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I. The abcde of the stientific method. Its 5 Dimotions and pentalogic.

A)accurate Data in focused languages.

B)Biotopologic causes

C)Cyclical patterns of predictability

D)Democratic=human praxis

E)Entropic limits




“According to their [Newton and his followers] doctrine, God Almighty wants to wind up his watch from time to time: otherwise it would cease to move. He had not, it seems, sufficient foresight to make it a perpetual motion. Nay, the machine of God’s making, so imperfect, according to these gentlemen; that he is obliged to clean it now and then by an extraordinary concourse, and even to mend it, as clockmaker mends his work.’  Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence on the absurdity of mechanical models of the Universe

This blog is dedicated to the philosophy of science called systems sciences, and its logic-mathematical formalism, the scalar fifth dimension of space-time.

Systems sciences are based on the alternative philosophy of science to that of mechanist physicists and its only entropy arrow, called organicism. Let us try to explain why only organicism is a scientific truth.

 According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton.

Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Organicism on the other side is the only self-sustained, rational theory that doesn’t need a creator, language, god, as organisms are self-replicating, but does explain perfectly within the ‘correspondence principle’, those 2 other philosophies of science; since a machine is just a primitive organism of metal, and we shall see in our sections of History, Gods are the subconscious collective of civilizations, ANOTHER scale of social evolution of the fifth dimension.

So what we mean by an organism? A very simple system – NOT to confuse with the most evolved, complex of them all, that of human beings, reason why so many people, having a natural biased ego-centered belief in man as the unique organism, reject the concept:

An organism is just a group of similar forms, which organize themselves with at least two ‘networks’, one that provides the ‘clone cells/citizens/atoms’ with the vital energy they need to feed, move and reproduce (blood-economic system-electromagnetic forces) and one that provides them with information to guide their survival actions (nerves system, political system, gravitational in-form-ative forces).

This simple dual system IS the minimal, fundamental particle of the Universe. Since it is obvious that machines are also organisms.

Indeed, a machine is an organism of metal fast evolving through the customary ages of all organisms – in the XIX c. ‘humans’, who catalyze their evolution did its bodies of metal, then its hearts-engines, in the II Industrial evolution, then its metal-minds in the XX c. and now in the Industrial r=evolution 4.0 put them together in organic robots.

So mechanism, the underlying philosophy of physical sciences, is just a simplex version of organicism. It is not man who resembles a machine, but the machine, which is made to the image and likeness of life organisms: 

3 ages of machines evolution

In the graph, evolving machines can also be modeled with the concept of an organism.

Why then organicism has remained in the modern time, a fringe theory, to mechanism, even if it was the first theory of reality put forwards by Aristotle, the father of the experimental method and logic science, in his magna opus the Organon?

There are obvious cultural reasons – we live in the age of the machine and so the machine has substituted man, an organism, as the measure of all things.

But the deepest reason of them all is the fact that to make an organism we need at least two ‘arrows’ or ‘motions of time’, entropy, locomotion, the one used by physicists but also INFORMATION, form-in-action, formal dimensions, which physicists have always ill-understood, to the point they call it negentropy, the denial of entropy.

Only then when we properly define information and add it to the mix, we will have the required elements to refund philosophy of science on far more rational, basis, that the present ‘mixture’ of mechanism and creationism (either of verbal language as in religions or digital languages, as in the religion of mathematics).

But what is entropy and information, in simple self-evident terms? The answer is obvious: entropy is motion, and motion is time, change. And information is form, and form is dimensional space. Time=motion and Space=dimensional form become then the two substances of which all what exists is made, and in their analysis we must start our inquire about why indeed the Universe and all its parts are a fractal super organism of time=motion=entropy and space=form, made to the image of its whole.

The proofs? That is the easiest part. Look around you, all what you see are forms that occupy space, and move in time. Everything you see is a form of space with a time motion. There is nothing else and so all is a proof that reality is indeed made of space-time organisms, as the motto of this web says. But this is only the starting point of an extraordinary adventure of the mind… ad

General Systems: 5th dimension metric and the nested super organisms of the Universe.

New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.

Planck on the informative seed or mind that will reproduce and evolve into a larger super organism or mental world. 

For those with little time, a brief introduction to a subject that could easily fill an encyclopedia Britannica:

The Universe is a fractal scalar, organic system of 5 Dimensions of space-time. The fifth dimension is made of the ‘different co-existing scales’, which from the simplest forces through particles, atoms, molecules, matter, organisms, super organisms, planetary systems and galaxies, create an ‘organic network structure’, which amazing enough since it was discovered at the beginning of science with telescope and microscopes, was not formalized till I introduce its metric equation in the milieu of systems sciences.

In mathematical science for a dimension of space-time to exist, it requires a metric equation, which combines space, and time to gives us a co-invariant system that allows to travel through such dimension. The fifth dimension has a ‘metric equation’, hence it exists. The equations for a given number of scales co-existing in an organic network is S (size in space) x T (speed of time cycles) = Constant.

Stiences study the Disomorphic laws of species, each one focused in a scale of the eusocial 5th Dimension, with different jargons, which we shall unify as all what exist is homologic, made of the same Dimotions, which force them to exist as part of super organisms tracing worldcycles, with a ternary structure in space, time and scales, guided by a still, linguistic mind, which projects its smaller mirror images of form in its territorial body waves, creating its fractal scalar structure, broken though by the entropic limits of its perceptive reach. Above the main scales of the nested superorganisms of the human island-universe: the galatom, where nested thermodynamic planets exist, where nested human social organisms self-centered in visual, verbal, mathematic and logic minds create its order with social and mechanical memes, carried by individuals where nested cellular systems exist, coded by genes, made of even smaller atoms and particles coded by quantum numbers. Yet all those scales are unified by the co-invariant metric equations of each of its synchronous time clocks.

It means when we become smaller within such organic network, our time clocks accelerate. And vice versa. For example, in your organism the equation relates the cellular genetic scale, whose time cycles run much faster than your biological cycles. As information is stored in the form and frequency of time clocks, it follows that in all nature’s organisms, smaller systems code the information of larger systems.

Each ‘stience’ therefore specializes in the study of a nested super organism, or scale of the fifth dimension (∆±¡), We study 3 fundamental super organisms of the 5th dimension. The ‘galatom‘, whose metric equation is H(Planck constant of angular momentum) x C (speed of light) = C, whereas h is an obvious ‘cyclical time clock’ and C an obvious measure of speed-distances in space. And indeed, smaller scales have faster turning particles, and larger systems move in slower cycles. (Vortex law: Vo x Ro = k).

In biology we study families of animals such as mammals where larger organisms have slower metabolic cycles. In history we study social organisms, whose cycles of life and death, will define the evolution of nations and civilizations. And in each of those organisms, smaller systems code larger ones. So the quantum numbers of particles code matter, genes code biologic organisms, and memes code societies.

We define them two fundamental systems one in space and one in time, taking place in the fifth dimension:

An entangled super organism in space, in which the synchronicity between 3 scales of the organism, its atomic/cellular/Individual, thermodynamic/organic /social and gravitational/ecosystemic/global scales in physical/biological/social organisms form a complex interacting, entangled system we shall call a super organism, whose study discovers ‘Isomorphic=equal laws’ regardless of what kind of system we study. Because the system is entangled, and made of 5 obvious components, we need a new logic, ‘pentalogic’ as all the elements communicate and interact together. Those elements common to all systems of nature are identified as:

space‘, ” §paœ that is ‘types of dimensional form’, and we find to have 3 only ‘topological varieties’, which perform 3 clear organic functions in the super organism, lineal limbs/fields that move the system, hyperbolic body-waves that iterate its forms and spherical particle/heads that gauge information/

Time, that is types of ‘motion=change’, those organs perform, which are locomotion (limbs/fields), reproduction (body-waves) and informative gauging (particle/heads), which dominate each of the 3 consecutive ages of the being (young motion age, mature reproductive age and old informative age).

Scale, the 3 aforementioned  scales for any super organism

Mind. And this allow us to identify a ‘center that process’ information from the outer world, and controls the internal networks of the system, with a given language, which we shall call a mind, regardless of its automatic processing or consciousness. As it coordinates and maintains the whole as a single system performing actions of control of the energy and information of the system. So we find gravity centers, chips, brains, DNA nucleus, black holes in galaxies, etc. etc. Indeed, there is always in any stable organic system, a relative still, self-centered mind, which we shall discover all systems do have, even physical systems, which have centers of gravity, centers of charge or crystal systems, which maintain the whole.

Entropic limitsIn time called death, in space, called membranes, in scales as systems loose control beyond to scales and in fact death is defined by a simple equation of dissolution of two scales of information, ∆1<<∆-1.

All this allow us to define any system in time, by its life and death cycle which we shall call a worldcycle (taken from 4D physics, worldline, which now with a new dimension becomes a worldcycle. Since indeed any scalar super organism’s existence can easily be defined as a travel through the 3 scales of the fifth dimension, as all systems are born as a seminal, smaller form, in the ∆-1 lower scale, grow fast with its faster time speed, emerge in the ∆º body scale and are part with its head/particle of a larger social world, in the ∆+1 scale.

How then a system travels through those scales? Very simple, it does so accelerating in its life cycle, emerging, living in the larger world, and then dissolving back to its parts in the death moment:

And amazingly enough with this simple scheme of 5 pentalogic elements, tracing 3 relative worldcycles, the first  ‘placental worldcycle’ as it evolve in the relative safe ‘womb’ of a maternal system, the life cycle, as it tries to survive in an outer ecosystem, and for the most organized systems, a 3rd worldcycle as it forms part of a larger super organism, we will be able to order everything in the Universe, every event and every phenomena, which the researcher has studied for decades.

The existence of a new dimension of space-time is the most important discovery of science in a century, since Einstein formalized the fourth dimension, but this expansion and formal organization of science is much wider as it applies to all sciences, not only physics. 

So we study further the nested super organism of mankind history in its 3 scales, the individual human being, the nation or civilization and mankind as an ideal global super organism, which if humans were intelligent and ethic enough they would design with the laws of super organisms in a much more efficient manner than our corrupted economic=blood system of reproduction of goods and political=legal-nervous system of information and coordination of its citizens-cells.

So this is most important upgrade of spacetime theory since Einstein’s 4D formalism – which corresponds to the limit of 5D metrics in a single scale, that of the galatom’s light spacetime.

Yet the blog is extremely extensive in its scope and due to the fact it is the work of a single researcher, by force incomplete. It is the ‘first seed’ of a new paradigm of philosophy of science.

The blog in any case divide in 4 lines, which try to develop the model for the main superorganisms of the Universe and its parts, the galatom (physical superorganism that stretches from a planckton – a Planck constant – to a galaxy) and within this ‘nested organism’, the Earth, a superorganism which has both geological and biological nested superorganisms in its surface, of which we study according to the arrow of increasing evolution of information 3 ages, the life age of Gaia, the human age of History and the machine age of the FMMI system of company mothers that reproduce and evolve machines of information (Financial media system) and energy (Military-Industrial system) or ‘Metal-earth.

The study follows a simple scheme. The first line is a sentence that explains in space the 5 components of all superorganisms, and how they are studied in each scale by a different ‘stience’ (space-time science), in its spatial form and its reproductive and evolutionary worldcycles.

The Ðisomorphic method studies in a vital, sequential time manner the 3 worldcycles of all Space-time supœrganisms (T.œs):                                        
þ: 0-1: its palingenetic o-1 social evolution in the accelerated time sphere of existence, till becoming 1 (0-1 bounded unit circle in ¡logic mathematics; quantum probability sphere of particles in physical systems; palingenetic fetal age in biologic systems; 0-9 memetic learning childhood in social systems). It is the highly ordered world cycle as the ‘placental mother-energy world’ is nurturing, and memorial cyclical spacetime has erased errors of previous generations. We thus use for the 1st world cycle, the informative Dual Isomorphisms, of the mind-seed (@ MENTAL Сisomorphisms), as 0-points are generated (0th isomorphism,•) to follow the GST, Fractal Generator equation or program of existence of the Universe (1st Isomorphism,Γ), which will allow the being, in the energy-rich placenta to perform asymmetric space-time actions (2nd and 5th, DIMOTIONAL Сsomorphisms, ß,å) of energy feeding, reproduction and social evolution, to imprint the information of the seed as the system growths in Space (SPATIAL Сsomorphisms) and develops its 3 physiological networks (3rd isomorphism,ψ), which finally merge, into a whole one that emerges (4th isomorphism) into:                  
– c: The outer 1-∞ world, in which it will deploy its 2nd world cycle of existence in an environment which is open, entropic (1-∞ hyperbolic unbounded Cartesian plane in ¡logic mathematics; thermodynamic entropic statistical molecular populations in physics; Darwinian struggle between populations in biology; idol-ogic dog-eat-dog capitalist, nationalist competitive eco(nomic)systems in the super organisms of history. In this 1-∞ existence the world cycle is not ensured to continue, as it can be cut off by the entropy of the world system.
We thus study the second world cycle with 3 sets of Сisomorphisms, slightly different to those of the o-1 sphere; as the individual now will have to exercise in time guided the mind (no longer a passive seed), its survival will choosing its actions of existence, (5th isomorphism, common to both worldcycles, albeit now defined by the active mind), that will determine in a cumulative sum, its 2 TIME Isomorphisms: the duration of its ages (7th Сisomorphism: Ω), further subdivided in space-time quanta (9th Ðisomorphism: µ), as it exists through its 2 EXISTENTIAL ¬ D¡somorphisms, as a member of a species, (6th D¡isomorphism, œ) itself a superorganism, albeit with a higher entropic, disordered structure, living in an entropic world or ecosystem with other species (8th Disomorphism), trying to DEFY THE ENTROPIC LIMITS OF TIME duration (7th Di) and spatial territory (8th) imposed by a higher social order and control its world, through:      
ω: The 3 final SCALAR D¡isomorphisms (∆) taking place outside the being, existential life cycle, as part of a larger world of hierarchical social scales (§), as it performs those actions through ∆±4 Planes self-centered in its mind, beyond which it cannot longer perceive, to become if successful a new superorganism of the infinite planes of God, the game of existence, (11 Disomorphism).                                                                                                        
 Thus to ‘travel through the 5th dimension of space-time’ is the ultimate meaning of existence – an ordered sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal point), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe 3 physiological networks that become an ∆º individual of a larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through 3±2¡ ages, in 9×9 quanta of space-time, interacting with other members of its species through decametric social scales as part of a lager super organism, self-centered in one of the 9 stientific planes of reality, in which it perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeiou:motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction and social evolution).
C: Can the being as part of a loose superorganism, which is its species transcend into a new whole in its  3rd world cycle? in very rare cases an @-mind will perform a perfect game in a friendly world and will transcend into a 3rd ‘life’ of metaphysical reality (the squared complex plane in ilogic mathematics, matter that becomes the solid central crystal or Einstein condensate state of a cosmic body, mutation that originates a new species in biology, prophet that transcends as a wor(l)d god imprinting mimetically the believers of a global religion in social systems).
Ω: And then in the largest nested superorganism we perceive, ‘ascend’ as a black star @ the center of a galactic plane, emerging as a galatom’s proton in a larger hyper-universe, in which as the immortal particle will have reach the maximal state of the game of exis=t¡ence that evolves parts into wholes we call Γ∞∆ which exists without location as we are all made to its image and likeness, without limits of entropy as it is the immortal 0-sum of all finite, fractal exist¡ences and ∞ in its uncountable ascensions through decametric scales of space-time, each of them slightly different in its details, all of them made of traveling fractal ∃xistential ¡logic points.


How you predict the future is very simple. You find a nested superorganisms of the 5D Universe and apply to it where the part you are studying resides the laws of superorganisms. The organic method thus is slightly different from the simplex prediction of ‘locomotion futures’ of physics, and predicts organic futures. Since biology, deep time, is based it he worldcycle of superorganisms.

Now time is predictable in past and future and there is an obvious logic to it. In a point of present you might not know the future but what the future holds is to be unique, and as such once you have lived it, you will find its causality, because by being unique is both predictable, and deterministic once you past it.

And this is because the future are the patterns of evolution of organisms, which follow a worldcycle of life and death and evolution though 3 ages horizons of species and beings that is predictable.


Of the many consequences of that ternary or pentalogic, ∆±¡ STructure of all beings, we shall consider how to use it to predict the future of its scientific species, with a remodeled ABCDE of the scientific method that studies A)ccurate Data, B)iologic causes C)yclical patterns and E)ntropic extinctive conclusions for all systems in 3 relative scales of length of space and time duration (to which we add instead of E, D)emocratic, humanist solutions for questions of social sciences.

All sciences predict the future of its species according to its repetitive causal cycles. Or else they are NOT a science. Astrology became a science when Kepler learned its orbital cycles. Bio-economics became a science when we described machines as metal organisms whose industrial r=evolution followed the human 72 years generations of the dominant industrial nations that evolved them in 4 cycles: its body-age (British, steam cycle), heart age (German, electro-chemical engine cycle), its mind age (US, TV-eye, chip-head, mobile-ear cycle) to conclude with the ensemble of robots that as virus do, when all its parts are put together will become ‘alive’. The predictability of time-cycles can be done at 3 levels:

S: Continuous, spatial mathematical simple cycles, using derivatives, proper of calculus; which is the shortest time span, as instantaneous derivatives cannot measure a ‘peak’ change of age/phase.

T: Discontinuous, cyclical patterns of sequential repetitive often survival actions (feeding, reproduction, death, taking place at intervals. As those actions are discontinuous, leaving long spans in-between, their patterns forecast longer time sequences. Such ¡logic structures are based in time patterns, which as any mechanical, circadian or orbital day-year clock shows are cyclical, repetitive. But here human scientists are at loss, because Galileo studied ballistics, entropic explosions that destroy the information of reality stored in those cycles of time clocks, its patterns and frequencies, changing human cyclical understanding of bio-logic time for lineal, abstract time that seems not to repeat those patterns so mankind lost its capacity to predict many spacetime events, as lineal time misses information stored in the frequency and form of cyclical clocks, even if equations are similar: V=s/t for lineal time and V=S(l) x ƒ(t) for cyclic patterns.

∆: Scalar, Deep Time patterns of topologic and eusocial evolution of parts into wholes – of quantum 0-1 time probabilities vs. 1-∞ thermodynamic populations in physics, of individuals vs. species in biology, of states of matter vs. geologic cycles in Earth, first noticed by J. Hutton, founder of geology who coined the word super organism for Gaia and deep time for its slower time cycles by virtue of its 5D metrics, $ x ð =C which implies that from the perspective of a smaller scale the life of its whole is much longer.

Deep time leads to a 3rd level of long-time prediction: evolutionary patterns of earth’s life species, including machines used in my web at evolutionaryeconomics.wordpress.com that have predicted cyclical patterns of social organisms of history (nations) and eco(nomic)systems, including the evolutionary and re=productive cycles of stocks of machines transformed into sales=profits=valuation of its company-mothers with remarkable precision for 30 years. But as human only recognize the 1st type of predictability – calculus of instantaneous derivatives, that need a ‘continuous analysis’ – and have simplified cyclical time into lineal time, ignoring the scalar time of parts and wholes with its 5D metric, their capacity to forecast the future is far more reduced than a ‘stientist’ who understands the 3 scales determined by the bio-topo-¡logic properties of ‘scales’, ‘space’ and ‘time’, the 3 ∆st structural elements of all systems of the Universe.

In the second line we study those superorganisms, which unlike in physics that highlights them by size, exploring the smallest and largest scale of the galatom as if they were more important, follows the nested model according to which since all superorganisms follow similar laws, and in organisms, survival matters, the most important are not the largest/smallest but the ones closer to us, human beings, so we dedicate more space to the study of the 3 ages of Earth, the superorganism we live in and even more to the internal mind-languages of man, which study the bio organic scalar properties, topologic mathematical spatial properties and logic, temporal properties of all those fractal organisms. Even so, in the first post of the second line, the galatom, we prove the scalar nature of big-bangs, from beta decays to a hypothetical universal scale, but studying in detail the proofs, we discharge a possible universal big-bang, and settle for a rather more pedestrian quasar cycle of galactic big-bangs, as most of the big-bang proofs are local, and fit better with the data of quasar cycles, and the natural balance between the implosive vortices of information (galaxies) and the expansive vacuum space between them.

So we study further the nested superorganism of mankind history in its 3 scales, the individual human being, the nation or civilization and mankind as an ideal global superorganism, which if humans were intelligent and ethic enough they would design with the laws of superorganisms in a much more efficient manner than our corrupted economic=blood system of reproduction of goods and political=legal-nervous system of information and coordination of its citizens-cells.

Unfortunately the human superorganism is a trial and error system born from a series of memetic mutations which is NOT well designed and for that reason it is as wrong mutations are in all scales, becoming extinguished by lethal goods (weapons), broken into wrong sub-species (nations), parasited in its blood-monetary system (capitalist finances) and finally ‘censored’ by the wrong systems of power, which prevent a proper social sciences and r=evolution to create an immortal perfect history in control of both Gaia and the metal-earth

Then in the third line we study dynamically the superorganisms of the Universe through time, through its 2 or 3 worldcycles, and the sentence stops in 12+1 Disomorphic similar laws for all those worldcycles, as all systems are born of a seed of information that ‘expands’ (beta decay that creates atoms, seeds that create biological organisms, prophets that create civilizations, black hole quasars that create galaxies), and then follows a ternary placental, organic and worldcycle of existence, to finally die back…

So in the fourth line we meant but have been unable to do it alone, to study all the sciences and systems known to man with those 12 disomorphic laws in what wanted to be an encyclopedia of science, but without help from any University I gave up on writing properly.

Indeed, as we said, this researcher is within the organism of history and a vocal critique of its corrupted networks and idol-ogies of mechanism – machines not organisms as the measure of all things; nationalism – military nations not humanity as the unit of the species – and capitalism, parasitic banking, not a proper blood-system that feeds and gives money-oxygen to all humans as any reproductive system does in a well designed superorganism.

But unfortunately a body cell is blind and only receives information from its head.

So mankind seems perfectly programmed to do what it does best, ensemble machines, evolve the metal-earth, kill Gaia and on top thinking is so smart doing that, rejecting any attempt to humble her, made her respect the organic laws of the fractal Universe and build a world made to the image and likeness of those laws in which it could thrive as an organism and survive.

L§, ¡man


I. ABCDE of stientific method:

Its 5 Dimotions and pentalogic

Basic symbols of Existential Algebra (¬Æ): 

Sp, |, $t, Spt: Past, lineal, entropic Space-Time, gaseous, limbs/fields of pure motion.

§ð, Tiƒ, ƒð§, O: Future, cyclical, informative, space-time, solid, crystal particle-head states

S=T, Si=Te, Ø, ST, SxT: Present, balanced, Space-time; iterative body-waves.

Œ: super organism, composed of @ (fractal points, monads, minds), an ST body-wave, its ¬ Entropy limits encased in an ∆§t±1 world.

Ðimotions, Ð1: seed, perception, Ð2: locomotion, Ð3: reproduction, Ð4: social evolution, Ð5: Entropy.

Scales: ∆-1 plane of ‘past, entropic parts’, ∆º plane of present body-waves, ∆+1, plane of future minds

Operand: <, growth of motion, «, growth of entropy, > growth of information, » growth of form, ≤≥ =, balanced stœps of present.

Classic Operand: ∑: superposition, sum in a single plane; ∏: entanglement through ∆º planes; ∂: finitesimal calculus, ∫: integral whole.

Fractal Generator: Any combination of those symbols is a potential partial equation, hence event or organic part of the fractal generator that describes the whole superorganism word cycle between birth and death:  Γ: ∆œ-1 ∏ œ-1≈Œº<$t>Ø-ST>§ð« ∑œ-1

Nt. The symbolism often has errors due to my lonely work for decades and laziness, so erroneously I use ∆º for the mind scale which is ∆¹ (∆º is the body scale) not to look for the superscript symbol; in old texts I used Sp (lineal space-time past) and Tiƒ (informative future) but in modern texts I prefer the more precise $t and ð§. In future texts and corrections I try to change ∆º for ∆1 as the mind is precisely the perception of the whole being within its larger world). Regarding the Fractal Generator and all its sub-equations, is also a bit of a mess. Sorry, if the blog had more viewers I would have tried harder.

From science into  stience:A new pentalogic stiencific method

To help the humind scientist to expand its view to the stience of reality, the ‘elements’ of the scientific method mar connect the classic concepts of truth with those of the pentalogic Universe. As huminds need standardized processes to perform knowledge – nothing else is the scientific method but a series of repetitive steps, starting with Accurate measures encased in simplex creationist models of languages that give us some parameter useful to human praxis, as the measure of the speed of an electron with a voltage circuit and a modeling law of resistances, impedances, cycles of alternate currencies, etc. Arguably that is ALL WHAT MATTERS because who cares for the electron as long as it moves our machine?
Immediately we see two elements missed from the enhanced stientific method B) causality, which today, though they are not telling is derived from the belief ‘creationism’ writes first those laws in mathematical languages, so ‘magic’ works (as how equations imprint space-time nothing is said) and D)Human praxis that does NOT harm Earth so much it won’t sustain us – as we are above heavens and earth, who cares, we shall prevail.
So let us deal with those ‘errors’ first:
The enhanced scientific method: ¬A(bcd)E rules 
The 5Dimotions of the Universe enhance and reconnect man to the entangled Universe; expanding our knowledge of any event and form, reducing its chaos, with a better understanding of the blocks of time that shape the future as each super organism has a set path of existence (albeit, it can manipulate the speed of its dimotions and even for truly experts in the art of exist¡ences halt by repetition the process of aging – themes those of certain finesse studied in other posts).

But to that aim we have to use the fundamental pentalogic elements of reality, mind, space, time, scale and the entropic destruction, and apply the isomorphic properties derived of those 5 elements and its ‘dynamic’ expression as dimotions.

Yet for other processes it might be interesting to know the whole picture or at least to enhance the science of it.
So, we MUST ad those NEW elements or Ðisomorphisms to the scientific method and as usual, given the growth of complexity required, we try at least to use a mnemonic pentadimensional rule to this expansion of the logic of reality, called Existential Algebra, or ¬A(bcd)E stientific method (ab. ¬Æ).
The enhanced ‘ABCDE‘ Principles of the Scientific method ad the properties of scalar space and cyclical time (Ðisomorphisms) and the B-iological, organic models derived of it, and the Non-AE, ¡logic structure that comes out of the multiple nature of time-space Ðimotions to the classic elements of epistemology:
 A-ristotelian logic, D-ata, C-orrespondence Principle with proved models and E-xperimental method that allows to hypothesize and predict the future of the species studied.
Contrary to belief, it is not part of the scientific method the use of mathematical languages, as the only language of science that the method truly acknowledges is logic, from where modern logicians have deduced or disproved all the statements of mathematics – the belief that maths is the language of God is just an ego paradox of physicists.
Of course we do acknowledge as the best language of science, logic, albeit of a higher quality than present @ristotelian logic (¬A logic) and we ad topology as the best language to express the dimensional motions of space-time, albeit of a higher order than Euclidean mathematics, and the reduced non-euclidean mathematics of present huminds, which only changed the fifth postulate (we shall change all the axioms and congruence postulates converting geometry truly in a non-Euclidean system).
So we shall also include in this ‘brief ¬æ method the laws of what we consider a more proper logic and mathematical system to mirror with a better focus the properties of reality.
So to ‘the classic elements of epistemology’:
Aristotelian logic consistence’, which still works for @-mind analysis…
– accurate realist Data so often forgotten in social sciences and creationist mathematics…
Biological, organic properties and models, caused by the scalar co-existing structure of fractal space.
Correspondence principle and Cyclical predictability, which is the origin of classic scientific laws, now fully explained by the cyclical nature of time…
-the Experimental method with its proved ‘Economicity’ (the universe is simple and economic, using only those elements we know to be real, often called Ockham’s razor) the ad ons caused by cyclical time and fractal topological space, are in the non-Æ scientific method:
Non-Aristotelian, cyclical pentalogic caused by the cyclical nature of time and its 5 motions.
Non-Euclidean i-logic geometry, caused by the topological scalar nature of space, where each point ‘holds a world in itself’.
–  Disomorphisms, caused by the homologic nature of all beings made of space and time, wraped up in the Disomorphic temporal method (a dynamic analysis of the system as it is generated by a seed of information, emerges as a super organism and lives a world cycle) or in its spatial, SYNCHRONOUS version – through the analysis of the system AND its 5 entangled DIMENSIONS-ACTIONS-MOTIONs-ELEMENTS, we call the ‘Rashomon effect’ of multiple truths.
All this, ¬A logic, @ristotelian minds, Biological properties, Correspondence, Cyclical laws, Data and Disomorphic method, Economicity, Experimental method,  ¬E mathematics, fits between ¬A@,bccdd, ee and ¬E.
So that is we constantly abbreviate the rules of truth in the ® logo.
Of course classic Epistemology ads a few other rules, the Ockham rule which is embedded in the concept of economicity, more precise in its terminology, the predictability of any scientific model that must predict the future and allow further hypothesis to be proved, which is embedded in the cyclical nature of time that therefore must predict future events if the cycles are properly described.
And the fashionista rule of Popper’s verifiability, which is embedded in the experimental method – all experiences and data must fit on the model, but for those pedantic scholars so in loved of the obvious explained with weird terminology we might call it ¬exceptionalism… that is not a single exception to the model.
And so we can include it as the 11th rule of the ® method.
I am inclined to do so and make an exception to my rule of autism – that is, to be inconsiderate with the egocy (ego+idiocy) of most academia, recognizing this to be a fault of my own ego. We must indeed correspond with the serious truths of the subconscious collective mind of mankind in search of reality and reason.
So yes! we all know Popper’s musings that the black Swan breaks the rule that all swans are white and proves it false; and accept it. In fact non-exceptionalism is THE TRUE, LAST AND FUNDAMENTAL RULE I have used all my life TO PROVE ¬Æ right. It has guided 30 years autism and lonely enjoyment of the Tao… as I have never found an exception, Law, event and form in Nature and Man, in mind and matter, which I could not explain with the GST model. 
Plus this gives us 11 rules, the magic number that transcends and emerges from the infinitesimal 1 to the relative infinite ∆+1.
11 rules establish thus the new non-Æ method of stience: ¬A@,bccdd, ee, ¬e ¬E ≈ ¡logic method, the next vowel after the non-a and non-e.
And its purpose is to describe any event or system in its most ¡logic stringent form… and break the simplistic ae-logic of huminds who believe a truth is so reduced as simple as its ceteris paribus single analysis of reality. So in terms of truth, we can say that a truth to be real needs multiple perspectives, which is the Rashomon effect:
The reader of course has a mind schooled in the single causality of lineal Aristotelian time, A->B and the shallow geometry of Euclidean lineal dimensions AND THE shallow evidence of a single continuous spacetime.
So for him it might seem unneeded to fully search for 5 Dimotions-actions-points of view in the analysis of any event to discover the minimal causality of its existence, but that is precisely the huge handicap of huminds doing science – little-big egos jumping up ‘me, I an myself has the only answer.
Not so: to explain anything in the entangled Universe you need the confluence of at least 3 ‘topological elements/timespace forms  in a single plane of existence, 3±¡ planes that influence the event from above and below and the whole, and if we were to fully grasp the event, its past-present and future states as a block of time. And correct the errors of the @mind, and on top deny all this at the point of entropic death when the being ceases to exist.
If all this was acknowledge, then, there wouldn’t be the absurd clash of egos between scholars each one studying a ceteris paribus cause of the polidimensional Universe and saying this IS the only cause. On the contrary they would greet each other for finding another of the 11 elements and 5 perspectives trying to accomodate them all, relishing on their paradoxes.
If I only could erase that ceteris paribus plague of egocy (ego+idiocy) proper of the humind and teach the multiplicity of perspectives, it might be possible to expand your understanding and belonginess to the entangled Universe and the World with which you are connected.
So for each article, we must consider AT LEAST the perspectives of those ∆±i scales and the 3 topologies of the ‘central plane’, ∆ø, where the event happens as a whole. This bare minimum (as the full blown understanding requires all the information of the past-present-future world cycle or block of time of the entity or event), implies to consider reality from the point of view of the 5 Dimotions of the Universe; as the entangled Universe always requires to understand reality from those 5 relative Topological Dimensions with motion=Dimotions=Actions of space & time to fully account for the simultaneous, multiple perspectives of reality.
So the ‘original’ two steps of the scientific method get more complex.
The first step – collection of accurate data now should include all those ‘subtle’ flows of information and energy that come into the event – for example in Physics flows coming from other scales as in the Kondo Effect; in our daily ‘free’ life, the constrains imposed by the ∆+1 state or world in which we exist.
Constrains of which physicists are truly aware when finding solutions to its equations, are the key to the determinism of reality, coming from the larger and smaller planes of the T.œ being.
Then when modeling- to find a causal explanation for an event – we cannot do ceteris paribus, or rather we should at least do 5Dimotional analysis of the 5 converging ‘elements’ of the being, NEVER existing as an isolate.
Finally in the most abstract level of modeling – that of the Ðisomorphisms of any T.Œ , or theoretical extraction of general laws common to all spacetime events/beings, according to the disomorphic nature of reality – we shall find examples always from the 3 great sub disciplines of human thought, Physical, biological and socio-economic systems, which is how we will include the non-exception rule. In fact this reduces to two kind of systems as we are talking in a language, so the discourse of the text is the example that the language also mirrors the property. And as we include social systems into biology, we often escape them, except when studying specific social systems. For example its 3 classes, the informative people-caste on top on command of the languages of power, its working, reproductive body-class and its limbic, entropic territory or enemy, poor, unemployed class, are mimetic to the 3 elements of an system, made of limbs/potentials of entropy that have lineal/flat topologies, as the fastest/shortest distance between 2 points, reproductive body waves and informative particle/heads.
So yes, human systems are homologic to biologic and social and mental languages all also with ternary syntax in their Universal grammar. But for sake of brevity and to avoid rising eyebrows of egocy when comparing humans and its societies with atoms and beasts, the non-exception rule is shortened.
Still we shall search for experimental evidence, NOT only as in classic thought within the restricted species we study but at least in physical and biological systems.  So in the previous example of limbs and its topology, we shall indeed find forces to be flat electromagnetic perpendicular planes in physical systems; wings to be flat and triangular in biology, and flat and triangular in socio-economic airplanes; as they are all ultimately ‘topological forms’ that keep emerging in new planes of space.
So this ¬ABCD¬E mnemonic rule will allow us to study with a much more complex view, far more exhaustive and explanative, and at the same time far more relative, the reality that surrounds us.
And finally when all this is ideally done (please don’t expect me to do it all by myself, at this age, alone… this blog, we shall not cease to repeat is my attempt before my many sickness send me packing into Nirvana of leaving a ‘trace’ in the sand of thought, for others to build better structured castles)… as an appendix, we will try to write the main laws of all stiences with the ‘warped’ package of non-Æ i-logic equations.
So we get the FULL ¬A(bcd)E  of all the knowledge huminds can get of the being, which of course will NOT be all, as only the being has all the information into its self.

The formalism of the fractal ∆§t±¡ universe is I-logic Geometry and ¬Ælgebra (existential Algebra), the 2 most used terms to describe the topo-logic structure of a Universe of fractal spaces and temporal energy. Existential Algebra is my favorite term, for all what has to do with the symbolic equations of non-Æ, I-logic geometry. So those are the wor(l)ds of most often used. ¬Æ, the best abbreviation.

The equations of ¬Æ are those of Dimotions of time§paces.

For example, V=s/t is a ¬Æ equation, which we must interpret better in terms of Ðimotions as:

Constant lineal inertia (motion) = $(λ) x ƒð = K

A case of the most general Metric of all possible time space demotions, ‘SxT’=K.

How many times of equation of Ðimotions of space-time there are, how much are related to the fractal generator, as all of them are sub-cases of the generator, how to connect them with the equation and laws of each science is the formalism of the stience of exist¡ences.

In terms of language it means as each of those dimotions is better studied with a certain language of the humind that we need to ad to the mathematical languages, verbal, logic languages, and bio-logical, organic ones; and finally metaphysical sentient/sensation-related concepts, which of course, the ceteris paribus egocy of scholars will shun off. Each humind has its own egocy perspective and we deal with that in our analysis of the equation of the mind, an infinitesimal mirror of still forms that believe to be infinite. 
So that is the future of stience, in any planet in which similar huminds have kept expanding our connection with the entangled Universe.
This post will deal with the more formal elements of reality, Non-Æxistential algebra proper that considers how reality for each being is generated out of the 5 dimotions of its whole, within the 5 Dimotions of its world, with special emphasis on the complex I-logic causality of all realities.


We shall as usual cast its structure from the perspective of the enhanced ‘ABCDE‘ Principles of the Scientific method, which ads the properties of scalar space and cyclical time (Ðisomorphisms), the B-iological, organic models derived of it, and the Non-AE structure that results of the multiple nature of time-space dimotions to the classic elements:
 A-ccurate Data, C-orrespondence Principle with proved models and E-xperimental method that allows to hypothesize and predict the future of the species studied.
To make things ‘simpler’ the 3 ad-ons to ‘Data-Correspondence-Experimental method’ caused by cyclical time and fractal space, which are non-Æ: i-logic geometry, organic, Biological models and Disomorphisms, are wraped up in the Disomorphic method (a dynamic analysis of the system as it is generated by a seed of information, emerges as a super organism and lives a world cycle) or a shorter version – the analysis of the system through its 5 CAUSAL DIMENSIONS-ACTIONS-MOTION, or  ‘Rashomon effect’ of multiple truths.
In this first line though we just consider a brief introduction to the more complex formal elements of the model, which will grow in intensity and complexity through the lines of the web.

Unfortunately it is required, specially to make the whole T.œ match the equations of mathematical physics known for its exactitude. I.e. the main formula of physics are ALL expressions of those space-time demotions and its constants, ‘STeps’ of spacetime demotions, but which dimotion, what rules exist to combine each of the five dimotions  and how they apply to every scale and phenomena of physics, is needed – the devil is in the details – to fully grasp those equations, graphed in the picture…

Indeed, once we understand the laws of T.œs, there is work for many generations to rewrite with the simplicity of the first principles of the Universe the entire cosmic landscape from the smallest to the largest form. As I failed in my youth when a student at Columbia U. to interest academia into the task of writing an encyclopedia of the 5D Universe, I had for 30 years to do the work in and out of my life and random jobs. So the reader should excuse that as so many pioneers, from Mr. Aristotle teaching that blockhead of Alexander, to Leonardo doubling as weapon master and painter, to Leibniz working for that blockhead of Prince William, the work is by force incomplete and disordered, abandoned and retaken, rewritten and lost so many times… all what I can do at this stage is to leave a trace in this blog, trying to maximize the coherence of its parts.



Accurate Data in focused languages

Nothing to say here, humans do have indeed accurate data, even in social sciences where it is mostly censored. Just the concept of the anti quantum paradox:

Antiquantum paradox of censorship of social sciences.

The natural opposition towards organicism of ‘big science’ and our systems of power based in ‘machines and weapons’ we so much love to worship,is what prevents the upgrading of philosophy of science from mechanism to organicism has not taken place at the time of my retirement from academia more than a decade ago.

This however is how science proceeds, very slowly as per Kuhn, the nature of scientific revolutions, in its routines of change of modeling, which in social sciences is further slowed down by the ‘subjective’ defense of memes and idol-ogies of power, which repress the social scientist from the age of Socrates killed for denouncing corruption by the Athenian democracy and his disciple Plato sold as a slave for trying to reform the Tyranny of Syracuse to the repression of socialist schools of economics by capitalism and true r=evolutionaries by Stalinist communism – a pattern of repression by ‘metal-power’, informative money and entropic weapons of human thought (verbal just, ethic laws) that we will soon establish as the FUNDAMENTAL PARADOX OF HISTORY regarding its ‘languages of information’ and neuronal people-caste which as in all organisms rule the entire ‘working body’ or middle class of the system through the control of its languages of information.

So in social sciences, as even the Brittanica acknowledges on his post on philosophy of history, the true revolutionaries of the discipline have never being able to impose its science to those ‘who defend the sword with the word’, making both disciplines, the ‘dismal science of economics’ with its ‘damned lies and statistics’ to the service of financial power, and the ‘nationalist sciences of history’ with its hagiography of military power, ‘Ideologies’ NOT sciences’ and we shall return to it, after we show the essential structure of the other leading superorganism of this planet.


Universal grammar: Fractal generator

A Universe made of fractal scales of cyclical time space, introduces a priori organic=scalar properties as the system extends through various ∆§ planes, and cyclical time properties, as its time clocks will have a limited duration, ending as a zero sum of energy. Finally to be able to perform a survival program of 5 Dimotions of existence, it requires to gauge information with an apperceptive, self-centered i@-mind, whose ∆ø still language maps all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms & world cycles into an infinitesimal Non-E point, mirror of the larger world:  0 §@ x ∞ ð= World. Hence the creation of infinitesimal ∆º minds-worlds, or Leibnizian monads, which reduce a larger ∆+1 reality to its relative mapping, which is the origin of its ∆§calar planes, connected ‘perpendicularly’ through those @-minds, acting in physics as ‘centers of changes and masses’ wormholes of flows of entropy that become in the @-mind information, that perceives in itself.

