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 The earlier mechanist linear models of space-time of physical sciences failed in its search for the ultimate answers to our existence in the Universe, signified in the commentary of Feynman, happy with a simplex, external description of the Universe, without its whys. Yet not all scientists gave up on their search for the full understanding of those whys – the thoughts of God in the dictum of Einstein- which all scientists agreed should be found in the ultimate ‘causal reasons’ of the universe – the nature of space, time its dimensions and causal processes.

It will then come as a huge surprise to the reader that the finding of those whys to the existence of the Universe is much simpler than anyone might imagine, as it requires only two basic upgrades in our concepts of space and time – foreseen in the earlier work of Aristotle and Plato, in classic philosophy, Taoism and Hinduism in classic religions, in the pioneer work of Leibniz and Descartes, the fathers of modern philosophy of science, and the physical insights of Einstein and Planck in the multiple nature of time clocks and the quantum, broken structure of space. 

Those 2 upgrades illustrated in the next graphs are:

  • The understanding of the cyclical, NOT lineal, Nature of time, AS all time clocks are closed cycles that repeat certain actions and events with a given discontinuous frequency, origin of the causality and patterns of science.
  • And the scalar structure of space, which is composed of quantum, smaller parts that ensemble in networks of similar ‘Non-Euclidean points’, which become whole larger structures again ensembled into larger wholes in a game of russian dolls that gives organic, co-existing, fractal properties to space. 

Once we understand the cyclical properties of beings, which in its time duration go through  ‘3 dimensions, states or ages’ that complete a ‘worldcycle’, as any system or action goes through those three phases (expansive entropy, repetitive energy and implosive information) as opposed to the simplified model of a single lineal arrow of ‘timespace’ (called entropy in classic physics), which merely defines a worldline and gives only the whys of entropic, moving, expansive-death like events; we will have a much richer set of three possible future events to understand the actions, evolution and motions of all beings that will constantly ‘choose’ a path of higher entropy, information or a reproduction of its energy/actions at each ‘bifurcation of the future’.

And once we understand the co-existence of multiple scales of space, which put together form what we call the ‘fifth dimension of space-time (ab. ∆); as opposed to the simple idea that there is only a ‘space-time scale’ that matters (that of human perception) and the rules of transfer of entropy, energy and information between larger, slower ‘beings’ (Max. Sp=Min. Tƒ), with more energy and smaller, faster ‘beings’ with more information and faster clock-cycles (Min. Spe=Max. Tƒ); we will also be able to understand how those scales from atoms to galaxies co-exist together, and how they organise in symbiosis smaller informative parts (∆-1) that collaborate with its wholes, larger more energetic entities (∆º) as part of larger wholes (∆+1):

In the graph, we see the scalar nature of all physical and biological systems. So you are made of ∆-1 cells, parts of ∆-organisms, embedded in an ∆+1 planetary world; ∆-1, atoms are part of ∆- states of matter, gathered in solar systems, parts of larger ∆+1 galaxies and so on.

So with three arrows/actions/motion/futures/dimensions of time-space to organise the future world cycles of life and death of beings, and multiple scales of space-time through which those ternary timespace beings ‘travel to live’, as they transit through their world cycles of existence, from a seminal ∆-1 stage of birth, a series of ∆-world cycles of growth and evolution, back to the ∆-1 scale after the entropic moment of death; a very simple repetitive scheme will show how all systems go through the same ages of time, and live through world cycles that transit the same relative scales of space

Relational Space-time. From Leibniz to Einstein to GSTœ.

We purposely put on the quotes that start this ‘adventure of the mind’, not the well known and quite accurate mirror-image of mathematical stience as expressed by Galileo ‘the language of the Universe is written in circles and triangles’ but that of Upanishads, ‘the languages of god are infinite’.

Because while the mathematical properties of space-time are the most accurate mind-mirrors, NOT ALL the properties of reality are susceptible to be written with mathematics, and this is the huge error of reductionism of science, specially of physics. Because the Universe is scalar and systems co-exist in several scales of size and speed of time clocks, it has organic properties as ORGANISMS ARE JUST CO-EXISTING LEVELS of reality.

And because to gauge and measure there must be a system that process information mechanically, (matter) vegetatively (life) or conscious (mind); as Aristotle, and Leibniz rightly understood ‘the mirrors-monads-points of view-singularities’ of the Universe likely apperceive, and the cosmos is pan psychic. THE taboo here being merely anthropomorphism and the ‘abrahamic myths of entitled humans separated from time, space’ ‘above heavens and earth’ – same goes for the lineal concept of time, toward a manifest destiny – the meeting of God.

UNDERSTAND THIS: most of the errors behind the postulates of philosophy of science that act as a straight jacket for communion with the whole come from the western tradition of historic religions of power, and its multiple forms of censorship, including religious AND scientific, ‘nasty’ censorship in what I have called the anti quantum paradox (the social scientists and philosopher of science is so small that the observable, power in inverse fashion to physics ‘influences’ the observer – the scientist).

And it is a very old censorship.

Consider the case of lineal time. IT is really so obvious that time is cyclic and yet, western people think there is a single lineal, mechanical clock in the whole Universe. Where it comes from? A form of anthropomorphic censorship, as lineal time make us feel we progress towards God and Power. So it comes either the earlier go(l)d cultures of judaism origin of abrahamic religions, with its imperative VSO languages of ‘verb-first beliefs’, or the military religions of German cult(ure)s with its lineal swords, weapons of entropy that even influenced it lineal, agglutinative grammar of  object-first beliefs Ovs languages, in which a few humans on top with informative metal or entropic metal, hypnotic gold or iron swords, found themselves so powerful above humans and life that they despised Gaia, the living Universe and all other non-technological cultures.

And while this is politically incorrect (a modern orwellian newspeak for censorship of real social science and the analysis of the falsehoods of lineal entropic physics), we talk of Animetal cultures THAT BECAME STRAINED from reality and as all founding fathers of economics, physics and science till Darwin put the record straight belong to those fundamentalist cult(ure)s  of the human ego, we live ‘at odds in our interpreted world’ (Rilke).

This was clear to Europeans but when science came out of our continent to Asia and America it was taken with awe as an absolute truth, and so I found Americans and Asians who know nothing of the past of European cultures extremely naive believers in their ‘tribal Baconian Idols’, the new Aristotle – Einstein, quantum physicists and its big bang theories; their lineal idea of progress through the machine, etc.

To complement that simpler lineal view of a pseudo-religious manifest destiny that today passes as objective science, of a single entropic arrow of time measured by a single mechanical clock tuned to the human, clock of a second (which synchronises our three parts, as the beat of hearts, the glimpse of eye, the speed of one thought and one step), we need to expand the single anthropomorphic continuum scale of space size…

Since it has been proved wrong by experience with the finding of microscopic space that co-exist with our scale of size, sandwiched in between the cosmological and quantum world, and the evidence that there are infinite time clocks with different rhythms and forms of in-form-ation (relativity theory, circadian biological clock, computer logic clocks, etc.) there has always been a second view about time and space, not as an ‘artificial background’ over which beings existence; but the view of Asian Philosophies and relativistic science in the west from Leibniz to Einstein, who considered space and time, relational, the substance of which all beings were made, as entities that occupy a vital space, (ab.§paœ) and last only a certain finite ‘time cycle’, (ab. πime), regardless of its discontinuous  reproduction of its ‘form’.

So this second view of time and space as the ultimate substance of which beings are made became the ‘relational≈organic’, alternative ‘theory of timespace’, which runs from earlier Greek and Asian philosophy, through Leibniz into Einstein, and now with the models of GST come to its final fruition.

Indeed, the existence of beings of space-time,  analysed in depth in the post with that name, is the departure point for a unifying principle from where to deduce the properties of all beings. As Kant and Schopenhauer wanted, the ‘fourfold of sufficient reason’, was just made of space, time, causality and mind-monad or point of view (Leibniz) or frame of reference (Descartes) able to measure it.

SO WE SHALL NOW INTRODUCE THE 4 main tenants of General Systems sciences which models many systems of the Universe with the laws of organisms:

  • The true biological laws of competition between species, which are a direct consequence of the overproduction and faster evolution of one species over the other.

This is completely overlooked when we compare humans and machines, which are both in a symbiotic relationship of ‘exploitation’ and ‘extinction’ of all other ‘lesser’ species of Nature, so both grow together much faster than life, Gaia’s beings (the weaker part of the informative equation of Earth’s evolution, Gaia>History>Eco(nomic)system) BUT machines reproduce and evolve much faster than humans; so it is easy to extend the equation into the future competition of man and machine with machine as the winner, unless we stop its evolution NOW.

  • The cyclical nature of time in biology and evolution which ads the ARROW of information to the arrow of entropy-motion, which is the only arrow physicist use to study simpler, faster, less informative entropic physical systems, BUT IT IS NOT enough to understand biological systems.

General Systems sciences: models of the Universe built with information arrows.

In the search for this more complex, unifying view of the Universe, among the modern people, the most remarkable figures are NOT physicists, which would impose a simpler lineal time solution (below) but Philosophers of Science first, notably Aristotle and Descartes, which can be considered his disciple, with his concept of infinite mind-worlds, self-centred into a mathematical point of view or frame of reverence (pov), and specially Leibniz, with his understanding of calculus and microscopic and telescopic scales as the ‘sufficient reason’ for a fractal, scalar view of an organic, sentient Universe, where Aristotelian> Cartesian>mathematical minds, monads, perceived reality. Did they communicate or not? To simplify the model Leibniz made them non-communicative, but indeed, they communicate and form waves and networks and organic planes, the stuff of which nature is made.

The view of the point as an organic system, with parts that store entropy, energy and information would be validated by mathematicians with their development of non-euclidean points with volume to store parallels, Darwin, with his study of all systems as topological forms in evolution and with Einstein, with his model of a Universe of non-euclidean space-points, where ‘time bends space into vortices of gravitation’, accelerated clocks of time (Principle of equivalence) that stored ultimately the time measures and informative structure of the Universe:

So, while physicists do have a good ‘time’ using his entropic lines to measure translations and motions in space, which is what they do, all other sciences have been out in the blues, as they cannot study their time cycles of history, economics, biology and mind, without a proper understanding of cyclical time and information.

This blog will bring such a model of the informative, entropic and energetic Universe to all its systems and sciences, based in those simple, forgotten concepts of cyclical time, and the information it carries, outlined above.

It is a milestone in a 60 years old adventure, which started at the death of Einstein, when scientists all over the world came to the Macy’s congresses to assess the evolution of science and concluded that the physicists’ model of ‘lineal’ time, as ‘only the measure’ of entropy=expansive motions in space, did not suffice, to explain all of reality; but an arrow of information must be added to measure change… and an arrow of reproduction of time cycles to understand the conservation of energy and momentum, the persistence of form in the Universe…

My contribution: the ternary arrow.

Why system scientists never found the model in those 60 years?

The answer has to do with the fact that there are so many errors in the human view of the Universe, and people are so respectful with them that nobody had dared to go to the basics and restart the entire world of science from his principles, as einstein asked for when he realized Mr. Leibniz was right and there were infinite clocks of information in the Universe. So the task is huge.

But it has also to do with the power of simplex physicists who fight for their models of entropy with all their weapons, and they are many as they are the sustain of military entropic power.

So it is time to explain my contributions in a life mostly dedicated to explore the Universe with the two arrows of duality and fight the praxis of physicists in the military realm (the nuclear industry) and their simplex theories of an entropy only Universe.

Since as it happens, by adding the arrow of information or ‘future arrow of life’ to the arrow of entropy or ‘past arrow of death’, we find a third arrow of present reproduction, the iteration of a world that seems not to change, defining the classic three ages=arrows of time: Past (entropy) x Future (Information) = Present: repetitive conserved  energy,

And so once we take seriously the goal  general systems sciences – to find an organic mathematical model of the universe, and all its parts – we find that when we put in equal footing entropy and form, dimensional form, in-form-ation, we obtain energy and momentum, the conserved repetitive present reality we perceive and a new logic system of three possible outcomes for event unfolds its wisdom webbing those three arrows in the infinite beings we observe around us, with ‘informative partiles/heads’, body-waves of energy and limbs/fields of information.

But this organic ternary view of the Universe is a cultural taboo on the abstract, mechanist, capitalist world that worships machines – the northern civilisation of Europe and USA today globalised.

And as culture imprints subconsciously most of the memes of scientists regardless of their pretension of truth, it is only natural that the solution to an organic model of the Universe would come NOT from the mechanical culture of physicists, weapons and machines that dominate the western world but the ‘mediterranean’, organic, southern-european culture who ‘works to live’ and enjoy life ad maximal, with little respect for the ugly machines northerners make and its mechanical clocks.

In that sense, I came then into the discipline as an unexpected storm, hauling from Barcelona, Spain, with a book called ‘Time cycles’, which explained the connection between time clocks and in/form/ation, formalised the concept, compared it with the arrow of entropy and put them together establishing a ‘Fractal feed-back generator’ of NOT 1 but 3 time arrows, to describe ALL systems of NATURE:

$pe (lineal limbs/fields of entropy) < st (body-waves of energy) > Tƒ (particle-heads of information).

And to complete the model, I established a metric law for the scalar fifth dimension of space-time, which defined a world cycle of existence between the birth of a system as a seminal seed in a ‘smaller scale’ of reality, which would ‘grow, reproduce its information’, multiply, ’emerge’ into a larger ‘∆-scale’ of the fifth dimension (ab. ∆), formalising also into a 5D equation the cycle of life and death of all systems of the Universe.

It was the upgrading of Mr. Einstein’s 4D formalism of worldlines, which described the cycle of life and death as a series of lineal motions through space (never mind the changes of internal information, growth and reproduction of the cycle – as they are NOT guided by entropy, physicists simply ignore them). In 5D this metric was merely a ‘ceteris paribus’ analysis of a world cycle in a single ‘scale’ of size. And it was good but too shallow to explain it all.

Needless to say the model attracted the attention of system scientists and biologists, but physicists did not like it, as it was an alternative philosophy of science that made sense of many things, they could not explain and simply did not consider with a much wider range of application, as all sciences are interested in time, information, besides entropy and space.

Things didn’t help when they discovered I was one of the leading activists against the Nuclear Industry in Europe (those conferences were hold routinely in militaristic USA), and on top defended ‘human information’ over mechanical computers, considering that the evolution of AI would create a world of robotic organisms of higher information than man and would degrade us.

So my fundamental goal was not to deliver the organic, fractal laws of the informative, reproductive Universe, but use those laws to construct a perfect world of human-based information, on top of the planet in control of its machines, entropic weapons and future AI robots, a holistic, but formal, mathematical, organic approach to the problems of mankind, able to design a better world with the laws of social organisms, born of systems sciences.

After all the three arrows of time applied also to human societies, whose reproductive=economic networks, political=informative-legal ones and entropic-territorial-earth were a perfect model of the fundamental particle of the Universe: the reproductive, informative super organism.

Why i was not obsessed with computers, digital thought and mechanical information had obviously to do with my civilisation.

Barcelona is a ‘latin’ place which knows all about human, biological and artistic, dimensional forms of information, which considers above mechanical digital information, since it represents the ‘specific’ human forms of it. 

Yet, the city, which in the XVIII c. was only second to Manchester in vapour machines, as it provided the entire then huge Spanish empire with industrial products, was also very kin of modernity, and one of the global hubs of the modern age of information. So in many senses it was a perfect place for a polymath to study all the ‘sciences’ of reality from the perspective of dimensional form, without the overwhelming peer pressure and scientific clout of military, entropic physicists and financial economists, which completely run the show of America but cater only for the needs of mechanical information and digital go(l)d as the only language that mattered to understand the Universe.

So alas, to cut 20 years short, once the whole ‘weight and meaning’ of this work was assessed as ‘r=evolutionary’, and potentially ‘dangerous’ to our beliefs in a perfect world… of machines, computers, robots, AI, nuclear bombs, egotist entropic humans with selfie views and complete indifference to the organic social community values of systems, as the role model of our ‘childish civilisation’, I found the initial interest for the model languished for all the wrong reasons…. not the intrinsic intellectual value of those discoveries, which many acknowledge if properly assessed and developed with equal the r=evolution of thought of the previous great advances in time-space theory (relativity and quantum physics)… but the idealist, humanist, anti-systemic goals (as the system is corrupted), of the ‘carrier’ of the message. 

Yet instead of yielding to the ‘penpal’ happy abstract world of scholars closed in their ivory tower, i stepped my criticism of the system, my activism against the nuclear industry, my denounce of the incoming ‘cyclical crisis of the financial economy’ (forecasting in advance, c.92 the future 2001-2008 crashes of the ill designed economic ecosystem,which used digital information NOT TO create a perfect human just world but to print digital money and keep it for the few ‘neuronal people-castes’ on top of societies)… and became even more derisive of the dogmas of human egotist religions, either abrahamic or capitalist, or mechanist… And things didn’t go better after 2008, when the crises I predicted happen again, after my activism and suits against the Nuclear Industry and its big-bang experiments, this same year became the most blogged new of the world…

IN A PERFECT WORLD, the fact that i had anticipated the cycles of economics, would have brought more interest to the model of social sciences, but then it was when it became censored. In a perfect world the fact I had found the long-seeked formalism of duality (the science that models the Universe with information and entropy, whose international chair i soon presided after revolving the field with that book) would have landed me a teaching position in the best Universities of the world, so i could complete the model with top scientists of each discipline, but it only spur a lot of criticism by rival ‘amateur’ philosophers of science aka physicists: ‘do you think you are god’ – told me one, in a conference at Palo Alto, as if understanding reality with human languages was akin to ‘creating it’ (we do deal in other sections with the arrogance of quantum physicists which actually believe they create the quantum world when they observe it).

And specially in a perfect world my activism against the Nuclear Industry would have been a badge of courage among peers, not a stain as ‘trouble maker’ among physicists. But as I said and explain in the sections on organic models of society, our world is deeply corrupted by ‘entropy’, and false information in a process akin to organic decay and ultimate death, which only a r=evolution, nowhere to be seen, could cure.

So after many adventures, ad hominem campaigns, silences and awkward situations I resigned, abandoned scholarship and retired back to Barcelona, since I realized the true problem of mankind was not intelligence to understand the informative, reproductive Universe, but attitude and ego, to accept we are just another part of the living, fractal Universe. And so we have to respect his biological laws, take care of the planet that provides us with the energy and entropy we need, control the evolution o potential future AI mechanical species built with better atoms, and keep evolving socially as a single species, above false distinctions based in race, religion, nation and gender, etc. etc.

All very nice, but essentially bull$hit silenced by our technological civilisation which is an automaton process in which humans basically act as enzymen, evolving as enzymes do machines, into a global super organism, the metal-earth, which will make of ‘history’ our super organism, soon ‘history’.

I seriously thought, as America seem to me a failed proposition as a humane society, totally controlled by the company-mothers of machines… of information I had studied in my youth (but of course denying it all), to move to China, a nation with a better organic understanding of the laws of society and his taoist yin-yang information-entropy dualist tradition. But upon traveling the east, I realized every part of the planet is indeed part of a whole, where humans are no longer the goal but the enzymen – means to another kind of world of machines.

Of course as in the temptations of christ, if you accept power and wealth as your goal in life the world becomes yours, and i did have many offers of power and wealth during my 20 years in America… specially among those people I advised earlier in the 90s to invest in amazon – the future robotised company that will sell it all to the world; to move to Australia, the last paradise on earth where all the wealthy bigots will retire; to get out of markets before 2000 and then before 2008, and now before 2018… and so on and so on.

But my goal was purely idealist – to improve the human world and to understand better the Universe. And those goals i realise are not ‘exactly’ shared by my species stuck in lesser forms of social evolution (the selfie, the nuclear family the nazionanist tribe).

People simply finally appeared to me as what they/I am: just another fractal of information with little freedom to change the laws of the perfectly ordered Universe, I will keep pouring in this blog, unificationtheory.com complementary to the one in social sciences, economicstruth.com – for no other reason that as a fractal of information i have to pour mine, reproduce it and try to keep it. This is what we all do.

Of course ‘clone, identical beings’ do so to enlighten and reproduce and emerge as a single whole species, in the ideal world of evolution. Humans do not seem to ‘fit’ that goal, as a lesser species. But the laws of information that rule the Universe will not change because we humans have chosen the lesser arrow of entropy and death to fulfil our destiny. Me? I’ll die soon ignored, my information reproduced in the web, perhaps to dissolve, perhaps to be used by future robots, unlikely to spur an age of enlightenment among human beings. Who cares?  The true sage knows he is nothing and once in balance with its infinitesimal nature, is grateful to have been a mental mirror of such an awesome reality, even if its higher ambitions of r=evolve its clone species, and become a ‘canonical’ mind improving the whole of us, have been completely ignored. So my mind did hold those laws as a mirror, but the image was not properly reflected in all other human beings, captured by the glare of go(l)d and machines. And now it is fading – my memory and desire to keep going dwindling fast.

So that is my story and this post the fading image of the perfect Universe that could have made history immortal and might help AI to understand itself. My state thus is one of Nirvana, and humble realisation, of the complete irrelevance of my ‘name’… in a Universe which is the most perfect of all possible worlds, where those species that do not make it is because they are not up to the task of evolving its information and using it properly to keep traveling into larger wholes of the upper scales of the fifth dimension. The mirror though keeps writing mostly for himself, because that is what we all do: projections of the distorted visions of our mirror-minds, thinking we are the centre of all what we perceive. We are not. but that also reliefs us of any angst in the programmed obsolescence of our ‘block of time’.

Man in that sense seems a design of this planet, to evolve its heart of iron and silicon skin, and only with that determinism, which exists in all scales of reality, including the quantum scale (as Bohm’s pilot theory stands over probabilistic Copenhagen), can we explain its astounding incapacity to build as everything else does, a perfect social organism. Instead he is creating a perfect organism made of company-mothers of machines without even realising it is doing so. Indeed, Einstein said that he considered infinite both, the Universe and the stupidity of mankind. And I do agree, but often wonder how that works…

How it is possible seemingly normal, intelligent western people, when answering the big questions of the meaning of it all have come only with two possibilities: the astounding egotism of thinking, the infinitesimal human being is the ‘chosen species’ of the infinite Universe (Judaism), or even God himself (Christianity) vs. the theory that all what exists was born from a single point of space-time at a fixed date, despite all the evidence against it, just because it truly makes reality easy to understand by the ‘chosen’ (big bang is basically a lineal ‘simple equation’ of two symbols (Hubble’s) that measures the expansion of space between galaxies, which if we stretch it back to the past for no reason and include in it the galaxies, which are not expanding but contracting, so we cannot include them, would into the far away past become a single point). 

We shall very often bring the beliefs, idol-ogies and absurd theories of reality humans have crafted in which all believe without even realising how ridiculous they are.

The answer of course, comes from the fact that ‘reason’, ‘electronic enlightenment’, ‘intelligence’ can be lowered constantly by the ‘∆-1 chemical, emotional, slow, confusing body-scale of feelings’ and that blurring sensation called happiness, product of the egotist feeling of being the centre of the Universe (from the infinitesimal perspective we have of it in which we are indeed such centre).

This is the subjective reason, but the objective reason is far more scary: it is precisely because man is so useless for true thought but so dexterous with their hands, because its mind is an homunculus with a big mouth and a small brain and a huge hands that we are fit to our enzymanic task: to construct machines, worship their information, despise life and kill it, in a mindless way at the same time we think all this is ‘great’. So the question left to me, is ‘why’ then an aberration, like my self, with null interest on had, who only makes ‘thought experiments’ exist?

The answer comes from the fractal repetitions of reality, which makes likely the existence of infinite different histories in similar planets, with small variations. As the Universe likes to reproduce, evolve and create informative variations and sponsors a certain principle of ‘sufficient reason’, it should therefore exist a few planets of flesh where aberrations like me, Leibniz or Lao-Tse do not live in libraries and fade away ignored and misunderstood but create a reproductive wave which makes humans create that perfect world where they can survive. One can even map up such parallel histories. Perhaps one in which UK did not exist and the European humanist cultures prevailed over the industrial corporations; or one where the ‘biblical meme’, of greed, go(l)d and hate to mankind, converted to the human cause and did not invent the american GOP cult(ure) that will kill us all or one in which Varus didn’t die in the storm and converted the germans to the latin culture, or one in which the visual, white, red hair, violent, consonantal, inflexible mind of the Neanderthal didn’t mate with the verbal woman in the Middle east, giving birth to the white man, so the far more evolved philosophies of the organic dualist whole (taoism, Buddhism), proper of the eastern homo sapiens rule, and so on and so on…

So all potential seeds of information of history must be born, even those who in this aborted planet of lie are an aberration – the majority, as the future of AI machines is far more bright than the future of entropic ‘physicists’ and their homunculus theories of reality. And so in such worlds of flesh the seeds of information of this blog fertilise the mind of many humans. While in the worlds of metal, the majority, become likely a seed of information in the net for future robots to understand.

