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10 Physical Ðisomorphisms




0.@: Singularities in Physics.

 1.Γ: The fractal space-time Generator.

2-4. S≤≥T: (a)nti-symmetries across scales. Bidimensional forces & waves.

3. Networks≈Forces in physical scales. Universal Constants: S/T; S≈T; T/S ratios.

6. Variations of ternary and dual species: Its Symmetries.

5. Max. ∫exi ∂ st: Actions and functions of existence in Physical scales.

7.ð: E=mc²: States=Ages of physical systems.

. The immortal Universe and its physical worldcycles.

9, 10: Ƥocial scales and Physical Planes:


The disomorphic method studies in a vital, sequential time manner the world cycle of beings. As such is the equivalent in time of the Generator equation of super organisms, a more static spatial expression, on how systems ‘travel through the 5th dimension of space-time’ – which is the ultimate meaning of existence. We divide that travel into a generational sequence, departing from an ∆-1 seed (fractal points), which generate as it emerges from the o-1 unit sphere into a larger 1-∞ Universe a series of asymmetric actions reproducing 3 physiological networks that create the being as an ∆º species of that larger ∆+1 world, where it will live through the 3±∆ ages of existence, studied in detail through its 8 life-cycles, traveling/interacting through social scales as it forms part of a lager super organism, and through the 9 perceived planes of reality, in which it will perform those asymmetric actions of survival (aeiou:motion, energy feeding, information, reproduction and social evolution). So the Universe in all its magnificent iterative perspective or any of its fractal parts reduces to this ‘simple game of exis=t¡ence

0th isomorphism.  Fractal points. The geometry of physical scales.

Masses and charges, vortices of time. Unification equation

1st Isomorphism. The Generator Equation of physical systems and its scales of physics.

Truth in science: T.œ=Sc³. Fractal paradigm and its Non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian formalism.

2nd Isomorphism. The Holographic Universe: Bidimensional Space Time.

Duality: entropy and information. The Cartesian super organism.

3rd Isomorphism. Ternary Networks. Conservation Laws. Universal constants. Ternary symmetries. 

4th Isomorphism. Non-Æ similarity, Perpendicularity and Parallelism. Behavior of physical systems.

5th Isomorphism. 5 cyclical space-time actions. Motion in 5D and 4D Physics.

The fifth dimension. ∆±1: physical scales. Discontinuous membranes.

6th Isomorphism. Physical species. Duality of Fermions and bosons. Particle and antiparticles. Groups of particles translated into ternary symmetries.

Creation: breaking of symmetry. Organic, ternary structures in Physical Systems.

-7th Isomorphism. The 3±∆ ages of time: from generation to extinction – creative processes in physical sciences.

Spe (Space-field-GAS-)<ST(Present-wave-liquid)<Tƒ (future Particle-crystal).

8th Isomorphism. The 5D motions of time in physics.  The world cycle of super organisms.

9th Isomorphism. Social Scales. The 3 families of mass. Renormalization.

10TH Isomorphism. Unification of Physical planes of the 5th dimension. 

Introduction: mathematical physics and the 10 Dimensional Isomorphisms of physical systems.

The Universe is a fractal organism of scalar, topological space and cyclical time, which can be define by a series of ‘anti symmetries’ between opposite topologies, ages and scales that come together in parallel as complementary forms or annihilate each other perpendicularly. We thus reflect those facts in a Fractal generator that resumes those ternary symmetries and the process of social convergence (5th dimension) and entropic divergence (4th dimension):

The generator equation defines the Universe as a fractal sum of timespace super organisms, extended through 3 ∆±1 relative scales of space-time, ruled by 5D metric equations, such as the product of the size in space and speed in time of the clocks of information of the Non-Æ points of the 3 scales are constant, allowing the symbiosis of its 3 ternary parts, which exchange lineal momentum, energy and cyclical momentum among them, the 3 conserved parts of all systems made of lineal limbs/potentials, ∆-1 micro points (quantum atoms, cells) organised in superposed additive herds that move the system and dominate its young relative past age; part of 3 ∆o iterative, physiological networks, the organism proper that iterates into a dynamic present the system (thermodynamic matter, or multicellular organisms in physical and biological systems), guided by a relative future particle-head that holds the linguistic mind or relative future survival will that guides and synchronises with its clocks the system as a whole in the external ∆+1 world; where it will perform 5, aeiou actions gauging I-nformation, to a-ccelerate=move towards a field of e-nergy in which to feed, to reproduce into an offspring of clones to evolve socially into a larger universal ∆+1 new plane or superoganism of 5Dimensional space-time actions parts, before it exhausts its vital energy, stops moving and explodes back into its entropic parts in its big-bang death. So we can define its 5Dimensions in time through its world cycle of generation, from its ∆-1 seed that reproduces, evolves and emerges into the ∆º scale in which it will act with its 3 dimensional networks, the 1D point/head/particle, that moves in 2D planes to feed with 3D energy.

The best way to study this reality once we understand its epistemological principles, ‘fractal scales of topological space’, temporal ages, ternary symmetries, and complementarity vs. perpendicularity, is through the concept of 5 dimensions in space symmetric to 5 motions in time.

Then the fun starts, but given the ‘non-aristotelian logic’ of those ternary anti symmetries and complementarities, and the difficulty of the humind (ab. human mind) to perceive this complex logic, given its one-dimensional self-centred ego-paradox, view, we have deviced two epistemological concepts, the Rashomon effect that focuses on the study of the 5 main Dimensions of the system with a perceptive point of view – that is as a symmetry between the mind perception of the whole and the multiple temporal elements, S@≈∆ð, and the Disomorphic method which focuses in the process of a world cycle that generates a super organism and destroys it.

It is difficult to explain you why after 30 years of studying alone the fractal, organic Universe, I settled for those 2 formalisms. It might be possible to study the kaleidoscopic Universe in many other ways, most amenable to modern science, with an external mathematical point of view, but what I like to reveal from reality is what huminds do not accept, the sentient nature and linguistic perception of the moving reality as fixed spatial forms, as a maya of the senses, which is achieved with the Rashomon effect, and the organic, vital, moving nature of the world cycle of a super organism, which is achieved through the Disomorphic method – that should be on the long term, the canonical method of understanding reality.

This is therefore the method we shall use in this first ‘appendix’ to 5D physics, a theme so extensive that I have broken it in 4 sub-posts, one introducing 5D physics, the other analysing it through the Disomorphisms, one to comment on classic mathematical physics and the last one to study its scales, as physics has the widest range of scales of analysis.

We make a full revision of the 10 Disomorphic sets of laws that quantitatively and qualitatively build the Universe as it is in all its scales generating it superorganisms from birth to extinction:

Stiences study the different scales of 5D metric as separated ‘disciplines’ when in fact all of them extract its properties and laws of the Disomorphic qualities of those 5D space≈time dimensions, among which the ternary structure of all systems reflected in the fractal generator: $pe lineal limbs/potentials < ∑∏: energy body waves > §ð: cyclical particles-heads, is the most important, which physics reflects in its conservation of those 3 elements as lineal momentum, energy and angular momentum.

Finally once the whole structure of physical systems is understood we will give a fast review in the third part to its main scales which will be greatly widened in the fourth line with detailed studies of mathematical physics, properly translated to the disomorphic method.

When dealing with any timespace organism of the Universe and/or the humind science that observes it, or a family of them, in GST we need to apply the isomorphic 10 Dimensional description of the being in certain detail, starting by its singularity-monads and the languages they speak in which it will better express its properties. So we can then formalize its parts and 10 Dimensions with a fractal generator as a template for further detailed studies of those 5 s = 5 t formal/motion dimensions of any physical system, put in one to one relationship with those isomorphic dimensions, as follows:

0. monad: singularity in physics+membrane≈angular momentum   1. linguistic generator (mathematics in physics)

2 Bidimensional forces and flows between particles   5 actions coded by quantum numbers (∆-1 scale), thermodynamic laws, relativity

9.10: social scales of increasing mass (families of mass, growing domains of magnetism, atomic>molecular ensembles; cosmic societies).

3,6: forces as ternary networks of galaxies, states of matter and its heat and electromagnetic flows, potentials, variations of species by scale, form, motion.

7,8: big bang/big crunch e=mcc worldcycles, infinite fractal existences, immortal Universe.

Those isomorphic dimensions become then the main laws of physical systems studied with the language of its singularities, mathematical formalisms, which therefore deserve an entire chapter of its own. And so we shall first study and adapt to ∆•s≈t the basic concepts of mathematical physics and then study those isomorphisms in a general way, with special emphasys in the social scales and planes of the physical Universe, which will also deserve a part of its own.

So we structure the analysis of the 10 isomorphisms of physical systems in 3 subparts:

  1. Mathematical physics, the language of its monads
  2. The S=T isomorphisms of its present ternary systems.
  3. The scalar=social and organic=plane 9, 10 isomorphisms.

So the emphasis is in the 4th and 5th dimensions of scales and minds, as those are the less understood parts of physics, and the symmetries of the galilean paradox between formal space dominated by functional time, and its motions≈actions.

While physical systems are best described today with mathematical physics, in T.œ we use all languages of information, prioritising obviously by the principle of correspondence mathematical physics, but we refer them in first place to ‘properties of space-time.

THAT IS, we depart first from ∆, s, t, @ elements and then use for each science the language humans have used to express most of those properties ADDING when needed new languages, SPECIALLY the logic formalism of the FRACTAL GENERATOR and its 5s 5 t dimensions, the NON-e GEOMETRY OF fractal points and its space dimensions (closer to mathematics) and the Non-A logic of time dimensions.

So 3 formalisms are essential.

1.The fractal generator, and its symmetries and dimensional properties of scalar space-time, for the whole.

2. NON-e geometry which improves mathematics and in general all other mathematical laws, sometimes improved with non-euclidean laws for spatial properties.

3. Non-e algebra of time dimensions.

4. bio-logical laws and organic laws for scalar dimensions.

5. Metalinguistic analysis of the deformations of those elements, as in endophysics, relativity theory and so on.

Let us then introduce the basic symbols of the ∆•s≈t formalism to be able to handle the basic symmetries of the fractal generator of physical time§paœrganisms.

The formalism of 5D³=10D physics. Main symbols of T.Œ:

I advice the reader interested in the organic paradigm and its description of astrophysical systems, to read first the general introduction to 5D fractal space-time systems.  Those are the minimal symbols of the Generator Equation of fractal space-times, used to describe the organisms of Galaxies and its fractal, ternary parts and symmetries in 5D space-time. Again, this post is written at a basic level, though the introduction is far simpler, as we need to introduce here some in-depth analysis of astrophysical theories, to the level of a graduate on physics.

¬Æ: Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean, i-logic mathematics (Formal language of T.Œ).

∆±1: plane of the 5th dimension

Tiƒ: temporal clock, Ot, informative time (its spatial, static view)

Spe: Spatial energy, Es, energetic space, its dynamic view.

>: informative flow that diminishes size in space and accelerates clocks in time

<: kinetic energy flow that increases speed in space or entropic flow that enlarges the being in space and diminishes its speed in time

≈: reproductive flow that maintains unchanged the being at constant speed in space and reproductive sped in time.

Λ: emergence into a larger scale of the 5th dimension

: devolution to a lower plane of the 5th dimension.

∑: reproduction in space or herd loosely connected in limbs/fields

: reproduction of networks across several scales of the 5th dimension or full connected heads/particles.

Å: Cyclical actions of space-time divided into simplex actions of absorption and emission of energy and information:

ƾ, accelerated motions (first action of negative emission of energy),

∆e, energy feeding, second action of positive absorption of kinetic energy-entropy,

ƕ, Information, either emission for communication, or absorption of information to perceive.

And complex actions of reproduction and social evolution:

∆œ: reproduction into an offspring, which then will- ∆û: evolve its parts into Universals.

Finally the 3 scales of any system of reality are:

œ-1: action or cell, fractal finitesimal of the whole in time or space; Œ, whole, U, Universal World.
Those simple symbols suffice to explain the basic logic structure and transformations of ternary 5D space-time systems, departing from its ‘spatial simultaneous structure’, its 3 time ages and its 3 co-existing organic scales:

∆-1(cellular/atomic scale)>∆:organic-thermodynamic scale>∆+1: social, cosmic scale:

Spe (Spatial toroid limbs-fields)≤ ExI (Hyperbolic body-waves)≤it(head-particles of information)≈

Ps (young, past entropic age > ExI: adult, present, iterative age > Tiƒ: old informative, future age:

∆-1>∆>∆+1 (5D scales)≈ Spe≤ExI≤tƒ (space organs) ≈ Ps≥ExI≥ƒt (time ages)

Unification of all sciences and Definition of the Universe.

Now, we shall start this introduction with a definition of the Universe from the perspective of the philosopher of science, which we will elaborate and explain in great detail in the rest of this post.

“The Universe is the sum of all the symmetric, ternary super organisms (spatial synchronous view) performing a world cycle of 3 ages between generation and extinction (diachronic point of view), as they travels through 3 relative planes of the 5th dimension, growing in size and diminishing in a balanced, Sp x Tƒ= ∆±1 survival form, performing from its centered point of view, the 5 space-time actions of absorption and emission of energy and information, (active meaning of space and time), ±∆e,i,∫u, which ensures their survival.”

The laws of mathematical physics are concerned with the events and topological structures of space-time super organisms. Each T. œ will participate of the laws of T.Œ, and as such can be studied in ‘encased’ equations of the fractal of all fractals, the ‘ideal mathematical, and logic game’ of a perfect 10D supœrganism.

There are then the parameters of physics to describe the 3 main elements of the system, its membrane of timespace, with its division of reality into an entropic external world, which it ab=uses and an internal, informative vortex towards the fifth dimension of the singularity, which connects the being through the language into a communicative point of that larger world.

The main task of 5D: ∆•s≈t theory in mathematical physics is to translate abstract algebraic equations, notably group theory, to the much more realist symmetries of the generator equation; to upgrade topological physics to the clear-cut ternary structure of topological organisms, and finally to make sense of numerology and analysis, as the languages of the fifth dimension.

Needless to say all this needs to evolve mathematics also, from its view of continuous space and a single causal logic arrow to fractal space and ternary causality. But as we do not have the space and time here to repeat that upgrading, i refer the reader to the chapters on languages.

The simplicity of the Generator and its infinite iterations reaches its zenith in the Physical scales.

In this post we shall study the scales from the human side to the particle world, which were traditionally treated by physics, centered in atoms and matter. As we will study larger physical scales in Earth’s sciences (Geology) and Astrological sciences (galaxies and cosmos).

Foreword: the Philosophy behind the 10 Disomorphisms

The Fractal Paradigm or T.Œ (Theory of Everything Organic) is a meaningful Unification of all species departing from the organic=5D, logic=Time and mathematical=spatial properties of all Universal wholes and the human languages that express them. The easiest way to formalize it is through the study of the Fractal generator and its ternary symmetries of time ages, space organs and 5D scales of size and time speed, according to the fractal principle which states that:

‘Each element of the fractal Universe can be subdivided into 3 sub-time ages, space parts and 5D scale and considered a part of a larger ternary ±∆S≈T whole’.

This means we shall always find when taking a part from the whole, a ternary division. For example, if we take the limb, which is a lineal, entropic part, we divide it into its O-head (the hand), its intermediate region, the forearm, and its |-energy system, the biceps-humerus system. Moreover, we shall see immediately that the 3 parts do obey the rules of ±∆S≈T, the humerus being the stronger, single, most continuous part, the forearm divided in two and the hand with a more rounded form, broken into multiple ‘informative’ elements.

It is then necessary as a background for all studies to know the general laws of ±∆√3(S≈T)3 systems, and the degree of detail we want to use in its analysis. In the previous formulae, we have extended with mathematical symbols that degree of analysis, as there is an Space, Time and ST, ≈, component, and if we look through its higher, +, and smaller, -, scales of the 5th dimension, ∆, we shall multiply its elements by the ternary principle (ST3) as we diminish scale or alternatively, reduces them 3√, as we grow in size and they fusion into wholes, either as a sum (if we only count its larger parts) or as a potency, if we count its cellular elements.

The quantitative nature of those analyses however, despite being in the age of digital computers the center of science, is of little value to this blog. What matters to us is to understand the whys and how the seemingly different properties of all elements become unified by the properties of ∆ST.

Thus to facilitate the study of those ∆3ST3 systems in a practical basis, since to ‘know’ a species consist on describing its ∆ST elements, which are variations of the ‘canonical’, perfect fractal which is the absolute Universe, we can apply the same laws to all of them, and this is the origin of the 10 isomorphisms, which further divide the analysis of those 3 elements in 3×3+0 sub-sets of laws.

Incidentally we must notice that the variations on the game of the perfect fractal which is the Universe, result in species which last less in time or grow less in space, because we are talking NOT of mathematical only fractals but of vital fractals whose purpose is to survive, through its perfect playing of the game of existence, based in achieving by performing its 5 actions of ±e,i, absorption and emission of spatial energy and temporal information, aimed to reproduce and evolve socially the system, a relative immortality – not of the ego, but of the bio-logic form of the fractal.

And so we can consider that the Universe as a whole, in its infinite time, infinite space and infinite scales is infinitely perfect, in the playing of the game of exi=st-ence, which is the purpose of the fractal, which once achieved this perfect game will show in its spatial energy the property of balance called beauty (balance between the 3 topological shapes and its subparts), in its temporal information, the property of balance called knowledge (focus of the mirror-mind into the game of the fractal), and in its scalar relationships the property of balance called ethics (giving to its whole and taking from its parts, only what is needed).

Those 3 properties of beauty, knowledge and ethics, are proper, embedded and natural to the behavior of all beings in existence, and from this search for Spe≈Tiƒ (balance of beauty), Tiƒ≈ ∞ U (focused linguistic mirror balance or knowledge) and ∆-n (exi) = ∆ = ∆+n (exi) (balance between the self, what it gives to the higher whole and what it receives from the lower planes of existence), are therefore the route to immortality and what the Universe displays as the ideal canon that allows the whole to be ∞ in time, space and 5D scales. Yet there is of course a 4th element, the ego, the o-point, the ‘selfish knots’ that distorts the mirror and tries to group it all around its networks, which externally might seem equal to all others, but internally holds a peculiar mirror, which the being wants to expand. This 4th quality is unavoidable, and it is called selfishness.

It is the ugly part of the Universe, for that reason hidden (there is a hypocritical nature to the Universal fractal). Selfishness though is a weapon of 2 sides. As the action-reaction laws of the Universe make too selfish beings, likely to be murdered by other fractals. We are here talking of an element so evident in biological and social systems that only physicists, with its self-restricting absolute selfishness (as they treat matter as dead) do not grasp. The ion self-centered in a single atom that brings closer all the charge of the system is selfish and lasts far less than the crystal, which keeps reproducing its form, with equal cells.

Now for long I tried to cue each discipline with a partial vision of The Fractal to cater the anthropomorphic and peer selfishness of each group. No longer. I am mostly unconnected to mankind – a lesser fractal –and in my old age, before dissolution into the whole I like to contemplate its perfection. So we shall not in this blog make any concessions to each jargon and discipline.

That is why The Fractal – the Universe is perfect. It is the only whole, which is absolute in the 4 elements: absolutely beautiful (holder of perfect forms), ethical (undistinguishable in each scale unless the scale is put in relationship to others), knowledgeable (‘Only the Universe holds all the information about itself’ Haldane), and absolutely selfish (all its parts must die into 0-sums for him to be immortal).

But it follows from it that all other fractals make to its image and likenesses are not perfect, but 0-sums that unfolds and folds into nirvana. Now, what makes astrœ-physics so enticing to the mind IS NOT, the bubbling idiots, making doodles in the sand, of the human species, who have studied those fractals, but the fact that the largest ∆±4,3 scales of invisible dark matter/energy and visible light galaxies/c-speeds are the closest we humans can contemplate on one extreme of perception, perfection – being the other limit, that of Biology, where we can observe so much close information, that its imperfection matters little.

Those are the wonders of the mind. What is the most ugly fractal is that of social sciences, to which I have dedicated most of my prime time to not avail – an absolutely imperfect fractal in process of extinction suffering massive anoxia (lack of oxygen-blood-energy-money) as a people-caste of parasites, the bankers in control of the Financial-Media systems of information rob the oxygen of the cells, they produce in monopoly and to avoid the just punishment fill the mind of man with absurd, brutal, cuckoo memes, from Abrahamic religions to capitalist and nationalist and mechanist mantras.

This I know, and Einstein which I truly respect along with Planck for a flexible mind with some musical and verbal qualities, put it in words: ‘2 things I deem infinite the Universe and the stupidity of man, and I am not sure of the former’. I am sure of the former, and the latter, since infinite stupidity – an infinite negative, is in i-logic geometry a 0. 0 is the negative infinite (an important truth of i-logic algebra, barely understood).

Now the quantitative scientist, mostly the physicist would likely care nothing for this – he is certainly not perfect and has abandoned the knowledge of many of the mirrored properties of the Universe, to understand this.

So he will reduce the 6 isomorphism of the 6 motions of all systems of the Universe to one, locomotion, study parts not wholes and so on.

This fog on what must be understood of each species, we explain it in many ways. We use 5 words to better describe its ‘fundamental elements’, 5D organic scales of parts and wholes, the topologies of space and formal motions of ‘temporal energy’ that create the systems of the Universe, and the linguistic 0-points that gauge and carry the will of survival of the Universe through its space-time actions, and 4 disciplines, biology, mathematics, logic and linguistics, to define them.

So those 5 elements, 5 D scales, space symmetries, time anti symmetries, Œ-Points particles that gauge information and the 5 space-time cyclical actions they perform structures the analysis of physical systems.

In practical form, this is conveyed by grouping the analysis in 10 isomorphisms, which in an orderly fashion study each of those beings in detail. It goes without saying that behind its study there are the fundamental laws of balance (beauty, knowledge and ethics) of the ∆3ST elements of the fractal, which the Œ-point tries to achieve ‘automatically’ (as it is normally a memorial program embedded in the ∆-1 coding, informative lower scale, maths, genes or memes, in physical, biological and social systems), through its 5 actions.

For each of those 5 elements of existence nature specifies  its parameters and hence each species will be an specific case of the Generator Equation, which can be applied to any physical, biological or sociological system and specified for each fractal.

How we do so is through the 10 isomorphisms, which are ordered as follows: first we describe the Œ-points where the will and actions of survival of the being reside, and the language the Œ-point uses to guide the superorganism it commands. First and parallel to the study of the language, we must define the Œ-being we study. In physics it is the Œ-points of each of the 3 scales: ‘atoms’, ‘matter molecules’ and ‘masses-cosmic bodies’.

Then the language is the one of ‘details’, mathematics. Because physicists focus on the spatial properties of those systems, but we could use other laws, biological, organic and we will, to study wholes, more than details for which mathematics is the best language. And finally, we study the constrains and purpose embedded in the values of the language, which will also determine the direction of the being.

For example, in the Anglo-American culture, one of the 7 varieties of human superorganisms, the language is money and its values favor metal, affine to money, giving maximal value to weapons and minimal to human costs, labor and life reason why capitalism has massacred mankind since its inception in Holland->UK->US through cycles of global wars to achieve the maximal values of money.

In this case the language’s values are invisible to the commoner who thinks America is a democracy (the government of people) because it does not understand the language that expresses the will of America, a superorganism of machines, where humans are not the will, not the future, not the purpose but company-mothers of machines are. Hence we obtain all the cycles of history of America and predict accurately its future for decades, because we know the language and the will it expresses, while not a single American, expert or economist has ever forecasted their future.

In physics, the human discipline of this post however the language is mathematics. We are dealing here with systems, which mostly are studied in space with motions, as the 6 motions are reduced to one. We will though expand its vision.

Now associated to the Œ-being, we consider the ∆ST 3 elements in 3 sub-groups of laws:

– The 3 first isomorphisms, the Generator Equation of the system, and its 3 parts study first as S-T dualities and then as S≈T ternary symmetries. So we have the 3 structural ‘spatial’ oriented isomorphisms: ‘1.generator’, ‘2.duality’, ‘3.time-space ternary symmetries’. It is all expressed in Cheng Tzu dictum: from one (the generator) comes 2 (the yin-yang duality) and from 2 comes 3 (the ages and physiological networks/organs) that define the 10.000 beings.

– Then the 3 next isomorphic sets of laws, deals with the system in time-motions that is through its space-time actions. So we study in the 4±∆ isomorphism the 4±∆e, i, actions of exchange of energy and information (æ-ccelerations or locomotions; e-nergy feeding, i-nformation gauging, and i-nformation communication), and its ±∆ complex actions of reproduction and social evolution, which involves all the simplest actions together. In general we say ‘5 actions’ and use the 5 vowels, to make them easier to remember – æ-cceleration, + e-nergy feeding, – i communication, +i-nformative gauging, œ-ffspring, ûniversals creation. The reader should bet accustom to the constant iterations and self-similar expressions for the fundamental events of reality.

Those actions are studied in the 5th isomorphism that defines 5D Fractals now as the specific behavior of the fractal as a whole, through its ∆0±4 scales of the 5th dimension in which it exists. As It will ‘move’, through absorption and emission of ∆-4 ‘invisible’ force-fields taken from the ∆+4 cosmos, perceive and communicate information through absorption and emission of ∆±3 bits, feed on ∆-2 bites taken from the world, ∆+2 world, reproduce through ∆-1 seeds, brought up in its ∆+1 home and all from its ∆0 perspective. This 5 Isomorphism thus returns us to the œ-being in action, and has many sub-disciplines as the study of social classes and hierarchies, given the fact the being treats differently those quanta according to scale – moving by killing entropically field particles it care nothing for, by jailing into total stillness, ∆-2 bits of information, decomposing in torture, ∆-2 bites of energy, loving intensely its ∆-1 seeds of reproduction, and giving away its energy and information to the construction through physiological networks of ∆+1 societies; becoming itself, a slave of the ∆+2 world that will sooner or latter be consumed as energy by the ∆+3 galactic black hole.

Finally in the 6th isomorphism we describe the 3 outer and internal social scales and networks of the being, which is the spatial view, and then use them to describe how the being performs with them its internal and external motions, which are also 6 motions, of generation, growth, locomotion, evolution, diminution and extinction that form together a worldcycle.

This duality of the 6 isomorphism, again shows that we can mirror reality in different manners. In the case of physics, which is more focused on motion studies, we the 6th isomorphism studies motions in space-time, to make clear that locomotion is only one of the 6 motions.

In the case of human beings, it seems more proper to study them both, first considering the 3 internal networks and 3 external networks, in which the being performs as the worldcycle of beings.

Again, we must always realize that the i-logic of the Universe is ternary.

So for full knowledge 3 perspectives on any issue, a static, spatial, diachronic, temporal and scalar, organic perspective is needed.

But in the 3 first isomorphism we stressed the ‘spatial symmetries’ in static form, so we call them the spatial isomorphisms or description of the Organism.

And in the 3 next, the temporal analysis of actions, motions and physiological networks, which extract from other scales the needed energy bites and information bits to perform their worldcycle of existence. So it is the worldcycle analysis, in its minute steps, actions and its whole integration (energy in physics, worldcycles of life and death in biology, existence of nations and civilizations in sociology).

It follows that the 7th, 8th and 9th isomorphism which completes the view of the whole, Œ-being and its fractal generator, we deal more with the 5D perspective and the outer world and ecosystem and Universe in which the being is only a particle-point. So the 7th isomorphism studies its vital and Universal constants, where the Active Magnitude or ‘scalar’ value of the being, which is always the value of its Tiƒ (mass, charge, or thermodynamic temperature in the 3 physical, ∆±1, ∆ scales) is the most important. Then we study the ratios, or energy and information, Sp/Tƒ and Tƒ/Sp constants. And its product or ‘exi=st-ential speed’ of the being. And then the same 3 constants for the external world. And this put the Active Magnitude in relationship to many other species that live in that world.

So we can now in the 8th isomorphism to study the being as a species part of a larger whole, with multiple variations, based in the duality and ternary games and orders, 23=8 of its components, physiological networks, universal constants, energy-information gender dualities and ternary parts. And finally in the 9th isomorphism we study the decametric scales that bring the variations and parts into a complex superorganism, or Universal.

It is then 3 x3 + œ isomorphisms. The Time Space being, T.œ, the fractal subdivides in 3 G isomorphisms of the œrganism and its Fractal Generator, 3 Å isomorphisms of its spacetime motions or actions and 3 §, isomorphisms of its social scales and variations of species. So we use the 3 aforementioned symbols, G, Gamma for Generator and Fractal (similar to F) – also the symbol of the 1st isomorphism; Å, for the actions and motions through scales of the being also the symbol for the 4 isomorphism of actions, and § for its variations, universal constants and social scales, also the symbol of the 9 isomorphism of social scales.

I apologize because for 30 years I have used many different symbolisms, so often especially in graphs thereafter will find different formulae. This blog, which is my testament of knowledge tries to harmonize them all for future researchers to have a guide. There is a lot of thought and a year of trials and errors and corrections of vast number of pages to finally settle down for this pattern, which seems to me the most focused mirror on the way the fractal displays its existence.



When we study a physical system we shall apply the 10 isomorphisms we use to study any other fractal ∆@S≈T system of the Universe:

@. The 0th isomorphism is perhaps the most important as it defines the type of species we shall study according to its linguistic point of view or mind, or monad. Each of the species of the Universe speaks a certain language to calculate its existential actions of space-time in the outside Universe. And the first isomorphism studies the grammar of those languages, which will form a ‘lanwave’, a herd in existence, behaving together according to the values of that language.

In Physical systems, needless to say the language is geometry. This I have no doubt of it, and coincides with the beliefs of most physicists. The physical properties of nature are written in the language of geometry, as Galileo said, it, but NOT all the properties of the Universe, and also in the language of algebra and analysis, which studies the geometry of the 5th dimension and the i-logic structure of the ternary Universe.

  1. Γ. ‘Gamma’, define the specific Generator Equation of 5D Space-time (anti-symmetries), departing from the Generator: [∑Spe≤≥STœ≤≥∏Tiƒ]∆±1

That is, we specify the 3 relative X 5D planes of existence of the system, and in each of them through the ternary principle of subdivisions of each space-time part into 3 new parts, we keep sub-dividing he system into its subsystems.

S=T isomorphic Dimensions

2.B. The second isomorphism studies the parts of a system in physical, biological or social space in relative stillness, as the mind perceives them, considering the fundamental unit of the Universe a 2-maniofld, combination of dimensions of space-form and motion-time. As there are 3 and 3 of them, the number of combinations is many.

In that regard, the physical Unit of reality is NOT a single dimension, but a bidimensional system that combines 2 dimensions of the 4 states of reality.

–  Space (S), which is a dimension of lineal distance, Entropy (the general terms we use for space in motion: E), Time speed, T, (a cyclical motion) or a form of information (O: time seen as a form).

Those first bricks of reality combine in the 4 canonical bidimensional elements of reality, Se, Spatial entropy, Sp, Energetic space, Tiƒ, information, bidimensional information, and Tƒ, angular momentum.

Here we must then differentiate, a first motion or derivative of space, speed, and a second dimension of motion, or second derivative of space, acceleration.