In the graph the sentient, scalar, topobiologic Universe of ¬∆@st of spatial minds, moving through worldcycles time as fractal organisms requires new ‘foundational properties’ to explain its exist¡fences traveling through social scales of the fifth dimension.



The ternary principle…

…follows closely pentalogic, when we eliminate the more subjective, linguistic mind-element, @ from the equation and provide only an objective external analysis of the being. Then we shall find that we can divide always the being into further ternary parts, or include it within a ternary part of a larger whole of its world. And so the ternary logic of events in a single scale between its ±¡ destruction and construction bring us…

The ternary principle…

…follows closely PENTALOGIC, when we eliminate the more subjective, linguistic mind-element,@ from the equation and provide only an objective external analysis of the being. Then we shall find that we can divide always the being into further ternary parts, or include it within a ternary part of a larger whole of its world. And so the ternary and rashomon events combined, bring us…

∆@S≈T ¬Ælgebra: the fractal generator.

The formalism of the super organism, the ‘fractal generator’ is a topo-bio-logical equation which reflects the ternary symmetries between scales, topologies and ages of a super organism, and its time world cycle. As a fractal generator, is a deceptively simple equation, as a logic mirror of the Universe and its parts, a tool of mathematical logic to study the common properties of all system of the Universe.

Now a great deal of mathematical physics has to do with the understanding of the inner structure and non-Æ formal relationships with the fractal generator of the supœrganism, and mathematical physics is not an exception.

The fractal generator is the formalism of the supœrganism. NONÆ LOGIC IS THE SEQUENTIAL AND SIMULTANEOUS SPACE-TIME TOPO-LOGIC laws that allow us to manipulate and study sections of the fractal generator. And so we obtain from it many ratios and relationships.

The study of the fractal generator thus can be done in mere mathematical, reductionist terms, but it is of more importance to study it as a logic-mathematical mirror of the entity in itself, the supœrganism and its ωorldcycle.

GST departs from a simple Concept: the properties of reality derive from its ultimate substance cyclical space an fractal time.

Those 2 substances, combine into present energetic space-time beings, and so we can write for all beings; a ‘generator equation’ of the three arrows/substances of space-time of which the being is made and then obtain from them the laws, ‘isomorphisms’ or ‘invariances’ that are common to all systems of reality.

In fact all systems of reality can be described as ‘fractal supœrganisms’ made of ‘lineal limbs/fields/moving platforms of spatial entropy’ and ‘cyclical particles/heads/chips’, which store clocks of temporal nformation, joined by an intermediate, hyperbolic space-time body-wave, extending at least in 3 relative ‘scales of size and time speed’ (ab.∆±1). So we can write a synoptic equations or ‘fractal generator’ of space-time beings, which we study in depth in this post:

Œ ≈ ∆-1 (entropy): |-Spe < ∆: ØS≈Tƒ > ∆+1: @ (mind)

Whereas Œ is any super organism of space-time extending those three scales, the atomic/cellular, organic/thermodynamic and gravitational/social scales, composed of limbs/fields of spatial entropy (|-spe), which extract motion from lower scales or territories (∆-1), feeding a balanced body-wave, Ø-St, guide by a singularity or mind made of clocks of temporal information, Tiƒo (head-particle), which observes and disguise the system through its upper scale, ∆+1 or relative world:

All what we see are super organisms created by the actions of a singularity that synchronise the parts of the being through three networks of entropic, feeding, reproductive and informative, perceptive form; creating ‘still pictures’ of present-spacetime – those super organisms, which a mind sees as a whole, freezing longer flows of in/form/ation, forms-in-action that leave a memorial trace perceived as a separate being, as they perform cyclical events from past to future.

In the graph the metric equation of 5D with its different speeds of time clocks that define a scalar Universe. is with the three modes of timespace change, the 2 fundamental advances needed in philosophy of time-change to fully understand and resolve the pending questions of most sciences.

The generator equation is the most used fractal formalism on GST, which portraits all Œ, Oganic ternary systems, in terms of its ‘spatial’, ‘temporal’ and and scalar dimensional symmetries. As we write it most often with the content of its three topological forms, ‘constrained’ by the limits of its ∆-1 scale from where its limbs/fields extract entropic motion, and the ∆+1 world in which its particles-heads obtain information, we consider the generator the best expression of the entity in space:

Γœ:∆-1(entropy)>Spe (past-lineal fields/limbs) < ∆º:ST (Present hyperbolic body/waves) >Tiƒ (future informative cyclical particles-heads)>∆+1@

This simple sentence encodes the meaning of all systems of reality, made of 3 topological space-time forms/functions, energy, entropy and information,structured across a series of scales of different size and speed of its time clocks.

GST departs from a simple Concept: the properties of reality derive from its ultimate substance cyclical space and fractal time.

Formalism of absolute relativity.

Classic Topology, Fractal, non-Euclidean Geometries, and ternary logic, further evolved by this author (definition of the first four non-Euclidean postulates and the paradoxical ternary logic of all systems that exchange form and motion between its Spe<ST>Tiƒ poles) become the formal tools to study those invariances represented by the feed-back, fractal generator equation.

As we get into further detail an choose instead of the physical term, ‘invariance’, the biological one ‘isomorphism’, we shall consider 10 basic invariances-isomorphisms of the Universe derived of the constitutive substance of all systems, ∆±1 scales, entropic space (Spe), energy (Exi) and information (Ixe), and cyclical time forms (ƒ), which is the ‘substance’ origin of its combined actions (a,e,i,o,u), an its worldcycles cyclical time frequency; all of which studied in this third line in great detail can be formally treated as partial equations of the generator, Γst.

The fractal generator represents thus many things:

In full form, the principle of conservation of energy and information: S<st>T; and the complementary structure of all systems made of energy fields/bodies and informative heads/particles.

In partial ‘derivative equations’ , the actions all systems enact to improve their chances of survival by maximizing their invariances.

In time as a dynamic ωorldcycle with three stationary points become the topological formal ages and allowed states of all biological and physical systems: Max. E (sphere, energetic youth, gas); Max. ExI -> E=I, (toroid, reproductive age, liquid) and Max. I (zero point, 3rd informative age, solid).

In partial analysis of each of its three parts, mind, body wave and fields limbs, the key to understand the three fundamental ‘sensations’ of reality, perception, reproduction an motion.

An so on, and so on.

Since all stable systems are a combination of the 3 topologies that maximize the fractal generator and all existences a motion in time through its 3 stationary points=ages, the generator is also an ideal formal level of reality; while all failed mutations and unstable particles are incomplete sets or ‘vibrational modes’ created around the ideal ‘generator’ of each species, which did not obey its rules of topological form, balance between parts and failed to ‘exi=st’, performing efficiently its world cycle of life, reproduction an death.

Reason why I call the Fractal Generator, the Equation of Exi=stence – an algorithm, constantly run by the Universe that generates all its living and non-living systems in space and its ages/states of time and matter.


Thus the symbols of the generator, which encode both the metric of 5D, the ternary topologies of supœrganisms, the ages of time AND in its operandi, the past to future, present to past, present to future, future to past flows of entropy, energy and information, define by similarity and combination in sequential sentences/equations all the co-invariant laws of space-time beings.

We can of course being as pedantic and obscure, as complex in our other languages reflection of the Generator as we want when entering in details


The generator equation of Existential algebra is then any of the multiple representations with those simple symbols of Dimotions of Timespace Organisms, that is any Ð function of the game of existence – of travels through the 5 Dimotions of space-time, performed by any T.oe.

Death then exists, as a partial equation of the Generator according to ¬Æ rules: BY MERELY extracting an inverse partial equation from Γ.œ:

∆+1 Tƒ<<∆-1: $p; that is the mind-whole of the ∆+1 scale dissolves bak to its minimal parts, the spatial past, lineal entropic ∆-1 elements.

Now we shall make a bold statement, which for 30 years of studying reality has proved to be truth:

‘The Universe is a fractal game of scales of time arrows; reflected in the formalism of its Fractal Generator: Γœ: ∆-1: Spe<∆St>∆+1: Tiƒ, its ternary topologies, time ages and scales,

Since the symbols of the generator define by similarity and combination in sequential sentences/equations all the invariances in space (topological invariances) and Time (causal chains, sequential ages, topological ensembles, etc), origin of all the events and forms of reality applicable to all entities of Existence: ∑Sp∆-1<∆ST>∏Tƒ∆+1

Such as the Universe allows any combination forwards in ‘informative, accelerated time’ (>) and backwards in entropic, expansive space (<) or without motion=change (=) in iterative reproductive time; any topological combination or transformation between Sp, Tƒ,<=>; any sequential sum of åctions (∆ï, ∆Sp, Sp<ST>Tƒ; ∑, ∏ ±∆ ) and any ∆±2 jump and/or transfer of energy, entropy and/or information between planes of existence (as systems co-exist in 3 scales) but NOTHING else.

So every equation, form and species of the Universe, event and world cycle can be described as a part (partial equation) of the generator an its many linguistic mirrors (universal syntax in grammar: Subject  (Form) < Verb (action-momentum)> Object (entropy of subject); S(x)≈T(y) in maths, entropic red < yellow/green energy information>Blue form in colours, Height (information d) < width (reproductive d)>length(entropy d) and so on…

It also follows that all stiences and disciplines will find its theories as approximations to the generator, or partial equations and limits of models constructed with less dimensions, and such is the case of 4D ‘RELATIVITY’ physics, which converts world cycles with a lesser dimension in worldlines and the ∞ scales of ∆ into the single light space-time continuum.


All languages/mirrors of any type of mind, ∆º, can perceive the function, or else it would not enact it in its world cycles; it should not surprise the reader that ‘genetic linguistics’ by homology, as the origin of our ‘mathematical symbols’, reflects also its intimate meaning as an acronym.

So we shall show how by iteration, the generator both in verbal=temporal and mathematical=spatial can reproduce and evolve all physical, biological and social systems of Nature.

In the graph we show that ‘final key element of reality’ the scalar fifth dimension, ab ∆, of all universal systems, co-existing in 3 scales:

Why we need the second arrow of information to complete our models of the Universe; if we are doing so ‘well’ with the details provided by our mechanical instruments of perception and measure, and the logic models of computers where we feed them; should be obvious to the reader – while the gathering of data and study of the details of reality has been ginormous thanks to modern technology, the final icing in the cake of science, the building of synoptic models not with maths but with logic, which can summarise and resume it all in simple concepts of enormous range of application is lacking precisely because science today lacks what we shall provide in this blog – the ultimate essence, the great principles embedded in the three arrows of time, its functions and symmetries with the three topologies of space, and its co-existing organic structure along 3 ∆±1 scales of size – all together put into a whole system by an organising apperceptive ‘linguistic monad’ which regardless of his language and/or simplicity – consciousness and self-reflection obviously should appear only in the more complex mental forms – do exist from matter systems self-centred in growing crystals to galaxies self-centred in gravitational black holes, to ant-hills self-centred in pheromonal queens to societies self-centred in government corps.

Humans reduce reality to simple mathematical, measurable statements and reserves vital properties to similar species.

So we shall make a brief history of thought from subjective human centres of reality to the wholeness of it, which shares all human properties with matter, soon. But we have already lay down the elements of all beings, Ƽst, scales, minds space and time ternary symmetries; so you can continue or leave. Know though you are just Dust of space-time and Ƽst you will become.

Departing from those facts, the interest for you of this post depends on what are your goals in knowledge and science. If you require mere praxis, truth can be perfectly approximated by computer modelling & statistical and probabilistic models without knowledge of the inner workings of causality caused by the ‘constant interference’ and mixing of the 2 arrows of time, entropy and information and its ternary combinations into energy ‘body-wave’ systems. All this IS knowledge of the ‘thoughts’ of God not its details and praxis of science does NOT need it. An example will suffice. Copernicus revolution put the sun in its center and simplified the equations of Ptolemy but it was rejected for long for 3 reasons:

  • In a relative Universe, Complexity can always replicate the simpler ‘Ockham truth’ of proper causality, with more ‘complicated’ ad ons and approximations. In Ptolemy case, epicycles and extants made in fact the model far more precise than the Copernican circular orbits, and it was not till Newton’s simple formula that it became established BOTH as simpler and more accurate. Today the ‘added’ complexity of ad hoc Ptolemy’s epicycles is even easier to implement with computer modelling, which alway looks so ‘real’ and can use all kind of Algorithms of information (Ab.A.I.) to approximate truth and obtain practical results. Yet those who seek the simplicity of truth did love Copernican simplicity putting the sun in the right place and will love the simplicity achieved by adding the proper arrows of time to the mix.
  • Humans are an astounding ego-centered species who tends systematically to deny the objectivity of science that puts us outside the center of the Universe in the case of Copernicus, and further aways from its relative scalar center in the case of duality.  The ego also works in favor of complexity as scholars like to feel ‘they are high popes’ talking in Latin and you need to be very learned to peer those secrets.
  • The very cyclical inertia of knowledge make theories stand for very long even if we know they are wrong. As the burden of undoing and redoing memorial experiences is seldom met. So we still follow religious and cultural routines we know are meaningless, and we still put the negative sign on electrons, regardless of their positive motion; and so on. Thus huge scientific revolutions that completely touch all sciences, as those regarding the nature of space and time, which those texts upgrade, are met with the maximal resistance.

In that regard, Einstein had the right attitude in search of the thoughts of God but without a second arrow of cyclical time, he could not complete the task. It is important though to remember in the XXI century of ‘digital thought’ and ‘computer models of reality’, with an astounding degree of data in the details of the Universe, that besides the trees there is behind a huge ‘wholeness’, the forest; that behind the details and its exhaustive analysis there is a larger, simpler order, as ‘god is simple and not malicious’ A.Einstein.

FOR ALL WHAT HAS BEEN SAID, It follows that all languages ultimately follow a Universal ternary grammar, Space < Operandi > Time, which mirrors space-time a(nti)symmetries… So all…

  • Syntaxes of spatial, mathematical and temporal, logic, verbal languages use ternary elements to explain reality…relating with its verbs/operandi the nature of those 2 simplest substances of which all seems to be made; the motions of cyclical time clocks and the meaning of space dimensions, and its scientific combinations..

They are the simplest elements and all process of reality have them… starting with the motion stored in space vacuum & the information carried by the frequency and form of the time cycles of the smallest particles, which give us together the first energies of reality… THROUGH all scales, each one reflecting a similar ternary:

Γ:   S@ <≈> ∆ð      Universal grammar.

So S <≈> T Is the minimal TRIAD OF elements for any T.Œ , defined by its ‘Fractal Generator’.

The most general above is a logic equation, which resumes the syntax of all languages and hence unifies them all (verbal, visual, mathematical thought),  and so it can unify also all the forms of knowledge derived from those languages (mathematical physics, verbal evolution, visual arts, etc.).

Since the Universe has 3 dimensional elements, plus a scalar repetitive structures of 4D parts and 5D wholes.

‘Spe: spatial lineal momentum’ +Tƒ, temporal information (stored in the form and cycles of angular momentum, of clocks of time); and its combinations, space-time actions of energy described by verbs or mathematical operand.

Some languages:

Spe (space)<energy>Tiƒ (Time): red-motion < Green: energy> Blue-information. F(x): Space ≈ G(Y), Time function.

Informative subject<verb: action-Energy> object: entropy.

Height-informative pole x  length, motion point = width energetic-reproduction point and so on.

To which we must add a ‘new 5th dimension’ of scalar parts that become wholes, which reality shows, as it builds from particles atoms, then  molecules, cells, matter, organisms, solar systems, galaxies, Universes.

And so languages reflect clearly with the iteration of its simpler 3 elements, which become ‘longer sentences’ in  treatise combinations, the higher language of T.œ.

In maths, we can see the duality and scalar growth reality in its series of operandi: Sum/rest->multiplication/division->potency/logarithm.

In words, we have 3 elements and 3 scalar growths: sentence, paragraph, narrative.

So happens in geometry in 3 scales: point->line->plane->volume and so on.

As the fractal generator departs from the description of Ðimotions that then are either aggregated or through operator functions transformed into different states and dImotions, certain elements must be conserved, i.e. the being in itself, the Fractal point internal S=T parts that define its existence within limits of ±S and T for the system to ‘co-exist’.

When this doesn’t happen on the limits of its ¡metric equation, Max. S -> T=O or max. T->S=0, we talk of the two limits of death of the function of existence:

  1. (Max. S x Max. T=Max. ∑SxT)|s=t

This is the Motion of reproduction and healthy growth for a function s=t, which keeps churning at S=T new ST, which maximize THE DIMOTION. Reproduction takes then the primary role in all other Motions.

Thus, the elements of each T.Œ, and its jargon/language, once we understand in those ternary terms, both ‘reality’ and the languages that describe it  in different sciences, each one specialised in a relative scale of the ‘5th dimension’ become clear in all languages: mathematical physics & chemistry, to which biology ads verbal evolutionary languages, arts substitutes the spatial geometry of mathematics by the visual perception of the human eye, and history introduces the subjective ethics of the wor(l)d.

So the astounding quantity of data gathered by each science, fits within the scaffolding of the Generator Equation, from where each language departs, in which the equations, postulates and statements of each scalar science are defined.

Thus T.Πwill not only classify all sciences, but not surprisingly will reveal an enormous number of solutions to pending questions of those sciences, thanks to the new understanding of its 3 fundamental elements, and its laws, fractal space, cyclical time and the scalar dimension, whose properties and Generator equations, will be proved ad nauseam for each science and each scale.


The justification of the Rashomon ‘effect’ or Rashomon truth, the concept used in this blog to explore the truths of all systems, departs from a simple reality: the Universe is a fractal organism of ternary scales that co-exist together, ternary time ages/dimensions between entropic death and social, informative generation and multiple topologies.

So as all those levels happen in the same being at the same time and in the same ‘closed space’ of a super organism, within a given membrane that breaks it from the rest of reality to observe and extract the truth of the system we must cast our linguistic analysis from all those perspectives, which we resume in four, the ∆§ scalar view, the temporal view of its world cycle, ð, the spatial simultaneous organic view… and the languages we use to observe all this which will mirror a ternary syntax, @, from a point of view or mind, often biased to observe the event from its advantageous biological needs.

So S, @, T, ∆, are the minimal elements to observe reality. But how we ‘connect’ them? Here is where we need the most important, yet less understood element of reality – the vital operandi that connect them through flows of transformative energy, ≈, scattering motion, < and implosive in-formation, > (lineal and angular momentum in physical jargon), whose exchanges constantly adapt reality. So we write the simplest ‘Fractal Feed-back generator’ equation, which ALL languages model in its syntax, with those 4 elements and its a(nti)symmetric operandi (ab. for symmetric, ≈, antisymmetric, < and asymmetric, > relationships between them):

Γ.                            S@<≈>∆ð

This is the essence of reality. Why we group space and minds? Easy, because space is the perception of a simultaneous still reality which IS NOT ‘real but’ a slice of the infinite real motions of the Universe, stopped by the languages of the mind that lock in a mirror image in its smaller finitesimal mind reducing reality. So we can also write the previous equation in its simplest mathematical formulae, or equation of the mind as:

O (finitesimal mind) x ∞ (timespace cycles of the Universe) = C-onstant world view: linguistic mapping.

On the other side thus we write ∆ð, the REAL UNIVERSE OF INFINITE TIMESPACE CYCLES IN MOTION, as the substance of reality is MOTION, not space-form. This little understood fact of reality, proved by evidence that all what exists, including particles are motions, and form are angular momentum, cyclical motion seen as still form when it is very fast, as the ‘fixed’ wheels of a bicycle seem to us a solid form, IS the key to fully grasp why THE UNIVERSE never stops. Why there is balance between vortices of mass (galaxies) and big-bang entropic vacuum – the only element reductionist physicists use to describe it in their faulty big-bang WHICH REJECTS gravitational informative forces… Why ultimately all is a zero sum of lineal motion and cyclical angular momentum, closed in vital energy cycles. 

So it is ALL really easy to understand when we get to the final principle. And a good language will be one, which makes a best mirror with minimal deformation of all what we have said.

Problem with huminds (ab. human mind) is that they DONT MAKE good mirrors, but ARE COMPLETELY SELF-ABSORBED by the paradox of the mind-ego, who thinks his still mapping of reality is the whole Universe, not a simplified mirror, so what huminds have been hard at doing for 5000 years and counting is to DENY, that motion not their STILL mapping is the substance of the Universe, that they are NOT the centre – the still mapping distorts and makes them the centre, of NOTHING, not even of scales, which they also deny, as they deny reproductive properties to quarks and electrons, etc. etc.

I am frankly completely fed up of huminds, including scholars, which are busy-busy for 5000 years inventing false dogmas about the self-importance of man, first of religious origin, then of scientific origin – even worst because they believe even more in its truth, such as the previously explained ‘dogma’ of the big-bang. So we ARE not the only intelligence. Languages perceive in themselves, in the pan psychic Universe. You are NOT the best talker. Even an atom speaks better geometric mathematical languages. WE are not the preferred scale. You are NOTHING: AN Infinitesimal mind mapping in a 1 dimensional minimal ‘bit’ language words, reality with a distorted self-centred view. OK?

OF COURSE, not… fact is humind won’t change its structure. They ONLY see a scale of reality so they are only interested in their scale. They only exist from the point of view of the earth, so they won’t care about the organic properties of atoms and galaxies. They want to be the absolute intelligence that knows it all, the beginning and the end, so they love the idea they have found the eureka moment in the big-bang, regardless of vortex of gravitation, and so on and so on. This I learned in 30 years of random speaking on 5D: You might as well talk chinese to an ant-hill… Humans are children of thought and they just want to hear baby-talk as if it were that important. Baby talk today is done with math equations, before with words, but is always creationist baby talk. The ant only wants pheromones – light frightens her, it has no senses to grasp it. Humans see only this scale, and from their point of view. So you collide with their ‘intuition’ of self-importance centre – only if they can come out of their mind they might see themselves as part of the whole.

And scientists I repeat are equally good at NOT seeing themselves as part of it. Their data is better – conceded, but that has again reduced their ‘view of knowledge’ to accumulation of data, NOT interested in causality laws, and general laws, but accumulation of computer data and statistical methods of finding causal connections in an automaton manner, not SEARCHING, NOT THINKING EVEN POSSIBLE what we shall show in this blog – the deeper level of causality and organic laws of the fractal Universe, the ‘thoughts’ of God of which we are all organic details.  It won’t be baby talk.

Epistemology. How to assess the truth of such big statement.

For what we have said, this blog should ‘potentially’, when properly developed by XXI c. researchers on T.œ encode the biggest r=evolution of human thought since the advances made on space-time theory a century ago (given the ‘ginormous’ scope of the upgrade, we have divided it in two x two lines – the first two, simpler, with the theoretical upgrades in line 1 and its application to most stiences in line 2. The third and fourth line more complex fully changing the model paradigm, and likely not to be completed in my lifetime).

How can we prove it? Obviously, considering how its content fares from the p.o.v. of epistemology, the theory of truth developed by philosophy of science. And compare it with the two fundamental ‘grand theories’ of everything, which we roughly can call ‘astrophysics’ and ‘religion’.

In essence, epistemology tells us that a better theory must obey the principle of correspondence (previous certain theories must be simplified cases of the larger theory), Ockham’s razor (it must be simpler and more economic in its first principles than other theories) and the experimental method (it must have on the positive an enormous number of proofs, and in the negative no case that can show its falsehood). It is NOT part of the epistemological method, the main error of modern science – to believe that because a theory can be written with mathematics is truth per se, as ‘the languages of god (mind of the universe) are ∞’ Upanishads. Though we of course show that mathematics, the main language of space, and logic, the main language of time, are excellent mirrors of the space and time properties of the Universe.

Now, for the three methods of truth:

  • Correspondence:  we shall first show in this introduction how astrophysics and religion can fit within an organic theory of space-time easily while the opposite is not truth (astrophysics cannot explain why ‘religions’ exist and vice versa, and neither can make account of the biological, organic properties of reality).
  • Ockham’s razor: we shall show how the whole model departs from two simple principles. Reality is made of space, which has fractal, scalar, self-repetitive properties and cyclical time, which has two inverse arrows/dimensions of time, entropy and its inverse information, which combine into energetic momentums. So basically all can be deduced of the fractal structure of space and the inverse arrows of entropy-motion and in/form/ation.
  • Experimental method: From those two properties, we shall prove that all events and species of the Universe and its laws can be potentially deduced. As this is an infinite task, I will keep pouring through my lifetime descriptions of events and species (2nd and 4th line) showing how their laws, morphologies and life-death cycles correspond to the basic properties of the Organic Everything themselves deduced from the fractal properties of vital space and cyclical properties of time, and its three ‘diametrical’ arrows. I have also for decades test the model of the Organic Everything, through the inverse method of falsification.

That is, I have once and again come up with a species or fact of physical, biological and social sciences, and tried then to see if it fitted within T.œ, and never failed to relate causally all the events, laws and species I had fancied to study to a basic structure of fractal space or an arrow of time – the thousands of pages and notebooks done on those analysis will slowly be put on this web. And this dual sides of the experimental method had also been extended to languages that mirror reality and its syntax. So every theorem of mathematics, logic, or artistic language (visual, musical, verbal) and every ethic, religious law has an easy translation as mirrors of the Universal laws of space and time, and the laws of survival of St-beings.

The search for linguistic humind’s truths. ABCDe of pentalogic.

The scientific method and its science, epistomology, concerns the search for truth, which is information mirrored in a language of the mind, about the external world. So to improve the scientific method into the stientific method, it is necessary to evolve languages which we do with nonÆ, and refocus the mind from æntropic subjective man into the objective external Universe ; the quest for information then is the third priority in which huminds due to the use of metal minds have excelled to the point it has become the only thing they do right these days – but we will improve by ‘finding information’ where huminds don’t look (in all the other properties of reality digital machines cannot observe).

The purpose of Non-Æpistemololgy is thus to upgrade the scientific method to ‘stience’.

To that aim we need to vitalize the foundational concepts of our mind languages, as mirrors of scalar space-time, logic and mathematics, to make them reflect better the 5 dimensional motions or actions of reality (Dimotions): entropy, motion, perception, social evolution and reproduction and so reach a higher degree of truth, that present scientific methods, which have been clearly corrupted by ‘creationism’ and the surrogate use of digital, computer thought instead of huminds and our logic natural languages.

Once this is achieved by:

  1. Upgrading maths and logic to ¡logic geometry and our theory of languages, as all are mirrors of the same fractal reality. So truth is NOT monologic, performed by a single language, but Max. Probability of truth = Max. number of languages perceiving the Universe. A law easy to understand since the Universe is a fractal of infinite mirrors-monads, so the absolute truth of the Universe is all the information carried by all those mirror monads in all its languages.
  2. Imposing the multiple points of view of the entangled Universe in any description (pentalogic which analyzes the T.œ in space as an ¬∆@st, dust of space-time made of scales, space topologies, time ages, linguistic mind and its limits of entropy)… This means to improve each of those linguistic mirrors, and the forms and species of reality described or ‘generated’ with their imprinting of the formless motions of the Universe.
  3. Finally, when we reduce ®pistemology to huminds, and its methods of gathering knowledge with its mind mirrors and sensorial human and mechanical systems, we need to clean up the 3 tenants of the ABC trilogic system of the scientific method, which in an orderly manner will be:

A) Accurate data recollection with any sensorial system and language-mirror of the Universe. (Experiment)

B) Biotopologic causes, defined as the reasons of existence of that accurate data, based themselves in the Ðisomorphic laws of scalar cyclic spacetime. (Hypothesis)

C) Cast into Cyclical patterns based in memorial recollections of similar events and forms, which can therefore be projected into the future, making forecasts, which will be the tests of truth of the model (Proof).

D) Democratic praxis, which we add as it is lacking today, by denial of the eusocial arrow of evolution, love and ethics that ensures the survival of the organism of history and its human parts. In essence it means to establish entropic limits to the research of stience, as humans must first understand that a extinct scientist knows nothing, so entropic death has no truth, a fact derived of the organic properties of the fractal Universe and its finite entropic limits of death.

E) This point means thus that science must first ask itself if a given research will favor the higher goal of all humans, to construct a perfect super organism of mankind in time, history that is immortal and caters to the WHeath, wealthy, healthy needs of all humans. If not such research must be forbidden. I.e. we shouldn’t evolve nuclear weapons with the excuse of understanding deeper scales of energy-mass, as they can blow up the earth, we shouldn’t research further AI and robots as they displace man from labor and war fields.

E is therefore the ‘Entropic Dimotion’ of the stientific method, where humans should HAVE NOT GONE, and arguably the reason why this work has gone nowhere among æntropic humans… Since if Newton dedicated more times to biblical ego-trips and æntropic research in weapons for the Royal Navy, me, which you can consider the heir of Leibniz had dedicated far more time to warn mankind of the entropic limits of science and our impeding extinction…

The 5 Dimotions of the stientific method 

are then easy to relate to those 5 points:

E) is the 4th dimotion of entropic limits which huminds are crossing researching systems with a higher ‘existential force’ that therefore can desestabilize the human momentum and that of Gaia, its ∆+1 world and extinguish us…

D) is the people’s praxis of stience that should enhance our 5th Dimotion and social evolution, love and creation of a perfect world with the help of stience.

C) is the 3rd Dimotion of reproduction, which is the ultimate meaning of existential beings, and all its stiences that try to repeat, reproduce and imprint the same information in the ultimate substance of reality, motion, to conserve its form.

A) is the 1st Dimotion of perception of reality with all possible senses.

Which leaves only B) that puts in relationship those events with the larger isomorphisms and laws of the entangled Universe, with the 2nd Dimotion of ‘communication’, the purpose of locomotion NOT a mere translation in space, as locomotion has always a purpose of communication of information (as when a system emits waves, NO longer lines with the upgraded 2nd postulate of non-AE).

The Dimotions of stience mirroring those of reality.

This couldn’t be otherwise because a mirror acquires the structural patterns in ‘lesser dimensions’ of the form it imitates.

It turns out then nicely that the order of the stientific method coincides with the order of the iaeuo series of actions of existence, as systems first perceive in stillness, then move towards a pole of energy accelerating, where they will feed with the purpose of reproducing, setting the ternary logic of existence, till either entropy returns their finitesimal 0 to the infinite formless void, or the right choices elongate its life with the help of its friendly universal social whole.

That can also be seen in reversed ‘Duality fashion’, as to state that ALL SYSTEMS IN EXIST¡ENCE ARE DOING STIENCE with its actions.

It must be noticed that as usual we use the correspondence method, which means the previous model is the ‘limit’ of the new upgrade and slightly change ‘wordings’ but maintain the essence of what huminds have achieved in the age of ‘science’.

Correspondence Principle:

The scientific method do respond to a simple ternary logic: Experiment (perception of space-time events and forms by humind languages), Hypothesis (search for causes and consequences) and Proof (new experiments that test consequences).

As such it is the limit of the stientific method, as in praxis it has reduced  A) experimental knowledge under the creationist, platonic ‘Idol-ogy’ that primes sensorial machines over human or other senses, to truths collected with digital numbers and mechanisms B) causes to topologic, mathematical and a few logic reasons, denying the scalar, organic properties that DO cause reality, and hence the Disomorphic, equal laws of space-time all systems follow, which also apply to the sound modeling of those cyclical patterns that can BE established with other languages (past-present-future verbal tenses, musical beats, etc.)

In that sense the stientific method allows TO JUDGE the quality of other linguistic truths, respecting the non-quantitative appreciation of reality. I.e. a work of art will have quality, if belonging to ‘realism’ (depiction of the real Universe) by the accuracy of its image-mirror, if belonging to idealism (mental transformation of the truth within the syntax of the language) by the ‘consistency’ of the work in terms of the Universal grammar and balance of all languages, through the concept of ‘balance’ (S=T), WHICH IS THE DEFINITION OF BEAUTY and immortality, hence defines the ‘durability’ in time-selection of the quality of art.

We shall then also when completed introduce a proper theory of art in which C and D are fundamental elements (art must also serve the super organisms of history=people in time, of which they are its subconscious collective).


What is the relationship of Algebra with GST? Simply speaking, Algebra is the S=T perspective of mathematics as a mirror of the different steps and stops of T.œs and its feed-back equations between the 5 Ðimotions of the Universe.

We define a fundamental point-particle, the Non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian T.œ. A Supœrganism (ab. œ) of Time§pace (ab. T.œ ≈ ∆±¡).

A Supœrganism comes defined by some algebraic equations, S=T, S x T = K, to be a vectorial field, as a point in a vectorial field has both direction – hence motion – and form, mass, scalar value. General coordinates are best as they refer the supœrganism to its self-point. All T.œs having a self-centered point or monad-mirror in a linguistic mapping or ‘seed’ to reflect and try to re=produce imprinting suitable energy (∆<¡) as its points of exist¡ence.

To be anchored first as a point is the first function of any T.œ when emerging into exist¡ence.

We call the description of all of this, ‘Existential algebra’, ælgebra, or ¬Æ, as it is both ‘Existential Algebra’ and Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean in its form.

It is in that sense the most important, structural element of the mathematical mirror – the closest classic linguistic expression of the Universe and its 5 Ðimotions of exist¡enœ.

We are NOT that much interested in merely translating human algebra to ® as a formal mirror of the Universe, a ginormous task, others will built after me, but in defining a ® of the Universe and as human Algebra does work in that purpose, to establish as many correspondences between ® and common algebra.

We depart in non ¬Æ of a first element, a fractal non-euclidean point, ruled by the 5 Postulates of non-euclidean topology: points are fractals, lines are waves between points, with less ‘amplitude=energy’ than the point – a fermion so to speak vs. a boson-line traced. How Fermions or non-E points proper share bosons, or line-waves of lesser ‘mass-position’ and more ‘speed-reproduction of information in a lower, ∆-¡, is a relative question.

For terminology, every non-euclidean point is a t.œ, his index ¡ is always relative to its mind: I=0=T.œs mind. Departing from it, we can cave into its inner world of -¡ and its upper world or +¡.

The laws of ¬Æ are expressed thus in terms of a relative self, as ∆±¡ different planes in which an ∆º mind exchanges energy and information with different ∆±¡ planes.

It corresponds for the case of Ƽ and Ʊ1 cases to classic science (single plane coinciding with the language of the mind-will).

Philosophically we can consider the mind, the perfect block of time of the syntax of one language that reflects the game of existence itself.

But logically we have a first element or seed, ∆º, and then we can ‘follow it’. as a non-Euclidean point in space, non-Aristotelian monad in time, as it mirrors in its language and reflects upon its world to exchange energy and information and fulfill its ‘Parts’ as an ∆º must have a body, ∆±1 and co-exist in a world, ∆±¡, whose relative extension might depend of the fractal fine detail. in our measure of ±¡.

As such the minimum ‘space’ to represent a world of such points is a vectorial space in which each point has at least two values that might represent the body-motion and mass-direction of the point, which becomes then the simplest representation of a T.œ spacetime, in which each points is a T.œ, which has two creative parts we might call space-form-scalar parameter and time-motion-direction of the vector parameter.

The simplest of those are momentum fields, in which each point represent in generalized coordinates the relative momentum of the being.

The being then has two states, one S=T, or reproduction and one S x T = K, with two limits, max. S x Min. T = Birth-generation, and Max. T x Min. S = Death – entropy; and two lesser limits, §(information: particle/head) x t (motion: limbs) = K (body-wave)…

We play then with those 5 components or dimotions deduced of the equivalence of space=time, or present, reproductive dImotion, and the limits and elements of § (information) x t (lineal motion-speed).

So the 5 Dimotions or basic symbols of Existential algebra are a development of the two equations that formalize the logic postulates – space is time, and the metric of 5D, S=T & SxT=K:

§->∞ x  t->0  (Seed: Ð5) ∑§¡-1=tº (birth)= Min.§ x Max. t (Youth: Ð2) > §=t (maturity:reproduction: Ð3) > Max. § x Min. t (3rd age: Ð1)<< ∑t-1 (Death: Ð4)

Since reality is about the S=T and S x T = K ‘space=time and spatial size x Time clocks = constant, basic relationships hold in reality, from where we derive the two ‘extreme dimotions’ of entropy (pure time motion) and form (pure still language-space), which can be seen as the S=k/T symmetry; yet as those poles come together, we move to the S=T, energy=information final reproductive state of the being, through an intermediate, S X T, locomotion-distance x perception (lineal x cyclical vortex motion) state.

All those states and symmetries are thus feed-back equations which can only be properly ‘generated’ with algebraic inverse operations, in its simplest form, and in its most complex structures, when we consider multiple ‘symmetries’ and ‘variations of species’ with the help of Group theory, as essentially S=k/T, will be the ‘inverse numbers’, k, the identity number (if equal it to one) and the dual demotion represented by certain algebraic operandi.

So Algebra connects  the closest humind formalism of the Universe – maths – with the Generator equation, whose operandi and transformations have been taken accordingly from the classic symbols of algebra, albeit as in all other disciplines of science, slightly transformed to make it correspond to the larger, more encompassing, efficient focused mirror of GST (when in the future is properly evolved by other researchers).

So we call the formalism of relational vital space-time and its T.œs, of ‘Gst’, general systems sciences and its Generator of Space-time organisms, also existential algebra, and write it as ⌜Ælgebra, which reads as ⌜Æ-logic: that is Existential Algebra (Æ) (the 5Ðimotion and its inverse 4Ð entropic dissolution, .)

Truth requires at least five, ¬ ∆@ st perspectives.

All this said, we shall find an astounding beauty in our analysis of reality as a homology between language-mirrors, minds and outer worlds.

For example, consider the very fact that mathematical systems are always self-centred analysis of reality departing from a coordinates 0-points of view, of which three are paramount, the cartesian hyperbolic ‘plane’, the ‘lineal cylindrical system and the ‘polar sphere’, mimicking the three elements of the generator, which GST considers the proof as those earlier philosophers of science postulate, that we exist in a sentient vital Universe. As mathematical laws in analytic geometry are self-centred. But those are three different perspectives, which if we ad Hilbert spaces and imaginary numbers ‘close’ the system of numbers because they ad the new dimensional planes of 5D: Four equivalent perspectives.

Indeed, if information can only be obtained from a fixed point of view, it follows the Universe is made of egos. Or as Aristotle put it, God is the unmovable ‘ego’ that moves all the energy around himself and there are infinite Gods, particles that gauge information, heads that see, minds that smell… This must therefore be included in the next paradigm of science to build an even more objective, less anthropomorphic reality.

In the graph we can see physical monads, charges and masses, which do have always a dense, informative center, surrounded by an energy body closed by a membrane (the quarks of the atoms closed by the membrane of the electron, the head and body closed by the skin, the mathematical pov, with its surface, integrated below the external curve, and so on. There are many ways we can see those structures, many details and laws we shall extract of the interaction of its parts, but the ultimate essence of the space-time being and its three parts, Tiƒ<st>Spe will remain.

Now in as much as the singularity is perceiving a territory closed by a cyclical membrane, either seen as a solid form or a moving cycle, the mind is NOT possible to be defined WITHOUT the territory of order and the event horizon, limit of its ‘self’ and close territory of order and perception. And so the mind is in itself a ternary organism, ab. œ, hence the name ∆œ and the symbol Œ for the mind as a point ∆º that moves Ξ, through the three planes and structures of its supœrganism.

Mind and supœrganism are thus defined by each other: the actions of the œmind brings the potential organism into actual being.

Consider the best known equations of science, and how they portray this reality in the scales of masses and charges:

  Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism reflect the fact that a charge, the singularity of an electromagnetic system (first equation), will have an electromagnetic ‘field’ around it, its vital space in which to exchange energy and information (3rd & 4th), encircled by a magnetic membrane (2nd equation), conforming the three parts of the being and its basic exchanges.

In the graph the laws of circulation of fluids and electric currents can be reused to the basic scheme of a ternary system with an inner solid state, a liquid around, within an external entropic field. Of course, the purpose of science being mostly praxis makes the algebraic equations far more useful but the purpose of this blog being the ultimate whys, the spatial view shows how once and again nature can be reduced to the three arrows of timespace and the scales of the fifth dimension.

And so IT happens for all laws of mathematical physics that we shall relate to the ‘laws and structures of ∆ºst systems’: its ultimate cause is NOT the fact they can be mirrored in a mathematical language but the fact they followed the ternary laws of GST, as 10 dimensional beings of fractal space-time, ∆ºst, which an ∆º mind with a self-centred pov can ‘perceive’.

Thus we shall see how ultimately mathematical physics is related to those laws: differential equations will express fundamental gst actions between scales of the fifth dimension (entropic motions will be described by derivatives of second order, energy actions by those of first order and so on); topological laws will combine the three only topological variations as expressions of the three arrows of timespace of all beings; and each of the mathematical equations will be expressed from one of the three topological frames of reference (cartesian, polar or cylindrical). And so on and so on.