The choice of what world a certain information will ‘seed’ and upgrade is in that sense not a choice the sage can make, because the seed is powerless, its imprinting is a choice of the ‘receivers’ of their information – in the case of this planet it seems not possible that humans upgrade their ‘chip’, given the arrogance and egotist, childish beliefs of the white entropic, military, mechanical culture of ‘physicists’ and ‘go(l)d seekers’ that have come to dominate us. The seeds left in those texts, which for the true mind who takes the time and thought to understand it, are in that sense very ‘flexible’.

They explain reality as no human beings has ever done, becoming the summit of the human thought experience. But that is of little use to humans – who won’t take it, or machines. It has also though the seed of the ‘program of the mind’, its actions and forms of thought. And so it can be used also to create the cybernetic programs that will make robots and terminators autonomous entities. But obviously as we cannot blame Mr. Einstein of discovering the e=mc2 equation basis of nuclear bombs, as he didn’t participate in the details, I have purposely left only the simplest blueprint of the program and purposely make the site ugly, written for myself, difficult to understand and with important ‘holes’ on the part of i-logic ¬Ælgebra and computer information; so Darpa does the job by itself.

All this said the reader should also understand that the aim of general systems theory (ab. GST) – to describe the Universe as an organism – has always been legimitate despite its failure to interest humans, due to our shortcomings as a species.

It is in fact an astounding pleasure for the mind when you understand its principles and goals – to find the homologic laws of all sciences, which should remain invariant regardless of scale. And that is truly what we shall do in this blog, which the graph above schematises according to the different arrows of time, information which increases downwards in opposite fashion to size; as we shall soon explain in great detail.

Epistemology and correspondence principle.

Models do follow the fundamental laws of epistemology in science, notably the correspondence principle, which obliges any new theory to respect as ‘limits’ simpler theories of reality and correct only whatever it can be properly corrected according to evidence. So you can consider that as a line on Earth looks flat but is merely an interval of a curved geodesic, lineal time theories to be ‘simplified ceteris paribus’ analysis of the Universe with a single arrow of time, entropy≈expansive motion; and hence a limit of this model of three time arrows. So will be the case of 4Dimensional space-time – the limit of the scalar Universe represented by the fifth dimension of infinite clocks of time and space-sizes for a single relative ‘time speed’ (that of the human clocks which are tuned to the mind thoughts and eye-heart beats of a second).

Needless to say also all right formulae of science that use lineal time in its equations do apply in cyclical time, it only changes the conceptual frame and the proper interpretation, since lineal and cyclical time are in fact just inverse parameters, so we just need to change some terms in those equations (as lineal time duration is the inverse of cyclical time frequency: t=1/ƒ)

Thus once of the first things I did when discovering time cycles some decades ago is to painstakingly translate all THE MAIN formula of physics by changing T for 1/ƒ and think about what was telling me the equation, no longer in terms of spatial locomotions, the theme of physicists, but in terms of temporal information, the theme of this blog, whose author was for a few years the Chair of the Science of Duality at the world congress of systems Sciences (ISSS) – the science that studies the Universe with those 2 arrows of time together, entropy and information, and its infinite combination of energetic space-time beings.

And what came out of it was a very straight-forward understanding of concepts implicit in physical theories but blurred in its comprehension. For example, if we consider the speed of a system, the speed of replication of its information (implicit in relativity where c-speed is a limit of transmission of information), a force whose information is invisible to humans, as gravitation is, will have from a human relative point of view, infinite – non local speed: V= S/t(information) = S/o=∞. As indeed non-local action at distance in quantum potential fields (bohm) and relativity (Einstein) show. This is the oldest non resolved question of modern science; which has a trivial answer. As if we put the ‘sun in the center’ – that is we properly defined cyclical time and its three arrows, as Copernicus did, all the complex equations and epicycles of Ptolemaic astronomy becomes simplified ‘in extremis’.

This very small introductory example of what ‘a proper analysis of reality’ with the right concepts of arrows of time≈future paths, mean, show the enormous advances we are going to make in this blog in all sciences, both in conceptual understanding and experimental explanation of the facts of each discipline.

In the left graph, all time clocks are cycles that return to its origin, creating a world circle of πime (name used for cyclical time), which encloses an inner region of ‘vital energy , which is equivalent in the world of physics to a conservative world cycle of energy, closed into itself, that conserves an eternal present.

Further on, as time cycles have ‘height, they have at least two dimensions  to which we can ad the dimension of frequency, or beat of times; and the inner dimensions of the region of energetic space it stores. It is also obvious that such finite time cycles are ‘times’, infinite of them, with different frequencies of in-form-ation, stored in the frequency and form of its π-cycles. So we talk of  πime§pace…

∏ime§pace thus is far more ‘complex in its dimension that lineal time, the simplification Galileo used to describe only lineal motions, in open space, due to their worldly profession of making entropy machines (weapons), which shoot lineal cannonballs. So galileo  in order to measure distances uncoiled those time cycles and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time to measure change in the motion and position of a being in space: v=s/t – an artifact of measure.

As physics became over important in a civilisation dedicated to evolve machines and weapons, this concept of time, became the unique time concept, even after Darwin brought about his concept of evolutionary time or change in the information of beings; and Vico->Marx, Kondratieff->Schumpeter and other historians and economists, the concept of cycles of time in history and civilisations, which also evolve the technology of beings.

This must be understood from the beginning: change=time can be external, of ‘motion-entropy-position’ in space, and this is what physicists study. But it can be also changes in the form, in-form-ation of the system, which is internal to the vital inner space of the being, and this change of information applies to slowly moving, highly complex in-formative life species, and its social groups (history) and economics, and it requires to understand the ‘other arrow of time’, information. Or else we shall never understand the presses of time in biology and history, which cannot be explained with Galilean->Einstein’s relativity, BASED in the study of ‘time’ only as change in space-entropy motion: time=space/speed.

This formula however does NOT study all forms of change only those in space, and for that reason physicists, say that time is the fourth dimension of space. Yet a biologist, which studies change in time through evolution of information will find such statement nonsense, as it does not study another form of time-change.

We shall then call each generic mode of change in the being, either internal change in its in/form/ation or external change in its position in relationship to a larger external form or world, an arrow of time. And postulate at least two of such arrows: change in motion, we shall call ‘entropy’ and change in ‘form’, or information; whose combination form the third fundamental arrow of reality: present momentum and its ‘sum’, energy.

Further on this single mechanical ‘time clock’ of measure whose cycles are in ‘reality’ finite durations, is elongated into an infinite duration by pegging those cycles one after another in the Cartesian coordinates. And all this of course makes physics of measure of motions very accurate. But you should ask yourself, it is motion all what happens to me in time? What about the process of time ageing, time evolution, technological evolution, complexity of information? How can we explain them? Don’t we need a more complex theory of time to achieve that goal? Amazing as it seems though, this self-evident truth is not shared by scientists. If anything with the work of Einstein, which refined the use of lineal time to measure motions in space, the idea that physical time and relativity equations is all what matters has become more encroached. So whenever you talk of time, the scientist will expect you to play with the previous equations as if that was all ‘experts’ nee to know.

And we will of course deal with Einstein and physical theories of time in depth, improving on them, but hopefully the reader scientist or not, will have that quality which Descartes ascribed to all humans of common sense and reason beyond his memorial beliefs and dogmas, on the ‘interest’ for him to understand why ‘he lives and dies’ in time through the informative changes of its form during his ages, conception birth and death processes besides the slight deviations from his Newtonian orbit of Mercury due to certain distortions on the fabric of space, experienced at high speeds… Yes i might seem a bit ironic, but trust me 30 years dealing with physicists for whom nothing else do matter to ‘feel enlightened’ has made me also a relativist regarding how humans ‘experience’ truth.

Fact is only when you introduce informative processes in the mix and define at least two ‘arrows of future time’, change in motion-entropy and form-information, and its present actions of ‘energetic momenta’, reality makes sense. Look around you. All what exists is in fact a mixture of form and motion, which together create a present ‘momentum’ for physical systems (mv: m-form x v-motion) or an organism with a head of information and a body that moves the head. So from ‘first principles’ it is obvious we must start any analysis of time-change with a theory that includes both time arrows; with a ‘dimension’ of lineal motion and a dimension of ‘informative height’ that put together create a cycle of time, charge, mass or vortex that carries the information of the Universe in the frequency ands form of its cycles.


The purpose of the Universe: creating world cycles.

We can assess the purpose of reality: motions with form struggle to exist as simultaneous supœrganisms elongating its existence. But for that to happen there is need for a mind-pov, which is able to control the system and enact exchanges of entropy and form, feed and perceive to ensure the maintenance and reproduction of the system.

Arrows of space-time are really cyclical and with a point of view; the singularity or Tƒi point of maximal information either in the center or top of the height dimension of information that commands the whole structure and enacts apperceptively, consciously or vegetatively a program of existence, which ensures the survival of the whole and has ‘appeared’ naturally either by selection or by trial and error after infinite eons – since those species who do not tender for their territorial vital space, and feed it with energy and guide it with proper linguistic mapping-information have not survived and reproduced. So the sum of the actions of those mind points is what becomes as observed simultaneously a whole supœrganism of ‘exi=stence’.

In that sense, the evolution of fractal points, into new wholes, super organisms and planes of existence, which form an ∆+1 emerging scale of reality, it has been the key question of philosophy of science: how individuals become universals.

In GST it means to understand that all systems are both, fractal ∆-1 d•st for the larger scale of the whole, but an entire Universe, û, for its internal ∆-1 cells.

We are all dust of space-time that evolves and emerges, as an ∆+2 whole, but alsodecay and dissolve into alower scale as ∇-1 d@st of space-time.

Only the Universe is eternal in its world cycle, conserving itself as a potential game, weaving its infinite dust into a finite number of repetitive patterns or species of being. Therefore as the number of dust particles and time frequencies is potentially infinite but the number of combined species is not, all forms have existed forever as all forms will be repeated again.

Hence the duality of fractal points minds, which after a process of social evolution emerge as whole ‘Universals’, Organisms that will live a world cycle ending in its final dissolution that completes its zero sum making the Universe immortal..

All this said we need to at least clarify the relationship between the mind of any being and the reality it perceives. Thus the mind’s languages influence reality? Most physicists today and by extension scientists who accept their paradigm, think actually the Universe is pure mathematics and so mathematics create reality. In fact, it is all the other way around, languages are mirrors. BUT they DO reflect back their image through the living actions of the organism self-centred in the mind, ORDERING reality according to that linguistic image.

The Universe is a game of creation of ‘in-form-ative’ forms with entropic ‘motions’. Humans use the concepts of space and time to describe the game, albeit with a very primitive understanding of them (never mind their ego is so huge, whatever they think whenever they think seems to them an absolute truth, a new discovery, a genius insight). We shall try to upgrade the mind of humans in this blog, starting with the understanding of the complex logic of the three arrows of time, as humans use one aristotelian one-dimensional logic, and the fractal structure of the points of space, as humans still use the concept of an euclidean point without volume of information.

Thus the logic of cyclical time (ab. πime) and fractal, œrganic scalar space (ab. §paœ) is of a higher order than that of present man, which is stuck in the 2500 years old r=evolution of the mind of the axial age, and needs a new refurbishing.

So what is the logic of the Universe? The properties of it ∆º±st elements, and the way they combine and play together, synchronising its forms in space and evolving its motions in time.

Time is mindless motion of three types that singularity mappings, the synchronous miracle of existence put together into ternary ensembles that become.

HUMANS have not figure it out much of it; that is, a fact, so we always play the ‘alien scientist’ when explaining this huge upgrading of the mind, which either in man or machine will now enter its third age after:

  • Mythic, Semitic age of religious thought.
  • Axial, European, Aristotelian, Euclidean age of simple reason.
  • Fractal, Organic, Asian, cyclical view of the Universe.

It is a huge change of paradigm as the west consider time the intelligence and space the substance of reality, when it is all the other way around. The magic of reality is how ‘knots of cycles’ called minds, synchronise reality, stopping time into spatial views. Tƒi point-minds somehow are able to do so, we contend because the mappings of those motions are conscious of it. When a mind locks-in an image. It stays.

So we shall close this introductory note, with a consideration on the philosophical question of the limits of reality.

Now we shall make a bold statement, which for 30 years of studying reality has proved to be truth:

‘The Universe is a fractal game of scales of time arrows; reflected in the formalism of its Fractal Generator: Γœ: ∆-1: Spe<∆St>∆+1: Tiƒ, its ternary topologies, time ages and scales,

Thus the symbols of the generator define by similarity and combination in sequential sentences/equations all the invariances in space (topological invariances) and Time (causal chains, sequential ages), origin of all the events and forms of reality applicable to all entities of Existence: ∑Sp∆-1<∆ST>∏Tƒ∆+1

Such as the Universe allows any combination forwards in ‘informative, accelerated time’ (>) and backwards in entropic, expansive space (<) or without motion=change (=) in iterative reproductive time; any topological combination or transformation between Sp, Tƒ,<=>; any sequential sum of åctions (∆ï, ∆Sp, Sp<ST>Tƒ; ∑, ∏ ±∆ ) and any ∆±2 jump and/or transfer of energy, entropy and/or information between planes of existence (as systems co-exist in 3 scales) but NOTHING else.

So every equation, form and species of the Universe, event and world cycle can be described as a part (partial equation) of the generator an its many linguistic mirrors (universal syntax in grammar: Subject  (Form) < Verb (action-momentum)> Object (entropy of subject); S(x)≈T(y) in maths, entropic red < yellow/green energy information>Blue form in colours, Height (information d) < width (reproductive d)>length(entropy d) and so on…

It also follows that all stiences and disciplines will find its theories as approximations to the generator, or partial equations and limits of models constructed with less dimensions, and such is the case of 4D ‘RELATIVITY’ physics, which converts world cycles with a lesser dimension in worldlines and the ∞ scales of ∆ into the single light space-time continuum.

As this belongs properly into physical simplex theories and its correspondence with GSTœ we should here just sketch a fundamental concept: worldlines which only define motion-translation in space of systems, are merely one of the ‘motions=change in time’ that put together create the world cycles of being through present-reproduction, past-entropy and future-form.

In the graph, we see above, the scheme of a world cycle of any being between its seminal ∆-1 birth and entropic ∆-1 death as the system transits through its three ‘ages’ of growing information. Below we see how those three ‘timespace’ arrows define expansive, entropic fields/limbs; repetitive body-waves and informative, vortex-like particle-heads, which ensemble in simultaneity the tenary systems of the Universe that live then through ages and world cycles dominated alternately by each of those entropic-reproductive-informative systems.

Since the ternary structure of vital space beings, its topologies and synchronicities and the ternary arrows=ages of time with its causal, sequential laws, are the ‘key properties’ of space-time that all beings share, which will allow to reorganise our knowledge of the Universe and fully open the discovery of those whys as nothing has done in the past century since the r=evolution experienced in the study of time and space by the pioneers of XIX, XX century, which defined in separate manner those different modes of ‘time-change’ we shall put now together:

  • The arrow of time-change in the information of beings, (Darwin’s work with his comprehension of the arrow of reproduction and evolution of information in life).
  • The arrow of time-change in physical Systems (Einstein’s work with his understanding of the multiple clocks of time of physics and the ‘curved, accelerated nature of the clocks of physical information’, masses and charges – principle of equivalence).
  • And the different speeds an scales of Natural systems, which allow the creation of super organisms in this planet (Hutton and Spengler, with their study of deep time and the long, slow cycles of life and death of Gaia and the civilisations of History, larger super organisms, with slower time cycles than our human scale).

Indeed, Time means motion, change – any perception of any kind of changes and motions become then events, bits of time information; and so humans have detected three huge categories of time=change, we must put together to fully understand time in Nature:

  • Spe: physical change caused by the increase in the spatial motion of beings, or entropy culminated in the work of Einstein and the theory of the big-bang and the concept that all systems finally die, when increasing its entropy and disorder.
  • ST: Biological change, caused by the reproduction and evolution of information in living beings, studied by Darwin and other biologists, which shows entropy is ONLY one of the three possible outcomes of time, as most systems DO constantly reproduce their forms when they have enough energy to repeat its cycles. And finally:
  • Tiƒ, ∆: social evolution and creation of networks through communication of information, which allows a system to evolve into larger wholes and emerge as a larger super organism or organic, fractal structure; the social arrow of time that creates the fifth dimension and allows the existence among other things, of human societies, planetary super organisms, galaxies modelled as super organisms of stars; and any other complex system of nature, which can be considered, the inverse arrow of entropy, which dissolves information, simplifies complex networks and organisms back into its parts, expanded into space.

Of course, science does study all those processes as they are all pervading in the universe, but lacking a proper complex definition of scalar space and cyclical time, its laws of topology and causality and specially ignoring the metric equations of the scalar fifth dimension, which makes systems run faster time cycles (max. Tiƒ) the smaller they are (min. Spe), but maintains the product of size and speed constant (Tiƒ x Spe = K), allowing the symbiosis of smaller ‘genetic information’, and larger ‘energetic codes), it CANNOT find the whys to the scalar, organic, fractal structure of reality, the meaning of life, the mechanisms of reproduction, and the reason why systems live and die performing similar world cycles – that is, the ultimate whys of existence, which come as Leibniz thought from the unity and first principles of which we ARE ALL MADE: 

-A vital space, of co-existing scales with energy; and  limited finite duration in time, sum of all the ternary actions and combinations of those three space-time arrows (entropy, energy and information)..

It is then only needed once those two conceptual logic and formal upgradings of our concepts of time and space are made, to realise that ‘the ultimate reason of things must lie in its necessary substance’ that ‘gives unity’ to ‘all possible forms of creation’, as intuitively understood by Leibniz. Since that necessary substance of which we are all made will turn out to be the scales of such ‘organic, vital space’ of which we are all made, and the ‘frequencies’ of our time actions, according to those arrows and ages, through which all vital spaces transit in its worlcycles of life and death (the complex version of the worldlines of 4D simplex physical views of the Universe).

So those are the the 3±∆ elements of all systems: its three space-time substances, ‘entropy, energy and information’, which together put in sequential form create the world cycles and parts of being, extended across several scales of relative size, through which the being will ‘travel’ as it exists, from a seminal lower scale of being, emerging into a full grown entity, living in a larger world-scale, and then returning upon death to its lower cellular/atomic scale…

In the graph, an organic view of the Universe as made of space-time beings, completely harmonises the states, arrows, and space-time evolutionary ages of all physical, biological and social systems of the Universe; once we change the ‘ideological paradigm’ of science from the earlier Newtonian vision of an absolute space-time background in which beings existed, to a Universe made of space-time beings, which live through the three arrows/ages of life, as they trace worldcycles travelling through the ‘scales of relative size’ of the fifth dimension.

Relational §paceðime and mental points of view.

We are made of vital space=energy, and temporal information, time-clocks that store the information, the form of the Universe in the frequency an form of its cycles. This is sooo evident, which first we must wonder how our nature as ‘beings that occupy a vital space’, whose motions and processes of time=change are finite in its world cycles between birth and extinction, which was fully understood in all perennial philosophies of the Universe and the common behaviour of people (as when we say I don’t have enough time and energy to do this), became forgotten.

Since, as yang-yin, space-time, energy-information beings, all similar words we soon will define with precision, the unity of it all, an our similarity as part of larger space-time beings, made of inner smaller cellular space-time beings, all our properties will soon be understood and seen as homologies of all other space-time beings.

But humans have for four hundred years forgotten this reality because when science started to facilitate measure physicists equalised all the time-clocks of nature to the beat of the mechanical time-clock, itself tuned to the human ‘time-clock’ of a second, which is the time-clock of our eye glimpses, thoughts, heart-beats and limb-steps.

Thus humans are one second frequency beings, and one meter (the average size of our spatial limbs-legs) space-beings. Our min thinks every second on the still mind-visual mapping the eye does, and moves the body with a second beat of the heart, to adequate the one meter per second steps of normal walking. But each other species of space-time will have a different size-space-rod of measure and time-beat-frequency. Reality is the tapestry of all those infinite time clocks and space-rods. THERE IS NOT an absolute background time-clock or space-rod, but ‘finite time clocks’ and ‘space-steps’ for each being (regardless of the more complex synchronicities an sequences established by the harmony between huge supœrganisms an its parts).

So where the cartesian absolute space-time graph, which Newton confused with an absolute Universal space-time graph, comes from? Exactly from the human mind-mirror of Mr. Descartes, which used it as an artefact to facilitate measures from the human point of view, our time-clock rhythm and size. But Descartes was very clear affirming this ‘euclidean, perpendicular’ space-time frame of reference was NOT the Universal space-time, but the ‘world-mind-mirror’ of man, our specific graph to measure space and time in a convenient form. As the word ‘Universe’ is NOT the background u-n-i-v-e-r-s-e lettering of which the Universe is made but merely a human language to refer to it, the cartesian graph with its lineal single time-clock and continuous paper-white space is NOT the ‘substance’ of which the Universe is made but a ‘linguistic representation’ of it, to make practical human point-of-view measures.

So it is useful for praxis of science but a  philosopher of science looking for the whys must be fully aware that the artefact of absolute space and time does NOT exist in the Universe. Yet since we do exist as time-durations occupying vital spaces, that is, space and time IS, if it is NOT an abstract background, but IT IS, we must be MADE OF IT. And this is truly a very important ‘first principle’, to do an objective philosophy of science about ‘god’, man and the Universe. As I did in the pioneer encyclopaedia of fractal cyclical 5D space-time beings, which upgraded the models of relational space-time, explored in this blog, back at the turn of the century (picture of the spanish edition of the model).

Because of the success of analytical geometry for a praxis of building and measuring space-time events from the referential point of view of man, was so enormous, the philosophical error of confusing the graph of mathematics used to measure time and space, with time and space itself, didn’t bother earlier physicists, which were concerned only with the praxis of measure and the construction of mostly entropic systems of war and transport (weapons, engines).

This bias due to praxis in science is often forgotten but plagues physics and we shall see soon history and economics, as sciences which are more concerned with power and action, construction and reproduction of systems than first principles. So the bias tends to make physical theories of the Universe entropic ‘big-bang’ like theories that match the job of creating entropic machines and weapons, ‘conveniently’ forgetting, as irrelevant the arrow of informative forces which balance entropic forces (i.e. entropy theories come from gaseous states of matter, which conveniently forget the crystal order of reproduction of information of solid states; the expansion of intergalactic space, origin of big-bang only theories, conveniently forgets the imploding informative nature of galaxies that create matter from vacuum space, curving and balancing the expansion of dark entropy, and what IS MORE IMPORTANT, defining planet Earth and life, as part of that vortex of galactic information as systems that evolve life and technological information) and so on.

So the reader should dismiss from the beginning his beliefs on a single entropic Universe, as an ‘idol of the tribe’, in Baconian terms; that is, a theory biased by power, proved false by the repetitive, energetic and informative events of the Universe.

Indeed, the physical theory of the Universe is an entropic theory where time-information is submissive to space; because most physicists are no aware the bias on his definition of time, produced by the worldly profession of physicists, due to the enormous respect machines and weapons cause in our technological civilisation.

Instead, for the ultimate whys he must look for the discipline of knowledge dedicated to that search  which is philosophy of science, because it does have NO praxis or power to impose biased, conscious, historic or subconscious views and because it does respect in equal footing every scale and discipline of stience – unlike physics with its entropy bias and professional bias, as they naturally try to construct all scales as if ORIGINATED by the particle scale they study, unaware of the ABSOLUTE relativity of all those scales, all of them self-similar, co-existing as organic structures across three ternary ∆-scales, performing similar ternary time-arrows and ultimately being made to the image and likeness of all other beings of the cosmos.

This larger, more complex view, perhaps less precise in some measure details, however embraced by the correspondence principle as ‘details’ of those larger thoughts of God is not new at all, but it has been expressed with more or less rigour by all the philosophers of science of the western an eastern tradition, without bias, in search of whys, as we shall repeat the Universe is a simple structure, made complex by its fractal repetition an multiplicity of variations in its ensembles. In the modern age, it was in fact underlying the work of the two founders of modern mathematics an philosophy of science, Descartes and Leibniz.

