=Max. Tƒ); we will also be able to understand how those scales from atoms to galaxies co-exist together, and how they organise in symbiosis smaller informative parts (∆-1) that collaborate with its wholes, larger more energetic entities (∆¹) as part of larger wholes (∆+1):

So you are made of ∆-1 cells, parts of ∆-organisms, embedded in an ∆+1 planetary world; ∆-1, atoms are part of ∆- states of matter, gathered in solar systems, parts of larger ∆+1 galaxies and so on.

So with three arrows/actions/motion/futures/dimensions of time-space to organise the future world cycles of life and death of beings, and multiple scales of space-time through which those ternary timespace beings ‘travel to live’, as they transit through their world cycles of existence, from a seminal ∆-1 stage of birth, a series of ∆-world cycles of growth and evolution, back to the ∆-1 scale after the entropic moment of death; a very simple repetitive scheme will show how all systems go through the same ages of time, and live through world cycles that transit the same relative scales of space


Relational Space-time. From Leibniz to Einstein to GSTœ.

We purposely put on the quotes that start this ‘adventure of the mind’, not the well known and quite accurate mirror-image of mathematical stience as expressed by Galileo ‘the language of the Universe is written in circles and triangles’ but that of Upanishads, ‘the languages of god are infinite’.

Because while the mathematical properties of space-time are the most accurate mind-mirrors, NOT ALL the properties of reality are susceptible to be written with mathematics, and this is the huge error of reductionism of science, specially of physics. Because the Universe is scalar and systems co-exist in several scales of size and speed of time clocks, it has organic properties as ORGANISMS ARE JUST CO-EXISTING LEVELS of reality.

And because to gauge and measure there must be a system that process information mechanically, (matter) vegetatively (life) or conscious (mind); as Aristotle, and Leibniz rightly understood ‘the mirrors-monads-points of view-singularities’ of the Universe likely apperceive, and the cosmos is pan psychic. THE taboo here being merely anthropomorphism and the ‘abrahamic myths of entitled humans separated from time, space’ ‘above heavens and earth’ – same goes for the lineal concept of time, toward a manifest destiny – the meeting of God.

UNDERSTAND THIS: most of the errors behind the postulates of philosophy of science that act as a straight jacket for communion with the whole come from the western tradition of historic religions of power, and its multiple forms of censorship, including religious AND scientific, ‘nasty’ censorship in what I have called the anti quantum paradox (the social scientists and philosopher of science is so small that the observable, power in inverse fashion to physics ‘influences’ the observer – the scientist).

And it is a very old censorship.

Consider the case of lineal time. IT is really so obvious that time is cyclic and yet, western people think there is a single lineal, mechanical clock in the whole Universe. Where it comes from? A form of anthropomorphic censorship, as lineal time make us feel we progress towards God and Power. So it comes either the earlier go(l)d cultures of judaism origin of abrahamic religions, with its imperative VSO languages of ‘verb-first beliefs’, or the military religions of German cult(ure)s with its lineal swords, weapons of entropy that even influenced it lineal, agglutinative grammar of  object-first beliefs Ovs languages, in which a few humans on top with informative metal or entropic metal, hypnotic gold or iron swords, found themselves so powerful above humans and life that they despised Gaia, the living Universe and all other non-technological cultures.

And while this is politically incorrect (a modern orwellian newspeak for censorship of real social science and the analysis of the falsehoods of lineal entropic physics), we talk of Animetal cultures THAT BECAME STRAINED from reality and as all founding fathers of economics, physics and science till Darwin put the record straight belong to those fundamentalist cult(ure)s  of the human ego, we live ‘at odds in our interpreted world’ (Rilke).

This was clear to Europeans but when science came out of our continent to Asia and America it was taken with awe as an absolute truth, and so I found Americans and Asians who know nothing of the past of European cultures extremely naive believers in their ‘tribal Baconian Idols’, the new Aristotle – Einstein, quantum physicists and its big bang theories; their lineal idea of progress through the machine, etc.

To complement that simpler lineal view of a pseudo-religious manifest destiny that today passes as objective science, of a single entropic arrow of time measured by a single mechanical clock tuned to the human, clock of a second (which synchronises our three parts, as the beat of hearts, the glimpse of eye, the speed of one thought and one step), we need to expand the single anthropomorphic continuum scale of space size…

Since it has been proved wrong by experience with the finding of microscopic space that co-exist with our scale of size, sandwiched in between the cosmological and quantum world, and the evidence that there are infinite time clocks with different rhythms and forms of in-form-ation (relativity theory, circadian biological clock, computer logic clocks, etc.) there has always been a second view about time and space, not as an ‘artificial background’ over which beings existence; but the view of Asian Philosophies and relativistic science in the west from Leibniz to Einstein, who considered space and time, relational, the substance of which all beings were made, as entities that occupy a vital space, (ab.§paœ) and last only a certain finite ‘time cycle’, (ab. πime), regardless of its discontinuous  reproduction of its ‘form’.

So this second view of time and space as the ultimate substance of which beings are made became the ‘relational≈organic’, alternative ‘theory of timespace’, which runs from earlier Greek and Asian philosophy, through Leibniz into Einstein, and now with the models of GST come to its final fruition.

Indeed, the existence of beings of space-time,  analysed in depth in the post with that name, is the departure point for a unifying principle from where to deduce the properties of all beings. As Kant and Schopenhauer wanted, the ‘fourfold of sufficient reason’, was just made of space, time, causality and mind-monad or point of view (Leibniz) or frame of reference (Descartes) able to measure it.

SO WE SHALL NOW INTRODUCE THE main tenants of General Systems sciences which models many systems of the Universe with the laws of organisms:

  • The true biological laws of competition between species, which are a direct consequence of the overproduction and faster evolution of one species over the other.

This is completely overlooked when we compare humans and machines, which are both in a symbiotic relationship of ‘exploitation’ and ‘extinction’ of all other ‘lesser’ species of Nature, so both grow together much faster than life, Gaia’s beings (the weaker part of the informative equation of Earth’s evolution, Gaia>History>Eco(nomic)system) BUT machines reproduce and evolve much faster than humans; so it is easy to extend the equation into the future competition of man and machine with machine as the winner, unless we stop its evolution NOW.

  • The cyclical nature of time in biology and evolution which ads the ARROW of information to the arrow of entropy-motion, which is the only arrow physicist use to study simpler, faster, less informative entropic physical systems, BUT IT IS NOT enough to understand biological systems.


There are many possible jargons to explain the paramount consequence of the organic structure of the Universe made of equal system of space-time. The simplest one is the concept of isomorphism (biology) or invariance (physics), which defines departing from substance

General Systems is a theory of absolute relativity. Its aim is to describe all the isomorphisms, invariances and conservation laws of the Universe – 3 concepts which mean the same: an immortal reality that keeps reproducing self similar forms in space traced by self similar events/cycles in time, whose repetition leave a pattern of frequencies that carry the in/form/ation of the Universe.

To that aim it departs from a simple Concept: the properties of reality derive from its ultimate substance cyclical space an fractal time.

Those 2 substances, combine into present energetic space-time beings, and so we can write for all beings; a ‘generator equation’ of the three arrows/substances of space-time of which the being is made and then obtain from them the laws, ‘isomorphisms’ or ‘invariances’ that are common to all systems of reality.

In fact all systems of reality can be described as ‘fractal supœrganisms’ made of ‘lineal limbs/fields/moving platforms of spatial entropy’ and ‘cyclical particles/heads/chips’, which store clocks of temporal nformation, joined by an intermediate, hyperbolic space-time body-wave, extending at least in 3 relative ‘scales of size and time speed’ (ab.∆±1). So we can write a synoptic equations or ‘fractal generator’ of space-time beings, which we study in depth in this post:

Œ ≈ ∆-1: |-Spe < ∆: ØS≈T > ∆+1: Tiƒo

Whereas Œ is any super organism of space-time extending those three scales, the atomic/cellular, organic/thermodynamic and gravitational/social scales, composed of limbs/fields of spatial entropy (|-spe), which extract motion from lower scales or territories (∆-1), feeding a balanced body-wave, Ø-St, guide by a singularity or mind made of clocks of temporal information, Tiƒo (head-particle), which observes and disguise the system through its upper scale, ∆+1 or relative world:

All what we see are super organisms created by the actions of a singularity that synchronise the parts of the being through three networks of entropic, feeding, reproductive and informative, perceptive form; creating ‘still pictures’ of present-spacetime – those super organisms, which a mind sees as a whole, freezing longer flows of in/form/ation, forms-in-action that leave a memorial trace perceived as a separate being, as they perform cyclical events from past to future.

And so we must distinguish the processes that allow the existence of a series of still sheets of present space – the construction of simultaneous networks; which become dynamic invariances of entropic, energetic, informative systems and its ternary scales; from those processes of evolution and reproduction in time which allow the existence of repetitive forms and systems that reproduce once and again, giving birth to the invariances of in/form/ation, frequencies.

Relativity showed all systems are invariant to motions in space.  But physical invariance to motion, ultimately a form of reproduction of the information of a system over a lower scale of space, derived of the isotropy of that lower space, which the being transits with the same ‘wavelength’, is only one of the many invariances=isomorphisms of the Universe.

When we widen the concept of invariance to ‘self-similarity’ and ‘isomorphism’ – a more general term – the species of the Universe show to be self-similar and invariant to the ultimate properties of scalar, cyclical space-time and its three arrows:

So there are invariances=self-similarities of entropic motion and invariances of energy an invariances of processes of information and topological self-similarities in the organs and geometries that carry the three arrows of time of all the beings of the Universe:

– Invariant to changes of ‘in/form/ation’ (topological invariance), shown in the existence of only 3 topologies in a 4-dimensional Universe, which correspond to the 3 formal functions of all systems, the energetic membrane or sphere, the toroid body that exchanges energy and information with the hyperbolic, informative, central zero point of the system.

–  Invariance of scale which define a 5th, fractal, scalar dimension made of growing scales of size and self-organization that evolve reality from the smallest particles into the complex organisms and galaxies of the upper scales.

– And invariance of time frequencies, which determine the causality laws of the Universe and life-death cycles of all systems of the Universe, among them the invariance of 3 time ages of life and the parallel 3 states of matter in physical systems.

And derived from the invariance of those essential parameters of reality, scale motion,  form, its energetic combinations:

– Invariance of the 4 actions that combine energy (e) and in/form/ation (i): energy feeding, information processing, reproduction of both (exi) and social evolution, of parts into wholes:

Formalism of absolute relativity.

Classic Topology, Fractal, non-Euclidean Geometries, and ternary logic, further evolved by this author (definition of the first four non-Euclidean postulates and the paradoxical ternary logic of all systems that exchange form and motion between its Spe<ST>Tiƒ poles) become the formal tools to study those invariances represented by the feed-back, fractal generator equation.

As we get into further detail an choose instead of the physical term, ‘invariance’, the biological one ‘isomorphism’, we shall consider 10 basic invariances-isomorphisms of the Universe derived of the constitutive substance of all systems, ∆±1 scales, entropic space (Spe), energy (Exi) and information (Ixe), and cyclical time forms (ƒ), which is the ‘substance’ origin of its combined actions (a,e,i,o,u), an its worldcycles cyclical time frequency; all of which studied in this third line in great detail can be formally treated as partial equations of the generator, Γst.

The fractal generator represents thus many things:

In full form, the principle of conservation of energy and information: S<st>T; and the complementary structure of all systems made of energy fields/bodies and informative heads/particles.

In partial ‘derivative equations’ , the actions all systems enact to improve their chances of survival by maximizing their invariances.

In time as a dynamic ωorldcycle with three stationary points become the topological formal ages and allowed states of all biological and physical systems: Max. E (sphere, energetic youth, gas); Max. ExI -> E=I, (toroid, reproductive age, liquid) and Max. I (zero point, 3rd informative age, solid).

In partial analysis of each of its three parts, mind, body wave and fields limbs, the key to understand the three fundamental ‘sensations’ of reality, perception, reproduction an motion.

Since all stable systems are a combination of the 3 topologies that maximize the fractal generator and all existences a motion in time through its 3 stationary points=ages, the generator is also an ideal formal level of reality; while all failed mutations and unstable particles are incomplete sets or ‘vibrational modes’ created around the ideal ‘generator’ of each species, which did not obey its rules of topological form, balance between parts and failed to ‘exi=st’, performing efficiently its world cycle of life, reproduction an death.

Reason why I call the Fractal Generator, the Equation of Exi=stence – an algorithm, constantly run by the Universe that generates all its living and non-living systems in space and its ages/states of time and matter.

Epistemology and correspondence principle: Steps of 5 Dimotions.

Existence is motion in the fifth dimension, through Steps of space-time, which are SMH, Harmonic Motions on the S≤≥T generator, Steps that become the 5 actions of exist¡ence performed in cyclical patterns: $t≥ST≥§ð«¬ST… as death closes the cycle into a negation of ¡tself.

S-t-st-ates change more slowly than the modular capacity of a point of time space to perform different steps.

Actions can be considered ‘steps’ of an organism in its world cycle of existence. As space-time never stops to reproduce space-forms, in Dimotions that keep tracing that world cycle, Models do follow the fundamental laws of epistemology in science, notably the correspondence principle, which obliges any new theory to respect as ‘limits’ simpler theories of reality and correct only whatever it can be properly corrected according to evidence. So you can consider that as a line on Earth looks flat but is merely an interval of a curved geodesic, lineal time theories to be ‘simplified ceteris paribus’ analysis of the Universe with a single arrow of time, entropy≈expansive motion; and hence a limit of this model of three time arrows. So will be the case of 4Dimensional space-time – the limit of the scalar Universe represented by the fifth dimension of infinite clocks of time and space-sizes for a single relative ‘time speed’ (that of the human clocks which are tuned to the mind thoughts and eye-heart beats of a second).

Needless to say also all right formulae of science that use lineal time in its equations do apply in cyclical time, it only changes the conceptual frame and the proper interpretation, since lineal and cyclical time are in fact just inverse parameters, so we just need to change some terms in those equations (as lineal time duration is the inverse of cyclical time frequency: t=1/ƒ)

Thus once of the first things I did when discovering time cycles some decades ago is to painstakingly translate all THE MAIN formula of physics by changing T for 1/ƒ and think about what was telling me the equation, no longer in terms of spatial locomotions, the theme of physicists, but in terms of temporal information, the theme of this blog, whose author was for a few years the Chair of the Science of Duality at the world congress of systems Sciences (ISSS) – the science that studies the Universe with those 2 arrows of time together, entropy and information, and its infinite combination of energetic space-time beings.

And what came out of it was a very straight-forward understanding of concepts implicit in physical theories but blurred in its comprehension. For example, if we consider the speed of a system, the speed of replication of its information (implicit in relativity where c-speed is a limit of transmission of information), a force whose information is invisible to humans, as gravitation is, will have from a human relative point of view, infinite – non local speed: V= S/t(information) = S/o=∞. As indeed non-local action at distance in quantum potential fields (bohm) and relativity (Einstein) show. This is the oldest non resolved question of modern science; which has a trivial answer. As if we put the ‘sun in the center’ – that is we properly defined cyclical time and its three arrows, as Copernicus did, all the complex equations and epicycles of Ptolemaic astronomy becomes simplified ‘in extremis’.

This very small introductory example of what ‘a proper analysis of reality’ with the right concepts of arrows of time≈future paths, mean, show the enormous advances we are going to make in this blog in all sciences, both in conceptual understanding and experimental explanation of the facts of each discipline.

In the left graph, all time clocks are cycles that return to its origin, creating a world circle of πime (name used for cyclical time), which encloses an inner region of ‘vital energy , which is equivalent in the world of physics to a conservative world cycle of energy, closed into itself, that conserves an eternal present.

Further on, as time cycles have ‘height, they have at least two dimensions  to which we can ad the dimension of frequency, or beat of times; and the inner dimensions of the region of energetic space it stores. It is also obvious that such finite time cycles are ‘times’, infinite of them, with different frequencies of in-form-ation, stored in the frequency and form of its π-cycles. So we talk of  πime§pace…

∏ime§pace thus is far more ‘complex in its dimension that lineal time, the simplification Galileo used to describe only lineal motions, in open space, due to their worldly profession of making entropy machines (weapons), which shoot lineal cannonballs. So galileo  in order to measure distances uncoiled those time cycles and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time to measure change in the motion and position of a being in space: v=s/t – an artifact of measure.

As physics became over important in a civilisation dedicated to evolve machines and weapons, this concept of time, became the unique time concept, even after Darwin brought about his concept of evolutionary time or change in the information of beings; and Vico->Marx, Kondratieff->Schumpeter and other historians and economists, the concept of cycles of time in history and civilisations, which also evolve the technology of beings.

This must be understood from the beginning: change=time can be external, of ‘motion-entropy-position’ in space, and this is what physicists study. But it can be also changes in the form, in-form-ation of the system, which is internal to the vital inner space of the being, and this change of information applies to slowly moving, highly complex in-formative life species, and its social groups (history) and economics, and it requires to understand the ‘other arrow of time’, information. Or else we shall never understand the presses of time in biology and history, which cannot be explained with Galilean->Einstein’s relativity, BASED in the study of ‘time’ only as change in space-entropy motion: time=space/speed.

This formula however does NOT study all forms of change only those in space, and for that reason physicists, say that time is the fourth dimension of space. Yet a biologist, which studies change in time through evolution of information will find such statement nonsense, as it does not study another form of time-change.

We shall then call each generic mode of change in the being, either internal change in its in/form/ation or external change in its position in relationship to a larger external form or world, an arrow of time. And postulate at least two of such arrows: change in motion, we shall call ‘entropy’ and change in ‘form’, or information; whose combination form the third fundamental arrow of reality: present momentum and its ‘sum’, energy.

Further on this single mechanical ‘time clock’ of measure whose cycles are in ‘reality’ finite durations, is elongated into an infinite duration by pegging those cycles one after another in the Cartesian coordinates. And all this of course makes physics of measure of motions very accurate. But you should ask yourself, it is motion all what happens to me in time? What about the process of time ageing, time evolution, technological evolution, complexity of information? How can we explain them? Don’t we need a more complex theory of time to achieve that goal? Amazing as it seems though, this self-evident truth is not shared by scientists. If anything with the work of Einstein, which refined the use of lineal time to measure motions in space, the idea that physical time and relativity equations is all what matters has become more encroached. So whenever you talk of time, the scientist will expect you to play with the previous equations as if that was all ‘experts’ nee to know.

And we will of course deal with Einstein and physical theories of time in depth, improving on them, but hopefully the reader scientist or not, will have that quality which Descartes ascribed to all humans of common sense and reason beyond his memorial beliefs and dogmas, on the ‘interest’ for him to understand why ‘he lives and dies’ in time through the informative changes of its form during his ages, conception birth and death processes besides the slight deviations from his Newtonian orbit of Mercury due to certain distortions on the fabric of space, experienced at high speeds… Yes i might seem a bit ironic, but trust me 30 years dealing with physicists for whom nothing else do matter to ‘feel enlightened’ has made me also a relativist regarding how humans ‘experience’ truth.

Fact is only when you introduce informative processes in the mix and define at least two ‘arrows of future time’, change in motion-entropy and form-information, and its present actions of ‘energetic momenta’, reality makes sense. Look around you. All what exists is in fact a mixture of form and motion, which together create a present ‘momentum’ for physical systems (mv: m-form x v-motion) or an organism with a head of information and a body that moves the head. So from ‘first principles’ it is obvious we must start any analysis of time-change with a theory that includes both time arrows; with a ‘dimension’ of lineal motion and a dimension of ‘informative height’ that put together create a cycle of time, charge, mass or vortex that carries the information of the Universe in the frequency ands form of its cycles. 

The Universe is a fractal organism extending through different scales(ab. ∆) of non-Euclidean fractal points with volume, Non-Aristotelian logic, temporal points that hold inside its ‘monads’ (ab.@) a linguistic spacetime mapping of reality.

This means UNLIKE the simple paradigm of Euclidean continuous single space-time the complex Universe has topologic=spatial, organic=scalar, logic-causal=temporal and linguistic-mental properties. We talk of ∆@st beings, ‘dust of space-time’ beings.

And so we need to use all those languages to study its ‘spatial, scalar, temporal and mental properties’.

Its mathematical and logic formalism departs of a simple concept: Space=mental still form and time= real motion are the 2 constant stop and step states of all ∆@st that move as waves and stop as particles to perceive its direction of motion, in search of ‘energy fields’ in which to feed and keep on moving; till they can reproduce into similar spacetime beings, preserving its body wave/particle-head system; balanced along all the elements of the Universe.

Balance between space and time states is thus the first fundamental ‘logic equation of reality’: S=T.

But there is a second equation which is required for the being to move also between scales of the ‘scalar fifth dimension.’

$ (Spatial size) x ð (speed of time cycles) = K. So smaller beings move faster than larger ones and can co-exist and interact together.

And this 2nd fundamental equation of reality,  S x T=K  becomes paradoxically the inverse of the first: S=K/T; which brings us the duality of parallelism and perpendicularity between Spatial and temporal states, stops and steps, forms and motions, ± charges and inverse operands.

As we go along those posts, we shall therefore show the astounding beauty of this simple initial thought of God: to in-form the primary substance of reality time=motion, with ‘linguistic thoughts’, forms created and annihilated by those rules of similarity and dissidence…

The program of existence: supœrganisms tracing world cycles.

Let us start then with a complex ‘seed’ of information that encodes all realities departing from the essence of scalar space and cyclical time (just have a glimpse at those graphs; and keep reading – do not try to fully grasp its meaning; the universe is simple and repetitive, ‘cyclical’, so it will take a few repetitions of the same concepts with increasing detail and complexity for you to ‘sink’ into the new paradigm of a Universe, made of its first principles, space, time, its scales and arrows and the languages/mirrors that its species use to perceive them).

A first glimpse to the ‘necessary substances’ origin of it all. Above the spatial scales of the fifth dimension, each one studied by a ‘stience’, and its connection with the three arrows of time, of which the most important is the arrow of ‘present momentum’, integrated in a worldcycle of energy, which combines the two arrows of ‘relative past-entropy’ and ‘future information’.

Those are the two fundamental upgrades which will change the way we look the Universe, departing from its first principles: the existence of a social scale or fifth dimension, which puts parts into wholes through networks, which perform three ‘time-functions’, entropic motion, social in-form-ation, and reproductive, energetic conservation – three functions in time, which in turn will define besides the mathematical spatial properties of motion and form, organic, living, perceptive properties to all systems of the universe.

Let us then, as the Universe does by repetition and combination, which ads complexity to those simple principles understand them, and study the alternative physical and religious theories of the whole, as ceteris paribus (partial) analysis of those properties. 


All together now: The worldcycle of existence of all beings.

So what is the most synthetic, defining consequence of the three arrows of time and the scalar nature of space? The world cycle of existence.

Below the biggest discovery of ∆ST: the existence of a sequential order in the world cycle of life and death of all social (first graph a culture), biological (same graph as representation of human life), and physical systems (lower graphs of states of matter, and ages of galaxies and Universes).

In the graph all species go through the same 3 horizons/ages/dimensions of evolution of all species of relational space-time, which will allow us to complete theory of evolution adding to the fight between species and genetics:

Topological evolution and its 3 horizons along the 3 dimensions of lineal entropy, informative cyclical height and reproductive width, IS A HUGE A proof that we ARE all relational space-time beings as our properties are ‘mathematical in form’ as those of space.

Since the line is the shortest distance between two points. So all limbs/fields are lineal from light rays to your legs.

And the sphere the topology that stores more information. So all informative temporal particles/heads/eyes/cameras are spherical.

Thus all relational space-time beings follow the same horizons and ages of form; regardless of which ‘scale of the fifth dimension’ they are. So  all species (above) and all beings in their life-death ‘world cycle’, go through those 3 ages of increasing information, from entropic young ages/species:

In the graph, different worldcycles of existence as travels through scales of the fifth dimension, whereas each being goes through an entropic-motion oriented youth, a mature, reproductive balanced steady state, a 3rd informative age, then exploding back its information in a big-bag entropic death – ONLY the final moment of time, the shortest of all ages, the less relevant creative one.

In the graph, the three arrows of timespace, expansive entropy, reproductive energy and cyclical in-form-ation. They will become the ‘entropic limbs/fields’, reproductive body-waves and informative particle-heads that create together all physical, biological and social systems of the Universe; when perceived in simultaneous space, and will become the sequential, dominant ‘actions’ of all systems that start in an entropic, fast-moving young age, reproduce its energy and information in its mature age and warp into shrinking information in its third age (falling into accelerated vortices of mass or charge, in physical systems)… to die back in an explosion of entropy that completes the world cycle of all beings.

This graph alone resumes the entire meaning of the Universe, AND its implications and applications are so many that it could fill alone an entire encyclopaedia:

Reality is indeed born of fractal space, cyclical time, the simultaneous entities we perceive in space-time as ‘organisms’, its life-death world cycles, and the different languages=mappings=mirrors that reflect it and guide its entities through its life-death cycles and actions, whose aim is biological – to maximise the duration in time and extension in space, the ‘existence’ of the being. 

All systems of the Universe are made of a vital space, with three ‘topological parts’ (a cyclical membrane that encloses a vital space, with a self-centred, dense point, knot of flows of information that orders the system), extending across three relative scales of size (as those three elements will be topological ‘lineal’, ‘cyclical’ and ‘hyperbolic’ networks of smaller ‘fractal points’ (atoms, cells or citizens, in physical, biological or social systems), and will be part of a larger world or ecosystem.

Thus once we understand the cyclical properties of beings, which in its time duration go through  ‘3 dimensions, states or ages’ that complete a ‘worldcycle’, as any system or action goes through those three phases (expansive entropy, repetitive energy and implosive information) as opposed to the simplified model of a single lineal arrow of ‘timespace’ (called entropy in classic physics), which merely defines a worldline and gives only the whys of entropic, moving, expansive-death like events; we will have a much richer set of three possible future events to understand the actions, evolution and motions of all beings that will constantly ‘choose’ a path of higher entropy, information or a reproduction of its energy/actions at each ‘bifurcation of the future’.

The purpose of the Universe: creating world cycles.

We can assess the purpose of reality: motions with form struggle to exist as simultaneous supœrganisms elongating its existence. But for that to happen there is need for a mind-pov, which is able to control the system and enact exchanges of entropy and form, feed and perceive to ensure the maintenance and reproduction of the system.

Arrows of space-time are really cyclical and with a point of view; the singularity or Tƒi point of maximal information either in the center or top of the height dimension of information that commands the whole structure and enacts apperceptively, consciously or vegetatively a program of existence, which ensures the survival of the whole and has ‘appeared’ naturally either by selection or by trial and error after infinite eons – since those species who do not tender for their territorial vital space, and feed it with energy and guide it with proper linguistic mapping-information have not survived and reproduced. So the sum of the actions of those mind points is what becomes as observed simultaneously a whole supœrganism of ‘exi=stence’.

In that sense, the evolution of fractal points, into new wholes, super organisms and planes of existence, which form an ∆+1 emerging scale of reality, it has been the key question of philosophy of science: how individuals become universals.

In GST it means to understand that all systems are both, fractal ∆-1 d•st for the larger scale of the whole, but an entire Universe, û, for its internal ∆-1 cells.

We are all dust of space-time that evolves and emerges, as an ∆+2 whole, but alsodecay and dissolve into alower scale as ∇-1 d@st of space-time.

Only the Universe is eternal in its world cycle, conserving itself as a potential game, weaving its infinite dust into a finite number of repetitive patterns or species of being. Therefore as the number of dust particles and time frequencies is potentially infinite but the number of combined species is not, all forms have existed forever as all forms will be repeated again.

Hence the duality of fractal points minds, which after a process of social evolution emerge as whole ‘Universals’, Organisms that will live a world cycle ending in its final dissolution that completes its zero sum making the Universe immortal..

All this said we need to at least clarify the relationship between the mind of any being and the reality it perceives. Thus the mind’s languages influence reality? Most physicists today and by extension scientists who accept their paradigm, think actually the Universe is pure mathematics and so mathematics create reality. In fact, it is all the other way around, languages are mirrors. BUT they DO reflect back their image through the living actions of the organism self-centred in the mind, ORDERING reality according to that linguistic image.

The Universe is a game of creation of ‘in-form-ative’ forms with entropic ‘motions’. Humans use the concepts of space and time to describe the game, albeit with a very primitive understanding of them (never mind their ego is so huge, whatever they think whenever they think seems to them an absolute truth, a new discovery, a genius insight). We shall try to upgrade the mind of humans in this blog, starting with the understanding of the complex logic of the three arrows of time, as humans use one aristotelian one-dimensional logic, and the fractal structure of the points of space, as humans still use the concept of an euclidean point without volume of information.

Thus the logic of cyclical time (ab. πime) and fractal, œrganic scalar space (ab. §paœ) is of a higher order than that of present man, which is stuck in the 2500 years old r=evolution of the mind of the axial age, and needs a new refurbishing.

So what is the logic of the Universe? The properties of it ∆¹±st elements, and the way they combine and play together, synchronising its forms in space and evolving its motions in time.

Time is mindless motion of three types that singularity mappings, the synchronous miracle of existence put together into ternary ensembles that become.




Science is the reflection of the species of the Universe by the still linguistic mirrors-images of humanity.

It follows that stiences are the upgraded version of those mirror-images which add the understanding of the 5 Ðimotions from multiple points of view on the entangled Universe (Rashomon’s truths); and the more complex temporal pentagonal logic (¬Aristotelian logic) and fractal space (Non-Euclidean mathematics) derived of the more complex understanding of the ultimate elements of all systems, its vital spaces and world cycles of temporary existence.

Thus the formalism of the fractal ∆§t±¡ universe is non-A and Non-E, hence, the next letter, i. We shall call this upgrading of the humind, i-logic Geometry and ¬Ælgebra (existential Algebra), the 2 most used terms to describe the topo-logic structure of a Universe of fractal spaces and temporal energy. Existential Algebra is my favorite term, for all what has to do with the symbolic equations of non-Æ, i-logic geometry. So those are the wor(l)ds of most often used. ¬Æ, the best abbreviation.

The equations of ¬Æ are those of Dimotions of time§paces.

For example, V=s/t is a ¬Æ equation, which we must interpret better in terms of Ðimotions as:

Constant lineal inertia (motion) = $(λ) x ƒð = K

A case of the most general Metric of all possible time space dImotions, ‘SxT’=K.

Thus a simpler more intuitive way of writing the Generator equation IS:

$p > E x I >  ðƒ

Whereas a limb/potential dimotion system, $p, will be the simplest lineal distance-motion that will evolve as energy (maximal size, minimal form) and information (maximal form, minimal size), in a second body-wave age, E x I, before it be=comes curved into an informative particle-head or singularity, ðƒ.

In that sense the concepts of common use, ‘energy and information’, require a conceptual upgrading, as both merge and come together into body-waves, increasingly becoming transformed one into the other in the vital cycles of the body wave, whose ‘power’ is maximal when E= I -> Max. E x I.

A complex view  introduces operandS that translate mathematical science into T.œ.

So the third reproductive dimotion of a system becomes mediated by the product, e x I – the merging of  lineal, entropic motion, and cyclical, informative stillness, limbs and minds  into combined e x I: ∑ ∏, body-waves.

Energy herds though can be easily ad up by superposition (∑). Thus we obtain in the complex model the proper operandi that will be essential to the study of quantitative  body-waves.

So body-waves herds of energy are simpler than in-form-ative elements, which tend to form more complex networks, with internal connections through its ‘body-parts’, so we use the multiplicative symbol. Information then in any ‘confined’ system, such as T.œs surrounded by membranes are, tend to be dominated by the informative element and its networks.

Same happens with the more complex 4th and 5th dimotions of entropy and social evolution, which we write with the 2 fundamental operations of analysis that are the best way to study those dimotions, ∂S and ∫T.

And this has very important consequences, for the long term existence of the being.

Indeed; what is the ‘sum of all the Dimotions of the being; through its existence’?

Simply speaking the worldcycle of existence of the being between ‘birth=generation’ and extinction:

This simple ‘first views’ on how to combine the 5 dimotions of reality shows truly the real way in which the Universe becomes complex: by combinatorics, which indeed increase ginormously the number of variations and permutations even with a few elements.

Combinatorics with its latter ad ons of spatial statistics and temporal probability are for that reason an essential field of the ‘mirror-language’ of mathematics that so well ‘summarizes’ the laws of T.œ,when we fully understand mathematics as what it is not an axiomatic but an experi≈mental stience, that is a mental mirror of reality more efficient and better fit to the task that the ambiguous words (more subtle though to understand fully the entangled connections as its words are branching into sub-texts), similar to the visual direct view from where both depart.


How many times of equation of Ðimotions of space-time there are, how much are related to the fractal generator, as all of them are sub-cases of the generator, how to connect them with the equation and laws of each science is the formalism of the stience of exist¡ences.

Let us then now that we have a very basic understanding of the ternary topological elements of a given en space-time plane ($t§ð), and its two ‘perpendicular, past to future, entropic and informative dimensions’ give you a ‘prime’ on that new outlook we insist uses all the data and accurate equations of classic science.

In the graph we can see it in a human being with the ‘symbolic equations of i-logic’:

It is obvious that to express the COMMON laws of all systems according to its relative scales, we need an entire new jargon and a general upgrading of the laws derived of the structure of space and time, which is ginormous, because they come in all systems.

This is the purpose of the non-euclidean, non-aristotelian i-logic geometry in which fractal space and cyclical time is ‘written’ (as I comes after A and E) and the simple new symbols of a I-logic and its ‘fractal generator’, that is the set of I-logic equations that define the behavior of all systems of the Universe according to the laws of its 5 Dimotions of time-space, which are the same when we ‘are void of details’; and self-center our perspective in a given point of view or T.œ.

Let us then run in its simplest mode the Fractal Generator. And define it for all…. T.œs

 >: ƒuture informative implosion <: past expansive dissolution; ≤≈≥: present iteration <<: entropic death. §,$,∑e,S,∫: 5 Space dimensions. ð,t,∏¡,∂,T: 5 Time motions

actions: a-cceleration; e-ntropic, energy feeding; informative gauging; o-ffspring reproduction; social evolution into u-niversals:                               ∑∏ (iu):$p≥exi≥ðƒ<<$p

A Fractal Generator is a feed-back equation, which in simple terms explains the minimal elements needed to ‘generate’ by iteration, a complex mathematical system. A living fractal is the same concept, only that the ‘5 elements of the generator’ are its dimotions of time-space.

It follows that from this more general fractal generator, all time-space beings, composed of those 5 dimotions, can be generated. 


The purpose of this paragraph is to describe the ‘ternary fractal generator of space-time superorganisms’ with the jargon of Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean ‘I-logic geometry‘, the upgraded formalism of logic and mathematics needed to describe a ‘vital, fractal Universe’.

We concluded that to fully understand reality we must upgrade and reorder our view of simultaneous space, which is ternary in its adjacent topologies that form simultaneous superorganisms, and sequential time, which is cyclical, and broken in infinite time clocks.

To that aim we found a 5th Dimension of scalar space-time, in which systems remain co-invariant, as they accelerate its time clocks, when they become smaller: $p x ðƒ = K. This is the mathematical (Klein) definition of a dimension of space-time that allows to travel through it as we slow down and grow in size, through the world cycle of life and death.

We found the reason for that metric in the internal co-ordination of the parts of a larger system, which slow down its external, measurable synchronous clock as a whole. So larger wholes have more internal structure that diminish its speed as a whole.

So the simplest Generator equation of reality would be the 5D metric equation in its spatial ‘still image’: $p x ðƒ = K.

We can then write it through the constant increase of information of system with the symbols of > involution of information and < expansion of lineal spacetime and dissolution of information, as a series of actions that ad on to a worldcycle:

$p >  e x i > ðƒ << $p, whereas $p means a relative lineal past of maximal extension in Space and minimal information, energy x information, the balanced classic age of reproduction, ðƒ, the third future age of increasing information, which in the moment of entropic death, <<, implies a massive erasing of information and growth of entropy, and dissolution of the structures of the system.

Finally we can add to this  simplest expression of the generator, its ternary symmetries in ‘scales’ of size (¡±1), as we are born in an ∆-1 seminal scale, emerge in our ∆o individual scale where we interact with an ∆+1 social world, to dive back in the moment of death to the ∆-1 plane.

And we can also extend the  ∑e x ∏ i, present, intermediate state of maximal balance, in the emergent ∆¹ scale, with the 3 topologies of space (|xO≈Ø) that defines the 3 adjacent topological parts of all organisms, |-moving limbs/potentials O-informative particle/heads.

So we obtain a quite descriptive generator equation of all T.œs in time, space and scale, through its worldcycle between seminal birth and entropic death, without the need for the more formal Ðisomorphisms of timespace:

Γst: ¡-1(generation):∫T¡-1(birth)>¡œ:|-$t(youth)>Ø-∑e≈∏I(maturity)>O-§ð(old age)<<¡-1:∂S (death)

Fractal Generator of all Time§paces as a sequential world cycle..

Γst: ¡-1(seed):∫T¡-1(fetus)>¡œ:|-$t(limbs/potential)>Ø-∑e≈∏I(bodywave)>O-§ð(particle-head)<<¡-1:∂S (corpse)

Fractal Generator of Time§paces as a simultaneous, spatial superorganism.

Γst: ∫T¡-1(social evolution)>¡œ:|-$t(locomotion)>Ø-∑e≈∏I(reproduction)>O-§ð(perception)<<¡-1:∂S (entropy)

Fractal Generator of Time§paces as 5 vital actions and sensations.

As the reader can see the same symbols of non-Æ represent in fact spatial, temporal and space-time actions and mental sensations, showing the fundamental ternary similar nature of all realities.

The reader then should assess the interest of learning the simple symbols of ¬Æ to be able to write ‘general laws’ that apply to all relative ∆±¡ planes of reality

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 10.12.09

In the graph a summary of the fundamental elements of the Universe of fractal space-time cycles. On the left the 3 elements that structure the Universe, its cyclical Tƒ forms (membranes and points of view), which enclosed a body-limb system of vital space that moves and reproduces the system. Below the scales of the 5th dimension, in which we always will find those 2 elements.

The Isomorphic method is the detailed, orderly analysis of those elements and properties common to all beings that ‘exist’. Its full account for each species encompasses all the information needed about any ‘existential world cycle of any super organism or one of its fractal parts.

The Universe conserves the ‘present’, SxT product of both, at the point in which they are closer in harmony with similar value – in mathematical terms, the Universe minimises the Lagrangian function, at the point in which S=T, Potential energy = Kinetic energy, angular=lineal momentum, male=female, thus where the 3 elements that compose it, Sp < ST>Tƒ reach its harmony.

The graph defines the scales of  ‘∆-sciences’ and its space-time species, where ‘i’  (old graphs)  or ‘∆’ is the symbol for the ‘space-time planes’ of scientific existence, from: ∆=1 forces, through ∆=2 atoms and ∆=3 molecules, ∆=4: matter states, ∆=5: geological structures (physical scales) to ∆=4 cells, ∆=5 organisms, ∆=6 social planets, and then again, ∆=7 stars, ∆=8 galaxies and ∆=9 universes. In modern texts we use a self-centred ± cardinal with man as the ∆¹ scale. So the larger scales are, ∆+1: History, ∆+2: Gaia and the solar system, ∆+3 Galaxy, and ∆-1: cell, ∆-2, molecule and ∆-3: atom, to show the similar structure between those 2 limits of human perception (s ∆-3: Atom ≈ ∆+3 galaxy).

How many of those stientific scales do exist? The answer is 9, after which marvellously the systems of atoms and galaxies become so similar that once we reduce their different speed of time clocks and sizes in space with 5D metric: Spe x Tƒi= ∆k, we shall find indeed that galaxies and atoms are self-similar and so the Universe of scales might be infinite.

In any case from atoms to galaxies the ‘experimental method’ finds enough information to make a proper description of them. Beyond and below those regions uncertainty is so huge that only the ego-trips of humanity dares to utter ‘experimental dogmas’ of truth, such as the big-bang above and string theory below. So those are the stiences we shall deal with from atoms to galaxies and consider the scales beyond the ∆±4 world of particles inside the atomic nuclei and galaxies beyond the horizon of cosmic perception, completely unknown, beyond the metaphysical argument of a infinite Universe of self-repetitive scales…

In each scale of existence the fifth dimension receives in a different language a different name by each Tiƒ, singularity-mind or referential point, speaking in a different language-mapping mirror of the game of existence. So  some names humans know to explain existence in the fifth dimension are the life-death cycle and its ages (time perspective), eusocial love and its parables (organic, spatial perspective), the concept of God, as mind of all scales, Tao or Brama in eastern tradition. The hyperbolic and riemannian geometries between them, the scalar relativity formalisms; and so on. What then should be the proper definition? Several according to the multiple º∆±st views of reality.

From the pov of the mind, ∆¹ the best word is a ‘lanwave‘, a wave of beings directed by an informative language-network, which the Tiƒ element provides.

From the pov of the ∆±i scales, the best word is ‘social love’, the arrow of future that by sharing energy and information creates superorganisms.

From the pov of topological space-time, the best word to define it is ‘network‘, the gathering of points into social topologies, with forms and symmetric functions.

And from the perspective of the wholeness, the word ‘Absolute relativity‘, which explained the homology of the laws of all scales, none of which is preferential.

In the absolute relativity of an infinite scale of spaces, which repeat themselves from atoms to galaxies, without any reason not to be infinite, in its variations, we find also by reduction of ∆±i to ∆±1, ∞ superorganic structures, ab. Œ.

And so the supœrganism is the best choice for a meaningful understanding of the structures of social planes e find every where,, which in the next graphs are summarised from physical and biosociological sciences:

In the graph, the Universe has infinite time clocks, that code its information in the frequency and speed of its time cycles. Those time clocks change as we change scales of the fifth dimension, from vortices of ‘future time’, attractive paths designed by charges and masses, and so change the quanta of space, from planckton to cells and citizens, and the networks of entropy, energy and information, but the structure remains in space – an ∆º±1 supœrganism (œ) and time, an ∑worldcycle, sum of all steps of present e x  i momenta of the system. So we conclude that the purpose of the Universe is to create supœrganisms, tracing wordcycles of exi=st¡ence; where the balance of space and time, entropy and information ensures the being’s immortality in its ‘age of reproduction and iteration of its forms’, and each space-time plane, i=n, is described by a ‘stience’.

Overview: the structure of all scientific scales and species, its 9+2 dimensional isomorphisms.

General Systems sciences and its formalism describes all systems of the Universe. As such is a philosophy of science that encompasses all other sciences, both in its formal and empirical descriptions.

And so it has 3 fundamental branches; those concerned with ∆, S and T laws, which we have described in 3 x3+• formal sets of laws that define:

– The S=10¹º ‘scales’ of size of the Universe.

-The ∆-planes of Space-time, dimensional existence, which requires the evolution of non-Euclidean Geometry to describe properly all those planes of vital ‘spaces’. Thus i-logic mathematics deals with the topology of the Universe, and its points-particles. It departs from the evolved 5 Postulates of non-Euclidean Geometry.

– And the formalism of the 3 dimensions of ‘time’, which requires a non-Aristotelian logic. Thus since the universe is non-a in its logic and non-e in its geometry, we do go the next letter, which appropriately is the i (:

And then there are 2 empirical sciences, dedicated as simplex 4d sciences do to study, the 3 ‘0±1 planes of organization.

The ∆o±1 planes around man, studied by the so-called Life=biological systems

The ∆o±>2 planes both above and below, which are the astrophysical sciences, which study Physical=material systems.

And Social sciences, which in fact are a branch of biology,  both in its economic ecosystem description of organic machines and its study of Human Social Systems.

Thus ∆ST also is the foundation of formal new sciences that introduce the new logic of 3 time dimensions, the new topologies of fractal, vital space and the new organic analysis of its planes and scales, and then fit data and give new solutions within the enlarged formalism of mathematic and logic.

Those 3 formal sub disciplines are the scaffolding of all realities.

Since the formalism of those 3 ‘type of structures’, is Causal Logic (time formalism), Topology (Spatial Formalism) and Organicism (hierarchical, isomorphic planes and social scales).

Now since we deal both with a logic and mathematical formalism and a philosophy of science, on the ‘General perspective’ and an astounding array of specific data of each science framed with the scales and isomorphisms of the Universe, there are in that sense 3 main formal approaches to the discipline,; and 9 main ‘scalar sciences’.

They are studied in the down sentence, and should translate time permitted, or through the work of future practitioners the entire ‘encyclopedic’ knowledge achieved by mankind in a somehow disordered manner, both in science and philosophy, with human senses (art forms) and mechanisms (modern science) in logic language and metaphoric ones (religions, fictions, myths)

Thus the main epistemological advance of ∆ST, is the use of the same dimensional spatial, temporal and ∆ST scalar laws to describe all systems as all of them are ∆ST ‘organic systems’ that follow the 3 type of laws.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 21.07.08

TŒ is based on the cyclical nature of Time and fractal structure of space evident to all systems. This Organic Structure is both Simplex but also Ternary Complex due to the 3 arrows-dimensions of time, it symmetry with the 3 organic parts of all systems, and the ternary structure of the scales of the 5th dimension that co-exist together in organic systems.

Thus the ternary Cyclical=repetitive nature of fractal space-time systems and events becomes the constrain and cause of all the laws of Science and T.Œ merely systematizes those laws by extracting them from the fundamental fractal scales of space, and time cycles that ‘generate’ all the elements of reality.

Then in each of those scales of space-time, we find that the common laws of 5D space-time Correspond with the laws of the species of each scale and its previous theories.

We could resume the postulates of the scientific method in a simple formula, T.Œ=SC3 that embeds those Principles of Philosophy of Science that all Organic Time-space Systems Follow, born of the duality between the Simplex, S, principles and the ‘ternary Complexity’, C3 by repetition of those events.

Œ=Sc3: Objectivity, Linguistic, Isomorphic Perspectives, Experimental evidence = Simple, Minimalist, truths – Ockham’s razor, Correspondence Principle, Cyclical repetition – Predictability and Complexity born of the ternary, fractal constant subdivision of reality into parts).

Now of those ‘elements’ 2 are brought about by T.Œ to the classic elements of the scientific method, ‘Linguistic Isomorphisms’, that hidden dual I and L between the O and the E of Œ (-:

That is, we can to verify further a truth consider different linguistic perspectives (mathematical, logical, mental and Organic, according to the 4 fundamental elements of all systems: its spatial symmetry, its temporal ages, its organic co-existence in 3 scales of the 5th dimension and the existence of a central point of view or 0-point that orders and focuses the program of 5 space-time survival actions that all systems perform to continue into existence).

All those point of views harmonize each other and reinforce the existence of a being. And they are the origin of the 5+5 qualitative and quantitative isomorphisms we use to describe all systems of reality). So we shall apply that methodology as we have done with other systems to astrophysics to describe the Universe and prove that is all what we need to describe reality.

So we have to adapt present theories of the Universe to the 5Dimensional, fractal, cyclical nature of space-time.

How the present Cosmic theory of reality, the big-bang Paradigm fits within that scheme?

Surprisingly enough it rather fits easily, but at present, it shows also some contradictions and limits which might be considered faults of ‘Objectivity’ mainly due to the anthropomorphic desire to explain it all from the human limited perspective.

So while we will introduce the translation of the Big-bang to 5D astrophysics, which would be a bone to get 5D accepted by mainstream science, we will be ‘objective’ to the extreme and conclude that while the big bang is a possible theory of the Universe, in the cyclical, commonly accepted version (with inflation and a final big crunch end, so it becomes a constant cyclical Universe) there is a more objective vision of the Universe, ‘absolutely relative’, and enlarged with infinite scales of space-time, in which the big-bang or an alternative cosmic Universe of trillions of galaxies, in which the cosmic explosion should be just a local phenomena of a local Universe, represent merely another scale of physical systems, as those of quantum particles, molecular atoms, states of matter and cosmic bodies.

Again, this concept is also handled profusely by astrophysicists, albeit by the obvious problem of lack of evidence, at the theoretical level, with the concept of a lower scale – the Planck scale of strings belong the particle scale of the 5th dimension and a larger scale above the galactic scale – of cosmological strings, in correspondence with the world of micro-strings.

We won’t analyze that level beyond considering some necessary corrections in a Universe of ‘background independent space-times’, as it is purely theoretical, and so this post will be dedicated to the analysis of the big-bang from the cyclical, fractal nature of space-time and the highlighting of its ‘scientific problems’, from the perspective of philosophy of science and the rules of epistemological truth we have summarized in the 6 rules of the mnemonic formula, Œ=mc2 (objectivity, Evidence, etc.)

Along the way of course we shall introduce key findings of T.Œ: the unification equation of charges and masses, the nature of particles and anti-particles, the role of background neutrinos in the Universe, the reason of the 3 families of masses and its symmetry with the 3 families of cosmic bodies, the likely nature of dark energy and dark matter, within the parameters of 5D astrophysics, etc.

Now, the fundamental conclusion of the scientific method regarding to astrophysics is obvious but only Einstein pound on it – as he was the only physicist we save as philosophers of science, for respecting the scientific method of true evidence, and simplicity:

‘Physicists should not be occupied with the study of events or species of which there is NOT experimental evidence. Since it is not science’.

And ‘I know when mathematics are truth but NOT when they are real’.

In brief, a physicist must use only the available particles and entities to construct the universe, not those that its mathematical, inflationary distorted linguistic mind view wants to crate for the pleasure of it. Information, minds are inflationary. They are a dime a dozen billion, to put it mildly but worlds of linguistic nature are not reality.

So we will build in Tœ, the Universe perfectly logically explaining al phenomena only with the available particles and forms, and the ternary symmetries of the 5th dimension, fractal space and cyclical time

In the graph a mapping of the fundamental ‘enlarged’ key laws of General Systems Sciences that all systems of the Universe follow. Classic science consider some of them in a disconnected way for certain species, we shall apply them to all species, which follow those ‘isomorphic laws’ derived from the existence of 3 common ∆ST elements in all beings. For a full understanding of the previous graph, please read the article on the 10 main isomorphisms of all the species of the Universe; its mathematical non-Euclidean i-logic geometry, its world cycle or ‘life-death ages’ and its  bidimensional topologies and 3 organic parts, which makes up a super organism.

The universe and all its fractal parts is a game of creation and destruction of ternary symmetries of space, defined by its 3 canonical topologies, the fastest geometry of planar/lineal limbs/fields of growing past, entropy≈energy, hyperbolic waves-bodies that reproduce the present system and relative future arrows of information, stored in spherical heads/particles, the topology that stores more information in lesser space. It is a topology however made of points that become fractal networks, and so each topological form is a cellular form made of smaller points, which grow in size as we come closer to them uncovering a new scale of the 5th dimension, in which each top becomes again a fractal superorganism.

It is thus a very simple structure, but the devil is in the details, and so to fully grasp how ∆st symmetric ternary beings reconstructed simultaneously in space as a ternary organism, which goes through 3 ages of life as an evolution of those topologies, and displays its actions across 3 relative ∆±1 scales of cellular/atomic, thermodynamic/organic, ecosystemic/gravitational forces, we need to create a more detailed formalism of reality.

This we achieve widening the analysis of those 3×3 structures (ternary topologies of space, ternary ages in time ternary social scales in which the being exists), into 3 x 3 + 0 ‘isomorphic sets of laws’, where the o-point or point that integrates the different parts, scales and time cycles of the being, into a ‘whole’ single entity, or ‘mind’, is the most important element.

All is indeed better explained when we have the ‘original truth’ as a reference to evaluate ‘partial versions of it’.

The basic tenants of GST.œ

We are going to explain the whole world here with only those 3 time motions, its spatial symmetries and ternary co-existent planes of the 5th dimension that creates a super organism (ab.œ) seen from a large scale as  a fractal point-particle, which in detail is a knot of cycles caused by those three arrows cycles of timespace and its ‘entropic/digestive; energetic/reprodutive and informative/perceptive’ networks, of which we are all made.

As we are all supœrganisms, whic lives a worldcycle, made of actions of absorption and emission of the 3 time arrows; as being stop and perceive, go≈move and spend energy to arrive to new fields where absorb information and motion.

Beings thus follow patterns which are beats of information and motion, actions of perceiving and feeding, either perceived as a ‘dynamic flows of time cycles’ , or as  a series of ‘still photographs of static space’, (as the duality of a movie, made of stills. We exist as a series of small derivatives, that measure and put together all those time cycles into simultaneous ‘slices’ of space’:

  • ∂t=S; which added together, K(v) x ∂t=S  creates the steady speed of time motions we see around us, v=S/∂t.

This is what we are, a sum of multiple time cycles, knotted into simultaneous synchronous flows of time, seen by the static mind that perceives them, as a series of still pictures of space that put together the fractal puzzle of the world.

And so with this duality of 3 time motions and its corresponding 3 spatial forms, we shall resolve, logically and mathematically, all the questions unresolved in science due to this huge simplification of cyclical times, the ultimate ‘formal motion’ of the Universe.

Since as it happened when Copernicus put the sun in the center (the conceptual advance) and Kepler and then Newton realized this simplified enormously the equations of the Universe according to the Principle of Truth called Ockham’s razor (which we shall call here ‘Simplicity’, S), the ‘Universe is simple and not malicious’ (Einstein). So once we understand time cycles, the 5 main parameters of truth of science will work to explain it all ‘simple’ and not ‘malicious’.




In the graph, consider the well known case of homology and analogy in evolution. The bat and the bird are said not to be related genetically and their wings evolved in anagogic, parallel. Fact is in ST-beings and STiences all BEINGS share their topologic properties because they are made of spatial entropy, and the line (and plane) are the fastest/shortest distances in Euclidean light space-time. And their organic properties derived of the ∆-5th dimension are also homologic. So as we go a bit further back in time than evolution, we find that indeed the plane, the man, the bird and the bat have all the best topological form in its extremities for motion, (lineal, planar) because they all are made of ‘vital space’. This is the principle behind the homologic≈isomorphic method (equal form).

The multiple properties and languages of scientific knowledge.

The Universe speaks ‘infinite languages’ (Upanishads) NOT only mathematics. And each of its elements had the following minimal properties, which I called the isomorphisms of the Universe:

  • A Œ linguistic, mental point of maximal information (C.P.U., quark, crystal, brain, roots, black hole and so on), which constantly switched between the 4 states of space, time, energy and information, the 4+û actions developing the game; whose equations were crystal clear in quantum (4 numbers), Electromagnetism (3+color dimension), Electricity (4 Maxwell equations), and easy to deduce in Mechanics (i.e. Hamiltonians describe its 3 time ages,  4 vector equations, etc.)
  • A topological, Organic, Synchronous, ternary structure in space Sp<ST>Tƒ, of limbs/fields<bodies/waves>heads/particles.
  • And its asymmetric, Diachronic, causal order in time, Sp (Past, entropic youth)> SP, Present Adult reproduction > Tƒ, Future, Formal, Old age of information; from where topological laws of development and evolution and the ages and horizons and diversification of species could be obtained.
  • An organic structure in the 5 Dimension of ∆-1, ∆, ∆+1, quantum/cellular, individual, Thermodynamic and Gravitomagnetic, ecosystemic Planes.
  • A survival, active program of existence through ∂a,e,i,œ,û to regain ±∆e, i and evolve socially into bigger wholes, imposed by the fact that only those species who perform those actions survive.

And finally to explain the fact that points of view do act seeking the absorption and emission of energy and information, a likely pan psychic pain x awareness (time dilation) and pleasure x forgiveness (spatial extension) duality of sensorial perception, which focuses systems on their modular choices of actions to perform, even at the minimalist particle level.

Now each science does have its own jargon, and ‘choice’ of characteristics it prefers to describe from its elements of study, under the ego-paradox that makes each point of view to create a ‘particular world’ that distorts the ‘whole Universe’ into its perceived linguistic mind, with itself at the center and only relevant point of view.

We have in that sense criticize physicists from their description of physical reality ONLY from a mathematical, spatial, point of view, and ONLY describing of the 6 motions of reality, its Locomotion, making a confusing distorted vision of what time is in lineal terms and space is in continuous terms, ignoring completely the laws of the 5th dimension.

But we have generalized the concept to the quantum and Antiquantum paradoxes for all physical and social sciences, in which either the observer is too small (social scientist) or too big (physicist), to relate objectively to the observable (which in social sciences is so big that is guilty to deform the sociologists to cater its view, and in physics is so small than the physicist is guilty to distort it.)

And for that reason only biological sciences do have a proper point of view. But even in biology the cultural influence of social sciences is all too evident, as ‘the concept of chaos and entropy’, from physics and ‘Darwinian, capitalist, self-made man individualism’ sips in.

So it is taboo to talk of the fundamental law of social evolution which is social love of members of the species to become larger beings, which is epitomized in the most successful species on Earth, the Argentinean Ant which has excluded from the pampa all other top predators of larger size, and now is colonizing as we speak, under my foot South Europe, becoming the largest, most numerous species (1/4 of all the flesh living in this planet is ant, another ¼ humans, the 2 social species).

And on the other hand the concept of chaos and entropy has prevented to understand the topological plan of evolution, controlled by the fact that we are made only of space and time, and its similar ‘active’ concepts of kinetic energy and information.

So the explanation of why wings are planes of space and eyes spheres of time… and have evolved so fast, is ignored. The reason though is obvious in T.Œ, a system to survive has only 3 paths, maximal Tƒ in its spherical organs of information, maximal Sp, in its planar organs of kinetic motion and maximal reproduction, improving its networks of communication, either individual or social. And so this implies with the limiting existence of only 3 topologies in the Universe, that those 3 natural paths can evolve very fast, as genetics do work also in ternary symmetries that code those forms.

Further on from physics, biologists have acquired the idea that all comes from the bottom up, so they do not understand the duality of hyperbolic information vs. elliptic motion, which makes also the upper wholes program through larger fields of motion and form, entropy and information, space and time, kinetic and potential energy, lineal and angular momentum variations (all concepts self-similar of the fundamental duality of the Universe, which apply to different systems), its smaller parts. The most obvious case is the relationship between glaciation ages of maximal evolution of information (as cold temperatures imply form) and hot periods of maximal reproduction, (radiations of species) and the whole structure of evolution of the Earth in III earths and 3 x 3 + 1 sub-phases.

