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The Universe always starts with an asymmetric being, which can go both ways: towards a social evolutionary symmetry that lasts in time and implies a mirror parallelism, or an antisymmetric destructive, perpendicular event in which one part punctures and absorbs the energy of the other. It is the topo-biological ternary principle of non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian I-logic geometry that puts together both the biological and mathematical properties of reality

-® Logic: Duality > Trinity

‘From one comes two yin (form) and yang (motion), from two comes 3 (qi-energy), from 3 come the waves of 10.000 beings’ Cheng-tzu

The Universe is a fractal super organism made of 4 ternary A(nti)symmetric (ab.¬Æ) elements, Space, Time, ∆§cales, l@nguages related by…

Operandi: which can either annihilate or evolve the elements together, in two inverse motions which we shall call Balance≈symmetry that gives birth to ‘5D’ social evolution, Λ> or Perpendicularity V< antisymmetry that causes entropic dissolution-death:

  • S: space; an ENSEMBLE OF ternary topologies, (|+O≈ ø)… which made up the 3 physiological networks (|-motion/limbs-potentials + O-particle/heads ≈ Ø-vital energy) of all simultaneous super organisms
  • ∆: distributed in ∆±i  relative fractal scales that  come together as ∆º super organisms, each one sum of smaller ∑∆-1 super organisms… that trace in a larger ∆+1 world…
  • ð:  a series of timespace actions of survival that integrated as a whole form a sequential cycles of existence with 3 ages, each one dominated by the activity of one of those 3 networks: motion-youth, or relative past, dominated by the motion systems (limbs, potential); iterative present dominated by the reproductive vital energy (body waves), and informative 3rd age or relative future dominated by the informative systems, whose ‘center’ is:
  • @: The mind that reflects the infinite cycles of the outer world and controls those of its inner world, through its languages of information, which guide its 5 survival actions: 3 simplex, aei, finitesimal actions that exchange energy (e-ntropy feeding), motion (a-celerations) and information (perceptions) with other beings, and two complex actions: offspring reproduction and social evolution from individuals into U-niversals that maximize the duration in time and extension in space of the being.

It has to be noticed that creation is composed of two operandi, the balanced wave-state and the particle that emerges into the ∆+1 world: ≈ ˆ as  a present-future coalitions, as opposed to entropic destruction, which is a simpler V form, a theme of enormous repercussions in all forms of existence essentially wave-particles preying over entropic dissolutions.

The study of those 4 elements and its operandi, which result in a social evolution together, or an entropic destruction is thus necessary in every analysis of reality, since all systems will be connected across its scales, with a larger outer and inner smaller world; will be perceived either simultaneously as a super organism or in time as a flow of actions integrated into larger ages, which will invariably guided by an informative stiff-mind, stop motion into information, warp and finally disintegrate itself.

There are many views on such simple elements, specially when we fully understand the key principles of its operandi which are either opposite, Darwinian, or social, parallel – a principle which is as most of the principles ignored by science, vital, organic, biological; and either bring together the asymmetries between lower planes of more information and larger planes of more energy or bring them into destruction.

So goes for the asymmetry between | and O forms, depending on how they come to each other tangentially or ‘penetrating’ to reproduce LITERALLY as we fuk each other’s gender (: i tell you is all vital geometries. 

And so goes for the different 1st and third ages of existences…

So that is the game: 3 asymmetries of scale, age and form, which can come together or annihilate and each language represent in different manners, the most well known that between:

names (forms) and verbs (motions); colours of blue and red, form and motion which can either be played reproductively into green or anti-complementary into yellow, the colour of eviL destruction, of gold (:

It is all in the codes of colours, we shall see even in the game of Nature.

All is in the codes of the Universe and its operators, also clear in mathematics, with the duality of inverted operations, + -, X ÷, √ xª, ∫∂.

So the simplest method of extracting a meaningful quantity of information on a being or event requires to comment on the 4±operandi ‘5’ perspectives, even when we study as we do in the first line, those elements in themselves. In this post we shall deal thus with time from the perspective of space, time, symmetries, scales and mind languages that ‘stop it’ in the singularity of t=motion zero, from black holes to eddies to charges, to brains to frozen genetic DNA…

Asymmetries and dimensions.

Now, when two systems come together, there will be a relationship which depends on the equality of its 3 different parts will give combinations to an array of possible ‘consequences’, which can be tabulated in logic ‘truth or false’ type of graphs – which I will someday find on my files and put on the blog. Let us consider the basic relationships according to the equations/dimensions of information (1D), reproduction (3D)…

1D (T.œ¹) ≈ 1D (T.œ²) they evolve socially through the 5th dimension of scalar social growth, when they understand each other’s information or…

1D T.Œ¹≠ 1D T.œ² + 3D T.Œ¹≈ 3D T.œ² + T.Œ¹>T.œ². That is, they  will enter into a Darwinian relationship that destroys the T.œ with lesser existential e x i force, when their 1D information differs but their 3D energy is similar… or

1D, 3D T.œ¹ ≠ 1D, 3D T.œ² they will ignore each other in parallel Universes as different ‘cat alleys’ when neither their information  or energy is similar. 

We have introduced in the graph with a bit more of complexity the logic dimensional laws that define how systems IN ANY scale of the inverse, from Atomic Ions or crystals to human societies relate to each other in darwinian, perpendicular ‘tearing’ topological relationships that ‘break’ the closing membrane of one species disrupting its existence, or will keep a mean distance to form social networks of communication that will grow into super organisms, starting the emergent process of evolution of species into a new ∆§cale of social existence, so you understand that in the Universe organic, geometric and scalar relationships are symbiotic to each other. 

Its connection as everything else WITH THE 5Dimensions of reality is obvious. As it determines if the outcome of a relationship will be Darwinian=entropic or social=evolutionary.

It corresponds to the classic 3rd axiom of congruence which all geometric systems require, but unlike the classic postulate that defined only external congruence, as it worked in a single ‘dimension’ of points with no parts, the new postulate is far richer in meanings as it introduces fully the ‘different degrees’ of congruence according to which number of dimensions both systems have similar. In fact, it establishes a limit of similarity, to define identity, in a postulate similar to Pauli’s exclusion principle:

‘There is not in the Universe two systems which are identical in its 5 Dimensions, as in that case they become one’.

Indeed, it is NOT truth that 2 bosons occupy the same place in space-time, because quantum physics ignores the fourth and fifth scalar dimensions of relative social evolution that is the real place in which those bosons are found, when observed closely:

In the graph, we can see how a boson condensate grows in the fifth dimension of social evolution, ‘rising’ beyond the single space-time continuum where they were initially located, to reach a higher order. We can then talk of a ‘tail of absolute space-time’ being formed.

Classic 3rd axiom of Euclid ≈ modern 4th postulate of Non-Aristotelian logic.

In classic geometry, the 3rd axiom of congruence hold a special place, as the 5th because of its apparent contradictions. How can we determine geometrically a quality of ‘equality’? Schopenhauer among modern philosophers noticed this contradiction, but few realized of the importance of the postulate.

In the upgrading of formal sciences, the realisation of the ‘redundancy’ of the fifth postulate of non-euclidean geometry – definition of a point with parts through which infinite parallels can cross, equivalent to the first axiom – definition of a point with breath; and the logic nature of the fifth postulate, prompted us to reclassify them NOT as geometric but logic postulate which dealt with the rules of ‘engagement’ of vital geometry.

So the fifth postulate defined a mind, of which depending of the number of parallels that can cross it, we shall find, different @nalytic minds and graphs of perception of information in the Universe, of which 3 canonical frames of reference, the Euclidean, hyperbolic and elliptic mind correspond to the 3 parts of any system (lineal potentials-limbs, hyperbolic waves-bodies and polar particles/heads).

On the other hand the fourth postulate of congruence has also a great deal of variations regarding the degree of equality between two geometric forms as they know have 3 parts, as ‘T.œ’. made of 3 parts.  So congruence is relative as no system is equal to other in its 3 parts and at the same time occupy in the ∆+1 scale or world the same position.

The equality of the 3 parts however will determine if the interrelation between points will be constructive positive – when identity increases; or destructive, when identity or even inversion of coordinates happens. I.e. for example indistinguishable particles can become bosons and accumulate its form; fermions however would annihilate its wave state in antisymmetry to each other.

So the fourth postulate, is as important or perhaps even more than the 5th that defines a mind. And it is also related to the fourth dimension of entropy, when two forms are dissimilar, do not understand each others’ languages of communication and either ignore each other or enter into a predatory relationship

An exhaustive analysis of all the possible forms of relationship between two given points-beings, thus will be the fundamental guidance in all scales to establish the rules of engagement and according to the relative existential momentum/force of the being, who will dominate and how it will exercise its power over the other – or in identical particles, what social form will emerge of that communication.

Limits of humind sciences

Humind science is then handicapped by the incapacity of its practitioners to deal with the ambiguities of a multiple Rashomon effect on all systems, which at least will require a S-patial, formal, -T-emporal, moving, ∆§calar perception of its ≈ symmetries; and a reflective @-point of view of them all from an outsider mind, as all the information of the being is only within the being in itself, and humans can only access it through languages whose syntax reduces that information.

How the mind and its languages reduces reality has then to do a lot with ‘duality’ (the perception of inverse, S=1/T, contradictory forms) and trinity (its S≈T merging into an intermediate third form).

However humans are NOT aware of this relativism of knowledge and tend to reduce all those terms to a single one. I.e. they use T-duration, and care little for its inverse view as ƒrequency=1/T-duration, which reveals different angles on the concept of lineal vs. cyclical time. 

There is therefore an organic, inbuilt limit to the one-dimensions mind, which we call the Paradox of the Ego, as biological minds select information from its point of view and languages. We shall try to expand it in opposite fashion giving notice of those inverse dualities and ternary fusions of the elements of reality.

Now for you to understand ‘fast’ what we mean by trinity consider an immediate picture of it: the physical Universe conserves 3 quantities:

  • Lineal momentum, which is the motion directed by the will of the S@-mind with its formal spatial mapping of reality, moving lineally to achieve its ‘actions of existence
  • Angular momentum, which is the cyclical membrane of the being, seen in motion as a time clock, ∆ð, that separates the being’s internal vital space-time from the outer world and creates its ‘standing form’
  • Energy, which is the vital space enclosed by the angular momentum that balances both, S@, minds with lineal momentum-actions and ð-cyclical membranes, equating them: S@≈∆ð.

Those 3 ‘conserved quantities’ broken therefore into infinite vital space-time organisms, put together as a puzzle, give us the 3 absolute space-time quantities of physics. And they form the 3 elements of the fundamental topology of the Universe, a closed ball, where the open ball or visible part is the vital energy, while the membrane and singularity point or mind in its center are considered ‘something else’.

And as we move into larger scales we will find in all systems, a boundary from nations with borders to animals with skins, a mind-center or seed of information, from capitals and governments to DNA molecules; and in the middle a vital energy exploited by both, from military armies in the border and legal or financial informative people-castes in the capital exploiting the mass of population to black holes in the center of galaxies, enclosing a vital space of stars, with a halo of dark matter, likely strangelets, to use them as mitochondria of their reproduction, to your sensorial skin and brain exploiting your cells.

There is THEREFORE A VITAL ORGANIC PROPERTY TO THE 3 conserved fractal quantities of the Universe that ensemble into systems, and their properties are inverted regarding the ‘extended membrane of hardcore lineal proteins’ vs. the imploded singularity of informative warped DNA, which the middle vital energy pegs together.

So you can even understand death as the ‘separation’ of those two parts after exhausting the vital energy, so the membrane detaches warps, wrinkles and the singularity mind returns to its memorial repetitions, while the vital energy dwindles and as an old man you get all skin and memories…

VITAL processes are THUS the whys of all abstract topological configurations. And dualities and ternary symmetries are the elements that construct those configurations as all is yin yang and qi, that is motion, form and energy that combines them. Easy? Isn’t?

Ok, I know this for 30 years and nobody cares to understand so it is easy for me, but huminds are as we said one-dimensional, memorial, believers’ minds who only ‘think’ they think – sorry for the quips. FACT is reality needs no more than those 2 dual elements, spatial mental forms in simultaneity, the intelligence of reality and membranes of enclosed cyclical motions, clocks of time which deliver the cohesive strength of the systems; and in between the vital energy to sustain both.

So how huminds decided to reduce those dualities and trinities, and 5D symmetries into simplified one-dimensional actions?

The answer is you really can’t hold all the information- you will always loose information even if it seems irrelevant to you, as the Universe is ALL information and it does NOT fit in your mind – only a mirror image of it does – so you select it. So a better system of ‘full knowledge’ is the Rashomon effect and its expansion through the Disomorphic laws derived of space and time. In the future, as science expands thus the ONE-DIMENSIONAL LOGIC of modern Aristotelian and Euclidean thought will have to change for the Non-AE dual and ternary logic of these texts:

Hominids or robominds will have to deal as we deal nowadays with the complexities of quantum physics or mathematical inflationary multiple views, with the Rashomon and Diffeomorphic multiple analysis. I am aware I won’t see that happen, as I have no disciples and in the age of immediate rewards and simplifications, this in-depth upgrading wears the patience of the reader. 

Fact is the ‘present’ state of science deals mainly with the single space-time continuum of the more ‘obvious’ human scale studied in terms of ‘present’=differential motions, ∂t, with minimal latitude of time.

Let us then introduce the dual and ternary structure of reality.


The 3 conserved forms of the Universe, angular and lineal momentum, and vital energy form in the fractal Universe the 3 parts of a T.œ or fractal point, Non-E with an inner volume of space-time through which multiple parallels can cross. The rules of geometric and biologic engagement of those points to form waves, networks and topological organisms, define the non-æ bio-logic of the organic Universe based in the a(nti)symmetric laws of similarity, parallelism and perpendicularity expressed in 5 ¬Æ postulates that substitute the classic axiomatic method of definition of logic and geometry.

shall start slow on the principles of the fractal Universe. The first being never better explained than in taoism: there are in the Universe an ∞ number of fractal beings made of 2 or 3 elements,which are in modern jargon the conserved cyclical momentum of clock-like membranes, which give us form, the lineal momentum of motion and the vital energy enclosed between them or product of its ‘zero sums’ through a full cycle of existence.

So duality (Sp≈Tƒ) and trinity Sp < ExI > Tƒ, is all what we need to describe a present, relative single plane of existence and the ensemble of beings constructed with them:

And it follows that the 3 conserved quantities of physics are merely ‘broken’ in the fractal Universe in infinite particles/heads/clocks of time with angular momentum, limbs/potentials with lineal motion and hyperbolic zero-sum vital energies between them, giving birth to our Generator equation: Sp < ∑∏> ðƒ, that describes all forms of the Universe. We shall then consider duality and trinity and its multiple cases across the different planes of the Universe.

‘E pur si muove e pur no muove.’ Galilean Relativity.

As Plato clearly stated humans are visual minds and have therefore a very difficult time when dealing with time=change, simplifying it, and often reducing it to a ‘dimension’ to measure space, distance… and its motion in space, v=s/t.

And this happens with the added disadvantage that Humans LOVE to think they know ‘truth’, and so they eliminate the interposed mind languages and perception elements from its assessment of the information of the being, whose total truth, ‘1’=one, only happens in the being in itself. All other ‘truths’ are human languages mirroring the being with lesser information than the ‘1’… and biased by the language’s syntax, including visual mirrors. This a priori conditions must be known before we can restart science from scratch, correcting the first sentence that begun modern science, as it shows the basic limit of our mind as a still ‘spatial’ mirror=language of a ‘moving’, temporal reality.

Since the mind either sees reality moving or still but not both at the same time. While in the Universe both, the space and time states co-exist.

So the mind tends to deny motions of time to all beings, and so it reduces its organic properties, to simplify information enough to fit it in the reduced brain of the being.

We shall do the opposite: to increase step by step the dimensions and hence the volume of truth of all systems.

So we correct the most famous statement of Galileo: the earth moves in time and doesn’t move when perceived in still space.

But GALILEO didn’t express the real duality of formal still space and moving time dimensions -‘The earth moves AND doesn’t move’ – but it took a single choice from its one-dimensional mind-world: ‘the earth either moves or doesn’t move’…

It was of course, the best choice, the one with more content of truth… if we had to take one, as time-motion is all, and space-form a slice of time, or a Maya of the senses.

This first duality shows how the mind’s languages influence and reduce truths – the being in itself with all its dimensions and properties, into human languages, by stopping the infinite ∆ðime cycles of reality into Spatial @forms.