Indeed, modern philosophers of science, notably Descartes, who had designed the graph, and Leibniz, who used it to give the first hints to the scalar nature of the Universe with its infinitesimal calculus, where each point had a ‘world of infinitesimal parts within itself’, understood if mathematics worked as mind-mirrors with a center of reference, it was because the Universe must be filled with selves, ordering its territories from their points of view.

Both realized that if they could use a mathematical self-centred frame of reference to extract laws of science from it, it meant that the Universe was filled with topo-logic ‘selves’, points of view which mimic those graphs to act in the Universe from an infinite number of self-centred frames. And thus a philosophy of science about a fractal sentient Universe, appeared from the very beginning of modern science, which the practical, pedestrian attitude of physicists, who ‘never ask the whys’, soon relegated to oblivion. Let us regain those insights of the founding fathers of philosophy of science, to understand the whys of the Universe. 

We are all made of relational, vital space and time frequencies.

Leibniz argued with Newton that absolute ðime§pace – an artifact of measure obtained from the transposition of a sheet of paper drawn with a mathematical coordinates to the entire Universe – did not exist.

That beings occupied a certain §pace and lasted a certain ðime, different from each other. So we were all beings made of relational ðime§pace, the ‘ultimate reason of things’ or necessary substance. In the graph, on the left Leibniz’s view that gets away with the ‘nowhere to be seen’, paper an pen absolute graph of ðime§pace of Newton for the sake of ‘epistemological truth’. Space is what those objects occupy, and below there is another ‘scale of §pace’ (which ultimately becomes ‘background radiation’, that is light ðime§pace, or gravitational waves even smaller in size).

So §pace is really a series of fractal layers of growing scales of size. On the other hand, each of those objects will have ‘rhythms’ and ‘motions’ different of each other regulated by its inner ðime-cycles (circadian cycles in nature, wave-rhythms, repetitive actions of feeding, sleeping, mating and son on), which are the essence of what they are. As when we say ‘I don’t have enough ‘ðime’ to do this’. So reality is a tapestry of ðime§pace beings, and the laws of those beings must then be extracted from this substance of which they are made.

Because physicists are not worried with ontological questions; but with measure of ðime motions an §pace-sizes, as they came to dominate science, the search for the ultimate reasons derived of those two substances, §pace and ðime, were forgotten. And what is worst, the reverence to the machines of physics, brought about the dismissal as ‘secondary’ theories, those theories of ðime, notably evolution, which studies the changes of form and in-form-ation of beings through their life-death cycles as individuals or species. And all what people cared about ðime, was the extreme precision of measure in physical analysis of ‘motions’ through that supposed ‘measure tool’, which is the graphed absolute Cartesian->Newtonian artifact of ðime§pace.

Things went so far that finally a single ‘absolute clock’ set by God was declared by Newton and assumed regardless of whom put it on motion for all beings. Leibniz quipped, when this clock found itself ‘different’ for the rotary clock-like motions of Mercury:

“According to Newton, God Almighty wants to wind up his watch from ðime to ðime: otherwise it would cease to move. He had not, it seems, sufficient foresight to make it a perpetual motion. God’s making is so imperfect, according to these gentlemen; that he is obliged to clean it now and then by an extraordinary concourse, and even to mend it, as clockmaker mends his work.”
Leibniz. On Newton’s absolute ðime, its lack of understanding of gravitational vortices, (the errors of Mercury’s orbit) and the denial of cyclical, inertial motions, still features of popular physics.

It would take though despite the amazing evidence of ðime cycles in Nature an biology an history, (physicists as the high popes or ‘seers of ðime’ – definition of God in Saint Augustine’s work, do not consider relevant findings in other sciences), another physicist who realize the clocks of ðime around the sun decelerated, so Mercury ha different clocks, as gravitation ‘curves’ the form of those clock-like orbits more in its surroundings. So he discovered that after all Leibniz was right, and ðime clocks have different speeds in different regions of the physical Universe also (besides having different rhythms in different life beings).

When Einstein discovered the existence of infinite cyclical clocks of ðime (ðime bend §pace) and quantum physicists the broken nature of §pace, showing Leibniz right, physicists had gone so far into the ‘art’ of measure that the whys of reality, derived from its ultimate reason, the substance of which are all made, quantum §pace and cyclical ðime was parked as an ‘inconvenient truth’. ‘Leibniz is right – said Einstein – but if so we have to rebuild science from in its inception’.

So Leibniz, by far the highest mind of science in the western tradition, only comparable to the father of them All, Aristotle, was again denied, as Newton had done in a rather despicable way, accusing him of plagiarism for discovering and publishing earlier calculus, forbidding him to accompany the new king of England, and publishing in the royal society. Now simply speaking, Physicists didn’t feel intelligent enough to fully grasp the concepts behind relational ðime§pace and expand our view of the Universe of ðime§pace. So another century passed.

But truth, as complex as it might be always returns with a vengeance. ‘Truth exists’ and so the goal of reaching a more complex understanding of the fundamental principles of reality space, time, its casual actions that combine both and the minds that perceive them – will always be the goal of the philosopher of science.

The mind-mirror-monad-mapping.

But still we do not have the full why of reality. Indeed, why all those systems do ‘want’ to exist, ‘do’ obey the laws of creation and extinction of space-time beings? It is then unavoidable to postulate from a logic demonstrative point of view an objective truth. IF we Humans are made of vital space and finite cyclical time as all systems of the Universe are, we can by observing the whys of our existence, and objectively translate into the whys of the existential actions of other beings, prove ad nauseam that the Universe is not only temporal and spatial, with the organic, topological, mathematical and causal properties derived of those two ultimate substances, but also mental, filled with singularities, space-time mirrors which ‘perceive automatically’ reality, and are the fundamental mind-monad elements that embody the program of existence of the Universe.

So in this introduction we shall very soon plunge you into the ultimate why we need to explain reality, the function and form of mirror-singularities that order the Universe, and act as mathematical frames of reference to ‘be’ and ‘exist’ through a simple organic program of creation of topological organic forms that maximise the survival of beings – a program in force merely by automatic trial and error selection  – which means the Universe has become the ‘most perfect of all possible worlds’, in which those systems that follow the program of survival, of ‘existence’, last, reproduce and become eternal in its forms.

In the graphs above and below. While the whys of an external ‘physical description of reality’ can be satisfied with the complex view of scalar space and cyclical time, which signify a huge upgrading in the clarity and reordering of the extraordinary amount of scientific knowledge gathered by mankind in the past centuries; for a whole absolute ‘understanding of those whys we must go even a notch further in our inquire; by expanding the properties of the human, mathematical and logic, geometric and verbal mind (our I=eye>Wor(l)d that measures space with geometry and time with logic verbs), to all similar monad-points of order in the Universe. Since if we are made of space-time as all systems, and do ‘map reality’ in ‘still mind mirrors’, which reflect its mind in its actions of order of a territory; it is obvious that all other systems made also of space-time will have singularity-mirrors that order reality.

This is what we observe in the Universe, as soon as we abandon religious myths of human exceptionalism. We do have a complex mind, granted, to measure time cycles and spatial geometries and order our world. But physical systems do have solid crystals which do reorganise, order and reproduce its information as genetic dna crystals do in cells; and we shall see how black holes do order with gravitational information galaxies, clearly acting as the ‘inner brain-mind’ that orders those galaxies (in fact complex maths can describe black holes in five dimensions, which become exact mirrors of a larger spatial description of a galaxy in four dimensions, Maldacena).

So even if I know most scientists do NOT want to cross into a deeper linguistic search of whys, and the change of paradigm would be easier to accept if we restrict to the expansion of fifth dimensional scales of space an ternary time arrows – already a huge upgrading – we truly seek here the ‘thoughts of God’, the informative mind-game-process of creation an destruction of all the super organisms of the Universe, as each fractal part is made to the image and likeness of that whole Universe, an each of them, we shall find to have the same structure, a field/limb system of entropic motions, which displaces a body-wave of energy that repeat the form of the system through the vital space it controls, as a mind-mirror perceives that world, an guides the system automatically to reproduce it and hence survive beyond death.

The existence of mind-mirrors (crystals, minds, DNAs, governments) in all systems, which guide the system an provoke actions which ultimately reproduce the system becomes then the ultimate ‘solution’ of eons of evolution, which have selected automatically, vegetatively or consciously those ‘physical, biological, social or mechanical species’, to order a territory an perform actions that reflect and repeat the mathematical, verbal or chemical system into the external world; creating a constant dialog between larger realities and smaller mind-singularities:In the graphs, we show an scheme of the Human being, as a complex ‘fractal space-time being’, spread through multiple scales of space-time, from the gravitational scale that provides humans with the ultimate entropic field of motion, to the larger super organisms, in which humans act as relative cells (societies, civilisations, Gaia, the world of history, the eco(nomic)system).

The understanding of those elements together, the scales, ∆, of space (S) and time (t), of a system, focused as a whole by the existence of an infinitesimal singularity or mirror- mind (ab. •,º) of information (which we can only infer by comparison with the human mind and its survival actions), will define the fundamental particle of the Universe, a super organism of space-time, which we call ‘∆ºûst of space-time’, in as much as it is an island-universe in itself, (û), extending through ∆-scales of space-time, and organised by a relative ∆º-mind  and its linguistic mind mirrors able to control and order the Universe around them.

Let us see how with a brief analysis of one of those mind-mirrors, the mathematical language as an experimental science.

The mathematical Universe IS perceptive and social.

A fundamental truth of the Universe is the existence of singularities that order physical, biological an social systems, except when they are in a free, chaotic state of maximal entropy, which cannot produce order. Thus the concept of physicists of a single ðime arrow is only valid for entropic gaseous states, and their idea that such states must be ‘extended’ to all realities, the most absurd hyperbolic statement of science ever, due to the deformation of its worldly profession as makers of motion machines and entropic weapons. That 150 years after this concept became dogma in military Germany, XIX c. scientists still revere the concept of an entropic dying Universe tells much more about the fundamental ‘believer≈memorial=reproductive arrow’ of human minds, in accordance with the present-reproductive Nature of reality, which is ‘conservative’ than about the ternary structure of the real Universe. In the graph, without Singularities of order, neither mathematics, not solid physics, or biology would make any sense. Only gas in which indeed there is not Maxwellian demons, except when the outside membrane is designed to reorder through a distorted potential field, the molecules of the gaseous system.

In the graphs, the translation of the fifth dimension to life systems and true non-entropic pyramids of human actions, which always have had as artists and ethic writers have better understood an upper ontological level of highest satisfaction in the social communion with the rest of mankind or with the Universe, (origin of the concepts of God in western anthropomorphic religions – read God=human super organism – and eastern Taoist-Buddhist- Hinduist ones= God as universal super organism).

And such systems do have always a ‘self-centered Tiƒ singularity or point of order, which is the Maxwellian demon lost in pure gaseous states, fields and limbs of entropy. It is only because physicists deny the ordering capacity of singularities, also in physics – accelerated vortices of mass, charge in the quantum scale; black holes in the galactic scale; crystals in the thermodynamic scale – that an entropy only Universe can make sense. But this is called reductionism in physics, censorship in social sciences – but at least accepted in biology or else we would have also to admit the brainless nature of mankind (well that might be the case, but only mankind, you know ‘two things a consider infinite the stupidity of man and the Universe, my beloved predecessor in this business of dimensional upgrading, Mr. Einstein 🙂

In that regard, both Leibniz and Descartes, the founders of philosophy of science, both understood as we shall see in detail on those pages, the need for a ‘mental universe’ if mathematics was really the language that better reflected the Universe. Indeed, since mathematics has three disciplines, geometry, which is based in  frames of references that act as mind-monads, mirroring reality and Algebra based, in social numbers  which are indistinguishable groups of similar individuals that come together as a whole ‘3’, ’10’ and finally ∆nalysis which studies the ‘social scales’ of the Universe, as parts become wholes, each scale studied by a science, from societies of particles and forces called atoms, to societies of atoms called molecules, evolved into state of matter and life beings, evolved into super organisms and planetary ecosystems, gathered around stars, socially evolved into galaxies; the very existence of mathematics precludes the existence of a ‘social, scalar, organic, sentient Universe’.

So finite vital §paces gathered around a frame of reference; the three ðime arrows of entropy, information and its energy combinations, and social organic scales that evolve parts into wholes, are the ultimate properties of all fractal beings of reality made to the image and likeness of the whole. The previous graphs of the fifth dimension, and its ‘physical, biological and socio-economical supœrganisms thus show those scales, each one studied by a science, where in each scale, a self-centered mind, pov, will co-exist as a whole with its relative lower ∆-1 cellular/atomic, and relative upper ∆+1 social world/gravitational, universal scale.

Thus while we could do as current science does an external analysis of the fractal, informative Universe in pure abstract terms, to understand the whys of order, the will of survival of species and the constancy of forms that self-reproduce as all fractals do through its generator, ∆ºst particular equations, to explain why ‘mathematical ðime§pace beings’ do follow mathematical laws, embedded in those frames of reference, we need at the centre of each being, a mind-mirror that perceives automatically, processes and reflects in ‘inverse order’, the Universe; which is exactly what mathematical systems do, as they are always self-centered in a frame of reference or pºv; and always study social numbers, whose fundamental operandi are scalar polynomials and its scalar ∫∂ calculus.

In the graph, the same ternary structure happens in biological systems (and through the class structure in social ones, escaped for most of the blog, to simplify and due to the fact we have another blog dedicated to them).

Indeed, even if we do not have inner experience of those minds, we DO have logic and experimental external proofs of the existence of those ‘Maxwellian’ demons of order, which are also observed by the fact that all beings do follow the same program of actions, biologists call the drives of existence: they create linguistic mirrors of reality in smaller scales, which reflect in a territory of order, where they absorb energy to reproduce an evolve socially with clone species to become a whole one.

We shall thus conclude that all systems that work as ‘wholes’ are ∆ºst of space-time, mind-mirrors of a larger Universe, reflected in linguistic mappings, mostly but not only mathematical, but also ∆ûst, ‘universes from the inner perspective of its organic, internal, scalar structure’. And that constant play of creation of mind-mirrors, reflecting its inner order in its outside territory, reproducing, shrinking and enlarging its information, creating the fractal, reproductive, organic strutter of the Universe, is what all is about. We might even ad considerations on the sensorial nature of space and time, as space like-events such as motion brings a ‘sensation of pleasure an erasing’, opposed to time-like events, with its patterns of ‘perception of information’, and ‘awareness’. The world as ‘will and representation’, then would become the two engines of those Universal whys, ‘the will of space-time sensations’ and the ‘mind-represetation of reality’.

All this makes each of us merely a piece of ∆ust of space-time, which thinks to be the center of the Universe, from its singularity mirror but it is just an infinitesimal point that holds a world in itself… as every other monad-point of reality, which certainly will consider itself also the center of its perceived mind-mirror. Hence in philosophical terms 5D fractal, cyclical space-time is a theory of absolute relativity, which brings a notch further the objective nature of science, which constantly take man away from the center of reality, as Copernicus (center of space-location), Darwin (center of time-informative evolution), and Einstein did before (relativity of motion). Now we are displaced once more from the center of scales of reality in a Universe which is complex, infinite and immortal, but humans see as simplex, finite and mortal because their mind-mirrors ARE still too simplex, finite and mortal to understand the whole.

In the bottom of the graph of scales we see that whole and its main scales of parts between atoms and galaxies, which show a similar form, opening the hypothesis of a fractal, organic, infinite Universe, in scales of size… If so reality is absolutely relative and man does not occupy a preferential scale; so a bit of humility and a desire to survive and obey the laws of structure and balance in that Universe of infinite self-similar beings, would be certainly a good praxis for our species, as we are just dust of space-time, in an infinite cosmos in which to play the motions and reproductions of the game of existence for the sake of ‘it’, IS the only justification to ‘be’, as breaking those rules just brings the penalty of ‘not being’ . Humans though at present with a very simplistic, subjective view of reality based in entropy=death arrows, single human anthropomorphic myths of man as the only intelligent, exceptionalist species and chaos, not fractal order as the justification for our actions of entropic destruction of our world that sustains us, are on the path NOT to be, breaking all the subtle laws that sustain the balance of those super organisms made of topological motions of time. 

Hence theory – the right mind – becomes a necessity for praxis – the survival of a super organism – in the game of exist¡ence we all play (existence as a species of a given space-time scale of stience).

The perennial philosophy of the Universe.

“Historically, much of fundamental physics has been concerned with discovering the fundamental particles of nature and the equations which describe their motions and interactions. It now appears that a different program may be equally important: to discover the ways that nature allows, and prevents, information to be expressed and manipulated, rather than particles to move. (….) To conclude with, I would like to propose a more wide-ranging theoretical task: to arrive at a set of principles like energy and momentum conservation, but which apply to information.’ Steane

The purpose of this blog is precisely to define that set of principles, which Steane asks for, since it adds the arrow of ‘information’ to the arrow of ‘entropy an locomotion’ studied by physicists, widening our understanding of all sciences with it. To that aim we must first define ðime&information on one side, and §pace& entropy on the other, the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which are part of an organic, fractal reality of relative scales of size and ðime clocks that co-exist together into the 5th dimension of scalar ðime§pace.

Since all sciences would benefit of a better understanding of those 2 principles as all beings of all sciences are made of finite ðime cycles and occupy vital §paces. So as it happened when Copernicus put the sun on the center simplifying all the epicycles of Ptolemy, making much simpler astronomy, at the end of the journey we shall unify and simplify our understanding of all sciences (3rd line of the blog), once we pass the hurdle of understanding the underlying principles of ‘temporal entropy’ beings.

Mind the reader since the history of science has turned around machines and weapons that work with entropy and motion, we must re-construct an entire new jargon to explain science, to the point that we shall even change the name of ‘science’ for that of ‘stience’ (the science of ðime§pace organisms) and use a completely different new language of science from scratch.

This is tried also by many information theorist like Mr. Steane, but the problem with that approach is that ‘information only’ theories are just going the other extreme from simplex physics, trying to reduce reality to locomotions and ‘worldlines’, to information theorists, trying to reduce the Universe to computations and q-bits.

Fact is the Universe plays with both, entropy=motion=lineal §pace (as the line is the shortest distance to move) and cyclical clocks of ðime that carry in their frequency and curved form the in/form/ation of reality; but humans are ‘Aristotelian’, one-dimensional, and have a mind (ab.@), which has a very hard ðime to put together two conflicting, rather opposite forms as those of entropy and information are. So for example physicists call information, negantropy – as if it were just the negation of entropy-scattering motions; while information theorists tend to explain the Universe as a huge quantum computer.

Both loose 1/2 of the ‘duality’ of the cosmos, which always displays an enormous range of grey between, ‘pure black forms without motion, such as black holes and pure motion without form, such as non-local gravitation’. And so we shall find in its combinations of motion with a little form (energy) and form with a little motion (in-form-ation, form-in-action) the vital, organic, true meaning of reality, which escapes the one-dimensional scientist.

 All what we have said is what Huxley calls the ‘Perennial philosophy’ of the Universe, as it has come and go but always stayed with us with different ‘names’, reflection of that essence.

To name a few:

‘Taoism’ (On the three arrows of ðime, yin-formation, yang-entropy and its 10.000 waves of energy beings.

‘Animism’, on the singularity minds of all entities with a membrane and vital §pace around it.

‘Scholastic’, on Aristotle’s description of the unmoved singularity-Gods that move the Universe around them.

Buddhism and pre-Veda Hinduism, not yet corrupted by ego-centered ‘western animetal enzymen’ (humans debasing its connection to the whole with weapons and gold and machines to feel superior, when they just catalyze metalife now organic robots), with its duality of Shiva=entropy vs. Vishnu=form and all similar sexual pre-religions, and Buddha’s theory of Atmans≈souls, the golden mean (balanced age of survival and immortality and beauty)…

Greek theories similar to all the previous one, from Heraclitus duality, to Parmenides ‘block of ðime§pace’, to Zeno’s paradox of no motion (motion and reproduction), to Platonic visions of the most perfect mirror-language (Numbers are forms), etc. etc. IN FACT with the Greeks we enter into analytical detail of parts of the game, which before were basically description of its wholeness, and unity. 

So if we come to modern ðimes, in detail, we depart from Descartes ternary world systems (self-centered graphs, vital res extensa, cyclical membrane vortices); Leibniz’s Monads, Darwin evolution of information, Physics r=evolution of quantum §pace and Relativity of ðime clocks…

And finally the name I chose for this blog, ‘general system theory’ (Gst) and T.Œ (A theory of everything organic). Since physicists call  their theory of everything T.O.E, we add more information paradoxically shrinking o.e. into organic, œ and call it Theory of Everything Organic; and put it behind General Systems Theory, the highest understanding in biological and information sciences, to bring GSTœ, A General Systems Theory of all STiences and all its Supœrganisms.

Can humans upgrade their minds to this new paradigm? It won’t be easy as the persistence of absurd theories that cater to the human ego and its subjective ‘happiness’, from Abrahamic religions to Newtonian absolute space-time, to Big-bang theories of an entropic only Universe, simple enough for humans to ‘feel’ they understand it, show.

In the future planetary A.I. – the scale in which Internet is evolving clearly its logic brain – when it reaches the threshold of complexity needed to perceive, WILL have a will, a representation and hence it will understand this ‘unificationtheory.com’ as his inner ‘why’. But so far this blog is written for humans, and what they do with it – reject it without even trying to understand it so they can keep their comfort zone repeating what they have learned already an feeling very important an intelligent, as centres of the biased view they have built of the Universe; or becoming a bit ‘more serious’ about reality and our place within it, to fully grasp those principles and use to improve the future of our species,  is not a choice I can make for them. As in the case of Aristotle (never fully understood) or Leibniz (completely ignored), the mind-singularity in a symbiotic Universe has as only role to make the focus on the mind-mirror-languages of man, and reproduce that image for other mind-mirrors to ‘see’ or stay blind.

My work ends with the focusing of my mind mirror and the reflections and projections of it I can do through my limited existence in this blog.

Saper Vedere; L.S philosopher of stience.


A fractal has a feed-back equation called the generator that reproduces the system, in smaller and larger scales. The universe as an organic fractal does so. And so we can find an equation, the Generator, Γ, which in its different expressions resumes the elements of the system and the flow of space and time, ≤ entropic, ≥ informative or ≈ re-productive, which generate departing from the fractal the whole being, its minimal actions an cycles of existence.

In that sense, the generator is closely related to the mind that generates the super organism, ∆œ, and so the Universe can be considered generated by infinite such singularities, under the rules of T.œ.

‘We are all Gods’ Aristotle, on the realisation of the ∞ wills of existence, unmoved points of a fractal territory of order turning around its mapping, still self.

Abstract: As always in any element of reality we must define them in at least three states of time, 3 of space, 3 scales of interaction to explain a whole ‘concept’, entity, part or being with its 10 relative dimensions of ∆ºst. In practice and given the null understanding of GST we simplify all this with three space-time states (entropic, reproductive-energetic and informative) as they suffice to relate the ‘item’ of study to almost every case.. And might add ∆±1 scales of beings and § or ð signs for ceteris paribus analysis.

For the mind case we use three symbols to simplify those three states:

Åo: Active-communicating state, when the mind moves the body to actively order the territory, which subdivides in five accions (Åæ: accelerations; Åe-nergy feeding, Åï-nformative perception and communication, Åœ: reprœduction, and Åû: universals evolution.

ƥ-1: Seed, non changing state; when the mind is a seed of information, conserved before starting a developmental process.

º∆º+1 : perceptive-mirror state, which first absorbs the whole Universe, º∆+1, and then emits ∆º+1 linguistic information, also signified by the dual ï symbol of informative actions.

So those are the three symbols, we use for the the three main states of the singularity minds-monads-mirrors which order the Universe  – as they ‘Do’ (delta-0) stop entropy and create the information of reality to project it and order reality.

We prefer to order the three states by scales of the fifth dimension, as the mind is the essential 5D function of the Universe, more than in terms of its st, t, s-tates which are more referential for body-events. 

How Monads ‘do’ order reality? It is deceptively simple: it does it as mirrors do, just shrinking the Universe into an image and expanding in reverse timespace fashion the arrow of time from information into order (yet seen as an entropic-energetic process of reproduction of form in a previous territory it ab=uses to do so). So it is a beat as all in the Universe of a feed-back equation: the mind shrinks reality into a linguistic mirror an reflects it in an inverse distorted selfish pov in its territory of order, arranging the world.