The reader thus realize how many varieties there are of combinations of the 3 forms of space, lineal limbs-fields, cyclical heads-particles and hyperbolic waves-bodies and its parallel motions, lineal steady speed and acceleration and cyclical motion and angular acceleration.

Thus the commonest ones are angular and lineal momentum (one dimension of form and one of motion); and angular and lineal acceleration  Tƒ: Cyclical angular momentum, used in general for any cyclical motion, including accelerated clocks (vortices and masses, which add  Isolate its 3 ternary symmetries in space, time and the 5th dimension of that generator: Se≤ST≥Tiƒ (space organism).

So the next stage is naturally ternary forms:

A bidimensional plane in motion ‘a wave’, or a dimension of form with 2 dimensions of motion, a particle-point with acceleration’, and an even more complex form, a 3 dimensional form with motion, a particle; ,  and then 4-dimensinal and 5th dimensional and 6-dimensional and so on, till reaching the maximal dimensions found in a single plane of space-time

What is the most efficient possible combination of reality in physical space-time? As usual a 3 x 3 functional 9-dimensional system centred in @

And we are only talking on a single plane of space-time, not of several plane interacting across the ∆±1 co-existing 5th dimension.

Thus in the second isomorphism we study the different variations of those themes.

So far only String theorists in their theoretic models of the smallest possible scales of reality have worked out with their lineal open strings of space-energy (as their energy is a function of its distance space), and cyclical, closed ones, associated into bidimensional membranes, and tridimensional branes, and so on the entire complexity field of combinations. So for studies in our reality we must instead of going down into analysis of ever more detailed parts of the being, use synthetic methods of thought and study wholesale elements, which are very common in reality.

So the commonest way to simplify the analysis without getting into an exhaustive list of species according to the dimensions of form and motion, both internal and external, perceived by an outside observer, is to consider 3 topological bidimensional forms, lineal-toroid limbs/fields, hyperbolic waves-bodies and spherical, particles-heads and its topological assemblies.

As those basic forms with basic motion or acceleration, Se(fields) < ST (waves) >Tƒ (Particles) suffice to study at a conceptual level the entire field of physics and resolve knowing the meaning of its parts and laws, the puzzle of reality.

Bidimensional combinations might be of a single form and a motion, of 2 motions and a form (accelerations) and so on.

5.Å.  Study its 5 actions commanded by its 0-point, and its sequences divided in simplex, ‘derivative’ actions:  Tƒ>∆o->∆a->∆e (gauging information->moving->feeding on energy); space, and complex ‘integral’ actions in time: Tƒ->∆ï->∆û.

This is the program of survival of particles in the Universe. And it is by far the field, which should be of more interest to T.Πto unite all systems of nature. It is normally coded in quantum physics by the 4 quantum numbers, in electromagnetism by the 4 integral/differential equations of Maxwell and in gravitation by the laws of momentum and attraction and the social organization of a field of multiple energies and masses through the EFE tensors of existence of Einstein.

And all of them are guided by the general Hamiltonian-Lagrangian principles of minimizing the expenditure of internal energy/time of the action and maximizing the path in space/ volume of the action involved.

It requires a deep analysis on how particles prey on fields, its ‘territory’ from where they extract energy and information and how they move and reproduce through waves, and communicate through quantum jumps which are in fact translations into a lower scale of faster motion, of information and energy transferred to another particle of a network. Thus here we give account of spooky effects such as the gravitational translation of quantum messages between interlocked particles and other phone-like message transmissions, which in depth would include the use of information theory as the channels of transmission have 2 variables speed and volume of information which are normally opposed and the languages on which they are expressed do matter. Yes, physical systems ‘talk’.

Thus the 5 fundamental isomorphic actions of the system, which normally suffice to describe it. But for quantitative models of physical and material systems, which are on one side reduced to the study of motion-actions, and on the other focus on quantitative analysis, given its ‘massive’ numbers of particles, with minimal internal information about them; it is often necessary to study them in detail with 5 more specific isomorphisms:

5.. The planes of the fifth dimension are basically 3 ∆±1: its cellular-atomic/thermodynamic-organic/social-cosmological scales, and its synchronic phenomena and interaction is a massive, extensive field of physics, which we can barely consider. It is important though to analyze the Lorentzian regions, name we use for those regions of contact between planes in which the steady state and normal properties and constants of action that act steadily in the main region, what we call Newtonian regions (obvious names taken from the Newtonian regions of mechanics and the O K and c-speed limits of information and energy of the plane of gravitational-thermodynamic space time were the balances break and spooky effects due to the interaction with the upper and lower fields happen).

We study also the social classes of the system, that is, how it uses the bites and bits of the different scales for its actions: killing entropically its minimal ∆-4 bits, or stopping its ∆-3 bits into the jails of mind mirrors, loving its ∆-1 seeds and so on. So as always there are energy classes, of micro particles, which the hyper entities do not distinguish, and body-workers and information neuronal classes, which in physics are studied by balanced equation and Universal constants that normally related those elements.

Thus there are relationships between the ‘cells’ of the 3 scales – that is, how energy and information are asymmetrically transferred between them. This amounts in physics to define a ‘gauge theory’, (modern parlance), in which exchange of ‘bosons’ between particles or fields of particles define those flows of energy and information; and ultimately from the perspective of ¬Æ, it means to apply the 2nd and 3rd postulates of wave-communication and similarity to the field we study

Those are the regions where we shall see strange behaviors, from superconductivity to growth of mass in the momentum instead of speed, from ß factors on relativity to super fluidity of atoms and expulsion of the magnetic field (Meissner effect) in currents, etc. etc. It is as all the fields of 5D physics intense, complex, long and fascinating. We shall give just some strokes of painting on it.


6.(Ξ≈)Ω. The analysis of the 3 internal planes-physiological of the 5th dimension as social classes, and its relationship with the 3 external planes of its larger world or ecosystem from where they obtain energy, reproduce with and absorb information. And the 6 motions perform through them to integrate together a worldcycle of existence.

Here we have the general rule that Se-1 fields are the digestive networks and lower class of bits and bites indistinguishable from the upper parts of the system, waves are the reproductive body part of systems, its reproductive, blood networks which is complementary to Tƒ-particles heads, its nervous informative networks.

And both body-wave and head-particle do act together preying on the field (switching into state by the Principle of complementarity, without any relevant expenditure of energy or information). So as a rule body and mind have the same internal clock, in a steady state bit. The mind beats a second wink of an eye thought tuned to the motion of the heart. So for example in quantum physics the particle state is used to absorb or emit transmit faster information with phase wave velocity while as De Broglie proved, the wave state as a group velocity in tune with the particle internal clock are is used to move, and both form the entity ‘proper time’, while the field is the lower energy class relatively unconnected.

Yet the body does have also a steady rate of 1 step per second in its limbs. And so the 6th isomorphism studies also the synchronicities of the different parts of the system and its time clocks, which is the ‘deeper’ level of understanding of a worldcycle system. It is this isomorphism the one I have always enjoyed most, and it is closely related (we might say it is the inverse perspective) with the 3rd isomorphism, which observers in a simplified manner the symmetries between those 3 inner and outer networks and the actions, motions and worldcycle of the being)

The study of universal constants (which can be done in relationship to the generator, its dualities or ternary symmetries studies the main proportional ratios between the elements of the Generator Equation, the vital universal constants of a system, of which the most important depend on which ∆-scale and ternary part belong.

Thus we divide them into internal, ∆-n ‘vital constants’ (ab. VC), and external, ∆+n, ‘Universal Constants’ (ab. UC), self-centered in the Active Magnitude (∆C) and its action constants that value all the System as a whole:

–Åctive Magnitude-constant, or main metric of the Œ-point, with its 5 sub-constants of action, ÅC. Vital Constants, internal to the being, which show the ratios between the 3 parts of the system. And Universal constants of the eternal world in which the system performs its cycles, and the ratios of its external cyclical actions. For example, for the simplest Dual ST system (without differentiated reproductive organs, or external fields), we find.

ÅC.: Active Constants: Å.C.: Active Magnitude; Æ.C.: Motion constant, E.C.: Feeding constant; ±ïC: Information constants; Œ.C.: Reproductive Constant.

v.C.: Space quanta: Spe; Space quantifier: ∑; Time Frequency: Tiƒ: Time Synchronicity: ∏; Energy Density: S/T; Information Density: T/S; Existential Speed: SxT.U.C. Universal Constants: û.C. Universal Constant, and its §10: Social constants normally of a decametric scale. And the similar V.Constants of the larger scale:

S+1, ∑+1, T+1, ∏+1, ST+1: S+1/T+1; T+1/S+1; S+1 x T+1.

It is then clear that the number of Vital constants of a system is enormous, as the complexity of any fractal has infinite limit. And so we shall consider generally the explanation of the Constants study for each science and species, introducing only a few ∆ST constants in more detail, which vary slightly in reference to those used in science, notably, quantifiers of space & time, its densities and Existential speeds.

Those constants, which are crystal clear in terms of magnitudes and physical equations and quantities and proportions for physical systems acquire more qualitative, topological, social or mental properties when we deal with species closer to the human. So as we first define them and then study those ‘vital constants’ for each scale of the universe, we shall switch for quantitative extensive analysis to qualitative intensive studies, and finally to mental creative analysis when considering the ratios and proportions of artistic space-time (the ∆o mind of man).

Constants are of maximal interest to the quantitative age of ‘measure science’ we live in. Since it deals with all the Universal constants and vital constants and physical, chemical, biological, sociological, you name it, constants which ‘specify’ and ‘diversify’ all the varieties of dimensional beings, its scales, ratios of åctions of exchanges of energy and information, etc. etc.

6.=2³.The analysis of the diversification of sub-species for each Generated entity, through the dualities of energy-information, space-time and the 3 elements of the generator, [SE≤≥ST≤≥Tƒ]∆±1; the variations in the constants and fluxes of energy and information of those elements can create an enormous array of sub-species, being the simplest variation one of hierarchy between the 3 elements, which will create, ‘predator’, energetic species SE≥(bigger than) ST≥Tƒ; informative one Tƒ≥ST≥SE or reproductive one, ST≥Tƒ≥SE; (and the 3 minor variations, with the minimal reproductive system at the end).

As species are differentiated by dual gender and ternary scale, topology and age symmetries, 2, 3, 6, 8 are the common combinations of variations of species we find in any stience.

As in topological linguistics, with its SVO, SOV, VOS, VSO, OSV, OVS varieties that define the mental cultures of mankind, or in biological linguistics with its 6 main phyla (classified by the dominance of its digestive, nervous or reproductive system) we can study all physical particles and antiparticles, as ‘symmetries’ in which a certain value (isospin, spin, charge and its equivalent in the L +1 scale – mass) are transformed in the inverse time age (antisymmetric) or higher (asymmetric) scale of the 5th dimension, or the symmetric (with a parity change of sign) spatial orientations.

This simple ‘group transformation’, unlike in the more complex or rather better observed entities of the sociological and biological realm with the aforementioned varieties, is fairly straight and it will allow us to explain the existence of all the particles of matter that ‘mater’; that is, that truly exist beyond the virtual ‘quanta of timespace actions’ (h-Planck), or unstable mutations, which do not matter as nobody studies the abortions and genetic aberrations and crazy thoughts expressed in non-grammatical languages that do not survive in the biological or sociological scales.

In the future though and with the help of data computers and teams of physics, this blog which is just a blueprint of things to come I imagine will be expanded to fully classify the entire realm of entities available to human experience.

At this stage of development of physics and mathematics an exhaustive analysis of 5D-imensional physics of cyclical time and fractal spaces would require an entire team of dedicated physicists to work seriously on it, which unfortunately I could not put together in my scholar years. So this as most fields of mathematical physics can only be suggested in this post, and blog which is trying to rescue before my many sickness stop me from working enough hints to the discipline for future researchers to complete.

So how far I have gone in those decades of exploring 5D physics while doing many other things? Basically following the work of Thurston, who extended geometric ideas from the theory of two-dimensional manifolds to the study of three-dimensional manifolds, and making sense of his geometrization conjecture, which says that every three-dimensional manifold is locally isometric to just one of a family of eight distinct types that coincide with the 8 sub-phases of any space-time cycle (already known to the ancient Taoists believe it or not, for which 8 was the number of infinity, and to modern physicists who don’t really know what they found in its octets of particles and to Buddhist in their 8-ways etc. etc. ), 8 is more or less the proper way to consider creation, which will be the 8th isomorphism of nature.

But with a difference respect to the 8-varieties of 3 manifolds; I have worked systems in which one of the 3 spatial dimensions is analyzed as a dimension of motion, given the fundamental theorem of 5D physics, the principle of Absolute relativity:

“We cannot distinguish in a single quanta of space-time motion from form, in any of the  isomorphic scales of the Universe”

Meaning that without enough time to observer reality each motion appears also as a quanta of form and often we see form as motion and motion as form, so we can treat arithmetically with discrete formal numbers or geometrically with fixed formal lines, any motion in time, across any of the isomorphic scales of the 5th dimension. In brief, my focus of study were the 3 varieties of toroid fields, hyperbolic waves and 2-spheres of information with a 3rd dimension of motion; and 3-manifolds of space, with the 8 varieties of Thurston geometrization conjecture with a 4th dimension of time, in the more advanced studies on general relativity and quantum physics that will go on the 4th line.

Thus in this line we shall limit the work NOT to the level of my personal research  (combinations of 2 manifolds to create the 8 canonical varieties of  3-maniofolds gifted then with motions and accelerations, which allow the system to emerge or descend through stairs of the 5th dimension), but I will feel happy enough to be able to develop a meaningful explanation of the main equations of physics at the level of 2-manifodl varieties with motion, which describe:

Se-1 Toroid entropic fields < ST-waves>Tƒ-particle-points with momentum.


7,8.(Ω≈)Ξ. Sp≥ST≥Tƒ.

The 3 ages of time and its symmetry with the 3 organs of space. Now, this theme if you have arrived here should be clear to you: all worldcycles of existence of physical systems become closed, conservative worldcycles paths that return to the origin into a zero sum. We can talk then of ‘conservative’ worldcycles and e shall see how closely related is the concept of  a worldcycle and that of energy and conservation forces. This is a huge field on the third isomorphism, besides the obvious study of all systems as going through 3 states as : Se-fields>ST-waves>Tƒ particles which is the quantum cycle of existence back and forth in time (T-symmetry) and the similar plasma )conception) >Gas-energy>Liquid (ST) > Solid (information) << Big bang M=Ec2 death of matter states.

Most T.Πsciences are not quantitative (biological and social sciences) so we loosely considered 4 terms, space, energy, information and time clocks. In physics though the proper terms are space, entropy, information and time, as energy is a very specific particular expression of a full worldcycle, integral of multiple actions of space-time, and we will try to stick to mathematical physics and just try to explain properly the meaning of energy and its two quite different 3 elements, entropy, kinetic energy and potential energy, as follows:

Se-entropy (energy not available to do work) < ST-kinetic energy (energy in motion) >Tƒ-Potential energy (Energy stored in the form and position of beings).


The total conservation of those 3 quantities is as always a natural consequence of the total conservation of the Se-ST-Tƒ elements of reality in its absolute content of formal motion across all the scales of the 5th dimension of the universe.

However there is constant exchange and transformation of those 3 elements among them, and conservation does not happen in the Lorentzian regions of maximal Se and maximal Tƒ, on the borders of balance of beings, when the entities emerge towards a larger social whole to which they give energy and information or descend into lower entropic fields of death.

Conservation then does not hold as it happens in weak interactions and beta decays, or in entropic motions of quanta to the larger mechanical scale.

And we must differentiate those cases in detail when analyzing certain reactions that do not conserve the CPTEM(parity, energy, time, momentum and charge) of a single entity, till the worldcycle of the entity completes itself. At the end though we can always consider a total zero sum of a system, which ultimately is a total zero sum for the local universe, either in the quasar cycle of the galaxy or local cluster or the hypothetical hyper-bib bang of a local universe.

So we can study combinations of dimensions that can increase up to 3 dimensions of form (the usual 3 lineal dimensions which define all curves), and 3 dimensions of motion, lineal inertia, acceleration, and angular acceleration, which introduces the first component of transcendence, as all forms that combine 5 dimensions in a single plane of existence, emerge and climb through the stairs of the fifth dimension, to allow the boson accumulation of multiply cycles, which will give birth to a whole.


The scalar disomorphisms being the most extensive have many ways to perceive it. Normally we should study them in dual or ternary symmetries, hence with 2 or 3 elements, as the fourth dimension is a plane of entropy, social scales represent the transition between planes and planes structure the exchanges of entropy and information of the being through its actions. So we can study the 4th dimensional isomorphism, as the fourth ‘postulate of non-e’ which construct planes, or as the entropic arrow and/or the dimension that ‘warps up’ the other 3 into a whole allowing relativity 4D descriptions with a time dimension, or more important to consider the 9th and 10th isomorphisms in which the actions of the mind take place, either at the beginning or end of the sequential series:

  1. §. The study of its social scales as they transcend in 3 x 3 +0 tetraktys partial or complete configurations, specialized in energetic, informative and reproductive ‘vectors’ coordinated by a relative zero point, which emerges into a new scale forming ever more complex social groups till becoming a full new plane of existence; so Roman, Mongolian or Modern armies will have Decurion, 10-100-1000 flags, and sergeants with 10 corporals and 100 captains above; and we shall find around 10¹º elements to be the commonest emergence into a new plane.

Here the most important analysis of social planes of evolution is that of the 3 families of masses, and its associated fermions and bosons, which together form the 3 planes of existence of the Universe as the form then the 3 parts of matter of the galaxy, the strangelet halo, the intermediate ud galaxy of stars, mitochondria that reproduce the matter of the system and finally the central black hole of top quarks. Thus the intermediate zone as in cells do reproduce the protein membrane and black hole creating finally quasar cycles of destruction and creation of galactic mass. On the other hand stars end up being swallowed and converted into black holes or by internal reactions.

Those are thus the 2 galactic symmetries as the efficient Universe needs no more particles than those there are.

  1.  Finally we can study in connection with the 5th isomorphism the relationships of the entity through its actions with the lower planes from where it will extract its energy and information that it will give upwards to its larger wholes.

So we shall conclude the introduction of physical isomorphisms, to move in the second part into some specific analysis of the species, time ages, spatial organisms and 5D planes and actions through each of those scales, from the invisible string world through the light space filled with forces, which gives birth by collapse of energy into information, Se>Tƒ, to the families of particles, associated into atomic groups, regulated thermodynamically into Se-Gases, ST-liquids and Tƒ-solids, which conform the geological structures of this planet.

By force this post will be merely indicative of the power of T.Œ to be fully evolve physics, further expanded into the 4th line. But I am of the opinion that if the reader does want to use reason and learn, he will be satisfied by Christmas, with the most important ‘paper on physics’, since the triad of works during the miraculous year of Mr. Einstein a century ago.

Never mind nobody took seriously general relativity till the 1960s, more than a half century latter. 5D physics will be the physics of the Asian or Robotic Age, if there is a new age to live. Indeed, the finitesimal who writes those lines in a rather confused and perhaps amateurish style, shunned off by physicists because of his activism against the nuclear industry, matters as little as the polish priest who observed the heliocentric local Universe. It is NOT THE OBSERVER, but the OBSERVABLE, what will always be there, unlike the musings of quantum physicists, the OBSERVER MATTERS NOT, if he has observed properly and shown the road less traveled to those who can see, wiesen, saper vedere.

The difficulties to explain 5D physics to physicists .

The biggest difficulties of T.Œ is not Physics (the observable) but human physicists (the observer and its anthropomorphic ideologies and linguistic, mathematical-only method):

  • The distortion of information caused by the far away location of its two most studied present limits, cosmic physics (big bang theory, renormalized in the previous post) and quantum theory.
  • The use of somewhat simplified mathematics for all scientists to understand it in the context of a T.Œ, which by definition should have an ‘expression’ for all people to understand. This means to use more conceptual wording that mathematics, something physicists scorn with their ‘arrogance’ as Popes of science, who only speak Latin and only in Latin their wor(l)d must be expressed for none to understand its errors.
  • Which are many, mostly due to their wrong understanding of the 3 arrows of time (reduced to a single lineal arrow), a single space instead of its 3 topologies and a singe space-time membrane instead of the 5D structure of reality.
  • The sheer immensity of this, the first modern science, and the most evolved in a technological world based on the machines and weapons they construct, which makes difficult to be coherent and at the same time explain it all, a task I have given up, unlike in the posts of economics, history and biology, which are far more developed. So i will in this spring of 2016 focus on pouring information in this post and the parallel post on mathematics (U±∞) complementarity to it; once the other major social and biological sciences are fairly surveyed.
  • And finally because of this mathematical only expression in lineal single-spacetime, the denial of mental, organic and proper causal relationships, which makes physics as it is lacking on the understanding of its whole theories, despite its enormous detail on its mathematical how-description. Since quantum physics can ONLY be interpreted logically with the organic paradigm, to make sense of its maths, this is difficult. Neither the Copenhagen or the multi universe versions make logic sense, though the maths are good. The initial Schrodinger concept is the proper way, when we explain its time-space symmetries (why the treatment is of populations in space, not probabilities in time) and its 5D symmetries (why it is organic fractal behavior, as waves collapse into particles like all herds that move as waves and become tight particles when ‘bombed’ by huge observers, aka predators; why there is entanglement, as information travels in the lower, non-local gravitational space-time that connects particles at distance, as this text is NOT travelling to you by sound voice but instantaneous light speed, translated by the net)

 The 10 D isomorphsims internal structure.An entire sub discipline of T.Œ is the study of the 10D isomorphisms in its internal structure – how they relate to each other; what is their causal order in time, hierarchical order in 5D, symmetric motions/transformations and so on. We can in that sense consider a few general arguments:

– Dimensional Isomorphisms are causally chained in several forms, the simplest way to perceive them is as belonging to the ∆@S=T ternary elements such as, one is closer to the motion state and one to the form, which often happens when all the phases of the motion become one closed path in itself.

In that regard, the 10 D isomorphisms show a dynamic and static vision of reality as follows:

@. Mind Isomorphisms are the 0. @-mind, where we describe the form of the mind and its 3 parts, the S-ingularity the T–membrane and the ST-radius that connect them. >1.Fractal Generator, that analyses its dynamic control of a ternary territory. Whereas the quantitative analysis of the Universal, vital constants and s/t, txs, t/s speed momentum and density ratios of the being quantizes all the other isomorphisms to allow ¬Æ-lgebra to operate on them.

T=S. -Time≈space symmetries and its actions come next 2.Bidimensional symmetries, which shows the flow of communication in a more static ‘standing’ form as bidimensional fields->5.Its Actions across scales, which through its dynamic synchronicity allow the system sot survive.

S: Then it follows the Space Isomorphisms: 3.Tridimensional symmetries, as fixed physiological networks that create ->6. Evolutionary variations in time.

T. Its time isomorphisms also can be seen as ‘dynamic’ (its 3±∆2 ages) and static, as the zero sum world cycle is seen from a larger slower whole distance as a static form.

– Finally the Scalar 5D Isomorphisms across which those actions and ages take place: 0. Social scales and classes->10.Organic Planes.

And again the social scales might be felt as steps in motion towards a whole ‘organic Plane’, similar to the super organism simultaneous view of all its parts into a whole.

Thus the GENERAL RULE to perceive an isomorphic dimension of ∆@s≈t as motion and form often refers to the ‘size’ of timespace we perceive and speed of our perception, such as wholes will seem from far away larger, slower planes a wholeness completed and static.

So the mind in space (0 isomorphism) is a static vision of its partial generator equations that show its actions.

Bidimensional flows of forces of ∃ (symbol for entropy), E and I, can be seen as standing waves in space, but are mere partial acts of a larger program of 5 åctions of survival; which also can be seen as dynamic ‘elements alone’ or as ‘parts’ of a locked repetitive system of s=t=s motions.

So happens with the ternary networks, in space that define a super organism or its view as they vary in order and power through evolutionary time in species.

And finally social motions can be seen dynamically in the ladder of decametric scales or as internal parts of a whole plane-organism that encloses them. So in general the rule to see dynamically a dimensional isomorphism or static and what curvature/form/motion we give to it is one of perspective and latitude in time and space. As the membrane-singularity the whole stops, encloses and ‘forms’ reality, so a larger view allows to see as static form ‘whole worldcycles, whole network systems, whole @ monads, whole static flows of information and repetitive actions; or in detail and partially it will se an ‘open event’ in motion.

As motion is ultimately the vision of an open space-time ‘string’ which sooner or latter will become closed and repetitive as form.

Another internal analysis is to put precisely the first, more descriptive and secondary, more ‘detailed’ quantitative isomorphisms in homeomorphic correspondence as we have done.

And one the technique of analysing several Dimensional isomorphisms together, we shall realise that the Universe actually relates them all and those relationships are vital to fully grasp its working. 

The generator HELPS TO study of the isomorphisms in themselves.

Let us consider some of those ‘secondary relationships’ between dimensional isomorphisms.

Γ1->3N,6∑: The generator can connect with all other isomorphisms as it reflects them mentally. For example its spatial, 3-network, 6-species comes immediate:

The social structure of the system specifies the internal relationships between the parts of the generator and the main ‘operators of ¬Æ logic’: >,≥,≈, ≤,<,x.  As social classes might be hierarchical in organic systems, democratic in social ones, inverse when information and energy are reversed arrows, in decaying societies, etc.

As we plug on it the main Universal constants fix the ratios and proportionalities of the Se/Tƒ, Se=Tƒ, Tƒ/Se, energy, reproductive and informative functions, (its relative energy and information densities and flux of communication or coupling constants in physics), we can then also put quantitatively the generator with all other D-isomorphisms. I.e. the ages (7th D.i.) will be defined by 3 standing points corresponding to those 3 parameters maximised in each age (speed in first age, reproductive force, S=t in maturity, informative density T/s in 3rd age).

Finally diversification happens in time as variations of the Generator occur through ‘group symmetries and anti symmetries’ in the parlance of physics, generating different species; in biology due to the gender duality and speciation in the relationship of the species with its higher ecosystem and lower quanta of energy and information.

The generator thus defines best the interaction of S, S=t, t AND it will be the preferred way to introduce those 6 isomorphisms.

5D Metric best to define scales and planes.

Yet though we have packed in the generator the ∆±1 entropic and mental dimensions, and use those symbols to show the ‘tendencies’ lower and upwards of the ∆-1> $pe-limb/field system and ðƒ<∆+1 particle/head system (which acts as a mere point in motion for its upper world scale), the scalar structure of any timespaœrganism is better studied in its own. So in general the procedure will be:

1.Monad, structure, duality, language and territory of order

2.GENERATOR to define its s, s=t, t elements and symmetries

3.5D metric Spe x Tƒ = ∆k is best to study social scales §=9 between planes, and planes as whole ecosystems, worlds and ‘stiences’.

As the 9th isomorphism Social scales define the emergence of finitesimal quanta into a new plane of the 5th dimension.

It is possible though to include the plane structure of a system earlier when studying its actions and bidimensional flows of communication as these  5 actions of the system relate the Œo being with its ±4 planes of existence, creating the being as a whole, 0-point, equal to all the other possible 10 dimensional scales of an ∞ god=mind of the Absolute Universe. While the social isomorphism is the final 5th social action of gathering parts into Universals.

So the way we choose to study the 10 Disomorphic parts of the being will vary according to case.

For the sake of easier understanding here in the second line we explain those isomorphisms for the main ‘sub-disciplines of human sciences’ in a more ‘didactic’ order.

In this post on physical isomorphisms after dealing with mathematical physics, we will consider basically the generator and its s, st, s=t description keeping the analysis of scales, transitions and planes in the 3rd part on its own.

So we shall start:

– Making a larger analysis of the isomorphism less liked by physicists (: the 0-point isomorphism of human observers (that is the limits of physicists in their pursuit of knowledge) and the 0-points of its observables (that is, the charges and masses, which are the Tƒ-cyclical time clocks of physics, whose Unification Equation we deduce and study in certain depth).

–  Then deal with the Generator equation… and its actions through the 5D planes of physical systems.

And go through its symmetries, s=t, s-topological parts and t-ages.

Thus we shall sail through the 3 ages of existence of physical systems across those planes, considering the equation of life and death of matter, following with the parallel spatial symmetry of those time ages as spatial organs of the physical systems of nature, to end this resume of the 5 fundamental isomorphisms of nature, with an analysis of the space-time cyclical actions and constants of those systems.

And in the process we will introduce a few quantitative isomorphisms, studying some key universal constants, social scales and varieties of physical species, easily derived from the ternary structure of the Universe. But since the focus of our section of mathematical physics have been on those constants, and keeping with the intention of making it simple at this stage, we shall just consider a few aspects of the duality of species in quantum physics, the duality of particles and antiparticles and the 3 families of quark masses and its scalar symmetry with its social forms in the galaxy (top quark black holes, strangelet halos and ud-stars and planets, in which we exist).

AS WE have already analysed also singularities, monads and its mathematical language, we shall thus start with the generator of S=t  symmetries and the Isomorphism of physical actions.

For a complete description of each Disomorphism for each 10D species of physical scales, consider the fourth line, a work unfortunately always in progress…

I. Γ@


Generator Equation of physical systems and its scales.

Fractal space-time beings.

So the conclusion of the proper understanding of space-time cycles, its lineal flows and networks is obvious. We do NOT exist in an abstract absolute space-time but we are made of those fractal points of space-time, its networks and topological systems, across multiple scales, which diverge in their geometry…

So now we can expand our definition that ‘time is a cyclical motion and space a lineal open motion’. And affirm that:

“All what exists is a combination of open’ vital’ spaces, enclosed by membrane-like Time cycles, which are centered in a fractal particle –point that gauges and process energy and information from its relative still frame of reference’.”

All of them will be made of:

– A central, informative point, seed, or o-point that gauges energy and information, connected to a membrane or time cycle…

– That encloses an open, entropic field of lineal motions-distances that displaces the system.

This seemingly simple structure, however has infinite variations and ‘biased deformations’ from each point of view and language. So in science we shall always observe the complexity of the details of each variety of the ternary ‘organism’, and specially the enormous inflationary number of ‘linguistic mirrors’ that reflect and deform this vision creating particle subjective Worlds out of objective uniformity of reality.

Consider for example the laws of electromagnetic fields:circular motion

We define a quantity called the circulation as the resulting speed of the liquid in the tube times its circumference. We can again extend our ideas and define the “circulation” for any vector field (even when there isn’t anything moving). For any vector field the circulation around any imagined closed curve is defined as the average tangential component of the vector (in a consistent sense) multiplied by the circumference of the loop. And as Feynman puts it: “With just these two ideas—flux and circulation—we can describe all the laws of electricity and magnetism at once. ”

A magnetic field acts as the membrane that protects a mass or electric field of points particles (reason why magnetic fields do NOT form monopoles, that is not their function).

That is, why time cycles will appear structurally as membranes that close a vital space and break reality into Space-time entities, of which the Universe, a puzzle, sum of those space-time beings is made.

The sum of tics of your heart gave the entire life of a human; the total number of cycles of a ball or wheel gives the lineal displacement of a car. The regular, repetitive patterns of those cycles are the origin of the so-called laws of science, which is able to predict the future of the species it studies because they do repeat their orbital time cycles, the circadian, biological cycles, their reproductive life cycles.