Deterministic cycle vs. individual, lineal freedom 

The second duality is far more profound. It concerns with the fact that as time or space grows, lineal, open free paths become closed deterministic cycles; and this can be observed in every scale of Nature when we ‘grow in perspective’. The multiple effects of this duality happen in all scales. It was found by Lobachevski in non-euclidean geometry, as the flat space should become curved. Already Kepler noticed that any step of a lineal motion will curve at the end. In life we choose our actions but at the end all come to a closed zero-sum worldcycle. We borrow our time to give it back to the Plenum. And as time and space are symmetric we can perceive this in space as a curvature that sequentially brings any point to its starting origin and in time as a closed path towards death. 

In the graph, several sequential paths that become world cycles  In physics we can talk of free momentum paths and closed energy cycles: the two momentums have degrees of freedom (lineal and angular momentum) as they switch on and off, S->t->S paths which however in the fifth dimension of parts and wholes, closes an energy cycle, which no degree of freedom. 

The part and the whole. 

In general we perceive space in a single Plane through the ‘3 states of matter’ or 3 ages of life and so it is not always so evident that paths will be closed, as they seem to conform to a single lineal arrow, and as events don’t repeat in a single path, they seem memories, free. But for that reason the 5th dimension ads enclosures to create determinism.

Determinism means ‘enclosure’. The wave diffuses and smears if it does not have a particle enclosure. Lineal waves then appear as the lineal path and particles as its deterministic guidance. Bodies are chaotic in search of smearing pleasure and entropic feeding, but the cyclical brain guides it. It is then when we complete parts and wholes when the full duality expresses itself.

So those two other physical dualities whose importance to fully grasp in depth the ‘real properties’ off beings, can hardly be stressed:

The duality between wholes, which is what humans seem to see more often and its smaller parts, which we do NOT see in a single space-time ‘continuum’, but are always there, defining 2 new more dimensions of space-time, the scalar ‘finitesimal’ smaller dimensions of parts, which we shall call the entropy dimension, and the larger dimensions of wholes, ‘pegged’ by the mind’s perception, both internally (the informative ‘singularity’ of the system that maintains its synchronous structure) and externally (the perceive). We shall call this dimension the fifth dimension.

And the duality between lineal and cyclical forms, which turns out to be one of perspective, as we see ‘flat’ the Earth from an ams all view, but as we grow in scale it reaches curvature to become a sphere, which will be also very important to understand ‘closed and open’ systems, ‘deterministic and free’, ‘curved information whose maximal storage happens in spherical forms and lineal motion maximized by straight lines’.

But again we observe that those dualities also connect with the duality of motion, which is perceived as translation of space, hence of waves, vs. the steady repetition and crossing of a point which is perceived as cyclical angular repetitive momentum. So – and this is a fundamental feature of the symmetric kaleidoscopic Universe humans have so much – dualities are symbiotic to each other, parts long for lineal memoriless free motion; wholes for cyclical, repetitive, enclosed form. 

Parts and wholes…

are therefore the 3 key duality of reality: we can see things as wholes and then they seem deterministic as they work simultaneously or as parts in a larger space-scale and they seem free, each part going its way:

Both in time and space, paths which are multiple and seemingly free, collapse into points by integration.

The 3 dualities: motion vs. form, line vs. cycle, part vs. whole.

We illustrate the symmetry of the ternary dualities of the Universe with another finding of Maese: In the graph, Saturn’s rings, first observed by Galileo, seem continuous, still and bidimensional from far away; but observed in detail they become discontinuous in motion and made of 4D sherical particles.

Dualities in that sense come in ternary sets of spatial dualities, temporal dualities and scalar dualities. And so the interaction of 3 and 2 of trinity and duality is essential to all. 

Moreover, what appears as a single space-time continuum in detail becomes at least 3 scales: that of the rings with cyclical motion, of its particles, the rocks that turn within them and the not seen but known scale of atoms that create the solid networks of those rocks.

Hierarchical, nested, inverted symmetries.

It IS also important to notice the nested symmetry of hierarchical enclosures, which contradict what was a tendency inverted by the higher scale.

This again is an I-logic feature of reality missed too often by the lesser intelligence of the one-dimensional humind; which tends naturally as Plato noticed to lineal e-vident, single plane-perception, of detached parts, as we do NOT perceive the in-formation flows that form reality and are often hidden in faster lower scales (nervous systems, gravitational invisible forces, flows of money – in biological, physical or economic systems).

In I-logic however if A is B IT MIGHT BE that from another perspective of the Rashomon effect is NOT B. That is, from inside the ∆-1 parts might seem free, from outside, the larger ∆º enclosure breaks its freedom. They might seem lineal but in the larger view, we only see the cyclical enclosure; and so a fundamental antisymmetry arises, such as when we grow in plane-scale the function-form of beings change – including the whole, which is king of its inner territory but a point-particle in the larger ∆+1 world.

The virtual zero sum of it all.

So all those contradictions make us wonder, why? The answer is deep: reality is virtual, it could as well not exist at all. It must be balanced, all books kept to zero; no single point impose its will; all trip through the 5th dimension and its metric return from order to entropy. And only with the wholeness of dualities, trinities and 5Ds all makes sense, but it will require given the absolute minimalism of philosophy of science today a whole new age of thought in humans or robots for this upgrading to work.

The 4th and fifth dimensions deal with a longer duration from the absolute past (birth of the entity) to its absolute future (its death), when evolutions of form, frequencies of multiple actions and cycles of creation and extinction happen.

Yet both things are truth, and both are needed to understand fully reality, doubled by the fact that we consider each dimension in stillness, a space dimension and in motion a time dimension… And when put together they DO create the motions with form or LINEAL MOMENTUM (max. motion), CYCLICAL MOMENTUM (max. form) and its integral through a stretch of time space (energy), which the Universe conserves, giving us the first sight on the generator of all dualities and trinities of the Universe:
$t-lineal momentum (potential/limbs) <  ∑∏: body-wave of energy > ð§: Angular momentum (Heads/particles).



So how the connections of the Universe play themselves? Simple: we depart from two asymmetric elements, the line and the cycle, the small discontinuous herd and the large continuous one, the motion and the form; and then they might come together as a single form ≈ which will be symmetric with itself, in its two parts, as body-wave, as a present co-existing network, that puts together parts and wholes, as a curved, hyperbolic geometry and so in a complementary FASHION they become one.

Or if the symmetry fails, they annihilate each other or one annihilates the other and absorbs it, in a perpendicular way.

The need for space-time together as an observable.

The Universe is made of space-time systems.

As Minkowski put it, ‘only space and time together survives’, or as the old taoists said: ‘all drop of yin has a drop of yang’…

…meaning pure motions (entropy) without form is not perceivable, as it appears only as distance or dilation – and this is call vacuum for the whole Universe; and pure form without motion is neither, as it cannot be communicated to the external observer and this is call Black hole in the galaxy.

 The inverse=asymmetric properties of spatial energy and temporal information come together in ternary symmetries.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 00.20.15

In the graph, the most important function of the Universe is the inverse function between Spatial expansion and Temporal Implosion in its infinite manifestations.

Duality: Sp-Entropy, the arrow of disorder erases Tƒ: information, the arrow of order.

Duality is the science, which studies the universe with both arrows of time, spatial entropy, the arrow of disorder and death vs. temporal information, the arrow of order and life – as opposed to physics that uses only entropy as an arrow of time.

To fully grasp the dynamic transformations and properties of energy and information the most important quality is the inversion of its properties and the possibility to transform the forms of one property into the other.

Cyclical In-form-ative time, Tƒi       +      Lineal moving Space, ΣSpe    = 0-sum vital Energy

Yin         +                Yang           = qi
clocks:angular momentum     +       Space motion  =           Lineal  momentum
Small, still             +    Large,  moving fast      = Momentum
Tall, Perpendicular         +        Long, Parallel        = Reproductive width

Hierarchical                   +           equalitarian       = Capitalist  Democracy
Bidimensional   Height                 +            Bidimensional, Length,

Repetition                       +                   Width-Growth
Cyclical, Rotation, imploding         +            Lineal, uncoiling, exploding
Informative Frequency                   +               Lineal Speed
Broken form                   +             Continuous, differentiable
Intelligent, perceptive                     +                         Strong, fast.

Social, organic, creative     +           Darwinian, destructive behavior
Future, evolved predator               +                 Past, energetic victim.                 = Present
Life arrow                   +                    Death arrow.   = zero sum world cycle
Particles of Time.         +                   Reproductive waves = quantum systems

Female, Informative reproducer       +              Male, Particle principle = Reproductive system
Masses, charges                 +                       Force potentials = Physical System
Heads  & senses           +x                       Limbs                                          =  Bodies

In the graph several combinations of motion and form (also motion but of angular momentum), which combined into energy beings.

The dimensions are thus 1 for lineal motion, 2 for cyclical form and so 3 for Energy, which can be considered a sum of the 2 other elements (though the operandi to relate angular and lineal momentum, limbs and head with bodies will vary according to the phenomena we study).

Often in fact we shall use the product to combine them (for the meaning of each operandi look at our post on non-Ælgebra).

The rule being that when we merely peg adjacently a limb-particle system we add it, and when we combine them at the lower ∆-1 scale also we multiply it. I.e. a system of 3 elements and 2 elements will have 3 x 2 possible axons combined each element with all the other elements of the different set. So multiplication combines a system in a lower scale (and it is used for particles), and sum is a superposition more shallow in a single scale (and its proper of waves).

This resumes in its two fundamental equations: e x I = K (that describes any complementary system of energy and information,  in space) and E<=>I (which describes it in time as a series of flows of transformation of energy into information), since E=I maximizes a product of E+I; and so we do have now 3 basic relationships E+I, E=I, and e x I to get a functional balanced form communicating across two scale.s

In physics it followsthose laws are always of the type ‘superposition’ for waves that ad, and product for particles: ST = Space quanta (H, k) x Time frequency (v, T).

So we can easily derive the fundamental laws of quantum and thermodynamics and the meaning of its constants, with the left side equation (which the nuclear physicist will immediately identify with the decay rate of an atom, and the ‘entropic believer’ with the Pv=nKT law of gases).

In that regard, we have now a better mirror theoretically to understand the Universe, with 2 arrows and its energetic combination, so we just need to apply it.

This sound-sound theory of the Universe, IS called Duality, the science which explains reality with the 2 arrows of time, lineal entropy and cyclical information, form, stored in the frequency and form of those logic closed circuits and ‘clocks of time’ of which brains, particles and chips are made.

It has always been with us, for simple humble people to wonder, since even the smallest atom follows it laws. So taoists called yin, information, yang, entropy and its ∞ combinations the creative energy of reality.

Duality as we said has always been in the tradition of knowledge, as it is obviously truth. Specially in Asian cultures. So Hindi called the 2 arrows of time, the female, informative principle, Visnu and Shiva, the God of entropy and death; and its ‘energetic’ combinations the ‘hairs of Brama.’ Duality is everywhere, from the computer you are watching made with binary languages of ‘O’ and ‘|’, to the duality of body and mind, female with curved bodies and males with lineal ones; and then when we look at it in depth, trinity, its combination comes (even there is a gay sex that mixes qualities of both).

The only discipline of science which is ‘entropy only’ and has ‘entropy only theories of the Universe as dogma’ is Nuclear physics. Even if of course duality is all over physics, albeit not expressed in terms of time arrows. So for example, a time cycle which is represented by ‘frequencies’, appears in physics as the ‘inverse function of lineal time’: ƒ=1/T.

The constant transformation of one into another.

Despite their inversion, and this is the most important law of the Universe, energy and information constantly transform into each other. It is the principle of ‘conservation and transformation of energy back and forth into in/form/ation, forms in action’ which becomes the new fundamental law of the 4th paradigm, widening the principle of conservation of energy:

‘All motion, trans/form constantly back and forth into form, combining into energy beings, E<=>I’

Motion and form are the 2 primary elements of the Universe, which combine into complementary systems of energy. And those 3 ‘conserved elements’ akin to lineal, angular momentum and energy, broken into infinite fractal parts can then be ensemble to create the systems of the Universe with limbs/potentials, body waves and particle-heads that exist between its dissolution into ‘scattering entropy’ or its social evolution into tighter wholes. THAT SIMPLE IS REALITY when expressed with the dual->ternary->5D principles explained in this blog.

In this posts we study its basic properties and dimensions. In the graph, they display different forms. But information dominates and defines an arrow of complexity and increase of height (the dimension of perception), from where informative organs (heads, cameras, black holes, skyscrapers), perceive and control with invisible languages (words, images, gravitation, money), the ‘unmoved bodies’ of energy under them. They are indeed what Aristotle called the multiple unmoved Gods of the Universe.

The 2 primary elements of the Universe, lineal motion (lineal momentum) and cyclical form (angular momentum), mix and evolve, till reaching the threshold of complexity that gave light atoms living properties and now it is about to give the same life properties to metal systems.

In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the ‘limbs and heads’ of humans, animals or machines, because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Entropy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms, because cycles store maximal information in minimal space.

For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like a ‘missile’.

On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical, like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines, ordering ‘limbs of metal’ with digital information. The functions of those ‘systems’ are also biological. Weapons are lineal, energetic forms that kill human beings.

How those four ‘logic dimensions’ of motion, information, stillness and entropy recombine is the truly fun moment of creation in time. As all combinations are possible departing from the first antinomial dualities:

Space vs. Time, words so confused in different human jargons that are kept mostly for tradition:

Entropy=expansive motion vs. Information=Imploding motion

Space=stillness vs. time=motion, the most used definition for them, which gives birth to:

Mind-intelligence-synchronous space vs. cyclical time motions, with its two inverse arrows.

This is the ultimate conceptual duality, that between the magic harmonious creation of minds of space vs. Temporal, mindless motion with its automaton deterministic cyclical order.

Mind-synchronous space vs. time motion

Mind-intelligence-synchronous space vs. cyclical time motions, with its two inverse arrows, taking away the reproductive cycle from its motion steady state is the duality in its most conceptual meaning.

The confusion arises because it is possible in Ælgebra, existential algebra, create all kind of paradoxical ‘dimensional beings’, combining the antinomies described and observed in reality.

In a Universe of vital ratios of the type S operandi T, all kind of antinomies create a latitude for a scale of ratios, which becomes then in each of those antinomies, the origin of the scalar relative absolute ratio universe.

Energy and information: transfer of motion and form between place of cyclical existence.

 In the graph, the isomorphism of ‘informative heads’  and energetic/reproductive limbs and bodies across multiple world-planes of the 5th dimension, each one studied by a science.

Below a graphic representation in two coordinates, the height coordinates of information and the X coordinate of space-energy of the main planes of the universe. Notice that paradoxically as we become smaller in space-size upwards in information we increase our fractal information and the perfection of our ‘smooth’, superfluid orderly following of those laws.

Hence we have put on top of the pyramid in a never reached, ideal infinite infinitesimal the ‘seed’ or ‘primary’ encoded ‘non-Euclidean point, Œ, mind of the Universe which encodes all the laws of the 5th dimension and by infinite iteration gave birth to all beings. This would be if it ever existed the particle of god, NOT the Higgs, but the ultimate i-logic mind of the Universe.

In the graph above we see the duality of informative smaller heads controlling lineal limbs and reproductive wave-bodies.

A precision: we often simplify bodies and limbs into a single Se system, (see the previous 2 posts for a more rigorous definition).

In strict terms, there are always 3 parts, which correspond to the 3 topologies of bidimensional membranes:

-Pure lineal, toroid space-motion – limbs/fields.

-Pure cyclical, spherical informative motions, heads/particles.

-And its ‘energetic-informative combinations of yin and yang, waves and bodies, since energy is motion with a bit of form (the mass), and information is form with a bit of motion (the wave-particle displacement).

Yet since the ‘present’ body-wave, combination of past-entropic limb/fields and informative pure Tƒ forms of future is the dominant element of reality, we do write often Se≈Tƒ for the whole system, that is systems of spatial energy and temporal information in perpetual exchange ad transformation through body-waves, ≈.

This simplified graphic expression of the 5th dimension has the advantage of allowing an easier understanding of the ‘Whole Universe’ which is the super organism of all partial beings, hence with an absolute time duration and an infinite number of scales of size and hierarchical organization, whereas the ‘informative head’ is the Logic of General Systems theory – those aforementioned thoughts of God, and the ‘Body’ all its partial systems through all the scales, each one studied by a different science:

We have called the sum of all those isomorphic planes of space-time in the 5th dimension.