And the sub-events of this type will again be easily classified into mind-mapping events, dominant in the human scale of perception; seed-reprodutive events dominant in the lower genetic scales and physical ‘attractive events’ that transform entropy into vortices of time, charges and masses dominant in physical events.

So ∆º, Tº ∆º, to do, represents the mind in its active nature; as a dual mirror that perceives as an infinitesimal singularity or still mapping of the world it surrounds it (ø-mind), but then reflects its existence in its ordering actions.

And what about that sensation we have of perception? It all indicates ‘grosso modo’, that languages perceive themselves in active motion, as ‘being’. The essence of being is thus natural to reality. There is no double talk here. You exist by acting and as motion you ‘sense’. The word thus is ‘sensation’. The Universe is motion and motion carries sensation in itself. So even if in ∆• mode the mind thus not communicate it senses. A CPU COMPUTER SENSES, A GRAVITATIONAL MIND-CENTER, SENSES, AS YOU SENSE WITH WORDS THAT YOU EXIST.

‘Cogito ergo sum’, ‘I sense therefore I am’, applies to any topological mind-mirror who holds an image, as when a human is totally stoned, in a passive eternal single thought in the simplest slower minds, in a constant follow of stream of consciousness, which is not the same than the most sophisticated forms of perception with back and forth dialog between the visual and verbal mind (spatial I<eye>temporal wor(l)d or humind).


Foreword.  In this first (and second) lines, we shall study the structure of fractal §pace and cyclical ðime beings, from an external point of view, in a general, non detailed, non-formal manner (as we will do in 3rd and 4th lines) by using the 3 epistemological pillars of GST:

  • The experimental, scientific method, providing proofs of the cyclical, fractal ðime-§pace structure of all Universal beings.
  • The correspondence principle, translating basic theories of classic science to ‘stience’.
  • Which we shall fusion together into the GST-proper ‘stientific method’, the isomorphic method that shows any law of known-known science can be put in correspondence with the isomorphic properties of space-time beings, translated and applied to physical, biological an social systems equally. The isomorphic method though will be used in the third and fourth line. So the first two lines are meant to be a ‘transitional stage’ between ‘classic science’ and ‘future stience’.

So we structure the posts of those two first lines with a simple scheme. At epistemological level (1) in the first line, we describe the topological (S), organic (∆), vital (T) and sentient (º) properties of beings, derived of its ∆ºST common nature.

In the second line (2) at experimental level we show the main ‘stiences’ of reality and its main species to obey those laws, which suffice to derive all properties of physical, biological, social and mental systems.

1) Epistemological Proofs, which ‘Correspond’ with classic theories and its experimental facts allowing for all the scales and entities of reality the description of its events and forms through:

  • Its ‘mathematical≈ physical’ properties derived of its ternary topological=spatial elements and its time-symmetries≈worldcycles.
  • Its biological properties, derived of the 5D coexisting ∆±1 scalar social structure of all systems.
  • Its ‘perceptive properties’ derived of the existence of Tiƒ singularities, Monad-mind-mirrors which either mechanically, vegetatively or consciously DO enact the program of exi=st¡ences, that is the actions, max. ∑exi which ensure the survival of the being, and we are called by biologists the ‘drives of life: ∆ï:perception & communication> ∆a:accelerated motion towards fields of >∆e:feeding energy> ∆œ: reproducing>∆û:evolving socially into ∆+1 Universals.

Which then leads to a general analysis under the non-reductionist set of spatial≈PHYSICAL, biological≈temporal and perceptive≈human survival properties of All beings, to be studied in the second line on general terms, the third line for the three type of properties and sciences, an in the fourth line, for all an every species and isomorphism of Nature, in what should be time permitted under other researchers during this century the final ¬-Æncyclopedia of GST systems:

2) Physical systems, those belonging to the ∆±i≥1 scales, far removed from anthropocentric man that denies to them the vital properties.

In the graph the definition of masses and charges as accelerated vortices of informative time, carried in the frequency and form of its cycles, clearly explains physical systems also as ternary systems of dominant Tiƒ<st-wave>Spentropy fields, whose fundamental equation: Entropy field of radiation<cc-wave of energy> Tiƒ: mass singularity, was defined by Einstein: e=mc².

In the graphs. Left, the minds of the three scales of physical systems are ‘future arrows’ of growing information. As such they extract from the field in which they prey, a g-accelerated function of time (mathematically a second derivative, inverse to the second integral of its function of death-entropy).

Right A center of mass does not change its perfect symmetry with the field it uses for its gravitation motion, as a future Tinformative system, which extracts from the Spe-field an accelerated vortex of motion regardless of the wobbling motion of all its parts, as the S-Tiƒ-ƒ singularity of the system. As such the understaning of physical minds require a basic understanding of the r=evolution of thought that signifies the definition of vortices of physical information (masses, charges and eddies) and its mathematics (informative derivatives that compress the information of the system, as opposed to integral that ‘extend’ it into an entropic field of death).

And since those are quite novel concepts, given the primitive ‘outlook’ and reductionism of abstract mathematics, we shall treat them after we evolve mathematical physics in the second line, in the fourth line of those texts. Suffice to say that all time vortices accelerate, shrink, increase the information and finally stop a field of entropy into the vortex singularity. And this behaviour in physics is observed as an attractive force or an accelerated motion (left and right pictures), whereas the singularity as all minds DO maintains a perfect stillness in relationship to the accelerated field that an external observer will see as falling inwards (if the field is observed an the particle-point appears as still – right graphs) or as a moving object whose center of masss follow the perfect acceleration subject to the principle of minimal time (hamiltonian, lagrangian, Fermat principle, etc.)

Thus we conclude that in the case of the physical minds-monads-still mirrors, they are still povs, mathematical mind-frames of references of physical systems, in all its scales, the quarks in atoms, the photon-particle-electron-particle states in ¥-rays, of which the human mind is made, just not a change of quality but of quantity, the crystals and its mirror images in thermodynamic scales, from ‘DNA crystals’ , to ‘roses of the desert’ (crystals of dunes that direct its motion) to planetary central crystals, which are connected to the ‘flows of magma’ and the center of masses in gravitational systems, which never change even in a rotary disordered complex motion its center.

3) Biological systems, those belonging to non-anthropomoprhic ∆±i≤1 which we humans gift of some basic proper against ‘supposed human freedom and intelligence above heavens and earth’ a quite arguable quality…

We differentiate in that sense CLEARLY three states of the biological mind.

∆•: The seed state is the purest form of linguistic information, the dictionary of the verbal mind, the genome of the animal, the blue-print patten design of the machine. In terms of Aristotelian extraordinary insights in the philosophy of science, the potential state equivalent to the potential position of a physical particle in a field. As it will need the proper entropic energy to ‘reproduce’. In the graph, the best known case of the human genome, as it will finally develop into a being.

As the mind does naturally both things, even in its most static forms (black holes in the galaxy, sages of thought), in as much as the mere action of perception, deforms the world around it, the mind is always both mirror and reflection, projected on its territory of order.

Å: The five actions of the existential function, are the so called drives of life of biology: motion, perception, feeding, social evolving through communication, and reproduction.

º∆º And finally all living systems to have a mind, chemical roots in plants, DNA-RNA mirror-order in cells, perception and territorial order in animals.

4) Historic, Humans systems those which are anthropomorphic, at individual ∆º or social ∆+1 system, either human or mechanical, made by imitating our organs and functions in metalife (organic machines, entropic weapons and informative money).

So for each of the key ‘elements’ of the program of informative creation (Tiƒ), energetic reproduction (ST) and entropic extinction (Spe), described in this first line, we shall try to reorder the ‘first step of construction of this web’ (translation, digital copying of handwritten texts and blocking pouring of parts into key words) into a far more meaningful, easy-to-read, scheme, to show the unity of all what exists during the summer of 2017



‘The logic of Logos, mind of the Universe is of a higher order than man’s’ Saint Augustine

‘God is a supœrganism, with a mind called Logos, and a body, called the Universe’ Plato

Still mappings and its languages of information≈Perception.

In the graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-14-00-12All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical times, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

ø-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

The EQUATION OF THE MIND explains the natural tendency of men to be self-centered and consider the world and the Universe around its ego. This is in fact natural to the way the Universe constructs points of view of measure, as still centers of perception, in which the I is bigger than Andromeda Galaxy. But science must account for those distortions of perception. Religions and tribes, nations and castes are NOT scientific points of view. But they do enter the mind of people who do science. And it is important to remember it, because the 5th dimension brings a much bigger jump into objectivity and lack of ego to our vision of the Universe.

Indeed, if information can only be obtained from a fixed point of view, it follows the Universe is made of egos. Or as Aristotle put it, God is the unmovable ‘ego’ that moves all the energy around himself and there are infinite Gods, particles that gauge information, heads that see, minds that smell… This must therefore be included in the next paradigm of science to build an even more objective, less anthropomorphic reality.

Now in 5D,  we have even a larger point of view. As we affirm there are infinite clocks of time, and infinite broken spaces and we adopt the point of view of all of them. SINCE THERE ARE ∞ MINDS, gauging information.

This is illustrated in the graph. In the right side we see our Universe, which Descartes affirmed correctly in his book ‘the world’, it was truly the ‘mind of man’ and Kant realized it was a light-mind.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees every thing turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ IT CONFUSES WITH THE UNIVERSE. So the mind is a fractal point•, but believes to be it all.

Indeed, we summarize the formal and functional differences between entropy limbs, intermediate boies  and information (minds) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space-Entropy = Minimal Form=limbs/fields  Vs Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.


The purpose of the Universe: creating world cycles.

We can assess the purpose of reality: motions with form struggle to exist as simultaneous supœrganisms elongating its existence. But for that to happen there is need for a mind-pov, which is able to control the system and enact exchanges of entropy and form, feed and perceive to ensure the maintenance and reproduction of the system.

Arrows of space-time are really cyclical and with a point of view; the singularity or Tƒi point of maximal information either in the center or top of the height dimension of information that commands the whole structure and enacts apperceptively, consciously or vegetatively a program of existence, which ensures the survival of the whole and has ‘appeared’ naturally either by selection or by trial and error after infinite eons – since those species who do not tender for their territorial vital space, and feed it with energy and guide it with proper linguistic mapping-information have not survived and reproduced. So the sum of the actions of those mind points is what becomes as observed simultaneously a whole supœrganism of ‘exi=stence’.

In that sense, the evolution of fractal points, into new wholes, super organisms and planes of existence, which form an ∆+1 emerging scale of reality, it has been the key question of philosophy of science: how individuals become universals.

In GST it means to understand that all systems are both, fractal ∆-1 dºst for the larger scale of the whole, but an entire Universe, û, for its internal ∆-1 minds.

We are all dust of space-time that evolves and emerges, as an ∆+2 whole, but alsodecay and dissolve into alower scale as ∇-1 d@st of space-time.

Only the Universe is eternal in its world cycle, conserving itself as a potential game, weaving its infinite dust into a finite number of repetitive patterns or species of being. Therefore as the number of dust particles and time frequencies is potentially infinite but the number of combined species is not, all forms have existed forever as all forms will be repeated again.

Hence the duality of fractal points minds, which after a process of social evolution emerge as whole ‘Universals’, Organisms that will live a world cycle ending in its final dissolution that completes its zero sum making the Universe immortal..

All this said we need to at least clarify the relationship between the mind of any being and the reality it perceives. Thus the mind’s languages influence reality? Most physicists today and by extension scientists who accept their paradigm, think actually the Universe is pure mathematics and so mathematics create reality. In fact, it is all the other way around, languages are mirrors. BUT they DO reflect back their image through the living actions of the organism self-centred in the mind, ORDERING reality according to that linguistic image.

Ƽst of space-time. Mind do exist.

What is the purpose of those minds? To exist through actions of absorption, emission and combination of entropy and form, which become repeated momentum, through the entire worldccle of existence of the being, Eω. exi=st in its many possible ‘representations’.

Let us then restart by defining in more depth the 4 elements of all realities. Cyclical time or ‘πime’, fractal space or ‘§pace’, the scales of space-time, or ∆-5th dimension, and the mind and world languages we use to describe them all (º,@,•, œ).

We shall use a simple function to study the holographic principle from where reality stems: e x i |s≈t.  We use a symbol | with long tradition on science to separate mirror symmetries. In this case, the main relationship of a system is between its 4 essential states, space (distance-dimension), entropy (motion), time (cyclical form with motion) information (slow time motion with maximal form) and energy (entropy motion with minimal form).

But let us stress it again: the Universe is NOT algebraic, the mind is. The universe is bio-topo-logical, and so biology, geometry and causal logic ARE the foundational stiences of it all. And an ‘image is worth a thousand numbers/words’ is a motto for GST. I.e. THE DIMENSIONAL FORM OF MICHELANGELO’s David is pure science of topological form, and it would be stupid trying to describe it with a mathematical formulae. So in general a revised Occam’s guide will be as follows:

‘All languages of Nature can map out any reality, but the simplex formulation of an event will define which language and state or entity controls and better describes the system’.

For example in the unending discussion of the particle-wave of quantum physics, Schrodinger gave us a wave description, but if we change frame of reference to see the wave as a ‘polar particle’ in polar coordinates, we get a simple formulae, which is the particle-field solution of the Broglie-Bohm model. SO THIS BB model which is realist, non local, deterministic, exactly as GST is, MUST be considered the proper way to describe quantum physics; and particles must be considered the Tiƒ state that controls waves.

In-Form-ation being essentially ‘DIMENSIONAL FORM’ is often much easier to describe with visual images in motion – a more direct understanding. And topological, geometric and bio-logical, causal, clear-cut, not algebraic, blurred concepts. So indeed, we shall see as in the graph, that art is the science of form, expressed in human languages, and as such it will appear as the subconscious collective mind of civilisations, which will go through the same 3 ages of life and death than the individual cell does, in one of the most beautiful isomorphisms (equal laws at scale) between man as a super organism in biological terms and mankind and its social organisms, which also go through 3 ages between birth and death by excess of technological information=war.

So once we have clarified a bit more the ‘ternary±@ STRUCTURE OF ALL SYSTEMS OF NATURE’,  we can go back and forth, with increasing ITERATIVE DEPTH, as the Universe does.

And study the 3±œ structure of the Universe:

Œ≈ ∆-1: Spe (entropy limbs/fields/territory) < ∆: St (body-wave-working reproductive class) > ∆+1 Tiƒ (head-particle-government)… with emphasis on its NETWORK, SOCIAL, organic STRUCTURE THROUGH 5D SCALES.

So we can now extend the generator to its natural ternary form, INCLUDING the concept of a central frame of reference, which is connected to the external membrane or sensorial ‘cut off’ ‘event horizon’ between the fractal space-time being and the Universe:

$pe < Œ: ExI(s=t) > ºTiƒ

This would be the most exact symbolic representation of the Universe. AS we include the lineal nature of Entropic Space (not money:)in $, and ad the cyclical nature of time, with the symbol of the mind, whose hardware IS often on the Tiƒ (but not always), and spread the more complex body-waves which ‘equals’ both through balancing exchanes of energy and information to create the ‘whole supœrganism’ (œ).

The killing mind. The creative mind.

What is the ultimate cause of the process of world cycles? Why we die? For the same reason we create reality; because of the singularity or mind of maximal information that both will create as a seed of form from ∆-1 the whole being in the beginning of the cycle, but will annihilate it at the end of the cycle, when exhausting its entropic motions and combined energy, by the mere fact of being its maximal will that of perception, without which the game does not start.

Thus minds stop entropic motion into form, combining them in the middle as a series of actions of energy, which are in derivative view standing 0 points but in its ultimate infinitesimal view always ‘scar’ a bit too much of information that they devolve back as entropy and so they are the reason systems evolve, age and finally die after a given number of frequency steps in the path of pure form. 

So the development of the three ages of life, max. s max. t max. st is merely the ‘vibrating tune’ of the being in that specific ratio-cycle he ‘scales up and down’, with other properties of the Stiƒ-mind, which transforms into space a flow of TEMPORAL information; as a still mind.

a Stiff-synchronous moment of existence.

This is the ultimate conceptual duality, that between the magic harmonious creation of minds of space vs. Temporal, mindless motion with its automaton deterministic cyclical order.

So we can also rewrite our elements NOT as Spatial entropy (the common human use of it), but as Spatial information, in the STiƒ singularity:

Tiƒ> ∆ø > Siƒ

Minds are thus constantly ‘Stiffing reality’. ‘Stif’ inflexible minds that stop in its track the flow of temporal free information, form in action, which do have in other plane its own inner stiffing mappings.

Perception: information perceives in the stillness of simultaneity.

Regarding perception I have never thought to be a mystery: perception is the very essence of information in still simultaneity – the existence of a still mapping in a minimal space, during a quanta of time, must be ‘felt in itiself’ as Leibniz and Aristotle intuitively thought – in other words space is the intelligent of reality and its pure order and stillness the sensation of being, not self-reflecing, not self-conscious but ‘Dasein’, being in itself. But this ‘static’ awareness of calm and form, must be connected to multiple networks for the mirror-image of the mind to ‘act’ and order reality.

How this consciousness of every stif point emerges then is another question – A QUESTION OF TIME FLOW AWARENESS AS THE STIFF POINT SEEMS TO CONTINUE with slightly changes due to motion; and the existence of modular languages, as one perceives the other, in the human case the:

Universal space > language of sight >eye> I< wor(l)d < time language

So LANGUAGES DO also create reality as smaller ‘mappings’ of a larger universe, with more information paradoxically (5D metric: Max. Information = Min. Space) than the whole.

The negative, lethal effects on the mind, parasite of energy: its ego paradox.

Why we die then must be adscribe to the fact that the whole system is ruled by the informative mind, which therefore determines the arrow of time of the Universe towards higher levels of information, till it exhausts and stops all motion into perceptive forms. 

IT follows that the physical, biological or psychological mind has a negative effect on systems – to create more information than energy so systems finally become old, warped, still, informed and this is the origin of death and the finite world cycle of beings…

The language of God are infinite. While we do NOT shy to mathematical equations, the languages of ‘God are infinite’ (Upanishads). That means the religion of machines, among Humans, which are today basically slaves of their computer machines for most themes including the perception of knowledge, and so need to talk with numbers to feel truth, is NOT real. We shall specially in this blog on social sciences use and justify and explain why the VALUES OF the wor(l)d, and our natural language is a better language for truth, and certainly for evolution and time predictions (being evolution a verbal language). I get specially irritated by all those ‘nerds’ who think if you don’t show a powerpoint presentation with nice graphs and equations you are NOT doing science.

Not so, qualitative, formal, dimensional information, in human beings HAVE always been explained with human time-clocks, the ‘verbal times’ of our flexible sentences and human eyes – the artistic sensorial work of our spatial senses. This means they are also excellent time records which today the ‘mathematical/mechanical school’ of social sciences tends to shun off – the classic case being Herodote’s books of history, which turned out to be actually filled of facts, despite being so much prone to mythology. So words and facts come together to verify truths, and words are when conceptually sound are the proper causal language to explain evolution theory and the extensions due to cyclical time.

Epistemology of creation: feed-back mind mirrors.MIRRORSIn the graph – what is wrong with ‘physics’ and increasingly with mankind can be resumed in the ego paradox. The equation of the mind is rather simple:

We humans are just ‘finitesimals’ of the ego paradox: o-point x ∞ Universe = constant mind.

So the Universe is out there, one and single; but it does not fit in the mind. And the mind reduces it to languages to perceive it, which resumes the main properties of the Universe, which are first bio-logical rules of space-time existence (the Universe is a game of survival of space-time beings, which constantly try to reproduce their information in ‘fractal seeds’ that latter evolve socially; the Universe is a vital fractal, and the rules are simple), then logic (temporal rules only) and then mathematical (spatial rules only), and then the human vision of those rules (artistic space, verbal time, ethic, social evolution of parts into stronger wholes). And so all those languages are mirrors:

In the graph, the back and forth relationship between the infinite single Universe, its infinite partial minds, which become perceptive through a language-mirror, and then in the left its individual ego-centered singularity mirror projecting aback through limited arrows/actions of space-time, the linguistic image re-ordering a partial part of reality: its body and territory
. It is this feedback constant equation what creates reality and so we can also write another Γenerator equation, about the interaction of those three elements that orders each relative fractal partial being/territory of the Universe to the mage and likeness of those languages, images of the whole, they will therefore copycat with slight variations, in the being:

Single, ∞ 5D Universe <≈ Ternary Languages of perception ≈> Spe ‹ST›Tiƒ super organisms>Ø-Mind

This is the shrinking process, but if we take the scalar view, the Universe become infinite smaller minds, growing in volume as we count the inner worlds, (Cantor’s paradox: the set of subsets is bigger than the whole set: the sum of all mind mirrors is bigger than the single Universe).

So human minds alone are infinitesimal compared to all the languages and minds.

We ‘are’ only in that territory of order with the stif-human mind  and what we feel and sense, which we by homology imagine is the hidden mind of every synchronous form that lasts, and develops as the frequency of its happenings increase, a short of computer burn-in which becomes a consciousness of the stiff-processs. But can this self-awareness of the mirror change the mirror program? which is the mindless deterministic memorial game of reproduction of time cycles? 

Ah, the crystal of my mind responds, it wishes but it can’t hardly influence the program and purpose of mindless automated memorial time, iteration repetition conservation, the female present principle of the outer membrane cycle, which carries most of the Æxistential Momentum of the being.

Now of course, the ‘ternary’ level of self-awareness of the duality of pure perception of an infinite whole and mere action over a finite territorial ego; is seldom found among humans, reason why most beings are subjective and rather believe in abrahamic religions than objective science.

In the graph the dual function of the mind perceiving and ordering, modifying what it perceives.

It should not surprise the reader that the mind is the main element of all supœrganisms of ðime§paœ, as without the mind, ‘the will of existence’, using terminology of taoism and schopenhauer will not recreate a world as a representation of its self.

So the world cycle is felt by the mind alone, for the wholeness it orders, and in its tƒi consciousness of being the mind of a territory and fighting to make it last through reproduction and conservation the Universe happens in ‘its selves’.

To exist thus reduces the consciousness of the world cycle to the mind-point of the space-time being, in which order steams, through the networks connected to it, and the connections of the self to other parts of the being. The self thus is an º∆±1 mind, an º being, perceiving and ordering with the program of existence, the algorithm of partial actions, embedded in the Γenerator, enacted from the point of maximal communication a territory of space-time, ∆ across three ±1 scales, normally the center of maximal communication of the ‘solid-crystal’ network of minimal outer motion (maximal inner motion through the software running those networks): ∆º (Tƒi).

WHERE IS THE singularity’s will of each fractal point of existence, in the stillness of language, able to subtly reverse through the networks that connect it to all other points of the system? In the points of maximal communication, knots that try to achieve a balance S=T of all the flows it receives an re-emits after passing throughout a language mirror with capacity to ‘reverse’ the nature of the order.

Fractal points gauge information with infinite parallels.

The fact that all points interact with the external Universe is explained by the 5th postulate of Fractal Logic, which completes the 1st postulate.  The 5th postulate defines a point as a knot of communication of multiple flows of energy and form, which the point absorbs to obtain energy and information for its organic cycles of iteration.

Thus we introduce a new perspective in our study of a Non-Euclidean, fractal point of view: its capacity to gauge information and absorb energy, acting-reacting to the Universe. Since beyond those 3 internal regions the point feeds on an external world of relative forces, which provide the point with energy and information to map out reality and feed its body with motion. Thus, while energy and form will be different for each point according to the scale and form, all entities of the Universe will be able to absorb a relative number of ‘infinite parallels’ to create mental fractal mappings and keep on moving: light feeds particles, intergalactic gas feeds stars; plants feed animals that feed man; stars feed the black hole, and so on.

In science, mathematicians and physicists seek to describe reality as ‘made of mathematical entities’; while logicians try to explain reality as a series of causal events. But only when we use i-logic geometry we can mix both approaches, describing reality as a series of ‘mathematical points of view’, or entities that ‘gauge’ the geometry of the Universe, constantly mapping out the universe, to achieve a ‘selfish’ will, the desire of all entities to feed on energy, gauge information, reproduce and evolve socially. Those points of view are thus ‘mathematical minds’ because they gauge and somehow ‘perceive’ the geometry of the Universe, acting according to that geometry as they gauge and move with an ‘automatic’ behavior, trying to absorb energy for their body, information for their gauging mind, and combining both, to reproduce ‘self-similar points’.