In the graph almost all physical systems can be described with the external circulatory closed membrane which encircles a vital space, self-centred in a Tƒi singularity of information or mind-point-particle of the system.

To start the mathematical description of a physical system we thus have to depart as any other system from a ternary membrane, vital space, Tƒi, center of future information system, which in mathematical physics can be easily described mathematically departing from the GST equation, in its simplest form with a poisson equation that describes  parameter for the Tƒi center and one for the Spe membrane.

In the graph, what is interesting of the creation of ternary systems of physical space-time is the evident scalar nature, by which simple games, as those of magnetism can grow through one million social domains into a ‘solid state’ ruled by magnetic fields surrounded, enclosing a vital space of matter. How can we interpret all those scales? THE easies way is to consider a scale of forces and ranges

Schrödinger postulated that the electrons in an atom should be treated like the waves on the drumhead. The different energy levels of atoms are identified with the simple vibrational modes of the wave equation. The equation is solved to find these modes, and then the energy of an electron is obtained from the frequency of the mode and from Einstein’s quantum formula, E = hν.

So the concept of mass, charge and temperature tends to appear first as a fixed, enclosed static membrane that takes entry and motion from the inner region it controls, transformed in pressure.  As the system transits and emerges into a new scale.

For example, a close box of molecules has only mass, if we don’t open it and that is what measures, because both the energy of its kinetic temperature motion and mass of particles and box-membranes ad up. The inversion of this ‘mach, outer galaxy rotation origin of our centripetal forces, however is perceived differently from inside than outside. Yet if gravitation is just another case of a closed ternary system, how it does become a complete form? How thus it order itself to form a regular self-centred sphere? Thus it needs the charge-mass to apear first? it seems as in the more closely studied case of a magnetic field which ONLY appears as a membrane of the charge, with the charge speed qv, and increases with speed. So here we can see also ‘again’ how a membrane which distorts lineal motion into a magnetic deflection appears to counterbalance the pure lineal momentum. Lineal momentum we might say for all those cases Spe, as it exists creates a wave ST, membrane, which will enclose it, and so it is more as there has always been s and t, motion and particle, which in the static mode becomes singularity, magnetic field and a vital space-time between them. And so we can ‘see’ without mathematical detail, visually most events of space-time and transitions and interactions between parts of fractal ternary points, forming networks and growing into topological organisms according to the postulates of Non-Æ maths and its ideal program of creation of GST organisms.

In mathematics, Poisson’s equation is a partial differential equation of elliptic type with broad utility in mechanical engineering and theoretical physics. It arises, for instance, to describe the potential field caused by a given charge or mass density distribution; with the potential field known, one can then calculate gravitational or electrostatic field. It allow us to define a singularity equalled to a vital space, closed by a membrane.

In general, partial differential equations are difficult to solve, but techniques have been developed for simpler classes of equations called linear, and for classes known loosely as “almost” linear, in which all derivatives of an order higher than one occur to the first power and their coefficients involve only the independent variables.

Many physically important partial differential equations are second-order and linear. For example: * uxx + uyy = 0 (two-dimensional Laplace equation) * uxx = ut (one-dimensional heat equation) * uxx − uyy = 0 (one-dimensional wave equation) The behaviour of such an equation depends heavily on the coefficients a, b, and c of auxx + buxy + cuyy. They are called elliptic, parabolic, or hyperbolic equations according as b2 − 4ac < 0, b2 − 4ac = 0, or b2 − 4ac > 0, respectively. Thus, the Laplace equation is elliptic, the heat equation is parabolic, and the wave equation is hyperbolic.

If we move from this to newton we get one canonical description of motion of vortices, if we move in the inverse direction we obtain the simultaneous still photographs of Einstein.

Neither of both paradoxes affects biological systems, very close to the observer but without power to influence it.

It is then once we extract all the isomorphisms and mathematical, bio-logic and apperceptive formal laws of biological systems, when we can apply with a sense of homology those laws to all other sciences.

For example, we describe the Economic ecosystem of Evolving machines, as they ARE organisms of metal evolving now into robots and as such should be treated by mankind if we want to avoid our extinction in the nearby future by the new top predator species, the robotic weapons. Next we deal with the Human Societies and Historic Sciences that must control the Economic ecosystem, (the ∆+1 evolution of machines) in its negative forms (hence the -∆2 tag of scale, as it competes today in capitalist societies for the meager resources of the planet that the ∆+2 human scale requires).

So regarding the ‘tagging of scales’, Biological sciences are concerned really with all scales, but as defined by humans, those biological properties are given only to close species of Planet Earth in the cellular, individual and social, ecosystemic scale, including machines as organisms of metal evolving at the atomic->mechanical->company-mother and global market scales.

Humans do also evolve from individuals into social groups, and the individual should see itself as a cell-citizen of those social scales of which history, mankind in time is the more important and the one that should ‘survive’ first for man to thrive in its organisms as individual. Hence the tagging ∆+1², meaning the individual 1-scale should love eusocially other humans to transcend into the social +2 scale.

And so finally we arrive to what normally comes first as a science but we put last, astrophysical sciences, but mind the reader, we wrote it as ¬Æ, since we will ad biological organic properties to physical systems, denied by physicists, hence establish Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean physics of the 5th dimension, and then as such, the scales of bio-physical systems have no limit, repeating every 10 planes the infinite game of existence (proved by the infinity of transcendental numbers such as pi). 

Finding the generators

So once we localise a parameter of entropy, Tiƒ a parameter of cyclical time and a constant of present ∏ime§pace that remains co-Invariant between the ‘Lorentzian’ limits of the 5th dimensional plane, ∆i, we study, we can

start to observe the isomorphisms, dualities, ternary structures, and actions and motions taking place by the particle within the plane, under the ‘variations’ of GST laws proper of such plane/ecosystem

Thus will deal with an enormous number of ‘motions’ perceived only as a world cycle with a movement along a plane of the type and form:

The expansive lineal, decelerated motion, the  steady state, constant speed and the accelerate vortex of time are thus the 3 main timespace motions, which is normally made explicit through a volume growth of space (as time decelerates) a constant of speed, st (A PRESENT remains invariant) and an accelerated force (Tiƒ).

SPACE-time FUNCTIONS on the other hand tend to be bidimensional, either in the holographic upper or flat, width dimensions as time/information like (height oriented) and space/energy like depictions.

Pure Simpler space, paradoxically is three dimensional, expansive and decelerating

And so we find curious combinations of those 3 parameters which define the main laws of mathematical physics.

Of them obviously the simplest forms are those of locomotions, depicted with a numerical single dimension to express, deceleration, constant speed or acceleration, though it is normally customary to use a ‘distance’, speed and ‘accelerated force’ as parameters of the 3 time ages of any system, such as they are related to time and ‘extracted’ in certain ways from ST:

S= v x 1 t;         v = v x 0t;     a = v/t

energy though must ad to speed a dimension of width, which stores energy and summons up similar beings in a wave of energy This will then be the amplitude of the wave, or the tail of mass of the system, which we shall operate with different conventions in similar terminologies, energies, hamiltonians, momentums and so on.

Those initial concepts are ultimately what physicists measure in the different  scales of space-time of the physical Universe, in the natural units of that Universe according to scales.

And so humans study 9+0 planes of space-time, divided in 3×2 great regions, the quantum, thermodynamic and astronomical systems, which range fromPlanck’s units, which are one of the limits of the functions studied on the microscopic, and the cosmic horizon limit on the macroscopic (not necessarily a proof of the big-bang but certainly of the birth-death cycle perceived on light).

Let us then study the 3 elements of the fractal generator that translates to Physical systems the general parameters of 5 ST (ab. for 5 Dimensional Fractal space and cyclical Time) in those 3 scales, the ∆-1 quantum, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scale.

The translation is immediate: S x Tƒ = ∆±1, becomes in physics 2 clear equations, one of ‘active magnitude’ and other of ‘energy’:

Space-constant of lineal motion x Time angular Frequency  of cyclical motion/ ∆-constant of relative curvature= Space-time being or active magnitude: charge: ∆-1: Ke; Mass ∆+1:G

Energy content (sum of formal motions of a given plane or closed ST-entity), which will be an equation with an space-quanta and a quantifier of populations that give us the intensity of the actions of each particular species. Thus it adds variations to the main active magnitude of each scale.

3 States of matter systems: Sp (past-entropy fields/gas)≤ST (present reproductive wave/liquid)≥Tƒ(future particle-crystal)

Now the previous Generator Equation resumes all the physical elements that interact in this planet both in space and time (hence the duality of ≤≥ arrows between space and time elements, to define both symmetries) across the 3 planes of existence of the Solar system.

Thus we can analyze all physical systems with the (anti)symmetries of 5D space-time; considering analysis of each of those planes as detailed as we want according to the ‘fractal principle’ that divides each plane into 3 x 3 +0 scales, and each space-time part, into 3 sub-ages, and 3 sub-organs.

For example your life has 3 periods of 24 years (young, adult and od informative age), subdivided each in 3 sub-ages (baby: 0-8, child when in classic education you enter the age of reason, 8-16, when you enter the age of sex as a young, 16-24), and each part can be divided into 2 0r 3 sub-parts, (depending or not of the existence of a reproductive body-wave), for example, the limb can be divided into feet, femur and tibia, the head into brain of information and face of energy; and so on. Physical systems are not exception, but due to our lack of direct perception (we do NOT see many of those elements and scales, so we have used an excess of mathematical properties to describe them0, we need to interpret all magnitudes and equation in ‘real terms’.

Still in the 4th line we will often subdivide each fractal species of space-time into 3 time ages and 3 space organs and each equation into its components relating them to T.œ parameter and universal constants.. And vice versa, we can further integrate them into more comprehensive wholes, as we did in the previous post analyzing the largest physical systems (cosmos, galaxies and stars). Let us do this first to give an overview of the Universe and its scales of space-energy and temporal particles of cyclical information.

Thus according to the ternary method we can analyze in more detail those isomorphisms, in each 5D space-time scale to define its main physical systems:

5D scales:

∆-1(atomic/electromagnetic scale)> ∆:Earth/thermodynamic scale> ∆+1: gravitational/Galactic scale.

Which will in each of its parts follow the space and time symmetries of any system of Nature:

Sp(Spatial toroid fields)≤ ST (Hyperbolic waves)≤ Tƒ(particles of information)≈

Sp (young, past entropic age/field>ST: adult, present, iterative wave age > Tƒ: old informative, future particle age.

In the description of Œ∆-3 , atoms, those symmetries are:

Scalar Asymmetry:

∆-1: h-quanta: ‘Planckton'<∆: Atoms<∆+1: Molecules

Spatial symmetry:

∆-4: Light: Field: Sp: Halo ST: Wave ≤ Tƒ: Photon

∆-3: Atom: Sp: Electron ≤ ST: Radiation zone ≤ Tƒ: Nuclei

∆-2: Molecule: Sp: External atoms< ST: Electro-Magnetic Bondage ≤ Tƒ: Crystal Center

Time Ages:

∆-4: Sp: Vacuum space ≥ ST: electromagnetic wave ≥ Tƒ: Particle

∆-3: Sp: Plasma≥ ST: Atom ≥Tƒ: Elements Table

∆-2: Sp: Gas ≥ ST: Liquid≥Tƒ: Solid-crystal

In the graph, the worldcycle of matter. We an see how the ∆±1 birth and death phase (plasma made of dissociated ions, is the same and closes the cycle.

Thus all together we can write the following Generator combining the a(nti)symmetries of the 3 scales with the formalism of ¬Æ to describe the ‘Human world’ of physical systems:

∑∆-1: [Sp-Fields≤≥ST-waves≤≥Tƒ-Particles]≈ Plasma: ∆: [Sp-Gas≤ST:Liquid≤≥Tƒ: Crystals]≈Matter: ∆+1: [Sp-Oort Belt≤≥ ST: Planets≤≥Tƒ: Star]

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 16.46.52

Now the previous Generator Equation resumes all the physical elements that interact in this planet both in space and time (hence the duality of ≤≥ arrows between space and time elements, to define both symmetries) across the 3 planes of existence of the Solar system.

The Universe of physical systems is exactly as any other 5D space-time system a game of two parameters with inverse dualities, spatial, res extensa, entropic bidimensional, decelerating, past systems of motions in space, and temporal cyclical, accelerated vortices in time, which come together into present, balanced reproductive waves of energy and information; co-existing in 3 scales, the quanta, electromagnetic field scales, the thermodynamic atomic scales and the cosmological, gravitational scales; which can themselves be analyzed in more detail through ‘ternary sub-systems’ and put in relationship to each other through the symmetries of planes of the 5th dimension, asymmetries of the 3 topological varieties of organic form and its simultaneous organization and antisymmetries of time inverse arrows of life and death and the 3 ages in between.

In that sense while we will make concessions to the parlance of mathematical physics using terms whenever possible closer to the mathematical analysis of those organic events, and so sometimes in this post, much more often in the 3rd and 4th line will translate the confusing terminology of the Gothic age of mathematical physics, or the Aristotelian logic of the age of computer physics to a more amenable jargon, the true job of T.Πin physics is to translate physics to the simpler rules of reality as all physical systems obey the Generator Equation of all General Systems of the Universe, which in the field of physical system is better expressed as:

[Sp (Lineal, Planar Entropic fields/gas state) <ST(wave-liquid)>Tƒ (Particle-Crystal] û≤| 4|

This is of the many similar variations of the Generator Equation using symbols of ® we can use, a good definition of what physical systems are.

They are systems in which the metric of the 5th dimension, ∆=Sp x Tƒ = E x I= K, remain invariant.

That is the distance-energy or past field of spatial size of the system multiplied by the speed, quantity of its information-time clocks are constant, within the range of variations, which allows systems to perform actions of energy and information, in present physical system within a certain range for EACH of the planes of existence of physical systems. Let us then consider the main elements of that Generator equation of physical systems starting as usually in an inverse fashion to the mathematical analysis of physics – that is from the synthetic, organic whole and its larger points of view.

As we have studied vortices above, when considering the unification of charges and masses, let us now bring the wave description and its duality.

2nd Isomorphism. The Holographic Universe: Bidimensional Space Time.

Bites of energy and bits of information, the two primary elements of the Universe, mix, organize, and evolve, till reaching the complexity of organisms. Their properties and morphologies are opposed. But for that reason, they can form “complementary” systems, which merge the properties and dimensions of both “formal motions,” enhancing the survival capacities of any system that combines in a balanced manner energy and form, E×I=K. In physical systems, all is made of lineal forces of expansive energy and cyclical particles of implosive information that create balanced present space-times. In the left graph, we see the canonical forms of lineal energy and cyclical time clocks and how an informative, electric cycle supported in a magnetic surface of space creates a complementary wave: a ray of light.

It is the ternary game of the Universe and its three dimensions of space and time.

Now the fundamental topological quality of physical systems is to exist mostly in isomorphic space-times. That is, places without clear referential frames in which entities that live in those ‘entropic fields’ must construct directional axis of perception and motion, lineal boosts and rotary angles, to start building from this Universal ‘nothingness’ of formal motions without meaning, the structures of form that determine the directions of time existence and the symmetries of space and symmetries of isomorphic size.

This to start with means that the spherical form is the commonest shape of the physical Universe, as opposed to the geometries of life that exist in a planar but irregular surface, and develop in this fixed gradient, complex limb forms, which are internal to the being.

Thus physical beings are rather ‘perfect’ fractal points of space-time, which co-exist in an isomorphic isotropic physical space, more similar to the water Universe of our seas and its Plankton , the canonical perfect spherical form with a membrane which has an internal focus in its central zero point and controls a vital space of lineal kinetic motions, invaginated by flows of energy and information, masterminded by the zero point. In that regard the laws of non-Euclidean, non-Aristotelian mathematics apply much more precisely to physical systems, which therefore obey better the laws of mathematics.

It is then necessary to understand physical systems from the mathematical perspective of the 5 postulates of ® mathematics.




‘Space has no boundary – that is empirically more certain than any external observation. However, that does not imply that space is infinite’ . Riemann

‘Times curves space into mass.’ Einstein

Duality is the simplest view of the fractal generator of space-time, and it means the existence of two arrows of future, or tendencies in all physical systems, which can be complementary creating simple wave-particle systems in space, or can be a tug-of war, two sides of a dynamic Sp<=>Tƒ equations, such as the most famous of them, E(Sp) <≈ > M (Tƒ).

And yet the most amazing thing about classic physics stuck on the routines of Newton’s absolute space-time is that the 2 arrows of space-time which are at the heart of most equations of physics, are not recognized as such, which makes so difficult to fully grasp the meaning of physics at large.

Thus we shall without further ado correct lineal physics so it match the perceived evidence of the fractal Universe, with the aim of making our linguistic mental mirror more apt to focus reality as it is, not as it bends to fin the tools of physicists, as ingle space continuum and a single lineal, mechanical clock with a steady rate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43

In the left graph, all time cycles return to its origin, creating a closed circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time – an artifact of measure, and equalizing all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single ‘time clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

Now the properties of a time cycle are obvious, and 3 are essential to the fractal structure of the Universe:

  • They are a closed space, so they divide according to topology and knot theory reality in an external Universe and an internal world.
  • They are repetitive, returning to the same point. So causal logic is essential to the processes of reality, in fact sciences are merely the expression of those causal repetitive patterns into mathematical laws. So the true principle of inertia is that of cyclical inertia: all systems trace cycles of existence returning to the same point.
  • Third, they have more form, more information than a line, which can be considered merely a short step of a long cycle. So they must have more dimensions and in fact for a cycle to exist time must have 2 dimensions, the rhythm of motion or frequency and radius or height of the cycle.

So now that we know the 3 essential properties of reality from a logic, temporal, cyclical perspective we can properly define the mathematical tools to its study – fractal points, social numbers/networks, flows of energy and information communicated between them.

Now we shall return to the proper definition of time and space in simple terms, from where we shall derive much more meaningful truths about reality:

‘Times are cyclical, bidimensional closed motions. Spaces are lineal, flat, bidimensional open extensions’.

Whereas a bidimensional membrane is NOT obviously an abstraction but a network of points-particles extended in a flat extension, so for example the Earth crust is a bidimensional space, your skin, the surface of water; and so 3-dimensional spaces are, as we shall see most often made as 3D printing does – by accumulation of bidimensional membranes, while time durations are just the sum of finite closed time cycles. This is the true structure of reality: bidimensional, topological networks of flat space, such as the Universe in large scale is (a bidimensional flat network of galaxies), where a series of time cycles (in the Universe those vortex like galaxies), with a dimension of height (in the galaxies the central, hyperbolic cone of the black hole, whose singularity has a height dimension tending to infinity), fluctuate back and forth and they closed their finite cycles.

Now, we shall make also an statement of enormous importance to understand the workings of the Universe:

‘Time cycles have different form, length and speed, in its closing patterns; therefore there are infinite forms of time measure, one for each type of time cycle, whereas we define the measure of the cycle or ‘present quanta of time’, to the length in space and duration in time of the cycle.

The concept of a present quanta thus varies enormously for each species of the Universe. In human beings a time quanta is a second, which is the beat of the heart, the glimpse of the eye and the mean time for each thought – and so we also see that the key for a superorganism to co-exist together in several scales is the synchronicity of all its systems, tuned to the single specific present time quanta of each being (the period of each cycle).

Those are essential concepts of all Universal beings not only physical beings, but in physical systems, due to the obsession for measure must be bring about earlier on.

Time quanta then we shall observe vary enormously from being to being: the time quanta of a physical particle can be as small as a trillionth of a second (in heavy quark families), and as long as a billion of years (rotational period of galactic clusters). How can we order all those present quanta? And how can we synchronize them to make faster cells and atoms co-exist with slower organisms and cosmic bodies? Those are full open fields of 5D physics, which we will soon consider.

For the moment a final comment on the nature of time space cycles made of formal motions, which is also essential to understand classic physics in 5D terms:

‘The Universe and all its parts try to conserve by all means its repetitive beat of space-time present quanta’.

This is the engine of existence: all beings constantly try to ‘beat’, to exist is to beat your present quanta of time space, to cycle, to complete your actions and trajectories in space-time, to the rhythm of your universal constants. And this constant of present space-time is the ultimate ‘resume’ of the laws of time space and physics (whereas the speed of the cycle and the length are logically related to each other, establishing an internal equality that is also conserved, S≈T, whatever the specific proportion of length and time duration is for ah species)

And so we can relate those definitions to the parameters of duality: Time cycles seen in stillness are bits of information, Lineal space seen in motion are speeds.

And this new concept of bidimensional time cycles with ‘height’ and bidimensional flat spaces, which is thoroughly proved by the flat space of the Universe and its cyclical time vortices, or galaxies, is the ultimate meaning of reality, already foreseen by Descartes, who talked of res extensa (space) and time vortices.

To notice also a quality which is essential and disguised by the regularity of mechanical time clocks:

‘Time clocks in nature are accelerated or decelerated or steady state vortices of space-time, which either are static as in mechanical clocks, or accelerate inwards in most cases as in charges and masses, or decelerate outwards, in expansive motions till become open space as in big-bang processes’.

This will be the key to understand the 3 arrows of time: implosive motions of information, explosive motions of kinetic energy, and steady state, present motions.

Clocks also actually do have the 3 motions albeit we only see the space-time steady present (but in the back of the clock there is a spiral that engines the clock and we coil it inward to recharge its potential energy and then the spiral uncoils outwards). And we shall also observe that reality which is always present, shows the face of the clock, the steady present, but in the background there is a relative past entropic motion and future implosive motion working to ‘fuel the present’.

Now remember that the fractal paradigm is homologous, so all the examples we shall keep putting from all disciplines do show the essence of what knowledge is in the fractal paradigm – the metaphoric, homologic, analogic, mystical, you name it, concept that all follows some simple isomorphic laws of time, space and the 5th dimension that orders them.

Classic physics of continuous space and time as limits of the fractal paradigm.

In the fractal paradigm, and the science of duality, which constructs models of the Universe accepting the sheer evidence of infinite fractal systems that reproduce its form, into other regions of space-time, none of those dogmas, never proved, easily falsified by every crystal, black hole, DNA atom or artist of the world, apply.

So the reader interested in the fractal paradigm and the evidence of the Universe, beyond XIX c. dogmas, must simply forget what he has learned and look afresh what we shall explain here, thinking on ‘the experimental evidence of nature’.

Yet always we shall respect the tenants of truth of the scientific method with a close scrutiny of known laws that will result to be ‘limiting’ or partial cases of the larger fractal paradigm.

So we can say that ‘entropy only theories of time arrows’ are the limit of ‘an empty space’ with no mass and time clocks (special relativity equations being the most obvious case), of the ternary Universe. We can see that lineal time models are also a limiting proposition of the much wider infinite clocks-universe, and the use of time as a parameter of space, s=ct, a very limiting, restricted concept of the much larger concept of time as motion and perception of all type of changes.

SO far we know that times are multiple, closed cycles that act as clocks and carry the information in the form and frequency of its cycles. And space is the open motions which unless closed by a time cycle extend creating ‘res extensa’, space.

How can then we combine both? The answer is the holographic principle: A TIME CYCLE has 2 dimensions of information, height and rhythm, allowing the constant combination of bidimensional sheets of space, and cyclical, tall time…

And both together form the fundamental particle of the Universe, a space-time being.


  Galileo’s paradox: dimensions of space as fixed motions. Relativity in physics.

E pur si muove, e pur no muove. Paradox of Galileo


The fractal nature of all universal entities, which occupy a piece of space and last a quantity of time, is the key to unifying the laws of science. Saturn’s rings are not a mathematical continuous plane despite their appearance. In detail, they become quantic points, planetoids in movement, tracing orbit.

al cycles around the planet, in a fractal repetition of the path the planet makes around the sun. Each planetoid becomes again a fractal sum of atoms, turning in cyclical paths. Those rings illustrate two fundamental dualities of the space-time Universe, contradicted by the “naïve realism” of our simplest perception: Any region of the Universe seems at first glance still and continuous. So Galileo called Saturn’s planetoids a ring, thinking they were made of continuous, still matter.

Yet Saturn’s rings have in fact the form of the commonest informative fractal: a Cantor dust, which thins once and again into infinitesimal particles. Since when we see any continuous point of time/space in detail, it grows, becoming both, dynamic and discontinuous, made of quanta, moving in self-similar paths that are separated as independent beings, but pegged to each other in networks by flows of energy and information. The Universe is constructed through those networks of parts that become wholes and grow in bigger scales, departing from its two essential formal motions, the line of energy and the cycle of information.

This duality gives origin to many paradoxes, as the properties of energy and information are inverted, and yet reality is always a combination of both. So particles of information are also waves of energy. Forms that seem static information can also be perceived as moving energy. It is the paradox of Galileo who said of the Earth: “E pur no move, e pur si muove.”

Now for those who haven’t read much of this blog, it might be important a short reminder of the differences between motion, form energy and information as it is the fundamental duality both in reality and mathematical physics:

The key Isomorphism of nature, its duality of still space and time ages or motions:

The Universe is made of motions in time, which perception fixes into still mappings, confused with forms of space. Saturn’s rings are not continuous planes, despite their appearance. In detail, they become herds of planetoids in motion, tracing orbital cycles around the planet, which are self-similar to the paths planets make around the sun. Further on, when we observe each planetoid in further detail, it becomes a sum of self-similar atoms, rotating also in cyclical paths. Thus a simple, single, flat space-time that seems continuous, without motion, becomes a series of moving, complex, cyclical, discontinuous, fractal space-times, organized in several scales of size and form, each one made of a network of self-similar Non-Euclidean points.

In the graph, the ‘Galilean paradox’ (we perceive the earth quiet despite the fact that it is moving) is an essential feature of nature: minds perceive in stillness motion to extract form, dimensional form patterns and know the other form. Thus the symmetry between spatial and temporal, static and moving states is an essential symmetry to fully grasp the constant ‘stop and go’ processes of reality. 
The discontinuity of space and time is the key to unify the laws of sciences that describe different species, which occupy a certain organic space and last a certain time.

FORCES co-exist in a wave-motion, particle-form state duality. They illustrate the fundamental paradox of perception: Any piece of time/space seems continuous, but when we analyze it in detail, it becomes discontinuous, made of space/time quanta moving in cyclical paths. And any form fixed by the limited information o the mind in detail has rotary and lineal motion/momentum.

We call its perceptive dualities of ‘Endophysics’ the Galilean Paradox, as humans perceive the Earth still as a whole space. But as we increase the quantity of information=truth we perceive it becomes a rotating, moving mass of atomic clocks (‘e pur si muove e pur no muove’). The graph illustrates the paradox with Galileo’s depiction of Saturn’s ‘flat, still, ring’, which is in fact multiple turning clocks in motion with several size scales.

In the graph, the key to the Unification of Organic and Physical Sciences is the solution of one of the longest disputes of Physics and Philosophy of Science regarding the nature of space and time: are they continuous as Einstein said or discontinuous as quantic Physics and Biology pretend? Time and Space are not a continuum but can be perceived as such. There are in the Universe infinite clocks, forms of reality that trace discontinuous, temporal cycles; and infinite pieces of spatial energy, quantic spaces, divided by membranes, borders and discontinuities, both in organic and physical entities.

The error of discontinuity. Points with parts.

Thus the web takes sides in the dispute between Einstein and Planck: the last experimental and theoretical studies seem to prove that space and time are quantic, discontinuous as Planck said. From that fact we deduce that each piece of space has a quantity of quantic energy and each cycle of time carries an amount of information. Yet since all what exists is made of energy and information from the previous homology we deduce that all beings, including human beings, are made of quantic cycles of temporal information or ‘bits’ and quantic pieces of spatial energy or ‘bites’, and the Space-Time Universe is a sum of quantic beings made up with those 2 substances.

Scientists don’t analyze temporal energy in all its quantic details because they study space and time through Mathematics, which has, as all languages, a limited capacity to carry information. So it simplifies reality, making each entity of the Universe with an inner content of information and energy a number, represented as a point, defined by Euclid as ‘a form without breath’, without ‘information’.

Then, once the inner content of those points are gone, mathematics puts all those points together into an abstract graph called the Cartesian Space/Time graph, which seems to us ‘a continuous reality’, though it is only a simplified, linguistic representation of the Universe.

Since, when we look at the real beings of the Universe in detail, those points have parts, a content of ‘energy’ that lasts a quantity of time cycles. Such organic points are like the stars in the sky. If you look at them with the naked eye they are points without breadth, but when you come closer to them, they grow. Then as they grow, they become spheres, points with breath, with parts: an atom, a cell, and a star…

Something without breath, without dimensions – as Euclid defined a point – is something that does not exist. Abstract points are fantasies. They are not real. Anything you draw will have a size, a minimum of 2 dimensions in paper, and 3 dimensions in reality. Look at yourself: your Head is a point with 3 dimensions, not a number in a mathematical statistics. 
The Space-Time Continuum becomes then the space-time discontinuum, made of infinite quanta of temporal energy, which ‘act’ together to create the forms of the Universe.

We live in a Universe made of quantic actions, of moving temporal energy. Reality is done by infinite discontinuous actions exerted by all type of beings, product of their spatial energy multiplied by their temporal information.
Space/time is not a static, fixed “mathematical image” created by our mind  – but it moves constantly, acts through its quantic pieces. We are an organic system that “acts”, processing spatial energy with our quantic bodies and temporal information with our brains. Planck expressed with that name, taken from the organic philosophy of Leibniz and Hegel, the fact that the Universe is not material but organic, made of cyclical forms in perpetual change and movement.

All continuous, static forms become discontinuous and mobile when observed in detail.

Mathematics simplify reality. How they do it? Making each organism of the Universe a point, and putting them all together into an abstract graph called the Cartesian Space.

We cannot though know all the information of reality with a single language, a simplified mirror that our mind puts on the Universe.

Thus the space-time continuum is a simplification of a quantic reality caused by the fact that in mathematics a plane of space is not made of points with volume, but of abstract points without volume. In reality however all what exists when observed in detail, is made of discontinuous points with volume. If you look at a table in detail you will see discontinuous points called molecules, made of discontinuous points called atoms, made of discontinuous points called protons and electrons, made of discontinuous points called photons, made of discontinuous points called Plank Quanta. And that minimal scale of smaller, discontinuous points with volume, with dimension, is what we call the Organic point, the first Unit of In-form-ation, of form in the Universe.

The quantic nature of space and time today accumulates enough proves, despite the respect that Einstein’s work still causes, as to be the cover of prestigious scientific magazines. And it will revolution all disciplines of science, since all of them use those 2 parameters to explain their species and laws. It also implies the equality between energy and space on one hand, and between time cycles and bits of information on the other. The only real difference between those concepts was the pretended continuity of time and space vs. the proved discontinuity of information and energy. Thus now we talk of 2 concepts that suffice to explain reality:

– The space and energy of any quantic being, homologous concepts, both in Biology (where we talk of organic space) and in Physics (where the vacuum is considered a form of ‘dark energy’).

– And the bits of information or temporal, genetic memories and cycles of any being. Since information is stored in memorial patterns that accumulate over time and it is processed in a cyclical manner, as time is. For example, we measure a computer’s informative capacity in Mhz, or quantity of temporal cycles of information the computer processes each second.
The 2 fundamental substances or states of reality are thus spatial energy and temporal information that we will call, when properly combined, temporal energy.