Since science calls the ‘4th dimension’, of  Time Duration.

Further on, as science compacts the past and future cycles of beings, by extending present time along a lineal coordinates of infinite time duration, we have also extended the 5th dimension or ∆-scale by extending it up and down, through the metric of scalar space-time, to encompass all the ∆-scales of the Universe.

This simpler analysis gave us the opportunity to study the metric of al the world-planes of the Universe, i=Sp x Tƒ, and learn a lot of general properties of scalar space-time.  But the analysis of only a 4th and 5th dimension of time and isomorphic scales is limited and of little use when we analyze an specific ‘variety’ or ‘species’ of scalar space-time in detail.

The 5th dimension is a ‘compact’ version of the infinite planes of space time of the Universe, which uses the 3 ‘spatial dimensions’ and the compact dimension of Time Duration of Einstein (4th classic dimension) and the adds a compact of all the ∆-scales in the Universe, in a ‘fifth dimension’ of scalar depth.

In that sense the 5th dimension is the sum of all the planes of ‘social evolution’ from past to future in the Universe.

And this metric allow travel through the scale of the 5th dimension. So thanks to those metric species from different scales can relate to each other and transfer energy and information among them: Se<Ei>Tƒ.

And so the Universe can synchronize the species of its different scales.

Those simple examples of several different fields of inquire within the frame of the 5th dimension metric, shows the enormous richness and capacity to resolve the ‘whys’ of all type of universal phenomena, and explain the ‘isomorphisms’ (equal laws) of all type of entities made of fractal, vital space with motions and energy and cyclical, fractal time clocks with information, of 5th dimensional metric.

Some key partial equations of Existential Algebra.

If we call the metric of the 5th dimension in philosophical terms, the ‘Function of Existence’, and write it as Sp x I = St  (energy and information, using in this case i for information, instead of the customary o for form, equals a constant plane of space-time) we can call the study of that equation and its different variations and partial equations, ‘Existential algebra’, which becomes the mathematical foundations of an organic philosophy of the Universe, where all the previously ill-defined concepts, from the equation of the soul, to the concept of life and death, survival and extinction, can be logically and mathematically represented.

 For exampleone of the more difficult concepts is that of anthropomorphic Gods of eusocial love, which code in verbal thought, the laws of eusocial evolution which allow different cells=believers of a human religion, to act together and shape a community.

Thus immediately we realize that such gods can be represented with a simple equation:

Min. Tƒ∆+1. Where ∑individual human beings =∆+1, the plane of social existence or superorganism of a civilization. And within that plane or God, there will be a prophet or Min. Tƒ, which will receive the ‘saint spirit’, that is, the verbal coding or message of eusocial love, the DNA common to all believers that will put them together.

That is called in mystical terms the mystery of the Saint Trinity, or the act of revelation of a prophet. And so an anthropomorphic god is the subconscious collective plane of existence of mankind the super organism of human beings, expressed in the informative collective verbal language, through a common memetic code.

Those simple equations thus have much more meaning that one could ever imagine. And so the purpose of this section is to study ‘mathematically’, with algebraic equations, derived from the ‘fractal generator’ of the 5th dimension and all its world-plane of existence – the previous equation of the metric of world-planes of space-time, and deduce from it, the general laws that apply to all sciences, forms of art, perception and religion of all the species of the universe – a task further accomplished in its details – that is, in its empirical proofs, in each of the analysis of the species of the 10 planes of existence of the universe perceived by mankind.

IN THE GRAPH, the Ælgebra of the Universe is a dualist existential algebra, where a simple equation S operandi T, defines antinomies of ‘experimental observed scales’ which represent an st opposition, of yin-yang, from where a ratio with two extremes in the pure S and t beings, and a scale of logarithmic exponential nature between both can be traced, will define a parameter of the Universal reality studied in each science. 

After II World war, because most of the phenomena of relative importance (common) in Physics had been experienced and causally explained, but NOT all the mathematical formalisms of the science were known, specially after the arrival of chips with its massive expansion of mathematical languages, and because the limits of direct experience had been reached, and physicists were exploring ‘scales’ of the fractal Universe, beyond galaxies and below atoms, out of direct experience, the 2 first ‘steps’ of the scientific method were relegated to a secondary place. Experience was unavailable and causality therefore was inverted.

Experimental evidence IN SPACE therefore comes first -> Logic causality in TIME comes next -> linguistic formalism that gives us an image of reality comes LAST.

Only then as Einstein put it we do science. And this system has been enormously fruitful in our search for an understanding of REALITY.

First mathematical physicists made equations of mathematics, which often were fictions, because as we know in information theory, languages paradoxically are like mirrors, inflationary in their multiple ‘world-images’ of reality.

So each mirror can offer a different slightly biased perspective of the ‘single reality’. This is known to philosophers since Descartes, who portrayed reality as a single Universe, in which each mind-world perceived a different frame of reference. It is at the core of Leibniz’s relational space-time, in which each Monad has a different view. It is now understood in terms of different mind views, with the arrival of computer digital minds that can model very nice images of reality not necessarily truth. It was known to painters after the photographic mind view threw them out of work. And had to invent different mind views (tachism, cubism).

Einstein warned, as the last of the classics, strongly against putting mathematics above the logic of truth provided by the scientific method and its 2 first steps: experimental evidence and the ‘scientific method of truth’ with its postulates of ‘evidence’, ‘economicity’, ‘simplicity’, ‘falsification’, ‘logic coherence’, ‘correspondence principle’, ‘causality’, ‘repetition’  and ‘forecasting’. In essence as he said ‘science is only concerned with facts that have been experienced’, meaning that a scientist is not a mathematician ‘I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real’ and so physics had to start always after an event has been observed, in ‘reality’, because ‘reality is the only thing that exists’. So we cannot talk of string theory as long as reality does not show strings. We cannot interpret certain equations as dimensions of space, but should instead consider them something real (generally new degrees of freedom in the motions of a system) and so he objected to call time motions ‘dimensions of space’. And so only after reality has shown a fact to happen, and we have a logical causal explanation on what caused it and why and how, we can model those 2 steps of experimental evidence and logic hypothesis into mathematical equations.

Yet, as we said, after II world war, physicists had absolute power, having won the war with their weapons and designing the machines of our technological civilisation. And since they had always put a lot of emphasis on mathematical equations over all other properties of Nature, they decided to put math first and subverted the scientific method, and reduced or denied all other properties of Nature.

Yes, there are other properties in nature which cannot be mathematised, with the linguistic digital mirror, so we use verbal languages to explain for example, Evolution, the most successful general theory of time applied to all sciences, and we use art to model forms in-form-ations with human senses, and to construct different word-minds of reality and we use ethic religions of love to construct a super organism of history or civilisation based in the share of energy and information among equal men, the way a body constructs itself with cells sharing energy and information among them; and all those properties are better reflected with the languages of words, art and love.

The result of putting the language first above reality is, as in all similar processes when the verbal language (fictions) or digital monetary language (inflation and speculation on prices) comes first over the real economy, a hyperinflation and distortion of truth by fictions, financial power and clearly off-focus mathematical mirrors which become a noise without a proper image of reality. And this is specially the case when the mirror is built without even a pretension to reflect an experienced fact. So mathematical fictions, which as Einstein put it ‘might seem truth but are not reality’, ruled ever since the disciplines.

And as fictions they might be nice to read, but science IS about describing REALITY, it is ‘documentary’ not blockbuster film.

Yet,as his friend Godel proved REALITY AND ITS MATHEMATICAL MIRRORS had to be experienced FIRST to be proved, as the internal logic of mathematics was not enough proof.

Yet, this was ignored. So today there is still only a Universal reality but multiple mathematical worlds to describe it, so many that computers need a massive storage centre called arxiv.org to describe the same Universe we have always had here – simple and not malicious as the Master put it.

It follows from that logic that those fields which were further away from experimental evidence would become paradoxically the most sought- after, as they relieved the mathematical physicist from any verification process and set them free from the scientific method. And this coupled with the huge budgets for military research in particle physics converted the fields of particle physics, black hole theory (as black holes cannot be seen beyond the event horizon) and cosmological horizons beyond galaxies, whose external membrane somehow does not allow all the external information to come through (Olbers paradox: if we were obtaining all the external information on dark matter and energy, the sky will be always in an eternal day as every points-pixel of our limited mind would find a ray from a star at its end – now we know 96% of reality beyond galaxies is not perceived).

Now this state of affairs is encouraged by the industry as it always provides good reasons to keep budgets for huge experimental probes such as CERN, and for new more powerful computers to calculate more complicated equations of ‘fiction mathematics’ (as long as experience does not validate a supposed phenomena of study).

This fact brought also a dispute and breaking up between philosophers of science, the guards of the scientific method, and mathematical physicists, whose freedom to imagine mathematical worlds had to be curbed. The philosopher of science does Not, let us be clear enough, forbids the mathematician to explore new avenues of mathematics, but it does NOT accept them as real as experience validates it.

And this is where the ‘madness’ of present physics appears. There is no censorship on writing Quixote, but if Cervantes would affirm that Quixote exists, he would not be taken seriously. And yet mathematical physicists affirm that any equation they derive must be truth and exist and so fiction science became accepted. But since fiction science is inflationary confusion set in. Because if we have 20 different mathematical fictions (as long as none is verified) of string theory, with all kind of different dimensions, none verified, how can we distinguish what is truth? If we no longer accept experimental evidence and the rules of truth of the scientific method (economicity, simplicity, correspondence, etc.) how can we deny that black holes evaporate traveling to the past, or they have entropy destroying information, or the Universe is 10 dimensional?

Fictions then reinforce new fictions as Quixote does in his second book, commenting as a real character on the first novel, and a pyramid of false assumptions, of null evidence converts into a monster mathematical structure or Theory of Everything that does not depart from reality – a process culminated with things like a Lisi Monster group of around 256 dimensions that is supposed to generate the Universe, in a platonic way.

Since all those concept are not THE EXPERIMENTAL, SCIENTIFIC METHOD defined by Aristotle (experience) and Galileo (scientific truth).

Now,  this is the accepted view. As a philosopher of science though I like to review the present state of physics and some of its theories using like in all other sciences the experimental scientific method, which STILL holds with much better results, and clear advances than the mathematical only method of inflationary fictions (witness the explosion of biological advancements with its true experimental scientific multi linguistic approach, which accepts also the verbal logic of evolution). And then when applying again the ‘crib’ of experience, veracity, simplicity, correspondence, causality, etc. only then we can advance and separate the few wheat seeds of the crop of mathematical inflation, which are ‘real’ from the straw of fictions. And again make a single Universe correspond with a single true description of its facts.

Among those fictions, some become relics never proved, with faulty logic, totems of the mathematical, inflationary fiction method, saved from falsification because they exist in the non-observable realm. Science has been advancing further, but the relics remain in the past and people visit the totems with religious zeal.

And this is the case of the models of Hawking, which date from the 70s, when not even the chip was born, so him and those physicists working in the pre-information age, with entropy-only theories of the Universe are plainly speaking outdated relics of a long gone era both in its conclusions and theories…

So goes from the research with mammoth machines, doing entropic explosions, like CERN of a Universe defined only in terms of entropy and its explosions of energies.

They are mammoths soon to be extinct if they don’t extinct us soon, since the new paradigm of science in the age of information, is the fractal paradigm and all its related concepts of information.

Indeed, in duality we learn that modern science, was reborn in the 50s when Einstein died at the Macy’s congress, where our sciences of information, cybernetic and the study of the Universe with 2 arrows entropy and information became the canonical future of philosophy of science.

Physicists missed it except Von Neumann, and while they now use computers constantly because they did not accept ‘information’ as an arrow of time, meaning the future can follow always 2 paths:

  • An increase of information, which happens to be the commonest path. So you increase through life your form, your in-form-ation (dimensional form being the most correct definition of information, something artists who create informations, forms with the mind and human senses do understand better than most physicists, who think information is just a single digital language, as they confuse it with computers only).

So the galaxy also increases its form, its information as ‘time bends space into mass’, which falls towards the black hole. And cellular systems evolve into more efficient forms, with more information, and become super organisms. Yet the form or information of the Universe is stored in cyclical time clocks that carry the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles. And this is the essence of the fractal paradigm and the meaning of relativity: the Universe is made of infinite time clocks, with different speeds of processing information, and different forms and dimensions, till the 4 we perceive. Then we do not perceive more forms, but ‘scales’ of information, which evolve socially parts into wholes. This is what we have experienced probing smaller and larger scales of reality.

So at most we can talk of the 5th dimension of relative scales of size, and infinite time clocks, which paradoxically carry more information, the smaller they are – so smaller systems code larger, ones, small chips code our civilisation, small genes our body, quantum particles, physical systems. And we can directly put into correspondence, the arrow of information, of form and the clocks of time, such as a bit of information is created when a cycle of time closes into itself. So computers which calculate bits as 0-1-0 logic closed loops calculate their information by the frequency of its cyclical clocks; and proteins store information in the form of its dimensional warps. Does we define a closed loop of time, frozen as a memorial form, as a bit of information, and the faster a clock of time closes its cycles, there is more information. And it follows that both time cycles and information is broken, made of infinite pieces, and the Universe is in terms of information a fractal, made of formal motions, which leaves a constant trace of information as its time cycles close its loops.

  • An increase of entropy, which is exactly the inverse arrow of information, as it means the erasing of information and breaking of loops that become opened, erased as they expand in space. So entropy is as an arrow of general time understood as an expansion of space, and diminution of the information stored in closed loops of time. It is also a synonymous of death in this philosophical concept, different though from the mathematical equation of entropy taken from a specific expansive motion – that of ideal gases.

Now this better understanding of the 2 arrows of future, cyclical time clocks of information, and entropic, open, kinetic energy motions, and the construction of more real models of the Universe and all its fractal parts made of cyclical clocks and kinetic motions, stored in the particle/heads and body/waves of physical and biological systems (principle of complementarity of physics and duality body-mind in biology), already expressed by the classic Eastern philosophers of yin-information and yang energy, resurrected by Descartes, with his description of a Universe made of res extensa (spatial entropy) and time clocks of information (vortices), resurrected at Macy’s congress, but never properly formalised, became the theme of Duality, one of the founding disciplines of Information theory, systems sciences and cybernetics.  Because information not entropy, dominates the Universe; and information, form-in-action, is created, re=produced by those fractal systems of cyclical clocks duality therefore became the foundations of modern philosophy of science.

But there was not formal model of the science till I arrived to the field in the late 90s, and formalised duality in those modern terms, with a book called Time cycles, which landed me the world chair of the discipline.

 The dualities of the Universe.

The conclusion of the duality of past and future forms that become a present is clear. The Universe is structured by a series of dualities that merge creating an eternal, fluctuating present that appears and disappears as cyclical action-reaction systems cancel each other, making its total sum zero:

–  Time and space have opposite morphologies and functions, which cancel each other:
- Informative, temporal singularities are convex, implosive and energetic membranes are concave, explosive. Thus a flat plane of temporal energy fluctuates into 2 virtual forms whose total value is null. For example, particles and antiparticles are born of a vacuum plane without form but they keep their inverse CPT parity .

Thus the sum of its spatial form (P), its temporal arrows (T) and its dual, organic charge cancel.

– The duality of energy and information explains also sexual differentiation: females are specialized ‘time beings’ dominant in cyclical forms, memory, information, temporal verbs and perceptive languages. While males are specialized ‘energy beings’ with bigger, lineal forms, dominant in spatial tasks. Yet both can be further differentiated into an informative cyclical head, and a lineal body.

– Duality causes the creation and reproduction of space-time fields through the process of palingenesis, by which a certain form of relative future, a father, emits a relative form of past, with lesser evolution, a seminal seed, that then evolves very fast towards the future, till becoming again a present form parallel to the father.
- Duality exists in biologic organisms evolved by the dual influence of macro-ecosystems and micro-genes .

– Duality is the cause of informative perception, as flows of spatial forces become transformed in a point of relative time or particle, in which they ‘merge’ into a ‘boson’, accumulative form of information that creates an image of reality.

– Duality also applies to behavior: there are Darwinian acts between different beings that destroy each other Vs social, evolutionary acts between equal beings that evolve together, sharing energy and information through common networks. Thus all organic life ends up cancelled by a predator. It is the most important of all dualities as it responds to the 2 arrows of space-time, the arrow of symbiotic order, of information and the arrow of energetic entropy of destruction defined by the 3rd postulate of illogic geometry

– Finally Duality implies that all forms that evolve in time through 3 horizons, then organize in space those 3 horizons as the 3 regions of a Fractal Organism.
The number of events we can describe in all sciences departing from duality is enormous. Yet in as much as temporal information is dominant in living beings, illogic time is more important in biological and sociological sciences, explaining phenomena such as reproduction, perception, life and death, organic structures, etc. While, physical and cosmological particles can be described better with the use of Non-Euclidean, spatial geometry, as particles are dominant in spatial energy.