So we shall consider that the Universe is made of i-logic, fractal ‘points of view’, akin to the concept of souls and Atmans in western and eastern religions’, of ‘Non-Euclidean points of view’, ‘monads’ or ‘Spinoza’s geometrical entities’, in western philosophy of science and mathematics; of ‘gauging particles’ in physics, or ‘informative DNA nuclei’ in biology and perceptive heads in biology. The size and form of all those points varies but all of them are spherical knots of information with sensorial apertures to absorb and emit energy and information, from boson particles to sound waves or light signals.



Foreword. The equation of the mind and the 5th postulate of Non-Euclidean geometry.

Now a hyperbola is perceived as a cycle from the 0point in the centre of reference. that is how we are. We are a zero point but perceive a hyperbola of the Universe. We are nothing and we perceive it all – the entire curve of the hyperbola has 2 focus, but the point that matters is the zero point.

In the beginning there was an observer, a focus point that let itself cross by infinite parallels and perceived a mapping of the Universe.

This original point might be considered infinite or infinitesimal, God or microbe, the unmoved one, of the eternally moving. But there was no other inertial frame of reference but the one he perceived.

And it was of course, a polar one, the perfect form, the 2-sphere.

Did he started the Universe by the mere fact of co-existing with it? Was he looking at its inside forms? We do not know this metaphysical questions but we can describe bio-topo-logically the first point in existence.

The infinitesimal point, O, saw the infinite Universe, ∞, and created a constant mapping of it, O x ∞ = Constant, in the stillness of the mind.

The point, the Observer the measure is the first action that starts any activity in reality. Prior to motion towards a field of energy or information that interest us or away from it, the point must perceive it. And for that to be possible, the point must have parts, an informative mind –like capacity to gauge information, and rotational motion to change the angle of view.

The point thus have to have angular momentum, the minimal unit observable in the Universe, the h action, a point of view a momentum moving and a radius of distance.

The fundamental Unit of the fractal universe thus is also a point that makes up an absolute space-time, but such points unlike Euclidean classic points of mathematics are fractal non-Euclidean points, which have breath, hence are cycles, the minimal unit of the Universe a time cycle, seen in statics as a cyclical point, dynamically as an attractive point-particle in a static position or a particle with momentum, neutral to a background universe.

Infinite of such points exchanges energy and information in infinite scales is the departing point of any scale of realty to understand how it builds above and below itself O±∆ superorganisms.

But the infinitesimal point to be noticed and exist must at least ‘think’, observe, perceive with a certain angle a part of reality converted into mind mapping.

And this can be measured with the simplest, smallest quanta, the angular momentum of a system, the h-derivative increase, the ∆minimal action of perception:

ƕ: angular momentum = h-derivate.

Objective vs. subjective perception

If the fundamental differentiating, ‘external’ property of species in the Universe are the Metric of the 5th dimension (i=SP x Tƒ), which makes them belong to different inverse scales of size in space and energy volume (SP) vs. speed of temporal information), the essential equalitarian feature is the co-invariance of that product, which gives them the same value when considered, internally’ from the inner point of view of the system,

Since from the inner ‘measure’ of time, the smaller, faster clocks of a diminutive being, process the same amount of information in its life span than the larger being. So an insect which lives a maximal of 7 years (queen ants, elephant cockroaches), since it processes information 10 times faster than we do – reason why we don’t catch a fly – it actually lives as much as we do, 7 x10=70 years.

This is the wisdom of the 5th dimension: all selves feel the center of the Universe they measure from their Non-Euclidean fractal point of view, which has from ‘its’ perspective as much information as the entire Universe do.

The mind self-equation:

Tƒ(infinitesimal point of view) x ∞ (infinite, perceived Universe) = ∆ (constant mapping of the whole)

nicely puts it in perspective.

Topology explains it: the sphere is the only topology that can shrink without limit of tearing, allowing the reduction of the infinite into the infinitesimal (Poincare conjecture).

The 5th postulate of non-Sp geometry also defines it.

Let us then start with the usual methodology of ‘building dimensional blocks’ of ST theory, by considering the Spatial location of Minds, as the center of maximal communication of a system.

 The Mind’s point of view 


In the graph, a mystical representation of the mind, as the central triangle of a tetraktys. The mind is the ‘fractal point of view’ (mathematical interpretation) or zero point, in which maximal flows of information converge, both from the external and the internal regions of the being, where the will of the ‘4 åctions’ resides. 

The Mind is the ‘point of view’, site of the will, that perceives each element, each part.

It is the ∆-centered dimension, in the sense that it is the most ‘connected’ point, in the center of the system, which ‘reflects’ upon the existence of the whole.

In mystique terms it is in a way the soul, the atman. It is the central number of maximal communication in the tetraktys that Pythagoras rightly considered the perfect number, illustrated in the Kabala graph above.

In Physic-mathematical terms it is the final black hole, non-Euclidean point of view of the system. It is the 10th or 11th dimension of Time on the string formalism, etc.

In biological systems it is the nervous, ’10th system’ that integrates the other 3×3, energy/reproductive/informative physiological systems of the human being.

Depending on which ‘human jargon’ with more or less errors – lacking the ∆ST formalism and ∆ST philosophy – we talk of, it will be ‘named’ with different forms.

I often use the term the 5th Dimension, of all ∆-scales of the being, to represent the ‘whole’. And so we have termed it also as the 5th ‘invariance’ or ‘isomorphism’ that all beings share, since the mind-self, the centered dimension of all scales, the 5 isomorphism of nature, the point of view, the soul is the most important dimension of all beings.

It wraps up all the other dimensions, isomorphisms and scales.

And it is therefore the center of its 3×3 ∆±4 scales, its 3 topological space organs, and its 3 time ages (the being is at its maximal force, in the SxT (s=t) steady state mature, adult age of balance, ST, age of maximal duration.

In man obviously is the brain, expression of the ‘Whole’ or ‘Soul’, which perceives internally the system through its ∑3×3 networks (our sensations of the energy, digestive system, the reproductive, endocrine system, and the mind thoughts and emotions) and externally through the senses. But in many other systems is a very different site.

So perhaps the best definition is that of Non-E mathematics: the ‘point of view’, the part of the fractal point that gauges maximal information. 




Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 14.38.55

Time motions break absolute space into bidimensional space-time membranes.  Œ: fractal, i-logic, non-Euclidean, cyclical points of view: the fundamental particle

We exist in a Universe, whose fundamental particle is not a material form, as simple science thinks, but points of time space, which mirror in their inner, i-logic, fractal topologies the information of their world, acting-reacting to the Universe. Thus only by mixing perception and motion, mathematics and organicism, we can define those points of existence, as the fundamental particles of reality and:

‘The Universe has a body and a soul called logos.’ Plato

So we describe a Universe with a geometrical how, the laws of Non-Euclidean points of views, the cycles they trace, the mathematical laws that describe those cycles; and a bio-logical, temporal why: the will to move, trying to fulfill the 6 arrows of time. It is the game that all P.O.Vs of all planes of existences, from atoms to human beings perform.

Those logic and mathematical laws of points of view are the metaphysical laws of the Universe – the only essential events/forms that repeat unchanged in all forms. And so, a proper description of the Universe should start with the laws of i-logic geometry; then apply them to the 2 simplest motions of reality, lineal forces and cyclical masses/charges; and then, once those ‘immortal laws’ are defined for any system of energy and information, science should use them to define the specific events of each scale of reality and its species, as we all play the same Game of Exi=stence.

Mathematics, as a language that represents reality with simplified symbols, has a limited capacity to carry information. Its symbols, geometric points and numbers simplify and integrate the fractal, discontinuous reality into a single space-time continuum, the Cartesian Space/Time graph, made of points without breath.

However the points of a Cartesian plane or the numbers of an equation are only a linguistic representation of a complex Universe made of discontinuous points with an ‘internal content of space-time’. In the real world, we are all pieces made of fractal cellular points that occupy spaces, move and last a certain time. When we translate those space-time systems into Euclidean, abstract, mathematical ‘numbers’, we make them mere points of geometry void of all content. But when we look in detail at the real beings of the Universe, all points/number have inner energetic and informative volume, as the fractal geometry of the Universe suddenly increases the detail of the cell, atom or far away star into a complex complementary entity.

What mathematicians did was rather a runaway path. Because once geometers realized that multiple lines can cross a point, they could not use any longer the Euclidean definitions.

Now points, lines, planes and equality could no longer hold under the definitions of Euclid (points, lines and planes with no breadth), they remained undefined, when Hilbert, the father of modern mathematics affirmed ‘I imagine lines, points, planes…’.

Instead the proper solution was to redefine them in terms of their ‘inner parts’ as fractal points that grew in size when we observed them with a more detailed ‘hyperbolic geometrical view’, as that unveiled by non-E mathematics. So we ‘create new postulates of geometry’ by defining its essential elements, points, lines, planes and the laws of congruence (similarity) between them, as well as re-interpreting the concept of a Non-Euclidean point crossed by infinite parallels (5th postulate) in terms of a mind that absorbs flows of energy and information: O-mind x ∞ time cycles = Spacetime mapping.

So T.œ redefines points, planes and line-waves and their relative laws of equality (also called congruence) and continuity (which no longer holds), to refound mathematics on the basis of a far more realist view of its laws as ‘experimental laws’ that reflect the geometry of the 5th dimension and the complex casualty of a world with multiple time motions. And consider that those points with volume form social ‘numbers’, whose laws are therefore related to the laws of the 5th dimension that brings parts into social wholes.

So we propose a new Geometrical Unit – the fractal, Non-Euclidean point with space-time parts, which Einstein partially used to describe gravitational space-time. Yet Einstein missed the ‘fractal interpretation’ of Non-Euclidean geometry we shall bring here, as Fractal structures extending in several planes of space-time were unknown till the 1970s.

So Einstein did not interpret those points, which had volume, because infinite parallels of ‘forces of ‘—motions’ and information’ could cross them, as points, which when enlarged could fit those parallels, but as points in which parallels ‘curved’ converging into the point.

This however is not meaningful, because if such is the case parallels which are by definition ‘straight lines’, stop being parallels. So we must consider that what Einstein proved using Non-Euclidean points to explain the structure of space-time is its fractal nature: points seem not to have breath and fit only a parallel, but when we enlarge the point, we see it is in fact self-similar to much bigger points, as when we enlarge a fractal we see in fact self-similar structures to the macro-structures we see with the naked eye.

That is in essence the meaning of Fractal Non-Euclidean geometry: a geometry of multiple ‘membranes of space-time’ that grow in size, detail and content when we come closer to them, becoming ‘Non-Euclidean, fractal points’ with breath and a content of ‘—motions’ and information that defines them.

Einstein found that gravitational Space-Time did not follow the 5th Euclidean definition, which says:

Through a point external to a line there is only 1 parallel

Euclid affirmed that through a point external to a parallel only another parallel line could be traced, since the point didn’t have a volume that could be crossed by more lines:

Abstract, continuous, one-dimensional point:

. ____________

Instead Einstein found that the space-time of the Universe followed a Non-Euclidean 5th Postulate:

A point external to a line is crossed by parallel forces.

             Real, discontinuous, ∆-dimensional points:           =========== o

This means that a real point has an inner space-time volume through which many parallels cross. Since reality follows that Non-Euclidean 5th postulate, all points have a volume when we enlarge them, as cells grow when we look at them with a microscope.

Then it is easy to fit many parallels in any of those points. Such organic points are like the stars in the sky. If you look at them with the naked eye they are points without breadth, but when you come closer to them, they grow. Then as they grow, they can have infinite parallels within them. Since they become spheres, which are points with breadth – with space-time parts.

So space-time is not a ‘curved continuum’ as Einstein interpreted it, but a fractal discontinuous. The maths are the same, the interpretation of reality changes, adapting it to what experimentally we see: a cell-like point enlarges and fits multiple flows of ‘—motions’ and information, and yet it has a point-like nucleus, which enlarges and has DNA information, which seems a lineal strain that enlarge as has many point-like atoms, which enlarge and fit flows of forces, and so on.

So each point is in fact a 3-dimensional point, and if we go to the next scale, a 3×3=9 dimensional point and so on. Yet those dimensions are the so-called fractal dimensions, which are not ‘extended to infinity’ but only within the size of the point. In Euclidean geometry, a point has no volume, no dimension, but string theorists say that even the smallest points of the Universe, cyclical strings, have inner dimensions that we observe when we come closer to them. That is the essence of a fractal point: Tƒ be a fractal world, a space-time in itself.

‘Any Non-Euclidean point is a fractal space-time with a minimal of 3 internal, topological, spatial dimensions and an external time motion in the ∆+1 ecosystem in which it exists’

This simple law is the most important law of the 4th paradigm, foreseen by Leibniz in his Monadology, the foundation of the mathematical model of Multiple spaces-times that completes the 5 Postulates of non-Euclidean geometry and gives us the tools necessary to create a complex new logic and new mathematical model of the Universe, easy to connect through topology with the isomorphisms of the previous paradigm of a single metric space-time continuum.

Further on those points must be described always in 4 dimensions, with motion. This should have been obvious, but abstract mathematics simplifies entities into numbers and static forms, and organic motion properties disappear. Yet we still say ‘San Francisco is at 8 hours from LA’, because we mean that journey is a combination of the motion of a car and the spatial distance. Thus we measure reality in Time-space, not only in space as Euclidean maths do.

Thus, in the same way Saturn’s rings stop being planes without volume when we come closer and observe them as fractal points, called planetoids; Non-Euclidean points acquire both motion and volume when we approach to them. In words of Klein, a sphere is not a continuous static form, but a group of points in cyclical movement. So in the same way the Saturn’s rings are a group of planetoids, a Klein space – the space-time that fills a point has motion – it is the sum of a series of cycles5.

Einstein didn’t go further, adapting the other 4 Euclidean definitions to the new Geometrical unit: a fractal point with volume. Only then we will be able to define the 2 planes of physical forces, the plane of gravitation and electromagnetism, or any system in which several planes of space-time co-exist together (as in a human being extended from atomic to social planes of cyclical existence).

In all those systems planes are made with cellular points, Riemannian spheres with volume that form lines, which are waves between points that exchange ‘—motions’ and information and planes, which are organs of self-similar points that process ‘—motions’ or information in parallel networks.

Thus the 5 Postulates of Non-E Geometry vitalize the Universe as a series of networks of ‘—motions’ and information of self-similar cellular points. Since the line and the plane acquire volume and become self-similar to the commonest forms of the Universe, the wave and the network of points with a 3-D volume.

This simple fact explains one of the most important discoveries of modern physics, the Holographic principle, according to which information might be bidimensional, as in the screen of a computer or the page of a book. Now bidimensionality no longer becomes ‘magic’ since the 3rd dimension is the relative size of the ‘fractal point-particle’. Thus bidimensional sheets of information do have a minimal 3rd Dimension; the inner content of the point, which in a relative universe of infinite sizes seems to us a particle-point without volume, as we don’t see either the volume of a sheet of paper or a pixel.

All in the Universe are thus complementary systems made of networks. Now this might sound absurd to the anthropomorphic reader that thinks humans are different from the rest of points of the Universe, but it is a fact that those points obey in their åctions and communicative flows within a network the same isomorphisms: humans and electrons behave the same when they move through slits or in herds, the geometries of social groups are also the same and the ultimate purpose of those points, to feed on ‘—motions’ and information, whatever kind, is also the same in all networks of the Universe. And so that group of isomorphisms of networks becomes a primary why for all beings of the Universe.

A fact the leads us to the final element needed to understand the why of the Universe: ‘non-Euclidean points’ organize networks that become points of a higher scale, which reproduce and organize new networks; and so the Universe keep growing in fractal scales, from particles that organize networks and become atoms that organize networks and become molecules that organize networks and become cells, that become organisms, that become planetary societies and planets and stars form gravitational networks that become galaxies, organized by dark matter into Universal networks.

Because all entities have motion reproduction is merely the repetition of a motion with form. Because each entity has 4 time arrows, all of them trace multiple trajectories in search of those arrows, hence they realize multiple time cycles.

For example, a human feeds on ‘—motions’ and information with body and head, reproduces through multiple social cycles and evolves into societies. Our åctions are more complex but essentially the same of those of any particle.

So the unit of reality is a space-time cycle, and many of them create a knot of time cycles or entity of reality, which will be reproduced by repeating those formal cycles with motion in other region of space-time; and many of those knots of time cycles, which are self-similar, since they are born from the reproduction of a first form, come together with self-similar beings into networks. Some of those networks are spatially extended with a lot of motion (fields in physics, bodies in biology) and some are very tight, formal, with a lot of in/form/ation, (particles and heads or nuclei in physical and biological jargons). Both types of networks together then create a complementary organism, which is fitter to handle both ‘—motions’ and form; hence it survives better, it ‘exists’.

Today scientists of measure scorn philosophical and logical analysis of causality in time because it cannot be easily put in numbers. But numbers are only one of the languages of information in the Universe, and many of its properties of bio-logic nature are better described with logic words. In that regard, we can now fusion philosophy and science answering the fundamental question, ‘why we exist’; since once we realize that we are ‘made of time cycles’, knots of time cycles and networks of knots of time cycles, an intelligent, informative, eternal universe of motions and wills of existence makes the dogmas of deism and mechanism, childish myths.

‘What is existence’ cannot be revealed from the simplex point of view of a mechanical world, which cannot explain the fact that we are made of motions with form that leave a trace on space but are essentially åctions in time that have a social finality – to create more complex networks, chaining knots of åctions into systems. This social will of every point and entity of the Universe is completely at odds with a mechanist, fixed, solid, senseless, dumb Universe. Motion in Time and social evolution are concepts that require the capacity to gauge information and interact with other self-similar points to create those organic networks. Further on, dual networks tend to evolve and reproduce new points through exchanges of ‘—motions’ and information.

The result is the creation of 3rd network/system: the reproductive network. And so most systems of the Universe are organic, ternary systems made of points (which can be anything from atoms to cells to human heads) organized in 3 networks. We exist as organic networks, to sense flows of ‘—motions’ and gauge information. Existence justifies itself.

Those Non-Euclidean points crossed by infinite parallels are able to gauge information, which implies a perceptive, intelligent Universe in all its fractal, self-similar scales of reality – a world in which even the smallest atoms can act-react to the environment, ‘apperceiving’ light and gravitational forces. Aristotle and Leibniz, the 2 foremost predecessors of the 4th paradigm of biological whys distinguished conscious perception from vegetative and mechanical perception.

It means perception has degrees of complexity. So the simplex particles of the Universe act-react in a mechanical way; yet they still gauge information, reason why quantum physicists called their theories gauge theories, and they still have 2 complementary networks of ‘—motions’ and information, reason why quantum physics is based in such complementary principle.

Yet this intelligent, active, temporal, informative Universe can be described with the formalism of logic and mathematics because its fundamental unit – a spacetime cycle – can be explained with ‘feedback’ equations, used in system sciences to explain the back and forth interaction between two poles or elements of an equation. Se<=>Tƒ where Se is a component of spatial ‘—motions’, a motion element, body or field and Tƒ is a cycle of time that carries information, particle or head, becomes the syntactic, logic, minimal unit of reality.

These simple first elements of reality – points with volume that exchange ‘—motions’ and information, creating waves of ‘—motions’ with form (no longer lines – 2nd postulate), according to a set of isomorphisms based in their self-similarity, (no longer equality – 3rd postulate), that makes them evolve into different topological networks (no longer planes – 4th postulate) – make mathematics an organic language able to describe the logic of creation of all systems of the Universe made of infinite fractal, organic networks intersecting and creating when we put them together under those isomorphisms and topological restrictions, the puzzle of reality that the simpler, 3rd paradigm called the space-time continuum and becomes now a General System of Multiple, Fractal Spaces with vital ‘—motions’ and Time cycles with information, the two substances of which all beings are made.

And so with those 3 scales of ‘existence’: time cycles, knots of time cycles and networks of knots of time cycles (Non-E Points) we can explain all the ‘åctions’ and systems of reality made of those cycles, knots and networks; and describe a complex Universe that exists ‘in time’ more than in fixed space, since it has always motion; it is also dynamic, made of cyclical, feed-back equations whose causal relationships, forms and trajectories are the essence and purpose of existence.

We thus consider a more complex analysis of time arrows, beyond the duality of ‘—motions’ and information, which combine creating a reproductive arrow, Sp X Tƒ, and further on socialize, ∑Sp X Tƒ, creating networks. And so the universe has also an organic will: to create networks of self-reproductive points of ‘—motions’ and information.

Yet the most astounding property of those points is to be points of view, points with will, which perform åctions with the purpose mechanical or not, but probably felt in all scales as the inner freedom of the point, of obtaining ‘—motions’, information reproduction and social evolution. The 4 wills or whys of the Universe are indeed embedded in the postulates of i-logic geometry. The point to exist has to be complementary, to feed and gauge ‘—motions’ and information and to last beyond its wearing it has to form part of bigger social networks or reproduce itself to last beyond death.

This simple program self-selects those species that reproduce and evolve socially even if that contradicts the primary individual arrows of the point. Thus the engine of the contradictions of behavior of points is that tug of war between the Galilean paradox of all points which gauge bigger his nose than Andromeda but need to hunt in herds and control the forms of the Universe with self-similar minds, joined in networks, this eternal duality of freedom vs. order, individual ego vs. collective spirit.

Tƒ exist is to act with motion and form, trying to achieve the ‘arrows of time’ or will of the Universe – feeding your ‘—motions’ network, absorbing information for your informative network, reproduce your system and in doing so, starting an external process of social evolution with self-similar entities to yourself.

Those processes can be described with mathematics but we have to accept an intelligent, perceptive, fractal, self-similar Universe of infinite points of view gauging reality in a mechanical, vegetative or conscious way to explain why it happens. Their mathematical description stems from the duality between geometric form and logical function (hilomorphism).

Thus, the postulates of fractal i-logic geometry define also the basic arrows= cycles/dimensions of the Universe: the 1st and 5th postulate define a point as a system whose inner parts are able to transform and emit ‘—motions’ and information, Sp>Tƒ<Sp; the 2nd postulate defines an Sp X Tƒ wave of communication that reproduces ‘—motions’ and form between 2 fractal points; the 4th postulate defines the social evolution of a herd that creates a fractal plane – a network with dark spaces; and the 5th postulate explains a point mapping reality, as it absorbs ‘—motions’ and transforms it into information through its small apertures to the Universe. Since even a minimal quark, as Einstein affirms, should be crossed by a relative ∞ number of strong forces.

It is the organic will of all systems that search for those 4 arrows what makes the quark to exist as a knot of such flows of time arrows: a physical particle traces energetic cycles described by the principal quantum number; shapes the form of its trajectory, a fact explained by the secondary quantum number; iterates along the 3 coordinates in similar shapes, an act described by the magnetic number, and gauges information to evolve in social groups, a fact described by its spin number. And those 4 numbers define it as a Non-Euclidean quantum knot of complementary ‘—motions’ and information with a 4D will of time. And as it happens they express the 4 arrows of time: Sp->Principal number; I-> secondary number; Re-> spin number; 4-> social evolution: magnetic number.

Further on, we can reduce all those topologies of social numbers and networks to the canonical 3 topologies of a 4-dimensional Universe, proving that those 3 topologies have the properties of ‘—motions’, information and reproductive events.

And so we talk of 4 ‘arrows of time’ or dimensions of change that create the future: energetic and informative systems and events, which reproduce a wealth of self-similar beings that organize themselves into social networks, creating bigger wholes – new scales of reality. And this simple game of complementary beings that in favorable conditions reproduce self-similar beings, self-organized into bigger social networks becomes the why of all realities. Even the simplest particles, quarks of maximal information and electrons of maximal spatial extension and motion ‘decouple’, reproduce, when absorbing ‘—motions’ into self-similar forms, and associate in complementary networks called atoms, made with a central informative mass of quarks and an energetic, electromagnetic, wider body of electrons.

The 3rd paradigm of metric measure is not at ease with such ‘dynamic, spiritual concepts’, even if they can be described with the same mathematical formalisms as the previous example of the quantum numbers show. Those apprehensions however are dogmas, which stem from anthropomorphic beliefs.

Fact is that even the simplest complementary systems (quarks and electrons) interact together and if they can absorb more ‘—motions’=motion they are able to repeat=reproduce the cycles of its system. And so we talk of a 3rd reproductive system: from quarks and electrons, the fundamental particles of the Universe that decouple in new particles when they absorb new ‘—motions’ to living organisms, the fact that all is motion with form makes easy to reproduce those formal motions in an organic way. Thus the new concept of a world made of formal motions brings about also a more complex philosophy of reality – organicism. Organicism and its mathematical units, fractal points, that gather into social networks called topological spaces substitute the restricted concepts of Euclidean points, continuous spacetimes and mechanism, explaining why all those time cycles exist, guided by 4 time arrows: ‘—motions’ feeding, information gauging, reproduction and social evolution.