We are made of energy and time, which our mind often perceives as fixed space and fixed information, but are truly organic, moving forms.

There is however a far more dynamic understanding of the building of dimensions of the Universe, strictly in terms of time arrows, which unlike the growth of spatial ‘layers’ of ‘memorial’ time motions that become space-forms, is dynamic and constantly exchanging energy and information between 2 poles, one of entropy, Sp and one of cyclical motion, Tiƒ; which we study in the second isomorphism of Sp>Tƒ<Sp motions and forms.

The holographic principle…

thus is simple. We discover that information is bidimensional as the sheet you are reading. We just showed that a closed cycles forms a bit of information, as it breaks reality into inner and outer forms, and the discontinuous between them, the time cycle becomes a distinguishable form. Yet for a time cycle to exist needs besides motion a height dimension. So we readdress the 4 dimensions of space-time into 2 dimensions of space, a flat or networks of ‘points’ and 2 dimensions of time, height and rhythm And then we can compare and transform one into other according to the principles of dimensionality (without the same number of dimensions things do not compare).

So we establish a simple principle: ‘Fractal space time beings are made of flat networks of spatial points, trans-formed back and forth into tall cycles of information’

Space and Lineal motions. Information and Time cyclesScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.45.16

In the graph, the bidimensional nature of time cycles, divides the 4 dimensions of time-space in 2 ‘formal motions’, tall, cyclical time, which carries the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles (as the n-sphere has the maximal volume in minimal space), as such is the gauging ‘particle-head on top of all systems (so photons stay longer on top of the wave, your head is on top, as an informative mammal, with the dimension of height, eyes and cameras are spheres and antennae are on top, so are speakers: function is form) and wide, lineal space planes, which are the most extended fastest distance between points so fast ‘planes’ are… planes, limbs and fields are planes.

Bites of energy and bits of information, the two primary elements of the Universe, mix, organize, and evolve, till reaching the complexity of organisms. Their properties and morphologies are opposed. But for that reason, they can form “complementary” systems, which merge the properties and dimensions of both “formal motions,” enhancing the survival capacities of any system that combines in a balanced manner energy and form, E×I=K. In physical systems, all is made of lineal forces of expansive energy and cyclical particles of implosive information that create balanced present space-times. In the left graph, we see the canonical forms of lineal energy and cyclical time clocks and how an informative, electric cycle supported in a magnetic surface of space creates a complementary wave: a ray of light.

It is the ternary game of the Universe and its three dimensions of space and time.      

Cyclical times have more form, more dimensions than lineal space, as they are time cycles, not lines, and this fact – that cyclical time, has more dimensions than a line, is vital to the whole understanding of time cycles.

In the graph, since space and time now had two dimensions each, we can compare them, and transform one into each other, we could write that property with a simple formula, where Sp is a flat plane of ‘lineal space’ made of Non-Euclidean Networks and Tƒ is a cycle of tall time.

Sp (length, width) ≈ Tƒ (height, frequency)       Sp x Tƒ = Energy x Information

This simple beat of existence, flat fields of space that become tall cycles of time, energy that converts into information, is one of the commonest beats of the universe. And its rhythms explain infinite transformations.

Now this is very important because it can be generalized to all systems and allows the transformation of space dimensions into time dimensions. As only parameters with the same dimensionality can be transformed into each other. So a cyclical vortex of time (a mass, a charge, an angular momentum, you name it) can be changed into an, entropic motion that expands into a plane of space, precisely because they are 2 dimensional.

So since we exist in a universe made of space-time beings, we can also consider to live in a universe of motions with forms. And we can combine 4 elements, space, speed, time and form.

The expansion of the concepts of time arrows – information and entropy – beyond physics. 3 required corrections. Time IS NOT LINEAL, is NOT entropy and IS NOT the 4th dimension of space.

It must be stressed here that the definition of information as a time cycle, or time clock with a bidimensional form is different and far more general than the concept of ‘lineal information’, in a single light dimension used by physicists, in the specific study of light waves, which carry that information in the frequency of its cycles.

The Universe does carry its information, its form in the frequency and form of its waves and vortices of time.

Hence Shannon’s definition of information based in computers and the motion of waves that transmit such information, as a series of bits must be regarded just as a specific case of a much larger concept: information as form, whose dimensions and frequency code the Universe. So proteins carry information in its dimensional warping; masses carry information in the form of its cycles, words carry information in the curvature≈ form and so does art.

The same happens with the concept of entropy, which physicists extracted from a very limited analysis – that of gases that expand in space, enlarging the volume of space they occupy; to a series of philosophical ‘huge’ unrelated concepts that have become a short of dogmatic religion about time and the future, with an obvious dismissal of very evident facts, about the increasing order and information arrows of the Universe.

According to this dogma, the Universe increases constantly its disorder because the ‘gas laws of entropy and temperature’ must apply to the entire Universe.

But there are at least two obvious cases of systems that DO increase constantly the order and implode space into ‘cyclical patterns’ of information (as defined above):

– Gravitational forces, which are in-formative, implosive, attractive and therefore are exactly the opposite of expansive motions of space, such as the disordered growth in ‘spatial extension’ and entropy proper of things that break, or die, or explode in big-bangs, or expand with temperature in space.

The denial of the growing order caused by gravitation in all systems, including galaxies which are vortices that create form, information as the black hole converts and implodes space into mass; and it is ultimately the reason why we, beings living in a gravitational triple vortex, the Earth, the Sun and the black hole of the galaxy, DO constantly create information. Which leads to the second clear case of informative creation:

– Any memorial, repetitive, copying process creates information and order in a very fast fashion by attracting to a ‘template’ with a fixed form, the elements of that template, which become a still, informative system, with as much information as the original had.

So not only all vital process of replication of atomic structures, but chemical reactions, catalyzed by a still ‘heavier metal atom’, crystal processes that replicate a crystal unit, gravitational processes, iterative processes in which particles absorb energy and reproduce, decouple into new particles create information.

It amazes therefore the objective scholar the astounding stubbornness shown by some physicists in their defense of an entropy only arrow for the Universe, using dubious philosophical arguments that equate the concept of ‘information and entropy’, expanding arguments taken from a restricted field (gas theory, statistical mechanics and Boltzmann interpretation of information and entropy) to the entire Universe.

The Holographic Principle, discovered in the study of black holes, is at the heart of modern physics today – the fact that information is bidimensional, as the screen you are looking at.

This geometric generator redistributes the 4 dimensions we know to exist in this scale of reality, in 2 dimensions of vital space, creating flat planes of space, with maximal extension (made of small cells, points, atoms, any ‘set of similar beings) and 2 dimensions of temporal information, height and rhythm to form the simplest possible time cycle, which carries information in the form and frequency of this cycles.

Now this should be evident to you, temporal information has the dimensions of height and form (cyclical patterns seen with a mind as slow fixed forms, like the way you see a fast spinning wheel as a solid disk). So you are watching a tall bidimensional screen or book, your eyes see bidimensional forms, and your informative eye, head or the antenna or camera that absorbs information, with its logic cycles of time, its computer clocks measured in cyclical frequencies, Hertzs, are all on top, are all made of closed time cycles and forms.

So the first refocusing of the mirror of mathematical sciences is to give the dimension of height to time, which now has 2 dimensions and it is no longer a line of duration but a cycle of tall form, which rises as time passes, the flat sheets of space, into tall space-time beings.

In this manner, because a basic rule of maths is that only beings with the same number of dimensions can be combined and transformed into each other, we can combine topological ‘formal motions’ (forms allowed to vary through internal motions of its surfaces), and this is the most ‘evident’ definition on how fractal space-time systems and its feed-back Sp <≈>Tƒ equation works in a single ‘plane of space-time’, as it ‘composes its forms through the holographic principle.

It explains also the structure of black holes, with its tall infinite singularity in the dimension of height, considered in detail in our posts on astrœphysics.


The wording of ® and its first creative physical combinations.

So how to call both states for time cycles and spatial lineal motions?

This is a difficult choice of wording, given the confuse terminology humans use for those terms. The proper way would be to call it fractal world vs. moving Universe, form vs. motion, virtual vs. real, and so on. But as we are in a world of physical concepts which does not like ambivalence in the terminology and they are the 2 reverse sides of the same coin, we shall use the same symbols, merely inverting their order, and call those 2 elements of all the systems of the Universe generically with 2 letters and its inverse (we offer also 1 or 3 abbreviations which will be useful latter on for denoting similar concepts, such as S=Entropy, or P=Momentum):

– S, Sp or Spe: All states of relative lineal or flat forms are ‘space states’ or ‘space organs’. And its study are synchronic studies.

-P, Ps: And its inverse wording represents a flat bidimensional space network of points in motion, closely related to lineal momentum and kinetic energy

– T, Tƒ, or Tiƒ: All states of cyclical closed forms are ‘informative states’ or ‘informative cycles, measured by the form of those cycles (ƒ).

– ƒ, ƒt: And its inverse wording, are time cycles, studied in diachronic studies; and closely related to angular momentum.

Now it follows that we can start a creative combination, according to the ‘holographic principle’, as we know have 4 elements to play with. So we can combine a static time clock, Tƒ and a lineal motion in space. And the result will be a Particle moving with a certain Speed, or ‘Lineal momentum’ P.

And vice versa, we can combine a fixed space, with a time frequency, which makes it rotate or wobble, and the result with ill be a ‘wave’ or an angular momentum, with a frequency.

So we have deduced the 2 fundamental concepts of classic physics, from the elements of the holographic principle. And since the Universe conserves angular and lineal momentum, which are a combination of the elative time cycles and spatial extensions of T.Œ, we can affirm that the Universe, conserves its space and time.

This is in classic physics deduced through the Noether’s theorem that relates conservation of lineal and angular momentum to the isotropy and isomorphism of space and time.

The difference though is that in T.Œ, space and time are dual, both have form and motion, and it is just how the mind perceives it what makes it appear as a static form or a sum of smaller atomic motions, or a part of a larger cosmic body in motion and so on.

And so while in many cases need to differentiate between ‘lineal motions or lineal momentums’ (|-Ps) and its still continuous perception by the mind, Sp (Spe), or space and cyclical motions, clocks of time, (O-ƒt) and its still perception by the mind or information (tƒ, Tiƒ).

As a convention though, BECAUSE IN ABSOLUTE REALITY ALL FORM HAS MOTION AND ALL MOTION HAS FORM, it goes without saying that what we mention has both form and motion and use for the general discussion of space-time beings, the normal wording of those terms, Sp and Tƒ.

And yet keep remembering the formal duality of O-Time clocks, with closed bits of information, and |-Space motions, with kinetic, entropic spatial motions.

The reader in that sense must do a change in its chip that expects absolute analytical measure and distinguish an infinity of terms, to see how they can group in 2 general terms.

For example, entropy, S, will be shown to be a moving, bidimensional sheet of space, in the specific scale of size of atomic matter. (∆ Ps in ¬Æ notation, whereas ∆ is the thermodynamic scale of size of the Universe, or human scale, and Ps is a moving bidimensional res extensa, or network of molecules or atoms in gaseous expansive motion).

How then we create three dimensional volumes? Simple, by superposition, as we do with waves, of bidimensional sheets of space, and so we use a quantizer, ∑, whereas ∑Sp is a 3 dimensional volume of space and ∑Ps the same in motion (or for generic wording, both can be named ∑Sp).

And for the same reason we use a quantifier of time cycles, π, written in capitals, ∏, which is also the multiplier symbol. And so for a duration of time sum of multiple repetitive time cycles, or for a synchronous system of time cycles chained to each other, we can write, ∏Tƒ.

But it is also possible to combine a dimensions of time and one dimension of space, as we did with angular and lineal momentum (where we combined 2 x 2 Dimensions). So we could create a ‘line of space in motion’, moving a time cycle, so small that it appears as a point, with no distinguishable volume, hence measured by a scalar ‘number’, let us say ‘mass’. And if that lineal spatial motion is increasing its speed, a, then m a = Force is also defined as a combination of fractal space-time.

This could go on and on and show you how truly ‘dimensional physics’, translates very easily and allow us to define all systems of nature, with only our 2 parameters, properly understood, in the same manner dimensional physics does with 3 parameters, lineal time, spatial size and ‘mass’. The difference of course is that we add that ‘why’ which Feynman says a physicists nobody asks.

And so now we realize we can make an enormous number of combinations, which will suffice to define most physical formula.

For example, in a more strict definition, angular speed writes as v r, and so we can consider it to be a fixed line of space, moving in cycles: Sƒ, and angular momentum ads a ‘mass’-point, (a dimension of cyclical time seen as pure information, form), mvr, so it will have 2 time-information dimensions and one of space.

The why of those physical systems are then clearly established, as combinations of space and time dimensions, which start to grow different events of space-time perceived all together or in its parts.

Space and time, its inverted properties: Sp =K/Tƒ

Now this 3 elements, ‘space’ considered submissive to time and its cyclical actions; and the sequential order of change from smaller past parts to larger, social wholes, needs to be formalized, but as it happens, it IS already formalized by mathematics, which studies precisely in its 3 branches one of those elements:

Spatial geometry studies the forms of space in a fixed, still system of coordinates.

Now so far we have said that time is motion and space is form, stillness. But that is not enough to describe them. So far we have considered the fundamental principle of science – the constant switch on and off between motion and stopping. But this can be represented easily with a hyperbola:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 08.00.58

The graph shows the 4 quadrants of the hyperbola, that define the 3 existential functions of Space-time, as seen from the point of view of the subjective o-mind in the center of the frame of reference. Thus we can talk of ±∆S,T functions for each of the 4 quadrant and use the graph to represent the oscillations of the ages of existence.

Consider then the positive gradient, and we can have a simple equation of the time-space duality:  Time Motion= Constant/Space Stillness.

This inversion can be seen easily in the relationship between ‘lineal time motions’ and the ‘space’ and speed in space of the entity in motion. But it can be applied to many sciences – from the Laws of gases P(t)=C/V(s), also a hyperbola to the cycles of life and death. In that regard, there are in 3 curves to clear ‘sectors’, when we take Y as the coordinates of space, and X as the coordinates of time, making the ‘curve’ also an equation of ‘fractal speed’ which we latter explain what truly means:

  • Spatial energy and Minimal Information, on the right side – the energy segment.
  • Information x Min. Energy, on the left side – the information segment.
  • Exi (e=i) in the central point of balance of the hyperbola.
  • Finally to notice that the perception of the hyperbola from inside, from the central point of view is as a cycle.

Now the fundamental law of the logic Universe is the inversion of space and time states, but perhaps more powerful is the concept of an eternal Universe, where time, motion never stops, it merely changes from arrow to arrow, from past to present to future as it continues its motion. Time never change, even if it brakes into infinite pieces and goes forwards and backwards in each piece of space-time.

Relational space-time beings, fractal parts of the Universe, have two dual systems, one of entropy and one of information connected with a present-body/wave, which never stop the flows of time. Each part goes forward and backward in its life-death cycle and in each of its information energy, ±∆ absorption and emission, through its space-time action. And never cease to move.

Angular clocks and lineal momentum is always conserved, so are its integrations into kinetic, lineal energy and cyclic, positional, potential energy and the information it stores.

This, happens not only in physics, but in bio-chemistry, as Alan Mehaute proved in his fascinating ‘broken space-times’ with fractal geometry: once energy ceases (as in the life-death cycle), then information wrinkles, curves the geometry of space-time in any scale of the reality. Thus from Sp>Tf, to Tf<Sp, through Sp=Tf, steady states, the reality of the 3 arrows of time, the Max. Sp, Max. Tƒ, and Sp=Tƒ, maximal, minimal and stationary point, proper of all Hamiltonians and functions do happen and time merely switch back and forth or in parallel.

The Complementary Principle (The Bidimensional Holographs of the Universe) in T.Œ

We can now that we have a basic understanding of the “dualities” of the Universe in two membranes of space-time, the quantum world of charges and the cosmological world of masses, and its two essential forms, the gravitational and electromagnetic lineal forces of energy and its cyclical vortices of information, and the third element, mixture of both. Since fractal pieces of energy/space and fractal pieces of time/information mix together into wave of space-time, the real, complementary beings of the Universe. In essence, the real Universe in which we exist, with its four dimensions is a holography of two bidimensional, pure forms, the vortex or clock of information and the plane of lineal flows of energy. The simplest topology that combines those two forms is a perpendicular field of high information as the screen of this computer and a surface of flat energy (in the computer, the keyboard that transforms the energy of my fingers into information).

In the appendix, we shall consider a more sophisticated version of those holographs, introducing the three canonical topologies of a four-dimensional Universe, and how they combine into the real, complex shapes of physical and biological beings. Now that we are concerned with the understanding of the principles of those real holographs, we shall consider the simplest of all entities of space-time: a ray of light. Its simplicity is revealing of the simplest structure of a holography of energy and information. The magnetic, flat field supports the frequency of an electric field that creates the Information of the wave.

And the result is an H-Planck unit off our light membrane. We are made of evolved fractal H-Plancks, the “planckton” or atomic units of our space-time. And that “planckton” is a wave with minimal form encoded in the frequency of the light and minimal space, supported in the magnetic field. From this simple initial unit of space-time, our Universe builds itself. “And God said, there is light; and he separated the day from the night” means indeed in metaphoric terms that we are all made of light. And yet the same game happens in the world of dark matter, also made of bits and bytes of gravitational information and energy. Then once we understand those two membranes and its “doors” and “limits,” we can start to construct the real Universe.

The Universe is made of three arrows of time: the expansive line of entropy or energy, the cyclical implosive clock of information, and its combination, the wave of space-time.

This simple concept is incredibly rich and powerful to describe the events and forms of the Universe. Till now, we have stressed the duality of implosive cyclical clocks of information and explosive lineal flows of energy. We shall now introduce its real combinations, the four-dimensional waves of energy—which according to the principle of complementarity create reality by combining spatial, entropic arrows of energy, bodies, and fields—and informative, implosive cycles of information, masses, and charges in physical spaces, heads in biological systems.

The key advance of complex physics and duality is the introduction of information, the arrow of fractal form in the creative processes of the Universe. How this arrow of form interacts with the arrow of energy to form wavelike, balanced “ternary beings” of “present” is the key element to go further in our analysis of any entity of reality.

This interaction takes place according to the paradox of Galileo either in:

  • A dynamic “temporal” way, as a series of causal events that transform energy into information from past to future or information into energy from future to past, or combine both in waves of present, or in:
  • A spatial, geometrical way, as a game of two geometries, the line of energy and the cycle of information, which combine to form complementary systems, informative particles with energetic fields (physics) or informative heads with energetic limbs (biology). And again, only complementary forms that exist by combining “bidimensional energy” and “bidimensional information” are real, four-dimensional entities.

We call this fundamental game that combines energy and form, creating dimensional beings in space and causal chains of events in time and explains most of the events and entities of the Universe the inverse complementarity of space and time.

In that regard, the main logic principle of the scientific method defined by Aristotle is called hylomorphism, or duality, which, simply stated, says that anything real has both—a substance or energy and a form or information. It opposes both “informative-only theories” (Pythagorism, the idea that a mathematical equation is truth per se) and “energetic-only theories” (quantum entropy and quantum cosmology) of reality.

Hylomorphism is at the heart of the scientific method since its inception. In a static vision of reality, it means all particles need a reproductive body to exist; all informative heads need a body. Galileo already said that the language of truth is the geometry of lines and cycles, a sentence ill translated later into the concept that mathematics is the only language of God. What he meant is that the Universe is a game of cycles of information and lines of energy—the “vortices and res extensa” of Descartes.

Cyclical, moving time clocks or fixed information on one hand and lineal, moving energy or fixed space on the other are synonymous. In the graph, this duality is due to the paradox of Galileo that makes us perceive sometimes energy in motion and sometimes fixed space, sometimes fixed forms of information and sometimes moving clocks of time, forms in action.

The graph explains a law of modern physics, the holographic principle, which states that information is bidimensional. Indeed, information, as this page or screen, has two dimensions, height and width, while energy has also two dimensions, length and width. Both together merge to create the four-dimensional fields of the real Universe in which the interaction of “high information” and “long, moving energy” creates the three dimensions of classic Euclidean space and a fourth dimension of motion and rhythm.

Because the Universe is fractal, those dimensions are local for each species. It is what Einstein called the diffeomorphic principle.

In the graph, we draw the ideal cycle of time traced by a rotating particle, which leaves behind a fixed ideal form of information: a disk that establishes a discontinuity between its inner vital space and the external Universe. And we draw the ideal movement of energy, which traces a line that might reproduce laterally, becoming a plane or wave of space, since the most natural form of moving energy is a triangular plane. Thus, most organic spaces and limbs of energy are triangular, planar, bidimensional forms that fluctuate in their width and length. For that reason, energy is expelled in triangular flows through a rocket while energetic systems move, forming triangles called steps, as human legs do.

The main parameters of a cycle or bit of temporal information are frequency and cyclical height. Those cycles combine in knots of cyclical frequencies that give origin to an immense number of different temporal species: Σ time cycles = informative being. Height as a dimension of information also means that as time passes information increases, so does the height of any systems. For example, life systems evolved from “planarian worms” to tall men as the information of life systems increased.

Matter evolves from bidimensional vortices of mass into quark Einstein-Bose condensates, which as we shall see have a dimension of height. So dimensions are local, fractal, created by the arrow of “fractal information” and have a function. In the appendix, we shall consider according to that holographic principle the processes of creation and destruction of dimensions in the physical universe. Consider a simple example: you can warp this bidimensional page and get a third height dimension with a lot of “fractal lines of form”; you are creating both, a new dimension and information.

On the other hand, lineal bytes of amorphous, moving energy aggregate into planes of bidimensional space, adding its dimension of width: Σe=S.

In Euclidean geometry, a point has no volume, no dimension; but string theorists say that even the smallest points of the Universe, cyclical strings, have inner dimensions, which we can observe when we come closer to them. That is the essence of a fractal point. This fact is essential to understand logically the meaning of bidimensionality and the holographic principle that states that physical information is bidimensional. In Euclidean mathematics, to consider that there are two dimensions of energy and two dimensions of information is absurd unless we accept that each point of the Universe has a minimal volume. So a bidimensional plane, as a galaxy or the Universe at large is and as this screen or paper sheet is, seems totally plane without any thickness till we come closer to it. Then we realize that a page is a network of non-Euclidean points that will therefore have:

  • A minimal width given by the height of each point and…
  • A discontinuous zone of “dark space-time” not perceived or connected by the network of points.

It is important to understand bidimensionality in terms of non-Euclidean geometry. That is, each point of a bidimensional sheet of information, including this page or screen, has, when observed in close range, certain height or internal dimensions. This fact explains why certain mathematical objects, like strings, seem to have 3 × 3 dimensions (those are the internal dimensions of the string, when seeing in close proximity as a fractal point of a lower scale of form).

So the complex topologies of the Universe can be reduced once we understand its non-Euclidean fractal and dual structure, as Galileo put it, “to a game of cycles (of information) and lines (of energy)”, which in physics are called forces and particles. In simple terms, dimensions are the perceptions of lineal energies and cyclical clocks of time, as “fixed” information and space. Those motions, perceived as “fixed” shapes by the eye, create the sensation of space, which Einstein rightly defined as follows:

                         Space is motion relative to a simultaneous frame of reference.

Thus, spatial energy is lineal, moving energy, creating surfaces of space with its movement that we see fixed, as fixed pictures of lines of moving cars seem to elongate space. Thus, space and distance are two ways of perceiving a volume of energy. It also means that the space we see is the “light membrane.” We see light-space. And so what we see are exactly the three perpendicular Euclidean dimensions of the energetic fields of light: height is the electric field, width the magnetic field, and length the reproductive c-speed of light. It also follows that our light world cannot go faster than light, which is a tautology since it is made of light.

We are thus all fractal pieces of light space-time, which has evolved into complex forms of in/form/ation. We are made of evolved light-space.

Thus, dimensions, as everything in physics, are easier to “see” with visual, topological models, the ultimate language of the Universe since God doesn’t play dices but is a painter in four dimensions, two of energy, a plane of lineal motions, and two of information, cyclical motions, whose bites and bits combine to create all the fractal organisms of reality, all the shapes you see, from the informative particles of physical space to the cyclical, neuronal path/thoughts of your spherical head.

Because a clock of information is a cycle, it has two dimensions, height and rhythm, as it happens to the screen or page of a book where you read this text. So height becomes a dimension of information and the Universe becomes a game of two bidimensional types of entities: planes of energy and cycles of information with height. This is obvious; your head of information, an antenna, and any informative system is on top of your energy body. Because the Universe is fractal, each entity is a piece of bits and bites of energy and information and so the relative height of each species is local. This is called in relativity the diffeomorphic principle.

What matters is that now we can understand how energy becomes information, how geometrical space and clocks of time combine. In Galilean physics, when time was lineal, not a cyclical clock of information, it could not be transformed into space. Energy and information could not be transformed into each other, as only things with the same number of dimensions can be transformed into each other. So now we rewrite the energetic principle of physics as

Energy never dies but constantly trans/forms itself into in/form/ation and vice versa.

The beauty of the fractal paradigm resides in the fact that physical energy and information are only the first bricks of an ever more complex, evolving Universe, created by chains of information cycles, which are all the time exchanging energy flows, back and forth, through smaller fractal particles or organizing themselves into bigger wholes. Let us consider the properties of those three elements: energy (limbs, fields): information (particles, heads); and its combination (bodies, waves) and some of its species in different scales of reality so you grasp the essential self-similarity of it all, which means physics is not the Saint Grail of science but merely the description of the simplest cycles and lines of energy and information:

Tiƒ-future clocks of temporal information -> ExI: present waves <- Æs: past, energetic space

Form: Time, Function: Information        Space-time Wave Form:         Space, Function: energy

Mass, charge, vortex                                 Waves                     Force, field, plane of energetic space

Small, still                                                   Rhythmic                     Large, moving fast

Tall, Perpendicular,                                 Elliptic                   Long, Parallel

Bidimensional: Height, Width                     3-D +1 Beat               2-D: Length, Width

Cyclical, Rotational, imploding           Steady state                 Lineal, uncoiling, exploding

Informative, Frequency                 Transversal wave                                  Lineal Speed

Singular, Broken, Fractal form                             Continuous, amorphous, differentiable

Intelligent, perceptive             Beautiful                   Strong, fast, masculine.

Social networks, creative             Dual, organic               Darwinian herds, destructive.

Future, evolved predator                     Present                     Past, energetic victim

Life arrow                                             Reproduction                               Death arrow.

Particles of Time                     Waves of spacetime                               Entropy Fields

Female, yin principle                           Gay                     Male, yang principle

O-Heads                                                    Bodies                                   Limbs.

  Blue, Black                                                   Yellow, Green, Grey                         Red, White


Energetic space and informative time are opposite in form and function, but they easily transform into each other in iterative=reproductive processes that give origin to the complementary forms of the Universe, as all what exists is indeed made of fractal, extended, spatial energies and bits of informative, cyclical, imploding information.

The two states of reality, energetic space and informative clocks of time, are in fact lineal planes and cyclical forms in movement that combine together, creating 4-D space-time fields of temporal energy, like the light wave that illustrates the previous graph, made of a bidimensional, lineal field of magnetic energy over which a perpendicular high-electric field of information moves rhythmically in cyclical waves.

Height is a dimension of time because the repetition of time cycles accumulates in the dimension of height. Informative bits accumulate in “hyperbolic” topologies that wrinkle and create the height of any space-time field as a whole entity made of cyclical parts: cells accumulate as bits of information and a child grows; cycles accumulate in a hurricane that grows in height; life species evolve from planarians, simple energetic systems, into human beings and informative species of maximal height.1 Einstein’s curved space-time cycles bend the energy of vacuum into vortices of masses that accumulate in height, creating a black hole, and so on. Thus, height is the dimension that accumulates information in evolving process, erased in the inverse events of biological death or transformation of mass into energy E=mc2.

So the essence of a dynamic, physical space-time field is the combination and transformation of bidimensional, high in-form-ation into bidimensional, flat scales of energy. When both fields merge, they create a real three-dimensional wave form, which adds a fourth dimension of frequency or rhythm, as in a ray of light, the simplest space-time field, made of two perpendicular planes: one of electric information with the dimension of height and frequency, and one of magnetic energy, with the dimension of width and speed. Yet since light is the space we use to construct our space-time mind-vision of the Universe, for that reason, Euclidean/Cartesian coordinates show the same three perpendicular dimensions of light.

In the realm of physics, one of the main proofs of such bidimensionality and the properties of information described before is the fact that it is the only explanation we have of a recently discovered phenomenon that the holographic principle says information is bidimensional and the discovery that when we become smaller back into the quantum world, dimensions diminish into two dimensions 1

– The holographic principle, a key element of modern physics, says information in the Universe is bidimensional. Even human beings create three dimensionalities, combining two dimensions of form perceived by each eye. Indeed, two dimensions of time-information and two dimensions of space-energy combine in all beings to create all systems of reality.

– Fractal relativists have recently obtained our macrocosmic space-time, departing from two-dimensional entities in the quantum world 1. Thus, there are no more than four dimensions in the Universe. This is logic; when we go from small to bigger, we grow in dimensions. Quantum physicists who ignore logic principles pretend that the small strings have more dimensions up to ten. This is ridiculous. It is a logic paradox. The small is smaller because it has fewer dimensions. Now a group of fractal theorists have proved it with a method called causal triangulation. Another group has studied black holes as fractals of bidimensional vortices, quark masses, advancing the concept of mass as a bidimensional vortex of information.

What truly matters however of the dimensional and geometric analysis we have done of energy/entropy/expansive motion and information/implosive motion/cyclical form is to understand its complementarity and combinations as four-dimensional waves of reality since pure information and pure energy are “dead” ends, and what truly matters is to generate balanced combinations of both.

A fact that we represent with the “generator equation” of fractal space-times is:

Spe < ≈ > Tƒ (dynamic motion) or Spe x Tƒ=∆(static motion)

Which expresses the principle of conservation of energy and information and becomes therefore the fundamental equation of the fractal Universe since all that exists requires both—energetic limbs/forces and informative cycles/heads to become a real four-dimensional being of the Universe. Those restraints which physicists often forget are indeed a key guide to consider which beings are stable and exist and which beings are unstable fantasies that do not follow the laws of balance and harmony of reality.

The beauty of the fractal paradigm resides in the fact that physical energy and information are only the first bricks of an ever more complex, evolving Universe, created by chains of information cycles, which are all the time exchanging energy flows, back and forth, through smaller fractal particles or organizing themselves into bigger wholes. Let us consider the properties of those three elements: energy (limbs, fields): information (particles, heads); and its combination (bodies, waves) and some of its species in different scales of reality so you grasp the essential self-similarity of it all, which means physics is not the Saint Grail of science but merely the description of the simplest cycles and lines of energy and information.

5th isomorphism: åctions


A universe of actions of space-time.

And even in a much wider philosophical conceptualization, since other sciences do not use the previous mathematical formula of physical systems to define that Universal law:

Cyclical Motion in Time x Form in Space = Constant Action

This is what the Universe is all about: infinite motions with form, delivered by Active Magnitudes, Species, which act discretely through those motions with form, we call Actions of space-time; or momentums in the physical jargon, which integrated along a whole sum of them, give us a function called Energy, which is conserved for a whole Universe.