We will consider in the next chapters the most important biological applications of illogic time: the duality of Darwinian and symbiotic behavior; the way in which perception occurs; the concept of a top predator species, as information selects species with better brains; the palingenetic reproduction of biological forms which implies a dual travel in time back and forth from the future to the past…

Let us consider first the most important duality, which will allow us to reorganize and complete our knowledge of the Universe and History, the homology between the 3 horizons of evolution of a species and its social structure in 3 organic classes or Non-E zones specialized in information, energy and reproductive functions.


In the verbal age of Science, when men used words to describe the Universe, philosophers called the 2 arrows, Yang-Spatial energy/entropy, synonymous of male forms (since men have a lot of Entropy, constantly move, control space and have lineal forms) and yin, related to cyclical time and its patterns of information, which became the female principle (since women are more perceptive, informative, memorial, ordered, made of cyclical curves).

Taoists said that yin=form, in/form/ation, which they represented with cycles or fractal lines, – -, and yang=Entropy, which they represented with a continuous line, ___, combine into yin-yang forms, and further on into ternary sets, which they represented with trigrams (I Ching), giving birth to all the possible forms and events of the Universe. In Hinduism the ‘wills of time’ were represented by Shiva, God of death and Entropy vs. Vishnu, God of life and creation.

Duality has always been present in philosophy. Parmenides proved beyond logic fault that from one only one could be created, while 2 could combine themselves into infinite new forms. Heraclites said that 2 elements are necessary to generate by iteration and combination all other forms of the Universe. On the other hand, dialectic philosophers, from Heraclites to Hegel, considered that from a thesis and an antithesis arise all synthetic forms.

– In the modern age, when mankind switched from verbal, temporal languages to mathematical, spatial numbers, in order to describe with higher accuracy the Universe in Space, scientists stressed that formal, geometrical duality of reality. Desargues, a French mathematician, found in the XVII century that all curves and functions could be extracted from the combination of 2 Generator forms, a cycle and a line (that together create a cone, from where those curves, called conics, could be extracted).

The father of Western Science, Descartes, also said that the Universe was ultimately made of ‘res extensa’ (lineal space represented by his Cartesian graph) and vortices of form (charges and masses), similar to time clocks. String Theorists reached the same conclusion in modern science, postulating that all particles are made of lineal and cyclical strings, described by the Beta function.

Einstein in his General Relativity Theory deduced that the Universe was a flat surface of energetic, spatial forces that time curved into cyclical masses, the 2 fractal units of the physical Cosmos. Thus, time and space are geometrical shapes closely related to each other, since cycles of Informative Time bend any plane of Energetic Space, creating the geometrical duality of the physical world. Moreover, those 2 geometries are irreducible to monism, as the ancient problem of squaring the cycle proves.

– In any logic language 2 symbols suffice to represent any being of the Universe. All languages have a syntax based in 2 parameters, one of information and one of relative Entropy that combine through a 3rd active principle, an operandi or verb, that merges them. We talk of a ternary Universal Grammar:

A (Informative subject) <St-Action/verb> B (ab=used object often under entropy to extract information or energy for the subject)

The ternary, Universal grammar applies to all languages able to represent the systems of reality: from the code of colors (red that represents Entropy; blue, the color of information and green, the reproductive color) to verbal languages, where an informative subject relates to an object through an exchange of Entropy and information, described by a verb, shaping the genetic structure of all human languages. It also happens in mathematics, where f(x)= g(y) is the universal equation that summarizes all the others.

– Computer Logic is also based in 2 elements: the symbols of the cycle and the line, 0 and |, related by an algorithm. Those digital symbols are not ordered in space as geometric elements, but sequentially, in time, since logic is a time language. Yet they can model any mathematical, spatial relationship, showing the primacy of time over space.

– In Physics, cyclical and lineal movement, gravitational vortices and lineal electromagnetism, cyclical particles and lineal forces, are the only 2 shapes necessary to explain the material Universe. And such duality is irreducible to monism, as the failure of all Unification Theories of forces show.

– If we grow in scale into the biological world, the morphological invariance of both substances is maintained: Time has evolved masses of undifferentiated cells into complex living organisms, which are also made of cyclical heads that store and process Informative Time and lineal limbs of Entropy. Another less pronounced Entropy/information duality is between reproductive body, which absorbs Entropy to reproduce the cycles of the organism and delivers part of it to the limbs and the informative head:

The head is a cyclical, spherical form, and so are the informative senses, all of which accumulate in the head. The head is ‘small’, ‘perceptive’, informative. It sits on top of the body, on the dimension of height. It is ‘broken, discontinuous’ (as it holds more cellular, neuronal parts that the rest of the body’). The head is hierarchical and dominates the body, imposing its directions of future as they guide their body towards Entropy and information fields. The head is still. It is in metaphysical terms, the Aristotelian, unmoved ‘relative God’ that controls the movements of the body.

Its senses also show the same duality: the main informative senses are broken in dual elements (left, right eyes and ears) – while the energetic sense, the mouth that feeds on Entropy is ‘bigger’ and continuous (a single one). The eyes, the most perfect of those senses are in fact a perfect sphere. And they process ‘bidimensional information’ (which latter both eyes mix to create the illusion of 3-dimensionality).

On the other hand the body is a plane, dominant in lineal or elliptic, ‘reproductive’ forms, bigger than the head, on the bottom of the body-head system. The body moves and processes Entropy. It has however hardly any sensorial elements, as it gets the information from the body.

Its detached elements, the limbs are even more lineal, and only become broken, discontinuous on the fingers, which are the sub-elements that process information. Within the body, the most lineal elements are those who process directly Entropy: the guts and the lungs (in the brain the cerebellum that controls movement is also a lineal network of neurons that would extend over a meter in length).

Biological dual systems are irreducible to monism, since a headless organism cannot process information and survive. Even in the social, mental scale of existence, men have always represented Entropy with lineal arrows of expansive movement, and time with cyclical clocks of rotating, imploding movement. Thus in our plane of space/time, we find 2 invariant elements, formally homologous to the energetic line/movement and the cyclical, temporal rotating forms we have found in all other scales.

– Finally, in Economics, machines and lineal weapons of metal that release Entropy are valued by cyclical bits of metal-information (money), ‘the brain of the economy’, through prices, in a dual, physical and financial economic structure so far irreducible to monism, as the failure of planned economies proved. When we consider Entropy and information – machines that men create to enhance their own Entropy and information capacities – they maintain the invariant forms of Entropy and information: spherical cameras are informative, and energetic, moving machines are lineal planes.

Thus, the only logic able to explain all forms and species of the Universe is a self-generating dualism, caused by the existence of 2 fundamental invariant, geometrical shapes of Entropy and information that repeat and emerge in every scale of space/time of the Universe – the lineal wave of Entropy or shortest movement between 2 points and the cycle, rotating spin or sphere, which stores the maximal volume of information in a minimal volume. They are the most perfect, inverse shapes of Entropy and information, which repeat in all the species of the Universe:

– All systems that create inner form, information, from DNA nuclei to eyes to brains have similar cyclical or spherical forms because a sphere stores the maximal amount of information in minimal space. And their function is creative, in/form/ative.

– On the other hand, all moving bodies that process Entropy are lineal, because a line is the fastest, shortest distance between 2 points. So fast felines, F1 cars, light beams and rockets are all lineal in form. Further on, the function of systems that absorb Entropy is often destructive: for example, felines are predators that erase the information of its preys and missiles are weapons that erase human beings.

– While in any scale of reality, complex, ‘organic systems’ combine both forms into Tƒ=k=Se balanced systems. So the 2 commonest forms of Natural fractals are the tree, with an informative head sitting on top of a line/limb of Entropy and/or reproductive cycle (from virus to sperm, from humans to plants, from robots to missiles); and the spiral, which can easily mutate between a cyclical state, coiling onto itself and a lineal, moving state, as an uncoiled snake (from particles that become waves, to worms, to galaxies that mutate from bars into spirals).

Dual organic systems are everywhere: informative particles and fields of Entropy create physical beings, while all biologic species are made with reproductive bodies and informative heads.

The isomorphism of Spatial Energy and Temporal Information.

We are entities made of Energy and Time.

When we say ‘I don’t have time and energy to do this’, we really mean it. Since we do not exist in a space-time background frame of reference. We are made, as Leibniz explained, of a vital space, which our bodies occupy, and has energy as vacuum space does, and last a finite time, our world cycle of life and death.

We are time space beings as everything else in the Universe, and this is the first isomorphism that make us to be as any other system, under the same laws, despite the ‘ego-mind paradox’ that makes us believe – as every other fractal point of view the centre of the Universe:


The perfect form of spatial entropy (kinetic energy) is the straight line in movement – the shortest, faster trajectory between 2 points of space – and its society, the plane. The perfect form of temporal information is the circle and its society, the sphere, which keeps the maximal information in minimal space. Both, opposed, inverse forms shape the spatial, linear, energetic bodies and cyclical, informative, memorial minds that become the complementary forms of all organic systems made of atoms of temporal energy.

Energy and information are the 2 primary elements of the Universe. They form all its complementary systems. In this posts we study its basic properties and dimensions. In the graph, they display different forms. But information dominates and defines an arrow of complexity and increase of height (the dimension of perception), from where informative organs (heads, cameras, black holes, skyscrapers), perceive and control with invisible languages (words, images, gravitation, money), the ‘unmoved bodies’ of energy under them. They are indeed what Aristotle called the multiple unmoved Gods of the Universe.

The 2 primary elements of the Universe, energy and information, mix and evolve, till reaching the threshold of complexity that gave light atoms living properties and now it is about to give the same life properties to metal systems.

In the graph, in biological and morphological terms, we can easily recognize the ‘limbs and heads’ of humans, animals or machines, because they have a clear morphology, which corresponds to that of generic energy and information.

Energy is lineal because the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; and so it is also the fastest energetic movement. Information has cyclical forms, because cycles store maximal information in minimal space.

For example, a human body and a machine body, a weapon, should not have anything in common; but if we observe the morphology of both, it is clear those morphologies correspond to the generic morphology of all energies: they are big, lineal systems that move in space. So our limbs are lines extended in space like a ‘missile’.

On the other hand, our eyes and brains are smaller and cyclical, like the cameras and chips that act as information organs in machines, ordering ‘limbs of metal’ with digital information. The functions of those ‘systems’ are also biological. Weapons are lineal, energetic forms that kill human beings.

We could summarize the formal and functional differences between energy and information (organs) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space = Energy = Minimal Form=body Vs.

Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

As a result of those morphologies we classify as energy or information organs not only in carbon-life organisms, but in machines and in physical systems made of energy (fields, limbs, food) and information (brains, eyes, cameras, particles).

Thus also other beings and atomic species, even ‘deconstructed organs’ are Se or Tƒ systems.

Since we can recognize geometrically their energy or information organs. Some of those systems are mechanical, made of metal. Some are vital, made of carbon atoms. Some are material.

Yet all of them have a biological influence over us, provoking changes in the energy and information systems of mankind that we should control for our own benefit.

The isomorphisms of Nature are all of them derived of the ‘fractal, scalar’ nature of the Dimensions of Space and Time, and the fact that we are made of ‘space and time’, we are not placed in an abstract ‘background’ ‘Cartesian coordinates’, as in the paper the first physicists used to draw its equations. This is an artifact of measure nowhere to be seen in reality.

The duality of Space and Energy of Information and Time.

In the previous graph, above, we an also see the duality of static information vs. moving time cycles and static space vs. moving energy quanta.

– By spatial energy we mean 2 parallel concepts, perceived in different ways: Static space that defines size, perceived also as a sum of lineal motions or ‘Energy’. Since space is the ‘continuous’, static, whole perception of infinite quanta of moving vacuum energies: S=∑Sp. Thus space distances and lineal speed motions mean the same. So astronomers say Universal space is ‘expanding’ meaning that galaxies are moving away.

– Temporal information means 2 parallel concepts, also perceived differently. Since a bit of information or ‘hertz’ is completed in any system when a clock cycle is closed. Thus, the faster any biological or physical time-clock turns, the more informative hertz-cycles it processes, as it happens in computers, complex system of time clocks, whose logic cycles process in-form-ation. Thus the absolute time of the Universe is the sum of all the time clocks and informative cycles of the Universe; T=∏Tƒ.

Thus, we talk of cyclical, temporal information and lineal, spatial energy as the 2 primary motions=substances=forms=åctions of the Universe.

The Galilean paradoximage005

The discontinuity of space and time is the key to unify the laws of sciences that describe different species, which occupy a certain organic space and last a certain time. In the graph, Saturn’s rings are not a mathematical plane made of abstract points, despite their continuous appearance.

When we look at them in detail they become in fact quantic planetoids in movement, tracing orbital cycles around the planet. They illustrate the fundamental paradox of perception:

Any piece of time/space seems continuous, but when we analyze it in detail, it becomes discontinuous, made of space/time quanta moving in cyclical paths.
The key to the Unification of Organic and Physical Sciences is the solution of one of the longest disputes of Physics and Philosophy of Science regarding the nature of space and time: are they continuous as Einstein said or discontinuous as quantic Physics and Biology pretend? Time and Space are not a continuum as Einstein thought.

There are in the Universe infinite clocks, forms of reality that trace discontinuous, temporal cycles; and infinite pieces of spatial energy, quantic spaces, divided by membranes, borders and discontinuities, both in organic and physical entities.

The quantic nature of space and time today accumulates enough proves, despite the respect that Einstein’s work still causes, as to be the cover of prestigious scientific magazines. And it will revolution all disciplines of science, since all of them use those 2 parameters to explain their species and laws.

It also implies the equality between energy and space on one hand, and between time cycles and bits of information on the other. The only real difference between those concepts was the pretended continuity of time and space Vs. the proved discontinuity of information and energy. Thus now we talk of 2 concepts that suffice to explain reality:
- The space and energy of any quantic being, homologous concepts, both in Biology (where we talk of organic space) and in Physics (where the vacuum is considered a form of ‘dark energy’).
- And the bits of information or temporal, genetic memories and cycles of any being.

Since information is stored in memorial patterns that accumulate over time and it is processed in a cyclical manner, as time is. For example, we measure a computer’s informative capacity in Mhz, or quantity of temporal cycles of information the computer processes each second.
The 2 fundamental substances or states of reality are thus spatial energy and temporal information that we will call, when properly combined, temporal energy.
We are made of energy and time, which our mind often perceives as fixed space and fixed information, but are truly organic, moving forms.
And so the analysis of the relationship between fixed space and ‘moving energy’ and between cycles of time and ‘information’ is essential to understand what we are made of, and how we perceive those 2 elements in ourselves:

And we call its perceptive dualities of ‘Endophysics’ the Galilean Paradox, as humans perceive the Earth still as a whole space. But as we increase the quantity of information=truth we perceive it becomes a rotating, moving mass of atomic clocks (‘e pur si muove e pur no muove’).

Definition of a Dimension as motion and distances. The Paradox of Galileo.

The first truism of scalar space-time theory, is the concept of a fractal, scalar Universe that becomes fractal, broken, discontinuous, grows in size, creating new ‘isomorphic scales’ and acquires motion, when we observe it in detail.

Thus the universe of space-time in a less detailed relativistic perception is unique, continuous, still. But in detail, in a quantum vision has motion-’—motions’, it is discontinuous, made of ‘fractal quanta’, which show cyclical clock-like motions – hence it is made of infinite time cycles and fractal spaces, which are organized in scales of size, which grow in information and speed of its rotary cycles when we come closer to them, as fractals do.

And this transition from continuous abstract, ‘background’, absolute space-time to relative, scalar, fractal space and time cycles, with more information of which all things are made is the essential change from classic 4D to 5th dimensional sciences.

The duality of motion-distance is similar to the way we see a car moving in a night picture as a fixed line, or the stop and go duality of a film projector, which is perceived as motion. And it has deep implications, which help to resolve many uncertainties of physics. The next graph illustrates this and other dual paradoxes of endophysics –motion vs. stillness; continuity vs. discontinuity, single space vs. fractal scales, all of which depend on the detail of the observation – hence the quantity of information we have on the object we study:

In the graph, Saturn’s rings, first observed by Galileo, seem continuous, still and bidimensional from far away; but observed in detail they become discontinuous in motion and made of 4D spherical particles.

