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0th Isomorphism: The Œ-Point of View:

All atoms and molecules try to form ∆-spherical orbitals to perceive symmetric 3D ∆-flows. Thus atoms with perfect symmetric orbitals (Noble gases) don’t need further bondages or form diatomic ‘couples’ of opposite direction. The most perfect molecular solids, Crystals perceive, since we ‘see’ its mapping of infinitesimal images, mirrors of the external World and once a crystal cell is created, it provokes a growing fractal order, of all atoms around it, and vice versa, the destruction of its Œ point center collapses the growth of the crystals.

0 isomorphisms of ORGANIC MOLECULES

ATƒ, GCST UTsp express  the 4±∆ life actions in the  ∆+1 social, bio-chemical scale of the cell.

H∆-1, CST, Osp & N and ATƒ, GCST UTsp  express 3±∆ life actions in the ∆-2 atomic & ∆-1 molecular scales





Nitrogens are the ‘intelligent molecule’ of life organisms, Max. Tƒ. In the next scales Nitrogen rich nucleotides form informative Dna-Rna

In the sub posts of this section we will treat in more detail some of those isomorphisms for both type of molecules.

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