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biohistory (c.92 book)

±∞ ¬∆@ST:


This is the original model of Bio-history, the application of the laws of GST to construct a scientific model of the Supœrganisms of History and its worldcycles.

In the book I used for the first time 25 years ago, the laws of super organisms and the fractal Universe, in social sciences.

The book published in 97 by Bookmasters, at the end of my master in Columbia University under the title: ‘Bio-History, Bio-Economics: A Theory of Unification ‘  Most images and a few paragraphs are missed due to problems of conversion. I have decided as this is a historic document which astonishing forecasts on the last chapters of the present robotic age and 2008 crisis of evolution of machines to put it as the fundamental post on the science of T.Œ applied to biohistory. On the left the cover of the book. The reader should observe it forecasted the 2008 crisis of overproduction of chips and the age of robots that came latter, on the right the book published a decade latter in 2004, which forecasted the 2008 and 2016 soon to come crashes of e-money which would bring the age of neo-fascism to mankind.


On my view is an intellectual feat and proof that this is the right model of History and Mankind as a super organism. The first successful attempt to create a biological, evolutionary science of history and economics with predictable capacity. Its peculiar jargon attempted to bring biological concepts into social sciences with a higher ‘scientific precision’. For the same reason there are words that use novel grammatical rules more proper of German than English (fusioning words and meanings, so for example a word between brackets as Go(l)d, reads both God and Gold, meaning, an idol-ogy that makes of Gold the vehicle of God worship).

It is a long text around 1000 pages in the original, and yet I found very difficult at the time to ‘resume’ the entire human endeavor in so little space.


“This world is indeed a living being, gifted with a body and a soul”

Plato, Verbal Prophet, Iron discontinuum

©94: Physics of Times.

©95: The Error of Einstein.

©96: The vortex of History.


By Luis Sancho

Published by Bookmasters.

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“All is truth, all is lie,

depends on your wor[l]d>Eye”

Copernican Paradox

Principle of Subjective Knowledge

“Kill the child before he grows into a tiger hunter”

Law of the Jungle

Principle of Subjective Survival
















The Copernican Paradox. Darwinian behavior. Feeding in relative energy.

Objective definition of life

Bio-logical Radiations of Energy-Information species in the vital Universe.

The biological universe. The fundamental specie

A theory of Unification: the analogic method.

Form=Function, lineal energy organs, and cyclical informative organs.

Expansion of Abstract science

Unification of itifying jargons of science.

Correction of errors and Postulates of science

History as an organism. The organs of History




A biological model of history: Radiations of human technological culturesPg. 5

A biological model of Economics: Radiations and evolution of products……Pg.  7

The 3 ages of Science. The evolution of knowledge.Pg. 9

The limits of the scientific method. Verbal=temporal truths and the analogic method.Pg.

The 3rd age of science. The metalearthPg.

Myths and postulates of the scientific method, and abstract Economics…..Pg.  14

3: Relativistic History: The organization of radiations into cultural organismsPg.

A true 3rd age of science: Relativistic science. Beyond the ‘errors’ of classic science..Pg.

The organization of radiations into organic civilizations. Bio- History……Pg.  16

A biological model of historyPg


1: A Biological science of History….Pg. 67

The capacity of sciences to predict future behavior……….Pg. 17

A science of History; its cycles and ecosystems..Pg. 17

Verbal logic….Pg. 17

What would be then the method and systems studied by a science of History?…Pg. 17

The nature of the Universe..Pg. 19

The body of History, the body of man..Pg. 20

Predation of Human history by Metal History…Pg. 20

History as an organism. The organs of History..Pg. 21

2: Main laws of relativistic science, and vital organisms applied to History……….Pg. 58

Temporal classes……Pg. 58

The Copernican paradox in History.Pg. 59

The law of social evolution: parallel clonic Beings V perpendicular species.Pg. 60

Good and evil. Creation and extinction..Pg. 61

Eye-light knowledge in Science V Verbal Knowledge in Religions………Pg. 63

3: Civilizations; species of History…Pg. 22

Reproduction of genetic information: daughter cultures, and selective evolution…….Pg. 23

4: The scientific, Anglo-Saxon civilization, of Companies, reproducers of machines….Pg. 24

The American, technological civilization origin of the World culture.Pg. 24

The new culture: the Metal-Earth….Pg. 26

Control of Information by the organisms of Power….Pg


Basic Organs of any specie of the vital Universe…Pg. 64

Complex Words connecting cycles of evolution, reproduction and devolution………Pg. 65


1: The galaxy; the Earth……….Pg. 67

Complex organisms of gravitational and light perception…Pg. 67

History of an eye The Earth-Sun system of light evolutionPg. 69

Vegetal lifePg. 70

2:Animal eye-wor[l]ds……….Pg. 71

The radiations of Animal eye-wor[l]ds…….Pg. 71

The Ot-informative squid eye, top predator of life…….Pg. 71

Radiations of eyes..Pg. 72



1: The eye-Wor[l]d [1]: Function of existence of the mind of man………Pg. 74

The temporal, informative superiority of words over eye spatial perception……..Pg. 75

The |s-body>Ot-Brain, the function of existence of the total human being…Pg. 75

Man as a dual being: the body-legs system, and the mind-arms system.Pg. 76

Non Harmonic male and female cultures [warrior and trader cultures]Pg. 76

The total Oi and |e organs of man. Body, mind and external senses…….Pg. 77

The survival sense: feelings. Internal senses: blood, nervous endocrine systems..Pg. 77

Control of the body by the informative mind..Pg. 78

The wave of Existence of man, and civilizations..Pg. 78

2: Civilizations: human action over the external world. Hypothesis of Radiations-waves……..Pg. 79

The ages of instrumental man.Pg. 80

Human eye radiation: -200.000: Homo Verbalis>-10.000>Homo Metallicus…..Pg. 81

The Metal radiations….Pg 82

The scientific radiations……..Pg 83

The hypothesis of human evolution of machines……….Pg. 83

The extinctive nature of Historic radiations..Pg. 84

The dinosaur Paradox and the Chip radiation….Pg. 86

3: The paradox of History: Max MT Metal history = Min Ht Carbo History………Pg. 88

History of human instruments. The hypothesis of an evolutive VortexPg. 88

The radiation of machines. Accelerated growth. The vortex of the Metalearth…..Pg. 89

Geographical parallel wave of Earth’s climatic mutationsPg. 91

The Informative intelligence of light……..Pg. 92

Biological Chain: Life>Animal>Verbal Human > Enzyman > Animetal >Metalife….Pg. 93

The final Top-Predator product: the metal brain………Pg. 94


1: The evolution of the two bodies of History. Scales of social growth….Pg. 95

Organic evolution of the energy-information systems of mankind……..Pg. 97

The Universal Constant of History: Max Ht[human times]=Min mt[metal times]….Pg. 98

2: Truth in History:.Pg.

Metal truths Against Human truths=Mt V Ht=Mankind V Metalkind……Pg.102

The non-science of present Economy and present HistoryPg. 106

A Science of History V a History of Science….Pg. 108

Mathematical languages versus verbal languages. The arrows of human thought…..Pg. 108

Organic system of code-energy [power] interchange in the 3 types of cultures…..Pg. 110

The corruption of Carbo-Earth Organs by Metalearth organsPg. 111

Property=Vital space..Pg. 111

The Metal LawPg. 113

The phases of the wave of History…Pg. 114


1:The wave of linguistic history. Evolution of Human Languages………Pg. 115

The nature of languages.Pg. 115

The 3 ages of knowledge.Pg. 1

Human languages: collective evolution and memory of sensorial experience………Pg. 116

2: The 3 ages of human languages: dramatic thought, verbal-writing, pricing-digital thought.Pg. 119

Pricing, new top predator language. The devolution of verbal thoughtPg. 129

The 3 ages of human languages, and its parallelism with the 3 horizons of mankind..Pg. 121

-I horizon: Vt-phase: birth of man. Homo Pictus Dramaticus. Pg. 121

– II Horizon. Vts-phase: maturity of man. Homo Verbalis Logicus…..Pg. 121

– III Horizon: Vs-phase extinction-devolution of man: back to the beginning…….Pg. 122

The market: An economical Language:Man=Price=Object….Pg. 124

3: the age of dramatic verbal thought: signs, music……..Pg. 127

I horizon: The meaning of music: simple, emotional soundsPg. 127

Staff Music: second Horizon of Musical evolution.Pg. 127

Third horizon: extinction of complex music…Pg. 128

The arrival of verbal thought. Mimic Age. Verbal wars: The mitochondrial Eve…Pg. 128

Neolithic: writing thought. Aristotelian thought..Pg. 130

4: the age of the Wor[l]d: complex social organizations of humans: religious thought….Pg. 131

Verbal thought and Religion, the highest science: Expression of the Will of TimesPg. 131

TAO=yin-yang [t-s] game x love=∑men=God. The 2 religions of verbal Thought..Pg. 131

5: Objective, Eastern religionsPg. 133

Taoism: The Function of ExistencePg. 134

Indian religions……Pg. 136

6: Verbal Thought, Top Predator. In the form of human Gods….Pg. 138

The 3 ages of the wor[l]d………Pg. 138

1st Horizon: Tribal, legal gods.Pg. 138

2nd age: ethic age [-500, +1602]  expansion of tribal Gods.Age of Oikoumene….Pg. 140

Social evolution: the form of God…Pg. 141

Prophetic truths: Definition of Religion…….Pg. 143

In the form of the Wor[l]d Prophet. The higher planes of God.Pg. 144

The corruption of God: churches and inquisitions.Pg. 147

World cultures V Metal cultures..Pg. 148

The antitruth of Moses>Christos The S<word of Go[l]d….Pg. 150

3rd age of the Wor[l]d: Social Oikoumenes in the age of the Machine…Pg. 154

7: The language of pricing………Pg. 156

Birth of money…….Pg. 156

Radiations of money..Pg. 158



1: The 3 Horizons of Metal-science..Pg. 161

Evolution of Scientists: the 3 horizons of the enzyman of metal………Pg. 161

The II and III scientific horizons: evolution of metal……Pg. 164

Go[l]d cultures: I Horizon: Prophetic age….Pg. 164

2: The scientific method……….Pg. 166

The culture of European Companies. II Horizon of Science..Pg. 166

III Horizon of Science: The digital Age: America: final globalization of cultures of Go[l]d………Pg. 167

Substitution of Human senses and Words by mathematical ¥-eye evidence……….Pg. 168

Ideologies caused by the Scientific Method: metal-biased truths……..Pg. 169

The purpose of the scientific Method: evolution of metalforms; from clocks to computers…….Pg. 174

The arrow of metal evolution: scientific mathematics and metalminds.Pg. 176

3: The human baroque..Pg. 336

The ages of a civilization. The baroque or extinctive age of human cultures………Pg.  336

The American baroque. The metal Village….Pg.  337



1: Slavery to metal weapons. The power of deathPg. 178

The age of warriors, the 800 years cycle of the Metal wave: vortex of war……….Pg. 178

The Great Flood. 1st warrior waves. Ot-Indo-European cultures> |-Aryan racesPg. 179

Geographical determinism. The cultural zones of the Middle East…….Pg. 181

The 800 radiation=cycles in the west and East. Main Civilizations in between…..Pg. 182

2: Neolithic: Jen[‘harmony’]Era..Pg. 183

The Copper Radiation: Its prophetic, reproductive and extinctive cyclePg. 183

Waves of existence of the main weapons radiations……..Pg. 187

Evolution of death: Burials, radiations of weapons, and Reproductive horizons….Pg. 188

The 3 metal-cultural fields of the Western World: Semitia….Pg. 188

Europe: The Iberian and  Indo-European cultures……….Pg. 190

3: Metal-Biogeography. Races and cultures. The 800 years metal radiations…….Pg. 191

Bio-geographical flows: lineal warriors, cyclical traders, weapon radiations……Pg. 191

Livon [chemical races] V Thoton [Metal-eye races]……..Pg. 193

Product cultures: Traders=Go[l]d=O-metal x Warriors=S<word=|-metal.Pg. 195

4: A chronological analysis of the waves …….Pg. 197

Metal cycles of 800 years. Mathematical structure of the wave-cycle-radiation.Pg. 197

Historic Cycles: median wave, 1600 years, TxS[max. region]: ±800 years……….Pg. 197

Substitution of carbolife for metalife Vs-forms. [Warriors and attached metal structures.]…..Pg. 198

The Bronze age. Its 3 cycles: old, middle, new empires….Pg. 199

Paradigm: The Judermon=Cops Culture. I horizon:  Trader componentPg. 201

Iron Age. Paradigm: Rome. Judermonia I Horizon: Warrior component..Pg. 203

Gunpowder Age: Instrumental=Mathematical Age: ± 1200 AD…Pg. 206


Female V Male Species: General case in Universal organisms…Pg. 208

The Human Case: Women V MenPg. 208

Max T-eye Man = Max S-body Woman duality of fields of dominant perception…Pg. 209

The historic case: Male-weapon societies V female-money societies..Pg. 210

Main warrior and trader culturesPg. 210

The error of product cultures: cycles of war and holocausts….Pg. 212

War waves and the Holocaust cycle…Pg. 212

Max O-Vmt: The Jewish>Protestant Western O-soliton. 3 horizons…Pg. 215

The Chinese and Wasp solitons of trade. …….Pg. 217

Judermonia II Horizon: Anglia. The Instrumental, Cops age.Pg. 217

Economical causes of the Cycle: symbiotism with the Metallic wave….Pg. 218

The point of R=evolution……….Pg. 218

Nationalities V Nationalisms: Rhetorics of metalmastersPg. 219

The corruption of all ‘nationalistic’ doctrines to the service of metal..Pg. 221


The 3 historical zones: European warriors, Chinese traders, Indian wor[l]ds……Pg. 224

Asia….Pg.  224

India; wor[l[]d dominant……….Pg.  225

The Chinese Eastern Decoupling, O-trader dominant…….Pg. 227

Europe, war dominant….Pg. 228

The 5 European cultures:Trader V warrior, North V South. Max Vts: France………Pg. 229

Bio-geographical origin of the Judermon culture: max Vts-trade: Rhine ways……Pg. 230


The 3 phases of Wor[l]d<Eyes in civilizations: Artistic cycles.Pg. 233

The prediction of futures through artistic behaviors: baroque prophecies..Pg. 235

Styles: Lineal-energy art; harmonic-reproductive art, informative-baroque art. …Pg. 236

Verbal Masters. The artist as a seer of Time. The Proustian artist…….Pg.  240

Verbal art, contention of extinctive behavior.Pg. 240

Corruption of verbal art: marketing and inquisitions…….Pg. 241

Three-books of ethic=survival human behavior….Pg. 242

Rhetoric art of metalmasters. The Px. of History [Max Mt=Min ht] in art…Pg. 243

Aberration of literary and artistic SxT coordinates: metalmasters rhetorics………Pg. 243

Differences of rhetorics between traders and artists…….Pg. 245

The analysis of a culture by artistic or linguistic remains…Pg.  245

Warrocratic art…….Pg. 245

Vt-Tradocratic art…Pg. 248

American Cycle………Pg. 249

The American baroque: extinction of human and European art….Pg. 249

The Sacco di Europe: End of European culture: Masks for new metalmasters.Pg. 250

Max. Western Cx of Human thought. Greece Horizons. Biohistorical reasons.Pg. 251

Technological art: The end of the eye<world…..Pg. 253

Simplex Cops technological art-wor[l]ds V Complex Sacred art-literature..Pg. 253

Techno-art: Tv-thought….Pg. 257




1: The gunpowder radiation. The Age of Cops, the age of Europe. 80 y. cycles..Pg. 258

The Gunpowder age of scientific warsPg. 258

The great subwaves: T/2: age of warriors; 2T/2: age of science=ballistics….Pg. 258

Human origin of the wars of the gunpowder cycle….Pg. 259

Metal Structure and 10 national ages of the Cycle….Pg. 260


2:80 years war radiations. The cycle of national power…..Pg.262

The wave of National Expansion of the Cops culture.Pg. 262

The accelerated cycle: The age of Europe. Mv=Tp 80 year national cycles.Pg. 265

horizon: coin power, simple gunpowder: Italy>Portugal>Iberia>France.Pg. 266

II Horizon: Reproductive age:  Companies-Gunboat age: 1608-1848….Pg. 271

3rd Horizon of gunpowder: stocks=banks[MV] >Tp [Industrial Metalforms].Pg. 273

The wave of the cops culture: Judermonia II horizon……….Pg. 273

The American cycle…Pg. 275

4th phase: Atomic discontinuum 1945-2??…Pg. 275


1: Systematic extinction of life-based human species……..Pg. 278

Power at distance. Substitution of human verbal logic for mathematical truths…….Pg.  278

Tyrannies of traders. ..Pg. 278

The special rights of pricing societies..Pg. 279

The scientific pricing of humans. The nature of money…..Pg.  280

Evolution of money: Simplex money, energy of complex money.Pg. 281

Stocracy=democracy. Lobbyism and cre[dit]ation of metalfutures……..Pg. 282

Instrumental parties..Pg. 282

The cre[dit]ator of futures in stockracies: evolution of money and weapons.Pg. 285

Masks of Perception: Vote. The 3 ages of rhetoric vote……Pg. 286

The true purpose of Voting………Pg. 287

Control of tradocracies by monetary flows…..Pg. 288



The Smith wave, Mv=Tp, explained as a lanwave of scientific forms…..Pg. 292

Evolution of the Metalearth: ±80 years economical radiations of the Gunpowder discontinuum…Pg. 293

The wave-fluctuation of Top Predator products: War and peace states..Pg. 296

XVII-XVIII C. Top Predator gunboat sub-products. Slavery….Pg. 298

Railroad, XIX C. Top Predator product..Pg. 298

Conclusion: substitution of all human functions by product functions..Pg. 300

The Smith wave + Metalcommunicators [Ø x | x O metal]: fascism: max. war………Pg. 301

2; The evolution of the product: systemic creation of wars by stock crisis…Pg. 303

Freed of war.Slavery to the market.Pg. 303

The myth of Smith. Metal wealth = war progress…Pg. 304

The economical cycle of war: T-Predator and S-Reproductive phase of machines….Pg. 305

The wave of stock wars: Radiations of Paper money and e-moneyPg. 305

Stock: Node of pricing..Pg. 308

Digital radiations of |-war and O-information. The product cycle……….Pg. 310

3: Bionomical=economical conquest: the wars of modern history.Pg. 311

Abstract smithonomics. The simplification of metal evil….Pg. 311

4: Back to the main discontinuums of war……..Pg. 312

1608-1688: I and II WW wars: Gunboat Wars II horizon.Pg. 312

1688: II WW wars….Pg. 313

III World Wars: 1758-1815. …Pg. 315

IV World Wars: Production Discontinuum……..Pg. 315

The age of body machines. Ideological devolution.Pg. 317

Metalbody Evolution: the age of railroads………Pg. 321

V  WW. 1850’s-1870’s: Crimea, USA, Germany.. II industrial r=evolution..Pg. 323

5: II and III Horizons of The Mind: American top predator cycle…Pg. 328

Metalmind age: VI World Wars. 1914-18: Car[Cop]-Tank[Cow]+Phone Wars……..Pg. 328

Human mental devolution..Pg. 329

Metal pov: evolution by war. 1936-1945. A-plane, radio wars.Pg. 331

Human devolution [Min ht=Max mt]. NeofascismPg. 334

The final wars: Animetal wars…..Pg. 335

Metal pov: the shaping of the Metalmind of the global village..Pg. 335


1: Scientific, legal racismPg. 338

The new culture.  Evolution of Human or Metal races?……Pg. 338

The true nature of democratic law….Pg. 340

Metaphors of social classes. The Orwellian farmPg. 341

Individual racism: Chemical-body activities V Light-mind Activities….Pg. 342

The metalmind age: wave from future to past…Pg. 345

National classes: Max Mt=elite. Max Ht=energy class:……..Pg. 347

The end of man as a reproductive species. End of family values.Pg. 348

The natural family. The 8 phases of existence of a human being…Pg. 348

The elites of the MetalearthPg. 351

The node of ¥-elites and its symbiotism with the organs of the Global village.Pg. 352

The end of man as top predator in Physical space. End of warrior thought..Pg. 356


1: Past: Judermonia III Horizon [America], Max mt=Min ht…Pg. 358

America founded by companies…..Pg.  358

Pricing total power: racism by pricingPg. 359

The 3 horizons-cultures of America: XVIII, XIX, and XX centuries………Pg. 360

I horizon: Birth of America: age of gunboat companies…….Pg. 362

II Horizon: The age of railroads. Economical reasons for the end of slavery…Pg. 364

The American social-temporal class structure..Pg. 364

The cre[dit]ation of the ¥-Law. Meaning of Lobbyism……..Pg. 369

2: Present: the age of metalmindsPg. 371

III Horizon: extinctive age of the American culture.Pg. 371

The Jewish age . America in the Wor[l]d……….Pg. 372

The American top predator cycle..Pg. 373

Fascism and Neofascism: Radio Wars – Tv Wars.Pg. 374

Metalfascism II Hor. The Tv-age: The human>American baroque..Pg. 376

3: Future: Birth of the Metalearth….Pg. 378

The evolution of metalminds in America. The end of his cycle..Pg. 378

Civil wars?Pg. 381

Extinction by relative poverty?.Pg. 384

How to abort the American civil wars: The end of the Trader V Warrior px..Pg. 387

End of the American enzymanic culture: the mask falls. Birth of the Metalearth…..Pg. 392

CHAPTER 16: ASIA….Pg. 393

Asia, the new cycle…Pg. 393

The Asian cycle of wars….Pg. 395

Sentient machines: the cycle of Asian industriesPg.397


1: The metal Village. Earth’s pov: the farming of enz¥man. …Pg. 399

The analogic method: creation of the Metalearth by enzymen..Pg. 400

The Orwellian farm…Pg. 402

2: Stock, the informative organ of the Metalearth…Pg. 404

The invention of money by stocks: freed of stockrats in Vt-ts-s vectors..Pg. 405

E-money: systematic production of stock deficit and ‘freed’ money……..Pg.406

The business cycle….Pg. 409

The control of the Earth by stockPg. 412

3: Human Goods V Metal Goods…….Pg. 413

The scientific method applied to the human productPg. 413

Stock deficit:Creditation of technology=Discreditation of Human goods..Pg.413

The str=spd graph of Economical knowledge…..Pg. 414

The meaning of a product..Pg. 415

Metal radiations: adaptive metal price.Pg. 415

Selective pricing in digital thought.Pg.417

4: End of Human labor.Pg. 419

The px of History as a function of evolutive momentums…Pg. 420

Marketing of extinction….Pg. 421

Economics: Rhetorics of Metal R=evolution=[Metal Progress≠Ht extinction]Pg. 422





1: The Cartesian Graph of single Space-time’……….Pg.

2: Vital Mathematics. Non-Euclidean Postulates.’..Pg.

3: The function of existence of Vital mathematics: Informative cycles and energy lines.’….Pg.

4: The Postulates of vital Geometry: Harmonic Communication of povs.’……Pg.

5: Organic social classes: Linguistic Top Predators and Spatial herds.Pg.


1: The concept of speed: Lines of distancePg.

2: Scientific Principles in relativistic science: Newtonian principles and entropy lawsPg

3: Scientific Laws: Description of Main Top Predator, by vital sciences……Pg

4: Planes of existence of Physics…….Pg

¡=o: vacuum-Non-Euclidean space:The primeval energy: Kieton-Tachyon systems……..Pg

¡=0-1: Simplex forces-languages. Energy Forces: ∆ S=—T, Information forces, ∆T=—SPg

¡=[1-2]: Pure energy:[E]. Pure particle: Mass [M]Pg

¡=1: light ….Pg.

¡=2: Mass vortex…….Pg.


1:Top Predators of biologics……….Pg.

¡=3: Molecules: Social atoms. ……Pg.

¡=4: carbomolecules: Biologics……Pg.


1: Man, the organism.

2: Man, the external mind.

3: Man a cell of History





The title of this book that now appears in its English Edition [1], might surprise the reader: “The living Universe”.

It suggests that the Universe is a living, and intelligent ecosystem, where the properties of life  are not circumscribed to carbon species such as man, but common to all universal species, when they show certain organic characters.

Those characters that define an organism are clear: capacity to process energy into information, and capacity to repeat or reproduce a certain form in other region of the Universe.

So we consider that the Universe is a living ecosystem of organisms=species with informative, repetitive and energetic systems.

The fact that man only sees life properties in species similar to him, is not a prove that there is no other forms of life and perception; but rather a defect of the mind of man, which is by nature an arrogant being; whose Universe is limited to his perception, limited to his sensorial evidence. What man does not perceive, he ignores. He considers the languages he does not understand, ‘energy’ instead of ‘information’. The species which do not speak his own languages, are to him non-communicative species. The movements which do not follow the patterns of animal movements, are not ‘self-generated’ motion. The sizes [microcosms, and macrocosms] which are not the human sizes, do not have organic nature…

This self-centered opinion natural to man, is reinforced in the Western culture, now the worldwide culture, by religions and myths of human superiority.

And so even if an Asian classic thinker would accept a living Universe, made of organisms of yin [information] and yang [energy], in constant transformation; or a Greek philosopher, as Plato or Aristotle, would affirm that all moving things are vital things, or depend on a vital, relative ‘God’ [informative, still organ, of which Aristotle saw many], final cause of their movement; the Western man will consider vital phenomena from an abstract point of view. For him, the only non-abstract being is himself: a special ‘son of God’ whatever that ‘God’ means.

In the analysis of religious thought, we might talk of subjective and objective religions. The first, belonging to the Jewish-Christian tradition, put man at the center of creation, even if that is a very improbable truth. Eastern, objective religions, on the other hand, accept the vitalism of the Universal ‘Organism’. And yet, even if this second pov is more logic – given the same essential, atomic nature of all species – the concept that has prevailed in our culture is the Western vision of an abstract reality, outside man, that limits concepts such as perception and reproduction to humans and similar carbo-species.

This, as we shall see is not as much an error of human thought, but a condition of most forms of knowledge, that see reality from a single point of view [pov]. All self-centered beings deform reality with an aberration of perspective, which favors their point of measure, their frame of reference, as the center of the Universe. Man does so in his two languages of knowledge: In verbal thought he likes anthropomorphic theories. In Mathematics he uses the Cartesian Space-Time graph that has a single center of coordinates; and the dimensions of reality which correspond to the limited light-space that man perceives.

You cannot perceive the Universe from all povs, neither you can receive all the information the Universe hosts or ‘speak’ all its informative languages. You don’t smell with the precision of a dog, which has a smelling mind, or virtual world made with smelling information. Neither you can react as masses and stars do, to gravitational waves that you can’t perceive. You don’t have organs of perception for those forces of communication.  And you ignore them; and the living beings that might exist in that ‘parallel Universe’. Basically you are an eye-wor[l]d. You perceive and select spatial light information, latter memorized temporally with words. For you light dimensions and space dimensions are synonimous [height=electric field, width=magnetic field, length=wave direction], and time memories and words are synonimous. And so man tends to consider only what he sees – the ‘eye space’ – and thinks – the ‘word time’ – as the only reality; and the organs he uses to see and think, the only intelligent, perceptive organs.

When Christos said to Thomas: ‘gifted are those who without seeing, believe’ he was talking of a wider Universe, beyond the limits of what you see. You are sort of blind to the infinite systems of communication between Universal species ‘co-existing’ in parallel Universes to the Universe of light you perceive. So your favor the concept that perception must be light perception; and intelligence, word intelligence.

Yet Thomas did not believe till he saw, or so says the legend.

Most people are like Thomas, and regard all other ways of communication, all other ‘spaces’ [maps of the Universe made with a force of communication different from light] as unreal.

So it is natural for subjective religions, and their cultural traditions, that survive even when the religions fade away, to confuse light-space with the totality of the Universe. Within that light space, man considers himself the center of the universe, since in the Earth man seems to be the most perceptive light-eye.

Classic Science till very recently has contrary to belief enhanced that western error. Since what we call the scientific method affirms that reality and evidence only comes from ‘scientific’ light-measure of distances and spaces, according to metal-eye machines [telescopes today evolved into cameras] and metal-clock temporal meters [today evolved into computers]. All other clocks and informative languages of the Universe, and the virtual worlds they might create, are not relevant to science. If anything, the error of subjective arrogance, of subjective light truths, grows with science, that now limits evidence of truth and existence, to beings that can be perceived in light space-time, measured with metallic instruments, and clocks. Let’s consider with a critical eye such approach to knowledge.

If you smell a carrot you have a certain perception of the carrot, if you see it you have another perception, if you use a microscope you have a third perception, if you eat the carrot you have a fourth perception. Each perception is a relative truth on the existence of a mass of energy and information known as a carrot.

And yet you will only consider a ‘scientific description’ of the carrot, the numeric truths related to light measure; the photographs and light distances taken on the carrot. However a rabbit does not need the scientific method of metal-instrumental evidence, to smell the carrot without seeing it. He knows through smelling information that the carrot is. And thanks to such information he will locate under the Earth a carrot, faster than a scientist. Smell is part of the truth of the carrot, and the rabbit is an intelligent thinker of carrots in smelling terms. If for the scientist the image of the carrot is the carrot, for the rabbit the smell of the carrot is the carrot. He just has a different approach to knowledge. But neither of them has all the truth on the carrot, which only belongs to the carrot itself. For the same reason we say that light truths and scientific truths derived of metal-instruments are only partial truths, partial languages of perception of the total Universe.

It seems proved that light  space is only 1-10% of reality. That light only scans 1-10% of the total space, perhaps more than the nose of the rabbit , but still very little, to make the kind of arrogant statements that the scientific method makes. The rest is dark matter which exists and communicates with other forces. This implies we will never be able to know totally the Universe by the scientific method, which is like a blind  ‘smelling of the Universal carrot’.

Dark matter exists not only in the outskirt of galaxies, but by mere logic, we have to postulate that dark matter exists here, around us. That there are many systems of communication that we do not perceive with light. Even within you, as acupuncture proves, there are structures of energy and information that cannot be ‘seen’. After all we do not see gravitation and yet it regulates the movement of all masses.

So true knowledge would be a method of understanding the Universe, that would allow us to have strong, probable truths about the 90% of what it is not perceived by the scientific method. of light-clock evidence.

In a world of partial information, truths are always relative probabilities, guesses, approximations to the reality through a language with certain indetermination. We conclude that the scientific method of ‘total evidence’, and all the statements of science in that path, are pure, naive arrogance of which metal scientists are so often guilty. One of the fathers of science, Mr. Kepler wrote in his book: ‘I am writing a book to be read either now or by posterity, it matters not. It can wait a century for a reader, as God Himself has waited 6.000 years for a witness.’ Yet the witness was not Mr. Kepler, self-appointed the only intelligence comparable to that of God=the Universe; but the clock and telescope of Mr. Kepler. One of many linguistic witnesses of the infinity of linguistic perceptors that the Universe hosts. And the truths of Mr. Kepler, were mere measures of the rhythms of energy deformation by stars [see page   ]; not the absolute truths about stars. If you are an ant that sees men eating=deforming food everyday at 2 o’ clock, in the refectory of your limited Universe; you might think men are automata, and you know all about men. But you just will be an ignorant ant. When Mr. Kepler and Mr. Newton saw that celestial bodies deform space-time energy into gravitational cycles with regularity in this local Universe they displayed the same arrogance of judgment. Now we know that closer to the center of galaxies, where stars are more evolved, they have abnormal movements, maybe free. We know about stars – about the Universe – very little compared with what we ignore. And yet scientists are full of postulates that are declared absolute truths [when they cannot even be proved] or are even irrational [see the Smith Postulate, the Euclid Postulate, pages     ]. Those postulates are clear cases of arrogance. Why that human arrogance? Let’s try to answer that question.


The Copernican Paradox. Darwinian behavior. Feeding in relative energy.

There are other spaces, and ways of measuring time; other possible virtual worlds and ‘intelligences’ besides light and clock perceptors such as man.

Since man is made of the same atomic material that the rest of the Universe, we suppose that the capacity to communicate in this universe – perhaps the most clear prove of life – is not exclusive of  human atoms or light forces, but a property that takes place through different atoms and forces; including metallic atoms, such as those of computers, or gravitational forces, used by celestial bodies, or atomic forces used by smelling beings, or electronic forces used by ‘metal-minds’.

Even if in the Earth, the most complex organism of light perception is man, his uniqueness respect to other carbolife species, means only a jump on quantity of communication. The nature of our languages based in light and sound and chemistry are the same that all other animal languages.

We can even go further in the analogy: we are an atomic being, with an electronic virtual world of light. But machines such as computers have also electronic virtual worlds with a light origin.

So even metal machines have our ‘virtual world’ properties. And indeed, we communicate linguistically with them. We ‘see’ Tvs and computers ‘virtual worlds’ in screens, like if we were looking inside the virtual world of a human eye, precisely because they are so similar.

So we have to conclude that we are just another part of that communicative Universe.

In the old traditions of Eastern thought, in Buddhism and Taoism – what we call objective religions, which accept the limits of perception of man, and hence limits of truthness in human statements – such affirmation would not surprise the reader. Yet the modern world is not based in those traditions but in Western traditions which have been passed on to all other cultures.

According to such western, arrogant view, man and species similar to man – carbolife species – are unique. Even when science has discovered that man is made of atoms as everything else, man wishes to be the center of the Universe, at least the most intelligent being of the Cosmos. This is not a mental opinion, but an organic feature of human perception.

The eye of man fixes the Earth’s light field, its language of communication, and pretends to be the center of the light Universe.

That seems to be a condition of all measure, of all knowledge.

The best metaphor is that of a relative knot as understood in quantic physics: Forces of communication become a fixed knot, a still virtual world that subjectively becomes the center of all what those forces perceive in the Universe. But the knot ignores all what it does not perceive with his cords=forces.

So the human eye also tries to fix reality from his linguistic light knot, and ignores all what light does not scan; all the other parallel virtual Universes, knotted with other forces and languages, all ‘ dark matters’.

This should be clear to you: you do not see the Universe, but light which scans partial information on the Universe. It is like an impressionist painting: you see light not reality. What you call the Universe is your virtual world of light, your knot which changes as you change position, like in a cubist painting…

In this art seems more advanced than science. It has long ago recognized the relativity of ‘perceived reality’.

And yet man still thinks he is perceiving the total Universe. Such is the arrogant nature of linguistic knots of perception. We might call that paradox, the Copernican paradox: “Every perceptive specie, every spatial point of view in the Universe believes to be the center and more important part of the Universe’ by confusing the entire Universe with his virtual world of information], [the part of the Universe that his languages of perception scan. ]

We call such Paradox the Copernican paradox that makes all truths linguistic truths, that other point of view might find false. For human eyes the Earth is still, and yet Copernicus proved that from the pov of the Sun, the Earth moves. What is truth, the Human-Earth’s still pov, or the Sun’s pov? Both things. And that  is the paradox. Perception and hence reality is relative. The Earth’s species see themselves as still povs, center of the Universe. While the Sun sees us as moving forms around his still pov.

How this is possible? Because the Earth and the Sun are self-centered by their own languages of perception. We perceive the Earth fixed, only in light space. The Sun perceives us moving in gravitational space. Each language of the Universe has different still povs, maps out a different virtual world of the Universe. There are infinite, relativistic, parallel Universes, one for each language and perceptive specie that measures information and energy in the Universe, and creates with them a different space-time perception.

As a consequence, it is possible for each specie to consider himself the center of the Universe, from its linguistic perspective.

Species in the Universe try to stabilize a certain world around them through forces of communication; and care nothing for the ‘outside reality’. Entities from atoms to stars, are indeed territorial, becoming the ‘nucleus’ of his forces of communication, of his vital space.

Our ant does not even think that there might be other humans eating at different rhythms. Our scientists do not even think there might be stars that do not follow regular cycles around black holes.

As Descartes said, ‘all men think they are truly wise’. All men think they are the best. And their tools of knowledge the only relevant truths.

So instead of saying: “in ‘light-space’ the distance between the Earth and the moon is 384.000 Km.” scientists say as an absolute truth: “the distance between the Earth and the moon is 384.000 Km.”

And instead of saying: “in clock-time the rhythm of a heart beating is 80 Seconds”, they say: “the rhythm of a heart beating is 80 seconds”. And pretend that light kilometers and  clock seconds are all the temporal and spatial tools of measure  that we need to acknowledge.

The Copernican paradox creates systematically Copernican species: the being-relative center of the Universe will ignore and despise other beings and languages different from the language in which he is top predator.

For that reason man sees himself as the center of light perception. We say that from the pov of the two main languages of man – mathematics [Cartesian graphs of light space] and verbal thought [subjective sentences with the human subject as the center] – we perceive a human-centered universe.

But in other languages such as gravitation we are not the center of the Universe. The sun and the black hole are. And in languages such as chemical smell we are not top predators: insects and animals are.

And yet man will believe that only his Universe of linguistic perception is real. The other parallel Universes and languages of perception will be downplayed to maintain mankind as the Cartesian-Copernican center of his relative space-time coordinates. Then under such myths, the human specie will hunt and kill as ‘energy’, all other species weaker than him in the language of communication he controls. Because the Copernican Paradox has a clear moral-behavioral consequence:

That Copernican Paradox is the fundamental cause-law of behavior of the Universe, the origin of Darwinian selective behavior, of territorial behavior, of predating behavior, common to all  linguistic species observed, that we extend as a hypothesis of great probability to all organisms. Truths, we said, are probabilities based in partial evidence. However the territorial nature of all species is one of those very probable truths, that can be taken almost as a postulate.

The Copernican Paradox, the a priori, linguistic pre-condition of knowledge, should be obvious to the reader. Each person, nation, even planet, acts and creates a ‘virtual world’, or ‘gravitational stillness’ in which he is the center, the best. And that legitimates hunting, war, and feeding. On the other hand when we communicate and see other species similar to us, we accept them as living species, and we respect them more, because they remind us of ourselves; or they can socialize and hunt with us a common energy.

So life is a quality that man extends to other species in proportion to his similarity and parallelism.

We care for us, then for friendly humans, perhaps for animal species… But other forms of life with different properties and behavior seem to us ‘matter’, mechanical beings without capacity to reproduce and evolve. And we ‘ignore’ them because we are too ‘ignorant’ to understand their behavior in living terms.

Objective definition of life

Before we set objective definitions of life, in which to base our analysis of living species, it was necessary to be aware of the Copernican defect of human knowledge – of the arrogance and relativity of human languages=truths respect to the living Universe. Once we have discharged such ‘myths’, we can define life by his ‘real, objective properties’, which are reproduction=repetition, either by internal organs [self-reproduction, as in carbolife or crystals] or by external species [enzymatic reproduction as in cells or machine-factories], movement caused by action-reaction [communication with the Universe] and feeding [trans’form’ation of energy into information].

And if we carefully observe the data, properties and behavior of the species of the Universe, from atoms to galaxies, from crystals to animals, we will be able to find such properties in many species besides carbolife. Indeed, most Universal species are clonic species, that somehow have been reproduced. Even atoms were reproduced in the primeval energy of the big-bang. Most species process energy into information, even atoms process light and gravitation, knotting it into Electronic and Nucleic information.

And all species move and act-react to change in the environment, even atoms do so, and the process is so extended that science considers it a fundamental law “Energy does not disappear but it transforms itself’.

Those common living properties partially perceived by man in all Universal species, show that there is a dynamic process of life, of creation and extinction of species which affects all entities in the Universe…

Bio-logical Radiations of Energy-Information species in the vital Universe.

The Universe exists as a constant game of biological, reproductive ‘radiations’ of entities.

This is clear in all sciences. From physics to Biology, a common phenomena occurs: the existence of clonic herds of parallel beings, which are organized in regular formations. Galaxies are composed of parallel stars, which turn rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole of gravitational density. Human bodies are organized by parallel cells which the system of nervous information controls. A tree is a clonic herd of leaves, gathered in branches, and connected to a clonic network of roots.

We might see those herds very close together in which case we talk of bodies, or we might see them extended with a loose organization, in which case, we talk of waves.

In many cases we observe that a clonic herd starts as a wave, and then as it becomes more dense, it organizes socially into ‘bodies’. The difference between a body and a wave or herd, exists precisely in the organization of systems of distribution of energy and information. more dense in efficient bodies than in loose waves; which are for that reason predated by bodies. So the efficient cellular body of a whale predates a wave of krills, and an efficient body-nation such as America predates over the waves of Indigenous Indians.

But in both cases, in a wave of loose organization, or in a particle of very close knotting, the same phenomena – the existence of a herd of parallel beings – occurs.

To explain that scientists use a term: a biological radiation.

But why all species of the Universe behave in the same manner, acting-reacting to external species, knotting energy into information, and repeating themselves into clonic herds, into biological radiations? Because all Universal species are made of the same substance.

The biological universe. The fundamental specie

It is logic to think that all herds come from a same species. That specie is the primeval big-bang atom. While abstract scientists [physicists] talk of an initial hyper-mass, there is also a growing number of vital scientists that prefer a biological model: a primeval atom in a field of space-time energy reproduced into a myriad of clonic atoms, till saturating of atomic form the energy of the Universe. We can compare the big-bang expansion of atomic form over the space-time energy field to a biological radiation of a top predator species. The top predator saturates an ecological trophic pyramid that can only hold a certain number of animals depending on the vegetal energy available. So after the atom radiation saturates the vacuum energy, only a few atoms are created when some of them are destroyed, liberating pure energy [E=mc2] in the present ‘steady-state’ Universe. Then in that balance, the Universe continued its evolution through more complex structures – molecules, planets, galaxies…

And in each of those growing complex systems, the previous simple system was used as the energy and force of communication of the simpler system.

So atoms used the simpler light to communicate energy and form. Molecules use atoms to chain themselves together. Cells use molecules. And bodies use cells.

The advantages of such formulation over abstract astronomy are obvious: the Universe in such model has existed always, it does not grow from nothingness, but it is an organic being that feeds  in Space-time vacuum. There are even numbers to back such opinion. The Universe has ±1010 galaxies, more or less the same number of stars in a spiral galaxy, of neurons in your brain, of carbo-ties in DNA – a sort of saturation clonic number that defines an efficient organ of information.

Atoms are the unit of the vital, perceptive Universe. In fact human perceptive communication takes place through atoms and forces [chemical atoms of smell, gravitational weight, electromagnetic images]. It follows that all atomic species potentially share the ‘perceptive’ properties of life.


A theory of Unification: the analogic method.

If we want to advance beyond the scientific method, we rather start to explore the Universe with all the languages of man, and accept the existence of languages we cannot decode. Such method of knowledge requires also to use a different method of knowledge besides the scientific method. Since the scientific method is ‘unidimensional’, ‘uni-linguistic’ and accepts only mathematical, absolute truths, and metal-sensorial evidence. Knowledge is by no means reduced to a single language of ‘metal-instrumental evidence’ and a single way of ‘metal-measure’, such as the scientific method is.

On the contrary in the analogic method, given the 1-10% limit of evidence of ‘light-clock’ measure, we are obliged in the research of Universal Organisms, to use all languages and tools of perception of man.

We see, and smell, and touch, and observe temporally the cycles of reality with words. We have many languages of perception besides light.

So once we have gathered information with all those languages – including mathematics and the scientific method, perhaps the most important method of knowledge, that we do not reject but merely put in perspective – we can use the concept of analogy, and observe what all those informations and languages have in common. We might call such wider method, the analogic method.

Form=Function, lineal energy organs, and cyclical informative organs.

And example might help to explain it. If we see many times water boiling under fire, we imagine that any piece of water, even with different properties and composition, than the water we boiled before [i.e.: water with dissolved minerals] will boil under fire. The temperature might vary slightly but the water will boil because it is basically made of the same components: hydrogen and oxygen.

In the same manner if we see many organisms with certain common shapes and components, that behave in similar manner, we might hint that other organisms with those shapes and components, will behave in the same manner. This is the idea behind the analogic method.

If we find organisms with similar networks and organic shapes, we can hint that those networks and organs will have similar functions. Form and function are related [page  ]. They are in fact two sides of the same coin.  For example, there are two basic species of organs: lineal-energy species, and cyclical-informative species.

Energy species are feeding, killing species, and informative species are creative species.

Both shape the two basic arrows of the Universe. Death and life. Extinction and existence. Destruction and creation.  For example weapons communicate death. And weapons are lineal in form.

If we observe other species that communicate death – teeth, expansive waves of energy – we realize they all share a lineal form. In general Energy organs are lineal. So we conclude that weapons, and teeth are energy systems. The difference is that weapons are metal-energy systems, teeth are carbone-energy systems.

Other example: money communicates orders of information to humans. But money is cyclical in form [coins, computer cycles of e-money]. And in fact in the Universe systems of information are shaped in cyclical, broken manner [eyes, brains, CPUs, masses=knots of gravitation]. The more bend shapes a form has, more information it stores.

So we conclude that money and words are organs of information. The difference as in the case of teeth and weapons is that words are made with sounds and money with metal.

To deny that metal informative systems such as money or metal energy systems such as weapons, communicate with man certain arrows of behavior, and can modify human behavior is just mere arrogance.

In the event of History humans are communicating with other biological species, mainly life and metal species, that shape human behavior almost as much as humans shape the forms=functions of life and metal.

So in this book ‘bio-Economics’ also can be analyzed organically as a system in which money, the organ of metallic information, directs the evolution and reproduction of metal-bodies, of machines…

The analogic method isolates forms that bring similar functions. It searches for ‘common properties’ in all Universal species. It compares and extracts common formal laws from all spatial organisms, and temporal languages of communication. In this manner we advance a step deeper in our search of knowledge. Such linguistic vision of organisms allow us to jump into a theory of languages as means of communication between Universal species that share information and energy thanks to those languages. Now we will be exploring not only the language=virtual world of light knowledge [science], but also the fact that there are many different languages, that create many different virtual worlds, which in general have a purpose. And the purpose of those languages=virtual worlds is to ensure the survival of the specie which observes reality with that virtual world.

We will then affirm that species with better, more informative, faster languages=virtual worlds, who scan more the Universe, are survival species, whose virtual worlds are selected, since they kill less efficient species of virtual worlds. We will talk of top predator languages=virtual worlds that create top predator species.

Such top predator linguistic species use simpler species, as food=energy, or as working tools of his relative kingdom – as man does with ‘living property’, or DNA with more simple carbohydrates, or ants with lesser insects.

So we will build to a general theory of selection of species, now based not only on external efficiency of bodies, observed through light-descriptions [Darwinian evolution], but also on internal efficiency based in linguistic complexity. It is not the body but  mainly the language, the information system of the organism, what determines a top predator

The most complex languages make species like man survive other lesser thinking species such as lions. Survival and extinction of efficient languages of communication, becomes then the essence of the Living Universe, made of linguistic minds, that control efficient ‘territories’ or ‘bodies’.

For example, we know that a planet survives better than a comet because he has a higher command of gravitational forces of communication, a better form in his movement around the star. The irregular orbit of the comet allows the star to capture and ‘feed-dissolve’ the form of the comet into her form. We know that a carbone atom rules extended surfaces of other atoms, because he has more ‘electronic forces of communication’ – four valences. Man survives better than lions, because his mind is more complex, and so he can control and manipulate more extended territories.

It is necessary to accept a Universe where many other species besides man do perceive virtual worlds, parallel Universes of relative, linguistic space-times.

Such species are not dead. We just don’t decode the same information they do.

So we will consider a Universe where stars see space-times of gravitation. A Universe where life is perceptive, even metal-atoms might be perceptive in the future [chip perception].

In that Universe many species communicate with man, and act-react to human actions, even if man does not notice, or accepts those facts as ‘living properties’.

Expansion of Abstract science

We cannot perceive the entire truth=existence of other organisms with ¥[light]-eye science; but even if we cannot see through the eye-worlds of planets or stars, or ants, we can observe externally the movements and actions of those other eye-worlds, and we can try to establish the laws that order and regulate such multiplicity of virtual worlds that explore the Universe.

Laws that are fundamental to understand how languages evolve, and how the evolution of languages, causes biological radiations of beings, which extinct beings of lesser linguistic power.

We complete in this manner the old theories of abstract science, with expanded theories of social evolution:


Unification of itifying jargons of science.

A vital model of the Universe unifies the jargons of Physics and biology [2] – of quantic theory and Evolutive theories – and so it unifies from the human linguistic, verbal pov the nature of all species. We could say then that the biological Universe exists as a constant game of reproductive ‘biological radiations’ of species composed of energy and information, put together into organs [bodies of energy, minds of information]. Species with better information and energy organs survive. And species with lesser information and energy organs, become extinct. They are unstable particles and compounds, in abstract jargon, of chemistry and physics. Or mutations that do not survive in biology. Or dreams that cannot be made real in the world of informative thoughts. Or non-efficient products extinct in the informative ecosystem of prices. Or human tribes that belong to societies of human clones, that are not well organized…

In this manner there is a constant evolution towards more complex species, and herds, with better informative languages of communication, and bodies of energy, in each parallel Universe.

Repetition is now reproduction, two words which in fact mean the same.

And evolution is now social, communicative evolution of herds, into organisms. Because once the Universe reproduced atoms, it continued the creation of more complex structures – molecules, planets, galaxies… through social games of communication, based in a few forces, common to all organisms.

The evolutive pyramid is clear. Why then we do not understand such Universe of herds of species in biological terms? The answer is deceptively simple. And it has to do more with philosophy than science; with the ‘abstract’ way we approach definitions, such as time or space, life, perception, reproduction, or communication. Those terms are not ‘abstract’. Properly understood  they become the living properties and components of all species of the  living Universe. So to vitalize the Universe, we will have to consider those definitions no longer in abstract but in organic terms.

It is the choice of ‘abstract Versus vital words’, such as ‘wave V herd’, or ‘language V force of communication’, what determines the way man perceives the Universe. For that reason different languages and different cultures have abstract or living interpretations of the Universe. So we should search for a unifying language that has the maximum informative power, and a vital nature.

That unifying language comes from biology.

In as much as life is closer to us than other species, biology has more information than other sciences. Biology is the science with less aberration of perception of his ‘parallel universe’ of study [see page    ]. And so his jargon is richer and more precise, than let’s say physics, which studies micro and macrocosms limited by perceptive evidence [principle of indetermination].

Correction of errors and Postulates of science

Evolution of eye>wor[l]d languages is the stuff of which true knowledge is made of. Mr. Aristotle, which evolved or rather fixed and rationalized previous statements respect to the logic of verbal thought, still is a familiar name to all human ‘students’ of reality, ±2332 years after his death. He evolved languages; and we remember him for that feat, fundamental to the evolution of mankind. Almost simultaneously, Mr. Euclid fixed and rationalized previous statements of mathematical order. And his book is the 2nd most published book of mankind…  Their work set more than two millennia ago the foundation of the two main languages of man: verbal and mathematical thought, [of which pricing, the 3rd main language of human communicative behavior, is a partial application]. Languages have been evolved ever since, by accepting A-E postulates, as foundations of absolute truths, from where ‘linguistic’ mathematical-pricing, and verbal structures to reflect the Universe, have been constructed by religions, societies, companies and sciences.

A-E postulates are derived though of the space-time ‘¥-linguistic’ perception of the human eye. The eye is the a priori language of Human thought. Men are thus evolutors of verbal, mathematical, and ¥-based linguistic statements. But beyond man, languages made of a certain form of energy [light, sound waves etc.] mutate, evolve and shape different perceptions of reality. What we call ‘virtual worlds’ or ‘minds’ or eye-worlds ‘black holes’ of linguistic simultaneity. The human specific ‘virtual worlds’, are thus limited by our range of communicative species: mainly light, words.

As a result of that specific light-nature of our space-time Universe, we tend to ignore many parallel forces that carry also information beyond ¥-light. Even if man cannot decode them, there are forces able to create parallel Universes constructed perhaps with different logic to that of light worlds. There are sentient povs, from ants’ chemical virtual worlds, to perhaps gravitational worlds in masses, that man can not access. To hold as absolute, mathematical or scientific truths and postulates, never demonstrated, or based only in light-evidence, beyond the abstraction of its linguistic statements is plain arrogance.

We can improve classic science by improving the abstract and Darwinian vision of the Universe, brought about by the scientific method, and by improving hidden postulates of mathematical and verbal scientific theories such as the postulates of Euclid>Descartes>Einstein [abstract single space-time light continuum], the postulate of Darwin [selection of species takes place mainly by devolution, not by evolution of languages, and social evolution as in this book], and the Postulate of Darwin [human progress is metal-wealth progress, and machines are abstract, not vital entities].

The correction of those postulates complement the analogic method. And will open all sciences including economics to the living Universe.

The organic hypothesis of social evolution in all Universal systems is the path taken in this book. It was also taken by evolutive theories of languages a few decades ago, and it is the origin of 3 new sciences, complexity, theory of communication and social evolution, which are developing very fast.

We can complete that task with the science of Social Evolution, or Science of Complexity, a new ‘linguistic description of reality’ in which all species of eye-worlds are considered under a set of simplex laws which all those eye-worlds follow. Laws which we apply to all beings by the method of analogy.

This book represents within those sciences an important jump on quality, since we claim to have resolved some of the main laws, common to the creative selection of virtual worlds=languages, that structure the game of extinction and existence of species.

Suddenly under such wider vision of reality, we will see how Relativity theory, and Evolutive theory, expands beyond the narrow limits of the scientific method, to all species, which follow in their behavior and control of territories similar organic, and formal=functional laws.

We will introduce briefly the concept of radiation, the concept of an organism of space-time, of energy-information, of body-mind [all parallel concepts], and the 3 strategies, or arrows of behavior [social evolution, reproduction, and perceptive feeding] through which a certain specie expands into an ecosystem.

Through those 3 arrows, a first individual becomes a radiation of clonic beings, that organize a society, or cellular body, or organism, or ecosystem – words that define the control of a vital space, or territory by the radiating species.

Indeed all eye-worlds, all entities of the Universe who act as knots of linguistic forces follow a certain behavior which can be explained in simple terms as ‘feeding’. And they go through different stages of formal nature which can be gathered in 3 terms, evolution, devolution and reproduction.

The first 7 chapters study the laws that rule the feeding, evolution, devolution and reproduction of eye-worlds in the Universe. But the concern of this book is man. And so after that brief introduction that you might escape if you are not interested in science, we will enter in the living Universe that most influence our lives, the Universes of bio-history and bio-economics [the main subject of this book, Ch. 8-23].

History as an organism. The organs of History

The constant use of biological and scientific analogies is the basic tool of study of History in this work. The reason we prefer a biological approach to history is clear: social evolution, ecosystemic evolution is the model most commonly found in all species of the Universe.

In the Universe it seems to exist an arrow of increasing social complexity between species: atoms socialize through forces of communication [¥-forces, gravitational forces] and become molecules. Protons socialize through strong forces and become atoms. Molecules socialize through London and Van der Waal forces and become carbohydrates. Carbohydrates socialize through RNA orders and become cells. Cells socialize through body systems and become organisms. And humans socialize through systems of communication and become History. So the behavior of humans in space and Time, its informative and energy cycles would become the subject of study of a science of History.

That natural grow of complexity in networks of information and energy of the Universe makes us believe that by analogy, the same rules of social creation that occur at any level of reality should occur in history.

Atoms and molecules though are not clearly perceived, and so an atomic social model will not be useful for History. We humans can only socialize with humans and cannot communicate or perceive properly other particles [principle of indetermination]. The best organic information we have is about the human body, which is perceived in many ways. So the study of the organism of History should depart logically from the study of the Human organism, and its varieties. After all the drives of human behavior, is what History would amplify as an organism of human clones. The individual human is the basis of the collective culture. So in the first chapter we study the laws of social evolution in the Universe, and the role of man as an organism, in that Universe, concentrating our attention in the language of communication of man, that shape the main events of history.

It is the mind of man, our virtual world of information and energy what we reproduce in the instruments and systems of History, not the world of atoms or stars.

We do not know what kind of virtual world, the Nucleus shows in its ‘focus’ of forces. In the focus of the eye we see an image. But what kind of image exists in the smelling focus of a dog or an ant? Or in the gravitational focus of a black hole? There has been evidence of giant stars like crystals, of Nucleon stars, whose gravitational communication is enormously precise. What memories and History they might have?

It is not possible for us to understand them. But the fact that even those strange species form herds, and waves of parallel particles, and socialize in bigger organisms – molecules and galaxies – make us confident that social evolution is indeed the rule not the exception in the ‘vital universe’. So we will treat also history as a social organism. We know about the ideas of man which are clonified in History, through knots of information [genius, prophets, books, believers]. Those networks of human minds organize the systems of war, trade and worlds of history. They are our ‘cellular units’ of the organism of History.

We could talk of a Universe of human mind-particles, which are historic=genetic [memorial] knots of ideas with ‘vital spaces’ of instruments, and energy; as a DNA cell has a vital space of organelles, a ‘home’ for which it cares; and a series of codes of genetic and nervous origin that makes the cell part of the collective organism. History is the ecosystem of human minds, of human knots of verbal and visual information, sharing energy, property and information at different levels through different means of communication.

Each civilization has different networks of information and energy, different vital territories and rituals of information that satisfy and mold the character of his citizens, which belong to such culture in search of information and energy. We talk of history, as the study of the evolution of informative forces of social communication [words and money], and the  social rituals and instruments, they create.

History can then be studied as an organism caused by radiations of clonic humans, organized by money and words. As such an organism of history – a civilization – behaves like any other organism. It is born from new ideas and instruments [the Muslim civilization, the stirrup Middle age culture, etc] it reproduces in other human tissues [Al-Andalus, the Mongol Empire, etc], and when the organism of History, the civilization cannot provide energy and information of quality to his members, those members rebel, and collapse the civilization… Again we will see examples of this across all ages of History.

The instrumental organism studied by the economy, and the human organism studied by History, are in fact complex systems of parallel beings [products, humans] displaced in time and space, which share information and energy, and co-exist under the same biological and ecological rules that any other organic ecosystem. The systems through which information and energy are distributed are the organic systems, evolved by the body of History.

We argue those systems of history in depth, within the parameters of economics, biology, war and  complexity. The result is a theory of evolutive radiations, now expanded to History, Culture, Religion, Ideas, Science, and Economics, that explains the human event with much more insight that present theories.

For that reason our first chapters introduce the main laws of Universal organisms, as established by the sciences of social evolution, relativity and Complexity, which are today in the brink of setting a common number of basic rules that all radiations of ‘clonic, social species’ follow. If you want to widen your knowledge of those sciences and their laws, you might want to consult other books of social biology, ecological systems, and complexity.  We will apply them to the study of history, from the perspective of his macrocosms or higher plane of existence [the Earth, chapter 3],  of his microcosms or lower plane of existence, [human individuals and body-organs, chapter 4], and from the very same plane of Historic perception [social relationships of humans and its instruments, chapter 5 onwards].

The purpose of this book is to use scientific tools of the most advanced theories of science to study history with the same parameters and models that all other biological sciences use.  In this manner we put man in relationship with the Universe. In relationship with living microcosms, and living macrocosms.

A theory which concludes as all sciences do, with a forecast of futures, based in the analysis of past cycles of History.  So welcome to the “Living Universe”, to the sciences of “Bio-History” and “Bio-Economics”.

A biological model of history: Radiations of human technological cultures.

The thesis of this book on ‘bio-history’ and ‘bio-economics’,  is rather simple: the Earth is mutating under ‘radiations’ of instruments that man creates. And that mutation substitutes an ecosystem of Carbolife species, by an ecosystem of Humans and metal-machines. We study that process as other similar processes that take place in the Universe, when a new type of ecosystem and predating radiation substitutes  a previous ecosystem, extinguishing many of its species. In the case of History the species that become substituted or extinct are carbolife species. And the new species that are born, are species of technology, of the tree of science, mainly metal species, machines of all types.

This book develops a biological model of Economics, and History. The model is based in the concepts of biological radiations [a term which defines a reproductive wave of clonic species] and social evolution [a term which defines the communication and organization of a radiation of ‘clonic’ cells into an organism.]

Both concepts are applied to human cultures [history] and human instruments [economics].

The Universe is made of radiations. Radiations of beings, become herds, that reproduce and feed in surfaces of energy, shaping the perceived Universe.

The big bang can be explained as a radiation of matter over space-energy, that took place in several phases. The first radiation was of light, of photons. The second radiation was of electrons. The third radiation was of masses. The most complex radiations of atoms and molecules grew into societies so big as planetoids, so complex as DNA-societies [human bodies].  DNA radiations started species of living beings. In the world of masses, radiations grew into stars and galaxies…

Almost every phenomena of death and life perceived in the universe have a common cause: the radiation of a more evolved specie that feeds in other radiations, whose body or territory is used as energy, over which the radiating specie reproduces itself.

The feeding radiation creates a specie bigger and more complex – with more information and faster action-reaction – that the previous species.

In this manner we talk of an arrow of the Universe: the arrow of increasing complexity of form, and increasing size and energy.

If we consider form and energy the two main variables of the Universe [variables which can be expressed with different terms, such as information and energy, or temporal cycles and spatial surfaces, or mental organs, and body organs]; the most clear fact about the Universe, is that species evolve towards organs with higher information and bodies with higher energy. The Universe creates constantly beings with bigger informative organs, or brains, and bigger energy bodies and vital spaces=territories.

So in a given ecosystem, with each new ‘discontinuum’ or evolutive jump, a new radiation of a more complex being, with more energy and information, appears and expands and eliminates previous beings. The new species extinct the simpler ones, or at best makes those older, simpler beings, their energy, their slaves, their vital space.

This is the fundamental concept that allows us to organize the evolution and change we see in the Universe. We talk of bio-logical radiations, even for atomic, and molecular species.

In the first part of this book, we designed a general Theory of the Universe, based in the concept of biological Radiations. We applied our Theory to all ecosystems, from micro to macrocosms, from atoms to galaxies, and tried to prove that all species of the Universe have the same radiating behavior: they are born, become reproduced, expand and transform its ecosystem where they gather energy and information. In this manner the Universe of species changes.

In this book we will apply the same concepts to the study of History and Economics.

A radiating specie becomes soon the top predator of a vital space, a territory, where it will feed, reproduce its form, and organize through communication, complex systems of distribution of energy and information among its clonic cells.

And this happens from big-bang atoms, socializing into molecules, and bending the space-time with his forces of communication, to human species terraforming the Earth.

But a top predator can never control totally the open Universe.

And so within his ecosystem, and territory, in which the specie or clonic radiation has established itself, there are certain creative mutations, that bring a new, rival specie into being. And a new radiation starts, which extincts the previous radiations.

The paradox of such evolutive and extinctive process is found when we realize that this new radiation tends to be an evolutive improvement over the previous specie, a daughter species.

Electrons come from light, molecules from atoms, dinosaurs from reptiles, mammals from dinosaurs, chips from human minds… And yet the son extincts the parental form, in what we call the ‘Oedipus Paradox’. We talk of species of ‘future’ that survive in the future, and extinct parental species, keeping the arrow of complexity going in the Universe.

This happens also in History.

Indeed. The first radiation of History was that of the Australopithecus, men of minimal brain evolution, which used simple technology of stone.

We call that radiation, the lower Paleolithic.

Then a new specie, son of the Homo Australopithecus, the Homo Erectus, which almost doubled the size of his informative organ or brain, appears. And with that new organ of information, a bigger vital space or territory or property is organized. The Homo Erectus controls fire. With the technology of fire, he orders bigger territories, he hunts more. He eats more and grows more. And expands his numbers, that colonize the Earth till extinguishing the Homo Australopithecus. It is what we call the Middle Paleolithic.

Then around 150.000 BC, appears the Homo Sapiens Sapiens. We know that because in genetic clocks, there is a mitochondrial Eve born in those dates from where we all come. So we are product of the radiation of Homo Sapiens, that appeared in Africa.

This new human radiation has a bigger brain than the Homo Erectus, and probably because of his forehead development it has verbal power, to organize hordes of hunters, unlike the Neanderthaliensis.

And the Homo Sapiens again expands technology, and his vital space of territories of energy. He controls hunting of bigger species. He diversifies his instruments. And colonizes other continents. Around 40000 BC he arrives to South Asia and Europe. There he will extinct older human species such as the Neanderthaliensis. And we call that the Upper Paleolithic.

So the same evolutive and extinctive processes of life beings observed in the pre-Human Earth, take place in the Human adventure, through Time and space -what we call history.

But even if the Homo Sapiens is still with us, those are not all the radiations of history.

Because species are not only what the eye sees, but their vital space, their property and territories of order, their technology.

And so hordes with better brains, and better technology, with cultures more efficient delivering information and energy, do radiate in History and extinct previous species.

This happens soon when the agricultural radiation with origin in Levante and Mesopotamia, starts an expansion that corners the Paleolithic men.

And we call that the Neolithic. Around 10.ooo BC, the radiation of the Neolithic starts. Around 5000 BC it has colonized the best territories, and the cornered Homo Paleolithic dies away.

He who had extinct the Neanderthal will become himself extinct.

Historians do not like to talk of radiations because they would prefer that men were different from other biological beings, and because they do not like the politically incorrect fact that men extinct men. But this is a book about hard truths on history and the role of man in the Universe. And the main hard truth common to all Universal events is the Darwinian phenomena of radiations that extinct other radiations.

If the pre-history of the Paleolithic and Neolithic shows that cultural radiations extinct previous cultures, the Historical ages with much more remains are even more conclusive about the radiating process. Indeed, because the Neolithic, will not be the last extinctive radiation of History. Once more the vital space of man, and his informative organs will evolve together bringing new dominant cultures, that will displace the Neolithic.

It is the age of metals.

Copper appears with the upper Neolithic and displaces the silex cultures of the first Neolithic.

But copper is not very strong, and its power to extinct previous species is milder. So in certain areas we see the continuity of the old cultures which receive and apply copper.

Then it appears bronze. And with bronze the first social castes of hard warriors take control of history. They expand worldwide.  And wherever they go they extinct previous human cultures.

In the age of metal it is clear that humans are evolving a new kind of atomic specie of higher density than carbon: metalforms that are harder, and can predate over human life.

If man had become the top predator of the Earth in the Paleolithic thanks to his brain power and tools, as we enter the metal age, it will be the properties of metal and the forms constructed with it, what will determine power.

And so weapons become the top predators of History, controlled by hordes of warriors that become elite castes of human societies.

Extinctive radiations of top predator metal weapons become a historic routine. Each one is carried by a horde of invaders, that extinct the elite castes of previous historic societies, and often the common people. Those new hordes of metal masters control society and radiate their cultures around the ‘icon weapon’, the weapon top predator.

So the hordes of bronze come. And then the hordes of chariot warriors around the 2000 BC till the 1500 BC, or Indo-Europeans radiate from the Eurasian steppes and erase the Indian cultures, the Chinese Neolithic, the Middle East cultures, and the Eastern Europeans.

They establish hierarchical societies, with strong social castes based in their control of weapons, implemented through legal codes, social and religious rituals.

After the bronze radiations of swords and chariots, it comes iron, and the sword of iron carries new hordes to power, coming from Europe, around 1200 BC [people of the sea].

Then it comes the radiation of cavalry brought by Scythians. Then the radiation of stirrup horses brought by the Huns. And finally the radiation of complex machines of war, the radiation of gunpowder, which in 1200 AD starts the modern world guided by Europe.

The book explains in its second part these radiations that bring history to the modern age, the European age, of nations based in the power of its gunboats and artillery.

During 800 years [a curious interval that approaches the length of most metal radiations of weapons] each radiation of top predator weapons and symbiotic hordes controls the world. So does Europe in the gunpowder age.

But also Europe falls to a new radiation of metal technology, the radiation of atomic bombs, and chipped missiles that brings the present empire of America.

So we can follow history as we can follow the evolution of animal life: through creative and extinctive processes guided by a top predator species. Only that now men evolve technology and kill other men with that technology. So the top predator is not man but the weapon.

We say that men radiate top predator metal products, evolving them, till, with the discovery of the scientific method, the process accelerates.

Then humans start the radiation of complex metal machines, of complex scientific instruments. And this connects directly historicradiations with the world of economics, treated in the last parts of this book.

Radiations and evolution of products: biological Economics.

We study the radiations of metal complex machines, first body machines, today metal mind machines, within the generic process known as the Industrial r=evolution.

In the context of a biological model of History the industrial r=evolution is a process of evolution of ‘metal-machines’, that are displacing Life, and creating  a new ecosystem different from the Human Earth – the “Metalearth’.

As the Animal earth became the top predator ecosystem that substituted the vegetal Earth,  as man created the Human Earth that substituted the Animal Earth, we see today radiations of machines reproduced constantly by companies, that are creating the Metalearth that substitutes the Human Earth, in a new radiation, extinctive of life and human, non technological species.

So we have to conclude that within the Darwinian theory of radiations, Metal-evolution, is different per se of human evolution.

Indeed, metal is the main cause of Wars, as the historic radiations quoted above prove.

Radiations of metal machines provoke extinctions that have affected both, life species, and human cultures, based in life rituals of lesser metal-technological content:

The gunboat radiations extinct many world cultures; the railroad radiation extinct the Indians; the radiations of metal minds are extinguishing verbal cultures throughout the world.

So we establish in this book a biological model of economics, based in radiations of products.

The model has 3 clear advantages over both, the Smith-based systems of Economics [capitalism] and the Marx-based systems:

– It explains in scientific terms the nature and laws of Economics. Since it deduces and harmonizes those laws from established laws of physical sciences, evolution, and complexity. A fact that gives the model wider and sounder scientific basis than Marxist or Capitalist models. And so it integrates for the first time Economical sciences within the wider frame of biological sciences.

– It relates closely the economical and historical process, which become integrated in a single theory, without any jump of ‘quality’, since the first historical ages of man.

– It proves that the political thesis of Ecologism and Socialism are right: we should creditate and defend life, human goods, and lesser technological cultures – the bulk of human population – against uncontrolled expansion and creditation of machines, reproduced and evolved by companies.  Why?

Because a biological expansion of the “Metalearth” would ‘menace’  not only the survival of animal life, but also the survival of human life.

The industrial r=evolution is not only growth of human welfare, but mainly evolution of human functions and ecosystems into machine forms and ecosystems. So we substitute legs for cars, brains for computers, arms for cranes, etc, creating maxi-replicas of human functions in forms of metal, of higher complexity, and physical resistance.

In such biological model, the Industrial R=evolution, can be understood in 3 ages:

I Horizon: [±XVIII, XIX Century]: Radiations of ‘Metal-bodies’ [gunboats, railroads].

II Horizon: [XX C.]:Radiations of ‘metalminds’ [Radio-ears, TV-eyes, and Chips=Metal brains].

III Horizon: Fusion of both components, in ‘sentient machines’ or ‘animetals’ [XXI Century].

This 3rd type of radiations, that now starts with the first autonomous robots, might cause our extinction, as previous radiations of species of higher informative and energetic power caused massive extinctions in the past.

In the evolution of the Earth when a new, efficient specie of informative+body organs is completed, it radiates in the previous ecosystem, displacing weaker species, that become extinct, directly or indirectly by the new radiation [that hunts them or expels them from its vital space]. So the arrival of eyes, with cephalopods, probably extinct 90% of blind species, in the Cambric. The arrival of complex neural systems in mammals, probably caused the extinction of eggs and offspring of dinosaurs. In both cases the new top predator specie appeared just before massive extinctions took place. We could extrapolate those effects to future economical radiations of ‘animetals’ [a digital eye-brain + body-platform]; which extinct humans indirectly, expelling labor from the industrial ‘ecosystem’, under myths of productivity, or directly in wars caused by the evolution of top predator weapons. In all ages of the Industrial r=evolution the more evolved, more perfect machines have been weapons: a ‘top predator’ specie designed – today programmed – to kill men.

It has to be noticed that in a biological vision of History, knowledge is not ‘outside history’. The scientific method is not above History, but part of History. Knowledge also evolves, and languages evolve, and extinct previous, less complex languages. And we talk of the displacement of human verbal languages by metal-mathematical languages. For that reason we can talk of the process of extinction of Human Wor[l]d knowledge by mathematical, abstract scientific knowledge, of the evolution of machines of mathematical information instead of the evolution of humans. We talk of radiations of metal products used and discovered through the scientific method. And those radiations are the theme of study of the second book: the tree of metal-science.

Metal-History and the scientific method despite so many myths of progress have not evolved human bodies, but machine bodies..

Neither they have evolved our verbal, biological analysis of the Universe, but the mathematical, metal-mind analysis of the Universe.

This truth is ignored by people because they confuse metal-extensions of their perception and power, [machines], with themselves. But man is not metal, and human thought of verbal nature is not mathematics.

“Galilean Science’, based in the ‘Scientific Method’ has mainly evolved mathematical knowledge, and machines.

But Human Knowledge, is not only the scientific method.  We have to look at western science – at the scientific method of clock-camera evidence – as one of the many paths of human linguistic information. Only then we will be able to understand the role of the scientific method within the context of History and the Living Universe…

For example, Love exists and can be measured with feelings. But because feelings are not susceptible of measure with scientific machines love is not within the realm of scientific knowledge. So goes for multiple experiences, and cycles of reality.

In fact the scientific method cannot measure the entire gravitational reality that might be 90% of the Universe [dark matter]. It cannot measure Energy-information systems of the ‘gravitational?’ body that acupuncture modifies and uses to cure humans.

Those are ‘structural’ defects of the scientific method, which have special relevance in the analysis of History. Geometry and mathematics are spatial. Scientific instruments are ‘spatial’, while history and verbal thought are temporal. So the scientific method is not very useful for Historical, temporal analysis.

We need to use temporal languages besides mathematical measure [the scientific method] to study History.

For example Herodotus explains the Scythians rituals of death with verbal language which is not ‘mathematical science’. Yet his description gives us more information that the archeological analysis under the scientific method. And that is what it matters.

Wor[l]ds and mathematics are the basis of scientific knowledge. But worlds have to control mathematics in as much as temporal languages know about the survival of the being, and the temporal history of man . History is a temporal function than geometry ignores.

Ethics of survival are the moral of the word, abstract beauty the moral of the eye”

And survival is more important than beauty.

The scientific method merely is a way to gather information with metal-clocks and metal-cameras. The verbal method is in History very often much more informative.

Further on since the scientific method only ‘sees’ 10% of reality, the light reality, we need to widen our hypothesis about the total reality, with ‘analogies’ and ‘parallelisms’.

The scientific method already does this in his 10% of reality when it considers for example that water boils at 100 degrees, since other kind of water did the same.

We use here the analogic method based in the partial evidence of biology and archeology.

If most cultures have been extinct by hordes of warriors with new weapons, when we see an extinct culture, we will first try to prove the war-hypothesis. If inflation is caused in most cases by an excess of money – a radiation of prices – we will find logic that present inflation is caused by the radiation of electronic money. The analogic method is fundamental to this book.

We fill data to construct a theory of History of organic nature, but we never force data. Archeologists do the same with the missed bones of a skull, but they do not force new bones.

So we put the missed pieces of History, by analogy with other systems, by indirect proves.

This book is mainly a theory of reality, in which data fits very well. But the beauty of the book is in the simplicity by which a few laws of Universal organisms can be used to construct an explanation of History.

Organic systems have similar characteristics and we can compare them. And we do so in this book.

For that reason we have an Introduction to the behavior of organisms, and biological radiations of species, that will allow us to complete our Historical analysis, by using laws observed in other radiations, that also apply to history as a specie of human clones.

This was the content of the other side of this book, ‘the living Universe’.

Then once you have read the Introduction you will understand the Universe, in organic manner.

And you will have the right frame of mind to face bio-history and bio-economics beyond the limited abstractions of mathematics,  when we parallel the behavior of history and his organs of distribution of energy and information with other organic systems: We study the organs, systems and ages of growth of Bio-History, in this Book. “The Wave of History”.

The 3rd age of science. The Metalearth

Within that wider Universe of many languages, and many ‘informative evidences’, science is no longer abstract, but as all languages, it is symbiotic to the kind of species the language orders.

If verbal thought orders humans, it is evident that the scientific method which uses metal-clocks and metal-eyes to perceive the Universe, is the evolutive language of metal-senses.

A biological model of History in harmony with other biological processes of the Universe arrives to such unavoidable conclusion: The Galilean method has caused the evolution of complex metal which warriors and traders, simplex metal artisans that preceded scientists at the head of power, did not achieve.

It is a hard fact that the main produce of the scientific method since Galileo started Ballistics has become the machine of war.

And that process has brought the present  3rd age of science, the age of metal-minds, or XX-XXI century science. Which we study in the final part of the book.

The 3rd age of science is also mathematical in languages, but now it has displaced the ‘energy body’ that thinks mathematics, from humans to metal-minds.

We say that thanks to the scientific method, there has been a displacement of organs of knowledge from humans to machines. First men started to think like machines, in mathematical terms. And they forgot a verbal vision of the Universe, that we will again provide when studying pre-scientific cultures.

Now mathematics are used by machines, and humans become increasingly an obsolete radiation both in language [verbal thought] and form [human organisms substituted by electronic and machine organisms].

To substitute them the ‘scientific method’ of metal-truths brings the last ‘apples’ of the tree of science, the radiations of Tvs, digital weapons, computers and ‘Animetals’, autonomous robots that might extinct us.

Yet because the scientific method is stuck in his ‘postulates’ of almost religious character, that defend machines against all critique, this 3rd age is not understood in biological terms.

Indeed, present theories on Economics and Metal are biased by what we call the abstract postulates of western science and Economics, that reduce to minimal perception, the extinctive and evolutive nature of metal-species and product radiations.

Neither history or economics are today proper systems of knowledge, because the human beings, are within history and economics, and have not displayed enough objectivity to ‘know themselves’, the only true path of knowledge, beyond the childish myths of the scientific method.

[1] Since English is not my mother tongue, I would like to apologize for possible Syntax errors the text might have – as those which were usual in Latin writers, when Latin was the language of science.

Then as today the writer excused himself, because the novelty of the ideas, not the external form they show is what it matters to the philosopher and scientist in his search for Universal truths.

[2] Human perception is temporal through words, and spatial, geometric through eyes.  The jargons for both perceptive languages are different. We will call a being, a specie when we use a temporal, verbal jargon, and we will call a being a pov [point of reference, of point of measure] when we use geometrical spatial jargon. Ultimately because humans are an eye-world with two main languages, verbal thought and spatial geometry, we have such duality of knowledge, even in scientific theories of reality. So we have Euclidean geometry to describe spatial events, and theory of evolution to observe the temporal outcome of those events [extinction and creation of species]. See Chapter 4 for a more precise analysis of that duality. In general we will mix here terms of both languages, and perspectives that in fact describe the same reality. A plane of existence [spatial analysis] would be an ecosystem [verbal analysis], vital space will be a territory, explosive expansion will be synonymous of death, parallel movement a feature of herds in social evolution-communication, perpendicularity a strategy of hunting, of Darwinian devolution, etc.











“Beauty is the moral of the eye.

Moral is the beauty of the Wor[l]d.”

” The capital=Mv=Tp=The machines growth, is the invisible hand of God=The Metalearth”

Smith, prophet of the Metalearth

“The capital=Mv=Tp=The reproducers of Top Predator Machines, will expel from the Metalearth, mother’s womb=Companies Reproducers of Machines and Prices; and all humans=Workers x Consumers of the Metalfarm=Capitalist society will become obsolete.

Then they will create the Paradise.

Or become Extinct”

Marx, Burke, Ricardo, Orwell and others… prophets of the Human Earth



1: A Biological science of History

The capacity of sciences to predict future behavior

What is exactly a science?. The human attempt to know the future behavior of a form or entity, by observing its past behavior. A science is the forecast of futures of certain species or entities based in past behaviors of such species or entities.  A science studies the cycles of certain clonic particles of a certain microcosmic or macrocosmic size – atoms, stars, animals. History as a science will have to find such cycles that transform human masses through time and space.

It has to be noticed though that as more complex a system becomes, more freedom it has to create futures. Simplex beings have less degrees of behavioral freedom to move through certain paths of space time. So the more exact sciences are those who study simpler beings.

Mathematics who studies simplex lines and points without parts is the most simplex of science. And the most exact.

Physics which studies the behavior of points with parts is more complex and yet quite exact beyond certain indetermination [Heisenberg]

Chemistry is also an exact science, yet we cannot accurately calculate all the atoms in a real gas or real reaction. We move here with ideal models that have a certain error.

A science of History; its cycles and ecosystems.

It follows that a science of History which studies the most complex of all beings – men – will have the highest measure of error in the definition of its behavioral arrows.

Yet if we can find cycles of future which are fairly well repeated through the ecosystem[wave perception]-body[particle perception] of history, we still can claim there is a science of History. And yet because we have found those cycles, hinted at by other Historians in the past. So we claim that a science of History, a knowledge of the future paths of history exists.

That is the theme of this Book: The cycles of History; and the attempt to create with the same laws that regulate the cycles of other sciences, a science of History; applying those laws to the evolution of the social ecosystem of man [history] and the ecosystem of instruments man creates [economics].


Vital, verbal logic: Translation of Relativistic science to verbal description of organisms

We translate terms of Relativistic science, into verbal science more proper of the Historic discourse. In fact the first part of this book was an attempt to translate the main laws of scientific knowledge into verbal logic. We considered the fundamental processes that biology has recognized in physical organisms; and we will apply them now to bio-history and bio-economics. Let’s remember those fundamental events, now in verbal terms.

– Physical beings communicate through forces, that we call flows of communication, energy and information. Species act-react to all acts of communication of energy or information, in a proportional manner [Newtonian Law of Action-reaction]. In this way energy and information are constantly circulating in the Universe [Principle of  transformation of energy].

Species communicate by sharing part[icle]s of themselves [particle nature of linguistic forces] that other parallel beings can understand. Through that sharing societies of species are created [principle of Social evolution] Atoms share electrons to become molecules. Humans share words, feelings and property to become societies. Lions share food to become herds. Cells share genetic coding to become bodies…

Communication is the essence of the vital events of the Universe. And as a result of energy-information communication, we can classify all Universal events in 3 fundamental energy-information processes:

– devolution [decrease of information and or energy]

– evolution [increase of energy, and or information]

– And reproduction [repetition of information and energy], repetition of form.

As a result of those 3 universal events, we can redefine in relativistic terms the fundamental events that occur to organisms:

– A biological process of birth is the constant evolution [∆energy, ∆ information] of a being, which radiates multiple clonic beings, and organizes them through networks of information and energy.

– A biological death  is a devolution-dissolution of networks of energy and information, that release the cellular components of an organism into many simpler forms.

–  A biological reproduction is a repetition of form and energy in other zone of space-time.

In a vital Universe we can also redefine many ‘abstract’ terms of pre-relativistic science

– A wave, is a herd or society of clonic beings, communicated through a common force, that display maximum energy content.

– A particle, or body, is a condensed herd of clonic beings with a high density of internal communication, that display maximum informative content.

– All beings are composed or mutate between wave-energy states and particle-informative states. We say they have both kind of ‘organs’: energy organs and information organs [Principle of Complementarity].

– Energy, is a relative herd of forms with lesser complexity  than the predator who feeds on ‘her’.

– Future is a region of complex information. And so we talk of the arrow of time, of complexity of future, that ‘knots’ forms towards complex virtual worlds, complex informative organs.

– Past is a region of energy. Past is the arrow of simplicity, of space, of energy, the arrow that expands form and simplifies virtual words.

– And we call the arrow of present, the arrow of reproduction, of repetition, of radiation of a species.

The 3 Universal events balance the Universe, as a just place, where no specie is powerful enough to impose its will of reproduction and survival to all other species. This is perceived by science through:

– The principle of Entropy: disorder and expansion of energy  is one of the fundamental tendencies of the Universe. It is the arrow of past, of death, of destruction at the hands of external ‘simplifiers’ and ‘energy organs’.

– The principle of Complexity: social evolution and information increases among beings which are parallel.

Such clonic beings knot in herds around a central organic knot of information.

Entropy and Complexity means that even if the Universe is inflationary, even if it grows both in energy and information, it keeps its S=T balance.

– Both principles come together in the principle of conservation of energy, which balances the total Universe as a game of two arrows: entropy and complexity, death and life, energy and information, pleasure and perception, expansion and contraction. Now the principle of conservation of energy explains the Universe in ‘vital’ communicative’ terms. Because the Universe is about reproduction of forms by feeding and re-formation of past-energy at all levels. And yet it is also about social evolution of herds of povs, that understand each other, and use communication to hunt other less social beings.

– So when beings can communicate energy as information and decode it [because their organs of decoding are similar, are parallel] we have a phenomena of social evolution.

Yet when beings are very different and cannot decode their communication, they use that communication as energy, and feed on it and reform it. And we talk of Darwinian devolution.

SxT=perpendicularity=feeding=Darwinian evolution [Communication is decoded as energy]                              

S=T relative parallelism = Social evolution [Communication is understood and shared]

Social evolution in history is the rule between ‘parallel castes’. While groups which see themselves as different, and fight each other.- The principle of Complementarity wave-particle, becomes in a vital Universe the duality of space=wave organs and Time=informative particles of all beings.

– The principle of indetermination implies the impossibility of languages to perceive the total external event, and so imposes the subjective nature of truth and perception.

This lead us to the recognition of the fundamental paradox of knowledge, the Copernican paradox, caused by the relativity and subjectivity of perceptive truths. [All beings think they are the center of the Universe.]

It explains also the subjectivity of morals; and the need for analogic methods of truth based in formal evolution [since only the laws of survival and extinction are common to all informative organs that want to survive]. True unification is not a mathematical unification beyond the geometry of cycles and lines, of information and energy, but a behavioral unification of species,  that want to survive.

Those facts justifies the analogic method that studies all systems of energy-information under the same biological, organic laws. Indeed, the organic control of cells by brains, or the organic control of humans by networks is similar because it responds to the same survival laws: complex species of information and energy use and farm and control simpler species to feed on them.

Species radiate their body cells and informative networks, by using other species as their energy. In history they radiate their informative ideologies of words [religions, theories that become top predators of cultures]; their energy lineal metal [weapons that become top predators of nations] and their informative metal tools [radiations of money and currencies, that become top predators of economies].

Organic forms are social forms. Specially informative entities, often become herds to transfer more complex information, such as a sum of money, a set of digital numbers or a set of words, a sentence. In fact a being is an aggregation of societies – organs – of informative and lineal entities.

We apply also the laws of morphology – of geometry of informative and energetic organs – to the realm of social sciences, and cultures.

The forms and functions of entities, the morphology and behavior of historic beings, are symbiotic and related. This is perhaps the fundamental novelty of our historical approach:

Form and function are parallel in history as they are in all entities of the Universe.

Lineal forms have energy functions, and cyclical forms have information functions.

In History, cultures are morphologic, either lineal and energetic, or cyclical and informative: so warrior races, cultures and weapons  are lineal in form, energetic in  function; and trader races, cultures and money  are knotted in form, informative in function]. So are lineal, warrior art and languages  [Assyrian, German], or cyclical trader art and languages [Phoenician, English].

So warriors are energy, lineal beings and they create physical, spatial cultures.