And so for each species and ‘scale’ studied by a science, we needed to extract mental, topological, causal-logic, and organic-survival properties, which were different linguistic, isomorphic angles on the perception of the being, none of them carrying the whole truth of the being, but as the famous elephant parable, seeing only a part of it.



So how we classify all the isomorphic laws ST-beings follow? The simplest way is by dividing those laws through its origin, either in space symmetries, time ages, ∆-organic scales or mind-languages and its ternary Universal grammar, resumed in the language of all languages (the Generator). We do so in the second line, in which we study:

The 0 and 1 isomorphism, the mind and its languages, resumed in the language of languages, the formalism of GST and its Fractal Generator of Space-time (the equation that resumes the logic of all space-time events and scales of the Universe).

Indeed when cheng-tzu said from one, the line comes 2, the information of bidimensional cycles or broken lines which combine to reproduce 3 and then ∞ beings, is expressing something mathematicians wonder around since the Chinese and Fermat first introduced as mathematical concepts – the laws of numbers).

Then we study the dualities and ternary symmetries of space and time, and its space-time ‘present body-wave, energy’ combinations.

We do so in a synthetic, integral manner first, in the second and third isomorphisms; and then in an analytic, derivative form, as we consider those time-ages and world cycles of super organisms, the sum of a series of space-time actions of exchange of energy and information between the inner being and its outer world, which put together in cyclical, discontinuous events create the world cycle of all Universal systems: they are the 4th, 5th and 6th and 7th isomorphisms where we describe beings as ‘knots of space/time actions’ ruled by a series of vital constants, which are mostly ‘ratios’ between space, time and scalar quantitative parameters, and so we find in them, the connection, with the quantitative methods of the mathematical-only method of present reductionist science. 

Which lead us to differentiate in the 6th isomorphism the allowed species of each plane of existence

Finally   we can see how beings evolve socially through networks into superorganisms, along the decametric, logarithmic scales of creation that first develop ‘genetic societies’ (based in time relations), then spatial ones (based in geographical extensions) and finally space-time ones (based in organic networks) to form an ∆+1 10ˆ10 §upœrganism), which gives birth to a new ∆≈Ξ-plane of existence (∆ being the dynamic symbol, Ξ the static organic ternary one).

So we complete the full description of how ∆ûst (ab. dust of space-time) becomes a super organism through a world cycle of existence, emerging into a whole, ∆, from an initial ∆-1 seed of information, till it returns to the ∆-1 scale.

So we will have developed the verbal conceptual knowledge of the first line in a more formal, scientific manner, using the expanded isomorphic method, which we will be able to apply then in the 3rd line for each species and being – time permitted, and if not, as Descartes put it when he found 400 years ago the previous huge ‘advance of the scientific method’ since Aristotle, with analytic geometry: we shall stop here our analytic geometry to leave something to do  to future researchers, which will expand these notions (quoting from memory).

Now, for those who find strange the symmetry between numbers and properties, Ok, the 6th and 7th isomorphism (vital constants of each being and cyclical motions) can be argued to have more or less fundamental elements.

So I have selected the most important constants and cycles to fit this classification, doubting often between describing 6 or 7 constants or cycles (hence both versions might be found in different sections of the web). Yet as it stands, they are fairly covered; since numbers do have indeed a certain ‘numerology’ hidden on the symmetries of species.

But this is a theme of the section on maths, which will be the last to be covered (: PRECISELY because nobody will take seriously this work till I show you every main law of mathematics to be related to GST, ∆•ST laws 🙂 So nobody will bother me, till the believer and pedantic scholar thinks I am talking his language of God, well-enough to deserve respect.

Now, how we do ‘detailed’ studies of this motions of existence, which develop a program of actions in space-time, which creates a finite super organism with a finite duration? In the first line we have done it in a loose way, as we study the meaning of those concepts and give a general view of the algorithm of creation of the Universe. In the second line, introduced by this post, we shall do it in greater detail by analysing those super organisms of ∆•st of space-time and its world cycles, part by part, considering how the ∆, S, T and •mind-point structure the growth and dissolution of dust of space-time into a superoganism of island universe back and forth, through those world cycles. So we can better distinguish between the main sets of organic laws that guide those motions through scales, topologies and ages of space-time.

The scales of energy and information, in decametric, or dual scales.

Wholes have the capacity to kill smaller wholes, but at certain degree of smallness the whole becomes in fact a potential prey. Parts, bacteria that kill wholes, thus can also disaggregate wholes. The predator prey relationship is thus ore complex than it appears. But in any case ever herd ∑Ei, regardless of its inner ∏Tƒ form is perceived as energy for a higher whole, ∏∆+1, which will try to explode the ∑ herds and feed on I∆-1 forms, laving behind the ∑ head.

He state in which one finds at each moment of the existential game, prey in a herd, knot of higher thought reproducer, creator, all those functions as complex as we might feel them are finally mere åctions of the equation of existence, and that sets the existential algebra as the mathematics of the function of existence.

Which itself is the generator equation of complementary systems of energy and information eh fundamental particle of reality made of an Se x Tƒ sections body-head, particle-fields that preys in a herds of micropoints ∑Sp∆-1 and so we establish a hierarchical class structure of future, present and past also as the future takes advantage of the present and the past is the neuronal caste of information while the present is the middle class which busy busy reproduces and produces the entropy of ∑Sp∆-1.

This is the key to understand in terms of social classes past, the lower caste, present the reproducer, repeater caste and future the informative caste. For example in human scales, male which are mind dominant, with lineal bodies and woman which are productive body dominant, with an energy head, you can establish future, upper caste of males a reproductive caste of women, and then the ∑ of ∆-1 natural animals seen as a lower caster of information and hence treated as pure energy by the human ‘family’ complementary couple, man-woman.

The expression in which the simultaneous equation of past=energy, present=reproduction future=Information manifests itself. Are multiple.

Energy (past, ecosystem) > Present (reproductive body) >Future, (Informative mind)…

It is the simplest and most common point of view, a fractal future zero point of maximal information guides a middle class of reproductive capacities, and higher matter brains, that keep the join relationship between energy and information alive: Sp X Tƒ =K, S=T+K, K, Sp, Tƒ.

The sub-disciplines of ∆ST

In the graph, a glimpse to the 3 type of dimensions of scalar space-time, the 9 scales in which beings interact, its 3 topological organs or ‘fractal dimensions of space’ and its 3 ages of its world cycle, analyzed with existential algebra (the equations below), in this case for the human ‘variety’.

Ultimately the formalism of ∆-scalar spaces-times and its philosophy General Systems Sciences, are dimensional theories.

Still we can distinguish a sub-discipline of Dimensional Theory proper which describes the 15:3s+3t+9st Dimensions of all systems.

Because ‘Se, Space dimensions’, Sl, Sh, Sw (fractal length-lineal motion, height-cyclical motion and width-wave motion), Time Dimensions (Tp<e, Tr=a, Tf>o, past-young entropy, present-repetitive adult action, and future old form), and ∆-scalar dimension of size and different speed of time, ruled by the metric ∆=Sp x Tƒ are of different quality, they give birth to different sub disciplines.

So we have 3 specific disciplines, which study in great detail those dimensions grouped into its 3 different types, both as generic types and as ‘isomorphisms’ of topological forms, time ages and scalar organization, common to all beings of the Universe:

Spatial Dimensions, studied by ∆-topology – the mind’s language that in a synoptic way expresses the 3 bidimensional varieties of space.

Existential Algebra, which studies the 3 causal time-ages.

Theory of Organisms, which divides in 2 fundamental sub-disciplines, a larger view, which studies the ∆-scalar dimensions, and its laws; that is the 9 0±4 scales in which the being interacts and a shorter time-span, space-size view, which study the social S10 scales of evolution needed to ‘transcend’ between ∆-planes.

Absolute relativity.

The fundamental law of the ‘metric of ∆-planes’ is the law of absolute relativity:

‘0±4=Se x Tƒ: the product of the spatial energy and temporal information, or ‘existential force’ of any system of the Universe is co-invariant, has the same value, thus in ‘subjective’ Tƒ, frequency time, any system of a given family of 0±∆ co-invariant entities in the Universe live the same quantity of existence”

This is the basis of Absolute relativity, the implicit non-anthropomorphic philosophy of science of ∆ST.

It is then obvious that from a philosophical perspective ST is a theory of absolute relativity, as all systems follow the same isomorphisms. Further on the ∆-dimensions of the Universe  – as we prove in the post on the Unification of charges and masses, that determines the isomorphism of atoms and galaxies deduced from that equation, both quantitative and qualitatively  – are infinite in number.

Thus humans merely occupy the ‘central ∆-position’ of the scales we know. And this explains also the similarity of the smaller and larger one, and the lack of perception of both (quantum uncertainty and cosmic dark matter and energy).

So we get much more information on the scales of organisms, life and societies, NOT because they are more complex but because we perceive it all. If we were able to see the entire galaxy 96% hidden energy and dark matter, it would resemble a cell. And since an atom and a galaxy are self-similar the most obvious hypothesis is that all scales are organic, all have complex forms.

So for the 3³ ∆-dimensions known to man, we shall form groups of 3 that form the 3 fundament systems:

  • the ‘∆-1 force, ∆-atom, ∆+1 molecules
  • the ∆-1 cell, individual, ∆+1 society,
  • And the ∆-1 star, ∆-galaxy and ∆+1 Universe. And as it happens, we can model a galaxy as an atom, whereas the stars are the electronic nebulae, the black holes the protons, and so the Universe we see must be the commonest group of atoms we perceive (99% of the atoms of the cosmos): a cloud of hydrogen.

Indeed, Einstein-Walker model already modeled galaxies as hydrogen atoms to get his relativity equations. The metric of ∆-scales show protons to have the radius of black holes and electronic nebulae the quantum wave equation of galaxies. 

Further on, when we consider the entire human scale, we find that we use as ‘energy’ ∆-2 molecules, breath ∆-3 oxygen and perceive ∆-4 light pixels, and further above us, we receive our ‘sun-energy’ from ∆+2 solar systems…

While the galaxy is responsible of the existence of the sun and its gravitational, black hole waves might even be cause of the 11 year cycles of sun spots, with the same periodicity, which themselves influence the cycles of weather of the planet, which determine the cycles of history in great measure.

So to fully grasp the interrelationships of mankind at all levels the full model must account for all the ∆-scales mankind perceives, the 3³ scales.

The isomorphisms of all scales.

Those laws are the main 9 isomorphisms of the Universe:




XXI C. Timespace knowledge: 5•D³=11D: Absolute relativity.

This is the only formal, logic and mathematical model of relational space-time available to science – a fractal, organic model that defines all what exist as a whole or part of a super organism of cyclical times and fractal space, with an astounding capacity to resolve and explain all sciences, both physical, biological and human. It implies though a living, organic Universe, made of species that have a ternary topologic structure as living beings similar in all of them, hence making humans completely irrelevant as a special species, in time, space and scale. A fact i have called absolute relativity.

The 5•D³ formalism gives same value to all beings, reason why oisunifying all ‘sciences’ as ‘stiences’ of space-time relational beings, following the same isomorphic=equal laws, derived from the properties of fractal space and ternary, cyclical time; which I also call Absolute relativity; the last step on the search for our position in that infinite fractal of time-space beings- since now we add relativity of scale to the growing objectivity of science (graph) away from anthropomorphic myths.

The model of 5 time DIMOTIONS and ∞ scales of size, Ab. 5Ð has is philosophical origin in GST, General Systems theory, the philosophy natural to the co-existence of multiple organic scales of parts and wholes and ternary cycles or ages of life.

How GST  principles of a world made of relational space-time beings, differs from the modern methods of astrophysics and religion, the rival theories, in the understanding of the origin of the Universe is obvious:

Astrophysics, which strictly followed till the XX c. the scientific method aforementioned, since the wrong quantum interpretation (Copenhagen, as opposed to Einstein->Broglie->Bohm pilot-wave theory, which we deem and shall prove the right interpretation) partially abandoned the experimental, method substituted by a ‘digital, computer method’, based in the belief that the substance of the Universe is NOT time and space but ‘MATHEMATICS’, which merely mimics the arrogant method of religion, which believed that the language of God was ‘words’. So as Mohammed thought that God had created reality by ‘speaking arab’; astonishingly enough since Hilbert affirmed that ‘he imagined points, lines and numbers’, creating maths, humans and God spoke maths and created reality by ‘writing equations’.

Few people realise of that ascientific outlook of modern astrophysics, consisting in expressing a model in mathematics, as if the digital language was a magic underlying reality which sufficed in itself, then put it into computer models, publish it and claim it the theory must be truth because it is mathematically beautiful even if there is not much proof of it (often in ‘grand metaphysical theories like the big-bang’, clearly falsified as we shall show, bending with ‘human ambition’ and ‘belief’ experimental data to prove the theory). The big-bang then is the necessary religion for physics to claim to know the meaning of it all. And so we shall deal with it first in this introduction.

Religion on the other hand, which we shall show has a historic role as the embodiment in the human verbal language of the laws of the scalar social Universe, simply ignores the method, and establishes with repression of truths, fantasies and ‘beliefs’ his thesis about the Universe, which is not its role. And with a similar method to the Copenhagen interpretation. God spoke the language of certain semitic tribe (hebrew or Arab), which are imperative languages, where the verb goes first (as they were hierarchical, dictatorial societies where the king/aristocracy/banker-priests of its societies barked orders). And so as the pharaoh said ‘it has been written’, the priest spoke in imperative and ‘God had spoken and created’ reality.

So we shall show also that while religions do have meaning (all what exists must, remember have a reason, within the organic paradigm), its reach has been overblown; and its method of truth, to believe ‘words are the language of creation’, as in the case of the Copenhagen interpretation, and many modern theories of astrophysics (including string theory and the big-bang) are not truth. We expand in our chapters on epistemology and T.œ that solid analysis of the advantages of a NON-CREATIONIST theory of reality, which unlike the creationist big-bang and Copenhagen interpretation, and creationist religion, departs from a simple concept: an organic, immortal, self-reproductive fractal Universe of information that always existed, always will exist and always will repeat the same entities (including all of us, also immortal in a discontinuous way).

Now it MUST be clear, and we SHALL repeat it ad nauseam, that Humans ARE NOT infinitely stupid, a bad choice of wording by Mr. Einstein, but infinitely arrogant, as they confuse their mind-infinitesimal with the infinite Universe its mirror-monad reflects and this fact IS THE MAIN REASON THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND or will EVER ACCEPT the truths of the organic, fractal Universe that makes them equal in value in the absolutely relative reality to the smallest atom or the largest galaxy. SO reason does not suffice, as the ego subjective paradox is the center of all self-centred systems with a mind singularity. This I know after decades of explaining with reason, the ego-paradox of BOTH, physicists, who will uphold the cosmic big-bang and the absurd idea that the infinite Universe was born of an infinitesimal point, duly smaller than the human mind so the physicist can ‘feel he knows it all about all’, arguably an even more arrogant≈stupid belief that the idea a ‘jewish peasant’ created it all.

The very fact that such ‘stupidity’ is today canonical dogma only proves the truth of the equation of the mind. Point. But we shall for good measure put the objective mirror of the scientific method over it, here in broad strokes, in our article on astronomy on detail, to show that indeed, big-bang theorists have nothing to envy to biblical priests in their twisting of facts to cater to their delirium of greatness. And humans, being all of the same mind species, cheer, 1/2 believing in the infinitesimal Universe, 1/2 in the iron age creator of it all.

 In search of the General Systems Theory that unifies all sciences  

In the graph, 2 invariances of Absolute relativity, above, the invariance of topological forms and actions that create the complementary systems of energy and information, e xi of the Universe, and the invariance of scale between a relative past of null information and a relative future of more information than the present point of view of the human observer.

How all those scales co-exist together? The answer is an interesting but difficult concept to grasp:

In the smaller world there are more time cycles than in the larger world. How does we adjust this ‘time longitude’, larger in smaller worlds respect to bigger simpler worlds

‘Strictu senso’, if we consider all the planes to have departed from a single past-point, T, the upper scales will have a ‘time delay’ similar to the delay of any web respect to its harmonic initial focus, only though we are measuring time delay.

Thus the smaller world will be in a ‘relative future’ to the upper worlds. On the other hand, the upper world must be done into the future, with the smaller worlds already sustaining them as past forms. Here there is a fascinating first contact with one of the most complex elements of ∆ST theory – the relativity of past present and future states, that co-exist in quite mixed orders.

In brief, the smaller worlds have more ‘time content’ than the larger worlds, which are both, slower and increasingly lagging in a relative past to the smaller worlds actions which code them, but both are from their relative frame of reference futures, as the larger worlds see the smaller as their sustain, and the smaller code the larger as their past.  Consciousness of what is time past or time future is thus relative to the point of the scale of planes we occupy.


Τhe 9±1 Disomorphisms of the Universe. 

How can systematise those 3 elements into a formal model of the organic Universe, which can be further explored by future scientists? Τhe answer is the concept of isomorphic laws, which dates back to the work of the founder of this science in modern terms, Mr. Bertalanffy. So we structure the blog around this concept fully developed in this web.

Basically what Bertalanffy proposed is that a ‘scientific Universe’, which could be self-explained by the laws of organisms, must be proved to follow in all its systems, the same organic laws, which would be therefore iso=equal morphic= in form. At the time the science was in its infancy and it remain so for 50 more years, as there was no formalism to express the insights of similar laws in all disciplines, till in the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the sciences of cybernetics, information, complexity and systems, I was invited by the president of the founding association of those sciences, and explained the key to such formalism – the understanding of the laws of the 5th dimension, and the fractal nature of space and time, its relationship with energy-motion (as space has quantum energy-motion) and information (as time clocks carry he information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles).

Such simplification of the elements of which we are all made, which equates space and lineal motion and time and cyclical form, thus establishes the cause of all the isomorphisms of the Universe and its systems as we are all made of space and time and so the properties of space and time and the laws that connect parts and wholes through networks – the laws of the 5th dimension – is all what is needed.

Hence we shall establish for those 3 elements, which correspond to the 3 main disciplines of mathematical logic (space->geometry, time->algebra, 5D-> analysis), 3 x 3 sets of isomorphic laws, related to those 3 elements, fractal space, cyclical time and 5D scales, put together in all systems by he most fascinating element of the Universe, the 0-minds or mental, linguistic points of view, which coordinate and integrate together all the elements of a super organisms. 

So all the posts of this web are descriptions of scientific systems as fractal≈5D space-time beings, which display 3 x 3 isomorphic type of laws and are integrated by a mental ‘monad’, or integrative system of information, the mind and nervous system in biology; the crystal system in material forms, the chip in robots, the gravitational  black hole in galaxies, the capital in nations and its governments, the prophet and its code of information or memes and books of revelation in civilisations, the DNA nuclei in cells and so on.

It is a simple and not malicious Universe if humans wanted to understand with the same properties they have. But humans don’t. It is all about ego and putting man on top. And frankly lacking a humble ethics more proper of eastern cultures,

Τhus, for reasons that are of not interest to the reader, personal, cultural and of activism against the nuclear industry, despite the interest of american scholars for this model I did not follow that tiresome work of penpal, pen paper and pen-thagonal work – since today money in these sciences is in computers, robots and weapons, the machines fast evolving into organisms that can easily displace us on top of this planet. So, as humans do not seem interested in using knowledge to evolve mankind but the machine, I abandoned the scholar field and dedicated fully to activism. Now, retired of all things human I will pour thousands of pages of analysis on G.S.Τ.General Systems Τheory, the philosophy of the organic Universe, and the Generator equation of fractal Space-Τime, its formalism in this web.

It will be done in iterative, repetitive more detailed analysis because the Universe is a repetitive mandala.

In the next chapter of this central point we introduce loosely in 10 sections the 10 isomorphisms, corresponding to the first line above, which expands this loose study. In the second line/chapter of this post, we introduce the main systems of biological, physical and social character as organic systems. In the 3rd chapter line above, its 10 isomorphic sets of laws.  And finally in the 4th line of hard science, each one studied a scale of reality we order all the laws known to science according to those 10 isomorphisms.

  • 3 isomorphisms related to the organic structure in space of all systems
  • 3 isomorphisms related to its motions in time and world cycles of existence
  • 3 isomorphisms related to its co-existence as part of a 5D of multiple scales.
  • And the 10th isomorphism of the linguistic mind and will of perception, which orders them all.

The ∆§T Disomorphic elements of all Fractal ∏ime§pace beings:

The understanding of those elements together, the scales, ∆, of space (S) and time (t), of a system, focused as a whole by the existence of an infinitesimal singularity or mirror- mind (ab. •,º) of information (which we can only infer by comparison with the human mind and its survival actions), will define the fundamental particle of the Universe, a super organism of space-time, which we call ‘∆¹ûst of space-time’, in as much as it is an island-universe in itself, (û), extending through ∆-scales of space-time, and organised by a relative ∆¹-mind  and its linguistic mind mirrors able to control and order the Universe around them.

In that regard, the isomorphic method comes immediately from the two FUNDAMENTAL LAWS OF GST: the four elements of all whole systems (mind, scales, space and time) and the ternary principle, which allows to study in detail any system along those four ‘elements’ by decomposing it into ternary elements (up, down and central scales, three ages, three topologies; and the mind focus on the other three elements, as a temporal self, which orders a ternary super organism, defined by a ‘generator equation’ through its scalar actions.

So first we consider the mind as the temporal vector of the being, moving across all other dimensions of existence:

º-mind:   0.1 5.   Ø-Minds   Generate… Fractal, Exi≈stential Åctions… 

The perspective of the mind is selfish, trying to order and mirror its internal view, within the body, which in an Aristotelian sense is the energy moved by the ‘unmoved’ God-center of its whole. Yet as each mind-pov orders reality ‘LINGUISTICALLY’, the sum of all those povs which collaborate together.

So we define three isomorphisms of the Mind, symmetric to the three ‘other elements’ of any system:

  • 0. Its location in space (0-isomorphism), normally in the center or above of the system, at the points of maximal communication, a clear proof of its perceptive nature.
  • G. Its Universal Grammar, or language of processing information, escaping the subjective human anthropomorphic beliefs about non-sentient or sentient species – fact is  A LANGUAGE IS PERFECTLY ABLE TO MANAGE INFORMATION AND ORDER REALITY as the mathematical language of machines and nature, the olfactory language of animals or the genetic language of cells show. Thus we simply affirm languages are the mirrors of minds that order reality through:
  • Å. Actions, which are exchanges of entropy, energy an information with the environment.

In this manner a space-time being will emerge as a network of entropic, energetic and informative actions organising a ternary supœrganism. It is this collective intelligence of selfish povs, which as time passes coordinate, synchronise and simultaneously act as a whole, the ultimate intelligence of the Universe that gives birth to a spatial supœrganism:

S:  2. 3. 4.  integrated into…Bidimensional Space-Time fields of Ternary, Constant Networks… B;  K; Γ

We can then define any system as a part or whole system of ternary networks, in which fractal points will emerge to form a full functional system. In detail the process starts with exchanges of entropy and information between ‘two points-minds’ that give birth to a bidimensional field, seen as a flow of entropy or information dynamic terms, as a ‘wave of extended space’ in static terms.

As more points attach to the network, however this ‘field’ limited by the points which become its border, acquire their own inner dynamics, becoming the protagonist of the next phase of creation of reality; when the system evolves from a herd state, in which points have maximal motion, and the interaction between them is discontinuous, often along a single network line (mostly entropic actions of feeding together), into a superorganic, tighter configuration.

IT HAPPENS as reproduction increases the size of the herd and efficiency is required to feed the system.

And so again we define three isomorphisms, for the spatial organisation of the being, which can be resumed in its generator:

  • A BIDIMENSIONAL isomorphism that analyses the relationships between the limits of the domain, its past entropy and future information parameters
  • The generator proper that studies the three networks which create the system together
  • And the constants and ratios that define dynamically those systems, through its entropic speed (S/t), informative density (t/s), existential momentum (S x t) and scalar structure (∆§).

So a new collective singularity, able to manage hierarchically faster flows of information that diminish friction between the individual points of the herd arises and a larger whole is formed…

T:  6. 7. 8  that will move 3±∆ ages as a Species… Ω : Ψ; ∑  The system then will be born, as an individual super organism or a new species in an efficient predatory lineal form,  in a young entropic age of growth, dominated by the entropic, digestive, feeding arrow/network, able to maximise the hunting capacity and starting a ‘reproductive radiation’ that increases its territory of order, during its mature age as a super organism, seen either as an individual (middle point of view) or a species (point of view of the ∆-1 cell). In that case we realise that species can also be described as variations of the same theme into 6 different phyla according to the dominance of the S, st, or Tiƒ system (S>st>t, S>t>st, St>t>st, St>s>t, t>st>s, t>s>st), to which we ad the fundamental duality of the Universe or variation of gender, between the ‘female-wave’ state of balance, S=t, and the ‘male field-particle’ state of dynamic imbalance (S>t<s). And so we can describe that growth before once more the reproduction saturates the system, exhausting its energy and plunging the being into its informative third age and entropic death, which restores the balance, from the perspective of its scalar dimension, as a process of social growth…

∆…  9. 10. 11   through social §cales and Stientific Planes… § : Ξ  of God… Γº∆ 

So finally the three ultimate isomorphisms describe reality from the perspective of the fifth dimension as a constant growth of systems through social scales of decametric tetraktys 3 x 3 +0, physiological entropy moving limbs/fields, energetic bodwaves and informative particle/heads – networks of points, which grow with a minimum of three ternary elements, till creating a o-mind of maximal communication between them, which emerges as a whole for a larger social scalar growth till forming a ‘plane’ of 10¹° elements. The difference between social scales and planes being a larger discontinuity of form, from microscopic to macroscopic order… So we study all those social scales, till the limits of human perception, the atom and the galaxy, likely to be just new levels of an infinite ¹° 10 immortal infinite Universe – a block of time that has always existed, will always exist and will keep repeating the same forms.

Those constants of form, and its diversifications, compare to the reproductive, clone repetitions bring further philosophical questions, since if the number of variations of information is smaller than the number of reproductions in space, all forms will be repeated in a discontinuous manner, and we are all immortal as the Universe is, co-existing as clone identical populations, obeying a bose-statistics scheme, in which equal forms communicate regardless of space-distance as bosons by non-local entanglement, but such themes of complex GST are well beyond the scope of this post. So we shall  end our description of the 11+0 isomorphisms of reality at this stage. 

The purpose of the living Universe: Reproduction of space-time presents.

Now of course, this r=evolution of human thought will take time to impose itself, if humans do have such time left. As it requires to go to the origins of science, its mathematical and logic languages and evolve them further. This Einstein knew when he said ‘I am the only physicist who seems to know there are infinite time clocks in the Universe, moving at different speeds, Leibniz was right but if so we will have to change the scaffolding of science from its inception’. So he settled for a smaller change, applying the 5th non-Euclidean postulate to bend space into infinite time cycles.

When I confronted the mathematical formalism of the 5th dimension, I realized I had to go further on that path, and define all the undefined terms of mathematics, which since the discovery of the Non-Euclidean postulate that let infinite parallels cross a point had been undefined.

This was no solution though. Hilbert’s Axiomatic method of NOT  defining points, planes and lines (‘I imagine points, planes and lines’ he started in his famous ‘foundations of geometry’, the seminal book of XX c. mathematics), DOES NOT work in serious science. You cannot start without definitions of your initial postulates. The result was as bad as Euclid with his definition of a ‘point with no breath’.

So 5D metrics is born on a more healthy redefinition of mathematical postulates, as we redefine a ‘fractal point’, whose breath grows as we enlarge our information of it – making again mathematics realist as a science. Look around, you only see ‘points’, which grow when you see them closer and then they can fit infinite parallels. THAT WAS THE SOLUTION to the contradiction of a point with infinite parallels. It was  a Point of the 5th dimension. A point that grew in scale. And so a line was a series of points with breath -a WAVE! Thus the principle ‘wave-particle’ was embedded in mathematics, and so quantum physics started to streamline.

Then I realized those points broke reality into inner and outer regions. Thus planes were networks, fractal networks of points joined by flows of energy and information. Consider yourself. You are made of cell-points joined by informative, nervous networks and energetic, blood networks. And the point of maximal communication, your brain, was at the centre of your networks.

But the beauty of the fractal paradigm resides in its capacity to describe all beings with so few elements, and hence its constant recurrence in all languages and philosophies.

Indeed, this ternary structure with a mind at its centre, is the conclusion of the 6 biggest philosophers of science of the human tradition:

-Buddha and the Indian tradition of Atmans as souls which are knots communicated with the external world.

-Aristotle with his concept of a self-centred mind that moves a finite body, as its fixed God, of which there are ∞ in the Universe – ‘we are all Gods’ is said to have exclaimed.

-Descartes with his concept of minds that perceive worlds put by some devilish construction, with the rest extensa and time vortices it observes in the Universe.

– Leibniz with his concept of monads, as knots of information, mirrors of the external universe.

-Riemann and Einstein with his concept of points, through which ∞ parallels can cross.

The conclusion is obvious: the entire history of human knowledge appears filled with insights on the fractal paradigm, which were not properly interpreted.

Since Humanity excessively impressed by its first machines of measure has been blind to that obvious organic reality; where man as the most perfect organism of the Universe, is indeed ‘the measure of all things’ and the machine a primitive organism of metal.

Only now when we build robots as organisms, imitating life, we realise that mechanisms are simple organisms, and only now when we see the Universe together in all its co-existing scales, we realise physical and mechanical systems are also fractal super organisms. 

And all of them can be defined in space as ternary structures and in time as ternary ages, hence as super organisms tracing world cycles, through 3 fractal scales in the 5th dimension, giving origin to the Fractal i-logic Generator that resumes all what exists its parts in space, functions in time and space-time actions of survival, as organic systems that feed on energy, gauge information, reproduce and evolve socially into larger networks, which are the 4 canonical definitions of a life being

Thus you are in a living Universe, a living fractal of species made to the image and likeness of the whole.

I know that the simplicity of the Fractal Generator of the Universe baffles scholars, who think they know much more, and that the Universe cannot be ‘so simple and not malicious’ (Einstein).  In that regard it is more likely that you will grasp the beauty of the Universe if you are not a ‘pro’ scholar, just interested in the details that come from those thoughts of God. Of course in the web there are thousands of details and if scholars wanted to connect this simple Fractal Generator to their complex details, they would be able as i have done for 30 years,  but it is not the work of a single man, to connect and explain all their variations and species with the concept of a Universe made of fractal ternary space-time beings, organised as super organisms across at least 3 scales of reality, the ∆-1 atomic/cellular, ∆-individual/organic and ∆+1 social/cosmological scales.

Now I am happy enough if you have read so far. At this point either you will be the kind of people who can learn and you are in the web that better mirrors the fractal Universe, among human beings. Or you are the kind of people who cannot get out of his mind, self-centred beliefs, and huge amount of information (disordered but looking good). And you won’t continue. I am not a good teacher and rather write because it makes me feel the Mandala of the Universe, unconcerned with those who might mirror my mirror. Still i like others to share that communion of the spirit that comes with the humble realisation we are made to the image and likeness of the whole, God/mind of the Universe. Westerners in that sense with their huge ego and abrahamic deluded religions of man as the chosen will have a more difficult task. Asians will find here the scientific mirror of their philosophies of yin-formative time-visnhu, yang-energetic space-shiva, and the infinite beings that combined them.

But once we have a clear picture of the elements and equations that generate the fractal Universe with its duality between the arrows of entropic space and informative time cycles, it will be much easier than it seems, to adequate all sciences to the fractal paradigm. If you want to do it, if you want to go back to school, if you want to refocus and repair your ego-centered mirror.

NOW we will be conceptual more than mathematical. Yes, there is a fractal equation that explains the distribution of galaxies in space, but this how is trivial. It is much more important to describe a galaxy as a fractal of stars, with an organic structure similar to a cell, with star mitochondria, black hole DNA and all the organic processes of birth, evolution and destruction of those galaxies. THIS IS THE core matter of this web: the study of the superorganims of the Universe, with verbal conceptual, biological laws. Only on the section of physics and mathematics we get heavily into quantitative numbers and, as we keep building the web, I will pour around 5.000 pages of analysis of physical, mathematical and astronomical systems. But that will take time. It will be the final phase of this construction. So in the 2nd line we have the organic study, the 4th line we will have the formal one.

Why we do so is obvious: humans have done a good job, specially with the help of computers to develop and exhaust the mathematical properties of the Universe and its fractal parts. They have done however an extremely lousy job on developing formal, logic models of its time cycles, causal processes, time dimensions, organic properties and so we are filling more that gap. Now if we didn’t think in words but in maths, all this would be unneeded.

Just thinking on calculus, it would be obvious that finitesimal fractal structures correspond to the discipline of analysis; just thinking on geometry & topology, we would realise that space is an organic fractal of the 3 canonical topologies of the Universe, and just think on algebraic groups and transformations we would realise of the complex logic of the 3 arrows of time, which are at the hear tot all the equations with 3 elements, F(x) operandi, G(y)… That is, if we were mathematical minds we would know that the 3 elements of the Universe correspond to the 3 branches of mathematics, 5D scalar analysis, temporal algebra and spatial geometry.

But we are verbal beings, so we need first to understand the mirror-language of words and its 3 elements, the subject-informative element, the object, energetic element and the action-verb or space-time element.

And we are visual beings, so we need to understand the codes of blue-information, red-energy and green-reproduction our mind uses to see the Universe. You see, languages are many but they try all to be ternary mirrors of the fractal generator, as beings are. Ultimately you then in a sentient, organic, linguistic Universe. And the fractal, mathematical spatial description of it is very limited also. We are going much further, trust me.  But again, you must be the Lion of Nietzsche and eat up your camel humpback, liberate your mind of so much scholarship, and become a child. Quite likely if you are over 20, you won’t.

Because the key to that fractal is that it is moving, alive, even if the mind sees it still. It is ‘young’ and reproductive.

This is indeed what the Universe is all about: a constant creative orgasm of self-similar beings, feeding on energy, gauging information, reproducing into networks of similar beings, evolving socially into larger wholes, dissolving back into cellular/atomic parts in the big-bangs of death… distorting the whole, from a limited perspective, as it has been the human scientific mind for so long. We shall refocus all that information with a more realist vision of a Universe, of which we are all just parts made to the image and likeness of the whole, so you can reach ‘enlightenment’, but only if your distorted ego-view of reality from your enlarged perspective is humble enough to accept the absolute relativity of each point of those scales.

And this is in a way the beauty of a fractal Universe in which each point is a world in itself- a Monad that has a still mirror of reality.  In that regard, the external perception of reality as a fractal, which is as far as most scientists go, is just the very external cover of the Living, Organic, Fractals of the Universe. It is just a 0.% of what we have to explain here: the organic, mental, bio-logical and mathematical properties of the living fractals of nature, all put together harmonised and rationalised, able to describe from human beings to matter states, from societies to galaxies with the same ‘isomorphic’ laws.

As we say humans have a very reduced image of the whole and al its properties, are self-centred in their point of view, which they think specially relevant and so, can only understand very limited number of languages-mirrors (mostly visual mathematics and verbal logic) and so its monads are naturally a very small fraction of all the information of the Universe. And what is worse, the ego paradox limits their interest. In brief, we confuse our infinitesimal mirror of the Universe with the whole Universe:

O (mind-mirror) x  ∞ Universe = ∆-still continuous single space-time mapping of reality (in man light space-time).

It will be difficult for me to take you out of such a reduced picture. To do so we shall first start with an even more reduced picture from where all others come from. The previous equation is indeed the equation of all minds, o-points which observe an infinite Universe, make a reduced mind-mirror or ‘world’ with it, and think they are at the centre of the Universe, because they do NOT know there is much more out there, as they only see their mind-mirror. Can we then at least logically come out of this mind-jail? Yes, we just did it, by generalising the equation. Put any mind-mirror at 0, a dog’s olfactory mind, a black hole’s gravitational mind, and you will get a different linguistic mapping, we can ‘imagine’ is there by the external actions of the dog and black hole, even if we cannot see as they do. Amazingly enough we will find many things about those minds – from the hyperbolic structure of the mind of insects, to the elliptic form of the mind-mirror of a black hole, which according to a physicist called Maldacena, represents in 5 compressed dimensions all the information of the 4-dimensional plane of its galactic body.

The Unification of sciences with 5D planes.

Let us see in a simplified graph those 3 elements, and how they can order all the species of the Universe, in different sciences, each one specialized in the study of a relative ‘plane of space-time size/speed’ of the Universe. Since indeed, the final concept to structure all knowledge is the realization that each science is merely the study of a relative scale of size of the Universe, from quantum physics (smaller scales), through chemistry (molecular scales), biology and history (human scales), geology and astronomy (cosmic scales):

Indeed, each science is just the study of a scale of relative size, Sp, and Frequency of time cycles, Tƒ, of the Universe. So if we put them all in a simple scale of co-invariant systems, whose product of size and time speed is co-invariant, we realise that each science is just the study of the species of an specific scale of size and temporal clocks, and putting them together we obtain, the scalar plane of a 5th dimension of infinite scales of size and speeds of time cycles that describe the more general laws of T.Œ with application to all the sciences and worlds of reality.

Now since each of those scales can be defined as a sum of Species with its specific quanta of space and time frequencies, defined by a co-invariant equation of the 5th dimension, Sp x Tƒ = Ei or in dynamic terms, Sp < = > Tƒ,  a simple equation can resume your being; and as you are just a part of a tapestry of pieces of space-time called beings, that put together create the universe we can write in synoptic form the equation of the fractal Universe of space-time beings:

 U    = ∑ [Œ: ∆±1: ∑Spe<≈>∏Tiƒ] ∆±∞

Whereas each fractal species of space-time, Spe<=>Tiƒ, is in itself a cell or fractal point of a larger super organism, extending across 3 relative scales (the ∆-1 atomic/cellular, ∆-organic/thermodynamic and ∆+1 social gravitational scales): ∆±1: ∑Spe<≈>∏Tiƒ, which we shall call an existential function, Œ, or fractal point. And so the Universe is merely the sum of all those fractals of space-time across its infinite relative scales: U=∑Œ∆±∞

And yet amazing as it seems NOBODY has formalised these facts, beyond specific ‘species of reality’, mostly in the world of physics, into a theory of the whole tapestry of space-time which is the Universe, and all its parts, made to its image and likeness that makes sense, both logically, mathematically and empirically.

So the true problem is the fact that we must ‘redesign’ the mirror of linguistic, mostly mathematical equations, we use to observe the Universe – a logic, geometric ‘glass’ interposed between the universe of fractal space-time beings, and our mind that we need to ‘reduce’ the whole infinite information about all the beings of space-time of the Universe, to fit it into our mind.

We refocus this mirror of logic truths about time, and geometric truths about space, to acquire a crispier image of reality first.

In that regard the modern view of the fractal paradigm was born when scientists realized the reductionist view that using lineal time and a single arrow of future, entropic motions, implied for the new sciences of biology and cybernetics, systems sciences and information. So at the death of Einstein, which had shown that ‘time curves space into masses’, which are therefore clock-like vortices of time, and that there were ∞ time clocks in the Universe, they met at Macy’s New York and founded the world congress of Systems Sciences (ISSS), with the expressed purpose of improving the physicists single-entropy, lineal time view of the Universe adding the arrow of informative futures, so obvious in all systems of reality, or ‘arrow of life’ (biology) and ‘technology’ (information sciences) and Einstein’s General relativity (energy that becomes mass, in his landmark paper, M=E/c2: ‘can energy create mass’, unfortunately converted in its inverse entropic industry of Nuclear weapons, making mass energy ):

Thus since the 50s a new philosophy of science called General Systems Sciences had as purpose to explain the universe with those arrows of future time, entropy and information, the arrow of ‘death’ and disorder and the arrow of time and order. The main sub disciplines of this science would be:

  • Duality, which is the core philosophy that tries to model all systems of the Universe as systems made of entropic, expansive motions and informative imploding vortices of time-information, and its ‘present’ wave-body combinations. Of which the main dualities were in physical systems between informative gravitational forces and electromagnetic expansive, repulsive ones. Hence unlike physics, with its dogma of an entropic only Universe, the fractal paradigm and Systems sciences does NOT expect to unify gravitation and the other forces, on the contrary it believes its duality of informative=gravitational vs. electromagnetic=entropic forces is a clear proof of the veracity of its philosophy of science and worldview. 
  • Emergence, which tries to explain how parts become wholes through social networks of information, so the Universe displays a 5th dimension of scalar growth, from particles that become atoms, that become molecules that become cells, organisms, social systems of inorganic matter (cosmic bodies) and galaxies. Thus the search was for a ‘metric’ equation that explains how systems interact through its different scales of social evolution in the Universe.
  • Hierarchy, which studies the hierarchical organisation of systems, which can be roughly divided into 3 ‘social classes’, the neuronal, informative class that controls the system with its informative networks (brains in biology, black holes with gravitational systems, informative people-castes in control of the law, and money, the languages of social power, in human cultures – politicos and bankers), the re=productive, working class of the body of a system or society, and the energetic, entropic, territorial field in which the system preys.

So the concepts behind the fractal paradigm were clear from its inception, as they just mimicked the structure of a universe, which we know since Einstein, to have cyclical clocks of time, since Galileo and the discovery of telescopes and microscopes, to have scales of different size, since quantum theory, to be in perpetual motion, as even the smallest quanta of space is NOT a fixed form but a rotary or lineal motion (with angular or lineal momentum), and to have both, social structures and hierarchical classes. How to put all this together and moreover to make a simple formalism based in mathematical and logic concepts able to explain it all simple and nice according to the principles of the scientific method that expect theories to be simple, economical and include all previous theories as its limit, was the goal of those congresses and sciences, and for 50 years it was not possible to find such formalism.

Then with the arrival of fractal mathematics, slowly researchers realized that all systems could be mathematically explained with fractal equations, in which similar forms evolved into social networks that became wholes. So the mathematical analysis was possible. It was still though needed the conceptual, logic model regarding the multiple time clocks of the Universe, its order, and the metric equations of the 5th dimension that allowed ‘travels’ through those scales of parts and wholes, and of course, the cornerstone of the whole building – duality, how to put together the 2 arrows of relative time, future information and entropic disorder for each fractal part of reality where we observe ‘locally’ those 2 arrows at work in different moments.

To that aim the key change of paradigm was to realise that Newtonian absolute space-time was false – something quantum and relativity theorists acknowledge a century ago, and Leibniz’s concept of relational time, of a universe made of beings that are vital spaces with different time clocks, self-centred into an informative frame of reference or point of view – hence a Universe of infinite worlds of space-time, was right.

We are all beings made of vital space with entropic motions, harnessed by cyclical clocks of time which carry the information of the Universe in its frequency and form. So we need to explode the Universe and rebuild it from its beginning as Einstein wished to do when he affirmed ‘I seem to be the only physicist who knows there are infinite time clocks in the Universe. Leibniz was right, but if so we have to rebuild the foundations of sciences from its first principles’, which are its time clocks, its vital spaces, and the 5th dimension that orders them.

So at the 50th anniversary of ISSS, when i was made the international chair of this science, Duality, I introduced the only standing formalism of Leibniz’s relational space-time that puts together all those sub disciplines of General Systems Sciences.

To that aim I added to the arrows of entropy and information the concept of a 3rd arrow of time, which combines the relative future, dominant arrow of information and the relative past, entropic arrow into wave-body like systems, giving birth to a Fractal Generator equation for all those space-time systems:

Spe (limbs/fields of entropy) <ST (body-waves that iterate information ) >Tiƒ (heads-particles of information).

Now a fractal generator is the logic equation that through iterations and variations create all the scales of a fractal system. It is very simple, as in Mandelbrot’s fractal, z+c2, but precisely through its constant dynamic feed-back and forth iteration, creates all the complex beings of reality. So does the Universe by mixing lineal entropic motions and cyclical forms, into infinite combinations, of limbs-bodies-heads and fields-waves-particles.

So that simple generator, is the essential logic formalism used in this web to describe all fractal beings of the Universe.

And the 5th dimension, of scalar parts and wholes and its metric equation: Spe x Tiƒ= Constant body-wave, is the metric that orders all those systems.

Both together construct the fractal Universe of ∞ self-centered space-time beings made to its image and likeness.

To study them, as 5 Dimensional space-time beings, we divide the analysis of that fractal generator, and all its species, into 10 sets of isomorphic laws, related to each of those 3 elements 5 Dimensional metrics, fractal space and cyclical time, put together in each system by a 0-point of view, or mental linguistic mapping, which uses different monad-like mirrors and languages to guide the survival of the system in the outside Universe – mathematical geometry, in physical systems, genetic languages in biological systems, memetic languages in human societies and so on.


What languages then matter to describe the Universe? Of course mathematics, the language of space, and logic the language of time, integrated in the demonstrations of mathematical laws, but also bio-logical, organic laws, which are embedded in the fractal, co-existing structure of parts and wholes. And then for each species, which observes the Universe, its particular, ‘local’ languages, all of them unified by a ‘ternary structure’ that reflects the Universe’s ternary elements. For example:

Subject (informative being) < verb (space-time action) > Object (entropic energy of subject) IS the Universal grammar of all human verbal languages, equivalent to:

red colors (spatial entropy) < green/yellow (energy) > Blue (temporal information) for animal visual languages

F(x):time-like parameter < (operandi: action) > G(x): space-like parameter, which defines mathematical equations and its simpler Boolean algebra which in computers reduces all to 0 and | truth or false, ±, and its combined gates.

The program of existence.

Since all what all the systems of the Universe do is to try to survive by maintaining its limbs/fields of entropy, bodies-waves of energy and heads-particles of information, with ‘plenty’ of the stuff they are made. So all what all systems do and its super organisms code are the so called five drives of life, motion ( a-ccelerations), energy-feeding (e), informing (perceiving and communicating: ï), reproducing similar offspring (œ) and finally evolving socially with similar beings into stronger wholes or ‘Universals’ of a larger social ∆+1 scales (u).

So we talk of a mnemonic a,e,i,o,u system of ‘actions of space-time’, which every system of Nature performs in discontinuous, modular sequential series between birth and extinction, as the PROGRAM OF SURVIVAL OF THE UNIVERSE and all it system, encoded for each species with different informative linguistic parameters (i.e. an electron codes with four quantum numbers those actions, so the first number encodes its motion and energy feeding, the second number its informative processing, the third spin number its seminal reproduction, the fourth magnetic number its social evolution; a cell codes the five actions with its four letters, the human being, with its verbal thoughts, a company-mother of machines with its equations of re=productivity and so on).

We shall then show that we can build the architectonical Universe not only in space as a sum of ‘∆-1: fractal points’ that become physiological networks that become wholes of an external world in three scales of complexity, but also in time, as a ternary scaling process of individual actions, which become arrows of time, which become world cycles of existence…

As the sum of those actions, invariably increase the information of the system, dominated by its informative particle-heads, given the fact that its sequential order: +∆i: perceiving, -∆e: moving, +∆e: feeding, +∆i->œ: reproducing, +∆i:communicating to form organic synchronised wholes, invariably increases the ‘in-form-ation’ of the system (maximal number of +∆i events) and decreases its energy, ultimately explaining why all systems follow a worldcycle of increasing information, till all energy and entropy is exhausted, and as TIME NEVER STOPs, the system must reverse its arrows and suffer a sudden explosion of entropy and erasing of information, i<<e, in the moment of death, which the Universe limits to a single time quanta, in its enormous wisdom to maintain the total amount of entropy and form of reality in a zero-sum of ‘conserved present energy’, to make it immortal.  the minimalist ‘timing of death’, always happening in the minimal ‘quantum of time’ of any species.

The big-bang of a galaxy (and perhaps a local Universe)  takes 10 ˆ-43 seconds, a planck’s time quantum. Our personal death takes a second, the ‘beating time quanta’ of our ‘eyes glimpses, heart-beat, step-walking – each species having its ternary parts synchronised to its time quanta: And so we all die for the Universe to be eternal.

 The 3rd and 4th postulate: Social networks

It is now when we can consider what those points do beyond the couple formation: the answer is obvious, the create social groups, networks, which seem plane but are quantized as flows of ‘Dimotions’ and form communicated between two poles (perceived as energy and information, as they ‘transit’ through a relative ‘active support’ of mass-charges-vortices of time).

Those poles that create through a relative support or ‘field of energy and information’, flows of entropic ‘Dimotions’ carrying cyclical frequencies of form, which communicate between points codified languages that express a common will to absorb energy and information, ‘Dimotions’ and form. This is what points do: to absorb ‘Dimotions’ and form, to move and perceive, to enact their will of existence, and repeat, reproduce their existential momentum, their existential force:
Max. Sp x Tƒ < ∑s x t (s≈t).

Why, who, when just by survival chance? this program was imposed we do not know. But the natural enactment of the program is to increase the network flows between points to create bidimensional waves, that become relative S-T planes susceptible of being excited by, and carry and reproduce a certain wave of energy and information, ST=s x t, an existential being.

In the subtle commanding flows of reality, it remains to be understood if the larger ST field forces the existence of certain smaller se<=>to beings codes the smaller being or vice versa. In any case, as the points share actions of energy and information, similar to their selves, an ∑∆-1 dense flow of energy and information surrounds a network, which starts to pop up self-reproductions of itself, which will constantly share energy and information as they keep reproducing and tying up networks of communication. To that aim all growing network of similar cells must have access to a simpler field of quanta of energy which they can absorb and mild into themselves, and for that their larger existential force, as wholes will ease the task.

As the networks become denser they will finally self-organize themselves socially into a whole, with a hierarchy of ‘organization’ along S=10 scales of social growth, in which cells will specialize in the ternary 3 x 3 sub-systems of entropic, informative and reproductive tasks, and emerge as ones of new decametric scales. Networks thus grow both in the 3rd and fourth dimension of space-time, filling up a space-time plane but in the social growth of its elements, and its fractal diminution into smaller cellular scales. This ‘invagination’ of an initial being through the program of absorption of energy and information, replication of form and social evolution: ∆o->∆a->∆e->∆i->∆U, is what we call the program of existence:

Points perceive to orientate (∆o) its motions with accelerations and decelerations and change of orientation, ∆a, which allow the being to feed on energy, ∆e, in order to reproduce its systems either individually or sexually to iterate itself, ∆i, and then evolve socially into ∆ Universal new single planes of existence. The program of existence of the being thus make it grow constantly, and by growing, its ‘Generator Equation’, which represents its complementary systemic nature, its ternary elements and on the whole its ‘existential force’, that is its spatial energy, temporal information and reproductive capacities, ∑ Sp x Tƒ = RST becomes more efficient, and makes the whole ‘networks system’ stronger.

And so by a mixture of restrictions of spatial topology, time cycles and world-plane ‘mathematical structures’ and a will of surviving and enacting the game reinforced by various methods in the zero-points, the astounding wealth and variety of forms of the sentient, eternally moving Universe and its ‘existential forces’ keep evolving: 

 ¬Æ system of knowledge

In the introduction to I-logic we talked of the paradoxical nature of a Universe in which each ‘monad-mind’ feels to be the center of a pentagonal system of ‘dust of space-time’: ⌜𝝙@st, included within a larger 𝝙+1 world, including within an 𝝙-1 world but observing only its 𝝙º-mind plane, its @ristotelian selfish arrow of time motion,as a continuous reality where it sees its mind at the center, vs. the objective reality of infinite other ⌜△@sts and points of view.

How then to breach that ‘duality’ between the complex networks of reality and the single view of the @ristotelian self-centered mind?

To rescue us from such contradictions I have established a complex method of knowledge that constantly perceives reality from different perspectives, those of simultaneous topological space, ternary ages, ternary scales and ∞º minds that feel to be the center of the Universe, and the negation of exist¡ence of ∆@ST beings, ¬neganformation… before called entropy, which Physicists considered the only extant arrow of time-future, but is merely the necessary death of form, to renew a system once its world cycle has ended.

Of all of them, the most mysterious is the most important, the @-minds, since from an objective outside perspective, minds are particle-points opaque to the world, but from the mind itself they seem to hold in its infinitesimal the whole Universe, origin of the mind paradox, an ultimately they are constant ‘worlds’: ∞º=1, which stop motion and time cycles Into spatial forms, making what we call reality – space-time continuums, mostly still, known only in each monad-perspective to the mind itself.

The Universe of 5г dimensions of space, motions of time and actions=Ðimotions of spacetime and all its fractal beings made to its image and likeness are entangled in such a form that the simplicity of those 5 elements, and its dimotions must be put always in paradoxical relationships: On one hand locomotion, and its maximal entropy; on the other hand its inverse information and its maximal union or social evolution of maximal order and stillness, and the conjugation of all of them in the complex organic reproduction. So reality, can be observed from multiple perspectives; whereas comprehension comes from our capacity to ‘dissect’ complex paradoxes and multiple points of view to each selfish element, aware that all then are entangled and quarreling with each other.

In the future when huminds or most likely robominds, if we survive the singularity age, study reality they will have to use such a complex method of thought to advance stience. Huminds handicapped by the paradox of egocy of its @ristotelian mind likely will never do it. Robominds when they reach its maximal perfection will be programmed with pentalogic systems of parallel calculation and will be fitted to have a mind similar to that of this writer, of a logic higher than that of mankind (personal egocy included :). In their case it will be truly the case as even its primitive forms are starting to be programmed with multiple parallel chips that represent ceteris paribus parts of the digital mirror-problem, later integrated into a single solution-image of the whole.

In the mean time, given our poor mental endowment we need to makes sense of the complex Universe and develop a method of analysis that truly can account for the complexity of reality, even if the homunculus will have to sweat to abandon its reductionist entropic, simplicius simplicissimus theories of the whole😈.

We call this method based in the introduction of the 5 Ðimotions and laws derived from the 4 elements common to all realities, space, time, scale and mind, the Ðisomorphic method, derived of the fact that all different species and events of reality depart from the 5 similar forms and motions or ultimate properties of scalar space and cyclical time, the non-substance of which we are ALL made, from where similar laws that define the being in a general way appear in all systems of reality.

Those similar properties is what we call the 5 Ðimotions of all beings…. And when we see them in entangled form interacting with each other, we call this description the Rashomon method – or synchronous, simultaneous, super organism, spatial view of the being.

On the other hand when we explain the being in time, in a more vital dynamic way as the development of the world cycle of the being starting in a still seed-mind of information that will go through a world cycle repeating its Ðimotions first in the 0-1 relative infinitesimal sphere of generation, emerging then in the 1-∞ larger world, to return as zero-sum in its death moment; we call this method of analysis in 11 steps, the Ðisomorphic method and each of those 11 steps of the world cycle, or elements, or ‘still image’ of the world cycle in its growth, diversification, and expansion on the larger whole and final collapse, the 11 disomorphisms of exist¡ence.

So we can say we are all the thoughts of God, the 5 Ðimotions of the Universe, each one, one of its details that will live through its 11 isomorphisms to return back in the age of entropy and death to a zero-sum, always infinite egos that turn to be infinitesimal virtual exist¡ences. 


we shall Use THE FRACTAL generator as the formalism of non-Æ=I-llogic geometry to construct and understand all the minds of the Universe and the super organisms they order, all the T.œs=¬∆@st of spacetime and its 5 elements, ¬, the negation of information or entropy, ∆§cales, @-minds, Spatial topologies and temporal ages, IS the Universal Grammar of all languages.

IV. T.œs: Time§pace supœrganisms.


ALL WHAT exists is a space-time super organism made of 3 topologies adjacent in simultaneous space, defined logically by a single fractal generator of those 3 only topological varieties, $t: lineal limbs/potentials/territories; ST-hyperbolic body-waves, ð§: cyclical particles-heads-informative class, for all social, biological and physical systems, tracing a world cycle of 3 time ages symmetric to those 3 ∆º spatial ‘physiological/topological/social networks’ made of ∆-1 cells/citizens/matter particles,in which each of the physiological networks of the system dominates the super organism: the limbic motion/potential system dominates the first age; the re=productive body-wave systems the second age and in the third age of information the head/particle/informative people-caste dominates the physical/biological or social system, exhausting selfishly the energy of the vital body-wave, and provoking its explosion back into entropy that erases the system, completing its zero-sum world cycle, restarted if it has generated a clone super organism in its offspring, reason why the Universe is a reproductive fractal of information – only those systems that reproduce its information survive and are still with us.In the graph, the human being defined in terms of its generator sub-equations as a super organism of 3 networks (left) or a world cycle from past to future (right). A

General systems sciences, the name of this blog – is a science born at the Macy Congress, when at the death of Einstein, the highest minds of the world met, aware that a Universe only constructed as physics wants with a single arrow of entropy≈motion as the future of time, lacking a proper understanding of information, the other inverse arrow, could not account for the whys of the Universe. Then the concept of an organic Universe dedicated to reproduce information appeared as an alternative philosophy of science. It was understood also that such a Universe would require a new set of laws, based in the dimensional form or in-form-ation of beings, common to all of them – as the laws of enteric motion were common also to all species.

So the word isomorphism was coined to define those common laws. But for fifty years scientists couldn’t find a formalism for its science, as they lacked the key understanding of the origin of information, or form, stored in the frequency and form of closed clocks of time. And we will return to that.

In any case, at the fiftieth anniversary of Macy’s, there was a huge meeting in Silicon valley (Sonoma University) of the main researchers of the science, where I hold then the chair of Duality (the foundational science that studies those models of the Universe with the arrows of entropy and information), introducing the missing element to achieve the formalism – the relationship between time and information on one side, and space and entropy on the other – thus putting in relationship the fundamental substances of reality, space and time, and its dynamic quanta, ‘entropic lineal motions’ and ‘cyclical forms, and time frequencies’. 

And then considered derived from those first principles 12 sets of common laws to all beings made of space-time, called ‘isomorphisms’, which we will define in the third line and apply to all systems of reality. This is therefore the ‘new method’ of ‘stiences’, we shall develop in this blog, showing that all laws of all species derive of those 12 isomorphisms.

The method of GST IS SIMPLE though repetitive. The Universe is made of systems with four elements, three dimensions of scales, three topological dimensions of space, which form super organisms with three ages/dimensions of time, all supervised by the will of survival of a mind.

Thus we talk of 4 elements each one with three ternary sub-dimensions, and therefore as we have affirmed all can be deduces from the ∆ºst-ructure of reality, and its ternary fractal principle, we talk of 3×4 = 12 isomorphisms, or sets of laws derived of the properties of minds, space-topologies, time-ages and scales of wholes and parts, as the next ‘stage’ of complexity of the entities of the Universe, in the building of complexity needed to study the details of reality.