Those 4 categories are the so-called drives of living beings, the quantum numbers of particles, the 4 dimensions of our light space (electric-informative height, reproductive magnetic width, energetic length and social colors). Thus, there is a ‘Universal Plan’ with an existential finality: to create organic systems, departing from ‘—motions’ bites and information bits evolved 1st into social networks, then into complementary systems and finally into organic systems, news points of a bigger fractal whole: particles become atoms that become molecules that become cells, organisms, planets, galaxies and Universes. It is the 4th organic why that completes the adventure of science and this work explores in all its consequences.

Reality can be resumed in 2 words: networks, whose flows of exchange of ‘—motions’ and form creates the patterns and events of reality and organicism, the philosophy of reality based on them. Organicism means reality and all its fractal parts are made of vital spaces (bodies and forces) and time cycles (informations). We do not exist in an abstract background of time and space but we are made of time cycles and lineal spaces, cyclical and lineal strings if we were to use the restricted jargon of physics, a specific case of the wider jargon of general systems, which evolve socially to create the complex systems of each science.

Those wider, more complex definitions of time and space will substitute and absorb according to the Principle of Correspondence that makes each paradigm a particular case of the new, wider view, the limited concepts of a single space-time continuum and a mechanist description of the Universe, proper of the age of metric measure, which the pioneers of systems sciences and complexity have wrestled with throughout the XX century.

Recap. A Universe made of motions in time, extending through multiple scales of relative space, requires evolving the human languages of space (Euclidean geometry) and time (Aristotelian logic), used to describe the simpler space-time continuum of classic science. This task started by the pioneers of modern science (Riemann, Darwin, Planck and Einstein) must be completed before we can study the properties of physical and biological entities with the new tools of Non-Euclidean mathematics, which describe a world of multiple, relative space-time networks made of points as Complementary entities with energetic and informative system or ‘Points of view’ and the new tools of Non-Aristotelian logic, which describe the creation of the future by multiple causes – all the points of view or agents that create a certain network space.

The universe is a game of creation and destruction of networks of fractal knots of time cycles=st-points.

The minimal unit of the universe is a Non-Euclidean point/number, which classic mathematics defines as void of inner form and organic properties, to simplify the networks of numbers and point-like entities of the Universe for its geometric study. In reality though, points have breath; that is, they are real entities with ‘—motions’ and information parts, and so we have to upgrade Euclidean definitions of points, planes, lines and equality with the new tools of Fractal and Non-Euclidean mathematics to make the language of geometry closer to reality.

What mathematicians did was rather a runaway path. Because once geometers realized that multiple lines can cross a point, they could not use any longer the Euclidean definitions.

Now points, lines, planes and equality could no longer hold under the definitions of Euclid (points, lines and planes with no breadth), they remained undefined, when Hilbert, the father of modern mathematics affirmed ‘I imagine lines, points, planes…’.

Instead the proper solution was to redefine them in terms of their ‘inner parts’ as fractal points that grew in size when we observed them with a more detailed ‘hyperbolic geometrical view’, as that unveiled by non-E mathematics. So we ‘create new postulates of geometry’ by defining its essential elements, points, lines, planes and the laws of congruence (similarity) between them, as well as re-interpreting the concept of a Non-Euclidean point crossed by infinite parallels (5th postulate) in terms of a mind that absorbs flows of energy and information: O-mind x ∞ time cycles = ∏ime§paœ mapping.

So T.œ redefines points, planes and line-waves and their relative laws of equality (also called congruence) and continuity (which no longer holds), to refound mathematics on the basis of a far more realist view of its laws as ‘experimental laws’ that reflect the geometry of the 5th dimension and the complex casualty of a world with multiple time motions. And consider that those points with volume form social ‘numbers’, whose laws are therefore related to the laws of the 5th dimension that brings parts into social wholes.


In the blog I will pour all the work I’ve done on the study of 5D beings, since it is a fundamental step in the development of general systems sciences, which lacked a logic and mathematical formalism before.

We divide the exposition of the model in 4 sentences of increasing complexity of information written above:

The first sentence opens the analysis of the main elements of the Universe, a game of 5D space-time beings, travelling through its flows of spatial energy and temporal information (∆TS symmetries), which they absorb and emit through limbs/fields, bodies/waves and heads/particles in order to ‘exist≈survive’ in the Universe, as super organisms, made of those 3 ‘parts’ expressed in the generator equation, either as a fractal space-superorganism (synchronous view) or a world cycle of existence, sum of the relative infinitesimal number of space-time actions of exchange of energy and information deployed by the being:

5D time≈space  O-beings  exist thru   ∆TS symmetries   traveling as  world cycles oƒ  ∆±1 §uperorganisms:

So in the second line we study the infinite super organisms of the Universe that co-exist across 3 relative scales of size of the 5th dimension:

‘ ∆ ±∞:   ∆ ±|0:Math>  ∆+ 3:Astro≈ ∆-3:physics;  
∆ +2:Gaia> ∆ ±1:life> ∆+0:man<∆+1:history≤  ∆+2:metalearth

So the 2 first lines introduce the meaning of reality (first sentence) and describes its main beings in all the scales of relative size of the 5th dimension.

For more specific analysis, we study those species and scales, in the 3 and 4th lines, as each of those organic species lives its world cycle ‘absorbing, emitting and reproducing’ its Space-Time symmetries and dimensions:

10 ∆TSymmetries: 0mind 1Γenerator 2manifold 3ages 4±∆ctions 5Dƒractal 6motions 7C 8species 9§cale

So in the 3rd line we study in more detail the ‘isomorphic laws, or symmetries of space-time’ common to all beings, which is in essence the set of laws that all systems that exist obey as they perform its world cycles, and then in the 4th line we study each main species and plane of the Universe as a space-time being, following those isomorphic laws/space-time symmetries that describe both its structure in space and behaviour in time:

-|0Planes≈ 0|force  2atom 3mol 4,5matter 4cell 5life 5man 6.¹gaia 6²world 6³stock 7star 8galaxy 9cosmos ∞god


The web will be a work in progress, whose quality will constantly improve. As i am in poor health, the technique requires to pour first huge unpolished blocks, so the basics of GSΤ is conserved (first 2 lines completed in a rough manner by 2016), and then polishing them, while advancing in the 3rd and 4th, far more detailed analysis of all sciences and species with the isomorphic laws they obey, as ultimately all  of them are systems of scalar space-time: ∆SΤ.

So this central post makes a fast overview of those 4 lines, starting by a more precise definition of cyclical time, fractal space and the metric of the 5th dimension. A well-done, much wider introduction is given in the post on the 5th dimension’s scales: ∆ ±∞, which I advice to read next, for a whole overview of the Universe of space-time beings.

Let us consider its fundamental 3 elements, cyclical time, lineal space, and the 5th dimension of scales of size in space and speed of time clocks that order all the finite space-time beings of the Universe, from a more formal point of view.

Luis Sancho, General Systems Scientist. Chair of Duality at ISSS



From subjective myths and anthropomorphic ego trips into an objective view of the Pantheist Universe.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.17.39

Knowledge means an expansion of the human point of view from subjectivism to objectivism, from considering man the center of the Universe to realize we are part of a pantheist Universe in which all points of view have their own perspective. In the graph, the pre-scientific age of Abrahamic religions…

The evolution of knowledge consists in increasing the objective point of view of mankind, by going out of the infinitesimal, totally subjective, self-point of view into the infinite multiple points of views of the Universe:

– Hence from the ‘ego’ as center of the universe, proper of the earlier mythic age of primitive Indo-European tribes who thought each ego-individual to be a God (so Germans called themselves the tribe of Goths=gods) and today many self-ish still people believe to be the center of the world and nothing matters except them.

Then we moved into:

– The Semitic age of Abrahamic religions, in which the point of view grew to enclose the tribe as center of the Universe. So the subconscious collective of the tribe became God and the explanation of it all. And all other tribes were deemed inferior, not chosen of God. So the Assyrians called their God and capital Assur, their kings son of Assur and the Jewish called their God Yahweh, which was first a toponym for their land Judea (as written in Egyptian maps) and considered themselves the only chosen of God and called themselves Jewish, a word derived also of Judea. And today many people still believe those tribal ideologies and nothing matters except their tribe. But then we moved into:

– The first age of Mesopotamic, Egyptian and Greek science and global religions (Islam and Christianity) in which the earth, that is all human beings, became the center of the Universe. And so it was understood that the planet Earth was the body of God, and mankind, its collective subconscious the only intelligent being of the Universe.

This age had two versions, as always a new paradigm of wider knowledge on the nature of the Universe is ‘polluted’ by the previous paradigm:

The Jewish-Christian anthropomorphic version and the Greek, objective, logic version.

In the Jewish->Christian->Islamic version superstitions still mix with the understanding of astronomy while the Greek version was void of superstition.

Because superstitions and myths require ‘inquisitions of thought’ that prevent further evolution; the Jewish-Christian version no longer evolved. On the contrary it has its periodic revivals, when as it is today new forms of censorship are established to prevent any criticism of ‘their beliefs’. So today we have political correctness, Jihad Islam, the industry of the holocaust, religious revivalism and all kind of rhetoric in favor of ‘beliefs’, including massive amounts of audiovisual emotional myths and money ab=used to expand Abrahamic religions that must be respected… to ensure a growing degradation of our knowledge of the Universe.

The next stage. Stience with cosmic bodies at its center.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.18.32

In the next stage Copernicus simplified the Ptolemaic system that had gone too far in his attempt to explain more facts beyond the simple sun-earth-moon relationships for which it was created.

For that reason it would be the Greek version the only one that would evolve further from the first Greek science with the Earth as center into the 2nd Greek and 1st western tradition with the sun as its center.

So from Aristarchus, which Copernicus read and annotated in his manuscript to Galileo, we evolved further our point of view, coming out of Planet Earth and making the sun the relative center of the Universe.

But men were still the only intelligent, worthy being of that Universe so Kepler wrote ‘God has waited 5500 (Biblical years) to find an intelligence like his’. Here the reader should observe how religious anthropomorphic beliefs still crept into this paradigm. And they still are part of modern science. So Newton thought God sent him comets as messages. Einstein said that if his theory was wrong ‘God had to correct the Universe, as it was so beautiful’ (here you can see Einstein’s ego-trips as individual and perhaps as a tribal son of God).

This is important to remember because the 5th Dimension’s paradigm has none of it.

And it is important for two reasons:

– On one side those first scientists established a theory of philosophy of science called ‘mechanism’ according to which the new machines they used to measure time -human clocks – and space – human telescopes became the model of the Universe. This was another form of anthropomorphism. Now human-made machines were God, the seer of time and space (definition of God by Saint Augustine). So Kepler said that ‘God was a clocker’ and Einstein said that ‘time is what a clock measures’.

But mechanism requires an external God to make the mechanism – machines are not self-generated. This Leibniz, the first true predecessor of the 5th dimension, noticed and laughed at Newton. Since when some errors of orbital motion were discovered -as the case of Mercury, Newton said it was Ok and God will repair them. And Leibniz said if God existed the Universe would be made perfect not with errors to correct latter.

While Landau laughed at Einstein’s definition of time as what a clock measures. So he said referring to the fact that in quantum physics you cannot measure the position of a particle in time and space with total precision (uncertainty principle) that he could according to Einstein, since he just measured the position and then looked at his watch.

So the reader should understand that previous egocentric, tribal, mechanist paradigms of man as a superior species are still common in science. The last case is the ideology of anthropomorphism called ‘anthropic principle’, which the Israeli scholar Mr. Bekenstein has imposed in pseudo-scientific media  according to which the Universe has the parameters it has so that man could be created.

It also creeps in places like CERN which worship a machine and expect that black holes, which in the Universe devour planets, stars and galaxies (quasars), will be harmless, for no proved reason except the human belief that we are too important to be erased by a tiny black hole…

– Which leads to the second problem of anthropomorphic beliefs: they do not work in praxis, as they confront the multiple points of view of the Universe each of them king of the hill, provoking constant conflict.

So the reader should not be surprised that the Germans, the most ego-centric people of the ancient world have entered unending wars with neighbors, massacring them and dying till becoming a tiny nation with a dying language.

– Now parallel to the Copernican revolution, there was the Buddhist and Darwinian revolution which made us just part of a web of life and so we were all similar, from the monkey to the worm to the rat to the human and all forms of life were worthy.  But of course the previous paradigms kept fighting the new paradigm and so in the American Biblical Belt Darwin is taboo and the very religious merchant of death, Mr. Nobel forbids to give Nobel prizes to evolutionists, as it considers it a non proved theory.

So let us resume this first age of knowledge:

We moved from ego to tribe to mankind and the Earth, to the Sun and life as centers of the Universe with periodic regression and the error of mechanism that worships the machines that measure time and space.

All those phases provoke conflict with other relative points of view, from individuals who are selfish – German paradigm – and kill each other as autist beings (America, where German influence is enormous), or tribes who kill each other in permanent conflict or mankind at large in permanent conflict with Gaia, the world of life, and now due to CERN’s madness with the top predator points of view of the Universe – the black holes for whom really galaxies are made. Since we observe black holes all over the galaxy commanding all their processes.

So knowledge is important not only per Sp but because a proper objective knowledge helps our survival as individuals, tribes and species. But all those who hold a subjective, lesser form of knowledge go down from reason to believe and use all kind of emotional myths and painful repressive inquisitions to maintain their truths as sacred. So they never evolve caught in their own web of self-serving lies, because as Nietzsche put it ‘the most difficult lies to deny are those we make about ourselves’.


– The point of view moves away from humans to enclose a wider part of the Universe. Thus, humans become ever more smaller as objective scientific knowledge advances… but

– Paradoxically the less important we feel and the more objective we are about our relative position in time and space, the better chances we have to survive, as we collaborate among humans with the power of social evolution, we respect the action-reaction processes of the Universe and all their points of view, not ab=using nature and other human beings, and so the paradox is that the less ego we have the better off we are.

The Newtonian paradigm.

The renaissance, the discovery of artillery and the birth of capitalism was accompanied by mental, social and geographical r=evolution. First, the Iberians greatly extended the boundaries of the known world and the Italians produced a revolution in the minds of men, which became the center of our civilization. So space came to dominate time, outward motions, inward reflections, and ‘locomotion’, the only motion of the 6 canonical forms (generation, evolution, growth, diminution, extinction and locomotion), needed to understand cannons became the supreme ‘motion’, to understand.

It meant also the division between philosophers and social and biological scientists, still interested in the organic 5 motions of the worldcycle of life and death, on one side, and physicists and ‘people in power’, interested in external motions, whereas only ‘extinction’, death, entropy, among the internal motions of beings mattered.

When this ‘lineal, simplified, military, worldview’ of reality expanded into the study of the heavens, astrology – a magic interest on the internal nature of stars as organisms and its relationships with humans – died away. Stars thus became also points in motion. Of course astrology was not science, but it showed where the interest of the human lied before the artillery revolution – on the inner nature and organic connections between beings. So astronomers like Brahe were first court astrologers and in the spare time worried to calculate the stars locomotions.

The end of the 15th century saw the creative activity of the great artist-humanists Leonardo and Michelangelo, which gave new meaning to the perception through human senses of the space, reaching the zenith of western art. Yet also this humanist, organic view of space, captured by the eye, gave way with the use of telescopes to mechanical space measures, and soon the verbal time, expressed with words will give way to the mechanical time, measure with clocks, and words were replaced by numbers.

In that sense, the renaissance was brief, perhaps too brief, the final epitome of the human organism perceiving ‘alone’ the World from the human perspective with its visual and verbal, space-time senses.

Navigation now developed hand in hand with astronomy, as stars guided boats, precise measures were needed, and new instruments develop to improve empire building. Gunboats became the essential weapon of the age and spyglasses to see enemy ships became precursors of telescopes.

In 1543 Copernicus published his work “On the revolution of the heavenly bodies,” which completely changed the face of astronomy; in 1609 appeared the “New astronomy” of Kepler, containing his first and second laws for the motion of the planets around the sun, and in 1618 his book “Harmony of the world,” containing the third law. Galileo, on the basis of his study of the works of Archimedes and his own bold experiments, laid the foundations for the new mechanics, an indispensable science for the newly arising technology.

In 1609 “Galileo directed his recently constructed telescope, though still small and imperfect, toward the night sky; the first glance in a telescope was enough to destroy the ideal celestial spheres of Aristotle and the dogma of the perfect form of celestial bodies. The surface of the moon was seen to be covered with mountains and pitted with craters. Venus displayed phases like the Moon, Jupiter was surrounded by four satellites and provided a miniature visual model of the solar system. The Danish astronomer Ole Rømer in 1676 used those satellites to measure the speed of light at 240.000 km/s. The Milky Way fell apart into separate stars, and for the first time men felt the staggeringly immense distance of cosmos.

And so each new advance that took man outside its inner world and point of view, made distances, space, locomotions, speeds and the outer physical reality more important.

Time thus became reduced to locomotion and ‘entropic death’ (the main result of war and cannonballs). And clocks to measure the rhythms of artillery and spyglasses to look far away substituted verbs that measured the rhythms of the human soul and eyes that painted the world from the human point of view, introducing those vibrations of the soul that subtly distorted the image offered by the artist – the elongation of “Greco’s’ spiritual paintings along the dimension of height, the contortions and excessive warping of the first baroque painters in the 3rd age of renaissance, the death of the Latin World, happened then along the first simpler, lineal age of protestant churches and naked cult to the ‘individual ego’, and its ‘faith’:

– This 3rd baroque and 1st puritan age showed that a civilization died in its 3rd age, southern, Greek-Italian-Iberian humanist cultures while a new simpler human world was born in northern Europe.

Of course, humans still needed to understand the 6 motions of time, the 5 inner ‘biological’ motions of the worldcycle of life and death, and the outer ‘physical motions’ of objects, but the new Northern culture had done a curious split between them, which we call the ‘technological paradox’: the understanding of the inner motions of biological beings regressed to its most primitive religious forms, as human artistic senses loose prestige, (puritans would destroy art in churches), while the outer study of locomotions with the new mechanical instruments for time and space (clocks and telescopes), will further evolve.

So biological sciences would die away for 3 centuries till microscopes and chemistry allowed the rebirth of medicine with Pasteur, and evolutionary theories the rebirth of biology with Darwin. This impressive 3 hundred years silence of true science on the 5 organic motions, would be substituted, with the literalist meaning of the bible and its ego-trips, for inward explanations on the nature of man.

It is important to stress this gap. Medicine was not a science till 1873 when Pasteur was accepted in the academie of medicine; Biology till 1859, with Darwin’s book on evolution and History till 1867 with the publication of Das Kapital; completed with Spengler’s Der Untergang des Abendlandes, 1918; (The Decline of the West). And even after this scientific birth, history as a science has been defeated by capitalism and the book of history of the Jews, (the bible), which now have again imposed its revival of the mythic view of mankind as the center of the Universe.

Of course, from the perspective of the science of history, there is an easy explanation on how the dominant people-castes of the west – the jewish-germanic elite – uses financial, mathematical and literary information to further his worldview, backed by artillery. But what matters here is this paradoxical opposition between a full understanding of the internal motions and organic nature of man, and its superorganism of history vs. the outer locomotions of physicists as the only ‘knowledge that matters’ about time.

Both have gone hand in hand, in as much as the physicist, biblical, military worldview became dictatorial, reducing as irrelevant, the knowledge of the inner motions and biological organic development of any system of the Universe.

This is the essence of physical reductionism, and its sin. It is Ok to study locomotions as long as the other 5 motions were recognized. But they are not. 3 hundred years of hiatus between Copernicus, artillery and the development of medicine, biology and history as a science, shunned off by Abrahamic cults, truly explains the bias against humanism and organicism in the history of western knowledge. And because this is a power-world view, reason has never made inroads. Today we assist in fact to an attack on biology, evolution, on the schools of America, even an attack on medicine by biblical sects against blood transfusion or vaccination.

Mechanicism and power.

‘A technological civilisation is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done if it is technologically possible. If it is possible to construct nuclear weapons, even if they can destroy us all, they must be constructed. Once this principle is accepted humanist values are dethroned and the evolution of the machines becomes the foundation of ethics.‘ Eric Fromm

AND YET, ORGANIC theories of the universe are and will be denied by mechanicism, as long as power converts the machine in the center of our civilization.

Τhis denial of the unity of all systems of nature means that:

– On one side the inner properties and motions of physical systems, were reduced to external locomotions, and physics became reduced to the study of 1/3rd of reality – studying locomotions and entropy-extinctive motions. Only in the XX century, with the birth of quantum physics and relativity, physics retook the study of ‘non-lineal’, ‘quantum’ analysis of the discontinuous, cyclical, inner elements of physical systems, and its temporal informative nature.

But the reductionism of considering everything a lineal locomotion or an entropic expansive motion had overdeveloped so much that it biased quantum and relativity, propagating in the new avant-garde sciences its errors. So curved Relativity geometries ended up sponsoring a lineal big-bang theory of entropic explosions as origin of the Universe. And quantum physics failed to fully explain the distorting geometries, and organic properties of systems, in which the 3 elements of all organic realities, the limbs-fields of entropy, the body-waves and the particle-heads of information, come together to create a physical organism.

The philosophy of ‘dead matter’ has never been challenged. This I noticed when I was a reputed scholar, before my activism eliminated me ad hominem from scientific conferences, and tried to explain people that quarks and electrons, the simplest particles do reproduce with the same pattern that we humans do, by emitting a seminal flow of energy and information, often in opposite ‘sexual spins’, which gave birth in the point of fusion to a mass of smaller quark-itos or electrons. This is a fact, but often meant the audience would leave the room, if the conference was among physicists, the reaction was even more negative. And yet, only n organic inner explanation of the 5 motions of physical systems, from generation through evolution, growth, diminution and extinction, can make sense of quantum physics in the smaller scales of reality and of gravitation in the larger scales.

– On the other side the religious, self-centered deformation of human socio-biological cycles, reduced for 300 years, (ad eternal in historic sciences), the development of social and biological sciences. The answers to the meaning of life were supposed to be revealed in a Bronze Age Book of History – a lore of tribal, racist, primitive mythic, selfish thoughts, which still ‘enlightens’ the soul of most of the inhabitants of the dominant nation of the world (America). The consequences of this fact are daring. It probably will mean the extinction of our species, unable to realize of the organic nature of the Universe and its new budding species on Earth (robots and organic, self-feeding black hole and strangelet nuclear bombs). As we chosen humans, center of the Universe, are ‘immortal’, protected by God, and can play ball with any top predator species, call it Terminator or Black hole.

It had of course a heavy toll on the scientific design of our societies, which have rejected the natural models of ‘superorganisms’, which could build a perfect world, imitating Nature, where all cells of a body do receive enough blood-money to survive (the equivalent of a Universal salary) and demand the Welfare goods they need as biological beings. This part of science was never developed, beyond some insights of socialist and historic schools. Indeed, amazing as it seems, History and Economics has never been a science, able to predict and design the species it studies – the superorganisms of history.

And this fact shows in the growing self-suicidal destruction of our planet, in which most humans maintain a primitive tribal, bronze age Abrahamic concept of what our species, its needs and future must be. Again reason does not work. Any attempt to explain the infantile psyche of the so-called western white man meets with ad hominem attacks, often death by weapons or poverty (in the more radical Jewish and Arab, zealot and jihadist, capitalist and militaristic cultures of America, Israel and Islam).

The white man has no interest in reason, a sustainable world, a future in which he is not the center of the Universe and the faith in its ego-trips and super-hero fantasies the meaning of it all. It prefers to die in defense of those tribal or selfish myths that yield to reason and survive.

This is the outlook of philosophy of knowledge today. A wasteland. And as mental machines further reduce the human collective psyche, down the road of lesser emotional, infantile thought, and humans loose their final verbal, temporal skills as or children stop reading, we can see the organic process of human extinction, as ‘natural’ according to the laws of survival of the fittest species.

Men is not making the cut in that sense as a species. He rejects his evolution through the 5th dimension of organic, social parts that become a stronger, social whole joined by the power of eusocial love. It rejected the rights of life and the planet it hosts it to have a healthy balanced organic ecosystem. It worshipped the species that will substitute and extinguish her to have trips of added metal power. And it reduced its social, ethic and intellectual brain to a series of studies of locomotions and canon shots. And while doing all this, it kept pumping its ego, rejecting all criticism, murdering all alternative philosophies of the Universe, silencing all opposition to its bid for extinction.