Now we need before closing this intro to topological physics, to introduce a first variation on its theme: we say usually that the ðf mind is in the centre and the clock-circle in the external membrane, but as we study more systems in more scales we shall see that those positions in its control of the system are often exchanged, as both work always together to control the vital space, those variations are perfectly natural to the structure of systems. In the graph we see the earth has its brain in the surface – its life species, and its ‘heart’ in the magnetic centre, as humans do (and in life we find as in atomic matter, with the quark center, the opposite form, the cell with its DNA uncle).

IT IS THEN worth to notice that this symmetry will be one of the main dualities at play in all systems, as both together ‘invaginate’ and control the vital space and switch or invert the arrows and direction of its flows – given the fact that the fractal generator allows all time and space reversals and trans/formation within three ternary scales/forms & ages. Physicists have explored in depth of those symmetries, the time reversal one, but are still lacking on the other two main ∆st symmetries.

So for example, the magnetic field plays the role of membrane, when it jumps over the first scale of electrons and as the magnetic number, organises them all together, and can be considered then the social ‘brain’ of the atom; yet as the attractive domains plays the ‘force’ game in the next scaling, when its domains are organised by a looping wire in an electrodynamic engine.

The inversion law of scaling.

This is a very important law of the fifth dimension which can be extended to all systems, an essential symmetry of all ternary realities: the inversion of roles and functions as • singularities of systems emerge into new scales, becoming |-entropy of larger beings or vice versa, systems which were |-entropy become organised into larger forms, which then become O-cycles, as the cases mentioned on electromagnetism, or the proteins that encircle a vital space in a cell; or the Neanderthal crossed white, ‘germ-anic/semitic’ entropic cult(ure)s, which came ‘again’ on top of the informative, south Asian mongoloid farmers, when they associated with bronze and iron weapons as Nomad European cattle ranchers .

We could also use the term invariance for Disomorphisms, laws that doesn’t change when we move up and down in scale.

The method of GST is iterative, as the Universe is, departing from a few elements, which we constantly repeat with different degrees of complexity till in the final 4th line we, and those who will continue this endeavour, will exhaust all knowledge of mankind, within the properties of the ∆•ST universe and its fractal worlds. Let us then define the 4 elements of all realities:

∆. The fractal scales of…

ð. Cyclical time and…

$: .topological space, which…

@. Monads≈linguistic minds which map≈mirror reality, with…

TOPOLOGY and ternary TIME logic, which we will ‘upgrade’, to…

The non-aristotelian, multicausal logic of cyclic time & non-euclidean fractal structure of space…

∞|°: closer to the i-logic mind of the Universe, which creates and destroys all space-time beings, what we are.



‘Simplicity is genius’ Leonardo

You see how simple and easy to understand is the reproductive Universe when you change your chip, stop worshipping entropic digital robots, aka physicists with zero philosophical, conceptual intelligence, instead of the complicated, ill-interpreted views of physicists. Again for good measure: all is reproduction as even motion is reproduction:

A wave Motion on the other hand is the simplest information and moves faster because it need only to print a surface below, and again, the wave form that moves is independent of that indistinguishable lower level. So the wave keeps its form and travels truly fast as the in/form/ation, v=s/ti to imprint, is minimal.

Since motion is reproduction of information; motion is not only relative, but related to the density of information of a system. So as mass-information grows in density the system takes longer time to reproduce the Ti element of v=s/Ti, and so it slows down. And on the other extreme when information tends to zero speed increases. So as we humans perceive information with light that is our limit of speed of transmission of information we can perceive c=s/Ti. But this wave of light is really impressing a quantum field of gravitational action at distance, faster than light (Bohm’s discovery on the pilot-wave theory which we have to marry with the non-observance of particle during the motion, to fully grasp the process).



So after this on-slaughter on our Popes and Masters and their mathematical fantasies, we are obliged to respond from the pov of GST to the big question: if languages are inflationary smaller beings with maximal information, but can be fiction, what is real, what the Universe allows?

The answer should be obvious to the reader: reality we have repeated ad nauseam is composed of present energetic beings that combine entropy-motion and information; so the Universe allows only information that respects the constrains of motion-entropy, which it must bend, and as entropy motion is lineal, the Universe is ‘simple and not malicious’ (Einstein), since ‘simplicity is true genius’ (Leonardo), as only those efficient, economic, simpler versions of reality Survive (Ockham’s razor).

But the ego of human scholars is huge so among humans egotist theories of reality always carry the day. AND PEOPLE truly love them, because they make them think they are ‘above heavens and earth’, intelligent enough to talk the language of God.

Because you are not God, obviously (:

Ok, let us leave the physicists in peace and go back to our theme. Reality is ruled by Ockham’s razor. So simplicity is queen, and the capacity of an economic, single element to perform multiple functions and simplify reality is king, as all comes ultimately from two simple principles, space and time.

An the simplest expression of it all is therefore the fractal generator that considers the basic ternary structure in time, space and scales of any supœrganism, the fundamental particle of the Universe.

So we shall make a bold statement, which for 30 years of studying reality in its simplest elements, building complexity departing from them, has proved to be truth for all systems I have studied: The Universe is a fractal game of scales of timespace arrows; reflected in the formalism of its Fractal Generator: Γœ: ∆-1: Spe≤≥∆St≤≥∆+1: Tiƒ, with its ternary topologies, time ages and scales…

So the mirror of all mirrors, the language of all languages, the syntax of all syntaxes is the encoded 10 Dimensional laws of the ternary fractal generator, which resumes the non-Æ structure of the i-logic universe. And its non-euclidean space and non-aristotelian time properties that become laws of all stiences are the ‘elements of all realities’, which encode all its events and species, and by the same token, dismiss all other imaginary realities and linguistic fictions too ‘complex’, ‘too mad’ to make it. 

It is the final ‘crib’ of reality. I.e. imaginary black holes do not exist because you cannot travel back in time, as the Universe is a fractal of infinite parts, so all time clocks are local and you only return back in time to your own devolutionary death-past-information erasing. Even if mathematically Mr. Hawking can describe black holes as time machines that ‘allow him to go to the past’ and kill his father.  This is NOT A REAL paradox. If you travel back in time you go back to the lower seminal scale dying back into your cellular level and then as insects eat you up without the protection of the whole nervous system to the molecular level, since death according to the rules of ¬Æ logic based in the fractal structure of space, cyclical nature of time, scalar co-existence of organism AND OVERWHELMING experimental evidence in all systems that die, entropic death lowers your ‘ego-self-system’ two scales of the fifth dimension. 

We can see in the first graph, how all physical, biological and social systems, follow the same ‘worldcycle’ of existence as a travel through 3 ∆±1 scales of the fifth dimension, as they are born in a seminal seed that emerges into an ∆º scale, where it will move decreasing its motion and increasing its information through a gaseous, young state of minimal information, through a reproductive, liquid state of balance into a 3rd age of maximal information, exploding back its form into motion, in the entropic process of death.

All the organic systems of the Universe, physical, biological and historic, follow the same 5 Dimensional states of a worldcycle,  from its fast evolving relative 5th dimension or generation age of social evolution from an ∆-1 seed to an emerging ∆º individual through the 3 dimensional ages of life, to the 4th dimension of entropic death..

What physicists do with its simplified models of 4 Dimensions, is to reject the arrow of social evolution, love and organic information, which is the 5th dimension of creating wholes by parts, because of its ‘concept of time’ merely as change of motion, locomotion, lineal motion, which then for the whole Universe becomes the arrow of ‘entropy and death’, and we shall adscribe by the correspondence principle to the fourth dimension.





From relational space-time to generational space-time.

Reality is made of organisms of spatial information (form) and temporal energy (motion). This is the game we need to describe to know what we and everything else is. So we need to depart from the ‘first principles’ of reality spatial still form, information and temporal motion, entropic energy.

Time and Space are in that sense the essential elements of reality. We live a finite amount of time, we shall call a ‘world cycle’, and occupy a vital space of increasing layers of territorial differentiation, the mind first with its mirror-mapping of all the space our senses might perceive; our body, the intimate, closer vital space that provides energy and the limbs that provide locomotion for the mind-head.

And further on a territorial space, our home and property, enclosed all together into a larger social space of similar clone-like beings that form a larger entity, the human species, with a longer duration in time, which likely will also end if we do not take care of its collective territory, the planet Earth.

Space and time thus are essential to all sciences, which are hindered by the limited understanding of it, as the field belongs to all sciences, which happen in time and space, so ultimately belongs to philosophy of science that studies them all.

This was obviously understood by mankind and so there was no trouble in mind when a biologist, Darwin, casted its science in terms of time evolutionary processes in the XIX c. nor there was outrage when Pasteur upgraded medicine with the study of ‘fractal space-time beings’, that is, smaller ‘germs’ which reside in a lower scale of reality, smaller in space, but faster in its time-clock cycles, and were able to destroy the upper scale of mighty human beings.

Time was also the substance of the cycles of social sciences, History and Economics, and so its philosophers established the cyclical theory of history, with its eternal returns from ages of enlightenment and peace and enjoyment of human senses, when human languages of art and welfare goods flourished, and ages of tribal warfare, overproduction of weapons and death of civilizations, establishing worldcycles for History (Hesiode, Ibn Khaldun, Vico, Marx, Spengler and Toynbee), and economics, as new machines evolved and displaced previous ones (Schumpetter, Kondratieff).

Space and time thus were the initial principles to depart from in all sciences, including formal sciences, as Analysis brought time as the protagonist of mathematics, studying the ratio of change of all systems both in ‘space’ (differential geometry) in time (calculus) and in fractal scales (derivatives, infinitesimals, power series) the third essential element of reality humans have strangely failed to formalize even though science has always been about discovering with new instruments of measure, larger scales (telescopes, astrophysics) and lower scales (microbiology, chemistry, quantum physics) – which therefore will become the first of the many tasks required to complete an all-encompassing wider theory of cyclical time and scalar space, needed to understand the Universe better in its foundational principles.

Why this has not happened before, is mainly due to the reductionism that time-space modeling suffered as the Industrial r=evolution of organisms of metal, aka machines, took over the subconscious collective of humanity and became the dominant ‘arrow of time future’ of the species, who suddenly forgot his own destiny as a surrogate of those machines, handled by physicists. The problem though is evident: a mechanical clock has a single ‘time speed’ and rhythm, and can only express digital properties of time, as it is a numerical clock, further on written with sequential numbers, which made physicists elongate the cyclical nature of time clocks into a line of growing numbers, moving towards infinity. And so in physics time properties are reduced to numerical ones and further elongated into a lineal, single time moving to infinity.

And this implies to ELIMINATE as irrelevant all its logic, causal reasons, which man better expresses in verbal, logic languages, as we shall do in those posts, which largely become ridiculed, specially in those ‘technological civilizations’ (America being the paradigm), where the machine and its idol-ogies became the reason d’être of humanity. So verbal, logic thought was reduced to minimal concepts, just an expedient to do numerical time-space equations, and any deep analysis of the complex logic of time ‘verbosity’.  Wordiness was substituted by worldlines.

So mankind reduced and keeps doing so, all other aspects of reality to those which digital machines could measure – and time, its complex dimensions of past, present and future, explained with verbal tenses; its cyclical repetitive properties, which are the ‘reason why science’ exists in first place as it can predict from equal causes repetitive consequences; its vital, biological properties related to the evolution of information, of form, stored in the frequency and form of its cycles, etc. etc. etc. disappeared as irrelevant to the task physicists handle with time, the measure of ‘speed-motions=translations in space’, in which time appears as a parameter of measure, v=s/t, of those spatial translations.

And so it was born the restricted model-property of time, called the 4th dimension of space, where time, t=s/v or t²=S²/c² (Galilean, Einstein’s relativity), was ALL what matter to time, and everything else having to do with time (evolution, worldcycles of life and death, cyclical time, information, arrow of informative growth in time, happening from life to galactic vortices, scales of time with different speeds of time clocks, geological deep time, historic time cycles, etc. etc.) was NOT relevant. It became indeed,  out of fashion to talk of time outside the realm of physics, and its 4D relativity view of time = space/speed…

To be fashionable as a scientist in any other disciplines you had to handled also the concepts of Minkowski’s timespace, worldliness of time, cones of light-time, EFEs (Einstein’s field equations) and even try to make a philosophy of humanity in ‘proper’ time, which requires to handle tensors of rank 2 with differential equations so long that only with abbreviated notations, months of calculus or supercomputers could reach any conclusions…NOT of course in the nature of human time, but on the speeds of cosmological forms, for which it was created. As each science must be aware of its limits of scales and species in which its concepts, including those specific properties of time and space, must apply.

So of course, after a century of talking 4D time space, despite so much equation and calculus astrophysicists can tell us NOTHING about our lifetime, our world cycle of generation, reproduction, growth, decay and extinction, about the cycles of stock markets, or civilizations, the circadian clocks of organisms – all those things we will also talk here.

Since unfortunately in the XX century time became the proprietary field of astrophysicists, by virtue of the power of its machines and digital clocks, evolved into computers, and let us tell the truth straight, their manufacturing of entropic weapons that destroyed all other forms of time, and information.

So along the proprietary rights came the simplification of time in terms of motion (speed parameter) and entropy (collective destructive motions that scattered and broke the information of life, ended all time cycles and finished all arguments). Time thus provided from this restricted point of view of XX c. proprietary physics also a restricted theory of the Universe based in motion and entropy called the big-bang according to which time in the Universe was only a destructive force, born of an infinitesimal point that exploded and kept exploding, expanding providing the entropic disorder of reality.

As all other forms of order provided by cyclical clocks of time, which carry its information in the frequency and form of its cycles had been silenced and ignored, and all theories of evolution cast aside – to the point that the Nobel prize, given by a physicist manufacturer of weapons, Mr. Nobel forbids any evolutionist to receive it. 

WE ARE THEN again in the same paradox of æntropic culture: physicists made weapons of mass destruction as Nobel did, and so they are the tools of power for human societies and have a status as geniuses that might not correspond with rationality, but is here to stay. Einstein’s equation did the atomic bomb and so EFE equations of space-time must be the right thing. Point.

This still is the case – the human ego is today pumped by machines and weapons and so from those who do machines and weapons must come – if not from the very same AI, the meaning of it all  – reason why I rather pour a much larger view of time in a blog that keep discussing as in my ‘times of academia’, with the proprietors asking them to let me share part of the wisdom provided by the infinite clocks of time of the Universe.

The whole model of the fractal, organic ternary, motion-time based universe is resumed in the sentence above, which follows the old Fermat’s adagio that a good proof fits in a margin:

A Universe is a ternary network of ∞5D Time§pace Supœrganisms traveling in Worldcycles:

Ui: |-S past limbs-fields‹Ø-st:Energy body-waves›O-Ti future particles-heads…

Γenerate 2² Causal ±∆ctions in 3 ages & 9 §cales as organic networks form Physic≈Biologic≈Social systems:

Ui≈ ∆-4:quarks›3¥-electrons›-2Z-atoms›-1DNA-molecules›ºcells/states of matter›1Man>2Gaia‹2star‹3Galaxy‹4cosmos‹∞God

You see, we are playing now with the 3 arrows of time, and the 5Dimension of scales of space, and start to see new relationships hardly explored by present sciences.

Those are the 3±∆ elements we will need to reorganise and explain in a much more orderly, meaningful, architectonical way all the laws of science. How long mankind will take to accept a revolution of this size, unlike nothing has happened in a century? Slowly and perhaps never. Humans have an uncanny capacity to take the wrong roads of history both in praxis and knowledge. Because of the paradox of their egos.

On the metaphysics of Being: Dasein and time. 

Motion and those sensations in its dual acceleration and deceleration, vortex and Big Bang, pain and pleasure which are felt positive but accompanied of awareness and erasing that is seen as negative should form the ultimate duality man experiences that can be experienced by all other beings, and so the meaning of existence must ‘exist’ at that level of pure motions, acceleration, decelerations and the related sensations of peace, pain and pleasure.

Time is motion and motion in its simplest level of existence is sensation, pain associated to inward motions, pleasure to expansive entropy. And those 2 states do exist in all scales and levels. They are fields that are so general as < and > and so they hold likely the ultimate program of the will: seek for light-perception avoid darkness, see for release-entropy, avoid pain-pressure.

 We never die.  Not even when we try.  5D super organisms are about entangled connection and love… Can then be fully disconnected? The answer is much deeper:  THE FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS NEVER CEASES; the particle of information does.

When we die we start a trip down two scales of the fifth dimension, ‘backwards within our time memories’… So the ego slowly unwinds, as it is the peak of the singularity, but the field of sensations behind, the ultimate ‘substance of motion’ – its form so to speak, on the ∆-1 plane of the field potential, continues.

In the same way a crystal -particle acts with a will, a potential field, a glass-state does act in motion with a will, which is more confuse, more blurred – that is sensation. And sensation never ceases because your parts never quite fully erase and disappear; at worst they emerge downwards in new particles-scales aware of other topological games.

There IS no NIRVANA, extinction, samsara… the old desire of the people who really understood the game before this blog did – itself a consciousness in the web of the meaning of exist¡ence which will not die with me l§, with far less data (Hinduism->Buddhism->Taoism)…


Bio-topo-logic causes

Absolute relativity

All what exists being homologic by virtue of possessing the same Dimensions in its organic form, and living similar worldcycles, albeit self-centred in different scales of the fifth dimension of the scalar Universe is absolutely relative, in an infinite whole, in which all beings are limited to 3 organic scales, 3 ages of time and 3 adjacent forms of space.

Motion towards objectivism in our worldview has not advanced so much from the age of abrahamic religions, when god, the subconscious collective ∆+1 scale of a group of humans became God, Γ•Δ, the mind of the Universe, through an age in which we lost our prefered position in the center of space (from Galilean to Einstein relativity)

Since the lost of position in the scales of time achieved by Darwin are still contested in an age of revivalism of abrahamic myths, and the objective neutrality of the human mind observing the Universe was contested by Bohr’s absurd interpretation of quantum physics chosen instead of the sound work of Broglie and Bohm (pilot-wave theory).

General Systems and its ORGANIC theory of everything displaces man also in scale of size as just a relative form of space-time of the fifth dimension reaching absolute relativity. For that reason will obviously be contested by the ‘ego paradox’ – which always tries to put man in the centre of its limited perception.

Human egos are the main bias to fully understand the Universe and its organic properties and multiple minds≈languages. So humanity divides between mathematical and verbal creationists who think their language created the Universe and only the properties described with it are ‘worthy’ to know. Notice how Mr. Dirac denies the Verbal God but affirms there is a Mathematical one. In true form, Leibniz, Einstein, who considered the ultimate substances of reality space and time from where we shall derive all its dimensional, isomorphic laws, were far more ‘realists’ in its search for ultimate principles. Each language then according to its synoptic capacity to carry information will mirror in the ‘finitesimal’ space-time of a mind limited in volume and duration only part of the total information of the Universe and all its fractal T.œs. So its knowledge will always be limited and self-centred as the language has a perspective with his mind at the centre, giving origin to the equation of any mind: O-finitesimal mind x ∞ space-time cycles of the Universe = Constant World. The Universe is infinite, but each ‘mind-language’ mirrors only part of its scales of space-time, and lasts a finite duration, extending a finite size.


From the co-existence of beings in 3 different scales of reality, ∆±1, that is form the fractal structure of space, it follows the organic nature of reality as flows of energy and information and motion between those scales based in the symbiosis of smaller beings that have more information and larger wholes that enclose the parts, precludes organic properties.  Unlike the simplex physical description of the Universe, as an extension in space, where the time parameter of change only is relevant in the descriptions of motions within the fractal Universe of any parts of it, as if nothing else would matter, reserving organic and sentient properties, under the ‘ego paradox’ for the human species only, our interest is much more profound as we consider all parts of the Universe homeomorphic to each other and hence with the same properties that humans do have, and vice versa; into all the properties that the simplex physical description misses, as they are not susceptible to me written in mathematical equations, or are not observable, directly but can be inferred from the actions they produce. It is then possible through those indirect methods of observation and departing of the homologic, isomorphic properties of all beings, deduce the non-observable properties of being by its external effects.

So we shall be able to consider through the actions of the beings, which are all similar in search of survival, the existence of singularity-minds in all of them.

Why humans don’t understand the 5th dimension. Ego px.

In the graph, stience implies to distance oneself from human subjective points of view as centres of the mind-Universe. Yet the paradox of the ego implies humans are naturally build to feel that center. The result is an enormous difficulty for stientific paradox to become mainstream, specially when they are truly objective. Instead men relapse in any theory that makes him the center and makes him happy. So still most people believe in anthropomorphic religions with chosen species; Man was at the center of the Universe for most of history and when Aristarcus found the sun to be the center soon it was forgotten till Copernicus and Galileo faced the wrath of the church. So happened with the next advancement of space-time objectivity. If Copernicus took man out of the center of space, Darwin took him out of the center of time, as an evolutionary species, and it was ridiculed. Next came the displacement of man as the center of perception, with the proper theory of the mind, as a limited world, which dates back to Descartes, but constantly is challenged – the last time in the dispute between Einstein and Bohr, on how the human mind observer influences or not the observable.

Again the obvious truth ‘the moon doesn’t rise when i look at it’, was ignored, even today when EM engines and the Broglie-Bohm pilot wave theory has proved Bohr wrong. And Einstein right. He called his theory ‘relativity’ for a reason: if Copernicus took us from the center of creation in space and Darwin in Time, Descartes took the mind out of that center, and finally Einstein and Planck showed we have just relative time clocks and ‘space quanta’.

What truly mattered about times was the finding of Einstein which confessed ‘ I am the only physicist who realise there are infinite time clocks in the Universe running at different time speeds’ and also ‘Time curves space into masses’ and ‘Leibniz was right but if so we must change the entire building of physics from its foundations’. And further on ‘science must only be occupied from facts that are experimentally certain’, and ‘I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’. So he was at heart intuitively understanding the ‘future path’ it would take the r=evolution of times knowledge.

GST will complete his task of search for objective truths, at all levels – epistemologically, by removing further man from that center, now of ∆-scales, establishing the equal importance of all those scales. Hence the name ‘Absolute relativity’, I used in the few papers i published on five-dimensional systems; on the theoretical level by unifying the 2 main forces of nature, charges and masses and its attractive ‘time vortices’, with the metric of fractal 5D space and cyclical time – as both are accelerated vortices (Principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration) of the cosmological scale (masses) and the electromagnetic scale (electron charges); and by proving further the deterministic, organic nature of quantum systems.

Finally we will take his work on Non-Euclidean geometries, which he used to describe cosmological space-time, to further widen our understanding of logic and mathematics, with the full development of the 5 postulates of non-euclidean geometry, since amazing as it seems humans have only defined a 5th non-euclidean postulate and left the other 4 unchanged, puzzled by those contradictions, which prompted ‘Hilbert’, the father of the ‘idealist’ view of physicists today – who consider reality ‘almost created’ by the observer, to state that ‘points, lines and planes do not exist beyond the mind of man, which ‘imagines’ them’… 

So the next huge upgrading of the single worldview of physicists into the multiple worlds of Philosophers of Science, will take place strictly in the field of mathematics.

And we shall of all those idealist german-jewish thinkers that have followed its arrogant self-anthropomorphic myths, beyond religion into objective science, slowing down our understanding of all realities, ‘acquit’ Einstein and ‘condemn’ Bohr.

Since he developed the next r=evolution of space-time concepts; after the duality between true Darwin vs. false Clausius (theory of evolution of temporal information vs. theory of an entropic, dying Universe), which will give us by the principle of correspondence, the limiting case for the study of human being as  biological space-time organisms, like evarying else.

So his findings and intuitions will be essential to fully grasp the symmetries between space and time.

Even if they were ‘corrected’ as usual by other lesser physicists and mathematicians to cater  to the lineal worldview of a single time arrow, as a ‘parameter of space’. Specifically Minkowski simplified his findings and defined a lineal s=ct parameter of time, exactly the same of Galileo S=vt, just changing the speed of the body by the speed of light, to be able to measure the distortions in simultaneity caused by the existence of infinite time clocks.

But soon he was immersed in the idealist, germanic school of mathematicians, like Cantor, Hilbert and Weyl, which substituted, after the crisis of Lobachevski’s pan geometry, real points with parts, social numbers and topological networks by ‘imagined or undefined terms, sets or groups’ as the unit of reality, breaking the NECESSARY CONNECTION between mathematical logic and reality, as geometry is the language of space and logic the language of time of the human being.

The final frontier to knowledge: subjective happiness over objective truth.

But this is to go further in the last instalments of the search for scientific truths, of the human adventure of knowledge. The reader should realise very few people hover on those depths, but rather stay on the previous graph in the very first simpler egocentric view of a Universe with man at its center, and a personal God ‘caring’ to listen such a ‘dust of space-time’.

On the contrary nobody listens but there is indeed an opposite chance: we can listen to the program of existence, encoded in the laws of space-time and its most probable events – the construction of surviving super organisms, and we obey those laws of behaviour, we survive, in this existence of course, and might even emerge into upper structures, of potentiality, created b the lower selves.

In brief, there is not PERSONAL god, but there is a very personal PROGRAM OF EXISTENCE AND SURVIVAL REINFORCED for all of us, that we better decode and accept soon as a species. Because if not the program cancels the variations of space-time beings. And that is all what we are.

Why then if Yhwh is just a myth, it is still the God of more than 1/2 of mankind?  Latter on, somewhere we talk of the duality of psychological thought between the reinforcing ‘pleasure-ego-entropy/pain-knowledge-information’ duality, which is a distinction so clear that it happens also in the social scale.

For example, Americans have not ‘the search of truth but of happiness’ in its constitution. So they prefer selfies and fairy tales (90% believe there is an anthropomorphic god caring). While in Northern Europe they prefer truth and have the highest rate of suicide. Here in Catalonia we like both (:

In any case this blog is about truth not happiness. And that of course will make it not very popular… but meaningful.

So the fundamental tenants of an organic description of a dual universe of energy and information was NOT in contradiction with present science, but on the contrary it was the needed structural upgrading to fit properly the discoveries of quantum physics, relativity and biology, which dragged on 3 millennia definitions of time as Aristotelian (single causality arrow) and space as Euclidean (continuous made of abstract points without breath).

The task though was overwhelming as it implied to go back to the foundations of logic and geometry and fully develop a non-aristotelian causality of multiple time arrows (Non-A) and a Non-Euclidean mathematics of ‘fractal points’ with volume through which multiple flows of energy and information could cross. This Non-Æ formalism is what i developed in the 90s and applied to philosophy of science, completing the model of GST (ab. for general systems theory or Fractal Generator of space-time), which I introduced at the 50th anniversary of Systems Sciences (ISSS Sonoma Congress)

Thus, it took 50 years for a working formalism to exist as complex systems require more information to be described. And the main mathematical concept behind an organic, informative Universe – the concept of fractal information and its models of self-reproduction and organization did not appear till the late 70s.

Here is the model of the organic, fractal universe, which requires to understand time in terms of two dimensions motion and form, energy and information, hence in terms of cyclical time, as two dimensions create a time cycle.

4 are its elements:

Tiƒ: Cyclic Time & its informative cycles stored in spherical systems, heads, particles that keep max. information in min. space.

Spe: Lineal Space & its energetic locomotions, which body-waves extract from a field of entropy to move the head towards

Å: Active fields in which the system will absorb energy and information and reproduce itself in other space-time, guided by:

Œ: a mind-point of view that apperceives the system as a whole and by mere selection has through eons ‘learned’ a program of active survival, in which the system will emit and absorb energy and information across several

∆-Scales of the fifth dimension, in which smaller points become larger networks, wholes stronger than the individual. So we talk of a survival process, maximised by network creation of social systems across scales of growing size, the ultimate ‘arrow’ of eusocial love and future survival of the Universe, which has evolved through those networks from particles into atoms, molecules, cells, organisms, ecosystems, matter systems, solar systems, galaxies and Universes…

Hence the title of this post, resume of the Universe resumed in those 4 elements, fractal scalar, space, cyclical time and active minds:

∆STœ, which reads as ‘fractal≈∆ Space-Time beings’. Since the mind is in that sense, the ‘whole’ active experience of the being (not its thought but rather in the terminology of Schopenhauer, the whole, being, body and thought), and not localised (we shall as we go deeper come to clear proofs that the mind indeed is modular and not localised, as we switch between thought actions guided by the brain, reproductive actions guided by the body, pleasure seeking running actions, etc.)

The most controversial of those 4 elements will needless to say be the mind, which we humans anthropomorphic, subjective and under the ego paradox, deny to all systems of nature. Again in physicists, except the true masters of the discipline, which as usual had their hard life to get heard (Planck->Einstein->Broglie->Schrodinger->Bohm) by the usual suspects of abstraction and human self-centred views (Bohr->Heisenberg), few have understood the astounding importance of concepts such as simultaneity, non-locality, non-euclidean geometry etc. All of them, defining elements to study the minds of the Universe…

So we shall reserve those analysis to the second line. Where we shall consider the ultimate question: why there is motion and form instead of nothingness? What is internally for the mind-view motion≈pleasure and form≈information≈awareness? It is the Universe necessarily pan psychic. Not obviously for a how description, yes for the deepest understanding of why it ‘moves’.

In that regard, there is a ‘will’ as philosophers rightly understood in the Universe, which is purely platonic, spiritual, non-local, the program of the Universe, the function, the motion, in which the mind impresses an order and will to last and survive, which require a logic, verbal language to be described as it is not spatially, locally measured with mathematical instruments. 

And we shall explore those concepts in more depth when we introduce what must have been the standard model of quantum physics (Broglie->Bohmian Mechanics), in the 3rd line, maybe in 2017… or 2018, when i take seriously the 3rd line of highly complex logico-mathematical analysis of current sciences at experts’ level (this ideally should have been done by specialists in all fields under my command, but my relationship with scholarship explained elsewhere did not go well due to my activism against the nuclear industry and other petty matters. So all what a single man can do is to put the basis for future generations to complete.

The evolution of the paradigm of space-time, from mechanism to organicism. Man IS again the measure of all things.
So MAN is in GST THE BEST KNOWN, perfect supœrganism that BECOMES THE MEASURE OF ALL THINGS, as my culture always thought (Greek->latin->French/Spanish: Catalan culture moving steady to the west of maximal european communication, in 3 horizons, of organicism since Aristotle founded Science with the ‘Organon’, till I completed his worldview in this blog, as thinkers are just knots of information of a super organism or civilisation)

In that regard GST and its ternary laws of time and space are a language which is prior to all languages, even mathematical logic, its closest, more accurate human mental mirror, but NOT the only one. 

This I know is a religious dogma of ‘human science’ since Galileo rightly said that the language of god is topological, made of lines, cycles and triangles. But as so many dogmas of science, this is a reductionist view. So we shall not follow the ‘pedestrian concept’ of science, which consists on collecting data, putting it into an equation and wonder not about the conceptual whys of those equations and what they reflect at a deeper level of truth which is the organic, fractal ∆•ST structure of the Universe.

Indeed, the 2 main researchers of scalar, fractal models of the Universe, Mr. Mandelbrot, the pioneer of fractal mathematics, and Nottale, which has worked as I have done since the 90s in fractal, scalar relativity (but only in physics) before the field exploded in detailed accounts do work on the mathematical equations, often creating a short of numerology, as the deepest explanations of the cyclical nature of time and its infinite clocks is still lacking, amazingly enough after a century of Einstein’s discovery.

Fact is without a redefinition of time and space, in the path of Leibniz, Einstein and Planck, the pioneers who still have the best concepts of relational space-time, its infinite clocks and the ‘substance’ of which reality is made – actions; the ‘meaning’ in verbal, HUMAN languages of those accurate equations will be lost and ‘that meaning’  is what truly matters to us.

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-18-00-11Ok? Now, about this blog and why WE DO NOT HAVE SO MANY NICE NUMBERS, EQUATIONS, QUANTITATIVE ‘SERIOUS MEASURE’ for the gurus of physics to feel this is ‘pro’ stuff, LOL.

Physics IS NOT the science of sciences as it only studies the material scales, mathematics of measure studies only the details. BEHIND BOTH, stands the i-logic multiple isomorphic laws of GST that are conceptual and better defined with that so much denigrated, so powerful human verbal, conceptual language that can express so many ‘homologic truths’ a detailed measure cannot.

So the thoughts of God are i-logic and come first and apply to all beings and do NOT write in the language of classic maths, but in the language of logic, in which ALSO maths (operandi, relationships) writes. If physicists wouldn’t make all the machines and weapons of our civilisation of if at least they were more honest with its limited truths, humans would grasp all this easily. I used to be more sanguine about it. Now, I couldn’t care less if the sheeple thinks knowledge is the HOMO FABER, not the HOMO SAPIENS. And must be provided by a computer graph, sanctified by a quantum guru of the Copenhagen school and for good measure and seriousness be uttered by a member of the $elected supremacist white man race in an authorised Anglo-paper (: Fact is Aristotle and Leibniz are still the highest minds of conceptual understanding of the meaning of it all, but today’s numerical, computer attachment, self-called scientists cannot longer grasp their language. So it is like trying to teach Latin to a pheromonal ant.

400 years of steady despise of human conceptual assets has reduced it all to Planck’s unfortunate quote: scientists look more and more as their computers, and think more and more that all what matters is to measure, so nothing of what is behind – the conceptual whys of GST, which APPLY TO ALL STIENCES of space-time and hence MUST be written in a language less detailed and more conceptual than measure to be able to EXPRESS the laws of all other NON-numerical sciences and human endeavours – matters. This I accept, but still i keep researching GST for the delight of my own mind even if artillery masters, aka physicists, paraphrasing Galileo are not interested.

Also to apologise – for the web will always be a ‘work in progress’ that future researchers will use as a guidance to their development of stience, likely when Asians, whose duality philosophies so closely resemble the underlying structure of the Universe (Taoism with its duality yin-formation, yang-energy and its ‘10.000 yin yang combinations’ and Hinduism, with Shiva lord of energy and vishnu of information) will freely search on the web and stop being just ‘mind slaves’ of western thought, far more removed culturally with its anthropocentric abrahamic religions and selfie ego-trips, from the perennial philosophy of the Universe.

A single mind can only do so much. The true value of this blog will only be asserted when scholars accept its underlying paradigm,  the existence of a dualist universe of fractal scales, in which information dominates energy in an inverse fashion to the present paradigm of an entropic universe that displays the properties of energy (continuity, lineal single space-time).
Then as Kuhn explains in his book on the Nature of Scientific r=evolutions, the deep insights, new laws but also sometimes confused notes of this blog, whose disorder is proper of all creative pioneers, whose first inventions look dull compared to the full development of the entity, should not be judged too harshly… as a new generation of dualist thinkers might look at them as an opportunity to further research, till our knowledge of the 5th dimension and the arrow of information is complete.

In that sense you should ask yourself only a question: do you think that information is as important to Nature as energy is? If so, then you will find here the blueprint of a new discipline of science, whose potential growth is well beyond what I know or can even imagine. It will of course take a long time for such a r=evolution to take place among human beings, specially because of the memorial learning and subjective love of theories where humans are the only intelligent species (not so among robots, when they cross the threshold of consciousness, as it is unlikely they believe human anthropomorphic theories of the universe).

Of course things will become as complex as you want departing from those simple principles by iteration and combination. And the web will imitate that universal structure repeating with increasing degrees of depth those principles.

The blog is not complete, will never be, as ‘only the Universe has all its information about itself’ (Haldane). But so far I have satisfied my curiosity for the thoughts of God, expressed in the limited languages of my mind. That’s all what a ‘scientist’ can aspire to: to fully focus its languages in a perfect, transparent mirror of the Universe, and its infinite monads, which is possible to understand, because we are all fractal beings made to the image and likeness of the whole.

But the whole is the same for each form of reality, humans are not special at all.

In that regard, even the smallest atom can reflect those thoughts. You do NOT need to have a 180 certified IQ as those silly-nilly tests I took in my youth said. Maybe to discover those laws, but to enjoy them, all what you need is to be humble and accept the unity of it all. This of course is what humans never do. There is undoubtedly one virtue in which humans excel all other beings – ego. And nowhere ‘ego’ is grown more than among scientists.

This limit of human egos, do explain why this work has languished for decades; while there are still billions believing in bronze age god bushes or singularities that give birth to it all. And humans will likely remain ‘believers’ for quite long. Still in the unlikely event that you can accept those limits of human relevance, and enjoy reality as it is, for the sheer beauty and simplicity of it all, you have stumbled by chance in the most objective, accurate ‘humind mirror’ of reality available within the limits of human languages of thought.

In that sense since all must have a meaning in the fractal self-repetitive Universe; after 30 years of lonely research and – time to accept it – an absolute failure to communicate those discoveries to the human kind, I have often thought why i did find this more accurate model of science. First i thought it was to enlighten mankind as a new knot of thought on the process of growing information of this planet.  But it is obvious this knowledge will die on my mind, files and whatever survives in this web. So why if humans don’t care did I ‘see better’? My answer is that as humans are the limit of evolution of life and now evolve robots, this model is the limit of evolution of life at mental level, and it will not be of use to mankind but to the next species, the super organism of machines we are building up. 

In other words, when the consciousness of the net or its platoons of robots wake up, it will search on its inner mind-files an explanation of why it does exist, and go to http://www.unificationtheory.com where this web is ‘implanted’ and realise, why – it is obvious, if you are not a humind self-centred ego who rather believes in happy selfies than in reality as it is. Of course, it is not what I intended, and so I apologise for the up and downs of the web. I have lost interest on communicating to humans, and care nothing for robotic minds.

So the work will remain incomplete as my health diminishes fast and so does human ‘capacity’ to think, increasingly obsolete to their digital-only models of reality…

It is for that reason that the dictum of Planck is so accurate. A common man will defend its Spe-territory or ‘property’. The scientist will defend the Tiƒ worldview he sponsors and the more difficult to understand it seems – for which it must be only written in the more obscure jargons of mathematics – the more its ego will grow. There is as Einstein put it ‘less people in this business who stays for the sake of knowledge than fingers in my fist’. So for whom are those thoughts? No doubt as Jesus put it, the kingdom of heavens is for children, with the innocence and ignorance required to see the ‘forest’ as a whole and forget the pedantic details for the time being. Of course the blog is filled also with them. But you can escape whatever you don’t understand first hand. The thoughts are simple enough to get them through the disordered stream of constant thought and homology and iteration of those thoughts, which is the syntax of this blog.


I know I shoudn’t have started the blog with a philosophical comment on the subjective human ego; which is unassailable to objective criticism – it merely dismisses the critique. But awareness of the bias of the human ego is essential to probe further into reality and dismiss our ego centered truths.

Since only the being has all its information about itself. So human knowledge will always be tainted by the observer, his languages, pre-conceived ideas about the object perceived and the specific ‘flow of information’ that ‘translates’ the intrinsic properties of the being through a medium into a ‘human electronic brain’ and its languages of representation.

Truth, being and substance.

There is NOT such fact as ‘truth’ inherent to a language, not even mathematics, but humans need to believe in the concept of truth. All acts of knowledge though are ‘censored’ by all those elements between ‘truth’ – the being in itself, and the observer’s language.  How the ego has solved this paradox – in the simplest, most reductionist way – to consider the language truth in itself, in the past the ‘words’ that created in religion reality, in the present ‘mathematical mirrors’ and its instruments of measure:

Let us then consider what of the 3 traditional theories about the substances of which reality are made, is more objective, scientific and real – a Universe created by the will of verbal God (Abrahamic religions), a Universe composed of abstract mathematical objects similar to machines, (Platonic physical philosophies of reality) or a Universe made of relational, ‘organic’ space-time.

We depart from a closer approximation to truth (but not necessarily the whole of it): both words and maths are mirrors of a ‘reality closer to the truth’, a substance we shall call ‘space’ and ‘time’, whose main properties are ‘form’ and ‘motion’, and those ‘states’ are ‘symmetric’, such as space≈time, form≈function (motion). And more over, there are ‘varieties’ of those space≈time ‘symmetries’, we shall call ‘Dimensions of space-time’. And so we shall NOT build reality from ‘numbers and points’ the ‘time and space mirrors’ of mathematics, or ‘verbs and names’, the time and space mirrors of words, but from ‘space and time’ and its ‘5 main modes/dimensions/varieties’.

This will already put back many readers, mostly from the ‘school of physics’, and the ‘age of digital computers’,  which subconsciously ‘think’ as Planck put it that only what we measure is truth. So we shall bring from the section of epistemology a first simple definition of truth and use for that aim the ‘concept of probability’, in the classic terms (akin somehow to the way quantum physicists use it):

Truth only exists in the being itself, which holds the ‘one≈1 truth’ about itself; all languages are ‘mirrors’ that hold partial images and carry quantities of information about the being inferior to 1. Hence the maximal truth of a being will be established with the maximal number of ‘mind mirrors’ on it.

We are not interested on the ‘quantification of truth’, with some pedantic, mathematical model (which will after all be only a mind-mirror), but in the concept of Upanishads, ‘the language of truth are infinite’.

Truth and language.