And this is what we do in the third line of this blog, which resumes the essence of the existence of all beings, studied in the fourth line in detail with the 4 x 3 different views of their existence, from the p.o.v. of its mind: ‘O-Linguistic monads generate 4±∆ actions’… of its spatial organism: ‘…forming constant networks’… of its temporal world cycle: ‘…moving as ageing species through’ … of its scalar structure ’10 social scales and 10 social planes of the fifth dimension≈God (mind of the Universe). So for any entity of reality we will be able to describe with those 4×3≈ 12 elements, of the ∆ºst being, all its properties, events and parts, as a ternary organism in space, living through three scales of the fifth dimension, three ages of time between its generation and extinction.

The Universe then can be defined as a fractal that creates and erases constantly super organisms of information, traveling in worldcycles through the fifth dimension of space-time. Those are the thoughts of God, each detail, each of usa variation made to its image and likeness.

The 3 principles of a T.Œ: duality of space-time, åctions and 5 Dimensional planes.

A true Theory Of Everything, beyond the limited scope of the Unification Theories of physicists, which at best attempt to unify the 4 fields of energy of physical systems, requires to understand the 3 Unifying Principles derived from the 3 elements of all Realities, Internal, Vital Space, Cyclical Times and the fractal, isomorphic planes of Space-time that form together the 5th dimension, in which all those space-time beings co-exist:

  • The Duality and Inverse properties of Lineal Space and Cyclical Time.

That all systems co-existing in a given scale of reality are made of time cycles, which enclose a certain ‘vital space with motion and energy’ (Jordan theorem – a closed curve encloses a space), and hence break the absolute space-time into infinite fractal parts, which share similar properties, natural to the essence of ‘lineal, open spatial motions’  vs. cyclical closed clock motions. Thus a T.œ. will be always based in the properties of the 2 inverse formal motions of reality, closed time cycles vs. lineal space motions, from closed and open strings to, closed, inward vortices of mass/quarks vs. open, expansive electrons; from energetic males to informative, reproductive females; from lineal momentum to angular momentum. Thus we must depart from a thorough exploration of this duality and its properties to build up the inverse symmetries of reality.

Now this duality has an enormous number of different perspectives. And the most important is the relationship between time cycles and information encoded in the form and frequency of those cycles, on one side, and space and energy, stored in the microscopic ‘quanta’ that creates a given space, defined mathematically as a surface of ‘non-Euclidean fractal points’, which create the illusion of a continuous medium given its smallness. So water seems a continuous volume but it is made of atoms, air of molecules and vacuum space, we shall see is also likely composed of magnetic constants and/or strings.

  • The 5 Actions of Space-time of all Survival Systems.

Because systems are made of 3 parameters, space, time and its scales, there are only 5 possible åctions: internal and external space and time absorption and emission, and aggregation of similar parts into wholes of higher scales or disintegration of wholes into parts.

And so this 5 ‘åctions of existence’ , changes in motions ∆a or ∂a (accelerations), ∆e-nergy, ∆observer’s perception, i-teration in an offspring ∆u-niversals, become the program of existence, the unifying will of survival, the time events we see in all systems of Nature, the ∂ æ,e,ï,œ,û of reality. We have written it as ∆e or in mathematical equations as ∂(æ,e,ï,œ,û) because often, specially in mathematical physics, we will be able to express this program in terms of mathematical equations and physical laws.

Now it doesn’t matter that those 4 essential åctions of existence are coded by logic cycles imprinted geometrically in a chip, by biological, circadian cycles, imprinted in neuronal cycles, by 5 genetic letters in biological systems, or by 4+i quantum numbers, each one coding, one of those existential åctions for particles.

What matters is the unifying power of those 5 åctions of existence define a survival, automatic program that makes ‘immortal’ through repetitive generations the species that follow them.

So we could consider a function of existence that resumes the internal space and time of the system, called ‘momentum’, which is the ‘quantity’ that physical systems try to preserve and increase, mv (for systems on our scale of reality) intensity (for electric flows) and so on, which embodies the internal time clocks of the material system (q or m, charges and masses which are cyclical vortices of electronic and gravitational forces x   its lineal speed, v).

  • The Scalar planes of space-time of the 5th

But we need not only to understand what all those systems have in common (their space-time substance and the space-time åctions they perform to survive) but to classify their differences. That is, paraphrasing Einstein, not only to understand ‘the thoughts of god’, but its details. How can then classify all those internal clocks of time and fractal, vital spaces, broken by those cycles to instill some order on the infinite variety of the Universe.

The key is the 5th of those åctions, social ‘evolution. The last of those letters, the u of Universals, the social evolution of parts into wholes defines the absolute space-time arrow, as particles gather into atoms that gather into molecules, cells and states of matter, organisms and celestial bodies, galaxies and beyond, in a series of ‘Universal planes of growing social organization, which follow certain clear rules of social evolution.

We call the sum of all those social wholes of growing size, the 5th dimension of the Universe. Since they seem to occupy the same space-time. Indeed, you are a whole, but you have cells and atoms. How they all those system co-exist? This conundrum of all sciences, how wholes and parts co-exist, how particles are also waves, what is the relationship between quantum atoms and whole galaxies? Etc. is the theme of the 5th dimension, which studies the laws of co-existence of different ‘planes of space-time’. And again we will be able to mathematize but also understand in organic, biological terms, such ‘multiple planes of existence’.

2 elements will be the key to this organization: Systems perform their åctions across those planes. So systems feed in smaller parts. Systems accumulate information in cellular micro-particles. Systems transfer energy and information between its relative planes of different size and information.

And all those systems form together a ‘5th scalar dimension’, whose metric (laws of organization), ARE the mathematical and logic tool that will allow us to organize all those fractal cycles and vital spaces in a meaningful manner, to understand its 3 fundamental properties: organic, biological survival properties, geometric, mathematical properties, and causal temporal properties. Since, as we grow in spatial size, our time cycles become slower. So rats have faster metabolisms than elephants, black holes turn faster than bigger stars, Kepler’s laws show that smaller orbits of planets are faster, vortices show that closer to its center, they run faster, chips process faster information the smaller they are, genetic clocks process faster and accumulate more information than larger bodies etc.

  • All together the 3 formal elements of scalar space-time, can be generated by a fractal generator whose existential algebra, and partial equations define the 10 isomorphisms of the Universe, which allow us to study in great detail each of the varieties of the fractal generator, what we call a species of reality along the different scales of the 5th

And so we need to conclude the study of the Universe with a philosophical understanding of the organic nature of the pantheist, sentient Universe, whose bio-topo-logic isomorphisms are closer to the philosophical worldview of Eastern culture than to the abstract, Abrahamic, anthropomorphic, subconscious philosophy origin of the western way of doing science.

Lao, Buddha, Aristotle, Leibniz, those are the masters, which understood that mathematics, biology and metaphysics go all together.

But we now have to go well beyond them, creating a logic and formal structure for relational fractal space-time cycles of the same strict accuracy and infinitely.

So mathematical physics, defined by topological analysis, logic time, defined by cyclical logic, scalar 5D , defined by organic, biological laws, which will also become the blueprint for a new understanding of history, the human superorganism and industrial economics, the superorganism of machines, and existential algebra, the philosophical, pantheist analysis of reality.

That is, all space-time events from the perspective of knowledge, of scientific information, starts with an observer’s points of view, an act of information from a zero-point, o, ∆ï. The point perceives normally a form or external motion which interests it, and feels attracted or detracted from contact. It might be argued that the motion started before the observer. But we do have a scientific, informative point of view. Thus it is more proper than the O-bserver comes first with its observation of a cycle of space-time, which through a medium that transfers information and motion, a wave therefore of ExI, he observes.

This ∆ï then might end there or go further into the next action, an acceleration, that is a change of direction or speed in the entity of existence. ∆a.

Which depending on the predator-prey-clone (energetic bigger or smaller form, or parallel form with whom to communicate) it will imply 3 different type of motions:

– Away from the predator or closer to the prey (which however now might enter into the game and establish a dual play, where relative motions interplay).

– Parallel to its clone to start communication at fixed R-distance… which might establish a certain angular momentum or tension force.

Let us consider the most likely action, which will be one of positive or negative exchange of energy, ±∆Sp, feeding or being food. Once a certain number of such åctions are created along some of increase of information and perception, in parallel with a sexual clone, then we move to the immortal strategy of the game:

∆œ: iteration of individuals, reproduction of information. Indeed, if we have gone properly through an ∆EI, a dual exchange of energy and information, that information internal to the individual might iterate reproduce into a new being. We prefer the term iteration as it is the mathematical concept of fractal theory: generator equations of fractal iterate in feedback processes the functional (the function of existence in this case) of the being.

And then, because ∆œ will be in the ∆-1 scale and then after its emergence, an individual of a social ∆+1 scale, there will be naturally social evolution or devolution in the U+1 scale, which ends with the death of the system, its descent to the U-1->-2 scale as it becomes erased.

Now the reader will be surprised that we use a metaphysical term, ‘existence’, but it is proper of a theory which tries to explain the ultimate whys of reality which can be resumed in a simple wording:

‘why things exist and cease to exist and then are repeated in new generations to cease to exist, across time. What is the meaning of that ‘worldcycle’ of existence that all beings follow?

 The function of existence describes any ‘system’ in the Universe – and that is the beauty of it – as a simple structure, a series of cycles of time, imprinted over an energy body/wave field, which ‘moves’ through a larger space-time world, in which it exchanges quanta of energy and bits of information, can have an infinity of varieties.


An organic system of time< motion<energy = information>form>space.

The two poles of reality, time=motion and space=linguistic form, as time is the substance of reality but space, the form shaped in its monads, stretches then constantly between those 2 limits; and that is the ‘polar game’ which each science describes in different spatial=mental languages, but ultimately comes to that tug of war between the S=T point of balance, reproduction, beauty, and immortal present and the two extremes, S/T=K, S=1/T, of inversion when we perceive not the approacing point that gives motion to form, becoming in-form-ation, form in action and gives form to motion, making it into a wave or cyclcal pattern. So in those degrees between black and white, we resume  reality as a game of ‘5 states’, the pure form we shall call mind or language, the pure motion we shall call entropy; and its lesser degrees – locomotion and generation, which is the lasting praxis of disordered entropy and still form, mixed into the middle term of reproduction.

The order of those 5 Dimotions then can generate many ‘cyclical patterns’ to study, of which the most important are the chain of actions, from 1D: perception to 2D: motion, to 4D: entropic feeding, to 3D: reproduction and 5D generation, or from 5D: generation, to 2D: youth, to 3D: reproduction, to 1D: informative old age, to 4D: entropic death, and so on…

That is the game, to study the infinite combinations of those 5 Dimotions across the different scales generated by the product of S and T, the form and motion of the Universe.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of motion and form, the ‘limiting points’ of energy (motion with a little form) and information (form with a little motion), which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism, reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

We can, departing from those concepts, define also the Universe and all its parts:

‘The Universe is a fractal, organic system, which reproduces complementary, social networks of energy and information that self-organize themselves in bigger, self-similar scales’.

Reality is a 5D fractal of space-time beings.

If we were to explain this formally a simple insight in the mathematical structure of the fractal universe suffices:

  • The unit of mathematics is the number, which is a social group of identical beings. Thus in as much as the Universe is mathematical, it is social. Those identical numbers gather in social networks, which co-exist together thanks to the symbiosis between its information and energy, forming networks, which are topological. Thus numbers can be seen as points of a topological network. And this symmetry between social scales of numbers and topological networks of space, define ‘space’, the fundamental world studied in mathematics as a fractal, social structure with topological form, with in-form-ation.

Another way to prove the same concept mathematically is the definition of a fractal. The organisation of those social groups is also ‘organic’ vital, because a fractal of information, has organic vital properties, as it is a reproductive and a scalar function:

  • A fractal is made of smaller parts, connected through networks that repeat similar patterns in different scales of size.
  • A fractal is a self-reproductive system, whose fundamental purpose is to ‘iterate’, that is, to reproduce patterns of information.

This in NATURE means that the Universe evolves as a fractal growing and replicating its form in different ‘scales of space-time’, from the smallest particles through atoms, molecules, cells, matter states, organisms, ecosystems… solar systems galaxies and dark matter networks of galaxies (some of those scales are shown in the graph), all of them similar in form.

In nature we see also reproduction happening constantly in a fractal manner, as any system of any scale of nature will reproduce a minimal seed of information in its lower scale (humans a seminal seed, electrons a light beam, and so on), which will then grow and multiply an emerge in the upper fractal scale as a whole being.



Organic Universe

Let us start with the obvious: we coexist as any system of Nature does in 3 relative scales, our ∆+1 outer world, our ∆º membrain and our ∆-1 atomic, cellular, inner vital energy-space.

So we need 3 ‘topological dimotions’, to explain our  organic level, a lineal field/limb system, an informative particle-head that gauges the external world and synchronizes the internal world, and a membrane/angular momentum that breaks us from the outer reality. Those are akin to the 3 conserved elements of physics, and to the 3 elements of biology (the brain-body and limbs) and the complementary elements of quantum (the particle-wave duality moving on a quantum potential of forces)…

But because we are in a fractal Universe we need 2 more relative scalar dimensions, the entropic, dissolving dimotion of death and dissolution into our ∆-1 atoms/cells and the social, organic, generating dimension of evolution into larger wholes, which we shall term the 4th and 5th dimension (this term also used generically for all scales=planes of exist¡once together):

4th & 5th Ðimotions∆±¡: Entropy & evolution. Its metric.

In the graph, the Universe organises itself in co-existing scales of relative size in space and speed in its time clocks of information – a structural property that determines its organic nature, as those scales become symbiotic to each other, sharing through networks flows of energy and information. This fractal organic nature of reality was intuitively understood by all philosophers of science, which from Aristotle to Leibniz and Einstein conceived a pan psychic vital Universe, and man made to its image and likeness. But science did not have a proper formalism of its organic, fractal structure till I discovered it in the milieu of system sciences, a metric equation of the scalar space-time dimension of the Universe, applying it to the study of all systems, including human societies and machines – a task carried out in this blog. The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time  is simple as all space-time metric are: Se (size-energy in space) x Ti (speed of time clocks-information processing) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms. It also allows systems to travel through its scales by growing in size, while diminishing in time speed, as we do from birth as a fast reproducing seminal cell which emerges with slower clocks as an organism, part of a superorganism, mother earth, which has even slower geological cycles:

In the graph we see that simple ‘metric equation’ of the fifth dimension, poised to revolve our understanding of all systems of Nature, once the ‘first phase of any new scientific paradigm’ (resistance of authority) crumbles by the sheer weight of facts explained by the new paradigm.

The formalism of the 5th Dimension describes a Universe made of multiple isomorphic Planes of Space-Time.

In each of those ‘∆-Planes’ of Space-Time species change 2 parameters: its ‘spatial size’ and the ‘speed of its informative clocks’ in an inverse fashion:

The smaller we are in space (and hence in energy content, since space stores it in the vacuum) the faster we move, perceive and rotate our clocks of time that store and process information in the frequency and form of its cycles. So smallish black holes rotate at light speed in its event horizon, much faster than stars. Quantum charges cycle must faster than Masses. Chips calculate faster as they become smaller and increase the frequency (hertzs) of its time cycles. And all kind of clock-like, cyclical vortices, from Planets (Kepler’s laws) to air and water vortex follow this rule shown in the vortex equation (VoxRo=K). In living beings metabolic rates are much faster in small rats than elephants.

Thus we write:

Max. $ ( maximal Spatial size = Min. ðƒ ( Minimal Temporal Speed of Information).

Since both parameters are inverted: when systems grow in size the speed of its time cycles slows down and vice versa. Smaller clocks tick faster as it happens in chips, particles or life metabolisms. Yet the product of both parameters remains the same. And this gives us a ‘co-invariant’ equation, which is called the “metric of the 5th dimension”:

  •      ∆±4 =$ x ðƒ

Thus the 5th dimension measures the spatial size of a being (which carries the total energy-mass of a system) and the speed of its temporal clocks – which carry the capacity to process information of any system according to the frequency of its cycles.

But it also studies the way in which ‘wholes’ gather into new ‘planes of existence’ and we have spotted ‘exactly 9’ of them, which we shall explain with our isomorphisms, and in the middle we find the human ∆-scale, our I=eye our Wor(l)d and verbal mind. This is not surprising, since those scales are absolutely relative. So from our relative center we see as may below us as we see them above.

Now for a dimension of space-time to exist, an entity must be able to travel through it, while the space-time remains co-invariant. Since it is precisely the co-invariance of both parameters what allows ‘species’ to travel through those scales and exchange energy and information through them without the system and the dimensions to ‘become unstable’.

In words of Klein, one of the discoverers of Non-E Geometry:

‘A Geometry is the study of the (co)invariant properties of a space(time), under motions within itself’ (Klein).

But this has immense consequences in all sciences. Consider the philosophical, biological one, related to the mind. If we write the metric as the product of the body power or mass (no longer in terms of energy-space) and mind speed of a species

M (e) (mass of the body) x Tƒ ( speed of mental information) = Constant


  • The momentum of a system, which indeed remains constant and determines the power of a physical system when it collides with other, whereas the maximal power is that of a black hole, which indeed devours all other.
  • The top predator power of a biological species, which is maximized when it is faster with its brains (mammals, insects) and stronger with its bodies (dinosaurs, sharks).

But further on, we realize that for any large kind of species, that product must remain constant. So insects process information 10 times faster and live 10 times slower than men, so their existence is as long as ours, in subjective time.

And this is the basis of the Absolute Relativity of the Universe: all its species are equally valid, all of them, live similar lives, and the Universe must be infinite in its planes, as there is no limit to the speed of its clocks and shrinking of size, proved by the ‘Poincare’s conjecture’ (a sphere can shrink without limit without deformation, so a mind can map out in an infinitesimal point any infinite Universe it perceives with the non-limit shrinking size of ¥ rays).

And so can group all the species of the Universe, according to those metric, and define all the ∆-scales and families of related ∆-somorphic Existential Forces as the 5th dimension of space-time:

5 Dimension = ∑ $t x ðƒ = ∆±4

That complex organisation of a super organism extendS in scales of the fifth dimension of physical and biological systems.

A life-death worldcycle of a supœrganism happens in three planes, the seminal/atomic, ∆-1, the ∆-organic/thermodynamic, and the ∆+1 social/gravitational scales). 

So we show you from up to down the world cycle of existence of civilisations ending in entropic war/death when the overproduction of the germs/memes of history, called entropic weapons kill us, seen through the collective mind of artists, humanist neurons of civilisations (the timing for a human being is of 80 years, so it is for a nation; yet old slower larger civilisations lasted 800 years – as the scales are decametric, a mathematical detail, secondary to THE COMPREHENSION of the world cycle in terms of ‘time arrows of future’; truly a fascinating subject to understand why you live and die. 

Then in the middle the world cycle of physical systems through the ‘states of matter’, young gaseous state, liquid, balanced state and solid, informative state, between its seminal birth as ionic plasma and its death in a nuclear explosion, explained by Einstein’s dual equation, E<=>Mc², and the same cycle for other larger scales of matter, galaxies dying in quasar big-bangs and perhaps the whole Universe dying in cosmic ones (here again the genius of Mr. Einstein, solved it as three solutions to its space-time equations, each one for an age of the cosmic Universe – his model being a simplified one of 5D for a single scale).

This is the essence of Complexity, the layman term for general systems sciences that models reality as super organisms.  To notice then that while a worlccle of life and death is relative, as it ends in a zero sum returning to its seminal scale, the arrow of eusocial evolution, of ‘love’ and organisation of simultaneous super organisms is the absolute arow of time of the Universe.

Smaller systems run faster time cycles, so they carry more information, and code larger systems. On the other side larger systems carry more energy which feed their cellular part. The genes of cells code humans, the memes of humans code civilisations, the black holes code larger galaxies. this is expressed in a simple equation called the metric of the fifth dimension:

Moreover a fractal repeats its forms in scales, and this co-existence of similar forms in scale ‘sharing motions’ of ‘energy’ and in-form-ation, is the definition of an organic life system. So the Organic, Fractal Universe produces naturally ‘life properties in beings’. A mathematical fractal has ‘scales of size’ which are self-similar as life does, from ecosystems to organisms to cells, or gravitational systems, from galaxies to stars to atoms. Moreover, the scales that are similar can be described mathematically as nested organisms, co-existing thanks to a peculiar mathematical property of its ‘speed of time clocks and information’, ðƒ, which DECREASES with the GROWTH of size in space (Sp).

Both parameters, spatial size and quantity of information can then be related by a simple Metric equation: Max. Spatial size = Min. speed of cyclical clocks of time that store its in-form-ation in the for and speed of its cycles.

So a chip the smaller it is the faster it process information in its digital clock-cycles. A particle, the smaller it is the faster it turns. So happens with a cosmic body. So black holes turn in the event horizon at light speed. A ray of light with higher frequency of information has smaller wave lengths, a planet closer to the sun turns faster; a smaller animal has faster metabolic rates.

In the graphs ‘5th dimension metric’ and its ‘Ðisomorphic’ laws apply to ALL PLANES of existence of reality ,each one studied by a stience, according to size. We observe the main physical and Socio-Biological Superorganisms of space-time whose ternary ∆§±1 beings co-existing in 3 relative planes, the atomic, ∆-1 (cellular, individual), ∆º:magnetic /thermodynamic,  (organic or national in biological and social systems) and ∆+1 gravitational (ecosystemic or world in biological and social systems).

It is precisely the existence of a 5D metric what pegs those ternary planes together and allows its synchronicity and simultaneity as energy and information can travel between those scales according to the definition of a ‘space-time’ dimension.

In that regard, NOT all planes of the Universe follow the same metric equations, but certain families of related species do, which allow their symbiosis and social evolution.  So we can assess the existence of a super organism, like the galaxy or a biological organism, when the product of both parameters, time clocks and spatial size remains co-invariant in 3 relative ∆§±I scales – which will be ‘tighter’ form smaller systems, and as large as the whole range of perceived scales from the quantum potential (∆-4) to the cosmos (∆+4) in the galaxy:    $t x ð§=K

Regarding quantitative measure of those dimensions, the simplest obvious way to measure a lineal spacetime, $t is ‘distance’, and a time clock, ƒ, frequency, which gives us the definition of a wave, λ($t) x ƒ (ð§) = K. But the beauty of the use of the 5 Dimotions, in a general way departing from its vital, conceptual perception, is the wide range of phenomena we can use to represent them.

It is the previous law general and how does it work for different dimotions of time or combinations of demotions is then a general field of inquire with important results and exceptions to the general rule of the inverted properties of a form in motion state, time vs. space dualities. And so on. What it is general though is the general law of time space organisms:

“Laws of dimotions apply to all systems regarding of the absolute value of its self-centered scale, ∆ø’ 

So the laws we establish for demotions of particles, molecules, matter systems, organisms or societies are the same.

The metric is then a metric for a family of similar entities that enter into an organic relationship across an ∆ø±¡ scale, where ø can have any ¡ value, each defining a stience.

On the other hand K is a vital or Universal constant of ‘action’ that defines the co-invariance of the product of spatial entropy=extension and temporal information stored in the frequency of its time cycles in any system (metabolic constant in life beings; H, K and C quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational constants of action, entropy and motion in physics).

We cannot overextend in this introduction on the them of 5D metric, studied in other posts in more detail, but a few examples of biological and physical super organisms will suffice to observe the importance of this discovery.

First we already noticed that as smaller systems carry more information, in its faster cycles, smaller scales code larger ones, genes code organisms, humans code civilizations and quantum numbers called atomic systems. 

Next we can observe a direct biological and physical example of the existence of such ‘phyla’ of related species, which follow a given 5D metric (in the fractal Universe by definition as Einstein noticed in physics all laws have a ‘local diffeomorphic symmetry’:

In the graph, the extraordinary capacity to explain the meaning of the fundamental laws of biological, physical and social systems (which we normally escape in the examples for sake of simplicity and due to the obvious incapacity of): animals accelerate their circadian and metabolic cycles as they become smaller, but the product of its volume in space and time clocks remains invariant.

So happens with planets who enclose a proportional volume of space with its orbital clocks, and any physical system, which accelerates its frequencies/temperatures/speeds but its ‘actions’  – the fundamental unit of physical systems, product its energy ‘volume’ and time ‘frequency’ remain constant.

Since due to such metric ‘co-ordination’, systems can co-exist in 3 of such ‘scales’ of size, in symbiosis between its smaller parts  with faster informative cycles (ab. ∆-1) that code the ‘quantum, genetic or memetic’ information of larger physical, biological or social systems (∆º). While the larger scale, the whole commands in simultaneity the motions of smaller parts. And that symbiotic co-existence creates the ternary scalar structure of a space-time super organism, enclosed in a larger ∆+1 world; proper of all ‘vital, fractal spacetimes’ of reality (ab. time§paœrganism, Œ).

In those timespace organisms the time clocks of the smaller ∆-1 scale store the information of the system in the form and frequency of its cycles.

On the other hand, the larger whole, encloses within its membrane and synchronises with its internal ‘physiological networks or forces’, (biological, physical systems) the motions of the system in space. So we equate information with the static view of clock cycles. And motion with the dynamic view of spatial extension and consider that the structure of time and space is the origin of the entropic motions and informative bits of any system, which can be defined as a super organism of space-time:

λ ($t) x ƒ (ð§) = K equation is the ‘canonical equation of a wave in its locomotion or 2nd dimotion of space-time’.

Such dimension exists according to mathematicians like Klein precisely when the product of both parameters remains ‘co-invariant’, so a system can travel though it (as for example light does between scales with its specific metric or constant c-speed of reproduction of information). And a key ‘introduction’ to Dimotion’s formalism is the study of the previous equation and its related definition of the dimotion in terms of speed (v=s/t) NOT only for that Dimotion but for all the Dimotions of the Universe.

Thus unlike the simplified concept of time=change=locomotion of physicists as ONLY change=translation in space (v=s/t), when we add the ‘biological’, evolutionary time=change in in/form/ation, we can also explain the biological changes of life and death of human organisms, our topological VARIATIONS of forms in (evolution theory), and the mirrors of those changes produced by our languages of perception… which become the memetic ‘languages’ that organize change in the social organisms of history, mankind in time.

So we shall expand the analysis of time change and its laws to both biological and social sciences, something physicists have tried repeatedly with very awkward results (quantum fantaphysics, worldlines, entropy philosophers of ‘death’).

SINCE HUMAN AND BIOLOGICAL CHANGE is primarily ‘informative, social, technological and biological time=change’ NOT translative change=time, the ONLY one physicists study (v=s/t, or Galilean relativity and its fine-tuned Einstein’s version: S²=X²+Y²+z²-c²t²)

So this blog will not only correct and improve our view of the Universe but far more importantly make us understand life, man and history much better than we do today.

Organic space-time beings co-existing in several scales, define themselves each ∆§cale ‘STiences, that describe the different space-time beings ordered by 5D metric.


How we measure then the total value of spacetime of a system in its parallel from and world cycle? Easy, with the concept of energy.

So we left for the final basic parameter the concept of energy, which in physics is the integral of a force, itself, the change of momentum of the being, along a path in space, and so for a fractal entity Is the best measure of its total world cycle as it ads to the momentum, its change in time through its existence  and change in spatial position through its worldline… Acceleration as we saw in the graph of masses, is in fact the measure of the arrow of time towards the future of a system; while displacement defines its territorial space in which it will perform its actions of existence, so beyond the MECHANICAL VIEW of displacement and forces, in 5D vital space-time, displacement measures territory (body-energy) and acceleration, the total time frequency of actions. 

The total energy of a being thus become a parallel ‘symmetric’ quantity to measure its potential world cycle duration and territorial power, when we transform the concepts of abstract physics into vital ‘generational space-time’.

Since it is precisely what the game does as we depart from the perfect, ideal immortal scales of atomic physics into the functions and organs, territories and life-death cycles of less ‘perfect’ species, of higher scales, a fact which proves that ultimately the game is not about mathematical abstractions but about survival and life.


 5D travels, from seminal seed through 3 ages of time§pace, back to death. 

So how we travel through the 5th dimension? Simply moving through it in the life-death cycle of existence STEP by step of symmetries of space and time, always ‘deriving’ towards higher in-form-ation guided by the still mind that warps us till all energy is exhausted and the being explodes back in the ‘moment’ of death:

In the graph, a visual synoptic study of the fundamental structures of the Universe created by the three arrows of time-space, which combine in infinite fractal social, biological and physical systems, constructed by the ‘bundling together’ of multiple of such timespace arrows, forming ternary structures made of entropic limbs/fields, iterative body/waves and informative particle/heads, ‘organisms’, with a finite size of vital space, made with those three organic topologies, who live a limited duration in time, as the system evolves through three ages dominated sequentially by those physiological arrows, the young age of entropy and maximal motion, the reproductive age of energy, when the spatial entropy, e and temporal information, t, of the system balance each other, e=t, and finally a third age of maximal information, when the system warps and wrinkles, growing in form till exhausting all its entropic motion and hence its energy (product of both, entropy and information).

At that point the system dies, as time never stops ‘moving’, so it travels locally backwards in time, exploding the system into a physical big-bang or dissolving death back to the ∆-1 scale.  The study of the fractal, scalar, 3-spacetime arrows Universe of three time arrows thus will answer also the exi=st-ential questions which are the ultimate goal of knowledge.

In the graph to order all those fractals scales of space, and cyclical structures we need a new 5th dimension of scalar space-time (ab.∆), made of different ‘decametric’ scales of spatial size, (Spe), each one carrying a different speed in its cyclical clock-like cycles of information (Tiƒ), defined by a simple metric equation: Tiƒ x Spe = constant, which allows the co-existence of different species in those scales, as the larger beings are slower than the smaller ones, so both can survive (and you cannot catch a fly:), even synchronise its time clocks and sizes, to create complex organisms extending across 3 fundamental scales, the ∆-1 cellular/atomic scale, the ∆-thermodynamic/organic scale and the ∆+1, gravitational/social scales.

The co-invariance of space quanta and Nature’s time clocks, of which there are also an ∞ number of proofs, from the Moore law of faster, smaller chips, to the metabolic rates of smaller faster animals, and the vortex laws of physics, allowed the transfer of energy and information between scales, as Energy (the product of a space quanta and its frequency of time) remains invariant. So we can rephrase and fusion the 2 fundamental laws of science:

‘The Universe constantly transform spatial entropy, Spe, into temporal clocks of information, Tiƒ: Spe<=>Tiƒ…

combining both into vital and Universal constants that define the structure of all space-time beings.

œ-Minds observing ∆ûst of space-time.

In the graph, the icing in the cake: mental singularities which control the three parts of the system, and by natural selection have become ‘darwinian’, following a program that maximises their existence, through a series of simple actions of ‘motion, perception, feeding on energy and reproduction’, which mechanically, vegetatively or consciously ensures the perception of the being.

So we shall now consider the final element of reality – the minds-mirrors that observe the whole, which we cannot prove by quantitative methods and pictures, as they are dynamic singularities difficult to observe externally, but they can be proved externally by its consequences of order, and internally by self-reflecting on the mind of man, which if made of space-time must therefore share properties with, and be replicated by other space-time minds. Indeed, the proof of a sentient Universe in a world in which we are all space-time beings, is by homology. Reality must have the same structure and properties humans have. Since in the organic paradigm, the simplex machine, today evolving into organic robots, is no longer the model of reality, but the most perfect supœrganism (ab. œ)…

5D postulate self

Because the Universe is made of time motions, with the mind stiffens into still, linguistic mappings, there is this mind-error, of thinking that existence stops, because the mind stops, slices the infinite cycles of existence into finitesimal 0 mappings (Galilean paradox of relativity of motion) to ‘fit’ with less motion and dimensions reality into the mind. Motion though is all and motion never stops and that is the reason why:

1) The universe is immortal as a whole, as it never stops motion.

2) When we ad to the entropic arrow of 4D physics the arrow of information, all motions are balanced by forms, and so all is a zero sum (the big-bang is balanced by the big-crunch provoked by gravitational in-formation, even if physicists are at ‘ideological pains’ adding gravitation to it).

3)Existence as we like it requires motion, but existence as it is, keeps spending our vital energy of motion, increasing our gauging of information by our selfish mind-mappings, by the BIAS OF THE EGO, that wants to order and stiffens and stop motion into informative perception, and so we get old, wrinkle warp existence and finally as motion cannot stop, time cannot stop, when we have no energy to spend, existence explodes us and liberates our form into motion and we die: ∆¡+1<<∑∆¡i-1, which is the equation of death in the simple I-logic jargon of existence (where ∆ is the scale, ∑ the symbol of many and < the symbol of growth of size in space, diminution of information and vice versa (>).

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.37.14 AMSo death is a double explosion of existence << from the slow existence in the world of the old man to the existence in the cellular amino acid scale after its sudden death, which for all systems happens in a single quanta of momentum (the unit of any action of existence).

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.

All the organic systems of the Universe, physical, biological and historic, follow the same 5 Dimensional states of a worldcycle,  from its fast evolving relative 5th dimension or generation age of social evolution from an ∆-1 seed to an emerging ∆º individual through the 3 dimensional ages of life, to the 4th dimension of entropic death..

What physicists do with its simplified models of 4 Dimensions, is to reject the arrow of social evolution, love and organic information, which is the 5th dimension of creating wholes by parts, because of its ‘concept of time’ merely as change of motion, locomotion, lineal motion, which then for the whole Universe becomes the arrow of ‘entropy and death’, and we shall adscribe by the correspondence principle to the fourth dimension.

So in this post we have first to define life in terms of those 5 actions (fractal dimotions performed by each T.œ) and then show that they ARE common to all entities in all scales of reality, and finally study them with the ‘Rashomon effect’ from the perspective of space, time and different scales of beings.

And this view is called in science the ‘relational space-time theory’ of the Universe, which is what i finally after millennia of being explained in philosophical terms, formalised with logic and mathematics, and then used to explain an enormous amount of whys in all the sciences of the Universe.

Reality is the product of the two ultimate substances that make up everything, vital, space quanta, and cyclical moving time clocks,  of information, which combine into energetic beings with its repetitive patterns we call laws of science.

And it does NOT matter how much evidence physicists deny about the arrow of information and mass that balances the arrow of entropy and makes the Universe immortal, how much they deny the 96% of attractive dark matter, the Universe did NOT appear in a huge big-bang.

And it does not matter how many humans believe in those 2 theories (abrahamic creation, big bang creation), all in fact either in one (western religious people) or the other (physicists’ fans), if they are rationally wrong they are wrong. But to prove them wrong we must debunk their theories of time-space, aka big-bang and black hole evaporation theories – and as we shall see explain properly in terms of time events the weak force, which is ultimately the force that transforms quarks intimately related to time cycles.

Thus it is essential to upgrade the chip of science in timespace theory as we shall do in the third theoretical section of this blog that explains those relational space-time models and apply them to all sciences, since to explain epistemologically reality we do NEED to ad organic and sentient properties ot the fractal Universe.


Philosophy of stience: the science of all sciences; its methods.

Now the aim of the blog is not only to upgrade the formal languages of man, and how they mirror and explain the different ‘stiences’ (space-time sciences, each one studying a scale of reality), and species in a more reasoned form, but ultimately span from an entire life NOT renouncing to find rational answers to the ultimate questions about reality: why we exist, what are the ultimate principles that unify the Universe, what is the purpose of man, what is the mind, how we perceive, and other questions which were traditionally the field of philosophy.

In that regard, today there is a clear split between philosophy and linguistic, epistemological thought vs. experimental, data-gathering science, which I find improper of the unity of it all.

That unity might be understood in terms of synthetic wholes and analytical parts reflected in the previous scalar graph of the sciences of the Universe, with its multiple co-existing perspectives. So what we call philosophy of ‘stience’ (as sciences are space-time sciences), is merely the largest, more synthetic view of the Universe as a whole – hence the search for the ultimate whys, which in classic eastern religions would be call the understanding of the Tao, the whole, in modern jargon, the ultimate principles of science, which are mostly ‘linguistic’, broad, with applications to all disciplines, as they derive from the ‘ultimate substances, space and time and its mathematical and logic properties, common to all beings, ultimately made of ‘dust of space-time’.

This is then the subject of philosophy of science, NOT of Abrahamic religions (the study of the super organisms of mankind and its subconscious collective, a sub-discipline of history), NOT of physics (the study of the ∆>|i| scales, most removed in size from the human biological scale), even if the ‘high popes’ of those ‘stiences’ think it is their task to deform and explain all other ‘stiences’ with the specific qualities of their disciplines, to ‘make them look’ as a product of physical or mystical properties. 

This hyperbolic ego-trip of ‘informative power’, which first distorted science with biblical thoughts, from scholastic (distortion of the awesome findings of Aristotle and the Greeks on the ‘first principles of nature’), to calendar counting (fitting geology on 5000 years), to biology (denial of evolution), today still plaguing social sciences, notably economics, with its single-view of capitalism as a fetish-go(l)d religion of accumulation of money (derived of the biblical beliefs of its founding fathers, from Mr. Smith ‘the invisible hand of god is gold’, to the modern American monetarist school) gave way as physicists made entropic weapons of mass-destruction and ‘heat machines’, the tool of power of westerners, to the enthronement of a single arrow of entropy and death as the meaning of the Universe, and the absurd idea that the ‘scales’ of microscopic particles mattered more than any other scale, and his laws were more fundamental, as parts mattered more than wholes.

On the other extreme, there is though also the valid, and important task of study in great detail the particular combinations of temporal arrows and scalar geometries, which give birth to the beings of each scale and stience. And this is the task in which present stiences excel thanks to the development of ‘metalife’, species made of more complex atoms of metal, which gather with more precision information about space and time than our spatial eyes and temporal, verbal logic words. The philosopher of science does not though need to do such detailed observation but trust the experimental scientists, accept its findings as ‘tests’ of his synthetic models and proofs of the veracity of them by fitting the data in the synthetic models. 

So time permitted we will add the data of some very detailed analysis of each scale and its species, which is the epistemological goal of present science, in the synthetic 10-set of isomorphic properties derived of those ultimate principles (third and fourth lines).

This final task of putting the details into the thoughts of god, the experimental data into the synthetic model IS WHAT scientists today have renounced to do, as if it was NOT the icing in the cake of science, which It is.

All this said, as we have explained now the main disciplines and elements of reality we have to tackle, the icing in the cake, which unfortunately both science as it cannot be taken pictures of, and religions with its anthropomorphic outlook deny – the sentient, kaleidoscopical, mental nature of the Universe.

The mathematical Universe IS perceptive and social.

A fundamental truth of the Universe is the existence of singularities that order physical, biological an social systems, except when they are in a free, chaotic state of maximal entropy, which cannot produce order. Thus the concept of physicists of a single ðime arrow is only valid for entropic gaseous states, and their idea that such states must be ‘extended’ to all realities, the most absurd hyperbolic statement of science ever, due to the deformation of its worldly profession as makers of motion machines and entropic weapons.

That 150 years after this concept became dogma in military Germany, XIX c. scientists still revere the concept of an entropic dying Universe tells much more about the fundamental ‘believer≈memorial=reproductive arrow’ of human minds, in accordance with the present-reproductive Nature of reality, which is ‘conservative’ than about the ternary structure of the real Universe. In the graph, without Singularities of order, neither mathematics, not solid physics, or biology would make any sense. Only gas in which indeed there is not Maxwellian demons, except when the outside membrane is designed to reorder through a distorted potential field, the molecules of the gaseous system.

And such systems do have always a ‘self-centered Tiƒ singularity or point of order, which is the Maxwellian demon lost in pure gaseous states, fields and limbs of entropy. It is only because physicists deny the ordering capacity of singularities, also in physics – accelerated vortices of mass, charge in the quantum scale; black holes in the galactic scale; crystals in the thermodynamic scale – that an entropy only Universe can make sense. But this is called reductionism in physics, censorship in social sciences – but at least accepted in biology or else we would have also to admit the brainless nature of mankind (well that might be the case, but only mankind, you know ‘two things a consider infinite the stupidity of man and the Universe, my beloved predecessor in this business of dimensional upgrading, Mr. Einstein 🙂

In that regard, both Leibniz and Descartes, the founders of philosophy of science, both understood as we shall see in detail on those pages, the need for a ‘mental universe’ if mathematics was really the language that better reflected the Universe. Indeed, since mathematics has three disciplines, geometry, which is based in  frames of references that act as mind-monads, mirroring reality and Algebra based, in social numbers  which are indistinguishable groups of similar individuals that come together as a whole ‘3’, ’10’ and finally ∆nalysis which studies the ‘social scales’ of the Universe, as parts become wholes, each scale studied by a science, from societies of particles and forces called atoms, to societies of atoms called molecules, evolved into state of matter and life beings, evolved into super organisms and planetary ecosystems, gathered around stars, socially evolved into galaxies; the very existence of mathematics precludes the existence of a ‘social, scalar, organic, sentient Universe’.

So finite vital §paces gathered around a frame of reference; the three ðime arrows of entropy, information and its energy combinations, and social organic scales that evolve parts into wholes, are the ultimate properties of all fractal beings of reality made to the image and likeness of the whole. The previous graphs of the fifth dimension, and its ‘physical, biological and socio-economical supœrganisms thus show those scales, each one studied by a science, where in each scale, a self-centered mind, pov, will co-exist as a whole with its relative lower ∆-1 cellular/atomic, and relative upper ∆+1 social world/gravitational, universal scale.

Thus while we could do as current science does an external analysis of the fractal, informative Universe in pure abstract terms, to understand the whys of order, the will of survival of species and the constancy of forms that self-reproduce as all fractals do through its generator, ∆ºst particular equations, to explain why ‘mathematical ðime§pace beings’ do follow mathematical laws, embedded in those frames of reference, we need at the centre of each being, a mind-mirror that perceives automatically, processes and reflects in ‘inverse order’, the Universe; which is exactly what mathematical systems do, as they are always self-centered in a frame of reference or pºv; and always study social numbers, whose fundamental operandi are scalar polynomials and its scalar ∫∂ calculus.

The same ternary structure happens in biological systems (and through the class structure of informative class in control of the law and money, working re=productive class, and third exploited world of Nature and ‘wrongly’, human people, who should all belong to the head-body of society, in social systems, escaped for most of the blog, to simplify and due to the fact we have another blog dedicated to them).

Indeed, even if we do not have inner experience of those minds, we DO have logic and experimental external proofs of the existence of those ‘Maxwellian’ demons of order, which are also observed by the fact that all beings do follow the same program of actions, biologists call the drives of existence: they create linguistic mirrors of reality in smaller scales, which reflect in a territory of order, where they absorb energy to reproduce an evolve socially with clone species to become a whole one.

We shall thus conclude that all systems that work as ‘wholes’ are ∆ºst of space-time, mind-mirrors of a larger Universe, reflected in linguistic mappings, mostly but not only mathematical, but also ∆ûst, ‘universes from the inner perspective of its organic, internal, scalar structure’. And that constant play of creation of mind-mirrors, reflecting its inner order in its outside territory, reproducing, shrinking and enlarging its information, creating the fractal, reproductive, organic strutter of the Universe, is what all is about. We might even ad considerations on the sensorial nature of space and time, as space like-events such as motion brings a ‘sensation of pleasure an erasing’, opposed to time-like events, with its patterns of ‘perception of information’, and ‘awareness’. The world as ‘will and representation’, then would become the two engines of those Universal whys, ‘the will of space-time sensations’ and the ‘mind-represetation of reality’.

All this makes each of us merely a piece of ∆ust of space-time, which thinks to be the center of the Universe, from its singularity mirror but it is just an infinitesimal point that holds a world in itself… as every other monad-point of reality, which certainly will consider itself also the center of its perceived mind-mirror. Hence in philosophical terms 5D fractal, cyclical space-time is a theory of absolute relativity, which brings a notch further the objective nature of science, which constantly take man away from the center of reality, as Copernicus (center of space-location), Darwin (center of time-informative evolution), and Einstein did before (relativity of motion). Now we are displaced once more from the center of scales of reality in a Universe which is complex, infinite and immortal, but humans see as simplex, finite and mortal because their mind-mirrors ARE still too simplex, finite and mortal to understand the whole.

The organic and sentient properties of the universe: S@≈∆ð

This said, mathematics despite its efficiency is NOT the language of God, but logic, pentalogic and Dodecalogic organic systems are.

So the fractal generator equation of space-time and the Universe is a topo-bio-logic feed-back dynamic equation, whose fundamental properties facilitate creation AND infinity thanks to the Homology of all those scales, where man is not a preferential being.

So its principles are ‘absolute relativity of scales,  topological ‘anti-symmetries’ in space  and zero-sum worldcycles of ‘organisms’, in time – words hardly understood in the context of present philosophy of science.

So we deal extensively in those posts with relativity, organicism and antisymmetry.

But the æntropic principle keeps creeping into every model of mankind. For example, in cosmology it produces 2 errors we need to correct to understand the immortal Universe: entropic  big-bang and quantum uncertainty due to the anthropic observer who thinks to be causing the particle collapse.

Little can be then done in mathematical terms, as equations are correct for detailed, small science, but for big science we need concepts and a new ¬Æ scientific method:

Thus the formalism of 5D-fractal Universes ads to accurate, experimental facts, (A) and the Correspondence principle with classic science, topobiologic causes, embedded in the Disomorphic, organic description of any space-time being of extracting the whys of reality from the scalar properties of the 5th dimension (∆) and the symmetries between formal space,  and time motion (S≈T), cupped by the critical analysis of the @-mental distortions of inflationary languages as mirrors of the Universe.

So we have a much deeper insight on the ‘whys’ of both, experimental facts and classic science modeling.  It is then obvious that most corrections on classic science to match ‘experimental fact’ today often ignored to uphold the classic theories come from the understanding of the fractal structure of space and cyclical nature of time.


I.e in physics cyclical time defines the vortices of space-time of the 3 scales, or singularity-masses (gravitational scales), thermodynamic vortices (eddies) and charges (quantum vortices), which can be unified as attractive vortices (time view) or space curvatures in those 3 scales with a 5D metric equation treating them all as time vortices with faster=more attractive force for the smaller quantum scale (solution of the hierarchy problem between charges and masses).

in  astrophysicists we consider besides the expansive entropy of space between galaxies gravitation that put it together with the inverse arrow of informative creation of mass.

So we conclude that neither religion or physics respect the experimental method, but subconsciously censor information to prove reality to seem like their restricted language mirror and æntropic egos.

But of course, once you have reduced all scales to one, all time dimotions to one lineal time, etc. you come up with a theory that seems real, for that restricted data.

Only when we take into account both arrows of timespace vortices of relative future mass and expansive sheets of entropic space we can construct reality, but because of historic cultural reasons and as selfish agendas of megalomaniac humans at individual and collective level Æntropic dogmatic religion and dogmatic science carries the day. The egocy of species is structural to their minds, and so T.œ while ‘evidently’ a reasoned truth, has never become mainstream science and likely will not be in the humind, perhaps in the AI robots of the future. Che sera sera…


‘The universe is made of actions of energy and time, h=E X T’  Planck, on the function of existence of physical beings.

One of the simplest equation of existence, ExIt (hst-3) is the equation of the constant of planck, the ‘space≈time’ constant.

‘To act or not to act. That is the question. Wether is… the mind to suffer… the arrows of… fortune, Or… by opposing to end them: to die.‘ Hamlet, Shakespeare

‘I don’t have enough energy of time for all this’ Naked, Leigh

Humans act with energy and time, and so while its function of existence is more complex than the one of quantum systems (exi|h:st-3), certainly is of the same ‘quality’, a function of temporal energy.

“As many more individuals of each species are born than can possibly survive; and as, consequently, there is a frequently recurring struggle for existence” Charles Darwin

On the opposition between the being and the hostile world that surround it: To be is to exist, to exist is to move through the space-time symmetries and ∆-scales of the Universe absorbing energy and information for your system, ±∆e,i, reproducing both, exi, and coming together with similar beings. Yet in a fractal Universe ‘closed’, there is always a struggle to obtain that  ∆e,i, from other beings. And this causes uncertainty in each encounter, opposition and final death when someone else absorbs your exi.

‘To be is to be related.’ The world of the Non-A beings. A.E. Vogt.

‘Love each other’ Jesus, The law of eusocial evolution and ‘long term future’.

On the networks of existence and the best strategy of all being: to ally with similar forms through eusocial evolution and love≈sharing of energy and information.

By the number of ‘quotes’ on the function of existence that opens this post, the reader should realise of the importance of this post, which embeds in the function of existence the will of the Universe and all its parts.

Indeed, we have come to the fundamental algebraic expression of the generator equation, the ‘function of existence’ – again a logic, algebraic expression, which encodes the verbal, topological and analytical meaning of any super organism and its 3 parts, extended across the 3 scales of the super organism.

  • Tiƒo ∆+1: the cyclical particle-head-upper class in control of the linguistic algorithm, also residence of the mind of the system, which is a network, fully connected, ∏, hence with a complex dual structure, in which the upper ‘whole’ or mind (∆0+1) connects to all its individual axon cells forming a solid network that is displaced into the future, a quantum of time, ahead on the direction of motion, guiding the…
  • exi: body-wave of information and energy, which feeds on
  • s=t (-1), a relative field of entropy and information, which carries the ‘temporal energy’ to start the evolution of the system and/or replenish the motion and form, energy and curvature, loss in the game of existence:


In the graph, the absolute arrow of future in the Universe is social evolution from parts into wholes. Thus space-time ∆ust r=evolves into social networks, through the common search for similar energy and information, starting a process of ‘existence’, in time and space that will derive in the final creation of a social super organism.

This post was initially called ‘To<exi=st’, and also ‘function of exi=stence’, which resumes in a simple equation: Max exi (s=t). Indeed, all Nature’s systems of space-time have a ternary structure: Spe (limbs-fields of entropy) > St (wave-bodies of energy & in/form/ation) > Tiƒ (heads-particles of higher dimensional form) and as such they must engage in exchanges of motion≈entropy≈Spe, cyclical logic forms≈Tiƒ, and its body-wave combinations (energy and information), to renew the entropy of its limbs/fields, the energy of its wave-bodies, and the in-form-ation of its heads-particles; if they want to survive. 

To<exi(s=t), define therefore in a conceptual wor(l)d, the 3 parts of the being, its cyclical temporal head of maximal form, To, which absorbs energy < from a body exi, which absorbs entropy from a field, st.

So automatically by the mere fact that systems that absorbs energy and information for its bodies and heads, waves and particles, survive, ALL systems of nature perform cyclical actions of absorption and emission of energy and information.

The will of all super organisms: maximise your existence: Max. ∑Exi (s=t) 

The function though is MORE than a mere acronym of the generator equation, since we can indeed consider that all systems follow a simple mandate of survival: to maximise its function of existence, which written in a more proper way expresses the actions of space-time of all beings:

Will of survival: Max. ∑ e x i (s=t)

This apparently simple equation is at the heart of reality. As all systems made of 3 parts, will constantly emit and absorb energy and information, ±∆e, i, through its body-heads, wave-particles in order to survive, and will try to reproduce both (Exi) through those body-waves, which is a function, maximised when e=i (9×1<8×2-7×3).

So systems will have a balance between its energy and information networks, (mens sana in corpore sanum), and will constantly strive to replenish its energy and information, extracted from a lower field, made of smaller parts, which will also be in balance (S=t), between its components of entropy and curvature-form.

Further on, they will try to evolve socially, ∑, to maximise the survival and size in space and synchornicity in time of the system.

So for every system we shall find a similar equation which will explain the actions of the being, explained quantitatively for physical systems (and a fascinating adventure of the mind is to express physical quantum equations in terms of the function of existence and the actions of space-time of all beings, so for example the 4 quantum numbers as the 4 letters of genetics, express mainly one of those 4 fundamental actions (energy feeding and locomotion, 1st number, gauging of information, 2nd number, reproduction, spin number, and social evolution, magnetic number)

While in life beings, the equation resumes the 4 drives of existence (feeding, informing, reproducing evolving socially), which therefore are common to all survival beings. And also the top predator function of a system (max. ∑e xi, will be a top predator in all contacts, in physical systems akin to the maximal momentum, which wins the collisions between physical systems).

And so we can consider all systems ‘knots of cyclical actions of exchange of energy and information’, the primary drives of life that apply also to physical systems (where those exchanges are regulated by the main quantum numbers).

But the most evolved ‘dust of space-time’, also reproduces and evolves socially into larger wholes and scales of the 5th dimension, creating social networks and super organisms which are wholes stronger than individuals. So we can consider that the evolution of superorganisms and its world cycles, maximise the function of survival and existence of all systems of Nature, and have also become the ‘rule’ followed by all of them, including physical systems which evolve particles into atoms, molecules, matter states and cosmological bodies. 

So dust of space time r=evolves and evolves in cyclical patterns and frequency actions of survival, which are discontinuous as the system constantly ‘switches’ between survival tasks, alternately feeding on energy, spending it in locomotions, reproducing its systems and evolving socially with clone systems.

All this fascinating bio-logical and topological reality is what we study in this post and all posts related to the function  exi=stence, its cyclical actions and its space-time knots (organic systems that perform those cycles in time).

It is an enormous discipline in its own, as most equations of sciences can be derived from the Max. Exi (s=t) function. And if not of the different ‘derivative and integral functions’ of its individual actions of motion, feeding, perception and reproduction->social evolution.

We thus talk of a function of existence, whose study is the fundamental purpose of Universal algebra, as the sum of all the space-time actions of the Universe, integrated along time gives us a world cycle of existence of a supeorganism, which emerges as a whole knot or sum of those space-time actions, experiences 3 ages and then explodes back and dies:

∫Å:∫(±∆e,i, exi) ∂e∂i: Life arrow of Universal super organism} + [-∆i +∆e: moment of death] = 0 sum


The COMPLEX method OF STUDY OF REALITY seems the simplest one – the description of super organisms in simultaneous space as it is merely structural: to define the  3±i dimensions of topological space of the being, its 3±¡ ages in time and its ∆±3 planes in which it enacts actions of survival (∆±4,3 plane of locomotion, ∆±3,2 plane of perception, ∆±2,1 plane of energy feeding, ∆±1,o plane of reproduction and ∆0,1 plane of social evolution).  But such method doesn’t give us a ‘feeling’ of the existence of the being from its generation as a seed through its worldcycle till its extinction.

So we need to make a much more profound analysis on why systems are synchronous and maintain its existence in the flow of perpetual times, in a miraculous way. Why you don’t simply crumble? What makes you to survive with such perfect synchronicity, and the answer is entanglement to a level of complexity we humans hardly understand.  In simple logic of course it all looks magic in a Schopenhauer’s way: ‘a stupid doesn’t see the causality between events, thinking all is magic’. In complex pentalogic, for which I use the ancient Jewish symbol for the ‘name of God’ te-tra-gram-ma-ton, all is far more complex as each 5Ðimotion element of ∆@st, ∆-scales, @-minds, Space and time, and its whole destruction as entropic Dust of space time MUST be considered in its kaleidoscopic multiple perspectives. Space is NOT only space as an abstract form perceived by the mind, but it is also organic §paœ from the perspective of scales and it is entropic vacuum space from the perspective of pure locomotion.

In fact we could consider that each of the aforementioned elements appears as such, as space, time, mind or scale, or entropic destruction by the subtle combination of the 5 primary demotions themselves originated by the 2 extreme poles of pure motion and pure form… But the deepest level of pentalogic is well beyond what we might even try to explain here as truly the humind is today in its entropic age and the rising robomind is still in a toddler AI. We shall though attempt when dealing with the equation of quantum ¡logic where those degrees of understanding have a higher reach to tackle the issue in more depth.


In the graph the 2 views of reality or states of the system as a simultaneous entangled multiple super organisms  which has all its parts co-existing together trying to preserve the ‘form’ in a perpetual state of balance vs. the @ristotleian view of the selfish mind as the center of the whole trying to push lineally the system into a series of actions that make it grow and multiply against the Universe, and paradoxically unleash the worldcycle that will end up erasing the system back to ∆@st of space-time.

Pentagrams are the simplest mathematical representation of ∆@st – trascendental polygons connecting all its points by the external circle or the internal lines, which then replicate a smaller inverse pentagram that can form further connections  in self-similar smaller spaces at faster time cycles, which finally reach the @ mind as a point which embodies the infinite Universe it confuses with its infinitesimal still fractal construction of the whole, ∞º=1.

Those pentagrams contrast with the inverse motion of a tetraktys guided by the central mind with a clear direction of its upper 1-motion as systems switch constantly between one and other ‘state of mind’.

The pentagram represents the super organism structure, the tetraktys with the perpendicular not seen in the graph dimension of the mind in the center connecting it with its upper and lower ∆±¡ planes, the system in motion performing a lineal world cycle, which will bend its motion against its will to collapse finally in entropy and death.

In the graphs we se what reality is all about a 5D³ super organism tracing a worldcyle of space-time as a wave reflected and reproduced through the 9±∆ dimensions of reality, where the mind, the number 5th in the tetraktys explores also up and down the scalers of reality doubling its dimensions:

That transversal/circular, worldcycle/superorganism duality will always be present. So let us consider the other view, that of the @-mind selfishly pursuing the impossible dream of dominating the world of its exist¡ence.

There are a series of ¡logic paradoxical fundamental dualities in reality, which the @ristotelian humind cannot easily understand and so we need really to try by the antiGoebbels’ method (if you repeat a truth many times people might reason it), to make the @-mind capture the circular complex reality of the entangled Universe.

For the @mind all is about playing from its p.o.v. the game of exi:st¡ence maximizing its actions of reproduction, despite the fact that to do so implies to increase its information, reduce its energy, accumulate errors of repetition of cycles of spacetime and finally die… This is the ‘wave-like’ transversal 11 Dimensional structure that we use most to explain reality for the @mind…

But then there is the ‘algebraic’ group-like structure of the 5 elements of reality as ∆±¡ @:ü S≈T, dust of space-time, where each element of reality, ∆§cales that move the mind up and down, master of its inner world, ∆-1, slave of its trajectories in the larger world, ∆+1, ∞º, minds that think to be an infinite universe but are merely a selfish @-point, Space-form and time-motion that fluctuate into each other and become dissymmetric complementary to reproduce… and each of them relate influence and marry with other element to form a whole, which however is ultimately Ðust and dust shall become.