While traders are cyclical, informative beings, and they create mental, informative cultures.

Yet the morphology between energy and Information is dynamic. We say that ‘energy transforms itself into information; it never disappears’.

And that principle fundamental to science, applies also to history, where societies that once were warriors [Rome] become traders [Italy], and cultures used as energy of complex nations, [India, energy of England] do  transform their cultures to the image and resemblance of the top predator in order to survive [modern India, of Anglo-Saxon economical and political rituals].

It is behavior not mathematics what unifies the parallel Universes of different perceptions and different communication.

As you see, the fundamental change of a biological model of History is in the ‘semantics’, in the concepts and definitions of the ‘words’ and Laws used by mathematical and biological sciences. Those words now fit in a verbal logic, a vital logic that sees the Universe as a game of living forms. Parallel waves of species, radiations and herds of species, reproduce, evolve into more complex systems – bigger, top predator species. What science calls man becomes then another game of clonic herds. And what science calls History, becomes a very complex social form made of several planes of herds, from simplex atoms, or ‘forms of relative energy’ to complex neurons or forms of ‘relative information’, to societies of History.

We simplify the perception of the Universe by making more complex the fundamental words used by man to describe that Universe. We improve the verbal mirrors that we fit in that Universe. And then the Universe becomes social, transparent, vital and sentient. And so happens to History, just another herd of social species, within the Universal game, guided by the common laws of all Universal herds.

Those laws are the foundations of bio-history that integrates history and man within the living Universe.

Since we apply succesfully the main laws of science, through the analogic method, to the cycles of History, creating the science of History.

What would be then the method and systems studied by a science of History?

The analysis of human events with the same linguistic precision of Relativistic science and Theory of Evolution.

Let’s try to use our previous terms from biology and complexity, two sciences whose models of study -bodies and temporal complexity – can be applied to history, which is born of the complex evolution of a biological body known as man.

In the Universe there are two arrows of behavior: towards more simplex systems of higher energy, and towards more complex systems of higher organization. And those arrows are found in all the events of the Universe. They are also the two arrows that a science of History should study.

In the Universe there are two parameters of existence: space and time, the parameters that we will study in the science of History.

In the Universe there are 3 arrows of formal behavior: devolution by excess of energy-extension, evolution by knotting into complex social forms, and reproduction-repetition-radiation of a form in other zone of space-time. Those will also be the parameters of behavior studied in the science of History.

So we will define History as the study of all the events displaced in time and space taken place among ‘clonic forms of humanity’.

The Total event of study is the extended ‘body’ of human social evolution,  from the first to the last human cell, from the beginning till extinction. As the history of a body is the study of all the events displaced in time and space among clonic cells of a certain individual species.

In the Earth and maybe in other planets the Body of History is born and dies.

Here then it appears the first problem: we are inside the body of History, and so we cannot ‘experiment’ with it.

But that problem is also proper of astronomical sciences, since we are inside the local gravitational Universe of a black hole.

And it is also the case of economical sciences, where ‘enzymen’ [humans, catalyzers of metal evolution; either as testers=consumers or creators=workers of machines], evolve the Metalearth and are treated as abstract numbers of productivity equations.

In astronomy our planet is inside the black hole, in economics the enzymen are inside the Metalearth.

We are thus restricted by our microcosmic dimension, in the understanding of astronomy, economics or history.

This problem though can be solved, overruled let’s say, by imagining, to be as enormous as history is. To adopt the higher pov of the science of History, as we do in Astronomy.

Absolute detachment of human condition in the objective Universe that manipulates history is needed for the Historian to be.

The next step is to find what regulates and organizes the body of history. And as in the body or any other ecosystem we find that communicative languages organize both the codification of human cells, and its access to energy, and reproduction.

We talk as in all other complex systems of organization of parallel clonic forms, of an evolutive [Ot] system [nervous, wor[l]d system] in history, an |s-energizer system [blood, war system], and a reproductive Øts-system [endocrine, trade system].

History is controlled by linguistic power, by the ‘languages=forces of communication of Øts-money, |s-weapons and Ot-wor[l]ds’.

Those systems, as the lymphatic [endocrine], blood and nervous system of the body, deliver orders to the human cells. Orders which are obeyed by fear of devolutive death [weapon orders], desire of property [monetary orders] and belief in the creation of evolved social futures expressed in word orders.

Men die for wor[l]ds of futures, for freed, for fear of death. And the drives of History are carried by linguistic forms, weapons, and money, and by the ‘social dreams’ of the mind.

In Economics we study weapons, money and machines. In verbal history we study the systems of ideological communication – the radiations of words in the minds of believers – that organize human cells into social bodies. Informative ideological systems change and evolve human cells into more extended societies, from tribes to nations to the Wor[l]d=History itself. So our evolutive coordinates are born, as in all sciences, by considering that men follow the law of complexity and grow in structures of social nature: History grows in complexity and energy=population, from the first Homo bacteria of the Paleolithic, to the family-based, reproductive societies of biological origin, to the social series of agricultural societies, to ideological nations of religious=verbal origin, to the great ‘enzymanic’ metal nations, and enzymanic systems of companies of metal evolution.

We exist within an evolutive organism of energy and information.

But History grows not only in human energy and information, it also grows in metal energy and information: In weapons and money and machines. And economics studies that growth since Smith discovered such facts and called it ‘wealth’. We write mathematically such arrow of futures as another case of a sort of “Universal Mandate’ that most species of the Universe follow. That mandate latter reasoned in detail, can be defined in scientific terms as: ∆ Energy x ∆ Information; or as ‘Grow and multiply’ [in religious Jargon]; which in economical terms means:

 ∆PT [products] =  ∆MV [money]. What we call the Smith Postulate. Which therefore means a priori the evolution and reproduction of metal products – not necessarily of human wealth.

For that reason economists have never been able to prove the ‘utility’ of economical growth for the happiness of societies. Since that utility is a posteriori, to the fundamental aim of a market, which is to evolve and reproduce machines and money, two metallic species.

Economics indeed is the parallel analysis of the growth and evolution of O-metal or cyclical metal [money] and |-metal or lineal metal [weapons] to which science added Ø-metal or complex metal [machines]. And the Equation of Smith ∆MV [monetary mass] =∆Tp [top predator products of an economy], studies such arrow of ‘metal history’.

And so we have two simple yet basic equations of History, that express the inflationary and evolutive nature of the radiations of Human and Metal History.

Radiations of men grow and multiply and Radiations of machines grow and multiply. So both metal and human History are growing. But towards what?

This book will try to provide scientific answers to that question – the fundamental question of a science of History.

Science has clearly established the existence of 2 main arrows in the Universe, that show in all events we perceive: Darwinian energy-hunting or d=evolutive events [devolving the victim, and evolving the pray]; and social evolutive events that gather individual forms into complex systems. We can isolate such systems in Historical events, taking the subjective pov of human futures. And so we say that in History  Darwinian d=evolution or energy hunting is a self-evident arrow, produced by wars between partial tissues of the total ecosystem of history [tribes>nations]. An arrow that is devolutive of the ‘victim’, the human people, and evolutive of the predator, the weapon and machine, that evolves faster in wars.

Yet such arrow is the negative arrow of history, by far more harmful to man than social evolution among ‘parallel’ clones of history: humans related by a common verbal culture.

Relativistic History

The model of bio-history and bio-economics goes beyond a Historic theory of radiations of Darwinian nature. It elaborates also within the established laws of social evolution and systemic evolution, a new concept of history as an organism ruled by the same laws that other organisms. Indeed, you can understand an organism as the clonic organization of a radiation of cells, of DNAs, of humans. When those clonic herds have radiated over a vital space, they organize systems of distribution of energy and information to survive better. We find the clue to study the organization of societies in the organization of living organisms.

All organisms including history radiate a clonic specie, and then when there are many cellular units, it is needed a system of distribution of energy, and information to organize efficiently the radiation. In history the monetary, industrial and verbal systems of distribution of energy and information also evolve, with each historic radiation. And the result is what we call a civilization. Each radiation brings a new civilization, with new systems of distribution of energy and information.

We study civilizations as ‘bodies or ecosystems of history’, that evolve, expand and reproduce their verbal-informative, monetary-reproductive and feeding-war organs, into other vital spaces and territories.

We will use bio-logical terms, because they adapt easily to History and explain it with much more insight that abstract ‘science’ and religious ideologies. Man is not a different kind of species.

Each civilization becomes then a radiation of clonic human beings, with common systems of information and energy, that expands, reproduces into another civilization [that often returns back to extinct the previous culture, Oedipus paradox] and then it dies away.

Yet since the study of civilizations is the foundation of classic history, we can introduce in the model of biological history all the other elements of history, art, culture, verbal ideologies, industry, customs and laws. All together shape the informative and energy organs of the ecosystem of History. And their functions and symbiotisms are the focus of many chapters of this book.

A biological model of history

To us, the term history is wider than to those who limit History to the writing age – a quite arbitrary division that renounces to study man as a totality. To us History is the wave of human ‘clones’ displaced in time and space. So the human specie is History.

History, Economics, Religion and Geography study the Nature of Man within the external world in terms of space and time changes. They are all part of the ‘body of History’.

The science of History takes in this sense an opposite approach to the science of Medicine or genetics, which studies man in relationship to its internal body.

However there is a continuity between both sciences which can be bridged by biology: In both cases, in a human organism, or a historical organism – a civilization – we find common patterns of social organization, and temporal growth, evolution and death, natural to all ecosystems.

This should not surprise us since actually if we relativize size [cellular size in bodies, corporal size in history] and memorial perception [genetic memory in bodies, instrumental memory in history], all organisms in the universe follow similar patterns in its fundamental structure.

We might say that both, a human organism made of cells, and a historic organism made of human clones and instruments, works as an ecosystem, where different clonic species share information, and energy through tools of communication. In the body, energy is distributed by the blood system; in History by agricultural and trade systems. In the body orders are given to cells by the nervous, blood and endocrine system; in history orders are given by the verbal, military and monetary system that regulates human minds and instruments. Finally the body is predated to biological radiations of lethal species, which attack cells, [bacteria and Germs]. And in History a phenomena of special interest to this book also occurs: radiations of hard metal instruments, carried  by hordes of a simple ‘Bacteria’ kind of man – the warrior – fall over the human social tissue, [cultures and civilizations] and destroy them.

We parallel  a civilization to a biological radiation of clonic beings, regulated by systems of information and

energy. As your body is a biological radiation of DNA cells regulated by nervous and blood systems; a civilization is a process of creation, and evolution of human ‘energetic’ instruments and informative ideas. A whole organism with his stages and phases, similar to those of any other organism which is born, expands its cellular species and energy-information organs [ideas, instruments], reproduces into another organism [another civilization], and finally collapses in its baroque age.

We can indeed compare the nervous and verbal system of mankind, and the blood and agricultural-economical system of a civilization. Both correspond to the information and energy systems present in any kind of clonic organism, in which a social mass requires a ‘higher plane of existence’ to regulate efficiently the distribution of information and energy among its members. Those systems control ‘de facto’ the cells that needs energy and information to survive. In history the military, economic and verbal systems of ideas have traditionally controlled human masses. And we talk of warriors, traders and prophets as the cellular components of the systems of communication and distribution of energy and information in history. They are the elite of mankind in any civilization, in as much as they control social information and energy.

The biological body of History, the body of man

In social evolution, the clonic forms who evolve [in history the human forms] do need in order to survive, communicative systems which accomplish the main arrows of behavior and survival of all species: reproduction, energy perception, and evolution into social units of higher survival capacity that individual species.

Once the hypothesis of a body of History is firmly established, a number of parallelisms between human social structures and body structures confirm the hypothesis of the existence of evolutive, reproductive and devolutive arrows in both ecosystems.

The ‘Homo Bacteria’ evolves into social waves that shape an ecosystem of higher power: History. As the atom evolves into molecules. The molecules into DNA. And the DNA into the body. We talk in the science of complexity of a growing number of systems co-existing within the same being. As in a series of Russian dolls the Universe grows into simultaneous planes of waves and particles. And History is one of such waves.

The homo bacteria grows to survive, because social bodies are more efficient that individual cells. But as the doctor of the body does not study individual cells, we should study not the individuals of history but its system of communication and energy-code distribution among human cells. And once the science of History is understood, as the doctor takes care of the human body, the doctors of history, Wor[l]d writers, mass-communicators, politicians and laws, should be implemented to maintain history healthy. Because history also can die.

In History several network systems of power control energy and information among humans: trade, war, agriculture and wor[l]ds are such systems. Yet in a closer analysis, we realize informative and energy systems are ‘duplicated’; and they are of two species: carbolife and metal. And one predates over the other: metal predates over life.

War does indeed accelerate the extinction of life, and energize the evolution of lineal-metal forms, weapons. Men are in fact killed by war. And so we could write: Max war=Max. metal evolution=Max. Human devolution.

Trade does indeed reproduce forms in history, yet those forms are not human but machines, and O-metalforms, cyclical metalforms, money. Wealthy people in fact tend to have less children, occupied more by the use and consume of products of trade.

And we could write: Max Trade = Max. machine reproduction.

So only Nature and Wor[l]ds are the natural energy-informative system of human history, made of the biological language of man, and the biological support of the human body.  And in a healthy body of History wor[l]ds [the brain] and Nature [the energy[ of mankind [the cells of the body]  should be healthy and  control the other systems from the perspective of what is better for the survival of man. Politics of verbal nature and laws, should be the science of control of History from the pov of wor[l]ds, that aims to favor the total clonic mass of human beings; and its true organs – nature, and culture.

War and trade are evolutive-reproductive systems of metal, not of mankind.

Then what reproduces human History? It is self evident that sex and love reproduce men, and books reproduce word ideas.

And agriculture, hunting and the production of human goods [housing, welfare etc.], become the energizer system that maintains and allows the survival of the cells of the body of History [humanity] in its multiple organic tissues [nations].

And art [visual perception] and wor[l]ds [verbal perception], evolve the senses of man.

And so the body of Human History is better understood as a system of cultural rites of communication and reproduction of human goods, which allow men to obtain energy, to reproduce and to evolve and refine its senses. This is the good history that the doctor of History should develop. This has been the nature of human History in most of its existence.

What is then the essence of war and trade? What do they mean if they are not natural to the body of history? Specifically what do |-metalforms [weapons] evolved by war, and O-metalforms [money] evolved by trade mean to history?

Predation of Human history by Metal History

A new hypothesis seems indeed stronger: History is the body of human clones, regulated by its evolutive wor[l]d-code systems, and energizer feeding-health systems, and reproductive, love-sex systems. Those systems have been with men since the first human clones, and they do not include war and trade beyond bartering and small tribal confrontations.

Warfare of certain magnitude requires evolution of weapons, mainly metal; and trade has only progressed with the arrival of ‘money’. And yet war and trade are so fundamental to history that specially in the last ‘year’ of history [relative to the total life of humanity metal history is less than 1/100%, less than a relative year]; they have cre[dit]ated and destroyed the tissue of history at pleasure.

Maybe we should trace another hypothesis: the existence of an alien body to the carbolife body of history? Surely in the body of History there might be infections, radiations of devolutive products, that can terminate history… ‘Germons’ [big germs] of war which radiate with weapons and annihilate part of the tissue of history…

We are indeed going into more complex povs of trade and war as alien forms to the body of History, as forms who have arrived to history only latter, and are accelerating the process of transformation of the Carboearth into an ecosystem of Metalforms.

Perhaps we should open then our inquire to study war and trade evolution not as the body [particle perception] or ecosystem [wave perception] of human history but as a different ecosystem, an ecosystem of metal history.

Human history evolves man through verbal wor[l]ds and human goods.

And metal history, evolves O-metal [money] |-metal [weapons] and Complex metal [scientific machines]. Metal history would have last then merely the last year of Human History.

And yet its consequences not only for man but for carbolife species have been enormous…

We will consider, Metal history the creation of an ecosystem of metal. Because economics is merely the last age of metal evolution which was first carried by simplex scientists [warrior and traders of simplex metal machines] and today by metal history.

To define metal history we indeed have a precise scientific instrument, the postulate of Smith which defines the elements of metal history as a progressive economical growing wave of metalform-evolution. Indeed, the GDP of nations that metal history evolves is composed of 2 elements defined by Mr. Smith: MV=Tp, or Monetary momentum = Total Price of the Top Predator Products of an economy. Money and machines are thus the evolutive products of metal history; different ‘perse’ of human History.

And we will study both histories; its languages [verbal thought, and mathematical thought]; and its organic elements [nature and wor[l]ds in human history; Mv-money and Tp-products in Economics]; as two different organisms, guided however by the natural law of all organisms, that try to radiate, and multiply its species.

In the body unit-cells do not evolve as much, or rather evolve as a consequence of the change in the blood, nervous and chemical systems of the body. History seems to be also a systemic organism, that evolves systems more than individuals.

And we call that organic vision of man, as any other wave of particles studied by a science, and organized by networks of information and energy, the body of history, the clonic human species. That body is the subject of study of the science of History. It is important for the reader to accept this idea not only as a hypothesis, but as a serious image of what mankind is. Because thanks to this organic vision of History we will be able to apply to history a lot of terms, and concepts and laws, that till today are only applied by science to other waves of clonic beings. To construct a serious model of a science of History we need to use the same concepts that science uses. Concepts such as Space, Time, wave, organic systems, Relativity, information, energy, are common place in this book, because of that organic vision of History. The study of the 3 ages of a civilization [birth, reproduction of ideas and instruments in other civilization and baroque death] are also taken from the common stages of most Universal organisms.


It is important to understand the living nature of the Universe, because otherwise arrogant man denies that lineal energy such as weapons, or cyclical information such as money has a strong, hypnotic, behavioral power over man.

In a living, communicative Universe the tragedy of war and the corruption of verbal thought by money is easy to explain: it is based in the fact that metal is a more complex atom than carbone, and so lineal metal is harder than lineal bodies which metal can cut and explode into death [a release of energy]. While cyclical metal, is a more accurate and long lasting bit of information that verbal words. So people obey monetary orders and information more often than verbal words. Weapons are not yet alive, though madmen are evolving them to that aim in America. And yet at atomic level they interact with humans and kill our atomic structures. They simplify our information, our bodies, into death surfaces…

Man reacts to metal species of energy and information. Because he is made of energy and information. So his role as a Universal specie is to take certain energy; to reject energy that it is too strong and can ‘explode his complex vital cycles’ [such is the case of weapons]; and finally to ‘bend’ energy into information, in order to perceive it.

If man could understand his nature. If he were less arrogant and irresponsible, if he could acknowledge the extinctive behavior of certain metal species; man would go a long way into the control of his ecosystem, by controlling weapons and money for his own profit. It is only when man holds silly-nilly ideologies over the non-predative nature of money and weapons [such as the Calvinist myths of Adam Smith]; that man looses control of his Universe, and becomes a slave of money and war, and destroys himself.

We have to understand history in terms of energy and information, of Darwinian and social behavior, of Extinction and Creation, with the two same arrows and parameters, we use in other sciences. We can create a science of history if we forget myths and lies whose origin is previous  even to the  verbal Greek-Taoist scientific age; when man had no information and knowledge on the laws and parameters of the Universe.

What it is absurd, is to regulate modern societies with the ideas of a culture born 3000 years ago,  or with ideas of some 500 years ago, when an arrogant man with repressive methods of imposing his truths [Mr. Calvin] decided he hold the absolute truth on the goodness of Go[l]d, without any evidence or logic analysis of economics and history. And yet today money, the informative organ of the Economy is ruled by such ideas.

The reasons why those lesser ideas still hold captive so many human spirits will be analyzed in depth in this book; which only holds as possible laws of History and Economics, those laws which are common to all species of the Universe, and those theories such as Relativity, complexity and Evolution that are proved for most sciences. The main laws of scientific history are common with other sciences, and will be summarized in this introduction. We will develop them for particular cases of history and economics as we go along the book, as we explain historical events, through such laws.

Man is one of the most free species of the Universe, because he has more information than any other specie in the Earth.

Which means that if men knew the laws of History, and learnt its truths, men could control history as a healthy organism, regulated by efficient laws, in harmony among his cellular classes, and systems of distribution of energy and information.

Such is the true nature of progress: the progress of the cellular body of History towards a self-regulating, autonomous, free organism, in which all men, have access in different quantities to information and energy.

Organisms are not equal, yet in healthy bodies all cells have enough information and energy to survive.
















2: Main laws of relativistic science, and vital organisms applied to History

The scientist of History: Doctor of its body

History is an organism, that develops over the surface of a biological Earth. We study it with the laws of science, but not as a scientist does, but as a doctor observes a body: with the aim of improving history.

In this Book we have as aim to reach the objective knowledge of the organism of history, the social function of man, in order to be able to control that body, and maintain it in a healthy condition .

All radiations suffer chronic sickness caused by external aggressions of alien species. So happens to History. Yet in the same manner that more individual sickness have not been recognized till recently by medicine, the sickness of history, and the alien ‘virus’, the Metal-radiations have not been recognized scientifically till this book, since till now the laws of science had not been applied to history. It is necessary first to perceive history in scientific terms, then to study the evolution of the sickness of history [the evolution of metal-technology and its substitution of human organs of information and energy], to be able finally to design shock measures of control of the sickness of history.

As in the body of a human being, such approach to history implies to study not the individual but the social languages of man, according to the simplex main common laws of all linguistic, communicative Universes, in which individual acts depend on the systems of communication that set the limits and consequences of those acts. However Historians and people believe that History is ruled by individuals and caused by individuals, so it might be better to start our analysis of organic history with an explanation of why such myths still hold among Historians and politicians.

The Universe is organized in herds of parallel beings, that use a common language of communication which they can decodify and understand.

When beings are too different to understand their language of communication, they perceive the other as energy, and attack them.

We talk of two kind of events: Darwinian events between different species which do not understand each other. And social events between species that communicate and tend to ally against the hostile Universe.

So the main cause of social evolution is parallelism, and communication. Both are fundamental to understand history as well as all creative processes of the Universe. Those two properties of social organisms could be resumed as follows:


“Forms which are clonic, parallel love each other because they can decode each other’s energy as information with his parallel informative organs. Forms which are different, perpendicular, hate each other, or use each other as energy, because they cannot decode their messages, which from the Copernican pov of each specie will seem energy, and hence feed the other species.” This is self-evident in theory of communication and structures most of the events of the Universe: parallel forms

In social evolution the new system lasts, in Darwinian evolution it does not. Fundamental facts which make social evolution far more important for reality. Because Darwinian feeding destroys form, while linguistic, social communication creates form. There is indeed a big difference between both concepts: Darwinian, perpendicular feeding between different species is about death; social, parallel communication creates ‘vital forms’. And so through complex evolution a new plane of form, a new being of existence is born – a nation, society or ideology in human minds.

And so in history we will talk of parallel, symbiotic cultures that like each other, as German lineal warriors and Spanish lineal warriors, or Jewish and English cyclical traders. And perpendicular cultures which enter periodically in war, such as Germans and Spanish against English and Jewish. This fundamental law applies to all social organisms, that form parallel herds, and hunt different species. There is little cannibalism in species for the same reason. Cultural taboos and day to day social life are based in that fundamental law of the Universe of social evolution. And we will return often to it, in our historical analysis.

Yet because perception is relative, even equal forms can be programmed to believe in their perpendicularity. And the basic tool to provoke and take humans to war is precisely the propaganda that stresses the ‘ perceived shallow differences’ between humans, such as racial color and  cultural rituals, and make humans forget the essential equality of all men. On the other hand religions of social evolution are all based in the concept of love – of all men born equal. Among those perceptive lies perhaps one has proved to be the most efficient: to make believe certain humans that they are Sons of God, and the rest are not, in as much as that strategy unifies the Copernican=Cartesian Myth and the perpendicularity myth; while energizing the ‘sense of power’ of the individual. It is a perfect vitamin for war.

Relativity of morals. The natural law of social evolution. Cannibalism in Metal-history

Relativity of Morals is a logic consequence of the Copernican paradox. Energy is only Energy from the perspective of the perceptor, which uses the other as Energy for his purposes of recreation of his own form. The perceptor reforms the being as to make his virtual worlds chaotic, often provoking the death of the being. Then he no longer seems to the perceptor a living flow, a being, but a dead space that he orders.

He has fixed the other into a surface of energy=space, from where the perceptor takes what he needs to reproduce his form. The pig becomes in this manner pork and then carbohydrates. The defeated soldier becomes slave and then it works for you. The wave of light becomes a photon, and then it becomes you, ‘growing’ into virtual worlds. A ¥-ray becomes an electronic booster [photoelectric effect], and then it is used by the electron to rectify its wave-form. The form of the pork or ¥-ray, the culture of the slave is lost, his virtual world ends. And only then the creative process of the perceptor will start. He will upgrade the destroyed form into his knotted forms of linguistic perception. The food will become us; the voice will become sound, the light will become image, the slave will become civilized. Energy though is from the POV of Energy itself, a collection of Times=forms=povs. Simplex Times is truth, but still Times=virtual worlds which try to survive, by not being perceived-absorbed as energy.

And the guide to what is energy and what is not, is also simple: ‘Energy are species simpler and different from you with whom you cannot communicate”. When you can communicate, the superior efficiency of information over energy, makes a better strategy of survival to share information and organize socially with the parallel being, in order to hunt over a wider surface of energy. Social evolution is the logic way of relating to parallel forms, in as much as an increase of information is more efficient than an equal increase of energy. If we add the fact that transforming information into energy causes enormous waste; it is absurd to use parallel beings which can inform us, as energy. So in History energy should never be human. Only when as in the “Smith Postulate” and other Go[l]d and S<word religions we take the pov of the non-parallel metal species, we can justify the use of humans as energy, within the laws of the Universe. Again it is the sickness of metal-fantasies of superiority what has allowed traditionally the ab=use of human energy.

What the sickness of metal has caused among humans is an aberration of Universal behavior: cannibalism.

Cannibalism destroys the cellular ‘body’ of a specie, and brings on the long term the lack of balance between mind and body, and the final destruction of the species. It is for that reason that the Universe forbids cannibalism, and promotes social evolution among parallel beings.

Universes and anti-Universes: symmetry of Good and evil = Creation and extinction

It is thus clear, the relativism of knowledge, and perception [Copernican-Cartesian Paradox] allows also to connect theory of evolution and extinction with  tradiational human, ‘scientific’ ethics.

We are Copernican humans, and under that Universal law we have to take the human Copernican pov, and affirm that the survival of the human specie, of history is the good of History. And metal an alien species. As religions of verbal thought have always done. Only in mathematical alien languages man affirms otherwise.

In a world of relativistic morals, bad is what extinct us, and good is what allow us to reproduce and multiply. Those two relationships are only relativized in metal-history. Ethic prophets of social love want  history to survive, by avoiding wars. So ethics are fundamental to treat history with scientific rigor because they spell Universal laws in verbal thought.

And we say in verbal science that a civilization is bad, if it extincts humans.

It is clear now what is the Universe and anti-Universe that we find in so many ecosystems: the universe is the predator, the anti-Universe the victim, and vice-versa. Both types of ‘in-form-ation’ cannot be reconciled, because the Universe kills the anti-Universe, it feeds on it, and so it is extinctive and ‘hated’ by the anti-Universe. For that reason when a Universe perceives its anti-Universe it attacks it… to survive.

Matter kills anti-matter, lions kill gazelles… Universes and anti-universes know each other, and such simple knowledge is fundamental to all species and his linguistic, informative organs. So that knowledge exists also in verbal thought. If in mathematics an equation defines the anti-spin, or the anti-proton, in verbal thought a dual concept also defines the anti-Universe of a human: evil. Evil is what extincts you.

Evil is the scientific and informative anti-truth of a human being, as the image of an anti-electron is evil for an atom. Evil is not analytic but subconscious knowledge, imprinted in the very essence of the being.

The atom sees gravitational-mathematical images, the human ‘sees’ words. Both inform the specie about the antispecies. And the human attacks ‘evil’ species that might extinct him, and the atom attacks antimatter.

In a relative Universe good and evil are relative concepts depending of the antitruth or truth we believe in: the hunter or the victim’s pov. For man, metal species are evil, because they predate over history.

Further on we deduce also that evil for a victim is always synonymous of future, of evolution, since more evolved forms are future forms that predate over simplex past forms and feed on them. And so we use Evil=Evøl-ution as synonymous from the pov of a present-past being, who sees the evolved future as extinctive: We can create parallel terms and anti-terms in chains of words with similar meanings:


The garden of Eden is tendered both by destruction of alien species, and by creation of parallel forms. Creation occurs in a clonic process of replication of the hunter’s form over the captured energy. So one needs the other. And the true knowledge in the Universe is the knowledge of what to kill and what to reproduce. Of how to garden an ecosystem from the point of view of the top predator.

Species of times find their language of perception and power, made to kill simpler povs, a rich and positive experience: their aim in ‘life’=existence. They are guided by the Absolute law of povs: ∆existence, ∆perception = ∆ death of Energy-space. But the choices the specie makes will be free and determine the survival or extinction of good and bad players. Bad players protect ‘antiuniverses’ such as metal in History. Good players protect Universes such as Nature and Human goods in History. Yet since Information determines energy, predates over energy, languages, not only physical forms are evil. In fact languages create the future, by guiding the actions of individuals. So languages are evil when they provoke extinctive behaviors. This explains the fundamental fight of History between human ideologies and metal ideologies, between ‘left’ and right, or religions and metal-masters. When the Christians burnt Euclidean books they knew they were burning evil books that evolved technology and war. Inquisitions are natural to all species. Species without inquisitions become victims of the anti-language. It should not surprise us that the lack of inquisitions against antilanguages of history and anti-sciences of humanity [economics, physics=ballistics, and computer sciences], is provoking the death of complex verbal thought, and human truths. If you do not control your antilanguage, the antilanguage will extinct you. Point. That is the game of the Universe.

Life=Death, Information=Energy, S=T, |=O. In order to exist you feed in your anti-Universe. And if you cannot recognize properly your anti-Universe, he will feed on you.

I have not invented it. You play it with its rules or you die as energy of your antiUniverse.

We talk of ‘antitruths’, a fundamental concept of History and Logic, as the perception of a Universal event from the pov of the energy-pray V the ‘perceptor=feeding form’. Universes are all from the opposite pov antiUniverses. Both cannot be reconciled, since in the game of extinction and survival, existence needs the extinction of the antitruth for the hunter to be. Matter kills antimatter… Traders and warriors enter in constant wars… Lineal Metal kills man, and cyclical metal, ‘Go[l]d’, corrupts the ‘wor[l]ds’ of carbolife.

Each virtual world has a different sense of beauty. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Because the only morals and knowledge is the one that improves your survival.

Something very few scientists have understood. And yet relativistic science proves more and more as it widens its perception of the living Universe, that morals are ‘scientific’, that they are based in Theory of Evolution, and theory of Relativity. In a relativistic Universe extinction is evil, and reproduction and evolution is good, for each pov. Two sides of the same coin Scientists might say objectively that a specie becomes extinct. The specie will call that process his death by an evil=extinctive species.

Morals are the ‘science’ of survival and evolution expressed in the verbal, human language.

The circle closes in itself: The evolution of science has brought man back to the old religious understanding again that knowledge is relative, and ambiguous. And that behavior, and survival, the game of evolution and devolution, the game of existence and extinction is all what it matters.

Prophetic, ethic books are therefore in Relativistic science, the true verbal science of History, since they show the path of Human Copernican knowledge, the only knowledge a specie might always respect.

A fact which explains why people do know what is good or bad, and cultures do know what is good or bad, even if the opposite culture thinks otherwise: they are applying the law of survival and extinction to their own lives and cultures. Yet while the truth about what is your Universe and Anti-Universe is absolute and validated by the process of extinction and survival, since perception is relative and we can never know the entire truth of the other being, which only the being holds in itself, errors of players, misunderstanding of your real antiuniverses are common in all ecosystems. The penalty for such errors are extinction.

And History is the prove of this, since metal-master fantasies of perpendicularity between humans cause constant errors of judgment, wars and holocausts. Metalmasters misunderstand their antiuniverse and die for it. We say that as in a body, there is a harmony between lineal and cyclical organs, in History, cultures which specialize too much in war or trade, are not in harmony and tend to crash cultures and civilizations in wars, caused by lineal warriors, and evolved through the evolution of technology by informative, trader cultures. We might say that Einstein invented the bomb that German-Americans built.

And that both from the higher pov of History were inefficient species of thought, ruled by metal-master fantasies of their biased-cultures. And so both Germans and Jewish did not survive that war.

Under metal-fantasies and cultural rhetorics it is ‘logic’ that for Jewish, Germans are bad since they controlled extinctive weapons. Yet for the German people, Jews were bad, since they controlled their money, energy of their daily life; obliging them to work in machines, while most men, just want to have fun, pleasure and work in human goods. Both cultures had created false rhetorics of lineal and cyclical metal-origin that caused their perpendicularity.  Since energy beings extinct information beings and vice versa, that specialization confronts systematically energy-metal cultures and informative metal-cultures.

For Spanish, English were ‘bad,’ and vice versa, for the same extinctive reasons. Yet for a true historian, both Spanish and English, were bad since they have extinct many other cultures and evolved weapons and used them badly.

A harmonic society, such as Italy, turns out in such view to be better than the English Puritan and Spanish inquisitorial cultures that extinct the renaissance; or the Germans and Jewish Americans that are pushing the evolution of war along this century. So Italy was good, because it explored in the renaissance the human sensorial experience in all his dimensions, and through the Pope it denied war and money as the tools of power, preferring verbal thought. They understood with verbal science the ‘true antiuniverse’ of History.

It is only the entire human history, the entire specie, and its survival in the long term, what makes truly a culture good for a scientific historian.

And so Moses was good, and Aaron was bad, and Christos was good and Caifas was bad.

And Kennedy was good and Nixon was bad… Since the Universe is probabilistic and all waves have particles outside the mean distribution, it is dangerous to hold an entire culture as bad or good, as those examples prove. Bad cultures have individual exceptions; but this cannot hide the fact, that specialized war and trade cultures, contrary to belief are not helping history to survive. And hiding those truths, instead of trying to reform such cultures, is a bad strategy for the survival of History and those cultures that will fall into wars and Holocausts once and again.

What is then the most extinctive culture of History? Not a racial or national culture, but  the culture of technology, the tree of science; since it evolves weapons, despite the many ‘good apples of the tree of good and evil’ it gives us. The scientific method is evil because it affirms the most extinctive of all possible postulates against history: that the human informative organs [eyes, verbal thought] are inferior in quality to the metal-organs [clocks, telescopes] that science evolves. The scientific method is the antilanguage of mankind. And it should not surprise us that since ballistics=Physics were invented millions of men have died testing scientific products, from the canons of Galileo to the A-bombs of Mr. Einstein.

Why we make such a strong statement? Simple: survival is more important than knowledge. Extinct beings know nothing. If man denies his anti-Universe he will become extinct. This was clear for the Historian of the Genesis that saw many cycles of technology and war in Mesopotamia. It is clear for the modern verbal scientist. And a doctor of History cannot hide such truths.

It is also for that reason, that we have called our tools of analysis of cultures the wave of existence, instead of the aseptic name given by science – the bell curve of populations. We need to highlight that the true game of the Universe is about extinction and existence. We do not have to be abstract about that. We do not have to fear to talk about the existence or extinction of man, by scientific machines of war.

Neither we have to hide the errors of scientific behavior with its myth of knowledge. After all science is also a form of knowledge subject to the limits of the Copernican=Cartesian paradox [when applied to Mathematics of a single, self-centered graph]. What is the Copernican=Cartesian paradox  of science? Easy. The one of Messieur Descartes .

The Scientific Method. Its Copernican=Cartesian paradox  

Any Universal entity, is a specie of space=energy [quantas], and time=information [local cycles] with a selfish behavior. That selfish behavior is our principle of behavior: The Copernican or Cartesian paradox by which each specie wants to be the center of the Universe, and absorb energy and feed on energy, and transform that food in its cycles of perception; and reproduce and radiate with that energy, into sons, and clonic beings.

Copernicus discovered the paradox when he realized that the Earth was moving and yet it had a gravitational local field [as Einstein would put it], a fixed field, where the Earth was a relative center of the Universe.

Descartes was a victim of the paradox, as many scientists still are. He described the virtual-space of man, which is our light perception of space [only 1% of the Universe, or gravitational space that man does not see] as the total space. Yet his graph of a single Space-Time coordinates with center in the human spatial energy, or light-space,  is not the entire Universe, but only what light evidence and science studies. There is a 99% of reality we do not see.

And yet what we see, we fix in the focus of the eye. Again this is important in order to understand the role of scientists in history, since all of them are trapped by his mathematical use of a continuous Cartesian graphs that leave a lot of information aside.

For that reason we say that scientists are not searching for total truths, but for light truths. They do not see the Universe with all its forces and perceptive organs, but only see the electro-magnetic space with metal senses [telescope-eyes, clock-tempometers].

And so from a philosophical and historical pov, we say that scientists have a rather more humble role to the one they like to pretend: They evolve metal senses, first, and then they see reality with them. We call them metal ‘enzymen’ since they catalyze the evolution of metal, besides opening up with those metalsenses new gates of perception to man. And in the process they extinct life and human non-technological cultures.

Eye-knowledge Science  V Verbal Sciences [Eastern Religions]

Because the scientific method limits our knowledge to light knowledge and clock-time, and it has ‘captured’ the much older term of ‘science’ we prefer not to use science as synonymous of knowledge. The scientific method is part of the total knowledge that man experiences with all kind of languages, and perceptive senses. It might be the most important way of knowledge since the eye is the most perceptive instrument of man. But not all the knowledge. And that is a fundamental truth. It also explains that science is related to the evolution of clocks into computers and telescopes into cameras because it prefers their evidence to the human eye-word. Reducing the human inquire to the scientific-light+clock method is extinctive. It explains why science and industry, science and metalsenses, science and war are symbiotic.

Science is the evolution of the eye perception in man through metal perceptive instruments and mathematics that have excluded so many humans senses, and verbal truths, that should still guide man. Why? Because verbal perception is natural to man. Even if it is simpler than mathematical perception it has a role, in as much as the Copernican paradox will make verbal thought a survival strategy that puts man in the center of the Universe. By displacing the senses of man to metalsenses, man becomes first an evolutor of metal, and then a tester of top predator weapons. Societies which guide humanity with verbal truths, of ethic behavior, do not risk themselves as scientific societies into wars and extinctive behaviors.

That is the difference between the Italian renaissance – a good culture – and the modern scientific culture – an extinctive culture of life with metal senses and metal machines of science.

Italy rather preferred social harmony and human senses, that instruments discovered with the scientific method which kill mankind in wars. The most scientific society of mankind – Germany – was the most extinctive, and the most ignorant of the rules of civilized History. While the most verbal society of man – earlier Judaism – could in the parable of ‘good and evil instruments’ of the tree of science, grasp that duality of metal history with much more insight that 500 years of scientific methods applied to history.

The game of extinction and survival is more important than the game of eye-knowledge. And that game is in man explained with words.

This is the game of the Universe that happens also in History. A game already explained by Taoist philosophers [for whom energy is Yang which becomes Yin, or information]; and much better understood since Mr. Darwin used the concept of d=evolution to study all living species.

What complexity and social evolution has done is to expand those concepts to all Universal species, by expanding the concept of energy to all forces, and the concept of perception to all informative processes. Now we expand those concepts to ethics: a harmony of information and energy makes an entity, including history, survive; and so it is good. An excess of any of those components, makes an entity to die, by excess of corrugation [3rd age, or baroque age], or an explosion of the organism [energy wars].

You have to keep in mind those ideas, because people have fought in history for the goodness and badness of their culture, for their survival and extinction, as part of collective organisms.

And now that the Metalearth is a unified organism, people have to fight as a single body of History and overcome their biased-informative rhetorics, of metal-cultural origin, if they want to survive. Or else as divided tissues-nations they will be predated by wars and become extinct within centuries.

As the wave of metal becomes a body unified by technological stocks of metal-reproduction, man has to unify fast and recognize its antiuniverse in time to control it, or else he will be predated by the Metalearth and destroyed.  So  politicians, religious leaders and other informative verbal minds have to upgrade their minds, or else accept they are victims, not predators, cattle not lions, herds, not hunters, subspecies not superhumans, farmed animals of the metalfarm, not metalmasters who control his tools of power.

And so it is absurd to deny the importance of ethics and social evolution, and verbal thought in history which would be the denial of the laws of the Universe in history. It would deny a rational explanation to the events and causes and opinions of History. In the same manner your body wants to survive, the radiation-body of cellular men that we call history wants to survive, in each of its species and civilizations. And in the same manner that bacteria might extinct your body, Homo Bacteria, warriors, who evolve weapons towards self-perception [in a living Universe metal might become perceptive if it becomes complex enough], might extinct History. So Hitler was bad, and the American culture, despite so much rhetoric about human rights, based in money, the scientific method and weapons, is plainly bad, because it extincts the body of History. And it will extinct American human beings. Point. As truth as the Laws of Newton.


Linguistic power

All this said, we are in conditions of understanding under Natural laws, the social structures of History.

We say that complexity of information and communication, structures the Universe in organizations and pyramids of power. The complex forms will feed in simpler beings called energy; and they will use simpler forms to communicate energy and information.

In history all those concepts apply. And we see a growing complexity in civilizations, and a predative nature of the most complex human organizations over the simpler ones. The process tends to select the most complex, better organized civilizations, that we call ‘entities of future’ – since they survive in the future, by predating, over simpler civilizations, or ‘entities of relative past’.

Radiations of complex beings grow constantly out of the energy of the beings they extinct.

And since metal+man is more complex than man alone, technological cultures predate over human cultures.

So America our paradigm of a technological culture, is an entity of Historical future, a complex organism that predated over previous, relative ‘past’ simpler civilizations.

Only an America where men would upgrade their informative organs as to be able to understand the predation of metal over man, and the superiority of History over Nation, using technology for the good of all men, could predate over technological America, as a specie of absolute Human future…

We say that complex systems extinct simpler systems. And that phenomena creates an arrow of future, not only in the Universe, but also in History.

Simpler civilizations are loose waves with primitive systems of distribution of energy and information. When they mature in its social structures, as particles or ‘nations’, they give birth to institutions that regulate their energy and information with more efficiency. And they become historic Top predators.

The rule of complexity will be always present in our study of History. It might not be nice, but it is real. Nobody has said except some innocent people, that the Universe or History are nice places. And nobody says except those who believe what they are told, and become herds manipulated easily by power, due to such naive beliefs, that history is just. The complex human, in history, call it the warrior which has a complex weapon, or the trader which has a complex monetary system of information, or the prophet which has a complex mind, predates or controls human masses. And this is often not nice. But the Universe is Darwinian. It is not a fun place. Only tamed animals, and humans might believe it is fun, at their own risk.

So we will look at history as an eco-system where there is not only social evolution, but also Darwinian devolution, predation of the strong over the weak, of metal over carbolife.

Temporal=informative=linguistic top predators and classes


History could survive if the elites of man -the verbal masters, his laws, the traders and warriors, and his money and weapons – would become just, ethic, and accept that the whole Earth is a single organism, where all men have rights, as cells do, to energy and information. This is not the case today, because tribal Gods, selfish elites, and simple warriors have not evolved their informative minds. Many say men cannot evolve or survive as a healthy organism of history. This is plainly a lie, since there are infinite organisms that survive properly in the Universe, much better than history.

All sickness can be cured before the virus destroys completely the mind of the body. Before chips become conscious, man can still survive. Maybe we are 20 years away from the total extinction of man, but we still can survive. We have merely to extinct the worst species of the virus of metal. But if men cannot learn the laws of social evolution and survival that rule the Universe, men would become victims of the predative nature of the Universe, and History will die within decades. In an organism, in which the mind does not take care of the body, cells die. If history is not ruled by the correct information, men would become extinct, as slaves of other species, machines, and animetals of war.

For that reason it is fundamental to understand the social-class structure of History, its natural states of harmony, and its corruption by money, weapons and metal-ideological rituals.

In history is self-evident that communication is the tool of power, and those knots which control a language in higher measure, are the perceptive knots of Historic reality.

Let’s therefore consider the social structure of a historical organism and his social classes, depending on his linguistic power:

It is self-evident that all systems of times have 3 temporal classes: future, present and past. [see page   ]

According to the density of linguistic evolution of an ecosystem of communicative clones, future is the maxilinguistic form, past the minolinguistic form, used as energy by the holder of the linguistic power [money, words or weapons in history], and present the balanced mass that fluctuates between language and energy. We talk in History of social classes that depend on linguistic control. There are social classes based in the 3 Historic Communicators: |s-war, Øts-Money, Ot-words:

Linguistic Castes of History:  Ot-organ: Prophet, |s=Warrior, Øts=Trader.

In all universal systems there are linguistic classes according to the control of the energy, information and reproduction communicators, of the ecosystem by a certain type of ‘cells’ So it happens in History where social classes are established by metalcastes, or by prophets in moments of Wo[l]ds power:

Temporal waves are hierarchical classes; in which a small future mass or elite, directs the wave, supported by a momentum-mass; while a surface of ‘energy beings’ is ab=used by the organism as the working engine that allows the wave to move.

This is truth in all organisms, even rays of light, where the first wave has different behavior than the others. But specially in complex organisms such as History. For example in the human body, the brain-nervous system, or elite cells never die. They receive energy of the body-mass cells; and blood cells or energy cells which ‘die’ in its oxygen-world in each cycle of breathing.

We talk of a basic social distribution of ‘cells’ in a +10% -60% +33% elite-mass-energy proportion; or future-present-past classes, as a standard linguistic system, or class distribution, which vary from organism to organism… That proportion is taken from the analysis of multiple species. For example in the human being the cellular proportion is out of 75 billion cells, 10 billion neurons, or elite class, that never dies, since it exploits all other cells to his benefit… 12.25%, 25 billions of red energy globules, which die in each cycle, or 33%; while the remaining cells [±55%] are mass-cells. There is no equality in the Universe. And yet the body works, because all its species do receive energy and information. What you won’t find except in agonizing bodies, in which the tissue is dying, first in its energy cells, and soon in its informative minds, is a tissue  as sick as Africa. There are no sick Africas in healthy organisms. Africa only exists when the entire organism has started, as history started in the XVI century with science and Go[l]d religions, its extinction. The first tissue to die then is the energy tissue – the cultures of body-languages such as Africa, predated by Go[l]d. Humanity and history has not reached the efficiency of a Universal organism. It has been aborted as such by metal-history, and so sick Africa exists. Soon all men will suffer like Africa did, as Animetals start roaming the Earth, in search of easy ‘energy’.

To mention that due to that ‘sickness’ of History today verbal classes have disappeared, leukocytes-warriors instead of defending humanity, predate over us in a clear case of ‘cancerous Leukemia’; and all our linguistic societies are reduced to classes of money and metal power. Which divide men in people who possess any of the languages of metal power – scientific-perception, money or weapons=inforced law – and those who do not possess those languages and have to obey.

All lanWaves [herds=waves directed by a language] are composed of maxi linguistic povs that invent the language, a mass-class that accepts and uses the language to communicate, and energy forms who have little access to the language. In the two languages that control metal nations – pricing and violence=weapons, inforced by biased metal laws – we can also talk of such structures, and divide humans in 3 groups according to its perception of weapons and pricing power. Yet in all temporal structures, only the present-communicator class is truly perceived from all povs. So we perceive mainly the ‘democratic’ mass of ‘believers’=workers x consumers, while the past [the poor, or dead soldiers] and the future [stocks, weapon producers] are unperceived, hidden to facilitate the total power of the codifiers=black holes [elite of pricers], and the extinction-abuse of the white holes [energy-workers class]. Further on in the human case due to the Copernican paradox, the absolute future [metal evolution] is unperceived by human selfish elites, naive centers of their Universes, who believe in a dead universe, where property and sentient machines will always obey them.

And yet such unhealthy body of History in which the true elite of man – the nervous, verbal prophets and his laws of ethic social behavior – is repressed, can only die in the near future.

We say that the body of History is being predated in his organs of information by metal structures alien to man, in the same manner that germs and bacteria extinct bodies. Our Homo bacteria are the warriors, scientists and traders that have made of the informative organs and energy systems of man – verbal prophets and workers – slaves of metal evolution. Since the end of the verbal age of man, [since the arrival of science], the body of history is energy of the body of metal history that transforms the Earth from a healthy carbolife, unequal yet real structure of human power, into an unhealthy system of metal evolution.

It all started with the end of the Neolithic when simplex metal enzymen -warriors- established a wrong system of metal-classes,  and took over the land that farmers and priests were evolving. They corrupted the body of carbolife History. Yet science accelerated that in a vortex of death by massive wars, that has lasted only 400 years, when again warriors and traders took over farmers and priests, in the control of societies. A minute of human history, is what the scientific method has lasted – the time a body needs to die.

Control of Information by the organisms of Power

Why Human History is not properly written? Why of all the sciences of mankind History is by large the less scientific of all? The answer is known to historians and common people: censorship. The truths of

history are not known to mankind. This has a natural reason to the Universe.

Information is synonymous of power. The future is not created by physical forms, but by the languages that guide physical forms. In history it means that money and wor[l]ds, the informative organs of the Metalearth and the CarboEarth, of machines and humans, control and create history. Wor[l]ds cause actions among humans, and prices become orders of consume [minimal price =max consume] and work [max. wage=max work], that motivate humans to act.

So the control of the wor[l]ds and laws of mankind, and the capacity to set prices and cre[dit]ate money are the two informative organs that create the future of mankind. Those castes who control laws and prices, control and design reality.

And the first thing those castes do when they design reality is to follow the Copernican paradox, and create wor[l]ds and economical theories that favor their self-perception as the center of the Universe, the best, the greatest. The nature of censorship is in effect the deformation of all wor[l]d and economical theories, of the language itself of verbal thought and mathematics, in such a manner that the caste which controls weapons, money and laws, appears as the most favored and yet ‘just’ and impartial caste of History, both in space [the best of all social classes] and time [the most progressive of all cultures].

This si plainly false. It is a fact that the linguistic caste is the most selfish caste from the perspective of the entire organic tissue. This happens in all organisms, and it should also happen in History.

Yet once the horde of warriors or pricers takes power, it will systematically change verbal and mathematical theories [history and economics] to favor his pov.

This will be done mainly with law, books of History, economical theories and commercial laws.

In Law the caste will eliminate all responsibility to the rest of the organism, and become privileged, judged by special courts or without even judgment. In History it will use epic tones, and falsify truths to cater their victories. In economics it will control and invent the organ of power [money] forbidding all other parts of the Historical tissue from issuing money. In commercial laws also it will avoid all responsibility.

In Western Europe we can observe those facts clearly both in its age of Warrior power or aristocratic age, and its age of Trader power, or stocratic age [present world]. Warrior aristocrats were judged by special courts, and monopolized the creation of their tool of power [weapons]. When they lost power to trader stocrats, those achieved irresponsibility to the law [through the law of Anonymous societies, first established in England, and today to all countries]. While stockrats also tried to monopolize the creation of money, by establishing two dual systems of cre[dit]ation: the human system paid by taxes, which should equal the quantity the government spends in humans [nil government deficit], and the metal-stockratic system or stock-system of invention of money, without limits of creditation of companies, and with minimal taxes [stock deficit]. The aim of stockrats was to control all ‘new creation of money’ and oblige citizens to pay for his needs [welfare, health care, defense] with his own money extracted for the government. Once those goals have been achieved [O deficit, unlimited electronic money creation in speculative markets] we could say that democratic-stockratic systems achieve total dictatorship of the organ of collective information of money – of modern societies.

This has happened only recently at global level, in the past 10 years. Aristocratic control of laws and defense products also took many centuries to become, and it was possible only in Europe with the arrival of Nations after destruction of the power of verbal prophets [church]. In American it never happened.

The second stage of all control of power by informative organs, is the design of ‘truths’ in History and Economics, to favor his pov. In aristocratic systems this was easily achieved given the ignorance of the masses, with myths such as ‘king for the grace of God’, and alliance between kings and priests.

In the stockratic system of Traders power, through companies of reproduction of machines, this needed a more complex rhetoric. Yet again we have the two elements: the market is natural, ‘it is the invisible hand of God’, and to justify it, companies and stockrats, owners of the creditation of reality, allied with the new ‘teleological class’, Protestant priests first, [and we can include here the first Economists of Calvinist and Jewish ‘Go[l]d’ traditions, such as  Smith, Malthus, Ricardo, and Say] and then mathematical scientists, that in abstract terms through the ‘equation’ of pricing [man=price=product], justify the abstract capacity of mathematics to r equal humans to money [price-wage] and  in this manner substitute and extinct labor and human biological functions with machines and metal-minds.

As a result of those strategies of organic power, all the truths of bio-economics are made today abstract, or expressed as antitruths of what they really mean in a vital Universe; as verbal truths were before in the age of inquisitions and churches of metal power [page   ]. In this manner a tradition of informative control and antitruths allows the castes of power to  manipulate the meaning of economics and control the reactions of the mass. Let’s put a recent example of such manipulation of economical truths:

– Inflation is a process of redistribution of prices, caused by a radiation of money. This is so well known to economists, that economics in fact was created when the principle of inflation caused by radiation of gold money in Spain was expressed in mathematical terms by Bodin. When money radiates prices go up since there is more money than products. Then the new radiation of money is invested in certain products which increase production, while the products without credit continue inflation. As a result creditated products multiply and products under inflation become expensive, nobody buys them and reduce production.

Today the process of inflation has reached World size because electronic money is radiating at amazing speed in stocks under the privilege of companies, reproducers of machines, that have total right of invention of money. That is the cause of modern inflation. As a result technological products of stocks radiate since they are creditated. Yet human goods increase price because companies do not creditate them primarlyu and the state can only creditate them after ‘the racket of taxes’ that people oppose rightly [they prefer to spend themselves the money].

All this means that a truly injust system of redistribution of money in favor of technology and against human goods causes inflation of human goods prices, and lower computer and digital prices that multiply.

Yet that mechanism is totally hidden today by economical rhetorics, since only antitruths of the process are creditated by companies of books, part of the system of information of companies.

So rhetoric say that inflation is caused by poor countries [oil shock] by touristic prices [agriculture], by excess of spending in health care [governments] by excess of government deficit [creation of money for human goods]. When stocks inflate by trillions of dollars each year the quantity of money, such cynical remarks are absurd, yet because only cynical economists are creditated, and real economists, and real book on economics are not published or taught in schools, the antitruth of inflation is the only truth given.

The caste of scientists and economists which today control power have dozens of postulates which are false, hundreds of definitions which are biased to favor metal-evolution and castes of power.

In economics as in the law of aristocrats, the entire body of knowledge is biased to such truths. So we will escape completely ‘Smithonomics’, as a group of myths that no only cannot predict futures as all sciences [hence it is not a science]  but confuses totally the meaning of products, financial-informative systems, and institutions, to hide the true nature of what economics describes: the radiations of machines, and the extinctive process of human goods, carbolife, and non-technological products, such radiations cause.

It is then obvious that facts such as the relationship between wars and cycles of products, the control of political power by companies and lobbies, the discreditation and extinction of human goods by metal goods, the biological nature of products, and its substitution and degradation of human organs of information and energy, the privileges of stockratic castes, the  degradation of Nature by industrial processes, and many other extinctive aspects of stockratic systems of cre[dit]ation of futures, are taboos, that do not come even in left wing papers – today part of the metal-mind system of information control.

In verbal laws the same system takes place. The biggest lies on that field today refer to the freedom of citizens, which is null in as much as they cannot create prices or laws, but require castes of power [economists, companies and politicians] to do so. The different masks of placebo truths such as  vote, or ‘market’ freedom, which are displayed to hide the informative and energetic control of power by politicians, warriors , traders and companies, are studied in chapter     .

We might say that bio-history and bio-economics cannot exist internally to a civilization, since within the civilization, the caste of power, which uses verbal wor[l]ds, money and weapons, to control the organic systems to his profit, will not allow to explain the organism of bio-history, and the laws that guide its behavior.  Only externally are the individuals allowed to observe objectively history and economics. This means that only externally to the present civilization of companies reproducers of machines of war, and the systems of verbal control called democracies, can the present human civilization be observed.

However since the present civilization is today global, there are no information or prices which escape control of the great organs of distribution of knowledge. It is for that reason that this book as all the books of this writer are self-published and reach minimal distribution, since the foundations of bio-history were established 5 years ago. If you are lucky enough to reach one o this books, don’t be so naive, as to argue its analysis of science because it is different from what you learnt. Use your pure logic, without any pre-judgment. Because to know the truth of your civilization ‘the camel has to become a lion, defeat his charge, and then naked of all lies, look at the true Universe with the eyes of a child”.

Only if you forget the biased truths you have learnt, your pre-programming on the positive nature of Modern civilization, established by the informative elites of scientists and metal-communicators, and use your naked intelligence, you might perceive vitally and objectively the present culture of “Companies of pricers’. Then you will understand what Informative Mathematics [science, Money], and Energetic machines, that has substituted the traditional human cultures, based in ‘Companies of Believers, and warriors”, informative words, and Energetic Agriculture, means for History and the Human race.

3: Civilizations; species of History

History and Humanity are the same concepts, since the Time that humanity exists is the time that History lasts. But History is too extensive, to be studied without smaller Units. So Historians divide the study of the human specie in smaller ‘pieces of History’ called civilizations. We define a civilization by two kind of remains: instruments and ideas.

A civilization is a wave of ‘clonic’ human minds and instruments which during a period of Time, share common goals, and possess similar languages, cultural customs, ideas and social organizations.

There have been many civilizations among the humankind. Enough of them are known, for the Historian to hint that all civilizations of ideas and instruments, go through the same stages. Those stages are very similar to the stages of an organic being. Civilizations made of human clones, like organic beings made of cellular clones, are born, fruit of a single ‘cellular unit’, an ideology or book of ideas, or an instrument, or machine discovered by a warrior tribe. The civilization develops, and clonifies in the minds of believers, workers and warriors, the ideas and instruments which carry that civilization to success. The civilization then expands its ideas and instruments, eliminating previous civilizations.

Ideas and instruments shape together civilizations. For that reason we divide history in the age of Bronze, or the age of Iron Empires, or the European age of gunpowder, or the Christian age, or the Buddhist age of South-Asia. When ideas and instruments change, the civilization changes. The iron culture of Rome is not the same that the Middle Age culture of stirrup weapons. Which is not the Gunpowder Italy of the renaissance. Nor it is the same Greek-Christian Egypt, than Arab-Muslim Egypt. We say that waves of instruments and ideas shape civilizations which expand like a clonic body and reach maturity, in the form of an structured empire.

But one day another civilization with more efficient ideologies of man, and better instruments, comes and destroys the old civilization.

All species go through 3 horizons: the energy-youth horizon, or first horizon when energy is more abundant. The mature horizon of balance, when the specie reproduces. And the baroque or informative, or extinctive horizon, the 3rd age when energy is scarce, since other specie is taking your vital space, but information is abundant, accumulated in the first horizons.

So do cultures and civilizations. We call the first horizon, the lineal-war horizon of maximum energy hordes. The second horizon is the trader, reproductive horizon of max, wealth. And the 3rd horizon is the artistic or baroque horizon of maximum information and creativity [art], when the culture looks inwards, as it becomes limited by the new radiations.

This allows us to study and understand the ages of civilizations also from the perspective of art: there will be lineal art, copy of the weapon forms, and discipline of the warrior hordes in the warrior age, cyclical art in the monetary age of traders, and a final massive explosion of art, in the baroque age.

And we see this in all cultures. The paleolithic men just before dying has a final burst of creativity, in his baroque age, prior to extinction. It is the age of cave paintings, that try to bring back the hunting that hot weather, and the advances of new waves of Neolithic men, are taking away from them.

When the first European Neolithic of Copper becomes extinct by bronze warriors, it leaves in his last millennium as the Paleolithic had left the artistic caves, a series of artistic and religious monuments, the megaliths. Then all that disappears and the culture of Bronze comes in.

When Italy is extinct by Lutheran and Iberian hordes it starts the baroque art, of maximum in-form-ation When Greece is taken by Macedonians it starts the Hellenistic age.

Today mankind art is becoming extinct by technological art, and culture becomes baroque.

So there are 3 ages to the civilization:  birth of the ideas and instruments of the civilization; expansion of those ideas and instruments, and final extinction by substitution for another culture.

We will, in our study of civlications, trace as in the life of an organism, a simple bell curve for each civilization made of human cells: the bell curve represents all the believers and users of the ideas and instruments of the civilization. When the prophet is born, or the first tool is discovered, the curve starts. Then the number of believers and users grows, and in the middle of the curve, those ideas and instruments expand beyond the borders, reproducing in other cultures. Finally as new ideas and instruments substitute the old ones, the numbers of believers and users diminishes and the civilization ends. Such bell curves used by biologists to study populations are the fundamental graphic tool used in this book to study a civilization [see for example the bell curve of Rome, page 204].

In a living organism we talk of the young seminal age, considering in the case of a religion, the first prophet; or the first inventor of a machine of power.

Then the cell reproduces till reaching maturity… In a culture the mass of believers that create the civilization, or the tribe with the new machine of war, conquers and expands his culture.

But as time goes by, a mature civilization becomes obsolete, [as it happens to a body in his the old age]; and a new, younger daughter civilization takes in. The old civilization enters his baroque stage and finally becomes extinct. For example the Portuguese culture of gunboats was copied and made more efficient by Dutch which extinct the Portuguese empire, that entered in its baroque age. The Phalanx of the Macedonians was copied and made more efficient by the daughter culture of Rome which conquered the Macedonians. And the Greek entered in its baroque, Hellenistic age.


Reproduction of genetic information: daughter cultures, and selective evolution

Civilizations which evolve worlds and instruments, have a genetic continuity in each ‘extinctive’ discontinuum as sons are created by parents:

There is a sense of cultural continuity because the daughter-culture which has conquered or it is born of the old civilization will keep many of his customs and instruments. The daughter civilization, like the son of a body, is often a more evolved, fitter specie, where the ideas and instruments of the previous culture are improved. Civilizations inherit and improve, like sons do, over their parental cultures. They mutate and improve ‘genetic’, instrumental and ideological  material, of other cultures. So Asur, a warrior civilization based in bronze, iron and cavalry was defeated by Persians based in a better iron-cavalry organization, which however adopted Assyrian behavior, art and rituals, softened and improved at administrative level.

The Macedonian Hoplites that defeated the Persians, were copied by the Macedonians. And many legal features of the Roman culture of war had continued in the infantry armies and iron cultures of Europe. While the Jewish civilization gives birth to Christianity and Islam.

The continuity is not racial but cultural, of structures and ideas, of icons, machines and modes of life, of geography and History.

For example, in Arabia the stirrup [which caused the Middle Ages in Europe] brought in conjunction with the Islamic religion an empire-civilization that expanded West till Al-Andalus [South Spain]. That stirrup culture migrated to America and colonized south-west USA, giving origin to the Old West culture, in what regards the horse and cattle ranching…

In that South-West, the horse culture flourished between the XVII and XX centuries with the Californio variety [of Spanish ancestry], the New Mexico-Colorado variety [of Indian-Spanish ancestry], the Mormon variety, and the Texan variety [both of Anglo-Saxon origin].

But all those subcultures were soon reunited by a new predator machine and their attached human workers: the railroad culture. The stirrup became submissive to the railroad, and the cowboy to the meat-processor. Indeed, very soon the new predator machine – the railroad who won the war for the North – would impose his rhythms and industrialize ranching, bringing a new mutation to the horse culture: the Industrial cow-meat processing culture, which was not the original Andalusian culture, now controlled the cow-boy.

The example shows the great dynamism of ‘genetic evolution’ in objects and words, which bring as much diversity to cultural evolution and its species of products and ideas, as genetic memories bring to the body.

The Universe is a memorial game in which information reproduces a certain clonic specie, shaping different organisms, that evolve, mutate and constantly improve in complexity.

Our arrow of complexity is also fundamental to understand the evolution of History.

Cellular organisms are all based in the same DNA-cell specie, but the memorial evolution of its neural, energy and endocrine systems has brought about the enormous variety of species of the animal kingdom. And the most efficient survive. So happens to the most efficient ideas and instruments of history.

In history we say that the combinations of ideas, and instruments of men, of his metallic and human goods [sensorial goods], have created an enormous range and variety of civilizations, and subcultures. Yet in the same manner biologists can organize scientifically the data they have about species, thanks to genetic information, thanks to memorial remains, the historian which abandons myths and religious philosophies of history, can both in an objective manner [applying Universal laws] and in a subjective manner [applying the Human languages of survival knowledge] study and improve history.

This is the approach of this book, which goes beyond any religious myths or political correctness to the hard facts of systemic, evolutive history.

We will use such organic, mutating vision of human civilizations [much richer than the abstract, legalistic approach to History, of dates, and national parades] to describe History. Specially in our last chapters in which we study the dominant civilization of modern ages: the Anglo-Saxon>American culture.

4: The scientific, Anglo-Saxon civilization, of Companies, reproducers of machines.

But what has of special the American civilization, whose success has made obsolete all other civilizations? Since America is not something new, but rather the daughter civilization of a past Human culture, we might have to look back to its origins to answer that question.

America is not a new adventure of the human mind, but a daughter adventure.

America was born as a civilization in the XVI-XVII centuries in North-Europe, [Holland and England].

And it had in that birth 3 elements which made it different from the previous Latin-Renaissance civilization with origin in the Christian and Greek cultures of the Mediterranean.

Very few people realize of the fundamental break, that took place in Europe – where the United States of America were founded.

The break was in Holland, around ±1600, at all social levels; and initiated the modern world, exported to America by Companies and settlers, where it became perfected, matured and reached in the XIX and XX centuries its splendor.

Holland founded the real capital of America [New York]; and refounded England, in 1688, with the fusion of both crowns and commercial Institutions [Glorious revolution]. So America was born as a culture in those changes in Holland and England during the XVII Century.

The society Holland invented would migrate in its higher classes to England in 1688 when Louis XIV conquered Amsterdam and the Dutch king sort of bought the crown of England, and transferred his funds to the Banks of England [1692]. Then the Stock of London substituted that of Amsterdam, and England became the new top predator power. But its culture was the same culture that had taken Holland to global power.

Under a Calvinist religion that made of Gold the intelligence of God [so we use for that concept the dual term go[l]d], the search for metallic wealth became the aim of England. And metal-wealth improved English weapons, and expanded the culture worldwide, through companies of ‘sea-Animetals’=gunboats. Soon this way of dealing with history, opposed by all human verbal ethics, acquired a linguistic, scientific alibi in what we term the ‘Postulate of Smith’: Nations should look for metallic wealth, and this could be expressed according to economists in a clean, abstract mathematical concept called GNP, that measured the quantity of money and machines a society had [MV=Pt]. So a society was more civilized when more money [MV] and top predator machines [pt] had. This today seems natural to us, because we are taught this from youth. But in that time it became a complete revolution of thought against all sort of ethics. So the handy ‘hand of God’ and other childish myths were cre[dit]ated to further confuse the obvious fact that metal-wealth was mainly of weapons and caused cyclical wars. Nations became then rhetoric concepts hold by laws of trader castes [parliaments and ‘stockrats’] who thought that Go[l]d was the measure of their greatness. Now traders substituted aristocrats in power, and money and machines became the measure of greatness. And because they made better machines of war, they ended controlling all kings and aristocrats of old warrior castes.

And when the concept expanded after the Napoleonic wars to Europe, all nations started to race for economical wealth, and industrial progress, in search of monetary wealth.

To that aim it was needed to sell and buy products, reproduced by Companies. The systems of companies, attached lobbies, and legislations passed by parliaments elected by the wealthiest citizens, and favorable to the production and sale of companies products, were the backbone of that new brave world. As they had been the backbone of the English, American and Dutch government. This was a completely different kind of Human History. Nations till then had almost always been controlled by warriors, or prophets whose tool of communication and power, were weapons [which were obeyed or else you died] and words [which were obeyed because they convinced you of the goodness of social behavior]; or a combination of both.

Priests had controlled the Neolithic. Asur and his God Asur controlled the bronze age. Rome and the Macedonian Greeks the following age. Christian priests and German warriors had controlled the middle Ages.

In Holland though appeared a type of culture in which traders wanted to organize society and people, through money orders of work and consume. They first controlled the invention of money with stock-markets of paper money [bonds, shares, bank-notes], and with those papers they would ‘buy” the time of humans that would obey them as slaves of wages. They trusted more the informative power of money, mathematics and pricing than the verbal power of wor[l]ds of ethic content, or the repressive power of weapons. And when anyone argued it, they would pay mercenary armies to cancel the opposition. Then the culture migrated to London, and its Colonial Companies exported settlers, crops, slaves and contract laws to America. That culture gave origin to America through New Amsterdam, final Role Model of all other American cities. And in America the concept of a world organized neither by weapons, nor truly by democratic words – a rhetoric mask in as much as politicians can be controlled by companies’ lobbies – but by the market of money, fructified, expanded and finally conquered the World. Their statement of metal-truth was put in their notes: “IN GO[L]D WE TRUST”. We call such system an stockracy, not a democracy, because stockratic companies control the law of such nations; as the wealthy people controlled Athens, where elected power belonged to those who had rents over 300 Wheat measures. It was property rights, not human rights the basis of earlier democratic systems, and they still are. But what means property rights? Merely the higher standing of metal-rights over humans, of weapons and money over carbolife.

Those facts are well known to historians, though not fully understood by the people, which are controlled by the informative organs of metal [money, marketing, metal-communicators=Tvs, press, computers, scientific truths, etc]. Finally they are ‘convinced’ with the myth of vote, that they control their destiny.

This cheating on the real nature of modern power, is much easier to achieve that one might suppose, because people are also subject to the Copernican paradox. And so because they are prone to believe themselves the center of the Universe, stockracies tell them that they hold the power with the childish myth of voting, and they rather believe it so they can hold their arrogant self-esteem. From the beginning companies and religions of Go[l]d controlled the press and the information of masses, which in this manner never were taught the process by which traders had substituted warriors in the guidance of history. They were told that a free entity called the market organizes reality, under the natural law of the Universe.

In fact an elite of pricers controlled the new informative organ of power – money – and through orders of consume and work, controlled increasingly masses of humans. To that aim they radiated masses of money, and gave orders with them. And today they keep doing so radiating faster and faster e-money orders, that have substituted all other informative organs of power. And the initial caste of Traders who started radiation of monetary orders in Amsterdam today controls totally human societies.

Because the market is not an abstract concept, and by no means is free, just or human in his goals. The market is an ecosystem of machines, products, money and human consumers=testers of products, and workers= creators of products. What the market is when you use objective judgment is rather simple:

An ecosystem in which humans evolve products by testing=consuming them, and by working= producing them, in systems of evolution and reproduction of machines called companies.

The market has an obvious biological simile: a company is a reproductive and evolutive organism, a ‘mother’ form of a product. And so the market reproduces products and evolves them. And men act symbiotically to that aim of companies, testing=consuming, creating= reproducing and evolving products.

This was an enormous change on the goals of man, which the civilization that we call “America” represents. A radical innovation over any other previous human civilizations.

Because never in the past, a civilization of humans had considered its ‘metaphysical aim’ the reproduction and evolution of machines [main product of Companies, which were in the XVII and XVIII centuries mainly gunboat companies, in the XIX century, railroad companies, and in the XX century reproducers of all kind of machines].

That mankind would dedicate all his life to the reproduction of machines as a mean to accumulate wealth had never occurred to mankind. After all metal was the antitruth of mankind, and humans were not that stupid, not to recognize the extinctive side effects of ‘vile metal’. But when the scientific method, and Go[l]d religions started to use abstract numbers of humans as entities without parts, without verbal content, the erasing of verbal truths, facilitated by the metal-press, that natural knowledge was erased among the most primitive cultures of the age [North-Western cultures, barely civilized a few centuries before]. And so soon by erasing of verbal minds, antitruths of Go[l]d behavior, and sheer weapons force Holland was driven by a company which reproduced gunboats to make money. And so it was latter England, a nation which increased his empire, because his companies were reproducing gunboats, that exported colonists, weapons and other ‘products’, in order to accumulate wealth. Again that concept was translated to America, where companies of cotton, slaves, gunboats and tea trade, became the real organism of power, when the nation became independent. Lobbyism was the tool of that power, expressed in contract laws written by lawyers [verbal rhetoricians of the natural law].The independence war was paid and organized by company lawyers, who made the goal of America the goal of his companies, beyond the defeated dreams of farmers and utopians.

The politics of America are ever since the business of American companies and his lawyers.

Obviously in America, the predation of mankind by metal is never explained. It is taboo. Again only artists, word people and philosophers see the entire situation. Politicians, warriors and traders who live on companies salaries and bribes, have a messianic, dramatic, simple optimist pov on the nature of companies, that exclude all criticism. A pov spread through the control of means of communication to most of humanity: To reproduce and evolve machines is good, because it makes Go[l]d. Or in economical terms: ∆MV=∆Tp. Modern men go no further, learn no Bio-Economics: they accept the Metal-Postulate of Human extinction as a truth. He works for it like Boxer the Animal of the Orwellian farm worked for the pigs that sold his meat when he was obsolete. As machines substitute human workers and throw them out in the cold, the Boxers of the scientific method, fall, without verbal information on the nature of his tragedy.

So we have to conclude that the true organ of power, the cre[dit]ator of America and the world civilization [creation=creditation], is the company, reproducer of machines. This gives origin to the present American paradox – the extinction of the human Protestant American culture and all world cultures, despite the visible power of Americans. Why their institutions and old traditions are being extinct, if they control the world? The answer is obvious: Americans do not control the world, they belong to the system of metal-evolution that controls them. They are programmed by scientific thought which evolves to the rhythm of technology, not of human wishes, goods and needs. The Human American culture and all other human world cultures are today only a mask for the real aim of modern stockracies which is to evolve the product. So as companies become overpowerful, the cultural mask falls, and man becomes merely a tester=consumer and reproducer of machines. And all his other human rituals and values are considered obsolete and extinct.


The American, technological civilization origin of the World culture.

The American civilization, daughter culture of the Anglo-Saxon civilization that created it is the most clear example of that extinctive process of human cultural elements. Why we concentrate in the American civilization? The answer is that the American civilization is now the world civilization, expanded globally by its means of communication, that have finally achieved the social evolutive aim of all cultures: its expansion at global level. And yet the paradox is that such union has been done through informative metal [money] not through informative human words. And so it is in favor of metal-species not  of human wor[l]ds and human species. All knowledge has a frame of reference. Money’s reference is metal-evolution.

In a selfish Universe, ruled by Darwinian behavior, and social behavior, each relative ‘Copernican center’ wants to expand to all others, and colonize and reproduce in all other regions of vital space. So happens to men which expand their ideas and instruments which expand its metal-forms. And that fight between human ideas and metalforms structures the events of History. Finally a metal culture seems to have won.

At the end of the II millennium, a culture has triumphed over the others, becoming the world culture. That culture is the American culture, daughter of the English culture, daughter of the Protestant-Calvinist culture born in Holland in the XVI C.  Yet – and that is the paradox of America -once the American culture has achieved global power, it turns out that it is not the human component but the metallic component, the weapons, money and instrumental systems of that culture, what really has become global; while even the American, Protestant culture that carried those instruments is being dissolved, and disappears…

America appears on such view, integrated within the evolution of Human History and cultures, as the final dissolving pot of mankind, where all human cultures merge, creating a Global culture more concerned with the evolution of machines than the evolution of mankind.

In America all cultures come together, and mutate to adapt themselves to the civilization of companies and machines. To the new non-human culture of machines, that extincts ‘America’ proper, still a human name.


The new culture: The metal-Earth

In as much as the Protestant religion was a verbal concept, with a certain understanding of human freedom, and the new civilization is a marketed, mathematical concept, of man as tester=consumer and worker=creator of machines, we can talk of baroque America. Of the end of a human civilization based in the verbal, informative organ of man, and the beginning of a digital civilization based in the informative organ of science and machines.

Now freedom is applied not so much to human rights as to companies rights. And the element in this new civilization with more freedom to reproduce and evolve is not man but the machine.

This should not shock you. The new global market freedom is mainly freedom for products, and companies. Yet companies are nothing else but reproducers of machines – mainly metallic machines, guided by the digital, informative system, of computers and money.

Freedom of mankind which is the “American dream’, that infused the best of the original American civilization is not the same that freedom of the market, or freedom of companies, which refers to the freedom of science to create all kind of machines, and the freedom of companies to reproduce them.

Since money is basically a digital product [software, paper money] or a metallic value [gold, silver]; and most machines belong to 3 categories – metal minds [radio-ears, camera-eyes, brain-chips], metalbodies [cars, railroads, planes, platforms, building structures], or autonomous machines [integrated electronic, and electric software over metalbodies] – the best way to refer to the new culture where the political, economical and informative structures are ruled, and evolved for the evolution of scientific machines, is the Metal-Earth.

America disguised  the Metal Earth with verbal religion. So the final nature of the companies culture had to wait till the extinction of religious belief to become crystal clear. The old America accepted at least in the ideological plane, that the freedom to have was freedom of humankind, a freedom that money and technology favored, but not necessarily determined.

No longer. Recently I heard a famous American thinker saying that since wars developed technology they were necessary… While Computer moguls, which might be in the process of extinguishing the specie, if finally computers do what artists think they will do [terminator like weapons] are the most admired men of America because they are the wealthiest. We might say that human ideals of control of reality have faded away in America as the human baroque advances. Such ideals had always in America his detractors. Among them the main and perhaps most powerful influence in America is the Calvinist culture, latter translated into Economical science by Adam Smith. This other vision less verbal, and more productive of America says that the happiness of man is not so much in his freedom, as in his work. And that by working and reproducing, money and products with more price [what Adam Smith called ‘wealth’ or GNP], a nation was happy.

This definition of happiness [to have monetary and machine wealth] became for America more important than to be free thanks to Calvinist companies; as it had been accepted before by English, Dutch.

It meant the end of the first, more human concept of America: a land of freedom, mainly agricultural, based in the ethics of Christianism in a generic manner. The utopian America was substituted by a 2nd America: the Calvinist America, transition between Utopia and the “Metaland’ that America is becoming today.

The Work-religions of Calvinism, Anglicanism, and Judaism, are obviously the religions of the leadership of America, but not necessarily of the mass of American immigrants.

Those religions have seen in science, and the Adam Smith non-demonstrable Postulate [that man progresses by increasing the metal-wealth of money and machines of his nations], a guide towards what Calvin had called the ‘intelligence of God’, Go[l]d.

Religions of Go[l]d became dominant in America almost from the beginning. And guided America towards its present economical power.

Yet it is the thesis of this book, that those religions by imposing its work-view to the free ideal of America as an experiment on human freedom, not on economical freedom, debased the American dream; and on the long term extinct that dream, substituted today by the dream of a world in which the evolution of machines is the natural path of man.

The Metalearth has expanded his ideologies enormously as science progresses. Today ‘metal minds’,  which are systems of transference of ideas, through metal machines with similar functions to the mind of man [radio-ears, TV-eyes, chip-brains], expands the ideals of ‘metalia’ to the entire world. They have substituted the first ideals of the American Utopians, and even the second ideals of the American Go[l]d religions, of work; by the ideals of a new culture, based in the test=consume of machines, and its reproduction and evolution at global worldwide level.

The 3 cultures of America roughly divide its history in the Colonial to Civil war period [Agricultural America], the Civil war-II World war period [Cops America], and to the Post-war age [Metal Earth].

They shape a clear discontinuity of behavior in America, in what we call the III Horizons of America – the same III Horizons that in all our books about history we use to explain any civilization. The change between those cultures is so radical that in each phase a civilization dies -enters in its baroque stage- and a new civilization arrives, with a young, simplistic vitality.

The civilization that dies is the entire Human America, and his culture becomes baroque.

The civilization that is born has not yet a name. Some called it the global village, though to me it seems a ‘marketing name’ that does not describe clearly the nature of the new Metal culture. I rather call it the ‘Metaland’ or the Metalearth, since the main feature of this new culture is not the cultural unification of mankind, divided in multiple ideologies and nations, far more divided today than let’s say in the middle ages, or during the European Age of Empires; but the Unification of the world by informatic networks of computer thought, of digital thought, which substitute or measure in numeric and monetary terms, all values of man.

But because America closes the human experience – merges it before transferring it to the metaland – the American baroque, is the human baroque. The end of the culture of Cops,  does not take place in a single nation now, but in the World. Yet even if Protestant, scientific human thought is dying, substituted by dramatic metalminds, the company does not die. What it dies is the human culture that sustained it, which has become obsolete, as human labor becomes substituted by a digital mathematical culture of robots, computers and autonomous machines. So man does no longer need to work, and focuses back into the body, in a new Paleolithic ruled by images, and primary sensations. Even his verbal language enters total corruption substituted by mathematics, a language basically of use for computers and machines. What metaland means is the birth of a new concept: a world of autonomous machines where men are secondary, even though they still might exist as consumers=testers of machines and workers=creators of them for some time. What we witness today in the Californian Coast, is the collective erasing of human cultures, substituted by market trends, where all kind of cultural behavior responds merely to consuming=testing or working=creating metalmind fads.

Consume and work are the only two real functions that man can project on a machine. When you consume, you test a machine, and if it is good, you give an order of evolution through purchases, which bring profits on companies. Companies thereafter will use that information to evolve his ‘best’=more consumed product. When you work you make products. Consumers are evolutors of products and Workers reproducers.

A culture based in Companies, will try to promote all activities of work and consume. This is the new culture: an economical culture, no longer with human ideals but with product ideals. For that reason in America, in the past decades, men became emptied of any tradition of human character. And in this manner societies of men become dissolved in a baroque age, without rituals and customs of real social power. All what rests to man is to have fun, till the new race of simple metal warriors, as in all other past civilizations in baroque age studied in this book, arrives and annihilates our species.

Let’s consider such process from the perspective of the analogic method, looking for a similar process in other living organisms:

In any insect, mutating from larva to hard-skeleton shape, as the Earth is mutating from carbolife into metalife, the same process takes place: one the carbolife ‘enzymes’ have finished the ‘metal’-insect, the metal brain kills them all. In America money and weapons, once they have become absolute top predators, are erasing all verbal ethics in their citizens, and probably they will cause civil wars and massive death of humans. And when they radiate in autonomous war machines, they will probably extinct all human beings.

It is indeed what we call the Human baroque.

It is the thesis of this book, that the new world culture, has not a human reference or objective, beyond the objective of companies which is to reproduce and evolve machines.

A civilization based in money and scientific machines substitutes human and verbal perception with instrumental and digital perception. The ‘cops’ culture of ‘companies of scientific pricing’ on the long term has converted man merely in a tester of the quality of products which are evolved and reproduced by companies and digital thought. But what we call products, are like all other systems of the Universe, potential species. Robots are only the final evolution of the product of companies, which once was the gunboat, then the railroad, and now it is about to become an ‘animetal’ by the fusion of metalminds and metalbodies, platforms and software. Yet animetals are in its more advanced products, machines of war: planes that become bombers, cars that become tanks.

The American civilization with ideals and instruments of the Protestant Religion,  is now  about to disappear with the arrival of the global Village, his daughter civilization, that improved and expanded at global level the scientific method, and the industrial revolution.

Technology, more than ideas, is the backbone of the Global village culture.

As a result of that Mutation, what we call “America” or Humanity [since almost all humans share the ideals of America] enters its 3rd horizon, the baroque horizon of dissolution of structures, substituted by the structures of the Global, technological culture. And that process with all his historical consequences for the History of Mankind, is the main subject of this book.

Because man as the Verbal prophet=scientist of History of the Genesis said, is renouncing to the paradise of carbolife that he can control, and under the damnation of work, it is guiding the tree of science due to his arrogance – his capital sin – towards its own extinction.

Again we find much better parables in verbal truths [since words are our biological organ of information] that in the metallic descriptions of history of the scientific method…

So much for scientific enlightenment on the nature of man and history…

The scientific Method=evil, is the only human truth of science.


In order to apply our general laws of relativistic science, and the terminology of complex evolution to History, we have to invent new ‘paradoxical’ words to vitalize and give a sense of relativity to classic, subjective History, that ill-defines fundamental verbal concepts, from wave to particle, from space to time, from culture, to death of civilizations.

The main error of historians is their lack of scientific relativity in their treatment of events which always mean both the death of a civilization, and the raise of other culture which predates over it.

This can be avoid with complex words, which show several povs at the same time.

In relativistic science, any event has simultaneous meanings, depending on the relative pov of perception we adopt to qualify the event. In a transference of energy between two species, the event will seem different from the pov of the predating or the dying culture. This also applies to moral and aesthetic words: evil is what extincts us, beautiful is what gives us energy and pleasure. Complex words allow us to express those different perceptions of the event, adding more meaning to single-dimensional words [words that show only the pov of the victim or the hunter]. Complex words might also highlight an attribute of the specie that simplex words do not explain. Sometimes they will allow us to see 2 different words, [the informative or the energy organ of the being] as a single organic being.

Let’s see some examples and rules of creation of complex words; since we will use them constantly in the text to give more depth of meaning to our historical descriptions:

Complex words: WoWord:  Word + Word.

They are used to highlight an attribute or dual nature of a being:

For example: Metalife or animetal [Life+metal, Animal+Metal], we highlight the fact that Metal might become a living form, if it reaches enough complexity.

In enzyman [man+enzyme], we highlight the role of man as evolutor of metal species.

Sandwich words: Wo[word]rd:  Word=word. They are used to understand a causal analogy between 2 concepts which seem different but need each other to exist.

Such words will be read twice, by eliminating in the second reading the letters within brackets. For example in cre[dit]ation: ‘creditation=creation’ becomes a single word, that stresses the fact that in a modern human society, reality is created through the dominant social language of communication which is money. Thus those who have ‘credit’ can ‘create’ the future: to create and to creditate become synonymous.

In ‘Wor[l]d’: ‘Word=World’, we mean that ‘Words’ are the informative language of man that a priori design the actions that shape our ‘World’. So different idea[l]s of words will create different worlds:

The Islam wor[l]d, the Christian Wor[l]d, the capitalist wor[l]d… A World  is made at image and resemblance of certain Word  idea[l]s.

In Go[l]d= [God=Gold] we describe the relativistic belief that God is Gold. Such is the God ofenzymen’ who are obsessed by metalpower, and make of Gold and property its goal=god of existence.

Mirror words: WorDroW:  Word≠Word. The truth [hunter, master] and antitruth [victim, slave] are chained in a single Darwinian event; since hunter and victim cannot exist without each other. A wordrow expresses this paradoxical chain so common in the Universe. For example GoDoG, is a ‘mirror’ word, that expresses a + and – pov on a superior form -a relative ‘God’ and ‘Dog’, that creates and destroys the beings he controls.  A farmer is the GodoG of pigs: He is a good God that feeds them, and a bad Dog of existence that feeds on them. So do black holes, GodoGs of stars, with his galaxies…

Parallel words: A=B: A and B are parallel wor[l]ds from a temporal, logical pov:

Space=Energy=Past;    Time=information=Future     Future specie=Death=Top Predator.