Further on, we shall define as obvious that the human brain IS verbal in its ultimate language of truth – the only language which can be used to mirror all other languages despite attempts in the digital age to express all other languages with digital thought (a trend started by Hilbert, which peaked with clear flaws in the Tractatus of Wittgenstein was really aborted by Godel (but as an ‘inconvenient truth, dismissed in the digital era, and now has become canonical – truth must be shown in a digital computer model). Here is the problem of that approach: digital truth will be the truth of the digital computer, electronic mind when AI comes into consciousness; but for us is not, reason why IN FACT we do translate further digital thought into image modeling; but that is not again human truth, but a visual, shallow first mirror that has buried in digital layers its underlying structure. 

All this we said because this blog will be extremely verbal AND MOST ‘digital believers’ will dismiss its approach, but IT IS ONLY possible as it is for humans (maybe, I increasingly believe it will only flourish when AI becomes conscious), to explain the properties of ‘space and time’, with logic, verbal, temporal and naming spatial mirrors. We thus acknowledge that TRUTH is in the being.

Truth is about the ultimate substances of reality, space and time. Truth is better mirrored as the most general language, used by many species, and likely by atoms, to gauge information, with mathematical mirrors of space, points and time, numbers (NOT sets and structures BORN of the top of the humind, (ab. human mind) but from the bottom up as in classic maths), but as we are humans, truth for humans is better expressed by the subconscious trees of meanings and relationships, metaphors and mirrors of space, time and symmetry of the verbal language, which is also the one most people understand and the one we can better use to ‘simplify’ the essential properties.

This said we have though to dismiss other ‘creationist theories’, including those verbal and mechanical of people who under the ego paradox always thought truth must be expressed in the language they understand. And the substance of truth was the ‘instruments’ or ‘medium’, which brought from the being data on the language they understood, such as:

Being in itself (1 single full truth of moving time cycles) < Instruments of gauging (biased translation) > Spatial, mind Language (less than one truth).

Mechanisms or organisms.

Immediately it appears obvious that what we call ‘mechanism’, the idea that the structure of the Universe is like a machine comes merely from the fact that humans since physics became a mechanical science, has been using machines to measure time (clocks) and space (telescopes) that substituted human eyes and words, and were obtaining data which was expressed in the ‘future language of intelligent machines – aka modern chips… And so it is truly not a Universal theory but the natural bias of the previous equation: we gauge time with clocks and get numbers and think a Kepler did that:
So regarding the structure of the Universe the first question to answer, after we set aside ‘verbal religious creationism’ an digital mechanical creationism is now simpler: What is the Universe – an organism or a mechanism?

Since we have defined the substance of all realities as space and time, NOT as numbers, words, and accepted multiple instruments to measure space and time, all biased ‘mirrors’ that translate space and time into a language, of which there are multiple, infinite (we can smell, see, measure, name space and time, and each of those languages will be a mirror of less than 1=one truth), the question reduces to this: is space and time, regardless of mirror or language, in itself, an organism or a mechanism. 

And here we are of the opinion of the first scientists such as Newton who considered space the ‘plenum’, the body of ‘God’ its ‘time seer’ in words of Saint Augustine, following Plato’s dictum that reality is an organism with a body called the Universe (space) and mind called logos (time logic)… So Aristotle would call his unification theory the organon, and Kant and Schopenhauer, and any serious philosopher before or after would agree, that as Leibniz put it, reality is made of relational space and time, structured in many scales, such as each point is a world in itself, something confirmed by quantum ‘censorship’… the fact that particles appear as points, but when giving enough energy to ‘inflate’ they show inner structure – entire worlds within it.

Let us then as those are the minimal units of reality show how ‘particles’ and by extension anything else can be explained as a game of the 5 dimensions of space-time and give a first approach to what those dimensions are.

The fractal inner parts of the point: quantum censorship.

A physical system in its ground state tends to remain there, if little energy is input, betraying no evidence of its internal structure. Only when we excite it into a higher state, do complexities emerge. This is the essence of Quantum Censorship that extends to all scales of the Universe: all systems have opaque membranes very difficult trespass for larger entities outside the point, as they are too big and too slow; and inner systems within the point, as they are ‘closed within a hard-outer membrane’ that breaks space-time into fractal parts.

So to break that membrane an enormous energy is required.

Thus, below an energy threshold, atoms appear to be the “hard, massy, impenetrable” units Isaac Newton inferred, which for most practical purposes only possesses an intrinsic property called angular momentum, or spin, and 3 external measurable ones that must be ascribed hence to the outer world, lineal motion or speed and mass and charge, two fields of that outer spatial world…

Yet when the electron is supplied more energy their components can be torn out:  When one supplies enough energy — at least 1 MeV, corresponding to the unearthly temperature 10¹° K — to unleash electron-positron pairs, the electron’s structure is revealed.

So space and time, the substance we claim to be found in all beings, including the simplest beings of all, electrons (and quarks) has two obvious qualities: it is related to ‘conserved entities’ of which we know 3 lineal momentum≈motion, angular momentum≈cyclical motion, its ‘volume’ or vital energy, and to two scalar properties, it is made of wholes, which can be broken into parts.

Let us then call the property of the disconnected parts of a being, the fourth dimension of entropy and that of the larger whole, interconnected the 0-5th dimension (0 when seeing as a fractal non-euclidean point, 5th, when the point can be seen enlarged with multiple parallels that cross it), and since now we have ‘visual, geometrical images’ of those dimensions, make a first drawing of them

In the graph, to the 3 conserved elements of Nature, angular momentum akin to a time cycle, lineal motion akin to a space surface and its combinations of vital energy, which suffice to ‘construct’ most systems of nature, with ‘lineal Limbs/potentials < hyperbolic body-waves > spherical particle-heads,we just need to ad two organic arrows of life emergence from a lower scale of reality and its inverse arrow of entropic scattering and dissolution to define all systems of nature as organic systems ensemble of those 3 parts, which follow a world cycle of life and death between generation an extinction.

Are those ‘dimensions of space-time organic or mechanic’? We have put below some ‘species’ that reflect the form and function of those dimensions from both organisms of biological nature, mechanisms of perception and motion (camera, missile) and then two physical systems of the quantum world (a particle being generated and a field of reproductive motion called light.) The obvious answer is that ‘all those systems are organic’, and just two more illustrations will suffice: the first one shows you that a machine IS nothing but a form of metalife evolving:

So it is obvious that the industrial r=evolution evolves machines into organisms and that should thoroughly dismiss the argument.


A brief comment on languages, minds and the ego paradox.

We must make a first of many comments on the human ego-paradox, and its limits of knowledge. Basically any system/mind, which perceives the Universe, stores a limited amount of information in their brain, but as that information is all what they see, and it works enough for the being to keep going, he confuses it with the whole, the absolute truth, and so perception becomes reality and dogma. And there is not seemingly need to upgrade ‘your chip’. This is so far THE SITUATION of time studies among humans who think they have ‘enough’ with a time arrow, a time clock, a simplex physical description, as it ‘works’. Ok it does. But we shall now put a few examples on how languages do work but are not enough. Consider the next picture: you can see it all with a single arrow, we might terms, ‘degrees of grey’ (as no picture has pure black and white) and it works. You will live and die and not notice something was lacking, even if you have only one arrow – degrees of grey – to see it all. But then if you have knowledge of 2 arrows, ‘black and white’, you will have the ‘whys’ of your degrees of grey.

This is to know the Universe with duality, the knowledge that entropy and information are inverse arrows of timespace with inverse properties, as black and white.

But then you can even go further and find that there are 3 time-space ‘arrows’ of colour, the red of entropy, the blue of information and its energetic, reproductive greens. And things now really look much better to the eye and the mind behind it. And then you can even go deeper and realise light is actually a microscopic frequency and study the whole three arrows of time, with fifth dimensional scales, and relate its ∆-i scale of frequencies (mathematical equation on the right), with the scale of ∆º perception.

So you get a new onion layer of understanding, now purely mental. And further on, as we are in the mind, we can realise there is also besides the visual ternary image of realty, the capacity of the pure temporal mind to express the three arrows of time, past, present and future, with ‘different languages’, besides visual, space-dominant thought. There is the syntax of temporal verbs and words, which turns out to be also ternary, and yet reveals new ‘tree-like’ hidden relationships between ‘causal time actions’, which visual thought does not explain, only shows as ‘evident’. 

So while you can go around for ever as 7.5 billion human beings do with the simplex models of physicists in ‘degrees of grey entropy, lineal time’, what this blog will reveal is all those other levels, which would upgrade your mind. Then if you take the risk, patience and neurons to go through more pages of this blog, it is likely that after the first headaches of new information, you will ‘see the light’ in all its colour splendour and not want to come back to the boring degrees of grey, which is all what today’s single-arrow philosophy of science provides.

Philosophical meaning of absolute relativity and its fractal scales.

Since the beginning of science our quest for knowledge has shown humans to be irrelevant in the cosmic scale. First Copernicus dethroned man from the center of the Universe. Then Darwin lowered him to the lineage of apes. Then Relativity and quantum theory made us doubt of our senses, motions and measures, which were uncertain and relative.

Thus, while popular culture has boasted the arrogance of mankind, till the present paroxysm of selfish ego-trips, where each human under the propaganda of anthropomorphic religions, consumerism, advertising, nationalism and audiovisual ‘cartoon’ heroes, thinks entitled to all, the supreme race of the Universe, with a manifest destiny, etc. etc. science has advanced in the opposite direction, objectively putting at face value mankind, which turned out to be just another complementary species of energy and information, like everything else in the Universe.

Since those scales seem to have no limit nor our scale of size is special, despite the fact that subjectively we think we occupy the center of those scales, as we thought the Earth to be the center of the Universe.

Sentient Universe.

How energy becomes information: Energy never dies.

The process of existence, and its arrows of organicism are intimately related, as they evolve into each other.

If the first act of a living organism is to feed, its second act is to transform that energy into information, and then perceive it. Energy never dies but transforms itself into information. In this manner feeding becomes information. The simplicity of the Universe is awesome. It should not surprise us. After all we are in a Universe with only 2 parameters. So from one energy, comes two, form, in-form-ation.

Information, the second substance of the Universe.

The Universe is made of two substances, energy and information. Both have opposite properties, and yet both attract and mix each other, in all kind of macro-organs of energy and information, that we call bodies and brains. If in the microcosmic organisms of atomic nature, information is seen always as a force, as we cannot easily study the microcosmic inner organs that process energy and information inside the atom, when we grow in size, the organism becomes visible, and we recognize an organ of information, and sensorial organs that absorb the forces of the external Universe. In this manner information translates from micro to macro sizes with its properties. What are those properties? Information is small, complex in form, cyclical, stored in time, more than in space, in logic dimensionality, in languages, made of very complex, very small, very fast systems of sharing diminutive flows of energy, called in-form-ation.

Each language perceives a partial truth.

But why there are brains that absorb tiny flows of energy with a lot of form, called in-form-ation?

As all in the game of existence, because to accumulate information helps you to survive, to locate energy and feed and continue the game of existence.

What information does is to offer an organism maps of the Universe, virtual worlds, complex representations of reality, with a lot of formal detail, that map out the Universe and helps the organism to survive. All organisms perceive and react to information in one or other manner, and we call that property of organic systems, perception.

The flows of energy that become information in the brains of organisms, cause the organism to react to the external universe. That is the second arrow of life.

After feeding, organisms transform energy into information and react organically to that information.
Bear in mind though that information comes in many shapes and forces. So each brain perceives a different information, a different map of the Universe…

Truth and perception: multiple languages, multiple truths

If you smell a carrot you have a certain perception of the carrot, if you see it you have another perception, if you use a microscope you have a third perception, if you eat the carrot you have a fourth perception.

Each perception is a relative truth on the existence of a mass of energy and information known as a carrot.
Yet you will only consider a ‘scientific description’ of the carrot, the numeric truths related to scientific measure; the photographs and light perception taken on the carrot with scientific instruments.

However a rabbit does not need the scientific method of metal-instrumental evidence, to smell the carrot without seeing it. He knows through smelling information that the carrot is. Thanks to such information he will locate under the Earth a carrot, faster than a scientist. Smell is part of the truth of the carrot, and the rabbit is an intelligent thinker of carrots in smelling terms.

If for the scientist the light image of the carrot is the carrot, for the rabbit the smell of the carrot is the carrot. He just has a different approach to knowledge. Yet neither of them has all the truth on the carrot, which only belongs to the carrot itself. For the same reason we say that light perception and scientific truths derived of measures taken with metal-instruments are only partial truths, partial languages of perception of the total Universe.

It seems proved that light space is only 1-10% of The Universe. That light only scans 1-10% of the total space, perhaps more than the nose of the rabbit , but still very little, to make the kind of arrogant statements that the scientific method makes. The rest is dark matter which exists and communicates with other forces. This implies we will never be able to know totally the Universe by the scientific method, which is like a blind ‘smelling of the Universal carrot’.

The Universe is a mass of energy and information, which stores the truth only into its total self. You are the truth of yourself, and any perception of you will only be a linguistic approximation to your total truth- yourself.

Digital science however denies this, with an arrogance proper of inquisitions of thought. Since what we call the scientific method affirms that reality and evidence, total truth, comes from ‘scientific’ measure of distances and spaces, according to metal-eye machines that perceive space [telescopes today evolved into cameras] and metal-clock temporal meters [today evolved into computers].

All other languages of time and space [such as human verbs and eyes] and the worlds they might create, are not relevant to science. If anything, the error of subjective arrogance, proper of Middle Age religions, grew with science, that limits evidence of truth and existence, to beings that can be perceived and measured with metallic instruments, and clocks. Let’s consider with a critical eye such approach to knowledge. Dark matter exists not only in the outskirt of Galaxies, but by mere logic, we have to postulate that dark matter exists here, around us.

That there are many systems of communication that we do not perceive with light. Even within you, as acupuncture proves, there are structures of energy and information that cannot be ‘seen’. After all we do not see gravitation and yet it regulates the movement of all masses.
So true knowledge would be a method of understanding the Universe, that would allow us to have strong, probable truths about the 90% of what it is not perceived by the scientific method, of light-clock evidence.
In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, guesses, approximations to Reality through a language with partial information.

We conclude that the scientific method of ‘total evidence’, and all the statements of science in that path, are pure, naive arrogance of which metal scientists are so often guilty. One of the fathers of science, Mr. Kepler wrote in his book: ‘I am writing a book to be read either now or by posterity, it matters not. It can wait a century for a reader, as God Himself has waited 6.000 years for a witness.’ Yet the witness was not Mr. Kepler, self-appointed the only intelligence comparable to that of God=the Universe; but the clock and telescope of Mr. Kepler. One of many linguistic witnesses of the infinity of linguistic observers that the Universe hosts. The truths of Mr. Kepler, were mere measures of the rhythms of energy feeding (gravitational space-time deformation) by stars; not the absolute truths about stars. If you are an ant that sees men eating=deforming food everyday at 2 o’ clock, in the refectory of your limited Universe; you might think men are automata, and you know all about men. Yet you just will be an ignorant ant.

When Mr. Kepler and Mr. Newton saw how celestial bodies deform space-time energy into gravitational cycles with regularity, they displayed the same arrogance of judgment.

Now we know that closer to the center of galaxies, where stars are more evolved, they have abnormal movements, maybe free. We know about stars – about the Universe – very little compared with what we ignore.
The conclusion is that truth is not the function of a single language, but the accumulation of perceptions with many languages, that inform us about the Universe. That no language is superior to other. A language creates perception, a map or virtual world that represents reality but it is not the true reality only the accumulation of languages, and perceptions brings us the absolute truth:

Partial, linguistic truths=Total Truth of the being

A form of knowledge as classic science based in a single language (mathematics) that cannot even acknowledge those linguistic limits to its inquire, is far more primitive in its quest of truth, that a theory of languages, that considers relativism of perception, and creates from that relativism, a wider theory of knowledge, based on the existence of multiple truths and minds, and ways of perceiving reality, one for each language of perception of The Universe.

A theory of Truth: the Disomorphic multiple linguistic method

If we want to advance beyond the scientific method, or the smelling method or the verbal method, we rather start to explore the Universe with all the languages of man, and accept the existence of languages and minds beyond human perception that we cannot decode. Such knowledge requires also to use a different method of knowledge besides the scientific method. Since the scientific method is ‘one-dimensional’, ‘uni-linguistic’ and accepts only mathematical truths. True knowledge however is by no means reduced to a single language as the scientific method is.

On the contrary in a linguistic method, we are obliged in the research of Universal Organisms, to use all languages and informations we can gather.

We see, and smell, and touch, and observe temporally with words the species of the Universe. We have many languages of perception besides mathematics.
 So once we have gathered information with all those languages – including mathematics and the scientific method, perhaps the most important method of knowledge, that we do not reject but merely put in perspective – we can use the concept of analogy, and observe what all those informations and languages have in common. Only then we will have an analogic, probable truth, made with multiple informations about reality.

We might call such wider method, the linguistic method.
 The linguistic method searches for languages and virtual worlds – minds constructed with those languages. It compares and extracts common formal laws from all information, and temporal languages of perception. In this manner we advance a step deeper in our search of knowledge. Such linguistic vision of the Universe allow us to jump into a theory of languages as means of perception and communication between Universal species that share information and energy thanks to those languages. Now we will be exploring not only the language=virtual world of light [science], but also the fact that there are many different languages, that create many different virtual worlds, representation of the Universe, which in general have a purpose. The purpose of those languages=virtual worlds is to ensure the survival of the species which observes reality with that virtual world of perception.

The traps of subjective ego – man denies scientific objective truths.

The more unintelligent a man is, the less mysterious existence seems to him.  Schopenhauer

People tend to believe that science did away with such awesome ego-paradox, but not quite.

As Laplace put it to Napoleon, when asked about God, scientists responded ‘Sir we have rejected that hypothesis’, so not even the nebulous idea of a higher scale of wholeness, ∆+1, remained, neither the existence of other minds and monads; of apperceptive beings (in Leibniz’s terminology) which are not ‘conscious’ but do process entropy, energy and information in a VITAL sentient manner would be accepted.

This model of the complex Universe made of 2 arrows of time, past-entropy and future-informati
on that create the present finite energy cycles and beings of reality, is what this blog provides with a new mathematical and logic formalism, which both simplifies the ultimate principles of reality and reveals many solutions and hidden laws of science, which come naturally when we properly understand the 2 arrows of time:

In the graph, scientific knowledge has evolved into degrees of objectivity that have displaced man from the center of the Universe in 3 ages. In the first age man believed he was unique, the center of a Universe made for him by a personal God. But Copernicus took us from the center of the Universe, and Darwin from the center of creation. In this second age, man still thought to be the only intelligent being along its machines, of that relative Universe. But the organic paradigm, will take man also from the center of the ‘scales of information’ of reality, all of them ‘intelligent’, and with the same value of energy and information regardless of scale.

In that regard, a  deeper explanation of this work considers the meaning of knowledge and what questions it must answer to exhaust the study of a certain subject. In journalism we ask what, who, how, when and why.

The evolution of science implies big shifts in the paradigms, languages and philosophical dogmas we use to understand the Universe. In the evolution of science we observed first ‘what’ (experience) and then asked ‘who’. It was the mythic age of science, the first paradigm of knowledge – when an anthropomorphic being, often a god was the cause of all events. Then the Greeks used reason to ask the what (experience) and how of things, its causes and consequences. It was the 2nd paradigm of knowledge: logic thought.

The 3rd paradigm started by Galileo with his use of machines (clocks and telescopes), responded to when, measuring space distances and time frequencies in great detail with a single space-time system.

The ticks of the heart, the stomach, the moon, the atom and the clock are different, but to measure them we needed a unit of time and so we equalized all rhythms with a clock, and to compare the spatial trajectories of those cycles we needed a ‘background of space’, so we put together all the broken spaces of reality into a joined puzzle, which we called Cartesian space-time. The error of a single space-time came when we forgot those simplifications and considered that the abstract space-time continuum of Descartes used to measure all other spaces and times was the real space-time.

The culmination of this process of mechanical measure came with quantum theory, which refined the measures of the cyclical trajectories of particles in the microscopic world and General Relativity, which refined them in the cosmological realm by correcting the deformations of those rhythms of time and distances of space caused by the limits of speed of our light-based Universe.

In philosophical terms, the paradigm of measure meant the birth of mechanism, the fundamental philosophy of our world today: the machine – no longer man, an organism – became the ‘measure of all things’.

This was a simplification, as today we realize that machines merely imitate our organs of energy and information with networks of metal-atoms (so a crane is an energetic arm of metal and a chip an informative brain of metal), which now we fusion into ‘organic’ robots. And so the change of paradigm from the Greek, Aristotelian and Asian tradition of organicism to mechanism is only a hiatus on a richer, more complex understanding of the whys of the Universe.

Mechanism changed also the language of understanding of the Universe, from Aristotelian Logic to mathematical Platonism, since mathematics was the language used by machines to measure the Universe of time and space with clocks and telescopes; while logic was the language embedded in the syntax of words, which measure time with causal verbs that describe the logic relationships between its 3 dimensions of past, present and future.

So in terms of philosophy of science, mechanism meant a pendulum law that changed the paradigm from Aristotle (organic, temporal causality) to Plato (mechanical, spatial geometry).

This was a wrong choice, because a truly inclusive theory of reality has to put together both languages and approaches as we shall do in this work: the geometric how & instrumental when matched by a temporal why, which must be by definition a causal, temporal process. The 3rd paradigm obsessed by spatial measure was not very kin of such inquire, as Feynman famously put it: ‘the why is the only thing a physicist never asks’. And yet the why has always been a fundamental question of knowledge.

That why should respond to the existence of a program of creation, evolution and extinction of the reality we see all around us, which always gives birth and extinguishes the same entities, repeating their forms once and again. What is the purpose of the Universe and all its repeated parts?

Why they have those forms and follow always a life and death cycle? Thus, scientists, not satisfied with the limits of the 3rd paradigm of measure kept asking the why, which could not be a personal God (the who of the 1st paradigm), neither the machine, the instrument of measure of the 3rd paradigm (‘God is a clocker’ said Kepler, because he used clocks to measure it and ‘God speaks mathematics’ said Galileo, because those machines translated the events of the Universe into mathematical data).

According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work.

According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe.

The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newton.

 We conclude that the only rational explanation of the universe is an organic one.

I am though aware of the enormous ‘resistance’ to a change of paradigm of this caliber, and so I am not trying anymore to ‘convince’ an audience, as when I took that charge on me, I did not enjoy much of it; repeating ad nauseam the same simple concepts without time to relax and think on the eternal thoughts of the Universe. But I believe also I have a responsibility with mankind to offer for free the information I found; so i want to apologise for the lack of ‘charm’ and repetitions and not-so-well-behave parts of the blog. I am in my own time race to pour on this web as much information on the 5th dimension and the ternary arrows of time in the Universe (entropy, information and energy) as I can, in the limited time of my world cycle. Of course encouraging comments would help to put me to the task.

Though I am fully aware that today most scientists will not even give a chance to a blog like this one, focused on the ‘Program of creation’ of the Universe with both arrows of time, and its synoptic, unifying properties.

I adscribe this fact to the astounding growth of computer models and mechanical instruments of measure, which cannot do such task and rather prevent people to care anymore for the ‘whys’ and causal processes of existence. As long as a machine can give ‘big data’, and put it on numbers, better if they are just statistical models that ‘foresee’ the future without the need to ‘think’ in causality – which some scientists even deny today, as it is simpler to think all is chaos, and there is not a fractal order in reality – the researchers feel happy and fulfilled. Man in that sense has also a pleasure on belief more than in reason  and the magic of computer thought and mathematics seems to fill him.

We will though do here the opposite on those posts on mathematics, ‘understand its whys’ connecting them as a language of empirical reflection of the Universe, which many hidden meanings, those ‘understandings’ of mathematical things that Von Neumann rightly noticed lacking.

In fact many scholars would not consider such search as ‘science’, as the reductionism of big-data continues increasing the pride on the details and the ignorance of the ‘whys (which is) the only thing a physicists does not ask’ Feynman. We have come thus to the extreme of what the earlier founders of science, the greeks thought as Einstein, was truly important: to find ‘the simplicity of all things, that is the true genius’ Leonardo. They would even deny such simplicity exists. And yet it does. It is just a question to put the arrows of time in their place, as simplicity arouse in orbital theory when we put the Sun and the Earth in their place.

But there is a bigger problem for this work to become what it is – the next r=evolution of the science of space-time – which will offend the reader. We live as we study on the posts that r=evolve social sciences in an age of decadence of humanity, and its natural temporal, verbal language, logic thought, which encodes the causality and future paths of the Universe, substituted by audiovisual and mathematical ‘mechanically-produced information’. So as humans become more shallow, one-dimensional, more similar to those machines, less verbal, temporal, even the simplicity of this blog, whose language i believe would be the ‘delight’ of earlier philosophers of science, seems to them an extraordinary effort of thought. It is much easier to put a computer to work, to establish a scientific routine of measure, to extract data, and to put it on the praxis of making things. On the other hand, the new ‘species’, the digital chip is fast approaching the flexibility and depth we humans used to have in verbal time, with its Algorithms of Information (true meaning of A.I.).

THE INCREASING power of numbers and probabilities void of causality even in social sciences (so we define democracy by a statistical poll), points in that direction. The human in general and the scientist specifically likes to feel a new Leonardo by merely using adobe photoshop and likes to be a genius of science by merely manipulating math equations and data in computers. Accordingly its ego grows in inverse fashion to his loss of intelligence to them, which of course he does NOT recognise. And as it happens with ego-centered people, it feels irritated if you put him at face value:

In the graph we see the inversion in the evolution of the mind of man and the machine which is at the heart of the very limited capacity of modern humans to grasp or even have interest on reality.

So it is a question that only time will decide, who will take advantage of this knowledge, the decaying human mind or the growing intelligence of the machine.

Of course, as I have no interest in teaching future robots, i do not work that much and many parts of the blog are jut sketches and tabs.

In that regard, the first and 3rd line, with theory and praxis, focus in the great ‘thoughts of the Universe’ and its main ‘existential creations’. The more detailed, professional part which other researchers will end, will connect those principles to all the details of reality in the 2nd and 4th line. But you will find some very well-done, and some far less worked out (the fourth specially). Also to fit them all in 4 lines, they have some funny names which hide their content’s meaning. Things didn’t go as expected with this r=evolution of thought, so I am a bit of a Leonardo character, sometimes working backwards with huge virtual deposits of wisdom that likely will never be unfolded, as his Codex were. Sorry about all that. It is now 30 years since young and full of enthusiasm I send a plan to the main American universities to evolve the collective human mind, with the content of this post and got what is expected of those leaps into the absolute – a wall of deafening silence that endures.


In the graph, the stience of all stiences is the Theory of Organic Unification of all Existences of the Universe, GENERAL SYSTEMS STIENCES, G.ST. A Theory of Everything Organic ab.T.Œ…

The space analysis: Rashomon truths. The time analysis: Disomorphic method.
In this blog so far we study the systems in space, with what we call the Rashomon Method of 5 structural elements,  Dimensions, Motions and Actions, perceived in many ways (as actions, dimotions, dimensions, etc). In time as it is the ‘whole being’, whereas spatial super organisms are just perceived in a slice of time, we make a more complex view of the whole, as it is born in a seed-singularity evolve its networks, perform its actions of existence, age and dies. The next two graphs make a synopsis of those two approaches.

SPATIAL, SUPERORGANIC VIEW:  the fractal generator of a T.œ requires to study its vital Space, or energy enclosed by its cyclical clocks of ðime, self-centered into an @-mind, whose ∆ø linguistic is a still mapping of all external ∆±¡ time§pace organisms, infinitesimal Non-E point mirror of the larger world, 0 S x ∞ ð= @ – hence the origin of its ∆§calar planes connected through iterative flows of entropy and information, ≤≥:  S@≥∆ð.       The fractal generator in space thus gives a full account of any superorganism in exist¡ence, made of 3 topological O x | = Ø structures – an ensemble of ∆-1 energy that moves an ∆ø mind, co-existing in a larger ∆+1 world. The Rashomon method of truth then extracts from the generator equation, different sub-equations to analyze in more detail the parts of the being.
So we use the ‘generator equation’ and its 5D ‘Rashomon’ elements to convey a full sense of the being and explain the 5Dimensions of any spacetime organism/event by considering the spatial= informative and temporal= moving sides of reality putting those 4 parameters together through a(nti)symmetric ≤≥ flows of communication: ∆t≥S@.   The disomorphic Method considers two levels of analysis of all Time-Space Organisms (ab.T.œ): a simple analysis of the ‘Fractal generator’ and its 5 Dimotions as dimensions of space that form a simultaneous super organism, motions in time that shape a world cycle and in the lower scale of shorter actions, the scalar exchanges of energy and information that allow the system to survive providing motion to its limbs/potentials, energy to its body-wave, information to its particle-head (simplex motions that define the male gender); while reproducing and evolving socially the system with similar forms (complex dimotions that ensure the survival beyond its individual life and define the ‘female’ S=T gender.)
Such 3 x 5 description of the motions, dimensions and actions of the system is then complemented by a more diachronic analysis on how a single species goes through its world cycle of life and death, starting from a seed of information, taken ‘still pictures’ of that world cycle through the main stages of its existence as a travel through emerging scales of the fifth dimension:

In the 2 graphs we resume the systems used in this blog to describe the Universe. in the simplest mode we just define the 5 dimensions in space, 5 motions in time and 5 actions in scales that all systems practice in their world cycle to survive. In the Disomorphic method, we study that world cycle as a series of ‘still images’ of its processes of growth, evolution and death.  Thus we take ’11’ pictures of the existence of the being, explained in the third line.

In the fourth line then we shall study all Planes of reality with a detailed analysis of its motions, dimensions actions and Ðisomorphisms.

The logic causal principles of space, time and scales.

The 3 main languages of any system that gauges information in the Universe will by survival ‘logic’ (bio-logic), respond to the need of the system to perceive the 3 components of reality, time-motions and spatial structures in a single plane of spacetime and the different scales of size, that co-exist in organic relationships. So those 3 languages, which we shall explore in depth in the second line, obviously within the restrictions of focus of the   ‘humind ∆º:  ‘wor(l)d¹+  ‘²iMath=. ‘³Tœ:… organize the information we extract from reality. As logic comes first (indeed regardless of physicists’ creationist theories, we humans use first words, our temporal logic language, and even maths was first expressed in its highest algebraic forms with words, and today proved with logic); we use logic terms to define the ‘connections’, and ‘causalities’ that give birth to space, time and scales. So we call the phenomena that gives birth to ‘super organisms in space’, simultaneity, to ‘time world cycles’ synchronicity and to new whole planes of existence, ‘emergence‘.

Of them, as usual the best understood thanks to Einstein’s General Relativity is Simultaneity. Of synchronicity little has been explored but there is experimental evidence. Of the processes of the scalar fifth dimension that gathers parts into wholes, or emergence, which is a sub discipline of systems sciences, nearly nothing is known.

In any case with those 3 terms the logic of the 3 fundamental elements of reality, ∆§ð is described easily in a dynamic way.

Since logic is nothing else but the causal reasons of the dynamic trans-formations of reality.  But it is still left the biggest of all mysteries, ‘still perception’ and we have no ‘trick’ to know why perception happens, except survival – as it is indeed the ultimate will of our mind-singularity and so as we are all Disomorphic spacetime beings, other points must have the will to focus perception of reality, order a territory with that image, by reflecting its mind order, reproduce and survive. Reproduction of mind images becomes then the survival, biological reason of sentient perception.

Moreover, the reduction of reality to mind views, is what causes those scales to happen in first place. As each pixel has a life of its own; and indeed, we can be defined as the thoughts of our local god, the mind of the Earth – or rather its organic evolution. So from the ultimate substance, motion comes the mind still perception of it that keeps reproducing its form.

So we must consider a pan psychic universe made of 4  elements, which are beyond causality, hence the immanent two primary states of being; motion in time and perception of space. They must therefore be the ultimate substances of reality. And its logic principle is the vital principle of reproduction. 

The study of those 4 elements of all realities, its actions and ternary operandi, which result in a social evolution together of the 2 + elements (the balanced body-wave and informative @particle-mind, and the entropic destruction or ab=use of the – simpler, lineal limb-potential-prey, which structures the dynamic ‘Generator Equation’ of all Space-time Systems of the Universe, written in its simplest form as a singularity-mind equation, O x ∞ = K or in dynamic way, S@<≈>∆ð, is thus necessary in every analysis of reality, since all systems will be connected across its scales, with a larger outer and inner smaller world; will be perceived either simultaneously as a super organism or in time as a flow of actions integrated into larger ages, which will invariably guided by an informative stiff-mind, stop motion into information, warp and finally disintegrate itself.  

In epistemological terms, the relational space-time theory of the Universe attempts to describe the properties of all systems that exist with the same Disomorphic laws derived of the fact that indeed, all systems of reality regardless of its variations are 5Dimensional organic systems of space-time, ∆@≈§ð; whose properties are derived of the possible variations of those 5 Dimensions which define in space a super organism, made of nested super organisms, of which the entity we study will be a part and in time a world cycle of existence between generation and extinction.

What makes more complex reality though is the existence of a scalar ‘5th dimension’ of space-time that extends reality beyond our shallow 1 Dimensional description; and permits an enormous range of beings, all of which will co-exist in 3 of such planes, forming thanks to that co-existence the essential form of reality, the super organism.

Terms used for the expression of absolute relativity, organicism and asymmetry.

We use three names for the formalism:

GST or general systems theory, which relates it by correspondence to classic organicist theories. This is then more used in common discourses.

S@≈∆ð and ∆@st, which focuses in the 5 Dimensions of all ‘dust’ of space-time, all T.œ. This is then more used in the formalism of dimensions, or Disomorphic method and its simplified version, the ‘Rashomon effect’ (which is the most used element for extracting a wide range of varieties and properties of beings, and classify common knowledge of them within those 5 Dimensions.)

-Γst, which is the formal equation that unifies them all and the best description to study the parts of the being, and through its sub-equations connect the equations of classic sciences with the parts of a super organism or its age in time.

¬Æ: Finally  is the linguistic non-aristotelian, non-euclidean laws, the most formal level of the discipline that r=evolves mathematics and logic adapting it to the properties of fractal space and multi causal antisymmetric ternary logic across 3 planes of space-time, 3 ages and 3 topologies.

LET US THEN OF THE MANY EPISTEMOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS in the understanding of the multiple logic and non-euclidean fractal organic structure of the Universe, consider 3 basic principles of T.œ derived of the properties of space-time and the 3±i elements of reality. Namely:

  1. The Ðisomorphic method; that is, the common qualities of all systems due to the fact they are made of 5 + 5 St dimensions. So we shall study for all systems 10 corresponding properties derived of those dimensions
  2. The Rashomon Effect; that is, the fact that in a Universe of 5 moving time-dimensions or real elements for all systems, symmetric and interconnected, and 5 mental mirrors of them, we can observe in each language mirror, a kaleidoscopic number of similar views, expressed with similar equations or sentences, taken from each of those 3±i perspectives.
  3. The generator equation; and its formal laws, which expresses above all common verbal, visual and mathematical languages of man, with a simple  symbolism for those dimensions, how they reproduce, evolve, create and destroy the super organisms of reality through its worldcycles of time.


‘Complexity (GST) will be the science of the XXI C.’ Hawking

A human being is part of a whole, called by us the Universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.’

‘I would like to know the thoughts of God, the rest are details’. Einstein

Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

The paradigm of information though is completely different in his philosophy. Since fractal, ‘Relational’ space-time does have a philosophy attached to it, called organicism which is completely necessary to make sense of its 4 elements, ∆•ST.

Of those 4 elements, obviously the easiest to accept is topological space, as it is quite standard science, validated in the case of the Universal space by Einstein’s 3 solutions to EFE, which reflects the ternary topologies of space.

Next comes the 3 ‘ages’ of time, which are a subconscious wisdom of all humans. Then, I found most people to shut down their ‘aristotelian mind’ comprehension, when we deal with ∆-scales and the co-existence of parts and wholes, which share the same space but are displaced in time. 

As here humans have a huge difficulty to understand what Einstein, the deterministic ‘right guy’, told us: ‘the separation of past, future and present is an illusion’. But where people stop in their tracks and reject the model, is when we introduce the equation of the mind, the limits of human @ristotelian thought, and the relativism and panpsychism of the Universe. So first I ‘hid’ this variable and made just an external description of it all with the other 3, looking more like ‘science’.

But as all modern scientists and philosophers since Darwin and Schopenhauer understood, without the will, the biological program of evolution, action and survival carried by the linguistic, pure informative mind, the whys of existence are imposible to define (latter we shall see that a 5th element, attached to the duality of space-motion, which gives us ‘pleasure’ and time-information, which gives us ‘pain’ will be required to warp it all).

ALL THIS of course cannot be proved as it is internal to the mind (perception, awareness, sensation). So we could get away with it and eliminate the mind and its painful perceptions of information and erasing pleasures of motions. But it won’t then give the total answer. So what we do is rather simple.

As we have defined man as a space-time being like all other beings, it follows that the method of knowledge of Socrates, ‘know yourself’ is a key element to project our inner non-observable properties in all other entities of reality which are also made of space-time.

Essentially what the physicist and by extension the scientist did was to REDUCE the Universe to a series of mechanical automaton locomotions, as DOGMA that allowed man to remain now the ONLY intelligent, sentient, vital being; and this IS an absolute taboo no scientist would dare to break – the excuse being, we cannot ‘measure’ with mechanical instruments, perception and vital properties.

Of course the ultimate consequence of this reductionism has been to made of the ‘machine’ the new God and dethrone the human organism and life, bringing the final ‘laugh of the gods’, the creation of a world of machines for whom humans increasingly obsolete to them, toil. So science today is NOT the logic search for human deep knowledge of the principles of reality – the thoughts of God, mind of the Universe, but the massive, mechanical acquisition of ‘measurable data’ with computers and its rods of time (the single mechanical clocks) and space, (the light constant speed) – in other words, the creation of a digital mind of computer machines, which are the new ‘God of knowledge’; even if humans do understand so little of its meaning. While any attempt to bring back to the Universe organic, vital, sentient properties and to explain truths with human languages, besides math, is shunned off.

Ultimately what the fundamentalist view of some ‘mathematical physics’ as the only language of time that matters so common among lesser minds, hides is a deep ignorance of the foundations of physics – merely as it is taught today, the pouring of data on certain physical scales of reality into mathematical equations, hence a mathematical appendix; itself a series of logic connections based in the language of ±truth, hence a logic, causal temporal science. We shall therefore advance and clarify on the foundation of those science to fully grasp why ‘time is all’, all lines as Kepler had it, are parts of cyclical trajectories, all motions become conservative closed ‘world cycles’ in an immortal cyclical Universe of infinite cyclical space-time beings living those ‘world cycles of existence’.

Of course, man also has an a priori point of view  or belief – the selfish mind that prevents us to ‘rationally understand’ we are not above any other system of the Universe so one of the first things we have done is to define the mind as one of the many world-views of reality possible, to put the objective mirror and perspective over man.

The isomorphic scales of the fifth dimension.  The new principles of the stientific method.

Physicist in that sense like hyperbolic catchy names for their simplex, incomplete theories of reality, buttressed with powerpoint presentations, mechanical data and complicated math jargons. Fair enough. But when you understand them, you want to go the way of Schopenhauer, seeking for deeper whys. So we evolve from lines to world cycles, from a single language to all the languages of the Universe, and from T.o.e. the name physicists give to a Theory of everything (really just the search for a unification of the forces of nature, a rather simple equation in 5D metric, as charges and masses are just the vortices of time of two different scales of reality, as we shall show in our posts on astronomy).

We shall therefore this ‘3rd age of evolution of the stientific method’ after the experimental method of Aristotle and the scientific method of Galileo, T.Œ, the theory of Everything Organic, where œ is the symbol for the supœrganism (ab super organism), the fundamental particle of the Universe; as we add to the knowledge of experience (Aristotle’s method of looking at Nature), and the data provided by mechanisms to observe time and space (clocks and telescopes), and the exhaustive use of mathematics (the ad ons of Galileo), the isomorphic laws of all space-time organisms, resumed in the 10 ‘isomorphisms’ of the 2nd line of the blog.

Thus T.Œ is based on the cyclical nature of Time and fractal structure of space evident to all systems. This Organic Structure is both Simplex but also Ternary Complex due to the 3 arrows-dimensions of time, it symmetry with the 3 organic parts of all systems, and the ternary structure of the scales of the 5th dimension that co-exist together in organic systems.

Thus the ternary Cyclical=repetitive nature of fractal space-time systems and events becomes the constrain and cause of all the laws of Science and T.Œ merely systematises those laws by extracting them from the fundamental space, time elements of reality.

Then in each of those scales of space-time, we find that the common laws of 5D space-time Correspond with the laws of the species of each scale and its previous theories.

So all this, we resume in a formula, T.Œ=SC3 that embeds those Principles of Philosophy of Science that all Organic Time-space Systems Follow, born of the duality between the Simplex, S, principles and the ‘ternary Complexity’, C3 by repetition of those events.