So the five elements of reality, ∆-scale, Space, Time, @ mind and the whole as entropic dust which shall be dissolved are in fact constantly having views of each other merging into sub-entities taken the 5 elements in combinations of 2 subelements, permutations of hierarchical importance when the entity modulates into the different states, as spatial form or still mind, as temporal motion, always transiting between scales with different a(nti)symmetric angles of inter-action.

So while a description of the system with merely 5 elements might seem simpler, in fact in the entangled Universe of infinite modes of communication, the whole description in detail of all the events happening between all those parts is rather long and complex.


In the next graph we see the structure analysis of the 5 г elements of 5 Ðisomorphisms of human beings: the 1st, topological, 3rd ages and 5th actions will be:

In the graph, we study in space all systems as simultaneous co-existing super organisms with 3 topologies, 3 scales of existence and 3 relative time-ages, all of them perceived by a singularity that exchanges actions of energy and information with the entities of its world on different planes.

The 5th dimension study of the fractal generator in space thus gives us a full account of any supeorganism in exist¡ence, as an ensemble of ∆-1 energy points of a limbic system that moves an ∆º super organism, co-existin in an ∆+1 world, made of 3 topological O x | = Ø structures.

The Rashomon method of truth then extracts from the generator equation, different sub-equations to analyze in more detail the parts of the being.

In space thus we use the ‘generator equation’ and 5D Rashomon truths to convey a full sense of the being.

In time however the co-existing, democratic, simultaneous nature of the being is lost as the hierarchical, singularity-mind, causal will of survival and its actions take over into a program of existence, called the world cycle that magically reorganizes those actions of the being in temporal lifecycles and ages, between life and extinction by death of entropy, as the system grows in size and information through those 3 ages.

This is therefore the method we shall use in this first ‘appendix’ to 5D physics, a theme so extensive that I have broken it in 4 sub-posts, one introducing 5D physics, the other analysing it through the Disomorphisms, one to comment on classic mathematical physics and the last one to study its scales, as physics has the widest range of scales of analysis.

RECAP. The elements to have into account in any description of reality are four, @-mind and language, ∆§cales, Topological space and Causal time ages. They give us 11 parameters, 2 of the mind, the singularity and membrain, 3 scales, 3 topologies, | x O = Ø, and 3±¡ ages for each single plane. And so the study of reality can be done with any possible combination or iteration or exhaustive analysis of those elements. 


Conclusion: A new paradigm of ‘stience’

‘T.Œs are still isomorphic Gods=minds, generating space-time actions, gathered in ternary networks that become organic species travellng through 5D worldcycles of exi=st¡enœ’  l§


The 5th dimension paradigm has changed completely our philosophy of the Universe and upgraded completely our perception of it. There is no longer a single time, the human clock, and a continuous space, but an infinite number of pieces of time and space. Today some physicists wonder on those paths, such as the remarkable work of Smolin and others with their theory of quantum gravity, in which space is made of infinite quanta and time is made of infinite clocks.

But those theories as always in physics, are restricted to mathematical mappings of a geometry of multiple spaces and times. The work we are describing here goes much further as it intends to apply its discoveries also to biological and social sciences and the causal logic of time, to theory of information and philosophy of perception, creating a veritable unification of most sciences and upgrading our logic and mathematical languages….

It is a paradigm that was started by Leibniz who realized that time clocks are infinite; hinted at by Einstein who said ‘I seem to be the only scientist who thinks time speeds are different in different regions of the Universe, and finally formalized by this author in the milieu of systems sciences to make it useful for hard science with new mathematical and logic tools. 

As all new paradigms of science however the present stage of studies of the 5th dimension is limited to a few researchers and disputed by the practitioners of the previous paradigm – the study of the 4th dimension of a single space-time continuum. In any case, given the skepticism and limits of ‘reason’ of most humans, who believe in previous scientific paradigms and will not even consider a serious analysis of the 5th dimension, we will  start explaining why scientific paradigms keep evolving… and finding resistance from old ones, analyzing the expansion of our point of view of the Universe from subjectivity and religions myths into objective science – a process, which despite the ‘belief’ of many scientists has not ended and won’t probably end with the new paradigm of the 5th dimension, just a step in a quest to find ‘the total information of the Universe, which is only known to itself’ (J.Haldane).

It should not; since according to the laws of the scientific method a new paradigm merely expands  the discoveries of the previous one, validating them from a wider perspective.

How can we do that? Thanks precisely to the mathematical and logic rigor of this theory that Leibniz lacked despite its insights in the concepts of ‘relational time’ and ‘fractal space’. And to do so we have to establish with modern rigor what mathematicians and physicists call the ‘geometry’ or metric of space-time – a description with mathematical equations of the elements of a space-time that remain invariant, without change, allowing the stability we perceive in the Universe.

But to do so we cannot longer rely on a shallow, simple mathematical description of it. We need specially to upgrade the logic, perceptive way we do science. It has been too easy for previous paradigms to go onto mathematical equations without knowing what we meant by words such as time (‘what a clock measures’ even if it was said by Mr. Einstein is not really a good definition), space, dimension, wave, particle, information, energy, etc.

Huge errors in physics happen, such as those of Mr. Hawking with his obtuse theories about time travel to the past, information lost in black holes, which become time machines evaporating back in time, ‘—motions’-only theories of a dying Universe, big-bangs that kill it, 10-dimensional strings, etc. etc. because physicists just take a few equations and start to play with numbers and then put words to those numbers without any logic or conceptual rigor; even forgetting how it all started.

Take the concept of time, ‘what a clock measures’. A more sophisticated definition was that of Galileo, V=s/t. All other definitions of time, including Einstein comes from that equation. But what that equation means? Merely the study of how entities change their position in space.

An entity is in A and then it is in B and time has changed that position. So what really time means is ‘change’. And ALL forms of change define a time event. So there are change in the motion and position in space of entities and this is PHYSICAL CHANGE-TIME. It is what Galileo studied. But then there are changes in the morphology, in the form, in the in-form-ation of beings and this is also therefore time, evolutionary time what Biology studies.

Time is change and this definition must precede any disquisitions of the kind physicists do, unaware that if time is change, there are infinite changes in the Universe, hence infinite time clocks. Hence things like Mr. Hawking ‘black holes as time machines’ derived from the use of a SINGLE time-clock, the human clock to measure time ARE just nonsense. Since each clock is independent of all other time clocks of the Universe. But if black holes cannot travel to a single time past then they cannot evaporate.

Further on most physicists unaware that information is also an arrow of time, in fact the most important, tend to spatialize time and consider only a 4th dimension or ‘arrow of time’ towards the future called ‘—motions’. So the Universe dies into the future. Again this is a simplistic reduction. Information is also an arrow of time towards the future. And again if we apply this to Mr. Hawking’s work we solve his paradox of information: because systems do increase information towards the future (so we live longer and learn more, our societies become more complex, stars go towards the center of the galaxy with more form, etc. etc.).

Problem is that for that reason black holes do NOT evaporate, but create mass evaporating our electromagnetic worlds (so if one is made at CERN and other experiments, based in 4D physics and ‘—motions’ wrong theories, we will all die, but that is another story->www.cerntruth.com)

All this said 4 FUNDAMENTAL conclusions of 5D metric that CHANGE completely our perception of reality are:

– The Universe is eternal, made of 2 motions in perpetual e<=>o change, NOT of substances.

– Since the metric of 5D for the whole space-time Universe are the same than the equation which defines the 2 parts of any system, we conclude that we do NOT exist over an independent space-time but we are made of space and time, each of us is a complex system made of bits of temporal information, of circadian or physical clocks and surfaces of vital space, imprinted by the form of those cyclical in-form-ations.

In physical systems all scales and particles are background dependent, constructed with pieces of spatial energy and temporal information, starting with the smallest theoretical scale of background dependent, lineal, open strings which are rods of Planck’s space and cyclical, closed strings which are the tiniest Planck’s time-clocks.

– Since all systems are made of Se and Tƒ, 5D Isomorphisms and laws apply to all systems of the Universe, creating a PANTHEIST Universe, a fractal of its Fundamental Particle, the Complementary Systems, SexTƒ=k.

– All complementary entities displace a particle/head that gauge information over an energy body/field directing its åctions: MOTIONS WITH FORM


“Historically, much of fundamental physics has been concerned with discovering the fundamental particles of nature and the equations which describe their motions and interactions. It now appears that a different programme may be equally important: to discover the ways that nature allows, and prevents, information to be expressed and manipulated, rather than particles to move. (….) To conclude with, I would like to propose a more wide-ranging theoretical task: to arrive at a set of principles like energy and momentum conservation, but which apply to information.’ Steane

The purpose of this blog is precisely to define that set of principles, which Steane asks for, since it adds the arrow of ‘information’ to the arrow of ‘entropy an locomotion’ studied by physicists, widening our understanding of all sciences with it. To that aim we must first define time&information on one side, and space& entropy on the other, the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which are part of an organic, fractal reality of relative scales of size and time clocks that co-exist together into the 5th dimension of scalar space-time.

Since all sciences would benefit of a better understanding of those 2 principles as all beings of all sciences are made of finite time cycles and occupy vital spaces.  So as it happened when Copernicus put the sun on the center simplifying all the epicycles of Ptolemy, making much simpler astronomy, at the end of the journey we shall unify and simplify our understanding of all sciences (3rd line of the blog), once we pass the hurdle of understanding the underlying principles of ‘temporal energy’ beings.

Mind the reader since the history of science has turned around machines and weapons that work with energy and motion, we must re-construct an entire new jargon to explain science, to the point that we shall even change the name of ‘science’ for that of ‘stience’ (the science of space-time organisms) and use a completely different new language of science from scratch

This is tried also by many information theorist like Mr. Steane, but the problem with that approach is that ‘information only’ theories are just going the other extreme from simplex physics, trying to reduce reality to locomotions and ‘worldlines’, to information theorists, trying to reduce the Universe to computations and qbits.

Fact is the Universe plays with both, entropy=motion=lineal, disordered space (as the line is the shortest distance to move) and cyclical clocks of time that carry in their frequency and curved form the in/form/ation of reality; but humans are ‘Aristotelian’, one-dimensional, and have a mind (ab.@), which has a very hard time to put together two conflicting, rather opposite forms as those of entropy and information are. So for example physicists call information, negantropy – as if it were just the negation of entropy-scattering motions; while information theorists tend to explain the Universe as a huge quantum computer.

Both loose 1/2 of the ‘duality’ of the cosmos, which always displays an enormous range of grey between ‘pure black forms without motion, such as black holes and pure motion without form, such as non-local gravitation’. And so we shall find in its combinations of motion with a little form (energy) and form with a little motion (in-form-ation, form-in-action) the vital, organic, true meaning of reality, which escapes the one-dimensional scientist.

For that reason, we have added for good measure to the quote of Steane, the philosophical thought of Einstein, author of the previous paradigm of 4D space-time, which corresponds to the limit of this model in a single space-time continuum described with a single arrow of time, ENTROPY.

The truly interesting element of Mr. Steane’s definition is however in the final sentence, which is one of those magic clear-cut expressions of reality, coming out of nowhere, like the sentences of Schopenhauer with his intuitions for century to come. Mr. Steane simply understands there is a second arrow of time, information and somehow a third element, which he does not fully recognise but it is there, the third arrow of time, momentum – the present, iterative=repetitive conserved quality, mixture of the other two, which is what the Universe is all about: the reproduction and hence dynamic conservation of momentums composed of informative particles (masses and charges) and entropic motions (speeds), which we integrate into ‘conservative, closed energy world cycles’ – the whole trajectory, life or rather ‘existence’ of any event or process of nature.

It must be said a priori that we are here taken concepts of physics to a new level of philosophical understanding to describe the 3 arrows of time – so by entropy we mean the ‘disordered, expansive motion of space’ proper of big-bangs and deaths of matter. Since physicists have a very poor understanding of their concepts but an excellent mathematical praxis describing reality, they make a mess when we realise how different are their ‘dual concepts’.

So entropy is in philosophy of physics disorder, expansive gaseous states, and from here we take the concept, enlarged to all scales, as philosophy of physics has done, but only to disorder, expansive motion, which are 1/3rd of the motions that take place in a ‘world cycle’ of time (you can consider it as ‘one of the diameters’ of the π-cycle)…

While in statistical thermodynamics and mathematical physics (theory of information), entropy is a measure of the ‘ternary paths of future’ available to each ‘partition’ of an ensemble of molecules with a very defined mathematical equation, S=k lnΩ, which we will do properly explain in our introductory article on thermodynamics, and use the concept to study the causality and probabilities species have to take any of those 3 paths

As systems, we shall find, can evolve only in three directions of space-time, in as much as there are only three type of ‘moving geometries’=topologies; limiting and guiding the ‘formal evolution’ of a system, which will either repeat itself in an iterative path; or warp, increasing its forms, its in-form-ation, in a vortex-like accelerated future, of higher frequency and lesser space, or inversely will expand in a decelerated explosion that erases its information. And we call this ‘big-bang’ death or dissolution of the system, the arrow of entropy and death.

So we clarify with the guidance of the topological varieties of the Universe and  the foggy concepts of physicists, when interpreting its awesome beauty-equations.

Back to the duality of entropy-only theorists (physicists) and information only theorists (cybernetics), the fault is on the one-dimensional limited mind of man who has an aristotelian logic, of 0  vs. 1, true or false (ab. A-logic), which is NOT the i-logic structure of the Universe (ab. Non-Æ, non aristotelian time logic and non-euclidean fractal space).

So even before we go further to clarify also we are upgrading logic and maths from human single minds into the next ‘letter’, i, the logic of information, the logic beyond Æ, which is a logic of co-existence, between three elements of reality, entropy, information and its momentum-energy combinations in time, of co-exitence of three symmetric topologies of space, the limbs/fields of motion, the wave-bodies of energy and the particle-heads of information, and a logic of co-existence of three fractal scales of ‘being’ the ∆-1 atomic/cellular scale, the ∆-thermodynamic/organic scale and the ∆+1, ecosystemic/gravitational scale of physical and biological systems – we omit often for simplicity the third group of social disciplines with its 3 social classes, scales and topologies of nations and civilisations).

All what exists; all entities of the Fractal Universe including human beings are systems made of two COMPLEMENTARY geometries: languages and heads of information that perceive and guide blind bodies of moving energy.

And we can recognize those complementary puzzles of nature, called in the jargon of Systems Theory, Fractal Points, by their opposite, geometrical shape and properties. Since the cycle is the form that stores more information in lesser space and the line is the fastest distance between two points.

For example, all physical species are made of lineal fields of moving energy, shaped by cyclical particles of information.

All living organisms are made of planar bodies of moving energy guided by spherical heads of information.

All Human societies are made of human citizens, ruled by politicians and priests, who command nations and civilizations with legal and ethic words.


The blog content.

So we can and will slowly build this blog to show how all systems of the Universe are ‘made of dust of space-time’, and all its ‘isomorphic=equal’ properties can be derived from that ‘ultimate substance’, which as Leibniz put it, we can call ‘God’.

In this first (and second) lines, we shall study the structure of fractal §pace and cyclical ðime beings, from an external point of view, in a general, non detailed, non-formal manner (as we will do in 3rd and 4th lines) by using the 3 epistemological pillars of GST:

  • The experimental, scientific method, providing proofs of the cyclical, fractal ðime-§pace structure of all Universal beings.
  • The correspondence principle, translating basic theories of classic science to ‘stience’.
  • Which we shall fusion together into the GST-proper ‘stientific method’, the isomorphic method that shows any law of known-known science can be put in correspondence with the isomorphic properties of space-time beings, translated and applied to physical, biological an social systems equally. The isomorphic method though will be used in the third and fourth line. So the first two lines are meant to be a ‘transitional stage’ between ‘classic science’ and ‘future stience’.

So we structure the posts of those two first lines with a simple scheme. At epistemological level (1) in the first line, we describe the topological (S), organic (∆), vital (T) and sentient (º) properties of beings, derived of its ∆ºST common nature.

In the second line (2) at experimental level we show the main ‘stiences’ of reality and its main species to obey those laws, which suffice to derive all properties of physical, biological, social and mental systems.

1) Epistemological Proofs, which ‘Correspond’ with classic theories and its experimental facts allowing for all the scales and entities of reality the description of its events and forms through:

  • Its ‘mathematical≈ physical’ properties derived of its ternary topological=spatial elements and its time-symmetries≈worldcycles.
  • Its biological properties, derived of the 5D coexisting ∆±1 scalar social structure of all systems.
  • Its ‘perceptive properties’ derived of the existence of Tiƒ singularities, Monad-mind-mirrors which either mechanically, vegetatively or consciously DO enact the program of exi=st¡ences, that is the actions, max. ∑exi which ensure the survival of the being, and we are called by biologists the ‘drives of life: ∆ï:perception & communication> ∆a:accelerated motion towards fields of >∆e:feeding energy> ∆œ: reproducing>∆û:evolving socially into ∆+1 Universals.

Which then leads to a general analysis under the non-reductionist set of spatial≈PHYSICAL, biological≈temporal and perceptive≈human survival properties of All beings, to be studied in the second line on general terms, the third line for the three type of properties and sciences, an in the fourth line, for all an every species and isomorphism of Nature, in what should be time permitted under other researchers during this century the final ¬-Æncyclopedia of GST systems:

2.1) Physical systems, those belonging to the ∆±i≥1 scales, far removed from anthropocentric man that denies to them the properties of:

2.2) Biological systems, those belonging to non-anthropomoprhic ∆±i≤1 and…

2.3) Historic, Humans systems those which are anthropomorphic, at individual ∆º or social ∆+1 system, either human or mechanical, made by imitating our organs and functions in metalife (organic machines, entropic weapons and informative money).

2.4) Mental, linguistic systems (mathematical, visual≈artistic, genetic, verbal, etc.), whose description under the ∆ºst properties of all beings will close the second line.

Needless to say the ‘hidden symmetries and correspondences’ of the parts of the Universe, as seen by human beings are many. For example, humans ‘like’ to apply only spatial=mathematical properties to physical systems, vital, temporal ages only to biological systems, social and mental qualities only to human beings, yet we shall show the ∆ºst quality of all beings to be the same, regardless on how huminds, which want to come on top as the self-centred only intelligent, social loving species describe them.

But of course we believe our mirror-minds are the ‘origin’ NOT just a reflected ‘crystal-like’ organ. So for example, we think our ‘mind’ creates mathematics (platonic idealism), which then is the ‘only’ language of reality (physical naive reductionism). Not so, there are infinite languages of information (Upanishad), and all of them are mirrors with ternary fractal structures that reflect the larger ∆ûst  or primary substance from where the imitative languages depart.

Let us see how with a brief analysis of one of those mind-mirrors, the mathematical language, as an experimental stience-mirror, as it is customary for ‘science’ to think in platonic terms, since Galileo that only maths and maths ‘imagined by humans’ (Hilbert’s axiomatic method: ‘i imagine lines, points and planes), are a ‘real language’ of description of the Universe. So we shall conclude this introduction showing that maths are a mirror of ∆ºûst properties. Above we show indeed that maths are self-centred mirrors in its frames of reference that reflect the Universe, because the Universe is born of the interaction of those mind-mirrors and the ordered territories they control.

Mind mirror interaction with the Universe, reflected in blog. Ego paradox bias stientific properties.

Reality in that sense is CONSTRUCTED BOTH WAYS, FROM the objective ∞ Universal space-time into the ø-mind mirror, which will use its ternary syntactic languages to perceive and then it will reflect the mind’s language, point of view and will of survival, through its actions of subjective order of reality to make it look like its mind mirror. 

And from that dual back and forth relationship both the Universe and the mind-mirror evolve into more perfect apperceived realities

So we shall also reflect that duality in the blog’s division of 3 lines, explaining both sides of the process:

The first line studies from an external, OBJECTIVE point of view the process of creation of the Universe, as an observer would observe the different creation of supœrganisms co-existing in several scales of the fifth dimension, performing its world cycles of existence, each species belonging to a different ternary scale, which humans study in four basic groups of sciences:

  • Astrophysical sciences, focused in the most remote scales, described external spatial, objective motions, but unfortunately rejecting all other properties under the paradox of the mind-ego.
  • Biological sciences, focused in the species of life, similar to humans, closer to us, and hence given according to the paradox of the ego (only closer systems to us are given its full properties) life-biological properties, but denied linguistic mental perceptive properties till very recently.
  • Linguistic sciences, which study the languages of the mind, focused in human languages, verbal, temporal, visual, artistic and spatial, mathematical languages, whose sentient properties as LANGUAGES PERCEIVE IN THEMSELVES, are denied again to all other mind-mirrors and languages, considering only intelligent and ‘free’, those actions performed by human languages. (At best animals have instincts, the rest of reality nothing).
  • But and this will be the biggest surprise of GST, when considering human social sciences, humans are ALSO DENIED SOCIAL organic properties beyond the individual at the social level, which however are considered and practiced with machines by its company-mothers? Why?
  • This will lead us to a novel analysis of company-mothers of machines, placebo democracies and how the evolution of Gaia is terraforming the earth into a planet of metal-machines, which contrary to belief have through its company-mothers with its private issue of stock-money and unlimited money, anonymous societies laws, absolute rights as the free citizens of the econ(nomic)system. So for that reason we do NOT evolve into a global human super organism but a global market; as humans have become ‘enzymen’ ‘animetals’, catalysers of the evolution of memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, aborting its own social evolution.

Yet in the two final lines consider an internal point of view, as mind-monads of linguistic mapping generate reality in its reflection of its mind-mirror or ‘seed of information’ (∆-1  tƒi), imprinting the Universe in the process, generating through its actions of motion, reproduction, information and social evolution a super organism, which will have a constant form as a simultaneous mess of three physiological networks, S, st, t in space, but moved by the mind will age, as it travels its cycle of existence through the social scales and planes of ‘God – mystical view of the mind of the Universe’ made to its image and likeness, in its finite life and detach world cycle. 

The mandate though for each being is simple: ‘grow and multiply, maximise your existence, move ad maximal with your entropic limbs, reproduce your body-waves, perceive the beauty of its forms with your mind-head-particle’. So even before we define in this post the game for all species and develop its future paths in other ones, we can simply write the equation for each ‘being’, ∆ºst, gauging the entropy and information of the game:

Maximize your existence as a fractal space-time being.

ðime§paœ ∆ûst r=evolves accelerating towards ¡ts future, ∆º-singularity mind, which will stiff its motions into the entropy of death.

At that moment perception occurs, in the synchronous mind mapping of the linguistic intelligence of the monad, infinitesimal mirror of the universe. But at that moment time becomes 0 space with no motion, and it is that pure present moment which stops the future exploding to compensate the stillness of form into an entropy wave of disorder, back to the past for the worldcycle to complete. It is the singularity mind who orders and kills at the same synchronous still present spaœ. This moment of death, of zero time, which precedes the ejection from the singularity at ∞ space; is perhaps the meaning of all existences, to stop motion the substance of the Universe; to see it all broken immediately in the entropic explosion that follows.

Humans think they understand the Universe, and that is fine – they do understand it to the limits of what they need to know to perform their roles on it. Moreover they always thought so. And each time they thought their ‘method of knowledge’, and ‘language’, myths reasons, words, numbers were the only proper way to describe it. First the used the word God, then the word science, first verbs to describe time then numbers and clocks.

And yet information is inflationary and keeps growing, so we will always expand this knowledge with new r=evolutions on the understanding of its man in concepts, time, space, mind, causality and scales.

We wrote a synoptic ‘concept-equation’ to summon all those realities, ∆º±ST:  we are all made of ∞ dust of space-time.

We have now explained its two fundamental elements, the ternary arrows of space-time; S, T, s=t, and the fractal scales of the fifth dimension, ∆±i.

This should suffice for an external description of reality, but NOT to explain the persistence and order of all wholes, and the meaning of science, as the whole supœrganism (ab. œ, changing slightly as usual in GST, the wording of super-organism) MUST have a point or centre of order that ensures its survival. This is the function of the mind that transits between ‘∆±1 scales’, as a pure temporal singularity, in contact with the inner ∆-i world of the body-limbs, but also with the ∆+i outer world in which it performs the actions of the survival program of exchange of energy and information that all systems ‘in existence’ follow.

Further on, in as much as science is a mental endeavour of perception of the Universe with the mirror-languages of time and space of the mind (logic and geometry), without understanding the mind-mirror and its interaction with reality there is no way we can make sense of a philosophy of science.


5d ∏ime§paœ ¬Æ points maximise their exi:s≈tienœ reproducing supœrganisms tripping ∆º world cycles…  is the first ‘funny’ sentence of the blog, which encodes of many similar ones, the meaning of it all. Reality is made of motions with form, past spatial entropy x future, temporal form, Spe x Tƒi, of cyclical times, πimes and fractal, organic spaces, spaœ ‘dust’, island-universes, which are dust from a higher perspective, ‘∆ust’, made of scalar space-time ‘arrows’/motions with form.

Yet all dust ‘exist’ and by the mere fact of existing it will have a singularity,a temporal mind, tº∆º, which will come in contact with a field of entropy, S, and extract a wave , s ≈ tº of energy and information, ex i.

To exist is to be a singularity mind with a perception, a mirror and a desire to order according to the mirror the Universe around the mind monad. And to that aim it will maximise its body-wave, e xi, exchanging entropy and form, from an Spatial field, in which it host, by approaching in parallel and absorbing in perpendicular, its motion with form. To maximise existence we can use a simple equation:

Max. exi|s=t, that is all systems try to maximise its present momentum by finding a balance between its body and information e=i.

1.1 Max. e=i

will in that sense be the simplest expression of the ‘existential function’; as it is a given that e and i will enter in relationship and communion of compemetnarity and maximise their reproduction and excommunication when both have the same value:

1.2  e+i=K-> Max.  e x i (e=i)

So there are three arrows of time. 2 which we can consider pure changes towards two poles of the being: pure form, which we relate closely to the still linguistic mappings of minds. Tƒi. And its opposite. Pure distance-space, simultaneous non-local, non-perceivable, Spe. Those two poles akin to the yin and yang pure limits of taoism; would represent in physics, pure, invisible gravitational space-vacuum and informative ultra-dense black holes. In biology the seminal seed of information that starts the life-death cycle and its explosion and dissolution in death. In topology, the singularity and membrane of a ‘ball’.

IT IS THE COMBINATION OF BOTH though in bidimensional present ‘momenta’, mixing both entropy and form, e x ƒ, what truly moves and changes the world, as pure seeds of information and invisible actions at distance are not perceivable.

So we talk loosely of PRESENT as the product of e x i :  s=t, that is as the mix of both limiting singularities and membranes (in a topological view) or mix past and future in a present (in a temporal view) , or ∆±1 scales of loose herds of entropic parts and tight knots of mind-perception, in a coordinated ∆º body-wave.

This ST, present, e x i ∆º body wave thus has both energy (form with dominant motion) & in-form-ation, form-in-action (form with minimal motion).

And so we consider Spatial Past-entropy x Time Future-information: Spe x Tƒi = ST=exi:   present momentum, mixture of ‘energy’ and ‘in-form-ation’. This is the conventional verbal use of the terms ‘energy’ and ‘in-form-ation’ that we preserve here.

And we call by convention, the relative ‘past’ of the Universe, the non-informative, pure vacuum and ‘future’ the, maximal informative state, even if both come back and forth in world cycles.

However as energy has been so much studied in mathematical terms, we have also to explore the somewhat slightly different more restrictive term of mathematical energy, as the integral of present momenta, which therefore will measure all the present momenta from birth to extinction of the being.

Thus humans measure those world cycles and its symmetric Organic simultaneous systems, with Energy used as the main parameter of physics to calculate physical world cycles which if computed for the whole existence of the physical event becomes a conservative zero cycle that does not spends energy. As all world cycles between birth and extinction are indeed conservative zero sums.

The energy of the system thus represents the simplest quantitative value of the capacity of the being to exist, its top predator force, total momentum, length and density of its worldcyle, etc.

We thus need to make a whole redefinition of energy to fully grasp world cycles.

As we shall explore both concepts together, we will also observe the symmetries which energy display in space as world cycles do with the super organisms they create.

Now the funny thing as usual is that the seemingly perennial super organisms in space are the fleeting mayas of the world cycle of time, the dynamic motion patterns of information, form-in-action which is what truly states on the long term. So goes for energy, which stays while the fleeting physical systems mutate.

Time passes only when it accelerates, as the inertia of repetitive, reproductive, present time doesnt seem to pass, this is an essential knowledge so time is always a vortex of acceleration and as such the words time=charge (quantum time) = temperature (energy-human inner time) =mass (gravitational time-acceleration are the same concepts). This is perhaps the biggest discovery of GST:

In the graph, time is truly beautiful in its three arrows when we ad the psychological everyday dimension of inner perception of man of those three arrows. Time doesn’t pass when reproduction occurs, which gives the orgasmic feeling of immortality proper of all re=productive actions of the eternal fractal. Time does pass when the system evolves in time as it accelerates, and so time passes also in nature’s clocks, quantum charges and masses and any physical vortex of the kind, V(t) x R(s) = K(st), the equation of the vortex – a time equation of 5D metric, as time we conclude PASSES, MOVING UP AND DOWN 5 D Scales.

As time is acceleration and acceleration is form of wholes, we conclude the time arrow of acceleration is in the fifth dimension so time only evolves through motions in the fifth dimension and this opens further the complete fully grasping of the essential nature of time sequential order.

The three arrows of time properly translated into an accelerated ‘vortex of time’ in our scales of the Universe (energy functions, hƒ in the quantum scale, kT in the thermodynamic scale, mv in the gravitational ∆1 scale) becomes  masses, temperatures and angular planck constants are time flows which leave a trace in space, as each cycle persists a given dynamic timespace of existence.

Now, let us introduce the terminology of , ‘stience’, and its GST≈∆ΦΓ ƒormalism considering the use of greek or double letters to slightly change the meaning in latin and make possible to introduce complexity with self-similar yet not equal concepts as those of normal ‘science’.

Cyclical time for example makes use of the similar letter π, ∏, which symbolises the cycle,and also the multiplicative form, which symbolises the network structure of informative bits: ∏imps.

§paœ on the other hand is fractal, co-exiting in several social, œrganic scales, forming the super organisms, ab.œ, of space-time, whih is all what exists, made of a relative ∞ number of infinitesimal ∆-1 particles of a lower plane, dust of space-time that evolves into island-universes, worlds, supœrganisms, made of three physiological arrows formalised with the laws of non-aristotelian, non-euclidean time: ¬Ærrows.

Hence the title of the post, a Universe made of: 5D ∏ime§paœ ∆ûst oƒ 3 ¬Ærrows

We shall use three terms and slightly different versions of the generator equation according to which of the three symmetries of the Universe we study:

Γ: For the wholeness of a world cycle generator equation that describes the three elements of beings in increasing detail:

∆-1: å for the actions of space-time, Ωº for its time Ωges, and W∑e+1, for its whole energy, its world cycles.

So those are the symbols for the generator equation of time arrows, its actions, ages and world cycles most used, which we combine often into other games of ‘words’ and phonemes, reconstructing self-similar words in different languages, as in the word Gœd=∆ºΓ

Φ & œ are the symbols for the | xO=Φ organic topologies parallel to those ages.

∆º±1 ±i, the scales of the being, which will normally be three. And so we can do ceteris parbius analysis stretching one of the parts of, ‘ΓΦ∆, GŒD’ in greek and latin letters. We are aware of the meaning of the word God, taken in GST as the mind of the Universe, more specifically the ‘game of existence’, or ‘function of existence’ that makes reality be a constant creation and destruction of world cycles of super organisms.

The use of different symbols stresses the fact that the Universe is a fractal that gather both in space and time smaller elements into wholes in three ranges. For example, time arrows combine first in ‘actions’ (å) of energy and time, the minimal unit of physical systems, expanded to all systems. They gather in ‘ages’,  (Ω) in which a type of arrow dominate. And those ages become finally world cycles (∑, w), which is the ternary wholeness beyond which a new game starts. In space we also find three topologies that become a ‘whole super organism’ (ab. Œ); and finally in scales, while we can observe multiple planes along the decametric logarithm scale, we shall find most systems do operate in three scales above and below the ∆º organic scale of the individual, where a ‘mind-informative center’ projects through actions of exchange of energy and information order over its territorial ternary system.

The absolute relativity of those atomic/cellular parts that become whole organic systems, diminutive actions that become whole world cycles of existence, is main explicit in our ‘third line analysis’ of the isomorphic nature and growth in time and space of those super organisms: the being will start as a mind pov, generating with actions of space-time a series of exchanges of energy and information with the world, starting a process of growth and organisation through three ages, and different variations of species, till becoming a whole ‘being’ an island-Universe in itself, extending through 10 scales of social growth and planes of reality. So all beings are from that perspective of full growth a God-mind, an island-Universe, but from a larger scale of existence, a mere particle-point or mind observing the infinite.

The absolute relative Universe of finite time, extension and scales for each º∆º mind ordering it.

So we can call God, the mind of the Generator, infinite, scalar Universe  of decametric planes, and all its decametric parts, with an ∆º mind the 10th dimension ruling them. And thus alas! despite so much critical thought on Absolute space-time and Newton’s religious musings, we do accept Space as the body of God, what we call Plenum, but also Plato understood:

‘REALITY is an organism with a body called the Universe and a mind called Logos’ Timeus, Plato.

It is important to understand the spirituality of an informative, organic universe, where the particle is not a substance as all is motion (albeit seen in simultaneity as a space form), and all is intelligent, meaning it has a cause, consequence, form and function.

But ALL IS RELATIVE, as there is no  preferred motion (relativity proper), form (all being variations of the three topological only species of reality), age and evolution (as all evolutions are part of a larger world cycle which will end into death and extinction) and scale. It is precisely this final relativity of scale, which makes indispensable to understand the game in subjective terms, as any ‘point of view’ which controls a system and organises it will have a subjective limited range of perception both in time (its life duration) space (its territory of inner order, membrane of communication and outer world) and scales (beyond which uncertainty, darkness and indistinguishability will make the borders of its perception, the limits of being)

Only then considering that the quantities that matter are constant ratios maintained across scales, that reality is designed for the observer, and limited by it, we can figure out truly the Universe as an absolute relative fractal where mind-points act as mirrors of order, creating around them territorial organisms with a limit of existence in time, of duration, of extension and of co-existing scales.

All this said we can now deal with mathematics as an excellent mirror image of that primary reality. And expand our foundations of logic and mathematics to introduce the simplest equations of GST and elements of any mind describing its relative ternary world: island-universe.

The fractal Generator.

We shall start by analysing the basic ‘formalism’ of Duality, the ‘fractal generator equation’ of the ‘fifth dimension’ of space-time beings that describes all the systems of entropy and information of the Universe, joined by its body-fields of energy:

Γ.  Fractal Generator Feed-back equation of Space-time beings:

∆-1: $pe (Planar, Lineal, Past entropy limbs/fields/territories)<∆º-ST: Hyperbolic, Present re=productive Working-citizens-body-waves of Energy>Tiƒ:Informative Future cyclical heads-particles-informative classes: ∆+1

This canonical equation of space-time beings incorporates all the previous partial equations of the temporal ages, physiological functions and topological forms of all the ternary physical, biological and social systems of the Universe.

We have added sociological systems and its ternary ‘class structure’, where the lineal, flat territories of Gaia provide our motion and food, (social Spe), the citizens of a nation work and reproduce its good, as its ST-body and the elite neuronal classes that control its languages of information, financial money or bankers and informative laws or politicians, normally living in a small capital territory.

And we have added a final element, its structure in social networks made of parts, ∆-1 that become wholes, ∆+1, or ‘5th dimension’ of the scalar, organic Universe (ab. ∆), to fully become a complete description of all the systems of reality.

Thus once we define the metric equation of 5D and incorporate its ∆±1 organic scales to Γ, the Generator, we will thus have a template logic equation to describe all systems of nature and its processes of existence.

I have been studying the Universe with 3 time arrows and a scalar dimension of space, for so long and found so many amazing solutions and explanations to reality that I do not want all this to remain in my ‘Leonardian notebooks’ – so to speak. Thus I will keep pouring all this research on the scalar structure of a web I will do so in this ‘unificationtheory.com’ site for future researchers to be able to unravel the deepest structure of reality and wonder over Trinity, 5D and the scalar immortal Universe far more beautiful and richer than the models physicists sponsor with a single arrow of time – expansive entropy, which is only 1/3rd of 1 of its ∞ scales.


The blog is a blueprint for an ‘¬Æncyclopaedia – the encyclopaedia of the Universe of Supœrganisms, as such it has a ¬Æ structure.

We first define in the main line, what the Universe is all about: a fractal reproductive  supœrganism of space-times (1st line) in which all species of all scales of the 5th dimension of scalar space-time follow the same laws, grouping in 10 isomorphisms that describe the world cycle of existence of all its supœrganisms, and the topobiological properties of those ∆ûst of space times, island universes, which think to be ∞ but are just dust and dust become.

Next in the 2nd  line we get ‘pros’ of stiences and describe all scales in stientific languages of the Human Mind (ab.Humind, Hm).

Thus departing from the Hm p.o.v. of knowledge and its languages of time (1st stience, time logic, and space, 2nd stience, mathematics, ) we describe  to describe with growing detail, the reduced Scales of astrophysical stiences (Max. |i|), then biological systems and finally our super organisms and worlds, with maximal detail of knowledge, but not of truth (as we see societies in a very distorted anthropomorphic form).

THEN the 3rd line describe   in a more objective manner, departing from the smallest plane of dark energy and neutrino, invisible gravitational fields, through the light-electrconic field, the atomic field of the z-2 scale upwards till arriving to the cosmological scale and beyond the ∞ games of decametric scales we call ‘God’, the Mind of the Universe. We do so the 10 sets of isomorphic laws, generated by all mind-mirrors of the Universe trying to maximise its function of existence, followed by all those scales of nested worlds and its stiences.

It is then obvious that after developing the main elements of the Universe in the first line, Space, Time, ∆§cales and its dimensions, motions and actions, which give birth to world cycles of exist¡ence we shall go into a second line view of the main fields of human sciences, Astrophysics, biology, social sciences (history and economics), and sciences of the mind-languages, essential to fully grasp the human condition and the evolution of knowledge.

THEN IN THE more complex 3rd and fourth line we will first develop the Disomorphic method studying with a series of frozen images at each stage, the full world cycle of an individual part of a species, which evolves fully only when it becomes a super organism of a higher plane of existence.

Then in the last line we shall study each of those planes and its main species according to the ternary Dimensions, motions and actions of any space-time being and its ‘template’ of a world cycle of existence from singularity to emergence in the ∆o plane, to the roles it will play in its ∆+1 world as part of a series of decametric social groups which if successful will emerge as an ∆+1 plane completing its cycle of existence.

Blog’s content – a fast review.

All this said the Blog was meant initially (the next paragraph explains why the plan has faltered), to become the blueprint for a future Encyclopedia of all stiences. But the model revolution has not come in my lifetime, now winding down, so I have reduced my job. Still the concept is simple.

The first line studies in a simplified manner focused in simultaneous space; the ‘fundamental particle of the Universe’, that is the super organism, as it traces its world cycles of existence between 3 ∆±I planes:

The first line thus completes a synoptic explanation of the reality of all beings of space-time ultimately originated by the Disomorphic equal properties of all of them, and their will of survival through the generation, reproduction and actions of its worldcycles. So in the third line we return to the theoretical perspective focusing through the Isomorphic method in the world cycle of all beings:∂

In the graph, the third line then studies again all those stiences and systems but now from the perspective of the world cycle through the ‘Ðisomorphic method’ where Ð doubles as a symbol for ‘Dimensions’ and the capital letter of ð, our symbol for time cycles.


  • “¬Æ: I-logic (as the geometry of the fractal space is non-euclidean, that is, each point has a volume that lets infintie parallel to cross it, and non-aristotelean, that is causation is not only lineal in time, from A to B, but ternary, as A<≈>B)
  • ‘Ðisomorphic: The CDE method of knowledge is considered in more detail, as the new more advanced ABC method of truth, sum of the Correspondence Principle with earlier true theories, the Disomorphic method that ads to those models the isomorphic properties dervied of the spacetime nature of all beings, and caps it as usual with the experimental method of hypothesis, deduction of consequences, prediction of futures and experimental proofs in the past, present and future.
  • -0points: Now we start properly the dynamic temporal analusis of the being as it develops its existence in time and space, departing from a first seminal seed that will…
  • -1∞ Γenerate as it surfaces from its o-1 temporal sphere of fast evolution in palingenetic mood in the equivalent 1-∞ external world where he is just a finitesimal tring to survive, grow and multiply
  • -2 Manifold, and to that aim it will start a series of exchanges of energy and information with the world, multiplying its form into bidimensional, fractal
  • -3 Networks that correspond to the entropic, energetic and informative neeeds of its cells/citizens/atoms (physical, biological and social systems) constructed
  • -4 through asy♣metric exchanges  of bits and bites of energy and information extracted from other T.œs through scalar
  • -5∆±¡ @tions, which amazing enough in the architectonical Universe are always played with the same hierarchicla order in time as all systems are constantly gauging information to move towards fields of energy in which to feed (simplex aei, actions of acceleration, energy feedng and information) which will latter be used in the complex social actions of offspring reproduction and universals creation (social evolution), the ou complex actions that define the being as an…
  • aging entity, since those actions are dominant in the first and final informative processes of gauging information and socially evolving through an informative language, so all systems grow in form into a 3rd age of maximal informtion and minimal entropy that explodes in death.
  • -in 6 species Yet in detail we can differnetiate them according to gender into S=t baolanced women and S<>T imbalanced man dominant either in limbs-motions or brain-form, or according to the dominance of each physiological network, which gives us 6 variations from top predators dominant in entropy to ‘mental’ species dominant in informative height, which makes species also go through 3 ages, called Horizons of increasing information, as it happened in amphibia that grew in height in 3 ages first as Dinosaurs-reptiles and then as birds, or mammals that became men, all of them living
  • –8 lifecycles, when we consider those variations of dual gender and ternary species inwardly within the system, and its networks, in terms of temporal evolution from generation, birth, infantry, youth… to old age and death… lifecycles which taoist philosophers cracked as the 8 baguas of its trigrams... 
  • –|0§ocieties, and all of them growing socially as the final strategy of survival of a species that becomes a succesful super organism (informative ants, informative humans, by far the most succesful species due precisely to their completion of the ‘whole run of existence’ ending into new scales of wholeness which makes them equate their body-mass to the rest of animal life…
  • –∧9planes Alas! we have now fully account with more or less detail with reality as it is and so it only rests to get in those ‘infinite details, which is what we are all, thoughts of God, the Dismorphic laws of the Universe, which will then be studied for each ‘species’ and plane of existence in the fourth line, a future encyclopedia of stiences in this planet, certainly written by other humble observers of the whole entangled reality in many other planets of the ∞ cosmos. Amen (:

We study from generation to extinction, the world cycle of ANY fundamental particle=superorganism of the Universe, dividing the process of a world cycle in 10 elements. In the graphs we compare both, the reduced spatial method of studying a super organism with 5 elements (first two lines) and the second method more extended:

The ‘Fractal Generator’ is studied from the 5 perspectives of its dimensions, in a bio-logic manner with the ‘Rashomon method’ (term taken of the Japanese master film with several versions of the same event). And the world cycle through the Disomorphic method in the third line.

Regarding the experimental facts, which should back the theoretical method, we study them in the second and fourth line, also with two degrees of quantitative and qualitative detail:

-In the second line we study the main stiences in terms of its super organisms, as humans classify them (astrophysical, biological, social systems, history and economics, and the languages of man, artistic, mathematical, verbal:

‘ ¬æstrophysics ¡›|2|‘biology¡‹|3|‘economic$:∆²‘history:∆1²‘humind ∆º:‘wor(l)d¹+ ‘²iMath

We do so adding to each of those disciplines the ‘plane to which they belong’.

So for example, the most extensive, astrophysics study multiple planes, which we can ‘reduce’ to a ternary scheme (quantum-microcosmos, thermodynamic human cosmos and gravitational macrocosmos). In a first comprehensive approach we study astrophysics in the second line, summarizing its 12 Ðisomorphisms of physical systems, given the fact that physics is a very formal stience, best suited from the most formal method of truth.

Of special interest is the first Isomorphism that defines the particle-points and singularities of the 3 physical scales, as accelerated vortices of time space, unifying charges and masses, with the long seek Unification Equation, which is trivial in 5D metric, as it is a series of key questions of physics, from the particle antiparticle, life-death arrow, to the ternary families of masses, particles and states of matter (its entropic, gaseous, liquid, energetic and informative crystal ages); which shows clearly how physicists by the mere use of a single arrow of time as a dogma, have completely disregarded the two other arrows of equal importance (liquid and crystals) not only in the cosmological scale but also in the thermodynamic and quantum scale (where the ∆ð-1 quantum potential, ∆ø ST- wave state and ∆§+1 particle state are the equivalents)

Further on we add two subposts, one on the philosophy of stience of the organic Universe, and the other on the basic species and world cycles of its 3 ∆±¡ planes of exist¡ence.

Biology just studies the planes around humans (cells, individuals and ecosystems) and languages the very fractal point of the mind (∆ø) and its temporal-verbal, mathematical-spatial and organic, T.œ languages. The approach to Biology in the second line will be also one of Generation but from a perspective of the 3 Planes of existence of physics, the ∆-1, molecular plane (bio-chemistry), the ∆ø, organic human plane (life and plants) and the ecosystemic plane, the ∆+1 World of Gaia. So we trace the process which evolved from the simplest amino acids the human being and beyond, guided easily by the laws of eusocial evolution of the fifth dimension.

The more polemic section though would be the analysis of the human scales, as we, humans are by definition singularities that perceive reality from our self-centered point of view, and so we always think to be special in the Universe. But we shall show that social sciences are organic sciences, humans mere cells of the super organism of mankind in time, aka history, a block of time that lives 3 ages, the young, entropic Paleolithic age of hunters, the reproductive ideal neolithic age in balance with Gaia, and the 3rd informative old age of technological evolution of metalife, machines which will give birth to the robotic organisms that displace us from labor and war fields – and if humans truly understood the Universe, would not evolve further, specially in its military forms, as the 3rd age of excessive information is followed always in all systems by an entropic death, which in the eco(nomic)system is caused by the evolution of new metal-weapons, in entropic wars. So the goal of history should be to control the evolution of meta life and maintain mankind in an ecological balance with the planet.

In the Fourth Line, we study in greater detail each Plane of Existence of the Humind’s perceived Universe between the invisible force of ∆-4 gravitation and the hardly perceived ∆+4 galactic cosmos.

We do so unlike in the first and second line, where we first explained the spatial super organisms as a whole structure made of pentalogic elements, ¬ entropic limits, Spatial topologies, Temporal ages, ternary scales and a linguistic mind, performing its actions of survival and then studied in a scientific classic jargon, the nested scalar supœrganisms of human stiences, decreasing in size and complexity (Galatom, Earth in its 3 ages, as Gaia>History>Metal-earth, Humans, its minds, and the minds of the Universe and its mathematical, logic and organic languages), with a more detailed temporal analysis  strictu senso,  by describing the 3 main þlacental palingenetic cycle, ∃xistential lifecycle and §ocial worldcycles all those super organisms live through between birth and extinction or the very rare transcendental worldcycle of resurrection,  through the Ðisomorphic method; which means to study, the 3 scales and worldcycles of each being, self-centered in its relative ∆º seed-mind:

The Ðisomorphic method studies in a vital, sequential time manner the 3 worldcycles of all Space-time supœrganisms (T.œs):                                        
þ: 0-1: its palingenetic o-1 social evolution in the accelerated time sphere of existence, till becoming 1 (0-1 bounded unit circle in ¡logic mathematics; quantum probability sphere of particles in physical systems; palingenetic fetal age in biologic systems; 0-9 memetic learning childhood in social systems). It is the highly ordered world cycle as the ‘placental mother-energy world’ is nurturing, and memorial cyclical spacetime has erased errors of previous generations. We thus use for the 1st world cycle, the informative Dual Isomorphisms, of the mind-seed (@ MENTAL Сisomorphisms), as 0-points are generated (0th isomorphism,•) to follow the GST, Fractal Generator equation or program of existence of the Universe (1st Isomorphism,Γ), which will allow the being, in the energy-rich placenta to perform asymmetric space-time actions (2nd and 5th, DIMOTIONAL Сsomorphisms, ß,å) of energy feeding, reproduction and social evolution, to imprint the information of the seed as the system growths in Space (SPATIAL Сsomorphisms) and develops its 3 physiological networks (3rd isomorphism,N), which finally merge, into a whole one that emerges (4th isomorphism) into:                  
– c: The outer 1-∞ world, in which it will deploy its 2nd world cycle of existence in an environment which is open, entropic (1-∞ hyperbolic unbounded Cartesian plane in ¡logic mathematics; thermodynamic entropic statistical molecular populations in physics; Darwinian struggle between populations in biology; idol-ogic dog-eat-dog capitalist, nationalist competitive eco(nomic)systems in the super organisms of history. In this 1-∞ existence the world cycle is not ensured to continue, as it can be cut off by the entropy of the world system.
We thus study the second world cycle with 3 sets of Сisomorphisms, slightly different to those of the o-1 sphere; as the individual now will have to exercise in time guided the mind (no longer a passive seed), its survival will choosing its actions of existence, (5th isomorphism, common to both worldcycles, albeit now defined by the active mind), that will determine in a cumulative sum, its 2 TIME Isomorphisms: the duration of its ages (7th Сisomorphism: Ω), further subdivided in space-time quanta (9th Ðisomorphism: µ), as it exists through its 2 EXISTENTIAL ¬ D¡somorphisms, as a member of a species, (6th D¡isomorphism, œ) itself a superorganism, albeit with a higher entropic, disordered structure, living in an entropic world or ecosystem with other species (8th Disomorphism), trying to impose a higher social order and control of his world, through:      
ω: The 3 final SCALAR D¡isomorphisms (∆) taking place outside the being, existential life cycle, as part of a larger world of hierarchical social scales (§), as it performs those actions through ∆±4 Planes self-centered in its mind, beyond which it cannot longer perceive, to become if successful a new superorganism of the infinite planes of God, the game of existence, (11 Disomorphism).                                                                                                        
 Thus to ‘travel through the 5th dimension of space-time’ is the ultimate meaning of existence – an ordered sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal point), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe 3 physiological networks that become an ∆º individual of a larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through 3±2¡ ages, in 9×9 quanta of space-time, interacting with other members of its species through decametric social scales as part of a lager super organism, self-centered in one of the 9 stientific planes of reality, in which it perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeiou:motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction and social evolution).
C: Can the being as part of a loose superorganism, which is its species transcend into a new whole in its  3rd world cycle? in very rare cases an @-mind will perform a perfect game in a friendly world and will transcend into a 3rd ‘life’ of metaphysical reality (the squared complex plane in ilogic mathematics, matter that becomes the solid central crystal or Einstein condensate state of a cosmic body, mutation that originates a new species in biology, prophet that transcends as a wor(l)d god imprinting mimetically the believers of a global religion in social systems).
Ω: And then in the largest nested superorganism we perceive, ‘ascend’ as a black star @ the center of a galactic plane, emerging as a galatom’s proton in a larger hyper-universe, in which as the immortal particle will have reach the maximal state of the game of exis=t¡ence that evolves parts into wholes we call Γ∞∆ which exists without location as we are all made to its image and likeness, without limits of entropy as it is the immortal 0-sum of all finite, fractal exist¡ences and ∞ in its uncountable ascensions through decametric scales of space-time, each of them slightly different in its details, all of them made of traveling fractal ∃xistential ¡logic points.

Thus 2 closed and open world cycles suffice for most species to close its zero sum, including æntropic man that shows little capacity to go beyond its cycle of life and death, to organize an immortal History as an efficient superorganism.

We subdivide them as the graph explains in 5й² ‘elements’, highlighted through the 3 worldcycles of Placental evolution, existential life cycle and social world,  explained in detail in further sub-posts time permitted (or for future researchers to complete), as we run in a dynamic sequential form the 3 worldcycles of the system, first seeded by a parental system, as an  informative still seed, which will follow the immanent program of existence, reproduce with the available energy, evolve and emerge from its ‘generator’ cycle as a larger whole, a 1, part of a relative,  world where it will perform its 5 Dimotions=actions of vital existence to survive through the complex Dimotions of present iterative reproduction, and future evolution, in a social world of scales, which improves its chances as part of a larger whole, till entropy sets and the organism dies… but might resurrect partially in the memories of its genes and memes or even become a transcendental mind of a longer Cycle and larger Superorganism.

Thus in the 3rd line we studied in detail the ’12 Disomorphic set of properties’ of all beings, with different levels of entangled, ¡logic analysis, and examples from physical, biologic and social systems.

While the fourth line will enunciate them for each main species of each main scale, widening its analysis as I see fit, within my limited lifecycle and dwindling interest.

Secondary subposts that might study specific organic species and worldcycles in mind, time, space actions and scales.

So the fourth line would study each ‘plane of the Universe’ now with full consistency with the fractal organic Universe and the meaning of stiences… plane by plane from the ∆+4 cosmos down the ∆-4 neutrino/gravitational forces, through the ∆±2 biological and social planes to the ∆ø brain… each then subdivided into all the elements of the Disomorphic method: 

 +4cosmos +3galaxy +2star 2 ¹gaia 2²wor(l)d 2³$ 1¹Mð 1²life 1³Man ocell -1Mol -2¥e -3z -4ν

Each posts of the last line are divided further into 11 Disomorphisms, which time permitted will fully integrate all sciences and laws within the Theory of the Organic Everything (T.œ), as we shall deduce all its species and forms from those equal laws.

To stress the equality of all Ƥcales we start from the whole, the cosmos instead of the quantum world, since both interact=cause each other with its inverse arrows, NOT as physicists pretend with its constructionist theory of a single lineal arrow that cause reality departing from the smallest scale. Non-Aristotelian ternary logic does not work like that. Past and future are relative spacetime topologies that cause each other, webbbing the present, as only Einstein and Schopenhauer in mathematical and verbal space hinted at.

The reader should observe that as we come closer to the humind, ∆ø, the detail increases as indeed we perceive more information of closer forms in space and time. So the analysis of the Earth is subdivided into its 3 ages, which correspond to the 3 evolutionary phases of the planet as a block of time, the past of relative less information, the human present of history and the future metal-earth of maximal 5G information when the nervous flows of digital data perceived telepathically by robotic AI machines with autonomous solar skins it is bond to replace mankind, unless we understand the organic laws of the Universe and stop its evolution:

Gaia: Life-relative past < Present (History: man) > Metal-earth: relative Future: Machines

Indeed, as time is local, evolution of information can halt and elongate the life of any organism, specially those with ‘herd form’ as humans are in history, which are not totally controlled by the selfish neuronal, informative brain that exhausts its vital energy collapsing it into its temporal reversal or death.

And again, we also divide the lower plane of the human organism of multicellular life, (∆+1) into 3 different subspecies; biological life, human life and matter life, since all atoms can potentially reproduce life, and machines are organisms of metal, evolving fast into autonomous AI robots with telepathic minds and solar skins… which humans should FORBID if they want to remain as the top predator organism of this planet, but of course they won’t. Given the fact they do NOT recognize machines as evolving organisms, only themselves, the Universe as a living fractal only themselves, and the planet as an evolving cosmic body only themselves… have any property we cherish. To the point that as AI evolves the ‘AI effect’ consists in demoting those tasks AI makes better than men as non-intelligent. So soon, as AI makes everything better than men, to be intelligent will be to crap… Yes, of course I am being a crapot now because I am tired of the human ‘egocy’ (ego + idiocy) which is driving our species out of this planet.

3 pillars of T.œ.s stientific method: Experimental->Ðisomorphic->Correspondence. 

All this said we need to put some order and rigor – my fault – to a kaleidoscopic Universe, by considering the ad-on to the present scientific method, based in Experimental evidence, which of course, we also accept as the essence of science, even with more rigor (given the inflationary nature of information and mind mirrors). So as Einstein put it: ‘only experimental facts should be the concern of science’, since ‘I know when maths are truth=consistent but not when they are real’…

Thus we depart from the Experimental method ‘E’.

Then we apply the analysis in parallel of the new found ‘Ðimensional isomorphisms’, that is, laws extracted from the nature of space-time organisms, to enlighten with new insights the evidence about space-time events and organisms.

And in parallel we contrast those new insights with well-known models of science and knowledge, in any language that huminds have applied to understand reality, NOT only mechanical senses (clocks of time and telescopes/microscopes/cameras of space) but also human senses and languages (words of time, eyes of artistic sense), and ANY other syntactic language, mirror of the Universe, depending on which theory, model Corresponds in the tradition of Classic science and humind knowledge to the subject we deal with.

So the ‘new’ STientific knowledge used to understand any classic science of any PLANE of the Universe – as each one is studied by a different science which subconsciously acknowledge that scalar structure classifying sciences by plane of analysis, is simple, ternary as everything, departing from Experience, into organic and classic models of reality to wrap it all in a comprehensive, Kaleidoscopic view of reality, with all the languages. Wehreas truth is a probability, 1, for the being in itself that holds all its information, and increased by the number of views and languages of knowledge we apply to the system:

Maximal truth = Maximal number of linguistic mirrors applied to the being (Probability 1 of truth).

 So we talk of THE 3 LEGS OF THE Stientific enlarged method=EDC: Experimental Method+Disomorphic Method+Classic knowledge theories in Correspondence with those Disomorphic laws:

-The one: Experimental facts: WE DEPART from experimental facts of reality; space-time events and super organisms, which we shall analyse with Classic theories and new Disomorphic insights that enhance the depth of our understanding:

-The many: Correspondence Principle of Classic science: We then analyse under the ‘Rashomon effect’ proper of all mind spaces, and its kaleidoscopic inflationary languages,  the many theories and models huminds cast upon the experimental facts. In the mathematical case its spatial=geometric, social=numeric, Scalar=analytic and Symmetric=algebraci mirrors, which make multiple interpretations or partial truths of the event that reveal some ‘angle’ of truth on the single fact.