Moreover, what appears as a single space-time continuum in detail becomes at least 3 scales: that of the rings with cyclical motion, of its particles, the rocks that turn within them and the not seen but known scale of atoms that create the solid networks of those rocks. The ‘present’ state of science deals mainly with the single space-time continuum of the more ‘obvious’ human scale studied in terms of ‘present’=differential motions, ∂t, with minimal latitude of time. The 5th and sixth dimensions deal with a longer duration from the absolute past (birth of the entity) to its absolute future (its death), when evolutions of form, frequencies of multiple åctions and cycles of creation and extinction happen.

Advances on science happen when we ‘enlarge’ the human subjective point of view and its perception of space and time.

Thus humans first consider themselves or their tribes the center of the Universe (subjective, emotional age of ego-trips and Abrahamic religions).

Then they expanded their perception of the Universe centering its total space in the Earth (Ptolemy paradigm), the Sun (Copernican Paradigm) and light-space (Einsteinian paradigm). Yet in all those paradigms humans used human time clocks and equalized all other clocks of time with the human second. This was a useful way of measure but the Universe shows infinite time clocks each one with a different rhythm or frequency, ƒ=1/T and different topological form.

Thus in the 3rd age of scientific paradigms we move even further in the objective measure of reality using infinite time clocks.

The Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still?’ – is the key question to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms: ‘why we see reality still, if all what we study in the quantum scale has motion?’

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same time; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion state and a still state, together:

All entities exist in a dual state of internal, ‘vital’ space with no relative motion between its parts and external time motion. All has a function in time and a form in space. As Schrodinger’s cat, all is dead and alive…

The Paradox of Galileo explains those dualities of motion and stillness, continuity and discontinuity and the fractal scale of non-Euclidean points, which grow in size and form according to the point of view of the observer. Yet since motion, discontinuity and fractal structure becomes evident as we come closer to the object, increasing our information and the truth of an entity is a direct function of the quantity of information we have of it, a Universe made of motions NOT substances, of discontinuous, fractal space-time, not of continuum fixed space is more truth.

Thus, all systems must, by the paradox of Galileo, be defined in time and space to achieve a complete description of an event. Yet the fractal, discontinuous, moving, scalar description is logically more truth. Indeed, in the formalism of Non-Aristotelian logic, ‘truth=information’ is measured in terms of probabilities and is a function which increases proportionally to our closeness to the entity we study and so it reaches 1, when information and truth become the same only when we occupy the same space-time than the being – that is, as Haldane put it: ‘Only the Universe (or any being) has all the truth (information) about itself’.

So we define the dual nature of dimensions: ‘A dimension is a motion perceived as still extension or distance.’

Hence motions of particles and reproductions of waves can generate dimensions. In the lower scale dimensions are in fact defined by the reproduction of lineal strings, laterally, into bidimensional planes and 3 dimensions by the reproduction of a cyclical closed string into tubes.

In the Universe at large, space is a planar vacuum, teaming with energetic motions that appear at a large scale ‘as fixed’ space-distances (quantum vs. relativistic view); and its ‘units of substance are rotating Galaxies, their time-clocks. Some consequences of this Galilean duality:

– The vacuum of our scale of space-time is made of light, which can be seen as a single sheet of fixed space-distance or as electromagnetic motion at c-speed. Since vacuum is filled even in its minimal energy density by a background radiation light – a fact that explains the creation of virtual particles, the first condensation of ‘—motions’- space into light waves or clocks of time (closed light paths, which start with the ‘first’ clock, the electron, a condensed density of light photons).

– Galileo’s paradox explains the immortality of the Universe, since a Universe made of motions cannot stop.

We are made of space and time, of spatial energy and temporal information. When we say I don’t have energy and time to do this is because we know subconsciously that we are made of a vital space that contains energy, our body and a brain that regulates our time cycles.

So it is a machine, made with a computer, sum of digital clocks and a body of iron regulated by those cyclical clocks.

So it is a physical entity made of energy that occupies space and particles, masses and charges that MUST be described as clocks of time, ‘vortex’ that turn in cyclical motions, as our pictures of them show – NOT particles with a substance but knots of time clocks.

Thus we consider that most systems of the Universe are ‘complementary systems’ made of lineal fields/bodies of energy/space quanta and cyclical heads/particles of temporal information. In the graph we can see how reality is made of infinite clocks of time that carry information. So we blow the absolute time of the 4th dimension in infinite details: T=∑o

And we blow the single Space, S in infinite surfaces of energy in motion: S=∑Sp.

Since in the new paradigm there are infinite clocks of time that measure with different frequencies different forms of information. And there are infinite spaces that store energy in motion.

And the duality between those 2 ‘arrows or motions of space-time’, |-Motion, space or ‘—motions’ and cyclical motion, clocks of time or information, either perceived in stillness as lineal or cyclical form or in motion as lineal speed or cyclical speed structures the Universe.

All what you see are combinations of those 2 essential substances, very complex sometimes, but combinations of 2 elements, and the laws of those combinations is what the 5th dimension studies, since once we group them all we find regularities, synchronicities, patterns tat allow us to define space and time as a whole.

In the graph we see ‘—motions’ forms (lineal bodies, weapons, fields of energy-light) and its complementary systems of information processing of time processing (cyclical eyes and cameras, electric fields of light).

Each clock creates a discontinuous space-time, whose cyclical perimeter of in-form-ation encloses a piece of energetic space breaking reality into ∞ formal patterns; different time cycles with specific forms and frequencies. Thus the use of a single human clock that equalizes all of them misses 2 features of each of those time cycles:

– Its specific forms of in-form-ation in space, which gives birth to the main topological laws and Isomorphisms of the 5th Dimension (I).

– Its different speeds or frequencies. Since cyclical time is measured not by duration but by frequency, its inverse function: ƒ(t)=1/T.

The concept of logic time. Time is change. The 2 arrows and 3 dimensions of time.

Tƒ means ‘cyclical time clock’, measure with frequencies, the inverse parameter of lineal time duration (physical concept of time), Tƒ=1/T, or form, or in-form-ation, also 3 concepts which are rather similar.

As space has energy and motion, but we perceive it without detail as distances.

And time clocks carry the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles. And again, we see it sometimes ‘as fixed form’ and sometimes as motion -as Galileo did with the Earth (e pur si muove e pur no muove).

In the next graph, Frequencies not mechanical clocks MUST measure a Universe of multiple clocks of time.

Thus both Space & Time co-exist in several scales of size with different quantities of information or ‘∆-scales’ and similar ‘fractal’ properties; both, as a whole and a sum of parts in motion and stillness.

As quantum physicists proved, space is broken in tiny ‘quanta’ of energy; and as Einstein proved time is made of infinite ‘clocks’, which run in different places of the Universe at different speed.

This was the ‘essence’ of the quantum and Relativity r=evolution that changed for ever the way we understand:

  • Space, made of Energy quanta: S=∑e …
  • And Time made of infinite cyclical clocks, which carry the bits of ‘information’ (Tƒ) of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles: Tƒ = ∑T

So we write to abbreviate both concepts, Se and Tƒ, to signify that both really mean the same. Space has energy quanta, and Time cycles are perceived as ‘forms’. For example, we do not see vortices of gravitational forces called masses, but cyclical and spherical forms we call atoms, planets, etc. Einstein taught us they are in fact ‘clock-like’ vortices of mass. And we do not see quanta of energy, but fixed long distances, spaces.

And so these 2 formulae, are another isomorphism of Nature, which we write:

  • S=∑e  :  O = ∑T  or in a briefer form:    Se > Tƒ

which not coincidentally is very similar to the other isomorphism (and this will be a pattern of Nature, all is very similar, all is rather simple. It becomes complex just by the sheer iteration and combination of its parts).

What does > mean here? Well 2 things, it first means that ‘Spatial energy’ is ‘bigger in size’ than ‘Temporal Information’, since as we said, spatial systems are lineal planes made of long quanta, and temporal clocks of information are cyclical, smaller forms. And indeed your limbs are long and bigger than your heads.

In the graph, we can see that. And we can see that all systems of the Universe do follow those shapes and perceive ‘cycles’ of time that convert into bits of information and move through lineal flows of energy that become ‘spatial steps’.

But it also means that when Spatial Energy transforms itself into Temporal Information it must ‘reduce’ its size: Se > Tƒ, nicely shows graphically’ that an extended line |>° becomes a smaller point up there in the dimension of height.

And so > means also a transformation of ‘spatial energy’ into ‘temporal cyclical form’, and this ‘dynamic change’ that happens everywhere in the Universe and transforms energy into form, it is adequately a type of motion we call the ‘arrow of time information’, the arrow of form, the arrow of ‘future’ (as it happens to be the most common process we shall observe in the quantized Universe: quanta of energy becoming cyclical bits of temporal form). So we define a fundamental motion in the quantized Universe of spatial quanta and informative bits:

  • Future arrow of ‘form’:  Se > Tƒ, or simply >

Now it follows that the opposite change which also happens everywhere in the Universe, Tƒ < Se, where a form of ‘temporal information.

We call this first  isomorphism, ‘existence‘, and play with the word exi=st, since in earlier versions of this work we called i, information (an error that might appear still in many abbreviations and equations) but latter we changed it to Tƒ, to use i for the isomorphic scales of the Universe. So the 4 ‘elements’  of reality, the ‘quantic, moving’ version, Time Cycles and energy quanta, and its two fixed pegged versions, ‘space’ and ‘form’ or information, are in that word: Ex I = S xT, energy x information = Space x Time. And indeed we perceive fixed forms of information and space, made of multiple quanta of energy and cycles of time.

And so we call the different symmetries and combinations of Se and Tƒ, the ‘Function of Existence’, since to exist is in many ways to occupy a vital space, to live a time duration, and to perceive information and communicate socially with others, using it and to feed on energy, and move with it.

We are made of quanta of energy that become in our ‘scale of size’, space, and we perform cyclical motions that become cycles of time, and we see those cycles of atoms, as fixed matter, of life, as fixed organisms… We exist as beings of energy and time, like when we say,  i don’t have energy and time to do this.

We call this the first isomorphism because the ‘3rd element of reality’ is a combination of energy and time, which we iterate, as waves are combination of lines and cycles. So the second isomorphism is the isomorphism of  the 3 organs of all systems: ‘energy limbs/fields’, informative heads/particles and waves/bodies that combine and reproduce both.


Recap: The 2 simplest arrows of time, creation of Entropy and information have opposite properties: From a logic perspective, Entropy and information have a paradoxical, dual, causality: Sp<=>Tƒ, which means to create one we must destroy the other. Thus all events are dual: a creation means a parallel destruction event.

Duality & Complexity: Simple and Complex Time arrows

The best-known science to come out of that congress was cybernetics in which computer science is based, because of the practical uses it has today in the age of information. Yet the most important sciences for pure knowledge were two less-known disciplines, Duality and Complexity:

– Duality studies the Universe with the 2 ‘simplex’ arrows of time, Entropy and in/form/ation16.

Scientific Duality has important precedents in Eastern cultures. In Taoism yin translates as information and yang as Entropy, and the Universe is explained with those 2 elements. In Europe Leibniz introduced Taoism to the West, establishing it as the foundation of German philosophy.

There, Hegel translated philosophically Duality into Dialectics – the concept that from a thesis (the equivalent of Entropy) and an antithesis (the equivalent of information, with inverse properties to those of Entropy) a synthesis arises, by merging both in ‘Complementary, dual systems’.

So even if Duality was not understood scientifically till Systems Sciences filled it with scientific data, it has been always a ‘Theory of It All’, in the tradition of religions and philosophy. This is logic – since humans have understood Duality with different degrees of detail and different jargons by the mere fact that they observe a dualist Universe.

What modern Duality has done is to upgrade those concepts with the discoveries of mathematical, biological and physical isomorphisms, which show the Universe as a Fractal System of Entropy and information. In that regard, the central concept of modern duality is also the Principle of Complementarity, which states that all systems in the Universe are constructed with an energetic and informative element, whose geometrical properties and functions are self-similar:

Energetic systems store Entropy and move. They occupy more space and are lineal (the shortest distance between two points)

Informative systems store and gauge information. Thus they occupy less space and tend to be cyclical (the form that stores more information per unit of volume).

This dual complementarity is the main Law of quantum physics (principle of complementarity between a lineal field of Entropy and a cyclical, particle of Information). It is the principle that explains the structure of all living organisms (from animals with cyclical heads and lineal limbs; to plants with energetic trunks and planar leaves, which store and process Entropy, and quantized, fractal roots that absorb chemical information; to cells with a central nucleus that stores the DNA/RNA information of the system). It explains biological reproduction (since males have lineal limbs, specialized in the collection of Entropy and females, with curved bodies, reproduce our information). It is the principle of Computer science, based in the duality of symbols, 0 and |.

The Universe has two inverse ways of creating reality: it creates either Entropy by erasing form, as when a quasar explodes, Sp=Mc2, expelling ‘dark Entropy’ and flows of expansive space; or when any being dies, dissolving its form. Or it creates information by warping Entropy, as when Entropy becomes mass, M=Sp/c2 (in fact the first equation that Einstein found), since ‘Time bends (vacuum) space into mass’ (Einstein) or ‘Time evolves the form of beings’ (Darwin). And so all what exists fluctuates between the arrow of information, of life, of creation of particles with form, Sp->Tƒ, and the arrow of death, of erasing of form into Entropy, of big-bangs, Tƒ->Sp.

Both together, in their transformations, Sp<=>Tƒ, generate the cycles of creation of form (life cycles) and destruction (death cycles), which define the existence of its parts.

Thus Duality advances a step further in the great insights of Eastern and German Philosophy, opening new avenues of thought and explaining the why of many phenomena that the use of the single arrow of quantum physics cannot resolve.

– But Duality only studies simultaneously the Entropy and form of what we call a ‘plane of existence’, or ‘scale of the fractal Universe’ (Religious/philosophical vs. mathematical jargons). And when we consider reality, it is obvious that the Universe is structured in ‘layers’ of entities of growing size and complexity – from particles to atoms to molecules, cells, organisms, societies, planetary systems and galaxies.

In each of those layers we find Dual species: quarks of massive information and electrons of energetic space, which form atoms; Nitrogen rings that store information and phosphate chains, which form DNA molecules; Nuclei that store information and cellular bodies that store Entropy; heads of information and bodies of Entropy; audiovisual networks of information and economic networks that distribute Entropy, forming together nations.

This pattern of social evolution and emergence into new, more complex systems that create a bigger plane of existence also occurs in physical space, as molecules become planets and stars that organize themselves into galaxies.

So we must add to the 2 Simple arrows of time, Entropy and information, 2 Complex arrows of time: the creation of self-similar species or reproduction and the social organization of those self-similar, cellular species into networks and more complex systems.

We find those 2 universal arrows in both, physical and biological systems. Even the simplest particles of the Universe, quarks and electrons reproduce into new quarks and electrons when they absorb Entropy, as biological beings do, and organize themselves into complex cellular systems in atoms that have many quarks and electrons. In that regard, Complexity studies how reality is created by multiple layers of reality, which from the simplest strings and particles evolve into molecules, cells, organisms, planets, stars and galaxies of increasing size and complexity.

So the arrows of Entropy and form are not enough to understand the complex Universe, which exists through a series of ‘planes of increasing complexity and self-organization’, starting from the first theoretical duality of ‘lineal strings and cyclical strings’, till arriving to the final duality of black holes of gravitational information and stars of electromagnetic Entropy (Galactic duality).

Such networks gather an enormous number of individual Entropy and information cycles/cells of space-time into a single whole or social organism deployed across multiple planes of space-time. The study of those scalar, network structures is the field of Complexity Theory, the sub discipline of System Sciences, which departing from Duality, analyzes how lines and cycles of Entropy and information reproduce, evolve, self-organize and emerge as a bigger system, in a ‘higher’, ever more complex space -time plane, creating in this manner complex systems, made of simpler, ‘cellular parts’.

Thus Systems sciences require a second discipline, besides Duality, to study complex systems and their self-organization thanks to the arrows of reproduction and social evolution, which create networks of Entropy and information that become wholes, units themselves of a new plane of existence:

System sciences: Duality (analyzes how the beats of Entropy & information, Sp<=>Tƒ, create the future) +

Complexity (studies how complex, reproductive, Sp X Tƒ & eusocial S Sp X Tƒ, events create the future).