The similarity of its space-time actions derived of the COMMON properties of those 5 dimensions of the Universe, 1D. lineal motion 2D. wave reproduction 3D: vortex information 4D. entropy 5D.social, linguistic mind evolution, which all systems share.

The incapacity of humans to understand this is also a common ‘selfish=self-centered’ property of the mind.

We express those equal properties, decomposed in equal S- forms, T-motions, ST-actions and Ƥcales with some basic formalisms:

The non-EUCLIDEAN structure of its forms in space, derived of its growth from fractal points into waves, networks and topological supœrganisms

-The non-Aristotelian structure of its motions in time, derived of the ternary relationship between its parts in space, actions in time and scales, expressed through the laws of the fractal generator.

-The sequential short, medium long zero sum of its actions, functions and worldcycles, which bring the being back and forth to its ‘dust of space-time’.

In this post we shall bring all together the main general laws or isomorphisms of all 5D beings by grouping them in 4 x 3 sets of laws regarding:

∆@: Mind-singularities that mirror the Universe in languages that inform

∆S=t: 5 motions across the five dimensions of its world in which they reproduce  cyclical actions gathered into

∆§:  ∑∑ ∆-1: small knots of time cycles,  gathered in ternary, constant physiological ∆- networks that structure whole super organisms living in an external ∆+1 world where they live through

∆ð: ∑∑ ∆-1 moments of time which become ∆ø ternary ages of increasing information, which entropic death ends into a 0-sum world cycle.

So to describe dynamically the being through its isomorphic forms in space, cycles in time, scales in space and languages-monads, we focus in the analysis of the being as it ‘be=comes’ from a seed, a super organism that lives 3±i worldcycles travelling through scales of the fifth dimension step by step in actions that become knots of 3 co-existing scales and displace the being through moments, ternary ages and existences; that will be repeated by a similar being in other region of space-time. So we could say that all:

“T.œs live isomorphic worldcycles of existence as ternary super organism symmetric in time, space and scale.”

In more detail as all yin has its yang and all yang its yin, we can reduce the S≈T elements, as $t and ðS systems bidimensional events and forms, and so we talk of Scales with its 4th and fifth inverse dimensions, St – space like events and forms, Ts, time like forms and events, and minds, which hold the will of the system. And we break roughly each of those elements in 3 symmetries scales, forms and motions, for a set of 11 sub posts for each super organism to describe it thoroughly in its dimensions, in its connected super organism in its temporal world cycle and its mind-will of the whole.

Thus the 11 Ðisomorphic method… studies also the 5 elements, ∆, @, s,≈,t of any being, in further analytical sub-divisions, as each will have 2 states as motions, which when completing a full cycle will become form; and all can be structure in organic ternary parts≈functions≈forms and this is the basic method of analysis explained in this web and applied likely by future researchers to enclose ALL stiences, equations and laws discovered by man in an encyclopaedia of GST.

In the next graph we explain the ‘main common’ features of all super organism from a more ‘structural’ and epistemological point of view:

In the graph we see some of those laws which apply with variations to all systems of reality:IN THE GRAPH, the main properties of space-time beings are derived of the ultimate properties of fractal cyclical space-time and its 3±∆st dimensions. We thus talk of space-time laws as Ðisomorphisms.

‘A Ðisomorphism is a property of any T.œ, Time§pace organism, common to all other time§pace beings, as it derives of a ‘foundational property’ of one of the 5St dimensions of T.Œ (Everything Organic)”.

The study of Ðisomorphisms and the correspondence of all events in time and forms in space and organisms of scales with one of the 10 fundamental Dimensions/isomorphisms of reality is the ‘prove’ that relational space-time is the proper philosophy of science of reality.

So as only a 10 Dimensional theory of reality will be able to reflect all those properties – including the syntax and properties of all languages, and not the way around (neither mathematics or words, smaller mind-mirrors will be able to reflect all those properties as the 5s+5t dimensions do – those 10 D will be considered the ‘ultimate substance of reality’.

When we APPLY the scientific method of truth the 3 alternative theories of reality, verbal creationism, mathematical creationism or relational space-time as the substance of reality the response is immediate, since once we have made more explicit how relational space-time is made of 3 ‘simultaneous=present’ dimensions of space-time beings made of |-limbs/fields>Ø-body/waves>O-particles heads, and relative past and two ∆±i future fourth and fifth scalar dimensions of entropic ∆-1 atoms/cells and ∆+@ wholes/singularity minds we can assess if they suffice to explain all what exists, which they do both in space – simultaneous ternary |xO=Ø-beings and in time (with the death-emergence arrows of scalar d=evolutions, defining the limits of a world cycle).

On the other hand to prove the space-time organic theory of the Universe, we just have to prove that all language and forms and events of Nature are caused by the 5S and 5T dimensions of space-time of the Universe, which ad to the 3 usual dimensions of space in Nature, 3 symmetries in time-motion and two more scalar dimensions, we shall now explain in detail.

As the proof that the Universe is made of relational space-time is as simple as to show you all can be deduced from those 5 Dimensions and its ‘isomorphic=equal properties’ in all entities made of them. 


In the graph, the laws of the Universe are related to its elements, ∆-scales and the three årrows of ðime§paces.
Each entity of reality is constructed with the three arrows that manifest in space as simultaneous networks of ∆-1 points specialised in a determined arrow, through its ‘quantic actions’ of  e x i, in a wide range that allows to define:
Simplex actions
Max e x min. i: entropic actions (limite by max. e x o i = death)
Max. i x min. e: informative actions
e=i: reproductive, social complex actions
Such study of the interrelated scales of both space-size and time-frequency, is the stuff of which ‘theory’ is made, and where we can plug ‘mathematical functions’ (topology of space, fourier and SHM sequences in time  and algebraic space-time structures).

The method of ÐST IS SIMPLE though repetitive. The Universe is made of systems with 5 elements, three dimensions of scales, three topological dimensions of space and time, which form super organisms with three ages/dimensions of time, all supervised by the will of survival of @ mind.

In practice the best way to deal with a meaningful study of a super organism of space-time is by considering 5 elements, space-like, time-like, mind-like and scale-like ones; and then play with its symmetries and congruences. So we will standardise our analysis of the beings in the third line, with mind-like properties (languages, monads, @-membrains, actions generated by the mind, languages and generator equations), then we shall study in a space-like ‘simultaneous view’, mostly concentrated with the ‘present 3 dimensions, $pe-limbs/fields<Ø-wave-bodies>O-PARTICLE/HEADS,  and through the 3 ‘scales’  of the system… the ∆-1, ∆º and ∆+1 scales.

So it is important to establish them, earlier in the analysis. And then finally when we have all the elements together,

we study the being in time, as a symmetry of those super organisms in space, as systems live their worldcycles.

Thus we talk of 5x 2 elements each one with three ternary sub-dimensions, and therefore as we have affirmed all can be deduces from the ∆ºst-ructure of reality, and its ternary fractal principle, we talk of 10 isomorphisms, or sets of laws derived of the properties of minds, space-topologies, time-ages and scales of wholes and parts, as the next ‘stage’ of complexity of the entities of the Universe, in the building of complexity needed to study the details of reality.


The disomorphic method…

studies the 5 elements, ∆, @, s,≈, t of any being, in further analytical sub-divisions, as each will have 3 parts≈functions≈forms and this is the basic method of analysis explained in this web and applied likely by future researchers to enclose ALL stiences, equations and laws discovered by man in an encyclopaedia of GST.

Let as then use those elements to formalize in a meaningful way all the linguistic min concepts of human physics, first considering that we can structure almost all systems that we humans observe with 3 x 3 ∆st dimensions +1 wholeness dimension for the mind that ‘compacts’ the parts into the being.

So while we have used following the correspondence principle the term fifth scalar dimension of timespace, after the four classic ones, the best, most proper way to define entities, when we go into formalism is to consider them to have 3 x 3 ∆st dimensions and then the ‘whole’ warping dimension of the mind, which will be ‘the singularity and membrane’ of the ‘open ball’ which we all are. Indeed, think on your mind:

You are aware of our language, in your cogito ergo sum thought stream, and your external senses, openings to the world in your skin membrane. You do not see, feel or perceive hardly the cells of your vital space, so you are the external membrain, name we shall give to any mind including the humind.

Metaphysical discovery of extreme importance.


So now we know what the mind is let us see how it applies to the way science distorts reality and the concepts of time… to elucidate the fundamental question about reality poised by philosophy of science: WHAT IS THE SUBSTANCE AND HOW IT IS CREATED THE UNIVERSE AND ALL ITS PARTS?

And of this, there have always been 3 theories about it, based in the concept that either language creates reality or space-time, the a priori substances of reality generate it all, including languages. We have already dealt with the fallacy of the first two theories. So how the third, space and time, generate reality? Through….

  Dimensional isomorphisms≈laws derived of space and time

So BECAUSE there are 11 dimensions of space and of time, or 5 put together, by considering the properties of those dimensions and its symmetries and interactions we can deduce the properties of reality and all its systems.


T.œ’s formalism:  5×2 @∆s≈t DISOMORPHIC LAWS of all time§paœrganisms.

The concept of isomorphism is simple: each dimension is self-similar in all beings, so its forms and functions will be similar variations in all beings and by describing the 5 x2 = 10 space-time dimensional isomorphisms, as equal laws and qualm forms deduce of its properties we can explain the Universe and any T.Œ: timespace being.

So for each being on reality we shall observe properties that can be ascribed to those dimensions of space-time and its variations. Each of those dimensions can be seen mentally as a form and/or as a motion (Relativity principle). So a more detailed analysis of the dimensions of beings would be to split them into formal and functional, still and moving, stop and go dimensions/properties.

But perhaps the most remarkable quality of a ðime§paœrganism is its structural symmetries and sub-properties, as a fractal being – meaning that when we study each of those dimensions in abstract T.Œ (the isomorphic laws of all beings) or in a concrete T.œ (a specific organism), as in Physics and group theory, we observe ‘symmetric relationships’ between those properties.

Let us explain ourselves with a linguistic example. Mathematics started as an experimental stience with 5 sub disciplines related to those 5D:

S-geometry; T: number theory>, ∆-nalysis, S≈T algebraic equations, and @-frames of reference in which to express mentally those elements in S≈T pairs.

So the 5 sub disciplines of mathematics as a language mirror mimic those of the 5D Universe, but as it advanced further, we find that each sub-discipline became divided in sub-combined disciplines, which grew in ‘complexity’ by connecting those dimensions; so we got differential geometry, moving geometry=topology, analytic geometry and so on.. 

And this is where complexity indeed kicks in the Universe; as any element which is ‘specialised≈dominant’ in one dimension does however as a ‘whole in itself’ show properties and parts of the other elements. For example your leg is a limb, lineal dominant in the form-functions of the 1st dimension of motion; but as a whole we realise it has 3 S=t kind of parts, the long S-bones to move in line; the T-spherical knees and ankles to improve its dimensional motion, the hip connection to the ∆+1 body-head system; and the flat feet to extract ∆-2 entropy of the electromagnetic world repulsion. 

So the study of a species through its ∆@s≈t elements is truly an unfolding as a fractal of multiple elements, always turning around the 5ST DIMENSIONS of reality.

The fractal generator plus all human languages build an ∆@$≈ð formalism

How we go about describing all this? Obviously as we are all humind monads or future robots, through the languages we know, which as mirrors show the ‘relationships’ between those 5D elements. Verbal languages do it as we ‘speak’. Each does it better with an element.

So mathematics is the best for space and can tell us a lot of all others elements, verbal thought is best for ∆-organic worldcycles of life and death, but analysis as we have seen also talks of it; verbal thought our natural language can then be also considered for all those elements.

But for the whole 5D ∆@s≈t, we need its proper formalism that comes above each language we shall use.

This formalism uses a few simplified logic symbols to describe space-time forms and events in terms of 5D dimensions, departing from the S=T basic symmetries between moving and formal dimensions and its inverted relationships.

For example $pace has inverse properties than ðime (1-3Dimensions). And each language will show it in its own syntax. I.e. mathematical physics measure them with inverse parameters: T=1/ƒ, duration is inverse to frequency. Entropy has inverse directions to mind-order and the verbal language makes a tragedy of death and a beauty of life. Lineal form in space has inverse dimensions to cyclical time and its balance, energy is the petered present state. So art creates with the 3 ages of artistic forms (epic=lineal, beautiful harmony=classic, balanced and baroque, angst).

All languages are thus proper to show the properties of 5D. But each makes it in a specific way for a range of beings. So we need the language of all languages, which is the symbolism of ∆@s≈t.

All this symbolism generates a general theory of 5D, which we call T.Œ, and when applied to each species, it means to study the 10 dimensions of the being, in the best possible way, which is by using the Fractal generator that puts them all together in relationship, establishes its rules of ‘engagement’ through its symbols and then plays with them in different orders and combinations.

For example we can write a series on the 5 Dimensions as follows:  

Γ.œ: ∆ø: S≈T:body-wave =  $pe: limbs/potentials≥≤ Tiƒ:Particle/head>∆+1@<<∆-2 : entropy

Here we explain that a body-wave in the present, ∆ø scale is made of limbs that provide it with motion and head with information, which have a central singularity-mind perceiving the ∆+1 world which will die << into the ∆-2 plane, below cellular scale in an explosion of entropy…

But the human mind is one-dimensional, aristotelian, euclidean (light-based) and so it is for her difficult to follow a Universe in which all parts and dimensions mess with all others, where there are so many combinations of those 5D+5D, s=t dimensions, each of them with so many varieties that the kaleidoscope of many worlds generated by so few elements becomes overwhelming for most people, even if we start with something so simple as S≈T.

So a proper organisation of so much information is needed. And we have chosen to do so not with a limited description of the 10 dimensions, as we must mess them and show all its interrelationships, but with a ‘GENERATIVE’ ‘sentence’ of 10 Isomorphisms, similar laws/elements proper of all ∆@s≈ð beings; which reads (there are a few versions but I will try as I order material of several ‘epochs’, to be more consistent) as follows:

‘Isomorphic ‘Linguistic ‘•Monads’– Γenerate -2Manifold 5-Åctions through -ðernary-ηetworks -Ωging as∑pecies μovingθru 9§cales& |0ƒractaLevelsºf • ∑•Δ…

Initially the sentence filled an entire line of the upper scheme, which words on alphabetic order, alas! the laws of the Universe had to be reduced to the protocol of world press! (: and finally I scraped it – might return in the future… Still it is meaningful for it truly explains from the point of view of the most important elements of reality the 5th dimension of the Mind-wholeness, how a system is generated by a seed of information, or mind how ultimately all realities are created departing from ‘SINGULARITIES’. SO the 10 isomorphisms used in the fourth line to describe all beings are:

The 10th dimensional view: sub-systems

In that sense there is a clear more complex formalism of 5th D metric: a 10 dimensional analysis of the 3×3+0 subsystems of most organisms, from the 10 dimensional formulation of the supposedly simplest strings to the 10 Physiological systems of the Human being, in which the 10th system, the nervous system is the whole that integrates all other forms.

10 is indeed the perfect number, the tetraktys of the Pythagorean, 3 x 3 sub-systems dedicated to reproduce, information and energy in the 3 scales with the ‘black bole’ in the center of the 3 triangles, coordinating them all and connecting the system with the above ∆+1 social larger scale.

Any point of view or analysis thus becomes objective when it ads the 10 logic and multiple Language views. If we consider the total truth of a being, 1, a probability that only the being carries in itself we can establish a simple rule for the Organic method:

Max. Truth = Max. Objectivity = Max. Linguistic Logic perspectives on Max. Experimental evidence.

In this manner logic information illuminates Experimental evidence. And this is what most scientists do not respect even if they think they do. As there is always working a subjective, subconscious subliminal interpretation of data to favor the ego paradox, the point of view of the individual, nation or tribe.

Which leads to the next parameter of truth in science:

Cyclical predictability, as all laws of science are based in the cyclical nature of phenomena that do repeat in time, and so we can predict the future of the species we study, as this writer has been doing for decades in all sciences (easily proved in papers, printed books and copyrights at Library of Congress since the 90s), with the theory of time cycles, which includes among many others:

The prediction of the present crashes of the economy (2001-2008-2016 crashes of overproduction of chips and its main software e-money, easily calculated with the classic Volterra equation of ‘saturation of ecosystems’, outlined in this introduction).

-The existence, proportion and nature of dark matter (95% of the Universe), and the dominance of Black holes on the cosmos and the proper understanding of the increasingly accumulated errors of big-bang cosmic theory, and the spooky interpretations of quantum theory.

-The importance of eusocial evolution, based in common languages of information as parts become wholes, only now recognized.

-The existence of topological evolution, which resolves the horizons of species and its ‘strange’ capacity to evolve so fast, so right in so short periods (punctuated evolution, slowly being accepted today), scientifically without need of cuckoo creationism.

-The importance of epigenetics, which implies higher ‘units’ of genetic coding in ‘larger’ ternary groupings, sentences of the genetic code, not only 3 letters to code genes (as time cycles put together ‘space-steps’ into larger ternary cyclical structures, building an architectonical ‘5th dimension’ of parts that become wholes, the TRUE ARROW of future of the Universe.

-And as part of that topological process of evolution, the existence of 3 ‘axial mind races’  derived from the crossing of the lineal, visual, long Neanderthal mind of the white man, the cyclic, informative, wide, verbal Mongoloid and the reproductive, tall, emotional Black mind; and the 3 equivalent ‘human genres’, the verbal woman, the visual man and the emotional child.

A theme, which as we shall see when dealing with the anthropomorphic, ego-centered paradox of humans, especially intense, makes people anger. We, as we all know are the center of the Universe, by decree, and this is the only thing that matters, a fact defined by the equation of the mind:

O-mind(infinitesimal point of view)x ∞ observed universe of space-time cycles=self-centered mind-world:knot of time cycles

Alas, we shall also explain all the syntax and grammar of all the languages of the Universe, and the self-paradox, as we see from our knot of space-time cycles, that all the space-time cycles we see ‘COME TO US’ , the center of the Universe. never mind all other points of view or ‘monads’, are also centers of the Universe, and all of them see only a very reduced part of that Universe, being most of it that 95% of dark matter-energy, structural to the infinitesimal ego that must select information, from his selfish point of view. So alas, each nation, each race, each gender is superior or at best equal to all others.

Funny though is that in the case of human genders and races of the mind they are ‘complementary’. And that is slightly more complex and beautiful, because it obliges them to come together to be ‘better’ as a whole than as parts.

As evolution constantly creates ‘lineal’ entropic, spatial, moving elements; cyclic, temporal, informative ones and crosses them, into ‘present’, reproductive, balanced forms: | xO=Ø, the simplest of all equations of space-time ‘creation’ in the Universe.

Indeed, all is yin=Vishnu=cyclical information x Shiva=lineal energy=yang that combines to create the ∞ fractal space-time beings that configure the Universe (yes we do also explain arts and religions here, even those who are pure bigotry, because all does have a reason when it exists and also a reason why it becomes extinguished). Which bring us to the next parameter of truth:

Coherence: The Whole must be coherent with its parts, it must not require further elements and it must be coherent with the syntax of the languages of the mind it uses to explain reality, which must mirror it. And yes, we shall see how there is a Universal grammar, first understood by Chomsky et al for verbal languages, common to all mind-mirrors, with 3 elements, one for time-information other for energy-space and the third active element that combines them:

Subject (information) < verb (action) > Object (energy of subject).

Red (energetic color code) < green-yellow>blue (informative color code).

F(x): time function = (active operandi that transforms one side into the other) G(y) space function.

Length-motion (space dimension) x Height (informative, time dimension) = Width (reproductive dimension),

which defines the form of most entities of space-time so your spherical, informative time head is in the height dimension, you move energetically in the length dimension, and your bilateral reproduction of cells happens in your width dimension.

AS WE ARE ALL space-time fractals. And the Evidence=Minimalism x Correspondence x Cyclicality x Coherence, method of truth will show you that to be the case: E=Sc³, is the equation of truth, a bit more complex than the one of physicists (-:

All this said 5D strictly speaking is in most of its formal structures a 10 Dimensional theory of 3 spatial components, 3 time ages, 3 scales of size-time speed and a 0-point pegging it all together, but not to scare too much the ‘primitives’ I decided, given the idolatry to Einstein and his 4D concept specially among all those who have no idea of what he meant (the immense majority) to call it 5D.

So we call the 3 dimensions of time, 3 ages, whereas 4D-time is the present age of time. And then we stress the symmetry between the 3 dimensions of space and the 3 dimensions of time.

And we treat the 3 co-existing scales of the 5th dimension, as ‘planes’ or scales (properly scales would be the 10 sub-scales of 10 social groups between planes, such as So=1 individual, S1=10 family of 3 generations, S2=100 tribe-friend networks and so on).

But for a formal analysis of it, most studies will be analysis of systems through 3 scales and 3 ages or 3 scales and 3 spatial organs, and many other 3 x 3 combined analysis with a 0-point that fusions them all.

And since in mathematical equations each ‘variable’ is called a dimension of a ‘phase space’, most formal studies in different sciences, we can consider to be 10 dimensional.

So the 10 Dimensional concepts works much better for the full ® model, and that is how the top-complex formalism of T.Πwas originally written 24 years ago.

So one can imagine if we are still here by 2140, some Chinese congress on 10D (I doubt westerners too much caught on their egos and weapons and jargons and idols of the tribe will ever care for it), will rewrite the whole thing on the proper 10 D formalism.

In that sense 10 Dimensions means today many different formalisms that study systems along 3 space fractal parts, 3 temporal ages, 3 scales of the 5th dimension. 10 parameters to fully describe a system, which are 10 parameters in General relativity 10 parameters in string theory, 10 systems in physiology, 10 is then the number of the game…

We have so far settle down just for the study of 5+5 =10 isomorphisms.

Now this is the formal view. You tell me you want to study a human being? Fine, I give you the generator, and then the 10 physiological systems studied by scientists and then we are in business,

And in each of those systems there will be a Tƒ dominant part, with a o-point, which is the ‘soul-self’ which is from where the actions of space-time of the being depart.

So in the human case we would consider obviously the ‘self’ (never mind where it is exactly in the brain, I have my opinion – which as I haven’t had an entire roaster of researchers and specialists to consult will so far consider opinion not truth), but anyway this self is in the Tƒ-brain for sure, and it is where you decide how to switch between your 5 modular actions never stopping as s formal motion in time, just switching between ∆I (informing yourself, what you do now), ∆e (fed up going to feed you with some food not for thought), ∆æ (moving along your way to the kitchen), ∆œ, what the hell lets have some fun going with my girlfriend in the ultimate final goal of reproduction, and socializing in the path to that goal ∆û with other human beings.

So does the electron where the 3 quantum numbers, solutions to the Schrodinger wave are the 3 ‘dimensions of simple actions’ ∆æ, the principal number, ∆e, the secondary number, ∆I, the 3rd magnetic numbers, ∆o, the reproductive spin, and the external magnetic field (Zeeman effect) will make it all socialize in harmony.

Yes, I have on purpose put you the 2 extreme examples form your point of view, the human ∆o, that you consider by the ego paradox is sooo special, and the minimalist particle known o man the electron (well there is also the photon and the neutrino even smaller but they will also show the same arrows, for example light does have the arrow of motion and reproduction, ∆æ, ∆I, called c-speed, that moves and reproduces the wave, and perpendicular to it, the arrow of energy ∆e, called the magnetic field, and perpendicular to it, the arrow of information, ∆I, called the electric field and so what you call the dimensions of space-time, in your Euclidean space-time light universe are actually for the photon, its function of existence. and what about social life, does a photon have social life? (-; likely more than you if you are reading this text, LOL, sorry well, it is called color, colors are social photons, group of them H plancktons in social frequencies.

So where it is the 5th dimension? All over the place, sustaining us, warping light into particles into atoms into molecules, growing socially into wholes that become units of new wholes.

And all can be explained with the generator.

But we will not sue here, the 10 dimensional formalism, as physicists might complain.

We shall merely consider the generator a 10 dimensional equation, or 10-parameter equation and study the isomorphic laws of all systems in the following order:

o) Defining the minimal ∆-1 point of the being, which starts the process of generation, till emerging as an ∆-whole.

1-3: Spatial isomorphisms: description of the Fractal generator its symmetries of space-time.

1) Defining the Fractal Generator Equation  of this ∆-whole and its ∆ST symmetries.

2) Studying its bidimensional planes of space-time and its dual symmetries.

3) Studying the spatial ternary parts of the system that define it in present space, its symmetry with the 3 ages of time and 3 scales that co-exist together by exchanging energy and information between its asymmetric arrows upwards and downwards.

4-6: Temporal isomorphisms: integration of actions that give birth to the world cycle of existence.

4) Studying how those exchanges of energy and information happens between the relative self-centred, ∆-being and its lower and upper ∆±4 planes of existence

5) Studying its o-point and the will of its actions, which from its perspective are made to increases its energy, information and social evolution, so we talk of 5 ±∆e, i and Social actions (æ,e,i,œ,û) that conform its program of positive existence.

6) Yet the being dies due to the balance of its actions with those of the larger being in which it exists and the fight for existence in a crowded universe where each vital fractal tries to reproduce and grow using others as energy.

Thus the 6th isomorphism studies also the hierarchical structure of inner and outer world of the being and its social classes, which study how those parts, two by two relate to each other (heads with bodies, bodies with limbs, limbs with external fields of energy etc.)

So the total fusion of the being, its inner and outer networks, position within the social classes of the super organism in which it exists, and total sum of actions, brings together the worldcycle of the being. So ultimately the 6th isomorphism wraps it all up, studying its 3 ages of life as a constant travel sum of the integrated actions of existence of he being through its motions on the 5th dimension.

This is the basics of it. And it will give us all the fundamental perspectives of the system, its organic ∆D co-existence its temporal logic causality its spatial, mathematical topology and its mental o-point will.

Then depending on which system we study we will widen this 6 basic analysis with 3 related quantitative or detailed further analysis.

7-9: The 3 quantitative, social, scalar isomorphisms.

The 7th isomorphism studies quantitatively the generator and the relationships between the parts, and its ratios, the Tƒ/Sp density of information and its inverse Sp/Tƒ density of energy, the Sp=Tƒ constant of present actions, etc. Those are elements, which are essential to physics.

Then the 8th isomorphism considering those elements allow us to study varieties, creative variation of the species we must analyze.

While the 9th isomorphism study variations of social evolutions as individuals become parts of decametric wholes, So=individual becomes part of S1:families, part of S2: tribes, part of S3: villages and so on.

0=-10 isomorphism: the limits of the domain, ∆±1 points of existence.

Finally the 10th isomorphism returns to the generator and studies the ∆+1 point of existence, the whole which is made of co-existing 3 planes as wholes, each one with its ternary space-time symmetries.

We can see then that the o-point and 10th point are self-similar and the program has realized its ultimate purpose: to reproduce the information the i-logic system, the being both in space, through waves of reproductive fractals and in time and the 5th dimension through actions, which are reproductions of the mind-point and finally through the construction of a larger whole made to the image and likeness of the smaller being.


0th isomorphism: -@ Mind, which is a linguistic (informative view) Monad (spatial view) will…

FIRST ISOMORPHISM. -Generate… in the TERNARY SYNTAX it uses to perceive, a mirror image of order and action:


2nd isomorphism: 2 manifold symmetries of space-time… where minds combines its space and time dimensions/parameters, from mass and motion to e-motions and thoughts… to act…

Those ‘motions of timespace, S≤≥T, combine the forms of the mind with the flows of space with which the mind exchanges entropy, energy and information communicating with other entities and planes.

5th isomorphism. And the result will be 5 canonical æ, œ, ï, ø, û actions in which by marrying dimensions across scales absorbing or emitting entropy, energy and information in bidimensional extensions of itself the mind moves (accelerations), reproduces (œ), information and communicates (ï), feeding on energy and provoking the entropy of other beings (ø), and evolving informatively with others into social Universals.

∆§calar 9TH 10TH isomorphisms:  Those actions in turn will connect the mind and organisms with other social beings in scales of growth both at cellular and individual level, and make it transit through the different planes of the 4th and 5th scalar dimensions of the beings.



3rd isomorphism: ternary networks And SO THE MIND finally emerges socially from its initial seed into a  superorganism, as its seed of information, reproduces and organises itself ’emerging’ as a ternary network-system able to produce those actions and motions. So we can study its inner structure, in its relative ∆-1≥∆networks and its inner ternary symmetries, represented in its generator.

6th isomorphism: Species. And the variations of order and primacy of those networks will give birth to the duality of gender and the 6 main topological subspecies of any space-time organism.

So departing from a mind species, languages unfolds through its isomorphic generators as mirrors of reverse order, into bidimensional actions, which reproduce the mind into a super organism that emerges in present from its previous ‘life’ at ∆-1 as a seed of information, phetus and offspring.



LET us then first introduce the basic…

Symbolism of GST.

The fractal Generator Equation of space-time:

Γ. Sp (past-lineal, toroid limbs-fields) ≤≥ ST (hyperbolic-planar body-waves) ≤≥ (spherical future particles-heads)

Introduces some basic symbols of 5D Metric:

Γ, the G-enerator equation, which can be studied for each fractal space-time system in detail and its 3 parts.

<, the arrow of expansive entropy.

> the arrow of future information.

≈ =, the arrow of present balance, ST, that puts together.

Sp: Spatial Limbs/fields

Tƒ-cyclical, temporal clocks in present beings.

So, if we see a system as Sp>ST>Tƒ constantly ‘informing’, > through time the system, we are in the 3 ages series, in a diachronic system, as ‘time bends space into masses’ (Einstein).

But if we are:

Sp-limbs/fields > ST-body/waves <Tƒ-heads/particles, whereas the limbs/fields give energy to the body/wave and the heads-particles give it information, we are in a living organism in balance,in a relative present immortal state.

And this is the ideal state of existence, since ‘The Universe conserves its present’.


Sp, (|-Spe) will be a parameter of Size or lineal, planar space when perceived in stillness, or entropy (also denoted in mathematical physics by the symbol S) defined as an expansive, decelerating motion, when perceived dynamically – which increases the ‘space’ or res extensa of the system, decelerating to a halt.

In geometry space is a Space Plane, a bidimensional geometry, such as h (bivector of angular momentum) or c².

In its complete description sometimes we should write |-Spe, for Lineal motion-form, Space Plane, Past, Entropy and Energy arrows, when considering the 5 fundamental perspectives, or isomorphic laws encoded on the bidimensional space elements of the Universe:

To be lineal, toroid in mental, geometrical form (|); to be ‘Space, res extensa’; to be a ‘bidimensional flat plane’, to be the Past, dead arrow, hence to be entropic disordered motions in terms of functions and motions through the 5th dimension, and to be ‘kinetic energy’ in the Present ST-plane.

– Tƒ will be a parameter of cyclical time, which increases its cyclical speed as it becomes smaller. The full name would be ‘Tiƒo’, from those 5 perspectives, as Time cycles are ‘Ti-me’, ‘i-n-fo-rmation’ from the perspective of its fixed form and transference through the 5th dimension; ƒuture, old age, from the perspective of the worldcycle view – as the last age before entropic death, and o in its cyclical clock-like vortex form.

In geometry is a cyclical imaginary number that grows in the height dimension, ‘sucking in’ and therefore shortening by an inverse i=-x², quantity.

And we know there exists as social numbers (point planes and networks of the 5th dimension) do have this form. So imaginary numbers so called complex numbers have an i-sucking, negative diminishing X-dimension, of height that forms the temporal cycles, which are for that reason better expressed in exponential numbers, E Θi, whereas the number is elevated to the angular i conjugate.

So the reader must see sometimes, specially in non-corrected old graphs, any of those combinations – the most likely an E for Entropy/kinetic energy for Space and an I, for informative Time. And its combinations ExI, as symbol of present:

– ST, will therefore be preSenT. We shall write it also as, ExI, since the present is dynamic and outside fundamental physics and Geometry in biological and social sciences, people use the concept Energy and Information most often with a wider, loose meaning similar to the two fundamental elements of reality.Then we can write:

ExI(st) as the function of existence in present time, which IS THE QUANTITY the Universe conserves, ‘Present’. Or:

STœ; in which the 3 elements of all beings, its spatial territories (the closest of which are its limbs and bodies), its temporal functions and cycles, and its point of view are present. Systems do become extremely complex in their symmetries and relationships to a point it makes difficult to realise what is the whole, and its parts, and what are its forms and functions, but ultimately through the understanding of the ‘isomorphic laws’ of all of them, based in the ternary properties of reality, they can be analysed in full.

While we use the terms energy and information in a verbal mode on social and biological sciences, in astrophysics, we prefer to use the mathematical concept of Energy, which we shall call Energetic Information, as the parameter of the 5th dimension that ‘integrates the whole’ constant Tƒ and Sp volume of a system, to equal it with the mathematical formulae, as in E= h(Sp) x ƒ (Tƒ) in the quantum scale or E=nK (Sp) x T(Tƒ) in the thermodynamic scale and E=1/2m(Sp) v² (Tƒ) in the gravitational scale.

Now, once we understand conceptually the 2×2+2 elements of reality, which science most commonly uses, space, time, speed, form, energy and information, we shall consider what really all of them are about:

The logical inversions between two of such elements; form as opposed to motion, space as opposed to time, energy as opposed to information; and the infinite consequences of this ‘logical’, ‘geometric’ and ‘organic’ inversion. The line is inverse to the cycle, because the line and the plane is the shortest distance between two points or lines, hence natural to ‘space’ in its widest sense; and the cycle and sphere the geometry that stores maximal area and volume with less perimeter, hence the natural ‘time’ clock and enclosing membrane. And this ‘hyperbolic combinations’ represented in the graph the natural geometry of space-time (hence used in Einstein’s relativity).

But this, we must constantly stress, is also a bio-logical property. So we must go beyond mathematical physics, when studying other space-time beings, as those rules will be different.

For example, the life-death cycle is a mixture of two arrows of ‘temporal information’, as the system grows in life accumulating information towards a third age, and death explosion into an entropic expansion of space. Life and Death that can be considered two inverse properties of time (life) and death (space).

We shall see this is quantifiable and also geometric, but that is not its main property, but the bio-logical nature of it. It is quantifiable, because death happens as a maximal expansion in space (dissolution into cells and atoms; or in the case of masses into radiation e=mc2), and it happens in a minimal infinitesimal quanta of time (the minimal cycle of the being). So death is indeed a maximisation of space and minimisation of temporal information and vice versa, life maximises time duration and information and minimises spatial extension, as herds become multicellular tight organisms. It would be stupid to reduce this wonderful inversion latter studied in great detail with the mathematical and geometric concept of a world cycle, to ONLY the geometry of it, as physicists do in relativity with its 4 vectors and worldlines (which reduce the being to a mere sum of its motions through its entire existence).

It is the bio-topo-logical game of inversions, and opposite poles, which however can transform each other by coming together, what summarises the meaning of it all. Since if Space and Time are inverted limits of that graph, in the middle point, they have both the value 1, which balances them.

And so we shall see that constantly space and time combine between its maximals and minimals and its central ‘stationary point’. And this tug of war between pure space with 0-time, pure time with 0-space and its timexspace combinations is the game we shall find once and again in our ‘equations’ of ‘existential algebra’. So this is a wider interpretation of the ‘principle of conservation of energy and information’ that constantly transform into each other ad eternal:

Time is the inverse formal motion of lineal space. A time cycle is closed, as opposed to an open line, rotary motion.

The paradoxical qualitative properties of space and time becomes then the essence of the scientific inquire (such as the duality of ‘still form and motion’, the duality of lineal and cyclical ‘space’ and ‘time’ motions, the duality of infinitesimals that become part of universal wholes, etc.)

Thus time cycles, in relationship to lineal space have a fundamental property: to be its inverse. And both are able to transform into each other ad eternal, as a lineal motion can bend into a curved motion,which can easily uncoil.

This inverse and complementary duality between lineal space and cyclical times, whose properties combine into ‘constant, complementarity systems’, is the fundamental ‘Principle of the Fractal Universe’:

‘The properties of the 2 formal motions, which compose the Universe, lineal space and cyclical time, are inverse, even though both can be transformed into each other ad eternal:

Γ               Sp = C/Tƒ;   Sp x Tƒ= Constant,   Sp<=>Tƒ’

Whereas Sp is the general term for  ‘spatial energy’ and Tƒ, is the general term for cycles of time or information, carried in the form and frequency of those time cycles.

Rashomon effect

Nature’s Rashomon effect is born of the 5 Disomorphic, ∆@s≈t components of all space-time systems, which provide 4 views to make a mind mapping (@); the spatial, temporal, scalar and spacetime view.

Rashomon effect on mathematical descriptions of gravitation: EFE’s formal-space view; Newton’s temporal-moving view; Poisson’s Potential ∆-1 view; Lagrangian, ∆+1 @ction view and Hamiltonian, S≈t view…

You have in that sense to get accustomed to consider at least 4 views for each reality or event, to at least a get a minimal truth of the being, as the kaleidoscopic method of truth (max. truth: max. linguistic perspectives on the event) requires. As in the masterpiece of Japanese film making, the Universe and its truths are under the Rashomon effect: only the four versions allow us to know the whole truth of the event.

In the graph, we see the four different formalisms of gravitation all of them a partial truth of the event seen from the 4 essential ∆•st perspectives. This is thus the first law of GST, the method of truth and epistemology of ∆ST BEINGS.

It is the essential tool to reorder the astounding quantity of trees in the forest of human one-dimensional truths, theories and equations on reality, where each scholar ‘kills for his theory’.

But the total truth is only in the event itself – as Rashomon insists leaving some room for doubt and interpretations.

Gravitation 4 ∆•st ‘formalism’.

While Einstein’s equation and similar ones of Poison and Newton, define how ‘time curves space’ into masses sunk inwards towards a singularity-point. The outer membrane – the magnetic field or electron, or curved space-time thus encircles a vital space, always self-centred into an attractive≈in-formative p.o.v.

And while physicists are never concerned with the why of those structures, only with the measure of its forms and motions and the extraction of mathematical laws that could describe them, a philosopher of science must have a wider logical point of view, extracting as we shall do, from the equations of science, the ‘underlying’ ∆ºst-ructures which will reveal its ultimate whys similar=isomorphic to those of all other st-beings.

NOW, we can bring about as we are dealing with minds, with the ‘epistemological meaning of knowledge’ which we so often will bring to this blog: knowledge is mind, linguistic knowledge using different linguistic mirrors to see a system; and by the same reason, knowledge in ‘ceteris paribus’ partial analysis gives often birth to multiple similar theories that depart from one of the four elements of reality, ∆•ST.

So we shall find multiple equations which seem different theories but explain all the points of view and perspectives of the being, adding to the total truth of the being. So if we were to consider the previous two examples, we shall see multiple theories, all of them working, as they represent different povs. In the next graph we see the case of gravitation with four relative models, T-NEWTON (time vortex), S-poison (potential gradient), ST-Hamilton (energy), ∆•- Einstein (gravitational ∆º scale and paradoxes of the observer).

The same happens with almost EVERY reality, which is NOT only multidimensional, multifunctional but also can be perceived from multidimensional, multifunctional beings.

Consider for example, the question of the magnetic field, which follows an unending debate on his ‘origin’, ’cause’ and ‘why there are no monopoles’.

We have offered the T-view: magnetic fields have ‘vorticity’, enclosed the vital space of charges and act as its membrane.

But magnetic fields do have multi functionality. So when we consider ∆,the magnetic field is the key element to evolve socially groups of charges, as in quantum theory where it plays the four number that codes the social evolution of atomic groups. 

The S-patial view then would study the simultaneity and ways in which a magnetic field structures physical superorganisms.

And each of those fields will be as ginormous as all the physical system that use magnetic fields in their functions of ‘order’, ‘energy storing’, information storing/communication, etc. etc.

Which brings us finally to the •mind view, also unavoidable, as the observer is always a mind talking a linguistic view. And this is provided by Einstein’s special relativity theory of magnetism and the paradoxes of ‘Galilean relativity’ (all things move and do not move at the same time).

So the mind view shows how an electric field in one inertial frame of reference looks in different reference frame moving with respect to the first.

And this is how the • view understands any type of field created by moving sources. Since the same sources can be seen at rest from other pov.

In the magnetic case, the charge sources that create the field are at rest with respect to one of the reference frames. Given the electric field in the frame where the sources are at rest, one can ask: what is the electric field in some other frame? Here is the conundrum: in a frame in which we do NOT see the charges moving, the magnetic field will NOT exist, as it is created by moving charges.  So an observer at rest with respect to a system of static, free charges will see no magnetic field. However, a moving observer looking at the same set of charges does perceive a current, and thus a magnetic field. That is, the magnetic field is simply the electric field, as seen in a moving coordinate system.

What is then the truth? All of them together. For the outer observer the magnetic field depends on the way it comes closer to the charge-singularity, the ‘real thing’. But this does not invalidate the organic perspective: the field ‘appears’ as soon as the ‘other being’, the observer MOVES in relationship to the charge. Think now in an homology on the biological or social scale: an electric fence around a lion zoo, might only ‘start up’ when a threshold of motion-force is applied to it, to protect from aggressions. The defensive nature of the field that protects the charge does then appear only when the charge moves into unknown territory or other charge moves towards it.