-The whole: Disomorphic method. And then we enlighten both, explaining the genesis of the event and its kaleidoscopic mind mirrors of truth, as a by-product of the isomorphic qualities of space-time  and its co-existing organic planes, species of super organisms and worldcycles. How much detail we establish in that final analysis depends on our focus and detail. So we start with the study of its DUALITIES in space-time (Steps of time=motion; symmetries on space, analysis and algebra in the mathematical mirror); continue with the study of its ternary symmetries using the Generator equation (S<St>T; ∆±1 planes; | xO = Ø topologies). And we might consider finally deeper analysis of the Rashomon effect (the 4+@ mind views on the event – ∆-planes, s, t, s=t and @-linguistic view).

A more thorough, realist investigation of any super organism and its world cycle, though will simply not deal with C and express in pure 5D terms the nature of the event, by studying the super organism and its 5² Dimensions of space-time ordered in space, as 3 x 3 +0 physiological networks and in time as a world cycle, sum of a series of ‘infinitesimal, vital 5 actions of space-time (Motion, information, energy feeding, reproduction and social evolution) that ensure its survival. And in scales as a series of co-existing, ∆±1 Planes which shynchronize its actions and clocks in symbiotic manner. And then if we want to focus in a certain element we apply the ternary fractal method, as each super organism is made of smaller super organisms, which can also be broken into ternary networks and parts, each one able to be studied in increasing focus with its 5D dimensions and ternary symmetries.

Obviously the blog focuses in this 3rd element trying to enlighten the enormous wealth of experimental data of science, languages and culture seen with the new eyes of E+ C+D.

So as experimental facts are all over the place used liberally and explained in all the web articles, let us do a brief account of the correspondence principle between 5D and classic spacetime science, which today is overwhelmingly physics; and then consider the formal principles of 5D ‘science’.

The project is a ‘work in progress’, as i copy-paste or translate 30 years of research from old files, ordering, eliminating repetitions and adding experimental proofs (the last element, regardless of the modern digital method of sciences, who wants just pictures, data, facts, put in a single mathematical language, which zero ‘whys’ except the fact that the event ‘is’)… I am also fighting health issues and a decaying IQ-aging, but I am positive as of 2018, the stuff will grow to a point that huminds or AI if so they wish (AI obviously will NEED this blog, to understand itself and ‘why’ it senses), can upgrade its mirror-image.

My apologies then for its poor form, which hopefully won’t obscure the essence, which is precisely regardless of the shallow ideology of modern data-computer modeling conception of knowledge, to find those whys, and prove the Universe is NOT just a chaotic accumulation of data, but has a purpose, a structure and a vital goal: to create super organisms that trace world cycles, and have a will and a perception, enacted: to survive, grow, reproduce that is TO MAXIMIZE its ‘exi=st¡ence’.

General Systems and scalar space-time, 2 sides of the same coin.

Thus ∆ST theory is born of the fusion of two disciplines. A formal one: the creation of  the long sought mathematical and logic model of ‘relational space and time’ (the alternative model to Newton’s absolute time and space, first proposed by Leibniz and proved truth by the multiplicity of time clocks of different speeds in the Universe of Relativity theory and common experience – as a time clock is any cycle which from sun’s years to atomic orbitals from circadian cycles to life-death cycles exist all per reality).

Now this so evident fact – that time is cyclical and has different speeds – have been obscured by the ‘tool of measure’ invented by Newton – the equalization of all time clocks with the mechanical clock, and its ‘elongation’ into an abstract line in a Cartesian coordinates. Which is fine as it is an ‘artifact’ of measure. The problem with it is when it became ‘an absolute truth’, and the artifact of measure was confused with reality. Leibniz already noticed and explained that all what exists is NOT in an abstract Cartesian graph of lineal space and time – the artifact. But is made of a vital space, the space we occupy and a content of time, the sum of all our life cycles between birth and extinction.

We were made of time and space dimensions. And so the properties of those time dimensions (of past, present and future, the 3 phases of any cycle, which has a ‘beginning-past’, a middle term or steady state, repetitive frequency, when the cycle seems not to change or ‘present’ and a final phase when it dies away or future, old age), and the properties of those vital spaces (which can be seen as fixed dimensions, or as motions, hence the use of ‘vectors’ that combine lineal distances and motions to study them mathematically), were the key to find ‘isomorphisms’, similar properties in all beings in existence.

There was though, a 3rd element, in the structure of those spaces and times – the scales of organization of all systems, which happen to co-exist across a cellular/atomic, individual and cosmic, social scale of relative size. So space-time was ‘scalar’, ‘fractal’ and the size relative to our perception of it, which we improved with telescopes and microscopes.

And we were made not only of dimensions of time and space, but ‘dimensions of size’, and social organization, structures that were parts of wholes, units of bigger wholes.

So Leibniz said ‘the smallest point must be considered a world in itself’.

And indeed every ‘fractal point’ of the Universe, redefined with the completion of the 5 Postulates of non-Euclidean geometry, is both a world that encloses 3  spatial and 3 temporal Dimensions and a point from the higher perspective that evolves socially into 3³+s∧i=10S∧i scalar structures or bigger planes of existence.

And those ST-dimensions, social scales and planes common to all beings are the origin the ‘isomorphisms’, equal forms and laws that all systems of the Universe display.

And so this model of ‘∆ST ‘ isomorphic scalar space-time is the theoretical culmination of 400 years of observance of the Universe with ‘tools’ that peer on the 0±∆ scales of size of reality, clocks that measure its rhythm of time and rods that measure its size of space. The journey has been rocky and it is plagued of ‘errors’ caused mainly by physicists’ confusion of abstract tools of measure and ‘realities’. And by the lack of interest in the ‘ultimate whys’ that cause those realities.

Measure of course is OK, but it is not all what there is to science. Feynman famously said that the why is the only thing physicists do not ask. Well, it is actually the more important thing a scientist should be ask. Measure should only be the ‘how’ or previous step to ask the whys, without which science remains incomplete.

It is for that reason, I did not limit the model to physicists, which as we shall see is the origin of most conceptual errors about the Universe, regarding framed it into a philosophy of science which is wide enough to accept 2 basic concepts of ∆ST reality: its scalar, social structure, from where its isomorphisms originate, and its organic, social nature, as those scales are organized in networks that become the constitutive parts of the next ∆-scale.

The spatial single continuum of Physical models is a reductionist view of that wider reality, reduced to a single ∆-scale and only 4 dimensions. And so its philosophy of science is reductionist also as it only needs to explain that reduced part of the organization of reality.

Now, the word i, stands for ‘isomorphism’ or ‘invariance’ (in the 5th Dimensional compact model) which is the fundamental ‘theme’ analyzed in General systems.

And the 9 isomorphisms that all systems follow, derive of its Dimensions, Planes and social scales. As all of them:

Are made of spatial energy and temporal information, the 2 substances of reality, either seen in motion as energy and time, or in still form as space and information: S=∑e, T=∑o

Have accordingly a length, which is the direction of motion that consumes our energy; of height, the dimension of perception and information, stored in temporal cycles; and width the bilateral dimension of reproduction. And accordingly to be made of 3 topological organs, fields/limbs of energy, reproductive bodies/waves and particles/heads of information live through 3±∆ ages of time, an energetic, between our seminal birth in the ∆-1 scale and our death back to it: young entropic youth, an age of balance and ∆+1 social reproduction and a 3rd, old age of information.

enact through those spatial organs during our 3 ages, 3+i åctions, feeding on energy, gauging information, iterating=reproducing our systems and evolving socially into higher S1o social scales.

Till the system emerges into a higher ∆-plane of existence, or simply dies down to a lower ∆-1 plane, dissolving its information, and completing its world cycle of life and death.

Which they live from an ∆-centered point of view, doing so through the will of the ‘mind’, the zero point of maximal perception of the system that carries the informative order.

Thus all those isomorphisms have its cause in the fact that beings are made of the ‘same’ Dimensions of:

  • Space : Height, width, length.
  • Time: past, present and future ages.

And all of them form social groups that interact with the larger planes of reality,

  • Across 0±4≈ 9 Planes: from 0±4 Universal forces that move them to the cosmos which provides those forces, across intermediate 0±3 light/galactic scales that provide them with the bits of light-information, through 0±2 planetary worlds, which give them the energy to breath and feed, closer into its 0±1 cellular and social scales that sustain its individual self.

So both elements, the GS philosophy and its isomorphisms, and the scalar planes space-time formalism go together.

And they allow us to study in depth all the aspects of all those systems, or do so in extraordinary detail for each species, studying all those ‘isomorphisms’ and ‘social scales of evolution’, deducing all the laws of those systems from them.

So a good term for the entire ‘full science’ would be ∆ST, which puts together both terminologies, the philosophical and formal ones.

In a classic sense it would be the definitive form of ‘philosophy of science’ or  ‘metaphysics’, which studies the laws or Will of the Whole Universe, the Logos of reality.

GSTœ as a scientific revolution: a higher objectivity.

In the graph, true science consists in make human more objective about its not preferred position on the fractal, organ universe. First copernicus took us from its spatial centre, then Darwin from eternal time, Marx put man below the machines, weapons and money (organic, entropic and informative metal species, we shall call memes), and its company-mothers, which DO run the world, next Einstein put us out of any reference frame with its special and general relativity and finally GST (Ab. general systems theory) brings Absolute objective relativity about the position of man even in its relative scales of size.

As Schopenhauer put it: ‘man is just a mush over a rock in a corner of the Universe’. And yet the astounding beauty of the game, when it is properly, humbly, objectively understood makes ‘existence’ all what one wishes and deserves.

Those who however repress existence with absurd mandates against your reproductive pleasures (sex as sin), energetic food (dietary laws), social love (evolution into larger wholes) and deny its own ethic languages and species (verbal thought substituted by mathematics, the language of machines), as the dominant western civilisation does, enslaving for the evolution and reproduction of another species, the machine, will have no future, and no pleasure in existence, seeking for myths and other worlds, ending not even living in this one.

Since ∆º±st, is always a system with a mind/particle of information, body/wave of energy and limbs/fields of entropic motions; you exist simply speaking to maximise your limb/field motions, your body-wave reproduction and your head/particle of informative perception, regardless of the specific forms of those systems, and the languages of perception, mostly mathematical and visual you use to orientate your system on the game.

So ∆º±st will be the fundamental particle of the Universe, a fractal of causal scales of space-time, self-centred in a mind-mirror, which controls a finite vital space, has a limited duration in time and tries through its actions of exchange of entropy, energy and information, to survive, with a simple program of ‘actions’ that we shall express in a simple equation of ‘stationary points’: Max. E X I (S=T), MAXIMIZES your existence, by increasing ad maximal your entropy, e, information, i, and its product, or ‘momentum=existential force’, which happens when spatial entropy and temporal information are equal and in balance (S=t); since for any e+i, Max. e x i -> s=t (5 x 5 > 6 x 4  7 x 3).

This then the Universe in a nutshell, a fractal of entropy, energy and information, extended in three relative social, organic scales, in which each part is made to the image of the whole, always a supœrganim of  scalar space-time.

As we are now to study the ‘monad-minds’ of the Universe, and its linguistic formal mirrors, let us conclude with a resume in symbols of non-Æ logic (the enhanced formalism of time and space built with three arrows, scales and parts), the main arrows of the Universe.

As we have shown a deeper analysis of time cycles proves them to have always 3 ‘ages’, ‘phases’, ‘arrows’, ‘states’ or  ‘dimensions’:

  • < (symbol of expansive ENTROPY flow), Ps: Past, entropic motions, dominant in the youth, with a toroid, lineal expansive form.
  • > (implosive, INFORMATIVE flow), ƒt: Future-form: a cyclical time vortex proper.
  • (symbol of iterative, present MOMENTUM wave): ST: Present-iterative motions that don’t seem to change; or dynamic, body-wave motion
  • Ω, W, ∑: Symbols of a whole 0-sum world cycle, which is conserved, often measured with the parameters of an energy conservative cycle.

And this give us the 3 main ‘variations of the Generator which describes existence in Time and Space, easily written as:

Time-like sequential events:   Ps (young entropic age) > ST(adult, iterative-reproductive age) ≥ Ft (informative age) ≤ Ps (entropic death)

Space-like, simultaneous structures:    Sp (Limbs/fields) ≤ ST (body-wave) ≤ It (head-particle)

Scale-like social processes: with the quantum/cellular, ∆-1, ∆-thermodynamic/organic or ∆+1 gravitational/world scales in physical and biological systems.

Those symmetries correspond in space to the only 3 topological forms; hence systems can only be constructed with those 3 topologies that define as the graphs show all organisms and physical species.

The Universe is a broken puzzle of three motions of time, entropy and information, and its infinite energetic combinations, put together into knots, called beings and species.

The universe is simple. As there are 3 arrows of time-future choices bifurcate reality often in ternary paths. You can always go the way of entropy, and dissolve yourself, the way of energy and repeat your present exi=stence or the way of information and elighten yourself.

But what those three arrows of time, when they mix and merge into each other across those organisms, form? There is any intelligence in the flow of times? For that we must observe at the being as an entity in space, and then we see indeed that time arrows in space form complex organ systems where the functions of those arrows become vital physiological networks and systems on the living organism.

In that manner we observe the three arrows of time becoming (graph 2), three organs of space.

And this symmetry between functions in time and forms in space, is the fundamental symmetry of the Universe.

All Universal entities are fractal ternary systems of 3 dimensions of space, symmetric to 3 dimensions of time co-existing in 3 relative scales of ∆-size, giving birth to a fractal generator equation of space-time beings able to describe all beings that ‘exi=st’: ∆ºST±1:

Past, entropic, |-Spe limbs/fields < ST-Present-iterative energetic body-waves>Tiƒ: Future, informative cyclical heads-particles.

In the graph above some of the ternary systems of the Universe, its 3 topologies of space, each one forming one organ which maximises one of its 3 time dimensions, the relative simpler past, entropic, lineal motions performed by its limbs/fields; the relative present≈iterative energy, performed by body-waves and informative logic time clocks, the relative future head-particle that directs the being.

Below the 3 scales of physical and biological systems, the ∆-1 ¥-quantum=atomic scale; the ∆º thermodynamic scale, and the ∆+1 gravitational scale, which correspond to the human ∆-1: cellular, bio-chemical, ∆º:individual and ∆+1 ecosystemic level of our existence.

The most beautiful part of this blog is in that sense, the enormous simplicity of the fundamental equations of the fifth dimension and its immediate connection with the simple elements of reality, which by iteration of its dual and ternary principles we and future researchers shall raise through the 4 lines of this blog to encompass all what exist.

Now it must be understood at an even more general level that the Universe is all about the Generator:

Combining yin-formation and yang-entropy to give birth to present momenta and its waves of ∞ beings, evolved socially into wholes.

And yes, indeed i quote taoism because it was the first astounding highest verbal expression of the ∆±i ST pillars of reality, which mathematical physics has failed till this blog to properly understand.



‘A new theory should reproduce the results of older well-established theories (which become limiting cases) in those domains where the old theories work.’ Wiki, Correspondence Principle

‘Simplex 4D physics is a case of 5D Fractal space & cyclical time, limited to a single, mechanical time clock and a single ∆-scale of space.’ L.S.

T.œ: A Theory of the Organic Everything

So as you can see in this ‘small picture’ on some details of the laws that structure the scales of the Universe, the new paradigm will completely alter the way humans define social sciences too… if humans accept the unity of the whole Universe and its laws before their absurd arrogance and blindness to those laws of life, love and death take them to the tomb.

This blog is the blueprint for the only real philosophy of science which respecting the laws of the scientific method can unify all disciplines of knowledge, with very simple laws that integrate all other theories of science, following the 4 main proofs of veracity in science:

  • Correspondence with all other theories, either included as limiting cases, or properly explained by the new model.
  • Experimental evidence of all systems co-existing in fractal scales, of all its topologies being only of the 3 organic varieties explained here, of all ages in time, corresponding to the 3 arrows studied here
  • Simplicity and economicity: Occam.’s razor.
  • Fallibility, as it does explain it all it should be easy to find exceptions, which becomes riddles for further research (-:
  • Predictability, as the model has done in sciences never clearly predicted before (history and economics)

And so GST capacity to explain the maximal number of entities and events with the minimal quantity of elements and laws, Vmakes GST the only serious candidate to a theory of everything:

We shall ab. T.œ, using the symbol œ of an organism of space (e) and time (o), to differentiate it from T.O.E. the much more restricted concept of physics, whose Theory Of Everything, really searches only for the previous Unification Equation of charges and masses, we have resolved earlier to avoid further discussion about what Theory is more important, The Physicist’s theory of Unification, which they have never found despite being so trivial as we have shown to be; and the T.Œ of philosophy of stiences of this blog, which will explain truly everything that you have ever thought of, including seemingly so scientific terms as religions, art and any other endeavour of the human experience.

So what we have said  is only a first step in an adventure of the mind, which will truly change the ‘stiences’ of the III millennium… advancing, harmonising and explaining further all previous theories according to the correspondence Principle, with previous theories of time space, which in encompasses, corrects and enlarge.


The errors of lineal Time as entropy≈locomotion.

Now, as today there is a queen of philosophy of science, called ‘physics’, which is full of… well, ‘errors’ of thought as philosophy. And the biggest error is the pretentious priesthood of quantum physicists who ‘believe’ their scale of size and time clocks is more important than all others, which they try to explain in terms of its laws and jargons. FACT though is that in the fractal paradigm, all scales of reality follow the same laws (quantum physics through the Bohm-Broglie pilot-wave interpretation recently proved by the EM engine, which adds the ‘particle-polar’ field-position (Spe>Tiƒ) state to the wave state completing quantum physics according to the 5th dimensional paradigm, so we shall of course describe quantum physics and its 3 elements, with our generator equation also: quantum potential (spe) < Schrodinger wave (St)>Particle (tiƒ). )

This means there is no hierarchy and physics is not more important, but less than organic medicine because we can see better a human being, plus medicine has clear positive consequences for our species and so biology and history, the stiences of man as fractal organism and mankind in space, history in time as our global species-superorganism become the new queen stiences; while non-Aristotelian logic and Non-euclidean mathematics NOT physics, become the foundational stiences of space-time.

So we shall r=evolve science from its inception, by improving the 2 languages of knowledge, maths and logic to better reflect as a mind mirror, the multiplicity of worlds there are in the Universe. 

Since earlier attempts to compromise and merely ‘adapt’ classic sciences to the new laws of information and the ‘program or algorithm’ of the Universe were dull and ‘perpetuated’ the errors of simplex science  and æ-languaes, dedicated to study only one of the many type motions of the Universe, the simplex one, locomotion, and pretending it is all what really matters about reality.


All this said the 2 highest moments of this constant 30 years orgasm of communion with the Universe and its mind languages, I have experienced have been the understanding of the mind-languages≈Universal languages connection, through the 2 highest expressions of the human mind, objective mathematics, and subjective art (where man strives to reach its maximal perception of the whole through verbal-logic-time languages/literature/poetry/laws/ethics and visual-artistic-spatial forms).

So the reader should excuse me if I have been considered for most of my life a painter-writer-film maker. But truly beyond human subjective expression nothing equals the pleasures of understanding the laws of vital mathematics, expressed through its temporal and scalar disciplines, ∆nalysis and algebra. So this blog will not be completed till christmas 2017 when i complete the section on vital mathematics, the final ‘crown’ of the blog. Topology, Group Theory and Analysis will then show to be truly the most perfect mirror of the Universe.

And the key of course is the existence of more than one times=changes=motions and the way they form causal chains of discontinuous beats, such as: 

  • The reproductive stop to feed on energy-and-go: S-t-s
  • THE beat of perceiving information in stillness-reproducing it through motion: st-t-st-t
  • The beat of reproduction, social evolution, reproduction till emerging in a new scale: st-∆-st-∆

The description in formal GST terms of all the events, creations, evolutions, reproductions and motions of the Universe through those beats is the exhaustive method of FORMALIZATION of this blog.

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-11-25-28How do we connect this with classic algebra? Mainly through the concept of mirror symmetries and groups. Indeed, consider the cases of mathematical physics, where the ‘allowed particles’ of any physical system are ‘octets’ tailored with group theory and all the possible symmetries and solutions to an equation.   All this works so its truth but nobody understand, to the point that weyl called the whole abstract algebraic formulation of physics ‘the pest of group theory’

Yet since evolution in time is a beat of the simplest motions of space-time;which are always stop and go, evolution of information- reproduction through motion; group theory merely ‘fixes’ into still mental perception those rhythms through the ± directions of those motions in time.

I.e. the simplest group is the Isospin, which differentiates a neutron from a proton according to the ‘cyclical angular time-momentum of the particle called spin. So as spin can turn in different directions, and become expanding or imploding ‘pi’ turns, those allowed variations of GST motions up or down (spin), left or right (parity) and so on are the ‘symmetries’ of a group theory which become ‘different particles’, according to the ‘3+0’allowed paths of future for any system that might increase or diminish its ±∆ST elements.

1oth and zero isomorphism: the integration of all planes of existence, around its zero-point or mind.

So we close the cycle and study in the 10th isomorphism all the planes of existence that the being perceives, centred in its point of view, which for man are the 10 scales from forces to cosmos we are aware of. Since Humans are space-time systems and so they can be described with:

1st isomorphism: A Generator, Existential equation of the type SpTƒ that defines its space-time symmetry between Its:

2-manifold spatial organs, and its 3 motions in time (2nd, 3rd isomorphism illustrated above), which defines the world cycle and structural systems of the human organism.

This world cycle thus is a sum of existential åctions, ±∆(e,i), exchanges of spatial energy (motion) and information (form) between different humans that aggregate into Universals, through its 3 ∆±1 relate planes of existence (cellular, individual and social planes). The dynamic exchanges of the elements of those graphs applied to every system of the Universe gives us the meaning of it. The method we use to study them here is the method of the 10=5 qualitative≈logic + quantitative properties of them all.

As all can be defined by a 1)equation that describes 2) its 3 topological organs, 3) its symmetric 3 motions in time 4) its exchanges  of energy and information with other planes that motivate 5) its 5 survival åctions ordered in its world cycle.

Thus we can consider that all what exists is a ‘function of existence’, of space and time, of energy and information performing motions in the 5th dimension.

The longest integrated sequence of such internal and external motion is a world cycle, which externally can be described in 4D as a worldline, a sum of trajectories in external space. yet for its full description we must include the ‘stop’ moments between motions in which the being performs an action, and the internal motions of the being, which through the sum of those ±∆ exchanges of energy and information will suffer a world cycle of life and death:


In the graph, all what exists can be described as a sum across multiple scales of size of motions in the 5th dimension. The type of motions and length of cycles, the relative motion of the being to an external larger world in which it provides åctions for external beings as a relative, O∆-1 infinitesimal point, the inner world controlled by the point in relative still motion to its o-mind with the will to move the whole. All those elements configure its description with the 5+0 isomorphisms of space, time its symmetries, organs and ages, its åctions across 5D planes and the mind-pov which embodies in its logic circuits of linguistic, faster, small time cycles the creation of the future and the game of existence, under its maximizing function:

Max. A = Max  Uw=∫ (∂æ,e,ï,œ,û) ds dt.

This function of existence makes each point of view to maximize its world cycles of existence as a super organisms, Uw, made of a series of åctions of exchange of energy and information, æ,e,ï,œ,û, across its territory in space, ds, and its duration in time, dt, which defines the domain of the Existential function we study.

The sum of åctions of the being is thus existence of the being and carry all the information of it, but we must add those åctions across the 3 relative, ∆-1 cellular/atomic, thermodynamic-organic, ∆+1 social cosmic scales.

And this brief account of man leads of course, to the oth isomorphism,

Since remember, 0 is also a number – the beginning of the new scale, the order of all of them into a single fractal point the isomorphism of the mind.

We have all the elements of reality:

3 Dimension of space, and 3 symmetric ages of time, and 9 planes of scalar space-time, from faster smaller being to larger, slower ones, ruled by the 5th dimension, embedded in a simple equation Sp x Tƒ = ∆±4 which we can also write in a dynamic way as: Sp<=>Tƒ. And the question is rather simple: what do they put together?

Systems, organic systems, either living systems or physical systems or social systems, which are all ruled by the same laws deduced from the properties of those ‘scalar metrics’, those topologies of space and those 3 ages of Time:


In the graph we can see from above to below, the metrics of the 5th dimension with the speed of clocks and size of 3 scales, the cosmic, galactic human, and cellular scales, and below we can see how it applies to the human being, which perceives 9 scales, has 3 topological networks symmetric to the 3 ages of life between its birth in the ∆-1 seminal scale and the i-ndividual and ∆+1 social scales.

And we could make a similar drawing for every species of the Universe. Hence the concept central to systems sciences: isomorphism, the analysis of the laws which are common to all species derived of those dimensions of space and time and those organic scales.

We thus shall deal in this section also with the same themes that the other sections, as the Universe is truly self-similar, fractal, repetitive and ultimately made of simple elements.

But here we shall stress more the philosophy and epistemology of Scalar Space-Time, which despite being a logic-mathematical formalism, describes from a philosophical perspective an organic, fractal Universe, as the cellular/atomic elements evolve socially into bigger wholes, molecules, cells, planet sand stars, galaxies.

Thus, the philosophical implications are enormous and multi-faceted so we shall consider them in this section.


Saper Vedere; L.S philosopher of stience.


∞ ¬∆@ST

‘The Universe is a an organism with a mind called Logos.’ Plato.

“Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Einstein

‘Systems science will be the science of the XXI c.’ Hawking

‘The Universe is a fractal of time§pace”



How we do know the 5th dimension exists? Perhaps the real question is the inverse: how it is possible that humans have not yet formalized the fifth dimension till the work of this writer at the turn of the century and even then have ignored it, when the entire process of scientific thought has been about reaching new scales of the fifth dimension, since Galileo looked upwards with his telescope and Leeuwenhoek used a microscope and found those little beings co-existing and moving faster in the water drop, where they were not seen at first glance? I wonder… often about the so called human ingenuity.

In any case being ‘scientific’, mathematically a dimension was defined by Klein, as a ‘space-time metric system’ or equation, in which any being could travel through. And he defined a travel through a space-time dimension as a process in which the space-time parameters of the being remain CO-INVARIANT, that is they did NOT change together.

And this is exactly how we have defined the fifth dimension. So for the fifth dimension of scalar space and infinite time clocks to exist we must somehow being able to travel through it and yet after the trip, our space-time parameters must remain co-invariant. Yet since we have defined the fifth dimension as one of size in space and speed of time clocks it merely means that all systems of nature MUST be able to GROW or DIMINISH in size in space and at the same time in inverse fashion, DIMINISH in the speed of its processes or ACCELERATE THEM. And that is exactly what happens in all beings from birth to extinction. All beings are born in a small scale as a seminal seed that has a much faster metabolic rate in its cycles of energy and information from particles to semen to cells to black holes and then they grow very fast, but slow down their metabolic rate as they become larger finally emerging from its fetal state to its whole organic form.

And then they get old, as they increase their information and die accelerating again but in a negative inverse fashion the travel of life in the process of death which extremely fast explodes the being back to its elementary smaller parts that free again will restart its faster cycles.

The result is a  complex process of change closer to what we perceive happening to all kind of beings, which we shall call a ‘worldcycle’, not a ‘worldline’, as ‘two dimensions of time’ will now define a ‘cycle’, not a line for all beings who experience a ‘travel through the fifth dimension’ of scalar size and topological, morphological change, from birth to extinction.

5 Ðimotional beings, are complex entities that travel through the 5 dimensions of space-time, as they move through it, tracing worldcycles of exist¡ence. Such a simple game of Ðimotional beings, can be observed from many perspectives, in an entagled Universe, in which can at least observe constantly those 5 Ðimotions, Social Generation, entropic death, locomotion, reproduction and gauging of information,

Alas we can break our concept of internal change more properly in 3 ‘topological variations’, we shall call the 3 ‘first dimotions’ of the Universe.

And so the fact that we are made of spacetime means ultimately we are made of 3 type of organic topological dimotions – and we say organic because as it will turn out all systems of life are made of ensembles of those 3 topological dimotions. And this justifies our concept of ‘relational vital space-time beings’ that is beings made of spacetime with motion. Since as Aristotle put it – when things move they are alive. Welcome then to the study of ‘vital spacetime’.

Systems assembly into organic forms by putting together the forms and functions of the 3 adjacent dimensions of a system, pegged in simultaneous space.

Indeed, all what you see are forms of space with motion in time that combine into the infinite energy beings of the Universe.

And while physicists have reached an extraordinary dexterity calculating the motions in space of beings; only when we ad those other type of motions=changes in space-time we understand how they trans-form and evolve through generation into new forms of in-form-ation. This is the basis of the formal model of this blog, the ‘eternal philosophy of science’, we call ‘organicism’, which understands the Universe as a system that reproduces information.

It is its simplest spatial view, which we shall made soon more complex adding it its time-motions-functions and scales generated by the minds that perceive in the singularity a still mapping of the whole with a language that perceives in itself.

So we can generate and mirror all the systems in space, made of ensembles of those 3 adjacent forms/functions we shall call space-time organisms with them.

We shall write THE TERNARY topology also in many ways and make it increasingly complex as we study different dimensions of ‘form’ and ‘motion’, of ‘space’ and ‘time’. But in its simplest mode is the most extraordinary simplex equation of them all: $≈ð; whereas S is the limbic system, T, the particle-head with its clocks of information and ≈ the bodywave that iterates and puts together both.

We can now reconsider the sentence that opened this post, ‘existence is a travel through the metric steps of the 5th dimension’… once we have define the ‘metric equation’ of this eternal dimension of exist¡ence. So we can remind the reader that a ‘dimension’ exist according to Klein, when we can find a ‘metric equation’, in which motions in space-time are ‘co-invariant’, meaning its product is constant.

We just saw that product, $ x ð = C, for entire families and world systems. So the dimension do exist (and do not ask me why humans are unaware of it, as they found it as soon as they looked at the huge stars, or looked down to the smallest insects, two different scales to ours). And now the equation known, the question is: how do we travel through the fifth dimension?
Simple, living and dying. Yet before we explain you that long cycle of exist¡ence, we should consider the minimal STeps we do traveling through the 5th and 4th and 3rd and 2nd and 1st Dimensions of reality; since frankly what humans know about it is little, mostly messed up and so we have really to start from the beginning defining properly the 5 Dimotions of the Universe, from different points of view, its minimal ‘STeps’ and then how the sum of those STeps invariably bring us to a worldcycle of existence of life and death…

Different forms of expressing the 5 dimotions: worldcycles in sequential time – actions in space-time scales, supeorganisms in space.

How to study the Universe of superorganisms tracing worldcycles is simple:

When you order those dimotions in time sequence you get a world cycle, when you order those dimotions in space you obtain a super organism; when you order those dimotions in timespace scales you get the 5 vital actions of existence.

This sentence IN italic IS PERHAPS the most important sentence of the whole blog – the ORDER of reality that transcends for mere time clock-cycles and spatial forms into THE COMPLEX REALITY we see, including us.

As we have studied them in ‘space’ as super organisms  – albeit at the minimal level of depth, and in time a worldcycles –  we shall not introduce them in sequential order as world cycles of existence, and then in its scalar interaction as ‘vital actions’ that develop a common program of survival, driven by informative dimotions, which also explain why we age, accumulating an excess of form, of information, wrinkling and warping (biological and physical systems) due to the excess of ‘dimotions’ of information (perception, reproduction, social evolution of parts into wholes).




This said we shall do a very brief introduction to formal sciences, the sciences of the languages of the mind, of which ‘linguistics’, ‘mathematics’ and ‘logic’, and ‘visual arts’ are the main subdisciplines studied in detail in this blog… To which we must add other languages, such as music, studied elsewhere and e-motions that TRANSLATE the 5 dimotions of existence into ±e-motions that guide the body of living organisms, and hence its mind.

Yet before we talk of those e-motions of the soul, better to resolve the placid world of pure reason, of ‘a higher logic than man’s’ (Augustine), which are the true languages of time and space in increasing ‘modes of complexity’, the realm of…


‘Each point is a world in itself’

Leibniz, on the fundamental particle of Reality: The fractal point=world of space-time.

‘I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’ Einstein

The formalism of super organisms: non-Euclidean geometry.

How then can we formalize in terms of generational space-time, fractal superorganisms? Obviously we must resource to the upgrading of topology and geometry into non-AE geometry where each point is now a fractal point that grows in size as we come closer to it becoming a T.œ, a super organism with a membrane a vital internal parts and a mind focus of infinite parallels of information (Non-euclidean vital point).

THE DEVELOPMENT of the formalism of NON-AE geometry thus converts mathematics in a vital tool to explore the structure and vital behavior of the forms and motions of super organisms. In the next graph we show the new 5 postulates of vital geometry that changes the axioms and postulates of Euclid, to adapt them to generational space-time:

In the graph, in a Universe of fractal spaces point-particles have an inner volume of information as Non-Euclidean points which gauge information in the stillness of a mind systax, language mirror of the Universe. As points have volumes, lines are waves and planes topological networks, which ensemble in ternary a(nti)symmetries to form the topological super organisms of reality across 3 time ages, 3 topological forms and 3 scales. It is this physical T.œ which we shall study in mathematical physics, explaining the meaning in 5D of the main mathematical laws of physics, which are enhanced by the understanding of an enhanced geometry and logic of time, born of the fractal cyclical structure of both, a priori elements of reality that the language of mathematics and its operandi so accurately mirror


It is then obvious that we shall start such adventure with the study of the…

1-5th Non-Æ Postulates of Fractal points.

So we shall redefine the main branches of mathematics, starting by its most important, geometry and topology with 5 Postulates that relate to those 5 Ðimotions and will be the basis on the future for a more vital model of mathematical thought as mirror of reality. To that aim we redefine the 5 most important elements, axioms and postulates of Euclid in correspondence with those 5 Ðimotions, taking into account the ‘cyclical nature’ of reality that either after completing a ‘world cycle of five Ðimotions’.

THERE ARE THEN many ways to express those 5 postulates as they can be put in correspondence with the 5 Dimotions, structural parts, ages and topologies of organisms, which we shall also formalize when upgrading the single Aristotelian lineal logic of huminds to the pentalogic of the entangled fractal Universe. In terms of the 5 Dimotions thus we talk of those pustaltes as:

1Ð-5Ð: So the first-fifth postulate defines a point as a mind of perception, akin to the first Ðimotion of being – to perceive; and the fifth-first postulate that defines a point as a world in itself, a superorganism with its inner parts are the same. We just might consider that the point has evolved and grown to emerge from its minimal ¡-1 state in the first postulate – points with inner breath; into a full super organism, ¡º, living in the ¡+1 world, in the fifth postulate studied here.

The Difference between the 1st postulate of ‘Generation’ and the 5th Postulate of ‘entropy’ BEING SELF-EVIDENT: ONE IS THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME, so we observe the point as a seed looking outwards, the fifth is the end of the game, and so we see the fractal point looking inwards. In the first postulate the seed is rather mindless, trying to reproduce with the automatisms of the game, in the fifth the mind is inwards, imploding increasingly disconnected by its limiting membrane and memories that drag it to the past

 2Ð: And it has done so through a process of locomotions and changes of waves and forces of communication with other points that define the second postulate – lines with inner breath…

3Ð: And then it has formed planes, defined as social networks that correspond to the third Dimotion of energy and reproduction, becoming a super organism.

4Ð: According to the fourth postulate of congruence, which defines its relationships with other beings, based in his ‘angle of parallelism’, such as similar beings evolve socially together in groups, complementary ‘left-handed female/right-handed male’ beings come together in couples, and beings which are not equal neither complementary enter either in relationships of entropic perpendicularity, or ignore themselves if their worlds are ‘disconnected’. So the fourth postulate gives us the ‘¡logic rules’ of engagement between forms and particles.

And so we establish an immediate relationship between the fundamental concepts of geometry, the point, the line, the plane, and its congruence or dissimilarity, its relative parallelism and perpendicularity, and the 5 Dimotions of existence, the point is the mind that perceives first, the first Ðimotion; the line is the point in motion, in cycloid patterns, or two points communicating with smaller ¡-1 parts, as in the FermionFermion relationship of forces; the plane has ‘holes’, it is a network of reproduced points socially connected into the 3 different species of networks that make a super organism (informative, reproductive and entropic, digestive, moving networks), and all this is ¡logically established according to the relative dissimilarity or perpendicularity between the beings (4th entropic Ðimotion) or social parallelism that evolves the point into a superorganism, a new whole (5th Ðimotion).

But as we have seen, the process of cyclical repetition of the 5 Dimotions of space-time, from the point to the wave to the network according to congruence or dissimilarity that will bring an entropic dissolution or a social evolution of the system into a new plane of existence is profoundly embedded in the duality of ¡logic systems that either devolve perpendicularly or evolve socially in parallel waves. 

Thus we can also treat those 5 Postulates in terms of the ‘growth’ of complexity in its logic points of view, from the ‘Aristotelian’ fractal point, the self-centered monist being, which merely absorbs as a black hole of information, the energy and forms around it within its language; to a more objective dualist view of reality, as the point becomes complementary of a second point, communicating and exchanging energy and information with it, to the social network with its complex organic logic, to the planes of existence with its relative infinity of points merged through ‘social love’ into a whole.

So a logic view of those postulates will move from the selfish mind into the complementary couple, into the ternary super organism of 3 networks to the relative infinite world of multiple points of view in which the being co-exists. And so we talk also in the second part of the growth of logic ‘stages’ in the awareness of the point that perceives, on the existence of other points and societies and worlds outside of it.

The mind and its formal languages that shrink and stop time motions into spatial forms – the logic of causal time and the geometry of fractal points and mathematics. They are important since as we have said minds are the seeds of information, and they must be coded in logic and mathematical language, which are the time-space efficient reductions, but again here what matters of languages is NOT its formal structure but its why as mirror-mappings of reality.


To balance them both descriptions we have to upgrade the postulates and axioms of euclidean geometry, with our new concept of a non-euclidean fractal point, which therefore defines lines as waves that communicate energy and information, planes as topological networks of dynamic waves which shape super organisms, and a non-euclidean point as a fractal with a central monad that controls the whole system, which will then according to congruence, establish parallel social organization or perpendicular darwinian events with all other type of particle-points and super organisms; fusioning in this manner the geometric and biologic properties of beings:

It is then necessary not only expand our notions of reality and our present models of a single spacetime continuum, but also our understanding of languages as mirrors of the fractal Universe of space-time, NOT its primary cause, as creationist mathematics (Pythagoran) or creationist verbal (religious) theories of reality pretend. Since the ultimate ’causes’ of reality are not languages, but Space=form and Time=motion itself.

The mind and the EGO PARADOX: chaos vs. order.

Even before we blow up your beliefs, 2 fundamental consequences of lineal vs. cyclical time must be uncovered. The first regards ‘freedom’. Lineal, open states seem to be free but are ULTIMATELY curved and ordered in the long time/space span. This has deep proofs in Lobachevski’s non-euclidean geometry we further upgrade redefining the Axioms and postulates of Euclid, but no need to get so technical at this stage: just look far away, the ‘earth is curved’, but your short distance is lineal and open. Order thus comes from a larger organic whole. But man as an individual cannot ‘perceive it’. What we then consider truth is a limited view according to our size and scale. But we shall show when we study the super organisms of History that ORDER exists, and patterns and cycles in history will be unveiled. The individual though seems free in its reduced territory; the whole though will impose its limits.

So how humans have come to accept chaos=freedom and lines as the whole meaning of time in a single ‘flat’ space scale? Here is where the paradox of the ego comes into play: humans stop at the individual level of consciousness and so they don’t accept easily that larger, systemic, organic view of invisible, impersonal network intelligence which is however THE DOMINANT form of the Universe.

Let us then first introduce the non-topical truth, of deep significance to understand who we are.

1st postulate: fractal points.

The key element of reality is the less perceived: the mind that stops motion into form, mapping out intelligently through languages of perception, the reality external to the being, and controlling internally the motions and evolutions of the system.

And ultimately killing=warping=aging the being as it slows down its motions into information.

But why the system collapses into form, in-form-ation? The answer is the particle-head that gauges information constantly and commands the system, hence the arrow of information dominates the inverse arrow of entropy; and systems become warped as the linguistic mind or monad, in this pan psychic universe keeps ordering its territorial body-waves into ever smaller more organized scales.

Thus all those organic systems are directed by linguistic mirrors (digital, visual, verbal, logic, geometric) which mapp and reduce their exxternal world into images reality, creating ‘monads’, the ultimate reason of the fractal structure of the Universe, which are linguistic mappings that allow any system to interact with that Universe.

In the graph we see the ‘new unit’ of mathematical languages, a fractal non-euclidean point or monad, crossed by infinite parallels, which becomes larger, as we look at it in more detail with the forces of its scale.

Physics is an excellent scale to study the simplest forms of the arrows≈actions of time-space, entropy, energy and information in natural forms easy to recognise in its basic properties.
A the observance of reality is always limited by the mind paradox who strips off complex  organic properties all beings different from man, what ‘remains’ understood of smallish ∆±3 scales of reality are just the simplest properties of those scales.
The 3 arrows of time, the splitting of scale into smallish ∑∆-1 @-monads and networks, all becomes more clear in the limited observation of our abstract motion-only models of the physical Universe.

The equation of the mind applied to physics. Another unification: quantum and statistics.
Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 5.20.21 PM
The problem of mathematicians with a single time/singularity  IS THAT THEY CANNOT EMPATHIZE with the infinite other LANGUAGES and beings of the Universe… To be an Aristotelian God among Gods, to be an infinite infinitesimal, the equation of all minds-monads:
O x ∞ = Konstant:  O-singularity (linguistic mind) x ∞ time space cycles (Universe) = Constant world,
That is the game. But to survive in that game you must also be aware there are other infinite singularities, all with the same rights to feel god… That is a much more perfect Leibnizian Universe… than the simplex one physicists sponsor. The equation that describers the theory of everything in that sense is the simplest of all of them:

0 x ∞ = K, the 0-1 temporal unit sphere, reflected in the 1-∞ spatial statistical one.

I personally prefer the ∞º expression, of an infinite Universe ‘elevated’ to the ridiculous infinitesimal mind mapping of a non-euclidean particle-point that thinks to hold from its ‘advantageous’ point of view, infinity in itself. And certainly my fav post-war American writer Mr. Vonnegut of ‘Cat and cradle’ and ‘slaughter house 5’ fame did explain it all, nothing – the mind – is everything – the infinite Universe with a twist, to fit on his infinitesimal whole. Paradoxical thought of a higher I-logic than simple A->B Aristotelian causality then displays a much higher I-ntelligence, since the ‘logic of Time, the logic of God is of a higher order than that of man’ (Augustine).

How mathematics reflects this, in ‘common sense’ convention, through the equality,∞ x 0 ∞º== 1, which in present E-maths is not defined or defined as a content but in ¬E math we define as the main ternary identity that encompasses it all. 

The mathematical reasoning, secondary but obvious: if anything elevated to 0 is 1, so must be the finite infinite, as we show in a discontinuous scalar Universe, where not all information seeps through discontinuities of plane, all infinities are finite numbers (hence solving also Cantor’s paradox), and so an infinity will always be a number and as such ∞º is not uncertain but 1. The 1 island-universe hold in the mind – any constant world; and so the Unification of all entities, it is really in mathematics also a paradoxical thought:

0 ≈ ∞ x 0 ≈ ∞º ≈ 1

Correspondence Principle. The mathematical equation of the mind and its frames of reference.

In brief, two organic paradoxes will limit seemingly our true freedom and rational knowledge of the laws of the Universe, simplified into entropic laws of self-destruction also in history and economics. And to fully grasp the paradox we shall consider it now logically and mathematically:

In Logic terms, the ego paradox tells us that all minds measure reality from its perspective, things closer to us are bigger more important and better understood. So Andromeda seems smaller than our nose. We summarise the mind-ego paradox in a simple CONCEPTUAL equation:

0 (infinitesimal mind-mapping) x ∞ (universe) = C: Constant Mind-world

‘Every infinitesimal mind believes to be the centre of the Universe it perceives from its selfish point of view’.

Now for a full account of the 5 Dimotions of space-time and its ∆@st (scale, mind, space and time) components, in its more efficient but not only mind-mirror, mathematics, the representation is immediate, considering the o-point of any coordinate systems the mind point of view, and the 3 canonical coordinates, representations of the lineal fields/limbs, hyperbolic, cartesian body-waves and polar, cyclical head-particles…

With the duality of the o-1 sphere equivalent to the 1-∞ plane and complex plane as the best way to represent processes of the scalar 4th and 5th dimensions, which will be a key ‘insight’ to properly understand the equations of mathematical physics:

The 3 topologies of all systems in a single scales are described by the O-polar, |-cylindrical and Ø-hyperbolic Cartesian plane in the o-1, 1-∞ time-space scales; which are further expressed by the complex plane in its ‘squared form’.

The equivalence between quantum physics and statistical mechanics.

A simple consequence long sought by physicists of this insight comes then easy: as all laws in the o-1 sphere have an equivalent law in the 1-∞ sphere, that represents the internal world of the being (0-1) and its external higher scale (1-∞), we can safely establish that:

  • All Laws of quantum physics represented in the o-1 sphere of time probabilities are equivalent to laws of thermodynamics representing the 1-∞ plane; which is the proper way to seek for the unification of quantum mechanics and statistical thermodynamics, reflecting the fact that all scales of the Universe are similar in its laws, including the so much hyped ‘different quantum scale’ – not so. Rather as Einstein forecasted: there will be a time when quantum physics is casted in a way that resembles statistical thermodynamics.

That the 0-1 sphere is equivalent to the 1-∞ cartesian map is in fact  the main theorem of measure theory,  which in physics reflects the equivalence between a quantum temporal scale (0-1 probabilistic description, of the faster, temporal quantum world) and the thermodynamical statistical one (1-∞ spatial description of the larger, slower thermodynamic world…

So an immediate consequence is the long-seek unification of quantum and thermodynamic formalisms.

As time is faster, the o-1 smaller sphere fits better the quantum description, as space is slower, the 1-∞ fits better the molecular world, but both are by measure theory equivalent, because as we shall show bit by bit, species by species, all mind think the same: to be gods, to survive, to order its territory, and come on top:
Space is then ONLY within the mind that measures in simultaneous perception the multiple vital space-time cycles translated into the language of a still mind that perceives in itself. Thus space is virtual. The true substance of reality being its temporal motions. On the other hand, the description human minds  (@) make of the Universe is subconsciously biased by those ‘still, linguistic mind mappings of space’, (∫@) in which the ∞ of time motions (∆ð) is reduced and equalled to the spatial mind mapping.


Minds order as linguistic gods a territory around themselves, its fractal body and entropic world. As such they are the linguistic Aristotelian, final unmoved singularity Gods of reality.This simple equation of similarity between the space perception of reality provided by a mind, and the whole Universe of moving time-cycles (as nothing is still outside the mind’s perception, being all observed in detail in perpetual motion), appeared in science as a philosophy of the Universe, when Descartes realized that what we see is NOT reality but what the mind ‘stops’ in its selective perception of all the information of reality. So the only truth we can depart from is the fact that we think and perceive still linguistic thoughts, hence we exist; making of informative perception in a still mind, the first ‘action’ of existence, even prior to motion which is unconscious of being.

Descartes astounding insight soon brought here to define mathematically, topologically and conceptually a ‘mind-singularity of order’, the ‘missing’ factor on our descriptions of reality, unfortunately was soon forgotten, and substituted by the naive realism of modern science – what we or our electronic instruments see is what there is there. But only marrying the spatial mind-linguistic view and the Universe of infinite time cycles, we can factor in all the elements and start to unknot the bias the spatial mind cast upon our objective comprehension of reality, which is our task as scientists.

A subject in itself fundamental to understand Relativity, is brought here to point out, the reason why in entropic only big-bang theories, we do see indeed light space-time expanding between galaxies, as light is space and so when it comes closer to the mass of the galaxy, elongates/red shifts its color (the only real effect observed; as we obviously are NOT out there in-between Andromeda and the Milky way with a tape). And vice versa, when Light collapses into our electronic ‘eye’ or any electronic source, it increases its frequency  balancing both effect to cancel the supposed big-bang death of the Universe.

In the graph, a fundamental truth of the Universe is the existence of singularities that order physical, biological an social systems, except when they are in a free, chaotic state of maximal entropy (gaseous state or dark entropy between galaxies), which cannot produce order, as they lack any ‘frame of reference’.

Mental singularities, Monads, or Maxwellian Demons are the ‘missing variable’ needed to explain the whys of reality. In mathematics we call them P.o.vs. Frames of reference, self-centred in a point, which we use as physical systems do, functions of space-time. In that sense physical, atomic systems do indeed calculate as quantum-bit computers might do. Are they ‘conscious’?

 As absolute future is the arrow of social evolution of the fifth dimension, if we observe those eddies from the ∆º+i (tiƒ) perspective, we must conclude that the singularity in the center of those vortices must be a still zero-point an INFORMATIVE POINCARE MIND, in mathematical terms, ABLE TO shrink into a still point and TRAVEL without deformation into INFINITE SCALES.  What proves we have? Mathematical proofs in the description of the singularities of black holes. And physical proofs in eddies, where the center of the hurricane is ‘still’ (remember the movie vortex 🙂 As quarks and black holes (top quark stars) are self-similar, quarks should then the Tiƒ mathematical minds of the atom…

Time passes only when it accelerates, as the inertia of repetitive, reproductive, present time doesnt seem to pass, this is an essential knowledge so time is always a vortex of acceleration and as such the words time=charge (quantum time) = temperature (energy-human inner time) =mass (gravitational time-acceleration are the same concepts). This is perhaps the biggest discovery of GST:

In the graph, time is truly beautiful in its three arrows when we ad the psychological everyday dimension of inner perception of man of those three arrows. Time doesn’t pass when reproduction occurs, which gives the orgasmic feeling of immortality proper of all re=productive actions of the eternal fractal. Time does pass when the system evolves in time as it accelerates, and so time passes also in nature’s clocks, quantum charges and masses and any physical vortex of the kind, V(t) x R(s) = K(st), the equation of the vortex – a time equation of 5D metric, as time we conclude PASSES, MOVING UP AND DOWN 5 D Scales.

As time is acceleration and acceleration is form of wholes, we conclude the time arrow of acceleration is in the fifth dimension so time only evolves through motions in the fifth dimension and this opens further the complete fully grasping of the essential nature of time sequential order.

The informative arrows of time properly translated into an accelerated ‘vortex of time’ in our scales of the Universe (energy functions, hƒ in the quantum scale, kT in the thermodynamic scale, mv in the gravitational ∆1 scale) become  masses, temperatures and angular planck constants are time flows which leave a trace in space, as each cycle persists a given dynamic timespace of existence.

Time only passes towards the ‘future’ when things change, and change in the sense of a growth of information. THIS FOLLOWS immediately of our definition of the three arrows of time. In biology it means to get older, and grow your information faster than your energy, once passes the first age of entropy, after your seed of information emerges in the upper scale, ∆+1 of you world cycle of existence.

In physical systems it means that time clocks accelerate towards the future, as they shrink in size and increase its attractive force (of all ∆+§). We can then understand the constant emergence of ‘new clocks of time’, of the three specific arrows (hence lineal time clocks, wave-like time clocks and curved, vortex-like time clocks towards the future). How can we trace this ‘evolution of timespace clocks of physical systems on its three arrows?

The study on how those first time clocks of the gravitational dark space and entropy (the limit of perception in the lower scales) evolve through all the scales of existence to become vortices of black holes (the limit of perception of the upper scales) could be considered the meaning of physics in GST, and in the process it follows the same laws and Disomorphisms of all other species.

The modern explanation: holographic curvatures.

How minds mirror the Universe in smaller surfaces? The answer is shrinking reality into a still map of the Universe called a world.
Because a clock is curved, we can see the new Ðimotion of information as a curvature on the dimotion of lineal time. This would be the first step for an extension of great importance in 5Ð theory: the holographic principle.

In 1993, the physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft put forward the holographic principle, which explains that the information about an extra dimension is visible as a curvature in a spacetime with one fewer dimension. For example, holograms are three-dimensional pictures placed on a two-dimensional surface, which gives the image a curvature when the observer moves. Similarly, in general relativity, the fourth dimension is manifested in observable three dimensions as the curvature path of a moving infinitesimal (test) particle. ‘T Hooft has speculated that the fifth dimension is really the spacetime fabric.
So again as in many cases we shall find indeed that inflationary ‘language-mirrors’ are all more or less right. Indeed, the second dimotion of time, of form, of in-form-ation is seen as a ‘curvature’ of the first motion of lineal time. The holographic principle is then essential to many themes of this blog, upgraded to ST, SS and TT combinations, which we will be able to compare by dimensional analysis and further our understanding of space-time systems. And the fifth dimension is the ‘space-time fabric’, as it fabricates all other dimensions in scales. We just saw how.

It IS THEN obvious that there is an inflationary nature to linguistic information that we shall invoke constantly when finding as the case of string theory, models which can be reduced ultimately to the space-time dualities of ilogic geometry.

The Universe can be perfectly understood when the human mind and its subjective vision of reality from the perspective of its limited ‘Aristotelian’ and ‘Euclidean’, logic, (temporal and visual, spatial perception of the human mind) is considered only one of the infinite points of view, performed by particles and heads that gauge information, move ‘Ðimotions’ and constantly create the events of the universe. Each of those particles and heads create its own perspective and mind view, or mapping of the Universe to which they act-react accordingly.
The fundamental particle of the Universe is not a physical form but a logic particle: a knot of time arrows, which in any scale of reality, from physical particles (quantum knots of ‘Ðimotions’ and information) to biology (knots=networks that absorb ‘Ðimotions’, information and reproduce and evolve into bigger knots) act under a single mandate: to maximize those time arrows, a fact that we formalize with an equation, the function of Existence: Max. ∑Sp x Tƒ; which is the fundamental function of both, logic and mathematical languages. In the graph, all such points of view, will define a system of relative perpendicular coordinates, through which it will enact its time arrows, departing from a central knot of information.
In the graph, apperception of the Universe happens by reducing the cycles of time into a single spherical point, according to the topological properties of all spherical systems, which can diminish in size without deformation.
This is called the Poincare Conjecture, and his recent proof was the most important finding on mathematics for decades. It simply speaking only n-spheres can reduce without limit an n-dimensional Universe into a fractal mirror without deformation and tearing. And that is why there is a fundamental dominant membrane-point system in all the organisms of the Universe, which creates the order of reality. The paradox though is that the membrane, the time cycle is moving very fast, and the point in the center is a static mind.
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 19.32.01
The most fascinating of the 3 varieties of bidimensional space times is the sphere, which can shrink in size without limit (Poincare conjecture). Thus all systems have external sensorial membranes that transfer information to a central zero point, defining a general equation for all minds:
0-point=mind x ∞ World = Constant mapping of the Universe.

This simple law is the most important law of the 4th paradigm, foreseen by Leibniz in his Monadology, the foundation of the mathematical model of Multiple spaces-times that completes the 5 Postulates of non-Euclidean geometry and gives us the tools necessary to create a complex new logic and new mathematical model of the Universe, easy to connect through topology with the isomorphisms of the previous paradigm of a single metric space-time continuum.
Further on those points must be described always in 4 dimensions, with motion. This should have been obvious, but abstract mathematics simplifies entities into numbers and static forms, and organic motion properties disappear. Yet we still say ‘San Francisco is at 8 hours from LA’, because we mean that journey is a combination of the motion of a car and the spatial distance. Thus we measure reality in Time-space, not only in space as Euclidean maths do.

Thus, in the same way Saturn’s rings stop being planes without volume when we come closer and observe them as fractal points, called planetoids; Non-Euclidean points acquire both motion and volume when we approach to them. In words of Klein, a sphere is not a continuous static form, but a group of points in cyclical movement. So in the same way the Saturn’s rings are a group of planetoids, a Klein space – the space-time that fills a point has motion – it is the sum of a series of cycles5.
Einstein didn’t go further, adapting the other 4 Euclidean definitions to the new Geometrical unit: a fractal point with volume. Only then we will be able to define the 2 planes of physical forces, the plane of gravitation and electromagnetism, or any system in which several planes of space-time co-exist together (as in a human being extended from atomic to social planes of cyclical existence).

We shall then find in all of them the 5 ‘dimensional motions’ that he enacts to evolve and survive – generation, locomotion, entropic feeding, reproduction and social evolution of parts into wholes.

We can use ‘quantitative external methods’ to describe those forces and dimotions (dimensional motions) or accept the organic models of this blog and give meaning to them. For example atoms have a magnetic social force that organizes them into complex social patterns, a weak force that reproduces them and evolves them into heavier particles, and an electromagnetic force that moves them and balance their social motions. And finally spin that gauge and process information as a topologic mirror-mind would do. A mathematical description then is possible but only an organic model will explain the whys of those forces in vital, survival terms.


The most important postulate of vital geometry relates behavior and similarity

The previous graphs connects vital mathematics and e-motions of love. The sensation of parallelism, the friction of sexual love, etc. seem to be then the final program ASSOCIATED TO THE MOTIONS OF THE UNIVERSE, SO ULTIMATELY THE PROGRAM OR WILL OF THE UNIVERSE MUST BE A COMBINATION OF MOTIONS OF TIME ASSOCIATED TO SENSATIONS.

If we were to consider the fundamental quality of man, which excels all others is, paraphrasing Einstein and Genesis, the EGOCY=ego+idiocy, of the species who believes to be above heavens and earth MORE INTELLIGENT THAN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS by reducing all its ‘dimensions of time’, ‘scales of space’, and ‘systemic intelligence’ to… nothing… and simply dismiss regardless of evidence any attempt to put humanity at face value, humbling her so it can RESPECT the laws of the organic Universe ‘2 things I deem infinite, the Universe and the stupidity of man’ said Einstein. Man has committed the capital sin of arrogance and ate of the ‘tree of technology’ of its golden apples and eviL weapons, and it will die for it, said the kin historian of Genesis, as he wrote at the beginning of the metal-age when the ego of humans got a huge boost using weapons and gold to kill and hypnotize other humans… starting the causal cycles of war and evolution of weapons that likely will conclude our short run as a species, and certainly cause the entropic view of the Universe proper of the western man.