And this game of species performing actions of space-time with a purpose, which will turn to be organic, in infinite fractal territories of existence, is what T.Œ, the Theory of Everything Organic describes.

The word energy however is ill-defined, as most concepts of physics, which merely are given a mathematical equation whose interpretation is minimal.

The principle of conservation of energy and information for all sciences, in physics where ‘energy’ has a far wider meaning than in other sciences (where it is synonymous of motion), slightly changes its wording, to accommodate better physical equations. So we use the concept of ‘entropy’, or expansive disordered motion.

So the fundamental duality of the physical Universe encloses |-entropy within O-cyclical clocks of information, so motion becomes form, as frequency waves, temperature waves or mass enclosures control the loose entropy of physical systems and organise them into orderly cyclical shapes. And both are put together in the equations of physics under the umbrella of an all encompassing bag-for-all energy concept.

And yet all this done it will still be NOT enough to explain the whys of the Universe, which will require THE WHY-POINT, the will point, the ‘Maxwell’s demons’ that create order through its survival biological ±∆e, ±∆i, ∑œ=U, actions in space-time.

The Œ-point which gauges and perceives information and start an organic behaviour to feed its body and mind and reproduce into similar particles, whenever possible or form part of a wave of communication that becomes a point of an orderly network (or vice versa, starts an entropic process of devolution), is the needed why of all systems, physical, biological or social. So in physics we must define those ‘knots of time cycles’ that vary slightly those cycles, its rhythms and sequential order, in pursuit of its own survival.

We integrate and give meaning to all those motions in space and time with the Organic paradigm: all the motions and actions of all systems of the Universe try to make the system that produces the to survive by absorbing energy and information from the environment and reproduce its own form to last beyond its world cycle. So the topping of an organic paradigm of the Universe is the ‘will of order’ and reproduction of form of its points-particle in any scale of reality.

Now this paragraph is undoubtedly the one which most often is denied by any human of any discipline: the fact that we are all fractal points of space-time, whose quantitative behaviour varies but NOT its qualitative behaviour. As it is imposed by the program of survival of the Universe that all systems, physical, biological and social follow and resumes in a simple statement: points of view display 3 axis of absorption and emission of energy, and information and combining reproduction of both, and those apertures to the external sensorial world determine its behaviour as a series of actions in space-time that try to minimise its expenditure of internal energy (hamiltonian, lagrangian paths) and maximise its absorption of external energy and information, in order to reproduce and evolve socially.

We can describe all the actions of systems by those drives of existence: ±∆e,i (motion, feeding on energy, communication of information) and its more complex actions (œ, reproduction in an offspring of similar points and social evolution into Universals, super organisms made of smaller points). This behaviour is what truly sciences describe for each system and so we find often coding laws (drives of biological existence, genetic letter, quantum numbers, Action laws) which define such program of existence.

Let us then introduce it for physical particles.

Non-Euclidean Mathematics: the fundamental particle, the fractal point-mind (Monad).


Consider ANY Œ point of the Universe. It has 3 axis that connect the n-sphere to the outside Universe. What you are? Basically a point with 3 dual apertures in the 3 ‘axis’ of the mind (see previous graph of the 3 cultural races):

-2 ears forming the axis of your verbal temporal axis, and so they form the width Y-axis of time. They communicate you in parallel with other human beings who talk to you.

-2 eyes forming a visual axis, and so they form the X-axis of space and motion (ahead). They communicate you with the outside world with maximal information.

  • 2 nostrils on the height axis. They communicate you with the lower world that provides you energy and motion.

So you have 3 passive perpendicular axis of existence, defining your visual information, verbal social connection with other human beings and lower energy taking. And WE WILL FIND THE SAME 3 AXIS of existence in all point-particles of each scales of the 5th dimension INCLUDING ATOMS, molecules and stars. As AMAZING as it sounds to you. You do work in the same fashion any point of the Universe works, with 3 axis that define your Dimensions of energy, information and reproductive, social evolution with other human beings. Those are your 3 passive axis that connect you with the external world. And allow you to create 3-dimensional perspectives by adding bidimensional perceptions to obtain a 3-dimensional vision of the informative, energetic and social elements of your existence.

And then you have your Mouth, a single element, the active opening that will allow you to develop your actions of existence.

Now you might consider absurd this non-anthropomorphic vision of the Universe, as your subjective ego-trips forbids you such way of thought. But consider the absolutely minimal entity of the Universe, a light photon. It does HAVE THE SAME 3 AXIS with the same 3 VITAL FUNCTIONS, to which we can add frequency/color, the social drive of light:


Then when we study the electron and quark, the absolutely minimal particles we shall see they do have the same 4 DRIVES of existence, coded by its quantum numbers, of which the most important is SPIN, which is the informative eyes of the system, hence fixed quantum positions for perception of the social flows of information, magnetic fields that put together in order different particles making them emerge as a single whole:



In the graph, particles with the appropriate ‘inverse spin’, will ‘reproduce’ new particles. This obvious organic formal motion, however is not understood in organic terms by the abstract interpretation of mathematical physics. Hence the importance to upgrade mathematics to the Non-Euclidean, fractal paradigm, as we do in T.Œ by re-defining all its postulates in realist terms, and studying all its theorems and its 3 sub-disciplines, which perfectly match the laws of T.Œ.:

5 Dimensional analysis, with its study of how ‘finitesimal particles’ emerge as wholes in space and time, through quanta sums and derivations; and its variational calculus and Laws of least action in time-space that define the 3 maximal, minimal and staring points or 3 ages/states of systems (Lagrangians, Hamiltonians, etc.)

Geometry and topology and fractal space, which study the structure of points into lines, networks and surfaces that move and adapt to the environment the system.

Algebra, which properly upgraded into Non-Aristotelian algebra of 3 relative time dimensions will truly show all the power of mathematics to express the symmetries that generate all the varieties of beings of the Universe.

So now, for each point of physical systems, galaxy, black hole, star, particle or atom, we do define always 3 relative dimensions of space-time, which correspond to its 3 Sæ < ST ≥To functions as in any system of the Universe.

The particle might and will certainly have a field and a wave behind it, it will be a mixture of ternary topologies. But this is essential to understand what is observable and what is not, almost all THE OPENINGS OF A SYSTEM ARE ALWAYS WITHIN THE Tœ point that controls the system. All your apertures, excel the excretory ones of the body are within your mind-head, and in the case of atoms, the fundamental apertures are its spin positions:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.47.05

In the graph, the minimal unit of ‘bidimensional space-information’ in physical systems is a spin, the ‘eyes’ of atomic systems, which organise quantum actions into larger wholes.

Now, once we understand the ‘fractal point’, we can study its apertures, which will be 3 relative perpendicular axis, for absorption and emission of entropy-motion and in/form/ation, ±∆e, i along its natural axis of motion, ∆æ, information, ∆ï and feeding on energy. Physical systems show this behaviour through the complex laws of quantum physics, where the spin is the fundamental parameter to absorb and emit information, while the plane on the equator-belt of the system is the fundamental region of absorption and emission of energy and radiation.

The gradient of acceleration of the field will be the absorption gradient and cause of the attraction of the system, which finds a balance between gravitation and radiation, absorption and emission of formal motions, at every stage of reality. Reproductive systems are more complex as we have seen, often modulated by the spin of the system. Ultimately being the Universe a game of formal motions the mere extension of a motion means a reproductive action.

Then transfers of energy and information from those apertures in the most general case (Non-AE mathematics) structure all systems, of which stars and galaxies will just be a larger one.

So we can conclude this description of it with the understanding of the 4 quantum numbers that particles obey in terms of the actions of space-time they display to ‘exist’: Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.31.17

In the graph, the ∆-principal number codes the ∆æ, ∆e, energy level and motion of the particle, the l-number codes its form and informative gauging, ∆i, the spin number with its chirality that codes the iterative, ∆œ actions, and the magnetic number for its ∆û, social ordered structure (organization of multiple orbitals).

The enormous complexity of studying those actions for assemblies of millions of particles can be compared to the attempts to analyze asses of human beings in their actions of consumption. Again economics and marketing of corporations do treat humans are indistinguishable computers and simultaneous networks of information (mass-media) manufacture our consent as herds, so there is NOT difference the way we do relate to humans when we adopt the perspective from above, of corporations and political polling with the perspective of quantum physicists or thermodynamics.

It is NOT the species, which are qualitative different but the way humans extract information from social masse, û, than from individuals and the LAWS OF SUPERORGANISMS, studied in the first line – the common game that makes emerge through 4th postulate of ¬æ networks a whole, indistinguishable from the mass of individuals that loose its individuality and become exchangeable, as the system handles information with general fields.
The same happens as we shall observe in evolution when the Earth handles its species with massive fields of energy (changes of glaciation temperatures) that determine the accelerate evolution of its species.




From one comes 2, from 2 comes 3, from 3 the infinite beings.

—Cheng Tzu

All systems go through the ultimate time-space cycle the world cycle of existence, which we described with our simplified Generator Equation:

Sp-energetic young age of max. limbs/fields activity > ST-hyperbolic adult age of reproductive waves-bodies > Tƒ: Informative age of cyclical particle-heads << Entropic death that closed the cycle:best 3 ages of all systemsIn the graph the main worldcycles of existence of  some Universal scales. Above the cycles of human beings and civilizations, as they transform lineal energetic young forms into informative old age and then die away in entropic explosions of lineal energy called war.

Below the physical ages of matter between ∆-1 plasmatic birth and ∆-1 M=E/c2 death as systems go through gas, S=T liquid and T-solid states, mimicked by cosmological forms born as ∆-1 nebulae of gas, evolving into liquid stars and solid black holes of maximal informative density, mimicked in the largest possible scale by the big-bang of the local Universe, whose 3 Einstein’s solutions are equivalent to those 3 states, the expansive entropic max. Spe big bang the Steady state solution and the Black hole solution of maximal density of information. Thus we can establish a simple equation, or ratio, Tƒ/Sp, which gives us in cosmology the cosmological constant and in all other cases 3 ages:

Max. Energy-youth: Tƒ/Sp<1, Adult stability Tƒ/Sp=1 and old age Tƒ/Sp>1

The New Organic Outlook of a Universe Based on Information.

In this brief introduction to the fractal paradigm, we have observed the two great revolutions for our understanding of the Universe:

– The logic of the Universe turns out to be biological since the Universe is modeled as a series of networks of energy and information that come together into organic structures.

– We can describe those bio-logic properties thanks to the advances of fractal and non-Euclidean mathematics so we can fuse the logic of biological systems and the mathematics of geometrical structures into a single whole. This topological approach is developed further in the appendix, to fully grasp the organic structures of the Universe.

Duality and fractal mathematics cannot be separated from organicism—as any organism is by definition a fractal of parts, self-similar to the whole. Those three elements of the new scientific paradigm—the logic of duality, the fractal non-Euclidean mathematics that describe it, and the organic outlook of all systems of reality made of “cellular numbers” related by networks of energy and information—are proved by the three principles of truth of the scientific method as follows:

– It is based on the most advanced mathematics of the present age, fractal and non-Euclidean topologies. And it provides a mathematical solution to the unification equation of charges and masses, the unfinished job of Einstein, the Saint Grail of physics, found with “thought experiments” as always is the case with the great questions of science.

– It is massively proved by experimental evidence: every organic system, particle, and field of physics, which follows those morphological and functional laws, is a proof of duality. Indeed, its experimental proofs are overwhelming.

As many as all the forms of the Universe, we observe that follow the lineal, energetic forms of forces and bodies, the informative, cyclical forms of heads, particles and cellular nuclei and the complementarity laws and exchanges of energy and information between both. Of all those systems of energy and information, treated by this author in different books dedicated to each scientific discipline, we are here concerned with the systems of physical matter and specifically with the systems and laws of quarks, atoms, black holes, and galaxies, which are the themes of cosmology that CERN will explore and the systems of matter that can provoke a nova explosion of the Earth.

Let us briefly consider some other proofs of the fractal paradigm treated in more depth in the appendix.

Mehaute,10 pioneer of fractal theory, proved that when nature doesn’t release energy, for time to continue, it has to create fractal dimensions of in-form-ation. Thus, there are two arrows of relative future creation, energy/entropy and information/cyclical time, which transform into each other in the events of creation and extinction of each quantic reality. This transcendental discovery made in the field of chemistry has been totally ignored by physicists who defend the dogma that the universe is dying because it is only expanding (never mind the contraction of energy into charges and masses).

The mechanist energetic bias of physics is deep. For example, physicists have a principle of lineal inertia, but not a principle of cyclical inertia, when it is proved ad nauseam that electrons, charges, and masses turn around in cycles ad eternal without any force applied to them.

Physicists have a principle of an expansive Universe, but they ignore the informative vortices of galaxies that make our Earth’s human space-time a system ruled by the arrow of information, as we exist in a vortex of physical information, the galaxy, not in the expanding space between them. Physicists still define form, in-form-ation, not as the creation of fractal dimensions as complexity theorists do, but as bits of a lineal equation (Shannon).

Yet the most revealing property of information is precisely the fact that in/form/ation, form, creates dimensions. Indeed, think of a sheet of paper extended in space. When we warp it and wrinkle it, we are creating information, form, by adding a dimension of height. This is what all is about: the Universe warps energy into forms with more dimensions and then unwarps dimensional form into energy. And that constant game of creation and destruction of form is the eternal, fractal cycle of all what exists. In the field of physics, it is the game of masses and forces.

Temporal in-form-ation, like its name says, is a measure of inner form, which we perceive when there are discontinuities in a certain bidimensional surface—a clock, a page, a computer screen—either because the static form is broken into informative patterns (–) or its movement makes a sudden peak (>), bouncing in an action-reaction cycle. Yet those two trans-form-ations of space into form, of lineal energetic movement, into a cyclical one, are mathematically equivalent to the creation of fractal geometry of space-time. Thus we define information as a fractal dimension with form, generated by the repetition or quantization of a given generatorequation or mother cell.

Such is the geometric nature of existence in time-space. Indeed, the simplest fractal called a Koch fractal, found in geology, flowers and ice crystals, happens when a system cools down, loses energy, and then a continuous line grows a triangle in the dimension of height.

In Einstein’s terminology, energy bends, curves, and creates form as time passes. In biological terms, we warp, corrugate, and acquire fractal wrinkles as we age. The Universe and its fractal species are constantly generating informative dimensions or erasing them into extended space, with lesser form. Each of us goes through the same process in the life-death cycle as we wrinkle our young energy into form and explode back into death.

Since form exhausts itself, the line dissipates its motion (big bang), the cycle of mass whirls inward till there is no more space and then it disappears (so there is no motion in the eye of the hurricane). How did the universe solve this conundrum? It made the wave. It has motion and information, so it can reproduce information in different places of space-time. The wave is both yin and yang, information and energy, reality itself. Since as the principle of complementarity of physics, only a system that is a force and a particle, a wave, exists.

The wave is the constant, reproductive orgasm of a Universe in which all is a constant combination of lineal and cyclical motions that self-repeat themselves as they imprint the energy=motion of the cosmos.

Why this obvious cycle of existence is then not understood today in science, when it was obvious even to the first simpler philosophers of the eastern tradition? the answer is obvious, by reducing the study of time motions to simple, lineal external locomotion, this wisdom was lost to modern sciences.

The functional of states: General Equation of physical world cycles.

In its widest generalization, we could define the world cycle of T.Œ  (Sp>ST>Tƒ) as the time equation of all physical systems, or ‘functional of states’, if we were to use a more proper mathematical definition, which describes all physical systems of the Universe, as systems which absorb energy from an ‘accelerated’ field, iterate its information in its adult state with that energy as a moving wave and gauges information with its particle state. If we study those 3 states simultaneously we have the space symmetry topological organic configuration of the being, if we study them sequentially we obtain the world cycle of the species.

Ω≈B.  The isomorphism and symmetry of the 3 ages of time and 2-manifolds of space in physical systems.

Consider in the next graph, a ‘fast outlook’ to those symmetries that conform the world cycle of all Universal Systems:


In the graph, the symmetry of the 3 ages of time, applied to physics defines the 3 states of matter and the 3 ages of stars, galaxies and local Universes, creating the main world cycles of physical systems. In the regard the study of death processes in physics is also related to the 5th dimension as all scales do have similar E<=>M exchanges of energy and information, whereas the vortices of mass and charges are informative, Tƒ arrows and the energy release, entropic, Se, expansive arrows in each scales, from the beta decay of atoms to the hypothetic hyper universe big bang (inflationary-big bang cosmic theory, which here is reduced to the known-known quasar big-bang of galaxies as the limit of the human experience.)

Thus we define physics as the study of ‘Universal planes’ far removed from the human i=0 scales (Un≥±2).

Though physics, studies all scales of physical systems, including the gravitational, Ui±4, invisible scale and the thermodynamic scales of matter, from the human point of reference, the essential scale of ‘astrophysics’ is light-spacetime.

So far it has been described using 4Dimensional models of space-time. But while Einstein’s model works as a tool of measure, it has not been properly studied conceptually.

Since that is the absolute space-time in which humans ‘measure their own reality’, with its time beat/glimpse/thought of a second (measure appropriately with the speed of a cesium light wave) and a length of a meter (the human leg-step of space motion).

Thus while we, humans have a subjective second/meter, human referred measure of time and space, we do so in reference to the external absolute light space-time in which we are immersed.

Accordingly in the nested system of Russian dolls that structure the organic dual systems of motion and form of the 5th dimension, light space has two components, the |-Se force, light and its infinite quanta, in the smallish ∆-3 Plane of Existence, and opposite to it, it has its informative, time components, in the larger galactic ∆+3 super organism.

In that regard, the galaxy and its light is also our whole, which provides us with all our perception of space, time and its parallel concepts of energy and information.

Light space, i-3, and its wholes, galaxies, i+3 represent the limits of full perception of human beings and as such its ‘constants of speed’ are the limits of the human plane of existence.

In this post we shall introduce physical sciences and their systems and magnitudes, to focus on the evolution of galaxies and the Universe at large through the symmetries of its 3 ages in time and 3 topologies in space, which can be generalized from the reduced model of 4D physics with its 3 solutions to the Universe… which are the 3 ages of its cycle of existence.

In the graph we see some of the main worldcycles of physical systems.

All of them display the space-time symmetry of the Fundamental Equation of physics:

Spe, entropic motions’ field; ST, wave iteration; Tƒ: informative particle.

Its symmetry in space defines the 3 regions of any physical system, the external membrane that divides the relative inner world and outer Universe of the physical entity, which often is NOT a formal membrane but a rotary motion, with angular momentum (case of black holes event horizon, and galactic halo, the electrons of the atom, and in the case of the local Universe, the ball of fire of the cosmos), a central Œ-Point of information with maximal rotary motion in the dimension of height (a Maxwell screw in electromagnetism, a black hole in a galaxy, a quark bundle in an atom).

And finally an inner hyperbolic body of cyclical quanta, stars in the galaxy, galaxies in the Universe, electromagnetic and gravitational quanta in the atom…

Thus physical systems follow all the laws and symmetries of relational space-time, but its jargon must be fully translated and bio-logical properties added to the geometric and quantitative analysis; besides considering some peculiarities of physical systems, derived of the way humans perceive them as ‘energetic species’, which lead us to the second task:

  • On the other hand, relational space-time will correct errors due to the use of absolute space-time and solve all questions pending of science with the advancements of fractal space and cyclical time, and the metrics of the 5th

We shall consider in detail mainly 3 of such set of errors:

-The errors of classic physics derived of its misunderstanding of fractal scalar space (the single space-time continuum error) and lineal time ((vs. the real cyclical times of the Universe).

-A proper analysis of the 3 time arrows of all systems, since lineal time physics only recognizes entropy; and the understanding of the inverse Se=C/Tƒ≈Tƒ relationships of both parameters, ignored by physics, which uses the inverse T-duration (Tƒ=1/T). Whereas Tƒ (cyclical time) is the symbol we use for the logic concept and Tƒ (frequency of a cycle, Time-future) is the symbol for its quantitative parameters.

-The consideration of the different speeds of time and information according to 5D metrics, which increase in lower scales and diminish in upper ones, from the human ∆o perception – which accounts for the different treatment of quantum physics (with maximal speed and information, hence in need of operators – variables of multiple values, and probabilities) vs. Relativity, cosmic systems of minimal information.

Since Time is the less understood part of physics and 5D metrics do not exist, the biggest advances will be on this analysis. For example:

-The limits of human perception through 5D scales filter part of the information (from larger scales, which are dark) and energy (from lower scales, which have entropy). And this accounts for two uncertainties signified by Heisenberg principle and dark energy (repulsive invisible gravitation).

– 5D Metrics, Se x Tƒ = C, are the key to reorder properly and unify the forces of the Universe and its universal constants. Since once we adjust and equalize the time speeds and space sizes of the quantum, electromagnetic and cosmic gravitational space, Q and G become just the relative curvature-speed of those quantum and cosmic scales with the same equation.

-Many errors are also caused by the extraordinary speed of smallish cycles that are seen as ‘space particles’, perceived in its whole closed cycle. So the 3 quark colors are phases/ages in time not forms in space, reason why they cannot be easily broken; so are the 3 neutrinos and any ternary asymmetry of physics (since time ages are ternary and asymmetric in form).

This simple rule (ternary asymmetry) will allow us to distinguish a time phenomena from a spatial one, which will be ‘bilateral’ a symmetric.

Thus a broken parity asymmetric phenomenon, such as the weak force is is a time event, as opposed to the commutative space symmetric dual phenomena, which are space events.

Ultimately all this means that the so-called weak force is not a spatial force but a temporal trans-formation of particles that evolve or devolve in processes of life and death.

Those examples show the enormous power of relational space-time to clarify and resolve the pending problems of physics. We shall give some hints to all those questions and introduce the main processes and events, species and scales of the physical world.

Time Anti-Symmetry of physical systems. Its world cycles or ‘state equations’.

The Time Ages ‘antisymmetry’ of the 3 scales of physical systems is rather obvious. The word used by physicists is ‘state’, which replaces the word ‘ages’.

Its main ‘ratio or space/time’ which will show the relative dominance of one or other of those 3 ages, is  ‘density’  ρ=Tƒ/SE.

Indeed, any system defines its 3 time ages as:

Max. Sp (youth) > Sp=Tƒ > Max. Tƒ (old age): Tƒ/Sp->∞ (death)<<Sp/Tƒ->∞

Thus we just need to find a parameter to study the changes in the ratio between the energy and temporal information of the system, to define its time ages. In physical systems this parameter is ‘density’.

As Tƒ and Spe can be measured either as information, Tiƒ, or Time frequency, Tƒ, and as Space-dimension-distances, Se, or Kinetic Energy, Sp, and the jargon of each 5D Plane differs, there might be variations on the parameters used, its names and equations, whose explanation in terms of T.œ unifying principles is one of the main tasks of this post.

∆+3: Galactic and maybe Universal Ages.


∆-3: Spe (field) ≥ TS (wave) ≥ Tƒ (Particle). 

In the graph the 3 states of the gravitational, galactic space-time scale are the 3 EFE solutions, varying with the cosmological constant, related to the 3 type of density of matter and 3 families of mass that dominate each of the 3 ages of the galaxy (ud-atoms, strangelet, top quark black holes). Its proper formulation requires a proper understanding of the arrows of time and species of mass and energy in gravitational space-time, analyzed in the previous post.

In the cosmological scale, studied in the previous post, ‘density’ is measured with the Cosmological Constant, which is the value of the energy density of the vacuum of space. And so it defines its 3 ages, the young big-bang age of minimal density, the steady state age of balanced density (with 0 value for the constant) and the big crunch, old age of maximal density.

Now we can see here the problem of NOT having a proper conceptualization of all those terms and an equal formalism. So there is all kind of formulae to measure the time-ages of the Universe with the cosmological constant; and there is of course the confusion, so common in physics, between spatial symmetries and time anti-symmetries.

So after much ado, and different parameters, such as Lambda (cosmological constant, which varies with time around 0), Omega (the ratio between the energy density due to the cosmological constant and the critical density of the universe) and w, the ratio of pressure that dark energy puts on the universe to the energy per unit volume, which is −1 for a true cosmological constant, and is generally different for alternative time-varying forms of vacuum energy; all reduces really to measuring how Se/Tƒ varies with the time age of the Universe, to give us the 3 ages of cosmological space-time (a more precise name as it is indeed the proved space-time of galaxies in its life-death quasar cycle, but might not be the cosmological space-time of faster than c, cosmological scales):

Let us then define those ages-states and its ‘density’ ratios for the 3±1 scales of physical systems observed in this planet (light, electrons, atoms, molecules and masses).



 The building of dimensional beings.

Now, all this said, it is clear that the Universe builds its structures through the accumulation of quanta of space and time cycles, and its dimensions across larger, ∆+1 worlds, in which the growing systems develop its actions of existence, and so happens with physical systems, which leads us to the study on how the simplest elements of those systems defined so far, charges and masses, which are scalar points, Ä, of the lower and larger dimensions of the Universe, start its growth, through equations of physicists that show the accumulation of those dimensions.

Since a dimension of space must be perceived as a dimension of time – an extension as a motion, a form as a wave reproducing itself on a lower scale, the building of dimensions often takes the form of adding to a spatial, static quanta, a dimension of motion, and then a new dimension of static quanta, and a dimension of motion, which is most likely a wave reproduction of a form. So the interpretation of the equation of physics in terms of those elements, across growing scales of 5D wholes shows us the way nature develops its worldcycles.

First we start therefore with a relative, ∆-1, point-scalar, (mass or charge) of the lower scale. To this point, we add then a motion, which builds and angular momentum if the motion is a cyclical dimension of time, or a lineal momentum if the motion is a lineal, entropic one. So from the initial quantities mass or charge, we get a 2nd system, or ST quanta, or momentum.

This momentum action being angular (temporal momentum) or lineal (spatial momentum) thus becomes the first perceivable element of reality.

Thus we define the first ‘perception of reality’ as a quanta of space-time or ‘momentum, dominant in time (angular momentum) or dominant in space (lineal momentum).

So before we go into an analysis of those 3 time motions further studied in independent posts, we must enunciate this principle of ‘CONSERVATION OF TIME MOTION’, in proper scientific terms.

As science has done, calling it the Principle of Conservation of Energy, considering ‘energy’ a ‘concept’, which in physics that resumes all ‘motions in time’ of which 2 are paramount, kinetic energy or lineal-entropic motions and potential energy, or cyclical vortex-like motion (charges and masses and their position in larger cyclical accelerated vortices of motion or ‘fields’).

Now, if we divide the Universe roughly in a given ‘plane of the 5th dimension’ in two type of motions, lineal momentum and angular momentum, which correspond roughly to two type of energies; kinetic ‘lineal energy’, and potential energy, in as much as kinetic energy is contained in the motion of a single particle as lineal momentum is, but potential energy requires as all cyclical motions, 2 ‘elements’, the focus or center point of the field of forces and the position of the particle.

And so we consider that lineal and angular momentum are the ‘spatial slices’ or ‘steps’ of space that time integrates, as it adds those ‘small steps’ into the whole ‘time’ function. So according to our formula, which relates space and time in its most generic terms:


We should obtain from ∫ Lineal momentum =Time Function: ∫ mv = 1/2 mv², which as it happens is indeed Kinetic energy, the ‘scalar’ time function that integrates lineal momentum.

We can by similar but more complex mathematical reasoning compare angular momentum and potential energy, as it becomes obvious that angular momentum does not really changes the position of the being, which constantly returns at the point.

There is however a third type of combinatory momentum’, which we could call reproductive wave e xi or ‘vibratory momentum’, as all oscillatory motions can be described as combinations of | and O-momentums. According to the fundamental law of dimensions, which are constructed departing from two initial poles of motion and/or form.

But there are other forms of energy to be considered, and those are energies to account for in different planes of space-time the fifth dimension. And so it is not possible to do a physical description of time motions properly without 5D metrics.

Indeed. When we define a system in physical space-time, as in any other relative space-time we do have to account for the ternary 5D structure of the system, ∆±1, in this case, the quantum, electromagnetic, molecular, thermodynamic and gravitational, cosmic scales. And so the system will display our 2 types of energy≈time in each scale of existence, and then there will be exchanges of ‘motion’ and ‘information’, between the 3 scales of the fifth dimension, to total all the motions of time≈energy of the system, integration of all the little space-time actions of angular momentum and boosts of lineal momentum.

Now, when we study those momentums and energies with relational space-time, they fit nicely in the larger scaffolding of the general laws of all 5D motions and systems.

The problem of those concepts in classic physics is that they have no clear logic understanding of of it. Since mathematical physics is handicapped in its development but the limited verbal-logic intelligence of their practitioners. So for example, the best time physicist, Einstein would merely say that ‘time is what a clock measures’. While there is not really any conceptual definition of Energy, even if very few ‘arrogant physicists’ acknowledge they have no clue.

So we rewrite the fundamental principle of science – the conservation of energy – in terms of the conservation of the 3 motions of time, which roughly speaking (latter we shall differentiate those terms with more precision) are ‘entropy-energy-lineal motion/momentum’; ‘form-information-position-cyclical motion/momentum’ and its ‘vibratory, iterative, repetitive, hyperbolic combinations’:

‘Time never stops. All what exists is a combination of lineal energy motions and cyclical, positional motions that transform into each other ad eternal:  Sp<≈x≈>Tf”

The Universe is packed in a single sentence and formula, where Sp< represent all varieties of lineal motions, >Tf, all varieties of cyclical motion, and  ≈ or x represent the iterative combinations of both type of motions, in 2 essential sub-groups:

  • Perpendicular, ‘Darwinian’ combinations, X, in which the entropic and informative motions tend to annihilate each other (as in death processes, antiparticle-particle collisions and other erasing ‘big-bang’ procedures)
  • And parallel ≈ symbiotic combinations, which become ‘stable, organic’ systems, made of O-heads/particles, |-limbs/fields and Ø-waves/bodies.

Thus we can reduce it all to a simple Logic statement: Times never stop their repetitive ±∆æ,e,i,œ,û actions.

Thus this is the simplest image for a wave of time for an action of space-time for a beat of existence – so  many things can be explained with it that metaphors would be infinite – as ALL laws of the Universe will be deduced from our simple definition of space and time, a go and beat motion stop gauge information move consume energy, absorb it (feed), stop, move absorb emit energy and information (reproduce)…

It is such a simple game that its first combinations do not fail to astonish us because we start to feel that after it logically, bio-logically it can expand into all:

Space x Min. Time, is the beginning of the hyperbola, which is our youth of maximal spatial energy and minimal cyclical information, but as we move through a point of balance when both, time and space are maximized (S=T) the adulthood, we go down into  Max. Time x min. Space, at the end of the ladder.

We keep falling since birth down the ladder of time space. And that is the meaning of life, a walk through the 5th dimension from relative past to relative future of our region of space-time. And the formalism, I have called it Æ, existential algebra.

The concept of energy.