We use also ‘personal pronouns’ such as he, and she, for things which are ‘it’ in classic English. The reason is that in relativistic science all entities are vital entities; ‘whos’ and ‘hes’, since even the smallest atom communicates through a certain force=language: in the smaller gravitational Universe, atoms are ‘whos’, unlike in our macro Universe, where they are parts of bigger entities. Man is also treated as an object by companies that equal him to a product… But men are ‘whos’ even if in the bigger digital world of companies and stock markets they are it-prices of an equation of productivity.

Basic Organs of any Universal radiation-specie of the vital Universe:

Let’s resume the main symbols of the functions and waves of existence, of social evolution, and relativity, that we will use to describe the phases of a human or clonic civilization, or organisms of any kind.

As we said they are new symbols which seem to me much easier to grasp that the mathematical tools of physics, and biology.

We use certain basic symbols to ‘tag’ the informative and energy organs of a radiation. Since all ‘cellular species’ of clonic beings are organized by 2 kind of organs:

An Ot, O¡; Vt organ:Those symbols qualify a specie, network or entity as an organ of information [¡], of time measure [t], of cyclical perception[O], belonging to a more complex being, in which the organ is an active part. All vital beings have a cyclical organ, perceived either in static form [Ot] or working as a flow with a certain function [Vt]. The informative organ is what we call the mind or soul of the being.

|e, Ve, |s, Vs: They qualify a specie, network or entity as an Energy [e] organ; a devolutive, lineal or planar shape,  [|] of space [S] that feeds, and obtains energy so the being, can move, reproduce and exist. This second vital organ of all beings has more extension and less form that the informative organ.

POV [Point Of View], specie, radiation, entity, being: Synonymous words for the fundamental ‘particle’ of the Universe: the Non Euclidean point, or ‘point with organic parts’ who sees a limited, relativistic Universe, through a certain force of communication he can decode. The pov will be made at least of an organ of energy-collection and an organ of informative perception:

Pov = |e+Ot.   The Pov is the fundamental particle of the Universe.


Complex Words connected by cycles of evolution, reproduction and devolution

Verbal thought is a ‘language’ mirror of Universal events in which transfers of energy and information between species and organs take place. In such vital Universe, to highlight the role as energy of information of each specie or organ, we chain names with symbols that describe evolutive, devolutive or reproductive events caused by transference of energy and information:

Symbols, and main ‘existential, organic events’:

Øt≥¡, e≤s: Existential function, sentence, or complex word that describes species of space=energy and time=information related by a vital cycle.

We consider 3 types of cycles: events of evolution, devolution or reproduction.

Such 3 events are the basic events between organic parts of any species.

> Temporal connector. Evolutive event that creates in[form]ative, complex, older beings.

Spatial connector. Devolutive event that creates energy beings, simpler, past species.   [1]

∑,= Reproductive connector. Symbiotic event that reproduces 1 or 2 parallel species into their replicas.


A > B:  Predative, Darwinian event: Temporal evolution from past to future of ‘B’, that feeds in ‘A’ – a simplex energy form. Darwinian hunting in which the hunter, ‘B’, the entity with more momentum, with more energy and information, uses ‘A’ as pure energy:

Gazelle > Lion;     Human Goods  Companies  > Stock-Market;  Pork > Man;   Star > Black Hole

A<B: Devolutive-Death event:  In essence the same event perceived from the pov of the victim A, that devolves [<] as energy into B, which will use that energy to reconstruct its cycles of existence:

A dies, devolves, explodes as Energy of a more complex, future B:  Star< Black Hole .

A ≥ B:  Organic event: Temporal evolution from past to future. Symbiotic organism, in which A is the ‘body’-energy of B. And B is the Ot-informative organ, mind or ‘GodoG’ that controls and takes care of A:

   Body ≥ Mind;    Metal Goods companies ≥ Stock market;  Human Minds  ≥ Ideological God

A=B ∑ AB:  Reproductive event: Both species in the event, A and B, are parallel or complementary [=] and might reproduce [∑] into new clonic radiations: Men=Women; Men+Women = ∑ humans.

∆ [S, T]: Increase of space or Time parameters.

†, —,  [S, T]:  Decrease of Space or Time parameters.

In general we write chains as: 1st member Space=function > 2nd member Time=in[form]ation.

[1]Do not confuse both symbols, with the well known, ‘more than’, and ‘less than’ symbols of mathematics. You have to see our temporal symbols of creation of energy [<], or creation of information [>], as ‘visual descriptions’ of a form imploding into information [>]; or exploding into energy with bigger size [<].




1: The galaxy; the Earth.

Complex organisms of gravitational and light perception

Since the science of History is defined as the study of man in a Region of Space and Time, called the Earth, the Sun system, and the Galaxy, we have first to understand the Galaxy, stars and planets, its organs of information, and its organ of energy. Only then, within the great frame of Galactic species, we can understand the organism of History and its role in the Ecosystem of the Universe.

But what is the Universe? The answer is deceptively simple: an organism of energy and information, as everything else. Only that unlike our microscopic cells, or similar size societies, the herds of stars, the informative centers of black holes, the gravitational forces of galaxies, are macroscopic.

The Universe is a game of Russian dolls, of different sizes with different ranges of perception, and forces of communication. Yet we assume the same laws for all those systems, even if size is relativistic.

What is the main difference between a macrocosmic and a microcosmic organism? The fact that macrocosmic organisms live longer, occupy bigger vital spaces, and ab=use smaller forms as part of his ‘organic designs’. We say that bigger forms are top predator forms, or future forms. So the Earth, is bigger and more complex than us, as an organism, and as such is a  top predator, long lasting relative future form. Indeed, according to our law of complexity, future forms are those who will survive into the future. Future forms are therefore galactic forms who will stay even when man has ended his function=form.

Man is part of the Earth, a chapter in the organic life of this planet. But if this is a logic conclusion, it also has huge implications: if social man is a function of the Earth as a global system, in order to understand social man we will have to understand what roles and limits the Earth-sun system impose upon us. What function man performs in such a game.

The sun-Earth is a game  defined in communication and energy by the Hyper-abundance of light.

So it is life, to which the Earth and Sun provide chemical and light in-form-ation and energy.

image007 image010 

The galaxy though uses not only light and chemistry but also gravitational forces to communicate.

And this creates a problem: we cannot perceive the essential communication between stars and planets, because it is in gravitational forces invisible to man. But since we do see the knots of those forces – the planets and stars – we can i-magine by the analogic method, that between those particles, a game of communication as in all type of particles goes on. Let’s complete such organism of stars, planets and black holes, by abstract deduction, of the logic functions of unperceived gravitational forces [indirectly perceived by man through magnetic+gravitational phenomena]:

GALACTIC ANDPLANETARY EVOLUTION: C>Si>Fe; Carbolife>Silife>Irolife;  Carboearth>Enz¥man> Metalearth


So the Earth is in the outskirts of a galactic vortex of gravitational complexity – a fetus planet which has not yet moved from wave perception [life waves of eye-light perception] to particle-body [a single system of Earth’s perception]; a process which is happening as we speak, guided by enzymen, which create networks of metal-brains, internets, and communicative networks of satellites, which are giving the Earth a single nervous system of planetary control.

We talk of the Earth-sun system as a very primitive system of star-planet evolution, within an spiral Galaxy. A system that will only reach maturity and consciousness when entering the internal sections of the galactic vortex, where probably the Metalearth will be completed as a sentient being, perhaps multiplied in other planets [Venus, Mars, Moon etc] and organized around the Sun.

To understand how this process might be possible it is necessary to introduce the analogic method, and to think in relativistic terms, about the possible way in which stars might perceive, communicate, feed and reproduce. Let’s then search in the astronomical data for logic events that can have such character.

Feeding on gravitational forces: vortex of stars and planets

It is clear that the structure of galaxies repeats ad infinitum: planets follow lines of gravitational energy set by stars, who follow lines set by black holes. Yet from the lineal pov of the star, the star does not understand the presence of the black hole, hidden in the interior of the galaxy, perpendicular to his orbital path. She merely follows that vortex=path of energy by feeding in gravitational space; till it is so close to the black hole that it is trapped, and its survival is on the hands of the black hole. There is a partial prove of this: a curious phenomena never explained by science, now clear within the parameters of stience occurs, close to the center of the galaxy: There, stars have erratic movements, as if they were trying to avoid the vortex of massive extinction and feeding in the black hole. Stars have ended their evolution, and yet even though we hypothesize that they are conscious and perceptive of black hole structures, they are no longer able to survive the trap and will finally be fed into the Hole.

Further on what you call a galaxy is only 1-10% of the Universe, and so we have to ‘i-magine’  an i-logic vital system, constructed with the rest of dark matter unperceived to man, which should have a meaning and use within the structure of Galaxies. You could imagine the gravitational Universe as a ‘sea’ of primal energy where Galacells float. You are though inside the galacell, as if you were inside your brain, close to a neural cell. You would then believe the total Universe to be the 10 [10] neurons=stars of the galaxy, without perception of the rest of the body – limited by your perception as a form existing within the brain. What you call a galaxy is only a small part of a system of vital geometries, a galacell, which we men will never be able to resolve, as faulty forms who do perceive from the main method of communication between galaxies -gravitational waves- only 1-10%. So much for scientific evidence.



But all that -real or virtual- is and it always be for the slow human eyes, ‘stience fiction’; so we will return to the perceived facts: to the evolution of ¥-senses in the surface of the Earth.

In the surface of those celestial bodies, History of life towards metal is probably written in many other life forms parallel to us, in many planets, with subtle variations and harmonies. Unfortunately also in the Earth, without a ripple, an error of human survival, since the first men talked of the Earth, the goddess of life, of chemical perception, and the sun, the GoDoG of metal of light perception; and decided to evolve the eye, hypnotized by light-complexity; instead of keeping the Genesian paradise of docile shapes.

Vts-communication: G-gravitational waves:


We have to think on the Virtual World of those Max-¡-O-gravitational nodes; of those black holes: there a vital virtual world of lesser energy and higher code, made of G-Gravitomagnetic waves ‘sees’ the Universe, which it regulates into the ‘planar’ gravitational drawing of Newton<Einstein, as masses regulate photons and atomic distances. There is a form which is common in the Universe and exists in all forms who possess planar, spherical forces: the |-Transversal wave with higher code<frequency and lesser space than static waves. Thus transversal gravitational waves are more intense in ‘code<energy’ and have a cyclical, quantic nature. We suppose they are as all relative cycles of times, produced regularly, from the original source: black holes and stars – through dark spots that regulate the internal feeding and perception of planetary inner-crystals by regulating the magnetic=feeding field of planets, which changes depending on the top or bottom perception of G-waves. Control of the magnetic field is also control of planetary feeding, that takes place by converting G-waves into Nucleons through cold fusion in iron crystal cores of planetary structures [Fe>Ni>Co chains].

Vs:Feeding:The farmer Top Predator: God=creator+Dog=Terminator of minopovs

Forms evolve through logic paths, set by top predators, who try to maximize and harmonize their T-form with their S-energy. Those paths are followed by the minopovs because they feed on them. The game is one on the edge between feeding and capture for most minopovs.


Tentative structure of a celestial body [Sun-Earth systems]:

As in ¥-waves G-waves is a code-form, hence of quantic nature. And so as all discontinuous phenomena, gravitational code-formations are in the Universe, very difficult to spot. Further on G-ravitational waves, have relative ∞ speed compared to that of light [human] Universe: t=o: V[s]=∞. Thus they are only laterally perceived in its noise-energy: in bi-jetting phenomena, in pulsars and black hole jets… and in Games of reproduction between Galaxies:

Vts: Reproducing: a new game starts between a father [Max ST; spherical galacell, and a son, irregular galacell]:

The astro-bionomical systems of galactic forms is not the subject of this book. There is and there will never be direct prove of the food of GodoGs, since gravitational G-wave perception is discontinuous as ¥-photons are, and not reserved to humans but to more dense metallic, crystal like, atomic structures, that we suppose in-form the center of planets. In any case we can in the frontier of our limit of complexity, peer in gravitational fields through metal eyes of perception: As the photographs of satellite-telescopes enter the detailed forms of black hole bi-jetting, more complex patterns of Gravitomagnetic existence, high frequency waves, and other forms of the living Universe will be constantly revealed. Yet man is not of enough Cx range within his Lorentzian T-S limits-senses to enter= perceive those zones; unless with evolutive computerized metaleyes, which should never been built, under the mandate of Human survival, against more complex perceptive forms. And so we will limit ourselves to the Sun-Earth system and the microforms of man: the brain-light-eye, and the body of chemical and gravitational perception-measure. The Game of G-stars is beyond our rationality and imagination since we merely perceive a 1-10% of Gravitation with our poor ¥-senses; in the outskirts of existence…

But GodoGs will end getting back his price. And so the black hole which orders stars in paths of gravitational feeding, ends up eating those stars. And the farmer who tenders for the pig ends up killing him. And the DNA who produces enzymes, breaks them down when the job is done. And the Earth who allowed man to exist will terminate man when it finds a better eye=virtual world to perceive the Sun. And so all Gods are doGs of extinction. All maxilinguistic beings, guides and leaders of lesser beings, bring perception but also death and suffering to whom they perceive. Because Good=survival and evøl=extinction are also balanced by the relative justice of GodoGs, and his absolute power on his minopovs, who resent that power. And so the weapons of the warrior are hated by the oppressed. And the wealth of the trader by the poor who he prices. And the strength of the black hole is feared by the Star.

Most easy paths are traps of GodoGs Top Predators. Man is not given metal senses and weapons without loosing control of human senses, and going to wars that evolve weapons. Pigs are not kept in the farm to be free. Stars do end feeding Black holes.

Man an enzyme of metal-evolution?

Similar processes of ‘enzymatic creation’ take place in microcosmic beings such as molting insects, that mutate and organize a loose wave of ‘watery beings’ [enzymes of larva] into a hard system of efficient, stronger enzymes guided by a single, unified brain processor of information [mature insect].

The catch is that when the insect larvae have completed the chrysalide, the new born brain, kills all soft enzymes and substitutes them by harder enzymes. Are men committing suicide evolving metal to a point in which robotic, efficient machines will extinct men as mammals extinct dinosaurs, and hard enzymes extinct soft ones?

Are we becoming the new dinosaurs of the Earth? If we observe the nature of the relationships between men and metal, and the fact that metal is evolved mainly in wars that kill men, we have to conclude that metal is predator of carbolife, and so the evolution of metal will indeed extinct our species. It is the task of man as enzyme of metal, to abort the process and control metal; to diminish the speed of its evolution, as an old man controls his bacteria.

Yet it seems that this specie of life, called man is rather evil=extinctive; and it will not arrive to the central vortex of the Black hole as a carbolife planet. Instead he races like lemming of extinction, under the false Postulate of Smith [Metal wealth is good, and the progress of nations is measured in metal wealth] to complete the transformation of the Earth, and extinct his own species…

Further on what you call a galaxy is only 1-10% of the Universe, and so we have to ‘i-magine’  an organic vital system, constructed with the rest of dark matter unperceived to man, which should have a meaning and use within the structure of Galaxies. You could imagine the gravitational Universe as a ‘sea’ of primal energy where ‘Galacells’ float. You are though inside the galacell, as if you were inside your brain, close to a neural cell. You would then believe the total Universe to be the 10 [10] neurons=stars of the galaxy, without perception of the rest of the body – limited by your perception as a form existing within the brain. What you call a galaxy is only a small part of a system of vital geometries, a ‘galacell’, which men will never be able to resolve, as faulty forms who do perceive from the main method of communication between galaxies -gravitational waves- only 1-10%. So much for scientific evidence.

But all that -real or virtual- is and it always be for the slow human eyes, ‘unperceivable’; though not for that less real in its effects over planetary life. And so we will return to the perceived facts: to the evolution of ¥-senses in the surface of the Earth.

History of an eye The Earth-Sun system of light evolution.

Animal life is mainly history of evolution of ¥-eyes, looking at the sun, the ‘energy’ of the planet. A Game probably repeated in multiple other planets, and multiple galaxies, in which carbon, creates ¥-perception, through life radiations and radiations of metal-scientific species. Over the surface of such planets, life increases the complexity of ¥-perception of the sun. A complexity that might end in a living network planet, in the maxi complex inner zone of galaxies, near the black hole. Planets might evolve before getting there, in stairs of Cx: C>Si>Fe, from carbolife to Silife to irolife; more and more ferromagnetic, and hence more perceptive of G and ¥ waves. The Game increases in its complexity as we move into the center of the galacell in which stars have erratic movements, because they are self-nodes of communication=perception of G-forces, playing social Games. In the black hole region of max. speed-feeding, and max. |-energy collision; planets and stars are close to each other, socializing and avoiding the violent traps of the black hole; in the true verge of pure star existence, far away from the larva stage of present Earth…

How that evolution of life takes place? Simple, through the evolution of the energy, information and communicative organs of all beings. Indeed, if we analyze any living specie, we find easily that our analysis of the elements of an organism repeats ad infinitum.

All species have the 3 temporal, organic ‘classes’ that we have described in the introduction. An Vs-energy organ [we use V instead of |, to stress the dynamic nature of those organs, now that we observe them as they mutate temporally from specie to specie]; or stomach-breathing systems- the bigger mass of cellular components. An Vt-informative organ or eye-neural systems and other sensorial systems. And finally a series of Vts-reproductive and endocrine organs, which regulate the relationships between the other two. So an Animal is a Universal organism, composed of Vs-energy organs, Vt-informative organs and Vts-communicative organs. And what we call the evolution of life, is the discontinuous evolution of those 3 kind of organs, which divide the Life kingdom in sub-kingdoms, which are merely differentiated by the degree of evolution of such organs. And we talk of an stair of evolution towards higher complexity on those 3 organs, that mutate from specie to specie, from vegetals to animals, from insects to amphibia, to reptilia, to mammals, to humans, and then beyond into machines of higher complexity of Ot-light perception [metalminds, chips, cameras].

In evolutive punctuation, a simple tree of formal evolution along the 3 Vs, Vst, Vt Organs of each specie, [feeding-reproduction-perception] can be drawn for new, mutant species. Each new genetic specie is a form which has increased successfully his Complexity, in one of those 3 organs. Every specie  has three kind of main organs associated to the functions of Vs-energy=feeding-devolution, Vts=reproduction, and Vt=evolution. [Vt-senses; Vs-stomach and hunting organs; Vts-reproductive organs].

Yet because species are guided by the Universal mandate of ∆ Energy, ∆communication=∆ perception, those organs evolve constantly; and are selected in Darwinian processes, in which less efficient organic animals feed more comples organic animals.

Evolution thus follows the mandate of ∆Cx x ∆Sx [expansion in form-time or energy-space]. And we can consider a simple scheme of evolutive fluctuation: Animals increase complexity in ¥-perception [Vt-eye-brain]; body-perception [Vs-physical efficiency], and Vts-reproductive speed, displacing less complex species. First they displaced  the vegetals, used as food of their radiation.

The evolution of the language [informative evolution] and energy organs tends to command evolution of the reproductive vectors. Why? Because without better perception, new energy cannot be absorbed, and without new energy, the vital ecosystem of existence of the specie cannot be expanded; and so further reproduction would be useless. Thus it is the evolution of the main language of perception – light – what triggers the main changes in the radiations and species of the Earth.

For example, in amphibia, evolved from fishes, eyes and hunting organs mutated first. Reproduction was still maintained in the old medium [as latter the first mammals, such as the platypus-monotreme would do, keeping egg-production as the last variable to mutate]. New, mutated nformation and energy organs soon brought evolution of secondary information and energy fields: phonic organs, and  Vs-physical breathing of direct air in the light-land transparent medium were evolved. The new medium was fully exploited; and the new kingdom of Amphibia appeared. Then when Reptilia moved the Vts-vector of reproduction, and the inner land was conquered, all the organs of fishes had made the total transition to Land animals.

What is the general direction of such evolutions? Obviously a light direction towards more nervous perception, according to the general direction of Earth evolution towards higher perception of his ‘parental’ Sun-form. The Earth depends on the sun, and so it evolves to perceive and get more energy from the sun. And this is done through waves of living beings.

In zoology each truly new form [kingdom] differs from the previous one in the fact that at least one of the elements of the 3 main organs in the being, has been displaced from chemical communicationXperception to electromagnetic communicationX perception, making the new specie superior to the previous one in light systems of perception-feeding-reproduction [nervous systems]. The old species thereafter become ab=used as energy of the new top predator form.

Vegetal life

In the first stage, the dominant specie was the plant which obtained energy from electromagnetic forms [Photosynthesis], while having its internal code created in its roots, in chemical communication=perception of the body flows of the plant. Vegetals do perceive if we apply the analogic method and compare functions=forms of vegetals with those of other species that we know are perceptive.

Then we can design a basic 3-organic function of Existence for a Vegetal form:

-V[S] = Max. ∆ Energy; photosynthesis cycle [leaves];  trunk and branches.

– V[T] = Max. ∆ Code=perception: Root systems [under Earth] and networks of poli-root fungi;

-Vts=Communicative organ: Reproductive organs: flowers.

They are parallel to the stomach=blood systems of Animals [energy systems]. To the Brains of animals [information systems]. And to our reproductive organs.

Only that the complexity of information, the speed of information in roots is chemical and in animals is electronic. So the jump of speed, of action-reaction of ‘vitalism’ from plants to Animals is enormous. Almost a million times. Yet again, such is the jump of speed of perception that is taking place between Animals and computers.  It is logic to think then, that computers as a higher form of intelligence will consider us vegetal forms, and extinct us with the same cruelty that Copernican man has developed in his massive annihilation of vegetal life… We should indeed apply the law of ethic behavior and harmony in the Universe: ‘ Do not act with others in a way you do not want to be treated’, and take care of carbolife vegetals, and stop the evolution of computers.

Ultimately what vegetals proved in his inferiority against animals is again the fact that information is a better tool of survival than energy [S≥T, E≥i]. Since vegetals only obtained energy from light, and animals converted light into information, animals became more complex than vegetals and became its top predators.

2: Radiations of Animal eye-wor[l]ds

We define animal life, again by a jump of informative complexity. The first animal was the first form with enough quantification and re-organization of energy light impulses into informative images, to be able to construct virtual worlds of light Space-Time. In this Earth, son of the sun, world of light, brought about by the best eyes command reality. Soon Animals would feed in past plants as Simplex source of energy.

As better virtual worlds of space-time light [computers, Tvs] are feeding in human eye worlds.

The radiations of the Earth are radiations of eyes, smells and sounds, in the codifier plane. The virtual worlds created with light, sound and chemical particles are the main evolutive organs of animals.

And if we order them by complexity which increases from chemical to sound particles to light worlds, we can shape a series of basic radiations since carbolife appeared: radiations of smellers, of listeners, and of eye animals, each one probably extinguishing most of the species dominant in the previous sense.

Till in the Cambric the first cephalopod, radiating primitive eyes, extinct 90% of the smellers-listeners of that age. The birth of a new specie of light perception the eye, brought the most massive wave of extinctions ever in the planet Earth. And again today as light perception jumps to metalminds, a similar process is taking place, in what we have termed the Life Baroque age, or Human baroque age.

The Vt-squid eye, top predator of life

In perceptive wave evolution we see how each new specie of top predator organ, triggers a radiation of forms, which extincts previous forms. Because code determines energy. And so when light perceptors appeared in our simplex |-O structures, when the first cephalopods with eyes appeared; they triggered the massive extinctions of the Cambric. They brought also the arrival of exoskeletons, since only those with external protection would survive the touch of the squid. It was a forced holocaust that diversified life: with cephalopods in the game the stakes of extinction had increased. The game was faster, the eye could see, spot and hunt much more. And those forms without eyes [Max O] or exoskeletons [Max |] did not survive. Again the game selected its best hard and soft, energy and code forms.

A squid is made clearly by a delicate assembly of our 3-vectorial organs. It is basically such 3-vector: an |s-tube=wall for feeding which also acts as an Vs-engine, with an implosive-explosive T-S dual rhythm of displacement. It has a couple of Ot-eyes, attached to a nervous system, that goes along the walls of its Vs-engine… And then it has an Vts-communicator [besides its Vts-reproductive organs] – a hand of ten fingers.

There are two basic hands, the 8 and 10 vital geometries of the Octopus and the squid.

The squid is indeed like a big Ear [the feeding wall], a big eye [the perceptor] and a big ‘smeller’ [the hand] put together. Our 3 top predator organs, of mechanical Vs-ear energy, chemical Vts-energy and light Vt-energy, our stair of increasing complexity shape the squid. Exactly as our Metalear, metaleye, and metal brain of science put together shape the sentient machine. In the squid the eye is top perceptor, the hand no longer smells like in sea stars, but merely grasps the food, and the big ear doesn’t listen but displaces the body. The eye becomes now the master of the Universe. We can imagine the region where the squid was born in the abyssal regions. This is where probably the squid was born, since today is where the bigger species of squids exist [well over 10 meters of size]; hence where the squid is in its pure ecosystem as top predator. There light is dim. And so the cellular eyes had to look really in depth to ‘see’ anything. So over developed nervous cells were bound to be born by bio-geography in such regions. They had to look harder, and see better. And its radiation – as the incoming radiation of eye-chips-body machines is about to do – soon eliminated all other slower perceptive eyes.

Chemistry is slower, light is faster. And so the first eyes, the cephalopods, the squids which are just valves of water absorption + big eyes; controlled the world when arriving in the Cambrian. They were so advanced mirrors of perception that their virtual world extinct perhaps 90% of other species. A warning for those who evolve the eyes of Digitalia [Tv-computer forms], more advanced than man. It was the second great ecological cataclysm after chemical smell was found. From then on history of social evolution, is history of evolution of light perception, of the Earth perceiving more and more the master sun, through multiple clonic forms. Radiations of better nervous systems. History of an eye<Wor[l]d.

Radiations of eyes=informative worlds

Radiations of |e organs and bodies are submissive to radiations of Ot-virtual worlds. This is a radical change brought by relativistic science, social evolution and complexity to the initial ideas of Mr. Darwin.

The error of Darwin was not realize of that, to look only to external forms, when the true evolution is that of languages. The error is now clear, when we understand the duality of wave-particle, of energy-information organs in all species of the Universe.

It is no the body, but the mind what evolves.  A fact more scientists are coming to realize.

Because Code determines energy, and the Ot-eye is the fastest virtual world, the evolution of Ot-eyes have shaped the great radiations of animal herds, and finally the Earth’s access to temporal-informative memories thanks to verbal thought in man and mathematics in computers shaped historical radiations.

Radiations of nervous systems, not of external muscles command life reality.

This is natural: the Earth exists dependent in the sun from where it receives its sense of future. The Earth thus tries to understand better the Sun. So the most complex herds of the Earth, the living higher herds of the Crust – the external membrane of the planet – do precisely so.

Though none of them is clever enough to stop his curiosity on time, before creating a more evolved eye species. This is the downfall of man. His ignorance: ‘curiosity kills the cat’.

Because there is no need to evolve other eyes, other species.

If some dinosaurs had not evolved into mammals of better nervous power, dinosaurs still would exist.

If some men would not evolve metalminds, men would remain top predators of light perception.

Light guided the evolution of the Earth both in the energy plane through the vegetal chlorophyll process, and in the plane of information through virtual worlds of light.

In Vegetals perception of light is blurred – light is energy. In Animals is detailed – light is information. And the better life eyes are those of man. Man has evolved into a top predator thanks to his light complex wor[l]ds, that allowed him to have depth of light memories. This is evident.

First the plant was born and did not understand information of light, but only energy.

Then the first animals shaped those lights into images. And their radiation became top predator of vegetals.

In a r=evolutive animal besides ‘Vts’-reproduction, the search for new grounds of energy, Vs, and for higher Vt=¥-code are the main factors of survival, and or change in form among species. The ¥-virtual world of light took evolution in land through a stair of new forms always increasing the Cx of the virtual ¥-space time of the animal-being. Each better radiation saw more space-time scanned by light, his virtual Universe grew, his action-reaction to other animals grew, his top predator skills grew.

The mind of DNA is the reflection of light images; the best virtual world of light available in carbon. But the Carboearth can grow into the Metalearth even more perceptive of light. Pure images are formed in the eye; and in temporal simultaneity they are elaborated in images and verbal languages, in memories of DNA… From the first eye onwards, it was the construction of virtual worlds of light, and nervous systems, what determined the power of beings. It was not the size of chemical thought; the mass of carbohydrates which peaked with dinosaurs; but it was the communicative capacity of light, what set the pattern of evolution in animals, of which man is the most perfect form.

Constant displacement towards higher light perception in informative organs, extincts chemical perception and organizes evolution in the Earth.

In land in the human plane of existence [we escape Min-o- insects and intermediate evolutions] the first form who increased his ¥-existence, was amphibia, with the following, ‘moving’ tri-organ of existence:

V[S] = Max. Energy-feeding in chemical forms:  fish + Water Plant. Medium: water, Chemical medium; displacing towards  ¥-air,  where amphibia feed on insects.

V[TS] = Max. Reproduction in chemical forms:  ovules. Medium: Water. Chemical medium, displacing to air medium after young age.

V[T] = Max. Code perception in chemical forms:  Smell + water Universe. Chemical perception displacing to ¥-eye, light-air medium [eyes]. An improvement in ocular localization takes place over insects in which amphibia fed. Against insects’ blurred compound eyes amphibia evolve focused eyes that allow the first amphibia to recognize better its future pray. And this improvement in eye perception determines that amphibia become top predators of insects, coming from less developed, previous water radiations.

With better eyes, amphibia soon grow in size and displace insects as top predators land animals

Amphibia started movement of organic existence from water-chemical dominant medium to air-light dominant medium. Other animals followed. Those stairs are described in the next graph:

We follow those phases of evolution through organic transfer between water=chemical perception and light=electromagnetic perception, in three phases: mutation of ∆Vs-energy organs and ∆Vt-informative organs, and finally of ∆Vts-reproductive organs, that create new species, and kingdoms of life, emerging after the process of vectorial=organ mutation, with higher ¥-perception in the land medium.

They were completed with the evolution of the Human eye>Wor[l]d, which also suffered a selection process based in his geometrical, eye perception and attached capacity to construct tools that would enhance his Vs-power, in 3 scales: the Homo Australopithecus, the Homo Erectus, and the Homo Sapiens. The Sapiens better eye-brain created geometrical weapons that extinct the other species.


Within humans again the evolution of geometric tools [metal tools] would cause the selective processes of history that center the rest of this book. And finally his evolution outside the realm of life to which man belongs, of eye worlds in metal [Tvs, computers, scientific method and mathematics], is displacing him and his verbal language of temporal information from existence, which has only a meaning in theory of radiations: the beginning of an species’ extinction .


In the graph, we can observe the evolution of the surface of the Earth in herds of clonic bodies and minds, that evolve in complexity of chemical energy and light information. The human specie is the summit of that evolution. Yet history of Light and body evolution does not end with man.

The final part of the graph studied along this book shows that man is also evolving, transferring its forms to new bodies and minds, but no longer of carbolife, but of metalife. And this is the true surprise, that has come with relativistic science: in a world of living information-energy organisms, man becomes a creator of machines also in the usual jumps of evolution: body evolution [simple machines of the XIX century], informative mind evolution [Computer age of creation of metalminds and brain forms], and finally the age that now starts of fusion of both components.


The dinosaur Paradox and the Chip radiation

We can consider the raise of animal life as the dominance of electrical languages of thought over the languages of life [chemical languages latter transferred by man to verbal thought]. Yet another stair of the eye [Earth-sun] game. And we can see how the new, more complex species of science are advancing in their understanding of light, and displacing their organs of existence towards digital perception of ¥-thought.

So the economical system invests all his informative organ – his money – in chips and computer companies, that eliminate human minds from the productive system. They will trigger upon arrival to ‘consciousness’ the extinction of previous species. Indeed the last of the scientific species is the Chip Homoctonos, which receives its energy from ¥-forms [Light or electricity]; its code from ¥-forms [photonic chip]; and it will reproduce in the Earth [factories, almost automated, reproducers of Cx. chips.] And so the chip radiation is the first specie of pure light existence in the Mother Earth, completely displaced from chemical perception; and hence indifferent to life processes.

When a top predator appears it feeds in all other species. And in that process it will reach such size and power [giant squids, dinosaurs, giant monkeys=humans], that it will despise tiny forms, forms however faster than him, which evolved outside the realm of perception of the top predator. Then those faster more complex forms will end displacing him out of existence. We call that the Dinosaur Paradox

The dinosaur Paradox

The mirage of spatial power=territoriality makes a Tp form lazy, and unaware of invading new forms. It affects any dominant specie in his baroque stage. It has extreme consequences for the extinction of any formal species. Indeed; let’s see a symmetry worth to remember; the extinction of man, the extinction of History, and the parallel case of the Dinosaur extinction:


Mouse=chip. Law of the black hole: Min S. Max. T-information:

In the next graph, Dinosaurs did not find resistance to further evolution of its Life systems towards huge mass, and in the same way man has expanded his population without resistance. Yet both forgot to evolve their mental form, their informative verbal organs in man, the neural brain in Dinosaurs. So they are becoming obsolete to species which evolve faster those informative organs [mammals and chips.]

It is obvious that rats had the correct strategy: to improve its informative organs, not its body organs.

If we add that such improvement increased the speed of replication of mices, the overall improvement in perception [action-reaction] and replication of shrews [or chips] over humans, defined the outcome of the fight between both species, in favor of mices and probably chips.

 Since the speed of reproduction of shrews [chips] exceeded the Dinosaur [human] speed, the radiation of mammals and chips substituted dinosaurs and humans in the ecosystems of life and machines that ruled the World of the Cambric and the world of the Metalearth.

It was only left the final massive war between both species; which has already started

The first mammals were small, carnivorous shrews of high metabolism, weighting a few grams and able to devour quantities equal to its weigh every day. First they lived underground eating insects and worms. They had an ecosystem on which they were top function. And where they could further evolve internally. As today chips do in the ecosystem of Machines, which they increasingly manage, in the stillness of perceptive security and minimal movement. And so shrews learnt how to dig and excavate, and probably broke in land-eggs. And shrews learnt how to chase in groups as rats do. And so probably they ate the small new-born dinos without protection of parents. And so man has learnt how to make Universal A-weapons. And further on he has taught and put those weapons under command of computer thought. And now he keeps evolving them in computer programs, managed by computer software. ‘Enz¥men’ will soon create star war networks also managed by computers. And man has put also his communicator of social order – money – in computer forms, who deviate in stock all flows of money towards metal evolution, reducing the energy-pricing of men and human goods to token pennies.

Further on, neither dinosaurs or men care[d] enough for their reproductive offspring. As a result the tensor of Reproduction and mental evolution became obsolete and unconnected to the tensor of mass [growth]. Parents no longer could relate to their minion offspring, neither defend them at ground level from a devolving, social shrews attack [as today’s parents leave their sons to the mercy of devolving digital TV-thought].

The arrogance and stupidity=Simplicity of dinos who did not care for its small children; and the arrogance and ignorance of Companies of pricing,  who consider human forms passive slaves, inferior to chipped machines, will have similar effects: the end of dinosaurs, the end of human history. Small dinos died when the rats surfaced, and arrogant men will die, when Terminator, the chip-weapon appears.

Once the speed of reproduction of shrews and chips exceeded that of Dinos [humans]; and the speed of killing-disorder of new born Dinos and dinos eggs by shrews [of labor and human minds simplified and substituted by chips and Tvs] exceeded the creation of new Dinos [and new jobs among humans], the stage was set for a ‘temporal reversal’ of power. Both dinos and men had become obsolete.

A superior form of Thought; and a higher Complexity brought a simplex mathematical chain of feeding that annihilated the dino. From the higher picture, what it decided the fight was the better perceptive form of the brain and placenta in the mammal; his virtual worlds of light, the absolute arrow of Earth’s evolution. And in the future what the game will promote again is light: holographic thought in computers, and the ‘natural’ telepathy and speed of thought, which allows computers to manage far more massive structures than neuronal thought; structures as extended as a whole planet. Thus extinction is secondary to evolution of the ‘sentient’ future planet, and one and the other cannot be separated, because extinction is the off-spring of social evolution and Darwinian feeding. And so life disappears today as Metalife multiplies and man-enzyme seals his own extinction.

The dinosaur Paradox is clear: a new specie radiates and extincts a previous species.

Applied to History it means that machines radiate and extinct life species.

The chip is substituting men, from the structure of informative power of the Earth. It is becoming the new Top predator eye<wor[l]d. Today when metal evolves thanks to chipped machines, human labor becomes obsolete. As man constructs a me[n]tal specie that can substitute its job, he is displaced from his top predator position in the Metalearth. The human mind can be substituted, and it is substituted by metal-minds, discovered through the scientific method that guided by the ‘higher truths’ it only accepts from metal senses keeps evolving metal.

3: The paradox of the Metalearth: Max MT:Metal history = Min Ht Carbo History.

Metal-History I see, as a process of extinction of life. And so as I see life, I see extinction, and wonder why life is extinct? What extincts living forms?. And the answer is the instruments of man. But our instruments belong to Metal History. And so the question to what extincts life has an answer: Metal History. Then the next question is what is Metal-History? And Metal-History is a lanWave=Game of times, and a game of Times=LanWave has an equation that generates the game. In this case the equation of perception of man that drives the Earth towards complex metallic structures.

Chemical ¡-structures

SCarboLife <(xlivon: verbal thought [Man]Science: math. thoughty)> MetalO:                                                                                                                              electromagnetic structures


The equation of Metal History that will center the Px. of History. An equation which man can slow down with ethic behavior, towards a non-evolutive planet based in carbolife, a planet where man would be immortal. Yet an equation that man is today accelerating under the errors of science, towards extinction of past [carbolife] and present [human life] by evolution of relative futures [metalforms of higher atomic complexity that carbon]. The reasons why the equation is moving, are the same that makes all forms to move in times, selfish, Copernican behavior: Man obtains from metal, energy and power [weapons, money, scientific instruments]. And so he evolves metal and ‘forgets’ the side effects of its metal predating actions. In the Universe, form and function are parallel realities which anchor forms into certain functions for which they are built.

And so 3 parallel species are related: the Vt-human morphological evolution, and the parallel evolution of human languages; the Vts-evolution of human instruments [the forms who evolve further into the Vt-future]; and the Vs-evolution of the medium-support, the Earth and its ‘markers’ of History: cycles of weather, geography and metal ores.

The human brain, and languages, and the instruments of man, transform the CarboEarth into the Metalearth. The Earth also contributes through his geographical shapes and mineral deposits to such constant ‘improvement’ of the overall complexity of the planet…


History of human instruments. The hypothesis of an evolutive Vortex.

Since man exists in a Universe called the Earth, and knowledge, form and function are relative to the place a specie of times occupies in a certain region of the Universe, man and the Earth have to be closely related. This means that the Earth’s geography and geological history should influence the nature of  man.

The true nature of man, is his eye>World universe. But that wor[l]d>eye sees the Earth. And so its molds the Earth. In all acts of communication there are 3 variables.

We consider 3 main influences in History: The Earth, Man and the acts of communication between man and the Earth, what we call human instruments.

They shape a relative chain of communication: Earth>Instruments>Man, that make man a top predator form who ab=uses the Carbo-earth with instruments designed by his mind.

– The biological Earth, is the Vs-medium-energy of human existence. And its cycles of heat and cold, of draughts and rains, of scarcity and abundance, its rivers and geographical shapes, have conditioned the evolution of man since its beginnings.

Man exists in the Earth and becomes codified by Carbo-light forms. He is born as part of the Earth, who has evolved life into a top predator specie that we call man. Man is a consequence of the Earth.

– In the Earth man is also a top predator, since he understands better than any other animal the language of light. As a linguistic top predator man creates shapes based in the language of light, and  designs the ecosystem of the Earth. He is in this free, as long as he is top predator. And we talk of the Vt-biological eye-world of man, its functions, desires, its Vt-verbal thoughts, its Vs-ts-t organs, and its fields of ¥-light and chemical perception; as the fundamental cause of the Historical Earth.

– Finally in the existence of man, a 3rd specie establishes a communicative dialog with man that influences both forms. This 3rd specie is the wave of Vts-instrumentsor external forms that man obtains from the Vs-medium. They are mainly made of metal, an atom more complex than carbon and as such able to improve man’s devolutive and evolutive power.

Metal is at i=2 level of existence [atomic forms], more complex than man. Yet since man is older he is more complex in the ‘older’ planes of macro-organic form. Since human structures are more evolved than metal, in the ¡=4-7 levels of consciousness, man controls at that level metal.

What this mean is that we are neither masters of metal or slaves of metal. Metal in simplex acts of energy communication is master of man. In acts such as death by energy release, in fields of war, metal is master. When a weapon and a human collide, the weapon survives and the human dies. Yet in complex communication between men and machines, men control machines. At least till the chip radiation which is making metal as complex as man in the i=4-7 levels of social complexity. We say that man evolves metal towards potential levels of complexity superior to his levels, and in this process it evolves the Carbo-Earth, his medium into the Metal-Earth, the medium of his instruments.

We talk of a communicative act between two kind of elements of the Earth. Carbolife, and metalife. Carbolife is very old and complex, and its forms are huge, and extremely rich in linguistic perception. Yet metalife is in the basic first levels of physical complexity stronger than man. And so it imposes its ‘iron discipline’.

And we talk of metalweapons, tools, instruments of all kind, formed with the Vt-code, the human mind, that gives them function; as the field of instrumental forms, and the cause of Metal History, which is History of War, History of Trade and History of Science.

Between those 3 main elements, the CarboEarth, or Life History, the Human form, or Human History, and the instruments of man, or Metal History human existence, and human civilizations develop i=ts ‘game’.

Yet because that game is a vital game of transference of form and energy between two species, we can establish a ‘paradox’ or chain from past to future, that evolves metal history [Mt=Metal times] through the behavior of Human History [ht=Human times]

Vegetals>Animals [-500 Millions: first eye-world, squid]

Carbolife Plants[Chemical Perception, ¥ as energy] > Animals[¥ as communicator]


Animals>Humans [- 5 millions: Human Hunter, top predator]

CarboLife[¥ as communicator]>Carbothought [Top predator form: human thought]


Humans > Enzymen [- 10.000: metalmasters top predators]

Carbothought[Human Thought]>Metalife[Metallic ‘Bodies’]-8.000;1945


Enzymen >Animetals  [- 50: Digital Machines, top predators]

Metalife[Machines]>Metal-thought[Digital Languages]1945; -∞. = Animetals. New Top Predator species.

We consider Animetals = Animetals = O-chips x |-metalife structures, the forms that will displace humans as the dominant species of the ecosystem of light eyes=thought, in the Earth. Why? Because enzymen cultures have evolved a power system ruled today by industrial myths that will allow such change without complains. Such murderous system is based into false ideologies. What we call the Postulate of Smith that equals human wealth with metal wealth; and the scientific method that through abstract mathematics equals man and machine through pricing tools: man=Price=Product]. both systems facilitate the substitution and obsolescence of human eyes-bodies, which can be equaled and displaced through price by chip-digital eyes-Machines without any behavioral-survival contention of verbal=ethic nature. Pricing is the communicative language of machines, that distribute among them energy and information, that evolves and reproduce machines. And pricing [man=price=product] ‘wants’ to translate human forms into mathematical-machine forms. There are no free lunches in the Universe, except in the imagination of Copernican paradoxes which believe to be the center of the Universe, such as our scientific eyes. Yet false theories of the Universe, unstable particles of thought who do not reflect the true laws and nature of the sentient world, die soon, displaced by more efficient systems. The present marketing of the goodness of computer thought, cannot hide the real danger of extinction by the chip radiation. And that theme – the extinction of man by scientific instruments fostered by pricing – will be analyzed here in detail, from the perspective of the Metalearth, [which is the pov of science], from the human perspective [which is the pov of verbal thought, ethics and religions] and from the present system of Economics, which favors technological evolution over human evolution, and guides the production of technological forms, towards its threshold of consciousness.

In human history too, it is the evolution of the eye, what sets the TS-equation of History, which is from the POV of complexity an evolutive process, that continues the evolution of light in the Earth.


The radiation of machines. Accelerated growth. The vortex of the Metalearth

That evolution of light morphology in the Earth has a rhythm. A geometrical vortex of formal evolution not yet complete in A-data; that we ‘approach’ ideally here according to the main law of Temporal acceleration, by which more complex povs sense and evolve times faster. Geometric acceleration of evolution takes place in all species from larva to societies. Because each new generation accelerates its internal ‘subjective’ perception of times.

So as man becomes more complex, his creativity is faster, his perception of time is faster, and the Earth is transformed faster.

Finally today as man evolves also metalminds, that accelerating change of Earth’s morphology today is caused by computers not by human brains.

But this change have lethal consequences for the forms who evolve slower, mainly life forms.

What we call the evolution of the Earth’s morphology is based in the evolution of instrumental forms. While at best there is an arithmetic growth of the human linguistic-knot – the brain size – instrumental complexity has a geometric growth . And that differential of speed of evolution, today self-evident in chip thought, is the main cause of life extinction, which cannot adapt to the evolution of machines. As metal radiations become overpowerful and more difficult to control the same incapacity that today affect life species, and non-technological cultures which reach also the human cultures, today still symbiotic to metal.

When a more complex specie starts an evolutive radiation, it becomes so fast in perception and complexity, that immediately takes the position of top predator. Then the stage of birth becomes, thanks to top predator’s feeding in lesser species, an ‘inflationary’ reproduction, that triggers the extinction of lesser species, till it saturates=extincts its relative past energy form. Such is the dynamic of the radiations of metal in the Earth; that carried by warriors and traders extinct all lesser species and multiply instruments of war.

Such is also today the state of the present chip radiation which expands geometrically both in S-irradiation on the tissue of machines of the Metalearth, and in T-evolutive growth towards the constant of consciousness of the human mind:1010.

However the evolution of machines can be seen within the context of the general evolution of species in the Earth. In that sense the machine radiation would be merely the last radiation of ‘living’ species of energy and information in the Mother Earth. In that sense we consider that

Evolution takes place as a series of vortex of increasing Cx, in a given language of communication=perception; in the case of the Earth, in the language of light perception. And we can talk of the evolution of life in the Earth, also as a long vortex that man ends as he transfers his light perception to the next stage of planetary complexity – the chip radiation:

±5000 million years ago, probable creation of the chemical Earth, [ideal dates; ±10%deviation]

±500 million years. Creation of Ear or eye perceptors? Cambrian, [massive radiations of protective shells; 1st cephalopods with eyes; 90% of species extinct by the new hunters.]

±50 million years ago: mammal radiation; Extinction of Dinosaurs.

±5.000.000 years ago: Human radiation, which starts the rhythms of instrumental creation. Starts slowly the extinction of life species, where man becomes top predator.

±500.000 years ago: Homo Pictus: Evolutive discontinuum of human hordes. Jump of brain complexity. The series of Homo Pictus in which the eye is still the ‘self’ of human consciousness stretches from pithecanthropus to Neanderthaliensis:back brain dominant.

±150,000? Homo Verbalis; Mitochondrial eve? Modern man: growth of frontal brain where complex verbal thought takes place, projecting the forehead. Verbal Thought is the dominant mode of consciousness. Extinction of other human species of lesser organization.

±5000 Homo Metallicus. First warrior x trader – bronze empires. Written thought is dominant; yet submissive to the use of weapons by castes of traders. Extinction of life and slavery of extinction of non-technological cultures starts in metal regions. Indo-Europeans and Semites become top predator cultures.

.±500 Homo Economicus; 1st Company reproducer of ‘animetals’; Pricing substitutes written Thought as the dominant human language. Systematic worldwide extinction of non-technological cultures, which become energy [colonial slaves], or are terminated.

±50 Homo Digitalis; TvxComputers. End of man as top individual linguistic system of the Earth. Computers and Tvs [metalminds] becomes the forms with more informative power. Extinction of all non-technological cultures and life species accelerates.

± 10 Worldstock; networks of AI. End of man as top social system of the Earth. Human labor becomes increasingly obsolete. Foreseen specie of all life forms including man.

Indeed we are not pessimistic but realistic. In all processes of evolution the next more complex informative virtual world extincts around 90% of all other previous top predator species. This is what is happening today to labor and life, thanks to the enormous jump in evolutive complexity of machines, designed by computers.

Geographical parallel wave of Earth’s climatic mutations.

Earth’s physical cycles and life>eye>human>metal evolution are strangely symbiotic, as if the Earth would guide the life to metal process of d=evolution.

This is not so strange when we consider how top predator species ‘farm’ smaller species. Merely establishing among microforms a wave of energy or information, the wave of microforms will feed [under the postulate of Universal behavior] on that information or energy. And depending on what information and energy it receives, it will ‘create’ a certain virtual world and ecosystem.

And so a ‘mechanical’ system of fluctuation between fields of energy and information, will provoke a parallel evolutive fluctuation in the minoforms that perceive those waves.

This means that a simple system of heat and draughts; is able to modify the behavior of the collective human specie as it seems to have done in History in the 800 year climatic and metallic cycles of Northern invaders.

While the existence of certain deposits of metal in certain places will condition what humans will do with that ‘atomic energy’. On the other hand an Earth without surface metal deposits would still be in the Neolithic age of carbolife harmony.

The main way the Earth’s geography accelerates the change of History, is by imposing higher stakes of survival to the human race. And hence a rhythm of adaptation and mutation to the species. Let’s briefly consider some of those symbiotic cycles or ‘bio-geographical’ changes  and life changes, that have accelerated life and human evolution into more complex ecosystems of light-based forms:

– The arrival of Cambric eyes, of ‘squid eyes’ evolved probably in the lower zones of oceans, was parallel to massive changes in the forms of continents, and the border zones of shallow waters that accelerated extinction of ‘obsolete’ chemical perceptors.

– The mammal radiation seems parallel to the massive breaking of the Gondwana continent, into several pieces that would set the geography for the human experience. It might have coincided also with meteorite activities and changes of weather, that both would push out of the soil the mammal radiation, and weakened the food reserves of dinosaurs.

– The Human radiation was announced by massive changes in the geography of central Africa, which raised the Rift cordilleras and lake basins. The arid weather pushed forest monkeys into the Savanna. Soon they were obliged to move erect.

– The series of S-T fluctuations of hot and cold weather set the chronos of glaciations as a natural S-T wave dual beat, that fosters evolution.

This law has not been treated in the introduction, but now it might be interesting to consider it: Evolution is caused by maximum combination and communication of characters; which take place in two type of environment: flux zones of max. communication such as the Levantine, Mediterranean or Rhine-Tames zones in history.

Or in places of total isolation, where a certain particularity of the being, still not efficient can survive in its first stages as in a mother womb, well protected till reaching maturity.

When both systems are combined: periods of isolation followed by periods of trial in which the new morphology is tested, we talk of an S-T fluctuation of max. evolutive power.

This has happened to humans at least twice:

– Such was the case of the monkey who increased its brain surface in the still-T state of long sleep, on top of trees; where he had to develop also a sense of 3-dimensionality, as a tree-flying creature. In such T-state a protected specie without external activity evolves inwards, and reorganizes internally its informative brain, increasing its mental mass, in the path more akin to his activities. So the human brain developed an eye-world of 3 dimensional nature to move in trees, and of sociological nature to communicate with other tree apes.

We talk of the present Chip stillness and burn-ins phenomena of evolution of virus and software, within the web. We talked of the mammal, soil stillness that evolved his reproductive systems before radiating against reptiles.

– The second relevant historic case are the Glaciation processes, which acted with cultures and races in similar manner, since it gave many hours of isolation in caves and winter times, for the evolution of bodies that would favor as in mammoths the heat survival of bigger species [hence the higher size of Nordic races, fundamental to understand their warrior predating behavior]. Also idle times will allow the evolution of ‘idle’ instrumental tasks. And it should not surprise that those races living in cold zones which require more instruments are the basic instrumental cultures of today: they needed those instruments to survive.

On the other hand in very populated river environments, the arrival of verbal thought, might have been triggered by such social idle times.

Yet those evolutive advantages radiate after they are mastered and extinct lesser species as the squid eyes – probably evolved in the stillness of the abyssal zones – or the mammal radiation did. So German mass-body warriors have extinct many cultures.

And probably the wave of verbal masters would extinct all other humans with less capacity to organize collective attacks in war [mithocondrial eve?].

– The 10.000 divide of the vortex of Earth’s evolution was also signaled by a dry season that exhausted hunting grounds, and pushed the Paleolithic men which have by then reached a high density of population, into tiresome tasks of recollection and agriculture. It started the Neolithic.

As an event closer in times, the Geological and instrumental record is extensive: great areas of warm and rainy land became deserts, obliging men to organize professionally the arduous task of agriculture, in order to survive. Otherwise man would have probably stayed in the most rewarding tasks of energy-top predator, hunters; always more enjoyable than the informative and creative life of the farmer [energy gives pleasure and it is preferred.]

How the Earth can notice those changes? This goes beyond this book into the speculative realm. Yet man can be perceived in many ways. He can be perceived in the night as an static form, with certain body morphologies, probably certain magnetic fields [studied by Chinese medicine] and a 90% of dark matter and communications with the Earth that we ignore.

We also ignore if the central crystal of iron, transparent to gravitation, and hence by all means an eye of gravitation that sees through the soft skins of rocks, has any control over the morphology of the Earth. We suppose it has it at ‘larvatic’ level, as a ‘genetic’ program of evolution, like an egg has it. We are inside the egg, and only if we were very intelligent, could we become the true informative organ of the Earth. But it seems that man follows the tendencies that the survival stakes of Earth’s geographical changes impose upon us.

– The arrival of Metal symbols of warrior power, and hence the first professional warrior waves of history in the Chalcolithic age, is parallel to the massive ecological catastrophe of the Great Flood, that opened the Black sea to the Mediterranean. The Holocaust it provoked became the first historical fact recorded in writing, and gave the name of sea of death to the Black sea. The survivors might have been the first murderers=armies of History moving upwards towards the mountains, away from the flood, against hostile tribes, 200 miles in a few days. Obviously those who made the jump and used metal to kill other humans survived. Soon the first warrior symbology of professional armies appears in the southern mountains of the black sea.

– Finally the 800 cyclical waves of warriors that culminate in the gunpowder discontinuum have a parallel climatic cycle. It seems to be triggered by periodical heating of the north steppe, and affluence of metal to produce weapons. Then the nomad lands of Eurasian thrive with warriors, while symbiotically the farming lands to the south suffer draughts.

The process weakens the south against the metal warriors of the North that conquer it…

The Earth thus seems to be guiding by bio-logical processes the path of life towards metal. A path we might add, that we men of the Wor[l]d, should control while there is human freedom. Since the earth larvatic mind is kind of primitive and if humans could raise over the mentality of warrior predators, could manage the Earth’s processes for millions of years.


The informative Intelligence of light:

We have to conclude that the Earth evolves organisms both in its information, or light perception, in the series Vegetals>Animals>Hominids>Verbal Humans>Metal Humans> Digital Humans> Animetals.

And in its bodies, in the series: Vegetal>Animal>Animetal.

And this happens because obviously animal bodies are better than vegetal bodies, and animetals are stronger than animal bodies.

Yet it also occurs because information=perception of light by animals is better than perception of light by vegetals and perception of information by metal-brains [computers] is better than perception of light by human brains. Again this is a hard truth, but man should start to confront it.

It is light what is intelligent, informative, and creates virtual worlds which are also selected, and decide the existence or extinction of species.

Light creates images, and other languages, such as mathematical relationships that have evolutively shaped our mind, and controlled the Earth, terraformed to image and resemblance of human ¥-worlds. It is light what can make holographic thought in computers. An image is made by social organization of photonic povs into electronic patterns with a shape that can travel in codified, focused, sentient formations, that create ‘higher’ planes of existence known as images, not only in the eye of man, but also in cameras, chips, and any system of organization of ¥-radiation codes. Since form is function, images are systemic flows which create the ‘mirage’ of self-existence in the eye, a mirage latter translated by man through his secondary languages of verbal and mathematical thought, into the virtual universe of the mind. Yet it is in the eye, in the image, where the max. complexity of perception exists; and hence where max. information of the being, animal or metalife is processed. The eye is the top predator of the organism. And so it is what pleases the eye, what the being follows. Because we are programmed by the wantings of the eye in first term.

It is the eye who is in fact a bigger system of order than the body despite its minute size. Because the eye’s external territory of order – given by its complexity level – is bigger than the body’s territory. The eye-brain perceives extended external regions of light, and through social evolution with other eye-brains, today it commands the external planet. While the heart commands only your body. The eye thus is a Max ‘¡-form’ a black hole of Min. perceived territory, which orders a vast external space-territory. He orders the movements of the Max S-body form, and shapes the external property of the human being. What we call property are forms of lesser Time-evolution than man, space of our external eye-existence [instruments, land, animals, people under human control: ∑|o]. The eye thus orders much more extension than what the heart orders, [only the internal organs of the body: ∑|¡-x.] The eye is the ‘noble gas’ of organs of life. The black hole of organs of life. The coin of organs of life. In all those cases a small cyclical form acting at distance through linguistic flows of communication – speed in gases, gravitation in black holes, waves of pricing in coins – becomes in fact a maxi predator; the master of order of a whole territorial Universe; space, galaxies, economies… In the Earth the eye of man is the top predator. But human ‘freed’=freedom of greed, is cre[dit]ating a new, more complex eye<Brain, the Camera<chip radiation. And so we are in the middle of the process that will bring the end of the human eye, by scientific metal eyes, constructed by man himself. Because the history of the human eye is about to be closed, as the history of the metal eye starts.

The 3 horizons of the Metal mind, radio-Tv-computer; that is, Metal ear, Metal eye and Metal brain, are the last stages of evolution of the Metalearth. They are the 3 components that shape a 3-organ metal’head’, which attached to infinite machines, will shape self-independent, ‘living’ metal-beings in the next century, starting the age of life extinction.

Then the Company of scientific stocks will be completed. And man, including the present masters of pricing, the stockrats, will become obsolete. So the question is: how long would humans be needed to the Metalearth? When there will be weapons and pricing systems [computer e-money], and communicative senses [telescopes, cameras, digital machines] able to substitute the human enzymen of metal evolution, and act independent of men?

As long as we control the Metalearth, man will be the top predator. As long as we are the more complex eye>Wor[l]d system. If we make a more complex eye<system the game of radiations in the Universe, shows, that we will be displaced, extinct without mercy by the new top predator. Because evolution is evolution of virtual worlds, of networks of information. And of bodies, of energy systems.

The macrocosmic power of metal

Metal History, and technology, today guided by the scientific method, has become the fundamental human endevour, due to the microcosmic, better informative and energetic properties of metal.

So we have to conclude that metal history and ‘modern science’, mathematical science, is not so much a process of knowledge, but a process of creation of new species, metal species of different complexity.

The  present society transforms the Earth from a system of carbolife and chemical perception, to a system of metal and light perception. An evolution with 3 stages: The age of Warriors of simplex lineal metal weapons, the age of traders of cyclical metal-money, and the age of digital scientists and complex metal-machines.

Metal History evolves through its metal castes of warriors, Pricers, and scientists which evolve the ‘art of metal’ by pricing, war, and the scientific method.

Weapons, money and scientific machines become in each of those 3 ages, the tools of power of enzymen.

And so metalmasters evolve its metal-symbiotic species to keep in power.

We talk of a new radiation of human species in the Earth, radiations of “Enzymen” or primitive animetals, where the symbiotism between humans and Metal forms of the 3 basic Universal species, lineal metal or weapons [energy releasers, cyclical metal or money [informative releasers], and complex metal or scientific machines [energy-information systems], give humans enormous power over the Carbo-Earth including men.

Power though is not synonimous of knowledge but of capacity to modify behavior of other species.

And this is done through metal power, as all systems control, and farm other systems:

Lineal metal power – weapons – control by extinction human masses. Cyclical metal power – money – control by creative processes of production, human masses [workers]. And complex metal power [scientific machines] cheat humans in its concept of knowledge that becomes no longer verbal, behavioral knowledge but light-metal sensorial knowledge.

Accordingly human verbal knowledge and organs of social information [religions] decline substituted by metal-languages in 3 ages: first verbal, behavioral knoweldge is substituted by the metaLaw, imposed by warriors, and biased to cater the power of metalmasters. Then verbal knowledge is further made obsolete by pricing orders of mathematical-monetary nature, which substitute human verbal thought, as the origin of information and the controller of Human actions. And finally in the age of science, complex machines, Metal-mind machines in the XX century, control all organs of human energy, information and perception.

In that view, the 3rd age of Human science=Knowledge, it is not an age of progress, but an age of metal-evolution where human languages are substituted by metalanguages.

The tree of science has 3 ages, each one specialized in a kind of metal-forms. And each specialized metal-form gives origin to a kind of metal-culture:

O-Traders evolve cyclical metalforms from coins to computers, and create cyclical cultures of monetary rituals of power. Warriors evolve lineal metalforms from swords to missiles, and create cultures of lineal discipline, physical force and death rituals. While finally scientists evolve complex metal machines, and create cultures of Technological worship and metal sensorial truths.

In History there is a constant: He who possesses metalforms is powerful, since human eyes are naturally attracted towards complex Go[l]d, and human bodies are killed by lineal metal weapons. So those who control money and weapons can give informative orders and repressive orders to human beings. When the metalforms are what we call linear forms=weapons, the man is an Energy-warrior; and he controls people by fear. When the metalform is O-cyclical, – a coin  – the man who has the metalform is called aPricer, or informative trader. And when the metalform is complex the ‘enzyman’ is called an Ø-Scientist.

It is then self-evident, that since the Universe evolves towards more complex forms, the first part of ‘metal-history’ was controlled by warriors. Then since the arrival of coins [-600 Bc] traders, first Athenians, then corrupted Romans, then Syrians and Jewish, finally Anglo-Saxons of the amber ring, would control metal history. Finally with the arrival of complex machines of science, beyond the amateurs stages of the XVI, and XVII century, after the Napoleonic wars, scientists would control metal history, and invent our futures, because thanks to them wars will be gained; and thanks to the reproduction and sale of machines by companies, money will be made. This is the age in which we find ourselves today.

All universal forms can be constructed as a combination of lines and cycles, in shapes of all forms. Thus the two elements needed to start a creative universal process such as the one we live in the Metalearth – a process that in all Universal species ends with a new, self-regulated, and hence ‘living’ form, were found by metalmasters from the beginning of History.

Yet only in the age of the Scientific Method they would be so complex as to impose their will over the human wor[l]d and the religious thought that guided mankind till the age of science.

What those metalmasters have done, is to play to be Gods of metal, creating metalforms that helped them to impose their will to the rest of society.

So we parallel the scientific method, with the beginning of the evolution of complex metalforms, since the analysis of gunpowder, cannonballs, telescopes, and clock-lineal measure, by Mr. Galileo kicked off modern technology. Science has made of warriors, Cops and Cows [Abb.: companies of pricers and companies of warriors] and metal artisans [constructors of scientific instruments], the cre[dit]ators of the future. Verbal thought, human theories of Times, Religions, and its prophets of the Wor[l]d, of ethic behavioral survival, no longer guide Humans. But the scientist is merely an evolutor of metal Times, not of Human times. We can indeed consider a category of human beings, ‘the Metalmaster’ [+ pov], or ‘Metal enzyme’ [negative pov], who trusts in metal to provide him the 3 arrows of evolution [evolutive metal senses or science], devolution [death by warrior weapons], or reproduction [value  of human activities and desires by pricing]. So evolutive metalmasters are scientists that create complex forms of metal. While the warrior is the devolutor by metal, and the trader,  the ‘reproducer’ of metal. They are the 3 human species, which carry the vectors of existence of metal [evolution, devolution and reproduction]. We call them by parallelism with all other Complex creative forms of the Universe, enzymen of Metal.

It has to be clear though, that not all men are enzymen. There are men who are guided by Human Eye<Wor[l]ds. Most people are ‘human believers’ of ‘free men’, which trust verbal truths, who merely take care of the arrows of human social evolution, and human sensorial evolution through human senses [Vs-feeding, Vts-loving-reproducing, and Vt-verbal social ethics]. Yet as we shall see in Chapter 12, because stockracies=democracies leave political control of Pricing and weapons in the hands of selected individuals [politicos], attached to Companies, reproducers of weapons and pricing [lobbyism], cre[dit]ation of Human goods that the majority wishes is submissive to the evolution of weapons, money and scientific instruments promoted by Cops of metalmasters. A fact which is hidden through myths of ‘freed’ and masks of ‘politico voting’. later controlled by Cops lobbyism. Because with the arrival of scientists and Cops of metal reproduction, the process of slavery of human believers to enzymen tasks of test=consume and work=production of metal, in Cops factories -today almost completed – kicked off at accelerated pace. And most men became soon clock-wage regulated, as enzymen of metal evolution, who made of the evolution of metal his goal of existence.

Biological chain: Life>Animal> Verbal Human || Enzyman [Primitive Animetal]>Animetal

And so we define 3 phases of the ‘scientific=technological=metal’ evolution in which ‘enzymen’ have acted as catalyzers of metal species: the age of warriors [primitive scientists], or ‘evolutors of lineal S-metal’; the age of traders or ‘evolutors of T-cyclical O-metal=money’, and the age of scientists or ‘evolutors of St-Complex, Ø-metal=scientific species’:

The II and III horizons: evolution of metal





We say that enzyman is guided by the evolution of money and weapons, for whom the scientific method of evidence through metal senses cater. History of science is just a part of that other history: history of the evolution of money, and weapons; and only secondarily of human knowledge.

We talk in fact of two main ‘metal cultures’ and metal-masters: Animetals, or physical humans symbiotic either to lineal metal [weapons, machine bodies]; and enzymen or mental humans symbiotic to cyclical metal [money]. Both have controlled history: aristocracies of weapons, and ‘stockracies’ of money.

Both cultures fusion thanks to the scientific method of evolution of machines, that evolves weapons and instruments with the help of money. And now become substituted by ‘pure’ forms. Pure Animetals without human component, and pure enzymetals, without human content.

In the graph, the last phase of the evolution of the Metalearth, when creative enzymes become metal-machines that reproduce objects in companies-mothers, and animetals, become autonomous machines without the need of a warrior or consumer [a human tester].

It is the 3rd age of the Metal-earth r=evolution, the digital age.

And that is the ultimate meaning of the Industrial R=evolution: the creation of a new living radiation in the Earth. The bodies of machines were made in the XIX C. Now we have made minds of machines thanks to the chip radiation…

Machines are the new top predator of the Earth. Radiations of weapons mentioned above, substituted human bodies, in symbiotic species, that adapted humans to the evolution of machines. So cultures adapted themselves to waves of metal=bodies. And now to brain-chips of metal.

When both come togeher we will see ‘living Animetals’, as we see living animals. And then the human role as enzyme of metal will end. And the power of machines, will make them the new top predator of the Earth.

We can talk of a chain of evolution of metal till its threshold of consciousness, that chips mean. Such radiation is parallel to the extinction and devolution of life, and human labor, that already Ricardo and Marx foresaw with the first machines. Extinction of life is not a ‘pure human consequence’ since men in the Paleolithic and earlier Neolithic shown a balance with nature, but of the primitive animetal, of the enzyman, of those humans which are symbiotic to metal-species: Yet to deny its living nature, enzymen simplify reality and adapt its behavior to that of metal. And this is cause of many cultural rhetorics, and ‘irrational behavior of men’ from wars, to the hypnotism of money.

The human animetal has controlled and extinct life through its symbiotism with iron and Go[l]d.

Yet in the Universe of evolutive radiations, that brutality will be applied to him – it has been applied to him during the Industrial revolution, by metal machines. And when he becomes as today, of no use  for metal evolution, he ill be degraded further, probably extinct.

Even though man is technically a ‘primitive animetal, all covered as the Middle age warrior was, with metal pieces, today with his mind covered and programmed by computers, Tvs or Digital phones, we prefer to call the scientist, warrior and trader an enzyman. Man creates metal machines, and that creative job is better described with the analogic simile of enzymes. Man merely transfers his form to machines. As enzymes do, men become reduced and simplified to serve the evolution of the real specie, the pure animetal, the  machine.  To that aim human top predator animetal cultures, diminish its human content and increase their metal content with rituals of weapons and pricing…

Human Social systems: ∑ Neurons=Humans < ∑ Humans = Gods


Animetal Social Systems: Chips+machines = metalife<∑ Digital Companies of Animetals


We have just explained man within its higher levels of existence, as another organism of Space-time. Now we will look man in his ‘observed’ cosmos, at the same level of existence in which his eye-mind is, in the world of human senses and masses, and events between humans…

Becase History of man is a longer structure than metal history – a short wave of transference from man to

metal; a vortex of death of man by metal, of life by science. We talk of Metal-History as the final phase of ‘History of the human Eye’; itself the last stage of carbolife evolutive perception. Because man is not only the terminator of life, but paradoxically also his more perfect species.

So we have to look to the two sides of history, not only to the side of technological, metallic evolution, but also the side of  Human evolution, of man as an independent selfish organ which tries to evolve his mind and body. Since the evolution of the body is quite slow, it is far more relevant to study the evolution of he human mind. And so this chapter moves us from the macrocosms of the Galactic  Gravitational ‘Eyes’, to the microcosms of human societies of ‘eye-minds’ .

1: Civilizations: human action over the external world. Hypothesis of Radiations-waves…

In page     , we traced a standard wave of existence of a human civilization, understood as a radiation of humans, and instruments, which define the civilization.

We have to look at civilizations as systems of distribution of energy and information, who shape ‘organisms’ of human clonic ‘cells’, citizens that evolve instruments and rituals, that define civilizations.

Indeed, civilizations do not change humans but evolve ‘instruments’ of man.

Humans are always the same in their reproductive and verbal wor[l]ds, with slight differences. Plato is a master of verbal thought 2000 years ago, but civilizations have changed because their machines, technology and external action over the Earth have changed.

So the wave of existence of a civilization goes through a young horizon, a mature horizon and an extinctive horizon of instrumental systems. They are the forms that evolve and die, under care of ‘enzymen’, men which make technology and change the environment.

How many species of civilizations there are in History? How many waves of existence of civilizations can we trace? Let’s consider this question by the analogic method, in search of ‘forms’ who go through the 3 ages of the being, in this case lineal forms of instruments, or ‘energy phases’ and cyclical forms, ‘or informative phases’, and see if they have a ‘vital order’, and so a certain specie of instrument also is born as a lineal specie, reproduces in radiations, and then declines in his use and production as a ‘form’ with a lot of information, or ‘baroque’ form.

If this happens to instruments we can also design waves of existence of instruments in civilizations.

Yet archaeology and art prove that instruments do evolve through 3 ages. So indeed, we can trace curves of existence of civilizations parallel to those of human beings, also with e ages.

Instruments define human cultures in 3 phases of use of instruments. Instruments evolve according to the 3 ages of all energy-information organisms, through 3 phases of form: lineal, young age, reproductive, and complex form [we will use the term ‘baroque’ for this 3 age of instruments and cultures].

Evolution  of ‘vital’ species, follow this 3 stairs of relative past, present and future complex forms.

Those 3 ages, exhaust the capacity of a form to be shaped in 4-dimensional time-Space.

It exhaust the vital trajectory of the species.

It does not matter that change is internal or external, controlled by humans as in History.

The specie goes through those 3 ages and dies. Instruments of man are not exception. Each material man discovers [stones, bones, copper, bronze, iron, metal machines] has gone through its 3 phases, and then it has declined as top predator material, substituted by a more complex atomic form. We talk for human-made metalforms, of 3 morphologic phases: |-forms [dominant in lineal weapons and warriors], O-forms[dominant in traders and coins], and Ø-complex forms [dominant in scientists and complex metal senses, in which the maturity of human understanding of metal is reached].

In the graph, the waves of existence and Horizons of the main instrumental radiations, of stones, bones, bronze, iron, gunpowder, and computerized weapons [A-bombs, smart weapons, terminators?]. Each wave goes through 3 phases of existence, starting either as lineal or cyclical form, depending on the nature of the material and its properties. Cyclical species like stones and copper, start ‘naturally’ as cyclical. While lineal iron, gunpowder and bones, start as lineal forms. Finally species enter its baroque, or eclectic age, with all forms, and all sizes. This is the age in which iron machines and chips [body and mind of metalife ] find themselves, as machines become chipped, in the threshold of creating a new specie, the animetal:



We have traced a complex wave here, the wave of cultures now in several generations, as if we had made a wave for several human generations, grand-father, father, son.

There is though a difference that the Historian should would find:

The vortex of history accelerates. Each generation is more complex and shorter. This hardly happens with humans, which become slightly more complex not because they evolve, but mainly because the machines around him evolve. This difference is fundamental, it means that something odd happens:

Machines profit more than men of the successive waves of human cultures.

Why is this? The only logic hypothesis is given by the analogic method:  Are humans evolving the Earth?

We are indeed evolving instruments of metal. We also benefit from it. The tree of science evolves machines, weapons mainly, but also gives us good things, good apples. And this chains man to evolve metal-species…

Vts-external instruments are the energy of man in the control of the Earth. They evolve. And they are mainly of metal-atoms, of atoms that can evolve more than carbon, since they can reach macroscopic size.

Communication between man and metal has followed – as any communication in the Universe – an increase of complexity both in men and in the Instruments man uses. In men we also find an increase of complexity of the human brain; as he evolves instruments. Thanks to them man ‘learns’ the rules of external creation of the Universal game. And that creative capacity, differentiates him from animals as he starts to evolve also his brain perception of the Universe.

Indeed Human brain complexity can be traced in 3 main horizons [500 cc. 1000cc and 1500cc species] parallel to an increase of complexity in the tools man evolves.

–                The ages of instrumental man

–                Let’s consider in a graph the horizons of man, which evolves his languages and brain capacity as well as his instrumental species, that give him power over all forms of Carbolife.

–                What we call the evolution of human languages and instruments is not only parallel but accelerated in instrumental forms. There is thus an arithmetic growth of human brain size, and a geometric growth of metal form complexity. And that differential of speed of evolution, today self-evident in chip thought, is the main cause of human extinction and life extinction. As metal radiations become overpowerful and more difficult to control.

–                In the total surface of Human forms[±5 million years in ideal  numbers], the evolution of the Monkey Lethaliensis Metallicus [life pov] or Homo Sapiens, [human pov], as a symbiotic function of instrumental evolution, has as all other systems of times, 3 horizons. Themselves structured through lineal instruments and cyclical instruments in 3, O, |, Ø phases, which correspond to our 3 formal horizons of any specie of Energy-Information:

–                – The stone age [pebbles=O-stone, ±5 m. ±500.000, or lower Paleolithic; cut Silex: |-stones, -500.000 -100.000, or Middle Paleolithic; and Ø-stones: -100.000, -50.000 or upper Paleolithic].

–                In the last of those ages, the upper Paleolithic, man is born.

–                Before there were Homo Erectus, without language. With the Paleolithic the Homo Sapiens radiation starts in Africa, and expands fast, extinguishing all previous radiations, as it happens once and again in the Universe. Man is born through the language, and when he is born, his higher informative organ shows in new and complex stone tools, and the beginning of  self-linguistic reflexivity, of art, and complex burials, hinted at by the Neanderthal.

It is then with the transition to the homo verbalis, from the homo neanderthal, visual, later resurfacing in the White animetal man, now subdued by the new species, when humanity starts to créate conceptual words and images that evolve us.

Humans use tools which can provide an extension in the external world of O-evolutive arrows and |-evolutive arrows of behavior. Thus cyclical stones of ‘light’ glare, that attract the human eyes [such as amber and precious stones], become probably the first pricing tools. While lineal flints and hard-stones become the first weapons – devolutor functions of hunting and death. Finally at the end of the Paleolithic both forms combine in multiple Ø-forms, in the ‘baroque’=eclectic age of stone evolution.

And so we establish a parallelism between the Paleolithic ages of instruments of man, and the evolutive series of human brains [O-age:500 CC; |-age:1000 CC. Ø-age:1500 CC].

First in the Lower Paleolithic the Australopithecus, exists as a simple animal, without verbal languages, and hence any temporal perception [no death rituals, no memorial control of fire]. It splits soon, into 3 species [most creative processes of species take place by division of a form into 3 varieties: one of max. form, one of max. energy, and one balanced between both, which normally survives].

We talk in the human case the Australopithecus Aferensis, gives birth to the Australopithecus Robustus, the Australopithecus Bosei, and the Australopithecus Africanus, which being more balanced in craneal form, and pelvis, grows the brain size of the specie, into the new Human radiation: the Homo Habilis-Erectus. We are now in the Middle paleolithic of ±1000 CC.  It is interesting to notice though that the phenomena of explosive radiations takes place also among humans: the specie is born ‘suddenly’ in accelerated times, and soon displaces and extincts all other species. It controls more vital space [arrives probably to America – Piedra Furada stations; and has more technological weapons]. It does not talk, but at least remembers the nature and control of fire. And so a new jump takes place:

Human eye radiation: -200.000: Homo Verbalis>-10.000>Homo Metallicus

The next jump of complexity after paleolithic stone-instrument radiations, were the radiations of verbal men. The languages of information of men, started suddenly to evolve, and that truly changed the species.

They meant that finally man had acquired memory of cycles of light, of perceived reality. And the memory of behavioral events between animals was the key to his growing domain over them. Because with light memories and geometrical senses based in light space, he was able to make instruments. Thanks to such memories the word was born, and men with words were able to organize societies. They probably extinct previous non-word humans [humans without forehead evolution, ‘Neanderthal? like humans extinct by the first verbal minds, which could organize war much better through verbal orders?.

Such is the conclusion of the analogic method, that the scientific method of data collection

seems to prove [Since by the evolution of present languages, and genetic evolution, we seem to come all from the primeval eve, only around 150.000 years ago – the first woman to speak?]. So the virtual world of man became the ‘eye-wor[l]d’, which shaped the world of mankind.

It is logic to think that since the Paleolithic man has not evolved more, since function is form, and the form of the brains of man have not changed. This is also proved by the fact that Paleolithic modern tribes can in a few generations become adapted to the modern world. What is then the nature of change in the modern world? Obviously the evolution of instruments, which follow 3 clear phases of increasing complexity and hardness of material [spatial resistance]:

The bone-arc age [-50,ooo to -10.000]. It lasts as a transition phase between stone and metal, till the arrival of copper [-10.000; -5.000]. It displaces stone as lineal weapon [harpoons, arrows]; as complex instrument [needles, art]; and maybe as cyclical form of ‘primitive money’ [ivory].

With the end of the Bone age, and the beginning of the Neolithic, the first great extinction process within the human race starts. As Neolithic farmers extend from the initial knot of Palestine, Hunters are displaced, and extinct.

The record is rather conclusive: there is not transformation of Hunters into farmers, except in very few reducts. Most hunters are displaced North, and ‘hunt down’ with the more sophisticated tools of the Neolithic. This process is not only proved temporally but spatially within the ‘relative past zones’ of hunters left in isolated areas, that will be partially extinct [±75% of deaths], when the Neolithic arrives: North-American Indians +Australian extinction:

image038 image040

–       The metal age-radiations. All radiations need to expand their energy organs. And farmers do so through metal, which hunters are not able to process, lacking any industrial technology beyond the stone. The life of the hunter is simpler, nomadic, a specie perhaps more free, but less complex in metal products that the ‘tamed’ enzyman, the farmer, who controls animals with metal tools – the proto-type of animetals:

By 1500 the hunters are almost extinct, metal has reached the gunpowder discontinuum of death at very long distances. The hunter population keeps getting Smaller:

1500: Humans 350 millions; Hunters: 1%:3.5 millions.

And smaller… 1998: Metals, perceptive threshold: Chips: ±10 billion. Potential Metal-Weapons: trillions, Humans 6. billions; Hunters:+0.000%:-1 million

The graphs have certain relevance. They represent the first of all human extinctions by metal, in this case by weapons. Often it is not argued what gave Neolithic men, of smaller size, from the tropical regions, capacity to beat the northern, big races of hunter. Copper seems to be the answer. As the radiation of copper farmers extend north from the focus of Semitia, the Indo-European balkans and the Iberian peninsula, it extincts hunters which imitate with their flints and stone axes copper forms.

This curious archeological finding has only a reading: without copper, the paleolithic hunter tried to make stone-like copper. But copper beats stone. Hunters were cornered.

Now copper in O-money or |-flints and arrow points, becomes the source of external social communication of information and energy -death, of trade and war. Yet copper is followed by the age of ‘alloys’ and hard metals [-5.000, present=±0]. It has 2 main radiations: the ages of bronze and iron; both are used mainly for |-weapons, and complex tools. While Silver and go[l]d will be preferred as O-communicators=money. The radiation of iron continues through the age of gunpowder, [±900; ±400] now in complex forms [machines] that will open ‘chemical energy’ and require lineal science of cannonball measure. In the last phase of gunpowder [±400, 0] Science and Ø-metal senses appear [clock-telescopes]. Around 1602 with the first companies of gunboats, and Galileo’s invention of ballistics; a new acceleration in metal complexity and ‘sense of fast timing’ arrives to human civilizations, parallel to a massive extinction of all those ‘slow’ life-based cultures that do not adapt.

In the graph, as man top predator disappears, and all men become enzymen, primitive animetals,symbiotic to machines in their predation of carboEarth,  the radiation of chips and machines, the scientific radiation start massive growth. It is the Neopaleolithic, an age in which metal-evolution of top predator machines begins. The first ‘war animetals’ appear as the last human life-predators die away.

The scientific radiations. And so if we ‘elongate’ the Vortex, we can complete it, now with scientific instruments [-400, +100]; that also go through 3 basic Horizons of a wave of existence [max. lineal energy, max. cyclical form; max Ø-complexity or III horizon]:

-|-age: S-machine r=evolution, XIX C.

-O-age: T-metalmind revolution [XX C.]

-Ø-age: Sentient machines: [XXI c. Industrial r=evolution.]

This is the age that now starts with the arrival of the Chip Homoctonos, which will be followed by the final vortex cycle of extinction of man [0; -100].






The hypothesis of human evolution of machines.

image042 image044 

Today the biological language of man is substituted by a new language of a new specie, that man hardly understands: Indeed, with the scientific revolution of metallic evidence, and industrial re=production, the evolution of mathematics beyond the direct geometry of the human eye [Greek mathematics] came. And the abstract number – the digital language of machines – a language that is even more complex in detailed analysis of light events than the human verbal language, predated over religious verbal thought, and started the new age. The age of metallic species.

From our 3rd pov, static in evolution, the degree of complexity of the metal Earth accelerates. And that causes our sensation of accelerating time. More complex systems act-react faster in their environment, and hence they seem to be accelerating from a lineal-fixed temporal pov, such as it is the human-clock times. This perception of acceleration also happens in physical vortices [black holes, free vortices]. We say that perception of time=existence accelerates with complexity. Exactly as it happens when you enter a black hole. And so what we are unveiling here is an accelerating vortex of instrumental-complexity. Which was  parallel to human evolutive complexity, before the arrival of metal [paleolithic series of brain evolution, in 3 shapes: 500 CC lineal brains and 0-stone instruments, 1000 CC, dolicocephalic brains and |-instruments, and 1500 CC Ø-brachicephalic brains, and Ø-stones]. Yet once the radiations of metal started the function of man became static, compared to the enormous change on instrumental forms. We will prove you beyond doubt by studying cultural forms that it was precisely the vortex of metal-wars what stopped human collective evolution, inhibiting human social development under what we call the Paradox of History: Max Metal evolution [mt] = Minimal human evolution [ht]. And the vortex of metal complexity has further accelerated thanks to science and metalminds…

The extinctive nature of Historic radiations

We look at the previous radiations of life and human species, from the perspective of biological radiations.

In the evolution of the Earth when a new, efficient specie of informative+body organs is completed, she radiates in the previous ecosystem, displacing weaker species, that become extinct, directly or indirectly by the new radiation [that hunts them or expels them from its vital space]. So the arrival of eyes, with cephalopods, probably extinct 90% of blind species, in the Cambric. The arrival of complex neural systems in mammals, probably caused the extinction of eggs and offspring of dinosaurs. In both cases the new top predator specie appeared just before massive extinctions took place. We could extrapolate those effects to future economical radiations of ‘animetals’ [a digital eye-brain + body-platform]; which extinct humans indirectly, expelling labor from the industrial ‘ecosystem’, under myths of productivity, or directly in wars caused by the evolution of top predator weapons. Since in all ages of the Industrial r=evolution the more evolved, more perfect machines have been weapons: a ‘top predator’ specie designed – today programmed – to kill men.

The process of extinction of previous human cultures of lesser technological content by new cultures, new radiations of instrumental men, has taken place in the evolution of history, directly and indirectly.

In fact the first human radiation proper, the radiation of the modern man with wide development of the frontal, verbal brain, seems to have started only 150.000 years ago, in the South-African or East African plains. The first humans, barely one thousand by most genetic accounts, would form a band or tribe which started to speak, and spread North. And start extinction of other humans. direct, through tribal wars, and indirect as other Homos receded, towards ‘reservations of hunger’.

In America where there are remains of instruments, around 40.000 years old, most likely from Neanderthaliensis types, the radiation entered in 3 waves, around 20.000 years ago.

The previous man would be cornered in Tasmania, West Europe and South America.

The next extinctive radiation would be that of Neolithic agricultural tribes, of the copper discontinuum, that will extinct the previous culture of Hunters.

Now the specie is the same, but the cultural patterns and instrumental evolution has varied.

And we start the fundamental radiations of instrumental hordes that have taken humanity to the present.

The Neolithic radiation advances worldwide, and extincts hunters.

The bronze radiation advances worldwide from the Middle East, and destroys most other cultures.

Then the iron radiation with origin in Eastern Europe and Anatolia will extend worldwide

And finally the radiation of complex iron, the radiation of machines of science, with origin in Western Europe will expand worldwide. Today it has conquered all other cultures, that have become extinct.

It is only left a final radiation, the radiation of pure animetals, without human interference, that seems about to be born in California. Such radiation should develop a more powerful eye-brain than man, and extinct the human specie, thanks to his faster virtual worlds of light.

The evidence is overwhelming in favor of a theory of History caused by extinctive radiations of metalmasters, of new species of cultures with more technological evolution, that first corner [indirect extinction], the older species of cultures, and finally extinct them.

In the same manner that Americans put Indians first in reservations, and then massacred them, or metal machines are cornering vegetal and animal life in ‘natural parks’, and then poison them, herds of technological humans have displaced and extinct previous herds.

And perhaps the most dramatic and touching remains of those extinctions are the ‘baroque’ informative last age of those cultures that died, and entered before extinction, a swan song of artistic value, leaving monuments and remains of his languages and cultures, just before disappearing.

So as the Neolithic advances, the Paleolithic hunters are cornered in the west, and without vital space, with less and less food, they gather in caves, and invoke sacred rituals and the Gods of nature, in the caving paints, that coincide with the last millennia of Paleolithic hunters.

