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72-81: fading

±∞ ¬∆@ST:

Abstract. The age of dying for the longest living forms of a species, which therefore approaches the ideal ‘game’ of social numbers (humans in mammals, ant-queens in insects, atoms in physical matter, regular spirals in galaxies and so on) is closely related in the ‘pentalogic’ of the fractal, entangled Universe to the following elements:

ST:4Ð entropic Ðimotions, so we treat extensively Death on the articles on entropy.

∆:Social numbers on the 1-100 ‘time scale’ of frequency of information, which we treat in the article on Number theory. i.e. atomic death happens after the last stable lead element, when atoms become radioactive on its 80s, human death happens after the last ‘decade’ life cycle, when decay of mind and body accelerates; apoptosis of cells happens when the telomeres clock a given ‘number’ of cycles, and so on.

@: Selfish minds that exhaust the vital energy of the body, in connection with its membrane, ‘warping’ and ‘wrinkling’ the system as the vital energy dies away, and the membrane and the singularity-mind keep growing, breaking the balance with the enclosed vital energy that sustains them – the fundamental cause of death in all systems, from:

  • Astrophysical systems, which cause the death of galaxies  as the central informative gravitational black hole absorbs all the energy of its ‘ribosomal stars’.
  • Cellular and biological ‘wrinkled’ systems, when the excessive growth of DNA-RNA informative nuclei exhaust its ribosomal producers of energy.
  • In multicellular systems with a selfish nervous brain and skin multiply – the brain that inwards into its memories, detached from the outer world from where it must supply energy; the skin also detaches from that vital energy and keeps reproducing in excess 
  • In sociological systems death happens through wars and revolutions, which the death of a super organism of history ab=used by the ‘neuronal people-caste’ in control of the languages of power (financial, military, legal), that become corrupted, detached from their people they kill by anoxia (financial theft of the monetary language of reproduction of good) and murder (multiplication of the ‘membrane of weapons and warriors, in the frontiers of systems, clashing with other nations).


Dying splits the being back and forth into a big-bang explosion, of which there will be memories remained, §, in pure stillness, with zero motion, that might transcend into the future through generation of offspring or into the upper social scale, through contributions to the larger world of the being, while the bulk of the body dissolves back into the ∆-1,2 plane, dissolving into nothingness and this happens for physical, biological and social systems (through war and collapse of civilizations). in the next graphs from my oldest printed book (c.92), we see the duality of dying for biological physical and social systems:

mass big bang


We exist as we travel a world cycle zero sum through the topological, temporal scales of the fifth dimension.

3 ages human

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