Now, the product of ‘S’ and ‘Tƒ’ is a Constant Plane of existence of the 5th dimension. A range of reality in which space and time is fairly stable. So we will find a certain type of clocks running at a fairly similar speed, a certain rod of measure of spatial actions, with a similar constant size, and a certain type of combination of both, or ‘species’ of that scale of the fifth dimension, with a certain fixed content of Energy.

And being the Universe fractal, we will find in each of those scales of the 5th dimension an variety of fractal species, that interact in that plane, by sharing energy and information through their constants of spatial action and time clocks.

Yet when we change plane, after ‘crossing’ a ‘barrier’ between planes, our time speeds, spatial constants and overall outlook of the whole ‘energy’ and forms and species of the Universe around us will change.

This means reality is structured into two type of regions: stable regions within the limits of relative space and time speed of each scale. And there are several consequences of this.

First the classification of all systems and sciences as relative analysis belonging to one of such scales:

and ∆±1 a quantum or minimal unit of a constant of space-time that remains constant between the ‘Lorentzian’ limits of the 5th dimensional plane we study.

Of course space-time is not continuous. Physical systems, are mere layers of the 5th dimension, fractal space-time beings generated by the same symmetries of time and space than other systems, and so isomorphic to them.

In this post we shall consider the quantum, particle scale and introduce some themes of the thermodynamic scale, to complement the previous post on astrœphysics (the description of the organic galaxy, its cosmic parts, ud-stars, top quark frozen stars (black holes) and strange stars (pulsars) and its rule within the larger structure of the cosmos).

In physics 5D metric (Sp x Tƒ = ∆) are expressed in the equations of ‘Energy’, which is the ‘aggregated’ sum of all formal motions, conserved for each scale:

E (∆-1) = h (S) x  v (Tƒ)

E (∆) = nk (S) x Temperature (Tƒ)

E (∆+1) = c² (S) x m (Tƒ)

Thus v-frequency in the quantum scale, T-emperature in the thermodynamic scale and M-ass density in the gravitational scale are the 3 relative clocks of time speed of the 3 fundamental scales of size of the Universe.

While H, K and C² are the 3 ‘bidimensional’ constants of spatial motion that define the ‘motion’ or ‘size’ of the minimal space action of each species in each scale.

And its combination give us the ‘conserved’ energy, that is the integral of all the formal motions or ‘lineal and angular, | and O-momentums’ of each scale.

Once we have established the fundamental particle of the Universe, a world cycle of fractal space-time, seen in synchronic analysis as a ternary organ with 3 topological parts:

Se (limbs/fields of entropic, expansive spatial motion) < ST (hyperbolic body-wave with iterative functions) > Tƒ (particle-head that gauges information)

Which in diachronic time is observed as a system of 3 ages between birth  and death in the lower ∆-1 scale, in physical systems defined by the 3 states of the system as fields/waves/particles (gas/liquid/crystal-solid states) between birth as ∆-1 plasma and death either as a ∆+1 boson of higher density of information (neutron, black hole), or in a big-bang that returns the system to the plasma (∆-1: E<->M(∆+1)…

And study in detail the properties of those elements in the first line in this second line we shall consider the main ‘fundamental particles of the different’ scales of the universe.

In physical systems 3 are such scales, and 3 are its fundamental particles, which we study in 3 posts:

∆+1: cosmological, gravitational scale. Thus we studied the galaxy.

∆: Magnetic & Thermodynamic, matter state. And we will study the Geological Earth fundamentally a complex molecular system of Se-Gas, ST-liquid and Tƒ, Solid forms

∆-1: electromagnetic, quantum states. And the fundamental entity of this scale is the atom. So this post is dedicated to the study of the atom.

As usual we shall depart from the ¬Æ topological description of the system, consider then its algebraic analysis (the equations of its fractal generator) and only then in the 3rd layers of decryption, descend into the jargon of each science, in this case the jargon of mathematical physics, specifically of quantum ∆-1 physics.

Mathematical CONSTANTS

In any case to fully build up a theory of Universal constants as ratios between different Dimensions of space-time we must start from the beginning – the simplest forms, the ‘irrational numbers’, or ‘vital ratios’ without a perfect, static solution that appear in mathematics, and Einstein rightly considered the ‘first magic numbers’ of the Universe.

Beyond those 3 scales there are 2 non-observable ones:

The cosmological and Planck (string?) scales, of which much it is written without enough proofs (dark energy, dark matter, non-visible strings). This type of speculative physics is today seemingly the most important field of ‘research’, just because arrogant physicists (arrogant humans in that sense) do think they have exhausted the understanding of the perceived scales. Of course, they have not. They have only described them mathematically but lack and have renounced overall to do what T.œ and the 5th dimension does: explain they whys of those equations.

The split between modern physicists and philosophers of science – the point of view the 5th dimension advances – is in that sense quite remarkable in the present age of ‘big science’ with much detail and little ‘forest overview’. All the problems we will resolve in these 5D posts simply respond to fundamental questions on the Nature of the Universe, which physicists simply don’t even ask anymore. As the size of the ‘industry’ and the routines of the old paradigm make impossible to ‘dare’ to go beyond.

And yet without a ‘fractal understanding’ of the structure of the Universe and its parts, a proper analysis of the 3 dimensions of time, and the perhaps most striking and beautiful of all symmetries, the existence of a ternary topological structure in all systems of nature, made of Sp-entropic organs, Tƒ-informative particle-heads and its present wave-body combinations, the deeper structure of reality and all its physical, biological and social systems cannot be understood. Let us then return to those 3 eternal, essential themes of reality once more, with new perspectives.

The result is the existence of a fractal 5th dimension that orders the different speeds of time clocks and sizes of the Universe. Its metric allows us to order all those lineal and cyclical space-time ‘formal motions’.

Since bigger systems (galaxy) run slower than smaller systems (DNA) which carry more information, but both are invariant together, Sp x Tƒ = C.

And this invariance is the origin of the order and structure and co-existence of all those different systems of the Universe, as the growth in size is balanced by the loss of information and vice versa.

Whereas we have written with the main symbols of 5D metric, the full meaning of the 2 components of the Universe, lineal spatial, past entropy (|-Spe, ab.Sp), and future, temporal, cyclical information (O-Tiƒ, ab. Tƒ), which combine creating constant space-time scales of the 5th dimension, which most sciences measure with the concepts of ‘energy and information’, conserved in each scale and equivalent to the fundamental law of conservation of 5D science: the conservation of present time…

While humans perceive time with mechanical artificial clocks and space, with human rods of measure (meters), Natural system has multiple, different time clocks with different rhythms and multiple ‘quanta of space’, for different species. Thus as science becomes more objective, away from human anthropomorphism, the next great r=evolution of thought, after the heliocentric theory that put the center of our local cosmos away from the earth, and the Darwinian theory, of biology that put the origin of life away from Abrahamic gods, is the use of Natures natural clocks and space quanta, to streamline the equations of mathematical physics and harmonize the concepts of time, space, energy and information of the different sciences, each one studying a relative scale of size and speed of time of the Universe.

In the graph, the 4 main scales of size and time speed of the physical universe, the quantum scale, ‘∆-1’,whose clocks of time are ‘frequency’, quanta of space are h-Planck quanta of ‘angular momentum’, and constant Energy and information, the product of both: E=hv; the thermodynamic scale, ‘∆’, where the clocks of time are temperature, the quanta of space k-Boltzmann ‘entropy’, and the gravitational scale, ∆+1; where Nature’s clocks of time, are speed, and quanta of space, mass, and the formula that integrate them as a volume of energy and information for each ‘being of space-time’ of that scale, E=nkT,

However the arrival of lineal physics and the mechanical clock hid this self-evident Universe made of infinite space quanta and time cycles, substituted by abstract Newtonian models of an absolute continuum space drawn over a paper  (the Cartesian Plane), in which all those parts of space, are pegged together, and a single clock and time rhythm measured with those mechanical clocks that equalized all rhythms of nature to its steady, tic-toc. But Nature does have its own clocks to measure time, which ultimately is the repetition of cyclical forms of in-form-ation, different for each species, which processes that information with logic, formal cycles of different lengths, durations and speeds.

So the ultimate meaning of a Universe of infinite time cycles, regulated by Nature’s clocks, was lost, and time became, in words of Einstein ‘what a clock measures’. Moreover as the clock had a relative, steady state speed, and can be elongated ad infinitum, rewinding its engine, the fact that the cycles of temporal information (ab. O-Tiƒ, in the jargon of Fractal space-time, ab. ∆St) of any system are always finite (by the very same nature of a time cycle that closes into itself) and do have different forms and speed at different moments, became also forgotten.

This is self-evident when we realize that Nature measures time with different physical clocks, for different families of species. It uses the frequency of waves to measure time in the quantum scale (ab. ∆-1 ST, in the jargon of Fractal space-Time). It uses molecular vibrations, which humans measure with temperatures (ab. ∆ST), to define the cycles of larger molecular systems, and it uses different forms of speed, notably angular speed, in the even larger gravitational ‘∆+1’ Space-Time Scale.

And so the infinite cycles of time of Universal beings, and its different clocks of Nature (frequency, temperature and speed), whose rhythms and forms carry the in-form-ative patterns, became also forgotten, with the arrival of artificial, mechanical clocks, which established a steady single, human rhythm to time, of infinite duration. Of course, because using a single human rod of measure for space, or ‘quanta’, the meter, and a single human time cycle or ‘second’, equalizing all other systems with them, allowed a perspective on reality from the human practical point of view, the use of seconds in time and meters in space, facilitated measure and construction of machines, weapons and buildings, greatly improving the praxis of human life.

So what man lost in his philosophical understanding of reality, he gained it in practical power. And as measures with single clocks and single space rods increased, many regularities of Nature were tabulated, albeit deformed by its equalization with clocks and single space continuums. However, and this is a key element to understand why a Universal model, slightly deformed in its fundamental principle works, a system with a distorted perspective, such as the Ptolemaic system with the Earth at its center, can fully describe reality, merely by adding complex corrections to cater the distorted point of view.

So human measures of reality with a single time and space are more complex specially at conceptual level than the more realist model, using the proper quanta of space measure (the so called Universal constants) and time clocks of Nature (frequency, temperature and speed) but they do work. Moreover they have established a scientific praxis for 400 years that would be extremely costly to vary, as the Industrial revolution, converted the clock today evolved into a computer in the model of all temporal things, and the meter, today the speed of light, as the quanta of all spaces.

And so physicists are comfortable with this absolute space-time picture of reality. We, Philosophers of science, however are not practical beings, only concerned with the objective truths of the Universe. So we are not satisfied with Physicists’ models and the purpose of this blog is to establish a more objective picture of the Universe, using the different clocks of time and quanta of space we find in Nature (as science is ultimately the search for an objectivity that goes beyond the subjective human anthropomorphic view, so science moved from earth-centric models to heliocentric models, and should move from human time models into Universal time models).

So the quantic nature of space and cyclical nature of time was forgotten, and the fact that we are ‘relational space-time beings’, made of space quanta and time cycles, – Leibniz’s alternative model to that of Newton, remained ignored for 2 centuries.

Then in the XIX and XX century, new advances in mathematics, physics and biology made unavoidable the resurrection of the ‘real models’ of Nature, as Darwin found the evolutionary, time rhythms of nature and its species, which were neither infinite in duration, nor it follow the steady mechanical, artificial rhythm of human time clocks; Lobachevski found that space was indeed discontinuous, with different geometrical forms in different regions of the Universe, Einstein found time clocks were multiple and run at different speeds, and defined the quanta of the larger gravitational scale of size, or rest mass, while quantum theorists discovered in the other extreme of size, the H-Planck bidimensional quanta of angular momentum h, was also a constant; and Boltzmann found the Universal quanta of space of thermodynamic world, ‘Entropy’, was also a constant K.

When physicists discovered that in fact even the smallest spaces do have motion and are made of quanta, and Einstein discovered that the rhythms of time varied and had different speeds, the routines of this ‘simplistic’ Newtonian model had to be changed. As Einstein put it: ‘Leibniz is right, but if so we have to change the entire scaffolding of western science from its foundations’.

Thus human concepts of a continuous absolute space and lineal absolute time, invented by Newton and the mechanical clocks, are no longer valid, and we must substitute them for the real concepts of nature and modern physics: a world of multiple space quanta with motion and a world of multiple cycles of time with different speeds.

Why a philosopher of science and not a physicist has completed such a model should be obvious to the reader. The philosopher of science is concerned with the big questions, what is time, space, energy information and with the unification of all sciences and scales of reality form quantum to astronomy through biology and social sciences. So themes of such wide range as those treated here are more proper of philosophers of science.

Further on, the philosopher of science departs not from the study of a specific type of space-time systems (physical systems of matter) but from the principle, laws and mathematical and logic languages of time and space, we humans use to perceive reality. Thus once the physicist gather experimental evidence with its instruments, he is at loss with the theoretical analysis on the widest possible terms of those experiments There is where the work of the philosopher of science, master of languages of thought more than of machines of perception, comes in.

Since science is a logic, mathematical statement about reality, so there are also clear new advances on logic and mathematics, which in the XIX century r=evolved scientific thought and again have not yet fully incorporated into our models of reality.

Since science is based in mathematical languages, and language is based in geometry, scientists faced in the XIX century the shocking fact that Euclidean geometry is not truth; since the 5th postulate of Geometry, which defines points with no breath, through which only a line also with no breath, can cross, proved false. There are different possible geometries, in which points do have breath, so several parallels can cross their volume, or points exist in a different surface through which no parallels exist.

How can we then introduce the new concepts of points with breath, surfaces with different numbers of parallels, in the scientific discourse of different sciences? Here again little advance was done, and so mathematicians at the beginning of the XX century decided to get away with the problem by merely NOT defining any longer the concepts of points, planes, lines and the relationships between them (their relative similarity or ‘congruence’ and the way they ‘intersect and lay on’). Thus two new false solutions were devised. On one side, instead of points and numbers, the classic units of mathematics that made them a realist science.

So physicists and philosophers of science have been aware for a century that space is quantic, with motion, and there are infinite time cycles-clocks in Nature. Yet the difficulty to re-define the fundamental original proposition of science, paralleled by the constant needs for merely parched the model.

Look around you. All what you perceive are 2 type of ‘forms in motion’, lineal forms that we shall call space, S, when perceived in stillness or lineal momentum, |-p, when perceived in motion, and cyclical forms, which we shall call time cycles or angular momentum when in motion, measured by frequency, |-Tƒ and information form when seeing in stillness.

And so those 2 elements, |-Spe and O-Tiƒ, spatial momentum and temporal form, and its infinite combinations, measured with different time clocks, frequency, temperature, speed and space quanta, H-Planck, K-entropy and M-ass, and integrated into different types of ‘energy and information’, is truly what all the Universe is made of. And so we can write a simple Generator equation of the Universe:

Ei= Sp x Tƒ for all scales of reality, which breaks down for the 3 main physical scales into the 3 most important equations of mathematical physics: E=hv (for the ∆-1 quantum scale), E=knT (for the ∆-human thermodynamic scale) and E=1/2mv2 or E=mc2 in Einstein’s relativity for the gravitational ∆+1 scale.

The new paradigm of a Fractal, non-Euclidean Universe has slowly evolved since the Times of Descartes’ multiple worlds and Leibniz’s relational space-time and Non-Euclidean Monads, till the more rigorous formalism of this author. It implies to evolve our understanding of Time and information in topological terms, beyond the dubitative first steps of Einstein with his theory of multiple time clocks, by defining a new arrow of time, opposed to the arrow of entropy and disorder:  fractal information, which all structures of nature constantly reproduce over a canvas of simpler, entropic motions. The combination of both generates the 3 dimensions/ages of Timespace:

Spe (spatial past entropy) x Tiƒ (Temporal Informative Future) = ST (Present, iterative space-time)

Indeed, in the fractal paradigm, the Universe is infinite and the big bang is not the birth of all realities, but the ‘entropic’ arrow, Spe, of the dual Einstein’s equation: E (Spe) ≈ c² M (Tiƒ) that describes the trans-form-ation of lineal radiation into cyclical mass vortices, the fundamental, accelerated ‘time clocks’ of the cosmos that store its information in the frequency and form of its cycles.

Any local big bang and big crunch dual process (E<=>M), splits the physical energy and information of a complex system, in any of the multiple scales of physical reality.

Still the species they study are overwhelmingly the majority of reality so we do have to deal extensively with them. And the fundamental concept they use to express all the ‘formal motions’ of those species; that is the combination of all the cyclical motions or ‘angular momentums’ of each scale of the 5th dimension and all its ‘entropic spatial intervals’ or constants of space action or ‘lineal momentums’ is ENERGY.

In normal parlance energy is closer to the concept of expansive lineal motion – our capacity to move. In physics though there is a clear equation that relates Energy and Work. So Energy is the capacity to move with certain ‘directionality’ or form. Or alternately the capacity to move ‘forms’. And it is a very integrative concept both in time and space. So for example, in our human scale, Energy is the sum of the Internal Energy made mostly of cyclical motions (U) that give the form to the being and the External motion or kinetic energy (ke). So it is the closest concept to what we call a ‘plane of the 5th dimension’, which measures all the formal motions of a ‘closed system’, ‘superorganism’, or relative Universe.

The limits of lineal physics.

Unfortunately, physicists are lineal because of their professional deformation and only accepts lineal interpretations of reality but the physical universe is not lineal, it is mostly cyclical, and time matters more than space and is more complex than a mere parameter of space, and physical systems are organic, structured as all other systems through scales of the 5th dimension and particles do have an informative and energetic life and death cycle, which is a zero sum, and particles are not static space forms but vortices in perpetual motion and both arrows balance between galaxies that implode space into mass and intergalactic space that expands it and particles also have their time arrow of information and their inverse arrow of negative energy and death called ‘antiparticles which for that reason appear moving towards the past and annihilate=kill particles. This is the last organic theme worth to comment so early in this introduction.

As particles move towards c-speed the limit of tis universe, they obviously suffer strain and die. So when Dirac tried to adapt to Einstein’s c-speeds, the quantum wave of Schrodinger (the body part of the particle head, in the organic physical system, which travels over the energy-field in which it preys, the organic understanding of the conundrum of quantum physics which physicists still do not understand), he found alas! that at c speed, there were 2 solutions, one with negative energy=entropy and one with positive one.

He just have found inorganic terms that the particle died into an antiparticle, with inverse time arrows and inverse energy, exploding into a big-bang death erasing its information. But a century latter this interpretation is taboo – meaning it won’t appear on Physical review (-; just in this blog. I never received even a footnote on the few papers I sent when young with organic interpretations of physical equations – it is a taboo paradigm, as humanist economical solutions to the dictatorship of financial bankers is a taboo in economics. ‘Those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’ said Mr. Einstein, but so far they are doing Ok, other matter is what humanity is suffering under the massive industries of weapons and the massive profits of usury banking.

Now we shall be more precise and quantitative in our analysis of the scales of the 5th dimension in physical systems.

In the General Model of 5D scalar space-time, systems grow in social scales of 10 elements, given that a ternary 3 x 3 + an integrative 0-point is the perfect ternary symmetry of the Universe, which responds to the Fractal generator (3 systems of space-time across 3 scales with a 10th 0-point). This integrative scaling happens CONSTANTLY in all the systems of the Universe, biological, physical or social, from Mongolian armies to cellular structures.

So the search for ‘9’ scales is the easiest way to be ‘extensive’.

Further on, all forms of knowledge depart from a mind, in this case the human organism. So those scales will depart from a central ∆o, human scale.

And finally beings only perceive scales of Sp and Tƒ, from where it extracts motion and form useful to the being. So all perceptions are based in a quanta of motion or form that the perceiver is able to process. And that is why humans do quantize all measures (machines are electronic sensors, attachments of human perception for most of it, so they basically perceive the same elements.

Thus 3 concepts are basic to classify planes: the human point of view, the human actions that require perception and the 3 x 3 + 0 ternary, decametric scales.

It follows that the ±10±10 is the largest possible of those scales (atoms in a DNA, galaxies in the cosmological horizon, stars in the galaxy, people on Earth, you name it). So it is easy to ‘search’ for the scales of the physical systems perceived by human beings, by searching for 3 elements:

– An energy type, with a Constant of Space-action and a Frequency Clock.

How energy and time transfer between scales, how a clock of time disappears in one scale, so Standard Model particles do not have mass, and then its frequency clocks transfer time in the form of radiation to the thermodynamic scale, and then Black holes of the gravitational scale don’t have temperature… questions that physicists have not even answered because using lineal time, as Pauli once said of a paper, ‘they are no even wrong’… and will open up an entire new world of relationships and meanings to each and all sciences.

We are fast introducing a picture of the enormous number of advances in all sciences, brought about by cyclical time and the understanding of the 5th dimension and its rather simple but powerful metric to explain all what exists as travels in time through its arrows of cyclical time from birth to extinction and then the arrow of social evolution from parts into wholes, of social love of superorganisms, of 5D.

For example, genetics codes time from the lower ∆-1 cellular scale to the upper organic scale, providing its social evolution through the informative arrow of future. But the larger whole does NOT code the lower scale as that is a flow of relative past motion.

However the larger future whole DOES move synchronically the past cells. And the past scale cannot send pure flows of past motion to the future (entropy arrow of thermodynamic). Recently we have found that in fact psychological time also obeys the same arrows.

We move first subconsciously in the past, and then we do think with the relative future brain and control motion. Time IS all and existence is a travel through 3 scales of the fifth dimension from seminal seeds that accelerate in time (palingenetic evolution) and then slow down their clocks as they surface into the ∆+1 scale of time, and then live the slower times of the super organisms of nations and civilizations of history, to die fast back to cells, completing a world cycle…

Those are fast reviews of some classic themes of time in physics, biology, sociology and psychology – mental time, which conform the 4 fields of time-space sciences unified by the new metric of 5D fractal, cyclical space-time.

In that regard, perhaps the most important truth about time in physics is that is NOT at all what there is to time, but people and physicists think it is, limiting their inquire.

Most people today believe that all what matters to time is what ‘physicists measure’; so it is a lineal single duration. So before we go ahead understanding the meaning of a time cycle and its 3 ages, and its symmetries with the 3 scales of the 5th dimension and the 3 forms of topological space, we have to understand the limited understanding of time in physics, in terms of ‘external time changes’, instead of the much wider concept of multiple time arrows, in a Universe made of space-time beings.

Time in physics in that sense also understand ‘lineal time-entropy’, informative time and reproductive time, but in an unconnected historic manner. So it first studied ‘lineal time’, still its dominant form, as its wordily profession is to make energetic machines.

As Europe expanded its military empires physicists lineal worldview on time became global, and time all over the world was measured with a single mechanical clock equalizing to the standard second of lineal duration, all other cycles of the Universe – never mind all those mechanical clocks were also made with spheres and cycles, including Galileo’s pendulum clock!

Now if we define philosophically time as motion, which is the scientific definition of it, and space as ‘res extensa’; what we say is nothing new. Already Descartes said that the Universe was made of vortices (of Time) and res extensa. The Asians always considered reality made of two principles, yin (temporal information) and yang (spatial energy). But science must quantify and understand in details those terms. So the first task of a Theory of Everything ‘Organic’, must define with great detail what ‘fractal, vital space’ and ‘cyclical time’ means.

The concept of a Universe made of infinite vital spaces and time cycles, which Leibniz postulated against the absolute space-time of newton was resurrected by Quantum physics, which realized the Universe of vacuum space is a sum of ‘light space quanta with energy – the famous H-constant, or minimal unit of light: E=hv’ and by Einstein’s relativity, who realized the Universe was filled with clocks of time of different speed, and ‘ time curved space into masses’, themselves accelerate clock-like vortices of gravitational force. So he affirmed the Universe was curved; Time was what a curved ‘clock measures’. And that there was no difference between curved accelerated vortices and mass.

The Newtonian concept of a single, lineal infinite time and single space is in that sense merely a mathematical abstraction, useful for measure, born of the pegging of those ‘sequential finite ‘life cycles’ and fractal spaces in a Cartesian, ‘Euclidean graph’ of the Universe. And it should have ended as the central concept of western science after Planck and Einstein.

And yet, nobody understood clearly what he and Planck meant – they haven’t yet. So Planck said, all physicists had to die first for a new generation to understand the new paradigm. And Einstein said that ‘he was the only physicist who understood there are infinite time cycles in the Universe’, and well, it seems they both died before the new generation understood Leibniz, Planck and Einstein.

Now the reader should realize the difference between data in science and conceptual understanding. The data of the planet orbits fits both in Kepler’s and Ptolemy models. But Ptolemy’s model is wrong; the Earth is not in the center. And so it requires much more complex equations and explanations to fit the data (extant, epicycles, retrograde motions).

So Kepler came and put the sun in the center and simplified everything. And as all was now simpler, it found soon many more applications to orbital analysis and motions on Earth (mechanics). What he will witness in this blog is how all becomes simplified, after we put time into a cycle, of which a line is a mere segment, and classify all time cycles of the Universe, with the metric of the 5th dimension of relative size and speed, such as bigger space entities trace slower time cycles. Soon we will able to explain all kind of facts, never explained before by lineal time, from the cycle of life and death, to the cycles of stock-markets, from the cycles of history, to the cycles of magnetic fields, to the cycles of stars and the proper, cyclical cosmology of the Universe.

We are doing here a thought experiment on the tradition of Einstein, because there is enough data, as there was enough data on planets, after Brahe, not to need any huge machine to understand better the Universe. It is only needed to correct a wrong concept that has no proof on the Universe (nothing lasts for ever except perhaps the ‘set of all sets’, which is indefinable as the Cantor paradox proved, if we were to use mathematical concepts). All is cyclical in time, and the very essence of science precisely consists on extracting cyclical laws from nature, as all exists in time, and so all repeats.

And how much of a belief and dogma are the main ‘theories of lineal time’, sponsored by ‘pretentious science’ – from the lineal infinite time of a Cartesian abstract graph, to the lineal, entropy-only arrow of time used by Cosmologists that denies the obvious fact that we live in a world that turns cycles around itself and the sun, as it increases the information of life, stored in the cyclical clocks of its genetic, cellular systems, within a galaxy that moves also in cycles, towards its black hole center, a rotary mass of maximal gravitational information.

This deformed our conception of time and motion, and hid the purpose of time cycles, and the differences between the species that perform them and the information they store in the form and frequency of its space-time cycles.

This clear mathematical realization; that the simplest elements of reality, masses and charges, are clock-like vortices that carry the information of the Universe, was however lost to lineal physics for a century, till the first pictures of ‘particles’ showed them to be vortices in motion – time clocks, the fundamental particle of the Universe of which we are all made. Cycles of time are indeed the beats and rhythms of information – the substance of which the Universe is made.

We are knots of time cycles, which put together give the finite duration of our existence. But those clocks change as we move from scale to scale of the 5th dimension and out ‘physical forms’ enlarge and slow down, emerging as new wholes, from photons with frequency into charges, from charges into atoms with temperature, from atoms with temperature into colder masses. And as the clocks of time change, they previous clocks slow down to a halt.

Those scales use different parameters of time, because they are truly ‘different planes’ of reality, and to ‘travel’ from one to other scale, a system must undergo deep transformations in its Sp, Spatial Extension (size and lineal motions) and Tƒ, frequency of its clocks of information or time speed (form and cyclical motion).

So we have a different definition in terms of parameters for the ‘flow of something’ called energy that ‘emerges’ between the scales of different size of the Universe. And this fact – that as the scale we measure the term the Universe conserves, ‘energy’ varies in its parameters is the fundamental question to analyze first in physical sciences.

The question of scales.

This is the Planck action the Boltzmann action and the c2 speed action. At this point it does not matter they are measured in units of angular momentum, entropy and squared speed – again human concepts. We might call them bidimensional ‘quanta of space-time’.

This bidimensional quanta of space-time defines not only the minimal unit, the minimal active ‘cell’ so to speak of each scale that we shall called a Planckton (similar to the unit of biological seas), a Bolt and a Mass.

Now as always the ‘human point of view matters most.

Today of course we know even in the world of physics that there are infinite time cycles as Einstein proved, that there are infinite spaces, as quantum physics proved, that there are infinite scales of size as microscopes and macroscopes (telescopes) proved, that there are infinite different speeds of time clocks, which close its cycles from the fastest particles to the largest galaxies, that the largest beings move paradoxically slower than the shortest ones.

And we still have the 6 forms of motion in time, generation, evolution through ages of life and the slower horizons of ‘larger’ species, growth in social numbers of cells or individuals, and diminution, both phenomena related to the evolution of physical and biological systems back and forth (so cyclical particles became cyclical atoms, that became molecules, cells, matter, organisms, societies, solar systems, galaxies and so on), as they dissolve their forms of information in the process of death, and yes, I forgot there is this 6th form of motion, locomotion, of which physicists have provided an enormous detailed account with its formula S = vt ≈ ct.

So we have 3 obvious elements or time realities to be studied:

– Cyclical time changes, which can be grouped in the process generation, evolution and extinction, or worldcycle of life and death .

– Growth in scales of size and diminution, across a ‘5th dimension’ (to respect for routine the so called 4 dimensions of space-time), which has the important property of relating the speed of the worldcycles of beings with their size, such as ‘bigger systems in space have slower time cycles’, both in physical systems (slower rotation of larger forms, according to the laws of vortices in 2 and 3 dimensions, Vo x Ro = K, w2 x R3 =K) and in biological systems (faster metabolic rates of smaller animals) and in social systems (slower life span of social species and civilizations that of individuals and human beings).

A fact that we can resume in the most general formula possible of both parameters: Sp x Tƒ= ∆c (Space Size x Time speed =Constant), that we shall call the Metric of the 5th dimension, where ∆ will be the symbol for each plane of space time, Sp, a plane of space and Tƒ, a cycle of time (the need of both symbols for the 2 states of space and the 2 states of time, soon to be revealed).

And then…. Yes, locomotion.

And as it happens, that the process of generation always starts from a smaller seminal seed or first particle, which grows in size by iteration, and accumulation of clone forms into a larger size, with slower time rates, back and forth through the changes of ages or evolution and social gathering into larger wholes, to die back into the lower scale, we can in fact put together all the previous time changes into a simple logic equation, the equation of the worldcycle, which in its verbal form, translated into a few logic symbols, œ, for any being or ‘function of existence’, ∆±1 for different planes and growth in the 5th dimension, Ñ for its opposite dissolution of a plane in the moment of death, > for an increase of density of form and < for an increase in size, writes:

Birth ∆-1 -> ∑œ∆-1 ≈ Œ∆ < Sp > (S ≈ T)∆+1 > Tƒ < < Sp ∆-1: Entropic Death

This Logic Equation is the equation of a worldcycle that summarizes the 5 motions in time, birth and generation by iterative reproduction, evolution through 3 ages or horizons, Sp, the age of spatial energetic motion or youth, s=T, the age of balance between energy and information when the system reaches its adult reproductive age, and Tƒ, the age of cyclical temporal information or old age, when the lineal motions exhaust or fall into a time vortex, followed by a reversal in the process of growth of information that explodes back into space and entropy, called death.

Now the Philosopher of science has been always interested in describing this worldcycle. And once we have formalized we will use it to describe all what exists and all its process with this 5Dimensional metric. The physicist has converted it into a worldline in a single space-time continuum, in the Minkowski’s 4Dimensional metric, which is just a ‘small view’ of this much larger worldview.