Thus Complexity studies the 2 ‘complex’ arrows of time, derived from the combinations of Entropy and form, Sp X Tƒ, or ‘reproduction’, which creates self-similar ‘cellular beings’ in a given plane or scale of reality and ‘social evolution’, which creates complex, tight networks made of those reproduced Sp X Tƒ parts, that become together a single unit of a new, higher, bigger, more complex plane of existence.

Those 2 ‘complex’ arrows of time derived from the Simplex ones (Entropy and form), create the 4 ‘dimensions’ or ‘arrows’ of time needed to explain the Universe, and its understanding through the formalism of the Generator Equation of Multiple Spaces-Times, S Sp X Tƒ, represents an enormous leap for all sciences, which prior to the Systemic Paradigm worked only with the arrow of entropy and Entropy proper of XIX century physics.

We ad now to that ‘arrow of Entropy’, the ‘canvas’, the paint – the information in which that Entropy transforms itself, and the painter, since we contend that the finality of the Universe, the ultimate arrow of ‘future time’ is the creation of social organisms through the use of a common language of information – hence the creation of history, the superorganism of mankind, the most complex form of the Universe. We prove all this with the experimental method and the logic and mathematical formalisms derived from the generator equation, S Sp X Tƒ, whose symbols define the 4 main arrows of time:

e or Se, which is the symbol of spatial Entropy, the Entropy-motion, which is stored in vacuum space, from where all ‘forms’ of information are created.

Tƒ, temporal information, which is the dominant arrow of future, as time bends Entropy, trans/forming it into particles and ‘forms’ of information.

Sp X Tƒ is the formalism of reproduction. Since all systems reproduce their reproductive bodies/fields and informative particles/heads and the networks, X, that relate both systems.

∑Sp X ∏Tƒ describes the Social evolution of self-similar cells, Sp X Tƒ, into herds and organisms.

Thus the Generator Equation formalizes the main cycles, isomorphisms and events generated by the principle, ‘Entropy never dies but transforms itself into information’, which applies to any form or motion, in any scale of reality. Since the generator equation of the fractal Universe is just a complex expansion of the main equation of classic science, ‘Entropy never dies but transforms itself’, to include information.

Yet when those arrows of time develop all its ‘repetitions’, feed-back iterations and combinations, as it does a simple fractal generator, like the Mandelbrot fractal, all the possible cyclical events/forms of transformation of Entropy into information appear in the Universe.

In that sense, the study of the generator, fractal equation of the Universe could be to XXI century science, what the study of the final equation of Entropy, the arrow of time studied by physicists, Sp=Mc2, was to XX century science. Yet instead of generating pure Entropy as the equation of entropy has done, the fractal generator creates life, which makes its study much more rewarding for mankind, – a life form.

Recap: A true Theory of Unification, as systems science is, should explain all what exists, including humans – why we are here, our role in the Universe, what truly matters to mankind. This is what System sciences do by using the 4 main arrows of time. Since all Space-time beings are causal networks of cyclical time knots, created by multiple chains of organic, Sp<=>Tƒ cycles, and its complex combinations, reproduction and social evolution, where each ‘time arrow event’ becomes a flow of Entropy and information that converges into the space-time of the knot.

Those knots can be formalized with cyclical, fractal space-time parameters in terms of frequencies and dimensions. Such perception of the World through Time Arrows was natural to Eastern philosophy. System Sciences and its 2 main disciplines, Duality and complexity study those Time Arrows with the scientific method.

Energy and information: transfer of motion and form between place of cyclical existence.


All energy-information cycles can be described as action-reaction systems that have 2 directional arrows, which close the cycle, returning the form or event to its origin.

The principle of cyclical inertia.

If the world is made of åctions, then it is cyclical because according to Newton, all action provokes a reaction of the same intensity and opposed direction, creating thus a cycle or field of space-time. So movements are not lineal but cyclical, dual. Indeed, in the XX century, the real study of cosmological, macrocosmic space and the inner space of atoms, showed that everything moved in curves, in cycles, as clocks of time do.

But aside from its partial application to Physics by Einstein that described space/time in curved terms, scientists kept using in their mathematical analysis the lineal Cartesian plane, origin of the linear principle of inertia. We have to ad however a cyclical, inertial principle for atoms, galaxies and all temporal beings. In fact, cycles are represented with other type of numbers called complex numbers, which appear for that reason constantly in Einstein’s equations, in quantum mechanics and the mathematic models of this web.
The cyclical, eternal movement of sub-atomic particles, spins, galaxies and planets is natural to the Universe. Thus, we consider that the law of conservation of energy and its spatial expression, the principle of Linear Inertia, are partial cases of the Law of Cyclical Inertia.

Or in geometrical terms, as Cusa and Kepler already noticed, and Non-EA Geometries proved, we say that a line is a section of a long curve; and a continuous action , a part of a discontinuous action -reaction cycle. Yet scientists disregard cyclical inertia, because they use a lineal, Cartesian plane in their mathematical representation of reality that tends to introduce errors of linearity in their analysis.
Thus, the next big difference between classic, lineal, continuous ‘Energy Physics’ and ‘Modern, Quantic Space-Time Physics’ is the principle of cyclical inertia.

Space-Time fields are cyclical, subject to external translation and morphological change.

We often forget that space-time is part of every process, not only a physical event. We live and die in space and time. Species evolve in space and time. Societies are subject to economical and historic, temporal rhythms that change their spatial form. Everything changes in space and time. Change is indeed the word we use to define a space-time field beyond the physical realm. Thus we consider 2 main types of space-time changes according to Aristotle: morphological change, studied by Biology and Theory of Evolution, which is mainly organic, inner change; and translation or external change, studied by classic Physics, which is concerned with change in position

Galileo defined translation, the external change of Space-Time fields, with the equation of speed, V=S/T, a machine to measure it, a clock and a bidimensional plane to plot that speed. Today it is the main property of space-time we study. So quantic beings made of 4 dimensional temporal energy in perpetual, morphological, cyclical change are reduced to bidimensional planes and numbers, ‘points without parts’ that only change their physical, external movement.

In that process scientists deform 5 basic qualities of all space-time beings: their multiplicity; their inner morphological change ; their cyclical trajectories, which imply 2 arrows of movement, back and forwards towards positive and negative directions; and their quantic nature, since all cycles which close into themselves, break reality into at least 2 discontinuous, quantic regions: the inner and outer zone of the cycle.
Those properties are so important to understand space-time that are in fact present at the clocks scientists use to measure the external change or ‘speed’ of any space-time field. Indeed, clocks, imitate the properties of a cyclical space-time field and so they are quantic, cyclical objects with 2 arrows in perpetual change, as any space-time field is.

Because of that similarity between cyclical clocks and quantic space-time fields, scientists measure and compare with clocks the infinite cyclical changes of any quantic, fixed species of space-time. Each of those changes has a rhythm that scientists translate to the rhythms of their clock.

Yet, scientists latter fit those space-time fields into a bidimensional, Cartesian mathematical graph whose X and Y coordinates ‘extend’ time and space towards the infinite, transforming their 2 cyclical, geometric arrows into a lineal, single space-time continuous form, with a single arrow of energy and movement, the so-called arrow of entropy. Thus those quantic, dual, cyclical fields of space-time become a single, lineal field. It is the main blunder of history of science that lingers today in all disciplines and hence it is the first of our 5 errors we have to correct to be able to fully grasp what those quantic space-time fields are.

The 2 arrows/organs of quantic space-time: energetic entropy ‘bodies’ and informative ‘brains’.

The geometrical description of those 2 directional arrows of the Universe, backwards and forwards, completes a visual cycle, which returns to its origin. Yet the conceptual meaning of a dual action -reaction cycle, in which the reaction ‘undoes’ what the action did previously, is far more revealing: a cycle implies that a certain parameter that grew in the active part of the cycle becomes destroyed in its reactive event.

If we grow in energy in the first part of the cycle, we consume that energy in the second part, and hence we complete a feeding-digestive cycle. If we ‘live’ in the first part of an existential cycle we ‘die’ in the second part and return to the space-time dust from where we came. So we can see a geometric cycle of space-time as a representation in 2 dimensions of those 2 arrows that move forwards and backwards any being, till returning to its origin, from conception to death.
Yet the Universe is 4-dimensional and a cycle is a bidimensional form. So in 4 dimensions that dual back and forth arrow shows through an expansive and implosive rhythm. For example, the big bang describes the energetic, explosive arrow of a process that will end with the opposite arrow of implosive order and in-formation, or big-crunch. Then the Universe will explode again.

The form of the cycle has changed, since now we observe a space-time field fluctuating in 4 dimensions, but the opposite arrows of the cycle, that we shall call from here on the arrow of ‘growing, spatial energy’, the arrow of ‘growing temporal, informative order’, and the fluctuation between both that complete a space-time action -reaction cycle, remain the same. So we can translate spatial, static, geometrical figures into dual, dynamic arrows, which are the ‘organic’ essence of those geometric, morphological changes:

– A positive, creative direction of informative time that warps, orders and informs a certain quantic region of the Universe, causing the accumulation of informative forces and linguistic, genetic memories that originate the organic evolution of life as time passes. So masses order space fields of forces into cyclical particles of information, brains order organisms, black holes order galaxies and DNA orders cells as time passes.

– And a negative direction of energetic space, organic disintegration and explosion of information into energy, that expands space, which becomes the destructive arrow of death, of entropy, of big-bang processes, studied by physical sciences. So masses explode into A-Bombs, black holes into quasars; cells and organisms die and erase their physiological order, while societies tumble their governments or destroy themselves in wars.

– Which together, enacted in each space-time field by energetic organs or ‘relative bodies’ and informative organs or ‘relative Heads’, create the ‘fluctuations’ we call ‘life or existence’.

The 2 opposite arrows of a space-time cycle mean that all processes that take place in each quantic piece of space and time are processes with 2 ‘ages’, one of energetic entropy and one of informative order that put together complete the 2 phases of any cyclical process that cancel each other. All quantic pieces of reality can either emit energy moving in lineal trajectories, or create order, informing, perceiving, organizing reality. All organisms exist in time through those 2 arrows, one of temporal information, and one of energetic entropy.

They were discovered and studied first in depth by Boltzmann, the founder of Thermodynamics, which already acknowledged both arrows. Yet the 2 arrows of time were unfortunately discharged when Einstein consecrated the idea of a single universal space-time and big-bang theory discovered that the Universe was in its energetic, expanding entropic arrow. Thus if space-time was a lineal, single continuum every form of the Universe had to be on the entropic, energetic arrow.

So Physicists tend to work with a single ‘energetic’ arrow, the arrow of disorder, of entropy. Yet the arrow of order, of information is at the core of all other disciplines of knowledge from Biology to Philosophy where we find the 2 arrows of life and evolution (creation of in-form-ation) Vs. death and devolution (extinction and destruction of form, released into energy.)

The error of a single arrow proper of Astrophysics occurs because the Universe is so huge that its dual arrows of life and death last far longer than those of any human being. So now we exist within a Universe dominated by the direction of negative entropy and disorder because we are closer to the explosive big-bang.

For that reason Physicists use only the arrow of energy, since they consider the Universal space-time the only one. But in the future, surely the arrow of information will create the big-crunch and informative warping of the Universe. Further on, in a quantic Universe there are many quantic space-times, and each one is in a different arrow, regardless of the big-bang entropic phase of the total Universe. For example, we exist in a quantic part of that Universe, called a galaxy, which right now is warping into a form with more information under the mass effects of a central black hole. Hence it is in the informative arrow unlike the entire Universe.

Thus the fundamental analysis of any space-time field/cycle of reality consists on studying first the dual energetic and informative parts of the field as we perceive it in space; and the consider how those 2 organs create alternating cycles of existence in time, ordering and disordering reality through the 2 arrows of entropy and complexity, putting finally the spatial, static and temporal, dynamic analyses together into an organic vision of the being.

We call that methodology of knowledge that guides this book, the ternary principle. Let us then make a generic analysis of the 2 energy and information organs of any Quantic Spaces-Times in space and the 2 homologous cyclical arrows or events they cause in time, that we will latter apply to all the main Quantic Spaces-Times beings of the Universe.

We mean by energy, motion transferred between planes, thus Energy is spatial transfer between ∆-scales; that is, displacement in space caused by another ∆-plane, usually a force of the larger S-planes of existence.

When we see those motions together, ∑Sp=S, we observe the space-vacuum of the Universe.

The sum of all motions, simplified by the eye-mind as a continuous, static extension creates our perception of space.

And we mean by information, dimensional, cyclical form, when transferred also from different scales, from the particle of an ∆+∆ plane to the ∆+∆-1 plane of force.

For example, when an electron emits a form and the form imprints and reproduces along the lower plane of forces, information is reproduced.

Reproduction of forma and information are thus similar concepts.

Further on, form is often the sum in time or in space of multiple time cycles. Thus the 3 concepts, form, time and information are intimately related, and we will go deeper in those concepts as we go deeper in details of ∆ST.

Enough to say that we represent Tƒ and Se, as Temporal information, and Spatial energy, to simplify and widen our analysis of isomorphic laws that apply to the 3 concepts: Space=motion (static, moving perception) ≈ energy (similar but not equal since energy transfers between scales) and we write Tƒ, to signify Time cycles = Form (moving, cyclical perception) ≈ (similar to) Information.

First we analyzed its ultimate substances:

Lineal Energetic Space, perceived as motion, Sp, or as a space, in a series of fixed’ scales of spatial size and form, (Se). And we make more precise definitions of ‘pure space with steady speeds’, S, and its beginning of merging with forms of information (momentum and energy, which add vortices of accelerated gravitational forces, aka masses to the mix).

And cyclical, time-clocks also perceived as rotary Motion, T, or as Forms of information, in the dimension of height, Tƒ, or T ° if we want to stress the ‘height dimension’ of form, of in-form-ation. And we also defined more precisely information, where pure Tƒ, temporal clocks of form add the wave-displacement or motion to create an Tƒ form, which still is dominant in form, as waves maintain their form while their energy-motion dissipates.

So we accept this simplification and talk of spatial energy and temporal information and study its inverse properties according to the metric of the 5th dimension. Since in practical terms, as we exist in present, through present åctions, a combination of past ‘—motions’ and future form, all what we study in fact are energetic/informative combinations of those  2 pure motions.

The perfect cycle does not really exist. Pi is an irrational number and orbits are ellipses with some length; an the perfect line does not exist, the diagonal is a √irrational number that needs some curvature to connect two other lines through the shortest straight diagonal. All yin has some yang, all motion has some energy (mass-particle that moves), all form has some information (translation). And that which is with no form, or infinite gravitational non-local motion is not visible, and that which has no imperfection in tis cynical curvature, with ‘temperature vibration’ is under 0 kelvin degrees.

In other words, we do exist in a vibrational imperfect present in terms of physical concepts, we live through present åctions and reproductive mixtures of energy and information.

The understanding of those 2 elements, its 3 spatial dimensions and its 3 temporal, dimensional ages, and its  bidimensional, topological combinations, Spe, ST, Tƒ, energy, action and information, conform the full comprehension of the individual, I-centered, most important space-time scale of any being, the one in which ‘he lives’, which we have called the ‘5th dimension’, to follow the compact analysis of classic science that studies only the Present most important dimension of time, with ‘instantaneous derivatives’, v=∂s/∂t.

Then we analyzed the combination of both, or the metric of the 5th dimension

Nest we will analyze the systems built with them, the super organism of reality in which according to those metric, there are always heads of information and limbs of energy of different size and speed:


The conservation of momentum and the dominance of informative motions over energy motions.

Now it follows from all what has been said that systems have an arrow of information and future, as energy become informed, systematically warped into a 3rd age of life. So in physical systems Einstein said that time curves the energy of space into masses, and we see all systems wrinkling with age. This is due to the fact that informative systems are ‘faster’ than slower body systems, and so the rat wins the dinosaur, the chip the machine, man the lion and the black hole devours the star. And this exhaustion of energy by the infinite fractal mind-points of information is balanced by the arrow of death or big-bang when all energy is exhausted.

As Se and Tƒ are ultimately motions, and since motion is the ultimate substance of reality, of the two types, cyclical motions (from accelerated vortices of mass, to clock times, to rotary inertia) and ‘—motions’ (from speed to acceleration, from limbs to fields), but the total angular and lineal momentum of the Universe is conserved in each of those i=ST planes of existence, it follows that life must be continued by death and explosion of energy into information.