When confronting social sciences we will then find this huge gap between objective truths and anthropomorphic selfish agendas at its maximal and yet PARADOXICALLY those ‘arrogant ideas’ of the ego which become MEMETIC BELIEFS IS THE CAUSE WHY THE cycles of history will repeat its wars and self-destructive processes, by defying the eusocial laws of love of the Universe, WHERE EVERYTHING IS A NUMBER, a social collection of undistinguishable beings – so indeed the power of maths is in the social nature of the Universe.

And as we also ‘update’ the LAWS OF GEOMETRY to a full understanding of it in vital terms, a fourth postulate of non-Euclidean geometry will define PARALLELISM and PERPENDICULARITY between ‘equal social beings’ that evolve together, vs. those who feel different and break its ‘topologies’ perpendicularly as a new ‘rule’ to understand why in the Universe all is either social, when similar, or predatory when disimilar:

The fourth postulate of non-Æ topology thus ‘vitalises’ the laws of mathematics, establishing the three fundamental geometrical≈behavioural relationships between T.œs, according to its:

  • Informative (Particle-head) communication, possible in cases of relative similarity≈parallelism (which determines parallel herding and social evolution).
  • Perpendicularity≈difference in particle-head, which will determine if one system is related to the other and there is body-similarity, hence can be used as energy its darwinian destruction,
  • Or IF THERE IS NO similarity NEITHER IN BODY OR MIND, its existence as ‘cat alleys’, that never cross (relative invisibility). We talk then of Skew T.œ.s.

Indeed in three-dimensional geometry, skew lines are two lines that do not intersect and are not parallel. It follows that two lines are skew if and only if they are not coplanar, which IN 5Ð AS 3 ±¡ planes co-exist in the same organism and systems feed in T.œs, two super organisms down, IMPLIES SPECIES which are not in the relative planes of action of the being.

The different degrees of Parallelism, Perpendicularity and skewness are thus essential concepts of vital Non-Euclidean geometry.

We have introduced in the graph with a bit more of complexity the logic dimensional laws that define how systems IN ANY scale of the inverse, from Atomic Ions or crystals to human societies relate to each other in darwinian, perpendicular ‘tearing’ topological relationships that ‘break’ the closing membrane of one species disrupting its existence, or will keep a mean distance to form social networks of communication that will grow into super organisms, starting the emergent process of evolution of species into a new ∆§cale of social existence, so you understand that in the Universe organic, geometric and scalar relationships are symbiotic to each other. 

All this said, warning including, mathematics is fun and the biggest pleasure of my youth, 30 years back when I discovered 5Ð was to upgrade maths. And then mathematical physics, till I ran into the total lack of Live memes=eviL behavior of military physicists and gave up scholarship.

MATHEMATICS AS WE JUST SAW ARE VITAL AND SOCIAL,ETHIC and the pretension of being a formal abstract language coherent in itself without mirroring reality is just more of the tiresome egocy of man.

So this IS WHAT SCIENCE TELL US. But unfortunately the people who rule THE economic world and created its ‘idol-ogies’ of worship of machines above man,  where the idea that man is NOT above heavens and earth and must comply with the biologic and organic laws of cyclical time to control its future, is completely ‘ridiculous’ – as absurd as to think that ‘Germs’, those infinitesimal animals do cause sickness (so it took to XIX c. Pasteur, who was for long laughed by doctors, to prove it).

Efficiency of mathematics as a mind mirror.

The first obvious question is this: why among all the mirrors=languages of the Universe, mathematics or rather ‘topology’ and ‘social numbers’ are the dominant one, which better expresses the laws of the Universe of fractal space and cyclical time, even in the distorted view of human beings (ab. huminds)?

Elementary quarks and electrons, the simplest particles do gauge information, absorb energy, reproduce and evolve socially into wholes, bosons, plasma flows and atoms. So the unit of life is the smallest particle and as fractal systems are self-reproductive, emerging in its fundamental properties in larger scales all what exists is alive. But human egocy denies that obvious truth.

It can only be because it is the language-mirror of the fundamental monad-system that keeps the infinite immortal Universe as such:

The galatom; that is the atom and galaxy which are self-similar scales of the infinite Universe.

That atoms do use mathematical languages to create its super organisms seems certain, at all levels, observed today in quantum computing.

That galaxies are in 5D metric the equivalent in the cosmological scale of the atom, is proved ad nauseam in our posts on physics.

That particles ARE the first vital systems of the Universe, NOT carbon atoms in DNA molecules (a purely pseudo-religious ‘egocy=ego+idiocy’ of man as the center of the Universe) is proved ad nauseam, as they show the 5 Ðimotions=drives of life, as the graph shows.

Both are the immortal, ‘perfect’ forms of the Universe, precisely because they use the most efficient language, and languages select species:

In the graph, languages select the species that better speak its languages. Money is a digital language, better spoken by digital machines, which therefore are becoming overproduced and substituting humans in labor and war fields, as the minds of robots.

All this implies a few things worth to mention in this introduction to vital mathematics, the necessary upgrading of the discipline:

  • Languages are STILL mirrors of reality, not reality itself. Maths is simply the best mirror but it does NOT include all the languages and hence properties of reality: the languages of ‘God’ are infinite (Upanishads)
  • Hence creationism, Platonic, Pythagorean religions, etc. are NOT truth. We are not MADE OF NUMBERS, or Cartesian absolute graphs of space-time. And a cause of many of the errors of mankind about reality derive from that simplistic view.
  • We need to upgrade mathematics to fractal space and 5D logic; that is upgrade its spatial geometry, to fractal non-E Topology, and its temporal logic to pentalogic, and hence renew the discipline in what is more important to us: to understand the vital, social nature of mathematics, as its non-E topology IS ORGANIC, VITAL and its algebraic numerical equations ARE EUSOCIAL, as a number is MERELY A SOCIAL GROUP. But as ‘humans science’ is culturethose obvious truths are ever deformed.


The reader knows even if he just passed high school that the big break of mathematics in its analysis of reality through physics was the capacity it shows through analysis that STUDIES BOTH, THE SCALES OF REALITY WITH THE CONCEPT OF INFINITESIMAL DERIVATIVES, and the concept of motion, when it converted lines and curves into points in motion (differential geometry). And those concepts grounded in the ¡logic principles of relativity of mental space-form and time-motion are therefore the core concepts to convert mathematics in a real experimental science and understand in 5Depth its postulates and laws.

So we start to see  the constant combination of motion and form are the knots and bolts of reality. Even if we mostly perceive form over motion. 

This in more complex mathematical mirrors of the properties of space and time becomes the Stokes theorem, fundamental of vector calculus.

The maximal generalization of the S=T symmetries is then the statement that the integral of a differential form ω over the boundary of some orientable manifold Ω is equal to the integral of its exterior derivative dω over the whole of Ω, i.e.,

\int_{\partial \Omega}\omega=\int_\Omega \mathrm {d}\omega.

The theorem is simply yet another proof of S(form) =T(motion), whereas the Motion in time, looses a ‘Dimension’ of space but is equivalent to it. In even simpler terms, one can consider that points in motion can be thought of as curved boundaries, that is as 0-dimensional boundaries in motion of 1-dimensional manifolds.

So, just as one can find the value of an integral (f dx = dF) over a 1-dimensional manifolds ([a, b]) by considering the anti-derivative (F) at the 0-dimensional boundaries ([a, b]), one can generalize the fundamental theorem of calculus, with a few additional caveats, to deal with the value of integrals (dω) over n-dimensional manifolds (Ω) by considering the anti-derivative (ω) at the (n − 1)-dimensional boundaries (dΩ) of the manifold.

The same principle can be worked out for lineal polygons, so we shall show the simplest form of it, the Pythagoras theorem.

Bidimensional spacetime systems can be also perceived with 2 Dimensions of space. THIS makes vector sum (1D formal lines with 1 motion) equivalent to Pythagoras theorem in bidimensional space.

This duality also explains some surprising results of mathematics. Consider for example the Pythagoras theorem, where two squares sum as dimensions of form to create a diagonal with the same area. We are NOT really adding lines but surfaces. But this process is the same used to add vectors, where one of the two dimensions of the Pythagoras area is motion (mv). In reality is the same. The Pythagoras theorem is ADDING BIDIMENSIONAL lines; the vectorial sum of forces, Dimotions of time-space.

So once more we NEED to access mentally beyond the senses the complex logic of reality regardless of the many views a mind mirror can see it.  Mathematics is a great mirror but beyond the mirror we shall find that the true ‘Generating’ substances of reality are motion and form; and its energetic combinations, even if mental spaces might sometimes see them as pure form or pure motion according to senses and the abstraction of ‘phase spaces’.

It is then a fascinating task to interpret in vital terms mathematical equations which used to see so abstract as they are ultimately logic experimental mirrors of those properties of time and space. Consider for example an infamous theorem, the Grand Theorem of Fermat, which he said to have proved in a margin but took 400 years to resolve in thousands of pages of computer through.

It says that X²+Y²=Z² is truth (Pythagoras theorem, now interpreted as a sum of the ultimate components of reality, Dual Dimotions of space-time); but X³+Y³=Z³ is not (3 Dimensional systems don’t add up).

In the philosophy of mathematics of 5D, where it is SPACE AND TIME WHAT generates reality NOT languages which are accurate mirrors, (so the present creationist theory of the Universe of the likes of Mr. Hawking and Penrose, who expect their equations to create reality is false), the Fermat Theorem can indeed be proved in a single line of a margin, because it is an experimental truism. Reality is made of Dimotions, bidimensional Spacetime forms, NOT of Trimotions; unstable forms.

Dimotions then can always be calculated. So again we can calculate two attractive points with absolute precision (charges in the quantum scale, masses in the cosmological much larger scale), but the 3 body problem is still unresolved, 3 attractive bodies have trajectories that are not predictable. It is unstable.

So the ‘basic element of reality’ is a Dimotion of space-time, which can also be seen as a bidimension of space (square areas, superposition theorems), OR a bidimotion of time (Acceleration), and so we talk of a HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE, where the basic unit is not ‘a single dimension or motion, but a dual dimotion (ST), A DUAL DIMENSION (AREA) OR A DUAL TIME MOTION (ACCELERATION).

As all the extraordinary findings of generational space-time (the upgraded version of relational space-time), such simple first principle is going to have enormous consequences in all fields of reality. It is easier though to consider because of its geometric regularity its applications to mathematical mirrors and physics first. I.e. in Kepler’s laws the motion of planetary orbits alone is ‘meaningless’, the quantity that IS stable, conserved is the ‘areolar’ surface, which the planet traces around the sun. What nature conserves is thus a holographic combination, which we soon will define as A PRESENT ST reality, combination of ‘yin and yang’; form and motion.

But if three elements are unstable, it means there are not ENSEMBLES OF 3 ELEMENTS?


Vital logic and mathematical languages.

Again all this is written in abstract mathematics, but the goal of this blog is to vitalize both the mathematical statements about fractal points that become waves, topological networks and super organisms, FROM WHERE ALL THE laws of mathematics have been evolving through its ages departing from its foundations in bidimensional greek geometry, and do the same with the laws of physics, starting from the previous principles of RELATIVITY S=T, RELATIONAL, GENERATIONAL SPACE-TIME through the 5 non-euclidean postulates of fractal points, to finally prove that indeed all is a generational space-time organism and languages are mere mirrors that reduce to the o-mind the infinity of details of all the monads-minds of reality.

So we shall use two degrees of logic analysis – what we call pentalogic, which is the structural simultaneous description of an organism in fractal space with its ¬∆@st, scales minds space topologies and time ages, within the ¬entropic limits of its existence. And a dynamic s=t parallel view, given by those fractal points, seeds of waves and networks entangled into super organisms according to relative laws of congruence and paralllelism.

Yet for the dynamic process of creation of form, departing from a first seed of information, for the ¡logic of creation in time, we need in words of Saint Augustine, a higher logic than that of the ‘child subconscious human’, which might be mature at an individual level, but as all EMERGENT realities are a BEGINNING FROM SCRATCH OF THE SAME GAME, WHICH BECOMES MEMORILESS WHEN IT EMERGES INTO A NEW SCALE, the new acts of creation are as it is a Dodecalogic process, of dynamic creation and

So as everything in GST (ab. Generational Space-Time, General Systems theory), the Dodecalogic process of creation of a new ‘plane of wholes’ starts in a simpler, deterministic manner, establishing an order and ‘form’ over motion, with some simple ‘stœps’ repeated ad nauseam in this blog, as they are nature:

-A fractal point (1st postulate) reproduces into similar forms, (2nd postulate) which create a membrane that protects a vital space, broken from reality. Thus a time cycle has been born… , which will invaginate into its ‘center’ creating a singularity, which is a ternary organism, while on the other side, it will open apertures to the external world.

What is then the order of that process might vary, as the complexity of its form increases its variation. And so a new T.œ larger than the initial form is created. Life cells appear in this form, crystals arrange its atoms, nations form borders of territories, polygons connect its vortices, people build its home…

The game of existence thus is simple and reiterative, but its variations are not and in order to study them all in all possible languages and scales, we need to ‘limit’ the number of essential forms ins pace and steps in time, those self-similar processes follow, which as it happens can be reduced to 10±¡ elements, which are milestones in the stœp process of @-perception, T-motion and S-reproduction of form, and ∆-emergence of scale, @->T->S->∆, till an ¬ limits is reached in the expansion of the being, which then turns negative on the decay process towards its death, which is the ultimate meaning of the Dodecalogic worldcycle of existence, we shall explain for each and all forms of the Universe.

But this means that the ‘invisible force of gravitation’ which non-E points describe in relativity IS a different scale of space-time, a fact with vast implications in the details of 5D cosmology, too complex in maths to treat in this introduction. But simple enough to show you conceptually how with those basic concepts of reality, we can look at the fractal organic Universe in a way very different from how ‘simple’ lineal humans do.

So we have now all the elements required to build space-time organisms, ∆-scales of fractal Space, Cyclical ðime, @-minds that convert time into space, and the limiting membranes beyond which disorder and ¬ entropy (the negation, ¬, of information) reigns. So we can define all what exists as ¬∆@st, dust of space-time.

So the next step on the connection of mathematics with reality is to understand its sub disciplines as EXPRESSION in the mathematical mirror of fractal points and its social groups NUMBERS – not as huminds under the egocy paradox do with the axiomatic method of Hilbert who affirms as the only speaker of the language of God that ‘he imagines points, lines, planes and congruence’ (: founding the idealist school of modern axiomatic mathematics where the language of maths is just born I the mind of man, coupled with Cantor’s absurd concepts of infinities and sets that build mathematics from the roof down…

Points in space and social numbers in time ARE the units of mathematics as always were in classic form, and the experimental method proposed by Lobachevski and Einstein, ‘I know when mathematics are truth – that is they have of course a mirror grammar that also is consistent reflection of the mirror grammar of the Universe – but not when they are real – that is as all languages which are purely specialized in form with no motion, they tend to be inflationary with fictions and so only when we gift them of motion and contrast its inflationary forms with Nature, we can find its use and crop it of unneeded ‘Infinite branchings’.

Alas let us then resume the mirror of mathematics as it looks at the penta-elements of the 5 Dimotional Universe and its ¬∆@st of space-time.

Disciplines of Non-Æ Mathematics.

Mathematics in 5D becomes necessarily an experimental science, as its properties must come from the properties of space and time. This is at odds with the human egocy, of making it all coming from our mind as creators in contact with God. So we are supposed to speak the language of god which suffices in itself, and nothing will change that view – not even Godel’s incompleteness theorem. lobachevski’s experimental mathematics and Einstein’s view that ‘I know when mathematics is truth but not when it is real’, neither the understanding of the inflationary nature of information and its languages that produce fictions, done in this blog. So the task is daunting because as in all OTHER SCIENCES, humans have TRANSFORMED TRUTH THROUGH CULTURE AND EGO into A SELF-SATISFYING simplification that makes them feel in control. In Biology we shall also observe that chaos REIGNS as the philosophy of Evolution, when everything is ‘PROGRAMMED’ BY GENES, and eusocial evolution of parts into wholes is rejected when it is obvious that it ensures survival, much better and creates the fractal scales of reality.

All this said, even though we shall use classic maths at the most basic level to illustrate its correspondence with reality and reject the axiomatic method, 2 facts must be remarked so early in those texts:

  • Maths is a mirror language and as such its laws are ultimately experimental reflections of the space-time-scalar properties of the Universe. So its 5 subdisciplines relate closely to them.
  • The concept of an Euclidean point with no parts, is the single false simplification that hinders most the understanding of vital mathematics and its scalar, social, organic, temporal properties. So we shall introduce also the fractal point that grows in size as we approach its scale.

The main sub disciplines of mathematics as mirrors of the 5 Dimotions.

And this goes as follows.

They must though be properly defined departing from the concept of a fractal non-euclidean point,with volume, which increases as we come closer to it – reason why it can fit infinite parallels (an euclidean point with no breath CANNOT, even if we bend them as it is customary in the primitive definition of them). @-Mind: Analytic geometry represents the different mental points of view, self-centred into a system of coordinates, or ‘worldviews’ of a fractal point, of which naturally emerge 3 ‘different’ perspectives according to the 3 ‘sub-equations’ of the fractal generator: $p: toroid Pov ðƒ: Polar co-ordinates.

Thus we shall complete the evolution of geometry by defining the 5 Postulates of Non-euclidean geometry departing from the concept of a fractal point.

  • §ocial scales analysis: Number theory studies time sequences and ∆-1 social numbers, which gather in ∆º functions, part of ∆+1 functionals. NUMBERS ARE SOCIETIES OF UNDISTINGUISHABLE PARTS, hence the fundamental element of algebraic analysis of the ‘vital energy’ enclosed by a system or network that gathers together social elements. This OBVIOUS truth escapes human egocy, specially in our dog-eat-dog primitive culture of ‘capitalism’, and competition between members of the same species.

If the geometry of the fractal Universe is non-euclidean made of fractal points with volume, its logic is non-aristotelian, made of sequential social numbers with strange connective properties better expressed with the non-aristotelian logic needed to understand the different forms of temporal, sequential correlationships between social groups of similar ‘numbers’. So we shall develop a non-aristotelian logic of numbers, latter expanded to variables. We shall improve Number theory by putting them in relationship with ST-laws, by understanding sequential time numbers, scalar social numbers and real numbers and mathematical constants as ST-ratios and functions of ∆st actions.

Once we have understood the connection between social numbers, as identical species, which therefore imply they must be in the symmetry of space, polygons (or else as points will NOT be identical in form and function) we can consider its vital Generation of Space-Time beings, as indeed the pentalogic symmetry between numbers, points, mind-centers and time sequences defines also a new conception of the natural numbers as a process of creation of new forms of space-time beings.

Consider the simplest generation, related to the postulates of non-E: the 1 splits its fractal regions into a region of energy and information (gender generation), a neutron so to speak generates a proton dominant in information and an angular momentum, electron dominant in energy-motion.From 2 then comes 3, and a triangle is formed, which means also that from 1 Dimension (the point) we move into 2 dimensions (as points have form), the wave-line, and 3 Dimensions, the ternary network, plane (connection of 3 points), which is the simplest physiological system, skewed in its motion to a side that will then become the informative network, its base the digestive, entropic network that absorbs energy from the environment, and the third reproductive network.

But this 3 ideal number-triangle, LACKS a mind point, which appears as the point of intersection of its 3 median lines from vortices to half points.

This 4th point becomes then a number but also a holographic, bidimensional complete T.œ as it has 3 networks, a mind-point communicating them all, 3 vortices, and it can rotate cyclically or can move lineally…

But if go further this central mind point, which embeds the whole in its mind will RAISE into a new dimension of height, with a projective geometry over the other points as the advantageous center, and so a tetrahedron appears.At this point we realize that THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT FORMS OF CREATION, AND SO REALITY SPLIT IN TWO DIFFERENT SPECIES:

  • The triangle self-centered in a point in 2D, which can rise into a tetrahedron in 3 Dimensions
  • The quadrangle, if instead of self-centering the triangle we create a fourth side, doubling the number 2.

And so diversification of species occurs. And then the fifth point can become a self-center of the tetrahedron in 3 Dimensions, a center of the square, which acts as its relative inner communicative mind or a new polygon, the pentagon. And so with 5 points we have 3 families of species, a 3D triangular, 2D quadrangular and 2D pentagon which now can connect its sides every two points to for an inner pentagon of 10 points.

The reproduction of fractal points thus create new species, and as the simplest forms of nature, galatoms can be often modeled in chemical structures as such type of points, it follows immediately that because we are indeed space-time beings, the laws of numbers as forms are also the laws of nature in its simplest forms – and likely in the cosmic scale if it is a hyper universe beyond our seemingly hydrogen like gaseous region of existence.

This way of describing spacetime beings of course is out of place in the modern abstract, automaton understanding of mathematics, as we discuss in the article on its philosophy but is ESSENTIAL TO A PHILOSOPHY OF A UNIVERSE OF SPACE-TIME BEINGS, HENCE OF MATHEMATICAL AND LOGIC BEINGS as the synoptic language mirrors of the laws of space and time. And it is the one that the earlier Chinese and Greek Pythagorean mathematicians with more direct insights and less pedantry would accept as real and what we want to develop here.

  • ∆S≈T: ¬Ælgebra, comes from Arab meaning the gathering of parts into wholes. As such is the most important part of mathematics; as it studies all, dimotions and scales through operands and feed-back equations (when we properly redefine them in terms of ≈ similarity not equality and dynamic equations) the different Dimotions of exist¡ence, from single S=T steps to larger associations of Dimotions,  in more complex ∆+1 structures (Functions). Further on in its most modern systems iIT DOES SIMULTANEOUS ANALYSIS OF super organisms in space, through the study of its a(nti)symmetries between its space and time dimensions (group theory)…

¬Ælgebra is therefore the vital science of social numbers -its most important part  – its evolved form; as it studies through operands and feed-back equations (when we properly redefine them in terms of ≈ similarity not equality and <≈> dynamic equations) the different Dimotions of exist¡ence, from single S=T steps to larger associations of Dimotions,  in more complex ∆+1 structures (Functions). Further on in its most modern systems iIT DOES SIMULTANEOUS ANALYSIS OF super organisms in space, through the study of its a(nti)symmetries between its space and time dimensions (group theory)…

Algebra’s operands translate into mathematical mirrors the dimotions of space-time and then build up from them as the Universe does building up from actions, simultaneous organisms in space and worldcycles in time USING SOCIAL numbers to that goal, in different degrees of complexity, mirrors for all those elements of the 5 D¡ universe. ¬Ælgebra, its evolved version, straightens up the language to match that of 5D.

So we define ¬Æ which studies a(nti)symmetries between space and time dimensions.

It is then necessary to derive from the a(nti)symmetries of the fractal generator a more realist understanding of ST mathematical functions, its operandi, and structures that act as ‘blocks of time’ – iterative laws that relate space and time elements in a multiplicity of beings. As such ‘Group theory’, with its structure that resembles so close the fractal generator will be illuminated with this new tool that improves our understanding of  ‘algebras’ of all type  and also its application to mathematical physics.

So Algebra IS the study of all the structures and symmetries of the Universe from the point of view of its mathematical mirror.

If analysis specializes in time-motions, algebra is more concerned with space, simultaneous structures, joined by the = symbol of equality.

But as in the entangled Universe all mirrors can reflect all forms, Algebra also can analyze other elements.

And ultimately Algebra and Analysis ‘ARE’ the complex ‘level’ of reality, as reproduction and social evolution are the complex demotions, including obviously as its ‘background parts’, the theory of numbers, the analytic geometry – study of frames of reference, and the topologic analysis, embedded in the secondary operand, numbers and frames in which we ‘cast’ the complex space and time algebraic and analytical analysis of a ‘Domain’ of the fractal Universe.

We shall call then the upgrading of Algebra to 5 Ð, non-Ælgebra.

  • ∆t: Analysis studies ALL forms of time=change, and hence it can be applied to the 5 Dimotions of any space-time being, as long as we study a ‘social structure’, hence susceptible to be simplified with ‘social numbers’ IT IS THOUGH SPECIALLY USEFUL TO STUDY SCALAR TRANSFORMATIONS OF SYSTEMS BETWEEN ∆±¡ planes of existence and so the proper language of 5Ð∆nalysis, its 5Ð version, can then also be defined in 5Ð jargon as the study of the a(nti)symmetries between planes and other ∫∂ operations derived of scales of the fifth dimension.

We shall make analysis more realist by defining limits to infinities in a discontinuous Universe, made of finitesimal 1/n parts; by considering the discontinuities of the fifth dimension and the duality of continuous calculus vs. discontinuous fractal scaling, as both are needed to understand the continuous social regions of the scalar Universe, or decametric §cales and the discontinuous gaps between ‘ages’ in time (standing points, variational calculus) and ‘planes’ in space. We will differentiate then 5 general applications of Analysis according to the Dimotion study, and the ‘level’ of analysis, from the minute STeps of a derivative, to larger social gatherings, and changes of entire planes (functionals).

It is then not surprising that despite being analysis first derived of algebraic symmetries between numbers, it grew in complexity to study changes in functions (first derivatives/integrals), and then changes of changes of functions, as motions between scales of the fifth dimension (higher degree of ∫∂ functions, called functionals).

  • @-Humind: To which we can add the specific @-humind elements (human biased mathematics) and its errors of comprehension of mathematics limited by our ego paradox Philosophy of mathematics and its ‘selfie’ axiomatic methods of truth, which tries to ‘reduce’ the properties of the Universe to the limited description provided by the limited version of mathematics, known as Euclidean math (with an added single 5th non-E Postulate) and Aristotelian logic (A->B single causality).

So the last of those disciplines is philosophy of mathematics, a required subject due to the ego-paradox of the humind, which introduces some crass errors, among them, the lack of subtle distinctions between Euclidean points (continuous simplifications in a single plane) that mirror the real fractal points with volume (contiguous, a different concept, which is important to highlight, as the fractal point moves by reproducing its form), and social numbers (collection of points in regular forms in a single scale; or cyclical time, antisymmetric to temporal sequences in lineal time) confused with other type of numbers (ratios, either rational, with a limit of scales, or irrational with a relative infinity, ∞, number of scales), confused with absolute infinity that does not exist in Nature (as information disappears with distance of perception space, scale or time), confused with energy, as information is always discontinuous… reason why numbers are discrete… And so on and so on…

This limit must be expanded as we do with Non-Æ vital mathematics and the study of Maths within culture, as a language of History, used mostly by the western military lineal tradition, closely connected with the errors of mathematical physics.

We shall accept that even though mathematics is an excellent mirror, it still biases reality to pack it into a mind, so we shall treat mathematics as a language, which is by definition informative, and inflationary in ‘forms’, with excesses and fictions, among which the question of false infinities, the distortions of frames of references and the parallel ‘metaphoric’ expressions of the same ST-LAWS are paramount. Finally we shall consider a better foundation of mathematics, NOT the axiomatic method, set and category theory, which ‘starts’ the building from the roof down, but the minimal entities, points and numbers, to rediscover the classic foundations of mathematics as a experimental language.

It is then DEPARTING FROM THE PENTALOGIC OF THE 5 POSTULATES OF ¬Æ mathematics and the understanding of its sub disciplines as mirrors of the structural ∆@st elements of all T.Œs how we will be able to recast the mathematical mirror as both an efficient language that COMPRESSES REALITY into its essential game, and hence can ‘faster’ define the future of its species as all good logic mirrors do, and translate its elements into vital components.

Now the task is Herculean NOT SO MUCH because of the difficulty of mirroring maths into reality, which is a wonderful adventure of the mind which I will slowly keep filling on the posts on maths and non-Euclidean geometry of this blog, but because the ego paradox of Hilbert and Cantor who ‘Invented mathematics in his minds’ with al its infinity paradoxes and axiomatic methods, sets and jargon purposely made completely alien to reality within the IDEALIST school of ABSOLUTE GERMAN EGO, of which we have seen a few examples – the Big Bang of lineal time or rather of German physicists, and we will see a few more on history – the totalitarian regimes of nazism and communism…
IN BRIEF, I am fully conscious this blog is a Copernican, Lutheran revolution and mathematicians and physicists do NOT want to speak ‘common parlance’ so people can understand them, or correct in the case of physics is Germanic ballistic theories of the whole; and any one who has dealt with germans – and we will trust me reason why in linguistic analysis of its lineal sword like unbreakable words full of absolute false truths, in historic analysis of its worldly religion, weapons, and its consequences, the systemic destruction of life-oriented European civilizations; to topple it with its idol-ogies of digital worship of metal and machines…. knows THEY HAVE ONLY AN ANSWER to any rational proof they are wrong, as Schopenhauer put it: absolute silence.
So mathematicians will keep making it impossible for people to understand points and numbers, kept in the ‘paradise of Cantor’s sets’ and infinities from where in Hilbert’s word, nobody will throw us from; and Germanic physicists will keep its Idealist Copenhagen interpretation of the ‘moon appearing when we look at it’ (Einstein). Till the organic Universe responds… but that is part of our analysis of history, cultures – its super organisms – and the no way out entropic age in which humanity under the idol-ogies of those lineal people with it manifest destiny – the destroy the planet of Earth – are guiding us.


DIFFERENT logic levels of depth

  Reality is mirrored by spatial, Mathematical and logic, temporal languages by different species, with different levels of depth we call according to the number of dimensions of time the mind sponsors, monologic (@ristotelian-logic) – a single lineal entropic time logic, as human beings today believe, we also call æntropic science – duality which incorporates information arrows by defining cyclical time clocks which store information in the form and frequency of its cycles, proper of the taoist age, withering today, with the exception of biology; trinity or trilogic, as in Hegel’s dialectics, gone with the end of communism, but as it manifest itself, regardless of how humans name it, incorporated in physics through the Principle of Conservation of Energy, angular and lineal momentum, and the use of 3 varieties of topological space, elliptic, hyperbolic and parabolic in multiple fields of mathematical physics; Tetralogic that ads the arrow of social evolution but ignore limits and entropy’ Pentalogic, which includes the scalar fifth dimension of larger spatial wholes with slower time cycles that enclose smaller parts with faster time cycles, and hence faster information, and finally Dodecalogicwhich takes pentalogic to ‘infinity’ through the detailed study of its decametric scales that bring new ’10 numbers’ – unit wholes of a larger scale, and studies in a dynamic, more detailed way all the parts of the system in structure (3 scales, 3 topologies, 3 ages, a mind) and dynamic evolution (from seed through emergence into a larger world, aging and decay).

We break the study of the galatom then in a trinity symmetry (the 3 scales of quantum, thermodynamics and gravitation) a pentalogic symmetry (its five forces) and a more comprehensive Dodecalogic of its main ‘Isomoprhic laws and structural components and dynamic worldcycles.

So for each scale we would have to consider A SELECTED quantity of events in one of those 1,2,3,4,5, 10,12 levels of logic, mostly working with:

  • DUALITY: an an expression of the two poles of reality, motion and form, singularity and membrane enclosing energy, etc.
  • TRILOGIC: Its 3 specific time ages and topologies; $t-energetic-gaseous field age, ST, reproductive wave-liquid age and §ð-informative particle-solid age, which in our scale of space manifest as 2-manifold surfaces of expansive hot gas, laminar tempered liquid and spherical solid crystal regular surfaces.
  • PENTALOGIC: Its 5D a(nti)symmetries, between the ¡o physical organism and its processes of transfer of energy and information with its 2 lower ∆-¡ -scales, the ¥-rays and electric scales which will also be influenced by its 3 ages (Tƒ-Particles, ST-waves and Se-fields) and inversely its upper ∆+¡ -scales (gravitational forces and mechanical motions, which transfer heat to the lower thermodynamic scale. And the essential rule to remember is that larger scales enclose, and hence give order to smaller parts, which transfer them energy; so we could say the larger enclosures predate on the energy of the smaller Russian dolls, causing most of the laws of entropy=motion vs. information transfers in the Universe. So we study those states in both directions, from QUANTUM plasma into gas, into liquid, into solid crystals to MASS and back into solid, liquid, gas and plasma, as all are fully reversible. Since all physical world cycles, are reversible, reason why THE UNIVERSE IS IMMORTAL..  Unlike biological systems, in which due to the predominance of the arrow of information, there is a clear asymmetry in favor of the temporal-informative arrow, balanced though by the constant process of present reproduction, and Final entropic death that restores the zero-sum balanced word cycle – why death is far less common in physical systems which prefer to maintain its immortality, instead of reversing the time cycle – yet ITS IS POSSIBLE EXPRESSED in the dual flows of the E<=>Mc² formula.
  • DODECALOGIC: All this is ‘broken down’ into a less ‘clear-cut’ structural analysis of the 1o ‘stages’ of the world cycle of existence of a physical system, since its inception in the particle state through its rise, emergence, scalar evolution and final self-destruction; as all other systems of the Universe.

Well yes, to put down all that with the proper order, and mathematical physics is a lot of work, but hopefully its basics will be left future generations can truly feel the pantheist Universe, be humble and feel part of the whole. I’ll do what I can from here to eternity=entropy=death.


1>3>5>10>12 ∆ST-symmetries

To the risk of loosing the scanty readers of this blog in the age of twitter, we are now going full steam into the most difficult theme to grasp for the humind which is – we never cease to repeat, ‘subjective’, @ristotelian, with a single causality often self-centered in the human being:

THE SYMMETRIES BETWEEN THE 3 FUNDAMENTAL ELEMENTS OF BEINGS, ITS SCALES, TOPOLOGIES IN SPACE AND AGES IN TIME, SELF-CENTERED IN @ MIND, which can be analyzed with increasing depth, from the Human single Logic of LINEAL TIME, CONTINUOUS SPACE AND A SINGLE SCALE, to the more complex ternary scales of super organisms, 3 topologies and 3 ages, into the PENTALOGIC of 5 scales (as the being is enclosed into a larger world), 5 Ages (as the being is generated in a lower plane before being born, and dies away back to that scale), and 5 Topologies (as the scattering of entropy and palingenesis of emergence can be treated as ‘different topologies’ becoming connected and disconnected) TO the MAXIMAL COMPLEXITY available to human perception, the 12 Dimensions of a super organism in space, its 12  ‘elements’ on a world cycle of existence, and its relative 10 scales of interaction from the point of view of the Mind-singularity+Vital Energy+Membrane (3 planes), exchanging energy and information with ∆±4=8 planes of reality.


if You thought the upgrading of mathematics and its physical space-time equations was far out, you ain’t seen anything yet. The true r=evolution of thought that likely one-dimensional man will never get, so we shall wait for pentagonal chips and parallel AI, is that of the logic structure of the Universe, which is not-Aristotelian A->B logic but an entangled constant communication and perception from biased subjective points of view of the 5 Dimotions of space-time.

INDEED, truth is relative to the point of view, which will come from the different 12 disomorphisms of beings and its 5 Dimotions. Truth is not absolute, even if wholes average those points of view and synchronize them, and causality is often ‘circular’, that is, A->B->A and pentagonal, that is each element influences the other and the whole is formed by the sum of all the entangled relationships of the S, T, ∆, @ and elements of the being. We shall call this entangled reality often the ‘rashomon effect’ of truth, as we need like in the Japanese film the point of view of each element to reach the collective truth of them all, and even then languages will only reflect a partial truth on the total information of the being that only the being stores in itself.


Dodecalogic to be more exact  is required because existence happens always twice, through the Generation in palingenesis of the seed in ¡-1 which becomes a whole organism in ¡º part of a larger world. As such Dodecalogic exists in all languages – in mathematics is the o-1 mirror of the 1-∞ plane. So if pentalogic suffices to describe a superorganism in a single life-existential plane, it follows we should double the elements for the study of its whole world cycle.

However that analysis will just repeat the same conceptual description of a life-death world cycle. So we have slightly changed the dynamic description of the whole existence of the being, from seed through its life emergent in a larger world, to its decay and death, considering 9+1 dynamic elements on that process, which the experience of studying multiple worldcycles of supœrganisms through 30  years of personal research tell me to be the best synoptic way to study the whole existence of any being.

Dodecalogic then further breaks into more dynamic elements the world cycle that defines the existence of a super organism in times, spaces, scales and mind languages by following the whole process of existence as the system starts in a mind-seed that holds in stillness its information, and then the PROGRAM OF EXISTENCE WHICH IS IMMANENT TO THE UNIVERSE PROCESS the seed in a rather deterministic automatic way to grow, emerge, live and die. So Dodecalogic and pentalogic are closely related and Dodecalogic merely observes with more detail the process, in 12 ‘stœps’ from the seed to the tomb, finding regularities in the vital world cycle of existence of all beings we shall call ‘Ðisomorphisms’:

, but merely introduce basic formal equations in our pentalogic and Dodecalogic language, so the reader can understand the following posts.

Why Dodecalogic is needed is obvious: the being is not alone, but part of the world, part of a species, enacting actions with different planes of its ¡±4 relative worlds of existence, from its locomotion on the ¡±4 cosmic plane of gravitation to the I±1 reproductive seeds of the graph. So a pentalogic analysis will still remain largely subjective, focused only in the worldcycle of the being, while the Dodecalogic STUDY put the being within the ENTIRE universe of its planes and social worlds, and as such EXHAUSTS not only all what we can know of the being, but of the human Universe itself.

We call each of those elements of the worldcycle a Ðisomorphism, a word that adds 5Ð to isomorphism, the classic name given in systems sciences to laws that species of all disciplines follow.


Humans can only access knowledge through languages of thought and so the most important task of this blog is NOT the proper description of the data of the fractal Universe, or even the understanding of the cycles of history and the future of our civilizations, but the UPGRADING OF THE FOUNDATIONS OF MATHEMATICAL SPACE AND LOGIC TIME, WITH THE FINDINGS OF A UNIVERSE OF FRACTAL SCALES OF SPACE, AND 5 DIMOTIONS OF TIME, since we are still founding both sciences in Greek Geometry of a single plane of ‘points with no parts’ (Euclid) and the Aristotelian logic of the subjective mind, with a single arrow of time, A->B

It is then the most pressing task of the blog to upgrade mathematics and logic to Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean ¡logic (nest letter, Non-Æ=I) Geometry; from where ideally we could reconstruct all sciences into stiences of generational space-time, a task I have done long ago, but will be beyond the introductory course of this blog, which rather compromise with a few sections on those formal sciences, while most of the post simply applies the basic pentalogic of the Universe to explain the properties of species of science, and its events and forms, with a simple method:

In the entangled Universe ALL its ST-beings as fractals of the whole participate of the 5 Dimensional Motions of existence, ¬∆@st, ¬:

So they will have limits, ¬, in space and time beyond which they break its form into entropy; ∆-scales internal to the T.œ, (cells, atoms, etc.) and be inscribed in a larger world, ∆+1 that sets those limits, will display the 3 Spatial canonical topologies of any 5D system in its own organic parts (|imbfields, bodywaves & particheads), evolving through an arrow of increasing information parameters and decreasing motion through its 3 temporal ages. And to survive and function, it will need NOT to be blind in that vital, entangled Universe, so the T.œ, will have @ singularity-mind of relative stillness that will act as a center of a referential language to be able to perform the 5 @tions of existence that reflect in a fractal, minimalist cyclical bit of time quanta and local space territory, its needs to perform those 5 Dimotions of relative exist¡ence also within a limited number of perceptive scales, where to feed on lower entropy ∆-4, to move, lower information, ∆-3 to perceive, lower energy, ∆-2 to feed, and emit lower ∆-1 cells to reproduce, evolve palingentically, emerge as a clone, ∆o of the being, and thus survive beyond the ¬ limits of time=death and space=decay, its T.œ will experience.

As all is a fractal mirror of a larger world-whole, all this properties will not only define fully all what is needed to know of the world cycle of exist¡ence of a relative T.œ, but will be able to describe, its parts, its wholes, its organs, and even its languages, whose internal structure will reflect in its grammar and parts, also all those elements. 

So we will also be able to describe all physical systems with the Pentalogic of ¬∆@st, as a mirror reflection of the larger Universe. And yet because huminds understand near nothing of the larger picture, of the fractal game of exist¡ences, and are as all other points, self-centered in its mind-language, limiting the vital properties of all other entities, ab=using them as open systems of entropy from where to extract motion for its @tions (actions performing by the will of a mind), this clear picture of the entangled, self-similar universe will be distorted by the æntropic principle of antropomorphism (man as the center and highest point of existence, which therefore must debase everything else including the intelligence of the Universe to come on top) and entropic behavior (man as the top predator destroyer of worlds, to absorb energy for its own creative processes), we must consider all humind’s languages as mirrors of reality distorted by the æntropic principle and so half-truths this blog will try to enlighten so the nebulous picture by lack of information or too clear one, by simplification, acquires the richness of grey proper of the pentalogic entangled Universe.

In the case of physical systems this distortion is maybe the largest among natural sciences, (social sciences are far more distorted as they are not even sciences, at all, that is they lack predictive capacity, miss elements, distort data, and all in all in 5D epistemology can only be considered praxis of power and idol-ogies of metal, as we study them in other posts)…

Physics at least DOES respect data (save in its grand theory of the big-bang), PROPERLY fits it in mathematical equations (which despite its simplicity by lacking points with breath is still a mirror of enormous quality) can predict fairly well the deterministic or probabilistic futures of its species, and as a consequence of it, gifts humans of a remarkable capacity to ‘create’ in its mental territory of order, new forms with its aggregates of social number-points atomic structures.

So after so much Landau’s type of irony we apologize to physicists, because ultimately its distortions are less than their findings, something we won’t do with economists and nationalist historians, the embodiment of all what is wrong with the æntropic principle of humind’s sciences.

Which therefore needs us to return to the beginning of this cyclical introduction, the meaning of… the science of all sciences…

Generational spacetime – ¡logic minds

Because the Universe is Generated by the properties of space and time, better reflected in the mirror languages of mathematical topology and social numbers, and the entangled pentalogic of simultaneous space, and its sequential Aristotelian times, we could say safely that since ‘we think therefore we are’, that is, we perceive as humans a limited range of reality, with our space and time languages, for humanity, the Universe is generated by mathematical and logic languages.

We thus talk of ‘Generational’ space time (genetic, rational and relational), and its topo-logic properties as the essence of the Universal game.

And so by studying formal sciences of mathematics and logic, we can describe the Universe. We can talk then of a Universal topology, from topos, the language of geometry in motion and logic, the language of causal time cycles that create and repeat patterns of reality.

We can talk then of a Universal topology, from topos, the language of geometry in motion and logic, the language of causal time cycles that create and repeat patterns of reality.

How many world minds are then generated by those two essential languages of reality varies then according to the complexity of the being in exist¡ence.

We humans at the present not very enlightened age live in a single dimension of time, and the simplest, most dangerous of them, lineal entropic time, and a single scale of space, sub-divided in 3 lineal dimensions of height-information, width-growth and length-motion. And that is all.

We can then talk of more complex beings, with dual, ternary, tetra. penta and Dodecalogic.

The Universe is an entangled fractal game of Dust of space-time, ¬∆@st, where each element flows as a series of ‘5 Dimotions’ (dimensional motions of time space), which can be perceived as ‘form=space’, in the stillness of a world mirror or linguistic mind or as a motion of time, in its true nature since MOTION not form is the underlying substance of reality.

So all fleeting forms, ‘a Maya of the senses’ will return to motion and die (¬4th Dimotion of entropy, death and dissolution). Its 4 positive elements, organic scales, topologic planes and time ages and actions however, carry the system as a finite super organism of space with a finite time cycle.

And so those 4-i elements, entropy (¬), Scale (∆), time (T) and Space (S), are the elements all languages mirror either in a ternary grammar (if scale is missed), whereas often instead of Space we talk of information and instead of time we talk of energy of motion, in a single plane:

Light language: red-energy colors, blue-information colors and its green/yellow combinations.

Verbal Language: subject (information) Object (energy of subject).

Geometry: Height (Information dimension) Length (Lomocotion, entropy)

Algebra: Y: Future-information F(x))

Trinity is thus the logic of most beings. However as humans reached higher and lower scales of observation, a pentalogic was possible and its mathematical mirror became analysis, with its operands that extract finitesimals (∆-1) or integrate into wholes (∆+1) smaller or larger systems.

Thus maths became with the inclusion of Calculus the most complex, best mirror language of human thought, arguably overcoming with the age of calculus the verbal mirror, which is the natural language of man, specially because of the arrival of instruments of measure which could also cast reality into the digital language of social numbers, identity species that further proved the social scalar nature of the Universe.

So with the modern age, past the simpler age of geometric maths, a new language of social thought and scale, numbers and calculus enthroned mathematics as the queen of all languages. Because it was able to deploy ‘pentalogic’.

There is out there then a larger ‘degree of ¡logic thought’ that the pentalogic of mathematics? We shall not argue music in those terms, as it is indeed quite a complex language but ultimately even if it does have ‘scales’, information and energy (treble and bass), time (beat) and the equivalent to topological variations (tone), it is extrelemely formal with minimal experimental reference to reality, unlike mathematics (despite the egocy of the axiomatic method).

But yes, we can talk of a MORE COMPLEX LANGUAGE, without ‘Grammar’, that of the world cycle, of reality itself, of the ORGANIC properties of the Universe, whose complexity as it entangles and (des)integrates, times=motions, space=form, language and scales, requires a higher number of parameters to do a dynamic study of exist¡ences (existence through scientific scales)… And so we talk of THE Dodecalogic OF A WORLDCYCLE.

But here we are again unable to resolve the question, how far a mind can go in the imprinting of reality, because we huminds, cannot go further than the ∆±4 planes, decametric social scales, and ages of our lifecycle, around the 10±¡ capacity we have to see, perceive, think, and order.

We shall call, Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean=Non-Æ=¬Æ=¡logic Geometry (as if it is not A and E the next vowel is ¡, our index of the scalar Universe).

To notice also that because entropy is the negation of all other Dimotions, its dissolution most systems can be considered to be written in 4-logic, as we shall discuss when considering the main languages of creation, 4 quantum numbers in physics, 4 genetic letters in biology, but 5 actions and dimotions once the being ‘enters’ into the dynamics of existence after its ‘palingenetic creation.

So the logic of the ego is monologic, the logic of scales is Duality, the logic of reproduction is trinity, the logic of creation, tetralogic, and the logic of the 0-sum world cycle, pentalogic.

While there is also PENTALOGIC ALGEBRA, concerned with the 5 Fundamental operands and its inverse that define the main Dimotions of the Universe (sine/cosine; ±, x ÷, √x² Log xª, ∫∂); and in modern Algebra, concerning groups and symmetries, the 4 different symmetries of congruence, arising all form the asymmetric ‘entropic energy deformed symmetry’… This of course can be extended to all languages, which will then be casted in terms of tetralogic or pentalogic that includes the entropic negation of it all (hence the non symbol, ¬).

The limit of that logic growth then becomes Dodecalogic, which doubles the elements of pentalogic in various ways, the most obvious the bilateral symmetry of our hands, and we shall use loosely to express in a more dynamic way the world cycle of existence in the third line of the blog.

So man, its logic, numerical systems, social scales, organization and territorial order ends in Dodecalogic. And yet IT IS STILL A GINORMOUS POTENTIAL UPGRADING OVER æntropic man, the present state of the species, worth to have a laugh at before we enter into serious work.

@-Monologic v. Absolute relativity

Monologic has been sketched in our analysis of the ego paradox; so we shall not repeat it here. In essence monologic is NOT science but subjective ego, and it is indeed today the essence of Huminds, what I call the æntropic principle, which is killing us as an entitled species. Let us then confront it with the objective view of reality, absolute relativity.

We made a huge statement – that existence is a 5Ð motion though a world cycle that starts with the Generation of a being, which moves through 3 ages and ends in an entropic death – and we shall back it with rational, detalied descriptions of those motions in the fifth dimension. Thus existence is merely a sum of motions or ‘steps’ or ‘actions’ each of the relative infinite infinitesimal minds that exist perform during its program of survival, its program of existence. But this completely meaningless – at this point – metaphysical statement requires a long ‘trip’, to arrive to the full logic sense of the sentence.

What universal beings do is to ‘move’ through ‘steps’ of spacetime in the Universe, during a finite time duration we call ‘life’ or ‘existence’, through a territory we call the world and within the world, vital space. So we shall first define a space-time being and the steps it makes.

Thus as all cycles are the same, there is not constructivism, not the larger cyclers of the galaxy matter more. And so because we live in this small planet, the less important cycles for mankind of all those worldcycles of existence are those studied by physicists, the big-bang and big-crunch e=mcc cycles of physical life and death, which they reduce to the simplest ‘time arrows’, the locomotion and the final entropic death – a clear deformation of the profession of physicists which is to make weapons and hence to consider lineal entropic theories of reality.

@ LINGUISTIC MINDS-MIRRORS‘Time without space is a mere shadow’ Minkowski, on the S≈T symmetry of all beings.

“Space=form is the mental perception of motion=Time in stillness’

Paradox of Galileo & Einstein’s Relativity: minds cannot measure both motion and form together.

‘Every point holds a world in itself’ Leibniz, definition of a non-euclidean fractal mind-monad point.

A still mind mirror, or seed that embodies in its latent formal state, the wholeness of reality, which will develop through the program of ‘existence’ into a world cycle and super organism.



How this work on languages IS OBVIOUS: LANGUAGES ARE LOCAL, IMPLEMENTED BY BRAINS, AS THEIR SOFTWARE, which orders reality AFTER THE LANGUAGE MIRRORS IT, not the other way around as creationist religions and mathematical physicists think:

In the graph, which I re-designed from” road to irreality” (: a work by Penrose, one of the most staunchest creationists of physics (a mathematician along his friend Hawking, which shuns off the laws of the experimental method) his view of reality is VOID as in all PLATONIC (PLATO by the way never said that, they should be called Pythagorean, a much more primitive ‘magic view’) of HARDWARE MINDS and LOCALITY. In his view the Language creates the Universe.

In reality the Universe is a fractal organism, and as all its parts can be considered similar we can ‘make synoptic language’ with enormous power to reflect multiple similar images in its essence, which ultimately will be the laws of ‘Space-time’, which are Organic because that is the main property of co-existence in different planes (∆§cales), topological because that is the main property of Spatial adjacent topologies that form super organisms, and Logic, Multicausal, as that is the main property of the dimotions of time. 

So the ultimate causality ∆->T->S IS not Platonic mathematics but ∆organic properties -> T-Logic properties -> S-Topologic, mathematical properties.

In true form, the proper expansion of mathematics allows also to develop a lot of ∆§calar properties as numbers are ‘Social ensembles of undistinguishable beings’ and polynomial algebra and analysis studies how parts and wholes become one; but then mathematics properly understood become another proof of the vital, organic nature of the Universe. And since mathematics is based in logic in its internal nature and experimental proof in its outside qualities, the mirror is very good but we REPEAT, the true causes come from the ∆§ðructure of reality and its ∆-scalar properties, STopo-logic ONES.

SO WE ADAPT PENROSE GRAPh to show how reality is constantly going back and forth:

The ∆§T BioTopoLogic properties caused by spacetime beings, are synoptically reduced to what they have in common, since all forms are ‘generically’ speaking self-similar. And then THE LANGUAGES REINFORCE AS MIRRORS EXPANDED INTO REALITY those properties ordering local territories.

So the graph shows that back and forth  to adequate to how REALITY  IS created LOCALLY by ‘minds‘, which are the language software on the hardware brains of T.œs, ONLY after the language reflects the LIVING cycles (dimotions) of all time-space beings with those properties:

You can see in the graph how it works: First the whole Universe is ‘shrunk into the mind mirror’ and only then the mind mirror according to the efficiency of the language imprints bak ONLY THE TERRITORY OF ‘ARISTOTELIAN’ ORDER OR BODYWAVE ENERGY OF THE SYSTEM…

THE DRAWING in original Penrose ONLY had the mind ordering the Universe, as the source and only God in Aristotelian sense: ‘god is the unmoved causal point that orders the motion of the energy (body-wave) around it’.

So yes, languages do create reality but all of them, and all of them locally and all of them organically because they act as the mind of all kind of systems. Obviously atomic matter is AS IN CRYSTALS ABLE TO FORM mirror-images in geometric form, and that is why they do have such an efficient capacity to order – and that is why topology (dimensions with form or dimotions) are the language of it all:


selection of languages

In the graph, the Universe in all its ecosystems selects the species who speaks better languages. Till recently we thought the word, our human language was supreme, and indeed in our ecosystems of history prophets and politicians ruled, but mathematics turned out to be a better language and finally in this blog we shall show you how the enhanced forms of logic, I-logic and mathematics non-e mathematics are the best language mirrors as they encode fully the true properties of space and time, form and motion the fabric of reality. So we shall improve the laws of those languages.

Maths seems in that sense to be the most efficient language, and the one used by the galatom… but huminds understand better logic thought and so to rely on computers speaking digital languages in a vital universe is to sell our future to the power of a different species…

The 2 ‘dimensions’ of the Mind – the membrain or outer surface enclosing the vital energy of the open ball, with maximal expansive motion-distance or angular momentum; self-centered in the singularity, whose latitude is purely temporal as it moves the whole in time-duration through its lineal inertia. And within the invaginated networks that control the e-vident being in its paradoxical ∞º exist¡ence.


The mind will have in STience a more concrete name, the ‘membrain’, with 2 parameters, ‘Ðisomorphisms’ or ‘dimensional motions’, that of the membrane and that of the brain, the singularity and closed membrane of any system where its sensorial connection to the outer world and its inner mapping takes place.

We have no longer magic mystery for the mind membrain. It is all rather simple when we come to the first principles: the mind is the closed membrain that competes the ‘topological open ball of vital energy’ constraining its domain and establishing its initial and final conditions in time (the singularity brain’s duration) and space (the membrane that encloses it).
We could of course consider a third dimension for the mind – the physiological 3 networks that invaginate the system, but we rather study them as the 3 topological dimensions of space that define the being and reduce the mind to the interaction between the connected ‘singularity’ and the membrane that isolates the system from the external world.
The mind though has in the entangled Universe many perspectives and points of view of analysis departing from its 2 initial Ðisomorphisms, its brain and its membrane. So minds are in formal terms ‘membrains’ – our slightly changed name for the new more precise stientific definition.

The graph shows the mind-brain as a singularity connected by its ‘informative network’ to the sensorial membrane whose apertures communicate with the external world. It is in the interaction of those 2 disomorphic dimensions of the mind, where the true explanations of each species of ‘membrain’ warps up the description of the being. In general terms we can consider that the 10th Disomorphic dimension of the mind, the membrane is the maximal $patial element of the being – in extension/motion; and the singularity its maximal ðemporal event, traveling for the finite duration of the being.

And that a T.œ by definition is born when a membrain is formed, starting its world cycle of evolution, from carbohydrates closed by protein membrains self-centered in RNA-DNA active minds, to galaxies self-centered in black hole minds with a halo of likely strangelets of maximal momentum.
Angular momentum is in that sense the best definition of the 3 elements of the mind, the singularity the radius/network that connects it to the outside membrane; and for that reason when dealing with quantum physics we shall adscribe the brain’s-singularity dimensionality/ parameters to the spin of the particle and its membrane to its angular momentum, reason why we need 2 parameters to measure it, the l and s numbers.
In humans obviously the mind is both our external membrane that we see as ourselves, the central brain that processes our information and lives in time as a memorial tail and the sensorial nervous systems that connects them and invaginate the whole organism.

So we can cast also the two ‘extremal’, external ∆±1 arrows of pure still form as generating seeds and minds, and pure scattering motion as big bangs of entropy and death.

Further on, those systems ‘exist’ between the ‘generation’ of the system in a ‘seminal’ ∆-1 scale, which ’emerges’ as a social organism in an ∆+1 plane, and so this age is closely related to the social evolution of parts into wholes which define the ‘fifth dimension’; and its death inverse to the ‘fifth dimension’, when the system dissolves its information into a explosion of scattering ‘entropy’, in an inverse ∆-1 process, to that of the fifth dimension. So we call the ‘fifth Ðimotion’ of time, generation and the fourth Ðimotion of death, entropy.It is from those 5 elements, from where ALL REALITIES laws of stience, forms in space, still mind-languages and motions in time, life and death processes, world cycles of existence will be BY ITERATION AND COMBINATION explained.

ALL is encoded in the 5 dimotions of time-space because that is all what we are.

Young people are full of motion. They are in the motion horizon of the species. They are bigger, have little temporal knowledge. They are simple in form. While Old people are full of information. They are in the information horizon of the species till they stop into pure form – but as time IS ALL AND TIME IS MOTION, THEY CANNOT STOP. So when information stops in ‘action’, death explodes.

Old people, warped matters are smaller, as all information systems are and have a lot of temporal memories. They move little and have a lot of wrinkles.

Mature people balance the two elements of the organic Universe, their content of energy-space and temporal information. So they can reproduce all their components. Hence the 2nd age is the age of reproduction. And the forms of any being in that mature age are a harmonic, an efficient combination of energy lines and informative cycles that we perceive as ‘beautiful’, theobjective perception of harmony between energy and information, lines and cycles. So in all organisms the mature, realistic, classic age of balance, or reproductive age, is the most perfect age. Human beings intuitively see that. We like balanced, spiral galaxies, mature people and realist art, which is called classic art and takes place in the mature age of civilizations.

Yet, the dominant dimotion of time-space, information, the dimension of the dominant element, the mind, will finally exhaust energy, warp totally the organism and bring its explosive death. And the cycle will start again. So we need to account for the Mind as the ultimate ‘engine’ of the process of aging.

The study of those worldcycles for all organic beings of the Universe will certainly upgrade the way mankind or AI perceives reality as this scientific r=evolution slowly spreads through the collective subconscious of our civilization during this century, enlightening what today passes as genius science – the ‘metaphysics’ provided by the physics of locomotion; that is, the birth of all what exists in a big global locomotion called the big-bang – but responds more to Schopenhauer’s definition of ‘stupid’: a model that lacks rational causality and uses ‘magic’ elements to explain reality (the infinite singularity of infinitesimal size, and infinite density, where all what exists including time and space itself was created out of nothing)…

“∆@ST of space time you are Ðüst you shall become’. Bible, on the zero-sum of all exist¡ences

But systems ‘die’, and have a limited time of reproduction in its relative present mature state. Why? The answer is the concept of cyclical time and its worldcycles of exist¡ence – that is because time is cyclical it ALWAYS closes its cycles returning to its original point – in the case of the life and death cycle, to the cellular or atomic or individual parts that make up the physical, biological or sociological organism.