In that sense, I have always seen my work as the culmination of the search for T.Πof which T.O.E. is just a mere footnote.

Now the question is what shall we study in mathematical physics with those space-time equations of change? Obviously the flows of time and space moving along the Generator equation of the Universe.

The conservation principles. Actions and Worldcycles. Lagrangians and Hamiltonians.

The Universe conserves the ‘present’, SxT product of both, at the point in which they are closer in harmony with similar value – in mathematical terms, the Universe minimizes the Lagrangian function, at the point in which S=T, Potential energy = Kinetic energy, angular=lineal momentum, male=female, thus where the 3 elements that compose it, Sp < ST>Tƒ reach its harmony.

The graph the Lagrangian equation – the most generic equation of physical sciences, truly the ‘Principle of Evolution’ of this discipline, which simply stated affirms that physical systems – waves like, “light travel between two given points along the path of shortest time,” As such first was known as the principle of least time or Fermat’s principle, which my fellow countryman, the Basque amateur genius (-; realized giving priority to time conservation principles over spatial ones.

Systems conserve time cycles, think in time events, and accelerate time frequencies to reach spatial positions. Pierre Louis Maupertuis felt that “Nature is thrifty in all its actions”, and applied the principle broadly:

The laws of movement and of rest deduced from this principle being precisely the same as those observed in nature, we can admire the application of it to all phenomena. The movement of animals, the vegetative growth of plants … are only its consequences; and the spectacle of the universe becomes so much the grander, so much more beautiful, the worthier of its Author, when one knows that a small number of laws, most wisely established, suffice for all movements.

So did Leibniz, the forebear of T.Œ.

Leonhard Euler gave a formulation of the action in modern terms: Let the mass of the projectile be M, and let its speed be v while being moved over an infinitesimal distance ds. The body will have a momentum Mv that, when multiplied by the distance ds, will give Mvds, the momentum of the body integrated over the distance ds. Now I assert that the curve thus described by the body to be the curve (from among all other curves connecting the same endpoints) that minimizes ∫Mvds.

As Euler states, ∫Mvds is the integral of the momentum over distance travelled, which, in modern notation, equals the reduced action:

∂ ∫ p d q

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.15

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.50.23

As the system evolves, q traces a path through configuration space (only some are shown). The path taken by the system (red) has a stationary action (δS = 0) under small changes in the configuration of the system (δq)

In brief, the internal ‘existential function’ of the being, ExI>Tƒ, the wave-particle ‘momentum’ along an Spe field is minimized by all entities which have a goal, to arrive to q2 in minimal T1, taken advantages of the energy (motion and acceleration of the field) in which the body-wave feeds.

Yet for those actions to exist the being MUST know q2, the final point. This is the ‘boundary condition’, and it implies ‘obviously’ in the general concept of T.Œ, that the particle must ‘perceive’ the goal or future point of space-time it wants to reach, a fundamental fact completely ignored by abstract physicists, but not in T.œ as it has an obvious implication in quantum physics, where there is a guiding, ‘pilot wave’ in words of Einstein and De Broglie (the discoverers of the wave-particle duality forgotten conveniently by the Germanic, subjective, objectual idealist school of Copenhagen).

In brief, the laws of least action or any solution to a wave-particle path is impossible without boundaries conditions, and we will see how in fact there are ‘3 parts’ on the system, as in any other T.Œ system, the phase wave which is faster than light as it carries no energy or information but ‘foresees’ ahead, perceives – we might say the system sees the field ahead; the pilot wave or group velocity, which is synchronized with the internal clock of the particle that follow the least time-space path, ‘step by fractal step’, constantly readdressing its direction, which is the full meaning of the ‘Lagrangian’ calculated finitesimal after finitesimal steps to achieve the minimal internal ‘expenditure of energy-momentum, and the maximal external motion.

Now because ALL SCALES and motions of the Universe can be formulated by means of a Lagrangian or ‘Hamiltonian’ (a different version of the formalism that avoids difficult differential calculus by using instead of step by step momentums, total energies), and in terms of bidimensional space-paths.

Indeed, this was immediate for light (as it was originally conceived to understand light least time paths as in refraction) by Fermat, and so soon Lagrange applied it to gravitation.

It was only natural that it would easily be applied to Electromagnetism and finally to General relativity, which after all are elaborations of light and gravitation.

And surprisingly to do so it required to use bidimensional space. So in the ADM formulation of general relativity one splits spacetime into spatial slices and time, the basic variables are taken to be the induced metric, on the spatial slice and its conjugate momentum variable related to the extrinsic curvature, (this tells us how the spatial slice curves with respect to spacetime and is a measure of how the induced metric evolves in time). These are the metric canonical coordinates. Dynamics such as time-evolutions of fields are controlled by the Hamiltonian constraint.

Now all this merely means that the whole field of physics despite its immense detailed complexity reduces to a small part of T.Πregarding physical systems: the conservation of the Function of Existence of the physical being and its motion over the energetic field-limbs it transits with minimal expenditure.

But of course, once this is clear, we can go much further into translating all kind of parts and wholes, constants and equations of physics to describe what is basically a simple Universe ruled by the very simple laws of T.Πand its bidimensional space-time elements.

The apparent complexity of physics in that sense, like the growing complexity of genetics and economic ecosystems of machines and company-mothers is just the fractal property of repetition, social ensembles, ternary symmetries, subdivisions of part into new ternary parts and all the elements explained that by iteration and inversion, duality and trinity develop the amazing capacity of creation of different varieties of space-time beings in the Universe.

And its mathematical complexity stems from the stubbornness of practical physics that is engaged in measuring with absolute exactitude the paths of those huge ensembles of smaller beings moving so fast through so many paths, in social groups across several scales.

It is indeed a feat of mathematical physics to be able to e so exact by approximation methods, perturbation theory (adding smaller corrections) and huge number crunching.

But that is no the purpose of T.Πwhich deals rather with the whys and isomorphisms of all systems of nature.

The immortal Universe: a zero sum that conserves its Spe<≈>Tƒ elements.

Finally two important facts to notice on those 5D space-time generator equations, to end this introduction:

As 5D and time are symmetries that increase information and decrease entropy contrary to belief the universe does warp energy into form and so it dies, since 2 symmetries (time cycles and 5D evolution) increase form, and only one (space motions) decrease it.

An example is the duration of life and death:

While the life-information-evolution arrow lasts its maximal timespace quanta warping the being in a point of space for ‘very long’, the arrow of death

-entropy last a single quantum of timespace, exploding in that ‘microtime’ the entity in maximal space (i.e. big-bang micro-time, anti-particle erasing.)

Yet the sum of both: ∑ ‘Max. T. x Min. S’ + ‘Max. S x Min. T’ is a zero sum for the total 5D space-time of the Universe.

So the Universe is conserved, BECAUSE DEATH erases both 5D Times – the worldcycle of information AND the social evolution of the being.

Further on since the Universe is made of formal motions it is immortal and motion never ceases – only reverses its arrow from information to entropy in the act of death (or vice versa as Mehaute proved in chemical processes, in the creation of crystals) the Universe is immortal. From this fact it comes both the Absolute relativity of space-time in each scale, which merely inverts its arrows and the relative infinity of motions in the 5th dimension, which merely ‘wobble’ up an down. And from this absolute relativity derives the isotropy and isomorphism of both, from where it derives in the conservation principles of Physics:

Conservation of lineal momentum and kinetic energy vs. Conservation Tƒ: angular momentum and potential energy, which in most events of physical measure derives in the laws of least action (Hamiltonian ≈ Lagrangian -> ∂H=0; steady points etc.

What is the difference between 5D physics and 4D-single membrane of space-time physics regarding conservation? Simply speaking 5D physics conserves quantities along 3 planes of space-time. Thus processes which are ‘travels’ through the 5th dimension (conception and emergence into an ∆+1 scale, death down ∆-2 scales, social evolution, ∆+1 scales) do not seem to conserve the overall energy and information of the system, giving origin to concepts such as ‘entropy’ (loss of energy between 2 states, as part of its remains in the ∆-1), death (loss of information in ∆+1 scale as the system erases both its social and individual information), weak interaction (CP violation:

Loss of energy, which is transferred down to a neutrino of the ∆-1 scale and gain of information in the manner of mass, as the mass family grows one ∆+1 scale), and vice versa: Growth of information in ∆+1 processes (conception, reproduction and emergence, crystal formation, gravitational collapse) and so on. Thus the conservation of the total energy and information of a system, in whatever parameters each science establishes them, must be summoned up in the ‘whole worldcycle’ of the being for a closed system. I.e. the growth of information in the conception process and the social process of ‘education’ of the being, is reverted in its total loss in the moment of death. The particle antiparticle creation will be lost when the antiparticle annihilates another particle.

In physics we can state that only the 3 parameters of 5St when referring to charged particle are conserved.

This is called the CPT conservation law: That is, the whole of positive/negative charge, which represent the positive, negative directions of a time cycle, the left-right space parity which represent the moving forward and backwards and sideward in space and the lineal time past to future to past time, (which might represent the same ‘cyclical time’ or might represent the 5Dimensional ‘long’ arrows of time evolution of systems into wholes and parts, depending on the reaction we study). In that regard, in physics +and – charges are what we call the positive and negative sides of a time cycle – and so when in balance we could say that the system lives an eternal present (Hydrogen atom for example). This is important to realize, to make sense of CPT conservation, which for antiparticles implies to change the sign of time as the sign of the time clock or vortex inwards and outwards of a charge (+ and -) cancel each other. In this manner changing the Time arrow of the antiparticle, which is then the entropy-past, destructive death of the particle, conserves CPT.

We can in that sense consider either the + or the – charge a relative arrow of future or past. On my opinion we should consider the quark the arrow of future information and the electron the arrow of negative, past entropy as a general rule.

Yet lineal time duration might correspond to up and down fifth dimensional motions as in the weak force, and then again we need to resort to the CPT full conservation law as Parity is not CONSERVED because a ‘motion upwards or downwards’ in the 5th dimension ALWAYS changes O∆-1<|, the function of the system: cyclical particles in a lower scale become energy systems in the upper scale

The immortal Universe: a zero sum that conserves its Sp<≈>Tƒ elements.

Finally two important facts to notice on those 5D space-time generator equations, to end this introduction:

As 5D and time are symmetries that increase information and decrease entropy contrary to belief the universe does warp energy into form and so it dies, since 2 symmetries (time cycles and 5D evolution) increase form, and only one (space motions) decrease it.

An example is the duration of life and death:

While the life-information-evolution arrow lasts its maximal time-space quanta warping the being in a point of space for ‘very long’, the arrow of death-entropy last a single quantum of timespace, exploding in that ‘microtime’ the entity in maximal space (i.e. big-bang micro-time, anti-particle erasing.)

Yet the sum of both: ∑ ‘Max. T. x Min. S’ + ‘Max. S x Min. T’ is a zero sum for the total 5D space-time of the Universe.

So the Universe is conserved, because death erases both 5D Times – the worldcycle of information AND the social evolution of the being.

Further on since the Universe is made of formal motions it is immortal and motion never ceases – only reverses its arrow from information to entropy in the act of death (or vice versa as Mehaute proved in chemical processes, in the creation of crystals) the Universe is immortal. From this fact it comes both the Absolute relativity of space-time in each scale, which merely inverts its arrows and the relative infinity of motions in the 5th dimension, which merely ‘wobble’ up an down. And from this absolute relativity derives the isotropy and isomorphism of both, from where it derives in the conservation principles of Physics:

Conservation of lineal momentum and kinetic energy vs. Conservation Tƒ: angular momentum and potential energy, which in most events of physical measure derives in the laws of least action (Hamiltonian ≈ Lagrangian -> ∂H=0; steady points etc.

The Universe in time: 0-sum and eternity.

Applying the same scientific  concepts to the times events of physics we shall also find an eternal Universe, of world cycles, whose total sum is a zero sum of eternal presents.

∆-3: Sp (field) ≥ ST (wave) ≥ Tƒ (Particle). 

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.53.41

The electromagnetic spectrum ‘evolves’ as it grows in ‘density’=Tƒ/Se, from its Se<Tƒ dominant field state, through its Tƒ=Se wave configuration into its Tƒ>Se particle state.

Now in the lowest human perceived scale, the 3 states are also dependent on the density of Tƒ, information; which now we measure by the frequency of the electromagnetic waves produced by the state, which is either an Sp-field, an ST wave or a Tƒ particle.

For example, in photon-particle interactions, as the photon energy increases, the dominant interaction mechanism shifts from a lineal, pure motion-space, Se-photoelectric effect to ST-Compton wave scattering to Tƒ-pair production.

And the ST-Compton wave scattering is the ‘unifying, pegging’ principle that communicates the other two events (time perception):

Rarely do photoelectric effect and pair production compete at a given energy. Compton scattering, however, at relatively low energy competes with the photoelectric effect and at high energy competes with pair production. Thus, in lead, interaction below 0.1 MeV is almost exclusively photoelectric; between 0.1 MeV and 2.5 MeV both photoelectric and Compton processes occur; and between 2.5 MeV and 100 MeV Compton scattering and pair production share the interaction. In the pair process the photon is annihilated, and an electron–positron pair is created.

Thus the duality of density of energy vs. density of information will therefore define in the two parallel ‘lineal scales’ of quantum physics and thermodynamics (states of matter), the transition phases and states dominant for each space-time event.

The T->S transformation towards denser, more static forms.

A key tool of T.Πis the Galilean paradox Рthe fact that time motions become space dimensions and vice versa. So as we loose energy motion, advancing our age, time motions become space dimensions.

Now in physical systems as in all systems we talk of 3 fundamental time motions-dimensions for the entity studied, which are:

  • m: The inner energy-mass-charge-temperature motions of the particle (Active Magnitude: M) or first time motion.
  • v: Its external constant speed or second time motion: V
  • a: and its acceleration: A.

Again the lack of a unifying formalism gives those 3 time motions different parameters and values. Often the active magnitude (a vortex of time, mass or charge) is considered some kind of ‘solid substance’ or ‘point-particle’ and not measured as a cyclical clock or time motion. So the physicist works only on the second and third time motions, speed and acceleration, obtained by deriving in time instead of the Active Magnitude its Spatial external motion, as ‘M’ is treated as a point particle: V=∂s/∂t; a=∂v/∂t.

This is good enough for what we have to say: as the system becomes older those 2 motion=time dimensions become converted into information, form, decelerating the system.

This implies that as the Sp energy of the system becomes denser, it acquires more information, more dimensional form, and we could then consider in terms of dimensionality that a Field is a ‘bidimensional plane of Sp, Accelerated Energetic space’, a wave is a 3-dimensional entity of ‘steady state’ constant motion, in which the ‘accelerated’ time motion has become a space-dimension reducing its motion to a steady state. So a field will be bidimensional space, a wave, tridimensional space-time and a particle 4-Dimensional time-space.

∆+3: Gravitational scale.

And vice versa a particle (mass or charge) can die away loosing formal dimensions that become energetic planes.

And so the multiple combinations of such states and time reversals in different planes, is the ‘theoretical substance of ‘state physics’, since in physical simpler systems time can be easily reversed of state (in life it cannot, because of the complex organic structure so slow to produce that entropy much faster cannot be reconstructed into information at the same speed as the simpler formal motions of physical systems allowed).

So we can generally speak of a formula at this scale to summarize the 2 limits of pure flat energy space or c2, and pure dimensional rotary motion with cyclical form, or mass, and yes, the constant back and forth processes of ‘informative life creation of mass’ and entropic death big-bang of mass:

E=Mc², which is the ‘state-time equation’ of this scale, written as:   Se (E-field) ≤ST (c²:plane-wave state)>Tƒ (mass vortex):

The Equivalence Principle establishes a Universe with 2 limits of eternal movement: a lineal speed with a c limit or electromagnetic force; and a cyclical speed or mass, which is a vortex of space-time also with a ‘c’ limit of speed, reached in the heaviest objects – black holes. Thus radiation and mass eternally transform into each other the lineal and cyclical arrow of inertial movement: Sp (lineal motion)<cxc>M(Tƒ) (cyclical motion).

A light wave reproduces at c-speed an electromagnetic surface of lineal space. On the other hand, a mass whose limit is a black hole that turns at c-speed is a cyclical entity that balances the lineal movement of light forces with its inverse cyclical movement, to maintain an eternal dynamic balance of cycles and lines.

The transfers of energy and information along the asymmetric scales of the 5th dimension.

Now if we fully analyze the entire world cycle of the entity, by introducing also the ±1 conception in the seminal stage of the being (particle plasma in future atomic matter, ¥-rays in future particles etc.), and death back into the lower plane, we must take also into account the asymmetric arrows of the 5th dimension that transfers information better upwards and motion better downwards.

So another element to take into account for such studies is the fact that the 3 ‘components’ in space of a physical system are made of different n±1 œ-points of 3 finitesimal scales.

For example, in the n-3 scale, Se-fields are made of minimal quanta, for example, the magnetic and dielectric constants of light,  (or h-quanta, if we want to use instead of the electric formalism the quantum formalism); its waves though  are made of social wholes of this quanta, photons = h x v, in the quantum formalism, which therefore are societies of ‘Plancktons’; and finally its ∆+1 particle, the electron, is made of dense nebulae of photons, kept in a cyclical angular static wave by virtue of the gravitational and attractive power of the proton well.

So this introduces the asymmetric arrows of 5d planes, as motions transfers with no entropy loss from upper to lower scales but information does not, and vice versa, motion transfers with entropy from lower to upper scales but information does not have entropy (genetic, memetic and quantum coding).

Thus we must consider in those studies of a full  Worldcycle of existence of physical matter:

  • The antisymmetry (inversion of parameters) between Sp and Tƒ ages of a physical system, as in E=M, (inversion of form and properties between lineal energy and temporal information but also:
  • The asymmetry, between 5D scales: (E(n-1 << n) < E(n<<∆-1) meaning energy transfer, <, between ∆-1 and n is smaller << than between the upper and lower scale, and vice versa regarding information.

This must be taken into account when describing the laws of states and the transfers of ‘heat’ by an ∆-electric flow with ohmic resistance or by ∆-1 ¥-rays radiation to a state of ∆+1 matter; which as it is customary on physical studies, makes ever more complex and detailed the analysis of any phenomena from its ideal state to its detailed quantification.

Needless to say we do not have space-time for such fine-tuning, but just make explicit its existence, specially when dealing with the human:

∆±2; Thermodynamic scale.

So for thermodynamic physical systems, we have THE FOLLOWING Time Generator:

ST-1 (plasma)>Sp: Gas>ST>Liquid>Tƒ (Solid) << ST-1 (plasma)


In the graph, the 3 states of matter act in the ∆-Thermodynamic, human scale as the 3 ages of increasing density of information and decreasing lineal motion, measured by its density ratio, Se/Tƒ, whereas liquid is the balanced state of maximal reproductive creativity (we are in fact liquid beings). Its spatial state is also obvious:

I.e. the Earth has an Se-gaseous cover ≤ an ST, liquid water surface and magma ≥ a Tƒ, solid iron crystal in its center.

The most thoroughly studied scale of 5D physics, as it is the one in which humans co-exist at cellular, individual and ‘global warming’, collective level.

The 3 topologies of all Universal systems: vital spaces, cyclical membranes and Œ-Points of measure.

So we find in the Universe always 3 elements in all systems, which correspond to the 3 ‘topologies’ of mathematics, and the 3 ‘ages’ of life world cycles (since life is cyclical ,changes in time are NOT worldlines as physicists believe, but world cycles):

  • The vital space of lineal motions, enclosed by the cyclical membranes and time cycles, focused in a central point of view or frame of reference, of maximal density of information that gauges information, linguistically and has the structure of a Non-Euclidean, Fractal point, through which multiple ‘parallels of energy and information’ can cross.

This ‘mind, soul, god, monad, Maxwellian Demon’ that creates the order of the Universe will be then defined by a simple mathematical equation and geometry as a 0-point, whose function will be to maintain the whole system ‘stable’; that is in biological terms ‘to make it survive’. It does not need to be conscious, but as Leibniz described it in his work on monads, apperceive mathematically, vegetatively or linguistically, because simply speaking, Evolution implies that a system which ‘maintains the ‘whole’ stable and survive lasts on time. So automatically as time goes, ONLY systems who had this ternary efficient, symmetric, stable configuration have lasted, have been selected.

This definition, when translated to mathematical physics, coupled with the Principle of Relativity as defined by Poincare-Einstein, ‘we cannot distinguish motion from stillness’ will allow us to derive all the laws of Physics and explains its main systems. So for example, an atom has a central point of view of maximal density; but it has the advantage that can be applied to all other sciences, to define all the laws of knowledge.

In the graph, a few of the ternary systems, made with the 3 only topologies-functions of all systems of the Universe, an atom, a tomato, a planet, a cell an embryo and an electromagnetic field. Though at first sight their resemblance might seem a mere coincidence, all of them are ternary systems, which we can describe with the same ‘Generator equation’ of ¬Æ mathematics, the formalism of T.œ (the Organic Theory of Everything, which unifies all sciences as descriptions of such systems in any scale of the Universe).

But then again, in biology we can describe in time the birth of life as a process of creation of membranes holding a field of carbohydrates.

And finally in both, field theory and biology we will find a central point of view, the charge or the DNA will appear, accelerating the informative process of evolution of the system.

Unlike living beings, whose isomorphism is only found in its perfect informative seeds (tomato, ovum), and some of its ∆1 cellular units in isomorphic water (Plankton), the systems of physical space-time respond mostly to the simpler mathematical 3 topologies of the Universe, hence they are easily described with mathematical laws, reflection of the 5 postulates of ¬AE geometry. Let us member them briefly

Now, once this is clear, we can define the fundamental 3 elements of the isomorphism space-time systems of physical nature.

Fields as limbs are relative one-dimensional, lineal, toroid forms.

Waves, as bodies are relative planar bidimensional space-time systems of energy and information.

Particles, as heads are, are relative tridimensional informative elements.

And the 3 together form the essential system of the physical Universe:

∆-1: |-Sp≤ ≈ ExI: Wave> Tƒ-particle

Whereas the growth of planes of the 5th dimension implies a growth in complexity and scale.

Which leads to the comprehension of the 5th dimension in terms of scalar growth.

Indeed, this is self-evident in the physical Universe as we move into deeper mathematical excursions through the equations of mathematical physics.

Systems grow from one to other plane of the 5th dimension in decametric scales (social point of view), which can be expressed also as a growth of dimensions, from lineal fields to bidimensional waves to tridimensional particles that become units of a new game in a larger scale.

How this growth happens in physical systems from the quantum scale to the thermodynamic scale to the gravitational scale, in detail is the description of all the equations of mathematical physics.

We can now consider a general analysis of it, from the perspective of 5D systems.

Thus the approach of the philosopher of science to the Unification of all systems, is one that includes together the 6 motions of time of Aristotle, its cyclical patterns of generation, evolution, growth, diminution and extinction, along a 5th dimension of relative sizes and speeds; and of course, the 6th motion or Locomotion, in lineal space, which however will turn to be the less important for ‘meaning’ of all of them.

This is what the Universe is all about, and the only difference is the jargon each science uses to describe it. Do NOT think that because physicists speak mathematics, biology, genetics and evolution, societies religion and politics, economists, money, they ARE describing different things.

Now if we were to speak the most beautiful of all those jargons, as it is the language of all those beings, Non-Euclidean, Non-Aristotelian i-logic mathematics, the needed upgraded 2300 years overdue of the sciences of logic and mathematics that will allow all those of you who are NOT only ‘selfies’, self-centered life cycles and can take the necessary bashing of all your ‘beliefs’ to relief your slavery to childish thoughts, we would define those 3 elements as the ‘only 3 topologies of the Universe’ and write a Generator Equation in terms of topological geometries:

|-Toroid limbs/fields > Ø-Hyperbolic body/waves < -Informative particles-heads

This simple topological equation defines how the 3 parts of all beings are constructed. And remember if you are a mathematical physicists that the universe has no more topological forms than those 3. So all what exists will be a ‘diffeomorphic’=local assembly of those 3 topological parts. And you just need to fill the names of that geometrical template. An atom will have a O-nucleus, an |-electrons and a Ø-hyperbolic body-wave of neutrino, gravitational and ¥-electromagnetic waves between them.

This simple statement ‘enlightens’ your understanding of an atom and a galaxy and completes 100 years of quantum physics and relativity. Take it or leave it.

I shall prove ad nauseam, as ‘master ludi’ of all languages and sciences that NOT a single science escapes the ternary symmetries defined by the Fractal Generator of the 5D space-time Universe and its structure. But you WILL likely deny all those proofs. Since man is not alien to the paradoxical equation of the mind:

‘Infinitesimal self-centered Ä-Point x ∞ cycles of space-time’ = o x ∞ = C-onstant Linguistic Mind mapping of the Universe’.

But how can we differentiate forms and motions. What are a form and a motion? The answer is that all has form and motion at the same time. Motion is the objective reality, Form is the still perception created by a mind. So the Universe is about motions, the worlds of the mind about forms. Reality is about motion, knowledge about form. Reality is made of time cycles and lineal motions, mind about forms created with time cycles and dimensional distances, created with minds.

And this is what Galileo discovered but never understood, as he was just an artillery master. It is the Principle of Relativity, which is at the core of all physical, scientific laws, but we shall call the Galilean paradox, because Physicists, from Galileo to Einstein, were aware of it, founded their science on it, but have never quite fully grasped it.

Now, all this said, for the understanding of a simplex physical system, for example, an electromagnetic field, with a magnetic external membrane (2nd Maxwell’s law: no monopoles), a central point of view or charge-clock (1st law: sinks of charge), which exchange energy and information between them and the external world (3rd, 4th law), we need to understand the external word of the being and how it grows in social scales and exchanges energy and information with other systems.

That is, from the perspective of all its combined properties, which are defined by the fractal, scalar nature of the Universe:

All systems are in that sense, ternary ‘living fractal’s, composed of ‘linguistic mirror worlds’ (Monads in the old jargon of relational space-time), that communicate energy and information with other Non-Æ, non-Euclidean non-Aristotelian points of view, creating larger scales of social evolution that define the fifth dimension of co-invariant Sp x Tƒ systems, from particles to atoms to molecules, to matter states, to cosmic bodies to galaxies – this simple philosophical fractal model of reality, is organic – as several scales co-exist and interact together, mental as all species gauge information, living, as all of them absorb energy and when enough of it is stored decouple into similar beings, reproduce, and of course mathematical, as they gauge geometrically information in space, and logical, as they are submitted to the causal action-reaction processes  of the Universe.

Yet before we get into detailed descriptions of those physical systems, its properties and how the mathematical laws of physics reflect them, revealing the whys of the discipline, we shall start our model of physics with the fractal paradigm showing how in the birth of physics, philosophers of science were closely explaining the ternary structure of the Universe.

Why? Because in relative terms time motions, cyclical motions, vortices, implosive motions, are accelerated motions, while lineal motions, entropic motions, res extensa are decelerating motions. So in relative terms time moves faster than space. And this is the key to understand physical systems. So we can ascribe to the ternary elements of reality 3 type of motions/forms:

– Tƒ: There are cyclical vortices, which are accelerated motions-states-forms. So they are studied with cyclical, accelerated equations. Such is the case of General Relativity, which studies the accelerated vortices of time created by masses. And their geometry is spherical, elliptic. They are the particle, or solid, crystal state in its center.

– Sp: The are entropic, big bang, expansive, res extensa, spatial motions, which however decelerate from the initial impetus and are the inverse of cyclical vortices. So we find often the equations of a big bang correspond to the inverse equation of a cyclical vortex. For example, the equations of the cosmological big bang are the inverse of the equations of the black hole, as they are the limit of temporal vortices (the black hole) and expansive, res extensa (the big bang that creates space). And their geometry is planar, toroid. They are the field or gas state of physical systems.

– ST: And there are ‘waves’ with a steady inertial constant speed, which combine both, cyclical and lineal elements, and their geometry is hyperbolic. They are the wave or liquid state of physical systems.

So let us introduce you to the much vaster wealth of knowledge provided by the proper understanding of ‘vortices’ of cyclical time and its interaction with res extensa, lineal space:

Time cycles have actually 3 dimensions, or motions (depending on how you see the cycle, still or in motion), which we have always known.

And this will then be carried to the 3 dimensional symmetry between 3 spatial topologies (toroid-limbs fields, hyperbolic waves-bodies and spherical heads-particles) and its 3 time motions-ages (entropic youth, fast motions; reproductive, iterative adult ages and informative, 3rd ages).

And then every 3 space-time symmetries that fill up a plane of the 5th dimension will emerge upwards or dissolve downwards into larger or smaller scales also with dual motions as ‘energy and information emerges’ into a new scale with new topologies of space, new motions and clocks of time, or dissolves into an infinity.

Now as always the simplest proofs of the bidimensionality of space and time, which is essential to the structure of the Universe, are mathematical. Of this, already the Greeks took note, as they could not calculate easily a cube volume from 2 cubes. He fact is, there is not superposition of tridimensional cubic forms: X3+Y3≠ Z3, the famous Fermat Theorem. And there are NOT numbers of 3 elements, but only single numbers, bidimensional numbers (complex numbers) and quaternary numbers (quaternions) albeit without commutative properties. An interesting property for more advanced courses.

So why we talk of 4 dimensions in standard physics, with a ‘signature’ of +, -, – , – whereas + is a time dimension and – means a space dimension? And further on in any bigger dimensional model physicists will always write a ‘signature’ of +, -, -, -, -, ….. , -. Simple, because they have no idea what to do with ‘time’, what a time dimension might mean, stuck in a single lineal time duration and entropy, spatial time dimension. As they have deformed time into lines and never got back and look at what they did, but accumulate deformation upon deformation, and now the ‘hump’ paraphrasing Nietzsche is so huge that there is no lion able to cut it off and run faster.

Indeed, even the + in Einstein’s Relativity is NOT pure time, but ct, and since c is a speed, hence v=s/t, really what we write here simplifying the concept is ct=s/t x t = s, ‘eliminating time properties’ and making it lineal space-like. We analyze in depth many ‘times’ this spatialization that kills ALWAYS the 4 features of time cycles on the physical discourse: to be cyclical, hence to be repetitive and so causal reason of the repetitions and patterns we call laws of science, to break space into fractal inner vital spaces and outer regions and to be bidimensional at least to close the cycle.

Simple, the combination of bidimensional fields of energy and information creates a holographic Universe of space and time:

Past-Sp>Future-Tƒ: field>particles.

Or the superposition of layers of bidimensional ‘present’ wave-bodies create a ternary dimension, with a 4th dimension of motion:

∑ bidimensional (space or time) layers -> 3 Dimensional (space or time volume or flow) -> 4 Dimensional (volume of space with motion, flow of time with form)/

Space as expansive, decelerating entropic field-motion and time clocks as cyclical accelerated motion are 2 concepts akin to Descartes’ ‘Res extensa’ and ‘vortices’, which he considered rightly to be the two formal motions of the Universe are thus the ultimate poles of physical existence.

WE DO have though here 2 ‘symmetries’, which constantly are used to explain reality. The dual symmetry of cyclical time clocks, accelerating inwards, and expansive entropy decelerating outwards.