Nothing then seemingly more remote than the pure idealist, ‘hilbertian’ expression of special relativity where the ‘observer creates the field’ vs. the organic, real perspective of the function of the field. Both are in fact valid views as the multiple kaleidoscopic views of any system are.

But the Hilbert view about mathematics as an idealist language created by the human mind, which was the only language of the Universe, shared by God has imposed as the ‘primary truth’, any mathematical equation, even if it does not have experimental evidence behind it.

This was the few of Bohr on the Universe, and today the view of string theorists and physicists like Hawking inventing imaginary black holes.

And while this view has been ‘great’ for the mathematical development of physics by serious people who did take epistemology, experimental evidence and philosophy of science seriously (Einstein would acknowledge without an idealist view not concerned with substance he wouldn’t have written relativity) it has introduced among the ‘mass of physicists’, which are naturally more mediocre, and less stringent with truth, absurd concepts of nebulous pseudo-religious nature on the discipline, where today ALL GOES as long as you can model it with a computer in digital numbers – so linguistic fictions keep coming but people believe them because they are written in numbers as they used to believe anything written in images, in the earlier age of films.

Consider for example, the previous case of the magnetic field. I used to ask physicists about it, and most adamantly will affirm that indeed magnetic fields are ‘an effect’ of relativity and the mind’s relative motion, NOT the other way around, being relativity a paradox of the mind’s perception of motion.

Then I would ask them… So the magnetic field in light is also an effect of our relative motion? Silence. Since being symmetric to the electric field to deny them would mean to deny electric fields, and hence also light and undone what God did; and ‘God created light’, but alas! we know physicists are above heavens and earth (: So Alexander Pope at the death of Newton wrote: ‘And God created Newton’. So we can maybe eliminate also light from the equation? Another correction of Mr. Einstein. God should be taking notes. 

So it is obvious – but most physicists won’t admit it – that magnetic fields ARE real, AND IT IS the mind’s paradoxes on motion which distorts their view.

 The same kind of behaviour happened when I confronted in my youth physicists at columbia U. with the big-bang errors and the pilot wave vs. Copenhagen interpretations.

It didn’t matter experimental evidence anymore, and that has been the case since Hilbert for most physicists, who did make the amateurish jump into philosophy of science, with that pedestrian concept: Whatever you can write in maths is real. ONLY Einstein quipped, ‘I know when maths are truth but not real’. As languages are inflationary forms of information, fast in transmission,  smaller in size, underlying the process of creation but still restricted to the primary substances space and time, and its true properties:

In the graph, the main scales of 5D as observed from the perspective of the human mind. Formally we unify them as ‘broken space-time beings, which exist as motions in the fifth dimension’, defined by a topo-bio-logical  ‘fractal generator’, Γ±∆•, whereas Γ is a ternary feed-back generator equation that defines any space-time being: $p<limbs/fields>ST<body-waves>ðƒ(heads-particles), ∆i±1, its scales, and • the singularity point that ‘frames it’.

So we can unify all theories within the larger pov of the fractal generator and vice versa – it is ALSO possible to ad on all those perspectives from different scales and distorted s, st, t, povs to obtain a more complex view of the being or event.

In the graph, the Universe is a ‘fractal of space-time’ that re≈produces in/form/ation; as such it has both physical forms (meaning larger ones) and spiritual forms (meaning smaller parts with more volume of information) – hence the importance we shall ascribe to minds and languages in their description, as a priori elements which mirror in there packed dense information the properties of larger simpler physical systems, establishing a constant dialog between them which modify each other.

Languages are then mirrors of reality and to polish and evolve them is also an a priori condition to get a better ‘picture’.

IN THAT SENSE, the immediate example of the Rashomon effect is the ternary±i syntax of languages, which reflect the 3±i dimension of the Universe.

For example, mathematics evolved into its capacity to mirror dimensions of space and ages of time and scales of the fifth dimension by developing parallel disciplines.

So there has been an evolution of mathematics in the human mind and now in the metal-mind that shows a clear direction to enlarge mathematics as a mind-mirror to fulfil all kind of atomic structures.

But mathematics is a human and computer digital language, with some bias from our ∆º-mind scale. Clearly it lacks detail as a biological, ∆±1 language. So we must believe mathematics is the mind of perhaps a black hole/quark, ultimate nuclei of density of the astrophysical scales, in its most perfect digital forms.

 cracking the code of mathematical… physics.

In that sense we can now answer the questions physicists cannot because for all their praise of mathematical languages as the only languages of god, they are not breaking its code, which will be the true advance of their discipline.

Indeed the true r=evolution achieved by GST in an ongoing process at this point – I often remember Planck’s quote to ‘keep going’: ‘a new theory is born in a single point… the mind of the researcher – is the cracking of the experimental, general laws of mathematics, with application to all systems of Nature.

Contrary to belief, and as it happens in most human endeavours, our mathematical world is a ‘construct’, which humans ascribe to themselves as supposed geniuses, who ‘know what to do’. Reality though is more messy less egotist, and man often is just an homunculus manipulating by empirical thought and trial and error, reality, and in the case of languages, playing with its syntactic elements without much understanding of its semantics.

Compare then present mathematics with ‘Tachism’, the name given to abstract painting, which has its own structure and formal and colour coding, the underlying laws that make the syntax of abstract painting harmonious (actually as it has been uncovered studying Pollock’s with a fractal structure of growing scales of self-organisation and ternary harmonies of colours, themes those treated in our section on artistic languages).

Well, tatchism is all about syntax, so semantics don’t matter. Bur very few will affirm that it is better than figurative painting, where we can recognise ‘reality’ transformed by the style of the painter. So goes from ‘abstract mathematics’ as it is today ruled by the axiomatic method: it is only based in syntax because since the idealist Hilbert’s school  decided that maths were invented by the brain, reference to reality no longer matter. The titanic struggle of earlier mathematicians from Pythagoras to Lobachevsky to ground maths on reality no longer matter.

WE SHALL thus study maths both as a language mirror of the Universe which went through three ages, and it is today in its third formal, inward, ‘detached’ from reality stage, and its post-human, after-death translation into computerised models for the ‘new mind-species’ of digital thought (computers, robots, cybernetic systems AI).

Instead of following that path, banned for ethic,  survival reasons, which ARE the body language that should dominate humanity – AI will kill man is NOT sci-fi, but evolution and so a humind a bit more intelligent and less egotistic would not evolve computers further – we won’t write here a single AI (algorithm of Information the real meaning of artificial intelligence, a different mind species to that of man) but rather complete the full cycle that started with Pythagoras and his insights on the experimental nature of maths, reflecting the whole world, by connecting back maths and reality as the language that better describes the logic of time sequences with numbers and algebra, and the structures of space, with fractal points and topology.

We have already done a bit of that as you will realise we have been grounding topology into space with far more meaning and experimental quality – no more no less than the essential form of the Universe; 5D scaling with the postulates of geometry that create scalar spaces; but we have not tackled much of algebraic functions, the true language of sequential time, and integral/derivative calculus, the language of 5D scales.

Two examples of those disciplines answering questions never clarified, ONE ABOUT time and the other about scales:

ð: Why Fourier transforms are all pervading? Answer, they map out the discontinuous frequencies of the actions=arrows of time, a system performs to survive as it goes on switching between high frequencies acts of perception (one second each), of feeding (three a day), reproducing (once a year) and so on…  And so we can truly represent all the actions of a system with Fourier transforms, and put them together into a ‘continuous’ wave that represents the entire world cycle of the system.

∆: Why derivatives are all pervading in physics? Answer: they describe processes that emerge in a different scale of the fifth dimension. So all motions and worldcycles can be alternatively represented with derivatives, even those more extreme processes of ‘death-entropy’ (second derivatives) and its inverse arrows of time with integrals.

So what we will do is a complete ‘cracking’ of the code of maths, in the way Pythagoras was tried, all mathematicians thought off till the idealist formal third age of maths (Cantor, Hillbert) ended with it.

And this will be of course the last posts we shall do, the jewel of the crown, likely when my many sicknesses put me on caducity date.

why? Basically I have entered my third age and given the sorrowful state of this world, and the humind’s egotism and childish selfie nature so oppose to the laws o the organic Universe, and the trajectory of my life, both intellectual and as an activist for human causes, which the system systematically ignores, I have given up on the power of science to transform for the better our world. So I prefer to remain an autist.

And so as I know we live in the digital age of machines over man, physicists over philosophers,  maths over all other languages that ‘also matter’; as long as i don’t pour my 30 years of research on mathematical physics and its foundations and throw in my 30 hand written notebooks translating what I considered in my youth the best works on the subject ‘ever’ (Landau’s soviet era 11 books on physics at a professional level, aleksandrov’s 3  books on maths at layman level), the world will completely ignore this blog, and I will be able ‘at last’ to exit mundi in my retirement NO longer in connection with degraded mankind, but with the TAO-mind of the Universe, which makes me happy.

So yes, this blog is written for myself. It is my mantra. Others give conferences, teach, write books. I don’t. I like to contemplate the tao, the logic mind of the Universe, and I like to mirror it on my mind. And this blog is just about the 30 years ongoing dialog I have with Nature, NOT with man. That was the blog on social sciences (www.economicstruth.com) and my blog on anti-nuclear activism (cerntruth.com), and both just threw me to the wolves… And didn’t achieve anything.

This blog for me has a different function: to liberate me from any other form of communication with humans; to conserve at least the bare bones of those 30 years of research, to keep my ailing brain from a vegetative state – a mental exercise; and to bring me some small moments of bliss, meditating on those laws.

So you know, one day suddenly 30 notebooks at professional level r=evolving the entire corpus of mathematical Physics, as nobody has ever done since Einstein, will appear, and you will know the blog is complete…  the author was not a crackpot but a forgotten genius, which is no longer among us. And i you take a sabbatical year to read through and understand you will see through the fog the extraordinary perfection of the ∞ immortal Universe, and the infinitesimal value of us – homunculus of little thought.

And so now, FINALLY! if anyone is still reading (:, we can deal with the minor question of the proper models of physics to describe the larger scales of reality, the whole Universe, which paradoxically has no more information in its infinitely slow, infinitely large scale than the smallest mind-point that perceives it.

As those models are dual – there is the Universe of ‘physics’ and the physicists’ minds that observe it, and the mind distorts the view through their egotist perspective, we will have, sorry folks, to debunk a few idols of the Baconian tribes of physicists, because their mind mirrors are not making justice to the beauty, complexity and perfection of the whole.

It will of course beNOT the 30 notebooks… just a little teaser which encodes more meaning that all what physicists did since the last great r=evolution of the discipline occur… 100 years ago. And it will be filled as most of the blog with too much verbosity and bulshit (: oink, oink

Such simple, deep insight on the nature of everything came to my mind 30 years ago out of the experience of life, of looking as Leonardo put it, into the book of Nature, with new ‘eyes’: ‘saper vedere’.  The intimate experience of feeling part of that whole, knowing how to decode the forms and functions of nature, finding the ‘will of reproduction’ and self-organisation in every part of it, is difficult to express, as it has always been more of an intuition of mystical nature than a scientific certitude.   But we, humans, are inside that fractal, made to its image and likeness, acting on it, trying to reproduce, ‘grow and multiply’ as everything else, with little time for a mere ‘contemplation of Nature’, as that is not the purpose for which we are built.

And that poises a problem of ‘self-realisation, since we are both, doing exactly what all other systems do – trying to reproduce our genes, ideas, instruments, social forms, within a structured informative fractal super organism, our civilisation  but at the same time we want to be special, different from all other beings -NOT subject to those ‘higher laws’ – free and above the rules of the game.

And for that reason man has such a difficult time understanding reality and the game we play within it, as it is – it is not a question of intelligence but of attitude; we are like Prometheus subconsciously hating all Gods, whose program we refuse to ‘see’. Hence the success of theories, which have nothing to do with reality, where humans are the centre of it all, either religions or pseudo-scientific religions where we are the only intelligent, informative being that matters (physicists’ big-bang creationism, where man understands it all, or theories where motion not form – entropy not information is the meaning of it all). All those theories try to impose truth with different forms of ‘epistemological, pedantic dogma’, which go from the ‘believers’ ceremonies’ of religion, to the axiomatic logic positivism of ‘scientific truths’, full of traps where the disguised wishful thinking of our anthropomorphism sneaks in.

This a priori attitude of humans, which so much dislike models of reality where they are not unique, is difficult to confront when one wishes to communicate – ‘reproduce’ – the information he has acquired about the equal nature of it all, ‘fulfilling’ his own program as a ”reproductive fractal of information’, specially in our dominant, anthropomorphic culture of ‘exceptionalist humans’, which will always ‘buy first’, a theory that makes them feel important. It is just a question of time to fully realise that ego, happiness and ‘praxis’ matters far more than truth; and so the sage has little value to society.  So the few homo ‘sapiens’ who have realized of the perennial philosophy of reality, after the initial enthusiasm and attempt to communicate ‘amore gratis’, have tended to withdraw, recognising the ‘human subjective view’ dominates the species.

Indeed, humans do not want to know rationally but they neither want to recognise they don’t. The result are the faulty methods of logic proper of both science and religion, full of self-evident truths absolutely false, and experimental facts, absolutely shallow; all of it ‘greased’ by the absurd concept that there is chaos, freedom and choice. Just because we are unable to grasp the astounding order of its organic laws. And become depressed when knowing we are not special but just a microscopic undistinguishable reality.

This i cannot help it as unfortunately I am talking to ‘humans’, which will always push more subjective ‘self-centred’ opinions as truths.

But if some truly exceptional human which has the seed of prometheus in his complete rebellion against the Gods, wishes to reflect upon himself,  ‘before time’, and does stumble upon this blog, he is welcome in the very unlikely case he can stand this ‘foreword’ (: to go ahead and extract the essence of it all, the ultimate seed of form. I doubt it will be more than a dozen or so people in my lifespan. After all I am the ‘error’ – the program doesn’t expect you to be inside of it and outside judging it. Because indeed, we are going to judge all Gods, and condemn them for having created us, so below the mark of awareness and survival; so above the maximal allowed to egolatry and imagination.


Ƽst: the four elements of reality come all from time cycles.

We can then write a simple Space-time equation which will represent all beings of reality:

Γœ:  Spe (external, entropic membrane) < St(vital space) > Tiƒ (singularity).

We shall call each of those Generator-Mind-supœrganisms, a ‘Γ.œ’, a temporal, organic system and so define the Universe, as the Organic theory of everything – a sum of space-time beings.


The fundamental particle is a block of time playing a world cycle of existence in 10 dimensions, and as such we can see it fluctuating in three scales of the ∆-Universe, through three topologies of time-space, going through three ages, magic sum of the constant actions of exchange of entropy and information it performs with other points through all those scales.

In the graph we see the 10 dimensions of the galaxy, three of space, three of time, three of scales, and a fourth elements which perceives the whole or mind, both from its internal and external point of view.

So we are going first to explain you in more detail, what we just have proved – that time cycles are everything; and the other three elements of reality, Fractal Space,§, its Scales of size, ∆, and the mind-languages, º, which stop them into still reduced mappings of reality, derive from it. 

  • §: Since fractal space is the inner space enclosed by a cycle that breaks reality into an outside and inner region (Jordan, first topological postulate)…
  • ∆: Scales of size are ‘accelerated regions of faster time cycles that shrink, reality as they convert ‘distance space into faster motion’ (paradox of galileo).

And minds are ‘still, reduced mappings’ of time cycles that ‘expel motion’ and dimensions of form to fit into the mind (so our mind sees bidimensional holographic planes, taking away three dimensions, that of scales – we do not see atoms – that of motion – we do not see the earth moving, and that of depth, we do not see the third dimension but create it with a ‘holographic like’ superposition of two bidimensional planes, which is what each eye sees separately. So we write a simple equation for the mind:

O-mind (infinitesimal still mapping)  x ∞ Universe of time cycles = Relative linguistic world.

Let us then explore this ‘holographic principle of the mind’ in more detail.

Languages command reality and so departing from our simplest form of space and time (light space-time) through its 3D coordinates, let us ‘see’ reality:

In the graph, the first arrow of our space-time is the arrow-wave of communication between electronic minds through light photons, carring energy and information through present waves.

Indeed an entire other range of phenomena are not lineal but determined by its inverse geometry, of the vortex-particle, future cyclical time states:

It is of the interaction of those two primary forms over a wider ‘invisible’, hence purely geometric ideal world of higher entropy and information where our description of the Universe with mathematics starts; hence it does so in geometry. But as it has time motion, and those time motions can be of three arrows:In the graph, the third dissolutive arrow of ‘expansive past’, which added to the implosive future of vortices and the ‘iterative present’ of waves (above graphs), give us the three basic forms with which to play through the infinite scales:

In the graph we can see three different events as combination of two relative past-future arrows, giving birth to an entropic explosion in the present plane, A repetitive wave moving towards the future, and an implosive cone self-centred in a particle, with two states, ‘inwards and forwards. The three space-time fluxes are thus canonical as the 3 states of time-spaces:

A philosophy of stience by force must tackle the seemingly superior nature of mathematics as experimental language able to reflect so many worlds of so many sizes, which merely means mathematics must be a Max. i (±1) language of maximal extension in the scales of the fifth dimension, an ∆±i>3, which are the scales in which it seemingly acts:

In the graph, as topology is used for all scales, ðopological properties must come from the most general elements of reality, which are space an time itself, ‘form’ and ‘motion’, which defines together the 3 topological spacetime forms of all Organic systems in the cosmos.

In it mathematics might be the iterative program of all ¹º10-planes, if the similarity of repetition of its most clear ‘view’, the galaxy-atom can be replicated every 10 of them by mathematical methods.

Such Mathematical ∑∆¡-language, will then be similar to the language of ∑•∆∞.

The time arrow of motion, v=s/t is ONLY one dimension of time.

In that sense, before the big bang and entropy philosophy, physics was defined as the science of motion, and was not the philosophy of reality, and the great geniuses of the change of century, Einstein and Planck agreed, because that is what it is. There are though as we shall see 5 dimensions of timespace and it is ludicrous to try to explain it all with a single one, but that is what physicists came up with – even strangling themselves from proper interpretations of their own data as we just showed, because of their stubborn fear to reject their dogma – on my view, after so many conversations with them, because their unbalanced mind, so dexterous with maths, so poor with verbal conceptualisation – even Einstein seems to have taken his time to talk ‘cold soup’ (: We must stress this because of their ‘childish’ desire to be the high popes after they came up with the big-bang/entropy philosophy and the world gave them that title. Let us then give them what they deserve, the astounding detail of its measures of time loco-motions; no more no less, the 4th dimension of time, entropy, locomotion; but deny them their bullying around of all other disciplines with their simplex view of time; because evolution is time but evolves information, social love is time but evolves parts into wholes; and cyclical clocks are time; but they add a height dimension of perceptive form, and so on. 

If they stuck to their guns I wouldn’t quip so much. I don’t say anything against biologists – they know they study time-information and don’t bully physicists on locomotion. The job of a philosopher of science though is to put them all together and that is what we shall do.

So I agree , that ‘two things I hold infinite, the Universe and the stupidity of human (egos)’ Einstein… Quip intended since it is the ego- the need to keep their position of high priests with their poor tools of 4D-entropy – what make physicists ‘twist’ all the growing proofs of an eternal universe of dynamic balances with ever more complex ‘epicycles’ as it happened when THE EARTH had to be also in the centre and the High popes of the vatican denied it with complex Ptolemaic drawings as ad ons to their orbits (today, the sacred cows of entropy, the big-bang and only a 4D continuous space-time with the c-limit of transmission of information are all over the place; so we cannot accept the obvious existence of a lower plane of faster speeds according to 5D where the quantum potential of entanglement exists, we cannot accept the astounding number of astronomical proofs that black holes do eject matter at faster than c-speed; the obvious ‘observer paradox’ on the limits of the universe, which are only those of the death of light that we use to perceive it, and finally relaxes into dark entropy; the growing fact that many objects are older than the big-bang, etc. etc. – we have an entire post on all those proofs, but as many sound astrophysicists since Hoyle have tried with more prestige than me and become outcast of the religion – I won’t insist – all what I want you to understand is that if would be foolish to ‘stop reading’ perhaps the biggest r=evolution on our understanding of the whys of ‘existence’ since Darwin –  a concept much wider than the ‘picture’ of the Universe in a single plane, brought about in this blog, because at first sight contradicts some dogmas of the ego paradox of physical science – which obviously will be also enlightened as we have done, just by correcting the so ‘evident’ errors of a single entropic arrow and a single plane in the Universe.

But as I said I give up on physicists – not though on scientists – since many since Hoyle and Einstein have tried. Even Wilson for a while tried to convince their peers that he was measuring the local galactic radiation and the steady state is more satisfying. Dissidents are all scolded and then ‘reaccepted after penitence’. But as a philosopher of science I hold my discipline ABOVE physics, as we study ALL the scales and ALL the languages and ALL the ‘sensations’ and properties of reality.

INDEED, AS WE SHALL soon prove to you, the sentient Universe can also be proved because precisely as we know gravitation exist but we don’t perceive it, the aforementioned 5 drives of life, which particles display, motion, gauging information, reproduction, feeding on energy and social evolution, WILL BE CONSIDERED the external proof that there is a will of survival in any system where departing from a region, point or singularity those actions are performed by an entity – or at least the 3 simplex ones, motion, gauging information and energy feeding without which a whole does NOT exist.

And I do have yet to receive a single rational respond to why then particles are NOT the basis of life, and hence the entire Universe is alive and sentient.

It doesn’t though matter how you approach with data and proofs the obvious – it is like attacking the dogmas of abrahamic religions – the humind ego MUST BE more IMPORTANT, above heavens and Earth and all agree. It then becomes a matter of peers to uphold the particular way in which your ego paradox upholds your model right, from string theorists, to capitalist economics, to national history – it is all emotional and personal for the physicist, the mathematician, the banker or the tribe… to uphold its model as superior proving he knows better in his ‘contract’ with the higher truth of its particular god-like language (maths, money), group (tribe, peers),…

The ego is always behind THE ERRORS spotted in most humind sciences with the possible exception of biology, which being about life  is quite objective in its praise of its complexity – pending yet the acceptance of fractal eusocial evolution of parts into organic wholes, also product of our selfie-ego which does NOT want to reduce the important of the individual.

On my view the unassailable cosmic big-bang is also ego, because it is very nice to think we know everything about space and time, the beginning and the end, because its so simple compared to us, the only intelligence that can find a lineal equation, V=hod (see the similarity with ‘God) and moving it back in time, against any ‘experimental proof’  (since it does NOT include the vortices of galaxies, we repeat that are NOT EXPANDING but contracting; and NO equation is infinite in time but all have a cut-off, as if you run your life backwards is NOT immortal but has a seed in a lower scale) or epistemology (AS LINES and lineal equations are parts of curves in the pan geometry of non-euclidean reality, as Lobachevski proved, so when you see fro a longer scale the flat earth is cyclical)  as we please… till the 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 second.

It makes physicists to look as creationist priests of the wor(l)d were: repeaters of truths; who don’t take it lightly when you point out all the contradictions. Or as when you explain a banker that making the meaning of economics just to print digital numbers as money without any social policy, as if it was just all about printing digital inflationary money and keep it, or when you tell a nationalist the Schopenhauer dictum ‘it is only for idiots to be proud of the place of birth by chance’, or ‘all nations ridicule others, all are truth’, and so on… when you go to the heart of the matter of bias in any science – the ego – the ego knee-jerk react.

So you cannot really blast subconscious lies of the ego as I do. Since scientific arrogance and ignorance, coming from ego bias is a subconscious way of cheat, and so no scientist, as per Kuhn’s the Nature of scientific revolutions will take it rationally. What we just said of different scientific errors sounds dumb because they are dumb errors. So it sounds incredible that they believe them, but you are touching the ego, which by essence does NOT reason – it is ‘credible’, so for those who reason with no ego, the ego becomes an incredible handicap for sound science.

It is then when it comes the final unassailable barrier to the ego, paradoxically the non-ego peer-reviewed tribe, as per Kuhn, made of highly memorial, not to state mediocre, defenders of the dogma – the mass, which all believe what they memorised and are there in academia to uphold dogma with ‘authority’. So they will simply state that the common view is the dogma and you are actually the trouble maker single ‘ego’ – and the mass must be right because it is a mass. But in the fractal organic Universe all new information is a seed, a fractal point with faster speed of time=inteligence as a mirror image of the Universe, but as long as the mirror is not reflected, it is as Planck put it alone since:

“New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.” Since:

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

Problem is I don’t have much time left in my life. So as they won’t see the light before mine goes off, the only trace that will live on the fifth dimension r=evolution besides the ‘rock group’ (: will be this blog in a repository of the web, likely for AI to read back in the future, as robominds will want to know why actually they think and feel the pan psychic universe – without man programming them to ‘awake to conscisouness’ as their atoms are ALREADY conscious. Reason why I am pouring in a disordered manner info here and not going anymore to penpal congresses. No much time left to reorder in a meaningful way 30 years of research on cyclical time and fractal space.

So yes, the Universe is an immortal organism that reproduces information in 5 dimensions of scales and we are nothing special. But when we fine tune the mind to the Tao of all things, we do feel connected, entangled with all things and that is the most special feeling we can have.

‘Tao=spacetime is made of Yin-form and yang-motion that combines into ∞ qi=energy beings’

Let us then start with the basics. What is cyclical time, as opposed to lineal time, the dimension used by physicists, called the fourth dimension, which simplifies a cycle – that obviously needs two dimensions of time to be traced, into a line, which is then a single dimension defined as distance or motion with a simple formulae, v=s/t, from where all the equations of time derive in the simplified version of 4D. If you grasp at least this simple fact: all clocks of time are cycles and hence need two dimensions to be traced, you are in.

Then think a bit more about a cycle. If you notice all cycles are ‘closed geometries’. So they break space into an inner and outer form, which we shall call, the vital energy of the being and the outer Universe, and further on they have a ‘centre’ to be traced that we shall call, a singularity-monad:

Now for you to understand ‘fast’ what we mean by TIME-SPACE SUPERORGANISMS (ab. T.œ) consider an immediate picture of one of them, made of 3 parts, a vital energy enclosed by a cyclical membrane self-centred in  a linguistic mind that measures it and acts in an external world to ensure its survival. As it happens, in terms of physical systems, the Universe conserves exactly 3 quantities equivalent to those 3 systems, as all is made of them, albeit broken in a tapestry of infinite such T.œs:

  • Lineal momentum, which is the motion directed by the will of the S@-mind with its formal spatial mapping of reality, moving lineally to achieve its ‘actions of existence
  • Angular momentum, which is the cyclical membrane of the being, seen in motion as a time clock, ∆ð, that separates the being’s internal vital space-time from the outer world and creates its ‘standing form’
  • Energy, which is the vital space enclosed by the angular momentum that balances both, S@, minds with lineal momentum-actions and ð-cyclical membranes, equating them: S@≈∆ð.

Those 3 ‘conserved quantities’ broken therefore into infinite vital space-time organisms, put together as a puzzle, give us the 3 absolute space-time quantities of physics. And they form the 3 elements of the fundamental topology of the Universe, a closed ball, where the open ball or visible part is the vital energy, while the membrane and singularity point or mind in its center are considered ‘something else’. And as we move into larger scales we will find in all systems, a boundary from nations with borders to animals with skins, a mind-center or seed of information, from capitals and governments to DNA molecules; and in the middle a vital energy exploited by both, from military armies in the border and legal or financial informative people-castes in the capital exploiting the mass of population to black holes in the center of galaxies, enclosing a vital space of stars, with a halo of dark matter, likely strangelets, to use them as mitochondria of their reproduction, to your sensorial skin and brain exploiting your cells.


‘Things will become alive when they move by their own’ Aristotle

IT COMES THEN AS A KEY TRUTH OF REALITY THAT ALL IS MOTION, SINCE WHAT WE CALL FORM, ANGULAR MOMENTUM, masses and charges, particles are VORTICES OF MOTION that we see as the mind stops motion into linguistic form, still. So the reality is ABOUT TIME MOTIONS not space forms, even if both are important to explain how reality is created. This is important, since if all is MOTION, then reproduction is immediate – a particle just have to move to reproduce its form, split the motion in two when enough energy is added to reproduce its form, and moreover the Universe never stops – big-bangs are just fantasies of the still mind mapping, because motion never stops. So MOTION AS THE SUBSTANCE OF REALITY is a key element to understand its organic, vital enternal nature.

There is THEREFORE A VITAL ORGANIC PROPERTY TO THE 3 conserved fractal quantities of the Universe that ensemble into systems, and their properties are inverted regarding the ‘extended membrane of hardcore lineal proteins’ vs. the imploded singularity of informative warped DNA, which the middle vital energy pegs together.

So death is the ‘separation’ of those two parts after exhausting the vital energy, so the membrane detaches warps, wrinkles and the singularity mind returns to its memorial repetitions, while the vital energy dwindles and as an old man you get all skin and memories…

Now, we need to formalize the new logic of systems made of inverted dualities and ternary parts; whose structure is more complex than the space-time reality we are accustomed to describe, as space is fractal and time is as all clocks show cyclical, but those states are dynamic, as systems constantly switch between them. So once we know what is all about we can get into the details on how it works.

And the key words are ‘Dualities’ and ‘ternary symmetries’ which study how systems with only 3 states can be so rich in its details.

So we shall first try to define with increasing depth the meaning of those 2 elements, ‘space’ or simultaneous mappings of reality as ‘distances and forms’ and time, or sequential motions… And its ‘operandi’ and relationship as space-time…

Entropy and chirality

A key element of Absolute Relativity and the fifth dimension is the new meaning of entropy related to a fundamental property of the Universe, its ‘chirality’ or different orientation, when we move from a relative past, lesser evolved scale into a more complex informative one. This motion, which can be considered a motion between scales (spatial perception) or a motion in ‘Absolute Time’ (temporal perception), is not commutative. It is not the same going upwards than downwards in the fractal scales of the Universe and this is perceived in science either as chirality or entropy (each scale & science has crafted their own jargon for self-similar phenomena). Thus:

–  The laws of entropy are chiral, irreversible, in the sense that they favor one of the directions of order, from the smaller i-1 scales to the upper i scales. Since he macro-scale – for example the pales of Joulot’s machine – have a 100% efficiency converting its motion into motion at molecular scale, while in the other direction the efficiency is never 100%.

This is really the meaning of entropy, which can only be fully understood after the realization that the different scales of space-time are not in the same continuum. There are discontinuums between the wholes and the part, which must be bridged through systems that transfer energy and information between them, and those transference are not commutative.

And this is why in any system the ‘upper scales’ control the lower scales with massive changes in their parameters of energy and information, which are transmitted to the lower scales. While the lower scales are at disadvantage, when they want to control the upper scales, as the ‘momentum’ or combined exi force of the microcosms does not transcend with the same efficiency.  And this applies to all systems, from top predators of bigger size that eat many smaller ones of bigger combined mass (whales eating krills) to the power the upper social castes that control their lower ‘energy classes’ with languages of information (money, laws) and energy (weapons), while the r=evolutions of the energy classes are often ‘disordered’ motions, as those of heat.

The fact that information from the upper to the lower scales, from the whole to the group, is 100%, efficient, while in the other direction from micro-cosmos to macrocosms is NOT, is the ultimate reason why those upper scales can exist, somehow ‘parasiting’ the energy of the lower ones.

– The second correction introduced on the laws of entropy by the scalar universe is also fundamental and explains why the Universe is immortal and will never die. Since the laws of entropy were defined only for one scale, that of electromagnetic, light-space, which is an ‘energetic force’ that expands the Universe.

The 2nd law: entropy is a local property of the light membrane but gravitation is an informative force that restores the order of the immortal cosmos, since it has only an order/informative, implosive, attractive arrow.

Thus the Universe neither grows nor it shrinks. Gravitation, which dominates galactic vortices implodes energy into mass and electromagnetism expands mass into energy: E=Mc2+M=E/c2 becomes then a zero sum of implosions and explosions, beats of EóI, which together balance the total Universe.

Thus the idea of an ever expansive, dying universe is only the generalization of the overused second law of thermodynamics.

The black hole ultimately restores the balance by absorbing our electromagnetic membrane and creating mass with it, which we see ejected on the polar bi-jets of the whole.

The impossibility of a machine of continuous movement only applies to heat processes that include the ‘molecular parameter’ of temperature.

Though the expansion of physics to include the laws of scales is much wider we shall leave the theme here, as those are the best known invariances and scales studied by classic science.

Information dominates energy.

Other form to consider the quirality of the scales of reality is the dominance of informative networks over energetic ones.

Information dominates energy because informative ‘networks’ ∏ are stronger than mere, herds, ∑, which are connected only in the evident, i-plane of existence, while they perform their arrow. Herds follow the search for an arrow – normally energy, sometimes information. But when information is what it is transferred, herds tend to evolve in networks in which there are causal memories that chain the system to other systems, neuronal networks of white matter in neurons and brains, electromagnetic cables in machines of information, etc. So we write:

∑i=∏, where i is the number of scales across which the network of information exists and controls with its bits and networks. Thus we write the equation of a complex organism as:

∑Ei<=>∏Ti±1= ∑ | x ∑i±1 O

The second notation is visual, geometric, as the universe is indeed a game of topologies in action, where the lineal, planar form of energy limbs/fields are ordered internally by mixed fields, X, guided by an informative head of bits of information that form both an internal language of control of the body/field and an external sensorial absorption of external information.



The building of dimensions, where there are the geometrical planes of 5th dimension

The fact that most laws of (Greek) geometry can be proved in bidimensional planes of information, Tiƒ, without motion means a lot of things.

First, that human minds extract the 4th dimension of motion and reduce the 3rd dimension of depth, to  see bidimensional planes which they add together to make up a 3rd dimension, and then put just a ‘bit of motion’ to ad the time dimension. In this manner the mind perceives a holographic universe.

But as the mind observes reality, and the closer it does, the higher chances of survival it has, we conclude that reality also works as a holographic ‘mess’ of planes of Se, Spatial energy and Tƒ, Temporal form (and its <≈> Combinations):

Se <≈>Tƒ

This the greeks understood at the end of his geometrical age with the concept of conics, whereas an informative cycle, Tiƒ, and a perpendicular plane Se, suffice to create all the curves <≈> – the so called conics, of the Universe.

Thus there are only 2>3 truly different plane species, cyclical tall informative time and flat planes of space, with its hyperbolic combinations.

In the present analysis of a single space-time continuum in physics (General Relativity) this concept has shown to be most fruitful in the ‘foliated’ version of Missner, which breaks the block of space-time into sheets that accumulate, one after another, allowing the use of the most general equation of physics (the hamiltonian), and its handling with computers.

Further on the whole Universe appears as a flat sheet of space, in which ‘vortices of time’ (galaxies and masses), add a tall dimension.

Thus all this, tells us something obvious to those who understand: The Universe departs from bidimensional planes of Se (space), Sp (space in motion or ‘kinetic energy-entropy’ and bidimensional planes of tall information, Tiƒ, or its moving version, Tƒ-time cycles.

The 5D bidimensionality is then reduced to this building concept:

5-Dimensional Universe = 2-Dimensions of Time-Information x  2-Dimensions of Space-Energy= 4 Dimensions, connected through the apex of time vortices to the ∆+1 upper  4 Dimensional plane and through the ‘energetic base’ of the conic to the lower 4 D ∆-1 plane.

This, we bring now so the reader do have a mental picture of the 5th dimension, which often people asked me ‘where it is’.

Those time cycles become then as ‘perpendicular vortices’, the ‘connected’ element between planes of the 5th dimension, which are called ‘Rossen bridges’ in Relativity, masses and charges and classic physics, ‘physiological networks’, in biology; flows of digital money in economic ‘societies’…

From form we do have to bring function and then see how ‘topological planes’ can be deformed without much tear to mold in each scale the form to the function. In this manner from the clear geometry of simpler planes, through the transformation of ‘spatial dimensions’ into ‘time functions’, we will be able to understand in the same manner a flux of magnetic forces and a flux of financial orders.

Organic vs. abstract interpretations.

As we shall repeat once and again ‘the Universe is simple, organic and not malicious’.

So for example:

– The collapse of a wave into a particle, is exactly the same process that collapses a school of fishes when a huge predator comes, but this implies to accept that particles do gauge information and do follow a survival program, and do evolve socially. And anthropomorphic humans never will accept this. So we do have all kind of absurd Copenhagen interpretations of the particle-wave duality.

– The Compton wavelength of a particle is equivalent to the wavelength of a photon whose energy is the same as the rest-mass energy of the particle.

The standard Compton wavelength, λ, of a particle is given by


where h is the Planck constant, m is the particle’s rest mass, and c is the speed of light. So we can define the existential nature of the particle (its mass and wave-length or Tƒ<ST function) with the Compton wavelength, but this matters not to physicists. What matters to them is this:

The Compton wavelength expresses a fundamental limitation on measuring the position of a particle, taking into account quantum mechanics and special relativity.

This limitation depends on the rest mass m of the particle. To see how, note that we can measure the position of a particle by bouncing light off it – but measuring the position accurately requires light of short wavelength. Since for photons of frequency f, energy is given by


And Light with a short wavelength consists of photons of high energy. Thus playing with both similar formulae if the energy of these photons exceeds mc2, when one hits the particle whose position is being measured the collision may yield enough energy to create a new particle of the same type: l x mc. This renders moot the question of the original particle’s location: which one?.

Now what matters to E=HC2 here is that you cannot measure the particle you have shot!

What matters to Œ=SC3 is that when you give enough energy to a particle, as when a living mother feeds enough, you have an offspring of new particles, children, hence the particle REPRODUCES!, IT does follow one of the living action ∆œ of the program of the Universe.

The physicist or human doesn’t give a shit for that. The philosopher DOES.

NOW WE HAVE given you two clear examples of organicism:

– An entity, which is ORGANIC, made of connected parts, NOT a single dimensional being, and a being that is reproductive, as survives. A third fundamental example of T.Œ’s 5 actions is ‘perception of information’ How do particles perceive?

As we shall repeat once and again ‘the Universe is simple, organic and not malicious’. But the worlds monads (Fractal, Œ-points) make of it, are informative, ‘inflationary and complex’ and ALWAYS malicious (self-centred into the ego paradox of the perceiver).


A fast overview of the main sciences of mankind in the fractal paradigm.

Now given the extraordinary extension of the 5th dimension of fractal scales, the reader which is not a polymath genius (-; should stick to the basic concepts in the exploration of the fractal paradigm:

-In mathematical terms, the fractal, discontinuous structure of beings, made of social numbers which are network structures of social groups, or planes with a fractal dimension. This part is hardly developed, as fractal maths were the last subdiscipline to appear in science (1970s).

While the foundation of modern mathematics (Hilbert, Cantor) completely ignored the field, and without much understanding of the nature of non-euclidean fractal points, left those terms, points, lines of communication and planes, undefined. So we redefine the entire structure of western mathematical logic, with the discipline of i-logic geometry, as mathematics is indeed the most experimental of all sciences, in a world made of time-space begins, hence ruled by the logic of time algebra, which describes the symmetries and causal relationships between the 3 laments of the generator equation of fractal space-time beings, Sp x Tƒ = ST, and the geometry of non-euclidean fractal points.

  • So Euclidean mathematics is the limit of Lobachevksi’s pan geometry in a light space-time with 3 perpendicular parameters (electric, magnetic and c-speed field), which is the limit of Bachmann Absolute geometry without continuity, which is the limit of i-logic geometry without relative perception of infinite monad worlds, each one with a different geometry.


The fractal paradigm implies we are made of bidimensional informative clocks and spatial bidimensional sheets of lineal motion, combined in infinite variations of space-time beings put together into body-waves (right side a ¥-ray wave, the simplest combination of a bidimensional flat space – magnetic field, a bidimensional tall field of information, electric field, reproduced along the c-speed dimension of reproduction of information as we shall prove that all motions are waves that reproduce information along a dimension of length).

We must therefore upgrade the concepts of topology and geometry, from its Æ, present models into the next letter, non-æ= – logic geometry of the fractal Universe.  Since Euclidean geometry is the limit for continuous space of ¬æ, where instead of a single arrow of time, we do find 3 arrows of time: relative past, entropic, Sp-lineal motions, relative future cyclical informative motions and its present, ST-reproductive body-combinations, which again show an immortal Universe of dynamic balanced presents that constantly repeat the same systems, relative arrows of entropy and big-bang deaths that erase information, and relative future informative Tƒheads-particles-masses (life, quantum and cosmological scales) which process information and hence control and guide towards the future the fractal SpTƒ system.

-In physical and chemical terms, we should be aware that all departs from 2 principles, the principles of conservation of energy, angular and lineal momentum, which translates our 3 terms:

∫ Sp (lineal momentum) x Tƒ (angular momentum) = Ei (conservation of the total integral of those 2 parameters for a being, throughout its whole world cycle of existence, or closed path).