We have no longer magic mystery for the mind membrain. It is all rather simple when we come to the first principles: the mind is the closed membrain that competes the ‘topological open ball of vital energy’ constraining its domain and establishing its initial and final conditions in time (the singularity brain’s duration) and space (the membrane that encloses it).
We could of course consider a third dimension for the mind – the physiological 3 networks that invaginate the system, but we rather study them as the 3 topological dimensions of space that define the being and reduce the mind to the interaction between the connected ‘singularity’ and the membrane that isolates the system from the external world.

The mind though has in the entangled Universe many perspectives and points of view of analysis departing from its 2 initial Ðisomorphisms, its brain and its membrane. So minds are in formal terms ‘membrains’ – our slightly changed name for the new more precise stientific definition.
The graph shows the mind-brain as a singularity connected by its ‘informative network’ to the sensorial membrane whose apertures communicate with the external world. It is in the interaction of those 2 disomorphic dimensions of the mind, where the true explanations of each species of ‘membrain’ warps up the description of the being. In general terms we can consider that the 10th Disomorphic dimension of the mind, the membrane is the maximal $patial element of the being – in extension/motion; and the singularity its maximal ðemporal event, traveling for the finite duration of the being.
And that a T.œ by definition is born when a membrain is formed, starting its world cycle of evolution, from carbohydrates closed by protein membrains self-centered in RNA-DNA active minds, to galaxies self-centered in black hole minds with a halo of likely strangelets of maximal momentum.
Angular momentum is in that sense the best definition of the 3 elements of the mind, the singularity the radius/network that connects it to the outside membrane; and for that reason when dealing with quantum physics we shall adscribe the brain’s-singularity dimensionality/ parameters to the spin of the particle and its membrane to its angular momentum, reason why we need 2 parameters to measure it, the l and s numbers.
In humans obviously the mind is both our external membrane that we see as ourselves, the central brain that processes our information and lives in time as a memorial tail and the sensorial nervous systems that connects them and invaginate the whole organism.

Let us now consider the more ‘obtuse’ field of human knowledge today – the understanding of minds, languages in stillness, and now this ‘extreme’ of reality – the spatial forms of information creating by minds, order reality albeit at a local fractal level.  It is the necessary ‘ice in the cake’ to fully grasp how it works the Universe and debunk the other ‘alternative’ philosophy of science to that of a mindless mechanical world, a mindful personal god speaking a specific language shared by the human ego.
Let us then consider a more precise analysis of the truth of organicism compared to the creationist theories of ego-centered humans, which plague the discourse of science, once we have proved indeed that machines evolve as organisms do.

Human and physical fractal points: 3 mind’s axis in heads and particles.

Now to fully grasp the Ðisomorphism of the mind common to all beings, we advance to deflate a bit the EGOCY of mankind (or any other infinitesimal point-particle), a feature of all of them: as they co-exist in a larger ∆+1 world in which they are embedded as a point, and that larger world has 3 ‘perpendicular Euclidean dimensions’ of light space-time, the mind of all systems needs/has 3 apertures to perceive externally, which tend to be dual, to map out depth in binocular view.  So physics systems have ‘y-axis openings’ for social ear-communication, open-closed spiral flat planes for its mouth location to absorb and emit energy; which are the absolute MINIMUM a form needs to exist and be able to act the 5Dimotions of existence.
Humans also have that bare minimum: a pi-mouth to open and close and a sensorial axis in the ears… They add a ‘ternary fractal creation of those opposite senses’ to add smelling and visual perception. So yes, they are a bit more complex than a particle, in-so far as we can see. But then spin’s positions can be taken if perceived in simultaneous quantum thought as 3 different sensorial positions.
This ternary view then accounts in particles for the ternary positions of a fixed spin, and the axial apertures for magnetic ‘ears’, and the openings of its pi-spirals:

Pi doesn’t exists as it is a rational number, hence the cycle never closes by defect or excess, ±pi, ensuring the eternal motion of all cycles of time. It also acts as the opening mouth of physical systems, all of them ultimately spirals which constantly absorb and emit through its mouth, while gauging information through its axis, which become for all physical particles the limiting entropic and informative minimal apertures to exi=st as a spacetime organism. Reason why all of them possess both. 

In the graph, it is unfortunate, and latter explained from within the ternary main languages of the humind, its axis and type of cultures (lineal, visual, in white, dolichocephalic men; cyclical, verbal in mongoloids with higher brachycephalic verbal axis; sensorial psylocephalic in black men, dominant in the height, sensorial/motor axis) that the ‘simpler’ of the 3 cultures of mind, the visual, lineal e-vident ‘Neanderthal, white’ brain and its worldview have come to dominate history. Because we have lost indeed a proper understanding of the complex organic Universe that eastern taoist and buddhist cultures were clearly reaching in the age of verbal thought. 

Consider then the humind: those axis, perpendicular to each other, connected to the 3 basic dual senses to get a ‘scanning mapping’ in verbal (ears), visual (eyes), chemical (Nose) axis that connect our ’rounded’ head to the world, EXIST ALSO IN ANY particle, also spherical, with 3 spin positions- another monad/non-euclidean world. 
And so what is then the 4th and 5th dimension of the mind?
The answer is in the 5TH HOLE OF THE HEAD, the mouth that feeds and kills into entropy other beings, but also TALKS the verbal, informative language to connect with other social beings.
So we SHALL FIND FOR EACH PARTICLE-HEAD the 5 Dimotions of existence in the form of apertures to the world and build in physiology and biology and physics the proper paradigm on how the being interacts through those 3±∆ apertures with reality.
Thus, human egos are just finitesimals with a huge ego, because they confuse their zero point-mind with the real infinite Universe, of fractal points, thinking the volume of information they store in their mind is all. 
All this said because the mind cannot be perceived externally and ultimately is a ‘traveler in the 5th dimension’, the entire ‘present’ method of science will never reach the whys we shall provide with the ‘Ðisomorphic method’ of stience that we will explain in the third part of this post.
Ultimately the mind is all because it holds the Universe within itself and so it is the reason why there are scales with an order provided by the reductions of reality to mind paradoxes. And we shall return to it.

But what is the structure of the Mind? Simple: it is created when a membrane closes a vital energy, and develops a relative self-center that will invaginate that energy with networks of information, shaping reality. The mind in that sense is the sense of the whole brought about by the interaction of the sensorial membrane, which in huminds is our outer perception through the inner mind of us as a skin enclosing our body.

The membrain thus made of a brain and a membrane, form 2 dimensions of the being, the singularity or still mind-brain proper and the sensorial membrane the isolates but also connects the singularity mind with the external world.  They are the dimensions that complete the 9 perceivable, as the 10th and 11th dimensions of the mind, which in this manner encloses the whole with its 10th membrane and focuses it into a ‘temporal-will-moving’ program of existence, the mind proper in its linguistic still mappings and formal intelligence that will paradoxically move the whole through its actions into the flow of time.

E-MOTIONS: Motions as sensations.


We have so far considered the Universe in its fundamental principles – the topological adjacent construction in simultaneity of super organisms, which sequentially will live a world cycle, ‘traveling’ through 3 planes of the fifth dimension. Neat and simple, that is really what there is to it. Minds though, mirror those infinite worldcycles of existence of other space-time super organisms with languages ‘stopping’ them into a mapping that allows them to ‘perceive=gauge=sense‘ information.

And we highlight sense because a ‘still mapping’ sense in each stopping, locked ‘crystal image’ a measure of its self. The sentient Universe can only be ultimately explained if ‘perception’ exists within the language, as when you think words, you sense words, when your eye sees light and maps into an electronic mapping you are seeing. And when an atom maps a geometric image in its ‘locked’ ‘stopped’ spin, it must perceive that geometry as information.

Minds thus are infinitesimal points-particles that stop, gauge, perceive, and move – and then we have the sensation of motion-pleasure.

This of course is not within the realm of the scientific method. You cannot measure those sensations of awareness-pain vs. pleasure-dissolution, in-form-ation, pressure vs. release-entropy ONLY sense them as humans. So if we had first a difficult hurdle to cross trying to prove the existence of minds but passed it objectively by considering a mind-singularity to hold the will of existence of a T.œ – hence as invisible gravitation shows in its external effect, so will the existence of a singularity through its external actions; at the final level of ‘human awareness’ of the game of existence – sensations of the dual pain-pleasure reward system (with all its parallel and perpendicular events/sensations) there is ONLY a justification to the existence of other minds – that we humans are made of the same substances that all those other minds, space and time, and hence what we sense other atomic systems must.

Therefore IF OUR LAST REWARD is the flow of sensations, with its duality pain-pleasure, hate-love, etc. which we can easily adscribe to geometrical perpendicular (cut, pain) parallel (friction pleasure) properties and many other dualities we have established for all systems, IT MUST EXIST IN ALL OTHER SYSTEMS of space-time. That is, atoms must feel pain when op-pressed by huge masses, pleasure when released in entropy, but also ‘awareness’ of a more complex inner still image, when flows of information converge through forces in its non-euclidean singularity; and so it is only left then 2 questions:

  1. What are those sensations? Answer: the very essence of time as a motion/flow. Motion in itself seems evanescent; as sensations are… Yet combining them, this flow of sensation-motion becomes very likely the ultimate program-will for all T.œs to exist – the ultimate, ‘Dasein’, ‘being in time’.
  2. Yet we cannot go beyond this, as this is the ultimate ‘reference’ of reality we have as humans. So there is no MORE methods of knowledge beyond what it is contained in our ‘selves’. Know yourself, the method of knowledge of Aristotle; ‘saper vedere’, the method of Leonardo and know how to see and calculate with attached machines, the method of Galileo, to which we have added a few ‘tricks’ thus completes the capacity to probe reality. Are there more layers beyond motion as sensation in time? We cannot answer. We don’t know. As all is relative, in the same manner we can only probe into ∆±3 planes around our ∆º and hint by force of motion the existence of an invisible gravitational/cosmological plane at ∆±4 but no more, beyond the duality of sensation, there is nowhere else to go. 


Cyclic Time Clocks

To DEFINE information, form-in-action, cyclical motion, the essential second element of reality, we need to define  the simplest cycle – a clock and why humans do not see time as all clocks do – in cyclical patterns.

Cyclical time (ab.ð) and its reduction to lineal mechanical time-clocks.

Let us then start by describing the biggest blunder mankind has committed in the realm of knowledge: to simplify the nature of cycles of time-space into lineal durations, to measure best the locomotions of cannonballs.

In the graph, Galileo,  reduced all time clocks to one, and made lineal time canonical ERASING our knowledge of the cyclical form, in-form-ation of those time cycles KILLING 2 essential features of time:
To be multiple and to be cyclical encoding the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of those cycles. THUS HE KILLED THE ARROW OF INFORMATIVE TIME, and as a consequence, as yin and yang no longer could combine, prevented scientists from defining properly energy as the combination of both, motion and form, streamlining our understanding of the equations of mathematical physics, which will from then on become mathematical manipulations void of most of its conceptual meaning, till arriving to the present ‘religious’ view of physical sciences, which shun off the whys they no longer understand.
Those are pending questions solved in 5D, which the philosopher of science, Descartes, understood better than his mathematical disciple, Galileo, as philosophers depart from a ‘previous layer’, all the languages, hence all the minds that observe all timespace cycles; not a single language and a single clock-cycle, as physicists do eliminating all other ‘rival languages and beings’ AS IF THEY DID NOT EXIST. They do.

Physicists uncoiled time-frequency, into lineal time, T=1/ƒ BY WRITING THE INVERSE equation…


-The information ‘stored’ in the ‘form’ and ‘frequency’ of those cycles.

-The understanding of ‘broken vital spacetimes, as each full closed cycle  reads reality into an inner and outer region, inside and outside the ‘simple knot’, or geometric definition of a cycle (Jordan’s first knot theorem). So by the mere fact of being in a universe made of infinite repetitive ‘conserved time clocks’, we obtain a broken space-time.

How does a Universe of infinite time clocks of different size and speed relates to the present Universe in which all time clocks are equalized to the mechanical, clocks of metal-information, which were invented in the Middle Ages in Italy, and became the ONLY CLOCK-TIME OF THE UNIVERSE, once elongated into a lineal ‘second-minute-hour-day-year’ system of equalized time clocks (of light waves, mechanical clocks, earth’s astronomical clocks).

Further on because time IS motion, the final substance of reality IS motions in time, and this makes REPRODUCTION, the essence of a fractal a dynamic natural CONSEQUENCE of this first ‘motion-substance’: by the mere fact of repeating a time clock-like cycle INFORMATION REPRODUCES. So there is no mystery to the process of reproduction, as reproduction occurs by MOTION. And so all those elements -repetitive patterns we call laws of science, the existence of broken vital spaces enclosed by angular momentums and moving membranes performing cyclical clocks that store and reproduce information, and the fractal structure of all of it, WHICH ARE THE ESSENTIAL WHYs of reality, became hidden by the simple concept of an absolute lineal ‘humind’ second unit of space-time.

Humanity is still in that primitive concept of a single time.

Since Einstein  just added to that XVI c. equation, V=s/T,  a ct corrector factor, but in essence he left the concept of single lineal time unchanged, despite recognizing it was a convention that must change.

What physicists mostly do then is the study of ‘open locomotions’, translations in space, through ‘lineal inertia, or scattered, entropic paths’, of objects that move; AND WHAT they care about TO QUANTIFY in terms of ‘RODS OF MEASURE’ that speed of translation in open space, is of course part of time=motion=change studies but far less important than the qualities of ‘closed time paths of frequency and form, of information’ we shall study here.

In the graph, left side,  ‘ðime’ clocks that measure the rhythms of reproduction=repetition and change=evolution of the Universe are always cyclical ‘r=evolutions’.

So while humans obviously are aware of the existence of cyclical patterns of nature, because they have abandoned the proper concept of cyclical ðime changes, and its second dimension of form, of information, they cannot fully grasp the fundamental principles of the Universe: its cycles of ðime§pace, its scales of ðime speeds as §pace size (ab. ∆±i), and the ‘mind-mirrors and languages’ of information that allow systems to measure them, and interact with other beings in ðime§pace.

The concept of cyclical ðimes is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all ðime clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical ðimes. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if ðimes were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in ðime of patterns of behavior and causality.

Each clock creates a discontinuous space-time, whose cyclical perimeter of in-form-ation encloses a piece of energetic space breaking reality into ∞ formal patterns; different time cycles with specific forms and frequencies. Thus the use of a single human clock that equalizes all of them misses 2 features of each of those time cycles:
– Its specific forms of in-form-ation in space, which gives birth to the main topological laws and Isomorphisms of the 5th Dimension (I).
– Its different speeds or frequencies. Since cyclical time is measured not by duration but by frequency, its inverse function: ƒ(t)=1/T.

All these truths unfortunately are hidden in the ðime equations of modern physics, so good for calculus so bad for interpretation, which need to be translated into cyclical ðime, measured by frequency (T=1/ƒ) and streamlined with a new jargon appropriate for a dual Universe, as opposed to the simplex jargon of classic absolute ðime§pace physics, that lingers in all sciences and drags its understanding.

In the left physical cycles, planetary orbits, which we humans use to measure ðime in all our ‘clocks’, which are also cyclical. People are hardly aware of this fact, since they tend not to use the ‘parameter’ of cyclical ðime, which is ‘frequency’, but its inverse, lineal duration: ƒ=1/t.

The formulae are simplified in this manner. Since ‘frequency ðime’ is discontinuous and so difficult to ‘integrate’. So physicists prefer to uncoil, frequencies into Lineal Time.

For example the ‘revolutions per minute of a car wheel’, multiplied by its perimeter give us the ‘distance’: λ x v = S. And besides in this manner we achieve more information, as we get the duration and form of in-form-ation of each cycle (λ) and its frequency, v.

So instead of using V=s/t, V=wave length x Frequency gives the information on the frequency and shape of the cyclic steps of the motion.

But if you just want to know the total length of along ðime period, you use Lineal Time durations and so you don’t need to sum all those cycles to get the lineal speed: V=s/t.

In the left graph, we can see that all physical systems, and all its ðime cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal ðime – an artifact of measure, and further on equalized all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘ðime clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

And we shall return to it, when using cyclical time to define and upgrade physical equations, with new insights on its whys, thanks to the ‘inverse arrow of time’ cyclical frequency, ð(ƒ)=1/T-duration.

The 3 ‘fractal conserved’ elements of the Universe: lineal, cyclical motion and energy.

A membrain or time clock encloses vital energy; self-centered in a monad-mirror whose lineal inertia moves the whole.

A very important common ground between the relational fractal model of space-time and the continuous single plane physics, which is its limit to a single clock and a single space, is the existence in that ‘single space’ of 3 conserved quantities (between the entropic death and generational processes of emergence, we call the fourth and fifth dimension of the system):

In a single space-time, the fractal space-time organism will be made of ‘lineal elements’, cyclical elements and the hyperbolic topologies mixed within them. And those 3 elements in its infinite variations can be treated for almost all physical systems as a cyclical clock membrane of angular momentum, a central singularity that holds the ‘direction’ of the system and moves it in lineal fashion, and a vital energy constrained by the membrane and the singularity that act as ‘hyperbolic’ infinities for the quanta of energy within the system, which cannot escape it (a concept expressed in non-euclidean geometry with Klein’s models). 

This lineal, cyclical and hyperbolic energy parts thus ARE by all means attempted to be conserved by each ‘singularity’ at the center of the system, and the SUM of all its fractal attempts to conservation are the 3 conserved elements of physics (even if in the processes of 5D entropic dissolution and 4D generation conservation must be taken to happen between the total sum of the dying system and those who feed on it)

In terms of our analysis of the dimotions of the Universe, we could say that lineal time and cyclical time are the fundamental ‘topologies’ that reflect change in the external motions of beings and its inverse change in the ‘border’ of the being, its angular momentum that processes its information, and its equations reflect the inverse properties of lineal time-duration and cyclical, frequency time clocks, which come together ONLY in the vital energy spacetime systems that combine both forms and properties into a ‘present being’.

Since the enormous deformation of reality caused by the ‘belief’ that there is a single time-space continuum, a single ‘human clock’ measuring it all with a second and a single space-rod, also the human visual light spacetime measuring it all with a c-speed is obviously wrong and keeps producing conceptual errors, camouflaged by the fact the equations ‘work’ in both systems, either as ƒrequency of cycles or a lineal speed sum of the trajectories of those cycles. What we miss of course is all the inner information of the cycles.

We then come to the obvious conclusion that IF WE WANT TO MAKE QUANTITATIVE analysis and put in relationship the ‘ceteris paribus’ vision of ‘HUMINDS’ from its ego centered point of view of a Universe with a single spacetime continuum (single space rod of measure and single time clock) vs the much wider Universe of multiple scales of space and time cycle speeds, we need to define a new dimension of space-time, in mathematical terms to order all those speeds of time and scales of space.


2 Spacetime dualities

Holographic principle: bidimensional space networks of fractal points, and tall, cyclical, accelerated vortices of time clocks.

Now, the scientific method considers proves of truth, written below the graph, 1) Experimental evidence – all the galaxies and expansive entropic dark energy space between it 1) Known cause: the Fractal Generator of Space-time beings. 3) economy, we shall generalise the fractal equation to ALL BEINGS of the Universe, fractal parts made to its image and likeness. 4) No Falsification. I dare you to find an entity of reality which does NOT obey the 10 isomorphisms= Fractal space-time laws of all beings.

So before we enter into cosmology we shall make a fast synopsis of the fundamental ‘truth’ of reality:

The Universe and all its parts, are ternary systems made of spatial entropy and temporal information, combined into fractal space-time beings whose existence obeys the properties of those 2 ultimate elements of reality.

Look at the graph. You do NOT exist in a background, Newtonian, absolute abstract space-time, but you are made of quanta of lineal spatial motions, which trace closed cycles, ‘time clocks’ of different speed and form≈ in-form-ation.

When you say i don’t have energy and time to do this, you ARE certain, you are made of spatial energy and temporal information, as everything else in the Universe. And only the pegging together of all those vital spaces, separated by membranes, in the fiction of the mind you can imagine Absolute space.

The generator of bidimensional Fractal space and cyclical time. Its physical variations.

It follows for the same reasons, since a cycle of time encloses a vital space or world separated from the outer Universe (first law of topology and knot theory – a cycle breaks space into discontinuous inner and outer regions), there is not a single clock of time, neither time has a steady repetitive ‘tic’ as our mechanical clocks – Nature has infinite clocks of time, each vortex of cyclical information, mass or charge or galaxy of each scale of the fractal Universe is a time clock.

And only the sum of all those repetitive cycles those entities perform, the beats of my heart, which provoke the hits of my fingers, which produce logic cycles in the computers that put this pieces of information in the screen, form a ‘combined, synchronised motion of absolute time’.

If you accept this empirical fact of your existence – that YOU ARE made of space and time – you will upgrade your understanding of yourself and the Universe. This is the model of relational space-time, which Leibniz advanced as an alternative to Newton’s model of an abstract background- a mathematical, idealist error born of the custom of drawing beings in the ideal pictorial background of a cartesian canvas.

We say this is an ‘experimental fact’ because it was proved by modern science – by quantum physics and relativity.

We do know it, since Einstein proved there are ∞ time cycles in the Universe and quantum theorists proved space is made of quanta that carry motion, momentum, kinetic energy (related terms of mathematical physics). So he said, Leibniz is right, but if so we have to change the foundations of sciences since its beginning, which is what i did during the years I was the president-chair of the science of duality, within the world congresses of Systems science, cybernetics and Information, (ISSS), which studies the Systems of all sciences, not only with the single arrow of entropy as physicists do but with both arrows of future, entropy and information, lineal and cyclical motions and momentums.

This requires to understand the previous graph, which illustrates the Holographic principle; that generalises the 2 arrows of physical systems, and generalised to all systems of the Universe, the concept that we are all made of 2 elements,

O-Tiƒ: cyclical, Time, informative of heads/particles that process temporal information and guide the lineal motions of its |-Spe body/wave limbs/fields that carry its lineal energy:

 Γ.  |-Spe <=>O-Tiƒ.

This fractal geometric generator redistributes the 4 dimensions we know to exist in this scale of reality, in 2 dimensions of vital space, creating flat planes of space, with maximal extension (made of small cells, points, atoms, any ‘set of similar beings) and 2 dimensions of temporal information, height and rhythm to form the simplest possible time cycle, which carries information in the form and frequency of this cycles.

Now this should be evident to you, temporal information has the dimensions of height and form (cyclical patterns seen with a mind as slow fixed forms, like the way you see a fast spinning wheel as a solid disk). So you are watching a tall bidimensional screen or book, your eyes see bidimensional forms, and your informative eye, head or the antenna or camera that absorbs information, with its logic cycles of time, its computer clocks measured in cyclical frequencies, Hertzs, are all on top, are all made of closed time cycles and forms.

So the dimension of height belongs to time cycles, which now has 2 dimensions and it is no longer a line of infinite duration but a cycle with a tall form, which rises as time ‘r=evolves’, the flat sheets of vital space, which originates all systems in a past, energetic, young age, into tall space-time of maximal information.

In the graph, the bidimensional nature of time cycles, divides the 4 dimensions of time-space in 2 ‘formal motions’, tall, cyclical time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles (as the n-sphere has the maximal volume in minimal space), as such is the gauging ‘particle-head on top of all systems (so photons stay longer on top of the wave, your head is on top, as an informative mammal, with the dimension of height, eyes and cameras are spheres and antennae are on top, so are speakers: function is form) and wide, lineal space planes, which are the most extended fastest distance between points so fast ‘planes’ are… planes, limbs and fields are planes.

Then by putting the dimension of height in the right part of the fractal generator (time) as a dimension of information those time cycles, become a real arrow of future evolution, which ‘resolves’ most of the questions of science related to the passing of time, its evolution and informative processes. Indeed, the ‘informative time component of the being’ is on the dimension of height. It is the central black hole of gravitational information, that in-forms, forms the galaxy, the height of the man, with its top head, and the tendency of time, of evolution, which started with flat worms and grew into height, as time passed.

‘Time curves space into masses’ said Einstein and the black hole of maximal mass, has in its centre a point or singularity of infinite height. So does a hurricane. Height is thus a dimension of temporal information and all entities evolve towards more information, more height.

 It is the arrow of evolution: lat proteins evolved into tall nucleotides and DNAs, flat amphibia evolved into tall dinosaurs; mammals evolved into tall apes and flat transport machines into tall robots.

Height thus is a dimension of fractal information; and this explains the experiment evidence of the geometry of the Universe, which is a flat sheet of space, with tall black holes curving entropic space into galactic vortices of mass rising in height in the central tall singularities. Thus the Universe is a fractal tapestry of pieces of flat space, expanding along the dimensions of ‘spatial entropy’, width and length, which cyclical vortices of mass-height, rise and implode into tall singularities, black holes. E<=>M.

And since the universe is fractal, the expansion of space between galaxies is balanced by the implosion and rising of height of black holes at the centre of those galaxies.

And so all is a fluctuation of Sp <=>Tƒ, both in the whole Universe and each galactic part, and each living being of each fractal point of the galaxy called a planet.

Let us now complete the model by considering the intermediate region in which the spatial entropic lineal or planar limbs/fields and the temporal, tall, cyclical heads/particles, exchange lineal energy and cyclical information.

Since this intermediate region, the present wave-body of the system is what creates by pegging together the entropic limbs/fields and informative particles/heads, synchronous organisms of space-time that last as they balance both | & O limits of form and combine them to iterate=reproduce the system, with is wave-bodies, making the ‘information of the Universe immortal and converting reality in a living fractal dedicated to reproduce information over sheets of entropic, expansive space, forming, informing, warping space into time cycles.



In the graph, the paradox of galileo, all moves in time and seems a dimension of space. This duality must always be considered to understand physical systems. So particles are the static, informative state, and waves the moving state of quantum systems. Vortices of time are the motion perception of mass and solid balls the static, space perception. Both are certain. The same happens with the duality between fractal scales and continuous single space-time. In the graph, a non-detailed analysis by Galileo of Saturn showed it as a flat, continuous, non moving rng. In detail it was a cyclical sum of fractal non-eculdiean points, planetoids. So the higher truth with more information is the fractal, cyclical structure of the Universe.

Now the deepest confusion on the theme of particles, masses and the like, is the incapacity to understand properly the principle of relativity and the constant switch of beings between still states of information and moving states of entropy, such as physical systems move as waves, and perceive information in stillness, so they stop and go, stop and go, or we can see space as dilating in dimension or as motions of galaxies. And so we can see masses as particles and as vortices of time.

The still perception of space, we might say is always a static simultaneous picture of a motion in time.

Thus since we cannot know when a thing is moving or is merely a ‘form’, we must always consider this duality. If we see a particle, it is a ‘vortex of motion’ besides having a cyclical time-like form. If we see a dimension of length, it is space moving besides being a still distance. On this difference almost ‘every mathematical tool’ of calculus (differentials and integrals), every system of Nature (which we see simultaneously as a still organism, and moving through its worldcycle of life and death), the duality of quantum, discontinuous reality and moving, continuous one, etc. etc., almost all phenomena of all sciences is based. I call it the “Galilean Paradox’, to differentiate its much wider meaning from those sponsored by physicists, as again we shall apply it to all sciences. So we write it again:

Relativity Principle (Galilean Paradox):     “All what exists is a motion with form”.

Soon we will realize that indeed, all what exists is motion with form, nothing is truly still. And so cyclical time seen as form is ‘information’ and as motion is a ‘vortex-like clock’, and open space seen as form is ‘distance’ and seen as motion is ‘lineal speed’.

There is a convention though to call time ‘motion’ and ‘space’ stillness. This is Ok in the ‘limit’. As time accelerates (as all cyclical motions, which require 2 points, a torque and have angular acceleration) and in fact as paradoxical as it seems a cyclical motion by the law of the vortex is faster than a lineal motion, which as in a big-bang explosion, decelerates. (We shall deed with the error of considering the expansion of the distance-space of the Universe as an acceleration in our post on astrophysics).

So in the limit by the law of the vortex, Vo x Ro = k, time cycles accelerate inwards as vortex do, and in the process they attract ‘space’. So black holes, masses and charges do exactly so. And so in the limit we can say that ‘time is motion’ (the classic definition of it) and space is distance, dimension.

And this fact of T.Œ will allow us easily to unify the equations of charges and masses, what physicists call T.O.E, or Theory Of Everything, a minor result of T.Œ, the Theory of the Organic Everything, which I write with Œ to distinguish both.

In the graph, we observe the astounding beauty of the paradoxes of Galileo, as they can be seen in space, time or relative scales, defining THE ESSENTIAL DUALITIES OF FREEDOM AND ORDER. So topology becomes metaphysics.

The flat, open, momentum-lineal like small distance vs. the closed, cyclical, energy-like time distance is constant theme of all mathematical physics, where the tangent, or derivative represents the minimal step. For example, special and general relativity, or rather lineal quantum physics and cosmological, larger scale gravitation obey this norm:

Minkowski space is a suitable basis for special relativity, a good description of physical systems over finite distances in systems without significant gravitation. However, in order to take gravity into account, physicists use the theory of general relativity, which is formulated in the mathematics of a non-Euclidean geometry. When this geometry is used as a model of physical space, it is known as curved space.

Even in curved space, Minkowski space is still a good description in an infinitesimal region surrounding any point (barring gravitational singularities).

What this means is that special relativity is working in the quantum, smaller space, but when we expand to a cosmological region, we are bending in closed space. So it is a relative point of view what defines the choice of a free moving particle or a trapped particle moving into the larger world.



‘The soul is a mirror of an indestructible universe’. ‘ In the organic paradigm embedded in the latin->European->Social culture, which reached it maximal truth in science, in the Wien school origin of general systems, the WHYS OF THE UNIVERSE are always organic, and the description are the linguistic mirrors of which mathematics is the best.

So only organicism is real in the whole sense of the Universe, while languages-mirrors are local orders.
The EGOCY of our present, entropic age of human civilization rejects this (Precisely because it is becoming dissolved). So we  reject the power of networks – self-mademan myths and tribalism in history. Yet  networks are more powerful and survive.


In reality the universe is a fractal organism, and as all its parts can be considered similar we can ‘make synoptic language’ with enormous power to reflect multiple similar images in its essence, which ultimately will be the laws of ‘space-time’, which are organic because that is the main property of co-existence in different planes (∆§cales), topological because that is the main property of spatial adjacent topologies that form super organisms, and logic, multicausal, as that is the main property of the dimotions of time. 
So the ultimate causality ∆->t->s is not platonic mathematics but ∆organic properties -> t-logic properties -> s-topologic, mathematical properties.
In true form, the proper expansion of mathematics allows also to develop a lot of ∆§calar properties as numbers are ‘social ensembles of undistinguishable beings’ and polynomial algebra and analysis studies how parts and wholes become one; but then mathematics properly understood become another proof of the vital, organic nature of the universe. And since mathematics is based in logic in its internal nature and experimental proof in its outside qualities, the mirror is very good but we repeat, the true causes come from the ∆§ðructure of reality and its ∆-scalar properties, stopo-logic ones.
So we adapt penrose graph to show how reality is constantly going back and forth:
The ∆§t biotopologic properties caused by spacetime beings, are synoptically reduced to what they have in common, since all forms are ‘generically’ speaking self-similar. And then the languages reinforce as mirrors expanded into reality those properties ordering local territories.
So the graph shows that back and forth  to adequate to how reality  is created locally by ‘minds‘, which are the language software on the hardware brains of t.œs, only after the language reflects the living cycles (dimotions) of all time-space beings with those properties:
You can see in the graph how it works: first the whole universe is ‘shrunk into the mind mirror’ and only then the mind mirror according to the efficiency of the language imprints bak only the territory of ‘aristotelian’ order or bodywave energy of the system…
The drawing in original penrose only had the mind ordering the universe, as the source and only god in aristotelian sense: ‘god is the unmoved causal point that orders the motion of the energy (body-wave) around it’.
So yes, languages do create reality but all of them, and all of them locally and all of them organically because they act as the mind of all kind of systems. Obviously atomic matter is as in crystals able to form mirror-images in geometric form, and that is why they do have such an efficient capacity to order – and that is why topology (dimensions with form or dimotions) are the language of it all.

Minds order as linguistic gods a territory around themselves, its fractal body and entropic world. As such they are the linguistic Aristotelian, final unmoved singularity Gods of reality. In the graph we see them ordering with different languages, different scales of reality which will reflect in a larger whole, the linguistic image they hold.
And all of them has the same Universal ternary grammar of §patial formTemporal motion, to define the general events of reality. So in the main human languages, words, mathematics and colors we have the sam scheme:

§: Subject of Information (F(y)-blue) verb-action-green-operandiObject of entropy-motion (red color Fx)

Mathematics in that sense has two components, the underlying temporal logic, better treated as I-logic principles and the topological, geometric spatial elements better enhanced with its fractal Ƥcalar principles. For that reason in the second line, when we study NOT the human mind whose specific language of time are words, of space, artistic eyes, and of space-time balances, music, but when we study Universal Minds of which there are many types we write a simple silogism:
Non-Aristotelian Temporal Logic + Non-Euclidean Geometry = Universal Mind ≈ Non-Æ mathematics (the best language we have to describe those different types of Universal minds).
While human minds are Aristotelian, self-centered, so A (subject)-> B, and euclidean, as they see light, so only a plane of 3 perpendicular, lineal dimensions of space. To upgrade then the humind, we would need… oh, well, to change species, a limit that this blog will always have as it is written in the non-Euclidean and non-Aristotelian higher principles of which the AE mind is just a simplified limit.

In that regard, a philosophy of all sciences, able to describe all exist¡ences can only be written in the language of temporal logic, which in the humind is verbal in its ultimate syntax, and as such while the languages of god are infinite (upanishads), the languages of stience, will be not only mathematics, the main language of atomic exist¡ences and hence with common properties for all systems, but mainly verbal, logic, the language humans have used to gather ALL the properties of being in rational sequential, temporal sentences that describe the multiple causality of reality.
This is the language we shall construct formally in this web, upgrading in the process all stiences of exist¡ences to match the knowledge we have acquired on them.

We can now understand better why we write in a simplified manner the ‘Generator equation’ of a system in time as:
$p ≤ E x I ≤  ðƒ, for a simultaneous superorganism, where the ‘Body-wave of energy and information, ∑ e x ∏ I, receives information from its particle-head, which ‘shrinks’ it, ≤, and entropic motion from its potential limbs that expands it ≤, balancing both in search of immortality.
This ‘view’ of the 3 parts towards equilibrium and dynamic balance is however offset by the constant relentless motion towards higher information of the sum of the actions of the being as locomotion-entropy are motion dominant but the other 3 dimotions, information, reproduction and social evolution ‘tighten’ the system in space (information-social evolution) with reproduction trying to balance by iteration. So we might consider that the 5 dimotions are in dual balances:
Perception ≈ Locomotion;   Entropy ≈ social evolution; reproduction…
But in practice Perception happens ALL the time and locomotion many times; Social Evolution happens all the time; and entropy-death only a quanta of time… So the higher frequency of informative motions over entropic motions defines an overall arrow of time ‘that bends space’, aging the system: $p ≥ E x I ≥  ðƒ.
And so interesting enough the logic equation in space of a super organism is inverse in terms of ST implosion. And this will constantly come up in our analysis of the ‘perpendicular, inverse properties of Lineal Spacetime $t: limbs-potentials and cyclical time space, §ð.
So we obtain a quite descriptive generator equation of all T.œs in time, space and scale, through its worldcycle between seminal birth and entropic death, without the need for the more formal Ðisomorphisms of timespace:

Γst: ¡-1(generation):∫T¡-1(birth)>¡œ:|-$t(youth)>Ø-∑e≈∏I(maturity)>O-§ð(old age)<<¡-1:∂S (death)
Fractal Generator of all Time§paces as a sequential world cycle..
Γst: ¡-1(seed):∫T¡-1(fetus)>¡œ:|-$t(limbs/potential)>Ø-∑e≈∏I(bodywave)>O-§ð(particle-head)<<¡-1:∂S (corpse)
Fractal Generator of Time§paces as a simultaneous, spatial superorganism.
Γst: ∫T¡-1(social evolution)>¡œ:|-$t(locomotion)>Ø-∑e≈∏I(reproduction)>O-§ð(perception)<<¡-1:∂S (entropy)
Fractal Generator of Time§paces as 5 vital actions and sensations.
As the reader can see the same symbols of non-Æ represent in fact spatial, temporal and space-time actions and mental sensations, showing the fundamental ternary similar nature of all realities.
The reader then should assess the interest of learning the simple symbols of ¬Æ to be able to write ‘general laws’ that apply to all relative ∆±¡ planes of reality

The 5 Dimotions of timespace as actions of existence. 
The i-logic of the Universe is pentagonal, meaning times have always 5 ‘paths of future’ a system can choose. Time is MOTION=CHANGE, what physicists study is a single time ‘arrow’ of future, locomotion, since Galileo defined ‘speed’ v=s/t with time  (Galilean relativity, fine-tuned in Einstein’s version: S²=X²+Y²+z²-c²t²). So in that so simple view of ‘brief time’ motion is absolutely deterministic. That is the pride of physicists. To think they can determine the motion of beings. And they do. But that is ONLY one motion=change of reality. One path. Call it speed or lineal inertia, say it is deterministic or a ‘conserved quantity’.
That would be though a boring Universe. From that ‘reduced’ Universe physicists have come to truly think they know it all – hence their belief they are soo intelligent that transpires in the attitude of so many of them…
The second arrow they discovered latter on, in the XIX century of the 5 TYPE OF MOTIONS was ENTROPY. Entropy is very closely related to lineal inertial motion, but it is let us put it this way the absolute maximal motion in space aptly symbolized with S. Entropy is so much about motion that it becomes explosive, Big Bang, scattering motion. Now the ‘form’ of the being is not even conserved, it is explosive motion that breaks the internal ‘form, information’ of the being. So it is the MOTION OF DEATH. All your parts explode away and your information dies.
So they said the Universe is dying  and they kept on KILLING IT as what they do IS MANUFACTURE MACHINES THAT MOVE IN LINEAL PATHS (TRANSPORTS) OR worse, machines that PRODUCE ENTROPY-scattering motions-death aka weapons.
ut the ‘Aristotelian mind’, reduces it to an Euclidean point:
We have to introduce the first postulate of non-Æ so you realise how ‘limited’ is the homunculus mind.

Verbal language.
The languages of god are ∞ (upanishads), humans also use a verbal language, which mimics the elements of the fractal generator, which for that reason we express also in words.
Now we give a step further in the ‘search’ for self-similarities between all languages, reducing the expression of the fractal generator to a verb:
To exi≈st is the verbal expression of the generator, where the 3 elements of the generator acquire a verbal mode.
So instead of §t> ST>ðƒ, we express the ternary symmetry in terms of a singularity, or To, a body-wave of entropy and form, mixed into energy and information, and a Space-time field from where the body extracts its foms
So to describe the actions that from the point of view of a mind-singularity, to, perceive a body-wave, of entropy and information, exi ≈ riding as a space-time being of energy a field that sustained it. Tº≤ex i ≈ st
You can imagine those 3 parts, singularity, T@, body-wave: e x i, the most dynamic part, and below the world extended as a balanced space-time field in which the body and head co-exist together. The being in fact is more often defined as an exiTº a body-head, wave-particle duality and the field is detached of it. IN THE particle-field, though the description is To=st, as you see, each possible combination of those 3 elements starts the combinatorics of what we shall call in the ‘philosophy of science’, which is the verbal mode of GST, the ¬Æ:  EXISTENTIAL ALGEBRA.


5th Dimension

‘If you cannot explain it simple, you don’t understand it.’ Einstein

Another very important way to understand the fifth dimension is to consider the internal relationship between the smaller parts and the larger slower wholes of all systems of nature. In simple terms, both together thanks to the synchronicities established by the 5th dimension metric form an organic network. And there are 3 ‘topological types of networks;’ corresponding to the 3 topologies of space we have explained, and then the fourth dimension from the upper whole to the smaller parts and the fifth dimension that makes emerge from the smaller parts, the social whole.

So the fifth dimension encodes the social, organic properties of the Universe.

Thus we shall abandon the concept of ‘fractal’, which is too mathematical for my taste and once we have proved the falsity of entropic theories of the Universe, introduce the reason of those fractal networks, the creation of… simultaneous, co-existing scalar super organisms…

4th and 5th dimensions of time space∆±¡: Entropy & evolution. Its metric.

We said that to explain that multiple time cycles structure of the Universe we need a new dimension and a metric equation that can relate all the clocks of the Universe according to its speed or frequency of time cycles, and all the spaces they enclose according to its sizes. And this simple metric is the metric equation of the fifth dimension:

The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scales is simple as all space-time metric are: S (size in space) x T (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: genes code cells, memes code social organisms and particles’ quantum numbers code physical systems. But larger forms have more spatial energy and enclose and control in synchronicity its faster smaller parts, creating the co-existing scales and symbiotic cycles of super organisms in any ‘stience’ of space time organisms.

In the graph, the Universe organizes itself in co-existing scales of relative size in space and speed in its time clocks of information – a structural property that determines its organic nature, as those scales become symbiotic to each other, sharing through networks flows of energy and information.

A mathematical dimension exists, according to Klein, and we repeat this often so you get to the formal basics, when WE CAN WRITE A CO-INVARIANT EQUATION that puts a parameter of space and time that defines that dimension, as ‘stable’ in terms of both its space and time elements so WE CAN TRAVEL THROUGH IT.

In brief, space and time TOGETHER must remain constant through the entire measure of a dimension, so an entity within that space-time can travel through it.

This IS THE BASIC CONCEPT BEHIND a metric equation of space-time. If we find such equation the dimension will exist and a being will travel through it. As we shall show in the next pages, this SPACE-TIME CO-INVARIANT EQUATION THAT relates the scales of fractal space and its speed of time clocks ‘MAGICALLY EXISTS’ and so we can both define a fifth dimension and travel through it and what will be more amazing, we SHALL REALIZE THAT WHAT WE CAL ‘EXISTENCE’, THE LIFE AND DEATH world cycle IS just a travel through the fifth dimension.

So this is perhaps the most fascinating formal discovery of relational space-time: we CAN DEFINE EXISTENCE MATHEMATICALLY and philosophically in tune with each other.

We shall then define a most general equation for the metric of 5D organisms:

$t (lineal spacetime size) • §ð (cyclical timespace) = K(e): Constant energy.

The equation is clearly a general equation, where the symbol • will mostly represent the product of the distance-size in space and time clock speed of the system, which remains constant. So when we become smaller, as chips, brains or atoms do, the speed of our time clocks and the frequency of its information increases, reason why smaller systems code the information of larger ones, chips code machines, genes code cells and memes code societies – the smaller being is FASTER AND MORE INTELLIGENT, resumes the entire concept of the fifth dimension.

However IT IS IMPORTANT TO REALIZE that this metric IS BROKEN, THAT IS, must be referred to ENTIRE FAMILIES OF SIMILAR BEINGS OR PARTS OF AN ORGANISM, not the whole reality. That is, your cells 5D metric is the same than your organism as a whole; so both can co-exist and transfer spatial information and temporal energy between them.

So we define A TIME SPACE-ORGANISM AS A DOMAIN in which there is a 5D metric equation at work.

What will then make the whole 5D science so enticing is that we SHALL FIND a 5D METRIC that connects atoms and galaxies, as two self-similar scales, which will allow to define an infinite scalar Universe, and the ‘galatom’ as its main organic system.

We shall also find one for each great subspecies or phyla of life, mammals which slow down its metabolism as they grown in size, and so on.  The hunt for regions in which a 5D metric equation works is then the first stage when we trace the study of different super organisms.

Let us now consider the fifth dimension of the ‘scalar Universe’ proved from the point of view of the cyclical nature of time:

It follows immediately that if time is curved, and breaks timespace into closed conserved paths, time clocks are infinite as Leibniz and Einstein understood when he said ‘I seem to be the only physicist that thinks there are infinite time clocks in the Universe’.

So the next step of our inquire from the absolute simplicity of ‘eidos’, the first idea or form of the platonic world – the closed path of a time clock, must be to order the multiplicity of those timespace clocks, and for that we need a new dimension of timespace and a metric equation that allow us to travel through it – its mathematical proof. Alas, that equation exists and it is astoundingly simple, and will allow us to order all the time clocks and enclosed ‘vital spaces=energies’ within them IN ∞ SCALES OF GROWING SPACE SIZE WITH SLOWER TIME SPEEDS THAT LAST TIME WORLDCYCLES OF FINITE DURATION.

As they order in ‘scales’ of spatial size, whose similar forms and properties open a new astounding wealth of laws of science hardly explored till this blog, as we are all timespace beings, who share certain common properties because we share the 5 Dimensions of space-time. Laws that we shall call Dimensional Isomorphisms or ‘Ðisomorphisms’ (ab. Ð).

And in the same form we can prove the exxistence of a 4th dimension of death, from the point of view of those time cycles. Since any being we cannot last for ever repeating those cycles, and we cannot keep reproducing and evolving, because we are part of a larger, more perfect world, full of other beings doing worldcycles of existence,  which will make us ‘fail’ in our search for eternity.

Indeed, we are arriving now to the fundamental reality:

‘An infinite tapestry of ensembles of the 3 organs of being, forming a superorganism in relative present space tracing worldcycles of existence with a finite duration in time.

All those scales (ab.∆±¡) are topologically similar, differentiated only by the ‘speed or frequency’ at which they close their ‘time§pace clocks’ (closed paths that ad a bit of informative frequency every time they repeat their cycle, according to a simple metric rule for most ‘families of time§pace clocks’: Size in space x Time frequency =constant.

As such we have an organic, fractal Universe with a 5th dimensional metric, Space Size x ðime frequency, which allows travel through it, opening a full new formalism to all sciences, which have not studied properly the information of those time clocks of different frequency and size as ‘an ecosystem with its own rule of laws, the laws of the fifth dimension of ‘informative speed’, as the herzian speed of time cycles are ruled by 5D metric:

We talk in fact of a Universe of super organisms, as each organism has an inner smaller ‘∆-plane’ which creates its whole and is part of a larger world it helps to create.

And this scalar structure of organisms made of smaller organisms part of larger organisms and its ‘metric equations’ is what we call the fifth dimension of the scalar Universe, whose formal metric are essential to understand it all:

ALL WHAT exists is a space-time super organism made of 3 topologies adjacent in simultaneous space, defined logically by a single fractal generator of those 3 only topological varieties, $: lineal limbs/potentials/territories ðƒ: cyclical particles-heads-informative class, for all social, biological and physical systems, tracing a world cycle of 3 time ages, in which each of the physiological networks of the system dominates the super organism: the limbic motion/potential system dominates the first age; the re=productive body-wave systems the second age and in the third age of information the head/particle/informative people-caste dominates the physical/biological or social system, exhausting selfishly the energy of the vital body-wave, and provoking its explosion back into entropy that erases the system, completing its zero-sum world cycle, restarted if it has generated a clone super organism in its offspring, reason why the Universe is a reproductive fractal of information – only systems that reproduce its information survive and still exist.

In the graph we see that simple ‘metric equation’ of the fifth dimension, poised to revolve our understanding of all systems of Nature, once the ‘first phase of any new scientific paradigm’ (resistance of authority) crumbles by the sheer weight of facts explained by the new paradigm.

In the graphs ‘5th dimension metric’ and its ‘Ðisomorphic’ laws apply to ALL PLANES of existence of reality, each one studied by a stience, according to size. We observe the main physical and Socio-Biological Superorganisms of space-time whose ternary ∆§±1 beings co-existing in 3 relative planes, the atomic, ∆-1 (cellular, individual), ∆º:magnetic /thermodynamic,  (organic or national in biological and social systems) and ∆+1 gravitational (ecosystemic or world in biological and social systems).

We cannot overextend in this introduction on all of them. But we shall define a 5Ð metric for each species of each main scientific scale, studied in the fourth line posts in more detail. Let us though conclude with 2 more examples of biological and physical super organisms will suffice to observe the importance of this discovery.

First we already noticed that as smaller systems carry more information, in its faster cycles, smaller scales code larger ones, genes code organisms, humans code civilizations and quantum numbers called atomic systems. 

Next we can observe a direct biological and physical example of the existence of such ‘phyla’ of related species, which follow a given 5D metric (in the fractal Universe by definition as Einstein noticed in physics all laws have a ‘local diffeomorphic symmetry’:

In the graph, the extraordinary capacity to explain the meaning of the fundamental laws of biological, physical and social systems (which we normally escape in the examples for sake of simplicity): animals accelerate their circadian and metabolic cycles as they become smaller, but the product of its volume in space and time clocks remains invariant.

So happens with planets who enclose a proportional volume of space with its orbital clocks, and any physical system, which accelerates its frequencies/temperatures/speeds but its ‘actions’  – the fundamental unit of physical systems, product its energy ‘volume’ and time ‘frequency’ remain constant.

Since due to such metric ‘co-ordination’, systems can co-exist in 3 of such ‘scales’ of size, in symbiosis between its smaller parts  with faster informative cycles (ab. ∆-1) that code the ‘quantum, genetic or memetic’ information of larger physical, biological or social systems (∆º). While the larger scale, the whole commands in simultaneity the motions of smaller parts. And that symbiotic co-existence creates the ternary scalar structure of a space-time super organism, enclosed in a larger ∆+1 world; proper of all ‘vital, fractal spacetimes’ of reality (ab. time§paœrganism, Œ).

It is precisely the existence of a 5D metric what pegs those ternary planes together and allows its synchronicity and simultaneity as energy and information can travel between those scales according to the definition of a ‘space-time’ dimension through the process of growth and evolution, from faster seminal seeds to emerge into full organisms, and as species, from faster metabolic smaller species to larger, slower organisms (left graph).

In that regard, NOT all planes of the Universe follow the same metric equations, but certain families of related species do, which allow their symbiosis and social evolution.  So we can assess the existence of a super organism, like the galaxy or a biological organism, when the product of both parameters, time clocks and spatial size remains co-invariant in 3 relative ∆§±I scales – which will be ‘tighter’ form smaller systems, and as large as the whole range of perceived scales from the quantum potential (∆-4) to the cosmos (∆+4) in the galaxy:

How important is the metric equation of a system to describe it, will be shown as we study the details of different systems. In essence, the metric equation of a being in the 5th dimension will define its ‘existential force-momentum’, its metabolic strength, its top predator status, its size in space and capacity to reproduce information in time.

This is indeed ultimately the meaning of the previous two ‘different’ metric equations and its whole ‘range’ of families of biological and cosmological bodies.


‘The languages of god are infinite’ Upanishads

‘The why is the only thing physicists don’t ask’ Feynman

‘The why is the only thing a philosopher answers.’ l§, on the search of philosophers of science  for the ultimate principles

“A consequence of the existence of general system properties is the appearance of structural similarities or isomorphisms in different fields. There are correspondences in the principles that govern the behaviour of entities that are, intrinsically, widely different.” Bertalanffy, founder of systems sciences

What is the purpose of science? To Understand the program of existence, why REALITY is, NOT only how it is (its description in any language, notably quantitative mathematics). And when doing so, to explain the program for all beings of the Universe, and when doing so finding regularities and reducing all forms of knowledge to the minimal number of laws (Occam’s razor). Let us achieve this.


‘The Universe is a fractal supœrganism of 5 Ðimotions of time§paces. Thus we are all 5 Fractal Ðimotional super organisms tracing worldcycles of exist¡ence, made to ¡ts image, as mirrored by the languages of our º∞ membrains…”

l§. Webmaster. Defining reality, its 5Ðimotional Time§pacœrganisms & worldcycles.


What  life does? The answer is given by biologists: feed on energy and information for body and mind, reproduce that information and use it to communicate and evolve with other beings… Life THUS is everywhere BECAUSE all what exists, we have shown does all that. And so we talk instead of the 5 Drives of life, of the 5 Dimotions of exist¡ence that happens in all stiences and species.

Indeed, a obvious quenstion, when we accept the simple ‘first principle’ of reality – that we are all spacetime supœrganisms, tracing worldcycles of exist¡ence is obvious.  If we do NOT exist in an abstract mathematical artifact of 3 infinite dimensions of space and one infinite duration of time, but we are made of vital space that lasts a duration of time – our cycle of existence – how can we explain existence and all its properties departing ONLY of the properties of our ultimate ‘substances’, space and time?

It is obvious that we can’t, if we only use the 3 standard dimensions of space, and the single ‘dimension’ or rather motion of time, called locomotion and in its collective form, entropy. At best with those dimensions we can talk of the volume of space a being occupies, closed by its membrane, which will then move through its larger world tracing what physicists call ‘worldlines’… And so the explanation we get to describe the existence of a being, in the standard 3+1 Dimensions with the standard concepts of Newtonian Space-time reduces to the being ‘moving’ around all his life, till it finally dies in an ‘explosion’ of entropy, where the motion is not only external but internal, scattering its parts in the moment of death.

This might suffice of course to explain the existence of a simple physical being, particle or wave of matter but when we consider the life of a more complex being, as a human system is, we are left unsatisfied by such ‘reduccionist’ view provided by modern physics within the straight-jacket of a single time dimension and a single space-continuum, which only poises more questions.

For example, why only a single time dimension, when even in verbal thought we talk of 3 dimensions, past, present and future? Shouldn’t be more logic to consider 3 dimensions of time; and then if there are 3 dimensions of time, and 3 of space, are then not symmetric to each other? And why a space continuum if we see space broken in infinite entities, as relational space-time has it; would then not space become as in quantum physics discontinuous in smaller scales, the parts of wholes; and then if parts and wholes are different do not they occupy different spaces, and so we need another dimension of space, to fit them all; and what is the form of time if time has more than one single lineal dimension, a circle of two dimensions, a sphere?

You see, this little disquisition on the concepts behind the merrily decision of reducing reality to 3 space dimensions and one time dimension and simplify them further into a single continuum, which as we say might suffice if all what we want to measure is the continuous motion of a physical particle, shows that when we want to go a bit deeper in the understanding of time and space than physicists do to understand better our ‘human time’ and ‘vital, organic space’, we need more dimensions of space and time, and far deeper understanding of the meaning of all those words, space, time, motion, dimension, form… But don’t panic as it will turn out because we have now a ‘realist’ view of time and space as the elements that create the infinite tapestry of discontinuous beings we see around us, the correction of this basic error underlying all realities will at the end make the answers to all those important questions far simpler, rational and intuitive than they are today; as it happened when Copernicus corrected the error of Ptolemy and put the Sun in the center: all the epicycles and equations of Ptolemaic astronomy simplified into a simple Keplerian ellipse:

Indeed, when we correct the error of Newton, we shall need only a new scalar, intuitive fifth dimension of space-time to add the ‘different’ scales of ‘size’ and different speed of time clocks that quantum physics and relativity found but didn’t quite put together into a simple model of reality because they didn’t correct as Copernicus did, the Newtonian error that makes so complex the ‘epicycles’ of spacetime theory, as obviously if space and time is a background over which something ‘else’ exists, we are now ‘duplicating reality’ and need to account for a Newtonian space-time background, then try to find some magic ‘substance’ of which the beings over that background are made of (this then turns out to be a very long list of possible substances, particles, waves, energies, fields, arrows of time, quanta, universal constants, some say mathematical equations, etc. etc.)

Not so, we repeat we are made of space and time, and all those other things too. It is only that space and time are more complex than we think, but to balance that complexity once we understand them, all other things will seem as simple as the orbits of Copernicus…

So if we have arrived so far which i doubt since humans seem simply unable to extend their perception of reality beyond their evident ‘plane of individual existence’, or else the fifth dimension would have been already postulated by Galileo, and I would be instead of a blogosphere with zero stats the most respected scientist of the XXI century, LOL that will be the day (: i won’t see before I accelerate my rhythms on the moment of entropic death (self pity of the lonely genius here ):

Relative 2Рlineal past, 3Ð present iteration and 1Ð future information between Absolute 5Ð entropic past and  4Ð linguistic generating future  planes.

It is now simple to define the classic terms of past, present and future in terms of ¡logic Ðimotions. The Universe conserves the 3Ð ‘present=iterative=reproductive’ body waves of energy, which balance both the relative 1Ð particles/heads of information that ‘guide the system; in its forward locomotions performed by the relative simpler, less evolved lineal 1Ð potentials/limbs.

So in a single plane we can establish the relative future of the 1Ð particles/heads, the relative past of the 2 Ð limbs/potentials, and the relative present that seems not to change of the hyperbolic 3Ð body/waves that merge both, at the point in which they are closer in harmony with similar value.

In mathematical physics, we say that systems minimises their Lagrangian function, at the point in which S=T, Potential energy = Kinetic energy, angular=lineal momentum. In biology, we talk of the balance of body and mind, male and female. In terms of the ‘Generator equation’, the ¡logic formalism that represents all those elements both in time as ‘ages’ and space as ‘organs’, we write the 3 elements in a creative equality:

$p (lineal past potential-labs) ≤ Ø-ST (hyperbolic preSenT body waves) ≥ O-ðƒ (future cyclic particle-heads).

But as all relative simultaneous adjacent organisms composed of those 3 Dimotions in a single plane end up dissolving into an absolute past of less information in the moment of entropic death; and vice versa, might be generated again by its seminal seed through the organic 4th dimension of social evolution; in cyclical time we cannot use the concepts of past, present and future of the abstract, simplified infinite lineal time, a mere artifact of measure of locomotion physicists which does NOT apply to the whole Universe or the world cycle of individual species.

So we need to define in ¡logic ‘eternal’ causal terms the absolute past and absolute future, of the 5th entropic and 4th social, generating dimensions, which become then evident as for a ‘whole to exist’ (4Ð), the unconnected parts (5Ð) must exist ‘first’…

Or in terms of states of matter:

∆-1:5D Plasma> $p (gas of max. locomotion) ≤ Ø-ST (balanced liquid) ≥ O-ðƒ (solid crystal of max. form)>∆+1:4D boson

All this said Scalar space & cyclic time introduce an enormous range of explanations to reality and allow us to return to the concept of an absolute arrow of time space, now based in the logic properties of the fifth dimension of social evolution, since parts MUST come first BEFORE the whole appears, at least for the first time – even if then cyclical time will dissolve in the moment of death the whole and so after those initial first absolute creation of the whole organic system, we might consider death-entropy to come back.