But then we shall also consider the still vs. motion ternary symmetry between space and time: Sp-fields/limbs <ST-body waves>Tƒ-Heads/particles, perceived in simultaneous spatial stillness or temporal flow.

Yes, we know them so well, intuitively that before physicists reduced time to what the clock measures and not even that – we learned to talk to describe them. So we invented ‘verbal times’ to explain the 3 dimensions-motions of time: past, present and future.

Difference between lineal entropic motions and cyclical information.

So we shall for the time being consider this ‘physical arrow of entropy’ and disorder, akin to the concept of an expansion in space, and subsequent disorder. And vice versa, we shall consider a geometrical definition of information, as any process that informs, increases the dimensional form, warps and wrinkles, diminishing the overall volume, in space, of a system.

It is this geometric dual concept, what we can now define as ‘form vs. motion’, the 2 principles of reality and state flatly the fundamental principle of the dual Universe, which we will show truth in all sciences and physical systems: The Universe has 2 arrows of time, one of order and replication of information, the fractal, discontinuous arrow, and one of disorder and increase of spatial volume, the entropy arrow.

Those concepts are extremely general, and unlike the mathematical equations of entropy and information of physics, which are only possible because of its extreme restricted definitions (so Shannon’s equation of information will never be able to describe the information stored in a work of art, or this page and Boltzmann’s equation of entropy cannot be applied to anything but a gas or matter state), can apply to all reality.

Again, we must state that Duality and the Fractal paradigm comes from philosophy of science, not from quantitative physics, and so it is a ‘layer above’ quantity, and ultimately implies that the Universe is based not in arithmetic but in geometry, not in numbers but in logic; it is not a mechanism but an organism, it is not an abstraction, where the language of algebra comes before reality, but a vital reproductive, informative reality which can be ‘summarized’ in the simplest mirror of algebraic and mathematical ‘still equations’.

And so we consider that concepts of physics are ‘small parts’ of those larger definitions, ‘limiting concepts’ that have a more restricted application.

For example, a line is considered a small step of a cycle, as in the geodesics of the Earth, which are large cycles always closed when we maintain a lineal trajectory on the seemingly planar surface, when we give small steps. And in general in the same manner flat empty space in special relativity is a limiting case of the larger, cyclical theory of general relativity, we will define many concepts of classic physics as detailed, limited cases and variations of the larger, more general equations of topological entropy and information, and the fractal generator of space-time beings.

What is then lineal time duration? Either a limit on the small – a single step of time, which will then be added in a series to form finally a closed time cycle or conservative ‘energy path’; or a huge, abstract concept of absolute time, which only exists in the mind, made up of a series of closed time cycles, put one after another, in the same manner we get an hour by putting together 60 cycles of the minute needle.

Specifically what physicists call time duration is a ‘term’ of an equation used by Galileo to measure initially open, long trajectories with lineal inertia in its experiments with ramps and cannonballs. Thus again, we must stress it is a limited view of all the time-motions, time-cycles, and time-changes we experience in nature.

This we stress once more because it is the biggest error of classic physics: the attempts to invade the realm of philosophy of science by expanding restricted concepts such as entropy of gases, information of light signals, or time parameters in equations of locomotion ins pace, to encompass all realities, eliminating from that reality essential parts of it that do not fit into the expanded dogma, such as dimensional form, as an arrow of time, still form and reproduction of form as information, gravitational informing only forces, or different time changes=motions, besides ‘time parameters of locomotion in space.

This huge error of course eliminates ALL the clocks of time except the human mechanical clock extended and uncoiled into an infinite ‘eternity of infinite years’ into the future.

Minkowski formulae has NOTHING to do with the flow of time

Now, there has been much confusion on the meaning of time dimensions, since Minkowski established 4-vector equations , with time as a parameter of the 4th dimension of space: s=ct.

This 4 dimension, s=ct, is NOT however time, but ‘S’, a 4th spatial parameter, better expressed in derivatives, c=∂s/∂t (General relativity, Galilean relativity: v=∂s/∂t), as an ‘instant of present time’; or ‘still picture of the spatial distribution of mass, charge and radiation, useful to measure distances. And this is essential to understand. Relativity DOES NOT study at all the flow of time from past to future (Information) or future to past (entropy), but it uses time instants, to make detailed pictures of the distribution of mass, energy and radiation, and its motions. And a lot would be gained if physicists refrain from using the word ‘the 4th dimension of time’, when talking of Relativity.

They only show the enormous ignorance and arrogance on their statements and metaphysical disquisitions regarding the arrows of time.

In reality though physical time is ‘t’, the parameter of an equation – a simplified parameter, used first by Galileo to measure lineal speed, v=s/t. s=tv. Indeed physicists do NOT study cyclical time, but define time as a lineal duration according to the simple formula, s=vt (Galileo) or the equivalent s=ct (Einstein), time becomes merely a parameter of space.

The symbolism for the holographic Universe of bidimensional Space & Time.

Sp, (|-Spe) will be a parameter of Size or lineal, planar space when perceived in stillness, or entropy (also denoted in mathematical physics by the symbol S) defined as an expansive, decelerating motion, when perceived dynamically – which increases the ‘space’ or res extensa of the system, decelerating to a halt.

In geometry space is a Space Plane, a bidimensional geometry, such as h (bivector of angular momentum) or c².

In its complete description sometimes we should write |-Spe, for Lineal motion-form, Space Plane, Past, Entropy and Energy arrows, when considering the 5 fundamental perspectives, or isomorphic laws encoded on the bidimensional space elements of the Universe:

To be lineal, toroid in mental, geometrical form (|); to be ‘Space, res extensa’; to be a ‘bidimensional flat plane’, to be the Past, dead arrow, hence to be entropic disordered motions in terms of functions and motions through the 5th dimension, and to be ‘kinetic energy’ in the Present ST-plane.

will be a parameter of cyclical time, which increases its cyclical speed as it becomes smaller. The full name would be ‘Tiƒo’, from those 5 perspectives, as Time cycles are ‘Ti-me’, ‘in-form-ation’ from the perspective of its fixed form and transference through the 5th dimension; ƒuture, old age, from the perspective of the worldcycle view – as the last age before entropic death, and o in its cyclical clock-like vortex form.

In geometry is a cyclical imaginary number that grows in the height dimension, ‘sucking in’ and therefore shortening by an inverse i=-x², quantity.

And we know there exists as social numbers (point planes and networks of the 5th dimension) do have this form. So imaginary numbers so called complex numbers have an i-sucking, negative diminishing X-dimension, of height that forms the temporal cycles, which are for that reason better expressed in exponential numbers, E Θi, whereas the number is elevated to the angular i conjugate.

So the reader must see sometimes, specially in non-corrected old graphs, any of those combinations – the most likely an E for Entropy/kinetic energy for Space and an I, for informative Time. And its combinations ExI, as symbol of present:

– ST, will therefore be preSenT. We shall write it also as, ExI, since the present is dynamic and outside fundamental physics and Geometry in biological and social sciences, people use the concept Energy and Information most often with a wider, loose meaning similar to the two fundamental elements of reality. Then we can write:

ExI(st) as the function of existence in present time, which IS THE QUANTITY the Universe conserves, ‘Present’. Or:

STœ; in which the 3 elements of all beings, its spatial territories (the closest of which are its limbs and bodies), its temporal functions and cycles, and its point of view are present. Systems do become extremely complex in their symmetries and relationships to a point it makes difficult to realize what is the whole, and its parts, and what are its forms and functions, but ultimately through the understanding of the ‘isomorphic laws’ of all of them, based in the ternary properties of reality, they can be analyzed in full.

Now, while we will use the terms energy and information in a verbal mode on social and biological sciences, in astrophysics, we prefer to use the mathematical concept of Energy, which we shall call Energetic Information, as the parameter of the 5th dimension that ‘integrates the whole’ constant Tƒ and Sp volume of a system, to equal it with the mathematical formulae, as in E= h(Sp) x ƒ (Tƒ) in the quantum scale or E=nK (Sp) x T(Tƒ) in the thermodynamic scale and E=1/2m(Sp) v² (Tƒ) in the gravitational scale.


We thus in 5D physics depart from events in time as the fundamental truth, whereas the mind stills the motions into mental pictures. The Universe, we might say is about motion, the mind that perceives it with mental measures and linguistic still maps is about relationships between parts captured as still forms.

A description of reality in terms of time motions is profoundly different that the present description of nature as spatial dimensions; but as stillness is the perception of synchronic motions in time in a pegged mapping during a quanta of ‘space-time present’ by a frame of reference – so in humans it is a second still picture of reality.

Now this is the relative present of each being. For example, with fast rewinding cameras we can perceive a more detailed spatial form with more information about the motion, or with cameras that show us in digital frames 30 frames per second, we can observe as a continuous motions a series of still frames.

But this relative time present is fundamental to the workings of beings. Indeed, the galactic cycle of 200 million of years implies that the galaxy as a whole will have rhythms of change so slow that an entire process of evolution and extinction of species will have happen on Earth in this period, but every 200 million years, when the galaxy closes its cycle there will be internal changes in the galaxy, and we can then synchronize changes in galactic cycles, in central black holes in stars, in planets, in human beings to those synchronicities.

For example the black hole of the galaxy seems to have an 11-year cycle of gravitational waves, which seems tuned with the 11-year cycle of magnetic fields and black sunspots, which seems to be tuned to the 11 years cycle of its main planet, Jupiter with its huge magnetic field. It is easy then to imagine that the centered sun, and turning Jupiter orbital membrane, form a system perceived in the stillness of the galactic central informative black hole NOT as a dual point particle but as an Ä system, with the sun and the Jupiter’s membrane.

This becomes reinforced by Kepler’s 3rd law that relates the G constant to the R3/T2 relationship between the volume (3 radius) of the Jupiter’s sphere, and its bidimensional time cycle. Further on as gravitational waves have an enormous ‘wave amplitude’, one could consider that this system acts as an antennae to absorb with the magnetic field of both systems, the gravitational wave of energy and information of the black hole. And then we can suggest that the Saturn-Jupiter pair is the membrane of that system with its rings.

Now all this will likely be consider metaphysical cosmology, for the very obvious reason that we have a 96% of dark matter-nergy uncertainty, and it shows why is so difficult to convert physics into the fractal paradigm. We simply will never have enough information to make physics a complete description of reality as it is possible to do in biology and social sciences. So the whys are more reasoned, more logic, more organic than the evidence we shall have of it.

The choice is to do physics as it is done today, with only the how, or do philosophy of science with the fractal paradigm based in homologies and scanty data. What it is NOT correct science is the astounding development since the Copenhagen interpretation of fantaphysics (metaphysics with wrong lineal concepts of time, space and the actions of physical systems).

Now how can we build with the generator a better model of the Universe to the one we have? Easy, by respecting the limits of science, which must be experimental, economical and use the iteration of particles self similar to forms of larger space-times, to build it without the need of non experienced particles, and trying to respect the symmetries of scale of the fifth dimension, its ternary structures in space, and 3 ages of time.

Thus we do have a model template which is the same for all species and scales to fit the data which must be experienced and construct then a realist model of the Universe.

As a galaxy is also a ternary system, a time-space being, defined by the Fundamental Equation of T.Œ

The ternary generator equation for all systems of the Universe, which written in terms of topological geometries is:

|-Toroid limbs/fields > Ø-Hyperbolic body/waves < O-Informative particles-heads

This simple topological equation defines how the 3 parts of all beings are constructed. And remember if you are a mathematical physicists that the universe has no more topological forms than those 3.

So all what exists will be a ‘diffeomorphic’=local assembly of those 3 topological parts. And you just need to fill the names of that geometrical template. An atom will have a O-nucleus, an |-electrons and a Ø-hyperbolic body-wave of neutrino, gravitational and ¥-electromagnetic waves between them.

Indeed a galaxy will have a central, informative black hole, made of the densest III family of positive top quarks, a halo-membrane of negative strangelet quarks, the II family of mass and an intermediate, vital ‘mitochondria’ space of reproductive stars and planets, its body-wave, forming together an spiral organism, which we shall easily show respond to the same mathematical equations derived of the Fractal Generator:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 07.42.36

In the graph, a galaxy and its ternary symmetries between the 3 families of quarks and its 3 regions, is similar to an atom, which displays the 3 same symmetries, with a central quark system of maximal density and positive charge, an external, negative electronic membrane and an intermediate region populated by photonic ‘stars’. And to a molecule, which also display the same symmetries in the thermodynamic scale. So we will write with ‘only those 3 topologies of the Universe’ all the systems of the Universe. We shall unify the 3 systems with the same equations of the 5th dimension and its isomorphisms that order all the scales of all beings, according to the symmetries of the 5th dimension, between the 3 fundamental scales of the Universe – the gravitational galaxy, the quantum atom and the  molecular worlds of matter.

This is what the Universe is all about, and the only difference is the jargon each science uses to describe it. Do NOT think that because physicists speak mathematics, biology, genetics and evolution, societies religion and politics, economists money, they ARE describing different things.

The perception in synchronous space of the 3 elements describes a super organism. Its perception in diachronic time, describes a system through its 3 ages of young-entropic maximal lineal motions, iterative, adult age and informative 3rd age of maximal form, dominated by each on those topologies. And you too are one of such systems. The most perfect in as much as it is the better known which should be the model of all of them. Since as Eddington insisted, physicists invent due tot eh quantum paradox of uncertainty many of its concepts, as they are so big that they modify the observable or do not see it (dark energy, matter).

And inversely in the anti-quantum paradox of knowledge social scientists are so small compared to the observable, the social power, bankster, or military-politico that he yields to power and does not try to build a better world.

So only in the middle biological sciences are not subject to the quantum or Antiquantum paradoxes of uncertainty. In this Eddington was right: man is the measure of all things because it is the thing we better measure.

And so the organic Universe must be compared to our nature, and define the ‘Galacell’ in those synthetic terms as a superorganism of uds, and tbc frozen stars, and then all is simple and evident and far more beautiful that the mathematical description of it alone would convey.

Formalism of Einstein. 4 vector equations.

In classic physics the concept of a world cycle is simplified into a worldline, using lineal time and 4 vector equations, which we will translate in the specific articles of the 4th line.

What those 4-vectors show truly is a series of Sp=C/Tƒ, and  Sp=Tƒ, maximal, minimal and steady points of the 3 ages and symmetries between space and time. Albeit the time 3 ages/motions are integrated into a single lineal time duration and loose most of its meaning. So for each of those 4 vector equations, its fundamental S≈T symmetry must be studied departing from space-time symmetries. That’s all.

The relationship of time and space in those vectors is thus just one of essential balance and symmetry between the 3 vectorial dimensions of space and the 3 ages of time, sequentially added by duration.

Another expression common to mathematical physics are relations between the fundamental parameter of lineal motion, speed, and cyclical motion, density of an scalar, whose product is the flux of a quantity.

All these equations of dynamics require a specific analysis of which dimensions are seen as dimensions/distances/areas/ volumes/membranes/topological forms and which one are seen as time, motions, rotary or lineal or wave-like motion, and so a lot of conceptual analysis on how the human observer quantity a given space-time symmetry and its dimensions/parameters of motion/distance is needed.

Yet there are generic models, which allow us to extract clear formulae of combination of motions and forms in the construction of being. The 3rd dimension of pure form or volume, for example is obtained through the layer accumulation of bidimensional, think membranes along a gradient of accelerated time vortices, from relative max. S x Min. T past upper layers to inner ones, as density increases.

This new ‘dimension of motion and form’, is thus a dual dimension which intersects with the membrane and creates a 4 dimensional ‘vector’, whereas however it should be considered the existence of two densities of form, the gradient towards the center and zero point and the motions within one of the perpendicular, ‘normal’ layers or planes of space, along the time, integrative gradient direction of the vortex.


Now all this is just a teaser of an immensely wide field –the underrating of the worldcycles of physical systems, and it shows merely that for a full analysis of energy information transfers to thermodynamic systems of that scale we would have to consider:

  • Its 3 specific time ages; Se-energetic-gaseous field age, ST, reproductive wave-liquid age and informative particle-solid age.
  • Its symmetry in space, ordering them as 3 varieties of 2-manifolds (expansive gas, laminar liquid, spherical solid).
  • But also 5D asymmetries, of transfer of energy and information with its 2 lower ∆-scales, the ¥-rays and electric scales which will also be influenced by its 3 ages (Tƒ-Particles, ST-waves and Se-fields) and finally its upper ∆-scales (gravitational forces and mechanical motions, which transfer heat to the lower thermodynamic scale.
  • And study those states in both directions, from gas to solid and solid to gas, as both are fully reversible. Since all physical world cycles, are reversible, unlike biological systems, in which due to the predominance of the arrow of information, there is a clear asymmetry in favor of the temporal-informative arrow, balanced through the constant process of present reproduction, far less common in physical systems which prefer to maintain its immortality, to reverse the time cycle.
  • Besides the obvious need to clarify and translate the spooky terminology of quantum physics to T.œ.

Well yes, a lot of work, but hopefully before the end of the world humans or robots will streamline all this, so future generations can truly feel the pantheist Universe, be humble and feel part of the whole.

So let us start easy and analyze with those asymmetric 5D arrows and 3 parameters of reality, space, time and the 5th dimension, the meaning of the 3 parameters of mechanics, which are not surprisingly enough space, time and… not the 5th dimension but a scalar called mass.



Networks and social classes: ∆-1:fields>∆-waves>∆+1-particles.

Waves and Universal Constants of Action: Present, Sp x Tƒ systems.

Physicists found that space is made of quanta with energy, of ‘Planckton’, minimal units of ‘energy and time’, which gather together into light waves: E x T = h, but they invented a very strange ‘thing’ called the Heisenberg principle of probability, to unexplain the most obvious truth: that the minimal entity of our perceived Universe is a Planckton constant, with a variety of species according to their life time (T) and their energy expenditure (E).

So all what they measured further on was made of Plancktons. The same would happen in biology, they would find the minimal unit to be a cell (a Plankton in the sea), and so all would be made of cells. The same would happen in sociology: humans found all societies to be made of ‘human citizens’, the minimal unit of any human endeavor.

Then de Broglie found that all physical ‘quanta’ had a body-wave and a head-particle as they move over an energy field. He had found the simplest organism of nature, which we will see is isomorphic to all the similar organisms of different size of the Universe:

[Sp (lineal field) < EI – wave < Tƒ: Spherical Particle of information]û±1

And so he wrote the simple equation: λ (wave) x P (particle with momentum ) = H (Planckton)

They called it the Principle of Complementarity wave-particle, but they didn’t understand it as a vital space-time being, so they explain it with abstract weird thought – as a mathematical entelechy, which makes no sense at all. They do NOT see as ‘le petit prince’ did, the elephant behind the abstract line, drawn by their equations. They just see a line. And we shall return to the elephant parable soon.

Now those Œ are ‘static, point-particles’ that share information and energy among them, from their relative static points of view, as the Universe has infinite relative frames of reference (this is one of the great findings of physics that still applies to 5D systems: the principle of relativity). It means that œs command a territorial region, in which they have an internal structure of 3 sub-parts, but also are in an outer bigger world in which they communicate with their œs on the upper ∆+1, equal ∆ and lesser ∆-1 scales, giving origin to a fundamental ‘second postulate’ of ¬æ. It those œ are fractal points (first postulate), called fermions crystals, solids, stars and black holes, they will then communicate ‘bosons, liquid flows, electromagnetic, sound or liquid waves or electronic current or jets of matter between them:

Future-Tƒ<≈Present wave-field≈> Future Tƒ, giving origin to the second component of physical systems. And again in each scale we will recognize a relative present state with similar properties and symmetries in each scale.

So those flows of communication gives origin to the certain modes of ‘present’, reproductive wave-liquid states in each scale. So in essence bosons, waves, liquids, electric currents and jets and streams of cosmic matter and stars reproduced by black holes are in each scale the same wave fields.

What is then the main parameter of the relationship between the Sp, Tƒ and ST elements of each of those scales. Simply the constants of space-time actions that relate in the simplest possible form, those 3 elements the Metric of the 5th dimension:. K = E x T. That is the constants of Action of Physics, in its 3 scales K (H)= E x T, (quantum field)   K (k) = E x T (Thermodynamic Field); K (M)= E x (µ-1/e).

Those 3 constants of action, the Planck constant, H, the Boltzmann Constant, K, and the mass Constant, M, are the fundamental elements which define the 3 planes of physical systems in the 5th dimension (quantum, thermodynamic and cosmological planes). Thus their translation into the simplex Metric of 5D physics is the first step to build the entire building of Physical sciences, with a comprehensive understandable, isomorphic formalism, which will return physics to the realm of reality and show the pantheist equality between all the systems of the Universe.

Now we have to a fundamental theme of reality, the constancy of present body waves of existence, through its reproductive actions, which will be deal with when we revise relativity. But we advance is the key to understand ‘what formal motions’, the substance of the Universe truly mean, and how the interaction between form and motion, in the case of waves, frequency and form.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 20.36.12

In the graph, each system is in fact 10 dimensional, when we take the concept of dimension in mathematical terms as a structural parameter of the being – its 3 scales in 5D, 3 spatial parts and 3 time ages, plus the Œ point focus of its æ,e, ï,œ,û actions, which will further add new dimensions as we observe then the ‘œ-point’ in its interaction with ‘external world-beings’ through several planes of existence. Yes, the beauty of the Universe resides in its complex simplicity and the web of relationships of each part with its wholes.

Yet NEVER humans do explain the WHOLE but just a part and often in physical sciences where the œ studied is far removed (Max. ï distance from the human observer), reduce the study to a single perspective, often the most degrading, from the lower ∆-1 point of view and from the æ-ction of motions). This is a tiresome human ego-trip of one-dimensional scholars who spend their life to prove that their perspective IS the only one that matters, (one of the reasons I abandoned the field earlier in my life, ‘evil=antilife memes’ and ‘stupid=one-dimensional memes’ define most humans I found in ‘existence’).

Yet the proper analysis might be shrunk according to the importance of those 4 elements eliminating by this order: the 5 actions of the Œ-point (maximal external point of view, which removes also the ‘will’ of the being); the 5D ±1 Planes above and below (social world and cellular/quanta point of view), the temporal ages from conception to extinction, focusing on the Adult maximal reproductive, present age (limiting the widest temporal zero-sum point of view to a quanta of present time), and finally the Sp-field/limbs & Tƒ-head/particle point f view, focusing on its body-wave central part).

Thus if we want to reduce the essence of a phenomenon to a single cause though we must choose that which is the ‘central’ Œ-ssence of the system: its present, body-wave, individual plane of the being since it is the most evident perspective. In the case of physical entities, this is a PRESENT wave in reproductive motion, (‘female’ balanced perspective). So quantum physicist in the perspectives of physical entities focused on the wave-particle duality, observing from the human removed p.o.v. the reproductive motion of the Sp-field>ST-wave<Tƒ-Particle, its fundamental perspective, (left side).

The phenomenon is fascinating because it illustrates many of the properties of 5D ST reality and deals directly with the oldest logic paradoxes – today largely forgotten on the ‘computerized age of science’ when the mere feeding of mathematical models to mental-machines by ‘human bee-workers’ summarizes science: what is the meaning of motion? This paradox never resolved since Parmenides affirmed the point of view of the particle – motion is NOT possible, only form exists, and Zeno proved it with its paradoxes (Achilles and the turtle, the motion of the arrow; while Heraclitus considered the point of view of the Wave – motion is constant as the particle-ego-informative fixed point does NOT exist).

On the other hand the informative point of view of the particle, dominating the wave and using it to guide its motion, was foreseen by Einstein and developed by De Broglie, with its idea of a pilot wave. They were the 2 pioneers of the field (De Broglie developed the first mathematical particle-wave equations); and yet both were ignored. Instead the perspectives today considered are, not surprisingly!, the ego paradox and mathematical abstract model (Germanic idealist Copenhagen interpretation), and the energetic lineal degrading point of view (waves and particles as ‘excitations’ of the energy of the ∆-1 field – Feynman’s perspective.)

Let us then consider the perspectives we have to consider in more detail, the fields, which indeed provide the energy for the evolution of waves and particles, but are not the decisive element.

3rd age: Space-time membranes as the center: Einstein’s 4th dimensional paradigm.

Now to understand the next paradigm that precedes the new paradigm of the 5th dimension we must understand Einstein’s work with a critical view as we have done with all other points of view, being aware though that modern science believes in Einstein with the same zeal that they believed in Galileo, Copernicus, Yahweh and the tribe of the Goths before him.

And so as many religious or tribal people of German, Jewish, Christian or Muslim denominations will have already emotionally abandoned this page, many scientists will not even consider the 5th paradigm. Believers don’t reason. They don’t have patience. Their hypothalamus as science proves jumps out attention and memory when it enters in conflict with beliefs.

Still of course there are people who reason and so now we ask you to concentrate because here is where new knowledge must come first for you to understand a critical view of modern physics and their myths and beliefs.

Consider all what we have said. Basically we are moving our point of view from smaller to wider points of view, but when we have a point of view, that point of view is still, quiet, fixed in a center. And this relative ‘fixed’ point of view is important to understand Einstein’s theory.

Minds are still: Information can only be obtained with a fixed point of view.

Why we need a fixed point of view? Easy, because to measure and perceive we need to focus and be still to observe details. If you take a picture of a fast moving object is blurry. If you try to perceive the details of a fast moving object you will not be able to do it. This happens because knowledge gathers information and in-form-ation is ‘form’. But form is the opposite of motion. In the Universe all what you see around is form with motions.

This is very important to grasp. Look around. What you perceive is only 2 things often combined: Forms of information and energy motions. And actions of beings that combine motion and form.

And both things have opposite properties. The less motion the more form you observe, the higher motion the less form you observe. But knowledge is form, information. So to create knowledge you must depart from a relative, fixed point of view.

And so that is why you do not see the Earth moving but fixed. This is how nature has given you a capacity to observe with your mind reality as still, with form.

You need a pov to create a certain  scientific truth. But the larger the p.o.v. the bigger the truth. So the center has moved but each new age of science have kept a relative still point of view. You must create a still center to measure, because perception happens in stillness, as opposed to energy, which expresses itself with motion. Information focuses form and it must be still as Buddha was in the tree of knowledge.

So when Galileo came the earth moved and the new still p.o.v. Was the sun.

And when Darwin came the idea that man had not evolved, changed but had always been still, the same form created by God per in secula seculorum moved and now the new ‘still p.o.v.’ of biology where the immutable laws of evolution.

Now this allows you to understand the limits of Einstein’s paradigm. Since what Einstein did is to create a new still point of view that could not be changed. It was no longer the Earth, it was not the sun. It was not even man or evolution. What was the new still point of view from where Einstein would take his rods of measure?


Einstein defined a Universe with a new point of view, the speed of light, which would remain constant from any perspective.

But why light?

Light seems an esoteric center. What makes light so essential to our view of the Universe, as to permit ‘measures’ that seem to be more accurate to our mind?

We must now give you the first upgrade on Einstein’s work by affirming that light IS the substance of the space we perceive with our eyes. And that is why from the perspective of our mind, which is what you are truly observing – not the full Universe and its exact objective measures, but the peculiar rod of your eyes and any other electronic mechanical device that absorbs light  – light IS space.

Indeed, you do not see reality in its totality, but light and so what you call space is light-space. And when you use an instrument, made to the image and likeness of our mind, you see light-space too.

But if you were a dog smelling the Universe, your mind mapping and distances would be different.

We are though an I=eye and for that reason our mathematical mind and light-space has 3 Euclidean perpendicular dimensions (the so called electric, magnetic and ray directions of light, which are perpendicular), which are the same dimensions of your perceived space.

Thus, what really Einstein did was to consider a larger point of view that the sun, the entire space of the Universe.

The center now had moved to every point of the Universe, and this allowed Einstein to say that all motions and points of view were relative, only space-light was a fixed background that didn’t change.

But he still established as a rod of measure of the other variable, time, the human clock; and so here, there were no advances on the objectivity of the point of view. ‘Time is what a clock measures’ he said.

Einstein did NOT change the point of view of the human clock, reason why Landau laughed at him saying that with his system he just had to ‘look at his watch to eliminate the uncertainty of time’ .

And so it IS in his understanding of time, where Einstein as most physicists before, had failed to expand the point of view. And it is where the 5th dimension will open up our objective view of the Universe, by defining in a more complex manner the meaning of time clock and consider the existence of many of them in the Universe.

IN essence, what we want now to consider is the isomorphism between the 2 main time clocks of the Universe, according to the relative scales of the 5th dimension: the time clocks of the quantum scales, ‘charges’, and the time clocks of the cosmological scales ‘masses’.

Between them, of course there is a 3rd type of time clocks ‘thermodynamic molecules’, whose temperature define the variations of speed of those time clocks, but being the thermodynamic ∆o scale, the human scale, we do have a lot of information about those time clocks, so physicists are sophisticated enough to understand them. They do NOT understand however masses and charges, reason why they have been for 100 years trying to unify them the wrong way – without understanding they are TIME CLOCKS of different scales, of different ‘curvature’ and speed, and so they need the metric of the 5th dimension to unify their parameters.

So simple and so mysterious for a century because we lacked the proper ‘heliocentric’ perspective – an essential dimension of reality. 

Again it is important to notice the scalar nature of the Universe, as the two limits of our perception while influencing our world, are NOT in our world, that is the H-Planck, the uncertain limit in the below scale and the top quark, the dark matter in the above scale, since systems do have a symmetry that adapts them on the 3 levels such as:


That is, the H-Planck as a Planckton, as a To of the lower ‘neutrino scale’ is NOT visible to us, it is the uncertain limit, but we can perceive it as an |-1 quanta of energy of the electron scale where perception starts, as the To time clock of our Universe. It does appear in our equations despite being the constant of action we do not distinguish ‘alone’. On the other limit, the clock of mass, the top quark with its faster speed of time, is neither perceived, nor its boson of dark energy, the H-fields and particle. But we can perceive its influence in the Mach’s rotary inertia of the galaxy and its left-chirality, transmitted to our particles (which die as anti-particles with right chirality).

Thus the certain human word is reduced to a few parameters:

c-speed the constant of spacetime speed

e-charge, the constant of time

k Bolt the constant of energy density

And Q the constant of information density:

Sp (c ) <(Ek: S/T) x I (Q: T/S) >Tƒ (e)Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 23.45.04

In the graph, the key equation that started quantum physics in which most of the constants of our world appear. It is the equation of radiation of a black body.

This is the ‘Constant World’ In which we live, exist, and perceive, which is ultimately made of light spatial entropy and electronic Temporal Form in which our present actions of energy and information are regulated by Thermodynamic temperature.

It is encased in a larger world of strong forces and gravitational forces, which however hardly affects us; and beyond it into the Dark world of Top quark, its superluminal hyper-forces, and its superluminal Higgs fields and bosons, which we can now theoretically by isomorphisms but it is totaling alien to us unless we bring it here in our accelerators to devour and destroy our world.

Of all those elements and parameters of the standard model and classic physics, the only element which I have not yet fully inserted due to some contradictor properties, namely its spin, which makes it seem a fermion when its speed would make it seem a boson is the neutrino, of which we will speak in due term. It seems that its most clear role is to be a partner or half ‘component’ of light, forming together a space-time broken symmetry as the electro-weak force also forms a space-time broken symmetry, themes those to explore fully on the 4th line.


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