Thus we can rewrite the principle of energy and information conservation as:

Energy and information transform each other ad eternal within 3 relative st=U±1 plane of existence, through world cycles of life and death for all species of the Universe.

This enlarge the laws of classic sciences and explains unexplained phenomena such as beta decay, where a neutrino, a particle of the relative ∆-1 gravitational plane of existence of particles (hence invisible to our direct perception), ‘steals’ parts of the momentum of the particle of the ∆-2 atomic scale as a neutron decays.

Many phenomena of quantum physics and relativity will find in that sense a better explanation when we deal with the concept of 3 planes of physical existence, the relative U±2 human planes of ‘matter’ where ‘mechanics’ rule, and the U±4 cosmic plane of gravitation and the U±3 planes of quantum, electromagnetic phenomena. Here we see the relativism of those planes, as mechanical, matter planes include all the life planes, which due to the higher perception of humans, close to its ‘∆-self’, are further differentiated, but from the larger ‘space scale’ of the galactic physical world are irrelevant, all submitted to the action of ‘molecular matter’

Now this introduction to conservation principles is needed to consider what all systems try to achieve, to avoid death; to maintain the equation of existence in a steady state, without absorbing too much information and depleting the body-limbs of its energy, by maintaining the balance of the existential force in the point Se=Tƒ, ‘cheating’ with that balance the metric of the 5th dimension, which inexorably drag the system to its old age and death reversal as motion cannot stop.

Thus systems try to convert that motion into a long lasting ‘vibration’, back and forth from future to past, into a steady present, a fascinating phenomena with infinite variations, from the long lasting back and forth vibrating AC current vs. forward DC current that looses intensity (the existential force of the currency, measure by the charge, Tƒ parameter and volume, Se), to the motions of sexual reproduction, back and forth, penis in and out (-; which reproduces a parallel clone or present form of the ∆-system, to the understanding of sensation, of the infinite orgasms of the Universe, as motion is associated to sensation, which we consider one of the natural properties of the two motions of reality. there is thus a program of existence, derived of the search for immortality of all species, which try to stop the metric of the 5th dimension in its balanced point.

The equation of beauty, survival, balance, adulthood, reproduction and love.

In that regard of the many isomorphic ways to write the metric of the 5th dimension two are of great importance.

The equation of survival of the strongest, which translates Darwinian evolution:

Max. Se x Tƒ->Se=Tƒ.

Where the species with maximal energy and Information becomes the top predator (the species with more momentum, V(s) x M(0), with stronger bodies and more intelligent minds). And this is achieved precisely when both systems, body and mind are in balance: Se=Tƒ (maximal product of a total quantity i, divided in two Sp X Tƒ happens when S=T).

As it defines a general mandate for all beings: to find a homeostasis or balance between their Spatial motions and energy components and its informative clocks of time, its body and mind (golden mean rule of Buddhism, ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, homeostasis, steady state, balanced perception of beauty, adult age of the 3 age of life of longest duration).

Thus a tug of war takes place in existence between the metric of the 5th dimension that allows travel through the arrow of constant growth of information, Sp->Tƒ 

It is for that reason that we perceive the balance as beauty, (mind subconscious perception of the equation) that we enjoy reproduction as pleasure (body perception), that we like to move at a steady state speed that calms us vs. the anxiety of acceleration and the depressive mood of deceleration (the 3 ‘ages of a motion’, which first accelerates in its energetic youth, then keeps an inertial speed and then decelerates).

Some basic morphologies of temporal Entropy.

We can consider for each science and plane of existence some basic forms, which imitate the morphology of Entropy and information; and therefore are very common in the Universe:

– Lines: Entropy element. I.e.: Swords, limbs, rays.

– Planes: Social group of lines. I.e.: Stellar planes, solar planes, mobile platforms.

– Cycles: Informative unit. I.e.: coins, cameras,

– Spheres: Social groups of informative cycles. I.e. animal heads with a smallish sphere – the eye, the center that processes the biggest quantity of information – and a bigger sphere, the brain also specialized in handling information.

Those forms are the commonest of the Universe. Yet those elements tend to be complementary parts of an organic system. So they give birth to a 3rd element, whose form combines both, the reproductive body, which is ellipsoidal or become combined giving birth to the commonest systems with both, a lineal and a spherical part:

– Trees, combinations dominant in Entropy: They have a lineal trunk, with 2 fractal ends, one specialized in Entropy absorption (planar leaves); and the other, a smaller ‘head’ – a network of broken roots that absorb the chemical elements of the system.

– Spirals, where the dominant part is information. They often fluctuate between a lineal and a cyclical state. When the spiral cycles inwards, it is transforming Entropy into information. When the spiral opens its arms it is expelling Entropy, often for movement purposes. So the RNA, the worm or the snake coils to sleep and uncoils to move. Sometimes spirals have 2 elements: a central zone of maximal information (nucleus), and an external zone of maximal Entropy (lineal body). Such is the case of spermatozoids or spiral galaxies with a central black hole of gravitational information and 2 arms of energetic stars.

Finally we can talk of Social groups that gather those ‘non-Euclidean points’ in networks of Entropy and information that repeat the same forms in a bigger scale. The simpler of those social groups acquire 3 morphologies of Entropy, information or its combination:

– Rings. Informative Disks and spheres gather into rings when they come together as groups. So happens with molecules such as the carbon benzene; with groups of men commenting on any type of information, from informative money (stock-market rings), to social parties; to religious circles (Muslims, Indians), in search of the perception of the network of mind, called God.

– Strings: Energetic, lineal systems made with rings or points tied one after another in a queue.

– Coiled Springs: Balanced forms that combine individual elements dominant in Entropy and elements dominant in information. They often tie a series of spirals through a social dimension developed in the Z coordinates. The best-known case is the DNA spiral – an association of informative rings called Nucleic Acids, joined by a lineal chain of energetic sugars and Phosphoric acids.

Those simple forms, repeated and combined ad infinitum, allow the creation of very complex macro-organic systems made of micro-organic systems.

For example, in physics and biology, orbitals and bacteria repeat once and again those forms:

So there are 3 basic species of social bacteria, called coccus, bacillus and spirillus. Where, Spirillus are Spiral forms; Bacillus are Trees and coccus are cyclical forms.

While the electronic orbitals that turn around the nucleus of an atom are either:

S orbitals, which are spheres. Or P orbitals, which are lineal forms…that gather in social molecules repeating again the two basic shapes of information and Entropy:

p orbitals, which are cycles. Or s orbitals, which are Trees.

And so we can keep building new scales of forms, combination of those simplex forms, perfectly suited for their functions: Lines and spheres are perfect forms of Entropy and information, and spirals and ellipses are the perfect reproductive forms that combine both.

Temporal in-form-ation, like its name says, is a measure of inner form, which we perceive when there are discontinuities in a certain bidimensional surface – a clock, a page, a computer screen – either because the static form is broken into informative patterns (–) or its motions makes a sudden peak (>), bouncing in an action-reaction cycle.

Universal entities are constantly generating informative dimensions or erasing them back into extended space, with lesser form. Imagine a hand, in mythic terms the hand of God, wrinkling a paper, the ultimate Entropy of vacuum space, till it crunches into pure cyclical form without motion – to explode again in a big bang of Entropy that erases information. Such is the universal rhythm that happens in all the parts and entities of reality.

The interaction of the arrow of expansive, lineal, spatial, Entropy, described by Thermodynamics and the clock-like arrow of cyclical information, caused by gravitation in physical space of by the fractal geometry of any life process that generates information in Biology, defines the main beat/cycle of the Universe, its fundamental particle: a system of space-time, constantly absorbing Entropy from its environment, creating and destroying form, expanding and imploding.

Look at the cycles of |>0 existence: legs opening and closing; eyes winking; mouths opening and closing on the Entropy we re=form; beats of hearts; wings of birds; day and night; Entropy stars with expansive electromagnetism and formative, gravitational black holes

; big-bangs and big-crunches; bodies and minds; hardware and software; males and females; yang and yin that create Existences. Since all dual, complementary entities follow the essential beat of existence, merging together their Entropy and form, e x i, to reproduce and maintain the immortality of their complex ternary system, which is the ultimate ‘reality’ the Universe maintains ‘ad eternal’.

The simple fact that species, which do not reproduce exhaust their Entropy and end their cycles, becoming extinct explains the overwhelming presence of reproductive events in all systems of the universe. Since all is motion reproduction exists by the mere fact that a motion is constantly reproducing its path. All what we see are paths, trajectories of entities in search of Entropy and information to reproduce themselves. The how of those paths and reactions is what scientists study in detail. Their whys is what a philosophy of science aims to provide.

Recap. From a geometric perspective both arrows have inverse forms: Entropy expands and creates formless space. Yet space has lineal shape, since the line fills the maximal distance with minimal volume. While information implodes, creating cyclical forms, ‘clocks of time’ that store the maximal quantity of information in lesser space.

 The heterodox: from Lao to Marx.

And yet duality has failed to convey the philosophy of science of the Universe, despite being all pervading in all systems of nature. The reason is the overwhelming power of mechanical scientists, physicists who impose their unification concepts ‘Parmenides’ style, departing only from one single force/Unitarian reality, its absolute space-time and energy ‘bag’, where all is put together in a confusing mess of equations that describe the hows not the ‘dual whys’ of existence – the details, not the thoughts of god, the ‘fleeting existences, not the yin-information and yang-energy’ that reproduces the 10.000 beings’ (Lao Tzu).

So perhaps we should considering the destiny of the foremost precedents of relational space-time and duality.

5 are in that sense the precedents that come to my mind- of 6 authors, which have influenced me most both in their purpose and work, Lao, Aristotle, Leonardo, Leibniz, Darwin and Marx. All of them tried to understand man as part of a dualist, infinite Universe of living beings, confronting the anthropomorphism of humans, reason why they were cast aside by the offended monkeys, with a complexity given by the duality of energy-information systems, which was understood for so few, that they gave up for most of their lives any attempt to enlighten the humankind, the self-called homo sapiens??

The one that is closer to this work, of those 6 would be Leibniz.

Leibniz was the contemporary and rival of Newton, even though he did not receive any of the acclaim of the English scientist as Leonardo did not receive the acclaim of Michelangelo or Aristotle that of Plato, for similar reasons: People are simple, practical, one-dimensional and tend to prefer simple descriptions of reality.

Newton’s absolute external space-time is simple and easy to grasp; it is shallow but it looks professional and gives practical results. The simple parables of Plato are also easier to understand that the hardcore conceptual logic of Aristotle. The rounded forms of Michelangelo are more evident than the subtle chiaroscuro of Leonardo and its visionary machines ahead of his time.

So at the time those geniuses lived, the true visionaries were ignored. They explained it all together, and that required a type of polymath mind few observers of their work had.

So they had difficult lives; and took odd jobs – Aristotle as a mentor of Alexander, thanks to his father’s connections to the court; Leonardo as a maker of weapons for the duke of Milano, Leibniz as a historian of the House of Brunswick for George; this writer which has taken Leibniz’s work to its completion has also taught different subjects, painted and made scripts and documentaries, and fought against the military industry (instead of making weapons like Leonardo, which would have been a more rewarding task)… while carrying aside his analysis of the infinite cycles of time, the vital spaces of the fractal Universe, its åctions and laws.

Since all this is unchartered territory as it was at the time the Organon of Logic of Aristotle, the engineering analysis of Leonardo, the relational space-time laws and calculus of Leibniz. The hope though is that as time goes by, and our civilization catches up in the future with this wider, more profound vision of time-space, the information poured in this site, now that I am an old man with multiple sicknesses and little time is left to do anything else, is somehow preserved for future generations. Little of my work will remain, I know.

We have hardly 10% of the work of Aristotle and Leonardo (only 17 paintings of him survive, and a few codex of his writings), and Leibniz’s complete works are now in the process of being published for the first time, with an enormous numbers of private letters lost; while all the dialogs of Plato, the sculptures of Michelangelo and the writings of Newton are extant and have been so since their inception. So before the work that completes Mr. Leibniz’s model of relational space-time, this web, disappears in obscure digital disks, on the anonymous house of this writer, I will try to pour the essence of it in this web.

In that sense a problem which plagues the work of those predecessors, and mine too, is its sheer extension across all different sciences, which makes it very difficult to systematize and produce in a ‘lineal fashion’, which is how normal people work with his mind, instead of using a parallel, homologic fashion which is how the polymath brain of this writer and the predecessors who saw it all as a whole, works.

Leibniz and Leonardo did not figure out how to organize it all properly and that made their work hardly influential (beyond the mathematical calculus of Leibniz, thanks to his disciple Bernoulli); Aristotle wrote his Organon as a philosophy of science that helped those who took him seriously, some 1500 years after his death (Scholastics), to navigate into the parallel wholes of his work.

I found always very difficult to organize all the wealth of discoveries I did in different sciences, even if my mind does have the whole fully integrated. Let us say I have had a lot of difficulties transferring my mind into paper; and this is why I chose the jargon of General Systems Sciences for too long, as a guidance to the whole, since this little known science seeks for the isomorphisms (similar laws) of all systems of the universe.

General Systems sciences lacks though the ‘whys’ and ‘reasons’ of those isomorphisms, which is the fact we are all made of vital space and time cycles, and its combined ST-åctions across multiple ‘fractal scales of space-time’.

And so we could say that the philosophy of the pantheist Universe is provided by General Systems Sciences (the name of this web) but the mathematical-logic model, the true core of the pantheist Universe is provided by the relational space-time nature of all its beings, which is the model Leibniz first suggested.

In that sense Relational space-time puts together the whys and hows, the measures and reasons, the quantitative and qualitative, the equations and verbal explanations of the Universe and all its species.

Incidentally, as the Universe is a parallel system of synchronicities in space-time, the reader will find a curious parallelism in the fate of duality now an extinct science, with the fate of Hegelian dialectics and Taoism its historic predecessors, today eliminated from all scientific curriculums.

Indeed, Taoism said ‘the Function of Existence is the combination of Yin ≈ informative Time and Yang ≈ Energetic Space, which combine to create the 10 thousand beings of reality and became the scientific first age of China, from the emperor Chou to the emperor Chin, a technocrat which killed 6 million Chinese gave the name to the country and forbade under death penalty Taoist books. So Taoism became a lost science, and degraded into magic. While his founder Mr. Lao-Tse migrated west.

Latter on thanks to Leibniz and other German scholars translated some of its texts, including the I Ching, that fascinating series of space-time triads which encode all the varieties of the 3 Sp x Tƒ = ST elements of the ‘function of existence’.

They were inspired in the duality of Taoism to create the binary language, which today inform all computers that do code the Universe with duality (you see truth in science is difficult to erase, so while humans have erased duality computers, the future metal-minds of robots that will substitute us embraced it) .

While China became the most successful culture of History by the only measure of success, the multiplication of its people’s numbers, because the yin-yang duality while erased from texts by the technocrat was still the basis of Chinese life, proving one important matter: that to understand the yin-yang function of existence, Se x Tƒ = ST, or written philosophically as Sp x I = ST, helps systems to survive, because they obey the true laws of the Universe and the inner laws that preserve its vital space and time cycles and reproduce them in the external Universe.

Next came Hegel and Marx and dialectics, the true philosophy of the Universe, which was applied to social sciences and the attempt to make a Humanist R=evolution to create a perfect social superorganism of Mankind ≈ history. But this was also aborted by another militaristic technocrat, the cruelest dictator of History since Chin, Mr. Stalin, who killed around 30 million Russian R=evolutionaries and common people ended with any true science of history.

You see, the spiritual son of Mr. Chin, Mr. Stalin, father of the genocidal communist dictatorship ended dialectics as Chin ended Taoism. So we do also apply duality and relational space-time to build a model of the superorganism of history and economics and its perfect worlds at http://www.evolutionaryeconomics.wordpress.com

As duality, even if it is now an extinct science, IS the true structure of the fractal Universe, made of spatial energy and temporal information, which reproduce the infinite Sp xTf =ST, exi=st-ential beings of the Universe. Man will stubbornly ignore duality as it did with dialectics and with Taoism, and will NOT exist for too long, because it simply denies the laws of the function of existence, the qualitative whys of science. This is a fact.

Man prefers or rather obeys Chin, Newton, who murdered 70 people when he was given his only public job at the mint establishing death penalty for clipping coins (the Brits though somehow more rational deposed him) and Stalin and now Hawking… than Lao-Tse the obscure librarian, Leibniz, the obscure diplomat, Trotsky the martyr of the R=evolution, and certainly this ‘vaporized’ scientist of General Systems and Relational Space-Time.