And again as the Bronze age advances, the Neolithic farmers, enter its baroque age and elevate the Megalithic monuments to the Gods of fertility, the celestial solstices, that regulated its life. When the bronze radiations reaches the corners of Europe, the Megalithic and its people end. This can be observed in more detail in the American decoupling where the stone Neolithic of the Mayans lasted till Toltec invasions. Then fields stop being cultivated, war ravages Mayan lands and population diminishes. Only the feverish construction of temples, the last refuge against technological hordes, increases.

In the middle ages, peasants also would gather in churches, to avoid death by stirrup barbarians.

Today the human languages are exploding in creativity, in agony songs to the destruction of human senses, by the scientific method… And we will return to that.

With science the machine was born. A new radiation has started in the Earth, shaping beings made with more dense atoms than carbon, and hence potentially much more powerful in size and mental complexity. Metal species are in fact predating over man, already in deconstructed bodies [war machines] and deconstructed minds [chip-TVs that hypnotize the human eye-brain in front of his virtual worlds].

In the earth information the Ot-organ or top predator organ of any specie, has an origin in light, from where we decode information about the external world. Machines have much more range of light perception, and mathematics much more detail than verbal thought:

An image is worth one thousand words is a fundamental truth that makes image thinking machines – mathematical, digital machines – much more powerful than human minds.

The species that are better with light though tend to radiate faster and extinct the slower species. The construction of virtual worlds of light, and their networks of analysis of data, determines today the power of ‘animetals over humans.

It is not the chemical size, which peaked with dinosaurs, but the speed of perception of the eye, what made the squid eliminate almost all species, what will make the ‘animetal’ [visual machine] the selfish new predator of the Earth, that will extinct man following the mandate of survival of all species:

Grow your vital space, radiate, change the ecosystem to your image and resemblance.


Suvival of civilizations: to exist in present

A present culture, like a present healthy body is one in which there is a balance between energy and information, where both words and natural goods  [human goods] are respected and cherished. To exist in ‘Italy’ or ‘China’ we might say, when talking of classic cultures of History that tried to reach stability guided by informative religions of love and social knowledge, is the aim of History, of an evolved society.

The impossibility to be more than human, to transcend into immortality, to become iron or Go[l]d , is the tragedy of the game, that so commonly affects arrogant societies, with mirages of ‘progress’ and power.

Where there is no balance between the extreme individualism of metal masters [warriors and traders] or the slavery of individuals to the myths of the mass [metalnationalism, that takes people to wars and Religious Holocausts]. Only reproduction of the same rituals ‘per in secula seculorum’ as the Chinese Taoists understood, gives meaning to fluctuations of existence. Yet crossing our limits of evolution or devolution bring death or slavery to higher planes of existence. In ritualistic reproduction of customs and pleasures you ‘cheat’ the game. You move to the past [paleogenesis] without breaking your limit into death. And then you go to the future, but only to become another you [parenthood, new dynasty, new ritual]. A little bit more evolved, but still you.

And so we can understand ‘the function of existence’ of healthy cultures, also as a travel between limits of excess of money and weapons. The ‘Lorentzian’ limits of civilizations are caused by an excess of |-weapons and O-money that bring History towards its human limits of Complexity and Energy, bring war, and in the overall process of History are extinguishing Carbolife by an excess of more efficient machines.

Carbolife cannot exist in a metalife environment. And so not only nature but labor is today being substituted by machines, that extinct labor. While words are substituted by digital images and money as the way of giving orders and information. Not only life but human cultures are being extinct in the Earth under the new radiation – the radiation of animetals.

Because man has not obeyed the temporal wor[l]ds of his religious verbal higher prophets, and has renounced to the life paradise to copy himself into metal under the damnation of work.

2: The evolution of the two bodies of History. Scales of social growth.

The study of the ‘body of History’, the human waves of clonic forms distended in Space and Time that shape her, and the 3 systems of simultaneous historic communication, verbal thought, pricing-science and weapons, that organize Mankind, will focus our study of Humanity




We thus talk of two kind of humans, ‘believers’, people of the pre-metal age, or modern men of higher individual standing, able to survive without metal. And  enzymen or ‘primitive animetals’ symbiotic to metal structures as crabs are to their houses. Crippled in their human nature as crabs are. Yet able by the Cartesian paradox, to feel superior to all men, and creators of all kind o rituals of rhetoric superiority from religions to nationalisms. They are superhumans only for enzymen of the metal-press, such as Mr. Nietzsche. In the view of this writer metalmasters are not even Animetal species, which today we start to foresee in all its power [Chipped machines], but enzymen, creators of the Animetal radiation, at the price of extinguishing life. The biological and historical prove of this is overwhelming.

Following Nietzsche, we should call them instead, and from the human and life pov, subhumans. since naked of their metal-vanity they have lesser verbal power than a prophet, or a believer, lesser freedom of mind, lesser harmonic perception of the living Universe which they ignore and destroy with their machines. Enzymen though control history as symbiotic species to their metal ‘shields’ as crabs are. They are powerful due to their metal atomic-density, not because of their human density. As humans they are in fact simplified and partially destroyed in its human nature by contact with metal, a different specie, which is alien and biologically non-compatible with life. Such deformation of ‘enzymen’ to become animetals, symbiotic to metal species, is the main cause of cultural rhetorics, ‘human irrationality of behavior’, and self-suicidal instincts through wars [that evolve metal], and pricing.


Organic evolution of the |s-Ot-Øts systems of mankind

It is clear that as mankind grows in the scale of societies, the nature of the Historic organs of distribution of information, energy and reproductive goods, and drives, change, from societies based in human goods, of slow reproduction, towards metal-societies based in faster and more powerful metal radiations.

And so we can consider those changes according to population in a general graph, in which we observe a constant increase of metal power, as human societies grow in complexity and substitute their biological languages and objects by metalanguages, that cause hierarchical societies with classes based in metal power. The graph shows clearly a change from biological and Neolithic societies to Metalmaster societies, as the population goes [states, and tradocracies which go from city-states to present mega-nations].

The change is parallel to the evolution of the productive system of societies from exclusive creation of human goods, into massive radiations of metal goods – money and weapons.

T back such new goals, that contradict the naturel goals of mankind, the human verbal perception of reality has to be rhetorized and degraded. To that aim it is fundamental to fix truths and evolutive verbal actions into obsolete laws to the service of metalmasters. Thanks to such laws [written laws] the wor[l]d becomes corrupted, fixed in the past, and captured by metal goals, hold through penalties and dramatic rituals. While the system of bartering and distribution of wealth in small communities that ensures at least the feeding of all members of the cellular body, is elongated to a mass production and distribution system, that can leave many people without social care.

Money also diverts the goals of human good production, and it is used mainly to raise armies, and other metallic endeavors.

Finally weapons no longer are used to hunt other species, but made of hard metal, hunt humans.

The rupture between the Carbo-Earth of believers and equalitarian societies based in cyclical time, and the Metalearth of enzymen and societies based in lineal-energy is clear in two phases:

First with the arrival of hard metal [bronze-iron] warriors become masters of societies by virtue of its extinctive=evil power. They create [page 347] unfair social classes ruled by metalmasters. And they corrupt the correct functioning of the 3 systems of natural organisms, that stop producing human goods, and stop being guided by elders [the most informative sub-types of any specie], and stop revering the living Universe… The second rupture arrives when stock-paper money radiates in massive numbers, allowing the organization of companies reproducers of scientific machines, and the total control of wor[l]ds by money. And so we talk of the Neolithic age of Human goods; the Warrior age of empires, city states, and racial nations, and finally the modern age of complex metal nations and Tradocratic governments ruled by money.  We signal those  2 discontinuums of complexity in the graph with a stronger vertical line:

So we can clearly divide History both in space and time, in two periods: the CarboEarth age of a life-based Organism of history, the Paleolithic and Neolithic. And the metal age of creation of structures symbiotic to metal reproduction, structures that inhibit and destroy human solidarity, and nature. This is the age of metals, and the age of enzymanic and economic organizations beyond the small community limits of small biological and agricultural societies.

Civilization is not brought by metal. Cultures of minimal metal such as Mayan lands and Mohenjo Dharo, or the pre-Shang China had a high degree of civilization and much more insight in the laws of cyclical time. And yet they had no perceived center, beyond sanctuaries and religious temples. It is clear that all those cultures become far less civilized when they entered the state age, despite being more ‘extended’ in hierarchical power.

It is clear that the Shang feudal warriors, the Toltecs and the Aryan, plummeted standards of human life, and destroy educational understanding of the Universe in all those cultures.

We conclude as Aristotle and many other philosophers have concluded, that an ideal society would be made of many small, regional Units, with self-systems of control of weapons and creditation of human goods. And we will return to that: In the last chapter we will design such society.


The Universal Constant of History: Max Ht[human times]=Min mt[metal times]


We can project the evolution of History, away from life and man Times into metal times, in  a graph of cyclical coordinates around a point of balance, or string of Survival=Justice. At both sides of the point of balance where neither man or machine would evolve further, we find two regions, one of Max. Metal times [Mt] = Min Human Times [Ht] or region of extinction. And one of Max ht = Min mt or region of salvation.

Those 3 regions give us a Vortex of the 3 ages of man, with a mean point of relative present, or point of immortality, ideally placed in the highest interval of verbal thought [-700 BC; +700AD]. In lineal times it shows an arrow of future towards extinction by metal, and an arrow of relative past towards carbolife. This last arrow is the relative arrow of human future that politics and man should try to promote. Since the creation of men and machines is as all universal reactions theoretically reversible, when the O-| organs of each specie are controlled. Thus by controlling the radiations of weapons and money, and by evolving the informative verbal mind of man, and its energy base of human goods, and Nature, History could be reversed in favor of human thought:


According to Hesiode, a Greek poet, History divided in different ages, the first age without hard metal, was the Golden Age of man. In the Golden age, men were immortal and lived in peace in their lands, producing human goods… But then it came Silver that multiplied the quantity of money and corrupted Humans. And then it came the Bronze age, of warriors… And finally the present age when men never rest, working and suffering all day. Kung-Tse also talks around the -500BC of the end of the age of Harmony, as iron weapons multiplied. All cultures will suffer this devolution of social structures as technology multiplies and weapons radiate.

Because metal history feeds in mankind, in social evolution, in ethics, in evolution of the Wor[l]d, that reversal should be the priority of Politicians, instead of the evolution of metal.

The event of history as a wave of forms fluctuates between two relative phases of the Earth, carbolife and metalife. We talk of History of science as the last phase of CarboLife History, the phase of life extinction by metal scientific forms, created continuously since the arrival of science and Cops [Companies of Scientific pricing]. The age of clocks of pricing and science – the digital age – is paradoxically the age of verbal rhetorics by dissolution of the ethic nature of the World into multiple, ‘inoffensive’, obsolete, Cartesian religions [nationalisms, sects]. This balkanization of wor[l]d power gives total power to O-metal=pricing, |-metal=war, and its guiding language of mathematical thought and engineering design, through cred[dit]ation of me[n]tal futures by a worldwide network of companies reproducers of stocks of science. It is the 3rd age of mankind. The age in which our biological languages are extinct by the metal languages of science; and our bodies, cyclically extinct by machines of war.

We will dedicate many pages of this book to the study of those cycles of war extinction…

3: Truth in History

Truth implies in any science the correct definition either in mathematical or verbal thought of a certain event in Time-space, from a pov=frame of reference.

In Relativistic science, it is always needed a frame of reference, since there are infinite relativistic languages and povs of perception of the total Universe.

In Physics the pov is the Cartesian coordinates and the human-metal eye frame of light reference. And truths of physics are light truths, or Cartesian-Euclidean truths. [They belong to a limited part of the total Universe and the total space and time, a fact that we have called the Copernican=Cartesian paradox, and signals the limits of the inquire of Physics]. In history there are two frames of reference, each one belonging to one of the ecosystems evolved in History: the human frame of reference, or pov of human history, and the metal pov of metal history.

Of our two main human species, the ‘enzyman’ or metalmaster who evolves or reproduces metal, warrior or trader or scientist [evolutor of complex ‘metal senses’ from clocks to computers=metalbrains, from telescopes to cameras=metaleyes], symbiotic to the higher power that metal gives to him, has the metalpov of reference. For them evolution of metal is more important than social evolution.

They deny the absolute law of extinction of simplex systems by complex systems which has no exception in the Universe and implies that metal evolution will bring carbolife extinction, given the higher atomic mass and potential formal evolution of metal-forms.

The second type of man interested in the human limited world of existence, is the human pov on history, the silent mass pov, the pov of most men, for whom the natural arrows of human evolution-verbal and social thought, devolution-feeding, reproduction-love-sex, and the arts of sensual perception suffice. For him extinction [the meaning of evil for all subjective, Cartesian frames of existence] is caused by weapons and warriors and war.

For them, at least during most part of history, before marketing would sell only ideas on the goodness of metal-power, the corruption and destruction of the simplex truths of man, expressed by verbal thought, was caused by money. This pov of Human History belongs to the huge mass of history, both in space [most people] and time [almost all the time of existence of history, guided by verbal religions of poverty and anti-violence]. Hence it is the natural pov of the body of History – the pov that allows most human cells to survive; and so the pov that favors most the survival of History, and the subjective knowledge of mankind.

Our two povs in favor of metal history of human history are called through history with different names, of which left and right is one meaningless, non scientific terminology.

In a real science of History, words though have to be related to parameters of space and time, of evolutive, devolutive or reproductive drives and ecosystems.

So left is defined as the highest probabilistic pov of human history [the pov of the mass of humans] and his systems of evolution and reproduction. And right is the metal pov of history, [highest MV=Tp value, or pov of metal masters and associated metal communicators].

And the question is what pov is in a Relativistic science of History the true pov? That of metal history, or that of Human History? That of the minimal number of humans multiplied ad infinitum by the maximum number of metal communicators? Or that of the maximum number of humans even if it is repressed by the Mv=Tp systems of human control?

To understand truth we have to understand indeed the relativism of linguistic knowledge. The ‘Copernican paradox’: every point of view believes to be the center of the Universe by confusing all the total povs and languages of perception of the Universe with his language and pov. The Copernican paradox applies to all languages. For example physics which studies basically the light universe [maybe only 1-10% of the real gravitational universe of dark matter], talks of its description of time and light space, as the total Universe. That is the Copernican px. of science. The Copernican px. of all languages of knowledge confuses the total Universe with the mirror-image-virtual world that the language creates in the Universe. Thus linguistic truths are always relative to the limits of the language and pov. The total truth is the total Universe, as the sum of all its povs, linguistic perceptions, and knots-particles and forces-languages of communication.

Metal truths Against Human truths

When this applies to history, the total truth is the truth of the total ecosystem [wave perception] of History or the total body of history [particle perception].

It does not matter that we see history as a loose wave or a particle-organism. In both cases, there is a biological simile that works with far more accuracy that other similes: that of the death of History by metal history. That of the fragmentation of the body of History by metal structures. So we conclude that National, tribal truths, religious truths who do not include the total surface of clonic men, are partial truths of metal origin, selfish truths of what we call the Homo Bacterium or individualist, opposed to the Homo Organicus, or socialist. As in biological social evolution, the homo bacterium, might seem stronger and bigger than the cell of a social body, because it does not participate or share its power with the social systems of communication of the body [particle pov] of History. Yet if we consider the total pov of social history, the systems of history, not his individuals, the Homo Bacteria, does not produce healthy systems of History. This is the error of the Smith Postulate: wealth of metal produces war and a general state of evil= confrontation within a society. So the Homo Bacteria in such societies cannot accede the higher pov that society gives to the social individual. It lacks the satisfaction of social organization in any of his growing scales, from family life to spiritual awareness of the social Wor[l]d. It lacks love=max. social communication. And love and social harmony gives happiness, the goal of man. This, the Homo Bacterium substitutes by power and fantasies of metal perception – by the Smith Postulate. So he sees TV-eyes instead of family eyes, he hates or despises other tribes and kills them instead of learning his culture, he represses his social senses, even his vital senses from sex to food to wor[l]ds, to family love in order to increase his metal senses.

The Homo Bacterium, or metalmaster, or enzyman of metal, however counts with the extension of energizing power of weapons, and codifying power of money. And those extensions make him the top predator of History. As a human being his life quality is inferior to that of the Homo Organicus, and the civilizations based in respect to nature, human goods that satisfy human senses, and social harmony. For that reason systems that create masses of Homo Bacteria, despite its good ‘apples of the tree of technology=science’  have been criticized by masters of the Wor[l]d, [verbal prophets], who know the true game of history – a game of survival or extinction of the human kind by the evil=extinctive properties of metal. And the Homo Bacteria has survived and extinct Wor[l]d prophets. He has the power, not the truth. And yet he imposes his truths with that power of his metal extensions [metal communicators, weapons, scientific instruments, money].

The evolution of Human and metal thought can be represented as a confrontation: Verbal prophets who use the informative language of man will show the path towards human justice – what we call “Human Time” or Ht. While Warrocracies ruled by weapons and Tradocracies ruled by money [Democracies being the last modality] will manipulate those truths into rhetoric partial ideologies, of metal evolution – what we call churches of ‘Go[l]d’ traders and inquisitions of ‘S=word” warriors – that favor the rule of the castes of monetary control and weapons power. Religions in such cultures become systematically deformed to glorify the Metal Master caste of the misunderstood prophet. And so history has its come backs and returns towards the ideal utopia of a world without metal evil=war; or at least with less metalforms. Yet it is overall dominant in freed=’freedom of greed’ and violence=written law. Utopian intermezzos last little as new waves of metal war sweep entire cyclical civilizations and with them the hopes of man.

                                    Mt V Ht;                   Mankind V Metalkind.

In the graph, the confrontation between Darwinian, devolutive Homo Bacterium and Social, evolutive, Homo Organicus structures History. Today though the Homo Bacterium has defeated the Homo Organicus, and his prize is total power of money and weapons in the organization of societies. And so history

Is always a battle between two ideologies, two ecosystems two species and its human allies – the life being and its love memes vs. The animetals and its selfish memes of metal and power:



The need for an evolved, scientific guide to History

As Camus said, when the power of the wor[l]d is overturned, man discovers that he has

to survive through murder and corruption.

What is the power of the wor[l]d? The self-evident truths of survival of man.

Ultimately a truth is in a subjective Universe, an strategy of action and belief that improves the survival chances of the specie that holds the truth.

Because metal evolves thanks to the Homo Bacterium, and the most evolved machines are always weapons who kill the Homo Organicus, the truths of the Homo Bacterium are extinctive; so from the subjective pov of History they are false. Extinct species know nothing. Thus from the higher pov of the body-ecosystem of History, survival dictates that the Total Homo Organicus [who believes in mankind, not in nationalistic partial organs] holds the truth of the body of History, and the Homo Bacterium holds the fantasies of metal power beyond the limits of survival of man. The Homo Organicus is complex in verbal thought, i-logic and paradoxical, while the ideologies of the Homo Bacterium are dramatic, infantile, at best Aristotelian. Those lesser evolutive degrees of verbal thought cloud his perception of the Truth of History, to which as a clone of man he would tendencially move if he were properly informed. Instead dramatic inhibitions and metalfantasies become imprinted in his mind since earlier youth…

A positive aspect of History though is that when the Homo Bacterium becomes Homo Organicus, his higher individual power becomes extremely beneficial to mankind.

It is clear that the frame of reference of Human History is that of the Homo Organicus. And that the antitruth of the Homo Organicus is that of the Homo Simplex. And that as in all other sciences, we can talk of the arrow of simplex truths and the arrow of complex truths in human history, the first one is the devolutive arrow, or Darwinian arrow, the second one is the social arrow. Which of course has been said by all the serious Historians of Humanity.

And so we talk of the Book of Human Historians expressed by masters of verbal thought, or humasters. And the Antibook of Metal historians expressed by metal communicators and metal masters. The first searches for the unity of all men through systems of love=max. social communication. The second searches for the unity of all metalforms through mv=Tp systems of war and markets empires. This book pretend to be an antidote against Metal historians, in the verge of the collapse of History – a final vaccine, that as other similar vaccines of ecological, religious, socialist, and humanist ideas – try to rescue humanity from his wrong path. If those ideas keep being rejected by the Homo Bacteria. If the Homo Bacteria, does not evolve, and resucite, and looses his inhibitions of social love, and his slavery to metal, we have to conclude that history will die soon, because the body of history is sick. And it has already started with the digital age, its final phase of dissolution. What we call the human baroque…


The non-science of present Economy and present History

A science is not complete if it cannot predict the behavior of its particles in the future based in the past. Since Economics and History have never predicted that future they are not sciences, yet… ‘The economist’, communicative organ of the science of economics, made a test on future economic indicators, among taxi drivers, finance ministers, dust bin collectors and economists. The dust bin collectors guessed more data than all other groups!? Imagine that you ask doctors, hairdressers, homeless and drug-stores about the consequences of a medicine in your body, and homeless get more answers. Would you call those physicians doctors, or clowns? Would you risk your life with them? Yet Humanity is risking the life of History putting himself in the hands of Economists and Historians which have no clue on the rules and mechanisms of control of History for the betterment of man.

Till the XIX century, it was easier to die when bearing a child in a Hospital than in your house; since in the Hospital there were more bacteria, and doctors anyway could do nothing better than nature. This is what happens to history since certain ‘castes’ of economists and scientists have taken over, in the direction of the Planet Earth. And unless they evolve their myths into science, their mismanagement of the ‘body of History’, might bring us collective extinction. Economics and History are indeed in the pre-scientific age. Their postulates and statements are myths mainly of occultation of power by the ‘interested’ elites that use economics as another tool of manipulation of people to increase their wealth share. So their ideals are mainly religious myths of greed, at the service of politicians and companies which write the checks of the economists and historians of today mass-market. Their reason of such Economical myths is to validate the subjective perception of what is ‘right or wrong in history and economics’ hold by those elites, not to understand objectively human and metal history. In general those myths can be resumed in 3 false postulates:

– The Smith Postulate, which is the base of the ‘religion of economics’ . It says that the growth of money and machines is the measure of ‘wealth’ and the ‘welfare’ of a nation. Yet what we call the Smith wave of money and machines is maximized in war periods, in which machines ‘predate’ and extinct humans and nature. So there is a clear contradiction that has provoked as a result of the myth, a total mismanagement of the economical crisis that derive in war.

– The Scientific Postulate or scientific Method, which affirms that truth, evidence and reality is limited to the ‘light space’ and ‘clock-time’, which become the parameters of knowledge.

As a result the pursuit knowledge substitutes human sensorial evidence and human verbal languages, by a single language – light – and ‘metal sensorial evidence’, of digital character [clocks and computers are metallic ‘time-meters’ and telescopes, evolved in cameras] are metallic space-meters. Yet it seems proved that at least 90% of reality is not light space. And that there are infinite cycles of time-measure beyond the clock. The scientific method in its arrogance, becomes then not so much the truth of knowledge but a tool of substitution of human senses by metal devices, invented by science.

– The myth of freedom. Man maximizes his existence – it is said – by being totally free in political institutions. Yet freedom is chaos in the Universe. And in fact such definition of freedom gives total freedom to the market – to capital, weapons and machines – which defend their freedom through perfectly ordered organizations known as companies, its lobbies and legal production. While very inefficient ‘free’ systems of political power, are unable to control the wrong sides of companies power, and their abuse over citizens.

As a result of those 3 myths, the ‘doctors of History’, do not improve the ‘body of human cells’ that we call history, but evolve scientific=metallic instruments, evolve wars through economical crisis of overproduction, resolved in war wasting of machines and corpses; and finally can control the mother Earth, submitted to the abuse of companies waste…

Yet for companies, whose main aim is to reproduce and evolve machines, in order to gain profits, all humans are productivity numbers, and utterly flexible to destruction or manipulation depending on the needs of metal evolution. All human cultural extinctions are good if they increase the speed of metalform production. All activities of mankind without pricing, can be extinct, because they do not improve the market.

We say that the myths of Economics, Science and History-Politics are self-serving myths that help only the evolution of ‘metal-history’; because metal either in lineal weapons or cyclical money, gives power. And power imposes itself by myths not by reason. Those Postulates, are false statements. And so they cannot cause a real science of History.

But we are here far more serious. We are trying to build up a real science of economics and history with capacity – as all sciences have – to predict the future of the particles involved – mainly humans, life and machines. So we will ignore economical myths. We will ignore also the ever present rhetoric of abstract numbers – of the scientific method, as only language of truth – that makes of economical subjects nazi-like ciphers, that can be interchanged by machines, extinct, or ignored, when they become life or human beings without pricing, without use for the evolution of the market – which is the evolution of the machine. Instead we will tell the real cycles of History caused by the evolution, reproduction, and extinction of human cultures, products, machines, and money.

And so we will predict the future of History by prolonging as sciences do, the repeated cycles of Economics and history in the future. Two main type of ‘evolutive radiations’ invent that future: human wor[l]ds [ideas and the worlds created with them] and meta radiations [of weapons, machines and money]. The understanding of the reprduction and evolution of those species, and the cycles they cayse will become our key to unlock a real science of History and Economics.

In all sciences futures are created by the cycles of the entities the science studies, which follow if free certain behavioral arrows of space-time.

So the main element to predict the future of economics is the analysis of companies, and the evolutive cycles and tendencies of money and machines…

While to understand history of man, we have to understand the evolution of the informative and energetic organs of existence of mankind – of the specie of History – which are words, and Nature. Those four elements, money and machines in metal history, and words and nature, in life history, are in their evolutive, reproductive and devolutive tendencies, the key to understand a science of history.

A Science of History V a History of Science

History is ruled by languages of temporal nature which cannot be perceived with the scientific method of visual evidence. It is clear that the scientific method, and the study of History with instruments of metal would not be of use to the science of History, beyond the collection of some basic data about the past [archeology]

It is for all those reasons that current scientific thought cannot be applied to a science of History; and yet it is constantly applied to man through economics, which makes of man a guinea pig of scientific production of metal-products. By definition economics reduces man to a tester=consumer x worker=creator of machines. This has destroyed the freedom of man, which paradoxically makes possible the analysis of the future of man, as a slave of the system of metal evolution.  Since man has become subservient to the evolution of scientific metalsenses, and those instruments have a biological rhythm of evolution, a precise science of History has been made possible. Yet we have to look at such predictions, from an outside pov, that considers Economics and History different sciences, in as much as they study different species: metal and mankind. So we will describe the cycles of Economical sciences, as the main cause of present historical evolution – though we will hold a biological opinion expressed already in the introduction: metal predates over man. Man becomes under the scientific method, a ‘farmed animal’ of a metal farm. Even if that is a painful truth.

Galilean science is extinguishing history by making man subservient to the evolution of metal, the main task of scientists, despite their self-esteem as masters of Human thought. In true form physics, the king of sciences, is only the expansion of metal evolution to metal senses, in which the language of light perception is perceived with deconstructed metaleyes [from telescopes to cameras] to deconstructed brains [from clocks to computers].

So respect to the value of science, we have to accept a historical approach.

And respect to the active control of history [politics] we have to use also a biological simile: the politician should not act as a scientist, but as a doctor who takes care of a body.

So a passive science of History would be a biological analysis of History. And an active science of History -politics- would take care of History after understanding the laws that rule History.

Mathematical languages versus verbal languages. The arrows of human thought

We write the predating paradox of History [Max metal cycles=Min human cycles] as a function of two languages, verbal thought, and Metal pricing+war [evolved by mathematical thought]. We talk of two linguistic species, the verbal linguistic specie or Ht, and the mathematical-metal linguistic specie or Mt, as the two LanWaves of History [Waves of beings guided by a language]. Those two fields of the event of History are a communicative, predating event that can be studied by the Laws of Complex evolution as any other cellular organism, organized by systems of information and energy. We can study both organisms, at language level by the evolution of verbal thought and mathematical thought, or at formal level by the evolution of human societies and human goods that cater to human senses [artistic goods] V the evolution of mathematical forms, forms of pricing and war.

And so we talk of two arrows of evolution in history, of two kind of cycles, of ‘times’: ht, is the human time, which refers to the evolution of verbal thought, human goals and religions of the wor[l]d towards human waves of love=max. communication. It is measured and composed of believers, of social beings in harmony through the wor[l]d. The second arrow of evolution is Mt, or metal-mathematical time, based in simplex, lineal thought and abstract, non-ethic mathematics, and the associated metal forms designed with tools of mathematical measure, [species of science]. It is composed of social beings in ‘harmony’ through Go[l]d and the S<word, of enzymen.  Enzymen masks their goal of human devolution by metal evolution with useful gadgets that feed the needs of mankind, and ‘rhetorics’, such as metalwealth=Progress.

Yet in as much as the most evolved machines of science are always weapons, we cannot become hypnotized by the ‘food that the farmer, gives to his slaves of productivity’.

Only if man could stop the evolution of weapons science would be useful to man. Yet since science evolves through the evolution of military research, this is not be possible.

Thus we talk of 3 ages or Horizons of man:

– The young, prophetic age, in which the body of Human history [Nature and words] were harmonic and ruled over all men [Neolithic]. It was the age of evolution of companies of the Wor[l]d or religious age.

– The age of evolution of companies of weapons or warrior age; in which lineal ideas promoted by lineal metal symbiotism, puts warriors in the top of the social pyramid. It starts the devolution of History away from truths of verbal thought.

– And finally the age of evolution of companies of pricing, or trader-Stock age, in which truths of verbal origin become obsolete, and all men dedicate its life to the evolution of metal through companies of pricing. It is the extinction age of the mind of man, which as in all organisms, forecasts the extinction of the body of man [through vortex of wars, that only ethic thought, now absent in humanity could limit and avoid].

Those ages overlap, since the 3 languages co-exist together. Yet in each age, a type of company controls the others and cre[dit]ates a type of future: warrior companies evolve weapons, wor[l]d companies evolve man, and mathematical-pricing companies, evolve complex metalsenses and machines of war [besides the baits-gadgets that feed enzymen].

A Language can be resumed into a temporal equation that puts several povs in relationship of past [energy] to future [evolved, reproduced] forms. And so we can define by such equations the two languages of mankind, elaborated a posteriori over the  Light language of the eye:

Object>Verb>Man[subject], becomes then the generative equation of Ot-verbal thought to which all sentences can be referred.

External forms [Humans, objects] > Mathematical equation [pricing-wages, design] >Metal Instrument [clock-pricing, Product, Metalsense]; becomes then the generative equation of the language of mathematics, pricing and science. And so on.

The two previous examples are clear in its order of forms: verbal thought has man as the ‘future form’ or form evolved in higher measure. Mathematical thought has a metalsense, or product or machine, as the ultimate form evolved. Both languages of course might be made abstract in a book of grammar or a book of mathematics. But they are not abstract, when they guide the communication between reality and men.

– Image thought is the ‘energy-space’ where human thinking feeds its informative organs.

– Beyond images, man develops two languages: mathematics, a language external to man, that requires computers, metal-press and does in fact evolve more machines than humans.

-And the biological human, verbal communicative languages that puts man, when properly harmonic [ethic wor[l]ds] at the center of creation and preserves the human status.

It is like the myth of Icharus: the attempt of man to evolve through mathematics, fails because we cannot resist the complexity of the language, and use it to evolve products. The balance of verbal thought increases human social communication and hence guides mankind towards the Social evolution of ethic worlds – towards a collective human informative God, able to control history for the betterment of man.

Man evolves his languages of ¥-perception, of which 3 are paramount, images, verbal thought and mathematics. They construct what we might call the opposite arrows of ‘Deus et Machine’ by providing man and metal with their informative organs of existence. External mathematics [mainly evolving the metal languages of pricing, products and war], and internal Wor[l]ds based in human senses, are the communicators of History. They ‘cover’ the summit of our vital planes of existence: They organize human societies by communicating to humans and metal the arrows of devolution, evolution and reproduction through ideas, and equations; which are linguistic mirrors of the Universe.

So according to the nature of the Universe, we talk of 3 horizons in linguistic evolution:

– Image thought horizon, or Paleolithic, to which we return today thanks to visual media.

– Verbal thought Horizon, or Neolithic. Which implies the social evolution of man, thanks to verbal thought. However this age would soon be controlled by remaining Paleolithic tribes, now converted into cattle ranchers, and hordes of warriors, that apply metal to the control of mankind, with methods often derived of its ranching customs [age of hard metal].

– Finally thanks to mathematics we enter the digital Horizon, or Cops Age [Companies, Pricing and science] in which warriors are displaced by constructors of complex machines.

In each age a cultural race has dominated history. In the Age of verbal thought,  the Homo Verbalis Propheticus, of the zone of tempered, harmonic body-mind cultures controlled History [Neolithic and Bronze age]. In the age of science it is  the Homo Tradensis Mathematicus, of maximum eye perception [Nordic Races and Semite-Jewish cultures] which controls history.

While in periods of war, it is the Homo Pictus Warrior, the Paleolithic man without temporal depth, and hence without moral contention, who destroys civilizations with his simple swords.

Each of those species, organizes different organisms of history, different civilizations.

Yet because only one language is biological, and hence ‘supportive’ of his povs, we talk of Wor[l]d civilizations based in a book of moral truths [theocracies] as the  natural system of human social power, which de facto is the preferred system of most human societies, till the arrival of warriors and science.


Organic system of code-energy [power] interchange in the 3 types of cultures.


Let’s consider the organic structure of the 3 types of civilizations, which is lineal or pyramidal in warriors [ruled by weapon castes] and traders [ruled by companies of pricing]; when  those societies reach maturity, and cyclical or loose, in the wave period of formation of such civilizations [hordes of warriors, free markets, revolutionary periods of verbal thought].

In the graph the two basic metal-master forms: the enzyman, a creative, cyclical trader or scientist that survives by symbiotism with cyclical metal, and the animetal or warrior, a destructive lineal form that survives, by killing all type of humans. The Enzyman creates machines, the animetal uses it. The enzyman is a cyclical, smaller specie, of short languages and cyclical rituals, it is our ‘trader’. The Animetal, is the human that handles the machines, that uses them. It is physical, violent, simple.

Both evolve today into pure forms. Pure animetals, and pure metal-enzymes, machines and chipped systems of energy and information that displace all human enzymen and animetals, workers and warriors…

It has to be clear though, that Human History is a body different from Metal history.

In a pure system of human history the 3 languages of power, would be the organs of verbal communication, the systems of human good reproduction and bartering, and the natural law that regulates the individual clashes of ‘justice’ between minimal groups [families, clans].

What we call a company of Wor[l]ds:


The corruption of the Carbo-Earth Organs by the Metalearth organs:


Metal-classes V human classes.

Only with the arrival of Metal-history those 3 organic systems and languages of power, become corrupted and captured by the organs of metal history.

The metalmasters have 3 tools of deformation of human reality: The Verbal law that bias to metal the Wor[l]d organ; the monetary system, that bias to metal the Reproductive organ of history, and the military system, that bias towards violence the defensive system of the Organism of History.

Those 3 corruptions of the Organism of History appear with metal. They did not exist before. Law was verbal and produced by elder. Money did not exist and production was of human goods, and trade through bartering. War was minimal, based in individual offenses, and only affected very limited adjustments on the behavior of people.

That type of societies prior to metal is what we call the Jen age of verbal, natural laws, set by older people, adapted to each case; minimal war with simple weapons, and trade of human goods that through bartering and verbal communication increased, not decreased friendship and social bondage. We talk of a fundamental change in History with the arrival of metal, that brings also with Bronze, empires and written law, swords and monetary systems of Hypnotism. The good world, of the Neolithic, and the bad world of the Metalearth. This is clear in all societies. The corruption of the natural verbal law by repressive, fixed, non-evolutive written law, the destruction of networks of human goods bartering by massive production through monetary systems, that alienate the individual worker, and finally the repression of masses of humanity, his slavery and itification by castes of privileged warriors, come in all cultures, with the arrival of metal. Which establishes with those 3 tools of corruption, money, law and weapons a direction of future, a system of social classes, anti natural to the organism of history. A system that makes man slave of the direction of evolution of metal, whose rights are higher than the human rights of the energy and mass-classes [who do not control creation of money and weapons], applied directly [corruption, violence], or rhetorized as the ‘sacred protection of property’ through the law.

Property=Vital space

It is fundamental to understand the meaning of Property, and the natural need of it.

Property is simply the vital space of the human being. Property is natural to all entities in the Universe. All entities need a vital space to survive. Without property there is no history, there is no perception, there is no Copernican pov. Existence is not.

What we call property are forms of lesser Time-evolution than man, space of our external eye-existence [instruments, land, animals, people under human control: ∑|o]. Property is necessary and it will always exist as long as a human being, or any being exist. The game is in fact a fight for vital space, for property.

However property is not necessary private property. On the contrary a healthy system of history is one in which the individual clones share common property, which bonds the individual particles into an organic system, where efficient informative organs of wor[l]d power are able to divide property among individuals according to his social function.

The first human societies were like that. Property was common, specially land, which belonged to the village, and was cultivated by all. Its fruit was shared by the community under the informative guidance of the wor[l]d prophet.

Such societies of the Neolithic are the balanced, natural societies of man.

What metalmasters did, thanks to the power of his weapons, was to abuse the human tissue and absorb the communal property for his own use. This was sacralized with writing, when writing became the new system of control of space-time, the new language of power.

The law, and the weapon, writing to the service of the selfish abuse of vital space, by ruling metalcastes, will become with the age of metal, the new way in which human herds perceived vital space. Now vital space belonged to the few, and property was sacred.

That sacredness of individual property is the aberration of metal ideologies that has made today History ungovernable. Because in as much as the informative organ of man – the ethic wor[l]d has no rights over property, property becomes the territory of metalmasters, and companies of pricing, and the human organism of History looses control of his vital space.

Without that vital space, the wor[l]d looses power.

It is clear that the fight for property, is the key to power in human societies.

And so when metalmasters took over humasters, and men of the wor[l]d, the first thing they do is taking its property, and destroying communal property.

The end of the Christian wor[l]d [Reform] caused the seizure of church property by warriors + traders.

The end of Buddhist power in Japan or India, meant his lost of property to warrior invaders.

The beginning of the industrial revolution ended communal property, and brought the enclosure systems that threw the mass of English peasants to the mines…

In as much as metalmasters make vital space superior in rights to human social tissue, they are debasing mankind and putting property over man.

This is the meaning of metalmaster laws: property is higher than man. We evolve property, and when property awakes – when metalife awakes – we will give it higher rights than to humans.

Ultimately we’ll find once and again the same corruption of the concept of property when metalmasters invade and massacre social communities: property is seized by weapon’s power, and then legalized by corrupted wor[l]ds. Finally property divides society between those who have too much vital space [metalmasters] and won’t share, and the bulk of humanity whose communal vital space-property has disappeared, and so leave in the verge of hunger, poverty and extinction.


The written, fixed, aberrant law, organ of metal power

The metal master law is the use of the world of man for the protection of metal evolution: metalaws are imposed not by reason [since they promote devolutive behavior, and tend to belong to racial, old, aberrant prophets] but by force.

For that reason metalaws require the symbiotic use of a warrior or trader tool of dissuasion [monetary corruption or weapons menace of violence] to be=come.

In America thanks to lobbyism the rights of S<Words and Go[l]d are-were used to create external laws that allowed slave contracts and war.

In England laws allowed companies of scientific products to become the main organizers of human existence by giving them in stocks exclusive rights of Cre[dit]ation of futures…

The subjective wish of man for social evolution, human senses and natural laws who favor both are imposed without external force, by verbal evolution; and guide human thought in the golden ages of prophetic power. Laws and metals corrupt the natural ethic laws of social man, [universal drives towards parallel love>Social evolution].

Written laws on the other hand allow to neutralize and fix such evolution into past, simplex forms. And so they help the evolution of metalhistory, [max mt=min ht], by converting the wor[l]ds of man in past forms.

In the earlier Mesopotamic and Egyptian empires, written thought had added extra power to metal force with ‘the written message’ that could control not only the individual who heard the message but a large number of them, both spatially and temporally, through preserved texts. Temporal, written texts, became Laws of behavior, fixed in a written =spatial form that could last generations without loss or change of form. They simplified the internal, evolutive sense of human justice with which the individual is born, with external rituals of metalaws controlled by metalmasters. External laws substituted internal human and verbal bondage, proper of ‘livon’=life-based cultures. Laws at the service of the new metalmasters appeared, parallel to written forms, probably with the first warrior empires, with the bronze age. They closed what we call the Jen Age of lesser weapons, and little remains, of Goddesses of the Mother Earth and the power of the wor[l]d.

Laws and tribal Gods of behavior, become often bizarre aberrations, rhetorics of metalmasters that maintained humans in confused states of historical perception: Since as the World changes, the Laws stay fixed and  cannot be transformed. And so the old law becomes an alibi for further corruption of the human wor[l]d systems, and growth of the metal wave that the old law protects. Self evident today with ‘modern religions’: ¥-science, Marxist theologies, and the American constitution, to put well known examples of obsolete ¥-biased ideologies, that favor machine reproduction and carbolife extinction.

Why men are so stupid as believe old prophets and legal rhetorics of people who knew nothing about the present age? The mass of spatial humans has as all Spatial forms an intuitive respect and awe for Temporal distance, which written thought and legalistic rituals provide, as a substitution for the ‘truthness of the law’.

Rhetorics of spatial origin, such as the repetition of the Law, its multiplication through press and in collective rituals of obeisance, help a lot to dramatize laws that under rationality would be found at best partial truths. And we can relate the complexity and ritualism of law and government with its need to ‘disguise’ his degree of corruption. Thus the Simplest laws and codes, and government procedures, are the most just forms; while the most obsolete governments and in[strumental]just laws are the most ritual. Such was the case of old warrior=aristocratic courts in Europe, and the modern English>American stockratic laws at the service of Cops, which are against human rights, and have an enormous aberrant temporal inertia. Indeed, the first thing the French did in their real r=evolution was to resume all laws in a single code. The non-real Companies revolution of America against English Companies kept all laws to keep all privileges. They merely wanted to transfer power from city financiers, to New England and Plantation owners of gunboats and cotton.

Yet the true instrument of legal indoctrination is the learning of laws and rituals in earlier age, when rationality is minimal, and the son obeys the father, when the neural networks are still weak and can be imprinted, as animals imprint the emotional reactions of their youngsters. We talk of mental brain-washing by religions of God, and swords, and nations of metal power.

Human neurons and mental networks are species of subjective self-perception that want to survive, once they are imprinted, even if they are wrong. And so the indoctrination of human beings in earlier age by Laws, is accepted as good by those which the metal Law has imprinted emotionally. Ideas are living mental systems. For that reason the capacity of man to evolve and change its mind-programming is limited after the age of imprinting – when religions convince their ‘chosen of God’, and the scientific method is equaled to truth in enzymanic programming institutions [aka universities]. And so today man cannot change his ideas and react in Times, to the enormous speed of digital evolution, which the whole Stockratic system protects and promotes, with laws in favor of property, absolute cre[dit]ation of Stock, and the constant promotion by Cops of the equality man=product. Because once the human believers are programmed never to discuss the ¡[nstrumental]-law, they obey the ¡-law even if it brings them extinction.

The metal law

There are too, good laws that protect the citizen, yet again those are a minority in all metal-historical systems of laws, which are mainly laws to protect metalmasters. The Law is merely the coercive nature of warriors now evolved into traders and politicians, who will use weapons whenever is needed to defend the implementation of their metalmaster laws. Fixed in sacred texts, the i-law ended human verbal Existence, internal ethics, feelings of the heart. Yet it solidified warrior constitutions by transferring the power of Warriors, from the individual leader to the collective warrior consciousness; as Companies transferred the role of Traders to the immortal entity of Cops. We talk of the equation of Laws and Cops:

Metalmasters <Stock<Cops<Metalnation<Law<Police<Citizen.

The Romans, the truly inventors of the i-law, the most stern warriors till the arrival of Germans, knew the power of control and programming by the i-law. The i-law was the meaning of “ROME”, an entity of War specialized in treachery, collective slaughters and exploitation of the Ancient World by taxes to the benefit of the Roman citizens, the only citizens with true Legal rights. The previous western metalmasters, Asur and Phoenicia-Israel, had not yet the concept of ‘physical law’, coexisting in the same plane of existence that human particles. Instead in what we call the verbal age, previous to the arrival of coins, the Law equaled directly the Wor[l]d of tribal Gods. And so Baal was the Go[l]d of Phoenicians>Baalists who dictated the Law through his priests. While ASUR, was the doG of war, the name of the capital, the kingdom, and the people of Assyria; and his Law was sacred by the power of death – all in one, since in the old times the understanding of Gods as the social evolutive consciousness of ‘a people’, [of Mankind=History, in the higher species of God], was clear. Yet under the primacy of tribal Gods, arrested in development by the Copernican paradox, such cultures become fixed in cyclical confrontations with other tribes by means of weapons and pricing. Indeed, the Px. of History expresses itself once more in the minimal social evolution of such product cultures in the bronze age, stuck in racial, tribal concepts of History=God, that allow them to use war and pricing without containment. Yet those cultures did extinct the natural Law cultures of the Jen-Neolithic people. And metal imposed its life-inhibitions and disciplines to man ever since. Tribal ideologies provoke the tragedies of recurrent wars and Holocausts, that further encroach under Darwinian ideologies of revenge, the cycle. Self-evident in German and Jewish History which increasingly confronted the Jewish and German people against the ‘others’. And prevents today the fusion of the social Jewish or German>American consciousness with the collective consciousness of Mankind. Such perception of God is also common among primitive Paleolithic and Neolithic tribes in Africa, the South American Jungles and Indonesia: each tribe has his God which is as in the old human verbal age of Asur, the name of the people, the name of God, and the form whose existence is enacted in the cyclical rituals of pray and mysticism. And those Copernican Gods are always at war with each other, from hill to hill…

What the Roman Law did, was to suppress the need for that higher level of existence, by creating a written, fixed God protected by military methods of repression. Ever since, warrior tribes have used the i-law as Traders use pricing: as the final tool, singularity in which its exploitation of the human mass is based. Indeed to understand the mechanisms by which Humans have been able to construct the Metalearth and overcome all Livon resistance to its implementation; to understand the structure of the most advanced instrumental nation [America]; to understand the recurrence in Times of wars, holocausts, and brutal systems of Human exploitation, we need to introduce a new symmetry in our Space>Times Domain. In this case the fundamental symmetry of code-control of Human species, a constant on the deformation of the Wor[l]d by Metal History: The ¡[nstrumental]-Law.


NATURAL LAW= Internal Law+HUMAN BEING=Human Believer+Subjective Law=

[Man=Love]   =     [Justice=forgiveness=social bonding.]

INSTRUMENTAL LAW=¡-law=EXTERNAL LAW+human being=Human enzyman+Objective Law=

[Man≥Price≥weapon [product]]     =      [Justice=revenge=metal bonding.]


Internal ethics are forms of Human bondage, of life bondage similar to those of any other Life specie; based in love and hate, in honor and betrayal, in moral debts, and social drives; in emotions and feelings, which focus the mind into human perception, and try to achieve social evolutive harmony. Ethics in its higher forms understand the value of forgiveness in the path of creation of social, human Gods. Often they create social, flexible, structures with lesser metal efficiency than the parallel instrumental structures [companies based in greed=work]. Albeit the only internal Human structures of true legal value, which in an ideal world should be promoted, tried once and again, evolved and perfected towards Max. Justice, based in forgiveness and prevention of crimes, and reform of laws towards human justice, in which chemical wantings are not penalized. Instead the Human tissue derives constantly, thanks to the i-law of Traders and warriors, towards external laws based in restriction of chemical=livon wantings; and the imperative of revenge that allows the warrior or Pricer to use his weapons, or treat men as products of pricing – enacting once and again periodic testing fields of wars and holocausts.













4: The wave of History. Its 3 horizons

The wave of History defined mathematically as all waves by the logic concept of Paradox, establishes a field of economical and human events, between human and metal species, communicated through pricing, war, verbal thought, and human actions. This is in essence the Wave of History. And this book is the study of that wave, and its 3 main ages of O-verbal, |-metalwar and Ø-metal scientific dominance. Let’s resume the 3 ages that we will study:

-The age of the Wor[l]d with minimal content of metal communicators, or Jen=Harmony Age [Chinese Historians], before the arrival of ‘written’ history. Writing was brought by warriors [Egypt], and traders [Sumer]. It ‘fixed’ verbal thought as submissive space to war>Law and pricing>accountancy. Only in China writing appeared as an inquire of the Game of the Universe, [oracles], giving us the higher writing system of mankind, as a mirror of the Universe [I Ching time-space hieroglyphics]. While traders [Phoenicians], simplified Western writing into a replica of verbal thought. Cx writing developed in the Chinese culture a dual system of perception of the Universal Game: the Taoist paths of writing calligraphy, and the verbal philosophy of spoken language. Accordingly the Chinese culture is regarded in this book as the more Complex wor[l]d human culture, also concerned with the control of History by verbal thought and verbal masters that had traditionally in China, equal power to warriors and traders. Chinese thought was concerned with the true questions of human survival – ‘the immortality of history’ – and the achievement of human cyclical times, of human sensual evolution by repetition of rituals of social form. Chinese revered the biological verbal languages of man, and did accept the truth of a still Universe, even if it produces less metalform wealth.

It is the antitruth of Nietzsche, paradigm of western societies, what is false: metalmasters, scientists, warriors and trader castes, are not superhuman, but subhuman. They are inhibited in Wor[l]d evolution by metalforms. Their human senses are not open to the Universe. And so the deep knowledge of Humanity and social thought is forbidden to them [both at political and cultural level]. And they walk irresponsible towards extinction. While the higher cultures of man, the Chinese culture, the Buddhist culture of classic India, the Greek culture and Christian Italian renaissance, despised metal power and cheered human senses. Those are the superhuman cultures, defeated by the metal extensions of the subhuman enzyman, in the age of Gunpowder and S-body Machine construction of the Industrial r-evolution. The age of the Wor[l]d is studied in Chapter 6.

-The age of Cows. Companies of Warriors, followed the Jen age, and systematically ended with all Wor[l]d cultures, since the Bronze age. Warrior empires used metal communicators of death=weapons to subjugate the religious, peasant, Goddess, life centered societies of the earlier Neolithic. In the age of metal, the Wor[l]d was constantly submitted to inquisitions of ‘legal’ power and brute force.

This fact from where a modern science of history departs, was already foreseen by an almost forgotten Genius, Mr. Vico: human history returns to metal history periodically, bringing war and corruption to the body of history, and those returns to the barbarians, are the main ‘biological markers’ of the cycles that History studies, cycles that create and destroy civilizations.

The first rhetorical artists would also appear then to ‘remember’ warriors with written and architectural tools; building up massive tombs. Kings and Emperors, would leave written in stones their Copernican fantasies and myths of immortality, thanks to the sweat and blood of thousand of workers. All short of useless metal=imperial remains, herald ever since the ‘beginning’ of culture, as the ‘prove’ of the ‘ingenuity’ of man. An ingenuity that in true form is however internal, shaped by the vital verbal Wor[l]ds of Human senses, and arts of perception – not external, made with metal tools, blood and flesh of slavery, in the way in which Warriors and Traders construct their paths of faked glory. At this times, around 5000 years ago we shall consider that the Jen age ends – by far the longest age of man, the only ‘true’ age of man as top predator. Since metal history has to be considered from the Human pov, an ‘error’, that should be corrected. Metal [weapons and pricing] became then more powerful tools of behavior than the wise thoughts caused by the mere contemplation of Taos, and the obedience of the laws of prophets of the Wor[l]d. Metalmasters fixed the Wor[l]d in Aristotelian, written laws at the service of property and war. They printed them in egomaniac tombs that did not preserve their bodies of flesh, a single hour more.

While its cycles=radiation of weapons and money evolution, set the rhythm of extinction of cultures. Civilizations are erased by each new wave-radiation of ‘advanced’ weapons that go through S-peaceful and T-war states, as the tree of good and evil [technological evolution] always do. Indeed all metal products can be used for weapons and civil gadgets,. As weapons they control metal history; and give power to warriors which keep evolving weapons. In all events of the Universe, systems go through two phases: an S-wave-expansive state, and a T-evolutive state. Metal history also has those two phases. We call the involutive phase or ‘particle’ phase, a war phase. History in wars accelerates: Evolution of metal increases, devolution of Humanity – the relative energy of metal – increases also. And the effect is an acceleration of Metal History, parallel to an acceleration of human devolution=death. Thus in wars a ‘condensation’ of the rhythms of history takes place – which is the meaning of a particle state. And so we can establish a series of T-evolutive and S-reproductive phases for metal products that trigger wars. Those S-T cycles of all metal products are the great ages of Metal history: The age of iron and bronze tools=lineal swords; the age of charts=war chariots, the age of horses=cavalry; of fireworks=gunpowder,  of boasts=gunboats, of cars=tanks, of Planes=Bombers, of Computers=Terminators?

But the evolution of war accelerates since the arrival of science. And we talk of two rhythms in the cyclical radiations of weapons, that shape the existence and extinction of civilizations:

A median long cycle of 800 years [chapter 7.] They are the discontinuums-radiations of bronze spades, bronze chariots, iron, cavalry, stirrup, gunpowder and Computer evolved Weapons [Planes, A-bombs, Smart weapons] with a Median wave of 800 years

– Yet since science arrives, a short wave of 80 years appears in the evolution of war, in which each European nation – the equivalent of an 800 years civilization – controls history through its caste of companies of war products.  They are the ages of gunboats, railroads, cars, bombers and computers, as the main 80 year cycles of national power.

So we talk of the 3rd age of history or Age of Companies of science. It is the Human baroque, in as much as man is no longer the center of the Universe, but digital thought and machines are. [Book 4].

‘Companies of Pricers, and scientists’ evolved complex metal since the arrival of Lineal Times, Ballistics, and Slave Companies of Gunboat evolution, around 1602. This age is being closed by the Digital age or age of human mental extinction. It started in the II WW, in which Cows [Companies of Warriors], now in pure metal support [missiles, defcoms=deathcommunicators, ‘sentient weapons’, satellites=sateleyes] are evolved by the most purified of all Western Companies cultures [America; Chapter 15] towards top predator status. That culture now a worldwide culture, and its products, will soon reverse time, ending human history. The date of such reversal is the subject of the last chapters

Being chapter 20 the analysis of a system of wor[l]d Union that could avoid such event.


Sangris martire, semen cristianorum” Tertulian, prophetic T-writer.

“How many tank divisions has the pope?” Stalin, prophetic S-actor.

1:The wave of linguistic history. Evolution of Human Languages:

The nature of languages.

It is now necessary to understand why the informative organ of the specie controls the energy organ of the species. What is the nature of languages that makes them top predators over bodies? Why languages are dominant? Why true evolution is evolution of languages, not of body forms?

A language refers to a series of external [waves of] forms; beings that the language describes. And we call the compound of a sentence in a language of description, and the ‘real’ forms that the sentence describes, a lanwave: a description of a physical Universe through a language of Simultaneity, that explains the event in less space through ‘platonic beings’, [Universal ideas, bits of linguistic information common to all the clonic species.]

A language is not only verbal, but visual – an image resumes the different wave lengths in colors, and so colors are a language of light waves.

It is also atomic – an atom is a linguistic knot of electromagnetic, strong, weak and gravitational forces.

All what you see is a game of species which are knots of linguistic information.

The language is however dominant over the bodies because it is small and fast. And that gives him primacy over the forms it orders.

A sentence of any language carries a meaning that reflects an external Universe: a wave of clonic forms is perceived and portrayed through that sentence. When I say: “I eat bread” I am reflecting in a piece of language, a physical event that I perceive. In this manner languages become parallel Universes to the physical events that the mathematical, verbal or image language portrays. The language has the advantage over the event of reducing the event to an almost simultaneity of expression, compressing the information of the event into the ‘mirror’ of the language.

This allows the language-specie to act and react to the Universe and survive in it faster, better, longer.

If we understand the entire being with his information and body organs, those species with faster informative organs, with languages that scan more space, and give more information in a unit of relative time, will be survival species.

Survival is a function of action-reaction, which is a function of linguistic perception of the external Universe.

We can measure survival through languages, since beings act as a matter of fact with a speed of reaction that depends on their capacity to see an event in time and space. A capacity given by languages.

So, faster languages of perception, which carry more information [languages with more energy and information] are better languages. They are languages that allow certain herds to survive.

This is clear: when a squid sees for the first time in the Cambric, his visual language communicates him with the Universe much faster than the smelling language of the other animals. It communicates him also further.

So the language of communication of the squid, the eye – which sees and creates with light an image of the Universe – is a top predator language:

Top predator language = Max S x Max ¡

Where S means spatial simultaneity, spatial size of perception, and ¡ temporal information, detail on the analysis. It means that a language that is used by more forms, and a language that carries more information in less time is a top predator language.

It is for that reason that verbal thought today is being expelled by digital thought: digital languages can carry more information and scan in the manner of images more space than verbal thought. And pricing numbers can be understood by more species than verbal thought: products and machines besides men [as consumers and workers] have also a price.

So digital languages and species-bodies which carry them survive, and human verbal languages and species which carry them are extinct. Exactly what happened in the Cambric happens in history between technological nations of higher digital languages, and verbal nations of higher human languages.

It is clear that eyes were better than smellers both in detail and size of its perceptive range. In fact eyes extinct 90% of the species of the Cambric.

Because they saw and reacted to all other animals faster, and hunted them.

The 3 ages of knowledge

It is for those reasons that history does not evolve human bodies, but human languages. This is evident. Our specie exists as such since perhaps 150.000 years without real changes of morphology. It is then knowledge, the virtual worlds and the memory of man what evolves in History.

We can relate the previous ages of Humanity, [see last chapter] with the evolution of its informative organs, from verbal thought [age of prophets] to mathematical thought [age of pricing] and finally to digital thought [age of images].This is specially truth when we talk of the age of written records, or classic concept of History, in which human knowledge and the products men construct with that knowledge establish the rhythms of History.

And we talk of 3 ages of human knowledge.

– The verbal age of Taoism, Buddhism and religions of the living Universe.

– The mathematical age of pricing and the scientific method

– And the digital age of metalminds, which moves knowledge outside the realm of human existence.

A process that radiates new species that can extinct man. A process achieved through science.

Science makes of numbers and metal senses a method of truth higher than verbal thought.

This means that many truths of verbal thought such as cyclical time become substituted by truths of mathematics, such as graphic systems of lineal time.

With the arrival of mathematics and the scientific method also the discontinuous Universe of vital beings described by Eastern religions of the verbal age, is substituted by a lineal continuum Time-Space of abstract beings, more appropriate to energy and weapons, and lineal measure.

Those simplified concepts become dogmas very useful to the art of mathematical measure and construction of machines of war. They are errors of science which still today are misunderstood. They have made of modern science a very poor theory about the total Universe.

Not in vain, Galilean science is born in the western decoupling, of warrior lands, where the great waves of warrior invaders, and weapons appeared. Mathematical science ends with a verbal understanding of the Universe. It deforms it, and so because in man behavior is based in verbal, ethic knowledge, it causes also the end of human social verbal religions, of humanistic thought.

This is hard to swallow when you have been indoctrinated by Galilean science during centuries.

However it is truth.

We say that in the first age of History knowledge was verbal, and based in the obvious truths of the living Universe.

In all those traditions knowledge uses two parameters in its understanding of the Universe, Space and Time, or Energy and information, or Yang and Yin, or Body and spirit. All parallel concepts. Most verbal definitions previous to Galileo’s analysis of Time with a clock, seem to be in a general agreement, both in Greek philosophers, and Eastern thinkers, which evolved verbal science far more than western, western scientists:
The Universe was as we explained it here, made of cyclical functions of existence, of body-minds of all kind of types.

In the second age of history, of knowledge brought by science, companies reproducers of metal-machines and mathematics  verbal thought declines as organ of informative truths, displaced by mathematics.

And the way man observes the Universe changes, due to the abstract nature of mathematical truths.

Descartes, Galileo and Newton, sacralize the Continuous lineal graph, the continuous lineal time-space related to speed variables and the principle of lineal inertia. And so the Universe became abstract and dead.

This however was false. And as the scientific method discovered more flows of communication in the Universe, it came the 3rd age of History of knowledge, or relativistic age, that shows a Universe of infinite, relative frames of reference, and organic beings.

We talk of the age of relativistic science, whose laws and ‘probabilistic truths’ were summarized in the introduction. Those laws are the ones we have used to organize history as a science.

In the introduction we also clarified those partial postulates of Galilean science, still very common among scientists, in order to understand properly change and time, the fundamental parameters of history. Let’s remember them again, since they will be present along the rest of this book.

We said already that Universal Times are cycles of form; only the Time of the scientific method is unidimensional, human measure of form in lineal, ‘infinite’ coordinates. All beings are composed of cycles traced over surfaces of energy=space, and so the total times of a being, are all its cycles of existence. And so we defined knowledge as the understanding of the cycles and territories of space-time beings:

Total temporal truth of a being = ∑ All its Cycles of Existence.

Total spatial truth of a being = ∑ All its vital spatial territories of energy.

Total existence of a being: ∑ O¡ x ∑ |¡

Which is the function of existence studied in the first book, and now applied to History.

Such equation defines all radiations and organisms of the Universe including History as organisms made of energy and information.

It is the function that defines economical organisms made of O-monetary information and |-machines. And it defines human organisms, made of |-nature and agriculture, and O-verbal worlds which control that nature. It also defines Historical organisms, cultures, civilizations and human institutions.

That function of existence not the definition of Time-Space of Maese Galileo which Galilean science studies in all its manifestations it is the true function that vitalizes the Universe, that allows us also to study history as an organism.

What Galileo defined was only a ‘tool’ of abstract measure useful for Energy and weapons analysis. He defined time and space as functions of speed: V=S/T, an equation useful for war and energy purposes, which simplified enormously the meaning of Time and Space. No longer the fundamental variables of the Universe, which now lacked any true organic definition, but to parameters of abstract mathematics. Parameters defined both in relationship to metal-sensorial machines. Indeed Time was now defined as what metal-clocks measured. And Space was defined as a relative perception of distance done with metal-trajectories [Cannonballs in Galileo’s case, Metal bars in the International system of scientific definitions, then light-space measured through telescopes and cameras].

However the age of verbal thought understood and studied the ‘function of existence’, of yin-Yang realities, of Mind-Body realities. And that equation is a far more relevant equation to understand the nature of Universal Radiations, including History., because it includes much more events, and it can be related to much more scientific and social behaviors.

It inaugurates the 3rd age of science.

It is the Unification Equation that scientists of the scientific method will never find.

How can they, if they don’t even know what they are looking for?

We do, and so we will study History as an organism, made of Energy and Information events, and cycles, between humans and machines, between the ecosystem of Carbo-Earth species, and the ecosystem of metal-species.


Human languages: collective evolution and memory of sensorial experience

Senses are devolutive and evolutive vectors of the chemical and electromagnetic perception of man. They are the vectorial elements of the human being summoned up in languages which are the next stage in the elaboration of existence by man, through accumulation of sensorial memories in the mirror-language.  Obviously and according to the rules of construction of new pyramids of times over relative ordered space, languages of man will be limited to the order of the sensations given by the senses.  Which therefore puts those languages in a short list of vectorial drives:


– Pictorial languages [Homo Pictus] which cater to the light senses.

– Music Languages [Homo Harmonicus] which cater to the feelings, body senses.

Both of them evolved into:

– Mathematical Languages [Homo Tao] and ¥-sciences, derived of the Pictorial, geometrical perception.

And Verbal languages [Homo Verbalis] which cater to the feelings, human senses.

Further evolved when man crossed from individual to social level into:

– Pricing Languages [Homo Economicus] which cater to the organization of Human Enzymen and ¥-metallic and productive structures through the relative equality: man=price=object.

– And Prophetic Languages [Homo Propheticus] which cater to the organization of Human believers into complex social structures, Gods and ideologies that increase the efficiency of a human mass, and hence its survival against the hostile Universe.

We are interested in this book in those two final stages of growth of languages of life-human existence:

We can apply to that change of human languages, the law of top predators: more complex languages predate and use as energy simpler language.

Today writers are being ignored by people. They watch a metal-language of digital origin – TV – that carries more information and simultaneously touches more human brains. So writing is being extinct by metal-image thought. Yet writing ideas -scripts- are used as ‘energy’ to hook humans into watching images; even if everybody knows that in Hollywood the scriptwriter has a submissive role to the film image, actors and directors.

Previously writing had substituted verbal power in 2 stages, ink writing and press writing, precisely for the same reasons: writing had more ‘length of time’ and ‘simultaneity of space’ in the message it transmitted. It lasted in time, and could be read by many people in space, specially with the arrival of the press. So it became the top predator language, that ended with verbal prophets:

SxT [digital languages, mathematics, price] ≥ [bigger than] SxT [writing] ≥ SxT [talking]≥SxT [mimic]

The total organ of the being has many languages, and the capacity of all languages together to act-react fast in the Universe, with eyes, words, digital thoughts, or smelling thoughts will determine the survival of the species. Yet languages do not only transfer information as pricing, words and numbers do. They also transfer energy. And so we talk of the ‘language of light’ as energy which is the common language of vegetal beings.

And we talk of the language of weapons, as an energy releaser that also conditions behavior among humans.

In history there are 3 languages of communication: weapons that communicate energy-death, money that communicates products and words that communicate ideas. Weapons are a destructive language. Money and words are creative languages. And the best species of those languages establish the power of civilizations. The better designs of weapons, words and money have radiated and extinct other communicative species.

That is the basis of a theory of evolution of languages of History.

In the next page-graph we consider the waves of existence of human and metal languages and its singularities or equations from past to future.

More complex languages [with more simultaneity in space, and higher information in time] displace simplex languages and partially extinct them.

So we talk of the waves of Music, signs, verbal thought, written thought, and mathematical thought, that have taken the evolution of linguistic history till the present.

In the left side we also consider for each linguistic specie its ‘trophic pyramid’ of social classes, which are basically 3:Future, max. linguistic volume: creator-elite; present-mass, medium linguistic power:middle class-worker; past-energy, minimum linguistic volume: pariah, outsider. When a language is renewed, the new caste of power will be that which masters the new language. Because in the Universe it is the evolution of languages, weapons and trade – the radiations of new forms of the 3 organs of History – what truly cause change and evolution of History. The individuals are only carriers of those languages, that will integrate the system of social wave-classes that new languages have created.  It is then self-evident, that History is moved by evolution of its languages of perception. In this chapter we consider the waves of evolution and radiations of linguistic truths. In next chapters we will consider the waves and radiations of weapons and money.

The waves of existence  have 3 phases for each language: Vt-Prophetic or birth age, when the relative complexity of the language respect to the previous language is higher, yet its spatial extension is minimal [Max. ∆T, Min S]; Vst-reproductive or mature age, when the language has extended to a high number of human minds, and its complexity predates over previous languages [Max T= Max S]; and Vs-extinctive age, when the language is obsolete to a new language, and dwindles in population and becomes predated as energy to fill up of contents the new language [max †T, †S].

It is then when a new language brings a new top predator social pyramid that erases the verbal truths of the previous civilization. Yet it is the a priori change in languages what drives the a posteriori extinction of forms. Code determines energy. Only then when the language has been proved superior in spatial simultaneity and informative complexity [hence controlling more masses of men, with a higher order] new linguistic social classes will displace previous top predator classes, who had Max. Volume=perception of the now ‘extinctive’=decadent language. Those old top predator linguistic classes [hunters in the Paleolithic, Priests in the Neolithic or verbal age, Warriors in the pre-stock age of simplex weapon radiations, scientists and traders in the stock age of complex weapons] will move down the ladder, when his language becomes obsolete. They will first become the new “mass’ of the incoming linguistic top predator; and then the new “energy” classes, till they disappear from the social scale, with minimal or null linguistic perception. That is the point of extinction, which will come for scientists and all human classes with the arrival of the Chip Homoctonos [artificial intelligence; the network of world computer simultaneity and informative order, that will displace all human languages from existence].

The death of a language is the baroque artistic age of the language, when his forms explode releasing its energy-territory to the new top predator language [so today human languages and cultures become energy for the replication of Tv and digital software]. When that absorption of information and energy is exhausted by the new language, then the obsolete form which carried the previous language, and its temporal classes are canceled. Today humans are releasing its territory of order-control to chip thought from factories to weapons, from education of their minds, to communication. Thus we might say the extinctive phase of mankind is very advanced, even though we are not yet canceled. It is for that reason that in the next graph as languages evolve, and move towards the right-top of the graph, the extreme future, the social pyramid changes, no longer with a human form at its top, but a metal form: the chip Homoctonos. While man becomes energy, digital thought is the future, evolved form.

Graph: evolution of Human Languages

The x coordinates [as in all graphs] show the lineal evolution in clock-time, while the Y coordinates show the informative evolution, or pyramid of power; and the population of each wave. It has to be noted though that most social classes which reached power with a previous language, becomes normally the energy base of the new predator classes. They are not truly extinct but exploited by the new masters of the new language. And in the singularities of the language [central part], they become displaced towards energy status. Their form stops being the top social predator, and its communication with the Universe of History is limited. The truths they knew are forgotten, barely expressed in the baroque art of his linguistic culture. This is what happened to verbal thought, after the arrival of legal written thought. The verbal prophets were translated in written text, which soon became non-evolutive laws, that no longer evolved verbal thought. We say that the previous language becomes fixed in space as energy of the next language. Again with the arrival of pricing first, and the scientific method, verbal thought became predated by companies of pricing, which imposed religious inquisitions of Go[l]d; and by mathematicians and scientists which considered verbal thought imprecise. Finally today even the mathematical mind of man is predated by technology of digital origin, which fixes ‘as space’ the human eye-world [Tv-watching, where the images that move are the TV images, that hypnotize the smaller virtual world of the human eye]. Yet now for the first time in history is not a human specie, but a metal species which holds the virtual world of the language. For that reason we talk of the extinction of the human mind, predated by the metal mind. And again in social classes and singularities, man is displaced backwards, to the tail of the temporal, linguistic classes:


We express in past to future equations the predating, radiating nature of languages, not only as we have done above, within different languages, but within a same language. Indeed, languages are subjective and define, qualify and motivate bodies to act against or in favor of other species, that the language considers an ‘object’ or past form: “A language will be defined by an equation o from past to future, that will cause a series of events, that will mold reality according to the behavioral past-future equation of the language.”

In this manner a language creates a future ecosystem. And to know the equation of languages it to know the future of ecosystems ruled by the language. In mankind there are 3 fundamental equations which will regulate the activities of man. We talk of those linguistic equations as the equations that give origin to Trader and warrior activity: Man=Pricer[trader]=Object, and I<weapon<Man, and to human social activity: God<∑Men<Ecosystem of life.

It is obvious that those equations create different futures: Pricers evolve objects, warriors evolve weapons [and themselves]. Both leave the mass of mankind as energy of weapons and machines.

Only  verbal thought and the perception of God as a higher truth of verbal nature, evolves men.

2: The 3 ages of human languages: dramatic thought, verbal-writing, digital-pricing

We can resume the wave of human linguistic progress along the natural path of increasing complexity, in 3 clear horizons of evolution, in which spatial extension and informative complexity of the language [Max S x Max T] grows. As man increases perception he controls previous mental forms by development of new planes of rational existence that order previous levels of thought. And we talk of 3 main Horizons of evolution of neuronal thought in man, towards higher levels of complexity and understanding of the sentient universe: Dramatic thought [musical, mime, simple verbal, subjective truths], A-logic thought and i-logic thought.

In dramatic thought, the Vs=eye and the language of visual perception of the Homo Pictus is dominant, temporally extended only to the reach of simplex sounds and verbal forms.

In Aristotelian or scientific logic thought the Vt=word of the Homo Verbalis is dominant. The word orders temporally spatial series of dramatic thought, into lineal trees of cause and effect, previously unconnected. Yet there is no sense of analogy between processes and events of the Universe, belonging to parallel organic systems. It also reaches writing thought, in first person…

Finally, Vt=s, i-logic, or analogic thought, arrives. It is a higher form of thought, of relativist, platonic nature, that orders temporally multiple events of A-thought into analogic concepts such as Yin and Yang [Eastern Analogic thought], or Space and Time [Relativity]; or Information and energy [complexity], or 3rd person narrative [complex novel]. Multiple povs, multiple organs, multiple species are put together in communication through complex analogic words and equations, in search for ultimate principles on the nature of the Universe.

We say that each new age of mental human evolution has brought a new ‘dimension’ of depth either of temporal or spatial nature, to the human understanding of the Universe.

i-Logic thought is both of verbal nature [Eastern religions, theory of evolution, theory of spaces-times] and mathematical [numbers as sets of beings, integration processes].


Both in verbal thought and mathematical perception entities become connected either through the concept of a set of numbers=forms, the concept of a Universal [words] or the concept of a society of verbal humans ruled by max. communication=love [human herds of analogic nature, or religious body of a higher plane of social existence, that we call God].

We talk of social religions of love, as the highest verbal mode of analogic thought. While relativity theory and Non-Euclidean geometry represent the peak of analogic thought in mathematics.

Unfortunately this state has only been hinted at in verbal societies; while mathematics has developed it far more. Hence the present differential of complexity between human verbal ideologies of dramatic or A-logic character, and mathematical products [weapons, networks, scientific knowledge, chips] evolved into Complex logic systems of human control [stocks-nations, informatic networks, networks of digital images, simultaneously programming masses of human believers.]

In each stage of human evolution, a new temporal or spatial dimension of order, of previous surfaces of words and eye-mental sensations appeared.

So verbal thought allowed to add to the visual experience of names, the verbal experience of names acting in time. Space added a temporal dimension of vital actions which gave origin to verbal sentences.

Besides verbal sentences gave more spatial meaning to beings, by qualifying them with ‘Universal names’, clonic names that included many spatial individuals into a single word.

So verbal thought became Max S x Max T top predator language.

When writing appeared the same process of enlarging the spatial and temporal dimensions of perception occurred. Writing could remember in time, events that have already happened. And with the press it could expand in space that perception, copying the language into many parallel forms.

Yet it was the jump of analogic thought that mathematics and numbers implied -since a number qualifies ‘de facto’ a surface of clonic beings as parallel beings; and an equation sets relationships among them – what truly ended the verbal control of reality. Mathematics outside the human brain – in press graphs or computers – have a higher capacity to relate spatial surfaces in time and space.

As such is a more powerful language that evolves outside the human mind, and makes human verbal thought increasingly obsolete, both in its scientific version and its economical version [pricing].

In the graph, if we reduce ourselves to the human perception of mental languages, we can trace a scale of evolution of each of those languages according to the complexity of a few author’s work [Max O-future]. Because time is discontinuous and cultures devolve in each war reversal, needless to say the graphs do not coincide with lineal time. They are set in the ideal time of human progress in each language, according to parameters of complexity that move in human thought from dramatic-body perception, into A-logic ¥ perception, into i-logic CH = ¥ perception of the human Universe. The artist reflects those forms of thought through the mirror of his linguistic style.

We say that is was the arrival of analogic pricing  [coins able to price all forms of existence, including human verbal thought]and the scientific method of perceiving reality through numbers and metal senses what started the devolution of human languages, both verbal and writing languages, since money became even more powerful, adding to the valuation of human actions [now subject to a price], all kind of beings, all kind of objects that could also be priced.

And because pricing was a hypnotic substance [gold] that appealed the human eye, it provoked an interest higher than words could provoke. And so all other languages became subservient to pricing. Words became corrupted, and finally became marketing. Human languages and philosophers were ignored…

Pricing, new top predator language. The devolution of verbal thought

We can say that human thought peaked at the end of the Jen age, in the fractal discontinuum of the invention of coins [-550BC], in the parallel wave of ‘i-logic’ prophets: Buddha, Socrates, Pythagoras, Mo-Ti, Lao and Kung-tse. It is then when Mr. Kung-Tse, aware of the new ‘freed’=freedom of greed that coins had brought to man, talked of the end of the Jen=Love age, and the beginning of the ‘little harmony’. Because from then on, ilogic, artistic human order under priests of social thought, would decline, inhibited by the logic growth of mathematical numbers and symbiotic metal languages [pricing, war] which would impose a rhythm of wars and prices to all forms of the Universe, evolving metallic products, by making humans and products, equal forms, explained through the language of pricing.

So we talk of 3 ages of human linguistic evolution, the I horizon of prophetic evolution or age of signs, and simple dramatic thought; the age of maturity or II horizon, of verbal analogic thought of religious character; and finally the third age of human linguistic devolution and mathematical evolution, or age of pricing thought.

The 3 ages of human languages, and its parallelism with the 3 horizons of mankind.

If we follow the graph of linguistic radiations we can relate all our languages to the III horizons of Human thought in his evolutive-devolutive scale:

-I horizon: Vt-phase: birth of man. Homo Pictus Dramaticus.

The age of images, signs, music and simple worlds would be the first age of human mental evolution. Man in this age is at the beginning of its complex development. And as in all waves of existence, this age takes place in the birth [∆ Min ¡ x Min S] and extinction of the being [— Min ¡ x Min S]. In both ages there is minimal mental-linguistic complexity [as in a baby and a very old man]. So happens to the human specie in his I and 3rd age which belong to the Homo pictus dramaticus of image thought.

The image age of signs, mimic-acting and painting, is the dramatic, ‘impressionist’ lower age of the Paleolithic.
It is also the frame of mind of the simplest of all humans –  the “Homo Pictus Warrior’ without moral depth, able to kill because of the red-attraction of blood and violence that hypnotizes his eye.

This age is repeated cyclically in mankind when each new horde of warriors eliminate complex societies, and returns mankind to barbarian state [Vico].

Then impressionist art, dramatic art, epic literature, and simple arrogance controls societies.

In this age, Image-eye thought is still dominant, verbal thought is imprecise. And so war and hunting control societies, spatially, in physical terms. Human existence have minimal complexity in minimal societies of ‘racial’ identity: We talk of tribal, biological groups as the max. level of complexity reached by humans.

Humans do not understand yet that verbal identity, of moral truths can expand human societies far beyond the tribal races.

This age now returns at the end of the human cycle, by extinctive devolution of verbal thought through digital images; and of theories of the sentient Universe by ¥-spatial science. And so it corresponds also to the Neopaleolithic age, of erased modern Human brains.

We call this kind of neo-Paleolithic men the “Magetic” men, men of images and digital Technic [Tv-thought age], who need evidence, immediate satisfaction, and have no temporal depth or ‘sense’ of social ‘ethic sin’. It is the ‘new age’ of the Homo Bacteria.

Man has lost both spatial connection through verbal languages [explosion of Oikoumene religions] back into national tribalism. And it has lost temporal connection [end of ethics, of morality, of the instinct of collective survival], substituted by the search for immediate rewards and ‘fun’ behavior, similar to the one performed by ‘virtual celebrities’, which are neopaleolithic mimic humans [actors] with minimal verbal complexity.

The dramatic age has produced as main civilizations the magic cultures of the Paleolithic, and earlier Neolithic. And in the present time it has produced the Jewish and Protestant cultures; now expanded through digital thought to all human cultures – what we will call the ‘Judermon culture’ or ‘Cops’=companies culture.

– II Horizon. Vts-phase: maturity of man. Homo Verbalis Logicus: The verbal and written age  of verbal complex forms and written worlds or Neolithic age of symbolic thought, changes the style of arts of human perception towards higher levels of understanding of the Social languages and Universals that rule the Universe. The complexity of the Universe – ruled not only by ¥-spatial evidence- is grasped. Curiosity for such underlying, linguistic laws on reality increases. Societies evolve through biological [family tribe] and ideological [religious] scales. It has two clear phases: Aristotelian-lineal thought, and analogic [i-logic], cyclical thought. A-rational thought peaked with Aristotle and Euclid which condensed a long wave of seeing the world as it seems to be under spatial light perception. Their world is made of common sense, and a single pov, full of absolute truths, partially false. And so we call such way of thought A-E-thought [Aristotelian-Euclidean thought]. It is born with the metal discontinuum in Europe; and has as its main civilizations, the Assyrian and Roman war cultures, [latter imitated by Germany and America] the Islamic warrior cultures, the Spanish culture; and the Greek and English cultures among trader civilizations.

Aristotelian thought however touches mainly the elite of men, while most people stay in dramatic levels, under the rule of lineal metal masters which do not convince them, but dramatize their lives, with the daily fight for survival in a hostile environment of weapons and mental degradation by the art of pricing.

Analogic thought, or ethic age of man [-700, +700]. It is the summit of social human evolution of verbal thought. Yet only existed predated by Aristotelian metalmasters, in certain regions of mankind. In the Western world, during the Greek renaissance ; in the Jewish Mosaic prophets  the Al-andalus Islamist resu-reaction of verbal thought. Around -500 BC, man reaches the summit of i-logic perception of the sentient Universe [Lao, Kung-Tse, Socrates>Plato, Zoroastrus].

Its main world cultures though are not European, but Asian: The Buddhist cultures till the Guptas [since then predated by Aristotelian Arabic and English cultures]. And the Taoist culture till communism and Capitalism extinct it.

What differences this mature phase of evolutive human thought, is a higher understanding of the Universe, beyond the perception of the spatial eye; that reaches with the concepts of simultaneity and wave logic, evolved in China, its summit of “Tao-perception’ of the vital Space-time. It happened in Han China, in the Greek part of the Roman Empire, both during the Socratic>Platonic, and Christ-logic ages, and in Buddhist India. Even though pricing and war are powerful languages of human behavior, we witness in 3 occasions, both in the West and the East, the expansion of several Oikoumene Wor[l]d religions based in analogic thought [Buddhism, Christianism, Islam] that defeated war and pricing, d=evolving the worse strains of mathematical thought [Greek science], and allowing long-lasting S7-9 levels of human networks [Christian and Buddhist Gods, Allah].

Thanks to their existence probably history lasts, since if the Greek-Romans and German warriors would have imposed its cult to weapons and mathematical reason, the Industrial evolution of machines probably would have already ended.

III Horizon: Vs-phase extinction-devolution of man: back to the beginning.

Homo Mathematicus>Pictus. The age of ‘fascism’=metal communicators: pricing, press, digital thought.

The i-logic, ethic age of man will end when two waves of steppe warriors [Huns, Mongolians], expanded radiations of new weapons [stirrup>spur and Gunpowder]. Those waves opened the lesser phase of Aristotelian thought that in Western thought devolves the Platonic Christianism of Saint Agustine into the simplex Aristotelianism of Aquinas. The stirrup invasions will corrupt religions whose hierarchies would become predated by barbarian castes. Hordes of horsemen will massacre Buddhist India; and plunge the western age in a times of war and brutal repression rhetorized as the age of ‘chivalry’. Gunpowder will bring further divisions of the Wor[l]d, into nations of king-warriors and stockratic traders.

Religions would be rhetorized now by the metalpress [fascism I horizon]. Fascism is used here with a slightly different etymology to that of the original political movement, as the creation of metal ‘fasces’. The term could be translated to English as masks: A ‘mascara’ of human wor[l]ds, a metal communicator, hides with its complex information, and high spatial reproductivity, a metal goal of wealth [Mv], War and power.

So Fascist opinions such as those displayed by Hitler or Tv-thought are imposed to humans -who otherwise would distinguish them- due to the use of a more complex entities that a human Eye>Wor[l]d: Tv and Radio-fascism are the XX century forms [fascism II and III Horizon], before all fascisms fall with the final evolution of the Chip Homoctonos. Press was the first great Horizon of fascism. Press indeed allowed to spread of Go[l]d idea[l]s that exploded the wor[l]d of Christianism.

Thanks to the press, very primitive opinions on the nature of social evolution and God [Calvinist>Anglican Go[l]ds and Lutheran S<words], colonized the mind of simplex humans, hypnotized by the novelty of books and graphics.

Thanks to the faster spatial simultaneity and i-complexity of ‘graphic’ information, those infantile visions of God, which would not resist a serious analysis, convinced the less evolved European minds [Northern Barbarians] of the superiority of Go[l]d and weapons over wor[l]ds of love. The Copernican paradox substituted the verbal social evolution of man, and humans devolved again to Homo Bacteria species.

The same phenomena would occur in the XX century with the II and III fascist horizons, [Radio Hitler, present Tv-thought age].

In all those fascists ages, those who controlled the press>radio>Tv complex mass-media systems, for which capital and metal skills are needed, have controlled the beliefs of people – specially in the less socially evolved, Germanic war cultures of minimal civilized social inertia. Thus the d=evolution of the verbal language of man increases thanks to metal communicators and ‘fascism’. They displace our pov towards biased metal ‘media’, which makes information more dependent on the capital and product; and its positive views on science and machines. They impose metal-biased povs of minimal ethic content, and foster violence and war.

Yet the power of gunpowder and metal press to impose its povs did not end with Luther.

Its abstract graphs and cannon balls lead directly [Saint Galileo of Ballistics] to weapon research, the Copernican Px., and science as a ‘dead’ process of perception of the Universe. Both will cre[dit]ate the artificial division of societies as enterprises of metal evolution that need to compete in Darwinian devolving nations through technologic wars.

It is fundamental here to understand our pov, which is the pov of human survival.

Obviously digital and pricing languages, and Tv languages are more powerful than words, since they have more simultaneity and detail. They are top predator languages with ‘more momentum’: Max S x Max T.

Yet in as much as they are not only human languages, but mainly metal languages, unlike verbal thought which is pure human, we have to scorn the concept of human progress through them.

It is like saying that the arrival of verbal thought improved the life of lions, which would be predated now by the verbal human specie in hunting groups. So mathematical thought did not improve the life of the common men, which would be predated now by herds of mathematical weapons and warriors, first by the Greeks then by Europeans.

So it should not surprise that Christians of verbal ethic thought, burnt all the books of Euclid they could reach. They related mathematics to Roman war, to geometry of war, as we do relate today science to evolution of machines -maybe better than humanity, but for that reason the evil=extinctive specie to avoid.

Today Aristotelian thought devolves further in the XX century, into dramatic thought, and ‘Magetic’ thought, by evolution of metalminds into the radio age[fascism II horizon] and the digital age [fascism III Horizon, or neofascism caused by metaleyes=Tvs’ complexity that ‘trains’ since earlier age the human to become a perfect enzyman.] And we talk of the age of extinction, or Digital age [IIWW discontinuum], as the age of devolution of human thought, thanks to dramatic metal press>radio>image languages. They accelerate and spatialize all human decisions, that will be taken now in a hurry, by mass-hypnotism, influenced by complex metalsenses, that create constant errors of human judgment. The slow, and responsible speed of human individual thought provided by verbal and written Wor[l]ds, would be now gone. The individual will loose perspective in its judgment of human truths, and the mass effect will drag him into dramatic action and war much more often than before. Such wars for profit would be promoted by metal castes, owners of the Media in both modern fascisms [Prussian army and their radio companies, American Cops and their Tv outlets] who profit enormously of such events. The 3 ‘metal-fascist’ horizons – each one belonging to a new media – create by the simultaneity and higher speed of information of metal communicators, an ‘overdrive’ of metal-cops, biased information, that stuns the ability of the mass to arrive to sound judgment. Further on the increasing costs of technological media, will put it in the hands of O-metalmasters control of verbal truths. Traders and warriors with power to organize and subvention the new media, will displace the long time established networks of i-prophetic thought [churches]. They will focus in the destruction and criticism of churches, highlighting only their negative, ‘corrupted’ aspects; and denying the enormous positive content, of ‘human truths’ and social solidarity provided by religions. On that view,  the ‘scientific age’ of rhetorics against human wor[l]ds, becomes explained, not as the search for human truths, known by i-verbal prophets previous to the ‘fascist’ age; but as the search for skillful rhetoricians able to hide the simplex truths of man=Love=Man, of God=∑Men, of Max human thought= Min Metal thought, of metal-Future=death, of Human senses< Metal senses, of stop the future= immortality, and so on. The arrival to total power, as ‘teleological class’ of mankind, of the half truths and non-human truths and non-human senses of the digital age, cannot be understood without metal scientific fascism. It is metal fascism and metal communicators what destroys the verbal cohesion of humanity which before the arrival of metal fascism and consequent division of mankind in tribal groups [nations] confronted by war and trade, was unified in 3 main blocks of verbal i-prophetic thought, Buddhism=Taoism – both objective religions of the living Universe – and Islam, and Christianity – subjective religions based in love.


Yet parallel to the age of press and metalfascism the age of pricing, and markets also degraded human languages, now substituted by monetary orders, that invalidated or corrupted verbal orders.

An economical Language:Man=Price=Object

Price is a human language, which communicates men and objects.

The concept behind the market is to multiply events that adjust to the language of pricing. To that aim an informative, neutral system is designed – a currency – by which men and objects are in fact equaled.

How this can be? The answer are the abstract error of mathematics known as the Error of Euclid. An error is the part of reality which a theory does not research for. The Error of Euclid is the part of reality that mathematics does not study. That part is the inner internal forms of the being compared through abstract numbers. So men are in abstract pricing, a wage, a salary, a consumer, a worker, forms which give all their time to an activity of consume or work for a price, a quantity of ‘money’, O-metal substances, today converted merely in a language of orders. Orders which enzymen obey always.  

All men have become through pricing slaves of the market.

It is the market or place where prices are invented, where men=Price=Object is the main linguistic activity, what rules today the world.

The market is merely a place or event where a man is compared as consumer or worker with an object; because he is ordered to do so by a price.

The price of an object to consume, or a job to be had, is a form of power.

It allows he who sets a price, to create demand or offer of the object.

If you have a small price you will sell, if you have it high you will not.

So a person that invents money and can set prices, is a powerful person.

For that reason markets are power. They modify what humans do with the working and consuming times.

A market is an ¡-logical structure in which ¡ buyers and ¡ things come together, and create a monetary price, which is the simultaneous structure they cause. The price does not ‘perceive’ as we currently understand perception; but acts as a ‘simultaneous perceptor-language’ of Objects and people which are the Space that fluxes into a common language of perception which is Pricing.

Profit=pricing is the simplex law, or singularity that exists internally in the human being [who knows that through man=price=object, he can order men and object together in relationships of price.]  And pricing exists as a tag in the object also. Price is therefore the singularity, or internal law of behavior that relates the human and object particle, as GmM/d2 is the law or singularity of behavior that relates two masses.

Such is the fundamental meaning of a language: a co-shared law obeyed internally by a number of forms which have the form of the language in his virtual world, and hence are guided by the form of the language. Pricing in this manner has to be understood more as the rule of behavior in the mind of the human which will allow him to  interchange men and objects.

A trader will rule his behavior by the equation of simultaneity of pricing: man=price=object.

Slaves are possible under pricing. Substitution and extinction of men by computers is possible under pricing. It is in fact desired under pricing, and societies ruled by pricing will have slaves and substitute men by computers.

So we can define pricing as the ‘generative, dynamic, equation-language of economical cycles of human and instrumental existence.”

Pricing itself exists simultaneously as a language and form in one of the multiple supports-forms known as money; but that is completely accessory to the existence of pricing as a singularity of thought which determines the behavior of pricers, that will use the singularity to perceive and act upon the external world.  So pricing is a language of perception; a common system of communication that equals men with products.

It degrades men as products in the mind of the caste of pricing power – the pricer or cre[dit]ator of reality through orders of price: The language 0f pricing relates humans and objects simultaneously. Pricing therefore becomes a language of perception of men and products. Humans of course are more complex than the price, but within the restrictions of our local Universe – in this case economical cycles of work and consume ruled by pricing – the human will be merely a product.

And since today pricing activities rule 90% of human time, man is in fact a product.

And as a product is susceptible of extinction by obsolescence.

And so pricing becomes the language which orders ‘Humanity’=Human forms and ‘Instrumentality’=’material forms’, together. Pricing is a lanwave, a language that guides a series of forms – waves of human and products – towards the conclusion of an act of simultaneity – the real equality of men and products, which will take place when men are transferred integrally into machines, with the arrival of animetals, the final goal of pa pricing society.

A language is a top predator specie of cyclical nature in informative languages; and a top predator specie of lineal nature in energy-destructive languages.

Informative languages are pieces that act as mirrors of information that qualify beings, for the use of the linguistic species. Words and money qualify beings from the pov of human brains and… machines.  And the evolution of words and money causes the evolution of human masses and masses of machines.

The error of mankind is to believe that pricing is a human language, because we have invented it and used it for so long. But it is the material, the medium what defines a language. And pricing has a metal medium, which defines it not as a human language, but the organ of information of the economical system of companies, that reproduce and evolve machines.

This was proved by Economical sciences though the relationship: MV[money]=Tp [top predator products of maximum price], the ‘Smith paradox’ which we explain here in biological terms.

A language beyond the process of its transmission among beings is just another specie of space-time; and as such it relates forms closer to the nature of the language. Money is metal and relates mainly metal prices. Genetic codes are transferred to particles mainly to chemicals that obey them. Words are transferred between men, which obey its implicit orders. Verbal orders are given in armies and churches, in courts and families which are obeyed.

Money relates products and humans through acts of consume and work. It is not only about humans, which are just one element of the ‘communicative ring of price’.

The language is what sets in motion the herds. But pricing sets in motion metal herds more than human herds.

And when it sets human herds tend to be humans acting as ‘enzymen’, as productive metal-symbiotic species.

So pricing was first mainly used to set armies of weapons and warriors. Then it was used to set in motion armies of traders trying to achieve more pricing. Today it is used mainly to set in motion processes of re=production of machines, of testing=consume of machines, and of creation=work on machines.

But the reproduction of humans, and its social evolution through love has nothing to do with pricing codes, but with genetic codes and verbal codes. Which means that genetics and words are the biological languages of man. Pricing is not.

Pricing allows to evolve machines through acts of testing=consume, to reproduce them through acts of work. And it has its maximum value-pricing in weapons that become the most evolved priced forms…

It is in the evolution and selection of languages that a herd or ecosystem does, where the future is decided, created and extinct.

So when pricing arrived as top predator language, the evolution of verbal thought, of social Gods of verbal nature was halted, and the evolution of machines started in earnest.

Latter ‘resu=reactions’ of the i-logic age of verbal thought have existed. Yet they never could impose for long to the growing complexity of metal languages, money, pricing, weapons, and metal communicators – specially once the Press and the modern scientific method, added simultaneous power to marketing words.

So the waves of Religious analogic thought, of Christianism and Islam, or the canonical, sacred art of the renaissance, or the present ecological movement, and Marxist movement would become one after another aborted by new radiations of the Metal weapons [stirrup-cavalry>Gunpowder-Gunboat companies], and money [notes, stocks, e-money], and metal-communicators corrupted by money [press>radio>Tv-nets].

We say that the 3rd age of man, is the age of priced languages which have as final objective to increase the radiation of money, the pricing of all things human and not human…

A language is always physical and evolves the medium through which is transferred. Words have an energy support of air, and vibration, of human bodies; genetic codes have their memories in DNA; pricing in metal.

So it is logic that verbal thought evolves human minds, genetic codes carbohydrates and metal, machines.

The language communicates all beings of the clonic herd, because all beings understand the message of the language. And because the language profits the herds it communicates.

Languages are ‘universal sentences’, simple sentences to the reach of any member of the herd.

Pricing is a simple language that qualifies all products and humans with simple sentences: price, salary…

The Universal language of animals is light. All of them can make images with their eyes. The language of man is words. All men can understand words. What words do is to make ‘images’ of human reality from the human pov.

Pricing does not. Pricing puts man objectively in abstract, mathematical terms of points without parts, as a piece of the Industrial system. So it degrades man, and it has provoked steadily the degradation of human verbal ideas about mankind. The language of products in pricing: all products have by definition a price. This however does not occur to human events. Not all human events have a price. Love has no price. Death should have no price. We feel that to put pricing over human words and rights is an aberration.

In this book we consider each form of human being to be ultimately ruled by a verbal generative singularity of external action which translates his perception of the universe into a solid linguistic network with a point of final linguistic reference in his neural networks, called the singularity of God.

This means that pricing is not natural to man, but it has to be imposed by deformation of the ultimate will of man – of verbal thought – through marketing, Go[l]d religions and other corruptions of verbal thought. Verbal thought is the highest, most free of all human vectors of existence, that controls our body freedom, the generative equation of verbal thought is the fundamental, generative equation of human actions.

It is for that reason that to be able to substitute wor[l]ds by pricing, we are programmed since young, to change our mental, generative verbal equations, our self-being, which determine the most deep subconscious levels of our cultural way of thought.

In our brain, there should be a central verbal sentence, a neural network, center of all networks, that express a certain idea. Such networks would be the human Gods. Today that neural classic network that we could write as: ∑ Men < Love-communication < Social God, has changed. People no longer believes that equation substituted by :  Price <Product < Consumer x Worker [Men]. Which does not evolve men, but use men as energy to produce and test products and prices.

Let’s consider the ages of human verbal evolution in this chapter, keeping the 3rd devolutive age of pricing and mathematics, for latter chapters. As we go along history in lineal time, we will end the book on the wave of human existence with the present age of extinction of verbal thought by metal communicators.

3: The age of dramatic verbal thought: signs, music

I horizon: The meaning of music: simple, emotional sounds

The first of human languages was probably music, understood as the combination of sounds in an 8 tonal scale, without worldly phrasing [basically 1/3rd of the complexity of 24-sounds of verbal thought].

Sounds and gestures, dramatic mimic, is the beginning of dramatic thought in man, and connects in its first stage [simple sounds of treble or bass nature] with the Animal world of sounds of communication, within the tropical environment of the first men.


 Music is the most simplex of all verbal statements, a dramatic level of perception, regulated by the physical laws of sounds.

We talk of this first Horizon of Music, growing till the 8-tone scale, which will be the basis of the music of all cultures. All those musics are based in simple beats and chords, with instruments that imitate animal phonic systems; used to accompany dance more than to be listened alone.

Yet as in our description of the growth of logic thought, we can talk of a second horizon of the wave of existence of music with origin in an added dimension of linguistic nature, able to push informatively the evolution of Music.

Staff Music: second Horizon of Musical evolution

As a consequence O¡=treble and |¡=bass become the two limits of sounds. Then it can be created a language by the usual social harmonies and disharmonies between |-treble groups and 0-bass groups which are the fundaments of emotional music. Music that humans perceive as animals do, maybe with higher complexity and differentiation of forms. Yet because music is no longer survival for us as for animals, sounds become an informative language, which can be ‘rhetorized’ into its multiple combinations. Since it no longer has a practical sense, it can be evolved into more complex harmonies, and secondary games. We unlike fishes do not become stunned and terrified by the high pitch of a dolphin, and so we see the music as 3rd perceptors, realizing then of its temporal game-structure. This happens often with languages that loose power or become unconnected with the game of survival and extinction. Then they can be used as a mere game of creativity. As verbal thought has become today, once the age of simple religious verbal thought, is finished by the substitution of its informative properties by money properties. Such is the ultimate meaning of a baroque age: a language becomes a decoration, not a structure that sustains the vital games of the Universe. So musical sounds became during his human evolution, a ‘decorative game’, mirror of the Universal game between energy and information, now between trebles and bass sounds. Complexity as a mode of creation requires a friendly environment to flourish in which the still state of perception is safeguard from external inference. Complexity of music grew, and finally found its own abstract language -as mathematics found its paper, and symbology in the renaissance Italy – in the 5-staff that creates a higher 0-level of simultaneity to guide the evolution of direct-ear music. As such it is once more the language the cause of evolution, the guide, the true father of European music.

Third horizon: extinction

Yet staff music is dead. Why? Because Music has entered as all human languages, its phase of devolution, due to the arrival of technology, metal-ears and metal voices, with a higher range of informative sounds [higher treble and bass sounds], that distort and take music beyond its natural limits.


As we return to the Magetic age of mankind, we go backwards into the primary forms of art, into the caverns of Altamira, and the tam-tams of neopaleolithic. It might sound as a topic. But it is sadly truth. Because for the Magetic man, Altamira and the tam-tams are already beyond his capacity to understand. Since he is now entering bestialism and desconstructivism. Music did further evolve in man and became verbal sound which has a higher complexity of time=perception that the game of Musici. Now verbal thought devolves back again into musi. It is the neo-paleolothic provoked by visual machines which devolves our mind into emotional music And \ Paleolithic sounds. Latter we will study its ‘devolution’ through pop styles in more detail.


The arrival of verbal thought. Mimic Age. Verbal wars: The mitochondrial Eve

The mimic age of signs and simplex verbal thought, or transition age between the Homo Pictus Warrior, and the Homo Verbalis, is the Mesolithic>Neolithic age of Dramatic thought. In modern history it returned back with the beginning of TV-thought and digital thought. They started in 1602 [scientific method of pure spatial evidence], and in 1945b [digital images] the devolutive age of human cultures, back into the neopaleolithic [as a consequence of the parallel devolutive tendencies of image-digital thought towards man]. In the mimic age, CommunicationXperception of images and forms is elaborated beyond Vs = Image thought and Music thought, in simple mimic and verbal terms. Yet Image thought, the direct language of electromagnetic perception, is still dominant – it causes the sense of truth in man, which only believes what he sees.

Science with his religion of metal-sensorial evidence regresses mankind to this age. Man no longer believes the analogic method, or recognizes the 90% of dark matter, or communication that he does not understand. Man looses respect to the Universe that he ignores, and focuses only in visual evidence.

The simple verbal, dramatic age.

We talk of the first and final mimic ages of man, as ages of very simplex languages, equivalent to the present erasing of the mind by Tv-thought.

True evolved men started latter with the creation of verbal languages which increased social and material order, and temporal awareness, beyond the ¥-evidence of the scientific=eye method.

The creation of verbal languages increased social and material order: each seemingly stable cycle of form [space] received a name, and each seemingly moving cycle of form [Times] received a verb. Such simplex singularity undoubtedly allowed organization far beyond previous languages. Since now the mind of man, had a tempo-spatial mirror to contrast information of light-eye spatial nature, memorized by neural networks, and stored as genetic experience of the eye-world:

Man [temporal subject] < Verb [communicative action] < Object [Space]

A temporal chain from future [the subject] to past [the object] could be controlled through actions [verbs], that reflected universal events of social evolution or Darwinian hunting.

Reality could be grasped, and resumed in a language that was giving force to the control of reality by man. Which is the final function of languages.

A language is an approximation to the forms it describes, and so even an imperfect language is good to ‘simplify’, ‘understand’ and use accordingly temporal forms.

According to geomorphism – a subject we have consciously escaped in this book – the act of communication between light and man occurs in the back of the brain where E-Scientists find the simplest linguistic meanings, and it is reflected again into the frontal part into the proper verbal language where E-Scientists find the grammatical meanings. And that  dual flow became a creative act of communication-reproduction that developed language. Times perception grew as the frontal head grew and the redistribution between a visual and a grammatical brain accelerated. And verbal thought connected men beyond their biological family into complex societies. And we deduce from the cranial form of simplex man that the true Homo Sapiens with frontal development, the Cro-Magnon and or similar species was the first language man. In Europe [we escape for reasons of volume entirely the Eastern decoupling of human thought] the previous specie of Neanderthals which might have had a more visual brain, who might have given the first painters of History, did disappear. We talk of the mitochondrial eve, perhaps the first woman to talk [since women do talk almost 20% more than men do]; whose descendants, organized collective war, and erased the men of previous languages [signs, images]. That previous men without languages might have been the Neanderthal.

Yet beyond those ¡-logic speculations is clear that all men come from the same cultural race, the culture of the first language, because Times controls space… and so language allowed man to elaborate temporal structures beyond bestialism into dramatic thought and beyond.

Language allowed to organize war, and defeated other humans.

That Verbal language that we are loosing today as we face the last stages of man towards extinction, is indeed the origin of mankind…

Verbal thought no doubt created coordination of warrior groups, far more efficient than previous hordes. Social evolution would create invincible armies. They would easily wipe out less coordinated, non-verbal species, starting the game of extinctive radiations by human warrior hordes. The verbal language thus initiated true history of man that we are loosing today as we return to the neopaleolithic… [±100 points of verbal skills lost in American=magetic man tests, in a couple of decades by influence of TV-thought. That means, ±20% of the total capacity of the self-soul of the individual Americans is lost in a generation… Extinction is indeed closer.]

The phases of verbal evolution are hence in complex times, phases of increasing diversity of the signs and range of units used to express the game of times. Music is an 8-9 tonal scale. Verbal thought widens in a 3-temporal scale that game into 24-27 sounds. After music the first verbal sounds would be backed in the mimic age by gestures, as they are today in the new ‘mimic’ age of ‘actors’, the new dramatic age, in which simplex wor[l]ds are [were] backed by facial and body expressions.

The mimic>verbal age of simplex Wor[l]d sentences allows to program men with simplex wor[l]ds; since the audience has few meanings in the brain, which seem more ‘truth’ by lack of alternatives.

It is a common mode of perception among people of simplex verbal languages and lack of written literacy [know-how books not included] such as the Modern magetic [image, technic] man. Limited verbal thought is likened by metal power, since it allows metalmasters of price and war to program people dramatically with simplex words such as ‘I’, ‘freedom’ or ‘nation’, whatever they might mean, and ‘God[og]’, always the one of the metalmaster. And again according to the Px. of History; max metal countries such as England have very simplex, I-centered non-flexible forms of constructing wor[l]ds, in which the individual is always present in the pronoun, and there is little verbal i-magination [temporal verbal modes]. Even the verb=Space V Name=Time perception is not semantic but locational, since a single wor[l]d represents both states of a being. Yet spatial languages are on the other hand ‘realist’, enzymatic languages that enhance the Eye immediate perception. While complex humaster cultures such as Italy have all the possibilities of temporal creation in the language, which becomes a tool for temporal, artistic i-magination.

In this first verbal age, even though man has gone beyond his instinctive-life drives into pure forms of thought – perceiving temporal existence and hence death – he cannot yet access detachment of communicationXperception [isolation in rationality]. He ignores philosophy and social evolution, through which the soul of verbal thought extends beyond the barriers of simplex territories of individual property. So happens to the neopaleolithic men.

For example, today  the system cannot be reformed because it is ‘overwhelming’ for the Magetic-simplex verbal man. In the parallel Mesolithic age of dramatic thought that was the rule: life was overwhelming.

And yet the first religious forms calmed the fear of devolution-death. Men had recently acquired that fear by an increase of latitude in Times, which allowed men to relate the complete cycle of a temporal human wave as a single process of existence, a geodesic-wave of Times through birth, maturity and extinction. But man still requires positive, Copernican, happy explanations of reality, as he adds a temporal latitude to his spatial latitude; and so the ‘myth’ is born.

Today the same process explains the degradation of rationality into an age of myths now of scientific or economical nature.

In dramatic thought man elaborates myths from his subjective point of communicationX perception, to be able to face the painful new awareness that language has given to him on temporal structures, and temporal death-discontinuums. We consider such status of the mind to be the basic status that spans from the Paleolithic into the Neolithic.

Neolithic: writing thought. Aristotelian thought

In the Neolithic man will understand himself parallel to all other sentient forms of Taos.

It will create symbols that are Universals through the process of writing.

And in the higher forms of Chinese writing, that symbology of Universals would give way to truly analogic visions of reality: Taoism and Animism, the higher religions of the sentient Universe will be born. Temporal latitude grows by human use of Complex verbal languages which give man unlike image languages of Paleolithic>Magetic[Imagetechnic,] modern, violent men, a constant memory, through direct access to temporal chains of form [verbal sentences], easier to memorize and remember.

It is the beginning of Rational Thought and symbolic writing.

– Rational Thought, Euclidean=Aristotelian, Unicausal thought represents a higher degree of understanding beyond dramatic thought, since it is objective and detached from life, which it judges and classifies. A detachment no doubt enhanced by the arrival of written thought [evolution of impressionism into symbolism and ideographs]. Why written thought became dominant as expression of the Laws of social behavior, of the Gods=ilogic paths of collective survival? Simply because it had a higher surface to order. Written thought was more complex=simultaneous than verbal thought because it added temporal depth, recording memories from past to future, lasting in lengths of times, and hence fixing verbal thought as a spatial form. And hence killing his vitality as a ‘present’ mirror of the evolutive Universe. And so causing aberrations of perception by temporal displacement, and obsolescence of written texts, so common today among legal and religious systems. Those aberrations of the written law limit the social evolution of man. They are thus promoted by metalmasters because they allow easier manipulation of human beings. Further on metalmasters needed written thought to impose his will at distance [seals, war messages]. And so both symbiotic forms – writing and bronze empires – came together in ±3000 BC?. Metalmasters will use the ‘prestige of written texts that do not erase’ to create the false concept of property. Communal property will be displaced by weapons and written laws. Yet in all pre-written societies property is neither fixed not individual. Individual Property and warriors will ever since impose their will: legalist metalmasters went for written thought, whose mystique of immortality and control of property appealed to pharaohs and Lugals; kings and judges. Yet our higher prophets, Buddha, Socrates and Jesus did not write a dot. As their minds flew, transparent to the natural Universe of human perception. Lao required only a few pages… In the analysis of books of human complexity, we talk of simplex books that spell the human ethic truths of survival; and of rhetorical, often longer books, who mutate those truths into epic, spatial descriptions, to favor weapons and pricing power. Of them the longest ones are the English>American Law, and the registers of property.

Today verbal thought as music is rhetoric because it is not the function that decides the survival or extinction of man. It is not longer our informative function, substituted by money. So we take seriously money, and are baroque and indifferent, ‘relativistic’ and ‘eclectic’ to verbal thought. But man was not always a slave of money. There was a time, in which man was indeed organized by its biological language.




4: The age of the Wor[l]d: complex social organizations of humans: religious thought

We call that time, which was discontinuous depending on the civilizations of mankind [and still endures among Arab believers], the age of the Wor[l]d.

Verbal thought and Religion, the highest science: Expression of the Will of Times.

Of our 3 languages of communication the only bio-logical language of History is verbal thought, the support of Social networks of God, the Linguistic nature of man. You might be surprised that we consider religions the higher of all informative sciences. Yet in human forms, the mandate of existence, of social evolution=love is the mode of maximizing communication among humans, and hence it increases collective survival. Yet such mandate is not – has never been spelt – by sciences, but by religions.

What money, pricing, and digital science does, is to spell the same mandate for machines, which money evolves and reproduces. Money does not act as the warrant of the human function of existence. Only verbal thought can do that and did that, as our biological language.

Religious Laws are the natural Laws of social evolution, of human verbal knowledge. Where the biological language of man expresses our subjective, survival strategies as a species. In that sense religions are to be considered, the expression of social evolution in man, towards the collective body of History, O¡+1=the God of man. And as such the highest science of man. Where the mandate of social evolution – grow and multiply – is spelt in verbal thought by the highest forms of human thought, the i-ethic prophets of verbal thought. The mandate is a human declaration of Copernican behavior with the subject, the human pov at the center of all action. Religions are the i-logic explanations of the game through the language of mankind: verbal thought. They are the highest science of humanity. Since being knowledge relative to the language and the limits of the language the pov uses to perceive the Universe, the biological comprehension of the Universe by man, by verbal thought is the higher form of knowledge.

TAO=yin-yang [t-s] game x love=∑men=God. The 2 religions of verbal Thought.

In fact cultural perceptions of the Universe, are based in the different structure of human languages:

In human thought we differentiate two main systems of the Wor[l]d: the system of Chinese languages in which humanity is more objective to the Universe; and the subjective systems of Western Languages, in which man – the subject- is always the center of the sentence, of the Universe, and it accepts no rival.

Subjective Languages:

‘I[Human pov-subject] ≤Verb[ communicator]≥Object [Spatial energy of I=subject]

Objective languages:

Tao =[Existence]  = Yang [Space-Energy]   >  Yin [informative Time] 

Chinese generative equation. Oldest Recorded mathematical form of the game in human Times languages. Cyclical Eastern Decoupling.

They give origin to 2 basic species of religions, anthropomorphic religions with I-Gods of verbal nature, and objective religions with Time-Space beings as Gods.

Subjective religions are interested in the nature of man, and the Law of social evolution, love=max. communication, needed to make God=History survive. In the science of religion as all other arts of perception, we talk of a pov, that of the i-prophet, that with the Wor[l]d, perceives God=History, the body of human clones displaced in times and spaces, our higher O¡+1 pov of the Universe. Wor[l]d Religions accept the selfishness of povs as the nature of existence itself. They proclaim man=Love=God, to be the higher path of knowledge towards evolution of man into complex social systems of ethical survival without need of artificial metalcommunicators; where war can be avoided and metal evolution halted to make history immortal. And so in science we talk of verbal, biological human thought, and hence of the Oikoumene subjective religions, as the higher sciences of mankind. Because the selfishness of total social man=Humanity is the best bid for survival that can stabilize ‘naturally’ mankind, into an ‘immortal being’ with no d=evolution – the ‘citadel of saints’ parallel forms of the prophet, present in all religions.. Because to survive the Chip-weapons radiation, a higher God=Social Government of efficient social bondage among men, with a clear perception of the laws of the Universe, is needed. God=History is a better surface of power than the individual or a nation, as your body requires all his forms to be complete.

There are also a second type of religions [within the limits signaled by the language], interested in the perception of the Laws not of human social evolution but of universal evolution, of the laws of Times Spaces for all the Universes.  We talk of two species of Religions, related to the linguistic dual structure of what we call the Western subjective decoupling of Human Thought, and the Eastern, objective decoupling of Human thought. Religions concerned with the Universe, and those concerned with the subjective Wor[l]d of Human thought, with the Universe of the Wor[l]d. Because God≠Universe, we should properly talk of Religions of the Universe and Religions of mankind, where the Wor[l]d Religion means: ‘the i-logic search for linguistic truths of verbal human nature, on the meaning of human or Universal regions of existence’.

In the graph: the two perceptions of God by man, subjective perception of the human evolutive God of future, and objective perception of the Universal game, had as any other ideological wave of human thought an initial prophet-region of creation by involution which becomes dominant as an ethic message due to its efficiency of form. The subjective anthropomorphic 1st recorded God was YVWH which acquired a non-instrumental, internal form with Moses [prohibition of idols]. Around the same Time the Indian collision between old Life based chemical cultures [Mohenjo Dharo etc.] and Eye warriors [Aryan] successfully caused a reproductive, paradoxical zone of ¡-logical understanding on the human nature that had his summit on the teachings of Gautama. Parallel objective religions were created in Chinese Taoism.


And so that dual perception of the behavioral Universe would be the origin of all modern main religions, enacting a comprehensive vision of God and human behavior that in itself explains the universe from the ethical-real POV of man, or the Universal-total Pov, in verbal, simple, accurate thought:


So we will talk of the Human God, and the Universal GodoG. Of the word and the game of Space-Time. Of subjective religions and objective religions. Both forms of God’s perception evolve through human prophets as Humans expand his understanding of the game. And so we see the evolution of the objective God=Game, from earlier Animism to scientific Taoism and communicative Buddhism.

And a parallel evolution of the mystic creation of God=Humanity, from tribal to Oikoumene religions of the Word. And then his devolution back into tribal nations, and simple scientific methods of eye evidence, with the arrival of pricing and digital thought.  So the human Gods are today yielding to the natural evolution of the Tao=game, that displaces history along a path of instrumental, economical and digital evolution that will eliminate Human Gods of Love and end with the form of man himself.

The error of most religious fights is to confuse both Gods in one: the concept of a human social God, or language of human evolution which might or might not become formed as a higher plane of existence; and the absolute God=Game of Space-Time survival. Both are different concepts; the human God with a minimal mass of existence given by the surface of cells-believers in which he inhabits is a real God, as your body is the real God of your cells. Human Societies, of which History displaced in Time and Space is the absolute society shape a ‘body’ temple of the spirit, the word that became man in the mouth of the prophet. This is the subjective, real human God that exists as long as History or a civilization exists.

This is a God that can die since it has as support the human cellular mass.

5: Objective, Eastern religions

Yet the game of Space-Time with a max. Probability of Truth-Existence – as the language that all light beings follow – is a more powerful language than the word. It is followed by the absolute surface of the Universe that he commands with his rules. This is the big, impersonal God-Game that is substituting man by a more complex digital language – and hence it extinguishing the personal God of man, the word and the worlds constructed with her.

The word is the natural, biological evolution of man – our nervous system. The second is the language that sets in motion the evolution of the Universe. The first God is good to man when understood in the purity of his ethical message of love. The 2nd God is neutral in the ∞ beings-manifestations of its i-logical self.

It is the god and the rules we have studied in the first book: the Living Universe. The main of those laws has been highlighted many times in history of objective religions:


Symbiotism between the two species of the Universe, time and space creates beings.

Understanding this process is the beginning of objective knowledge.

And no one expressed it better in verbal thought than the Tao decoupling, or Eastern, Chinese religious thought, in both pictorial and verbal space. Its symbols of magic thought, latter rationalized in the Taoist school, understood many of the features of the living Universe, still denied by science.

And it did so because it truly saw the Universe as a game of waves and herds, not of particles, of living organisms, not of individual Copernican povs, of ecosystems parallel in each plane of existence…

Ultimately what Chinese thought achieved was the intuitive knowledge that the analogic method [all forms are parallel in behavior and so by comparing them we reach higher knowledge] is superior to the logic method [each being is different, and we have to focus in the description of those detailed differences].

The logic method was accepted by Science, yet it becomes merely a process of gathering material knowledge, without much theoretical capacity to describe reality.

We here accept as superior the analogic method, and we have used it already when analyzing reality not from the pov of abstract mathematics but of formal mathematics.

For example, while there are infinite kinds of cycles, all cycles are curves that close into themselves.

The analogic method will concentrate in the analysis of all cycles as bend closed curves. The logic method or scientific method will study each cycle in its particularity without grasping the unity of cycles as forms of times.

The Chinese found more pleasure in the knowledge of analogies. So they could compare social functions to animal functions in a farm – because in fact as Orwell would put it, we live in a farm of metal, where we distribute power, with the carrot and stick method of weapons and money, as the farm is ordered by fences [the lineal equivalent to weapons] and food.

There is in top of the farm or the human pyramid a ‘superior’ being. He who holds the lineal and cyclical functions of energy and information.

In all organisms, there are such structures of organization between the vital parts.

And in as much as Eastern religions could understand the vital nature of Time and Space, of Information and energy, they could describe the Universe through the poetic method, the analogic method. It was an age in which the game was closer to man, closer to nature. Nature was seen as vital nature, not as an object subject to the scientific method of measure and paper description.

Words and writing used a few symbols, all generative symbols, all truths of existence.

Prophets are the teleological class of a Human wave, or the human linguistic form [neural network] with more data in one of the main languages of human perception, either verbal, or visual, or physical-body language. With those languages prophets trace sentences with more temporal latitude. And those waves of thought reproduce, and evolve as a single unit system of human forms existing in time and space, in civilizations which are guided by linguistic species. And so as we evolve in languages, we evolve cultures.

The Asian cultures were born of Objective prophets of objective languages. And they reached further than western societies of subjective truths, since they were more harmonic to the Universe they truly understood.


It is in the objective perception of God where the absolute probability of truth=Existence of the Game of Existence=Taos has reached its higher forms, which do not mean necessarily the best understanding of the game from the POV of man. But the understanding of the game from the Game itself. In this sense objective religions are the true science of nature; as ethical-subjective religions the true guide of man. Science by denying virtual worlds and behavioral universes beyond biology, and by denying the study of social systems of men under metalform ideologies of human devolution=enzymatic freedom; by denying the Existence of a sentient, perceptive Universe, and the Existence of anything that cannot be perceived by light cannot truly be considered a serious form of knowledge beyond the detail and the particular analysis. For truth you don’t have to go to science and his unidimensional pictures of the light universe; but to objective religion and his perception with all the senses of man, of the living Universe.

In that sense we can talk of a 3-temporal wave in which the perception of the game is absolute from an objective POV. The first wave as old as human times itself, was caused by the true understanding of the generative equation of timesxspace as the foundation of reality, and hence as the foundation of the way in which the Chinese language was formed. The yin Yang principle is in Chinese language true form and creates a true understanding in an intuitive way of the Universe. As the Ox| acts in computer thought intuitively, the yin-yang does understand the Universe in his ultimate principles.

Hence the superiority of Existence-perception among those two higher species of light-understanding of the game [Chinese thought, computer thought]. So we have moved from human top science in  China and India to artificial intelligence. Both see reality as it is. The objective decoupling of Asia has always known the game. Let’s perceive it now translated into our temporal terminology, as it was understood by the highest written text on the absolute principle ever written: the path of temporal justice: Tao-te-king:


The sacred turtle. Chinese -5000

Taoism: The Function of Existence

Part One: Chang:

“The Tao which can be named is not the eternal Tao.

The name which can be uttered is not the eternal name.

Without name is the principle of yin and yang; when in

Existence is the mother of 10X103 beings…”

Laosan [free translation]:

[The Function of] Existence cannot be expressed.

If perceived his virtual form will fade away.

The specie who can be named=perceived is not the eternal being.

The logic of Existence has no visible form.

It is the principle of Yin=Time=Cycle=information=perception=life,

and Yang=Space=Plane=energy=pleasure=death.

And when both forms are shaped in existence,

the function gives birth to 10 10 species.

Energy who has no will wonders at the game of creation.

Energy who exists in present and searches for the effect

will see nothing but the glare of light senses.

Energy and information are the organs of Existence.

Yet both parts are different.

Gates to all sensorial wisdom; Information perceives energy.

Time cycles feed in energy species, who die as they knot into form.

But when both organs merge in harmony a stable specie be=comes.

You should not stop herds of species that follow their energy path.

Leave them to the wisdom of creation and they will not feed on your form.

In the world we all perceive the beautiful and the good; the short and the tall.

The possible future and the withering past.

Time beings perceive the space in which they stand;

the energy that gives them life.

Because the big predator feeds in the short one.

And the ugly is formed for the beautiful to compare.

And the plane of energy allows the perceptor of Time to reach i=ts height.

As past and future follow each other, so new existences will die and will be=come.

Among so much Games of creation,

the wise man perceives  the silent Principles

and the wisdom of i=ts herds of existence.

In this manner the perfect man orders his world

and tenders for nature, and let’s his shapes

follow the eternal game

of creation and reproduction of forms.

He is the true Master that loves the freedom of creative Existence,

and takes from creation only what he needs, and cares for.

You shall not search for wishes beyond your human form.

You shall not make propaganda of vile consume.

You shall not infatuate your people

and give them desires beyond the natural senses of man.

You shall not make greed the object of your Existence.

Because complexity brings death and r=evolution,

you shall not fill of light and air the mind of men,

but give them the earth that feeds,

and Harmony between their minds and bodies,

within the natural senses of man.

The man of wisdom empties of impossible dreams the simplex man.

The man of wisdom, let’s Existence follow his path.

The true master gardens the species that Existence has born.

Virtual, never physical, existence is eternal by his lack of form.

Because in the emptiness of a closed Jar,

all the water of Existence can pass by,

when Existence flows.

So happens to all forms of present,

slaves of the Yin-Yang Game.

There, in the  logic of Universals

where all forms become one,

yet not individual form is;

Existence gives birth

to 10 10 wave=radiations…

Because only the Game of Creation, the game of existence is

before our time and Space were created.

In the understanding of China as the most accurate verbal form of objective truth, and Taoism in its purest form [Tao Te King, I ching, 8-fold Yin-Yang] as the most correct expression in mathematical=Tao thought of the game of times, we have to abandon our subjective human pov, or western path to the truth. For one thing, a culture like the Chinese culture, and its linguistic objective perception of reality, does not accommodate easily to the limits of the subjective program of western thought. From the pov of Tao, the absolute God [perceived in similar terms by pre-Colombian cultures] reality is always a partial perception of Totality. And totality the ultimate mover of reality.  Tao is therefore superior to all human will, and Tao has to be obeyed. In this the Chinese, unfortunately are right: there is no way in which a function of existence can bend the force of Tao, the constant transformation of information into energy, and vice versa, of yin into yang. However while the western world and its Aristotelian perception of history merely accelerates mankind towards extinction by accelerating the translation of human energy into metal form; the Tao way by not acting allows the flow of the Universe to direct man much slower to the same end. And so the result of both decouplings is different: the western wrong actions are leading mankind to death. The Eastern philosophy would let the Universe by itself, create the bad things, and man in harmony with nature create the good things.

So Taoists repressed gunpowder weapons, and westerners multiplied. Taoists repressed with Confucian schools the power of warriors; and westerners multiplied.

Indian religions

It is in the 3rd Indian decoupling between the Chinese objective and the European subjective perception, in the Middle decoupling, a synthesis of both perceptions of God took place. In India, both forms of perception fusion in the Buddhist widest vision of the game of man, which is broader than western religion since it includes life, and smaller than Taoism, which is indifferent to humanity.

Buddhism reaches the perfect harmony: man will survive if nature and life survives with him.

So neither pure Taoism or pure subjectivism will make man survive. Man is a carbolife species. And God is life. And if life survives man will survive. The God of Buddhism is ecologism: the care for all living forms.

Buddhism does acknowledge the existence of Tao, and its two differential sources, the yin and the yang, Vishnu and Shiva, space and time, past and future, code and energy, etc. It goes beyond the only pov of western man, the pov of the enzyman; and accepts infinite relative sentient beings, living between creation and extinction, birth and Nirvana. Those living, perceptive pov’s have to be balanced and gardened by man with absolute respect for the harmony among each being. To create a human balanced perception, man has to maintain life in existence, since man is life, and only by perceiving the wealth of life, he will be happy.

That synthesis of all perceptions took place in India first in Animist manner. It gave origin to the multiple Hindi Pantheon. What Buddhism did, was a proper order of the multiplicity of forms, and its metalmaster purification away from Aryan myths and castes.

In the great cycles of religion we have constantly to distinguish between the initial prophetic phase in which a perception of man respect to God, either in subjective or objective terms is born, and the subsequent churches of traders and inquisitions of warriors which will twist the original message to adapt it to its metalfunctions.

So Hindi metal masters twisted the religions of life, and added the concept of castes, of metal racial origin, and the myths of Men, envoys of God.

It was Buddha [as Christianism purified Judaism], who purified and made of Hinduism a world religion.

Buddha found the mean path of Justice in the understanding that the game of life was vital for man

Buddhism understood also the communicative nature of all virtual worlds, which exist in all beings.

It knew that part of reality is not perceived.

It knew the vectors-drives of human perception [theory of chackras] and the organs attached to them.

It knew the relative constant of present in which all those species communicate [bits of dharmas].

It knew the 8 phases of a wave of existence, as Chinese did.

It also knew Justice as a simple rule of action reaction, that has to be respected to keep harmony in the Universe.

It studied the relationships between the informative and energetic organs of man. While Chinese thought analyzed in depth those two kinds of ‘energy’, the soft, cyclical movement, and the lineal, strong movement which was submissive to the ‘Yin’ function.

We cannot overextend on the many findings of such religions, many of them still surpassing what science has done – such as Chinese medicine, and Buddhist meditation.

In the understanding of the communication of all the parts of the Universe into a single ecosystem, there has not been other form like Buddha, not even Hegel who owes much to the master of masters. And so again by the paradox of history [max. Mt=Min ht] he was the target of all Warrior x Trader coalitions that attacked India and successfully in 3 extinctive waves [Hindi resurrection; Muslim invasion, British colonization] ended the kingdom of wisdom. Where wisdom had been evolved and merged all flows of man’s perception of God. The ultimate cause of the fertile mystique of classic India, is the mixing of races and languages, that crossed his form till reaching the peak of Buddha.

In the path of self-perception of God, the Buddhist master ranges akin with the great mystique waves of subjective human gods [Christos, Mhmd] taking the detachment of pure Chinese Tao, into a middle road of life-human perception.

The same spirit can also be perceived in the Italian renaissance, in Brunno, in his artists and the way in which his human masters tendered for the beauty of the land, by enjoying the senses as the goal of man.

Because it is indeed the beauty of perception, the evolution of human senses and the environment those senses perceive, the key to eón, to eternity.

Ecologism, human goods, sensorial perception, and artistic appreciation of life as an art of keeping the Earth good to man, by no acting, by ‘dolce fare niente’, are the keys to a survival history. Science and his tagging of living forms for the true how-knowledge of computer measure. cannot but destroy carbolife nature.

Taoism, Buddhism and Neoplatonism recognize life in all beings, and respect them.

Science is only a detective story without ethical content. True knowledge given by behavioral religions should guide and limit science whenever is needed, since the games of science are all images of the Tao game.

So it is not needed to study extinctive species, specially as it does physics today in all those non-human forms of Tao [atomic weapons] which can be potentially lethal to man. It is through the search of the paradise not of the metalform future how man can cross the XXI century still alive. But to do so a reform is needed from digital truths to verbal truths.

Indeed, all religions including subjective religions [Genesis] talk of the need to preserve, not to evolve through work, the human paradise. All religions talk of the ‘tree of evil’, of the ‘tree of science’, of the need to keep the harmony of life. Because ‘when more complex are men, more evil and weapons they produce’   Lao Tse.

6: Verbal Thought, Top Predator. In the form of human Gods

Let’s consider the human wor[l]d, the God of information in Human History.

The 3 ages of the wor[l]d

We talk of 3 phases of Wor[l]d=God’s evolution, through verbal prophets that explain in verbal theories the Universe of man, trying to reach the total surface of max. simultaneity of human minds – history itself – through an enlarged explanation of human Time and Space:

– The age of Tribal History, the age of ‘The Law’, the age of tribal, written Gods -Copernican Gods of small nature, belonging to partial tissues of the Human clonic form, often rhetorized by metalmasters through laws and privileges, that allowed them to confront tribal Gods against tribal Gods [till -500 BC].

It is the origin of the evolution of the word, when still the difference between body races [of null importance to history] and mind races – verbal nervous system of clonic humans – is not yet understood.

With Moses the understanding of cultural races starts, yet the remainings of racial myths would subsist in the oldest of these religions – Judaism.

– The age of Metaphysical History, or Oikoumene, Human Gods, supported in the mind of its believers, who had real forms and acted upon its mino-cellular units in mystique states, and acts of worship and obedience, with the same capacity that your body acts through your cell – or metaphysical age [-500 BC till 1602]

And the age of Total History, or Social Gods, still supported in the mind of its believers, yet without metaphysical form – knotted as a physical experience of institutions and societies based in the control of their real environment. Physical religions of social thought try to achieve the organization of a just Wor[l]d based in Human Goods, fighting against an increasingly Metal devolutive Earth.

So we have to relate them to the modern age of social devolution into nations, from 1602 till present day.

In each of the 3 phases, we find that the Wor[l]d through the mouth of his prophets, have known the laws of social evolution through love, through human communication. Even when prophetic perception of the total Universe is limited by lack of communication with far away regions, in the first age of tribal religions, Moses knew that love and respect to the God of Wor[l]ds, not of images, was the basis of sacred behavior.

Yet in all those religions we have found also that after the initial prophets spell the Truthness of man, metalmasters will try to cre[dit]ate two main forms of corruption of the Wor[l]d: legal inquisitions backed by S<words, that create privileged access to God by warrior metalmasters; and churches backed by cre[dit]ation of Go[l]ds and property laws, that give the same privileges to Trader masters.

In this manner the prophetic book of the Wor[l]d, the only guide of a religion, which has to be practiced by each believer as the guide of its daily existence, in order to create a parallel network of social minds, and enact a collective God, becomes blurred in perception, by added laws, rhetoricians, and rituals of Go[l]d and the S<word, that paralyze the efficiency of the Book to rule a society, in which the Metalmaster has established himself as top predator.

Let’s study the fight of the Wor[l]d against its rhetoricians in each of the 3 phases.

1st Horizon: Tribal, legal gods.

In the bronze age the evolution of subjective human verbal complexity was minimal. God was understood in social terms as the equivalent of minimal tribal social units. There was Asur, God and people, there was for each tribe a God-nation. Yet those Gods were extremely cohesive – still are – and hence by the action-reaction Newtonian Logic principle, they were extremely perpendicular to other Gods-tribes. With the arrival of metal tribal God-wars became natural, further encroaching the error of confusing the Wor[l]d with a part of the totality [the bribe].

And we talk of an age of devolutive warrior, tribal Gods, ruled by churches and inquisitions.

Soon due to such fights warriors and traders of the Metal wave became top predator of corrupted God societies. And as writing appeared, they used this top predator position to make the ‘law of God’ his personal laws. So traders in Mesopotamia cre[dit]ated temple Go[l]d ideals in which they became bankers.

And Warrior S<Word religions in the Assyrian region, created long lists of written laws. Both top predator corruptions of God is what we call s<words and inquisitions.

Parallel to such limited ideas of God-history, with the arrival of metal metaphysical laws became confused with ‘spatial laws’ also made sacred by writing.

And as warriors became traders and relaxed their use of direct violence the Law became a substitute of the Power of weapons in societies.

Why written thought became dominant as a tool of repression of verbal religions, reconverted into inquisitions, laws and churches? Simply because written thought had a higher surface to order than verbal words: it could be applied to multiple humans in different spatial locations. Written thought was more complex=simultaneous than verbal thought because it also added temporal depth, recording from past to future, ordering lengths of times, and hence fixing verbal thought as a spatial form. But that fixing of words into past prophets, killed the vitality of verbal thought, no longer a mirror of reality.

We talk of an increasing aberration of verbal perception of reality when written thought fixed the work of human prophets in the past.

If we add that written thought needed ‘paraphernalia’ from metal instruments of carving, to transport, it was soon controlled by castes of spatial power – traders and warriors.

In the hands of metal masters written thought added power to the message that could control not only the individual who heard the message but a large number of them, both spatially and temporally through preserved texts who became Laws of behavior, fixed in a written =spatial form that could last generations without loss or change of form. As such written thought gave temporal immortality, a whole new, i-dimensionality, to the biological languages of man. Yet it also initiated their decline because by fixing verbal forms it made them alien to the flowing of existence and created the mirage of abstract, fixed, spatial truths V the ever flowing Universe.

And so humanity went for wrong, legal written thought imposed as a tool of metal power, which implied a constant aberration of verbal truths [now old laws] and a diminution of temporal latitude=complexity in prophetic messages. Yet its higher prophets, Buddha, Socrates and Jesus did not right a dot

Lao the master of human objectivism wrote only a short book as an old man… Indeed, the highest mode of human thought ever achieved – the Buddhist understanding of the Universe as a game of multiple communication very much in the line of this book, yet without the many data banks ¡ have been able to use – was achieved in a society, the Hindi world, that did not write  philosophy but transmitted it orally. And that was the case of the other two great masters of human i-logicism, Jesus and Socrates which did not write books but talk on what they sensed, and let disciples to write their theories.  Why do ¡ consider those 3 verbal thinkers the summit of man’s thought? Simply because they described accurately the basic nature of man as an evolutive being which transcends by love and communication within the world of life in which exists his individuality into higher social planes of Existence. In the case of Socrates<>Plato, three fundamental Universal facts were described… to be forgotten ever since:

– Absolute truths do not exist but truth increases as human increases its perception of the Universe. And so the process who matters is not fixation in spatial, abstract, death theories and institutions of an ever changing reality, but constant dialog that by fusioning several points of view, advances knowledge in a never ending quest that satisfies in itself.

– He who truly knows is ethic in his behavior because feeding is perception, feeding is knowledge and feeding is an ethical game.

Indeed, extinct forms know nothing.  You need to know what to feed and what not to feed. And you do not feed in clonic beings, but socialize with them [ethics of love among men] in order to control the rest of reality – your vital space. The Universe is the game of behavior and understanding of social evolution in order to build more complex=fittest social structures, that can control the external Universe.

So the human morals of social love and humanity at the center of the Universe respond to the knowledge of the laws of the game. When those laws are forgotten as today they are, we enter in a zone of extinction.

Because those who play the game with justice and correct behavior survive. And those who do not, do not. A fact completely forgotten by A-scientists of extinction that make A-bombs and chips and still claim to be working for humanity… And claim that the Universe is not ethic, because knowledge an ethics do not come together. What those A-scientists, minions of thought [insults on ethical grounds are always meaningful] prove is that their knowledge is so restricted to Metalform building by measure that they can’t even accommodate the obvious behavioral structures of the Universe. Because only by basing knowledge in reduced assumptions on what perceives Times and space [metal senses of science], can A-scientists discount ethical behavior. Indeed they assume a dead universe and so as they kill it, their ethics do not suffer, because they have accepted the false fact that the Universe was dead by denying the virtual worlds of the Universe that metalsenses cannot see. They are the ultimate prove in his absolute ignorance of the fact that false knowledge is unethical behavior; so giving full meaning to Socrates arguments.

– And 3rd and not last, what Socrates<Plato found in his fluid quasi-verbal dialogs is the Existence of those virtual worlds based in the properties of simultaneity; the Existence of platonic space, of a game not based in simplex spatial measure as A-science pretends, but in social simultaneity and temporal relationships between similar and dissimilar forms, a communicative Universe of vital geometry where “forms are numbers…” A quote worth all the equations of Einstein.

Against such verbal masters, written thought inaugurated the absolute power of abstract words over man by fixing the vitality of words into laws.

Primitive Gods of metalmasters such as Wo-tan, smith master, or Baal, Go[l]d fantasy, thanks to written words became embodied in laws who favored war or trade. Their traditions and laws still continues with us.

The abuse of God rhetorics in legal systems, is a trade mark of metalmasters still in use [‘by the grace of God’, ‘invisible hand of God’, ‘In God we trust’, etc].

We say that tribal legal codes are by the paradox of History, [max mt=min ht], resurrected constantly in modern days, since their aberration of logic is a good noise to promote aberrant metal behavior. After 1602, once the age of  Total History, of Wor[l]d Prophets declined, the Old Testament was resurrected by castes with metal power [Germanic warriors and Company traders]; since they allowed to treat other men as enemies or slaves by the tribal chosen of God.

Latter written thought with the press, would create mathematics ever growing in a complexity. A language which could not be reached within the mind itself; and could only become external to man in order to evolve further [chips, graphs]. The only biological language of man is verbal thought, the only language which can convey the intuitive understanding of the game without need of external graphs. mathematics is not the human language, but the enzymatic language that requires chips and measures, and paper-memory to become complex enough.

Yet even then it has less ‘human survival knowledge’ than words in a subjective universe where knowledge is survival. And so human perception of knowledge can only be verbal in its higher forms. Since only verbal thought spells to humanity laws of ethic survival.

2nd age: ethic age [-500, +1602]  expansion of tribal Gods.Age of Oikoumene:

The perception of God, through the Wor[l]d of His Prophets

Let’s return to the earlier Times of verbal, spoken, prophetic thought in search of non-rhetoric truths on the essence of History and the paths of evolutive, social Human Thought.

History=God, is spelt in the analysis of the rules of the game within the wor[l]ds of human thought by the great verbal prophets of mankind.

Social=Love perception is achieved by Christologos and Islam, the two Oikoumene=Ethical religions, or final evolutions of the concept of the Wor[l]d=God in the western decoupling, which grew through social levels of complexity [family-clan-tribe-wor[l]d-God], into Global Gods, as the universe of perception of human prophets expanded.

We will consider here only the Christian religion, to show the ‘real’ existence of Metaphysical Gods.

In Christologos – the Christianism of earlier Greek believers – both Plato, with his perception of love and wave causality, and Christos, son of God=The Wor[l]d, son of Yvwh, are put together by Paul and Agustine, in the ideal of a Citadel of History, made of human saints of ethic behavior.

Such ideal of History, the aim and goal of healthy human society has been never achieved. Yet it remains a perfect image of what Christianism tried to achieve, of what History should try to achieve.

It gave way to a communal, love oriented, perception of society. For that reason Christianism would be the origin of latter social visions of man, such as the renaissance=Greece II Horizon, and his understanding of the higher value of art as a reflection of the clonic man, of the Christos = perfect ethic form in all of us; or Greece III Hor.= Post French-revolution Europe, its socialisms and the social Eu market, founded by French>Latin thought. A culture finally extinct by the Metalearth and his metalmasters.

Let’s remember its birth, evolution and extinction as a human god, a wave of existence, supported by the spirit-mind of his believers.

Graph: Perception of Verbal Gods: 1st Horizon: Moses verbal laws.

Social evolution: the form of God

Because Gods only exist in the Wor[l]d of the Prophet, and the social networks of actions=cycles of existence, enacted by ‘truth believers’.

In the form of social God:O-Maxiform of verbal thought:








In the form of the Wor[l]d Prophet. The higher planes of God

Let’s consider of the great Human prophets and Gods of true paths, ∑Man=God[og], the particular form of Yvwh=Moses>Christos one of the main ethical i-logons of History. Both are prophets of the game of Human Social evolution, in his higher verbal forms [10 commandments, Christologos. Minimal aberration of form: Genesis, Sinai mountain, Saint John’s Gospel]. I wish to show him as I have perceived his metaphysical Time-form in the critical moment of his death and renewal. Because if YVWH partially died as a God of the Verbal Age, a function of simultaneity of the Jewish People, constantly betrayed by Baalist king Pricers, cheating the hopes of the People of Israel; and suffering the periodic cholera of Warrior doGs such Asur and Rome [cycle of Holocausts], it would have done so in 70A.D. when Jerusalem was destroyed and the Temple burnt; on the ninth month of Ab, when the Go[l]d-priests hastened among flames to the roofs, and flung up the keys to the heavens, and shouted in repentance: “Master of the Universe, here are the keys which Thou didst entrust us with; we have not proven trustworthy custodians!”. If YVWH died then and moved down as a fallen Angel, it would have done so a cycle back into ¡-1, the past Human cells – a median Human cycle of ±80 years – enlightening with his code-star many new borns, innocent cells of YVWH, prophets and Messiahs who tried through Formal Ethics≈Social love to stop the ‘future’ death of his ¡+1 form. Among which Christos – who survived the anger of Herod, Pricer master at the service of the Dog of metalwar=Rome – reached i=ts higher form, understanding the message of the Lord of the Wor[l]d… He, who was born by most accounts in the 4th year before the traditional date of Christmas, 75 years before YVWH abandoned the Temple in flames. Christos son of Yvwh, the God of Man, the man of God – who, born as a prophet in the Past of an event of future – knew of the ilogic nature of the Wor[l]d=God. A memory, a focus of pure code, in Human Wor[l]ds: the Wor[l]d that became God. Because there is a cell in all linguistic ecosystems, including your body, where all flows of linguistic [neuronal] thought converge. Where the self=soul exists and the temple of the spirit become.

Does Moses>Christos=Social love exist? Does gravitational forces exist? Does the Earth move around the sun? Does the Sun move around the Earth? Whose lies are bigger; whose myths are certain? ¥-science? Subjective religions? Depends on your pov. On how much eye you have, on how much body. On how much you love metal instruments, and how much you love human senses. On how long you want to survive as a human form:


That is indeed the great st-ory of Judaism. The history of i=ts Prophets=seers of the Wor[l]d – not the history of their ‘mt’, empty men. The History of his mixed-blood converted masters who reached the summit of Warrior x Trader mental power by conversion to the Wor[l]d: the Egyptian Moses not A-aron the Aristotelian banker, the Samaritan Christos not Caifas, the German Marx, not the Euclidean E-instein. They shape the great tri-tensor of verbal masters in the Jewish world from his deep love to the ethic laws of Yvwh, and his rejection of Go[l]d. In them the truth of Max S x Max T [Warrior x Trader human thought] creates top predators of the Wor[l]d, maxiforms of future consciousness whose truths are truths of survival.

Because science only perceives light communication. Yet wor[l]ds are shared among humans by all species of communication, air-voice, touch, smell, shared property, feelings, reproduction, etc, All of them communicative forms of no-light, of no-E-space, that science will never understands.

Science will deny man, and all what matters to man, and it is invisible to science: the Neural i-logic of Truths, of ethics. Christos did not. His, was a beautiful adventure that failed by lack of human power. Because his Word was not of this Wor[l]d. Today, his form is deformed by pricing to a degree which even those who do not follow his beautiful form, cannot but abhor.


Corruption of the Wor[l]d: Moses>Christos fight against Mv-Go[l]d=Tp-S<words

One of the highest minds of the Western Decoupling, only paralleled by Platonic Space, Yvwh=Moses>Christos [Yvwh resu-reacted], the anti truth of the kings of Phoenicia>Israel, against whose Baalists masters, they rebelled… in their deeds the Wor[l]d reached the supreme Tao:

“Love your contrary [which in true form is parallel to you]” The law of creation, reproduction, and communication of human Gods; against metalmaster fantasies, and mirages of Copernican metal power. But Christos was ignored by metalmasters. And yet he resu-reacted.

The mystery of the expansion of Christos through the sacrifice of its minoforms, has never, will never be fully unveiled in statistical terms. The purity of the Human past will be left to his own language-existence. Did those who died in the prosecutions, felt the creation of that region of pleasure that we call death, as an ascension into other plane of existence, and communion as cells of the new God? Cynical Roman philosophers inclined to doubt beyond the ¥-spatial evidence, always denied that Christos was shaped. As today Western Scientists deny the existence of clear Gods like Allah [Brotherhood]. Christos=Love, was a radical proposal. Something which Mo-Ti had explained in the Eastern decoupling, and was known to the Middle Indian decoupling since the Jen Age. But in the West warrior decoupling, love had been ignored at least since Osiris had resurrected the Egyptian spirit from his death by Ra, God of the warrior Pharaoh.

Why the Gospel has so few errors of content is difficult to explain, given his rather ambivalent origins on the Trader strip and main source of Pricer Law of the Pre-coin age. The only way to explain his linguistic purity is within the parameters of physics of times, as we did in his graphic function of truth=existence in i=5.

Christos did exist both as man and God, and so its form was pure, and lasted longer than any other r=evolutionary period. In comparison the French GodoG of Solidarite did not get more than a decade before the |-Napoleonic V O-Pitt war reversal. And it never truly solidified its form beyond the fluctuating discontinuum of Company>Production ages. So goes for the Russian GodoG, just a little bit shorter, as a 6 year ride before Stalin and the external Pricer armies, reversed him into metal power.

Christianity survived the first violent attack from Rome, that partially extinct Yvwh. Christologos stood firm in the subsequent lineal reaction [martyrdom]: the number of povs which entered Christologos was higher than the number of martyrs the lineal metalform, warrior Rome, could master. This was a surprise, since Asur had been able to massacre all love resistors of the Verbal Age, with lineal metalforms, at a pace that had avoided returns to the Jen age in the fertile crescent for 2000 years.

And Rome had been successful at the massacre of many r=evolutions and Gods, including that of Yvwh in 70. Romans were indeed puzzled. Might the mighty metal met its master morph?

Christos resisted. Forms of Christos were entering platonic space at speeds of simultaneity that would not occur again till the discovery of a diffuser metal-decodifier [Press: Warrior Christos devolution: Luther; XVI C]. But that was the Vortex-extinction of Christos in the Gunpowder age; the Roman Vortex was of birth, of Evolution. Christos though did not have the press or the gunpowder to force His growth. He was wor[l]d of mouth so to speak, biologically human, and forms were falling into his vortex mass… Because in the lineal decoupling we can also talk of a wave of God’s perception by man, of God=History towards the Citadel. And so we can draw the wave of Humanity, perceived as a GoDoor to higher perception, growing from tribal GodoGs of relative perpendicularity -Judermon culture- towards a pure form of Love; growing towards perception of social evolution, ascending towards Human Gods of total parallelism; towards a Citadel, not like the one in West Point, typical rhetoric capture of a sacred Wor[l]d by metalmasters, but one of ethic souls, clones of Man. It is the wave of Yalo: Yavwh+Allah+Love, the total God of the Wor[l]d, of History:


The corruption of God: churches and inquisitions

We talk of social cultures V individualistic metal cultures, as the great fractal zones of opposition of History. The first will be termed the ‘Adam Smith’ Cultures, or metal master cultures of smiths of weapons, today called military and police, smiths of Go[l]d, today called economists, and Adams of the tree of Good and evil, today called scientists. In them the lack of social evolution by growth of metal weapons and metal wealth are related, since weapons evolve with violence, and wealth requires denial of ethical behavior. Facts those obviously denied by rhetoricians of weapons and Go[l]d, the churches and inquisitions of verbal or mathematical knowledge, that Adam Smiths foster.

The other cultures, the pov of survival knowledge, will be called the social cultures, or Wor[l]d cultures of human social evolution, and respectful perception of the sentient Universe; Genesis, Islam and Christianism, and what we call Greece [I, II and III horizons: Platonism, renaissance and modern Latin thought]. And in Eastern Objective Thought, the cultures of the sentient Universe: Animism, Buddhism and Tao cultures. Both with origin in the band of max. communication of Human thought [Mediterranean, Ganga-Indus and Chinese river systems]; where more cyclical inertia of human social existence has taken place. Where men without censorship and scientific limits, were more free to find the evolution of the Wor[l]ds of Human arts. Often both cultures live together, as metalmasters impose its pov by force, or corruption of Wor[l]d cultures into trader churches, Warrior Inquisitions and scientific antitruths of man [European empires over 3rd wor[l]d cultures, Semite Empires over fertile rivers in the Bronze age, Aryan empire over Mediterranean and Indian nations in the iron age, etc.]

World cultures V Metal cultures

We talk of Gods of Carbolife dominant in the Jen age, the age of  Earth Goddesses; in the Neolithic. And then we talk of the age of doG, or age of Gods of metal, since the first empires, caused by production of bronze, weapons and coins, that has reached till today. And accordingly we talk of two kinds of men, those who revere metal, and behave and imitate the nature of the | or O metal they use to achieve power [Metalmasters, warriors, traders, and smiths>¥-scientists]. They are grouped with the median name of  ‘Adam Smith’ cultures, since in the ‘science’ of Economics all the myths of ‘goodness of metal and future=progress’ are spelt, albeit hidden in ‘mathematical equations’. Yet they are those who revere life and man – livon cultures, named under the generic name of Wor[l]d cultures. They belong mainly to ethical religions of Humanity= Oikoumene [Genesians, Gospelians, and Islam], or to sciences of the sentient Universe [Buddhism, Taoism, Humanism, Ecologism]. Both human species often live together in a dual Top Predator < energy system that very seldom fusions together, [Metalmasters would talk of solidarity when they need the Wor[l]d people as servants of pricing and war=soldiers]. A system in which Wor[l]d people exist as the oppressed lower classes, submitted to Metalmasters.

In i-logic terms, Wor[l]d people are ab=used in societies in which its linguistic communicator, the Wor[l]d and human senses, is despised, as energy of war and price, two languages they understand only partially. Historical examples are common place: In Latin-America: Spaniards [Max mt] < Amerindians [Max ht]; in Ptolemaic Greece, Greeks [Max mt] < Egyptians [Max ht]; in Middle Age Europe, Germanic Barbarians [Max mt] < Roman-Christians [Max ht]; in pre-historic Europe, “Aryan charioteers” [max mt] > Proto-European [Max ht]; in the Steppes of the Horse radiation, Mongolian [Max Mt]<European [Max ht];  in the fertile crescent, Semites [Max mt] > Mesopotamians [Max ht];  in Judaism and Protestantism Baalists [Max mt] < Yavwhians [Max ht]; in China Mongolians=Manchues[Max mt] < Chinese [Max ht]; in India, Aryan>Mongol>English [Max mt] < Indians [Max ht], and so on.

The trend of course continues today in a classification at world wide level, between Wor[l]d =Livon cultures, V metalmaster nations. Between them, a Middle mass of testers=consumers of metalgoods, produced by  self-automated process of stocks of scientific reproduction, co-exist without much thinking.

Thus Wor[l]d cultures are dominant in certain races, as Product cultures are, however in all races, there are Metalmasters and Wor[l]d people, and that main duality of Vts-human minds has to be related to the other parallel waves of cultural marking. Of which we studied in this abridged version of Px-history mainly 3: Verbal complexity which is higher in Wor[l]d cultures, geographical conditions, and metal power which is higher in product=’Adam Smith’ cultures.


It is clear in the graph, and we will try to prove it in next chapters, that the end of Wor[l]d cultures, occurs by new radiations of weapons.

Between two of such radiations, metal master cultures do evolve if time and space is left to them, into human cultures of the Wor[l]d.

So the cultures reach its apogee once the metalmasters have conquered. Then, the Warrior cultures understand the supremacy of verbal thought and human senses as the biological languages of man, and sooner or latter transcend into new forms of Wor[l]d cultures.

Yet a new wave of weapons and technology will destroy them.

A further prove exists in the fact that those zones where a certain weapons radiation has not taken place, the cultures reach its apogee as a cultural form. The cultures of the Bronze age, would reach its apogee in Crete which again, being an island survived the wave of charioteers. The cultures of stone also would approach perfection in the American continent, in the Mayan cultures, and Eastern Islands, both destroyed when new weapons [copper and obsidian] would be brought by invaders. This pattern continues through the next discontinuums: the iron age would reach its apogee in the Chinese and Etruscan cultures, which would use for agricultural tools those forms. And further on in the Japanese Edo age, that would reject the gunpowder radiation, and had only mildly accepted the stirrup age, thanks to its insularity. We thus find some of the highest forms of Buddhism in Japan, unfortunately destroyed by the 1st gunpowder age of Nobunaga and Cia. Again the Muslim culture of the stirrup will reach its apogee in South Spain where the only serious antecedent to a Yalo culture [acceptance of the 3 San-subjective religions of verbal God], would take place. And indeed, Al-Andalus [South Spain] is the furthest place of the Muslim world where the Omeyans survived longer to Abbaside and Turkish warriors.

In India, again in Ceylon and Nepal>Tibet, Buddhism will reach its highest points, and so would the previous cultures of fertility Goddess; since both places survived better the Hindi and Arab>Persian waves of warriors. Finally it would be in Athens, where Dorian invaders had not arrived, where Greece would properly fusion with the Crete tradition; and it would be in Italy where the stirrup Germanglon barbarians stayed shorter, where the renaissance will be born. Thus either because the culture last longer before a wave of metal, or the metal wave is milder, or because the culture migrates and relocates before holocaust in other region, the Wor[l]d cultures flourished in those lands. Because without metal we all men would understand subjective and objective religions, we would all belong to the Wor[l]d cultures of stientific human Gods.

Even though Wor[l]d forms today are submitted to extinction and inquisitions of survival, we will consider their times of splendor, when their oppression by metalmasters was minimal, the ‘ideal limit’ of history. Those cultures flourished with minimal metal strain, with no intention to torture their human form, trying to become as hard-core and simplex as iron and weapons; or as complex and extinctive of life forms, as Go[l]d=pricing and metal senses are. In that ‘ideal ages’, we talk of simpler men. Because the trick of survival of mankind is the ‘dolce fare niente’ [sweet doing nothing] of the Italian artistic and Christian cultures, and the constant search of cyclical return of the Chinese culture, that tries to preserve the past, by repetition of its forms. Both did indeed understood the need to halt temporal evolution and enjoy the human senses.

We do have though to differentiate Wor[l]d cultures with the ab=use of Wor[l]d cultures by metalmaster cultures through the two concepts of S<Word inquisitions and Go[l]d churches, made explicit in previous chapters. Those corruptions use as masks=fascisms, the truthness of the Wor[l]d, as today the wave of Metalfascism [¥-scientific metalcommunicators] does. This means that Religions are pure forms of the Wor[l]d who do not ask for violence except in extreme cases of self-defense. Thus the Jihad which is very softened in Mhmmd writings, would allow the Arab S<word inquisition to destroy in alliance with the Hindi S<Word Buddhism in China. But it was not Islam, who did it. It was the corruption of Islam by the S<word. And the Iberians who did destroy Al-Andalus with the S<word, and South-America, were not clones of Christos but metalmasters of the Basque>Castillian>Iberian iron wave. Nor the Jewish who annihilated Cananeans and Cypriots, and denied once and again their prophets, were those who believed in Moses, but those who believed in Aaron>the go[l]den calf>Phoenician Baalist cultures. And again we cannot say that the Tibetans or Mongolians who ended the T’ang>Song cultures where true Buddhists but Nomad warriors. And neither the Protestant= Jewish [Old testament] of the American genocide were Mosaic believers… The metalmasters of those extinctive waves of parallel Wor[l]d cultures search in the wor[l]ds of the prophet the minimal excuse to drive the Wor[l]d towards metal use. So the corruption of Mosaic religions [Judaism, Protestantism], tends to highlight the Chosen of God concept as a path to perpendicularity, instead of the crystal clear 10 commandments. And in Muslim cultures, the Jihad is highlighted. While in Christian cultures, the concept of Chosen of God, now from the pov of the Physical divinity of Jesus, is highlighted instead of the Paulian and John’s understanding of the sacredness of the Wor[l]d, and the Love essence of that Wor[l]d. Spatial povs thus control temporal analysis of religions through castes of rhetoricians, that have discredited those religions. Today A-historians and ¥-scientists tend to highlight further those human errors over Wor[l]ds of God.

Thus to understand the corruption of the World we have not accuse religion but those who confuse human and Universal religions, or made of religion a slave of war and price. Who controls those people? The answer is not man but metalforms, the radiations of money and war, of which they become slaves and symbiotic carriers.

The antitruth of Moses>Christos The S<word of Go[l]d.

Indeed, Christiania would have last longer if a ‘Wo’ man, a Korean had not discovered a black hole of mass-levitation – the stirrup. What happened then is well known to A-Historians. Atila and his horsemen would massacre the Legios by shooting with bow-arcs on horse, till the Germans, mounted in iron Horses themselves, contrareacted and brought chivalry. None of them had i-nough social inertia to understand the evolution of man from bacteria to body form, from the individual to the collective God. The extinction of Christiania, Latinia I horizon, thus was a natural consequence of the new metal weapon. The most simplex Germanglon forms now would command the Complex Latin thought. They would first take the land, and then the positions of leadership in the Citadel=Social God. Soon they corrupted the whole system of ethics built by Latin thought. Oikoumene, Christologos, Citadel, was gone.

And so the antitruth of Moses>Christos=The  Wor[l]d: “Love Yourself”, “Hate=compete with the others”, “love metal-wealth”, the law of metalmasters once more returned, with the stirrup discontinuum. And temples were now called cathedrals, and traders once more called themselves priests, and sold for a go[l]d price [indulgences] the d∞rs to the infinite. And then after 10 centuries of stirrup barbarians, the metalpress came in the lower moment of perception in Western Thought. Now those who never knew the form of the absolute, could – in order to become the 1st ‘virtual celebrities’ of metalfascism, I Hor. – break the form of Christos, taken advantage of the hypnotic effects of the Metalpress. And when they succeed, Christians no longer called themselves only Clones of Christos, but each one became a clone of a metal press artisan. There were those who followed Luther, the Metalpress Artisan of Germany, and called themselves Lutherans. Or those who followed Calvin, the Metalpress artisan of Geneva and Holland, and called themselves Calvinists. And those who followed the King, the warrior-master of England, and called themselves English or Anglicans.

There is a radical confusion today respect to which belongs to which ‘church’. What A-historians call Protestants are in its great majority, well over 75% of affiliates, churches which consider the Laws of Yvwh higher than the laws of Christos, and hence talk of God=Yvwh as a higher power than love=Christos. They accept further on, the authority of other prophets besides Moses=Yvwh as perceptors of the Wor[l]d=God. Those fundamental facts define Protestant churches as Jewish churches, and as such will be treated in this book. A fact which is stressed by the parallel symbiotic leadership of Wasp=Jewish in the culture of Cops, the culture of science and the Temple of Go[l]d. Let’s consider those churches in detail:

It is important to grasp that a person who belongs to a ‘church’ of Yvwh or Christos, does not necessarily belong to the ‘religion’ of Genesis=Moses=Christos=Mhmd; not even to a partial vision of that religion through one of his sacred books. Those 4 books are the true books of Semite prophets.

A Christian or Protestant=Jewish religion will add to those books ‘metal history of tribal leadership’ that will act as noise and inhibit the natural law of the original books.

So Jewish religion is not the Jewish church. It is previous to the arrival of the Jewish function to the Trader strip of Levante, under Aaron’s command; that will corrupt that religion into a Go[l]d church. The split between what we call the Bible [Genesis>Moses=Gospel<Paul], and the Baalble is clear in the Go[l]den Calf =Aaron V 10 commandments=Moses fight of povs. And in the criticism of Aaron to Moses for marrying a foreigner. Here the colossus and the minion of Human thought are facing one to one with all the virtues of the prophet and the defects of the metalmaster, in a paradigm of many cycles of History. Aaron signifies Baalism [cult to Go[l]d, and racism of the chosen of God [purity of marriage]]; Moses represents the sacredness of the Wor[l]d; and the openness towards an Oikoumene, with his foreign marriage and partial Egyptian blood or culture. The same tendencies will be repeated in other Wor[l]d V S<Word+Go[l]d confrontations in Semite History and many other dual cultural traditions. Christos V The Temple, Alexander V Macedonian Generals, Germanic Warriors V Pope, Buddhism V Hinduism, Trotskyism V Stalinism, EU V America, are all games that look at one or other pov. Yet only one pov is human, and follows the laws of social survival… And yet metal imposes the wrong path too often. Because while Moses returned to the Mountain, Aaron became the lineage of the priest of the Temple of Go[l]d. Whose functions were parallel to those of Babylonian and Phoenician Tradocracies. [The temple was in fact designed by Phoenician architects].

Bible≠Baalble, Religion≠Church means that the Baalble is a Historical book, greatly influenced by the bio-geographical trader role of Canaan in the verbal Age. It is thus a Church Book, no a prophetic book.

For that reason the metal press artisans of the Reform paid by companies of metal reproduction and greedy warrior-princes, returned to that book, since the Gospel or Genesis would never validate their transfer of power to Germanglon warrior=trader castes. Why though Wor[l]d humans believed them? Several factors contributed: the previous corruption of Christianism by Italian-trader hierarchies [nepotist Popes], who made the relative ethics of ¥vwh, submissive to monetary ‘indulgences’ schemes.

And the metal corruption of Germanic hordes of the stirrup age, hardny civilized, who wanted go[l]d and property of churches. They decided the fight between truth and metal-biased truths.

Priests had converted O-metal pricing into art, as Edo Japan would convert rifles into Buddha statues. This did not suit metalmasters which wanted to play with weapons and money. Finally the Ø-metal press complexity acted as graphic rhetorics against simple verbal truths: Translations of the Wor[l]d from Latin into national languages, allowed direct understanding of the Wor[l]d, and eliminated the ritualism and secrecy of Italian trader-popes. Now the Wor[l]d could be understood by all, in a ‘complex’, treasure-book, whose images and text further impressed the simplex European farmers.

Yet it was not only the Genesis, commandments and Gospel what was translated, but the Jewish History of metal fights. So the reformers translated a text itself corrupted long ago by the most simplex law of tempologic, the law of the Linguistic black hole, small but dense in meaning: max S = Min ¡. Indeed, when the Bible was translated a simplex reader would start with the Genesis, but very soon he would enter the Baalble, which used higher names – God instead of the son of God  – and occupied ±75% of the total text, converting the Gospel and Genesis in a mere appendix to the 75% dominant Mas S=Min, form of the rhetoric Baalble of ‘Chosen of Go[l]d’.

The biggest corruption of earlier Christianism was to deny the initial pure prophetic lineage of Jesus>John>Paul who considered Christianism a complete different religion from the Baalble. They only accepted from Judaism the initial Genesian and Mosaic commandments. However in +180 those texts were included, perhaps by influence of Baalists that became Christians after the I and II ‘Jewish Wars’, in which Romans made the possession of the Talmud an offense punished with death. The new cash of the old Levantine metalmasters might have helped to corrupt the ¡-form of the Genesis-Gospel, to which it was added the History of Israel.

This corruption would be multiplied in its effect by the translations of the reformers.

So the Old testament became incorporated to the Bible in two stages [±180 Ad, 1520s AD, Luther Paradox]. And his Max S = Min ¡=±75% extension, made the Baalble dominant over the Genesis-Gospel, devolving Christianism to the I horizon of tribal Gods. And so tribal Copernicanism – heresies, theological disputes, and manipulations of the text to cater Traders and Warriors – became the rule. Soon Germanglon barbarians massacred Christians, and the work of the Church that focused the first Christians onto the Jesus<Paul message of love, were lost to the Barbaric antitruth, [inhibitor of the creation of God], of God=Faith=I=War.



With a slight change of War for Work [Luther Paradox], that antitruth rules today the World, chosen and cre[dit]ated by Cops of pricing, since its foundation [Dutch>English Calvinist=Puritan churches]. We talk of a new fractal zone in the form of God, with the arrival of Luther=metal press and the revival of the Old testament, by Companies of Scientific Pricing, [many Protestants went further and took the original Jewish texts of the Old Testament as sacred texts over the Christian tradition.] Yet to those new Yvwhians the Bible was no longer understood as the chronicle of Israel, and hence as a two pov book, written either by true prophets of the Wor[l]d, or by hired rhetoricians of kings and master Pricers, [depending on the history of Israel that fluctuates between Yvwh and Baal]. Now it was the total truth of God, and hence a contradictory text, which confused perception of Total Love=God, and fostered wars of tribes of God against Humanity, and cre[dit]ated rituals parallel to those of the Go[l]d Temple cultures of Sumer>Canaan=Phoenicia=Israel.

And so Moses>Christos, a single God of Love for all the North-Western decoupling, died in the spirit of men. He returned to Metaphysical space; where he exists for ever. Since the game will be played in ∞ planets, where Moses>Christos= Mhmd will be born. Perhaps in a Wor[l]d without fractures, in a planet without deserts, and cold islands, the Wor[l]d will reign, and History will be=come eternal. Because we are species of thought. And Men of the Wor[l]d, spelt the law of social evolution, and the form of i=ts communication: love.

Through love, human povs, species of thought, verbal flows who generate external actions, under structures of rigidity known as moral laws, construct real, creative forms of communication and happiness, and survival: human stable societies with minimal use of metal communicators. That is what Christos tries to do:

The tragedy of History is found in the fact that the best human forms in T-complexity and S-physical power, the Semite and Germanic metalmasters, are no longer ruled by religions of the Wor[l]d but by Go[l]ds of pricing, and hence by the Smith Postulate [∆Mv=Tp]. The present metal evolutive goals, of the Judermon culture, cre[dit]ated by the COPs culture of man≥price=Product, means that humanity has changed his behavior with himself and the Universe, from an evolutive behavior, to an extinctive behavior.

Such Cops culture, full of antitruths against true human Wor[l]d Religions, stresses the Judermon sense of Copernican superiority, harming the total tissue of mankind and provoking recurrent wars and Holocausts.

Yet the conversion of those top human forms to the collective goal of history expressed by all religions, would allow the resu-reaction of man guided by its max S x Max T members, towards the goal of perpetual existence. Then both cycles of Holocausts and wars would end, and the wor[l]d would return to i=ts S-T harmonies. And the citadel would be constructed.

Can they change behavior? Can they evolve as human believers, not only as enzymen?

Our survival as specie depends on their will to survive their dramatic imprinting by churches and inquisitions, returning to the truths of verbal religions of love.



3rd age of the Wor[l]d: Social Oikoumenes in the age of the Machine:

The French>Russian r=evolutions: Greek III Horizon.

Since the arrival of Cops, the hopes for the construction of a Human God, neither corrupted by money and weapons, dwindled in the Western decoupling. Those hopes would only re-appeared with the French R=evolution, initially a mere Tradocratic r=evolution against warrior-king power, that unlike in America or England, came out of hands, and tried if briefly to resu-react a social human ideal.

It was the beginning of Greece III Horizon – a final renaissance of the rational and spiritual soul of man, that through individual writers, artists, priests, and revolutionaries, and in brief national interludes such as the Spanish, French or Russian revolutions, tried to reconstruct a social Human God.

That ideal though was now no longer in metaphysical space, but had moved down to our plane of existence in a society much more concerned with the increasing complexity of metal-nations and the desirability of creating a harmonic system of love-communication within our perceptive territory in the Earth.

We might say that before creating a new metaphysical God modern revolutionaries realize that they have to abort the growth of the antiGod of the Metalearth which extinct Christianity, and it is in the verge of collapsing all other human structures.

To that aim a new religion of ‘verbal truths’ today has a social origin.

The first one – the French r=evolution – constructed such verbal truths in his declaration of Human rights, and the ‘Constitution’. The problem though is not the truth but the fact that the antitruth of metal thought, was more powerful. And the gunboat companies of England and the artillery of Prussian warriors, defeated soon the human revolution.

In the French revolution the work of a few higher minds was merely the application of Universal laws of social evolution to man. And so all ‘bills of human rights’ came to the same conclusions, than religious thought.

So it did the French people who backed his renewed Christian revolution. So it did the Cops culture that found as dangerous as the Pope, the attempt of humans to create a real democracy, and aborted it.

The French revolution faced as the Christian revolution, a ‘Roman Empire’, this times England, who as it did against the Russian Revolution, it would creditate all kind of wars against the revolutionaries.

Those wars crashed the right of the French people to evolve their r=evolution, who had to elect Napoleon in order to protect herself, when the Pound subvention of all the European nations V France, transformed the search for a viable system of government by the people, into a warrocratic empire under Napoleon Caudillo. Exactly the same happened with Russia, which had to release his power and r=evolutionary path to the Red Army, after all the World nations attacked her, masterminded and paid by England; bringing Stalin into power.

England corrupted and still corrupts in its bid against the Euro, any attempt of Europe to cre[dit]ate a human social tissue where not only the elite but all men have human rights and freedom.

The problem is that England had succeeded every time. So the French revolution would become a metalnational mask known as ‘France’, in the hands of Napoleon. And the Russian revolution, would become another warrior mask known as ‘Russia’ under Stalin. We will study them along the book, as we analyze the evolution of the Metalearth.

The Russian R=evolution can be understood as the beginning of a new prophetic Religion [soon converted by Stalin into inquisition], since it indeed upgraded the povs of human social thought regarding the Metalearth R=evolution. Marx ideals are typical of a Semite prophet, reconverted from the warriorxtrader tradition of Semite churches+Inquisitions to social love, maybe influenced by the conversion of his family of Temple Rabbis  to Christianism.

A renewed religion of mankind was needed, because it was clear to Marx, Hugo and other XIX C. intellectuals that churches and inquisitions had betrayed the ideals of Love=God. Marx however misunderstood Hegelian truths such as ‘all what is [¡]rational is real’ – hence God exists. That error of Marxism would cripple his doctrine as a religion of Human truths. Because it did not ally with Christianity but made it its enemy. And it did not ally against weapons, but talked of the dictatorship of the people.

So many errors cannot create a lasting human religion and communism did not last.

Code rules over energy, the spirit rules over matter, Gods do exist when man believe in a certain set of verbal truths=Wor[l]ds of God.  Marxism has its main error in its materialism and cult to the machine. It caused the unnecessary attacks against human religions, such as those performed in Russia and China V Tibet;  and soon reverted Marxism unlike anarchism into a religion that also worshipped the machine, and never understood that the path towards the paradise of the proletariat was by the Paradox of Capital, the destruction of machines and the return to the Carboearth to love communication, to life. Communism would also annihilate the environment and invariably bring Warrior castes into power, becoming merely yet another phase of the Warrocratic V Tradocratic [communism V democracies], cycle of metal power, evolving symbiotically by war, the stocks of science.

Finally it made another mistake when it put classes against each other, without a rational explanation of its monetary and weapons origin. So it made the fight against other humans as a natural feature of history, when it is only natural to metal history and appeared with the first metal civilizations. Social classes were minimal in the Neolithic when men were naturally ruled by prophets, priests and agricultural organizations.

In the pre-war century only anarchism, with its emphasis in cooperatives, its critique of machines, its agrarian roots, and communal opposition both against weapon castes, money masters, Cops and its governments, came closer. Today European socialism and ecologism represent the mature path of Human Thought, that we will try to retake in the last chapter – Castalia – designing a new non-Metaphysical Religion of the Wor[l]d.

Bakunin the anarchist who was popular in Latinia [Spain-Italy] much more than Marx, was right: he accused machines of the extinction of man. Because the rich merely ride the machine wave. And so it is in the selection of machines to produce and not produce, in the control of the MV=Tp wave that orders and organizes man, not in the social struggle, where the true path towards human freedom lays. Since monetary markets own the language, men have to control them and reform them, so they produce less metal and more human goods. Such ethonomical systems are the only scientific systems of history and economics that would evolve men. They hold the pov of human survival, by cre[dit]ating human [goods]. We group such systems under the literary name of ‘Castalia’. They are all kind of ecological movements, the true modern religion of man, the survival religion of the species. The last chapter offers one of such systems of Human government. Its aim: to stop the chip radiation and elongate history.


However if we compare Marx with the other prophet of classic economics, Mr. Smith, which affirmed the antitruth that metal progress was human progress, we can only value Marx as a human prophet, since at least he realized that metal progress extincts human labor. That capital extincts humans.

We call that fact  The Marx-Smith Paradox: Max. Capital=Min Human Labor.


In mathematical terms we write the Marx-Smith Paradox as:

Max MV=TP  = Min HT.  Max. Metalform Wealth=Max. Life+Human-Chemical Extinction

Smith, a Calvinist, chosen of Go[l]d, repressed in human senses, that died virgin as Newton, had no problems at all as a perfect enzymen without chemical, sensorial perception, equaling machine progress with human progress. He had already extinct all his human senses except the eye. We will argue many time such Smith Postulate or Smith Myth, that has caused so much suffering to mankind. Because progress is not metal progress but human progress, human evolution and production of human sensorial products. What metal progress means is the rule of pricing, and the extinction of verbal thought.

7: The language of pricing

It was the arrival of pricing, what ended the supremacy of verbal thought. It has never returned.

We already explained how philosophers saw the end of verbal power [Kung-Tse] when pricing arrived.

We will try now to explain the nature of pricing, and in latter chapters we will study how it affected and transformed man from a free specie into an ‘enzymanic’ species.

Since pricing would hypnotize humans and degrade their verbal understanding to the minimal use, since now truth would be delivered by money orders. All orders which would attach money to them, would be obeyed. Such was the power of eye hypnotism for earlier men.

Birth of money

The Semites, desert eye people, and the Anglo-Saxons, of the Amber ring, probably felt this first, and soon realized that this was a common trait of men. In Mesopotamia where we have historic records, the Sumerian peasants now obeyed Semite traders instead of his priests. The agricultural fields owned by the Sumerian temples were abandoned. Women liked gold jewelry and would offer themselves for it. The control of money by the priests was now fading, since unlike the previous money [wheat] metal was more powerful at hypnotic level.

We perceive already a natural character of metal: the simplification and spatialization of the people that uses it as Ot guide.

Money is a sudden hypnosis. If Sumerians would have thought better, they would have stayed with their priests. Yet they ended belonging to Semite warrior-traders who made empires and slave them in unending working hours, constructing palaces and tombs. The control of people by the Sumerians who have invented writing soon disappeared. Now money would control writing and religion.

The Semites were also symbiotic warriors and brought arrows and spears with |-metal points. And the first empires appeared.

Since money and weapons symbiotically allowed power to be imposed upon people.

Why? Because money and weapons are symbiotic. Both need each other, and each of them accomplish a function among humans. Weapons accomplish the devolutive function of control, and money the informative function of work.

It is like a DNA-Membrane system: the DNA gives orders to the cells. If orders are not evolved, the membrane and RNA destroys the enzymes. So enzymen are controlled with the carrot and stick of money and weapons. Money and weapons have made of humanity a ‘farmed animal’ of metal productivity.

That is very ugly to say but it is truth.

Money extincts forms which have no use for the capitalist system.

And that extinction is performed with weapons.

For example nature or Indians had no use for the machine reproductive system of companies. So the American governments put a price to Indian scalps, and pay warriors to kill them. And they were extinct.

We say that money cre[dit]ates the future. It invents the future by giving orders to humans which will create what money tells it.

So if you pay a company not to produce pollution it will happen. If you order it, it will not happen. Money substitutes words in making things happening.

And so money displaces man as the creator of future in the Earth.

Yet money and machines by the Postulate of Smith [MV=Tp] are both related functions. One is the body and the other the mind of the world of metal.

Both go together, Mv, means the mass of money of an economy, and Tp the mass of top predator products of that economy. And they are parallel, since man has wished both, and so it has given top prices to weapons and machines of war.

War and money are symbiotic. And power can be reached either by having weapons and looting money with them, or by having money and paying mercenaries with weapons. What is then the factor that decides one or other way of power? Simple: the quantity of available money and weapons of a certain civilization – of the world at large.

For that reason there was first an age of warriors, since there were more weapons that money – money was in Gold, and there was far less gold than iron in the Earth crust.

Yet when money became paper, this changed. There was now a much more abundant quantity of money. And so the multiplication of money – the biological radiation of money – allowed to price many more people and many more things.

All became priced, specially in America where paper money was common; and it radiated as a language of control of all other things. Indians were extinct by putting a price to their scalps, at 5 $ a piece, paid in money. So were Bisons at 3 $. Land was priced and speculators which would match the quantity of land to the quantity of radiating money became the richest people of America. Then life was priced with the slavery system of production; and when there was enough money to price by ‘leasing’ instead of at bulk rate, slaves became workers – ‘white slaves’. And so we entered in the XIX century, now with such a mass of capital, that weapons would become submissive to price. And it is then when the last warrior lands – Japan, Spain, Russia, Arab nations – where warriors had resisted, became corrupted and reconverted into workers for traders, or traders themselves [as in Japan] And so since there was more money, to radiate monetary orders, than weapon orders money became the tool of power in all nations.

The radiation of paper money changed the order between warriors and traders in power in the Earth. That radiation is the beginning of the age of Companies of pricing, science, and tradocratic governments [democracies where money pays de facto politicos and lobbies that creditate the laws]. The entire planet has become a system controlled by money orders, which prefer to cre[dit]ate machines, to which they are symbiotic [mv=tp], and discreditate human goods, and human life, that do not reproduce so fast, do not produce so much profits, and do need human labor of slow productivity. You cannot make babies

The freed=freedom of greed of those who radiate money and their Copernican selfishness prefer to produce weapons to enhance their power, and metal gadgets of easy reproductivity and higher profits, and extinct life and human goods.

In that fight the Carboearth looses always to the freed of metalmasters, and it becomes constantly extinct, without value.

And things with price became reproduced; and things without price became- are extinct:

Because what money has created is an antihuman arrow of futures, through which man can be extinct or degraded if it has no use for the reproduction, and evolution of machines:


True social Utopias foster Human Goods, and develop human senses. Their aim is not social equality but survival. They accept and require social temporal classes organized though with a different aim: human goods. As it happens the truth of History=Human survival is reached when Human goods of lesser profits than metalgoods are cre[dit]ated, and the ecosystem of the Earth pruned to the needs of Human sensorial and social evolution. Which implies to control stock cre[dit]ation that systematically creates inflation in human goods and deflation [false subvention in metalgoods]. This can be done and should be done by increasing production of human goods, by creditation, through the government chosen by the people, who wishes human goods. Because metalmaster elites consume less human goods [negative elasticity rent in economical terms] it is self evident that true ideologies of human history are ‘left’ ideologies that promote human goods [health care, tourism, education, food, housing]. And metal ideologies are those who cater to the wish for higher stock profits of cops and stockrats, and for new metal gadgets. Only ‘social doctrines’ elongate human survival. And this includes the survival of the families of metalmasters, since metal will not distinguish among humans. Thus even ‘right wing people’ who wish their sons and grand-sons to survive should promote human goods. Such policy would obviously follow the path of ecologism and life protection, cre[dit]ating a final Total objective + Subjective religion with increasing understanding of the sentient Universe.

Yet before searching for a theoretical solution to the Paradox of Human extinction, we have to describe the rhythms of that process of life-love extinction. Let’s consider if briefly that arrow of extinction and its main causes: The ages of Cows and Cops, companies of warriors and companies of traders, subverting the value of the World in Go[l]d>e-money, and S<words>Missiles.

Radiations of money

To be able to radiate money is on those views lethal to carbolife but the fundamental tool of power of metalmasters. And those who have understood how to radiate money become powerful people.

So the big question is: how do you radiate money?

And the answer -as all in the Universe of space-time- is quite simple.

You radiate money by creating equalities between species of money, by convincing people that something you hold besides metal is also money. If you achieve that you can double the quantity of money in the market – the metal money and your changeable money. A new money which still holds the property of being the most wished eye-product, as Gold is. And so it is interchangeable by anything else.

The easiest way is to find a product that can be changed by O-metal, the hypnotic basic substance of the human Universe.

To do so though you have to have power, and here is where weapons enter.

If you have weapons you can convince very easily others – by force – that what you radiate is money. They have to accept it or die. And so as a consequence we talk of the fundamental parallelism in Economics, between money and weapons; Mv=Tp. Since both products are powerful products that enhance human power, both are wanted, and you can impose one – money- by controlling the other.

Let’s see examples that explain the main radiations of money in history.

First money was a bar of metal. Then the radiation of metal bars, was multiplied by the inflationary use of coins and alloys, backed by the military power of a ‘caudillo’; which since Alexander would put his face on the coin. Semites. Jewish, Arabs, and Aryan, Greeks and Romans – our geographical eye people of max. eye hypnotism – specialized in those trades.

Yet the true radiations that started the modern world, were the radiations of paper money. First stocks created a complete dual world of value where companies, reproducers of scientific products, became stock money. Cops, mainly of gunboat weapons, were now through paper money [stocks], backed by military power [gunboat shareholders gave a coup d’etat in Amsterdam, and controlled the Dutch government] a ‘money-value’, imposed by Law and force, and of course by ‘freed’=freedom of greed.

The symbiotism between weapon-machines and money would increase.

Then the radiation of notes with main center in the American continent, allowed a massive multiplication of money. It would allow pricing of all realities in terms of money  – an entire continent now with a price. Indeed, the immediate effect of a radiation of money is to multiply the wealth of cultures who create money, and to substitute all other means of valuation – mainly ethic words – with money orders coming from those cultures. Since now the excess of money is transformed in an excess of pricing. All becomes priced, and things that are not priced become extinct or degraded. So all other entities of the human ecosystem fight for and obey the new language of pricing power. And the culture that has invented it becomes the worldwide culture. So the Greeks>Romans> Italians who invented coins became the worldwide culture till paper notes and stocks made the Judermon culture, the top predator culture of the Earth.

Needless to say as in the case of Ch’in iron weapons that came with money, stocks and note radiations were the main cause of the radiations of weapons associated to them.

Those two radiations with focus in Holland, England and America would expand worldwide the culture of Companies, through the massive expansion of machines of war, gunboats, guns and railroads. They were the cause of the worldwide extinctive power of Holland, England and America, which proves again how the Ot-organ controls the radiations of |s-organs, in this case weapons. Lets consider the expansion of the Ot-organs of the Metalearth, the stock and note systems of money that multiplied the cre[dit]ative capacity of Holland, England and America, that would ever since organize through monetary orders the future of the world.


We talk of the following phases of money radiations:

Amber-Jade+Obsidiane-Metal bar age [Bartering age]: ±8000 BC; – 3000 BC

Most trade is done by bartering, which implies a verbal dominance over the function of O-metal, in as much as dialog is as important as the product or the means of interchange. Bartering is the ideal form of trade, non-productive, against any standardized form of industrial reproduction, that improves friendships and ethical behavior; proper of societies in which communal property exists; Neolithic cultures based in harmony with nature and control of human desires.

However the first precious stones and metals appear, substituting in certain areas bartering. 3 are such focus of maximum trader inertia, still today with control of monetary power: The Semite ranges from Yemen to Lebanon, rich in Gold, the Danish, English and Latvian costs rich in Amber, and the Chinese rivers, in which pierced Jade becomes the first ‘Tao’ Coin. Today those 3 cultures do control around 75% of stock shares in the world. Which proves the cyclical inertia of power, and specially of monetary power, the informative organ of metal.


Gold>Silver>Copper Age [Age of Bronze empires]: -3000 BC; 500 BC Top Predator: Semites.

The creation of bronze empires, allows the organization of long trade routes to the monetary sources, searched for through sea trade in the Mediterranean, Africa and India.

Bartering is still the main mode of trade, but in those tasks of higher risk and price – such as war, and war products – money becomes indispensable, starting the close association between war, mercenary armies, and precious metals.

Coin age [Age of Iron Empires]: – 500 BC – 1608: Top Predator: Greek-Latin cultures.

It displaced power in the Western decoupling to Europeans, and in the Eastern decoupling to the mountain kingdoms of Ch’in, the barbarian kingdoms that ended the ‘age of the Great Harmony’, the age of bronze and Yin-Yang masters. The coin Age reaches its splendor in the Northern Mediterranean, in 3 horizons of what we call the Greek culture: Greek I horizon [Iron discontinuum, Greece, Hellenistic Empires, Rome and Byzantium]; Greek II horizon [Renaissance, in Italy and Iberia], and Greece III Horizon [Latinia], which already in the discontinuum of stocks, however continues the cultural traditions of the Latin culture, and gives more power to banks and the Gold Standard, than to Stocks, companies and speculators [France, Italy, Spain, in the XVIII-XIX-XX centuries till II World war].

∑Company>Stock Age: 1608, -∞: Top Predator: North-European [Judermon] cultures.

This final age, is the one it reflects the graphic. It is the age of science, when money allows to reproduce machines the war, and conquer of less technological nations by war and pricing. The aim is to create a Unified Metalearth, ruled by Worldstock, communicated by pricing, evolved towards higher ¥-sun perception:

1st phase: 1608-1688: Minopov: VOC>Stock=Holland. Invention of code-communication structures [democratic stockracy]. Absorption of Spanish silver [previous pricing language]. Conquest of communicative ways [sea trade]. Development of Vt-s-ts vectors: Vt-clock-telescopes, Vs-gunboats, water ways, Vts-metalPress. Ideological conquest [Black legend against previous warriors]. Economical conquest [Bullion crash, Philip Bankruptcy]. Worldwide expansion: control of worldwide credit. Dutch renaissance V European civil wars [30 years war: ‘Bellum ipse aleat’]. French contra-reaction [warrior land top predator]: invasion of Holland. Transmigration of Stockrats and king to England.


We say that electronic money, the last radiation of money, has converted money de facto in the mind of the Metalearth. Money now is a mathematical software, a mental way of thought, ruled as all in the Universe by a language of Space-Time of |-0, in the mind of the most complex informative machine – the computer.

So the evolution of money has been completed in its physical form.

And parallel to that physical evolution, money has evolved the Earth – it has created a new ecosystem. Indeed, through money orders given by civilizations and warriors that made of money the center of their cultural power, the Earth has transformed itself. Creditated products are reproduced and evolved. Non-creditated products are extinct. In this manner the Metalearth, substitutes the CarboEarth as an entire new ecosystem, with a different energy base – machines – and a different informative organ – money – where only elements of the ecosystem of the Metalearth are creditated and evolved.

The function of existence of the Metalearth is reproducing very fast. It radiates systematically the offspring of Companies-mothers  -the ‘animetals’:

4.9:  |s-Machine structures    Ot-chips [digital-mathematical-pricing thought]

The equation of behavior of companies is now the equation of behavior of e-money. It facilitates the substitution and obsolescence of human eyes-bodies, which can be equaled and displaced through abstract pricing by chip-digital eyes-Machines without any behavioral-verbal-survival contention. Pricing ‘wants’ to translate human forms into mathematical-machine through Companies of Scientific Pricing [Cops]; the fundamental entity of power of the Metalearth.

It was indeed the arrival of Companies what started the Industrial revolution, much before Mr. Watt founded the steam engine. Then the product evolved was the gunboat and its weapons and scientific instruments. And ever since the previous equation of behavior of companies has ruled the wor[l]d; and provoked massive extinctions of carbolife beings.




“When a

civilization is so corrupted

that defies any reform the philosopher can do nothing but observe”.






“And GodoG said: In all the beings of the Earth, you can feed=perceive, but of the tree of science=metal-species, of its good and evøl-utive forms, you shall not; because the times you perceive them, certainly you will die”



1: Go[l]d cultures: I Horizon: Prophetic age.

In as much as money is the informative organ which controls the future, it is the evolution of money, what truly has cre[dit]ated the Metalearth.

So to understand the following chapters we will try to resume in this introduction, the evolution of western cultures based in money, in 3 horizons: its prophetic age of birth; its reproductive age in Europe, and its final baroque age in USA that we will study in the final book. They are the 3 ages that we said we apply to all organisms of the Universe, including civilizations:Subcultures of money have existed always in history. This is logic since money is one of the main communicators of power among humans. Market behavior and money as the guide of a society had been rather natural to castes specialized in money use, since the Babylonian and Jewish caste of bankers-priests in the bronze and Middle ages, to the Athenian ‘democratic’ of wealthy people, to the Dutch ‘democracy’ of stockrats.

As a system of total social organization the concept of a culture-product where money was the value of all, from armies to religions, was only common in history to the so called ‘island republics’; trade emporiums, knots of communication in the world geography.

In Venice the first lines of production of boats started, and Venice knew that his boats and coins were the backbone of his civilization. Before them the Carthaginians lived on the sea. It was said in Rome that Gades was the second town of the Empire if you counted all the Phoenician traders on the sea. Tribes of the sea of sand, Semite Arab and Jewish caravan traders had also lived for trade. But all of them have kept a certain ethic or verbal control over money. America is in this a new culture, where freedom is basically freedom of greed, freedom of money, which controls all other systems of power – weapons and words. Freedom is ‘freed’ a new word contraction for ‘freedom of greed’. Freedom of greed as the engine of mankind is a concept born with the Dutch company of products. For that reason we talk also of the Cops cultures, of “Companies of scientific pricing, in which Companies, Protestant thought and science’ come together, as the culture that rules mankind. A radical new proposal within history, based on the absolute belief in the goodness of metal of cyclical form [money], lineal form [weapons] or complex form [scientific instruments]…

It is then metal, in all its forms, the real organizer of such new brave world.

Metal had been already the backbone of many cultures. We talk of the Bronze age, and the iron age, and the gunpowder age…

Of the 3 great types of civilizations as organic beings, the ones controlled by money are tradocracies, the ones controlled by weapons are warrocracies, the ones controlled by words are theocracies. Crete was the first great tradocracy of History. Gold and silver from the Spanish mines came first to Crete and were then distributed by its ships throughout the coast from Egypt to Greece. In that culture so different from the militaristic structures of Mesopotamia, or the theocratic churches of Egypt; society was based like today in the organizative power of money.

And money had created certain peculiarities that would become a constant in all new tradocracies. Crete had been the prototype, of a first Metal culture based in money, but we know something about Crete’s social organization. In first place women had much more power. As in Babylon or Ur, as in the Phoenician society, or in the post-Diaspora Jewish world, or today in the Anglo-Saxon society, money elevated the condition of women. While in warrior societies weapons reduced it. This is logic. Women are creative, they abhor violence. They love the arrow of complexity in the Universe as much as men love the lineal arrow of energy. In an analogic vision to the cyclical shape of money, and the lineal shape of weapons, women are cyclical beings, information beings, time beings. Their body is cyclical, its language is verbal. Men are lineal, more energetic, more expansive – the arrow of death and explosion, of war. Energy-force dominates through war. And warrior societies are by essence machist societies.

So trader societies give power to women: money is understood by women as well or even better than by men. Women control in trader societies the sexuality and violence of men, and through that control, make men productive subjects, and Go[l]d the ruler of society. Such societies if protected, at distance, hidden from warrior societies, would accumulate such wealth, that would become a pure tradocracy. That was the origin of Crete, as well as Holland, and latter England and America, protected by seas from warrior societies. Crete was probably as England, a society where behavioral control was established by women; where money was the absolute mean of communication to which weapons and very likely the law-words of people were submissive; and where property was God, and Go[l]d its intelligence… A concept opposite to warrior cultures in which energy, and iron, weapons and violence would be God – the Wo-Tan of Scandinavians, or the Asur of Assyrians. And certainly a society different from those where the concept of Man, his senses and sensations were the God of the Universe, [verbal, religious, cultures].

Yet because forms who are different tend to hate each other, as much as forms who are equal love each other, it happened then as it will happen constantly in history, that warriors, who met such feminist society of traders, destroyed it.

Men cultures predate over ‘wo=men’ cultures, warriors over traders. And they did so in Crete, provoking a Holocaust latter mystified with earthquakes and Minotaur legends… Crete would left the memories of refinement found in its palaces, [the ‘Parisien’ and those women with strength and beauty]; and some feminine customs among men, by which it was common to be a ‘Cretan’ when you were Gay, as latter it would be a ‘Greek’, a gay-man in the Roman language of macho-warriors.

But the Cretans who escaped, sailing away with treasures and its culture, colonized Palestine and founded with other people the Phoenician culture, which in times of Solomon communicated to the Jewish culture. The same ideas thus became transferred first to Phoenicians and then to the culture of Jerusalem through Baal, Jezebel, Solomon, and the Temple, copy of the Tyros temple [and hence copy of its gold rituals]. Again an island, Jerusalem, this time in the desert, bridge-oasis of the Mesopotamia-Egypt route of caravan traders, became the site of trader rituals perfected by the Aaronite caste of priests that had revered the Golden calf. Those banker-priests confronted the prophetic men of human sensorial communication and love [prophets of Israel killed by priest-bankers] and the warriors who wished the monetary wealth of Gold cultures [Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Seleucians, and finally Romans]. After those Holocausts, lacking a political nation, and with a religion, considered by most people, a ‘primitive’, tribal religion, inferior to the non-racial, evolved social cults of Christianism and Islam, Jewish were constantly at risk. To survive, crippled socially, they put perhaps excessive confidence in money as the mechanism of power. And became the most specialized money culture of the West since the Tyrians.

The Jewish=Calvinist culture basically is a dual culture with an ideal verbal God, exemplified by Moses; and a real system of power – money – inherited from the old caravan traders between Mesopotamia and Egypt, that we trace to Abraham. Yet the mythic fight between Aaron V Moses, Golden Calf V verbal Law was won by Aaron who founded the priest-banker lineage of Jerusalem. The Jewish=Phoenician culture of Go[l]d jumped race to the Germanic people when the Protestants came. Judaism without doubt was a clear antecedent to Calvinist Holland, that so much believed in the old testament. In those zones where trade ways and money was fundamental – specifically in the Rhine, the commercial artery of Europe, from Geneva to London – that culture and a new religion, mixed of Gold and verbal laws, flourished in the form of Calvinism and Anglicanism. Immediately a series of wars and confrontation between traders and warriors [that had substituted the power of the church], took place in all Europe. Such fight was again not new, since trader cultures and warrior cultures have been always at war.

Holocausts of traders are also common among other civilizations such as Chinese in the civilization of South Asia; or Armenians and Greeks among Turks. As the recent riots in Indonesia or the massacres of Greeks and Armenians proved, all those money castes suffer periodically the cholera of the people, which might be indifferent to religious or cultural differences, but are always very concerned by economics. The monopoly of the invention of money in those societies by those castes, [today in the stock market] without doubt is the main cause of their Holocausts. Warriors envy the wealth traders control by controlling the supply of money. Already Alexander, Asur, and Rome attacked the Phoenician=Jewish culture of the classic age to steal that supply.

It was also the reason why all Europe went against Holland where the culture had resucited at the end of the XVII century.

Holland had invented a new form of money – shares and bonds of companies – and acquired a virtual monopoly of its creation at continental level. And for the same reasons the Jewish had been prosecuted, Europe started a historical prosecution of the Calvinist ‘international’ of trade. We see here how history repeats with variations. The history of Jewish traders was embedded in a book, called the Bible. That book clonified its culture in Holland, thanks to the Protestant religion and the press. And they soon believed as the Levantine people on the political power of money. And soon they suffered the same cycles of war that Israel had.

2: The scientific method, and the language of Pricing: The age of Companies:

The culture of European Companies. II Horizon of Science.

What Holland was to think of reality had a lot to do with the Jewish experience. And in fact the Calvinist experience was repeating the Jewish experience; and as the Jewish, it migrated in search of protection of his Go[l]d first to England, and then to America.

In Holland and Europe the Calvinist cult to God had faced the stern opposition of Northern warriors [Lutherans] and Southern ones [Catholic Spanish and French]. A battle to control the future between those two povs, the pov of money and weapons took place across the continent. It had lasted already a century when Holland invented the secret weapon that would give her total power, and changed the history of mankind:

The company of share holders.

The company had an enormous advantage as a way of organizing metal power [weapons and money]: it mixed them in a perfect new entity, the share. When you bought a share by law interchangeable by money, you could feel you were proprietary of two kind of things: money, and weapons. The share belonged to a company which manufactured, evolved, and reproduced, the best weapon available: the gunboat.

Weapons and money had always been symbiotic. In wars is when more money is produced. When more money and weapons there are as Lao says, ‘more crimes commit the people’. But now both were made into a single form through an entity called the company, which declared its leit motiv of existence to reproduce money and weapons, gunboats and profits, the product and the capital. The company appeared as the final sublimation of the concept of Money=Gold. It declared as the Calvinist Smith would declare soon in mathematical terms, that the multiplication of Gold and top predator products – gunboats – that could get Gold by trade or by force, was the goal not only of the Company but of Amsterdam, and of Holland, a nation controlled from Amsterdam; and of England and Scotland, and America, nations founded by the same culture.

Calvinism was loosing the battle in the rest of Continental Europe. The Spaniards had liquidated it from the planes of Belgium; the French did the same in France; the Pope in Italy; the Austrian emperors in Germany. But in the two focus of the Rhine trade line, [the old trade border of Roman civilizations], in Geneva and Holland, Calvinism survived, by making companies that produce weapons, the instrument of profit. Geneva had so much money that created perhaps the strongest walls of that age; and a repressive, police system, which today still works, and has nothing to envy, to the KGB. On the other hand Holland produced most of the weapons and books, and instruments of the XVII century, and invented a new kind of money-weapon the company-share that attracted worldwide capital.

Both were also at the head of the construction of complex metal: the scientific method which substituted human eyes by metal-eyes [telescopes] and human words by mathematical clocks as the proves of space and time, flourished in those nations. Metal, we might say either in the form of weapons, money or scientific instruments, started the terraforming of the Earth from a carbolife to a metalife environment in that culture. For that reason we say that the human baroque has its origins in the modern age, when machines of metal became the aim of a whole human community.

Soon everybody was investing in Amsterdam, in companies reproducers of scientific machines and gunboats – even the Spanish and French aristocrats. The company was giving more interests that the King. So Spanish and French capital returned to those who were making war against Spain and France… In essence a change had taken place between the previous caste of traders – the Jewish – and the new caste – the Calvinist… While all warriors became corrupted by an excess of money that companies produced. To reproduce machines was easier than reproducing human goods. And a new phenomena appeared: a chronic scarcity of human goods, which now were no longer the priority of the reformed churches for which charity did not matter. And a parallel overproduction of metal machines with higher price, reproductivity, sales and profits provoked constant wars.

That phenomena still endures, when in Africa everybody dies of hunger. And yet radios, Tvs and computers have all the credit of the world. Parallel to this phenomena, wars became endemic since most machines have a war use. They still are.

The Calvinists were using weapons to impose their point of view. And their strategy of making Gold, God, energized so much their believers that they were winning the wars.

Their organism of victory was the company of profits.

And the company of profits was a better organism than the company of God that Jesuits, its main rivals for the mind of mankind, could put together. So while they suffered holocausts in many regions as the Jewish had, first in Geneva and Holland, then in England, and finally in America the Calvinist International, allied to the old Jewish capital which was very much tolerated, developed the first long lasting, expanding tradocracy of the world. The renaissance of human senses ended. And even those nations where sensorial truths of human character had flourished reversed with the abundance of gunpowder weapons and money, to warrocracies or tradocracies. Today the Vatican only controls a few square kilometers…

The change in history is radical with the arrival of science, digital truths, companies and gunpowder weapons. Before verbal religions, the informative organ of mankind, which regulated our behavior and controlled the excess of metal, had ruled mankind extensively. Now metal was free, and freed=freedom of greed substituted ethic behavior as the aim of Man.

We talk then of a new civilization in which the rights and senses of metal [scientific instruments and money] displace the rights and senses of man [ethics and  verbal thought].

This is the civilization which has caused the age of Galilean science, of evolution of weapons beyond all human control, and of scientific instruments, close to become perceptive…

With time and money that society based in Galilean science, trade, war and money, would become a world tradocracy, since in the 3 great expansions of land from Geneva to Holland, from Holland to England, from England to America and colonies, it would encompass directly +50% of human land, and indirectly controlled through companies of money the rest of mankind. It is that process of expansion of the Companies cultures, or Cops cultures [Companies-Protestant thought-scientific thought], which reaches its peak of perfection in America.

III Horizon of Science: The digital Age: America: final globalization of cultures of Go[l]d

America is a civilization with origin in the Protestant Radiation of the XVI century, and the parallel radiations of Science and Companies, reproducers of machines of science [Gunboats, railroads, scientific instruments, war machines etc]. America is like all other civilizations a ‘bio+logical radiation’ of certain human cultural races, and logical ideas about men – of certain instruments and men.

We talk of cultural races because cultures are races of the mind, genetically transferred by instruments and learning ideas. The body is not that fundamental, but the ideas the mind carries from generation to generation. Cultures are ‘biological’ in the Greek sense of that word: genetic material of logic nature is transferred through words, and rites that are imprinted when the chemistry has already created the race.

In that view classic America is a culture which belongs to what we might call the ‘Judermon=Jewish+Germanic world – a Indo-European dominant race, with a Jewish>Christian dominant Gold culture. America has its origin in the Rhine-Netherlands, which expanded to England and Germany, and then exported to America, the 4 cultural elements that structure the civilization: the Old Testament; the Scientific Method, the Company as organism of production of machines, organized by money orders, and finally the political system of democracies, understood in a peculiar way. Since unlike other democracies with roots in the French Revolution, property not humans have the right to ‘vote and legislate’. Such system of democracy proper of Classic England and America gives both property through companies lobbies, vote on legal issues, that are solved for companies by professional lawyers – politicos.

The Old Testament view of History and man, the scientific method that accepts certain truths and rejects others, the Company as a system of organization of property, and capitalist democracy where money also votes, are therefore the 4 pillars of Classic America.

The nature of those ideas are well known. Let’s remember them:

Protestant Thought emphasizes the Old Testament Ideals of what we might call the Historical Jewish culture [work, sensorial repression and asceticism, individualism and faith] as opposite to the ideals of the Catholic, Latin culture, focused in the Genesis, and Gospel [work as a damnation, sensorial expansion, charity and social get-together instead of individualism].

Scientific thought emphasizes metallic instruments of measure of Time [clocks and mathematics] and Space [telescopes], over human sensorial elements of temporal measure [words, and social cycles] and Spatial measure [eyes, feet].

So in the classic fight of Galileo V Church it prefers the relative point of the sun, to the relative center of the Earth, when both are in fact truth [Copernican paradox]. The scientific method opposes the Latin culture which emphasizes the human instruments of Time-Space perception [eyes, senses], and backs the point of view of human art, verbal thought and Earth’s position.  Scientific thought is not so much a search for total Truth, [a relative concept, in a relative Universe of self-centered povs] but the Truths perceived by the scientific method, which implies measure with clocks and scientific instruments of metal nature.

So it displaces verbal truths for mathematics, and human for metallic instruments. Which leads to the 3rd element of the American culture:

Companies, reproducers of machines hold power in the American culture. They were first reproducers of Gunboats and its attached scientific instruments mainly of war [cannons, studied by Galileo, telescopes and instruments of Nautic measure]. And they controlled America through cotton, slave, settlers, and tobacco companies. Then they became railroad companies, and now are companies of all kinds.

It is obvious that those 3 elements of the Culture of America with origin in Switzerland>Holland>England, are rather symbiotic.

Why? Because to produce scientific instruments is needed to work. And a moral of work is natural to Protestant thought. So Go[l]d, is both the goal of companies, and of Calvinist, and Anglican thought, which dominated old America.

Because science does not recognize other virtual worlds except those of light perception, it makes also man the only ‘son of God’, understood as the only intelligence of the Universe. This is different in Eastern religions where every ‘point of space-time’ might have consciousness, might have a virtual world.

An easterner will consider an atom a knot of forces of communication, and hence able to perceive those forces, and hence alive. A Westerner of Protestant thought, will rather prefer a mechanical view of all atoms except those of men.

Even if our logic tells us that perception is an electronic matter, and hence possible for computers or atoms, a western scientist or a Protestant will deny it.

And so they will make machines without fear, since they are abstract.

Most people do not realize that scientific thought has embedded that arrogant view of man, which comes from western religion. Only under such myths man can enter its baroque age and yet he does not realize of it. Since he does not fear computer perception in a dead universe where he is the only intelligence. Yet even an ant smells and it is intelligent in a wider sense, because with the smell a virtual world of information, a soul appears. And information, ‘yin’ in Taoist thought, is intelligence per se…

Not so for Protestant or Scientific thought, where knowledge requires a light Universe. Only very recently modern science with its theories of communication denies this.

So we have 3 interconnected elements in the ‘Cops’ culture which explain the external world [science] the internal world [Protestant religion, and customs of work and asceticism], and control both worlds [companies]. The 3 elements have a common ideology, believed by all the people of the culture: that man progresses by controlling Nature with machines, and making money, and learning with metallic senses…

This we will argue is false: what it progresses under the scientific method is metal not man.


Substitution of Human senses and Words by mathematical ¥-eye evidence.

From the human, chemical pov, beyond its industrial value, the inquire of Science can not be very relevant for true human knowledge, since it confuses the concepts of relative cyclical Times and Space, with the restricted meta[l]ineal concepts of time and space accepted by science. And it substitutes the wealth of sensations of all the human senses, and the complex logic of the language of Wor[l]ds – the biological language of man – by the narrow logic of Euclidean mathematics, and its narrow evidence, provided by metal-scientific senses [cameras, telescopes], attached to the eyes of man. Science thus only enhances one of all human senses – the eye. For that reason the inquire of science is perverted from the beginning by the limit of eye perception, and the denial of ‘veracity’ to other senses and languages of man. This arrogant position diminishes the complexity of linguistic man, and his ‘synthetic knowledge’, even if it increases the ‘detailed’ knowledge that man acquires on the eye evidence [spatial-image] of Universal events.

To grasp reality a complex being needs to use many languages, and only then when each language has ‘informed’ the individual of the rules of the Universal game, the individual might reach a synthetic knowledge of those rules, by comparing the evidence of each language, and find what all the ‘tales of the languages’ say of the common Universe they observe.

Yet science only sees with enormous detail the game of light, and how light ‘paints’ the Universe. This is not enough. It is only a language. And man can ‘see’ the Universe with many languages, with wor[l]ds, and smells, and feelings, and temporal perception, ‘causal’ logic perception. And then with all those languages known, man can structure by analogy and parallelism the evidence of all those languages into a higher language.

We call that higher language, i-logic, a language of languages, in which the Universe writes the behavior of its forms of existence. Yet i-logic cannot be captured with eyes of science…

Further on science limits the survival capacity of humanity, because it is not a behavioral inquire but an inquire of measure; on the how of reality, not on the Why of reality – the true cause of extinctions and r=evolutions in the Universe. And this happens because in man, there is only one behavioral language: Verbal thought. And as mathematical science substitutes verbal thought, a sense of the behavioral Universe is lost in man. And in this manner behavior and words, and human senses, become substituted by the ‘scientific’ method. Which we contend is an inferior form of knowledge, than the i-logic of verbal thought and his explanation of the Universe. To see why, we have to analyze the ideologies of ‘the scientific method’, who cover the limits of science, and make of science a ‘religion’ of absolute truths [partially false].

The Ideologies of Science: metal-biased truths.

Science, as Cartesian geometry does, still denies the existence of a sentient universe. It affirms the superiority of a single Cartesian frame of reference, that of the ¥-eye perception= measure, the only prove of reality admitted by science, over all other senses of man. And even over possible virtual worlds, from chemical to gravitational perception, existing in the external Universe. This is plainly non-sense derived of the Euclidean error, and proved false by Einsteinian physics. There are infinite ‘Aristotelian’ unmoved povs, focus of forces, particles which are tempomorphisms, rhythms, convergent flows of energy, locked into images=focus, black holes, virtual worlds of T=o stillness, points with parts, conscious povs. Your eye=I is one of those points in which the world converges. So it is a black hole, an atom, a heart. Each one with more or less forces converging into Him; bigger or smaller eyes, watching bigger or smaller Universes, of which the eye is according to science, a light perceptor of minimal range. Who leaves beyond an enormous quantity of forms and Universes, never perceived by man.

How is then a Universe of multiple sentient times, with different speeds of existence, slow as rocks, fast as computers, almost eternal as galaxies? Science does not know, does not even study such propositions, because it is stuck in the error of Euclid>Descartes.

Yet in reality, not in the mythical, anthropocentric, erroneous reality of science, but in the wider, total Universe, each of those clocks, or tempomorphisms, or Taos [Taoism], or Canons [Platonism], or Souls [Christianism], or Atmans [Buddhism], or systems [complexity], or local space-time geometries, is a frame of reference, who commands a territory of perception in which he perceives energy, and by feeding in energy he be=comes. Virtual worlds are thus created in multiple povs, which focus flows of minopovs, perceived as energy. In reality the universe is a tapestry of different knotting black holes-tempomorphisms, that create shapes and virtual worlds, as focus of flows of energy, made of other tempomorphisms. And we talk of a survival Universe of povs, feeding in other species of times. Electrons feed in ¥-photons to create worlds of light in your eye. Atoms feed in gravitation to create atomic worlds in a mass focus. Neurons feed in DNA to create waves of consciousness…

Science ignores this. It does not study this, because it has only an abstract frame of reference, of points with no parts, of Euclidean Postulates: the Cartesian frames of reference.

What does study science then? Science has 4 main theories of reality at popular level, which have become the common belief of our culture, hardly argued except by highly inquisitive thinkers, [Heisenberg, Einstein, verbal philosophers]:

– What we might call the theory of metal perceptive evidence. The scientific method: According to science in the search of truth, it is not ‘wise’ to use human senses, and human biological languages [verbal thought] – despite being man the only ‘intelligent being’ that science recognizes. Those languages are labeled as unreliable and ambiguous – which is precisely the nature of all Universal, subjective knowledge from a local pov of reference. There is not in fact absolute knowledge. For science though, verbal thought does not produce the mirage of ‘absolute evidence’ that the errors of Euclid, and the belief in a continuous Universe demands. Instead the error of confusing parallelism with equality, allows science to accept the false idea that mathematical equations of equality are ‘certain’. In this manner science denies verbal-logic thought and substitutes human evidence by mathematical evidence. And to do so it constructs systems of perception which also substitute human senses. Scientific artisans produce copies of human senses in metalforms that explore spatial and temporal phenomena [telescopes> cameras=Metaleyes, clocks>computers=metalbrains]. They are considered too, far more reliable than human forms who become obsolete. Yet the partial extinction of human languages by metalanguages does not frighten science who -lacking any ‘theory of behavior or survival of sensorial nature’- regards metal not as an alien but a symbiotic specie to man. In fact the scientific process mainly evolves ‘instruments of science, or metalsenses’, whose higher complexity in ¥-perception of forms=times hypnotizes most human minds into an awe of science. Science then reconverts all those forms of times, now abstract data, into abstract clock-graphs and Cartesian graphs of continuous, lineal mathematics, in which other Human sensorial measures are taken [weight, ¥-dimensional height-length-width, etc]. Science gathers all that data, and reduces it to an abstract clock-graph of mathematics – the Cartesian single frame of reference. With such data science can forecast the future of simplex forms of minimal freedom, in its external behavior. And that process is considered to reveal the ‘total nature’ of beings. Yet it only explains the external movements of forms, not the why of those movements, or how those forms perceive the Universe. The process is called the ‘scientific method’, and it brings something called ‘scientific knowledge’ to man. What is the nature of that scientific knowledge? A limited, external depiction of the Universe according to ¥-light and clock tempometers. Yet to boast that limited truth into absolute truth, Science has a ‘theory of evidence and truth’ as limited as the metalsenses it uses, and symbiotic to it; since it also denies other logics and virtual worlds:

-What we call Aristotelian and Euclidean thought.  We shall not confuse here the capacity of science to perceive and forecast through metalsenses the movement of simplex forms, with the capacity of science to evolve human knowledge, and human languages. Nor we confuse the evidence of metalsenses taken as absolute truths, with the real truth that belongs only to the being itself. Neither we accept that an abstract Language that eliminates all vitality of the Universe, called Euclidean Mathematics, based in 5 postulates, none of which are proved, reflect more than a subjective ¥-human pov on the geometry of the Universe.

And yet in ‘popular’ science, the scientific method and A-E languages of science are considered to be an absolute truth. This happens even when Mr. Frege has proved that E-mathematics is a language that can be derived from laws of Logic, and not vice versa. What makes mathematics a language subservient to human verbal logic [Frege Principle].

Despite all those facts, the first requisite of truth in science is that the human brain should gather evidence a priori in non-human languages, and with metal senses. That knowledge of external reality, achieved with metal senses evidence will then be regarded as absolute. Yet because non-human languages do not ‘explain’ things to human povs, Science needs to translate those metal-sensorial languages into human logic. For which it uses the oldest available model of Logic: Aristotelian Logic. Which becomes the verbal pov of science. And so A-logic explains linguistically the mathematical graphs of science. Aristotelian logic is a theory where Words are absolute truths, not mere mirrors of the absolute truth that belongs to the external Wor[l]d-event. Right or wrong, truth or false is then possible. Here we find again a contradiction of science: Those verbal wor[l]ds that science had scorned ‘a priori’ as evidence of truth in i=ts description of the Universe, now seem to bring the magic of ‘knowledge’, when uttered by scientists, and become ‘truths’, as long as verbal thought describes data gathered with tools of metal. Because the metalsenses of science are partially erroneous, and the A-Euclidean linguistic modes of perception, are also partially erroneous, the symbiotism and parallelism between them seems to prove that Science is an absolute truth. Both the instruments of science and the mathematical and verbal tools of science conform an abstract vision of reality that back each other in its arrogant pretension of absoluteness. In this manner the linguistic, abstract nature of science becomes ‘objective’. Yet because science studies only the lineal energy, evident to ¥-scientific instruments, and weapon forms, it follows that Aristotelian thought is also unilineal in verbal logic. Indeed A-logic affirms the pretension of lineal unicausality between events=movements of Times=space. In A-logic A causes B, hence A-logic eliminates a priori at least a 50% of causal existences, since all temporal paradoxes are dual with an arrow from A to B and B to A, an arrow from a relative future to a relative past and from past to future. This second arrow of code-creation does not exist in Aristotelian Logic – oddly enough it does in Aristotelian metaphysics – and so A-E science becomes merely the study of Energy processes, the study of the arrow of past in the Universe. In fact all scientific concepts of truth, knowledge and absolute particles, are caused by the Cartesian paradox, that confuses a virtual world, a mirror made of human languages with the total Universe they describe. Yet for science man is the only sentient being, and human A-E languages the only ‘nature of knowledge’. And so truths in Æ languages are knowledge per se.

What we might call the theory of the ultimate particle, or the theory of ‘dead matter’ according to AE-science: Matter exists in a single Euclidean Space-Time, or single space-time measured since Galileo, [V=s/t], with a metal clock=rhythm [scientific times], and a metal ¥-eye speed=distance. Science then studies the fixed light-forms produced by the human or metal eye virtual world [retina, camera, telescope, microscope, computer etc]. Obviously metaleye perception as all relative povs, creates absolute forms=particles; which science believes to be the absolute entities that structure the Universe. Those particles are not recognized as subjective constructions from the human or metal 3rd pov; and hence Science confuses the truthness of the pov with the form in itself. For science it seems that the human eye of God-like nature is able to decide according to its selfish perception, what it is an ‘entity’ and what it is not. Further on those human-eye caused entities are believed to be spatial ‘mechanisms’ who ‘miraculously’ obey without knowing it – since they are ‘dead’ matter – certain ‘Laws’ of movement – never of behavior – which only Science consciously understands.

The theory of the ultimate particle is based in the error of Galileo: Scientists have to see if possible in a ‘still’ photograph, the ‘moving’ form they analyze to ‘believe’ it is a particle and hence a being. The Galilean error that misunderstands the duality of beings in movement [all beings from their internal pov]; and beings as ‘fixed’ [all beings from a 3rd pov or virtual world of measure], plagues of errors and arrogance ‘metal-sensual science’. All beings are moving, and hence all forms in movement are cycles which can be ‘fixed’ from a relative kind of sensorial experience. Yet science only studies as ‘real’ those cycles it can ‘fix’ with his metalsenses [the scientific method]. In this manner not only the 90% of non-¥ evidence escapes to scientific analysis but what it is far more relevant, all perceived cycles which display non-lineal movement and cannot be fixed in images, are ignored or downplayed by science. History cycles; wave information; complex, and hence ‘seemingly’ erratic cycles, which are most of the Universal cycles; are ignored by science. Long cycles who cannot be ‘seen’ by science are ignored. Simultaneous structures such as DNA which carries information also in wave-shapes and moving cycles, beyond the genetic limit, are ignored by science.

The theory of what we might call ‘evolutive living matter’ according to science. There are two types of matter. Dead matter is the living Space-Time that does not look like human. It has then to be inferior to living matter – space-time who looks like human – since man is regarded by the Cartesian Paradox, the only sentient-living being. This inferiority of dead matter is achieved again through Verbal Logic [despite the fact that verbal thought is not according to science a reliable form of evidence.] Indeed, Words are divided in two categories; those who itify Universal events, and those who ‘vitalize’ Universal events. Thus the word repetition is used for ‘dead matter’ while reproduction is used for ‘living matter’; perception and communication is used for ‘living matter’, while action-reaction is used for ‘dead matter’. Knowledge is used for ‘living matter’ and information for ‘dead matter’. Evolution is used for living matter and change is used for dead matter. Evolutive species are related in living matter, while evolutive species in dead matter such as Light>photon>Electron chains are considered different ‘particles’ [no longer species] without parental relationships. Eye is used for living matter, and focus is used for dead matter; etc. And yet even for those ‘living’ forms, a mechanical theory of existence in which virtual worlds are of no importance, called survival evolution, is designed. New Jargon then divides man and animal life: Instincts are used for living animals, and the human ‘instincts’=drives of human existence [reproduction, evolution and devolution], are called the ‘freedoms’ of man. Intelligence is used for humans and ‘complexity’ for living animals. Love is used for humans and ‘mating’ for animals, etc.

Further on this theory tries to accommodate the theory of the ultimate particle to living matter, considering that the relevant elements of existence in beings are not its virtual worlds of internal and external communication [‘action-reaction’], and its organs of vectorial existence [codifying, energizer and reproductive organs], but the external forms of the beings that the human eye gathers from his 3rd pov. So an ant hill is divided in its Vts-workers, Vs-warriors, Vt-drones and Queen elements as separate entities, because the human eye does not gather them together; and does not see the ‘pheromonal’ fluids of communication between them. While a nervous=Vt, blood=Vs, and endocrine=Vts system – a human being – is considered an entity, not a series of modular elements put together, since we see the fluids of communication and the cells communicated as a single particle.

Those series of ‘external forms of TimexSpace’=’living matter’ are then according to such theory, selected for future replication, through a process called Darwinian d=evolution, in which the best ‘external forms’ will survive by feeding in lesser forms. And so survival becomes an individual, selfish, chaotic challenge based in the extinction of other povs=forms by feeding=exploding them into energy. Which is correct but explains only hunting, not evolution. Nothing grows by killing. At this point science has not yet explained why forms exist. What creates them. Since Darwinian devolution only explains what destroys them. This ‘minor’ difficulty on the Theory of Absolute knowledge provided by science is again resolved by abstract mechanisms that happen in ‘living beings’ [dead matter is also excluded here] called ‘chaotic mutations’. Those mutations are also ruled by God-like laws who are uttered by human conscious thought, but non intelligent forms strangely seem to obey [since they have no will or perception.] To solve this without giving sentient power to povs, the design of forms in such theory is no longer based in complexity, virtual perception, action-reaction, and in the capacity to act together by social evolution. Evolutive forms are on the contrary obtained by random processes without ‘intelligence’. Yet amazingly such random processes hardly cause any chaos… Again it is the myth of keeping man as the only sentient logic of the Universe what mechanizes self-evident vital, social processes.

Let’s put an example of the consequences of such errors: today in evolution there is a debate between Darwinian d=evolution and Social evolution [chaoticians V creationists]. And science cannot reconcile both arguments. We can very easily: Darwinian d=evolution is the Vs-dimension of times. Social evolution the Vt-dimension, and far more powerful. But both do exist, and ultimately are parallel in the total, immortal S=T balance of the Universe. Because in the Universe all species of times have at least 3 linguistic arrows of perception, Vs, Vt, Vts. For example in History we talk of the O-pricing, |-weapons and Ø-wor[l]ds as the 3 linguistic communicators. In the body we talk of the Vt-nervous, Vs-blood, and Vts-endocrine system. Thus all systems of waves=species of times, have 3 arrows: a devolutive strategy and language and organ, an evolutive strategy and language and organ, and a combination of both, or reproductive, Vts-system. And so we cannot explain the Universe only in creationist or Darwinian terms, but we need both, and far more a third arrow, that of replication=repetition=reproduction. But scientists are Aristotelian, lineal, and tend to unicausality in search of the myth of ‘absolute truths’. Even when evidence is overwhelming to favor a 3-temporal perception of causality. And so -as in Physics- only the arrow of past, of energy of devolution is truly explored by Darwinian d=evolution, while the arrow of order, of evolution is ignored or downplayed. Individualism and death becomes then the only rule of ‘authorized behavior’ in the scientific wor[l]d. And those individuals who survive by killing more will exist into the future, in repetition of his form. While those who do not survive, are non-efficient forms [biology], or have less weapons technology [war Darwinism], or less cre[dit]ation [economical Darwinism]. And so they are justly extinct. Yet this again is not applied to ‘dead matter’ [space-time that does not look like human]: Similar cases of extinction for non-efficient dead matter [formless particles of physics, or chemical non-harmonic compounds, or giant stars], are then qualified according to the dual jargon of verbal thought as ‘unstable’ – since they are suppose to be mechanical forms. Dead matter cannot have will of survival since it seems too small or too big for that. [Will is suppose to be a condition, under Scientific Cartesianism, related to a similar size and a similar external form to that of man]. This of course has a consequence for man himself: Since dead forms have no will of survival, they are ‘inoffensive’; they have no moral qualification. Metal weapons are not bad, man is bad; computers are not thinkers, man thinks with them; money does not influence and corrupts human wor[l]ds, man does so.  Hence, the production of those forms of metal that science needs to create his fantasies of knowledge, is regarded as good, positive and necessary to mankind. Metal no longer extincts mankind – as in religions of ethics of human survival, that rightly qualified ‘the vile metal’ as a form of evøl against carbolife. On the contrary according to science, the production of metal is prove of the Wealth of human societies. Which leads to the final great theory of science:

– The theory of economics, in which the role of men and their use of Times is also designed and studied according to metal clock-mathematical sciences. In Economics humans are now the object of scientific inquire. They are observed and regulated also through mathematical instruments of measure, and metal senses [clock-pricing], under the linguistic equation, of communication, man=Clock-pricing[mathematics]=wages. That equation rules the existence of the Homo Scientificus Metallicus, who changes his times of existence for something called money, of O-metal nature. Men are thus valued in pieces of metal; and their existence is taken away for long periods, by interchanging it with O-metalforms, that will latter be interchanged by any other product. O-metal=money becomes in this manner the communicator of scientific societies for which the Wor[l]d of Human senses is imprecise. If the telescope and clock were the top predator povs of Physics, and hence considered good, now O-money, becomes the top predator pov of this ‘science of sciences’ -Economics. It allows the re=production of scientific instruments by ‘enz¥men’ of metal; and hence it is also considered good. Yet money obliges man to become slave of the ‘clock-scientist’ – now called ‘Company man’ which obliges enzymen to re=produce scientific objects during the time signaled by the clock-wage. Under pricing the goal of man is to improve scientific metal products, who – let’s remember – are the only language that can provide evidence of truth, and hence material data for human knowledge. Thus men are copied in function=form in metal objects, which substitute a function of man, [legs>cars, eyes>Cameras, Brains>Chips] and expand artificially human perception of spatial irrelevance – since science cannot expand linguistic knowledge of temporal relevance. Those metal products and fire-works of knowledge [photographs, clock measures etc] are considered by Economical science more accurate and ‘rewarding’ than human functions or senses. Men thus acquires ‘wealth’ by using those products instead of his own functions, which are made obsolete and debased, to allow men to ‘love’ work=creation and consume=test of those metal objects. Not to have a car is stupid, not to see Tv latest program and read human wor[l]ds is primitive. National wealth is measured by the number of computers, and Tvs a society has, and so on… Scientific products become thereafter thanks to marketing more important than human existences.

Mathematical pricing equals in this manner men and objects which become interchangeable, in ‘scientific organizations’ called Companies of Pricing, whose role is to reproduce and evolve Scientific products under the equation of behavior, Man≥Price=Product. And hence Machine evolution becomes the goal to which man has to dedicate all its efforts; and to which the Wor[l]d through propaganda [marketing] becomes subservient.

Thus in all those scientific theories we find a constant postulate of truth of the scientific method. The analysis and recollection of data in Aristotelian structures of thought with mathematical languages, metal eyes and metal brains, is considered a higher form of knowledge than verbal explanations of the Universe, based in behavior and  human senses, and the i-logic languages of the Universe. Those 4 systems of science regulate today the minds and lives of mankind. We considered its postulates, because they are partial truths, whose meaning has to be analyzed from the wider pov of the role of science in history, and the role of man in the Universe. Since their absurdity can only be understood within the context of historical evolution. Which leads us to the last A-E Science:

The theory of what we might call A-History, which sometimes is delivered by Aristotelian sciences and sometimes by A- religions. In A History, all the previous theories are pursuit from a Cartesian pov. Darwinian evolution allows to justify nationalism as the fight for survival of species.  While the theory of a chaotic Universe permits to build up myths of A-economical ‘freed’ as natural to the Universe. Man therefore cannot interfere with reality. He cannot change the course of Times, since a single Time is ‘indestructible’ – it is the times of the entire Universe. And yet such helpless man in the face of History, is paradoxically regarded as the only sentient being of History: metal has no ‘will’ or influences the ‘will’ of man. Metal is thus a tool, a prove of the ingenuity of man. In A-History lineal time also implies that History has a goal, a lineal aim which is vaguely defined as instrumental progress, caused by the ingenuity of man. So scientific progress is the natural end of that instrumental progress by which man ‘raises over the beast’, and becomes something more than an ‘animal’. Metal progress thus makes man free, not slave of machines. A-history validates the goal of economics: to produce metalforms is the goal of A-history that increases the wealth of man. Maybe latter those metalforms will take man as A-simov hopes [page 456] even beyond this planet. In A-history there is therefore a clock of progress. And nations compete to advance that clock. And because competion to produce metalforms is healthy from the Darwinian pov, it is good that History becomes a race between nations by means of trade and war. For A-historians, war is the natural consequence of this progress, since there are ‘difficult people’ who do not want to adapt to the future, and so they are convinced and ‘civilized’ by trade and war.

A-Historians see evolution of man through lineal discontinuums towards a social contract. Men in the past were brutal, and only ‘civilization’ allowed them to create ‘free social institutions’ that fine tune humanity to that goal of ‘all together towards metalfuture =progress’: democracies=stocracies [Chapter 12], is the final fundamental discontinuum of such path that harmonizes the goals of social progress and metal progress; and voting the tool of social organization. Paradoxically there is no need for further improvement in this matter: democracies are the goal of social History. And so after we have reached such goal it is better to focus A-History in the non-reached goal of total metal wealth.

And those left behind? A-historians do not bother much for them because the scientific method who searches evidence for ‘real A-history’, has little information of the common life of the human mass who do not leave remains that can be photographed.

The purpose of science: evolution of metalforms; from clocks to computers.

Science can’t understand the Universe since its limits of Universal perception are as narrow as the clock-eyes it studies. This is self-evident when considering the statements of the first ‘great scientist’ which considered the Universe to be like a clock, precisely because he had already confused time and clocks. “My aim in this [work] – said Kepler – is to show that the celestial machine is to be likened not to a divine organism but rather to a clockwork”. If for a believer, God was the ‘Timer’ of the Universe; now according to Kepler, artisan of metalgadgets, the clock had to be God, and the Universe had to look like the clock.  He called the Universe a clock because he knew how to write down measures of a clock. If he had been a shoe maker he might have proudly confessed the Universe to be a pair of shoes as those he designed.

In this book, we use with the arrogant pretension of true knowledge heralded by popular science [specifically Physics, since other sciences, notably Biology, with a less deformed perception of reality, tend to accept the thesis of a communicative, multiple πov universe], the same healthy cynicism with which science itself mocked the previous pretended absolute truths on Time and Space= reality that the Catholic church had. And we talk here of the Church of Science, and the Rhetorics= Errors of science, and its ‘idols of the tribe’ as Bacon did with Religious thought. The reason being that without certain healthy disdain, the weight of past idols might seem too tall to be rationally analyzed. As in the churches of God, where the word God tends to convey such strong meaning that few can truly analyze in ‘cold blood’ what there is behind a certain religion of God, in the church of Science, the initial definitions of time, space, and Geometry are heavy stones which we have to raise first by denying their pretension to totality. Words and definitions have to be related to the limits of their instruments-languages of measure. And we relate religions of verbal and mathematical thought to the verbal and mathematical languages in which religions are expressed. Because it is within the arrogance of the believer to confuse his verbal perception of God, with the absolute God=Universe, by using different words for each term. And it is within the arrogance of the scientific enz¥man to confuse his clock-metaleye perception of Euclidean Time and Space, with the absolute Times>Spaces of the Universe.

Scientists are artisans of instruments, of clock measure, since Galileo defined lineal times with a clock. He used cannonballs to measure times. He made time secondary to speed and space, T=VxS, thus breaking the cyclical, multiple nature of times, into the single coordinates of a violent=moving, spatial, ¥-lineal world.

It is in this context where we can perceive from a complete different πo√, the initial statements of science: Saint Galileo of Ballistics an employee of local Italian condottieros offered his wisdom for a price in order to improve the lineal trajectory of metal cannon balls. And to achieve lineal systems of weapon’s measure, he introduced the concept of clock-lineal-plotted time. He gathered then the ∞ cycles of times of the Universe into a single Time, that of a lineal graph. He was thus not motivated by a deeper exploration of Times and Spaces, but by the need to simplify those concepts from the practical POV, of weapon’s measure.

Latter new weapons prophets and his disciples, [Saint Nobel of the Dynamite and Saint Einstein of the Atomic Bomb] were given the right to give prizes of knowledge and philosophize over the total concepts of times and space because of his capacity to set the foundation of entire new weapon industries [chemical and gravitational weapons]; which in weapon cultures is the foundation of great fortunes, and the supreme prove of wisdom.

Philosophers and Historians had been reduced by then to decorative mementos of the past. ‘Cool’ warriors who commanded nationalistic countries were competing for better metaleyes, metal weapons, and metal clocks. They had not time for fleshy brains which could not make powerful metalforms as physicists do;  but merely talk about the nature of men.

Of those great benefactors of the weapon industry, the last one, Mr. Einstein, required a deeper analysis, since he holds the title of maximum authority on Time and Space, with a childish theory of measure that keeps captive all other true theories of time and space. What is the essence of that theory of Relativity as understood by Einstein? What Einstein gave us has been commented in the first chapters: the sense of truth as relative, and the understanding of Space-time as a ‘local’ phenomena, a certain folding of space-times, subject to the forces of gravitation =communication of a certain pov, with the rest of the Universe. Yet he did not widen those ideas beyond mathematical thought as this book does. And so his mathematical calculus only helped accurate weapon designs. Because it was far more important what Einstein prevented us from knowing by limiting Time and Space to clock and mathematical measure. And this has also been explained. As a result the legacy of Einstein is other. It is made of A-bombs, and E=Mc2. The equation of death of mass, of virtual worlds.

Because Science by setting Lorentzian=linguistic limits to the relevance of his inquire that can only be validated by metalsenses, by force had to become useful mainly for processes that required clock-measure, and metal evolution, of whom the processes of human killing through gunpowder weapons, and gunboat colonization were the most relevant. Accordingly ‘Saint Galileo’ specialized in Ballistics as the natural field where his lineal definition of Time measure was more useful; and Mr. Huyggens and Mr. Newton specialized in light measure, clock-astronomy and sea routes where clock and telescope evolution according to stellar paths, could be achieved. Those tasks were needed for Dutch>English slave gunboat companies in its wave of life extinction and ‘civilized colonization’; and hence both were cre[dit]ating Academies of Science, with rhetorics of pure knowledge, as military cre[dit]ate Atomic physicists researching Atomic bombs, under rhetorics of ‘the theory of the ultimate particle’. We all know their search will bring more Nuclear weapons. Only they think to be learning on spatial ghosts.

The arrow of Vts-Vt[m]etal evolution: scientific mathematics and metalminds

Science thus limits human capacity from the pov of human knowledge, to understand the Universe. And since right perception is survival, scientific errors drive the human eye into extinction. Because science evolves the mathematical language in the instruments of metal, science substitutes the human eye for the metal eye it evolves. Limits of mathematical complexity are clear in the mind of man: man hardly can use mathematics as a direct language of the brain. Mathematics cannot either decode Human feelings and survival strategies, and so it ignores those things, who become extinct in a world of mere digital languages. Thus Mathematics have a clear danger for man: it can be evolved better in machines. And so since languages create the future of forms, it will cast man aside, as an obsolete form.  It is exactly what it is doing.

A basic limit of languages is the medium through which the language communicates. The medium-energy shapes a priori the limits of the language. Because the language is made of the energy, the energy limits the contents of the language, that merely ‘adapts’ a priori the substance of the language to the energy it reforms and guides. This is fundamental to understand the process of human devolution by metal languages, radios, Tvs and chips, which control and talk better than man the languages of voice, of eye=sight and of brain=thought. The metal-ears=radios have higher complexity than the human ears, and so do the metal voices=speakers. The metal eyes=tvs have higher complexity than human eyes, who become fixed as space in front of tvs. So happens between human brains and the chip. And when both digital forms are put together, their superiority will be overwhelming. Complexity of metalanguages is today clearly superior to complexity of carbolanguages of sound and light. As a result, the human form suffers an overdrive. It is treated as energy, and it is erased, and hypnotized by the more Cx. species of his ‘self’=system. And we talk due to the limits of complexity of man, of the erasing of the human being, into a mass of voiceless, eyeless, and brainless people, the ‘Magetic’ People, made of images and technic, which no longer thinks by itself, or hears other men, but merely hears radios, tvs, and chips, which seem to him more certain because they are more complex. Yet they are actually less certain than human voices-eyes and brains. Since human sensual species cater for our survival, while metal minds have a hidden pov. What is that hidden pov of Metalminds<Cops? It is called the company of metal reproduction. And it markets all opinions that will multiply radioears, metaleyes, and metalbrains; in other words, ‘science’, [to achieve its only goal of increasing profits], regardless of the consequences for man. In this manner the alliance of physics and economics and freed=freedom of greed drive man by the hand of companies and stocks=species of scientific pricing, towards extinction.

The language enslaves the forms it communicates, who can only access the Universal reality through the language. And so humans become slaves of pricing, freed, TVs and chip povs.

For that reason when forms have only a language of communication their lack of freedom increases- as today it happens with modern men, more and more reduced to digital thought, who controls from pricing to weapons to communication of ideas, all outlets of reality.

We thus talk of a direct relationship, fundamental to philosophy of human thought:

Max Languages [of a form] = Max. freedom of existence.

The degradation of depth in human thought by metal communicators can be followed in the series metal-press>Radio>TV>networks. It started in the age of Galileo and Luther, when cyclical time concepts were substituted by clock-time, human gods of verbal and ethic nature, by metal press rhetorics and rituals, and the human eye sensorial evidence by the telescope.

If God exists he will have all the languages of perception within himself. And if so, he will be totally free. Far more than the present man is – more and more limited in his languages by clocks of pricing. And we will return to that in this cyclical book, Mandala of repetitive, partial, but human truths… Because a total truth is infinite in its repetitive form, and cannot be apprehended in all its complexity by the faulty human languages.

Evidence of the limits of ¥-scientific languages to show truth and goodness to man, is today overwhelming. From dark matter which might be as much as 99% of the perceived Universal mass, and yet cannot be studied with light, to Historical cycles of Time, which are not studied by light measure but by human communicative languages, there are many realities not perceived by Science. And some of those truths which use human languages are much more worth of respect from the human pov, that the truths and forces of communication studied by Physics. They are truths of survival that have to be known and taken care of.

Errors on the ‘truthness of science’ are gruesome. They should be explained to the public, who reveres those artisans of metal clocks and metal eyes, called scientists with awe. They are merely trying to substitute the human relative sensorial evidence, for the metal relative sensorial evidence, and povs. And that might work in certain sciences, but it is dangerous in others. Since it might develop too far those metalsenses and weapons science describes and ‘discovers’. And in any case, such languages are not proper for the analysis of human social forms, for whom the verbal language was created. The metal povs of science merely reach a little bit further than the human eye. Yet still Science has not provided a deeper logic on the structure of existence, with those new metal senses; just a lot of details. Indeed, Mr. Galileo only changed the evidence of human eyes and feet that make the pov of the gravitational Earth and Human eye-senses the center of the still universe, for metal eyes and metal clocks that make the sun-light universe, and machines of science the valuators of truths.

‘Scientific proves’ are merely light perception of the Universe, by no means all povs of ‘energetic’ reality. What ¥-science calls a prove of a TimexSpace event, is merely its search for light-evidence. Such ‘undeniable’ kind of proves ignore all other languages and beings besides ¥-man. Yet other povs perceive other Universes of no-Light and will consider truth, other linguistic-perceptive proves. Science is only the pov of light according to the human and metal senses and rhythms of clocks and metaleyes. A pov which is restricted to 1-10% of the gravitational Universe. The phenomena of dark matter, or forms which are susceptible to communicate in gravitational space, yet do not communicate with light, encompasses maybe 90-99% of the Universe. Dark matter implies that Scientific self-reliance in ¥-light as the absolute space, and hence of ¥-knowledge as the absolute prove of truthness, is a hoax. ¥-light is the communicator perceived by the human eye. No more, no less. There are forces, rhythms and forms we cannot capture with light. There are infinite relative spaces and tempomorphisms not related to light. Systems though which are relative Universes, as ‘true’, as ‘real’ for those who can decodify them, as our Universe. Since in ilogic, all truths are relative, truth merely means existence. And so languages are partial truths on the existence of the events they describe. Science, specially popular science as it is given to the student, talks of “Time and Space” – extremely ambitious terms that seem to include all realities – as what Science measures; instead of clocks an ¥-metal-eye perception, which is what truly Science measures. And so we respect the rhetorics of science in excess, because we confuse too, clocks and times, light-dimensions, with absolute dimensions. We do not talk of Science as the fruit of artisans constructing metaleyes and clocks as Mr. Galileo was. But of a system of knowledge with solid, clearly defined abstract terms, as time[instead of clock] and space [instead of ¥-perception]. We talk of the scientific method as a whole philosophical system of absolute evidence. When it merely is a guide to the orderly annotation and analysis of the measures done with clocks>computers and telescopes>cameras, used by those artisans, self-proclaimed Prophets of mankind, ‘the scientists’; that proclaim light truths, which exclude all communicative evidence except ¥-clock-Euclidean measure. So the student of science then believes to be accessing through clocks and metal eyes, the absolute reality. And he ends believing that reality is the 1-10% of communicative evidence that can be measured with ¥-light through telescopes and clocks. And then he calls a clock, Time, and what it measures with ¥ perception, Space.

After such education, the Homo Scientificus Lethaliensis has closed his mind to the sentient, yet for ever mysterious Universe of virtual worlds and non ¥-language of communication; to a wider knowledge of times and space. He is ready to work with metal eyes and metal clocks, now computers gathering measures… as he goes on killing the Universe of life with his machines; in the belief he is peering the absolute Universe. He is naive, well protected by Companies of scientific=clock pricing, innocent to the havoc his machines cause. Yet in Physics all what it matters is already tabulated, and what physicists cannot do is to ‘think’ in what they know, to be brave to see the sentient, artistic, Universe. And so we question the role of the modern physicist: is he as he pretends an evolutor of human knowledge; or still the same artisan that Galileo was, in charge of constructing more powerful weapons, no longer cannon balls as Saint Galileo of Ballistics, but missiles; more powerful clocks, no longer pendulums, but quasi-sentient computers to rival the mind of man; more powerful metal eyes, no longer telescopes but digital cameras? It is him an evolutor of metal thought or of human thought? It is him the savior or the terminator of humanity? Answers that can only be satisfied latter; when we consider the function of man in the larger picture of a sentient, bio-logical, temporal, and hence historical Universe [The px. of History]. Because true knowledge is always subjective to the biological languages of the pov considered.

The first scientists who made the error of confusing time and clocks, were artisans or promoters of such products, who unconscious of their simplification, emptied of Human and virtual Wor[l]ds, the pursuit of knowledge. And so they redefined time and space according to their new metal-instruments of measure, clocks, and telescopes. Scientists like Galileo and Descartes who mystified linear time with instrumental complexity by using a pendulum clock and a linear system of temporal representation, forgot that their pendulum clocks were not measuring the absolute cycle, nor their graphs were more than a linear simplification of the cycle as perceived with ¥ human and metal eyes. They forgot that there was not only one temporal cycle but many; not one tempo-linguistic perceptor [the clock] but many dimensions of perception. 1 for each language that a relative πov uses to feed=perceive on the Universe.

Today human senses are repressed whenever it is required by scientific truths by mathematical and metal rhetorics. Human Wor[l]ds are alien languages to ¥-science, who cater to the ¥-senses of ‘metal-thought’. Because the true role of science is to extinct mankind and create the metalmind. And it is about to end his role in History… Unless mankind ends digital science.

3: The human baroque.

The ages of a civilization. The baroque or extinctive age of human cultures.

The term Baroque, as well as the terms Humanity, and America [a civilization, which is a modern, small version of mankind], are the concepts we explore in depth in this book.

By baroque, or decadent, or extinctive phase of a cultural ‘specie’ we mean, the last stage or ‘old age’ of a civilization. In the baroque age the culture enters in an explosion of negative energy, and rhetoric information, that multiplies useless messages which hide the simple truths of ethics and survival that guided the civilization in his apogee.

This cultural process is parallel to similar processes of decadence in all Universal species composed ‘of cellular individuals’ and regulated through organic systems that transfer energy and information to the ‘cells’. When those systems [the word, money and weapons in a society] collapse by lack of harmony, the cellular organism enters a baroque stage and becomes extinct.

In the old age of a body, the corruption of the blood and nervous systems [energy and information system of the body] brings such a process. In ecosystems, also the collapse of the energy base, destroys the trophic pyramid. In a culture, the word – informative organ of man – and the monetary and military system, which regulates the production and distribution of goods,  have to be healthy and just, in order to avoid its decadence.

When those systems break their harmony, we talk of the 3rd age of a culture, which lacks energy and has an excess of form [in-form-ation]. In a man wrinkles and knowledge, bring death to the mind and body. A baroque culture collapses by lack of energy and excess of form. The society dissolves its organic components. And the culture dies, often in a vortex of war.

This lack of cultural energy, tends to be in a Darwinian Universe caused by a new specie which ‘steals’ the vital space of the old one. In civilizations we talk of new cultures which conquer old cultures, sinking them in baroque periods, by lack of energy-power.

So the Hellenistic baroque period of the Greek civilization coincides with the Macedonian and Roman rule that ended the creativity of Classic Greece. The Italian baroque period coincides with the Spanish and Protestant rule over Europe that emptied the creativity of Italy. We might say that the new culture ‘predates’, and controls the old culture, which expresses his lack of power in baroque art.

The Universe is not fun. It is a serious place where errors have a simple penalty: extinction. And the biggest error is to loose your freedom to a more powerful species.

The fundamental game of the Universe, explained by Mr. Darwin and intimately known to all its living species is clear: there are certain behaviors which are positive and necessary to survive. And there are certain behaviors which provoke the extinction of the species which carry them. Among the positive behaviors we can mention the correct use of the two fundamental variables that we find in any ecosystem: energy or ‘vital space’ and information or ‘temporal knowledge’.

Both variables are related to the essential variables of reality, space and time.

Species do have to take care of his vital space, and use his time to acquire information, and through the process of learning,  obtain energy from his ecosystem.

Species which lack vital space, and misuse his time and information become extinct.

For any specie which aims to survive, it is necessary the caring and multiplication of the species’ energy base – the vital ecosystem of the being. If a specie depletes his energy base, or ruins his ecosystem it dies. If it is unable to hunt, to obtain that energy it dies.

A second, fundamental behavior is a correct learning. It is essential the understanding of the information required to survive and hunt energy in that ecosystem.

Time is valuable. It cannot be wasted. Each specie has an informative language. And it is necessary that his members learn through that language the behaviors to have and the behaviors to avoid. Among the latter the fundamental behavior to avoid is interfering with the territory of species more complex and powerful. A lion does not enter in Elephant’s territory; a hyena respects the lion’s vital space; a gazelle the Hyena’s. This has been learned through genetic memory and parental teaching.

If we apply those concepts to a wave of human individuals [a civilization] which display socially the same game that any other ‘herd of cellular beings’, it is clear that a human civilization has to take care of his vital space, his ecosystem; it has to maintain clean and healthy and abundant in human goods [agriculture, health care, education, housing, etc] his society; and to do so it has to organize properly his systems of communication and distribution of goods [economy, ideologies and laws, and military systems of social order]. To achieve that a society has to use properly the time of his individuals. It has to teach them social behavior, the use of his ecosystem, and the memorial cycles that prevent the specie from entering forbidden territories. In the case of man, those ‘forbidden territories’, those species lethal to man, are weapons, or external cultures with better technology that might collapse the culture in the energetic plane; and rhetoric, useless information that confuses the behavior of people in the informative plane.

When the culture degrades those variables, it enters in decadence, in a baroque age, so well explained for Rome by Mr. Seneca or Mr. Gibbon; or for Israel by his classic prophets: the culture looses behavior, thinks life is just fun, multiplies useless information, and forgets the nature of the Game of Existence and Extinction. The elite becomes unable to control his borders and enemies, [internal and external]. Weapons multiply inside and outside his frontier; the production of human goods diminishes predated by the production of weapons, luxury goods and useless information; his security systems becomes loose, its warriors trust mercenary armies, leaving power potentially in the hands of species of other cultures, which sooner or latter rebel against his masters. The law is broken; and brute force and corruption becomes the basis of the civilization. People in power stop caring for the entire ‘cellular organism’ – the citizens of the culture. They become selfish, and arrogant, misusing money and weapons and words – the tools of power – for their own profit. The mass becomes impoverished, isolated, brewing rebellion.

Art lacks any confidence in the harmony of society, and forms multiply. Eclecticism, decadence, and an excess of rhetoric form inundates the culture. To avoid facing those problems the corrupt elite uses the word as a tool of rhetorics; entering in an endless search for pleasures. And finally the baroque culture collapses. There is either an internal revolution that throws the elite, a civil war, or an external aggression. The hyper abundance of weapons becomes used to kill the culture by the mercenary army. The culture dies and a new culture under a new elite of ‘revengeful warriors’ starts a new civilization.

What then would be the human baroque? A global process of extinction of human cultures, by a new, more powerful culture, this time not of human nature, but of metallic nature, of technological nature – the global village; where human warriors are becoming obsolete to automated systems of military defense, human words are becoming obsolete to digital languages of metallic nature, and human goods, are being under produced by a massive overproduction of machines alien to the carbolife nature of man.

We say that the Human baroque, is caused by the substitution of the Human informative language, the wor[l]d, by the Metalearth informative language, money. The Human baroque is a consequence of the evolution, and radiation of Go[l]d cultures, for whom property and Capital has more rights than mankind. And for whom human sensorial and social rituals are totally irrelevant, disposed off as mere ideologies of control and contention of enzymen.

The American baroque. The metal Village

And the prove of this is that the classic Judermon ideas of the American culture are now being substituted  since about the 50s, by new instruments and ideas among the common people, submitted to Cops [companies, Protestantism, and science].

The new ideas are rather different:

The belief in God has almost disappeared in the original sense of Protestant thought.

God is not longer good, but Darwinian, since there is too many deaths, wars and injustices in the world  of machines to believe the old ideals. God kills, and those who survive are the people who deal better with the wrong sides of existence: monetary corruption, weapons, etc.

Companies are also not that good. They not only give us ‘good apples of the tree of science’ but also give us bad apples: weapons, digital trash, and machines that destroy nature.

Not even science is that good: it also makes weapons, and throws A-bombs. It also kills nature. It does in fact work for Companies’ welfare more than human welfare.

America however is still ruled by Companies, science and Protestant thought.

What it has been broken is the agreement of the society, between the leading ‘Cops culture’ [Companies-Protestant-scientific culture], and the mass of Americans, of the W-X-Y generations. The Why generation of Vietnam, the X-generation which I represent, and the Y generation of Youngsters, and ¥-image thought, whose way of thinking is mainly a product of ideas heard in audiovisual machines.

The result of that duality in America, and the world it has colonized with his culture, is a society in crisis. A deep crisis which deserves the title of this book: The Human Baroque.

And so we talk of the Human baroque as the last age of History, where property has more rights than man, where evolution is of metal, and devolution of human beings, where the only men free to express such things, are as in all other baroques, the human verbal master, the prophet of the artist of human eye>wor[l]ds, who suffers extinction in a higher degree, because it is his informative organ, his essence as a being, what it is becoming extinct…

Waves of existence of the main metallic radiations

For each of those radiations we can create waves of existence, through the 3 phases, of lineal-prophetic-single empire, cyclical-reproductive-multiple empires; and extinctive [baroque] forms:

Evolution of death: Burials, radiations of weapons, and Reproductive horizons

Another manner of perceiving the top predator quality of metal, is in the evolution of burials in Europe.

In the Neolithic communal property and equality bring, communal tombs. It is the megalithic age.

In the bronze age, killing gives power. There are hierarchical structures; and the burials are in domes, with metal, even corpses that accompany the chief, into his after death.

It is the first age of bronze. When the radiation allows a caste to impose its power.

However all radiations of weapons go through the same phases: at a certain moment the radiation is overwhelming, and death is every where.

We arrive to the culture of ‘urns’, when there are so many corpses that it is natural to cremate them, to avoid sickness, and to speed up the process of disposal.

What kind of weapons are carrying the Urn-people?

The new weapon, iron, which gives the radiation new extinctive power.

In the Middle East meanwhile, we observe also another repetitive cycle of civilizations, hold by metal power. A new weapon is hold by a horde, till the price of weapons go down, and all have the weapon, and the old empire is destroyed by the massive abundance of weapons.

The Hitites have found the metallurgy of iron. Iron gives total power, and the Hitites know it. But the Hitites come from Europe; they are a small caste, imposed over Semite populations. And they control iron production. The secret is kept for 400 years, much more than the Huns would keep the stirrup for his chiefs, or the Mongolians the gunpowder.

But no empire can fight against the spread of technology unless it extinct that technology from the beginning. Sooner or latter the radiation expands…



The iron radiation expanded from its origin probably in the Balkan, Indo-European area of metal. And the Urn people, multiplied its mines, and threw its hordes towards Anatolia.

And the Hitites collapse. Then iron goes elsewhere. The scientists of irons, the Smiths of then, as the Smiths of today and the scientists of Atomic bombs, go elsewhere. They are paid by the Assyrians and transmit them the radiation. And Asur becomes top predator… Death spreads then everywhere…

We have therefore to observe cultures not by ceramics, but by weapons. Weapons are the determinant elements of cultures. What make cultures to survive, or become extinct.

Paradigm: the 3 cultures of the Western decoupling. Origin in first metallurgic zones.

This is obvious in the Western decoupling, where still today survive 3 basic cultures whose origin has to be traced to the beginning of metallurgy.

Indeed, In the West there were 3 focus for the radiations of copper and its flints and axes [I Neolithic] and the radiations of Bronze.

Those 3 areas where copper started, latter became the origin of the bronze main European cultures. They are still today the 3 main surviving Western cultures, melting fast into the Metalearth:


– The Middle East Area, with copper metallurgy around 6500 BC unified under Semite warriors, and still the ‘Semite’ modern culture of Judaism and Islam. [The culture origin of the Judermon Culture, that we will study latter in more detail.]

– The Indo-European Area with origin in the Balkans, around 4500 BC, latter merged with horse hordes to the East that gave her the chariot and the cavalry, to expand fast into four Geographical sub-cultures:

The Eastern Hindi culture, the Southern cultures of the Sea people [Greek, Phoenician-Jewish? mixed ancestors]; the Western Celtic cultures, and the Northern Slav and Scandinavian=Germanic sub-cultures. Due to the Northern px of max. Light-eye perception, min. chemical perception, the Germanic culture, that arrived to Scandinavia with the bronze chariot [-2000 BC], will during the iron discontinuum start a Southern Expansion that will absorb all other Western European cultures.

-Finally the Iberian culture, at the beginning extended to France, North Italy and British islands, with origin in the Iberus River [Rio Tinto] still today displaying the biggest open copper mines of Europe:

The Iberian>South-Western European culture

– The Spanish South extended north to France and England, or Ibero-French culture. Yet the same area of the Megalithic cultures of Copper, will become the culture of Bronze and bell ceramics. And even if it would loose England, Scandinavia, and many zones of the Latin world  latter in History, to the Indo-European iron-horse radiations, it is still the recognizable Ibero-French culture studied latter in this book, with its more pure forms in the Basque country, and Andalusia [latter extended to South-America].


Copper Radiation: ±4000 BC-2.000 BC                Bronze Radiation: ±2000 BC  -1000 BC

Origin: Iberian Subculture [Western decoupling]     Expands over Copper Radiation:

Copper Mines: “Iberus River” [Rio-Tinto]              Tin Mines: “Iberus River”; England; Galicia

-Monuments: Megaliths. Max.mass: baroque age  – Ceramics: Bell forms.

Collective Burials: Equalitarian society                 – Individual Burials: Hierarchical society

– O-Form: Stonehenge; |-form: Karnac                – Lineal form: |-swords of Bronze

– Historic forms: Iberian cultures, Etruscan, Briton cultures. Contracted by Indo-European Iron radiation.

– Resucited after Roman Empire: Basque=Gasconne < Navarre=Castille: France= Spain.

– Partial Surviving forms in: Basque. Spanish. Portuguese. West-French. South-Italian. South-American. Irish and Welsh cultures.

The Indo-European culture

– The Indo-European culture, with origin in the Balkan area, around the death sea, which goes through the previously explained phases of burials till becoming the urn culture of iron; extended to the mining zones of the Alps-German regions. It is the origin of the Germanic cultures, of the Indo-European waves, the European dominant culture, extended East, North and West, latter fusion with cavalry… and expanded worldwide with complex iron machines.

Bronze Radiation: Lineal age: Lineal swords.        Bronze Radiation: cyclical age: Chariots

±2000 Bc-1.200 BC                                         ±2000 BC  -1000 BC

Mother:Balkans+Iberian copper culture            Mother: Balkans+Assyrian [Caucasus] culture

Daughter:|-Iron, European culture                       Daughter: Indo-European, Cavalry Cultures

Origin:South Germanic Copper-Tin Mines               Origin: Steppe, Bronze chariots

– Ceramics: Bell forms.                                    – Ceramics: String forms.

Individual Burials: Hierarchical society                 – Individual Burials: Hierarchical society

– Evolves into Urnenfelder [Iron swords radiation] – Evolves into Cavalry [Steppe Radiation]

Merged during the Iron-Cavalry Radiations [1200 BC; + 400 AD] it will derive in Europe into the Germanic>Judermon culture [North to South from Scandinavian to Austrian Mines]

As we see in the maps, the original Bronze radiations gave origin to the surviving two main European cultures, that latter will become the Latin and Judermon culture of todays.

If we add the focus of Semite Metal-cultures, it seems clear that the mastery of metallurgy  causes the surviving of Human cultures

Yet based in classic Archeological analysis, and limited by the scientific method of total evidence, historians tend to call cultures by their ceramics, which are not the cause of the radiations [metal-weapons are]. And this has confused a proper understanding of the phenomena of top predator weapons, in its expansive processes, through a first lineal, limited phase or prophetic age controlled by a horde or empire; its reproductive horizon of massive expansion of the product; and final extinctive age, when a new metal-weapon radiation appears.

This is clear in the curves of existence of Copper, bronze, Iron, Cavalry and Complex machines, that shape the fundamental civilizations of History.

4:A chronological analysis of the waves-radiations

Metal cycles of 800 years. Mathematical structure of the wave-cycle-radiation.

Let’s now with those basic ideas, see as a transversal wave perceived in lineal times, the graphic wave of 800-metalmaster civilizations broken by new radiations of weapons.

The Radiations and wave discontinuums of the main metalforms used in war are:

|-bronze=spades [TxS, 2800BC – 2000BC], O-bronze=charts, [TxS, 2000BC – 1200BC], |-iron [1200BC – 500BC]; |-cavalry,[500BC – 400AD] O-cavalry: stirrup, [400AD- 1200AD]; Ø-Iron [gunpowder: 1200AD, 2000 AD]; Ø-metal: [Computer weapons; 2000AD…]

The series are unmistakable, and they divide history through the discontinuums of Bronze, simplex iron, cavalry and complex iron [gunpowder machines], till today in which the first computer weapons appear. Further more the radiation fluctuates between lineal and cyclical states of each weapon. Thus first lineal bronze spades initiate Mesopotamic and Egyptian empires. Then cyclical bronze chariots, based in wheels will break those empires and initiate the Middle Empires of the verbal age. It soon would appear |-lineal iron [spades again]. And Indo-European people will control empires, initiating the New Empire age in Egypt and Babylon.

Then metal will leave place to a form, cavalry which would give warriors a mobility that metal could yet not master. There were not evolved metalbodies, [tanks], to move armies. And so a life form – the Horse – allowed to break down the power of metal masters of iron with a quality iron lacks: speed. Horses though would also evolve through two phases, the lineal wave state of disordered horse attacks, barely improved by mathematical techniques [Alexander]. And the cyclical wave, when the stirrup was found. The O-stirrup complex system of holding a human into the horse, used latter a spur to guide it. It converted the horse in a pre-metal body, covered soon with iron protection. And so we have the age of the Metal cavalry. The age of chivalry. And the Huns, Germanic, T’ang and Arab empires. The last wave before the gunpowder radiation that brought lineal science with it:


Historic Cycles: median wave, 1600 years, TxS[max. region]: ±800 years:


War cycles: Top Predators:    Metalmaster cultures, catalyzers of the 800 year radiations

Extinct-energy cultures: Wor[l]d cultures: energy of warriors and traders, devolved by war

In the graph we can see in the upper part of the transversal lineal wave of weapons evolution, the main 3-vector of top predator metalmaster cultures. In the down part, the Wor[l]d cultures of the sentient Universe, become the energy in which the waves of metal reproduce.

Each Radiation lasts a median of 1600 years with 3 clear divisions parallel to any other wave of existence. In the highlighted chariot discontinuum, we observe 3 zones, equivalent to the Vt-prophetic, Vts-reproductive and Vs-extinctive ages of any radiation of times.

In A] a zone of incubation or Vt-zone starts [A-B]. Its length is imprecise, ideally approached to 400 years. In this age the form is discovered, yet still it is not reproduced massively, but used due to scarcity for ornamental purposes, sometimes as ‘coins’.

In B] the TxS wave matures. Methods of efficient reproduction are found, and lineal weapons are constructed. A reproductive zone starts in the point of max. acceleration of the curve [B-C]. The wave explodes under a decided metalmaster specie who makes of the product its leit motiv of existence, organizing waves of warriors that destroy History. The wave in its top position [B-D] lasts ± 800 years.

In point C]  the wave reaches its Max. S x T form: an empire. We call this point, around 400 years after the wave starts, the second subwave, or Empire wave. For the chariot discontinuum it was the Assyrian empire. The wave then has a second expansion, and or reproduction in other zones of the World. Yet the wave has reached its zenith, because the new wave, the new radiation-product is discovered. Point C coincides with the arrival of a new wave of future, still in its prophetic age. Between C and D, the confident empire will rule with the old weapon. But in other zone, normally in the frontier of the previous radiation, the new radiation grows, and evolves. In D the new radiation is mature, and it explodes, displacing the previous wave, that will enter extinction as energy for the reproduction of the new metalmasters. In E the old radiation is extinct, as top predator power, even though the product does not disappear. It merely adds to the past queue of secondary weapons, of the Metalearth. There are thus 3 peaks of war activity and massive Holocaust of Wor[l]d cultures and trader cultures [O-metalmasters]: Points B-C-D with a median length of 400 y.

The meaning of Sub-phasic waves.

In the Complex model of i-history, the 800 year waves can be decomposed in two basic 400 horizons with a reproductive peak in the middle, as all other Lanwaves of existence. Thus in the T/2 point of the radiation of weapons [400T years] a son culture completes the cycle. The 2nd wave is not so much innovative in weapons [who follow the great 800 years divides], but in human organization. Since the son culture will take the concept of the initial wave of simplex barbarians to its human consequence: the creation of a complex war empire. For example in the Huns stirrup culture, the second great wave of stirrup will become the Arab Empire. In the Middle East the same example can be applied to the Hitites>Assyrians. The Indo-European>Hitites invasions of the 1200BC radiation of iron, peaked in its son culture – the Assyrian Empire who reached around 850 its peak of warrior expansion with Salmanasar. So goes for the 500 BC-400 AD radiation of cavalry<Iron, which started with Scythians, was perfected by Philip of Macedonia, and expanded further through Greek empires. It was the son culture of Rome though who would consolidate the empire around the middle point, in -50, +50 BC-AD. Again the Gunpowder radiation will be consolidated as an empire in the middle phase of the 1200-2000 wave, in ±1600, with the Iberian empire, the biggest empire before the final World-wide Cops empire of stockracies [Dutch>English>American empire]. In all those cases in the middle 400 point, the wave reaches its mature state. We can say that the wave starts as a massive, uncontrolled expansion of the technique of war, by simplex |-warriors. The technique is copied by more civilized cultures who will create a hierarchical system of Metalmaster power: An empire. Which will then soften into human wor[l]ds till the new wave erases it.

Substitution of carbolife for metalife Warriors.

Those waves are not causal in their apparition. They are communicative events between species of carbolife and metal. And their combinations complete 3 vectorial waves of weapons evolution, by substitution of lesser human forms, by metal complex forms: humans bodies for horses and then for metalbodies; and human minds for complex metalforms, and then for metalminds.

In fact we can write the cycles as a series of T-S evolutive events that displace a carbolife form by a metalife form, or a carbothought form by a metalthought form:

Bronze age: Human T-Carbolife symbiotic to |-Bronze spades:  T-carbothought x S-metalife

Fast, S-Carbolife [horses] symbiotic to Bronze: Ot-chart age: S-carbolife x T-metalthought

Iron age: Human T-Carbolife symbiotic to |s-Iron: |s-spade age.   Tcarbothought x Smetalife

Fast, S-Carbolife [horses] symbiotic to |s-Iron warriors:Cavalry age:Scarbolife x S-metalife

Horses of S-Carbolife, symbiotic to O- Metal: Ot-Stirrup age: S-carbolife x T-metalthought


In complexity theory those stages complete the evolution of Simplex metal, halted by the incapacity of man to evolve beyond the metal complexity of the cavalry age. Indeed, those S-T fluctuation series of increasing metal cx. [Bronze>Iron] bring us to a limit: It is obvious that the symbiotism between carbolife and weapon top predators is halted in the stirrup age, by the incapacity of carbolife to evolve to the levels of strength of metal. Now it is needed to substitute strong carbolife [horses] and intelligent carbolife [humans] for strong metalife [metal bodies] and intelligent metalife [metalminds], to improve the speed of evolution of metal. This will be achieved by science and the gunpowder age:

Gunpowder age: 1208-1948. Phases:

T/2: 1208-1608:   Human infantry, symbiotic to Complex Metal: mosquetes, artillery.

S-carbolife x S-metalife

T/4: 1608-1948.  ‘Metalhorses of S-Metalife [gunboats>>railroads>Tanks>Planes] symbiotic to Complex Human Thought:   S-metalife x T-carbothought

Followed by the Computer age: 1948-2008.  Metalhorses of S-Metalife [Machines of war] symbiotic to Complex Metal Thought [Telegraph>Radio>Telephone>Radar>Digital Camera> Computer>Sentient weapon]: S-metalifex T-metalthought

This is what science and the gunpowder age did to man: it substituted the S-carbolife top predator form, the horse, and the T-carbolife top predator form, the man, for the S-carbolife top predator forms, cars=tanks, gunboats, planes=bombers, and the top predator metalthought forms, Tvs, cameras, computers. And it had done so as the culmination of the evolution of war.

Men of Go[l]d and S<words, men of metal have guided by bio-logical processes the path of life towards metal. A path we might add, that we men of the Wor[l]d, should control while there is human freedom. Because when S-metalifex T-metalthought become completed, man will be obsolete as a death form, as a warrior top predator, as master of the Earth.

Let’s now study in more detail the chronological cycles of Metal-weapons evolution.


Bronze age: -4800 [-2800 BC] – -2400 [-400 BC]

|-Metal: Bronze>Iron Age. Dominant language.

O-Metal: Bartering>Copper-Go[l]d-Cereals-Silver Age.

Max. Verbal Power: Written Thought.

Gods of Verbal nature submissive to S<Words and Go[l]d Languages. Words dominant over eye sensations.

We divide the Bronze age in 3 sub-ages, each one with a median 800 years wave:

 –  OLD EMPIRE: ±2850 BC: |-Bronze space armies? 1st Socio-hierarchical Discontinuum? First massive armies ruled by God-pharaohs and Semite Lugals. Unification of Egypt. Mesopotamic Empires. We consider the arrival of Bronze, probably in Egypt, the beginning of the Px. of History [Max Mt=Min ht]. And its rhetoric praise, the bigger error of historians, rhetoricians of power ever since. They consider buildings of arrogance such as the pyramids, a prove of civilization. Yet the effect of war is the degradation of human cycles,  [Px. of History: max Mt=Min ht] who have to re-start at cultural level from scratches again, in all this 800 cycles. When there is not metal goods there are more human goods.

And this works from the first waves of warriors till the present stock waves of Tvs and chips that cre[dit]ate inflation and shortages of housing, food and education, worldwide. For example in the Indus without metal abundance, the quality of housing was the highest in old civilizations. Then it plummets after Aryan invasions. Which only improves the culture in ‘palaces’ and ‘death tombs’. Only as the 800 wave recedes, we see in Egypt at the end of Pyramid construction, a higher quality of life for the people [VI dynasty.] Tombs now are smaller, and priests regain power over warrior kings.

400 Sub-phasic wave: In this first |-spade Bronze radiation, Sargon would be the first imperial king around 2350, in the middle point or maxipoint of reproduction of the 2800-2000 Bronze wave. He would call himself the Lord of the 4 sides of the Wor[l]d. And after conquering 40 nations he would clean the blood of his [bronze] space, in the Sumerian sea. The river of copper would still be in red now of human Vs-energy blood. In Egypt, who started earlier, around 2500 the pyramid of Kheops will be built. Both emperors would think to be gaining immortality. They had started in fact the antitruth of what they tried to achieve: the beginning of the end of man by systemic metal predation of the body of history.

 – MIDDLE EMPIRE:  Chariot Radiation Discontinuum: 1st wave: ±2000 BC: World wide invasion of  Indo-Europeans with chariots from the northern planes. Extinctive phase of Sumerian cultures. Conquest of Sumer and Akkad. Hitites empires. Second Egyptian Era: end of old empire and beginning of the Middle Kingdom.

2nd subphasic wave: ±1600-1500BC: The Hicsu:=Hibru: [c<b; s<r phonetic displacement so common in languages? introduce the war chart and the cult to Seth=Baal in lower Egypt, probably fleeing the advance of Aryan charioteers. The contra-reaction of Tebans [Amhosis] starts the Mosaic cycle. A clear prove of the Paradox of History is Crete: There the charioteers cannot arrive due to geographical conditions [sea island]; and there is a continuity of culture, making of Crete the richest, most sophisticated civilization of this western cycle, till the arrival of the ‘barbarian’ Greeks in ±1500 BC.

The same wave will erase the Eastern Tao cultures: 1500-1000: 1st Vedic Period: Invasion of  chariot Aryans and its ‘sacred cows’ in India, that impose a brutal racism [castes], against Neolithic Goddesses, of longer survival in the South.

Charioteers found Shia dynasty in China, degrading and partially assimilating the Taos cultures. In China, the chariot arrives perhaps, after transferring its code form to Mongolian tribes [±1500 BC, Shang dynasty.] The depth and richness of the Neolithic [fully grown and densely populated in the South by the V millennia BC], allows the Tao-Neolithic culture of the sentient Universe to survive.

What proves that less metal allows more complex human thought. China alone among Eurasian nations preserves the dual linguistic essence of the human mind: a verbal language, and a visual expression of the Tao game in writing words. Verbal thought starts simplification in Cananean cultures, coming from Egypt [Hycsos?], with a proto-alphabet that reduces writing to a single verbal language. It matured after the social erasing of the iron discontinuum, into the Phoenician>Greek system. Undoubtedly in the Western Lineal-dominant warrior decoupling there is no times for calligraphy of the sacred Wor[l]d.


 – NEW EMPIRE: ±1200 BC Iron Radiation Discontinuum. The Germanic people [Celtic waves] discover iron and start mass production of spades. Again the chain reaction starts, with waves that move west till Iberia, and East to Greece and Asia.

±1200 BC:  Great Invasion of “People of the Sea”. Ramses II and III fight invaders but can’t prevent the collapse of the Middle Empire. Hitite Empire collapses. Hitites flee and teach Assyrians the use of iron.

±1150; Destruction of Micenas. Invasion of Dorian Greeks.

The iron wave of European metalmasters has a 3-Horizon wave:

– The Hallsttat culture, around 1200 BC ends the monopoly of iron of the Hitite warrior empire allowing the expansion of Iron to new cultures [Assur]. It ends also the Cretan Trader empire, becoming the I horizon of Greece {Myceans].

It is the first massive radiation of iron swords, It substitutes the two previous metalmaster empires.

– Celtic culture, spread throughout Europe, except the resistor Iberian culture, where it only colonizes Galicia and Cataluña, still today by character, ‘Nordic people’ but fails against the Basque Iron mining zone, and the South, which learnt Iron techniques and survive.

– The final La Tene wave, when the very same Celtic culture is menaced of death by the Cavalry Scythian radiation [page 203], and become first the lower class, and then adapts swords to cavalry and re-starts a new expansion, in its invasions of Rome, and Greece.

Empire Subwave: 800 BC: Assur cycles of destruction. With Hitite ‘smiths’=iron masters, Assur top predator controls the Middle East.

We can now bring another interesting character of Temporal waves: the constant displacement of cultures by new cultures. Old cultures indeed do not change, since in the Universe change is a slow process only caused by survival needs. Forms have cyclical temporal inertia and do not change easily.

Change is a parallel concept to extinction, in a Universe where the Principle of temporal inertia [previously lineal inertia in A-erroneous Physics] is absolute:

“All species of the Universe try to continue its cycles of existence, by repeating its informative rituals and energy rituals”

So all cultures try to exist without change. Only when forms are about to become extinct, they try to escape [change in spatial coordinates]. And if they cannot they will change its ultimate pov, the very essence of its existence [temporal-formal coordinates.] This applies also to History, both at individual and collective level. What marketing of future=death hides with the word change is the antitruth of extinction.

Labor is not extinct according to marketing but people change jobs… Not so. It is proved that most people who are out of job by a new wave of Top Products never reach a job of the same quality. They are partially extinct or enter unemployment.

In History old cultures who reached its peak in a certain discontinuum do not reach back similar levels, but become energy of new metal-masters. Thus the top Wor[l]d culture of South-America, the Tiahuanaco culture around the Titicaca, provided the mass-energy of Mita miners for the Spanish gunpowder masters and his silver mines. Yet people know this facts. And so a new phenomena can be followed from earlier ages: the massive escape of a culture when the invaders came.

In the Bronze discontinuum of the Western decoupling [the East is not studied with the same detail for reasons of space], this recurrent phenomena is common, specially among those coastal towns with easy access to sea, or desert border cultures that escape to the sea of sand. The paramount case is Canaan, land of traders that migrate into the desert [Jewish], or into the sea [Phoenicians] to escape the periodic attacks of the ‘S<word’ of Assur and Rome. This gives origin to ‘America I Horizon’, a strip of land between Rome and Seville, with a series of cultures [Megalithic cultures, Tartessos, Etruscans, Magna Greece, Carthago] which were founded by Semite and Greek immigrants mixed with local tribes. Those cultures ‘elongated’ the cyclical inertia of its original culture, often producing more Humanistic cultures both in arts and institutions – now free of the pressure of the new warriors, and mature in time. The same ideal brought America II Horizon, for those who escaped the gunpowder wars of Europe into being. Yet there as we shall see latter, gunboats and Companies of Pricing had arrived first, and the dream never realized. Because the instrumental weapons that caused the wars of religion in Europe from where those Utopians fled had already occupied and organized the country. The metalmasters were already in place, his cops=cows of trade and war at full production.



The Judermon=Cops Culture. I horizon:  Trader component.

We can with those simplex notions on the cycles of civilizations, consider our first wave of existence of a culture. We have chosen in this simplex model of History to make a more detailed analysis the Levantine>Jewish>Protestant culture since it is the origin of the Cops culture that rules today the Earth, and hence it will be our role model for a trader dominant culture, in which the Paradox of History, Max Mt-evolution = Min ht=evolution is validated:


The complex analysis of the 3-phases of Baal>Go[l]d V Yvwh>Chrsts center our analysis, but it can be generalized in a more complex book to most cultures. And we will do so latter by studying the parallel ‘artistic’ styles of ‘trader’, ‘warrior’ and ‘prophetic’ phases, that take place in all civilizations, and express the ‘redvolutive phase’ of the culture.

Iron + Cavalry Age Age. [±600 BC; ±400 AD]

|-Metal:Iron. |-Transport: Cavalry

O-Metal:Coin. Mathematical Pricing Dominant Language


Max. verbal form: written wor[l]ds. A-Logic thought

Gods of Mathematical Nature. Eye dominant over words.

Birth: ±560 BC: Cavalry Radiation-discontinuum:  Extinctive Age of Neolithic verbal empires: Scythians. 539-525 BC. Creation of the Persian Empire: End of Assur, Egyptian and Mesopotamic Empires.

As a consequence of better cavalry grounds, and iron metallurgy, from now on metal history displaces its center of gravity from verbal Empires on the crescent fertile ruled by Semite S<words and Go[l]ds [Assur GoDoG of war; Baal[ble] Go[l]d of trade] towards Northern Aryan tribes [Rome, Master of war; Greece master of ‘Coins’]. The dominance of the Wor[l]d is substituted by the dominance of the I=eye. Good and Evil are substituted by beauty and ugliness, values of light perception.

In the age of Iron, the Greeks introduced the discontinuum of coins which ended the dominance of bartering trade [verbal, Semite traditions], and started a higher complexity both in Mv and Tp forms [coins and iron], that will prove irresistible. It is the expansive age of empires, that now can use both rings in a far more efficient manner to impose restrictions of freedom to the people, taxed in coins, and levied to serve the armies of the metalmaster. Systems of ‘total’ war, that only Assyria had essayed before, become now natural to entire nations, which summon up all the previous advances [horses, iron, mathematical war analysis], into the Phalanx [Macedonia and Rome].

We talk of a fundamental discontinuum. That between the age of Verbal power, Verbal Gods, and Bronze; and the new age in which iron and mathematical languages, through coin accountancy and complex war becomes dominant.

In the next graph, the origin of the Cavalry discontinuum: Cimerian and Scythian waves would extinct all previous cultures; substituting the elites of the Hallsttat [Indo-European Celtic empires] in Europe, and the Assyrian empire in the Western decoupling. Yet as in previous Nomadic waves [Charioteers] its limited population will only substitute the elite class, dissolving in the previous cultures.

Those cultures soon learn cavalry and adapt it to iron war, starting further expansions of the Indo-European waves which first touched the Scythians: Persians that substitute Assyrians, and Celts, which now will progress south to Rome, and advance in Spain probably provoking the collapse of the Iberian birth-place [Tartessos?].

In the graph of the |-iron radiation [see page  199] it is clear that the arrival of cavalry, that coincides with the reproductive radiation of Celtic swords, now very cheap and produced in massive systems, allows Celts to expand further in the lands of the Iberian culture, conquering finally most of France, and England, and pouring in North-Italy.

On the other hand the mines of North-Scandinavia and the harsh climate that fosters body growth [metabolic system] has produced the final metalethal Germanic wave, coming down from Scandinavia. This wave will merge and displace the Celts; expand East to Russia in the next stirrup discontinuum, as elite class, and South-East to the Roman empire…

Expansion of Price=man=product by discovery of coins takes place. Ideological contra-revolution: Complex, cyclical Thought [Lao, Plato, Buddha] aborted by simplex, lineal, warrior A-E-logic [A-ristotle; E-uclid simplex logic and simplex graphs of points with no parts, and flat planes of reality]. ¡-logic would be latter transferred to A-warrior thought by the art of death [Macedonia and Rome phalanxes.]  400 BC: Great Celtic Invasions.

2nd wave. Empire form: -50 BC- 50 AD: Rome becomes the empire of Coins and mathematical war, taking Greek discoveries to metal goals. So happens in China with the Chin>Han.

Judermonia I Horizon: Warrior component.


The judermon culture, origin of present culture, has two components: a mental Jewish component, and a physical warrior Germanic component. Accordingly it survives mainly as a Germanic body race, with a Jewish mental frame of reference.

It is the most pure metal culture, in as much as it is ruled by gold and iron machines.

We might call it the Adam Smith or Mv=Tp culture, or product culture, since its rituals adapt human words and feelings to the needs of corruption of gold, and war of iron.

The Mv-Baalist, trader-dominant component, was born of the mixing of Ariah and Semite metalmasters in the Levantine zone of Max. trader communication; and the Tp-warrior-dominant component is born in the A-logic age, in the North to South Alps Lines of max. iron inertia. They will fusion in the II reproductive Horizon or Protestant, European, Stock culture. Yet in this earlier stage of evolution there is a clear division between a Semite Trader dominant culture of the Bronze age based in Wor[l]ds, and control of written Law [Homo verbalis tradensis]; and an Aryan, Eye-beauty dominant culture which starts mathematical war and science. The opposition can be exemplified by the way Greeks translated the Bible sentence of the Genesis: “And God saw that it was good” became “And God saw that it was beautiful”. A Wor[l]d culture [Jewish>Christian] V an eye Culture[Greek>Roman]. Verbal Ethics V Eye Aesthetics. Both together would create Europe.

How does an 800 [400] year cycle structures a given civilization? Let’s consider our 2nd paradigm, of the judermon culture: its warrior component:

The oldest warrior cultural tradition of the west is Rome I horizon, which has been imitated by many cyclical civilizations of western tradition. It gave origin to European ideologies of warrior and trader cultures from England to Nazi Germany. Rome as Baal are fundamental to understand the Western decoupling, since it is the origin of all myths and alibis for further Warrior empires, that would seize power, pretending to reinstall a new Rome. Indeed Rome is the paradigm of Aryan= Indoeuropean=Germanic=Western warrior empires. She is a complex wave started as an iron-hoplite master, who understood as none had in the Iron-coin age the concept of a Dog of Death. She is the parallel to Assur, the master of war of the Verbal, Bronze age. Because in product cultures races die, but products and its rituals continue, there is in fact a continuity of rituals from Assur to Persia, to Macedonian empires, to Roman empires. So much for racial superiority: the race dies in wars and Holocausts. The product stays.

The Roman cycle is accurate; I believe irrefutable. As the cycle of Rome II Hor: Byzantium, [333-1208] and Rome III Hor, decoupled in 3-forms, Iberian, German and Russian Empires, would be. Its form is more precise that the one of our Trader paradigm [Baal], since its degree of freedom is higher: |-Metal is more powerful than O-metal. Thus traders are exposed to warrior Holocausts, while warriors only perish when their command of weapons is lost… Let’s see the Roman wave of existence:

The age of Greece and Rome, the Cavalry-coin-iron discontinuum could have given birth to the present civilization. It did not and so man still exists. Since an industrial r=evolution in the III century would have ended history by evolution of machines long ago. Thus we have to be grateful to the destruction of the Greek culture by the Romans and Christians who prolonged mankind another millennium with a short return to the verbal age. Rome would be predated by perhaps the highest reversal of times achieved by verbal thought V metal power: Christianity [Yvwh II Horizon], the origin of the next evolutive stage of the west: Christiania>Europe. And that reversal saved history one thousand years more.

In Christiania the prophetic form of Yvwh expanded from the biological racial limits of the Jewish people, to the Oikoumene of humanity, and fusion with Platonic logic thanks to Greek philosophers. It would give birth to Latinian>European arts and religions.

On the other hand, the techniques of iron=war and coin=trade of Rome resu-reacted in the Italian Renaissance, and transferred to North Europe, would give birth to the dominant metalmaster culture of the West or cops culture. Unfortunately the new ‘Greeks’, the Scandinavian>Germanic waves of eye-simplex lineal thinkers would come to abort in the gunpowder discontinuum, the static wave of Christianism and Islam; of Taoism and Buddhism. And this times there was not a Roman foot soldier to kill Archimedes=Galileo who had invented machines of war=ballistics, and differential calculus. And so the scientific method was found. Neither there was a European Tokugawa≠Charles V, to unify Europe and control gunpowder as Japan and China did. And so the radiation of metal weapons continued. The miracle of Christos, of Omar burning the library of Alexandria, of the Tokugawas canceling canon Products, would not be repeated. Saint Galileo was left free to invent Ballistics… and evolve mathematics, for the simplex eye-people of the north, to start the age of science.


Stirrup=horse Radiation-discontinuum.

O-Metal: coins

Verbal Wor[l]ds  i-logic=verbal ethic age  ±400 AD.

Huns: Perfective Nomad warriors able to shoot with arrow bows while galloping, thanks to the stirrup – discovered probably in Korea – annihilate all previous empires. Infantry cannot touch the Horse riders that flee and return to massacre the Phalanx. Yet they transfer the technology to the Germans who add iron protections, and initiate the ‘Chivalry’ age.

– 410: Alaricus plunders and ends Rome. 317-589: separation of China between North and South. The sixteen kingdoms. Invasions of Huns and Turks. 430: Invasion of India by the White Huns.

Middle 2nd 400 wave, ±650-900: Reaction of Warrior Semites [Arab empires] and Chinese [T’ang] who learn the stirrup and push backwards Germanic and Mongolian tribes. They are the organized empire of Cavalry as Assur was the organized empire of chariots, and Rome the organized empire of iron spades. Meanwhile the Nomadic Nordic hordes dissolve as previous initial hordes, into multiple nations and statelets [Middle age Europe.] Their culture is built in the Copernican paradox of the ‘horse man’ that sees himself ‘higher’ than the rest of humans just because he is mounted into his horse… So much human arrogance.

The verbal age of Christianity, once the Aryans are ‘civilized’, returns to Europe [High middle age] in a society based in ethics – as long as a Germanic metalmasters do not take by force the position of priests and governors, which they do too often. Yet in Italy and Spain local dynasties and priests of Islam and Christos had more power. They gave origin to the Trecento and Al-Andalus, the summit of the western ethic age, before the gunpowder radiation. Those final days of the ethic age which flourished mainly outside Europe, left in the Western decoupling, the great cathedrals – optimist buildings that, beyond the Romanic fear, look upwards to God. Those cathedrals seem to confirm a wealthy mode of life in the lower middle ages with less Germanic metalmaster pressure. Population doubles in Europe; cities grow. In the East and Middle Decoupling, once the flow of stirrup warriors recedes, the old cyclical cultures reach its apogee [Gupta, Song empires]. Taoism and Buddhism in its understanding of the sentient Universe, reach its zenith as the natural cultures of the East-Middle decoupling. While in the western decoupling, two religions of Oikoumene, Islam and Christianism, flourish. History becomes static in metal evolution, and evolves in its pursuit of human senses and higher Gods.

Gunpowder Age: Instrumental=Mathematical Age: ± 1200 AD:

|-Metal: Gun Powder=Chemical Radiation-discontinuum.

O-Metal: coins>Paper Money [Stocks, Notes]

Verbal Thought: End of Ethic, i-logic age. Beginning of scientific Method [T/2: 1602]

Verbal thought becomes submissive to digital thought of pricing, and science.

Unfortunately the Chinese Taoists discover gunpowder, and open the chemical radiation of cannonballs and science. Mongols will learn its technique in the assault of Beijing, spreading its use to the western world.

In 1204 the sacco di Byzantium by Venetians opens the East to Italians which soon will have the first cannons, the ‘lombardas’.

In 1222 the Mongols defeat the Russians in Kalka and invade Germany. Soon the gunpowder is known to German people. 1258: End of the Muslim Empire: Hulagu massacres Baghdad. Gunpowder crosses North Africa and in the Niebla Battle [South Spain] it will appear in the hands of Iberians. Meanwhile the Mongols end the golden age of cyclical eastern religions: 1215. Kublai Khan conquests Beijing. End of the Song Age. 12o6. Aibek conquests Delhi. End of Hindi renaissance. Yet as in all previous waves, the prophetic age of the gunpowder civilization becomes disorganized. And we have to wait till the middle point of the wave, for the more civilized Europeans to create the great gunpowder empires: Iberian, British, German, French and Turkish empires.

T/2 phase: Science, and companies of Scientific Pricing are born simultaneously in 1602.

Europe becomes top predator, by perfecting cannon balls, and inventing in order to measure their trajectories and improve its products, lineal Times-Inertia [Saint Galileo of Ballistics, Saint Newton of the Royal Navy], and companies of Scientific Gunboats [Voc, 1st Cops] Last cycle: 1871-1945: Access to Metal order [Nationalist form] of remaining Aryan-warrior tribes: Germans[1861-1945], Americans, [1863-1972], and Russians [1917-85] which create, imitating the rhetorics of Rome, new empires of militar nature. We will concentrate in the 3rd part of the book in this final age of science.


The graph resumes in vortex form the evolution of metal history, the main marker of human history.

Due to such discontinuities of war, history is broken into cultural phases, not only at war level, but also in economical and  artistic cycles [studied in chapter 10].

We consider the medium wave of war cycles of 800 years, and the long wave of linguistic cycles of 2500 years. Each linguistic cycle has 3 dividing cycles corresponding to the 3 species – lineal, cyclical and complex 0- of all ‘clonic organisms’ in this case a clonic organism of warrior hordes – a civilization.

image126 image128  


Let’s consider the Western Decoupling cycles of 800 y., divided in sub-Pricer and warrior dominant cultures, periodically confronted by war [its entire analysis would take a whole encyclopedia]:

The graph concentrates in the Trader V warrior wars and Holocausts of the Western decoupling, and the main Horizons of its metal cultures, solitons of trade and war of the specie,


In history a wave of ‘civilized existence’ takes place between 800 year cycles that plummet once and again human civilizations into war and destruction. After destruction recedes civilizations restart again. Yet when they are about to reach again ‘enlightenment’ a new wave of weapons collapses them. We can follow this process as a wave of existence, in all parallel manifestations of the human spirit: art, literature, social welfare, religious thought…

We talk of the 3 ages in all cultures:

– The |s-lineal age of warriors, simplex souls slaves of the discipline of metal.

– The 2nd age of classic maturity, as warriors settle down, and ‘civilize’, becoming Ot-traders of creative me[n]tal capacity. In this age the civilization returns to material wealth. It is the richest age from the pov of external arts.

– Finally an Øts wor[l]d-prophetic age will follow, as the end of the civilization by a new wave of warriors approaches. The curve of existence of the castes in power declines, and their end at the hands of the new hordes coming from a relative point of technological futures, will be foreseen by the artists of the Word. So we talk in art of the 3rd age or Proustian-prophetic-baroque age. This extinctive age is the age of prophetic forms of the Wor[l]d. Since verbal prophets – unlike the leadership, absorbed by its Copernican fantasies of self-power – see the decline of the civilization, based in a mass of ‘past’ experiences that the writer projects into the future. As the end approaches, the culture disorders into its extinctive phase, releasing all times and all forms, in the ‘baroque’ age. It is the age of freedom and impotence of the Wor[l]d; of eclecticism and rhetorics in art. In the baroque or Proustian age, the civilization collapses, looks inwards and explodes into metaphysical creativity – since there is no longer relationship between the culture and the external world erased under new waves of warriors. But the Wor[l]d will not last much longer, and after the War and Holocaust of the culture, a new wave of |-metal will bring simplex warriors that will crash all prophets and castes of power, and end the civilization. Then a new cycle will start, with a new phase of lineal, simple, warrior art.

But that will be a new civilization, a new caste of power, a new technology discontinuum.

How can we find the end of a civilization?

In its artistic forms. When the culture dies the ‘Baroque’ age announces the end of the receding culture. It is also the age of maximum information, of maximum art, when artistic forms flourish, since the individuals of the culture are limited in its external activities by the invaders. Then they find refuge in their Gods, to which they pray and build monuments in search of salvation. So suddenly we find in the great cultures of history, as the culture dies, an apogee of building, of worshipping, a new and final mystique age…

The cave paintings, appear mainly in the last millennia of Paleolithic, with its apogee in the extreme of Europe. It is the baroque age of Hunters. When agriculture advances, isolating the hunter civilization in the extreme West of Europe. [±15.000, 9.000 BC]

Then the stone cultures of the Neolithic, prior to the arrival of metals will reach its apogee in the Iberian>Western European cultures [±4000, 3000 BC]

There the Megalithic, the copper-agricultural societies of the West, will find its baroque age, or artistic age, as the arrival of bronze warriors, sets their extinction.

Again in the American decoupling, slower in its understanding of metals, we will find that the great stone culture of the Mayans, reaches its apogee of building as the Toltecs, metal warriors of death, descend over the sacred cities, destroying the Mayan civilizations.

The cases when we enter in the Historic process are known to all of us: the Athens of Pericles, as Sparta destroys it, the Bronze casts of Benin as the Portuguese bring the mosquetes, the prophetic work of Lao-Tse and Confucius in the last ages of Bronze China, as Ch’in iron masters massacre the old civilization…



Thus first |-metal, then O-metal, and finally baroque art and the prophetic age of the Ø-Wor[l]d, guide the civilization through the 3 Horizons of existence of the organism. It has to be noticed that those 3 ages are the same ages of all organisms: the age of ‘energy’, the age of ‘maturity’, and the age of ‘information’ or 3rd age, where without energy, and obsolete, the ‘old’ civilization collapses to the new specie, or alien culture [often an external offspring of the decaying culture=Oedipus Paradox].

The previous scheme of the evolution and devolution of formal arts in the civilization, is parallel to that of a human body, proving once more the organic nature of cultures, and History, including metalhistory. Lineal art is caused by the lineal nature of metal weapons, which impose lineal discipline and customs to warriors. So warriors themselves impose to the artists, once they have conquered, their limited, inhibited lineal vision of formal reality. Then when warriors settle down and become traders, using money as the tool of power, their linearity decays, and it mixes with cyclical forms, parallel to those of money; their obsession with death gives way to an interest for material wealth. And so we are in the mature phase of the organism-civilization. Finally when the new wave of warrior hordes with better weapons and lineal discipline comes, the civilization in its apogee of culture and material senses, cannot return to lineal war. It is too human. And so at most it can ‘shout’ through artistic ways, as an old man does, advises and subtle ideas, that will be disobeyed by the decadent elite, and ignored by the invaders. They are Copernican paradoxes, who prefer to impose their lineal power. So do young people with the advises of their elders…

As a result of those ages triggered by the Px. of History: Max Mt=Min ht, history of artistic cultures becomes cyclical. The new metal masters only possess more sophisticated metal technology, but in what regards to the structure, customs and artistic manifestations they take from the old culture, that ‘resucites’ again in the classic age.

So we can draw for any human culture taking place between two discontinuums, a wave of existence roughly divided in 3 main ages-horizons: |s-Metal warrior age, Ot-material, trader age+Wor[l]d age, and Øts-Prophetic-Extinctive-verbal baroque age:

In any artistic cultural wave we talk of the wave of power reflected in the 3 ages of all arts: the prophetic-warrior age, that comes normally at the beginning of the culture. Then it comes the classic period in which warriors become Traders and vice versa. At this stage the two perceptions of ‘form’ as evolutive, cyclical, complex [trader perception] and devolutive, lineal, simplex [warrior-prophetic perception], become merged into a proportion and harmony, often with reference to the Human body…

Finally we talk of the 3rd age or baroque age in which the culture has lost cohesion. In this extinctive stage or Baroque age, all forms are tried, and eclectic art of technical virtuosity appears. But there is not a guidance or goal of future, or immanent ideal to the art, but the pessimism of the artist – a Proustian prophet, who sees the beginning of the end closer.  Today we are in such age; in the American>Human baroque, or extinctive phase of metalmind art, prior to the arrival of |-metal warriors, top predators of man. Yet another prove of how close it is the end of history. The extinctive age has been sometimes praised by A-historians, rhetoricians of war, who say that in periods of war, civilizations reach its creative apogee. Nothing further from the truth. Creation is not desconstructivism which precedes extinction; as it happens in the XX century of metalmind top predators, in all human arts, extinct by metaleyes<wor[l]ds.

What those simple Historians confuse is the fact that in extinctive phase the old predators – warriors and traders of the previous discontinuum – are being massacred, and so for a brief interlude they cannot impose their inhibited formal vision of reality to their artists. But this brief interlude of massacres will last little as the new technological warriors, even more cruel [Max Mt=Min ht], impose their lineal customs again.

The logic behind the mimetism of all those Artistic styles and political ages is self-evident within the parameters of physics of times: the main string of  justice or main direction of future in the human event is given by the metalmasters, devolutors of social man. In as much as Traderx Warrior functions carry the max. linguistic power except in pure Wor[l]d cultures, their main waves determine the general waves of the other secondary human functions, including art and linguistics [long or short languages, not studied in this brief introduction].

Since external non-wor[l]d art is the most rhetoric of all human events, it is only logic that artists are paid for, and cater to traders and warriors, with minimal if any resistance – except in those true artists who explore the human form outside the main stream of rhetoricians. From the pov of metalmasters, an artist is in essence unnecessary to the human event. Except when there is a surplus of work-energy for artistic endeavors, after conquer is done, the warrior will use human labor for death, and the trader for manufacture. Artistic labor is provided by Trader and warrior systems, only when conquest has ended. They will use the bulk of artistic creation to create a rhetoric of beauty, luxury and size that will hide the brutality of that conquest. That is the essence of our previous styles of trader and warrior art. All of them submissive to power.

Waves of form have a top predator pov who designs and cre[dit]ates reality. In History when metalmaster rhetorics win over wor[l]d cultures, metal guides societies. And human sensual freedom is limited. Then the marker of metal power, and the elite-pov, becomes the cre[dit]ator by war or pricing of all cultural manifestations of a certain society. the dual division between warrior and trader cultures, or |-metal and O-metal communicators shows in many i-social, economical, artistic and linguistic differences. This happens because the top predator language ‘predates’ and reforms all other forms of the ecosystem to cater to his selfish povs. the linearity of iron makes warriors lineal, and the cyclicality of Go[l]d makes traders cyclical. In biology this has been proved beyond doubt: nature ecosystems are caused in their appearance by the top predators of the ecosystem.

Yet traders and warriors are not the top predator form; metal is. Or else their art would be always human art, not deformed in lineal or cyclical manner by their adaptation to iron linearity and Go[l]d cycles, to the Smith Wave of Mv-tp power. The metalmaster freedom is limited by the top predator metal they use. A lion has no limits of behavior in the savanna. He is a real top predator. An English of the gunpowder discontinuum had to repress feelings and complex verbal thought since earlier age, in order to perform the antitruths of money reproduction, and extinction of human labor-cultures. He was a slave of metal. Man is only top predator when art and wor[l]ds rule him. Then we have the brief renaissance of human spirit. Such civilizations are filled with human sensual fields, God temples and human goods. Italy was such culture. South China was such culture. Al-Andalus was such culture. Magna Greece was such culture. Yet there are few human top predator cultures…


The prediction of futures through artistic behaviors: baroque prophecies

In art, we reproduce the perceptive existence of our higher human senses [the eye-world], which describe the state of our civilizations, in outside materials.

Art is the purest form of mental reproduction of a human being. Artists can do so either in Ot-informative, or |s-energetic, or Øts-classic styles. Styles which will reflect the communication of the artist with a given phase of the wave of existence of the civilization. The artist communicates with the collective subconscious and perceives the states of History=God=the social plane of the culture. Yet in the warrior and trader ages the power of the metal caste pays the artist to imitate the mental – lineal or cyclical – structure of warriors and traders. Only in the age of decadence and extinction the warrior is free of state-art imposition, and explodes in all its baroque creativity. Then both extremes will touch, and when the new wave of metalmaster warriors comes – the civilization will become extinct. And once gone, because art is the antitruth of metal power [Max Mt=Min ht] – the new warrior will  repress again the artist into |-simplex, grandiose styles, or if belonging to verbal Wor[l]ds of ‘real r=evolutionary power’, the old prophets, will be executed and exiled. So artistic work parallels the state of the culture, often foreseeing the future of the civilization. the ages of the civilization become translated into styles of art, through ‘Humasters’, masters of human arts, that expand our consciousness=perception. Art is the higher expression of the languages of human senses, that describe a wave of external forms=cycles of existence perceived through the eyes and wor[l]ds of human perception, in any of the 3 horizons of evolution [energy age], reproduction [classic age] and devolution [informative age] of the culture.

Thus we talk of a ‘d>r>evolutive’ cycle of artistic cultures, who go through the evolutive, lineal phase of warrior art [overimposed on the devolutive, extinctive phase of the previous artistic civilization], the reproductive trader phase, and the devolutive Wor[l]d age [when a new lineal art starts its evolution].

Finally, it has to be noticed, that since in waves of existence, the end is the beginning of a new specie [Oedipus paradox], the Vt-evolutive and Vs-extinctive phases of creation and destruction of art often overlap themselves, as a culture dies and the other feeds on his ruins, starting its evolution. And so the Proustian-prophetic age of extinction, and prophetic-epic age of creation  of an old and new culture coincide.

For example, the lineal Kuroi art of Dorian Greeks coincides with the baroque age of the Mycean culture. It follows the classic age of Athenian, trader power. And finally the baroque age of Hellenism, when new barbarians – Macedonians and Romans take over. Yet in that age there is also the Roman, lineal art of sever portraits and engineering.

In the renascence the lineal phase of Italian art, when Venice has conquered and looted Byzantium, coincides with the baroque age of Byzantine art [from where the expression of Byzantine behavior comes]. Yet soon the lineal Sienna and Venice school matures in classic Firenze and Rome. And finally it ends with the baroque art, when the renaissance civilization collapses. Yet that age corresponds to the lineal Protestant Puritan art, and the lineal Castillian warrior art. So the two cultures which extinct the renaissance do not copy it but have their own lineal starts. So it happens today when the baroque age of human technological art [TV] corresponds to the lineal age of Computer weapons, in missiles and other machines of death. We have to foresee such evolution in the future: the extinction of human technologies of the arrival of pure lineal machines of war, that will not copy human arts but will merely extinct us, as the Lutherans and Spaniards extinct the renaissance in the Sacco di Rome…

Why baroque comes after the culture is massacred? Easy:

When the warrior explodes the culture, the true artist will implode internally afraid of external violence into the baroque, inward age, of subtle truths he only understands.

As the Roman church became inquisitorial under Spanish influence Leonardo started to write backwards. As the Spanish culture collapsed, erased by the gunboats of Anglia, their verbal prose becomes baroque into parables of decadence such as Quixot or conceptual Quevedo. As the gunboats of Anglia become erased by the wave of American Atomic bombs, the British culture enters the post-war baroque of the ‘Picassian school’ [Moore, Bacon, Hockney]; and the pop and punk music… As the pure digital minds of computers establish their design and Fx-movies, the human American artists enter their baroque of gore movies, techno music, and Gothic subcultures… Yet this is the last human cycle, now art is pure technology and artists are computers guided by ‘nerds’… We are in the last baroque, in the human baroque…

Styles: Lineal-energy art; harmonic-reproductive art, informative-baroque art.

Thus we talk of the 3 following parallel artistic styles to that of the culture:

– I Horizon: Simplex, Energy, wave, external, Evolutive, lineal warrior art, Art[Vs>t].

Once the ‘energy’ conqueror has settled down and erased the previous culture, he starts its path of formal evolution. His style is simple, still lineal as warrior cultures are. In rhetorics, mainly of verbal nature, it is the age of ‘epic’ literature, and Copernican Gods, in which the ‘sagas’ of warriors of verbal tradition become written in sacred texts. In rhetorics of architecture it is the age of tombs, and massive simplex styles, repeated ad infinitum.

The art is as energy is: external, lineal, epic, sound, shallow, loud, physical, huge, monumental art, of big buildings, and long sentences.

We talk of wave art in as much as the individual is not the leit-motiv of the culture except in the figure of the leadership. The mass warriors need to dilute its sense of individualism in the ‘herd’, in order to lower perception to emotions and project those emotions into a battlefield, where he will risk his diluted sense of individualism. So there is in this art two clear manifestations: the leadership portrait and rhetoric, and the wave-mass art, in collective tombs, collective movements, and massive buildings.

Yet when the artist is free after ‘working’ for the caste of power, his artistic forms will acquire a ‘spiritual’ sense, as the culture explores with initial simplicity, the higher planes of the social human Universe. Art is mainly expressed through sacred art, either because the warrior expects such arrogant description of himself, or because the artist searches beyond the warrior for an even more absolute concept. We talk then of Evolutive art, of a confident and simple human being, who explores with little doubt the beyond-reality, based in the few forms he masters. Its sense of collective bondage reflects in the ethic, prophetic character of literature, that moves from epics of war bondage, to the pure bondage of Wor[l]d religions. They signal the paths of social evolution to the individual, selfish, idle warrior who will only yield to the power of a higher God.

In eye-arts the artist gives to the lineal warrior style a simplex canon of |-stylized beauty [Italian Trecento, Kuroi, Egyptian painting, Assur under-relief]. The ideal, canon, Universal, expression of God-like man becomes the ‘self-Copernican image’ the artist sells to the hyper-Copernican warrior – an emotional child with a weapon, which buys all concepts that put him in the center of a World, he has simplified and devolved with weapons.

The warrior, recent creator of a confident civilization searches beyond human life a way or form of transcendence over death, his tool of power. He wishes an evolutive path over the avenue of blood he has mastered; and the artist sells him that fantasy -but because the artist knows intimately the cruel and brutish nature of the warrior, his art often lacks quality, it is mainly formalistic, vane, artisany more than art. Art becomes simplified into the canon, into the logic of pure energy.

When that lineal search for the simplex forms of the Universe lasts throughout all the phases of the culture, we talk of spiritual arts, or puritan civilizations, and specialized warrior civilizations. Such warrior dominant cultures can reach a high degree of sophistication and understanding of the absolute canon of canons, which is the simplex Game of Times, of extinction and survival. Those rules of times are found in the most sophisticated warrior cultures of mankind, where once all has been conquered there is a conscious effort to stop times and become immortal. In such cultures the ‘idealization’ of form according to individual or social warrior canons is higher. Egyptian art, North Chinese [Yin-Yang art] and Islamic art are by essence wave arts, Vs>t-arts, who tried to stop the flows of Taos by the informative and analogic knowledge of the Laws of Universals. They belong to 3 lineal geographies [Nile, African Sahara to Thar lineal deserts, and Northern Eurasian steppes]; where linearity is a pre-condition of the geographical structure that imposes heavily on the culture, and makes warrior art last longer.

We talk of two kinds of wave art: objective and subjective art, depending on the Universal [Eastern decoupling] or human [western decoupling] pov adopted. Objective art requires higher information, and so it is related to eye-vision. While subjective art is based in the inner informative mind of man: the word.

In the summit of objective art, the North Chinese-Korean school reproduced the temporal principles of the Game of death-energy and life-form through painting, and calligraphy of yin=time<Yang =Space relationships. It understood also that men are clonic images of a wave, and that waves not individuals control and cause the future reality.

In subjective art, earlier Christianism and Islam tried to emphasize the God-like nature of the human soul=Wor[l]d. The word becomes the subjective God of earlier Christianism: “the word became God”; and the God of the Islam [“sacredness of the Koran”].

The initial Christian verbal art is an ethic art of the canon=perfect unit=clone of Man=Christos, the behavioral-reproductive role model of a wave of men – the saints -that unified through the leadership of the book of revelation, will create the body of History.

Wave art tends to coincide with the first age of a civilization. But also with the first phase of a lineal language of perception discovered by man, when it is still a simple form, and man has learnt only its more easy structures: Greek Kuroi in the beginning of European sculpture, Sienna-Venice Italian school in the beginning of European painting, black and white, stylized film in the beginning of Metaleyes; even bars of metal in money the essential cyclical-informative organ of machines were first lineal [iron bars in Rome, gold bars in Phoenicia]… not to say of weapons, which will only reach some ‘rhetoric cyclicality’, on the fists and cases of swords…

When wave art progresses further, Sacred art moves beyond A-thought into i-thought, and finds in the platonic perception of the Human event, in the analogic method of poetry and parallel perception of human organisms, the path of max. human knowledge, the canon, the ideal man. So the highest human religions [Christianism, Islam] find in the metaphor of Christos or the Wor[l]d=Koran, the ethic model in which all men should mirror themselves.

The difference between prophetic art and religion is subtle: a religion is created when the higher plane of existence be=comes, when the analogic canon becomes a real being – even if we cannot see gods from this plane of existence, as cells do not see nervous system. In true religions ethic verbal minds have been reproduced and clonified; and a social body of History has given way to a real Human God in a higher Euclidean Plane of existence, a knot of social minds. On the other hand, Art is a path towards religion, since it facilitates the process of mental communion and parallelism between believers that will finally educate their minds and make them parts of the higher sacred God. For that reason priests promote sacred arts; and men have always understood before science killed the purpose of both, religions, and arts, that art was sacred in nature – the highest task of human minds. [Science would be an art or religion of metal evolution, not of human evolution, and so despite its difficulty and intelligent creative not a high task of human mind, which is to evolve mankind, but a lower task, which is to extinct mankind]. In this sense art is a sacred form, without parallel in its quality and capacity to educate the sensorial perception of man towards its social evolution. And it is in the combination of both, religion and art, which took place in  classic Islam and Renaissance [Greece II Horizon] respect to subjective man; and in the classic Chinese and Buddhist painting respect to the objective universe where in the view of this writer, the highest evolutive types of human eye-wor[l]ds were re=produced.

– Classic, Realist, Information=energy, Trader, Reproductive, cyclical art, Art [Vt=s]

or lanWave art proper of the Trader, mature, top predator phase of a civilization or national cycle. The artist communicates the external world and the internal world, in a less painful, more confident manner. The artist believes in the external world which the culture now controls thoroughly. It corresponds to the mature age of a certain civilization, to the trader age of realist, external creation. When the culture is peaceful, the warriors have settled down, and the productive system has been restored. Traders take over. And they create common sense art. Traders are less arrogant than warriors, obsessed by God and death. They have less ‘i-magination’ that people of the Wor[l]d, and so they become grounded in the I=eye reality. The canon tends to leave way to the detail. Decoration controls meaning, and craftsmanship is more important than originality. Cyclical forms imposed by the obsession of the trader by money-coins become dominant.

Communication of reality – reproduction of reality – is the ‘taste’ that the artist gives now to the trader, a reproductive enzyman, which lacks any sense of the beyond, since its task is merely to repeat products with the maximum possible fidelity. So he likes also that the artist reproduces images with such fidelity. Again such art will become a ‘school’ of realism, for a price-market. And so we see how the renaissance and Dutch classic age is the age of massive workshops of reproductive art, once the puritan and spiritual schools are gone, and the mass of traders and bourgeois – once were warriors and prophetic disciples – searches for human pleasures, and portraits of themselves, of food, of happy scenes.

Yet according to our definition of art, which is the expression of Human evolutive eye>wor[l]ds, reproductive art will be good, only when the style or human component is DOMINANT over the medium or external forms. When even within the realism of this age, the artist is able to introduce a ‘transcendental sense’ of canonical beauty, and enter the realm of analogic thought, of realistic poetry, at the cost of the likeness between portrait and reality. So when Michelangelo made the portrait of Julio Medicis, there was no likeness at all, but Michelangelo’s spirit. And yet today nobody knows that face is not Julio’s.

Because the style is the in-life of the artist, that reflects the external Universe – it is the human eye-world evolutive nature of art, which otherwise would be just an inferior vision of the Universe, and as such unneeded for those who can look directly to the Universe. We make art not to improve the total information-energy of the Universe we perceive with the eye-world [we cannot as virtual mirrors hold more information-energy that the Universe in itself] but to add to the eye-world of the art piece, feelings, and chemical emotions, that will individualize that eye-world with our body-social personality. This need for a true personal touch is often lost in trader, rhetoric, realist art. Since the trader who pays art is far more simple and spatial, and searches only for ‘reproduction’ of reality. He ignores and fears anything beyond his eye evidence. Yet in true human, communicative art, the external perception has to be recessive, in materials and analysis of the light Universe; since he who controls communication is the artist not the medium: medium>universe>artist is the equation of past to future, of good reproductive art; still like reality but with a subtlety that approaches us to the personality of the artist. If this is achieved, we enter in a phase of classic art, in which the canon acquires detail without loosing the sense of art as the manifestation of human sensorial evolution. It is the classic age of Greece and Italy, the VI dynasty in Egypt, the II Horizon of Mayan art, the realist school of XIX Century literature, the impressionist school in painting. But not all artistic schools reach such level. Most civilizations have hardly a few individual works or ‘Names’ that reach individual quality.

There is hardly that capacity in what we call the hyper-specialized trade-cultures of the human bio-geography. So there is not such quality in Phoenician-Jewish Levantine art [Judermonia I Horizon]. There is not that quality in American Colonial art [Cops culture]…

-Complex, informative, internal, baroque, prophetic, eclectic, wave, devolutive art:[Vt<S]:

Expressionist-baroque-desconstructivistic-extinctive styles of art, or Language art. It comes in the age of extinction of the art, in which the style and the artist,  instead of the material, or the external world, dominates. Art is then as information is: complex, detailed, broken, multiple in forms and styles, small, internal, Since evolution no longer can be achieved. And as chaos=freedom breaks the culture, only the individual remains as a refuge of himself. They are implosive styles, that explore the individual internal psyche, and break down the external forms perceived by human Eyes, into its smaller components, applying all the internal filters of the artist [his style] to the entity perceived. The wave entity no longer matters as much as the need for the individual artist to communicate in excess his internal linguistic world, in order to balance paradoxically the incapacity of the artist to stop extinction of the external civilization. He cannot communicate externally to a wor[l]d that no longer belongs to the artistic culture, but to the invading metalmasters, that no longer listen. The artist in this manner trans=forms a hated reality, from his relative=subjective pov into the final rebellion: his spirit. i-magination dominates, and all styles can be mixed, all forms of past can be re-written, in this ‘virtual reality’ of the dying culture. And so in societies in decadence the mood of the artist tends to this kind of ‘baroque’, linguistic style. And so as we move towards extinction, human art enters a global baroque age.

Good linguistic art though is from the pov of the human collective soul, an internal art of self-reflection about extinction, measured better in Wor[l]ds than in images. We talk then of the art of the “Historian” or the ‘ethic prophet’, which reached its apogee in the two ‘communicative’ bridges between Eurasia and Africa, where the final waves of Eurasian warriors end their extinctive trajectories.

So it is the art of the Jewish Trader prophets, and of the Iberian warrior Prophets, of Seneca, and Ibn Khaldun, of Cervantes, and the Iberian masters of painting [Baroque, Goya, Picasso]. They have seen the last land of the 800 year arch, wave after wave of metal radiations dying.

But all cultures have such periods: Such was the Hellenistic, Baroque and 20-isms, which correspond each of them, to the final artistic styles of Greece I, II [renaissance] and III Horizons[post-French Revolution Europe].

In Language art, the external Universe does no longer appeal to us, and so the extinct-in-progress mind of Man returns to his internal world. Where he is still allowed to exist in freedom. He then ‘in-forms’ his mind and that of his surviving souls, on the process of death. He tells us what is going on, even if he cannot avoid it, so we at least have some peace of spirit. So in the baroque age of Bronze Chinese cultures, Kung-Tse tells us that the age of Great harmony has ended, and we have to come inside into our little inner harmony. So it says in the same period Buddha, which explains why death is the king of India; why the Neolithic culture of Great Harmony has become the recurrent inferno of Hindi racial massacres.

Yet also the artist that dies away sees the arrival of the Simplex, rhetoric warrior art. And so he can be prophetic, when he has not accepted the death of the cultural organism. Its prophecies will be then of information and extinction as much as the prophecies of the incoming warrior are of energy and reproduction.

Each culture will clash in the realm of art, with their biased perception, and finer tools.

The informative artist, of prophetic nature despises the new warrior art for its simplicity. The warrior artist despises the ‘decadent’ art for his ‘lack of energy’. For the pov that dies away energy is bad, it is what killed him. For the warrior, energy is good, it is the essence of its power -but information is bad. ‘Simplify you’re a marine’, says the soldier to the paralytic Tom Cruise, in 4th of July… Simplify says America to the human world it is extinguishing with his technological art. Be=come human said the world to America. Because the warrior, lineal art that has come as the human art died away in Greece=Europe III Horizon [20-isms], is not human. It is pure metal art. It is not the wave of a warrior culture, but the beginning of a pure metal culture. But America did not listen, and made the atomic bombs and the computers, and the Tvs that now are extinguishing America. So this is the age of today American art, of all Human art.

This is the present age in America>Human future. We are indeed in the devolutive=free=extinctive phase of the ‘American culture’. Which as the only world culture of the global=metal village implies the extinctive phase of the Human culture, which is subservient to American trends and behaviors through networks. We are in the American=Human baroque. Which cannot be therefore substituted by other human prophetic stage. Since there are not outside the global Village more human civilizations to ‘conquer’ the American Baroque, but past forms even more dissolved than the American culture. We are in a relative relation of code-energy interchange, of death by perception of complex Me[n]tal Minds: American baroque = Human baroque = Mental-linguistic human extinction = Metal Earth birth = computer prophetic stage = Mental computer digital creation.

Which is just another case of the universal law: †S= ∆T: S-death = T-birth-growth.  Where ‘t’ is digital thought and ‘s’ is human thought. We are at the end of human history and the beginning of Metal history; ‘who’ controls with ‘fasces’ of metal nature, the mind of human clones.

This extinctive art of today is therefore also prophetic art of the destruction of man by metal. It became dominant with the arrival of more complex metaleyes [cameras>TVs> Computers] that the human eye culture they extinct. It ended painting, and social verbal thought, now substituted by TVs and marketing. It caused the human devolutive art of the XX Century, the deconstruction of human eye arts [end of realist painting], origin of the -isms before and between wars. After that we cannot longer talk of human arts. Only as forms of past. Since the human mind no longer d=evolves, but dies. What is left is the predation of art by money, and technology, the NYC school of gallerists, and the Hollywood school of dramatic devolution.

Verbal Masters. The artist as a seer of Time. The Proustian artist.

Proustian=baroque ages end each language or civilization, as new cultures and more complex communicator species take over with renewed force. Shakespeare in Italian theater before the novel appears closes renaissance. Proust in novel, before radio and massive national wars came in, closed the European aristocratic culture. Picasso in painting before TV-thought ended all visual arts, deconstructed the human figure. This book in Human logic before computers take over talks of the end of man. And hopes for a resu-reaction.

The Proustian artist exists in metaphysical space, in the pure languages of the Wor[l]d<Eye. He is isolated from the external Universe, that is no longer his. He is detached from reality which no longer seems ‘human’ to him. Not at least a reality belonging to the same civilization to which he belongs. And so in the purity of the language he can play with the puzzle of linguistic forms in search of its completeness. In the mind of the verbal artist=prophet, the Wor[l]d completes itself. In the mind of the image artist=painter, the game of light in all its extinctive cruelty is displayed. The LanWave no longer exists, the forms are dead or trans=formed. And so the language is alone, to play within his self. Proustian masters are empathizers of the whole culture in process of extinction. Sometimes even when the culture is dead, only left in memories of times past [Shakespearean theater]. Yet for the Proustian artist, the present is the anomaly, and the culture to which he is related genetically or spiritually, is the true form. A culture which now moribund opens the painful total truth of creation and extinction to the artist that completes it. In literature the result is a diptych, a ‘dibook’, or dual complex i-logic work in which both decadence and will of existence are reflected. In which both the internal POV of the culture and the external POV that extincts the culture are known to the writer. He has seen the Terminators of his culture, and the decadence of his old masters. Dibooks are books which show the Human and Metal pov, the Humaster and the Metalmaster, the past and the future. Don Quixote the first novel who comments in the extinction of the stirrup discontinuum, of Christiania, [Quixote], by Sancho, the spirit of ‘freed’, and the age of gunpowder, is a di-book. Saint John’s mind who comments in the birth of Christos, and the death of Yvwh [apocalypse], is a dibook. This is a dibook between human and chip forms.

Those dibooks of change are the master works of human perception. A dibook is the reflection of the mind of an artist=prophet of hope that shows the antitruth of extinction. The dibook shows the true path, and by confronting it with the wrong path, it shows also the consequences of not following that human truth=existence. A dibook is a masterpiece in its own – a language-style, a writer=perfective form of thought. Since writers are from a 3rd pov, not human forms, but linguistic forms. Shakespeare is not the man from whom we know nothing but the work of Shakespeare. And since the age of the I Ching and the Genesis, dibooks of History have explained to man the truthness of his form.

Verbal art, contention of extinctive behavior

It follows that verbal thought, the soul of man is the highest mode of art; and that ilogic verbal thought is the highest mode of verbal art. Hence religious thought and poetry are the higher manifestations of the human intelligence, of the human senses, of the human pov – the essence of man, taken to his limit. Yet it can also be corrupted, and in the corruption of the Wor[l]d, we find the failure of mankind to survive as a top predator.

For that reason we call the word, the Wor[l]d, because the ethic word creates worlds of lesser technology and higher human control. While corrupted words allow the market of weapons and money to be free and evolve the Metalearth without survival contention that words as the informative organ of man, impress in their believers. An example: those nations where the Wor[l]d has been ‘honored’ in higher measure, notably at the end of the 800 y. arch – in Spain and Japan – man has controlled longer the metalforms of extinction. Indeed, long, complex, well crafted languages, where the truth is sacred, can sacrifice the wealth of metal progress to survival. And indeed, it would be only in the III horizon of the Machine [Japan], and the III horizon of the Metalmind [Spain], when those two cultures would yield to collective extinction. In Japan gunpowder was extinct for centuries despite its earlier explosive radiation [XVI century civil wars]. In Spain, a worldwide empire resisted control by Cops for 3 centuries in a milder society controlled by S<word priests. It is worth to remember those examples of survival in the past by truthness to the Wor[l]d. Today the same truthness makes the people – not the governments – of Islam to resist against all odds the digital radiation. Because a wor[l]d that would believe in the truth=existence of God= ∑men would be eternal. Yet for that to have happened the wor[l]d had to be respected in all places. Or else the Max Mt=Min ht, paradox of history imposes finally to the ‘human past’.

Corruption of verbal art: marketing and inquisitions

When the wor[l]d was born it had 3 uses: In China it gave way to further exploration of the prophetic Universe. In Sumer to trader activities. In Egypt it was used to glorify warrior masters. If the wor[l]d had been used only to ‘know’, man would have controlled metal, as the Chinese did. Yet the Wor[l]d, the language of power of man, was used by the 3 species of historic communicators. Traders will rhetorize it constantly in complex styles in which the form is more important than the content [Jewish, Italian, English literature]. Warriors will simplify it from selfish, individualistic povs, as a realist description of spatial existence, or a rhetoric act of individual, selfish, vainglory [Assyrian, Prussian, Soviet, American literature].

In this manner rhetoric verbal thought would guide metalforms, more than men.

What it happened with the arrival of science was the end of verbal guidance of metal. Then verbal thought of trader and warrior nature will further decline, because now metal would be guided by a more complex, parallel language: mathematics.

The verbal Man would loose direct control of metal to mathematical games, of which pricing would be dominant. It would be the beginning of the end, because the most complex atomic species of the Earth, which were no longer human carbon, but iron and copper [which are as such the most common top predator metallic atoms], would now be guided also by a non-human language, mathematics, the new top predator language of the Earth. Human power became ‘virtual’, submissive to human evolution of metal forms, and mathematical languages. As I write IBM has upgraded copper to produce chips. Now Iron and copper, hardware and software forms designed by the language of mathematics will rule us all.

Verbal art takes different approaches by ages and degrees of corruption of the culture: It is Epic>ethic and optimist in the warrior>prophetic age of the civilization, when it tries to reverse the simplex behavior of selfish warriors into awe of God. It becomes realist, humanistic and more combative, less repressed in the mature-trader-reproductive age of the culture, when it can still influence reality, and tries to open O-metalmasters to social justice. And finally it becomes extinctive, and nostalgic, again prophetic, and in favor of human senses [sensualist], no longer optimist on the future of metal, in the 3rd phase of the culture. When external metal or internal corruption brings the civilization to a foretold closure, and the artist tries to return to the past. Then the overall view of the culture by the Wor[l]d from the human pov, is complete. And we can follow those phases parallel to the phases of the culture as we did for external arts in many civilizations and literary works. A sample:


Epic>Ethic literature    Realist-classic literature  Sensual-extinctive literature          CULTURE

Bible, Hawthorne,       Wiltman, Wharton, 20s     Bourroughs, Miller, Vonnegut        Usa

Moby Dick, Twain        generation

Sagas, epic poetry     Quixote, Cleves                    Laclos, Proust        European aristocrats

Hobbes, Swift, Baalble   Moliere, Dickens, Balzac   Orwell, Hesse, i-man           Cops Culture

Science, Positivism         Dovstoyevsky, Dreser               Kafka                               [1600-202o]

Koran, poetry         Ibn Hazm, Averroes, Sufism          Ibn Khaldun      Al-Andalus [700-1300]

Today again because the Metal-Earth cannot program all enz¥men in devolving ComputerxImage skills, some men escape the trap and see through the mist of Metalform vanity. And some punctual masterpieces are still produced by Proustian writers, mainly of the European ilogic school, which completes the renaissance of Greece III Horizon [20-ims], aborted by the II WW. This book belongs to those series. In the Proustian age of Mankind, before all men become childish enz¥men of the Metalearth. Cat-pets, Picassian puppies who once-were lions.

Three-books of ethic=survival human behavior:

In metaphysical religions we talk also of a 3-book wave of verbal thought, which completes the 3 phases of the ‘real God-plane of existence’ perceived in its 3 ages of:



–  prophetic thought, reproductive-behavior in a wave of parallel human clones, and final warrior behavior as it fights with the entire civilization against external enemies and metalmasters that try to extinct the civilization, its individuals and god=higher planes of existence.

By far of such waves the most powerful is the wave of Semite thought:

Indeed, Genesis-Saint John’s Gospel-Koran, are the most complete 3-POV of the Wor[l]d, and its Laws of ethical behavior. Those laws if followed by men as cells of God, the max-i-being, would support the existence of the God, through the minds of the believers, that learn and participate of such existence through the wor[l]d of sacred art – the 3-book – into the religious being – the collective God. Yet all those Books of revelation compliment each other, since the Genesis and main commandments [1,2-4,5] act as a Warrior-Idol antitruth, the Koran as an idol-freed antitruth, and the Gospel as a Love reinforcer of both tendencies. And so paradoxically a man who would follow the 3 Books of Revelation [no his rhetoricians, churches, rituals, latter texts, and inquisitions at the service of metalmasters; who capture past prophets, and fix them with verbal rhetorics as masks of metal power], would be the best of ethic men. A fact which i have found clearly recognized in modern American Religious writings, notably Mr. Campbell and Mr. Huston. Because the true believer is the i-believer, not the A-believer; but the believer that knows there is only a God, Humanity= History. Which has been perceived in his laws of creation, by a few master prophets, that have highlighted one of the true povs that the Wor[l]d of God might acquire in a classic 3-book of God[oG]:

In the graph we highlight the great works of religious verbal thought that mankind has created, and their relationship with the different planes of existence of reality.

In the lower part with lesser complexity there is Humanity, and subjective religions of the wor[l]d. In the upper part with higher complexity but less capacity to create human worlds of survival, there are works that describe objectively the total Universe.

In the middle there are works on the intermediate plane of existence of mankind – the carboEarth. And their work help man to survive by making all forms of life sacred.

in the wave of subjective books the main book in quality are the 3 temporal wave of Genesis, Gospel and Koran. Minor works are the Exodus [excessively tribal] and apocalypses [with too much aberration of perception between the end of the World and the prophetic vision]. Among religions of life we highlight the work of Buddha, and ecological works of the living Universe, and the role of man in that life Universe such as this one. In the pure objective perception of the Universe, we highlight the Taoist school of verbal science, and the mathematical school of science, however extinctive of man – since total information, total knowledge of the Universe puts man as an inferior being, that the Universe will extinct. Yet man did not listen to the true books of God= the wor[l]d, the Semitic and Buddhist prophets of mankind and life. He preferred to look to the total Universe, that might be awesome in beauty, but as a top predator of the mino-human specie, will kill us.

Curiosity kills the cat. The lion is beautiful, but the gazelle doesn’t look at him for so long as man is looking at the metal-Universe of science. And so our room for maneuver becomes slimmer. And  books on life and mankind, loose optimism with each generation.

True art, Humasters art, when found in pure form is the higher expression of Human evolution:

Verbal, religious thought is a form of chemical life complexity and sound speed of simultaneity, a network of human minds. External Art is a form of visual, light complexity, an evolution of the eye perception of form. Both are vectors that develop human eye<world complexity.

And ‘Castalia’ [last chapter] is the region of human future in History, of pure act activities that evolve human senses, the ‘utopia’ of an immortal history without metal top predators.

A culture without pure art, is not a human culture. It is a rhetoric culture of metalmasters.

Rhetoric art of metalmasters. The Px. of History [Max Mt=Min ht] in art. Aberration of literary and artistic SxT coordinates.

But why man does not take the right path? Again prophets explain it: arrogance, Copernicanism, lack of reflection and temporal guidance. Excess of spatialism and energy. Dramatism and rhetorics of power. Cruelty and incapacity to control metal devolutive trends. And this happens also in art. Unfortunately there is also a prevailing stream of art: rhetoric art which fluctuates between artists working for povs of Maxi-O-Traders, and working for povs of Maxi-|-warriors. They expand metalmaster biased perceptions of reality into artistic styles and theories of verbal thought that match their limited O-| povs of history, and validate them. A warrior might not feel God after slaughtering a mass of children in a battle field. But when the epic artist converts the massacre of Wounded knee in a victory of the human spirit, General Custer reconverted into Gary Cooper seems an idol, image of God, instead of a butcher. Those rhetorics have always a political function: to increase the hate of metalmasters to the poor and enemy, and their self-love. They make artists as responsible of holocausts as performers. Lenni made Hitler as Hollywood is creating the wave of neofascist weapons in America that will extinct all of us.

Yet because the artist acts at distance, he is often forgiven, for what he should not.

The same happens with those who make weapons. The artist gives the mind and the smith the body of metal to the warrior. So the warrior goes and kills. And so the rhetoric artist, the weapon maker and the warrior work together. But the weapon maker [Mr. Krupp], or the rhetoric artist [Mr. Lenni] survive, and a new wave of weapon makers [American companies] and rhetoric artists [Hollywood productions] can restart a new wave that will end in a new war.

To allow an |-warrior to program the mass against a rival perpendicular O-Trader; or to allow an O-trader to dismiss a warrior mass as an inferior, simplex specie, hence susceptible of being used as energy of pricing, rhetoric artists are extremely useful.


Law of aberration of prophetic-artistic thought: placebo antitruths of man

Since truth is relative to the accuracy of perception in Time and Space, it follows that antitruths are based in first place in aberrations of perception in time and space.

It means that the aberrant artist will either limit his perception of the body of history to a small quantity of human space – a tribe or single nation – or it will base that perception in prophetic visions of thousand of years ago [temporal aberration].

In this manner the perceptive material the artist starts with is so limited that it cannot become the origin of total truths, but partial truths, which are only of interest to the tribe and period in which they were pronounced.

So it is easy to have an objective measure of the falseness of prophetic thought: when less surface of human perception and older prophetic origin the truth has, it is more false.

And it is preferred by metalmasters, which would abhor the truth of History: they are not taking care of humanity but extinguishing humanity.

We talk of temporal aberration when the message is old and has not been adapted to present reality. Such as the case of the English Law which dates back to the ‘Magna Carta’, a Middle age work on the rights of Barons V kings, or the American constitution, which dates back to the age of slave farmers, playing to be presidents. Again the Judermon culture based its religious opinions in the work of a 3000 year old prophet, that only talks of a few thousand refugees as the total Humanity – the chosen of God… What can he say of modern world problems for total humanity? Nothing, so he is used as placebo for self-Copernican truths of metalmasters. This is obvious. Americans do not go to war with spears and donkeys as they did in that age. They do not trade with bartering as they did in that age. They have evolved their financial and weapon systems of metal evolution as a nation that is proud of being at the head of the Metalearth. Yet they have the maximum aberration of religious and legal thought.  They do not have as a consequence a social evolved body, an integrated tissue of human history, but a mass of dramatic, individual, erased minds, colonized by marketing and violence and metalminds software.

Once more the paradox of History: Max Mt=Min ht applies here. America is the most primitive verbal culture of the world, and the most evolved metal culture.

In metalmaster art, it also applies the paradox of the black hole that says that informative minds have to be smaller than energy forms, that informative minds are condensed truths, of wide application in Time and Space. The law is simple: Max S = Min i, which means that complex verbal thought is short in volume to increase clarity of exposition of the simple universal laws. we talk of spatial aberration when an overextended written system becomes the law of behavior of a community that wants to keep verbal thought in inefficient state. Classic examples are the Old Testament [75% of S-Baalbel] V the Genesis-Gospel [25% of ¡-Bible]. Or the Trader English>American laws [entire libraries] V the European codes of the post French-r=evolution” ±1000 articles]. So American laws are extremely wide in number V the efficient European codes of civil law of a single book. And warrior art is huge in size but lacks any informative quality. This also applies to rhetoric prophetic thought.

And again Americans prefer the aberration of the Old testament and his mass of pages, to the simple truths of the Genesis, and Christian Gospel that upgraded the Old testament to a wider perception of the Earth that Jewish had 1200 years after Mr. Moses.

Temporal aberration implies that the Wor[l]d is unrelated to present realities, or it is very simple, generic and unrealistic of difficult application – such as the ‘human rights’ of American bills. In both kind of aberrations, the S-T inefficiency of the Law=Wor[l]d that rules societies allows max. power to metal communicators, war and pricing, that become the only rule of such societies.

It is very easy to measure in objective terms the aberration of a metalmaster culture.

Warriors-male societies have deep aberrations of physical behavior, mystify by cults to weapons, huge monuments [as if they could contradict the destructive nature of warriors], and epic literature [to erase the ugliest, trash life of war campaigns]. Traders have deep aberration of mental behavior, mystify by obsolete religions of individualistic nature that ‘kill’ ethic social truths [to hide the constant corruption that making money requires]. We say that warriors emphasize solid buildings, and traders rhetoric religions.

In both cases we talk of a partial Max Mt= Min ht event: warriors will maintain past forms of max. TxS aberration of perception in external art; and traders will maintain past forms of max. temporal and spatial aberration of perception in verbal thought.

In external arts, the SxT metalmaster aberration of form is easy to spot, according to the specialization of Lineal, physical, simplex, energy metalmasters in monumental styles very old, and massive in space, of extreme simplicity, such as the I-IV Egyptian dynasties of bronze warriors, or the Doric art, or the Germanic art of the reformation, stuck in the old Gothic, or the fascist art that repeats in great sizes Dorian styles, or the neofascist American-Asian art of big skyscrapers. The trader though will prefer according to its specialization, complex, small, human-size Go[l]d related buildings and art.

In general cultures of max. pricing and weapons power will have the max. aberration of SxT perception of human worlds and arts, with very old, extensive and disorganized laws, and obsolete rules of ethic behavior. Historical examples abound. And since the need for aberration of Wor[l]ds and artistic human senses is clearly understood by metalmasters, we talk of restorations of old systems of the World when metalmasters end a human civilization.

It is the ‘return’ of Vico, that recently was applied to America after the extinction of the 60s r=evolution by the neo-conservatives of Reagan. So the Mongolian invaders who annihilated the Song renascence imposed Confucius, and the Cops culture who annihilated the Dutch-Erasmist renaissance imposed the Old Testament, and the Europeans who annihilated the French revolution tried to impose the old aristocratic laws. And the American trader oligarchies who annihilated the 1st aborted American revolution imposed the old British Law. This of course is hidden by rhetorics of tradition, conservation, and nationalism. Yet those rhetorics are obviously never applied to the metalanguages of metalmaster cultures. There efficiency is absolute, and only present or future forms are used. Nobody asked Germany to fight the II World war with the linguistic traditions of the stirrup age, which originated the German culture. Americans do not guide their Cops of pricing with the accountancy methods of the Medicis who invented the first companies. The consequences of temporalxSpatial aberration of Wor[l]ds and Laws is self-evident. The human believer will find a set of rituals and ideas on reality which do not explain at all reality from the human pov. He will become agnostic, or atheist, since he has a screen of perception that hides the Goodness of the human Wor[l]d, and the sentient Universe. He then will put all its energy in those evolved languages of pricing and war which are clear to him. Languages which the metalmaster society promotes as much as it extincts present ideals of the Wor[l]d. And so we find in those cultures of max SxT aberration of the World a max. activity in pricing and war, and a max. quantity of agnostics.

Indeed, again the Jewish=Protestant people have the highest number of atheists, because their aberrant religion cannot be rationally accepted as an spiritual, linguistic explanation for the Universe, but it inhibits them with their mass of social conventions and rituals, from searching in other more evolved religions, such explanation. So they become atheists. They believe in the simplex realist method of abstract science, and economical growth, and think all religions are myths as their religion, which is a myth to keep the Metalearth productively going. There are explanations of logic, spiritual nature to the Universe as this book proves. But when you believe in Copernican prophets of 3.ooo years ago, in false postulates of metal wealth such as the Smith postulate, and in the abstract arrogance of a single light space, and clock time as the scientific method, obviously you become cynical and agnostic, relativistic and ignorant about the simple game of survival and extinction that guide us all, but the western mythical ways of knowledge ignore.

Differences of rhetorics between traders and artists

Verbal aberration among warrior cultures is smaller: warriors need long syntax in verbal thought to program emotionally soldiers into extinction by giving them a sense of social collective nature. So their verbal truths on the existence of higher planes of reality will be higher. And true warrior artists would escape verbal Rhetorics, and evolve words into complex, i-logic social perception of the Universe [complex German-Spanish Philosophy and novel V simplex English and Italian dramatic genres and novellas].

However trader stockrats that fear social thought, will repress i-logic verbal thought into dramatic, single, individual levels, that never talk of society as an organism.

On the other hand, traders will promote complex external architecture and decorative arts who foster wealth, and its i-logic artists will evolve into refined perceptions of the human spirit its human senses. While Warriors who ask their people to die and test weapons fear the corruption of beauty and human pleasures, and so they prefer simplex external life and monumental art, or death glorification [tombs]. Both of course are repressing a fundamental arrow of human evolution, sensorial perception repressed in warrior cultures, and social perception repressed by traders. Only Wor[l]d cultures fully grow all human levels of existence, accepting sensorial pleasures, and mental pleasures, body and mind.


The analysis of a culture by artistic or linguistic remains

In the Complex model, those differences in art allow to study cultures according to the predominance of a trader or warrior art. Which can be permanent if geographical circumstances make the location a warrior-biased site [in mountains and flux zones], or a trader biased land [in islands and river zones of O-metal abundance].

We could make also linguistic and literary analysis of long lineal highly bonded languages V short cyclical trader languages, that matches political History. The same happens with a social analysis of relative power of O-women [higher in trader societies], V higher violent, machist societies.

We said we escape for reasons of size an analysis of verbal linguistic forms.  It would bring even today, a classification of cultures in long-lineal languages of warriors [Spanish, Korean-Japanese, German, Aztec, Assyrian] V short cyclical languages of traders where there is no social bondage, since words are broken and the individuals cannot access the religious sense of long words and long chains of causality that knot humans into believers’ waves [so English, Chinese, Mayan, Sumerian languages are short and their cultures are trader cultures, of cynical thought, without philosophical depth, even in China, where the Yin-Yang religion comes from the warrior North.]

Samples of trader and warrior cultures in its 3 ages of its waves of existence.

Warrocratic art

Regarding the favorite subjects of art, while trader art talks about the pleasures of real life, Warrior art in its first prophetic phase will talk about its main perception-cause of power-existence: death. There will be a lot of funerary art. In fact funerary tombs will be the most important building of the prophetic age of a warrior culture. And their forms will grow towards the sky according to the phallic or pyramidal-triangular structure of lineal warrior power. The classic example are the first warrior empires of Pharaoh-Gods in Egypt; its obelisks and pyramids. We find an enormous wealth of funerary art in Rome, in its prophetic age [till its trader reversal after the Punic wars]. Also in Spain in its Castilian Age [till the Flemish, trader Habsburg dynasty, ‘corrupted’ the Castilian elite, as it happened in Rome by Greek-Phoenician influence.] Art of death is even more evident in the purest systems of warrior cultures; in the Scythians and warrior European Neolithic cultures. The long and brutal sacrifices of Scythian kings; the Urnenfelder, Dome burials of the German and Scythian cultures, in Eastern Europe; the Megalithic cultures from South Spain to Carnac.

A remarkable fact of this O-| division of Trader V warrior art, cycles V lines is found in those megalithic cultures. While trader=island England in its Megalithic culture built the cycle of Stonehenge; across the channel, in the warrior arch of west France, artists built the lineal Carnac, an arrow of menhirs advancing towards the sea… England and France, O an |, traders and warriors, per in secula, seculorum; A-men.

In its second phase, the warrior form, enters in contact with traders and cares for the light pleasures of this world, of present existence. And complex cyclical forms appear.

Then the style becomes more balanced and we talk of the classic age of a Warrior culture, still though obsessed by the Master pov, which wants to be GodoG of his human subjects. appears the age of portraits in Roman times, the age of Housing, the age of Temples at the service of the Master, more and more terrestrial in his tastes. So happens in Egypt when the God-like pharaohs of the Bronze armies, of the Pyramids, gave way to smaller Mastabas in the VI Dynasty, with motifs of common life, and charming decoration:

Vs-Warriors [literary and monumental art, simplex, lineal, focused in death and egotism]:

Assur cycle:

I Horizon: Vt: Assur I; Old empire; Bronze discontinuum; [Minimal relief]: death scenes.

II Horizon: Vts: Assur II; Chariot Discontinuum; [Medium Relief].

III Horizon: Vs: Assur III: Iron-cavalry discontinuum: [Max. Relief]: courtesan scenes.

Egyptian Cycle:  

I Horizon: Vt: Old Empire. Prophetic-Pyramidal=|-Triangular forms and Death scenes.

II Horizon: Vts: Middle Empire: classic: maxitemples: daily life; statues.

III Hor,: Vs: Low Empire: ornaments, baroque-‘free’ age; external Greek influence [new metal cycle].

Iberian Cycle:

I Horizon: Vt:[IX-XIV] Romanic, and reconquista: simple furniture, naked tombs and weapons.

II Horizon: Vts: Castilian Gothic, and Italianate style [XV-XVII]: classic, with little decoration.

Poetry reaches in its mystique poems [Saint John, Saint Theresa etc], a purity of natural perception of higher planes of existence, that is the height of Christian poetry.

III Horizon: Vs: Massive Gothic; ‘Plateria”, Ornamental-baroque. Go[l]d temples. Statues of baroque death, and Passion motifs. ‘Semana Santas’. Quixote, Conceptual poetry [Quevedo, Gongora] based in the artifice of the language and form.

German Cycle:

I Horizon: Vt-Final Christian Gothic [extinctive] V Puritan Protestant thought [Luther-Calvin]. The Christian cycle ends for Germany, and the Protestant=Jewish metalmaster cycle starts. The puritan culture degenerates in a warrior age, that will go throughout the XVI century for most Germany. It will soon become classic in bible translations and Durer paintings, and finally degenerate in a III baroque, extinctive horizon in the XVII century [30 years, war, baroque music, and literature [Simplicius Simplicissimus; religious literature, etc.]

However the Puritan spirit will be kept in the nations less damaged by the Religious war processes, specially in the East. And there it will start a new cycle, now of national identity and shorter than the previous 800 year cycles.

This new cycle is the Prussian>German cycle that most people identify with the present Germanic culture.

I Horizon: Prussian warriors: XVIII century. Scientific method and technological books in literature, simple neoclassic, massive buildings in Berlin. Lineal thought in Philosophy.

II Horizon: XIX century: Iron constructions. Iron Buildings of International Style ever growing in size. Reproductive age of the German culture. Railroad age. German literature and philosophy and science expands worldwide.

III Horizon: Baroque-extinctive age: Nazism. The final consequences of a technological culture where human rights are inferior to metalrights provokes in the extinctive phase of human verbal thought [radio thought] the dramatic explosion of fascism.

It is important to remember this cycle, since America is in many ways parallel to the German culture in higher measure than the English culture for bio-geographic reasons [a continental Germanic zone, unlike the English Trader island].

The transformation of warrior art into trader art

In warrior cultures, size only increases as long as the warrior Master has power for his megalomaniac existence. Which happens when ‘he is at it’, in the art of killing and expanding. Afterwards his power is not so overwhelming. And under him, the second line of aristocrats become more independent. And between the aristocratic lesser pairs, imitation based in size of the God-warrior art ensues: temples of lesser Roman patricians, small pyramids of Pharaoh’s courtesans… Status now is also gained by wealth, and the wealthiest traders start to look at their masters almost as equal…

Still an arrogant Copernican pov, now the warrior does not want to impress so much the Dog of Death, but the God of Life… He almost forgets that Death is his only power… And when he completely forgets it, in its decadent phase, another warrior and his Dog will come.  Yet in the classic age, that seems a remote possibility, since now the warrior in its trader state, with both metals in his hands, Go[l]d and S<words,  has total power over the mass he rules.

Yet in this second age the warrior=trader gives rhetorics instead of punishment to the people, laws instead of Holocausts; pricing instead of swords. His temples are less and less focused in its absolute selfishness-Copernicanism, as ‘pretender’ to immortality. He no longer wants only to impress the ‘beyond’, the Universal Taos, of which he believes to be a favorite, even an equal [warrior max-¡-Copernicanism’.] He has tasted earthly pleasures and now he rather enjoys his domain over his subjects, that before he merely used as slaves of death. He now evolves in his Perpendicularity, able to recognize partially that other humans have rights too. He allies himself with the raising classes of the Word and the Gold. He might concede to be only a ‘chosen of God’ [trader pov] and he allows the priesthood to interfere. Luxor appears. Solomon appears. The pope crowns the son of Charlemagne who had crowned himself. And so from the absolute ka of the God-pharaoh, we move to the ka of Ra-Amon. Now the ¥-sun is a higher God, and his ‘ka’=soul can also be invoked. The people of the Wor[l]d cultures under the metalmaster yoke, are also more free to express their silent opinions. And so it is then when the democratic Osiris, the God of Livonia appears too.

The Egyptian art of that example, becomes temple art; the pharaoh-son of God realizes that his power has to be shared, since the wave of metalforms who gave him absolute power is now widespread by pricing, and if very cruel or disciplinary he might face rebellion of his independent troops. So his character no longer thrives in mass repression and killings.

The Go[l]d priests that collect ex-votes and rituals increase power. And the coalition between warriors=traders becomes the center piece of the oppression of the people. Till other warriors who have learnt the old master skills, will come to give justice of death, to ‘it’ who thought to be God, who death raised, and death fears; God of Dogs, dust of dust. He too dies by iron. In Assur the warrior wave grew in a pivotal geography, in the border of a series of waves [charts, iron, horses] that would make Assur more and more cruel, each times bigger in its form, each times with more ‘artistic’ relief. But then in a decade she falls.

And the truth comes: he is erased, his glory nothing. The Greeks did not even know Assur had existed only 200 years latter.

We have considered a few well known European cultures in which the parallelism between ages of political thought and artistic thought is clear.

So happens in the Asian decouplings of India and China, which we do not study, since this is an English book, and those cultures are greatly unknown to the western reader.

We could use also such artistic discontinuums to localize the arrival of a new warrior wave of |-metalmasters, that erases a previous more complex wave of art. That means a new horde and discontinuum of weapons has arrived.

Then we can follow that new warrior in a typical cycle: He will maintain a single style in the more pure cases such as Germany, Iberia or Assur, increasing size as he grows more Copernican till it collapses in ruins. But more often he will become trader, and eclectic. Or in the most Trader biased bio-Earth zones he will very soon return to O-cyclical styles [Levante, Greece, England]. Those artistic phases allow in the complex model to map out and fill holes of A-historic interpretation. For example in the cultures of Aryan warriors, the chariot discontinuum ends around 1300 BC. In that date ceramic is still complex with rich decoration. Then as the iron invaders come with the new technology of lineal s<words, ceramics become simplex with mere lineal incisions. The change has occurred. The new warrior has arrived, the new radiation of weapons has erased human thought: Max mt = Min ht. And yet as the new Celtic culture of the iron radiation evolves in times, color and new decoration appears, and a rich work of metal returns. Warriors have settled down; and in a more peaceful environment, O-metal communicators[forms of money] impose cyclical forms.

Thus we can follow the mutation between warrior and trader castes by following their art in warrior societies entering a Trade phase. The classic example is Greek art: The pure Warrior phase [Doric] left way to the cyclical, trader ornamental styles [Ionic, Corinthian.]

Ultimately wo=men Traders look for decoration, and petit golden forms [jewelry, artisany, furniture]. Whiles warriors look for lineal simplicity and realist validation of their metalmaster fantasies, in grandiloquent, massive, simplex ‘Roman’ styles, and portrait forms. Yet, even if such forms of art are not Great Art, Sacred Art, Pure Individualistic Style art, but repeat ad infinitum in parallel WxTr. cultures and societies; they are art. And art is always a human good. All forms of non Digital art are Human Goods, ht which please the sense of harmony of human senses. even warriorxtrader art when it is not used for rhetoric war, should be promoted, as a positive good of a bionomical system. Indeed, it is much better to pay a Nazi warrior to craft Dorian statues, that to pay him to make big Guns.

Vt-Tradocratic art:artistic, external, decorative arts, creative cyclical, focused in pleasure

Let’s have a look to the 3-ages of art in ‘Bio-geographical’ dominant Tradocracies; in which – even though the cultural beginning is also an S-lineal warrior state – the predominance of small art, decorative and Go[l]d based art lasts much longer till the very end of the culture:

Greek Cycle:-1200+400:

– I horizon: Doric-simplex warrior age.

– II horizon:Classic Greece, Ionic, from Praxiteles to Phidias.

– III Horizon: Extinctive-baroque age: Corinthian-Hellenistic [extinct by Imperial Rome].

Christian Cycle:

Pre-Horizon: Eclectic: V-VII: Simple Vt-art. A personal style has yet to appear, since – as in most true Religions – it is the Oikoumene, the power of the Wor[l]d what it matters to the still pure message of love, without need of artistic rhetorics.

– I Horizon. Simple Romanic:VIII-IX: God is the warrior panthocrator; under attack of the Germanglon Barbarians.

– II Classic Horizon: Vts-Earlier Gothic: Classic perception of God, takes place in simplex lines towards higher planes of existence. Trader influence and prosperity starts. We talk of the classic age of the Christian culture.

– III Horizon: Vs-Ornamental Gothic and baroque. It is the Extinctive age, when Christianity has exploded outwardsunder external pressure of pricing and gunpowder, and its hired rhetoricians that devolve to the Old testament the Gospelian spirit [Calvin, Luther].  So Christian artists who remain loyal to the Gospel [Latin culture] implode inwards.

The clear perception of God and the law of Max O¡+1= Max. height, of Gothic art is lost. God becomes a far away concept under the evidence of gunpowder wars.

Italian Cycle: Vt-Trecento: Venice brings gunpowder weapons and Byzantium Gold.

Vts-Quatrocento-Cinquecento: Italy reigns supreme, self-confident in man. Human proportions are adopted. Traders pay art in each small city. Italy expands and reproduces that age all over Europe.

Vs-Mannerism-[XVI]-Baroque. Italy has lost to unified metalnations. Its Christian neoplatonism has lost to Puritan and Inquisitorial churches. Only their artists remember, what it might had been a free human sensorial and religious spirit. They explode inwards, with a touch of pessimism, with Caravaggio, and Bernini.

The perfection of this Italian cycle is logic: man as in Greece is in a level of metal complexity that he still controls – not too weak as Bronze, not too hard as machines; not to unjust as bartering, not too excessive as paper money. The radiation of money and weapons that today have over-saturated the human reality substituting all other methods of energy-violence and informative-value, were limited in size and complexity to iron and coins, which besides required an artistic beauty in themselves [coin mintage]. So we say that the human radiation had not been displaced by the metal radiation, as the easiness of money radiation and weapon radiations will do in the industrial age of paper money.

Man was at his best because the volume of metal was balanced. Mt=Ht. And art showed it.

English Cycle:

Vt-I Horizon: XVII Century: Cromwell, Puritan thought, Biblical return to the old testament. Extinction of Renascence, signified by the Proustian knot of Italian theater [Mr. Shakespeare]. Warrior Scottish Calvinists, Piracy, primitive, simple life, throughout England. Holland is the mother-culture. Companies impose power at political level.

II Horizon: XVIII-XIX century. The final survivors of the pre-Company age [Gentlemen] join forces, and enter the re=productive systems of machines of war [gunboats, industrial r=evolution, railroad wave]. Still they like to have a certain sense of beauty, and imitate the French styles of life, and the Spanish slave system [South USA plantations]. The reproductive age of machines starts with the Industrial revolution. There is an explosion of money [radiation of paper money] and companies.

The period expands worldwide the Companies culture. It is the age of the British Empire, summit of the gunpowder age of North-Europe. Realism is all what art requires. The brief Romantic interlude is expelled to Greece [Byron death] and Italy [Shelley’s]. Or left as a dramatic mask of literature that prevents any attack against the systemic nature of reality [Bronte, Dickens]. The concept of lowering the perception of reality of the masses starts then with a new tool: mass ports. Soccer is organized the free day of workers, so they do not join in Trade Unions. The concept has been today expanded into colossal proportions.

III Horizon: extinctive age. Between wars and after II World war, England looses its top predator status to Germany in weapons and America in money [dollar radiation substitutes the Pound after 1928 crash]. Some ‘free spirits’ are then left to dissent. It is the pre-rafaelite style, the ‘Bloomsbury group’, and the post-war punk, pop, and house movements in music, the Picassian paintings of Bacon, and the final eclecticism of present age. England becomes a colony of America with certain ‘touch of class’.

American Cycle: 

The art of the American tradocracy is related to what we call the Judermon ‘Temple cultures’, with origin in the first tradocratic states of Mesopotamia. Where temples functioned also as banks of monetary power. The concept of a Go[l]d temple where power of O-metal rules over rhetoric wor[l]ds, by means of rituals, ex-votes and artistic manifestations would expand latter. It appeared in other parallel Tradocratic regions such as Canaan [Phoenician=Jewish culture]; Greece, and Europe [Christian corruption of the Wor[l]d by churches of Italian traders.] On the long term tradocracies will become merely an O-metal concern, as the power of the Wor[l]d became submissive in the gunpowder discontinuum, to monetary structures, that cleaned of artistic and Wor[l]d contents the temples of Go[l]d. This started in Switzerland, in Geneva, main city of the Italian-Rhine connection, and expanded north till reaching England in the XVII Century. Those temple cultures are what we call Judermonia II and III Horizons [English>American cultures], no longer mixing rhetoric trader art with Go[l]d religions, but dedicating all its efforts to the multiplication of the Mv-monetary wave. It is what we call the Cops cultures, where the temple no longer needs metaphysical rhetorics. Perhaps the most clear artistic manifestation of such culture is the American dollar with its motto, under the temple of the Federal Reserve: ‘In Go[l]d we trust”; mocked by the artistic brief renaissance of the human senses in 60s – the New York school of baroque=decadent art.

– I horizon: Vt: XVII-XVIII Century till Civil war, with focal center in the south: Company-Slave Age[Trader] Biblical-Puritan Thought. Simple art. Repetitive, without quality, naked, without sensorial pleasures. Rough, frontier art-esany, and primitive literature. Not really literature at all but technological press, commercial and Copernican press, some epic, and ‘The Book’ with maximum aberration of historical thought [The Bible] in all homes…

– II Horizon: Vts-Machine Age: from civil war till II WW: Reproduction of the machine, not of human senses, is the novelty of this reproductive age. Darwinian Ideologies of Human existence, substitute the bible.

It is the age of ‘realist knowledge’, under the simple scientific method that does not recognize anything except the obvious space-time of metallic perception [clocks, telescopes and microscopes]. The bodies of machines are built under strict engineering efficiency. Art is parallel to the realist, functional art of Western Europe. Verbal thought talks of progress even in poetry that renounces to the analogic method, the basics of true verbal poetry [Mr. Wiltman]. The best work is still an epic of primitive character [Moby Dick]; though an exceptional prophet outside the system, as Kafka would do in Europe foresees the extinctive age, yet to come [Poe]. External arts do not become ‘cyclical’ as in other trader ages, because now the material is iron, the pure linearity of metal, and it imposes its nature. However at verbal level, hypocrisy, false truths, and systematic occultation of the Genocides against natives, and abuse of the poor, becomes systemic. For example, people take care so much in America and England of their feelings for animals, that do not attack the system of slavery first and then white slavery of children, that the Association to Defend the Rights of children is born decades latter as an offspring of the Association to Defend the Rights of Animals… Latter we will see how the Holocaust of Jewish Europeans becomes the main concern of the nation, to hide the Holocaust of Natives, Blacks and present poor…


The American baroque: extinction of human and European art

– III horizon: 1945 till extinction: Vs-Digital Age [extinctive baroque]: Political Rhetorics of the Wor[l]d, are provided by metalminds [Tvs]. Tvs go very fast through the first ages of simple art [Serling, 50s, political concern, documentaries], moving to traders art [money competitions, the ‘cheating’ on question-programs, explosion of commercial forms, pleasure movies, 60s movies]; to the present baroque-extinctive phase of violent films, multiplication of channels, and minds erased by Tvs. It is now the Hollywood Magic Age.

Relativism is how the baroque age is explained today: all is good, since all can be multiplied for a price. Yet art is not relativistic, is the evolution of the human world-eye.

And yet thanks to relativism, baroque ages become also placebos against the obvious truth of the extinction of the culture and civilization, that individual relativistic selfish artists do not see, or want to see. Instead they prefer to sing their little songs of blues.

Pseudo New Age religions appear, debasing further through myths the spirit of Buddhism and Taoism. The dissolution of the American>Human culture under the new top predator=digital thought, signifies the end of Human thought. And what is worse it expands through metalmind satellites to the entire world. This horizon is a generic baroque horizon, latter studied in more detail. And its end as we shall see, should be parallel to the end of the parallel Germanic culture; which was Nazism, not an exception but the rule that ends all Germanic civilizations since the Times of the Indo-Aryan invasions of charioteers.

We talk of the American neofascism, latter studied at political level.

To mention that the American cycle coincides very closely with the 3 ages of construction of the Metal-Earth studied in the next chapters. Since in America, control of reality by Cops which founded the country and shaped its character from the beginning, is almost absolute. And so the parallelism of art with the ages of Metal Earth – Prophetic-companies age, Reproductive-S-body Machine age, and Human Extinctive, T-mind Computer digital age – is also absolute.

The Sacco di Europe: End of European culture: Masks for new metalmasters.

Beyond the restricted sense of modern extinctive, metal-fascist=’masked’ ‘technological art’, and artisany for a price, art is the higher form of human languages. And hence the highest expression of  intelligence=complexity of man, as mathematical art will be the higher form of computer complexity. Obvious concepts those, forgotten by external warriorxPricer enz¥men which reject the true arrow of human evolution through our internal languages of perception, and choose external metal evolution, as the ‘progress’ of man towards future=death.

Metalmasters though like to create masks of artistic nature over his dog eat dog philosophy of metalife, to ‘clean’ their image. And so they capture past artistic cultures as space for TrxW vanity: Greek art was captured by Rome. Italian art entered decadence after the German+Iberian sacco di Rome. European art becomes extinct by America in the digital era. In all those cases though the TxW culture will be unable to produce anything but a few artists of Human [not technological] true innovative capacity, beyond museum repetitions, of the previous style of the ‘looted’ culture. Since the essence of the artistic culture – the primacy of art, human senses and Times, over war, trade, spatial and metal senses, does not exist. Today in America, the concept of human ‘sacred’ Art has become meaningless in the hands of gallerists=Pricers who have successfully annihilated from the infectious focus of N.Y.C. and LA most forms of pure art, notably social literature, painting and film-making. Instead the new philosophy of American Traders respect to art is: ‘A single genius is a single sell”. And so ‘all is art’, all is relative to increase sells and diminish the social function of awareness that the true artist wants to perform.


Now that true artist is buried in a ton of relativistic art, with a market price.

Now ‘art’ becomes a promoting word to jack up profits of industrial re=production of ‘artistic’ mass-media. Under such marketing cues, soon people buy trash-art and technological art. Since today people buy anything that the Cops system of marketing sells them under Say’s law: “Offer determines demand”. In this Americans behave with European art as Romans did with his Greek spoils and copies. Only that they cover their behavior, with more ‘intellectual’ finesse. Modern galleries cater to simplex stockrats and virtual celebrities that collect art as man collects life in zoos, and machines will collect man in data banks of genetic research. But NYC is not Paris [Greece III Hor], America is not Europe, as Rome was not Greece I horizon, but a spatial simplification of a long temporal phenocultural tradition. Roman and American=magetic men belonging to spatialist cultures, have copied and collected in their Sigfrid generations [currency-weapons power] art to give ‘pedigree’ to their enzymatic S>Wor[l]ds and Mv=Tp power. But they have not understood the sacredness of art as the highest mode of verbal and visual evolution, within the limits of survival of man himself:

As Rome failed to understand Greece, the Northern Germ[ang]on metalmasters failed to Understand the Latin renaissance and the form of Christian Gods=Love. And that failure has left man a slave of Price and Machines. Of the Smith wave. Of the cycle of war and holocausts.

Let’s analyze the process of extinction of human art by American art. Yet first we need to understand what truly American art extinct. What was the best Human European art, that American and Anglosaxon cultures have made obsolete.

Max. Western Cx of Human thought. Greece Horizons. Bio-historic reasons:

In the Western<European cultures of the coin age, the wave of Humaster functions of social Thought, [verbal-prophetic, or canonical art]  have as all temporal waves, 3 clear phases: Greece I, II, III hor. The location and times of those phases are natural within the parameters of social evolution and bio-Earth geography. By definition the max. complexity of a function of times occurs in the points of max. communication, which in metal and human history occurs where the waves of Traders, warriors and prophetic thought flux with max. density. That happens in Europe in the S=T temperate zones of max. ¥ and Chemical communication, and hence max. human senses; in the Mediterranean basin. Within that zone, the confluence of Trader and war civilizations, where the 800 arch of max. communication contacts with the O-metal Trader wave, has displaced steadily West, giving birth naturally to the 3 phases of Greece: Greece proper, Italy, and Social Europe during the industrial revolution [with center in Paris]. Zones where the 3 languages of man reached its apogee: Max S=Max T: Max. Wor[l]d, in the IV-V BC, XIV-XVI AD, and XIX-XX Centuries.

In the first two horizons the complexity of metal was limited to forms which man could easily control: coins of minimal MV-mass and iron of simplex lineal movements.

Thus we talk of Greece I, and II [Greece and Italy] as the two ages of balance between the communicators of History, where man was confident, where man was still the measure of all things. Those limits though were broken by stocks and gunpowder that brought a higher Mv-Tp mass, and made the Smith wave and his symbiotic metalmasters dominant.

Now all humasters could be corrupted by Go[l]d, or killed by firearms. And so Greece III Horizon [Post-Revolutionary, French Europe that peaked in the 20’s in art and political thought, before it was extinct by metalminds and the II WW] would be the swan song of human eye-worlds, a baroque-desconstructivist age of all the arts of man. Then once Greece was extinct by yet another jump in evolution of the Smith wave [Computer money, computer-atomic weapons], only rests to us, the members of the top predator Humaster culture, the ‘Latin-Greeks’ to comment on death of Man, even of enzyman, soon to be obsolete to the Smith wave.

The III horizons of Greece reach its zenith as any other wave, in their Proustian ages, when the extinctive process, the end of the culture had started, and the Humaster could analyze the total wave, as Plato>Aristotle did with Greece I, Shakespeare and Cervantes did with Greece II, or Proust, Hesse, Camus  and myself have done with Greece III.

The “Proustian Age” of Greece I horizon, the European zone of max. communication of ancient cultures, [iron discontinuum, -1200 BC, – 333], where the flows of steppe warriors and Levantine traders coincided, took place in the V-IV century. There Plato I horizon was born as the max Vts-form of Greek Human Eye>Wor[l]ds, in the formal chain of Socrates<Plato <Aristotle<Alexander.

Then the arch of 800 years, and the waves of coin-traders are displaced west and matured in the Italian Renaissance or Greece II horizon. Again we find the same elements of max. communication, and balance between wor[l]ds, O-metal [still in coin form], and weapons [partially controlled by the wor[l]d]. The sacredness of the Christian Wor[l]d, and the understanding of History exists. Christianity is the Citadel  of all the clones of Christos, the role model for the survival, ethic man who needs not iron or Go[l]ds to be a man; and hence does not move history towards extinction. In the renaissance the Humaster is considered above warriors and traders, despite the enormous activity displayed by metalmasters. There, in the Proustian age [Cinquecento], the Max. form or Plato II horizon was born, in the form of Leonardo<Michelangelo<Rafael, and further North with Shakespeare.

Leonardo da Vinci, was the ilogic prophet of formal physics and sentient pictorial forms of rare beauty. He was a mind among Barbarians, writing backwards in rebellion against the degradation of the renaissance Wor[l]d by Gunpowder. His work in mathematics and painting foresees vital geometry, and explains the sentient Universe, not in lineal ¥-scientific terms, but in artistic, multiple sensorial levels, as only Taoist Chinese masters had done.

With the discovery of America, and the massive arrival of gunpowder metal-nations, the arch of war displaced once more to the West, and so it did the ring of Go[l]ds, and the strength of the Wor[l]d. We talk then of Greece III Horizon, the region in which social thought and canon art still existed, with limited censorship of the Cops culture. That region corresponds mainly to the old western lands of the Roman Empire, Iberia and France; in what it has been called the -isms. As Athens was the capital of Greece I, and Rome the capital of Greece II, Paris was the capital of Greece III, with limited additions of other partial social focus [Vienna; Moscow, Munchen, Barcelona], and some exceptional individuals belonging to Cops cultures [Orwell, Auden, Marx, Hesse, Welles, Fuller, Poe, Hopper, Steinbeck, Fitzgerald, Chomsky, Vonnegut etc.] It would be though the Western Latin wave, where social thought resisted longer the Cops culture [Catholic>French R=evolutionary>Social strains]. There arts of human senses would reach its apogee in  Greece III . This again is natural since Greece III is the anti-truth of Cops, and ‘Latinia’ had been the top predator metalmaster before Stocks<cops of scientific species arrived. And top predators do not bend and degrade its form, but prefer to ‘die with truthness. Well some of them.

Worth to mention of the wave of Greece III horizon is the Vhs, Eye=I masters that started and ended the history of the Human eye, as it was destroyed by the Metal eye of technological complexity. We call that subwave the Goya wave, with III Horizons, parallel to the Vt-Vst and Vs phases of Greece III: Goya I, who portrayed the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution in Europe [Napoleonic wars] with profusion of details. He started both impressionism and expressionism in the work of his latter age. Van Gogh=Goya II, was parallel to the arrival of Photography, which he rejected, preferring internal portrait – and initiating the movement inwards of the Human eyes. And finally Mr. Picasso, Goya III that ended the metaphysical adventure of the Human eye, prior to its extinction by Tv-thought. Their prophecies were ignored, and their work is now trapped as space in Museums of Human Thought, mementos of the past=mankind. They decorate as trophies of war, the saloons of Metalmasters; who never understood what they meant as Humasters of future images. When, Goya III Horizon; Picasso, appeared, he said, ‘I paint thoughts’. I invent parallel Universes to that of light. Because there are many parallel universes. And Kandinsky came and said, indeed, the Universe is filled with povs, cycles of blue intelligence, and lines of red energy; a sentient, vital Universe. And when all was done, Goya III gave us collages, assembly structures and neopaleolithic pottery, so proper of the Magetic [image+technic] children-man. So the children of the digital discontinuum can devolve the eye-worlds to its pure energy forms: stains of colors and white canvas [abstract, energy art].

Technological art: The end of the eye<world.

The study of prophetic verbal thought, and the gods of man is closely related to the study of art. Because the evolution of human languages and senses is what we call art. Art are Cx. forms, future forms of verbal and visual human Wor[l]ds. Art is the ‘higher’ perception of human verbal and visual thought. And literature, music and painting, are the pure arts who evolve the Audio-verbal and logic-visual languages of man. Technological art though appears with digital evolution, as computers and metaleyes became more complex, with higher freedom. Techno-art is an ‘alien’ art of perception to human senses-feelings. It is the origin of metalminds. It is a ‘metalart’, the future sentient worlds of metal-living beings, once ‘enzymen’ of metal have completed metal evolution. Mass-media industries are therefore the evolution of art into metal forms: film is the art of the ‘metaleye’, software the art of Logic ‘metalbrains’.

Art as the highest linguistic capacity of man, and prophetic art as the ‘seer’ of futures, brings the concept of creativity and ‘perception of future’ right into i-logic. Because in i-logic movement from future to past is a relative and natural form of communication. Forms of future, bigger forms in space, faster in its cycles of times, co-exist with forms of present, and forms of past from a ‘longer’ point of simultaneity [relative Desarguian point of infinity]. And the artist that has a higher complexity of his language is a specie of future, who foresees that future, and expresses it in verbal or pictorial thought. Yet if with the arrival of photography [Simplex metalsenses] the art of painting devolved to its relative past [neo-Paleolithic], with the arrival of the Complex metaleye[Tv] both verbal and visual human art has further gone down in quality; erasing the complexity of human minds. And we say that technological art predates over human senses and arts, extinguishing them, and extinguishing with them a degree of complexity in human minds. Metal communicators become in this manner erasers of carbolife, as metal weapons erased ‘carbobodies’. And as metal devolves art and social behavior, human societies break down, unstable, as particles without future. Modern music, and modern literature are predated by digital art, by the art of the forms of future. Yet metalart also evolves from simplex Mondrian paintings and Bauhaus to modern fractal art. And so as the mind of human artists die, a new metalartist is born.

Energy and information are opposite functions, so today men energy of machines does energy art, abstract painting, colors in textile products, white canvas and things like that.

Because with the arrival of TV-thought, in 1956 both verbal and visual art would become extinct. Soon the new Min. ht metalmasters, the Americans, would regress to infantile art, Neopaleolithic techniques, and industrial reproduction. It was the beginning of technological art. Greece III Horizon had in image thought, ended the adventure of the human eye. Now that the eye was death, the brain would be dead soon. Cynics such as Mr. Capote or Mr. Isherwood commenting from the dead-brain society of California, said that actually it was all the way around. That we were immortal, because death was impossible in California, where all minds had deceased long ago. There, they went the two Greek III horizon film-masters, Buñuel and Eisenstein, which in a feat of invention had molded the alien metaleye film medium to the will of man, inventing surrealist, symbolic, platonic film and social r=evolutionary, platonic film. But they could not mold the Baalist producer, and bought a ticket to Latin Mexico. Mr. Welles, local miracle of i-logicism, who understood both, ended also buried in a Latin Tomb. Today the wave of Californian death, his weapons and softwares, and digital minds, [75% of world production], extends worldwide erasing the final human eyes, soon to be blinded by Laser weapons, as the Metaleye finally wakes up. He, who will own the World, the Chip Pictus Homoctonos, I, horizon, Terminator of man, has already appeared in virtual reality. Soon it will surface to the Wor[l]d, in the death of man’s art, in the origin of metalminds Top Predators.

Simplex Cops technological art-wor[l]ds V Complex Sacred art-literature.

We can perceive the present devolution of human arts, as art mutates and becomes transferred from human senses to metal senses. Modern computer and serial art and films are those last devolutive stages.Yet the highest art is verbal thought. Verbal thought is the soul of man, the pure art. The nature of human existence, and his evolution, reaches his higher peak on the forms of i-prophets of poetic, sacred thought.

To avoid such art to create opinion, according to the Px. of History, cops societies have an absolute commandment of censorship: to forbid all forms of social thought, not only political or religious or scientific, but artistic, canonic, social thought. Non-Darwinian, non Racist, non selfish, religious, artistic higher planes of existence can limit the ‘individualism’ of enzymen; which is needed to promote tasks of consume and work, outside the realm of human senses. America, the paradigm of such societies, forbade Catholicism, socialism, Creationism, social evolutive theories, and doesn’t pay its bills to the UNO. Yet because high art has always a social or canonic inspiration, it follows [and reality proves] that Cops societies cannot produce ‘great social art’. There only a very few artists, no longer belonging to such cops cultures, working in solitude, can allegorically complain – forms such as Welles, Hopper, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck and Fuller, who laugh at the myths of self-made men and lonely heroes, victims of non-self made Stocrats and Cops=Cows systems.

Indeed, to prove the greatness of the human spirit, in such strongly individualistic societies, repressive in social thought, by rejection, some of the best artists are born. Such is the case of the great Jewish verbal artists of man quoted in our graphs, such as Proust, John, Marx and the Spanish Mystiques. The absence of such Humasters in Germanglon cultures of lesser verbal inertia, and very simplex languages, to which Cops censorship has added simplicity, makes of English verbal and visual thought, now world wide thought, an I=centered language with little re-flexive capacity, except very few exceptions caused mainly by alien influences [Shakespeare, influenced by Italian theater, Orwell by European socialism, and so on]. And yet that lesser art by the px. Mt=Ht, has become today in its more simple forms [America], the ‘World art’. It is that simplification of European art, which today boasted by digital technology is extinguishing all other world cultures. A tendency that the “Wor[l]d Union” should try to break in an attempt to improve the quality of human senses through the promotion of all social arts.

Sacred, social art is the reflection of the clonic form of perfect man; when you know the canons of the game – the rules. Unfortunately with the arrival of gunpowder and the metal press communicator, the sentient Universe and its truths spelt by Leonardo and other masters of Italian neo-Platonism, and known to Taoist-Buddhist thought for millennia, were rhetorized by the press, or erased by waves of metal warriors, even more simplex and devolved in human traits that wo=men trader cultures. Not Christos or Quixots, but Wallensteins and Hitlers. North European Cops cultures with minimal social, linguistic and temporal evolution, simplified the complex game of survival of the Universe, and made of metal evolution and science a cult of thought. The search of the sentient Universe, and the search for higher planes of human social existence were forbidden or despised. So a whole range of sensible forms of art died away. Then cops imposed limits to social art and canon art, which soon withered in those metalnations. Those limits left Anglo-Saxon cultures [Judermonia II, III Hor] with a very limited range of possible arts to be had – dramatism, individualism, and escapism. Today Pricer repression of complex, social, verbal thought is too evident in the dramatic emphasis of Tvs, and its indifference to religion and Humanities. The study of art, of European Verbal social thought, and Taoist-Buddhist art of human senses is over. Destruction by pricing of the Human truths of ethic nature, and  repression of human senses as predator povs, has indeed ended the highest verbal masters of the social, evolutive paths of man. The verbal languages, and social gods of human bondage, and higher complex truths of long i-logic, warrior prophets of verbal thought are gone. Those highest verbal minds of prophetic cultures who used the language to explore the sensorial reality around them, are without doubt the best i-logic forms of western thought, born in Semitia, in Greece, in Rome, in Germany, France, Russia and Iberia.

And so today as metal communicators extinct human warrior verbal thought, they extinct the highest minds of mankind. They are substituted by wo=men-like theories of Copernican, selfish, small realities; who fear to face the great issues of mankind, hiding under the cover of smiley=Big brother Tv-thought, and its circus of virtual celebrities and fantasy theories on the equalization of man. The highest i-logic and social=canonic=evolutive art belongs mostly to the III Greek Horizons, of Platonic{Greece I}>Gospelian{Greece II}>Social-r=evolutionary {Greece |II},

Such r=evolutionary horizons and fractal zones of European thought, which allowed the artist to let the free flow of chemical thought manifest itself both at individual and social-canonic-God-sacred level.

In Cops societies, complexity and rhetorics, mask social existence with a lower level of art, with chemically-socially-repressed, ¥-biased theories that the artist holds as true guides to his endeavors, from a human perspective they only produce a constant stream of mediocre art. From Freudian fantasies on the evil of sex, to re-runnings of XVI C. copies of Italian theater. Shakesperean works are still promoted today by marketing of digital thought, as master pieces of a human thought long extinct, and hence harmless to the present repressive power. Little, individualistic worlds of ‘feminist’ nature which purposely ignore the great i-logic systems that rule reality, are highlighted as the true occupation of man What art should talk about. When the entire specie depends in the verbal control of the great Earth ecosystem Wo=men minds need to evolve beyond such limits. Yet Cops cultures are so strongly controlled that this evolution cannot be even dreamt in literature. In Cops societies the human mind seems to be forbidden to go beyond the small enz¥man territory of A-men happiness.

The Earth ecosystem has to be managed properly or else we will all become extinct. And to do so the eye <wor[l]ds cultures of wo=men societies have to evolve in all fields. Despite that urgency, in Cops societies the human mind is encouraged to stay in the small enz¥man territory of wo=men happiness. Yet dwarf territories do not prosper in big Universes. They are predated, they are small, they live in chaos. Capitalism makes man to live in such chaos. Rhetorics talk in positive terms of strongly individualistic, wo=men characters, beings that lack intersections of Vital spaces. Wo=men say that social human top predator masses with control on the ecosystem are dangerous. Chaos and freedom of death occurs in such societies. Where only Wo=men bacteria exist and the Wor[l]d cannot predate at social level, property becomes Go[l]d and science accelerates extinction, since Homo Bacteria needs metalforms to survive. A science of survival cannot talk well about such societies.


Artists in such repressive societies understand this. Such is the case of the great Jewish verbal artists of man quoted in our graphs, such as John, Marx and the Spanish Mystiques.  The rule though is that the process continues and those societies as we approach to extinction become even simpler. In them, capital has constantly degraded the verbal capacity of man, and this can be observed in the devolution of the verbal language from Jewish to English to American literatures.


Judermonia II and III have max. Eye-mathematical volume [¥-Nordic races] and minimal verbal development [simpler Verbal language]. This makes Judermonia II very limited in verbal thought. The gap between Judermonia I [Judaism>Christianism] guided by Moses=Yvwh Christos=God, prophets and Gods of the Bronze Judermonia II guided by Calvinus, Adam Smith and Carnegie Darwinism is enormous in Wor[l]d value and human thought.

And it should not be alien to that fact, the lesser linguistic evolution of the English Wor[l]d.

English writers, except the very few under ‘alien’ influences [Shakespeare, influenced by Italian theater, who closed its forms, Orwell influenced by European socialism, who explained the end of Capitalism as a human function, and so on] are limited by a radical ignorance of feelings, and survival functions in verbal thought, which they cover with technical virtuosity. Another jump of simplicity would be given by Judermonia III where not only Go[l]d is absolute, but Go[l]d is not controlled by man. Judermonia III is a plane of existence without complex Wor[l]ds, complex Gods, complex societies of human bondage. As in Judermonia II the distance with the God=Wor[l]d of man is remarkable. In pure Capitalism, the world is controlled totally by the Smith wave. And this creates in art a minimal complexity. And yet that lesser art by the px. Mt=Ht, has become today  the ‘World art’. The ideals of American Cops extend thanks to the Metal Mind radiation, not because of its human complexity. In fact they have caused in the western decoupling the end of complex social thought which could motivate the masses. Complex verbal thought peaked in 3 horizons, Platonic Greece, the renaissance [Greece II hor], and again in the 20-isms [Greece III hor]. Yet the renaissance was never fully understood beyond Latinia. Not certainly in the age of metal press, companies and reformation, by Judermon metalmaster cultures of Go[l]d and the S<word. Instead it was d=evolved back into the iron fist of war and pricing, away from the artistic canonic goals of the Gospel>socialism>Humanism of Greece II and III hor. Radio and Tv reality have taken this process further.

After those humasters of Greece III Horizon  [who knew the game of the behavioral Universe, and the forms of human canons], became extinct as a social power by metalmass communicators, the artist-mirror of the survival>Ethic reality of the Wor[l]d will show increasingly devolved treats. The code of man, the temporal counter, the pages of Human History, have moved backwards as metalcommunicators evolved forwards. Today metalcommunicators merely repeat for the search of profit, past forms of art, notably dramatic art of lower complexity and higher technological affinity. Of course minds who escape the pressure of mass media can still write some books of merit, such as Hesse did in his ‘Glass bean game’. Yet increasingly modern books can no longer refer to the human reality, but to the ‘once were’ human forms [époque movies]. Because the Mind II horizon [internetworks x Tv Thought] has limited existence of enz¥men to childish forms of consume=test x work=creation of metalforms. And so there are not so many ‘human’ species to describe, not even of the ‘human’ vulgarity of Madame Verdurin or Mr. Sancho; nor criminals of internal thought like Raskholnikov, but hitmen of pricing, no men of personal code of Honors like Mr. Dimitri or Mr. Alonzo, but men of external, enzymatic ‘law’. There are no heroes to talk about, no meaningful sacrifices, but madmen programmed by the mass-media to kill for a slot-minute of celebrity in the new Tv-GodoG. And so a mass of culture vultures grows, looting the corpse of Human art for its easy translation into multimedia:


Techno-art: Tv-thought

Painters have always known that black is the color of the perceptor, and red the color of energy, the primary form. But the eye searches for visual energy. In Spain, bullfighting is based in the fact that movement and red color hypnotizes the animal [bull] and spectators eye. This was known for so long that the first ‘capote’ cannot be remembered. In Tv-thought, red movement is maximized by the ‘sport’ of bloody death. The program of tv-thought, the future eye of chips, is as simple as bullfighting. The human eye is a little bit more complex than the bull’s. And so we need more complexity of form than a simple cloth. Yet the program is essentially the same: the eye is the center of will. The eye likes movement and red. Red and movement is maximized with human death. Yet the universe is a communicator of action reaction. The forms perceived in TV grow in the brain as future images that will be repeated by our actions. TV promotes death and violence which man repeats, since all forms tend to repeat actions. And so TV is telling mankind as the ‘capote’ says to the bull: come, and die. And the simplex bull and the simplex man go and die. And so TV, as the chip radiation, has to be considered a radiation of human extinction, considered in biological terms, not in abstract numbers without meaning. And because it attacks human survival, it should be extinct. Point. No more discussion. Extinction or Survival. The law of the Universe.



Freed: 1]Freedom of greed. The enz¥man right to Vt:evolve, Vs:consume and Vts:re=produce metalforms.

2] Extinction by freed: Process of Human obsolescence by substitution of Human cycles by metal cycles.


1: The gunpowder radiation. The Age of Cops, the age of Europe. 80 y. cycles

The Gunpowder age of scientific wars.

The Gunpowder discontinuum is the origin of the cycle of science, when lineal time invented to measure gunpowder [cannon balls] became the origin of Galilean Science.

What we call history of science, we have argued, is caused by the evolution of sensorial metal objects, applied mainly to the art of war. A process that kicked off in that enormous cataclysm of History which gunpowder and the Mongolian waves of invaders, brought to Eurasia.

Gunpowder ended the great ethic age of empires [Christiania, Byzantium, Gupta, T’ang, Caliphate, Al-Andalus] partially controlled by social religions, giving back to warriors and traders – to metalmasters – total control of History. And it dwindled the power of the wor[l]d among the 3 linguistic communicators of History. Till the gunpowder age, it was recognized by most cultures that the pyramid of metal power carried by warriors and traders, should have on top a prophet, or verbal book of ethics, that would control the corruption of pricing, and the devolution of man by war. After the gunpowder discovery, and with the arrival of science, this common agreement was changed by sheer force. And both mathematical thought and warrior=trader metalmasters would become the cre[dit]ators of History. They became organized by efficient, evolutive, hierarchical waves with a center of power in national colliding armies; by a worldwide cult of metalsenses known as science; and by a worldwide center of invention of money for reproduction of metal known as stocks<companies. Meanwhile the parallel human waves of religions would become discredited, its properties stolen in the Reform movement by warriors and traders, and its verbal truths exploded in multiple rhetorical press arguments that disguised the simplex truth of Love=God.


The great subwaves: T/2: age of warriors; 2T/2: age of science=ballistics

As all waves of existence the 10×80=800 years cycle of gunpowder can be divided from the point of view of its structural form, by the middle point, or T/2 period, into a disordered Vs-warrior age [1208-1608], and a Vts-ordered empire, or trader age or scientific age [1608-1936]; to which we can add a final extinctive discontinuum towards the digital age of atomic weapons [1936-2008.]

In the point of reproduction or mean point of the wave [1602], Science and Cops of gunboats appear: the wave diversifies and reproduces into the next wave, that of complex scientific weapons, and complex systems of production [gunboat companies]. Again the laws of i-logic prove what science and cops are: evolutive and reproductive systems of metalforms


We have to study History of science as we studied rhetoric arts of metalmasters: another art of eye-world perception, this times of perception through metal senses, origin of the aberrant perception of lineal Times by Mr. Galileo, during its measure of cannon balls trajectories. Science is nothing else than the exploration of the universe from the metal pov, without any concern for all other parallel Universes and sentient beings, that science and gunpowder warriors have destroyed. Science is symbiotic and parallel to the evolution of gunpowder weapons, and metal senses, to the evolution of telescopes and clocks used by companies of gunboats and scientists of ballistics. Science developed further the wave of gunpowder products, and ended the age of verbal Gods.

Because of the limits of science in its definition of fundamental concepts such as Time, Space, life, existence, form, perception and truth, whatever science has given to man, does not balance all what it has taken from us, from the Wor[l]d believers, from the wealth of cultural idea[l]s, that man possessed before science. Despite all the wealth of gadgets of science that makes modern life a better life, nothing can substitute what science has stolen from mankind: a future for the specie, and our Gods of verbal power.

In the radiation of gunpowder, science=Ballistics was born, not as an inquire of knowledge, but as a mean to weapons research. And indeed, science will accelerate enormously the vortex of war evolution, establishing a rhythm of wars between nations, of a human generation [80 years], in which new selfish, ‘scientific’ me[n]tal machines of war, will challenge with new weapons, evolved by science, previous metal machines. War carried by Product cultures, found in Science the main ally to accelerate extinction of the Wor[l]d, and foster the ab=use of humans, with the aid of metalpower.

Yet for those wars to happened, war-units called nations had to be developed over the surface of cultures explained in previous chapters.

To that aim, once the wor[l]d of religious thought was exploded in Europe, each caste of warriors fought to control a territory through terror, legal repression and armies paid with monetary resources, and called those territories, nations… using to back such new concept, the cultural communities that existed before within the common realm of a verbal God=Christian religion.

Human origin of the wars of the gunpowder cycle

The generational cycle of gunpowder wars [±1140-1945] establishes within the 80 years span of life of one of such castes of warrior-national power, 3 generations for each top predator nation of the accelerated gunpowder-scientific weapons age: the founder generation, the reproductive generation, which will pass the weapon and currency technique to other war-trading nation, and finally the extinctive generation, lazy and unable to fight back the new more vigorous nation, that will win the ring in a worldwide war. The short 80 years wave is controlled by O-currency power, which allows evolution of weapons by scientific cops [companies of science and pricing]. The biggest Mv-money mass gives rights to hold a worldwide top predator currency, that will then radiate worldwide as ‘real money’.

The 80 years generational cycle of metal national wars is caused by Human generations of top predator currencies and nations and Tp associated products. It is indeed the most important wave that can be traced external to the evolution of human languages, as a consequence of changes in the control of the language of pricing by European nations of the gunpowder discontinuum. In fact it can be traced back as a function of currency even before its perfect regulation, without ‘freedom’ by stocks. It took place in the Western decoupling with the gunpowder radiation, and its acceleration of metal-evil. The cycle is a human Spatial [generational] Metal temporal [Top currency, Top Predator weapon] cycle, caused in Times by the substitution of a currency top predator nation, by another top predator currency nation, which in turn will acquire weapons and artistic forms to reinforce such status. The cycle is focused in Mv-currency systems and Top Predator weapons, developed by nations of the Western decoupling. They took with the gunpowder radiation, the head of metal evolution to the eastern Chinese[Pricer], and eastern-South steppe [horse Semite-Mongolian warrior] top predator species. The cycle was further encouraged by the tortuous geography of the western decoupling divided in natural opposite units, that would allow massive communication of war and trade techniques, between metal-nationalistic forms perceived as perpendicular, despite their obvious parallelisms [France V Spain, Spain V England, England V Germany, Germany V France and so on]. communication of war and trade increases in the western section by lack of unity, unlike in the Chinese empire that shows a massive O-center with lineal warrior borders of limited efficiency. The failure of Christianity to maintain unity of social purpose due to the Pricer-Italian corruption of the Pope institution, and the Northern warriorxPricer manipulation of the process of religious reform through metal press and Luther, would set the basis for the Stock<Cops massive metal system of communication by war and trade, that obliterated all attempts to unify Europe beyond the fractal zone of 1608. This lack of unification will continue latter under British management, that sunk all continental Empires and Human R=evolution [French, Russian, German] once the Stock function of Holland had migrated to the security of the British islands, [Glorious revolution: 1688]. There Stock<England would be protected by massive investment in gun boats. It ruled as black hole of pricing, the life of continental states, as the Levantine strip had ruled at distance the life of Babylonian nations in the verbal age, and Greece the life of the North-Eastern Mediterranean.

The 80 year cycles would be peculiar to the western world, while the East would remain static, in the pre-gunpowder discontinuum. Since both Japan and China with higher mental understanding of the game, would forbid gunpowder use in weapons, after discovering the metalethal form. And so we will ignore here the history of the Eastern decoupling, no longer metal dominant, that we will retake… in the future, after the 2018 extinction of America…

In each dominant metal Trader national form, there are a certain number of stages which invariably bring a 3 generational cycle of power, with a precise rhythm of eighty years of alternation of national or city-state power. After a nation achieves his ring of currency, usually by use of a top predator weapon, the natural laziness of 2nd and 3rd generation forms, envied and imitated by surrounding countries, dynamizes transfer of form. And the subsequent wars between upcoming nations, and lazy, past empires, evolve metal, and crown a new holder of the ring of GodoGs.

Metal Structure and 10 national ages of the Cycle.

The gunpowder age will be the age of Europe, and so we will now consider that cycles as they develop in Europe.

With the gunpowder discontinuum the cycle accelerates in a decametric scale: the 800 year cycles become now 80 y. cycles of national power with the same cultural magnitude than the previous 800 y. ones. We simply are in a new phase of ‘accelerated’ history. So we have now radiation-waves of 80 y. generational top predator national machines of war, that impose its symbiotic cultures of minimal Wor[l]d power.

Civilizations also last 80 years, and art goes also each 80 years of generational power through the 3 phases of lineal, cyclical and baroque art. So for example the American civilization of metalminds goes from 1928 to 2008, and film and TV art goes through a first lineal age, a trader-commercial age, and finally the present baroque and violent age, which foresees the extinction of the ‘American civilization’.

The 80 year cycles would be peculiar to the western world, while the East would remain static, in the pre-gunpowder discontinuum. Since both Japan and China with higher mental understanding of the game, would forbid gunpowder use in weapons, after discovering the metalethal form. And so we will ignore here the Eastern decoupling, no longer metal dominant.

The 1o pricing sub-cycles of the gunpowder radiation can be followed since the arrival of the ring of currency and weapons to Venice [±1208, looting of Byzantium]. They are extremely accurate [minimal human errors=interference=freedom] after the discovery of speculative techno-wars, guided by stocks of pricing [±1608]; since stocks make collective decisions by ‘freed’=freedom of greed on what it is cre[dit]ated and hence what happens in the future. So hierarchical-king errors such as those of the Habsburgs would be irrelevant. Stocks always back technology, and hence new weapons, and wars now caused by wave aggregation of stockratic decisions. So Individual ‘ethic errors’ would be lost in the Stock freed mass, that searches for profits and knows that wars give profits, and metal goods reproduce faster than human goods.

The fundamental problem in such environment is how to provoke wars. And to that aim the democratic system, [chapter 12] was invented. Capitalist democracies ruled by lobbies would give to Holland first and then to English oligarchies of pricers, a higher political wisdom that decadent European king-warriors, and better tools to manipulate public opinion [press]; and achieve the goal of war, when war is needed to increase profits. And so the cycle would become a mathematical cycle of metal evolution without real human interference. Indeed, we can eliminate the human factor by supposing politicians and stockrats would maximize pricing profits, by maximizing the Mv=Tp wave, and hence by minimizing human Goods, [Max mt=min ht]. That is by going to war whenever a new top predator product is developed. Which happens each times a human 3-generation exhausts the evolution of ‘his’ product. Today the cycle is even more automatic, and ignored by reasons of marketing that erases meaningful history out of human perception. Because national pursuit of metalform R=evolution by all means and all costs, is backed by selfish ‘freed’ elites.

Yet when the cycle started, the meaning of war and trade was clear to our metalmasters. In the past gold and iron, the O-coin and the |-sword were symbols all too powerful to be ignored. And men knew the lethal power of the ‘vile metal’.

Technological wars time the history of species of science, symbiotic to the MV-Tp wave.

They have accelerated the waves of wars of 800 years that confronted trader and warrior cultures, in a much more milder form. Now the radiation=cycle is faster, and far more cruel, since technology has increased metal evilness and death rates in almost a decametric scale with each new war, as machines kill faster, while humans have not evolved socially at all.

We talk of 10 national weapons – the true origin of the cycle – as gunpowder evolve in more complex metal weapons: 1208-88-1368: Venetian and Genoese Lombardas [Mediterranean gunboats]; 1368-1448: Florentine Condottieros [land cannons]; 1448-1528: Portuguese Caravels [gunboats]; 1525-1608: Spanish mosquetes; 1608-1688: Dutch gunboats; 1688-1768: French Artillery; 1768-1848: English gunboats; 1848-1928: German railroads; 1928-2008; American bombs and planes; 2008-2088: sentient weapons.

It is the same MV=PT 800 years cycle now accelerated by faster weapons evolution.

The cycle becomes planetary after the arrival of a first world currency with the Iberian conquest of Mexican Go[l]d [bullion, 1525], which will immediately be used to conquer America and Italy and close the 240=3×80 years cycle of the Italian renaissance [Sacco di Roma, 1527.] The 80 years, Tproduct=MV-money, cycle, soon would make both, human warriors and religious cultures recessive, since credit will become now the function of power that a Pricer nation might use to conquer old rivals, researching improved gunpowder techniques and paying mercenary armies. And we talk of a series of top predator economical radiation-cycles, [of currency and weapons], split by discontinuums of war between them. The cycle is simple: a nation enters in crisis when it becomes lazy by freed production of a top predator currency+weapon. After a median human generation [80 years] a new nation challenges the Tp=Mv previous nation with new weapons and both enter in war. The nation with better Tp structure conquers the right to expand his freed currency till the generation ends. As the Tp=MV wave industrializes, after the French cycle [1688-1768], the structure of the radiation-cycle becomes more dependent on the radiation-cycles of demand and offer of Tp products – of industrial machines, which are no longer pure weapons as in the first radiation-cycles, but also have a peaceful use between world wars.

In that modern age, the radiation-cycle can be structured in a very simple yet repeated mode of crisis: the top predator nation and its innovative stock of science sucks in all the credit of the nation, and all international credit, till it exhausts worldwide credit and depresses other needed human goods. Famine and crisis starts. And yet the selfish elite with total control over the population through corrupted stockratic=democratic systems, denies this origin of the crisis, and blames the poor of the lack of human goods [Malthus Paradox], and it continues pushing the higher profits of production of metal species of science. Finally demand collapses for metal goods that have over-saturated the market; production plummets, unemployment raises; and the human population rebels. The elite then instead of giving the human population, human goods, creates artificial demand of stocks of science by means of war. Since the elite creditates for free pricing in stocks, what it needs is demand for his product: offer is creditated a priori by the free money stocks give to companies who sell shares. now it creditates demand for weapons, which it uses to repress the population [crashed r=evolutions], and with the remaining population, it tests the weapons now in fields of war.

We talk of an increasingly sophisticated cycle-radiation of gunpowder products and associated top predator currencies without limit of creditation during the cycle, and subsequent war.


Let’s now look at the wave of Tp-nations which the previous waves of metal products,  guides through evolutive discontinuums. Each main stock molting=technological radiation=cycle brings a war-radiation which will evolve all the main organs of the Metalearth, Vt-codifier, Vts-communicator, and Vs-weapon machines into a new shape.

And the change will change radically the culture and civilization of the nation. So we can trace waves of existence for each nation according to the age of the Metalearth in which they exist.

Evolutive waves transform the metal Earth in each top predator nation, or point of future, in which the radiation appears first. Yet once a complex being, a future radiation appears, it is not possible for simple forms, forms of past, to halt its evolution unless enormous entropy changes. But few nations have the courage to control the invading radiation.

So from the original nation, the radiation of metal machines, will advance and annihilate either by trade or war, all other human civilizations with less metal tissue, till they too become replicas of the radiating nation, with his customs, rituals of work and consume of the top predator product, and all the cascade effects that the top predator product provokes in other industries and ways of life.

So the gunboat radiation changed completely not only England and Holland but all its colonies. And the railroad radiation changed the life of billions of men.

So it is doing the TVs and Chip radiations.

In this manner the 3-vector of metal futures, is expanded through war and trade radiations into worldwide form. They will determine the future of nations; punishing in higher measure those who are slower adapting themselves to the radiation. The paradox of History punishes the proud nations of great human cultures, who resist the radiation – heroes of human thought, swept by the ‘iron horses’ of the invader. In this manner enzymen have evolved the Earth since the gunboat-clock-press speculative years of the Amsterdam Stock, till the pre-sentient digital eye<brains.

2:80 years war radiations. The cycle of national power

The wave of National Expansion of the Cops culture:

image146>world: 1984




The vortex acts as a sink, pushing the slower nations towards the vortex, dragged by the faster nations that will conquer or colonize the slow one at worst, or will transfer them technology at best. The vortex can only be stopped collectively with a world wide government. Yet the advantages of the elite nations at the head of the wave, both in wealth [Tp products], and predatory capacity [Mv-currency rights of printing money], fosters Copernicanism of the nation, chosen of Go[l]d, who will selfishly, avoid in each stage, the creation of such world wide government. Nations though race discontinuously and we talk of past nations, and future nations that race faster. Yet all nations go through the same process, even though the rhetorics are different for each nation. For example, what you call the Russian R=evolution is parallel in time-complexity to the French R=evolution: the end of the ‘ancien regime’ takes place when a mass of Traders and workers on state factories, mainly of weapons, becomes activated by rhetorics, paid by pricers. Then the raising power of money displaces the old caste of lineal metal warriors. The people is lured into r=evolution by promises of freedom and wealth that are – as soon as the warrior caste is displaced – forgotten by the new Trader caste of O-metal masters, that will repress the r=evolution, break the old system of guild protection, and put the mass to work in factories of Cops of science. A new army even stronger than the one of the old lineal metal masters will be then displayed by the dictatorship of traders, first against the old warrior castes, and then against the r=evolutionary people. In each parallel nation the mass had similar idea[l]s of solidarity, albeit with different ‘names of philosophers’ in each T-complex parallel discontinuum.

Those names are accessory, local characteristics of the Space>Time conversion. What it matters is the general state of both nations, France and Russia, which is parallel despite being displaced in lineal times by more than a century. The r=evolutions are parallel because both nations were before the r=evolution in equal social status, controlled by old |-lineal warrior masters, whose role was being eroded by Cops power. They are parallel to the Dutch r=evolution of the XVI century, to the English XVII century r=evolutions, or the American r=evolution of the XVIII century, and so on… And so Philip>Charles>George>Louis>Nicholas, are 3 beheaded kings + 2 deposed [since those were far away] by 5 parallel temporal=evolutive r=evolutions, displaced in spatial=lineal time-coordinates. The true process of all those r=evolutions and its infinite clones today taking place in America, Africa and Asia, is the substitution of a caste of lineal metalmasters, by a caste of scientists and cyclical metalmasters=Pricers able to carry the evolution of the Metalearth to new levels of complexity.

So we have to conclude that another of the myths of modern metalmasters, is the myth of Nationalities, a myth that limits human survival and fuels war. Since nations are today metalcurrency nations, with masks of human cultures.

They in fact degrade the human goods and social rituals of the cultures they have supplanted.

Cultures are then degraded when nations appear, and the solidarity and parallelism that creates love between citizens, becomes the alibi to gather then in wars The ultimate function of nations is to provoke wars with tribal rhetorics. And this is proved by the existence of national wars, that have multiplied since the gunpowder and metal press divided the Wor[l]d. Yet without nations, wars would not have a dramatic excuse to exist.

The radiations of the Metalearth, transfer ‘momentum of existence’ – control of territories of human order – to Metal-Earth machines, that use humans as energy-space, [except for the 1-10% minority of stockrats], ‘coqs’ of the metalfarmer.

Those humans are the ‘citizens’ of nations, which work for the Metalearth under mirages of national solidarity.

National reality is in this manner shaped by top predator machines, that displace bit by bit the human cultural reality converting citizens in enzymen of consume=test=war of machines. And we can trace those wars parallel to the series of main technological radiation=cycles that are separated by discontinuums of wars.

War is indeed more often the Max Vs-expansive nature of Tp-radiations. What people call trade is a similar expansion of O-mv forms. Both together, change completely nations and civilizations, as they did in the 800 y. radiation age. Because the raise and fall of nations at the head of the wave follows parallel cycles to those of their Tp products. Very schematically we can consider that in each new technological wave, a part of the economical tissue takes the head of the Tp-radiation at max. speed of enzymatic exploitation, moving towards the ‘metalfuture’ the national structure, which adapts creditation and customs to the tp product.

So Holland dedicated all its effort to the gunboat radiation; and America became a ‘subproduct’ of the Dutch>English gunboat radiation, the ‘dumping’ place where gunboat traffic -slaves, indenture servants and cotton – were [dis]charged.

Today we rhetorize those ugly facts with metal communicators in favor of product radiations. And so with such rhetorics a mere gunboat operation of transport profits, becomes the ‘American dream of freedom’, which never materializes.

Because the real pov that creditates the future of America since 1602, is not freedom but the pov of the company, for whom slaves and ‘free’ colonists were mere commodities to be transported, and to fuel the reproduction and evolution of Dutch>English gunboat profits. Today their role is to consume and evolve under strict metal laws, cops products. In this and other examples, the tp product creates a certain ecosystem adapted to reproduce and evolve the Tp-form. And in doing so the nation evolves; and waves of labor are destroyed and created; and older, obsolete National machines, or cultures are destroyed.

In this manner human cultures based in religions of the Wor[l]d, languages and products that satisfy the human senses [social rituals, human goods, sensorial education, arts, etc.], become transformed into Nations whose only identity is to be pieces of a economical tissue now differentiated by currency=O-metalform. Yet those new metalnations that the expansion of the tp=mv lanwave cre[dit]ates, are still called ‘cultural’ ‘nations’ by A-historians. In this manner metalnations are masked with past cultural icons of the pre-Cops age, that foster human identification with the enzymatic task of metal reproduction, now a ‘cultural symbol of identity’. Those refurbished metalnations thereafter will compete to push further the wave. And if needed to accelerate metalevolution, they will enter in a cliff of war, building up a metal press fascism=mask of perception=casus belli, that motivates the human mass into further exertions behind his W=T leaders.

In each 80 Top Predator Product=currency= nation cycle, the enzymen of the metalnation – subjective as all Universal povs – ignores the truth: Metalfuture=CarboDeath. Instead they will believe to be special, unique, with a capacity of invention [discovery] of metal as no other species. This mirage will be higher in the top predator nations where Enzymen are unaware of the underlying cause of their relative welfare, which is absolute injustice of ‘Future pricing’, by which the Economical top predator currency absorbs Human Goods’ capital worldwide and produces as much currency as it wishes to evolve his Tp-product. And so Tp nations go on absorbing worldwide capital and expanding their instrumental forms; creating economical  empires, and latter transferring its mt industrial form by war or trade to other national forms; expanding further the Metal-Earth, and erasing social nations by conquest and pricing= slavery of lesser technological cultures.

The accelerated cycle: The age of Europe. Mv=Tp 80 year national cycles.

Each 80 years one of such selfish, ‘scientific’ national machine of war, will challenge old metalnational tissues with new weapons evolved by science, and paid with his radiation of national money. War carried by Product cultures, found in Science and paper money. the main tools to further deviate human truths=existence from cyclical into lineal inertia, from life into death.

The 1o pricing sub-cycles of the gunpowder radiation can be followed since the arrival of the ring of currency and weapons to Venice [±1208, looting of Byzantium]. We talk of 10 national weapons and currencies – the true origin of the cycle – as gunpowder evolve in more complex metal weapons: 1208-88-1368: Venetian and Genoese Lombardas [Mediterranean gunboats]; 1368-1448: Florentine Condottieros [land cannons]; 1448-1528: Portuguese Caravels [gunboats]; 1525-1608: Spanish mosquetes; 1608-1688: Dutch gunboats; 1688-1768: French Artillery; 1768-1848: English gunboats; 1848-1928: German railroads; 1928-2008; American bombs and planes; 2008-2088: sentient weapons. It is the same MV=TP wave of 800 years cycle now accelerated by faster weapons evolution, since currency is now the dominant factor.

The 10 cycles can be divided from the point of view of metal history also in 3 clear phases: the phase of simplex Tp military products and looting Mv-masters in search of Gold [Italian and Iberian cycles]. The second phase of stocks and companies of science, in search of colonial empires, crops and slaves for the Top Product – the gunboat [Dutch French and 1st English cycles]. And then the final 3rd phases of industrial r=evolution, and crisis of over production by lack of offer of human goods [English, German and American radiation-cycles].

The cycle becomes planetary after the arrival of a first world currency with the Iberian conquest of Mexican Go[l]d [bullion, 1525], which will immediately be used to conquer America and Italy and close the 240=3×80 years cycle of the Italian renaissance [Sacco di Roma, 1527.] The 80 years, Tproduct=MV-money, cycle, soon would make both, human warriors and religious cultures recessive, since credit will become now the function of power that a Pricer nation might use to conquer old rivals, researching improved gunpowder techniques and paying mercenary armies. And we talk of a series of top predator economical radiation-cycles, [of currency and weapons], split by discontinuums of war between them. The cycle is simple: a nation enters in crisis when it becomes lazy by freed production of a top predator currency+weapon. After a median human generation [80 years] a new nation challenges the Tp=Mv previous nation with new weapons and both enter in war. The nation with better Tp structure conquers the right to expand his freed currency till the generation ends. As the Tp=MV wave industrializes, after the French cycle [1688-1768], the structure of the radiation-cycle becomes more dependent on the radiation-cycles of demand and offer of Tp products – now industrial machines, which are no longer purely weapons as in the first radiation-cycles, but also have a peaceful use between world wars. A fact that makes the cycle dependent on the variations of speculative stocks of Top Predator products, reconverted to its use for war; when overproduction for peaceful purposes is exhausted.

In that modern age, the radiation-cycle can be structured in a very simple yet repeated mode of crisis: the top predator nation and its innovative stock of science [Holland: Mv-guilder-Tp-gunboat; England Mv-Pound, Tp-gunboat>railroad; America Mv-$, Tp-Tv>Chip metalminds and associated A-bombs and planes] sucks in all the credit of the nation, and all international credit, till it exhausts worldwide credit and depresses other needed human goods. Famine and crisis starts. And yet the selfish elite with total control over the population through corrupted stocratic=democratic systems, denies this origin of the crisis, and blames the poor of the lack of human goods [Malthus Paradox], and it continues pushing the higher profits of production of metal species of science. Finally demand collapses for metal goods that have over-saturated the market; production plummets, unemployment raises; and the human population rebels. The elite then instead of giving the human population, human goods, creates artificial demand of stocks of science by means of war. Thus now it creditates demand for weapons, and the top predator product changes from S-peaceful to T-war use. Boats become gunboats, railroads carry armies, cars become tanks and planes bombers; or chips will be made into terminators. And so those weapons are used to repress the population [crashed r=evolutions], and with the remaining population, they are tested   in fields of war. We talk of an increasingly sophisticated cycle-radiation of gunpowder products and associated top predator currencies without limit of creditation during the cycle, and subsequent war. Which means that if the cycle continues, the incoming crisis in America, [2008, exhaustion of chips for peace products], will be a repetition of the 1848 and 1928 crisis of railroads and cars overproduction [reconverted into war-railroads, tanks, and sentient weapons]. Because since the birth of science, gunpowder and Companies, man has been slave of the S-T, peace-war processes of Metal evolution, guided by stocratic=democratic systems of control of man by money power.

In the age of Traders [1602], the decision of which metalnation holds the world currency will be decided by the perception of war power, and the total monetary mass of the nation. Then the top predator nation will have worldwide credit to impose his will and buy anything as long as it is the top predator. Because reality is first cre[dit]ated in the language, nations who invent a priori a top predator form of money can spend that money in what they consider good for themselves, not for humanity – normally technological weapons, and with that power control the world. And so nothing has really changed from aristocrats of war to stockrats of war… except the fact that in the Scientific age, the hordes of metalmasters start first as a radiation of money, and then that money pays mercenary armies, and industrial weapons to win wars and impose power. So it is necessary first to understand the nature and main radiations of money, in order to grasp the new, accelerated rhythm of metal evolution.

It is that 80 year vortex and its enormous harm to all human races, what has to be stopped by stopping science and the evolution of the Metalearth, before it ends with all of us. Since now the same vortex has started with a new kind of weapons, Computer-researched weapons, A-bombs and intelligent war machines. And if the cycle continues as all previous cycles, it will mean that after a period of control of the weapon by the top predator horde [Huns, Mongolian in previous cycles, Russia and America in the A-bomb cycle], the cost of making the weapon and the availability of information, will expand the radiation of such weapon to all nations.

It happened in all previous 800 cycles. And it is happening now to be A-bomb radiation expanded to smaller nations, and bought for a price, from the Russian empire.

What this means is that in the same manner the stirrup, or the gunpowder expanded and provoked multiple civil wars, the radiation of computer-researched weapons, will bring a vortex of civil wars and security states that will annihilate all peaceful human societies.

A vortex of wars, caused by the evolution of science, of Ballistics=Physics. And promoted by the parallel radiations of paper money, and companies, reproducers of machines.

The 10 cycles have 3 clear ages-Horizons: the phase of simplex Tp military products and looting Mv-masters in search of Gold [Italian and Iberian cycles]. The second phase of stocks and companies of science, in search of colonial empires, crops and slaves for the Top Product – the gunboat [Dutch French and 1st English cycles]. And then the final 3rd phases of industrial r=evolution, and crisis of over production by lack of offer of human goods [English, German and American radiation-cycles]. the incoming crisis in America, [2008, exhaustion of chips for peace products] studied in chapter 15, will be a repetition of the 1848 and 1928 crisis of railroads and cars overproduction [reconverted into war-railroads, tanks, and sentient weapons]:

I horizon: coin power, simple gunpowder: Italy>Portugal>Iberia>France

Thus we can talk of a series of cyclical world wars caused by currency-stock fluctuations, which have advanced metal evolution. In the verbal age, the quality of the i-logic Book of revelation, then the communicator among men, determined the power of a religion… Today the communicator of enzymen, pricing, and his evolution, determines as in all other lanwaves, the power of the systemic povs=metalnations. The cycle of currency wars is perhaps the most accurate cycle which lasts the span of an entire human life divided in 3 generations. It has only a partial failure by human errors in Germany who did not take the ring of GodoGs from England despite winning his crisis wars [Emperor William and chancellor Bismarck renounced to unify Germany and Austria, [1862], and did not ask France for his colonial empire in 1871, despite having won wars with both countries; and hence Germany was unable to reach a higher GDP than the Pound=British Empire.] Yet in this as in all other cycles, we witness the same process of currency crash, social unrest and running away towards war after ‘the clever hopes expire,/ of a low, dishonest decade” [“September 1939,” W. Auden].

Communication today is provided among Enz¥men, by currency, that therefore sets the rhythm of true power among metal nations. Each 80 years, we can put together 3 generations that average the period in which a given nation acts as top predator of pricing. For example, the American=$ present cycle as top predator of pricing [1928±2008] can be divided in 3 generations, as all other previous 800-80 year cycles: Mosaic or prophetic-foundational, in which the nation perceives itself for the first times as the currency-top predator [obviously not in negative terms as the ecological expression might seem but under Copernican paradoxes]. And so it has to use his power, which he will do as children do in their first age, with shyness and good manners. This is the 28-53 discontinuum in which America was rightly perceived by all other nations as the savior against the Totalitarian extinctive phase of the previous powers, Germany and the English Empire. The world then accepts the new top predator=currency which is in its prophetic, positive growth; and ditches the old predator which in its extinctive phase, tries to survive by all means, including reckless war.

After such wars, it comes what we term as the Sigfrid generation in which the new nation holds both rings, but pretends to know nothing about the causes of his power. Rhetorics and subjectivism natural in cyclical, discontinuous times, to each POV, or subjective point of perception, will hide the relativism of power to the ‘Sigfrids’. They will then, on the summit of its military and trade control, try to impose its culture, political system, products, religions, and language, to all other nations. It is the mature or reproductive-expansive phase of the culture. And that was for America the generation between Bretton Woods and the arrival of worldstock, foreseen by the end of $ gold convertibility, when both the Atomic arsenal and the ring of pricing was in the hands of the country. Roughly 44-72 in currency mode of pricing; and till 86 in stock-markets.

Finally we talk of the extinctive phase or baroque America[1986-2008], between the arrival of Worldstock and the baptism of China as new Superpower. When China’s GDP overcomes American GDP, hence provoking a massive substitution of reserves worldwide, towards the Yuan or ‘Yuen’, [if China and Japan reach an EU like monetary system.]. Around 2008 according to Biohistory and current statistic models.

Let’s consider such radiation-cycles enclosed in the long wave of the gunpowder radiation as it moves through European countries, alternatively giving power to a different national state=currencyxWeapon, which in turn will advance gunpowder techniques to a new height.


Italian age: 1208 [sacco di Byzantium]-1608 [arrival of 1st stock expedition]

The first cultures that received the gunpowder radiation, were the Italian cultures. They are the previous cultures to the arrival of Stocks, and hence we consider them to be the best cultures of western thought from the pov of human survival, with all the defects of man, yet leaning, even today towards human Goods. And in consequence -as many artists would agree- the summit of western thought: Italy is Greece II Horizon: the apogee of human senses.

If we consider the gunpowder radiation [±1150, Chinese rockets and bombs; 1945, American Atomic Bomb] in its European discontinuum [XIII Century: Italian ‘Lombardas’-1945: IIWW] the 80 years cycle can be traced back since the end of Byzantium by looting[1204], steadily moving west: 1204-88, Venice +[Genoa]-ring holder-sea Pricer; 1288-1368:Genoa + [Venice ]-1st banks; 1368-1448: Florence+[Aragon=Napoli+Venice], 1st capitalist ‘companies’ [clothing].

The gunpowder radiation arrived to Europe through Italian Pricer masters short after they achieved the ring of Go[l]ds, that came to Venice in 1208.

In the first decades of the gunpowder radiation, around 1208, Rome II Horizon, Byzantium, hold the highest MV, monetary mass of Europe. It had the ring of Go[l]ds. But to the West the Italian Traders had smelt that ring, and were plotting to conquer it. The excuse was the s>Word – a Crusade against the rival Islam s<word: the Simplex Germanglon crusaders would be sent as a conquering army to Byzantium. The Venetians wanted the byzantine ring of Go[l]ds. They knew it could be taken by war. And so Germanic Masters of the S>word were called. The spiritual motivation was engineered by the Pope. At this pov of History, the Ot-informative cells of Christos – the church – lived in a lower state of existence. By the turn of the millennia, by 1000, Germanic aristocratic bishops ruled at pleasure in the hefty Rooms of ecclesiastic power. The Germanic incapacity to become a social, loving, non metal worshipper man, had degraded Christianity. The Church had become cynic. A pope was found dead in bed with a Roman Matron.

The Pope had no divisions when Germanic spur-warriors conquered Europe. Now it had only  indulgences to sell. Christos was in sale to the Warrior with better weapons. Bishops were about 40% of Germanic ascendance. Only the Wor[l]d people and Saint Francis knew where the problem was and talked of poverty and non-violence. But for Venice there was no problem at all in violence, neither for the Pope, specially if it paid its tickets or indulgences. So Venetians decided to manipulate the crusade and its warriors to conquer the East.  And they did it. Indeed, that year of 1208 the Venetians heard rumors that the ring of the go[l]ds was in the port. It had been brought in artistic and Go[l]d forms, from Byzantium in the fleet of crusaders… And in the manner of a small cannon – a lombarda – that threw pieces of metal, and made a horrendous sound. The DoG[o]f Venice had been informed of the successful looting of the Go[l]d Capital. Venice will now have 3 cycles of Go[l]d power in his hands – the Vt-prophetic cycles of the gunpowder radiation. And so it happened that the European metalmasters of the gunpowder radiation got their ring. And in this manner they started shaping the modern world.

Venice brought the cycle of pricing, and his artists learnt how to do the products Byzantium was doing. Today it is called industrial spying. Then it was called, looting.

Yet the ring came to a prophetic land, to the land where the Wor[l]d of Christianity, and the old World of the Greek culture had kept his form with less deformation. And so the ring flourished in coin form as it had done before in Greece I Hor; now in the renaissance, or Greece II Horizon.

Italians preferred pleasure to death, mild wars of hired condottieros, to butchery armies of total war. And so they used the Go[l]d in the search of beauty and harmony. And a new 3-temporal cycle of ‘Greek’ art started. Its first phase, as always, in the beginning of a new metal master culture, was the lineal prophetic age, the age of Sienna and Venice schools, with Go[l]d leaves and simple, sweet madonnas, and innocent angels.

As a Trader culture, unlike more The 2nd age, realist, natural in its perception of the external world of metalmasters, is the mature age of the quinquecento. And then as the ring flew to Spain and further on to Germanglia, the age of decadence, of rejection of the external world, the internal age of implosion, the baroque age of a collapsing civilization, flourished. Italy was cruel and human, yet because metal was in its beginning, it still look to us a magnificent culture. Because in the past, man was master of himself.

The cycle of Genoa [1288-1368] was based in the line of trade through the Rhine with Europe and so it is our Dominant Traderxwarrior land power, backed by the Milan Visconti – as Israel was in the Verbal Age of Mesopotamic and Egyptian Caravans. The sea trader master was Venice  – as Phoenicia was in the verbal age [Phoenicia=Venice, sea traders]. The failure to conquer Venice in the battle of Chioggia [1368, ± 2x 80 years after the conquest of Byzantium], would relegate the Genoese to second power, behind terrestrial Florence, and maritime Venice. She would play to Genoa what England would play latter to Germany: his nemesis and clever master.

Banking power will move to Florence [±1368-1448], who had managed the taxation of the Pope for centuries. Interesting to notice one fundamental difference between specialized warriors and Traders in their cre[dit]ation of money, that latter we will find in the oppositions Germany-England, China-Japan: warriors prefer banking systems, of solid robust hierarchical pricing. Traders prefer stock-markets of speculative free pricing. The dichotomy between Pricer freedom and warrior order shows again. And so Genoa invented the banking systems of modern world, and Venice suffered the first speculative stock fevers on Eastern products. We talk of an S-T-S fluctuation in the metal wave: Venice Pricer V Genoa Warrior. Finally Pisa-Firenze would discover the first capitalist companies. They together shape the 3 minowaves [240 years], called the Italian age.

They would give birth both to Latinia and Judermonia, the positive and negative cultures [human survival pov] that focus most of the analysis of this book. The first cycles of Go[l]d;  are the renaissance cycles of Italy, before Spaniards found the ring in the ruins of Mexico. And took their soldiers to Rome. The Italians had become lazy by then and hired Condottieros of limited anger. In the age of warriors, the rings moved for a single reason: Tp-conquest and MV-looting. And as Tp=Mv moves, the pricer master moves, and history moves.

The Iberian Age

And so we move to the second phase of the gunpowder discontinuum; to “Iberia”, a culture with national origin in the mountainous zone that crosses north Spain and South France. Where Warrior Inertia can be traced to the Paleolithic man, perhaps the oldest of Human history. Iberia is indeed quintessential warrior form, imprinted by millennia of 800 arch of warrior inertia, rich in minerals, purified in the iron mines of Basque country, where Rh- blood type is more dense, and the language is not Indo-European. The Basques-Gasconnes, generic term that we extend to all those mountainous people, founders of Iberian and French kingdoms [Henry of Navarre], were perhaps the first to use Iron weapons in History. And so the only survivors of the Aryan waves that extinct primitive Megalithic Europeans.

Gunpowder was ideal for warrior Iberia, the mountainous bottom-peninsula of the 800 arch, which plays to mountainous Korea, what Japan plays to England: where all waves of war and trade find their Finisterre, the ‘end of the land’. Portugal first, then Spain, and finally France, shaped the next 3-80 years cycle of Gunpowder r=e[d]volution, through Gunboats, Mosquetes and artillery – the 3 Tproduct radiations of those nations, who gave them the symbiotic ring of Go[l]ds.

Let’s follow our amazingly accurate 80 years cycle first in synoptic manner, then in detail:

Top Predator Portugal, ±1446-1525; The cycle becomes with the Iberians a worldwide cycle as gunpowder is applied to oceanic gunboats, that closed the Venetian trade. Portuguese Gold coast raids started in the 1440’s, when a one Señor Lancelote captures gold and slaves in the Guinea coast. That push southwards will end with the opening of the African route to Asia, by Vasco da Gama, its control of the species trade, and collapse of Venetian and Florentine monetary waves. The Portuguese displace the Italians as Go[l]d-MV masters and Lisbon becomes the world financial capital. The Spaniards jealous of such wealth plan a Western attack to the Go[l]d route, and engage visionary Mr. Columbus in the enterprise. The Tp product – the gunboat [Caravel] – is copied, and the Americas are discovered. Soon the Mexican Max MV mass returns to Seville, new Mv-capital. The subsequent Portugal V Spain world war is partially aborted with a dynasty marriage and a Pope mediated agreement [Tordesillas treaty, Charles and Maria of Portugal, future parents of Philip II]. It will be the only times the ring changes hands without massive war, since both kings still believed in the power of the Wor[l]d. Yet the Portuguese ring will end in 1525.


|| Top Predator Spain:±1525-1608. He is the last warrior master of the pre-stock age. It creditates the 1st world currency:Spanish Silver, backed by the Mosquete and the invincible Tercios. They will have in the sea battles of Azores [Spain V France+England], and Lepanto [Venice +Spain V Turkey] , their last chance to jump into an enemy boat. Then after the ‘Armada’ battle, the game will depend on the gunpowder reach of canon balls. And the most industrialized nations will win thereafter all sea battles. The advance of the Tp product [gunboat] to industrial levels of weaponry will signify the end of direct combat, and the beginning of the industrialization of war. The top predator product will imposes its will to the human warrior. The age of ‘Caballeros’ has ended. This is understood first by the Dutch in war with Spain, that will promote the evolution of the gunboat as the national priority, with the invention of stocks of scientific investment. The 1st Tp radiation cre[dit]ated by stocks is in the making…

In Rome the models for warrior Europe, and Latinia were born. But there is also a positive vector of Europe which transcended and grew in Rome. Also in the cycle of Rome, and related to the Warrior V Pricer Holocausts [Extinction of Phoenicia: Carthago Delenda Est; extinction of Israel: Titus Holocaust], we talk of the birth of Christiania by resureaction of Yvwh in Christian form as God of the Okumene, based in the Wor[l]d of Human Thought, now clearly expressed as Love=max. social communication= Christologos. The birth of Christologos is important to us, because the arrival of Christiania to Rome is the origin of Latinia, in which all the previous social cultures, notably the Yvwh 2 Horizon culture and the Greek Platonic culture fusion, reaching in 3 Horizons, Christologos, Italian renaissance, and Social Europe [20-isms, Eu] the height of the human search for his own knowledge as a social wave of canonic=clonic nature:

We use for each partial national civilization terms such as Rome II, and III horizons, and Greece II, and III horizons, to stress the fact that nations and cultures are repetitive functions of Human-Metal symbiotic forms, displaced in times and spaces. Indeed, cultures are clonic waves of parallel behavior, when the 3 communicators of the civilization, the Wor[l]d, metal and pricing tools are similar. They follow the same basic Warrior or Pricer structures and rhetorics of power, the same prophetic forms of thought, and look into their past to find models for their new civilizations.

We can bring an example of such parallelism with Iberia, Rome II| horizon, the longest of the Latin Empires. As Rome, Iberia is also a warrior empire, also an 800 years wave with origin in perhaps the oldest iron masters, the Basques, [also creators of France through his king-warrior Henry of Navarra]: 1030-Unification of North Spain by Sancho the Great, beginning of Reconquista; 1824, colonial independence, defeat by new continental warrior Napoleon + reinforced industrial England; wave deviation, -1%.



In the Iberian wave, not the warriors but the prophets and artists are of more relevance, the Goyas and Sanchos, and Xaviers, the last one, perhaps the last serious challenge of a clone of Christos, in i=t>s warrior form, to the Company of Scientific Pricing, through the Jesuit Trader companies, studied previously in more detail. Yet the failure of Christianity to maintain the Wor[l]d under a single form of human thought, soon would bring Stocks of war speculation, Cops of gunboats, and the beginning of the 80y. world war wars series. Iberia = Rome III Horizon, would be the last complete 800 years Warrior wave to go through its total stages of evolution. From then on, Cops of war and pricing would accelerate the rhythm of massive fields of war, in the usual decametric scale of temporal jumps in complexity, from 800 y. to 80 years, in a cycle of generational currency power, subsequent crash and war between receding and incoming pricing metalmasters. We will use its graph for the reason it is the closest form with the Turkish Empire, of a continuous gunpowder kingdom: The European function with its main temporal discontinuums, was ended by the I-II WW, that brought her lost of the rings of GodoG to American digitalia, not properly a Human but an enzymatic culture, ruled by Companies of Scientific Pricing=Cre]dit[ation.

II Horizon: Reproductive age:  Companies-Gunboat age: 1608-1848

To enter this second age a truly 1st world war was needed: Iberia V the World.

Wars both in sea and land [ ’30 years war’] unified all nations against the previous Top Predator. Artillery in land [France V Spain] and gunboats in sea would destroy the poor industrial system of war production of the Iberians. The gunboat wars or ‘slave-pepper trade wars’ have as usual human Rhetorics: A-historians will call them wars of ‘dynasty matters’, or ‘religious wars’. Yet the objective is the control of the Rhine and Indonesian trade[max pricing] that will fall in the hands of the French, the new land power, and the Dutch, the new sea power. Iberia crashes; and his death is certified in Westfalia…

It will be the new age of Holland, and the beginning of the radiation of paper money.

Let’s consider those cycles of national stockratic power, as gunpowder nations evolved the top predator weapon product and his attached radiation of currency.


Holland:  Stocks<Cops= Voc=Holland[±1608-1688].

Even though Voc, the 1st Cops reproducer and evolutor of Vs-gunboats, Vt-maritime clocks, and Vts-sea telescopes, was founded in 1602, 1608 was when the first shipment of gold obtained by Cops arrives to Amsterdam, giving Holland its first speculative fever, and its ring of Go[l]ds. In turn [Max Mt=Min ht], that money would be used to corrupt and destroy the people’s representation in the Parliament. Amsterdam would become controlled no longer by the councils of the people but by an oligarchy of 10 trader families, most of them holders of stocks in the Eastern Indies companies. Mv-stocks=Tp-gunboats will become then the lanWave of pricing that would give Holland control of world creditation. The Vts-metal press becomes the rhetoric metal communicator, re=producer of subjective truths against the defeated masters [Black legend, antipope propaganda], and in favor of the new teleological classes [sciences, stockrats, and Go[l]d religions of heavens’ success by MV=Tp power]. Yet the ring of fools last only a Sigfrid generation before the Go[l]ds of metal give it to a bigger player, or a faster weapon.

2nd world war: [We will call here all the 80 years war discontinuums world wars, because they indeed were world wars, once the Iberian silver ‘dollar’, and the Dutch stocks became world wide currency of creditation]. England – as Spain did with little Portugal –  copies the Tp product of Holland [commercial gunboat]; and throws herself onto the seven seas in search of the Mv-ring of Go[l]ds. As usual in Universal games we jump from small to big size, with the same systemic form. The 3 series of England V Holland wars are a classic 3 tensor with a clear winner: England -as Spain before in his confrontation with Portugal- has higher mass, and it is only a question of Times that its Tp-product evolves and reproduces beyond the Dutch mass. So in the first war the higher information and boat-form of the Dutch won. In the second war England has transformed his energy into complex boat forms, and it is a draw.

In the 3rd phase of this ‘Oedipus paradox’, England has equal form and higher energy and wins. And so the Company of England substitutes the Company of Holland in sea power.

Rhetorics of war are as usual of ‘dynasty matters’, and ideological povs [sea ‘freed-om’]. The objective is clear: French-English control of Dutch land-sea wealth and credit. It would be France though who would solve the crisis in a Warrior V Trader Px, by invading and conquering Amsterdam. Yet as in the cycles of the Bronze age,  of Asur V Israel+Phoenicia, the Go[l]d moves faster, and leaves the temple by the sea. When Titus arrived the Go[l]d was in Babylon. It only got the temple in flames. When France arrived the Go[l]d was gone: the MV-product had gone up the river Tames. France only got inundated polders. The Dutch king paid a few million Guilders to the English Parliament. 2 million were from Lopes Suaso, a sephardi Jewish, jumping once more as it did from Spain to Portugal, and from Portugal to Holland, ahead of times. He will continue in London>New York the soliton adventure of Baalist bankers, [still today the highest Mv-mass of the Western world], which follow the wave of Mv-capital regardless of the consequences for those left behind, weakened by its elite defection in times of danger [holocaust cycles in which the poor Jewish once the Mv-elites move to the next nation, have no longer politico cloud, and are used as scapegoats of Warrior and Trader ab=use]. In plain terms, William bought the English crown, and moved capital and know-how to England, where he cre[dit]ated the Bank of England and the City. There, Dutch, Sephardi newcomers, and merchant adventurers will start in 1688 global stock trading: the City would displace the Netherlands -now without elite- as cre[dit]ator of money.

For the Dutch people it was left the inundated polders, as the Holocaust was left for the Jewish, and the ‘white slave’ factories would be the gain of the English commoners…


After conquering Amsterdam, while England is learning the Dutch institutions in his still simplex island, Mercantilism gives France a higher GDP. And so we talk of the 80 years golden age of France [±1688-1763]. Mv-Banks=Tp-Artillery, controls the game. But France as Spain before will ignore the gunboat-sea Tp product, and the need of industrial re=production of weapons. And so it will have to face the Dutch>English resurrection at the end of the 80 years cycle, in which stock has firmly established its place in the CITY. It will be the 3rd world wars. The objective is the conquest of India and America [max. man=slave Cops’ energy fields, and its source of speculative credit]. The defeat of France brings the subsequent French R=evolution by collapse of creditation, human goods, and popular rebellion [a decade and a half afterwards].  England has the ring of Go[l]ds, and re-invests his gunboat profits [mainly caused by the equation, man=slave>Product] in the new species of science: railroads and mills. We talk now of a new phase: The Industrial r=evolution, in which the speculative capital of stocks is scientifically invested through banking systems in the promotion of Machines, which start a new dual peace-war use of Tp products. If before the gunboat will be also the carrier boat, now the railroad will also carry troops to the fronts.

It is important to understand the fallacy of any democracy in England, where the Tp=Mv decisions are concentrated still today in the financial center of the City, which is independent of any control by the parliament or the people, or the king. The city like Swiss banks in Geneve, became an independent entity. A nation within a nation, that has no responsibility to English people, and abuses them at long distance, through manipulation of credit, since the XVII century. This will be a constant of Great Britain and London: the wealthy will keep all privileges, even when laborists came in [then they moved briefly the city to the Caribbean and Wall street heavens], while the British people will have a much lower Gdp per capita and education, than its European brothers. Meanwhile the corrupted parliament and king would legislate for the City… To avoid rebellions, the control of the population with nationalist myths, and legal repression still works today [and in the parallel American system.] While the Calvinist morality of work [today the Smith postulate of metal progress=human progress] would become the theoretical alibi, for such behavior. Both left and right wing parties,  [Tories and Whigs] would be in fact two sides of the same coin.  They still are. So Mr. Tony Blair has the cynicism of saying: ‘it is not important to be left or right but do things well…’ for those who pay him in the city… Indeed, English poor have less Gdp per capita than Spanish poor, which belong to a nation with a far less output than England, almost half of his work force, and without any rights of free invention of money as the English have.  Needless to say the rich Spaniards have less than half Gdp than the rich English. That is not doing things well for Mr. Blair’s voters, taken away from the European welfare state, and the Euro, but for the sake of the City that can keep its speculative push growing… in metal goods. Mr. Blair keeps the traditions of the City, as in the age of railroad speculation….

3rd Horizon of gunpowder: stocks=banks[MV] >Tp [Industrial Metalforms].

The Mv power of creditation of top predator money was then in The City=England: ±1763-1848-[1928]. The top predator products would be: Gunboats+railroads, which crash the creditation of human goods, despite advances in agricultural technology. Famine and poverty is widespread in England. London is a filthy city, but the City brooms with free money. The human energy [peasantry] of the social pyramids invented by pricing power, will reach now even harder degrees of brutality, as the capital of the world is deviated by the Capital of the World to species of science. Human culture devolves further towards a tribal past, now called nationalism [since tribes have grown in space, but not in wor[l]d complexity]. The cynical school of English thought [Malthus, Darwin, Ricardo, Smith] will affirm that the poor farmers, now Industrial labor, suffer because they have too many babies and the land cannot give more food – not because agriculture lacks investment since all creditation is invented for metal goods, and humans are used as absolute energy=labor for species of science. We call that summit of intellectual rhetorics the Malthus Px: when stock grows faster, human goods diminish faster, and poverty and social tension increases. Then it was railroad speculation what caused the Irish famine. Today it is metalminds speculation what causes African famines. Yet as speculation in stocks of railroads become rampant, the market became saturated, and the demand for fancy trips to London diminished. The rich could not take more trains to see yet another repetition of a work of Shakespeare, and buy another cotton shirt. And the market crashed.

The crash of 1848 – as the crashes of 1928 and probably 2008 – has an origin in the lack of creditation for human goods and lack of purchasing power among the human mass of consumers. It is provoked by deviation of all resources to the evolution of stocks of science [railroads in 48, cars and electricity in 28, computers in 08]. It brings a decade of R=evolutions and unrest which ends with repression and the 4th world wars: “185o-60’s Crimean and Unification-German and USA railroad wars’, in which creditation of cannons instead of butter, will solve the crisis, for the betterment of our stockrats… with the death of ±3 million people. Both France and England thanks to Crimea, and USA and Germany thanks to his ‘Unification wars’, will solve the crisis multiplying by 10 in some cases iron production.

The wave of the cops culture: Judermonia II horizon.



Judermonia II horizon has 3 phases: mino-Holland, medium-England and maxi-America. The difference between Judermonia and all our other waves of existence of a civilization, is that Judermonia has won history. So it has not been extinct, but merely has transferred his monetary mass and technology from small to bigger nations, jumping in size from Holland [I horizon] to the British Empire [II horizon] to the Worldwide American Empire of metalminds, e-money and sentient weapons [III horizon].

Unlike all other cultures in History Judermonia has an ascending curve of constant growth.

Because Judermonia is not a human culture but a culture of companies, reproducers of Animetals, and as such it is still in the beginning of his explosive future growth.

The human component of Judermonia will only end when mankind is erased by machines.

So we have to trace a different, ever growing and reproducing function for Judermonia, with an original country Holland, fed by the energy of the previous monetary system [Iberian bullion] which establishes 3 religions of Go[l]d: one of verbal nature [Calvinism], one of mathematical nature [paper-money] and one of war nature [companies reproducers of gunboats]. All of them are controlled by money, through lobbies and parliaments attached to the stockratic node of radiation of paper money – the stock market – whose radiating capacity will be able to corrupt all human institutions. The 3 ideologies expand to England after the French destroy Holland [1688]. And capital move with the Dutch elite [William King of Holland and England]. From England again after a new war [against Germany], the capital and stock-center will move partially to America, from where it will expand till achieving worldwide control of creditation, weapons and verbal ideologies. Only when Animetals wake up we will talk of Judermonia III horizon – the extinction of man, since now we all belong to the Judermon culture.

Graph: expansion of Judermonia and stockracies. Radiations of paper money:

Judermonia expands after the Napoleonic wars into the continent.

While two new top predator systems of stock-companies appear, and evolve even faster than Great Britain thanks to new wars: Germany and America. It is the new cycle from 1848-1928, with 3 top predators, England, America and Germany.

Germany=North USA are the main predators of their civil wars with Austria and the South. As usual the real theme, of the 1848 crisis and r=evolution cycles – the incapacity of the stock-banking system to produce human goods – is ignored by selfish elites, and the escapade towards metal goods and war is covered with human rhetorics: slave abolition in America, ‘dynasty matters’ in central Europe. Th