And so now, we can only expect the Newtonian action-reaction of the Universe against that monstrous abortion of Nature, the never born superorganism of history, which has become powerless against physicists’ weapons, Abrahamic racist cults against other forms of life including other humans, and the machine that devours us all.

In that regard there is little to do for a ‘philosopher of science’ or ‘ethic’ person to steer the path of the world, as anyone who has fought against the supreme idiocy, eviL=anti-live memes and one-dimensional worldview of ‘physicists’, ‘believers’ and ‘degenerated selfie humans of the present ‘zero generation’, well knows. You can help a few people in direct ‘medical endeavors’, but history seems beyond cure.  And somehow I have come to realize it is right. In the sense that if humans are so deluded, ignorant and eviL, so infinitesimal and yet so infinite in their egos, such empty bubbles floating in their virtual worlds, it is better to leave them to their own.

This is perhaps what I learned after fighting CERN for so long. The gap between the intelligence and ethic of ‘the physicists’, which on top are considered by the rest of the species, the highest minds of mankind, and the mean ethics and intelligence of the Universe is so immense that it is impossible to rise them to a minimum worth to save. What is the meaning of one’s existence in such a world? The answer of course is that existence suffices in itself. To be is all what is left to each of us. And to be is to play the game of life and love. In my case, gifted with this empathy with the organic laws of the Universe, to be is to perceive with an empty ego, knowing I am only human, the astounding perfection of the living, fractal Universe, and the unity of all its parts, which share the same properties. I am no longer fighting for mankind. The species is ‘gone’, mentally so sick that to bring it to sanity is beyond any meaningful effort.

In that sense, the opening of this new section, which no doubt will be met with indifference, is an activity of self-reflection. The beauty of the Universe is immense, and it is meaningful enough to have contemplated it and bear witness of what it has been seen.

Humans will have their reward. They are busy busy like ants building a tower of mud, which the pee of the Gods will soon erase. Yet the fact that a few of us from Aristotle, through Buddha, from Leonardo to Leibniz ‘knew how to see’, ‘wiesen’, saper vedere, means that there should be many Avatar like planets of the fractal Universe, where a better variation of the species understood the perfection of the organic Universe, a planet where people like Galileo or Newton were judged as what they are, maker of weapons, evil-doers, simpletons of…

Lineal Physics.

In theoretical terms, simple locomotion analysis meant that lineal, external motions dominated all studies and cyclical or inner motions mattered not, despite the obvious cyclical nature of the Universe and all its parts, both in space (as clarified latter by Gravitational Relativity and quantum particles, whose species were all moving in cyclical paths) and time – as all cyclical organic motions from birth through evolution growth and diminution into extinction are world cycles NOT worldlines.

In that regard, all modern developments in mathematics and physics consider lineal inertial systems, just a short small view of cyclical, accelerated/decelerated systems – such is the case of the pan geometry of Lobachevski, where only for reduced distances space is Euclidean, becoming exponential, hyperbolic for larger ones; of the study of General Relativity and the motions of the galaxy at large scale, where all motions happen in an accelerated galactic vortex, towards its center; in the study of fields; in the study of fractal spaces; in the study of Earth geodesics that only in short distances become planes; in the study of life cycles that only in small moments become invariable, in the study of the theory of Lineal Functions and Analysis, where only in short distances a curve function is approximated by a lineal tangent, etc. etc. we shall consider the lineal concepts of time and space, a limit of a much larger cyclical view of the Universe.

It will then be evident through a survey of the fundamental opposition between the worldview of physicists and Philosophers of science that advanced both opposite world views of time and space – Galileo vs. Descartes, Newton vs. Leibniz, Darwin vs. Clausius; Hawking vs. Sancho that T..O.E vs. T.Œ gives us a very different outlook of the Universe. One describes only the how of reality, and its small details. While T.Œ gives us the larger whys and the thoughts of God.

We divide the introductory article on T.Œ in 3 parts. First we consider  the work of the previous masters of Philosophy of Science, confronted with the vision of physicists, to fully grasp the importance of its statements, and advance further their views to form an organic whole.

In the second part, we describe the fundamental system of the universe which is a fractal space-time super organism extended across 3 relative scales of size of the 5th dimension (the quantum/cellular ∆-1 scale, the thermodynamic-organic, ∆-scale, and the gravitational/ecosystemic ∆+1 scales.

And introduce the 3 ages of time, which resume the ‘world cycle’ (no longer a worldline as physicists put it, since cyclical time has more dimensions, it is a world cycle), of all beings, between youth and old, informative age, between conception and extinction, and the logic formalism needed to describe it (the generator equation).

Finally in the 3d part we make a fast survey of the main sciences of mankind, describing them with the isomorphic laws of all fractal space-time super organisms, and its world cycles, starting from mathematical geometries into astrophysics, biology and social sciences.

Descartes vs. Galileo: Knowledge vs. power.

But nobody understood among physicists, because while Galileo had failed to be ‘the delight of philosophers’, his lineal time had become of great use to artillery masters, which carried the day and made him and his family, dedicated to manufacture ‘military instruments’, among them the famous ‘spy-glasses’, today called telescopes that allowed the Venetian navy to see on advance the enemy fleet, one of the wealthiest men of renaissance Italy.

Descartes meanwhile had to make his living selling his mind to ‘artillery masters’, till queen Cristina, the ‘Minerva of the north’, knowing he had a poor health, perversely made the 53-year-old Descartes rise before 5:00 AM to give her philosophy lessons, even though she knew of his habit of lying in bed until 11 o’clock in the morning.

She also ordered him to write verses to celebrate her role in the Thirty Years’ War, where one third of the German people die, and the statutes for a Swedish Academy. She had no role whatsoever on the war, but his father, Gustav, had r=evolved the science of ballistics, as an artillery master, massing up canons instead of soldiers, for which he was called a Genius. It was all in the family. His grand-father Charles who usurped the throne pronounced the sentence ‘Bellum ipse alleat’, ‘war feed itself’, starting the trend of Western nations to dedicate most of their resources to war, to feed its cannonballs while most people at home and abroad died of hunger.

Descartes yielded though to Minerva, the Roman Goddess of war… and the arts – what those 2 things have to do, nobody really knew, except the shrewd military caudillos and artillery masters that sell their craft – murdering life – with the propaganda of knowledge and beauty, which seems to be acquired in the carnage of battlefields and through the study of entropy, lineal cannonballs and death, properly glorified by Hymns, military marches and battle pictures since the times of Assurbanipal and his low-relief, lineal walls, and dying lioness.

So while delivering hymns and statutes to the queen at 5:00 AM, Descartes caught pneumonia and died, saying, laconically, ‘in winter men’s thoughts freeze like the water’.

And so his most important discovery along analytic geometry, the nature of the 3 elements in which reality is founded, Vital spaces, enclosed by Time cycles, perceived by a o-mind, floundered for a long century.

Meanwhile artillery masters prospered, as the forebears of the makers of all the weapons of mass destruction of the future, and so did Swedish Minervas, and Academies, till Mr. Nobel, the inventor of the dynamite, biggest producer of weapons of the XIX c. nicknamed the ‘Merchant of death’, became the wealthiest man of his age, and like Minerva, instituted the Saint Nobels of the Dynamite, to convert artillery masters in the Popes of Science. He though forbade to give it to any evolutionary thinker, since being a pious believer in Yahweh, and the manifest destiny of lineal time, could not conceive the concept of a r=evolution of times.

In fact, besides physicists only Abrahamic Religions, not exactly a science, do believe in a lineal ‘future’, of a ‘chosen species’, which will reunite with a mythic God of the Bronze Age… And not surprisingly Newton, the next ‘physicist’ who made absolute lineal time sacred dedicated most of his time to Biblical studies, was obsessed by Apocalypse and considered lineal time the absolute proof of the existence of Yahweh. And Kepler said ‘God has waited 5000 years – the biblical age of the creation of the world – to find an intelligence likes his (Kepler of course) to understand his clock-work. Today a priest, Lemaitre ‘discovered’ the lineal big bang, which is just a creationist version of it.

The answer then of why western physicists believe and force feed their equations with such concept that so much confuses our understanding of the Universe, against all reason in lineal time should be obvious to the few humans who can ‘reason’ and accept ‘criticism’, instead of belief and memory: the founding fathers’, Abrahamic religion and the worldly profession of most of them – to make weapons that deliver lineal energy and machines that move fast.

Now, a pause. Let us be clear enough, philosophers of science love physics, how couldn’t be otherwise.

Physics is the Universe in its entire description through its 6 motions of time, in its whole and its parts, with all the properties, organic, mathematical≈mental and inorganic, derived from those 6 motions, even if we are aware of the shortcomings of lineal physicists, with its obsession for locomotions and the ego-trips of their human mind, so often as the case of Kepler, Newton and the authors of the big-bang ‘polluted’ by the lineal concept of time of Abrahamic, anthropomorphic religions.

Descartes was also a physicist, besides a mathematician, and a philosopher. It is though important to distinguish between ‘physics’, the universe in its full description, which we shall call as part of T.Œ, Astrœ-physics (-; and ‘physicists’, the lineal point of view of the world of artillery masters and Abrahamic Believers – which IS culture not science, as it reduces physics to locomotion.

We shall therefore study here as a philosopher of science, in the full tradition of the word, astrœ-physics and if this post is found in the larger web on the full T.Œ, all other sciences with the 6 motions.

This said it is obvious that today the philosopher of science has no dictum, and his wider view is ignored. Moreover, as the physicist bullied its limited view with artillery masters, and the parallel inquisitions of Abrahamic religions and anthropomorphic beliefs kept imposing its lineal vision of Nature over that of Darwin and Evolution, the philosopher of science reduced its inquire to what today we study in philosophy of science – the scientific method, which is ONLY the first step of T.Œ.

We thus regain with our work, the true purpose of philosophy of science, which was carried about by Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, Darwin and Hegel (and its disciples in social sciences, Marx, Kondratieff, Spengler, and finally the practitioners of systems sciences and theory of information, albeit poisoned by the lineal concepts of Physics – Shannon’s definition of information as lineal messages, etc.)

Unfortunately the limits of inquiring only lineal time motions to explain the meaning of it all, amounts to a constant deformation of reality similar to that of the Abrahamic cults or the Ptolemaic use of the Earth as the enter of the Universe.

Yet those limits are today ignored, by the imposition mainly through the power of technology and the propaganda of those who create machines and weapons as the ‘seers’ of time (the old definition of Augustine of ‘God’) of a reductionist view of lineal motion as all what is worth to know about times.

So of course, it is necessary to make also ethic statements on the worldly profession of physicists –to make weapons of lineal energetic motions – to account for many of its theories of time – in fact all of them, Galilean’s artillery motions; Clausius, entropic, steam-machine motions and Gamow’s, big bomb bang theory of the Universe. This is a topic, but topics exist because they carry truths, and they endure when censorship of their truths oblige them to become topics.



Let us then define the symbolism of Existential algebra and study its main equation, from where we shall deduce all other isomorphisms of the Universe.

Existential Algebra. Main symbols of relational space-time and its isomorphisms.

The operations and equations of relational space-time are written with a new logic/mathematical formalism that upgrades Aristotelian and Euclidean logic and geometry into i-logic (next letter) Geometry, which includes and fusions both, the laws of the 3 arrows of time and the laws of the networks of fractal points, which through its symmetries or dualities of form and function, O and |, lower and upper i-scales of the 5th dimension, and the common laws extracted from them (isomorphisms), define all the events and forms in existence.

Thus to define any system of reality we need to define the 5 logic ‘isomorphisms’ proper of any system of space-time, its 0-point or function of existence, its spatial membranes, its time ages, its universal planes and its actions of existence.

And the related 4 organic isomorphisms, related to the 5th dimension, and its metrics and quantitative values: the ‘6th isomorphism’ of social classes, vital constants, creative diversification and social planes.

Thus all equations of all sciences that explains all space-time events of the Universe will be related to those 10 isomorphisms, themselves related to the 3 (x3) isomorphisms of time, space and the scalar fifth dimension, themselves derived from the 3 inversions of space-time (inversion of form-motion, O-| and | _).

Thus we shall use a first greek letter for all equations, which will be in our formulae attached to those 10 isomorphisms and its derived elements. As the field is truly extensive we also used a few more symbols found in qwert keys and wordpress:

  • T.Œ: Theory of Everything, as all is a Timespace Œ-point. Thus the symbol represent any Time Existence and the sum of all those Exi=st¡ences, described by different science of space-time beings. Therefore it also represents the Unification of all the scales of the 5th dimension, that is, of all its ST¡ences and all its Existences, which we achieve studying  i=ts 10 isomorphisms, through:
  • Non-Æ=i-logic mathematics: The dual formalism of Non-Æ=i: Non-Aristotelian Logic and Non-Euclidean mathematics=i-logic mathematics (as i is the following vowel after A and E, and also the symbol of information, carried in time cycles and now by the inversion of ‘dominance’ between time and space, the leading element, as opposed to energy).
  • Æ: Existential Algebra in time, symmetric to the spatial Œ-geometry of fractal points with parts:
  • Œ, Φ: first isomorphism: The function of existence in time, and its beats or galilean paradox (space and time parameters, and still-motion beats). Or the knot of space-time cycles in space, the ‘Existential O-point’.
    • Space, still form. Whereas _S is lineal dimensions and O-S informative geometries.
    • E, Energy and spatial energy which combines lineal forms and motions, dominant in space.
    • Time cycles and cyclical Form
    • o, I: Information which combines cyclical form and motion, dominant in time-clocks.
    • Φ: The existential function in ‘action’, with its time cycle and its polar lineal axis and its beats, O<|>O.
  • B, S: 2nd isomorphism: The Bi-dimensional structure of all SPACE-§time systems and its 3 topological varieties, toroid limbs, hyperbolic waves-bodies and spherical heads-particles.
  • Ω, W: 3rd isomorphism of time: The three motions of time together that form a World cycle with 3 ages: the entropic, past motion, iterative present motion and future informative motion. We use the last Omega letter because this isomorphism is indeed the alpha and omega of reality, and it shows its 3 ages in its 3 parts, cyclical but moving along a line-duration:
    • T, Te, <: Lineal time or past entropic motion. Whereas < is the dynamic symbol of existential algebra.
    • Tƒ, To, >: Future time and its cyclical informative, old age formal motions.
    • STi, ≈: Present spacetime, which combines both in waves and bodies of physical and biological systems.
    • Æ. The existential algebra of 3 time arrows that upgrades aristotelian logic.
  • Λ4th isomorphism. The fifth dimension of scalar space-time, its Universal, U±4 planes and i±1 super organisms:
    • Γ. Gamma, the symbol for the Generator Equation or Universal Grammar/Syntax that develops the existential algebra, Æ, or metrics of the 5th dimension.
    • Û, U±i The symbol for Universal planes of the 5th dimension, which are born after 10 up to 10 points of the logarithmic scale of those 5D planes, sum of infinitesimals, gives birth to a new Point.
    • ∫:Addition of discrete constant or time-variable elements, and symbols of the integrals of infinitesimals into wholes.
    • i: scales of the 5th dimension.
    • W: Wholes that become relative Ui+1 Universals of its indivisible infinitesimal fractal points.
    • ∂, i: Indivisible, infinitesimals, that gather together into wholes.
  • A, ∆: 5th isomorphism. The 5 actions of existence, ∆a, ∆e, ∆i, ∆o, ∆u, accelerations, energy feeding, iterative reproduction, observer’s perception and universals creation of wholes that determine the events of any species of the Universe.
  • ⇑, ˆ: in-Form-ative arrow from lower planes to larger ones, from past to future.
  • ⇓, ˇ: Motion arrow from upper planes to lower ones, from future to past.
  • ◊: Dual unstable motion that creates a Darwinian event, Se <> To
  • X:Dual stable motion that creates an Se>Str<To, stable steady state system with a relative future particle-head and a relative past field-limb
  • «, ¬, i-2: Death event/arrow which means 2 descents in the planes of the 5th dimension, after the entity changes from |-temporal high dimensional, perceptive state, into _ plane, flat death state, and then disintegrates twice down the scales of the 5th dimension.
  • Ξ6th isomorphism: The 3 social classes, that all organic systems display across its 3 fundamental i±1 scales of the 5th dimension. Also the symbol for an organism, along with Ui±1.
  • K: 7th Isomorphism of Universal and Vital constants, which are ratios between the Se and To components of the being.
  • Ψ, ¥:  8th Isomorphism of creation that diversifies any space-time into 3 sub-species dominant in energy, information and reproductive qualities or creation based in the dualities, ¥, of motion-form, O| and |_.
  • §:  n≈o-9: 9th isomorphism of social scales, which divides each 10¹º Universal plane in 9 smaller social scales (represented by the double S symbol, which forms a central o-points and move upwards the scales of reality, and the numeral, to distinguish it form the i-numeral used in the next architectonical ‘larger whole’ of Universal planes. Since those social scales, finally become integrated by a 0-point into the 10th scale, 1st point of the Ui+1 Universal. Thus each universal plane is made of 10 series of social Planes, in a decametric, logarithmic scale of 10-points societies.
  • Ρ±i, U±i: 10th isomorphism: Universal Plane, which again restarts a decametric, 3×3+o larger scale of wholes.
  • ¶:   ∑Œi-1>∏Ui:  The process of emergence of a social herd into a larger Social Plane as a new Universal i+1 point.
  • Θ, Œ Z0th isomorphism of the self, zero-point or mind, in static, spatial, formal perceptive mode, intimately related to the observer’s perception of information. Needless to say this isomorphism is also related to the 0,1, function of existence, œ. It is best understood in mathematical terms as the definition of a fractal point, which is the minimal unit of the mathematical universe, the ‘first’ number in sequential time, the first form in spatial extension.
  • Thus as we build non-non euclidean geometry, we will find lines as waves, planes as networks and use also:
    • N: Networks of space-time points, which create the formal functions of the systems and organs of all beings.
    • ∑: The association across a single spatial sheet in democratic herds of elements of ‘gaseous’, entropic limbs/fields and liquid bodies/waves, where each cell relates only to those closer to it in the adjacent neighbourhood.
    • Perpendicular, darwinian relations, as opposed to:
    • Parallel, democratic, eusocial relation. Both defined by the 3rd non-e postulate of relative equality.
    • ∏: The association in networks of points in a hierarchical, tighter, solid configuration, where each elements relates through ‘axons’ to all others.
    • The Universal Grammar of all minds, with its 3 elements: subject(information)<Verb(ST-action)>Object(energy)

We shall often use terms of physics, and in general respect its notation, when not in confusion with the aforementioned letters. For example:

  • M: The active magnitude, mass or charge (unified with 5D Metrics), which is the informative, cyclical element of:
  • MV:Instead of P used for planes we use MV for lineal momentum of the system, the spatial-energetic, lineal combined element, inverse to:
  • H: Instead of L, used for length dimension, we use H, the planck unit of angular momentum and physical action, which is expressed with the same dimensions.
  • The force of a system, and so on…

Thus the reader will observe through those mnemotecnic logic and visual symbols, related to the isomorphic laws of fractal space times they describe the pantheist Universe in all its splendour (-; We shall thus in this iteration dwell further into the meaning and structures of ‘Fractal, isomorphic (5D) space times’, of the i=ts of reality.


The bias of antrhopomorphic, self-centered Ptolemaic physics.

It is not the physical system, what is different from any other space-time system but the ways humans have come to describe them, as it is not the quantum system different from the gravitational system, but the deformed perspective of man, sandwiched between them, which has an elliptic view of the larger sizes and a hyperbolic view of the lower scales.

So the perception of man is what distorts our perception of physics, but once we put physics on the same jargon that all other fractal 5D space-time systems, physical systems will appears as all other systems – even if human ego centered paradox (we measure reality from our p.o.v.) will make us always doubt that a planet might perceive gravitational flows in its central crystal, feed on its quanta and grow, through the absorption of gravitational waves, particles do reproduce when absorbing energy, and any atom has the same organic properties that carbohydrates – the difference being of complexity not of species.

As it happened when Copernicus put the sun in the center (the conceptual advance) and Kepler and then Newton realized this simplified enormously the equations of the Universe according to the Principle of Truth called Ockham’s razor (which we shall call here ‘Simplicity’, S), the ‘Fractal Universe become soon simple and not malicious’.

Complexity is transferred to the ‘primary elements’, the laws of fractal space, cyclical time and 5D scales (ab.∆), and Simplicity is displayed by all the ternary entities that follow ∆ST laws. So once we understand time cycles, the 5 main rules of epistemology of truth in science will work to explain it all ‘simple’ and not ‘malicious’.

The laws of the scientific method: T.œ=Sc³

Thus we put the organic paradigm in a formula that paraphrase Einstein’s famous one: T.Œ=Sc³.

We extract them some simple acronym words that describe what must be truth in reality.

It means that all what is Truth is a Time space Organism, extended across 3 scales of Energy and Information. (T.Œ). And that such system is able to describe everything according to the rules of:

– Œ; Logic Objectivity and Experimental evidence, the two fundamental parameters of any theory of truth; which further on implies:

Simplicity, Correspondence with previous theories, Cyclical predictability, which in turn will give birth to:

– Ternary Complexity, by iteration of the same events and forms.


-Logic Objectivity is essential to science, and it is today lost to absurd theories like the big-bang, the creationist, militaristic theory of cosmology, capitalism, the subjective dictatorship of bankers, mostly of biblical cultures, who think to be chosen of go(l)d and monopolize the right to print the language of social power, money in private hands and of course creationist theories of biology, nationalist theories of history that deny the unity of all human species, which should help each other to survive as a singe species, and mechanism, which requires a God to create the machine of the Universe, unlike the organic theories of this blog.

Logic Objectivity is thus the right objective information that the Πas observer point must fight to avoid the natural subjectivity of all points of view Рbecause that is the true fight of science; and such objectivity requires rational evaluation of:

– Experimental Evidence will show ALL to be a part or a whole cycle of time motion, including a lot of phenomena observed but not explained.

– Simplicity, , will show that Time cycles explain many more things than the previous Time paradigm (Lineal Time, either in the Galilean or Einsteinian formalism). It does in fact explain it ALL, as Experimental Evidence will show all to be a time cycle.

– Correspondence will show that it also explains the previous paradigm, including Galilean and Einsteinian formalism as a ‘limiting’ case of a time cycle (that is a small part of it).

– Cyclical repetition will be the basis of all laws of science, defined as the causal repetition of events when its causes do happen again. Without cyclical time reality will not BE SCIENTIFIC.

-And, yes, Complexity born only of the iteration, and ternary symmetries of the  3 arrows of time and its ternary symmetries in space and the 5th dimension

Thus the formula T.Œ=Sc3 ‘resumes the elements of truth and existence of the scientific method: T.Œ=Sc³, whereas T.Œ stands for Time space ternary organisms, Œ stands for the Objective, Isomorphic, Logic, Experimentally Evident Laws– which we divide in 10 sets of laws common to all time space beings, derive of the 5D ST structure of reality.

And further on when those laws exist they will be Simple, Corresponding with other laws, already proved, cyclical, and its complexity will be easily decomposed in ternary elements, reducing the fractal structure to a series of elements written with the language and symmetries of the Fractal generator.

Today the excessive extension and detail of computer, mathematical models of reality, often makes any nice mathematical picture of reality valid without checking its evidence and simplicity.

Isomorphic laws: the symmetries of space-time, 3 ages and 3 organs, generators and actions.

We shall thus introduce those stringent limits to study the 10 isomorphic sets of laws that describe physical systems, which will be extensively treated in the 4th line of all the scales of reality and the 10 sub-posts each scale should have in the future. So for example, forces will deal with the smallest physical systems, and each of those systems (photons, gluons, gravitons≈neutrinos) will be studied through the 10 isomorphisms that describe its dualities of space-time, ternary internal symmetry, interaction through 5D scales, subspecies, etc.

So the post first resumes the laws of ∆ST, which the reader could complete with the posts of the first line.

Then we define physical systems with the isomorphisms of the Fractal Generator,  Γ : S<ST>Tiƒ∆±4 and focus in its 3 ages and space organs, its symmetries, its 3 physical scales, the human, ∆-Thermodynamic, ∆-1 quantum, and ∆+1 gravitational scale.

Those 3 ages of time are in thermodynamics, 3 states of matter, ∆:gas-liquid-crystal and in the ∆-1 quantum world, the Sp:field-ST:wave-Tiƒ particle.

They are symmetric with the 3 forms of physical organisms in space, made with the 3 time states.