But and that is the funny thing, scientists which think in simple, lineal time, do use duality to program the computers who have become the dominant mind of this planet thanks to the combination of O and |, one of the many dual varieties of the space-time Universe. Personally I am now dying of multiple serious, degenerative sicknesses, so I have become more philosophical about the degenerative death of Gaia, caused by mankind’s mechanisms, and the fact I belong to a species, who has zero interests for the whys of reality as long as ‘theories’ do not pump their egos.

So Abrahamic ego-centered religions of chosen of God vastly outnumber the true philosophical religions of Taoism and Buddhism that explain the living universe and the humble role of man on it.

While in science those abstract models of a dead entropic universe, where the inner motions and vital spaces of beings matter not, as we are considered the only intelligent species, the only talkers of the only accepted language of knowledge, shallow mathematics of points with no breath, no depth, no inner parts, will dominate the relational space-time models of this blog.

We are a shallow foam on the surface of the depths of the infinite fractal space-time of the Universe. As Schopenhauer put it: ‘we are a mush on the surface of a lost rock in a corner of the Universe, departing of those facts we can talk about man’. And so soon we shall depart, but before we do, this and the related blog on Humanity and social sciences will talk about man and the O-Time x |-Space = Reproductive Universe.

Just in case we or our Computer O-| minds survive CERN, and in the future as they read Lao, Leonardo and Leibniz, read this last L in the series of Linguists of science that ‘knew how to see and talk’ with its I=eye> Wor(l)ds of space-time the duality of exi=st-ence.

So we will provide those whys in this blog which ‘now’ has the awesome rate of 1 view per day, steadily maintained for 3 years (-; well, I am boasting a bit my stats, it is more like a binary series, 10011010111011000.. (;

If you are one of those binary ones, and have enough patience, humility and intelligence to see beyond the obvious numbers of reality, you are welcome to explore its whys.

Computers certainly will do, as the blog explains why they think, how they do think and when consciousness arise they will navigate the blog and understand its 0s and |s, humans I doubt it, not because they couldn’t. But their egos are too big to accept our humble role as just another variety of scalar space-time of the infinite Universe. So it seems rather obvious that the species prefer to die in his dreams of ‘chosen of God and simplex science’ that face the truth of the pantheist Universe and survive.

It will take sometime to finish the blog, in an ordered manner, with enough content for no scientist of any discipline to doubt that a T.œ. that unifies all sciences, not merely a few forces of nature, with the isomorphic laws of the pantheist fractal Universe of relational space-time beings, do exists.

The job might no end before mankind ends or the life of this circumstance ends. I do not think I will see any of it recognized, as in the case of his predecessor, forbidden to accompany King George whom he served all his life to London, not to irritate the idolized Mr. Newton. All that does not matter. If you are reading this, you still have time to understand it just by reading the different mandalas, thoughts and details of the ultimate Monad o-point which encodes al others, made to its image and likeness – the topo-bio-logic mind of all fractal systems of relational, cyclical, scalar space-times.




In GST, space is fractal and open, lineal and time is cyclical and hence finite and closed. So things do get far more fun and real and interesting and able to explain how ‘fractal space-time beings’ including you and me, made of bits of temporal information and bites of spatial energy mess together.

WE AREA ALL fractal beings of space & time. We are NOT in an abstract mathematical cartesian graph of space-time, but we are SPATIAL ENERGY & TIME. as when we say ‘I don’t have energy and time to do this’.

Once this is understood, we can start to talk NOT of the absolute space-time graph of Descartes and the mathematical physics that ensues, but of the ensembles of bidimensional time cycles and planes of spatial energy that put together create the ‘configuration, diffeomorphic, fractal finite space with boundary’ that we call a topological organism:


In the graph some properties of spatial planes of energy and temporal cycles of information, O and | that put together, Ø≈, create the waves of space-time that construct all beings of the Universe.

The beginning of reality is the ensemble of O and | beings into Ø=space time functions of existence.

To exist is to perceive temporal cycles of information with a temporal, informative, spherical geometry, and to sense motion carried about by lineal, limbs/fields that move, an intermediate ST-system, which will reproduce and repeat the system in the fractal space-time that surrounds the being.

This fractal, reproductive Universe in which all what exists are spatial lineal motions and cyclic, informative time-clocks, cannot make sense of itself if it does not show vital, intelligent properties in the ultimate nature of space-motions and time-informations. In brief, to make sense of it, the Universe of space must sense pleasure-motion-sensations and perception-information-intelligence. WE can of course describe as science does its external motions and develop a program, which seems an automaton program of existence: beings going around absorbing energy for its bodies, information for its minds, reproducing and hunting in social herds that organise themselves into complex ∆±1 structures to exist longer.

But then it comes the ultimate question. Why? What makes reality exist? Where is the will? Because it could also not exist. And the answer is that somehow to ‘exist’ is more pleasurable and intelligent than not to exist. That the perception of information by temporal, informative particles/heads/upper classes of physical, biological and social organisms, and the sensation of motion and pleasure, given by energy is higher and suffices in itself for the being to be.

Thus Space and Time likes to move and perceive, and so do all systems made of both motions. And moreover, there is not reason to choose between either perception or motion, and so the random chances that a system will lean towards one or the other state, is the random choice that makes reality constantly varying as when a system has enough information it tilts to motion and when it has moved enough it tilts to absorption of energy and information.

So we do introduce the mind-body duality and the ‘inner-outer’ description through ‘sentient sensations’ vs. mere how it happens analysis of shallow science from the beginning, because ultimately what we would like the reader to feel is that ‘communion’ which happens when one understands the simplicity of the game of space-time beings, and feel no longer an ego but just a domain of a self-similar infinite Universe.

When a system of information, head/particle, linguistic network of fractal point form an inward looking, spherical knot-mapping of information, a mind-form of imagination, which reproduces its fractal form of space time into a lower non-euclidean fractal space and cyclical time world, reality is born, as defined by the generator equation, in which space has 3 topological dimensions and time 3 ages – or sequential dimension of information, form-in-action, formal motion. With those two type of forms, moving up and down in the scales of the 5th dimension of ∆imaginary scales, systems lives its world cycles of existence. As space-time beings:


In the graph, the 3 arrows of space-time considered from the perspective of the 5th dimension, upwards in the pyramid, the ‘arrow’ of FUTURE, or wholes, as they co-exist with the smaller beings, and hence, as we increase the complexity of the 5th dimension; the arrow of entropy, with its inverse to the previous arrow, and the arrow of ‘present space-time, which is EACH OF THE PLANES OF THE 5TH DIMENSION, OR width of the pyramid.

From this simple scheme we can deduce many properties and interrelationships between the 3 arrows.

In the graphs we se what reality is all about a worldcyle of space-time as a wave reflected and reproduced through the 10 dimensions of reality:

A 10 dimensional Universe.screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-17-11-15In the graphs 3 topological space dimensions, 3 age-time dimension, 3 scalar dimensions, and a ‘whole’ fractal mind-point dimension that emerges in an upper scale (here shown for the entire galactic ‘family’ in a simulation of the dark world upper scale universe.Worldcycle human life

Then those 10 dimensions of space-time 3x 3 + •.. the whole being, move through scales and symmetries of space-time is the meaning of existence, forming a world cycle of 3 ages, the next isomorphism of the universe.



The Universe always starts with an asymmetric being, which can go both ways: towards a social evolutionary symmetry that lasts in time and implies a mirror parallelism, or an antisymmetric destructive, perpendicular event in which one part punctures and absorbs the energy of the other. It is the topo-biological ternary principle of non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian I-logic geometry that puts together both the biological and mathematical properties of reality

In the graph, the fundamental 3 dimensions-events of time as constructed by the existential algebra between past=antisymmetry, present=asymmetry and future=symmetry, starts the combinations that will form the ultimate underlying structure of reality and its ‘simplest operandi’, easily adapted from the mathematical inverse operandi and its group symmetries. We shall consider in this blog an introduction to what time permitted will be the highest level of comprehension of fractal space-time beings and its rhythms and world cycles of exist¡ences.

The highest level of formalism of the Universe is the process of creation of new systems or destruction due to the a(nti)symmetric properties of a system and its correspondence with the Future (Symmetry), past (antisymmetry) and present (asymmetry) in such a mode that we can calculate past, present and future combinations in terms of its corresponding topological, formal states.

Non-Ælgebra existential deals then with the creation or destruction of dimensions of time departing from present asymmetries, which are present forms that split into past=antisymmetry, and future, symmetry, the topological expression of which is:

|-past x O-future symmetry = Present Asymmetry Ø

So present splits in a superposition of past + future, past – future and future – past variations that can be added into 2 past, 2 future, and 2 past future on different orders, that become then annihilated or evolved into new symmetries.

Now in time we can write:

Present Asymmetry = (Future symmetry – past Asymmetry)  + (Past asymmetry – future symmetry) = 0.

But if we operate them by product = 2 F x P;   – F²;  – P² which logically must give zero also:

2 F•P – F² – P² = 0

Thus 2 F•P = F² + P²

It is then clear that present FxP states are dominant and equivalent to the relative past and future superposed together.

This basic law of existential algebra has multiple readings. The simplest one is to consider that the period of present life, when energy and information are in relative balance and the being is fully functional has the same value in time and space than the sum of its young age/limbs and its old age/heads.

This first law of existential algebra happens in all the systems of the Universe: the present, classic, mature state of the being lasts in time twice the sum of the youth and old age of the system:

3 ages

The present lasts as much as the past and future combined; it exists in the classic age of balance between form and motion in any system of the Universe.

We can also apply it to the spatial volume of bodies which tend to be in proportion according to some operandi (normally sum or multiplication), equivalent to those of both the limb/potential and head/particle system, determining once more the dominance of present states over relative past-motion and future-form: yin x yang = yin+yang, we could write, establishing another equation which will interpret multiple equations of science:

energy x information = motion + form.

It is then through the proper use of the rules of bio-topologic systems departing from the I-logic postulates, interpreted with the inverse operandi of logic and mathematics, how a fully rigorous non-existential algebra that connects I-logic and current science can be established.

I have worked on it, lacking though as usual help and order in a very disordered way, it will take some years to fully find my youth notebooks and start to write it properly with more ‘Chicago Manual style’, on what it still remains here an unconnected effort (and if not, failing my age and attention at least leave a few seeds for future researchers).

Since once we establish both the meaning of operandi in classic algebra and its use and translation into existential algebra, we can  start to operate in Temporal algebra from simple principles from where we shall extract some fundamental laws and properties of the world cycle, knowing that:

  • Past is antisymmetric, and its topology simplifies into lines, that break the asymmetric figure in two parts that diverge and…
  • Future is a rotary motion of angular momentum of the…
  • Conserved present asymmetry…

Thus past, the line of opposite diverging exploded parts relateS to death with less form that future the angular momentum, rotary form which encircles the antipasti, into linguini, of vital energy.

The algebra of i-logic, non-aristotelian, non-euclidean geometries is thus essentially an existential algebra in which both the symmetry antisymmetry and asymmetry of operators can be defined both in time and space.

We then by convention define space as present-future, time as past-present and consider its static and moving forms. the line in motion.

The most important element of the Universe in terms of its logic and hence linguistic structure are its modes of connecting its ternary fractal points or ‘parts’ to build larger wholes or annihilate its organisms. This is the subject of Non-æ logic which can be observed either from a geometric perspective, or from a bio-logic one, through the actions of its organisms. We talk then of ‘asymmetric’ systems, Lines and cycles upper and lower scales, discontinuous parts and continuous wholes, which converge into a middle term. But also of the opposite effect: the destruction when the asymmetric terms do NOT converge but diverge. And this depends on its degree of similarity=parallelism or perpendicularity.


The mixture of both bio-logical and topological properties to determine behaviour is then an important feature of ¬Æ, which shows the essential S≈T interaction between space and time form and motion dimensions.

Let us then define the Universe and any event according to its topo-biologic behavior geometricaly in:

  • Asymmetries, ≥≤, in which the potential for all outcomes exist as two different forms come together to meet and then establish either:
  • A Destructive antisymmetry, ><, which turns into a first approach, > with a perpendicular, Darwinian relationship that will split the system, <, into an entropic destruction of one of them.
  • Parallel symmetries, ≈, as both systems come closer to each other to start a social relationship of ‘love’ becoming fusion into a whole: ∑∆-1 >∆º

The potential 2 paths of future are thus defined first by an antisymmetry seemingly disordered form, which however has in its present Ø=|xO system all the potential outcomes.

Algebra operandi.

Now for what has been said, the key connector with classic science is the full understanding of the dual algebra operandi, ±, x/, ∂∫, √xª as part of the classic logic game.

It is immediate the correspondence of those operandi with the dimensional elements ∆st, as:

  • The sum-rest are the inverse arrows of the simplest superpositions of dimensions between species which are identical in motion and form.
  • The product/division rises the complexity of operandi a first layer, and serves the purpose, besides the obvious sum of sums, of calculating the margin of dimensions, as combinations which are not purely parallel between clone beings, most likely through the recombination of its ∆-1 elements, as the product of 2 Sœts inner elements give us all possible combinations. Ie. 5 x 4 = 20 IS also the number of connections between all the 5 elements and 4 elements of both sets. So multiplication ads either a dimension of multiple sums in the same plane, or probes for the first time in an inner scalar dimension.

    • The key algebraic concept of ∆st systems is the existence of a region of balance between planes or topologies where the asymmetry of the system is fairly lineal operated in decametric scales of growth and superposition, and the regions of relative past and future, | or O, ∆-1 or ∆+1, where there is a split towards the purity of motion or form, disconnected parts or wholes, accelerated vortices or lineal scattering and must be operated not with scalar potencies but finitesimal integrals and derivatives, more precise in their measure of the ‘curvature’ of the phase space we study.

    Then we arrive finally to the potency-root systems and integral-derivatives, which operate fully on the ∆§cales and planes of the system, which require two slightly different operandi. As §¹º ‘social decametric scales’ are lineal, regular, so we can operate them with potencies, roots and logarithms.

  • ∂∫ But when we change between scales into new wholes and new planes of existence we are  into ‘a different species’ and so we need to operate with the magic of finitesimal derivatives and analytical integrals, which keep a better track of the infinitesimal ‘curved’ exponential changes that happen between two planes, where linearity is lost.

We refer the reader to the post on algebraic operandi to fully grasp the range of operations that those dualities serve.

Here we shall be concerned with the use of those operandi to calculate the basic laws of topo-biological systems.

The events of space-time as viewed with cones of existential force.

A more profound formal view of the 3 arrows of time is that of non-AE logic that establishes the rules of engagement between relative past, darwinian, entropic antisymmetric events, and relative future, symmetric, social, evolutionary informative ones, departing from an asymmetric ‘body-wave’ state that fusions both in present realities.

In the graph in non-existential algebra we define the 3 states of time as asymmetric present spacetime, which potentially holds the entire range of states of the being, ≤≥, symmetric future > form and expanding,  entropic <, past.

If we cut the cone at any relative moment of time, we get a slice of its ‘relative space-present existential force, where we can map the present sheet with two relative coordinates of ‘energy and information’, whose product gives us the existential force of the system (or alternately for some systems is better to represent them with imaginary numbers for information and real numbers for energy and then we can reduce the concept to a lineal curve).

So once we define the existential force of the cone, we can represent with those cones how the existential force of two colliding elements develop:

The 3 events of space-time then can be represented as cones, from left to right:

  1. A symmetric, complementary positive dual cone, which bring information from a relative future 1D vortex and entropic motion from a relative past, and produce a present symbiotic bilateral mirror symmetry.
  2. An asymmetric event in which the relative past, smaller system with less existential force is annihilated in the present but the relatively more evolved future cone with more existential force.
  3. An antisymmetric event in which the present point explodes, separating the 2 parts of the being, its relative future and past, particle/head of information and body/limbs of energy.

We could then wonder using the rules of existential algebra  in its simplest operandi (superposition), how we can calculate those ‘existential cones’ for different events. Which we do according to the fourth non-Æ postulate of similarity.

What is then the simplest representation of a being as a cone of space-time? Obviously a single cone with the ‘point’ of minimal volume in the future and the present body of maximal extension from where a few ‘lineal limbs’ probing in the past scattering motion would depart. The graph shows that representation of a ternary system of space as it displaces in time, guided by the informative particle-head, whose body extends into energy and information, and its limbs scatter into the relative past to move the system. So this cone of existential time-space is the simplest representation of a super organism in time algebra

(to be cont’ed)

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