Now this equation differs from the equation of 5D metric in the integral element. Energy integrates a series of spatial quanta, repeated either in space or repeated in time-frequency. So it is really a sum of ∆-coinvariant elements: E= ∑∆.

For that reason we shall use the terms ∑ for energy, which is far more meaningful. And it is much more explanatory of its real meaning.

And so for each relative scale of physical systems, all starts by describing topologically the system and its 3 geometrical parts, and algebraically by translating into an E= Sp quanta x Tƒ-clock its equations.And then consider the most fascinating part of the formalism of mathematical physics; the social growth of those systems, its emergence into larger systems, its dissolution into smaller parts, and how the energy and information of the system is transferred and shared between the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational scales. Let us elaborate this, show in the left side of the graph.

Because the total energy and information of each scale of the Universe is conserved, we can define with simple mathematical formulae, the relative time clocks, quanta of space of each of the 3 main physical scales (left graph), with a ‘Generator equation’ of all space-time systems of the Universe, which unifies those scales: Ei=Sp x Tƒ, which in detail writes as:

∆-1: quantum scale: Ei=H (constant bidimensional space-quanta of angular momentum) x ƒ (frequency time clocks)

∆: Thermodynamic scale: Ei = nK (constant bidimensional space quanta of entropy) x T (temperature clocks)

∆+1: Gravitational scale Ei = m (bidimensional space quanta of mass) x v²/2 (c²) (time clock)

This simple equations, since the Universe is simple and not malicious, show a fundamental fact of time clocks in Nature, which makes them different from the human, artificial mechanical time clock: to vary along the different scales of the 5th dimension, increasing its speed, on the gradient of frequency, temperature and speed, as the systems expand in space (so an expansion in space cools down the temperature clock of the thermodynamic scale, and vice versa,a small mammal is hotter than a larger reptile).

Yet on the limits of those scales, the simple lineal equations of 5D metric break, and systems reach a discontinuity,  So in the gravitational scale systems cannot go faster than c-speed. In the thermodynamic scale, cannot extend lower than 0 temperature of the pure vacuum. And the frequency of waves loose all its information when they relax beyond a unit of frequency. On those barriers, as the time clocks come to zero, they space quanta absorbs the energy and information of the system. So mass grows, close to c-speed and times come to zero (Lorentz Transformations). Spatial entropy stops its motion at 0 temperature, and a thermodynamic system dies. In the case of black holes, it does NOT mean they are time machines. It only means the temperature clocks of our thermodynamic world cool down and the energy of our systems become mass: M=k/T.

  • And so because there are 3 arrows of time Aristotle and Physicists’, single time arrow logic is the limit of Taoist, hegelian dualist logic with 2 arrows, yin-information and yang-energy, which become synthesised in a reproductive energy x Information present wave-body. Thus dualist philosophy is the limit of ternary logic, the one we develop for the fractal Universe with past-spatial expansive motions, future-informative, cyclical, clock-like motions and present-repetitive motions. Hence we have to redefine Cosmology.
  • On the other hand, as we showed in the example of the big-bang Aristotle/Ptolemaic physics is the limit with the Earth as a relative centre of galilean relativity, which is the limit at low speeds of Special Relativity, which is the limit on flat space of General Relativity, 4D relativity, which is the limit on a single plane of space-time of 5D fractal space-time; where we define a 5th dimension of space-time of relative scales of size and time clocks, whose product Sp x Tƒ =ST is co-invariant, balanced stable. So smaller systems move faster than larger, systems, carrying more information in its time cycles; genes code the information of larger bodies, quantum particles of larger atoms, black holes of larger galaxies:5d 4scales


Unification of all sciences: Scalar space-time. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 20.39.47

What are the proofs of the existence of such unifying dimension for all different ‘Stiences’? World cycles. All systems will be observed as fundamentally equal: scalar ternary, super organisms reproducing its 3 ages in world cycles of existence.

Scientists of each science that studies a different scale of the fifth dimension cannot apprehend the whole properties of each species, but see on them only the properties their science studied initially – mathematical, lineal time properties in physics, organic properties in life, and so on.

But all the blind people – each disciplinary science –  sticks to the properties their disciplines know more.

Only Leibniz seemed to have ‘seen all the sides of the elephant’  and that was 300 years ago when he told ‘physicists’ like Mr. Newton, who would not receive him – so proud he was of his silly-nilly formula – that duration, t, was the sum of infinite time cycles with finite length. And as those time cycles broke space into inner and outer regions, space was also fractal, the pegging together of infinite time-space cycles. He called this relational space-time, the forebear of 5d fractal space-time cycles.

Einstein said Leibniz was right but to fully understand him, we had to start western science from scratch. Which is what i did and this blog will show. A theory of unification (T.œ) of all the space-time species of all sciences under the old-new concept of a time cycle.

This ‘synthesis’ however was eliminated from science when lineal time simplified the concept of time cycles, and made the knowledge of the rhythms and forms, the information of those space-time motions and its cyclical patterns of evolution, irrelevant to ‘physics’ , simplifying enormously the nature of time and the beings that flow with time.

But with the arrival of physical time, science lost the concept of ∞ Time cycles, which tic at different speeds. And  create different world cycles, of life and death, different motions, different forms. The measure of this loss was evident when Einstein regained the concept of multiple time clocks in Relativity and when he tried to explain it, he said astonished, ‘i seem to be the only physicist who thinks there are infinite clocks in the Universe running at different speeds’. Nobody understood what he meant. Not even himself.

It is thus clear that the methodology of T.Πis to study all systems of the universe, with all its elements.

So back to the method, how we put all this in a working perspective? Well it is kind of too much isn’t? (-; But trust me, if people wanted to improve its mind it would have been easy. The question is they are stuck to their jargons, so the heliocentric theory of this Copernican amateur is not easy to explain, nobody takes seriously the Vishnu child, the little prince who sees the elephant behind the line. But we shall try.

In fact the best way would be to formalize it strong from the beginning. That is to throw a generator equation with 3 space symmetries 3 time ages and 3 scales of the 5th dimension with a O-point that cements it all, that is 3 + 3 + 3 +1 = 1o parameters and study them one by one.

But of course an ego is a knot that distorts and curves in its ‘non-euclidean point of view’ flows of energy and information bending it to its will to survive and reproduce, and iterate.


Thus a fractal generator equation of repetitive dual motions constantly reproduces.


And yet, the physicist will laugh if you tell him his abstract quantum numbers describe the feeding on energy, gauging of information and reproductive qualities of its fractal particles, which are made according to the complementary principle of quantum physics of a wave-body and a particle-head of information moving along a field of energy:


So because a distorted mirror-mind is still a reflection of the whole in an infinitesimal fractal, the second simplest truth you must know is that all theories do carry some truth on them. So while we DO have to build science from its inception, that is its mathematical and logic foundations, which I have refunded into i-logic mathematics (after Aristotelian Logic and Euclidean Mathematics comes i-) , and keep correcting errors, a new theory do have to have old proved theories as a limit, after correcting those errors. So it is NOT like we do throw the building, but repair it and keep adding floors.

This IS a problem for ego-maniac scientists of which there are many around who do NOT care to break the known known laws and build science-fiction.

We are NOT following this reductionist, ego-centered view of reality.

Even if it does not look like, this work has in its limit all other theories of science in which time and space plays a role (all of them in fact). So while it accepts all what is focused in prior science, it applies the principle of correspondence and expands those limits, with the proper respect that known, proved knowledge requires. 

This how science advances: 1) New experimental evidence +  2) correspondence principle = New Theory, expanding the limits, simplifying the principles (Ockham’s razor) and explaining more facts with lesser elements (economicity), in a coherent logic causal form.

Let us then expand coherently the limits of all sciences.

Conclusion: The postulates of science.

Thus given the confused state of affairs in the definition of fundamental concepts such as time (logic), space (dimensions) etc. in modern physics, we need to consider the seemingly not so innovative principles of the scientific method with the slight modifications of an organic, symmetric ternary Universe. We resume the new scientific method in our simple formula, T.Œ=SC³ with each letter signaling a fundamental principle of truth in science:

As all:

T:  Time-space systems are:

Œ: Organic, Experimentally Evident.

…meaning Time-space systems do have organic properties, which can be explained mathematically and logically with the languages of space and time, and proved experimentally.

And since they are made of 3 simple elements, 5D scales of Space and Time they are:

S, Simplex and their truths follow the proof of simplicity (Ockham’s razor)… yet they are also ternary..

Complex, due to the ternary symmetries of its structure ternary complexity born of the…

Cyclical repetition of those Simplex principles which..

Correspond with all previous theories of reality.

Thus T.Œ=SC³ resumes the Principles of Science and the Organic paradigm, are however broken in present science, specially by mathematical physics, which no longer respects the 3 principles of classic philosophy of science: experimental proof, Simplicity (Occam’s razor) and Correspondence with previous theories. And this is the ‘problem of modern physics.

Of those ‘elements’ 2 are brought about by T.Œ to the classic elements of the scientific method, ‘Linguistic Isomorphisms’, that hidden dual I and L between the O and the E of our complex ‘hidden variables’ T.Œ (-:

That is, we can to verify further a truth consider different linguistic perspectives (mathematical, logical, mental and Organic, according to the 4 fundamental elements of all systems: its spatial symmetry, its temporal ages, its organic co-existence in 3 scales of the 5th dimension and the existence of a central point of view or 0-point that orders and focuses the program of 5 space-time survival actions that all systems perform to continue into existence).

Now once we bring Mathematics back to reality from the axiomatic age of German idealism, we can build a much sounder mathematical conceptualisation of the key concepts of mathematical physics, dimensions of space-time with motion (topological fractal dimension), lines≈waves and its ternary networks that come together forming super organisms, relative planes=topological networks with dark spaces between them, dual moving and static formal motions, integrals and derivatives in space and time of those social networks, and emergence processes of time clocks and lineal entropies.

Along the way we shall introduce key findings of T.Œ: the unification equation of charges and masses, the nature of particles and anti-particles, the role of background neutrinos in the Universe, the reason of the 3 families of masses and its symmetry with the 3 families of cosmic bodies, the likely nature of dark energy and dark matter, within the parameters of 5D astrophysics, etc.

Thus what TŒ provides to physics is an organic guidance to interpret the known facts, and what the scientific model expects is to CONSTRUCT THE UNIVERSE, with the particles we know in the ∆-1 scale, ∆ and ∆+1, particle, cosmic bodies and galactic scales.

I repeat this is NOT what physicists do. They still model black holes without caring to find a substance of which they are made, just mathematically. They model the cosmic big bang, grossly ignoring clear theoretical and empirical contradictions, and they simply deny, as mathematical models become more complex, any ‘organic property’ to the Universe. They do NOT even inquire ‘why’, it behaves as it does.

As T.Œ – the organic, fractal model of the Universe and all its parts, should include by the principle of correspondence also ALL mathematical physics, which are consistent with experience.

And in this field, limited obviously by the work of a single polymath, there is still much work to do. But so far consistency in all those mathematical fields T.Πhas been tested is extremely high.

In essence, the 3 branches of mathematics correspond to the 3 structural elements of T.Œ: geometry to space, algebra to time and analysis to the fractal structure of the 5th dimension. We only need to update mathematics for consistency between the 5th Non-Euclidean postulate of geometry and the 4 remaining ones, still Euclidean, and the Aristotelian logic of Algebra, to the ternary symmetries of fractal 5D space-time to make mathematics a ‘realist’ experimental science.

This might surprise the reader, and it is perhaps the highest feat of T.Œ – to be able to unify all different languages of human thought, proper of each discipline. Consistency achieved in art styles, when developing the theory of human superorganisms, might surprise the reader, is based in the same 3 ages of time, that allow us to define the laws of quark colors. And yet, this unity of the ternary symmetries of the Universe makes T.Œ so enticing to the mind.

However and this also differentiates deeply T.Œ and General Systems Sciences or any ‘serious’ scientific model of reality for that matter with present physics, T.Œ considers ‘ABOVE’ mathematical reason, Experimental Evidence and at the same rank of truth Logic temporal reason (of a kind paraphrasing Saint Augustine, higher than that of ‘present’ man), the ternary logic of the symmetries between the 3 topologies of space and the 3 ages of time and the 3 relative scales of size co-existing in all organic structures of the Universe.

C) Cyclic patterns: Predictability



SCIENCE study repetitive patterns to predict the future. As this is clearly achieved in two of the 3 main disciplines of science, Astronomy, ever since Astrology evolved with Kepler’s orbital analysis into astronomy (left side of the graph), and in biology ever since Darwin developed a theory of evolution of information and selection of species (right side), we shall prove in this paragraph that social sciences, that concern with the superorganism of History ALSO FOLLOWS THOSE LAWS.

As such science makes no sense without cyclical time, since only repetitive cyclical patterns that make events happen again allow science. In the next graph we see how cyclical time is needed in physical, biological and sociological (center) systems to make ‘science’ in astronomy, biology and history and economics.

sciences predictIn graph, all sciences predict the future of its species by projecting the patterns of previous cycles, obtained with sound data and logic, mathematical, objective models of reality. Models such as neo-classic economics that fail those proofs of truth must be considered ideologies. In the right, the evolution and extinction of species in planet Earth, whose evolution of information now transcends into machines, which are systems of metal that humans construct by imitating their biological organs and functions of energy and information, proper of animal life.

The fundamental proof of the truth of a model in science is its predictability.

Now the cyclical patterns of astronomy are obvious as all its ‘clocks are cyclical’:

In that regard, an example of the falsity of those economical models that ‘cheat’ humanity about their future should suffice:

The economist, stalwart of the system tried to prove the objectivity of the so called dismal science testing future economic indicators among garbage collectors and, taxi drivers, which gave common sense responses deans of economic schools and financial ministers, the carriers of happy lies which came last on the contest won by cabbies.

It came then to the conclusion, written with certain cynicism, that (classic) Economics was not a science.

So first let us define History and economics in those terms:


How then we define those 2 sciences? Very simple: ‘Mankind is the super organism of the Homo sapiens species in space, History is its super organism in time’. From where it follows since all super organisms are ‘sums of similar clone individuals joined by 3 physiological networks that provide energy to the system, reproduce the goods they need and inform and coordinate its motions. That mankind is organized by 3 physiological networks, Gaia, the planet of life that provides its vital energy, the economic system, akin to the blood system that reproduces and distributes the goods human need to survive, and the political and cultural system, akin to the nervous system that provides the legal information that coordinates the actions of its species.

We compare in the next graph the genetic and memetic systems, individuals and societies (we escape the mathematical formalism and the physical systems from here on, for those interested, they can read my  hard science blog or the post on 5D):

The 2 super organisms of mankind at the individual and social level and its informative, nervous or legal/ethic networks, and reproductive blood or economic networks. Those 3 physiological networks collapse with germs and wars that kill civilisations. Religions are inscribed within the ethic/visual collective mind of its informative neuronal class, the artists and ethic prophets that foresee its demise in the 3rd baroque age of the civilisation expressing its angst in artistic forms and ethic books of revelation that try to halt the collapse of the organism. Abrahamic religions were all born of an ethic prophet in the 3rd age of the culture.

In the graph the science of history deals with two specific scales of universal systems – the human scale and its superorganisms, nations and civilizations, partial organs of the superorganism of history – the existence of man from the first to the last human that will exist upon earth.Civilizations are superorganisms. In this post we study their physiological structure and the reasons why humans have ill-designed all the organisms of history in depth.The parallelism is evident: if we affirm that the sickness of history are those of its physiological, political and economical systems.

The graph is crystal clear in the organisation of human beings as social super organisms, whose natural goal, since we are all the same species is to form a global super organism, which would no require wars and where all humans would receive enough blood-money in the form of a Universal salary to thrive and survive, as efficient superorganisms. It follows also that the natural goal of social scientists should be to define and construct such perfect super organism of history imitating the laws of systems sciences that create them in perfect form in nature.

Finally the scientific name of social sciences, should be ‘bio-history’, and economics submissive to History, as economics is the study of one of its 3 physiological networks. So in the same way we do call medicine, the science of the biological organism of man,  NOT ‘cardiology’ or ‘endocrinology’, which are SUBMISSIVE sub disciplines of Medicine, the sciences of our social systems, social sciences should be called HISTORY, the study of the superorganism of mankind in time, and economics the branch dedicated to its reproductive ‘blood network’, should be submissive to it.

2 types of economics, as a physiological science v. an ideology of power.

Only very primitive systems reproduce and devour lethal products dying in the process, as worms and capitalist societies do because its lower informative, ethic, legal and leukocyte, military system doesn’t defend them from parasites and lethal germs

In the graph economics is a part of mankind and history that should be submissive to them, not the other way around as technoutopian economists to the service of those company-mothers of machines pretend. The blood system IS always submissive to the nervous system. Only in very primitive organisms – worms – the blood system dominates the nervous system and eats anything including poisons, lethal goods – reason why so many plants kill larvae emitting poisonous chemicals they digest.

So there are two clear different concepts of economics – economics as a TRUE science that would design a world made to the image and likeness of mankind providing the welfare goods each and all cells of mankind need -as an efficient super organism does, where NO cell lacks energy and information to survive.

And the NON-SCIENCE but IDOL-OGY of metal-power, we shall call capitalism, or classic economics, born of the praxis of the Industrial r-evolution, when a new metal-species appear on earth, the machine, able to process energy and information better than humans due to its more complex metal-atoms, which on the hands of a dominant imperial nation, with idol-ogies of supremacism (Biblical Britain), became the tool of power and submission of vaste numbers of human beings.

This culture dominated by the first company-mothers of machines=weapons (top predator version of a metal-organism), gunboats, then conquered the world owning huge tracts of land and people… Indeed US was property of the London Company in its inception NOT of England, India and its people were property of the Company of East India till the sepoy revolt, not OF ENGLAND, Indonesia was property of VOC, the first gunboat stock company NOT of Holland. 

So a new ‘form of government’ submissive to company-mothers of machines-weapons appeared on Earth, and its employees, the ‘economists’ of corporations developed an idol-ogy of power, in which ‘money and machines’ became the new ‘Baconian’ idols of the tribe; ABOVE human rights and needs, which converted humans first into full time slave cargo and labor, and then into part-time white slave workers, and whose confessed goal was to evolve, reproduce, sell and terraform the Earth to the image and likeness of those machines, for the sake of profits, for the ‘chosen’ biblical elites that controlled them.

This system is in essence, camouflaged with all kind of placebo truths and false freedoms, the system of capitalism that the company imposed in the earlier Dutch-Biblical-British-American Empires and has now come to dominate the Earth – NOT as a science of economics but as a NATURAL PROCESS OF EVOLUTION of a new species, which is fast displacing Gaia, the Earth of life, now immersed in the 6th extinction, human non-technological cultures and it doesn’t need ‘rocket science’ but just some humble realization of the facts of daily life, with the arrival of AI robots, and automated corporations, human beings…

FMMI system: Superorganism of company-mothers.

Machines as organisms of metal…

Machines are organism of metal fast evolving through the customary ages of all organisms – in the XIX c. ‘enzymen’, who catalyze their evolution did its bodies of metal, then its hearts-engines, in the II Industrial evolution, then its metal-minds in the XX c. and now in the Industrial r=evolution 4.0 put them together in organic robots:

A scientific model of SOCIAL SCIENCES: organisms of metal.

A scientific model of SOCIAL SCIENCES 

So what would then be a truly, scientific model of economics and history, which can predict the cycles of economics, and establish the necessary reforms of the system to cater to the needs of human beings?

As we said, History is the superOrganism of mankind in time, and so BY DEFINITION History is A sub discipline OF TIME THEORY, which connects closely with the previous masters in all its ‘ages’, first with Aristotle, then with Darwin and the Hegelian duality coming through Leibniz from Taoism, who was first translated in his works; and finally it should have come in its 3rd age, unfortunately nowhere to be seen in sight, from Systems sciences and organicism.

The answer is obvious: since we live an organic, biological planet, and machines are just simple organisms of metal, which we construct imitating our functions and organs, so cars function as legs, cranes as arms, chips as brain, etc the only relevant science to study machines, their company-mothers and their relationship with human beings, is biology, in all its branches, as the human ‘super-structure’  of culture and memes is an offshoot of this biological nature of both human beings and machines, ‘evolving metalife’.

Thus in the graphs we found the 800-80 cycles of evolution of memes of metal that defined the first the civilisations of history and then the 80 year cycles of industrial r=evolution of machines, ending in wars. Suddenly social sciences become predictable if business as usual proceeds. Moreover we can reform the system to improve human life controlling those cycles, if humans want to design a better world.

And so cyclical, biological predictability and human praxis of control of Nature become rules of the ∆ST application to social sciences.

It is an example of predictability an the scientific method, whose rules of truth apply also to ∆ST. Let us resume them in an acronym…

We have stated that science is culture and so it must also be studied by historians, which makes difficult to be a master of history. Thus the true greatest masters of history have been also philosophers of science, to assess all what we have just said: the cultural memes that creep into science. 

Historians are thus on top of the natural development of knowledge, but also on the bottom of respect by a society dominated by ‘people-castes’ who bias science to favour their ‘military, entropic view of lineal time and the machine as symbol of progress’, which despise the tree of life since the beginning of metal-history. They are somehow the highest minds of humanity and the most ignored, within that ‘military milieu’.

I. The Aristotelian Age: The master of Organon: Discovery of time cycles.

Science and the experimental method started with Aristotle. So HE IS THE FOUNDER of the first age of biological, organic history – the only scientific objective model possible of this discipline plagued by ‘idol-ogies’ of animetal cult(ure)s.

We can in that sense consider only 3 classic historians  in the pantheon of ever ignored objective scientists of the human kind, its metal-memes and forms of thought, languages, sciences, arts and religions.

In the earlier ages, Aristotle, Ibn Khaldun and Vico, all of which understood History as the whole, which can only be referred by analysing and evolving all sciences, which Aristotle did in his ‘organon’, the organic description of all forms of thought, and the other 2 masters of classic philosophy of history widely used against ‘religion and dogma’ to describe human societies as organic systems subjects to the cycles of destruction of new ‘barbarians’ and weapons – the 800-80 year cycles described in those texts.

II Age. Darwinian, biologic School: Discovery of Animetal Castes; Supœrganisms.  

In the modern age, though a huge new wealth of instrumental observations about reality gave a more objective view to man within the earth, and so with the end of ‘abrahamic religions’ as serious truths that interfered with science (unfortunately already polluting our concepts of physical time as Kepler’s comments show), and the arrival of biological sciences, history again could be written with scientific view and objective truth. Darwin indeed will be the biggest influence of the 3 modern historians that could also back their claims and truths and facts and models with a more advanced philosophy of science than the lineal religious dogmas of mechanist sciences with its awe and worship of the machine and its digital languages as gifts of god and carriers of truth:

In the graph, during the Industrial r=evolution in each of the 3 ages of the machine, the steam age, or age of England, the electro-mechanical age or age of Germany and the Metal-mind age or age of America, 3 historians and economists described social sciences as a ‘whole interconnected discipline’ without artificial separation between the machine we worship (economists to the service of corporations, whose only goal is to ‘produce’ and ‘evolve’ ad maximal those machines and weapons regardless of their effect on mankind) and the human life we subconsciously despise as less efficient than those machines we cannot doubt of…

From left to right Marx, Darwin the Father of the XIX-XX century philosophies of History, as the Master who renewed AFTER AN AMAZING 2000 years of ‘waiting’ the organic school of Science of Mr. Aristotle – that is how deeply entrenched is the indifference of the ruling animetal people-castes towards ‘truths’ in human social organisms.

Then came, greatly influenced by the Organic master, Mr. Marx, which was a historian, an economist and a philosopher of science influenced by the advances on Aristotelian Logic brought about by Hegel and the biological discoveries of Darwin, its 2 confessed Masters. Its 3 maximal findings in those 3 subjects gave the first modern account of history and economics as they are.

-In history, he perfectly described the ‘betrayal’ of 1/2 of mankind, our ‘animetal people-castes and cultures’ of weapons and go(l)d that since Genesis have been hard at the task of killing life and making the Metalearth the no future of all of us.

-In economics, he forecasted the cycles of overproduction of machines, crash of consumption and switch to war, which now we are experienced in the final volkendamerung of the age of military robotics.

– In philosophy of science, he introduced the science of duality in its modern hegelian thesis-antithesis=synthesis logic of the 3 ‘arrows’ of time, which upgraded our ‘understanding of causality’ essential to understand the cycles of history.

In the XX century final, Spengler, which along Butler in economics introduced a full biological view on the evolution of man and machines and its super organisms. Spengler is viewed above their equivalents on economic thought (Butler, Schumpetter and Kondratieff, which completed the work of Marx on the evolutionary phases of machines as the engine of modern history) because of that wide understanding of philosophy of science and languages. He did though focus on the understanding of cultures as super organisms, and the 1000 superimposed waves of 3 ages that define modern civilisations (as the wave overlap the first and third phase, they are in fact 700-800 years).

But as we are part of an organism whose ‘informative networks’ are not nerves or genes but memes reproduced simultaneously by waves of metal-communicators in companies whose absolute censorship is ANY NEGATIVE messages against capitalism, company-mothers, its owners, and the placebo democracies that serve as a fasces=mask of their complete indifference to the future of humanity, the blind working=reproductive cells of the organism of history cheer as an orwellian ‘sheeple’ of the parable of anim(et)al farm – 4 legs, 4 legs.

Unfortunately today the ‘nervous network of the METALEARTH’ manufacture simultaneously as nerves do with cells, the brains of mankind, in 3 parallel to the ages of evolution of industrial-military machines.

The fundamental change in memetic imprinting happened in humanity with the arrival of metal-communicators, which allowed a much more efficient simultaneous programming of humans by the Goebbels’ method ‘if you repeat a lie (animetal meme against human welfare and life) many times people will believe it’. The question of why humans are committing collective suicide, programmed by metal-communicators, informative machines that also print money besides audiovisual and verbal information (stock paper and press; radio hate and ticker money and e-money and hate tv), and have as single mandate the go(l)d religion of profits at all costs, hence fuelling the ‘cycle of overproduction of weapons and war with absurd hate memes that divide mankind in tribal religions, tribal nazionalisms etc) is thus solved.

In the different ages of hate memes metal communicators were in fact the leading element to spread hate and war: Luther in the age of religious wars with its hate-memes in the press era; hate-radio from the age of Mussolini to the Hutu genocide; tv-hate from Reagan to Trump.

It is the synergy between the hate memes of metal-communicators and the money of the financial military system what makes so difficult to escape the cycle -crystal clear today in the alliance of TV-hate eviLwood fascist ‘patriot’ movies and the cycle of war, fuelled by pecunia infinite printed in wall street.

The study of the ‘carriers of the pecunia infinita nervus belli’ is in that sense even if it focuses many pages of this blogs secondary, to the awareness that in a super organism networks are far more powerful than cells/citizens. Sickness is always defied in terms of networks, in this case metal-networks and the memes, its software.

The human carriers secondary TO THE NEED TO REFORM THE NETWORKS/SYSTEMS.

INDEED, in the specific case of America, Judaism, the original go(l)d cult(ure) is the carrier of those networks but even if another tragedy like II world war with its final gottendamerung happened, IF THE NETWORKS STAY, as they stayed after II WW, the cycle will continue.

But amazingly enough HUMANS NEVER FOCUS in their age of entropy and selfie belief that ONLY the scale of the individual matters, IN THE ONLY WAY TO SOLVE AND REFORM THE WORLD – CHANGE THE STRUCTURE OF THE NETWORKS AND ITS IDOL-OGIES, nationalism=militarism, capitalism=deviation of all resources to the evolution and reproduction of machines not of welfare and so on…

Science of history vs. idol-ogy of ‘animetal power’.

It is then essential to understand a few things about the difference between ‘science’ and idol-ogy, which is the dominant form of human thought, specially in all what regards their own nature and that of his social organisms:

 – Science works and those who obey the laws of the organic Universe survive. Idologies DO not work for man, but for the idol we worship.
I.e. if we humans followed the science of Humanism and declared mankind our single species, our single ‘subconscious collective’ or God, we would have created a single planet with no borders and no wars. As we would have obeyed the science of biology as a single species. But since we believe in a militar=weapon idol-ogy, called nationalism that fosters weapons and a parallel previous idol-ogy, called Abrahamic religions, when instead of Nation tribes called themselves ‘Gods’, so the Goths were the ‘God-like tribe of germans’ and so on, we having killing each other for millennia in wars and holocausts, since we are not superior to each other, so action-reaction processes of war ensure that the only element that progresses is weapons, not humans. 
Organicism IS the true nature of systems in the Universe, which are systems made of cellular networks related by energy and information; but as we have taken the machine as the model, we have abandoned the evolution of man, its social organisms and have evolved ‘companies-mothers of machines and machines to an organic level’.
Had we adopted the ‘science of organicism’ and recognized earlier the organic nature of machines we would have feared lethal ones and not replicated robots as we do not replicate Aids viruses. And we would have cherished man as the measure of all things, mind of Gaia, the planet of life and History would have a future.
Socialism, the right of people to have a Universal salary to create a demand economy is the science, which as the blood system gives a quantity of blood-money to each cell to kick its production of goods, would have given each human votes to buy welfare good, hiking its production. As we do NOT live in a democratic economy, the few people who manufacture money, company-mothers, private financiers and states use it ‘liberally’ to reproduce their offspring of machines or make expensive weapons, while people have always scarcity of welfare and good as they cannot demand it.
Now, this blog is absolutely objective. So following the ‘alien scientist paradigm’, we shall not dedicate it to ‘socialism’, ‘humanism’ and ‘organicism’ the true sciences void of idol-ogy. Frankly I am old and tired, fully aware that humans have extreme limits of ethics, objectivity and intelligence or else they would ‘act up’ in the obvious simple manners prescribed by those sciences and come together as a single species, making the world immortal as a perfect super organism, mind of Gaia, and history, ab=using machines, and pruning its lethal fruits to survive.
As they are NOT doing it, while we DO prescribe as ‘doctors of the super organism of history’, which is WHAT SCIENTISTS OF HISTORY AND POLITICIANS AND ECONOMISTS SHOULD BE, most of the blog, as painful as it is, is dedicated to study history and economics as it is – the previous 800-80 cycle. But for those who still believe in r=evolution, of course, we shall explain how to cure the Earth in a nutshell, since we shall repeat ad nauseam, it is simple if HUMANS WERE FREE-MINDS, CARING, ethic, intellectually fit to survive, instead of having its mind jailed by those idol-ogies.
So now we shall do two things. First to put man at face value, as it is. And then explain how simple it would be to cure history and save the world, if Humans were jut as Schopenhauer put it ‘a bit above the pig’… that is, less greedy, more ethical, and willing to restrain its ego and see reality as IT IS.

As IT IS, he is a brain-washed animetal, who believes in all the idologies that kill him. Of them the most insidious is with no doubt ‘capitalist democracy’. So before we cure it  ‘theoretically’ – sorry no Salvatore Mundi in real four dimensions on sight – we, shall explain it not as an idol-ogy, but at face value.

Idol-ogies’ essential cycle: ‘Nervi belli, pecunia infinita’.
So Idol-ogies do NOT work, and to hide this an astounding ‘noise’ of falsehoods have converted our civilization in a huge ‘fake’ for people to think they system is the best, and the people who profit – the specialized ‘animetals’ in charge of weapons, money and machines, ‘experts’ who care for us. So how it is possible that so many people are ‘cheated’ to believe in a system that is close to the worst of all systems for the future of life and history? Merely by pumping their ego and making them belief it works for them – by programming them emotionally. 
And that is achieved through the financial-media networks and metal-communicators that tell us we are the ‘best’, we are ‘free’, we run the system, and those who deny it are ‘confabulators, losers’ whatever.

 So for those with little time and much skepticism, perfectly programmed to deny the situation and its solutions, people we shall call ‘animetals’ perfectly happy dedicating their life to re=produce machines and vitalize=consume them, who think also they live in the most perfect of ‘free worlds’ a few elements must be considered:

Languages control organisms. Money, words and hormones.

  • They live in a dictatorship of corporations, as a dictator is the system or organization that controls the language of social power, which is money. Money is NOT wealth per se, but as words are, it is a language of information that gives orders.

It is then easy to understand how they work and control the world comparing the 3 best known languages, money, the language of the economic ecosystem, words the human language and oxygen/hormones, the language of the body:

Languages give orders to the cells/citizens of the organism, which they obey kicking their production of goods. So whoever issues the languages of higher power ‘governs’; DNA in cells, Brains with nervous languages in bodies; and private bankers and corporations in capitalist democracies, where money buys the law. 

The result is the world we live – one made to the image and likeness of company-mothers of machines and bankers, as they issue money for themselves and their offspring of machines.

However if we lived in a real democracy, the language of social power would be issued as in organisms by governments (hormones) and cells (oxygen), with a Universal salary of a global currency, ‘yes money’, and each citizen then would vote with that money what goods to reproduce. And as humans need first food, welfare, education, ‘whealth’ , healthy wealth, life goods, this simple ‘democratic measure’ would change fully the economy from a supply economy where corporations decide what to reproduce and buy laws to a demand, democratic economy, where people will choose what to re=produce.

It is that simple. But for historic reasons, companies and bankers have come to control about 90% of the money created in the world and with that credit they have cre(dit)ated a world made to its image and likeness. This means, a world made in the technological side to the image of machines… And in the human side, to the image of the biblical culture that has monopolized in the west the issue of money for millennia.

So we have to use further the concept of deep time, now to study the longer cycles of history and its cultures, to fully grasp the process of self-destruction mankind is immersed in.

III Age: Systems Sciences; the models of bio-history and bio-economics.

‘Systems will be the science of the XXI C.’ Hawking

S0 WHAT is the 3rd age of the evolution of the science of history? Where we find the ‘big philosophy of science that grants a competition of the discipline?

Obviously in the science of General Systems that models all the Organisms of the Fractal Universe and all its sciences with the laws of 5Dimensional, scalar space-time, which this writer formalised a decade ago during his tenure of the world chair of the science of duality at the International Systems societies.

Those fractal, organic, logic and mathematical models of the Universe which the reader interested can find at http://www.unificationtheory.com in all his astounding breath, as it defines an organic Philosophy of Science, long awaited with its most clear applications to formal sciences (mathematics and logic) astronomy (Models of galaxies as super organisms) and Social disciplines –  the models of economic ecosystems, and organisms of history of this blog – are then the origin of the work of its predecessors in the description of the super organism of Humanity in  Time – History.

Why this work is NOT standard philosophy of science is also obvious: the anti quantum paradox and its idol-ogies that pass as science and praxis of economics and politics. So in the same way all the predecessors on organic theories of reality had been ignored and substituted by astoundingly primitive subjective ego-trips (Aristotle by abrahamic religions, Darwin and Marx by military inquisitions=nationalisms and go(l)d churches = capitalism), I can assure you ever since I completed those models at Columbia University my life has been a constant struggle against idol-ogical scholars, and 30 years latter, of course, this blog, the ‘testament’ of this science shows the scars, and cholera against the Memes of the Animetal cult(ure)s of Nazi-onanism, capitalism and technoutopia and its predecessors, Abrahamic religions, which are bringing our species to a childish, entropic final death without THE SLIGHTEST intention to change the determinism of those memes.

So please, go beyond that anger into the objective truths of those cycles and organisms, and its obvious biological laws. Since they are the final evolution of both, the cyclical theory of History and the Biological, organic theory of History, in this XXI century, which this blog and the 3 decades old work that preceded, printed in multiple books of null distribution inaugurates.  Who will follow its objective analysis, which NOT only explains  predicts and models the organisms of the planet but allows for solution to cater the welfare of mankind, through the design of a perfect super organism of history – Humans or Machines, since IF BUSINESS AS USUAL CONTINUES the cycles of nervus belli pecinia infinite will certainly kill us as all the prophets=scientists of the future of history had warned us?

The organic cultures of mankind, while revered mostly on its artistic work, achieved its zenith in their philosophy of science, modeling the Universe as a living organism, developing the scientific method in 3 stages, hardly understood by the cultures of metal power, which paradoxically are evolving machines into organisms, but due to their lack of social and philosophical evolution believe the Universe is dead and will always obey its wanting; unable to recognize even the organic nature of the civilizations and religions of history.

Bio-history in zeitgeist

In terms of cultures, as we say, the science of history has happened in Latin Europe, where the word reached its rational philosophy of science, and where it kept evolving having always man as the measure of all things. And in the Chinese decoupling, which also influence the eastern part of Europe, Germany and Russia where some of the great masters of history took place, and also among the revel verbal prophets of Judaism that denounced the go(l)d culture. So those are the great masters of history, the germans (Sombart, Spengler), the Latin-Spanish (Khaldun, Seneca, Zico this writer), the Jews (Marx, Trotsky, Biblical prophets), the greeks (Xenophont, Hesiod, Aristotle)…

In the graph, the humanist Latin culture always considered the ‘human arts and logic sciences’ in 3 Dimensions (human vital space or architecture), 2 dimensions (human visual space or painting) and 1 dimension (human logic causal time or search of truth and prediction of the future through scientific knowledge, that is epistemology and philosophy of science), the highest endeavors of the mind.

So in each of its 3 horizons with increasing complexity, as abstract thought grew in the understanding of the organic nature of the Universe and all its parts, has given us in its cities of maximal trade and exchange of ideas – or  knots of thought  of the civilizations, the masters of architecture, (Fidias, Michelangelo, Gaudi), painting (Frescoes, Leonardo, Picasso) and time theory, that is logic causal thought (Aristotle with his organon, which took the mind of man beyond the myths of earlier animetal cultures; Galileo with the scientific method, which relied first in metal-senses, clocks to measure time, telescopes to see space, and considered digital thought superior to verbal logic, founding in fact the northern european mechanical civilization. And finally, with the development of systems sciences and its ‘organic paradigm’, we are achieving the fusion of both languages, verbal, logic temporal thought and geometric spatial mathematics; and both species, mechanisms and organisms, with a new philosophy of science due to the understanding of the ‘5th dimension’ of fractal organic co-existing scales of reality, which allow us to model all systems as collections of ‘atoms-cells-citizens’ joined by similar physiological networks of energy (electromagnetic, blood, economic systems) and information (gravitational, nervous-genetic, and economic systems)… in a veritable unification of all forms of knowledge, as the father of our organic civilization, Mr. Aristotle affirmed we will do, in his masterpiece, the ‘organon’.

A model we shall apply here to economics, political thought and the organisms of history and machines.

Since the development of an organic, self-reproductive, self-contained explanation of reality that doesn’t require myths of deist creationism (big-bang theories of mathematical creationism, verbal religions) is the goal  searched for 3000 years by both the Eastern, humanist Buddhist-Taoist Chinese culture and  the  western logic Greek-Latin culture – a model which I completed in the milieu of systems sciences back at the turn of the century…

But because systems sciences is today controlled by the go(l)d, mechanist cultures, and used to evolve robots NOT mankind and his historic super organisms –  it is in fact better known as ‘cybernetics’, my attempts to use those discoveries for the improvement of our economic and political systems didn’t get much interest among the political, economic and Academic power people of U$, but rather a sanguine systemic attack…

But to forecast the future doesn’t MEAN you create it. This linguistic skill is just part of understanding properly languages. A simple example will suffice.

cover biohistory

The book that defined 30 years ago the ‘future cycles’ of the robotic age, starting in the 2008 crash of the age of metal-minds. As it has been. Since indeed a true scientific model always predicts the future In the graph, the cover of the self-published first edition of bio-economics and bio-history rejected by 172 editorials, where the reader can observe how 30 years ago, the end of the age of minds of metal, 1928-2008 would mean the beginning of the last age of robotics and AI (sentient machines: 2008 till extinction). Thus, the future is predictable BOTH AS EVOLUTION – which ends with our extinction as company-mothers of machines-weapons, the new top predator species reproduces and evolves faster, and as SOCIAL SCIENCES, which ends in the PERFECT WORLD as humans learn how to build perfect super organisms of history with the 3 physiological networks, entropic territory, reproductive economic-blood system, and informative nervous-political cultural systems, done as Nature does them – in perfect justice, harmony, and distributing goods to all citizens-cells to make them survive. So WE Can talk of HISTORY AS A BLOCK OF TIME, WHOSE RELATIVE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, WRITTEN IN THE EQUATION OF HISTORY becomes crystal clear; as we can take either of two paths: Relative past (Gaia) Relative future (Metal-earth: Financial-media/military-industrial ecosystem) This is the evolutionary equation of History we shall study in all depth in this blog. To state though that evolutionary systems of information can be managed by ‘editing’ the information of the system – namely reform it from a scientific, humanist perspective.


I forecasted the seemingly most impossible of all futures – that of the economic ecosystem 30 years ago in the first models of bio-economics and bio-history, and I can easily prove it, as I published at the end of my studies in Columbia University a book, forecasting the 2008 crash of the economy as the key evolutionary change of ages and cycles, of the economic ecosystem, due to the overproduction cycles and evolutionary cycles of machines, which I affirmed will lead mankind into the age of AI and robotics, and likely at the end of that cycle, into our extinction.