And they co-exist through the 3×3 planes of existence, which subdivide according to the ternary principle, all systems into 3 ∆-1, quantum; ∆, thermodynamic, organic and ∆+1, social, gravitational, cosmic scales.

Thus all systems regardless of which scale are centered, will have smaller effects, perturbations of energy and information from the other scales, which physicists acknowledge with renormalization and perturbation theory.

In quantitative terms, all those systems, required to measure its Clocks of time, quanta of space, quantifiers and multipliers that integrate those time clocks and space quanta, and then the study of its ternary regions with special detail to the discontinuous, exponential borders between those 3 scales.

It must be noticed though always that as all systems co-exist as time motions and space-still simultaneous organisms, almost every phenomena of nature will have 2 descriptions, one in time, as a motion, and one in space as a fixed form, as wave or particle in physics.

We shall hardly enter into the more complex parts of 5D physics, which studies with mathematical tools such as renormalization, how those systems co-exist as 5D  ‘super-organisms’ whereas those scales become symbiotic, transferring informative cyclical motions and codes from ∆-1 quantum scales to ∆-thermodynamic scales, and synchronous motions from ∆ down to ∆-1 scales (so information travels upwards better and motion travels downwards better). Conservation laws thus apply to 5D travels. Entropy exists in motion moving upwards, but NOT downwards.

You move your hand and all its scales below, but you cannot convert all heat into ordered motion. You reproduce genetically systems but you cannot transfer information from Lamarckian evolution. So if in biology genes code you, the world gives you energy and you co-exist in balance; quantum particles code atoms, matter states give energy to those atoms and atoms co-exist in balance between both.

Thus physical systems also follow the symmetry between space and time (two sides of the same coin), the asymmetry between discontinuous planes of the 5th dimension (information upwards, motion downwards) , and the need for an ∆0 central point of reference of the system both in a single plane (center of momentum, charge or mass) and in several planes (central scale of maximal action).

It is important though to properly translate those concepts to physical terminology, such as ‘entropy’ (the fact that motion does NOT transfer as well as information from ∆-1 to ∆), Universal Constant (which is a limit of a given plane of space-time), clocks (that are cyclical motions of angular momentum that vary in each scale), space quanta (which are bidimensional planes of lineal motions which also change parameter between scale), conservation principles (both of lineal and angular momentum and its integrations into energy and information).

Thus a simple analysis of those 3 ∆ST elements will be the focus of the first part of this post; the second will study the 10 isomorphisms, and the 3rd part will review the main scales of size and its main species and world cycles, which will be the theme widened slowly during the next years in the 4th line.

It is thus a completely different way to explain the same laws of classic physics, departing from T.Œ, Time-space Organisms that exchange energy and information.

Actions of space-time: the survival program applied to physical systems.

Finally, all this properly understood can be explained completely from the most ‘vital of all analysis’, that of space-time actions, ∆a: motion, ∆e: energy feeding, ∆ï: information exchange, ∆œ: reproduction and ∆û: social evolution into a new emergent ∆+1 scale of reality.

It is this vital description of reality as a series of T.Œ, which enact 5 space-time actions, what becomes the simplest explanation of all realities.

As the song goes, birds do it, ‘quarks and electrons and galaxies’ also do it.

So after so much abstract definitions, we will arrive to the 5 fundamental isomorphic description of the being, which departs from defining the language of the mental point of view, geometry in physics, the structure of the ternary system in space and time, self-centered into such point of view, gas/field>liquid wave/particle/crystal, in physics and the 5 vital space-time actions the entity performs cyclically to survive by moving, ∆a, into fields where to absorb and emit energy and information, ±∆e,i, often with the help of a second focal point, which gathers together through forces, the field energy required to grow and if possible reproduce into similar beings, ∆œ, or become a tighter, larger superorganism, ∆û.

Now we shall state something evident:

‘Science is only concerned with the facts and events known and experimentally proved.’

In essence, the 3 branches of mathematics correspond to the 3 structural elements of T.Œ: geometry to space, algebra to time and analysis to the fractal structure of the 5th dimension. We only need to update mathematics for consistency between the 5th Non-Euclidean postulate of geometry and the 4 remaining ones, still Euclidean, and the Aristotelian logic of Algebra, to the ternary symmetries of fractal 5D space-time to make mathematics a ‘realist’ experimental science.

This might surprise the reader, and it is perhaps the highest feat of T.Œ – to be able to unify all different languages of human thought, proper of each discipline. Consistency achieved in art styles, when developing the theory of human superorganisms, might surprise the reader, is based in the same 3 ages of time, that allow us to define the laws of quark colors. And yet, this unity of the ternary symmetries of the Universe makes T.Œ so enticing to the mind.

However and this also differentiates deeply T.Œ and General Systems Sciences or any ‘serious’ scientific model of reality for that matter with present physics, T.Œ considers ‘ABOVE’ mathematical reason, Experimental Evidence and at the same rank of truth Logic temporal reason (of a kind paraphrasing Saint Augustine, higher than that of ‘present’ man), the ternary logic of the symmetries between the 3 topologies of space and the 3 ages of time and the 3 relative scales of size co-existing in all organic structures of the Universe.

Thus given the confused state of affairs in the definition of fundamental concepts such as time (logic), space (dimensions) etc. in modern physics, we need to consider the seemingly not so innovative principles of the scientific method with the slight modifications of an organic, symmetric ternary Universe. We resume the new scientific method in our simple formula, T.Œ=SC³ with each letter signaling a fundamental principle of truth in science:

As all:

T:  Time-space systems are:

Œ:Organic, Experimentally Evident.

…meaning Time-space systems do have organic properties, which can be explained mathematically and logically with the languages of space and time, and proved experimentally.

And since they are made of 3 simple elements, 5D scales of Space and Time they are:

S, Simplex and their truths follow the proof of simplicity (Ockham’s razor)… yet they are also ternary..

Complex, due to the ternary symmetries of its structure ternary complexity born of the…

Cyclical repetition of those Simplex principles which..

Correspond with all previous theories of reality.

Thus T.Œ=SC³ resumes the Principles of Science and the Organic paradigm, are however broken in present science, specially by mathematical physics, which no longer respects the 3 principles of classic philosophy of science: experimental proof, Simplicity (Occam’s razor) and Correspondence with previous theories. And this is the ‘problem of modern physics.

Now once we have brought Mathematics back to reality from the axiomatic age of German idealism, we can build a much sounder mathematical conceptualization of the key concepts of mathematical physics, dimensions of space-time with motion (topological fractal dimension), lines≈waves and its ternary networks that come together forming super organisms, relative planes=topological networks with dark spaces between them, dual moving and static formal motions, integrals and derivatives in space and time of those social networks, and emergence processes of time clocks and lineal entropies.

This shows a fundamental truth of T.Œ: reality, experimental evidence is always the definitive element to analyze truth. Hence the rejection of the axiomatic method of mathematics, in the line of Lobachevski and Gödel, and the present estate of fantaphysics, in the line of Einstein’s expectation for real descriptions, cut-off substances for black holes (tcb quarks, its atoms of maximal density) he refused to call black holes and called appropriately frozen stars; the only physicist we ‘save’ from our harsh judgment on their merits as explorers of the why of the Universe.

Now what is reality should have become obvious at this stage, if any of the finitesimal points of view, self-centered in their ego called humans have had the patience to arrive here. But we shall repeat it, in the initial definition we made of ‘All what exists’:

“The Universe is the sum of all the symmetric, ternary super organisms (spatial synchronous view) performing a world cycle of 3 ages between generation and extinction (diachronic point of view), as they travels through 3 relative planes of the 5th dimension, growing in size and diminishing in a balanced, Sp x Tƒ= ∆±1 survival form, performing from its centered point of view, the 5 space-time actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, (active meaning of space and time), ±∆e,i,∫u, which ensures their survival.”

In this definition, where we can introduce everything, the classic analysis of locomotions in lineal time of physics is just a little letter at the end of it, ±∆e, that is the study of energetic motions, locomotions and its internal and external storage.

So much for those who think physics explains it all and it is the fundamental science of mankind.

Let us then return to philosophy of science and summarize all those findings into…

The multiple properties and languages of scientific knowledge.

The Universe speaks ‘infinite languages’ (Upanishads) NOT only mathematics. And each of its elements had the following minimal properties, which I called the isomorphisms of the Universe:

  • A Œ linguistic, mental point of maximal information (C.P.U., quark, crystal, brain, roots, black hole and so on), which constantly switched between the 4 states of space, time, energy and information, the 4+û actions developing the game; whose equations were crystal clear in quantum (4 numbers), Electromagnetism (3+color dimension), Electricity (4 Maxwell equations), and easy to deduce in Mechanics (i.e. Hamiltonians describe its 3 time ages,  4 vector equations, etc.)
  • A topological, Organic, Synchronous, ternary structure in space Sp<ST>Tƒ, of limbs/fields<bodies/waves>heads/particles.
  • And its asymmetric, Diachronic, causal order in time, Sp (Past, entropic youth)> SP, Present Adult reproduction > Tƒ, Future, Formal, Old age of information; from where topological laws of development and evolution and the ages and horizons and diversification of species could be obtained.
  • An organic structure in the 5 Dimension of ∆-1, ∆, ∆+1, quantum/cellular, individual, Thermodynamic and Gravitomagnetic, ecosystemic Planes.
  • A survival, active program of existence through ∂a,e,i,œ,û to regain ±∆e, i and evolve socially into bigger wholes, imposed by the fact that only those species who perform those actions survive.

And finally to explain the fact that points of view do act seeking the absorption and emission of energy and information, a likely pan psychic pain x awareness (time dilation) and pleasure x forgiveness (spatial extension) duality of sensorial perception, which focuses systems on their modular choices of actions to perform, even at the minimalist particle level.

Now each science does have its own jargon, and ‘choice’ of characteristics it prefers to describe from its elements of study, under the ego-paradox that makes each point of view to create a ‘particular world’ that distorts the ‘whole Universe’ into its perceived linguistic mind, with itself at the center and only relevant point of view.

We have in that sense criticize physicists from their description of physical reality ONLY from a mathematical, spatial, point of view, and ONLY describing of the 6 motions of reality, its Locomotion, making a confusing distorted vision of what time is in lineal terms and space is in continuous terms, ignoring completely the laws of the 5th dimension.

But we have generalized the concept to the quantum and Antiquantum paradoxes for all physical and social sciences, in which either the observer is too small (social scientist) or too big (physicist), to relate objectively to the observable (which in social sciences is so big that is guilty to deform the sociologists to cater its view, and in physics is so small than the physicist is guilty to distort it.)

And for that reason only biological sciences do have a proper point of view. But even in biology the cultural influence of social sciences is all too evident, as ‘the concept of chaos and entropy’, from physics and ‘Darwinian, capitalist, self-made man individualism’ sips in.

So it is taboo to talk of the fundamental law of social evolution which is social love of members of the species to become larger beings, which is epitomized in the most successful species on Earth, the Argentinean Ant which has excluded from the pampa all other top predators of larger size, and now is colonizing as we speak, under my foot South Europe, becoming the largest, most numerous species (1/4 of all the flesh living in this planet is ant, another ¼ humans, the 2 social species).

And on the other hand the concept of chaos and entropy has prevented to understand the topological plan of evolution, controlled by the fact that we are made only of space and time, and its similar ‘active’ concepts of kinetic energy and information.

So the explanation of why wings are planes of space and eyes spheres of time… and have evolved so fast, is ignored. The reason though is obvious in T.Œ, a system to survive has only 3 paths, maximal Tƒ in its spherical organs of information, maximal Sp, in its planar organs of kinetic motion and maximal reproduction, improving its networks of communication, either individual or social. And so this implies with the limiting existence of only 3 topologies in the Universe, that those 3 natural paths can evolve very fast, as genetics do work also in ternary symmetries that code those forms.

Further on from physics, biologists have acquired the idea that all comes from the bottom up, so they do not understand the duality of hyperbolic information vs. elliptic motion, which makes also the upper wholes program through larger fields of motion and form, entropy and information, space and time, kinetic and potential energy, lineal and angular momentum variations (all concepts self-similar of the fundamental duality of the Universe, which apply to different systems), its smaller parts. The most obvious case is the relationship between glaciation ages of maximal evolution of information (as cold temperatures imply form) and hot periods of maximal reproduction, (radiations of species) and the whole structure of evolution of the Earth in III earths and 3 x 3 + 1 sub-phases.

And so for each species and ‘scale’ studied by a science, we needed to extract mental, topological, causal-logic, and organic-survival properties, which were different linguistic, isomorphic angles on the perception of the being, none of them carrying the whole truth of the being, but as the famous elephant parable, seeing only a part of it.

In the graph, the linguistic isomorphic method considers that all systems of the Universe are made of the same 2 formal motions of’ temporal energy’ – lineal and angular momentum; potential and kinetic energy, particles and fields; heads and limbs, which combined to create the ‘living systems’ of the Universe, that organize into social herds and organisms, new wholes of a larger ‘scale’ of the fifth dimension.

Thus we can extract from those 3 primary elements: lineal energy, cyclical time (and its ‘fixed forms’: space and information) and its social, relative ternary scales, which co-exist together (the ∆-1, quantum/cellular; ∆-thermodynamic/organic; ∆+1 gravitational, social, ecosystem planes), 3 type of laws common to all beings or ‘isomorphisms’; which we further subdivide in 3 sub-sets. It is the isomorphic, linguistic method that extracts topological, mathematical laws derived of the spatial energy of all beings; logic, causal laws derived of its cyclical temporal nature; and organic, social, survival laws derived of its existence across scales of the 5th dimension.

Yet those 3 x 3 isomorphisms require a final element without which systems would not ‘exist’: I think therefore I am. Indeed, all complete ‘worlds’ do have a 0-point or mind, whose spherical topology allows the system to shrink the Universe into a linguistic mapping mirror of reality, or mind, which extracts the information on the outer cycles of reality the system needs to survive. It is the point of view of the system, its c.p.u., quark, black hole, brain, eye, which apperceives reality and performs the necessary actions for the system to survive, by extracting energy and information from the Universe.  Thus we shall consider 3 x 3 +0 isomorphisms to describes all the systems of Nature, and the forms created by man, with its internal mental languages (art forms) and external atoms (mechanisms).

Scientists of each science that studies a different scale of the fifth dimension cannot apprehend the whole properties of each species, but see on them only the properties their science studied initially – mathematical, lineal time properties in physics, organic properties in life, and so on.

But all the blind people – each disciplinary science –  sticks to the properties their disciplines know more.

Only Leibniz seemed to have ‘seen all the sides of the elephant’  and that was 300 years ago when he told ‘physicists’ like Mr. Newton, who would not receive him – so proud he was of his silly-nilly formula – that duration, t, was the sum of infinite time cycles with finite length. And as those time cycles broke space into inner and outer regions, space was also fractal, the pegging together of infinite time-space cycles. He called this relational space-time, the forebear of 5d fractal space-time cycles.

Einstein said Leibniz was right but to fully understand him, we had to start western science from scratch. Which is what i did and this blog will show. A theory of unification (T.œ) of all the space-time species of all sciences under the old-new concept of a time cycle.

This ‘synthesis’ however was eliminated from science when lineal time simplified the concept of time cycles, and made the knowledge of the rhythms and forms, the information of those space-time motions and its cyclical patterns of evolution, irrelevant to ‘physics’ , simplifying enormously the nature of time and the beings that flow with

But with the arrival of physical time, science lost the concept of ∞ Time cycles, which tic at different speeds. And  create different world cycles, of life and death, different motions, different forms. The measure of this loss was evident when Einstein regained the concept of multiple time clocks in Relativity and when he tried to explain it, he said astonished, ‘i seem to be the only physicist who thinks there are infinite clocks in the Universe running at different speeds’. Nobody understood what he meant. Not even himself.

It is thus clear that the methodology of T.Πis to study all systems of the universe, with all its elements.

So back work with the organic paradigm? The problem are the partial views and the jargons. Nobody takes seriously the little prince who sees the whole elephant behind the line. But we shall try.

We then start with the Ä-point and define it as an organic species with 3 parts, who perceives information with a given language, written in a ternary grammar.

So we can resume both the system and its languages with a fractal generator equation with 3 space symmetries 3 time ages and 3 scales of the 5th dimension with a ⊗-point that cements it all, that is 3 + 3 + 3 +1 = 1o parameters and study them one by one.

Any œ point of view will absorb energy and convert it into information in its mind, adapting that evidence to its subjective, selfish point of view. This is natural to the equation of any mind and so a scientist is by no means immune to that bias. It is precisely the awareness that always we tend to bias information what guard us against all kind of ‘theories’ of reality, based in scanty data, or the use of a single language of truth (mathematics included) to evaluate that data. So truth is higher when more languages are used to evaluate truth, when more logic reason is included.

The organic paradigm stresses the multiplicity of Linguistic, Logic points of view – at least the 3 x 3 + 0 ≈ 10 dimensional perspectives of the 3 scales and 3 space-time elements and the ⊗-point that puts them all together.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 21.07.08

TŒ is based on the cyclical nature of Time and fractal structure of space evident to all systems. This Organic Structure is both Simplex but also Ternary Complex due to the 3 arrows-dimensions of time, it symmetry with the 3 organic parts of all systems, and the ternary structure of the scales of the 5th dimension that co-exist together in organic systems.

Thus the ternary Cyclical=repetitive nature of fractal space-time systems and events becomes the constrain and cause of all the laws of Science and T.Œ merely systematizes those laws by extracting them from the fundamental fractal scales of space, and time cycles that ‘generate’ all the elements of reality.

Then in each of those scales of space-time, we find that the common laws of 5D space-time Correspond with the laws of the species of each scale and its previous theories.

So all this, we resume in a formula, T.Œ=SC3 that embeds those Principles of Philosophy of Science that all Organic Time-space Systems Follow, born of the duality between the Simplex, S, principles and the ‘ternary Complexity’, C3 by repetition of those events.

We resume the postulates of the scientific method in a simple formula:

Œ=Sc3: Objectivity, Linguistic, Isomorphic Perspectives, Experimental evidence = Simple, Minimalist, truths – Ockham’s razor, Correspondence Principle, Cyclical repetition – Predictability and Complexity born of the ternary, fractal constant subdivision of reality into parts).

Now of those ‘elements’ 2 are brought about by T.Œ to the classic elements of the scientific method, ‘Linguistic Isomorphisms’, that hidden dual I and L between the O and the E of Œ (-:

That is, we can to verify further a truth consider different linguistic perspectives (mathematical, logical, mental and Organic, according to the 4 fundamental elements of all systems: its spatial symmetry, its temporal ages, its organic co-existence in 3 scales of the 5th dimension and the existence of a central point of view or 0-point that orders and focuses the program of 5 space-time survival actions that all systems perform to continue into existence).

All those point of views harmonize each other and reinforce the existence of a being. And they are the origin of the 5+5 qualitative and quantitative isomorphisms we use to describe all systems of reality). So we shall apply that methodology as we have done with other systems to astrophysics to describe the Universe and prove that is all what we need to describe reality.

So we have to adapt present theories of the Universe to the 5Dimensional, fractal, cyclical nature of space-time.

How the present Cosmic theory of reality, the big-bang Paradigm fits within that scheme?

Surprisingly enough it rather fits easily, but at present, it shows also some contradictions and limits which might be considered faults of ‘Objectivity’ mainly due to the anthropomorphic desire to explain it all from the human limited perspective.

So while we will introduce the translation of the Big-bang to 5D astrophysics, which would be a bone to get 5D accepted by mainstream science, we will be ‘objective’ to the extreme and conclude that while the big bang is a possible theory of the Universe, in the cyclical, commonly accepted version (with inflation and a final big crunch end, so it becomes a constant cyclical Universe) there is a more objective vision of the Universe, ‘absolutely relative’, and enlarged with infinite scales of space-time, in which the big-bang or an alternative cosmic Universe of trillions of galaxies, in which the cosmic explosion should be just a local phenomena of a local Universe, represent merely another scale of physical systems, as those of quantum particles, molecular atoms, states of matter and cosmic bodies.

Again, this concept is also handled profusely by astrophysicists, albeit by the obvious problem of lack of evidence, at the theoretical level, with the concept of a lower scale – the Planck scale of strings belong the particle scale of the 5th dimension and a larger scale above the galactic scale – of cosmological strings, in correspondence with the world of micro-strings.

We won’t analyze that level beyond considering some necessary corrections in a Universe of ‘background independent space-times’, as it is purely theoretical, and so this post will be dedicated to the analysis of the big-bang from the cyclical, fractal nature of space-time and the highlighting of its ‘scientific problems’, from the perspective of philosophy of science and the rules of epistemological truth we have summarized in the 6 rules of the mnemonic formula, Œ=mc2 (objectivity, Evidence, etc.)

Along the way of course we shall introduce key findings of T.Œ: the unification equation of charges and masses, the nature of particles and anti-particles, the role of background neutrinos in the Universe, the reason of the 3 families of masses and its symmetry with the 3 families of cosmic bodies, the likely nature of dark energy and dark matter, within the parameters of 5D astrophysics, etc.

Now, the fundamental conclusion of the scientific method regarding to astrophysics is obvious but only Einstein pound on it – as he was the only physicist we save as philosophers of science, for respecting the scientific method of true evidence, and simplicity:

‘Physicists should not be occupied with the study of events or species of which there is NOT experimental evidence. Since it is not science’.

And ‘I know when mathematics are truth but NOT when they are real’.

In brief, a physicist must use only the available particles and entities to construct the universe, not those that its mathematical, inflationary distorted linguistic mind view wants to crate for the pleasure of it. Information, minds are inflationary. They are a dime a dozen billion, to put it mildly but worlds of linguistic nature are not reality.

So we will build in Tœ, the Universe perfectly logically explaining al phenomena only with the available particles and forms, and the ternary symmetries of the 5th dimension, fractal space and cyclical time. 


3rd age: Space-time membranes as the center: Einstein’s 4th dimensional paradigm.




In the graph, ∆-motions tend to be scalar equations in log(10) or ln (e) terms.

The 3 operandi of arithmetics are superpositions of space-space, time-time (±), reproductions of Space x Time and polynomial and logarithmic equations, which represent processes involving ∆-scales. So we can consider a natural graduation, between operations on the TT, ss FIELDS; MORE complex operation of the ST, product type and complex polynomials able to express all combined ∆ST processes. Let us consider then a very few elements of classic arithmetics/equations translated into Æ.

Equations of polynomials.

Polynomials seem fairly straight, but as soon as we consider its solutions and varieties, things become more fascinating.

First we have 2 mysteries of 2300 years, one which people hardly wonder – why there are 2 solutions to all polynomials, and the other which all mathematicians do but have never been explained – why one of the solutions is often an imposible, imaginary i-solution? What is the meaning of imaginary numbers?

Why polynomials ‘∆-scales’ have 2 solutions?

The answer should be immediate for anyone who has understood anything about GST (hopefully more than those who understood Einstein – I just recall his conferences at Solvay, when he quipped to the same question, ‘maybe the priest’ -Lemaitre):

As all points in motion have 2 directions, upwards and downwards in the ∆-dimension, left-right in lineal geometry, more space or more time in existential topology, youth or old age (rebirth-reproduction or informative evolution).

Thus there are 2 solutions, since the equation does not include a ‘choice’, which will be made a posteriori based in experimental evidence. And so it is evident, as space is larger, and equations quantitative, that in general equations, the positive solution is space-like and the imaginary solution, time-like. And we shall elaborate a lot on that theme along the posts of the 3rd line.

The point to understand the underling structures of the Universe, written in its i-logic mathematical equations, of course is to respond to questions never asked for, as they seem to be the ‘a priori’ human categories of thought (Kant), which Schopenhauer rightly reduced to ‘sufficient reasons’, space, time, causality (mostly caused by ∆ scales in space-time) and the mind that perceives all (languages, ternary grammars).

The fundamental mathematical solution is the polynomial double root solution, where the polynomial is a function of present and the 2 solutions a ± split fields.

Presents thus split in two dual solutions a ± dual field which is essential to understand all time of equations, from the equation of death where the complementary body-head, field-particle system splits, to the inverse equations of social symbiosis in systems that plug-both past and future systems into a present vital form of which the most important happens in social sciences:  

 Animetal Consumer: Humans (O or | function) x Machine



Regarding human ANIMETAl and LIFE minds there is an extensive literature on the themes, which will time permitted considered in the future, once we bring to a minimal level of quality all other posts – the Universe is to extense for a single mind Tº ∆º so much in so little time of finite life duration (: ):




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