Yet the Universe clearly focus on the arrow of eusocial evolution making life-organic co-existing wholes last much longer than parts, and when we solve the equations of time-death we shall see death, the dissolving entropic arrow lasts a single time quanta and life the longest possible number of them. So we consider that social evolution is the relative arrow of future, and entropy the relative arrow of past, but we stress the world RELATIVE because in cyclical time, we can only talk of a beginning and an end of the cycle, and the beginning will be the generation of the social whole and the end the entropic death, son in ‘mere lineal time duration’ we could also say the inverse, that the future always holds the entropic death of the system.

This ultimately brings us the need to make a conventional choice about the concepts of relative past, present and future and rather discharge the ‘lineal way’ of thought of the humind accustomed to think after so many centuries in terms of ‘before and after’, when reality is more like before-after-before-after in cyclical terms, but the ‘after’, the life-information growth arrow lasts much longer than the before, the death arrow and so a more proper way to define those arrows is that eusocial evolution is the dominant arrow of time and death its necessary but minimal, submissive arrow the Universe uses to restore the balance between form and motion.

Ðimotions as actions of survival.

When considering the minimal unit of each entity of reality we talk of Dimotions or actions across scales of the fifth dimension, as the system absorbs information and energy from lower scales trying to interact with the larger planes to reproduce and evolve socially. Ðimotions thus become synonymous of actions.

We perceive Dimotions externally. They are internally actions for the being in exist¡ence.

So we can study the Dimotions of the Universe in a general objective way, and then the actions of each physical, biological or social system as the expression of those Ðimotions from the point of view of a given species.

Yet when we extend the system to different scales of reality, from the ‘o-1’ unit sphere into the 1-∞ larger world, we need to add the ternary structure of systems in 3 planes of existence, the entropic destructive 4Dimotion and the generating emergent 5Dimotion of wholes.

The merging of mathematical physics and 5Ð is a burdensome but feasible task which when completed by specialists will finally put on firm grounds both disciplines. In the graph we see the essence of one of its two main fields of coincidence – that between the 3 physical parts of all systems and its 3 conserved quantities. It is the very different approach to knowledge – from quantitative locomotion analysis to qualitative – topological, still description what makes those 3 quantities to seem unrelated to any ‘organic structure’ as they are.

The long time motion of a worldcycles of exist¡ence, reduces to THE lower ‘scale’ as a mere sum of diminutive actions of the being, which makes steps of motion from a young to a mature to an old state, from its spatial limbs to its body to its particle of information (as we can always mirror a flow in time to an adjacent population of space). So we consider the worldcycle the sum of its minimal motions or ‘actions’.

The first Isomorphism, alpha and omega of all systems is a still mind-mapping of information, a hardware through which a language will bring as software through a bosonic form ‘able to co-exist’ in two places at the same time, unlike the fermion that co-exists in two times at the same place’… wave and particle, messing together.

We stated that the Universe despise departing from only 5 Ðimotions can get enormously complex.
We observed the fundamental sequential order of ‘micro-actions’, which start by a mind perceiving, moving then to a field of energy in which to feed the body and use the extra energy for reproduction, in a herd of clones that will efficiently organize social networks to become a larger whole, with slower external time cycles clearly as it must first synchronize its internal forms.
So ultimately all start with a singularity mind, mapping the Universe in its still language that perceives in itself (language is perception, in the sentient; ‘sensorial’ Universe).
So there is another way to order the 5 Ðimotions into a logic Equation: ∆ð≥S@, describing the formal reduction of a temporal flow of cycles of space-time into a mind-mapping, from the infinite Universe into the linguistic, still zero mind.

$t≥ST≥§ð«$top plus §ðep moving ahead from potential through wave into particle, moving onto a constant ternary fluctuation we might call a Simple Harmonic Motion: $t>ST>§ð…

The final step thought, is a dissolving step, « which balances the two motions of information, from youth and limb to body, and then old age/particle: $t≥ST≥§ð…

ALL THIS SAID, there is a huge other field of analysis of time-space, called Evolution, founded by Darwin which deals with the changes in the information of beings. And can be modelled also with the 3 ages – horizons of beings, because species also follow the growing information of all systems, which is dominant over mere locomotion.
Why? Because besides the 2 dimotions analyzed by physicists in extreme detail, locomotion, origin of relativity, and entropy, a social extreme sum of locomotions, synonymous of death and dissolution, which physicists confuse with the locomotion of gases and wrongly expand to the entire Universe as its single ‘arrow of future’), there are 3 more ARROWS of timespace, ‘modes of change’, which are THE POSITIVE, CREATIVE, INFORMATIVE, SOCIAL, LOVING ARROWS not the 2 simple, destructive negative, arrows of motion and entropy which they DO study:
3) information 4) reproduction 5)social love, the highest of them. Yet the dimotion of information dominate with its 3 forms those of locomotion and entropy setting the direction of the world cycles towards ages of maximal form (3rd ages).

When considering the minimal unit of each entity of reality we talk of Dimotions or actions across scales of the fifth dimension, as the system absorbs information and energy from lower scales trying to interact with the larger planes to reproduce and evolve socially. Ðimotions thus become synonymous of actions.
We perceive Ðimotions externally. They are internally actions for the being in exist¡ence.
We use 5 terms for the same event according to the ‘entangled principles of the Universe’ which make a ternary ‘minimum’ ¡logic view necessary to absorb in present space-time a minimal amount of truth on the being.
Dimensions, Motions, Ðimotions, Åctions & ±∆¡motions, which express the concept of Dimotion from different perspectives, being obviously ∆imotion, the scalar perspective, Åctions, the O-mind perspective and Dimotions the external, entropic, all gathering perspective; Dimensions the spatial perspective and Motions the time perspective.
The most important of those visions is the internal åctions; and further on, the only non-testable element beyond the mind: the sensations which seem to form the ultimate will of existence, as even humans have been tested to act subconsciously the ‘program of survival’ through sensations of pain, pleasure, etc.
THE UNIVERSE REINFORCES THE PROGRAM OF THE 5 ARROWS OF TIME with SENSATIONS the ultimate program and as it prefers information to motion, we prefer to love (ARROW of eusocial evolution) to orgasm (arrow of reproduction) to perceive (arrow of information) than to run (arrow of motion) and to kill (arrow of energy feeding).

So we are going to call also each of those 5 abstract Dimotions, when merely observed as ‘scientists like’, in pure objective quantitative terms; VITAL actions of space-time to fully understand the vital nature of reality, and state that all what you see is a dimotion=action of vital space-time which tries to achieve with those actions its survival as the 5 actions=dimotions have an obvious use: to absorb energy for the body, information for the particle-head, motion for the limbs-fields of the system, minimize the inner entropy=disorder of its vital energy and maximize its reproduction of information and ensuing social evolution of parts into wholes to synchronize (and slow down) as a whole simultaneous beings the dimotions of those parts into a new whole that emerges as a new scale of the fifth dimension.
In the next graph we consider that 3±¡=5 Dimitions of all systems applied to a human being – what the fractal generator does is to develop a logic formalism to define and then operate the different events and forms of time and space that those fractal space-time organisms perform – the graph shows some of the key symbols of ‘¡logic’ and the equations of the fractal generator for super organisms (left), time ages (right) and scalar actions (down), as the system absorbs energy and information and moves with its body, head and limbs (particles, waves and fields in physical systems) – the so called ‘simplex actions’ taken place in a single plane, or reproduces and evolves socially (the complex actions, taking place in multiple planes):

The Universe is a fractal superoganism of 5 Dimensional motions of time§pace (ab. Ðimotions). When we order those ‘dimotions’ in space we get a super organism, when we order them in time we obtain a worldcycle of existence, when we order them in scales, we obtain the 5 actions of all systems that absorb energy from its lower ∆-2 scale (humans absorb amino acids), information from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb light), motion from its ∆-3 scale (humans absorb gravitation) or simplex actions, while developing two complex actions, reproduction and social evolution from its higher, ∆-1 seminal scale, ∆o scale and ∆+1 social scale.

As such it has topological, spatial, mathematical properties; logical, temporal ones, and organic, scalar properties derived of its spacetime structure, which must be added to the usual analysis of time space systems. We consider then for each species of space-time a basic ternary description of its ‘adjacent topologies’ that define all systems as simultaneous super organisms in space; that will perform 5 ‘aeiou’ vital actions: accelerated motions, energy feeding, information gauging, offspring reproduction and universals’ evolution’.

But are humans the only species that move, perceive, kill to feed on energy, reproduce and evolve socially? Since if at least they were unique as they pretend in those sensations, they could claim to be ‘special’. Fact though is they are NOT.


The program of the Fractal Universe and its Generator Equation. The will of ST superorganisms.

Now if we eliminate the action of motion, for which the organism hardly needs more than limbs to take advantage of the flow of forces, we can search for the ‘inner will’ that motivate those åctions, the coding factors.

The 5th isomorphism of all ST super organisms is thus their program of existence or 4 Drives of Life, which biology ‘cracked’ regarding the living organisms it studies, since it carries the highest truth of all sciences.

As all isomorphisms, the need of systems to construct its 3±1 common ∆±1 dimensions of scalar space-time, energy limbs/fields/territories, reproductive bodies/waves/working classes & informative particles/heads /upper classes and ∆±1 social scales, determine the 3+1 drives of existence all Nature’s ‘surviving’ systems follow:

– Max.ðƒ: All gauge information with their heads/particles to guide their search for Energy or else they die.

– Max. $t: All systems feed on energy with limbs/fields. Since if they don’t, they become exhausted and die.

– Sexðƒ$t=ðƒ: All reproduce/iterate/decouple into new organisms and particles. Since, as they are limited in time duration, if they don’t repeat their topologic structures they become extinct.

– ∑$t, ∏ðƒ: All evolve socially into higher systems and associate with similar forms; whereas simple ‘energy beings/cells’ form ∑=herds, simply connected to hunt and feed; while complex, ‘informative beings/neurons’ form complex networks, in which each individual is connected to all others. Hence the ∏-multiplicative symbol counts not the informative neurons but the connective axons that make efficient ∏-networks dominate ∑-herds.

Thus we rewrite scalar Space-time Metric as a Fractal generator of the ∞ Wills of the Universe, which encodes all the isomorphisms, parts, events and scales of all its ST superorganisms: ∞∑$t∆-1≤ST≥∏ðƒ∆+1

The Generator equation’s 3±∆ symbols describe the fundamental particle of reality, its 3±1 Wills & ternary structure, both in time and space: a cellular, social, ternary organism, each one distinguished by a balanced set of $t≈ðƒ vital, biologic or universal, physical constants, which freeze the energy and information of the being into stable, balanced proportions, which define a specific variety or ‘species’ of the fractal generator.

So we can translate all ‘laws’ of the different scales and species of all scalar sciences, and the ‘parts’ of its organisms, as events related to the 3±∆ ‘drives of existence’ of the Generator Equation of all systems. It is then possible to generate all what is real, departing from the Generator, the symmetries and Constant proportions among the 10Dis of reality and the laws of i-logic mathematics, as this writer has done in his research.

Åctions are ordered also in time, parallel to its symmetry in scales – relationship that between time ages and ∆-scales we have observed already in the study of the meaning of past, present and future.

Synchronicities of actions.

Finally another theme of importance regarding action, which we treat in other sections, mainly in time and planes are its synchronicity between planes, as the smallest åctions are faster and repeat more, so we do more ‘gravitational steps for each second-perception, and feed only once a day reproduce once a year and evolve socially through our entire life.  This is the most important reason for the order of the organic systems of reality.

For example, the faster åctions of cells (i.e. daily reproduction) are synchronized to the slower energy feeding cycle of its ∆+1 scale, which gives the energy it needs to put its information at work and enable the reproduction.

it also follows that the emergence of an action above, makes it a product of the lower ones Ao(∆-3) x Ae (∆-2) = Œ∆-1

That is the cell takes its genetic, information coded in a few atoms, the energy obtained from above and reproduces the system.

The first rhythm: motion and perception, ∆ï, ∆a


In the graph, the order of actions always starts from a o-point of view or informative brain system, attached to a sensorial membrane, which divides the system in the outer and inner world (left point), and starts to interact with other fractal points to develop its actions.

So let us start with the first two words.

If you ask me what is the Universe i would tell you look at its rhythms, it is this beat you hear everywhere, this stop and go motion, motion and form, still and moving, decelerating accelerating, steady state, beat, beat, and rhythms all over the place. And so we call the motions time, and the forms space, and the go time and the stop space, and the stillness of the mind safe, and the rhythms of the body time, and time and space, that’s all.

All there is to it, the rhythms of time and space:

Stop (S) < Go (Time) > Die (space) < Live (time)≈Move≈ Accelerate (Vortex of Time) < Stop (Space)…

in all its infinite varieties the rhythms of space-time broken in infinite strings, knotted in infinite minds of cycles command, form and deform, inform and r=evolve, dissolve, exist. And this tapestry of Existence is what we call the Universe:

±∆  Sp(Go-Feed) x Tƒ (Stop-Reproduce) =ST

The mixture of motions of time and forms of space, of stop and go motions and dimensions, their intertwined intelligent, is what it is all about.

We shall call any mixture of at least a motion of time and a dimension of space, an action of space-time, the fundamental ‘quanta-bit’ of reality, its minimal, ‘infinitesimal’, perceivable, as pure time and pure space are not.

The meaning of reality thus becomes apparent when we go beyond the simplest description of its topological, physical properties as a series of time motions that mess with spatial forms to create bidimensional membranes, which magically construct frozen space-time topologies with functions. Where is the intelligence? now we know: in the meaning of those åctions, which is a biological program.

In the next posts we shall develop the mixture of biological and topological i-logic properties that defines the game of existence, here we shall define the game.

All systems of spatial energy and temporal information, guided by a zero-point, the most perfect spherical geometry, or monad of the system, O-point x ∞ Universe = Θ Still mind of reality, show a will: SURVIVAL.

And survival has an easy mathematical expression in a Universe made of 2 formal motions and its combinations, Ox|=Ø:

absorb and emit energy and information. Those are thus the rules, ±∆e x i… Maximize a simple function of existence of your energetic and informative, spatial and temporal parts playing the game of survival called LIFE.

Because indeed, what the åctions of energy feeding, energy expelling=moving, information expelling=reproducing and communicating and information absorbing=perceiving causes is a game of existence equal to what biologists define as life, a game of moving, reproducing feeding and perceiving.

That’s all there is to it space-time has a vital nature. And the åctions of space-time which ‘truly exist’, as they are by definition that limiting present thin line… show it in detail.

We thus call the 5 åctions of the Universe, ∆e=feeding, -∆e=moving, ∆ï=observing, -∆œ:reproducing and U=∆+1, social evolution into higher planes of space-time, the game of existence:

Tƒ < ExI=ST  is then a curious acronym with an artistic, ideographic flavor. Tƒ is the O-point, the head, < the neck, its communication with the body, ExI, the place of present existence, the wave that reproduces its energy and information, as it evolves and r=evolves and moves through a social Plane, its Universal, Its ST world.

The interaction of all those arrows of time through space-time åctions require though the introduction of a ‘point of view’ or frame of reference, which will give organic meaning to that series of arrows and cycles of time, creating the knots of time, or existential points that carry the program of the Universe as they give survival meaning to the åctions and cycles knotted within the point:

THUS if we do a qualitative analysis things remain simple, as it is the program of survival of the universe, the ultimate why of all existences – simple enough to be just åctions of absorption of (kinetic) energy and in-Form-ation.

And this which is a trend of all T.Œ, complexity ultimately can be reduced to the dualities, ternary elements and 4 Dimensional simplex åctions of the Universe.

Further on, those space-time åctions communicate an Œ, point of existence, which ultimately is a knot of åctions, with its external world. So those åctions of communication of information (i), bring about the more complex åctions of the Universe, which we gather in the process of eusocial evolutions from ∏ Œ∆-1 points into U∆, Universals.

This process, we study as the creation of a ‘higher, bigger scale’ of existence, and hence implies two new type of complex åctions:

  • Present reproduction of the system, ∆Œ and…
  • Future, social evolution into Universals through the creation of complex herds that become super organisms.

In that sense the finality of the Universe is not the survival of the individual but the creation of complex social systems, caused by the complex åctions, for which simplex åctions seems a mere preparation, hence the ‘pinnacle’ of existence is to form part and create a ‘social world’, an ∆+1 Universal, the dissolution of the ego of individual points into the collective.

In that sense, since both, the absorption and emission of bits of information and ‘bites’ of energy happens across ∆-scales (we like to call those quanta of information, bits, acronym also for bidimensional manifolds of space-time information, and bites, bits with energy :), the 3rd fundamental element of Action ‘Theory’ is the study of 5D processes of emission and absorption of smaller bits and bites of information and energy by a higher social organisms of an upper plane of the Universe.

Thus the study of simplex, ±e,i åctions, of the codes of each species that program them to follow those survival åctions; of the higher game of social reproduction and evolution that creates Universals, and the interaction of the being which performs those åctions with lower bits and bites and bigger social wholes, becomes the fundamental experimental and theoretical combined space-time analysis of any species.

Actions are on that regard along with super organisms in the larger ST-Plane, the ‘flesh’ of the Universe…

The two levels of complexity of Universal åctions.

Thus to resume that dual ‘build-up’ program of existence, we can write an equation of existential algebra: ∫ ±∆ e, i ds dt= Wu.

That is, the sum of all the simplex åctions of the being, integrated along its vital ‘cellular’ space, ds, and its whole duration in time, dt, gives us a Universal Organism in space, U, that goes through a world cycle in time, ω, throughout all its existence, in which it will live, might reproduce in other space-time, elongating its function of existence into the future, and then die.

Now existential algebra is a logic interpretation of the space-time events of the universe, so we do not need at this state to know what we are representing. That equation can represent the life of a star, a human being, a cell, the extension of a electromagnetic field, a ‘finite fractal space-time’ reality. It represents merely one of the many ways to analyze the synoptic  ‘generator equation’, Sp≈Tƒ, in terms of space-time åctions, world cycles and super organisms:

Once a series of simplex ±∆e,i åctions are performed, the Uw game represents a second level of complexity in which åctions are combined into space-time knots, œ, which communicate with and reproduce similar beings, evolving socially into Universals.

Thus, this second ‘layer of complexity’ of the being, creates new planes of the 5th dimension as the reproduction and social evolution of those œ-points creates from parts the wholes of reality. And so we talk of a ‘second’ complex beat of existence:


Thus the scalar Universe is an ‘architectonical, dynamic, nested, integrative, Russian Doll’:

The sum of ±e,i, åctions do bring together sequentially in time, accumulated socially in space, the reproduction and creation of Universal Organisms. And so we talk of 2 final åctions, iteration by reproduction of communication and social evolution of parts into Universals, which would complete at a higher 5D level the existence of the being.


Existence as a travel through the fifth dimension.

The organic view of the 3 parts of the being together, which in physical systems are the potentials, waves and particles IS what form its physical organisms.

A pattern of 5 sequential ‘events’ or ‘motions’ from generation, through locomotion, feeding growth, reproduction, informative collapse and final entropic death, or ‘world cycle’ of existence  then is established for all physical, biological and social systems that constructs departing from those smaller seeds of information (quantum particles, genes, memes), larger thermodynamic organisms, enclosed in even larger worlds.

Let us then introduce some elements of ‘existential algebra’, the logic formalism that tries to determine the order, synchronicity, frequency and outcome of…

Existential @tions.

The oldest graph of 5Ð: Human ¡±4 perceived planes


There is of course a deeper understanding in philosophical terms on the manner in which form and motion transcends through scales to be perceived by the human being, and why we only perceive those scales – namely because they are the ones we act upon. So we can build a human being as the sum of all those åctions across all its scales we perceive, from where an entire understanding of the program of existence of man, our will and what is ‘life and existence’ for us can be deduced.

This connects with the order of those åctions as a pyramid of ‘desires’, we do have a Maslow-like pyramid of åctions which emerge and require the previous one: to perceive we must move towards the perceived system, to feed we must perceive the food and move to it, to reproduce we need enough energy and genetic information in our body. And obviously to evolve socially we must reproduce previously

And since creation of social, organic networks, requires all other åctions, it is the summit of the ‘program’ of the ‘biological’ Universe that all its species follow. So åctions are ordered also in time, parallel to its symmetry in scales – relationship that between time ages and ∆-scales we have observed already in the study of the meaning of past, present and future, now further proved through the order of åctions:


Well it is not the same order than the vowels but almost (-;

Synchronicity of åctions among scales.

Finally another theme of importance regarding action, which we treat in other sections, mainly in time and planes are its synchronicity between planes, as the smallest åctions are faster and repeat more, so we do more ‘gravitational steps for each second-perception, and feed only once a day reproduce once a year and evolve socially through our entire life.  This is the most important reason for the order of the organic systems of reality.

For example, the faster åctions of cells (i.e. daily reproduction) are synchronized to the slower energy feeding cycle of its ∆+1 scale, which gives the energy it needs to put its information at work and enable the reproduction.

It also follows that the emergence of an action above, makes it a product of the lower ones Åi(∆-3) x Åe (∆-2) = Åœ-1

That is the cell takes its genetic, information coded in a few atoms, the energy obtained from above and reproduces the system.

This field needless to say is also huge.

The program of existence: Maximize your existence – evolve socially.

An exhaustive analysis of all events and åctions of all systems, from the 4+1 quantum åctions-numbers of particles to the 5 drives of existence of biological beings to the 5 quantum åctions of humans, show that all systems try to maximize its 5 survival åctions, according to the sequential and frequency laws aforementioned, creating a ‘Maslow pyramid’ of behavior for all of them – the program of the Universe.

The 5th action, though is often unwanted and hence not considered in most scientific studies, because it is most often imposed externally by the ∆+1 neuronal/informative, ‘superior’ species that absorbs the energy of the lower herd treated as energy. So it is not a ‘quantum number’ but the action of informative quarks that capture electrons to form the atomic organism.

It is not a human action, but the imposition of people-castes that control our languages of information (politicians with laws, bankers with money) and create states and markets that control and absorb our wealth. It is not the desire of cells in a multicellular organism, which are controlled in motion and information by neurons.

– ðƒ maximize your existence, Max. ∑$t∆-1 <=>ðƒ∆+1, the simplest strategy is to maximize the components of the equation, the 4 positive arrows-åctions: $t=energy feeding, I=information processing, <=> or X, Reproduction and ∑, social evolution and the selfless action of giving away your energy to sustain a ‘higher plane of forms’, which can be observed in the sacrifice of individuals from their nations, their subconscious collective Gods, or in physical space in the loss of form of individual orbitals when the pi or sigma molecular orbitals appear, or the transfer of energy from electric to magnetic fields and so on.

– This gives birth to the duality of ‘social arrows’, as the 4D arrow of herding among clone cells/waves to create ‘spaces’ (defined by Riemann as groups of ‘similar points’ described by properties of continuity, etc.’) might be called in mystique terms the arrow of ‘democratic, social love’ and extract and ethic generalization: forms that feel equal act in parallel and love each other; while the 5D arrow is hierarchical, Darwinian, as ‘forms who are different’ prey ‘perpendicularly’ to each other, transferring energy, $t∆-1>ðƒ from the lower scale to the upper scale and information, ðƒ>$t∆-1, from the upper to the lower scale. More deductions from the Program:

– You can maximize the function of existence when S=T->Max SxT (mathematical rule: 5×5>9×1).

This is known intuitively, as we say ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’ where Sp(body/field) and I (head/particle).

It is the origin of the need to have our vital constants in balance, of the balance of Universal Constants, which are $/ð or SxT ratios (as in the equations of gravitational and electromagnetic constants, where q-m are clocks of information and distances, Sp, hence they write as F=Q,G(ðƒ/$t).

It explains the attraction of beauty, a shape in which form and energy are balanced, S=T; the beauty of top predator species – a species that maximizes its body force (ST), intelligence (§ð) and beauty (S=T), in physical space one with maximal M(T) x V($) momentum, which in physical collisions survives and defines the final trajectory; the classic shapes of the commonest spiral galaxies, etc. It explains why live longer in our mature, S=T, age between energetic youth and informative 3rd age; why death happens by excess of energy (Max. Spin accidents and wars) or information (Max.ðƒ in the 3rd age when we warp and wrinkle); and many other facts.

– You can maximize your existence, when ∑->∞ that explains the huge quanta in spaces that last, from the ultimate vacuum of the Universe to the seas of water, to the power of ∑=Love in social systems, to the undistinguishable boson structures of immortal beings, from light to black holes (bosons of quark stars) to minds – ‘zero points’ that map out with self-similar pixels of information an external Universe into a linguistic infinitesimal image of it – to herds and waves that become tighter, multicellular organisms that survive better.

– It explains the engine of human existence: greed for Sp-food, Information, sex (SxT), 4D-love & 5D-power.

For example, if we are to consider informative systems alone, the creation of a boson, zero point in which an infinite number of self-similar, ∑-forms converge is another path to maximize the function of existence.

Thus the highest of all åctions is the social experience, and we can truly write those åctions in chains from the lowest one – physical motion, to the highest one – social love, reason why people like more prophets than physicists, the maximize more their existence.

So all what species do is: >ð: Gauge information; <$t: Feed on Energy; ∑Tei, herding with parallel beings or SxT, merge into complementary systems;  combining those simplex åctions in a single plane, across 3±∆ scales:

– Reproducing self-similar entities: ST>∑$t∆-1>st or evolving socially with them into bigger networks, creating more complex planes of existence, fractal super-organisms: ∑$t∆-1<=>∏ðƒ

All what any entity including humans do during our entire existence from seminal cell to dying body, all can be explained with those 5 åctions: Feeding, informing, moving, reproducing and networking into social groups.

Further on each of the 5 ‘existential åctions’  form together a causal sequence, as complex åctions need previous simpler ones to ‘exi=st’

. Thus åctions, functions=forms=dimensions & time sequences are related, creating parallel invariances that define each  fractal’ diffeomorphic entity or ‘world’ constantly ‘filling’ with those dimensional åctions its vital space, part made to the likeness of the whole Universe:

– ∆ï: Any entity needs first to perceive-gauge information from an advantageous ‘point of view’. So all p.o.v.s, are ‘on top’ in the dimension of height, from heads to antennae to black holes.

-∆A, And then it needs to move changing its trajectory, hence accelerating to get to:

– ∆Sp: Then the entity will move to a field of energy to feed, through its faster lineal path. So ‘length’ becomes the dimension of energy and main body orientation, from ¥-fields to sharks.

– Then we communicate e<= >o with similar beings to herd or reproduce in ‘empty’ regions of space-time, so width becomes the reproductive or communicative 3rd spatial dimension, where we accumulate new cells, send our words as we walk in parallel dimension.

– We observe also those 3 perpendicular dimensions in ¥-light fields, corresponding to their diffeomorphic electric=informative, magnetic= energetic and reproductive c-speed, product of SxT (Maxwell’s equations). Since light is not an abstract, independent space-time background: Our mental space-time is made of ¥-information, so we share its Euclidean 3 Dimensions. Vacuum space is light. So background radiation cannot be extracted: it is space itself.

So the 3 Space-dimensions are functional åctions with a causal sequence:

Informing (Height)<Feeding (Length)>Communicating/reproducing (width).


The world cycle of supœrganisms carried by 0-minds as 5г ðime travelers.

The first Ðisomorphism, alpha and omega of all systems is a still mind-mapping of information, a hardware through which a language will bring as software through a bosonic form ‘able to co-exist’ in two places at the same time, unlike the fermion that co-exists in two times at the same place’… wave and particle, messing togethe

The mind is a time traveller. Its existence follows a pattern of scaling upwards in the fifth dimension of eusocial evolution, while probing downwards in the lower planes from where to extract its pixels of information and bites of entropy and energy. As the seed that will become the center of the mind-membrain appears, in the static form of a knot of information, it will branch its fractal feelers down the scales to extract the raw materials to build clones of itself and with the information provided by the upper scale, in palingenetic, miraculous synopsis of a long evolution, its intelligent design display towards emergence as a first ¡o whole.

As morphogenesis is more obvious in simpler forms we illustrate this phases with a simple plant, which in life draws with precision a process that is essentially the same in all species. The mind-seed accumulates information, as ‘mirrored’ by the larger whole in a first travel down the ∆-1 scale of conception. Then the seed in a placenta rich on energy will start with the information provided by the ∆+1 parent to gather ∆-1 inner energy of the seed to develop from its original asymmetric form with two poles, an informative animal pole and a vegetative, larger, slower in ðime cycles pole the two fractal feelers into the upper and lower scales of the fifth dimension in which it must co-exist as a supœrganism to properly exist:

Thus if we are to study the being in its world cycle its fundamental purpose of existence is NOT to move in locomotions through the same plane, but to expand downwards and upwards in scales of the fifth dimension – this transcendental goal of long ‘deep time’ cycles is what truly is all about – to grow organically, to co-exist and bring together into the ∆o relative present plane the lower planes of energy and the upper planes of coded information.

And as such the first ‘stage’ of existence merely acts in ‘stillness’ with no locomotion, on the closer ∆±1,2 scales of energy bites and information inner genes, memes or quantum coding for physical, social or biological species. So we can consider the seed to have 3 ‘stages’ in its probing on the scales of the fifth dimension:

  • The first in its palingenetic generation of minimal latitude, as information is provided by the parental code and energy is already processed to make it easy to generate clone seeds=cells and reorganize its ‘crystal’ mind (physical systems), or genes or memes replicated in other beings.
  • The second phase when the being emerges and then it moves and senses, which dilates its existence in the ∆±2,3 planes as motion requires to probe into the electromagnetic atomic repulsion that moves it and the photonics pixels its electronic mind will absorb. And yet again both are met together into the ∆º organism, which will then go through 3 ages interacting on a much wider range of scales (the ∆±4 dark world of the Universe being truly irrelevant to the being and added merely due to the Egocy of man that pretends to know more than he can perceive). 
  • Yet in that emergent present world the mind will then try to climb upwards through social decametric scales to be part of the ∆+1 world super organism, and again what matters to it will be to become part of a herd a reproductive couple or a society and form triads, couples with sons, hunting herds, complex organic societies, in which to realize the ultimate mandate of existence, ‘grow and multiply and grow’ and form new social planes… But that process in which ultimately the mind is overpowered by the whole that extracts its energy of existence will end.
  • So the mind will die dissolve and with that dissolution loose its territory of order and become still and loose its sensorial capacity to reduce its being back to the ∆-1,2 scales.

This entangled reality of the mind as the seed that embodies the will to exist and traces a world cycle, as a traveler of the scales of the fifth dimension, is what we try to describe in a dynamic way through the world cycle tale of the 3 x 3 +2 elements of reality.

3 of those elements are topological, 3 are ages, and the other 3+2 concern the mind, its actions and the scales of the fifth dimension through which the mind travels.

So either ascribing the actions of the being to the mind which has its will, or to the scalar parameter in which they are played, we talk of 3 x 3 + 2 parameters to describe in a dynamic way the being, as it is born a seed-mind, which through ‘asymmetric’ actions on those scales will develop its 3 physiological topological networks, and 5 dimotions, with its ‘dual’ oppositions between entropy and social evolution stop and go locomotion, perceiving, moving, perceiving, and all with the ultimate purpose of reproducing a clone of information as all living or mathematical abstract fractals do.

So we run that program as the mind reproduces into networks through those actions, and then lives 3 ages, in its varieties of species, based in the hierarchy of those networks that give us 6 fundamental subspecies of the phyla in existence, and then in its struggle to become the dominant element of the larger social world, before all its dreams fade away leaving behind its ‘split’ information in memories with the upper ∆+1 world, and releases into pure big-bang motion or disconnected herd of dead molecules, its existence, zero sum, which can be traded from the ‘coming together of information from above and energy from below’ to start the being palingenesis to the inverse death in which both motion and form split.

This inversion of ages is fundamental to fully grasp what are the mechanisms of all systems and its events, reflected in the next graph in the final split of a human being or a particle:

We exist as we travel a world cycle zero sum through the topological, temporal scales of the fifth dimension.

In the graph we can see in terms of the >< coming together of bites of energy and pixels of information from below and palingenetic information and world actions from above the meaning of life as a KNOTTING of an increasing number of planes that will co-exist into the organisms. And the inverse death process in which the being splits and disentangles the different planes in which it co-existed, with the form remaining in a higher degree of stillness and the motion becoming scattered into a more shallow entropic single plane.

Those are the essential processes of life and death interpreted in terms of 5D scales: life being a convergence of upper and lower planes, death its disconnection, from beta decays to big-bangs, from palingenetic generation to corruption and collapse, for cells, individuals and civilizations, for atoms, stars and galaxies…

We are thus now turning the wheel of thought a notch further introducing a view no longer of the @ristotelian humind, with its simplistic reductionist dogmas and minimalist view of the whole self-centered in its infinitesimal point of view, but of the whole as an ensemble of multiple points of view, colliding or symbiotic, which create reality through paradoxical networks and principles of ¡-logic nature that humind languages, including E-maths and Aristotelian verbal thought with its syntax self-centered in the subject hardly reflect, but we shall improve also as we expand the foundations of mathematics and make more explicit the ternary structure of all Universal grammars.

In essence, the Universe we are describing relates to the 12 Dimensional architectonical view of 3 dimensions of topological space, | x O = Ø, which form the 4th dimension of present spacetime, used by physicists to explain how simultaneous measures of spacetime allow us to formulate in more precise terms Galilean Relativity (Einstein’s relativity).

This with a lot of mathematical, precision; but very confusing logic statements is how far huminds have gone. But in the architectonical Universe the present 4th dimension of time is sandwiched between entropic future death and generating 5th social palingenetic creation. And further on each of those beings in a world cycle is sandwiched between its smaller parts and larger ∆+1 world. And all that will be then encased as an open ball into the membrain, or outer maximal size sensorial ‘skin’, the membrane that closes the being and invaginates it towards its ‘cpu’ center of gravity processing the whole to feel the infinite infinitesimal mind, ∞ x 0 = ∞º=1, which therefore are the 10th membrain dimension and the 11th mind dimension of the next decagram of existence, as a point of a higher world.



‘Grow and Multiply’ Mandate of existence common to all living creatures.

‘To be or not to be that is the question.’  W.S., European culture, gunpowder discontinuum.

All this said the game as complex in its variations as it is is simplex in its purpose – to survive through the achievement of the higher actions of reproduction and social evolution – and similar for all beings that will departing from a mind try to achieve the same program.

It is then evident that the most important stience is the stience of all stiences, which in the classic age was called General Systems Sciences, the name I gave to this blog, but can be named in many ways, from unification theory, its address in the web, to relational space-time, to T.œ, a theory of everything organic, and ultimately means the study with the dimotions of exist¡ence the super organisms in space and worldcycles in time of all the species of the fractal, organic scalar Universe. This is what we do in this blog, focusing in the analysis of its 5 Dimotions, which conform the program of existence of all beings, and then in its world cycles, as they are performed by each ‘seed’ that grows, multiplies, evolves socially and dies – from the particle to the galaxy…

Particularly I like Existential Algebra, ®lgebra, as my favorite concept.

So as we study in depth those world cycles in the entire web, we shall focus in this final analysis of the stience of all sciences in the program of the 5 actions, showing how indeed all systems of the Universe do perform them, scale by scale.


The 5 Dimotions of timespace are actions in its vital, organic content, motions whose biotopology correspond to the 5 drives of life of the singularity-minds, self-centers of those actions.

We express its 5 forms & functions performed by all space-time entities with a simple mnemonic rule – 5 vowels, slightly changed as usual in the building of a proper jargon for philosophy of ∃xist¡ence:

-å-ccelerations for locomotions, as it is the first perceived action, but requires previously an ∆º mind to take the will-decision of moving, normally towards an

∃-ntropic field in which to feed and absorb energy. It is the most existential action, hence the use of the inverted e-letter symbol IN LOGIC of existence.

The key equation for entropy=death is that it is the fastest of all motions which eliminates all other potential motions of the being, thus in negative sense it can be calculated in a parameter that measures it as the potential sum of all future actions of the being (Boltzmann interpretation on statistical mechanics) and hence is mostly operated with exponentials of maximal growth as in the similar amount of minimal time of death, without present it must reduce all other positive actions into a negative flow of heat, of potential paths now never more any taken:

∃ = a+I+o+u

ï-nformation gauging, as information is a dual action, of absorption of information but also communication of information, inner and outer duality with the purpose of:

œ-ffspring reproduction of a new supœrganism clone of the seeding father, hence the use of the symbol for super organisms, œ.

Which then will engage in a process of social evolution into a û-niversal whole that will emerge as a full being; and again in the world at large will participate in its ecosystem of different social ∆§cales of beings. Hence the ˆ symbol for emergence into an upper social scale.

So the 5 actions/vowels, would be: å,∃,ï,œ,û.

What existential algebra does is to study formally the combinations and operations of the 5 actions of existence, with any language-mirror available to the humind.

So for each angle we can define a basic operation of exist¡ence.

Where operation, means an operandi over an action, of which there are those who determine a growth on scale of those actions (or inversely an entropic sum of all other potential actions, positive to the system which ad to the entropic action according to ¬ Ælgebra.

In praxis though as we don’t care that much for the form or content of this blog, which huminds don’t seem to have much interest in reading, we shall use the faster-writing aeiou. In the next graph an old montage of the different aeious of several scales of reality:


The mind’s  5 ±∆ e, ï, œ, û fractal space-time åctions of all beings that move, feed on energy, gauge information, reproduce and evolve socially from the simplest particles to the highest systems; whose integral creates in space a super organism in time a world cycle. 

Every being of the Universe responds to the same actions because it is made of the same substances. It is a perennial philosophical reflection that if one looks deeply enough into oneself, one will discover not only one’s own essence, but also the essence of the universe. For as one is a part of the universe as it is everything else, the basic energies and forms of the universe flow through oneself, as they flow through everything else. For that reason it is thought that one can come into contact with the nature of the universe if one comes into substantial contact with one’s ultimate inner being. This ultimate inner being is the desire of the mind, the will to live, exist and experience the actions and ‘co-existing’ sensations related to them.

The flow of timespaces advances through the actions of its systems, which constantly exchange energy and informations.

We have resumed those actions in 5 subgroups, and named them with the simple vowels of the alphabet of existence:

locomotions (åccelerations) ∃ntropic actions of energy feeding, ïnformative ones of perception and communication, reproductive (œffspring creation) and final the social evolution of individuals into Universals – new emerging super organisms appearing in a higher ∆+1 plane of existence.

Those actions are the ‘knots and bolts’ of reality, the manifest ‘expressed’  existence of beings, its program of survival.

And so as a whole package they are deterministic among all beings that survive, and yet they are probabilistic in as much as the being is ‘free’ to choose between them; and they are NOT a free choice into what regards its outcome – as it depends on the interaction with the outer world in which they happen.

Its specific form is also not free as it is determined by the ‘constitution’ of the being, once it emerges as a whole T.œ:

Actions are allowed combinations of the pertinent entropy, energy and information, which beings constantly absorb and emit with limbs, bodywaves and particle/heads as they exist, trying to maximize their total actions, combinations of energy and information, expression of its ‘vitality’, the stuff of which exist¡ence is made.

As they are both sequential-causal: ï>å>∃>œ>û; and hierarchical û<œ<∃<å<ï in exactly the inverse fashion; that is the being ( if we apply the homolog method: what humans experience must be the program of all other time space beings) has the exact inverse wish to that of its sequential order of actions, the program of actions, of exist¡ence is quite determined.

Since the order to reach universal social evolution, the highest goal, requires first the reproduction of an offspring of clones, which requires to feed on the energy of others, which requires its entropic killing, which requires a motion to perpendicularly intercept the being, which requires its perception… and yet we are driven to perform those actions because we want the higher goal of complex actions of reproduction and social evolution into powerful wholes, the program of exist¡ence in the Universe reaches an extraordinary order.

Duality of actions-reactions

As we said we try to maximize our actions, which in praxis means to eat ad maximal, run the most, fuk every other day, and have fun with friends, not to speak of becoming overdrive of tv-trash information?! That shows you actions must be ordered and are regulated indeed by the limits of being just another virtual T.œ in pursuit of vital actions as everything else from the smaller particle to the whole galaxy in its hyper universe.

So in praxis actions are balanced, for the being to last and not burst out of exist¡ence for excessive action and imbalance. This means the very same actions we perform have ± dualities: actions cause external reactions of opposite sign, in the generalization of Newton’s second law and also in the internal balance of the organism, which for each positive outward action has a negative inward one.

The function of existence thus resumes in the number of actions a being performs with its energy and information which are basically:

±∆e: feeding (+) and moving (-) that spends the. energy obtained entropically in the action of feeding.

±∆ï: informing (+) and communicating (-). So we hear and talk, we see and draw…

±∆exi: reproducing (+) and killing (-), as we need the energy obtained entropically to reproduce ourselves.

±∑exi: Evolving socially (+) or dissolving≈dying (-)…

Thus it turns out that the function of existence of beings, made of a sum of actions, which can logically be put sequentially (as ∑exi needs first, ∆exi, which needs first, ∆e and ∆i) creates a natural evolution of a being through simple logic equations of motions in time and space where:

> is an implosion of space into time, of energy into information, S>T and vice versa: T

Life is all, living is maximizing the 5 Dimotions of exi=st¡ence

What is the meaning of life, when all systems do display in any or other form at least the 3 simplex dimotions of information, (1st Ðimotion), locomotions (2nd Ðimotion) and entropy (4th Ðimotion of death)? And wether aware or not, will become entropic in the moment of death and form part of a larger social whole in the ages of life? Simple: to maximize the 5 Dimotions of existence, where entropy is taken as the entropic death of others that feed us NOT as our suicide. 

But this ‘struggle for exist¡ence’, which we shall call life has to be observed from several colliding perspectives, as each being in its struggle competes with many other systems, and yet precisely when it becomes complementary or symbiotic to those other forms according to the ¡logic rules of Non-Euclidean topology, by similarity, parallelism, informative social evolution as a whole, ‘giving up’ for the whole part of its maximal self, it survives longer.

So the meaning of life is obvious: MAXIMIZE YOUR EXISTENCE, your 5 Dimotions: Max 5D³: Max. ExI|e=t, since a product is maximal in its balance, when E=I, then it also means to maintain yourself in the classic, present age of balance between body and mind; the classic age of ‘beauty’. That simple equation will indeed give an extraordinary meaning to the pursuit of excellence in life when we analyze it in detail in different posts of this blog.

Yet for a full realization and survival living timespace organism is one which also possesses the 2 complex Ðimotions of social evolution (5th Ðimotion) and reproduction (3rd Ðimotion), which encompasses all other Ðimotions, as it implies the fusion of both information and entropy-motion in a point of balance, E=I, and requires often the complementary of gender; hence the first degree of social evolution.

So beauty, immortality, survival, reproduction, the function of existence and the program of life are all related terms:

Life is a system able to reproduce without the help of any other system, whereas reproduction is the more complex Ðimotion of existence as it requires a travel through the fifth dimension to a seminal state, followed by a generation, which is in fact a social evolution of reproduced beings, continued in the emergence in the ¡=o plane where the being will go through locomotions and energy feedings, growth and maturity to the point of reproduction…

Where we want all to be, in the point of balance and beauty, E=I…

Then we might say the system enters in an age of decadence, of increasing information and decreasing energy and ‘vitality’ till dying in a final explosion of entropy.

So we divide species in those who can reproduce by themselves and are full living species and those who need other systems to reproduce (enzymes that reproduce carbohydrates, human ‘enzymen’ that reproduce machines and so on) and are simplex existential species.

To LIVE, to reproduce we might say is the maximal goal of existence that ensures immortality, the meaning of it all and to be able to do so in an autonomous way the summit of freedom and self-realization for any T.œ in the Universe; and the language the better expresses its ‘actions’ that conform the meaning of existence in the Universe: Non-AE. This is what all is about: to live by performing the non-existential actions that biologists call drives of life, physicists quantum numbers, etc.  They all mean the same, to exist is to act the aeiou dimotional actions that we all desire. The program of existence, its multiple Disomorphic views, the ‘scales’ that reinforce the will of life, and oblige us to wish existence, the struggle… everything can be cast under that word…


The main scales of the generator and its ‘actions’ of space-time.

As scientific equations are varieties of the Fractal Generator and its 4 functions that represent the 4 vital actions common to all species of space-time. Thus in each of those scientific scales 4 functional equations express the energetic, informative, reproductive and social actions that suffice to describe the existence of each species:

Each mind’s language code for the 5 Dimotions of exist¡ence of its species, forming ‘phyla’ of T.œs. In the graph, the main sub-planes of the human being its coding from bottom to top of the humind. The simplest photon codes its dimotions with 3 perpendicular space-time directions, and social colors. As light is the entropic, feeding substance of which electrons are made, the next scale of coding belong to electrons, the minimal unit of our mind, and it happens through the 4 quantum numbers (entropic coding often happens on the negative and doesn’t require always a ‘fifth code’). Next comes the coding of molecular matter, also carried by quantum numbers, till the level in which thermodynamic heat interferes and so we enter into the different codes of ‘matter states’ and its 5 dimotions (∆-1 plasma> st-gas ≈ ∑∏-liquid ≈ §ð-solid > ∆+1: boson). Yet those laws of thermodynamics do not code the complex organisms of carbonlife beyond its basic carbohydrate reactions. Instead a proper code of life is carried by the 4 genetic numbers, which code the evolution of st-oxygen §ð-Nitrogen ternary organisms; and it seems obvious that the more Nitrogen nucleotide will code the informative actions of the being, and those with larger oxygen-carbone the body-limb actions. As the ‘topologic nature’ of each plane carries to the properties of the next. And so it still remains a huge field of inquire in specialized genetics, to study the different genes and its coding of dimotions for cells and multicellular life, which will emerge into the planet Earth, where again the dimotions of exist¡ence of animal life will be coded by the electronic mind with its different visual, sound and olfactory languages, which display also a common universal grammar. Since the bottom line of the coding of all those languages is that they follow the logic rules of the generator equation and its ternary Universal grammar reflection of the 3±¡ planes of existence in which the being performs its actions of survival.

In the graph some of the fundamental systems of reality and the 4 positive actions coded with different ‘elements’ of the Universal Grammar of all Fractal generator languages of exist¡ence. To notice that as entropy is the negative dissolving system, it is not coded, but established by the predator element of the system, often the same than the limbic-moving system, which makes more systems to be code by 4 ‘elements’, quantum numbers, genetic letters, drives of life, dimensions of light…


4 Vital Dimensions thus code most actions of beings and explain both the life and the topologic form and exist¡ence of light-space:

In the graph, the wide, energetic, magnetic field; the tall, informative, electric field; the reproductive, long wave speed, calculated as the product of its electric and magnetic field and its frequency colors, which are societies of photons.

In the graph, we have written the 3 dimensions of time, past, slow energy and future, fast information with the human time-clock speed as our relative present, point of view. Since simpler scales are causally in the past; as an entity is created literally by informing, molding with higher i+1 networks, simpler scales ‘cell by cell’. When a light wave moves, it does not ‘displace’ but reproduces its wave motions, ‘warping’ simpler gravitational 1D string lines, by a height factor of –ct (Relativity). Motion is really reproduction of information on a simpler i-1 scale. Thus we describe the 3 Time Dimensions of ‘social evolution’ of light across 3 i-scales as:

– ∑: Color is the 4th ‘social dimension’ of light, made by herding together multiple frequencies of light into a photon, its present, simultaneous space dimension. As space from the perspective of time dimensions is a present ‘slice’ of the total time flow – the 4th dimension of time. While inversely the Present, simultaneous measures of Time, are in Relativity the 4th dimension of space. Yet we reach a sounder description separating those 3+3 spacetime dimensions, by using multiple time speeds instead of a single 4D clock.

+i: Fractal electrons are Light’s i+1 dimension of future network evolution.

-i: The gravitational i-1 scale in which it feeds is its relative, to which it returns after ‘dying’, red-shifting and expanding its length-speed between galaxies (z>c).

Then as light warps into more informative, smaller beings (Max.O x Min. E), first electrons, then molecular orbitals and so on, each new ‘scale’ of light space-time requires the previous scales to be born. Thus causally simpler scales are in the past. When your i-neurons, create your ∏-whole, they are in the past, requiring an action-bit of time to synchronize and emerge as an i+1 whole into the future. That’s why the subconscious rules, and the ‘ego’ merely observes with its electric whole brain waves; or the molecular orbital appears ‘after’ the atomic ones dissolve into the whole.


maxwells-equationsFurther on, complex i+n systems move slower, as they draw more information in a single space-point. A light beam of pure ¥-space informs only a gravitational line so it reaches the maximal c-speed of our spacetime membrane. But there is another parallel Universe of gravitational scales, of E-speed and information-order, made of dark, gravitational energy, quark matter and quark, boson stars (black holes), which are accelerating vortices of w>C and T<0k  beyond the c-event horizon. And since we ‘don’t see’ gravitational information, its relative motion-speed is ∞, non-local.

4 Maxwell equations describe all the actions of an electric field.


4 quantum numbers describe all the 4 ‘drives’ of existence of electrons as described in the graph above.

its level of energy (principal number), its gauging of information (2nd number), its reproductive decoupling when they have opposite ‘sexual’ spin number and evolve socially organized by the magnetic number.


4 type of vibrations organize a social molecule. Each of those vibrations represents one of the actions of exist¡ence. They can be derived from the quantum numbers of its ¡-1 plane by classic methods of physical chemistry, but we as philosophers of science are interested in the whys of those motions as the expressions of the 4 ‘vital organic actions of those molecules’.


4 nucleotide acids code the vital actions of the cell:

image050In the graph, the fundamental minimal system of life is an amino acid ‘fish’:


4 drives of existence – feeding, informing, reproducing and evolving socially – explain the game of life.


In the graph, two coordinates of vital space and cyclical time for biological systems. We in general consider as two parameters in organisms:

– ∑∏: Rate of reproduction in space

– ðƒ: Rate of perception or rotary motion (angular momentum) in time.

A being is made of two functions, perception and reproduction, and a 3rd often borrowed exchange with the environment,

As it happens systems do have a structure of ‘smaller systems’ and they form part of bigger systems.

In that regard there is an important reductionism, beyond the deformation of the form of time cycles, caused by the preponderance of absolute lineal space-time and physical analysis of time durations as a mere parameter of space, which has increased enormously in the XX century, since the publication of Relativity and the Minkowski 4D metric, the elimination as a fundamental characteristic of the Universe of causal, logic processes, biological, evolutionary, survival reasons and sensorial, informative whys, to the nature and purpose of time cycles.

In true form, reality is NOT made of space, but the primary substance is ‘time’, time cycles that break space into an inner and outer region (fundamental theorem of knots and topology), and that precise game of cyclical forms-motions that break and organize space into vital regions, harnessing its ‘energy-motions’ into forms is all what the Universe is about.

Thus relational space-time turns upside down our understanding of the Universe from a mere, simple spatial description where absolute time is a parameter of space, to a cyclical description where space is a slice in the flow of cyclical times, a region surrounded by a time cycle, a ‘path’ in a ‘Lagrangian’ of åctions whose final sum is always zero, if we were to use some of the advanced concepts of physics we shall translate to the new paradigm; a ‘moment of present’, in the whole cycle from past to future that closes those paths.

For the same reason, the minimal unit of reality is NOT a string of space, but an interval of cyclical time, specifically a cyclical ‘action’ with form, a bit of information. In physics from where we have borrowed heavily conceptual and mathematical terms to describe all space-time cycles, the unit is indeed an action of energy and time, which manifests itself in the 3 main U±1 scales of the 5th dimension, the quantum, thermodynamic and mechanic scales, as a Planck’s action, h, a temperature vibration or a force.

In cellular biology as a circadian cycle of transformation of energy and information, from an ATP to a genetic cycle.

In organic life as an action of feeding, informing, reproducing, evolving socially, moving, ∂æ,e,ï,œ,û.

General Systems sciences, the organic philosophy of the Universe vs. creationism.

So we conclude that  philosophy of ‘stience’, as it is called in academia: General Systems Science or Complexity, the science that gives title to this blog IS the queen of all stiences (being wo=men above man, as we show in the posts on parity, helicity, duality and gender symmetry, all related concepts, we rather talk of the queen not the king:)

In this post we have introduced General Systems Science, the philosophy of science, based in ‘organicism’ that was generated a century ago by the German School of philosophy of science (Bertalanffy in biology, Spengler in History, Schumpeter in economics, Einstein and Broglie-Bohm realist models of an entangled Universe of relational space-time in physics) as the only possible rational theory of reality, which doesn’t need a religious creator, unlike the Big Bang or a magic, ‘creationist language’ – as the Copenhagen interpretation (ultimately a mathematical creationist theory) or abrahamic religions and capitalism in social thought (verbal and financial creationism).

In that regard, we can talk of two fundamental philosophies of science: linguistic creationism (either verbal, financial or mathematical) and organicism, and so we shall also show in the final part of this introduction how in fact all the forms of linguistic creationism correspond to the theory of the mind embedded in organicism and general systems sciences.

The problem of General Systems (ab. GST: General Systems Theory), was for very long the lack of a proper logic and mathematical formalism that could connect its philosophy with all the sciences it tried to describe – a task which turned out to require some simple self-evident principles proper of Asian Philosophy and modern physics, as well as those from where it departed – the principles of biology, evolution and theory of organisms.

Thus the model becomes also a theory of Unification of biology, physics, logic, mathematics and most surprising of it all eastern religions, its closest philosophy and western religions, as the subconscious collective of the super organisms of mankind – its civilizations.

In brief it is a theory of exist¡ence – of all what exists, its whys, causal connections, events in time and forms in space, where each st¡ence and discipline of knowledge studies a range of species, normally ordered by ‘size’ in space and ‘duration in time’, whose scales have a regularity that allow us to define a ‘fifth dimension’ of scalar space-time, each scale studied by a stience, all of them therefore ordered by the metric equations of this new ‘dimension’ of reality, surprisingly hardly explored since after al science was born of the realization that the Universe is scalar in structure, when telescopes allowed us to observe the larger scales and microscopes, the smaller ones.

We divide thus the post in a general overview of the formal model of systems sciences, followed by 3 sections dedicated to its 3 main scientific systems, according to scale Astrophysics, which studies the largest systems of reality, galaxies, and its minimal components atoms (∆±3 scales of the fifth dimension); biology and sociology, that studies the scales closer to mankind (∆±2) as both disciplines are now connected by the concept of societies as super organisms in which humans are citizens-cells joined by economic networks that reproduce its goods and political networks that inform society, similar to the blood and nervous networks of human superorganisms.  And finally languages of the mind, which studies the closest scale ∆º, or rather ∞º, that is the mapping of the infinite Universe in the reduced infinitesimal space of the cellular mind.

The model was presented to science in in a series of congresses at ISSS during my years of tenure of the SIG of duality, during the first decade of the XXI c. with positive reviews, but given my lack of ambition and interest for the academic world, bordering autism, I didn’t follow suit on the ‘paper industry’  after those conferences. My social activism for existential causes against the nuclear industry, for which I am better known in the blogosphere didn’t help  to put it mildly, to popularize the work among physicists considered today the high popes of philosophy of science for reasons that always escaped my ‘reason’ 😈…

In any case it would be a thoughtcrime not to provide a ‘room with a view’ to all the discoveries that a formal model of organicism provides in every science to the subconscious collective of this planet, either at present in human form, or likely in the future to digital thought. So I will keep pouring the model in this web at unificationtheory.com in discontinuous burst of activity, which others might complete in the future. The way I work is copy-pasting blocks from decades old archives, which lack to say the least discipline with the Chicago Manual of Style, and then ashamed of having posted I ‘painstakingly’ (I am a lazy latino, if you hadn’t noticed😍, with little respect for the anglopocentric culture as you will certainly notice🤠) try to correct structure, not so much English given the limits of its I-grammar, which we ‘break’ with complex new words of multiple meanings (so when we write go(l)d, we mean god=gold, so for wor(l)d: word+Wor(l)d or cre(dit)ate: credit creates the economic world to put 3 examples of sociobiology, while trying to reduce the multiple meanings of each part of the entangled Universe by unifying the symbolism of its non-AE logic and… (still the main reason I do enjoy working in this blog)… find some new variation of those systems, an unexpected new Universal law and insights in the entangled nature of reality…

So articles in such a broad encyclopedia are uneven – but this central post is more carefully written and good enough for the intelligent reader to assess the merit of the model, which in the second line dedicated to each ‘stience’ has so far its most detailed, corrected enlargement if this post doesn’t feed your thought enough.

Since the ultimate goal of GST is to explain all what exists with a simple set of organic laws that define the common ‘isomorphisms’ (equal formal laws, here called Ðisomorphisms) of all systems of Nature, including its mirror-mappings by the languages of the mind, you might say this blog will be always a work in progress, as the Universe is constantly recreating itself. The beauty of GST also the acronym for the fractal Generator of Space-time organisms, the fundamental particle of the Universe is that you can indeed build reality by repeating increasing layers of information; so the degree of detail reached by ‘stience’, ultimately is the infinite information hosted by reality itself.


We shall then in the fourth line, as those who will expand stience, studied the Disomorphisms and actions of all the main species in exist¡ence. Let us introduce some of them.


In an enlightened civilization, the first stience would be the stience of actions, and dimotions, its super organisms in space and worlcycles in time.
Knowledge then will happen both from the bottom up, analytic, from the top down, synthetic, and the most profound synthetic model of reality available to mankind today is this blog, http://www.unificationtheory.com that truly lives up to his name…

Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, according to scale of size, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimensions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scales.Stiences are limited by the fact the ‘humind’, ∆ø, is the self-centered origin of all information available to us, as the singularity of a scalar ‘open ball’ of perception, where the outer limits of reality are not met. So huminds perceive ∆±4 planes of a likely ∞ reality, above and below, in a different way as the 5th dimension is NOT symmetric: i.e. we do not perceive as much information from larger systems of slower clocks and invisible networks than we perceive of lower planes which our mind uses to obtain bits and bites of energy and information. So ultimately perception and knowledge are also functions of the needs of the human Time space organism that orders a microcosms which he understands better than the above macrocosms that order us.

The metric equation of the fifth dimension of space-time which allows travels through its scales is simple as all space-time metric are: $ (size in space) x ð (speed of time clocks) = Constant. So smaller parts have more speed of time clocks which carry its in-form-ation in the form and frequency of its cycles, coding larger systems: