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5 åctions


5th Isomorphism: Its 5 actions : ∆(æ-4; ï-3; e-2; œ-1; û+1)

Life actions are well researched in biology, as they are called ‘drives of existence’, or ‘drives of life’, defined precisely as a system that performs the 5 actions of ‘feeding and moving on energy’ (æ), communicating information, ∆i, reproducing, ∆œ and evolving socially ∆u:


In the graph a topic University definition of the 4 main characteristics of life – its 5 ∆ST Actions, put in inverse order: ∆a,e feeding and moving energy (4), ∆i, processing information (3), ∆œ=exi reproducing (2) and ∆u=∑Social evolution (1), as ∆-organisms made of ∆-1 cells, and parts of an ∆+1 world, which they explore through those actions.

In animals the 5 actions are called by biologists ‘drives of life’ as they define its:

∆e feeding

∆æ-4: motion by ‘cellular death’ of is food, converted into repulsive ∆-3, 4 electromagnetic repulsive forces and gravitational motion

ƕ :perceiving,

∆œ-1: reproducing,

∆û+1: evolving into complex cellular societies which emerging as a whole with 3±∆ networks.

Hormones code the 5 actions of Plants:

Hormones use O-Tƒ=yes Vs. |-Sp=no topologies to express or inhibit actions in animals (sex) or plants:

∆œ-1: Sexual hormones catalyze o-female, alkaline, implosive vs. Sp-male, acid reactions in animals.

∆e-2: ‘no’ hormones with open rings or lineal carbon chains like Ethylene inhibit growth.

ƕ-3: Reproductive Hormones guide emergent growth by topological affinity:

– Max. e: Gibberine, Very long & rich in oxygen develops the lineal trunk.

– max.œ: The structural, cyclical form, Auxin, made of carbon rings, develops the leaves.

– Max.ï:  The informative nitrogenized Zeatine reproduces the brain roots.

– û+1:Amoeboids with Max.ST Membrane axons & DNAs use metal ions, K* and Na, to send electric fast simultaneous messages, controlling ∑-herds of cells with slow chemical, hormonal languages.

How can we classify  the Universe according to its cyclical space-time actions? To that aim we must combine the 3 ∆ST symmetries of the system to obtain combined actions along planes of the ∆imension we study.

So the actions of the Universe can be classified always as part of a larger cycle of timespace, which itself is originated by the pre-existence of a symmetry that makes possible simultaneous motions of form and energy between two distances of space.


An action in that sense is better understood in normal languages: an action is what all entities of the Universe constantly do. Our program of existence. And it can be mathematically defined with the tools of Existential Algebra. Thus we define an Existential action:

‘ An action is a flow of energy and information between 2 consecutive planes of existence: ∆-∆≤A≥∆-(∆+1) ‘ 

Since ∆±4 are the planes of existence, it follows that there are only 4 possible Actions.

Thus we divide åctions into 5 fundamental types in which the ∆-being relates through exchanges of energy and information to each of the lower and single scale it perceives.

–  We absorb and process energy for our system, ∆Sp, we absorb and process information, ∆ï, we iterate our systems, ∆œ, we socialize in groups, ∆U, and we move around, accelerating and decelerating to do so, ∆A.

And as it happens, we do all that by interacting between our ∆-∆ scale and a higher scale of reality:

We move through ∆-4 gravitational forces, which change our steady state (inertial speed) into acceleration and decelerations:  Aa: ∆a(∆-4>∆-3)

We perceive light and electronic quanta to inform ourselves: Ao: ∆ï(∆-3>-2)

We absorb ∆-2 energy quanta (amino acids) to recompose our bodies: Ae: ∆e(∆-2>-1)

We reproduce through ∆-1 seminal seeds which emerge in our scale: Ai: ∆r(∆-1>i)

(and for other species, NOT to provoke the anthropomorphism of humans we talk of iteration in other species, hence we call this action Ai.)

And we socialize with individuals like us creating societies that in its larger form become universal. Au: ∆u(i>∆+1). And that is why all fits nicely.

The æ,e,ï,œ,û of åctions is all what we do.

All what humans and everything else do are varieties of those 5 åctions. So write this 5th isomorphism with another simple equation:

∆a(∆-4>∆-3), ∆ï(∆-3>-2), ∆e(∆-2>-1), ∆œ(∆-1>œ),and ∆u(∑œ>∆+1)

This is the simplest mathematical and conceptual definition of the åctions of reality.

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