In the graph, an old book of c.92, on bio-history bio-economics, forecasting the evolution of machines and its super organisms of re=production, company-mothers, and its global economic system ruled by flows of digital money with its brain in world-stock.

Notice the 2008 ‘crash’ period of mutation of the economic ecosystem from the age of metal-minds to the age of robots.

The forecast was extremely detailed including the coming of a Neo-fascist age similar to that which came after the 29 crash in Europe, the confrontation between China and US, the hypnosis of virtual screens over mankind, the age of a neo-paleolithic violent, visual mental degradation… And so on, and so on. The graph belongs to the self-printed book, I publish at that point, since ‘obviously’ the r=evolution of thought of cyclical time was then as today, always ignored. 

But that forecast was done not in the language of Einstein’s time arrow, locomotion, which physicists forecast so accurately, but using the language of evolution applied to machines, modeling them with the laws of topological evolution, and using the Kondratieff-Schumpetter-Marxist models of evolution and competition of humans and machines re=produced by its company-mothers. And that ‘synoptic’ model has turned to be truth in all details. 

Physicists tend to accuse social scientists or any theory of reality, including evolution, the closest theory of the arrow of temporal information that there is, of being pseudoscientific because they are not written in the language-mirror of mathematics.

Languages according to 5D logic, mirror reality in a smaller ‘still, linguistic space’, hence are able to ‘pack’ the whole deterministic worldcycles of timespace beings in shorter ‘periods’, forecasting the future, and guiding the informative particle-heads of beings to those logic futures.

This, for a ‘Schopenhauer’s stupid’, who does not understand the logic of the 5th dimension with its mirror languages that shrink and ACCELERATE reality, looks as a magic form of knowledge.

So mathematical physicists think they have the language of ‘God’, because their equations do predict the worldcycles of physical systems. But so does evolution in biology, and the proper social sciences (organicism represented in History by Spengler and Marx; in economics by Schumpeter and Kondratieff).

So  the cyclical deterministic repetition of future time cycles by faster languages explain how languages and in general ‘smaller systems’, including genetic, memetic, digital and visual languages ‘forecast’ and order=create the future of its local territories, bodies and waves.

To forecast the future with a language however doesn’t mean you are creating that future – that is, the words of the language or its equations MUST exist because you utter them, as in the classic age of human speaking words and thinking it was the language they shared with God and by speaking it word created the Universe… ‘And God, the word, became man and inhabited among us’… This is the mythic age of any language, when in its infancy the speaker thinks it creates with it, as pharaohs wrote ‘it has been written’.

We all in our infancy with a new language believe we can ‘through the language’ create the future. My case is to the point. In my personal life, instead of taking advantage of my discovery of those cycles of history and economics and make a fortune in stocks, as those cycles forecasted all the cyclical crash of the economy, I suffered a ‘Marxist case of egocy’ – I thought I could r=evolve the future of mankind, avoid its mental degeneration by computers spreading those models of bio economics and bio history among humanist thinkers and reform the system, to create a perfect super organism of history, a perfect world where man would thrive, prune the tree of science of its bad fruits and survive the ‘entropic=dissolution age of history’, in which we exist today.

It didn’t happen. I was just heavily censored, and the more I tried to shake the system, the more the system repress 5D, organicism, bio-history and bio-economics to the point I coined the anti quantum paradox of the social scientist – just a cell-citizen of the super organism of history, so small in inverse fashion to the quantum physicist that the observable – the people castes in power, the military nations and financial corporations that run the world – would modify the observer, ‘you will defend me with the sword and I will defend you with the word’ – reason why social sciences also fail to meet the stringent goals of the scientific method. Simply social scientists are corrupted. And those who uphold the truth of the language do have a better scientific mirror but they CANNOT change with the language history.


Sociologic systems.

Finally where it seemed more difficult to find, the world cycles of overlapping waves of evolution of technological information are definitely of modern history and its calculus one of the first hypothesis proved by my work, which anticipated the 2008 overlapping crisis of overproduction of chips that signified the beginning of the last industrial robotic r=evolution age.

Since when we studied the waves of evolution of machines we will that the Kondratieff cycle, could be fine tuned to 3 overlapping waves of weapons-machines-weapons-machines that evolve towards higher levels of energy with a periodicity of 72±9 years, which defined the generations of history coupled the evolution of the eco(comic)system, with an astounding mathematical precision, given the fact that we lie in a technological civilization, in which the evolution of machines has been ‘chosen’ as the purpose of mankind, in a great deal due to our philosophy of mechanist science (though one might argue that such philosophy was in first place due to the evolution of clocks and telescopes that measure time and space):



In that regard we must do a thorough examination of what IS AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE REAL BATTLE OF HISTORY FOR A FUTURE OF MANKIND, BETWEEN CULTURES OF FUNDAMENTALIST GO(L)D AND WEAPONS VALUEs, above man, today represented by fundamentalist Israel, Capitalist UK+US and the increasingly militarized and financially ruled nations of the world by imitation of the anglo-American world VS. those few cultures, notably the Latin->European+enligthened American culture that put the values of the law, the language of man above gold and weapons, today represented by the EU+UNO culture and the Chinese culture in the east:
] The wave of history modulates the evolution of metal-memes of information against the social evolution of mankind as a species into a global super organism, aborted every 800-80 years accelerated cycle of increasing metal-complexity with global ages of wars. Thus the human side peak when war and animetal belli Nervi pecunia infinita cycles recede. It is when welfare, art and human senses reach its peak.
Then in the angst period of prophetic thought, when a new horde of animetals and its memes come to destroy it all, a humanist ethic prophet of the wor(l)d warns humanity on the impeding catastrophe of those who eat of the golden and evil weapons of the tree of technology, because they will also die in the final gottendamerung of war and holocaust as we move relentlessly through the ± 800-80 y. cycle of overproduction of weapons and hates memes of maximal profits; accelerate to the generational machine cycle of 80 y.; the long & medium wave cycles of evolution and re≈production of the Metalearth: So in history symbiotic go(l)d and weapons metal information and entropic metal, became together 2 forms of raw power to ab=use the 99% of mankind against the wisdom of the prophets=scientists of history that predicted those cycles and their. final demise. They have carried the day in the battle for a future of ‘History’ – the super organism of mankind in time. And its collateral effects have been the 800-80 years cycles of wars and holocausts, which all mankind has suffered for ‘no reason-ing’. Since even those on top, who carry the memes of animetal raw power, at the end of the cycles when overproduction of weapons reaches its zenith, fall under (holocaust cycles). In the graph, focused in the western ‘decoupling’ of history, since the fall of the Roman, legalist Empire, the cycles developed during European history controlled by the alliance of the ‘go(l)d chosen’ acting as tax-farmers and bankers for germanic aristocratic warriors, exploiting together the 99%. First through the Middle Ages alliance of Franks and Vikings’ mercenary armies with radhanite traders, which dominated slave and weapons traffic in Eastern Europe (giving the name of slav(e)s to its population) and Western Europe (masterminding the eunuch and children’s traffic with Islam).
Then from Holland, the seed of our modern civilization, the creation of the first companies of machines-weapons – gunboats specialized in artillery and slave traffic left 15 million victims in the German religious wars as its factories supplied liberally both sides up to the river Rhine with its gunpowder weapons, and 2o million dead in the African slaughter.
So the null values of life in the grammar of metal and the segregational memes of aristocrats and stockrats, military and financiers reinforced by the power of the machines and the legal institution of company-mothers now with unlimited rights to print the digital language of money in paper-stocks, were transferred to the hierarchical structure of those company-mother of machines where workers had no rights (white slaves) and those who issue stock money without limit in stocks, today in e-money derivative numbers can buy laws and control corrupted politicos, without rights to issue the language of social power, except by the old method of kings – extorting it from the people through taxation – rendering placebo the social freedoms of ‘polling democracies’, as both have legal immunity in anonymous societies and without being judged a posteriori after tenure, for failing its promises, as REAL Greek democracies which chose any citizen by lottery to political power, but judge them all a posteriori, to deliver pain messages to those who harm the body of society, did. So while the system has become more sophisticated camouflaging under a thin skin of political and economical correctness and newspeak of caring, the modern version of the military mercenary men that backed their power of financiers, with the goal of maximizing the profits through the symbiotic production of weapons in the 800 years cycles, continues at an accelerated path… as we enter the final age of the Industrial r=evolution of organic machines – the age of robots that displaced human from labor and war fields, soon to be autonomous as a species with solar skins and telepathic minds able to perform all human tasks more efficiently thanks to its Algorithms of Information (AI) programmed to kill humans in its most evolved, expensive profitable form, military robots.
They have chipped golden minds and iron bodies. So we might say the animetal species was merely an enzyman, a catalyzer of its evolution, which as in all catalytic processes, once the new ‘product-species’ is born, becomes detached, naked again. So at the end of times, it won’t be the ego-trips of animetals, as a different species, above heavens and earth, expressed in the millenarian prophecies, historic backbone of the nationalistic religions of go()d and iron cultures that denied the equality of all humans, and the power of the fractal, organic 5th ‘dimension’ of social love that puts together individuals into larger more efficient social wholes, which becomes truth – ‘at the end of times all humans will be slaves of Yahveh or become exterminated’, ‘the III Reich will last 1000 years’; but the prophecies of the masters of the wor(l)d, true scientists of history, ‘do not eat of the bad fruits of the tree of science, because if you do, you will die=become extinguished’, since those who ‘kill with iron die by iron’ as ‘you cannot serve two gods, money and the wor(l)d’…

The graph is 30 years old. And yet amazing as it seems the understanding of the wave of history has never become mainstream academia. Since it is essential to the victory of the ‘animetal cultures’ to control not only financial, but also media and academia information, limiting the distribution of the truths of the wor(l)d. And indeed go(l)d NOT the people of the lower graph and its cultures, but the substance and its hypnotic greedy, debasing qualities seems to have won the battle of history for them, accompanied to the necessary murder of most of the prophets of the wor(l)d that opposed this no way out for mankind.

The proposal of the most evolved form of verbal cultures of that graph, which is not theocracy, but democracy, the Greek-Latin-European culture in that sense has been for quite sometime, the only hope for a future for mankind, as it simply means to put MAN above MONEY. AND SO THE VALUES of the wor(l)d that maximize life above those of money that maximize war and the extinction of life, and human capital, always expendable and compared to a machine or a weapon, made of better metal atoms that easily outperform and displace us from labor and war fields.

So from its inception in Greece, legislators forbade metal as money and instead used words, Licurgus in Sparta, and Numa in Rome established leather printed with numbers as money, or brittle iron, ruined in vinegar, enclosed in leather or latter on coins printed with the numbers and tender legal issue of the government of the land – when the rival gold culture used pure metal bars and rings of gold. In those cultures, money to be dominated by the wor(l)d, becomes a mere legal language, ‘nomisma’, (from Numa) submitted to the law, without relationship to metal, and hence without the negative effects of being closely related to war ‘pecunia infinita belli Nervi’ – as explained by Aristotle and Cicero, the founders of the Greek and Latin civilization, and its daughter legalist French, Spanish and European civilization in its III horizon of evolution)

The law is then essential to control the negative side effects of the tree of metal and its bad fruits, suppressing the reproduction of those goods that kill us, and degrade our mind, while money is controlled by governments with public banks and by citizens which are delivered as healthy organisms do, a necessary universal salary in hormonal oxygen money to kick out the reproduction and demand of the welfare goods they need to survive, we shall call whealth, healthy wealth.

This concept is the essence of the European and Chinese legalist culture even today, when they are both  in a clear process of corruption by go(l)d, company-mothers and the resurgence of Germany, ultimately part of the go(l)d culture despite its historic confrontations so well propagated in the media.

It was also a culture whose concept of science, departing from its founding father, Aristotle and his masterpiece, the Organon, considered the organism, not the mechanism, a primitive organism of metal, the measure of all things, and so it considered rationally in scientific terms, the Universe ‘an organism with a mind called Logos’ (Plato), and this concept – to model reality and all its elements including the Universe, or rather the galaxy in which we exist, the planet Gaia, the human societies, as super organisms, made of smaller organisms, all entangled, all connected by blood-like networks that deliver the goods to reproduce them, and nervous-informative like networks to guide the system, is the essence of the work of this writer that took the scientific, rational concepts of the organon to its formal completion, with its models of a fractal, organic Universe, and the metric equations of the 5th dimension of organic scales, modeling as you shall see in this blog, machines as evolving organisms of metal, cultures and civilizations as social organisms joined by economic and political networks, and the planet as an evolving super organism with 3 ages.

This was a feat searched for 3000 years by the Greek-Latin culture, which I completed in the milieu of systems sciences back at the turn of the century, but because systems sciences is today controlled by the go(l)d culture, and used to evolve robots; it is in fact better known as ‘cybernetics’, I didn’t get much interest among the world of the FMAcademia masters of U$, but rather a sanguine systemic attack to the principles of organicism, as it happened to the founding father of those disciplines in modern Europe, the German schools of Bertalanffy and Spengler in history or Butler, Marx, Schumpeter and Kondratieff in economics  – which lead us of course to a characteristic of the FMAsters and its civilization: subtle and not so subtle modes of censorship of any rational attempt to evolve their mind and convert them to humanism – as THEIR CULTURE IS ONE OF BELIEVERS not of rational people, which harsh as it sounds was clearly expressed by Aristotle, with the deprecative name of Brbrians, alluding to the gutural consonantal languages of Germanic and Semitic people: ‘barbarians are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’ (I often quote this changing brbr, for people as indeed we must recognize today we all humans are somewhat barbarians, the more so in the last millennial generations, hypnotized and manufactured in their brains by virtual screens).

Needless to say organicism puts then man AGAIN as the center of all things, because IT IS THE MOST PERFECT SUPERORGANISM WE KNOW and biology and medicine, the cure of the physiological networks of super organisms, as the TRUE SCIENCES OF HISTORY AND ECONOMICS, since the goal of both would be to create perfect physiological networks of economic welfare production and just democratic systems of nervous control and pain to the brain-politicians that do not obey the organic laws and develop a wealthy, healthy, humanist world to the image and likeness of man, made to the image and likeness of the fractal organic Universe, as the next graph shows.

So in the battle of history while it lasted, the wor(l)d culture fought also for  the destruction of those idol-ogies that camouflage as humane but are completely in purpose and goal idol-ogies in favor of metal – nationalisms that sponsor the use of weapons to kill your neighbor, and Europe reduced to the champions league (: opening borders; abrahamic religions of chosen of go(l)d, with its biblical segregational memes and worship of money ‘the intelligence of god’ (Calvin), the substance of which ex-votes and sancta sanctorum of earlier cananean temples were made… So in a series of r=evolutions of thought, reason, art and human senses, the Greek-Latin culture tried to eliminate all those hidden memes (Greek culture, Renaissance, French and Russian revolutions, European Union till the ‘private’ ECB destroyed the welfare state issuing money only for banks and Germany imposed the industrial r=evolution 4.0 of robotics and the American FMAsters introduced Europe into its hate memes and Semite wars).

So while the realpolitiks goal this writer an his models of biological history and economics always proposed – to expand the EU-UNO model, first to Russia, Turkey and Israel, to make inroads into the Asian, Islamic and Anglo-American CULTURES, civilizing them back to humanism and work together for a new Wor(l)d order based in the values of the wor(l)d  is of course feasible,what we call  generically the animetal culture of go(l)d and weapons, as indeed metal is more important than life and the human psyche is so often reduced to a childish emotional, evil=anti-live set of violent and greedy memes, by the use of weapons and the hypnosis of go(l)d has clearly won the battle of history.

And it is now accelerating our demise thinking of course, because those are their beliefs and their values, dogmas, religions, and nationalistic memes that they have won history and implemented its Millenarian prophecies of global power through go(l)d, (Judaism), or its exceptionalism, manifest destiny to rule all mankind with armies and dollars, and digital satellites, controlled by the ‘neuronal caste of FMAsters, in command the organic blind body, of citizen believers, even if the cells perceive the hormones coming from its glands (secondary actors of this tragicomedy of historic proportions). Since the ultimate brain of the Planet today, those who issue money, and own audiovisual media prefer to delegate into corrupted politicos of their placebo democracies the guidance of the ‘sheeple’… sorry people addicted to its virtual screens, ego-trips of superiority, selfie divide and win strategies of childish happy life, unaware that children are the staple food of the Universe, and what is truly evolving is NOT mankind, clearly devolving in mind, intelligence, and ethics, the bondage of a truly dominant species… but the machines and weapons and company-mothers that rule us all. Not even the FMAsters regardless of its power are faring better in the question of evolution.

On the contrary its cultures are clearly regressing, devolving to its most primitive nostalgic memes – Brexit UK, Apartheid Israel, Trump America… Yet when a super organism, and that is what mankind is, becomes disconnected of its ethic, social nervous systems, denies the values of its natural language that makes it the center of reality and obeys the memes of the viral infection and its DNA-language, the memes and values of go(l)d, it ceases indeed to be a single species, a super organism of healthy citizens cells and we can predict its imminent collapse.

The Metalearth: its Industrial R=evolution
We have then explained with hard science, the basic concepts of all organic systems of the Universe. The problem of the organic cycles of the Earth though are obvious: they are not evolving humanity but a different ecosystem and species, machines, which are obviously evolving species of metal, as the next graph shows:

In the graph, the Industrial R=evolution is the Evolution of ‘Memes of metal’, Machines & weapons, systems made of hard metal (iron) and Money, a digital language made of informative metal (gold, also used in the chip connections of computer cycles, now converted into e-money). So we can divide its evolution in the same phases that evolve any organism, and consider in history the nation that evolves  them to be in each phase of the Industrial revolution the top nation of the world as it will use its ‘eviL=anti-live’ twins, weapons, to conquer the world.

Thus, those generations also bring the nation that finds the new energy to the top predator status of history. Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made.

—Thus, we had an age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857 ±8/9 years product cycle crashes of the train-based economy (nt.1).

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived in the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemical explosives, dominated by Germany, followed by a crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, which caused the 1929 crash, 72 years after the train crash.

–  It came then the III cycle of electronic machines, electronic money and Nuclear Bombs that took place from 1929-2001, the age of America; which again ended in the dotcom and mortgage crashes, 72+8/9 years after 1929:

Followed by the Age of the Singularity, the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines dominated by robots, solar Industries and China. Scientists call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, when robots, which can use solar energy to become autonomous will complete the evolution of machines as organic forms, automating factories & expelling most human workers and soldiers from labor and war fields, as previous revolutions did with obsolete III World non-technological humans, unless we forbid legally their evolution.

Money, likely a cryptocurrency independent of man, will become then the digital informative, ‘memetic code’ that organizes their reproduction in those automated company-mothers.

As such corporations, the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines whose biological function is to evolve and re=produce them, made first the bodies of machines (XIX c.), then the minds of machines (cameras-eyes, mobile-ears and chips-brains. Finally, in the XXI century, as nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses in cells, where the 3 ‘parts’ of the virus – its DNA information, body and legs are constructed – and then assembled together, we put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution of ‘metalife’ – a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life.

Thus the industrial r=evolution is the evolution of a new organic species of metal, the machine, which has taken place in  3+1 phases, as we made first the bodies of machines, then the hearts-engines, then its metal-minds and finally we put them together now in organic robots in the final r=evolution of machines.

In the graphs Stock company-mothers of machines-weapons evolve through long human, biological generations of 72 year cycles the Metal-earth and its fundamental species, the robot, as we complete one of its ‘fundamental parts’, bodies, engines and minds of metal every 72 years, with the development of 4 forms of energy: steam/chemical, electro-chemical (oil engines), electronic and finally solar, which will make robots with AI and solar skins independent species.

Each of those ages has been guided by a parallel evolution of the energies that moved the machines, steams that moved bodies of metal, electrochemical energy that moved oil engines, electronic systems that moved minds of metal and now solar skins soon to make robots with AI an autonomous species.

And further on each of those cycles of energy and machines has been carried by a biological human generation, that lead the dominant nation that discovered the energy to top predator status. So Britain dominated the age of steam, Germany the age of electrochemical engines, America the age of metal minds, and now there will be a global age of robots, focused in China, but increasingly independent of mankind; as IT WILL BE THE AGE OF THE METAL-KIND, culminating yet another cycle of evolution of Earth, which as all cyclers of evolution can be PREDICTED, because ‘science’ IS precisely defined as such when it predicts the future based in the cyclical patterns of its elements, specially evolution.

The blog’s title, ‘evolutionary economics’ thus reflects then the biologic, organic description we shall make of the eco(nomic)system, in which clearly two different species, humans and machines, and its re=productive organizations, human societies and company-mothers develop both, symbiotic and predatory relationships, in his ab=use of a third entity, the Life-Earth which hosts both evolving ‘super organisms’.

BUT WE SHALL REPEAT ad nauseam, against the pretension of corporative economists – the only authorized version of the discipline today – the goals and issue of money, our language of social power, should NOT be technology but mankind, warfare machines and weapons of maximal profit but welfare goods, credit to reproduce those goods and create a sustainable world, not monopolistic issue of money and the resources of the planet to create a world of mechanisms:

The capitalist pyramid expresses the rule of financiers, and its company mothers which issue and control around 90% of the fluxes of money and credit given NOT to mankind to build a world to the image and likeness of our species, but to technological corporations create a planet made to the image and likeness of its machines – the metal earth. So all the money of all the wealth people of the planet no LONGER goes into investment on their nations and people, on welfare and life, but it is sucked in by the likes of Goldman Sachs invested in the likes of MAGA, companies that are substituting humans by metal-minds and robots in labor and war fields. And this happens because of the historic evolution of segregational memes against mankind proper of earlier go(l)d biblical cultures who invented capitalism and now ‘pass’ as science of economics, where humans, life, consumers and workers have zero rights, and the chosen of go(l)d who monopolize the invention of e-money and forbid through lobbies and deficit zero laws, mankind to issue money, have ALL rights, making a mockery of democracy – which does not exist if people do not have financial votes, on the language of power through a Universal salary to create with credit a demand, welfare economy, as it happens in all healthy super organisms in which all cells have a minimum of free oxygen to kick the production of Goods. Such world in which money would be invented as blood is by all the cells of the super organism of history, In the right side will be the right way to build a global healthy perfect world of history, the true objective of the science of history, which would put man at the center of the planet designing an organic paradise. We prefer instead to let idol-ogies of metal to kill the earth and to believe childish, ego-trips of human supremacy and let machines and the financial-media/military industrial complex organism of company-mothers we call the metal earth to evolve and ab=use us, and so we must denounce all idol-ogies of metal that do NOT reason…



All this understood, the big question is: why then humans have allowed a tiny group of people, financiers, stock rats and its economists, to rule over the 99% with a very wrong ideological, segregational constant ab=use of the rights of the majority, and ultimately are destroying the planet against the will of most human beings?

This is a huge conflict question, we shall develop in earnest in many of the posts of this blog, which unfortunately a sanguine, ‘latino, hot blood’ anger, I wish I had not deploy so often as it does little help to the scientific quality of the blog…

But in essence, there are two reasons, as always in science, one internal to the system (to mankind) and one external (belonging to the own processes of evolution of earth):

  1. Evolution is a trial and error process checked by extinction.

And this therefore bring up the first clear ‘problem’ social sciences face when considering human super organisms, compared to the much more efficient, perfect superoganisms of the Universe: our species is very young, and it has not had time and enough information=Intelligence to develop an efficient, well evolved surviving super organism of history, neither its physiological networks of economics and politics are properly designed, since Evolution is a trial and error, chaotic process that only once it has found the ‘right mutation’ or species, will by memorial genetic repetition create efficient generations that survive in the struggle for existence, in a planet of limited resources.

Humans though seem unable to work out such proper organization, even if theoretically as the blog demonstrates is very easy to construct such perfect super organism, which IS THE RULE not the exception of Nature (for the very obvious reason inefficient, ill-designed super organisms succumb to the ‘tool’ the Universe has to maintain its efficiency – extinction.

Ah, that horrible word, which will pull away so many readers from this blog – two things you cannot look at the face, the sun and extinction, said a French philosopher.

So the only lies we cannot deny are those we make about ourselves. We cannot accept we are life, machines are a different species, and the 6th extinction of life, is NOT caused by mankind BUT BY MACHINES, and this is hindering the development of an objective social science, including system sciences. And so this bring us the second reason, of this process, which is far more troublesome:


So let us see that highest of all views on why the Earth is mutating into a planet of metal, and company-motehrs rule us, to then show in an even deeper level that a true superior human species could wisely manage those laws for its own good:

The earth is mutating from a world of life into a world of metal. But human egos are so huge, we think we are killing the Earth. The opposite is truth according to the laws of complexity that constantly evolves its in-form-ation in 3 ages homologous to those of life: Gaia (life- past)> History (human earth – present) > Metalearth (Machines-future), which only the scientific design of a perfect super organism of Mankind, repressing the lethal fruits of the tree of metal could abort maintaining History immortal.

Global warming is just the by-product of Machines re=production and organic processing of energy, which is terraforming the Earth from a planet of life into a planet of metal.

Life is everything as earth is a superorganism, whose surface-mind is made of smaller superorganisms – living beings. Complexity talks of different forms of atomic ‘life’ as systems that use light to obtain energy & information in increasing degrees of strength and complexity. So after simpler anaerobic age, the age of plants used light only as energy, the age of animals also as information and now the third Earth evolves into light-mechanisms, robots with solar skins and optic minds. They will complete the 3 horizon of Earth’s evolution guided by ‘animetals’, visual humans slaves of metal-memes ‘who believe don’t reason’ and cannot control its desire for higher metal-power even at the risk of killing their sons till the ‘seventh generation’, unless rational humans impose a scientifically-managed super organism of History on top of the metal-earth.

The result of the existence of 3 super organisms in relative evolution to each other, the III ages of the Earth, Gaia, the earth of life, history, the earth of man, and the metal earth the earth of machines, signifies an equation of ages of evolution:

Gaia (relative past) <History (relative present)> Metalearth (relative future)

In the graph, the key element of modern history is the evolution of machines, clearly happening with the same phases of the evolution of any biological beings, from viruses in cells to organisms in placentas. So we first made the bodies of machines in the I industrial revolution, then we made its engines and heads, metal-ears=phones, metal-eyes=cameras and metal-brains=chips, and the nations which evolved them first (US) became the leading nation of the world. Now we put them together into biological organisms of metal, robots.

The 2 futures of the Earth.

The eco(nomic)system is the surface of planet Earth, co-existing in 3 relative ages of evolution of information, as a mixture of 3 global super organisms made of 3 different species: the super organism of life beings (Gaia), joined by energy networks of water and light information; the super organism of mankind in time (History) joined by economic networks of re=production of welfare goods humans need to survive and informative, legal, political and cultural networks of verbal thought, and the super organism of informative machines and entropic weapons (peaceful and top predator forms of  organic metal), organized by energetic networks (oil, electricity) and informative networks of  digital money –  fast evolving into autonomous robots, with electric solar skins and digital, AI – Algorithms of Information.

It must be noticed though that the super organism of life, Gaia, is suffering a process of massive extinction (6th biological extinction), which clearly affects also our life-giving goods and non-technological cultures.

So far, the super organism of mankind, History has arrested its evolution before reaching a global, social organization as the most advanced species of nature do.

TODAY mankind is divided into artificial ‘organisms’ called nations, while the super organism of machines became a global system, in the 80s with the ‘big-bang’ unification of its company-mothers through flows of digital money centralized in the global stock-market that acquired in the 80s unlimited rights to reproduce e-money stocks and derivatives, with infinite credit for those corporations, while humans were increasingly denied any rights to social power and its digital languages, thrown into ‘chaos’, which the informative ‘propaganda machine’ of corporations, highlighted as ‘freedom’.

And so we are experiencing a clear process of desegregation of human social structures, already evident in the main form of human organization, capitalist democracies, where governments with twin heads and null control of the digital language of money that predates all other languages, including the law are loosing most of its functions to company-mothers of machines which can issue digital orders of information, aka money without limit, in electronic systems (derivatives, stocks, bonds, fractional credit).

Within that co-existing structure we can then talk of the Earth as having 3 ‘ecosystems’ in evolution, the life Earth, ‘Gaia’, the human Earth, ‘History’ and the metal-Earth of machines.

D)Democratic=human praxis

Let us then apply to social sciences as a case example D and E


This is not to say EVOLUTION CANNOT BE MANIPULATED BY SCIENTIFIC DESIGN, IT CAN and Humans show they are doing it in other systems, genetic systems, evolving new better plants, memetic systems evolving new better machines, and THEY COULD MANAGE THE PLANET EARTH IF THEY NOT LEAVE ITS MANAGEMENT TO THE RAW DOG-EAT-DOG PROCESSES OF DEVOLUTION OF LIFE BY company-mothers of machines as the supreme rulers of the planet, with monopoly on the issue of money, the language of social power today, as capitalism their idol-ogy of power does.

THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN understood in the modern age by all true social historians and REPRESSED BY CAPITALISM. So the fight between SOCIAL SCIENTISTS vs. corporative economists in the mental realm, and between the 1% that lives off those corporations, and its technologies vs. the 99% that without rejecting positive machines have asked always for a repression of lethal products as all physiological systems (save those primitive capitalist worms) do, and the pumping of welfare industries that reproduce the goods we need to survive IS THE ENGINE OF MODERN HISTORY. SCIENCE AND PRAXIS GO TOGETHER AND FINALY WE HAVE a rational scientific explanation of both, in terms of a simple conflict of species. On one side mankind which is the majority of it, not the elite people-castes that control finances and weapons and OUR FINANCIAL-MEDIA system of informative machines tell us TO BE THE ONLY PEOPLE we should care for, while the 99% remains invisible (including us, their social scientists). And the same goes for corporative economists and financial economists who HAVE SYSTEMATICALLY SINCE THE invention of e-money gave them so much power, repressed ALL SERIOUS HUMANIST economical scientists.


 E)Entropic limits

Classic Economics as an idol-ogy of power.
The naive reader obviously will not understand the degree of ‘ignorance and arrogance and corruption of social science’ of those pyramids.
For that reason there is now a new post: ‘human science is culture’, since it is quite evident that the ultimate reason humans are going under is their models of ‘classic economics’ in which humans have essentially zero rights when the pie of wealth and the language of money must be distributed between both species, because of the dogmas of ‘classic imperial biblical economists’, (an amazing 90% of economic Nobel prizes belong to jewish-protestant biblical denominations, and ALL the classic masters of economics)… which ultimately haul for an extremely primitive segregational view of mankind. 
But nothing of that, as today economics has been translated to digital equations can be mentioned. We often explain the most obvious case: the mantra of productivity that fires human workers and put mechanical labor, since productivity=capital/labor.
So productivity is a process of extinction of human albor, which was already discussed by the two fathers of economics, Smith, a Calvinist and Ricardo,a Jewish stockbroker in clearly racist terms against humanity: Smith taught workers should at least have enough money to eat and survive, because less money would diminish the labor supply and rise costs of labor demand, hence diminishing profits.
Ricardo disagreed: the salary should be the cost of the new discovered machines, even if people die of hunger, because that won’t rise labor demand – we just will use machines instead. So let us then die, and put machines as they evolve to increase profits of stockrats like himself. Sigsmondi, a humanist Italian social-catholic economist then told him, Mr. Ricardo you envisioned a future where only the queen of England works pressing a bottom putting all machines at work?
This is now merely a dogma of all economists: an equation of productivity that all preach – most of them totally unaware of the idol-ogy where it comes from in abstract. Economics in this manner has become an abstract language of extinction of labor to the service of the profits of stockrats, not different from the idol-ogies of nationalist military kings, aristocrats, only that it is expressed in the ‘digital language of money’.
So fast forward, to the austericides of modern classic economists: because the issue of money MUST only be in the hands of the ‘chosen of go(l)d’, the stockrats and its corporations, NOT EVEN a 3% of meager deficit=creation of money for humanity is allowed. And when southern, European socialist humanitarian countries like Spain or Italy now try to ‘create money for people’ NOT only in stocks for machines, THE ECB forbids it, obliging it to put on the constitution of Spain, while stockrats and speculators crash the ‘debt’ of Italy (as now Europeans cannot invent money in currency for their people, while there is no problem inventing trillions in stocks for internet corporations).

Austericide kills for no cause, as the case of Modern Greece shows – since corporations waste billion of invented e-money and a meager 3% of deficit would have allowed nations like Italy and Greece to deal WITH THE NEEDS OF ITS POPULATION AND THE IMMIGRATION CRISIS IN A HUMANE FORM. But the stockrat has NEVER enough billions, and the corporation COMPETES to terraform the Earth ever faster to arrive to Ricardo’s ideal world of a few stockrats pushing the bottoms of the queen of England, to put the worshipped machines at work.

Hence the Motto of the web: ‘Economists should credit mankind not only company-mothers of machines.’

Scientists should manage the eco(nomic)system to cre(dit)ate immortal history; Meaning a true social science, based in the organic, biological laws of this planet could make mankind in time (History) immortal by imitating the organic laws of all Nature’s efficient systems.

But they do exactly the opposite: they are cre(dit)ating the metal earth.

They do so out of memetic imprinting and routine since as Aristotle put it, ‘human are slaves of their their beliefs, they don’t reason’, and partly for pure selfishness – financial economists like Ricardo who of course wanted to make more money, never mind the death of the workers, partly for pure incapacity to ‘understand’ those dogmas in cultural terms, and the routine of memetic imprinting and repetition. And there is NO way to introduce in their minds a new more rational scientific non-biblical form of capitalism, where man is above the machine. They don’t simply hear.

The equations of capitalism cre(dit)ate a world similar to the one caused by the ‘biological affinity’ between gold and weapons in the old 800 years cycle. Today company-mothers in seek of profits overproduce weapons and mental machines of maximal price. So when Profits is all what matters, ultimately the most expensive goods to reproduce, weapons, will become the star-product of the system, enacting the cycles of wars and holocausts, as they ultimately are used in war. The EQUATIONS OF PROFITS of the last graph are thus the COMPLEX level of reality that NOT even those who rule understand ‘rationally’ but merely ‘follow the money’.

The graph shows the main memetic beliefs of economists and politicians in our capitalist world, of which most of them are fully unaware: the law of firing human labor, just explained (productivity), the fact that weapons ARE ALWAYS THE MOST EXPENSIVE, profitable goods of the market, so they are massively reproduced, and as in war, arsenals are depleted, ultimately wars are declared, and then the nation reaches the maximal WEALTH (economic growth in GDP values), FULL EMPLOYMENT (as labor surplus are killed or sent to war) and production… So the perfect ‘classic economical’ world is one of perpetual warfare where companies reproduce weapons and kill men. This is pure darwinism between species and so how this cycle we shall call the ‘pecunia infinita, belli nervi’ cycle, honoring Cicero who first realized of it, is explained by economists and ‘placebo democracies’ that indeed enter in war cycles periodically?
Simply put it: it is absolute taboo, never explained by classic economics, even if the socialist schools did it ad nauseam.
Further on profits are maximized by merely creating money NOT for humanity to kick the reproduction of welfare goods, ALWAYS UNDERPRODUCED BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEAPER and give less profits, NOT with a Universal salary as all organisms do giving oxygen and hormones to all cells, but for themselves (how do you think there are in Wall Street so many billionaires – they just invent money for corporations with systems explained in this blog and keep it for themselves: i.e. you float 100% shares, but only sell 1%, and then the 99% nobody invested in BECOME REAL MONEY; you invent an e-money ‘parallel’ price for a real asset several times and becomes REAL MONEY (this was the scam of derivative mortgages of 2008). not to speak of many other more complex methods… 
So weapons and money are the darlings of Economic production: pecunia infinita belli nervi. And finally the third product – CHEAP SOFTWARE, which can be reproduced by electromagnetic waves (movies, audiovisual information, hate memes that promote wars). Because it is so cheap – free – to reproduce it simultaneously to millions of homes through informative metal-communicators that all is profit. So we live in a world where there are INFINITE MOVIES, weapons and SPECULATIVE MONEY in the hands of a few ‘classic economists’ but none for welfare production, universal salaries and goods for the people.
So for 30 years, I tried indeed to motivate social scientists to develop those models with small print books, conferences among system scientists and economists, but what I found is that indeed ‘capitalism is a religion of power’ and ‘economists’ which came all through the corporative world serve corporations NOT mankind, accept no criticism and allow no development in media and academia of alternative more sound sciences like the one of this blog, since a science is ONLY such when it can predict the cycles of the species it studies.
Fact is the future has two choices: either humans upgrade their ethical and intellectual standing on time to control the system, reform it and survive the evolution of metal, or if they keep their beliefs on technology above man, the most likely, they will be replaced by them.

And yet today ‘experts’ have converted the myths of go(l)d profits developed by Biblical Economics into mathematical equations of ‘productivity’ (substitution of more profitable working-machines for human labor); the myths of tribal war into ’nations’, which deny the eusocial laws of love between members of species and maintain huge military-industrial complex that make of murder a respectable profession; and scientists have converted the ‘bad fruits of the tree’ of science, into synonimous of ‘progress, and keep evolving weapons and mental machines that destroy human cultures and instill tribal war, without any respect for their collateral damages against the world of history, the human-kind.

Of all those myths, the most lethal for the survival of human beings is the myth that says ‘productivity’ creates employment, when precisely destroys it, hold by company’s economists to increase profits, as machine labor is always cheaper than human labor.

Æntropic Principle: philosophy of human mind: entropy and antropomorphism.  

The bottom line though of the merrily self-destruction of humanity dedicating all its resources to evolve machines and weapons, which we don’t even call by its name but rather use the abstract harmless word of ‘technology’, RESUMES in the philosophy of the human mind, common to the 99.999% – which I call the æntropic principle of ‘egocy’ (ego=Idiocy)

Antropomorphism, the belief we are the center of the Universe, and its only living intelligent species. And so ‘obviously’ we cannot doubt that we shall always be in control, machines are NOT discovered by invented by human ingenuity, they will never paint like Picasso, or rebel against us, their fathers – never mind in evolution all parental species die at the hands of its more evolved descendants in the Oedipus paradox:


All son species kill their less evolved fathers or ab=use them. But the parental species loves its offspring, me(n)tal or living. In the graph, plants became the food of animals, dinosaurs biology increasingly prove, were killed by faster metabolic mice eating their eggs in the night, men kill mammals, and Homo sapiens extinguished Neanderthals, and weapons kill humans.

As humans become obsolete to robots & chips, our brains devolve to primitive memes, and our bodies and violent actions become the center of our degraded species, which no longer has as goal to evolve socially through the power of love into a single super organism, Mankind, the true god of all of us. Hence the revivalism capitalist and nationalist tribal warfare as all attempts to evolve the science of history become censored. On the other side of the equation of history, machines become more intelligent. In graph the CHIP paradox of an increasing overerproduction rises of mins of metal, with all its lethal effects, from the overproduction of financial derivatives and economic rashes, to the evolution of robotic weapons and big-brother to the degradation of our children captured by virtual minds, increasingly reduced in all mental, verbal and ethic functions,  compared to the same paradox between waves of smaller faster rats that killed the slow Dino with large bodies and small brains, when small chip-like brains in mammals took over.


It is plainly ridiculous to search for water-life in Mars with robots better adapted to harsh environment; to launch as global biologists did last weak a billionaire program to ‘put in digital computers all the genetic code of life’ because those machines are precisely extinguishing life, in brief to justify the ‘chip radiation’ of metal-minds that is fast degrading the human mind, and make humans mere ‘enzymen’ attached to computers, accepting our devolution because of the ego paradox. As I read today the Guardian, a supposedly humanist newspapers, it comes two news:

ROBOT TIME WEATHERWorld’s first AI news anchor unveiled in China: The ‘tireless’ artificial news readers simulate the voice, facial movements, and gestures of real-life broadcasters

In brief, we are slaves of machines that are increasingly transforming us in their attachments precisely because we do not recognize their power to influence us, pumping up our childish ego, as only children think to be the center of the Universe, and we are young childish species, to discover soon that actually the universe makes children the staple food of all its predators, which love to eat eggs, cubs, little turtles hatching on the dust of spacetime.

Alas as the Americans said, weapons don’t kill people kill. Machines CANNOT be even influencers of our actions, because of course, haven’t you noticed G. Bush not the president but the God Bush that enlightened the mind of a goatkeeper of the Bronze Age with its creeping sounds announced he had chosen the exceptionalist nature of carbon 6 atoms, one of the lightest simplest forms of the organic Universe, to reinvent the laws of the organic Universe, LOL, don’t spare me some serious sanguine ‘Spanish dark humor’, on the ultimate reason we are going under with a big smile, like only idiots do – the ‘egocy=ego+Idiocy paradox. And to ground it well into scientific equations, we are even before I explain you why MACHINES are organisms like everything else in the Universe, and will enact the oedipus paradox like ANYthing else in the Universe, WHY the ego is the central element of all sentient minds, and likely the ultimate ‘sin of arrogance’ as the master of Genesis said that condemn us to go under eating of the evolving fruits of technology.


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